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96O BHS BI KvHBw fiwBBSBQi KB HBH I! M e I960 CactuA MARY Jo MADDOX POSTON Editor-in-Chief BONNIE LUCINDA VAN GRIETHUYSEN Associate Editor LESTER LOYD EDMONDS, JR. General Manager FRANKIE MAE LINDSEY Business Manager MARGUERITE FREEMAN Production Manager Published by Texas Student Publications, Inc. The University of Texas Austin, Texas Volume 67 E - ' f 0W T:N O? In the shadow of the towering Main Building each day pass more than eighteen thousand students. Each of us is building a store of knowledge that will help us meet the challenges awaiting beyond the Forty Acres. The University gives us the opportunity to develop our beliefs, ideas, and impressions. Our lives can become more and more meaningful as we learn qualities of understanding, leadership, knowledge, and friendliness that our University helps us to develop. If we learn our parts well, we shall be mature citizens ready to live in a democratic society by the time the curtain falls at Commencement. For some of us, this Cactus presents the last year of University living as we shall remember it. For others it is a symbol of the initial period of our college days, but for all of us it is symbolic of the knowledge we gained, the impressions we formed, and the fun we enjoyed during 1960. How can we ever forget the deep thoughts we had, the deep water we were in, and the skills and spills we encountered when we were . . . PACE 4 Vi ' -. 8 il Ltt r PAGE 6 . . . Water skiing, canoeing, or picnicking. We spent many free hours around scenic Austin ' s lakes and hills and loved every minute of that side of college life. Sometimes, as we enjoyed the companionship of these fun filled hours, we thought occasionally about and finally had to return to . PAGE 7 . . . Studies to those long hours of relent- less, exasperating experimentation when we opened the doors to new horizons of under- standing to the relaxed studying with a favorite friend and to the tense turmoil of college cramming that was necessary be- cause we spent the week end in ... I PAGE 9 . . . Excitement ! Enthusiasm was aroused the year round with conference winning teams in football, basketball, and baseball. After the game was over, the Tower orange and our throats raw, we looked forward to week ends of . . J . PACE 11 - . . . relaxation. We went with our favorite date-mate to a Greek or organizational so- cial and answered the call for " a fourth for bridge, " or drank coffee between (or during) classes. All these occasions were weekly events, too, and we were ready to get back to them after the . . . LAUNDRY . . . Special Events. These were week ends when we an- ticipated the Aggie slaughter with unique signs and roar- ing bonfire, cheered the Round-Up floats, marveled at the Round-Up Revue sweetheart presentation, and ap- plauded or appeared in the Varsity Carnival. Each of us formed our own opinions on campus politics with the encouragement of " Vote " on election day. All these things each of us will remember, and, most of all, we ' ll never forget . . . PAGE 14 Looking toward the Tower from the site of the new Business Administration building. . . . The Campus. This year ' s campus has been spotted with developments, expan- sions, and replacements of buildings, re- flecting progress in our ever-growing in- stitution . Construction of the addition to the Physics Building nears completion. PAGE 16 The Texas Union in the midst of the enlarging project. Work on the new Engi- neering Laboratory Building nears an end. PAOE 17 If " - ' 4 . . . How well we recall the familiar benches and statues dotting the campus, the towering trees shading us from the Texas sun, the well-worn short cuts, and the buildings echoing remem- bered footsteps . . . Steps leading to the Mall in the front of the Main Building. r -JI PAGE 18 3B2P 1 W v V,. Lily Pond in back of the Biology Building. Sutton Hall as seen from the Drag. Walk leading to the Geology Building. PAGE 19 View south from the Tower showing a portion of the campus and the skyline of Austin. The walk past Littlefield Fountain toward Benedict Hall. This is a familiar scene to the Engineers on campus. PAGE 20 View north from the Tower showing the Home Economics Patio, and the Women ' s Residence Halls. . . . And as we view the campus from the Tower, our expanded horizons seem symbolic of the horizons of the world opening to us as we struggle to develop from the students of today into the leaders of tomorrow. The Journalism Building as seen from the Physics Building. The Home Economics Building Patio entrance as seen from the Biology Building. PAOE 21 PAOE 22 Table Content THE UNIVERSITY The Campus 16 Administration 25 THE CAMPUS LIFE Limelight 41 Student Government and Publications 73 Features 95 Dormitories and Co-Operatives 137 Athletics 163 Intramurals . . . 220 THE ORGANIZATIONAL LIFE Sororities 233 Fraternities 271 Organizations 335 Social and Professional Organizations (Maintaining Houses) . 373 Military . 379 THE INTELLECTUAL LIFE Honoraries 401 Seniors 435 Awards 476 Juniors 479 Sophomores . . . . 493 Freshmen . 507 Index and Advertising . . 525 PAGE 23 IN MEMORIAM STUDENTS George Francis Carrillo Kenneth Oliver Kamstra Donald Hunter Meadows Jerry Wayne Robertson Robert A. Votaw William Edward Wallace STAFF Thomas M. Greeson Son Rhone Samuel O. Thomas FACULTY Rudolph L. Biesele Raymond W. Bryant Albert Everett Cooper Henry Gordon Damon Oscar Berry Douglas John Matthias Kuehne E. Karl McGinnis Cecil Vivian Pollard Milton Brockett Porter Fred Thompson Oscar Brown Williams Ernest W. Winkler Ambrose Pare Winston PAGE 24 J - - m ADMINISTRA TION PAGE 25 PRICE DANIEL Governor of the State of Texas PAGE 26 LOGAN WILSON President of The University of Texas PAGE 27 BOARD OF REGENTS Chairman DR. MERTON M. MINTER Vice -Chairman J. LEE JOHNSON, III J. P. BRYAN, Freeport MRS. CHARLES DEVALL, Kilgore THORNTON HARDIE, El Paso W. W. HEATH, Austin J. LEE JOHNSON, III, Fort Worth WALES H. MADDEN, JR., Amarillo A. G. McNEESE, JR., Houston DR. MERTON M. MINTER, San Antonio JOE C. THOMPSON, Dallas Seated: Johnson, Minter, Dcvall. Standing: Madden, Hardie, Thompson, Heath, McNecse, Bryan. PAGE 28 ADMINISTRATION OF THE MAIN UNIVERSITY HARRY HUNTT RANSOM Vice-President and Provost GRAVES W. LANDRUM Business Manager PAOE 29 HENRY YOUNG McCOWN Dean of Student Services ADMINISTRATION CHARLES PAUL BONER Executive Director, Office of Government Sponsored Research ALEXANDER MOFFIT University Librarian GRADY CLARENCE STARNES Auditor DR. PAUL L. WHITE Director, Student Health Center " = W. BYRON SHIPP Registrar and Director of Admissions CARL J. ECKHARDT Director, Physical Plant T ' ODON CHARLES LESHIKAR Bursar F. C. McCONNELL Director, Division of Housing and Food Service W. CLIFTON LANCASTER Acting Director, Classified Personnel Office DEANS MARGARET PECK Dean of Women ARNO NOWOTNY Dean of Student Life CARL VICTOR BREDT Associate Dean of Student Life JACK HOLLAND Dean of Men EDWIN BOOTH PRICE Director, Student Activities JOHN G. STEELE Director, Loans and Scholarships WILLIAM J. HALL Director, Student Employment Bureau DEANS GLENN EDWARD BARNETT Associate Dean, College of Education HENRY MATTHEW BURLAGE Dean, College of Pharmacy WILLIAM HUBERT BAUGHN Associate Dean, College of Business Administration PHILIP DOUGLAS CREER Director, School of Architecture JOHN ALTON BURDINE Dean, College of Arts and Sciences E. WILLIAM DOTY Dean, College of Fine Arts ROBERT RAYMOND DOUGLASS Director, Graduate School of Library Science JAMES R. D. EDDY Dean, Division of Extension WILLIAM WALSH HAGERTY Dean, College of Engineering DEANS LAURENCE D. HASKEW Dean, College of Education W. PAGE KEETON Dean, School of Law EDWIN WILSON MUMMA Assistant Dean, College of Business Administration LORA LEE PEDERSON Director, Graduate School of Social Work CARTER REDDICK Director, School of Journalism OTIS ARNOLD SINGLETARY Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences W. GORDON WHALEY Dean, Graduate School JOHN ARCH WHITE Dean, College of Business Administration THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SYSTEM JAMES CLAY DOLLEY Vice-President for Fiscal Affairs LAURENCE D. HASKEW Vice-President for Developmental Services FRANKLIN LANIER COX Vice-President for Administrative Services PAGE 34 THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SYSTEM WILLIAM WOODROW STEWART Endowment Officer CHARLES HERMAN SPARENBERG Comptroller FRANK D. GRAYDON Budget Officer BURXELL WALDREP Land end Trust Attorney WILLIAM EDWARD KEYS Director, University News and Information Service PAGE 35 r DEVELOPMENT BOARD J. M. ODOM Chairman W. D. BLUNK Associate Director Chairman J- M. ODOM Associate Director W. D. BLUNK THE BOARD 1959-1960 HINES H. BAKER, Houston E. COCKRELL, JR., Houston L. L. COLBERT, Detroit L. H. CULLUM, Wichita Falls J. A. GOOCH, Fort Worth PAGE KEETON, Austin MURRAY KYGER, Fort Worth WILLIAM S. LIVINGSTON, Austin J. M. ODOM, Austin CHARLES N. PROTHO, Wichita Falls MRS. BEN F. VAUGHAN, JR., Corpus Christi DAN C. WILLIAMS, Dallas LOGAN WILSON, Austin, Ex-Officio The University of Texas Development Board, the fund raising agency for the University, includes in its member- ship five persons named by the Board of Regents, five appointed by Executive Council of the Ex-Students ' Association, and two elected by and from the general faculty. The President of the University is an ex-officio member. The Board, directly responsible to the Board of Regents, seeks to promote and assist in financing a great variety of facilities which will not be provided otherwise. Among these are research projects, salary supplementation, building, scholarship, fellowships, library acquisitions, museum additions, and many others. This program of enrichment is directed not only toward the Main University but toward all the branches as well. PAGE 36 DADS ' ASSOCIATION The University of Texas Dads ' Association is composed of all fathers and male guardians of students, present or past, of The University of Texas. Special provision, however, is made for participating or dues paying members with the number of this classi- fication exceeding three thousand during the year 1958-59. The Dads ' Association sponsors Dads ' Day each year during the fall. It was observed on November 7, 1959. All mothers and fathers of University students were honored at coffees, one for the fathers in the Union and one for the mothers in the Rare Books Room of the Library. Hundreds of parents visited the campus during the week-end. In addition to Dads ' Day, the Dads ' Association publishes the U. T. Dads ' Digest, maintains the Dads ' Association Scholarship fund, and makes several student awards. This year Rose- mary House won the most outstanding girl award and William C. Fielder won the most outstanding boy award. OFFICERS President . Vice-Presiden ts J. K. BUTLER COLONEL D. HAROLD BYRD RALPH H. CUMMINS DR. J. B. HEATH SIM KELLY Past Presidents Treasurer Secretary J. BROWN CUTBIRTH JUDGE J. LEE DITTERT STANLEY M. ERSKINE HARRY W. FERGUSON MARION A. OLSON BISHOP BAILEY FELIX R. MCKNIGHT JUDGE PAUL A. MARTINEAU LIP NORVELL JOHN W. STARR JUDGE RUEL C. WALKER RICHARD W. BLALOCK JOHN W. HAMPTON DIXON J. HOLMAN DR. C. M. PHILLIPS HARRY C. WEBB E. G. MORRISON W. D. BLUNK EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Charles Adleta Maurice L. Allred Raymond E. Buck Judge Alton B. Chapman Charles S. Coates Howard T. Cox Dr. Hamilton Ford Joe E. Funk John D. Furrh, Jr. Levis Hall Jack S. Josey R. L. House Durward D. Mahon Dr. Foy H. Moody Roger W. Pipkin Charles B. Richards, Sr. Irvin D. Sachs Robert B. Smithers, Si . Dr. M. P. Spearman A. M. G. Swenson L. O. Vogelsang Gail Whitcomb A. Earl White Front Row: Dr. C. M. Phillips, Colonel D. Harold Byrd, Marion A. Olson, John W. Hampton, Sim Kelly, Lip Norvell. Back Row: Stanley M. Erskine, John W. Starr, J. K. Butler, Dr. J. B. Heath, J. Lee Dittert, W. D. Blunk. PAGE 37 EX-STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION JACK RUSSELL MAGUIRE Executive Secretary STERLING HOLLOW AY President The Ex-Students ' Association is only two years younger than The University of Texas itself, having been organized in 1885. Today it is one of the largest independent alumni organizations in the U. S., and it is the vehicle through which more than 190,000 former students continue their interest in, and service to, the University. The Association does more than keep records on alumni, although that is one of its primary functions. It also sponsors more than 150 Texas Exes Clubs throughout the world; publishes a monthly magazine, The Alcalde; provides a number of services to members, such as the priority for the purchase of football tickets; and performs a number of functions in behalf of the University. Through the years, the Ex-Students ' Association has created more than a quarter of a million dollars in endowed funds which annually provide scholarships for many students. It also maintains sizable student loan funds. The Association is not part of the University and its program in behalf of the institution is supported through the annual dues of its members. Its affairs are governed by a forty-two member Executive Council elected from throughout the state. A sixteen member paid staff is maintained at the new headquarters in the Home Economics Building. Front Row: Barbara Wilson, Edith Coenders, Loraine Jackson, Clare Heater, Mary Campbell. Second Row: Ed Gullion, Fred Brownson, Don Knoles, Jean LeNoir, Eloise Carlisle, Bill Marsico, Louis F. J. Baethe, Harry Wise. PAGE 38 DEAN OF WOMEN Left to Right: Dorothy Gebauer, Helen Jane Farabee, Margaret Peck, Helen Margaret Flinn. DEAN OF MEN AND STUDENT LIFE Left to Right: Carl Bredt, Arno Nowotny, Edwin Booth Price, Jack Holland, Carthy Ronway Ryals, William J. Hall, Rollin Albert Sininger. INTERNATIONAL OFFICE Left to Right: Gail A. Ratliff, Dolores Silva, Joe West Neal. BERRY M. WHITAKER Director, Intramural Sports for Men For the first time in forty-four years, there will be a new man sitting in the big swivel chair as director of the University ' s intramural program when the 1960-61 school year opens next September. Berry M. Whitaker, whose lively walk and big chuckle are almost as well known to students participating in intramurals as is Gregory Gymnasium, has retired. Mr. Whitaker came here in 1916 with the sole purpose of establishing an intramural program, one that every student could participate in, regardless of his athletic ability. He did his work so well those first two years that, after a two year hitch in the armed services, he took on assistant varsity football and basketball coaching duties in addition to his intramurals work. He was boosted to head football coach in 1920 and led his charge to the University ' s first Southwest Conference football championship and their last undefeated and untied season. Intramurals was what he was brought here for, however, and he didn ' t want to leave his job unfinished. After compiling a. football record of twenty- two wins, three losses, and one tie over a three year span, he dropped his gridiron position. Under his leadership the intramural program has grown from one in which eight hundred and fifty men competed in seven sports that first year to one in which almost six thousand male students compete in twenty- three sports to-day. The University ' s program was only the third in the nation to be established, having been preceded by Ohio State and Michigan, and is still recognized as one of the nation ' s best. Stepping down after forty-four years, counting those spent in the service and as football coach, Mr. Whitaker views his retirement with mixed emotions. Mr. Whitaker has always felt that his greatest accomplishment came from the more than one hundred thousand contacts he made with students during his years of service, more so than the short time he coached, although his coaching record on a winning percentage is still the best that any University coach has compiled. Harry Huntt Ranson, Vice-President and Provost of the Main University, wrote " The University owes you a tremendous debt. Long service has its own virtues; when it is combined with dedication and imaginative plan- ning, it is doubly memorable. This institutional debt to you is too well-known for me to elaborate. What is still more important, I feel sure, is the grateful succession of young Texans for whom your whole program has been designed. " PAGE 40 Southern View of the Austin Skyline -I BS i Sweetheart of The University of Texas Nancy Ellen Thompson Sweetheart of The University of Texas fill r Miss Eva Gayle Maxey Bluebonnet Belle , _ _ Miss Linda Ann Liles Bluebonnet Belle Hi V 1 Miss Sally Virginia Bowers Bluebonnet Belle I m Miss Jams Gail Pettit T Miss Dina Joan Eitelman Bluebonnet Belle Beverly Ann Brewer Dorothy Gayle Davis BLUEBONNET BELLE FINALISTS Maria Lucas Burke Janice Sue Feingold Colleen Copeland Helen Elizabeth Gulley Marcelle Swearingen Houston BLUEBONNET BELLE FINALISTS Linda Jean Johnson Donna Carol Manske Mary Louise Simpson Betty Ann Rhodes Barbara Lynn Rosenzweig BLUEBONNET BELLE FINALISTS Margaret Jeanel Russell Mary Stewart Thomas Sarah Jane Smith BLUEBONNET BELLE NOMINEES Patricia Louise Ashley Mary Jane Bahan Brenda Sue Harden Alta Lee Baumann Linda Jean Bettell Betty Jean Bland Margaret Jane Blye Sally Virginia Bowers Eloise Wilson Brackenridge Beverly Ann Brewer Carol Ray Bridges Harriet Bronstein Elizabeth Ann Brown Christy Jo Brown Bonnie Alyce Bryan Maria Lucas Burke Melinda Louise Burkhart LaNell Chaffin Caroline Chappell Beatrice Lee Chatham Beverly Ann Chesson Beverly Jean Childress Dorothy Kay Chisum Rosemary Cochran Kay Andrea Coleman Colleen Copeland Diane Lee Cowell Dorothy Gayle Davis Sara Patricia Devine Mary Lurline Douglas Rhetta Roberta Duty D. Carole Dye Annetta Jane Eastwood Dina Joan Eitelman Norma Ann Eisenwine Alma Ann Elliott Jerrie Elliott Janice Sue Feingold Carol Barbara Feld Shelley Flato May Elizabeth Fowler Patsy Jo France Cecile Ann Frazier Barbara Ann Frost Betty Joy Galloway Linda Claire Gardner Rose Marie Gill Sandra Lee Goldsmith Bonnie Belle Gray Geraldine Grossman Helen Elizabeth Gulley Janet Marzee Guthrie Virginia Elizabeth Hall Betty Jane Heinsohn Constance Faye Hill Jane Andrea Hill Jo Marie Hill Marjorie Elizabeth Hilton Jamie Fannin Holt Corrie Ann Hornburg Marcelle Swearingen Houston Judy Ann Jazwike Linda Jean Johnson Robin Jones Anita Jordan Carole Stewart Keeton Karen Key Janis Lynn Kneblik Mary Elizabeth Knize Billie Jack Knox Pat Laird Sondra Jane Lerner Linda Ann Liles Linda Link Joan Mahoney Donna Carol Manske Barbara Elaine Marshall Eva Gayle Maxey Melaney Jean McAfee Jewel Elyne Melton Mary Jayne Moore Marilyn Morris Jacquelyn Myers Nanci Sue Myers Semi-Finalist Finalist PAGE 57 Suzan Napier Naomi Jean Nassour Jean Ann Oliver Catherine Emelia Olsen Marilyn Olsen Janis Gail Pettit Fredell Ann Pinkenson Sandra Lou Rathman Johanne Repper Betty Ann Rhodes Linda Lea Richtmyer Sharan Leigh Roark Barbara Lynn Rosenzweig Margaret Jeanel Russell Sandra Hope Sabean Ruth Louise Schurman Phyllis Ruth Schwartz Jeanne Louise Sears Sharon Sue Sears Helen Hughetta Shell Charlene Short Mary Louise Simpson Judith Elizabeth Sinclair Edele Lee Singer Beverly Ross Smith Sarah Jane Smith Donna Maurine Spearman Lynette Louise Stauffer Sandra Lynn Stolz Frances Danielle Strausser Mary Sharp Swayze Ray Reimers Taggart Mary Stewart Thomas Billie Traweek Katherine Louise Voetmann Liz Vogel Sally Elizabeth Waddill Mary Kathryn Webb Sandra Jean Williams LaNell Wiser Toni Woodford SWEETHEART ELOISE BRACKENRIDGE LINDA LILES PACE 58 FINALISTS EVA GAYLE MAXEY VIRGINIA WALKER PAO59 SWEETHEAR T NOMINEES Carolyn Sage Allen Virginia Ann Pearson Marie Elinor Medina Mary Kathryn Miller Mary Stewart Thomas Ann Ellen Armstrong Sandra Lynn Stolz Nancy Jean Cotton Anita Jordan Elizabeth Anne Shatto Melinda Louise Burkhart Sue J. Chessher Judy Shields Carole Stewart Keeton Janiece Belle Simmons Shirley Kay McKinley Judy Whitehurst Sharon Johnson Mary Margaret Carlson Georgia Jeanne Me Lain PACE 60 THE TEN MOST BEAUTIFUL Front ROLL: Sandra Hope Sabean, Carol Barbara Feld. Second Row: Mary Louise Simpson, Margo Lil Vhitt, Charlotte Louise Holly. Third Row: Margaret Jane Blye, Betty Byars, Carolyn Sue Ray, Maria Lucas Burke, Kathryn Phoebe Odom. PAGE 61 ANN BELOATE Mortar Board Secretary; Orange Jackets Treasurer; Kinsolvmg Advisor; All Campus Advisors Secretary; RIL Chairman; Operation Brainpower; Spooks Serv- ice Officer; Freshman Council Chairman; Union Board of Directors. CHARLES LEE BOWDEN Delta Upsilon Housemanager; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Interfra- ternity Council; Silver Spurs; Student ' s Co-Operative Association President; Campus Survey Committee; Judiciary Committee; Honor Roll. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS LINDA BIESELE Pi Sigma Delta: Pi Delta Phi; Mortar Board Historian ; Orange Jackets; Kin- solving Advisor; Westminster Student Fellowship Group Leader; NSA; Faculty- Student Cabinet; 75th Implementation Committee Secretary. JAMES CURTISS CLINE Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME; Student Assembly; Student Engineering Council; Academic Affairs Committee. PACE 62 MARY MARGARET CARLSON Kappa Alpha Theta Chaplain, Alpha Lambda Delta; Y Secretary; Orange Jackets; Discipline Committee; Christian Faith and Life Community; Cactus. MICHAEL SCOTT FRY Kappa Alpha Scholastic Chairman, Silver Sp urs, Scabbard and Blade, Newman Club; Y; RIL Co-Chairman; Texas Union Executive Council; Student Govern- ment Committees; NROTC; Texas Union President. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS SUE J. CHESSHER Kappa Alpha Theta Activities Chairman; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Delta Pi; Pi Delta Phi; Orange Jackets; Panhellenic Treasurer: International Commission Chairman; Littlefield Advisor; Texas-Chilean Student Leader ' s Seminary. JOHN RAYMOND JORDAN Phi Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Silver Spurs; Faculty-Student Cabinet; Texas Union Council; 75th Implementation Committee. FADE 63 MARIE JOSEPHINE EICKMANN Phi Mu Activities Chairman and Reporter; Alpha Lambda Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; Orange Jackets Contact Chairman; Spooks; Discipline Com- mittee ; Lutheran Student Association ; Honor Roll ; Most Outstanding Beginning Girl Journalist; 1961 Daily Texan Editor; Texas Student Leader Semi- nar in Chile. DAVID ANDREW KENDRICK Tejas Club; Friars; Phi Eta Sigma; PI Tau Sigma; Phi Sigma Alpha; Sil ver Spurs; Christian Faith and Life Community; WSF; Student Assem- bly; Chairman Human Relations Committee; Texas Student Publications Board of Directors; Presbyterian Students Association State President; Woodrow Wilson Scholarship. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS JANET HAGLER Alt Campus Advisor President; Cap and Gown Executive Council; Hall Advisor; BSU President. Kirby - WILLIAM NEAL KOCUREK Pi Kappa Alpha Rush Captain; Eta Kappa Nu President: Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi: Silver Spurs; Scabbard and Blade; Swing-Out Co-Chairman; AIEE-IRE; Union Committee; NROTC; Student Engineering Council. PAOE 64 , ;. :: CAROLE STEWART KEETON I ' lilt III MXIII X Ml IMH V-.tlJIIICl, IjIlllCllCHJ CTMVMUi . A C AilS OlUllt HI I . ' .1 Seminar in Chile; Round-Up Steering Committee; Sweetheart Nominee. Secre- ; Leader HARVEY RAY MITCHELL, JR. Tau Kappa Epsilon; American Finance Association President; Society for the Advancement of Management; BBA Council Vice-president. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS ROBERTA ANN LOVE Chi Omega Recording Secretary; Theta Sigma Phi President ; Mortar Board Treasurer; Orange Jackets; Co-Op Board of Directors; Texas Student Publica- tions Board of Directors Secretary; Union Board of Directors; Assemblyman; RIL Steering Committee; Student Government and Texas Union Committees; Kinsolving Advisor; Round-Up Committee Chairman; Sweetheart Nominee; Daily Texan; Outstanding Beginning Girl Journalist; Interne on the Alcalde. KIRBY WILLIAM PERRY Tejas Club; Silver Spurs President; Wesley Foundation President; AIA; Student Assembly; Discipline Committee; Student Union Building Committtee. PAOK 65 MARTHA JANE MAST Kappa Alpha Theta Treasurer; Alpha Lambda Delta Treasurer; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Delta Phi; Orange Jackets; Cap and Gown Member-at- Large; Faculty-Student Cabinet; Sweetheart Nominee. STUART NEAL PULLEN Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Silver Spurs; Texas-Chilean Student Leader ' s Seminary; Varsity Tennis. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS MARY GAY MAXWELL Kappa Kappa Gamma; Delta Sigma Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Panhellenic; Mortar Board; Orange Jackets; Y President; Great Issues Chairman; RIL; Goodfellow; Delegate to Student Conference on National Affairs. SILAS EDWARD SOUTHERN Friars; Cowboys; AFROTC; BBA Council; Student Assembly; Goodfellow: Freshman Orientation; Discipline Committee; Varsity Track; T Association; 440 880 Yard World Record Relay Team; Silver Medalist in the 1956 Olympics. PAGE 66 CYNTHIA ANNE POWELL Chi Omega Honor Board; Pi Delta Phi; Orange Jackets ' Spooks Vice-Presi- dent; Mortar Board; Kinsolving Advisorj Orchesis Vice-President; Cap and Gown Council; Swing-Out Junior Co-Chairman; Union Leadership Committee Chairman; Union Executive Council Vice-President; Union Board of Direc- tors; Andrews Advisory Council Secretary; Ashbel Literary Society; RIL. JOAN LANELLE RAAB Alpha Lambda Delta; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi Recording Secre- tary ' Mortar Board; Inter Co-Operative Council; Shangri-La Co-operative Co-Ordinator; Campus Chest Co-Chairman; BBA Council; Lutheran Student Association President; Ecumenical Council President; Silver Spur Award. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS VIRGINIA ANN WALKER Kappa Kappa Gamma; Alpha Lambda Delta Secretary; Spooks; Orange Jackets President; Campus Chest Steering Committee; Kinsolving Advisor: Sweetheart Finalist. JOHN HILL WATTS, III Sigma Chi Vice-President; Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi Vice- President; TSPE; ASME; Interfraternity Council President; President Wilson ' s Advisory Cabinet; RIL; NROTC; Student Assembly; Varsity Carnival Chair- PAOE 67 JAY HOYLAND ARNETTE SALLY BELLE COWPER RONNIE DEAN BOYD GOODFELLOWS DELIA DUSON SALLY JOANNE EMERSON JOHN MILTON CRAWFORD, JR. PAGE 68 ROBERT JOHN FAHEY BRENDA HARTLEY GEORGE DURDEN GIBBS,, JR. MARTHA DOYLE JEE CYNTHIA ANN HALL GOODFELLOWS JAMES CARROLL HERRING, JR. Lou ANN LANCASTER PAGE 69 JAMES FRED HOFHEINZ LINDA ANN LILES CARL DEAN HOWARD GOODFELLOWS EVA GAYLE MAXEY DAVID KIKER HUGHES SHIRLEY KAY McKiNLEY ARBON JACK LOWE i y RODNEY HARRY MARGOLIS VIRGINIA ANN PEARSON WALLACE MICHAEL MAYS GOODFELLOWS REBECCA ANN REYNOLDS PAGE 71 MAURICE SAMUEL OLIAN RONNY N. SCHOENBRUN JANIECE BELLE SIMMONS GOODFELLOWS RONALD GLEN STEINHART MARY STEWART THOMAS JAMES ALBERT TROTTER, III PAGE 72 t STUDENT GOVERNMENT AND PU BLICATIONS PAGE 73 STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION FRANK CLOUD COOKSEY, President and VERNA RHODES BACON, Clerk. Every student of The University of Texas is automatically a member of the Students ' Association. Its function is to provide a medium through which student opinion and concern can be interpreted to the faculty, staff, and administration. Most of this interpretation is done through student and faculty committees, the Student Assembly, Student Court, and personal contact. The direction of the Students ' Association is determined by the three executive officers, (President, Vice- President, and Secretary), a legislative branch (Student Assembly), and a judicial branch (Student Court). The elected president, vice-president, and secretary represent the student body on President Wilson ' s Advisory Council, Faculty-Student Cabinet, Union Board of Directors, Athletic Council, Board of Directors of Texas Stu- dent Publications, Inc., Social Calendar Committee, Central Round-Up Committee, University Women ' s Council, and many other committees related to student activities. The further responsibi lity of administering the committee system, and working for the student welfare is delegated to these officers. JERRY J. NATHAN, Vice-President CAROLE STEWART KEETON, Secretary PAOE 74 STUDENT ASSEMBLY The Student Assembly, legislative, and policy determining branch of the Students ' Association, meets bi-monthly to carry out its functions which include the appropriation of the Blanket Tax, approval of student appoint- ments to University governing boards and committees, and discussion and approval of bills and resolutions to govern the Students ' Association and to recommend measures to the administration and state legislature. Membership of the Assembly is determined by the enrollment of the in- dividual colleges with each college being guaranteed at least one representa- tive. The executive officers of the Students ' Association sit on the Assembly, with the President acting as presiding officer. During the 1959-60 school year, the Student Assembly was, in the words of the Daily Texan, " a resolution passing, bill proposing body. " The Assembly passed two resolutions which received national attention by being published in the Congressional Record. These bills supported partial educational bene- fits for veterans and the Kennedy-Clark amendment to the National Defense Education Act. The Assembly revised the " Eyes of Texas Scholarship Fund " and made possible $40,000 in student loans through the National Defense Education Act. In the area of educational policy, the Assembly proposed a uniform entrance examination for all state colleges, the inclusion of the Uni- versity of Houston in the state educational system, comprehensive examina- tions as a degree requirement, and abolition of compulsory class attendance for juniors and seniors. The Assembly was especially concerned to demonstrate its approval for more stringent academic standards. The Assembly attended to more mundane matters in advocating improvement of the soft drink concession at Memorial Stadium, requesting improvement of Co-Op opera- tion, asking installation of traffic lights at Littlefield Fountain, and requesting an increase in the number of date tickets at football games. The Assembly also reviewed the Student Insurance Plan and approved the Blanket Tax appropriation after long debate over criteria to be met by the groups receiving Blanket Tax funds. The Assembly created a Legislative Commission charged with the responsibility of communicating student opinion to the legislature. By mature consideration of such legislative measures, the 1959-60 Student Assembly proved itself an extremely hard working and effective body. ELECTED FALL OF 1959 ELECTED SPRING OF 1960 ARTS AND SCIENCES R. Michael Cooper Leon Norrod Graham Nancy Jean Cotton Ellis Wynn Presson Oliver Barr McClellan Louis Arthur Schechter Joe Shannon, Jr. Gerald L. Sewell BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Mary Linn Pond Nathan Fred Cliett Ronald Glen Steinhart Margaret Rose Kuebler EDUCATION ENGINEERING Ronnie Dean Boyd Don Shane Robinson, Appointed FINE ARTS Rocco Giardino Revisore Keith Kohn Cox GRADUATE ARCHITECTURE LAW William Louis Wayne Mary Lynn Tucker James D. Dannenbaum Monroe Ben Nowotny Edward Robertson Hewlett James Curtiss Cline Charles Norris Weaver Glenn Llovd Garrison John Hunter Strasburger William Douglas Matthews, Jr. PHARMACY Bill David Jobe Jewell Curtis, Appointed PACE 75 Top Row: Boyd, Cliett, Clinc. Second Row: Coopei . Cotton, Cox. Third Row: Curtis, Dannenbaum, Garrison. Fourth Row: Crahara. Hewlett, Jobe. Fifth Row: Kuebler, McClellan, Nowotny. Sixth Rote: Pond.- Presson, Revisore. Seventh Row: Robinson, Schechter, Sewell. Eighth Row: Shannon. Steinhart, Strasburger. Ninth Row Tucker. Wayne. STUDENT GOVERNMENT COMMITTEES Joan Lanelle Raab, Co-Chairman Maurice Samuel Olian, Co-Chairman Alice Adams Ann Ellen Armstrong Eloise Brackenridge Nathan Fred Cliett Frances Byrd Collins Nancy Jean Cotton Edward Cowan Paula June Craig Diane Doherty James Hudson Dudley CAMPUS CHEST STEERING COMMITTEE Deliah Ann Fleming George Durden Gibbs, Jr. Leon Norrod Graham Brenda Hartley Walter Tom Henson Kit Lee Arbon Jack Lowe Shirley Ann Lucas Greg Newton Martin Eva Gayle Maxey William Garvin McDonald Curtis Meadows, Jr. William Hurst Miles William Anton Miller Willard Moon John Foster Pettit Pat Wynn Ruesch Joe Shannon, Jr. Donald James Simmons Lewis Hardeman Steves Ralph Allison Shoberg Walter Taylor Eleanor Ann Tyler Jessie Ann Voigt Judith Whitehurst Bud Whitley Martha Ellen Whitlow Margaret Faye Yeagley George Durden Gibbs, Jr., Chairman Sylvia Cuellar, Secretary CAMPUS SURVEY COUNCIL Charles Abney Cass Karen Kay Kirkland Norma Sandra Knox Linda Kay Musick Esther Rebecca Schkurman Sally Sue Stevens Dianne Treadaway Peyton Lambeth Townsend, Student Co-Chairman Margo Wiley, Student Co-Chairman Ann Marie Aucoin Sharon Denisch James Hudson Dudley Mike Gainey CENTRAL ROUND-UP COMMITTEE Janet Lyn Galeener Leon Norrod Graham Carl Dean Howard Linda Ann Liles Eva Gayle Maxey Bob Moore Jerry J. Nathan Charles Robert Neblett Julie Ann Parker Janet Octavia Peavy Arden Reed Ralph Allison Shoberg Ronald Glen Steinhart Clarence Neal Stevenson Mary Stewart Thomas Robert Venable CULTURAL ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Maline Gilbert, Chairman William Brent Hempkins Walter Budge Mabry PAGE 76 STUDENT GOVERNMENT COMMITTEES Michael Ross Cooper Donald Mark Feferman Gail Goldstein EDUCATIONAL CLIMATE COMMITTEE Samuel Tevis Grinstead Gladene Martha Michael Marietta Payne Farrell Murray Smith Margaret Smith Ann Karen Haun, Co-Ordinator Carole Stewart Keeton, Co-Ordinator Barr McClellan, Co-Ordinator John Jacob Patton, President Charles Ned Goldberg, Vice-President Nancee Ellen Parker, Secretary Alice Adams Barbara Jean Allen Nancy Etta Andrews Beth Blazek Carol Ray Bridges Ann Burrows Fred Nathan Cliett Bob Coettwiz Beverly Cox Randal Robert Craft Samuel Dotson Dibrell Mary Susan Dillard Elizabeth Anne Disch FRESHMAN COUNCIL Francis Ann Drake John George Engler Lowell Stephen Fink Gail Gabriel Roger Lamar Gose Jeff Lynn Haynes Johnny Neal Heard Sigurd Wilson Hermansen Betty Louise Hieatt Suzy Catherine Hodges Carole Ann Holmes Harriett Hilda Hopkins Boyd Carroll Hornburg Betty Ruth Johnson Dale Patrick Johnson Violet Janean Johnson William Davis Jordan Dave Isadore Kuperman Lowell Henry Leberman, Jr. Cynthia Ann Lindsey Robert Smith Mabry William Mabry Eva Gayle Maxey Mike McArthur Cynthia Mae Miller John Mason Mings John Farris Morehead Edgar Covey Nash, Jr. James Elwyn Neyland George Eugene Peacock Kay Pegues Edward Bradford Pickett Linda Marguerite Porter Ellis Wynn Presson Claudia Frances Reifel Don Weltens Saunders Arthur Louis Schechter Wayne Maxwell Shull Farrell Murray Smith Gwendolyn Socol Janet Mabel Spencer Betty Sue Swales Walter Taylor Sara Jo Thompson Eleanor Ann Tyler Opal Elizabeth Webb Jann Whitehead GREAT ISSUES Carolyn Cantwell, Co-Chairman John Allan Watson, Co-Chairman Eloise W. Brackenridge Daniel Beville Candler Martin Bennett Cohen Glenda Gayle Furse Carole Ann Holmes Arbon Jack Lowe Margaret Smith Carolyn Soffar Anne Thomas Billy Glen Wiley PAGE 77 STUDENT GOVERNMENT COMMITTEES Lowell Henry Leberman, Jr., Chairman Carol Anne Jonah, Secretary Clifford Dennis Bennett Joseph Henry Bruns GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE David Boyd Doan James Bryant Duncan Jennie Elizabeth Franklin Julius Glickman Carole Jean Majure Bob Gene McKenzie John Farris Morehead Susan Roberts Reed Don Richard Smith Harish P. Vora William Louis Wayne Elizabeth Dianne Ames Anne Marie Aucoin Gardner Shipley Bride, Jr. HUMAN RELATIONS COMMISSION Glenda Gayle Furse Ernest Windrow McBride Carolvn Littell Nesrsta Robert Allen Schneider James Stephen Sue Chessher, Co-Chairman Kiran Jaswantial Randeri, Co-Chairman Susan Adams Youssef Nairn Assir Kate Sydney Badash Ali Baturay Patti Amanda Birge Anne Singleton Blocker Sally Belle Brockschmidt Gerolyn V. Cagle William Collyer Patricia Compton INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION Becky Glynn Edwards Mary Louise Erskine Betty Ann Farmer Lynn Gay Finesilver Peggy Lou Healy Roberta Lee House Alexander Jihming Hsu Violet Janean Johnson Nancy Carolyn Jones Minerva Macias Barbara Ann Martin Virginia Sue McReynolds Barbara Edith Molsen Benjamin Rush Norvell Patricia Ann Patterson Cindy Pendergrass Retmono R. Retmono Rebecca Ann Reynolds Martha Amelia Russell Gerald Lee Sewell Elinore Sharp Gwendolyn Socol Sally Louise Teeple Carolyn Elayne Terry Sandra Sue Wilcox Kleta Rae Woodul Ann Beloate, Chairman Marvin E. Beck Mary Margaret Carlson OPERATION BRAINPOWER Nancy Jean Cotton Rosemary Clyde House Ettore H. F. Infante Richard Arlin Stanley Virginia Anne Walker SPONSORED STUDENTS Larry Milton Nobles, Chairman Jerre Lee Mills Maxine Schuhmann Roger Lamar Gose, Co-Chairman Richard Brymer, Co-Chairman Max Coker John George Engler Michael Spellman Harris STEER HERE COMMITTEE William Davis Jordan Suzanne Knapp Michael Larry Lemon Gustavo Hector Martinez Rosrer Moorehead Barbara Jeanne Reinert Pat Wynn Rusch Ernest Simon Sears, Jr. Margaret Smith Marilyn Brady Snow PRESIDENT WILSON ' S STUDENT ADVISORY COUNCIL Frank Cloud Cooksey Carl Dean Howard Sharon Beth Dehnisch Carole Stewart Keeton Jim McBratney Foy Lowell Henry Leberman Mr. Mrs. Charles Nelson Gilreath Jerry J. Nathan Cynthia Ann Hall Bob Glen Odle Richard Arlin Stanley Clarence Neal Stevenson John Hunter Strasburger Bill Wilson PAGE 78 STUDENT COURT ROBERT CAMERON HIGHTOWER, Chit Justice Chief Justice Associate Justice . Associate Justice, Spring Associate Justice Associate Justice, Fall Associate Justice . ROBERT CAMERON HIGHTOWER JAMES EARLE BARDEN CAROLYN CANTWELL CHANCY CROFT MARY LYNN GOLDSMITH MARIETTA PAYNE The Chief Justice and four Associate Justices, elected at large by the student body, form the Judicial branch of the Students ' Association, the Student Court. The Court tries all cases arising under the constitution of the Students ' Association and the laws made in pursuance thereof, examines books of campus organizations, decides disputed elections and can compel student officials to carry out the duties of their respective offices. In addition, the Student Court is represented on the Faculty-Student Discipline Committee, the Parking, Traffic Safety Policy and Panel Committees, and the Faculty- Student Cabinet. The Court is available to students and student organizations for interpretation or advisory judgments concerning the constitution or legislation of the Assembly. Pursuant to Student Assembly legislation, the President of the Students ' Association appointed in the fall of 1959, a Judicial Commission which was empowered to study and revise the Judicial Structure. The result of this Commission ' s work culminated in a new Judicial Article for the Student Constitution and a proposed Judicial Code. BARDEN CANTWELL CROFT GOLDSMITH PAYNE PAGE 79 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COUNCIL OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer JOHN MILTON CRAWFORD, JR. HARVEY RAY MITCHELL, JR. DOLORES ELEANOR DOMNING DAVID BRUCE BELL CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR Richard S. Karotkin, President Duwain Joseph Pingenot, Vice-President Sandra Lee Vail, Secretary JUNIOR Franklin William Maresh, President Daniel Eugene Kubiak, Vice-President Tommy Cason, Secretary SOPHOMORE William Louis Wayne, President John Michael Huggins, Vice-President M. Lee Cramer, Secretary FRESHMAN Charles Marshall Finney, President James Howard Case, Vice-President Surrenden Kay Hill, Secretary ASSEMBLYMEN Jeff Austin, Jr., Fall Nathan Fred Cliett, Spring David Kiker Hughes, Fall Mary Linn Pond, Fall Ronald Steinhart William Louis Wayne, Spring ORGANIZATION REPRESENTATIVES ALPHA DELTA SIGMA John Kimbrell Darling AMERICAN FINANCE ASSOCIATION John Howard Palmer AMERICAN INSURANCE SOCIETY Nathan Fred Cliett Jesse Boyd Heath AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION Robert Lee Tracy AMERICAN STATISTICAL ASSOCIATION Ruthven Tolbirt BETA ALPHA Psi Roy E. Box, Jr. B. B. A. WIVES CLUB Elizabeth Mae Matthews Ivah Albright BETA GAMMA SIGMA Joan Lanelle Raab DELTA Nu ALPHA John H. Woelke DELTA SIGMA Pi John Robert Braziel Roger Neil Ayres FOREIGN TRADE CLUB Evzen Sailer Max Gustav Michaelis, III SIGMA IOTA EPSILON Ben R. Ogletree SOCIETY FOR ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT John Lee Coble BBA SWEETHEART Sandra Hope Sabean Front Row: Steinhart, Austin, Hughes, William Benton Nevitt, Cason. Second Row: Pond, Cramer, Raab. Sylvia Anne Lacey, Charla Jean Elliott, Doming, Matthews, Hill. Third Row: Buford Abner Casey, Maresh, Tracy, Sailer, Pingenot, Coble, Karotkin, Wayne, Woelke, Box, Mrs. Nelia Fox Fourth Row: Walter A. Riddle, Darling, Case, Finney. Fifth Row: Crawford, William Reece Holden, Heath, Bell. PAGE 80 EDUCATION COUNCIL OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Faculty Advisor JUDITH LEE JOHNSON MARGY KUEBLER ROSE MARIE GILL GLENN EDWARD BARNETT Glenn Edward Barnett Monroe David Cohen Charles H. Dent Marion Vere DeVault FACULTY MEMBERS Ralph Leonard Duke Franklin Parker Clyde Inez Martin STUDENT MEMBERS Marilyn Sue Becker Brenda Kate Bishop Myrtle Faye Blumberg Jo Ann Demler Rose Marie Gill Lynda Gayle Haire Betty Darlene Holder Judith Lee Johnson Margy Kuebler Nancy McDonald Mahaffey Wanda Lou Shields Marcia Adele Wade Sealed: Martin, Bishop, Demler, Wade, Haire. Standing: Shields, Dent, Kuebler, Blumberg, Becker, Johnson, Barnett, DeVault, Gill, Cohen. PAOE 81 STUDENT ENGINEERING COUNCIL Fall JAMES D. DANNENBAUM . RONALD WAYNE CRAIG . JOSEPH EDWARD TEPERA . C. LEON Cox JIM R. MCGREGOR . HAROLD WOOD SMITH CARL WILLIAM MORGAN . TAU BETA Pi Ettore H. R. Infante, Fall James Curtiss Cline, Spring ETA KAPPA Nu Kenneth Lee Oehler Pi TAU SIGMA Stuart D. Kershner, Fall Don Shane Robinson, Spring CHI EPSILON Robert Earl Smith, Fall Robert Leonard Lytton, Spring KERAMOS Claude Yaun A.A.A.E. David Wayne Fowler Daniel Edwin Leary OFFICERS Chairman Vice-Chairman Treasurer Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Faculty Sponsor . Faculty Sponsor . MEMBERS A.C.S. Jim R. McGregor A.I.C.E. Joe Floyd Barker, Fall Arthur Ulbrich Donald James Haase, Spring A.I.E.E. Ronald Wayne Craig, Fall Charles Edwin Fox James Rollins Bailey, Spring A.I.M.E. Thomas A. Goff James Harrison Smitherman, Fall Henry Keplinger, Spring Spring JAMES D. DANNENBAUM CHARLES EDWIN Fox JOSEPH EDWARD TEPERA WALTER ROY WILSON CHARLES JERRY BORUM HAROLD WOOD SMITH CARL WILLIAM MORGAN A.S.C.E. Jess W. Webb, Fall Homer Jackson Overton, Fall John Henry Sehested, Spring Richard Garza, Spring A.S.M.E. James Curtiss Cline, Fall Richard Trent Campbell, Fall Cecil Theodore Keller, Spring Charles Earl Aderholt, Spring I.AE.S. Ersie Edward Clemmer, Jr., Fall Walter Roy Wilson Robert Gong Joe, Spring T.S.P.E. Charles Jerry Borum James D. Dannenbaum Ronnie Dean Boyd James Curtiss Cline, Fall ASSEMBLYMEN James D. Dannenbaum H. Maurice Doke. Fall Monroe Ben Nowotny, Spring Don Saline Robinson, Spring Front Row: Dannenbaum, Merlin George Hoiseth, Fox, Sehested. Second Row: Morgan, Garza, Cline, Borum, Keller, Lytton, Leary, Tepera. Third Row: Boyd, Robinson, Wilson, Joe, Goff, Haase, Bailey, Fowler, Ulbrich. PAGE 82 TEXAS UNION The Texas Union is the epitome of the following learning postulate: Much of what students learn they learn from each other and from the faculty in informal association outside the classroom. The Texas Union recognizes that wherever young people are gathered together away from home, a social center and program are needed, and that the Union is as normal and necessary a part of the col lege equip- ment as dormitories, gymnasiums, and libraries. The Texas Union is a tool for unity; if people are to live together in harmony, they must learn new social skills, and the meaning of serving the common welfare. In college such lessons are often best learned where students eat, work, and play together; where they meet to discuss freely and act responsibly to solve, as members of a student community, their own group problems. A campus is not complete without the essential facilities for such activities. The Texas Union is a laboratory of student leadership, self-expression, and management and has as an objective the training of students for leadership in a democracy by providing the maximum means and tools for practicing leadership of their common life together on the campus. The Texas Union is a priceless tool for shaping the individual student ' s sense of social responsibility. The Texas Union is the " living room " or " hearthstone " of The Uni- versity of Texas the place where friendliness, warmth, and campus spirit reign supreme. Director Assistant Director Program Supervisor Accounting Clerk BOARD FACULTY MEMBERS William David Blunk Dorothy L. Gebauer Clyde C. Colvert F. C. McConnell STUDENT MEMBERS Bob Glen Odle Ann Karen Haun CALVIN CLEAVE NOLEN MRS. BRUCE LYNN TAYLOR JOAN FARQUHAR WARBURTON NETA FIELDS OF DIRECTORS Cynthia Anne Powell Ellis Wynn Presson Carole Stewart Keeton Keith Kohn Cox Bill Wilson Frank Cloud Cooksey EX-STUDENT MEMBERS Brad Bourland Jack Russell Maguire CALVIN CLEAVE NOLEN Director MRS. BRUCE LYNN TAYLOR JOAN FARQUHAR WARBURTON Assistant Director Program Supervisor Left to Right: Cooksey, Odle, Presson, Blunk, Cunningham, Taylor, Nolen, Gebauer, Jones, Powell, Keeton. PAGE 83 TEXAS UNION Left to Right: Odle, Powell, Meadows. Left to Right: Fry, Grieneeks, Wiley, Price. President .... Executive Vice-President . Vice-President of Financial Affairs . V ice-President of Personnel and Evaluation EXECUTIVE COUNCIL BOB GLEN ODLE Secretary .... CYNTHIA ANNE POWELL ,, , . T Member-at-Large CURTIS W. MEADOWS, JR. Member-at-Large, Fall Member-at-Large, Spring MICHAEL SCOTT FRY LAURABETH ELIZABETH GRIENEEKS MARGO WILEY SANDRA FAITH FULLER RICHARD CHARLES PRICE COUNCIL MEMBERS Fine Arts Committee Dance Committee Games and Tournaments Committee, Fall , Games and Tournaments Committee, Spring Speakers Committee Hospitality Committee Charm Committee House Decorations, Fall House Decorations, Spring .... Leadership Committee, Fall .... Leadership Committee, Spring Student-Faculty Committee .... Talent Committee Publicity Committee Amateur Radio Society SHIRLEY KAY McKiNLEY JAMES HUDSON ' DUDLEY RICHARD CHARLES PRICE CHARLES HARRIS SCANLON JOHN RAYMOND JORDAN LINDA ANN LILES JULIE ANN PARKER MARGARET JANE BLYE PATRICIA ANNE SMITH SALLY BELLE COWPER GEORGIA WITTENBURG HAWKS RUTH E. GILLETT DAVID PAUL COUCH LEON NORROD GRAHAM WILLIAM MAC LINGO, JR. PAGE 84 TEXAS UNION COMMITTEES CHARM COMMITTEE Julie Ann Parker Chairman Sally Ann Allen Karen Marshall Ashmore Betty Baird Ann Allen Blake Beverly Anne Brindley Elizabeth Louise Burt Shawn Adele Carpenter Sharon Gertrude Cornelius Julia Aurelia Dudley Norma Ann Eiscnwine Valerie Lynn Gross Adalou Hartman Marty Heinen Jane Andrea Hill Kathryn Hill Judy Ann Jazwike Marcia Kasper Frcdrika Ann Krczdorn Ann Lewis Cynthia Ann Lindsey Ann Forsyth Lloyd Rachel Frances Myers Carolyn Cay McCleary Kay Patton Carolyn Kay Ransom Sylvia Ruth Signor Ann Gordon Smith Nancy Smith Diane Till Suzanne Jean Wischer DANCE COMMITTEE James Hudson Dudley Chairman Sherry Gayle Addington Linda Ann Baker Sandra Jean Barnett Suzanne Elizabeth Brown Jane Elizabeth Colley Wilson Clarke Cook James Morris English Linda Jeane Faison Lynn Gay Finesilver Loyce Jeannine Fuller Robert Ernest Henry Robert Benjamin Hinsley John Bryant Hooper James Darrell Jackson La Verne Joyce Jez Loulynn Kelly June Louise McMullan James Elwyn Neyland Karen Sue Parker Alvin Roy Pyle Mary Katherine Redman Elva Ann Schietinger Thomas Aimer Steck Patricia Lou Tandy JoAnna White Susan Elizabeth Whitsit Ira Ann Worrell Royce Ann Young Shirley Kay McKinley Chairman Howard Terry Adcock Bunny Ellison FINE ARTS COMMITTEE Carolyn Jane Burk Meredith Chidsey Dona Margaret Douglas C. Faye Ellis Eugenie Martha Kamrath Margaret Ann Lightfoot Maedene Maedgen Lori Ann Nichols Diana Parsons Jo Anne Walker Gene Lee Wallace Lynne Arden Williams HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE Linda Ann Liles Chairman Flo Christian Van Gundy Secretary Norma Jean Anderson Mary Florence Ashburn Judith Baggett Patricia Ann Blachly Ann Bowles Margaret Bowles Darby Ann Boyd Beverly Ann Brewer Carol Ray Bridges Jo Anne Bruni Sara Jean Callaway Jerry Faye Carter Clarice June Cole Jean Cameron Colwick M. Lee Cramer Toy Kay Crocker Charlotte Camille Daniel Marian Ruth Donnelly Lynn Gay Finesilver Florence Randal Fitzhugh Annabelle Lee Gisher Abigail Carol Glosserman Bonnie Bell Gray Carolyn Joy Henrich Carol Jenean Hill Sharon Elaine Hunn Rosemary Price Johnson Violet Janean Johnson Carol Lynn Lyles Judith Key Matthews Bobbie Jo McCullum Kate Anne Oliver Glenda Lee Power Yvonne Price Barbara Ardell Randies Patricia Willane Ridgway Norma Sue Scheiblich Mary Monroe Shigley Judy Ruth Taylor Mary Elizabeth Vogel Jann Whitehead HOUSE DECORATIONS COMMITTEE Margaret Jane Blyd Fall Chairman Patricia Anne Smith Spring Chairman Joyce Harriet Bromberg Charlene Rae Burgheimer Nancy Katherine Cyrus William Allen Melton Nancy Ann Reinhold Linda Sue Rogers Madeline Lee Stevens LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE Sally Belle Cowper Fall Chairman Georgia Whittenburg Hawks Spring Chairman Judith Baggett Frank Edwards Billings Delora Elizabeth Blazek Willie Lorene Coym Mike Gainey Louise Harrell Andy Lyn Helms Mike Jones Kay King William Hurst Miles Roger Terry Shaper William Thomas Speller William Louis Wayne SPEAKERS COMMITTEE John Raymond Jordan Chairman Linda Ann Bartlett Beth Blazek Phyllis Keyes Bywaters Michael Ross Cooper Mary Susan Dillard Patricia Sue Dillon Glenda Gayle Furse Sarah Virginia Gatewood Sharon Johnson Frank William Maresh Billye McAdams Benjamin Rush Norvell Sharon Eileen Ott Kay Rhine Margaret Carol Sachs Mary Cathryn Sauer Mary Elizabeth White Beckie Wood PAGE 85 TEXAS UNION COMMITTEES Laurabeth Elizabeth Grieneeks, Chairman OFFICE COMMITTEE Sharon Kay England Lucy Kay Nolle Joyce Ann Rhodenbaugh Sharon Sue Sears STUDENT-FACULTY COMMITTEE Ruth E. Gillett, Chairman Marcia Jan Burkhart Deanna Dorchester Paul David Couch, Chairman Deanna Alleman Beverly Ann Bates William Mac Lingo, Jr., President Francis Glenn Anders J. M. Barcus Walter Stephen Bazarsky James Key Beard Sam Eston Blalock Robert Eugene Boucher Bob Grover Bradshaw Michael Lance Brennan Milford Pike Castles William Blewett Chenault Joan Dunlap Susan Chappell Ford Lesley Neal Foxhall Patricia Anne Hartfelder Joseph Henry Bruns Thomas Charles Bruns Patty Campbell Charles Cole Johnny Neal Heard Roberta Lee House Carolyn Jones Jerry Leonard Less TALENT COMMITTEE Paula June Craig Travis Roy Crawford Sylvia Cuellar Dian Daniels AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY June Elizabeth McKenzie Marvin Jim Middleton Claire M. Schlosberg Patsy Anne Smith Sarah Rebekah Foster Angalee Anson Garritson Jane Hallman Andy Lyn Helms Robert Kemp Clinger Charles Arthur Cremer Ted Davidson Charles Thomas Fikes Don Lawson Fox Mark Garner Joseph Anthony Gluckman Carey Wayne Golaz Emerson Riddick Grooters Mohamed A. Rahman Gwaiz Sherman Wolf Hart John Brockenbrough Holmes Edward Nash Jones, Jr. E. M. Leutwyler William Omar Logan Ronald Edward Lyon Michael Evan Mauney Mike Lefoy McPherson Franklin William Nogues Richard Allan Noller Robert E. Oliphint Angus George Pearson James Robert Proffitt John Paris Pruett Richard Lewis Pringle Alexander Anthony Pushkin Alfred Henry Robinson Conrad Louis Romberg Dale Henry Rowden, Jr. Arthur Edward Schulze Michael Lane Smith Charles Terrell Speed R. Paul Stein, Jr. Jack Lee Stone Fred Walter Thies Merydith Dean Turner, Jr. Anabel Stelfox Gail Stroker Emily Claire Welch Dennis Anne Wheeler Beckie Wood Louan Parks David Standridge Judith Eleanor Williams Ruth Scott Wainwright Michael Turner Paul Harish Vora Philip John Wiley Jim B. Wilson Ronald Carl Wingenter Wallace Boies Woodlief Wayne Winkelman Allen Clayton Wood Thomas Gaylord Wood Jimmy Nathan Woolen Carl Krisch Zettner Fred Earl Zimring GAMES AND TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE Richard Charles Price, Fall Chairman Charles Ha rris Scanlon, Spring Chairman Wayne Huffman Robert Hamilton Smalley Thomas Edward Tiemann Leon Norrod Graham, Chairman Linda Ann Baker Darby Ann Boyd Florence Randel Fitzhugh Charles Ned Goldberg Josie Hale PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Kathryn Hill Dalton Lane Jones John Richard Lemmon Jerry Leonard Less Sarah Louise Mitchell Linda Sue Rogers MARRIED STUDENTS COUNCIL Pharmacettes MRS. EUGENE HOLLY ROBINSON Business Administration Wives MRS. Louis ALAN HARRIS Psychology Wives MRS. D. M. LARONOE Engineering Wives MRS. RAMSEY WAYNE FARLEY National Association of University Dames MRS. BROADUS SPIVEY Co-Wed Club, Fall MRS. VERNON WAYNE CLEMENT Co-Wed Club, Spring MRS. HOYT BYRON BALLARD Geology Wives, Fall MRS. JAY EARL ANDERSON, JR. Geology Wives, Spring MRS. THOMAS JEWELL FREEMAN Architect Wives MRS. BUFORD WOODROW DUKE, JR. Robert Allen Schneider John Keith Tyler Victory Ann Van Dyck William Louis Wayne Standing: Michael Scott Fry Bob Glen Odle, Curtis W. Meadows, Jr., Richard Charles Price, Joan Warburton, James Hudson Dudley, John Raymond Jordan, Charles Harris Scanlon, Paul David Couch. Seated: Margaret Jane Blye, Ruth E. Gillett, Georgia W. Hawks, Linda Anne Liles, Julie Ann Parker, Margo Wiley, Cynthia Anne Powell. PAGE 86 TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC. - _. BOARD OF DIRECTORS FACULTY MEMBERS NORRIS G. DAVIS., Associate Professor of Journalism JOE BERTRAM FRANTZ, Professor of History OLIN ETHMER HINKLE, Associate Professor of Journalism GLENN ALBERT WELSCH, Professor of Accounting STUDENT MEMBERS FRANK CLOUD COOKSEY, President of the Students ' Association ETTORE H. F. INFANTE, Assembly Representative DAVID ANDREW KENDRICK, Assembly Representative ROBERTA ANN LOVE, Assembly Representative JOHN DOUGLAS REICHERT, Assembly Representative EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS LESTER LOYD EDMONDS, JR., General Manager HARRELL ESTES LEE, Editorial Manager D. B. JACK HOLLAND, Dean of Men MARY Jo POSTON, Cactus Editor CARL DEAN HOWARD, Daily Texan Editor WILLIAM JOSEPH HELMER, Ranger Editor Top Row: Cooksey, Davis. Second Row: Edmonds, Frantz. Third Row: Hinkle, Holland. Fourth Row: Howard, Infante. Fifth Row: Kendrick, Lee. Sixth Row: Love. Poston. Seventh Ron: Reichert, Welsch. PAGE 87 THE CACTUS MARY JO MADDOX POSTON Editor-in-Chief STAFF ASSISTANTS Martha Jean Alexander Ann Bowles Margaret Bowles Clarence Wharton Cole James Duff Daniels Faye Florance Victoria Elizabeth Frank Marilyn Gail Henley To The Student : Here is your 1960 CACTUS. Here is the portrayal of your University life as it actually is. In the opening pages you will find that we have captured a few of the moments that we enjoyed during this 1959-60 year. Since annuals are expected to have a theme we have chosen to base this book on campus life at the University. Our main purpose is to present to you a record of your college career. In years to come as you turn through the pages of the sixty-seventh volume of the CACTUS, memories of this year will engulf you. The real test of the staff ' s efforts will come not this year or next, but in ten or twenty years when we shall all go back for a minute or an hour to " the good ole days " with our CACTUS. If this book in some way helps you recall the fun you had, the tears you shed, the hard knocks you took, or the friends you made, then and only then will our work be rewarded. The staff has been the core of our organization. They have worked harder and cooperated more than any staff of the past. My most sincere thanks go out to each of them for help in putting this volume of the CACTUS in your hands. Especially my thanks and appreciation extend to Bonnie Van Griethuysen, Associate Editor, who has been an invaluable aid in managing the staff and in assisting with the actual production of the book. We are proud of this year ' s CACTUS. We hope that you are too, and that, as you leaf through your book, it will bring back memories both pleasant and a little sad of your life on the Forty Acres. Jane Ann Leach Jeanette Leonard Donna Sue Nelson Nancy Carlisle Newton Janette Overton Jo Ella Powell Wayne Maxwell Shull Nancy Ellen Thrift PAGE 88 BONNIE LUCINDA VAN GRIETHUYSEN Associate Editor THE CACTUS STAFF Editor-in-Chief MARY Jo MADDOX POSTON Associate Editor BONNIE LUCINDA VAN GRIETHUYSEN SECTION EDITORS Athletic JOHN CHARLES HARRISS JAMES DUFF DANIELS Dormitory and Co-Operative VIRGINIA MASSEY BECKIE WOOD Feature LINDA ANN LILES CAROLYN ELAYNE TERRY Fraternity CAROL RAY BRIDGES Honorary DOROTHY JEAN ODOM Military KAREN KINCHELOE Organization TWILA WANDA KIEKE Sorority CAROL ALICE PROUTY Student Government . IRENE HUGHES Top Row: Bridges, Harriss, Hughes, Kieke, Kincheloe. Second Row: Liles, Massey, Odom, Prouty, Terry, Wood. PAGE 89 THE DAILY TEXAN CARL DEAN HOWARD Editor-in-Chief STAFF ASSISTANTS Ann Adams Sue Birkel Byron Black Darby Boyd Elbert Brewer John Gary Cain Gal Cantrell Chandler Davidson Stewart Davis Carol Louise Hale Wade Hansen Pat Helmer Dave Helton Dorothy Huddleston Gerald Hurley Dale Johnson Dave Kelsey Edward Knocke, Jr. The Daily Texan saw 1959-60 as a year of transition one in which emphasis on the growth of academic excellence achieved a new and vital status in overall University life. In the realm of student extracurricular activities, the Round-Up Parade was re- vived after a year ' s absence, but its reappearance apparently has not reversed a trend toward few non-academic activities. In news reports and editorial comment the Texan reflected the events and conflicts of the transition period. In all areas of writing and editing, the Texan staff demonstrated the newspaper ' s 59-year- old tradition of reporting the real issues. Carefully guarding its editorial freedom, the Texan opposed and defeated a move to establish a permanent method of appointing rather than electing the editor. While the Texan joyfully reported an immensely success- ful season, its editorial analysis of college football was that the sport has become " too commercial. " It was the Texan ' s series on inadequate Negro housing at the University which opened a year-long campus campaign to provide University Negro students with the privileges of " first-class citizen- ship. " Day by day the Texan reminded students of their responsibilities as citizens of a dynamic academic community; it told faculty mem- bers of their duty to challenge; it demanded that the Administra- tion listen to student viewpoints; and, as the 1960 state elections drew near, the Texan insisted that candidates and voters recognize the necessity for additional appropriation s for higher education although such a move obviously would necessitate additional taxes. The April 1 Round-Up edition was the staff ' s pride of the spring, as was the Notebook, more literary publications, which reappeared for the first time since 1958. The 1959-60 Texan editor set a longevity record. Appointed to a two-month term in April, 1959, and to a 12-month term beginning on June 1 of that year, Howard served longer than any other previous Texan editor. He completed the term of Robb Burlage and was appointed to the 1959-60 term when editor-elect George Runge resigned in May, 1959. Dorothy Louise Laves Lawrence Lee Jane Karen Lewis Harvey Little Adele Jewell Lyle Gary Howard Mayer Laura McNeil Sue Mueck Nancy Ellen Nations George Thomas Pharr Kay Esther Ponder Jerry Wayne Scarbrough Gay Scott Travis Shaw Mamie Carolyn Soffar JoAnn Thompson Richard John Van Steenkiste JACK ELTON KEEVER Managing Editor PAGE 90 THE DAILY TEXAN Fall MAURICE SAMUEL OLIAN STAFF Positions News Editor LEON NORROD GRAHAM DALE PATRICK JOHNSON ARSON JACK LOWE PATRICIA WYNN RUSCH CARLOS D. CONDE CHARLES WAYNE SMITH Spring ROBERT MARION MOORE (April, May) MAURICE SAMUEL OLIAN (February) JOHN ROGERS (March) LEON NORROD GRAHAM WILBORN R. HAMPTON (March-May) ARBON JACK LOWE PATRICIA WYNN RUSCH Sports Editor CARLOS D. CONDE Associate Sports Assistant News Editor Editor HOYT HUGHES PURVIS 6;RALD DANIEL MARKMAN OYT HUGHES PURVIS DONALD CARTER RUTHERFORD Intramural Sports Editor DONALD CARTER RUTHERFORD Campus Life Editor Amusements Editor Associate Amusements Editor Editorial Assistants SANDRA JAN JACKSON REBECCA ANN REYNOLDS JOHNNY WESLEY TACKETT ( September-November ) EDWIN ALFRED WALTHER ( November- January ) VICTORY VAN DYCK ( November- January ) EDWIN ALFRED WALTHER ( September-November ) JERRY DOUGLAS CONN STEWART DAVIS, JR. MARIE JOSEPHINE EICKMANN ROBERT MARION MOORE NORRIS POGUE HAL FREEMAN SIMMONS JANIECE BELLE SIMMONS FOREST REECE OHN CRAIG AMES PARIS GOODNIGHT OHN NAUER AMES EVERET WoGSTAD ROBERTA LEE DOWNING 3HN W. LEE ON MYERS THEODORA B. SHAWVER HOWARD EDGAR STAATS JAN LOUISE BRINKERHOFF Desk Editor MARY BETH CONIGLIO MILDRED ELIZABETH MCCLIMONS CYNTHIA PENDERGRASS BERNARD ARTHUR SCOFIELD TOMMY CHARLES STUCKEY JANET PEAVY Associate Campus Life Editor JOAN RUESCH EDWIN ALFRED WALTHER VICTORY VAN DYCK Exchange Editor Staff Artists Night Editor MARY BETH CONIGLIO JERRY DOUGLAS CONN LARRY JESSE GARRETT JAMES CARL HYATT JOHN ROGERS ( February-March ) JANIECE BELLE SIMMONS JULIA HATCHETT JOHN CRAIG JAMES PARIS GOODNIGHT JOHN NAUER JAMES EVERET WOGSTAD JAN LOUISE BRINKERHOFF JOHN WARWICK LEE DON MYERS JOE CARROLL RUST CHARLES WAYNE SMITH KAREN SUE WHEELER JAN LOUISE BRINKERHOFF BERYL KATHRYN LEE CYNTHIA PENDERGRASS JULIA LACY SALTER TOMMY CHARLES STUCKEY MARIE JOSEPHINE EICKMANN LEON NORROD GRAHAM Round-up Edition Editor, Texan Notebook Editor 1959 New Student Edition Editor Top Row. Brinkerhoff, Conde, Coniglio, Conn. Second Row: Craig, Downing, Eickmann, Garrett. Third Row: Goodnight, Graham, Hampton, Hyatt. Fourth Row: Jackson, Johnson, Kelsey, K. Lee. Fifth Row: J. Lee, Lowe, Moore, Myers. Sixth Row: Nauer, Olian, Peavy, Purvis. Seventh Row: Reynolds, Ruesch, Rusch, Rust. Eighth Row: Rutherford, Salter, Shawver, H. Simmons, J. Simmons. Ninth Row: Stuckey, Van Dyck, Walther, Wheeler, Wogstad. PAGE 91 THE TEXAS RANGER BILL HELMER Editor-in-Chief STAFF Editor Associate Editor, September-February Associate Editor, March and April . Managing Editor Art Editor Sales Manager Assistant Editor Exchange Editor Exchange Editor BILL HELMER LYNN ASHBY HUGH LOWE GILBERT WYRICK TONY BELL DAVE CROSSLEY GILBERT SHELTON BARBARA TOSCH LIEUEN ADKINS Well, it wasn ' t a bad year, not at all. Pretty good, in fact. Our little con- troversy over the first two issues helped set sales records for which we must thank the Tower. (But no telling how many students Hairy cor- rupted before the deans stepped in. Actually we didn ' t think anyone would take some of that stuff seriously.) Anyway, the first two issues went nicely which meant that the November issue had to suffer a bit of extra censorship. December ' s magazine included a special section on Mexico which seemed to go over pretty big, bigger than February ' s special psychopathic section which, no doubt, was too learned and in- tellectual (basically oP Hairy is a scholar, you know). The March Re- volting Issue was well received, naturally, in spite of nasty weather, and in April the staff took great pleasure in blasting-off the Tower on the cover which we ' re sure everyone appreciated. Unfortunately, we couldn ' t find enough short stories, (good ones) to run one every issue, or even most issues, so we didn ' t run any. Doesn ' t speak very well for a school this size, or Texas. Maybe things will im- prove next year. Hairy ' s greatest coup of the year, of course, was to mess up the Texan ' s election of an editor. Probably the Journalism School will never forgive us for casting a deep shadow of farce on this holy event . . . newspaper folk always have been sort of the engineers of the writing field. Sometimes skilled but seldom very bright. Anyway, things look pretty good for next year ' s Ranger. Nearly everyone ' s coming back except me, and I ' m going into exile in New York where it ' ll be safe to publish a Blunderbuss to ship back to Austin. LYNN ASHBY Associate Editor, September-February GILBERT WYRICK Managing Editor PAOE 92 THE TEXAS RANGER Jacklyn Jenkins Alford Byron Black Kenny Branham Anne Browne Allan Causey Dick Colvard Walle Merritt Conoly Chandler Davidson Larry Farley Ronald Friedman John Giesecke Gary Hagman Ray Hanson David Haynes STAFF ASSISTANTS Marc Helmer Patricia Helmer Charles Gervin Hayden Ted Klein Arbon Jack Lowe Bob Moulton Gail McBride Reece McGee John Nauer Jim Newton Hal Normand Annette Patterson Werner Pegg Robert Lee Re Monte Dale Roberson Rob Robertson Gideon Sjoberg Sara Sanborn Larry Thompson Ed Walther Fred White-head Glen Whitehead Sandy Williams Marshall Wilson Dan Wilson Barbara Word Jim Wogstad Left to Right: Gilbert Shclton, Gilbert Wyrick, Tony Bell, Rob Robertson, Byron Black, Ronald Friedman, Bill Helmer, Sandy Williams, Kenny Branham, Hugh Lowe, Dave Crossley, Lieuen Adkins, Dan Wilson. HUGH LOWE Associate Editor, March and April K J ; PARKING FOF UNIVERSITY BAPTIST CHURCH ONLY LA GRANGE iWBl TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC. BUSINESS STAPF LESTER LOYD EDMONDS, JR., General Manager HARRELL ESTES LEE, Editorial Manager FRANKIE MAE LINDSEY, Business Manager INGE SULLIVAN, Office Manager, Fall MAVY MONTGOMERY, Office Manager, Spring DOROTHY RICKS, Comptroller JOHN L. Ross, JR., Circulation Manager MARY MARGARET GLASSCOCK FRAZIER, Advertising Manager WILLIAM THOMAS HAYS, Mechanical Superintendent, Fall JOHN R. FERGUSON, JR., Mechanical Superintendent, Spring MARGUERITE FREEMAN, Cactus Supervisor RICHARD VENNE, Photography Supervisor JOHN CHARLES HARRISS, Office Assistant WILLIAM DE WITT ALSUP, Office Assistant RALPH G. GREENLEE, JR., Office Assistant TOMMY CHARLES STUCKEY, Advertising Office Assistant, Fall CLAUDE MICHAEL GRUENER, Advertising Office Assistant, Spring JOHN F. AVANT, Photographer JAMES CARL HYATT, Photographer JOHN CHARLES WHEELER, Photographer THE DAILY TEXAN ADVERTISING SALESMEN Jimmy Gayle Connell William Noel Copeland Thomas Robert Evans Claude Michael Gruener Max William Kittle Larry Joseph Sachnowitz Louis Richard Smith, III Tommy Charles Stuckey Douglas Arthur Swail Ronald William White Top Row: Edmonds, Lindsey. Second Row: Lee, Frazier. Third Row: Freeman, Ricks. Fourth Row: Sullivan, Ross. Fifth Row: Hays, Montgomery. Sixth Row: Venne, Harriss. TEXAS RANGER ADVERTISING SALESMEN Larry Duncan Thompson Arbon Jack Lowe CACTUS ADVERTISING SALESMEN Members of ALPHA DELTA SIGMA PAGE 94 PACE 95 ;.. " Zeta is Something Wonderful, " sings Sandy Stolz in the Zeta King and I skit. RUSH INITIATES NEW YEAR The first taste of college life for many new UT coeds began with an exciting combination of parties, skits, refresh- ments, and new faces. Congenial sorority members such as Tri-Delta actives, left, welcomed the rushees to a preview of Greek life. Then rushees returned to dorms and boarding houses while actives stayed up in all-night sessions. The object of it all to select sisters for collegiate days. Rushees are greeted outside the Alpha Delta Pi House by friendly, vivacious actives. - : vi$ ? . - X PAOE 98 Eddie Reeves and the men of Delta Tau Delta entertain at an informal Rush party. FRATERNITIES MEET RUSHEES In contrast with the more formalized sorority Rush, fra- ternities casually entertained male rushees. Jam-sessions pro- vided by members of the or- ganizations and bull-sessions gauged to the collegiate view- point served to introduce rushees to the fraternity way. Finally, after days of indecision and tension, bids were extended and new pledges began a week of blind dates and parties. An interested friend congratulates new Sigma Chi pledge, Lamar Eidson. Jimmy Mason, Phi Gam social chairman, tells rushees about the parties planned for them in the week following Rush. RAr - J ?, -M : . - ' How much longer do I have to wait? REGISTRATION IS EVER-PRESENT The unavoidable drudgery of registration was a necessity for both old and new students. Official looking young men bearing APO bands on their arms guided students into the gym and to sectionizers with military regimentation. There the organization ended as students hurried from table to table pleading for class times and sections. Hanging ominously overhead, the everpresent blackboard announced that sections were closed and schedules must be revised. PAGE 100 A September morning in Gregory Gym. , If you ' ll just step over to that line, son. But all the freshman English sections can ' t be closed! There is even a line to pay! Mary Shigley and Liz Vogel, Union Hospitality members, welcome the Rice football team to the Forty Acres. " Have you bought your ticket for the rodeo yet? " questions Beverly Gardner, Los Charros member. ALWAYS TIME FOR THE EXTRAS The University took on a new look academically with continued stress upon making the Forty Acres a University of the First Class. Undaunted stu- dents, nevertheless, still found or made time for a myriad of extra-curricular activities. " Y " and Union Committees began functioning as did the various clubs and honoraries. One of the most appealing and enjoyable events of the year was the Union-sponsored performance of the fabulous Kingston Trio! PACE 102 Into the air goes another KAT kite as a pledge comes of age. Despite a sweltering Gregory Gym, the Kingston Trio provides a spirited, hilarious show! - V Hook ' um Horns! You ' re booming the Sooners! A joint dance provides night-before-the-game entertainment. The State Fair and U.T. students profit from each other. PAGE 104 TWO STRAIGHT OVER OU The " Big Week-end " OU Week-end saw the Longhorns make it two victorious years in a row with a 19-12 win over the famed Sooner power machine. Dallas conceded the week-end to the two universities. The city staged a joint dance the night before the game in a stated attempt to calm down over-enthusiastic students. But nothing could ac- complish this the next day in the Cotton Bowl as Horns waved proudly in the air to herald the prowess of the mighty Steers. Sportswriters all over the country lauded this as the " color " game of the year. One Dallas paper dedicated a full page spread to a picture of one charging Texas back. The caption underneath read MEET JACK COLLINS. OKLAHOMA DID! Coach Royal is unhappy with the situation before the powerful Longhorn comeback. A return to reality and textbooks makes O.U. just a pleasant memory PAGE 105 -.-.-.; ;? - Co-eds Flo VanGundy, Liz Vogel, and Yvonne Price put a smile on the lips of visiting cartoonist, Al Capp. TOP ENTERTAINMENT OFFERED A combination of Cultural Entertainment Committee programs, Union sponsored performances, and Curtain Club offerings presented the campus with a variety of cultural events. Especially outstanding were speakers Al Capp, Henry Kissinger, and Robert Kennedy. A U.T. Joan of Arc studies the situation in the drama department production of " The Lark. " Tarakasuka dancers from Japan bring color and entertainment to the campus in a CEC presentation. Halloween and a haunted house lead coeds Cynthia Lindsay, Katy Oliver, Barbara Randies, Martha White, and Jerry Faye Carter away from the books for awhile. SPOOKS, RALLIES AND CAMPUS CHEST The spirit of Halloween carried students ' thoughts away from foot- ball long enough for a few remembrances of " Trick or Treat " days. Following this the annual Campus Chest Drive, with Joan Raab and Maurice Olian as co-chairmen, appeared on campus in November. Chestacapades, Miss Campus Chest, Pledge Class Auctions, and the Student-Faculty Baseball Game were featured in an attempt to give the students something for their money. PAOE 108 Headcheerleaders Avis Tieber and Jerry Herring whip up spirit with a visitor from Rice. First place for talent in Chestcapades goes to Zahi Farashish and his balancing act. The " Miss Campus Chest " trophy is displayed by winner, Brenda Mandel, Delta Phi Epsilon, and her sorority sisters. The Umpire ' s decision is protested violently by student body president, Frank Cooksey, and vice- president, Jerry Nathan, at the Student-Faculty Benefit game. PAGE 109 Orange Jacket Jane Stotts and parents have their picture made at the Dads ' Day reception. Rosemary House, Outstanding Senior Girl, and Bill Fielder, Outstanding Senior Boy, are pre- sented at halftimc of the Texas-Baylor Home- coming game. I Cowboys check on the ticket sales for the Cowboy minstrels with their new sweetheart, Jeanne McLain. Orange Jacket Carol Kceton taps Pat Patterson, for the honorary service organization. DADS ' DAY -HONORS November 7th was the date of UT ' s annual Homecoming. At the half-time of a breath- takingly close Texas-Baylor game, Alpha Delta Pi Rosemary House and Kappa Alpha Bill Fielder were sighted as the Outstanding Girl and Boy on campus. A Dads ' Day reception in the union was held in honor of returning alumni. Another Fall attraction was the Cowboy minstrels. Despite the sudden illness of star Johnny Cash, the show went on and Theta Jeanne McClain was presented as the new Cowboy Sweetheart. Elections of another form took place all over the campus as the service groups Orange Jackets, Spooks, Spurs, Cowboys and APO tapped new members. PAGE 111 With the Aggie bonfire blazing in the background, a Texas Cowboy says " Hook " em! " And it ' s " Hook " em! " in every language as the foreign students with International Commission Chairman Sue Chessher, display their Aggie sign. illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllNIIIIIIIHII Winter ; I First Place in Sing Song, Sorority Zeta Tau Alpha. Fraternity First Place, Sing Song Sigma Phi Epsilon. Pi Kappa Alpha brightens the holiday season with a Christmas formal. Miss Diane Lander, Sweetheart of The University of Texas, is crowned Queen of the 1960 Cotton Bowl. Pledges of Alpha Epsilon Pi drum up spirit before the Syracuse game with " Crush the Orangemen " signs. COTTON BOWL IS PRELUDE TO FINALS The SWC Champion Longhorns faced the Syra- cuse Orangemen, Number One rated team in the nation, in the Cotton Bowl New Year ' s Day. In contrast to Yankee propaganda chastising Darrel Royal for exposing his Texas boys to such " Her- culean " strength, the Orangemen struggled through with a 23-14 win. The fighting Horns did them- selves proud with their crushing tackles and spirited play. Even the Syracuse coach was forced to admit that his team could not go against the equal of Texas every week. As Syracuse went home with new respect for the Southwest Conference and thankfulness that they were born north of the Mason-Dixon Line, UT students returned to Austin to face final exams. PAGE 116 We ' ll clean up our room after finals! Just a break in studying for awhile as the SRD " goody cart " comes around. Desperate students pick up last minute helps in Charlie Hayden ' s Study Guides of old finals. PAGE 117 Alice Hamilton receives roses from 1959 Mrs. University, Eva Farley, as the new Mrs. U.T. Mary Jo Poston, Cactus Editor, samples the winning baking entry of Eva Farley. MANY MARRIED STUDENTS In keeping with the national trend, almost one-fourth of the University student body is composed of married students. Each year the Married Students Association holds a variety of activities for the University ' s married couples. The highlight of the event this year was Mar- ried Students ' Week when Mrs. Alice Hamilton was announced as Mrs. University and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Mitchell were chosen as the Ideal Couple. PAGE 118 Proud U.T. parents show off the winners of a baby contest for future Longhorns. Married Students Association ' s " Ideal Couple, " | Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Mitchell, say good-by on a school morning. PAGE 119 Cheerleader Billy Milton and the Longhorn mascot talk over the basketball game. A CLIMAX TO WINTER With a new coach, Harold Bradley, and an inspired team, the Longhorn basketballers con- tinued an amazing sports season as they were crowned SWC Champs. Rightly tabbed the " Cin- derella Team of the Year, " the Steers placed Senior Jay Arnette on the Olympics Team. Fi- nally, rounding out Winter activities, many cam- pus organizations and the Freshman Class selected sweethearts and beauties. PAGE 120 Finalists in the Physical Education Department posture contest stand straight for the judges. The new Sweetheart of BBA, Sandra Sabean, Gamma Phi Beta, is presented with roses at the BBA Party. Sweethearts of the various engineering societies are pictured with Mary Ann Carruthers (bottom left), Zeta Tau Alpha, and " Miss Engineer. " ilargaret Ely, Gamma Phi Beta, receives a plaque from |Doug Swail as Sweetheart of the Advertising Fraternity, Alpha Delta Sigma. PACE 121 The five finalists for " Freshman Beauty, " Gayle Braun, Zeta; Kathryn Odom, Kappa; Mary Jane Pratcher, Theta; Mary Brickman, Andrews Dorm; and Ann Nevitt, Tri-Delt; parade before Freshman Council members. New officers of the Fresh- man Council are presented at the Council banquet. They are " Boots " Goldberg, Tau Delta Phi, Vice-President; Nancee Parker, Chi Omega, Secretary; Kathryn Odom, Kappa Kappa Gamma, " Most Beautiful Freshman, " and John Patton, Kappa Al- pha, President. PAGE 123 It ' s the Ranger versus the Texan in the Charros Rodeo. Whoa! No prize money for this cowboy! Tired, but enthusiastic Texas wranglers rest up before another event. PAGE 124 " South Pacific " clad Chi Omegas serenade the Sigma Chi ' s with " Honey Bunn. " OUTDOOR EVENTS HERALD SPRING The warm Spring weather was responsible for the thoughts of students turning lightly away from books. Spring elections were the cause of much of this as studies took second place to poli- tics. Bright blue skies also added atmosphere for numerous out-of-door functions. Sororities and Fraternities exchanged serenades and the Los Charros, despite the absence of stands, had an- other rodeo. Tau Delta Phi ' s camp out on the mall to guard a spot for the sign of their candidate for Veep, Maurice Olian. PACE 125 V ' Ji- ' r flS 1 v- - ' ' . " skr ..r, , " !%. fls Tt ' x " i 1 iMET2 Students gather on the University lawn for the barbecue which initiates Round-Up festivities. BARBECUE BEGINS ROUND-UP The University campus took on a western atmosphere as classes slowed down for the annual Spring celebra- tion of Round-Up. The first big event of the festivities was the all-school barbecue held in back of the Texas Union Building. A western band, rock and roll combo, and the Alpha Delta Pi Trio furnished entertainment as. students relaxed on the lawn and dined on barbecue.. The main attraction was the presentation of the winners of the beard-growing contest and of the SWC beauties, and the UT Sweetheart finalists. A western trio entertains for partakers of the Round-Up barbecue, PAGE 126 Contestants in the " beard-growing " contest await the word of the judges before making a trip to the barbers. Shade from the April sun attracts Sweetheart finalist Eva Gayle Maxey and escort Jack Lowe. Sweetheart finalist Virginia Walker goes through the barbecue line. PAGE 127 EBIICE ORGANIZATIONS Service organizations, Spurs, Spooks, and Orange Jackets share a display at the Forty Acres Showcase. The main eyecatchers of the Showcase are visiting " space monkeys. " PAGE 128 Dean Nowotny entertains the visiting SWC Sweethearts at the Sweetheart Tea. SWEETHEARTS SHOWCASE ADD GLAMOUR SWC Beauties representing their various schools gave an extra touch of glamour to Round-Up. The girls were honored with various teas and banquets and were presented at the barbecue and at Round-Up Revue. Representing Arkansas was Barbara Barnes; SMU, Barbara Bergstrom; TCU, Janeen Cunningham; A and M, Roseann Annara- tone; Texas Tech, Sandra Hendrix; Rice, Char- lotte Reeves; and Baylor, Miriam Moody. An almost equally attractive Round-Up event was the Forty Acres Showcase. The Showcase featured displays of every phase of campus life. PAOE 129 Seven SWC beauties are an added attraction at the Round-Up festivities. ROUND-UP Kappa Alpha Theta ' s " Showboat " wins first for " Most Beautiful. " Delta Delta Delta ' s " Slogan for Logan " is announced as " Best All Around. " Chi Phi ' s " Life at UT. " The award for first place in the Club Section went to Gamma Delta. Second place for clubs was won by Inter-Coop Council ' s " Maverick. " BSU ' s " Prairie Schooner Beta Theta Pi was awarded " Most Humorous " award for its " Every Dog is Gonna Have His Day. " PARADE First place sorority award went to Delta Zeta ' s " Three Swans. " First place fraternity award went to Lambda Chi Alpha with " A Texas Ranger Surrounded by Girls. " Second place fraternity award was presented to Sigma Alpha Mu for its " Hairy Ranger Ad- justing to Modern Art. " Delta Gamma won the second place sorority award with its " Merry Go Round-Up. " Chi Omega ' s " Mammy Yokum and Lil ' Abner. " Pi Beta Phi ' s " Bull Fight. ' Back stage of Round-Up Revue, the new University of Texas Sweethea rt, Miss Nancy Thompson, is announced. Round-Up Revue, sponsored by the Curtain Club, ends the week-end with a glittering, glamourous show. PAGE 132 Interscholastic League contestants resemble incoming Freshmen as they gather bewildered in front of the Journalism Building. Being tapped for advisor brings a cry of joy and surprise from an Andrews coed. An old advisor at Kinsolving delights a new one with a white rose. GREEK FESTIVAL SPARKLES April 30th on the campus witnessed the trans- formation of Memorial Stadium to a gayly lighted carnival ground. The annual Greek celebration was a combination of major production skits and creatively decorated concessions. Sororities and fraternities vied to see who could furnish the best entertainment to the milling crowds. Climaxing the night, awards were made to the winning groups. Kappa Kappa Gamma for " Happy Daze " and Sigma Phi Epsilon with " Minstrel Show " took top honors for shows. Concession winners were Pi Beta Phi and Alpha Epsilon Pi and the prize for publicity went to Gamma Phi Beta. A special award was made to VC Queen Candidate Pat- " ricia " Crane as " she " was in a class by " her " -self. The final presentation was a trophy, roses, and a charm to the 1960 Queen of Varsity Carnival, Zeta Linda Liles. Gamma Phi Beta ' s " Frisbee, the Plumber, " was a top crowd attraction. Part of the Carnival crowd stop to buy gingerbread from the Alpha Delta Pi ' s " Gingerbread House. " Jerry Sewell presents a trophy and roses to the 1960 " Varsity Carnival Queen, " Linda Liles, Zeta Tau Alpha. GRADUATION DeWitt Carter Reddick hands Roberta Ann Love her Journalism degree for the School of Arts and Sciences. John Arch White for the School of Busi- ness Administration, awards Richard Simon Karotkin his degree. William Walsh Hagerty awards a degree for the School of Engineering. On Saturday night, June 4, in Austin, Ramon Beteta, Director General of Mexico City ' s distinguished daily newspaper, Novedades, delivered The University of Texas ' commencement address. Dr. Beteta was one of the University ' s most renowned graduates, receiving his degree in 1923. COMMISSIONING Colonel Curtis Theodore Ricketts awards Walter Lee Jones his Army Commission. Commander R. L. Reinarz awards Frank Edward Stallings his Naval Commission. Major Richard Howard Kraemer awards Augustus Jones Polhill, III, his Air Force Commission. PAGE 136 DORMITORIES AND COOPERATIVES PAGE 137 ALL CAMPUS ADVISORS Chairman Secretary-Treasurer Reporter . Faculty Sponsor . EXECUTIVE COUNCIL JANET HAGLER SANDRA LEE ZIMMERMAN FRANCES BYRD COLLINS HELEN MARGARET FLINN Barbara Ann Bowser Arlene Leah Debes Sarah E. Hicks Linda Elaine Kilgore Carolyn Carpenter Sybil Louise Harrell Joyce Ray Johnson, Chairman Brenda Joyce Kasparek Vivien Deanne Chidzoy Mary Beth Coniglio Janie Kaye Dowdy Brenda Sue Barden Delora Elizabeth Blazek Kay Louise Carrico Dana Adriana de Ridder Susan Faith Fisher Bonnie Alyce Bryan Aubyn Stewart Byers Colleen Copeland Nancy Jean Cotton Willie Lorene Coym Linda Biesele Beverly Ann Brewer, Chairman Clarice June Cole Sharon Jovay Crouch Connie Louise Brazzil Penny Brooks Sarah Clendenen Patricia Anne Dunmire Nancy Pauline Caffey Janet Hagler Kathryn Joanne Harris Janis Lynn Kneblik Susan Elizabeth Adams Judith Baggett Linda Jonel Bailey Martha Jeanette Clarkson Frances Byrd Collins Judith Mansell Beesley Jo Gayle Chamberlain Margaret Ann Adams Diane Jean Alves Mary Florence Ashburn Rolinda Deane Bailey, Chairman Mary Ellen Beall Marilyn Sue Becker Marianne Farg uhar Bell Nancy Lynn Bourn Dolphia Ann Dawson ANDREWS DORMITORY Judith Ann Maxwell Doris Ann Moore Donna Sue Nelson Roselind Joan Priesmeyer Rebecca Ann Reynolds Heidi Suzanne Schneider Dorothy Stafford Patricia Tidmore BL ANTON DORMITORY Patricia Anne Kennedy Beverly Sue Matlock Kathleen McCary Shirley Kay McKinley Linda Jamene Reno Cynthia N. Rogers Sally Christine Rundquist Wanda Lou Sowell CAROTHERS DORMITORY Victoria Edwards Martha Jane Grady Betty Lynn Kilday Linda Margaret Rellahan Sunny Lee Schulz Marjorie Louise Stephens KINSOLVING DORMITORY, Southeast Wing Patricia Anne Hudson Penny Loughridge Becky McCowell Patricia Ann Patterson Marida Ann Pike Donna Rachel Richardson Margaret Alice Surratt Gayle Helaine Weinstein Suzanne White Bettina Rives Wilbanks KINSOLVING DORMITORY, Southwest Wing Peggy Jean Davis, Chairman Diane Maxine Gaitz Suzy Catherine Hodges Gayle Faye Kelly Kathryn Marie Mafrige Clarice Jane McDonald Cynthia Mae Miller Arden Reed Barbara Anne Reese Mary Kathryn Webb KINSOLVING DORMITORY, Northeast Wing Barbara Jean Roloff Dorothy Beatrice Shepperson Mary Louise Wagenfuehr Carolyn Sue Winston KINSOLVING DORMITORY, Northwest Wing Anneta Jane Eastwood Janet Lyn Galeener Patti Oliver Sally Predock Theresa Elizabeth Flynn Dolores Gomez Harriet Hinton Handy Carol Lynn Huber Lynnda Ann Landon Jane Lynn Mayes Mary Claire Middlebrook Jacqueline Van Roberts KIRBY HALL Florence Gaye Laxson Carolyn Adell Leverkuhn Pauline Talley Maxwell Barbara Anne Miller Judy Diane Mumma Helen Katherine Plummer, Chairman Jo Ella Powell LITTLEFIELD DORMITORY Patty Dean Couch Francis Ann Drake Susan Jean Dring Harriett Hilda Hopkins Joanne Frances McQuaide Judith Kay Pegues Barbara Jeanne Reinert Jimmie Sue Shewmake Charlene Short Margaret Smith, Chairman NEWMAN HALL Marie Frieda Fehmer, Chairman Betty Jane Heinsohn Beatrice Lozano Marie Elinor Medina Mary Ellen B. Richter Mary Virginia Schulz SCOTTISH RITE DORMITORY Nelwyn Irene DeLaney Cynthia Duncan Carolyn Louise Gnauck Barbara Jo Harris Holly Gertrude Howell Ronda Jan Keng Betty M. Lanier Maedene Maedgen Mary Ellen McCarter Mary Lou McComack Billye Faye Millinax Margaret Nelson Anna Marie Norman Joy Beth Parks Willa Fern Ramsey Betty Ann Roberts Charlotte Elizabeth Sanders Jeannette Schmid PAGE 138 Patricia Anne Vogelsang, Chairman Jane Elizabeth Ware Dorothy Pryor Martin, Counseling Supervisor Rebecca Strickland Carolyn Elaine Terry Nancy Louise Wright Frances Shelton, Counseling Supervisor Bura Van Hoove, Counseling Supervisor Sandra Lee Zimmerman Margaret Brown, Counseling Supervisor Mary Ann Williams Aspasia Tassos, Counseling Supervisor Clare Louise Kiskaddon, Counseling Supervisor Eugenia Lenore Robertson B. Carolyn Siptak, Chairman Lynette Taylor Louise Winfrey, Counseling Supervisor Janet Leah Schreiber Irene T. Powers, Counseling Superviso r Marilyn Brady Snow Sally Elizabeth Waddill Barbara Rowe Woolley Hiawatha Crosslin, Counseling Supervisor Jane Frances Spacek Beulah Miles, Hostess Dottye Rozann Shivers Betty Jean Stone Bonnie Cecelia Trice Linda Kay Tucker Karen Sue Wheeler Maude Ballard, Head Resident Counselor ANDREWS DORMITORY Resident Counselor Student Counselor Student Counselor Student Counselor STAFF DOROTHY PRYOR MARTIN Lou D. HAYS FLEETWOOD VINSON WARNER PAT Co WART ADVISORS Barbara Ann Bowser Arlene Leah Debes Sarah E. Hicks Linda Elaine Kilgore Judith Anne Maxwell Doris Ann Moore Donna Sue Nelson Roselind Joan Priesmeyer Rebecca Ann Reynolds Heidi Suzanne Schneider Dorothy Stafford Patricia Tidmore Patricia Anne Vogelsang, Chairman Jane Elizabeth Ware Front Row: Arlene Leah Debes, Doris Ann Moore, Patricia Anne Vogelsang, Linda Elaine Kilgore, Judith Anne Maxwell, Jane Elizabeth Ware, Dorothy Stafford, Roselina Joan Priesmeyer. Second Row: Sarah Elizabeth Hicks, Donna Sue Nelson, Rebecca Ann Rey- nolds. Barbara Ann Bowser, Heidi Suzanne Schneider, Patricia Tidmore. Mary Ann Vozella, Penel- e Bailey. _ Lee Starr, Nanci Shannon Allison, Joan Carolyn Doeppenschmidt, Dorothy L. Stafford, Nancy Lou Owen, Nancy Jean Sterner, Barbara Elece Lindner, Donna Sue Nelson, Rose Marie Herry, Rebecca Ann Reynolds, Beverly Ann McLarty, Mary Lee Linnett, Jeanette Fern Holekamp. Third Row: Elizabeth Ellen Elkins, Ruby Kay Davis, Becky Cox, Linda Melissa Fouraker, Prudi Ann Gates, Mita Louise Wilsey, Zella LeNora Prather, Gail L. King, Helen Patricia Roberts, Zelma Jean Johnston, Jean Elizabeth Shaw, Gail Parker, Judy VonRosenberg, Joyce VonBoeckmann, Anastasia Linnett. Fourth Row: Martha Doyle Jee, Paula Jane Harbour, Dianne Gilbert, Saundra Leigh Peay, Jeanette Haney, Karen Ann Walters, JoAnn McClellan, Nancy Stone, Gal Cantrell, Martha Helene Garrard, Patricia Lou Tandy, Patricia Lu Speer, Barbara Lynn Brittain, Rachel Sims Dailey, Nancy Jo Snyder, Roxene Kay Schweers, Shannon L. Harris. Fifth Row: Gretchen Niebuhr ; Saza Dee Donnelly, Mary E. Brickman, Ethel Maxine Emerson, Elaine Henncssy, Linda Joyce McConnell, Mary Katherine Turner, Elisa Sayilla Davis, Miriam Boleynn Roberts, Renee Carol Jones, Janis Virginia Little, Kathryn Lenore Faber. Sixth Row: Sarah Elizabeth Hicks, Fleetwood Vinson Warner, Phyllis Henry, Joanne Penfold, Andrea Burkhart. Heidi Suzanne Schneider, Barbara Ann Bowser, Janet Claire Bogeli, Mayrel Holt, Jo Ann Martin, Molly Kathleen Sullivan, Kay Francis Morgenroth, Linda Elaine Kilgore, Betty Joan Martyn, Jane Elizabeth Ware. PAGE 139 Seated: Jane Dee Jochimsen Standing: Dona Lee Croft. BLANTON DORMITORY STAFF Resident Counselor . Student Counselor . Student Counselor . Student Counselor . Student Counselor . President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Carolyn Carpenter Sybil Louise Harrell Joyce Ray Johnson Brenda Joyce Kasparek Patricia Anne Kennedy Beverly Sue Matlock Kathleen McCary OFFICERS FRANCES SHELTON CAROLE JEAN DELANEY CLEONE SINGLETON PAULA ANN RATLIFF AMY CHERRIE HUNTER JOYCE RAY JOHNSON LINDA JAMENE RENO BEVERLY SUE MATLOCK DOROTHY LOUISE WRIGHT ADVISORS Shirley Kay McKinley Linda Jamene Reno Cynthia Sue Rogers Sally Christine Rundquist Wanda Lou Sowell Rebecca Strickland Carolyn Elayne Terry Dorothy Louise Wright Front Row: Sally Christine Lundquist, Shirley Kay McKinley, Joyce Ray Johnson, Brenda Joyce Kasparek. Second Row: Sybil Louise Harrell, Linda Jamene Reno, Wanda Lou Sowell, Beverly Sue Matlock, Cyn- thia Sue Rogers. Third Row: Carolyn Carpenter, Kath- leen McCary, Carolyn felayne Terry, Dorothy Louise Wright, Patricia Anne Kennedy, Rebecca Strickland. Fourth Row: Mrs. Frances Shelton, Carole Jean Delaney, Paula Ann Ratliff, Cleone Singleton, Amy Cher- rie Hunter. PAGE 140 CAROTHERS DORMITORY STAFF Resident Counselor Student Counselor Student Counselor BURA VAN HOOVE LEONA MAE CARTER EUGENIA STANLEY OFFICERS President Secretary-Treasurer . Social Chairman LINDA MARGARET RELLAHAN MARTHA JANE GRADY JANIE RAYE DOWDY ADVISORS Vivien Deanne Davies Chidzoy Mary Beth Coniglio Janie Raye Dowdy Victoria Edwards Martha Jane Grady Betty Lynn Kilday Linda Margaret Rellahan Sunny Lee Schulz Marjorie Louise Stephens Front Row: Wilma Lois Felder, Eugenia Stanley, Leona Mae Carter, Victoria Edwards, Mary Beth Coniglio, Martha Jane Grady, Janie Raye Dowdy, Vivien Deanne Davies Chidzoy, Marjorie Louise Stephens, Sunny Lee Schulz, Linda Margaret Rellaban. Second Rout: Judith James, Camilla Thomas, Madeline Lee Steves, Louise Butts Correll, Millie Jean Pechacek, Margaret Ann Brayshaw, Grace Elayne Gajdos, Barbara Ann White, Elaine Ruth Fischer, Peggy Louise Estcs, Janice Evelyn Jones, Judith Ann Ragland, Barbara Ann Barker, Kappie Jean Smith, Mar- garet Muriel Solbrig. Third Row: Glynda Marie Lowther, Margaret Ann Johnson, Dorothy Lea Cramer, Delia Rebecca Saenz, Ruby Louise Gremmel, Jane Petty, Marilyn Kay Kinney, Nancy Jean Dickens, Sandra Alene Daniel, Patricia Virginia Aldrich, Sandra Jean Barnett, Susan Schindler, Connie Lois Carver, Carol Leigh Belknap, Alice Adams. Fourth Row: Bura Van Hoove. Caroline Chappell, Susan Anderson, Veniece Mary Sidor, Lynda Rose Gutierrez. Deanna Lee Marsh. Sharon Lynn Collins. Kay Dunlap, Alice Sharon Tinsley, Susan Ann Halbrook, Linda Clare Beard, Sandra Sue Tanner, Geralyn Ann Trabucco, Judith A. Coggeshall, Julianne Seifert, Judy Morris Edgar, Jolla M. Gartner, Ada Gwen White, Dair Lindsay, Carole Elaine Jones, Michelle Robin Beer, Lai Tene Woo, Judy Madeline Tietz, Carolyn Sue Ferguson, Anna Rose Whitson, Kathleen Anne Word. PAGE 141 GRACE HALL Episcopal Dormitory for Girls STAFF Director .... Assistant to the Director . MARTHA GAVIN MRS. M. L. MOON OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Reporter Chaplain Social Chairman JUDITH ELEANOR WILLIAMS BETTY CAROLYN PORTER ROBERTA SUE HINTZ MEREDITH CHIDSEY CAROL KAY KIRK CLAUDIA NELL MOORMAN Alice Tamm Addington Mary Katharine Buckle, Chairman Carol Joan Johnson ADVISORS Jeanne Lee Deirdre Catharine Malkemus Brenda Jean Stubel Front Row: Shirley Eugenia Tucker. Marilyn Kay Moncrief, Ina Florence Grier, Sandra Lee Gage, Judith Ann Bclknap, Karen Leigh Sparra. Second Row: Katherine Griffith Walker, Rosemary Ramsey, Jeanne N. Lee, Maudie Lee Brookshire, Amy Janice Marett, Marta Ellcne Elson, Lois Dale Bandy, Judith Constance Phillips, Janis Kathryn Merritt, June Olivia Ferrill, Gail Helen McBride. Third Row: Barbara Jo Sheffield, Marland Huhndorff, Judith Newman, Karen Kay Kirkland, Caradell Murray, Nancy Sue Nelson, Carolyn Porter, Annis Marie Minyard, Melinda Ann Smith, Lynda Kay Young. Fourth Row: Carol Joan Johnson, Meredith Chidsey, Gareth Lynn Cayce, Linda Lee Burke, Alice Tamm Addington. Virginia Vivian Lake, Susan Lindsay Hanson, Susan Kay Nelson, Deirdre Catharine Malkemus, Ruth Louise Schurman, Sarah Ellen Schroeder, Patsy Cordelia Ray, Judith Ann Swann, Deryl Ann Hull. Fifth Row: Mary Katharine Buckle, Myrta Ann Tophffe, Patsy Nanga Martin, Claudia Nell Moorman, Brenda Jean Stubel, Janette Erwin Allen, Amy Lee Schmidt, Marilyn Margarite McGrew, Carol Kay Kirk, Sylvia Kay Short, Judy Lee Rogers, Betty Ann Parker, Roberta Sue Hintz, Candida Kay Berry, Patricia Ruth Wright, Mary Josephine Parker, Norma Joyce Torp. PAGE 142 KINSOLVING DORMITORY NORTHEAST WING STAFF Resident Supervisor Counselor Counselor Counselor Counselor CLARE LOUISE KISKADDON WINCIE LOWE BLANTON CYNTHIA ANN HALL JANET SHARON JENKINS PAULA Jo RAINEY OFFICERS Chairman Co-Chairman Social Chairman . Secretary-Treasurer BEVERLY ANN BREWER CLARICE JUNE COLE SALLY PREDOCK DOROTHY BEATRICE SHEPPERSON ADVISORS Linda Biesele Beverly Ann Brewer Clarice June Cole Sharon Jovay Crouch Annetta Jane Eastwood Janet Lyn Galeener Patti Oliver Sally Predock Barbara Jean Roloff Dorothy Beatrice Shepperson Mary Louise Wagenfuehr Carolyn Sue Winston Front Row: Clarice June Cole, Beverly Ann Brewer, Patti Oliver, Sharon Jovay Crouch, Paula Jo Rainey, Annetta Jane Eastwood, Barbara Jean RoIofT, Carolyn Sue Winston, Dorothy Beatrice Shepperson, Sally Predock, Janet Lyn Galeener. Second Row: Judith Marie Rowland, Lou Ann Corbell, Yvonne Dolores Case, Elinore Ferol Benavides, Jane Grace Field, Virginia Lea Matthews, Glenna Louise Rider, Nancy Ann Bridges, Clare Louise Kiskaddon, Catharina Elisabeth Agerlid, Barbara Gail Jones, Pamela Rice, Edith Broyles, Laila Jones. Third Row: Dorothy Louise Pflughaupt, Nadine Adell Eilskov, Lois Denny TerencCj Toby Kay Stall, Leta Evelyn Taylor, Sally Ruth Mills, Martha Ann Row- land, Dorothy Kay Rudisill, Martha Lucille Kenney, Patricia Lee Isaacs, Patricia Lynne Holleman, Lee Paula Waggoner, Brenda Nan Barth, Lynda Fay Lauderdale, Sarah Handorf, Patricia Ruth Newman, Patricia Gail Cook, Cynthia Elaine Turner, Joanna Elizabeth Lowry, Carol Lynne Concklin. Fourth Row: Saralee Concklin, Martha Middle, Carolyn Shelton, Betty Loraine Toler, Jane Anita Finsterwald, Carole Elizabeth Crow, Lynn Gay Finesilver, Angela Louie, Erminia Pinina Norrod, Linda Sue Cocker, Randhi Suzanne Smith, Peggy Wheeler, Daryle Ann Echols, Margaret Ann Natho, Lelia Jacob- sen, Rebecca Wood, Louise Ann Loverde. PAGE 143 I KINSOLVING DORMITORY NORTHWEST WING STAFF Resident Supervisor . Counselor Counselor Counselor Counselor LOUISE MANIGAULT WINFREY MARY RUTH BUTLER JEAN BARRILLON FELDER MARGARET ANN HAMILTON BITSY MARILLYN KIRKPATRICK ADVISORS Connie Louise Brazzil Penny Brooks Sarah Clendenen Patricia Anne Dunmire Theresa Elizabeth Flynn Dolores Gomez Harriet Hinton Handy Carol Lynn Huber Lynnda Ann Landon Jane Lynn Mayes Mary Claire Middlebrook Jacqueline Van Roberts Eugenia Lenore Robertson B. Carolyn Siptak, Chairman Lynette Taylor Front Row: Penny Brooks, Sylvia Anne Shmidl, Travis Shaw, Gladene Martha Michel, Ann Allen Blake, Irene Whitt, Laurie Kathleen Rayburn. Second Row: Jacqueline Van Roberts, Pamela Ruth Weathers, Virginia Elaine Venable, Sanda Jan Jackson, Joyce Ellen Sue Clanton, Harriet Hinton Handy, Mary Beth Powell, Carol Margaret Compton, Shelma Lee Winerich. Third Row: Kathryn Hill, Diane Elizabeth Buttrill, Carolyn Nell Hooper, Norma Lee May, Mary Lurline Douglas, B. Carolyn Sipt.ik. Janel Neiman, Mary Claire Middlebrook, Lynette Taylor, Nancy Sue Bammel, Joann Russell, Mary Ruth Butler, Jean Barrillon Felder, Bitsy Marillyn Kirkpatrick. Fourth Rui: Frances Ann Swanson, Faith Ford, Martha Gordon, Phyllis Marie Kazen, Charlotte Annette Hollis, Toy Kay Crocker, Patricia Caroline Montalbo, Rosemary Price Johnson, Lynnda Ann Landon. PAGE 144 KINSOLVING DORMITORY SOUTHEAST WING STAFF Resident Supervisor Counselor . Counselor . Counselor . Counselor . Counselor . MARGARET BROWN PATRICIA ROSE ANSEL CAROLYN ANN MAN KIN BETTIE JANE MURGATROYD CAROLYN LITTELL NESRSTA FRANCES IMOGENE STANLEY OFFICERS Fall Chairman . Spring Chairman . Secretary-Treasurer SUZANNE WHITE DELORA ELIZABETH BLAZEK BETTINA RIVES WILBANKS Brenda Sue Barden Delora Elizabeth Blazek Kay Louise Carrico Susan Faith Fisher Patricia Anne Hudson ADVISORS Penny Lee Loughridge Rebecca Gail McDowell Patricia Ann Patterson Marida Ann Pike Margaret Alice Surratt Gayle Helaine Weinstein Suzanne White Bettina Rives Wilbanks Donna Rachel Richardson Sandra Lee Zimmerman Front Row: Carolyn Ann Mankln, Patricia Rose Ansel, Frances Imogene Stanley, Bettie Jane Murgatroyd, Carolyn Littell Nesrsta, Marida Ann Pike, Brenda Sue Barden, Sandra Lee Zimmerman, Patricia Anne Hudson. Second Row: Patricia Ann Patterson, Joyce Harriet Bromberg, Kay Louise Carrico, Gayle Helaine Weinstein, Bettina Rives Wilbanks, Margaret Alice Surratt, Susan Faith Fisher, Penny Lee Loughridge, Suzanne White, Beth Blazek, Donna Rachel Richardson, Jo Ann Kay Lester, Martha L. Brannon. Third Row: Janet Raye Schapira, Beverly Jean Childress, Martha Gay Kokernot, Elizabeth Ann Davidson, Jeanne Louise Sears, Tennic Bush, Anna Belle Engel- king, Ruth Ann Erskine, L. Ruanne Lawson, Sarah Peyton Weaver, Annabel Inkafelt, Valeria Lynn Gross, Janet Laverne Fritz, Harriet Elaine Kauftheil, Susan Jo Trostel, Margaret Sue Dutton, Bettye Jan Baker, Gladys Slavin, Kay Underwood, Karen Fay Kolle, Betty Field Reagor, Sara Katherine Wells, Sheryl Ann Katz, Jeanine Anne Watson, Jan Seigel, Mary Lou Keller, Pamela Florence Wright. Fourth Row: Arlene Elster, Judith Gertrude Shapiro, Judy Deanna Oshman, Margaret Ruth Konz. Alice Gay Thames, Lila Dianne Dwyer, Helen Hughetta Shell, Barbara Joan Reeves, Marilyn Jean Martin, Patti Jane Bell, Margaret Brown, Winona Mae Warren, Susan Jane Twedelo. Trudis Awanda Solomon, Jacqulyn Ruth Lewis, Constance Ann Herbert, Janet Johnson, Julie Francine Sorrell, Emily Clare Stall, Iris Beth Rubenstein, Marjorie Lynn Smith. Filth Row: Patricia Ann Maltzman Linda Terry Krull, Edele Lee Singer, Brenda Diane Labovirz, Sandra Lee Levin, Opal Elizabeth Webb, Susan Elizabeth Whifsit, Suzanne Bray. Maribelie Sharpe, Sandra Lee Dean, Martha Ann Hanson, Diane McCurley, Barbara Faye Cotharn, Geraldine Francis Fussell, Sharon Louise Tellinger, Sandra B. Krafcheck, Phyllis Ellen Zable, Norman June Rudaseal, Mary Robin Rice, Martha Louise Gaskin, Alice Carol Newberry, Patsy Lee Butler, Martha J. Keppler, Bonnie Charlotte Singer, Marjorie L. Stansfield, Bobbie Ann Harper, Laurie Lee Hargis, Lori Ann Nichols. Sixth Row: Marilyn Jean Dobson, Janice Marie Smith, Mary Ann Mouser, Susan Greeves, Elizabeth Ann Johnston, Patricia Ann Fox, Susanne Kay Whitlow, Martha Ann Morgan, Trudy Jean Ramsey, Mary Ellis Walker, Margaret Ann Rosbottom, Marilyn Clair Manning, Brenda Sue Spahr, Carolyn Edna Glass, Martha Jane Glass, Julia Inez Hatchett, Karen Sue Parker, Sharon Ann Ropp, Carolyn E. Rogers, Carole Y. Sadovnick, Julienne Margaret Jones. PAGE 145 KINSOLVING DORMITORY SOUTHWEST WING STAFF Resident Supervisor Counselor Counselor Counselor Counselor ASPASIA TASSOS MILLIE RUTH GRIBBLE SALLY KAY MAXWELL JERRE LEE MILLS CLAUDIA ELIZABETH ROBINSON OFFICERS Chairman Secretary-Treasurer Social Chairman PEGGY JEAN DAVIS NANCY JEAN COTTON SUZY CATHERINE HODGES Bonnie Alyce Bryan Aubyn Stewart Byers Colleen Copeland Nancy Jean Cotton Willie Lorene Coym ADVISORS Peggy Jean Davis Diane Maxine Gaitz Suzy Catherine Hodges Gayle Faye Kelly Kathryn Marie Mafrige Clarice Jane McDonald Cynthia Mae Miller Arden Reed Barbara Anne Reese Mary Kathryn Webb Mary Ann Williams Front Row: Millie Ruth Gribble, Sally Kay Maxwell, Aspasia Tassos, Jerre Lee Mills, Claudia Elizabeth Robinson. Second Row: Aubyn Stewart Byers, Diane Maxine Gaitz, Cynthia Mae Miller, Arden Reed, Willie Lorene Coym, Clarice Jane McDonald, Nancy Jean Cotton, Kathryn Marie Mafrige, Gayle Faye Kelly, Suzy Catherine Hodges, Mary Kathryn Webb, Mary Ann Williams, Barbara Anne Reese, Colleen Copeland, Bonnie Alyce Bryan, Peggy Jean Davis. Third Row: Fredell Ann Pinkenson, Rochelle Goldberg, Harriet Sue Goldfield, Nancy Caroline Smallwood, Linda Annette Skelton, Betty Kathryn Peavy, Rosalie Ann Beyer, Kathleen Marie Capps, Jeanne Marie Robnett, Sondra Jane Lerner, Elaine Rosalind Bock, Judith Chapman, Tarine Green, Sally Smith, Claudia Lynne Bryant, Samuella Krasner, Virginia Ann Parr, Fourth Row: Harriet Ray Friedman, Joan Whitelaw Browning, Cynthia Beach Newton, Maureen Jane Stedifor, Londa Arlene Marriott, Virginia Ruth Craver, Charlotte Kemp Patton, Esther Mary Roberts, Jane Marcelle Jones, Anne Wilkerson, Mary Jane Roffmo, Martha Lugean Esten, Jeanelle La Motte, Julia Rae Klingman, Ann Forsyth Lloyd, Shawn Adele Carpenter, Patricia Compton. Fifth Row: Perry Ellen LaRue, Sally Jane Scott, Shirley Louise Racusin, Anita Evonne Clarke, Mila Jean Hillard, Mamie Carolyn Soffar, Mary Joan Chalfont, Marilyn Margaret Savage, Lois Paula Shainock, Laura Anne Moore. Sixth Row: Linda Lee Barnebey, Diane Audrey Dusek, Frances Lou Parks, Caroline Olson, Janice Mary Chadwell, Bonnie Louise Rickelman, Daphne Peggy Clements, Ethelynn Dawn Anderson, Suzanne Pauline Kovacs, Sandra Lee Lawrence, Susan Elizabeth Whitsit, Caren Maynett Cox. Seventh Row: Ginger Mayfield, Barbara Jean Tosch, Bette Jane Azadian, Nancy Etta Andrews, Elizabeth Hood Kelly, Joan Mahoney, Bonnie Jean Anderson, Kathleen Thomas, Janette Overton, Michelle Guillot, Sharon Kay England, Clare Elizabeth Foran. PACE Mi, KIRBY HALL STAFF Director Counselor . Co unselor . Dietitian IRENE T. POWERS DOROTHY JUNE UMBARGER, Fall CAROL LISBETH COLE, Spring MRS. JESSIE W. PERKINS ADVISORS Nancy Pauline Caffey Pauline Talley Maxwell Janet Hagler Barbara Anne Miller Kathryn Joanne Harris Judy Diane Mumma Janis Lynn Kneblik Florence Gaye Laxson Helen Katherine Plummer, Chairman Jo Ella Powell Carolyn Adell Leverkuhn, Secretary Janet Leah Schreiber f tl m - Front Row: Nancy Carlisle Newton, Patricia Dean Carpenter, Suzanne Carmichael, Wilma Dell Council, Jennie Carolyn Aust, Ditzler Yvonne Turner, Carolyn Fay Kiesling, Dorothy Jean Odom. Second Row: Barbara Ann Nowlin, Janet Elaine Ischyj Linda Valois Crosby, Jeanette Lynn Hess, Patricia Ann Rodgers, Dorothy June Umbarger, Betty Ed Bradshaw, Marcella Dawn Thompson, June Patricia Herber, Janet Leah Schreiber, Kathryn Joanne Harris, Pauline Talley Maxwell, Virginia Ann Eueritt. Third Row: Carolyn Camille Crabtree, Sandra Kay Tally, Janis Lynn Kneblik, Marilyn June Adams, Leah Rave Sexton, Lynne Arden Williams, Judy Diane Mumma, Carolyn Adell Leverkuhn, Ino Calderon Munoz, Patricia Ann Horton, Sondra Alma Halliday, Helen Katherine Plummer. Fourth Row: JoAnn Marie Wessels, Donna Marseille Harris, Eleanor Katherine Perry, Mary Stuart Valentine, Juanda June Freeman, Patricia Gay Brennan, Madra Sue Rhoades, Chariot Miller Forcheimer, Sandra Jean Meier, Reba Nell Hoelscher, Joe Helen Cronenberger, Charlene Beth Priebe, Ruby Lois Petrusek, Patricia Louise Pickler, Judy Gayle Pickrcll, Janette Sue McConnell, Carol Lynn Gaskin, Shirley Mae Glasco, Ellen Victoria Horn, Kay Elaine Love, Jeanette Aden Workman, Barbara Ann Daigle, Dorothy Ann Wagenhauser, Barbara Jean Dunn, Mary Carolyn Newton. Fifth Row: Nancy Pauline Caffey, Elizabeth Marcus Knox, Peggy Joyce Dean, Patricia Rogers Jacobs, Marilyn Dell Minton, Jeanette Diane Tate, Linda Kay Eagle, Martha Rae Broom, Mary Helen Johnson, Carol Margaret Gaston, Jo Ella Powell, Louise Rochelle Zoller, Martha Claudette Holland, Mary Frayser Perry, Barbara A. McCullough, Rosemary Jersig, Grace Eloise Johnson, Sherry Lynn Martin, Susan Sherzer Parsons, Linda Gail Marshall. PAGE 147 LITTLEFIELD DORMITORY STAFF Resident Counselor . Assistant Resident Counselor Student Counselor HIAWATHA CROSSLIN RUTH ONOLIA CALDWELL SARA Ross OFFICERS Chairman Secretary Treasurer MARGARET SMITH FRANCES BYRD COLLINS BARBARA ROWE WOOLLEY Front Row: Baggett, Woolley, Collins, Smith, Bailey. Second Row: Shewmake, Pegues, Short, Hopkins, Clarkson. Third Row: Snow, Ross, Dring, Couch, Reinert, Adams, Crosslin, Galdwell. ADVISORS Susan Elizabeth Adams Judith Baggett Linda Jonel Bailey Martha Jeanette Clarkson Frances Byrd Collins Patty Dean Couch Francis Ann Drake Susan Jean Dring Harriett Hilda Hopkins Joanne Frances McQuaide Judith Kay Pegues Barbara Jeanne Reinert Jimmie Sue Shewmake Charlene Short Margaret Smith Marilyn Brady Snow Sally Elizabeth Waddill Barbara Rowe Woolley Front Row: Peggy Jean McClain, Lasca Butler, Sara Frances Tucker, Orin Esther Garonzik, Barbara Claire Thomas, Marsha Marie White, Judith Mae Roberts, Becky Anne Toad, Rayma Jean Watson, Nancy Jo Spears. Second Row: Elnora Faye Riggs, Elizabeth Gertrude Banks, Dinah Kay Heiser, Judith Ann Latimer, Helena Maria Weber, Karen Julia Demel, Judith Marie Bonnell, Marilyn Gail Henley, Nancy Ellen Thrift, Lynne Elizabeth Gray, Emilia Alicia Ramirez, Kythleen Jean Warhol. Third Row: Shirley Anne McGuire, Joan Elizabeth Culbertson, Shirley Ann Perkins, Julia Ann Reeves, Evelyn Olene Cope, Sandra Janet Perlowski, Frances DeLeon Till, Phyllis Jean Richards, Zella Bittensky, Sara Phyllis Goode, Mary Catherine Littlejohn, Carol Anne Gee, Marjorie Jean Miller, Patricia Ann Hooper, Mary Ann Lackey, Martha Frances Kerr, Edith Gene Lyles. Fourth Row: Heather Belle Johnson, Betty Jean Bland, Carol Ann Terp, Sara Jo Thompson, Linda Ruth Loveless, Mary Manson Pulver, Kathryn Jean Gould, Margaret Susan Hobart, Nancee Ellen Parker, Patricia Jean McCIure, Judith Ann Jordan, Judith Louise Meyer, Katharine Frances Oliver, Frances Rhenac Shaffer, Marcia Rae Rogers, Sondra Kay Bogy_, Sylvia Ann Arnold, Frances Ronshausen, Joy Dell Grim m, Sayra Ann Warren, Mary Ann Tunnell, Eva Judy Rhyne, Barbara Jean Bancroft, Stephanie Lois Swafford, Laura Lee Baade, Mary Cornelia Varvel. Fi th Row: Phyllis Ann Parker, Mary Anne Hirshfield, Lucy Kathleen Crawford. Claudia Frances Reifel, Thelma Jean Kirkpatrick, Joyce Kay Johnson, Sharon Kaye Rudy, Carolyn Virginia Chandler, Sally Ann Deloney, Linda Neal Syphrett, Gayle Lillian Welhausen, Darby Ann Barr, Mary Alice Tennant, Martha Jean Parrish, Cora Faye Covington, Peggy Jane Freeman, Mary Katherine Johnson, Peggy Sue Smith, Carol Jean Duran, Nancy Camelia Lee, Rebecca Anne Elliott, Etta Kay Keeble, Sherry Virginia Benn, Elizabeth Ruth Johnson, Barbara Lynn Davenport, Carolyn Naumann, Rhoda Irene McSpadden. PAGE 148 MEN ' S RESIDENCE HALLS STAFF Manager HELEN NORWOOD DEATHE Assistant Manager JAMES OLIVER BRAEUTIGAM BRACKENRIDGE HALL Supervisor, FALL HERSCHEL C. WINN Supervisor, SPRING JOHN ALLEN WHEELER, JR. Intramural Manager WILTZ McPHERSON LEDBETTER, JR. COUNSELORS Robert Francis Earhart Samuel Downing McDaniel Richard Lewis Pringle, SPRINO Gerald Wayne Smith, FALL John Allen Wheeler, Jr., FALL Allen Russell Whiting, SPRINO ROBERTS HALL Supervisor. . . ...FRANK EDWARD BILLINGS Intramural Manager FRANK EDWARD BILLINGS COUNSELORS Andy Jack Rolf Thomas Hood Waddill James Alton Alsup, SPRING Richard Allan Comstock Teddy G. Glidden, FALL PRATHER HALL Supervisor... ..MARVIN E. BECK Intramural Manager JOHN A. BREVARD COUNSELORS Thomas Richard Anderson Daniel Graham Galloway John A. Brevard James Duncan Stephen CLIFF COURTS Supervisor... ..JOHN HARRISON WHITE Intramural Manager PAUL NORTON DELTZ COUNSELORS Willie Paul Dunn Paul Norton Deltz LITTLE CAMPUS DORMITORY Supervisor... ...BENJAMIN ROSS COSTANTINO Intramural Manager PAUL NORTON DELTZ Counselor EDWARD JOHN LANDRY SAN JACINTO DORMITORIES DORM A Supervisor. . . JAMES HILTON STROMAN Intramural Manager NICHOLAS GEORGE DALEY Counselor HOWARD NEIL CROSBY SAN JACINTO DORMITORIES B, C, D Supervisor. .. JAMES A. WALTERS Intramural Manager RALPH KEITH BANKS COUNSELORS Edward Lanier Foster, FALL Charles Murray Miles Ralph Keith Banks, SPRING SAN JACINTO DORMITORIES F, G, H Supervisor... LAURIE BERNARD McDONALD Intramural Manager FLOYD EMORY GUEST, JR. COUNSELORS Walter Christopher Jones John William Warner Allen Louie Stilley, FALL Roberts Hall won the Touch Football Division Championship in the playoff game. MOORE HILL HALL Supervisor... ...CLIFFORD FRANKLIN McMASTER Assistant Supervisor JOHN STANLEY RABUN Intramural Manager JOHN STANLEY RABUN Wayne Leon Browning Gerald Steven Cyprus Paul David Fahrenthold Hollis H. Gainey, FALL Cameron Herschel Gates Thomas Gould Hendrix COUNSELORS Bailey Lovin Guess James Carroll Herring. Jr. Tommy Allen Herrington Perry A. Johns James Donald Kniker Paul Anthony Zavorskas. SPRING SIMKINS HALL Supervisor JOHN QUINCY ADAMS Intramural Manager FLOYD EMORY GUEST, JR. David Carroll Bonnen Bryan Holton Engram, FALL Robert Kelly Ponder COUNSELORS Gerald Wayne Smith, SPRING Jon David Totz Front Row: Herring, Kniker, Winn, Billings, Beck, Brevard, Browning. Back Row: Galloway. Ledbetter, Anderson, Comstock, Deathe, Stephen, Rolf, Waddill, Fahrenthold, Braeutigam. PACE 149 NEWMAN HALL STAFF Director Social Hostess SISTER MARIA STELLA BEULAH RICE MILES OFFICERS President .... Vice-President . Secretary .... Treasurer .... Upper Class Representative Freshman Representative MARY JANE LEWIS JEAN ANN KUBALA CAROLYN MARTHA SHORT MARY MARTHA SWAIN BARBARA LYNNE WHITE GEORGIA LEE ATKINSON ADVISORS Judith Mansell Beesley Beatrice Lozano Jo Gayle Chamberlain Maria Elinor Medina Marie Frieda Fehmer, Chairman Mary Ellen Bernadette Richter Betty Jane Heinsohn Mary Virginia Schulz Jane Frances Spacek Front R Jane George Anne Perkins, Judy K. Seitz. Judy Mae Harris, Judith Mansell Beeilcy. Barbara Sue Christian. Helen Patricia Carrell, Jane Logarta Kintanar, Tin Giok Nio Tjoa, Carol Ann Roehl, Paula Marie Brick, Chri stine Margaret Mattingly, Ann Lynn Hayes, Shirley Ray Krum, Second Row: Phyllis Louise Grounds, Adrienne Marie Downes, Susie Robertson, Karen Ann Clem, Georgia Lee Atkinson, Rosalee Valent- Torres, Pamela Ann McCarty, Anita Sylvia Garcia, Judith Carol Cochran, Maria Noelia Arredonda, Margaret Ann Beaulieu, Miriam Alice Lundy, Elizabeth Ann Lundy, Maria Elinor Medina, Jane Frances Spacek, Carol Ray Bridges, Carol Lea Heaney, Mary Martha Swain, Mrs. Beulah Rice Miles. Third Row: Mary Jane Hendricks, Mary Virginia Schulz, Marie Frieda Fehmer | Martha Louise Tieman, Ruth Jane Stammann, Rosemary Harrelson, Olga Quinones, Gloria Guttierez, Mary Ellen Bernadette Richter, Jo Gayle Chamberlain, Beatrice Lozano, Carolyn Martha Short, Mary Elizabeth Knize, Rose- mary Agnes Mattingly, Barbara Jean Wilson, Judith Ann Kelley, Antoinette Mary Raia, Sherry Gayle Rice, BarBara Jane Gurecky, Theresa Maureen Bruneau, Katie Hoffman. PAGE 150 SCOTTISH RITE DORMITORY STAFF Director Head Resident Counselor .... Office Manager Secretary Food Production and Serv ice Manager . Housekeeping Supervisor .... Chief Engineer Head Gardener and Florist .... Superintendent of Laundry .... OFFICERS Chairman . Secretary . Publicity Chairman Devotional Chairman ALICE McCoNNELL MAUDE BALLARD LILLIAN JENKS JOSEPHINE SCHMIED ISORA COOKE JEAN BURRELL THOR CARLSON GILBERT MCEACHERN ROY DAUGHERTY ROLINDA DEANE BAILEY NELWYN IRENE DELANEY BILLYE FAYE MULLINAX HOLLY GERTRUDE HOWELL Margaret Ann Adams Diana Jean Alves Mary Florence Ashburn Rolinda Deane Bailey Edith Ellen Beall Marilyn Sue Becker Marianne Farguhar Bell Nancy Lynn Bourn ADVISORS Dolphia Ann Dawson Maedene Maedgen Nelwyn Irene DeLaney Mary Ellen McCarter Cynthia Duncan Carolyn Louise Gnauck Barbara Jo Harris Holly Gertrude Howell Ronda Jan Keng Betty Mildred Lanier Mary Lou McComack Billye Faye Mullinax Margaret Nelson Anna Marie Norman Joy Beth Parks Willa Fern Ramsey Betty Ann Roberts Charlotte Elizabeth Sanders Jeannette Schmid Dottye Rozann Shivers Betty Jean Stone Bonnie Cecelia Trice Linda Kay Tucker Karen Sue Wheeler Front Row: Betty Jean Stone, Anna Marie Norman, Linda Kay Tuck ncy Lynn Bourn, Bonnie Cecelia Trice, Billye Faye Mullinax. Second Row: Karen Sue Wheeler, Joy Beth Parks, Jeannette Schmid, Marianne Farguhar Bell, Maedene Maedgen, Charlotte Elizabeth Sanders, Holly Gertrude Howell, Ronda Jan Keng, Carolyn Louise Gnauck. Third Roiv: Cynthia Duncan. Willa Fern Ramsey, Rolinda Deane Bailey, Marilyn Sue Becker, Edith Ellen Beall, Mary Lou McComack, Barbara Jo Harris, Margaret Nelson, Betty Mildred Lanier, Nelwyn Irene DeLaney, Diana Jean Alves. PAGE 151 INTER-CO-OPERATIVE COUNCIL OFFICERS President RALPH ALLISON SHOBERG Fall Vice-President . . . MARTHA ELLEN WHITLOW Spring Vice-President . . JESSIE ANN VOIGT Secretary JoANN KAY PANKRATZ Treasurer JOHN DAY CURTIS Reporter JOAN RUESCH Historian Historian Parlimentarian Social Chairman Scholastic Chairman . Faculty Sponsor . IRENE ANN SCHNEIDER DOROTHY GAIL S WEAT JOHN MILTON CRAWFORD, JR. EDWIN MADISON PAUL, JR. ROBERT MAYO RICHARDS EDWIN BOOTH PRICE REPRESENTATIVES Fall EVA CLYDE COINS .... EVELYN YVONNE DEASON ROBERT MAYO RICHARDS . ARTHUR CLARK MIDDLETON DON MERLE COOPER JOSEPH ROBERT CLEVELAND ESTHER GAYLAN GILLEAN . MARY EVELYN SMITH MARYLOU PATRICIA JONES . SANDRA TROY McVAY VIVIAN ROSE SHINDER LARRY SHANNON MILNER . DALE WAYNE GARRETT DOROTHY GAIL SWEAT SYLVIA CHRISTINA HERNANDEZ IRIS JEAN ROHDE .... MARIANNE FISCHER EDWIN MADISON PAUL, JR. ALVIN RANDY MCDONALD . JOSEPH MICHAEL FINGER MARIE HERMINE OELKERS . DOROTHY SUE KELLY BERNARD ORTIZ DE MONTELLANO GUSTAVO HECTOR MARTINEZ IRENE ANN SCHNEIDER ABBY MARIE CARTER ALFRED JACKSON TURNER . JOHN JOSEPH SANTOS LOPES, JR. JOHN MILTON CRAWFORD, JR. . JIM HORTON GRAHAM ENRIQUE E. CARMONA . JESSIE ANN VOIGT JANE LOWN ROBERTO TAMEZ Almetris Campus Guild Halstead Felicia . Ed Price Pearce Powell . Ramshorn Royal JANICE MARIE WILSON . PATRICIA CARNEAL P ENRY LINDA LUCRETIA SHULER JoANN KAY PANKRATZ Shangri-La . Stag Theadorne Theleme TLOK . Twin Pines . Valhalla Varsity Hall . Wakonda Whitehall Spring EVA CLYDE COINS EVELYN YVONNE DEASON ROBERT MAYO RICHARDS ARTHUR CLARK MIDDLETON JOSEPH ROBERT CLEVELAND MARY EVELYN SMITH HELEN BOUDNY VIVIAN ROSE SHINDER LINDA JOYCE WARE LARRY SHANNON MILNER DAVID HAROLD BRAUN MARY KAY ADAMS WINNIE MORRILL IRIS JEAN ROHDE ALICE KOTAR WILLIAM PAUL DERRICK FRANK MICHAEL COLBY WILLIAM HENRY MUELLER, JR. MARIE HERMINE OELKERS WANDA LEE POPE BERNARD ORTIZ DE MONTELLANO GUSTAVO HECTOR MARTINEZ HORTENSIA MARIA GONZALES IRENE ANN SCHNEIDER JERRY JEREL JONES JOHN JOSEPH SANTOS LOPES, JR. MICHAEL HORACE CASEY GARY LYNN MARSHALL CHARLES DAVID PAGEL GARY WELDON HOPKINS JESSIE ANN VOIGT JUANITA SUE GRAHAM DAVID ELLIOTT LARSEN PEDRO GARCIA PATRICIA CARNEAL PENRY NELL HUBBARD LINDA LUCRETIA SHULER NANCY D. JOHNSON Front Row: Schneider, Curtis, Sweat, Whitlow, Crawford, Pankratz, Ruesch, Shoberg. Second Row: Voigt, Rohde, Shinder, Carter, Brenda Hartley, Penry, Lown, Deason, Hernandez, Kelly. Third Row: Fischer, Jones, Wilson, Shuler, Oelkers, Gillean, Smith, Coins. Fourth Row: McVay, Tamez, Marwan Okab Yahya, Graham, Paul, Milton Bryan Healer, II. Fifth Row: Carthy Ronway Ryals, Jr., Milner, Hopkins, Carmona, Cleveland, Ortiz de Montellano, Richards, McDonald, Marshall. PACE 152 CAMPUS GUILD The CAMPUS GUILD is a co-operative living and dining association for male students of the University. It is a non-profit organization. Fall ROBERT MAURICE RILEY . DON MITCHELL FREGIA JAMES ROY CHISM . EDDY LEE MAUPIN ROBERT MAYO RICHARDS . ROBERT ARTHUR HALL WILLIAM R. RASCHKE JOHN ALBERT SAHADI . OFFICERS President House Vice-President . Kitchen V ice-President Treasurer Secretary Reporter-Historian Faculty Sponsor . Komissar Spring ROBERT MAURICE RILEY BEN FARRELL BEHRENS JAMES ROY CHISM EDDY LEE MAUPIN ROBERT MAYO RICHARDS ROBERT ARTHUR HALL WILLIAM R. RASCHKE GEORGE EUGENE OLDS Chauncey Charles Acrey Towne Van Adams John Leonard Aldridge Ubertino Aliaga Paul Roy Anderson Richard Thomas Balzen Alvin H. Barkan Manuel Barren, Jr. Robert Lee Bass Ben Farrell Behrens John Almond Behrens Kenneth Paul Breene Hubert Elgin Cade Marvin Alton Cannon Lewis Ferrell Carter James Roy Chism Joseph Robert Cleveland Don Merle Cooper Edwin Randolph Dresser James Thomas Dunman Don Mitchell Fregia MEMBERS Ronny Wardell Glover Claude Michael Gruener Robert Arthur Hall, Jr. Michael McKinley Holden Charles Edward Hundley, II Yasuhiko Ikebe Ruben F. Inga Robert Morris Johnson Jerome Kasten Larry Dean Kemp Glendal Berton Laminack Frank Min-Tson Lay Douglas Rodney Malone Roberto Martinez Robert Leon Masson Eddy Lee Maupin Joseph Jack Mayhew Spencer Francis McClure Francis Donald McFarland Albino Rene Mendoza Arthur Clark Middleton Thomas Gilford Miller William Alex Moellendorf Dennis Cooper Moore Roy Elton Moore Lee Helmuth Nagle Takayuki Nate Steven Michael Neuse George Eugene Olds Granville Emil Ott Emmett Dale Pharis Clifford Neal Prescott Robert Mayo Richards Robert Maurice Riley Homer Oscar Rosas Charles James Rosen John Albert Sahadi Daniel Jule Talley Frank Valton Vogel Nat David Vells James Ronnie Wiggins Gerald Stevens Williams Sam Wayne Young Front Row: B, Behrens, Adams, Maupin, Hundley, McClure, Olds, Pharis, Cleveland, Anderson, Mayhew. Second Row: Riley, Balzen, Mendoza, Laminack, Aldridtce, Talley, Nate, Barren, Ott. Third Row: Moellendorf, Gruener, Dresser, Kasten, Prescott, Ikebe, Dunman, Young. Fourth Row: Vogel, Wells, J. Behrens, Richards, D. Moore, Cooper, Neuse, Bass, Wiggins. Fifth Row: Johnson, Chism, Middleton, Rosen, Fregia. Martinez, Rosas. PAGE 153 ROYAL CO-OPERATIVE Fall JOSEPH MICHAEL FINGER . ROGELIO RAMIREZ THOMAS KENT BEYETTE . LEONARD JOSEPH BENCH, JR. . WILLIAM HENRY MUELLER, JR. JOSEPH F. BURKE OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer Housemanager Scholastic Chairman Social Chairman . Spring JOSEPH F. BURKE JOSEPH MICHAEL FINGER ROGELIO RAMIREZ MARWAN OKAB YAHYA MORRIS EDGAR MASSEY PHILIP MARION SHARP Rudoph Aue, III Granville Harold Balthrop James Key Beard Leonard Joseph Bench, Jr. Thomas Kent Beyette Henry Preston Black Joseph F. Burke Donald Vernon Goers Frank Michael Colby Dal Ed Crabb MEMBERS Oscar Cruz Alfredo Cuellar, Jr. Joseph Michael Finger John H. Krueger Elias Perry Luna Morris Edgar Massey Alvin Randy McDonald William Henry Mueller, Jr. Rojelio Perez Rogelio Ramirez Robert Reeves Carl William Roberts Armando Rodriguez Philip Marion Sharp Noel Voss Smith, Jr. Gene Stover Charles Martin Urban Wayne Winkelman Marwan Okab Yahya Front Row: Bench, Perez, Luna, Winkelman, Krueger, Beyette. Second Row: Ramirez, Burke, Smith, Rodriguez, Roberts, Yahya, Cuellar. Third Row: McDonald, Balthrop, Goers, Reeves, Sharp. Fourth Row: Finger, Cra bb, Mueller, Colby, Urban. FADE 154 STUDENTS ' CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION The STUDENTS ' CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION is a non-profit organization designed to provide member groups with food and supplies at economical rates made possible through co-operative buying. Eligible for membership are non-profit student organizations maintaining houses. President . . . . V ice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer . . . . Faculty Members Advisors . . . . Manager OFFICERS WILLIAM BENTON SULLIVANT ELVA ANGELITA RAMIREZ BILLIE Jo FERGUSON IVAN ELLIS BROWN, JR. . PEDRO GARCIA .... KARLO EDWARD NEIDERT ROBERT E. SEILER MARGARET PECK EDWIN BOOTH PRICE THOMAS B. BEATTY Fraternities Women ' s Co-Operatives Sororities Fraternities Men ' s Co-Operatives MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS Acacia Alhambra Almetris Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Campus Guild Canterbury Foundation Christian Faith and Life, Men ' s Branch Chi Phi Crow ' s Nest Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Sigma Phi Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Disciples Student Fellowship Ed Price Hall Felicia Gamma Delta Halstead Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Oak Grove Pearce Phi Delta Theta Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Tau Phi Kappa Theta Phi Sigma Delta Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Beta Phi Pi Kappa Alpha Powell House Presbyterian Seminary Ramshorn Royal Shangri-La Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Sigma Delta Tau Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon The Stag Tau Delta Phi Tau Kappa Epsilon Tejas Club Theadorne Theleme Theta Xi T.L.O.K. Twin Pines University Nursery School Valhalla Wakonda Wesley Foundation Whitehall Left to Right: Garcia, Ferguson, Ramirez, Sullivant, Brown, Neidert, Seller, PAGE 155 Fall EDDIE GLYNN WOOLLEY . REYNALDO A. MALDONADO STEVE ARTHUR TAIT . JERRY DALE ERWIN . RONALD DUANE MCPHERSON ELWOOD J. PREISS THELEME OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer Whip Food-Buyer . Faculty Sponsor Spring JERRY DALE ERWIN REYNALDO A. MALDONADO STEVE ARTHUR TAIT THOMAS WILLIAM BURNETT RONALD DUANE MCPHERSON ELWOOD J. PREISS David Jay Albert Kenneth Stephen Albert Dale Austin Anderson Thomas William Burnett Jerry Dale Erwin Reagan Scott Franks Marcus Paul Gober William Ray Goodwin Hugh Len Gray MEMBERS Arthur Robert Hinojosa Jerry Jerel Jones Lawrence Lain Jones Flemming Jorgensen Richard Lee Jurgena Harry Everett Kolkhorst John Joseph Santos Lopes, Jr. Reynaldo A. Maldonado Ronald Duane McPherson Jackie Louis Moore George Alan Nugent Thomas Walter Petrick Frank L. Rolando John P. Skinner Dale Raymond Stringfellow Steve Arthur Tait Ronald Eugene Thompson Charles Owens Wilson, III Eddie Glynn Woolley Front Row: Jurgena, K. Albert, Anderson, Maldonado, L. Jones, D. Albert, Erwin, J. Jones. Second Row: McPherson, Wilson, Hinojosa, Nugent, Jorgensen, Paul Gerald Darras, Petrick. Third Row: Kolkhorst, Gray, Skinner, Franks, Rolando, Stringfellow. Fourth Row: Tait, Goodwin, Moore, Lopes, Woolley, Burnett, Gober, Thompson. PAGE 156 i T. L. O. K. CO-OPERATIVE Fall WILLIE L. MICULEK . JOHN MILTON CRAWFORD LOY DEAN McGowAN HOWARD ERNST YOAS WILLIAM ELLIS WARE CARTHY RONWAY RYALS, JR. . OFFICERS President Treasurer Secretary Maintainer Food-Buyer . Faculty Advisor Spring BILLY LEWIS BUZBEE DENNIS RAY HOERSTER GARY LYNN MARSHALL WILLIE L. MICULEK RONALD EDWARD MALONE DONALD R. MIGHELL Front Ron 1 : Jaen, Har- ris, Riddle, Miculek, Casey. Second Row: Marshall, Graham, Crawford, Gee, La bay, Laskay. Ware. Third Row: Shoberg, Givens, Scholl. Wilson, Buzbee, McGowan. Fourth Row: Yoas, Turner, Williams, Ma- lone, Davis, West, Steitz, Johnson. Billy Lewis Buzbee Michael Horace Casey James William Copeland John Milton Crawford Robert Cecil Davis George Edgar Gee Edward Swinney Givens Jimmy Horton Graham Charles Jackson Harris Dennis Ray Hoerster MEMBERS Didier Tisdel Jaen Robert Wayne Johnson Lambert Sylvester Labay Alan Bruce Laskay Ronald Edward Malone Gary Lynn Marshall Loy Dean McGowan Willie L. Miculek Walter A. Riddle Ronald Franklin Scholl Ralph Allison Shoberg Walter Richard Steitz George Floyd Tuley Michael Atmar Turner William Ellis Ware Martin West, II Kenneth Duane Williams Ryce Neal Wilson Howard Ernst Yoas PAGE 157 TWIN PINES Fall CARROLL WILLIAM BOECKER NOBLE LEON WHITE . ARTHUR LEWIS GREEN WILLIAM E. HORNUNG RAMON ANTONIO GARCIA . RALPH WAYNE WEST . CARTHY RONWAY RYALS, JR. OFFICERS President . House-manager Foodbuyer Treasurer Social Chairman . Scholastic Chairman Faculty Advisor . Spring WILLIAM E. HORNUNG CARROLL WILLIAM BOECKER CHARLES IVAN ASHBAUGH ENRIQUE EDMUNDO CARMONA RAMON ANTONIO GARCIA RALPH WAYNE WEST CARTHY RONWAY RYALS, JR. Charles Ivan Ashbaugh Carroll William Boecker Enrique Edmundo Carmona Jesse Manuel Carmona Alejandro Garcia Ramon Antonio Garcia Jaime Abelardo Gracia Arthur Lewis Green Mohamed Tayssir Habbal Gary Weldon Hopkins William E. Hornung MEMBERS Robert Shick Gong Joe, Jr. Robert Adair Johnson Dale Scott Kirkpatrick Edward Martinez Otto Vasquez Moya Simon V. Moya Mark Norman W. T. Northcutt Emith Richard Orsak, Jr. Charles David Pagel Jose Homero Quintanilla David E. A. Reichenau Thomas Gene Roberts Clarence Garcia Roussett William Erven Sayle Ben Garland Streetman Victor Valadez, Jr. Gerald Boyd Weeden Ralph Wayne West Noble Leon White Stephen Guion Williams Wilbur Lee Yakesch Front Row: Valadez, Norman, Orsak, Martinez, Streetman, O. Moya, S. Moya. Second Row: Green, Quintanilla, Habbal, A. Garcia, Joe, Hopkins, R. Garcia. Third Row: E. Carmona, Gracia, J. Carmona, Pagel, Williams, Hornung, West. Fourth Row: Boecker, Yakesch, Ashbaugh, White, Sayle, Roussett. PAGE 158 VARSITY HALL President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Faculty Sponsor JOHN DAY CURTIS ROBERT TAMEZ RICHARD A. GODOY DANIEL H. KELLUM EDWIN BOOTH PRICE MEMBERS Albert Dean Angel Harrell Harrison Cherry John Day Curtis Cassias Miles Dennis Jerry Lee Funderburg John Stanley Fuhrmann Pedro Garcia Felix Raul Garza, Jr. Bobby Allan Grigsby Richard A. Godoy Joe David Ibanez Nathan Carpenter Jennings Takashi Katsuma Daniel H. Kellum David Elliott Larsen Nobue Nohtomi Edward Ray Norrid John Thomas Phillips Donald Leroy Purington Rolando Rodriguez Robert Tamez Joseph Francis Vance Arnold Charles Vento Karl Roland Womack Front Row: Phillips, Angel. Cherry, Dennis, Fuhrmann, Grigsby, Ibanez. Second Row: Godoy, Katsuma, Vento , Jennings, Nohtomi, Garcia. Third Row: Garza, Funderburg, Vance, Kellum. Norrid, Purington, Womack, Tamez, Larsen. Rodriguez, Curtis. PACE 159 WOMEN ' S CO-OPERATIVES CO-ORDINATOR ' S COUNCIL i Front Row: Ramirez, Raab, Braden, Salinas, Perez. Second Ro:v: M. Jones, Townsend, Hartley, B. Jones, Gebauer. Jimmyc Laurie Burns Barbara Jean Caruthers, Chairman Evelyn Yvonne Deason Frankie Donahoe Peggy Joyce Drake Charlene Echols Vivian Lavata Francis Jennia Elizabeth Franklin Eva Clyde Coins Betty Joan Griggs Irene Andrea Braden Dorothy Gebauer, Sponsor Brenda Hartley Beverly Joyce Jones ALMETRIS Donna Lucia Guess Mamie Flora Hans Ella Pearl Harris Joan Jeannette Hartfield Arthurene Johnson Arlette Iras Jones Ima Faye Jones Leola Johnson Kemp Phyllis Nan Killyon Andrea Livingston Belzora Marie Lockette Marylou Patricia Jones Alma Diana Perez Joan Lanelle Raab Elva Angelita Ramirez Thclma June Miller Carolyn Nan Mims Dorothy Jean Nelson Alnita Frances Rettig Mabel Robertson June Laurie Singletary Mellanese Slaughter Walta Marie Smith Janice Lynn Strickland Ada Leola Taylor Carolyn Melissa Wilkins Juanita Margot Salinas, Secretary Patsy Carleen Townsend, President FELECIA Elena Maria Botello Emma Ruth Brett Bonnie Rae Brinkmann Margarette Celest Buckner Laura Jean Fleming Ellen Frances Galloway Kleta Jeanne Gerhart Marylou Patricia Jones, Co-ordinator Sandra Troy McVay Sarah Nieves Pappas Irene Frees Penry Vivian Rose Shinder Josephine Riker Speer Mary Charlene Thorp Linda Joyce Ware Julia Carolyn Wuthrich Front Row: Caruthers, Miller, Hartfield, Deason, Griggs, Kemp. Second Row: Almetris Marsh Duren, Echols, Lockette, Strickland, J. Jones, Johnson, Donahoe, A. Jones, Robertson, Burns, Singletary. Third Row: Taylor, Mims, Francis, Rettig, Drake, Slaughter, Smith, Wilkins, Hans, Killyon, Guess, Nelson. Front Row: Brett, Shinder, Fleming. Second Row: Speer, Ware, Botello, Brinkmann, Thorp, Penry, Pappas. Third Row: Galloway, Jones, Gerhart, Wuthrich, McVay, Buckner. HALSTEAD HOUSE KATHERINE PEARCE Front Row: Guerra, Salinas, Roberts, Gillean, Boudny. Second Row: Kopecky, Wisner, Brown, Day. Third Row: Garcia, Skinner, Smith, Zurovitz, McMeans, Crews. Front Row: Teague, Davis, Hoff, Weiser. Second Row: Rayburne, Crow, Craft, Abernathy, Godbold, Martin, Adams, Gipson, Towcsend. Shirley Kathy Adey Helen Boudny Peggy Ann Brown Gayla Ann Crews Deanne Dale Day Carolyn Ruth Emerson Mary Angela Garcia Esther Gaylan Gillean Virginia Susana Guerra Anne Louise Kopecky Harriet Ann McMeans Thalia Karleen Roberts Juanita Margot Salinas, Co-Ordinator Neila Ann Skinner Mary Evelyn Smith Eva Nell Wisner Betty Jean Zurovitz Maybell Abernathy Mary Kay Adams Carol Anne Craft Carla Jo Crow Diana Curtino Lois Charlene Davis Wanda Lee Gipson Anita Lucile Godbold Sylvia Christine Hernandez Janice Gaye Hoff Shirley Mae Kitterman Charlene Martin Sandra Jean Rayburne Dorothy Gail Sweat Joy Maxine Teague Patsy Carleen Townsend, Co-ordinator Ernestine Weiser POWELL HOUSE Barbara Joan Adams Marianne Fischer Lola G. Hanawalt Elka Charlotte Haubold Jimmie Gale Hawkins Nancy Johnson Alice Kotar Carolyn Sue Linse Sharon Lee McLain Marilyn Mildred Moore Francisca Paz Mary Anne Prasatik Elva Angelita Ramirez, Co-ordinator Iris Jean Rohde Lois Ann Thompson Joylene Rose Tilley Jean Lorraine Wilson SHANGRI-LA Barbara Ashley LaNell Chaffin Dixie Lee Davenport Judith Ann Harris Diane Hubbard Dorothy Sue Kelly Hazel Karen Kincheloe Dorothy Ann Livingston Marie Hermine Oelkers Ann Elaine Osterloh Jeanne Marie Pope Wanda Lee Pope Joan Lanelle Raab, Co-ordinator Nawona Emilie Riba Dorothy Lee Stockton Harriet Ann Stokes Carol Jean Zimmerman Front Row: Paz, Tilley, Thompson, Kotar. Second Row: Linse, Haubold, Hawkins, Ramirez, Fischer, Moore. Third Row: Prasatik, McLain, Wilson, Johnson, Rohde, Adams, Hanawalt. Front Row: Kelly, J. Pope, W. Pope. Second Row: Davenport, Zimmerman, Chaffin, Osterloh, Hubbard , Stokes. Third Row: Raab, Oelkers, Kincheloe, Livingston, Ashley, Harris, Riba. THEADORNE VALHALLA Front Row: Neely, Carter, Perry, Probst, De Bardcleben. Second Row: Ries, Jones, Phillips. Third Ron ' : Garrett, Gonzales, Toepperwein. Haubold, Witt, Schneider, Cloud, Holly. Front Row: Graham, Rathman, Lown, Mitchell, Mueck, Canfield. Second Row: Voigt, Morphew, Rainey, Blackmore, Harper, Black, Brumbe- low, Marrou, Hartley, Loggins. Winnie Glee Card Abby Marie Carter Martha Marie Cloud Michael Linda De Bardeleben Glenda Lou Garrett Hortensia Maria Gonzales Jutta Gertrud Haubold Charlotte Louise Holly Beverly Joyce Jones, Co-ordinator Linda Neeley Sarah Jeanne Perry Judith Ann Phillips Janet Alene Bailey Probst Joella Ruth Ries Irene Ann Schneider Frances Jean Toepperwein Gloria Lee Witt Paula Jo Black Cammy Ann Blackmore Margaret Anne Brumbelow Roxanne Canfield Juanita Sue Graham Lynda Lea Harper Brenda Hartley, Co-ordinator Beth Loggins Jane Lown Jerry Annette Marrou Mary Marcia Mitchell Serena Karen Morphew Sue Frances Mueck Dorothy Lee Rainey Sandra Lou Rathman Jessie Ann Voigt WAKONDA WHITEHALL Alta Lee Baumann Dorothy Macksyne Fowler Otila Gonzalez Cordelia Nell Hubbard Judith Carolynn Izard Florence Therese Jakle Carmela Leal Billye Fay Leanox Freddie Ruth Little Helaine Mary Nickum Patricia Carneal Penry Alma Diana Perez, Co-ordinator Anita Salinas Jane Katherine Slaughter Gloria June Stokes Katherine Louise Voetmann Janice Marie Wilson Mary Esther Bazaldua Lola Mae Bostic Elwanda Sue Bourne Irene Andrea Braden, Co-ordinator Marva Jean Carter Margaret Evelia Godbold Linda Jean Hicks Cynthia Anne Huxoll Nancy D. Johnson Claudia Vivian Laney Vera Ann Luker Patsy Lee Mayhew JoAnn Kay Pankratz Roberta Jo Redmon Deanna Jean Reel Joan Ruesch Anne Elizabeth Seidensticker Linda Lucretia Shuler Karen Louise Slovacek Nona Marie Strange Gayle Lynne Thompson Martha Ellen Whitlow Judith Elaine Willenborg Sarah Annette Zimmerman Front Row: Nickum, Izard, Slaughter. Second Row: Leal, Jakle, Perez, Hubbard, Little, Voetmann, Penry. Third Row: Stokes, Salinas, Gonzalez, Wilson, Fowler, Leanox, Baumann. Front Row: Bourne, Carter, Braden, Second Row: Slovacek, Huxoll, Bazaldua, Laney, Johnson, Ruesch, Whitlow, Pankratz. Third Row: Zimmerman, Hicks, Bostic, Willenborg, Shuler, Reel, Strange, Seidensticker, Godbold. I. ATHLETICS PAGE 163 ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATION DANA X. BIBLE Consulting Athletic Director ALBERT HARRIS LUNDSTEDT Executive Assistant and Ticket Manager, Intercollegiate Athletics EDWIN WERNER OLLE Athletic Director and Business Manager, Intercollegiate Athletics GEORGE WILBUR EVANS Assistant Athletic Director and Sports News Director, Intercollegiate Athletics ALFRED R. ROCHS Executive Assistant and Assistant Business Manager, Intercollegiate Athletics ROBERT HARRIS HALFORD Assistant Sports News Di rector, Intercollegiate Athletics LAN LEMUEL HEWLETT Counselor, Intercollegiate Athletics MRS. J. M. GRIFFITH Athletic Dorm Housemother RUTH ESTELLE GOLD Administrative Assistant, Intercollegiate Athletics COACHING STAFF DARRELL K. ROYAL Head Football Coach HAROLD L. BRADLEY Head Basketball Coach WILMER LAWSON ALLISON Tennis Coach HENRY WILSON CHAPMAN Swimming Coach BIBB AUGUST FALK Baseball Coach CLYDE LITTLEFIELD Head Track Coach T. J. LOWORN Head Cross Country Coach and Assistant Track Coach HARVEY PENICK Golf Coach COACHING STAFF WILLIAM MIKE CAMPBELL BILLY MORRIS ELLINGTON Assistant Football Coach Assistant Football Coach JAMES CARROLL T. JONES Assistant Football Coach FRANK EDWIN MEDINA Trainer, Intercollegiate Athletics r ' ' f. j ' i I r- RODNEY PIRTLE Basketball Student Assistant JAMES N. PITTMAN Assistant Football Coach ROBERT CLAYBURN SCHULZE Freshman Football Coach and Assistant Varsity Coach CHARLES XORRIS SHIRA Assistant Football Coach THOMAS SNOW Freshman Baseball Coach JAMES RAYMOND VIRAMONTES Freshman Basketball Coach and Assistant Varsity Coach RAYMOND L. WILLSEY Assistant Football Coach PAGE 166 T ASSOCIATION MEMBERS Arthur Wesley Adams Don Ray Allen Jim Choyce Allison Alberto Almanza Ralph W. Alspaugh Robert Stanley Ament Henry George Anderson R. Gordon Appleman Jay Hoyland Arnette Hcrschell Lee Atkinson John David Baird Charles H. Bankhcad James Earlc Barden R. Mitchell Baxter, Jr. Donald Wyatt Beard Fred Bednarski, Jr. George Currier Blanch Andre Bouchard Clair M. Branch Robert Earl Bryant Don Eldon Casselberry La Rue Scott Catlett John Charles Chumney Wayne Newell Clark Jack Altman Collins Larry George Cooper Johnny W. Gotten Michal Barry Gotten Charlie Robert Cox William Mack Davenport Jerry D. Davis Homer Maurice Doke Don Michael Dowdle Clarence F. Dreymala Drew Woolford Dunlap George Douglas Duwe Ernest A. Embry Roy Rcinhard Enderlin Johnny P. Phillip Eschle Hollis H. Gainey Joe Bob Golden Roy Sims Goodman Fallon Turley Gordon Carroll Deene Gott Jerry Van Graham Robert Earl Gurwitz Kleo Glen Halm Jay Henry Harris Robert Joseph Harwerth Jeffery Merwin Heller David Holland Henderson William Holland Hinkle William Lynn Hinkle Phillip Lynd Hipps Jerrell Aaron Holder Norman Elwyn Hooton Brenton L. Hughes Joe Curtis Irvin Howard Lee Jackson Johnny Richard Jones Karl Fred Kamrath, Jr. Thomas Nolan Kasper Billy Edward Kennedy James Donald Kniker David C. Kristynik Bobby Lee Lackey William Ross Laughlin Monte Vern Lee Theodore Charles Lucas Greg Newton Martin Bobby Ray Matocha Edwin Vince Matthews John Ernest Mayer Waymon Wayne McDonald Walter H. McNew William Reed Mimms James Robert Moffett Drew H. Morris Jerry Allen Muennink Joe Frank Musgrove George Ernest Myers John L. Myers Tillman D. O ' Brien Henry Edward Padgett John Boyd Padgett Alexander Palmros, II Robert Bruce Parker, Jr. Arlis B. Parkhurst Herschel Stuart Peake John C. Peake John C. Pel Daniel M. Phillips James Winston Porter Roane Puett Bobby Clayton Puryear Rene J. Ramirez Edward E. Reese Elmer Fredrick Rod Jimmy Ralph Rose David Dee Russell Kenneth H. Savage James Everett Saxton, Jr. Richard Charles Schulte Paul A. Schumann, Jr. Vernon Shelton James E. Shillingburg Barton Arvin Shirley Jack Davis Sides Elvin Mitchell Smith, Jr. George William Smith Jerry Don Smith Thomas Theodore Smith Thomas Marion Snow Silas E. Southern, Jr. Larry Clifton Stephens William F. Stolhandske Robert B. Sudderth Don Larry Talbert Robert Anderson Taylor Terence Colquitt Todd Jon David Totz Bobby Verplank Joe Ernest Villarreal Johnny Richard Warren James Robert Watson William David Weiler Perry Michael Wells Robert H. Whilden Arved Elzo White Martin A. Wiginton James T. Willerson Joseph Delano Williams Donald Ray Wilson Wallace Gordon Wilson Tracy Triece Word Paul Anthony Zavorskas Warren E. Zimmerman Top Rou : : Adams. Allen. Almanza, Amcnt. Anderson. Appleman. Atkinson. Baird. Beard. Bednarski. Casselberry. Second Row: Clark, Collins, J. Cotten, M. Cotten, Doke, Dreymala, Dunlap, Eschle, Gurwitz, Halm, Harris. Third Row: W. L. Hinkle, Hipps, Holder, Hughes, Jackson, Jones, Kamrath. Kniker, Kristynik, Lackey, Laughlin. Fourth Row: Lee, Lucas, McNew, Mimms, Moffett, Morris, G. Myeis. H. Padgett. J. Padgett, Parkhurst. H. Peake. Fifth Row: Porter, Puett. Ramirez, Reese, Russell, Saxton, Schumann, Shelton. Shillingburg. Shirley. Sides. Sixth Row: E. Smith, J. Smith, Talbert, Taylor, Todd, Totz, Villarreal, Wells, Whilden, W. Wilson, Word, Zimmerman. PAGE 167 1959 FOOTBALL TEXAS T. C. U. AND ARKANSAS SHARE CHAMPIONSHIP The 1959 Longhorn Football Team Captured a one-third share of the Southwest Conference Crown and became the S. W. C. representative in the Cotton Bowl. The season produced a Texas All American and four All Southwest Conference players. The Horns won eight straight before losing to T. C. U. There were many memorable moments in the 1959 season. Jack Collins brought fans to their feet in the first game in Memorial Stadium with an 86-yard run from scrimmage against Maryland. The week after that, fans will remember the rain soaked, nationally televised California game. Fans who made the annual October trip to Dallas will not forget the second straight Horn win over O. U. Nor will they forget that nerve racking Saturday night, while sitting by the radio, that Texas and Arkansas battled back and forth. Revenge was sweet the next Saturday when Texas over rode Rice. Another memorable event occurred when Texas pushed Don Meredith back and defeated S. M. U. in Dallas. Texas exes and students on the first Saturday in November, saw their team almost defeated in the Baylor game. An early Texas norther brought sleet, ice an d 31 degree weather to Memorial Stadium and fans, wrapped in coats and blankets and sitting in ice, saw the Horns go down in defeat by T. C. U. But on Thanksgiving, the fans cheered as the Aggies fell to the Long- horns. A game that will be remembered was the Cotton Bowl game against Syracuse, with its hard hitting, near brawl, and headlines in newspapers. DARRELL K. ROYAL, Head Coach ASSISTANT COACHES William Mike Campbell Billy Morris Ellington James Carroll T. Jones James N. Pittman Robert Clayburn Schulze Charles Norris Shira Raymond L. Willsey LETTERMEN Don Ray Allen George Currier Blanch Glair Maurice Branch Jack Altman Collins Larry George Cooper Michal Barry Gotten Homer Maurice Doke Don Michael Dowdle Clarence F. Dreymala Carroll Deene Gott Robert Earl Gurwitz Kleo Glen Halm Robert J. Harwerth Johnny Richard Jones David Charles Kristynik Bobby Lee Lackey William Ross Laughlin Monte Vern Lee James Robert Moffett Drew Hampton Morris Jerry Allen Muennink Henry Edward Padgett Herschel Stuart Peake Rene Javier Ramirez Jimmy Ralph Rose David Dee Russell James Everett Saxton, Jr. Richard Charles Schulte James E. Shillinburg Barton Arvin Shirley Larry C. Stephens Don Larry Talbert RESERVE LETTERMEN Ray Allen Barton Kay Louis Brockermeyer Curtis B. Dyer Stephen Walter Hildebrand Dan Sherman Petty MANAGERIAL AWARDS Howard Lee Jackson Robert Keen Moses Thomas Leslie Newman James Timothy Overton James Donald Kniker, Senior Lawrence J. Bergen, Junior Joseph C. Thompson, Sophomore Tom Wiener, Sophomore Wilborn R. Hampton, Sophomore Edwin Gerald Zybura, Sophomore PACE 1MJ CHEERLEADERS Head Cheerleader . Head Cheerleader . JAMES CARROLL (JERRY) HERRING., JR. Avis ANDREA TIEBER CHEERLEADERS Jess Richard Coker James Carroll (Jerry) Herring, Jr. Melaney Jean McAfee William Allen Melton Edgar Covey Nash, Jr. Margaret Ozella Pace Avis Andrea Tieber Mary Gayle Weber Front Row: Tieber, McAfee, Weber, Pace. Back Row: Herring, Nash, Melton, Coker. PAGE 170 THE 1959 LONGHORNS Longhorn Co-Captains Don Allen and Monte Lee. FronJ fiotn: Kleo Halm, James Shillingburg, Larry Stephens, Clair Branch, Bobby Lackey, Don Allen, Monte Lee, Maurice Doke, Babe Dreymala, Mike Dowdle. Second Row: Bob Schulze, Jim Pittman. Richard Schulte, George Blanch, Jerry Muennink. Tillman O ' Brien, Howard Jackson, H. G. Anderson, Bob Har- werth, Dick Jones, Larry Cooper, Bobby Gurwitz, Drew Morris, Jim Kniker, Larry Bergen, Third Ro:v: Bill Ellington, Charley Shira, T. Jones, Kay Brockermeyer, Rene Ramirez, Curt Dyer, Don Talbert, Fred Jennings, Tommy Newman, Jim Rose, Stuart Peake, Bill Laughlin, Deene Gott, Bobby Goodwin, Darrell Royal, Mike Campbell, Ray Willsey. Fourth Row: Bart Shirley, James Saxton, Bobby Ma tocha, Clifford Grubbs, Bob Moses, Eddie Padgett, Steve Hildebrand, Bob Ehl, Don Blasingame, Bernard Schultz, Dan Petty, Jim Bob Moffett. Fifth Row: Jack Collins, David Russell, Mike Gotten, David Kristynik, Danny O ' Malley, Ladd Holton, Ray Barton, Bobby Oliver, Steve McWilliams, G. W. Martin, Willie Hart, Jimmy Hejl, Tim Overton. PAGE 171 Top Roiv: GEORGE C. BLANCH, Halfback, Senior; LARRY C. STEPHE? PEAKE, End, Sophomore. Senior; H. STUART Bottom Row: KLEO GLEN HALM, End, Senior; MONTE VERN LEE, End, Junior; JAMES E. SHILLING- BURG, Guard, Senior. TEXAS 20 - NEBRASKA A mixture of highly talented sophomores and experienced veterans from The University of Texas proved too strong for the Nebraska Cornhuskers as the Long- horns pounded out a 20-0 victory over the boys from Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Steers scored on the first play from scrimmage in the second quarter when Jack Collins, the only sophomore starter, sprinted around the end from one yard out. Rene Ramirez led this 50-yard drive. The Longhorns scored again late in the second quarter when James Saxton, another fleet sophomore, scampered for a 22-yard touchdown after Texas had recovered a Cornhusker fumble on their 26-yard line. Texas ' third score came early in the third quarter when Bobby Lackey threw a 13-yard touchdown pass to Bobby Gurwitz. The Cornhuskers only serious threat was stopped by a very determined Steer line on the 13-yard line of Texas. The Longhorns ' defense which was led by Maurice Doke was super throughout the afternoon. The most successful of the 14 Texas backs were Rene Ramirez, Bobby Lackey, Bobby Gurwitz, James Saxton, Jack Collins, and Dave Russell. PACE 172 TEXAS 26 - MARYLAND A crowd of 47,000 fans was electrified when Jack Collins scampered 86 yards for a touchdown on the first play the Texas Longhorns ran from scrimmage. Collins ' run ignited Texas to a 26-0 victory over the Mary land Terps in Austin. The Terps " I " offensive, led by James Joyce, gave the Longhorns some worried moments throughout the game, but the Steers ' defense clicked when it was necessary and preserved Texas ' second straight shutout victory. Maryland ' s only serious threat came very late in the second quarter. Texas ' great pass defense and the clock combined to stop the Terps on the 9-yard line. Clair Branch jumped across from the one at the end of a 61 -yard march which required ten plays and four minutes. A few moments later Rene Ramirez churned 22 yards around the end for the third Longhorn touchdown. It had been set up seconds earlier by Mike Dowdle ' s interception and fine run back. Very late in the third quarter, Texas scored their last touch- down when David Russell sprinted 17 yards over right tackle. Rene Ramirez, the Galloping Gaucho, is off to a 22-yard touchdown. Halfback Rene Ramirez carrying the ball re- ceives aid from tackle Don Talbert. PACE 173 Top Row: RICHARD C. SCHULTE, End, Senior; JAMES ROBERT MOFFETT, Tackle, Senior; CLAR- ENCE F. DREYMALA, Guard, Senior. Bottom Row: HOMER MAURICE DOKE, End, Senior; DON LARRY TALBERT, Tackle, Sophomore; DON RAY ALLEN, Fullback, Senior. TEXAS 33 - CALIFORNIA The Texas defense stood out as the Longhorns posted their fourth straight shutout victory in beating the California Bears 33-0. The streak started last year against Texas A M when the Horns won 27-0. A rain-soaked field failed to slow down the hard-charging, fleet backs of Texas who netted 474 total yards. Expert blocking sprang the backs of Texas for one long gain after another before the crowd of 20,000 at Austin and a national TV crowd of millions. On a double reverse Rene Ramirez galloped 42 yards for the Steers ' first touchdown. After being set up by Bart Shirley ' s 38-yard punt return, Bob Moses took a 19-yard touchdown pass from Bart Shirley for Texas ' second score. Jack Co llins skirted 44 yards around end in the last seconds of the first half for the Steers ' third touchdown. The fourth Longhorn touchdown rame on an 1 1-yard pass from Bobby Lackey to Larry Cooper; it climaxed a 56-yard drive. The final score came on a 40-yard burst by Mike Dowdle; it climaxed an 87-yard drive. PACE 174 TEXAS 19 - OKLAHOMA 12 The Texas Horns again proved themselves a great team as they came from behind in a tremendous 19-12 win over the once-mighty Oklahoma Sooners in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. The fourth-ranked Longhorns looked like they had run into trouble as the Sooners scored two touchdowns in the first period. The stunned crowd of 76,000 then saw Mike Gotten and Rene Ramirez head a 72-yard touchdown drive that ended with an 11 -yard pass from Ramirez to end Larry Cooper. Bobby Lackey kicked the extra point. After an O. U. quick-kick on the first down after the kickoff, James Saxton shot to the Okie 30 before he was downed. Saxton then moved the Horns to the O. U. five with a pass to Bart Shirley. Only 37 seconds remained in the first half. Mike Dowdle then shot up the middle within inches of the goal and in the next play, went over left guard for the score. The Orange team ' s third touchdown came in the fourth period after Jerry Muennink forced Okie Ronnie Hartline to fumble on the Texas 37. After a 2-yard drive to the 39 by Clair Branch, Gotten rolled out and pitched short to Jack Collins. Collins then climaxed the game with a pulsating 61 -yard scoring play. James Saxton takes off on a 43-yard run to set up a Horn TD. Jack Collins gets loose for a 44-yard touchdown. PAGE 175 Top Row: JAMES EVERETT SAXTON, Quarterback, Sophomore; MICHAL BARRY COT- TEN, Quarterback, Sophomore; JACK ALTMAN COLLINS, Halfback, Sophomore. Bottom Row: DAVID C. KRISTYNIK, Guard, Sophomore; ROBERT J. HARWERTH, Guard, Senior; WILLIAM R. LAUGHLIN, Center, Junior. TEXAS 13 - ARKANSAS 12 The Texas Longhorns got their first S. W. C. win over Arkansas with a score of 13-12. Forty thousand fans crowded into War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock and the Razorbacks played as if it were their last football game. Arkansas scored with less than five minutes gone in the game and sprang ahead. A later drive by the Horns put them on the 13. A Lackey-to-ColIins pass set the Horns up on the one- yard line. Lackey tied the game up on his second try. The Lackey kick put the Horns ahead. The Razorbacks came back in the second half and received the kick- off. Nineteen plays and 89 yards later, Arkansas stormed ahead 12-7. Again the Horns came from behind and got six more to win the game. PAGE 176 TEXAS 28 - RICE 6 The Horns made it six in a row with a 28-6 revenge win over Rice Institute here in Austin. Just three and one-half minutes after the game began, Bobby Lackey sneaked five yards for a touchdown that started the Orange team ' s four touchdown scoring binge. Late in the second quarter after a short punt by Owl Roland Jackson, a drive to the 4 led by Rene Ramirez from the Owl 40 set up the next Texas touchdown. Jack Collins broke to the right and ran the needed yards. Lackey booted the extra point. A pass from Collins to Ramirez and the extra point by Lackey made it 21-0. After Maurice Doke, Mike Dowdle, Jerry Muennink and Larry Stephens swooped up a blocked Owl punt in the third quarter. The Owls ' score came in the fourth quarter after a 44-yard drive. With Mike Gotten directing after the kickoff, the Horns pushed to the Rice 18. Collins threw a five yarder to Ramirez, and Clair Branch plunged through right guard to the 8-yard line. After Branch got another yard, Ramirez got a pitch back and tossed to Collins in the end zone for the final touchdown. Lackey ' s extra point ended the scoring. Jack Collins gallops to the Rice 17 -yard line. Speedy ball carrier Jimmy Saxton gains a few more yards for Texas in a game in which every yard really counted. PAGE 177 Top Row: H. EDWARD PADGETT, Tackle, Sophomore; DON MICHAEL DOWDLE, Fullback, Senior; ROBERT EARL GURWITZ, Halfback, Junior. Bottom Row: JIMMY RALPH ROSE, Center, Sophomore; JOHHNY RICHARD JONES, Tackle, Junior; DREW H. MORRIS, Quarterback, Junior. TEXAS 21 - SMU Again, the Texas Longhorns found glory with a 21-0 win over Don Meredith and SMU. The win made it seven in a row for the Horns. As the 65,000 rain- coated fans watched the Horns take the ball from scrimmage for the second time, Bobby Lackey picked up his fumble, pitched it to Jack Collins who passed it on to Monte Lee on the SMU 34. Lee galloped on down for 32 more yards. Two plays later, Lackey pushed over for the score. An 80-yard drive set up the next Texas touchdown with Mike Cotton pushing it across from the two. As before, Lackey kicked the point making the score 14-0. The third touchdown came in the fourth quarter when Stuart Peake rushed in to block an SMU punt on SMU ' s 20-yard line. Don Talbert fell on the ball on the 10, and four plays later, James Saxton threw to Drew Morris in the end zone for the six points. This time, Saxton kicked the conversion for the 21-0 final score. PAGE 178 TEXAS 13 - BAYLOR 12 Before a Home Coming crowd of 40,000 roaring fans, in Memorial Stadium the Horns of Texas slipped by the Baylor Bears with a score of 13-12. In the first half, both Texas and Baylor scored. Early in the second half, the Bears pushed 80 yards for a touchdown after an intercepted Horn pass. The score was 12-7 with the Horns behind. At this time, the loud speaker system announced that the nation ' s top two teams, L. S. U. and Northwestern, had been beaten. All of a sudden, this became the game that the Horns had to win. End Larry Cooper grabbed a Baylor fumble with four and one-half minutes left in the game. Three first downs later, Glair Branch hit left guard for two yards and the needed touchdown. Sophomore Jack Collins slants right and eludes an S.M.U. defender for a four- yard gain. James Saxton heads for trouble from a Baylor player. PAGE 179 rA Top Row: JERRY ALLEN MUENNINK, Center, Senior; RENE JAVIER RAMIREZ, Halfback, Senior; BOBBY LEE LACKEY, Quarterback, Senior. Bottom Row: LARRY GEORGE COOPER, End, Junior; BARTON ARVIN SHIRLEY, Halfback, Sophomore; DAVID RUSSELL, Halfback, Sophomore. TEXAS 9 - T.CU. 14 Forty-three thousand half -frozen fans saw the Horns fall to the T. C. U. Frogs in Memorial Stadium. Texas opened the game in a big way. Late in the first quarter, David Kristynik rushed in to block a Frog punt. The ball rolled out of the end zone to give Texas two points. T. C. U. kicked off and Kleo Halm returned it 22 yards. Eight plays later, Mike Dowdle plunged across from the two and gave Texas its first and only touchdown. Bobby Lackey kicked the extra point and the Steers enjoyed a comfortable 9-0 lead going into the second half. But the Horns only made one first down and seven yards rushing in the T.C.U. dominated second half. T.C.U. scored two touchdowns in the second half and the nation ' s number two team fell. PAGE 180 TEXAS 20- A M 17 In the traditional Thanksgiving Day clash in College Station the Horns triumphed over the Aggies 20-17 and marched to the Cotton Bowl. The Aggies, determined to have an upset, scored first and made it 7-0. With 10 seconds left in the first half, Aggie Charley Milstead kicked a field goal and the Horns dropped behind 10-0. The Aggies delayed a Horn comeback for some time into the third quarter. Mike Dowdle then roared around left end from the six to give Texas their first score. A pass from Jack Collins to Bobby Gurwitz gave Texas the two point conversion. Early in the fourth quarter, Dowdle went through the right side of the line to bring the score 14-10. But the Aggies came back to lead 17-14 with seven and one half minutes left in the game. A long drive after the kickoff ended with Bobby Lackey driving across for the final score. The conversion kick was wide and the game ended with the mighty Horns Cotton Bowl bound. A second quarter drive was held off after this catch by Mike Gotten. James Saxton ' s plunge ends in a pile as T.C.U. players move in. PAGE 181 CARROLL DEENE GOTT End, Sophomore GLAIR M. BRANCH Fullback, Senior . rtft; COTTON BOWL TEXAS 14 - SYRACUSE 23 In the twenty-fourth Annual Cotton Bowl classic in Dallas, Texas, met the na- tion ' s number one team, the Syracuse Orangemen, in one of the most controversial games in many years. The ' Horns were defeated by the Syracuse air attack, 23-14. With only a little over a minute gone in the game, Syracuse scored to lead 7-0. Later an 80-yard drive by the Orangemen seemed to be stopped as Texas held brilliantly for three downs, but the Syracuse team finally pushed over for the score. The two point conversion raised the score to 15-0. On the third play of the second quarter, a Lackey to Collins pass brought Texas fans to their feet. Collins ran 69 yards for the touchdown to bring t he score to 15-6. The try for extra point was wide. Midway in the third quarter, Syracuse scored again and got the two point conversion. In the fourth quarter, the ' Horns started a 54-yard drive with Lackey pushing over from the one for the touchdown. Lackey passed to Schulte for the two point conversion. After the game, Texas fans returned home, a little disappointed but nevertheless proud of the ' Horns. The next day, however, Texas tempers flared as the head- lines of Texas newspapers screamed with Syracuse accusations. The Syracuse players, after taking a bruising from the ' Horns, had little use for Longhorn sportsmanship. A brawl had broken out on the field just before the end of the first half of the game and Syracuse players blamed the Longhorn team. The Longhorns denied the accusations but the papers and magazines over the country took up the issue for weeks with all but the Texas papers giving only Syracuse accusations. President Wilson asked for NCAA investigation of the game. The issue died after the NCAA hearing was dropped. Jack Collins breaks for a run 1959 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Head Coach ROBERT CLAYBURN SCHULZE Student Assistants EDWIN VINCE MATTHEWS, JR. JOHN B. PADGETT ELVIN MITCHELL SMITH, JR. RAYMOND SMITH JOSEPH DELANO WILLIAMS FRESHMAN AWARDS Daniel Lee Alford, III Maurice Leland Allrcd Happy Edward Baumann William Frank Bedrick Phillip Owen Carruth Richard Roy Chipman Jerry Carlton Cook John Allen Cook, Jr. John Patrick Culpeppcr Joseph Paul DeLorenzo Ronald Siddall Driver David Corbin Duwe Donald Ray Elrod Staley Faulkner Kenneth Wayne Ferguson Douglas Neal Fullilove James Earl Fults John Allen Genung Estel Gene Gifford Roger Glenn Harris Marcus Edward Heath Ludolph William Heiligbrodt John Brockenbrough Holmes, Jr. Edgar Cicero James Harry Lynn Krenek George Mueller Lewis Thomas Ray Lucas Don Ross Malone James Scott Mann, II Emery Saerwood Martindale Mike Thadius McConkey David Christian McGaughy James Kenney McRill Alonzo Perry McWilliams Harold Brett Morris R. N. Murff Lucian Melvin Peoples Howard Herbert Petrich Thomas Edgar Phillips Raymond Coy Poage, Jr. Alton Lloyd Rhoden Gordon Leigh Roberts Gene Otto Schwinge George Edward Seay, Jr. William Deane Slovacek John Edwin Smith, Jr. Windford Norris Sterling, Jr. Garvin Keith Stewart John C. Tread well Bobby Irvin Woolley Tommy Escdrige York TEXAS 25 BAYLOR 14 The Shorthorns defeated the Cubs 25-14 in the season opener on Thursday, October 8 at Waco. The Shorthorns took the field against a highly acclaimed freshman team of Baylor as they compiled a very impressive 201 yards rushing against 43 yards for the Cubs. The Yearlings had little trouble winning their opener. TEXAS 14 RICE On Thursday, October 22 in Houston, the Shorthorns took their second victory from Rice by a score of 14-0 as Pat Cul- pepper raced 78 yards with an intercepted pass. Culpepper also scored the second touchdown from the one yard line and passed to Tom York for the 2 point conversion after the touchdown. TEXAS SMU On Friday, October 30 in Austin, the Shorthorns and the SMU Colts battled to a 0-0 tie on a dull overcast day which seemed to set the tempo for the contest, as both clubs blew scoring opportunities which would have vaulted them to the conference title. The Shorthorns outplayed the Colts in the last two quarters to stay on top in the conference race. TEXAS 21- On Friday, November 13 -TCU 12 Fort Worth, in Fort Worth, the Shorthorns grabbed an early lead and were never headed thereafter, de- spite desperation pass plays by the Wogs in the latter stages of the contest. Norris Sterling, the Orange ' s 225-pound guard, broke through to block a quick-kick attempt on the TCU 20, and then picked up the loose ball at the 10 and went all the way for the first quarter score. David Duwe ' s kick for the con- version was true, as was the case all afternoon. TEXAS 7 A M On Saturday, November 21, in Austin, for the annual Shrine Benefit game, the Texas Shorthorns ' hard hitting defensive unit forced an Aggie fumble in the third quarter, converted it into a touchdown, and then made two goal line stands to defeat the invading A M Fish 7-0 in the final freshman game. The Yearlings won their second straight Conference Championship with only a 0-0 tie with SMU to tarnish their two year un- defeated record. Front Row: Ray Smith, Alvaro Garza, Melvin Peoples. Edgar James, Dave Duwe, Leland Allred, Mike McConkey, Bill Bedrick, Staley Faulkner, Phil Carruth, George Lewis, Don Malone, Gordon Roberts, Joe Williams. Second Row: Richard Roy Chipman, Joe DeLorenzo, David McGaughy, Delbert Lee Galyean, Douglas Fullilove, John Allen Cook, Billy Heiligbrodt, Perry McWilliams, Bobby Woolley, Don Elrod, John Treadwcll, Johnny Holmes. Third Row: Mickey Smith, G eorge Seay, Howard Petrich, Johnny Genung, Elliott Paul Romero, Alton Rhoden, Ricky Murff, Pat Culpepper, John Ed Smith, Gene Gifford, Deane Slovacek, Kenneth Ferguson, Happy Baumann, Buddy Fults, Tommy Lucas, J. B. Padgett, Bob Schulze. Fourth Row: Vince Matthews, Keith Stewart, Ken McRill, Marcus Heath, Roger Harris, Lee Alford, Tommy Phillips, Norris Sterling, Ray Poage, Tommy York, Larry Joe Surls, Ronnie Driver, Brett Morris, Gene Schwinge, Harry Krenek. PAGE 183 H. MAURICE DOKE Ail-American PAGE 184 ALL -SOUTH WEST CONFERENCE PLAYERS V XV V TACK ALTMAN COLLINS HOMER MAURICE DOKE LARRY C. STEPHENS RENE JAVIER RAMIREZ PAGE 185 1959 BASKETBALL ALL SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS HAROLD L. BRADLEY, Head Coach JAMES RAYMOND VIRAMONTES, Assistant Coach RODNEY WALDROP PIRTLE, Student Assistant LETTERMEN Alberto Almanza Jerry Van Graham Jay Hoyland Arnette Brenton Hughes James Allan Brown Donnie Gene Lasiter Wayne Newell Clark Taylor C. Skeete, Jr. RESERVE LETTERMEN Richard Lee Beard Bill R. Mimms James Edwin Gandy Arved E. White Donald Ray Wilson MANAGERIAL AWARDS Thomas Garoll Leezer, Senior Ronald Eblen Malouf, Junior Bill Frank Comiskey, Sophomore Ralph Jennings McMahon, Jr., Freshman The Texas Longhorns had a surprising and very successful season, winning 21 games and losing 5 games. They earned themselves the Southwest Con- ference Championship. The most outstanding senior player was Jay Arnette, he made All Conference, All American and was selected as a member of the Olympic team. Brenton Hughes, another senior was number two high scorer. Texas looked good in the non-conference games and when it counted the ' Horns still had it. Jay Arnette making an impossible, but successful drive against SMU with two seconds left, the result a 58-56 Texas win. A frantic finish downed Arkansas 72-66 but the Aggies broke the spell with a 72-61 win but we were back in the win column soon, though, and how those reserves worked for the 100 mark, as we whomped TCU 98-77. Texas never wins at SMU but it did this year. ' Horn fans had their night as A M was left standing still at Gregory Gym 79-62, Baylor gave trouble again but Texas takes it 68-62 in overtime. More jinxes shattered as Arkansas fell 71-57 at Fayetteville. Then the clincher for Brenton Hughes, Jay Arnette and Donnie Lasiter, Jimmy Brown and Wayne Clark as Rice tumbled 86-62. Jay Arnette, the Olympic eager went wild in the NCAA against Kansas but the ' Horns fell 90-81 and then lost to De Paul. Jay Arnette scored 63 points in the two games. PAGE 186 ; Members of the team, Harold Bradley and Jimmy Viramontes watch as the Longhorns beat the Texas Aggies 79-62. Front Row: Jimmy Brown, Albert Almanza, Jay Arnette, Wayne Clark. Second Row: Assistant Coach Jimmy Viramontes, Taylor (Butch) Skeete, Donnie Lasiter, Student Manager Tommy Leezer, Head Coach Harold Bradley. Inserts: Left, Brenton Hughes, Right, Jerry Graham. PAGE 188 NON-CONFERENCE GAMES SCORES TEXAS 95 McMURRY 54 TEXAS 86 TRINITY 78 TEXAS 94 TULANE 71 TEXAS 84 LSU 67 TEXAS 90 OCU 98 TEXAS 67 TULSA 57 TEXAS 89 NORTH TEXAS STATE 78 I On Tuesday, December 1 at Gregory Gym, Texas won over McMurry 95-54. This win shoved the 1959-60 Orange team off to a resounding start under the guidance of new coach Harold Bradley. The eager but green McMurry Indians were never able to halt the fast break attack led by Brenton Hughes, Jay Arnette and Bonnie Lasiter. On Saturday, December 5 at Gregory Gym, the ' Horns stopped the Trinity Tigers 86-78. Texas and Trinity marked a basketball rarity, each attempting and hitting an identical number of field goals, 31 of 64 for 48.8 per cent. The Longhorns weren ' t spectacular at the free throw line, but they had a greater opportunity as they sank 24 of 37. Trinity hit 16 of 22 charity tosses. On Saturday, December 12 at Gregory Gym, the Longhorns defeated Tulane 94-71. Texas so completely dominated play time that Tulane ' s 1958 all SEC Center Vic Klinker was held to eight points, all on free throws. Jay Arnette ' s twisting drive shots, Brenton Hughes and Al Almanza ' s aggres- sive board play and the precise floor play of Donnie Lasiter pushed the hurry- ing ' Horns to an early lead as the flustered Greenies could cope with neither Texas ' full court press nor its tenacious zone defenses. On Monday, December 14 in Gregory Gym, Texas blasted LSU 84-67. The Bengals from the Bayou Country, who led nearly half of the first twenty minutes, couldn ' t find the range from the field for the last eight minutes of the first half due to a tight zone defense applied by the Texans. In that span, the Bengals made only two free shots and the Longhorns coasted to a comfortable halftime lead. In the second half, LSU kept pace with the Orange, but couldn ' t start anything resembling a comeback as Wayne Clark, Brenton Hughes and Al Almanza commanded the backboards. On Friday, December 18 in Tulsa the Longhorns suffered their first loss of the conference, to the Chiefs of Oklahoma City University. The two clubs shot 95 times from the free throw line, OCU making 28 of 40 and the ' Horns only 34 of 55. For the second straight game, Texas fired from the field with radar accuracy, shooting for 61 percent. But OCU was even hotter, sinking 66 percent of 35 for 53. Texas went five minutes with only one goal in the decisive portion of the final half when the Chiefs outscored them by a 21-6 margin. On Saturday, December 19 in Tulsa the ' Horns fired their way to a 65-57 victory over Tulsa ' s Golden Hurricanes. It was the fifth victory in six starts for the Longhorns, who carried a shooting mark of 53 percent into this game. They boosted their accuracy in their six game figure to .578. On Wednesday, February 3 in Denton, Texas won over North Texas State by the score of 89-78. Texas had an outstanding night from the floor as they hit 55 percent of their shots. The second half was spectacular with the Longhorns hitting 72 percent of their shots. This contest with North Texas was a non-conference game and was the Longhorns ' first victory after losing two straight to the Texas Aggies and the Baylor Bears before the break for finals. . Si PAGE 189 AL ALMANZA, Number 31 TEXAS 58 - SMU 56 On Tuesday, January 5 at Gregory Gym, Jay Arnette, supported by a band of lean, hungry Longhorns, opened the door to a new era in SWC basketball, when he dramatically sank a driving layup with two seconds left in the game to hand SMU a 58-56 loss. Texas used a modified man-to-man defense with a strong leaning on the zone defense. Wayne Clark, Al Almanza, and Brenton Hughes all pitched in to sweep the boards for Texas and Donnie Lasiter and Jay Arnette with Bill Brown and Butch Skeete on occasions, handled the front court. Brenton Hughes, who was Texas ' high point man with 19 points, came up with some clutch defen- sive work and shooting that kept SMU playing catch up all night. DONNIE LASITER, Number 10 PAGE 190 TEXAS 52 RICE 50 j On Saturday, January 9, in Houston, calm Jerry Graham, called from Lhe bench with the pressure on, deliberately fired in three free throws ir (the final 10 seconds to provide the Longhorns with an excitement packed f ictory over Rice. Jerry Graham, who had eight points in the second half, provided the Kteers with the points they needed to continue along the undefeated path 1 the SWC race. I Donnie Lasiter, who was the high point man of the night with 18 fcoints broke away and pumped in a layup that put the Steers ahead to Stay with less than seven minutes to go. Roger McQueary made a hook Jshot with 1 minutes remaining to cut the Texas lead to 49-48, but the Kteers weren ' t to be beaten and they still managed to hang onto the ead with the admirable playing of Jerry Graham in the clutch. TEXAS 72 ARKANSAS 66 On Monday, January 11, at Gregory Gym here in Austin, the Longhorns ought back with another of Harold Bradley ' s patented frantic finishes after watching their 12-point lead suddenly vanish. All in all it was a big night or the Longhorns. It was the ninth victory of the season, and the three con- ference wins means that the Horns have already surpassed last year ' s record. The Horns ' outstanding guard combo, Jay Arnette and Donnie Lasiter, led like team-scoring parade with 20 points apiece. TEXAS 61 A M 72 Friday night at College Station the Horns fell to A M, 72-61. Texas led nhe contest twice in the opening three and one-half minutes before the red- Lot Aggies gained the winning margin. Carroll Broussard, the outstanding lA M 6-5, sophomore of the night, led his teammates with 29 points, in- Icluding 13 of 14 free throws. TAYLOR SKEETE, Number 22 TEXAS 62 BAYLOR 68 Monday night in Gregory Gym, the surprising Baylor Bears clamped down Ion the Texas Longhorns, temporarily knocking the Horns out of a tie for [first place in the Southwest Conference. The contest was close throughout with the biggest show coming in the lopening moments of play. Texas made 41.2 per cent of its field goal attempts land 20 of 24 at the free throw line, whereas Baylor averaged 38.1 of its shots land 24 of 32 free throws. TEXAS 98 TCU 77 The University of Texas Longhorns overwhelmed TCU Saturday night lin Gregory Gym by a score of 98-77. The highest previous score by a Texas [team against TCU was 85 in 1957. The Frogs ran into an orange tornado as Donnie Lasiter, Jay Arnette, and JBrenton Hughes repeatedly stole the ball in the opening moments to turn the (ancient gymnasium into a roaring frenzy. The lopsided contest was never in I doubt as the Horns ripped to an early 16-4 lead and later building it to 46-23 in the first half. Lasiter and Hughes were the big guns in the attack, each scoring 17 points. Clark pitched in 16 points, while Almanza and Jay Arnette each had 14 points. TEXAS 75 TEXAS TECH 66 In the opening moments Monday night at Gregory Gym the Longhorns were on their way to an easy victory over the Raiders from Texas Tech. At the midway mark Texas had a comfortable 43-28 lead and had hit on 51 per cent of its fielders, while Tech was connecting on only 33 per cent. Offensively the Horns continued as one of the nation ' s sharpest shooting quintets, tossing in 55 per cent. This was the second record-breaking effort in a row for Texas as the 75 points set a new series high. Arnette enjoyed his best scoring night of the year amassing 21 and boosting his season total to 331. BRENTON HUGHES, Number 33 PAGE 191 JAY ARNETTE, Number 12 TEXAS 69 - SMU 65 Saturday night on the S.M.U. campus, the Longhorns shaded Southern Methodist 69-65. It was way back in 1953 that an orange-and-white-clad quint was last victorious on the S.M.U. campus, and it was the first win ever for a UT team in the gi- gantic SMU coliseum which opened in 1957. The triumph boosted Texas into a second-place tie in the Southwest Conference. JERRY GRAHAM, Number 21 PAGE 192 TEXAS 79 A M 62 Gregory Gym rocked with tension and high-pitched emotion Tuesday night as the Horns, underdog in everything but spirit, climbed into a first place tie in the Southwest Conference by defeating Texas A M. The Aggies made a valiant effort to keep pace with the Longhorns, but it was Jay Arnette, Brenton Hughes, and Al Almanza that met the Aggies everywhere they went and everywhere they didn ' t go. Jay Arnette ended up as high point man with 25 points, while Almanza scored 18, and Hughes followed with 16. Lasiter also scored 11 points. A proud Aggie team failed to keep pace with Texas ' racehorse brand of basket- ball. TEXAS 74 TEXAS TECH 61 Texas stampeded to another first Saturday night in Lubbock to retain its share of first place in the Southwest Conference basketball race. Key man was Albert Almanza, who was high scorer with 22 points hitting his highest score so far in the season. Close behind was Jay Arnette with 18, while Donnie Lasiter and Brenton Hughes scored at their usual pace of 15 and 1 3 points respectively. TEXAS 68 BAYLOR 62 The Longhorns held on to their share of the Southwest Conference lead Tuesday night in a battle at Gregory Gym by downing Baylor 68-62. After having trouble finding the range and holding on to the ball, the Horns came back in overtime to become victorious. Both teams were troubled with fouling and faulty ball handling. During the first half the score was tied seven times while the lead switched five times. It was not until Wayne Clark in the second half put Texas into a 48-47 lead that the Longhorns were able to stay ahead until the closing moments. Albert Almanza scored his seasonal high of 25 points. Jay Arnette followed with 18 points and Brenton Hughes with 12. Arnette became the second highest individual scorer in the University ' s basketball history with 399 points moving ahead of Slater Martin who scored 384 in 1949. TEXAS 71 ARKANSAS 57 Friday night in Fayetteville, Texas vaulted into sole ownership of first place and pulled off one of its toughest assignments, beating Arkansas 71-57. Winning their first game here since 1954, skyscraping Wayne Clark had much to do with Texas overcoming a mediocre shooting night with one of his best scoring and rebounding games of the year. Arnette, Hughes, and Lasiter ran, ran, ran, overcoming any lack of speed bothering them in the past. Clark and Almanza handled the brunt of the board work in their biggest rebounding edge of the year. Arnette wound up high point man with 21 points. TEXAS 86 RICE 62 Monday night in Gregory Gym the Longhorns won their first undisputed Southwest Conference basketball championship in thirteen years as they ripped the Rice Owls 86-62. The Longhorns grabbed a 40-27 advantage before the intermission after overcoming a brief and early one-point Owl lead, then stormed out in the second half and scored eleven straight points before the Owls could crack the Scoreboard again. The Longhorns now at the top of the Southwest Conference ladder will soon meet the winner of the Big Eight Conference in Manhattan, Kansas for the NCAA Western Re- gional Tournament. TEXAS 73 TCU 81 Thursday night in Fort Worth the Texas Longhorns lost to a sparked and inspired Horned Frog team. Donnie Lasiter took scoring honors with 22 points, his high for the year. Brenton Hughes followed with 17 points. Al- though the Longhorns were well off their usual shooting accuracy, they out- scored the Frogs from the field 27 goals to 25. MIDWEST NCAA REGIONAL TOURNAMENT The Longhorns had dropped a season closing decision to TCU and the game to Kansas University on Friday night in the first round of the NCAA Competition, 90-81. For Texas, it meant fourth place in the Midwest NCAA Regional Tournament and their third loss in a row. A capacity crowd of 12,500 watched at Ahearn Fieldhouse on the Kansas State College campus as the Longhorns and the Blue Demons of De Paul University of Chicago fought it out before De Paul took home a lukewarm victory and third place in the Tournament. Texas salvaged one glory of the night, Jay Arnette earned high point honors with 29 points running his total for the tourna- ment to 63. Arnette ' s 29 points beat De Paul ' s leading scorer, Howie Carl by ten points but the Blue Demons had two players scoring in the double figure to offset Arnette. While Wayne Clark, with 11 points, was the only other Longhorn to score in two digits. PAGE 193 WAYNE CLARK, Number 32 JIMMY BROWN, Numbtr 35 Jay Arnette, Senior Basketballer, was an All Conference, All American and Olympic Squad Selection. PAGE 194 1959 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL The Freshman Basketball team finished the season with 9 wins and 3 losses. They lost two to A M and the last game of the season to TCU. The ' Horns started off on the winning side as they outshot Wharton County Junior College Pioneers 89-60 in Gregory Gym. The Shorthorns scoring attack was spearheaded by Coyle Winborn who hit the bucket for a total of 27 points. The ' Horns won their third straight game defeating Texarkana Junior College 87-43 in Gregory Gym. Tommy Fleming led the Yearling scoring with 20 points. At Houston Texas scored over the Rice Owlets 85-64 with Coyle Winborn scoring 23 points, which was high for both teams. Bob Ledbettcr scored the second highest number with 22 points. On January 15 at College Station Texas lost the first game of the season to Texas I A M, 76-65. On February 6 the Yearlings won over the TCU Wogs, 70-60. This victory [was the first under the new coach, Rodney Pirtle. Pirtle replaced Jimmy Viramontes who I had been promoted to assistant varsity coach. John Heller led the Horns with 20 poi nts I topping TCU ' s Don Risick ' s 15 points. Texas lost the second game of the season to the I Aggie Fish on February 16 in an excitement- filled overtime game. Leading the Shorthorns I in point-making and tying for scoring honors of the game were Jimmy Gilbert and Bob I Ledbetter, each scoring 19 points. Two other Yearlings scored in double figures, John | Heller and Coyle Winborn each pumped in 1 1 points. The Baylor Bears fell to the score of 94-73 on February 23 in Gregory Gym. Bob Led- I better and Coyle Winborn were top scorers for the Yearlings scoring 20 points each. I However Baylor ' s Wayne Bailey was top scorer of the night with 23 points. In Gregory I Gym on February 29 the Rice Owls fell 58-40. Richard Scott pumped an easy crip shot I to give the Yearlings the victory. The third loss of the year was to TCU, 76-55, in Fort I Worth, in the final game of the season. JAMES RAYMOND VIRAMONTES, Head Coach FRESHMAN AWARDS | Robert Marvin Blair | Ernest Leonard Calderon I James Wayne Gilbert t John Henry Heller Robert Allen Ledbetter Paul Alex Philbin Fred Allen Rothermel Richard Merle Scott Robert Francis Shelton Jim Aloysius Wade Coyle Allen Winborn Yearling John Heller and Bob Ledbetter jump for the ball at one of the games in which they were top scoring men. Front Row: Richard Scott, Ernest Calderon, Jim Berly, Bob Shelton, Bob Blair, Jimmy Gilbert, Clenton Crumley. Back Row: Coyle Winborn, Tom Fleming, John Heller, Jim Wade, Paul Philbin, Robert Ledbetter, Fred Rothermel. PAGE 195 1960 TRACK A relatively inexperienced Texas team, led by Captain Drew Dunlap, came along slowly at the start of the season to finish in second place in the South- west Conference Meet. Texas relinquished its often-held crown to Baylor. Loss of such stars as Eddie Southern, Wally Wilson, Hollis Gainey, Bruce Parker and Joe Villarreal was felt throughout the season as evidenced by the lower number of points Texas averaged in the various meets. However, the Longhorns did win four of the meets in which they competed which is a record that no other team in the Southwest Conference equalled. Most consistent performers on the team this yeart were Senior Drew Dunlap, Junior Ralph Alspaugh, and Sophomores Ray Cunningham and Baylus Bennett. CLYDE LITTLEFIELD, Head Coach T. J. LOVVORN, Assistant Coach LETTERMEN Humberto Adame Jim Choyce Allison Ralph William Alspaugh Charles H. Bankhead Donald Wyatt Beard Baylus Earl Bennett Talmage Ray Cunningham Drew Woolford Dunlap James Ray Gayle III James Thomas Houston Don Dale Isett Terry Dean King Morgan Jester Maxfield Robert Wayne Porter James Henry Richardson, Jr. Jack Davis Sides, Jr. Jim Russell Smith Richard Walden William David Weiler Rex Gerald Wilson RESERVE LETTERMEN Jerry Ed Bain James Allan Brown Don Eldon Casselberry Edward Allison Clarkson, Jr. Johnny W. Gotten Robert Loring Hall, Jr. Robert L. Masson Neal Dayton McDowell Charles F. Stanley Robert Paul Wyatt MANAGERIAL AWARDS Dan M. Reed, Senior PAGE 196 I 1960 TRACK TRIANGULAR MEET AT HOUSTON Coach Clyde Littlefield ' s defending Southwest Conference champion Longhorns got off to a slow start in the 1960 track season as they came out second best in a triangular meet with the University of Houston and Texas A. M., at Jeppesen Stadium in Houston. The Cougars gathered 76 points to 64 for Texas and 30 for the Aggies. First places for the Steers came from Rex Wilson in the 120-yard high hurdles, Ray Cunningham in the 220-yard low hurdles, Baylus Bennett in the pole vault and Billy Weiler in the high jump. BORDER OLYMPICS Captain Drew Woolford Dunlap and Head Coach Clyde Littlefield. Led by Junior Ralph Alspaugh and Sophomore Ray Cunning- ham, the underdog Longhorns captured their fourth Border Olympics crown in as many years and ran their record at Laredo to 18 victories in the 28 runnings of the nation ' s first major out- door track and field meet of the year. Alspaugh raced to victory in both the 100 and 220-yard dashes and anchored the 440 and mile relay teams to third and second place finishes. Cunningham won both hurdles events to score ten points for the victors. Other Texas occupants of the winner ' s circle were Jim Houston in the javelin and Jack Sides in the broad jump. It was a team victory for the ' Horns who outdistanced the second place Houston Cougars by 16J 2 points, 66 2 to 50. QUADRANGULAR MEET AT HOUSTON Fresh from their triumph in the Border Olympics, the Texas track team invaded Houston for the second time in the 1960 season and emerged with an overwhelming victory over Rice, Lamar Tech and Texas A. I. Overall the Steers walked off with 11 of the 16 first places and counted 88J 2 points to a com- bined total of 85 1 2 for the other three participating schools. Front Row: Baylus Bennett, Don Casselberry, Chuck Stanley, Humberto Adame, Charles Bankhead, Bill Weiler, Drew Dunlap, Johnny Gotten, James Ray Gayle, Donald Beard, Morgan Mayfield. Second Row: Assistant Coach T. J. Loworn, Jack Sides, Robert L. Masson, James Thomas Houston, Jim Allison, Jimmy Brown, Jerry Bain, Neal McDowell, Jim Richardson, Rex Wilson, Edward Clarkson, Head Coach Clyde Littlefield. Third Row: Trainer Frank Medina, Bobby Wyatt, Wayne Porter, Ray Cunningham, Don Isett, Terry King, Jim Smith, Ralph Alspaugh, Bob Hall, Richard Walden, Manager Dan Reed. PAGE 198 SAN ANGELO RELAYS Records fell like rain as the Longhorns raced to a victory in the San Angelo Relays. Before the sun set seven records were broken in the University division, three of them by Texas. Baylus Bennett shared the new pole vault mark of 14 ' 1% " , Ray Cunningham sailed over the 120-yard high hurdles in 14.1 sec- onds and Jim Allison hurled the discus 153 ' 3 " to better the existing mark by 6 ' 9 " . In the mile relay finale Texas finished in a record-breaking dead heat with Abilene Christian in the time of 3: 12.1. ACC QUADRANGULAR Aside from a victory by Longhorn Sophomore Baylus Bennett in the pole vault and a Steer sweep of the four places in the javelin won by Jim Smith, there was little for Texas fans to cheer about as the ' Horns finished third in a field of four teams at the Abilene Christian College Quadranguar Track and Field Meet won by the University of Michigan in Abilene. The only other ray of sunlight came when Texas ' great track ace of the past, Eddie Southern, sped to victory over his longtime nemeses, Glen Davis and Bobby Morrow, in the special 440-yard dash. BAYLOR AND TCU TRIANGULAR T exas trackmen ran off with ten first places and tied for another as they scored 95% points to overwhelm Baylor and T. C. U. in a triangular meet in Memorial Stadium. Winners for the ' Horns were Captain Drew Dunlap in the 880, Jim Houston in the javelin, Jack Sides in the broad jump, Baylus Bennett and Charley Bankhead in the pole vault, Jim Allison in the discus, Ralph Als- paugh in the dashes, Ray Cunningham in the hurdles and Billy Weiler in the high jump. The foursome of Don Isett, Pat McDonald, Rex Wilson and Drew Dunlap ended the meet with a victory in the mile relay. DALLAS INVITATIONAL Led once again by Ralph Alspaugh and Ray Cunningham, the Longhorns grabbed six first places in the Dallas Invitational track meet. The victorious Oklahoma Sooners took only five firsts, but their depth proved to be the decid- ing factor. Alspaugh won both dashes and anchored two relay victories as he was voted the University Division ' s outstanding athlete. Cunningham won both hurdles events to join Alspaugh and Mike Lindsay of O. U. as the night ' s only double winners. JIM CHOYCE ALLISON BAYLUS EARL BENNETT CHARLES H. BANKHEAD JIM RUSSELL SMITH PAGE 199 ROBERT WAYNE PORTER MORGAN JESTER MAXFIELD JAMES THOMAS HOUSTON KANSAS RELAYS The Kansas Relays, which for years had been one of the high spots of the season for the Longhorns, proved to be a dis- appointment for Coach Clyde Littlefield ' s squad this year. Texas which had won at least two relay titles on each of its last six trips, had to settle for third place finishes in both the sprint medley and mile relays and failed to place in the 440 relay. Only Longhorns to place were Bill Weiler who tied for second in the high jump, Rex Wilson who finished second and third in the 400-meter and 120-yard high hurdles respectively, and Baylus Bennett who tied for fourth in the pole vault. DRAKE RELAYS The Longhorn trackmen were as cold as the weather in Des Moines, Iowa for the Drake Relays. All that the Longhorns could muster in the near freezing temperature were two seconds, a third and a fourth. Ray Cunningham and Rex Wilson took second and third place in the 120-yard high hurdles. Bill Weiler tied for second in the high jump and the Texas mile relay team came in fourth. RICE AND A M TRIANGULAR Rice, A. M. and Texas met in Austin on May 5 for their last triangular meet of the season. Texas broke four records and won in eleven events. Drew Dunlap took the 880-yard run in 1 :53.0, Jim Allison tossed the shot put 55-65 2 bettering the meet and the SWC record. Ray Cunningham took the low hurdles in 22.6 and the mile relay team of Isett, Wilson, Dunlap and Alspaugh set a new record of 3: 12.0. Bill Weiler won the high jump and Charles Bankhead and James Gayle tied for a win in the pole vault. Competing for the last time on the Memorial Stadium track as members of the Longhorn Varsity were Humberto Adame, Charles Bankhead, Donald Beard, Don Casselberry, Johnny Gotten, Drew Dunlap, James Gayle, Chuck Stanley, and Bill Weiler. HUMBERTO ADAME TERRY DEAN KING PAGE 200 JAMES HENRY RICHARDSON, JR JAMES RAY GAYLE, III TEXAS RELAYS Winner Time Shot Put Oklahoma 58-4 Javelin Kansas 254-9 2 Broad Jump East Texas 24-10 4 Sprint Medley Relay Kansas 3: 19.8 Distance Medley Relay ACC 10:00.2 880-Yard Relay Oklahoma State 1 : 26.2 Four Mile Relay Houston 17:54.4 120-Yard High Hurdles TEXAS (Cunningham) 13.9 100-Yard Dash TEXAS (Alspaugh) 9.7 Discus Throw Missouri 1 76-6 i Two Mile Relay Michigan 7:49.7 High Jump Texas Tech 6-4 One Mile Relay Houston 3: 14.6 Pole Vault Oklahoma 14-10% OPEN EVENTS 400-Meter Hurdles Eddie Southern 51.0 5,000-Meter Run John Macy 14:25.4 100-Meter Dash Bobby Morrow 10.6 200-Meter Dash Ted Woods 21.0 1,500-Meter Run Arch San Romani, Jr 3:53.8 Shot Put Bill Nieder 65-7 New Texas Relay Record New World Record Bill Nieder, former Kansas University athlete shows good form during the last of five attempts in shot put competition at the Texas Relays. On the first throw, Nieder, now an army officer, pushed the 16-pound shot 65 feet 7 inches, bettering the world ' s record by 2 feet 5 inches. Texas Relays offi- cials said the mark will be submitted for a new world ' s record. Athletes representing forty-three schools across the na- tion and two schools from Mexico converged on Austin for the thirty-third running of the Texas Relays, Friday, April 1. Due to a wet track no records were broken in the running events. J. D. Martin of Oklahoma scored a new record in the pole vault of 14 feet 10% inches. Ralph Alspaugh and Ray Cunningham claimed the only two first places scored by the Longhorns. Alspaugh sped to a 9.7 victory over NCAA 100-yard dash champion Charles Tid- well. Ray Cunningham flew over the 120-yard high hurdles in 13.9 seconds. The highlight of the two-day event came when Bill Nieder put the 16-pound shot 65 feet 7 inches to break the World Record. REX GERALD WILSON DON DALE ISETT PAGE 201 TALMAGE RAY CUNNINGHAM DONALD WYATT BEARD DREW WOOLFORD DUNLAP JACK DAVIS SIDES, JR. SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET Event 440-Yard Relay Shot Put One Mile Run. . Broad Jump . . . 440-Yard Dash Winner Time Baylor 40.06 Baylor 55-33 4 SMU 4: 15.5 Baylor 22-10 4 Rice 46.9 100-Yard Dash TEXAS (Alspaugh) 9.4 Two Mile Run SMU 9:32.6 One Mile Relay Baylor 3: 13.4 High Jump Texas Tech 6-4J4 120-Yard High Hurdles TEXAS (Cunningham) 13.8 880- Yard Run TEXAS (Dunlap) 1.51.9 220-Yard Dash (Tie) Baylor, Rice 20.6 220- Yard Low Hurdles TEXAS (Cunningham) 22.6 Pole Vault SMU 14-5 a Discus A M 160-10 2 Javelin Baylor 210-2 Ties Conference Record New Conference Record Texas trackmen made a strong bid for the track title May 13 and 14 in Fort Worth ' s Farrington Field but the Baylor Bears were not to be denied as they took home the first championship in the history of their school. Baylor had 79 points and Texas 56 for second place. Texas ' last hope was dashed when Ralph Alspaugh pulled a muscle in the 220. Five Conference records were either broken or tied, three by Texas. Alspaugh set a new century mark in 9.4, and Ray Cunningham broke the oldest standard on the books as he sailed over the 120-yard high hur- dles in the time of 13.8 seconds, a tenth of a second faster than Fred Walcott had done twenty years earlier. He then went on to tie the existing mark of 22.6 seconds in the 220 lows. Captain Drew Dunlap furnished Texas with its only other first place of the day when he ran the greatest half mile of his career in the time of 1:51.9. WILLIAM DAVID WEILER RICHARD WALDEN PAGE 202 RALPH WILLIAM ALSPAUGH FRESHMAN TRACK The Yearling track season was patterned after that of the Varsity with the Texas Freshmen losing the cham- pionship crown to the Baylor Freshmen in the Southwest Conference Meet in Fort Worth, May 13, 14. The Yearlings did well in the field events and lost the meet by only two points, Baylor 69, Texas 67. Emery Martindale won the shot put with a throw of 50 feet, 6 inches and James Chambers placed fifth. Martindale also placed second in the discus and Charles Giesey placed fourth. Giesey won the javelin with a throw of 192 feet, 6 l 2 inches and Martindale placed fourth. Texas placed three men in the broad jump. Dudley Haas took first with 21 feet, 9J4 inches, John Heller fin- ished fourth, and Herbert Jones placed fifth. Giesey finished third in the high jump and Tommy Graver finished fourth in the pole vault. Texas did not do so well in the track events finishing second in the mile relay and third in the 440-yard relay. Steve Strickland took second place in the one mile run, Randy Curson third in the 440-yard dash, Pat Mullican fourth in the 120-high hurdles and third in the 220-yard low hurdles, Robert Spellings was third in the 880-yard run. In their first meet of the season the Freshmen were defeated by A M in a triangular meet in Houston, February 27. The Yearlings had a total of 63% points to A M ' s 64 2 and Houston ' s 23%. In the Texas Relays, Haas won the broad jump with 24 feet, 4 inches and Jones placed fifth. Martindale won the shot put with 49 feet and 34 inches, Mullican placed third in the 120-yard high hurdles, Giesey tied Bob Dubois of Coffeyville and Haas tied Roberto Procel of Institute Politecnico Nacional for fifth in the high jump. Texas finished second in the two-mile relay and fourth in the sprint medley. In the Mexico City Invitational meet held in Mexico City April 11,12 the Yearlings finished third behind Mexico City and Puerto Rico. Texas defeated the Aggie freshmen in Houston on May 5 in a triangular meet. Texas had 72 a points, A M 67 J 2, and Rice 18. T. J. LOVVORN, Head Coach ..: ' . lj ton :..C Itni uew oldest i hut- James Oliver Chambers Thomas Howard Graver Charles Randolph Curson Samuel Charles Giesey Dudley Charles Haas Herbert Ray Jones FRESHMAN AWARDS Paul David Levering George Mueller Lewis Emery Saerwood Martindale Ronald Victor McPherson Jon Patrick Mullican Edward Nash Patton, Jr. Thomas Edgar Phi llips MANAGERIAL AWARD Ed Madison Blackburn Raymond Coy Poage, Jr. Charles Edgar Putman Robert Daniel Spellings Stephen Douglas Strickland Daniel Adrian Taylor Johnson Mai Whitsett Front now: Trainer Sam Ayoub, Charles Putman, Paul Levering, Dan Taylor, Steve Strickland, Randy Curson, Bob Patton, Ronnie McPherson, Mai Whitsett, Bob Spellings, Herbert Jones. Back Row: Freshman Coach Froggie Loworn, Dudley Haas, Mutt Heller, Bubba Phillips, George Lewis, Jim Virgin, Ray Poage, Charles Giesey, Pat Mullican, Head Coach Clyde Littlefield. PACE 203 1960 BASEBALL The University of Texas baseball team closed out its finest regular season since 1924 with a record of 21 wins and 2 losses. The 1960 Longhorns had a 12-2 conference record as they captured the Southwest Conference Baseball Championship and earned the right to participate in the NCAA playoffs. Five of the Longhorn players were named to the All-Southwest Conference team: Tom Belcher, sophomore pitcher; the three senior outfielders, Jay Arnette, Wayne McDonald and Roy Menge, and sophomore shortstop Bart Shirley. Roy Menge was named the outstanding player in the Southwest Conference and received national acclaim when named to the 1960 All-American college baseball squad. Both Roy Menge and Wayne McDonald signed bonus con- tracts with the Milwaukee Braves. BIBB AUGUST FALK, Head Coach LETTERMEN Jay Hoyland Arnette Tom Franklin Belcher Lewis Edward Brazelton Robert Eugene Callaway, Jr. Roy Reinhard Enderlin Phillip Lynd Hipps James Terry Jackson Waymon Wayne McDonald Greg Newton Martin John Ernst Mayer Roy Menge John McPherson Pinckney Lloyd Lester Rigby Barton Arvin Shirley David Lubin Skinner RESERVE LETTERMEN Tim Allen David Charles Kristynik Sam Rosson Justin Marshall Wakeland MANAGERIAL AWARDS Vernon Lee Shelton William George Dodge, Jr. PAGE 204 ;- ..-- BASEBALL TEXAS 10 -SAM HOUSTON 4 Monday, March 7, at Clark Field in Austin, the Longhorns started their 1960 season off on the right foot. They banged out a total of 14 hits when they defeated Sam Houston, 10-4. Three sophomore infielders, Pat Rigby, Bart Shirley, and David Skinner gave the Longhorns good support at the plate. Two returning lettermen, Roy Mengc and Wayne McDonald, led the Long- horns in the hitting department. Sophomore Bob Callaway al- lowed only three hits in a five inning performance. Roy Enderlin finished the last four innings giving up four hits. The second game of the series was rained out. TEXAS 16 -OU 15 Friday afternoon, March 12, at Clark Field the Texas Long- horns came from behind 11-3 at one point to score a 16-15 victory over the Oklahoma Sooners. The victory was sparked by Roy Menge ' s ninth inning single. TEXAS 12 -OU 6 Saturday afternoon, March 13, the hot Texas Longhorns, despite the nerve-numbing cold weather, snowed the Sooners 12-6 to take the two-game series. Bob Callaway won his second victory of the season when he pitched seven innings giving up eight hits. Roy Enderlin gave up three hits in the remaining two innings. Justin Wakeland was the big bat for the Longhorns by hitting safely three times in three trips to the plate. TEXAS 15 - TEXAS LUTHERAN 6 Three Texas pitchers leaned on 15 hits by their mates as Texas Lutheran fell 15-6, Tuesday, March 15, at Clark Field. Leading the Texas timber toppers were Roy Menge and Wayne McDonald. Coach Bibb Falk ' s lads batted .395 as a team. Tim Allen, the winning pitcher, worked four innings without giving up a hit or run. The Longhorns had a 4-0 record to carry into their Conference opener with Baylor. TEXAS 2 - BAYLOR 6 Saturday, March 19, in Waco, Bibb Falk ' s sophomore- sprinkled Horns fell to a surprising Baylor club, 6-2. A poor sixth inning and a troublesome " stuff " pitcher named Bobby Barnett were too much for the Texas Longhorns in this opening Southwest Conference baseball contest. Jay Arnette, as leadoff batter, led the Longhorns with two hits and scored both Texas runs. Wayne McDonald supplied two rbi ' s from his cleanup spot. The only extra base variety was a sharp double by Texas pinch-hitter Lew Brazelton in the eighth. Bob Callaway was the losing pitcher. Greg Martin pitched the eighth and ninth innings. TEXAS 21 - MINNESOTA 14 Monday afternoon, March 21, at Clark Field in Austin, the Longhorns " walked " by Minnesota in the first game of a two game series, 21-14. Each team scored in every inning but two. When the Longhorns got the batting privilege, however, they kept it longer. Their two big innings were the fourth and eighth in which they scored six and ten runs respectively. The winning pitcher was Tim Allen who worked only the last two innings. Roy Enderlin pitched the first four and Terry Jackson the next three. The all sophomore infield took the lead in batting with Rigby, Brazelton, Skinner and Shirley each getting three hits. TEXAS 13 -MINNESOTA 7 Tuesday afternoon, March 22, at Clark Field the Longhorns came from behind to beat Minnesota in the second game of their two game series, 13-7. Brazelton led his team mates with three runs batted in, while Skinner and Shirley each had two. Bill Shahan was the starting pitcher. He was relieved in the bottom of the fourth for a pinch hitter and Tom Belcher pitched the remaining five innings to receive credit for his first win of the season against no losses. TEXAS 13-SMU 10 After having their second SWC game rained out March 26, the Longhorns walked away with a 13-10 victory over SMU March 29 at Clark Field. The Mustangs throttled three Texas pitchers with 11 hits and 10 runs in the first three innings. Tom Belcher came in to start the fourth and muzzled the Ponies without a run, giving up only four hits while striking out seven batters and walking three to get his second win. Sam Rosson, Roy Menge, and Bart Shirley led the crush of the Pony corral with two hits apiece. Rosson scored twice and Shirley three times. VARSITY BASEBALL Front Row: Roy Enderlin, Roy Menge, Pat Rigby, Greg Martin, Johnny Mayer, Bart Shirley, David Skinner, Terry Jackson. Back Row: Student Manager Vernon Shelton, Tom Belcher, Wayne McDonald, Lew Brazelton., Jay Arnette, Phil Hipps, Bob Callaway, John Pinckney, Student Trainer Ronnie Stone, Coach Bibb Falk. PAGE 206 WAYNE MCDONALD PAT RIGBY BOB CALLAWAY TEXAS 5 - A M 1 Friday, April 1, at College Station, the precision pitching of two Texas sophomore righthanders, Tom Belcher and Bob Callaway, led to the defeat of defending Southwest Conference Champions, Texas A M, 5-1. Belcher who pitched 8J 3 innings was the winning pitcher. Wayne McDonald batted a 3-run homer. Other Texas hitters were Lew Brazelton, Roy Menge, Pat Rigby, David Skinner, Belcher, and Callaway. TEXAS 17-TCU 3 Tuesday, April 5, the Texas Longhorns enjoyed an afternoon in Fort Worth while adding another Southwest Conference base- ball victory to their list by battering TCU, 17-3. TCU used six pitchers in an effort to stop the parading Longhorns, but when the Horns were not running, they were walking. Texas collected thirteen hits and fifteen walks for the afternoon ' s work. Bob Callaway, the winning pitcher, gave up eight hits during his eight-inning tenure. Greg Martin finished the game. TEXAS 8 - BAYLOR 4 Tom Belcher collected his fourth win Friday, April 8, as the Longhorns defeated Baylor 8-4 at Clark Field. Baylor came from behind to tie the score only to have Texas wrap it up with a four-run outburst in the seventh. Texas had some sensational hitting from Johnny Mayer who had a single, double, and triple, and batted in four. TEXAS 9 - BAYLOR 4 Converted shortstop Roy Enderlin won his first game Saturday, April 9, when the Longhorns walked past the Bears for the second time 9-4. Baylor managed to tie the score 4-4, but the ' Horns blew it open in the seventh. Bart Shirley ' s single sent three Texas runs home. Shirley led the Longhorns with a 3-for-3 day. Roy Menge had two hits and knocked in three runs. Lew Brazelton had two hits and scored three. TOM BELCHER GREG MARTIN ROY ENDERLIN TEXAS 4 - BAMC Tuesday afternoon, April 12, in San Antonio, the Texas Longhorns shut out Brooke Army Medical Center 4-0. Three Texas pitchers shared in the shut-out, but Roy Enderlin was credited with the win. Big bat for the Horns was swung by shortstop Bart Shirley. Pat Rigby had two hits and knocked in two big runs. TEXAS 5 - BAMC 3 Roy Menge and his lost ball was the main reason behind Texas ' 5-3 victory over BAMC Tuesday afternoon, April 19, at Clark Field. The senior outfielder pumped his winning effort with runners on first and second at just the time when the Steers beautiful picture of success was fading. After pitching four complete innings of perfect baseball, Bob Callaway gave up his office on the mound to Terry Jackson, who finished the game and was credited with the win. TEXAS 4 - RICE 5 TEXAS 10 -RICE 3 In a two-game series, Friday and Saturday, April 22, 23, in Houston the Rice Owls, who ruined the Longhorn ' s baseball hopes last season, started to turn the same old trick Friday by handing the ' Horns a 5-4 loss. The ' Horns came back Saturday to slam the door in Rice ' s face by defeating them 10-3. Bob Callaway put in another good performance in winning his fourth game of the season. Jay Arnette and Lew Brazelton carried the big wood in the Saturday game, while Pat Rigby slashed a home run across the right center field fence with two mates aboard. - J BART SHIRLEY JOHNNY MAYER PACE 208 TEXAS 17-TCU 1 Centerfiielder Roy Menge could do no wrong in the Clark Field double- header, Saturday, April 30. The heavy-hitting southpaw led the Longhorns to victory in the seven innings of the opener with two homeruns, a triple, and a single in five times at bat, and an incredible eight runs-batted-in. Bob Calla- way went the full distance on the mound and earned his fifth win. TEXAS 13-TCU 2 Tom Belcher hurled an outstanding game in the second game of the double- header with TCU at Clark Field, Saturday night, April 30. Menge clouted his third home run of the day in the first inning. Arnette followed with a home run in the third, assuring his team of their 13-2 victory over the Frogs. TEXAS 7 - SMU 3 Thursday, May 5, unbeaten sophomore Tom Belcher picked up his sixth pitching victory, as the Longhorns triumphed over the SMU Ponies, 7-3, in Dallas. Left-fielder Jay Arnette collected four hits including a home run and two doubles. Defensively, Arnette and shortstop Bart Shirley were outstanding for the Longhorns. Arnette made two brilliant catches in left field and Shirley set up a double play to put an end to SMU ' s threat in the sixth inning. TEXAS 12 - SMU 2 On Friday, May 6, in Dallas, the Longhorns boosted by Bob Callaway ' s four-hit pitching job and teammates ' three home runs, wrapped up their un- disputed SWC Championship by pounding out a 12-2 victory over SMU. The Longhorns collected 11 hits, including a heartening three by McDonald. First baseman Lew Brazelton and Skinner each contributed two key hits, and Calla- way belted a two-run double. The impressive victory lofted Texas into the Conference title picture for the thirty-sixth time, giving the school its thirty- third unshared crown in addition to three co-championships. TEXAS 5 - A M 2 TEXAS 8 -A M 5 A two-game series at Clark Field, Friday and Saturday, May 13 and 14 saw Southwest Conference Champion Texas close out its finest regular season since 1924 by downing the Texas Aggies, 5-2 and 8-3. The sweep from A M was particularly sweet for Texas, not only because it was over the archrivals, but because it was A M who took Texas last year and the SWC crown. Belcher remained undefeated as he pitched his seventh win of the season Friday. Bob Callaway won his seventh, against one loss, when he pitched the Longhorns to victory Saturday. LEW BRAZELTON PHIL HIPPS John Pinckney (5), Texas sophomore catcher, puts the damper on an ambitious Brooke Army Medical Center base runner, as he tags him out at the plate. ROY MENGE PAOE 209 SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE FRESHMAN BASEBALL Outstanding performers were few on the 1960 Freshman baseball squad that won seven of its ten games, yet strength appeared to be concentrated at positions that must furnish the replacements for seniors graduating from the varsity. Head Coach Bibb Falk will be looking for outfielders to replace the all-senior combination on his championship squad, a catcher and another pitcher. Falk loses the all-SWC outfield of Jay Arnette, Roy Menge, and Wayne McDonald, catcher Johnny Mayer and pitcher Roy Enderlin. Appropriately enough, the Yearings were led by a pair of promising outfielders Chuck Knutson and Dick Loughridge, catcher Garry London, shortstop Bill Bethea and pitcher Ken Grenewald, a 6-1 right-hander from Amarillo, who scored four of the seven victories. Loughridge was the top hitter (.424), while Knutson, a long ball hitter, drove in 1 1 runs and batted .379. Falk had an all-sophomore infield in 1960, but Bethea, a fast agile youngster with a good arm, might dislodge one of them. The infield competition might release one additional good candidate for the outfield. This was the second good season the Yearlings enjoyed under the direction of Tommy Snow, a former Longhorn outfield-first baseman who was graduated from Law School. Snow ' s 1959 freshmen posted a 9-2 record and from that squad came most of the starters for the 1960 Varsity. SCORES Yearlings 7 Austin High 2 Yearlings 11 McCallum High 1 Yearlings 9 Baylor Cubs 8 Yearlings 11 McCallum High 4 Yearlings 9 Austin High 10 Yearlings 9 A M Fish 4 Yearlings 14 Wharton J. C 7 Yearlings 1 Baylor Cubs 4 Yearlings 9 Rice Owlets 2 Yearlings 8 A M Fish 9 THOMAS SNOW, Head Coach FRESHMAN AWARDS Wesley Victor Banner Bill Bethea Ernst Herman Druebert Kenneth Dale Edwards Edward Hammel Esquivel Kenneth Harrel Greenewald Charles Knutson Gary Erroll London Richard Neal Loughridge Robert Seley Masterson Walter Lewis New Jerry B. Ormand Michael Emmett Thrash PAGE 211 CROSS COUNTRY T. J. FROGGIE LOVVORN, Head Coach LETTERMAN Johnny Phillip Eschle RESERVE LETTERMEN Humberto Adame. Captain Drew Woolford Dunlap Bohn Jay Barham Robert L. Masson John Walter Gotten Morgan Jester Maxfield David Wayne Melber FRESHMAN AWARDS Paul David Levering Stephen Douglas Strickland Trueman Edgar O ' Quinn, Jr. Daniel Adrian Taylor Robert Daniel Spellings Brent Richard Thome SWIMMING HENRY WILSON CHAPMAN, Head Coach LETTERMEN Larue Scott Catlett Theodore Charles Lucas George Douglas Duwe Sherwood Melvin Reaves Jeffrey Merwin Heller Kent Francis Spitzmiller Jerry Allan Katz Robert Anderson Taylor James T. Willerson SENIOR MANAGER AWARD: Ronnie Eugene Thompson RESERVE LETTERMEN Herschell Lee Atkinson Tom William Scott Jerry Michael Desmond George William Smith Joe Frank Musgrove Sam Sparks FRESHMAN AWARDS James Thomas Dunman Bert Gentry Lee David Corbin Duwe Nathaniel Harris McClamroch Roy Maxwell Hall, Jr. Granville Eugene Mallard, Jr. Robert Austin Hatcher Bob Vernon Osgood Richard Dane Worthington FRESHMAN MANAGER AWARD: John Michael Jones TENNIS WILMER LAWSON ALLISON, Head Coach LETTERMEN Robert Stanley Ament Neil Gilbert Unterseher Stuart Neal Pullen John McGill White Harold St. Glair Sparks Robert Darrell Yoder Warren Eugene Zimmerman RESERVE LETTERMEN William Richard Ardis Philip Arnold Bleakney FRESHMAN AWARDS John Heath Al Morgan Meadows John Robert Kamrath William Darrell Willerson Stevie LaDon Williams GOLF HARVEY PENICK, Head Coach LETTERMEN James Hulvey Bratten Richard Stuart Chancellor Charles Ernest Bridwell Terry Doyt Dill RESERVE LETTERMAN Louis Esserman Ringold FRESHMAN AWARDS Paul Brindley Marvin Greenwood Perry Fleckman Anthony Truex PAGE 212 SWIMMING The University of Texas swimmers wrapped up their 1960 season with a second-place finish in the Southwest Conference. They were deprived of the top spot by SMU ' s powerful Mustangs, who won their fourth league crown in succession. In the conference meet held at the Texas Tech pool at Lubbock, SMU scored 167 points to Texas ' 129. Texas A M was third with 51. Coach Hank Chapman, however, is enthusiastically pointing to 1961. Texas returns 122 of the 129 points won at the SWC meet. Southern Methodist loses 64 of their title-winning 167. The Longhorns in 1960 met and defeated Texas Tech, Rice, and Texas A M, but lost dual meets to powerful Oklahoma and SMU. Texas entered seven swimmers in the NCAA competition at Dallas, none of whom placed. In the SWC meet, Jeff Heller, holder of four UT records, won the individual medley. Bobby Taylor won both the 200-yard butterfly and the 200-yard breaststroke ; Doug Duwe placed second in the 200-yard and 400-yard free- style events; and Jerry Katz, the only 1960 All- American from UT, won the 50-yard freestyle and was runner-up in the 100-yard freestyle. The most outstanding of the freshman swimmers was Roy Hall of Arlington, Va., who set the national freshman record in the individual medley only to see it broken later in the season. The only graduating senior on the tanker squad is Scott " Twink " Catlett, diver. !?: Front Row: Scott Catlett, Merwin Gordon Beavers, Jr. Second Row: Tom Scott, Jerry Des- mond, John Gary Renick, Jim Wil- lerson, Jerry Katz. Third Row: Herbert Stephen Gold- berg, George Smith, Jeff Heller, Herschell Atkinson, Doug Duwe, Sam Sparks, Joe Musgrove, Hank Chapman. Fourth Row: Gene Thompson, Kent Spitzmiller, Woody Reaves, Charles j Lucas, Bobby Taylor. 214 JIM WILLERSON CHARLEY LUCAS KENT SPITZMILLER DOUG DUWE JERRY KATZ BOB TAYLOR WOODY REAVES JEFF HELLER PAGE 215 1959 CROSS COUNTRY The Texas Cross Country team finished second in the Southwest Conference meet held at Fayetteville, Arkansas on November 16. Arkansas took first place for the fourth consecutive year with a total of 24 points. Texas had a score of 62, SMU and A M were third with 78 points each. Jan Ahlberg of SMU for the second time finished first, followed by Ray Dyck and Jack Nelson of Arkansas. Johnny Eschle of Texas was fourth. Texas opened the season on October 8 at College Station with a defeat by A M 19 to 39. In the same meet the A M Freshmen defeated the Texas Yearlings 22-35. On October 16 at Fort Worth, Texas tied SMU for second place with A M finishing first. Texas placed fourth in the fifth University of Texas Cross Country Meet with 88 points. The University of Houston was first with 23 points, followed by Howard Payne College with 50 points, Brook Army Medics with 73 points and A M fifth with 97 points. Texas Freshmen placed third behind Abilene Christian College and Texas A M Freshmen. In the final meet before the Southwest Conference Meet, Texas finished fifth behind Howard Payne College, Emporia State, Brook Army Medics and Northeast, La. at Brownwood, November 7. Left to Right: Coach Lovvorn, Humberto Adame, Morgan Maxfield, Bob Masson, Drew Dunlap, John Eschle, Bohn 11, u h, mi. PAGE 216 GOLF The Longhorn golfers finished sixth in the Conference team play but Terry Dill tied with two A M golfers, Dickie Duble and John Lively, for the individual championship. Dill, sophomore sensation from West Texas emerged from the 1960 Longhorn season as Texas ' brightest star in the golf world in many years. His steady and sometimes sensational play points to a brighter future for the Longhorn golf teams. The Longhorns had no returning lettermen and only one reserve letterman, Charles Bridwell. With Dill and Bridwell as the number one twosome and Stuart Chancellor and Jimmy Bratton backing them up, Texas won two and tied one of its pre-conference practice matches. This included a win and a tie with SWTS of San Marcos and a surprise win over one of the pre-season favorites, Baylor. After this encouraging start Texas turned to the Conference race only to be defeated by SMU 5 2 - 2 in the first match in Dallas. Dill won the only points when he managed a tie with the defending SWC champion, Gene Teter. In the next match with the Aggies who were heavy favorites to win the Conference the Longhorns managed to do a little better on their home course. Dill defeated A M ' s number one player, Billy Martindale, and Jimmy Bratton halved his match with Al Jones. The next outing for the Horns was against Baylor in Aus- tin. The Horns improved still more but were defeated 3 2-2J 2- Bridwell with a 70 and Dill with 71 led the way for the Horns. The Texas team pulled the surprise of the year when they defeated defending champion, Texas Tech, 6-0 and then beat Rice 5j 2 - 2, both in Austin, to move into fourth place and within striking distance of second place TCU. Their hopes were short lived as TCU defeated the Horns 6-0 in Fort Worth with Dill going down for his only defeat of the year. The Texas team closed out the conference season with a 3-3 tie with Arkansas for a sixth place finish. Favorite A M won the championship. Dill went to the NCAA meet and advanced to the quarter finals before bowing to the eventual champion, Richard Crawford of Houston on the 19th hole. Lett to Right: Jimmy Bratton, Terry Dill, Stuart Chancellor, Charles Bridwell. PAGE 217 TENNIS The Longhorns placed second in Southwest Conference team play with a fine 30-6 record, losing four matches to SMU, the Conference Champion, and two to Rice. SMU had a 32-4 record for team play. Texas netters were eliminated early in the individual championship meet in Fort Worth, May 13 and 14. CONFERENCE MATCHES TEXAS 6 - A M The Longhorns opened the Conference season with a 6-0 win over A M on April 1 at College Station. Neil Unterseher de- feated Richard Halter, 6-3, 6-2; Mac White defeated Tommy Morris, 6-1, 6-3; Hal Sparks defeated Frank Blazek, 8-6, 6-4; and Warren Zimmerman defeated Robert Jones, 6-2, 6-4. In the doubles, White and Unterseher defeated Halter and Morris, 6-3, 6-2, and Sparks and Zimmerman defeated Blazek and Jones, 6-3, 6-4. TEXAS 4 -RICE 2 On April 5 at Penick Courts Mac White won his match from Neal Marcus, 1-6, 6-3, 6-2, while Neil Unterseher won over Paul Como, 6-3, 6-4, Hal Sparks won over Art Foust, 6-3, 6-1 ; and Warren Zimmerman defeated Doug Bashrum, 2-6, 9-7, 6-2. Texas lost both doubles matches. Como and Marcus defeated White and Unterseher, 6-2, 6-0; and Foust and Bashrum de- feated Sparks and Zimmerman, 6-2, 6-0. TEXAS 2 - SMU 4 SMU defeated the Longhorns 4-2 at Penick Courts on April 8 for the Texas netters only SWC loss of the season. Willie Wolff defeated Neil Unterseher, 7-5, 4-6, 8-6; Tommy Howarth de- feated Hal Sparks, 6-4, 6-2. Mac White and Warren Zimmerman won their matches. White defeated Bill Wright, 6-1, 3-6, 6-4, and Zimmerman defeated Bill Dixon, 6-4, 5-7, 6-4. Texas lost both doubles matches. Wolff and Dixon defeated Sparks and Zimmerman, 10-8, 6-4; and Wright and Howarth defeated White and Unterseher, 3-6, 6-2, 8-6. TEXAS 6-TCU Texas blanked TCU on April 13 at Penick Courts with Mac White blanking Paul Lozuk, 6-0, 6-0; Neil Unterseher defeated Roy Persons, 6-0, 6-2 ; Warren Zimmerman took his match from Doug Hill, 6-0, 6-2 ; and Stanley Ament defeated David Peebles, 6-1, 6-0. In the doubles, White and Unterseher defeated Lozuk and Persons, 6-1, 6-0; and Ament and Zimmerman defeated Hill and Peebles, 6-1,6-4. TEXAS 6 -BAYLOR At Waco on April 23 the Texas netters took all the matches from the Bears. Neil Unterseher defeated Bobby Coe, 6-0, 9-7; Mac White defeated George Chandler, 6-2, 6-4; Hal Sparks defeated Malcolm Wooley, 6-3, 6-3; and Stanley Ament defeated Gary Kesl, 4-6, 7-5, 6-1. In the doubles, Unterseher and White defeated Coe and Chandler, 6-4, 4-6, 6-1 ; and Sparks and Ament defeated Wooley and Kesl, 6-4, 6-1. TEXAS 6 -TEXAS TECH The Longhorns met Texas Tech in Lubbock on April 30 for the final SWC meet and again took all the matches. Neil Unter- seher defeated Boby Macy, 5-7, 6-1, 9-7; Hal Sparks defeated John Kniffen, 6-2, 6-3; Darrell Yoder defeated Danny Scales, 6-2, 6-4; Bill Ardis defeated David Breneman, 1-6, 8-6, 6-3. In the doubles, Unterseher and Ardis defeated Macy and Breneman, 6-2, 7-9, 6-2; and Sparks and Yoder defeated Kniffen and Scales, 6-2, 7-5. ' Left to Right: Darrell Yoder, Stuart Pullen, Hal Sparks, Warren Zimmerman, D. A. Penick, Advisory Coach; Wilmer Allison, Coach; Mac White, Neil Unterseher, Stanley Ament. PAGE 218 DARRELL YODER HAL SPARKS STANLEY AMENT NON-CONFERENCE MATCHES The Longhorn netters got off to a poor start, losing their first two matches of the season. On February 27 Pan-American College defeated the Longhorns, 6-0, in Edinburg and on March 4 Trinity of San Antonio defeated the Horns, 6-0, at Penick Courts. The Texas team began to round into shape the next week when they again met Trinity and defeated them 6-0. The match was held in San Antonio on March 9. The Longhorns then took on Oklahoma Baptist College at Penick Courts, March 12, and won 6-0. March 16 Texas defeated St. Edwards, 4-2, and, on March 18 at Penick Courts, split with the University of Houston, 3-3. Texas met St. Edwards again on March 22 and this time took all matches, winning 6-0. The Longhorns met and defeated LSU, 6-0, at Penick Courts on April 9. Texas suffered defeat at the hands of Tulane, 2-4, at Penick Courts on April 11. On April 26 Texas defeated East Texas State, 5-1, at Penick Courts. The Longhorn netters closed their non-conference schedule by defeating Hardin-Simmons, 6-0, at Abilene on April 29. STUART PULLEN NEIL UNTERSEHER MAC WHITE WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS STAFF Director Associate Director Assistant Director Assistant Director Secretary . JOSEPHINE CHAPMAN MARY ELIZABETH RISLEY PATRICIA ANN WEIS Jo ANNE SAFRIT ARLA FAYE COHEN INTRAMURAL MANAGERS FACULTY COMMITTEE Henry A. Bowman Josephine Chapman Helen Jane Farabee Mary Elizabeth Risley Joan Warburton Front Row: Jo Ann Dernier, Judith Elaine Willenborg, Mary Sue Kucnstler, Robbie Pell, Betty Lynn McCormick. Second Row: Barbara Gene Bowen, Diane Elizabeth Phillips, Annette Janis Levin, Abigail Carol Glosserman, Nancy Elizabeth Farquhar. Third Row: Elizabeth Anne Disch, Linda Lanham, Patti Pollard, Lulu Sheilds, Nancy Lynn Clarkson. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Carol Coffman, Sally Bagby, Chloe Rugeley. POINT WINNERS Left to Right: Third Place, SRD, Barbara Gene Bowen; First Place, CHI OMEGA, Elizabeth Anne Disch. PAGE 220 Left to Right: Best Manager Award, Sportsmanship Award, and Participation Cup-l Carolyn Carlton, Sheila Rae Scott, ALPHA DELTA PI. TOUCH FOOTBALL FENCING ORANGE BRACKET Front Row: WINNERS CHI OMEGA: Gayle Hedge, Collcn O ' Connor, Janic Fitzgerald, Jane Blessing, Sally Stevens, Toni Baldwin, Virginia Robinson. Second Row: Carol Jean Franklin, Patti Oliver, Eliza- beth Disch. Tkird Row: RUNNERS-UP PI BETA PHI: Susan Garrett, Carol Cockrell, Nancy Beth Johnson, Cora Amcrman, Suzie Searls, Nancy Hughston, Sonya de Mays. Mary Kay Carothers, Evie Buelar, Elizabeth Ann Dudgeon, Linda Ann Lewis. WHITE BRACKET Front Row: RUNNERS-UP ALPHA CHI OMEGA: Meredith Faye Grant, Ann Wyatt, Cynthia Rogers, Suzanne Elizabeth Senac. Second Row: Dewanna Dale Wriborg, Val Jean Dudley, Helen Kay Helm, Sandra Ewell. Jane Clements, Catherine Elaine Dorough, Betty Louise Askew. Beverly Cox. Third Row: WIN NERS DELTA PHI EPSILON: Gayle Elizabeth Feldman, Sandra Rosen, Mania Susan Tucker, Diane Gail Morchower, Ressa Ray Rabinowitz, Hedy Lynda Lewis, Doris Katz. Susan Gail Graber, Brenda Joy Mandel, Marsha Rubin. Left to Right: RUNNER-UP Ann Echols, DELTA GAMMA; WINNER Joan Willoughby, KAPPA ALPHA THETA. VOLLEY BALL DECK TENNIS DOUBLES WHITE BRACKET Front Row: WINNERS PI BETA PHI: Cornelia Cum- mins, Sally Bagby, Michelle Guillot, Jean Burke Rogers, Sandra Elizabeth Street, Dee Dee Williams, Dorothy Malone. Back Row: RUNNERS-UP ALPHA CHI OMEGA: Margaret Diane Schnitzius, Elaine Dorough, Martha Jane Reichert, Ann Wyatt, Jo Ann Demler, Margaret Alice Surratt, Hazel Jane Clements, Beverly Cox. Left to Right: WINNERS DELTA PHI EPSILON: Marsha Carol Rubin, Doris Katz; RUNNERS-UP SRD: Jean Harris, Tudi Griffin. ORANGE BRACKET Front Row: RUNNERS-UP DELTA ZETA: Carolyn Louise Rogers, Carolyn Ann Thomas, Julie Anne Banks, Peggy Sue Gupton, Cindy Hollyfield. Back Row: WINNERS LITTLEFIELD DORM: Karen I ilia Demel, Carol Ann Terp, Martha J. Parrish, ene Shaffer, Cathy White, Edie Lyles. SHUFFLEBOARD SINGLES BOWLING ORANGE BRACKET . to Right: WINNERS GAMMA PHI BETA: Mary Susan Dillard. Betty Lynn McCormick, Sharon Louise Hewitt, Joy Schaumaker, Jann Cecille Gray. WHITE BRACKET Left to Right: W I N N E R Sr-CO-OP : Irene Andrea Braden, Martha Ellen Whitlow, Jo Ann Pankratz, Dorothy Stockton, Joann Ruesch. Left to Right: SECOND PLACE Jean Schaeffer, CHI OMEGA: FIRST PLACE Dee Langley, ALPHA CHI OMEGA. BASKETBALL 5BH TENNIS DOUBLES ORANGE BRACKET Front Row: WINNERS CO-OP: Jessie Ann Voigt, Anne Louise Kopecky, Irene Braden, Anne Ostroloch, Joann Kay Pankratz, Carol Zimmerman. (Second and Third Row, extreme right) : Neila Ann Skinner, Judy Willenborg. Second Row: RUNNERS-UP- I NDE PE NDE NTS : Jackie Baggett, Priscilla Verdun, Sandy Camille Kiker, Betty Jean Zapalac. Third Row: Sandra Lou Jester, Janett Hartin, Gail Steward, Linda Rudd Cloninger, Robin Mary Rice. WHITE BRACKET Front Row: WINNERS ALPHA DELTA PI: Lucy Kay Nolle, Patricia Jackson. Second Row: Carolyn Carlton, Sheila Rae Scott. Brenda Sue Barden, Mary Sue Kuenstler, Bitsy Button, Ann Bowles. Third Row: RUNNERS-UP DELTA DELTA DELTA: Patricia Wall, Ann Demming, Betsy Smith, Priscilla Green. Carol Elizabeth Coffman, Annette Helwig, Esther Jessen. Left to Right: SECOND PLACE Mary Susan Dillard, Margaret Brady. GAMMA PHI BETA. FIRST PLACE Bambi Whitridge, Lillian Lee Carrol, IN- DEPENDENTS. SOFTBALL TENNIS SINGLES ORANGE BRACKET Front Row: RUNNERS-UP CO-OP: Paula Jo Black, Jessie Ann Voigt, Yvonne Johnette Krum, Irene Braden, Vera Luker, Neila Ann Skinner, Mary Evelyn Smith, Joann Kay Pankratz. Second Row: WINNERS SRD: Tudi Griffin, Rosalinda M. Monrreal, Carolyn Draeger, Sylvia Ann Grider, Barbara Gene Bowen, Evalea Glanges. Judy Scott. Third Row: Jo Harris, Joann Thompson, Diana Alves, Ronda Jan Keng, Jean Harris. WHITE BRACKET Front Row: WINNERS DELTA PHI EPSILON: Diane Morchower, Sandra Rosen, Harriet Friedman, Beverly Lynne Hodes, Charna Bulba, Doris Katz, Judy Meyers, Sandy Lasky. Second Row: RUN NERS-UP KAPPA ALPHA THETA: Deanna Dorchester, Denny Ann Wheeler, Joan Willoughby, Linda Kay Beeley, Charlene Melden, Windy Otis. Linda Jane Snow, Catherine Womack, Alice Olivia Ford. Lett to Right: SECOND PLACE Tudi Griffin, SRD; FIRST PLACE Carol Elizabeth Coffman, DELTA DELTA DELTA. BADMINTON DOUBLES SINGLES TABLE TENNIS SINGLES Left to Right: SECOND PLACE Barbara Gene Bowen, jo Harris, SRD: FIRST PLACE Betty Wilson, Martha Ann Post, SRD. Left to Right: FIRST PLACE Martha Ann Post, SRD: SECOND PLACE Rosalinda Monrreal, INDEPEND- ENT. Left to Right: SECOND PLACE Harriette Pullen SIGMA DELTA TAU; FIRST PLACE Lois Terence HILLEL. PAGE 222 ARCHERY Lett to Right: WINNERS, First Place, Di- anne Desi-nber ? , ALPHA EPSILON PHI; Second Place, Jo Ann E. Thompson, SRD; Third Place, Diana Foster, DELTA DEL- TA DELTA. TABLE TENNIS DOUBLES Lett to Right: WINNERS, Second Place, Betty Lynn McCormick, Patsy Delaney, GAMMA PHI BETA; First Place, M. Jean Burkhalter, Mary Jane Burkhalter, CHI OMEGA. POSTURE Clockwise: FINALISTS, Linda Louise Mc- Cown, Carolyn Kay Ransom, Sally Chris- tine Rundquist, Barbara Randies, Kath- eryn Sue Lewis, Caroly French, Con- stance Moffit, Marie Esther Caramonian. SWIMMING Front Row: WINNERS, KAPPA ALPHA THETA, Sandy Coopwood, Chloe Rugeley, Arlene Trowbridge, Mary Lou McDaniel, Joan Willoughby, Beverly Kay Callen. Back Row: RUNNERS-UP, ALPHA CHI OMEGA, Kim Margaret Casey, Elaine Catherine Dorough, Tommie Louise Sims, Carolyn Suzanne Nelson, Diane Lander Lewallen, Barbara Elaine Marshall, Janet Greer Nelson. UTSA U.T.S.A. COUNCIL President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Member-at-Large COLLEEN MARY O ' CONNOR BETTY VEE WILSON PRISCILLA ELAINE ADAMS EUGENIA MARTHA KAMRATH ANN KENNEDY VOIGHT CLUB LEADERS 1960-1961 Canter Club Or diesis . Poona Racket Strike and Spare Triggerettes . Tumle Turtle Club . EUGENIA MARTHA KAMRATH CHERRY ANN STRONG BARBARA Jo HARRIS CAROL ELIZABETH COFFMAN MARTHA JEAN PARRISH ALICE TAMM ADDINGTON PRISCILLA ELAINE ADAMS ANN KENNEDY VOIGHT PAGE 223 COUNCIL Front Row: Travis Shaw, Colleen Mary O ' Connor, Mary Lynn Metz. Second Row: Ann Kennedy Voight, Carol Lynne Concklin. Third ROIL: Priscilla Elaine Adams, Frances Ann Seelke, Martha Kay Kyger. Fourth Row: Rosalinda Martinez Monrreal, Alice Lamm Addington, Jane Stotts. ORCHESIS Front Row: Harriet Lieberman, Wanda Lou Shields, Linda C. Kuick. Jeanne Lee, Frances Ann Seelke. Front Row: Barbara Bowen, Sylvia Grider, Carolyn Draeger, Martha Ann Post, Linda McConneli, Rosa- linda Monrreal. Second Row: Martha Ann Hansen, Carole Wilson, Brenda Jea n Harris, Beatrice Lozano, Barbara Jo Harris, Joanna Hicks, sponsor, Diana Alves. Front Row: Ramona Stubblefield, Cherry Strong, Br Foote, Martha Chandler, Lolly Morales. Second Row: Patricia Wall, Manette Schnitzer, Char- lotte Sanders, Maren Louise Westerfeldt. Third Row: Barbara Mathews, Carol Brooksaler, Sondra Marshall, Faye Lynn Sisson. Fourth Row: Mary Katharine Buckle, Mary Ann Meyer, Adelaide Bresky, Charlene Beardsley, Melinda Ann Smith. Second Row: Anita Lynn Hardy, Cammy Ann Black- more, Jane Bugg, Charlene Short, Edith Gene Lyles, Rickie Robinson. w: Helen Lorraine Khpple, Patricia Davidson, Patricia Maguire, Marion Voight, Judith Stringer, Jeanne Krauss, Kathryn Odom. Fourth Row: Ruth Ann Rawlins, Ann Voight, Michelle Beer. STRIKE SPARE CANTERS Prissy Adams, Sandra Janet Perlowski. Second Row: Saralee Concklin, Alice Hamilton Valen- tine, Carol Lynne Concklin, Kay Patton. Third Row: Carl Johnson. Burton Edward Hazard, Gene Grove, Al Slaughter. Front Row: Barbara Jane Gurecky, Bobbie Ann Darter, Becky Re agan, Evalea Glanges, Andrea Irene Braden, Karen Sue Fife, Robbie Pell. Second Row: Betty Lynn McCormick, Rosalie Ann Beyer, Billie Traweek, Travis Shaw, Diane Theriot, Martha Jean Parrish, Phyllis Jean Richards. Third Row: Armando Benitez, Harry Ferguson, Edward Timoco, Charles Blum, John Talbert, Marvin Bloom- quist, Dal Ed Crabb, John Kruger, Walid Chaban. Left to Right: Monika von Hepperger, Judy Rowland, Analeslie Un fried, Francine Morris, Martha Kyger, Patricia Mann. TRIGGERETTS Front Row: Pat Martin, Rachel Simms Dailey, Jane Ann Brewer, Martha Sumners, Joanna Elizabeth Lowry. Back Row: Alice Addington, Susan O ' Brien, Ronda Sue Campbell, Rayma Watson, Joann Thompson. Front Row: Elizabeth Marc Knox, Jo Ann Walker. Second Row: Susan Ann Buck, Tudi Griffin, Marilyn Savage, Marian Fowlkes, Jane Fitzgerald, Underbill, sponsor. Third Row: Mary M. Austin, Jane Stotts. UTSAM OFFICERS TERENCE COLQUITT TODD GERALD EUGENE LOTT JAMES LANAR MONKRES FRANK HENRY HORAK, JR JOHN L. MEYERS, JR. ALBERT ALBIN ROOKER BOWLING Albert Albin Rooker, Faculty Sponsor Ernie Beltz, Student Director James Carl Partlow, Student Director FENCING Thomas Edward Barlow, Faculty Sponsor James Lanar Monkrcs, Student Director John Schoggin, Student Director GYMNASTICS Richard Vernon McGehee, Faculty Sponsor Dale Keith Swain, Student Director Gene Allen Sherrod, Student Director HANDBALL Michael Gano Frary, Faculty Sponsor William Lionel Graver, Jr., Student Director Richard Allen Beeler, Student Director SOFTBALL Dean Byron Tapley, Faculty Sponsor Gerald Eugene Lott, Student Director WEIGHT LIFTING Roy Jack McLean, Faculty Sponsor William Curson Rochelle. Student Director Terence Colquitt Todd, Student Director WRESTLING James Nelson Mowry, Faculty Sponsor Kilburn Gardcre Moore, Student Director John Philip Gilbreath, Student Director GYMNASTICS TEAM Left to Right: Lawrence Phillip Carter, Jack Richard Phillips, Patrick Henry Wilson, Kenneth Linn Roberts, Henry Har- rison Brooks, William Wessel Nijveld, Milam Method Kad- lecik, Michael Roe, Kenneth Hewes Barricklo, Hazen Robert Walker, Jack Curtis Wilcott, Harry Dillashaw, Jr., Gene Allen Sherrod, Walter M. Jarrell, Jr., Richard Vernon Mc- Gehce. BOWLING TEAM Left to Right: K. U. Davis, Jr., James Carl Partlow, Walter Leroy Eastburn, Jr., Thomas Ross Robertson, Oxley Seth Schapper, Jr., Louis Wood Englander. FENCING CLUB Left to Right: Edward Norberto Jinoco, Philip Franklin Gar- ner, James Lanar Monkres, Owen Wade Anderson, Ralph Edward Holmes. WEIGHT LIFTING CLUB Left to Right: Monte Staha, Carlos Avila, Martin E. Plummer, William Curson Rochelle, Terence Colquitt Todd, Raul Maier Petmecky, Ronald Orville President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Executive Secretary Alfredo Cavazos, Jr., William Conner, Robert Sidney Davis. SOFTBALL CLUB Front Row: Edward Knocke, Stewart Morris Gillett, Herbert David Weitzman, Roy Alton Moore, Bill Frank Snowden. Back Row: John L. Myers, Jr., Gilbert Vetters, Robert Anthony Parma, James Everett Saxton, Jr., Robert Gail Oliver. TOUCH FOOTBALL CLASS A CHAMPIONS KAPPA SIGMA Left to Right: Ronald Hugh Waldie, Wade Hoyt Whilden, James Emmett Snoddy, Lynn P. Carter, Junious Maurice Kyle, III, Tim Allen, Malcolm G. Baker, Byron Clay Wetsel, Robert Harral Whilden, Jr., Robert L. Stillwell. RUNNERS-UP NAVY ROTC Left to Right: Richard Glenn Looney, Andrew Williams Bachofen, Bailey Lovin Guess, Eddie Y. Newcombe, Roger Caldwell Henderson, J. W. Pieper, Gran- ville Edward Paules, III, Grant LcRoy Bigelow, Leslie Allen Sanders. CLASS B CHAMPIONS KAPPA SIGMA Left to Right: James Edward Switzer, Patrick Henry Pettway, II, James Oliver Chambers, William Jordan Gallagher, Justin Castania White, Lloyd Lester Rigby, Charles H. Bankhead, Sharon J. Bearden, Tom D. Chambers, James Vincent Carroll, Robert Stone Chaney, Donald Francis Gillespic, Lewis Edward Brazelton. RUNNERS-UP OAK GROVE Left to Right: Mike P. Kersey, Harold Lee Ward, Jack Ray London, Charles Calvert Rutherford, Jr., William Jess Moore, Jackie Ray Boston, Davidson Dwayne Ballew, Fred Nelson Pieiffe r, Thomas Harold Robinson, Douglas C. Whatlcy, James King Cole, Randy Gordon, Walter Charles Gayle, Allan Carey Fryar, Crady Parker Jones. SWIMMING CHAMPIONS SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Front Row; Charles R. Gregg, John William Creveling, James Douglas Peterson. Back Row: Robert Kelly Maddox, John Jacob Patton, Edwin Jackson Taegel, Garland Eugene Matthews, Jr. RUNNERS-UP ARMY ROTC Left to Right: George Lambert Bristol, Thomas Gould Hendrick, Paul Andrew Wilbure, Arnold Miller Reynolds, George Richard Normand, Carlos Frank Ellzey. BASKETBALL CLASS A CHAMPIONS MERCHANT HOUSE Lett to Right: James Kenneth Reeves, Donald Ricks Stecle. James Arlen Pyle, William Kenneth Matthews, Stephen Travis White, Robert Charles Bush, Ronald Richard Grafe, Barney Matthew Louis Francescon. RUNNERS-UP DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Left to Right: Pat William Haragan, Dennis George Kouth, Charles William Kel- ler, Michael Eggeling Estess, Delbur Boyce Turner, Richard Allen Beeler. CLASS B CHAMPIONS PEM CLUB Left to Right: James Earl Partin, Justin Marshal Wakeland, Audrey Ronny Cart- lidge, Ronald Wayne Wiederstein, Wallace Freytag, Kenneth N. Persenaire, Robert Guy Leach, Jr. RUNNERS-UP BLOMQUIST Left to Right: Joseph Richard Oliver, Jimmy Lueders, Gerald Ronald Dawson, Glenn B. Bredemeyer, James L. Tubbs, Henry Houston Long, Leslie Erwin Oppcrmann. GOLF DOUBLES GOLF SINGLES HORSESHOE SINGLES Left to Right: CHAMPIONS, KAPPA SIGMA, Tommy D. Chambers, Joel Morgan Shepherd. Left to Right: CO-CHAMPIONS, SIGMA CHI, William Carey Kennedy, Jr.; PHI DELTA THETA, Roy Edgar Box, Jr.; KAPPA SIGMA, Joe Morgan Shepherd. Left to Right: CHAMPION. TWIN PINES, Wil- liam Lindemann; RUNNER-UP. SIGMA AL- PHA EPSILON, Richard Kent McGaughy. VOLLEY BALL CLASS A CHAMPIONS IRANIAN STUDENTS Left to Right: Ashot Merijan, Farhad Pirmoradi, Hossein Kazemi, Abbas Asgharian, Faegh Cnaveleh, ManSour Nikkah Bahrain i. RUNNERS-UP SIGMA PHI EPSILON Left to Right: Albert George Franklin, H. L. Hensel Murchison, David Gavin Ritchie, jr., Thomas Walter Bailey, Bill E. Fritts, George G. Stubblefield. CLASS B CHAMPIONS SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Left to Right: Joe Arthur Shepperd, Robert H. Stewart, Jr., Henry Fred Broesche Billy Mack Payne, Ronald E. Martin, Herbert Paul Haschke, Jr., John Carro Vogt. RUNNERS-UP OAK GROVE Left to Right: Fred Nelson Pfeiffer, Walter Charles Gayle. William Ross Cowan, Rodney Owen Beaty, Daniel Wallace Norwood, James Edward Rupp, William Douglas Stegemuller, John Criss Reagan, William Jefferson Moore, Harold Lee Ward. TABLE TENNIS DOUBLES -, to Right: CHAMPIONS, IND-UNAiTT, Tan Tsu Sheng, Frank Min-Tsong Lay; RUNNERS-UP, PHI GAMMA DELTA, William Berry McCampbell Thomas McCampbell. Left to SINGLES Left to Right: RUNNER-UP, PHI GAMMA DELTA, Thomas McCampbell; CHAMPION, TSAT, Prasit Narongdej. NOV 5 BAY tOB NOV. IZ T C O NOV 14 ' CHAMPIONS-PIERSON HOUSE Left to Right: Carl H. Braubach, John Dunnan Beeson, Alfred Villarreal, Hector Gonzalez. RUNNERS-UP-KAPPA ALPHA PSI Front Row: Fred Lee Jefferson, Freeman LaSalle Andrews, Charles Murray Miles, Joseph Leon Jackson, Lonnie Fogle. Back Row: Cleo Jenkins, Clarence Leon Steele, Jr., Leroy Calvin Sanders, Herman Melvin Washington, Jr. SOFTBALL CLASS A CHAMPIONS-PEM CLUB Front Row: Wallace Freytag, Norman L. Sansom, Liles Clay Guess, Wayne M. Hay, Lawrence J. Bergen, Billy Frank Snowden. Back Row: Carroll Ray Daniel, Garland Dunbar, Carroll A. Lundin, Nelson Fred- erick Bippert, William M. Brenner. RUNNERS-UP-DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Front Row: Hugh Graydon Dunlap, Richard Allen Beeler, Pat William Haragan, Gus A. Koerner, Frank Scarborough. Back Row. David Allen Sadler, Kenneth Ray Edgar, Carol Joseph Stephanow, J. Robert Taylor, Edwin Smith Graham. CLASS B CHAMPIONS-PHI GAMMA DELTA Front Row: John Allen Genung. Walter Scott Fortney, Roy Eugene Miller, Wil- liam Beal Scroggie, John C. Treadwell. Back Row. Maurice Leland Allred. John Joseph Redfern, III, Thomas Henger Stewart, Eugene Joseph Dozier, Tommy William Oliver. RUNNERS-UP-OAK GROVE Front Row: Allen Drue Branch, Milton Clarence Schroeder, Jr., Paul F. Case, Auburn Lee Hipgins. Back Row: John L. Myers, Jr., Randy Gordon, Charles Brann Shelby, Joe Stefan Yardas, John Edward Pennebaker. HANDBALL DOUBLES Left to Right: CLASS A, CHAMPIONS, DELTA KAPPA EPSILON, Richard Allen Beeler, Dennis George Kouth; RUNNERS-UP, Gary Charles Bernhard, Marvin Edwin Molberg. DOUBLES Left to Right: CLASS A, CHAMPIONS, MERCHANT HOUSE, Norman Eugene Jarrard. Freddie Eugene Martin RUNNERS-UP, KAPPA SIGMA, Thomas J. Foitik, Reese Robertson Oliver. Left to Right: CLASS B, CHAMPIONS, DELTA KAPPA EPSILON, John Thomas Stephens, Shell Daniel Hogue, RUNNERS-UP, OAK GROVE, John L. Myers, Jr., Harold Lee Ward. Left to Right: CLASS B, RUNNERS-UP, MERCHANT HOUSE, Julius Glickman, Darrell Cox, CHAMPIONS, NAVY ROTC, Harvard Glenn Ayers, Andrew George Anderson. SINGLES Left to Right: CLASS B, CHAMPIONS, DELTA KAPPA EPSILON, J. Robert Taylor; RUNNER-UP, PEM CLUB, Wayne M. Hay; CLASS A, RUNNER-UP. PEM CLUB, Kenneth N. Persenaire; CHAMPION, DELTA KAPPA EPSILON, Richard Allen Beeler. SINGLES Left to Right: CLASS A, CHAMPIONS. INDEPENDENT TACHED, Norman Eugene Jarrard; RUNNER-UP. PHI KAPPA PSI, Thomas Scott Cantine. CLASS B. RUNNER-UP, OAK GROVE, Allen Drue Branch; CHAMPION, ALPHA TAU OMEGA, William Robert Miller. WATER BASKETBALL I CHAMPIONS SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Left to Right: Herbert Paul Haschke, Jr., Robert Kelley Maddox, John Wells Fainter, Jr., Robert Charles Greve, John Jacob Patton, Peter Evans Pratt, Edwin Jackson Taegel, James Douglas Peterson. RUNNERS-UP OAK GROVE Left to Right: William Jefferson Moore, Randy Gordon, James King Cole, Robert M. Randolph, Daniel Wallace Norwood, Mike P. Kersey, Claude Eugene Robertson, Roland Larry Matthews, Walter Charles Gayle. PARTICIPATING TROPHY WINNERS POW-WOW Left to Right: Edward Jack Adleta, PHI DELTA THETA; Richard Glenn Looney, NAVY ROTC ; Alonzo Church Wood, III, BRACKENRIDGE HALL; Barney Matthew Louis Francescon, MERCHANT HOUSE. BEST ALL-ROUND INTRAMURAL ATHLETES William M. Brenner, PEM CLUB. Leslie Erwin Oppermann, BLOMQUIST. Richard Allen Beeler, DELTA KAPPA EPSILON. SENIOR MANAGERS TEAM MANAGER AWARDS Left to Right: Grant LeRoy Bigelow, Alfred Bernard Brady, Jr., Dunklin A. Sullivan, Juan Jay Smith. Front Row: Richard Allen Beeler. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON; William Allen Melton, BRUNETTE HOUSE; Claude Eugene Robertson, OAK GROVE; Frank Edward Billings, ROBERTS HALL. Back Row: Edward S. McCullough, SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON; Tommy W. Lueders, BLOMQUIST HOUSE; Richard Glenn Looney, NAVY ROTC. TROPHY WINNERS POW-WOW Left to Right: Frank Evans Memorial Trophy Presented by Oak Grove to James Earl Partin. Navy ROTC Berry M. Whitaker Leadership Award to Richard Allen Beeler, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Cowboy Sportsman- ship Trophy to Glenn M. Looney. JUNIOR MANAGERS, FALL JUNIOR MANAGERS, SPRING Front Row: Weir Labatt, Howard Charles Mollenkopf, Terry Mitchell Wilson. Donald Lee Woods. Back Row: Robert Ray Perry, Rodney Curtis Koenig, Frank M. Wilson, III, Jack Ronald Grant. Front Row: Arthur Alexander Duggan, Emmett Dale Pharis, Wilburn L. Payne, William Warner Witcher. Back Row: David Peter Phillips. Edward Swinney Givens, George Frank Oatman. Jr., Charles Davis Scarborough. The Commodore Riverboat at Green Shores I ' r I SORORITIES PACE 233 fltpka Chi Fall SALLY CATHERINE CHENAULT MYRTLE FAYE BLUMBERG DOROTHY KAY CHISUM . LENORE CAROL HIGHLAND KRISTIN ANN WYATT OFFICERS President . . . . First Vice-President . Second Vice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Spring BETTY LOUISE ASKEW NANCY DEMENT ELIZABETH DIANNE AMES CAROLE GENE FERGUSON MARY LINDA BAILEY MEMBERS Sarah Jane Abright, San Antonio Susan Elizabeth Adams, Dallas Betty Lenora Allgood, Port Arthur Elizabeth Dianne Ames, Houston Annette Lee Anderson, San Antonio Betty Louise Askew, Amarillo Mary Linda Bailey, Marfa Dona Lou Barrier, Houston Hazel Phyllis Barton, Kermit Marilyn Sue Becker, Galena Park Darlene Bland, Waco Dian Blomquist, Austin Myrtle Faye Blumberg, Seguin Nancy Ann Booth, Port Arthur Kim Margaret Casey, Dallas Sally Catherine Chenault, Dallas Dorothy Kay Chisum, Wichita Falls Eleanor Ann Christian, Austin Jane Elizabeth Colley, Austin Beverly Cox, Houston Toy Kay Crocker, Corpus Christi Nancy Dement, Austin Jo Ann Demlcr, Port Arthur Dana Adriana deRidder, Houston Catherine Elaine Dorough, Houston Sarah Elizabeth Edgar, Austin Carol Dean Esse, Seguin Carole Gene Ferguson, Dallas Judith Christine Fisher, Dallas Charlynn Franks, San Antonio Elizabeth Louise Gardner, Austin Marsha Ann Gathright, Austin Mary Catherine Geron, Waxahachie Joyce Lynn Gordy, Beaumont Jo Frances Greene, Austin Mary Patricia Guyton, Midland Helen Josephine Haile, Austin Mary Louise Harborth, Yoakum Sarah Jane Hatfield, San Antonio Carole Ann Hatler, Dallas Phyllis Marie Hicks, Austin Lenore Carol Highland, Houston LaVerne Marie Hlanak, Baytown Carol Lynn Huber, Pasadena Edith Louise Kennard, Texas City Margaret Rose Kuebler, Houston Diane Lander, San Antonio Dorothy Sue Langley, Houston Ann Katherine Lemburg, Austin Suzanne Luquette, Port Arthur Eva Gayle Maxey, Austin Sally Ann Mayfield, San Antonio Judith Langworthy McConnell, Houston Karen McKinney, Beeville Donna Mills, Houston Connie Alexis Moffit, Austin Patricia Caroline Montalbo, Houston Shirley Ann Myers, Austin Roxana Marie Oughton, San Antonio Sharon Elizabeth Pope, Austin Eugenia Lenore Robertson, Fort Worth Dorothy Ray Rodgers, Harlingen Rose Mary Rodgers, Harlingen Cynthia N. Rogers, Baytown Linda Sue Rogers, Dallas Sheren Lee Rowland, Dallas Margaret Jeanel Russell, Weslaco Kay Jacqueline Sanderson, Dallas Gretchen Annah Schneider, Childress Elizabeth Ann Sherar, Houston Katherine Patricia Solcher, Dallas Joy Darlene Stage, San Antonio Arlene Gayle Strong, Houston Margaret Alice Surratt, Panhandle Barbara Glyds Tinker, San Antonio Patricia Sue Voelkel, Austin Joan Berniece Voiles, Texas City Elizabeth Dee Walton, Beaumont Sally Ann Weatherford, San Antonio Janice Ann Whitehead, Anahuac Toni Woodford, Dallas Carolyn Louise Wright, Houston Kristin Ann Wyatt, Kilgore Top Row: M. Abright, S. Abright, Adams, B. Anderson, Ames, Askew, Athens, Bailey, Barrier, Barton, Becker Blomquist Second Row: Blumberg, Brooks, Casey, Christian, H. Clements, P. Clements, Colley, Collier. Cox, Crocker Dement Demler Third Row: deRidder, Dorough, Dudley, DuGas, Eads, Engstrom, Esse, Ewell, Ferguson, Fisher, Franks, Gandy Geron. Fourth Row: Gmn, Gordy, Grant, Greene, Guyton, Haile, Hall, Harborth, Hcinen, Helm, Hicks Highland Hill PACE 234 car Top Row: Hlanak, Hollow, Kelley, Langley, Lemburg, Luquette, Marshall, Maxey, Mayfield, McClellan, McConnell, McKenzie, McKinney, McMurry, Medina. Second Row: Meeks, Menn, Mills, J. Myers, S. Myers, C. Nelson, J. Nelson, Oughton, Porter, Ray, Reichert, Robertson, R. Rodgers, L. Rogers, Rowland. Third Row: Russell, Sanderson, Schneider, Schnitzius, Senac, Sherar, Sisco, Smith, Solcher, Stage, Strong, Surratt, Tinker, Townsend, Van Zandt. Fourth Row: Voelkel, Walton, Wasoff, Watkins, Weatherford, Westbrook, Whitehead, Williams, Windlow, Woodford, Woodress, Wriborg, C. Wright, N. Wright, Wyatt. NATIONAL FOUNDING De Pauw University, 1885 LOCAL FOUNDING Alpha Phi, 1924 Mary Cathleen Abright, San Antonio Bonnie Jean Anderson, Dallas Vivian Athens, Dallas Frances Sue Brooks, Brownsville Barbara Ann Browne, Corpus Christi Hazel Jane Clements, Huntsville Peggy Lynn Clements, San Antonio Colleen Heather Collier, Houston Val Jean Dudley, Austin Diana Susan DuGas, Houston Sharon Lee Eads, Amarillo Mary Dwyce Engstrom, Harlingen Sandra Elizabeth Ewell, Austin Crystal Ann Gandy, Corpus Christi Judith Ann Ginn, Amarillo Meredith Faye Grant, Houston Martha Jane Hall, Refugio PLEDGES Martha Lee Heinen, Houston Helen Kay Helm, Dallas Kathryn Hill, Beaumont Jane Ann Hollow, Dallas Judith Ann Kelley, Fort Worth Barbara Elaine Marshall, Houston Suzanne Mason, Fort Worth Jo Ann McClellan, Overton Gerre Ann McGeeney, Corpus Christi June Elizabeth McKenzie, San Antonio Geraldine Ann McMurry, Corpus Christi Maria Elinor Medina, Killeen Mary Catherine Meeks, Houston Betty Jo Menn, Austin Jacquelyn Myers, Austin Carolyn Suzanne Nelson, San Antonio Janet Greer Nelson, El Paso Linda Marguerite Porter, Port Arthur Patsy Cordelia Ray, Mercedes Martha Jane Reichert, Yoakum Margaret Diane Schnitzius, Houston Suzanne Elizabeth Senac, Houston Connie Sisco, Conroe Nancy Jo Smith, Shreveport, La. Donna Kay Townsend, Houston Judith Van Zandt, San Antonio Amelia Paula Wasoff, Dallas Beverly Jean Watkins, Houston Carolyn Sue Westbrook, Houston Judith Eleanor Williams, Greenville Dale Elizabeth Windlow, Beaumont Judith Woodress, San Antonio Dewanna Dale Wriborg, Port Arthur Nancy Louise Wright, Houston Phyllis Ann Wright, Alice belta Pi Fall MARY Lou SCHUENEMANN LINDA ELIZABETH HAN KINS LINDA MONTGOMERY . KITTY KESSLER . NANCY BAILEY OFFICERS President First Vice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer Spring VIRGINIA ANN PEARSON CLAIRE ANN DICKEY PATRICIA SUE GIMON LINDA ANN HAMPTON CAROL KAY DOWDY Alice E. Adams, Austin M. Katherine Anderson, Palestine Martha Rebecca Armstrong, Austin Nancy Bailey, Rosenberg Brenda Sue Harden, Houston Linda Ann Bartlett, Austin Jacquelyn Ann Benson, San Antonio Barbara Ann Bettell, Houston Bette Lee Bluntzer, Goliad Joan F. Borden, Austin Nancy Ruth Buchanan, Navasota Carolyn Carlton, Lake Jackson Lauralyn Carlton, Lake Jackson Catherine Ann Chunn, Houston Mary Allwyn Cooper, Austin Charlotte Camille Daniel, Alvin Claire Ann Dickey, Houston Patricia Sue Dillon, Austin R. Ann Doss, Crowley Carol Kay Dowdy, Pharr Delia Duson, El Campo Ann Therese Finegan, Dallas Martha Houghton Fischer, Temple Margaret Gene Flewellen, Longview Rosemary Virginia Forester, Houston Sarah Rebekah Foster, Alvin Phyllis Ann Fox, Pharr Carolyn French, Woodsboro W. Carol Friend, Ozona Patricia Sue Gimon, Navasota Linda Ann Hampton, Fort Worth MEMBERS Sarah Handorf, Palestine Linda Elizabeth Hankins, Houston Virginia Sue Hartgrove, Houston Johanna Hoff, Houston Rosemary Clyde House, San Antonio Lillian Humphrey, Austin Jane Dee Jochimsen, San Antonio Cynthia Ann Jones, San Antonio Margaret Elizabeth Jones, Houston Kitty Kessler, Del Rio Pattye Jayne Kiecke, Rosenberg Twila Wanda Kieke, Giddings Ann Kilpatrick, Bellaire Beverly Koen, Austin Mary Sue Kuenstler, Alice Lou Ann Lancaster, Dallas Julianne Lane, Dallas Lou Anne Langford, Mercedes S. Gail Livengood, Lockhart D. Carolyn Martin, Pittsburg Judith Kay Matthews, San Antonio Jane Ann McElvy, San Antonio Mignon lone Middleton, San Antonio Jerre Lee Mills, San Antonio Linda Montgomery, Dallas Melody Ann Pattillo, Alvin Janis Louise Payne, Austin Kay Frances Payne, San Antonio Virginia Ann Pearson, Del Rio Janis Gail Pettit, Houston Carolyn Kay Ransom, Austin Rebecca Stuart Red, Alvin Linda Ann Register, Dallas Sherry Gayle Rice, Tomball Sharon Virginia Rives, Houston Kay Robinson, Houston Judith Marie Rowland, Port Arthur Martha Ann Rowland, Del Rio Sallie Jo Rutherford, Dallas Susan Jane Sanders, Dallas Mary Cathryn Sauer, Almeda Mary Lou Schuenemann, Houston Sheila Rae Scott, Houston Ada Marie Sharpe, Angleton Kathryne Anne Sherrill, Houston Gay Barbara Sim, El Paso Sara Evelyn Stinebaugh, Houston Sara Jane Streater, Lake Charles, La. Carol Ann Sullivan, Fort Worth LaRae Swindle, Cpmanche Laura Marie Tryling, Houston Judith Eileen Walker, Houston Charlotte Helen Watson, Elmhurst, 111. L. Evelyn Weir, Childress Maren Louise Westerfeldt, Fredericksburg Lou Ann White, Big Spring Margaret Ann Wible, Sherman Virginia Philips Woodward, Beaumont Mary Ann Worthy, Corsicana Alice Mildred Wright, Houston Dorothy Louise Wright, Houston Barbara Jane Yonker, Seguin Mary Catherine Ziller, Beaumont . Top Rox: Anderson, Armstrong, Bailey, Harden, Bartlett, Bennett, Benson, B. Bettell, L. Bettell, Bluntzer, Borden, A. Bowles. Second Row: M. Bowles, Butler, Calvin, L. Carlton, Chilton, Chunn, Cooper, Culley, Daniel, Davis, De Berry, Dickey. Third Row: N. Dillon, P. Dillon, Dimmitt, Doss, Dowdy, Duson, Dutton, Ebling, Fischer, Flewellen, Forester, Foster, Fox. Fourth Row: Friend, Gimon, Gregg, Halbrook, Hampton, Handorf, Hankins, Hargrove, Hartgrove, Hoff, R. L. House, R. C. House, Humphrey. PACE 236 ? 7o Row: Jackson, Jenkins, Jochimsen, C. Jones, M. Jones, Kessler, Kiecke, N. Kieke, T. Kieke, Kilpatrick, Knolle, Keen, Kolle, Kuenstler, Lancaster. Second Row: Landrum, Langford, LeBlanc, Lee, Livengood, Martin, Matthews, McAdams, McEIvy, McGrew, Middleton, Mills Mitchell Montgomery, Nolle. Third Row: Oliver, Olson, Pattillo, J. Payne, K. Payne, Pearson, Pettit, Ransom, Register, Rives, Robinson, J. Rowland, M. Rowland, Sanders, Scheiblich, Schuenemann. Fourth Row: Scott, Seitz, Sharpe, Sherrill, Sim, Skelton, A. Smith, N. Smith, Stincbaugh, Straiton, Sullivan, Swanson, Swindle, Theriot, Treadaway, Trenckman. Fifth Row: Undersood, Walker, Watson, Weiss, Welch, Westerfeldt, White, Whitman, Wible, Woodward, Worthy, A. Wright, D. Wright P Wright Yon- ker, Ziller. Natalie Elizabeth Bennett, Marlin Linda Jean Bettell, Houston Ann Bowles, Belton Margaret Bowles, Belton Lasca Butler, Kenedy Carolyn Beatrice Calvin, Dallas Doris Lea Chilton, Waco Margaret Virginia Culley, Austin Dorothy Gayle Davis, Austin Diane De Berry, San Antonio Nancy Newell Dillon, Austin Deanna Marye Dimmitt, Uvalde Sara Martha Durham, Abilene Margaret Sue Dutton, Bishop Jo Ann Ebling, Big Spring Susan Gregg, Round Rock Susan Ann Halbrook, Fort Worth NATIONAL FOUNDING Wesleyan College, 1851 LOCAL FOUNDING Delta, 1906 PLEDGES Marie Hargrove, Pittsburg Roberta Lee House, San Antonio Patricia Jackson, Mount Pleasant Frieda Ann Jenkins, Mission Leslie Carolyn Jones, San Antonio Nellie Gay Kieke, Giddings Evelyn Anne Knolle, Austin Karen Fay Kolle, Inez Durlan Landrum, Pasadena Jeannine Marie LeBlanc, Houston Rebecca Jo Lee, Austin Billye May McAdams, Austin Marilyn Margarite McGrew, Corpus Christi Frances Eugenie Mitchell, Uvalde Lucy Kay Nolle, Sour Lake Jean Ann Oliver, Austin Caroline Olson, San Antonio Norma Sue Scheiblich, Marlin Judy K. Seitz, Pharr Linda Annette Skelton, Houston Anne Gordon Smith, Dallas Nancy Maureen Smith, San Antonio Carolyn Straiton, Austin Frances Ann Swanson, Denver, Colo. Judith Swetland, Marlin Rosalie Dianne Theriot, Port Arthur Dianne Treadaway, El Campo Ellen Trenckman, Bryan Kay Elizabeth Underwood, Gainesville Sandra Lou Weiss, Fort Worth Emily Claire Welch, Beaumont Elizabeth Emily Whitman, Dallas Pamela Florence Wright, San Antonio CpMlv Pki Fall SANDRA ROSLYN JACOBS . MARILYN CHARLOTTE SOLTZ GAIL JUDY GOLD . GWENDA LYNN JACOBSON KAY FRANCES LEVENSKY . OFFICERS President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer Spring RHONA NADELLE FINKELSTEIN KAY FRANCES LEVENSKY GAIL JUDY GOLD MOLLY CAROLEN TOTZ MARCIA LEE SCHAFFER MEMBERS Lynn Bassist, Austin Barbara Carrye Bernstein, Enid, Okla. Barbara Lynn Bomash, Denver, Colo. Margie Burstyn, Austin Minna Rae Cytrin, San Antonio Louise Carol Davis, San Antonio Dianne Desenberg, Houston Myra Sue Efron, Houston Lynn Gay Finesilver, San Antonio Rhona Nadelle Finkelstein, Pampa Susan Ilene Franks, Tyler Ilene Doris Gallop, University City, Mo. Abigail Carol Glosserman, Lockhart Gail Judy Gold, San Antonio Mary Lynn Goldsmith, Tyler Gail Goldstein, Dallas Bonnie Belle Gray, Orange Marjorie Elaine Green, Houston Nancy Lou Hurwitz, Sioux Falls, S. Dak. Sandra Roslyn Jacobs, San Antonio Gwenda Lynn Jacobson, Waco Harriet Hinda Kahn, Lubbock Kay Frances Levensky, Des Moines, Iowa Trudy Levy, Little Rock, Ark. Harriet Lieberrnan, Houston Marlene Nathan, Galveston Pamela Lynn Oliver, Kansas City, Mo. Marcia Lee Schaffer, Corpus Christi Sharon Lee Shulkin, Sioux City, Iowa Marilyn Charlotte Soltz, Pine Bluff, Ark. Dorothy Jane Spitzberg, Tyler Elaine Rochelle Steinberg, Wynne, Ark. Marilyn Jane Strauss, San Antonio Joyce Lynn Streusand, Bellaire Molly Carolen Totz, Lufkin Marion Jean Voet, Borger Lynne Metzger Weil, Dallas Top Row: Bassist, Bernstein, Beychok, E. Bock, J. Bock, Bromberg, Burstyn, Daum, Davis, Desenberg. Second Row: Edelman, Erlich. Feingold, Finesilver, Finkelstein, Franks, Frost, Frucht, Gallop, Click. Third Row: Glosserman, Gold, Goldsmith, Goldstein, Goodman, Gray, Green, Gross, A. Hoffman, R. Hoffman. PAGE 238 Top Row: Hurwitz, Jacobs, Jacobson, G. Kahn, H. Kahn, Lciman, Lerner, Levensky, Levy, Lieberman, Magrish, Mimeles. Second Row: Nathan, Oken, Perlman, Rosenthal, Rubenstein, Sachs, Saxe, Schaffer, Segal, Shainock, Shalctte, Shulkin. Third Row: Singer, Slavin, Soltz, Spicgleman, Spitzberg, Steinberg, Streusand, Talpis, Topperman, Tntz, Waisman, Zden. NATIONAL FOUNDING Barnard College, 1909 LOCAL FOUNDING Omega, 1925 PLEDGES Marilyn Roberta Beychok, Shrevepoi t, La. Jane Louise Bock, Dallas Elaine Rosalind Bock, Dallas Joyce Harriet Bromberg, Clayton, Mo. Sandra Elaine Daum, Houston Janice Edelman, Lufkin Judy Phyllis Erlich, Houston Janice Sue Feingold, Kansas City, Mo. Joann Fractman, Ponca City, Okla. Barbara Ann Frost, Houston Brenda Lou Frucht, Houston Donna Gail Click, Houston Linda Sharon Goodman, El Paso Helen Gail Gordon, El Paso Valerie Lynn Gross, Dallas Adele Sharon Hoffman, Houston Rochelle Lynne Hoffman, Houston Gayle Marjorie Kahn, El Paso Helen Sara Leiman, Houston Sondra Jane Lerner, Houston Susan Phyllis Levine, Orange Phyllis Jane Magrish, San Antonio Wendy Ethel Mimeles, New Orleans, La. Linda Gayle Oken, Los Angeles, Calif. Donna Lynne Perlman, Houston Judith Susan Rosenthal, McAllen Iris Beth Rubenstein, Houston Margaret Carol Sachs, Greenville, Miss. Marsha Eileen Saxe, Dallas Rolaine Ann Segal, San Antonio Lois Paula Shainock, Houston Sarna Carol Shalette, Dallas Bonnie Charlotte Singer, Houston Gladys Davidson Slavin, Houston Nancy Lee Spiegleman, Denver, Colo. Judith Paula Talpis, El Paso Bette Topperman, Tyler Terry Waisman, Brownwood Bernice Zelen, Lincoln, Neb. foelta Fall JoAN ROBERTA NOVOTNY . CYNTHIA ANN TLUCEK . MARION KATHERINE MURPHY JANE ELIZABETH MAXWELL . ALICE VIRGINIA HUFFINGTON OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer t Spring ALICE VIRGINIA HUFFINGTON KATHLEEN ANNE WORD PEGGY LOUISE DAVIDSON MARILYN OLSEN WISER MEMBERS Jean ElizabeCh Benson, Houston Carol A. Boughton, Austin Lynda Lee Craft, Houston Peggy Louise Davidson, Austin Billie Jo Ferguson, Austin Linda Beth Grumbles, Atlanta Martha Jo Henry, Austin Wanda Claire Houston, Beaumont Alice Virginia Huffington, Mount Calm Louise LaBauvc, Austin Susan Anne Lieberman, Houston Barbara Ann Lumsden, Arlington Jane Elizabeth Maxwell, Lovelady Maria Antonieta Medina, Killeen Marion Katherine Murphy, Austin JoAn Roberta Novotny, Houston Harriet Eleanor Olsen, Austin Marilyn Olsen, Austin Verna Sue Risinger, Sour Lake Patricia Wynn Rusch, Austin Patsy Melissa Schumann, San Antonio Cherie Lucille Shireman, Corpus Christi Beverly Ross Smith, Austin Rosann Dorothy Smith, San Antonio Jane F. Spacek, Granger Suzanne Margaret Thornhill, Dallas Cynthia Ann Tlucek, Houston Karen Sue Wheeler, Winsboro Patricia Ann White, Austin LaNell Wiser, Houston Doris Roberta Woolsey, Liberty Kathleen Anne Word, Houston Top Row: Albert, Benson, Brandt, Bruneau, Burba, Carter, Craft, Daugherty, Douglas. Second Row: Downes, Fann, Ferguson, Gabriel, Gaston, Grumbles, Harris, Haynes, Hill. Third Row: Horn, Houston, Huffington, Ivey, LaBauve, Leathenvood, Lieberman, Linn, Lumsden. PAOB 240 Top Row: Marshall, Maxwell, Medina, Milstead, Morgan, Novotny, Olsen, Peterson, Randall. Second Row: Rusch, J. Schumann, P. Schumann, Shia, B. Smith, K. Smith, P. Smith, R. S. Smith, R. D. Smith, Spacck. Third Row: Stubblefield, Thornhill, Tlucek, C. Umlauf, M. Umlauf, Watson, White, Wilson, Wiser, Word. NATIONAL FOUNDING Syracuse University, 1904 LOCAL FOUNDING Epsilon Delta, 1940 PLEDGES Barbara Elaine Albert, Darien, Conn. Brenda Sue Brandt, Austin Theresa Maureen Bruneau, Houston Elizabeth Marie Burba, Austin Kay Elizabeth Carter, Austin Diane Elizabeth Daugherty, Austin Dona Margaret Douglas, Dallas Adrienne Marie Downes, Houston Sally Eileen Fann, Houston Gail Gabriel, Tyler Carol Margaret Gaston, Tacoma, Wash. Carole Harris, Austin Mary Julette Haynes, Houston Surrenden Kay Hill, Austin Ellen Victoria Horn, Fort Worth Linda Kay Ivey, Fort Worth Mary Fleming Jones, Dallas Betty Jane Leatherwood, Palestine Leejota Ann Linn, Kerrville Sondra Marshall, Austin Melinda Lou Milstead, Austin Rebecca Ann Moore, Huntsville Shirley Ann Morgan, Electra Carol Ann Peterson, Austin Sandra Kay Randall, Austin Amy Lee Schmidt, Palestine Janice Schumann, San Antonio Theresa Diana Shia, Austin Mary Elizabeth Simecek, Austin Kay Smith, Littlefield Patricia Anne Smith, Plainview Randhi Susanne Smith, Dallas Ramona Lee Stubblefield, Austin Carolyn Charlotte Umlauf, Austin Madelon Marie Umlauf, Austin Jeanine Anne Watson, Dallas Barbara Jean Wilson, Corpus Christi Pi Fall MARY CAROLYN RICHARDSON . BETTY RUTH BURNETT GENNY TIMOTHEA MCNAMARA PHYLLIS JOAN KEMP WENDY LEE MILLER . OFFICERS President . . . . Vice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Spring WENDY LEE MILLER ROSEMARY COCHRAN MARY MINETTE NAQUIN BETTY RUTH BURNETT GENNY TIMOTHEA MCNAMARA MEMBERS Mary Karen Blume, Wichita, Kan. Mary Eleanor Brace, Austin Betty Ruth Burnett, Austin Beverly Ann Chesson, Austin Rosemary Cochran, Austin Martha Ellen Johnson, Grand Prairie Rose Mary Jones, Kilgore Phyllis Joan Kemp, San Antonio Genny Timothea McNamara, Houston Wendy Lee Miller, Dallas Mary Minette Naquin, Austin Katherine Hankamer Nemeth, Houston Barbara Jean Nichols, Galveston Vivian Emily O ' Shaughnessy, Alvin Mary Carolyn Richardson, Austin Bonnie Lee Schaeffer, Austin Patricia Eliot Skaff, Port Arthur Virginia Helene Smith, Beaumont Mary Carolyn Stone, San Antonio Beverly Sue Ward, Austin Top Row: Burnett, Chesson, Cochran, Cole, Cunningham, Freeman, Johnson. Second Row: Jones, P. Kemp, King, Lackey, Lee, Makoviny, Martin. PAGE 242 Top Row: McNamara, Miller, Naqum, Nemeth, Nichols, O ' Shaughnessy, Richardson. Second Row: Rock, Schaeffer, Shelton, Skaff, Stone, Turner, Van Dyke. NATIONAL FOUNDING Barnard College, 1897 LOCAL FOUNDING Pi Kappa, 1941 PLEDGES Barbara Lou Babione, Amarillo Barbara Jean Cole, Dallas Betty Ruth Cunningham, Austin Peggy Jane Freeman, Texarkana Corrie Ann Hornburg, Austin Ruth Ellen Kemp, San Antonio Millie Ericson King, Dallas Mary Ann Lackey, McAllen Laura Linda Lee, Dallas Edith Makoviny. Pecos Suzanne Martin, Richardson Naomi Jean Massour, Austin Joy Kay Nelson, Texas City Connie Jo Rock, Texas City Lelia Ann Shelton, Austin Kathleen Thomas, Big Spring Mary Katherine Turner, Galena Park LeAnne Van Dyke, Victoria Alpha Phi Fall ANN DEVINE . ELIZABETH LOUISE UROUA ROSE MARIE GILL ANN GEORGE ROBERTSON . CONNIE WINSLOW BLACK . OFFICERS President . . . . First V ice-President Second Vice-President Treasurer . . . . Recording Secretary Spring GLENDA GAY GRIFFITTS MARIE ESTHER CARAMANIAN KATHLEEN MARIE RAY CATHERINE LEE BROWN LINDA LOUISE McCowN Suzanne Alexander, Dallas Gwen Andrews, Bryan Barbara Irene Barnett, La Marque Linda Lucille Bicker, La Feria Mary Reagan Birdwell, Austin Patricia Ann Blachly, Austin Connie Winslow Black, Corpus Christ! Carolyn Christine Bock, Austin Judy Kay Boland, Dallas Catherine Lee Brown, Gatesville Melinda Louise Burkhart, La Marque Sara Jean Callaway, Fort Worth Marie Esther Caramanian, Houston Marilyn Patricia Clark, Corpus Christ! Betsy Inez Coleman, Bay City Frances Ruth Darling, Port Arthur Ann Devine, Corpus Christi Pamela Ann Dexter, Houston Catherine Clark Eden, Villanova, Pa. Patricia Anne Ellerkamp, Newgulf C. Faye Ellis, La Marque Judith Ann Ferguson, Brownwood Thetis LaRue Foust, Morton Rose Marie Gill, San Antonio Janet Laney Gillfillan, Fort Worth MEMBERS Kitty Gisher, Dallas Judith Janelle Greenway, Houston Sandra Elaine Greer, McAllen Glenda Gay Griffins, Vernon Glenda Gay Henderson, Midland Sarah Henslee, Galvcston Judith Lee Johnson, Austin Shelley Francis Kalmbach, Austin Sylvia Anne Lacey, Dallas Pat Laird, Tomball Kathy Mafrige, Houston Linda Louise McCown, Victoria Linda Ann Mclntosh, Victoria Penny Lynn McNabb, Houston Joanne Frances McQuaide, Houston Judy Morehead, Austin Elizabeth Gail Passmore, San Antonio Carol Jean Patterson, Austin Molly Lynn Pearson, Jacksonville Glenda Lee Power, Fort Worth Rose Mary Prince, Village Mills Roxana Proctor, Victoria Dixie Ann Proffitt, New Braunfels Nicole Elizabeth Puzin, Houston Fern Ramsey, Tulia Kathleen Marie Ray, Corpus Christi Sandy Kay Reddrick, Fort Worth Frances Anne Riemann, Brownsville Ann George Robertson, Fort Worth Martha Robinson, San Antonio Frances Ann Seelke, Houston Wanda Lou Shields, Austin Janice Sue Shofner, Harlingen Mary Louise Simpson, Austin Patricia Ann Spiars, Austin Sherry Gay Stafford, Odessa Claudette Taylor, Lufkin Lynette Taylor, Dallas Mary Perry Taylor, Austin Barbara Jean Thompson, Austin Linda Suzanne Tixier, Houston Elizabeth Louise Uroda, Galveston Susan Louise Van Winkle, Austin Sally Elizabeth Waddill, Houston Gloria Watson, Brady Lynne Weiser, Panhandle Kay White, Terrell Margo Lil Whitt, San Antonio Barbara Word, Abilene Top Row: Alexander, Allen, Andrews, Azadian, Barnett, Bergquist, Berlin, Bieker, Bock, Boland, Boyd. Second Row: Brown, M. J. Burkhart, M. L. Burkhart, Butler, Callaway, Caramanian, Chadwell, Chapman, Clements, Coleman, Cox. Third Row: Crouch, Darling, Deloney, Devine, Dixson, Eden, Ellerkamp, Ellis, B. Gill, R. Gill, C. Glass. Fourth Row: M. Glass, Greenway, Grcer, Griffitts, Henderson, Herbert, Hyder, Jacobs, Johnson, Kalmbach. PAGE 244 mf ' i . x . QJJ ft Vtl If ) O Jkl dk Sk IB flnHfe l Top ?ou : Kiesel, Kirk, Klein, Lacey, Laird, Leaverton, Leopold, Mafrige, Mahoncy, Mauldin, McCowan, McCreary, McNabb. Second Row: Morehead, Old, Overholser, Overton, Passmore, Patterson, Pearson, Peavy, Pittenger, Powell, Power, Price, R. Prince. Third Row: S. Prince, Proffitt, Puzin, Ramsey, Ray, Reddrick, Reinhold, Riemann, Rylee, Scelke, Seiders, Simpson, Spiars, Stall. Fourth Row: Stansfield, Sumners, A. Taylor, M. Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Tixier, Uroda, Von Boeckmann, Watson, Webb, Weiser, White, Whitt. NATIONAL FOUNDING Syracuse University, 1872 LOCAL FOUNDING Omega, 1920 Barbara Jean Allen, Austin Bette Jane Azadian, Houston Karen Arloa Bergquist, Austin Barbara Ann Berlin, Houston Betty Sue Boyd, Beaumont Mabel Ann Brown, Gatesville Marcia Jan Burkhart, La Marque Charlene Butler, Lufkin Janice Mary Chadwell, San Antonio Julia Kaye Chapman, Sherman Daphne Peggy Clements, Dallas Cynthia Cosmus, Waxahachie Myrlan Cox, Morton Judy Ann Crouch, Houston Sally Ann Deloney, Port Arthur Deborah Dixson, Midland Betty Jean Gill, Beeville PLEDGES Carolyn Edna Glass, Texarkana Martha Jane Glass, Texarkana Constance Ann Herbert, Corpus Christi Mary Anne Herdman, Waco Virginia Ann Holland, Texas City Mary Hyder, Fort Worth Patricia Rogers Jacobs, Texas City Ann Kiesel, Victoria Karol Kirk, Austin Sonja Rose Klein, Houston Marjorie Louise Leaverton, Houston Marie Leopold, San Antonio Joan Mahoney, Dallas Marilyn Bess Mauldin, Jacksonville Doris Marie McCreary, Eagle Lake Marilyn Wren Melms, Corpus Christi Johanna Old, Brownwood Judith Laine Overholser, Dallas Janette Overton, Palestine Joan Ellen Peavy, Dallas Doris Diane Pittenger, Austin Jo Ella Powell, Houston Shirley Jane Price, Amarillo Suzanne Elizabeth Prince, La Feria Nancy Ann Reinhold, Dallas Linda Faye Rylee, Midland Sally Christine Seiders, Austin Emily Clare Stall, Midland Marjorie Lee Stansfield, Galveston Martha Roberta Sumners, Houston Sandra Carol Thomas, Eagle Lake Joyce Ann Von Boeckmann, Houston Elizabeth Opal Webb, Corpus Christi Chi Fall PHYLLIS ANN BORDEN . COLLEEN MARY O ' CONNOR ROBERTA ANN LOVE ALMALEE CARTEE BILLIE LITTLE OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . Spring SHARON JOHNSON JUDITH KAY VAN HORN DIANE LEE Co WELL LINDA CLAIRE GARDNER JANE LEE BLESSING MEMBERS Judy Lee Allison, San Angelo Frances Evelyn Atwood, Tyler Antoinette Baldwin, Wilmington, Del. Phyllis Ann Barnard, Houston Charlotte Pauline Becker, Austin Willie Ellen Belcher, Del Rio Jane Lee Blessing, Mineral Wells Phyllis Ann Borden, Texas City Nancy Lynn Bourn, Amarillo Sandra Muriel Brazil, Port Arthur Sandra Lee Brown, Houston Martha Jean Burkhalter, Austin Mary Jane Burkhalter, Austin Carolyn Cantwell, Dallas Almalee Cartee, Coral Gables, Fla. Caroline Chappell, Dallas Diane Lee Cowell, Houston Nancy Katherine Cyrus, Midland Catherine Carroll Daniell, Dallas Linda Mayris D ' Arcy, Stephenville Marilyn Ann Dashiell, Houston Elizabeth Anne Disch, Austin Susan Jean Dring, Dallas Cynthia Duncan, Pampa Charla Jean Elliott, Houston Mary Louise Erskine, Midland Judith Marie Ewing, Corpus Christi Martha Posey Farmer, Austin Mary Boiling Ferris, Austin Jane Ann Fitzgerald, Irving Deliah Ann Fleming, College Station Emily Phillips Fortescue, Port Arthur Carol Jean Franklin, Baytown Sandra Faith Fuller, Port Arthur Janet Lyn Galeener, Houston Linda Claire Gardner, Corpus Christi Rosa Beth Gilmore, Levelland Helen Elizabeth Gulley, Beaumont Virginia Elizabeth Hall, Clarksdale, Miss. Harriet Halsell, Bonham Marianne Helms, Houston Marjorie Elizabeth Hilton, Houston Carole Jean Hobbs, Houston Charlotte Louise Holly, Corpus Christi Carole Ann Holmes, Port Arthur Jamie Fannin Holt, Houston Jane Elizabeth Hopson, Houston Leila Jacobsen, Sulphur Springs Margaret Ann Jarry, Houston Sharon Johnson, Austin Harriette Almira Jones, Greggton Carole Stewart Keeton, Austin Gayle Faye Kelly, Freer Kathryn Diane Kimble, Longview Elizabeth Anne Klein, Harlingen Janice Lee Knippa, San Antonio Billie Little, Breckenridge Roberta Ann Love, Dallas Mary Anne Massengale, Mineral Wells Mary Katherine McConchie, Taylor Sandra Kay McNutt, Rosenberg Judith Ann Mercer, Houston Diana Candace Milam, San Antonio Mary Elizabeth Murphy, Midland Nellwyn Nance Murphy, Houston D. Carol Myers, Olney Jo Ann Neitzel, Dallas Colleen Mary O ' Connor, Austin Patti Oliver, Bellaire Mabry Ida Otto, New Braunfels Judith Ann Payne, Dallas Judith Kay Pegues, Houston Cynthia Anne Powell, Temple Paula Jo Rainey, San Antonio Laurie Kathleen Rayburn, Houston Zelda Reed, Austin Patricia Willane Ridgway, San Antonio Elizabeth Fay Robertson, El Paso Barbara Jean Roloff, Victoria Betty Hornor Ruth, Corpus Christi Mary Ruth Sandridge, Longview Carol Ann Schreiber, San Antonio Frances Elizabeth Scott, Houston Sharon Sue Sears, Dallas Sandra Ann Simmons, Dallas Mary Jo Smith, Odessa Sara Elizabeth Spears, San Antonio Sandra Lynn Sprai n, Abilene Patsy Jean Stampp, San Antonio Ann Watson Stevens, Houston Sally Raye Stevens, Beaumont Mary Dale Thomson, Midland Bonnie Van Griethuysen, Houston Judith Kay Van Horn, San Antonio Gail Walker, Cleburne Jo Ann Watkins, Texas City Mary Kathryn Webb, Rush Mary Ann Whitham, Tyler Mary Sue Whitney, Bartlesville, Okla. Bettina Rives Wilbanks, Fort Worth Suzanne Jean Wischer, Denver, Colo. Patricia Louise Wren, Longview Top Row: Alexander, Atwood, Baldwin, Barnard. Becker, Blessing, Blount, Borden, Bourn, S. M. Brazil, S. L. Brazil, Brown. Second Row: Martha Burkhalter, Mary Burkhalter, Cantwell, Carpenter, Cartee, Chappell, Childress, Compton, Cowell, Cyrus, Daniell, D ' Arcy. Third Row: Dashiell, Disch, Doeppenschmidt, Dring, Drumwright, Eisenwine, Eitelman, Elick, M. Erikine, R. Erskine, Ewing, Farmer, Fitzgerald. Fourth Row: Fleming, Fox, Franklin, Galeener, Garmany, Gilmore, Gulley, Gump, Hall, Halsell, Hasha, Hill, Hilton. PAGE 246 J , . .xi - 7V. Row: Hobart, Holly, Holmes, Holt, Hopson, Houston, Hull, Hutchings, Jacobsen, Jarry, K. Johnson, S. Johnson, Keeton, Kelly, Keppler Second Row: Kimble, C. Klein, E. Klein, Knippa, Loughry, Love, Massengale, Maxcy, McClure, McConchie, McNutt, Mercer, M. Murphy, N. Murphy, Murray, Myers, Third Row: Myrick, O ' Connor, Oliver, N. Parker, S. Parker, Patterson, Pegues, Pojman, Powell, Rainey, Rayburn, Reed, Ridgway, Roberts, Robertson, Rodgers. Fourth Row: Rolofl, Ruth, Sandridge, Schreiber, Scott, J. Sears, S. Sears, Shafer, Skinner, J. Smith, N. Spears, S. Spears, Sprain, Stampp, A. Stevens, S. Stevens. Fifth Row: Straughan, Swann, Thomson, Tucker, Turner, Walker, Watkins, Webb, Weber, Whitham, Whitney, Wilbanks, Wischer, Wren, Van Griethuysen, Van Horn. NATIONAL FOUNDING University of Arkansas, 1895 LOCAL FOUNDING Iota, 1904 Helen Eugenia Alexander, Lubbock Darby Ann Barr, Beaumont Barbara Jean Blount, Dallas Sarah Leigh Brazil, Port Arthur Camille Carpenter, Dallas Beverly Jean Childress, Midland Carol Margaret Compton, Houston Joan Carolyn Doeppenschmidt, New Braunfels Georgie Kay Drumright, Dallas Norma Ann Eisenwine, Pecos Dina Joan Eitelman, Austin Betty Susan Elick, Bellville Ruth Ann Erskine, Midland Mary Ann Fox, Tyler Jane Lois Garmany, Richmond Marilyn Virginia Gump, Dallas PLEDGES Helen Kay Hasha, Houston Gayle Seay Hedge, Dallas Constance Faye Hill, Dallas Margaret Susan Hobart, Dallas Marcelle Swearingen Houston, San Antonio Macy Barbara Hull, Greenville Beryl Winter Hutchings, Hunt Kay Ann Johnson, Houston Judith Ann Jordan, McAllen Martha Joyce Keppler, San Antonio Carolyn Brook Klein, Harlingen Patricia Ann Loughry, Fort Worth Mary Grace Maxcy, Dallas Patricia Jean McClure, Dallas JoAnna Murray, Austin Edna Moody Myrick, Houston La Vonne Northrup, Houston Nancee Ellen Parker, Dallas Sandra Lee Parker, Dallas Patricia Ann Patterson, Dallas Margaret Sue Peace, San Antonio Penelope E. Pojman, Austin Judith Mae Roberts, San Antonio Genny Rodgers, Austin Jeanne Louise Sears, Dallas Carol Jean Shafer, Harlingen Katherine Marie Skinner, Houston Janice Marie Smith, San Antonio Nancy Jo Spears, Bowie Dorothea Faubion Straughan, San Antonio Judith Ann Swann, Weslaco Shirley Eugenia Tucker, Chickasha, Okla. Maria Jane Turner, Austin Mary Gayle Weber, Cuero belta belt Fall JUDITH ANN HICKMAN MIRIAM ANNE PAGE MARILYN KAY MILLER VIRGINIA DIANE PEAVY DIANA DAVIS BARWICK OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer . Spring BEVERLY ANN BATES MARY Lou HAGOOD BEVERLY SUE MATLOCK ANNETTE HELWIG SUZAN NAPIER Ann Adams, Waco Ann Ellen Armstrong, Mission Mary Margaret Barcus, Austin Diana Davis Barwick, Nacogdoches Beverly Ann Bates, Amarillo June Arleen Benner, Greenville Mary Margaret Boehm, Gonzalcs Elizabeth Joyce Bourdon, Houston Sally Virginia Bowers, Athens, Ga. Barbara Ann Bowser, Dallas Patricia Burkhart, Houston Elizabeth Ruth Bybee, Midland Aubyn Stewart Byers, Houston Sarah L. Clendenen, Henderson Carol Elizabeth Coffman, Austin Frances Byrd Collins, Waco Coll een Copeland, Houston Carole Elizabeth Crow, Corpus Christ! Dorothy Diane Davis, Dallas Peggy Jean Davis, Dallas Ruth Elizabeth Day, Houston Ann Demming, Houston Sara Patricia Devine, Austin Helen Taber Early, Brownwood Margaret Anne Edwards, San Antonio Sally Joanne Emerson, Austin Jane Anita Finsterwald, San Antonio Susan Faith Fisher, Fort Worth Judy Lee Fleming, Houston Nell Ray Foreman, Beaumont Diana Lynne Foster, Dallas Patsy Jo France, Sulphur Springs MEMBERS Sarah Alice Gilmore, Nacogdoches Carol Kay Godfrey, Brownsville Janet Keeble Gowdey, Dallas Priscilla Louise Greene, Austin Linda Kay Guess, Dallas Mary Lou Hagood, Fort Worth Lynda Gayle Haire, Dallas Cynthia Ann Hall, Houston Janice Kay Harkins, Austin Annette Helwig, Austin Judith Ann Hickman, Dallas Suzy Catherine Hodges, Port Arthur Holly Gertrude Howell, LaMarque Patricia Anne Hudson, Orange Patricia Ann Huffman, Austin Sylvia Irwin, Austin Dorothy Sue Isaac, Houston Vivian Ann JefTers, Dallas Esther Margaret Jessen, Austin Anita Gertrude Jordan, Brady Martha Lucille Kenney, San Antonio Ann Ashby Kinch, Austin Kay Nan Kocurek, Austin Martha Kay Kyger, Fort Worth Katheryn Sue Lewis, Dallas Patricia Ann Manley, Port Arthur Sybil Sue Marion, Lubbock Charlotte Diane McDonald, Tulia Virginia Louise McFarlane, Brownwood Sally Jacquelyn McGee, Amarillo Gail McGinnis, Cleveland. Ohio Margaret Diane Melton, Houston Marilyn Kay Miller, Dallas Marcia Jean Morgan, Dallas Suzan Napier, Fort Worth Judy Dae Orchard, Houston Miriam Anne Page, Austin Virginia Diane Peavy, Dallas Marsha Ann Pogue, San Antonio Mary Jo Ponsford, El Paso Arden Reed, Houston Linda Christine Riedell, Maracaibo, Venez. Carolyn Camille Robertson, San Antonio Rebecca Gail Rousseau, New London Lou Ann Scott, Corpus Christi Mary Elizabeth Seals, Dallas Katherine Louise Shanks, Dallas Florence Elizabeth Smith, Goldthwaite Barbara Snyder, Baird Sally Anne Stephenson, Beaumont Mary Susan Stevens, El Paso Janet Ann Taylor, Canyon Nancy Ellen Thompson, Port Arthur Betty Loraine Toler, San Antonio Jen Gary Tomlinson, Houston Patricia Lee Wall, San Antonio Mary Janet Wheat, Houston Peggy Jo Wilkinson, Dallas Jimmie Dell Williams, Eldorado Mary Tom Williams, Corpus Christi Virginia Lee Williams, Houston Marcia Ann Williamson, Bryan Sue Ellen Young, Port Arthur Top Row: Adams, Allen, Anderson, Armstrong, Barcus, Barwick, B. Bates, M. Bates, Benn, Benner, Boehm, Bourdon. Second Row: Bowers. Bowser, Bradshaw, Brown, Burkhart, Busby, Buss, Bybee, Byers, C. Coffman, N. Coffman, Collins. Third Row: Connor, Copeland, Crow, Cuellar, D. Davis, P. Davis, Day, Early, B. Edwards, M. Finsterwald, S. D. Fisher. Fourth Row: S. F. Fisher, Fleming, Foreman, Foster, France, Gilmore, Godfrey, Gossett, Greene, Greenwood, Greeves, Guess. PAGE 248 Top Row: Hagood, Haire, Hall, Hart, Helwig, Henderson, Hickman, Hodges, Holdar, Howell, Hudson, Huffman, Hunter, Irwin. Second Row: Isaac, Jessen, Jordan, Kelly, Kenney, Kocurek, Krueger, Lewis, Loughridge, Lowe, Lyle, Manlcy, Marion, Matlock. Third Row: Matthews, Mayfield, McCully, McDonald, McFarlane, McGee, Melton, Miller, Mills, Napier, Northington, Oliver, Olsen, Peavy. Fourth Row: Pogue, Ponsford, Randies, Reed, Robertson, Robinson, Rose, Rousseau, Russey, Scott, Shanks, Shull, Skinner, F. Smith, S. Smith. Fifth Roiv: Snyder, Stephenson, Stevens, Stone, Thomas, Thompson, Toler, Tomlinson, Torp, Wall, Wheat, Wilbanks, J. Williams, Williamson, Young. NATIONAL FOUNDING Boston University, 1888 LOCAL FOUNDING Theta Zeta, 1912 Virginia Allen, Houston Ethelynn Dawn Anderson, Big Spring Nancy Etta Andrews, Graham Mary Margaret Bates, Lufkin Sherry Virginia Benn, Midland Emily Meador Bradshaw, Lufkin Christy Jo Brown, Amarillo Beverly Anne Busby, Lufkin Mary Kathryn Buss, Edinburg Nancy Jane Coffman, Austin Carolyn Connor, Daingerfield Sylvia Cuellar, Dallas Becky Glynn Edwards, Paris Sally Dreve Fisher, Fort Worth Anne Elizabeth Gossett, San Antonio Dorothea Janelle Greenwood, Austin PLEDGES Susan Grccves, Beaumont Harriet Hart, Fort Worth Carol Lynne Henderson, Houston Linda Kay Holdar, Waco Nancy Howard Huff, Fort Worth Grace Page Hunter, Austin Elizabeth Hood Kelly, Midland Kathi Ann Krueger, Dallas Penny Lee Loughridge, Baytown Betty Ellen Lowe, Waco Mary Ellen Luedemann, San Antonio Patsy Ann Lyle, Tyler Beverly Sue Matlock, Arlington Barbara Jo Matthews, Texas City Gwendolyn Virginia Mayfield, Austin Anice May McCully, Austin Sally Ruth Mills. Houston Anne Lawton Nevitt, Goldsboro, N. C. Lexa Kay Northington, Fort Worth Kate Anne Oliver, Waco Catherine Emelia Olsen, Houston Barbara A. Randies, McKinney Virginia Ann Robinson, Dallas Sarah Margaret Rose, Austin Marilyn Kay Russey, Fort Worth Shirley Shull, Dallas Mary Elsie Skinner, Corpus Christi Suzanne Evelyn Smith, San Antonio Suzanne Stone, Dallas Suzanne Thomas, Dallas Norma Joyce Torp, Nacogdoches Donna Laurie Vollmer, Mercedes Barbara Jean Wilbanks, Amarillo belta Fall DIANE DOHERTY . MARILYN ANN BOYD . MARILYN SVADLENAK CAROLYN MIRIAM BROWN PHYLLIS JEAN CALKINS . OFFICERS President V ice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer Spring JANIECE BELLE SIMMONS EUGENIE MARTHA KAMRATH NORA JEAN KITE CINDY SUE DEXTER PAULA L. WAGGONER MEMBERS Patricia Virginia Aldrich, Fort Thomas, Ky. Jane Allison Allen, Houston Jo Ann Allen, Houston Janet Allison, Houston Nancy Karen Arnett, Dallas Mary Florence Ashburn, Dallas Barbara Jean Balfanz, Houston Sandra Jean Barnett, Dallas Carol Leigh Belknap, Fort Worth June Louise Berrien, Borger Marilyn Ann Boyd, Austin Beverly Ann Brewer, Lamesa Jan Louise Brinkerhoff, Houston Carolyn Miriam Brown, Irving Bonnie Alyce Bryan, Houston Phyllis Jean Calkins, Austin Paula Sue Carlisle, Dallas Kathryn Louise Carrico, San Antonio Nancy Lynn Clarkson, Corpus Christi Judith Amlaw Coggeshall, Dallas Mary Agnes Collerain, Houston Carol Clark Culbertson, San Antonio Mary Anne Davis, San Antonio Mary Ethlyn Deffebach, Snyder Cindy Sue Dexter, Houston Diane Doherty, Houston Dolores Eleanor Domning, Coral Gables, Fla. Roberta Lee Downing, Dallas Daryle Ann Echols, Houston Alma Ann Elliott, Bryan Wynell Emery, Fort Worth Nancy Elizabeth Farquhar, Sinton Linda Melissa Fouraker, Bryan Joan LaVerne Gordon, Houston Peggy Marcella Graham, Houston Francis Katherine Griffin, Bryan Nora Jean Kite, San Antonio Carol Elizabeth Hospers, Dallas Rosemary Price Johnson, Corpus Christi Eugenie Martha Kamrath, Houston Carolyn Virginia Keclen, Austin Loulynn Kelly, Houston Nancy Benedict Kelly, Austin Carol Lee Klose, San Antonio Virginia Avery Mason, Dallas Margee Ann McClenahan, Gainesville, Fla. Sally McCracken, Corpus Christi Shirley Kay McKinley, Houston Linda Caytes Milam, Big Spring Patricia Ann Mitchell, Texarkana Sue Frances Mueck, Lockhart Ella Jane Noyes, Kilgore Susan Clare O ' Neill, San Antonio Nancy Key Parks, Houston Diana Gail Parsons, Del Rio Jeris Jan Ferryman, Houston Mary Linn Pond, Bryan Marion Frances Rankin, Dallas Linda Margaret Rellahan, Dallas Margaret Virginia Rhodes, Austin Sue Frances Robinson, Corpus Christi Lucy Jean Rogers, College Station Grace Marie Russell, Houston Julie Ann Seifert, Weimar Clara Gertrude Shugart, Dallas Janiece Belle Simmons, Fort Worth Suzanne Elizabeth Simons, Edna Shirley Ann Snipes, Lockhart Donna Maurine Spearman, El Paso Virginia Ann Steele, Paxton, 111. Betty Jean Stone, Mathis Sally Storms, Houston Marilyn Svadlenak, Taylor Paula Suzanne Thompson, Houston Paula L. Waggoner, Deer Park Jo Anne Walker, College Station D ' Anne Watson, Pflugerville Pamela Ruth Weathers, Houston Margaret Marbold Wheeler, Houston Jo Anna White, Bryan Jo Anne Whitley, Corpus Christi Karen Gail Wilkerson, Austin Top Row: Aldrich, Jane Allen, Jo Allen, Allison, Anderson, Andujar, Arnett, Ashburn, Balfanz, Barnett, Belknap. Second Row: Berrien, Bonin, Boyd, Brewer, Brinkerhoff, Brown, Bryan, Calkins, Carlo, Carrico, Carter. Third Row: Chatham, Clarkson, Coggeshall, Coker, Collerain, Cox, Crawford, C. Culbertson, J. Culbertson, Davis, Fourth Row: Doherty, Domning, Downing, Dusek, Echols, A. Elliott, G. Elliott, Ellison, Emery. Farquhar, Finn, PACE 250 Deffebach, Foster. Demuth. 7 " o Row: Fouraker, Goode, Gordon, Graham, Griffin, Hansen, Hill, Hite, Isely, M. Johnson, R. Johnson, Kamrath, Keelen, L. Kelly. Second Row: N. Kelly, Kitzmiller, Klipple, Knapp, Krezdorn, Krueger, Kuykendall, Lindsey, Logsdon, Maedgen, Mason, McClenahan, McCracken, McCurley. Third Row: McKinley, Milam, Miller, Moore, Mueck, O ' Neill, F. Parks, N. Parks, Parsons, B. Perry, M. Perry, Ferryman, Pond, Rankin. Fourth Row: Rellahan, Roberts, Robinson, L. Rogers, N. Rogers, Russell, Seifert, Simmons, Simons. Sinclair, Spearman, B. Steele, V. Steele, Stone. Fifth Row: Svadlcnak, Tucker, Waggoner, J. Walker, Watson, Watts, Weathers, Wheeler, Whiffen, White, A. Wilkerson, L. Williams, S. Williams, Wood. NATIONAL FOUNDING Lewis School, 1873 LOCAL FOUNDING Beta Eta, 1938 Sharon Lee Anderson, Houston Betty Jo Andujar, Fort Worth Jan Ayres, San Antonio Betsy Ann Bonin, Houston Susan Ann Burton, New Orleans, La. Jo Anna Michele Carlo, Alamo Ann Carter, Houston Beatrice Lee Chatham, Houston Linda Sue Coker, Dallas Florence Rebecca Cox, Houston Kay Crawford, Houston Joan Elizabeth Culbertson, San Antonio Diane Audrey Dusek, Dallas Geraldine Rose Elliott, Houston Margaret Lucile Ellison, Killeen Elisabeth Wilbourn Eriksen, San Antonio Virginia Ann Finn, Houston PLEDGES Betty Jean Foster, Lockney Sara Phyllis Goode, College Station Martha Ann Hansen, Houston Carolyn Jean Hill, Fort Worth Janne Elizabeth Isely, Austin Mary Helen Johnson, San Antonio Martha Lee Kitzmiller, Deer Park Helen Lorraine Klipple, College Station Suzanne Knapp, Fort Worth Fredricka Ann Krezdorn, Austin Myra Sue Krueger, Austin Betty Jane Kuykendall, Dallas Cynthia Ann Lindsey, Houston Linda Jean Logsdon, Austin Maedene Maedgen, Mathis Diane McCurley, Houston Adrienne Anne Miller, Piano Laura Anne Moore, San Antonio Frances Lou Parks, Houston Barbara Kylene Perry, Houston Margery Lyn Perry, Houston Nancy Jo Rogers, College Station Avery Marie Sinclair, Austin Betty Lou Steele, Fort Worth Mary Lynn Tucker, Austin Mary Ellis Walker, Grand Prairie Barbara Ann Watts, Austin Sharon Louise Whiffen, Austin Anne Wilkerson, Hearne Lynne Arden Williams. Dallas Sandra Jean Williams, Fort Worth Rebecca Annette Wood, Atlanta Erika Maria Demuth, Linz, Austria SPRING PLEDGES Elizabeth M. Evans, Dallas Suzanne Helen Roberts, Austin kelta Fall ELKA FARGOTSTEIN . CAROLE ANN FINE . GERALDINE GROSSMAN HARRIET BRON STEIN JACQUELINE SHAPIRO OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer . Spring JUDITH CAROL MARCUS CYNTHIA MAE MILLER TANIS ELLYN COOPER HARRIET BRON STEIN DORIS JULINE KATZ MEMBERS Stephanie Hermina Amster, Austin Susan Frederica Amster, Austin Marcia Jean Berg, Borger Barbara Joan Berkman, Dallas Carole Linda Bloom, Dallas Harriet Bronstein, Galveston Mary Carroll, Shreveport, La. Tanis Ellyn Cooper, Dallas Elka Fargotstein, Galveston Rose Margaret Falk, Corpus Christi Gayle Elizabeth Feldman, Dallas Carole Ann Fine, San Angelo Diane Maxine Gaitz, Houston Janice Elaine Goldberg, Houston Nancy Rae Goldberg, San Angelo Sharon Jean Goldstein, Dallas Melanie Rose Green, Corpus Christi Geraldine Grossman, El Paso Ruthlee Grossman, El Paso Sandra Rebecca Hoffman, Mobile, Ala. Anita Ruth Kaplan, Baytown Doris Juline Katz, Galveston Judith Ann Lieberman, Dallas Joan Herma Levine, Pasadena Patricia Ann Lubel, San Antonio Brenda Joy Mandel, Dallas Judith Carol Marcus, San Antonio Cynthia Mae Miller, Waco Diane Gail Morchower, Dallas Vivian Sheila Rieter, Dallas Sandra Simone Rosen, Dallas Marsha Carol Rubin, Dallas Sharon Eileen Schaffer, Dallas Jacqueline Shapiro, Shreveport, La. Marna Susan Tucker, Houston Gayle Helaine Weinstein, Metarie, La. Top Row: S. H. Amster, S. F. Amster, Berg, Bulba, Bumar, Carroll, Chapman, Cooper, Elster. Second Row: Fargotstein, Fine, Friedman, Gaitz, Gerick, J. Goldberg, S. Goldberg, Goldfield, Graber. Third Row: Green, Greene, G. Grossman, R. Grossman, Gurwitch, Gutterman, Hodes, Hoffman, Ignatoff. PAGE 252 " ' Row: Jacobs, Kaplan, Kasper, Kauftheil, Krafcheck, Labovitz, Levin, Levine, Lubel. Second Row: Lusky, Marcus, Masinter, Meyer, C. Miller, M. Miller, Morchower, Myers, Rabinowitz. Third Row: Rieter, Sadovnick, Saxe, Schwartz, Shapiro, Siegel, Weber, Wildstein, Weinstein, Wolfson. NATIONAL FOUNDING New York University, 1917 LOCAL FOUNDING Chi, 1934 PLEDGES Elaine Rachelle Borkon, Midland Charna Etta Bulba, Galveston Phyllis Estelle Bumar, Houston Judith Chapman, Shreveport, La. Arlene Carol Elster, Port Arthur Harriet Ray Friedman, Houston Harriet Rae Gerick, Hillsboro Sandra Lynn Goldberg, San Antonio Harriet Sue Goldfield, Baytown Sally Goodell, El Paso Susan Gail Graber, Galveston Tarine Green, Dallas Susan Marion Greene, Miami Beach, Fla. Phyllis Gene Gurwitch, Mobile, Ala. Marilyn N. Gutterman, Dallas Beverly Lynne Hodes, Chattanooga, Tenn. Ruthe Sara Ignatoff, Houston Lois Ann Jacobs, Austin Marcia Kasper, Miami, Fla. Harriet Elaine Kauftheil, Texas City Sandra B. Krafcheck, Houston Brenda Diane Labovitz, Fort Worth Sandra Lee Levin, Texas City Hedy Lynda Lewis, Mobile, Ala. Sandra Faye Lusky, Houston Shirley Ann Masinter, Dallas Anita Meyer, Dallas Marcia Lynn Miller, Houston Judith Harlene Myers, Denver, Colo. Reesa Ray Rabinowitz, Galveston Carole Yetta Sadovnick, Odessa Sharon Lynn Saxe, Dallas Phyllis Ruth Schwartz, Galveston Janet Marilyn Siegel, Dublin Carole Weber, Mobile, Ala. Sharon Lynne Wildstein, El Paso Risa Faye Wolfson, Denver, Colo. SPRING PLEDGES Saline Addleson, Houston Melissa Camile, Danville, 111. kelta feta Fall CAROLYN ANN THOMAS JANET CHATELAIN . JANAT JACLYNN AUSTIN DOROTHY CAROLYN SANDLIN JANENNE JILL MILLER . DOROTHY ANN STROUP OFFICERS President .... First Vice-President Second Vice -President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer . Spring DIANA VOLLINTINE MARTHA AMELIA RUSSELL CAROL RAY BRIDGES CAROL LYNN HA WORTH SARAH JANE SMITH CAROL ANN SANDERS Eleanor Marilyn Anderson, Dallas Janat Jaclynn Austin, San Antonio Alice Elizabeth Ballard, Beeville Patricia Anne Basse, Dallas Alice Ann Becker, Austin Elinore Ferol Benavides, San Antonio Janet Claire Boegli, Amarillo Wanda Jean Breed, Austin Carol Ray Bridges, Belton Judith Lynne Brisbois, Houston Molly Ann Brooks, Thornton Amy Emeline Bruyere, Houston Betty Jane Caldwell, Austin Janet Chatelain, Houston Kay Andrea Coleman, Austin Eleanor Ruth Cook, Houston Sandra Carla Cooper, Dallas Ann Louise Cunningham, Baytown Martha Ann Curtis, Dallas Marsha Joe Dickey, Fort Worth Susan Rivers Drake, Austin Dorothy Jean Fambrough, Houston Marie Frieda Fehmer, Dallas MEMBERS Kathryn Adele Giddens, Austin Julie Hallmark, Odessa Carol Lynn Haworth, Richardson Cynthia Ann Hollyfield, Austin Carole Elaine Jones, Houston Beryl Kathryn Kit Lee, Austin Adele Jewell Lyle, Corpus Christi Reva Mozelle McLain, Spearman Barbara Jo McSpadden, Houston Carol Elaine Mathews, Angleton Jewel Elyne Melton, Austin Janenne Jill Miller, Manhattan, Kans. Ida Mae Nevitt, San Antonio Sally Painter, Corpus Christi Janet Octavia Peavy, Dallas Robbie Gene Pell, Houston Kay Esther Ponder, Dallas Janice Margaret Power, San Antonio Marilyn Diane Raborn, San Antonio Ruth Ann Rawlins, Santiago, Chile Dora Elizabeth Reagan, Brownsville Rebecca Ann Reynolds, San Jose, Costa Rico Judy Kay Roberts, Austin Elizabeth Carolyn Rude, Austin Martha Amelia Russell, Austin Julia Lacy Sailer, Bay City Carol Ann Sanders, Houston Dorothy Carolyn Sandlin, Fort Worth Mary Virginia Schultz, Three Rivers Sarah Jane Smith, Pasadena Mary Elizabeth Southerland, Sulphur Springs Dorothy Ann Stroup, Fort Leavenworth, Kans. Camilla Thomas, Sulphur Springs Carolyn Ann Thomas, Houston Billie Traweek, Port Arthur Frances Katherine Trickey, Winnie Martha Jean Valliant, Sonora Diana Vollintine, Fort Worth Mary Josephine Weber, Austin Dorris Gene Whitley, Corpus Christi Mary Charlene Whitstine, Corpus Christi Anna Carol Williams, Athens Carolyn Ruth Wilson, Austin Deidre Wilson, Little River Top Row: Adams, Alexander, Anderson, Austin, Ballard, Banks, Basse, Becker, Benavides, Bird, Bland. Second Row: Boegli, Breed, Bridges, Brisbois, Brooks, Bruyere, Caldwell, Cameron, Chadd, Chalfont, Coleman. Third Row: Cooper, Cunningham, Curtis, Davis, Dickey, Drake, Fambrough, Fehmer, Gayle, Giddens, Gilbert. Fourth Row: Groves, Gupton, Hallmark, Hardy, Haworth, Hill, Hollyfield, Hull, C. Jones, N. Jones, Kruger, Kuhn. PAGE 254 Top Row: Lee, Mann t Manning, B. Massey, G. Massey, Mayo, McDaniel, McLain, McSpaddeti, Melton, Miller, Morris, Nagel, Naismith. Second Row: Nelson, North, Oglebay, Parker, Peavy, Pell, Ponder, Power, Price, Pugh, Raborn, Rawlins, Reagan, Reynolds. Third Row: Roberts, Rogers, Rowland, Rude, Russell, Salter, Sanders, Sandlin, Scott, M. Smith, S. Smith, Southerland, Spahr, Stroup. Fourth Row: C. Thomas, C. A. Thomas, Thompson, Traweek, Tull, Van Fleet, Vollintine, Weber, White, Whilst ine, Wilcox, C. Wilson, Deidre Wilson, Dianne Wilson. NATIONAL FOUNDING Miami University, 1902 LOCAL FOUNDING Alpha Tau, 1924 Carolyn LaWayne Adams, Kermit Martha Jean Alexander, Austin Julia Anna Banks, Houston Betty Sue Bird, West Columbia Margaret Joy Bland, Austin Margaret Carol Cameron, Austin Marilyn Kaye Chadd, Big Spring Mary Joan Chalfont, San Antonio Judith Marie Davis, Fort Worth Janice Alma Gayle, Angleton Betty Clare Gilbert, Houston Anita Elaine Groves, Spearman Peggy Lou Gupton, West Columbia Carole Elizabeth Hardy, Houston Carol Jenean Hill, Houston Sara Ann Hull, Jackson, Miss. PLEDGES Nancy Carolyn Jones, Houston Catherine Joyce Kruger, Vidor Ethlyn Arnold Kuhn, Houston Carole Maxine Lambert, Corpus Christi Madison Patricia Mann, Houston Patsy Emmalene Manning, Houston Barbara Ann Massey, Houston Gerald Dene Massey, Cleburne Phyllis Jean Mayo, Freeport Mildred Corine McDaniel, Houston Ann Elizabeth Morris, San Antonio Carolyn Nagel, Gonzales Mary Elaine Naismith, Belton Donna Sue Nelson, Brownfield Linda North, Austin Judith Kay Oglebay, Austin Karen Sue Parker, Hale Center Stephanie Lynne Price, Houston Nancy Carolyn Pugh, Austin Carolyn Elise Rogers, La Marque Dasa Lee Rowland, Del Rio Carolyn K. Schroeter, Austin Ann Burnett Scott, Dallas Melinda Ann Smith, Lake Jackson Brenda Sue Spahr, Houston JoAnn Thompson, Pampa Carolyn Anne Tull, Houston Mary Virginia Van Fle et, Fort Worth Mary Alta White, Houston Sandra Sue Wilcox, La Marque Dianne Wilson, Angleton Lynda Jane Yokom, Houston Helen Arlene Bruchmiller, Goliad Emily Ann Ford, Austin SPRING PLEDGES Patricia Ann Lesikar, Bay City Glynda Marie Lowther, Port Arthur Nancy Kate Renfro, Bay City Susie Robertson, La Grange Phi Seta Fall PAULA JUNE CRAIG Avis ANDREA TIEBER . ANN KENNEDY VOIGHT GWENDOLYN BETH NICHOLS ELAINE BRUCE OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer . Spring ANN KENNEDY VOIGHT CAROL ANNE ERDMANN DEBORAH CAROLYN HOWELL CAROLYN ANN BARNES BETTY LYNN McCoRMicK Priscilla Elaine Adams, Dallas Betty Lu Ballard, Mission Carolyn Ann Barnes, Austin Margaret Jane Blye, Pasadena Margaret Anne Brady, Dallas Jan Bredt, Rockdale Elaine Bruce, Baytown Marylen Sue Butler, Houston Mary Ann Campbell, Dallas Constance Bess Conrow, Marshall Patty Dean Couch, Houston Judy Glen Cunningham, Houston Paula June Craig, Dallas Patricia Ann Danna, Houston Jo Ann DeLeon, Cuero Patsy Dane Delaney, Houston Mary Susan Dillard, Dallas Margaret Arlene Dougtie, Brownsville Dorothy Carole Dye, Bay City Janet Lucy Elmore, Dallas Carol Anne Erdmann, San Antonio Victoria Elizabeth Frank, Houston Cecile Ann Frazier, Houston Carol Ann Freeman, Dallas Judy L. Gayle, Houston MEMBERS Susann Gipson, Austin Janet Sue Guinane, Houston Anita Lynn Hardy, Marshall Marsha Ann Harris, Houston Sharon Louise Hewitt, Houston Betty Louise Hieatt, Dallas Deborah Carolyn Howell, San Antonio Sharon Elaine Hunn, Pasadena Janet Sharon Jenkins, Dallas Sammie Janis Jennings, Austin Freda Janelle Jones, Austin Nelma Ann Jones, Dallas Phyllis Mary Joseph, Austin Janet Ann Kelly, Bellaire Frances Elizabeth Kincaid, Crowell Kay King, Fort Worth Betty Lou Koenig, Houston Judy Ann Laughlin, Dallas Pauline Christine Lucia, Houston Mary Ruth Magruder, Houston Virginia Scott Massey, Houston Barbara Jane Mathews, Austin Barbara Ann May, Karnes City Betty Lynn McCormick, Dallas Mary Claire Middlebrook, Hungerford Nancy Pat Nelson, Austin Gwendolyn Beth Nichols, Atlanta Alice Ailyne Parham, Dallas Patricia Ann Price, San Antonio Carol Alice Prouty, Mexia Gwynneth Evelyn Pruitt, Atlanta Antionette Mary Raia, Houston Tommie Jane Redman, Atlanta Barbara Gene Roberts, Austin Sally Christine Rundquist, Houston Sandra Hope Sabean, Dallas Edna Frances Sample, Houston Davene Evon Schmidt, Harper Heidi Suzanne Schneider, Pampa Joyce Claire Schuhmacher, Austin Mary Ann Smith, Dallas Connie Lou Stearns, Dallas Carmen Maureen Studdert, Houston Bettye Sue Swales, San Antonio Avis Andrea Tieber, Dallas Ann Tucker, Austin Ann Kennedy Voight, Houston Katherine Wallace, Dallas Karen Annette Ward, San Antonio Phyllis Ann Wiegand, San Antonio Top Row: Adams, Allison, Anderson, Aycrs, Barncbey, Barnes, Beall, Berry, Beutel, Beyer, Bishop, Blake. Second Row: Blye, Brady, Bredt, Brewton, Bruce, Burgess, Butler, Campbell, Conrow, Craig, Cunningham, Curtis. Third Row: Danna, Delaney, DeLeon, Dennard, Dillard, Doughtie, Elmore, Erdmann, Evans, Florance, Fountain, K. Frank, V. Frank. Fourth Row: Frazier, Freeman, Gatewood, Gayle, Gipson, Gray, Hardy, Hargrove, Harris, Hartman, Harvey, Hewitt, Hieatt. PAGE 256 Top Row: Howell, Hunn, Jazwike, Jenkins, Jennings, Jonas, F. Jones, N. Jones, Joseph, Kelley, King, Kirkland, Koenig, Laughlin, Lawrence. Second Row: Leach, Lindsay, Lucia, Magruder, Malkemus, Massey, Mathews, Mathis, May, McCormick, Mooney, Nelson, Nichols, Perry, Price. Third Row: Prouty, Raia, Reddick, Rhodenbaugh, Roach, Rogers, Rundquist, Sabean, Sample, Schmidt, Schneider, Schuhmacher, Simms, Smith, Stallones. Fourth Row: Stearns, Stolz, Stringer, Studdert, Swales, Tieber, Tosch, Towmend. Tucker, Voight, Wallace, Walters. Ward, West. Wiegand. NATIONAL FOUNDING Syracuse University, 1874 LOCAL FOUNDING Alpha Zeta, 1922 Nanci Shannon Allison, Kerrville Sandra Gayle Anderson, Austin Linda Lorene Ayers, Dallas Linda Lee Barnebey, San Antonio Betty Sue Beall, Amarillo Candida Kay Berry, Amarillo Sherra Lynn Beutel, Houston Rosalie Ann Beyer, Houston Barbara Susan Bishop, Houston Ann Allen Blake, Houston Mary Brooks Brewton, Kerrville Carolyn Lois Burgess, Nacogdoches Susan Lee Campbell, Houston Carole Ann Cantrell, Corvalis, Ore. Barbara Ann Curtis, Houston Betty Ann Dennard, Houston Carolyn Frances Evans, Midland PLEDGES Erma Faye Florance, Houston Barbara Nell Fountain, Dallas Karen Hill Frank, Austin Sarah Virginia Gatewood, Garland Jann Cecille Gray, Dallas Elizabeth Ann Hargrove, Dallas Ada Lou Hartman, Corpus Christi Elisabeth Ann Harvey, Austin Judy Ann Jazwike, Houston Bonnie Christal Jonas, San Antonio Barbara Ann Kelley, Pasadena Karen Kay Kirkland, San Antonio Sandra Lee Lawrence, Houston Jane Ann Leach, Pasadena Priscilla Lindsay, Houston Deirdre Catherine Malkemus, Austin Sue Janice Mathis, Sour Lake Maureen Vera Mooney, Dallas Pamela Sue Pardue, Port Arthur Shirley Ann Perkins, Corpus Christi Mary Frayser Perry, Dallas Frances Alicia Reddick, Austin Joyce Ann Rhodenbaugh, Beaumont Susan Crittenden Roach, Graham Judy Carolyn Roemer, Port Lavaca Leah Frances Rogers, Austin Carolyn Jean Simms, Houston Julie Francine Sorrell, Austin Linda Jean Stallones, Dallas Sharon Stolz, Dallas Judith Ann Stringer, Houston Barbara Jean Tosch, Bonham Jean Townsend, Dallas Robbie Ann Walters, Yoakum Rosemary Jean West, Austin, Minn. Jeanne N. Lee, Amarillo SPRING PLEDGES Valarie Scott, Nacogdoches Nancy Ellen Thrift, Houston ttapp Tlteta Fall MARCIA ADELE WADE MARY STEWART THOMAS ARLEEN RAY TROWBRIDGE MARY MORRIS PATRICIA ANN SCOTT OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer .... Spring MARY STEWART THOMAS BETTY ANN CONRAD AGNESS CATHERINE MANION MARGARET STRECKMANN JOANNE MARY SWEET MEMBERS Judy Marian Alexander, Dallas Lynn Ann Alexander, Dallas Judith Janice Allred, Wichita Falls Ruth Berry Ashcroft, Sulphur Springs Dianne Bane, Beaumont Sue Blevins, Rockport Anne Singleton Blocker, Galveston Kay Bonner, Abilene Nan Booth, Temple Marian Edith Britton, Houston Betty Jane Brown, Cleburne Jo Anne Bruni, Laredo Kathrine Camp Buck, Fort Worth Carolyn Frances Burton, Houston Beverly Kay Callen, Marlin Mary Margaret Carlson, Dallas Rosemary Cherry, Lubbock Sue Jinkins Chessher, San Antonio Bette Jo Childers, Houston Penny Pitt Collier, Dallas Marion Edith Conn, Dallas Betty Ann Conrad, Houston Alice Estep Cook, Corpus Christi Patricia Gail Cook, Waco Kate Ellis Coopwood, Lockhart Karen Grain, Dallas Richard Neat Eddleman, Houston Diane Elizabeth Ellinger, San Antonio Nancy Rice Forman, Midland Ruth Ellen Gillett, Canutillo Amelia Lucretia Green, Midland Susan Frances Gresham, Houston Anne Starck Heaner, Brownsville Sue Heatly, Austin Paula Gayle Hickman, Beaumont Diana Hornburger, Houston Barbara Dan Hudson, Waco Cherry Dian Kendrick, Corpus Christi Karen Key, Lubbock Sally Anne Klep, Houston Ruth Terry LaRue, Jackson, Miss. Virginia Ann Lee, Beaumont Ruth Ann Lewis, Dallas Mary Downing Longaker, Dallas Susan Lowrance, Houston Alice Anne Lynch, Houston Agnes Catherine Manion, Midland Evelyn Marie Manion, Midland Martha Jane Mast, Midland Margaret Owen McBride, Houston Mary Lou McDaniel, Austin Kathleen Reynolds McGrail, San Antonio Georgia Jeanne McLain, Dallas Nola Ann McNamara, Austin Charlene Melden, Edinburg Frances Coopwood Morgan, Austin Mary Morris, Austin Jane O ' Ferrall Moss, San Angelo Kay Nanette Murphy, Tyler Nanci Sue Myers, Waco Judy Gray Pennington, Houston Sally Bea Pope, Austin Dianne Powell, Karnack Sharon Leigh Roark, Nacogdoches Chloe Matilda Rugeley, Bay City Patricia Ann Scott, Austin Alice Stratton Shankle, San Antonio Travis Shaw, Austwell Judy Shields, Victoria Edith Shigley, Lake Jackson Mary Monroe Shigley, Lake Jackson Sylvia Kay Short, Kilgore Martha Celeste Smith, Houston Mary Alice Smith, Amarillo Judith Anne Stainton, Texarkana Toby Kay Stall, Fort Worth Anabel Stelfox, Houston Susan Lee Stephen, Galveston Myrna Kay Stern, Taylor George Ann Stokes, Houston Margaret Streckmann, Dallas Gail Stroker, New Braunfels Joanne Mary Sweet, Houston Mary Sharp Swayze, Greenwood, Miss. Sally Louise Teeple, Dallas Carolyn E layne Terry, Dallas Mary Stewart Thomas, Navasota Bess Kirby Tooke, Houston Arleen Ray Trowbridge, Tyler Marcia Adele Wade, Indianapolis, Ind. Mary Louise Wagenfuehr, New Braunfels Dennis Ann Wheeler, Austin Eleanor Wheeler, Midland Mary Elizabeth White, Dallas Judith Kathryn Whitehurst, Houston Grace Evelyn Whittenburg, Amarillo Katherine Rowe Williams, Austin Roberta Lois Williams, Houston Catherine Womack, Houston Sue Clark Wyche, Dallas Top Row: L. Alexander, Anderson, Ashcroft, Austin, Bane, Barrett, Bicknell, Booth, Boylen, Britton. Second Row: Brown, Browning, Bruni, Buck, Burke, Burton, Carpenter, Chessher, Childers, Cole. Third Row: Conrad, A. Cook, P. Cook, Davis, Dorchester, Dyke, Elkins, Foran, A. Ford, S. Ford, Forman. Fourth Row: Gillett, Hartfelder, Heatly, Hickman, Jorns, Key, Knupp, Kokernot, R. LaRue, Lee, R. Lewis. PAGE 258 Top Zoa : L. Lewis, M. Lewis, Lloyd, Lynch, E. Manion, Mast, McGrail, McLain, Melden, Moore, Morris, Moss, Myers. Second Row: Nelson, Neuhoff, Newton, Otis, Powell, Rugeley, Sanborn, Sanders, Shaw, E. Shigley, M. Shigley, Short. Small. Third Row: M. Smith, P. Smith, Snow, Stainton, Stall, Stelfox, Stephens, Stern, Streckmann, Stroker, Sweet, Teeple, Terry. Fourth Row: Thomas, Trowbridge, Wagenfuehr, Ware, Washington, Wheeler, White, Whitehurst, Whiteside, Whittenburg, Williams, Womack, Wyche. NATIONAL FOUNDING DePauw University, 1870 LOCAL FOUNDING Alpha Theta, 1904 Judith Ann Anderson, Houston Mary Michael Austin, Houston Emily Chauncey Barrett, Houston Evalyn Antoinette Bicknell, Dallas Jacqueline Shannon Boylen, Austin Joan Whitelaw Browning, San Antonio Maria Lucas Burke, Houston Emily Elizabeth Byars, Tyler Shawn Adele Carpenter, Corpus Christi Neva Minta Chambers, Wichita Falls Nancy Kay Cole, Houston Lenita Kay Davis, Corpus Christi Deanna Dorchester, Galveston Emily Shannon Dyke, Marshall Elizabeth Ellen Elkins, Dallas Clare Elizabeth Foran, Corpus Christi PLEDGES Alice Olivia Ford, San Antonio Susan Chappell Ford, Lubbock Patricia Ann Hartf elder, Dallas Audra Jane Jorns, Houston Kyra Anne Kerr, Houston Letitia Lee Kinzbach, Houston Mary Eleanor Knupp, Amarillo Martha Gay Kokernot, Victoria Perry Ellen LaRue, Corpus Christi Linda Katheryn Lee, Dallas Mary Jon Lewis, Tyler Linda Lewis, Dallas Anne Forsyth Lloyd, Austin Lynne Millett Lowry, Austin Dorothy Cheville Mazur, Port Arthur Margaret Grace Moore, Navasota Nancy Jane Nelson, Wichita Falls Gretchen Dowling Neuhoff, Dallas Cynthia Beach Newton, San Antonio Branch Louise Northrup, Austin Winifred Katherine Otis, Waco Mary Jane Pratscher, Houston Sara Ann Sanborn, McAllen Elva Ida Sanders, Houston Sally Jane Scott, McKinney Cecilia Ann Small, Austin Patricia Jane Smith, Houston Linda Jane Snow, Laredo Valerie Urschel, San Antonio Mary Ware, Corpus Christi Janice Willa Washington, Austin Rosemary Whiteside, Lubbock Joan Willoughby, Groves ttappa Fall SALLY Ross RISSER MARILYN MORRIS .... CAROLYN CARPENTER WILLIAMS NANCY JANE RAY .... LINDA LEE FIELDS .... OFFICERS President .... V ice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . Spring MARGARET FAYE YEAGLEY VIRGINIA ANN WALKER NANCY ELIZABETH PATTERSON KAY COWAN GAIL SCHLESSELMAN Mary Ann Allen, Gonzales Judy Anne Anderson, Abilene Patricia Louise Ashley, Dallas Mary Bond Austin, San Antonio Ann Elizabeth Barbeck, Dallas Sara Lee Barbeck, Dallas Paula Louise Berthelot, Victoria Patti Amanda Birge, Sherman Sarah Elaine Brewster, Fort Worth Beverly Anne Brindley, Temple Shereata Sue Bush, Midland Elizabeth Spencer Callaway, San Antonio Judy Ann Chase, Houston Kay Cowan, Hillsboro Sally Belle Cowper, Big Spring Mary Edna Crawford, Beaumont Donna Lee Croft, Odessa Mary Laura Crutcher, Tyler Daravene Daniel, Austin Bonnie Martha Davis, Abilene Beverly Jean Dodgen, Temple Lou Adele Dorrell, Houston Francis Ann Drake, Wellington Bette Drushel, Houston Rhetta Roberta Duty, Houston Acia Lee Elliott, Houston Nancy Claire Eppright, Austin Lura Lynn Etheridge, El Paso Marilu Joy Felder, Port Arthur Meredith Ferguson, Dallas Linda Lee Fields, San Angelo Carol Louise Fisher, Wichita Falls Patricia Brooks Freel, Houston Lanette Ann Glasscock, San Antonio Karolyn Kay Granbery, Austin Lyn Ellen Hammack, Vernon MEMBERS Susan Irene Harling, Telephone Ann Karen Haun, Fort Worth Georgia Whittenburg Hawks, Amarillo Charline Hawthorne, Conroe Mary Lou Henderson, Piano Susan Louise Houston, Houston Cornelia Ann Huck, San Antonio Jane Kendall Hufendick, Arlington Elizabeth Maverick Huth, San Antonio Judith Mueller Jacobs, Kingsville Kathryn Ann Kelly, McKinney Karol Anne Kolter, Beaumont Linda Lanham, Temple Irene Mae Lee, Houston Suzanne Lewis, Houston Ann Bordon Lipscomb, Houston Joanna Love, Del Rio Mary Lynden Luckel, Houston Nancy Malone, Weslaco Stephanie Dent Manget, New Orleans, La. Martha Ann Marks, Midland Barbara Ann Martin, Tyler Judith Martin, Houston Mary Gay Maxwell, Houston Sonya McBride, Brownsville Kathleen Bridget McCarthy, Galveston Judith Ann Metz, Stamford Linda Kay Miller, Dallas Mary Kathryn Miller, Houston Sharon Diane Mitchell, Midland Katharine Moore, Houston Elizabeth lone Moreland, Dallas Marilyn Morris, Hillsboro Lucia Ann Nettle, Dallas Eleanor Thornton Oliver, San Antonio Nancy Elizabeth Patterson, Midland Patti Ray Pollard, Houston Margaret Ann Prichard, Port Arthur Mary Jack Puckett, Corpus Christi Terry Gay Puckett, Amarillo Nancy Jane Ray, Dallas Elizabeth Gwendolyn Rhey, El Paso Donna Rachel Richardson, Houston Patricia Roane Riddick, Corpus Christi Sally Ross Risser, Bonham Katherine Parker Ross, Tyler Ann Schlesselman, College Station Gail Schlesselman, College Station Harriet Schoch, Dallas Norma Jean Smith, Ennis Sandra Margaret Snider, Fort Worth Janet Mabel Spencer, Corpus Christi Carol Louise Spires, Austin Sammie Lynn Taylor, Corpus Christi Marilyn Frances Tirey, Dallas Susan Jane Turner, Beaumont Eleanor Ann Tyler, Austin Effie Menelmo Tyng, Houston Kathryn Ann Vaughn, San Angelo Virginia Waldrop, San Antonio Ann Charlotte Walker, Beaumont Virginia Ann Walker, Austin Lyde Hodges Wall, Dallas Jane Murphy Welder, Victoria Dorthea Faye Wheeler, Dallas Edith Brooke Wilderson, Houston Carolyn Carpenter Williams, Dallas Glenda Sue Woods, Beaumont Klata Rae Woodul, Lamesa Kathryn Young Wray, Tyler Margaret Faye Yeagley, Dallas Top Row: Ashmore, Austin, A. Barbeck, S. Barbeck, Borglund, Brindley, T. Bush, E. Callaway, H. Callaway, Campbell, Chancy, Chase. Second Row: Compton, Cowan, Cowper, Cravens, Croft, Curtis, Daniel, De Lee, Dodgen, Dorrell, Duty, Dwyer. Third Row: Elliott, Eppright, Etheridge, Evans, Fenoglio, Fields, Fisher, Flannery, Freel, Gibson, Glasscock, Granbery. Fourth Row: Halsell, Hammack, Hargis, Marling, Harper, Hartman, Hawks, Hawthorne, Henderson, Houston, Hufendick, Hull. PAGE 260 Top Row: Jacobs, Jones, Kelly, Knox, Kolter, La Master, Lanham, Lee, Lipscomb, Luckel, Malone, Mangel, Marks, h. Mai un, J. Martin. Second Row: Maxwell, Maze, McCarthy, McCullough, Meadows, M. Miller, L. Morris, M. Morris, Nettle, Odom, Patterson, Prichard, M. Puckett, T. Puckett, Reagor. Third Row: Richardson, Riddick, Risser, Robertson, G. Schlesselman, Schoch, Shell, M. Smith, S. Smith, Spencer, Spires, Stevenson, Street, Taggart, Terry. Fourth Row: Tucker, Turner, Tyler, Tyng, A. Walker, V. Walker, Weigel, Welder, West, Whitcomb. C. Williams, H. Williams, Woods, Woodul, Wray. NATIONAL FOUNDING Monmouth College, 1870 LOCAL FOUNDING Beta Xi, 1902 Karen Marshall Ashmore, Houston Kristin Borglund, Shaker Heights, Ohio Tennie Marie Bush, Midland Helena Spencer Callaway, San Antonio Ann Blake Campbell, San Antonio Lynne Riggan Chancy, San Antonio Patricia Compton, Corpus Christi Mary Cecelia Cravens, Arlington Alice Allee Curtis, Amarillo Edith Claire De Lee, Shreveport, La. Elizabeth Anne Denman, Wichita Falls Lila Dianne Dwyer, Houston Paula Evans, Conroe Carole Sue Fenoglio, Houston Catherine Ann Flannery, San Antonio Beverly Ann Gibson, Midland Judy Grace Halsell, Fort Worth PLEDGES Laurie Lee Hargis, San Antonio Bobbie Ann Harper, San Antonio Letitia Lewis Hartman, Victoria Deryl Ann Hull, Tyler Janet Ann Jones, Amarillo Billie Jack Knox, Grand Prairie Maxine Rebecca Krueger, Victoria Suzanne Bernice La Master, Houston Patricia Ann Lubben, Dallas Melaney Jean McAfee, Amarillo Anne Marie McCullough, Houston Mary Morgan Maze, Temple Susan Moore Meadows, San Angelo Linda Jan Morris, Hillsboro Sherwood Noel, Odessa Kathryn Phoebe Odom, Beaumont Patricia Ann Readinger, Fort Worth Betty Field Reagor, Dallas Carrie May Robertson, Houston Frances Ronshausen, Port Arthur Karen Louise Scarborough, Fort Worth Helen Hughetta Shell, Fort Worth Mary Elizabeth Smith, Houston Sarah Susan Smith, Dallas Beverly Ann Stevenson, Port Arthur Joline Woods Street, San Antonio Ray Reimers Taggart, Corpus Christi Catherine Margaret Terry, Austin Miley Frances Tucker, Beaumont Mabel Duncan Weigel, Austin Patricia Raye West, Jacksonville Jeriann Whitcomb, Houston Harriet Gardner Williams, Dallas Phi Fall LORENE MEADOW VIRGINIA LEA LAYTON BARBARA ANN DIXON MARGARET MARY KOSH . VIRGINIA LYNN LUCAS OFFICERS President V ice-President . Recording Secretary Pledge Director Treasurer Spring PHYLLIS ANN BYARS MARIANNE MACLARY JANICE KAY DURR MARGARET WHITTON HALEY VEDA LETITIA RUSSELL MEMBERS Lillian Pauline Adair, Houston Mary Margaret Baker, San Antonio Ellen Vail Buel, San Antonio Phyllis Ann Byars, Blanco Frances Anne Childre, Richardson Carol Dean Coleman, Houston Carolyn Dice, Austin Barbara Ann Dixon, Dallas Janice Kay Durr, Edwardsville, 111. Josephine Marie Eickmann, Austin Margaret Whitton Haley, Fort Worth Elizabeth Ann Jennings, Trinidad, B. W. I. Elizabeth Kay Jones, Amarillo Hazel Karen Kinchloe, Ardmore, Okla. Margaret Mary Kosh, Hempstead Virginia Lea Layton. Humble Virginia Lynn Lucas, Baytown Marianne Maclary, Dallas Lorene Meadow, Austin Veda Letitia Russell, Austin Ethyl Marie Shapley, Dallas Mary Withers Trotter, Houston JoAnn Turpin, Wichita Falls Sara Ellen Walker, Hempstead Buel, Bugg, Byars, Coleman, Durr, Eastwood, Eickmann, Fowler. PACE 262 I Haley, Kincheloe, Kosh, Leonard, I.ucas, Maclary, Russell, Schunnan, Walker. NATIONAL FOUNDING Wesleyan College, 1852 LOCAL FOUNDING Phi, 1913 PLEDGES Jane Carol Bugg, Houston Annetta Jane Eastwood, Daingerfield May Elizabeth Fowler, Austin Laurabeth Elizabeth Grieneeks, Midland Jeanette Leonard, Johnson City Margaret Jane Miller, Ballinger Ruth Louise Schurman, San Antonio Pi Seta Pki Fall MARGARET CLARE PERKINS MARILYN EDITH ALLEN ELIZABETH ANN BROWN RHETTA ALLEN MOODY EVANGELINE FORD . OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer . Spring MARILYN EDITH ALLEN MAYDELLE VAUGHAN FOSTER HELEN PATTERSON DAYVAULT MARJORIE SHARON HALL ELIZABETH THOMSON JONES f Marilyn Edith Allen, San Antonio Cora Louise Amerman, Houston Annabelle Ansley, San Antonio Sarah Chapman Bagby, Houston Mary Jane Bahan, San Antonio Evelyn Elsie Beular, Houston Martha Ann Brandon, Shrcvcport, La. Jean Ellis Bright, Austin Penelope Hale Brooks, Abilene Elizabeth Ann Brown, Austin Edith Ann Broyles, Longview Elizabeth Cheek, Fort Worth Ann Chiles, Austin Carol Dashiell Cockrell, Houston Nancy Jean Cotton, Dallas Cornelia Ann Cummins, Fort Worth Anne McKeever Darby, Houston Helen Patterson Dayvault, Altair Loretta Ann Dennard, Dallas Mary Diane Dowling, El Dorado, Ark. Elizabeth Ann Dudgeon, Waco Judith Anne Easterling, Corpus Christi Carolyn Sue Echols, El Paso Lida Lacy Edmundson, Houston Judith Lynn Eplen, Abilene Evangeline Ford, La Marque Faith Ford, La Marque Maydelle Vaughan Foster, San Antonio Nancy Carolyn Foy, Brownwood Patricia Bernayz Fullingim, Odessa Carmen Wren Fulton, Midland Nancy Marie Garrard, Tyler Carolyn Carroll Garrett, Danbury Susan Blackshear Garrett, Danbury Mary Aline Gilbert, Austin Carolyn Diane Gilmore, Paris Ann Marie Gordon, Abilene MEMBERS Sally Duggar Gray, Corpus Christi Janet M. Guthrie, Austin Marjorie Sharon Hall, Sherman Diane Higgins, Dallas Nancy Elizabeth Hill, San Antonio Elizabeth Macey Hodges, Austin Nancy Josephine Hughston, Midland Nancy Bryan Hunt, Sonora Anne Frances Jeffers, San Antonio Nancy Beth Johnson, Dallas Linda Lou Johnston, Terrell Elizabeth Thomson Jones, Dallas Laila Elizabeth Jones, Waco Alice Therese Kean, Dallas Ayree Jane Klotz, Henderson Anne Knight, Austin Betty Mildred Lanier, McAllen Colette Renee LeBourg, Houston Carolita Linda Link, Weslaco Joan Elaine Loffland, Fort Worth Carol Lynn Lyles, Austin Mary Leila Maginnis, Beaumont Dorothy Malone, Houston Lou Ann Martin, Wichita Falls Jane Lynn Mayes, Corpus Christi Mary Kay McFarland, Houston Anne Terrell McKnight, Dallas Susan Bell Metz, Dallas Mary Ann Michaelis, Galveston Rhetta Allan Moody, Houston Carol Ann Moore, San Antonio Marilyn Marie Mueller, San Antonio Judith Murph, Dallas Marianne Muse, Longview Sara Beth Neary, Dallas Patricia Wills Nelson, Houston Martha Kay Northington, Ballinger Nancy Esther Nunnery, Houston Eleanor Dale Oliver, Dallas Jessie Fay Oliver, Midland Sallie Oxford, Shreveport, La. Marietta Payne, Austin Margaret Clare Perkins, Alice Selina Sally Pitts, Beaumont Susan Woods Ray, Houston Susan Roberts Reed, Austin Lucy Fay Reinking, Dallas Johanne Repper, Fort Worth Kay Rhine, Tyler Jean Burke Rogers, San Antonio Judith Sue Rust, Texas City Lynn Rutland, Dallas Katherine Schuhmacher, San Antonio Catherine Elizabeth Searcy, San Antonio Catherine Eugenia Searls, Houston Susan Searls, Houston Elizabeth Ann Shatto, Columbus Julie Shaw, Houston Susan Elizabeth Shirley, Galveston Beverly June Smith, Rotan Carolyn Glenn Smith, Galveston Sharan Lee Smith, Houston Beverly Ann Stephenson, Baytown Jane Stotts, Dallas Sandra Elizabeth Street, Graham Hilda Gail Swenson, Stamford Margaret Ann Taylor, Dallas Lynn Terrell, Fort Worth Ann Thomas, Houston Patricia Vigeon, San Antonio Lynn Walling, Houston Lou Anne Ward, Tyler Alice Lockett Wheless, Houston Valerie Clotilde Williams, Austin Jane Elaine Yeaton, Austin Top Row: Amerman, Brockschmidt, Broday, Brooks, Brown, Broyles, Buchanan, Buchel, Butler, Bywaters, Check, Chiles, N. Chipley. Second Row: S. Chipley, Cockrell, Collett, Colton, Corley, Cummins, Darby, Dayvault, Dudley, Easterling, Edmundson, Eplen, E. Ford. Third Row: F. Ford, Foster, Foy, Fullingim, Fulton, Garrard, S. Garrett, Gilbert, Guillot, Heath, Hendrix, Higgins, Hill. Fourth Row: Hughston, Hunt, N. Johnson, E. Jones, L. Jones, Jordan, Kean, Kerr, Klotz, Knight, Landreth, Lanier, Lewis. PAGE 264 NATIONAL FOUNDING Monmouth College, 1867 LOCAL FOUNDING Texas Alpha, 1902 Sally Belle Brockschmidt, Houston Margaret Ann Broday, Wichita Falls Stephanie Jane Buchanan, Hot Springs, Ark. Barbara Adele Buchel, Dallas Meta Camille Butler, Austin Phyllis Keyes Bywaters, Dallas Nan Elizabeth Chipley, San Antonio Sue Rivers Chipley, San Antonio Martha Camille Collett, Fort Worth Michael Jean Colton, San Antonio Julia Corley, Austin Sonya Altagracia de Moya, Houston Julia Aurclia Dudley, Comanche Joanne Arnold Edmundson, Houston Michelle Guillot, Dallas Linda Lois Heath, Austin Ann Hendrix, Port Arthur PLEDGES Suzanne Abigail Jerauld, Lufkin Margaret Coleen Johnson, Tyler Velma Jane Jordan, Austin Carolyn India Kerr, Fort Worth Lynda Virginia Landreth, Fort Worth Linda Ann Lewis, San Antonio Barbara Ann Loffland, Fort Worth Moselle Archer Mallett, Houston Nancy Baker Maxwell, Dallas Patricia Ann McGuire, Dallas Virginia Mary Oxford, Beaumont Margaret Ozelle Pace, Dallas Louan Parks, Lamesa Pene Pettit, Dallas Susan Avery Phinney, Austin Dale Earle Porter, Bryan Elizabeth Jan Pruit, Abilene Nancy Ann Ridder, San Antonio Gail Frances Robinson, San Antonio Barbara Letitia Rogers, San Antonio Mary Elizabeth Rogers, Austin Suzanne Marie Scibienski, Corpus Christi Selma Ann Scrutchin, San Marcos Eleanor Jane Seewald, Beaumont Elinore Catherine Sharp, Reforma, Mexico Carolyn Dale Shirley, Galveston Martha Ann Sloan, Corpus Christi Lyda Sue Starr, Midland Annabell Ellen Sweeney, San Antonio Ruth Scott Wainright, Houston Audrey MacBlain Willers, Missouri City Louie Jane Woodward, Dallas Patricia Arrington Wooten, Columbus Fall JUDITH ADELE PEINE . Jo ANN LIPINSKY HARRIETTE SUE PULLEN BARBARA SUE BARSHOP JULIE ANNA LIPNER . OFFICERS President .... V ice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer Spring M. CLAIRE SCHLOSBERG PATRICIA ROLFE MARTIN JOYCE GROSSMAN HARRIET SAIKIN JOYCE ANN ROSENBLUM MEMBERS Judy Elaine Abrams, Corpus Christ! Kate Sydney Badash, Houston Barbara Sue Barshop, San Antonio Barbara Sue Bierner, Dallas Joyce Deanna Daily, Richmond Betsy Lana Danziger, San Antonio Sandra Lee Epstein, San Antonio Natalie Iris Greenberg, Fort Worth Joyce Grossman, Birmingham, Ala. Teresa Jean Hirschfeld, Austin Sheryl B. Krandel, Houston Sabra Joy Lande, San Antonio Annette Janis Levin, Galveston Jo Ann Lipinsky, Waco Julie Anna Lipner, Corpus Christi Jean Marcus, Vicksburg, Miss. Patricia Rolfe Martin, Houston Susan Harriet Miller, Beaumont Judith Adele Peine, Houston Betsy Perlman, Houston Harriette Sue Pullen, San Antonio Linda Rosenbaum, Omaha, Neb. Joyce Ann Rosenblum, Corsicana Susan Lilia Roth, Dallas Harriet Saikin, Shreveport, La. Suzanne Meryl Saikin, Fort Worth Beverly Samuelson, Houston Martha Lynn Scharlack, San Antonio M. Claire Schlosberg, Pine Bluff, Ark. Elaine Schwartz, Fort Worth Ina Carolyn Selber, Jacksonville, Fla. Lana Merra Smith, Austin Gwendolyn Socol, Breckenridge Marcia Anne Solka, Refugio Joyce Ray Tenenbaum, Pharr Vivien Jean Weinberger, San Antonio Phyllis Lynn Yonet, Houston Top Row: Applebaum, Barshop, Bender, Bierner, Brenner, Brookstein, Burke, Chernikowski, Collins, Conn, B. Daily. Second Ro;u: J. Daily, Danziger, Dauman, Dushkin, Epstein, EstrofF, Feld, Fox, Fries, Galoob, A. Goldberg. Third Row: S. Goldberg, Goldreyer, Goldsmith, Greenberg, Grevsky, Grossman, Haas, Hirsch, Hirschfeld, S. A. Katz, S. Katz. PACE 266 Top Row: Krauss, Krull, Levin, Lipner, Maltzman, Marcus, N. Miller, S. Miller, Oshman, Paine, Peine, Perlman, Pinkenson. Second Row: Polsky, Polunsky, Proler, Pullen, Racusin, Rosen, Rosenblum, Roscnthal, Rosenzweig, Ross, Roth, S. Saikin, Schaffer. Third Row: Schapira, Scharlack, Schlosberg, Schwartz, Singer, Smith, Socol, Solka, Stone, Tenenbaum, Weinberger, Yonet, Zelen. NATIONAL FOUNDING Cornell University, 1917 LOCAL FOUNDING Tau. 1939 PLEDGES Rochelle Maye Applebaum, Marshall Marlene Raye Bender, Beaumont Felice Maxine Brenner, Memphis, Tenn. Judy Ann Brookstein, Omaha, Neb. Barbara Ann Burke, Houston Stephanie Chernikowski, Corpus Christi Elaine Kaye Collins, Houston Paulette Ruth Conn, Miami Beach, Fla. Barbara Sue Daily, Richmond Judith Ann Dauman, Yonkers, N. Y. Sue Ann Dushkin, Houston Rosalyn Dale Estroff , Augusta, Ga. Carol Barbara Feld, Houston Janelle Maxine Fox, Dallas Sheralyn Doris Fries, Memphis, Tenn. Debra Galoob, Longview Audrey Goldberg, Beatrice, Neb. Rochelle Goldberg, Houston Sheila Phyllis Goldberg, Los Angeles, Calif. Natalie Goldreyer, Corpus Christi Sandra Lee Goldsmith, Corpus Christi Barbara Elaine Grevsky, Houston Barbara Jean Haas, Corpus Christi Golda Rita Handler, Fort Worth Sara Jo Hirsch, Marshall Sheryl Ann Katz, Corpus Christi Shirley Katz, El Paso Jean Felice Krauss, Houston Linda Terry Krull, Houston Patricia Ann Maltzman, San Antonio Nancy Rose Miller, Dallas Judy Deanna Oshman, Houston Harriett Lynn Paine, Baytown Fredell Ann Pinkenson, Houston Brenda Rae Polsky, Austin Linda Jean Polunsky, San Antonio Nina Lee Proler, Houston Shirley Louise Racusin, Corpus Christi Nancy Ruth Rosen, Dallas Carol Tanya Rosenthal, Dallas Barbara Lynn Rosenzweig, Dallas Alene Louise Ross, Houston Brenda Faye Sandier, Fort Worth Peggy Ann Schaffer, Dallas Janet Raye Schapira, McAllen Edele Lee Singer, Los Angeles, Calif. Nancy Stone, Milwaukee, Wis. Louise Maureen Zelen, Houston OFFICERS Fall BERNIECE CLAIRE CHILDS CHARLOTTE ANN Cox . JOAN DENYS LENTZ . LYNELL FILLMORE . SANDRA LEE VAIL President .... V ice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer . Spring MARY CLEMENTINE ELLISON SANDRA LYNN STOLZ SALLY JEAN ELY DEAN N A LEE GORBETT GAYLE JOHNSON Sallye Lou Atkinson, Houston Anne Marie Aucoin, Houston Anne Elizabeth Beard, Dallas Delora Elizabeth Blazek, Liberty Millicent Ann Bleakney, Harlingen Marilyn Ann Boyle, San Antonio Eloise Wilson Brackenridge, Taylor Peggy Frances Brown, Victoria Elizabeth Louise Burt, New Braunfels Carol Ann Calkins, Wichita Falls Nancy Lee Callaway, Dallas Katheryne Elizabeth Camp, Cameron Gina LaRee Chapman, Liberty Berniece Claire Childs, Shreveport Charlotte Ann Cox, Austin Willene Lorene Coym, Alice Mary Lee Cramer, Kingville Sharon Beth Dehnisch, Mathis Joan Dunlap, Dallas Eleanor Kathleen Edwards, Fort Worth Joan Louise Elder, Houston Harriet Ann Eliot, Midland Mary Clementine Ellison, Texarkana Sally Jean Ely, Tyler Jean Barrillon Felder, Palestine Lynell Fillmore, Wichita Falls Claudia Lynne Fletcher, Midland Theresa Elizabeth Flynn, Houston Marjorie Anne Foster, Galveston MEMBERS Glenda Gayle Furse, New Orleans, La. Terese Inez Gilmer, El Paso Nancy Anne Glass, San Antonio Deanna Lee Gorbett, Fort Worth Susan Vandever Hammond, San Antonio Frances Skillman Harris, Houston Emmalee Jeanette Heltzel, Cisco Erin Higgins, Austin Jane Andrea Hill, Dallas Dianne Hollingsworth, Harlingen Mary Loretta Holloway, Dallas Gayle Johnson, Corpus Christi Judith Carol Jolley, Dallas Jerry Lillian Jones, Beaumont Robin Jones, Austin Catherine Frances Jones, San Antonio Joan Denys Lentz, Victoria Linda Ann Liles, Temple Donna Carol Manske, McGregor Selwyn Ann Martineau, Corpus Christi Katherine Marie Matthew, Yoakum Rebecca Gail McDowell, Dallas Phyllis Lee McGuire, San Antonio Virginia Sue McReynolds, Palestine Ann Lee Moore, Houston Jane Ann Moore, Austin Martha Lockett Mossom, Dallas Rachel Frances Myers, Beaumont Carol Ann Neville, Midland Gretchen Marie Oden, Atlanta Martha Elizabeth Overstreet, Austin Julie Ann Parker, Austin Margaret Abbe Parker, Austin Martha Louise Parrish, Galveston Constance Yvonne Patton, Houston Marida Ann Pike, Fort Worth Carol Jane Pitts, Bellaire Penelope Pounds, San Antonio Pamela Rice, Longview Dianne Lucille Roshton, Houston Maxine Elizabeth Schuhmann, East Bernard Suzann Tiemann Seidel, Brenham Anita Ruth Smith, San Antonio Betty Gail Smither, Huntsville Sandra Lynn Stolz, Houston Amanda Gay Stuart, Houston Carol Ann Tanksley, Del Rio Sandra Lee Vail, Houston Flo Christian Van Gundy, San Marcos Beth Van Horn, Odessa Mary Elizabeth Vogel, Lockhart Mary Jo Ward, Ozona Suzanne White, Houston Bette Jan Wiggins, Beaumont Ann O ' Connor Williams, Victoria Mary Ann Williams, Corsicana Alice Carol Wilson, Houston Bette Ann Wilson, Houston Top Row: Atkinson, Aucoin, Baine, Beall, Beard, Blazek, Boyd, Boyle, Brackenridge, Brannon, Braun, Brown. Second Row: Browne, Burcham, Burt, Callaway, Camp, Carruthers, Carter, Chapman, Childs, Cox, Coym, Cramer. Third Roir: Graver, Cromack, Crow, Dehnisch, Dickey, Dunlap, Edwards, Elder, Ellison, Ely, Erwin, Faison. Fourth Row: Felder, Fitzhugh, Fletcher, Flynn, Foster, Furse, Gilmer, Glass, Gorbett, Graham, Gross, Hammond. PAGE 268 Top fimi). ' Harrison, Hashop, Heltzel, Higgins, Hill, Holloway, G. Johnson, J. Johnson, Jolley, J. M. Jones, J. L. Jones, Jordan, Kidd, Konz. Second Row: Lentz, Lilcs, Lowe, Manske, Marshall, Martineau, Matthew, Mays, McCall, McCleary, McCrum, McDowell, McGuire, McReynolds, A. Moore. Third Row: J. Moore, Mouser, Myers, Neville, Nichols, Oden, Ott, Overstreet, J. Parker, M. Parker, Parrish, C. K. Patton, C. Y. Patton, Phillips, Pike. Fourth Row: Pitts, Pounds, Rice, Roberts, Rosson, Russell, Schuhmann, Scott, R. Seidel, S. Seidel, Smither, Stuart. Tankslcy, Taylor, Thames. Filth Row: Vail, Van Gundy, Van Horn, Vogel, Walker, Ward, Watts, M. White, S. White, Wiggins, M. Williams, A. Wilson, B. Wilson, Worrell, Zimmerman. NATIONAL FOUNDING Longwood College, 1898 LOCAL FOUNDING Kappa, 1906 Billie Lynn Baine, Waco Edith Ellen Beall, Nacogdoches Darby Ann Boyd, Cleburne Martha Lucretia Brannon, Houston Patricia Gayle Braun, Houston Dorothy Louise Browne, Houston Mary Jane Burcham, Austin Mary Ann Carruthers, Cuero Jerry Fay Carter, Arlington Martha Ann Chandler, San Angelo Virginia Ruth Graver, Texarkana Nancy Lind Cromack, Brownsville Nancy Sue Crow, Shreveport, La. Betty Lynn Dickey, Houston Myra Lou Erwin, Commerce Linda Jeane Faison, Texarkana Florence Randal Fitzhugh, Waco PLEDGES Mary Ella Graham, Odessa Mary Ellen Gross, Dallas Myrtle Jeanette Harrison, Wharton Rebecca Jo Hashop, Corsicana Ann Fontaine Holland, Dallas Janet Johnson, Corpus Christi Jane Marcelle Jones, Pecos Lou Ann Jordan, Atlanta Nancy Jayne Kidd, Tyler Margaret Ruth Knoz, Beaumont Evelyn Ann Lowe, Dallas Jane Kathleen Marshall, Hillsboro Martha Clifford Mays, Austin Margaret Graham McCall, Victoria Carolyn Cay McCleary, Victoria Helen Suzanne McCrum, Dallas Mary Ann Mouser, Houston Lori Ann Nichols, Houston Sharon Eileen Ott, Houston Charlotte Kemp Patton, Houston Diane Elizabeth Phillips, Ozona Esther Mary Roberts, Dallas Mary Ada Rosson, Midland Gwen Russell, McAllen Martha Gay Scott, San Antonio Rebecca Seidel, Brenham Judy Ruth Taylor, Fort Worth Alice Gay Thames, Beaumont Barbara Joyce Walker, Dallas Edna Mabel Watts, Corpus Christi Mary Jo White, Austin Ira Ann Worrell, Wichita Falls Sandra Lee Zimmerman, Galveston PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Fall SHARON BETH DEHNISCH JANE FRANCES SPACEK CAROLE STEWART KEETON EDNA FRANCES SAMPLE OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer Spring EVA GAYLE MAXEY PHYLLIS JOAN KEMP DIANA GAIL PARSONS SUE JINKINS CHESSHER Senior MARILYN SUE BECKER VIRGINIA ANN PEARSON . DOROTHY JANE SPITZBERG JANE FRANCES SPACEK PHYLLIS JOAN KEMP MELINDA LOUISE BURKHART CAROLE STEWART KEETON ANN ELLEN ARMSTRONG . JANIECE BELLE SIMMONS . ANITA RUTH KAPLAN DIANA VOLLINTINE . EDNA FRANCES SAMPLE JUDY WHITEHURST . MARY KAY MILLER . CAROLYN DICE . MALINE GILBERT SABRA JOY LANDE SHARON BETH DEHNISCH FALL MEMBERS Alpha Chi Omega . Alpha Delta Pi . Alpha Epsilon Phi . Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Omicron Pi . Alpha Phi . Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta . Delta Gamma . Delta Phi Epsilon . Delta Zeta . Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Mu . . . Pi Beta Phi . Sigma Delta Tau Zeta Tau Alpha Junior EVA GAYLE MAXEY CAROL ANN SULLIVAN HARRIET LIEBERMAN PATRICIA WYNN RUSCH MARY CAROLYN STONE LINDA SUZANNE TIXIER SHARON SUE SEARS FRANCES BYRD COLLINS DIANA GAIL PARSONS SHARON EILEEN SCHAFFER REBECCA ANN REYNOLDS BETTYE SUE SWALES SUE JINKINS CHESSHER ANN KAREN HAUN VEDA LETITIA RUSSELL NANCY ELIZABETH HILL M. CLAIRE SCHLOSBERG HARRIET ANN ELIOT Senior EVA GAYLE MAXEY CAROL ANN SULLIVAN HARRIET LIEBERMAN . PATRICIA WYNN RUSCH . PHYLLIS JOAN KEMP LINDA SUZANNE TIXIER . SHARON SUE SEARS ANN ELLEN ARMSTRONG . DIANA GAIL PARSONS CYNTHIA MAE MILLER REBECCA ANN REYNOLDS BETTYE SUE SWALES . SUE JINKINS CHESSHER . MARY KAY MILLER . CAROL DEAN COLEMAN NANCY ELIZABETH HILL . GWENDOLYN SOCOL . HARRIET ANN ELIOT . SPRING MEMBERS Alpha Chi Omega . Alpha Delta Pi . Alpha Epsilon Phi . Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Omicron Pi . Alpha Phi . Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta . Delta Gamma . Delta Phi Epsilon Delta Zeta . . . . Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Mu . . . , Pi Beta Phi . . . . Sigma Delta Tau Zeta Tau Alpha Junior DOROTHY RAY RODGERS ALICE ELINA ADAMS LYNN GAY FINESILVER SURRENDEN KAY HlLL MARY CAROLYN STONE LYNETTE TAYLOR JANET LYN GALEENER FRANCES BYRD COLLINS LOULYNN KELLY SUSAN FREDERICA AMSTER SANDRA CARLA COOPER SALLY CHRISTINE RUNDQUIST CAROLYN ELAYNE TERRY ELEANOR ANN TYLER JEANETTE LEONARD MARGARET OZELLA PACE PATRICIA ANN MALTZMAN JOAN DUNLAP PAGE 270 B FRATERNITIES PAGE 271 Acacia OFFICERS Fall RICHARD EARL HOLLOWAY TRAVIS ROY CRAWFORD MICHAEL WALTER MERRIMAN . DONALD HARRISON TAYLOR, III GILES HAYES MADRAY, JR. Venerable Dean Senior Dean . Junior Dean . Secretary . Treasurer . Spring WILLIAM THOMAS ATKINSON THOMAS ANTHONY DRAWERT MICHAEL WALTER MERRIMAN WILLIAM HENRY HOOPER MARVIN RICHARD SKAGGS MEMBERS John Kay Adair, San Antonio Harold Donald Ard, Nacogdoches William Thomas Atkinson, Pampa Edward Charles Bode, Junction Charles Mark Britton, Corpus Christi Richard Malcolm Brown, Jr., Pampa Fred Nelson Bruton, Throckmorton James Dean Bryan, Houston William Lawrence Cotulla, Cotulla Travis Roy Crawford, Grand Falls Thomas Anthony Drawert, Fort Worth William Green Hanshaw, Raymondville Robert Thomas Harper, Sulphur Springs William Joe Harper, Sulphur Springs Willis Lee Hassell, Pampa Mike Austin Hatchell, Austin Walter Tom Henson, Dalhart Richard Earl Holloway, Evanston, 111. William Henry Hooper, Plainview Gerald Arthur Lowe, II, Arlington Giles Hayes Madray, Jr., San Antonio Michael Walter Merriman, Throckmorton Anthony Brent Oates, Pampa Edwin Franklin Pierce, Plainview David Norman Poinier, Austin Donald Eugene Robertson, Lake Dallas Roy Samuel Rodman, Jr., Austin Robert Wesley Savage, Wellington Edward Donovan Schmidt, Austin Joe Shannon, Jr., Fort Worth Marvin Richard Skaggs, Texas City Riley Gene Sloan, Ruidoso, N. M. Eugene Boyd Smith, Fort Worth David Forrest Stith, Rosenberg Donald Harrison Taylor, III, Crystal City Larry Leon Womble, Dalhart Top Row: Adair, Atkinson, Bode, Bolger, Britton, Bruton, Bryan. Second Row: Byler, Cotulla, Crawford, Dalton, J. Drawert, T. Drawert, Graham. Third Row: Harnly, R. Harper, W. Harper, Harris, Hendricks, Henry, Henson. PAGE 272 J -T fr 7 " op flow: Holloway, Hooper, Jewett, Johns, Johnson, Lowe, Madray, Merrhmn, Newberry. Second Row: M. Gates, Pierce, Robertson, Rodman, Savage, Scott, Shannon, Skaggs, E. Smith. Third Row: K. Smith, Standridge, Stith, Taylor, Todd, Van Winchel, Veatch, Warren, Weyennan, Womble. NATIONAL FOUNDING University of Michigan, 1904 LOCAL FOUNDING Texas, 1916 PLEDGES David Jack Bolger, Mt. Vernon Edward Donald Box, Fort Worth William Kirk Byler, Dumas John William Dalton, Houston William Lee Dodrill, Fort Worth James George Drawert, Fort Worth Douglas Claude Graham, Plainview Henry J. Harnley, Miami Steve Wilson Harris, Austin Gary Franklin Hendricks, Fort Worth Boyd Wayne Henry, Elgin John Gleason Jewett, Fort Worth Robert Leroy Johns, Dallas Jerry Dwain Johnson, Mart Alonzo Perry McWilliams, Plainview Charles Richard Newberry, Fort Worth Michael Kent Oates, Pampa Edwin Grant Scott, Dallas Kirkland Gideon Smith, Plainview Marion David Standridge, Teague Charles Leslie Stewart, Wills Point Gary Owens Todd, Fort Worth Richard Hilton Van Winchel, Dallas Nathan Everett Veatch, Pasadena Donald Holman Warren, Bellaire Charles Curtis Weyerman, Austin William Glenn Baldree, Teague SPRING PLEDGES David Christian McGaughy, Mart Fall JERRY PRAGER . SAMUEL DONALD AXELRAD RICHARD MELVIN GORDON ALBERT DAVID KRAFCHEGK PHILLIP LAURIN GERSON OFFICERS Master First Lieutenant Master Scribe Exchequer . . . . Rush Captain . Spring SAMUEL DONALD AXELRAD HERBERT DAVID WEITZMAN Louis D. LERNER MALCOM SENION PHILLIP LAURIN GERSON MEMBERS Samuel Donald Axelrad, Houston Gerald Wayne Benson, Dallas Alan Keith Brodkin, Kansas City, Mo. Martin Bennett Cohen, Dallas Harvey Elliot Deutsch, Dallas Lawrence Sheldon Fischman, Dallas Richard Guy Fizdale, Houston Phillip Laurin Gerson, Houston Kenneth Roy Glaser, Dallas Joe E. Goldman, Dallas Richard Melvin Gordon, Houston William A. Helfman, Houston Richard Marcus Hermer, Detroit, Mich. Marty Hirschhorn, Houston James Melvin Hogue, Dallas Jay Marshall Hoppenstein, Dallas Neil Jordan, Dallas Jerome Michael Kopel, Dallas Albert David Kraf check, Houston Louis D. Lerner, Houston Ronnie Noel Levine, Borger Charles Dale London, Austin Michael John London, Austin Donald Love, Dallas Jerold Maer Lynn, Dallas Jerry B. Mark, Dallas Leslie Stephen Mendelsohn, Houston Gary Nordheimer, Houston Fred Joseph Pauly, Houston Steve Perel, Victoria Jerry Prager, Dallas Bernard Irving Rabinowitz, Galveston Sidney L. Ravkind, Dallas Jerry William Schwartz, Austin Malcolm Senior, Dallas Sheldon Stuart Smith, Austin Jerry Donald Solin, Dallas Robert William Swango, Dallas Jerry Joe Taub, Houston Joe Mayer Victor, Houston Howard Weinberger, Dallas Herbert David Weitzman, Dallas Herbert Wolfe Wizig, Waco Q Top Row: Axelrad, Ballas, Benson, Bobys, Brooks, R. Cohen, Davis, Deutsch, Fischman. Second Row: Fizdale, Fogel, Folloder, Gallant, Gerson, Goldman, Goldstein, Goodman, Hogue. Third Row: Hoppenstein, B. Jordan, Kopel, Kuper, Lefkowitz, Lerner, M. London, A. Luterman, G. Luterman. PAGE 274 k m " " " " i B B To ? Row: Lynn, Maierson, Nathan, Nozick, Pauly, Perel, Perlman, Peterman, Prager. Second Row: Rabinowitz, Robbins, Roth, Schwartz, Senior, Siegel, G. Smith, S. Smith, Solin, D. Third Row: R. Swango, Taub, Toby, Victor, Wcinberg, Weitzman, H. Wizig, T. Wizig, Wools Swango. iey, Zelazny. NATIONAL FOUNDING New York University, 1913 LOCAL FOUNDING Gamma Deuteron, 1939 PLEDGES Albert Ballas, Dallas Bruce Kovner Bobys, Corpus Christi Bernard Erwin Brooks, Houston Ronald Edward Cohen, Dallas Stephen Haliday Davis, Houston Richard Alan Fogel, Dallas Joseph Lawrence Folloder, Houston Stephen Joel Gallant, Dallas Stephen Richard Goldstein, Austin Jacob Yudy Goodman, Oil City, La. William Robert Gutow, Dallas Barry Edward Jordan, Dallas Michael Jay Kuper, Shreveport, La. Sidney Lefkowitz, Dallas Allen Nelson Luterman, Dallas Gerald Lee Luterman, Dallas Allan Jay Maierson, Houston Marvin David Nathan, Houston Robert I. Nozick, Austin Gerald Perlman, Fort Worth Henry Morris Peterman, Galveston Stuart Barry Robbins, Austin Franklin M. Roth, Houston Edward Morton Siegel, Dallas Gerald Robert Smith, Waco Donald Harry Swango, Dallas Herbert Bernard Toby, Dallas Stanley Weinberg, Houston Terry Paul Wizig, Corpus Christi Richard Jon Woolsey, Alvin Gary Allen Zelazny, Dallas SPRING PLEDGES Randall Stephen Fred, Dallas Irwin Harry Steinhorn, Houston Optega Fall DON HARGROVE SMITH . JOE DODSON CLAYTON . JAMES WALKER SHIPMAN EDDIE MILLER BURFORD . JOHN WINSTON DOUGLAS OFFICERS Worthy Master Worthy Chaplain .... Worthy Keeper of the Exchequer Worthy Keeper of the Annals Worthy Scribe Spring FARRILE SCHMIDLER YOUNG JAMES HENRY BROCK BRUCE WADE NELSON RICHARD MAURICE WALDEN CHARLES JULIUS STRACK MEMBERS Frank Mulkey Abbott, Jr., Houston Gene Nealy Allison, Houston Jim Choyce Allison, Houston Fred Norman Ankcnman, Houston Cecil Marion Arnold, Jr., Tyler James Earle Barden, Austin Russell Sterling Barnett, Jr., Houston John Elmen Blackaller, Uvalde James Parmenas Briscoe, Alvin James Henry Brock, Houston Eddie Miller Burford, Edinburg William Michael Campbell, Dallas Joe Dodson Clayton, Tulia Colin Jay Cole, Austin Ernest Allen Cole, III, Houston Maurice Wayne Cole, Jr., Austin Gerald Glynn Crutsinger, Wichita Falls John Lee Davis, Houston Harry David Dickson, Houston Robert Frederick Douds, Zanesville John Winston Douglas, Houston Charles Warren Ferguson, San Antonio Robert Joseph Finegan, Dallas James Donley Gardner, Dallas James Ray Gayle, III, Angleton Patrick Lamb Gordon, Dallas William Lawrence Green, Houston Jay Henry Harris, Houston William Donald Henderson, Ingleside Joseph M. Hill, Jr., Dallas Otis Gillette Hill, Houston Thomas Michael Holmes, San Juan Jefferson Davis Howell, Jr., Victoria Calvin Wayne Huffman, Austin Don Dale Isett, Garland Richard Cornwell Jennings, Corpus Christi James Eric Kaindl, Dallas Victor Scott Kneese, Dallas James Monroe Kruse, West Tom C. Lea, El Paso Ronald James Lowry, Dallas Theodore Charles Lucas, Houston Mike S. McArthur, Dallas Michael Ellsworth McCrory, Houston Jim D. Moffitt, Houston Gary Eugene Morrison, Austin Bruce Wade Nelson, Beaumont Darryl Dean Otto, Pasadena John Leslie Payne, San Antonio Paul William Phy, Stamford Louis Mickey Ratliff, Jr., Littlefield Marion Stanton Roberts, Jr., Austin Donald Eugene Roper, Houston John Waltham Rutland, III, Dallas Eugene Walter Schutze, Austin Alfred Freddy Schweizer, Dallas Winton Forrest Scott, Jr., Fort Worth Frank Mills Shallene, Austin Joseph William Sheehy, Tyler Jack Sproul Sherrill, Port Arthur James Walker Shipman, Austin Robert Lane Sims, III, Houston Don Hargrove Smith, Eagle Lake Dotson Charles Smith, Tyler George William Smith, Houston Jim Russell Smith, Houston Robert W. Spencer, Jr., Freeport Michael Bailey Stone, Houston Charles Julius Strack, Beaumont Clifford Bennett Stripling, Jacksonville William Allan Taylor, Mt. Pleasant Richard Maurice Walden, Chickasha, Okla. William Leonard Walton, Jr., Port Arthur Joe Kelton Wells, Jr., Austin Hilliare Sinclair Wilder, Austin David Wright Woodland, New Orleans, La. Tracy Triece Word, Houston Farrile Schmidler Young, Houston Top Row: Adcock, Caldwell, Calhoun, G. Campbell, W. Campbell, Childs, Crutsinger. Second Row: Douglas, Duggan, Dullnig, Dunham, Ewert, Fair, Gayle. Third Row: Harris, Henderson, Herren, Holmes, Howell, Huffman, Kaindl. PACE 276 n CT, - J 4 7 o Row: Kneese, Kruse, Laymon, Lindley, Lowry, McArthur, Miller, Morrison, Musgrove. Second Row: Nelson, Payne, Railey, Ratliff, Reynolds, Rutland, Schutz, Schutze, Schweizer. Third Row: Sheehy, Sherrill, Shipman, Sims, D. Smith, J. Smith, M. Smith, Strack, Walden, Wilder. NATIONAL FOUNDING Virginia Military Institute, 1865 LOCAL FOUNDING Tau, 1897 PLEDGES Willis Sherman Adcock, Beaumont Robert Kent Caldwell, Longview John Button Calhoun, San Antonio George Perry Campbell, Nacogdoches K. A. Childs, Jr., Kingsvillc Arthur Alexander Duggan, Littlefield George Rolle Dullnig, San Antonio Oliver Holden Dunham, Dallas William Arthur Ewert, Kingsville David Lewis Fair, Dallas Thomas Hood Herren, Houston Robert Harold Laymon, San Juan Jerry Bevan Larson, Dallas Charles Kennard Lindley, Dallas Mike Thadius McConkey, Dallas William Robert Miller, Dallas Joe Frank Musgrove, Houston Frank H. Neely, Tyler Louis Keith Nelson, Beaumont Randolph Miller Railey, Dallas Edward George Reynolds, McAllen Robert Rowland Schutz, McAllen Murray Edwin Smith, Dallas Tommy Wayne Wilkins, McAllen SPRING PLEDGES Wames Wright Denison, Houston John Alex Hofpauir, Port Arthur Charles Robert Kerr, Angleton Gerald Morris Lacy, Commerce Charles Oliver McBride, Houston Joseph Stephen Penncr, Freeport Seta Jheta Pi OFFICERS Fall WILLIAM GARVIN MCDONALD . JOE BILL WILLS .... JAMES DENNY DANNENBAUM . WILLIAM KEITH MILES JUDSON HIRAM PHELPS, JR. CLIFFORD PERRY SHANKLE, JR. President . Vice-President V ice-President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Spring CHARLES ERSKINE BROOKS WILLIAM KEITH MILES JAMES DENNY DANNENBAUM JOE CARROLL RUST WILLIAM HALDEN CONNER CLIFFORD PERRY SHANKLE, JR. Charles Black Aycock, Fort Worth John Greer Benson, Hereford Joseph Ingram Binford, Dallas Robert Connor Briggs, Houston Charles Erskine Brooks, Rockdale George Benjamin Brown, Waco Henry Villard Campbell, III, Lampasas Stanley Bradford Carruth, Austin Johnson Blair Cherry, Jr., Lubbock Robert Earl Clements, Amarillo William Halden Conner, Fort Worth Alton Henry Cook, Jr., Seguin Larry Jay Craddock, Austin James Denny Dannenbaum, Houston James Allen Evans, Fort Worth John Funk, Houston Judson Curtis Gee, Houston Robert Thomas Gowan, Dallas Robert Leolin Gross, Corpus Christi Robert Dal ton Hardcastle, Jr., San Antonio Michael Spellman Harris, Garland Almond Jasper Hays, Jr., Houston MEMBERS Charles Ewing Hickox, Jr., Yoakum Sidney Stewart Jarnagin, Houston William Davis Jordan, Palestine William Keith Kirkgard, Houston John Lynch Lancaster, III, Dallas Henry Willard Lende, Jr., Bryn Mawr, Pa. William David Lynch, Washington, D. C. William Garvin McDonald, Bryan John Burleson McCullough, Waco James Robert McKissock, Abilene Byron Douglas McReynolds, Abilene William Keith Miles, Fort Worth Richard Brcnnan Moore, San Antonio Edgar Covey Nash, Jr., Houston Charles Schreiner Nelson, San Antonio James Earl Nicholson, San Angelo Michael Hayes Pengra, Tyler John W. Pettijohn, Georgetown Judson Hiram Phelps, Jr., San Antonio John Charles Pool, Jasper Joe Tschudy Romine, Fort Worth Robert Melville Rose, Dallas Joe Carroll Rust, San Antonio William Columbus Sams, Dallas William Grey Savage, Dallas Tom William Scott, Jr., San Antonio Steven John Senevy, Fort Worth Clifford Perry Shankle, Jr., San Antonio William Nick Sikes, Jacksboro Gerald Hatton Simpson, Lufkin Farrell Murray Smith, Corpus Christi Robert Harold Smith, Amarillo William Saber Smith, Austin William Thomas Speller, Tyler Vernon Craig Steubing, Waelder Carroll George Sunseri, Galveston John Edson Teed, Pampa James Rae Tucker, LaMarque Joe Bill Wills, Hereford John Worrell Winter, Jr., San Antonio Ralph Huntington Winton, Jr., San Antonio William Edward Wise, Tyler Walter James Wyrick, Jr., Texarkana Warren Eugene Zimmerman, Amarillo Top Row: Anderson, Atkinson, Aycock, Barber, Baty, Benson, Bozarth, Briggs, Brooks, Brown, Campbell. Second Row: Collins, Conner, Craddock, Dannenbaum, Dibrell, Dickinson, Disch, Evans, Funk, Gandy, Gee. Third Row: Gibler, Gross, Hanover, Hardcastle, Harris, Hays, Heidelberg, Hickox, Hurst, Jarnagin, Johnson. PACK 278 Top Row: Jordan, Kerr, Kirkgard, Kirkman, Kocurek, Lesley, Little, Littleton, Lupe, MacLaughlin, McClamroch, McDugald, Muir. Second Row: Nash, Odiorne, Ogden, Pace, Patterson, Pearson, Pettijohn, Phelps, Pool, Rachel, Ramsey, Saunders, Savage, Scott. Third Row: Senevey, Shankle, Shaw, Sikes, Simpson, F. Smith, Sunseri, Townsend, Williams, Wills, Wilson, Winter, Winton, Wyrick. NATIONAL FOUNDING Miami University, 1839 LOCAL FOUNDING Beta Omicron. 1886 Rayburn Luther Anderson, San Antonio Lawrence Fred Atkinson, Fort Worth Joel Stephen Barber, Houston Donald Eugene Baty, Houston Hal Curtis Bozarth, Lampasas Louis Harold Collins, Houston Samuel Dotson Dibrell, San Antonio Gary Yates Dickinson, Del Rio William John Disch, III, Austin Kenneth Wayne Ferguson, Waco James Alton Gandy, Valley Mills Sheridan Taylor Gibler, Waco William Gibson Hanover, Lufkin Hoppy Eric Heidelberg, Midland John Clark Hurst, Lufkin Dan Michael Johnson, San Antonio PLEDGES John Thomas Kerr, Fort Worth John George Kirkman, Houston Richard John Kocurek, San Antonio John Nelson Kriet, San Antonio Thomas Murray Kyger, Fort Worth Robert Richard Lende, Bryn Mawr, Pa. Jack Renfro Lesley, Wichita Falls Charles William Little, Beaumont Larry Orman Littleton, Dallas John Bennett Lupe, San Antonio Donald Harris MacLaughlin, Houston Walter Williams McAllister, III, San Antonio Nathaniel Harris McClamroch, Shreveport, La. James Wallace McDugald, Houston Michael Morgan, Wichita Falls John Gordon Muir, La Marque James Rufus Odiorne, Jr., Johnson City Othel Walker Ogden, Andrews John Howard Pace, Jr., Houston Robert Stiles Patterson, Taylor Michael Reynolds Pearson, Dallas Hal Francis Rachal, Jr., Midland Rufus Tate Ramsey, Houston Don Weltens Saunders, San Antonio John Kinslcr Shaw, Austwell Michael Howard Townsend, Houston John Allen Treadwell, San Angelo Thomas Sylvanus Underwood, Lubbock Rick Alan Williams, Lubbock Robert Mims Wilson, Waco SPRING PLEDGES James Ross Crawford, Austin Walter Henry Reuter, III, Tyler Chi phi Fall HENRY LEON WALKER, JR. WALTER THANNISCH, III LARRY ALLAN FULBRIGHT WILLARD BAILEY MOON . MAURICE ANGLY, JR. OFFICERS Alpha . Beta . Gamma Delta . Epsilon Spring HENRY LEON WALKER, JR. MALCOLM DALE HARRINGTON ROBERT CLINTON ERNST LABAN W. WINGERT JACK RUSSELL BINION MEMBERS Robert Charles Allen, Dallas Maurice Angly, Jr., Julief Jack Russell Binion, Houston Robert Hunt Bowman, Baytown David Wallace Budzilowicz, Chicago, 111. Butler Parnell Crittenden, III, Beaumont Joseph Hudgens Dominey, Long Beach, Calif. James Ervin Dunaway, Houston Robert Clinton Ernst, Huntsville Jack Earl Ferrell, Dallas Carl Alexander Forbrich, Jr., San Antonio Michael Moorman Fricke, Bay City Larry Allan Fulbright, El Paso Lawrence Barclay Haile, Dallas Jimmy Joel Harrell, Houston Malcolm Dale Harrington, Houston t + m Q Minor L ovis Helm, Jr., Dallas Leon Johnson, Jr., La Porte John Brett Kieffer, Pipe Creek Lynn Richard Kromminga, Austin Robert Lee Moffett, Jr., San Antonio Willard Bailey Moon, Odessa John David Nottingham, Jr., Houston Glen Gorman Passmore, Jr., San Antonio Charles Robert Payne, Houston James Milton Pegg, San Antonio Robert Gerald Simpson, Dallas Walter Thannisch, III, Fort Worth Henry Leon Walker, Jr., Taylor, La. Ronald Williams White, Dallas Laban W. Wingert, Elmira, N. Y. LV X - I }U Top Row: Adams, Allen, Binion, C. Boatner, Bolton, Boverie, Bowman. Second Row: Boyd, Budzilowicz, Carlson, Crittendcn, Dunaway, Eppler, Ernst. PAGE 280 Top floti-: Ferrell, Fulbright, Forbrich, Harrell, Harrington, Moon, Myers, T. Newton. Second Ro:i ' : Nottingham, Passmore, Rhamy, Scurlock, Thannisch, Walker, White, Whitchead, Wingert. NATIONAL FOUNDING Princeton University, 1824 LOCAL FOUNDING Nu, 1892 PLEDGES John Alva Adams, Houston Burton Wilmot Armstrong, III, S an Antonio Thomas Armistead Bishop, Uvalde Charles Knox Boatner, Jr., Fort Worth Christopher Lee Bolton, Austin Robert Louis Boverie, Lubbock Douglas Arrington Boyd, Panhandle John Leonard Carlson, Fort Worth William Henry Eppler, San Antonio Jerry Edward Long, Bastrop Joe Larry Myers, Austin Turner Nichols Newton, Cameron Donald F. Rhamy, Austin Willard Turk Scurlock, III, Rockdale Ira Oran Sigler, Cleburne James Gary Whitehead, Odessa SPRING PLEDGES James Knox Boatner, Fort Worth Hal Corbin Norman, Fort Worth James Boswell Newton. Rockdale J. T. Pruess, Baytown Gene Allen Sherrod, Bronte David Allen Wilbert, Newton, Mass. kelta Chi Fall OTIS PARCH MAN .... CLIFTON RAY SKIPPING . SHERWOOD LYNN, JR. DONALD EDWIN WITCHER RICHARD LEONARD CORSO ALBERT HENDRICKS OFFICERS A . . B . . C . . D . . E . . F Spring DONALD EDWIN WITCHER LAWRENCE ANTHONY JOSEPH, JR. RICHARD LEONARD CORSO ALBERT HENDRICKS SAM GRAVES WILCOX CLIFTON RAY SKIPPING MEMBERS Charles Lamar Behrns, Austin William Harold Carter, Houston Bill Frank Comiskey, Houston Richard Leonard Corso, Houston George Edward Gaines, Houston Charles Richard Gustafson, Houston Albert Hendricks, High Island Rex Henger, Dallas Lawrence Anthony Joseph, Jr., Burbank, Calif. Robert Newton King, Muleshoe Sherwood Lynn, Jr., Abilene Ronald Eblen Malouf, Dallas James Henry Nunn, Jr., Sao Paulo, Brazil Otis Parchman, Luling Clifton Ray Skipping, Goldthwaite David Atmar Smith, Victoria Edwin Leonard Sterling, Amarillo Clarence Neal Stevenson, Port Lavaca Nick Vratis, Beaumont Sam Graves Wilcox, Abilene Donald Edwin Witcher, Amarillo tlliJ Left to Right: Carter, Comiskey, Corso, Gaines, Gustafson, Hendricks, Joseph, Lynn. PAGE 282 cr 1 f.eft In Right: Malouf, Moore, Parchman, St. Glair, Skipping, Stevenson, Vratis, Wilcox, Witcher. NATIONAL FOUNDING Cornell University, 1890 LOCAL FOUNDING Texas Chapter, 1907 PLEDGES Adolph Cardona Flores, Jr., Houston Robert Filmore Gaskins, Dearborn, Mich. Doyle Knight, Abilene Charles Moore, Austin David St. Glair, Muleshoe Minot David Scott, Fort Worth John J. Waldrip, Brookshire John Franklin Weeks, Austin SPRING PLEDGE Alfred Henry Robinson, Austin kelta Kappa Fall MARVIN HOLLOMAN BROWN,, III . OFFICERS House Spring CHARLES EGAN BURRELL MEMBERS John Michael Alexander, Houston John C. Andrews, Fort Worth Richard Allen Beeler, Houston George Currier Blanch, Nixon Edward Perry Bolger, Snyder Alfred Bernard Brady, Jr., Hearne Marvin Holloman Brown, III, Dallas Charles Egan Burrell, Houston Robert E. Callaway, Jr., Houston James Albert Cauthorn, Del Rio Charles Rupert Church, III, Houston Brady Steele Coleman, Houston Merlyn Don Cooper, Dallas Charles D. Craig, Abilene Jack Russell Crockett, Midland Hugh Graydon Dunlap, Houston William R. Ely, Whittier, Calif. Berthold Henry Estess, Houston Searcy Monroe Ferguson, Dallas Joe J. Fisher, Jasper Don Duane Ford, Houston Robert Bruce Gillett, Houston Joe Gillis Goddard, Austin Edwin Smith Graham, III, Graham Gordon M. Griffin, Jr., Austin Pearson Grimes, Jr., Eastland Samuel Tevis Grinstead, Houston William Michael Guckian, Lockhart Philip Diggs Gully, Jr., Corpus Christi Edward Randall Harris, Galveston John Ragland Harrison, Austin James Fred Hofheinz, Houston Augustine Le Clercq Hogan, Houston Shell Daniel Hogue, Bellaire William J. Hudspeth, Jr., Houston Thomas Raymond Hurst, Houston William David Jensen, Houston Dan Pearson Jones, Houston Karl Fred Kamrath, Jr., Houston C. William Keller, Bellaire Frank J. Knapp, Jr., Houston Gustavus Adolphus Koerner, Houston Dennis George Kouth, Grand Prairie John W. Link, Austin Daniel Lanier Logan, Alpine Bobby Ray Matocha, Gonzales William R. McCracken, Corpus Christi Marion E. McDaniel, Houston David M ichael Miller, Dallas William Henry Moody, Del Rio Spencer Mayo Murchison, Bellaire Ewell Henderson Muse, Austin John Foster Pettit, Del Rio James Hogg Rogers, Austin ..irk Lawrence Robinson, Dallas David Allen Sadler, Pasadena Charles Lawrence Scarborough, Austin Frank Dallas Scarborough, Abilene Paul Edward Stallings, Houston Carl J. Stephanow, Houston John Thomas Stephens, Bellaire Dunklin Augustus Sullivan, Centerville William S. Swearingen, Austin Bruce Cameron Taylor, Dallas James Owen Taylor, III, Juno J. Robert Taylor, Houston John Thomas Thorngren, Houston John Garrett Treanor, Abilene Delber Boyce Turner, Houston Howard Michael Tyson, Houston Jim Albert Watson, Rotan Ernest Dorman Wheeler, Burnet David Lee Williams, Dallas George Pleasant Willis, El Campo Ripley Ezra Woodard, Jr., Houston Henry K. Woodard, Del Rio ft ' Top Row: Allison, Heeler, Bcrly, Bolger, Brady, Burrell, Cauthorn, Choate, Church. Second Row: Craig, Creekmore, Crockett, Davis, Dunlap, B. Estess. M. Estess, Fehr, Finlcy. Third Row: J. J. Fisher, J. C. Fisher, Glidden, Grimes, Guckian, Gully, Haragan, Harries, Hogan. PAGE 284 -v O n ' 3 Top Ko: Hurst, Jensen, J. Kamrath, K. Kamrath, Keller, Knapp, Knight, Koerner, D. Logan, M. Logan. Second Ro:t : McCracken, McDaniel, Munnerlyn, Murchison, Pate, Rountree, C. D. Scarborough, F. Scarborough, Stafford, Stalling . Third Row: Stephanow, Stephens, Sullivan, Talley. J. Taylor, B. C. Taylor, Tredcnnick, Weir, Wheeler, G. Willis, H. Woodward. NATIONAL FOUNDING Yale University, 1844 LOCAL FOUNDING Omega Chi, 1913 PLEDGES Hugh Pascal Allison, Sonera James Frank Berly, III, Houston John Linton Choate, Abilene Wynne Louis Creekmore, Jr., Abilene Charles F. Davis, Killeen Michael Eggeling Estess, Houston Edward Scott Fehr, Austin Mark Hanna Finley, Austin John Clark Fisher, Jasper J. Dan Glidden, Houston Pat William Haragan, Houston William Thomas Harries, Odessa Bill Daniel Hogue, Bcllaire John Robert Kamrath, Houston Robert E. Knight, Austin Mickey Jim Logan, Alpine Reinhold Joachim Munnerlyn, Abilene John Woodrow Rate, Alpine M. Gordon Rountree, Waco Charles Davis Scarborough, Abilene Albert Harrison Stafford, II, Edna John Bevil Talley, Beaumont Mark Edward Tredennick, Meriden, Conn. J. Bruce Willis, El Campo Woody Wilson Weir, Abilene SPRING PLEDGES John Dewayne Brown, Hillsboro Sigurd Wilson Hermansen, El Campo Mack Elbert Coker, Houston Alfred Henry Robinson, III, Austin Charles Allen Schuhmacher, La Porte Fall ROBERT J. WHITLEY WILLIAM OSBAND EDWARDS, JR. JOHN ROBERT PORTER . SAMUEL KELSALL, IV . . OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring WILLIAM OSBAND EDWARDS, JR. ALVIN JOE BEHRENS IRVING TAYLOR CUTTER, III SAMUEL KELSALL, IV MEMBERS John David Baird, Austin Jon Bruce Barkely, Shamrock Alvin Joe Behrens, Austin Fred Allen Belcher, Dickinson Jim O. Braeutigam, Fredericksburg Edward Jimmy Brock, Crane Arthur Noble Chester, Austin John Carroll Chitwood, Jr., Austin Royce Linton Cutter, Houston W. Howard Day, Dallas Stephen Taber Eargle, Austin William Osband Edwards, Jr., Marshall Wayne Daniel Eisaman, Brownsville Robert Lee Graves, Waco Samuel Edward Hale, Jr., Amarillo Robert Lee Henderson, Harlingen James Goidry Jeter, Marshall Samuel Kelsall, IV, Houston Bobby Wayne LaBounty, Austin Frank Edward Luksa, Jr., Georgetown Wiley Preston Mangum, Austin William Lynn Mathes, Crane John Robert Porter, Midland Patrick Ned Reagan, Dallas Wilton L. Richard, New Orleans, La. William B. Sullivant, Gainesville Artoro D. Torres, McAllen Richard Miles Trickey, Fort Worth Donald Edward Wallace, Garland David Harry Whilten, Port Arthur Robert J. Whitley, Ozona Top Row: Baird, Behrens, Belcher, Braeutigam, Brock, Chester. Second Row: I. Cutter, Edwards, Graves, Henderson, Jeter, Kelsall. PAGE 286 Top Row: LaBounty. Mathes, Porter, Pruitt, Rehder, Richard. Second Row: Sardo, Schluntz. Sullivant, Wallace, Wheeler, R. Whitley. NATIONAL FOUNDING College of the City of New York, 1899 LOCAL FOUNDING Eta, 1907 PLEDGES James Edwin Baker, Fort Worth Joe Floyd Barker, Dallas Jimmy Alton Box, Crane Irving Taylor Cutter, Austin Andrew Joseph Doherty, Dayton, Ohio Laurence David Fortin, Akron, Ohio John Wesley Paul, Dickinson Ronald B. Pruitt, Longview Christopher M. Rehder, Austin John Robert Sardo, San Antonio Gregg Allan Schluntz, Austin Phillip Laurence Sterzing, Austin John K. VanDyck, Austin Tyrone Robert Wheeler, Houston Bill Whitley, Ozona SPRING PLEDGES Aubrey Ronny Cartlidge, Austin Earl Leon Meurer, Fort Worth Charles Chanceford Creagar, III, Philadelphia, Pa. Robert Lee Pinkston, Austin Dean Lee Fenton, Edinburg Dale Eugene Johnson, Brownsville Gail Edmond Johnson, Brownsville William Aubrey Slay, Dallas Emiel Stephen Thiem, Galveston belta foelta Fall JOHN LAURENCE BELL . RICHARD WEAKLEY INGE SAM SPARKS . DAVID C. SPOOR . THOMAS HOOD WADDILL Robert N. Abercrombie, Texas City Arthur Wesley Adams, Midland Richard C. Barns, Dublin David Bruce Bell, Beaumont John Laurence Bell, Beaumont Ronald Orrin Blake, Dallas Ross Richard Carter, Edinburg John Edgar Chapoton, Galveston Otis Donaldson Chapoton, Galveston Wayne Wilson Clements, Dallas George Walter Cook, San Antonio Michal Barry Gotten, Austin Preston G. Craig, Austin Walter Robert Grain, Dallas Robert Miller Dickson, Dallas William H. Dobbs, Dallas George Douglas Duwe, Dallas Roderick Tarlton Edens, Austin Sam Brown Fason, Waco George C. Gaskell, San Antonio Cameron Herschel Gates, Baytown William Ernest Gattis, Austin OFFICERS President Vice-President .... Treasurer Corresponding Secretary . Recording Secretary . MEMBERS Richard A. Giles, Stamford Leon Norrod Graham, Austin Samuel L. Guyler, Crystal City R. A. Haberman, San Antonio James Norton Haltom, Texarkana Keith Christian Hansen, Beaumont James Carroll Herring, Jr., Waco John Michael Hill, Houston Richard Weakley Inre, Hillsboro John Holmes Jenkins, III, Beaumont Milam Shelton Johnson, Jr., Austin Michael Grogan Kirkpatrick, Dallas Jerry Lynn Leadbetter, Donna Jay M. Lewallen, Austin Larry J. Lynn, Midland Edward D. Mahon, Dallas Robert Justin Malinak, Temple Thomas Rush Mast, Midland Robert Monroe May, Dallas Richard Dudley Mays, Dallas Melbern Dale McGill, Houston Robert Hicks Mclntyre, Austin William Fred Miller. Waco Spring MICHAEL GROGAN KIRKPATRICK PEYTON LAMBETH TOWNSEND KEITH CHRISTIAN HANSEN JOHN HOLMES JENKINS, III MILAM SHELTON JOHNSON, JR. William R. Minims, New Braunfels H. Coleman Proctor, Austin Mallory B. Randle, Austin Edward Benton Reeves, Amarillo Joe Gentry Roady, Austin John Davis Roady, Missouri City Samuel Ira Rosson, Midland Billy Warren Scott, Italy James Edwin Simmons, Jr., Houston Tim Aubrey Sims, Waco Sam Sparks, Austin David C. Spoor, Houston Terry Maurice Stembridge, Kilgore Peyton Lambeth Townsend, Dallas Neil Gilbert Unterseher, Lincoln, Neb. Robert Allen Venable, Amarillo Thomas Hood Waddill, Irving John Fletcher Walker, Texarkana William James Watkins, Llano John McGill White, Corpus Christ! Ben Taylor Whitefield, Houston Linus Rogers Wilks, San Marcos 4 WTi Top Row: Aaron, Adams, Aebi, Anderson, Bartos, D. Bell, J. Bell, Benson, Boyanton, Boyd. Second Row: Bradley, Carter, Clements, Cook, Craig, Cromwell, Curry, Dickson, Dietz, Dobbs. Third Row: Duwe, Fason, Fields, Gaskell, Giles, Graham, Guyler, H. Haberman, R. Haberman, Hansen. PAGE 288 ft. c JUIU flffb Top Ron ' .- Harris, Herring, Hill, Hinton, Horne, Hunter, Jenkins, Johnson, Kirkpatrick, Klug, Leadbetter. Second Row: Mahon, Mast, May, Mayo, McGill, Miller, Mimms, Murchison, Nichols. Oefinger, Payne. Third Row: Randle, Rivers, Rosson, Shores, Sims, Sparks, Spoor, Sullivan, Venable, Waddill, Walker, Whiti- Wilks NATIONAL FOUNDING Bethany College, 1859 LOCAL FOUNDING Gamma Iota, 1904 William Lynn Aaron, San Antonio Fred Willie Aebi, Baytown Richard Anderson, Port Lavaca Milan Philip Bartos, Jr., Waco Martin Earl Beaty, Austin Philip Foster Benson, San Antonio Earl Brewer Boyanton, Port Arthur Norman Arthur Boyd, Palestine James H. Bradley, Jr., Hereford Charles Wade Cromwell, Stamford John Earl Curry, Galveston John Walter Dietz, Waco Paul Pierson Fields, Amarillo Douglas Neal Fullilove, Luling Roy Maxwell Hall, Jr., Arlington, Va. Walter Dean Hester, Austin PLEDGES Samuel Charles Giesey, Midland Bill Glass, Waco Lynn Gray, Baytown Phillip Warren Grayson, Baytown Howard Arlen Haberman, San Antonio Edwin Shackelford Harris, Waxahachie Michael John Hinton, Amarillo Alvin Andrews Horne, Houston William Basil Hudson, Midland Robert Coleman Hunter, Abilene Ronald Gene Jackson, Austin Herbert Ray Jones, Midland William Frederick Klug, Texarkana George Mueller Lewis, Austin SPRING PLEDGES Peter Michael Lowry, Austin James Donald Mayo, Taft John LeGory Murchison, Waco Neil Clark Nichols, Temple David Dean Nunneley, Midland Daniel Clyde Oefinger, San Antonio Robert Milton Payne, Stanford Curtis Ray Rivers, Dallas Toffe Satel, San Antonio Gary Hamilton Shores, Amarillo John Paul Stevenson, San Antonio William Stradley, Houston James S. Stuart, Dallas Francis Cullen Sullivan, San Antonio Thomas Escdrige York, Amarillo Tom Vernon Rushing, Baytown Pierce Treadwell, Garland foelta Fall ROBERT CHARLES REINARZ KERRY HEDRICK O ' QuiNN FLEMING COOK HOBBS THOMAS NEIL JOHNSON . OFFICERS President Vice-President Treasurer Recording Secretary . LAURENCE SAMUEL JOHNSON, JR. Corresponding Secretary Spring ROBERT CHARLES REINARZ KERRY HEDRICK O ' QuiNN FLEMING COOK HOBBS NATHAN FRED CLIETT LAURENCE SAMUEL JOHNSON, JR. MEMBERS Charles Lee Bowden, Brady Robert Anthony Butler, Rusk Herbert Jay Cleveland, Jr., Fort Worth Nathan Fred Cliett, Coleman David Terrence Connally, San Angelo Howard Wingfield Davis, San Antonio William Donald Frierson, McCamey Donald Michael Gerrard, Houston Henry Oren Getchell, Silsbee William Cervin Hardin, Austin Fleming Cook Hobbs, San Antonio Douglass Warren Howell, Amarillo William Fredric Jacobs, Houston Laurence Samuel Johnson, Jr., Victoria Thomas Neil Johnson, Freer Ludwell L. Jones, III, Houston Richard Lee Lasater, Newgulf John Parry Lauzon, Jr., Angleton Hector A. LeBeau, Austin A. W. Lewis, Jr., Me Allen Weldon Keene McDonald, Dallas Victor Cuthrell Meitzen, Anahuac Kerry Hedrick O ' Quinn, Austin Norman Dean Oswald, Dallas Robert Charles Reinarz, Amarillo Jack L. Royal, San Antonio Edwin Howell Saylor, Tyler Stephen Collier Smith, Houston Don Luther Sparks, Amarillo Walter Grenville Tibbitts, III, Dallas Berry Bruce Tolle, Houston Bobby Arlington Weaver, Newgulf Top Row: Arthur, Bailey, Blum, Bowden, Boyd. Charlcss, Clark, Cleveland. Second Row: Cliett, Collier, Easterly, Edgeman, Fields, Finncy, Ford, Frierson. Third Row: Getchell, Grissctt, Haynes, Hobbs, Howell, Jacobs, L. Johnson, T. John PAGE 290 Top Row: E. Jones, L. Jones, Lasater, Lauzon, LeBcau, Lee, Lewis, Mathews, McDonald. Second Row: Meitzen, Nation, Newland, O ' Quinn, Oswald, Prescott, Reinarz, Robinson, Royal. Third Row: Saylor, Smalling, Sparks, Stults, Tibbitts, Tolle, Tyler, Weaver, Williams, Zinn. NATIONAL FOUNDING Williams College, 1834 LOCAL FOUNDING Texas, 1949 PLEDGES Thomas Loptin Arthur, III, Lindale Edgar Daniel Bailey, Rusk Wesley Victor Banner, Austin Fred Andrew Blum, Austin Larry Lee Boyd, Wharton William Addis Charless, Jr., Amarillo Robert Lee Clark, (I) Austin Robert Lee Collier, Driftwood Stanley Boyd Easterly, Houston Larry Jack Edgeman, Odessa Daniel Boyd Fields, Longview Charles Marshall Finney, Dallas James Stephen Ford, McAllen John David Grissett, Midland James Allen Haynes, Tyler Eldon Lewis Jones, San Antonio James Eldred Lee, Paris Carl Irwin Mathews, Tyler Thomas Hadley Nation, Pittsburg, Kans. Stewart Hayes Newland, Houston Thomas William Prescott, Jr., Anahuac Van Worth Robinson, Dallas John Ambler Smalling, Austin Thomas Stults, Houston Charles Irwin Tyler, Seminole Sidney Lynn Williams, Amarillo James Franklyn Zinn, Austin James Donald Allred, M idland Kynn Monroe Cole, Garland James Albert Cox, White Oak Robert Dean Earp, El Paso SPRING PLEDGES John Jerome Howard, Tyler Gerald Bevan Larson, Dallas James Glenn Ricks, Brady Maxwell Bryant Stout, Austin Kappa Fall BOLIVAR COLEMAN ANDREWS, III CURRY HELMUTH VOGELSANG . RICHARD LEEDOM NELSON . OLIVER BARR MCCLELLAN . GEORGE EUGENE PEACOCK OFFICERS . I . . . 11 . . . Ill . . . IV . . . V . . Spring JAMES ALBERT TROTTER WILLIAM LEON RIVERS CURTIS WASHINGTON MEADOWS, JR. EDWARD BRADFORD PICKETT CHARLES NEWTON WARREN MEMBERS Samuel Edward Allison, Wichita Falls Ralph Williamson Alspaugh, San Antonio Bolivar Coleman Andrews, III, Pharr Gary Alan Babb, Austin James Lipscomb Ballard, III, La Marque Charles M. Bardwell, San Antonio Jon Roger Bauman, Dallas Claude Leonard Benckenstein, Jr., Austin George Clift Black, Brownsville Truman Graves Blocker, III, Galveston Joe Henry Bruns, Austin Reed Hallum Cecil, Beaumont Arthur Benton Cocanougher, Wichita Falls William Cook Fielder, Lockhart Michael Scott Fry, San Antonio Michael Morrison Fulton, San Antonio Dell T. Gibson, Dallas Campbell Houston Gillespie, III, Sherman George Holmes Ginn, El Paso Sam Lile Greeves, Beaumont Thomas M. Grubbs, San Antonio George Tom Hart, Jasper Eugene Hilmer Hartung, Jr., Houston James Leeper Hawley, Dallas Robert Lee Henson, Beaumont David Lindsay Hodgdon, Dallas Samuel Thomas Hodgdon, Dallas Albert Wolford Holmes, Austin Gerald Howard Houston, Shreveport, La. Gayle Morgan Jackson, Borger David B. Johnson, Garland Stewart McCrindell Johnson, San Antonio James Henley Jones, San Antonio Lowell Henry Leberman, Commerce Reese Blake Lockett, Jr., Brenham Franklin William Maresh, Caldwell Oliver Barr McClellan, San Antonio Joe Michael McGeath, Lancaster Curtis Washington Meadows, Jr., Dallas Everett Kinne Melby, El Paso Gordon Clifford Morris, Wichita Falls Richard Leedom Nelson, Wichita Falls Fredrick Richard Neuenschwander, Houston Edward Lee Niehaus, San Antonio Glenn Lee Nolle, Lockhart Monroe Ben Nowotny, San Antonio George Eugene Peacock, Big Spring William Maier Petmecky, Fredericksburg Edward Bradford Pickett, Liberty Charles Eugene Reagan, Marlin Edward Randall Reed, Austin Ritchie Hocker Reed, Austin Thomas Glenn Richard, Beaumont William Leon Rivers, Elgin William Ray Robinson, Wichita Falls Luther Edward Scott, III, Lancaster Michael H. Sebastian, Dallas Robert Webb Sherrill, Dallas Jerry Don Smith, Baytown Norman Scott Thrash, Lufkin James Albert Trotter, San Antonio Curry Helmuth Vogelsang, San Antonio William Wood Wallingford, Dallas Kenneth Hailey Wax, Houston Kirk William Weinert, Beaumont Frank Polk Youngblood, Jasper O. CS tt Top Row: Adkins, Allison, Andrews, Ballard, Barber, Barrier, Bell, Black, Blocker, Boettcher, Bruns, Campbell. Second Row: Case, Cocanougher, Coffey, Cox, J. Fielder, W. Fielder, Fink, Fry, Fulton, Gibson, Gillespie, Greeves. Third Row: Grubbs, Hall, Hamlett, G. Hart, J. Hart, Hartung, Hawley, Heatly, Henson, D. Hodgdon, S. Hodgdon, Holland. PAGE 292 Top Row: Holmes, Jackson, D. Johnson, S. Johnson, D. Jones, J. Jones, Leberman, Maer, McClellan, McGeath, C. Meadows. Second Row: E. Melby, J. Melby, Merrill, Meyer, Mitchell, Morris, Nelson, Neuenschwander, Nowotny, Patton, G. Peacock, Petmecky. Third Row: Pickett, Reagan, E. Reed, R. Reed, Richard, Rivers, Robinson, Scott, Sebastian, Sherrill, Shiller, Stultz. Fourth Row: Thrash, .Trotter, Vogelsang, Warren, Wax, Weinert, Wiist, B. Wilson, M. Wilson, W. Wilson, Wolverton, Youngblood. NATIONAL FOUNDING Washington and Lee, 1865 LOCAL FOUNDING Omicron, 1883 PLEDGES Grant Arnold Adkins, Jr., Wichita Falls John Wesley Bailey, Garland Ronald Jerry Barber, Liberty Alvis Layton Barrier, Mineral Wells Malcolm James Bell, Jr., Houston Charles Fredrick Boettcher, Elgin Charles Harvey Campbell, Seguin James Howard Case, Dallas Jerry Cutler Coffey, Dallas Frank Herlin Cox, Austin Christopher Crow, Austin Curtis B. Dyer, Corpus Christi James Edgar Fielder, Lockhart Albert Henry Fink, Dallas John Allen Hall, Jr., Weatherford William Francis Hamlett, Houston Joseph Hill Hart, Austin Sidney Ashton Heatly, Jr., Austin Kenneth Earl Holland, Bluffton Dudley Davenport Jones, San Antonio Edward Martin Kalinowski, Victoria Kemp Maer, Jr., Houston Don Ross Malone, Electra Algur Morgan Meadows, Dallas John Cathcart Melby, El Paso Paul Steele Merrill, Garland Albert Whitehead Meyer, Midland Frank Avery Mitchell, III, Wichita Falls Richard George Munzinger, El Paso William John Patton, Austin Phil Brandt Peacock, San Antonio Kenneth Lyndon Shiller, Caldwell Joseph Peter Stultz, Longview Charles Newton Warren, San Antonio Ronnie Lee Wiist, Wichita Falls Benjamin J. Wilson, Wichita Falls Marshall Wilson, Austin William George Wilson, Wichita Falls Mabry David Wolverton, Wichita Falls Lee Kent Womack, Wichita Falls SPRING PLEDGES Max Gallimore, Crosbyton Roger Lamar Gose, San Antonio Jeffrey Charles Nesrsta, San Antonio John Edwin Smith, Jr., Weatherford Fall JOHN WILLIAM SCHUHMACHER, JR. . DAN ALAN ALM ON TOM MARTIN DAVIS .... TOM D. CHAMBERS IVAN ELLIS BROWN . OFFICERS Grand Master Grand Procurator . Grand Scribe .... Grand Master of Ceremonies Grand Treasurer Spring JOEL MORGAN SHEPERD CHARLES H. BANKHEAD FERD CHARLES MEYER WILLIAM DALE WITTLIFF IVAN ELLIS BROWN Maurice McAshan Adams, Houston Dan Alan Almon, Dallas Malcolm G. Baker, Houston Charles H. Bankhead, Fort Worth J. Sharon Bearden, Orange Robert H. Brady, Houston Clair M. Branch, Kenedy Lewis Edward Brazelton, Houston Lee F. Bridges, III, Sulphur Springs Kay Louis Brockermeyer, Fort Worth Ivan Ellis Brown, Beaumont Tom Kelly Butler, Houston Thomas Patrick Cagle, Houston John Allen Calkins, Austin James Vincent Carroll, III, Houston Thomas Michael Cassin, San Antonio Tom D. Chambers, Fort Worth Wayne Chupik, Temple Tom Martin Davis, Houston John Colcman Dawson, Houston Clarence F. Dreymala, Houston John Harrell Feldt, Houston MEMBERS William Jordan Gallagher, Houston John Scott Hoeck, San Antonio Bill Hudson, Fort Worth James Jefferson Johnston, Houston Harold Russell Joseph, Jr., Austin James Antony Kelly, Houston Royce Richard Kilday, Austin Junious Maurice Kyle, III, Orange John Kinney Kane, Houston Charles E. Long, Midland Roderick M. McDonald, Atlanta, Ga. Vaughan Watkins McLeod, Jr., Galveston Jesse Clyde McMahon, Jr., Big Spring Ferd Charles Meyer, Devine Alan Huntress Minter, San Antonio David John Moore, Cleburne Steve Murrin, Jr., Fort Worth William S. O ' Donnell, Houston Joseph Rees Oliver, Pittsburgh, Pa. Rufus Edmonds Palm, Abilene Robert Parks, Houston Robert Lee Pettit, Jr., Fort Worth Hamilton Paul Rogers, Fort Worth George Henry Rose, Houston Charles Bennett Russey, Fort Worth Frank Duncan Salmons, Richmond Henry Adolph Sauer, Houston John William Schuhmacher, Jr., Houston Joel Morgan Sheperd, Kalamazoo, Mich. George Young Siddons, Fort Worth Ira Clifton Skinner, San Antonio Edwin M. Smith, Austin James Emmett Snoddy, Jr., Austin Robert L. Stillwell, Houston Jame s Edward Switzer, Fort Worth Bill Taber, Corpus Christi Harry Blake Terry, Austin Cleaves Rhea Thompson, Fort Worth Robert Sterling Vineyard, Wharton Ronald Hugh Waldie, Houston Norman True Whitlow, Belton Allen Tucker Willis, Austin William Dale Wittliff. Blanco Aft I Top Row: Adams, Bankhead, Beach, Bearden, Brady, Brainard, Brazelton, Bridges, Brockermeyer, D. Butler, T. Butler. Second Row: Carroll, Cassin, J. Chambers, T. Chambers, Chancy, Chupik, Cropper, Dawson, Denny, Dickey, Eckert. Third Roic: Edmundson, Franklin. Gallagher, Gillespic, Hatchett, Hill, Hoeck, L. Hudson, Jacomini, Joseph, Kane. PAGE 294 Top Joa 1 : Kelly, Kyle, Manley, McCann. McDonald, McLeod, McMahon, Minter, Moody, Moore, O ' Donnell, Oliver, Parks. Second Row: Pettit, Pettway, Pritchett, Robberson, H. Rogers, J. Rogers, Rose, Salmons, Sauer, Schuhmacher, Searcy, Siddons, Skinner. Third Row: Slack, Sweeny, Switzer, Taber, Thompson, Vaughn, Vineyard, Wetzel, Whilden, White, Willis, Wittliff, Wolf. NATIONAL FOUNDING University of Virginia, 1869 LOCAL FOUNDING Tau, 1889 PLEDGES Tim Allen, Oklahoma City, Okla. Asa Beach, San Antonio Daniel Reed Brainard, Dallas Duncan Tellef Butler, Houston James Oliver Chambers, Fort Worth Charles Robert Chancy, Cleburne Michael Dale Cropper, Fort Worth Kleber Jennings Denny, Fort Worth Fred B. Dickey, Jr., Fort Worth Robert Craig Eckert, Fort Worth Jesse Wright Edmundson, III, Houston Robert James Franklin, Houston Donald Francis Gillespie, Houston Bob Briggs Harp, Houston Robert Edward Lee Hatchett, III, Houston James Edwin Hill, Jr., Houston Larry Kent Hudson, Fort Worth Thomas Paul Jacomini, Houston Vincent Joseph Lima, Jr., Houston James Nelson Manley, Houston Thomas Aldon McCann, Jr., Fort Worth Erie Douglas McLeod, Galveston Dan McMillan Moody, Houston Patrick Henry Pettway, II, Tyler Stephen Douglas Pritchett, III, Dallas Lloyd Lester Rigby, Grand Prairie Nat F. Robberson, San Antonio Eugene Nolly Robinson, Athens John Dickson Rogers, Fort Worth Freddy A. Rose, San Antonio Laurence Shepard Searcy, San Antonio Michael Worth Slack, Fort Worth Michael Gerald Sweeny, Houston William Sidney Vaughn, Bay City Byron Clay Wetzel, Fort Worth Wade Hoyt Whildi n, Houston Justin Castania White, Bellaire John Gibbon Wolf, Houston SPRING PLEDGES Robert Dorris, Fort Worth Robert Daniel Spellings. Fort Worth Fall JERRY LEE HUGHES PAT WARD DAVIS RALPH RUSSELL SLOAN MERVIN LAWRENCE NAUMANN JAMES PARIS GOODNIGHT OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Rush Chairman Spring PAT WARD DAVIS TERRENCE WENDALL PRATT RALPH RUSSELL SLOAN JOHN DEE FORGY RICHARD ALAN RIVES MEMBERS Bert Bently Adkins, Houston Wayne Leon Browning, Temple Charles H. Burge, Houston John Dyer Carr, San Antonio Robert I. Carr, Jr., San Antonio Richard Don Coan, DeLeon Pat Ward Davis, Dallas John Dee Forgy, San Antonio Louis Nelson Garvin, Temple James Paris Goodnight, Dallas Harold James Griffith, Dallas Carl Henry Groen, Danville, 111. John Frederich Haley, Jr., Fort Worth Charles Houston Harris, III, Fort Worth Jerry Lee Hughes, Austin David Gibson Jester, Dallas Arnold Erich Krause, New Braunfels William Ross Laughlin, Baytown William Hiram Locke, DeLeon Hildred Bruce Lockhart, Corpus Christi Arbon Jack Lowe, Henderson Jack Frank Lutts, Dallas Pat Stephens Lutts, Dallas Mervin Lawrence Naumann, Spiccwood Roger F. Nelson, Austin Terrence Wendall Pratt, Austin John Douglas Reichert, Austin Thomas Allen Rhea, Dallas Richard Alan Rives, Houston Ralph Russell Sloan, Sealy Jay Riggan Sorrell, Pearsall Warren Curtis Stuart, Midland Larry Duncan Thompson, Fort Worth Robert Bryan Twaddell, Clarendon Jerry Tom Wilson, Dallas Charles Oliver Walts, Hill City, Kans. Top Row: Adkins, Burge, J. Carr, R. Carr, Coan, Craig, Davis, Ernst. Second Row: Forgy, Garvin, Gibson, Goff, Goodnight, Gustafson, Haley, Jester. PAGE 296 I 7o j flou): Kellogg, Krause, Letscher, Locke, Lockhart, Lowe, J. Lutts, P. Lutts, Naumann, Oatman, Pratt. Second Rote: Reichcrt, Rhea, Rhine, Rives, Scheiblich, Sloan, Stuart, Thompson, Twaddell, Walker, Walts, Wilson. NATIONAL FOUNDING Boston University, Boston, Mass., 1909 LOCAL FOUNDING Alpha Mu, 1917 PLEDGES Pat English Clark, Houston John Almon Craig, Austin Bertrand Monroe Cromack III, Austin Forest Barham Ernst, Dallas William Teriy Gardner, Austin John James Gibson, Fort Worth Charles Frederick Gof f, Lake Jackson Dick Griffith Gustafson, Austin Richard Nelson Henson, Beaumont James Warner Kellogg, San Antonio Larry Ronald Letscher, Austin John Hampton Marshall, Quanah George Frank Oatman, Jr., Austin George Gegenworth Rhine, San Antonio Herman Edward Scheiblich, Marlin Jerry Bart Shipp, Victoria Roger Sherwood Walker, Midland Robert Wayne Whitis, Hamilton SPRING PLEDGES Ronald Erwin Douglas, Dallas Robert Taylor Johnson, Lake Jackson John Burnett Fitzpatrick, Marshall Donald Ray Peck, Dallas Rex James Spivey, Houston Phi kelta Jheta Fall RUSSEL LEE JACOBE, JR. . PETER KEMPNER THOMPSON JOHN MICHAEL MAHAFFEY GEORGE LITTLEFIELD CLARK ROY EDGAR Box, JR. . OFFICERS President Reporter . Recording Secretary Warden . House Manager . Spring GEORGE LITTLEFIELD CLARK RICHARDSON GANG SCURRY, JR. REGINALD EDWARD WATSON, JR. BENJAMIN RUSH NORVELL THOMAS WEIR LABATT, III MEMBERS Edward Jackson Adlcta, Dallas Thomas Lafferty Adleta, Dallas John Sutton Allison, II, Fort Stockton Stanley Arch Ault, Longview Jeff Austin, Jr., Frankston Robert Maxwell Bandy, II, Corpus Christi Russell Bonner Bentlcy, Jr., Dallas Walter Eden Bloxsom, Houston Roy Edgar Box, Jr., Corpus Christi Robert James Brent, Jr., Houston James Perry Bryan, Jr., Freeport David Mooney Carmichael, Beaumont Howard Augustus Carney, Jr., Atlanta Hilliard Dudley Chambers, Grand Prairie George Littlefield Clark, Dallas Cornelius George Comcgys, McKinney William Van Conover, II, Houston Malcolm Lane Cooper, Amarillo James Marion Dunham, Houston Clarence Stacey Eastham, Jr., Houston Bryan Holton Engram, Dumas Jon Russ Eversberg, Albany Darwin Lockard Fielder, Jr., Lockhart John Payne Foxworth, Dallas Richard Roy Fredrick, Marshall John Eubank Furrh, Elysian Fields William Madison Furrh, Elysian Fields James A. Gibbs, Dallas George Lee Griffin, Dallas Jesse Boyd Heath, Jr., Madisonville Gordon Arthur Holloway, Dallas James Thomas Hudgins, Lubbock Russel Lee Jacobe, Jr., Houston John Raymond Jordan, Jr., Houston Carter Benjamin Kelly, Amarillo Joseph Overton Kennedy, Jr., Rotan Jerry Van Kyle, Sherman Thomas Weir Labatt, III, San Antonio John Michael Mahaffey, Corpus Christi Peter Bolin Mahaffey, Jr., Corpus Christi Durward D. Mahon, Lubbock Charles Allen Monaghan, Beaumont Preston Ashleigh Mood, Dallas Charles Henry Moore, III, Houston Kilburn Gardcre Moore, Houston Robert Keen Moses, Jr., Richmond Charles Robert Neblett, Canyon Ralph Sells Neuhaus, Houston Whipple Spaulding Newell, Jr., Houston Benjamin Rush Norvell, Beaumont Edwin Stephen Oden, Atlanta Robert Gail Oliver, Jr., Corpus Christi Charles Wellington Pace, Dallas Peter Lindsay Reynolds, Dallas Jerry Allen Rochelle, Texarkana David Dee Russell, Amarillo Marshall Laughton Saunders, Jr., Waco Richardson Gano Scurry, Jr., Dallas William Monte Shackelford, Corpus Christi Wade Cassle Smith. Dallas Corbin Lee Snow, Jr., Marshall Arthur William SoRelle, III, Amarillo Tom McCullough Strother, Dallas Andrew John Swenson, II, Stamford Walter Jennings Taylor, Lubbock Ned Thompson, Houston Peter Kempner Thompson, Galveston James Glenn Turner, Jr., Dallas Reginald Edward Watson, Jr., Dallas Jo ?l U JL Top Row: T. Adleta, Ault, Austin, Brent, Box, Carmichael, Carney, Cashion, Cooper. Second Row. Dorrell, Eckel, Eversberg, Fielder, Grencwald, Griffin, Hcrndon, Holloway, R. H. Jacobe. PAGE 298 Top i?o;i ' .- R. L. Jacobe, Kelly, Labatt, Luedecke, P. Mahaffey, Monaghan, Mood, Moore, Norvell, Page. Richards, Oliver. Second Row: Rochelle, Russell, Scurry, Sears, Smither, SoRclle, Soriero, Taylor, Thornton. Watson, A. White, Whitsett. NATIONAL FOUNDING Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1848 LOCAL FOUNDING Texas Beta, 1883 PLEDGES William R. Cashion, Jr., Lubbock Robert Bynum Dorrell, Houston John Edward Eckel, Jr., Tulsa, Okla. James Earl Fults, Marshall Estel Gene Gifford, Amarillo Kenneth Harrell Grenewald, Amarillo Newlin C. Herndon, Jr., Houston Ronald Howard Jacobe, Houston William Henry Luedecke, III, Austin Louis Christopher Page, Jr., Austin Charles Benjamin Richards, Waco James Irvin Riddle, III, Houston Wheeler Moore Sears, Hereford John Henderson Smither, Huntsville Thomas Fitzhugh Soriero, Houston Robert Lee Thornton, III, Dallas Alfred Earl White, Jr., Tyler Lewis Nelson White, Jr., Houston Johnson Mai Whitsett, Amarillo SPRING PLEDGES Herbert Oscar Muecke, Karnes City Jon Patrick Mullican, Dallas foe ta Fall SHANNON HARRISON RATLIFF . WILLIAM RICHARD WEAVER THOMAS WILLIAM OLIVER . FREDERICK WARREN MIDDLETON ARLIS B. PARKHURST OFFI CERS President .... Secretary .... Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... Historian . Spring IRA JON BRUMLEY WILLIAM CAMERON McCuLLOUGH EUGENE JOSEPH DOZIER KENNETH EUGENE ENGLISH JAMES FOSTER MASON John Littleton Barnes, San Angelo Eugene Morlcy Bartholomew, Austin Charles A. Belts, Austin Phillip Arnold Bleakney, Harlingen William Warren Brewer, Austin Ramble Le Briggs, San Antonio Ira Jon Brumley, Austin Peter Robertson Buenz, San Antonio David Tyng Burke, Tyler David Hutchison Burrow, Sweetwater Lowell Donald Buss, Edinburg Gary Preston Butcher, Jr., Midland Jim Sam Camp, Pecos Lon P. Carpenter, San Antonio Roy Clarence Coffee, Jr., Dallas Jack Altrnan Collins, Dallas George David Conn, Beaumont Larry George Cooper, Midland John William Copeland, Austin Raymond Wilson Cozby, Jr., Grand Saline Leland Chancy Croft, Odessa Jerry Paul Dehlinger, Abilene Albert Leldon Derden, Jr., Austin Eugene Joseph Dozier, Fort Worth Marshall James Dyke, Borger William Carl Ehman, Boerne James Murray Eller, Dallas Kenneth Eugene English, San Angelo Fredric Earwood Fields, Sonora Walter Scott Fortney, III, Detroit, Mich. Joseph Ebner Funk, San Angelo Gilbert Dewey Gaedcke, Houston Robert Edwin Gardner, Fort Worth James Neil Gilliam, Goldthwaite MEMBERS John Anderson Gilliam, Goldthwaite James Duncan Gordon, Piano Rex W. Grenstreet, Midland Joe Thomas Harren, Weslaco Jeff Hayes, Port Arthur Jeffrey Merwin Heller, Tyler Robert K. Hillin, Midland Eugene Adolph Holmgreen, San Antonio Thad Johnson Jarrett, Del Rio Frank Bedford Jones, Lamesa Kent Danforth Kibbie, Fort Worth Jon Bedford Kirk, Austin Robert Lee Lackey, Weslaco Lindsay Langham, Bay City Donald Wayne Levisay, Fort Worth Fred Frazier Ligon, Dallas William John Lyons, Jr., San Antonio Edwin Vince Matthews, Houston James Foster Mason, Irene William Berry McCampbell, Corpus Christi Justin Scott McCarty, III, Dallas William Cameron McCullough, Dallas William Alan McNeil, Beaumont Frederick Warren Middleton, San Antonio Robert Wayne Mighell, Dallas Morris Barnes Milam, Austin Roy Eugene Miller, Austin David Lee Moseley, Rochelle Thomas Leslie Newman, Austin Thomas William Oliver, Houston William Athearn Paddock, Fort Worth Alexander Palmros, Fort Worth Arlis B. Parkhurst, Midland Jerry Bruce Peckham, Port Arthur Joe Knapp Peery, Weslaco David Leslie Pollard, Austin Shannon Harrison Ratliff, Eldorado William Roark Ratliff, Eldorado John Joseph Redfern, III, Midland Robert Henry Ritter, Austin Ronald Henry Roberts, Dallas James Ralph Rose, Abilene William Beal Scroggie, Fort Worth John Raymond Seals, Dallas Joe Martin Sebesta, Bastrop Alfred Lewis Shepperd, Odessa Donald Miles Shine, Dallas Barton Arvin Shirley, Corpus Christi James Bruce Shrake, Fort Worth Jack Davis Sides, Jr., Dallas Milton Clark Smith, Jr., Tyler John H. Steinle, Austin Douglas Barry Stone, Portales, N. M. James Edgar Suttle, San Antonio Jack Saunders Thompson, San Angelo Joseph Clark Thompson, Dallas David Oakes Turner, Dallas Bobby Lee Verplank, Amarillo John Wilkins Wallace, Houston Marvin Watson, Jr., San Antonio William Richard Weaver, Corpus Christi Charles Richard West, Dallas James Thornton Willerson, San Antonio Albert Edward Williamson, Beaumont Tony Wayne Wilson, Medina James Earl Winn, Dickinson Tommy Grant Wright, Temple Charles Barry Wukasch, Austin William I. Wyatt, San Antonio Top Row: Barnes, Belts, Bishop, Bower, Briggs, Brindley, Burrow, Butcher, Campbell. Second Row: Button, Ehman, Esquivel, Fielder, Fields, Flannery, Fortney, Funk, Gardner. Third Row: Greenwood, Hayes, Henderson, Hillin, Holford, Jarrett, Kemendo, R. Knight, W. Knight. PACE 300 t. O jTo Row: Lacy, Little, Marye, McCampbell, McCuIlough, Milam, Miller, Moore, Oliver, Pipkin. Second Ron-: S. Ratliff, Redfern, Ritter, Roan, Roberts, Rose, Seals, Shrake, Stewart, Stone. Third Row: D. Turner, R. Turner, Verplank, Watson, West, J. Willerson, W. Willerson, Williamson, Winn, Wukasch. NATIONAL FOUNDING Jefferson College, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, 1848 LOCAL FOUNDING TauDeuteron, 1883 Maurice Leland Allred, Wichita Falls Donald Clinton Bishop, Sweetwater Arthur Michel Bower, Jefferson Paul Claunch Brindley, Houston Richard Charles Campbell, Fort Worth Thomas Franklin Coleman, Pasadena Jim David Currie, Amarillo Joseph Paul De Lorenzo, Jr., Houston Tony Randolph Dutton, Brady David Corbin Duwe, Dallas Edward Hammel Esquivel, Austin Richard Aubrey Fielder, Lockhart William Waring Flannery, San Antonio John Allen Genung, Wichita Falls Harold Norton Giddens, Dallas PLEDGES Marvin Harris Greenwood, Houston John Henry Heller, Tyler Thomas McDowell Henderson, Houston Donald Ashley Hillin, Midland Jack Dallas Holford, Austin Gordon Winfred Jennings, Baytown Lenoir Moody Josey, II, Houston John Joseph Kemendo, Dallas Roger Knight, Jr., Madisonville William Richard Knight, Jr., Gonzales William White Lacy, Dallas Harvin Louis Landua, Jr., Midland Robert Waldo Little, Dallas Winfield Hugh Looney, Houston Daniel Roman Malin, Temple Nolan Berkeley Marye, Jr., Houston James Harvel McCuistion, Beaumont Dolph Beadle Moore, Jr., Tyler John Stanley Pipkin, Beaumont Edgar Wayne Ray, Jr., San Antonio David Furman Riley, San Antonio Leo Clark Roan, Fort Worth George Edward Seay, Dallas Thomas Henger Stewart, Dallas Robert Foard Townsend, San Antonio John C. Treadwell, Austin Richard Hunter Turner, Fort Worth Kenneth Moore Waldrop, Dallas William Darrell Willerson, San Antonio SPRING PLEDGES James Wayne Gilbert, Beaumont Walter Williams McAllister, San Antonio Phi Kappa OFFICERS Fall Spring ELBERT CREEL G.P JAMES DOUGLAS CULVER ROBERT MARION MOORE V.G.P. . . . THOMAS SCOTT CANTINE THOMAS SCOTT CANTINE A.G MORRIS EUGENE WAITES, JR. COLEY RONALD PLATT B.G WILLIAM LIONEL GRAVER, JR. JOE BOB HALL P WILLIAM HAROLD LAFONT Clarence Eugene Anderson, Amarillo Jay Hoyland Arnette, Austin Howard Michael Arno, Austin Emerson Banack, Jr., Odessa James Andrews Bartlrtt. Beaumont Robert Allan Biggs, Austin William Ambrose Biggs, III, Austin John Riley Biggs, Houston Ronald Gene Bumpus, Plainview Denmar Barclay Canova, Amarillo Thomas Scott Cantine, Amarillo John Charles Chambers, Houston Douglas Holland Chilton, Austin Tom Allen Connally, Houston Michael Ross Cooper, Winslow, Ariz. William Lionel Graver, Jr., Midland Elbert Creel, Phillips John Cecil Culpepper, Jr., College Station James Douglas Culver, Tyler Robert Carl Demler, Jr., Port Arthur Ben Addison Donnell, Wichita Falls Augustus Ventors Charles Drake, Wellington Joe Patrick Edwards, Austin John Joseph Eikenburg, Dallas Robert Leonard Ellett, Austin MEMBERS George Homer Fancher, Austin Andrew Gregory Gannaway, Austin Alton E. Greeven, Austin Joe Bob Hall, Winnie John Burns Henderson, Jr., Cameron Larry Curtis Hilley, Dallas John Michael Huggins, Plainview Lynn Sherwood Hunt, Amarillo Norman David Jarrell, Texas City Lloyd William Jary, Jr., Fort Worth Bill David Jobe, Marshall Monroe Dudley Johnson, Amarillo William Eugene Joor, III, Houston Richard Hudson Kelsey, Midland Samuel Evcrard Kinch, Jr., Austin Edwin Loren Kirkpatrick, II, Austin Bruce John Knicrim, Austin William Harold LaFont, Plainview Robert Joseph Lee, Bryan Greg Newton Martin, Austin William Edward Matthews, Houston David Earl McDonald, Houston David Spencer McDonald, Houston James Lee McWhorter, Amarillo Robert Marion Moore, Corpus Christi Thomas Martin Moore, Dallas Donald Scott Mullins, Amarillo Charles Hobert Owens, Jr., Austin Robert Lynn Patterson, Shreveport, La. Coley Ronald Platt, Austin George Edward Ramsey, III, Brookeville, Md. Howard Newton Richards, Austin Joel Vaughan Roberts, Waco Sterling C. Robertson, Salado Don Shane Robinson, Plainview Kenneth Ray Roscnblad, Taylor Nelson Vernon Sanders, Odessa William Fred Schmidt, Jr., Amarillo Gerald Lee Sewell, Bellaire Alden Barton Smith, Austin Joseph Garld Stafford, Pecos George William Swain, III, San Antonio John Randolph Thomas, Hereford Robert Porter Turpin, Midland Morris Eugene Waites, Jr., Houston Bill Newton Walker, Cleveland John Allan Watson, Austin Hugh Francis West, Dallas Ronald Gene Woods. Pampa Top Row: Allison, Arnette, Banack, Bartlett, Bentley, Bickerton, J. Biggs, R. Biggs, Boyd. Second Row: Bradshaw, Briscoe, Brown, Cantine, Campbell, Chilton, Connally, Cook, Cooper. Third Row: Cowing, W. Graver, T. Graver, Creel, Culpepper, Culver, Davis, Demler, Eikenburg. Fourth Row: Elkins, Fitz-Gerald, Fulton, Greeven, Gunn, Hall, Hilley, Horton, Huggins, Hunt. PAGE 302 Top Row: Hyatt, Jarrell, Jobe, R. Johnson, Joor, Kinch, King, Knierim, LaFont, Lay, Logan. Maclver. Second Row: Masterson, Matthews, Mayer, McCarroll, McClcndon, McConnell, McDonald, McFadin, McGoodwin, Millsap. R. M. Moore, T. Third Row: Nichols, Ormand, Owens, Patterson. Pauling, Platt, Ramsey, Ransdell, Ray, Roberts, Robinson, Rosenblad. Fourth Ro;u: Sanders, Schmidt, Sewcll, Skinner, Swain, Waitcs. Watts. West, White. Moore. NATIONAL FOUNDING Jefferson College, Canonsburg, Perm., 1852 LOCAL FOUNDING Texas Alpha, 1904 William Thomas Allison, II, Houston William Elbert Bentley, San Benito Terry Scott Bickerton, Houston Richard Wayne Boyd, Plainvicw James David Bradshaw, Austin Leon Gray Briscoe, II, San Antonio Bill Byron Brown, Pampa William Edward Campbell, Dallas Reagan James Caraway, Dallas Irby Jack Cook, Austin Chris Finks Cowing, Austin Thomas Howard Graver, Midland Farrar Montgomery Davis, San Antonio Richard Garvin Elkins, Pampa Gerald Fitz-Gerald, Jr., Midland Robert Perrine Fulton, San Antonio PLEDGES Jerry Walker Gunn, fort Worth Otis Dee Horton, Beaumont Paul Eugene Hyatt, Amarillo Robert Randle Johnson, Dallas Winston Thomas Jones, Dallas Duane Malcolm King. Amarillo Vernon I. Lay, Jr., Austin William Omar Logan, Palestine Donald James Maclver, Dallas Robert Seley Masterson. Beaumont William Henry Mayer, Jr., San Antonio Lewis Richard McCarroll, Jr., Rusk John Jackson McClendon, Jr., Houston James Michael McConnell, Dallas Terry Eugene McFadin, San Antonio James Russell McGoodwin, San Antonio Richard Doss Millsap. II, Odessa Ronnie Steve Moore, Amarillo Howard Grant Nichols. Jr., Beaumont Jarrell Bankhead Ormand, Odessa Geoffrey Rex Pauling, Midland William Hayer Pitts, Jr., Austin Robert Evans Ransdell, Jr., Dallas Charles David Ray, Dallas Victor Wayne Shawgo, Amarillo Ellis Matthew Skinner, II, Dallas Robert Elliott Watts, San Antonio John Lyle West, Cleveland Gordon Edd White, Cleveland Roy Bain Williams, Houston Gerald Lee Wood, Odessa Enos L. Ashcroft, III, Sulphur Springs SPRING PLEDGES Frederick Duncan Coleman, Houston Stephen Thomas Elder, Dallas Pkl Kappa Fall BOBBY JACK SIMPSON . ROBERT LEWIS COFFEY . WILLIAM MOFFETT KROMER AL EVANS BIRDWELL, JR. GEORGE WILLIAM KNEBEL OFFICERS Alpha . Beta Tau Sigma . lota MEMBERS Spring ROBERT LEWIS COFFEY RICK PETER FISHER GEORGE G. EDGERTON RAY HARRON WRIGHT ROBERT BARNES SUMMERS Dan Lewis Armstrong, Houston Donald Aaron Bartlett, Fort Worth Al Evans Birdwell, Jr., Houston Henry Tebbs Brooks, Houston Grady Dyson Bruce, San Antonio Gregory Alan Carter, Fort Worth Robert Lewis Coffey, Freeport John Richard Cogdell, Electra Richard Rosser Cole, Houston Jack Chamness Commings, Baytown Maurice Edward Cowan, Austin John Kimbrell Darling, Houston Clifford William Davidson, Austin William Lewis Davidson, Austin Robert W. Dickerson, Austin George G. Edgerton, Corpus Christi Joe Jefferson Estill, Houston Stanley Burnett Ferguson, Houston Rick Peter Fisher, Conroe Charles Lewis Foley, Houston Ray Alvin Gipson, Buchanan Dam Ernest Jay Hall, Houston Jack Alden Harvey, Austin James Dell Heinrichs, Mineral Wells Thomas Irving Heroux, Garden City, Mich. Floyd Norman Hodges, San Antonio Glenn Curtis Hunt, Dallas Jerry Stokes Jordan, Lake Jackson George William Knebel, Austin William Moffett Kromer, San Antonio Shelly Lee Leffingwell, Austin Clifton Hatcher McCall, Victoria William James McCroskey, Glen Rose Hugh Gibbs Mood, Midland Mark Kimbrough Mosley, Buna James Charles Murphy, Austin Robert Wayne Peterson, Brenham Paul Joseph Porcarello, Houston Joseph Wayne Roberts, Lake Jackson Thomas Franklin Ryan, Houston Bobby Jack Simpson, Fort Worth Robert Barnes Summers, Pasadena Alvin Austin Thomas, Amarillo Michael E. Thomas, Maracaibo, Venezuela James Hunter Thompson, Houston Tom Howard Timmins, Elysian Fields David Alan Traynor, Austin Ray Harron Wright, Dallas Roger Robinson Wright, Austin Top Row: Allen, Andrews, Birdwell, Brooks, Coffey, Cowan, Crane. Second Row: Daniels, Edgerton, Ferguson, Fisher, Harris, Heinrichs, Hcrbster. PAGE 304 ' - - Top Jew: Johnsen, Jordan, Kennedy, Knebel, Kromcr, McCroskey, Mosley, Murphy, Nobles, Pando, Porcarello. Second Row: Pulkrabek, Ryan, Scurry, Shrader, Simpson, A. Thomas, T. Thompson, Timmins, Traynor, Ward, Wright. NATIONAL FOUNDING University of Pennsylvania, 1850 LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT Sigma, 1941 PLEDGES Ward Lang Allen, Marlin Robert Lee Andrews, Jr., Orange Roland McKendree Chamberlin, Jr., Houston Clarence Wharton Cole, Houston Patrick Bennett Crane, Conroe James Duff Daniels, Dallas Mitchell Robert Frakith, Aransas Pass Robert Louis Harris, Houston Jim Richard Herbster, Houston Howard H. Johnsen, Dallas Maurice Graves Kennedy, Freeport William Harvey McKnight, Kerrville Larry Milton Nobles, Austin William Jesse Pando, Amarillo Joseph Stephen Penner, Freeport Joseph Emil Pulkrabek, Jr., Austin William Clarence Scurry, Jr., Dallas Philip Harland Shrader, Jr., San Antonio Thomas Cline Thompson, Houston Harold Dudley Ward, Jr., Houston SPRING PLEDGES John R. Croxson, West Hollywood, Fla. William Louis Richter, San Antonio Oliver Albert Schwausch, Walburg James A. Stricklin, Baytown Robert Anderson Taylor, Jr., Houston Ronald Lee Wright, Houston Pki Kappa Fall DONALD ALLAN MAXWELL . DAVID EDWARD PHILLIPS . LEWIS HARDEMAN STEVES . JERRELL BRYCE WILSON OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Spring LEWIS HARDEMAN STEVES RONALD GENE ALLEN JOHN BAXTER MOORE MICHAEL LARRY LEMONS MEMBERS Ronald Gene Allen, Amarillo Charles Reber Blocker, Dallas Don Edward Boesch, El Paso Franklin D. Bollman, Clarksville Douglas Randl Brown, Dallas P aul D. Clinkscales, Dallas Woodrow Wayne Crawford, Corpus Christ! Paul Meredith Gulp, Abilene John Warner DeFarges, Houston Richard William Foote, Houston Jack Felton Furrh, Jr., Dallas Donald Herman Gatlin, Dallas Sammie James Granato, Austin Harry Paul Haiduk, Pampa Douglas Weems Hanson, Tyler Jess Lester Harkness, Jr., Seymour Farris Allen Johnson, Amarillo Fritz Paul Kronberger, Houston Michael Larry Lemons, Plainview Stanley Floyd Lowrey, La Porte John Robert Matlock, Houston Donald Allan Maxwell, Austin Joel Bolton McCarty, Jr., Houston Troy Hilton McCrary, Tyler William Sanders McGarrahan, Mount Pleasant Charles Lee Michulka, Wharton Kenneth Ray Miller, El Paso John Baxter Moore, Rockdale David Edward Phillips, Waco Ramon Klugh Robinson, Magnolia, Ark. Sammy D. Sapp, Dallas Otis Claude Shearer, III, Booker Robert Warren Silman, New York, N. Y. William Bennett Smith, III, Athens Lewis Hardeman Steves, Bay City Henry Asa Taylor, Tomball Kenneth Allen Truitt, Longview Peter Maurice Weil, Dallas George Alan Wells, Houston Leon Arthur Whitney, Amarillo Jerrell Bryce Wilson, Fort Worth PAGE 306 P f Top Joit : Johnson, Kronbcrger, Lemons, Lowrcy, Matlock, Maxwell, McCrary, McGarrahan, C. Michulka, T. Michulka. Second Rom: Miller, Moore, Mosher, Munzell, Mustin, Nau, Neeley, D. E. Phillips, D. P. Phillips, Purvis. Third Row: Shearer, Sheffield, Simonton, Smith, Steves, Tabb, Taylor, Weil, Wells, E. Wilson, J. Wilson. NATIONAL FOUNDING Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1 906 LOCAL FOUNDING Beta Alpha, 1943 PLEDGES Douglas Odell Bankston, Dallas Crawford Allen Benham, Alice Don John Bennett, Houston Thomas Dean Boesch, El Paso Jerry William Boggess, Dallas Thomas Michael Boyle, Houston James Patrick Brady, Rye, N. Y. Samuel Nicholas Bramlett, LaPorte Jerry Weldon Carlton, Hamlin William Blewett Chenault, III, Houston Rann Lionel Clark, Houston Henry Michael Corwin, Waco David Lee DeFee, Houston James Edward DeSha, San Antonio Joe S. de Sola, Dallas George Wayne Hacker, Pasadena Harry Vinson Hammond, Dallas Edward Murray Harris, Jr., Houston Donald Higginbotham, Waco Robert Wayne Hughes, Nocona Thomas Edward Michulka, Wharton Mitchell Emile Moore, Rockdale John Purdy Mosher, Corpus Christi David Howard Munzell, Jefferson City, Mo. Allison Keith Mustin, Alice Larry Melvin Nau, Austin Dallas Merrill Neeley, Jr., Dallas David Peter Phillips, Houston Hoyt Hughes Purvis, Jonesboro, Ark. James Donald Sheffield, Fort Worth Harry Chesley Simonton, Houston James Charles Tabb, Houston Ewel Duane Wilson, San Antonio Allan Gary Fryar, Dallas SPRING PLEDGES James Preston Hull, Houston Phi Kappa Fall PHILLIP GAFFNEY YOUNG . PETER ALLEN HATTON . FRANK BERNARD SLOMCHINSKI . SAMUEL MATTHEW HOLLAND, JR. CARROLL WAYNE MERLICK . OFFICERS President Vice-President Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Spring PHILLIP GAFFNEY YOUNG CHARLES EDWARD WHITE DONALD JAMES HAASE RICHARD A. SHIEFFER DANIEL ALBERT NARANJO MEMBERS Michael Charles Adamo, Houston Lawrence Norborn Alexander, San Antonio Alexander Jesse Canales, Dallas Edward Allison Clarkson, Jr., Refugio J. Burt Dixon, Austin Robert Francis Earhart, Longview Melbourne S. Cans, Fort Worth Donald James Haase, Nixon Peter Allen Hatton, Fort Worth Robert Benjamin Kinsley, Houston Samuel Matthew Holland, Jr., Galveston Thomas Gentry Jeter, Jr., Refugio Frederick Edward Korzekwa, Hobson Alton Edwin Landry, Colorado City Victor Chase McCrea, Midland Carroll Wayne Merlick, Fort Worth Mario Leo Messina, Dallas Daniel Albert Naranjo, San Antonio John Joseph Nauer, Alice Charles Phillips Peters, Houston Frank Polasek, Wharton Rene Javier Ramirez, Hebbronville William Frederick Rogers, Houston Richard A. Schieffer, Austin Frank Bernard Slomchinski, Refugio Ernest Thomas Tijerina, Brownsville Charles Edward White, San Angelo Harlen Alfred Winter, Austin Phillip Gaffney Young, Refugio Top Row: Adamo, Alexander, Canales, Clarkson, Dixon, Engler, Cans. Second Row: Gruber, Haase, Hatton, Henke, Kinsley, Holland, Jeter. PAOE 308 Top Row: Kctelcrs, Klein, Korzekwa, Landry, McCrea, Merlick, Naucr, Parker, Polasek, Quintero. Second Row: Ramirez, Rogers, Rousset, Schieffer, Slomchinski, Thompson, Tijerina, White, Winter, Young. NATIONAL FOUNDING Brown and Lehigh Universities, 1889 LOCAL FOUNDING Alpha Pi, 1959 PLEDGES John George Engler, Jim Thorpe, Pa. David Lawrence Gruber, Houston James Eugene Henke, Karnes City Jack Butler Kelley, Refugio Roy Louis Ketelers, Groves John Frederick Klein, Bayside, N. Y. Bryant Eugene Parker, Brenham Raymond Julius Quintero, Woodsboro Edward Eloy Rousset, Brownsville James Patrick Studdert, Houston Christopher Robert Thompson, Midland SPRING PLEDGE Bates Lowry Hoflfer, III, San Angelo vSfe fflSI g foelta Fall JAY JULES KARKOWSKY . GARY SCHRAM GROSSMAN WILLIAM Louis WAYNE . RICHARD SIMON KAROTKIN BARRY EARL KAUFMAN OFFICERS Master Prater Vice-Master Prater . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer Spring RICHARD SIMON KAROTKIN PHILLIP DAVID STOTLAND MELVIN Louis RICE HAROLD EICHENBAUM., JR. LARRY LYNN SCHOENBRUN MEMBERS Steven Louis Aaron, Dallas Gus Block, Houston Robert Phillip Brochstein, Houston Morton Allan Cohn, Houston Leon J. Daily, Houston Herbert Allen Davis, San Antonio Harold Eichenbaum, Jr., Austin Morris Jay Engle, Dallas Ronald Jack Finger, Houston Lowell Stephen Fink, Houston Barton Leroy Fruhman, Dallas Fred Milton Gerson, Houston Samuel David Glassman, Greenville Herbert Stephen Goldberg, Marshall Gary Alvin Goldfeder, Wichita Falls Gary Schram Grossman, Houston Charles Edward Hauser, Houston Barry Nolan Karchmer, Dallas Jay Jules Karkowsky, Houston Richard Simon Karotkin, Austin Barry Earl Kaufman, Houston Jay Rodney Kline, Port Arthur Jon Stuart Lasser, Houston Frank Lester Levy, Waco Richard Jules Loewenstern, Houston Rodney Harris Margolis, Houston Clarence Edwin Mayer, Jr., Helena, Ark. Roger S. Mellow, Dallas Stephen Orrin Music, Hattiesburg, Miss. Jerome Jacob Nathan, III, Beaumont Perry Joe Radoff, Houston Melvin Louis Rice, Houston Lowell Maurice Rosenthal, Fort Worth Mansel M. Rubenstein, Houston Arthur Louis Schechter, Rosenberg Larry Lynn Schoenbrun, Tyler Ronny Norman Schoenbrun, Tyler Bernard Lee Simon, Houston Stephen Marshall Simon, Austin Ronald Glen Steinhart, Beaumont Phillip David Stotland, Hattiesburg, Miss. Jon David Totz, Gonzales William Louis Wayne, Houston Sidney Conrad Weiss, Dallas Top Row: Aaron, Andres, Block, Brochstein, Chazen, J. Cohn, M. Cohn, Dally, Davis. Second Row: Eichenbaum, Englander, Engle, Felsenthal, Finger, Fink, D. Fleckman, P. Fleckman, Fruhman. Third Row; Glassman, Gluckman, Goldberg, Goldfeder, Grossman, Hauser, Hurwitz, Karchmer, Karkowsky. PAGE 310 Top Roic: Karotkin, Kaufman, Kline, Kottwitz, Lasser, Leff, Less, Lipshy, Loewcnstern, Marcus, Margolis. Second Rax: L. Mellow, R. Mellow, Meyers, Music, Pomerantz, Pye, Radoff, Rice, Richie, Rosenthal, Rubenstein. Third Row: Schechter, L. Schoenbrun, R. Schoenbrun, Siegel, Silverman, B. Simon, S. Simon, Steinhart, Stotland, Sundel, Totz, Wayne NATIONAL FOUNDING Columbia University, 1909 LOCAL FOUNDING Lambda, 1920 PLEDGES David Hardy Andres, Dallas Lawrence Jack Chazen, Denver, Colorado Joel Samuel Cohn, Houston Louis Wood Englander, Waco Daniel Isaac Felsenthal, Longview Dan Adolph Fleckman, Port Arthur Perry Stotland Fleckman, Port Arthur Joseph Anthony Gluckman, Houston Edward Jay Hurwitz, Port Arthur Robert Coleman Kottwitz, Houston Frank Samuel Landin, II, Houston Leonard J. LefF, Houston Jerry Leonard Less, Houston Bruce Arlen Lipshy, Dallas Stanley Earl Marcus, San Antonio Leon Aron Mellow, Dallas Jerry Richard Meyers, Austin Ernest Harold Pomerantz, San Antonio Herman Walter Pye, Jr., Houston Ronnie Allen Richie, Houston Raymond Neil Rosenthal, Los Angeles, Calif. Lou Howard Siegel, Little Rock, Ark. Irvin Stanley Silverman, Lubbock Martin Sundel, San Antonio Louis Marvin Atlas. Houston SPRING PLEDGES Barnet Gary Menscher, Shreveport, La. OFFICERS Fall RONNY WADE NICHOLAS . WILLIAM VERNON SHEPPARD ROBERT HENDRICK TURNER DARRELL DAVID WILSON President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring DARRELL DAVID WILSON EUGENE LEE BROWN WILLIAM PITTENGER JOHN EUGENE KELLY MEMBERS Hubert Carl Askew, Houston James Carroll Aston, Houston James Donald Basham, Dallas Walter C. Bowman, Harlingen Eugene Lee Brown, Dallas Mario Anthony Burdick, Northridge, Calif. James M. Cooley, Dallas Terrell Marion Cookston, Dallas Dail Warren Cosner, Corpus Christi Philip Douglas Creer, Jr., Austin John Robert Cromack, Austin Charles Pate Durrenburger, Houston Ronald Eugene Eddy, Dallas John Milton Freeland, Houston Daniel S. Gafford, Marlin Edwin James Gilbert, Mathis Stewart Morris Gillett, Corpus Christi Jack Ronald Grant, Houston David Grissom, Dallas Orrin Kepler Grove, Corpus Christi Daniel Stratton Gwinner, Dallas George Washington Hager, Dallas James Leon Hailey, Harlingen Francis Edward Harkrider, Temple David Kirby Helton, Tokyo, Japan Frazier Patrick Henry, San Angelo Floyd Dennis Herndon, Garland Hal A. Hudson, Houston Frank August Hueter, Houston John Sloan Leonard, Dallas Alfred Gene Matthews, San Angelo Wilbourn Baker McAdams, Tomball Charles Howard McCann, Houston Floyd Allen McCreight, Fort Worth Allen Talbot Mclnnes, Houston Robert Hughes Millwee, Dallas Thomas Allen Neyland, Beaumont Ronny Wayde Nicholas, Dallas Robert Edwin Norwood, Corpus Christi Richard Harper Pettway, Austin William Pittenger, Austin Edward Allen Polka, Houston John Wilson Price, Corpus Christi Willard Talmage Reese, Corpus Christi Loyd Gordon Robertson, Houston Burrell Rowe, III, Livingston Robert A. Sadler, Houston William Vernon Sheppard, Houston Robert Hamilton Smalley, Dallas Robert Gary Smith, Dallas Walter Scott Smith, Marlin Kenneth Lee Tekell, Corsicana Warren Bergen Terry, Corpus Christi Joseph Emmett Townsend, Galveston Robert Hendrick Turner, Marlin Thomas Francis Vetters, Corpus Christi George Polk Williams, Corsicana Darrell David Wilson, Houston Top Row: Askew, Aston, Basham, Brown, Burdick, Burge, Cookston, P. Creer. Second Row: R. Creer, Dildy, Eddy, Emmett, Esterling, Foyt, Freeland, Geddie. Third Row: Grant, Griffin, Grissom, Grove, Gwinner, Hager, Harkrider, Hay. PAGE 312 Row: Helton, Hueter, Kelly, Kent, Koepp, Leonard, McAdams, McMahon, Millwee, Nicholas. Second Row: Olson, Phillips, Polka, Price, Sadler, Shear, Smalley, R. Smith, W. Smith, Tekell. Third Row: Terry, Townscnd, Turner, Van Gilder, Vetters, Wade, Warren, Weeks, D. Wilson, J. Wilson. NATIONAL FOUNDING University of Massachusetts, 1873 LOCAL FOUNDING Theta Triton, 1947 PLEDGES Carroll C. Benson, Dallas William Wallace Burge, Houston Ronald Morris Cole, Dallas Robert Craine Creer, Austin James Michael Curran, Houston William Dolph Dildy, Austin John S. Emmett, Dallas Roger Edward Esterling, Corpus Christi Charles Bernard Foyt, Austin Prentice Fielder Geddie, Dallas Sidney Long Gober, Humble Lawrence Lafayette Griffin, Jr., Austin James Clifton Hay, III, Corpus Christi John Eugene Kelly, Dallas Harry Llewellyn Kent, III, Austin David R. Koepp, New Braunfels Byron Keith Korges, Weatherford Ralph Jennings McMahon, Dallas Robert Kermit Olson, Corpus Christi James Wesley Phillips, Lubbock Murray Randolph Ray, Kilgore Francis Douglass Shear, Fort Worth Charles Benson Turner, Rapid City, S. Dak. Ronny D. Van Gilder, Garland Guy Irvin Wade, Houston Ben F. Warren, Corpus Christi Robeit Webb, Los Angeles, Calif. James Everett Weeks, Corpus Christi John Reiter Wilson, Wichita Falls Thomas Franklin Witten, Dallas Joe Stefan Yardus, Corpus Christi SPRING PLEDGES Kenneth Earl Gilbert, Waco John Hamilton Savage, San Antonio Jeff Smith, San Antonio Jim Summers, Channelview Pi Kappa fllpka Fall WALLACE MICHAEL MAYS DANIEL THOMAS HAMPTON DAVID HAYWOOD MANGUM WALLACE EDWIN LOWRY, JR. THOMAS NENDELL CROWELL OFFICERS SMC . . IMC . . THC . . Pledgemaster SC Spring DANIEL THOMAS HAMPTON WILLIAM CLAUDE DAVIDSON, JR. TOWNSEND WADE DOUGLAS WILLIAM VANN BROWN KENNETH WESLEY BURCH MEMBERS Donald Wright Abston, Daingcrfield William Norris Agee, El Paso Jimmy Howard Akin, Pasadena William Joseph Bailey, Marfa Craig Manley Bell, San Antonio Bernard Edward Breihan, El Paso William Vann Brown, Greenville Kenneth Wesley Burch, Greenville Michael Paul Burkart, Dallas Richard Trent Campbell, San Antonio George Camp Chapman, Amarillo Richard Woolsey Chote, Austin Robert Earl Clark, Austin William Arthur Crockett, Ballinger Thomas Ncndell Crowell, San Antonio Donald Keith Cunningham, San Antonio William Claude Davidson, Jr., Yazoo City, Miss. J. Wed Davis, III, Dallas K. U. Davis, Jr., Port Arthur Antonio Lozano Dieste, Tampico, Mexico Townsend Wade Douglas, Amarillo Harvey Keith Fahrenthold, Poth Paul David Fahrenthold, Houston Eugene Gray Feild, Austin Michael Roy Gibson, El Paso James David Gillaspie, San Antonio Weldon Woolf Hammond, Jr., San Antonio Daniel Thomas Hampton, Naples Frank Warren Hilliard, Arlington Paul Allan Howard, San Antonio John Bruce Hughes, Iowa Park William Garrison Jackson, Austin Raymond Percy James, San Antonio Royal Parks James, San Antonio Carlos Erwin Kepke, Dallas Charles David KiefTer, Dallas Albert Boggess Kimball, Jr., Dallas Walter Daniel Kleine, III, Gonzales Robert Gist Knupp, Amarillo William Neal Kocurek, Austin Wallace Edwin Lowry, Jr., Huntsville Thomas Frazier Mahoney, El Paso David Haywood Mangum, San Antonio Guy Edward Matthews, Mount Belvieu Wallace Michael Mays, Greenville Harvard Lee McBrayer, Hillsboro William Edward McCaleb, III, Austin Hugh Nelson McWilliams, Atlanta Donald Paul Meador, Amarillo James Robert Moffett. Houston Richard Roberts Morrison, III, Daingerfield Elmer Louis Nelson, Elgin Fred Anthony Odom, Gilmer John Richard Passero, El Paso John Cody Perkins, Huntsville Hubert Wesley Ratliff, Jr., Edna Ronald Gordon Rosen, Fort Worth Melvin Dec Rowland, Uvalde Raymond Lewis Scarborough, Jr., Houston Nelson Louis Schiller, Austin Aubrey Jack Shannon, Beaumont Juan Jay Smith, Eastland Ben Alvis Stafford, Pleasanton Richard Burr Stallcup, Nacona Lester Gerry States, Harwood Donald William Steiber, Jr., Houston Wilson Byrd Tarver, Jr., Waco Hayden Victor Terry, Arlington John Lytle Tom, Jr., Campbellton William Gratz Woodford, Hereford g p P P A _ w L TlJp W - AV f5 C Top Row: Araiza, Archer, Bartlett, Bell, Benson, Odd-Erik Bjarre, Breihan, Brown, Chote, Clark. Second Row: Crowell, D. Cunningham, Davidson, Dieste, Douglas, H. Fahrenthold, Feild, Fritchie, Garner, Gleason. Third Row: Hampton, Hilliard, Hortenstine, Howcll, Hughes, J. Jackson, W. Jackson, Raymond James, Royal James, Kieffer. PAGE 314 JA;I,A J I ; t a J i,WJ V ( C V f O % ! nd feff rn Hr 1 - ICT --j iTk J I Tli j 7 " op Roit: Kimball, Kleine, Knupp, Kocurek, Lancaster, Lowry, Mangum, Matthews, Mays, McBrayer, McCalcb, McWilliams, Meador. Second Row: Mitchell, Monroe, Moore, Morrison, Muckleroy, Nabors, Neelcy, Nelson, Odom, Perkins, Porter, Ratliff, Rosen. Third Ron-: Scarborough, Shafer, Shannon, Smith, Stallcup, States, Stciber, Tarver, Thompson, Tom, Vaclav, Woodford, Workman. NATIONAL FOUNDING University of Virginia, 1868 LOCAL FOUNDING Beta Mu, 1920 PLEDGES Richard Edward Araiza, El Paso Joseph Fletcher Archer, San Antonio John Griswold Bartlett, San Antonio James William Benson, Lubbock William Brant Doell, San Marino, Calif. Michael Vernon Durham, Lufkin Staley Faulkner, Denton James Charles Fritchie, Amarillo Lewie Douglass Garner, Lufkin Edward Swinney Givens, San Antonio Robert Steele Gleason, Amarillo Tommy Allen Herrington, Clarksville John Spence Hornbuckle, Houston Thomas Stephen Hornbuckle, Houston Rodney Lee Hortenstine, Amarillo Joe Kennedy Howell, Amarillo Jerrall Wayne Jackson, Amarillo Philip Barnett Johns, Odessa Owen Edward Lancaster, San Antonio Joseph Baggett Latting, Austin William Darden McFarlin, Dallas Dickie Ray Melton, Sherman Mike Addison Mitchell, Amarillo Bennie Wade Monroe, Longview Carroll Truett Moore, San Antonio Robert Lynn Muckleroy, Buna Johnn Hughston Nabors, Jr., Winnsboro Jackie Ray Neeley, Ranger Donald Albert Porter, Jr., Corpus Christi Van King Reese, Austin James Ray Shafer, Austin Lewon D. Simpson, Fort Worth Daniel Jones Thompson, San Antonio Robert Neil Thomas, Houston Marvin Harold Vaclav, Amarillo Joseph Norman Workman, El Paso James Jeffery Crook, El Paso Jerry Leon Lovelace, Dallas SPRING PLEDGES Charles Clinton Parsons, Houston Jackson McLane Tarver, Waco Gary Martin Wehrman, El Campo Fall OTTO FRED LOHMEYER . ROBERT J. PICKENS . DICK HOSKINS GREGG, JR. MONROE MARTIN LUTHER RONALD ENGLE MARTIN OFFICERS Eminent Archon Eminent Deputy Archon Eminent Recorder . Eminent Correspondent . Eminent Treasurer . Spring ROBERT ENGLE MARTIN HARRY MOORE ROGERS MONROE MARTIN LUTHER GAYLE BRAGDON CARNAHAN HOMER LEE LUTHER, JR. MEMBERS Richard Stephens Bartholow, Dallas Bernard E. Brauer, Corpus Christi Larry Kent Burton, Springfield, 111. George Southgate Busick, Dallas David Scothorn Campbell, Longview Robert Michael Canada, Houston Gayle Bragdon Carnahan, Houston William Richard Carr, Corpus Christi William Shepherd Cochran, III, Houston John William Creveling, Corpus Christi James McQueen Easterling, Corpus Christi John Wells Fainter, Jr., Austin James L. Gallagher, Bellaire Leonard H. Gallagher, Jr., Corpus Christi Gunter Kinbrough Gaskell, San Antonio Byron Jackson Gierhart, Corpus Christi Ned Gill, Jr., Houston Charles R. Gregg, Houston Dick Hoskins Gregg, Jr., Houston William D. Grigsby, Amarillo Farris McDonnald Hall, Houston Douglas Hart, San Antonio Herbert Paul Haschke, Houston Erwin Fulton Hill, Jr., Houston Roy Albert Hilliard, Jr., Bellevue, Wash. Kenneth William Hulett, Jr., Amarillo Charles Knox Jenkins, Taft Charles Edward Johnson, Lake Jackson Robert David Johnson, Houston Chesley Wiggins Johnston, San Antonio Charles A. Ketchum, Navasota Edward Weir LaMontagne, Houston Otto Fred Lohmeyer, Navasota Graham Barton Luhn, San Antonio Homer Lee Luther, Jr., Houston Monroe Martin Luther, Houston Robert Kelley Maddox, Houston Ronald Engle Martin, Bryan Eugene A. Matthews, Hot Springs, Ark. Carlisle Maxwell, Jr., San Antonio Ed S. McCullough, Pharr Richard Kent McGaughy, San Antonio Frank Owen McGehee, Houston John Hodges Mecom, Houston Max Gustav Michaelis III, Kyle David Mayes Middleton, Liberty John Marvin Mohrman, Gonzales William Daniel Mount, Dallas John Jacob Patton, Tyler Billy Mack Payne, Conroe Robert J. Pickens, Skidmore Frank Pinkner, Rosemont, 111. Peter Evans Pratt, Houston James M. Raines, Port Arthur Harry Moore Rogers, Dallas Bryan Lee Rosson, Corpus Christi Sherian Audilet Salge, Karnes City Joseph Louis Segrate, Houston Joe Arthur Shepperd, Burnet James Frank Smith, Jr., Amarillo Robert H. Stewart, Jr., Houston Edwin Jackson Taegel, San Antonio George K. Taggart, Corpus Christi Jack R. Taylor, San Antonio Gordon Cole Thomson, Houston John Carrol Vogt, Dallas John Morris Wagstaff, Abilene George Searcy Watson, Houston Wilbur Franklin Yates, Longview Top Row: Bailey, Bartholow, Carnahan, Crosswell, Easterling, Emmert, Fainter. Second Row: Freeman, Gierhart, Grisby, Grimes, Haschke, E. Hill, J. Hill. Third Row: Hilliard, Holleman, Hulett, Jenkins, C. Johnson, R. Johnson, Johnston. PAGE 316 p H H x o Row: LaMontagne, Lohmeyer, Luhn, H. Luther, M. Luther, Maxwell, McCullough, McGaughy, McGehee. econd Row: Mclntosh, Michaux, Middlcton, Patton, Payne, Peterson, Pickens, Pinkncr, Rankin. ' hird Ro;v: Rosson, Salge, Shepperd, Taegel, Taggart, Torian, Turnbull, Vogt, Wells. T Se Thi NATIONAL FOUNDING University of Alabama, 1856 LOCAL FOUNDING Texas Rho, 1884 PLEDGES Travis Denon Bailey, San Antonio Oscar Holcombe Crosswell, Houston Max Emmert, III, Houston Michael Henry Erskine, San Antonio Joe Hardie Freeman, Alice George Don Grimes, Houston John Patterson Hill, Houston William Thomas Holleman, Houston John Brockenbrough Holmes, Jr., Houston William Dale Ledbetter, Houston Winston Wayne Mclntosh, Austin John Kirkland Michaux, Houston John Gregg Middleton, Liberty James Douglas Peterson, Corpus Christi Thomas Joseph Rankin, Jr., Houston Robert Baker Shirley, Austin Lawrence Emerson Thompson, Houston Edwin Walters Torian, Jr., Houston Charles Graham Turnbull, San Antonio Hoy Newton Wells, San Antonio SPRING PLEDGES Dwight Eugene Burdick, La Porte Lane Newbury, Dallas John Earl Peebles, Livingston George Lee Streckmann, Dallas Alpha )}tu OFFICERS Fall WILLIAM M. KNOBLER . . PETER M. LOEB STERLING SAMUEL NEUMAN . LARRY BURTON BACH Prior Vice-Prior . Exchequer . Recorder Spring STANLEY BYRON BLOCK LARRY SYLVESTER GLAZER PETER M. LOEB LARRY BURTON BACH MEMBERS Larry Burton Bach, Corpus Christi Marshall E. Benjamin, Borger Richard Barry Bermont, Coral Gables, Fla. Donald Charles Bindler, Tyler Stanley Byron Block, Corpus Christi Richard Cohen, Houston Donald Mark Feferman, Amarillo Linmor Benney Feiner, El Paso Robert Alan Fonarow, Corpus Christi Julius Morris Gilbert, Amarillo David Michael Ginsburg, Austin Larry Sylvester Glazer, Fort Worth William Stuart Goldberg, Houston Leonard Jay Goltzman, Victoria Robert Earl Gurwitz, Three Rivers Donald S. Herman, Fort Worth Lawrence Edward Holtzman, Brownsville Robert Mayer Jason, Bluefield, W. Va. Jerry Allan Katz, Miami Beach, Fla. Robert Martin Kirstein, Austin Fred G. Kline, San Antonio William M. Knobler, Brownwood Harold Paley Laves, Austin Alvin Jerome Levenson, San Antonio Peter M. Loeb, Sweetwater Lewis Mendell, Corpus Christi Morton H. Meyerson, Fort Worth Sterling Samuel Neuman, San Antonio Burton L. Rakoover, Fort Worth Nathan Roosth, Tyler Warren Paul Roosth, Tyler Gerald Jay Rosenberg, San Antonio Bernard Jerome Rubin, Fort Worth Jerry Donald Schwartz, Houston Stephan Richard Silen, San Antonio Harris Joe Sterling, San Antonio Thomas Eli Weiner, Dallas Calvin Moritz Wolff, McAllen } JR ammm A m HB m IMM . MMB Top Row: Benjamin, Bermont, Block, Cohen, Davis, Donsky, Feferman, Feiner. Second Row: Fisher, Fonarow, Freid, Gerber, Gilbert, Gillis, Ginsberg, Glast. Third Row: L. Glazer, R. Glazerj R. Goldberg, W. Goldberg, Goldin, Grossman, Holtzman, G. Jacobs. PAGE 318 4, Top Row: J. Jacobs, Jason, Kline, Knobler, Kuperman, Laves, Levenson. Loeb, Maltz, Markowitz. Second Row: Marshall, Mendcll, Neuman, Rakoover. Rosenberg, Rosenthal, N. Roosth, Rotman, Schwartz, Silen. Third Row: Skibell, Sraolkin, Sondock, Sterling, Turk, Westhcimer, Wiener, Wilensky, Wolff, Yellen. NATIONAL FOUNDING College of the City of New York, 1909 LOCAL FOUNDING Sigma Theta, 1922 PLEDGES Henry Michael Davis, Corpus Christi Cal L. Donsky, San Angelo Burton David Fisher, Odessa Gerald Arthur Freid, Dallas Irvin David Gerber, Houston Ralph Joseph Gillis, San Antonio Michael A. Ginsberg, Houston Alan Larry Glast, Odessa Robert L. Glazer, Dallas Russell Myron Goldberg, San Angelo Lloyd Frederic Goldin, Miami Beach, Fla. Myron Benard Grossman, Corpus Christi Gary Gursh Jacobs, San Antonio Jerrald Samuel Jacobs, Waco David Isadore Kuperman, Breckenridge Ronald Errol Levinson, Houston M. Berry Maltz, Houston Robert A. Markowitz, Houston Jerome David Marshall, Houston Jerry Roy Mendell, Corpus Christi Allan David Rosenthal, Houston Michael Rotman, San Antonio David Lubin Skibell, Lubbock Stephen William Smolkin, San Antonio Lawrence Seymour Sondock, Houston Lawrence Jerrold Turk, Houston Joseph Michael Westheimer, Jr., San Antonio Ralph Davis Wilensky, Menard Jerry Harris Yellen, Houston Stanley Edwin Latmen, Borger SPRING PLEDGES Spencer George Michlin, Dallas OFFICERS Fall THOMAS RICHARD GLOWER JOHN HILL WATTS, III . JOE DEAN PHIPPS FRANK THOMAS SILLIMAN ROBERT MELVIN HOWE, JR. Consul . Pro-Consul Quaestor Annotator Tribune Spring SIDNEY H. SMITH, III ROBERT MELVIN HOWE, JR. JOE DEAN PHIPPS JAMES JOSEPH JAROS CHESTER LEE ALLEN c MEMBERS Philip James Albin, Pasadena Chester Lee Allen, Corpus Christi Don Ray Allen, New London Henry George Anderson, La Marque William Stanley Barnes, Austin Richard Alan Bean, San Angelo James Gary Bennett, Austin Barton Woodward Bruce, Baytown Thomas Richard Glower, Corpus Christi Jess Richard Coker, Big Spring Jerry Douglas Conn, Beaumont Tommy DeWitt, Kilgore H. Maurice Doke, Wichita Falls Charles L. Edmiston, Crockett George Randy Farenthold, Corpus Christi Scott William Forney, Ranger Robert Marion Goodwin, Houston Doyle Wayne Goolsby, Lamesa Robert Ladd Holton, Altadena, Calif. David Louis Horner, Dallas Robert Melvin Howe, Jr., Beaumont John Clinton Hoyt, Houston David Paul Jacobs, Big Lake James Joseph Jaros, Wichita Falls Robert Ferrell Jenkins, Houston Darrell Eddy Jordan, McAllen William Carey Kennedy, Jr., Austin Richard Wesley Klabzuba, Austin John Hall Kochevar, Fort Bliss David Martineau, Corpus Christi John Hammack McMillan, Wichita Falls Bill Horton McNall, Dallas Stephen Douglas McWilliams, Baytown Drew Hampton Morris, Waco Robert Calder Myer, Houston Larry Niemann, Austin John Turner O ' Banion, Jr., Luling Peter William Orlebeke, San Angelo John B. Padgett, Colorado City Joe Dean Phipps, Kilgore Charles Allen Pratt, Longview John Franklin Prince, Dallas James Sydney Ramsey, Kilgore Thomas Frank Roberts, Temple Don J. Rooney, San Antonio William Bonner Rubey, Jr., Aspen, Colo. Frank Thomas Silliman, Fort Stockton Darrell Essman Smith, Dallas Everett Gregor Smith, Midland Sidney H. Smith, III, Corpus Christi Sidney S. Stover, Wichita Falls John Butler Terrell, Jr., Beaumont Frank Joseph Tribble, Corpus Christi James Edward Tylaska, Houston John Hill Watts, III, Corpus Christi Ronald Lee Van Meter, Beaumont Larry Gene Zamponi, LaFeria Top Row: Albin, C. Allen, Allums, Baker, Bean, Bennett, Boettcher, Bolger, Bruce, Glower, Coker. Second Row: Conn, Crain, Denby, Dickey, Doke, Edmiston, Eidson, Farenthold, Farley, Frazier, Gibson. Third Row: Goodwin, Haas, Hamilton, Haney, Hartt, Hightower, Holton, Howe, Jacobs, Jaros, Jenkins. PAGE 320 o n C OC5 mShm S . DC, 7 " o Joa;: Jordan, Kennedy, Lane, Lloyd, Logan, Mann, McMaster, McMillan, McNall, McWilliams, Meredith, Myer, Noble. Second Row: Northcutt, Oldhara, Orlebeke, Phipps, Pratt, Prince, Ramsey, Roberts, Rubey, Rushing, Seay, Senter, Silliman. Third Row: D. Smith, E. Smith, J. Smith, S. Smith, Stover, Tribble, Vanatta, Van Deventer, Vickrey, Warren, Watts, White, Yancey, Zamponi. NATIONAL FOUNDING Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1855 LOCAL FOUNDING Alpha Nu, 1884 PLEDGES David George Allums, Houston Brook Alan Baker, Perryton A. Schlick Boettcher, East Bernard William Robert Bolger, Longview Newton Mitchell Grain, III, Houston Walter Johns Denby, Palestine Bobby Lynn Dickey, Palestine Merrill Lamar Eidson, Temple Dennis Ray Farley, Temple Oscar Howard Frazier, Stevenville David Dale Gibson, Temple Dudley Haas, Corpus Christi John Clyde Hamilton, Wichita Falls Richard Anderson Haney, Corpus Christi Carl Marshall Hartt, Palestine John Buckner H ightower, Beaumont Wardlow Lane, Austin David George Lloyd, San Angelo Richard Lewis Logan, Big Lake James Scott Mann, Baytown Dan Richard McMaster, Austin Donald Roy Meredith, Houston Edward Joseph Mooney, Longview Ray Edward Moses, Houston Don Melton Noble, Houston James Ray Northcutt, Longview Darius Dudley Oldham, Beaumont William George Poole, Mart Richard Powell, Dallas Howell Richard Rushing, Dallas James Everett Saxton, Palestine William Fenton Scott, Longview Donnie Baker Seay, Luling David Lindsey Senter, San Angelo Joe Charles Smith, Corpus Christi Raymond V. Tate, Austin Hal Browne Vanatta, San Antonio Robert William Van Deventer, Baytown Don William Vickrey, Houston James William Warren, Plains William Willerson White, Beaumont Thurman John Yancey, Laredo SPRING PLEDGES William Lee Anderson, La Marque Richard Eugene Hulbirt, Corpus Christi Dudley Charles Haas, Corpus Christi Bernard Thomas Jones, Austin Donald Ray Sefcik, Corpus Christi Fall JOHN GATHER SARGENT . CHARLES HARTER, III MICHAEL SCOTT STROUD . EUGENE BECK SEALE . THOMAS BEN CHADWICK OFFICERS Eminent Commander Lieutenant Commander Recorder Treasurer Chaplain Spring DONALD ROBERT ANDERS THOMAS BEN CHADWICK, JR. WILLIAM BOYD PARMETER PAT TAYLOR DYER KENNETH BALDWIN MCFARLAND Donald Robert Anders, Fort Worth Clifford Ernest Anderson, Jr., Houston Ross Thomas Anderson, Tyler Larry Marshall Asbury, Abilene Howard Leslie Atkins, San Marcos Victor Elgin Baldridge, Abilene John Robert Beauchamp, San Antonio John F. Boyle, Jr., Fort Worth James Hulvey Bratten, San Antonio William Davis Breedlove, Tyler James Robert Bright, Tyler Frederick Samuel Brown, Mexia Joe Barnett Cannon, Mexia Paul John Carson, San Antonio Harold Dee Carter, Tyler Thomas Ben Chadwick, Tyler Rankin Hoss Chapman, Jr., Austin Louis Wyatt Chenault, Jr., Houston John James Clary, III, Austin Richard Bailey Counts, Seabrook Richard MacDowell DeGeurin, Austin William Clark Donovan, Houston Pat Taylor Dyer, Tyler James Joseph Exley, Houston Glen Woody Farris, Alvin Weston Oren Frazier, Wharton John Paul Gamel, Lampasas MEMBERS Deene Gott, San Antonio Donald Lewis Haberle, Jacksonville Benjamin Nicholis Hamilton, Port Arthur Dexter Boone Hamon, Corpus Christi Sidon Harris, Fort Worth Charles Harter, III, Houston Tom B. Hensey, San Antonio Malcolm Scott Hicks, Austin Gary Paul Hite, San Antonio David Kiker Hughes, Abilene Robert Sherridan Hughes, Houston Victor B. Jaeggli, Jr., Corpus Christi William Howard January, Wichita Falls Darrel Owen Kirkland, Corpus Christi David Charles Simon Kristynik, Bay City William Taylor Lee, Corpus Christi Donald Clayton Lusby, Abilene Coy Ben Martin, Jacksonville William Clayton McBride, Dallas Kenneth Baldwin McFarland, San Antonio Mart Ellison McMillan, Tyler James Thomas Mitchell, Houston William Albert Nash, Corpus Christi Wallace Harper Nations, Austin Donald Ashby Nelson, San Antonio James Harry Painter, III, Houston William Boyd Parmeter, Fort Worth Robert Walter Pegg, San Antonio Roy M. Philp, Beaumont Brooks Wood Porter, Port Arthur Frank John Quirk, Jr., San Antonio James Pat Quirk, San Antonio Edwin Lee Rainwater, Wharton Brink Coleman Renick, Jr., San Antonio Thomas Jackson Risinger, Wharton William Alexander Roever, Jr., Dallas Charles Gary Rule, San Antonio John Gather Sargent, Corpus Christi Richard Charles Schulte, Hondo Tom Walton Schulze, Leander Eugene Beck Scale, Corpus Christi Lawerence Dean Spencer, Amarillo James Ellis Stafford, Houston William Leroy Stein, Alice George Berry Stephenson, Gainesville Michael Scott Stroud, Dallas Walter David Switzer, Jr., Houston George David Talley, Jr., Tyler Thad William Thomas, San Angelo Robert Dee Walker, Fort Stockton David John Webster, Abilene Seagle U. Wheatley, Jacksonville Samuel Sidney White, Amarillo Charles Lee Woolfolk, Gainesville Walter Scott Wysong, Dallas Top Row; Anders, C. Anderson, R. Anderson, Baldridge, Ballard, Bentley, Bransom, Bright, Carter. Second Row: Chadwick, Chenault, Clary, Davis, DeGeurin, Dunlop, Dyer, Exley, Farris. Third Row: Frazier, Fry, Gamel, Grassedonio, Hamon, R. Harris, Hart, Harter, Hensey. PAGE 322 i ' 1 r To Row: D. Hughes, Hurley, Kinsel, Kirkland, Lee, McFarland, McMillan, Nash, Painter, Parmeter. Second Row: Perron, Philp, Porter, F. Quirk, Reuter, Risinger, Roberts, J. L. Smith, J. M. Smith, Spencer. Third Row: Stakes, Stroud, Talley, Trefflich, Voyles, Robert Devercux Walker, Webster, Weil, Whittington, Wilson, Woolfolk. NATIONAL FOUNDING Virginia Military Institute, 1869 LOCAL FOUNDING Upsilon, 1886 PLEDGES Troy Don Ballard, Houston Kenneth Reed Bentley, Abilene Rob Roe Bransom, Fort Worth Robert McShane Breedlove, Tyler James Thomas Chapman, Austin Thomas Quincy Davidson, Corpus Christi Daniel Strawn Davis, Dallas Earl Davis, Tyler John McCampbell Davis, San Antonio William W. Dunlop, Austin John Edwin Fry, Abilene Roy Matthews Grassedonio, Houston Richard Claude Harris, Houston Warren Bryan Hart, San Antonio Carl Russell Hensch, Dallas Lawerence Foster Hurley, Fort Worth Robert Russell Kinsel, Three Rivers Sam Tobin Newton, San Antonio Leo Francis Perron, San Antonio William Henry Quirk, III, San Antonio David Bruce Reuter, Tyler Merritt Richardson Roberts, Jr., San Antonio Roy Denby Shank, Jacksonville Jerry Mills Smith, Fort Worth James Lewis Smith, III, Austin William Smith Stakes, San Antonio Michael Emmett Thrash, Denver, Colo. Charles Edward Trefflich, Corpus Christi Jerry Davis Voyles, Bay City Robert Devereux Walker, San Antonio Earnest Preston Webb, Houston Alexander Weil, III, Corpus Christi Marquis Everett Whittington, Tyler Frank M. Wilson, III, San Antonio SPRING PLEDGES Ronnie Ralph Chessire, Wichita Falls Carl Albert Nentwich, Macdona Williams Jackson Wills, Encino, Calif. Fall JERRY DONALD DAVIS . TERRY MITCHELL WILSON . WILLIAM EARL HODGE . CHARLES LEONARD DOLCE . CHARLES DEAN TUTTLE OFFICERS President V ice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Comptroller . Spring CHARLES LEONARD DOLCE TERRY MITCHELL WILSON JOHN CLIFTON COOPER ALBERT NORRIS HELSLEY JAMES ROBERT WELLS MEMBERS Thomas Allen Acree, Texas City Douglas Kroulik Anderson, Austin Charles William Bailey, Austin Thomas Walter Bailey, Palestine Kenneth Eugene Baxter, Odessa Marion Wayne Bell, Midland Don Allen Bice, Port Arthur Owen Lynn Bybee, Jr., Hereford Lawrence Howard Cafer, Corpus Christi Edward Keith Chunn, Houston Nicholas William Classen, El Paso John Henry Coates, Dallas Mervin B. Cook, San Antonio John Clifton Cooper, Beaumont Jerry Donald Davis, Dallas Charles Leonard Dolce, Port Arthur Floyd Richard Drake, Amarillo James Fielding Dunlap, San Antonio John Andrew Eads, Dallas Albert George Franklin, Houston Bill Edward Fritts, Houston George Richard Fulton, Jr., Beaumont Jeremiah Handy, Tenants Harbor, Me. Lawrence Eugene Hart, Austin Albert Norris Helsley, McKinney William Earl Hodge, Dallas Jerrell Aaron Holder, Wichita Falls John Scoggins Hollyfield, Austin Gordon Willard Houser, Austin Leon Poindexter Howell, Jr., San Antonio Ralph Allen Johnson, Jr., Odessa David Hamilton Kelsey, Midland Harry Bertrand Kelso, Jr., Texas City David Absler Leggett, Midland Gerald Eugene Lott, Houston Jerry Dan Mclnnis, Port Arthur John Franklin Mugno, Austin H. L. Hensel Murchison, Houston Clinton Franklin Naegelin, Jr., New Braunfels Frank Bluford Nance, Dallas William Gerald Noland, Corpus Christi Charles Robert Peck, Austin David Gavin Ritchie, Houston Gaylon E. Schulle, Austin Donald DeFord Sumners, Houston William Joseph Swann, Sterling City Byron A. Tapley, Pasadena Robert Franklin Teague, Houston James Rodney Thomas, Carthage Charles Dean Tuttle, Corpus Christi James Robert Wells, Corpus Christi Wayne Thomas Willis, Austin Terry Mitchell Wilson, Waxahachie Lindsey Arl Williams, Jr., Austin Wilton Dave Wilton, Houston James Luther Wright, Texarkana William Nicholas Zelle, Fort Worth ( l , f Mh. _ Q F3 ' J 7 Jk TM ffi a p e Toft Row: Addison, Anderson, C. Bailey, T. Bailey, Baxter, Bell, Bourgeois, Brower, Cafer. Second Row: Casey, Chunn, Cooper, Davis, Dodson, Dolce, Dow, Drake, Duke. Third Row: Dunlap, Eads, English, Fletcher, Fulton, Gayden, Grayless, Handy, Hart. PAGE 324 Top ftoio; Haywood, Helsley, Hodge, Holder, Hollyfield, Houser, Johnson, Kelsey, Kelso, Kcnesson, Kinard, Kohllcffcl. Second Raw. Lindsey, Madscn, Mallard, Mclnnis, Murchison, Naegelin, Noland, Olmstead, Rowley, Scott, Sims, Smith. Third Ro;c: Stevenson, Stubblefield, Sumners, Tasch, Teague. Thomas, Tuttle, Tyler, Wakeficld, Wells, Williams, Wilson, Wilton. NATIONAL FOUNDING Richmond College, 1901 LOCAL FOUNDING Texas Alpha, 1930 PLEDGES Carl Irving Addison, Longview Robert Eddie Bourgeois, Mission James William Brower, Jr., Texarkana Kelly Maurice Casey, Grapevine David Weldon Cook, Austin Randall Gordon Delaney, Pasadena John Michael Dodson, Dallas Donald Douglas Dow, Houston Michael Lee Duke, Odessa James Morris English, Houston Kenneth Carl Fletcher, Dallas William Kernan Gayden, Austin Robert Naviel Grayless, Richmond James Edward Haywood, Jr., Brownsville Jay Huntley Kenesson, Woodville Ronald Murray Kinard. Houston Louis Henry KohllefFel, Pasadena Marion Priester Lindsey, Houston Alva Charles Madsen, Simonton Granville Eugene Mallard, Austin Ben Abner Olmstead, Houston David Henry Rowley, Houston Albert Scott, Del Rio Junius Peidmont Sims, Orange Conrad Kirk Smith, Carthage Rodney Henry Stevenson, Houston David Ross Stubblefield, Dallas Al F. Tasch, Taft John Keith Tyler, Longview Stephen Alan Wakefield, Fort Worth SPRING PLEDGES Kenneth Gordon Callaway, Beaumont Merlon Thomas Lasserre, Victoria Richard Vernon Jones, Abilene William Parr Olivier, Dallas John Howard Palmer, Port Arthur Jau Fall MAURICE SAMUEL OLIAN . MELVIN RAY PLATT . MANNY HERZL SMITH HYMEN CHILDS . HARRY JEROME EASTMAN OFFICERS President V ice-President Treasurer Secretary Member-at-Large Spring MAURICE SAMUEL OLIAN MELVIN RAY PLATT RICHARD NEAL BROCHSTEIN ALFRED GERALD PLATT LOUIS ESSERMAN RlNGOLD MEMBERS Jorge Americus, Tampico, Mexico Larry Herbert Berkman, Houston Jerome Bernstein, Houston Alvin Michael Bloom, San Antonio Morris Braunston, Waco Richard Neal Brochstein, Houston Hymen Childs, Austin Stanley Cohen, San Antonio Harry Jerome Eastman, San Antonio Samuel Abrum Engleberg, Dallas Edward Kalb Fein, San Antonio Israel Gelfond, San Antonio Allan Levy Graber, Galveston Ronald Becker Graber, Galveston Gary Phillip Greenberg, San Antonio Lee Alan Greenberg, San Antonio Stephen Allan Haas, McAllen Arthur Jerome Jacobson, Galveston Robert William Jorrie, San Antonio Samuel Abram Kamen, Dallas Keith Edward Klein, San Antonio Albert Krovetz, Houston Daniel Bernard Levinson, San Antonio Bernard Dreyfuss Mayer, Enid, Okla. Barry Phillip Middleman, San Antonio Tommy Moss, Dallas Stephen Michael Newman, San Antonio Maurice Samuel Olian, College Station Alfred Gerald Platt, Houston Melvin Ray Platt, Houston Louis Esserman Ringold, San Antonio Larry Joseph Sachnowitz, San Antonio Nathan Joe Schonier, Galveston Stanley Jerome Shniderson, Houston Jerome Melvin Smith, Tyler Manny Herzl Smith, Tyler Jack Bernard Soodhalter, Houston Herbert Harry Wiener, Baytown If Top Row: Americus, Beinhorn, Berkman, Bernstein, Blend, Bloom, Braunston, Brochstein, Cane, Childs. Second Row: R. Cohen, S. Cohen, Doctors, H. Eastman, R. Eastman, Edelman, Fallek, Fein, B. Fox, L. Fox. Third Row: Friedman, Gelfond, Gibbons, Goldberg, A. Graber, R. Graber, G. Greenberg, L. Greenberg, Harris, Jorrie. PAGE 326 7 " o JOMJ: Kamen, Kreisler, Krovetz, Kulick, Laufman, D. Levinson, M. Levinson, Markman, Mayer, Middleman, Mosesman, Moss, Newman. Second Row: Nussenblatt, Olian, Factor, Pasternak, Pila, A. Platt, M. Platt, Reichstein, Ringold, Robins, Rosen, Rosenstock, Sachnowitz. Third Rom: Schonier, Shniderson, Sloten, M. Smith, J. Smith, Sternberg, Stoliar, Stone, Waghalter, Wall, Weisberg, H. Wiener, M. Wiener. NATIONAL FOUNDING City College of New York, 1910 LOCAL FOUNDING Rho, 1926 PLEDGES Alan S. Beinhorn, El Paso Michael Marc Blend, Dallas Ronald Cane, San Antonio Allen Childs, Austin Ronald Dennis Cohen, Houston Malcolm Doctors, Houston Ronald David Eastman, San Antonio Barry Howard Edelman, San Antonio Larry David Fallek, McAllen Bruce Allen Fox, Corsicana Louis James Fox, Houston Alan Stanley Friedman, Victoria Patrick Thomas Gibbons, Kirkwood, Mo. Charles Ned Goldberg, Uvalde Lane Frank Harris, Waco Aaron Leo Kreisler, Galveston Gilbert David Kulick, San Antonio Jerry Ramon Laufman, Houston Morton Alan Levinson, Fort Worth Jerald Daniel Markman, Meridian Michael Mosesman, Baytown Michael Phillip Nussenblatt, Galveston Sidney Orton, McAllen Carl Michael Factor, Galveston Michael William Pasternak, Brooklyn, N. Y. Harry David Pila, Fort Worth Alan Charles Reichstein, Houston Howard Charles Robins, San Antonio Robert Alan Rosen, Pine Bluff, Ark. Richard Gustave Rosenstock, Kansas City, Mo. Bryant Delano Sloten, San Antonio Arnold M. Sternberg, Dallas John Bruce Stoliar, Dallas Edward Arthur Stone, Houston Allan Waghalter, Tyler Ronald Gene Wall, Dallas Leon Isaac Weisberg, Brownsville Maurice Wiener, Baytown Walter Stephen Bazarsky, Houston SPRING PLEDGES Marvin Rubenstein, Houston OFFICERS Fall WAYNE EDWARD ETTER . THOMAS MURRAY BARGE CHARLES AUGUSTUS DUVAL., JR. GEORGE ARTHUR WEBER GENE IRWIN BROWNING Prytanis Epiprytanis . Grammateus Histor . Hypophetes Spring JOHN FORTE TINSLEY GENE IRWIN BROWNING WILLIAM HURST MILES JOHN MARSTON LUKERT PAUL MONROE ANDERSON MEMBERS Thomas Murray Barge, Austin Don Richard Beer, Harlingen Gene Irwin Browning, Hearne Luis Cardenas, Jr., Laredo John Thomas Dorbandt, San Antonio Charles Augustus Duval, Jr., Littlefield Wayne Edward Etter, San Antonio Joel Preston Fowler, Jr., Fort Worth Charles Gilbert, Austin Harvey Ray Mitchell, Dallas William Chamberlain Morse, Excelsior Springs, Mo. Johnny William Parker, Jr., Livingston Phillip Wayne Stahr, Waco George Robert Thurmond, San Antonio John Forte Tinsley, Fort Worth George Arthur Weber, Houston Don Edwards Whitley, Fort Worth .0 krflr Left to Right : Anderson, Barge, Barricklo, Browning, J. Dorbandt, W. Dorbandt, Duval, Etter, Gentry. PAGE 328 Left to Right: Gracy, Lukrrt, Miles, Morse, Saxon, Stahr, Thiele, Thurmond, Tinslcy. Weber, Whitley. NATIONAL FOUNDING Illinois Wesleyan University, 1889 LOCAL FOUNDING Gamma Upsilon, 1951 PLEDGES Paul Monroe Anderson, Waco Kenneth Hewes Barricklo, Houston William Moore Dorbandt, San Antonio Richard Bradley Gentry, Clint David Bergen Gracy, Austin John Marston Lukert, Houston William Hurst Miles, Santiago, Chile Tom Saxon, Austin Edward Earl Thiele, San Antonio SPRING PLEDGES Gary Clifton Baker, Houston Stephen A. De Walt, Brownsville Jimmie Toole Noble, Wichita Falls Roger Fredrick Scott, San Angelo Jketa Chi Fall CHARLES JOSEPH SOLCHER . ALAN WINSLOW LOVELAND . PAUL EDWARD VASSBERG JOHN J. WlNDBIGLER WARREN MORGAN SPARKS OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Tre asurer Pledge Trainer . Spring ALAN WINSLOW LOVELAND JAMES ARTHUR CONNER PAUL EDWARD VASSBERG JOHN J. WlNDBIGLER ROBERT JAMES NAAS MEMBERS Donald Adolphus Bruhl, Jr., Austin Charles Edward Clark, San Antonio John Henry Herber, Austin James Arthur Conner, Austin Alan Winslow Loveland, Houston Dewey Herman Mobley, Cedar Hill John Julius Muth, Houston Robert James Naas, Oak Harbor, Wash. Charles Joseph Solcher, Dallas Warren Morgan Sparks, Amarillo Albert Earl Stephens, Houston Gilbert Richard Thayer, Port Lavaca Paul Edward Vassberg, Lyford John J. Windbigler, Florissant, Mo. Left to Right: Bruhl, Heard, Hickcy, LeStourgeon, Loveland, MrMahan. PAGE 330 (o Right: Naas, Park, Rounsaville, Sparks, Vassberg, Windbigler. NATIONAL FOUNDING Norwich University, Norwich, Vermont, 1 856 LOCAL FOUNDING Delta Mu, 1951 PLEDGES John Neal Heard, Houston James Byrne Hickey, San Antonio Jerry Leon Landon, Little Rock, Ark. Dale Sturges LeStourgeon, San Antonio George O ' Daniel McMahan, Lockhart Robert Lewis Olinger, San Antonio James Lemuel Park, Wichita Falls John Leslie Rounsaville, Jr., Robstown Robert A. Votaw, Robstown SPRING PLEDGES George Norris Green, Austin Joe Max Todd, Houston Theta 0(1 Fall CHARLES WILLARD YOE OTHO RAYMOND PLUMMER, JR. RANDOLPH HEARTFIELD CECIL WOODROW FISHER, JR. JAN EDWARD REHLER . JOHN STEPHEN BRADFIELD . OFFICERS President .... Vice-President . Treasurer .... Pledge Master . Rush Captain . Corresponding Secretary Spring CHARLES WILLARD YOE OTHO RAYMOND PLUMMER,, JR. JAMES A. LYNAUGH TOM KEITH MEIER JAN EDWARD REHLER JOHN STEPHEN BRADFIELD MEMBERS William James Aldrich, Midland Owen Wade Anderson, Tyler James Chester Arnold, Jr., Houston John Stephen Bradfield, Temple Henry Albert Bunting, III, Uvalde Cecil Woodrow Fisher, Jr., Baytown Pete Edgar Fogerson, Houston Lawrence Cecil Gallaway, Jr., Dallas Jack Farris Gibson, Jr., Sulphu r Springs Randolph Heartfield, Beaumont Andy Lynn Helms, Sacramento, Calif. Edward Franklin Killough, Waco James A. Lynaugh, Tyler Tom Keith Meier, La Porte Charles Fritz Palm, Jr., San Antonio John David Parr, Robstown Otho Raymond Plummer, Jr., Beaumont Jan Edward Rehler, San Antonio Jerry Ellis Rosson, Taft George John Schaumburg, Jr., Beaumont Virgil Raymond Smith, Houston John Carl Stromberger, San Antonio Don Terry, Lake Jackson John Collins Trube, Bellaire James Patrick White, Arlington Drury Lewis Woodson, Jr., Corpus Christ! Robert Lee Wynne, III, Beaumont Charles Willard Yoe, Austin Top Row: G. Anderson, O. Anderson, Arnold, Bertrand, Bone, Bradfield, Bunting, Davies, Douglas, Fisher. Second Row: Gallaway, George, Gibson, Grant, Hargrave, Heartfield, Helms, Holt, Jarmain, Killough. PAGE 332 Top Roai: LyBrand, Lynaugh, Maddox, Maedgen, Meier, Melton, Palm, Parr, Petro, Plummer, Rehler, Richmond. Second Row: Rosson, Schaumburg, Smith, Stromberger, Terry, Trube, Webb, White, Wiginton, Woodson, Wynne, Zenker. NATIONAL FOUNDING Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, 1864 LOCAL FOUNDING Rho, 1913 PLEDGES George Richard Anderson, Jr., Rancho Cordova, Calif. Charles David Bertrand, San Antonio Terry Winfield Bone, Baytown Will Sullivan Davies, Jr., Dallas Howard Eugene Douglas, Wichita Falls Norman Ernest George, Tyler Joseph Fant Grant, Jr., San Antonio Robert Larson Hargrave, Baytown William Thad Holt, Lake Jackson Walter Kelly Jarmain, London, Ontario, Canada Edward Hill LyBrand, Beaumont Joseph Eugene Maddox, Jr., Pasadena Robert Delane Maedgen, Jr., Waco Charles Wayne Melton, Houston Samuel Anthony Petro, Houston John Thomas Randel, Jr., Tyler Edwin Doak Richmond, III, Aransas Pass Hulon Thomas Webb, West Don Kent Wiginton, Alvin Gary Alan Zenker, Tyler SPRING PLEDGES James Bryant Duncan, Corpus Christi William Allan Hancock, Houston William Eaton Jackson, Uvalde John Mason Mings, Gladewater Delmas Louis Smith, Baytown Don Loman Wykes, Oakalla President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Council OFFICERS CLARENCE NEAL STEVENSON BERT BENTLY ADKINS WALTER TOM HENSON RONALD J. FINGER Senior MIKE AUSTIN HATCHELL . HERBERT DAVID WEITZMAN EUGENE WALTER SCHUTZE . STANLEY BRADFORD CARRUTH HENRY LEON WALKER NICK VRATIS .... CHARLES EGAN BURRELL ROBERT JAMES WHITLEY R. A. HABERMAN CHARLES LEE BOWDEN JAMES ALBERT TROTTER ALBERT WHITEHEAD MEYER TERRY PRATT .... REGINALD EDWARD WATSON WILLIAM ATHEARN PADDOCK GREGG NEWTON MARTIN MAURICE EDWARD COWAN . LEWIS HARDEMAN STEVES . CHARLES EDWARD WHITE . RODNEY HARRY MARGOLIS . EUGENE L. BROWN WILLIAM GRATZ WOODFORD JOE ARTHUR SHEPPERD DONALD HERMAN . SIDNEY H. SMITH . HAROLD DEE CARTER JAMES ROBERT WELLS MAURICE SAMUEL OLIAN JOHN TINSLEY PAUL EDWARD VASSBERG JERRY ELLIS ROSSON . MEMBERS Fraternity Acacia . . . . Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Chi Phi . . . . Delta Chi Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Sigma Phi . Delta Tau Delta . Delta Upsilon Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta . Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Tau . Phi Kappa Theta Phi Sigma Delta . Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Kappa Alpha . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Tau Delta Phi . Tau Kappa Epsilon . Theta Chi . Theta Xi Junior JOE SHANNON STEVE PEREL MIKE MCARTHUR WILL D. JORDAN ROBERT HUNT BOWMAN LAWRENCE ANTHONY JOSEPH DELBER BOYCE TURNER ALVIN JOE BEHRENS ARTHUR WESLEY ADAMS HENRY OREN GETCHELL EDWARD LEE NIEHAUS WILLIAM DALE WITTLIFF ARNOLD ERICH KRAUSE JEFF HAYES CHARLES H. OWENS ROBERT LEWIS COFFEY DON HERMAN GATLIN MICH CHARLES ADAMO LOWELL FINK ROBERT HAMILTON SMALLEY RICHARD WOOLSEY CHOTE SHERIAN AUDILET SALGE LARRY S. GLAZER ROBERT M. HOWE WILLIAM TAYLOR LEE LARRY HOWARD CAFER KEITH E. KLEIN CHARLES AUGUSTUS DUVAL JOHN J. WlNDBIGLER ANDY LYN HELMS Front Row: Adams, Adamo, Adkins, Behrens, Bowden, Bowman, Brown, Burrcil. Cafer, Carruth. Second Row: Carter, Chote, Coffey, Cowan, Duval, Finger, Fink, Gatlin, Getchell, Glazer. Third Row: Haberman, Hayes, Helms, Henson, Howe, Jordan, Joseph, Klein, Krause, Lee. Fourth Row: Margolis, Martin, McArthur, Meyer, Olian, Owens, Paddock, Perel, Pratt, Rosson. Fifth Row: Salge, Schutze, Shannon, Shepperd, Smalley, Smith, Stevenson, Steves, Tinsley, Trotter, Turner. Sixth Row: Vassberg, Vratis, Walker, Watson, Weitzman, Wells, White, Whitley, Windbigler, Wittliff, Woodford. a-H " ROBERT ' S RULES ORGANIZA TIONS PAGE 335 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERS The AAAE was founded so that all architectural engineering students could group together to discuss pertinent issues with prominent men of their field. Fall AUTHOR DALE LIGON . EDWARD M. McKiNNON . HENRY W. SCHLATTNER . JOE EDWARD SCHAEFER JAMES JOHN JANSSEN DAVID WAYNE FOWLER DANIEL EDWIN LEARY WERNER WILLIAM DORNBERGER FRANKLIN BEAUMONT JOHNSON JAMES J. POLLARD Alvaro Alberto Amador Gilbert M. Barr Maurice Elroy Bronstad Roger Howard Brownlow William Dahl Cadle, Jr. Richard M. Chetter Horace L. Crawford Gene E. Eisenhauer Daniel John Faour Lowery Thurman Fletcher, Jr David Wayne Fowler John Thomas Gehbauer Ervin V. Grafe Donald Oliver Hagg OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Publicity . S.E.C. Representative S.E.C. Representative Faculty Sponsor Faculty Sponsor Faculty Sponsor MEMBERS Vernon Claude Harris Robert Lucas Hendrickson William H. Hinkle Elmer E. Huber James John Janssen Karl Fred Kamrath, Jr. Daniel Edwin Leary Author Dale Ligon Mounir Ali Mahdi Gerlad Gordon Maloney Ronald Douglas Matthys Troy Hilton McCrary Edward M. McKinnon Bobby A. Newman Spring HENRY W. SCHLATTNER JOE EDWARD SCHAEFER ELMER E. HUBER THOMAS JOSEPH WEBB WALTER L. SCHULER DANIEL EDWIN LEARY DAVID WAYNE FOWLER WERNER WILLIAM DORNBERGER FRANKLIN BEAUMONT JOHNSON JAMES J. POLLARD James Albert Saylors Joe Edward Schaefer Henry W. Schlattner Walter L. Schuler Eugene A. Staab James Howard Stephens Joseph Raymond Tacquard, Jr. Willis Patrick Terry, Jr. Curley D. Turner Thomas Joseph Webb Charles Henry Weldon Lawrence Allen Wheeless Arthur H. Woytek Marwan Okab Yahya Front Row: Mahdi, Janssen, McKinnon, Fowler, Leary, Ligon, Matthys, Weldon, Dornberger, Johnson, Pollard. Second Row: Bronstad, Harris, Schaefer, Cadlc, Wheeless, McCrary, Amador, Hagg, Chetter, Eisenhauer, Woytek, Huber. Third Row: Turner, Tacquard, Saylors, Newman, Grafe, Kamrath, Schlattner, Hinkle, Webb, Crawford, Hendrickson, Brownlov PACE 336 AMERICAN FINANCE ASSOCIATION The purpose of the AMERICAN FINANCE ASSOCIATION is to give the interested student an opportunity to become familiar with the current trends and problems encountered in the financial world. Fall HARVEY KAY MITCHELL, JR. . DAVIS TRAYWICK McGiLL BILL DAVID WARREN CARL WILSON SHIRLEY . DAVID CALDOW TOWNSEND . Jeff Austin, Jr. John R. Babcock Jacob Alton Bauerle Claude L. Benckenstein, Jr. J. Ben Carsey John Howard Clyburn Richard M. Dersham Lewis W. Donaghey Wayne Edward Etter Henry Frank Fredeman, II David A. Gershner Joseph R. Halow Richard Don Harden Albert Mackey Harral Louis Alan Harris Ervin E. Hawkins Claude Burrell Hodge Joe Earl Hollan Don J. Jackson James Forbes Jackson, Jr. OFFICERS President .... Vice-President . Secretary .... Treasurer .... Faculty Advisor . MEMBERS William Phillip Johnson, Jr. Samuel Kelsall, IV John Robert Kittrell Franklin William Maresh Greg Newton Martin Gene Allen May Davis Traywick McGill Allen T. Mclnnes Ewalt Arnold Menn Harvey Kay Mitchell, Jr. Marvin Edwin Molberg Buddy E. L. Nelson George F. Newsom Darryl Dean Otto Samuel Barrian Overbaugh John Howard Palmer Richard Harper Pettway Curtis Bryan Poynor Joe Lynn Poynor William Leon Rivers Spring CARL WILSON SHIRLEY RUBEN V. SOTO JOE LYNN POYNOR DON J. JACKSON DAVID CALDOW TOWNSEND Don Miles Shine Carl Wilson Shirley, Jr. Clarence Walter Singletary, Jr. James Frank Smith, Jr. Ruben V. Soto George William Swain, III Carl Gerald Toler Russell P. Tomlinson Morris Eugene Waites, Jr. Bill David Warren David John Webster Gordon Mack West Donald Edwards Whitley Norris Williams Jerry Foster Wingo Felix Buddy Wolff, Jr. Donald Lee Woods Stephen James Zelen Front Row: Hawkins, Warren, McGill, Mitchell, Townsend, Tomlinson, Williams, Soto. Second Row: C. Poynor, Overbaugh, D. Jackson, Gershner, Babcock, Harden, Singletary. Third Row: Johnson, Rivers, Maresh, Harral, Pettway, May, Whitley, J. Poynor, Halow. PAGE 337 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS OFFICERS President MARVIN E. BECK V ice-President ROBERT LIONEL TORRES Secretary CLYDE Louis HADSALL, JR. Treasurer RONALD EDWARD MARABITO Faculty Sponsor WALTER EUGENE GEORGE, JR. MEMBERS Marvin E. Beck Eugene Graham Erode Robert Franklin Coffee Robert Lowell Cosby Milton Uel Gardner Clyde Louis Hadsall, Jr. Evan Hintner William Clarence Holmans Bob Ralph Johnson Walter Christopher Jones William Mike Lance Randolph John Larcade Ronald Edward Marabito Joe Hillery McDonald Roy William Mills Robert James Murray David Miller Ouzts Kirby William Perry Edward Joe Reznicek Willie W. Robertson, Jr. Reuben Sherman Raymond Virgil Smith Robert Lionel Torres Edward H. Watkins Elbert Matthew Weeks, Jr. Guy Leroy Wigington PAGE 338 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS President DUDLEY RICHARD DOBIE, JR. Vice-President PAUL DOUGLAS HEMPHILL Corresponding Secretary PHILIP WAYNE WELCH Recording Secretary PETER ROBERTSON BUENZ Treasurer RAMSEY WAYNE FARLEY Faculty Sponsor WILLIAM A. CUNNINGHAM FACULTY MEMBERS Tames Rush Brock William A. Cunningham David Mautner Himmelblau John J. McKetta, Jr. Howard Frederick Rase Robert Samuel Schechter MEMBERS Eugene P. Schoch Matthew Van Winkle Eugene H. Wissler tichard Frank Abies Edwin Richard Cunningham Donald Kenneth Adams Albert Dancshrad ohn R. Allen, Jr. Danney Oldham Davis ludolph Francis Ambriz, Jr. James Edward Davis Clarence Eugene Anderson Edward R. Anderson John Warner Dcfarges Charles Richard Derden, Jr. iarold Forrest Apple Walter Maben Dillard ' atrick Edward Baggett Dudley Richard Dobie, Jr. 3arl Bliss Bailey, III Larry Joseph Doig .1 - i H Malcolm Baker H. Maurice Doke ' oe Floyd Barker Kenneth Lee Dorris [erry Wayne Barrett ludolph Anton Beckmann Charles Toney Doughtie Richard Oral Dove David William Bennett James Robert Dupuy Eugene T. Beynon, Jr. ohn Calvin Birdsall, Jr. ames Albert Boyd Jerry Withers Durway Clifton J. Dusek James Donald Easter erry Bob Brammer Ronald Eugene Eddy arrell M. Bridges, Jr. James Murray Eller ames Robert Bright Albert John Elliott Gerald Lewis Brooks Paul David Fahrenthold lames Erie Broussard Ramsey Wayne Farley David Eugene Brown Ralph Tillman Terrell Thomas Orland Brown Henry Lowell Fitzgerald Vix O ' Brien Budden Ed M. Flint J eter Robertson Buenz Roger Ashley Flood, III ienry Albert Bunting, III Charles Douglas Burrage Joseph Francis Fojtasek William Charles Francis David Ainsley Butler Robert Herbert Frazier Morgan S. Campbell Vernon Warren Friday lay Neal Campbell John Raymond Fry ' ' inis E. Carleton, III George Richard Fulton, Jr. ferry Robert Carlman Michael Morrison Fulton ludolfo Bernardo Carrillo Hugh G. Gainey J aul Winston Carroll Bill F. Galloway Richard Swain Cassidy David Lawrence Gardner toseph Edgar Chance William Reavis Gardner lenry Wade Chapman William Ernest Gattis Villiarn Andrew Chapman Jay Don Gensler Sun Yung Choi Jesus Rene Gonzalez Job C. decker Thomas Clinton Gordon lack Ray Clinton Wilburn Earl Gray [ames King Cole Robin Nikolas Greene Gerald K. Collins John E. Grifno loberto Constantakis Marcus Alvin Grumbles, Jr. loini Curzon Cooke Daniel Stratton Gwinner [ohn Clifton Cooper Richard Leonard Corso Donald James Haase William Henry Hale, Jr. [ohn Kistler Crum Hobart Gordon Hamilton, Jr. lafael Bienvenido Cruz Joel Hugh Hamlett Benjamin Griffin Hammond Coley Lee Hampton Richard Mahlon Hanlc Harris J. Harlan Harry Gordon Harris, Jr. Gregg Alan Harris Douglas Patrick Harrison Almond Jasper Hays, Jr. Randolph Heartfield Hubert Reed Heichelheim Paul Douglas Hemphill Robert A. Hermes Floyd D. Herndon Dexter Hill Richard Lionel Hill Kunthap Hint; Bates Lowry Hoffer, III Lawrence Calvin Hoffmann Gerald Eugene Holloway Larry Allan Holmes Ralph Edward Holmes William Leonard Hopper Robert M. Howe, Jr. Francis Howard Hughes Richard Wright Hunter Carl Lewis Huntley Richard Weakley Ince Benjamin E. Jackson Richard Ford Jackson Nathan Carpenter Jennings James Roe Joiner Grady Parker Jones Ronald A. Jones Richard Lee Jurgena Joe Lee Kastner Milton Duane Keele Charles William Keller Chang Yul Kim James Carlos Kirkpatrick William Robert Klingman Billy Vaughn Koen Gustavus A. Koerner Fritz Paul Kronberger James Lowell Kuester Clifton F. Landry, Jr. Travis Ray Langehenning Carroll Wendell Lanier Wayne Scott Lanier Thomas Edward Lasseter Gary Lynch Leach Jose S. Lcdesma Ronald Floyd Lee Gary Lee Lendcrman Hugh Warren Lindsay Chi-Yuan Ling Mary Lee Linneti Carl Edwin Locke, Jr. Hildred Bruce Lockhart Charles Emil Loeffler Thomas Benton Lyda Robert Nelson MacCallum Charles J. Manske Rafael Benito Marquez Sabih Taher Masri William Lynn Mathes Joe Allen Mauldin Wallace Michael Mays Robert Oliver McAlister Robert Donald McCullough Marion Embree McDaniel, Jr. Michael Calvin McGaugh James Daniel McSpadden Eugene Warren McWhorter Ramesh L. Mehta Dan Mendell, III Karl Clarence Meredith John E. Merrell, III Harry Warner Merritt, Jr. Claude Morris Miles Glenn Edwin Miller Herschel J. Mitchell James Thomas Mitchell John Wayne Mitchell Leonard Edward Mohrmann, Jr. Thomas C. Moody, Jr. Jon Gaylord Moore Martin Portis Moreland Richard Terry Morrow, Jr. Tommy Harris Morrow Raleigh Warren Moses Spencer M. Murchison Charles William Murphy Roger F. Nelson Robert Stuart Nisbett Robert Alse Nimmo Edwin Ray Norton John Franklin Nowlin, III Leaton Thomas Oliver Jaime Bai bar Ornelas Delbert Max Ottmeis, Jr. Charles H. Owens, Jr. Thomas Edison Patrick Larry Brian Partain Malcom Lang Payne, Jr. John Edward Pennington Leslie E. Pcnnington, Jr. James Bledsoe Perrigo Don West Pfenning Kerwyn Louis Pietsch Louis Thomas Pirkey James Winston Porter Charles Allen Pratt Robert D. Pruessner Peyton Spencer Pugh Edwin Lee Rainwater John Thomas Randel. Jr. Charles Taylor Randolph Joseph Glenn Raska John Rawlins Robert Lee Reece Ronald James Renz Robert Louis Rester James Earl Riffe Thomas L. Roach Harmon Leon Roberts James Ronald Robinson Ramon Klugh Robinson Roy Samuel Rodman, Jr. Larry Gordon Roesler Andy Jack Rolf Don Dean Roselius Ruel Richard Rothwell, Jr. John D. Ruckman John Woodrow Schatz Victor Hank Schleider Jerry Donald Schwartz Jerry William Schwartz Alvin Schwenke Charles Marvin Sewell Mohamed Khaled Shehadeh Stanley Jerome Shniderson Robert Warren SHman Arnet W. Slaid Paul Gilbert Slater Julius Alvin Slaughter, Jr. Leslie James Slovacek Delmas Louis Smith James Earl Smithey Roy James Spann Bill L. Stanley Charles Eldred Stapp James Duncan Stephen Lewis Hardeman Steves James Dale Stewart Curtis Noland Strong, Jr. Lonso Nolan Sturdivant Richard Lee Summers, Jr. Gary Frederick Taft Thomas Mike Tail George Dave Talley, Jr. Jerry David Tate Jerry Joe Taub Van Wayne Teeters Ramesh Thadani Tommy Thigpen Gerald Lynn Thomas Michale Edward Thomas Arthur Wood Thornton Tom Howard Timmins Riley Miles Toler John Collins Trube Anthony M. Truchard Kenneth Allen Truitt Boyce Lynn Turlington Charles Dean Tuttle Arthur Ulbrich William Paxton Van Hoose Alfred George Viney Tom Roy Warner, Jr. Marvin Watson, Jr. Bobby Arrington Weaver Gary Martin Wehrman Philip Wayne Welch Hugh Francis West Willard Henry Wharton James Stuart White, Jr. William Harold Wietstruck Gilbert John Wilbeck Gene W. Wilkerson Marvin Norman Wilkerson Carl Leslie Williams Truett Carlton Williford Don Wilson Herbert Wolfe Wizig Billy Joe Womack Eddie Woodhouse David Wright Woodland Tracy Triece Word James E. Wyche, III Joseph Earl eigler, Jr. William Nicholas Ze ' lle II ii The members listed are Graduates, Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores. Front Row: Dobie, Ulbrich, Hemphill, Buenz, Farley, Welch. Second Row: Koen, Roesler, Jody Linn, Haase, Klingman, Jeanne Marie Wh rton, Willard Henry Wharton, Shehadeh, W. Chapman. Third Row: R. Jackson, Crum, Ferrell, Harrison, McSpadden, Collins, Hale, Cassidy, Slaid, Raska. Fourth Row: Durway, Porter, Ottmers, Weaver, Dusek, Stanley, Barker, Roselius, Nisbett, Smithey. Fifth Row: Mrs. Paul Douglas Hemphill, Fielding Fonnway, Word, Cleckler, Brown, Hing, Jones, Watson, Fitzgerald, Robert William Welch. Sixth Row: Mrs. Gary Lynn Leach, Leach, Sniderson, Gnfno, Taft, Hanle, Harlan, Gonzalez, Carroll, James C. Gresham. Seventh Row: MacCallum, Moreland, Dillard. I AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS - - INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS Fall HOWARD B. CASE RONALD WAYNE CRAIG . KENNETH ROY GLASER . WALTER GLENN URBACH GEORGE PRESCOTT JAMES HENRY BLEY . EDWARD LYLE FLINN CHARLES GLEN RICHIE . CHARLES EDWIN Fox RONALD WAYNE CRAIG . Robert Harold Althaus Thomas Richard Anderson Carlos Alfonso Angel Louis Marvin Atlas Farouk G. Ayoub James R. Bailey Joe Newland Bailey Robert Dennis Bailey Tony Troyce Bailey Jerry Leon Bardin Benjamin C. Barker Manuel Barrera Richard Saunders Barton Tommy Howard Bass James Key Beard Robert Austin Bell Troy Lynn Belyer Abdelkrim Karim Beuchekroun William Herbert Blanchard L. W. Blenis James Henry Bley Maynard Roy Blomquist Willie Jay Boatman Robert Eugene Boucher James Thomas Brannan George Strickland Briggs Kenneth Lee Brooks Ross Brown Kenneth Eugene Builta Thomas William Burnett Byron Ross Byars Stuart Tracy Bynum Dick S. Calkins Robert Cesar Callarotti Howard B. Case Hi Dong Chai Robert Stone Chancy Reginald Wayne Clark Robert Lee Clark Jerry Lee Coffee Willie Benjamin Colburn Floyd Olen Combs Reginald Regan Connor George Smith Cook B. K. Cooper, Jr. Ronald Wayne Craig Robert William Crowell William Robert Crowhurst Byron Paul Dahse Don Morris Deffcbach Carlos Diaz OFFICERS Chairman .... First Vice-President Second Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer .... Recorder AIEE Corresponding Secretary IRE Corresponding Secretary SEC Representative SEC Representative Spring RONALD WAYNE CRAIG MAGNE KRISTIANSEN CHARLES EDWIN Fox CHARLES FLOYD GEORGE RALPH HERMAN GENZ OLIVER LEE WATSON EDMUND R. KAUP JERRY D. ERWIN CHARLES EDWIN Fox JAMES R. BAILEY MEMBERS Marvin Edgar Dougharty Patrick Anthony Hughes Samuel Coleman Drake Donald Dale Isett Charles Mark Duval Donald Bryant James John Morgan Eargle James Mills Eaves Melvin Ray Ellis Ray Jordan James Brian Johnson Edmund R. Kaup Raymond Richard Engelhardt Odis Doyce Kerbow Jerry D. Erwin Isaac Eskenazi Albert Boggess Kimball Frederick Edward Korzekwa Charles Thomas Fikes Magne Kristiansen Ramon Edwin Finch Donald Richard Labate Allen Gail Findeisen William Glenn Lain Gene Ray Fisher Richard Raymond Lamson Edward Lyle Flinn Albety Louis Fox Joe Cooper Landers Walter Ewing Landis Charles Edwin Fox Forrest L. Lane Floyd Edward Franka Robert Reed Lawson Felix Fraustro Jack Don Leach Melbourne Stanley Cans Larry L. Ledlow Jimmy Gene Garner Ribert Leicht Linder Paul E. Garner Alan Windlow Loveland Grosvenor Howard Garnet t Charles Samuel Lovell Jerry Wayne Garrett Ralph Herman Genz Douglas Rodney Malone Paul Joseph Martin Charles Floyd George Alejandro Garcia Martinez Ringling Leo George Urban Edmond Gibson William Berry McCampbell Eugene Lundy McCluney John K. Gilbert Perry Middleton McKinnon Kenneth Roy Glaser Monty Ruey Mr Minn Deios R. Goddard Stonewall Jackson Thomas Gray Godfrey McMurray, III Ernest Miller Gosch LeFoy McPherson Joe David Grantham James Latham Meek Herb Greggerson Clovis Ray Hale Richard Monroe Melton Ronald A. Mikita Edward Sawyer Hale Edward Lee Miller Lester P. Hamblen James Thomas Miller John Austin Hardin John Russell Miller Billy John Harrell Daniel Leslie Mills Travis Raymond Harrison Charles R. Mitchell Samir A. Hassan Henry Richard Mitchell Harry T. Hearn Ronald Loy Mitchell Clayton Ray Heflin Charles Everett Henley Richard Douglas Mongan Jackie Louis Moore Henry James Hervol Joseph E. Morris Danny M. Hill James Paul Morton Cleve James Hoecker Richard Arthur Muckle Richard Donald Hoffman James J. Nance Robert Charles Holmes William Lawrence Nations Jim McRae Horton Rufus Andrew Nicholson John M. Hughes Donald K. Norling Kenneth Lee Oehler Thomas Sidney Oglesby William Parr Olivier Ittipon Padunchewit Billy Dean Parker Ben Sims Parrack Jesse Patton Granville Edward Paules William Emmanuel Peirret Charles Douglas Peters Charles Hubert Petri Felix Paul Phillips Howard Don Phillips Terry Dale Plemons Frank T. Polasek George Prescott Richard Lewis Pringle James Robert Proffitt John Paris Pruett Clarence Robert Pruitt Alexander Anthony Pushkin Marvin C. Quist Jose Maria Ramos Steves David Ramsey, Jr. Antonio Rangel Gail Jacoby Reams Sandalio Perez Rementeria Keith G. Rhea Charles Glen Richie Frank M. Richie Thurman Joseph Ritenour Alton Wayne Ritter Owen Herbert Roberts Walter Llewellyn Roberts Carl R. Ryan Edward Eugene Schafer Arthur Edward Schulze Charles Arnold Schlinke John Paul Scott James Hugh Seamon Roy Daniel Setliff Tack Vance Shaw Vernon Lee Shelton William Vernon Sheppard Kenneth Sherman Jerry Deane Shrimpton Robert Gerald Simpson Donald David Skarke Bobby Lee Smith David Alexander Smith George Michael Smith Juan Jay Smith Allen Ruben Steen William Mack Stcgal George Lindsay Stewart Marion Willard Stewart Billy Hiatt Stigall David Forrest Stith Ben Garland Streetman Thomas A. Stuts Johnnie Syatek Robert William Swango Bill Eugene Sweet John H. Syila Jimmy Dale Tarver Fred Walter Thies Albert Raymond Thomas Lee Charles Thomas Thomas C. Thompson Pat Neal Thurman Lyle D. Tillinghast Virgil Ross Tindall James Donald Todd Berry Bruce Tolle Arthur Donald Travis Robert Ho Tsai Bobby Lane Turner Walter Glen Urbach Carl Wayne Van Ryswyk Peter Arthur Vena Ronald Alfred Vivian Michael Wade Oliver Lee Watson Robert M. Watson Marian Patricia Webb William Bruce Webb Bob Olin Weeks John Gray Wester Glen L. Whitdur Alton Wayne Whitney Ronald Leon Whitney James Alex Wier Philip John Wiley Richard Stephen Williams Wilbur Warnock Williams Robert Frank Wilson Robert Marshall Wilson Carl William Wilmsen Ronald Carl Wingenter Henry K. Woodward Darrell Roy Word William Joseph Young Front Row: Roy R. Krezdorn, Craig, Kaup, Pushkin, Blomquist, C. Fox, Erwin, William H. Hartwig. Second Row: Eargle, Wester, Urbach, W. Williams, Thompson, McKinnon, Travis, Wiley, Tindall. Third Row: Case, Hervol, Eaves, Combs, Kristiansen, Bley, Skarke, Genz, Whitney, Sherman, C. George. AMERICAN ROCKET SOCIETY, INC. The purpose of this organization is to advance scientific knowledge and professional prestige of scientists de- voted to rocketry and related fields. Fall FREDERICK LONEIL BECKNER CAREY FORD LIVELY, JR. BRUCE EDWIN BAIN STUART D. KERSHNER . KENNETH CHARLES RATHBUN . OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor Spring FREDERICK LONEIL BECKNER BRIAN MCGARVEY SPINKS BRUCE EDWIN BAIN STUART D. KERSHNER KENNETH CHARLES RATHBUN MEMBERS James William Akkerman Henry Austin Armstrong Bruce Edwin Bain James Key Beard Le roy Henry Becker Frederick Loneil Beckner Lee Murray Burch Howard Bernard Case Ersie Edward Clemmer, Jr. David Morris Dennis Thomas Dale Erwin Charles Warren Ferguson Donald Michael Gerrard Freddie Harry Hartman Ahmed N. Hosny Ettore H. F. Infante Thomas Rider Jeffus Stuart D. Kershner Carey Ford Lively, Jr. Robert Collins Lloyd Floyd Allen McCreight James Thomas Miller John Russell Miller Wilbert Mynar David Otto Nilsson Robert Allan Pepper Robert Clay Pratka Hubert S. Ratliff William Curson Rochelle Delmas Louis Smith James Monroe Spears Brian McGarvey Spinks Weldon Winston Teague William Fred Walker Doyle Ernest Ware, Jr. PAGE 341 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Fall JAMES CURTISS CLINE . RONNIE DEAN BOYD CHARLES FRANK STANFIELD TED J. LAWLER CHARLES EARL ADERHOLT . GARY DONALD DENNEY CECIL THEODORE KELLER . R. TRENT CAMPBELL, JR. Robert Sterling Adair Charles Earl Aderholt Satyakar Nath Agrawal Gary D. Aguren Jimmy Howard Akin Chester Lee Allen Robert Warren Anderson Charles Black Aycock Ronald Jerome Bartosh Garland Thomas Bauch Donald Wyatt Beard William Rex Bell James C. Bennett Tallous Gaylord Birdwell Charter Cecil Bishop, Jr. James Earl Bohanan Wilburn H. Bohne Charles Jerry Borum Larry Lester Bowers Thomas Jared Bowling Ronnie Dean Boyd Jimmy V. Boyer Bill Lee Brannan James Edward Brewer William Vann Brown William Thomas Bruce, Jr. Robert Allen Brune, Jr. Gerald Wayne Caldwell T. Trent Campbell, Jr. Preston H. Carroll Helen G. Cartsonas Chen Chung Chang Roberto Chiappe John James Clary James Curtiss Cline Ernest M. Closuit Henricus J. Coenders Jerry L. Coleman William Phillip Collins Charles Peak Cook Jerry West Craig Lawrence D. Crawford Jack Russell Crockett Howard Neil Crosby Gerald Glynn Crutsinger Daniel Strawn Davis Joe D. Davis William Andrew Davis William Robert Davis Winston Earl Davis H. Jerry de le Rosa Gary Donald Denney Harry David Dickson, Jr. Walter Brockman Douglas James Ed Downes Verlin Ellis Dugat Philip Henry Eve Francisco Hernandez Figueroa Paul A. Galvan Fernando Garcia Robert Pat Gilliam Teddy G. Glidden William A. Grary Jerry K. Gregston John Robert Gunter Lysle Guyer, Jr. Royce Herman Hall, Jr. Raymond Milton Hall Warren Fay Hall Frank Augustus Hamer, III Ronald Emerson Hammond Roy Duane Harris Kennedy Holmes Hawkins OFFICERS Chairman . . . . First V ice-Chairman Second Vice-Chairman . Treasurer . . . . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Intramural Manager SEC Representative MEMBERS Lloyd Glenn Hedgpeth J. D. Helm Robert Jack Herring Randolph H. Hester S. Thomas Hodgdon James Charles Hugh Hoge Merlin George Hoiseth Bruce Sutton Holland, Jr. Richard Earl Holloway Robert L. Holmes Lionel Gordon Hopkins Michael Sidney Hudson Charles William Humes Kenneth Ray Humphreys Arthur Harvey Hunke Claude W. Hunter Rex Douglas Irby William David Jensen James Boyd Johnston John Raymond Jones Neil Robert Jorgensen Malcolm Neville June Kenneth Oliver Kamstra Cecil Theodore Keller Stuart D. Kershner Raymond David Krieg Kee Wook Kim James S. Kishi James R. Kleiner Richard Gunnar Klemmerson Nolan Fred Klier James D. Knight Ning Kong Robert Eugene Kunze Dana Cooke La Grone Carl Gottlieb Langner Spring CECIL THEODORE KELLER CHARLES FRANK STANFIELD RAYMOND MILTON HALL TED J. LAWLER HAROLD YEN-HO LAW GARY DONALD DENNEY MERLIN GEORGE HOISETH CHARLES EARL ADERHOLT Harold Yen-Ho Law Ted J. Lawler Chang Hwan Lee Roscoe Lee Henry William Lichte Milton Jay Locklear Marion Tennill Luke Robert Rooker Luke Se Ly Richard L. Madison William Boyd Manning Oscar H. Martinez Thomas Rush Mast Patrick Harris McKinney John Hammack McMillan Tony Garza Medina Jose Medrano Bobby Lavern Mitchell David Lee Moseley Edward E. Moss James Earl Nicholson Clyde E. Nolan, Jr. Juan L. Ortiz Herman W. Ostcndorf Norman Dean Oswald Delbert Clarance Overs treet Charles Clinton Parsons Donald Eugene Patterson William Dorrance Patterson Lawrence Edward Pewitt William Alexander Pickard David E. Pierce Roger Louis Pierce Robert Dale Pinkston Robert C. Ponkey William Howard Prim, Jr. Johnny Emmett Rails Ricardo R. Ramon George Gegenworth Rhine Don Shane Robinson Michael Kenwood Robinson Robert Alexander Sadler Gustavo Eugenio Schiele Curtis Ronald Schuler Wilber R. Seidel James Dennis Shannon Ronald Wayne Simpson Larry Al Smith Leslie Howard Smith Thomas Ned Smith Ruell Floyd Solberg James Monroe Spears Samuel G. Sproles Victor Vernon Staffa Charles Frank Stanfield Donald Joseph Stasky Weldon Raymond Stewart Ralph Boswell Stokes James Edward Suber Julian Suez Philip E. Thomas, Jr. Ralph Paul Tafelmeyer Reuben Elias Taylor James Smith Underwood Dave M. Ussery Robert Wayne Vinson Stanley Paul Weiss Robert Dean White Kenneth Wayne Waitt John Douglas Willert Walter Allen Wilson Morris Farrell Womack Kenneth J. Wunsch Joseph Conrad Zern Front Ron ' : Spears, Agrawal, Stokes, Medrano, Law. Second Row: Gilliam, Schiele, Ramon, Birdwell, Staffa, Chiappe, Zern, Carroll, M. Robinson. Third Row: Taylor, Borum, Medina, Klier, Keller, McKinney, L. H. Smith. Brewer, Gregston, Bohanan. Fourth Row: Davis, Krieg, Anderson, Crutsinger, Hamer, Hoiseth, Denney, Stasky. R. Hall. Fifth Row: Craig, Willert, D. Robinson, Suber. Simpson, Collins, Figueroa, Pickard, Coenders. Holloway, Bauch. Sixth Row: Johnston, Bartosh, Schuler, Aderholt, Stewart, Bowers, Hunter, Boyer, Stanfield, Campbell. ! ASHBEL LITERARY SOCIETY The purpose of ASHBEL LITERARY SOCIETY is to further the study of good literature, to recognize high standards of scholarship in the field of English, and to promote friendship among its members. OFFICERS President . . . . Vice -President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . . . . Reporter . . . . Faculty Sponsor . SARA ELIZABETH SPEARS MARY BOND AUSTIN DIANA CANDACE MILAM MARJORIE ANN FOSTER MARGO WILEY NANCY ELIZABETH HILL Lois BAIRD TRICE Lynn Ann Alexander Mary Bond Austin Antoinette Baldwin Jane Lee Blessing Nancy Lynn Bourn Myrna Ruth Brooks Elizabeth Ann Brown Ann Burrows Elizabeth Callaway Martha Ann Chandler Betty Ann Cheek Willie Lorene Coym Linda M. D ' Arcy Marilyn Ann Dashiell Joan Louise Elder MEMBERS Sally Jean Ely Jean Barrillon Felder Marjorie Ann Foster Maydelle Vaughan Foster Karolyn Kay Granbery Margaret Ann Hamilton Louise Harrell Nancy Elizabeth Hill Elizabeth Maverick Huth Sandra Jan Jackson Bitsy Marillyn Kirkpatrick Mary Downing Longaker Martha Jane Mast Susan Moore Meadows Diana Candace Milam Mary Morris Martha Kay Northington Eleanor Thornton Oliver Martha Louise Parrish Nancy Elizabeth Patterson Patricia Willane Ridgway Lynn Rutland Catherine Eugenia Searls Susan Searls Sara Elizabeth Spears Susan Lee Stephen Sandra Lynn Stolz Anne Thomas Bonnie Lucinda Van Griethuysen Mary Elizabeth White Margo Wiley i i i i i i i i i i i Front Row: Wiley, Spears, Trice, Austin, Milam, Hill. Second Row: Van Griethuysen, Granbery, Meadows, Jackson, Kirkpatrick, Felder, Coym, Elder, Parrish. Third Row: Chandler, Ridgway, D ' Arcy, Dashiell, Burrows, Brooks, Harrell, Cheek. Fourth Row: Thomas, Stephen, Rutland, White, Northmgton, Ely, Stolz, Patterson, S. Searls, M. V. Foster. PAGE 343 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The primary aim of the BAPTIST STUDENT UNION is Christian Studentship, an attempt to furnish the student with every possible challenge to hear, answer, and live God ' s call in his life on the campus. The ultimate aim is Christian Citizenship, God ' s purpose lived out in all life ' s experiences. STAFF Director Bible Instructor . International Director REVEREND JESSE C. FLETCHER REVEREND RUSSELL WARE EUNICE PARKER COUNCIL Fall MARTHA DOYLE JEE . MARTHA ROBERTA FLETCHER OLIVER HILL .... BILLYE FAYE MULLINAX HENRY RICHARD MITCHELL KAY LA VOYCE WALLACE . GLENDA LEE POWER . NORMA JEAN ANDERSON . FERN RAMSEY .... C HILTON BARRY GREER MICHAEL DANE MCKAUOHAN JUDY KAY BOLAND JAMES RUSSELL HILDEBRAND LETTYE JANE PRESLEY HAL FORD SMITH . DOLPHIA ANN DAWSON DIANA EVERETT RUSHING . MICHAEL JOHN AHEARN . MICHAEL CARL STOUNE President .... Vice-President . Secretaiy .... Treasurer .... VRC Representative URC Representative BSU Hostess . Devotional .... Enlistment .... International Intramural .... Mission .... Music Promotion .... Publications Publicity .... Social Hyde Park Representative University Representative First Church Representative Spring MICHAEL DANE MCKAUGHAN JAMES RUSSELL HILDEBRAND FRANCES MAY RUTTA OLIVER HILL BILLY W. BOWNDS LINDA ANN LILES PRISCILLA ELAINE ADAMS SUELLEN SIMS SPEER CHILTON BARRY GREER WOODY ANDERSON MARY LOUISE SALMON JERRY LUCIEN KING DIANA EVERETT RUSHING ROBERT HENRY THALMANN SYLVIA JANE MEYER BILLYE FAYE MULLINAX MARION CULLEN WRIGHT CAROLYN SUE FERGUSON RICHARD PARNELL PRIVETTE BARBARA ANN DAIGLE SARA JEAN CALI.AWAY Front Row: Mullinax, Wallace, Jee, Anderson. Second Row: Presley, Boland, M. Fletcher, Power, Dawson, Rush- ing. Third Row: Greer, Stoune, Hill, McKaughan, Smith, Hildebrand, Ahearn. CAP AND GOWN ORGANIZATION FOR SENIOR WOMEN OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter . Sponsor ELIZABETH JOYCE BOURDON PATRICIA ANN BLACHLY NANCY CAROLYN FOY PENNY COLLIER Lou ANN LANCASTER HELEN MARGARET FLINN Janet Allison Allen Jo Ann Allen Janet Allison Eleanor Marilyn Anderson Gwen Andrews Patricia Rose Ansel Mary Florence Ashburn Janat Jaclynn Austin Phyllis Hazel Barton Diana Davis Barwick Mary Ellen Beall Patricia Ann Blachly Barbara Joann Boenig Elizabeth Joyce Bourdon Suzanne Bowling Marilyn Ann Boyle Irene Andrea Braden Myrna Ruth Brooks Margaret Anne Brumbelow Nancy Ruth Buchanan Linda Eloise Burks Diana Cain Marva Jean Carter Martha Jean Caywood Janet Chatelain Sally Catherine Chenault Berniece Claire Childs Betsy Inez Coleman Penny Collier Diane Lee Cowell Sally Belle Cowper Paula June Craig Karen Crain Elaine I. Dahse Lou Adele Darrell Catherine Dalene Davenport L. Charlene Davis Sharon Beth Dehnisch Li via Elia Diaz PcRKY Joyce Drake Anna L. Dye Catherine Clark Eden Patricia Anne Ellerkamp Janet Lucy Elmore Janet Allison Patricia Ann Blachly Elizabeth Joyce Bourdon Berniece Claire Childs Carol D. Esse Mary K. Fenwick BilHe Jo Ferguson Lyndell Fillmore Marilyn Minnette Flaitz Claudia Lynne Fletcher Rosemary Virginia Forester Nancy R. Forman Marjorie Anne Foster Nancy Carolyn Foy Sandra Faith Fuller Marsha Ann Gathright Kathryn Adele Giddens Rose Marie Gill Esther Gaylan Gillean Janet Laney Gillfillan Terese Inez Gilmer Sarah Alice Gilmore Deanna Lee Gorbett Peggy Marcella Graham Kill ir Louise Granger Ruby Louise Gremmel Laurabeth Elizabeth Grieneeks Linda Beth Grumbles Linda Kay Guess Gayle Guyton Mary Patricia Guyton Janet Hagler Harriet Halsell Linda Elizabeth Hankins Mary Louise Harborth Paula Jane Harbour Janice Kay Harkins Barbara Jo Harris Brenda Hartley Ruth Lenore Heath Raleigh Henderson Sarah Henslee Judith Ann Hickman La Verne Marie Hlanak Patricia Lynne Holieman Rosemary Clyde House Lillian Humphrey Gretchen Lee Hyde COUNCIL Penny Collier Nancy Carolyn Foy Janet Hagler Brenda Hartley MEMBERS Judith Carolynn Izard Frankie Jerlcne Jackson Sandra Jan Jackson Judith Mueller Jacobs Ester Margaret Jessen Margaret Elizabeth Jones Nelma Ann Jones Ludmyla Pawlowna Karnauch Pattye Jayne Kiecke Twila Wanda Kieke Kathryn Diane Kimble Hazel Karen Kincheloe Nancy Lee Knight Margaret Mary Kosh Jean Anne Kubala Merrie Carol Kuhn Sylvia Anne Lacey Lou Ann Lancaster Diane Lander loan Denys Lentz Peggy Maurine Levell Susan Anne Lieberman D ' Ette Looney Barbara Ann Lumsden Kathleen Anne MacKenna Donna Carol Manske Marilyn Sybil Marion Charlene Carter Markle Martha Jane Mast Mary Gay Maxwell Margee Ann McClenahan Mary Katherine McConchie Nancy Lou McDonald Mary Margaret McFarlin Karen McKinney Lucie Ann Meador Maria Antonieta Medina Kathryn L. Waugh Meharg Marilyn Jeannette Meyer Jerre Lee Mills Carolyn Nan Mims Linda Patricia Moncure Linda Montgomery A ' Maryllis Ann Morris Lou Ann Lancaster Martha Jane Mast Maria Antonieta Medina Cynthia Anne Powell Marilyn Morris Mary Lynn Mullendore D. Carol Myers Nanci Sue Myers Margaret Sue Nelson Carolyn Littell Nesrsta Gwendolyn Beth Nichols JoAn Roberta Novotny Angela Lea Owen Miriam Anne Page Sally Painter Peggy Parker Nancy Key Parks Nancy Carra Patterson Kay Pinckney Cynthia Anne Powell Glenda Lee Power Mary Anne Prasatik Laura Preston Rose Mary Prince Dixie Ann Proffett Joan Lanelle Raab Nancy Jane Ray Joella Ruth Ries Patricia Roane Riddick Sally Ross Rjsser Patricia Ann Rixon Laura Anne Roach Ann George Robertson Eugenia Lenore Robertson Jean Burke Rogers Diane Lucille Roshton Sallie Jo Rutherford Jody Mae Ryan Edna Frances Sample Dorothy Carolyn Sandlin Davene Evon Schmidt Patsy Melissa Schumann Connie Jean Scott Alice Stratton Shankle Travis Shaw Sylvia Anne Shmidl Susann Tiemann Seidel Rosann Dorothy Smith Starlett Smith Jane Spacek Sara Elizabeth Spears Suzanne Elizabeth Simons Nancy LaNell Stanley Sally Raye Stevens Betty Jean Stone Sara Jane Streater Deanna Kay Swartz Anna Claucfette Taylor Carolyn Ann Thomas Gayle Lynne Thompson Cynthia Ann Tlucek Genevieve C. Toliver Jen Gary Tomlinson Nancy Ann Tyler Elizabeth Louise Uroda Marie Antoinette Vera Caroline Vogel Patricia Anne Vogelsang Marcia Adele Wade Jo Anne Walker Elizabeth Dee Walton Carol Ann Weiner Eleanor Wheeler Karen Sue Wheeler Patricia Ann White Margo Lil Whitt Margaret Ann Wible Phyllis Ann Wiegand Gwendolen Jane Wier Carolyn Carpenter Williams Katherine Rowe Williams Mary Tom Williams Bette Ann Wilson Mabel Joyce Wilson Ann Best Winterbotham Mary Ann Worthy Patricia Louise Wren Alice Mildred Wright f t I- Front Row: Medina, Bourdon, Collier, Blachly. Second Row: Lancaster, Hartley. PAGE 345 LOS CHARROS RODEO CLUB The purpose of LOS CHARROS is to have the fourth annual world ' s largest college rodeo. OFFICERS President . . . . Vice-President . Vice-President Vice-President . Recording Secretary . Treasurer . . . . Corresponding Secretary H. LAWRENCE GARDNER JOHN LEE DAVIS JOHN HODGES MECOM LARRY O ' NEIL HENRY HARRISON BROOKS RUTHVEN TOLBIRT BEVERLY WHELCHEL GARDNER Ann Adams Cora Louise Amerman Bettye Jan Baker Henry Oliver Barnes Daniel R. Brainard Charles Ernest Bridwell Henry Harrison Brooks Meta Camille Butler Luis J. Cardenas, Jr. Camille Carpenter Caroline Chappell Mary A. Collerain Michael Jean Colton Dorothy Lea Cramer Patricia Ann Danna Anne McKeever Darby John Lee Davis John Allen De Bois George Ann Denney Julia Aurelia Dudley R. Neat Eddleman Chloe Edwards Gene Edmund Eisenhauer Laurence David Fortin MEMBERS Patricia Bernayz Fullingim Joey Funk Beverly Whelchel Gardner H. Lawrence Gardner Martha Louise Gaskin Joan La Verne Gordon Martha S. Gordon P. Spann Greenwood Ginger Nan Harriss C. Tom Hasler Linda Lois Heath Gerald Eugene Holloway Nancy Josephine Hughston Frank Bedford Jones Roger Knight William Richard Knight Robert Joel Lange David Odell Langham Robert Waldo Little Reese Blacke Lockett Dorothy Malone Judy Dell Mann Nancy Maxwell Dorothy Chcville Mazur John Hodges Mccom Margo Meynier Patsy McKnight Mitchell Rhetta Allan Moody Edward E. Moss Don Melton Noble Jesse Fay Oliver Larry O ' Neill Karen Sue Parker Kenneth Peden Susan Avery Phinney Mary Katherine Redman Carroll Gene Reed Robert Edmond Reed Mary Robin Rice Nancy Ann Ridder Thomas J. Risinger Susan Crittenden Roach Chloe M. Rugeley Wanda Joyce Schaffner Selma Ann Scrutchin Eleanor Jane Seewald Suzanne Elizabeth Senac Glenn Edouard Seureau Micheal Hearne Shaw Joseph Garld Stafford Howard Swanson Stone Nancy Stone Sandra Rose Stone Anne Storm Camilla Thomas Connie Claire Todd Ruthven Tolbirt Susan Jo Trostel Charles Benson Turner Mary Ellis Walker William Thomas Walker Ben Alton Wallis Charles Edward Weaver Alice Crockett Wheless Allen Russell Whiting Audrey MacBlain Willers Albert Edward Williamson Joan Willoughby Lyle Jimmy Wilson Shelma Lee Winerich John Womack Pamela Florence Wright Frank Polk Youngblood .P. Mk 1 I Front Row: R. Knight, H. Gardner, B. Gardner, Denney, Schaffner, Baker, Mann, Rugeley, Roach, Reed, Funk. Second Row: Wilson, Barnes, Womack, Little, Seureau, Tolbirt, Brooks, Fortin. Third Row: W. Walker, Wallis, Moss, Holloway, Eisenhauer, Davis, Mecom, Risinger, Williamson. PAGE 346 LOS CHARROS RODEO QUEEN Sandra Carol Thomas THE CHORAL ORGANIZATIONS MORRIS JAY BEACHY, Director A CAPPELLA CHOIR OFFICERS President . Business Manager . Secretary-Treasurer Librarian . Daryl Ray Alford Joe Bon Baisden Patricia Anne Basse Harolyn Moore Brient Ellen Vail Buel Nancy Pauline CafTey Patty Campbell Sally Catherine Chenault Daniel B. Corbin Joy Anne dimming Alee Curtis LONGHORN SINGERS OFFICERS RANDALL GORDON DELANEY RALPH CONRAD IMMEL NANCY CAROLYN For RICHARD EDWARD MC NTY President Secretary Treasurer MADRIGAL SINGERS OFFICERS President Business Manager JOHN SWANAY Ross EDWARD HISE A CAPPELLA CHOIR Alan Wilson Darby Randall Gordon Delaney JoAnn DeLeon Sandra Elizabeth Ewell Nancy Carolyn Foy Robert Aaron Fry Joe L. Grear Mary June Hardy Walter T. Hart William Pierce Hinds Mary Wynn Hinkle MEMBERS Ross Edward Hise Ralph Conrad Immel Peter S. Kessey Gordon Wesley King Virginia Ruth McBride Kathleen McCary Richard Edward McGinty Lavern A. Meister Morton H. Meyerson Arthur Clark Middleton Glenda Gail Mitchell Marilyn Kay Moncrief Robert Edward Moore Robert Andrew Murphy Ben B. Nolen, Jr. Catherine Emelia Olsen Sandra Sue Patterson Shirley Ann Perkins Dick Sherrill Pickens Nancy Liles Pickens Roger Raby Sarah Margaret Rose May Evans Rosner HENRY DAVID HESSE PRISCILLA ELAINE ADAMS DONLEY GARDNER William H. Stanford Beverly Ann Scanlan Elva Ann Schietin er Thomas Edward Tiemann Terence Colquitt Todd Jack Arlen Vaughan Helena Maria Weber Arved E. White Joyce Elaine Wiggins Calvin Moritz Wolff Leonard Adrian Woosley Front Row: McBride, Mitchell, Weber, Caffey, Rosner, Moncrief, Brient, Buel, Scanlan, Basse, Hinkle, DeLeon. Second Row: Patterson, Schietinger, Curtis, Wiggins, Foy, Olsen, Perkins, Gumming, Campbell, Hardy, Ewell, Chenault, Rose. Third Row: Todd, Meyerson, Nolen, McGinty, Hinds, Meister, Fry, Moore, Baisden, Corbin, Kessey, King, Hise. Fourth Row: White, Wolff, Sanford, Immel, Delaney, Darby, Alford, D. Pickens, Raby, Woosley, Grear, Hart, Tiemann, Vaughan. PAGE 348 MADRIGAL SINGERS The Madrigal Singers are a selected vocal group of twelve to fifteen voices who are primarily concerned with the per- formance of music from the Sixteenth Century, much in the same setting and style as was popular at that time. This well-known group has gained wide recognition in the South- west, performing not only for campus and local functions, but also singing for various audiences throughout the state and on television. MEMBERS Sigrid Siev Berg Alan Wilson Darby Frank Robert Ennis Sandra Elizabeth Ewell Susan M. Gross Carole Anne Guerguin William Pierce Hinds Mary Wynn Hinkle Ross Edward Hise Ralph Conrad Immel Virginia Ruth McBride Judy Ferguson Nemir John Lee Swanay Joyce Elaine Wiggins THE LONGHORN SINGERS The Longhorn Singers is a mixed choral group styled after such organizations as the " Voices of Walter Schumann " and the Norman Luboff Choir. The group participates in the annual Round-Up Revue and other popular campus func- tions. Membership is open to all students without audition. Priscilla Elaine Adams Alberta Ann Apel Betty Jan Baker James Hugh Bowlin John Knox Bowling, Jr. David Harold Braun Martha Rae Broom Douglas W. Burchfield Marvin Alton Cannon Thomas Scott Cantine James Howard Case, Jr. Carole Kaisla Chapo Beatrice Lee Chatham James Harmon Cobb, Jr. Becky Cox Sylvia Cuellar Alice Curtis Paul W. Degenhart Eugene Oliver Dirr, Jr. Deanna Dorchester Samuel Coleman Drake Patsy Anne Drury Diane Audrey Dusek Janelle Maxine Fox Joann Fractman James Donley Gardner Rosemary Garrett Robert Lee Graves MEMBERS Noel V. Gregg Harriet Hinton Handy Martha Ann Hansen Mack Harris Georgeanna Hartung Sally Ann Hawkins Sigurd Wilson Hermansen Henry David Hesse Gordon Houser Christopher D. Kent Walt Launey Laura Linda Lee Gary Lee Lenderman A. W. (Buster) Lewis, Jr. Front Row: Nemir, Wiggins, Berg, Swanay, Hise. Second Row: Gross, Immel, McBride, Darby, Hinkle, Hinds, Guerguin, Ennis. Jackie Ruth Lewis William Omar Logan, Jr. Phyllis Jane Magrish Kenneth Clarence Nietenhoefer Ben B. Nolen, Jr. Karen Sue Parker Robert Clark Pendleton Mary Manson Pulver Roger Raby Linda Lou Raymond Penelope Carolle Robinson Nancy Ruth Rosen Edward Eloy Rousset Brenda Faye Sandier Pat Nadine Schmitt Elizabeth Joyce Smith Linda Jane Snow Ruben V. Soto Julia Ann Steed Stephanie Lois Swafford Jerry Joe Taub Genevieve C. Toliver Nathan Everett Veatch Sara Katherine Wells Coralie Ann Patton Wetzel Gary Brisbine White Irene Whitt Eleanor Ann Wilkie Catherine Womack Cullen Wright Front Row: Drury, Dusek, Chatham, Hartung, Wilkie, Steed, Snow, Sandier, Wells, Smith, Adams. Second Row: Curtis, Apel, Fox, Lee, Dorchester, Womack, Whitt, Hansen, Swafford, Magrish. Cuellar. Broom. Third Row: J. Lewis, Toliver, Pulver, Parker, Garrett, Handy, Kent, Schmitt, Cox, Rosen, Fractman. Chapo, Baker. Fourth Row: Morris Beachy (Director), A. Lewis, Veatch, Pendleton, Rousset, Raby, Cantine, Braun, Hesse. Bowling, Dirr, Gardner. Fifth Row: Taub, White, Nietenhoefer, Harris, Nolen, Bowlin, Degenhart, Hermansen. Houser, Wright, Case, Logan, Launey, Burchfield. PAOE 349 UNIVERSITY CHORUS A large mixed choral group which performs regularly with the University Symphony Orchestra and from time to time with various symphonies throughout the state. Open to all students. Mary Cathleen Abright Deanna Alleman David George Allums Margaret Elaine Amacker Joe Gene Autry Antoinette Baldwin Mary Margaret Bates Kenneth E. Baxter Charlotte Pauline Becker Sharron Ann Belts Don Allen Bice Judy Kay Boland Carolyn Lea Bonnette Sheila Marie Bowie John Knox Bowling, Jr. Emily Meador Bradshaw Allen Drue Branch Molly Frances Brasher Sarah Leigh Brazil Robert McShane Brecdlove Bernard Erwin Brooks Sharon A. Brown Barbara Ann Browne Linda Nell Bryant A. Erwin Buck, Jr. Douglas W. Burchfield V. Luanna Burkett Jimmye Laurie Burns Mary Jane Burton Tennie Marie Bush Mary Kathryn Buss Larry Howard Cafer Eugene Allan Calvert Wanda M. Garden Kelly Maurice Casey Joyce Ellen Clanton Karen Ann Clem Daphne Peggy Clements Peggy Coe Connie Coleen Cole Patricia Ruth Cole Colleen Collier Carol Compton Colleen Heather Copcland Lynda Lee Craft Roberta Jeanne Craze Linda Marshall Darnall Mavis Lyle David Elizabeth Ann Davidson Thomas Quincy Davidson William Claude Davidson, Jr. Bill Davis Dorothy Gaylc Davis John Marvin Davis Carole Jean Delaney Karen Julia Demel Elizabeth Anne Denman James Cordell Dick Bobby Lynn Dickey Marilyn Jean Dobson Charles Leonard Dolce Michael Lee Duke George Rolle Dullnig Dede Duson Emily Shannon Dyke Annetta Jane Eastwood Charles Lowry Echols Barry Howard Edelman Lars N. Engel James Morris English William Ferneau English Ruth Ann Erskine Linda Jeane Faison George Randy Farenthold June Olivia Ferrill Burton David Fisher Judith Christine Fisher Sally Drere Fisher Florence Randal Fitzhugh Judy Lee Fleming Kenneth Carl Fletcher Rosemary Virginia Forester Cecile Ann Frazier Gerald Arthur Freid William Kernan Gayden Abigail Carol Glosserman Burma Anndean Gober Dolores Gomez Josemaria Gonzalez Anne Elizabeth Gossett Robert Allen Govicr Meredith Faye Grant Roy Matthews Grassedonio Robert Lee Graves Betty Joan Briggs Myron Benard Grossman Gloria Irma Gutierrez Marcia Sue Haas Harriet A. Haley Frances Camille Hall Virginia Elizabeth Hall Mike Allan Hammett Mary Elizabeth Hardin Janice Kay Harkins Letitia Lewis Hartman Mabel Beatrice Haidcn Martha Lee Heimen Margaret Dianne Hellcn Ruth Marie Henderson Carl Russell Hcnsch Mary Ann Herdman Gail Frances Bennett Hill Linda Kay Holdar MEMBERS Ann Fontaine Holland Mary Loretta Holloway John Bryant Hooper Larry Kent Hudson Frank August Hueter, Jr. Nancy Howard Huff Deryl Ann Hull Lawrence Foster Hurley Patricia Jackson Gary Gursh Jacobs Philip Barnett Johns Howard Hans Johnsen Arthurene Johnson Donald Bruce Johnson Janet Sue Johnson Sally Ann Johnson Arlette Iras Jones Barbara Gail Jones Carole Elaine Jones Harriette Almira Jones Ronald Conway Jones Roland C. Jordan, Jr. Phoebe Joyce Etta Kay Keeble Dorothy Sue Kelly Harry Bertrand Kclso Ruth Ellen Kemp Peter S. Kessey Karolyn Marie King Robert Russell Kinsel, Jr. Martha Gay Kokernot Karen Fay Kolle Brenda Kay Laney Dale Sturges LeStourgcon Ronald E. Levison Mary Jon Lewis Margaret Ann Lightfoot Ann Forayth Lloyd Patricia Ann Loughry Jan Elizabeth Lyons Pamela Ann McCarty James Havel McCuistion Anice M. McCully Thclma June Miller James Charles Moeser Velmanett Montgomery Margaret Grace Moore Helen Morgan Winifred J. Morrell Linda L. Morrison Robert Drew Morse Mary Ann Mouser Cecil Ann Mullins Rachel Frances Myers Dorothy Jean Nelson Gwendolyn Beth Nichols Lucy Kay Nolle Anna Marie Norman James Ray Northcutt Lexa Kay Northington Marilin Nowlin Judith Lynn Oliver Katherine Francis Oliver Betty Ann Parker Janie Louise Payne Judith Ann Payne Martha C. Pearson John Cody Perkins Leo Francis Perron, Jr. Mary Elizabeth Pinkney Laura S. Pollard Juanita F. Pope Penelope Pounds Olga Quinones William Henry Quirk, III Nancy Jane Ray Betty Field Reagor David Benedict Reck Pamela Rice Claudette Jane Richards Nancy Ann Ridder Patricia Willane Ridgway Richard Lee Rieger Verna Sue Risinger Carrie May Robertson Valasta Sue Robertson Kathryn Virginia McDowell Judy Carolyn Roemer Mike H. McKay Melinda Helen McNutt Marvin Barry Maltz Jerome David Marshall Shirley Ann Masinter Suzanne Mason Robert Eugene Massey Cathryn Sue Mayfield Donald Roy Meredith Renee Lydia Merrem Mary Ann Michaelis John Kirkland Michaux Adrienne Anne Miller Gerald Jay Rosenberg Katherine Parker Ross Harriet E. Rumsey Marilyn Kay Russey Charles Renetta Rutherford Benno Sandier Margaret Rose Schuler Marjorie Ellen Scofield Selma Ann Scrutchin William Fenton Scott Jeanne Louise Sears Donnie Baker Seay Donald Milton Sebesta Joseph Louis Segrato Rebecca Seidel Travis Shaw Judy Shields Cherie Lucille Shireman Ida Cleone Singleton William Henry Skelton, Jr. Mellanese Slaughter Allen Elmer Smith Darrell Essman Smith Joseph Charles Smith Marjorie Lynn Smith Rodger V. Smith Sharan Lee Smith Walta Marie Smith Lawrence Seymour Sondock Charlie Mae Spencer Lyda Sue Starr Suzanne Stone Janice Lynn Stuckey Kenneth Michael Sugarman Gilbert Richard Thayer Sandra Carol Thomas Cynthia Ann Tlucek Edwin Walters Torian Norma Joyce Torp Charles Edward Trefflich Mary Trotter James Donald Tryer Judith Anne Tucker Mary Ann Tunnell Eleanor Ann Tyler Hal Browne Vanatta Leonte E. Vasquez Donna Laurie Vollmer Barbara Joyce Walker Bette Lou Walker Edward Andrew Washington Joseph Michael Westheimer Jeriann Whitcomb Jeanne Alice White Mary Aha White Anna L. Whittington Ralph Davis Wilensky Carolyn Mellisa Wilkins Letitia Willis Robert Mims Wilson Hetty Jean Wilver James W. Wimberly Phyllis Jean Winford Laban W. Wingert Virginia Philips Woodward Lewis Wright, Jr. Gloria Jean Wuemling Thurman John Yancy Joe Stefan Yardas Sandra Lee Zimmerman CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION The purpose of the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION is to promote the teachings and practices of Christian Science throughout the University community. The students of this organization seek the unfoldment of fellowship as taught by Christ Jesus, in which they are able to make their faith a living faith through study, applica- tion, and demonstration of their understanding of God. Fall NORMAN WESLEY MINTER SYLVIA RUTH SIGNOR NADINE ADELL EILSKOV . ELWOOD LAWRENCE MUNSON JAMES ROBERT HOLMES, JR. . ELEANOR BRYANT STEVENS OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Member-at-Large Advisor Spring CHARLES NORMAN WOOD BOBBIE ANN HARPER NADINE ADELL EILSKOV JAMES ROBERT HOLMES, JR. JUDITH MARIE ROWLAND ELEANOR BRYANT STEVENS Beverly Ann Ba tes Lilah Elizabeth Black Sheila Marie Bowie Harold P. Brittain Reginald Reagan Connor, Jr. Elizabeth Anne Dixon Nadine Adell Eilskov Carol Ann Freeman David A. Gershner Carol Louise Hale Judy Grace Halsell MEMBERS Bobbie Ann Harper James Robert Holmes, Jr. Lawrence Foster Hurley Thad Johnson Jarrett Neil Brent Karlskind Gloria Texane Longnecker Russell E. Lueg Norman Wesley Minter Elwood Lawrence Munson David Bob Person John Foster Pettit Ruth Ann Rawlins Sharon Ann Ropp Judith Marie Rowland Roger Terry Shaper Sylvia Ruth Signer John Milton Vance James Jeffers Van Patten Johanna Marie Varney Patricia Ann Waldrip Roger Sherwood Walker Mary Jo Weber Charles Norman Wood Front Rou;: Freeman, Rawlins. Harper, Halsell, Varney, Hale. Second Rou. ' : Waldrip, Bowie, Black, Signer, Ropp, Eilskov, Stevens. Rowland. Third Row: Tarrctt, Van Patten, Gershner, Minter, Karlskind, Person, Conner, Shaper, Munson, Wood. Pettit, Holmes, Vance. PACE 351 Fall ROBERT JOHN FAHEY . LONNY SLATON FRAZE . JUDY HOUGHTEN . BARBARA WORD ANNETTE GILLESPIE BARBARA GAFFNEY LASATER JANE LOEB .... CURTAIN CLUB OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Technical Board Member . Social Board Member . Apprentice Mother .... Spring ROBERT JOHN FAHEY LONNY SLATON FRAZE ROYCE ANN YOUNG BARBARA WORD ANNETTE GILLESPIE BARBARA GAFFNEY LASATER JANE LOEB Homer Barrera Bob Mitchell Beard Richard Warren Blain Larry C. Burgeon Shirley Ann Caballero David Caldwell Paula Craig Jo Ann DeLeon Carolyn Detmore Robert John Fahey Terry Flynn Lonny Slaton Fraze George Edward Gaines Annette Gillespie Judi Hardison Gwendolyn Patricia Jordan Carol Lee Klose ACTIVES David Maverick Lane Barbara Gaffney Lasater Joyce Camille Langerhans Arlen Leeder Jane Loeb Mike H. McKay Ellen Martin Martha Dean Mittle Robert Benton Palmer Sigrid Skousgard Toby Kay Stall Tony Valles Jon Lewis Vickers Mel Kenneth Weinbrecht Donald W. Williams Barbara Word Royce Ann Young Rachelle Maye Applebaum Mary Esther Bazaldera Vicki Blankenship Jo Ann Brigance Allen Causey Gareth Lynn Cayce Carole Kaisla Chapo Barbara Allen Coffee Dorothy Verne Dodd Carolyn Craig Fuller APPRENTICES Freddie Ray Goodson Diane McCurley Dorothy Sue Greenhill Carol Haney Ray Hanson Mary Elizabeth Harris Sandra Lynette Harwell Clare Howard Linda Joyce Johnson Joseph Bryant Kaough Martha Frances Kerr Richard Herbert McElvy Rochelle Rebecca Mellon Ellen Sue Moses Steve Michael Neuse James Boswell Newton Dick Polk John Charles Pool Nancy Kate Renfro Margaret Ann Rosbottom Judith Emily Schleyer David Speilbury Emily Clare Stall Ada Leola Taylor Avery Boone Todd Roy Gene Traylor Thomas James Tune Gerald Stevens Williams Virginia Beryl Wright Betty Jean Zuronetz DELTA TORCH COLONY The aims of the DELTA TORCH COLONY are educational, civic, and social. More specifically, to render desirable service to The University of Texas, to promote good human relations, to maintain scholastic efficiency, and to provide for a social outlet. OFFICERS Co-President . Co-President . Secretary . Treasurer Social Chairman Sponsor . Sponsor . EVA CLYDE COINS EVA DELORES Ross BARBARA MAUDEAN HORN JOAN JEANNETTE HARTFIELD ADDIE LONG PHILLIPS LETTIE JUNE BREWER VELORA SCOTT Nettie Patricia Brooks Zelna Virginia Broadus Dorothy Evelyn Carter Peggy Joyce Drake Mary Lillian Earls Vivian Lavata Francis Eva Clyde Coins MEMBERS Ella Pearl Harris Joan Jeannette Hartfield Mable Beatrice Hayden Vivian Ann Henderson Barbara Almeta Hill Barbara Maudean Horn Phyllis Nan Killyon Andrea Livingston Margaret Manning Clifton Valora Martin Addie Long Phillips Eva Delores Ross Priscilla Verdun Girlene Marie Williams ;. Front Row: Hayden, Harris, Hartfield, Coins, Horn, Brooks. Second Row: Drake, Francis, Livingston, Phillips, Killyon, Broadus GAMMA DELTA The purpose of GAMMA DELTA is to foster Bible study, to disseminate scriptural philosophy of life, to train for Christian service to God and fellow man, to increase Lutheran consciousness on campus and local intercampus fellowship among Lutheran students. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Pastor JOHN EDWARD MELDED III CAROLYN ADELL LEVERKUHN JOYCE ELAINE MESCHKE DAVID ROBERT SMITH REVEREND CHARLES HENRY BORN Mary Lou Arldt Homer Barrera Jesse Edison Best John S. Bradfield Gary Ronald Brown Shirley Bernice Bunte Delbert Glen Dannels Martha Helene Garrard John Robert Haase Anna Taske Halbert Carleton W. Heller Dorothy K. Hunger Milan Method Kadlecik Phyllis Kersten Fred Klaus, Jr. Sonja Rose Klein Janis Lynn Kneblik Susan Ann Knippa Travis Koehler Walter Glenn Koop Lynn Richard Kromminga MEMBERS Mary Ruth Lankford L. Ruanne Lawson Donovan Allan Leistico Meredith Blake Lentz Carolyn Adell Leverkuhn Eugene Baines Manning David Wayne Melber John Edward Melde, III Joyce Elaine Meschke Donald E. Meyer Edgar F. H. Meyer Gladene Martha Michel Alvarine Neumann Marion Rilamb Parker James Douglas Pfluger Joyce T. Pfluger Linda Margaret Rellahan Lyndal Ray Remmert Melvin Ray Richter William Schatte Oliver Albert Schwausch Brenda Faye Schultze David Robert Smith Richard Martinus Wendell Sorenson Jess Leland Stanford Lynette Louise Stauffer Marion Thompson Stewart Dixie Stolzenburg Carolyn Studtman Jeanette Studtman Joseph Raymond Tacquard Fred Walter Thies Ray O. Thoreson Judith Ann Tucker William Wayne Voelter Douglas Charles Weise Ernestine G. Weiser Henry Charles Wobus Wallace Gordon Wilson Edwin Harry Wuensche Edwin Gerald Zybura Front Row: Stauffer, Kersten, C. Studtman, J. Studtman, Arldt, Meschke. Second Row: Garrard, Stewart, Neumann, Knippa, Kneblik, Leverkuhn, Lawson, Klein, Tucker, Schultze. Third Row: Heller, Klaus, Tacquard, Sorenson, Kadlecik, Melde, Dannels, Best, Richter. Fourth Row: Born, Koehler, Remmert, Leistico, D. Meyer, Schatte, Manning, Thies, Stanford. PAGE 354 I INSTITUTE OF THE AERONAUTICAL SCIENCES The INSTITUTE OF THE AERONAUTICAL SCIENCES is the representative society in America for engi- neers and specialists in all sciences related to aeronautics. The basic mission of the institute is to facilitate by all available means the interchange of technical ideas among aeronautical engineers in this country and abroad. Fall WILLIAM HAMILTON MILLER IVAN CHARLES ASHBAUOH CAREY FORD LIVELY, JR. . WELDON WINSTON TEAOUE HARMON LF.E SIMMONS PERCY HUGH MILLER OFFICERS Chairman Vice-Chairman . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer Faculty Advisor . Spring CHARLES IVAN ASHBAUCH JOSEPH EDWARD TEPERA WELDON WINSTON TEAGUE PEGGY JEAN McCLAiN CLEA LEVI MYERS, JR. PERCY HUGH MILLER MEMBERS Henry A. Armstrong Charles Ivan Ashbaugh Bruce Edwin Bain Jerry Clifton Barksdale Eugene Randall Bauerle Jerome Albert Bell Baylus Earl Bennett William Joseph Berry, III Boyd Day Boitnott Edward Quinton Bond George H. Born Dennis Ray Bridges Elliott Winston Brogren John O. Brooks James Milton Bruner Gerald William Bumbera Malcolm Acie Burgess Norman Dean Cain James Walter Carter Gerald R. Cato James Moreland Chapman David Lowell Clark John James Clary Ersie Edward Clemmer, Jr. Charles Henry Cole, Jr. John Robert Coltharp Darrell G. Cox Wilbur Lee Cox Randal Robert Craft, Jr. Robert Laurel Crippen Jim King Davidson Glen Porter Doss John Burks Eastwood Robert Gene Entz William Wade Ferguson Gerry Lee Fox Gideon Munn Gilbert, Jr. William Justin Graham Herman Joe Greiner Ray Wendell Griggs James Richard Haley Vernon C. Hammersley, Jr. Freddie Harry Hartmann William Robbins Hawkins Thomas Redginald Heard Oliver Hill Robert Sherridan Hughes Jack Duane Humphreys Robert Pies Humphreys Ettore H. F. Infante Ralph Semmes Jackson, Jr. Thomas Rider Jeffus Leroy Milton Jenke Robert Shick Gong Joe, Jr. Kenneth L. Jones Nizar A. Kadri Andreas loannou Karydas Larry Dean Kemp Stuart D. Kershner James S. Kishi Lenroy Anthony Koehler Catherine Joyce Kruger John M. Leonard Carey Ford Lively, Jr. Wilton P. Lock William Kenneth Matthews Carl Elliott Mattlage Peggy Jean McClain William James McCroskey Milton W. Mcllveen Melvin Morris Medlock John Eugene Middlebrooks, II Percy Hugh F. Miller Roy Eugene Miller William Hamilton Miller Walter Gustav Mueller, Jr. Clea Levi Myers, Jr. Wilbert Mynar Ralph Douglas O ' Dell John Edwin Parker, Jr. Thomas Jarvis Pharo Robert Frank Pohler Jay Lawrence Poth, II Jimmy Aaron Purdy Lyndal Ray Remmert Albert Harry Richardson Claude Eugene Robertson Larry Dee Robinson William Curson Rochelle Sergio Romero Izziddin N. Sa ' adallah Richard Leo Scharpf William Jerry Searcy Harmon L. Simmons Edgar Oran Stephenson Kenneth Ray Stone Robert Wilson Sudderth Willard E. Summers Weldon Winston Teague John Hurst Temple Joseph Edward Tepera Milton John Thompson Edward Norberto Tinoco Thomas Tucker Toland Kamel I. Totah Robert Alfred Waldrop William Fred Walker Edward Andrew Washington Jethro White, Jr. Robert Campbell White Herbert H. Wiener James Ronnie Wiggins Seba A. Williams Walter Roy Wilson Wayne Randolph Wilson John R. Wing Ford Crutcher Witherspoon, III Terry Paul Wizig Ronald Lynn Woodfin Ken Alden Young Carl Edward Ziegler Front Ro;v: Walter Wilson, Koehler, Scharpf, O ' Dell, Craft, McClain. Second Row: Ashbaugh, Totah, Hammersley, Robertson, Williams, Joe, Teague, Gilbert, Kershner. Third Row: Myers, Crippen, Jenke, Clemmer, Wayne Wilson, Armstrong, Richardson. Fourth Row: Middlebrooks, Summers, Jeffus, Brooks, Bain, Lively, W. Miller. PAGE 355 THE INSURANCE SOCIETY The purpose of THE INSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS is to further and develop the interest and knowledge of the students in the field of insurance. OFFICERS Fall GEORGE F. NEWSOM . DOUGLAS W. FAIN . CHARLES CUSHMAN GATE STEPHEN JAMES ZELEN . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring GEORGE F. NEWSOM JERRY STOKES JORDAN CHARLES CUSHMAN GATE STEPHEN JAMES ZELEN MEMBERS George William Berry John S. Bickley Katherine Camp Buck John Robert Braziel Charles Cardenas, Jr. Carolyn Carlton Lauralyn Carlton Charles Cushman Gate Nathan Fred Cliett Curtis B. Dyer Raymond Ellis Douglas W. Fain David Frazier Thomas Weldon Hale Jerry Stokes Jordan A. W. Lewis, Jr. Giles Hayes Madray, Jr. George F. Newsom Robert Charles Reinarz William Leon Rivers William Jerry Robertson Roy Edwin Thomas Donald Edwards Whitley Stephen James Zelen Front Row: Thomas, L. Carlton, Buck, C. Carlton, Braziel, Newsom. Second Row: Bickley, Hale, Ellis, Reinarz, Gate, Lewis. Third Row: Dyer, Jordan, Robertson, Berry, Cliett, Frazier. PACE 356 LAREDO CLUB The purpose of the LAREDO CLUB is to encourage Laredo Students to further their education in a higher institution of learning; to afford its members an opportunity to better acquaint themselves and unite into a body useful on the campus; and to foster social relations with other persons and organized groups on the campus. Fall HUMBERTO LUIS JUAREZ, JR. FRANCISCO J. DE ARKOS ELENA MARIA BOTELLO ANA SALINAS .... TOMAS M. RAMIREZ OFFICERS President .... Vice-Prcsidcnt Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . Spring HUMBERTO Luis JUAREZ, JR. CARLOS OLIVEIRA ELENA MARIA BOTELLO SARAH NIEVES PAPPAS MIGUEL ANGEL CAVAZOS, JR. Humberto Adame Alberto Almanza Elena Maria Botello Carlos Orlando Canales Jose A. Carabaza Luis J. Cardenas, Jr. Joseph Harry Castellano Miguel Angel Cavazos, Jr. Fernando Collezo Francisco J. De Arkos MEMBERS Alvaro Garza Mario Gonzalez, Jr. Otila Gonzalez William Nesbit Hall, Jr. Humberto Luis Juarez, Jr. Arthur Julian Leyendecker Dennis Anthony Longoria Arturo Nicolas Meraz Roberto Nix Carlos Oliveira Juan L. Ortiz Sarah Nieves Pappas Alma Diana Perez Tomas M. Ramirez Arnulfo Rangel Rogelio C. Rocha Roque Honorato Rodriguez, III Jose Ruelas Ana Salinas Juan Alejandro Vega Front Row: De Arkos, Vega, Oliveira, Collezo, Adame, Rocha, Ramirez, Rodriguez. Second Row: Lucy De Arkos, Pappas, Salinas, Botello, Perez, O. Gonzalez, Rangel, Garza. Third Row: Faustino Garza, Omar P. Martinez, Ortiz, Carabaza, Longoria, Almanza, M. Gonzalez, Juarez. PAGE 357 LONGHOR Top Row: Adelman, Aguilar, Allday, Autry, Ball, Bancroft. Second Row: Bearden, Bennett. Birdsong, Bridges, Burkett, Burnett. Third Row: Butler, Calvert, Carpenter, Castellano, Causey, Clark. Fourth Row: Coers, Cole, Comp, Cooper, Corder, Crawford. Cunningham. Fifth Row: Daniel, J. Davis, R. Davis, Davidson, Dittman, Dove, Drury. Sixth Row: Dusek, Ellis, Enquist, Etheridge, Farley, Fariss, Finley. Seventh Row: Fitzpatrick, Foster, Garcia, Gardner, Geyer, Gibson, Gilbert. Eighth Row: Gill, Grayless, Guthridge, Hammett, P. Hart, Hejl, Huester. Ninth Row: Huss, Irwin, Koeppe, Kopecky, Kuhn, Laminack, Laughter. Tenth Row: Lee, Leary, Llewellyn, Lopes, Mabry, Magee, Martin. Eleventh Row: Marshall, Massey, McCormick, McDaniel, McLaughlin, Meitzcn, M. Miller. PAGE 358 VINCENT RAIRDEN DINING Director, Longhorn Rands President First Counselor . Second Counselor Third Counselor Fourth Counselor OFFICERS ROBERT ESTILL FOSTER EDWARD ROBERTSON HEWLETT DANIEL LESLIE MILLS WALTER Louis GEYER JOE THOMAS POWELL MEMBERS Dorm Leigh Adelman Ramon Aguilar, III Charles Edgar Allday Joe Gene Autry J. G. Bailey Ora Rozelle Baker Jerry Don Ball Barbara Jean Bancroft David Charles Barnard Joe Henry Bearden Donald Hugh Bennett Bailey Arnold Birdsong James Edwin Bridges V. Luanna Burkett Betty Ruth Burnett David Ainsley Butler Eugene Allan Calvert Carlos Orlando Canales Patricia Dean Carpenter Joseph Harry Castellano Mary Lanette Causey Robert Lee Clark James Harmon Cobb Donald Vernon Goers James Dee Cole John Jefferson Comp Ina Louise Cooper Richard Wade Corder John Milton Crawford Joe Hurley Cunningham James Thomas Daniel Rebecca Davidson Louis Erwin Davis John Marvin Davis Ruby Kay Davis Clarence William Dittman Richard Oral Dove Patsy Anne Drury Ronald James Dusek James Elmo Ellis Burton Reinhold Enquist Sybil Etheridge Don Gary Fariss James Lawrence Farley James Daniel Finley, III John Burnett Fitzpatrick Robert Estill Foster Alejandro Garcia William Reavis Gardner Lawrence Louis Germer Walter Louis Geyer Luther Jackson Gibson Paul Paris Gilbert Eddie Michael Gill Robert Leo Golden, Jr. Robert Naviel Grayless Sammy Gregg Guthridge Mike Allan Hammett Charles Gordon Hart Phillip Warren Hart James George Hejl Edward Robertson Hewlett Frank August Hueter, Jr. BAND RICHARD DEAN BLAIR Assistant Director, Long horn Bands Jerry Stephen Huss Barry Scott Irwin Allan Paul Koeppe Anne Louise Kopecky Charles Ritchie Kuhn Glendal Berton Laminack Mary Arnette Laughter John Michael Leary Jack Bennett Lee | Richard David Llewellyn John Joseph Santos Lopes I Walter Budge Mabry Mary Charlotte Magee Muriel Edith Marshall I Warren William Martin I Robert Eugene Massey I Donna Beth McCormick I Chester H. McDaniel David Lynn McLaughlin Travis Charles Meitzen, Jr. James Royce Miller Margaret Jane Miller Daniel Leslie Mills Richard Terry Morrow William Polk Murchison Lewis Elliott Myrick Linda Neeley Rufus Andrew Nicholson Ken Clarence Nietenhoefer James Sheldrid Nix James Gus Nixon George Eugene Olds John Coma O ' Neill Delbert Clarence Overstreet Joe Arch Park, Jr. I Henry Lawrence Peck David Lee Pennington David Bob Person Joe Thomas Powell Douglas Steven Prensner Kenneth Raymond Prikryl Tommy Proffitt Sandra Jean Rayburne Rogelio Ramirez Jeffery Lynn Rampy Robert Louis Rester Eugene Evans Rhemann Don Allen Roberts Roberto Romo Joel Jernquist Sandberg James Allen Sanders, Jr. Nathan Wayne Schiller Allan Burnham Schmitt Johnny Amos Schoggin, Jr. Henry James Schraub Mary Virginia Schulz Linda Schutze James Larry Scott Curtis Wayne Sebera Leah Raye Sexton Rogers James Seymour James Shelby Sharpe Carolyn Marie Shaw Lelia Ann Shelton Don James Simmons M. Robert Smart, Jr. Bill E. Smith Shirley Ann Snipes Charles Michael Spain Charles Terrell Speed Beverly Ann Spillar Martin Wayne Spitzenberger William Rea Sterrett Larry F. Stevenson, Jr. Mary Ann Stromberg Elda Ann Tate Milton York Tate Maurice Edward Thompson, Jr. Ruthven Tolbirt Marilyn Tollefson Matt Burleson Tucker, Jr. Charles Orlando Veazey Judith Ann Von Rosenberg Robbie Ann Walters Elmer Herschell Whiting, III Jimmie Charles Whorton Patrick Henry Wilson Alonzo Church Wood, Donald Clair Wood Gary Lynn Wood Howard Ernst Yoas III TEXAS STARS Betty Joy Galloway Judith Ann George Beryl Rice Hall Martha Jo Henry Barbara Ann Kelley Nellie Gay Kieke Betty Jane Leatherwood Marilyn Kay Moncrief Martha Ann Morgan Mary Grace Norris Penelope Jones Pearce Betty Carolyn Porter Betty Ann Rhodes Carolyn K. Schroeter Carolyn Gail Smith Nancy Sullivan Alice Jean Sundberg Judith Ann Von Rosenberg Barbara Ann White Nancy Jane Willis Eva Nell Wisner Tof Row: J. Miller, Mills, Morrow, Myrick, Neeley, Nicholson. Second Row: Nietenhoefer, Nixon, Nix, Olds, O ' Neill, Overstreet. Third Row: Park. Peck, Pennington, Person, Powell, Prikryl. Fourth Row: Proffitt, Ramirez, Rampy, Rayburne, Rhemann. Sandberg, Sanders. Fi th Row: Schiller, Schmitt, Schoggin, Schulz, Schutze, Scott, Sebera. Sixth Row: Sexton, Seymour, Sharpe, Shaw, Smart, Smith, Speed. Seventh Row: Spillar, Sterrett, Stevenson, Stromberg, E. Tate, M. Tate. Thompson. Eighth Row: Tolbirt, Tollefson, Veazey, Walters, Whiting, Whorton, Wilson. Ninth Row: A. Wood, G. Wood, Yoas, George, Hall, Kelley, Kieke. Tenth Row: Leatherwood, Moncrief, Morgan, Norris, Pearce. Porter, Rhodes. Eleventh Row: Schroeter, Smith, Sullivan, Von Rosenberg, White, Willis, Wisner. PACE 359 LONGHORN BAND WILLIAM LEO PRATHER Business Manager SHIRLEY ANN SNIPES Featured Twirler EDWARD ROBERTSON HEWLETT Drum Major The 1959 OU game at Dallas. PAGE 360 TEXAS STARS Front Roiv: Martha Jo Henry, Marilyn Kay Moncrief, Barbara Ann Kelley, Betty Ann Rhodes. Norris, Judith Ann George, Nancy Sullivan. The January 1960 Syracuse game at the Cotton Bowl. PABE 361 KAPPA KAPPA PSI KAPPA KAPPA PSI is an honorary fraternity for college bandsmen whose purpose is to further the interest and activities of the college band and promote a closer fellowship among its members. Fall JAMES DEE COLE CARLOS ORLANDO CANALES CHARLES RITCHIE KUHN JERRY DON BALL . RICHARD ORAL DOVE VINCENT RAIRDEN DiNiNO OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer . Sergeant-at-Arms Sponsor Spring CHARLES RITCHIE KUHN LAWRENCE FRANCIS A. STEVENSON ALONZO CHURCH WOOD, III JERRY DON BALL RICHARD ORAL DOVE VINCENT RAIRDON DiNiNO MEMBERS Ramon Aguilar, III Jerry Don Ball Richard Dean Blair Eugene Allan Calvert Carlos Orlando Canales Joseph Harry Castellano James Dee Cole John Milton Crawford, Jr. Richard Oral Dove Walter Louis Geyer, Jr. Eddie Michael Gill Edward Robertson Hewlett Charles Ritchie Kuhn Daniel Leslie Mills, Jr. Richard Terry Morrow, Jr. Donald James Simmons Larry F. Stevenson, Jr. Milton York Tate, Jr. Matt Burleson Tucker, Jr. FALL PLEDGES Donn Leigh Adelman David Charles Barnard Bailey Arnold Birdsong James Lawrence Farley Walter Budge Mabry Robert Eugene Massey Joe Thomas Powell William Leo Prather Rogclio Ramirez James Larry Scott Curtis Wayne Sebera James Shelby Sharpe SPRING Ora Rozelle Baker Ronald James Dusek Alejandro Garcia William Reavis Gardner Robert Leo Golden, Jr. Jerry Stephen Huss PLEDGES Travis Charles Meitzen, Jr. Delbert Clarance Overstreet, Jr. Tommy Sanders Nathan Wayne Schiller Patrick Henry Wilson Howard Ernst Yoas Kenneth Clarence Nietenhoefer Alonzo Church Wood, III Front Row : DiNino, Blair. Second Row : Dove, Kuhn, Ball, Cole. Third Row: Tate, Cas- tellano, Gill. Morrow, Ramirez, Sebera, Sim- mons. Fourth Row : Tucker, Mills, Crawford, Pow- ell, Calvert, Aguilar, Hewlett. Fifth Row: Stevenson, Mabry, Birdsong, Charles Michael Spain, Nietenhoefer, Sharpe, Wood. Sixth Row: Farley, Don Allen Roberts, Massey, Adelman, David Ains- ley Butler, Barnard, Geyer. TAU BETA SIGMA TAU BETA SIGMA is an honorary sorority operating to promote welfare of and foster close relationship between college and university bands, to honor women ' s achievements in band, to stimulate campus leadership and to provide a pleasant social experience. OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Historian LEAH RAYE SEXTON PATRICIA DEAN CARPENTER MARY CHARLOTTE MAGEE EVA NELL WISNER DONNA BETH McCoRMiCK MEMBERS V. Luanna Burkett Betty Ruth Burnett Patricia Dean Carpenter Patsy Anne Drury Judith Ann George Esther Gaylan Gillean Anne Louise Kopecky Mary Charlotte Magee Muriel Edith Marshall Donna Beth McCormick Mary Virginia Schulz Leah Raye Sexton Robbie Ann Walters Barbara Ann White Eva Nell Wisner Front Row: Burnett, George, Walters, White, Kopecky, Wisner, Car- penter. Second Row: Schulz, Marshall, Drury, Sex- ton, Burkett, McCor- mick, Magee. LONGHORN CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP The purpose of the LONGHORN CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP is to witness that Jesus Christ is God incarnate, to seek to lead others to personal faith in Christ as Lord and Savior, and to deepen the spiritual life of each member by prayer, study of the Bible, and Christian fellowship. Fall JOHN LEONARD STANFORD ELENA CONKLE ALICE JOYCE LAND . ROBERT MAcCoLL ADAMS Annie Jo Adams Robert MacColl Adams James Milton Bruner Rose Marie Cleveland Elena Conkle Betty Cotera Augustus Cotera, Jr. Robert Lee Crawford James Terry Gray Norma Carol Gray Harriet Hinton Handy Barbara Kay Hopson Alice Joyce Land Howard William Law OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer . Faculty Sponsor Spring MERLE J. THOMAS, JR. ELENA CONKLE ALICE JOYCE LAND ROBERT MACCOLL ADAMS MEMBERS Florence Gaye Laxson Ellen Margaret Miller Jimmy Archer Moore Lee Helmuth Nagle Nancy Carra Patterson John Thomas Phillips, II Gloria Riemenschnider Henry Edmund Riemenschnider, Jr. John Leonard Stanford Dick Sweetland Deanna Terry Carol P. Thomas Merle J. Thomas, Jr. Mary Stuart Valentine Front Row: Land, N. Gray, A. Adams, C. Thomas, Cleveland, Conkle. Back Row: Law, Stanford, J. Gray, R. Adams, Nagle, M. Thomas, A. Cotera, Crawford, Sweetland, Moore. PAGE 364 LONGHORN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION THE AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION, which was founded nationally in 1852, was estab- lished on the campus in 1930. It is the only organization in the College of Pharmacy which welcomes the membership of all students who expect to be a part of the profession of pharmacy. EXECUTIVE Chairman Vice-Chairman Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . . . . Treasurer Parliamentarian Freshman Class President .... Sophomore Class President Junior Class President .... Senior Class President .... Orientation Officer Student Editor Faculty Advisor COUNCIL RICHARD SANFORD NEWMAN CAREY WAYNE GOLAZ JEWEL CURTIS LAWSON GREGORY KLOESEL WARREN DAVID AWALT ANITA SYLVIA GARCIA LLOYD RUSSEL DUKE JAMES WAYNE BLACK JOSEPH CHARLES STEINBECK BARRY WELCH BLACKMON JULIAN R. CANTU JOHN M. ELAM FREDERICK VALENTINE LOFGREN Front Row: Curtis, Garcia. Back Ron ' : Await, Kloesel, Golaz, Lofgren, Elam, Newman, Cantu. PAOE 365 LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION The purpose of the LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION is to strengthen and sustain the students com- mitment to Christ through Biblical study, discussion, Christian fellowship, worship, and to encourage his purposeful participation in the world today. President .... Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer .... Campus Pastor Assistant Campus Pastor Faculty Advisor OFFICERS CAROLYN CHRISTINE BOCK NATHAN WAYNE SCHILLER LYNETTE IRENE MANN CHARLES MANSKE REVEREND HAROLD W. PENNINGTON ALAN W. KAMENS LENNART LAURI KOPRA Edgar Gayle Albrecht Kathryn Irene Atkins Milton Frederick Babbitt William Renick Barnes Garland Thomas Bauch Donald A. Becker Theodore E. Becker Robert Marvin Blair Carolyn Christine Bock Carroll William Boecker H. Arlene Bruchmiller Duane Fruen Burow Virginia Alden Cranford Marie Josephine Eickmann Joan Alice Eschberger Albert Pike Farr Donald John Flachmeier William Gerhardt, Jr. MEMBERS Ethel Mae Hafernik Marilyn Blackstone Hargrave Freddie Harry Hartmann Arthur Harvey Hunke Harvey Janota Barbara Jean Kaatz Carl Gottlieb Langner Patricia Ann Larson (11) Lynette Irene Mann Charles Manske Carolyn Suzanne Martin William Paul Mettke Carolyn Jean Mewis Marilyn Elaine Moench Ann Elaine Osterloh Joan Lanelle Raab Joseph Samuel Renker, Jr. Linda Gail Rhine Mary Cathryn Sauer Nathan Wayne Schiller Nelson Louis Schiller Irene Ann Schneider Robert E ' Lee Schorlemer Roger O ' Lee Schorlemer Joseph Robert Schroeder Janice Schumann Rebecca Seidel Suzann Seidel Carolyn Marie Shaw Thomas Michael Smith Martin Wayne Spitzenberger Edward Clinton Teinert Erik Grinde Thompson Sidney Hultgren Thompson Paul Edward Vassberg Jo Ann Wessels Front Row: Eschberger, Hargrave, S. Thompson, Mann, Schneider, Moench, Raab, Wessels, Larson. Second Row: Kamens, Burow, N. W. Schiller, Janota, Shaw, Boecker, Pennington, Bock, Smith. Third Row: Vassberg, Hunke, Mettke, Farr, Spitzenberger, Manske, Renker, Bauch, E. Thompson, Blair. PAGE 366 NEWMAN CLUB NEWMAN CLUB, on the campus since 1908, is an organization which fosters spiritual, intellectual, and social interest of the Catholic students of The University of Texas. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Fall CARLETON EDWARD ANDERSON . CHARLES EDWARD WHITE . MARY ELIZABETH COOK CLARENCE CHARLES SKROVAN . MARY ELLEN B. RICHTER . DUWAIN JOSEPH PINGENOT NORBERT KEVIN TORLINE . JUDITH ELIZABETH SINCLAIR EDWARD LYLE FLINN, JR. . PATRICIA JOAN HORN . PHYLLIS MARIE KAZEN President .... First Vice-President Second V ice-President . Third Vice-President . Secretary .... Treasurer .... Sergeant-at-Arms . Club Hostess . Newsman Editor . Reporter .... Parliamentarian Spring CLARENCE CHARLES SKROVAN PHYLLIS ANNE KAZEN GERARD PATRICK MORAN RENE JAVIER RAMIREZ JUDY MAN SELL BEESLEY DUWAIN JOSEPH PINGENOT BATES LOWRY HOFFER, III NANCY ELIZABETH SCHLEGEL Jo ANNE POTH JAN M. SCHIEFFER CARLETON EDWARD ANDERSON STAFF Reverend Robert J. Murphy, CSP Reverend David O ' Brien, CSP Mrs. Herbert I. Cunningham Front Row Betty Jean Zapalac, Barbara Jean Mika, Donna Gail Cunningham, Rosemary Castancda. Mary Elizabeth Knize, Naomi Jean Nassour, Carolyn Elizabeth Smith, Nancy Elizabeth Schlegel, Marie Frieda Fehmer, Mary Ellen B. Richter, Mary Virginia Schulz, Carolyn Sue Cheshire. Second Row: James D. Riordon, Sue Short, Betty Jo Green, Helena Marie Weber, Ann George Robertson, Frances Danielle Strausser, Adeline Cecilia Grady, Avery Marie Sinclair, Jan M. Schieffcr, Eleanor Marilyn Anderson, Helen Patricia Carrell, Judy Mansell Beesley, Lynda Rose Gutierrez, Judy K. Seitz, Jean Anne Kubala. Third Row: Lowell Revette Smith, Maiy Elizabeth Cook, Phyllis Marie Kazen, Martha Jeanette Clarkson, Martha S. Gordon, Irene Whitt, Robert Leonard Lytton, Mario Gonzalez, Hcrnando Vasquez, Norbert Kevin Torline, Fermm N. Herrera, Jr. Fourth Row: Quintin James Smith, Judith Elizabeth Sinclair, Carroll Wayne Merlick, Melvin Arthur Krenek, Charles Earl Earhart, Jr., Philip Marion Sharp, Miguel Walterio Espinosa, Micheal Randolph Patterson, Robert Rex Robinson, Jr., Alfred George Viney. Filth Row: Mike Hannemann, Henry James Hervol, Gerard Patrick Moran, Thomas Eugene Petesch, Harry Paul Haiduk, John Craig Carrell, Charles Edward White, Lenroy Anthony Koehler. Richard A. Schieffer, John Michael Leary, Thomas David Reynolds, Robert Lee Downtam, Edward Nash Patton, Jr. PAGE 367 THE ORGANIZATION OF ARAB STUDENTS GREATER TEXAS CHAPTER The purpose of THE ORGANIZATION OF ARAB STUDENTS in the U.S.A., Greater Texas Chapter, is to promote good relations between the American and Arab students. Fall SAMIR AHMAD HASSAN IZZIDDIN N. SA ' ADALLAH . SAMI FAIZ MASRI . SELEMAN ABDULLAH ALKADI M. HACHEMI SAADA . JOE WEST NEAL . OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Publicity Chairman Sponsor . Spring GALAL FAKHR-EL-DIN SAMI FAIZ MASRI ZUHEER SAMI NIHAD ABDULRAHMAN S. ROUK HASHIM FAWZI QADDUMI JOE WEST NEAL HONORARY MEMBERS Price Daniel Thomas Ballantine Irvinar Joe West Neal Eunice Parker Hilmi Addul-Fetouh Najati Hashem Abukanhadra Zuheir Y. Alami Saleh Alghuaraib Mustafa Alhagg Hussin Mohsen Alharthy Zainal Akbat Ali-Reza Seleman Abdullah Alkadi Ibrahim Alrashid Majcd H. Amine Mohammad Ilham Arif Saud Rahman Ashgar Bakr Abdulla Bakr Majed A. H. Barakat Mohamed Sied Basyouni George Nicola Bordcosh Walid H. Chaban Mohamed Nouman Dahman Mohammad Darwish Khalil Dibee Mostafa Mohamed Elhag-Ali Omran Mohamed Elmoran Cherif Mohammed Faidi MEMBERS Galal Fakhr-El-Din Fetouh Abdul Hilmi Saleh Ajazize Ghorieb Abdcrrahman Guessous Mohamed A. Rahman Gwaiz Mohamed Tayssir Habbal Zafer Jamal Hashem Samir Ahmad Hassan Abdulaziz Mohammad Hokail Sa ' ad Mohamed Husaini Saad Jamal Soud Obaisan Johar Adnan Tajeddine Joud Nizar A. Kadri Mazin Fouad Khadra Omar Hashim Khalifati Youssef Khatoun Atlman Hammed Khowaiter Osman Khowiter Mounir Ali Mahdi Mohamed Deeb Mahdi Muhidin M. Majzoub Abdul Wahab M. K. Makiya Sami Faiz Masri Abdulla Mohammed Mohanna Sadik Jawad Mosawy Muwaffaq A. Murtada Bishara Awwad Naber Zuhcer Sami Nihad Hashim Fawzi Qaddumi Ibrahim Mohammed Rashed Soleman Saleh Robaishy Abdulrahman S. Rouk M. Hachemi Saada Izzindiddin N. Sa ' adallah Fahd Mohammad Saga Mahmoud Mohamed Sahtout Mahmoud Ibrahim Saleh Yusuf Rashid Samman Mansour Sehaime Abdul Aziz Abdullah Shnaber Mohammed Jamil Tannir Abdullah Abdulrahman Tassan John Edmund Woods Marwan O. Yahya Mosaed Soline Zamil IjBP . Front Row: Faidi, Ashgar, Yahya, Hassan, Arif, Mahdi, Chaban, Sa ' adallah. Second Row: Guessous, Sehaimi, Shouib, Tassan, Alharthy, Alomran, Abukhadra, Robaishy, Hokail, Saada, Rouk. Third Row: Naber, Masri, Tannir, Rasyouni, Saga, Khowaiter, Shnaber, Alkadi, Khalifati, Johar, Dahman, Samman. Fourth Row: Jwaiz, Alhag-Ali, Fakhr-El-Din, Ali-Reza, Zamel, Mohanna, Rashed, Woods, Majzoub, Mosawy, Darwish. PAGE 368 REAGAN LITERARY SOCIETY The purpose of REAGAN LITERARY SOCIETY shall be to further the enjoyment of literature of all kinds and to promote a spirit of fellowship among women at The University of Texas. OFFICERS Fall LIDA LACY EDMUNDSON CLAUDIA LYNNE FLETCHER CHARLOTTE HELEN WATSON ADA MARIE SHARPE BETH VAN HORN Suzanne Alexander Mary Margaret Barcus Hazel Phyllis Barton Ann Elizabeth Beard June Arleen Benner Darlene Bland Ann Singleton Blocker Carolyn Christine Bock Elizabeth Joyce Bourden Linda Breker Judy Lynn Brisbois Kay Louise Carrico Judith A. Coggeshall Mary Allwyn Cooper Charlotte Camille Daniel Mary E. Deffebach Patricia Sue Dillion Joan Taylor Dunlap Daryle Ann Echols Carolyn Sue Echols Lida Lacy Edmundson Harriet Ann Eliot Martha Posey Farmer Carole Gene Ferguson Claudia Lynne Fletcher Nancy Forman Janet Lyn Galeener Elizabeth Louise Gardner President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer , Reporter . MEMBERS Nancy Marie Garrard Rose Marie Gill Susann Gipson Kitty Gisher Carol Kay Godfrey Glenda Gay Griffiths Lyn Ellen Hammack Mary Louise Harborth Judith Ann Hickman Tish Huffman Lillian Humphry Gayle Johnson Beverly Koen Kerstin Margareta Lindman Virginia Scott Massey Margec Ann McClenahan Gayle McGinnis Karen McKinney Georgia Jeanie McLain Margo Meynier Gladene Martha Michel Linda Gaytes Milam Mary Morris Patti Oliver Virginia Mary Oxford Nancy Key Parks Connie Yvonne Patton Janis Gail Pettit Spring ROSE MARY RODGERS LINDA SUZANNE TDCIER CHARLOTTE HELEN WATSON ADA MARIE SHARPE NANCY KEY PARKS Sharon Elizabeth Pope Glenda Lee Power Eugenia L. Robertson Rose Mary Rodgers Rebecca Gail Rousseau Sally Christine Rundquist Carol Ann Sanders Suzanne Tiemann Seidel Ada Marie Sharpe Katheryne Anne Sherrill Mary Louise Simpson Beverly June Smith Mary Alice Smith Marilyn Svadlenak LaRae Swindle Carolyn Elayne Terry Mary Dale Thomson Linda Suzanne Tixier Beth Van Horn Mary Jo Ward Charlotte Helen Watson Maren Louise Westerfeldt Peggy Wheeler Mary Sue Whitney Bettina Rives Wilbanks Jimmy Dell Williams Carolyn Louise Wright Sue Ellen Young Front Row: Sharpe, McClenahan, Fletcher, Milam, Gisher, Ferguson, Westerfeldt. Second Row: Sherrill, Swindle, Michel, Cooper, Daniel, Pettit, Seidel, D. Echols, Wheeler, Barton. Third Row: Watson, Carrico, Eliot. Beatd, Johnson, Parks, McKinney, Robertson, Patton. PAOE 369 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The purpose of the STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION is to build a fellowship of students devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians. In this endeavor we seek to understand Jesus, to share His love of all people and to grow in the knowledge and love of God. STAFF Executive Director YWCA . Executive Secretary YMCA Associate Secretary ANNE B. APPENZELLAR FRANK L. WRIGHT H. REN KENT YMCA WILLIAM COOK FIELDER . ROBERT DEE WALKER JAMES HUDSON DUDLEY BARR McCLELLAN Mary Ann Allen Lcnora Betty Allgood Annabelle Ansley Beverly Ann Bates Robert S. Blackwell Major W. Bradshaw Charles O. Bubar Melinda Burkhart Mary Margaret Carlson Wilson Clarke Cook Frances Lee Cooper Sally Belle Cowper M. Lee Cramer Tom Crowell Dorothy Dawson John Rentz Doggett, III James Hudson Dudley Roger James Dunsmore William Cook Fielder Michael Scott Fry Mary Catherine Geron OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Executive Council CABINET Mary Lynn Gordon Roger Lamar Gose Charles R. Gregg Anthony Ray Henry Sarah Henslee Suzy Catherine Hodges Carole Ann Holmes Betty Marie House Glenn Curtis Hunt Robert Donald Ingram Bruce Elliott Lane Betty Jane Leatherwood Lowell Henry Lebcrman, Jr. Shirley Ann Lucas Carole Jean Majure Donald B. Mathis Eva Gayle Maxey Mary Gay Maxwell Robert Monroe May William Edward McCaleb Barr McClcllan Mary Kathryn Miller YWCA MARY GAY MAXWELL JEAN BURKE ROGERS MARY MARGARET CARLSON SHIRLEY ANN LUCAS MARILYN MORRIS Frances C. Morgan Marilyn Morris Emmett Hixson Murray Richard L. Nelson James Elwyn Neyland George Eugene Peacock Joseph H. Peck. Jr. Ellis Wynn Presson Susan Roberts Reed Rebecca Ann Reynolds Jean Burke Rogers Luther Edward Scott, III Sharon Sue Sears Judy Shields Dottye Rozann Shivers Tommie Louise Sims Gulu Sitlani Joanne Mary Sweet LaRae Swindle Robert Dee Walker Margaret Faye Yeagley Front Row: Bubar, Dudley, McClellan. Second Row: Nelson, Yeagley, Maxwell, Carlson, Henslee, Lucas, Appenzellar. Third Row: Gose, Cook, Kent, Walker, Bradshaw, Doggett, Fielder, May, Leberman, Wright PAGE 370 SYMPHONIC BAND J. FRANK ELSASS, Conductor OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Reporter-Historian Librarian Manager DONALD Louis MICHEL, JR. CHARLES HENRY WASHINGTON THALIA KARLEEN ROBERTS EVA NELL WISNER VERDA HERRINGTON JOHN J. S. LOPES, JR. FLUTE V. Louanna Burkctt Rebecca Davidson Mary Kaye R. Dunn Mildred Katherine Gambrell Roy James Irvine David Lee Pennington Bonnie Louise Smith Elda Ann Tatc Jeanette Diane Tate Mary Cornelia Varvel PICCOLO Michael Carl Stoune OBOE William Ed Davis Elva Ann Schietinger Charles Orlando Veazey ENGLISH HORN Evelyn L. McCarty Bb CLARINET Ramon Aguilar, III Nancy Jane Ashley Eugene Allan Calvert Charles Wayne Carpenter Joseph Harry Castellano Ruby Kay Davis Walter Louis Geyer, Jr. Amy Jean Glenney James Earl Hejl James Luke, Faculty Carole Jean Mulholland Rogelio Ramirez Gerald Kent Satterwhite Bill E. Smith Nancy Jean Sterner Michael D. Williams Eva Nell Wisner Stephen James Zelen Eb ALTO CLARINET Elwanda Sue Bourne Bb BASS CLARINET C. Nell Hubbard Eugene Evans Rhemann CONTRA-BASS CLARINET Ann Gibbs ALTO SAXOPHONE Patsy Ann Drury Jimmy H. Jackson Melvin Douglas Scott TENOR SAXOPHONE Elizabeth Ruth Johnson BASSOON Carolyn Camille Crabtree Barbara June Matthews John C. O ' Neill Alma Diana Perez TRUMPET Ora Rozelle Baker Bobbie Lee Bradford Wanda Sue Brown Charles Henry Chovanec Burton Reinhold Enquist, Jr. Joy Dell Grimm Joseph Gyetvai Verda Herrington Glendal Berton Laminack Donald Louis Michel, Jr. Joe R. Michel Thalia Karleen Roberts Henry James Schraub Clarence Doug Shomette FRENCH HORN Bland J. Fulgrum Kathryn B. Gould Bertrand E. Howard Mary Arnette Laughter Dean Mechling Mary Jane Strauch Gilbert Richard Thayer Robert B. Wade TROMBONE Sidney Landis Blankenship Randall Kent Evans Sammy Gragg Guthridge Edward Robertson Hewlett M. Robert Smart, Jr. Morton B. Stine BARITONE Sandra Jean Rayburne Charles Henry Washington TUBA James Harmon Cobb, Jr. William R. Grimm John J. S. Lopes, Jr. Robert E. Massey Edward K. Mellon Roberto Romo TYMPANI Billy Floyd Boyd PERCUSSION John Jefferson Comp Andrew Fono Walter Budge Mabry Frank Ray j| : Front Row: Williams, Satterwhite, Wisner, Hejl, Geyer, Glenney, Pennington, E. Tate, Burkett, Gambrell. Second Row: Mulholland, Ashley, Castellano, Aguilar, Davis, Ramirez, Veazey, Schietinger, Irvine, Stoune, Davidson, Varvel, Smith. Third Row: Luke, Sterner, Carpenter, Gibbs, Rhemann, Bourne, Enquist, Johnson, Drury, Scott, Jackson. Fourth Row: Matthews, Crabtree, Perez, O ' Neill, Thayer, Laughter. Wade, Gould, Fulgrum. Fifth Row: Blankenship, Guthridge, Stine, Washington, Rayburne, Roberts, Baker, J. Michel, D. Michel, Shomette, S chraub, Grimm, Laminack, Herrington, Bradford, Brown, Chovanec. Sixth Row: Boyd, Fono, Mabry, Comp, Cobb, Massey. Romo, Lopes, Mellon. PAGE 371 THE TEXAS SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS President .... Vice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... SEC Representative SEC Representative DAVID WAYNE FOWLER ROBERT LEONARD LYTTON WALTER GLEN URBACH, JR. R. TRENT CAMPBELL, JR. WILLIAM MAIER PETMECKY CHARLES JERRY BORUM JAMES DANNENBAUM MEMBERS Ayhan Aksoy Richard Whitmore Allen Billy Ray Arnold Macedonio Balli, Jr. Gilbert M. Barr Garland Thomas Bauch Surinder K. Bhagat Charles Jerry Borum Ronnie Dean Boyd James Edward Brewer Dennis Ray Bridges Raymond Dale Christian James Curtiss Cline James Dannenbaum Edgar Jackson Deal Royce Allison Drake Allan Louis Drewa Ronald P. Drewyer William Howard Espey, Jr. Catarino Esquivel Charles Leslie Eversole Daniel John Faour Edward Lyle Flinn, Jr. Alton F. Foote David Wayne Fowler Burk Ralph Frnka Homer David Galbraith Charles Floyd George Donald Oliver Hagg Vernon Claude Harris Travis Raymond Harrison William Holland Hinkle Merlin George Hoiseth Elmer E. Huber Glenn Curtis Hunt Richard Lee Johnson Karl Fred Kamrath, Jr. Cecil Theodore Keller William Thomas Kilian Darrel Owen Kirkland Richard Newton Lane Richard Gill Leard Daniel Edwin Leary Larry Leon Led low Author Dale Ligon Robert H. Lowry, Jr. Robert Leonard Lytton Richard Madison Thomas Rush Mast Ronald Douglas Matthys Tommy J. Meinecke Clyde H. Moore John Baxter Moore Frank L. Moreland Thomas Louis Moser Carl Albert Nentwich Arnold Wray Oliver Homer Jackson Overton Ramon Klugh Robinson William Curson Rochelle Joe Edward Schaefer Clarence Schiller Henry W. Schlattner Ronald Wayne Simpson Robert Earl Smith John Lewis Staha Ralph Paul Tafelmeyer Joseph Raymond Tacquard, Jr. Robert Whitten Torres Walter Glen Urbach, Jr. Harish P. Vora Donald Hollis Watts Pete Arch Wersal Lawrence Allen Wheeless Jarrell B. Wilson Erie T. Worley Kenneth J. Wunsch Frank Polk Youngblood Carl Edward Ziegler Front Row: Tacquard, Brown, Urbach, Brown, Harris, Phil Moss Ferguson, Franklin Beaumont Johnson. Second Row: Borum, Lytton, Wheeless, Schaefer, Leary, Fowler, E. B. Mansfield. Third Row: Faour, Wunch, Brown, Simpson, Oliver, Kamrath, John Sehested, J. Neils Thompson. Fourth Row: Bauch, Espey, Brown. PAGE 372 SOCIAL AND PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZA TIONS (Maintaining Houses) PAGE 373 ALPHA CHI SIGMA ALPHA CHI SIGMA membership is composed of men intending to make some branch of chemistry their life work. Membership is by invitation. Fall THOMAS FOLTS WOMACK THOMAS JAMES COGDELL BILLY VAUGHN KOEN . ARTHUR A. ULBRICH WAYNE EARL THUN PHILIP S. BAILEY OFFICERS Master Alchemist Vice-Master Alchemist Reporter Recorder Treasurer Faculty Sponsor Spring THOMAS FOLTS WOMACK EUGENE THOMAS BEYNON BILLY VAUGHN KOEN RICHARD FORD JACKSON ARTHUR A. ULBRICH PHILIP S. BAILEY Robbin Colyer Anderson Gilbert Haven Ayres Philip S. Bailey Henry Matthew Burlage George Homer Fanrher Bennie A. Ferrone FACULTY MEMBERS Richard Fuchs Norman D. Hackerman Lewis F. Hatch Henry Rudolf Henze David Mautner Himmelblau Rowland Petit Lester J. Reed Royston M. Roberts William Harry Robert Shaw Stanley Harold Simonsen Charles Gordon Skinner Roger John Williams Eugene Thomas Beynon, Jr. Charles Julian Brown, Jr. William McKinley Campbell, Jr. Finis E. Carleton, III Donald Morrill Carlton James Wheeler Clark James Russell Claybrook Thomas James Cogdell John Curzon Cooke James Wyatt Cowan Dudley Richard Dobie, Jr. Ronald Eugene Eddy Robert Sammie Edwards Jesse Lawrence Elledge Joe Collier Richard Oral Dove, Jr. Joel Hugh Hamlett Harry Gordon Harris, Jr. Robert A. Hermes Clifton F. Landry, Jr. MEMBERS Ramsey Wayne Farley Ralph Tillman Ferrell William Reavis Gardner Donald James Haase Charlie Hedgcoth, Jr. Paul Douglas Hemphill Richard Ford Jackson Bobby Jack James Ronald A. Jones William Robert Klingman Billy Vaughn Koen Allen Grady Lane Robert Lee Lawler Gary Lynn Leach Edward Oliver Leonard FALL PLEDGES Ronald Floyd Lee Gary Lee Lenderman James Barrie Logan Edward Knox Mellon, Jr. Raleigh Warren Moses Jackie Earl Payne Preston Kuhn Martin William Thompson McKissock, Jr. John Wayne Mitchell Joseph Lamar Mitchell, Jr. Richard Terry Morrow, Jr. Earl Mark Potrafke Donald Lewis Ross Jerry Ellis Rosson Roy James Spann Wayne Earl Thun Ralph Burton Turner Arthur A. Ulbrich Thomas Foils Womack Robert Louis Rester William L. Stanley James Duncan Stephen Carl Leslie Williams, Jr. Eddie Woodhouse Front Row: Beynon, Campbell, Carleton, Claybrook, Cogdell, Cooke, Cowan, Dobie, Eddy. Second Row: Elledge, Farley, Ferrell, Gardner, Haase, Hemphill, Jackson, James, Jones. Third Row: Klingman, Koen, Lane, Lawler, McKissock, J. W. Mitchell, Morrow, Thun, Ulbrich, Womack. CROW ' S NEST CLUB The purpose of the CROW ' S NEST CLUB is to provide housing and dining facilities for NKOTC midshipmen and to promote interest in the United States Navy and Marine Corps. OFFICERS President Vice-President Treasurer Work Manager Corresponding Secretary Faculty Sponsor . GRANVILLE EDWARD PAULES, III GEORGE DURDEN GIBBS RICHARD M. MOORE, JR. GEORGE RAPHAEL ROGERS J. W. PIEPER BERNARD HENRY TRIMBLE " rant Row: Moore, Gibbs, Paules, Rogers, Bryant. iecond Row: Pieper, Bachofen, Cloud, New- combe, Shuler, Mitch- ell, Spradlin, Woods. Third Row: Beidel, Bet- tie, Greene, Hill, Mar- ien, Creager, Sanders. Woodman, Langley. Fourth Row: Klein, Sal- lee, Koenig, Fortin, Hierce, Ayers, Most, Looney, Hamlin. Harvard Glenn Ayers Andrew Williams Bachofen John Michael Beidel George Richard Bettle Grant LeRoy Bigelow Vaughn Motley Bryant, Jr. John Weltmer Burrows, Jr. David Frazier Cloud Charles Chanceford Creager, Andrew Joseph Doherty, Jr. Samuel Coleman Drake John Richard Everett Lawrence David Fortin George Durden Gibbs Darold Price Greene James Richard Haley Royce Scott Hamlin III MEMBERS Kennard Frank Hill Robert Dale Jones Weldon Lynn Kennedy John Frederick Klein Rodney Curtis Koenig Rudolph Vince Krueger James Earl Langley Ronyce Cole Longwood Richard Glenn Looney Harold Gilbert Lutz Roger Albert Marien Joe Allen Mauldin Daniel Roger Mays Charles R. Mitchell Richard M. Moore, Jr. Russell Eugene Morrow Gerald Milton Most Eddie Newcombe Granville Edward Paules, III Wilburn L. Payne J. W. Pieper James Lacy Pierce Ronald Garland Rice George Raphael Rogers David Darrell Sallee Leslie Allen Sanders Curtis Ronald Shuler Robert Kennedy Speedie Louis Edward Spradlin John Allen Treadwell Walter Clark White, III Robert Edwin Woodman Donald Lee Woods KAPPA PSI NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1879 LOCAL FOUNDING, 1934 Fall LAZARO FRANCO LES LOPEZ DONALD FRED SENTER BEN L. GARZA WAYMON OTIS SMITH MICHAEL RAY JENKINS OFFICERS Regent . Vice-Regent Secretary Treasurer Historian Spring WAYMOND OTIS SMITH JOSEPH CHARLES STEINBACH JOHN MADISON ELAM HOMER ALLEN ANDERSON ROBERT RAY BARLEY HONORARY MEMBER Henry Rudolf Henze Carl Clarence Albers Glenn David Appelt Robert Graves Brown Henry Matthew Burlage Frank P. Cosgrove John Emerson Davis FACULTY MEMBERS Jamie N. Delgado Er Hung Djao Paul Frank Geiger Gunnar Gjerstad Vernon A. Green Wallace Louis Guess James Charles King William R. Lloyd Frederick Valentine Lofgren Luther Ray Parker Herbert Frederick Schwartz Kenneth Edward Tiemann Leon Otto Wilken Michael Charles Adamo Homer Allen Anderson John Charles Anderson Warren D. Await Robert Ray Barley David Eugene Barnett Fred Sinclair Brinkley, Jr. Jimmy Leon Burk Jose Rene Cantu Julian Rodriguez Cantu Frank Casanova, Jr. James Towson Coleman John Madison Elam Carrol Gene Erwin MEMBERS Conrado Garcia William Mark Garner Ben L. Garza Jose Ignacio Gutierrez James Geffrey Hubble Michael Ray Jenkins Lim Keuky Rudolph Benedict Klecka, Jr. Charles Leo Krum Bruce Raymond Laforge Barnett Lew Lazaro Franco Les Lopez James Beebe McCann Jimmy Dale Moore Anthony George Ogden Robert James Peden James Paul Perry Eligio Elias Saenz Roberto H. Saenz Juan Alberto Saucedo Donald Fred Senter Waymon Otis Smith Joseph Charles Steinbach Landon Wayne Stewart Robert Ray Varley Rudolph Nicolaus Voigtel James Walter Walker Ralph Wayne West Melvin Eugene Yarbrough Top Row: Adamo, Await, Barnett, Brinkley, Burlage, Burk, Jose Cantu, Julian Cantu, Cosgrove. Second Row: Coleman, Elam, Erwin, Garcia, Garner, Garza, Green, Guess, Gutierrez. Third Row: Hubble, Jenkins, Keuky, Klecka, Krum, Lew, Lopez, Lofgren, McCann, Parker. Fourth Row: Perry, Saenz, Saucedo, Senter, Smith } Steinbach, Stewart, Voigtel, Walker, West. PAGE 376 OAK GROVE CLUB The requirements for membership to OAK GROVE are evidence of good moral character, a satisfactory scholastic standing and the sincere desire to become an Oak Grover. Fall FRED NELSON PFEIFFER HAROLD ETZEL MCDONALD JAMES WILLIAM QUEEN MIKE PETER KERSEY . JACK RAY LONDON OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Business Manager . Spring HAROLD L. WARD MILTON CLARENCE SCHROEDER WALTER CHARLES GAYLE ELBERT DARRELL LEWIS JACK RAY LONDON Glenn David Appelt Jack Collis Bailey Dawson Dwayne Ballew Rodney Owen Beaty Eugene Thomas Beynon Jackie Ray Boston Allen Drue Branch James King Cole William Ross Cowan Buford Lynn Emerson David L. Fariss Allen Gary Fryar Marshal Kent Funderburk Walter Charles Gayle John Phillip Gilbreath Randy Gordon Donald Herbert Hazelip Jerry William Henderson Auburn Lee Higgins MEMBERS Don Wilson Jones Grady Parker Jones Mike Peter Kersey Charles Edward Lewis Elbert Darrell Lewis Jack Ray London Robert Devon Martin Harold Etzel McDonald James N. McGill Howard Charles Mollenkopf William J. Moore Eldon Leroy Moritz John L. Myers Daniel Wallace Norwood Thomas Michael Patton John Edward Pennebaker Robert Ray Perry Fred Nelson Pfeiffer James William Queen Robert Randolph John Criss Reagan Claude Eugene Robertson Harold Thomas Robinson James Edward Rupp Charles Calvert Rutherford James Butler Saunders Millon Clarence Schroeder Charles Brann Shelby Marshall Weston Sherwood William D. Stegemueller John O. Trent George L. Vitek Harold L. Ward Douglas L. Whatley Robert M. Wright Joe S. Yardas Richard B. Zey Front Row; Mollenkopf, C. Lewis, Fryar, Robertson, Perry, Yardas. Second Row: Bailey, Fariss, Schroeder, Gilbreath, Higgins, Gordon. Third Row: Rupp, Reagan, D. Jones. Fourth Row: Cowan, Wright, Henderson, Ward. Fifth Row: Myers, London, McDonald, Kersey, Patton. Sixth Row; Cole, Beaty, Saunders, Pfeiffer, Zey, Moritz. Seventh Row: Norwood, Stegemueller, Ballew, Pennebaker, Branch. PAGE 377 TEJAS CLUB The TEJAS CLUB was organized for the purpose of promoting good fellowship and scholarship. Membership is extended by unanimous vote of the members. Fall WILBUR RATLIFF CLEAVES . LEATON THOMAS OLIVER . MARK ELLISON WILLIAMS . CHARLES MCDONALD WHITE RICHARD CHARLES PRICE OFFICERS President . V ice-President . Secretary . Business Manager . Social Chairman Spring, MARK ELLISON WILLIAMS LEATON THOMAS OLIVER LAURIN C. CURRIE CHARLES MCDONALD WHITE JOHN MICHAEL GAINEY., Ill HONORARY MEMBERS Judge Olin Culberson C. C. " Jitter " Nolen Jack Holland William Charles Duesterhoeft, Jr. W. Page Keeton MEMBERS Norman William Adams William Deakyne Bacon Marvin E. Beck Benjamin Spencer Bradshaw Major W. Bradshaw Lorence Larry Bravenec Raymond Ralph Brown Thomas Charles Bruns Gary Therman Cheatham Wilbur Ratliff Cleaves James Hobart Cole John Francis Curran Laurin C. Currie John Michael Gainey, III Paul Longfellow Good Ivan Lee Hall Edward Robertson Hewlett Dexter Hill Don Henry Johnson Guy James Johnson Lloyd Cecil Jolly Dalton Lane Jones Ronald Kantowski David Andrew Kendrick James Donald Kniker Walter Budge Mabry Jimmie Rae McGregor Charles Travis Moorman Thomas Louis Moser Raleigh Warren Moses James Merrill Neel Thomas Oran Neely Bob Glen Odle Arthur Milton Odum Leaton Thomas Oliver Karl Edwin Olson Kirby William Perry Joe Thomas Powell John Keith Power Ellis Wynn Presson Richard Charles Price Marvin Alden Rogers Jimmy Louis Ross Don Earl Saddoris James Allen Schell Donald James Simmons Charles Michael Spain John Hunter Strasburger Charles McDonald White Mark Ellison Williams jffH SSgL V Top Row: Adams, Beck, M. Bradshaw, Bravenec, Brown, Bruns, Cheatham, C leaves, Currie, Gainey. Second Row: Good, Hail, Hewlett, Hill, D. Johnson, G. Johnson, Jolly, Jone s, Kendrick, Kniker. Third Row: Mabry, McGregor, Moorman, Moser, Neel, Neely, Odle, Odum, Oliver. Olson. Fourth Row: Perry, Power, Presson, Price, Ross. Saddoris, Schell, Simmons. Strasburger, White, Williams. PACE 378 MILITARY PAGE 379 COLONEL CURTIS THEODORE RICKETTS Professor of Military Science and Tactics DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE The Department of Military Science and Tactics, established in July 1947, has trained many thousands of students in Military Science and Tactics and has produced over 1250 commissioned officers for the United States Army. The University of Texas Army ROTC program has the mission of providing college trained officers for both Regular Army and the Army Reserve; officers trained today who may be called to lead tomorrow in the event of a national emergency. In a democracy, each citizen has an obligation to meet the call to arms as well as the necessity to provide for his family, earn a living, and participate as a citizen. A wise and prudent man shuns war but knows that armed con- flict may come from any type of international incident. Consequently, this same thoughtful man prepares himself to meet the challenges of our modern day living, become a better citizen and face this kind of emergency through the ROTC " on-campus " part of his college education. Army ROTC gives a student a broad understanding of the functioning and problems of our na- tional government, a knowledge of our nation ' s defenses, and upon graduation the Military Science graduate is better equipped to step forth into the world and take his rightful place among the leaders of his community. Captain Samuel J. Garrett Captain Norman Grant Tempio Lieutenant Colonel Edward Wallace Austin Lieutenant Colonel George H. Cornish Lieutenant Colonel Robert Higley Major Donald A. Fox Major James L. Henshaw Major Charles Gunter Olentin Top Row: Master Sergeant Hermann E. Shugart, Master Sergeant Henry Martin Paul. Second Row: Master Sergeant Irving T. Cutter, Master Sergeant James Willie Farmer, Master Sergeant George Benjamin Grace, Master Sergeant William Love Varnell Hale, Master Sergeant Tolland Olin Livesay, Master Sergeant Fred Elmer Obcrdorf. ARMY R.O.T.C CADET GROUP STAFF Front Row; Richard George Munzinger, Arthur Bcnton Cocanougher, Gary Chris Hitt, Dahl Marshall. Second Row: Walter Lee Jones, William Thomas Allison, William Vann Crown, David Otto Nilsson. Third Row: Robert Monroe May, Louis Richard Smith, III. Robin Nikolas Greene. Allen Gerald Schick. CORPS OF ENGINEERS CORPS OF QUARTERMASTER Front Row: Lang Collings Martin, Jr., Richard C. Jones, William Curson Rochelle. Second Row: Roberto Constantakis, Roger Terry Shaper, Jerry Dale Erwin. CORPS OF TRANSPORTATION Front Row: Grady Dyson Bruce, Jr., Henry Wilkinson Flagg, Jr., Thomas Gould Hendrick. Second Row: Victor Elgin Baldridge, Jr., Don Estes Bird, Richard Marcus Hermer. CORPS OF MILITARY POLICE I Front Row: Ronald Wayde Nicholas, Roger Dale Brown, Phillip David Stotland, Richard Stuart Chancellor. | Second Row: James William O ' Dowd, Jerry William Russell, Donald Humphrey Poole, George Benjamin Brown. Front Row: Cameron Herschel Gates, Norman David Jarrell, Jeffrey Hanson Hubbard. Second Row: Robert Joseph Finegan, Benjamin Nicholls Hamilton, David Garrett Cleve- land, Sterling Samuel Neuman. ARMY COMPANY FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Thomas Calvin Moody, Malcom Lang Payne, Jr., John David Grlssett, Jesse Jack Sedwick, Michael George Gravy, Jess Leland Stanford. Howard Allen Haberman, Justice Wilson Neale, Robert Baker Shirley, Ralph Jemmes Jackson, Jr. Second Row: William Tnompson McKissock, Jr., Leaton Thomas Oliver, Don Morris Deffebach, Abelardo D. Hinojosa, Robert Wayne Hughes, Delmas Louis Smith, William George Egelhoff. Everett Alexander Luckenbach, James Jasper Coker. Michael Wayne O ' Neill, John Collins Trube. Third Row: James Albert Trotter III, Oscar H. Cruz, Harvey Harder Toews. William Paxton Van Hoose, Virgil Raymond Smith, Malcolm James Bell, Cleo Jenkins, Stephen William Smolkin, Thomas Gray Godfrey. COMPANY FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Robert William Swango, Irving Taylor Cutter III, Gary Curtis Warnica, Richard Howard Terrell, Aubrey Lesley Price, Donald Gene Zimmermann, James William Barnwell, Glenn Alex Work, Donald George Coltrin. Second Row: Lynn Sandal Beeler, Gerald Glynn Crutsmger, George Richard Normand, Louis William Klingman, William Franklin Doan, Charles Moore Bard well, Troy Lee Idom, Jr., James Harvel McCuistion, Donald Harry Swango, James Aubrey Tumlinson. Third Row: Anthony Marie Truchard, William Clement Mattei, Michael John London, Dannie Lee Jones, Richard John Kocurek, Charles Hobert Owens, Jr., Robert James Brown, Harold Russell Joseph, Jr., Robert Miller Dickson. COMPANY FIRST PLATOON Front Row: David Carlton Eaton, William John Lyons, Jr., Lonnie Fogle, Joseph Lawrence Folloder, Mabry David Wolverton, Steve Marshall Simon, Morris Jay Engle, Robert Lindsey Tyson, Sidney Conrad Weiss. Second Row: Henry Leon Walker, Jr., John Carrol Vogt, Walter William McAllister III, Wilson Clarke Cook, Robert Austin Hatcher, James Allen Boger, Billy Bruce Niemann, Thomas Hood Herren, William Ray Robinson. Third Row: Jerry Webb, Jon Stuart Lasser, John Michael Kamcnar, Jr., Will Harry Wa Iker, Edgar Wayne Ray, Jr., Grady Lynn Fairbairn, Robert Wayne Whitis, Dan Shelton Gafford. R.O.T.C. B SECOND PLATOON Front Row: James Murray Eller, Herbert Wolfe Wizig, Robert Ernest Mangum, Jack Dallas Holford, Edward Lee Niehaus, Victor Franklin Wratten, Glenn Burke Musgrove, William Graham Mondshine, Gary Bob Peeler, Alan Glynn Abbe. Second Row: Michael A. Dougherty, James Carl Barborak, Alan Neil Curtis, James Hilton Hardie, Glenn Lee Hardin, Arnold Miller Reynolds, Joe David Ibanez, Pat English Clark. Nix O ' Brien Bodden. Third Row: Jimmy Gene Garner, Armando Rodriguez, Thomas Granville Gebhard. Jr., Vernon Warren Friday, William Parr Olivier, Felix Raul Garza, Louis Christopher Page, Patrick W. Campbell, Edwin James Gilbert. SECOND PLATOON Front Row: Edwin Lee Goff, Jr., Paul Andrew Wilbur, Donald Paul Meador, James Rufus Odiorne, Jr., Terry Robert Carl- man, Albert A. Taub, William Brant Doell, Floyd Richard Drake. Second Row: Michael Lee Molak, Glen Conrad Tolle, Robert Delane Maedgen, Jr., William Harold Carter, Michael Reynolds Pearson, John Allen Hall, Jr., Charles Lee Bolton, III, Harry Llewellyn Kent, III, Larry Calvin Nelson. Third Row: Bernard Edward Breihan, Eugene Baines Manning, Lyndal Ray Remmert, Pat Klaus, John Allen Cook, Jr., Harry David Dickson, Delbert Ray Wagner, Robert G. Musgrove. SECOND PLATOON Front Row: Charles Curry Wright, Jr., Larry Joseph Sachnowitz, Roger Alan Kerbow, Michael Mattison Kane, Hoy Newton Wells, Jr., William Paul Mettke, Phillip Laurin Gerson, Harry Mark Hermann, Richard William Holley, Robert W. Spencer, Jr. Second Row: Larry S. Glazer, Robert Clinton Ernst, Ronnie Allen Richie, Stephen Franklin Smith, George Frank Oatman. Jr., James Perry Cole, Robert Connor Bnggs, Ronald Edward Cohen, Robert Darrel Yoder, Dillard Maurice Chappell. Third Row: William Warren Brewer, Rojelio Perez, Mike Vernon Calhoun, Ronald Albert Wilson, Arthur Herbert Woytek, Billy Wayne Woodward, Don Michael Millsap, Owen Dion Gavigan, John Cathcart Melby. ARMY COMPANY FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Robert Pafford Wood, Clifton Hatcher McCall, Jackson McLane Tarver, Norman Boldt, Charles Warren Eiscmann, William Ferrol Creager, Jerry Donald Schwartz, Mario Gonzalez, Jr., William Leroy Stein. Second Row: John Turner O ' Banion Th rond Row: John Turner O ' Banion Jr., Wayne Wilson Clements, Harry David Pila, George Hooper White, Grant Arnold Adkins. " ' TV I " I 1 A " TV T " 7 " Jr., Frank Herlin Cox, James Odell Griffin, James Frederic Wright. Orrin Kepler Grove. I 1 I VI ' f f f Y ird Row: Milam Shelton Johnson, Jr., Donald Mark Feferman. Edward Byers Creager, Jerry Leonard Less, Charles Fredrick J J- J--1- J. --J- -M- rd Row: Milam Shelton Johnson, Jr., Donald Boettcher, Rayward Powell St. John, Jr., Charles Pleasant Gillis, II. FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Jeff Austin, Jr., Roy Brien Varnado, Gary Alvin Goldfeder, William Arthur Belt, George Lambert Bristol, Jr., Kenneth Dan Bailey, Travis Denors Bailey, Jr., John Lynn Palmer, Rodrick Warren Dennis. Second Row: Robert Lester Griffis, Thomas Perry Scott, Robert Kenneth Coonrod, Jr., Anthony Wayne Butler, John McCampbell Davis, William Warner Witcher. Third Row: Huey Leon McNealy, Carlos Frank Ellzey, David Polk Haynes, Lynn Blakelcy Starkey, Joseph Fant Grant, Albert Glenn Gonzales. COMPANY FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Derald Wayne Turner, Ronald Lee VanMeter, Floyd Allen King, Jr., Lyle Albert Brasfield, Leon Gray Briscoe, Edgar Hill Enochs, Richard Glen Wansley, William Albert Nash. Second Row: Laurence Eugene Linden, Joe Thomas Harren, Dan Adolph Fleckman, Billy Ray Dyson, John Earl Donaghey, Gunter Kimbrough Gaskell, Perry Stotland Fleckman, Everett Kinne Melby. Third Row: James Robert Elliott, Travis Gene Ansley, Joe Lynn Woodward, Samuel Ira Rosson, Jr., William Kcrnan Gayden, Robert Con way Houston, Eldon Lewis Jones, Robert Coleman Kottwitz, George Ernest Gillespie. D R.O.T.C. E SECOND PLATOON Front Row: Thomas Michael Cassin, William Leon Rivers, David George Allums, Charles Ned Goldberg, Hal Browne Vanatta, Anthony Girard Lozano, Morton H. Meyerson. Second Row: William Irvin Wyatt, Jr., Henry Morris Peterman, William Ethelstone Heliums, Jr., Gerald Robert Smith, David Isadore Kuperman, Albert Boggess Kimball, Jr. Third Row: Van Worth Robinson, Mitchell Edward Chinn, Larry Eugene Huckleberry, Robert Henry Ritter, John H. Coats, Will Hogg Greathouse, Jr., Thomas Weir Labatt. SECOND PLATOON Front Row: John Robert Kiltrell, Jerry Paul Dchlinger, David Clyde Tiller, Donald Ralph Hougland, Lyndon Gayle Knippa, Lewis Richard McCarroll, Jr., Jerry Ramon Laufman. Emerson Banack, Jr. Second Row: Benny Paul Tanksley. Charles David Bertrand, John LeGory Murchison, Robert Rex Robinson, Jr., Merritt R. Roberts, Tom Keith Meier. Third Row: William Green Hanshaw. Gerard Patrick Moran, George Rolie Dullnig, Thomas Allen Taylor, Charles Leo Bohon, Hal Freeman Simmons. SECOND PLATOON Front Row: John Kcnney Matthews, Charles Ernest Bridwell, Peter Bolin Mahaffey, Jr., Jerry Lynn Leadbetter, James Stillman Long, Jack Felton Furrh, Jr., George Willii Phillips, Victor B. Jaeggli. Robert Gist Knupp. Second Row: George William Swain, III, Samuel David Glassman, William Fleming Moreland, Wilbur Terry Stagner, Charles Graham Turnbull, Robert Elliott Watts, Edwin Walt Torian, Jr., James Rollins Bailey. Third Row: C. George Gaskell, John Paul Stevenson, John Patrick Scawell, Robert M. Wilson. Lowell Donald Buss, John Walter Dietz, James Monroe Kruse, Gilbert Matison Wyrick. lliam :ers ARMY COMPANY G FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Fred Bednarski, Jr., Robert Shaw Gaines, William Ross Laughlin, Robert Lee Pinkston, Clifford Perry Shankle, Jr., John Howard Palmer, Edward Murray Harris, Jr., Judah Bernard Schultz. Second Row: Alison Monroe Bond, Wayne John Gronquist, Thomas Hadley Nation, William Thomas Darlington, Thomas R. Saxon, P aul Thomas Pixley. Third Row: John Scott Hoeck, Nathan Fred Cliett, Philip Harland Shrader, Jr., Walter Excott Bowden, Jr., Raymond Miller Hawkins, Victor William Barber. COMPANY CONFEDERATE DRILL SQUAD FIRST PLATOON Front Row: James Robert Moffett, Charles Abney Cass, Lawrence Seymour Sondock, Thomas Lafferty Adleta, John Smithcr, Ernest Sam Teague, George Charles Kendall, Jr. Second Row: Harry Vaughn Bonds, Jr., Albert L. Scott, Rex James Spivcy, John Clark Hurst, Joseph A. Gluckman, Charles W. Monday, Tommy Q. Davidson. Third Row: Ferd Charles Meyer, Robert Francis Earhart, Jerome David Marshall, Jimmy David Bates. Henry Edward Padgett. Javier L. Celaya, Victor William Barber, Front ___, Michael Kamenar, Jr., Leslie Second Row: Kyle Winston Sherrill, Charles Frederick Eckhardt, Gerard Patrick Moran, Gary Alvin Goldfeder. Noel Windham. R.O.T.C. H SECOND PLATOON Front Row: David Norman Poinier, Thomas Graham Morris, Victor Amadale Driscoll, Kenneth Wesley Burch, Gilbert Philip Anderson, Dudley Leslie Knox, Nelson Fredrick Bippert. Second Row: Robert Walter Pcgg, Ralph Williamson Alspaugh, George Richard Polk, John Gordon Muir, Enos L n Li L. Ashcroft, Gregory Owe Third Row: Don Larry Talbert, C. Hamilton. iscomb. illiam Henry Quirk, Robert Allen Ledbetter, Thomas Harvey Minor, Thomas SECOND PLATOON Front Row: Arthur William Wenske. Tillman David O ' Brien. Jr., Phil Brandt Peacock, Charles William Little. Jeffery Lynn Hayes, James Russell McGoodwin, James Boyd House. Second Row: Alfred Edward Seddon, Thomas Jackson Morton, Warren Bryan Hart, Donald Lee Morgan, John Foster Pettit, Henry James Hervol. Third Row: John Michael Mills, John Earl Curry, Ronald Wayne Wiederstein, Newlin C. Herndon, Jr., Billy W. Bownds, John Robert Carter, Jr. RANGER COMPANY RANGER COMPANY Front Row: James Douglas Kazen, Henry Garcia, John Reiter Wilson, James William Benson. John Leonard Carlson, Glenn Lee Gossett, Ross Charles Portmann, Stuart Barry Robbins, Emory Clyde Stephens, Elias Perry Luna, Donald David Henderson. Gerald Lee Sewell. Second Row: Walter Bowman Littrell, Harry Don Ferguson, Samuel A. Wilkinson, Charles James Rosen. Richard Edward Thompson, Edgar Daniel Bailey, Jim W. Westbrook, Mitch E. Chinn, Wayne Winkelman, Kynn Monroe Cole, Richard Lee Henshel, Ray H. Wright. Third Row: James William Queen, Lloyd Anthone Geissen, Dan Henry Hanke, Vernon Ray Young, Henry Newton Bell, III, Wayne Maxwell Shull, James Sidney Hale. Raul Gonzalez, Jr., William Doil Hudson, Melvin August Horn. Fourth Row: Robert Eugene Glosson, Christopher Crow, Paul Gober, David Edward Howard, John Franklin Weeks, Roy B. Beene, James Robert McGuffm. Gary Lynn McKown, Frank E. Foster, Jr., Lesley Curtis Boyle, John Athol Herrington. RIFL EAM COLOR GUARD Front Row: Frank Edmiston Foster, Jr., Glenn Lee Gossett, George Robert Thurmond, Van Worth Robinson, Robert Connor Briggs. Second Row: Richard Carl ton Jones, Thomas Gray Godfrey, Emerson Rid- dick Grooters, Delmas Louis Smith, Master Sergeant Irving Cutter. Left to Right: Charles Frederick Eckhardt, Henry Oran Getchell, John Leslie Payne, Ben Sims Parrack, William Baber Wilkerson, Jr. R.O.T.C BAND Front Row: nt Row: Tames Milton Bruner, Thomas Oliver Profiitt, David , Steve Wilson Harris, Don Allen Roberts, Stonewall Jackson McMurray. Ill, Charles Terrell Speed, III, Barry Scott Irwin. Peter Phillips, Felix Paul Phillips, Paris Paul Gilbert, Martin William Nakunk, William Gilbert Fox. Second Row: Gary G. Jacobs, Gerald Jay Rosenberg, William B. Freeman, Jr., David Lynn Mayhew, Gary Lynn Wood, Melvyn Douglas Scott, Wilburn Lawton Payne, Charles Mark Britton, Herbert R. Luhman, Steven Michael Neuse, Donald L. Beard, Carl Lewis Huntley. Third Row: Willard Sullivan Presley, Steve Michael Newman, Jack Bennett Lee, Jr., Willis Lee Hassell, Gustavo Hector Martinez, Cecil Alfred Robinson, Jr., Emerson Riddick Grooters, Spencer Arden Ledlow, Allan Burnham Schmitt, Rogers James Seymour, Freeman LaSalle Andrews. PAGE 388 ARMY R.O.T .C. SPONSORS r Left to Right: Mary Jane Moore. Corps of Engineers, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel; Sally Virginia Bowers. Corps of Transportation. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel; Linda Jean Johnson, Cadet Group Staff, Cadet Colonel; Betty Joy Galloway, Ranger Company, Cadet Captain; Margaret Jane Blye, Corps of Military Police, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel; Betty Ann Rhodes, Corps of Quartermaster, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel. PAGE 389 DEPARTMENT OF NAVAL SCIENCE The University of Texas is one of 53 Univer- sities having Naval ROTC Units on campus. Since September 1940, thousands of students have received commissions as Ensigns United States Navy, or Second Lieutenant, United States Marine Corps. The NROTC Unit is composed of two types of students. Regular Midshipmen are selected on the basis of nationwide competitive examination and interview for entry into the Regular program which is designed primarily to procure career type officers for the Navy and Marine Corps. Contract Midshipmen are selected by the Professor of Naval Science at the University on a basis of local examination and interview for entry into the Contract program which is designed primarily to procure Reserve type officers for the Naval and Marine Corps Reserve. Midshipmen receive valuable training during the summer months when they embark on cruises of 6-8 weeks duration. Textbook knowledge is supplemented with practical seamanship and knowledge gained on Naval Air Stations, Marine Corps Bases, Destroyers, Submarines, Carriers, and Cruisers located from San Diego, California to Sasebo, Japan. COLONEL WILLIAM A. KENGLA Professor of Naval Science NAVAL ROTC STAFF Front Row: Lieutenant Richard D. Warren, Commander Ben H. Slough, Jr., Colonel William A. Kengla, Lieutenant Commander James G. Evans, Major Robert E. Parrott. Second Row: Lieutenant Junior Grade Bernard H. Trimble, Chief Fire Control Technician Ernest L. Wagner, Jr., Mrs. Eva V. Farley, Mrs. Muriel H. Plasky, Chief Storekeper William N. Smith. Third Row: Master Sergeant Leon B. Andrews, Chief Gunners Mate Lawrence W. Bowen, Yeoman First Class Edmond E. Davis, Quartermaster First Class James G. Pauley, Lieutenant Foy H. Bouknight, Lieutenant Rolland E. Leenerts. PAGE 390 SENIORS IN CLASS Left to Right: John Eugene Senterfitt, Charles Edward White, Commander Ben H. Stough, Jr., Harvey Keith Fahrenthold, Larry Don Knippa. SENIORS Front Roiv: Frank Edward Billings, James Lacy Pierce, Alfred Flores Cazares, Richard Maurice Moore, Jr., George Raphael Rogers, Larry Don Knippa, David Caldwell, Gene Beck Scale, Daniel Roger Mays, Everett Franklin Collins, Jr., William Frederick Hettler, Jr., Stonewall Jackson McMurray, III, Weldon Lynn Kennedy, Robert Donald McCullough, Ronald Eugene Eddy. Second Row. Charles Ivan Ashbaugh, William Kendall Adam, Harvey Keith Fahrenthold, Thomas Rush Mast. Berry Bruce Tolle, Curtis Ronald Shuler, William Edgar Miller, III, John Rentz Doggett, III, Richard V. Parish, Wallace Michael Mays, Richard Earl Holloway, Jerry William Schwartz, Rex Glenn Roberts, Donald Lee Linker, Roger Caldwell Henderson. Third Row: George Durden Gibbs, Jr., Joseph Edward Tepera, Lynn Richard Kromminga, Chris Nelson, III. Robert Charles Reinarz, Winton Forrest Scott, Jr., John Gather Sargent, William F. Joplin, Granville Edward Paules, III, Peter Robertson Buenz, Frank Bedford Jones, Jr., Ronald J. Finger, John Eugene Senterfitt, Weldon Woolf Hammond, Jr., Charles Edward White, Hugh Patrick Pate. PAGE 391 ALPHA COMPANY Front Row: Alfred Flores Cazares. Second Row: Larry Don Knippa, Charles Ivan Ashbaugh, James Lacy Pierce, Joseph Edward Tepera, Gene Beck Scale, Alan S. Beinhorn. Third Row: Thomas Rush Mast, Frank Edward Billings. David Allen Kay. Robert Lee Collier, Wilford Dale McCann, Sidney H. Smith, III, Harold Eichen- baum, Jr., Bill Horton McNall, George Gegenworth Rhine, Richard Woolsey Chote, John Frederick Klein, James Joseph Jaros, David Kiker Hughes, Joseph Hudgens Dominey, William Kendall Adam, Harvey Jackson Hewitt, Jr., Grant Le Roy Bigelow, Andrew Williams Bacnofen, Ernest Harold Pome- rantz, Roberto Lara, B. De Traver Ladyman. Fourth Row: Daniel Roger Mays, Dan Sewell Ward, Ton Edwin Ferguson, Randell Keith Whaley, Kirk William Wcinert, Richard Glenn Looney, Berry Bruce Tolle, Andrew Joseph Doherty, John Hammack McMillan, James Hulvey Bratten, James Eldred Lee, Bailey Lpvin Guess, James Richard Haley, Michael Scott Fry, Ronald J. Finger, James Franklyn Zinn, Eddie Y. Newcombe, Ritchie H. Reed, Ben Terrell Fleming, Benjamin J. Wilson, Eugene Thomas Beynon, Jr. Fifth Row: Dunson Newell King, Calvin Wayne Huffman, Philip James Albin, David Lee Williams, Lionel Whitby Lippmann, Peter Robertson Buenz, Winton Forrest Scott, Jr., Arno Vana Haecker, John William Todd, Lynn Richard Kromminga, John George Engler, Chris Nelson, III, Alton Wayne Ritter, William Martin Handley, Harvey Keith Fahrenthold, Frederick Warren Middleton, Louis Edward Spradlin, Malcolm Richmond Gildart, John Ambler Smalling, Dan Alden Wilson, David Lee Buchanan. Jr., Steven George Mecham. Curtis Ronald Shuler. BRAVO COMPANY 4 t II t 1 Front Row: William Frederick Hettler, J r. Second Row: George Raphael Rogers, Weldon Lynn Kennedy, Richard Maurice Moore, Jr.. John Eugene Senterfitt, George Durden Gibbs, Billy George Ekrut. Third Row: James Howard Bell, Jerry William Schwartz, George Alan Nugent. David Furman Riley, James Everett Weeks, John Thomas Dorbandt, Don Allen Roberts, Robert Donald McCullough, Benjamin Clyde Barker, Jr., Robert Marion Moore, Donald Carter Rutherford, Herbert Gayland Lyles, Harvard Glenn Ayers, William Blewett Chenault, III, Thomas Fenley Westerman, Everett Franklin Collins, Jr., Charles Robert Mitchell, Rodney Curtis Koenig, Gary Lee Simpson, Charles Edward Bonney, Eric Rufus Tanner. Fourth Row: Richard V. Parish, John Rentz Doggett, III, Fred Anthony Odom, Hugh Len Gray, Bruce Wade Nelson, Charles Chanceford Creager, III, Daniel Thomas Pape, Wallace Michael Mays, Roy Eugene Miller, Darold Price Greene, John Michael Beidel, William Eugene Joor, III, Robert Henry Schmidt. Charles Wesley Orr, Jr., Jackson Lee McDaniel, Richard Earl Holloway, Thomas Foils Womack, Royce Herman Hall, Donald Powell Cole, James Thomas Gibbons. Fifth Row: John Cather Sargent, Kenneth Randall Priem, Don ald R. Redman. John Clifton Cooper, Darwin Edgar Bremer, John Scoggins Hollyfield, John Larry Cranberry, William Franklin Joplin, John McPherson Pinckney. Richard Bennett Zey, John Allen Treadwell. Luke florrell Miller, Jr., Robert Milford Wright, David Caldwell, Richard Corwell Jennings, John Stanley Phelps, Thomas Eugene Petesch. William Smith Stakes, William Edgar Miller, III, Wynne Louis Creekmore, Jr. PAOE 392 BUCCANEERS Front Row: Joe Allen Mauldin, David Frazier Cloud, Robert Edwin Woodman. Second Row: Walter Clark White, III, John Michael Clements, Royce Scott Hamlin, David Darrell Sallee, Aubrey Marshall Bradford, Jr., Russell Eugene Morrow, Frank Mills Shallene. Third Row: Roger Albert Marien, Samuel Coleman Drake, Richard Eric Gallagher, Ronald Garland Rice, John Robert Henry, Rudolph Vince Krueger, John Edward Hesse. Fourth Row: Kennard Frank Hill, Kenneth Paul Breene, Roger Dan Rodgers, Robert Dale Jones, Sam Recompense Stanbery, Eugene Warren McWhorter, Ronyce Cole Longwood. Fifth Row: Richard Lewis Pringle, Edward Benjamin Perkins, Jerry Lee Funderburg, Gerald Milton Most, George Richard Bettle, Donald Lee Woods, David Edward Reese. Sixth Row: Vaughn Motley Bryant, Jr., Laurence David Fortin, James Earl Langley, Jack Lee Royal, Robert Filmore Gaskins, John Weltmcr Burrows, Jr., Harold Gilbert Lutz, Jr. Seventh Row: John Harold Perantie, Robert Kennedy Speedie. flr Nl HUGH PAT PATE Battalion Commands GEORGE RAPHAEL ROGERS Battalion Commander front Row: Rex Glenn Roberts, Ronald Eugene Eddy, Granville Edward Paules, III, Roger Front Row: Alfred Flores Cazarez. Caldwell Henderson. Second Row: Joseph Edward Tepera, Larry Don Knippa, Charles Ivan Ashbaugh, David Second Row: Frank Bedford Jones, Jr., Donald Lee Linker, Weldon Woolf Hammond, Jr., Frazier Cloud. Charles Edward White. Third Row: Curtis Ronald Shuler, John Sargent, Charles Edward White. N.R.O.T.C. SPONSORS Lejt to Right: Melaney Jean McAfee, Betty Jean Bland, Barbara Elaine Marshall, Bonnie Alyce Bryan. PAGE 394 DEPARTMENT OF AIR SCIENCE The Air Force Reserve Officers ' Training Corps program was established at The Univer- sity of Texas in July, 1947. This program, offered by the Department of Air Science, is designed to select and prepare University students to serve their country as Commissioned Officers in the Air Force. Air Science cadets are given orienta- tion flights in military aircraft in addition to excellent training in leadership and Air Science. Attendance at a Summer Training Unit enables them to experience living and learning on an Air Force base. When called to active duty, AFROTC graduates become pilots, navigators, or techni- cians in their specialized field of study. COLONEL WILLIAM HIGHTOWER SMITH Professor of Air Science CAPTAIN ROBERT E. HAYS, JR., CAPTAIN CLIFFORD WALTER HOUY, CAPTAIN GEORGE W. LONG MAJOR WILLIAM D. AKERS AJOR RICHARD HOWARD KRAEMER Top Row: Master Sergeant William Hartman Davenport, Staff Sergeant S. J. Hunt, Technical Ser- geant Harry Ervin Wachsmann. Second Row: Staff Sergeant Robert Nolan Parsons, Staff Sergeant Robert Donald Stephenson, Staff Sergeant Marvin E. Turnipseed. AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. GROUP STAFF Front Row: George Philip Kazen, Robert Pies Humphreys, William Louis Guyton, Jerry Edwin Smith, Hector Gonzales Sierra. Second Row: Allen Frank Musick, Gary Leslie Smith, Charles Joseph Vesely, Robert S. Poston, Hazel Karen Kincheloe. SENIORS Front Row: George Philip Kazen, Robert Pies Humphreys, William Louis Guyton, Jerry Edwin Smith, Hector Gonzales Sierra, Hazel Karen Kincheloe, Allen Frank Musick. Second Row: David Owen Swint, Silas E. Southern, Jr., Donald Charles Krause, Theodore George Leonard, Ellie Barton Underwood, Jr., James Lipscomb Ballard, III, Robert Clayton Falls. Third Roiv: Thomas Gentry Jeter, Jr., Robert Wilson Sudderth, James Donald Kniker, Walter Nelson Barnes, Jr., Stephen Clay Elliott, Jerry Allen Muen- nink. PAOE 396 AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. C SPONSORS Left to Right: Jo Ann Allen, Squadron I, Honorary Cadet Major; Jane Allison Allen, Squadron IV, Honorary Cadet Major; Eva Gayle Maxey, Squadron III, Honorary Cadet Major; Gwen Andrews, Group Staff, Honorary Cadet Colonel; Acia Lee Elliott, Squadron II, Honorary Cadet Major; Phyllis Marie Kazen, Orange Wings, Honorary Cadet Major. ORANGE WINGS Front Row: James LaVoy Branton, Wayne Fredric Aguren, Dennis Raymond Schmidt, Vanroe Maxwell Howard, Jr., William H. Mayer, Jr., Glenn Ed- ward Teer, Jennings Bryan Cook, Jr., Charles Ray Brown, Johnny Earl Oswalt, William Burt Cross Pittenger, Tomas M. Ramirez, Fred N. Bruton, Jack Raymond Hinson. Second Row: Bradley Thomas Jackson, Dennis Peter Tishlias, Larry Keith Brewer, Jack Collis Bailey, James Phillip McConnell, Wesley Victor Banner, Jerald Daniel Markman. Tony Troyce Bailey, Don Arthur Walters, Robert Lee Young. Third Row: Joe Shannon, Jr., David Alan Traynor, Robert Oliver McAlister, Victor Bowman Flatt, Jerry Lee Lessenberry, Richard E. Douglass, Mark Norman, Neil Brent Karlskind, Max Lee Spears, Robert Wayne Haile. Fourth Row: Carl G. Matthys, Daniel Wallace Norwood, Van King Reese, Charles Marshall Finney, Frederick Joseph Arredondo, Troy Don Ballard, Jan Hansen Garrett, James Harmon Cobb, John Gleason Jewett, Richard Kenneth Knapp. AIR FORCE SQUADRON ONE Front Row: Theodore George Leonard, Robert Charles Lee Robertson. Second Row: Robert Clayton Falls, Joel Gomez, Wallace Leon Hughes, Glen Porter Doss, Thomas Redginald Heard, Clovis Ray Hale, Dana Cooke LaGrone, John Joseph Stumpf, Clarence Wharton Cole, Jesse H. Marreno, Roger Karl Wilkinson, Stephen Clay Elliott. Third Row: Carl Alexander Foibrich, Jr., Ronald Mac Farris, Robert Lane Carleton, Robert Naviel Grayless, Russell Eugene Burns, James Moreland Chapman, Farrell Murray Smith, William Bruce Petmecky, Jack Edgar Reed, John Delbert Ruckman, Charles McDonald White. Fourth Row: Daniel Reed Brainard, David Weldon Cook, Morris Gene Elliott, Edward Coatsworth Chambers, Richard Reed Haile, Herbert Weigl, Jr., John Thomas Willett, Clarence Alexander McFarland, Patrick Greenwood Knight, Earl Leon Meurer. Fifth Row: Jan Howard Julian, Roy Lee Cannon, John Mark Hughes, Gerald Allen Garza, Lane Frank Harris, Mike Grogan Kirkpatrick, John William James Walking, James Edward De Sha, John Brett Kieffer. Sixth Row: Alvaro Garza, John Oscar Ahnert, Darryl Dean Otto. SQUADRON TWO Front Row: Silas E. Southern, Jr., Ben John Marcak. Second Row: Thomas Gentry Jeter, Jr., Eugene Raymond Bristow. Johnny Ross Mapp, Donald Anthony Mitchell, David Lynn Heath, Kennert Allen Pfeil, David Richard Tor- realba, Manuel Jose Barrera, Juan A. Vega, Charles Melvin Hill, James Lipscomb Ballard. Third Row: Donald Charles Krause, Ned Allen Green, Joe Mitchell, Jr., Arthur Cleo Moseley, Edward Martinez, Robert Louis Shaw, Edward Andrew Washington, Ronald Clyde Richards, George Boyd Pierce, Joe Ramirez. Fourth Row: August William Smith, Johnny Mack Kimbrow, James Aaron Purdy, John Bcnnic Krolle, Joe Larry Sullivan, Ted Jefferson Taylor, William Henry Eppler, Ricky Harley Darling. Fifth Row: Curtis Ray Rivers, Jimmic Earl Gasperson, Dalton Lane Jones, Alexander Rubin Dulevitz, Richard Allen Angeli, Louie Bob Davis, Albert Whitehead Meyer, Jimmy Alton Box. Sixth Row: Daniel Albert Naranjo, Sherman Samuel Washburn, Dennis Michael Givffre, Willie Watson Robertson, William Darden McFarlin, William Randolph Power, Charles Richard Reeder. c AIR FORCE SQUADRON THREE R.O.T.C. Front Row: David Owen Swint, Wilton L. Richard. Second Row: James Donald Knikcr, Paul David Couch, Jethro White, Ross Boothe, Jr., Crawford Allen Benham, Jr., Robert Phillip Adams, Raymond Dale Christian, Gilbert Wayne Belts, Michael Hearne Shaw, James Carl Hyatt, Malcolm Dale Harrington, John Knox Bowling, Jr., Fleming Cook Hobbs, Jr., Jerry Allen Muennink. Third Row: Willard Edward Johnson, Donald Burtice Baker, Ronald Buford Pruitt, Richard Ray Raby, Jerry Marion Graybill, Robert Warren Hanks, Joe Harman Johnson, Mark Hayden Nugent, Lewis Ferrell Carter, Larry Jack Edgeman, Victor Wayne Shawgo, Samuel Bruner Horton. Fourth Row: Paul Bedell Robertson, Jack Weldon Shelton, John Mayna rd Chapman, Robert Lee Clark, Walter Louis Janszen, Ernest Thomas Tijerina, David Randall Tennant, Russell Keith Brock, Jr., Rosser Jefferson Smith. Fifth Row: Gary Owens Todd, John Lee Henry, Barry Kent Norling, John Robert Dove, John David Moriaty, Luis Humberto Garcia, Richard Burr Stallcup, John Alfred Hopkins, Willie Potts, Donald Scott Griffilh, James Warner Kellogg. SQUADRON FOUR Front Row: Ellie Barton Underwood, Jr., William Robbins Hawkins. Second Row: Walter Nelson Barnes, Jr., George William Knebel, Paul Wakefield Keller, Gerald Morris Lacy, Juan Jay Smith, William Halden Conner, Paul Howard MacLean, Larry Gene Zamponi, Larry Lee Boyd, Terry Paul Wizig, Peter Flores, Jr.. Joe Eugene Maddoy, Robert Wilson Sudderth. Third Row: Maurice T. Akin, James Corbin Baker, Douglas Odell Bankston, Robert James Rawson, James Horace Justice, Robert Harrell Campbell, Jr., Richard Preston Breese, Randall Harold Boyett, Robert Arden Spears, James Ray Shafer, Chris Finks Cowing, Emanuel Murry McKinney, Jr. Fourth Row: John Day Curtis, Donald Clair Wood, Frank Joseph Ivy, John Patrick Hartnett, Floyd D. Herndon, Humberto Soto Cantu, Stephen Hayes Ranger, Jerry Leon Johnston, James Butlar Saunders, Ted L. Sansom. Fifth Row: Robert Joseph Windmeyer, Robert Lee Rigamonti, Linton Carvel Brooks, Michael Dane McKaughan, Robert Lyndon Veltman, Otis Claude Shearer, III, John Alan Beaver. Walter Gustav Mueller, Jr., Cecilio Gonzalez, Jr., Ronald Renz. At the Naval Ring Dance Friday, May 13, Midshipman John E. Senterfitt escorted Miss Maureen Comes through the Senior Ring. Colonel VV. Hightower Smith, Pro- fessor of Air Science, presents the Chicago Tribune Gold Medal for proficiency in close order drill to Jan H. Julian, an air-science stu- dent. This and other awards were made at the annual AFROTC Awards Day at Whitaker Field on Tuesday, May 17. Professor Arthur Milton Cory pre- senting the Distinguished Military Student badge to Cadet Joe K. Wells, Jr. The Air Force Color Guard. PAGE 400 Tke intellectual 1 The Main Building in, ' ntf. w. ' . i HONORARIES PAGE 401 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Fall MICHAEL EDWIN BAGGETT . JAMES RUSSELL LATIMER . JUDITH ANN HARRIS JOHN LOWELL CARRICK JONATHAN FRANK DECHERD BARRY WAYNE UHR HUMBERTO GARCIA Paula Gray Abies Lawrence Norborn Alexander Diana Jean Alves Paul Vincent Anderson Robert James Awe Michael Edwin Baggett Chester Horace Barker John Robert Beauchamp Fred Dayton Behringer Arvie Eric Bergstrom Charles Lee Bowden John Lowell Carrick Jonathan Frank Decherd Walter Scott Dwyer Howard Michael Arno Alfred Bernard Brady, Jr. Rosemary Corner Douglas James David David S. Alkek Joe Edward Blumentritt Rambie Le Briggs Richard Cohen Rex Walton Cole George Walter Cook Joe Helen Cronenberger Tolbert Porter Edwards Evalea Glanges Michael Spellman Harris OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Historian FACULTY MEMBER Marshall R. Wheeler MEMBERS Harry Jerome Eastman John Joe Estrada Eugene Gray Field, II Jimmy Lynn Fogle Humberto Garcia Thomas Richard Grammer Judith Ann Harris Charles Ritchie Kuhn James Russell Latimer David George Lloyd Peter M. Loeb David Malcom Logan David Spencer McDonald John David Nottingham, Jr. Melvin Ray Platt FALL INITIATES Marshall Drue Denton Janice Kay Durr Darwin Lockard Fielder, Jr. James David Hunter Charles Knox Jenkins SPRING INITIATES John Sloan Leonard, Jr. Travis Ward Locklear Harvard Lee McBrayer, Jr. William Edward McCaleb, III Robert Hughes Millwee John Darrell Nelson Constance Sue Patts J. Frank Pinkner Spring MICHAEL EDWIN BAGGETT JAMES RUSSELL LATIMER JUDITH ANN HARRIS DUDLEY DAVENPORT JONES BARRY WAYNE UHR HUMBERTO GARCIA James Stuart Robinson Warren Paul Roosth Ralph Russell Sloan, Jr. Larry Dean Spencer Frank Vance Terrell John Butler Terrell, Jr. Robert Hendrick Turner Barry Wayne Uhr Richard Maurie Walden Sara Ellen Walker Stanley Allen Weitz William Neely Whaley Jerome Stanley Wilkenfeld James T. Willerson Mitchel Wong Dudley Davenport Jones Betty Jeanne Parten Joe Thomas Powell Robert Elliot White Robert Henry Ray Harry Moore Rogers Steven John Senevey Robert Hamilton Smalley Quintin James Smith Gabor Antal Szalontay Edwin Jackson Taegel Doreen Nelson Tenney Delber Boyce Turner Wesley Sam Wise ALPHA EPSILON DELTA is the national honorary pre-medical society which has as its aim the binding together of students with the same interest, the encouragement of scholastic excellence in pre-medical and pre-dental work, the crystallization of any movement for the good of the student and the bridging of the gap between students and the medical and dental schools. To be eligible, a student must have a personality suitable for medical work, must have maintained an average of 2.00 grade points in at least 45 hours of work, 15 of which must be taken at the University. The students must also possess those qualities which will make them outstanding physicians and dentists in the future. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA was established at The University of Alabama in 1926, and at The University of Texas in 1929. PAGE 402 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Fall CAROLYN SAGE ALLEN NANCY JEAN COTTON HARRIET SCHOCH FAITH FORD HELEN MARGARET FLINN Carolyn Sage Allen Joy Jean Arnold Betty Louise Askew Linda Ann Bartlett Beverly Ann Bates Susan Lind Bowen Frances Ann Bradshaw Nancy Pauline Caffey Judith A. Coggeshall Peggy Ruth Cole Connie Sue Cook Nancy Jean Cotton Willie Lorene Coym Sara Patricia Devine Joan Dunlap Helen Taber Early Margaret Grace Ellinger Ellen McAngus Ezell Faith Ford Prudence Ann Gates Evalea Glanges Sandra Gayle Anderson Sharon Lee Anderson Gretchen Elizabeth Blackmon Nan Booth Sally Jo Bowmer Molly Frances Brasher Sally Belle Brockschmidt Barbara Lynn Brittain Jorene Elizabeth Buckley Jan Burkhart Linda Lee Burke Susan Lee Campbell Anne Herbert Cannon Judith Chapman Michael Jean Colton Evelyn Olene Cope Donna Rebecca Davidson Claire Dene Dennis Dorothy Louise Downs Carolyn Draeger Rose G. Elliott Elizabeth Wilbourn Eriksen Nina Frances Faulkner Susan Chappell Ford Marilyn Blackstone Hargrave Elizabeth Ann Hargrove OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Historian . Faculty Sponsor MEMBERS Gail Goldstein Carol Louise Hale Harriet Hinton Handy Barbara Jane Hughes Nancy Lou Hurwitz Cynthia Anne Huxoll Elizabeth Anne Jennings Phyllis Marie Kazen Geneva Anne Lanier Mary Lou McDaniel Sharon Lee McLain Mary Ruth Magruder Mary C. Mainz Marie Elinor Medina Barbara Anne Miller Patricia Ann Mitchell Margorie Dickinson Moore Jo Ann Neitzel Patti Oliver Sarah A. Predock Donna Rachel Richardson Sally Christine Rundquist PLEDGES Bobbie Ann Harper Lynda Lea Harper Rebecca Jo Hashop Linda Lois Heath Roberta Sue Hintz Barbara Kay Hopson Mary Katherine Johnson Phoebe Joyce Margaret Helen Juniper Sandra Jo Karm Jeanelle La Motte Linda Ruth Loveless Mary Arnette Laughter Sharon Lee Lawrance Beatrice Ann Luther Peggy Jean McClain Mary Janet McClendon Bobbie Jo McCollum Ann McGufBn Gail Elizabeth Mackey Dorothy Jane Martin Shirley Ann Masinter Beatrice Evangeline Marko Judith Ann Maxwell Gwendolyn V. Mayfield Renee Lydia Merrem Nancy Carlisle Newton Spring CAROLYN SAGE ALLEN NANCY JEAN COTTON HARRIET SCHOCH FAITH FORD HELEN MARGARET FLINN Patricia Wynn Rusch Betty Hornor Ruth Carol Ann Sanders Harriet Schoch Mary Virginia Schulz Jimmie Sue Shewmake Kappie Jean Smith Margaret Streckmann Ruby Lee Baldwin Struve Carol Ann Sullivan Leta Evelyn Taylor Lynette Taylor Doreen Nelson Tenney Joyce Ann Von Boeckmann Lee Paula Waggoner Jo Anne Walker Robbie Ann Walters Gail Weatherby Mary Elizabeth White Marcia Ann Williamson Dorothy Louise Wright Caroline Olson Sharon Eileen Ott Mary Josephine Parker Jane Henrietta Ramsey Esthei Mary Roberts Frances Ronshausen Elva Ann Schietinger Judith Emily Schleyer Irene Ann Schneider Anna Lee Scofield Ann Selecman Marjorie Lee Stansfield Maureen Jane Stedifor Nona Marie Strange Sara Jo Thompson Nancy Ellen Thrift Constance Claire Todd Barbara Jean Tosch Donna Kay Townsend Marna Susan Tucker Jeanine Ann Watson Sara Katherine Wells Jo Ann Marie Wessels Linda Ann White Judith Elaine Willenborg Susan Woodbridge Wilson ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA provides stimulation, development, and recognition of scholarship among first-year women of The University of Texas and encourages further high scholastic attainment throughout the remainder of their University life. Freshmen women maintaining a grade average of 2.5 in fifteen semester hours or 3.0 in twelve semester hours during their first semester, or a grade average of 2.5 in thirty hours are eligible for membership. PAGE 403 BETA ALPHA PSI OFFICERS Fall WILLIAM CHAPLAIN DENT FRANK JAMES IMKE . ROBERT E. SEILER JOAN LANELLE RAAB . GRACE EVELYN WHITTENBURG ROGER CALDWELL HENDERSON VERNA RHODES BACON President .... V ice-President . Faculty V ice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... Publicity Chairman HONORARY MEMBERS Spring WILLIAM CHAPLAIN DENT FRANK JAMES IMKE ROBERT E. SEILER JOAN LANELLE RAAB MILTON BRYAN HEALER ROGER CALDWELL HENDERSON DELLA GLOVER KING Clark W. Breeding Robert L. Phinney Jim G. Ashburne Ben B. Barr Leo Guy Blackstock Jack William Cashin Frank D. Graydon Robert Lee Grinaker Verna Rhodes Bacon James Morgan Barr Mary Elizabeth Beniteau Bob Frank Boydston Roy Edgar Box, Jr. William Chaplain Dent Etelka Schmidt Ferguson George Sydney Harrington Perry Oscar Barber, Jr. Milton Bryan Healer John Raymond Jordan Carl H. Braubach Lucia Sun Chang Kenneth Brien Dodds Lewis W. Donaghey George Weldon Graham Warren Reed Graves FACULTY MEMBERS Francis Barnes May Kalo Edward Neidert George Hillis Newlove Robert E. Seiler C. Aubrey Smith Robert Sweeney MEMBERS Roger Caldwell Henderson William Henry Hoffman, Jr. Clifford E. Hutton Frank James Imke Delia Glover King Seth Alan Lowther Kesree Narupakorn Jerry W. Neagle FALL INITIATES Bruce Walter Roberson William Henry Shireman, Jr. SPRING INITIATES Barbara Elaine Haegelin Robert Dalton Kelly Phillip Lee Mann Hugh Richard Motley Robert D. Myers Roxana Proctor Charles Wallace Taylor Wayne P. Tenney Cecilia Veronica Tierney Glen Albert Welsch John Arch White Charles Theodore Zlatkovich Harry Dean Perkins Joan Lanelle Raab Allen Gerald Schick Estelle Schubert Schieffer Arthur F. Vickland Shirley C. Ward Grace Evelyn Whittenburg Kenneth Wayne Smith Charles Cody White, Jr. Josh Henry Wright, Jr. Philip Daniel Rogers Jim Allison Smith Thomas Jefferson Taylor, III Charles E. Troell Harry Grady Walker, Jr. James Frederick Zrubek BETA ALPHA PSI, honorary and professional accounting fraternity, strives to promote the study of accounting according to the highest ethical standards, to encourage fraternal relations between professional men, instructors, and students of accounting, and to develop high moral, scholastic, and professional attainments of its members. Students who are in the upper 10 percent of their class and who also show promise in the profession are eligible for membership in BETA ALPHA PSI. BETA ALPHA PSI was founded at the University of Illinois in 1919, and the Theta Chapter was founded on the University campus in 1924. I v . i 404 BETA GAMMA SIGMA Fall EDWARD WILLIAM CUNDIFF DOROTHY AYRES EDMUND CLAYTON LYNCH William Clayton Lester Lum Colvert Jim G. Ashburne Joseph Kenneth Bailey Luther Lee Bailey William Hubert Baughn John Strock Bickley John Joseph Brosky Jack William Cashin Francis R. Cella Aaron Hamilton Chute Alonzo B. Cox Franklin Lanier Cox Edward William Cundiff James Clay Dolley Lillian Loyce Adams Maureen Allen Vivian Rose Baker Billie Joyce Bennett Gus Block Roy Edgar Box, Jr. William Edmond Brady Richard Lee Daily Edgar Hal Dickson Richard Leland Dietz Leo Thomas Donovan Nancy Jo Dyer Joel Cason Elliott Charles Stephen Filleman Alfred Fletcher Fitzpatrick Norman H. Fox OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary-Treasurer HONORARY MEMBERS Henry H. Dewar FACULTY MEMBERS J. Anderson Fitzgerald James Rudolph Kay Elizabeth Lanham Edmund Clayton Lynch Francis Barns May Kalo Edward Neidert George Hillis Newlove Charles Lee Prather Robert E. Seller C. Aubrey Smith Everett Grant Smith Burnard H. Sord William Robert Spriegel Harry Walter Stephenson, Jr. MEMBERS Mood Lon Gee Edward Marshall Glass Wayne Kenneth Goettsche Williard Lee Graves John Tatum Green Raleigh Lyman Greer, Jr. Emmett Nelson Hagedorn Sandra Kay Heiligman Bonnie Lou Schaffer Hoffman David Wingate Holland Robert Maurice Howse William Stanley Joiner Hubert Kelly Jones, Jr. Herrell Glyn Jordan William Nelson Kassen Spring EDWARD WILLIAM CUNDIFF DOROTHY AYRES EDMUND CLAYTON LYNCH A. G. McNeese, Jr. H. J. Stark John R. Stockton Robert W. Strain Robert Boyce Sweeney Charles Wallace Taylor Wayne P. Tenney David Caldow Townsend Stella Traweek Ernest W. Walker Glenn Albert Welsch John Arch White Albert E. Wolff Erick Walter Zimmermann Charles Theodore Zlatkovich Delia Glover King Francis Edward Lewis Roy Elmer Nelson Gerald Earl Niemeyer Joan Nye Neil Reuben Paine Edwin Willis Patterson Barbara Bramlett Peck Jack William Pollard Joan Lanelle Raab Irl Sigmund Sampson S. Earl Sansing Barbara Nan Wilkinson Walter Waylon Williams Edward Earl Wolf Richard Marvin Womack To encourage and reward scholarship and to foster high ideals in business, are the purposes of BETA GAMMA SIGMA, the national honorary scholastic business administration fraternity. Members of the senior class whose scholarship is sufficiently high to rank them in the upper ten percent of their class are eligible for election, and in addition, juniors in the upper four percent of their class may be chosen in the last semester of their junior year. The activities of BETA GAMMA SIGMA include recognition of students who graduate with honors, selecting the outstanding freshmen and sophomore students for scholarship awards on the basis of grades, and many others. Founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1907, BETA GAMMA SIGMA came to the University campus as the Alpha chapter in 1922. PAGE 405 CHI EPSILON Fall ROBERT LEONARD LYTTON DON McLEAN STODART ROBERT EARL SMITH . COMMIE LEON Cox . LAWRENCE RAY GREEN LYMON CLIFTON REESE Leland Barclay William Earl Barker Raymond Filemore Dawson Werner William Dornberger Bill Gorton Eppes Phil Moss Ferguson John Arnold Focht Zuheir Yousef Alami Commie Leon Cox Jerry Clarence Dunaway David Wayne Fowler Harry Lee Davis Charles David Gill Don Henry Johnson James D. Dannenbaum Jon Edwin Ferguson OFFICERS President Vice-President .... Secretary Treasurer Associate Editor of the Transit Faculty Sponsor .... HONORARY MEMBERS Stephen Gardner Endress Harry Newton Stamper FACULTY MEMBERS Earnest Frederick Gloyna Leonardt Ferdinand Kreisle Joe O. Ledbetter Hudson Matlock Banks McLaurin Walter L. Moore Carl William Morgan James J. Pollard MEMBERS Ervin Victor Grafe Lawrence Ray Green David T. Killen Robert Leonard Lytton FALL PLEDGES Carl Albert Nentwich John W. Pettijohn SPRING PLEDGES Richard Newton Lane, Jr. Richard Gill Leard Spring ERVIN VICTOR GRAFE BOBBY LEE MYERS DON HENRY JOHNSON HARRY LEE DAVIS CARL ALBERT NENTWICH LYMON CLIFTON REESE Lymon Clifton Reese Eugene Arman Ripperger Glen E. Rockwell Ernest William Steel J. Neils Thompson A. Anthony Toprac Robert Davis Turpin Francis X. Waldo Bobby Lee Meyers John Henry Sehested Robert Earl Smith Donald McLean Stodart Tom Davidson Reynolds Henry W. Schlattner Richard Lee Tucker James Albert Saviors Robert Carlton Welch CHI EPSILON ' s aim is to place a mark of distinction on those civil and architectural engineers who have dis- tinguished themselves by high scholastic records and personal leadership. Character, scholarship, practicality, and sociability are the four principles which form a basis for the selection of members. Membership in this national honor society is limited to those senior and junior students who have main- tained high scholastic averages. PAGE 406 ETA KAPPA NU Fall ROBERT MARION BARKSDALE . WILLIAM NEAL KOGUREK ARCHIE D. WILLIAMS JOE MURPHY KING . CHARLES DOUGLAS MOORE . THOMAS EDWIN OWEN . William Charles Duesterhoef t, Jr. Samuel Joseph Dwyer, III Burns Newman Gafford Robert Fonda Cribble William H. Hartwig Elmer L. Hixson George Hamilton Hopkins, Jr. Robert Marion Barksdale Robert Cesar Callarotti Jerry G. Cole Bythel K. Cooper William Lewis Davidson Doyle Lynn Davis Frank Nelson Barnes Troy Lynn Belver Thomas Sydney Edrington Jerry D. Erwin Charles Floyd George, Jr. James Rollins Bailey Richard Saunders Barton George Strickland Briggs Otto Martin Friedrich, Jr. OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . . . . Faculty Sponsor FACULTY MEMBERS Roy Rankin Krezdorn Alfred Hall LaGrone Paul Foster Law Edwin Carl Lowenberg Russell Eddy Lueg Charles Ellis McCullough MEMBERS Jarvis Duane Gantt Ralph Herman Genz Joe Murphy King William Neal Kocurek John Armstrong Krog Monty Ruey McMinn FALL INITIATES Clovis Ray Hale Charles Gary Heliums Magne Kristiansen Joe Travis Maddux Louis Scott Meharg SPRING INITIATES Grosvenor Howard Garnett David Grissom Henry Richard Mitchell James Hugh Seamon William Dent Simpson Spring WILLIAM NEAL KOCUREK JERRY DEANE SHRIMPTON MAGNE KRISTIANSEN RALPH HERMAN GENZ ROBERT CESAR CALLAROTTI EDWIN CARL LOWENBERG William Smith Mitcham Thomas Edwin Owen Harold Wood Smith Richard Thomas Smith Archie Waugh Straiten Robert W. Warner William Alfred Youngblood Larry Keith McPhail Charles Douglas Moore Kenneth Lee Oehler Jerry Deane Shrimpton Arnold Joseph Tucker James Edwin Wood Stevens David Ramsey, Jr. Charles Glenn Richie Archie D. Williams Franklin Udolph Williams Henry K. Woodward Ben Garland Streetman Robert William Swango Arthur Donald Travis Alton Wayne Whitney The purposes of ETA KAPPA NU are to stimulate and reward high scholarship among electrical engineering students; to serve as an integrating and motivating force in electrical engineering departments of colleges; to serve the engineering division and college at large; to aid members after graduation; to foster closer co-operation and bring mutual benefits to students, teachers, and others in the profession; and to advance the profession by contributing services of lasting value. ETA KAPPA NU elects its members from the male students of the junior and senior classes pursuing courses that lead to a bachelor ' s or equivalent degree in electrical engineering. Unimpeachable character and undoubted ability as evidenced by scholarship is required. The Texas Chapter of ETA KAPPA NU was founded in 1928. The University of Illinois was the site of the national founding in 1904. PAGE 407 ETA SIGMA PHI Fall STEPHEN METCALFE WINSETT MARY KATHLEEN SULLIVAN BRAUN CAROLYN ANN SEYMOUR GALE MARIE HAYDEN . ROBERT PAUL SONKOWSKY William Ayres Arrowsmith James Monroe Falkner, Jr. Mary Linda Hancock William Huie Hess OFFICERS Prytanis . Grammateus . Hyparchos Chrysophylax . Faculty Sponsor FACULTY MEMBERS James Alfred Hitt Harry Joshua Leon Philip Levine Spring STEPHEN METCALFE WINSETT MARY KATHLEEN SULLIVAN BRAUN CAROLYN ANN SEYMOUR FREDA KATZ ROBERT PAUL SONKOWSKY Kim Davis Frederick Growcock HONORARY MEMBER Daniel A. Penick GRADUATE MEMBERS Robert L. Johnston, Jr. UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Mary Kathleen Sullivan Braun Solomon J. Park, III Robert Wade Davis Donald Eugene Robertson Gayle Marie Hayden Carolyn Ann Seymour Frances C. Morgan Aspasia Tassos Freda Katz David Lewis Mosher FALL INITIATES Sue Frances Mueck Carol Elizabeth Barrett Sam Raymond Brooks Barbara Efrat SPRING INITIATES Jimmy Richard Ford Tom Richard Grammer Dair Lindsay James H. Penick Hans Peterson Clyde Pharr Oscar William Reinmuth Lynn Harry Neilson Newton Isaac Tennison Lloyd Westerfeld Pamela Westerfeld Stephen Metcalfe Winsett Sheila Gail Winship Janet A. Probst Weldon Burns Taylor Jerry E. Mann Henry Conrad Schmidt William Sims Thurman ETA SIGMA PHI is the national honorary classical languages fraternity. This organization is composed of students and faculty interested in the study of the classical languages who have qualified by their exceptional scholarship. ETA SIGMA PHI is present on the University campus as the Gamma Sigma Chapter. PAGE 408 Fall RICHARD ARLIN STANLEY . BERTRAND BENTLY ADKINS, JR. BOB GLEN ODLE OFFICERS Abbot . Scrivener . Almoner Charles T. Clark William A. Cunningham Gus M. Hodges FACULTY MEMBERS Wales H. Madden, Jr. Joe Malik, Jr. Calvin Cleave Nolen Bertrand Bently Adkins, Jr. Harley Ray Clark Frank Cloud Cooksey MEMBERS William Cook Fielder Charles Rebstock Gregg Robert Cameron Hightower Robert Elton Mims FALL INITIATES Ettore H. P. Infante David Andrew Kendrick SPRING INITIATES Kenneth Ray Farabee James Fred Hofheinz William Neal Kocurek FRIARS Spring CHARLES REBSTOCK GREGG ETTORE H. F. INFANTE SILAS EDWARD SOUTHERN Arno Nowotny Edwin Werner Olle John G. Steele Bob Glen Odle Richard Arlin Stanley Clarence Neal Stevenson John William Pieper Silas Edward Southern Joseph Henry Peck, Jr. Ralph Allison Shoberg Wallace Gordon Wilson THE FRIAR SOCIETY confers the honor of membership upon the twelve or less most eligible men chosen from each senior class or higher. THE FRIAR SOCIETY was founded at the University in 1911. PACE 409 KAPPA EPSILON Fall ELIZABETH Lou CAYWOOD LEONA LOUISE POWELL . CAROL ANN RICHARDSON PEGGY Lou SCHOMBURG . DELIA REBECCA SAENZ . MRS. GUNNAR GjERSTAD ESTHER JANE WOOD HALL Brenda Nan Earth Elizabeth Lou Caywood Jewel Curtis Janie Grace Field Anita Sylvia Garcia Maria del Rosario Gutierrez Elena Marie Botello Carolyn Sue Cheshire Saundra Jean Morrow Franton Jones Alice Elizabeth Ballard Grace Ray Davenport Judy Edwards Juanita Sue Graham Lynda Kay Gross Marilyn Blackstone Hargrave OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer . Reporter Sponsor Faculty Member MEMBERS Virginia Elizabeth Hadden Florence Gaye Laxson Almira Fidelia Martinez Ellen Margaret Miller Linda Mae Moody Leona Louise Powell FALL INITIATES Mary Ellen Richter Isabel Rodriguez SPRING INITIATES Ann Ellen Armstrong Annis Marie Minyard Bettye Anderson Moore Queva Carmella Palmo Peggy Jeanne Robertson Nancy Louise Rosenblad Spring ELIZABETH Lou CAYWOOD LEONA LOUISE POWELL CAROL ANN RICHARDSON BRENDA NAN EARTH DELIA REBECCA SAENZ MRS. GUNNAR GJERSTAD ESTHER JANE WOOD HALL Carol Ann Richardson Linda Rhea Riley Delia Rebecca Saenz Peggy Lou Schomburg Mary Virginia Schulz Gloria June Stokes Ana Maria Resales Beverley Sue Ward Pat J. Wright Roxene Kay Schweers Emma Jean Seeker Leah Raye Sexton Lillie Mae Thompson Ann Elizabeth Watson Rayma Jean Watson Charlotte Cheaney Yeakley KAPPA EPSILON, the honorary fraternity for women in pharmacy, was founded at the State University of Iowa in 1921. The Xi Chapter was founded on the University campus in 1943. Membership requirements include a passing grade in every subject as well as two " B ' s " above a " C " average. Membership is by invitation. Pledges are taken in the fall as well as in the spring. PAGE 410 OMICRON NU Fall SARAH ELIZABETH HICKS . PHYLLIS ANN WIEGAND KAY JACQUELINE SANDERSON LANELL CHAFFIN . ALLENE GAY VADEN Sarah Jane Ayers Gayle Moseley Browne Jacqueline T. Courtney Christine M. Applin LaNell Chaffin Dolphia Ann Dawson Anna Lorine Dye Carolyn Leggett Greenstreet Alice Virginia Huffington OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Editor FACULTY MEMBERS Billie Bishop Davenport Margaret Anne Eppright Dorothv Fehlis Greenwood MEMBERS Susan Irene Harling Sarah Elizabeth Hicks Lea Marye Horstmann Ruth Jones Mozzi Mary Lee Philippi SPRING INITIATES Mary Mainz Nora Marie Parma Matthews Ann Elizabeth Morris Spring SARAH ELIZABETH HICKS PHYLLIS ANN WIEGAND KAY JACQUELINE SANDERSON LANELL CHAFFIN ALLENE GAY VADEN Lucy Rathbone Josephine Helen Stabb Elizabeth Tarpley Kay Jacqueline Sanderson Allene Gay Vaden Phyllis Ann Wiegand Betty Vee Wilson Frances Ann Seelke Mary Katherine Vogt OMICRON NU is a national organization which has for its purpose the promotion of scholarship, leadership, and research in the field of home economics. Membership is based on scholarship, character, and the promise of future achievement. Members are elected from the junior and senior students with 75 hours of work completed. Membership is limited to fifteen percent of the senior class and five percent of the junior class. A 2.2 average is required as a minimum for mem- bership. Membership is extended in the form of invitations. OMICRON NU was founded at Michigan State College in 1912 and at the University in the form of the Upsilon Chapter in 1925. PAOK 411 PHI BETA KAPPA Fall CLARENCE EDWIN AYRES . MRS. OSCAR BROWN WILLIAMS LLERENA BEAUFORT FRIEND OFFICERS President . Vice -President Secretary . Spring W. PAGE KEETON BILLIE LEE TURNER MARIAN BELLE DAVIS Patrick Edward Barlow Linda Gaynelle Hunter Henslec Barbara Mae Leonard Jane Katherine Andersen Carson Alfred Bailey, Jr. Gary Nolan Matthews ELECTED IN NOVEMBER 1959 JUNE 1959 GRADUATES Letty Lynn Gibson Maloney Annette Maples Sylvia Mae Metz Betty Sue Middlebrooks AUGUST 1959 GRADUATES Joseph Nicholas Murphy, III Etelka Vernelle Ferguson Prather Dorothy Pack Miller Roberta Jo Nunn Jack Phillip Wachtel David Royce Reagan Kenneth Vance Smith JANUARY 1960 CANDIDATES James David Blackburn Richard D. Spangler Mary Hellen Simmons Thompson Margie Ann Vaden Paula Ruth Gray Abies George Paul Burns Lucian Carlton Carter, III Larry Don Knippa Theodore Berger Brunner Linda Biesele Carl Baxter Collins, Jr. Sandra Fonville Tommy Gene Goldsberry Robert Lewis Hardgrave, Jr. Ruth Hassell James Fred Hofheinz Rosemary Clyde House JUNIOR MEMBERS IN COURSE Martha Jane Mast Stuart Neal Pullen Ernst Ignatz Schurer Frank Bernard Slomchinski ELECTED IN MARCH 1960 JANUARY 1960 GRADUATES Linda Carol Lackner Kuich JUNE 1960 CANDIDATES Gerald Wayne Hudson David Andrew Kendrick Billy Vaughn Koen David Spencer McDonald James Patrick McGuire Leslie Jane Park Dixie Kay Pinckney Ervin Yechiel-Laszle Rodin Allen Elmer Smith Margaret Maurine Motter Tobin Fleetwood Warner Gordon David McLendon Emmanuel Herzl Smith John Paul Smith John Leonard Stanford Sara Evelyn Stinebaugh Myrna Tovrog Carolyn Williams West John Edmund Woods Betsy Roberts Young JUNIOR MEMBERS IN COURSE AS OF FALL 1959 Virginia Ellen Hill Crippen John D. Reichert JUNIOR MEMBERS IN COURSE Phyllis Jean Calkins Mary Blanche Fanett John Raymond Jordan, Jr. Philip Lawrence Sterzing PHI BETA KAPPA is the leading honorary society of America in the field of arts and sciences. Members are taken from the highest ten percent of the candidates for a Bachelor of Arts Degree and the Bachelor of Science Degree in chemistry, geology, and physics from any graduating class. PHI BETA KAPPA was founded at William and Mary College in 1776. The Alpha Chapter of Texas was founded in 1905. PAGE 412 PHI ETA SIGMA Fall ROBERT ALLEN VENABLE TERRENCE WENDALL PRATT ROBERT ALLEN SCHNEIDKR ARBON JACK LOWE . JAMES D. DANNENBAUM ROY EDWARD Box, JR. PAT ENGLISH CLARK, WILLIAM EDWARD McCALEB ANDY LYN HELMS . ARNO NOWOTNY OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer . Historian Junior Advisor . Senior Advisor . Executive Committee Members-at-Large Ex-Officio Member of Executive Committee Faculty Advisor . Spring ROBERT ALLEN VENABLE TERRENCE WENDALL PRATT ROBERT ALLEN SCHNEIDER ARBON JACK LOWE JAMES D. DANNENBAUM ROY EDWARD Box, JR. PAT ENGLISH CLARK WILLIAM EDWARD McCALEB ANDY LYN HELMS ARNO NOWOTNY James Pinkney Hart Harvey C. Allsup, Jr. James Harry Brannon Oran Brigham, Jr. Donald Brooks Carroll Gerald Steven Cyprus William Gilbert Fox Julius Glickman Russell Frederick Griffith Tommy Allen Herrington HONORARY MEMBERS Arno Nowotny Thcophilus Shickel Painter Robert Lee Sutherland FALL INITIATES John Mark Hughes Jan Howard Julian Doyle Darwin Knight Ernesto Gonzalo Liebrecht Michael Peter Loeb Thomas Benton Lyda Donald Paul Meador John Eugene Middlebrooks, II Larry Tate Nierth, Jr. Michael Wayne O ' Neill SPRING INITIATES Elbert Lynn Rainwater James Charles Rayburn John Waltham Rutland, III Kavous Sadeghian William Carl Shockley, Jr. Robert Ray Varley Harvey Lee Vinson George Searcy Watson Reginald Edward Watson, Jr. Robert Harry Akin James Carl Akins William Thomas Allison, Jr. Alvis Layton Barrier, Jr. Jimmy David Bates Jimmy Mack Bilger Frederic Allen Bittner James Richard Boatright George Eugene Bones, Jr. Don Sterling Boyer Paul Claunch Brindley Robert Charles Bush Foy Leon Campbell, Jr. Jack Loring Cargill, Jr. Bobby Glenn Casbeer Charles Harrison Casey Allen Childs Joseph Robert Cleveland Bruce Wayne Coggin Ronald Dennis Cohen Mack Elbert Coker Kynn Monroe Cole James Albert Cox, Jr. Randle Robert Craft, Jr. Robert Allen Crenshaw Michael Dale Cropper Noel Thomas Curb Charles Randolph Curson Ronald Vaughn Davidge James William Decherd Larry Gene Dossey Robert Dean Earp Ronald David Eastman James Daniel Finley, III Carl Hanson FitzGerald Dan Adolph Fleckman Pedro Garcia Nicholas John Giannukos Dennis Michael Giuffre Jimmy Horton Graham Charles Lewis Grimes Robert Olvin Gross Mohamed A. Rahman Gwaiz Dan Henry Hanke Robert Warren Hanks Gary Lynn Harter Don Hatchett John Wells Holcombe Willis Housewright Robert LeRoy Johns Joie Pierce Jones Lenoir Moody Josey James Horace Justice Dunson Newell King, Jr. Selmer Standley King Aaron Leo Kreisler Gilbert David Kulick Michael Jay Kuper James Earl Langley Roberto Lara Bert Gentry Lee Carroll Tim Leech Edward Dewitt Liles Gregory Owen Lipscomb Kenneth Lee Long Jack Edward Loveless David Heron Loyd, Jr. Robert Louis Lyle Daniel Glenn Mackey Walter Williams McAllister, III Kenneth Dale Mcllroy William Edward Mclnnis Donald Lee McLaurin, Jr. Jerry Richard Meyers James Royce Miller Charles Woodward Monday, Jr. Michael Mosesman Thomas Wayne Muecke Ivy Milton Nixon Barry Kent Norling George Frank Oatman, Jr. Joel Leslie O ' Connor James Lemuel Park Joseph Ira Parrack Michael Reynolds Pearson Thomas William Pearson Louis Elliott Pflughaupt James Barney Phillips William Lucas Pickles Richard Lee Pitzer Douglas Steven Prensner Kenneth Randall Priem Charles David Ray Don Lynn Renfro Albert Harry Richardson Dennis Fred Ripple Harold H. Rogers Philip Low Russell Gerald Kent Satterwhitc Allen Burnham Schmitt Charles Allen Schuhmacker Richard Merle Scott Roger Frederick Scott William Edward Sherman Jerry Christopher Smith Rosser Jefferson Smith, III Rex Gale Stanford James Howard Stephens James Taylor Stinnett, Jr. Jackie Lee Stone Robert Mills Tandy Al F. Tasch, Jr. Fred Walter Thies Ottah Allen Thiher, Jr. Lawrence Hadley Thompson Richard Edward Thompson Saul Generoso Trevino Joseph Edgar Truchard Charles Roberts Tupper, Jr. Charles Erwin Tyler Dclbcrt Ray Wagner Robert Charles Welch George Wells Alfred Earl White, Jr. Stephen Travis White William Darrell Willerson Peter Christian Williams William George Wilson Terry Paul Wizig Gary Lynn Wood Robert Morris Woodall Billy Wayne Woodward Jimmie Nathan Woolen Daniel Suen-Luen Wu Larry Parish York Arlen Ray Zander Gary Allen Zelazny PHI ETA SIGMA is the national honorary scholastic fraternity for freshman men who, in the first semester or the equivalent of that, maintain a scholastic average of at least 2.5 points per semester hour in at least twelve hours of work. Freshmen failing to qualify their first semester may become eligible at the completion of a minimum of 24 semester hours of work if they maintain a 2.5 average. PHI ETA SIGMA was founded at the University of Illinois in 1923 and at the University in 1931. Only Fall 1959 and Spring 1960 initiates are listed. Officers are elected from the 1958 and 1959 initiates. PAGE 413 PI DELTA PHI Fall MARIA ANTONIETA MEDINA WILLIAM DAVIS ANDERSON COLETTE RENEE LsBouRG ELSA SPEEDBY . ROBERT NEAL MAISEL GEORGES-PAUL COLLET . OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Member at Large Faculty Sponsor . Spring MARIA ANTONIETA MEDINA WILLIAM DAVIS ANDERSON COLETTE RENEE LEBOURG ELSA SPEEDBY ROBERT NEAL MAISEL GEORGES-PAUL COLLET FACULTY MEMBERS Theodore Anderson E. Truett Book Jean D. Bundy Jean Daniel Charron Georges-Paul Collet Lancaster E. Dabney Madeleine Marie- Anne Derdeyn- Joseph Ernest F. Haden Walter Hayden Lawrence Luba Senkevitch Laws Raphael Levy Jean Malaquais Ann Wendy Preston Albert Donald Sellstrom Robert Whitney Shattuck Mrs. Linwood Shivers James Francis Miller Stephens Jr. Carl Albin Swanson Chavarche Tchalekian Katherine Ernestine Wheatley Lucile de Nevers Williams Patricia Louise Abraham William Davis Anderson Linda Biesele James Eugene Blackburn Carolyn Christine Bock Jeannette Lee Butte Margaret Elizabeth Caldwell Carolyn Cantwell Sue J. Chessher Margaret Jean Chittenden Robert Lewis Coffey Nina Cooper Edward A. Cowan Mary Laura Crutcher Ann Carroll Deupree Patricia Sue Dillon Jerry Lynn Dodd David Trippe Garza Roel Garza Karolyn Kay Cranberry Elmer Richard Gregory, Jr. Bill Gurka MEMBERS William Thomas Hall Carla M. Harbold Charline Hawthorne Peggy Lou Healy Joyce Ray Johnson Mary Carolyn Johnson Rosaire Oscar Lacroix Colette Renee LeBourg Adelaida Lopez-Buenano Martha Cardwell Maisel Robert Neal Maisel Agnes Catherine Manion Martha Jane Mast Mary Lou McDaniel Gordon David McLendon Maria Antonieta Medina Maria Elinor Medina Frances C. Morgan Robert Clark Pendleton Ewart Eugene Phillips Cynthia Anne Powell Nancy Jane Ray Joy Rea Donna Rachel Richardson Erwin Y. Rodin Sarah Rodin Judith Hannah Rosner Jacqueline Shapiro Linda Elaine Shiflet B. Carolyn Siptak Frank Herbert Smyrl Sandra DeVoe Snavely Elsa Speedby Patricia Lu Speer Dorothy Ann Stroud Lynn Terrell Anne Thomas George Ligon Thomas Harlen Gearry Thornton Sara Ellen Walker Virginia Anne Walker Ernest S. Wells John Edmund Woods PI DELTA PHI is the national honorary French fraternity whose members must have maintained a " B ' ' average in at least twelve hours of French and must also be registered for at least one junior course. The candidate for membership must also have maintained an overall " B " average. The Rho chapter was founded on the University campus in 1941. The University of California at Berkeley was the site of the original founding in 1906. PAGE 414 PI OMEGA PI Fall Jo ANN WATKINS . NELWYN IRENE DELANEY DORIS ANN MOORE . CAROL ANN TANKSLEY . NANCY Jo DYER Royce Lynwood Abrahamson A. Faborn Etier Nelda Carola Garcia Norma Jean Anderson Jan Bredt Patricia Byars Julianne Grain Linda D ' Arcy Nelwyn Irene DeLaney Nancy Jo Dyer Linda Lee Fields Paula Pearl Finneburg Betty E. S. Gipson Elizabeth Anne Gooden Molly Ann Brooks Carol Lisbeth Cole OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer . Historian FACULTY MEMBERS Ethel Hale Loy Elvin Prickett Vivian Yancy Simmons Anna Marie Stengel MEMBERS Dawn Marie Hendrix Janis Jones Herren Rose Marie Kerry Kitty Kessler Pattye Jayne Kiecke Twila Wanda Kieke Sylvia Anne Lacey Billie Little Myrna Beth McGuire Sylvia Jane Meyer Frankie Jean Mills SPRING PLEDGES Ruth Davis Marie Frieda Fehmer Kay Francis Morgenroth Spring EVELYN BARRON ROBINSON MYRNA BETH McGuiRE SYLVIA JANE MEYER LINDA LEE FIELDS KITTY KESSLER Mary Lou Street Marie M. Whittle Lola Dawkins Doris Ann Moore Barbara Bramlett Peck Mary Jo Poston Evelyn Barren Robinson Marvel Ann Skaggs Carol Ann Tanksley Nancy Ann Tyler Sandra Lee Vail Jo Ann Watkins L. Evelyn Weir Alan Dean Thompson Doris Azell Wellborn PI OMEGA PI is a national honorary business education fraternity. Members are chosen on their scholarship, with a 2.0 average required in business and education courses, and an overall 1.0 average in all other work. Activities of the fraternity include an all-day workshop for secretaries in the Austin area; participation in BBA Week, and dis- cussions on current business trends and the preparation of students for success in business. The Gamma Omega Chapter of PI OMEGA PI was formed on The University of Texas campus in 1955. North- east Missouri State Teachers College was the site of the original founding in 1923. PAGE 415 PI TAU SIGMA Fall STUART D. KERSHNER J. D. HELM . DAVID O. SWINT . JERRY WEST CRAIG RICHARD EARL HOLLOWAY Jimmy Howard Akin Emmett Albrecht William Deakyne Bacon, Jr. Richard L. Barren Don Barry Charter Cecil Bishop, Jr. Ronnie Dean Boyd Herbert Dale Carver Chi-Hsien Chiang James Curtiss Cline Eugene R. Conde Charles Peak Cook Jerry West Craig Verlin Ellis Dugat James McKinley Eckhart James B. Frazier, Jr. Charles Gallishaw Gary D. Aguren Jimmy V. Boyer Robert S. Briggs, Jr. OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer HONORARY MEMBER Munir R. El-Soden MEMBERS Phillip Ray Gray, Jr. William Louis Guyton Jesse Berman Hall, Jr. George B. Hamilton Harry C. Hardee, Jr. Charles W. Harvey J. D. Helm Richard Earl Holloway Frank Roderick Keith David Andrew Kendrick Stuart D. Kershner Kenneth Don King George William Knebel Richard E. Kothman Raymond David Krieg Wesley Ben Kuenemann Carl Gottlieb Lanerner SPRING INITIATES Charles Edward Hasty David Carrington Lancaster Roscoe Lee Thomas Louis Moser Spring CHARLES PEAK COOK JOHN DAVID MORELL PHILIP LLEWELLYN STANTON THOMAS RUSH MAST RICHARD EARL HOLLOWAY Robert Rooker Luke Thomas Rush Mast Harry T. Mei John Mark Michaels Raymond G. Mitchell John David Morell Michael Dean Reifel Albert P. Richter, Jr. Don Shane Robinson Cecil Ray Shearer Philip Llewellyn Stanton David O. Swint Byron Dean Tapley Ralph F. Walker John Hill Watts, III John Westover Vernon Boyd Wielkens Robert Glen Musgrove Julian Suez Jimmy Franklin Thompson PI TAU SIGMA is the honorary mechanical engineering fraternity. Membership is limited to those mechanical engineering juniors and seniors who have maintained a high scholastic rating. Integrity and leadership qualities are also considered. The Texas Chapter of PI TAU SIGMA was founded in 1931; the original founding took place in 1915. PAGE 416 Fall DONALD FRED SENTER FLORENCE GAYE LAXSON ROBERT GRAVES BROWN CARL CLARENCE ALBERS ROBERT GRAVES BROWN Walter Dickson Adams Eugene M. Caskey Carl Clarence Albers Robert Graves Brown Henry Matthew Burlage Frank Peter Cosgrove John Emerson Davis Jaime N. Delgado Glenn David Appelt Barry Welch Blackmon William Donald Frierson Paul Frank Geiger Carey Wayne Golaz Victor Louis Novak OFFICERS President . . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Historian Faculty Sponsor . HONORARY MEMBERS Walter Cousins, Jr. Walter Tell Garbade FACULTY MEMBERS Er Hung Djao William Francis Gidley Gunnar Gjerstad Vernon Albert Green Wallace Louis Guess Esther Jane Wood Hall William Reese Lloyd MEMBERS James Charles King James Monroe Klatt Florence Gaye Laxson Lawrence Ralph Menconi SPRING INITIATES Eugene Nolly Robinson RHO CHI Spring CAREY WAYNE GOLAZ FLORENCE GAVE LAXSON ROBERT GRAVES BROWN CARL CLARENCE ALBERS ROBERT GRAVES BROWN T. A. Lambert Shine Earl Philips Frederick Valentine Lofgren Joseph Ruben Moreno William Rust Neville, Jr. Herbert Frederick Schwartz, II Kenneth Edward Tiemann Leon Otto Wilken, Jr. Maynard L. Miller Donald Fred Senter Landon Wayne Stewart Ralph Wayne West Don Wong Peggy Lou Schomburg RHO CHI is the national honorary pharmaceutical association which has for its objective the promotion of scholarship, friendship, and the recognition of high attainments in the pharmaceutical sciences. Undergraduate students of pharmacy who are in the upper twenty percent of their class and have maintained an average of " B " are eligible. Candidates must also have completed sixty percent of the curriculum. RHO CHI was founded at the University of Michigan in 1922. The Nu Chapter was founded at the University in 1929. PACE 417 SIGMA IOTA EPSILON Fall ROBERT GEORGE WALL . ARNOLD SEALS HOOKS, JR. . JOSEPH CHARLES FONTANA JUDSON NEFF .... EDWIN WILSON MUMMA H. E. Chiles, Jr. Morgan J. Davis J. Anderson Fitzgerald Lillian M. Gilbreath Joseph Kenneth Bailey Luther Lee Bailey Orville H. Gibson Emery Jean Hebert Jack Holland Virgil Albert James Keith Kohn Cox Joseph Charles Fontana George Mason Adkins Satyakar Nath Agrawal Travis Gene Ansley John Leroy Coble, II Louis William DeMoss Irving LaRue Denton Herbert Wesley Hurn Hilmar H. Kuebel, Jr. Sandra Jean Meier OFFICERS President .... V ice-President Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Sponsor Associate Faculty Sponsor HONORARY MEMBERS Patrick E. Haggerty Ernest L. Kurth L. F. McCollum Spring RICHARD DONALD LICHTWARDT BEN R. OGLETREE GEORGE MASON ADKINS EDWIN WILSON MUMMA EDMUND CLAYTON LYNCH Clint W. Murchison William Robert Spriegel J. T. Suggs Major General Clements McMulIen Donald Williamson FACULTY MEMBERS Elizabeth Lanham Edmund Clayton Lynch Melvin Eugene McMichael John Michel Edwin Wilson Mumma Judson Neff William Thrift Newell MEMBERS Roy Duane Harris FALL INITIATES Warren R. Graves Charles Harter, III Victor B. Jaeggli SPRING INITIATES Clint L. Miller, Jr. Vernon Robert Porter Maurice Pate Rehm Ronald Richert Evzan Sailer John Hobson Stubbs Kenneth William Olm Seward Eliot Robb Burnard H. Sord William Robert Spriegel Harry W. Stephenson Wilfred H. Watson Arnold Seals Hooks, Jr. Robert George Wall Richard Donald Lichtwardt Aly Mohamed Maasarani Ben R. Ogletree Josh H. Wright, Jr. Harry Grady Walker Paul Hobson Waller, Jr. David John Webster Bernard James Wichlep William Churchill Vandeventer The national honorary and professional management fraternity, SIGMA IOTA EPSILON, was founded at the University of Illinois in 1927 and the Gamma Chapter at The University of Texas in 1928. A candidate for member- ship must maintain a " B " average in all management courses as well as a general scholastic average of " B " . A recom- mendation by an active member or a faculty member and a two-thirds vote of the active membership of the fraternity complete the requirements for admission into the organization. PAGE 418 TAU BETA PI Fall LARRY KEITH McPHAiL JOHN HILL WATTS, III ALBERT PAUL RICHTER, JR. HARRY COLUMBUS HARDEE, JR. ETTORE H. F. INFANTE ROBERT D ONALD MCCULLOUGH OFFICERS President .... V ice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer .... Cataloger .... FACULTY MEMBERS Spring LARRY KEITH MC?HAIL JOHN HILL WATTS, III ALBERT PAUL RICHTER, JR. HARRY COLUMBUS HARDEE, JR. ETTORE H. F. INFANTE ROBERT DONALD MCCULLOUGH Leland Barclay William Earl Barker Myron Louis Begcrnan Leonard R. Benson James Pershing Billingsley Frank Grant Bryant William Junius Carter Clark M. Cleveland Albert Everett Cooper George Robert Creedle William A. Cunningham William G. Darley Ronald Kinnison DeFord Venton Levy Doughtie William Charles Duesterhoeft Carl J. Eckardt Billy C. Ellis Bill Gorton Eppes George Homer Fancher Phil Moss Ferguson Norman William Adams Michael Evan Austin Joe Floyd Barker Robert Marion Barksdale Rudolph Anton Beckmann David William Bennett Eugene Thomas Beynon, Jr. Ronnie Dean Boyd James Curtiss Cline Charles Peak Cook William Lewis Davidson Charles Ivan Ashbaugh William Deakyne Bacon, Jr. Anthony Bedford James Howard Bell Troy Lynn Belver Edwin Murl Boatman Dennis Ray Bridges Robert Cesar Callarotti Gregory Alan Carter Hi Dong Chai Charles Henry Cole, Jr. Bythel Kelly Cooper, Jr. GRADUATES Zuheir Y. Alami Wen Fa Chang Cheng Chien Hsu Chien Chi Li Paul John Root Jui Chung Wang UNDERGRADUATES Danilo Angel Victor Elgin Baldridge Jimmy V. Boyer George Strickland Briggs Peter Robertson Buenz John Arnold Focht Charles Allen Ford Burns Newman Gafford Carl Gatlin Earnest Frederick Gloyna Elmer Gerald Griffies William T. Guy, Jr. William Walsh Hagerty William H. Hartwig David Mautner Himmelblau George Hamilton Hopkins, Jr. Eldred Wilson Hough Donald Bryant James Charles Henry Karnes James Elton Keele Leonard! Ferdinand Krcisle Alfred Hall LaGrone Joe Overton Ledbetter Jack Lenhart Byron Keith Lovelace Edwin Carl Lowenburg Russell E. Lueg James Dorr McFarland John J. McKetta, Jr. Banks McLaurin Hudson Matlock Percy Hugh Miller Walter L. Moore Thomas Edwin Owen Thomas Campbell Perkins Harold John Plass James J. Pollard H. H. Power Anthony Lawrence Pozzi, Jr. Howard Frederick Rase Kenneth Charles Rathbun Lymon Clifton Reese Eugene Arman Ripperger Glen E. Rockwell Charles Elmer Rowe MEMBERS James Edward Davis Ralph Herman Genz Harry Columbus Hardee Dexter Hill Ettore H. F. Infante Stuart Deric Kershner Joe Murphy King William Neal Kocurek Gary Lynn Leach Robert Leonard Lytton Wallace Michael Mays William James McCroskey Charles Ellis McCullough Robert Donald McCullough Larry Keith McPhail John David Morell Delbert Max Ottmers, Jr. Scott Petty, Jr. Donald Leroy Purinton Albert Paul Richter, Jr. William Curson Rochelle Don Dean Roselius Commie Leon Cox Jerry West Craig Robert Laurel Crippen Harry Lee Davis Byron Edward Ehrig Ramsey Wayne Farley David Wayne Fowler Charles Floyd George, Jr. Ervin Victor Grafe Donald James Haase Clovis Ray Hale Harry Gordon Harris, Jr. FALL PLEDGES Charles Gary Heliums J. D. Helm Richard Weakley Ince Donald Lee Joiner David Tr enton Killen Kenneth Don King Billy Vaughn Koen Raymond David Krieg Magne Kristiansen John Armstrong Krog James Lowell Kuester Sami Faiz Masri SPRING PLEDGES Jim King Davidson Verlin Ellis Dugat Jerry D. Erwin Paul David Fahrenthold Ralph Tillman Ferrell John Finke, Jr. Otto Martin Friedrich, Jr. Charles David Gill Robert W. Gray Lawrence R. Green Richard Earl Holloway William Coggin Hooper, Jr. Robert Pies Humphreys Richard Ford Jackson Andreas loannou Karydas Hossein Kazemi George William Knebel David Carrington Lancaster Wayne Scott Lanier Richard Gill Leard Charles Emil LoefTler Carl Elliott Mattlage Victor Cuthrell Meitzen Henry Richard Mitchell Martin Portis Moreland Thomas Louis Moser Ralph Douglas O ' Dell John W. Pettijohn Robert F. Pohler James Winston Porter Henry Grady Rylander Jack A. Scanlan Robert Samuel Schecter Byron Elliott Short Harold Wood Smith Richard Thomas Smith Horace E. Staph Carl C. Steyer Robert LeGrande Stone Archie Waugh Straiten J. Neils Thompson Milton John Thompson Robert Davis Turpin Matthew Van Winkle Francis X. Waldo Robert W. Warner E. Joseph Weiss Eugene H. Wissler Fowler Redford Yett William Alfred Youngblood Robert Earl Smith James Harrison Smitherman Philip Llewellyn Stanton Byron Edwin Thompson Tom Howard Timmins Arnold Joseph Tucker John Hill Watts, III Vernon Boyd Wielkens Archie D. Williams James Edwin Wood Thomas Rush Mast Tommy Harris Morrow Kenneth Lee Oehler Thomas Jarvis Pharo, Jr. John Owen Rhea Charles Glenn Richie Don Shane Robinson John Henry Sehested Jerry Deane Shrimpton David O. Swint Jerry Kenneth Treybig Arthur Ulbrich Tracy Triece Word Robert S. Poston Stevens David Ramsey, Jr. Henry W. Schlattner Robert Warren Silman Merrill Doyle Stevens Lewis H. Steves Ben Garland Streetman Julian Suez Leroy Anthony Surtees, Jr. Michael Edward Thomas Jimmy E. Thompson Roy Gene Traylor Alton Wayne Whitney Franklin Udolph Williams Henry K. Woodward TAU BETA PI is the national honorary engineering society whose undergraduate members, representing all engineering branches in the College of Engineering, are selected from the upper twenty per cent of the senior class. The seniors are chosen from the scholastically eligible men on the basis of all around activities and interests, exclusive of engineering. Activities include teaching a slide rule course for beginning students, and maintaining the Tau Beta Pi bookshelf in the Engineering Library. The Texas Alpha Chapter of TAU BETA PI was founded in 1916. Lehigh University was host to the original chapter, founded in 1885. PACE 419 TAU SIGMA DELTA Fall RONALD EDWARD MARABITO VIRGIL RAYMOND SMITH . ROBERT F. REED . OFFICERS Chapter Master Chapter Recorder Chapter Scribe Spring RAYMOND RALPH BOLTON SANFORD LEONARD NEWMAN ROBERT LAVELLE HALFORD FACULTY MEMBERS Fred Winfield Day, Jr. Martin S. Kermacy Walter Eugene George, Jr. Hugh Lyon McMath Thomas Whitehead Shefelman MEMBERS Marvin E. Beck Raymond Ralph Bolton Robert Lavelle Halford Pedro Pablo Herrera Ronald Edward Marabito Sanford Leonard Newman Robert F. Reed Winton Forrest Scott, Jr. Virgil Raymond Smith SPRING PLEDGES Robert Lowell Cosby Emil Golla Jack Stanley Crier Kenneth Albert Owen TAU SIGMA DELTA is the honorary Architecture fraternity for seniors. Open only to seniors who have main- tained an over-all scholastic average of 2.0 and have distinguished themselves in the field of design, planning and engineering. PAGE 420 President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Archivist . Marye Durrum Benjamin Jessamon Dawe Mary Margaret Glasscock Frazier Roberta Lee Downing Brenda Hartley Julianne Lane Margaret Ann Adams Nancy Jane Aldrich Marie Josephine Eickmann Susan Burns Akin Jan Louise Brinkerhoff Mary Beth Coniglio Carole Jean Ferguson THETA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS ROBERTA ANN LOVE KAREN SUE WHEELER ROBERTA LEE DOWNING HARRIET ELEANOR OLSEN LETTYE JANE PRESLEY FACULTY MEMBERS Frankie Mae Welborn Lindsey Amy Jo Long Carolyn Jane Malone Jo Caldwell Meyer MEMBERS Roberta Ann Love Marilyn Kay Miller Harriet Eleanor Olsen FALL INITIATES Judith Lynn Eplen Sandra Jan Jackson SPRING INITIATES Patricia Joan Horn Janis Lynn Kneblik Mary Lynn Meador Janet Octavia Peavy Marian P. Michael Leigh Peck Af ton Taylor Wynn Kay Esther Ponder Lettye Jane Presley Karen Sue Wheeler Mildred Elizabeth McClimons Theodora B. Shawver Caroline Vogel Rebecca Ann Reynolds Joan Ruesch Vivien Jean Weinberger Margaret Faye Yeagley THETA SIGMA PHI aims to unite in bonds of fellowship University women who are now studying journalism, to confer honor upon women who distinguish themselves in their profession, and to accomplish definite achievements as a group in the field of letters. Members are of junior standing, at least, have maintained a " B " average in journalism, and a " B " average in other courses. Leadership, high character, and such desirable traits as would indicate success in journalism are other factors that are considered before a candidate may become a member. The XI Chapter was established in 1919 at the University. The University of Washington was the site of national founding in 1909. PAGE 421 ALPHA PHI OMEGA Fall JlMMIE McBRATNEY FoY . KENNETH RAY EDGAR ROBERT SAMSON SINGER . ROGER LEE GORRELL . PAUL DAVID COUCH . THOMAS CHARLES BRUNS LEE RAY BASORE JOSEPH BUEL REYNOLDS, JR. Benjamin Spencer Bradshaw Keith Kohn Cox Norton Curry OFFICERS President . . . . First V ice-President . Second Vice-President Recording-Secretary . Corresponding-Secretary . Treasurer . . . . Historian . . . . Reporter . . . . ADVISORS H. L. Gaskin Joe Malik, Jr. H. W. Newman Calvin Cleave Nolen HONORARY MEMBER R. Elwyn Byrns Spring THOMAS CHARLES BRUNS PAUL DAVID COUCH ROBERT MICHAEL HOECKER CHARLES WARREN EISEMANN ROBERT STANLEY NEEL JAMES LEWIS RANEY JOSEPH BUEL REYNOLDS, JR. KERRY DON OWEN Arno Nowotny John H. Pound Elwood J. Preiss MEMBERS William Kenneth Adam Francis Glenn Anders, Jr. Kenneth Newt Andrews Tony Troyce Bailey Lee Ray Basore John Buddy Behrens Burton Brighton Benson, Jr. Nix O ' Brien Bodden Lorence Larry Bravenec Chester Arthur Briggs, Jr. Raymond Edward Brown Joe Henry Bruns Thomas Charles Bruns Robert Bruce Burns Gerald Wayne Calhoun Joe Ralph Canfield Wilbur Ratliff Cleaves Richard Newman Cody Richard Allan Comstock Richard Leonard Corso Paul David Couch Laurin C. Currie David Brady Pat Ryan, III Robert Allen Crenshaw Larry N. Davis Tommy Clair Edgar David Jay Albert Harold Forrest Apple Dan Edward Beckelman David Anthony Biedermann James Paul Buchanan Richard Newman Cody Jerry Coleman Richard Wade Corder Donald Morris Deffebach John Rentz Doggett, III Lewis Wheeler Donaghey Sterly Glen Dossmann Kenneth Ray Edgar Charles Warren Eisemann Frank Robert Ennis Thomas Dale Erwin Ronald Jack Finger Adolph Cardona Flores, Jr. Jimmie McBratney Foy John Michael Gainey, III David A. Gershner Roger Lee Gorrell Stephen Allan Grant Milton Bryan Healer, II Louis Chris Heinemeyer Richard Lionel Hill Cleve James Hoecker Robert Michael Hoecker Michael B. Innis James Hudson Irby George Charles Kendall, Jr. Dabney Kennedy Robert Newton King James Donald Kniker Jerome Michael Kopel David Odell Langham Donovan Allan Leistico Richard Jules Loewenstern David Malcom Logan Les Lopez Rodney Harry Margolis James Reyo Miclke Gurney Ray Miller, Jr. Elwood Lawrence Munson Robert James Naas Robert Stanley Neel Bob Austin Newman Kerry Don Owen William Alexander Pickard James Lewis Raney Robert Charles Reinarz Joseph Buel Reynolds, Jr. FALL INITIATES Ellwood Jones Bobby Lloyd Charles David Magrill Leonard Edward Mohrmann, Jr. William Oscar Orum David W. Prince Richard Lewis Pringle James Charles Rayburn Donald R. Redman SPRING PLEDGES Joe Hurley Cunningham, III John Leonard Kelley Paxton K. Littlepage Allan Jay Maierson Bill Montgomery Glenn Burke Musgrove Stephen Michael Newman James Gus Nixon James Arlen Pyle Perry Joe Radoff Ronald Lynn Ramey Robert Roberts James Allen Sanders, Jr. Harold Dean Smith Robert Gary Smith William Grady Smith Don Allen Roberts Mansel M. Rubenstein Dudley Greer Rugeley Arthur Lewis Schechter Roger Terry Shaper Otis Claude Shearer, III Donald James Simmons Robert Samson Singer Robert Kennedy Speedie William Edwin Stern Ernest Lee Taubert Larry Duncan Thompson Andrew Nathaniel Traylor Bruce Edward Turley Harish P. Vora John Ray Waggoner Barry Crafton Wells Wess Sam Wise Charles McDonald White Mark Ellison Williams Erie T. Worley Arthur Herbert Woytek Don Lynn Renfro Donald Carter Rutherford James Williams Mitchell Wong Artie Joe Spitzer Charles Robin Steakley Sherwood Glenn Stephens Ted Jefferson Taylor Ramesh Thadani Robert Lindsey Tyson Don Arthur Walters ALPHA PHI OMEGA is a national service fraternity with membership open to ex-scouts registered in the Uni- versity. To become members, the pledges of Alpha Phi Omega must, pass through a period of pledgeship during which a certain measure of service must be rendered. The three phases of service rendered are service to the campus, to the community, and service to the nation as participating citizens. The guiding principles of the fraternity are Friendship, Leadership, and Service. Alpha Rho Chapter of ALPHA PHI OMEGA was formed on the University campus in 1935. The initial chapter was formed on the Lafayette College campus, Easton, Pennsylvania, in 1925. Alpha Rho is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. PAGE 422 MORTAR BOARD Fall CYNTHIA ANN HALL . DELIA DUSON . ANN BELOATE . ROBERTA ANN LOVE ROBERTA LEE DOWNING LINDA BIESELE FRANCES McMATH HELEN TACKETT . JOANN THOMPSON OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Historian Sponsor . Sponsor . Sponsor . Spring CYNTHIA ANN HALL DELIA DUSON ANN BELOATE ROBERTA ANN LOVE ROBERTA LEE DOWNING LINDA BIESELE FRANCES McMATH HELEN TACKETT JOANN THOMPSON HONORARY MEMBERS Josephine Margaret Chapman Helen Margaret Flinn Louise Landis Armstrong Edleen Begg Dorothy Dawson Dorothy L. Gebauer Helen Hargrave FACULTY MEMBERS Sue Correll James Thelma Lockwood Etelka S. Lynn Margaret Peck Lucy Rathbone Joanne M. Ravel Carol Villarreal Robertson Helen Tackctt Joan Farquhar Warburton Ann Beloate Linda Biesele Phyllis Ann Borden Carolyn Cantwell Paula June Craig MEMBERS Roberta Lee Downing Delia Duson Sally Joanne Emerson Maline Gilbert Cynthia Ann Hall Rosemary Clyde House Roberta Ann Love Mary Gay Maxwell Cynthia Anne Powell Joan Lanelle Raab Katherine Louise Voetmann SPRING INITIATES Mary Ann Allen Beverly Ann Bates Melinda Louise Burkhart Mary Margaret Carlson Sue J. Chessher Marie Josephine Eickmann Elka Fargotstein Susan Irene Harling Alice Virginia Huffington Martha Doyle Jee Carole Stewart Keeton Shirley Kay McKinley Mary Katherine Miller Rebecca Ann Reynolds Elizabeth Anne Shatto Janiece Belle Simmons Jane Stotts Virginia Anne Walker Judy Whitehurst MORTAR BOARD is the national honorary society for senior women of American universities. The Visor Chap- ter was formed on the University campus in 1923. The Cornell University campus hosted the initial chapter .which was started in 1918. At the close of the spring semester not less than five nor more than twenty-five members are chosen for member- ship on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and service by the unanimous vote of members and advisors. A grade point average of 2.0 is also required. Front Row: Maxwell, Downing, Craig, Hall, Love. Back Row: Cantwell, Powell, Gilbert, Biesele, House, Voetmann, Raab, Borden. PAGE 423 ORANGE JACKETS Fall VIRGINIA ANNE WALKER . SUSAN IRENE MARLING MARY KATHRYN MILLER . ANNE SINGLETON BLOCKER CAROLE STEWART KEETON MARIE JOSEPHINE EICKMANN HELEN JANE FARABEE Mary Ann Allen Ann Ellen Armstrong Anne Singleton Blocker Mary Margaret Carlson Sue J. Chessher Andrea Lyn Lewis Clark Marie Josephine Eickmann Theresa Elizabeth Flynn Annabelle Ansley Patti Amanda Birge Nancy Jean Cotton Francis Ann Drake Linda Ann Liles Eva Gayle Maxey Carol Ray Bridges Ann Burrows Frances Lee Cooper OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Contact Chairman Contact Chairman Sponsor . MEMBERS Susan Irene Marling Martha Doyle Jee Sharon Johnson Carole Stewart Keeton Martha Jane Mast Mary Kathryn Miller Rebecca Ann Reynolds Sharon Sue Sears FALL INITIATES Shirley Kay McKinley Maria Elinor Medina Frances Coopwood Morgan Patricia Ann Patterson Virginia Ann Pearson Sally A. Predock SPRING INITIATES Elizabeth Anne Disch Janet Lyn Galeener Suzy Catherine Hodges Donna Sue Nelson Spring VIRGINIA ANNE WALKER SUSAN IRENE HARLING MARY KATHRYN MILLER ANNE SINGLETON BLOCKER CAROLE STEWART KEETON MARIE JOSEPHINE EICKMANN HELEN JANE FARABEE Elizabeth Anne Shatto Judith Shields Jane Stotts Mary Stewart Thomas Avis Andrea Tieber Virginia Anne Walker Judy Kathryn Whitehurst Margo Wiley Arden Reed Patricia Wynn Rusch Bettye Sue Swales Eleanor Ann Tyler Margaret Faye Yeaglcy Susan Roberts Reed Margaret Smith Mama Susan Tucker ORANGE JACKETS is composed of those girls of the sophomore and junior classes who are considered most representative. Eligibility is based on scholastic standing, qualities of leadership, and all-round ability. The organization has no specialized field of work and is active in many projects of the University. Members are especially prominent in holding campus elections and other such activities. Members are chosen by invitation in the form of " tapping, " which takes place in the fall and in the spring. ORANGE JACKETS was founded on the University campus in 1923. PAGE 424 SCABBARD AND BLADE Fall CARROLL WAYNE MERLICK CHARLES IVAN ASHBAUOH DAVID OWEN SWINT VICTOR B. JAEGGLI . OFFICERS Captain .... First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant First Sergeant HONORARY MEMBERS Spring GEORGE RAPHAEL ROGERS HECTOR G. SIERRA VICTOR B. JAEGGLI RICHARD M. MOORE, JR. Major William D. Akers, USAF Lieutenant Colonel George H. Cornish, USA Major Donald A. Fox, USA Colonel William A. Kengla, USMC Major Richard Howard Kraemer, USAF Major Charles Gunter Olcntine, USA Colonel Curtis Theodore Rickctts, USA FACULTY MEMBERS Major James L. Henshaw, USA Colonel William Hightower Smith, USAF Charles Ivan Ashbaugh Peter Robertson Buenz Alfred Flores Cazares Robert Clayton Falls Gary Chris Hitt Victor B. Jaeggli Thomas Gentry Jeter, Jr. George Philip Kazen George Charles Kendall, Jr. James Lipscomb Ballard, III James LaVoy Branton William Vann Brown Raymond Dale Christian David Frazier Cloud Arthur Benton Cocanougher Conrad Walter Forys Andrew Williams Bachofen Grant LeRoy Bigelow Robert Francis Earhart Jon Edwin Ferguson Bailey Lovin Guess Thomas C. Hamilton William Green Hanshaw John Scoggins Hollyfield Commander Ben Hill Stough, Jr., USN MEMBERS James Donald Knicker Dahl Marshall Carroll Wayne Merlick Richard M. Moore, Jr. James William O ' Dowd Hugh Pat Pate Granville Edward Paules, III Donald Humphrey Poole FALL PLEDGES Michael Scott Fry Jack Raymond Hinson Weldon Lynn Kennedy George William Knebel Richard Glenn Looriey Wilford Dale McCann Jackson Lee McDaniel SPRING PLEDGES Samuel B. Horton James Monroe Kruse Joe Allen Mauldin Charles Joseph Moritz Bruce Wade Nelson Richard L. Nelson, Jr. Roger F. Nelson Sterling Samuel Neuman William A. Roever, Jr. George Raphael Rogers Kyle Winston Sherrill Hector G. Sierra Jerry Smith Robert William Swango David O. Swint Ellie Barton Underwood, Jr. Joe Michael McGeath Joe Ramirez Robert Charles Reinarz Frank Mills Shallene Joseph Edward Tepera Charles Joseph Vesely Charles Edward White John Turner O ' Banion, Jr. Darryl Dean Otto Charles Hubert Petri Sidney H. Smith, III Kirk William Weinert Charles McDonald White Paul Andrew Wilbur SCABBARD AND BLADE is national honor society for outstanding cadets and midshipmen from the Army, Navy, and Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps of junior or senior rank. Nominees are selected by the active members on the basis of their leadership, potential, academic standing, and interest in their respective programs. The purpose of SCABBARD AND BLADE is to further the interest of the military service by promoting better understanding and co-operation between the armed services. The National Society of Scabbard and Blade was founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1904. The Texas Chapter, G. Company. 8th Regiment, was founded in 1949. PACE 425 SPOOKS Fall MARTHA DOYLE JEE JEWEL ELYNE MELTON SHIRLEY KAY McKiNLEY MARTHA ANN MARKS . JANET MABEL SPENCER BETTYE SUE SWALES MARY SUSAN DILLARD . MARJORIE D. PARKER . Alice Elina Adams Lynn Ann Alexander Zara Rayburn Bannister Judy Mansell Beasley Margaret Jane Blye Beverly Anne Brindley Jane Carol Bugg Ann Burrows Phyllis Ann Byars Rosemary Cochran Kate Ellis Coopwood Nancy Jean Cotton Dana Adriana deRidder Mary Susan Dillard Kate Sydney Badash Margaret Joy Bland Christi Jo Brown Charlene Butler Meta Camille Butler Betty Ruth Cunningham Jerrie Elliott Nina Frances Faulkner Susan Lee Campbell Maynette Cox Jo Ann Ebling Sandra Elizabeth Ewell Michelle Guillot Mary Kathryn Haynes OFFICERS Presiden t . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Service Spirit . Historian . Sponsor MEMBERS Martha Posey Farmer Gail Goldstein Margaret Whitton Haley Harriett Hilda Hopkins Alice Virginia Huffington Anita Gertrude Jordan Martha Doyle Jee Ronda Jan Keng Linda Elaine Kilgore Martha Ann Marks Jane Lynn Mayes Shirley Kay McKinley Maria Elinor Medina Jewel Elyne Melton FALL PLEDGES Debra Galoob Ellen Victoria Horn Lois Ann Jacobs Nancy Carolyn Jones Myra Sue Krueger Donna Sue Nelson Nancee Ellen Parker Mary Manson Pulver SPRING PLEDGES Pamela Ann King Carol Kay Kirk Jeanette Leonard Jo Anna Murray Naomi Jean Nassour Spring BETTYE SUE SWALES PATRICIA ANN PATTERSON MARY MANSON PULVER SALLY CHRISTINE SEIDERS CHRIST: Jo BROWN SARNA CAROL SHALETTE SANDRA LEE ZIMMERMAN MARJORIE D. PARKER Cynthia Mae Miller Julie Ann Parker Patricia Ann Patterson Arden Reed Patricia Wynn Rusch Mary Catherine Sauer Marilyn Brady Snow Gwendolyn Socal Janet Mabel Spencer Bettye Sue Swales Patricia Nell Tidmore Sally Elizabeth Waddill Janice Ann Whitehead Sandra Lee Zimmerman Connie Jo Rock Sally Christine Seiders Sarna Carol Shalette Patricia Jane Smith Nancy Lee Speigeleman Marna Susan Tucker Mary Jo White Barbara Rowe Woolley Catherine Emelia Olsen Virginia Ann Robinson Veda Letitia Russell Frances Rhenae Shaffer Nancy Ellen Thrift Patricia Arrington Wooten SPOOKS is a campus service organization that is composed of three girls from each of the eighteen sororities and ten girls from the independent section on campus. Members are " tapped " in the spring and fall, and are chosen from the girls in the freshman and sophomore classes that show great leadership potential for campus affairs. PACE 426 ROYAL SPIRIT COMMITTEE Avis ANDREA TIEBER ALPHA CHI OMEGA . ALPHA DELTA Pi ... ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ALPHA EPSILON PHI ALPHA EPSILON Pi . ALPHA OMICRON Pi . ALPHA PHI ANDREWS DORMITORY . BAPTIST STUDENT UNION BRUNETTE BOARDING HOUSE CAROTHERS DORMITORY CHI OMEGA .... CHI PHI CROW ' S NEST .... DELTA CHI DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA GAMMA . Co-Chairman REPRESENTATIVES JAMES CARROLL HERRING, JR. DELTA PHI EPSILON DELTA SIGMA PHI DELTA TAU DELTA . DELTA ZETA GAMMA PHI BETA . INDEPENDENT STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION . Arlcne Gayle Strong Phyllis Ann Fox Kay Elizabeth Carter Marsha Eileen Saxe Ronald Edward Cohen Rose Mary Jones Patricia Ann Blachly Marie Esther Caramanian Barbara Elece Lindner Robert Smith Mabry William Elam Mabry Dennis Peter Tishlias Linda Margaret Rellahan Jamie Fannin Holt Larry Allan Fulbright Donald Lee Woods Lawrence Anthony Joseph, Jr. Mary Lou Hagood Jerric Elliott Rosemary Price Johnson Marsha Carol Rubin Marna Susan Tucker Irving Taylor Cutter, III Edward Mahon Madison Patricia Mann Janet Lucy Elmore Robert Allen Schneider KAPPA ALPHA THETA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA KIRBY HALL PHI KAP PA Psi . PHI KAPPA THETA PHI SIGMA DELTA Pi BETA PHI Pi KAPPA ALPHA PRATHER HALL . SHANGRI-LA CO-OP SIGMA CHI . SIGMA DELTA TAU STAG CO-OP TEJAS CLUB VALHALLA CO-OP WAKONDA CO-OP ZETA TAU ALPHA CHEERLEADERS . Lynn Ann Alexander Janet Mabel Spencer Lydc Hodges Wall Barbara Ann McCullough William Edward Matthews Christopher Robert Thompson Stephen Orrin Music Arthur Louis Schechter Nancy Ann Ridder William Vann Brown Alexander Anthony Pushkin Dorothy Lee Stockton James Ray Northcutt Kate Sydney Badash Stephanie Chcrnikowski Debra Galoob Kenneth Wyatt Longacre Guy James Johnson Mary Marcia Mitchell Patricia Carneal Penry Eloise Wilson Brackenridge Jess Richard Coker James Carroll Herring, Jr. Melaney Jean McAfee William Allen Melton Edgar Covey Nash, Jr. Margaret Ozella Pace Mary Gayle Weber The ROYAL SPIRIT committee functions mainly in co-ordinating the activities of the various campus organiza- tions so that school spirit will be increased. Representatives are chosen from the sororities, from the fraternities, and from other organizations that would have interest in increasing school spirit. Front Row: Margaret Ozella Pace, Lynn Ann Alexander, Rose Mary Jones, Stephanie Chernikowski, Kate Sydney Badash. Patricia Ann Blachly, Mary Gayle Weber, Jamie Fannin Holt, Janet Lucy Elmore, Avis Andrea Tieber, Marna Susan Tucker, Marsha Carol Rubin. Phyllis Ann Fox. Second Row: Janet Mabel Spencer, Mary Lou Hagood, Jerrie Elliott, Rosemary Price Johnson, Arlene Gayle Strong, Debra Galoob, Lyde Hodges Wall, Barbara Elece Lindner, Eloise Wilson Brackenridge, Marie Esther Caramanian, Mary Marcia Mitchell. Third Row: William Edward Matthews, Larry Allan Fulbright, Ronald Edward Cohen, Kenneth Wyatt Longacre, Alexander Anthony Pushkin, Edward Mahon. William Allen Melton, Donald Lee Woods, Melaney Jean McAfee. Fourth Row: Robert Allen Schneider, Irving Taylor Cutter, III, William Elam Mabry, Dennis Peter Tishlias, Robert Smith Mabry, Lawrence Anthony Joseph, Jr., William Vann Brown, James Ray Northcutt, Edgar Covey Nash, Jr., James Carroll Herring, Jr. PACE 427 SILVER SPURS Fall JOHN WILLIAM PIEPER . JAMES FRED HOFHEINZ . WILLIAM FRED MILLER . GRANVILLE EDWARD PAULES, III CALVIN C. JITTER NOLEN Jack Russell Maguire Bert Bently Adkins Kenneth Newt Andrews Marvin E. Beck Lorence Larry Bravenec Jimmy Leon Burk Ted Cleaves John Milton Crawford, Jr. Chancy Croft James D. Dannenbaum Billy Bernard Day Lewis Wheeler Donaghey William Cook Fielder Ronald Jack Finger Michael Scott Fry Samuel Tevis Grinstcad Charles Lee Bowden Maurice Edward Cowan Travis Roy Crawford William Claude Davidson, Jr. Kenneth Ray Edgar Lowell Stephen Fink Ronnie Dean Boyd Scott La Rue Catlett Nathan Fred Cliett Leon Norrod Graham OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor . HONORARY MEMBERS Calvin C. Jitter Nolen MEMBERS Walter Tom Henson Robert Cameron Hightower Dexter Hill James Fred Hofheinz David Kikcr Hughes Ettore H. F. Infante William Eugene Joor, III Karl Fred Kamrath, Jr. Jay Jules Karkowsky Willi am Neal Kocurek Jay Mayne Lewallen Lozaro Franko Lopez Wallace Michael Mayes William Fred Miller FALL INITIATES Hollis H. Gainey George Durdcn Gibbs, Jr. Jerry Lee Hughes Jack Elton Keever Lowell Henry Leberman, Jr. Donald B. Mathis Robert Monroe May SPRING INITIATES Franklin William Maresh William Keith Miles Richard L. Nelson, Jr. Ellis Wynn Presson Gerald Lee Sewell Spring KIRBY WILLIAM PERRY JAMES ALBERT TROTTER PEYTON LAMBETH TOWN SEND WALTER TOM HENSON CALVIN C. JITTER NOLEN Richard S. Cactus Pryor Oliver Barr McClellan Jack Glenn Norwood Bob Glen Odle Maurice Samuel Olian Granville Edward Paules, III Kirby William Perry John William Pieper Jack Francis Ritter, Jr. Marvin Alden Rogers Richard Arlin Stanley Clarence Neal Stevenson George Gilbert Stubblefield Peyton Lambeth Townsend James Albert Trotter Robert Hazen Walker William G. McDonald Curtis W. Meadows, Jr. Robert Marion Moore Luther Edward Scott, III Virgil Raymond Smith Paul Edward Stallings Joe Shannon, Jr. George William Smith Delber Boyce Turner William Louis Wayne SILVER SPURS is an honorary service organization for men which was founded at The University of Texas in 1938. New members are chosen by the group for scholarship, leadership, and personal achievement. SILVER SPURS is responsible for the upkeep of Bevo, as well as many other activities on the University campus. Front Row: Pieper, McDonald, Hill, Rogers, Infante, Day, Scott, Meadows, Trotter, Townsend, T. Crawford. Second Row: Walker, Keever, Cleaves, J. Crawford, Mayes, Dannenbaum, Fink, Hughes, Joor, Moore, Leberman. Third Row: Norwood, Bowden, Olian, Henson, Finger, Karkowsky, Kocurek, May, Miller, Lopez, Burk, Paules, Gibbs, Lewallen, Cowan. PAGE 428 TEXAS COWBOYS Fall ROBERT KENNETH BURCHARD RONNYN. SCHOENBRUN . HENRY WILLARD LENDE, JR. WILLIAM JOSEPH BAILEY . DAVID CARMICHAEL OFFICERS Foreman Strawboss . Horse Wrangler Shotgun Cam}) Cook Spring RON NY N. SCHOENBRUN MORTON H. MEYERSON FRED MILTON GERSON MICHAEL Ross COOPER CHARLES ROBERT NEBLETT MEMBERS Jay Hoyland Arnette Andrew Williams Bachofcn William Joseph Bailey James Earle Barden John Laurence Bell Raymond Ralph Brown Robert Kenneth Burchard Joe Barnett Cannon David Carmichael George Camp Chapman John Chitwood Michael Ross Cooper H. Maurice Doke Ben Addison Donnell William H. Drushel Carl Lewis Estes Fred Milton Gerson Ray A. Gipson Robert Earl Gurwitz James Carroll Herring, Jr. Edward Robertson Hewlett William Holland Hinkle Darrell E. Jordan Henry Willard Lende, Jr. Donald Love Wallace Edwin Lowry Clifton H. McCall Robert Hicks Mclntyre Coy Ben Martin Greg Newton Martin Morton H. Meyerson Drew Hampton Morris Jerry Nathan Charles Robert Neblett Monroe Ben Nowotny John W. Pettijohn Howard Newton Richards John C. Sargent Frank Dallas Scarborough Ronny N. Schoenbrun James E. Shillingburg Jimmy Bruce Shrake Curtis Ronald Shuler Don H. Smith Sidney H. Smith Eddie Southern Sam Sparks Jon David Totz David Oakes Turner John Hill Watts Herbert David Weitzman James T. Willerson Wallace Gordon Wilson Wayne Ellsworth Windle Tracy Triece Word Arthur Wesley Adams Jeff A. Austin Jack Brown FALL INITIATES Harold Dee Carter Richard Oral Dove Larry S. Glazer Rodney Harry Margolis William Edward Matthews Shannon Harrison RatlifT Jack Davis Sides SPRING INITIATES David Hutchison Burrow Michal Barry Gotten Bailey Lovin Guess Will D. Jordan Jerry Allan Katz T. Charles Lucas Benjamin Rush Norvell George Eugene Peacock James Everett Saxton, Jr. Ronald Glen Steinhart Walter Jennings Taylor Donald Lee Woods Members are selected for COWBOYS on the basis of leadership, ability, campus accomplishments, and scholastic standing. To be eligible for membership a student must have completed at least his first year in the University. The COWBOYS came into existence in 1922 when the need for a men ' s service o rganization, dedicated to an ideal service on the campus, became apparent. It has since been one of the most coveted honors in the University. Front Row: Burchard, C. Martin, Bailey, Lende, Dokc, Watts, Gerson, Lowry, C.irmicharl, Bacholen. Second Row: Shuler, Meyerson, Glazer, Nancy Thompson, Willerson, Hewlett, Brown, Neblett, Sargent, Adams, Austin, Schoenbrun, Margolis, Sparks. Third Row: Sides, Morris, Gurwitz, Chitwood, Weitzman, Cooper, Shillingburg, Carter, Herring. PAGE 429 ALPHA DELTA SIGMA OFFICERS Fall DAN LAMBDEN JOHN KIMBRELL DARLING . GERALD A. LOWE . JOSEPH HUDGENS DOMINEY JAMES HENRY COCHRAN . ERNEST ALONZO SHARPE . ALAN SCOTT .... WILLIAM McLANE BROWN . Lloyd Truman Brummett James Henry Cochran William Noel Copeland John Kimbrell Darling Joseph Hudgins Dominey Walter T. Hart Hymen Childs George David Crossley Benjamin Douglas Dashiell Labon Leroy Fairall, Jr. James Du French President . . . . . Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer .... Publicity Director . Faculty Sponsor- Faculty Sponsor Faculty Sponsor MEMBERS Leon Poindexter Howell, Jr. John Jez Dan Lambden John Warwick Lee Gerald A. Lowe Willard Bailey Moon William Benton Nevitt FALL PLEDGES Gary Kent Gathright Edward E. Reese Thomas Russell Hensley Rocco Giardino Revisore Garland Eugene Matthews, Jr. Larry Joseph Sachnowitz Murry Stroud McMurry Sherian Audilet Salge Emmett Hixson Murray Ernest John Schmidt James Gary Sitterle, Jr. Spring DOUGLAS ARTHUR SWAIL WILLIAM NOEL COPELAND WILLIAM BENTON NEVITT EDWIN ALFRED WALTHER, JR. ERNEST JOHN SCHMIDT ERNEST ALONZO SHARPE ALAN SCOTT WILLIAM McLANE BROWN Kenneth Warren Nordeman Rodger Wayne Smith Douglas Arthur Swail Thomas Francis Vetters Henry Leon Walker Gilbert Matison Wyrick George Eckert Stablein Robert Anderson Taylor Harold D. Thompson, Jr. Edwin Alfred Walther R. W. White Jerry Lee Chastain Mike Gainey R. A. Haborman SPRING PLEDGES Samuel Kelsall, IV Morris Edgar Massey Michael Aldridge Merchant Wilton Lynneck Richard Edward Ray Vice ALPHA DELTA SIGMA is the national professional advertising fraternity for those majoring in and interested in advertising as a career. Membership is awarded to those who successfully complete a semester as a pledge after invitation to join is extended. Alpha Delta Sigma attempts to bridge the gap between classroom theory and professional practice. The Paul J. Thompson Chapter was founded at The University of Texas in 1928. Alpha Delta Sigma was originally founded at the University of Missouri in 1913. Top Row: Cochran, Crossley, Darling, Dashiell, French, Hart, Hensley. Second Row: Jez, Lambden, Matthews, McMurry, Murray, Nevitt, Revisore, Sachnowitz. Third Row: Schmidt, Sitterle, Stablein, Swail, Taylor, Thompson, Vetters, Walther. PAGE 430 DELTA SIGMA PI Fall JOHN PAUL ANDERSON . JACK FONVILLE HAVLEY GRADY DYSON BRUCE, JR. JAMES EUGENE GRAY THOMAS OPIE CASON ROBERT KEITH PIGG RALPH NEAL GASSMAN Edward William Cundiff OFFICERS President Senior Vice-President . Vice-President .... Secretary Treasurer Historian Faculty Advisor FACULTY MEMBERS Jack Wallace Ledbetter MEMBERS Spring GRADY DYSON BRUCE, JR. ROBERT KEITH PIGG JACK FONVILLE HAYLEY WILLIAM DAVID GARRETT ROBERT CLOYES McCuRRY JOHN KIMBRELL DARLING BUFORD ABNER CASEY John Paul Anderson John David Baylor Gary Charles Bcrnhard Gary N. Boyd John Robert Braziel Grady Dyson Bruce, Jr. William Harold Buckley Joe Richard Bushagcr Jerrold Carl Bjork William Sam Cannon Thomas Opie Cason James Arthur Adams Maurice Theron Akin William Lee Allen Roberto Fernando Arocha Roger Neil Ayres David Edmund Bell Alvin Felix Blair Pedro B. Cerisola James Edward Clark John Kimbrell Darling Edward Franklin Collins, Jr. Jerry Del Cooper John Milton Crawford, Jr. Clifford William Davidson Kenneth Brien Dodds Grady Lynn Fairbairn Stanley Burnett Ferguson Bill Mills Glaspy James Eugene Gray Jack Fonville Hayley Hugh Milner Herndon William Reece Holden William Gordon Holloway Herbert Wesley Hum Robert Franklin Hurt Walter Reed Leonard Milton Glenn Lockhart Walter Budge Mabry Bernard Daniel Martinek Robert Shelton Mayes Robert Cloyes McCurry Michael Rusk Moore FALL Richard DeLa Pena Johnny R. Diego Gene H. Dippel Gary L. Dowis Jack Eathorne Don C. Edwards Tommy Forrester John W. Gaines William David Garrett Robert Arthur Hall INITIATES Thomas Jerry Hathaway Claude Burrell Hodge John L. Hood Ira Sam Houston Jack Edward Hurley Wayne Hampton LeCrone P. John Lymberopoulos Morris Edgar Massey Terry Eugene McFadin James Thomas McGowen W. T. Tucker William Howard Pharr Robert Keith Pigg Duwain Joseph Pingenot Edwin Howell Saylor Julius Wayne Smith Milton York Tate James Hunter Thompson Gus Carl Tramp Kermit Wayne Uecker Douglas Linett Williams William Leo Prather Sherwood Melvin Reaves Walter A. Riddle L. Arden Ristau Sherian Audilet Salge Bobby Grant Seago Freddy Jack Smith Wayne Robert Stratton Ben A. Wallis John Henry Woelke James Allen William Aaron Allen Bill Richard Barker Frederick L. Bradley Jerry Lee Chastain James Roy Chism Richard Rosser Cole Dal Ed Crabb Joe A. Duncan Thomas Gerald Gerron SPRING PLEDGES James Charles Lambert Charles Weldon Lucas Clifford Fritz Lykke James Roy Marquess Neal Dayton McDowell Donald Reed Phillips Bailey Bryant Ratliff, Jr. Bobby John Richardson Joseph Arthur Schmidt, Jr. Carl Glendon Schneider Garland Ray Shelton Rex James Spivey Gene Stoever Wallace Van Timm Leslie Wayland Wipple DELTA SIGMA PI encourages the study of business in universities, fosters scholarship and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice ; it promotes close affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce and attempts to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture for the practical betterment of the community. Membership in this professional commerce and business administration organization is open to any man student majoring in business administration. Front Row: Cason, Hayley, Anderson, Bruce, Pigg, Gray. Second Row: Lymberopoulos, Cooper, DeLa Pena, Riddle, Cerisola, Fairbairn, Hum, Dippel, Collins, Boyd, Eathorne, Buckley, Houston. Third Row: McGowen, Woelke, Mabry, Blair, Holloway, Mayes, McCurry, Moore, Lockhart, Wallis, Williams, Hood, Dowis, Arocha. Fourth Row: Seago, Herndon. Forrester, Reaves, Massey, Crawford, Baylor, F. Smith, Dodds, Pingenot, Darling, Braziel, Hodge. Fifth Row: Salge, Hallmway, Adams, Prather, Diego, Tate, Ferguson, Pharr, Hall, Thompson, Stratton, Clark, Ayres, Bell, McFadin, Akin. Sixth Row: Uecker, Edwards, Gaines, Garrett, Allen, LeCrone, Holden, Davidson, Bernhard, Ristau, Bushager, Bjork, Hurley, Leonard. PAGE 431 PHI DELTA CHI Fall CHARLES WESLEY ALLEN JAMES PAT BOEPPLE JAMES SAUNDERS JINNETTE CAREY WAYNE GOLAZ LAWSON GREGORY KLOESEL JOHN PRUETT EBNER . . EUGENE NOLLY ROBINSON JERRY DAN MC!NNIS OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Secretary .... Treasurer .... Correspondent . Inner Guard Prelate Master-at-Arms FACULTY MEMBERS Spring BARRY WELCH BLACKMON VICTOR Louis NOVAK JAMES SAUNDERS JINNETTE GRANVILLE DOYLE LONG WILL ALLEN RUTLEDGE DURWOOD F. SWANGER CHRIS MONROE SOLBERG HOWARD HARLEN HENGST Carl Clarence Albers William Francis Gidley William Rust Neville William Johnson Sheffield MEMBERS Charles Wesley Allen Jesse Eugene Atkinson Charles Wesley Barnes Dean Paul Bennett Jim Wayne Black Barry Welch Blackmon James Patrick Boepple Millard Courtney Brisbois Robert Carl Demler Olen LaRoy Douglas Lloyd Russel Duke John Pructt Ebner Buford Lynn Emerson William Donald Frierson Weldon Wayne Froelich Jose Eliud Fuentes Joe Thomas Gaulden Burl Darwin Gilliam Charles Nelson Gilreath Carey Wayne Golaz Tomas Gonzalez William Weaver Harris Tommy Donald Hatchell Howard Harlen Hengst Billy Joe Hinson Jack Little Hinson Larry Hughes John Robert Jarrott James Saunders Jinnette Fred Watson Jones James Monroe Klatt Lawson Gregory Kloesel Robert Joel Lange James William Leach Granville Doyle Long Robert Scott Martin Jerry Dan Mclnnis Larry Ralph Menconi Roger Arlan Middieton Maynard L. Miller Boyce Edwin Murphree Victor Louis Novak Gerald Scott Odom Walter Ferrell Peyton Fred Dewitt Reed, Jr. Eugene Nolly Robinson Will Allen Rutledge Albert A. Sander Chris Monroe Solberg Glenn Earl Spicer Durwood F. Swanger Alfred Frank Talerico William Allan Taylor Thalmann Lester Treadaway Cecil Chalfant Weekley Jr. Edwin Yee SPRING PLEDGES Weldon Lloyd Ash J. B. Camp, Jr. Woodrow H. Corhran William Terry Conner Russell Craft Frank E. Craven Edwin Eugene Hammons Thomas Howard Hardy Doyle Gene Hawkins Morris Elwood Haynes Charles Marion Henry Joel D. Houston Glenn Daython Madison George Randolph Miller Joe Paul Naylor Glenn Lee Nolle Roy M. Philp, Jr. Albert William Kahanek, Jr. Wayne Douglas Quarles William Mack Lambert Donald Nelson Ridgeway Bill Ross Spain Thomas Griffin Turnage, Jr. Earl Duwayne Wallace Richard Lyle Wallsmith Edmund Alfred Weinheimer, Jr. Charles Augustus Work, III PHI DELTA CHI is the national professional pharmacy fraternity. Members are selected for this professional fraternity from those men that are enrolled in the school of pharmacy. PHI DELTA CHI came to the University campus in the form of the Lambda Chapter in 1905. The University of Michigan initiated the organization on Nov. 2, 1883. Front Ron-: Albers, Hengst, Atkinson, Robinson. Weekley, Rutledge, Douglas, Allen, Boepple, Murphree, Gilreath, Frierson, Middieton, Gilliam. Second Ro:v: Gaulden, Lange, Froelich, Sander, Miller, Odom, Blackmon, Hatchell, Jarrott, Yee, Fuentes, Gonzalez. Third Row: Jinnette, Spicer, Golaz, Leach, Menconi, Martin, Talerico, Ebner, Mclnnis, Barnes, Emerson. Fourth Row: Harris, Brisbois, Klatt, Sheffield, Novak, Swanger, Taylor, Peyton, Reed, Kloesel. PAGE 432 SPHINX Fall WINTON FORREST SCOTT, JR. CHARLES EDWARD SCHUBERT JACK STANLEY CRIER CLIFTON PINE .... KENNETH ALBERT OWEN JOHN FRANKLIN WILLIAMS . JON A. BOWMAN Raymond Ralph Bolton Alex Caragonne Jack Stanley Crier Norcell Dan Haywood Marvin E. Beck Kenard Clay Boone James William Emmrich OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Secretary .... Treasurer .... Reporter .... Sergeant-at-Arms Sponsor .... MEMBERS Randolph John Larcade Howard Martin, Jr. Kenneth Albert Owen Andrew Perez, III Clifton Pine FALL PLEDGES Joseph David Kunz William Mike Lance Spring ANDREW PEREZ, III WILLIAM MIKE LANCE RANDOLPH JOHN LARCADE TOM C. LEA HOWARD MARTIN, JR. JAMES WILLIAM EMMRICH JON A. BOWMAN Charles Edward Schubert Winton Forrest Scott, Jr. William Deen West John Franklin Williams Robert Franklin Coffee SPRING PLEDGES Glenn Lloyd Garrison Tom C. Lea Sanford Leonard Newman James Boyce Polkinghorn Emil Golla SPHINX is an honorary and social organization for men in architecture which was founded at the University in 1930. Members of Sphinx are cho sen for their academic achievements, character, and their interest in architecture as a profession and in the School of Architecture. I Front Row: Bowman, Bolton. West, Lance, Perez, Larcade, Newman. Second Row: Boone, Crier, Caragonne, Schubert, Haywood, Pine, Polkinghorn. Third Row: Martin. Lea. Owen, Emmrich, Scott, Beck. Williams. PAGE 433 SIGMA DELTA CHI Fall JACK ELTON KEEVER MAURICE SAMUEL OLIAN GERALD CLAUDE GREEN . JOHNNY WESLEY TACKETT WILLIAM LAWRENCE RIVERS OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Secretary .... Treasurer .... Sponsor .... FACULTY MEMBERS Louis Frank Joseph Baethe Norris Garland Davis Joe B. Frantz Laurence Defee Haskew Carlos D. Conde Gerald Claude Green Robert Martin Greenberg Carl Dean Howard Olin Ethmer Hinkle J. Roy Moses, Jr. William Edward Keys Frank Morris Midkiff Harrell Estes Lee Harry Estill Moore Jack Russell Maguire DeWitt Carter Reddick Frank Harper Wardlaw MEMBERS Walter Lee Jones Jack Elton Keever Donald Patrick Myers Maurice Samuel Olian George Thomas Pharr John Bonner Rogers Spring JACK ELTON KEEVER MAURICE SAMUEL OLIAN GERALD CLAUDE GREEN JOHNNY WESLEY TACKETT WILLIAM LAWRENCE RIVERS William Lawrence Rivers Alan Scott Ernest Alonzo Sharpe Paul Jennings Thompson Joe Carroll Rust Charles Wayne Smith Johnny Wesley Tackett Jerry Hutto Tolbert Elbert A. Brewer Ralph Stewart Davis, Jr. Leon Norrod Graham James Carl Hyatt FALL PLEDGES Edward Knocke Arbon Jack Lowe Hoyt Hughes Purvis Jerry Wayne Scarbrough Bernard Arthur Scofield Howard Edgar Staats John Raymond Wheeler, Jr. SPRING INITIATES Bert Louis Campbell David Hamilton Kelsey Jerry Douglas Conn Bob Moore Larry Jesse Garrett Donald Carter Rutherford Tommy Charles Stuckey SIGMA DELTA CHI is the national men ' s professional journalistic fraternity. Membership is determined by the scholastic standing of the student in journalism courses, by the journalistic work of the student, and whether or not a candidate plans to take up journalism as a career. The Texas Chapter of SIGMA DELTA CHI was founded in 1913. DePauw University was the site of the original chapter which was initiated in 1909. Front Row: Purvis, IIov,-ard, Myers, Pharr, Conde, Green, Tackett, Brewer. Second Row: Thompson, Rivers, Keever, Smith, Wheeler, Scarbrough, Jones, Divis, Hyatt. Third Row: Lowe, Graham, Scofield, Knocke, Staats. PAGE 434 GRADUATES AND SENIORS PAGE 435 GRADUATES ABUKHADRA, NAJATI H., Saudi, Arabia Mechanical Engineering, Arab Student Organization, International Club, SAME, Society for Advancement of Management ADAIR, JOHN KAY, JR.. San Antonio Petroleum Engineering, Acacia, 1 ' E, AIME ADAMS, NORMAN WILLIAM, Estes Park, Colo. Petroleum Engineering, HS, TBII, STE, Tejas, AIME, Freshman Basketball AGRAWAL, SATYAKAR, NATH, Shahjahanpur, India Industrial Engineering. -IE. ASME, International Club, Indian Student Association. Institute of Industrial Engineers AGUILAR, ALFONSO, Mexico City, D. F. Accounting AHEARN, MICHAEL JOHN, Jacksonville Geology AKIN, JIMMY HOWARD, Austin Mechanical Engineering, IIKA, IITS, ASME ANDREWS, HAROLD EUGENE, Austin Mechanical Engineering ARPESELLA, ORLANDO ANGEL, Santa Fe, Argentina Chemical Engineering ATMODARSONO, SOEWONDO, Jogjakarta, Indonesia Linguistics AWBREY. LAWRENCE RAY, Magnolia, Ark. Petroleum Engineering, 2FK, AIME AZIZ, ASNA, Padang, Indonesia English BEAN, WILLIAM CLIFTON, Omaha Mathematics BELL, ROBERT AUSTIN, Dallas Electrical Engineering, HKN BENITEAU, MARY ELIZABETH, San Antonio Accounting, BA+ ! f 4 f= - ., BERANANDA, PAITOON, Bangkok, Thailand Physics, Thai Student Association of Texas BHATRAKARN, TANAKARN, Bangkok, Thailand Geology BIRDWELL, AL EVANS, JR., Houston Marketing, 4 KS, ASH, Union Committees, Assembly BOECKER, CARROLL WILLIAM, Buckholts Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Lutheran Student Association BOOTHE, ROBERT R., Gonzales Electrical Engineering, TBIT, HKN, I H2 CARDENAS, PEDRO N., Ascencion, Paraguay Business Administration CAVITT, STANLEY BRUCE, Red Oak Chemistry CHAIYAVECH, PRAMOTE. Dhonbrin, Thailand Chemical Engineering, TBII, 4 AT. fiXE, Thai Student Association of Texas CHANG, CHEN-CHUNG, Taipee, Formosa Mechanical Engineering, ASME CHARLTON, THOMAS LEE, Austin History CLINE, JAMES CURTISS, Corpus Christi Business Administration, TBII, IITE, Assembly, ASME, Student Engineering Council COGDELL, THOMAS JAMES, Electra Chemistry, AXS, American Chemical Society COLE, CAROL LISBETH, Fayetteville, Ark. Business Education, Wesley Foundation, Society for Advancement of Management COWART, PAT MARGARET, Hull Psychology, AK1 ' DARMODJO, SOESANTO, Magelong, Indonesia Physics DENTON, IRVING L., Fort Wayne, Ind. Business Administration, Air Force Institute of Technology DENTON, WILLIAM BARRETT, Waco Psychology DOAN, DAVID BOYD, Arlington Physics, Government Committees ELHAG-ALI, MOSTAFA K. MOHAMED, Cairo, Egypt Industrial Management, International Club, Organization of Arab Students ELLEDGE, JESSE LAWRENCE, Corpus Christi Chemistry, AX2, BK, BA+, BPZ PAGE 436 GRADUATES ktfffl f FELDER, JEAN BARRILLON, Palestine Business Administration, ZTA, AKA, Cap and Gown, Ashhrl FLOURNOY, DON MICHAEL, Huntington Education FORD, JIMMIE RICHARD, Liberty Hill Greek GARNER, NORMAN EARL, Tulsa, Okla. Petroleum Engineering GIBBS, JAMES A., Dallas Geology, li ' K GRANATO, SAMMIE JAMES, Austin Social Work, KT GRAVES, B. C., Temple Psychology GUZMAN, MARIO, Valparaiso, Chile Electrical Engineering HARDJODIPURO, SISWOJO, Jogjakarta, Indonesia English HARDT, HENRY DAVID, Fort Worth Educational Psychology, Wesley Foundation HARRINGTON, FREDERICK HOLSEY, Rhinecliff, N. Y. Biology HEADLEY, DUE WAYNE, Tyler Finance HEMPKINS, WILLIAM B., Denison Geology, Al fl, H ' K, 4 H2, Geological Society, Cultural Entertainment Committee HOWARD, CARL DEAN. San Antonio Journalism. SAX H1. USA, Daily Texan Editor. Faculty-Student Cabinet, BSU, President Wilson ' s Advisory Council, Round-Up, Tex: Student Leaders Seminar in Chile HUCKABAY, JAMES DONALD, Eastland Engineering Mechanics, ASME, Disciples Student Fellowship IJAM, MOUSA JAFFAR, Hilla, Iraq Organic Chemistry IMAM, MUHNI DJURETNA ADI, Jogjakarta, Indonesia English, International Club JOYCE, RAY MILLER, Port Neches History KATSUMA, TAKASHI, Yokohama, Japan Business Administration KILLGORE, JACK CROWLEY, Rosebud Linguistics KINJO, MITSUO, Naha, Okinawa English KLALZUBA, RICHARD W., Austin Transportation, LX KOKI, ISAMU, Naha, Okinawa English KONG, NING, Taipei, Formosa Mechanical Engineering, ASME LAMBERTH, L. S., JR., San Antonio Meteorology, AIKE-IRE, Arnold Air Society LANDRY, ALTON EDWIN, Cok rado City German, 4 K6, Newman Club, Der Eulenspiegelverein LEE, TONY GENE, Jackson, Miss. Latin-American Studies LI, KE YANG, Taipei, Formosa Mechanical Engineering LI, TAO-PING, Hsinchu, China Chemistry, Z, 4 AT, American Chemical Society LUKE, J. GILBERT. Arlington Physics. f BK, 1111. HS. AROTC LYLES, TOM ALBIN, Graham Accounting MAASARANI, ALY MOHAMED, Alexandria, Egypt Management, HE, International Club, Arab Student Association MACHMOED, ZAINI, Bandjarnegara, Indonesia English MARTIN, ELLEN SERENA, Denison Audiology, AH. Curtain Club, Round-Up, Tumlc McLENDON, GORDON DAVID, Jacksonville Psychology, French X, HA , Ranger Staff, Symphonic Band. ISA PAGE 437 3 1 GRADUATES MEHARG, LOUIS SCOTT, Gatcsville Electrical Engineering, HKN S IRE MET, HARRY T., Taipei, Formosa Mechanical Engineering, ITTZ, Newman Club MENGDEN, JARRENE MARGUERITE, Houston English, Newman Club, Dcr Eulenspiegelvcrcin MEYERS, ROBERT WILLIAM, San Antonio Mathematics MINNICK, ARTHUR EDWARD, JR., Austin Physics MOORMAN, CHARLES TRAVIS, Waco Mechanical Engineering, TBII, UTS, f H2, Tcjas, Assembly, Student Engineering Council MURPHY, JAMES C., Austin Mathematics, 4 K2, ASME NAKACHI, HIDEKAZU, Motobu, Okinawa English, International Club NARONGDEJ, PRASIT, Bangkok, Thailand Mechanical Engineering, Thai Students Association of Texas NARUPAKORN, KESREE, Bangkok, Thailand Accounting, BA ' I ' , Thai Students Association of Texas NEWCOMB, BOBBIE JEAN, Blue Mt, Miss. Secondary Education NISBET, ALEX RICHARD, San Angelo Chemistry, 4 AT, Symphony Orchestra PARK, JOSEPH ARCH, JR., Yorktown Education Administration, Longhorn Band RETMONO, RETMONO, Surabaja, Indonesia English, International Club, Daily Texan SALLER, EVZEN, Sao Paulo, Brazil Industrial Management, iin, International Trade Club, Newman Club, International Club SCOTT, WAYNE, Houston Journalism SMITH, JAMES FRANK, JR., Amarillo Finance, XAE, American Finance Association SMYRL, FRANK HERBERT, Tyler History, Ili STANCHOS, ALVIN, JR., Yorktown History STERLING, EDWIN LEONARD, Amarillo Political Science, AX, Government Committees SUNARJA, OJOK, Bandung, Indonesia Architecture TAIRA, ZENICHI, Naha City, Okinawa English THURMOND, LYNN ELLIS, Austin Mathematics, AXQ, Y TJOA, TIN GIOK, Bukittinggi, Indonesia English TRIPLETT, ELMER ALLEN, Hillsboro Education TURLINGTON, LYNN, Austin Engineering, KA, AIChE VARICHAK, RICHARD WARREN, Chisholm, Minn. Physical Education, PEM Club VASQUEZ, HERNANDO, Bogota, Colombia Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Newman Club VELTMAN, LESTER HENRY, JR., San Antonio Finance WEAVER, CHARLES NORRIS II, Amarillo Management, Marketing, Research Assistant in Management WENGER, ALAN GATEWOOD, Austin Zoology, ATS WILLIAMSON, DELAINE HAYS, Austin Nutrition, ON WOOD, JAMES HOLLAND, Memphis, Tenn. Meteorology YABUNE, MASAMI, Kainan, Japan Chemical Engineering YEAROUT, JOYCE CAROL, Richardson Journalism, AAII, 92 PAOE 438 ALLEN, JO ANN, Houston English, Al " . AFROTC Sponsor, Cap and Gown, Y ALLISON, JANET, Houston Bacteriology, AP, Canter Club, Cap and Gown, UTSA, RIL ALLISON, WILLIAM THOMAS, Whitney Mathematics, AROTC AMADOR. ALVARO ALBERTO, Bogota, Colombia Architectural Engineering, Newman Club ANDERSON, CARROLL DWIGHT, Austin Mathematics ANDERSON, ELEANOR MARILYN, Dallas Commercial Art, AZ, Panhcllcnic, Newman Club, Union Committees, Upperclass Advisor ANDERSON, NORMA JEAN, Arp Business Education IISI!, BSU, Honor Roll, Union. Committees ANDERSON, WILLIAM DAVIS, Waxahachie French-English, " fHS, IIAt , Honor Roll, Dcr Eulenspiegelverein ANDREWS. GWEN, Bryan Home Economics, A l , Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, ROTC Sponsor, BSU ANDREWS, KENNETH N., Graham Government, A3 12, Silver Spurs ANSLEY, TRAVIS GENE, Mineral Wells Industrial Management. HE, Society for Advancement of Management, AROTC, Union Committees, Canterbury Club APPERSON, JIM L., Dallas Zoology, Honor Roll. Chess Club ARMSTRONG, HENRY AUSTIN, Arlington Aero-Space Engineering, SAME, lAeS, American Rocket Society, Longhorn Flying Club, AROTC ARNETTE, JAY HOYLAND, Austin Pharmacy, $ KV, Varsity Basketball and Baseball. T Association, Cowboys, Basketball All-America Te?m, Olympic Basketball Squad ASATO, SHOTOKU, Kitanakagusuku, Okinawa Accounting, Japanese Student Association ASHBAUGH, CHARLES IVAN, Corpus Christi Aero-Space Engineering, SIT. t H2, TBII, NROTC, lAeS, Inter- Co-Opcrative Council, Scabbard and Blade, Student Engineering Council ASHCROFT, RUTH BERRY, Sulphur Springs Personnel Management, KA6, Society for Advancement of Management ATCHISON, CAROL BRYAN, Abilene Radio-Television, AEP, Radio-TV Guild ATKINSON, JESSE EUGENE, Conroe Pharmacy, AX, LPhA ATKINSON, JON FRANKLIN, Austin Psychology PAGE 439 CLASS OF 1960 ABERNATHY, MAYBELL, Hughes Springs Home Economics, Home Economics Club ABRAHAM, PATRICIA LOUISE, El Paso Spanish AGREE, THOMAS ALLEN, Texas City Marketing, t K, American Marketing Association, BBA Council, Intramurals ACUNA, EDWARD, JR., Corpus Christi Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE ADAM, WILLIAM KENDALL, Houston Accounting, HI, Ai SJ, Government Committees, Freshman Council ADAMO, MICHAEL CHARLES, Houston Pharmacy, 1 K0, K , LPhA, Newman Club, Interfraternity Council, Government Committees, Campus Chest ADAMS, BARBARA JOAN, Galveston Natural Science, Newman Club, Intel -Co-Operative Council ADAMS, MAURICE McASHAN, Houston Economics, Kl ADERHOLT, CHARLES EARL, Tarrant, Ala. Mechanical Engineering, ASME ADLETA, EDWARD JACKSON, Dallas Business Administration, A9 AGEE, JOHN EVERETT, Lamesa Mathematics ALBRECHT, EDGAR GAYLE, Goliad Geology ALDRICH, NANCY JANE, Houston Journalism, 6Z4 , Newman Club, Daily Texan ALLEN, ARTHUR C., Austin Geology ALLEN, CHARLES WESLEY, McKinney Pharmacy, f AX, LPhA ALLEN, JANE ALLISON. Houston English, Al ' , AFROTC Sponsor, Cap and Gown u l fsx) SENIORS AULT, STANLEY ARCH, Longview Chemistry. AG AUSTIN, JANAT J., San Antonio Business Administration. Z AUSTIN, JEFF, JR., Frankston Banking. A{), Assembly. American Finance Association, BBA Council, AROTC AVERY, MARY RUBY, San Antonio History AWANESSIAN, ROBERT PAUL, Dallas Engineering Route to Business Administration AXELRAD, SAMUEL DONALD, Houston Zoology, AEFI AYRES, ROGER NEIL, Austin Marketing, ASH. American Marketing Association BACKUS, DIANNE AMANDA, San Benito History BAGBY, SALLY C., Houston Economics. I1B I BAGGETT, MICHAEL E.. Lake Jackson I ' re-Medical, AEA BAIN, BRUCE EDWIN, San Antonio Aero-Space Engineering, IAeS, American Rocket Society, Southwestern Rocket Society BALDWIN, ANTOINETTE, Wilmington, Del. English, XO, Union Committees, NSA BALL, JERRY DON, Brownsboro Science, KK . Longhorn Band BALLARD, JAMES LIPSCOMB, III, La Marque Law. KA, 4 HX, Arnold Air Society BAMRUNGTRAKUN, SUPHOT, Bangkok, Thailand Engineering Route to Business Administration BARGE, THOMAS MURRAY, Austin Accounting, TKE t: BARKER, JOE FLOYD, Dallas Chemical Engineering, TBIT, I H2, AT, BXE, AIChE, Student Engineering Council BARNES, SANDRA HISS, San Angelo History. AT, AA.A, Canterbury Club, Government Committees, Cap and Gown BARRETT, DAVID ELWOOD, Houston Psychology, X BARTLEY, GORDON L., Houston Economics BARTON, H. PHYLLIS, Kermit English. AXO BARWICK, DIANA DAVIS, Nacogdoches English, AAA, Freshman Committee BAUCH, GARLAND THOMAS, Goliad Mechanical Engineering, KKS ' , ASME, Longhorn Band, Lutheran Student Association BAYLOR, JOHN DAVID, Austin Personnel Management, AID, Society for Advancement of Management BEALL, MARY ELLEN, Jacksonville Business Education, Upperclass Advisor. Y, Cap and Gown BEARD, DONALD WYATT, Thorndale Mechanical Engineering, Track, T Association BEARD, LINDA CLARE, Bryan English, II2A BECK, MARVIN EUGENE, Waelder Architecture, TZA, AIA, Tejas, Silver Spurs, Assembly, Sphinx, Student-Faculty Cabinet, Architecture Student Council, Dorm Supervisor BECKMANN, RUDOLPH ANTON, Blanco Chemical Engineering, TBII, S2XE, AIChE BELL, GERALD LYNN, Palestine Petroleum Engineering, AIME BELL, JAMES HOWARD, Dallas Meteorological Engineering, TBTI, f HL, ITE, American Meteorological Society BELL, JOHN LAWRENCE, Beaumont Accounting, ATA, I H, BBA Council, Assembly, Cowboys, Intcrfratcrnity Council BELLMAN, DEANNA LEE, El Paso English. Ranger Staff, Government Committees, Longhorn Singers, University Chorus BELOATE, ANN, Dallas Plan II, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Union Board, Spooks, RIL, Operation Brainpower, Upperclass Advisor BENA, CURTIS LOUIS, Houston Marketing, American Marketing Association BENNER, JUNE ARLEEN, Greenville Elementary Education, AAA PAGE 440 I C - W " CLASS OF 1960 BENNETT, DONALD HUGH, Cleburne Chemistry, i HE, Longhorn Band, Symphonic Band, Astronomy Club, Government Committees BERRIEN, JUNE LOUISE, Borgcr Interior Decorating, AI ' , Home Economics Club, Westminster Student Fellowship BHAGAT, SURINDER K., New Delhi, India Civil Engineering, Y, ASCE, International Club BICE, DON ALLEN, Port Arthur Psychology, i E BIEMER, LEONARD JOHN, Cuero Business Administration, Society for Advancement of Management BILLINGS, FRANK EDWARD, Nixon Engineering Route to Business Administration. Roberts Hall Supervisor, NROTC, Round-Up, Union and Government Committees BINFORD, JOSEPH INGRAM, Dallas Economics, BOH, Round-Up, Union Committees BINGLEY, RUSSELL CHRIS, San Benito Geology BIRD, DON ESTES, Dallas Accounting, AROTC BIRD, SHARON W. B., Dallas Mathematics, AAA, Honor Roll BISHOP, BRENDA KATE, Dallas Physical Education, PEM, Faculty-Student Council BJARRE, ODD-ERIK, Oslo, Norway International Trade, IIKA BLACK, GEORGE CLIFT, Brownsville Economics, KA BLACKMON, BARRY WELCH, Clarksville Pharmacy, AX, LPhA BLACHLY, PATRICIA ANN, Austin English, A fr, Cap and Gown, Blucbonnet Belle, Campus Chest. RIL, Union Committees, Westminster Student Fellowship, Royal Spirit, 10 Most Beautiful Finalist, Sweetheart Nominee BLAIR, ALVIN FELIX, Houston Business Administration, AIII, Longhorn Band, Society for Advancement of Management BLOCKER, TRUMAN GRAVES, III, Galveston Physics and Mathematics, KA, Intramurals BLOUNT, DONALD NEIL, Fairfield Geology, I ' E, ISA, Geological Society BLUMBERG, MYRTLE FAYE, Seguin Natural Science, AXfi, Cap and Gown, Y, UTSEA, NSTA, RIL, Student-Faculty Education Council, Uppcrclass Advisor BLUNTZER, ROBERT LEE, Cuero Geology, Geological Society BOATMAN, EDWARD M., Monohans Petroleum Engineering. TBII, ! H2, AIME BOCK, CAROLYN CHRISTINE, Austin Spanish, A t , SAIL lIA f . I AO, Lutheran Student Association, Cap and Gown. Union Committees, Reagan BOENIG, BARBARA JOANN, Woodsboro Home Economics, Newman Club, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club BOEPPLE, JAMES PATRICK, Canada Pharmacy, " tAX, Assembly, LPhA, Professional Fraternity Council BOLDING, ROBERT RICHARD, Temple Accounting BOLGER, EDWARD PERRY, Snyder Pic-Medical, AKE BOLLMAN, FRANKLIN D., Clarksville Business Administration, KT, Interfraternity Council, Society for Advancement of Management BOLTON, CHARLES LEE, III, Corpus Christ! Geology, SAME BONHAM, LANE E., San Antonio Geology, BSU BORDEN, PHYLLIS ANN, Texas City Elementary Education, Xfi, Mortar Board, RIL, Orange Jackets, Campus Chest, Littleficld Advisor, Sweetheart Nominee BORDEN, ROLAND CLAUDE, Missouri City Mathematics BORREGO, ELIDA H., Del Rio Elementary Education, Alba Club BOST, CHARLES RAYMOND, Andrews Mathematics, Freshman Baseball BOURDON, ELIZABETH JOYCE, Houston English, AAA, Cactus Staff, Orange Jackets, Reagan, Cap and Gown, Lille-field Advisor BOURN, NANCY LYNN, Amarillo English, XS2,Ashbcl, Upperclass Advisor BOWDEN, CHARLES LEE, Brady Pre-Medical. AT, 1 HZ, AEA. Silver Spurs, Interfraternity Council, Students ' Co-Operative Association PAGE 441 ' SENIORS BOWERS, LARRY LESTER, Brownwood Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Society of Automotive Engineers BOWMAN, ROBERT HUNT, Baytown Physics, X I BOX, ROY EDGAR, JR., Corpus Christi Accounting, f ie, BA , IH ' l, f Hl, AFROTC Outstanding Cadet BOYLE, MARILYN ANN, San Antonio Elementary Education, ZTA BRADEN, IRENE ANDREA, Hondo English, History, Newman Club. Whitehall Co-Ordinators ' Council. Intramurals BRANNAN, BILL LEE, Stephenville Mechanical Engineering, ASME BRANUM, PATRICIA ANNE, Austin Psychology BRAZIEL, JOHN ROBERT, Emory Business Administration, A1IT BREVARD, JOHN ASHWORTH, Temple Civil Engineering BREWER, JAMES EDWARD, Kilgore Mechanical Engineering, ASME, ISA BRIDGES, DENNIS RAY, Steeleville, 111. Aero-Space Engineering, TBIT, lAeS BRIDGES, JAMES EDWIN, Temple Government BRIGGS, GEORGE STRICKLAND, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, AIEE BRITTON, MARIAN EDITH, Houston English, KA6, Government Committees BROOKS, JOHN O., Jefferson Aero-Space Engineering i-Space Engineering BROOKS, MYRNA RUTH, Texarkana Art Education, UTSA, Cap and Gown, Ashbel, BSU, Tumle, TAEA BROWN, GEORGE B., Waco Accounting, B6II, AK BROWN, JACK BETHEL, Lampasas Mathcinatics, f Hj;, Cowboys, Texas Student Seminar to Chile, Freshman Orientation BROWN, JACK WALTON, Oakvale, W. Va. Accounting BROWN, KARL WILLIAM, San Angelo Chemistry, Intramurals BRUCE, ELAINE, Baytown Child Development, r B, Freshman Council, Union Committees BRUCE, GRADY DYSON, San Antonio Retail, i K2, H2, AIT, Scabbard and Blade, Freshman Council, Distinguished Military Student BRUCKNER, ROBERT ALLEN, Lubbock Pharmacy, LPhA BRUHL, DON A., JR., Llano Ceramic Engineering, 6X, American Ceramic Society, Keramos BRUMBELOW, MARGARET ANNE, Lake Jackson Elementary Education BRUNS, THOMAS CHARLES, Austin History, A M2, Tcjas Club, Union and Government Committees BUCHANAN, NANCY RUTH, Navasota Elementary Education, AAH, Union and Government Committees, Cap and Gown, RIL BUCHANAN, THOMAS E, Austin Engineering Route to Business Administration BUCK, A. ERWIN, JR., Houston Chemistry, AIME, American Chemical Society BUCK, KATHERINE CAMP, Fort Worth Insurance, KA6, Los Charros BUCKLEY, GLENN R, Sheridan Personnel Management, Society for Advancement of Management BURGE, CHARLES H., Houston Mechanical Engineering, AXA, ASME BURGOON, LARRY CLAUDE, New Boston Fine Arts, Dance, Freshman Council, Westminster Student Fellowship, Curtain Club BURK, JIMMY L, Austin Pharmacy, K , Silver Spurs BURKETT, R. T., JR., Fort Worth Mathematics, Astronomy Club BURKHALTER, MARTHA JEAN, Austin Elementary Education, XS2, Newman Club PAGE 442 CLASS OF I960 BURKHALTER, MARY JANE, Austin Elementary Education, XS2, Newman Club BURKHART, JUNE, Georgetown Mathematics BURKS, LINDA ELOISE, Dallas Bacteriology, Cap and Gown BURNETT, RITA LOY, Austin Elementary Education BURSTYN, MARGIE, Austin Elementary Education, AK " I , Union Committees CAFER, LARRY HOWARD, Corpus Christ! Hotel Administration, X ' I ' K, Freshman Tennis, Interfratetnity Council, Government Committees CAGLE, GEROLYN VIRGINIA, Edna Elementary Education, ACE, Wesley Foundation, Union and Government Committees CAIN, DIANA, Austin English, A ' I , Reagan CAMPBELL, GAEL ANN, Raymondville Secretarial Studies CAMPBELL, RICHARD TRENT, JR., San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, IIKA, ASME, TSPE, Student Engineering Council CANTWELL, CAROLYN, Dallas Flan II, XS!, AAA, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, Government Committees CARLISLE, CHARLES HARRY, Austin Mathematics CARLTON, LAURALYN, Freepprt Business Administration, AAII, UTSA, 1 riggerettes CARNAGEY, GLENN ALAN, Houston English, Mathematics, Longhorn Band, Symphonic Band, AROTC, Confederate Drill Squad CARNEY, HOWARD A., Atlanta Economics, 4 AG CARRILLO, JOSE M., Benavides Pharmacy, LPhA CARROLL, PRESTON H., San Antonio Mechanical Engineering CARTEE, ALMALEE, Coral Gables, Fla. Speech, XH. ASP, Battle of Flowers Oratorical Contest, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Oratorical Association CARTER, GREGORY ALAN, Fort Worth Aero-Space Engineering, K, SIT, TBII, lAeS CARVER, SHELBY ANN, Houston Secretarial Studies, AZ CASDORPH, PAUL DOUGLAS, Victoria History, A6 GATE, CHARLES CUSHMAN, Bellaire Insurance, AROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Insurance Society CAYWOOD, MARTHA JEAN, Houston Elementary Education, Cap and Gown. ACE CAZARES, ALFRED FLORES, San Antonio Natural Sciences, Scabbard and Blade, NROTC CENTER, EVERETT CLARK, Baytown Government CERISOLA, PEDRO BENVENUTTI, Mexico City, Mexico International Trade, ASH, UTSAM, Gymnastics. Wrestling, Foreign Trade Club CHAFFIN, LA NELL, Newgulf Home Economics, ON, AAA, Home Economics Club, Wesley Foundation CHAGRA, JO ANNE SARAH, El Paso Psychology CHAMBERLAIN, JO GAYLE, Kerrville Secretarial Studies, Newman Club, Upperclass Advisor CHANEY, ROBERT STONE, Woodsboro Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE CHAPLIN, BYRON LARRY, Austin Pharmacy, LPhA CHAPPELL, DILLARD MAURICE, Austin Mathematics, " tHS, Wesley Foundation CHEATHAM, GARY THERMAN, Whitesboro Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Intramurals CHENAULT, SALLY CATHERINE, Dallas Plan II. English, AXB CHESTER, MARTIN DAVID, San Antonio Petroleum Engineering. AIME CHETHAM, RICHARD HENRY, Austin Psychology PAGE 443 SENIORS CHETLER, RICHARD M., Karnack Architectural Engineering. ASCE, AAAE, TSPE CHIAPPE, ROBERTO, Bogota, Colombia Mechanical Engineering, Newman Club. ASME, Intramurals CHILDS, CLAIRE, Shreveport, La. English, ZTA, Cap and Gown, International Committee, Y, Ashbel CHIN, KENNETH, KUO, San Antonio Chemistry CHISHOLM, GILLINGTON, JR., Austin Mathematics CLARK, JAMES EDWARD, Baird Marketing, A II, American Marketing Association CLARK, ROBERT EWALT, Harlingen Business Administration. Society for the Advancement of Management, American Finance Association CLARK, RONALD J., Wichita Falls Petroleum, AT, AIME CLARKSON, NANCY LYNN, Corpus Christ! Physical Education, AT CLEAVES, WILBUR RATLIFF, Houston Geology, A K2, ZFK, Tejas, Longhorn Flying Club, Speleological Society, Geological Society CLECKLER, BOB C., Wilson Chemical Engineering, BSU, AIChE, Chess Club CLEMMER, ERSIE EDWARD, JR., Dallas Aero-Space Engineering, Student Engineering Council, Assembly, lAeS, American Rocket Society CLEVELAND, DAVID GARRETT, Stephenville Pre-Law, Government, AROTC CLIMER, CARROLL DELL, Mart Marketing, American Marketing Association CODY, JUDITH VERMELLE, Fremont Interior Decorating, American Institute of Decorators COENDERS, HENRICUS J., Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME o, o, COHEN, STANLEY, San Antonio Accounting, TA t, AK COLE, CHARLES HENRY, JR., Fort Worth Aero-Space Engineering, fH, TB1I, ZIT, lAeS, American Rocket Society, Union Committees COLEMAN, BETSY INEZ, Bay City Chemistry, A f , AAA, Cap and Gown COLLAROTTI, ROBERT CESAR, Caracas, Venezuela Electrical Engineering, HKN, TBH, Newman Club, AIEE COLLIER, JAMES MICHAEL, Sweeny Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Intramurals COLLIER, PENNY PITT, Dallas English, KA0, Cap and Gown COLLINS, EVERETT FRANKLIN, JR., Dallas Business Administration, A1II COLLINS, PEGGY, Dallas Art COLLINS, WRIGHT BETTS, Manor Pharmacy, A1 A, Y, LPhA COLLONS, LESTER L., Austin Civil Engineering, ASCE COLUNGA, DANIEL, Brownsville Mathematics COMSTOCK, RICHARD ALLAN, Wichita Falls Engineering Route to Business Administration, B6II, A4 B, Roberts ' Hall Counselor CONDE, CARLOS D., San Benito Journalism, XAX, Daily Texan Staff, Football Equipment Manager CONN, JERRY DOUGLAS, Beaumont Journalism, ZX, Daily Texan Staff CONYERS, THOMAS RICH, Austin Mathematics, Pie-Medical COOK, ALICE ESTEP, Corpus Christi Psychology, KA9, Union and Government Committees, Blucbonnet Belle, 10 Most Beautiful, Aeronautical Engineering Sweetheart, UT Sweetheart Finalist COOK, CHARLES PEAK, Cuero Mechanical Engineering, Tim, IIT2, ASME COOPER, BYTHEL K., JR., Gatesville Electrical Engineering, HK , TBII, AIEE-IRE COPELAND, WILLIAM NOEL, Denton Advertising, Journalism, AA2, Daily Texan Staff CORBELL, LOU ANN, Eastland Elementary Education, Longhorn Singers PAGE 444 CLASS OF 1960 CORRAL, FERNANDO E., Mexico City, D. F. Geology COSTANTINO, BENJAMIN ROSS, San Antonio Pharmacy, Little Campus Dorm Supervisor COTTINGHAM, LINDA YANCEY, Dallas Elementary Education, AI ' , AAA, Uppcrclass Advisor COURTS, HOWARD ROBERT, Houston Physics COWAN, MAURICE EDWARD, Austin English, Ki COWPER, SALLY BELLE, Big Spring Plan II, KK1 ' , Uppcrclass Advisor, Orange Jackets, Y, Union Committees COX, CHARLOTTE ANN, Austin Home Economics, Sociology, ZTA, Canterbury Club COX, COMMIE LEON, San Juan Civil Engineering, TBII, XE, ASCE, TSPE, Student Engineering Council CRAIG, JERRY WEST, Galena Park Mechanical Engineering, TBII, nTS, ASME, Oak Grove CRAIG, PAULA J., Dallas Drama-English, I ' 1 B, Orange Jackets. Mortar Board, Curtain Club. Union Committees, Freshmen Orientation, Campus Chest, Round-Up, Foreign Student Program CRAWFORD, TRAVIS ROY, Grandfalls Petroleum Engineering, Acacia, AIME, Union Committees, Varsity Carnival Committee CRAWLEY, DOLPH R., Goldsmith Mechanical Engineering, ASME CROWHURST, WILLIAM ROBERT, Austin Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE CREECH, BOB THOMAS, Temple Architectural Engineering, Intramurals, AAAE CREECH, DONALD STEWART, Temple Architectural Engineering CRIER, JACK STANLEY, Austin Architectural Engineering, Sphinx Club, Student AIA CRYER, HERMAN LEE, Ennis Marketing, American Marketing Association CULBERTSON, CAROL CLARK, San Antonio Elementary Education, AT, Upperclass Advisor, Government Committees CULPEPPER, JOHN CECIL, JR., College Station Real Estate, 4 K , Business Administration Council, Assembly, Insurance Society CUMMINS, CORNELIA, Fort Worth History, II B CUPIT, JAMES MALCOLM, Wichita Falls Architecture DAILY, LEON J., JR., Houston Zoology, 4 1A DANESHRAD, ALBERT, Teheran, Iran Chemical Engineering, Hillel Foundation, Iranian Student Association, AIChE DARBY, ANNE McKEEVER, Houston English, IIB4 , Los Charros DAVENPORT, CATHERINE DALENE, Austin Personnel Management DAVIDSON, CLIFFORD WILLIAM, Houston Accounting, 4 K, JiZII DAVIS, CHARLENE, Big Sandy Home Economics, Home Economics Club DAVIS, DOYLE LYNN, Austin Electrical Engineering, HKN DAVIS. JAMES EDWARD, Austin Chemical Engineering, A , t HZ, AT, TBII, J2XE, AIChE DAVIS, MARY ANNE, San Antonio Mathematics, AP DAVIS, ROGERT WADE, Ennis Greek, Longhorn Christian Fellowship DAWSON, DOLPHIA ANN, Amarillo Home Economics, ON, Home Economics Club, BSU, Upperclass Advisor DAY, BILLY BERNARD, Austin Psychology DEAN, PEGGY JOYCE, San Antonio Elementary Education DEAN, SIDNEY MILTON, Longview Personnel Management, Society for Advancement of Management DEBARDELEBEN, MICHAEL LINDA, Fort Worth Elementary Education, Wesley Foundation, Intramurals, Poona, Round-Up, Tumle, Theadorne PAOE 445 SENIORS DEFOYD, JIM LYNN, Channclview Psychology, ISA DEHNISCH, SHARON BETH, Mathis Advertising, ZTA, Panhellenic Council, President Wilson ' s Advisory Cabinet, Round-Up, Union and Government Committees, Advisory Board KUT-FM, Operation Brainpower DEKUNDER, JOE HENRY, San Antonio Marketing DELANEY, NELWYN IRENE, Houston Business Education, IIQII Upperclass Advisor DE LA ROSA, ELVIRA, San Benito Elementary Education, Newman Club, Club de Mexico DE LEON, JO ANN, Cuero Music Education, 1 ' I B, Union Committees. Round-Up, University Chorus, A Cappella Choir, Curtain Club. Freshman Orientation DE LUNA, PAUL FRAGA, San Antonio Psychology, X DEMLER, JO ANN, Port Arthur Secretarial Education and Social Studies, AXfl, Inti amurals, UTSA, Orchesis, Student-Faculty Committee, Union Committees, Freshman Council, Round-Up, Cap and Gown, Education Council DENMAN, ROBERT FULTON, Winter Park, Fla. Psychology, Curtain Club, Union Committees DENNEY, GARY DONALD, Refugio Mechanical Engineering, I KT. I HX. ASME DENNIS, RODRICK WARREN, Houston Interior Decorating, Longhorn Band, American Institute of Decorators DENTON, JACK LEONARD, El Paso Architecture DE PRIEST, LE ' ANNE, Houston Elementary Education, ISA, Cap and Gown DESENBERG, DIANNE, Houston Business Administration, AK4 Honor Roll, Union Committees DEVINE, ANN, Corpus Christ! Elementary Education, A f , Strike and Spare, Newman Honor Society, Cap and Gown, Newman Club Sweetheart, Upperclass Advisor DIAZ, CARLOS, JR., Piedras Negras, Mexico Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE, Campus Chest, Stag Co-Op, Club de Mexico Fellowship, DIAZ, DE LEON EFREN, Robstown Government, Newman Club DIBRELL, DAVID BENTON, Big Spring Mathematics DICKENS, NANCY JEAN, San Antonio Elementary Education DICKSON, ROBERT MILLER, Dallas Mathematics, ATA DIEMER, HARVEY HENRY, Houston Mechanical Engineering DIRR, EUGENE OLIVER, JR., Golden Acres Finance, Longhorn Band. AFROTC, Westminster Student F American Finance Association DJOJOSOEGITO, RADEN DARJATMO, Semarang, Indonesia Zoology DOBIE, DUDLEY RICHARD, JR., Alpine Chemical Engineering, AX1, AIChE, Student Engineering Council, Inti amurals, Wesley Club DODGDEN, BEVERLY JEAN, Temple Speech, KKT, Union Committees, Intramural Speech DOELL, WILLIAM BRANT, San Marino, Calif. Engineering Route to Business Administration, IIKA DOGGETT, JOHN RENTZ, Houston Industrial Management, AX, A M2, Canterbury Association, Westminster Student Fellowship, Y, Society for Advancement of Management, NROTC DOKE, H. MAURICE, Wichita Falls Chemical Engineering, IX, 1 H2, AIChE, Assembly. Faculty-Student Cabinet, Varsity Football, T Association, All-America Football Team, Earl Blaik Award DOLCE, CHARLES LEONARD, Port Arthur Pie-Medical, I E DORRELL, LOU ADELE, Houston Elementary Education, KKI Y, ACE, Union Committees, Upperclass Advisor DOMNING, DOLORES ELEANOR, Coral Gables, Fla. International Trade, AF, Society for Advancement of Management, Foreign Trade Club, BBA Council DOUGLAS, JACK WINSTON, Houston Real Estate, ATfl DOWNING, ROBERTA LEE, Dallas Journalism and History, Al ' , 62 f , Mortar Board, Y, Reagan, RIL, Round-Up, Daily Texan DOWNTAIN, ROBERT LEE, Ranger History, Newman Club DRAKE, PEGGY JOYCE, San Antonio Business Administration, Delta Torch Colony, Cap and Gown, UTSA, Poona DREW, EARL EDWIN, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME PAGE 446 a o a CLASS OF 1960 DRISKILL, ROGER JOE, Fort Worth Civil Engineering DRIVER, TACK GANTT, Terrell Accounting, Y DURHAM, GRETCHEN WERNER. Houston Home Economics, Child Development, AAII, Bluebonnet B.-lle Finalist. 10 Most Beautiful Semi-Finalist, Aqua-Carnival Queen Nominee, Home Economics Club, Union Committees, Aeronautical Engineers Sweetheart Nominee DUSON, DELIA, El Campo Music Education, AAII, 2AI, IIKA, AAi, Union Committees, Upperclass Advisor, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board DURWAY, JERRY WITHERS, Fort Worth Chemical Engineering, f K I ' , Westminster Student Fellowship, AIChE DYE, ANNA LORINE, Austin Home Economics, ON, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club DYER, CURTIS, Austin Insurance, Varsity Football, Insurance Society EAGLE, PATRICIA GAYLE, Dallas Physical Education, PEM Club, UTSA, Upperclass Advisor EAKIN, ROBERT DERWIN, Austin Accounting EARHART, CHARLES EARL, JR., Dallas Chemistry EARLE, EDWARD, Houston Pre-Medical, t Ae EASLEY, JOHNNIE RUFUS, Gatesville Accounting EASTER, JAMES DONALD, Houston Chemical Engineering, AIChE EATON, DAVID CARLTON, Austin Sociology, ROTC. Social Welfare Club, Westminster Student Fellowship, Pershing Rifles, Distinguished Military Student EBNER, JOHN PRUETT, Boerne Pharmacy. +AX, LPhA EDDY, RONALD EUGENE, Dallas Chemical Engineering, I ' 2K, AX2, A !!, Buccaneers, N NROTC Rifle Team EDEN, CATHERINE CLARK, Villanoya, Pa. Elementary Education, A4 , Spooks, Upperclass Advisor EDENS, RODRICK TARLTON, Austin Plan II EDGAR, KENNETH RAY, Graham Physics, Mathematics, H2, 1 BK, 2112, A !2, Silver Spurs EDMISTON, CHARLES L., JR., Crockett Retailing, 2X, American Marketing Association EDWARDS, ARTHUR JAMES, JR., Austin Mathematics, I H2 EDWARDS, CHLOE, Houston History, Los Charros EDWARDS, VICTORIA, Corpus Christi English, Upperclass Advisor EDWARDS, WILLIAM ROWAN, Big Spring Geology, Geological Society ELLISON, WALTER LOTT, Fort Worth Industrial Management ELMORE, JANET LUCY, Dallas Psychology, 1 " B, X, Cap and Gown, Union and Government Committees ELMORE, SANDRA ANTOINETTE, McAllen Spanish, La Tcrtulia, Newman Club EMERSON, BUFORD LYNN, Abilene Pharmacy, 4 AX, LPhA, Oak Grove EPLEN, JUDITH LYNN, Abilene Journalism, IIB f , 62 ERWIN, CARROLL GENE, Charlotte Pharmacy, K , LPhA ERWIN, GEORGE THOMAS, Brownwood Government ERWIN, JERRY D., Cisco Electrical Engineering, HKX, AIEE-IRE, SAME ESPEY, WILLIAM HOWARD, JR., Dallas Civil Engineering, Freshman Football, ASCE ESQUIVEL, CATARINO, Olmito Civil Engineering, ASCE ESQUIVEL, NEMESIO GERALD, Baytown Zoology ESSE, CAROL DEAN, Seguin Secondary Education, AXSJ, Y, RIL, Government Committees, Cap and Gown, Freshman Council PAGE 447 SENIORS ESTRADA, JOHN JOE, Corpus Christ! Pre-Medical, Zoology, AKA, Westminster Student Fellowship ETTER, WAYNE EDWARD, San Antonio Finance, TKK, American Finance Association EUBANKS, ISAAC DWAINE, McCamey Chemistry, AT, Intramurals EXLEY, JAMES JOSEPH, Houston Marketing Research, X, American Marketing Association FAHEY, ROBERT JOHN, Galveston Fine Arts, Directing, Curtain Club, Longhorn Band, Round-Up, Newman Club FAHRENTHOLD, HARVEY KEITH, Poth Engineering Route to Business Administration, IIKA, NROTC, Newman Club IntramuraL FAHRENTHOLD, PAUL DAVID, Houston Chemical Engineering, HKA, S2XE, 4 H FAIRALL, LABON LEROY, JR., San Antonio Business Administration, AA-, American Marketing Association FAIST, NORMAN PHILLIP, JR., Houston Petroleum Engineering, Theleme, AIME FALK, ALVIN RAY, Ranger Pharmacy FAOUR, DANIEL JOHN, Fairbanks Architectural Engineering, TSPE, AAAE FARLEY, RAMSEY WAYNE, Temple Chemical Engineering, H1, AX2, TBII, AT, SXE, AIChE FERGUSON, ROBERT BENJAMIN, Austin Petroleum Engineering, Track FERGUSON, STANLEY BURNETT, Houston Marketing, 4 KZ, f Hl. A1II, American Marketing Association FERNANDEZ, DAVID OSCAR, San Antonio Education, Administration of Youth-Serving Agencies FERRELL, RALPH TILLMAN, Blooming Grove Chemical Engineering, AX-, AIChE (T ffl FIELDER, WILLIAM COOK, Lockhart Plan II, KA, f H, Friars. Silver Spurs, Y, Student Assembly, Faculty-Student Cabinet, Campus Chest, Disciples Student Fellowship, Christian Faith and Life Community FINGER, JOSEPH MICHAEL, D ' Hanis Mathematics, Newman Club, Royal Co-Op FINGER, RONALD J., Houston Business Administration, 1 2A, Silver Spurs, Interfraternity Council, Round-Up, Varsity Carnival FINK, LOWELL S., Brenham English, f SA, Interfratcrnity Council, Varsity Carnival FISHER, CAROL LOUISE, Wichita Falls English, KK1 ' FISHER, JUDITH CHRISTINE, Dallas Music Education, AXQ FISK, FRANCES RUTH, Austin FJementary Education FITCH, JOHN THOMAS, San Antonio Pre-Medical, KA, AEA FITCH, JOHN WILLIAM, III, San Antonio Chemistry FITZGERALD, HENRY LOWELL, Port Arthur Chemical Engineering, AIChE FLEMING, DELIAH ANN, College Station Applied Art, X8, UTSA, Y, Cap and Gown, Tumle, Union Committees FLETCHER, CLAUDIA LYNNE, Midland English, ZTA, AAA, Reagan FLOR, MARLENE RUTH, Corpus Christi Chemistry FLOWERS, MANUEL, Corpus Christi Retail Business FOLEY, C. LEWIS, Houston Engineering Route to Business Administration, 1 K2 FONVILLE, SANDRA, Beeville Plan II, AAA, A I A, Honor Roll, International Club FORD, EVANGELINE, La Marque Zoology, IIB FORESTER, ROSEMARY VIRGINIA, Houston Home Economics, A All, Home Economics Club, Turtle Club FORMAN, NANCY R., Midland English, KAO, 4 Ae FORYS, CONRAD WALTER, Fair Lawn, N. J. Economics, AT, Sc-ibbard and Blade PAGE 448 CLASS OF 1960 FOSTER, MARJORIE ANNE, Galveston English, ZTA, Ashbel FOSTER, MAYDELLE VAUGHAN, San Antonio Chemistry, III) , Student-Faculty Committee, Union Committees FOURAKER, LINDA MELISSA, Bryan History, AT, Freshman Council FOWLER, DAVID WAYNE, Sabinal Architectural Engineering, XK, TBII, AAAE, ASCE, TSPE, Student Engineering Council FOWLER, WALLACE THOMAS, Greenville Mathematics, Aqua-Carnival, UTSAM, Gymnastics FOY, NANCY CAROLYN, Brownwood Music F.ducation, IIB 1 . IAI, Cap and Gown, Student Assembly, Y, Union Committees, A Cappella Cho ir, Uppcrclass Advisor FRAM, LEWIS BERTRAND, Baytown Zoology FRANKLIN, JENNIE ELIZABETH, Houston English, BSU, Grievance Committee, RIL FRAUSTRO, FELIX, Laredo Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE, Newman Club FRAZIER, WESTON OREN, Wharton Management, N FREEMAN, PAUL SWIFT, Austin Geology, Mathematics FRIDGE, ERNEST MARION, Fort Worth Mathematics FRIEDRICH, ELMER LEE, Fredericksburg Engineering Route to Business Administration, Society for Advancement of Management FRIEND, CAROL, Ozona Elementary Education, AA1I FRIERSON, WILLIAM DONALD, McCamey Pharmacy, AT, i AX, LPhA, Intramurals FUENTES, JOSE ELIUD, Kingsville Pharmacy, J AX, LPhA FUOS, ALTON CHARLES, San Antonio Industrial Management, Society fur Advancement of Management GAMBOA, GONZALO, III, Laredo Accounting, Laredo Club, Westminster Student Fellowship GARCIA, IRMA IDALIA, Benavides Bacteriology, Club de Mexico, Newman Club GARCIA, MANUEL HECTOR, Monterrey, Mexico Architectural Engineering GARCIA, MARTIN E., Kingsville Government, A K2, Newman Club GARCIA, MARY ANGELA, San Benito English, SAII GARCIA, SANTIAGO DIAZ, San Benito Spanish GARDNER, DAVID LAURENCE, Fort Worth Chemical Engineering, AIChE GARDNER, H. LAURENCE, Houston History, KS, Los Charros GARNETT ? GROSVENOR HOWARD, Wimberley Electrical Engineering GARRARD, NANCY MARIE, Tyler Secretarial Studies, 1IB I , Reagan GARRETT, WILLIAM DAVID, San Antonio Marketing Administration, A11I, American Marketing Association GARRISON, BEN PAUL, Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE GARZA, BLAS M., JR., Corpus Christi History GARZA, FRANK JOSEPH, Austin Mathematics, Newman Club, AIEE-IRE GARZA, ROEL, Rio Grande City Government, Liberal Arts, IIA K Newman Club, Rio Grande Valley Club, Club de Mexico, International Club GATHRIGHT, MARSHA ANN, Austin Elementary Education, AXSi, Cap and Gown, Reagan GAULDEN, JOE THOMAS, Leonard Pharmacy, 4AX GENSLER, JAY DON, Wickett Chemical Engineering, HS, KK , Longhorn Band, AIChE, TSPE GENZ, RALPH HERMAN, East Bernard Electrical Engineering, HKN, TBII, AIEE-IRE PAGE 449 SENIORS GERSON, ALVIN RUBENSTEIN, Dallas Pre-Medical. TA , A SJ GERSON, FRED MILTON, Houston Marketing, f SA, Cheerleader, Cowboys, Ugly Man Contest Winner GEYER, WALTER LOUIS, JR., San Antonio Music Education, 4 iIK, KK , IMA, Longhorn Band, Symphonic Band GHORMLEY, SYLVIA COOPER, Dallas Elementary Education GIBBS, GEORGE DURDEN, JR., Yazoo City, Miss. Engineering Route to Business Administration, Silver Spurs, Governmi-nt Committees, Discipline Committee GIBSON, DELL T., Dallas Speech, KA GILBERT, MALINE, Austin English. I1B I , Mortar Board, CEC, International Club GILL, ROSE MARIE, San Antonio Elementary Education, A f , Reagan, Union Committees, Education Student-Faculty Council, Cap and Gown, Honor Roil, BSU GILL, WARREN DALE, Austin Architecture GILLEAN, ESTHER GAYLAN, Stamford Secondary Education, TBZ, Longhorn Band, Cap and Gown, Inter-Co-operative Council, Halstead House GILLIAM, JAMES WENDELL, Waco Accounting, BSU GILLIS, JAMES KENNETH, Corpus Christi Zoology GILMORE, SARAH ALICE, Nacogdoches Elementary Education, AAA, ACE GLASSCOCK, C. WELDON, Dallas Business Administration, T Association, Varsity Track GODOY, RICHARD A., Corpus Christi English GLOAZ, CAREY WAYNE, Dallas Pharmacy, 1 AX, I ' X, H1, LPhA GOLDBERG, HERBERT STEPHEN, Marshall Zoology, 4A, Varsity Swimming Team GONZALES, EDNA, Rio Hondo Elementary Education GONZALEZ, MARY MAGDALENE, Corpus Christi English, 4+t2, Newman Club GORBETT, DEANNA LEE, Fort Worth Education, ZTA, Upperclass Advisor, Ashbel GORENA, ROLANDO RENE, Edinburg English, Wesley Foundation GORRELL, JOHN THOMAS, Odessa Pre-Law GRABER, ALLAN LEVY, Galveston Accounting, TA I , Hillel Foundation, Intramurals GRANGER, BILLIE LOUISE, Rankin Elementary Education, AAA, Cap and Gown GREMMEL, RUBY LOUISE, Boerne Accounting, Cap and Gown, ISA, Honor Roll GRIBBLE, MILLIE RUTH, Houston Mathematics, Westminster Student Fellowship, Upperclass Advisor, RIL, Y GRIENEEKS, LAURABETH ELIZABETH, Midland History, Union Committee, University Women ' s Council, Upperclass Advisor, Cap and Gown GRIESEL, JOHN GERN, Dallas Electrical Engineering, Canterbury Club, AIEE-IRE GRIFFIN, GEORGE LEE, Dallas Economics, 1AO GRIGAR, LOUIS ALBERT, JR., Thrall History, Czech Club, Texas State Historical Association GRIMES, PEARSON, JR., Eastland Law, AKS, i Ai, Silver Spurs, Y, Discipline Committee, Student Court GRIMMER, GARY, Austin Industrial Management, Society for Advancement of Management GRUMBLES, LINDA BETH, Atlanta Elementary Education, ATA, Union Committees, Home Economics Club, Future Teachers of America, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, BSU, Aqua-Carnival Queen Nominee, Government Committees, Cap and Gown, Texas Stars GUERRA, FERNANDO A., San Antonio Zoology, Pre-Medical, Newman Club GUESS, LINDA KAY, Dallas English, AAA, Cap and Gown GUGGER, JIMMIE VAN, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ASME PAGE 450 CLASS OF 1960 GUTHRIE, JANET MARZEE, Austin English, III) , KA Rose, Freshman Council, Turtle Club, Los Charros GUTHRIE, MERLE ELIZABETH, San Antonio Sociology GUTIERREZ, JOSE ROBERTO, Hebbronville Petroleum Engineering, Laredo Club, Newman Club GUTIERREZ, MARIA DEL ROSARIO, Rio Grande City Pharmacy GUYTON, GAYLE, Taylor Plan II, Cap and Gown GUYTON, MARY PATRICIA, Midland Home Economics, AXfl HAASE, DONALD JAMES, Nixon Chemical Engineering, KO, AXZ, +AT, HE, i)XK, Newman Club, AIChE HABERMAN. R. A., JR., San Antonio English, ATA, Intel fraternity Council, Campus Chest, Round-Up, Freshman Council HADDON, SARAH JANE, Blanket Pharmacy HADELER, ROBERT B., San Antonio Mathematics HADSALL, CLYDE LOUIS, JR., Paola, Kans. Architecture AIA HAGG, DONALD OLIVER, Dallas Architectural Engineering, AAAE, Lutheran Student Association HAGLER, JANET, Dalhart English, Uppcrclass Advisor , Cap and Gown, RIL HAIRE, LYNDA GAYLE, Dallas Elementary Education, AAA. Freshman Council, Education Student-Faculty Council. ROTC Sponsor. Cowboy Sweetheart Nominee, Varsity Carnival Queen Nominee, University Sweetheart Finalist HALE, EDWARD SAWYER, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, AIEE HALE, THOMAS WELDON, Houston Insurance, Ki, Insurance Society HALL, CYNTHIA ANN, Houston English. AAA, Mortar Board. Union Committees. RIL HALL, ROBERT ARTHUR, JR., San Antonio Business Administration. A1IT. Society for Advancement of Management. Campus Guild. AFROTC. Orange Wings HALL, ROYCE HERMAN, Vider Mechanical Engineering. ASME, NROTC HALLMARK, JULIE, Odessa Chemistry, AZ, AAA, 4 BK HALM, KLEO GLEN, New Braunfels Physical Education, Varsity Football, T Association, TAMPER HALSELL, HARRIET, Bonham Sociology, XO, Longhorn Singers HAMMERSLEY, VERNON C., JR., Wichita Falls Aero-Space Engineering, lAeS HAMMERSLEY, WILNAH MAE, Wichita Falls Elementary Education HAMMOND, MAXINE M., San Antonio Government HAMPTON, DANIEL THOMAS, Naples Engineering Route to Business Administration. IIKA HANKINS, LINDA ELIZABETH, Houston Radio-Television, AAII, UTSA, RIL, Freshman Council HANS, MAMIE FLORA, Houston Psychology, AKA, Y HANSARD, CHARLES EDWARD, Amarillo Accounting HANSON, JOE LE NOIR, Austin Accounting HARBOLD, CARLA M., San Antonio English, Reagan, French Honorary Society HARBORTH, MARY LOUISE, Yoakum Elementary Education, AXQ, Reagan, Upperclass Advisor HARBOUR, PAULA JANE, Mount Pleasant Home Economics. Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown HARDCASTLE, ROBERT DALTON, JR., San Antonio Business Administration, Bell, A2II, AROTC HARDIN, SANDERS LEE, Houston Plan II, ISA HARDY, THOMAS HOWARD, Malakoff Zoology PAOB 451 SL SENIORS HARKINS, SIDNEY LOUISE, Sanderson Elementary Education HARLAN, VELMA HAZEL I., Baytown Elementary Education HARMAN, TOM, Austin Petroleum Engineering, AIME HARPER, J. D., Ranger Pharmacy HARPER, WILLIAM JOE, Sulphur Springs Chemical Engineering, Acacia, ASCE HARRAL, ALBERT MACKEY, Fort Worth Mathematics, American Finance Association HARRELL, JIMMY JOEL, Houston Pre-Medical. Bacteriology, X , BSU HARRINGTON, CAROLE NEELY, Piano Elementary Education, AAA, JIA0 HARRINGTON, GEORGE SYDNEY, Houston Accounting, BA , AK , HS HARRINGTON, JIMMY, Piano Pharmacy, KA HARRIS, VERNON CLAUDE, Yoakum Architectural Engineering, AAAE HARRISON, DOUGLAS PATRICK, Frost Chemical Engineering, AIChE HARRISON, JOHN B., Austin Marketing, American Marketing Association HARRISS, JOHN CHARLES, Rockdale Engineering Route to Business Administration, Cactus Staff HART, JANET KAY, Mesquite Home Economics, Disciples Student Fellowship, Home Economics Club HART, LAURENCE EUGENE, Austin Mathematics, 2 E, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society HART, WALTER T., Austin Commercial Art, AX HART, WELDON BRANT, Glen Rose Social Science, IntramuraU, PEM Club HARTER, CHARLES, III, Houston Engineering Route to Business Administration, ilX, 4H2 ( IE, AK , Newman Club HARTLEY, BRENDA I., San Antonio Advertising, 6 f , Orange Jackets, Union Committees, Campus Chest, Round-Up, Co-ordinators Council HARTMANN, FREDDIE HARRY, Fredericksburg Aero-Space Engineering, Lutheran Student Association, lAeS, American Rocket Society HARTUNG, ROGER COLLIER, Fort Worth Civil Engineering, ASCE, Intramurals HASCHKE, HERBERT PAUL, JR., Houston Accounting, AE, Intramurals HASLER, C. TOM ; Everett, Wash. Personnel Management HASSAN, SAMIR AHMAD, Saudi Arabia Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, MiZ, IRE-AIEE, International Club, Arab Student Organization HASSELL, RUTH, Dallas Spanish, Y, La Tertulia, International Club HATLER, CAROLE ANN, Dallas Radio and Television, AXfi, Union Committees HAUSER, CHARLES EDWARD, Houston English, SA HAWKINS, ERVIN E., JR., San Angelo Finance, American Finance Association HA WORTH, ROBERT FREDERICK, San Angelo Civil Engineering, ASCE HAWTHORNE, CHARLINE, Conroe Plan II, French, KKr, Racket Club, Y HAYDEN, CHARLES GERVIN, Plainfield, N. J. Psychology, Government Committees HAYLEY, JACK L., Austin Marketing, AXTT, American Marketing Association HEATER, JOSEPH RICHARD, Victoria Chemistry, AIChE, American Chemical Society HEATHERLY, SHERRY DARLENE, Goldthwaite Physics, International Club, Cap and Gown, ISA HEINRICHS, JAMES DELL, Bowie Marketing, 4 K, American Marketing Association, AROTC PAGE 452 V f L f I - J W 1 CLASS OF 1960 HELM, J. D., Plainview Mechanical Engineering, H, nil. ASME HELMER, DAVID MARVIN, Hillsboro History, ROTC HELLUMS, CHARLES GARY, Houston Electrical Engineering, -HIE, HK.V, TBI1 HEMPHILL, PAUL DOUGLAS, Fort Worth Chemical Engineering, AXI, AIChE HENDERSON, ROGER CALDWELL, Harlingen Accounting, BA , NROTC, BSU HENDERSON, WILLIAM DONALD, Ingleside Engineering Route to Business Administration, ATS), Society for Advancement of Management HENDRICKS, MICHAEL EDWARD, McAllen Petroleum Engineering, AIME HENRY, ANTHONY RAY, Houston Sociology, Student-Faculty Cabinet, RIL. NSA, BSU, Freshman Council, Y, ISA HENRY, JOHNNIE FRANK, Fort Worth Civil Engineering HENRY, LYNDABEL ELIZABETH, Dallas Latin-American Government, 1AII HENRY, PHYLLIS G., Fort Worth Elementary Education, ACE HENSLEE, SARAH, Galveston History, A i , Y, Reagan HENSLEY, SIDNEY THOMAS, Houston Journalism, AA HENSON, WALTER TOM, Dalhart History, Acacia, Silver Spurs, Varsity Carnival, Interfraternity Council, Campus Chest, Discipline Committee HERNANDEZ, SYLVIA CHRISTINE, Texas City Chemistry HERREN, JANIE JONES. Paducah Business Education, r B, IICH, BSU. A Cappella Choir, Freshman Council, Government Committees HERRERA, FERMIN NICASIO, JR., St. Louis, Mo. Marketing Administration, Newman Club, American Marketing Association, John Henry Newman Honor Society HERRERA, PEDRO PABLO, El Paso Architecture, TSA KERRY, ROSE MARIE, New Braunfels Business Education, nfill, Cap and Gown, RIL HESSE, HENRY DAVID, Corpus Christi Engineering Route to Business Administration, Longhorn Singers HICKMAN, JUDITH ANN, Dallas Elementary Education, AAA, Orange Jackets, Cactus Staff, Goodfcllow, Education Council HICKS, SARAH E., Ozona Child Development, ON, Wesley Foundation, Home Economics Club HIGGINS, ERIN, Austin Home Economics, Child Development, ZTA, Spooks, Orange Jackets, Great Issues, Freshman Council HILL, DEXTER, lago Chemical Engineering, Tejas, TBII, SXE, IIH2, A fl, AIChE, Wesley Foundation HILL, JO MARIE, Fort Worth English, XSJ, Cap and Gown, Freshman Council, Reagan, Blucbonnet Belle Nominee HILTON, MARJORIE, Houston Art, Education, XQ, Union Committees, Disciples Student Fellowship KING, KUNTHAP, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Chemical Engineering, AIChE HINOJOSA, OSCAR V., Harlingen Electrical Engineering, AIEE, Intramurals HINOJOSA, RAFAEL, JR., Hebbronville Physical Education, PEM Club HITT, GARY CHRIS, Fort Worth Physics, ROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Ranger Drill Team, SAME, Distinguished Military Student. Chicago Tribune Award HLANAK, LA VERNE, Baytown Elementary Education, AXQ, Newman Club, Cap and Gown HOBBS, JACK WILLIAM, Ennis Marketing, I I E, T Association, Varsity Football, American Marketing Association HOFF, JANICE GAVE, Kenedy English HODGE, CLAUDE BURRELL, JR., Bonham Finance, A2II, American Finance Association HOISETH, MERLIN GEORGE, Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Longhorn Singers HOLDER, BETTY DARLENE, Corpus Christi Physical Education PAGE 453 SENIORS HOLDER, JERRELL AARON, Wichita Falls Geology, Z4 E, Varsity Swimming loam, T Association, Geological Society HOLLAND, LEON LA FOREST, San Antonio Natural Science, Pre-Mcdical, ATT, A A HOLLEMAN, PATRICIA LYNNE, Houston Elementary Education, Union Committees, Cap and Gown, ACE HOLLOW AY, GORDON ARTHUR, Dallas Finance, i A6 HOLLOWAY, RICHARD EARL, Evanston, 111. Mechanical Engineering, Acacia, UTS HOLLOWAY, WILLIAM GORDON, Longview Accounting, A-II HOLMAN, DAVID CALVIN, Weslaco Radio and Television, Wesley Foundation, Curtain Club, Radio-TV Guild HOLMES, RICHARD WILLIAM, Pasadena Mathematics, 4 H, Honor Roll HOLMES, ROBERT L., Texarkana Mechanical Engineering, ASME, TSPE HONEY, JEANETTE BLANCHE, Victoria Interior Decorating. Honor Roll, Government Committees, Home Economics Club, Student American Institute of Decorators, Discipline Committee HORSTMANN, LEA MARYE, Austin Home Economics, AAA, ON, Home Economics Club HOUSE, ROSEMARY CLYDE, San Antonio Government, AAII, AAA, IIZA, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board. RIL, Upperclass Advisor, Outstanding Student. Sweetheart Nominee, University Women ' s Council HOUSTOUN, SUE, Houston Elementary Education, KhT, ACE HUBERT, LOUIS FRANK, JR., Austin Engineering Route to Business Administration HUGHES, JOHN BRUCE, Iowa Park Economics, IIKA HULL, DANNY M., Austin Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE, Longhoi n Band HULSEY, SPURGEON LEON, JR., Wharton Mechanical Engineering, Wesley Foundation HUMPHREY, LILLIAN, Austin Elementary Education, AAII, Reagan, Cap and Gown, ACE HUNKE, ARTHUR HARVEY, Lockhart Mechanical Engineering, Lutheran Student Association, ASME, Southwestern Rocket Society HUNT, WALKER EUGENE, Austin Mathematics HUNTER, AMY CHERRIE, Orange Speech Therapy, IAH, Upperclass Advisor INGRAM, BURLEY GENE, Corpus Christ! Industrial Management, Acacia, Society for Advancement of Management IZARD, JUDITH CAROLYN, Dallas Commercial Art, Wesley Foundation, Cap and Gown, All Campus Advisors, UTSA, Tumle JACKSON, BENJAMIN E., Conroe Chemical Engineering, AIChE JACKSON, DALE EUGENE, Leanda Civil Engineering, ASCE JACKSON, DON J., Austin Business Administration, t K2, AFROTC, Honor Roll, American Finance Association, Society for Advancement of Management JACKSON, RALPH SEMMES, JR., Beeville Aero-Space Engineering JACKSON, SANDRA JAN, Somerville Journalism, AAA, 62 J , Daily Texan JACOBS, JUDY MULLER, Kingsville Advertising, KKT JACOBS, SANDRA ROSLYN, San Antonio Sociology, AE4 , University Women ' s Council JACOBS, WILLIAM FREDRIC, Houston Psychology, Prc-Mcdical, AT, KKM ' JACOBSON, GWENDA LYNN, Waco Elementary Education, AE , Honor Roll, Union Committees JACOBSEN, LEILA NANCY, Sulphur Springs English, XO, Reagan TAEGGLI, VICTOR B., Corpus Christi Industrial Management. IN, HIE, Scabbard and Blade, American Marketing Association, Society for Advancement of Management JAKLE, FLORENCE THERESE, San Antonio English, Newman Club TEE, MARTHA DOYLE, Houston Elementary Education, BSU, Freshman Council, Spooks, Union Com- mittees, Orange Jackets, Cap and Gown, Government Committees PAGE 454 CLASS OF 1960 JEFFUS, THOMAS RIDER, DePort Aeronautical Engineering, Southwest Rocket Society, American Rocket Society, AIcS JENKINS, MICHAEL RAY, McGregor Pharmacy, K , LPhA JESSEN, ESTHER MARGARET, Austin Social Sciences, AAA JEZ, JOHN BENNETT, Temple Advertising, AA1, American Marketing Association, Union Committees, Society for Advancement of Management JOHNSON, CLARA LOUISE, Cameron Art Education JOHNSON, EMORY DWAIN, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ASME JOHNSON, JOHN LYNN, Quitaque Government, Intramurals JOHNSON, LARRY BERT, Texarkana Mechanical Engineering JOHNSON, MARION H., Sheridan, Ark. Industrial Management JOHNSON, WILLIAM PHILLIP, JR., Van Vleck Finance, American Finance Association, BSU JOINER, MARVIN EDMOND, Tyler Business Administration JOLLY, LLOYD C., San Antonio Marketing, Tejas, Varsity Football Manager, American Marketing Association, Government Committees JANES, ELIZABETH KAY, Amarillo tnglish, M, University Chorus, Wesley Foundation, Upperclass Advisor, Great Issues JONES, JAMES HENLEY, San Antonio Chemistry, KA JONES, JAMES ROSS, Miami, Fla. Anthropology JONES, JANICE EVELYN, Corpus Christi Physical Education, UTSA, UTSEA, Cap and Gown, Poona, PEM Club JONES, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Houston Child Development, AAII, Home Economics Club, RIL, Government Committees JONES, MARTIN BROCK, Ozona TONES, MARYLOU PATRICIA, Fort Worth English, Felecia, Inter-Co-Opcrativc Council JONES, NELMA ANN, Dallas Elementary Education, T B, Government Committees. Cap and Gown, ACE JONES, RENEE CAROL, San Angelo Commercial Art, Union Committees, Wesley Foundation JONES, ROBERT DALE, Austin Government JONES, RONALD A., Austin Chemical Engineering, AXS JONES, ROSE MARY, Kilgore Elementary Education, AOII JONES, VAUGHN ANDREW, JR., Austin Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Society of Petroleum Engineers JONES, WALTER CHRISTOPHER, Longview Architecture, ATT, AIA JONES, WALTER LEE, Dallas Journalism and Economics, SAX, Honor Roll, Daily Texan, University Chorus, ROTC JONES, WILLIAM FELIX, JR., Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering JORDAN, ANDREW BOOTY, JR., Atlanta Zoology JORDAN, SARA FRANCES, Bandera Sociology JOST, KAREN REY, San Antonio ' Elementary Education, NEA, STSTA JUAREZ, HUMBERTO LUIS, JR., Laredo Law, Laredo Club, ISA KAMRATH, KARL FRED, JR., Houston Architectural Engineering, AKE, AAAE, Varsity Tennis, T Association, Wesley Foundation, ASCE, TSPE, Silver Spurs KAPLAN, ANITA RUTH, Bay City Music Education, Voice. A t E, Curtain Club, A Cappella Choir, Round-Up, Panhellenic, University Chorus, Varsity Carnival KAREL, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Austin Accounting KARLSSON, RICHARD EVERT, Bronxville, N. Y. English, ISA, Westminster Student Fellowship PACE 455 SENIORS KARNAUGH, LUDMYLA PAWLOWNA, Houston Medical Technology, Freshman Council, Racket Club, German Club, ISA KAROTKIN, RICHARD S., Austin Marketing Administration, 62A, Intramurals, AROTC KARYDAS, ANDREAS IOANNOU, Nicosia, Cyprus Aero-Space Engineering, lAeS KASTEN, JERRY, Elmont, N. Y. History, Campus Guild, Hillcl Foundation KAZEN, JAMES D., Laredo History, AROTC, Newman Club, Confederate Drill Team KEEVER, JACK ELTON, Port Arthur Journalism, SAX, Silver Spurs, Daily Texan Managing Editor, RIL, Jesse Jones S cholarship, Henry Cabot Scholarship KELLER, CECIL THEODORE, Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering, ASME, TSPE KELSO, HARRY BERTRAND, JR., Texas City Zoology, 4 E KENDALL, GEORGE CHARLES, JR., Houston Finance, A J Q, AK , AROTC, American Finance Association, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Ranger Drill Team KENDRICK, DAVID ANDREW, Gatesville Government, I H, I1TE, Tejas, Silver Spurs, Assembly, Texas Student Publications Board KERBOW, ODIS DOYCE, Austin Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE KERR, DON MILTON, JR., Kilgore Geology, TE, Geological Society, Freshman Golf Team KERSHNER, STUART DERIC, Houston Mechanical Engineering. AXA. TBII, IITS. 4HZ. ASME, SAME. lAeS, Student Engineering Council, AROTC, American Rocket Society, Distinguished Military Student KERSTEN, PHYLLIS, Sealy Economics, FA, House Chairman ' s Association, University Religious Council KEY, KAREN, Lubbock Biology, KAO KIBBIE, KENT D., Fort Worth Plan II, rA KIECKE, PATTYE JAYNE, Rosenberg Business Education, AA1I, I1S2IT, AAA, Upperclass Advisor KIEFFER, CHARLES DAVID, Dallas Mechanical Engineering, OKA, ASME, TSPE, Intramurals KIEKE, TWILA WANDA, Giddings Business Education, AAII, Cactus Staff, Y, Union Committees KILLEN, DAVID T., Round Rock Civil Engineering, f H, XK, TBII KIMBLE, KATHRYN DIANE, Longview Home Economics, X12 KINCHELOE, HAZEL KAREN, Ardmore, Okla. Journalism, 1 M, Daily Texan, Cactus, AFROTC, Triggerettes, UTSA, Cap and Gown, Shangri-La KING, DELLA GLOVER, Austin Accounting KING, JERRY LUCIAN, Texarkana Civil Engineering, BSU, ASCE KING, JOE M., Austin Electrical Engineering, HKN, TBII, AIEE-IRE KING, KAY, Fort Worth History, 1MB, Upperclass Advisor, Foreign Students ' Committee KIRCHEM, REID CHARLES, Galveston History, Canterbury Club KIRKPATRICK, MARILLYN, Water Valley Elementary Education, All Campus Advisors, Ashbel KITTRELL, JOHN ROBERT, Austin Real Estate, American Finance Association KLATT, JAMES MONROE, Austin Pharmacy, 4 AX, PX KLEIN, ELIZABETH ANNE, Harlingen . Interior Decoration, XS2 KLOESEL, LAWSON GREGORY, Weimar Pharmacy, J AX, Newman Club, LPhA KNAPP, FRANK JOSEPH, Houston History, AKE, Newman Club, Union Committees KNIGHT, ANNE, Austin Spanish, ITB KNIKER, JAMES DONALD, Seguin Mathematics, A K2, Tejas, Silver Spurs, Scabbard and Blade, T Association, Varsity Football Manager, Arnold Air Society, Goodfellow KNIPPA, JANICE LEE, San Antonio English, XO, Reagan, RIL PAGE 456 l r CLASS OF 1960 KNIPPA, LARRY DON, San Antonio Mathematics, H, NROTC KNOBLER, WILLIAM MORTON, Brownwood Radio, AM KOEN, BILLY VAUGHN, Austin Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, ME, AT, AX, TBH, 1 BK, AIChE, Professional Fraternity Council KOPEL, JEROME MICHAEL, Dallas Mathematics, AKH, A MJ, Student Co-operative Association, Pershing Rifles KOR, RICHARD, Austin Civil Engineering, ASCE KOSH, MARGARET MARY, Hempstead Music Education, 1 M, XAI, Newman Club, University Symphony, University Harp Trio KRIEG, RAYMOND DAVID, Corpus Christi Mechanical Engineering, TBII, ASME KROMER, WILLIAM MOFFETT, San Antonio Advertising, I K, AAE KROMMINGA, LYNN RICHARD, Austin History, X ! , AZ1I, FA, NROTC KRUM, CHARLES LEO, Yoakum Pharmacy KUESTER, JAMES LOWELL, Houston Chemical Engineering, AXA, i HZ, 4 AT, ttXE, TBII, AIChE KUHRAU, EDWARD W., Odessa English, Journalism KUNZ, JOSEPH DAVID, Austin Architecture, Freshman Football, Sphinx KYLE, JUNIOS MAURICE, III, Orange Management, KX, Intramuials, Society for Advancement of Management LACEY, SYLVIA ANN, Dallas Secretarial Studies, A , IK2II, BSU, BBA Council LACROIX, ROSAIRE OSCAR, Galveston French, Newman Club LANCASTER, LOU ANN, Dallas Anthropology, AAIL Orange Jackets, UTSA, Round-Up, Union Committees, Cap and Gown, All Campus Advisors LANE, ALLEN GRADY, Baytown Chemistry, AX2 LANGFORD, LOU ANNE, Mercedes Elementary Education, A ATI LANGNER, CARL G., Seguin Mechanical Engineering, IITX, ASME, Longhorn Singers, Lutheran Student Association LANIER, BETTY M., McAllen Psychology. HB , Turtle Club LANKFORD, JACK BRYAN, Corpus Christi Government LATIMER, JAMES RUSSELL, Dallas Pre-Medical, Bacteriology, AEA LAW, HAROLD YEN-HO, Hong Kong, China Mechanical Engineering, 4 Hi:, Chinese Student Association, ASME, BSU LAWLER, ROBERT LEE, Dallas Chemistry, AX2 LAWS, THOMAS CARLYLE, JR., Austin Pharmacy LAXSON, FLORENCE GAYE, Texarkana Pharmacy LAYTON, VIRGINIA LEA, Humble History, M, Reagan, Cap and Gown, BSU, UTSA LEACH, ROBERT GUY, JR., Denison Physical Education, Newman Club, PEM, Student Assistant Baseball Coach LE BEAU, HECTOR ALTON, Austin Marketing Research, AT, American Marketing Association, Radio Club LE BLANC, JOSEPH URLAN, Abbeville, La. Meteorology LEDBETTER, ROBERT GEORGE, Dallas Civil Engineering, ASCE LEE, RONALD FLOYD, Beaumont Chemical Engineering, ! HZ, AX2, AIChE LENTZ, JOAN D., Victoria Elementary Education, ZTA, Y, Union Committees LESCHLER, ERWIN WAYNE, Taylor Chemistry LESTER, JO ANN KAY, San Antonio Elementary Education. Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation, ISA, ACE, Upperclass Advisor PAGE 457 SENIORS LEW, BARNETT, San Antonio Pharmacy, K LEWIS, A. W., JR., McAllen Business Education, Insurance, AT, Longhorn Singers, Wesley Foundation, Insurance Society LEWIS, EDWARD DONOVAN, JR., Fort Worth Mathematics LEYENDECKER, ETHEL MARTHA, Laredo Interior Design, Newman Club LIBERTY, JOE PHILIP, Big Spring Economics LIEBERMAN, SUSAN ANNE, Houston English, Al i, Freshman Council, Government Committees, NSA LIGON, AUTHOR DALE, Corpus Christi Architectural Engineering, AAAE, TSPE, ASCE LINDEN, LAURENCE EUGENE, Austin Economics, AROTC, IVrshing Rifles, Dei Eulenspiegelverein LINEBARGER, DONALD LOYD, Austin Mathematics LINKER, DONALD LEE, Gainesville Mathematics, Geology, NROTC, Astronomy Club, Geological Society LINNETT, MARY LEE, West Columbia Chemical Engineering) AIChE LINSCOTT, STEPHEN McCRAY, Austin Physics LITTLE, JANIS VIRGINIA, Eastland Plan II, ,1 A. AAA. ' 1 ' BK. Mortar Board, NSA, Der Eulenspiegelverein, International Club LIVENGOOD, S. GAIL, Lockhart Elementary Education, AAII LOCKE, GLENDA RAE, San Antonio English LOCKLEAR, MILTON JAY, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ASME LOFFLAND, JOAN ELAINE, Fort Worth Spanish, IIB I LOGAN, DANIEL LANIER, Alpine Psychology, AKI, Y, Wesley Foundation, Intramurals LOGGINS, CARLA ELIZABETH, West Columbia Physical Therapy, Union Committees, Canterbury Association, Symphonic Band, Cap and Gown, Royal Spirit Committee LONGNECKER, GLORIA TEXANE, Houston Music Education LOPEZ, RAYMOND ASCENSION, San Antonio Mathematics LOVE, ROBERTA ANN, Dallas Journalism, English, Xfi, 01 , AAA. Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Assembly LOVELAND, ALAN WINSLOW, Houston Electrical Engineering, OX LOVINGGOOD, LEG KIMMONS, Houston Mathematics LOVVORN, NORRETTA, Stamford Elementary Education LOWTHER, SETH ALAN, Houston Accounting, I H, BA LOZANO, BEATRICE, Corpus Christi Physical Education, Newman Club, Poona, PEM LUCAS, GORDAN EDWARD, Corpus Christi Interior Design LUCAS, SHIRLEY ANN, Gainesville Sociology, Y, Christian Faith and Life Community LEUDERS, JIMMY CLAYTON, LaGrange Sociology LUHN, GRAHAM BARTON, San Antonio Architecture, SAK, AIA LUMMUS, JAMES ROBERT, Blum Engineering Route to Business Administration, Intramurals LUNA, RONALD EDWARD, Bay City History LYS, MYRON N., Philadelphia, Pa. Petroleum Engineering LYTLE, BETTY NOBLE, Odessa Government LYTTON, ROBERT LEONARD, San Antonio Civil Engineering, TBII, XK, Newman Club, ASCE, SAME, AROTC, Confederate Drill Team PAGE 458 CLASS OF 1960 MARTINEZ, OMAR PABLO, Laredo Civil Engineering, Laredo Club, Alba Club, ASCE MASON, JIMMY F., Irene Accounting, I ' A MASON, MARY ANN LEHMAN, Vernon Drama Education MASON, VIRGINIA AVERY, Dallas History, Ar, Canterbury Club MASSEY, VIRGINIA SCOTT, Houston Mathematics, F+B, AAA. Cactus StaM, Reagan, Panhellenic Council MAST, MARTHA JANE, Midland Plan II, KA8, AAA. JIA . f BK. Cap and Gown. Orange Jackets, International Commission, Student-Faculty Cabinet MAST, THOMAS RUSH, Midland Mechanical Engineering, ATA, RTS. XROTC, ASME, TSPE MATHEWS, COLLEEN PHYRNE, Austin Psychology, Newman Club, Social Welfare Studies Club MATHES, WILLIAM LYNN, Crane Chemical Engineering, AS . AIChE. SAME MATTHEWS, ALFRED GENE, San Angelo Petroleum Engineering, K, AIME MATTHEWS, KATHERINE M., Yoakum History, ZTA MATTHEWS, NORA PARMA, Belton Home Economics. AZ, Newman Club, All Campus Advisors. Freshman Council, Government Committees, RIL, Home Economics Club, Upperclass Advisor MAUPIN, EDDY LEE, San Antonio Accounting, Campus Guild MAXWELL, JACK MARTIN English MAXWELL, MARY GAY, Houston Spanish, KKF, AAA, Orange Jackets, Y, Mortar Board MAY, GENE ALLEN, Houston Finance MAY, MONA E. M., Kerrville Speech Therapy, AZ, AH MAYER, LEROY L., San Antonio Personnel Management, XFI MAYES, LOIS, Austin Elementary Education MAYES, ROBERT SHELTON, Austin Industrial Management, A1IT, Society for Advancement of Management, ISA PAGE 459 MACIAS, MINERVA, Benavidcs Elementary Education. AH, Newman Club, International Council MAcKENNA, KATHLEEN ANNE Dickinson Home Economics, Newman Club, Cap and Gown, RIL MADRAY, GILES HAYER, JR., San Antonio Insurance, Acacia, Insurance Society MAFRIGE, CAROLYN HENRY, Tildcn Elementary Education, KK1 ' MAGINNIS, MARY LEE, Beaumont English, III! , Y MAHDI, MOUNIR ALT, Tripoli, Lebanon Civil and Architectural Ennineering, AAAE. Arab Students Organization, Intramuralr. MAKIYA ABDUL-WAHAB M. K., Baghdad, Iraq International Trade. International Club. Arab Students Organization, Foreign Trade Club MALOOLY, JOSEPHINE ANN E, El Paso Psychology, Sociology MANGUM, DAVID HAYWOOD, San Antonio Petroleum Engineering, II KA, AIME MANSKE DONNA CAROL, McGregor Radio and Television, HTA, Blueboiinet Belle Finalist MAPLES, MARGARET K., Austin Elementary Education MARCH, MARGARET SPENCER, Dallas History MARSH, RAY GARLAND, Fort Worth Architecture, AIA MARSHALL, DAHL, San Antonio Economics, AROTC, Scabbard and Blade MARTIN, DAVID LANE, Dallas English MARTIN JAMES ROGER, Houston Mechanical Engineering, I HX, SAME SENIORS MAYFIELD, SALLY ANN, San Antonio Elementary Education, AXS2 MAYS. WALLACE MICHAEL, Greenville Chemical Engineering, IIKA, t H2, f AT, HXE, TBII, Silver Spurs McADAMS, WILBOURN BAKER, Tomball Physics, i:K, H McCANN, JAMES BEEBE, Odessa Pharmacy, KSk, LPhA McCARTER, MARY ELLEN, Amarillo English, Upperclass Advisor, Westminster Student Fellowship McCARY, KATHLEEN, Freeport English, Westminster Student Fellowship, A Cappella Choir McCLANAHAN, DON CRAWFORD, San Antonio Mathematics McCLENAHAN, MARGEE ANN, Gainesville, Fla. Psychology, AF, Upperclass Advisor, RIL, Reagan, Tumle, Honor Roll McCLIMONS, MILDRED ELIZABETH, Rosebud Journalism, 01 I McCONCHIE, MARY KATHERINE, Taylor English, XSJ, Reagan McCORMICK, DONNA BETH, Eldurado Special Education. AZ, TBS, Longhorn Band, University Chorus, Glee Club, BSU, Uppeiclass Advisors McCRACKEN, WILLIAM RICHARD, Corpus Christ! Advertising, AKE, American Marketing Association McCRARY, TROY HILTON, Tyler Architectural Engineering, 4 KT, XIT. TSPE, AAAE McCULLOUGH, ROBERT DONALD, Dallas Chemical Engineering, TBII, SXE, f AT, AIChE MCDONALD, DAVID EARL, Houston Engineering Route to Business Administration, t K MCDONALD, DAVID SPENCER, Houston Prc-Mcdical, K , AEA MCDOWELL, EION FLEMING, Houston Business Administration McEATHRON, WARREN LEE, Corpus Christi Chemistry McELWRATH, JAMES CLYDE, San Antonio Government, Spanish Club, International Club McFARLANE, VIRGINIA LOUISE, Brownwood Elementary Education, AAA, AAA, Government and Union Committees, Turtle Club McFARLIN, MARY MARGARET, Bertram Elementary Education, Cap and Gown McGEHEE, FRANK OWEN, Houston Pic-Medical, SAE McGILL, JAMES HOWARD, Gonzales Geology, Intramurals, Geological Society McGLOTHLEN, MICHAEL EDWARD, Victoria Zoology, ISA McGOUGH, LORNA ELAINE, San Antonio Chemistry, i M McGOWAN, CHARLES FREDERICK, Houston Personnel Management, Society for Advancement of Management McGOWEN, JAMES THOMAS, Anton Accounting, AIII McGUIRE, JAMES PATRICK, Woodville Plan II, H2, BK, IIIA, BSU, Union Committees, AROTC, Der Eulenspiegelverein McINNIS, JERRY DON, Port Arthur Pharmacy, X 1 E, f AX, LPhA, Interfraternity Council McINNIS, JUDY ANN, Port Arthur Physical Education McKENZIE, BOBBY GENE, Houston History McKINNEY, KAREN, Beeville Elementary Education, AX12, Cap and Gown, Los Charros. Upper- class Advisor, Reagan, Freshman Council, Government Committees McLAIN, REVA MOZELLE, Spearman Elementary Education, AZ, Disciples Student Fellowship McMASTER, MARJORIE ROSE, San Antonio English, Reagan McMURRAY, STONEWALL JACKSON, III, Dallas Electrical Engineering, TSPE. AIEE-IRE, Westminster Student Fellowship, NROTC, KUT-FM McMURRY, MURRY STROUD, McLean Advertising, AA2 PAGE 460 CLASS OF 1960 MIEROW, CHARLES FRED, Abilene Electrical Engineering MIERTOCHIN, CLINTON ROLAND, La Grange Civil Engineering MILAM, LINDA CAYTES, Big Spring Plan II, AP, TB, Longhorn Band, Reagan, Union Committees MILAN, EMIL JOHN, Austin Physical Education, PEM Club MILES, CHARLES MURRAY, Hearne Government MILLER, BEATRICE LOUISE, Austin English MILLER, DANIEL A., La Porte Mechanical Engineering MILLER, JANENNE TILL, Manhatten, Kans. History, AZ, Reagan, W. A. James Scholarship MILLER, MARILYN KAY, Dallas Journalism. AAA. Daily Texan MILLER. MAYNARD L., Waco Pharmacy, 4 AX MILLER, WILLIAM EDGAR, III, Houston Mathematics, Canterbury Club, N ' ROTC MILLER, WILLIAM FRED, Waco Finance, ATA, Silver Spurs, American Finance Association, Varsity Handball Team, Assembly, BBA Council, Campus Chest, Union Committees, AROTC MILLER, WILLIAM HAMILTON, Crawford Aero-Space Engineering, JAeS, American Rocket Society MILLIGER, PHYLLIS ADELE, Houston History, AAA MILLS, FRANKIE JEAN, Wharton Business Education, JIOIT, Flash Card Committee MILLS, JERRE LEE, San Antonio Psychology, A AH, , Cap and Gown, Honor Roll, Upperclass Advisor MINOBE, TSUYOSHI, Japan International Trade MITCHELL, HARVEY RAY, JR., Dallas Finance, TKK, American Finance Association, Society for Advancement of Management, BBA Council. Dwight Book Scholarship MITCHELL, HENRY RICHARD, Tyler Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE, BSU, University Religious Council MITTEL, MARTHA DEAN, Sonora English, Curtain Club, Longhorn Singers, Spanish Club, International Club, Cap and Gown PAGE 461 McREYNOLDS, VIRGINIA SUE, Palestine Ait Education, PA, Government Committees, Westminster Student Fellowship, Cactus Staff, RIL McSPADDEN, JAMES DANIEL, Blooming Grove Chemical Engineering, AIChE MEADOR, LUCIE ANN, St. Jo History, Cap and Gown, Government Committee! MEADOWS, CURTIS W., JR., Dallas Law, KA, Freshman Council, Union Committee!, Campus Chest, Round-Up, Freshman Orientation MEDINA, MARIA ANTONIETA, Killcen French, ATA, AII. Cap and Gown, Newman Club, Orchesis MEHARG, KATHRYN WAUGH, Gatesville History. ZTA, Cap and Gown MEIER, SANDRA JEAN, Fredericksburg Business Administration MELTON, MARGARET DIANE, Houston Home Economics, AAA, Home Economics Club, Upperclass Advisor, Chi Phi Sweetheart MENCONI, LARRY RALPH, San Antonio Pharmacy, f AX, PX MENDELL, DAN, III, Houston Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Intramurals MERCHANT, JOHN LINTZ, Canton Civil Engineering, ASCE MERLICK, CARROLL WAYNE, Fort Worth Mathematics. 4 KO. Newman Club. SAME, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles MERTZ, CHARLES WILLIAM, Houston Finance, American Finance Association MICHALSKE, LEE ANN, Tyler English. ISA, Wesley Foundation MICHELS, ROBERT CLINTON, Houston Geclogy MICULEK, WILLIE L., Damon Engineering Route to Business Administration, Newman Club, Society for Advancement of Management CV Cl SENIORS MOBLEY, DEWEY HERMAN, Cedar Hill Electrical Engineering, 6X, AIEE-IRE MOBLEY, LYNN MARVIN, Cedar Hill Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE MOERBE, CHARLES HERMAN, Thorndale Engineering Route to Business Administration MOESTAMIROEDIN, ALOYSIUS JOSEPH, Kebajoran, Indonesia Mathematics MOESTAMIROEDIN, CECILIA SOEKEKSI, Kebajoran, Indonesia Mathematics MONROE, ORVILLE S IMPSON, Austin Personnel Management MONTGOMERY, LINDA RAY, Dallas Elementary Education, AAIT MOODY, RHETTA ALAN, Houston Elementary Education, IIB ( I , Los Charros MOON, WILLARD BAILEY, Odessa Advertising, b, AA1, Campus Chest MOORE, ANN LEE, Houston Management, ZTA MOORE, CAROL ANN, San Antonio Elementary Education, ITI14 MOORE, CLYDE CLIFFORD, Waco Architectural Engineering, BSU, ISA, AAAE MOORE, DAVID JOHN, Cleburne Economics, KX MOORE, DORIS ANN, Dallas Business Administration MOORE, GLENN RAY, Sherman Petroleum Engineering, I1KA MOORE, JANE ANN, Austin Elementary Education, ZTA MOORE, JANICE DARLENE, Austin Secretarial Studies MOORE, JOHN BAXTER. Rockdale Mechanical Engineering, KT, ASME, TSPE MOORE, LOLA GREENWOOD, Luling Science Education, AXSi, Union Committees MOORE, MICHAEL RUSK, Sinton Personnel Management, AII, Society for Advancement of Management MOORE, RICHARD MAURICE, San Antonio Physics, Scabbard and Blade, Crow ' s Nest MORELL, DAURICE DEL, San Angelo English, International Club MORELL, JOHN DAVID, Austin Mechanical Engineering. 1 H, TITS, TBII MORRIS, DONNA LEE, Brownsville Elementary Education, Freshman Council MORRIS, JOSEPH JULIUS, Victoria Accounting MORRIS, MARGARET FRANCINE, Greenville English, Wesley Foundation. Union Committees. Round-Up, RIL, Canter Club, UTSA MORRIS, MARILYN, Hillsboro Speech Therapy, KKT, Y, Upperclass Advisor, Union Committees, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Sweetheart Nominee MORRIS, MARY, Austin Sociology, KA6, Government Committees, Reagan MOSER. CHARLES AARON, Laredo Mathematics, Newman Club MOSER, THOMAS LOUIS, Houston Mechanical Engineering, Tejas, ASME MOSES, FRANCES MYERS, Austin Chemistry MOSLEY, MARK KIMBROUGH, Buna Petroleum Engineering, KZ, AIME MOSS, EVA CHARLENE, Celeste Elementary Education, ACE MOSS, EDWARD E., Seguin Mechanical Engineering, TA, Los Charros. ASME MUELLER, MARILYN MARIE, San Antonio English, HE MUENNINK, JERRY ALLEN, Hondo Physical Education, PEM, T Association, Varsity Football PAGE 462 CLASS OF 1960 MUNZINGER, RICHARD GEORGE, El Paso Government, Hre-Law, USA, AROTC, Ranger Drill Team. Newman Club MURGATROYD, BETTIE JANE, San Antonio Social Science Education, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor, Wesley Foundation MURPHREE, BOYCE EDWIN, Van Alstync Pharmacy, l dX MURPHY, NELLWYN, Houston Elementary Education, XG MUSGROVE, ROBERT GLEN, Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering MYERS, CLEA LEVI, JR., Temple Aero-Space Engineering, lAeS, Intramurals MYERS, D. CAROL, Olncy Elementary Education, Xfi NAUER, JOHN JOSEPH, Alice Commercial Art, 1 KO, Ranger Staff, Newman Club, Daily Texan Staff NAUERT, BOBBY WAYNE, Austin Civil Engineering, ASCE, Intramurals NAUMANN, MERVIN LAWRENCE, Spicewood Prc-Medical, Zoology, AXA NELSON, BRUCE WADE, Beaumont Enginering Route to Business Administration, ATQ, NROTC NELSON, CHRIS, III, Jasper Business Administration, NRO1C, Longhorn Singers NELSON, LEANN ROBERTA, Austin Dietetics NELSON, MARGARET SUE, Olney English, Upperclass Advisor, Cap and Gown NELSON, MARY GLYN, San Antonio Personnel Management NELSON, PATRICIA WILLS, Houston Commercial Art, 1IB NESRSTA, CAROLYN LITTELL, San Antonio Psychology, Cap and Gown, Newman Club, Government Committees. Longhorn Singers, Upperclass Advisor, All Campus Advisors NEWCOMB, WALDO BURKETT, JR., Austin Mathematics NEWMILLER, CLYDE E., JR., Geneva, N. Y. Psychology NICHOLAS, RONALD WAYDE, Dallas Business Administration, MK NICHOLS, BARBARA JEAN, Galvcston History, AOII NICHOLS, GWENDOLYN BETH, Atlanta Music Education, I ' +B, Cap and Gown, University Chorus, A Cappella Choir, Union Committees NILSSON, DAVID OTTO, Dallas Mathematics, Geology, Astronomy Club, Intramnrals, American Rocket Society, Geological Society NOLAN, CLYDE E., JR., San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ASME NORLING, DONALD K., Universal City Electrical Engineering NORMAN, ANNA MARIE, Killeen Music NOVOTNY, JOAN ROBERTS, Houston Elementary Education. AFA, Union and Government Committees, Cap and Gown, ACE NOWLIN, JOHN FRANKLIN, III, Lake Jackson Chemical Engineering, AIChE O ' DELL, WILLIAM LAMAR, Olney Engineering Route to Busir-ess Administration, Society for Advancement of Management, Honor Roll, Intramurals ODLE, BOB GLEN, Arlington Mathematics, Tejas, Union Committees, Silver Spurs, Friars, Round-Up O ' DOWD, JAMES WILLIAM, Eagle Lake Marketing Administration, American Marketing Association, Scabbard and Blade, ROTC, Pcrshing Rifles OLIVER, ARNOLD WRAY, Burkburnett Civil Engineering, ASCE OLIVER, REES ROBERTSON, JR., San Antonio Economics. Kl, Interfraternity Council OLSEN, HARRIET ELEANOR. Austin Journalism. AFA, A.U, 61 t , Daily Texan Staff OLSON, KARL EDWIN, Nevada, Iowa Bacteriology, Tejas, KK . Longhorn Band OLVERA, GAMALIEL GUTIERREZ, Harlingen Civil Engineering PAGE 463 SENIORS ORREN, JERRY MAC, Odessa Physics ORTUNO, ALBERTO ANTONIO, Costa Rica Business Administration OTTING, GARY McCLINTOCK, Austin Sociology, ISA OTTMERS, DELBERT MAX, JR., San Marcos Chemical Engineering, TBII, S2XE, AIChK, Intramurals OUGHTON, ROXANA MARIE, San Antonio Home Economics, AXS2, Upperclass Advisor, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club OUZTS, DAVE MILLER, Austin Architecture, AIA, Student Council Representative PAGE, ROBERT CRADDOCK, San Antonio Sociology PAINTER, SALLY, Corpus Christi Home Economics, Child Development. Yi, Home Economics Club PARK, LESLIE JANE, Midland Chemistry, AAA, Westminster Student Fellowship PARKS, ROBERT SAM, Houston Business Administration, K PARKS, RUTH MARIE, Houston Clothing, Textiles and Designing. Home Economics Club PARSONS, CLYDE RAY, Sweeny History, BSU PASSMORE, GLEN GORMAN, JR., San Antonio Psychology, X 1 , Union and Government Committees, RIL PATTERSON, SIDNEY PEARL, Point Comfort Elementary Education PATTERSON, STEPHEN FOSTER, Corpus Christi Business Administration PAULES, GRANVILLE EDWARD, III, Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, Silver Spurs, Crow ' s Nest, NROTC, AIEE-IRE, Intramurals. Scabbard and Blade, Goodfellow Band, Symphony PECK, BARBARA BRAMLETT, Fort Worth Business Education, A.U. IH21F, Bri PECK, CHARLES ROBERT, Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering. Z.QK, AIME, Intramurals PECK, HENRY LAURENCE, Austin Slavonic Languages, Longhorn Band, Czech Club PEGG, WERNER FRIEDRICH, Union Town, Pa. Mathematics, Ranger Staff, Der Eulenspiegelverein PENA, MOISES BARRIENTOS, Uvalde Pharmacy, LPhA PENNINGTON, DAVID LEE, Temple Music Education, IIKA, MA, Longhorn Band, Symphonic Orchestra PERKINS, JOHN CODY, Huntsville Pre-Law, RKA PERKINS, MARGARET CLARE, Alice English, nii . Campus Chest, Y, International Commission PERRY, KIRBY WILLIAM, Mission Architecture, Tejas. Silver Spurs, Assembly, Union Committees Wesley Foundation, AIA PETTI JOHN, JOHN W., Georgetown Civil Engineering. Beil, +H2, Cowboys, ASCE PETTWAY, RICHARD HARPER, Austin Finance, 4 1K, American Finance Association PETTY, JANE, Brownwood Elementary Education PEWITT, LAWRENCE EDWARD, Jacksboro Mechanical Engineering, ASME PFLUGER, JAMES DOUGLAS, Austin Architecture, TA, Lutheran Student Association, Silver Spurs, ISA AIA PHARR, W. HOWARD, Lytlc Business Administration, AI1T, Society for Advancement of Management PHILLIPS, BRITTON HAYNES, Baytown Physical Education, PEM Club PHILLIPS, DAVID EDWARD, Waco Business Administration, f KT PHIPPS, JOE DEAN, Kilgore Accounting, X PIEPER, JOHN WILLIAM, Cuero Engineering Route to Business Administration. Scabbard and Blade t r I ? A fe J. t ' . Sllver s P " rs - Faculty-Student Cabinet, Intramurals NRO1C, Friars PIERCY, DWAYNE CLARK, Overton Psychology PAGE 464 CLASS OF 1960 PIETSCH, ROY VERNON, Winchester Marketing, 1 ' A, American Marketing Association PINCKNEY, KAY, Austin I jii ' li li AAX Cap and Gown PINGENOT, DUWAIN JOSEPH, Ennis Engineering Route to Business Administration, AIM, Newman Club, Society for Advancement of Management PIRKEY, LOUIS THOMAS, Texarkana Chemical Engineering. AIChE, Wesley Foundation PITTS, SALLY, Beaumont Sociology, IIB , Z I H, Y PLUMMER, HELEN KATHERINE, Austin Speech Therapy, 1AH. Wesley Foundation, Upperclass Advisor POGUE, CHARLES ARTHUR, Houston Accounting, Wesley Foundation, ISA POGUE, MARSHA ANN, San Antonio Elementary Education, AAA POLASEK, FRANKLIN T., Wharton Electrical Engineering, KT, Newman Club, AIEE POLSON, JACKIE DALE, Free-port Geography, AFRO1C. Arnold Air Society POND, MARY LINN, Bryan Business Education, AT, Union Committee, Freshman Council, BBA Council, Society for Advancement of Management, Assembly, Outstanding Student PONDER, KAY ESTHER, Dallas Journalism, .AZ, B1 I ' , Texan Staff PORCARELLO, PAUL JOSEPH, Houston Marketing Administration, t KX, American Marketing Association PORTER, JAMES WINSTON, Baytown Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Varsity Baseball PORTER, WILLIAM TRAVIS, JR., Baytown Personnel and Industrial Management, Society for Advancement of Management POST, GERALD V., JR., Como Mathematics POST. GLORYANNA ALICE, Winnboro Accounting, AAA, University Chorus POST, MARTHA ANN, Baytown Science. U TSA, Poona Club POST, NATHAN CHARLES, Cuero Geology, Newman Club, Geological Society POSTON, MARY JO MADDOX, San Antonic Business Education, AAII, IIQiT, Cactus Editor, Goodfellow POSTON, ROBERT S., Austin Petroleum Engineering, f H2, TBIT, AIME, Arnold Air Society POTH, JO ANNE, Yoakum Journalism, Newman Club, Cap and Gown POWELL, CYNTHIA ANNE, Temple Plan II. XSi. IIA [ , Spooks, Orange Jackets. Upperclass Advisor, Union Committees. Mortar Board, Sweetheart Nominee, Goodfellow POWELL, DIANE, Karnack Sociology, KAO POWER, JANICE MARGARET, San Antonio Elementary Education, .AZ, Freshman Council, Cactus Staff, Union Committees, ACE POWER, JOHN KEITH, Austin Radio and Television Broadcasting, Tejas PRASATIK, MARY ANNE, Austin Interior Decorating, Newman Club PRATHER, ZELLA LE NORA, Cuero Bacteriology PRESLEY, LETTYE JANE, Garland Journalism, 61 , BSU. Daily Texan Staff PRICE, PATRICIA ANN, San Antonio Chemistry, r t B PRICE, RICHARD CHARLES McKinney Mathematics, Tejas, i H, Disciples Student Fellowship, Union Committees PRICHARD, MARGARET ANN, Port Arthur Elementary Education, KKr PRIDDY, JERRY FRANKLIN, Priddy Petroleum Engineering, AIME PRINCE, ROSE MARY, Mills Elementary Education, A , AH, Longhorn Singers, Wesley Foundation, RIL. Union and Government Committees, Texas Stars PROFFITT, DIXIE ANN, New Braunfels Mathematics, Af , Cap and Gown, Union Committees, Longhorn Singers, Texas Stars PRUITT, CLARENCE ROBERT, Corpus Christi Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE PAGE 465 SENIORS PULLEN, HARRIETTE SUE, San Antonio Physical Education, XAT, Racket Club, UTSA, Intramurals, PEM, Education Council PUZIN, NICOLE ELIZABETH, Houston Radio and Television. A t , Canterbury Club QUAN, ELMO, San Antonio Pharmacy, L PhA QUARNSTROM, OSCAR OTTMANN, Brownsville Geology RAAB, JOAN LANELL, Runge Accounting. A.AA, BA+. Bl ' j;, Mortar Board, Shangri-La, BBA Council, Lutheran Student Association, Campus Chest, Co-ordinators ' Council RAINES, BARBARA HELEN, Austin Elementary Education RAINEY, DOROTHY LEE, San Antonio Elementary Education RAINEY, PAULA JO, San Antonio Home Economics, XSJ, Upperclass Advisor RAMIREZ, ELVA ANGELITA, Corpus Ghristi Elementary Education, Club de Mexico, Newman Club, Powell House, Inter- Co-Operative Council, Co-ordinators ' Council, Co-operative Students ' Association RAMON, RICHARDO R., Robstown Mechanical Engineering, ASME, TSPE, Newman Club RAMOS, ELIJEO PEREZ, Austin Accounting RANKIN, MARION FRANCES, Dallas Elementary Education, Al 1 , Tumle Club, UTSA RASMUSSEN, LUCILLE ELIZABETH, Houston Bacteriology RAWLINGS, CHARLES EDWIN, Luther Mechanical Engineering, ASME RAWLINGS, WILLIAM EARL, Luther Petroleum Engineering, AIME RAWLINS, RUTH ANN, Santiago, Chile Spanish, AZ, Longhorn Singers, Turtle Club, Reagan, Christian Science Organization Jrkft REEVES, WILLIAM PAUL, Houston Applied Art, A Cappella Choir, Longhorn Singers REINARZ, ROBERT CHARLES, Amarillo Life Insurance, AT, A2IT. A M2 REVISORE, ROCCO GIARDINA, New Orleans, La. Radio and Television, A.M, RIL, Freshman Council, Union and Government Committees, Assembly RHOADES, MADRA SUE, Alvin English RICHARDSON, CAROL ANN, Brownwood Pharmacy, KE, ISA, LPhA, Fieshman Council RICHARDSON, MARY CAROLYN, Austin Interior Decorating, AOII, Spooks, Cap and Gown, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Home Economics Club. Sidney Lanier RIDDICK, PATRICIA ROANE, Corpus Christi 1 ' lan II, KKP, Y, Ashbel RIDDLE, WALTER A., Midland Industrial Management. AIII, Society for Advancement of Management RIES, JOELLA RUTH, San Antonio Chemistry, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation, Theadorne RIPPSTEIN, WAYLAND JOSEPH, JR., Fremont Chemistry RISINGER, THOMAS JACKSON, Wharton History, XX. Los Charros. Freshman Council RISSER, SALLY ROSS, Bonham Art, KKP, Orchesis RIVERS, RICHARD MICHAEL, Abilene English RIVERS, WILLIAM LEON, Elgin Business Administration, KA ROACH, LAURA ANNE, Dallas Secretarial Studies, Cap and Gown, Westminster Student Fellowship ROBERTS, JACK STUART, JR., Orange Geology, Mathematics, AROTC, Geological Society ROBERTS, ROLAND EVERETT, Austin Industrial Management, AIME, Society for Advancement of Management ROBERTSON, CLAUDE EUGENE, Borger Aero-Space Engineering ROBERTSON, EUGENIA LENORE, Fort Worth English Education, AXS?. Upperclass Advisor, Cap and Gown ROBERTSON, PAUL ERWIN, Pierce Accounting PAGE 466 CLASS OF 1960 ROBINSON, CLAUDIA ELIZABETH, Childress History, Curtain Club. Wesley Foundation, Uppcrrlass Advisor ROBINSON, DON SHANE, Plainview Mechanical Engineering, Mi , ' Mil, A Mi. ASME, Intramurals ROBINSON, MICHAEL K., Austin Mechanical Entiinerrintf, ASME ROBINSON, SUE FRANCES, Corpus Christ! Elementary Education, Al ' ROCHELLE, WILLIAM CURSON, Angleton Aero-Space Engineering. TBII. IT, UTSAM, SAME, lAeS. AROTC, Weight- lifting -Team, 1SPE, American Rocket Society, Douglas Aircraft Scholarship ROD, ELMER F., Pierce Business Administration, Newman Club, Varsity Baseball ROGERS, DOLORES ROSENBERG, Dallas Mathematics, A4 , AAA, M K ROGERS, GEORGE RAPHAEL, Dallas Electrical Engineering, S cabbard and Blade. IRE. Crow ' s Nest ROGERS, JEAN BURKE, San Antonio English, I1B , Orange Jackets. Cap and Gown, Racket Club. Y ROGERS, PHILLIP WAYNE, Austin English ROSELIUS, DON DEAN, Seguin Chemical Engineering, TBII, 52X1, AIChE ROSENBLAD, KEN, Taylor Marketing, ' t ' K ' l ' , Intramurals ROSNER, MAY EVANS, Austin Radio Television ROSS, MARY E., DeKalb Mathematics, AIEE, BSU ROSS, RAY T., Corpus Christ! Architectural Engineering, Wesley Foundation. AAAE RUDOLPH, THOMAS JACKSON, San Antonio Mathematics, ASME RUSSELL, JERRY WILLIAM, Austin Sociology, Scabbard and Blade, ROTC, Distinguished Military Student RUSSELL, SANDRA VERNELL, Crane Secretarial Studies, Upperclass Advisor RYAN, JODY MAE, Seguin Elementary Education, AAA, ACE, Cap and Gown, Union Committees SAADA, HACHEMI, Tunis, Tunisia Linguistics, Arab Student Organization SADLER, DAVID ALLEN, Pasadena Chemistry, AKK SALGE, SHERIAN AUDILET, Karnes City Radio and Television, 2AE, AEP, A fl. AAS, Fine Arts, Student Council SALINAS, JUANITA MARGOT, Hebbronvillc Home Economics, Cap and Gown, Laredo Club, Home Economics Club. Co-ordinators ' Council, Halstead SALINAS, RICARDO ROEL, McAllen Civil Engineering, ASCE SALTER, JULIA LACY, Bay City Journalism, AZ, Daily Texan Staff SAMPLE, EDNA FRANCES, Houston Elementary Education, r t B, Union Committees, Panhellenic Council, Upperclass Advisor, Assembly SANDERSON, KAY JACQUELINE, Dallas Home Economics, AXfi, ON, Union and Government Committees, Freshnian Council SANDLIN, DOROTHY CAROLYN, Fort Worth Business Administration. AZ, Union Committees SANFORD, REBE SUE, El Campo Elementary Education SAUCEDO, JUAN ALBERTO, El Paso Pharmacy, K SCHAEFER, JOE EDWARD, Cisco Architectural Engineering, XTI, AAAE, TSPE SCHELL, JAMES A., Holdenville, Okla. Petroleum Engineering, Tejas, A1ME SCHIEFFER, ESTELLE SCHUBERT, Austin Accounting SCHIEFFER, RICHARD A., Austin History, 4 K9, Newman Club SCHMID, JEANNETTE, Huntsville Elementary Education, ACE SCHMIDT DAVENE EVON, Harper Elementary Education, ri B, Cap and Gown. Union Committees, ACE PAGE 467 SENIORS SCHNEIDER, THEODORE ERNEST, JR., San Antonio Physical Education, 4 ' HZ, PEM SCHAENBRUN, RONNY W., Tyler Retail Business. ( A, AK , American Marketing Association, Cowboys SCHOENER, PHYLLIS ANN, Victoria Advertising SCHORLEMER, ROBERT E ' LEE, Yorktown Zoology, Lutheran Student Association SCHORLEMER, ROGER O., Yorktown Zoology, Pie-Medical, Lutheran Student Association SCHRAUB, DONALD LOUIS, Austin Zoology SCHREIBER, CAROL ANN, San Antonio Biology, XS SCHUBERT, CHARLES EDWARD, Woodsboro Architecture, Sphinx SCHUENEMANN, MARY LOU, Houston Elementary Education, AAII, Orchesis, RIL, Bluebonnet Belle SCHUHMACHER, SANDY, San Antonio Psychology, 11B 1 , X SCHUMANN, PATSY MELISSA, San Antonio Business Education, ATA, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor SCHURER, ERNST IGNATZ, Austin Plan II. f BK, -tHl, 1AII, A A, La Tertulia SCOTT, WINTON FORREST, JR., Fort Worth Architecture, ATS, H2, TiA, Sphinx, Freshman Basketball SEAGO, BOBBY GRANT, San Diego Personnel Management, ASIT. BSU, Society for Advancement of Management, Los Charros SEARCY, WILLIAM JERRY, Kilgore Aero-Space Engineering, lAeS, Newman Cfub SEARLS, SUSAN, Houston History, II B , Ashbel T ft r SEHESTED, JOHN HENRY, Austin Civil Engineering SEIBERT, GEORGE CLEMENT, JR., Dallas Geology, Geological Society SEIDEL, SUZANN, Brenham English, ZTA, Reagan, Lutheran Student Association SELIGSON, SIDNEY PHILLIP, Wichita Falls Architecture, TA , A S, Honor Roll SENTER, DONALD FRED, Teague Pharmacy, PX, K , Honor Roll SHARBEY, THOMAS JOHN, Houston Management SHAW, TRAVIS, Austwell Dietetics, KA9, Los Charros, Daily Texan Staff, Strike and Spare SHEHADEH, MOHAMED KHALED, Damascus, Syria Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Arab Student Organization SHELTON, GARY FRANK, Dallas Pre-Medical, Zoology SHEPPARD, RODNEY JACK, Big Spring Business Administration SHERMAN, KENNETH, Austin Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE SHERMAN, REUBEN, Houston Architecture, AIA SHIREMAN, CHERIE LUCILLE, Corpus Christ! Elementary Education, Al ' A, ACE SHIREMAN, WILLIAM HENRY, JR., Corpus Christi Accounting, BA SHMIDL, SYLVIA ANNE, Crosby Psychology, UTSA. Bow and Arrow. Strike and Spare, Cap and Gown, Social Welfare Club SHNIDERSON, STANLEY JEROME, Houston Chemical Engineering, TA i , AIChE SHOBERG, RALPH ALLISON, Edna Chemistry, TLOK, AIChE, Inter-Co-Operative Council, Campus Chest, Round-Up, Faculty-Student Council SHOEMAKE, CHARLES ALLEN, Jourdanton Mathematics, Inter-Co-Operative Council SHOMETTE, WILLIAM WESLEY, JR., San Antonio Mathematics SHRAKE, JIMMY BRUCE, Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering, f rA, HZ, Cowboys, AIME PAGE 468 CLASS OF 1960 SHULER, CURTIS RONALD, Commerce Mechanical Engineering. Crow ' s Nest, NROTC, Cowboys SIMMONS, DON JAMES, Leandrr English, Tejas, A M2, Klv , Wesley Foundation, Faith and Life Community, Longhorn Band. Longhorn Singers. Union and Government CommitU SIMON, EDNA ELIZABETH, San Antonio Elementary Education SIMON, MAX, Elgin Accounting, AKI1, AK+, Honor Roll SIMONS, SUZANNE ELIZABETH, Edna Sociology, Al ' , Upperclass Advisor, Reagan, Cap and Gown SIMPSON, LEWON D., Fort Worth Pre-Law, HKA SIMPSON, RONALD WAYNE, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ASME, TSPE SINGLETARY, CLARENCE WALTER, JR., Waco Finance, American Finance Association SINGLETARY, JUNE LAURIE, Palestine Clothing and Textiles, AKA, Home Economics Club SITTERLE, JAMES GRAY, Victoria Advertising, AA1 SIZEMORE, DOYNE EDWARD, El Paso Accounting SKAGGS, MARVEL ANN, Junction Business Education, IISJII SLAUGHTER, JULIUS ALVIN, Memphis, Tenn. Chemical Engineering, AIChE, UTSAM Gymnastics SLOAN, RALPH RUSSELL, JR., Sealy Plan II, AXA, AEA, Union Committees SMITH, CAROLYN GLENN, Galveston Elementary Education, IIB I SMITH, CLINTON LYNCH, Odessa Aero-Space Engineering SMITH, DANFORD I., Round Rock Architecture SMITH, DAVID ALEX, Beaumont Electrical Engineering, IRE SMITH, DAVID ROBERT, JR., Houston Mathematics, FA SMITH, EMMANUEL HERZL, Tyler Government, TA4 , Government Committees, Hillel Foundation SMITH, FLORENCE ELIZABETH, Goldthwaite Elementary Education, AAA, RIL. BSL . Flash Card Committee SMITH, JAMES DARWIN, Gladewater Accounting, Intramurals. Longhorn Singers SMITH, JAMES GRAHAM, Grand Prairie Anthropology SMITH, JERRY DON, Baytown Personnel Management. KA. T Association. Society for Advancement of Management, Varsity Basketball SMITH, KENNETH WAYNE, Nacogdoches Accounting. BA+. Honor Roll SMITH, LINDA MARGARET WATKINS, Austin Biology. AXS2, Reagan SMITH, MARY ALICE, Amarillo English. KAt). Reagan SMITH, VIRGIL RAYMOND, Houston Architecture, 6i SMITH, WILLIAM BENNETT, III, Athens History and Philosophy. f KT, Canterbury SMITH, WRIGHT, Texarkana Pharmacy SNYDER, GEORGE CARL, Austin English. AEP, KUT-FM, AFROTC SOLKA, MARCIA ANNE, Refugio English, IAT, AFROTC Sponsor. Bluebonnet Belle Finalist SOLTZ, MARILYN CHARLOTTE, Pine Bluff, Ark. Home Economics. Interior Decorating, AE+ SPACER, JANE F., Granger Home Economics Education. AI ' A. Panhellenic. Upperclass Advisor, Newman Club, University Women ' s Council SPARKS, WILLIAM KENNETH, Kaufman Petroleum Land Management SPEARMAN, DONNA MAURINE, El Paso English, AI ' , Reagan, Canterbury PACE 469 SENIORS SPEARS, SALLY ELIZABETH, San Antonio Plan II XS2 Cap and Gown, Campus Chest, Government and Union Committees, Ashbel SPENCER, LAWRENCE DEAN, Amarillo Pre Medical, History, SX. AEA, 4-HS SPILLER, WILLIAM GIBBS, Houston Pro-Law. i Kl. Newman Club SPILLMAN, GOLDA LYNN, Austin Plan II, AOII, X SPINKS, RONNIE EARL, Alvin Petroleum Engineering, AIME SPITZBERG, DOROTHY JANE, Tyler English, AK I , Panhellenic, French Club STABLEIN, GEORGE ECKERT, El Paso Advertising, AAZ, American Marketing Association STAHA, JOHN LEWIS, San Antonio Civil Engineering STANFORD, JOHN LEONARD, La Porte Physics. I BK, Longhorn Christian Fellowship STANLEY, FRANCES IMOGENE, Corpus Christi Social Studies, Plan II, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor STASKY, DONALD JOSEPH, Waco Mechanical Engineering, ASME STEIN, WILLIAM LEROY, Alice Marketing, XX, American Marketing Association STEPHENS, AUTRY C., Do Leon Petroleum Engineering, AIME, SAME STEPHENSON, ANDRES NEAL, San Antonio Physics STERN, KAY, Taylor Elementary Education, KAO, Cap and Gown STEVENS, MERRILL DOYLE, Kerrville Meteorology, ill ' E, TBII, American Meteorological Society STEVENS, SALLY RAYE, Beaumont History, XQ STEVENSON, CLARENCE NEAL, Port Lavaca Law, AX, I AA, Newman Club. Silver Spurs, Outstanding Student, Interfratcrnity Council, Friars, Students ' Co-Operative Association STEVENSON, LAWRENCE F. A., JR., Houston Advertising, KK , Longhorn Band STEWART, CHESTER ORVILLE, San Marcos Accounting STEWART, JERRY EARL, Pleasanton Interior Decorating, American Institute of Decorators STEWART, LANDON WAYNE, Austin Pharmacy, -ME, PX, K STEWART, WELDON RAYMOND, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME STOKES, GLORIA JUNE, Campbellton Pharmacy, KE, LPhA STONE, BETTY JEAN, Mathis Secretarial Studies, AI BSU, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor STOTLAND, PHILLIP DAVID, Hattiesburg, Miss. Accounting, t A, AROTC, Honor Roll, Distinguished Military Student STOVER, SIDNEY S., Wichita Falls Finance, ZX STRACK, CHARLES J., Beaumont English, ATH, RIL STRAUSSER, FRANCES DANIELLE, Austin Bacterioiogy, Newman Club STRAIN, JIMMIE FULLER, Frost History STREUSAND. JOYCE LYNN, Bcllairc Social Studies, AE I, Freshman Council, Spooks, Union and Government Committees, Round-Up. University Women ' s Council STREY, BARBARA JEAN, Seguin English SUEN, MING YEE, Dermott, Ark. Accounting SULLIVAN, MOLLY KATHLEEN, San Angelo Latin, HS t , IIA6, University Symphony, Der Eulenspiegelverein SUMMERS, WILLIAM ALTON, JR., Baytown Petroleum Engineering, AIME SUROVIK EVELYN ELAINE, Mathis Elementary Education, AP, Wesley Foundation, University Chorus, Law Wives PAGE 470 CLASS OF 1960 SWICK, CHARLES DONALD, Baytown Secondary Education SWINDLE, LA RAE, Comanche English SWINT, DAVID O., Oklahoma City, Okla. Mechanical Engineering, UTS, TBH, AFROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society SYLVA, CESAR E., Quito, Ecuador Civil Engineering, ASCE, Newman Club, Ecuador Club TACQUARD, JOSEPH RAYMOND, Galveston Architectural Engineering, PA, AAAE, Freshman Council TAMEZ, ROBERT, Tamaulipas, Mexico Civil Engineering, ASCE, Club de Mexico, Varsity Hall TANKSLEY. CAROL ANN, Del Rio Secretarial Studies, ZTA, IIJ2II, RIL TARTT, NANCY BEE, Galveston Art, Los Charros TARVER, JIMMY DALE, Houston Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE TARVER, WILSON BYRD, JR., Waco Electrical Engineering 11KA, IRE, AIEE TATE, ELDA ANN, Aransas Pass Music Education, Longhorn Band TATE, JERRY DAVID, Henderson Chemical Engineering, AIChE TAYLOR, FRANKLIN DELANO, Amarillo Radio and Television, AEP, Radio-TV Guild TAYLOR, JERRY WATSON, Hamilton Geology TAYLOR, MARY FRANCES, Austin Elementary Education TEAGUE, WELDON WINSTON, Waco Aero-Space Engineering, lAeS, American Rocket Society TERRELL, FRANK VANCE, Stephenville Pre-Medical. Zoology, AKA TERRY, NELSON STANLEY, Caldwell Geology, A I tt, Geological Society THOMAS, ALVIN AUSTIN, JR., Amarillo Transportation, bKZ, ANA THOMAS, ANNE, Houston International Studies, III! , IIA I , Round-Up, Ashbel, Orches.s THOMAS, CAROLYN ANN, Houston History, AZ, Upperclass Advisor, Spooks, Orange Jackets. RIL, Union Committees, Wesley Foundation, Freshman Council THOMAS, LINDA P. MONCURE, Bastrop Bacteriology, T I B THOMAS, MICHAEL, Bastrop Chemistry, K, QXE, 4 H1, AIChE THOMPSON, ALAN DEAN, Sweetwater Businesa Education THOMPSON, ROBERT JEFFREY, Mexia Radio- Television, AEP, Curtain Club. Astronomy Club, Campus Chest, Union Committees, Round-Up, KUT-FM, Radio-TV Guild THOMSON, MAXINE YVONNE, San Angelo Secretarial Studies, AAA THORNHILL, JERRY TERRELL, Austin Geology THURMOND, GEORGE ROBERT, San Antonio Mathematics, TKE, ROTC, SAME TIDWELL, GARY JAMES, Big Spring Radio. KUT-FM TIEBER, AVIS ANDREA, Dallas Physical Education. r B. Head Cheerleader. Spooks. Orange Jackets, Sweet- heart Nominee. Outstanding Student, Upperclass Advisor, Education Council TIETZ, WILLIAM A., Fredericksburg Accounting TIMMINS, TOM H., Elysanfield Chemical Engineering. I K1, TBH. S2XK, Silver Spurs, AIChE TINSLEY, ALICE SHARON, Mason English, A6 TLUCEK, CYNTHIA ANN, Houston Fine Arts, APA, SAL Newman Club, University Chorus TODD, CLIFFORD NEAL, Dallas Accounting TOLBERT, JERRY H., Houston Journalism PAGE 471 SENIORS TOLBIRT, RUTHVEN C., Columbus Statistics. Longhorn Band. Los Charros, BBA Council, Union Committees, American Statistical Association TOLIVER, GENEVIEVE C., Wichita Falls Accounting. Cap and Gown. ISA. Society for Advancement of Management TOLLE, BERRY BRUCE, Houston Electrical Engineering. AT. AIEE-IRE. NROTC TOM, JOHN LYTLE, JR., Campbellton Statistics, IIKA, Newman Club TOMLINSON, JEN CARY, Houston Government, AAA, Upperclass Advisor. Orange Jackets TO RRES, ROBERT LIONEL, San Antonio Architecture, AIA, National Association of City Planning TOTAH, KAMEL I., Victoria Aero-Space Engineering TOVROG, MYRNA, San Antonio Chemistry, AAA TRACY, ROBERT LEE, La Feria Marketing, American Marketing Association, BBA. Speleological Society TRAWEEK, BILLIE JEAN, Port Arthur Sociology, A . Freshman Council. RIL, Bluebonnet Belle Semi-Finalist TREYBIG, JERRY KENNETH, San Antonio Petroleum Engineering. TBII, Il ' E. AIME. SAME TRICKEY, FRANCES {CATHERINE, Austin Textiles, AX, Home Economics Club TURNER, CURLEY D., Nederland Architectural Engineering, AAAE TURNER, CYNTHIA, San Antonio Psychology, Y TURNER, DERALD WAYNE, Port Arthur Business Administration, Freshman Track, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles TURNER, MINNIE B. TIMM, San Angelo Elementary Education B B ' 40% B BBBBRBBBHHi TYLER, NANCY ANN, Longview Business Education, Hiifl, Society for Advancement of Management, Cap and Gown, Foreign Trade, Honor Roll ULBRICH, ARTHUR, Port Arthur Chemical Engineering. AX, 4 HZ, TBIT, S2XE, AIChE UNDERWOOD, JAMES LEE, Big Spring Business Administration, ATA UNDERWOOD, JAMES SMITH, Lometa Mechanical Engineering, ASME UNDERWOOD, MARY LOUISE, Lometa Mathematics, Wesley Foundation, Cap and Gown URBANEC, DON ALAN, Fredericksburg Geology, Honor Roll, Geological Society URODA, ELIZABETH LOUISE, Galveston Home Economics, A I , Union Committees, Newman Club, Y, Cap and Gown, International Club, Home Economics Club VAIL, SANDRA LEE, Houston Business Administration, ZTA VALLIANT, MARTHA JEAN, Sonora Speech, AZ, Debate Team, Curtain Club, Wesley Foundation VANCE, JOHN MILTON, Houston Mechanical Engineering, Christian Science Organization VAN GRIETHUYSEN, BONNIE LUCINDA Caracas, Venezuela Mathematics, XQ, Cactus Associate Editor, Ashbel VASUT, JOSEPH ANDREW, Austin Bacteriology VERA, MARIE ANTOINETTE, San Antonio Natural Science, Newman Club, Cap and Gown VETTERS, THOMAS FRANCIS, Corpus Christi Advertising, fri:K, AAE VOELKEL, PATRICIA SUE, Austin Home Economics, AXSi, Panhellenic, Reagan, Home Economics Club VOGEL, CAROLINE DELL, Wichita Falls Journalism, 6! f , Texan Staff, Cap and Gown VOGELSANG, CURRY HELMUTH, San Antonio Geology, KA, Geological Society VOGELSANG, PATRICIA ANNE, Brownsville Mathematics VOIGTEL, RUDOLPH NICOLAUS, Nacogdoches Pharmacy, K VORA, HERISH, Bombay, India Civil Engineering, AM2, International Club. Government Committees, ASCE. TSPE, Newman Club PAGE 472 CLASS OF 1960 WADDILL, THOMAS HOOD, Irving Anthropology, ATA, Uppcrclass Advisor, Geological Society WAGENHAUSER, DOROTHY ANN, Houston Spanish, ZAII WALKER, GEORGE HARRIS, Fort Worth Industrial Management, Society (or Advancement of Management WALKER, JO ANNE, College Station Applied Art, Al , Newman Club, Racket Club, Union and Government Committees, Cap and Gown, Honor Roll, Freshman Council WALKER, MARY GAYLE, Fort Worth Sociology WALLACE, KATHERINE, Dallas Elementary Education, r4 B, Upperclass Advisor, Union Committees, Great Issues, BSU WALLER, PAUL HOBSON, JR., Ingleside Engineering Route to Business Administration WALLIS, BEN ALTON, JR., Llano Business Administration, AZII, Los Charros, ISA, Intramurals, Society for Advancement of Management, American Marketing Association WALTON, ELIZABETH DEE, Beaumont Elementary Education, AXJ2, Cap and Gown, Cactus Staff, University Orchestra WARNER, FLEETWOOD VINSON, Houston Plan II WARZECHA, NEWTON M., Cuero Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Newman Club WATKINS, JO ANN, Texas City Business Education, XO, Jlfifl, RIL, Spooks, Orange Jackets, Upperclass Advisor WATSON, GLORIA, Brady Elementary Education, A4 , BSU WATSON, OLIVER LEE, Levelland Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE, Wesley Foundation, Union Committees WATTS, DONALD HOLLIS, San Antonio Civil Engineering, ASCE WATTS, JOHN HILL, III, Corpus Christi Mechanical Engineering, ZX, TBII, IITZ, H2, Cowboys, Interfraternity Council, Varsity Carnival WAYMAN, GORDON SMITH, Dallas Psychology and Pre-Law, ISA WEATHERS, RAYMOND DALE, Stephenville History, Af S2, AROTC WEBB, CLYDE MORGAN, West Monroe, La. Architecture WEBB, THOMAS JOSEPH, Coleman Architectural Engineering, AAAE WEIR, FRANK ALFRED, McAllen Geology, A K2, Speleological Society WELLENDORF, GLADYS EDNA, Fort Worth Bacteriology, BSU WEST, CAROLYN WILLIAMS, Austin Mathematics, A , ZAII, 4 BK, RAO, Union Committees, Upperclass Advisor WEST, RALPH WAYNE, Midlothian Pharmacy, K , HZ, PX, LPhA WESTERFELD, LLOYD, Crawford Mathematics WESTERFELD, PAMELA, Kaufman Philosophy, HZ WHEELER, ERNEST DORMAN, Burnet Accounting, AKE, AZTI, UTSAM WHEELER, KAREN SUE, Winnsboro Journalism, ATA, 6Z , Daily Texan, Reagan, Texas Stars, Upperclass Advisor WHEELESS, LAURENCE ALLEN, Galveston Architectural Engineering, AAAE, Outstanding Sophomore Engineer WHELESS, ALICE LOCKETT, Houston English, JIB , Spooks, Los Charros, Government and Union Committees, Y WHITE, BILLIE FAYE, West Columbia English WHITE, BOBBIE RUTH, Buffalo Home Economics, Upperclass Advisor, Wesley Foundation, Home Economics Club WHITE, CHARLES EDWARD, San Angelo English, K9, Tennis Reserve Letterman, NROTC, Newman Club, Scabbard and Blade, Interfraternity Council WHITE, CHARLES McDONALD, Tyler Pre-Law, Tejas, AK , A4 fl WHITE, EDWIN DONNOL, Texarkana Psychology WHITE, PATRICIA ANN, Austin Secretarial Studies, APA, Cap and Gown PAGE 473 . SENIORS WHITE, RONALD WILLIAMS, Westmoreland Advertising, X , AA WHITLEY, BILLY J. Greenville Advertising, AA, ASH, Society for Advancement of Management WHITT, IRENE, San Antonio Business Education, Newman Club WHITT, MARGO LIL, San Antonio Spanish, AI , Cap and Gown, Union Committees WHITTENBURG, GRACE EVELYN, Amarillo Accounting, KAQ, BA , Union Committees WIBLE, MARGARET ANN, Sherman Home Economics, AAIt, Home Economics Club WIEGAND, PHYLLIS ANN, San Antonio Home Economics, Interior Decorating, r I B, ON, Spooks, Cap and Gown, Newman Club WIENER, HERBERT H., Baytown Aero-Space Engineering, TA , lAeS, American Rocket Society WIGGINS, BETTE JAN, Beaumont Music Education, ZTA, BSU, RIL, Fine Arts Committee, Y WILEY, MARGO, Houston Plan II, Y, Orange Jackets, Union and Government Committees, Round-Up, RIL, Ashbel WILKINS, MARY HAZEL, Baytown Elementary Education, ACE WILKS, LINUS ROGERS, San Marcus Chemistry, ATA WILLERT, JOHN DOUGLAS, Cleveland, Ohio Mechanical Engineering, ASME WILLIAMS, CAROLYN CARPENTER, Dallas Home Economics, KKF, Freshman Council, Great Issues, Upprclass Advisor WILLIAMS, CHARLES MARTIN, San Angelo Mathematics, ATA WILLIAMS, DOROTHY ELEANOR, Austin Mathematics, Water Safety Service Corps WILLIAMS, DOYLE DEAN, Kilgore Mechanical Engineering, ASME WILLIAMS, GAIL YVONNE, Haskell Music Education, M4 , A Cappella Choir, University Chorus WILLIAMS, GIRLENE MARIE, Austin Designing, Textile and Clothing, A Colony, Home Economics Club WILLIAMS, JOHN FRANKLIN, Mission Architecture, Sphinx WILLIAMS, KATHERINE ROWE, Austin History, KA8, f AO, EAIt, Cap and Gown, Blanton Board WILLIAMS, NORRIS, La Marque Finance, American Finance Association WILLIAMS, WILBUR WARNOCK, Corpus Christi Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE WILLIS, GEORGE PLEASANT, El Campo Law, AKE, AS WILSON, BETTY VEE, Mont Belvieu Home Economics, ON, Home Economics Club, Wesley Foundation, UTSA WILSON, CAROLYN, Austin Design, Textiles, Clothing, AZ, Home Economics Club, Union Committees WILSON, PEIDRE, Temple Home Economics, Textiles, AZ, Union Committees, Home Economics Club WILSON, JERRELL BRYCE, Fort Worth Architectural Engineering, 4 KT, AAAE, ASCE, TSPE WILSON, MABEL JOYCE, Dallas Music Education, AKA, University Chorus WILSON, WALTER ALLEN, Canton Mechanical Engineering, ASME WILSON, WALTER ROY, Austin Aero-Space Engineering, Intramurals, lAeS, Student Engineering Council WILSON, WAYNE RANDOLPH, Austin Aero-Space Engineering, Intramurals, Wesley Foundation, lAeS WILTON, WILTON DAVE, JR., Houston Physics, 2 E WIMBERLY, JAY W., Gainesville Radio Broadcasting, KUF-FM PAGE 474 CLASS OF 1960 WINTER, HARLEN ALFRED, Austin Fine Arts, I KO, Newman Club WINTON, RALPH H., JR., San Antonio Business Administration, B6II, AK WITT, GLORIA LEE, San Antonio Elementary Education WOELKE, JOHN HENRY, San Antonio Transportation, AII, ANA WOLFF, CALVIN MORITZ, McAllcn Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, XAM, A Cappella Choir, Round-Up WOLFF, FELIX BUDDY, JR., Austin Finance, American Finance Association, Society for Advancement of Management WOLFF, HARLAN RAYMOND, D ' Hanis Geology, Newman Club, Geological Society WOLFF, HERBERT AUGUST, JR., Austin Geology WOMBLE, LARRY LEON, Dalhart Finance, Acacia, American Finance Association WOO, K EN, San Antonio Accounting WOO, KONG F., San Antonio Accounting WOOD, BOBBY CHARLES, Linden Retail Business, American Marketing Association WOOD, C. 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ATS, H, TBII, T Association, Cowboys, Varsity Swimming iTeam, AIChE WORLEY, ERLE T., Mercedes Civil Engineering, A , ASCE, ISA, Wesley Foundation WORTHY, MARY ANN, Corsicana Home Economics, AAIT, Home Economics Club, Orchesis, Cap and Gown WOYCHESIN, LEONARD STEVE, Marlin Pharmacy, Newman Club, LPhA, Intramurals WRAY, WALTER PAUL, Weslaco Personnel Management WREN, PATRICIA LOUISE, Longview Home Economics, XS2, Freshman Council, Campus Chest, Upperclass Advisor, Westminster Student Fellowship, RIL, Home Economics Club WRIGHT, ALICE MILDRED, Houston Home Economics, AAJI, UTSA, Union Committees, Home Economics Club WRIGHT, MARION CULLEN, Houston Electrical Engineering, BSU, Longhorn Singers WUNSCH, KENNETH JOSEPH, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, f K, ASME, TSPE, Newman Club, Intramurals WYATT, KRISTIN ANN, Kilgore History, AXfl, A6, Reagan, Westminster Student Fellowship WYRICK, WALTER JAMES, JR., Texarkana Pre-Dental, B6H, Union Committees YEE, EDWIN, San Antonio Pharmacy, 4AX YENAWINE, DAVID LEROY, El Campo Ceramic Engineering YOUNG, PHILIP GAFFNEY, Refugio Physics, Ke, H2, Newman Club YOUNGBLOOD, FRANK POLK, Jasper Petroleum Engineering, KA, Los Charros, AIME PAGE 475 MIKE FLYNN CITIZENSHIP AWARD On Friday, May 6, Bob Glen Odle was presented the Mike Flynn Citizenship Award by Judge Olin Culber- son at the annual Swing Out ceremonies. This is one of the top leadership awards presented to the boy who most nearly " fills Mike Flynn ' s shoes. " The award was set up in memory of Mike Flynn, a student outstanding for his friendliness and service. The first award was given by Judge Culberson on Friday, May 17th, 1946, and has been given every year since that time. MARJORIE DARILEK AWARD On Friday, May 6, Joan Lanelle Raab was presented with the Marjorie Darilek Award by Miss Dorothy Gebauer at the annual Swing Out ceremonies. This is one of the top leadership awards given to the most outstanding non sorority coed. PAOE 477 DADS ' DAY AWARD Left to Right: William Cook Fielder, Rosemary Clyde House. On Friday, May 6, Cynthia Anne Powell was presented the Silver Spur Award by Kirby Perry. This award is one of the top leadership awards and is presented at the annual Swing Out cere- monies to the most outstanding woman student. On Saturday, November 8, Seniors Bill Fielder and Rosemary House were named the most out- standing boy and girl at The University of Texas by the U. T. Dads ' Association. SILVER SPUR AWARD Left to Right: Kirby William Perry, Cynthia Anne Powell. PAGE 478 m - Ill JUNIORS PAGE 479 JUNIORS SECOND-YEAR LAWS Cosner, Dial W., Corpus Christi Cotulla, William Lawrence, Cotulla Kline, Jay Rodney, Port Arthur Morris, Gordon Clifford, Wichita Falls FIRST- YEAR LAWS Adkins, Bert Bentley, Houston Anderson, Ross T., Tyler Dawson, John C., Houston Grimes, Donald Joe, Seagraves Kirk, Tim Keith, Lake View Lohmeyer, O. Fred, Navasota Lyles, Julian K., Jr., Austin McCrea, Victor C., Jr., Midland Neel, James M., Edinburg Rey, Joseph J. II, El Paso Roberts, Thomas Gene, Houston Stork, Terry Erwin, Austin Wiley, Billy Glen, Leander JUNIORS Adams, Arthur Wesley, Midland Adams, Margaret Ann, Bryan Adams, Priscilla Elaine, Dallas Akin, Maurice Theron, Dallas Akin, Susan Burns, Houston Alanis, Rene Everardo, San Juan Alcorn, Lloyd Colfax, Odessa Alexander, Laurence N., San Antonio Alexander, Leonardine Gay, Llano Allday, Charles Edgar, Franklin Alston, Roy Dean, Richland Springs Alves, Diana Jean, New Braunfels Amerman, Cora Louise, Houston Anders, Donald Robert, Fort Worth Anderson, Barbara, San Antonio Anderson, Constance Marie, LaMarque Anderson, Linda Sue, Texas City Archer, Van Henry, San Antonio Armstrong, Ann Ellen, Mission Armstrong, Elizabeth Ann, Baytown Armstrong, Frank, Hebbronville Armstrong, Martha Rebecca, Austin Arnold, James Chester, Jr., Houston Ashburn, Mary Florence, Dallas Askew, Hubert Carl, Houston Atkinson, William T., Pampa Austin, Mary Bond, San Antonio Avery, Fred Harold, Mount Pleasant Await, Warren D., Fairfield Bailey, Elizabeth Rose, Arlington Bailey, Mary Linda, Marfa Bailey, Nancy, Rosenberg Bailey, Thomas W., Palestine Baine, Lynn, Waco Baker, Albert J., Jr., Houston Baker, Joe Milton, Victoria Baker, Linda Ann, Dallas Balzen, Henry Earl, Dunlay Bandy, Robert M., Corpus Christi Barbeck, Ann Elizabeth, Dallas Barcus, Mary Margaret, Austin Barnes, Carolyn Ann, Austin Barnes, Linda Jo, Grapeland Barnett, Barbara Irene, La Marque Barnett, David Eugene, Chillicothe Barney, Barbara Carole, Austin Barrett, Chauncey, Houston Bartlett, John G., San Antonio Bartlett, Linda Ann, Austin Bartosh, Ronald Jerome, Taft Basham, James Donald, Dallas Basse, Patricia Anne, Dallas Bates, Alvin Ray, Garland Bates, Beverly Ann, Amarillo Baugh, Howell R., Temple Baxter, Daryl D., Baytown Beard, Anne Elizabeth, Dallas Beard, Billy Brooks, Taft Beard, John Harris, Houston Beard, Lewis Allen, Irving Bearden, Sonnie L., Waskom Beckelman, Dan Edward, Fort Worth Becker, Marilyn Sue, Galena Park Beeler, Lynn Sandol, Breckenridge Beeler, Richard A., Houston Behrens, Alvin Joe, Austin Bell, William Frank, Boling PAGE 480 r mmmmm g (-.. r fvl w 3 f A _ Brooks, Molly Ann, Thornton Brooks, Penny, Abilene Brown, Betty Jane, Cleburne Brown, Carolyn Miriam, Irving Brown, David Paul, Henderson Brown, Peggy Ann, Colorado City Brown, Ronald Nelson, Levelland Brown, Sharon A., Fort Worth Brown, Thomas Orland, Marshall Bruce, William Thomas, Port Neches Bruner, James Milton, Temple Bruni, Joanne, Laredo Burgess, Malcolm Acie, San Antonio Burgess, Tim L., Nacogdoches Burgin, R. C., Jr., Sulphur Springs Burns, Mary Margaret, Brownwood Burow, Duane F., Nordheim Burrell, Charles Egan, Houston Burton, Carolyn Frances, Houston Butler, Marylen Sue, Bellaire Butler, Tom Kelly, Houston Buzbee, Billy Lewis, Cross Plains Byrnes, Jimmie G., Tulia Calhoun, Gerald W., Hempstead Calhoun, John S., San Antonio Callaway, Elizabeth Spencer, San Antonio Callaway, Nancy Lee, Dallas Calvert, Carole Annette, San Antonio Calvillo, Efren, Edinburg Campbell, Bert Louis, Sulphur Springs Campbell, William McKinnley, San Antonio Cannon, Marvin A., Jr., Corpus Christi Cantu, Jose Rene, Encino Caramanian, Marie Esther, Houston Carleton, Finis E., Houston Carmichael, David M., Beaumont Carter, Harold Dee, Tyler Carter, Jerry Fay, Arlington Carter, William Harold, Houston Case, Yvonne Dolores, Bonham Casey, Charles Francis, Wichita Falls Cass, Charles Abney, Austin PAGE 481 CLASS OF 1961 Benjamin, Marshall, Borgcr Benson, Gerald Wayne, Dallas Benson, Jacque, San Antonio Bermont, Richard Barry, Coral Gables, Fla. Bertrand, Charles David, San Antonio Bcseler, Fred Charles, Temple Bcynon, Eugene Thomas, Jr., Corpus Christ! Bialck, Loretta Ann, Port Arthur Bickley, James Knox, Cockrell Hill Biggs, John Riley, Houston Bigham, Robert Jennings, Jr., Temple Birdsong, Bailey A., Austin Black, James Paul, Corpus Christi Black, Paula Jo, Bellaire Blasingame, Donald Henry, Houston Blessing, Jane Lee, Mineral Wells Block, Stanley Byron, Corpus Christi Boatright, Carolyn Sue, San Angelo Bode, Edward Charles, Junction Bocgli, Janet Claire, Amarillo Bohac, Barbara Jean, Houston Bohn, John William, Austin Boland, Judy Kay, Dallas Boland, Raymond Alvin, Corpus Christi Bolger, David Jack, Mount Vernon Bolin, Bobby Joe, Bonham Bolton, Charles E., Jacksonville Bonney, Charles Edward, Ranger Boren, Ann, Abilene Born, George H., Edna Bouldin, Richard Tom, Houston Bowen, W. Charles, Lubbock Bownds, Billy W., Lubbock Brackenridge, Eloise, Taylor Brady, Alfred B., Hearne Bredt, Jan, Rockdale Brennan, Patricia Gay, Corpus Christi Brewer, Beverly Ann, Lamesa Brewer, Gene Davis, Kilgore Brinkcrhoff, Jan Louise, Houston Brinkley, Fred Sinclair, San Antonio Brooks, Charles Erskine, Rockdale %hS9r-AL KM i mJ JUNIORS Cassin, Tom M., San Antonio Chadwick, Tom Ben, Tyler Chancy, Lynne Reggan, San Antonio Chase, Judy Ann, Houston Chavez, Melchor Camacho, Harlingen Chcsshcr, Sue, San Antonio Chidsey, Meredith, Kcrrville Chidzoy, Vivian Dianne, Bellaire Childers, Bette Jo, Houston Chilton, Douglas H., Austin Chunn, Edward Keith, Houston Clanton, Joyce Ellen Sue, Dallas Clark, Robert Earl, Austin Claxon, Patricia Ann, Baytown Clements, Wayne Wilson, Dallas Cloud, David F., Barstow, Calif. Clyburn, John Howard, Conroe Coe, Peggy, Tomball Coan, Richard Don, DeLeon Conn, Morton Allan, Houston Coker, Jess Richard, Big Spring Cole, Connie Coleen, Bryan Coleman, Carol Dean, Houston Collins, Gerald K., Amarillo Collins, Sharon Lynn, Houston Concklin, Carol Lynne, Austin Connally, Tom Allen, Houston Conrad, Betty Ann, Houston Cook, Connie Sue, McAllen Cook, W. Clarke, Bryan Cooper, John Clifton, Beaumont Cooper, Mary Allwyn, Austin Cooper, R. Michael, Winslow, Ariz. Copeland, Terry Duane, Plainview Cornell, Patricia Celesti, San Antonio Couch, Paul David, Denison Cowan, Kay, Hillsboro Cowell, Diane Lee, Houston Cox, Beverly, Houston Cox, Martin C., Harlingen Crabb, Dal Ed, Crosby Craddock, Larry Jay, Austin Grain, James Patrick, Moore Cranford, Virginia Alden, Baytown Cravens, Mary Cecelia, Arlington Graver, William Lionel, Jr., Midland Crawford, Charles Robert, Port Arthur Crawford, John M., Athens Crouch, Sharon Jovay, Vega Crutsinger, Gerald G., Wichita Falls Cuellar, Sylvia, Dallas Culver, James D., Tyler Cummins, Mary Malcolm, Taft Curby, Harold Ray, Franklin Currie, Laurin C., Austin Curtin, James G., Houston Curtis, Jewel, Fort Worth Cutter, Irving Taylor III, Austin Daigle, Barbara Ann, Galena Park D ' Arcy, Linda Mayris, Stephenville Darling, John K., Houston Daniel, Charlotte Camille, Alvin Daniell, Catherine C., Dallas Daniels, Anita Roberta, Big Spring Daniels, Calvin Lee, Big Spring Dannenbaum, James D., Houston Dashiell, Marilyn Ann, Houston Davenport, Dixie Lee, Rockdale Davis, Dorothy Diane, Dallas Davis, Jerry Donald, Dallas Davis, Louise Carol, San Antonio DeFarges, John Warner, Houston Delaney, Patsy Dane, Houston de la Pena, Richard, San Antonio Dement, Dennie Maree, Austin Dement, Nancy, Austin Demuth, Erika Maria, Linz, Austria Dibrell, Marlene Mann, Big Spring Dickey, Betty Lynn, Houston Dickey, Claire Ann, Houston Dickson, Isabel A., Kilgore Dillon, Patricia Sue, Austin Doig, Larry Joseph, Victoria Donnelly, Saza Dee, Grand Prairie PAGE 482 Fakhr-El-Din, Galal. Cairo, Egypt Fargotstein, Elka, Galveston Faust, Nancy Sue, San Antonio Fein, Edward K., San Antonio Feiner, L. B., El Paso Fields, Linda Lee, San Angelo Fikes, Charles T., Garland Findeisen, Allen Gail, San Antonio Fine, Carole Ann, San Angelo Finkelstein, Rhona, Pampa Finneburgh, Paula, Dallas Fisher, Gene Ray, San Angelo Fitz-Gerald, Gerald, Jr., Midland Flannery, Catherine Ann, San Antonio Fletcher, Martha R.. College Station Flynn, Terry E., Houston Forbrich, Carl Alexander, San Antonio Forrester, Sandra Lane, Seagraves Foster, Betty Jean, Lockney Foster, Sarah R., Alvin Foust, Thetis LaRue, Morton Fowler, Ethel Crawley, Austin Fowler, Sylvia Carolyn, Houston Fowlkes, Marian, Marfa Fox, Phyllis Ann, Pharr France, Patsy Jo, Sulphur Springs Francis, William Charles, Gainesville Franke, John E., Austin Franklin, Robert James, Houston Freeman, Carol Ann, Dallas French, James D., Austin Frost, Donald Harold, San Antonio Fry, Michael S., San Antonio Fullingim, Patricia Bernayz, Odessa Fulton, George R., Jr., Beaumont Funk, Joseph Ebner, San Angelo Gainey, John Michael, III, Bryan Gallop, Ilene Doris, University City, Mo. Galloway, Ellen Frances, Andrews Garcia, Humberto, Falfurrias Garcia, Rodolfo N., McAllen Gardner, William Reavis, Arlington PACE 483 CLASS OF 1961 Donop, Gordon Turnc, Jr., Llano Dorbandt, John Thomas, San Antonio Doubrava, Charles Eddie, Woodsboro Douglas, Mary Lurline, El Paso Dowdle, Robert Short, Odessa Dowdy, Carol Kay, Pharr Drake, Floyd Richard, Amarillo Drawert, T. A., Fort Worth Dudley, James Hudson, Comanche Dulaney, James T., Waskom Dunlap, Kay, Dallas Duseh, Clifton J., Caldwell Duty, Rhetta Roberta, Houston Duwe, George Doug, Dallas Eads, John Andrew, Dallas Easley, Rita Carolyn, Alexandria, Va. Easterling, Anne, Corpus Christi Eastman, Harry J., San Antonio Eathorne, John M., Jr., San Angelo Edwards, Becky Glynn, Paris Edwards, Eleanor Kathleen, Fort Worth Edwards, Margaret Anne, San Antonio Eickmann, Marie Jo, Austin Eikenburg, John Joseph, Dallas Eisenwine, Norma Ann, Pecos Elam, John M., Greggton Elledge, Rebecca Daniell, Corpus Christi EHerkamp, Patricia Ann, Newgulf Ellis, Faye, La Marque Ellis, Jimmy M., San Antonio Elsea, Mike D., Amarillo Ely, Sally Jean, Tyler Embrey, Carl Rice, Hamilton Emerson, Ethel Maxine, Dallas Emery, Wynnell, Fort Worth Eppright, Nancy Claire, Austin Erskine, Mary Louise, Midland Erwin, Myra Lou, Commerce Erwin, Thomas D., Houston Eubanks, Flo Harden, Atlanta Evans, Alfred Burney, Olney Ewing. Judith Marie, Corpus Christi JUNIORS Garner, Jimmy Gene, Hico Garrett, James Shcppard, Houston Garrett, Larry Jesse, Cisco Garrett, Susan Blackshear, Danberry Gartner, Joella M., Corpus Christi Garza, Ben L., Edinburg Garza, Faustino, Laredo Geisel, Edward H., Jr., Dallas George, Charles Floyd, Jr., Brownwood Gerant, Mary Louise, Corpus Christi Gerhardt, William M., Yorktown Gersbach, LaWanda, Taylor Giddens, Kathryn Adele, Austin Gieser, Ronald James, Longview Gilbreath, John Phillip, Bishop Gillett, Ruth Ellen, Canutillo Gipson, Susann, Austin Gipson, Wanda Lee, Tyler Glazer, Robert L., Dallas Gleason, Robert Steele, Amarillo Godbold, Anita Lucille, Leakey Godwin, Charles Wayne, Austin Godwin, David Frank, Dallas Goerner, Charles Louis, Austin Coins, Eva Clyde, Las Vegas, Nev. Gold, Gail Judy, San Antonio Goldberg, Audrey, Beatrice, Nebr. Goode, Emma Isabel, Lake Jackson Gosch, Ernest Miller, Waelder Gottwald, Allie Sue, Harwood Grady, Adeline Cecelia, Galveston Graham, Jerry A., Austin Gray, Joyce Elaine, Dallas Green, Arthur Lewis, Dallas Greene, Jo Frances, Austin Greenway, Judith Janelle, Houston Greer, Sandra Elaine, McAllen Greeves, Sam Lile, Beaumont Gregg, Tom Will, San Angelo Griffis, Robert Lester, Coleman Griffitts, Glenda Gay, Vernon Grissom, David, Dallas Gross, Robert L., Corpus Christi Grossman, Ruthlee, El Paso Groves, Anita Elaine, Spearman Grubbs, Thomas M., San Antonio Guerra, Virginia Susan, Hebbronville Guessous, I. Abderrahman, Azrou, Morocco Gulley, Helen Elizabeth, Beaumont Guzman, Enrique, San Juan Gwinner, Daniel Stratlon, Dallas Hadden, Virginia Elizabeth, Port Arthur Haegelin, Barbara Elaine, Hondo Hall, Virginia Elizabeth, Clarksdale, Miss. Haller, Roger Louis, San Antonio Hamilton, Richard Kenneth, Henderson Hamlett, Charles Frank, Corpus Christi Hamlett, Joel Hugh, Snyder Hammack, Lyn Ellen, Vernon Hampton, Linda Ann, Fort Worth Hancock, James Martin, Bceville Handley, William Martin, San Antonio Hansen, Wade Harry, Alice Harling, Susan Irene, Telephone Harnly, Sarah Lou, Miami Harper, Joe Wayne, Austin Harrell, Sybil Louise, Groom Harrington, Malcolm Dale, Houston Harris, Bart, Waxahachie Harris, James Luby, Corpus Christi Harris, Jay Henry, Houston Harris, Mary Elizabeth, San Antonio Harrison, Robert Joseph, Austin Hart, George Tom, Jasper Hartung, Eugene Hilmer, Houston Hastedt, Joe Douglass, Columbus Hatton, Peter Allen, Fort Worth Hawkins, Ken Holmes, Tyler Hawks, Georgia Whittenburg, Amarillo Hawley, James Leeper, Dallas Haynes, James Alan, Tyler Hays, Almond Jasper, Houston Heartfield, Randolph, Beaumont Heatly, Charles Alvin, San Antonio PAGE 484 T rft CLASS OF 1961 Heitkamp, Norman Denis, San Antonio Helwig, Annette. Austin Hendricks, Gary Franklin, Fort Worth Hendrix, Ann, Port Arthur Henke, James Eugene, Karncs City Hensey, Thomas Ball, San Antonio Hershel, Richard Lee, Dallas Henson, Robert Lee, Beaumont Hesse, Robert R. C., Fort Worth Hewlett, Edward Robertson, Austin Hickman, Paula Gayle, Beaumont Hildcbrand, Stephen Walter, Austin Hill, Erwin, Houston Hill, James Edwin, Jr., Houston Hinsley, Robert Benjamin, Houston Hite, Nora Jean, San Antonio Hoecker, Cleve James, La Marque Hollan, Joe Earl, Victoria Hollon, Jerry Richard, Royce City Holly, Charlotte Louise, Corpus Christ! Hollyfield, John Scoggins, Austin Holzheuser, Henry R., Baytown Hooper, William Henry, Plainview Hopson, Jane Elizabeth, Houston Horn, Edward L., Jr., San Antonio Horton, Samuel B., Austin Houser, Gordon Willard, Austin Howard, Donald Eugene, Lampasas Howard, Don Robert, Lefors Howell, Jefferson Davis, Jr., Victoria Hsu, Alexander Jihming, Singapore Huddleston, Dennis, Hillsboro Hueter, Frank August, Hous ton Huff, Charles F., Boerne Huffington, Alice Virginia, Mt. Calm Hughes, David Kiker, Abilene Houghston, Nancy Josephine, Midland Huhndorff, Mary Marland, Port Arthur Hunt, Grafton Wortham, Houston Hunt, Nancy Bryan, Sonora Huntley, Joan, Austin Ingalls, Lawrence Albert, Austin Irby, James Hudson, Austin Isaac, Dorothy Sue, Houston Ischar, Arlene Gay, San Antonio Isett, Don Dale, Garland Ivey, Linda Kay, Fort Worth Jacobson, Linda Sarah, New Orleans, La. James, Bobby Jack, Texas City James, Bobby Lynn, Pasadena James, Douglas Oran, Iowa Park James, Raymond Percy, San Antonio James, Royal Parks, San Antonio Jarry, Margaret Ann, Houston Jenke, Leroy Milton, Fredericksburg Jenkins, Charles Knox, Taft Jennings, Marshall Edward, San Antonio Jensen, William David, Houston Jersig, Rosemary, San Antonio Jez, LaVerne Joyce, Temple Jinnette, James Saunders, Kirbyville Jobe, Bill David, Marshall Jochimsen, Jane Dee, San Antonio Johnson, Gayle, Corpus Christi Johnson, Gwynne Lee, Austin Johnson, Joyce Ray, Newgulf Johnson, Lawrence Samuel, Jr., Victoria Johnson, Milam Sh elton, Austin Johnson, Nancy Beth, Dallas Johnson, Ralph Allen, Jr., Odessa Johnson, Sharon, Austin Johnson, Stewart McCrindell, San Antonio Johnson, Willard Edward, Bryan Johnstone, James Lee, Center Jones, Elizabeth Thomson, Dallas Jones, F. Janelle, Austin Jones, Jerry Lillian, Beaumont Jones, John Raymond, Dallas Joor, William Eugene III, Houston Joseph, Sandra Jean, San Antonio Jost, Wilbert Leon, Wall Joyner, Shirley Dean, Mount Vernon Kadjar, Aileen Joyce, Baytown Kahanek, Albert William, Jr., Hallettsville PAGE 485 JUNIORS Kamrath, Eugenie Martha, Houston Kamstra, Kenneth Oliver, Pasadena Kazcmi, Hossein, Shiraz, Iran Keahey, James Fredrick, Texas City Keelen, Carolyn Virginia, Austin Keeton, Carole Stewart, Austin Kelly, Kathryn Ann, McKinney Kelly, Nancy Nell, Baytown Kelsall, Samuel IV, Houston Kendall, James Adrian, Corpus Christ! Kennedy, Patricia Anne, Orange Kenny, Norma Sue. Stephenville Kersey, Mike P., San Antonio Kessler, Kitty, Del Rio Kilgore, Linda Elaine, Groesbeck Kimball, Albert Boggess, Jr., Dallas King, John T., Austin Kinney, Marilyn Kay, Dallas Kirkpatrick, Mike Grogan, Dallas Klasing, Milton Charles, San Antonio Klier, Nolan Frederick, San Antonio Klingman, William Robert, Austin Klotz, Ayree Jane, Henderson Kneblik, Janis Lynn, Houston Kneese, Victor Scott, Dallas Knox, Billie Jack, Grand Prairie Knox, Norma Sandra, New Boston Knudson, Myron Oran, Hamilton Koepp, Patricia Carolyn, La Vernia Kolter, Karol Anne, Beaumont Kopecky, Anne Louise, Corpus Christ! Kristynik, David Charles, Bay City Krum, Shirley Ray,Yoakum Kruse, James Monroe, West Kubiak, Daniel Eugene, Rockdale Kuenstler, Mary Sue, Alice LaMontagne, Edward Weir, Houston Lasserre, Merlon Thomas, Victoria Latham, Gene Byron, Texas City Lathan, Lila Lee, Corpus Christi Lauderdale, Lynda Fay, Lamesa Laughlin, Judy Ann, Dallas Launey, Walton S., Jr., Corpus Christi Lauzon, John Parry, Jr., Angleton Laves, Harold Pacey, Austin Leddon, Thresa Irene, Tiboli Ledlow, Spencer Arden, Corpus Christi Lee, Beryl Kathryn. Austin Lesley, Jack Renfro, Wichita Falls Levell, Peggy Maurine, Kemp Lew, Terry, San Antonio Lewis, Jane Karen, Houston Lewis, Linda Ann. San Antonio Liles, Linda Ann, Temple Lindley, Charles Kennard, Dallas Lipner, Julie Anna, Corpus Christi Little, Harvey Edward, Winters Lockhart, Bruce Hildred, Corpus Christi Locklear, William Rogers, San Saba Loewenstern, Richard Jules, Houston Looney, D ' Ette, Edinburg Looney, M. Glen, Odessa Louie, Angela N., El Paso Loveless, Ana Frances, Eden Lowe, Gerald Arthur II, Arlington Lowry, Wallace Edwin, Jr., Huntsville Lucas, Charles Weldon, Jr., Navasota Lucas, Virginia Lynn, Baytown Lundquist, Charles Michael, Dallas Luther, Homer Lee, Jr., Houston Lynn, James William, Alice Mabry, Walter Budge, Alice Mahon, Edward Dial, Dallas Maldonado, Reynaldo A., Benavides Malone, Nancy, Weslaco Malouf, Ronald Eblen, Dallas Mangel, Louis N., San Antonio Mann, Charles Worthington, Henderson Marcus, Jean, Vicksburg, Miss. Marshall, Gary Lynn, Lufkin Marshall, Muriel Edith, Port Lavaca Martin, Charlene, Pleasanton Martin, Judie, Houston Martin, S. J., Corpus Christi PAGE 486 McMahon, Jesse Clyde, Jr., Big Spring McWilliams, Carolyn Janet, Tyler Meadows, Susan Moore, San Angelo Medrano, Jose, Jr., San Antonio Meitzen, Victor Cuthrell, Anahuac Melton, Jewel Elyne, Austin Merchant, Michael Aldridge, Beaumont Merriman, Michael Walter, Throckmorton Metz, Susan Bell, Dallas Michel, Gladene Martha, Houston Middleton, Arthur Clark, Fort Worth Mielke, James Reyo, Orange Mikeska, Gene Edward, Rogers Miller, Roy Eugene, Austin Miller, Mary Kay, Houston Miller, Susan Harriet, Beaumont Mills. John Michael, Grand Prairie Millsap, Richard D., Austin Mimms, William Reed, New Braunfcls Minter, Alan Huntress, San Antonio Mitchell, John Wayne, Texas City Moeser, James Charles, Lubbock Mohie, Dorothy Louise, Brownsville Molak, Michael Lee, San Antonio Monaghan, Charles Allen, Beaumont Montgomery, Ben Allan, Bridgeport Mood, Preston Ashleigh, Dallas Moore, Thomas Martin, Dallas Morris, Ann Elizabeth, San Antonio Morris, Lucille Gale, Huntsville Morrow, Richard Terry, Jr., Munday Moss, Jane O ' Ferrall, San Angelo Mosty, Mary Lee, Center Point Muller, Janey Lee, Tomball Mumme, Anne Heywood, San Antonio Munson, Elwood Lawrence, Austin Murchison, Hensel Louis, Houston Murchison, Spencer M., Bellaire Murphy, Linda Lee, Houston Murray, Robert James, Dallas Muzyka, Raymond, Bremond Myer, Robert Calder, Houston PAGE 487 CLASS OF 1961 Martin, Thomas Heard, Harlingen Martinek, Bernard Daniel, Ennis Marline , Alejandro Garcia, Sinton Martinez, Frank, Jr., San Antonio Martyn, Betty Joan, San Antonio Massey, James Leon, Edinburg Matlock, Beverly Sue, Arlington Matlock, John Robert, Houston Mattel, William Clement, Houston Matthews, Guy Edward, Mont Belvieu Matthews, Judith Kay, San Antonio Matthews, William Edward, Houston Mattlage, Carl Elliott, Crawford Maurer, Leslie Fred, Seguin Maxwell, Donald Allen, Austin Maxwell, Mickey Wright, Alvin Maxwell, Pauline Talley, Houston May, Barbara Ann. Karnes City May, Monroe Shelby, Jr., San Antonio May, Robert Monroe, Dallas Mayo, Gary Leon. Pasadena McAlister, Robert Oliver, Fort Worth McAnulty, Julia Ann, Lake Jackson _ McCann, Gladys Katherine, Austin McCarthy, Kathleen Bridget, Galveston McClellan, Oliver Barr, San Antonio McConnell, Kenneth Ralph, Lockhart McCown, Linda Louise, Victoria McCoy, Beverly Ann, Victoria McCurry, Robert Cloyes, Brownwood McDaniel, Jackson Lee, Amarillo McDonald, Jerry Wayne, Sherman McDowell, Neal Dayton, Meridian McFarland, Kenneth Baldwin, San Antonio McGeath, Joe Michael, Lancaster McGee, Sally Jacquelyn, Amarillo McGregor, Jimmie Rae, Mineral Wells McGrew, Marilyn Margarite, Corpus Christi McGuire, Myrna Beth, Bryan McKinley, Shirley Kay, Houston McKissock, William Thompson, Jr., Dallas McLain, Georgia Jeanne, Dallas JUNIORS Myers, Donald Patrick, Dallas Nagle, Diana Elizabeth, Houston Nation, Thomas Hadley, Pittsburg, Kan. Needham, Andrew James, III, Coleman Neely, Thomas Oran, Dallas Nelson, E. L., Jr., Elgin Nelson, James Albert, Beeville Nelson, Richard Leedom, Jr., Wichita Falls Nelson, Susan Kay, Houston Nentwich, Carl Albert, Macdonna Neuman, Sterling Samuel, San Antonio Nevinger, Jane Esther, McAllen Newbolt, Lawrence Edward, Houston Niernan, Jack Benjamin, Corpus Christi Noland, William Gerald, Corpus Christi Nolen, Ben B., Jr., Austin Nolen, Larry Ol iver, Dickinson Northington, Martha Kay, Ballinger Nowotny, Monroe Ben, San Antonio O ' Dell, Ralph Douglas, Austin Odom, Gailand Edward, Austin Olian, Maurice Samuel, Jr., College Station Oliver, Eleanor Dale, Dallas Oliver, Jessie Fay, Midland Oliver, Leaton Thomas, El Paso Oliver, Tommy William, Houston Olson, Robert Kermit, Corpus Christi O ' Quinn, Kerry Hedick, Austin Ostendorf, Herman W., Dickinson Osterloh, Ann Elaine, Runge Ouzts, Margaret Emerson, Dallas Owen, Angela Lea, Seguin Oxford, Virginia Mary, Beaumont Parker, John William, Jr., Livingston Parker, Marion Rilamb, Channelview Parks, Louan, Lamesa Parr, John D., Robstown Parrish, Martha Louise, Galveston Parsons, Diana, Del Rio Passmore, Elizabeth Gail, San Antonio Patterson, Nancy Elizabeth, Midland Pattillo, Melody Ann, Alvin Payne, Charles Robert, Houston Payne, Marietta, Austin Pearson, Molly Lynn, Jacksonville Pearson, Virginia Ann, Del Rio Peavy, Janet Octavia, Dallas Peine, Judy Adele, Houston Pell, Robbie G., Houston Penry, Irene F., Dallas Perel, Stephen Andrew, Victoria Perry, E. L., Jr., Mertens Fetter, Robert Ray, West Columbia Pettigrew, John Patman, Fort Worth Pettit, Janis Gail, Houston Pharis, Emmett Dale, Corpus Christi Phillips, Edward Lee, Arlington Phillips, John Thomas, Leveland Phillips, William Burton, Kilgore Pickett, Russell Lowell, Pampa Pitts, Carol Jane, Bellaire Plagens, Connie Ruth, Baytown Platt, Coley Ronald, Austin Platt, Melvin Ray, Houston Plummer, Otho Raymond, Jr., Beaumont Pope, Johnny Rollins, Winters Porter, Richard Allen, Sherman Powell, Mary Jayne, Texarkana Poynor, Curtis Bryan, San Angelo Poynor, Joe Lynn, San Angelo Prather, William Leo, Donna Prawirodihardjo, Sudarno, Surabaya, Indonesia Price, John Wilson, Corpus Christi Prikryl, Kenneth Raymond, Arlington Privette, Richard Parnell, Austin Prouty, Carol Alice, Mexia Pruitt, Gwynneth Evelyn, Atlanta Pugh, Gary Carl, Houston Pugh, Jonathan, III, Corsicana Pyron, Bob Herold, Tyler Quirk, Frank John, San Antonio Raby, Roger Allan, Houston Raia, Toni, Houston Ramsey, Stevens David, Jr., Dallas PAGE 488 CLASS OF 1961 RatlifT, Bailey Bryant, Llano Ratliff, Louis Mickey, Jr., Littlcficld Rau, Raymond F., Columbus Ray, Barbara Carol, Corpus Christi Ray, Kathleen Marie, Corpus Christi Ray, Joe Lynn, Corpus Christi Reagan, Dora Elizabeth, Brownsville Reed, C. Don, Austin Reed, Edward Randall, Austin Reed, Zelda, Austin Reese, Robert Burton, San Antonio Reichert, John Douglas, Austin Reichert, Martha Jane, Yoakum Reinhart, Eugene R., San Antonio Renfro, David Willis, Austin Renfro, Mary Hanna, Austin Repper, Johanne, Fort Worth Rhea, Keith G., Austin Rice, Marilyn Anne, Dallas Rice, Pamela, Longview Rice, Sherry Gayle, Tomball Richard, Thomas Glenn, Beaumont Riedell, Linda Christine, Maracaibo, Venezuela Ries, Clarence Andrew, Denver City Ripple, Ronnie Charles, El Campo Rivers, Curtis Ray, Dallas Roberts, Betty Jo, Texas City Roberts, Helen Patricia, San Antonio Roberts, Joel Vaughan, Waco Robertson, Carolyn Camille, San Antonio Robertson, William Jerry, Channelview Robinson, Van Worth, Dallas Rogers, Barbara Letitia, San Antonio Rojas, Ventura, Jr., San Antonio Rollins, Charles D., Dumas Roloff , Barbara Jean, Victoria Rose, E. Anne, Danville, W. Va. Ross, Donald Rac, Henderson Rosson, Bryan Lee, Corpus Christi Rosson, Jerry Ellis, Taft Rosson, Samuel I., Midland Roush, Alice Jeanne, Frceport Rowland, Sheren Lee, Dallas Royal, Jack L., San Antonio Rugeley, Chloe M., Bay City Rushing, Diana Everett, Longview Russell, Grace Marie, Houston Russell, Gwen, McAllen Russell, Martha Amelia, Austin Ryan, Thomas Franklin, Houston Saddoris, Don Earl, Amarillo Saenz, Roberto H., Benavides St. Clair, Thomas Larry, Austin Sams, Tommy Lane, Memphis, Tenn. Sanchez, Alex, San Antonio Sanders, Elva Ida, Houston Sandridge, Mary Ruth, Longview Sauer, Stanley Paul, Doss Savage, Robert Wesley, Wellington Saylor, Edwin Howell, Tyler Scanlon, Charles Harris, Austin Scarbrough. Jerry Wayne, Santa Anna Scarlett, Daylene, Corpus Christi Schapper, Seth Oxley, Bellaire Scheiblich, Herman Edward, Marlin Schmidt, Ernest John, Rosenberg Schneider, Carl Glendon, Plainview Schneider, Gretchen A., Childress Schneider, Robert Allen, San Antonio Schomburg, Peggy Lou, Houston Schuhmann, Maxine Elizabeth, East Bernard Schulz, Sunny, Rosenberg PAGE 489 JUNIORS Schulze, Arthur Edward, Richmond Schweppe, Palmer Thompson, Austin Scott, Albert L., Del Rio Scott, Luther Edward, III, Lancaster Searcy, Catherine Elizabeth, San Antonio Searls, Catherine Eugenia, Houston Sears, Wheeler Moore, Hereford Seelke, Frances Ann, Houston Seidel, Rebecca, Brenham Seidel, Wilber Ray, Beeville Sewell, Gerald Lee, Bellaire Shaenfield, Bernard W., San Antonio Shanks, Wilbert Jeanne, Angleton Shannon, Aubray Jack, Beaumont Sharpe, Ada Marie, Angleton Shatto, Elizabeth Anne, Columbus Shaw, Jean Elizabeth, Grand Prairie Shaw, Sammie Morris, Earl, Ark. Shepperson, Dorothy Beatrice, Taylor Sherrill, Jack S., Port Arthur Shiflet, Linda Elaine, Abilene Shipp, Jerry Bart, Victoria Shinder, Vivian Rose, Corpus Christi Shirley, Sharon Dee, Venus Shirley, Stephen James, Venus Shivers, John Franklin, Jr., Crockett Short, Sylvia Kay, Kilgore Silliman, Frank Thomas, Fort Stockton Simmons, Carolyn Jane, Miles Simmons, Janiece Belle, Fort Worth Simmons, Letitia Ann, Midland Simpson, Mary L., Austin Sims, Tim Aubrey, Waco Skelton, William Henry, Jr., Corpus Christi Skipper, Diana Clarite, Lufkin Smith, George Elward, Orange Smith, James Edward, Dallas Smith, Jerry Wayne, Seagoville Smith, Patsy Anne, San Antonio Smith, Sidney H., Ill, Corpus Christi Smith, Waymon Otis, Munday Smither, Betty Gail, Huntsville Sneed, Patricia Sue, Jacksonville SoRelle, Arthur William, III, Amarillo Sparks, Sam, Austin Speer, Patricia Lu, Houston Spicer, Sue Carrol, Anson Spires, Carol Louise, Austin Spoor, David C., Houston Staffa, Victor Vernon, Wharton Stainton, Judith Anne, Texarkana Stammann, Ruth Jane, Wharton Stanley, Bill L., Pasadena Starnes, Jon Harris, Austin Steele, Virginia Ann, Midland Steiber, Donald William, Jr., Houston Stephen, Susan Lee, Galve-ston Sterling, Harris Joe, San Antonio Stewart, Charles Leslie, Wills Point Stith, David Forrest, Rosenberg Stotts, Jane, Dallas Strauss, Marilyn Jane, San Antonio Strawn, Norma Diane, Dale Street, Sandra Elizabeth, Graham Stroker, Gail, New Braunfels Strong, Arlene Gayle, Houston Stubblefield, David Ross, Dallas Stuckey, Tommy Charles, Overton Studdest, James Patrick, Houston Sullivan, Dunklin A., Centerville Sunseri, Carroll George, Galveston Svadlenak, Marilyn, Taylor PAGE 490 CLASS OF 1961 Svadlenak, Rita Kay, Weslaco Swail, Douglas Arthur, Austin Sweeney, Annabell Ellen, San Antonio Sweet, Joanne Mary, Houston Taegel, Edwin Jackson, San Antonio Talbert, Don Larry, Texas City Talbert, John J., Ill, China Spring Tandy, Patricia Lou, Fairbanks Taub, Albert A., Waco Taubert, Ernest Lee, Jr., Rio Hondo Taylor, Anna Claudette, Lufkin Taylor, Donald Harrison, III, Crystal City Taylor, James Owen, Juno Taylor, Robert Anderson, Jr., Houston Taylor, Sylvia Darlene, Baytown Taylor, William F., McAllen Teague, Robert Franklin, Houston Templeton, Bobbie Franklin, Brady Tepera, Joseph Edward, Crosby Terence, Lois Denny, Houston Terry, Catherine Margaret, Austin Thalmann, Robert Henry, Bandera Thannisch, Walter, III, Fort Worth Thayer, Gilbert Richard, Port Lavaca Thiele, Edward Earl, San Antonio Thomas, James Rodney, Carthage Thomas, Mary Stewart. Navasota Thompson, Barbara Jean, Austin Thompson, Harold D., Houston Thompson, Maurice Edward, Baytown Thompson, Nancy Ellen, Port Arthur Thompson, Ronald Eugene, Houston Thompson, Thomas Cline, Houston Tijerina, Adam, Cuero Tiller, David Clyde, Alice Tinnell, Robert Wayne, Corpus Christi Tinsley, John Forte, Fort Worth Tolle, Glen Conrad, San Antonio Tooney. Susan Anne, San Antonio Townsend, Thomasine, Austin Trabucco, Geralyn Ann, San Antonio Travis, Arthur Donald, Crawford Troell. Charles E., Pleasanton Trotter, James Albert, III, San Antonio Truchard, Anthony M., Cat Spring Trowbridge, Arleen Ray, Tyler Tucker, Matt Burleson, Jr., Nacogdoches Turner, Charles Bennett, Irving Turner, Janice Lou, Arlington Turner, Robert Hendrick. Marlin Turner, Susan Jane. Beaumont Uhr, Barry Wayne, Seguin Urban, William Laurence, Waco Urschel, Valerie, San Antonio Utsey, James Dalton, Tyler Vaclar, Marvin Harold, Amarillo VanDyck, John Konrath, Austin Van Horn, Beth, Odessa Van Horn, Judith Kay, San Antonio Vassberg, Paul Edward, Lyford Vest, Janith Dawn, Alpine Viereck, Kathryn, Houston Vogt, Mary Katherine. Bourne Vollintine, Diana. Fort Worth Von Hagel, Richard Joseph, Dallas Wagenfuehr, Mary Louise, New Braunfels Wagner, Jennifer Lee, Odessa Waisman, Terry, Brownwood Wakeland, Justin Marshall, Waxahachie Waldrop, Robert Alfred. Oklahoma City, Okla. Walker, Bill Evans, Kilgore Walker, Henry Leon, Jr., Taylor, La. P or. 491 A 3 JUNIORS n Walker, Judith Eileen, Houston Walker, Sara Ellen, Hempstead Walker, Virginia Anne, Austin Walser, Paul Hankins, Jr., Temple Walston, Robert Arlan, Woodsboro Walters, Edward Darwin, Fort Worth Walters, Karen Ann, Waco Walters, Michael Cogburn, Jefferson Walther, Edwin Alfred, Jr., Rowena Walts, Charles Oliver, Hill City, Kan. Ware, Jane Elizabeth, Dallas Warnica, Gary Curtis, Beeville Watson, Charlotte Helen, Elmhurst, 111. Wax, Kenneth Hailey, Houston Weaver, Bobby Arrington, Newgulf Weaver, Graeme Douglas, Galveston Weber, Mary Jo, Austin Wehmeyer, Robert Beal, Port Lavaca Weiser, Bobbie Lynne, Panhandle Weiss, Stanley Paul, Weslaco Wells, James Robert, Corpus Christi West, Gordon Mack, Belton Westerfeld, Richard Dennis, Midland Wheeler, Donna Kay, Austin Wheeler, Mario Riley, Austin White, Barbara Ann, Houston White, Lou Ann, Big Spring White, Mary Elizabeth, Dallas White, Nobel Leon, Dallas White, Robert Dean, Waco White, Robert Elliott, Austin Whitley, Robert James, Ozona Whitney, Alton Wayne, Valley Mills Whitstine, Mary Charlene, Corpus Christi Wigington, Guy Leroy, Wichita Falls Wilbur, Paul Andrew, Arlington Wilkinson, Terry Ross, Austin Willard, Sandra Lorene, Corpus Christi Willars, Jorge, McAllen Willerson, Jim Thornton, San Antonio Williams, Jimmie Dell, El Durado Willis, Nancy Jane, Tomball Wilson, Bill, Dallas Wilson, Darrell David, Houston Wilson, Ronald Albert, San Antonio Wimbcrly, Marian Louise, Shreveport, La. Wingfield, Horace Lester, Jr., Kilgore Winn, James E., Dickinson Winston, Carolyn Sue, Little Rock, Ark. Winter, John Worrell, Jr., San Antonio Wiser, La Nell, Houston Witcher, David Warren, Amarillo Wittliff, James Lamar, Blanco Wizig, Herbert Wolfe, Waco Wogstad, James Everet, San Antonio Womack, Catherine, Houston Womack, Thomas Foils, Dallas Woodford, William Gratz, Hereford Wooldrige, Ted, Mineral Wells Woolley, Eddie Glynn, Crockett Wright, Carolyn Louise, Houston Wright, Ginger B., Houston Wright, Lallajo, Midland Wylie, Larry Glenn, Wichita Falls Wynne, Robert Lee, III, Beaumont Wyrick, Gilbert Matison, Dallas Yeaton, Janie Elaine, Austin Yoas, Howard Ernst, Louise Young, Sue Ellen, Port Arthur Zaboroski, Robert Benny, Houston Zamponi, Larry Gene, La Feria Ziegler, Carl Edward, Poth Zimmerle, Henry, Jr., San Antonio PAGE 492 SOPHOMORES PAGE 493 SOPHOMORES Abbott, Patrick Keating, Baytown Abright, Sarah Jane, San Antonio Adams, Robert Phillip, DeKalb Adcock. Willis Sherman, Beaumont Addington, Alice Tamm, Tyler Addington, Sherry Gayle, Abilene Adey, Shirley Kathy, Austin Adkins, Grant Arnold, Jr., Wichita Falls Adleta, Thomas L., Dallas Agopian, Karen Gwyn, Waller Akers. Jerry Wayne, Fort Worth Aldrich, Henry Carl, Beaumont Alexander, Lynn Ann. Dallas Alexander. Martha Jean, Austin Alkek, David S., Victoria Allbritton. Mary Nell, Port Arthur Allen, Chester Lee, Jr., Corpus Christi Allen, John Roy, Jr., Houston Allen, Robert Charles, Dallas Allen, Ronald Gene, Amarillo Allison, Samuel Edward, Wichita Falls Althaus, Robert Harold, Rosenberg Alvis, Mielita Elizabeth, McAllen Ames, Elizabeth Dianne, Houston Anderson, Clifford E., Houston Anderson, Douglas K., Austin Anderson, Owen Wade, Tyler Anderson, Susan, Evansville, Ind. Anderson, Thomas Richard, Port Lavaca Angel, Albert Dean, Alverado Angeli, Richard Allen, Houston Ardis, Bill Richard, Austin Armstrong, Neal Earl, Dallas Arnett, Nancy Karen, Dallas Arrington, Joseph Wilbur, Jr., Texas City Arsement, Jeanelle Amelia, Nederland Arthur, Thomas Loptin, III, Lindale Askew, Betty Louise, Amarillo Aucoin, Anne Marie, Houston Austin, Lynda Gale, Amarillo Ayres, Jan, San Antonio Baggett, Patrick Edward, Lake Jackson Bailey, Robert Earl, Jacksonville Bailey, Tony Troyce, Olney Bain, Jerry Ed, Centerville Baird, Jimmy Lee, Dallas Baldwin, Jesse Jordan, Jr., San Antonio Ballard, Alice Elizabeth, Beeville Ballard, Troy Don, Houston Bane, Diane, Beaumont Banks, Don Elliott, Robstown Bannister, Zara Rayburn, San Antonio Barbeck, Sara Lee, Dallas Barker, Barbara Ann, Linden Barnard. Phyllis Ann, Houston Barnett, Sandra Jean, Dallas Barrera, Homer, Gonzales Barth, Brenda Nan, San Angelo Bartlett, James Andrews, Beaumont Bassist, Lynn, Austin Bean, Richard Alan, San Angelo Beaulieu. Margaret Agnes, Galveston Becker, Alice Ann, Austin Becker, Charlotte Pauline, Austin Beeley, Linda Kay, Houston Belcher, Fred Allen, Dickinson Belknap, Carol Leigh, Fort Worth Bell, David Bruce, Beaumont Benavides, Elinore Ferol, San Antonio Benbow, Mary Suzan, Odessa Bench, Leonard Joseph, Jr., Houston Bernstein, Barbara Carrye, Enid, Okla. Berlin, Barbara Ann, Houston Bettell, Barbara Ann, Houston Bible, John Bruner, Houston Bicker, Linda Lucille, La Feria Bierner, Barbara Sue, Dallas Binion, Jack Russell, Houston Bisbee, William Ferris, C orpus Christi Bishop, Barbara Susan, Houston Blackburn, Edward Madison, Amarillo Blaylock, James Sparkman, Austin Blazek, Delora Elizabeth, Liberty Blye, Margaret Jane, Pasadena PAGE 494 CLASS OF 1962 Boclden, Nix O ' Brien, Cuero Bogcr, James Allen, Wichita Falls Bonin, Betsy Ann, Houston Booth, Nan, Temple Boothe, Ross, Jr., Gonzales Bordcn, Joan F., Austin Borkon, Elaine Rachclle, Midland Botcllo, Elena Maria, Laredo Boudreaux, Edward Alpha, Houston Bourgeois, Robert Eddie, Mission Bowen, Barbara Gene, Jourdanton Bowles, Ann, Belton Bowling, John Knox, Jr., Dallas Box, Edward Donald, Fort Worth Boyd, Douglas Arrington, Panhandle Boyd, Norman Arthur, Jr., Palestine Bradficld, John Stephen, Temple Bradshaw, Major W., Marlin Brady, Margaret Anne, Dallas Bratcher, Robert Douglas, Denison Brazelton, Lewis Edward, Houston Breed, Wanda Jean, Austin Breesc, Richard Preston, Taft Bridges, Carol Ray, Belton Bridges, Jarrell M., Jr., Amarillo Bridges, Nancy Ann, Midlothian Briggs, Mark D., San Antonio Briggs, Rambie Le, San Antonio Briggs, Robert Connor, Houston Brindley, Beverly Anne, Temple Brinkmann. Bonnie Rae, Caldwell Brisbois, Judith Lynne, Houston Britton, Charles Mark, Corpus Christ! Brockermeyer, Kay Louis, Fort Worth Brooks, Bernard Erwin, Houston Brothers, Barbara Jo, Gonzales Brown, Bill Byron, Pampa Brown, Keith, Lampasas Broyles, Edith Ann, Longview Bruton, Fred N., Throckmorton Bryan, Bonnie Alyce, Houston Bryan, Patricia Ann, Rockwood Bubar, Charles Oliver, Fort Worth Buchel, Barbara Adele, Dallas Buckner, Margarette Celest, Leander Bugg, Jane Carol, Houston Bunting, Henry Albert III, Uvalde Burchfield, Douglas, Webster Burk, Carolyn Jane, Kansas City, Kans. Burkhart, Marcia Jan, La Marque Burns, Robert Bruce, Pasadena Burroughs, James William, Shrevcport, La. Burt, Elizabeth Louise, New Braunfels Burton, Mary Gay, Austin Buttrill, Diane Elizabeth, San Antonio Byars, Phyllis Ann, Blanco Bybee, Elizabeth Ruth, Midland Byers, Aubyn Stewart, Houston Caffey, Nancy Pauline, Abilene Callaway, Dorothy Ann, Austin Cameron, Margaret Carol, Austin Camp, Katheryne E., Cameron Campbell, Ann Blake, San Antonio Campbell, Henry Villard III, Lampasas Campbell, Morgan S., Galveston Campbell, William Michael, Dallas Canfield, Chauncy Edward, George West Carleton, Robert Lane, Austin Carmona, Enrique E., Galveston Carr, John Dyer, San Antonio Carrell, Helen Patricia, Snyder Carrico, Kay Louise, San Antonio Carroll, James Vincent III, Houston Carroll, Mary, Shreveport, La. Carter, John Robert, Houston Carter, R. Richard, Edinburg Carver, Connie Lois, San Antonio Casey, Kim Margaret, Dallas Cassidy, Richard Swain, Greenville Cauthorn, James Albert, Del Rio Chapman, Julia Kay, Sherman Chappell, Caroline, Dallas Chappell, Don Alvin, Dallas Chase, Alice Maxine, Texas City PAGE 495 SOPHOMORES Chesson, Beverly Ann, Austin Chiles, Ann, Austin Chipley, Nan Elizabeth, San Antonio Chipley, Sue Rivers. San Antonio Chlapek, Ben Hejl, Temple Chotc, Richard Woolsey, Austin Christian. Barbara Sue, Houston Christian, Eleanor Ann, Austin Christian, Stephen Willis, Luling Chunn, Catherine Ann, Houston Chupik, H. Wayne, Temple Church, Charles R., Houston Clark, James T., Gilmer Clarkson, Martha Jeanette, Refugio Clements. John Michael, Waco Cochran, Rosemary, Austin Cockrell, Carol Dashiell, Houston Goers, Pat Handley, San Antonio Coffey, Jerry Cutler, Dallas Coffman, Carol Elizabeth. Austin Coggeshall, Judith A., Dallas Coker, Linda Sue, Dallas Cole, Clarice June, Abilene Cole, Colin Jay, Austin Coleman, Kay Andrea, Austin Collerain, Mary, Houston Collezo, Fernando, Laredo Comiskey, William Frank, Houston Concklin, Saralee, Austin Conner, William Halden. Fort Worth Conway, Philip Walter, Austin Cook, Patricia Gail, Waco Cooper, Sandra Carla, Dallas Cooper, Tanis Ellyn, Dallas Coopwood, Kate Ellis, Lorkhart Copeland, Colleen, Houston Corcoran, Mary Lee, Houston Correll, Louise Butts, Richardson Corso, Richard Leonard, Houston Cowman, Harry, Jr., Texarkana Coym, Willie Lorene, Alice Craft, Lynda Lee, Houston t O ft 1 P ' 1 Y VA _T j A, x M O q ' - if . 9 ' JMrfft V Craig, Dwight Charles, Abilene Craig, Preston G., Austin Grain, Newton Mitchell III, Houston Cramer, M. Lee, Kingsville Crawford, William Estel, Austin Creager, William Ferrol, Ranger Criswell, Patricia Ann, Cameron Crittenden, Butler Parnell III, Beaumont Crittenden, Martha Nell, Dallas Crockett, Clyde Harrison, II, Freeport Crossley, George David, Bellaire Crouch, Judith Ann, Houston Crow, Carole Elizabeth, Corpus Christi Crowell, Robert William, Snyder Crowell, Thomas Nendell, San Antonio Cruse, Rex Beach, Austin Cunningham, Ann Louise, Baytown Cunningham, Donald Keith, San Antonio Curry, John Earl, Galveston Curtis, Alice Zallee, Amarillo Curtis, John Day, Big Spring Cyprus, Gerald Steven, Houston Cyrus, Nancy Katherine, Midland Dailey, Rachel Sims, Franklin, N. J. Daniel, Daravene, Austin Danna, Patricia Ann, Houston Danziger, Betsy Lana, San Antonio Darby, George Leendon, Pampa Darby, Jo Ann, Austin Dashiell, Benjamin Douglas, Buffalo Dauman, Judith Ann, Yonkers, N. Y. Davidge, Ronald Vaughn, San Antonio Davis, Pat Ward, Dallas Davis, Paul White, Jacksonville Davis, Peggy Jean, Dallas Davis, Tedd E., Houston Davis, Yvonne Denise, Sonora Dawson, Gerald Ronald, Dickinson Dawson, William Henry, Ennis Day, Ruth Elizabeth, Houston Dayvault, Helen Pat, Altair Deffebach, Don Morris, Ranger PAGE 496 CLASS OF 1962 DeGeurin, Richard M., Austin Demler, Robert Carl, Jr., Port Arthur Dennard, Betty Ann, Houston Denney, George Ann, San Marcos Derrick, William Paul, Dickinson Deschner, Eugene Everett, Gonzales Deslattes, Ronald Edward, Texas City Detmore, Carolyn, Alvin Dickey, Marsha Joe, Fort Worth Dickinson, Gary Yates, Del Rio Dickson, Harry David, Houston Disch, Elizabeth Anne, Austin Dodd, Dorothy Verne, Rosenberg Dodrill, William Lee, Fort Worth Donaghe, Patricia Ann, Fort Worth Donnally, Terry Lou, Dallas Dorough, Catherine Elaine, Houston Doss, Roberta Ann, Crowley Dow, Donald Douglas, Houston Dowdy, Janic Raye, Pleasanton Drake, Roberta Maye, Perryton Drake, Susan Rivers, Austin Driggs, Milly Jean, Austin Dring, Susan Jean, Dallas Driskill, Robert Earl, Austin Drury, Patsy Anne, Austin DuGas, Diana Susan, Houston Dunlap, Joan, Dallas Dunlap, Richard Marion, Luling Dunmire, Patricia Anne, Lufkin Durr, Janice Kay, Edwardsville, 111. Dusek, Ronald James, Caldwell Eads, Sharon Lee, Amarillo Early, Helen Taber, Brownwood Echols, Daryle Ann, Houston Edwards, Donald Scott, Galena Park Eilskov, Nadine Adell, Dallas Elliott, Acia Lee, Houston Elliott, Albert John, Baytown Elliott, Alma Ann. Bryan Elliott, Boyce III, Aransas Pass Elliott, Rose G., Houston Ellison, Mary Clementine, Texarkana Engelhardt, Raymond Richard, Houston England, Donald Gene, Luling English, James Morris, Houston Epstein, Sandra Lee, San Antonio Ernst, Robert Clinton, Huntsville Escude, Marceline Jane, Longview Etheridge, Lura Lynn, El Paso Evans, James Allen. Fort Worth Evans, Troy Lemoine, Fluvanna Ezell, Ellen McAngus, Austin Fambrough, Jean, Houston Fann, Sally Eileen, Houston Farenthold, George Randy. Corpus Christi Farley, James Lawrence, Pittsburg Farmer. Martha Posey, Austin Farquhar, Nancy Elizabeth, Sinton Farris, Glen Woody, Alvin Farson, Leonard Stephen. Houston Feferman, Donald Mark, Amarillo Fehmer, Marie Frieda, Dallas Felux, Marvin Benedict, Kenedy Ferguson, John Robert III, New Boston Feuille, Frank Emanuel, Laredo Finesilver, Lynn Gay, San Antonio Finn, Virginia Ann, Houston Finsterwald, Jane Anita, San Antonio Fisher, Susan Faith, Fort Worth Flannery, Richard Edward, Blanco Fleming, Judy Lee, Houston Fleming, Laura jean, Dallas Flewellen, Margaret Gene, Longview Florance, Erma Faye. Houston Ford, Faith, La Marque Foreman, Nell Ray, Beaumont Foster, Diana Lynne, Dallas Foster, Jack, Baytown Fowler, May Elizabeth, Austin Frank, Victoria Elizabeth, Houston Franklin, Carol Jean, Baytown Franks, Charlynn, San Antonio Frazier, Cecile Ann, Houston PAGE 497 SOPHOMORES Freel, Patricia Brooks, Houston Freeman, Sue Caron. Luling Friday, Mary Lois, Uvalde Fritchie, James Charles, Amarillo Froelich, Weldon Wayne, Bellville Fuller, Carolyn Craig, Houston Fulton, Carmen Wren, Midland Funk, John, Houston Furrh, Jack Felton, Jr., Dallas Gaitz, Diane Maxine, Houston Gajdos, Grace Elayne, George West Gallene, Janet Lyn, Houston Gallimore, Max, Crosbyton Galloway, Betty Joy, Stamps, Ark. Galvan, Joanne Eloise, Mercedes Gamel, John Paul, Lampasas Garcia, Ramon Antonio, Del Rio Gardner, Robert Edwin, Fort Worth Gartman, Ellen Alvern, Houston Gatewood, Sarah Virginia, Garland Gayle, Judy L., Houston Gee, Judson Curtis, Houston George, Norman Ernest, Tyler Gerhart, Kleta Jeanne, Winters Gerick, Harriet Rae, Hillsboro Geron, Mary Catherine, Waxahachie Getchell, Henry Oren, Silsbee Gibson, Beverly Ann, Midland Gilbert, Julius Morris, Amarillo Gillis, John Milton, Kilgore Gilmore, Rosa Beth, Levelland Gimon, Patricia Sue, Navasota Ginsberg, Michael Alexander, Houston Girard, Barry Wayne, Dallas Glickman, Julius, Big Spring Glidden, Joseph Daniel, Houston Godfrey, Thomas Gray, Jacksonville Goldstein, Gail, Dallas Golladay, Lannie Erin, Amarillo Good, Paul Longfellow, Edinburg Gordon, Martha S., Pampa Gordon, Thomas Clinton, Damon B P ft A JKML JVM NT sLK e 3W1L Gordy, Joyce Lynn, Beaumont Gosc, Roger Lamar, San Antonio Graham, Leon Norrod, Austin Grant, Jack Ronald, Houston Gray, Bonnie Belle, Orange Gray, Don William, Honey Grove Graybill, Jerry Marion, Kerrville Green, Marjorie Elaine, Houston Green, Ned Allen, Harlingcn Green, Roland Daniel III, Abilene Greenberg, Gary Philip, San Antonio Greene, Nancy Ellen, Dallas Griffin, Francis Katherine, Bryan Griffin, Lawrence Lafayette, Jr., Austin Griffin, Thomas Keith, Beaumont Grosenheider, Delno John, Gatesville Gross, Lynda Kay, Fort Worth Gross, Mary Ellen, Dallas Grossman, Geraldine, El Paso Grossman, Joyce, Birmingham, Ala. Grove, Orrin Kepler, Corpus Christi Gutierrez, Jose Ignacio, Rio Grande City Haas, Barbara Jean, Corpus Christi Hacker, George Wayne, Galena Park Haiduk, Harry Paul, Groom Haile, Helen Josephine, Austin Haley, John Frederick, Jr., Fort Worth Hall, Ivan Lee, El Paso Hall, Margaret Dianne, Crane Hall, Martha Jane, Refugio Hall, Robert Loring, Jr., Anahuac Halsell, Judy Grace, Fort Worth Halter, Eddie Arnold, Wichita Falls Hammond, Ronald Emerson, Houston Hammons, Edwin Eugene, Pampa Hampton, Wilborn Ramsey, Dallas Handorf, Sarah, Palestine Hanson, Douglas Weems III, Tyler Harbison, Bobby Lee, Grandfalls Hardin, Thomas Ashby III, Uvalde Harding, Anita Kay, San Antonio Hardy, Anita Lynn, Marshall PAGE 498 lfl i jA x f CLASS OF 1962 Harris, Edwin Shackclford, Waxahachie Harris, Marsha Ann, Houston Harris, Michael Spellman, Garland Harriss, Ginger Nan, Rockdale Harston, Less Curry, Houston Hartfelder, Patricia Ann, Dallas Hartgrovc, Virginia Sue, Houston Haworth, Carol Lynn, Richardson Hay, James Clifton III, Corpus Christi Hayes, Jeffery Lynn, Port Arthur Haywood, James Edward, Jr., Brownsville Heald, Kay Dell, Weslaco Heard, Johnny Neal, Houston Hedgpeth, Lloyd Glenn, Fort Worth Heidelberg, Hoppy Eric, Midland Heinsohn, Betty Jane, La Grange Hejl, James George, Caldwell Henderson, Carol Lynn, Houston Henderson, Glenda Day. Midland Henderson, Marion Margaret, Royalty Hensler, J. B., Alvin Henslcy, Betty Jo, Houston Hensley, Josette, Iowa Park Henson, Nancy Lynn, Cisco Henson, Richard Nelson, Beaumont Herdman, Mary Anne, Waco Hewitt, Sharon Louise, Houston Hicks, Thomas Patterson, Muleshoe Hieatt, Betty Louise, Dallas Higgins, Diane, Dallas Hilker, Tom Charles, Dallas Hill, Jon Michael, Houston Hill, Kathryn, Beaumont Hill, Virginia Elizabeth, San Antonio Hilley, Larry Curtis, Dallas Hinton, Hugh Frank, Dallas Hodge, Michael Patrick, Baytown Hodges, Charles Wayne, Wichita Falls Hodges, Suzy Catherine, Port Arthur HofT, Johanna, Houston Holland, Kenneth Earl, Bluffton Hollis, Charlotte Annette, Marshall Holloway, Mary Loretta, Dallas Hollyfield, Cynthia Ann, Austin Holmes, Carole Ann, Port Arthur Holmes, Lynn Justyne, Santa Monica, Calif. Holt, Jamie Fannin, Houston Holton, Robert Ladd, Pasadena, Calif. Hooper, Carolyn Nell, Brownwood Hoover, Tom Earl, Valera Horn, Barbara Maudean. Houston Home, Alvin Andrews, Houston Horton, Jimmie McRae, Garland House, Roberta Lee, San Antonio Houston, Marcelle Swearingen, San Antonio Howe, Robert Melvin, Jr., Beaumont Howell, Deborah Carolyn, San Antonio Howell, Joe Kennedy, Amarillo Hube r, Carolyn Joyce, Pasadena Huffman, Calvin Wayne, Austin Hughes, Irene, Austin Hull, Sara Ann, Jackson, Miss. Hunn, Sharon Elaine, Pasadena Hurst, Thomas Raymond, Houston Hurwitz, Nancy Lou, Sioux Falls, S.D. Hyatt, James Carl, Commerce Hyatt, Paul Eugene, Amarillo Jackson, Janis Jean, Dallas Jackson, William Eaton, Uvalde Jacobs, Vance Bryan, Port Arthur Jalonick, George Washington IV, Dallas James, Judith, Fort Worth Janszcn, W. L., Corpus Christi Jaros, James Joseph, Wichita Falls Jazwike, Judy Ann, Houston Jenkins, John Holmes III, Beaumont Jenkins, Robert Ferrell, Houston Jensen, Martin H., San Antonio Jennings, Nathan Carpenter, Belton Johnson, Dale Patrick, Liberty Johnson, Galen Leroy, Webster Johnson, Guy James, Ingleside Johnson, Thomas Neil, Freer Johnson, Robert David, Houston PAOE 499 SOPHOMORES Johnson, Rosemary Price, Corpus Christ! Johnson, Violet Janean, Waco Johnston, Chesley Wiggins, San Antonio Jolley, Judith Carol, Dallas Jonah. Carol Anne. Dallas Jones, Alan Beaty, Sinton Jones, Barbara Gail, Dallas Jones. Carole Elaine, Houston Jones, Dalton Lane, Waco Jones, Dudley Davenport, San Antonio Jones, Ellen Leeds, Waco Jones, Frances Ann, Paducah Jones, Harvey Michael, Winters Jones, Laila Elizabeth, Waco Jones, Mary Ann. Georgetown Jordan. Anita Gertrude. Brady Jordan, Kenneth Wayne, San Benito Jordan, William Davis, Palestine Joseph, Lawerence Anthony, Dallas Jow, Leland, Houston Kaindl. James Eric, Dallas Kallina, Karol, Garwood Kasparek, Brenda Joyce. Needvillc Kazen, Phyllis Marie, Laredo Kean, Alice Therese, Dallas Kelly, John Leonard, Houston Kelly, Gayle Faye, Freer Kelly, Nancy Benedict, Austin Kelly. Robert Charles, Dallas Keng, Ronda Jan, Sonora Kent, Harry Lewellyn, III, Austin Kidd, Nancy Jayne, Tyler Killough. Edward Franklin. Waco Kinch, Sam E., Jr., Austin King, Milicent Ericson, Dallas Kinkade, John Douglas, Harlingen Kirk, Karol, Austin Kleine, Walter Daniel, Gonzales Klemmedson, Richard Gunnar. Fort Worth Klug. William Frederick, Texarkana Knapp, Charles Logan, House Knize, Mary Elizabeth, Ennis Knocke, Edward, Schulenburg Kocurek, Kay Nan, Austin Kocurek, Richard John, San Antonio Koehler, Lenroy Anthony, Cibolo Koenig, Rodney Curtis, La Grange Koepp, David R., New Braunfels Koeppe, Allan Paul, Dickinson Koerner, Gus A., Houston Kruger, Catherine Joyce, Vidor Kuykcndall. Judith Ann, Burnet Labatt, Thomas Weir, San Antonio Labay, Lambert Sylvester. Ganado LaFont, William Harold, Plainview LaMaster, Suzanne Bernice, Houston Landis, Walter Ewing, Jr., Fort Worth Langerhans, Joyce Camille, Houston Lanham, Linda, Temple LaRue, Ruth Terry, Jackson, Miss. Lasser, Jon Stuart, Houston Lay, Vernon I., Jr., Austin Leach, Jack Don, Austin Leadbetter, Jerry Lynn, Donna Leatherwood, Betty Jane, Palestine LeCrone, Wayne Hampton, Jr., Paris Lee, Linda Katheryn, Dallas Leistico, Donovan Allan, Austin Lemmon, John Richard, Memphis Lemons, Michael Larry, Plainview Lende, Robert Richard, Austin Leonard, John Sloan, Jr., Dallas Leopold, Marie, San Antonio LcStourgeon, Dale Sturges, San Antonio Level!, James Waymon, Kemp Levensky, Kay Frances, Des Moines, Iowa Levin, Annette Janis, Galveston Levine, Joan Herma, Pasadena Levy, Trudy, Little Rock, Ark. Lewis, Katheryn Sue, Dallas Lewis, Mary Jon, Tyler Leyendecker, Edgar Volney, San Antonio Lindgren, Edward M., Port Arthur Lindner, Barbara Elece, Jacksonville Lindner, Robert Leicht, Midland Lindsay, Priscilla, Houston Linn, Leejota Ann, Mountain Home Lippincott, Charles Ronald, Wichita Falls Lipscomb, Ann Borden, Houston Lloyd, Leslie Allen, Pasadena PAGE 500 McCreary, Doris Marie, Eagle Lake McCulloch, William Cameron, Dallas McDermott, Mike, Jr., Cameron McDonald, Clarice Jane, New Orleans, La. McDowell, Rebecca Gail, Dallas McElvy, Jane Ann, San Antonio McEver, Sally Ann, Lockhart McGill, Melbern Dale, Houston McGuire, Phyllis Lee, San Antonio Mclntosh, Winston Wayne, Austin McKeown, Cave Johnson, Jr., Pasadena McLarty, Beverly Ann, Dallas McMahan, John Dan, Eastland McMillan, John Hammack, Wichita Falls McNabb, Penny Lynn, Houston McNutt, Melinda Helen, Olney McSpadden, Barbara Jo, Houston McWilliams, Stephen Douglas, Baytown Meador, Donald P., Amarillo Medina, Maria Elinor, Killeen Meier, Tom Keith, La Porte Melby, Everett Kinne, El Paso Melde, John Edward, III, Bishop Melden, Helen Charlene, Edinburg Melton, Richard Monroe, Spearman Melton, William Allen, Dallas Mercer, Judith Ann, Houston Merrill, Paul Steele, Garland Mettke, William Paul, Baytown Middlebrooks. John Eugene, II. Denton Mills, Donna, Houston Mills, Sally Ruth, Houston Millwee, Robert Hughes, III, Dallas Mitchell, Frances Eugenie, Uvalde Mitchell, Mary Marcia, Wichita Falls Mitchell, Richard Arnold, Humble Monroe, Bennie Wade, Dallas Montgomery, Lynda Kay, Humble Moody, Linda Mae, Austin Moody, Lydia Ann, New Braunfels Moore, Marjorie Dickinson, San Antonio Moore, Roland Douglas, Houston Morchower, Diane Gail, Dallas Morehead, John Farris, Plainview Morrison, Gary Eugene, Austin Mounce, Larry Dean, Waco Muckleroy, Robert Lynn, Buna Muncy, Michael Doyle, Fort Worth PAGE 501 CLASS OF 1962 Locke, Judith Allene, Austin Logan, William Omar, Jr., Palestine Long, James Scott, McKinney Loughridge, Penny Lee, Baytown Lowe, Arbon Jack, Henderson Lowe, Betty Ellen, Waco Lucia, Pauline Christine, Houston Luckel, Mary Lynden, Houston Luquettc, Suzanne, Port Arthur Luther, Monroe Martin, Houston Lykke, Clifford Fritz, Houston Lynaugh, James Aloysius, Tyler Lynch, Alice Ann, Houston Lyons, Jan Elizabeth, Houston Maedgen, Maedene, Mathis Mafrige, Kathryn Marie, Houston Magruder, Mary Ruth, Houston Malone, Dorothy, Houston Mangel, Stephanie Dent, New Orleans, La. Manning, Dewayne Nelson, Lampasas Manning, Eugene Baines, Bishop Marks, Martha Ann, Midland Marrou, Jerry Annette, San Antonio Marten, Sharolyn Kay, Austin Martin, Jo Ann, Milano Martineau, Selwyn Ann, Corpus Christi Marshall, Linda Gail, Abilene Mata, Gloria Jean, Houston Mathews, Barbara Jane, Austin Matthews, Virginia Lea, Dallas Mauritz, Donna Maude, Edna Maxey, Eva Gayle, Austin Maxwell, Judith Anne, Amarillo Maxwell, Nancy Baker, Dallas Maxwell, Nancy Lynn, Houston Mayes, Janie Lynn, Corpus Christi Maze, Molly, Temple McArthur, Mike, Dallas McBrayer, Harvard Lee, Jr., Hillsboro McCaleb, William Edward, Austin McCann, Thomas Aldon, Jr., Fort Worth McConnell, Linda Joyce, Italy SOPHOMORES Murphy, Mary Elizabeth, Midland Murray, Emmett Hixon, East Bernard Myers, Rachel Francis, Beaumont Naas, Robert James, Oak Harbor, Wash. Naiser, Lou Ann, East Bernard Nakunz, Martin William, Smithville Napier, Suzan, Fort Worth Nash, Edgar Covey, Houston Nations, William Lawrence, Joinervile Neale, Justice Wilson, New Orleans, La. Neel, Robert Stanley, Wichita Falls Neeley, Jackie Ray, Ranger Neiman, Janel, Dallas Nelson, Donna Sue, Brownfield Nelson, Nancy Sue, Arlington Nelson, Patsy Jean, Pflugerville Nesrsta, Jeff Charles, San Antonio Nettle, Lucia Ann, Dallas Neubauer, Edward Albert, Tucson, Ariz. Neuhoff, Gretchen Dowling, Dallas Newman, Judith, Houston Neyland, James Elwyn, Palestine Nietenhoefer, Kenneth Clarence, Hondo Ochoa, Cesar Oswaldo, Quito, Ecuador Oden, Gretchen Marie, Atlanta Odom, Dorothy Jean, San Antonio Odom, Fred Anthony, Gilmer Odom, Gerald Scott, Paris O ' Donnell, William S., Houston Oelkers, Marie Hermine, New Braunfels Oliver, Judith Lynn, Houston Oliver, Patti, Bellaire Oliver, Robert Gail, Jr., Corpus Christi Oliver, William Parr, Dallas O ' Neill, Larry J., Rapid City, S. Dak. O ' Neill, Michael Wayne, San Antonio O ' Neill, Susan Claire, San Antonio Orlebeke, Peter William, San Angelo Osborn, Elaine Herschel, Houston Oswald, Norman Dean, Dallas Otis, Winifred Katherine, Waco Overstreet, Delbert Clarence, Amarillo .a a O C q JUT ilJfr t o : Pace, Margaret Ozella, Dallas Pagel, Charlene Worthy, Maxwell Pagel, Kermit Lee, Maxwell Palios, Melvin Eugene, Austin Palm, Charles Fritz, San Antonio Palmer, John Howard, Port Arthur Pando, William Jesse, Amarillo Pape, Allan Craig, Caldwell Pappas, Sarah Nieves, Laredo Parker, Billy Dean, Lewisville Parker, Bryant Eugene, Brenham Parmeter, William Boyd, Fort Worth Parsons, Charles Clinton, Houston Parsons, Susan Shcrzer, Bellaire Patterson, Frances Annette, San Antonio Patterson, Patricia Ann, Dallas Patton, Connie Yvonne, Houston Patton, John Jacob, Tyler Patton, Tresona Nan, Lockhart Payne, Billy Mack, Conroe Payne, Kay Frances, San Antonio Pegues, Judith Kay, Houston Pendleton, Robert Clark, Dallas Pennington, John Edward, Palacios Pennington, Leslie E., Bayt own Peterson, Betty Joyce, Houston Pettit, Pene, Dallas Pettit, Robert Lee, Fort Worth Peyton, Jerome Lowery, Texas City Pflughaupt, Dorothy Louise, San Antonio Philp, Roy M., Beaumont Pickard, William Alexander, Graham Pickctt, Edward Bradford, Liberty Pickle, Johnny Wayne, Jasper Pierce, Edwin Franklin, Plainview Pike, Marida Ann, Fort Worth Pittenger, William Burt Cross, Austin Pojman, Penelope E., Austin Ponsford, Mary Jo, El Paso Pool, John Charles, Jasper Porter, Brooks Wood, Port Arthur Porter, Carolyn Betty, Dickinson Porter, Dale E., Bryan Porter, Donald Albert, Corpus Christi Porter, John Robert, Midland Pounders, Gail Marie, San Antonio Powell, Jo Ella, Bellaire Pratt, Charles Allen, Longview PACE 502 peigt3m . fett xV t { (fiL J ;w r A CLASS OF 1962 Presson, Ellis Wynn, Dallas Price, Shirley Jane, Amarillo Priesmeyer, Rosclind Joan, Taylor Pringle, Richard Lewis, La Marque Pruett, John Paris, Corpus Christi Pruett, Sandra Lee, Houston Puckett, Mary Jack, Corpus Christi Pugh, Peyton Spencer, Corsicana Pulkrabek, Joseph Emil, Jr., Austin Rachal, Hal Francis, Jr., Midland Ragland, Judith Ann, Dallas Ramirez, Rogelio, Hebbronville Ramsey, Fern, Tulia Randle, Mai, Austin Randies, Barbara A., McKinney Ransom, Carolyn Kay, Austin Ratliff, Hubert Wesley, Jr., Edna Ray, Robert Henry, San Saba Ray, Susan Woods, Houston Rayburn, Laurie Kathleen, Houston Reams, Gail Jacoby, Houston Reddick, Frances Alicia, Austin Reddrick, Sondra Kay, Fort Worth Redman, Donald R., Burkburnett Reed, Arden, Houston Reed, Susan Roberts, Austin Reese, Barbara Anne, Tia Juana, Venezuela Reeves, Judy Beth, Houston Register, Linda Ann, Dallas Reinert, Barbara Jeanne, Dallas Reinking, Lucy Fay, Dallas Rellahan, Linda Margaret, Dallas Reynolds, Rebecca Ann, San Jose, Costa Rica Rhea, Thomas Allen, Dallas Rhodes, Betty Ann, Dallas Rhodes, Joe Bill, Hearne Richards, Robert Mayo, Dallas Richardson, Donna Rachel, Houston Richter, Mary Ellen, Cameron Rider, Glenna Louise, Beeville Rieter, Vivian Shelia, Dallas Ritter, Alton Wayne, Wichita Falls Ritter, Shirley, Many, La. Roark, Sharon Leigh, Nacogdoches Roberts. Suzanne Helen, Austin Roberts, Thomas Franklin, Jr., Temple Robertson, Elizabeth Fay, El Paso Robinson, Lyndon Hayward, Jr., Orange Robinson, William Ray, Wichita Falls Rodgers, Roger Dan, Galena Park Rodman, Roy Samuel, Jr., Austin Rodriquez, Isabel, Rio Grande City Rogers, Harry W., La Marque Rogers, Judy Lee, Fort Worth Rosen. Robert Alan, Pine Bluff, Ark. Rosen, Ronald Gordon, Fort Worth Rosenberg, Gerald Jay, San Antonio Rosenblum, Joyce Ann, Corsicana Rosenstock, Richard Gustave, Kansas City, Mo. Ross, Lewis Gilbert, Uvalde Ross, Robert Melville, Fort Worth Rousset, Edward Eloy, Brownsville Rowland, Judith Marie, Port Arthur Rowland, Martha Ann, Del Rio Rubey, William Bonner, Jr., Houston Russell, David Dee, Amarillo Russell, Joann, La Marque Russell, Margaret Jcanel, Weslaco Russell, S. A., Jr., Rosenberg Russell, Veda Letitia, Austin Ruth, Betty Hornor, Corpus Christi Rutherford, Donald Carter, Waco Sabean, Sandra Hope, Dallas Saenz, Eligio Elias, Jr., Benavides Sandberg, Joel Jernquist, Austin Sander, Albert A., Bellville Sanders, Carol Ann, Houston Sanders, Charlotte Elizabeth, Denison Sanders, Mary Frances, Dundee Sauer, Henry Adolph, Jr., Houston Sauer, Mary Cathryn, Almcda Savage, Ann Frederica, San Antonio Sawyers, Thomas Michael, Dallas Scarborough, Raymond Lewis, Houston Schaeffer, Bonnie Lee, Austin Schaffer, Marcia Lee, Corpus Christi Schaffer, Sharon Eileen, Dallas Schaumburg, George John, Jr., Beaumont Scheiblich, Norma Sue, Marlin Schlesselman, Gail, College Station PACE 503 - SOPHOMORES Schmidt, Amy Lee, Palestine Schmidt, Arthur Joseph, San Antonio Schmidt, Dennis Raymond, Austin Schmitt, Pat Nadine, Austin Schneider, Heidi Suzanne, Pampa Schneider, Irene Ann, San Antonio Schoch, Harriet, Dallas Schroeter, Edwin Morris, Hereford Schuhmacher, Joyce Claire, Austin Schultze, Brenda Faye, Alamo Schulz, Mary Virginia, Three Rivers Schweizer, Alfred Freddy, Dallas Scoggins, Davis Lee, Henderson Scott, Frances Elizabeth, Houston Scott, James Larry, Palestine Scott, Martha Gay, San Antonio Scott, Sheila Rae, Houston Scott, Tom William, Jr., San Antonio Seals, John Raymond, Dallas Sebera, Curtis Wayne, San Antonio Seewald, Eleanor Jane, Beaumont Sellers, William Grover, Harlingen Senevey, Steven John, Fort Worth Sewell, Julian Jay, Belton Shahan, William R., Childress Shankle, Clifford Perry, Jr., San Antonio Shannon, Joe, Jr., Fort Worth Sharp, Elinore Catherine, Mexico, D. F. Sharpe, James Shelby, Fort Worth Shaw, John Kinsler, Austwell Shaw, Julie, Houston Shaw, Robert Louis, Overton Shearer, Otis Claude, III, Booker Shelton. Carolyn, Alice Shelton, Garland Ray, Austin Shelton, Linda Lee, Wharton Sherar, Elizabeth Ann, Houston Sherrill, Robert Webb, Dallas Shigley, Mary Monroe, Lake Jackson Shipman, Harold Leo, Jr., Edinburg Shirley, Carolyn Dale, Galveston Shirley, Charlej Weldon, Jr., Houston Shockley, William Carl, Jr., Uvalde Shores, Gary Hamilton, Amarillo Shorter, Richard Allen, Odessa Shulkin, Sharon Lee, Sioux City, Iowa Silen, Stephan Richard, San Antonio Sim, Gay Barbara, El Paso Simon, Steve Marshall, Austin Simpson, Gerald Hatton, Lufkin Sims, Joe Lloyd, McGregor Skaggs, Marvin Richard, Texas City Skinner, Neila Ann, Corsicana Sloan, Martha Ann, Corpus Christi Slomchinski, Mary Louise, Refugio Smalley, Robert Hamilton, Dallas Smalling, John Ambler, Austin Smith, Anne Gordon, Dallas Smith, Evelyn Louise, Hialeah, Fla. Smith, Farrell Murray, Corpus Christi Smith, Jim Russell, Houston Smith, Juan Jay, Eastland Smith, Mary Ann, Dallas Smith, Mary Elizabeth, Houston Smith, Mary Jo, Odessa Smith, Patricia Anne, Plainview Smith, Randhi Suzanne, Dallas Smith, Robert Arnold, Greggton Smith, Sarah Jane, Pasadena Smither, John Henderson, Huntsville Snyder, Barbara, Baird Socol, Gwendolyn, Breckenridge Solbrig, Margaret Muriel, New Braunfels Solcher, Katherine Patricia, Dallas Somer, Frank Lynn, Weimer Southerland, Mary Elizabeth, Sulphur Springs Spain, Billy Ross, Lubbock Sparks, Harold St. Clair, III, Fort Worth Specr, Suellen Sims, Houston Spencer, Janet Mabel, Corpus Christi Spencer, Johnny Norwood, Houston Spiars, Patricia Ann, Austin Spivey, Rex James, San Antonio Sprain, Sandra Lynn, Abilene Staab, Eugene A., LeMars, Iowa Stahl, Roy Layton, San Antonio Stall, Toby Kay, Fort Worth Stallones, Linda Jean, Dallas Stampp, Patsy Jean, San Antonio Starnes, Gretchen Meisenheimer, Austin States, Lester Gerry, Harwood PAGE 504 Taylor, Bruce Cameron, Dallas Taylor, Janet Sue, New Boston Taylor, Leta Evelyn, Garland Taylor, Walter Jennings, Lubbock Temple, John Hurst, Houston Terry, Carolyn Elayne, Dallas Terry, Don, Lake Jackson Terry, Warren Bergen, Corpus Christi Thadani, Ramesh, Washington, D.C. Thomas, Camilla, Sulphur Springs Thompson, Daniel Jones, San Antonio Thompson, Larry Duncan, Fort Worth Thomson, Mary Dale, Midland Thornton, Robert Lee, III, Dallas Thorp, Mary Charlene, Pleasanton Tietz, Judy Madeline, Fredericksburg Tixier, Linda Suzanne, Houston Todd, Gary Owens, Fort Worth Toler, Betty Loraine, San Antonio Tomlinson, Raymond Mart, Amarillo Tooley, Nancy Jane, Houston Totz, Molly Carolen, Lufkin Townsend, Michael Howard, Houston Traynor, David Allan, Austin Treadaway, Dianne, El Campo Tredennick, Mark Edward, Meriden, Conn. Trotter, Robert Sydney, Jr., Austin Truax, Toni Ann, Phillips Tubbs, James Michael, Corpus Christi Tucker, Ann, Austin Turner, Mary Katherine, Galena Park Tyler, Eleanor Ann, Austin Unfried, Analeslie, Fort Worth Van Dyke, Le Anne, Victoria Van Geem, Frances Ellen, Eastland Van Geem, Henry Edwards, Jr., Eastland Veatch, Nathan Everett, Pasadena Veltman, Robert L., San Antonio Venable, Robert Allen, Amarillo Villarreal, Gustavo Gaston, San Benito Vineyard, Robert Sterling, Wharton Vis, Ronald Bart, Houston Vivian, Ronald Alfred, Carrizo Springs Vogel, Mary Elizabeth, Lockhart Von Boeckmann, Joyce Ann, Houston Wagner, Charles Henry, Waco Wagner, Forrest Worth, New Braunfels Wagner, Virginia Ruth, Houston Wainright, Ruth Scott, Houston PAGE 505 CLASS OF 1962 Stearns, Connie Lou, Dallas Steck, Thomas Aimer, San Antonio Steinberg, Elaine Rochelle, Wynne, Ark. Steinhart, Ronald Glen, Beaumont Stclfox, Anabcl, Houston Stephens, Elizabeth Ann, Fort Worth Stephens, Marjorie Louise, Wichita Falls Stevens, Madeline Lee, Breckenridge Stone, Howard Swanson, Houston Stone, Mary Carolyn, San Antonio Stone, Sandra Rose, Houston Strader, Judith Marie, Bellaire Straughan, Dorothea Faubion, San Antonio Streckmann, Margaret Louise, Dallas Street, Joline Woods, San Antonio Stromberger, John Carl, San Antonio Stuart, Amanda Gay, Houston Stuart, Warren Curtis, Midland Stubel, Brenda Jean, Dallas Stuckey, Janice Lynn, Longview Studdert, Carmen Maureen, Houston Suen, James Yee, Dermott, Ark. Suhr, Billie Vesta, Austin Sullivan, Emmett Harry, Texarkana Sullivan, Frances Cullen, Jr., San Antonio Sullivan, Joe Larry, McKinney Sumrall, Thomas Calvin, Algoa Surratt, Margaret Alice, Panhandle Sutton, Dewey Charles, Pasadena Swales, Bettye Sue, San Antonio Swanson, Frances Ann, Denver, Colo. Swing, Quiman W., San Antonio Switzer, James Edward, Fort Worth Taggart, Ray Reimers, Corpus Christi Talley, Daniel Jule, Alice Tally, Sandra Kay, Big Spring Talpis, Judith Paula, El Paso Tamez, Robert, San Antonio Tanner, Eric Rufus, Edinburg Tarr, James Philip, Harper Taylor, Ada Leola, Houston Taylor, Billy Wayne, Jacksonville n. o SOPHOMORES Wakefield , Stephen Alan, Fort Worth Walker, Ann Charlotte, Beaumont Walker, John Fletcher, Texarkana Walker, Roger Sherwood, Midland Walker, Will Harry, Lolita Wall, Ronald Gary, Dallas Wallsmith, Richard Lyle, Luling Walters, Robbie Ann, Yoakum Wansley, Richard Glen, Austin Ward, Lou Anne, Tyler Ward, Mary Jo, Ozona Ware, Doyle Ernest, Jr., Baytown Wasoff, Amy, Dallas Watson, D ' Anne, Pflugerville Weatherford, Sally Ann, San Antonio Webb, Hulon Thomas, West Webb, Jean Anne, Harlingen Webb, Mary Kathryn, Rush Weinstein, Gayle Helaine, Metairie, La. Welch, Emily Claire, Beaumont Welder, Jane Murphy, Victoria Welhausen, Gayle Lillian, Shiner West, Charles Daniel, Austin Westerfeldt, Maren Louise, Fredericksburg Westerman, Thomas Fenley, Fort Worth Wetsel, Byron Clay, Fort Worth Whealy, Mary Elizabeth, College Station Wheat, Mary Janet, Houston Wheatley, Bobby Neal, Haskell Wheeler, Dennis Ann, Austin Wheeler, Tyrone Robert, Houston White, Ada Gwen, Beaumont White, Barbara Lynne, Dallas White, James Patrick, Arlington White, Jo Anna, Bryan White, Kay, Terrell White, Robert Campbell, Taft White, Suzanne, Houston Whitehead, James Gary, Odessa Whitehead, Jann, Anahuac Whiteside, Rosemary, Lubbock Wiener, Thomas Eli, Dallas Wilbanks, Bettina Rives, Fort Worth Wilder, Hilliare Sinclair, Austin Wildstein, Sharon Lynne, El Paso Williams, James Ewing, Jr., Odem Williams, Judith Eleanor, Greenville Williams, Lindsey Arl, Jr., Austin Williams, Ronny Lee, Austin Williams, Valerie Clotilde, Austin Williamson, Marcia Ann, Bryan Willis, Allen Tucker, Austin Willis, Mollie, Dallas Wilson, Alice Carol, Houston Wilson, Barbara Jean, Corpus Christi Wilson, Frank M., Ill, San Antonio Wilson, Jerry Tom, Dallas Wilson, Jo Rae, Normangee Wilson, Sandra Widney, Temple Windlow, Dale Elizabeth, Beaumont Wischer, Suzanne Jean, Denver, Colo. Wisner, Eva Nell, Texas City Witcher, William Warner, Dallas Wittliff, William Dale, Blanco Wolverton, Mabry David, Wichita Falls Woo, Lai Tene, San Antonio Wood, Gerald Lee, Odessa Wood, Rebecca, Atlanta Woodford, Toni, Dallas Woodhall, Judith Ray, San Antonio Woodul, Klata Rae, Lamesa Woods, Donald Lee, Milano Woodward, Virginia Philips, Beaumont Woolley, Barbara Rowe, Dallas Word, Kathleen Anne, Houston Wray, Kathryn, Tyler Wright, Patricia Ruth, Gonzales Wuthrich, Julia Carolyn, Pflugerville Yoder, Robert Darrel, McAllen Yonker, Barbara Jane, Seguin Zapalac, Betty Jean, Galveston Zimmerle, Donald Frederick, San Antonio Zimmerman, Sandra Lee, Galveston Zulch, Patricia Ann, La Marque PAGE 506 Ml I, Hill FRESHMEN PACE 507 FRESHMEN I Aaron, William Lynn, San Antonio Abraham, Edward, El Paso Abright, Mary Cathleen, San Antonio Adams, Carolyn LaWayne, Kermit Adams, John Alva, Houston Aebi, Fred Willie, Baytown Aishman, James Thomas, Andrews Albers, Harold, Houston Albert, Barbara Elaine, Darien, Conn. Alexander, Eugenia, Lubbock Alexander, James Harvey, Aransas Pass Alford, Daryl Ray, Corpus Christi Alleman, Deanna, Baytown Allen, Janette Erwin, Kerrville Allen, Virginia, Houston Allen, Ward Lang, Marlin Allison, Hugh Pascal, Sonora Allison, William Thomas, Houston Allums, David George, Bellaire Altenburg, Robert Alexander, Houston Andersen, Judy Elizabeth, El Campo Anderson, Bonnie Jean, Dallas Anderson, Charley Leroy, Jr., Lamesa Anderson, Ethelynn Dawn, Big Spring Anderson, Garland Sadler, Jr., Gatesville Anderson, George Richard, Jr., Rancho Cordova, Calif. Anderson, Judith Ann, Houston Anderson, Sandra Gayle, Austin Anderson, Sharon Lee, Houston Andres, David Hardy, Dallas Andrews, Nancy Etta, Graham Andujar, Betty Jo, Fort Worth Applebaum, Rachelle Maye, Marshall Archer, Joseph Fletcher, San Antonio Arnold, Sylvia Ann, Midland Arredondo, Maria Noelia, Rio Grande City Ashcroft, Enos L., Ill, Sulphur Springs Ashford, Cynthia Anne, Austin Ashmore, Karen Marshall, Houston Athens, Vivian, Dallas Atkinson, Lawrence Fred, Fort Worth Austin, Diane, Houston Austin, Elizabeth Anne, Austin Austin, Nina Jane, Austin Autry, Joe Gene, Dallas Avant, Sandra Jane, Houston Avila, Carlos, Dallas Ayers, Linda Lorene, Dallas Azadian, Bette Jane, Houston Baade, Laura Lee, Boling Babione, Barbara Lou, Amarillo Baggett, Jackie Ray, Eastland Bailey, Edgar Daniel, Rusk Baker, Bettye Jan, Dallas Baker, Brook Alan, Perryton Ballas, Albert, Dallas Balthrop, Granville Harold, Dickinson Bammel, Nancy Sue, Houston Bancroft, Barbara Jean, San Antonio Banks, Elizabeth Gertrude, Mount Pleasant Banks, Julia Anna, Houston Bankston, Douglas Odell, Dallas Banner, Wesley Victor, Austin Barber, Ronald Jerry, Liberty Barbisch, Joseph William, Jr., Houston Barden, Nancy Stuart, Austin Barker, Samuel Timothy, San Antonio Barnebey, Linda Lee, San Antonio Barr, Darby Ann, Beaumont Barrier, Alvis Layton, Mineral Wells Bates, Jimmy David, Gatesville Baty, Donald Eugene, Houston Baughman, Roy Lee, Tioga Baxter, Carla Van, Fort Worth Bazarsky, Walter Stephen, Houston Beard, Donald Leroy, Snyder Beard, Marvin Ferd, Pasadena Bearden, Joe Henry, Austin Beasley, Joseph Patrick, San Antonio Beene, Roy Bob, Snyder Behrens, Ben Farrell, Eagle Lake Bell, Henry Newton, III, Bastrop Bell, Malcolm James, Jr., Houston Bell, Patti Jane, Houston PAGE 508 Bowie, Sheila Marie, Houston Bowles, Margaret, Belton Bowlin, James Hugh, Port Neches Boyd, Betty Sue, Beaumont Boyd, Larry Lee, Houston Boyd, Richard Wayne, Plainview Boyett, Randall Harold, Jacksonville Bradley, James Earl, Fort Worth Bradley, James H., Hereford Bradshaw, Betty Ed, Brady Bradshaw, Emily Meador, Lufkin Branam, Kenny Doyle, Tyler Brannon, Martha Lucretia, Houston Bransom, Rob Roe, Fort Worth Brasher, Molly Frances, Weimar Braun, Patricia Gayle, Houston Bray, Susanne, Texas City Brazil, Sarah Leigh, Port Arthur Breene, Kenneth Paul, Bismarck, N. D. Brett, Emma Ruth, Houston Brewer, Larry Keith, El Campo Brick, Paula Marie, Galveston Brickman, Mary E., Houston Brigance, Jo Anne, Brazoria Brim, Roger Edward, San Angelo Brindley, Paul Claunch, Houston Brink, Charles J., Houston Brittain, Barbara Lynn, Port Arthur Broadus, Zelna Virginia, Victoria Brock, Edward Jimmy, Crane Brockschmidt, Sally Belle, Houston Bromberg, Joyce Harriet, Clayton, Mo. Brooksaler, Carol Ruth, Dallas Brower, James William, Jr., Texarkana Brown, Bette June, Denton Brown, Lewis Wright, Crosby Brown, Mabel Ann, Gatesville Brown, Robert James, Gatesville Brown, Roger Glenn, Fort Worth Browne, Margaret Anne, Houston Browne, Dorothy Louise, Houston Browning. Joan Whitelaw, San Antonio PAGE 509 CLASS OF 1963 Bellows, Richard Fredrick, San Antonio Bender, Marlene Raye, Beaumont Benham, Crawford Allen, Jr., Alice Benn, Sherry Virginia, Midland Bennett, Kathlene Nelson, Kerrville Bennett, Natalie Elizabeth, Marlin Benson, James William, Lubbock Bcrgquist, Karen Arloa, Austin Berly, James Frank III, Houston Berry, Candida Kay, Amarillo Best, Jesse Edison, Austin Bettell, Linda Jean, Houston Settle, George Richard, El Paso Bevill, Tommy Ray, Monahans Beychok, Marilyn Roberta, Shrevcport, La. Bicknell, Evalyn Antoinette, Dallas Bilger, Jimmy Mack, Palo Pinto Bird, Betty Sue, West Columbia Bishop, Donald Clinton, Sweetwater Bittensky, Zella, Port Arthur Bland, Betty Jean, Fort Worth Bland, Margaret Joy, Austin Blend, Michael Marc, Dallas Blount, Barbara Jean, Dallas Bludeau, Herbert Leslie, San Antonio Blum, Eugene, Fort Worth Boatner, Charles Knox, Jr., Fort Worth Boatright, Gary Keith, Pasadena Boatright, James Richard, Midland Bock, Rosalind Elaine, Dallas Boesch, Thomas Dean, Midland Boettcher, A. Schlick, East Bernard Boettcher, Charles Frederick, Elgin Bolton, Christopher Lee, Austin Bone, Lee III, Dallas Bone, Terry Winfield, Baytown Bones, George Eugene, Jr., Houston Bonnell, Judith Marie, Port Arthur Booker, Thomas Hanna, Hunt Borglund, Kristin, Shaker Heights, Ohio Bourne, Elwanda Sue, Alvarado Bower, Arthur Michel, Jefferson FRESHMEN Bruchmiller, H. Arlene, Goliad Bryant, Claudia Lynne, Houston Buchanan, Milton Thomas, Port Lavaca Buchanan, Stephanie Jane, Hot Springs, Ark. Buckley, Jorene Elizabeth, Lockhart Bulba, Charna Etta, Galveston Bumar, Phyllis Estelle, Houston Burge, William Wallace, Houston Burger, Catherine Elaine, Seguin Burgheimer, Carlene Rae, Kansas City, Mo. Burke, Barbara Ann, Houston Burkhart, Andrea McDonald, Lovington, N. M. Burns, Jimmye Laurie, Houston Burton, Rae Russell, Jr., San Antonio Burton, Susan Ann, New Orleans, La. Busby, Beverly Anne, Lufkin Buss, Mary Kathryn, Edinburg Butler, Anthony Wayne, Monahans Butler, Charlene, Lufkin Butler, Duncan Tellef, Houston Butler, Lasca, Kenedy Butler, Meta Camille, Austin Byler, William Kirk, Dumas Caffall, Re Lindsey, Mathis Caldwell, Robert Kent, Longview Calhoun, Mike Vernon, Palestine Callaway, Helena Spencer, San Antonio Campbell, Charles Harvey, Seguin Campbell, Claire Bolton, Longview Campbell, Foy Leon, Dallas Campbell, George Perry, Nacogdoches Campbell, Patricia, Austin Campbell, Richard Charles, Fort Worth Campbell, Susan Lee, Houston Campbell, William Edward, Dallas Cane, Ronald Warren, San Antonio Cantrell, Carole Ann, Corvallis, Ore. Capps, Kathleen Marie, Houston Cardwell, Vicky Ann, Fort Worth Cargill, Jack Loring, Jr., Marshall Carlson, John Leonard, Fort Worth Carlton, Jerry Weldon, Hamlin Carmona, Jesse Manuel, Galveston Carnahan, Gayle Bragdon, Houston Carpenter, Camille, Dallas Carpenter, Shawn Adele, Corpus Christi Carruther, Mary Ann, Cuero Carter, Ann, Houston Case, James Howard, Dallas Casey, Kelly Maurice, Grapevine Casey, Michael Horace, San Antonio Cashion, William R., Lubbock Catlin, Linda Frances, Houston Cayce, Gareth Lynn, Corpus Christi Chadd, Marilyn Kaye, Big Spring Chadwell, Janice Mary, San Antonio Chambers, James Oliver, Fort Worth Chapman, Barbara Jean, Hondo Chapman, Judith, Shreveport, La. Chappell, Sarah Louise, Dallas Charless, William Addis, Jr., Amarillo Chatham, Beatrice Lee, Houston Chenault, William Blewett, Houston Chernikowski, Stephanie, Beaumont Childress, Beverly Jean, Midland Childs, Allen, Austin Childs, K. A., Jr., Kingsville Choate, John Linton, Abilene Clark, Robert Lee, Danbury Clark, Robert Lee, Austin Clark, Sondra Sue, Houston Clem, Karen Ann, San Antonio Clements. Daphne Peggy, Dallas Clements, Hazel Jane, Huntsville Clemmer, John Lee, Ranger Cleveland, Joseph Robert, San Antonio Climer, Julia Anne, Hubbard Goers, Donald Vernon, Dickinson Coffman, Nancy Jane, Austin Cohn, Joel Samuel, Houston Coker, Mack Elbert, Houston Cole, James Perry, Lampasas Cole, Kynn Monroe, Garland Coleman, Frederick Duncan, Houston PACE 510 I Daleo, Frank Anthony, Beaumont Dalton, John William, Houston Daniel, James Thomas, Bryan Daniels, James Duff, Dallas Daniels, Maxie Dian, Seguin Darnell. Linda Rebecca, Houston David, Mavis Lyle, Waco Davies, Will Sullivan, Jr., Dallas Davis, Charles Francis, Killeen Davis, Daniel Strawn, Dallas Davis, Dorothy Gayle, Austin Davis, Elisa Savilla, Wichita Falls Davis, Henry Michael, Corpus Christi Davis, James Ray, Dallas Davis, Judith Marie, Fort Worth Davis, Larry N., Piano Davis, Louie Bob, Abilene Davis, Mary Patricia, Crowell Deason, Switzer Leon, Aransas Pass DeBerry, Diane, San Antonio DeFee, David Lee, Houston Deffebach, Annabeth, Ranger DeLaney, James Cecil, Houston DeLee, Edith Claire, Shreveport, La. Deloney, Sally Ann, Port Arthur Demel, Karen Julia, Needville Denby, Walter Johns, Palestine Dennis, Claire Dene, Dallas Denny, Kleber Jennings, Fort Worth DeSha, Jim E., San Antonio Dibrell, Samuel Dotson, San Antonio Dickey, Fred B., Jr., Fort Worth Dietz, John Walter, Waco Dildy, William Dolph, Austin Dimmitt, Deanna Marye, Uvalde Dixson, Deborah, Midland Dobbins, Hugh Grey, Jr., Austin Dobson, Marilyn Jean, Dallas Dodge, William George, Jr., Dallas Doles, Linda Ellen, Austin Domingues, Francis Joseph, Kerrville Donsky, Gal L., San Angelo PAGE 511 CLASS OF 1963 Coleman, Kenneth Dwayne, Cleburne Collier, Collrcn Heather, Houston Collins. Elaine Kayc, Houston Collins, Louis Harold, Houston Colton, Michael Jean, San Antonio Combs, Floyd Olen, Dalhart Compton, Carol Margaret, Houston Compton, Patricia, Corpus Christi Conine, Wayne Howard, Houston Cooper, Ina Louise, Mexia Cooper, Judy, McCamey Cope, Evelyn Olene, Brcckenridge Corgey, Sophia Ellen, Goliad Cortez, Lionel Mauro, Jr., San Antonio Cotharn, Barbara Faye, Rosenberg Council, Wilma Dell, Kerrville Cowing, Chris Finks, Austin Cox, Becky, Houston Cox, Carcn Maynett, Fredericksburg Cox, Frank Herlin, Austin Cox, James Albert, Greggton Cox, Myrlan A., Morton Cox, William Lee, Austin Craig, John Almon, Austin Craven, Susan Carol, Austin Graver, Thomas Howard, Midland Graver, Virginia Ruth, Texarkana Gravy, Michael George, Bullard Creekmore, Wynne Louis, Houston Crews, Paul C., Sinton Crider, Allen Billy, Mexia Cromack, Nancy Lind, Brownsville Cromwell, Charles Wade, Stamford Crow, Nancy Sue, Shreveport, La. Culley, Margaret Virginia, Austin Cullinan, Melinda Elaine, Silsbee Gumming, Joy Anne, San Antonio Cunningham, Joe Hurley III, Fort Worth Curry, Charles Nathan, Waxahachie Curtis, Barbara Ann, Houston Dagerath, Virginia Beth, Coupland Daily, Barbara Sue, Richmond FRESHMEN Dorbandt, William Moore, San Antonio Dorchester, Deanna, Galveston Dorrell, Robert Bynum, Houston Douglas, Howard Eugene, Wichita Falls Downes, Adrienne Marie, Houston Downs, Dorothy Louise, Dallas Draeger, Carolyn, Baytown Dresser, Edwin Randolph, Dallas Drummonds, James Thomas, Fort Worth Drumright, Georgie Kay, Dallas Dudley, Julia Aurelia, Comanche Dudley, Val Jean, Austin Duggan, Arthur Alexander, Littlefiield Duncan, Barry Foreman, Port Arthur Dunham, Oliver Holden, Dallas Dunn, Barbara Jean, Wingatc Duran, Carol Jean, Dallas Durham, James Richard, Gatesville Durham, Sara Martha, Abilene Dusek, Diane Audrey, Dallas Dutton, Margaret Sue, Bishop Dutton, Tony Randolph, Brady Dwyer, Lila Dianne, Houston Dyke, Shannon, Marshall Dyson, Billy Ray, Lolita Easterly, Stanley Boyd, Houston Edelman, Janice, Lufkin Edgar, Judy Morris, Burnet Edgar, Tommy Clay, Graham Edgeman, Larry Jack, Odessa Edmonds, Roger Cooper, Dublin Edmundson, Jesse Wright, III, Houston Edmundson, Joane Arnold, Houston Edwards, Charles Mack, Austin Eitelman, Dina Joan, Austin Elkins, Elizabeth Ellen, Dallas Elkins, Richard Garvin, Pampa Ellingson, Karen Sue, Austin Ellison, Margaret Lucille, Killeen Elster, Arlene Carol, Port Arthur Embrey, Myronna Allie, Austin Engelke, Linda Darnell, Galveston . Engelking, Anna Belle, Fremont England, Sharon Kay, Dallas Englander, Louis Wood, Waco Engler, John George, Jim Thorpe, Pa. Engstrom, Mary Dwyce, Harlingen Ensle, Ernest George, Houston Eppler, William Henry, San Antonio Ermey, Earline Lavern, Point Comfort Ernst, Forest Barham, Dallas Espinosa, Miguel Walterio, Cuernavaca, Mexico Esquivel, Edward Hammel, Austin Esten, Martha Lugean, College Station Estess, Michael Eggeling, Houston Etheridge, Ann Marie, Conroe Etheridge, Sybil Elaine, Piano Evans, Betty Elizabeth, Dallas Evans, Carolyn Frances, Midland Ewell, Sandra Elizabeth, Austin Ewert, William Arthur, Jr., Kingsville Fair, David Lewis, Dallas Farmer, Don Earl, Houston Farmer, Elizabeth Anne, West Columbia Faulkner, Nina Frances, Houston Fehr, Edward Scott, Austin Feld, Carol Barbara, Houston Felsenthal, Daniel Isaac, Longview Ferrill, June Olivia, Blanket Fielder, James Edgar, Lockhart Fielder, Richard Aubrey, Lockhart Fields, Paul Pierson, Amarillo Fields, Robert Dwain, Snyder Fink, Albert Henry, Dallas Finley, James Daniel, III, Aransas Pass Finley, Mark Hanna, Austin Finley, Sharon Marie, Corpus Christi Fisher, Burton David, Odessa Fitzhugh, Florence Randal, Waco Fitzpatrick, John Burnett. Marshall Flannery, William Waring, Jr., San Antonio Fleckman, Dan Adolph, Port Arthur Fleckman, Perry Stotland, Port Arthur Fletcher, Kenneth Carl, Dallas PACE 512 Gartman, Donald Gene, Austin Garver, Richard Lloyd, Wichita Falls Garza, Alvaro, Laredo Garza, Felix Raul, Jr., Roma Garza, Martha Laura, Brownsville Gaskin, Carol Lynn, Dallas Gaskin, Martha Louise, Austin Gayle, Janice Alma, Angleton Gaylord, Judith Kay, Fort Worth Geddie, Prentice Fielder, Dallas Gentry, Barbara Ann, Austin Gentry, Richard Bradley Chapman, Clint Germain, William Bennett, Marathon, Fla. Gibbons, John Lee, Edinburg Gibler, Sheridan Taylor, Waco Gibson, John James, Fort Worth Giesey, Samuel Charles, Jr., Midland Gieszl, Camilla Beverly, Houston Gilbert, Betty Clare, Houston Gilbert, Dianne, Midland Gilbert, Paul Paris, Plainview Gildart, Malcolm Richmond, San Antonio Gillespie, Donald Francis, Houston Gillet, Ronald Allen, Houston Gilliam, Martha Ann, Dallas Gasco, Shirley Mae, Dalhart Glass, Carolyn Edna, Texarkana Glass, Martha Jane, Texarkana Glasscock, Patricia Taylor, Dallas Click, Donna Gail, Houston Glosson, Robert Eugene. Houston Gluckman, Joseph Anthony, Houston Gober, John Y., Galveston Goldberg, Sandra Lynn, San Antonio Goldfield, Harriet Sue, Baytown Golly, Jeanne Marie, San Antonio Gonzales, Hortensia Maria. La Pryor Goode, Sara Phyllis, College Station Goodman, Linda Sharon, El Paso Goodwin, Charles Benton, Port Neches Gould, Kathryn Jean. College Station Graalman, Babs, Fort Worth PAGE 513 CLASS OF 1963 Flowers, Marye Earlene, Marshall Flud, Lowell Randlr, Tulsa, Okla. Forchcimer, Chariot Miller, Creve Coeur. Mo. Ford, Alice Olivia, San Antonio Ford, Susan Chappell, Lubbock Foster, Frank Edmiston, Jr., Houston Foster, Phyllis Harrison, Houston Fountain, Barbara Nell, Dallas Fox, Janelle Maxine, Dallas Fox, Mary Ann, Tyler Fox, Patricia Ann, Houston Foxhall, Leslie Neal, Memphis Foyt, Charles Bernard, Austin Frakich, Mitchell Robert, Aransas Pass Franklin, Vivien Leigh, Wimberly Frazier, Oscar Howard, Jr., Tarleton Freels, Dennis Karl, Houston Freeman, Peggy Jane, Texarkana Freid, Gerald Arthur, Dallas Friedman, Harriet Ray, Houston Fries, Sheralyn Doris, Memphis, Tenn. Frost, Barbara Ann, Houston Fry, John Edwin, Abilene Fulghum, Bland Johnson, Jackson, Miss. Fuller, Loyce Jeannine, Lampasas Funderburg, Jerry Lee, Houston Funk, Walter Burton, Houston Fussell, Geraldine Frances, Houston Gabriel, Gail, Tyler Gage, Sandra Lee, Dallas Gallaher, Judith Ellen, Marlin Gallant, Steven Joel, Dallas Galvan, Jose, Mercedes Galvin, June Beverly, Gilmer Gandy, Crystal Ann, Corpus Christi Gant, Joseph Erwin, Carlsbad, N. M. Garcia, Gloria, McAllen Garcia, Michael Angel, San Antonio Garland, Larry R., Jacksboro Garmany, Jane Lois, Richmond Garrett, Rosemary, Paris Garritson, Angalee Anson, Corpus Christi FRESHMEN Graber, Susan Gail, Galveston Gracy, David Bergen, Austin Gradwohl, Cherry Anne, Houston Graham, Douglas Claude, Plainview Graham, Juanita Sue, Austin Graham, Mary Ella, Odessa Grant, Joseph Fant, Jr., San Antonio Grant, Meredith Faye, Houston Grassedonio, Roy Matthews, Houston Graves, Jack Thomas, Midland Gray, Lynne Elizabeth, Lake Jackson Grayless, Robert Naviel, Richmond Green, Tarine, Dallas Greene, Susan Marion, Miami Beach, Fla. Greenhill, Dorothy Sue, Sonora Greenwood, Dorothea Janelle, Austin Greenwood, Marvin Harris, Houston Gregg, Susan, Round Rock Gremm, Barbara Ann, Dallas Grenewald, Kenneth Harrell, Amarillo Gresham, Adonia Sue, Wharton Grider, Sylvia Ann, Pampa Grier, Ina Florence, Fort Worth Griffin, Mary Elizabeth, Dallas Griffith, Donald Scott, Oklahoma City, Okla. Griggs, Betty Joan, Galena Park Grimes, Charles Lewis, San Antonio Grimes, George Don, Houston Grimm, Joy Dell, Pasadena Grissett, John David, Midland Groogan, Phyllis Ann, San Antonio Gross, Robert Olvin, Bonham Gross, Valerie Lynn, Dallas Grossman, Myron Benard, Corpus Christi Grossnickle, Zeta Lynne, Austin Gruber, David Lawrence, Houston Gruener, Claude Michael, Freeport Guillot, Michelle, Dallas Gump, Marilyn Virginia, Dallas Gunn, Cathleen Hill, Fort Worth Gupton, Peggy Lou, West Columbia Gurwitch, Phyllis Gene, Mobile, Ala. 3 A f " V v Gutterman, Marilyn N., Dallas Gyetvai, Joseph, Budapest, Hungary Haas, Dudley Charles, Corpus Christi Haberman, Howard Arlen, San Antonio Hagman, Gary Lewis, Weatherford Halbrook, Susan Ann, Fort Worth Haley, James Richard, San Antonio Haley, Judy Ann, Oakwood Hall, James Davenport, Houston Hall, John Allen, Jr., Weatherford Halliday, Sondra Alma, Galena Park Hamann, Judith Anne, Houston Hamilton, John Clyde, Wichita Falls Hamlett, William Francis, Houston Handly, Ned Kinkier, George West Hanke, Dan Henry, San Antonio Hanks, Robert Warren, Austin Hansen, Martha Ann, Houston Haragan, Pat William, Houston Hardie, James Hilton, Gatesville Hardy, Carole Elizabeth, Houston Hargis, Laurie Lee, San Antonio Hargrave, Robert Larson, Baytown Hargrove, Elizabeth Ann, Dallas Harmond, Dorothy Jo, Sweeny Harnly, Henry J., Miami Harp, William Russell, Baytown Harper, Bobbie Ann, San Antonio Harper, Norma Sue, Houston Harper, Robert Thomas, Sulphur Springs Harrell, Beverly Elaine, Groom Harrell, Glynda Marian, Groom Harrell, Margaret Ann, Austin Harries, William Thomas, Odessa Harris, Donna Marceille, La Marque Harris, Edward Murray, Jr., Houston Harris, Judy Mae, Houston Harris, Richard Claude, Houston Harris, Robert Louis, Houston Harris, Steve Wilson, Austin Harrison, Benjamin Mark, Dickinson Harrison, Jeanette, Wharton PAGE 514 Hintz, Roberta Sue, Woodsboro Hirsch, Sara Jo, Marshall Hoffman, Adele Sharon, Houston Hoffman, Rochelle Lynne, Houston Hoffmann, David Lang, Austin Holdar, Linda Kay, Waco Holford, Jack Dallas, Austin Holleman, William Thomas, Houston Hollow, Jane Ann, Dallas Holt, William Thad, Lake Jackson Hooper, John Bryant, Brownwood Hooper, Patricia Ann, Fort Worth Hopkins, Gary Weldon, Midlothian Hopkins, John Alfred, Houston Hopson, Barbara Kay, Denton Horn, Ellen Victoria, Fort Worth Hornberger, Dorothy Joan, Dallas Hortenstine, Rodney Lee, Amarillo Hortman, James Elbert, Marshall Horton, Otis Dee, Beaumont House, Larry Agnew, Austin Howard, Betty Ann, Crystal City Hudson, William Doil, Weatherford Hughes, Robert Wayne, Nocona Hull, Mary Barbara, Greenville Hulme, Virginia Anne, Houston Humphrey, Stephen Lester, Dallas Hunter, Robert Coleman, Abilene Hurley, Lawrence Foster, Fort Worth Hurst, James Lloyd, Jr., Rotan Hurst, John Clark, Lufkin Hutchinson, Carolyn Jane, Iraan Hyder, Mary, Fort Worth Ibanez, Joe David, Jr., Rio Grande City Irwin, Barry Scott, McLean, Va. Ischy, Janet Elaine. Georgetown Isenhower, Wanda Jeanne, Clifton Jackson, James Darrell, Lampasas Jackson, John William, Abilene Jackson, Patricia, Mount Pleasant Jacobe, Ronald Howard, Houston Jacobs, Jerrald Samuel, Waco PAGE 515 CLASS OF 1963 Hartman, Lelitia Lewis, Victoria Hartt, Carl Marshall, Palestine Hartung, Georgeanna, San Antonio Harvey, Elisabeth Ann, Austin Harwell, Sandra Lynnette, Totowa, N. J. Hasha, Helen Kay, Houston Hatchett, Don, Fort Worth Hatchett, Robert Edward Lee, III, Houston Hayes, Ann Lynn, Fort Worth Haynes, Mary Julette, Houston Head, James Leavell, Houston Headley, Marilyn Merchant, Tyler Heard, Thomas Redginald, Snyder Heath, Linda Lois, Austin Heatly, Sidney Ashton, Jr., Austin Heflin, Lois Janette, Big Spring Heimann, Marilyn Jane, Austin Heiser, Dinah Kay, San Antonio Helm, Helen Kay, Dallas Hemphill, Frances Ellen, Lake Charles, La. Henderson, Thomas McDowell, Houston Henderson, Vivian Ann, Lufkin Hendricks, Mary Jane, La Marque Hendrix, Janet Kay, Dallas Henry, Boyd Wayne, Elgin Henry, Robert Ernest, Dallas Herbert, Constance Ann, Corpus Christi Herbster, Jim Richard, Houston Hergens, Sophie Ruth, Houston Hermansen, Sigurd Wilson, El Campo Herren, Thomas Hood, Houston Herring, Robert Jack, San Marcos Herrington, Sandra Kay, Henderson Hickey, James Byrne, San Antonio Hickox, William Horace III, Phillips Hightower, John Buckner, Beaumont Hill, Carol Jenean, Houston Hill, Constance Faye, Dallas Hill, John Patterson, Houston Hill, Victor Leroy, Rotan Hillard, Mila Jean, Baytown Hinton, Michael John, Amarillo v r f ' i L FRESHMEN Jacobs, Lois Ann, Austin Jenkins, Frieda Ann, Mission Jewett, John Gleason, Fort Worth Joe, Robert Shick Gong, Jr., Pasadena Johle, Richard James, Houston Johns, Robert LeRoy, Dallas Johnsen, Howard Hans, Dallas Johnson, Arthurene, Bay City Johnson, Elizabeth Ruth, Newgulf Johnson, Janet, Corpus Christi Johnson, Jerry Dwain, Mart Johnson, Joyce Kay, Garland Johnson, Kay Ann, Houston Johnson, Mary Helen, San Antonio Johnson, Mary Katherine, Silver Spring, Md. Johnson, Robert Randle, Dallas Johnston, Zelma Jean, Fort Worth Jones, Eldon Lewis, Houston Jones, Franklyn Deal, Fort Worth Jones, Jane Marcelle, Pecos Jones, Janet Ann, Amarillo Jones, Joie Pierce, Abilene Jones, Nancy Carolyn, Houston Jones, Winston Thomas, Dallas Jordan, Lou Ann, Atlanta Jordan, Velma Jane, Austin Juniper, Margaret Helen, Canyon Justice, James Horace, Dallas Kahn, Gayle Marjorie, El Paso Kammerman, Howard Leslie, Houston Kamrath, John Robert, Houston Karm, Sandra Jo, San Antonio Kasper, Marcia, Miami Beach, Fla. Katz, Shirley, El Paso Kauftheil, Harriet Elaine, Texas City Keeble, Etta Kay, Rockdale Keefe, Jerry Thomas, Houston Keeler, Charles Alton, Austin Keller, Mary Lou, Galena Park Kelley, Barbara Ann, Pasadena Kelley, Judith Ann, Fort Worth Kelly, Elizabeth Hood, Midland Kemp, Leola Johnson, Houston Kenesson, Jay Huntley, Woodville Kennedy, Maurice Graves, Freeport Kerr, John Thomas, Fort Worth Kerr, Martha Frances, Dallas Kieke, Nellie Gay, Giddings Kiker, Sandra Camille, Hamshire Kimbrow, Johnny Mack, Odessa Kinard, Ronald Murray, Houston King, Duane Malcolm, Amarillo King, Floyd Allen, Jr., Port Arthur King, Gail Lee, Austin King, Joe Robert, Muleshoe Kinsel, Robert Russell, Three Rivers Kiowski, Bernard Michael, Jr., Dallas Kirkman, John George, Houston Kirkpatrick, Thelma Jean, Houston Klein, Sonja Rose, Houston Klingman, Louis William, Dallas Klipple, Helen Lorraine, College Station Knight, Robert Edward, Austin Knight, Patrick Greenwood, Wichita Falls Knight, Roger, Jr., Madisonville Knight, William Richard, Jr., Gonzales Knolle, Evelyn Anne, Austin Knupp, Mary Eleanor, Amarillo Kokernot, Martha Gay, Victoria Kolle, Karen Fay, Inez Konz, Margaret Ruth, Beaumont Kormeier, Victor August, Jr., Austin Kornegay, Horace Thomas, Longview Kovacs, Suzanne Pauline, Fort Worth Krezdorn, Fredricka Ann, Austin Krueger, Joyce Collette, Freeport Krull, Linda Terry, Houston Kuhn, Ethlyn Arnold, Houston Kuperman, David Isadore, Breckenridge Kuykendall, Betty Jane, Dallas Kyle, Carolyn Frances, Itasca Labovitz, Brenda Diane, Fort Worth Lackey, Mary Ann, McAllen Laemmle, Philip George, Austin Lake, Virginia Vivian, Dallas Laminack, Glendal Berton, Lake Jackson Lancaster, David Allan, Lampasas Landrum, Durlan, Pasadena Lane, Annabelle, Dallas LaNier, Royce Eugene, Dallas Lanier, Sandra Jean, Austin PAGE 516 Lowance, Sammie Ray, Houston Lowe, Evelyn Ann, Dallas Lowe, Mickey Lee, Bowie Lowry, Ronald James, Dallas Loyd, David Heron, Jr., San Angelo Lupe, John Bennett, San Antonio LyBrand, Edward Hill, Beaumont Lyle, Patsy Ann, Tyler Lyles, Edith Gene, Denver, Colo. Lynge, Oscar Eugene, Jr., Piano Mabry, Robert Smith, San Antonio Mabry, William Elam, San Antonio Maclver, Donald James, Dallas Mackey, Gail Elizabeth, Dallas MacLaughlin, Donald Harris, Houston MacMahon, Katherine Suzanne, Houston Maddox, Joseph Eugene, Jr.. Pasadena Madsen, Alva Charles, Jr., Simonton Maedgen, Robert Delane, Jr., San Antonio Maer, Kemp, Jr., Houston Mahoney, Joan, Dallas Makoviny, Edith, Pecos Malek, William Richard, Robstown Mallard, Granville Eugene, Jr., Austin Mallett, Moselle Archer, Houston Maltz, Marvin Barry, Houston Maltzman, Patricia Ann, San Antonio Mandrell, Carole Janette, Houston Mann, James Scott, Baytown Mann, Madison Patricia, Houston Manning, Marilyn Glair, Houston Manning, Patsy Emmalene, Houston Mapp, Johnny Ross, Grand Prairie Marcus, Stanley Earl, San Antonio Maresh, Joe Frank, Granger Marett, Janice Amy, New Braunfels Marshall, Barbara Elaine, Houston Marshall, Jane Kathleen, Hillsboro Marshall, Jerome David, Houston Martin, Carolyn Suzanne, Richardson Martin, Clifton Valora, Kendleton Martin, Sherry Lynn, Valley Mills Martin, Warren William, Lake Jackson Martin, William Emmett, Denison Martinez, Gustavo Hector, Eagle Pass Masinter, Shirley Ann, Dallas Massey, Ann Royall, Seguin Massey, Barbara Ann, Houston Massey, Gerald Dene, Cleburne PAGE 517 CLASS OF 1963 Latimer, Judith Ann, San Antonio Laufman, Jerry Ramon, Houston Laughter, Mary Arnettc, Bceville Laves, Dorothy Louise, Tyler Lawrence, Sandra Lee, Houston Lawson, L. Ruanne, Houston Laymon, Robert Harold, San Juan Leach, Jane Ann, Pasadena Lcary, John Michael, Mcxia LeBlanc, Jeannine Marie, Houston Lee, Allen Curtis, Natalia Lee, Bert Gentry, Austin Lee, Jack Bennett, Jr., San Antonio Lee, Nancy Camelia, Bryan Leech, Carroll Tim, Hermleigh Lefkowitz, Sidney, Houston Leonard, Jeannette, Johnson City Lerner, Sondra Jane, Houston Less, Jerry Leonard, Houston Lessenberry, Jerry Lee, Galveston Levinson, Ronald Errol, Houston Letscher, Larry Ronald, Austin Lewis, Jackie Ruth, New Orleans, La. Lewis, Mary Linda, Dallas Lightfoot, Margaret Ann, Decatur Lindsey, Cynthia Ann, Houston Lindsey, Marion Priester, Houston Lipscomb, Greg Owen, Houston Lipshy, Bruce Arlen, Dallas Little, Robert Waldo, Dallas Littlejohn, Mary Catherine, Orange Littlepage, Paxton King, Mart Littleton, Larry Orman, Dallas Livingston, Andrea, Dallas Lloyd, Bobby Lee, Pasadena Logan, Mickey Jim, Alpine Logsdon, Linda Jean, Austin Long, James Stillman, Del Rio Loughridge, Richard Neal, Houston Loughry, Patricia Ann, Fort Worth Lovelace, William Wayne, Fort Worth Loveless, Linda Ruth, Denton FRESHMEN Mathis, Sue Janice, Sour Lake Matter, Doris Jean, Hunt Matthews, Barbara Jo, Texas City Mattingly, Christine Margaret, Galveston Mauldin, Marilyn Bess, Jacksonville Maxcy, Mary Grace, Dallas May, Bobbie Dianne, Grand Prairie May, Norma Lee, Houston Mayer, William H., Jr., San Antonio Mayo, Margaret Gregory, Galveston Mayo, Phyllis Jean, Freeport Mays, Martha Clifford, Austin McAdams, Billye May, Austin McBride, Gail Helen, Del Rio McCall, Margaret Graham, Victoria McCarroll, Lewis Richard, Jr., Rusk McClamroch, Nathaniel Harris III, Shreveport, La. McCleary, Carolyn Cay, Victoria McClellan, Jo Ann, Overton McClendon, Mary Janet, Beaumont McClure, Patricia Jean, Dallas McClure, Spencer Francis, San Antonio McCollum, Bobbie Jo, Dallas McComick, James Calvin, III, Longview McConnell, Janette Sue, Italy McCrum, Susie, Dallas McCurley, Diane, Houston McDaniel, Judith Catherine, Yuma, Ariz. McDaniel, Mildred Corine, Houston McDugald, James Wallace III, Houston McGahen, Warren William, Midland McGoodwin, James Russell, San Antonio McGuffin, Ann, Sanger McGuire, Patricia Ann, Dallas McGuire, Shirley Anne, Dallas Mcllroy, Kenneth Dale, Dublin Mcllroy, Ruby Brown, Dublin McKee, Mary Ann, Weslaco McKenzie, June Elizabeth, San Antonio McKinlay, Constancia Virginia, Dallas McKinney, Dawn Antoinette, Austin McKnight, William Harvey, Kerrville McLeod, Erie Douglas, Galveston McMahan, George O ' Daniel, Lockhart McMaster, Dan Richard, Vancouver, Wash. McMurry, Geraldine Ann, Corpus Christi McSpadden, Rhoda Irene, Odessa McVay, Sandra Troy, San Antonio Meeks, Mary Catherine, Houston Meginnis, Dona Ann, Bandera Mellon, Rochelle Rebecca, Richmond Melton, Charles Wayne, Houston Menn, Betty Jo, Austin Meraz, Arturo Nicolas, Laredo Meredith, Donald Roy, Houston Merrem, Renee Lydia, Weimar Merrill, Madeline Dale, Austin Merritt, James Kathryn, Houston Meyer, Anita, Dallas Meyer, Judith Louise, Dallas Meyers, Jerry Richard, Austin Miceli, Patricia Ann, San Antonio Middleton, John Gregg, Liberty Middleton, Marvin Jim, Amarillo Miles, William Hurst, Santiago, Chile Miller, Adrienne Ann, Piano Miller, Larry Forest, Mount Pleasant Miller, Marcia Lynn, Houston Miller, Marjorie Jean, Cuero Miller, William Robert, Dallas Miller, William Robert III, Cuero Mills, Don Marshall, Pampa Mills, Robert Joseph, Pasadena Mills, Wesley B., Jr., Houston Minchen, David Langley, Houston Mintz, Philip Warren, Houston Minyard, Annis Marie, Jasper Mitchell, Frank Avery III, Wichita Falls Mitchell, Michael Addison, Amarillo Mitchell, Patsy McKnight, Wells Point Moncrief, Marilyn Kay, Houston Mondshine, William Graham, Houston Moore, Carroll Truett, San Antonio Moore, Dolph Beadle, Jr., Tyler Moore, Margaret Grace, Navasota Moore, Margaret Latham, Dallas Moorman, John Charles, Houston Morris, Linda Jan, Hillsboro Morris, Wilford Victor, Jr., Houston Mosley Marlyn Harold, Highland Mouser, Mary Ann, Houston PAGE 518 Odom, Kathryn Phoebe, Beaumont Oefinger, Daniel Clyde, San Antonio Ogden, Othel Walker, Andrews Old, Johanna, Brownwood Oldham, Darius Dudley, Beaumont Olds, George Eugene, Pampa Oliver, Katharine Francis, Bowie Olmstead, Ben E., Houston Olson, Caroline, San Antonio O ' Neill, John Coma, Victoria Ormand, Jarrell Bankhead, Odessa Ortiz, Victor Carlos, San Antonio Oshman, Judy Deanna, Houston Overholser, Judith Laine, Dallas Overton, Janette, Palestine Pace, John Howard, Jr., Houston Page, Louis Christopher, Austin Paine, Harriett Lynn, Baytown Palmer, Nancy Florence, Houston Pardue, Pamela Sue, Port Arthur Park, James Lemuel, Wichita Falls Park, John Paul, Pasadena Parker, Betty Ann, Pasadena Parker, Brady Lewis, Port Arthur Parker, Karen Sue, Hale Center Parker, Nancee Ellen, Dallas Parker, Phyllis Ann, Pampa Parker, Robert Phillip, Longview Parks, Frances Lou, Houston Parrish, Martha Jean, Bellaire Parsons, Floyd William, Jr., Big Spring Pasternak, Michael William, Brooklyn, N. Y. Pate, John Woodrow, Alpine Patterson, Michael Randolph, Houston Patterson, Saundra Sue, Austin Fatten, Edward Nash, Jr., Rotan Payne, Robert Milton, Stamford Pearson, Michael Reynolds, Dallas Peavy, Joan Ellen, Dallas Peeler, Gary Bob, Palestine Penry, Patricia Carneal, Dallas Perkins, Edward Benjamin, Houston PAGE 519 CLASS OF 1963 Mueller, Walter Gustav, Jr., Thrall Muir, John Gordon, La Marque Mullican, Jon Patrick, Dallas Munnerlyn, Reinhold Joachim, Abilene Murchison, John LeGory, Jr., Waco Murphy, Sue, Dallas Murray, Caradell, San Angelo Murray, Jo Anna, Austin Musgrove, Glenn Burke, Breckenridge Mustin, Allison Keith, Alice Myers, Jacquclyn, Austin Myers, Joe Larry, Austin Myers, Judith Harlene, Denver, Colo. Myrick, Edna Moody, Houston Nagel, Carolyn, Gonzales Naismith, Mary Elaine, Belton Natho, Margaret Ann, Houston Nations, Nancy Ellen, Austin Nau, Larry Melvin, Austin Neeley, Dallas Merrill, Jr., Dallas Neeley, Linda, Alvarado Nelson, Dorothy Jean, Midland Nelson, Janet Greer, El Paso Nevitt, Anne Lawton, Goldsboro, N. C. Newberry, Charles Richard, Fort Worth Newland, Stewart Hayes, Houston Newman, Patricia Ruth, Houston Newton, Cynthia Beach, San Antonio Newton, James Boswell, Rockdale Newton, Turner Nichols, Cameron Nichols, Howard Grant, Jr., Beaumont Nichols, Lori Ann, Houston Nichols, Neil Clark, Temple Niebuhr, Gretchen Mae, Cost Nixon, James Gus, Fort Worth Nixon, John Weisse, Victoria Nixon, Michael Malcomb, Brady Nolle, Lucy Kay, Sour Lake Norman, Mark Sandy, San Antonio Normand, Hal Corbin, Jr., Fort Worth Norrid, Edward Ray, Amarillo Norris, Flora Ann, Austin Norrod, Pinina Erminia, Corpus Christ! North, Linda, Austin Northrup, Branch Louise, Austin Nowlin, Barbara Ann, Marshall Nussenblatt, Michael Phillip, Galveston Oatman, George Frank, Jr., Austin Odiorne, James Rufus, Jr., Johnson City Jftl Iain . i jejfi r f 3 1 FRESHMEN Perkins, Shirley Ann, Corpus Christi Perlman, Donna Lynne, Houston Pcrlowski, Sandra Janet, Kerrville Perry, Margery Lyn, Houston Perry, Sarah Jeanne, Irving Peterson, Carol Ann, Austin Peterson, James Douglas, Corpus Christi Petro, Samuel Anthony, Houston Pettway, Patrick Henry, II., Tyler Phillips, Diane Elizabeth, Ozona Phillips, Jack Richard, Kermit Phillips, James Wesley, Lubbock Phillips, Judith Constance, Saudi, Arabia Phinney, Susan A very, Austin Pickrell, Judy Gayle, Greenville Pierce, Gail Ann, Corpus Christi Pierce, George Boyd, San Antonio Pila, Harry David, Fort Worth Pinkney, Mary Elizabeth, Austin Pinkston, Robert Lee, Austin Pipkin, John Stanley, Beaumont Pittman, Larry Jay, Brownwood Pitzer, Richard Lee, Galena Park Plemons, Terry Dale, Kountze Polk, Billie Frank, Sherman Polsky, Brenda Rae, Austin Polunsky, Linda Jean, San Antonio Pomeroy, Clyde David, Jr., Pasadena Powell, Lee Earl, Fort Worth Powell, Mary Beth, Texas City Pratscher, Mary Jane, Houston Pratt, Virginia Colton, Kaufman Prescott, Thomas William, Jr., Anahuac Price, David Lawrence, Kyle Priem, Kenneth Randall, Austin Prinz, Arthur Payton, Belton Pruitt, Ronnie Buford, Longview Pulliam, Janice Sue, Corpus Christi Pulver, Mary Manson, Harlingen Putman, Charles Edgar, Cleburne Pye, Herman Walter, Houston Quinn, Maureen Elizabeth, Houston Ramey, Ronald Lynn, Houston Ramirez, Emilia Alicia, Alice Ramsey, Rosemary, Temple Ramsey, Rufus Tate, Houston Randall, Sandra Kay, Austin Ransdcll, Robert Evans, Jr., Dallas Rape, Martha Gail, Hempstead Rast, Allan Lawrence, San Antonio Rawls, Jack Allen, Jr., Ranger Ray, Charles David, Dallas Ray, Patricia Ruth, Dallas Ray, Patsy Cordelia, Mercedes Rayburne, Sandra Jean, Alvarado Reagor, Betty Field, Dallas Redman, Mary Katharine, Saint Jo Reed, Sally Virginia, Burnet Reel, Deanna Jean, Lufkin Reeves, Barbara Joan, McCamey Reeves, Jay Milton, Bay City Reichstein, Alan Charles, Houston Reifel, Claudia Frances, Houston Reinhold, Nancy Ann, Dallas Remmers, Aired Frederick, Jr., San Antonio Renfro, Nancy Kate, Bay City Reynolds, Edward George, Jr., McAllen Reynolds, Thomas David, Wichita Falls Rhamy, Donald F., Austin Rhine, George Gegenworth, San Antonio Rhodenbaugh, Joyce Ann, Beaumont Rhyne, Eva Judy, San Antonio Richards, Charles Benjamin, Waco Richards, Ronald Clyde, Houston Richmond, Edwin Doak, Aransas Pass Ricks, James Glenn, Brady Ridder, Nancy Ann, San Antonio Riggs, Elnora Faye, Seagraves Ripley, William Dean, Lampasas Ripple, Dennis Fred, El Campo Robbins, Stuart Barry, Austin Roberts, Esther Mary, Dallas Roberts, Judith Mae, San Antonio Robertson, Peggy Jeanne, Garland Robertson, Thomas Ross, Dallas Robinson, Gail Francis, San Antonio Robinson, Virginia Ann, Dallas Rock, Connie Jo, Texas City Rodgers, Genny, Austin Rodgers, Patricia Ann, Houston Rodriguez, Rolando, Del Rio PAGE 520 Saunders. Don Weltens, San Antonio Savage, Marilyn Margaret, Dallas Saxe, Marsha Eileen, Dallas Saxe, Sharon Lynn, Dallas Saxon, Tom R., Austin Sayle, William Erven, San Antonio Scarborough, Charles Davis, Abilene Scarborough, Mary Jean, Houston Schapira, Janet Raye, McAllen Schietinger, Elva Ann, Bay City Schilo, Joan Marie, San Antonio Schindler, Susan, Weimar Schleyer. Judith Emily, New Braunfels Schmitt, Allan Burnham, Dallas Schmitz, Penelope Ann, San Antonio Schroeder, Sarah Ellen, Killeen Schroeter, Carolyn K., Austin Schuhmacher, Charles Allen, La Porte Schumacher, Billie Gayle, Hunt Schumann, Janice, San Antonio Schurman, Ruth Louise, San Antonio Scofield, Marjorie Ellen, Houston Scott, Ann Burnett, Dallas Scott, Edwin Grant, Dallas Scott, June Hoch, Austin Scott, Michael Wade, Sulphur Springs Scott, Minot David, Fort Worth Scott, Richard Merle, Wichita Falls Scott, Valarie, Nacogdoches Scrutchin, Selma Ann, San Marcos Seay, Donnie Baker, Luling Sedita, Jennie Marie, Houston Seekamp, Charles Herman, Yoakum Seiders, Sally Christine, Austin Sembera, Charlotte Marie, La Salle Senac, Suzanne Elizabeth, Houston Senter, David Lindsey, San Angelo Seureau, Glenn Edouard, Houston Seymour, Rogers James, Galveston Shafer, Carol Jean, Harlingen Shafer, James Ray, Austin Shaffer, Frances Rhenae, Madisonville Shalette, Sarna Carol, Dallas Sharp, Phillip Marion, Castroville Sharpe, Maribelle, Mason Shaw, Carolyn Marie, Pettus Shawver, Margaret Karen, Houston Shead, Mary Susan, Abilene PAGE 521 CLASS OF 1963 Roe, Jay Thomas, Corsicana Roe, Michael, Kermit Rochl, Carol Ann, San Angelo Roomer, Judy Carolyn, Port Lavaca Roffino, Mary Jane, Hcarne Rogers, Carolyn Elise, La Marque Rogers, John Dickson, Fort Worth Rogers, Leah Frances, Austin Rogers, Marcia Rae, Dallas Rohde, Iris Jean, Houston Ronshausen, Frances, Port Arthur Ropp, Sharon Ann, Irving Rosbottom, Margaret Ann, Shrevcport, La. Rose, Freddy A., San Antonio Rose, Sarah Margaret, Austin Rosenblad, Nancy Louise, Texas City Rosenthal, Carol Tanya, Dallas Rosenzweig, Barbara Lynn, Houston Ross, Alene Louise, Houston Ross, James Ulric, Del Rio Rossman, Susan Gayle, Texas City Rosson, Mary Ada, Midland Roth, Franklin M., Houston Rothlisberger, Doris Elaine, Sinton Rotman, Michael, San Antonio Rounsaville, John Leslie, Jr., Robstown Rountree, Millard Gordon, Jr., Waco Routt, Linda Nell, Dallas Rowe, Judy Lou, San Antonio Rubenstein, Iris Beth, Houston Rudisill, Dorothy Kay, Houston Rudy, Sharon Kaye, Paris Ruggles, Morris Smith, Longview Russey, Marilyn, Fort Worth Rutland, John Waltham, Dallas Ryan, Claude Allan, Brady Rylee, Linda Faye, Midland Sachs, Margaret Carol, Greenville, Miss. Sadovnick, Carole Yetta, Odessa Sahadi, John Albert, McAllen Sanborn, Sara Ann, McAllen Sanders, James Allen, Jr., Fort Worth FRESHMEN Shcaffer, Cynthia Jayne, Texas City Sheffield, Barbara Jo, Menard Sheffield, James Donald, Fort Worth Shell, Helen Hughetta, Fort Worth Shiller, Kenneth Lyndon, Caldwell Shockley, Ellen Taylor, Denton Short, Carolyn Martha, San Antonio Shrader, Philip Harland, Jr., San Antonio Shucart, Abbeye Jane, St. Louis, Mo. Shull, Shirley, Dallas Shull, Wayne Maxwell, Houston Siegel, Edward Morton, Dallas Siegel, Janet Marilyn, Dublin Simmons, Mary Alice, Linden Simmons, Peggy Ailene, Luling Simms, Carolyn Jean, Houston Simonton, Harry Chesley, Houston Simpson, Gary Lee, Notrees Sinclair, Avery Marie, Austin Singer, Bonnie Charlotte, Houston Singer, Edele Lee, Los Angeles, Calif. Sircy, Otice Carl, Jr., Petrolia Sisco, Connie, Conroe Skelton, Linda Annette, Houston Skibell, David Lubin, Lubbock Skinner, Katherine Marie, Houston Skinner, Mary Elsie, Corpus Christi Slack, Michael Worth, Fort Worth Slomchinski, Janet Phyllis, Pleasanton Sloan, Robert Oldfield, Jr., San Saba Small, Cecelia Ann, Austin Smallwood, Nancy Caroline, Houston Smiley, Leonard Charles, Denver City Smith, Bonnie Louise, Columbia, S. C. Smith, Brenda Joyce, Corpus Christi Smith, Conrad Kirk, Carthage Smith, Donna Joyce, Dilley Smith, James Lewis, III, Austin Smith, Janice Marie, San Antonio Smith, Jerry Christopher, Lubbock Smith, Kirkland Gideon, Plainview Smith, Melinda Ann, Lake Jackson Smith, Michael Lane, Huntsville Smith, Nancy Jo, Shreveport, La. Smith, Nancy Maureen, San Antonio Smith, Patricia Jane, Houston Smith, Sally, Dallas Smith, Suzanne, Houston Smith, Thomas Michael, Longview Smolkin, Stephen William, San Antonio Snow, Linda Jane, Laredo Soffar, Mamie Carolyn, Freeport Sondock, Lawrence Seymour, Houston Sorenson, Richard Martinus Wendell, Shreveport, Sorrell, Julie Francine, Austin Spear, Sandra Louise, San Antonio Spears, Nancy Jo, Bowie Spencer, Charlie Mae, Odessa Spiegleman, Nancy Lee, Denver, Colo. Spillar, Beverly Ann, Uvalde Spivey, William Earl, II, Houston Springer, James William, Georgetown Stafford, A. Harrison, II, Edna Stakes, William Smith, Jr., San Antonio Stallones, Patricia Gayle, Spring Stanaker, Barbara Jean, Houston Stansfield, Marjorie Lee, Galveston Stanton, Gerry Elbert, Houston Starr, Lyda Sue, Midland Stauffer, Lynette Louise, Alamo Steele, Betty Lou, Fort Worth Stephens, James Howard, Big Spring Stevenson, Beverly, Port Arthur Stolz, Sharon, Dallas Stone, Edward Arthur, Houston Stone, Nancy, Milwaukee, Wise. Stone, Suzanne, Dallas Stoneham, Thomas Ash, Houston Stovall, Glen Worth, Jr., Longview Sullivan, Nancy, Centerville Summers, Patsy Kay, Baytown Sumners, Martha Roberta, Houston Swafford, Stephanie Lois, Bryan Swango, Donald Harry, Dallas Talley, John Bevil, Beaumont Tarbet, David Blalock, Dallas Taylor, Daniel Adrian, Houston Taylor, Judy Ruth, Fort Worth Taylor, Ted Jefferson, Austin Tellinger, Sharon Louise, Fort Worth PAGE 522 Van Fleet, Mary Virginia, Fort Worth Van Winckel, Richard Hilton, Dallas Vaughn, William Sidney, Bay City Vela, Luis, Jr., Laredo Vernetti, John Batt, Woodville Vickrey, Don William, Bellaire Villarreal, Alfred, San Antonio Virgin, James Edward, Fort Worth Voelter, William Wayne, Temple Von Kreisler, Nicolai Alexander, Austin Voss, Linda Louise, Oklahoma City, Okla. Voyles, Jerry Davis, Bay City Vozella, Mary Ann, San Antonio Wade, Guy Irvin, Houston Walker, Barbara Joyce, Dallas Walker, James Walter, Jr., Nocona Walker, Katherine Griffith, Center Point Walker, Mary Ellis, Grand Prairie Walker, Robert Devereux, San Antonio Walters, Don Arthur, San Antonio Walton, Mary Lu, Houston Ward, Harold Dudley, Jr., Houston Ware, Linda Joyce, Bartlett Warhol, Kythleen Jean, Waco Warren, Charles Newton, San Antonio Warren, Donald Holman, Bellaire Warren, James William, Plains Warren, Sayra Ann, Houston Warren, Winona Mae, Angleton Waterman, George Henry, Tyler Watson, Charles Ray, Midland Watson, Jeanine Anne, Dallas Watson, Rayna Jean, Galveston Watt, Neal Avery, Austin Watts, Barbara Ann, Austin Watts, Robert E., San Antonio Weathersby, Genie, Dallas Weaver, Sarah Peyton, Longview Weber, Carole, Mobile, Ala. Weber, Mary Gayle, Cuero Weeks, James Everett, Corpus Christi Weigel, Mabel Duncan, Austin Weir, Woody Wilson, Abilene Weisbery, Leon Isaac, Brownsville Weise, Douglas Charles, Houston Wells, Sara Katherine, Edna Wesson, Judith Glynn, Houston West, John Lyle, Cleveland PACE 523 CLASS OF 1963 Teplitsky, Rozclle, Galveston Terp, Carol Ann, San Antonio Thames, Alice Gay, Beaumont Theriot, Rosalie Dianne, Port Arthur Theuman, Joyce Elaine, Houston Thomas, Barbara Ruth, Dallas Thomas, Carolyn Beth, Dallas Thomas, Kathleen, Big Spring Thomas, Sandra Carol, Eagle Lake Thompson, Jo Ann, Pampa Thompson, Joann Elizabeth, Nederland Thompson, Lawrence Hadley, Tyler Thompson, Marcella Dawn, Rogers, Ark. Thompson, Sara Jo, New Braunfels Thorne, Brent Richard, Grand Prairie Thornton, Judith Earlene, Wichita Falls Thrash, Michael Emmett, Denver, Colo. Tinoco, Edward Norberto, El Paso Toby, Herbert Bernard, Dallas Todd, Connie Claire, Austin ToplifTe, Myrta Ann, Eldorado Torp, Norma Joyce, Nacogdoches Tosch, Barbara Jean, Bonham Towles, Elizabeth Evelyn, Houston Townsend, Donna Kay, Houston Tracy, Flora Louise, Carlsbad, N. M. Treadwell, John Allen, San Angelo Trcnckman, Ellen, Bryan Trostel, Susan Jo, Dallas Tucker, Ann Elizabeth, Corpus Christi Tucker, Mary Lynn, Austin Tucker, Sara Frances, Pasadena Tucker, Shirley Eugenia, Chickasha, Okla. Turk, Lawrence Jerrold, Houston Turner, Maria Jane, Austin Tuttoilmondo, Charles David, Alta Loma Tyus, Bobby Gene, Mexia Upchurch, Sarah Janice, Port Lavaca Usrey, Jerry Randolph, Pasadena Vanatta, Hal Browne, Tokyo, Japan Van Deventer, Robert William, Baytown Van Dyck, Victory Ann, Austin TC T FRESHMEN West, Patricia Raye, Jacksonville Westbrook, Carolyn Sue, Houston Westbrook, James Walter, Abilene Wester, Sharon Annette, Dallas Westergard, Margaret Ann, Washington, D. C. Wetzig, Ronald, Carrizo Springs Wheeler, Charles Alexander, Temple Wheeler, Marion Cassaday, Fort Worth Wheelis, Sue Ann, Brownwood Whiffen, Sharon Louise, Austin Whigham, Dorothy Ann, Leon Junction Whilden, Wade Hoyt, Houston Whitcomb, Jeriann, Houston White, Alfred Earl, Jr., Tyler White, Gordon Edd, Cleveland White, Judy Jean, Midland White, Linda Ann, Hutchinson, Kan. White, Marsha Marie, Texas City White, Mary Alta, Houston White, Mary Gayle, Childress White, Mary Jo, Austin White, Sharon Kay, Dallas White, William Willerson, Beaumont Whiting, Elmer Herschell, III, Texas City Whitlock, Robert Carl, La Porte Whitlow, Suanne Kay, Edna Whitsctt, Johnson Mai, Amarillo Whitsit, Susan Elizabeth, San Antonio Wiggins, Dennis Alvin, Houston Wiggins, Ramsey Beuhring, Austin Wiginton, Don Kent, Alvin Wilcox, Sandra Sue, La Marque Wiley, Philip John, McKinney Wilkerson, Anne, Hearne Wilkerson, William B., Jr., Houston Willcnborg, Judith Elaine, Clifton Willers, Audrey MacBlain, Missouri City Willerson, William Darrell, San Antonio Willett, John Thomas, Alvin Williams, Bart Franklin, Dallas Williams, Esther Lee, Houston Williams, Harriet Gardner, Dallas Williams, Jan R., Lamesa Williams, Lynne Arden, Dallas Williams, Mary Aurelia, Tennessee Colony Williams, Nick Olin, Lamesa Williams, Patricia Ann, Austin Williams, Roy Bain, Houston Williams, Sandra Jean, Fort Worth Williams, Scba Alonzo, Eastland Williams, Sidney Lynn, Amarillo Wills, Jerry Kay, Beaumont Wilson, Benjamin J., Wichita Falls Wilson, Ewel Duane, San Antonio Wilson, Lamar Ashton, Houston Wilson, Marshall, Austin Wilson, Robert Mims, Waco Wilson, Susan Woolridge, Jacksonville Wilson, William George, Wichita Falls Winford, Phyllis Jean. Houston Witherspoon, Ford Crutcher, III, Houston Wolfson, Risa Faye, Denver, Colo. Wong, William, Port Arthur Wood, Dean Leon, Wichita Falls Woodress, Judy, San Antonio Woodward, Billy Wayne, Nederland Woolen, Patricia Arrington, Columbus Work, Glenn Alex, Kountze Worrell, Ira Ann, Wichita Falls Wratten, Victor Franklin, Baytown Wriborg, Dewanna Dale, Port Arthur Wright, Betty Elaine, Austin Wright, Pamela Florence, San Antonio Wuthrich, Vernette Marie, Taylor Yancey, Thurman John, Laredo Yellen, Jerry Harris, Houston Zable, Phyllis Ellen, Dallas Zainfeld, Leon, Houston Zelen, Bernice, Lincoln, Neb. Zelen, Louise Maureen, Houston Zenker, Gary Alan, Tyler Zinn, James Franklyn, Austin Zoller, Louise Rochelle, Skidmore Zonker, Kenneth Larry, Houston PAGE 524 INDEX Name Pages Aaron, Steven Louis 310 Aaron, William Lynn 508 Abbe, Alan Glynn 383 Abbott, Frank Mulkey, Jr 276 Abbott, Patrick Keating 494 Abercrombie, Robert N 288 Abernathy, Maybell 161, 439 Abies, Paula Ruth Gray 402, 412 Abies, Richard Frank 339 Abraham, Edward 508 Abraham, Patricia Louise 439, 414 Abrahamson, Royce Lynwood 415 Abrams, Judy Elaine 266 Abright, Mary Cathleen 235, 350, 508 Abright, Sarah Jane 234, 494 Abstow, Donald Wright 314 Abukanhadra, Najati Hashem 368, 436 Acacia 272,273 A CappeUa Choir 348 Acosta, Isabel 150 Acree, Thomas Allen 324, 439 Acrey, Chauncey Charles 153 Acuna , Edward Jr 439 Adair, John Kay, Jr 272, 436 Adair, Lillian Pauline 262 Adair, Robert Sterling 342 Adam, William Kenneth . . .391, 392, 422, 439 Adame, Humberto 196, 201, 357 Adamo, Michael Charles. . .308, 334, 376, 439 Adams, Alice E 76, 77, 141, 236, 270, 426 Adams, Ann 90, 91, 248, 346, 364 Adams, Arthur Wesley .... 167, 288, 334, 429, 480 Adams, Barbara Joan 161, 439 Adams, Carolyn La Wayne 255, 508 Adams, Donald Kenneth 339 Adams, John Alya 281, 508 Adams, John Quincy 149 Adams, Lillian Loyce 405 Adams, Margaret Ann 138, 151, 421, 480 Adams, Marisyn June 147 Adams, Mary Kay 152, 161 Adams, Maurice McAshan 294, 439 Adams, Norman William 378, 419, 436 Adams, Priscilla Elaine. . .223, 256, 344, 348, 349, 480 Adams, Robert MacColl 364 Adams, Robert Phillip 399, 494 Adams, Susan Elizabeth. . . .78, 138, 148, 237 Adams, Towne Van 153 Adams, Walter Dickson 417 Adcock, Howard Terry 85 Adcock, Willis Sherman 277, 494 Addington, Alice Tamm 142, 223, 494 Addington, Sherry Gayle 85, 494 Addison, Carl Irving 325 Addleson, Saline 253 Addul-Fetouh, Hilmi 368 Adelman, Donn Leigh 358, 362 Aderholt, Charles Earl 82, 342, 439 Adey, Shirley Kathy 161, 494 Adkins, Bert Bently 296, 334, 409, 428, 480 Adkins, George Mason 418 Adkins, Grant Arnold, Jr 293, 384, 494 Adkins, Lieuen 92, 93 Adleta, Charles 37 Adleta, Edward Jackson 298, 439 Adleta, Thomas Lafferty 298, 386, 494 Adminittration 26-39 Adrich, Nancy Jane 439 Aebi, Fred Willie 508 Alford, Jacklyn Jenkins 93 Agee, John Everett 439 Agee, William Norris 314 Agerlid, Catharina Elisabeth 143 Agopian, Karen Gwyn 494 Agrawal, Satyakar Nath 342, 418, 436 Aguilar, Alfonso 436 Aguilar, Ramon III 358, 362, 371 Aguren, Gary D 342, 416 Aguren, Wayne Fredric 397 Ahearn, Michael John 344, 436 Ahnert, John Oscar 398 Air Force 395-399 Aishman, James Thomas 508 Akers, Jerry W : ayne 494 Akers, Major William D 395, 425 Akin, Jimmy Howard 314, 342, 416, 436 Akin, Maurice Theron 399, 480 Akin, Robert Harry 413 Akin, Susan Burns 421, 480 Akins, James Carl 413 Akkerman, James William 341 Aksoy, Ayhan 372 Alamania, Alberto 357 Alami, Zuheir Yousef 368, 406, 419 Alanis, Rene Everardo 480 Athens, Carl Clarence 376, 417, 432 Albers, Harold 508 Albert, Barbara Elaine 241, 508 Albert, Barbara Elaine 241, 508 Albert, David Jay 156, 422 Albert, Kenneth Stephen 156 Albin, Philip James 320, 392 Albrecht, Edgar Gayle 366, 439 Albrecht, Emmett 416 Alcorn, Lloyd Colfox 480 Aldrich, Henry Carl 494 Aldrich, Nancy Jane 421 Aldrich, Patricia Virginia 141, 250 Name Panel Aldrich, William James 332 Aldridge, John Leonard 153 Alexander, Helen Eugenia 246, 247, 508 Alexander, James Harvey 508 Alexander, John Michael 284 Alexander, Judy Marian 258 Alexander, Lawrence Norborn. .308, 402, 480 Alexander, Leonardine Gay 480 Alexander, Lynn Ann 258, 343, 426, 427, 494 Alexander, Martha Jean 255, 494 Alexander, Suzanne 244, 369 Alford, Daniel Lee, III 183 Alford, Daryl Ray 348, 508 Alghuaraib, Saleh 368 Alhagg, Mastafa 368 Alharthy, Hussin Mohsen 368 Aliaga, Ubertino 153 Ali-Reza, Zainal Akbat 368 Alkadi, Scleman Abdullah 368 Alkek, David S 402, 494 Allbritton, Mary Nell 494 All Campus Advisory 138 Allday, Charles Edgar 358, 480 Alleman, Deanna 86, 350, 508 Allen, Arthur C 439 Allen, Barbara Jean 77, 245 Allen, Carolyn Sage 60, 403 Allen, Charles Wesley 432, 439 Allen, Chester Lee, Jr 320, 342, 494 Allen, Don Ray 167, 168, 171, 174, 320 Allen, Jane Allison 250, 397, 345, 439 Allen, Janctte Erwin 142, 508 Allen, Jo Ann 250, 345, 397, 439 Allen, John Roy, Jr 339, 494 Allen, Marilyn Edith 264 Allen, Mary Ann 260, 370, 423, 424 Allen, Maureen 405 Allen, Richard Whitmore 372 Allen, Robert Charles 280, 494 Allen, Ronald Gene 306, 494 Allen, Ronald Gene 306, 494 Allen, Sally Ann 85 Allen, Tim 204, 226, 295 Allen, Ward Lang 305, 508 Allen, Virginia 249, 508 Allgood, Betty Lenora 234, 370 Allison, Gene Nealy ... ... 276 Allison, Hugh Pascal 285, 508 Allison, Janet 250, 345, 439 Allison, Jim Choyce 167, 196, 199, 276 Allison, John Sutton, II 298 Allison, Judy Lee 246 Allison, Nancy Shannon 139, 257 Allison, Samuel Edward 292, 494 Allison, William Thomas 381, 439 Allison, William Thomas, II. . . .303, 413, 508 Allison, Wilmer Lawson 165 Allred, James Donald 291 Allred, Judith Janice 258 Allred, Maurice Leland 37, 183, 229, 301 Allsup, Harvey C., Jr. 413 Allums, David George 321, 350, 385, 508 Almanzo, Alberto 167, 186 Almetrif Co-operatite 160 Almon, Dan Alan 294 Alpha Chi Omega 234 Alpha Chi Sigma 374 Alpha Delta Pi 236, 237 Alpha Epsilon Delta 402 Alpha Epsilon Pki 238, 239 Alpha Epsilon Pi 274, 275 Alpha Gamma Delta 240, 241 Alpha Lambda Delta 403 Alpha Omicron Pi 242, 243 Alpha Phi 244, 245 Alpha Phi Omega 422 Alrashid, Ibrahim 368 Alspaugh, Ralph Williamson 167, 196, 202, 292, 387 Alston, Roy Dean 480 Alsup, James Alton 149 Alsup, William De Witt 94 Altenburg, Robert Alexander 508 Althaus, Robert Harold 340, 494 Alves, Diane Jean 138, 151, 402, 480, 494 Amacker, Margaret Elaine 350 Amador, Alvaro Alberto 336, 439 Ambriz, Rudolph Francis, Jr 339 Ament, Robert Stanley 167, 218 American Association of Architectural Engineers 336 American Finance Association 337 American Institute of Architects 338 American Institute of Chemical Engineers 339 American Institute of Electrical Engineers 340 American Rocket Society, Inc 341 American Society of Mechanical Engineers 342 Americus, Jorge 326 Amerman, Cora Louise 264, 346 Ames, Elizabeth Dianne 78, 234, 494 Amevman, Cora Louise 480 Amine, Majed H 368 Amster, Stephanie Hermina 252 Amster, Susan Frederica 252, 270 Anders, Donald Robert 322, 480 Anders, Francis Glenn, Jr 86, 422 Andersen, Jane Katherine 412 Anderson, Judy Elizabeth 508 Anderson, Andrew George 230 Name Pages Anderson, Annette Lee 234 Anderson, Barbara 480 Anderson, Bonnie Jean 146, 235, 508 Anderson, Carleton Edward 367 Anderson, Carroll Dwight 439 Anderson, Charley Lcroy, Jr 508 Anderson, Clarence Eugene 302, 339 Anderson, Clifford E 494 Anderson, Constance Marie 480 Anderson, Dale Austin 156 Anderson, Douglas Kroulik 324, 494 Anderson, Edward R 339 Anderson, Eleanor Marilyn 254, 345, 367, 439 Anderson, Ernest Clifford, Jr 322 Anderson, Ethelynn Dawn 146, 249, 508 Anderson, Garland Sadler, Jr 508 Anderson, George Richard, Jr 333, 508 Anderson, Gilbert Philip 387 Anderson, Henry George 167, 320 Anderson, Homer Allen 376 Anderson, Mrs. Jay Earl, Jr 86 Anderson, John Charles 376 Anderson, Judith Ann 259, 508 Anderson, Judy Anne 260 Anderson, Linda Sue 480 Anderson, M. Katherine 236 Anderson, Norma Jean 85, 344, 415, 439 Anderson, Owen Wade 332, 494 Anderson, Paul Monroe 329 Anderson, Paul Roy 153 Anderson, Paul Vincent 402 Anderson, Rayburn Luther 279 Anderson, Robbin Colyer 374 Anderson, Robert Warren 342 Anderson, Ross Thomas 322, 480 Anderson, Sandra Gayle 257, 403, 508 Anderson, Sharon Lee 251, 403, 508 Anderson, Susan 141, 494 Anderson, Theodore 414 Anderson, Thomas Richard 149, 340, 494 Anderson, William Davis 439, 414 Anderson, Woody 344 Andres, David Hardy 311, 508 Andrews, Bolivar Coleman, III 292 Andrews Dormitory 139 Andrews, Freeman LaSalle 229, 388 Andrews, Gwen 244, 345, 397, 439 Andrews, Harold Eugene 436 Andrews, John C 284 Andrews, Kenneth Newt 422, 428, 439 Andrews, Master Sergeant Leon B 390 Andrews, Nancy Etta 77, 146, 249, 508 Andrews, Robert Lee, Jr 305 Andujar, Betty Jo 139, 251, 508 Angel, Albert Dean 159, 494 Angel, Danilo 419 Angeli, Richard Allen 398, 494 Angle, Carlos Alfonso 340 Angly, Maurice, Jr 280 Ankenman, Fred Norman 276 Ansel, Patricia Rose 145, 345 Ansley, Annabelle 264, 370, 424 Ansley, Travis Gene 384, 418, 439 Apel, Alberta Ann 349 Appelt, Glenn David 376, 377, 417 Apperson, Jim L 439 Apple, Harold Forrest 339, 422 Applebaum, Rachelle Maye. . . .267, 352, 508 Appleman, R. Gordon 167 Applin, Christine M 411 Arab Students Organization 368 Araiza, Richard Edward 315 Archer, Joseph Fletcher 315, 508 Archer, Van Henry 480 Ard, Harold Donald 272 Ardis, Bill Richard 218, 494 Arif, Mohammad Ilham 368 Arldt, Mary Lou 354 Armstrong, Ann Ellen 60, 76, 248, 270, 410, 424, 480 Armstrong, Burton Wilmot, III 281 Armstrong, Elizabeth Ann 480 Armstrong, Frank 480 Armstrong, Henry Austin 341, 355, 439 Armstrong, Louise Landis 423 Armstrong, Martha Rebecca 236, 480 Armstrong, Neal Earl 494 Army ROTC 380-389 Arnett, Nancy Karen 250, 494 Arnette, Jay Hoyland 68, 167, 186, 204, 302, 429, 439 Arno, Howard Micheal 302, 402 Arnold, Billy Ray 372 Arnold, Cecil Marion, Jr 276 Arnold, James Chester, Jr 332, 480 Arnold, Joy Jean 403 Arnold, Sylvia Ann 148, 508 Arpesilla, Orlando Angel 436 Arredondo, Frederick Joseph 397 Arredonodo, Maria Noelia 150, 508 Arrington, Joseph Wilbur, Jr 494 Arrowsmith, William Ayres 408 Arsement, Jeanelle Ameliz 494 Arthur, Thomas Lopten, III 291, 494 Asato, Shotoku 439 Asbury, Larry Marshall 322 Ash, Weldon Lloyd 432 Ashbaugh, Charles Ivan.. . 158, 355, 391, 393, 392, 419, 425, 439 Ashbel Literary Society 343 Ashburn, Mary Florence. . .85, 138, 250, 151, 345 Ashburn, Mish 480 Ashburne, Jim G 404, 405 Name Pages Ashby, Lynn 92 Ashcroft, Enos L., Ill 303, 387, 508 Ashcroft, Ruth Berry 258, 439 Asheu, Hubert Carl 480 Ashford, Cynthia Anne 508 Ashgar, Saud Rahman 368 Ashgarian, Abbas 228 Ashley, Patricia Louise 57 Ashley, Barbara 161 Ashley, Nancy Jane 371 Ashley, Patricia Louise 260 Ashmore, Karen Marshall 85, 261, 508 Askew, Betty Louise 234, 403, 494 Askew, Hubert Carl 312 Assir, Youssef Nairn 78 Aston, James Carroll 312 Atchison, Carol Bryan 439 Athens, Vivian 235, 508 Atkins, Howard Leslie 322 Atkins, Kathryn Irene 366 Atkinson, Georgia Lee 150 Atkinson, Herschell Lee 167, 214 Atkinson, Jesse Eugene 432, 439 Atkinson, Jon Franklin 439 Atkinson, Lawrence Fred 279, 508 Atkinson, Sallye Lou 268 Atkinson, William Thomas 272, 480 Atlas, Louis Marvin 311, 340 Atmondarsono, Soewondo 436 Atwood, Frances Evelyn 246 Aucoin, Anne Marie 76, 78, 268, 494 Aue, Rudolph, III 154 Ault, Stanley Arch 298, 440 Aust, Jennie Carolyn 147 Austin, Diane 508 Austin, Edward Wallac e 380 Austin, Elizabeth Anne 508 Austin, Janat Jaclynn 254, 345, 440 Austin, Jeff, Jr 80, 298, 384, 429, 337, 440 Austin, Lynda Gale 494 Austin, Mary Bond 260, 343, 480 Austin, Mary Michael 259 Austin, Michael Evan 419 Austin, Nina Jane 508 Autry, Joe Gene 350, 358, 508 Avant, John F 94 Avant, Sandra Jane 508 Avery, Fred Harold 480 Avery, Mary Ruby 440 Avila, Carlos 508 Await, Warren David 365, 376, 480 Awanessian, Robert Paul 440 Awbrey, Lawrence Ray 436 Awe, Robert James 402 Axelrad, Samuel Donald 274, 440 Aycock, Charles Black 278, 342 Ayers, Harvard Glenn 230, 375, 392 Ayers, Linda Lorene 257,508 Ayers, Sarah Jane 411 Ayoub, Farouk G 340 Ayres, Clarence Edwin 412 Ayres, Dorothy 405 Ayres, Gilbert Haven 374 Ayres, Jan 251, 494 Ayres, Roger Neil 80, 440 Azadian, Bette Jane 508 Aziz, Asna 436 B Baade, Laura Lee ... ... 148, 508 Babb, Gary Alan 292 Babbitt, Milton Frederick 366 Babcock, John R 337 Babione, Barbara Lou 243, 508 Bach, Larry Burton 318 Bachofen, Andrew Williams. . . .226, 375, 392, 425, 429 Backus, Dianne Amanda 440 Bacon, Verna Rhodes 74, 404 Bacon, William Deakyne, Jr.. . .378, 416, 419 Badash, Kate Sydney 78, 426, 427 Baethe, Louis Frank Joseph 38, 434 Bagby, Sarah Chapman 220, 440 Baggett, Jackie Ray 508 Baggett, Judith 85, 138, 148 Baggett, Michael Edwin 407, 440 Baggett, Patrick Edward 339, 494 Bahan, Mary Jane 57, 264 Bailey, Barbara Jane 139 Bailey, Bishop 37 Bailey, Carl Bliss, III 339 Bailey, Carson Alfred, Jr 412 Bailey, Charles William 324 Bailey, Edgar Daniel 291, 387, 508 Bailey, Elizabeth 480 Bailey, J. G 358 Bailey, Jack Collis 377, 397 Bailey, James Rollins 82, 340, 385, 407 Bailey, Joe Newland 340 Bailey, John Wesley 293 Bailey, Joseph Kenneth 405, 418 Bailey, Kenneth Dan 384 Bailey, Linda Jonel 138, 148 Bailey, Luther Lee 405, 418 Bailey, Mary Linda 234, 480 Bailey, Nancy 236, 480 Bailey, Philip S 374 Bailey, Robert Dennis 340 Bailey, Robert Earl 494 Bailey, Rolinda Deane 138. 151 Bailey, Thomas Walter 228, 324, 480 Bailey, Tony Troyce 340, 397, 422, 494 Bailey, Travis Denon, Jr 317, 384 PAGE 525 Name Pages Bailey, William Joseph 314, 429 Bain, Bruce Edwin 341, 355, 440 Bain, Jerry Ed 196, 494 Baine, Billie Lynn 269 Baird, Betty 85 Baird, Jimmy Lee 494 Baird, John David 167, 286 Baisden, Joe Bon 348 Baker, Albert, Jr 480 Baker, Bettye Jean 145, 346, 349, 508 Baker, Brook Alan 321, 508 Baker, Donald Burtice 399 Baker, Gary Clifton 329 Baker, Hines H.. . . 36 Baker, James Corbin 399 Baker, James Edwin 287 Baker, Joe Milton 480 Baker, Linda Ann 85, 86, 480 Baker, Lowell Malcolm 339 Baker, Malcolm G 226, 294 Baker, Mary Margaret 262 Baker, Ora Rozelle 358, 371 Baker, Vivian Rose 405 Bakr, Bakr Abdulla 368 Baldree, William Glenn 273 Baldridge, Victor Elgin 322, 381, 419 Baldwin, Antoinette 246, 343, 350, 440 Baldwin, Jesse Jordan, Jr 494 Balfanz, Barbara Jean 250 Ball, Jerry Don 358, 362, 440 Ballard, Alice Elizabeth 254, 410, 494 Ballard, Betty Lu 256 Ballard, Hoyt Byron 86 Ballard, James Lipscomb, III. .292, 396, 398, 425, 440 Ballard, Maude 138, 151 Ballard, Troy Don 323, 397, 494 Ballas, Albert 275, 508 Ballew, Dawson Dwayne 226, 377 Balli, Macedonio, Jr 372 Balthrop, Granville Harold 154, 508 Balzen, Henry Earl 480 Balzen, Richard Thomas 153 Bammel, Nancy Sue 144, 508 Bamrungtrakun, Suphot 440 Banack, Emerson, Jr 302, 385 Bancroft, Barbara Jean 148, 358, 508 Bandy, Lois Dale 142 Bandy, Robert Maxwell, II 298, 480 Bane, Diane 258, 494 Bankhead, Charles H 167, 196, 199, 226, 294 Banks, Don Elliott 494 Banks, Elizabeth Gertrude 148, 508 Banks, Julia Anna 255, 508 Banks, Ralph Keith 149 Bankston, Douglas Odell 307, 399, 508 Banner, Wesley Victor 211, 291, 397, 508 Bannister, Zara Rayburn 426, 494 Baptist Student Union 344 Barakat, Majed A. H 368 Barbeck, Ann Elizabeth 260, 480 Barbeck, Sara Lee 260, 494 Barber, Joel Stephen 279 Barber, Perry Oscar, Jr 404 Barber, Ronald Jerry 293, 508 Barber, Victor William 386 Barbisch, Joseph William, Jr 508 Barborak, James Carl 383 Barclay, Leland 406, 419 Barcus, J. M 86 Barcus, Mary Margaret 248, 369, 480 Barden, Brenda Sue 57, 138, 145,236 Barden, James Earle 79, 167, 276, 429 Barden, Nancy Stuart 508 Bardin, Jerry Leon 340 Bardwell, Charles Moore 292, 382 Barge, Thomas Murray 328, 440 Barkan, Alvin H 153 Barker, Barbara Ann 141, 494 Barker, Benjamine Clyde, Jr 340, 392 Barker, Chester Horace 402 Barker, Joe Floyd 82, 287, 339, 419, 440 Barkely, Jon Bruce 286 Barker, Ora Rozelle 362 Barker, Samuel Timothy 508 Barker, William Earl 406, 419 Barksdale, Jerry Clifton 355 Barksdale, Robert Marion 407, 419 Barley, Robert Ray ' 376 Barlow, Patrick Edward 412 Barnard, David Charles 358, 362 Barnard, Phyllis Ann 246, 494 Barnebey, Linda Lee 146, 257, 508 Barnes, Carolyn Ann 256, 480 Barnes, Charles Wesley 432 Barnes, Frank Nelson 407 Barnes, Henry Oliver 346 Barnes, John Littleton 300 Barnes, Linda Jo 480 Barnes, Sandra Hiss 440 Barnes, Walter Nelson, Jr 396, 399 Barnes, William Renick 366 Barnes, William Stanley 320 Barnett, Barbara Irene 244, 480 Barnett, David Eugene 376, 480 Barnett, Glenn Edward 32, 81 Barnett, Sandra Jean 85, 141, 250, 276, 494 Barney, Barbara Carole 480 Barns, Richard C 288 Barnwell, James William 382 Barr, Ben B 404 Barr, Darby Ann 148, 247, 508 Barr, Gilbert M 336, 372 Barr, James Morgan 404 Ban-era, Homer 352, 354, 494 Barrera, Manuel Jose 340, 398 Barrett .Carol Elizabeth 408 Name Pages Barrett, David Elwood 440 Barrett, Emily Chauncey 259, 480 Barrett, Jerry Wayne 339 Barricklo, Kenneth Hewes 329 Barrier, Alvis Layton 293,413, 508 Barrier, Dona Lou 234 Barron, Manuel, Jr 153 Barren, Richard L 416 Barry, Don 416 Barshop, Barbara Sue 266 Earth, Brenda Nan 143, 410, 494 Bartholomew, Eugene Morley 300 Bartholow, Richard Stephens 316 Bartlett, James Andrews 302, 494 Bartlett, John Griswold 315, 480 Bartlett, Linda Ann 85, 236, 403, 480 Bartley, Gordon L 440 Barton, Hazel Phyllis 234, 345, 369, 440 Barton, Ray Allen 168 Barton, Richard Saunders 340, 407 Bartosh, Ronald Jerome 342, 480 Barwick, Diana Davis 248, 345, 440 Basham, James Donald 312, 480 Basore, Lee Ray 422 Bass, Robert Lee 153 Bass, Tommy Howard 340 Basse, Patricia Anne 254, 348, 480 Bassist, Lynn 238, 494 Basyouni, Mohamed Sied 368 Bates, Alvin Ray 480 Bates, Beverly Ann 86, 248, 351, 370, 403, 423, 480 Bates, Jimmy David 386, 413, 508 Bates, Mary Margaret 249, 350 Baturay, Ali 78 Baty, Donald Eugene 279, 508 Bauch, Garland Thomas. . .342, 366, 372, 440 Bauerle, Eugene Randall 355 Bauerle, Jacob Alton 337 Baugh, Howell R 480 Baughman, Roy Lee 508 Baughn, William Hubert 32, 405 Bauman, Jon Roger 292 Baumann, Alta Lee 57, 162 Baumann, Happy Edward 183 Baxter, Carla Van 508 Baxter, Daryl D 480 Baxter, Kenneth E 324, 350 Baxter, Robert Mitchell, Jr 167 Bayarsky, Walter 86 Baylor, John David 440 Baylus, Earl Bennett 196 Bazaldua, Mary Esther 162, 352 Bazarsky, Walter Stephen 327, 508 Beach, Asa 296 Beall, Betty Sue 257 Beall, Edith Ellen 151, 269 Beall, Mary Ellen 138, 345, 440 Bean, Richard Alan 320, 494 Bean, William Clifton 436 Beard, Anne Elizabeth 268, 369, 480 Beard, Billy Brooks 480 Beard, Bob Mitchell 352 Beard, Donald Leroy 388, 508 Beard, Donald Wyatt 167, 196, 202, 342, 440 Beard, James Key 86, 154, 340, 341 Beard, Lewis Allen 480 Beard, Linda Claire 141, 440 Beard, Marvin Ferd 508 Beard, Richard Lee 186 Bearden, Joe Henry 358, 508 Bearden, J. Sharon 226, 294 Bearden, Sonnie L 480 Beasley, Joseph Patrick 508 Beasley, Judy Mansell 426 Beatty, Thomas B 155 Beaty, Rodney Owen 228, 377 Beauchamp, John Robert 322, 402 Beaulieu, Margaret Ann 150, 494 Beaver, John Alan 399 Beavers, Merwin Gordon, Jr 214 Beck, Marvin E 78, 149, 338, 378, 420, 428, 433, 440 Beckelman, Dan Edward 422, 480 Becker, Alice Ann 254, 494 Becker, Charlotte Pauline 246, 350, 494 Becker, Donald A 366 Becker, Leroy Henry 341 Becker, Marilyn Sue 81, 138, 151, 234, 270, 480 Becker, Theodore E 366 Beckmann, Rudolph Anton 339, 419, 440 Beckner, Frederick Loneil 341 Bednarski, Fred, Jr 167, 386 Bedrick, William Frank 183 Beeler, Lynn Sandol 382, 480 Beeier, Richard Allen 227, 229, 230, 284, 480 Beeley, Linda Kay 494 Beene, Roy Bob 387, 508 Beer, Don Richard 328 Beer, Michelle Robin 141 Beesley, Judith Mansell 138, 150, 367 Beeson, John Donnan 229 Bedford, Anthony. 419 Begeman, Myron Louis 419 Begg, Edleen 423 Behrens, Alvin Joe 286, 334, 480 Behrens, Ben Farrell 153, 508 Behrens, John Almond 153 Behrens, John Buddy 422 Behringer, Fred Dayton 402 Behrns, Charles Lamar 282 Beidel, John Michael 375, 392 Beinhorn, Alan S 327, 392 Belcher, Fred Allen 494 Belcher, Tom Franklin 204 Belcher, Willie Ellen 246 Bellcnap, Carol Leigh 141 .250, 494 Name Pages Belknap, Judith Ann ................... 142 Bell, Craig Manley .................... 314 Bell, David Bruce .............. 80, 288, 494 Bell, Gerald Lynn ..................... 440 Bell, Henry Newton ............... 387, 508 Bell, James Howard ........... 392, 419, 440 Bell, Jerome Albert .................... 355 Bell, John Laurence ........... 288, 429, 440 Bell, Malcolm James, Jr ........ 293, 382, 508 Bell, Marianne Farguhar ........... 138, 151 Bell, Marion Wayne ................... 324 Bell, Patti Jane ................... 145, 508 Bell, Robert Austin ............... 340, 436 Bell, Tony ......................... 92, 93 Bell, William Frank ................... 480 Bell, William Rex ..................... 342 Bellman, Deanna Lee .................. 440 Beloate, Ann ............... 62, 78, 423, 440 Bellows, Richard Fredrick .............. 509 Belt, William Arthur .................. 384 Belver, Troy Lynn ............ 340, 407, 419 Bena, Curtis Louis .................... 440 Benavides, Elinore Ferol ....... 143, 254, 494 Benbow, Mary Suzan .................. 494 Bench, Leonard Joseph, Jr .......... 154, 494 Benckenstein, Claude Leonard, Jr... .292, 337 Bender, Marlene Raye ............. 267, 509 Benham, Crawford, Allen, Jr... .307, 399, 509 Beniteau, Mary Elizabeth .......... 436, 404 Benjamin, Marshall E .............. 318, 481 Benjamin, Marye Durrum .............. 421 Benn, Sherry Virginia ......... 148, 249, 509 Benner, June Arleen ........... 248, 369, 440 Bennett, Baylus Earl .............. 199, 355 Bennett, Billie Joyce ................... 405 Bennett, Clifford Dennis ................ 78 Bennett, David William ........... 339, 419 Bennett, Dean Paul ................... 432 Bennett, Don John .................... 307 Bennett, Donald Hugh ............. 358, 441 Bennett, James Cary .............. 320, 342 Bennett, Kathlene Nelson .............. 509 Bennett, Natalie Elizabeth ......... 237, 509 Benson, Burton Brighton, Jr ............ 422 Benson, Carroll C ...................... 313 Benson, Gerald Wayne ............ 274, 481 Benson, Jacquelyn Ann ............ 236, 481 Benson, James William ........ 315, 387, 509 Benson, Jean Elizabeth ................ 240 Benson, John Greer ................... 278 Benson, Leonard R .................... 419 Bentley, Kenneth Reed ................ 323 Bentley, Russell Bonner, Jr ............. 298 Bentley, William Elbert ............... 303 Bercanada, Paiton ..................... 436 Berg, Marcia Jean .................... 252 Berg, Sigrid Sieve ..................... 349 Bergen, Lawrence ................. 168, 229 Bergstrom, Arvie Eric .................. 402 Berguist, Karen Arloa ............. 245, 509 Berkman, Barbara Joan ............... 252 Berkman, Larry Herbert ............... 326 Berly, James Frank, III ........... 285, 509 Bernhard, Gary Charles ................ 230 Bermont, Richard Barry ........... 318, 481 Bernstein, Jerome ..................... 326 Bernstein, Barbara Carrye ......... 238, 494 Berrien, June Louise ............... 250, 441 Berry, Candida Kay .......... 142, 257, 509 Berry, William Joseph, III ......... 355, 356 Berthelot, Paula Louise ................ 260 Berlin, Barbara Ann ............... 245, 494 Bertrand, Charles David ....... 333, 385, 481 Beseler, Fred Charles .................. 481 Best, Jesse Edison ................ 354, 509 Beta Gamma Sigma .................... 405 Beta Theta Pi ........................ 278 Bethea, Bill ........................... 211 Bettell, Barbara Ann .............. 236, 494 Bettell, Linda Jean ............ 57, 237, 509 Bettle, George Richard ........ 373, 393, 509 Betts, Charles A ....................... 300 Betts, Gilbert Wayne .................. 399 Betts, Sharron Ann ................... 350 Beauchekroun, Adbelkrim Karim ........ 340 Beaular, Evelyn Elsia .................. 264 Beutel, Sherra Lynn ................... 257 Bevill, Tommy Ray ................... 509 Beychok, Marilyn Roberta ......... 239, 509 Beyer, Rosalie Ann ................ 146, 257 Beyette, Thomas Kent ................. 154 Beynon, Eugene Thomas. .339, 374, 377, 392, 419, 481 Bhagat, Surinder K ................ 372, 441 Bhatrakarn, Tanakarn ................. 436 Bialek, Loretta Ann ................. 481 Bible, Dana X ..................... 164 Bible, John Bruner ................... 494 , ................... Bice, Don Allen .............. 324, 350, 441 Bickerton, Terry Scott ................. 303 Bickley, James Knox .................. 481 Bickley, John Strock ............... 356, 405 Bicknell, Evalyn Antoinette ........ 259, 509 Biedermann, David Anthony ........... 422 Bicker, Linda Lucille .............. 244, 494 Biemer, Leonard John ................. 441 Bierner, Barbara Sue .............. 266, 494 Biesele, Linda ............ 62, 138, 143, 412, 414, 423 Bigelow, Grant LeRoy ____ 226, 375, 392, 425 Biggs, John Riley ................. 302, 481 Biggs, Robert Allan ................... 302 Biggs, William Ambrose, III ............ 302 Bigham, Robert Jennings, Jr ............ 481 Bilger, Jimmy Mack .............. 413, 509 Billings, Frank Edward. . . .85, 149, 391, 392, 441 Billingsley, James Pershing ............. 419 Bindler, Donald Charles ............... 318 Binford, Joseph Ingram ............ 278, 441 Name Pages Bingley, Russell Chris 441 Billion, Jack Russell 280, 494 Bippert, Nelson Fredrick 229, 387 Bird, Betty Sue 255, 509 Bird, Don Estes 381, 441 Bird, Sharon W. B 441 Birdsall, John Calvin, Jr 339 Birdsong, Bailey Arnold 358, 362, 481 Birdwell, Al Evans, Jr 436 Birdwell, Mary Reagan 244 Birdwel l, Tallous Gaylord 342 Birge, Patti Amanda 78, 260, 424 Birkel, Sue 90 Bisbee, William Ferris 494 Bishop, Barbara Susan 257, 494 Bishop, Brenda Kate 81,441 Bishop, Charter Cecil, Jr 342, 416 Bishop, Donald Clinton 301, 509 Bishop, Thomas Armistead 281 Bittensky, Zella 148, 509 Bittner, Frederic Allen 413 Bjarre, Odd-Erik 441 Black, Byron 90, 93 Black, Connie W T inslow 244 Black, George Clift 292,441 Black, Henry Preston 154 Black, James Paul 481 Black, James Wayne 365, 432 Black, Lilah Elizabeth 351 Black, Paula Jo 162, 481 Blackaller, John Elmen 276 Blackburn, Edward Madison 203, 494 Blackburn, James David 412 Blackburn, James Eugene 414 Blackmon, Barry Welch. . .365, 417, 432, 441 Blackmon, Gretchen Elizabeth 403 Blackmore, Cammy Ann 162 Blackstock, Leo Guy . . 404 Blackwell, Robert S 370 Blachly, Patricia Ann 85, 244, 345, 427, 441 Blain, Richard Warren 352 Blair, Alvin Felix 441 Blair, Richard Dean 359, 362 Blair, Robert Marvin 195, 366 Blake, Ann Allen 85, 144, 257 Blake, Ronald Orrin . . . . 288 Blalock, Richard W.. .. 37 Blalock, Sam 86 Blanch, George Currier. . . . 167, 168, 172, 284 Blanchard, William Herbert 340 Bland, Betty Jean 57, 148, 394, 509 Bland, Darlene . 234, 369 Bland, Margaret Joy 255, 426, 509 Blankenship, Sidney Landis 371 Blankenship, Vicki 352 Blanton Dormitory 140 Blanton, Wincie Lowe 143 Blasingame, Donald Henry 481 Blaylock. James Sparkman 494 Blazek, Delora Elizabeth (Beth) 85, 138, 145, 268, 494 Bleakney, Millicent Ann 268 Bleakney, Phillip Arnold 218, 300 Blend, Michael Marc 327, 509 Blenis, L. W 340 Blessing, Jane Lee 246, 343, 481 Blevins, Sue 258 Bley, James Henry 340 Blocker, Charles Reber 306 Block, Gus 310, 405 Block, Stanley Byron 318, 481 Blocker, Anne Singleton .... 78, 258, 369, 424 Blocker, Truman Graves, III 292, 441 Blomquist, Dian 234 Blomquist, Maynard Roy 340 Bloom, Alvin Michael 326 Bloom, Carole Linda 252 Blount, Barbara Jean 246, 247, 509 Blount, Donald Neil 441 Bloxsom, Walter Eden 298 Bludeau, Herbert Leslie 509 Bluebonnet Belle Nominees 57 Blum, Eugene 509 Blum, Fred Andrew 291 Blumberg, Myrtle Faye 81, 234, 441 Blume, Mary Karen 242 Blumentritt. Joe Edward 402 Blunk, W. D 36, 37, 84 Bluntzer, Bette Lee 236 Bluntzer, Robert Lee 441 Blye, Margaret Jane 61, 84, 85, 256, 389, 426 Board of Regents 28 Boatman, Edward M 441 Boatman, Edwin Murl 419 Boatman, Willie Jay 340 Boatncr, Charles Knox, Jr 281, 509 Boatner, James Knox 281 Boatwright, Carolyn Sue 481 Boatwright, Gary Keith 509 Boatright, James Richard 413, 509 Bobys, Bruce Kovner 275 Bock, Carolyn Christine 244, 366, 369, 414, 441 Bock, Elaine Rosalind 146, 239, 509 Bock, Jane Louise 239 Bodden, Nix O ' Brien 383, 422, 495 Bode, Edward Charles 272, 481 Boeckner, Carroll William 158, 366, 436 Boeckmann, Joyce Ann Von 245 Boegli, Janet Claire 254, 481 Boehm, Mary Margaret 248 Bcenig, Barbara Joa ' nn 345, 441 Boepple, James Patrick 432, 441 Boesch, Don Edward 306 Boesch, Thomas Dean 307, 509 Boettcher, A. Schlick 321, 509 Boettcher, Charles Fredrick 509 Bogeli, Janet Claire 139 PACE 526 Compliments of The University of Texas Greek Social FRATERNITIES and SORORITIES Phi Kappa Sigma Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Tau Omega Delta Zeta Alpha Epsilon Pi PhiMu Delta Sigma Phi Alpha Phi Phi Kappa Theta Alpha Epsilon Phi Sigma Chi Alpha Delta Pi Theta Xi PAGE 527 Name Pages Boger, James Allen 495 Boggess, Jerry William 307 Bogy, Sondra Kay 148 Bohac, Barbara Jean 481 Bohanan, Janes Earl 342 Bohon, Charles Leo 385 Bohn, John William 481 Bohne, Wilburn H 342 Boitnott, BoydDay 355 Boland, Judy Kay 244, 344, 350, 481 Boland, Raymond Alvin 481 Holding, Robert Richard 441 Boldt, Norman 384 Bolger, David Jack 273, 481 Bolger, Edward Perry 284, 441 Bolger, William Robert 321 Bohn, Bobby Joe 481 Bollman, Franklin D 306, 441 Bolton, Charles E 481 Bolton, Charles Lee, III 383, 441 Bolton, Christopher Lee 281, 509 Bolton, Raymond Ralph 420, 433 Bomash, Barbara Lynn 238 Bond, Alison Monroe 386 Bond, Edward Quinton 355 Bonds, Harrv Vaughn 386 Bone, Lee, III 509 Bone, Terry Winfield 333, 509 Bones, George Eugene, Jr 413, 509 Bonham, Lane E 441 Bonin, Betsy Ann 251, 495 Bonnell, Judith Marie 148, 509 Bonnen, David Carroll 149 Bonner, Kay 258 Bonnette, Carolyn Lea 350 Bonney, Charles Edward 392, 481 Bcok, E. Truett 414 Booker, Thomas Hanna 509 Boone, Kenard Clay 433 Booth, Nan 403 Booth, Nancy Ann 234, 258, 495 Boothe, Robert R 436 Boothe, Ross, Jr 399, 495 Bordcosh, George Nicloa 368 Borden, Joan F 236, 495 Borden, Phyllis Ann 246, 423, 441 Borden, Roland Claude 441 Boren, Ann 481 Borglund, Kristin 261,509 Borkon, Elaine Rachelle 253, 495 Born, Reverend Charles Henry 354 Born, George H 355, 481 Borrego, Elida H 441 Borum, Charles Jerry 82, 342, 372 Bost, Charles Raymond 441 Bostic, Lola Mae 162 Boston, Jackie Ray 167,377 Botello, Elena Maria 160, 357, 410, 495 Bouchard, Andre 167 Boucher, Robert Eugene 86, 340 Boudny, Helen 152, 161 Boudreaux, Edward Alpha 495 Boughton, Carol A 240 Bouknight, Foy H., Lieutenant 390 Bouldin, Richard Tom 481 Bourdon, Elizabeth Joyce.. 248, 345, 369, 441 Bourgeois, Robert Eddie 325, 495 Bourland, Brad 84 Bourn, Nancy Lynn 138, 151, 246, 343, 441 Bourne, Elwanda Sue 162, 371, 509 Boverie, Robert Louis 281 Bowden, Charles Lee 62, 290, 334, 402, 428, 441 Bowden, Walter Ejcott, Jr 386 Bowen, Barbara Gene 220, 495 Bowen, Lawrence, W., Chief Gunners Mate 390 Bowen, Susan Lind 403 Bowen, W. Charles 481 Bower, Arthur Michel 301, 509 Bowers, Larry Lester 342, 442 Bowers, Sally Virginia 57, 248, 389 Bowie, Sheila Marie 350, 351, 509 Bowles, Ann 85, 237, 495 Bowles, Margaret 85, 237, 509 Bowlin, James Hugh 349, 509 Bowling, John Knox, Jr.. . .349, 350, 399, 495 Bowling, Suzanne 345 Bowling, Thomas Jared 342 Bowman, Henry A 220 Bowman, Robert Hunt 280, 334, 442 Bowman, Walter C 312 Bowmer, Sally Jo 403 Bownds, Billy W 344, 387, 481 Bowser, Barbara Ann 138, 139, 248 Box, Edward Donald 273, 495 Box, Jimmy Alton 287, 398 Box, Roy Edgar, Jr 80, 298, 404, 405, 413, 442 Boyd, Betty Sue 245, 509 Boyd, Billy Floyd 371 Boyd, Darby Ann 85, 86, 90, 269 Boyd, Douglas Arlington 281, 495 Boyd, James Albert 339 Boyd, Larry Lee 291, 399, 509 Boyd, Marilyn Ann 250 Boyd, Norman Arthur, Jr 495 Boyd, Richard Wayne 303, 509 Boyd, Ronnie Dean 68, 75, 342, 372, 416, 419, 428 Boydston, Bob Frank 404 Boyer, Don Sterling 413 Boyer, Jimmy V 342, 416, 419 Boyett, Randall Harold 399, 509 Boyle, John F., Jr 322 Boyle, Lesley Curtis 387 Boyle, Marilyn Ann 268, 345, 442 Boyle, Thomas Michael 307 Boylen, Austin 259 Name Pago Bozarth, Hal Curtis 279 Brace, Mary Eleanor 242 Brackenridge, Eloise Wilson 57, 76, 77, 268, 427, 481 Braden, Irene Andrea 160, 162, 345, 442 BradBeld, John Stephen 332, 354, 495 Bradford, Aubrey Marshall, Jr 393 Bradford, Bobbie Lee 371 Bradley, Harold L 165, 186 Bradley, James Earl 509 Bradley, James H 509 Bradshaw, Benjamin Spencer 378, 422 Bradshaw, Betty Ed 147, 509 Bradshaw, Bob Grover 86 Bradshaw, Emily Meador 249, 350, 509 Bradshaw, Frances Ann 403 Bradshaw, James David 303 Bradshaw, Major W 370, 378, 495 Brady, Alfred Bernard, Jr 284, 402, 481 Brady, David 422 Brady, James Patrick 307 Brady, Margaret Anne 256, 495 Brady, Robert H 294 Brady, William Edmond 405 Braeutigam, James Oliver 149, 286 Brainard, Daniel R 295, 346, 398 Bramlett, Samuel Nicholas 307 Brammer, Jerry Bob 339 Branam, Kenny 93 Branch, Allen Drue 229, 230, 350, 377 Branch, Clair M 167, 168, 175, 177, 182, 294 Brandley, Paul Claunch 509 Brandon, Martha Ann 264 Brandt, Brenda Sue 241 Brannan, Bill.Lee 342, 442 Brannan, James Thomas 340 Brannon, James Harry 413 Brannon, Martha Lucretia 145, 269, 509 Bransom, Rob Roe 323, 509 Branton, James LaVoy 397, 425 Branum, Patricia Anne 442 BrasEeld, Lyle Albert 384 Brasher, Molly Frances 350, 403, 509 Bratcher, Robert Douglas 495 Bratten, James Hulvey 217, 322, 392 Braubach, Carl H 229, 404 Brauer, Bernard E 316 Braun, David Harold 152, 349 Braun, Mary Kathleen Sullivan (Molly). 408 Braun, Patricia Gayle 269, 509 Braunston, Morris 326 Bravenec, Lorence Larry 378, 422, 428 Bray, Suzanne 145, 509 Brayshaw, Margaret Ann 141 Brazelton, Lewis Edward. .204, 226, 294, 495 Braziel, John Robert 80, 356, 442 Brazil, Sandra Muriel 246, 509 Brazil, Sarah Leigh 247, 350 Brazzil, Connie Louise 138, 144 Bredemeyer, Glenn B 227 Bredt, Carl Victor 31, 39 Bredt, Jan 256, 415, 481 Breed, Wanda Jean 254, 495 Breeding, Clark W 404 Breedlove, Robert McShane 323, 350 Breedlove, William Davia 322 Breene, Kenneth Paul 153, 393, 509 Breese, Richard Preston 399, 495 Breihan, Bernard Edward 314, 383 Breker, Linda 369 Bremer, Darwin Edgar 392 Brenam, Kenny Doyle 509 Brennan, Michael Lance 86 Brennan, Patricia Gay 147, 481 Brenner, Felice Maxine 267 Brenner, William M 229 Brent, Robert James, Jr 298 Brett, Emma Ruth 160, 509 Brevard, John ' Ashworth 149, 442 Brewer, Beverly Ann 56, 57, 85, 138, 143, 250, 481 Brewer, Elbert 90, 91, 434 Brewer, Gene Davis 481 Brewer, James Edward 342, 372, 442 Brewer, Larry Keith 397, 509 Brewer, William Warren 300, 383 Brewster, Sarah Blaine 260 Brewton, Mary Brooks 257 Brick, Paula Marie 150, 509 Brickman, Mary E 139, 509 Bride, Gardner Shipley, Jr 78 Bridges, Carol Ray 57, 77, 85, 150, ( 254, 424, 495 Bridges, Dennis Ray 355, 372, 419, 442 Bridges, James Edwin 358, 442 Bridges, Jarrell M., Jr 339, 495 Bridges, Lee F., Ill 294 Bridges, Nancy Ann 143, 495 Bridwell, Charles Ernest 217, 346, 385 Brient, flarolyn Moore 348 Briggs, Chester Arthur, Jr 422 Briggs, George Strickland. .340, 407, 419, 442 Briggs, Mark D 495 Brig gs, Rambie Le 300, 402, 495 Briggs, Robert Connor 278, 383, 388, 495 Briggs, Robert S., Jr 416 Brigham, Oran, Jr 413 Brigance, Jo Ann 352, 509 Bright, James Robert 322, 339 Bright, Jean Ellia 264 Brim, Roger Edward 509 Brinderhoff, Jan Louise 91, 250, 421, 481 Brindley, Beverly Anne 85, 260, 426, 495 Brindley, Paul Claunch 217, 301, 413 Brink, Charles J 509 Brinkley, Fred Sinclair 376, 481 Brinkmann, Bonnie Rae 160, 495 Brisbois, Judith ' Lynne 254, 369, 495 Brisbois, Millard Courtney 432 Name Pages Briscoe, James Parmenas 276 Briscoe, Leon Gray, II 303, 384 Bristol, George Lambert, Jr 226, 384 Bristow, Eugene Raymond 398 Brittain, Barbara Lynn 139, 403, 509 Brittain, Harold P 351 Britton, Charles Mark 272, 388, 495 Britton, Marian Edith 258, 442 Broadus, Zelna Virginia 353, 509 Brochstein, Richard Neal 326 Brochstein, Robert Phillip 310 Brock, Edward Jimmy 286, 509 Brock, James Rush 339 Brock, James Henry 276 Brock, Russell Keith, Jr 399 Brockermeyer, Kay Louis 168, 294, 495 Brockschmidt, Sally Belle. . .78, 265, 403, 509 Broday, Margaret Ann 265 Erode, Eugene Graham 338 Brodkin, Alan Keith 274 Broesch, Henry Fred 228 Brogren, Elliott Winston 355 Bromberg, Joyce Harriet. ... 85, 145, 239, 509 Bronstad, Maruice Elroy 336 Bronstein, Harriet 57, 252 Brooks, Bernard Erwin 275, 350, 495 Brooks, Charles Erskine 278 Brooks, Charles Eugene 481 Brooks, Frances Sue 235 Brooks, Gerald Lewis 339 Brooks, Henry Harrison 346 Brooks, John 355, 442 Brooks, Kenneth Lee 340 Brooks, Linton Carvel 399 Brooks, Molly Ann 254, 415,481 Brooks, Myrna Ruth 343, 345, 442 Brooks, Nettie Patricia 353 Brooks, Penelope Hale 138, 144, 264, 481 Brooks, Sam Raymond 408 Brooksaler, Carol Ruth 509 Brookshire, Maudie Lee 142 Brookstein, Judy Ann 267 Broom, Martha Rae 147, 349 Brosky, John Joseph 405 Brothers, Barbara Jo 495 Broussard, James Erie 339 Brower, James William, Jr 325, 509 Brown, Betty Jane 258, 481, 509 Brown, Bill Byron 495, 303 Brown, Carolyn Miriam 250, 481 Brown, Catherine Lee 244 Brown, Charles Julian 374 Brown, Charles Ray 397 Brown, Christy Jo 57, 249, 426 Brown, David Eugene 339 Brown, David Paul 481 Brown, Douglas Randl 306 Brown, Elizabeth Ann 67, 264, 343 Brown, Eugene Lee 312, 334 Brown, Frederick Samuel 322 Brown, Gary Ronald 354 Brown, George Benjamin 278, 381, 442 Brown, Ivan Ellis, Jr 155, 294 Brown, Jack 429 Brown, Jack Bethel 442 Brown, Jack Walton 442 Brown, James Allan 186, 196 Brown, John Dewayne 285 Brown, Karl William 442 Brown, Lewis Wright 509 Brown, Mabel Ann 245, 509 Brown, Mrs. Margaret 138, 145 Brown, Marvin Holloman, III 284 Brown, Peggy Ann 161, 481 Brown, Peggy Frances 268 Brown, Raymond Edward 422 Brown, Raymond Ralph 378, 429 Brown, Richard Malcolm 272 Brown, Robert Graves 376, 417 Brown, Robert James 382, 509 Brown, Roger Dale 379, 381 Brown, Roger Glenn 509 Brown, Ronald Nelson 481 Brown, Ross 340 Brown, Sandra Lee 246 Brown, Sharon A 350, 481 Brown, Suzanne Elizabeth ... 85 Brown, Thomas Orland 339, 481 Brown, Wanda Sue 371 Brown, William McLane 430 Brown, William Vann 314, 342, 381, 425, 427 Browne, Barbara Ann 235, 350 Browne, Dorothy Louise 269, 509 Browne, Gayle Moseley 411 Browne, Margaret Anne 93, 509 Browning, Gene Irwin 328 Browning, Joan Whitelaw 146, 259, 509 Browning, Wayne Leon 149, 296 Brownlow, Roger Howard 336 Brownson, Fred 38 Broyles, Edith 143, 264, 495 Bruce, Barton Woodward 320 Bruce, Elaine 256, 442 Bruce, Grandy Dyson 381, 442 Bruce, William Thomas 342, 481 Bruchmiller, Helen Arlene 255, 366, 510 Bruckner, Robert Allen 442 Bruhl, Donald Adolphus, Jr 330, 442 Brumbelow, Margaret Anne 162, 345, 442 Brumley, Ira Jon 300 Brummett, Lloyd Truman ... . 430 Brune, Robert Allen, Jr 342 Bruneau, Theresa Maureen 150, 241 Bruner, James Milton 355, 364, 388 Bruni, Jo Anne 85, 258, 481 Brunner, Theodore Berger 412 Bruns, Joseph Henry 78, 86, 292, 422 Bruns, Thomas Charles 86, 378, 422, 442 Bruton, Fred Nelson 272, 397, 495 Name Pages Bruyere, Amy Emeline 254 Bryan, Bonnie Alyce 57, 146, 250, 394, 495 Bryan, James Dean 272 Bryan, J. P 28 Bryan, James Perry, Jr 298 Bryan, Pat, III 422 Bryan, Patricia Ann 495 Bryant, Claudia Lynne 146, 510 Bryant, Linda Nell 350 Bryant, Robert Earl 167 Bryant, Vaughn Motley, Jr 375, 393 Bryars, Phyllis Ann 426 Brymer, Richard 78 Bubar, Charles Oliver 370, 495 Buchanan, David Lee 392 Buchanan, James Paal 422 Buchanan, Milton Thomas 510 Buchanan, Nancy Ruth 236, 345, 442 Buchanan, Stephanie Jane 265, 510 Buchanan, Thomas E 442 Buchel, Barbara Adele 265,495 Buck, A. Erwin, Jr 350,442 Buck, Kathrine Camp 258, 356, 442 Buck, Raymond E 37 Buckle, Mary Katharine 142 Buckley, Glenn R 442 Buckley, Jorene Elizabeth 403, 510 Buckner, Margarette Celest 160, 495 Budden, Nix O ' Brien 339 Budzilowicz, David Wallace 280 Buel, Ellen Vail 262, 348 Buenz, Peter Robertson ... 300, 339, 391, 392, 419, 425 Bugg, Jane Carol 263, 426, 495 Bullta, Kenneth Eugene 340 Bulba, Charna Etta 253, 510 Bulter, Patsy Lee 145 Bumar, Phyllis Estelle 253, 510 Bumbera, Gerald William 355 Bumpus, Ronald Gene 302 Bundy, Jean D 414 Bunte, Shirley Bernice 354 Bunting, Henry Albert, III 332, 339, 495 Burba, Elizabeth Marie 241 Burch, Kenneth Wesley 387 Burch, Lee Murray 311 Burcham, Mary Jane 269 Burchard, Robert Kenneth 429 Burchfield, Douglas Webster. . .349, 350, 495 Burdick, Dwight Eugene 317 Burdick, Mario Anthony 312 Burdine, John Alton 32 Burford, Eddie Miller 276 Surge, Charles H 296, 442 Burge, William Wallace 313, 510 Burger, Catherine Elaine 510 Burgess, Carolyn Lois 257 Burgess, Malcolm Acie 355, 481 Burgess, Tim L 481 Burgheimer, Charlene Rae 85, 510 Burgin, R. C 481 Burgoon, Larry Claude 352, 442 Bum, Carolyn Jane 85, 495 Burk, Jimmy L 376, 428, 442 Burkart, Michael Paul 314 Burke, Barbara Ann 267,510 Burke, David Tyng 300 Burke, Joe 68 Burke, Joseph F 154 Burke, Linda Lee 142, 403, 443 Burke, Maria Lucas 56, 57, 61, 259 Burkett, R. T., Jr 442 Burkett, V. Luanna 350, 358, 363, 371 Burkhalter, Martha Jean 223, 246, 443 Burkhalter, Mary Jane 223, 246, 442, 443 Burkhart, Andrea McDonald 139, 510 Burkhart, Jan 403 Burkhart, June 443 Burkhart, Marcia Jan 86, 245, 495 Burkhart, Melinda Louise.. .57, 60, 244, 270, 370, 423 Burkhart, Patricia 248 Burks, Linda Eloise 345 Burlage, Henry Matthew. . .32, 374, 376, 417 Burner, James Milton 481 Burnett, Betty Ruth 242, 358, 363 Burnett, Rita Loy 443 Burnett, Thomas William 156, 340 Burns, George Paul 412 Burns, Jimmye Laurie 160, 350, 510 Burns, Mary Margaret 481 Burns, Robert Bruce 422, 495 Burns, Russell Eugene 398 Burow, Duane Fruen 366, 481 Burrage, Charles Douglas 339 Burrell, Charles Egan 284, 334, 481 Burrell, Jean 151 Burroughs, James William 495 Burrow, David Hutchison 300, 429 Burrows, Ann 77, 343, 424, 426 Burrows, John Weltmer, Jr 375, 393 Burstyn, Margie 238, 443 Burt, Elizabeth Louise 85, 268, 495 Burton, Carolyn Frances 258, 481 Burton, Larry Kent 316 Burton, Mary Gay 495 Burton, Mary Jane 350 Burton, Rae Russell, Jr 510 Burton, Susan Ann 251, 510 Busby, Beverly Anne 249, 510 Bush, Robert Charles 227, 413 Bush, Shereata Sue 260 Bush, Tennie Marie 145, 261, 350 Busick, George Southgate 316 Business Administration Council 80 Buss, Lowell Donald 300, 385 Buss, Mary Kathryn 249, 350, 510 Butcher, Cary Preston, Jr 300 Butler, Anthony Wayne 384, 510 PAGE 528 Sccutmoinqh . Sons Jr TO SAY ' HANK YOU our 1959-60 College Board for every happy hour, each fun-filled minute shared with us to bring you the newest and most wanted fashions for all campus occasions. 1. Connie Todd 2. Kay Ransom 3. Mary McDaniel 4. Cecelia Small 5. Sue Chiles 6. Julie Parker 7. Riki Krezdorn 8. Linda Heath 9. Pam King 10. Linda Gilbert 11. Gayle Steger 12. Dina Eitleman Name Pages But ler, Charlene 245, 426, 510 Butler, David Ainsley 339, 358 Butler, Duncan Tellef 295, 510 Butler, J. K 37 Butler, Lasca 148, 237, 510 Butler, Marylen Sue 256, 481 Butler, Mary Ruth 144 Butler, Meta Camille 265, 346, 426, 510 Butler, Robert Anthony 290 Butler, Tom Kelly 294, 481 Butte, Jeannette Lee. 414 Buttrill, Diane Elizabeth 144, 495 Buzbee, Billy Lewis 157 Buzbee, Billy T 481 Byars, Betty 61 Byars, Byron Ross 340 Byars, Emily Elizabeth 259 Byars, Patricia 415 Byars, Phyllis Ann 262, 495 Bybee, Elizabeth Ruth 248, 495 Bybee, Owen Lynn 324 Byers, Aubyn Stewart 138, 146, 248, 495 Byler, William Kirk 273, 510 Bynum, Stuart Tracy 340 Byrant, Frank Grant 419 Byrd, D. Harold 37 Byrnes, Jimmie G 481 Bywaters, Phyllis Keyes 85, 265 Caballero, Shirley Ann 352 Cade, Hubert Elgin 153 Cadle, William Dahl, Jr 336 Cafer, Lawrence Howard.. .324, 334, 350, 443 Caffall, Re Lindsey 510 Caffey, Nancy Pauline. . . . 138, 147, 348, 403, 495 Cagle, Gerolyn Virginia 78, 443 Cagle, Thomas Patrick 294 Cain, Diana 345, 443 Cain, John Gary 90, 91 Cain, Norman Dean 355 Calderon, Ernest Leonard 195 Caldwell, Betty Jean 254 Caldwell, David 352, 391, 392 Caldwell, Gerald Wayne 342 Caldwell, Margaret Elizabeth 414 Caldwell, Robert Kent 277, 510 Caldwell, Ruth Onolia 148 Calhoun, Gerald Wayne 422, 481 Calhoun, Mike Vernon 383, 510 Calhoun, John S 480 Calhoun, John Sutton 277 Calkins, Carol Ann 268 Calkins, Dick S 340 Calkins, John Allen 294 Calkins, Phyllis Jean 250, 412 Callarotti, Robert Cesar 340, 407 Callaway, Dorothy Ann 495 Callaway, Elizabeth Spencer 260, 343 Callaway, Helena Spencer 261, 510 Callaway, Kenneth Gordon 325 Callaway, Nancy Lee 268, 480 Callaway, Robert E., Jr 204, 284 Callaway, Sara Jean 85, 244, 344 Calvert, Carole Annette 481 Calvert, Eugene Allan 350, 358, 362, 371 Calville, Efren 481 Calvin, Carolyn Beatrice 237 Cambell, Robert Harrell, Jr 399 Cameron, Margaret Carol 255, 495 Camile, Melissa 253 Camp, J. B. Jr 432 Camp, Jim Sam 300 Camp, Katheryne Elizabeth 268, 495 Campbell, Ann Blake 261, 495 Campbell, Bert Louis 434, 481 Campbell, Charles Harvey 293, 510 Campbell, Claire Bolton 510 Campbell, David Scothorn 316 Campbell, Foy Leon, Jr 413, 510 Campbell, Gael Ann 443 Campbell, George Perry 277, 510 Campbell, Henry Villard, III 278, 495 Campbell, Mary Ann 38, 256 Campbell, Morgan S 339, 495 Campbell, Patricia 86, 348, 510 Campbell, Patrick W 383 Campbell, Ray Neal 339 Campbell, Richard Charles 301, 510 Campbell, Richard Trent, Jr 82, 314, 443 Campbell, Susan Lee 257, 403, 426, 510 Campbell, T. Trent, Jr 342 Campbell, William Edward 303, 510 Campbell, William McKinley 374, 481 Campbell, William Michael. . . .166, 168, 276, 495 Campus Guild 153 Canada, Robert Michael 316 Canales, Alexander Jesse 306 Canales, Carlos Orlando 357, 358, 362 Candler, Daniel Beville 77 Cane, Ronald Varren 327, 510 Canfield, Chauncy Edward 495 Canfield, Joe Ralph 422 Canfield, Roxanne 162 Cannon, Anne Herbert 403 Cannon, Joe Barnett 322, 429 Cannon, Marvin Alton, Jr 153, 349, 481 Cannon, Roy Lee 398 Canova, Denmar Barclay 302 Cantine, Thomas Scott 230, 302, 349 Cantrell, Cal 139 Cantrell, Carole Ann 90, 257, 510 Cantu, Humberto Soto 399 Cantu, Jose Rene 376, 481 Cantu, Julian Rodriquez 365, 376 Cantwell, Carolyn 77, 79, 246, 414, 423 Capps, Kathleen Marie 146, 510 Name Pages Carabaza, Jose A 357 Caragonne, Alex 433 Caramanian, Marie Esther. 223, 244, 427, 481 Caraway, Reagan James 303 Card, Winnie Glee 162 Garden, Wanda M 350 Cardenas, Charles, Jr 356 Cardenas, Luis J., Jr 328, 346, 357 Cardenas, Pedro N 436 Cardwell, Vicky Ann 510 Cargill, Jack Loring, Jr 413, 510 Carleton, Finis E., Ill 339, 374, 481 Carleton, Robert Lane 398, 495 Carlson, John Leonard 281, 387, 510 Carlisle, Charles Harry 443 Carlisle, Eloise 38 Carlisle, Paula Sue 250 Carlman, Terry Robert 339, 383 Carlo, Jo Anna Michele 251 Carlson, Mary Margaret 60, 63, 78, 258, 370, 423, 424 Carlson, Thor 151 Carlton, Carolyn 220, 236, 356 Carlton, Donald Morrill 374 Carlton, Jerry Weldon 307, 510 Carlton, Lauralyn 236, 356, 443 Carmichael, David M 298, 429, 481 Carmichael, Suzanne 147 Carmona, Enrique E 152, 158, 495 Carmona, Jesse Manuel 158, 510 Carnagey, Glenn Alan 443 Carnahan, Gayle Bragdon 316, 510 Carney, Howard Agustus, Jr 298, 433 Carothers Dormitory 141 Carpenter, Camille 246, 247, 346, 510 Carpenter, Carolyn 138, 140 Carpenter, Charles Wayne 371 Carpenter, Lon P 300 Carpenter, Patricia Dean 147, 358, 363 Carpenter, Shawn Adele 85, 146, 259 Carr, John Dyer 296 Carr, Robert 1 296 Carr, William Richard 316 Carrell, Helen Patricia 150, 367, 495 Carrell, John Craig 367 Carrick, John Lowell 402 Carrico, Kathryn Louise . . 138, 145, 250, 369, 495 Carrillo, Jcse M 443 Carrillo, Rudolfo Bernardo 339 Carroll, Donald Brooks 413 Carroll, James Vincent, III 226, 294, 495 Carroll, Mary 252, 495 Carroll, Paul Winston 339 Carroll, Preston H 342, 443 Carruth, Phillip Owen 183 Carruth, Stanley Bradford 278 Carruthers, Mary Ann 269, 510 Catsey, J. Ben 337 Carson, Paul John 322 Cartee, Almalee 246, 443 Carter, Abby Marie 152, 162 Carter, Ann 251, 510 Carter, Dorothy Evelyn 353 Carter, Gregory Alan 419, 443 Carter, Harold Dee 322, 334, 429 Carter, James Walter 355 Carter, Jerry Fay 85, 269 Carter, John Robert 495 Carter, John Robert, Jr 387 Carter, Kay Elizabeth 241, 427 Carter, Leona Mae 141 Carter, Lewis Ferrell 153, 399 Carter, Lucian Carlton, III 412 Carter, Lynn P 226 Carter, Marva Jean 162, 345 Carter, Ross Richard 288, 495 Carter, William Harold 282, 381, 481 Carter, Wjlliam Junius 419 Carther, Jerry Fay 481 Cartlidge, Audrey Ronny 227 Cartsonas, Helen G 342 Caruthers, Barbara Jean 160 Carver, Connie Lois 141, 495 Carver, Herbert Dale 416 Carver, Shelby Ann 443 Casanova, Frank, Jr 376 Casbeer, Bobby Glenn 413 Casdroph, Paul Douglas 443 Case, Howard Bernard 340, 341 Case, James Howard 80, 293, 349, 510 Case, Paul F 229 Case, Yvonne Dclores 143, 481 Casey, Charles Francis 481 Casey, Charles Harrison 413 Casey, Kelly Maurice 325, 350, 510 Casey, Kim Margaret 223, 234, 495 Casey, Michael Horace 152, 157, 510 Cashin, Jack William 404, 405 Cashion, William R., Jr 299, 510 Caskey, Eugene M 417 Cason, Tommy 80 Cass, Charles Abney 76, 386, 481 Casselberry, Don Eldon 167, 196 Cassidy, Richard Swain 339, 495 Cassin, Thomas Michael 294, 385, 482 Castaneda, Rosemary 367 Castellano, Joseph Harry. .357, 358, 362, 371 Castles, Milford Pike 86 Cate, Charles Cushman 356, 443 Catlett, LaRue Scott 167, 214, 428 Catlin, Linda Frances 510 Cato, Gerald R 355 Causey, Allen 93, 352 Causey, Mary Lanette 358 Cauthorn, James Albert 284, 495 Cavazos, Miguel Angel, Jr 357 Cavin, Martha 142 Cavitt, Stanley Bruce 436 Cayce, Gareth Lynn 142, 352, 510 Name Pages Caywcod, Elizabeth Lou 410 Caywood, Martha Jean 345, 443 Cazares, Alfred Flores 391, 392, 393, 425, 443 Cecil, Reed Hallum 292 Celaya, Javier L 386 Cella, Francis R 405 Center, Everett Clark 443 Cerisola, Pedro Benvenutti 443 Chaban, Walid H 368 Chadd, Marilyn Kaye 255, 510 Chadwell, Janice Mary 146, 245, 510 Chadwick, Thomas Ben 322, 482 Chaftin, LaNell 57, 161, 411, 443 Chagra, Jc Anne Sarah 443 Chai, Hi Dong 340, 419 Chaiyavech, Pramote 436 Chalfont, Mary Joan 146, 255 Chamberlain, Jo Gayle 138, 150, 443 Chamberlin, Roland McKendree, Jr 305 Chambers, Edward Coatsworth 398 Chambers, Hilliard Dudley 298 Chambers, James Oliver. . .203, 226, 295, 510 Chambers, John Charles 302 Chambers, Neva Minta 259 Chambers, Tom D 226, 227, 294 Chance, Joseph Edgar 339 Chancellor, Richard Stuart 217, 381 Chandler, Carolyn Virginia 148 Chandler, Martha Ann 269, 343 Chaney, Charles Robert 295 Chaney, Lynne Riggan 261, 482 Chaney, Robert Stone 226, 340, 443 Chang, Lucia Sun 404 Chang, Wen Fa 419 Chaplin, Byron Larry 443 Chapman, Alton B 37 Chapman, Barbara Jean 510 Chapman, George Camp 314, 429 Chapman, Gina LaRee 268 Chapman, Henry Wade 339 Chapman, Henry Wilson 165 Chapman, James Moreland 355, 398 Chapman, James Thomas 323 Chapman, John Maynard 399 Chapman, Josephine Margaret 220, 423 Chapman, Judith 146, 253, 403, 510 Chapman, Julia Kaye 245, 495 Chapman, Rankin Hoss, Jr 322 Chapman, William Andrew 339 Chappo, Carole Kaisla 349, 352 Chapoton, John Edgar 288 Chappell, Caroline 57, 141, 246, 346, 495 Chappell, Dillard Maurice 383, 443 Chappell, Don Alvin 495 Chappell, Sarah Louise 510 Charless, William Addis, Jr 291, 510 Charlton, Thomas Lee 436 Charron, Jean Daniel 414 Chase, Alice Maxine 495 Chase, Judy Ann 260, 482 Chastain, Jerry Lee 430 Chatelain, Janet 254, 345 Chatham, Beatrice Lee 57, 251, 349, 510 Chavelh, Faegh 228 Chavez, Melchor Camcho 482 Chazen, Lawrence Jack 311 Cheatham, Gary Therman 378, 443 Check, Betty Ann 343 Cheek, Elizabeth 264 Chenault, Louis Wyatt 322 Chenault, Sally Catherine.. 234, 345, 348, 443 Chenault, William Blewett, III.. 86, 307, 392, 510 Chernikowski, Stephanie. . .139, 257, 427, 510 Cherry, Harrell Harrison 159 Cherry, Johnson Blair, Jr 278 Cherry, Rosemary 258 Cheshire, Carolyn Sue 367 Chessher, Sue Jinkins 60, 63, 78, 258, 270, 414, 423, 424, 482 Chessire, Ronnie Ralph 323 Chesson, Beverly Ann 242, 496 Chesson, Beverly Jean 57 Chester, Arthur Noble 286 Chester, Martin David 443 Chetam, Richard Henry 443 Chetter, Richard M 336, 444 Chiang, Chi-Hsien 416 Chiappe, Roberto 342, 444 Chidsey, Meredith 85, 142, 482 Chidzoy, Vivien Deanne Davies 138, 141, 482 Chi Eptilon 406 Childres, Bette Jo 258, 482 Childre, Frances Anne 262 Childress, Beverly Jean 57, 145, 246, 247, 510 Childs, Allen 327, 413, 510 Childs, Berniece Claire 268, 345, 444 Childs, Hymen 326, 430 Childs, K. A., Jr 277, 510 Chiles, Ann 264, 496 Chiles, H. E., Jr 418 Chilton, Doris Lea 237 Chilton, Douglas Hollan 302, 482 Chin, Kenneth Kuo 444 Chinn, Mitchell Edward 385, 387 Chi Omega 246, 247 Chi Phi 280, 281 Chipley, Nan Elizabeth 265. 496 Chipley, Sue Rivers 265, 496 Chipman, Richard Roy 183 Chisholm, Gillington, Jr 444 Chism, James Roy 153 Chisum, Dorothy Kay 57, 234 Chittenden, Margaret Jean 414 Chitwood, John Carrol, Jr 286, 429 Chlapek, Ben Hejl 496 Name Pages Choate, John Linton 285, 510 Choi, Sung Yung 339 Chote, Richard Woolsey. . .314, 334, 392, 496 Chovanec, Charles Henry 371 Christian, Barbara Sue 150, 496 Christian, Eleanor Ann 234, 496 Christian, Raymond Dale 372, 399, 425 Christian, Stephen Willis 496 Chumney, John Charles 167 Chunn, Catherine Ann 236, 496 Chunn, Edward Keith 324, 482 Chupik, Wayne 294, 496 Church, Charles Rupert, III 284, 496 Chute, Aaron Hamilton 405 Clanton, Joyce Ellen Sue 144, 350, 482 Clark, Andrea Lyn Lewis 424 Clark, Charles Edward 330 Clark, Charles T 409 Clark, David Lowell 355 Clark, George Littlefield 298 Clark, Harley Ray 409 Clark, James Edward 444 Clark, James T 496 Clark, James Wheeler 374 Clark, Marilyn Patricia 244 Clark, Pat English 297, 383, 413 Clark, Rann Lionel 307 Clark, Reginald Wayne 340 Clark, Robert Earl 314, 482 Clark, Robert Ewalt 444 Clark, Robert Lee. . . .291, 340, 358, 399, 510 Clark, Ronald J 444 Clark, Sondra Sue 510 Clark, Wayne Newell 167, 186 Clarke, Anita Evonne 146 Clarkson, Edward Allison, Jr 196, 306 Clarkson, Martha Jeannette. . .138, 148, 367, 496 Clarkson, Nancy Lynn 220, 250, 444 Clary, John James 322, 342, 355 Classen, Nicholas William 324 Claybrook, James Russell 372 Clayton, Joe Dodson 276 Clayton, William 405 Clazon, Patricia Ann 482 Cleaves, Ted 428 Cleaves, Wilbur Ratliff 378, 422, 444 Clecker, Bob C 339, 444 Clem, Karen Ann 150, 350, 510 Clement, Mrs. Vernon Wayne 86 Clements, Daphne Peggy. .146, 245, 350, 510 Clements, Hazel Jane 235, 510 Clements, John Michael 393, 496 Clements, Peggy Lynn 235 Clements, Robert Earl 278 Clements, Wayne Wilson 288, 384, 482 Clemmer, Ersie Edward, Jr 82, 341, 355, 444 Clemmer, John Lee 510 Clendenen, Sarah L 138, 144, 248 Cleveland, Clark M 419 Cleveland, David Garrett 381, 444 Cleveland, Herbert Jay, Jr 290 Cleveland, Joseph Robert. .152, 153, 413, 510 Cleveland, Rose Marie 364 Clictt, Nathan Fred 75, 76, 77, 80, 290, 356, 386, 428 Climer, Carroll Dell 444 Climer, Julia Anne 510 Cline, James Curtis 75, 82, 342, 370, 416, 419, 436 Clinger, Robert Kemp 86 Clinkscales, Paul D 306 Clinton, Jack Ray 339 Closuit, Ernest M 342 Cloud, David Frazier 375, 393, 425, 482 Cloud, Martha Marie 162 Clower, Thomas Richard 320 Clyburn, John Howard 337, 482 Coan, Richard Don 296, 482 Coates, Charles S 37 Coatea, John Henry 324 Coats, John H 385 Cobb, James Harmon, Jr.. .349, 358, 371, 397 Coble, John Lee 80 Coble, John Leroy, II 418 Cocanougher, Arthur Benton. . .292, 381, 425 Cochran, James Henry 430 Cochran, Judith Carol 150 Cochran, Rosemary 57, 242, 426, 496 Cochran, William Shepherd, III 316 Cochran, Woodrow H 432 Cocker, Linda Sue 143 Cockrell, Carol Dashiell 264, 496 Cockrell, E., Jr 36 Cody, Judith Verenelle 444 Cody, Richard Newman 422 Coe, Peggy 350, 482 Coenders, Edith 38 Coenders, Henricus J 342, 444 Coers, Donald Vernon 154, 358, 510 Coere, Pat Handley 496 Coettwiz, Bob 77 Coffee, Barbara Allen 352 Coffee, Jerry Lee 340 Coffee, Robert Franklin 338, 433 Coffee, Roy Clarence, Jr 300 Coffey, Jerry Cutler 293, 496 Coffey, Robert Lewis 334, 414 Coffman, Carol Elizabeth .. 220, 223, 248, 496 Coffman, Nancy Jane 249, 510 Cogdell, Thomas James 374, 436 Coggeshall, Judith Amlaw. .141, 250, 369, 496 Coggin, Bruce Wayne 413 Cohen, Aria Faye 220 Cohen, Martin Bennett 77, 274 Cohen, Monroe David 81 Cohen, Richard 318, 402 Cohen, Ronald Dennis 327, 413 Cohen, Ronald Edward 275, 383, 427 PAGE 530 Planning ahead for your electrical future How many new uses for electricity will you enjoy 10 or 15 years from now? No one can tell you today, but men are at work in the laboratories developing new electrical con- veniences you will use in the years to come. And there will be plenty of electricity to operate these electrical appliances of tomor- row. Business-managed electric companies, like Texas Electric Service Company, con- stantly plan and build ahead to keep your electric service supply plentiful and depend- able . . . ready when needed for progress and for better living. TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY Ernest Schmidt, and wife, Linda, shown shopping for their daily grocery needs at one of the friendly KASH-KARRY stores near the University campus. KASH-KARRY GROCERY 3035 GUflDflLUPE 2401 SAN GflBRIEL PAGE 531 Name Paget Cohen, Stanley 326, 444 Cohn, Joel Samuel 311, 510 Cohn, Morton Allan 310, 482 Coker, James Jasper 382 Coker, Jess Richard 170, 320, 427, 482 Coker, Linda Sue 251, 496 Coker, Mack Elbert 285, 413, 510 Coker, Mai 78 Colbert, L. L 36 Colburn, Willie Benjamin 340 Colby, Frank Michael 152, 154 Cole, Barbara Jean 243 Cole, Carol Lisbeth 147, 415, 436 Cole, Charles 86 Cole, Charles Henry, Jr 355, 419, 444 Cole, Clarence Wharton 305, 398 Cole, Clarice June 85, 138, 143, 496 Cole, Colin Jay 276, 496 Cole, Connie Coleen 350, 482 Cole, Donald Powell 392 Cole, Ernest Allen, III 276 Cole, George Walter 402 Cole, James Dee 358, 362 Cole, James Hcbart 378 Cole, James King 226, 339, 377 Cole, James Perry 383, 510 Cole, Jerry G 407 Cole, Kynn Monroe 291, 387, 413, 510 Cole, Maurice Wayne, Jr 276 Cole, Nancy Kay 259 Cole, Patricia Ruth 350 Cole, Peggy Ruth 403 Cole, Ronald Morris 313 Ccleman, Betsy Inez 244, 345, 444 Ccleman, Brady Steele 284 Coleman, Carol Dean 262, 270, 482 Coleman, Frederick Duncan 303, 510 Coleman, James Towson 376 Coleman, Jerry L 342, 422 Coleman, Kay Andrea 57, 254, 496 Coleman, Kenneth Dwayne 511 Coleman, Thomas Franklin 301 Collarotti, Robert Ceasar 444 Collerain, Mary Agnes 250, 346, 496 Collet, Georges-Paul 414 Collett, Martha Camille 265 Colley, James M 312 Colley, Jane Elizabeth 85, 234 Collezo, Fernando 357, 496 Collier, Colleen Heather 235, 350, 511 Collier, James Michael 444 Collier, Joe 374 Collier, Penny Pitt 258, 345, 444 Collier, Robert Lee 291, 392 Collins, Carl Baxter, Jr 412 Collins, Elaine Kaye 267, 511 Collins, Everett Franklin, Jr. ... 391 , 392, 444 Collins, France? Byrd. .76, 138, 148, 248, 270 Collins, Gerald K 339, 482 Collins, Jack Altman . 167, 168, 173, 175, 176, 177, 181, 182, 185, 300 Collins, Louis Harold 279, 511 Collins, Peggy 444 Collins, Sharon Lynn 141, 482 Collins, William Phillip 342 Collins, Wright Betts 444 Collons, Lester L 444 Collyer, William 78 Coltharp, John Robert 355 Colton, Michael Jean 265, 346, 403, 511 Coltrin, Donald George 382 Colunga, Daniel 444 Colvard, Dick 93 Colvert, Dr. Clyde C 84 Colvert, Lester Lum 405 Colwick, Jean Cameron 85 Combs, Floyd Olen 340, 511 Comegys, Cornelius George 298 Comiskey, William Frank 282, 496 Comp, John Jefferson 358, 371 Compton, Carol Margaret 144, 246, 247, 350, 511 Compton, Patricia 78, 146, 261, 511 Comstock, Richard Allan 149, 422, 444 Conally, David Terrence 290 Concklin, Carol Lynne 143, 223, 482 Concklin, Saralee 143, 496 Conde, Carlos D 91, 434, 444 Conde, Eugene R 416 Confederate Drill Squad 386 Coniglio, Mary Beth 91, 138,. 141, 421 Conine, Wayne Howard 511 Conkle, Elena 364 Conn, George David 300 Conn, Jerry Douglas 91, 320, 343, 444 Conn, Marion Edith 258 Conn, Paulette Ruth 267 Connally, Tom Allen 302, 482 Conner, James Arthur 330 Conner, William Halden 278, 399, 496 Conner, William Terry 432 Connor, Carolyn 249 Connor, Reginald Regan, Jr 340, 351 Conoly, Walle Merritt 93 Conover, William Van, II 298 Conrad, Betty Ann 258, 482 Conrow, Constance Bess 256 Constantakis, Roberto 339, 381 Conway, Philip Walter 496 Conyers, Thomas Rich 444 Cook, Alice Estep 258, 444 Cook, Alton Henry, Jr 278 Cook, Charles Peak 342, 416, 419, 444 Cook, Connie Sue 403 Cook, David Weldon 325, 398 Cook, Eleanor Ruth 254 Cook, George Smith 340 Cook, George Walter 288, 402 Ccok, Irby Jack 303 Cook, Jennings Bryan, Jr 397 Name Pages Cook, Jerry Carltcn 183 Cook, John Allen, Jr 183, 383 Cook, Mary Eliz abeth 367 Cook, Mervin B 324 Cook, Patricia Gail 143, 258, 496 Cook, Wilson Clarke 85, 370, 382, 482 Cooke, Iscra 151 Cooke, John Curzon 339, 374 Cooksey, Frank Cloud 74, 78, 87, 409 Cookston, Terrell Marion 312 Coonrod, Robert Kenneth, Jr 384 Cooper, Albert Everett 419 Cooper, Bythel Kelly, Jr.. .340, 407, 419, 444 Cooper, Den Merle 152, 153 Cooper, Frances Lee 370, 424 Cooper, Ina Louise 358, 511 Cooper, John Clifton 324, 339, 392, 482 Cooper, Judy 511 Cooper, Larry George 167, 168, 175, 180, 181,300 Cooper, Malcolm Lane 298 Cooper, Mary Allwyn 236, 369, 482 Cooper, Merlyn Don 284 Cooper, Michael Ross. . .75, 77, 85, 302, 429, 482 Cooper, Nina 414 Cooper, Sandra Carla 254, 270, 496 Cooper, Tanis Ellyn 252, 496 Coopwood, Kate Ellis 223, 258, 426, 496 Co-Ordinator ' i Council 160 Cope, Evelyn Olene 148, 403, 511 Copeland, Colleen 56, 57, 138, 146, 248, 350, 496 Copeland, James William 157 Copeland, John William 300 Copeland, Terry Duane 482 Copeland, William Noel 430, 444 Corral, Fernando E 445 Corbell, Lou Ann 143, 444 Corbin, Daniel B 348 Corcoran, Mary Lee 150, 496 Corder, Richard Wade 358, 422 Corgey, Sophia Ellen fill Corky, Julia 265 Cornelius, Sharon Gertrude 85 Cornell, Patricia Celesti 482 Corner, Rosemary 402 Cornish, Lieutenant Colonel George H. . . 380, 425 Correll, Louise Butts 141, 496 Corso, Richard Leonard . . .282, 339, 422, 496 Cortez, Lionel Mauro, Jr fill Corwin, Henry Michael 307 Cosby, Robert Lowell 420 Cosgrove, Frank Peter 376, 417 Cosmus, Cynthia 245 Cosner, Dail Warren 312, 480 Costantino, Benjamin Ross 1 49, 445 Cotera, Betty 364 Cotharn, Barbara Faye 145, 511 Gotten, Johnny W 167, 196 Gotten, Michael Barry. ... 167, 168, 175, 176, 177, 288, 429 Cottingham, Linda Yancey 445 Cotton, Nancy Jean 60, 75, 76, 78, 138, 146, 264, 403, 424, 426 Cotulla, William Lawrence 272, 480 Couch, Patty Dean 138, 148, 256 Couch, Paul David 84, 86, 399, 422, 482 Council, Wilma Dell 147, 51 1 Counts, Richard Bailey 322 Courtney, Jacqueline T 411 Courts, Howard Robert 445 Cousins, Walter, Jr 417 Covington, Cora Faye 148 Cowan, Edward A 76, 414 Cowan, James Wyatt 374 Cowan, Kay 260, 482 Cowan, Maurice Edward 334, 428, 445 Cowan, William Ross 228, 377 Cowart, Pat Margaret 139, 436 Cowell, Diane Lee 57, 246, 345, 482 Cowing, Chris Finks 303, 399, 511 Cowman, Harry, Jr 496 Cowper, Sally Belle. 68, 84, 85, 260, 345, 370, 445 Cox, Alonzo B 405 Cox, Becky 139, 251, 349, 511 Cox, Beverly 77, 234, 482 Cox, CarenMaynett 146,511 Cox, Charlie Robert 167 Cox, Charlotte Ann 268, 445 Cox, Connie Leon 406, 4 19, 445 Cox, Darrell G 230, 355 Cox, Frank Berlin 293, 384, 511 Cox, Franklin Lanier 34, 405 Cox, Howard T 37 Cox, James Albert 291, 413, 511 Cox, Keith Kohn 75, 84, 418, 422 Cox, Martin C 482 Cox, Maynette 426 Cox, Myrlan A 245, 511 Cox, Wilbur Lee 355 Cox, William Lee 511 Coym, Willie Lorene 85, 138, 146, 268, 403, 496 Cozby, Raymond Wilson, Jr 300 Crabb, Dal Ed 154, 482 Crabtree, Carolyn Camille 147, 371 Craddock, Larry Jay 278, 482 Craft, Carol Anne 161 Craft, Lynda Lee 240, 350, 496 Craft, Randle Robert, Jr 77, 355, 413 Craft, Russell 432 Craig, Charles D 284 Craig, Dwight 496 Craig, Jerry West 342, 416, 419, 445 Craig, John 91 Craig, John Almon 297, 511 Name Pages Craig, Paula June 76, 86, 256, 345, 352, 423, 445 Craig, Preston G 288, 496 Craig, Ronald Wayne 82, 340 Crain, James Patrick 482 Grain, Julianne 415 Crain, Karen 258, 345 Crain, Newton Mitchell, III 321, 496 Crain, Walter Robert 288 Cramer, Dorothy Lea 141, 346 Cramer, Mary Lee 80, 85, 268, 370, 496 Crane, Patrick Bennett 305 Cranford, Virginia Alden 366, 482 Craven, Frank E 432 Craven, Lionel, Jr 482 Craven, Susan Carol 511 Cravens, Mary Cecelia 261, 482 Craver, Thomas Howard 203, 303, 5 1 1 Craver, Virginia Ruth 146, 269, 511 Craver, William Lionel, Jr 302 Cravy, Michael George 382, 511 Crawford, Charles Robert 482 Crawford, Horace L 336 Crawford, James Ross 279 Crawford, John Milton, Jr.. .68, 80, 152, 157, 358, 362, 428, 482 Crawford, Kay 251 Crawford, Lawrence D 342 Crawford, Lucy Kathleen 148 Crawford, Mary Edna 260 Crawford, Robert Lee 364 Crawford, Travis Roy 86, 272, 428, 445 Crawfcrd, William Ester 496 Crawford, Woodrow Wayne 306 Crawley, Dclph R 445 Craze, Roberta Jeanne 360 Creager, Charles Chanceford, III .... 375, 392 Creager, Edward Byers 384 Creager, William Ferrol 384, 496 Creech, Bob Thomas 445 Creech, Donald Stewart 445 Creedle, George Robert 419 Creekmore, Wynne Louis, Jr 285, 392, 511 Creel, Elbert 302 Creer, Philip Douglas 32 Creer, Philip Douglas, Jr 312 Creer, Robert Crame 313 Cremer, Charles Arthur 86 Crenshaw, Robert Allen 413, 422 Creveling, John William 226, 316 Crews, Gayla Ann 161 Crews, Paul C 511 Crider, Allen Billy fill Crier, Jack Stanley 420, 433, 445 Crippen, Robert Laurel 355, 419 Crippen, Virginia Ellen Hill 412 Criswell, Patricia Ann 496 Crittenden, Butler Parnell, III 280, 496 Crittenden, Martha Nell 496 Crocker, Toy Kay 85, 144, 234 Crockett, Clyde Harrison 496 Crockett, Jack Russell 284, 342 Crockett, William Arthur 314 Croft, Leland Chancy 79, 300, 428 Croft, Dona Lee 140, 260 Cromack, Bertrand Monroe, III 297 Cromack, Charles Wade fill Cromack, John Robert 312 Cromack, Nancy Lind 269, 511 Cronenberger, Joe Helen 147, 402 Crook, James Jeffery 315 Cropper, Michael Dale 295, 413 Crosby, Howard Neil 149, 342 Crosby, Linda Valois 147 Crossley, George David 92, 93, 430, 496 Crosslin, Hiawatha 138, 148 Crosswell, Oscar Holcombe 317 Crouch, Judith Ann 245, 496 Crouch, Sharon Jovay 138, 143, 482 Crow, Carla Jo 161 Crow, Carole Elizabeth 143, 248, 496 Crow, Christopher 293, 387 Crow, Nancy Sue 269, 511 Crowell, Robert William 340, 496 Crowell, Thomas Nendell 314, 370, 496 Crcwhurst, William Robert 340, 445 Crow ' s Neil Club 375 Croxson, John R 305 Crum, John Kistler 339 Cruse, Rex Beach 496 Crutcher, Mary Laura 260, 414 Crutsinger, Gerald Glynn 276, 342, 382 Crutsinger Gerlad F 482 Cruz, Oscar 154, 382 Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido 339 Cryer, Herman Lee 445 Cuellar, Alfredo, Jr 154 Cuellar, Sylvia 76, 86, 249, 349. 482 Culberson, Judge Olin 378, 476 Culbertson, Carol Clark 2JO, 445 Culbertson, Joan Elizabeth 148, 251 Culley, Margaret Virginia 237, 511 Cullinan, Melinda Elaine 611 Cullum L. H 38 Culp, Paul Meredith 306 Culpepper, John Cecil, Jr 302, 445 Culpepper, John Patrick 183 Culver, James Douglas 302, 482 Gumming, Joy Anne 348, 511 Cummins, Cornelia Ann 264, 445 Cummins, Mary Malcolm 482 Cummins, Ralph H 37 Cundiff, Edward William 405 Cunningham, Ann Louise 254, 496 Cunningham, Betty Ruth 243, 426 Cunningham, Donald Keith 314, 496 Cunningham, Donna Gail 367 Cunningham, Edwin Richard 339 Cunningham, Mrs. Herbert 1 367 Cunningham, Joe Hurley 611 Name Paget Cunningham, Joe Hurley, III 358, 422 Cunningham, Judy Glen 256 Cunningham, Talmage Ray 196, 200 Cunningham, William A 339, 409, 419 Cupit, James Malcolm 445 Curb, Noel Thomas 413 Curby, Harold Ray 482 Curran, James Michael 313 Curran, John Francis 378 Currie, Jim David 301 Currie, Laurin C 378, 422, 482 Curry, Charles Nathan 511 Curry, John Earl 387, 496 Curry, Norton 422 Curson, Charles Randolph 203, 413 Curtain Club 352 Curtin, James G 482 Curtino, Diana 161 Curtis, Alan Neil 383 Curtis, Allee 261, 348, 349, 496 Curtis, Barbara Ann 257, 511 Curtis, Jewel 75, 365, 410, 482 Curtis, John Day 152, 159, 399, 496 Curtis, Martha Ann 254 Cutbirth, J. Brown 37 Cutter, Irving Taylor, III 287, 380, 382, 388, 427, 482 Cutter, Royce Linton 286 Cyprus, Gerald Steven 149, 413, 496 Cyrus, Nancy Katherine 85, 246, 496 Cytrin, Minna Rae 238 D Dabney, Lancaster E 414 Dagerath, Virginia Beth 511 Dahman, Mohamed Nouman 368 Dahse, Byron Paul 340 Dahse, Elaine 1 345 Daigle, Barbara Ann 147, 344, 482 Dailey, Rachel Sims 139, 496 Daily, Barbara Sue 267, 511 Daily, Joyce Deanna 266 Daily, Leon J. Jr 310, 445 Daily, Richard Lee 405 Daleo, Frank Anthony 511 Daley, Nicholas George 149 Daltcn, John William 273, 51 1 Daneshrad, Albert 339, 445 Daniel, Carroll Ray 229 Daniel, Charlotte Camille. . .85, 236, 369, 482 Daniel, Daravene 260, 496 Daniel, Glenn Mackey 413 Daniel, James Thomas 358, 511 Daniel, Price 26 Daniel, Sandra Alene 141 Daniell, Catherine Carroll 246, 482 Daniels, Anita Roberts 482 Daniels, Calvin Lee 482 Daniels, Dian 86 Daniels, James Duff 305, 511 Daniels, Maxie Dian 611 Danna, Patricia Ann 256, 346, 496 Dannels, Delbert Glen 354 Dannenbaum, James D 75, 82, 278, 372, 406, 413, 428, 482 Danziger, Betsy Lana 266, 496 Darby, Alan Wilson 348, 349 Darby, Anne McKeever 264, 346, 445 Darby, George Leendon 496 Darby, Jo Ann 496 D ' Arcy, Linda Mayris 246, 343, 415, 482 Darley, William G 419 Darling, Frances Ruth 244 Darling, John Kimbrell 80, 430, 482 Darling, Ricky Harley 398 Darlington, William Thomas 386 Darmodjo, Soesanto 436 Darnall, Linda Marshall 360 Darras, Paul Gerald 156 Darnell, Linda Rebecca 511 Darrell, Lou Adele 345 Darwish, Mohaminad 368 Dashiell, Benjamin Douglas 430, 496 Dashiell, Marilyn Ann 246, 343, 482 Daugherty, Diane Elizabeth 241 Daugherty, Roy 151 Daum, Sandra Elaine 239 Dauman, Judith Ann 267, 496 Davenport, Barbara Lynn 148 Davenport, Billie Bishop 411 Davenport, Catherine Dalene 345, 445 Davenport, Dixie Lee 161, 482 Davenport, Grace Ray 410 Davenport, Master Sergeant William Hartman 395 Davenport, William Mack 167 David, Mavis Lyle 350, 511 Davidge, Ronald Vaughn 413, 496 Davidson, Chandler 90, 91, 93 Davidson, Clifford William 445 Davidson, Donna Rebecca 358, 371, 403 Davidson, Elizabeth Ann 145, 350 Davidson, Jim King 355, 419 Davidson, Peggy Louise 240 Davidson, Thomas Quincy 323, 350, 386 Davidson, William Claude, Jr.. .314, 350, 428 Davidson, William Lewis 407, 419 Davies, Will Sullivan, Jr 333, 511 Davis, Bill 350 Davis, Bonnie Martha 260 Davis, Charlene 445 Davis, Charles Francis 285, 511 Davis, Daniel Strawn 323, 342,511 Davis, Danney Oldham 339 Davis, Dorothy Diane 248, 482 Davis, Dorothy Gayle.. .56, 57, 237, 350, 511 David, Douglas James 402 Davis, Doyle Lynn 407, 445 Davis, Earl 323 PAOE 532 Name- Pagei Davis, Yeoman First Class Edmond E. . .390 Davis, Elisa Savilla 139, 511 Davis, Farrar Montgomery 303 Davis, Harry Lee 406, 419 Davis, Henry Michael 319, 511 Davis, Herbert Allen 310 Davis, Howard Wingfield 290 Davi?, J. Wed, III 314 Davis, James Edward 339, 419, 445 Davia, James Ray 511 Davis, Jerry Donald 167, 324, 482 Davis, Joe D 342 Davis, John Emerson 376, 417 Davis, John Lee 276, 346 Davis, John McCampbell 323, 384 Davis, John Marvin 350, 358 Davis, Judith Marie 255, 511 Davis, K. U., Jr 314 Davis, Kim 408 Davis, Larry N 422, 511 Davis, Lenita Kay 259 Davis, Lois Charlene 161, 345 Davis, Louie Bob 398, 611 Davis, Louis Erwin 358 Davis, Louise Carol 238, 482 Davis, Marian Belle 412 Davis. Mary Anne . 250, 445 Davis, Mary Patricia 511 Davis, Morgan, J 418 Davis, Morns Garland 87, 434 Davis, Pat Ward 296, 496 Davis, Paul White 496 Davis, Peggy Jean 138, 146, 248, 496 Davis, Ralph Stewart, Jr 434 Davis, Robert Cecil 157 Davis, Robert Wade 408, 445 Davis, Ruby Kay 139, 358, 371 Davis, Ruth 415 Davis, Stephen Haliday 275 Davis, Stewart, Jr 90, 91 Davis, Tedd E 496 Davis, Tom Martin 294 Davis, William Andrew 342 Davis, William Ed 371 Davis, William Robert 342 Davis, Winston Earl 342 Davis, Yvonne Denise 496 Dawe, Jessamon 421 Dawkins, Lola 415 Dawson, Dolphia Ann.138, 151, 344, 411, 445 Dawson, Dorothy 370, 423 Dawson, Gerald Ronald 227, 496 Dawson, John Coleman 294, 480 Dawson, Raymond Filemore 406 Dawson, William Henry 496 Day, Billy Bernard 428, 445 Day, Deanne Dale 161 Day, Fred WinBeld, Jr 420 Day, Ruth Elizabeth 248, 496 Day, W. Howard 286 Dayvault, Helen Patterson 264, 496 Deal, Edgar Jackson 372 Dean of Men and Student Life 39 Dean of Women 39 Dean, Peggy Joyce 147, 445 Dean, Sandra Lee 145 Dean, Sidney Milton 445 De Arkos, Francisco J 357 Deason, Evelyn Yvonne 152, 160 Deason, Switzer Leon 511 Deathe, Helen Norwood 149 De Bardeleben, Michael Linda 162, 445 DeBerry, Diane 237, 511 Debes, Arlene Leah 139 De Bois, John Allen 346 Dechard, James William 413 Dechard, Jonathan Frank 402 Defarges, John Warner 306, 339, 482 DeFee, David Lee 307, 511 Deffebach, Annabeth 511 Deffebach, Donald Morris.. 340, 382, 422, 496 Deffebach, Mary Ethlyn 250, 369 DeFord, Ronald Kinnison 419 Defoyd, Jim Lynn 446 Degenhart, Paul W 349 DeGeurin, Richard MacDowell 322, 497 Dehlinger, Jerry Paul 300, 385 Dehnisch, Sharon Beth 78, 268, 270, 345, 346 DeKunder, Joe Henry 446 Delaney, Carole Jean 140, 350 Delaney, Gordon Randall 325, 348 Delaney, James Cecil 611 Delaney, Nelwyn Irene 138, 151, 415, 446 Delaney, Patsy Dane 223, 256, 482 de la Pena, Richard 482 de la Rosa, Elvira 446 de le Rose, H. Jerry 342 De Lee, Edith Claire 261, 511 De Leon , Jo Ann 256, 348, 352, 446 Delgado, Jaime N 376, 417 Deloney, Sally Ann 148, 245, 511 De Lorenzo, Joseph Paul, Jr 183, 301 Delta Cki 282, 283 Delta Delta Delta 248, 249 Delta Gamma 250, 251 Delta Kappa Epiilm 284, 285 Delta Phi Epgilon 252, 253 Delta Sigma Phi 286, 287 Delta Tau Delta 288 Delta Torch Colony 363 Delta UpiUon 290, 291 Delta Zeta 254, 255 Deltz, Paul Norton 149 DeLuna, Paul Fraga 446 Demel, Karen Julia 148, 350, 511 Dement, Dennie Maru 482 Dement, Nancy 234, 482 Dernier, Jo Ann 81, 220, 234, 446 Dernier, Robert Carl, Jr 302, 432, 497 Name Paget Demming, Ann 248 DeMoss, Louis William. 418 de Moya, Sonya Altagracia 265 Dcmuth, Erika Maria 251, 482 Denby, Walter Johns 321, 51 1 Denison, James Wright 277 Denman, Elizabeth Anne 261, 350 Denman, Robert Fulton 446 Dennard, Betty Ann 257, 497 Dennard, Loretta Ann 264 Denney, Gary Donald 342, 446 Denney, George Ann 346, 497 Dennis, Cassius Miles 159 Dennis, Claire Dene 403, 511 Dennis, David Morris 341 Dennis, Rodrick Warren 384, 446 Denny, Kleber Jennings 295, 511 Dent, Charles H 81 Dent, William Chaplain 404 Dcnton, Irving LaRue 436 Denton, Jack Leonard 446 Denton, Marshall Drue 402 Denton, William Barrett 436 DePriest, Le ' Anne 446 Derden, Albert Leldon, Jr 300 Dcrden, Charl es Richard, Jr 339 Derdeyn-Jcseph, Madeleine Marie-Anne .414 de Ridder, Dana Adriana 138, 234, 426 Derrick, William Paul 152, 497 Dersham, Richard M 337 Deschner, Eugene Everett 497 Desenberg, Dianne 223, 238, 446 De Sha, James Edward 307, 398, 511 Deslattes, Ronald Edward 497 Desley, Rita Carolyn 483 Desmond, Jerry Michael 214 de Sola, Joe S 307 Detmore, Carolyn 352, 497 Deupree, Ann Carroll 414 Deutsch, Harvey Elliot 274 Devall, Charles Mrs 28 DeVault, Marion Vere 81 Development Board 36 Devine, Ann 244, 446 Devine, Sara Patricia 57, 248, 403 De Walt, Stephen A 329 Dewar, Henry H 405 DeWitt, Tommy 320 Dexter, Cindy Sue 250 Dexter, Pamela Ann 244 Diaz, Carlos, Jr 340, 446 Diaz, DeLeon Efren 446 Diaz, Livia Elia 345 Dibee, Khalil 368 Dibrell, David Benton 446 Dibrell, Marlene Mann 482 Dibrell, Samuel Dotson 77, 279, 511 Dice, Carolyn 262, 270 Dick, James Cordell 350 Dickens, Nancy Jean 141, 446 Dickey, Betty Lynn 269, 482 Dickey, Bobby Lynn 321, 350 Dickey, Claire Ann 236, 482 Dickey, Fred B., Jr 295, 511 Dickey, Marsha Joe 139, 254, 497 Dickinson, Gary Yates 279, 497 Dickson, Edgar Hal 405 Dickson, Harry David, Jr .276, 342, 383, 497 Dickson, Isabel A 482 Dickson, Robert Miller 288, 382, 446 Diemer, Harvey Henry 446 Dieste, Antonio Lozano 314 Dietz, John Walter 385, 51 1 Dietz, Richard Leland 405 Dildy, William Dolph 313,511 Dill, Terry Doyt 217 Dillard, Mary Susan 77, 85, 256, 426 Dillard, Walter Maben 339 Dillon, Nancy Newell 237 Dillon, Patricia Sue. . . .85, 236, 369, 414, 482 1 )i n in 1 1 1 1 , Deanna Marye 237, 51 1 Dinino, Vincent Rairden 358 Dirr, Eugene Oliver, Jr 349, 446 Disch, Elizabeth Anne.. 77, 220, 246, 424, 497 Disch, William John, III 279 Dittert, J. Lee 37 Dittman, Clarence William 358 Dixon, Barbara Ann 262 Dixon, Elizabeth Anne 351 Dixon, J. Burt 308 Dixson, Deborah 245, 511 Djao, Er Hung 376, 417 Djojosegito, Raden Darjatmo 446 Doan, David Boyd 78,436 Doan, William Franklin 382 Dobbins, Hugh Grey, Jr 511 Dobbs, William H 288 Dobie, Dudley Richard, Jr 339, 374, 446 Dobson, Marilyn Jean 145, 350, 511 Doctors, Malccm 327 Dodd, Dorothy Verne 352, 497 Dodd, Jerry Lynn 414 Dodds, Kenneth Brien 404 Dodge, William George, Jr 204, 511 Dcdgen, Beverly Jean 260, 446 Dodrill, William Lee 273, 497 Dcdscn, John Michael 325 Doell, William Brant 315, 383, 446 Doeppenschmidt, Joan Carolyn. 139, 246, 247 Doggett, John Rentz, III 370, 391, 392, 422, 446 Dcherty, Andrew Joseph 287, 375, 392 Doherty, Diane 76, 250 Doig, Larry Joseph 339, 482 Doke, Homer Maurice 167, 168, 174, 177, 184, 185, 320, 339, 429, 446 Dolce, Charles Leonard 324, 350, 446 Doles, Linda Ellen 511 Dolley, James Clay 34, 405 Dominey, Joseph Hudgens 280, 392, 430 SALUDOS AMIGOS AUSTIN ' S BIG FOUR EL TORO A Touch of " Old Seville " amlrM (W MdhUbuM v MONROE ' S EL MAT Home of the original " Crispy Tocos " EL CHARRO Specializing in Delivery Service PAGE 533 Name Pages Domingucs, Francis Joseph 511 Domning, Dolores Eleanor 250 Donaghe, Patricia Ann 497 Donaghey, John Earl 384 Donaghey, Lewis Wheller.,337, 404, 422, 428 Donahoe, Frankie 160 Donnally, Terry Lou 497 Donnell, Ben Addison 302, 429 Donnelly, Mariam Ruth 85 Donnelly, Saza Dee 139, 482 Donop, Gordon Turne 483 Donovan, Leo Thomas 405 Donovan, William Clark 322 Donsky, Cal L 319, 511 Dorbandt, John Thomas 328, 392, 483 Dorbandt, William Moore 329, 512 Dorchester, Deanna 86, 259, 349, 512 Dornberger, Werner William 336, 406 Dorough, Catherine Elaine 223, 234, 497 Dorrell, Lou Adele 260, 446 Dorrell, Robert Bynum 299, 512 Dorris, Kenneth Lee 339 Dorris, Robert 295 Doss, Glen Porter 355, 398 Doss, Roberta Ann 236, 497 Dossey, Larry Gene 413 Dossmann, Sterly Glen 422 Doty, E. William 32 Doubrava, Charles Eddie 483 Douds, Robert Frederick 276 Dougharty, Marvin Edgar 340 Dougherty, Michael A 383 Dough tie, Charles Toney 339 Doughtie, Margaret Arlene 256 Doughtie, Venton Levy 419 Douglas, Dona Margaret 85, 24 1 Douglas, Howard Eugene 333, 512 Douglas, John Winston 276, 446 Douglas, Mary Lurline 57, 144, 483 Douglas, Olen LaRoy 432 Douglas, Ronald Erwin 297 Douglas, Townsend Wade 314 Douglas, Walter Brockman 342 Douglass, Richard E 397 Douglass, Robert Raymond 32 Dove, John Robert 399 Dove, Richard Oral. . .339, 359, 362, 374, 429 Dow, Donald Douglas 325, 497 Dowdle, Don Michael 167, 168, 173, 175, 177, 178, 18 1 Dowdle, Robert Short 483 Dowdy, Carol Kay 326, 483 Dowdy, Janie Kaye 138, 141, 497 Dowling, Mary Diane 264 Downes, Adrienne Marie 150, 241, 512 Downes, James Ed 342 Downs, Dorothy Louise 403, 512 Downing, Dolores Eleanor 80 Downing, Roberta Lee. 91, 250, 421, 423, 446 Downtam, Robert Lee 367, 446 Dozier, Eugene Joseph 229, 300 Draeger, Carolyn 403, 512 Drake, Augustus Ventors Charles 302 Drake, Floyd Richard 324, 383, 483 Drake, Francis Ann.... 77, 138, 148, 260,424 Drake, Peggy Joyce 160, 345, 353, 446 Drake, Roberta Maye 497 Drake, Royce Allison 372 Drake, Samuel Coleman. . .340, 349, 375, 393 Drake, Susan Rivers 254, 497 Drawert, James George 273 Drawert, Thomas Anthony 272, 483 Dresser, Edwin Randolph 153, 512 Drew, Earl Edwin 446 Drewa, Allan Louis 372 Drewyer, Ronald P 372 Dreymala, Clarence F 167, 168, 174, 294 Driggs, Milly Jean 497 Dring, Susan Jean 138, 148, 246, 497 Driscoll, Victor Amadale 387 Driskill, Robert Earl 497 Driskill, Roger Joe 447 Driver, Jack Gautt 447 Driver, Ronald Siddall 183 Druebert, Ernst Herman 211 Drummonds, James Thomas 512 Drumright, Georgie Kay 246, 247, 512 Drury, Patsy Anne. . .349, 358, 363, 371, 497 Drushel, Bette 260 Drushel, William H 429 Dudgeon, Elizabeth Ann 264 Dudley, James Hudson. . .76, 84, 85, 370, 483 Dudley, Julia Aurelia 85, 265, 346, 512 Dudley, Val Jean 235, 512 Duesterhoeft, William Charles, Jr.. .378, 407, 419 Du French, James 430 Dugart, Verlin Ellis 342, 416, 419 DuGas, Diana Susan 235, 497 Duggan, Arthur Alexander 277, 512 Duke, Mrs. Buford Woodrow, Jr 86 Duke, Lloyd Russel 365, 432 Duke, Michael Lee 325, 350 Duke, Ralph Leonard 81 Dulaney, James T 483 Dulevitz, Alexander Rubin 398 Dullnig, George Rolle 277, 350, 385 Dunaway, James Ervin 280 Dunaway, Jerry Clarence 406 Dunbar, Garland 229 Duncan, Barry Foreman 512 Duncan, Cynthia 138, 151, 246 Duncan, James Bryant 78, 333 Dunham, James Marion 298 Dunham, Oliver Holden 277, 512 Dunlap, Drew Woolford 167, 196, 202 Dunlap, Hugh Graydon 229,284 Dunlap, James Fielding 324 Dunlap, Joan 86, 268, 270, 403, 497 Dunlap, Joan Taylor 369 Name Pagee Dunlap, Kay 141, 483 Dunlap, Richard Marion 497 Dunlop, William W 323 Dunman, James Thomas 153, 214 Dunmire, Patricia Anne 138, 144, 497 Dunn, Barbara Jean 147, 512 Dunn, Mary Kaye R 371 Dunn, Willie Paul 149 Dunsmore, Roger James 370 Dupuy, James Robert 339 Duran, Carol Jean 148, 512 Durham, Gretchen Werner 447 Durham, James Richard 512 Durham, Michael Vernon 315 Durham, Sara Martha 237, 512 Durr, Janice Kay 262, 402, 497 Durrenburger, Charles Pate 312 Durway, Jerry Withers 339, 447 Duseh, Clifton J 339, 483 Dusek, Diane Audrey 146, 251, 349, 512 Dusek, Ronald James 355, 362, 497 Dushkin, Sue Ann 267 Duscn, Delia 68, 236, 350, 423, 447 Dutton, Margaret Sue 145, 237, 512 Button, Tony Randolph 301, 512 Duty, Rhetta Roberta 57, 260, 483 Duval, Charles Augustus, Jr 328, 334 Duval, Charles Mark 340 Duwe, David Ccrbin 183, 214, 301 Duwe, George Doug 483 Duwe, George Douglas 167, 214, 288 Dwyer, Lila Dianne 145, 261, 512 Dwyer, Samuel Joseph, III 407 Dwyer, Walter Scott 402 Dye, Anna Lorine 345, 41 1, 447 Dye, D. Carole 57, 256 Dyer, Curtis B 293, 356, 447 Dyer, Nancy Jo 405, 415 Dyer, Pat Taylor 322 Dyke, Emily Shannon 259, 350, 512 Dyke, Marshall James 300 Dyson, Billy Ray 384, 512 E Eads, John Andrew 324, 483 Eads, Sharon Lee 235, 497 Eagle, Linda Kay 147 Eagle, Patricia Gayle 447 Eakin, Robert Derwin 447 Eargle, John Morgan 340 Eargle, Stephen Tabor 286 Earhart, Charles Earl, Jr 367, 447 Earhart, Robert Francis 149, 308, 425 Earle, Edward 447 Early, Helen Taber 248, 403, 497 Earls, Mary Lillian 353 Earp, Robert Dean 291, 413 Easley, Johnnie Rufus 447 Easter, James Donald 447, 339 Easterling, Judith Anne 264, 483 Easterling, James McQueen 316 Easterly, Stanley Boyd 291, 512 Eastham, Clarence Stacey, Jr 298 Eastman, Harry Jerome 326, 402, 483 Eastman, Ronald David 327, 413 Eastwood, Anneta Jane.57, 138, 263, 143, 350 Eastwood, John Burks 355 Eathorne, John M., Jr 483 Eaton, David Carlton 447, 382 Eaves, James Mills 340 Ebling, Jo Ann 426 Ebner, John Pruett 432, 447 Echols, Carolyn Sue 264, 369 Echols, Charlene 160 Echols, Charles Lowry 350 Echols, Daryle Ann 143, 250, 369, 497 Eckel, John Edward, Jr 299 Eckert, Robert Craig 295 Eckhardt, Carl J 30, 419 Eckhardt, Charles Frederick 386, 388 Eckhardt, James McKinley 416 Eddleman, Richard Neat 258, 346 Eddy, James R. D 32 Eddy, Ronald Eugene. . . .312, 339, 374, 391, 393, 447 Edelman, Barry Howard 327, 350 Edelman, Janice 239, 512 Eden, Catherine Clark 244, 345, 447 Edens, Roderick Tarlton 288, 447 Edgar, Kenneth Ray 229, 422, 428, 447 Edgar, Judy Moiris 141, 512 Edgar, Saiah Elizabeth 234 Edgar, Tommy Clay 422, 512 Edgeman, Larry Jack 291, 399, 512 Edmiston, Charles L., Jr 320, 447 Edmonds, Lester Lloyd, Jr. 87, 94 Edmonds, Roger Cooper 612 Edmundson, Jesse Wright, III 295, 312 Edmundson, Joanne Arnold 265, 512 Edmundson, Lida Lacy 264,369 Edwards, Arthur James, Jr 307, 447 Edwards, Becky Glynn 78, 249, 483 Edwards, Charles Mack 512 Edwards, Chloe 346, 447 Edwards, Donald Scott 497 Edwards, Eleanor Kathleen 268, 483 Edwards, Joe Patrick 302 Edwards, Judy 410 Edwards, Kenneth Dale 211 Edwards, Margaret Anne 248, 483 Edwards, Robert Sammie 374 Edwards, Tolbert Porter 402 Edwards, Victoria 138, 141, 447 Edwards, William Osband, Jr 286 Edwards, William Rowan 447 Edrington, Thomas Sydney 407 Efrat, Barbara 408 Efron, Myra Sue 238 Egelhoff, William George 382 Name Pages Ehman, William Carl 300 Ehrig, Byron Edward 419 Eichenbaum, Harold, Jr 310, 392 Eickmann, Marie Josephine 64, 91, 262, 366, 421, 423, 424, 483 Eidson, Merrill Lamar 321 Eikenburg, John Joseph 302, 482 Eilskov, Nadine Adell 143, 351, 497 Eisamen, Wayne Daniel 286 Eisemann, Charles Warren 384, 422 Eisenhauer, Gene Edmund 336, 346 Eisenwine, Norma Ann 57, 85, 247, 483 Eitelman, Dina Joan 57, 246, 247, 512 Elam, John Madison 376, 483 Elder, Joan Louise 268, 343 Elder, Stephen Thomas 303 Elhag-Ali, Mostafa Mohammed 368, 436 Elick, Betty Susan 246, 247 Eliot, Harriet Ann 268, 270, 369 Elkins, Elizabeth Ellen 139, 259, 512 Elkins, Richard Garvin 303, 512 EUedge, Jesse Lawerence 374, 436 Elledge, Rebecca Daniell 483 Eller, James Murray 300, 339, 383 Ellerkamp, Patrici a Anne 244, 345, 483 Ellett, Robert Leonard 302 Ellinger, Diane Elizabeth 258 Ellinger, Margaret Grace 403 Ellington, Karen Sue 512 Ellington, Billy Morris 166, 168 Elliott, Acia Lee 260, 397, 497 Elliott, Albert John 339, 497 Elliott, Alma Ann 57, 250, 497 Elliott, Boyce, III 497 Elliott, Charla Jean 246 Elliott, Geraldine Rose. 57, 251, 426, 427, 497 Elliott, James Robert 394 Elliott, Joel Cason 405 Elliott, Morris Gene 398 Elliott, Rebecca Anne 148 Elliott, Stephen Clay 396, 398 Ellis, Billy C 419 Ellis, C. Faye 85, 244, 483 Ellis, James Elmo 358 Ellis, Jimmy M 483 Ellis, Melvin Ray 340 Ellis, Raymond 356 Ellison, Bunny 85 Ellison, Margaret Lucile 251, 512 Ellison, Mary Clementine 268, 497 Ellison, Walter Lott 447 Ellzey, Carlos Frank 226, 384 Elmoran, Omran Mohamed 368 Elmore, Janet Lucy. 256, 427, 447, 345 Elmore, Sandra Antoinette 447 Elrod, Donald Ray 183 Elsass, J. Frank 371 Elsea, Mike D 483 El-Soden, Munir R 416 Elson, Marta Ellene 142 Elster, Arlene Carol 145, 253, 512 Ely, Sally Jean 268, 343, 483 Ely, William R 284 Embrey, Myronna Allie 512 Embry, Carl Rice 483 Embry, Ernest A 167 Emerson, Buford Lynn 377, 432, 447 Emerson, Carolyn Ruth 161 Emerson, Ethel Maxine 139, 483 Emerson, Sally Joanne 68, 248, 423 Emery, Wynnell 250, 483 Emmett, John S 313 Emmert, Max, III 317 Emmrich, James William 433 Enderlin, Roy Reinhard 167, 204 Endress, Stephen Gardner 406 Engel, Lars N 350 Engelhardt, Raymond Richard 340, 497 Engelke, Linda Darnell 512 Engelking, Anna Belle 145, 512 England, Donald Gene 497 England, Sharon Kay 86, 146, 512 Englander, Louis Wood 311, 512 Engle, Morris Jay 310, 382 Engleberg, Samuel Abrum 326 Engler, John George. . . .77, 78, 309, 392, 512 English, James Morris 85, 325, 350, 497 English, Kenneth Eugene 300 English, William Ferneau 350 Engram, Bryan Holton 149, 298 Engstrom, Mary Dwyce 235 Enochs, Edgar Hill 384 Ennis, Frank Robert 349, 422 Enquist, Burton Reinhold 358, 371 Ensle, Ernest George 512 Entz, Robert Gene 355 Eplen, Judith Lynn 264, 421, 447 Eppes, Bill Corton 406, 419 Eppler, William Henry 281, 398, 512 Eppright, Margaret Anne 411 Eppright, Nancy Claire 260, 483 Epstein, Sandra Lee 266, 497 Erdmann, Carole Anne 256 Eriksen, Elisabeth Wilbourn 251, 403 Erlich, Judy Phyllis 239 Ermey, Earline Lavern 512 Ernst, Forest Barham 512 Ernst, Robert Clinton 280, 383, 497 Erskine, Mary Louise 78, 246, 483 Erskine, Michael Henry 317 Erskine, Ruth Ann 145, 247, 350 Erskine, Stanley M 37 Erwin, Carrol Gene 376, 447 Erwin, George Thomas 447 Erwin, Jerry Dale 156, 340, 381, 407, 419, 447 Erwin, Myra Lou 269, 483 Erwin, Thomas Dale 341, 422, 480 Eschberger, Joan Alice 366 Eschle, Johnny P. Phillip 167 Name Pages Escude, Marceline Jane 497 Eskenazi, Isaac 340 Espey, William Howard, Jr 372, 447 Espinosa, Miguel Walterio 367, 512 Esquivel, Catarino 372, 447 Esquivel, Edward Hammel 211, 301, 512 Esquivel, Nemesio Gerald 447 Esse, Carol Dean 234, 345, 447 Esten, Martha Lugean 146, 512 Esterling, Roger Edward 313 Estes, Carl Lewis 429 Estes, Peggy Louise 141 Estess, Berthold Henry 284 Estess, Michael Eggeling 227, 285, 512 Estrada, John Joe 402, 448 Estroff, Rosalyn Dale 267 Etta Kappa Nu 407 Eta Sigma Phi 408 Etheridge, Ann Marie 512 Etheridge, Lura Lynn 260, 497 Etheridge, Sybill Etheridge 358, 512 Etier, A. Faborn 415 Etter, Wayne Edward 328, 337, 448 Eubanks, Flo Harden 483 Euba_nks, Isaac Dwaine 448 Eueritt, Virginia Ann 147 Evans, Alfred Burney 483 Evans, Betty Elizabeth 512 Evans, Carolyn Frances 512 Evans, Elizabeth M 251 Evans, James Allen 278, 497 Evans, Lieutenant Commander James G. . 390 Evans, George Wilbur 164 Evans, Paula 261 Evans, Randall Kent 371 Evans, Troy Lemoine 497 Eve, Phillip Henry 342 Everett, John Richard 375 Eversole, Charles Leslie 372 Eversberg, Jon Russ 298 Ewell, Sandra Elizabeth 235, 348, 349, 426, 512 Ewert, William Arthur 277, 512 Ewing, Judith Marie 246, 483 Exley, James Joseph 322, 448 Ezell, Ellen McAngus 403, 497 Faber, Kathryn Lenore 139 Fahey, Robert John 69,352,448 Fahrenthold, Harvey Keith. . . .314, 391, 392, 448 Fahrenthold, Paul David. .149, 339, 419, 448 Faidi, Cherif Mohammed 368 Fain, Douglas W 356 Fainter, John Wells, Jr 316 Fair, David Lewis 277, 512 Fairall, Labon Leroy, Jr 430, 448 Fairbairn, Grady Lynn 382 Faison, Linda Jeane 85, 269, 350 Faist, Norman Phillip, Jr 448 Fakhr-El-Din, Galal 368, 483 Falk, Alvin Ray 448 Falk, Bibb August 185 Falk, Rose Margaret 252 Falkner, James Monroe, Jr 408 Fallek, Larry David 327 Falls, Robert Clayton 396, 398, 425 Fambrough, Dorothy Jean 254, 497 Fancher, George Homer 302, 374, 419 Fanett, Mary Blanche 412 Fann, Sally Eileen 241, 497 Faour, Daniel John 336, 372, 448 Farabee, Helen Jane 39, 220, 424 Farabee, Kenneth Ray 409 Farenthold, George Randy 320, 350, 497 Farenthold, Harvey Keith.. 314, 391, 392, 488 Farenthcld, Paul David. . .149, 339, 419, 448 Fargotstein, Elka 252, 423, 483 Fariss, David L 377 Fariss, Don Gray 351 Farley, Dennis Ray 320 Farley, Mrs. Eva V 397 Farley, James Lawrence 358, 362, 493 Farley, Larry 98 Farley, Ramsey Wayne. . . .339, 374, 419, 446 Farley, Mrs. Ramsey Wayne 88 Farmer, Betty Ann 72 Farmer, Don Earl 512 Farmer, Elizabeth Anne 510 Farmer, James Willie 388 Farmer, Martha Posey 246, 369, 426, 497 Farquhar, Nancy Elizabeth 220, 250, 497 Farr, Albert Pike 366 Farris, Glen Woody 322, 497 Farris, Ronald Mac 398 Farson, Leonard Stephen 497 Fason, Sam Brown 288 Faulkner, Nina Frances 403, 426, 512 Faulkner, Staley 183, 315 Faust, Nancy Sue 483 Feferman, Donald Mark. . . .77, 318, 384, 497 Fehmer, Marie Freida 138, 150, 254 367, 415, 497 Fehr, Edward ScoW : . .285 512 Feild, Eugene Gray 314 Fein, Edward Kalb 326, 483 Feiner, Linmor Benney 318, 483 Feingold, Janice Sue 56, 57, 239 Feld, Carol Barbara 57, 61, 267, 512 Felder, Jean Barrillon 144, 268. 343, 437 Felder, Marilu Joy 260 Felder, Wilma Lois 141 Feldman, Gayle Elizabeth 252 Feldt, John Harrell 294 Felicia Co-Op 160 Felsenthal, Daniel Isaac 311, 512 Felux, Marvin Benedict 497 Fenoglio, Carole Sue 261 PAGE 534 ROY BYRD Specializing in Excellent Service in ALTERATIONS TUXEDO RENTALS STUDENT DRY CLEANING I - 2002 Guadalupe GH 2-8071 1-2610 Guadalupe GR 7-1994 For Finest Feminine Fashions 2904 GUADALUPE Open Every Thursday ' Til 8 SERVING TEXANS SINCE 1896 AUSTIN BROWNWOOD WICHITA FALLS man Films Developed Portraits Supplies 19th and Lavaca GR 6-4326 and Cameron Village GL 3-1958 VICTOR ' S ITALIAN FOODS Spaghetti and Ravioli Dinners Steaks and Enchiladas Pizza Pies Ph. GR 8-0396 R la Carte Service 409 WEST 23RD HEMPHILLS the student ' s FRIENDLY BOOK STORES Four Convenient Locations and HEMPHILL ' S " EVER-READY REBATE " PAGE 535 Name Pages Fenwick, Mary K 345 Ferguson, Billie Jo 155, 240, 345 Ferguson, Carole Gene 234, 369, 42 1 Ferguson, Carolyn Sue 141, 344 Ferguson, Charles Warren 341 Ferguson, Etelka Schmidt 404 Ferguson, Harry D 387 Ferguson, Harry W 37 Ferguson, John R., Jr 94 Ferguson, John Robert, III 497 Ferguson, Jon Edwin 392, 406, 425 Ferguson, Judith Ann 244 Ferguson, Kenneth Wayne 183, 279 Ferguson, Meredith 260 Ferguson, Phil Moss 406, 419 Ferguson, Searcy Monroe 284 Ferguson, Stanley Burnett 448 Ferguson, Robert Benjamin 448 Ferguson, William Wade 355 Fernandez, David Oscar 448 Ferrell, Jack Earl 280 Ferrell, Ralph Tillman 339, 374, 419, 488 Ferrill, June Olivia 142, 350, 512 Ferris, Mary Boiling 246 Ferrone, Bennie A 374 Feuille, Frank Emanuel 497 Field, Eugene Gray, II 402 Field, Janie Grace 143, 410 Fielder, Darwin Lockard, Jr 298, 402 Fielder, James Edgar 293, 512 Fielder, Richard Aubrey 301, 512 Fielder, William Cook 292, 370, 409, 428, 448, 478 Fields, Daniel Boyd 291 Fields, Fredric Earwood 300 Fields, Linda Lee 260, 415, 483 Fields, Mrs. Neta 84 Fields, Paul Peirson 512 Fields, Robert Dwain 512 Figueroa, Francisco Hernandez 342 Fikes, Charles Thomas 86, 340, 483 Filleman, Charles Stephen 405 Fillmore, Lyndell 268, 345 Fine, Carole Ann 252, 483 Finch, Ramon Edwin 340 Findeisen, Allen Gail 340, 483 Finegan, Ann Therese 236 Finegan, Robert Joseph 276, 381 Finesilver, Lynn Gay 78, 85, 143, 238, 270, 497 Finger, Joseph Michael 152, 154, 448 Finger, Ronald Jack 310, 334, 391, 392, 422, 428, 448 Fink, Albert Henry 293, 512 Fink, Lowell Stephen. . . 77, 310, 334, 428, 448 Finke, John, Jr 419 Findelstein, Rhona Nadelle 238, 483 Finley, James Daniel, III 358, 413, 512 Finley, Mark Hanna 285, 512 Finley, Sharon Marie 512 Finn, Virginia Ann 251, 497 Finneburgh, Paula Pearl 483 Finney, Charles Marshall 80, 291, 397 Fisher, Marianne 152, 161 Fisher, Martha Hough ton 236 Fischman, Lawerence Sheldon 274 Fischer, Elaine Ruth 141 Fisher, Burton David 319, 350, 512 Fisher, Carol Louise 260, 448 Fisher, Cecil Woodrow, Jr 332 Fisher, Gene Ray 340, 483 Fisher, Joe J 284 Fisher, John Clark 285 Fisher, Judith Christine 234, 350, 448 Fisher, Sally Dreve 249 350 Fisher, Susan Faith 138, 145, 248, 497 Fisk, Frances Ruth 448 Fitch, John Thomas 448 Fitch, John William, III 448 FitzGerald, Carl Hanson 413 Fitz-Gerald, Gerald, Jr 303, 483 Fitzgerald, Henry Lowell 339, 448 Fitzgerald, J. Anderson 405, 418 Fitzgerald, Jane Ann 246 Fitzhugh, Florence Randal 85, 86, 269, 350, 512 Fitzpatrick, Alfred Fletcher 405 Fitzpatrick, John Burnett 358, 512 Fizdale, Richard Guy 274 Flachmeier, Donald John 366 Flagg, Henry Wilkinson, Jr 381 Flaitz, Marilyn Minnette 345 Flannery, Catherine Ann 261, 483 Flannery, Richard Edward 497 Flannery, William Waring 301, 512 Flato, Shelley 57 Flatt, Victor Bowman 397 Fleckman, Dan Adolph. . . .311, 384, 413, 512 Fleckman, Perry Stotland. .217, 311, 384, 512 Fleming, Ben Terrell 392 Fleming, Deliah Ann 76, 246, 448 Fleming, Judy Lee 248, 350, 497 Fleming, Laura Jean 160, 497 Fletcher, Claudia Lynne. . .268, 345, 369, 448 Fletcher, Rev. Jesse C 344 Fletcher, Kenneth Carl 325, 350, 512 Fletcher, Lowery Thurman, Jr 336 Fletcher, Martha Roberta 344, 483 Flewellen, Margaret Gene 236, 497 Flinn, Edward Lyle 340, 372, 367 Flinn, Helen Margaret.. 39, 138, 345, 403, 423 Flint, Ed M 339 Flood, Roger Ashley, III 339 Flor, Marlene Ruth 448 Florance, Erma Faye 257, 497 Flores, Adolph Cardona, Jr 283, 422 Flores, Peter, Jr 399 Flournoy, Don Michael 437 Flowers, Manuel 448 Flowers, Marye Earlene 513 Name Pages Flud, Lowell Randle 513 Flynn, Theresa Elizabeth 138, 144, 268, 352, 424, 483 Focht, John Arnold 406, 419 Fogel, Richard Alan 275 Fcgerson, Pete Edgar 332 Fogle, Jimmy Lynn 402 Fogle, Lonnie 229, 382 Fcitik, Thomas J 230 Fojtasek, Joseph Francis 339 Foley, C. Lewis 448 Folloder, Joseph Lawerence 275, 382 Fonarow, Robert Alan 318 Fono, Andrew 371 Fontana, Joseph Charles 418 Fonville, Sandra 412, 448 Foote, Alton F 372 Foote, Richard William 306 Foran, Clare Elizabeth 146, 259 Forbrich, Carl Alexander, Jr.. . .280, 398, 483 Forcheimer, Chariot Miller 147, 513 Ford, Alice Olivia 259, 513 Ford, Charles Allen 419 Ford, Don Duane 284 Ford, Emily Ann 255 Ford, Evangeline 264, 448 Ford, Faith 144, 264, 403, 497 Ford, Hamilton 37 Ford, James Stephen 291 Ford, Jimmy Richard 408, 437 Ford, Susan Chappell 86, 259, 403, 513 Foreman, Nell Ray 248, 497 Forester, Rosemary Virginia. . .236, 345, 350, 448 Forgy, John Dee 296 Forman, Nancy Rice 258, 345, 369, 448 Fcrmway, Fielding 339 Forney, Scott William 320 Forrester, Sandra Lane 483 Fortescue, Emily Phillips 246 Fortin, Laurence David 287, 346, 375, 393 Fortney, Walter Scott 229, 300 Forys, Conrad Walter 425, 448 Foster, Betty Jean 251, 483 Foster, Diana Lynne 223, 248, 497 Foster, Edward Lanier 149 Foster, Frank Edmiston, Jr 387, 388, 513 Foster, Jack 497 Foster, Marjorie Anne 268, 343, 345, 449 Foster, Maydelle Vaughan 264, 343, 449 Foster, Phyllis Harrison 513 Foster, Robert Estill 358 Foster, Sarah Rebekah 86, 236, 483 Fountain, Barbara Nell 257, 513 Fouraker, Linda Melissa 139, 250, 449 Foust, Thetis LaRue 244, 483 Fowler, Ethel Crawley 483 Fowler, David Wayne 82, 336, 372, 406, 419, 449 Fowler, Dorothy Macksyne 162 Fowler, Joel Preston 328 Fowler, May Elizabeth 57, 263, 497 Fowler, Sylvia Carolyn 483 Fowler, Wallace Thomas 449 Fowlkes, Marian 483 Fox, Albety Louis 340 Fox, Bruce Allen 327 Fox, Charles Edwin 82, 340 Fox, Major Donald A 380, 425 Fox, Don Lawson 86 Fox, Gerry Lee 355 Fox, Janelle Maxine 267, 349, 513 Fox, Louis James 327 Fox, Mary Ann 246, 247, 513 Fox, Norman H 405 Fox, Patricia Ann 145, 513 Fox, Phyllis Ann 236, 427, 483 Fox, William Gilbert 388, 413 Foxhall, Leslie Neal 86, 513 Foxworth, John Payne 298 Foy, Jim McBratney 78, 422 Foy, Nancy Carolyn 264, 345, 348, 449 Foyt, Charles Bernard 313, 513 Fractman, Joann 239, 349 Frakich, Mitchell Robert 305, 513 Fram, Lewis Bertrand 449 France, Patsy Jo 248, 483 Francescon, Barney Matthew Louis 227 Francis, Vivian Lavata 160, 353 Francis, William Charles 339, 483 Franda, Floyd Edward 340 Frank, Karen Hill 257 Frank, Victoria Elizabeth 256, 497 Franke, John E 483 Franklin, Albert George 228, 324 Franklin, Carol Jean 246, 497 Franklin, Jennie Elizabeth 78, 160, 449 Franklin, Robert James 295, 483 Franklin, Vivien Leigh 513 Franks, Charlynn 234, 497 Franks, Reagan Scott 156 Franks, Susan Ilene 238 Frantz, Joe Bertram 87 Fraustro, Felix 340, 449 Fraze, Lonny Slaton 352 Frazier, Cecile Ann 57, 256, 350 Frazier, David 356 Frazier, James B., Jr 416 Frazier, Mary Margaret Glasscock. . .94, 421 Frazier, Oscar Howard, Jr 321, 513 Frazier, Robert Herbert 339 Frazier, Weston Oren 322, 449 Fred, Randall Stephen 275 Fredeman, Henry Frank, II 337 Fredrick, Richard Roy 298 Freel, Patricia Brooks 260, 498 Freeland, John Milton 312 Freels, Dennis Karl 513 Freeman, Carol Ann 256, 351, 483 Freeman, Joe Hardie 317 Name Pages Freeman, Juanda June 147 Freeman, Marguerite 94 Freeman, Paul Swift 449 Freeman, Peggy Jane 148, 243, 513 Freeman, Sue Caron 498 Freeman, Mrs. Thomas Jewell 86 Freeman, William B., Jr 388 Fregia, Don Mitchell 153 Freid, Gerald Arthur 319, 350, 513 French, Carolyn 223, 236 French, James D 483 Freshman Section 508-524 Freytag, Wallace 227, 229 Fricke, Michael Moorman 280 Friday, Mary Lois 498 Friday, Vernon Warren 339, 383 Fridge, Ernest Marion 449 Friedman, Alan Stanley 327 Friedman, Harriet Ray 146, 253, 513 Friedman, Ronald 93 Friedrich, Elmer Lee 449 Friedrich, Otto Martin, Jr 407, 419 Friend, Llerena Beaufort 412 Friend, W. Carol 236, 449 Fries, Sheralyn Doris 267, 513 Frierson, William Donald. .290, 417, 432, 449 Fritchie, James Charles 315, 448 Fritts, Bill Edward 228, 324 Fritz, Janet Laverne 145 Frnka, Burk Ralph 372 Froelich, Weldon Wayne 432, 498 Frost, Barbara Ann 57, 239, 513 Frost, Donald Harold 483 Fruhman, Barton Leroy 310 Fry, John Edwin 323, 513 Fry, John Raymond 339 Fry, Michael Scott 63, 84, 292, 370, 392, 425, 428, 483 Fry, Robert Aaron 348 Fryar, Allan Cary 226, 307, 377 Fuchs, Richard 374 Fuentes, Jose Eliud 432, 449 Fuhrmann, John Stanley 159 Fulbright, Larry Allan 280, 427 Fulghum, Bland Johnson 371, 513 Fulfer, Carolyn Craig 352, 498 Fuller, Loyce Jeannine 85, 513 Fuller, Sandra Faith 84, 246, 345 Fullilove, Douglas Neal 183 Fullingim, Patricia Bernayz 264, 346, 483 Fulton, Carmen Wren 264, 498 Fulton, Gecrge Richard, Jr 324, 339, 483 Fulton, Michael Morrison 292, 339 Fulton, Robert Perrine 303 Fults, James Earl 183, 299 Funderburg, Jerry Lee 159, 393, 513 Funderburk, Marshal Kent 377 Funk, Joe E 37 Funk, Joey 346 Funk, John 278, 498 Funk, Jcscph Ebner 300, 483 Funk, Walter Burton 513 Fuos, Alton Charles 449 Furrh, Jack Felton, Jr 306, 385, 498 Furrh, John D., Jr 37 Furrh, John Eubank 298 Furrh, William Madison 298 Furse, Glenda Gayle 77, 78, 85, 268 Fussell, Gcraldine Francis 145, 513 Gabriel, Gail 77, 241, 513 Gaedcke, Gilbert Dewey 300 Gafford, Burns Newman 407, 419 Gafford, Daniel Shelton 312, 380 Gage, Sandra Lee 142, 513 Gahbauer, John Thomas 336 Gaines, George Edward 282, 352 Gaines, Robert Shaw 388 Gainey, Hollis H 149, 167, 428 Gainey, Hugh G 339 Gainey, John Michael, III 76, 85, 378, 422, 430, 483 Gaitz, Diane Maxine 138, 146, 252, 498 Gajdos, Grace Elayne 141, 498 Galbraith, Homer David 372 Galeener, Janet Lyn. . .76, 138, 143, 246, 270, 369, 424, 498 Galoob, Debra 267 Gallagher, James L 316 Gallagher, Leonard H., Jr 316 Gallagher, Richard Eric 393 Gallagher, William Jordan 226, 294 Gallaher, Judith 513 Gallant, Stephen Joel 275, 513 Gallimore, Max 293, 498 Gallishaw, Charles 416 Gallop, Illene Doris 238, 483 Galloway, Betty Joy 57, 361, 389, 498 Galloway, Bill F 339 Galloway, Daniel Graham 149 Galloway, Ellen Frances 160, 483 Galloway, Lawerence Cecil, Jr 332 Galoob, Debra 426, 427 Galvan, Mrs. Joanne Eloise 498 Galvan, Jose 513 Galvan, Paul A 342 Galvin, June Beverly 513 Galyean, Delbert Lee 183 Gamboa, Gonzalo, III 449 Gambrell, Mildred Katherine 371 Game], John Paul 322, 498 Gamma Delta 354 (lamma Phi Beta 256, 257 Gandy, Crystal Ann 235, 513 Gandy, James Alton 279 Gandy, James Edwin 186 Gannaway, Andrew Gregory 302 Gans, Melbourne Stanley 308, 340 Name Pages Gant, Joseph Erwin 513 Gantt, Jarvis Duane 407 Garbade, Walter Tell 417 Garcia, Alejandro 158, 358, 362 Garcia, Anita Sylvia 150, 365, 410 Garcia, Conrado 376 Garcia, Fernando 342 Garcia, Gloria 513 Garcia, Henry 387 Garcia, Humberto 402, 483 Garcia, Irma Idelia 449 Garcia, Luis Humberto 399 Garcia, Manuel Hector 449 Garcia, Martin E 449 Garcia, Mary Angela 161, 449 Garcia, Michael Angel 513 Garcia, Nelda Carola 415 Garcia, Pedro 152, 155, 159, 413 Garcia, Ramon Antonio 158, 498 Garcia, Rodolfo N 483 Garcia, Santiago Diaz 449 Gardner, Beverly Whelchel 346 Gardner, David Lawrence 339, 449 Gardner, Donley 276, 348, 349 Gardner, Elizabeth Louise 234, 369 Gardner, H. Lawrence 346, 449 Gardner, Linda Claire 57, 246 Gardner, Milton Uel 338 Gardner, Robert Edwin 300, 498 Gardner, William Reavis 339, 356, 362, 374, 483 Gardner, William Terry 297 Garland, Larry R 513 Garmany, Jane Lois 246, 247, 513 Garner, Jimmy Gene 340, 383, 484 Garner, Lewis Douglass 315 Garner, Mark 86 Garner, Norman Earl 437 Garner, Paul E 340 Garner, William Mark 376 Garnett, Grosvenor Howard 340, 407, 449 Garonzik, Orin Esther 148 Garrard, Martha Helene 139, 354 Garrard, Nancy Marie 369, 449, 264 Garrett, Carolyn Carroll 264 Garrett, Dale Wayne 152 Garrett, Glenda Lou 162 Garrett, James Sbeppard 484 Garrett, Jan Hansen 397 Garrett, Jerry Wayne 340 Garrett, Larry Jesse 91, 434, 484 Garrett, Rosemary 349, 513 Garrett, Samuel J 380 Garrett, Susan Blackshear 264, 484 Garrett, William David 449 Garrison, Ben Paul 449 Garrison, Glenn Lloyd 75, 433 Garritson, Angalee Anson 86, 513 Gartman, Donald Gene 513 Gartman, Ellen Alvern 498 Gartner, Jolla M 141, 484 Carver, Richard Lloyd 513 Garvin, Louis Nelson 296 Garza, Alvaro 183, 357, 398, 513 Garza, Ben L 376, 484 Garza, Bias M., Jr 449 Garza, David Trippe 414 Garza, Faustino 484 Garza, Felix, Raul, Jr 159, 383, 513 Garza, Frank Joseph 449 Garza, Gerajd Allen 398 Garza, Graciela 139 Garza, Martha Laura 513 Garza, Richard 82 Garza, Roel 414, 449 Gaskell, C. George 385 Gaskell, Gunter Kinbrough 316, 384 Gaskin, Carol Lynn 147, 513 Gaskin, H. L 422 Gaskin, Martha Louise 145, 346, 513 Gaskins, Robert Filmore 283, 393 Gasperson, Jimmie Earl 398 Gaston, Carol Margaret 147, 241 Gates, Cameron Herschel 149, 288, 381 Gates, Prudence Ann 139, 403 Gatewood, Sarah Virginia 85, 257, 498 Gathright, Cary Kent 430 Gathright, Marsha Ann 234, 345, 449 Gatlin.Carl 419 Gatlin, Donald Herman 306, 334 Gattis, William Ernest 288, 339 Gaulden, Joe Thomas 432, 449 Gavigan, Owen Dion 383 Gayden, William Kernan 325, 350, 384 Gayle, James Ray, III 197, 200, 276 Gayle, Janice Alma 255, 513 Gayle, Judy L 256, 498 Gayle, Walter Charles 226, 228, 377 Gaylord, Judith Kay 513 Gebauer, Dorothy 39, 160, 423, 477 Gebhard, Thomas Granville, Jr 383 Geddie, Prentice Rielder 313, 513 Gee, Carol Anne 148 Gee, George Edgar 157 Gee, Judson Curtis 278, 498 Gee, Mood Lon 405 Geiger, Paul Frank 376, 417 Geisel, Edward H., Jr 484 Geissen, Lloyd Anthone 387 Gelfond, Israel 326 Gensler, Jay Don 339, 449 Gentry, Barbara Ann 513 Gentry, Richard Bradley 329, 513 Genung, John Allen 183, 229, 301 Genz, Ralph Herman 340, 407, 419, 449 George, Charles Floyd 340, 372, 407, 419, 484 George, Judith Ann 361, 363 George, Norman Ernest 333, 498 George, Ringling Leo 340 PAGE 536 234 .337 .310, ..290,334 358,362 76, 270, A ' ome George, Walter Eugene, Jr. Gerant, Mary Louise Gerber, Irvin David Gerhardt, William M. t Jr. Gerhart, Kleta Jeanne Gerick, Harriet Rae Germain, William Bennett Germer, Lawrence Louis . . . Geron, Mary Catherine. . . . Gerrard, Donald Michael. . Gersbach, La Wanda Gershner, David A Gerson, Alvin Rubenstein . . Gerson, Fred Milton Gerson, Phillip Laurin . . Getchell, Henry Oren . . Geyer, Walter Louis, Jr. Ghcrieb, Saleh Ajazize. . . . Ghormley, Sylvia Cooper . Giannukos, Nicholas John. Gibbons, James Thomas . . . Gibbons, John Lee Gibbons, Patrick Thomas Gibbs, Ann Gibbs, George Durden, Jr.. 391, 392, Gibbs, James A Gibler, Sheridan Taylor Gibson, Beverly Ann Gibson, David Dale Gibson, Dell T Gibson, Jack Farris, Jr Gibson, John James Gibson, Luther Jackson Gibson, Michael Roy Gibson, Orville H Gibson, Urban Edmond Giddens, Harold Norton Gjddens, Kathryn Adele 254, Gidley, William Francis Gierhart, Byron Jackson Giesecke, John Gieser, Ronald James Giesey, Samuel Charles, Jr. . Gieszl, Camilla Beverly .... Gifford, EstelGene Gilbert, Betty Clare Gilbert, Charles Gilbert, Dianne Gilbert, Edwin James Gilbert, Paris Paul 388, Gilbert, Gideon Munn, Jr.. . . Gilbert, James Wayne Gilbert, John K Gilbert, Julius Morris Gilbert, Kenneth Earl. Gilbert, Maline Gilbert, Mary Aline Gilbreath, John Phillip Gilbreath. Lillian M Gildart, Malcolm Richmond Giles, Richard A Gill, Betty Jean Gill, Charles David Gill, Eddie Michael Gill, Ned, Jr Gill, Rose Marie. . .57, 81, 244, 345, Gill, Warren Dale Gillaspei, James David Gillean, Ester Gaylan . 152, 161, 345, Gillespie, Annette Gillespie, Campbell Houston, III. . . Gillespie, Donald Francis 226, Gillespie, George Ernest Gillett, Robert Bruce Gill ett, Ronald Allen. Gillett, Ruth Ellen.. Gillett, Stewart Morris Gillfillan, Janet Laney Gilliam, Burl Darwin Gilliam, James Neil Gilliam, James Wendell Gilliam, John Anderson Gilliam, Martha Ann Gilliam, Robert Pat Gillis, Charles Pleasant, II Gillis, James Kenneth Gillis, John Milton Gillis, Ralph Joseph Gilmer, Terese Inez Gilmore, Carolyn Diane Gilmore, Rosa Beth Gilmore, Sarah Alice 248, Gilreath, Charles Nelson Gilreath, Mrs. Charles Nelson Gimon, Patricia Sue Ginn, George Holmes Ginn, Judith Ann Ginsberg, Michael A Ginsburg, David Michael Gipson, Betty E. S Gipson, Ray A Gipson, Susann 256, Gipson, Wanda Lee Girard, Barry W ' ayne Gisher, Annabella Lee Gisher, Kitty Givens, Edward Swinney GivfTre, Dennis Michael Gjerstad, Gunnar Glanges, Evalea Glasco, Shirley Mae Glaser, Kenneth Roy Glass, Carolyn Edna Glass, Edward Marshall Glass, Martha Jane Glass, Nancy Anne Glasscock, C. Weldon Glasscock, Lanette Ann. . Glasscock, Patricia Taylor .84, I ' agn ...420 484 319 366,484 160, 498 253, 498 513 358 370, 498 290,341 484 351, 422 450 429, 450 .274,383 :;vs, -in-, , 371, 450 368 450 413 392 513 327 371 , 76, 375, 428, 450 .298,437 279,513 .261,498 321 . 292, 450 332 297,513 358 ..314 418 340 301 345, 484 .417,432 316 93 484 .203,513 513 . 183, 299 255,513 328 139,513 312, 383 358, 513 355 195, 301 340 318,498 313 423, 450 ...264 377, 484 418 392,513 288 139, 245 406, 419 362, 358 316 369, 450 450 314 36S, 450 352 292 295,513 384 ...284 513 258, 484 312 244, 345 432 300 450 .300 513 342 384 . ..450 ....498 319 268, 345 .... 264 246, 498 345, 450 .78,432 145, .145, 236, 498 292 ... 235 ....319 ....318 ....415 ....429 369, 484 161,484 ...498 85 244, 369 157,315 398, 413 376, 417 402, 403 147, 513 340, 274 245, 513 ...405 245, 513 .... 268 ...450 ... 260 ..513 Name Glassman, Samuel David 310, 385 Glast, Alan Larry 319 Glazer, Larry S 318, 334, ?83, 429 Glazer, Robert L 319, 484 Gleason, Rcbert Steele 315, 484 Glenney, Amy Jean 371 Click, Donna Gail 239, 513 Glickman, Julius 78,230, 413, 498 Glidden, Joseph Daniel 285, 498 Glidden, Teddy G 149, 342 Glosserman, Abigail Carol.. 85, 220, 238, 350 Glosson, Robert 387, 513 Glover, Ronny Wardell 153 Gloyna, Ernest Frederick 406, 419 Gluckman, Joseph Anthony 86, 311, 385, 513 Gnauck, Carolyn Lcuise 138, 151 Gobcr, Burma Anndean 350 Gobcr, John Y 513 Gober, Marcus Paul 387 Gober, Sidney Long 313 Gcdbold, Anita Lucille 161, 484 Gcdbold, Margaret Evelia 162 Goddard, Delos R 340 Goddard, Joe Gillis 284 Godfrey, Card Kay 248, 369 Godfrey, Thomas Gray ... 340, 382, 388, 498 Godoy, Richard A 159, 450 Godwin, Charles Wayne 484 Godwin, David Frank 484 Goerner, Charles Louis 484 Goettsche, Wayne Kenneth 405 Goff, Charles Frederick 297 Goff, Edwin, Lee, Jr 383 Goff, Thomas A 82 Coins, Eva Clyde 152, 160, 353, 484 Golaz, Carey Wayne.. 86, 365, 417, 432, 450 Gold, Gail Judy 238, 484 Gold, Ruth Estelle 164 Goldberg, Audrey 267, 484 Goldberg, Charles Ned 77, 86, 327, 385 Gcldberg, Herbert Stephen 214, 310, 450 Goldberg, Janice Elaine 252 Goldberg, Roehelle 146 Goldberg, Russell Myron 319 Goldberg, Sandra Lynn 253, 513 Goldberg, Sheila Phyllis 267 Goldberg, William Stuart 318 Golden, Joe Bob 167 Golden, Robert Leo, Jr ?58, 362, 366 Goldfeder, Gary Alvin 310, 384, 386 Goldfield, Harriet Sue 146, 253, 513 Goldin, Lloyd Frederic 319 Goldman, Joe E 274 Goldreyer, Natalie 267 Goldsberry, Tommy Gene 412 Goldsmith, Mary Lynn 79, 238 Goldsmith, Sandra Lee 57, 267 Goldstein, Gail 77, 238, 403, 426, 498 Gcldstein, Sharon Jean 252 Goldstein, Stephen Richard 275 Golla, Emil 420, 433 Golladay, Lannie Erin 498 Golly, Jeanne Marie 513 Goltzman, Leonard Jay 318 Gomez, Dolores 138, 144, 350 Gomez, Joel 398 Gonzales, Albert Glenn 384 Gonzales, Edna 450 Gonzales, Hector 229 Gonzales, Hortensia Maria 152, 162, 513 Gonzalez, Cecilie, Jr 399 Gonzalez, Jesus Rene 339 Gonzalez, Jcsemaria 250 Gonzalez, Mario, Jr 357, 367, 384 Gonzalez, Mary Magdalene 450 Gonzalez, Otila 162, 357 Gonzalez, Raul 387 Gonzalez, Tomas 432 Gcoch, J. A 36 Good, Paul Longfellow 378, 498 Goode, Emma Isabel 484 Goode, Sara Phyllis 148, 251, 513 Goodell, Sally 253 Gooden, Elizabeth Anne 139, 415 Goodman, Jacob Yudy 275 Gcodman, Linda Beth 139 Goodman, Linda Sharon 239, 513 Goodman, Roy Sims 167 Goodnight, James Paris 91, 296 Goodson, Freddie Ray 352 Goodwin, Charles Benton 513 Goodwin, Robert Marion 320 Goodwin, William Ray 156 Goolsby, Dcyle Wayne 320 Gcrbett, Deanna Lee 268, 345, 450 Gordon, Ann Marie 264 Gordon, Fallen Turley 167 Gordon, Helen Gail 239 Gordon, James Duncan 300 Gordon, Joan La Verne 250, 346 Gordon, Martha S 144, 367, 498 Gordon, Mary Lynn 370 Gordon, Patrick Lamb 276 Gordon, Randy 226, 229, 377 Gordon, Richard Melvin 274 Gordon, Thomas Clinton 339, 498 Gordy, Joyce Lynn 234, 498 Gorena, Rolando Rene 450 Gorrell, John Thomas 450 Gorrell, Roger Lee 422 Gcsch, Ernest Miller 340, 484 Gose, Roger Lamar 77, 78, 293, 370, 498 Gossett, Anne Elizabeth 249, 350 Gossett, Glenn Lee 387, 388 Gott. Deene 167, 168, 182,322 Gottwald, Allie Sue 484 Gculd, Kathryn Jean 148, 371, 513 Govier, Robert Allen 350 Gowan, Robert Thomas 278 Gowdey, Janet Keeble 248 Bob Litton, senior Engineering student at the University, takes a look at a theodolite a surveying instrument. Mr. Robert L. Miller of Miller ' s displays the transit. Engineering Architecture Supplies Photostats Drawing Reproductions MILLER BLUE PRINT COMPANY 108 E. lOth PACK 537 Name Pagel Graalman, Babs 513 Graber, Allan Levy 326, 450 Graber, Susan Gail 253, 514 Graber, Ronald Becker 326 Grace, George Benjamin 380 Grace Hall 142 Gracia, Jaime Abelardo 158 Gracy, David Bergen 329, 514 Graduates 436 Gradwohl, Cherry Anne 514 Grady, Adeline Cecilia 367, 484 Grady, Martha Jane 138, 141 Grafe, Ervin Victor 336, 406, 419 Grafe, Ronald Richard 227 Graham, Douglas Claude 273, 514 Graham, Edwin Smith, III 229, 284 Graham, George Weldon 404 Graham, Jerry A 484 Graham, Jerry Van 167, 186 Graham, Jimmy Horton 152, 157, 413 Graham, Juanita Sue 152, 162, 410 Graham, Leon Norred 75, 76, 84, 86, 91, 234, 288, 428, 498 Graham, Mary Ella 269, 514 Graham, Peggy Marcella 250, 345 Graham, William Justin 355 Gramraer, Tern Richard 402, 408 Granato, Sammie James 306, 437 Granberry, John Larry 392 Cranberry, Karolyn Kay 260, 343, 414 Granger, Billie Lcuise 345, 450 Grant, Jack Ronald 312, 498 Grant, Joseph Fant, Jr 333, 514 Grant, Meredith Faye 235, 350, 514 Grant, Stephen Allan 422 Grantham, Joe David 340 Grary, William A 342 Grassedonio, Roy Matthews, . . .323, 350, 514 Graves, Bernice Courtney 437 Graves, Jack Thomas 514 Graves, Robert Lee 286, 349, 350 Graves, Warren Reed 404, 418 Graves, Willard Lee 405 Gray, Bonnie Bell 57, 85, 238, 498 Gray, Don William 498 Gray, Hugh Len 156, 392 Gray, James Terry 364 Gray, Jann Cecille 257 Gray, Joyce Elaine 484 Gray, Lynne Elizabeth 148, 14 Gray, Norma Carol 364 Gray, Phillip Ray, Jr 416 Gray, Robert W 419 Gray, Sally Dugger 284 Gray, Wilburn Earl 339 Graybill, Jerry Marion 399, 498 Graydon, Frank D 35, 404 Grayless, Robert Naviel . . .325, 356, 398, 514 Grear, Joe L 348 Greathouse, Will Hcgg, Jr 385 Green, Amelia Lucretia 258 Green, Arthur Lewis 158, 484 Green, Betty Jo 367 Green, George Norris 331 Green, Gerald Claude 434 Green, John Tatum 405 Green, Lawrence Ray 406, 419 Green, Marjorie Elaine 238, 498 Green, Melanie Rose 252 Green, Ned Allen 398, 498 Green, Tarine 146, 253, 514 Green, Vernon A 376, 417 Green, William Lawrence 276 Greenberg, Gary Phillip 326, 498 Greenberg, Lee Alan 326 Greenberg, Natalie Iris 266 Greenberg, Robert Martin 434 Greenberg, Roland Daniel III 498 Greene Darold Price 375, 392 Greene, Jo Frances 234, 484 Greene, Nancy Ellen 498 Greene, Priscilla Louise 248 Greene, Robin Nik9las 339, 381 Greene, Susan Marion 253, 514 Greenhill, Dorothy Sue 352, 514 Greenlee, Ralph G , Jr 94 Greenstreet, Carolyn Leggett 411 Greenway, Judith Janelle 244, 484 Greenwood, Dorothea Janelle 249, 514 Greenwood, Dorothy Fehlis 411 Greenwood, Marvin Harris 217, 514 Greenwood, P Spann 346 Greer, Chilton Barry 344 Greer, Raleigh Lyman, Jr 405 Greer, Sandra Elaine 244, 484 Greeven, Alton E 302 Greeves, Sam Lile 292, 484 Greeves, Susan 145, 249 Gregg, Charles R 316, 370, 409 Gregg, Dick Hoskins, Jr 316 Gregg, Noel Virginia 349 Gregg, Susan 237, 514 Gregg, Tom Will 484 Greggersen, Herb 340 Gregory, Elmer Richard, Jr 414 Greiner, Herman Joe 355 Gremm, Barbara Ann 139, 514 Gremmel, Ruby Louise 141, 345, 450 Grenewald, Kenneth Harrell. . . .211, 299,514 Grenstreet, Rex W 300 Gresham, Adonia Sue 514 Gresham, James C 339 Gresham, Susan Frances 258 Grevsky, Barbara Elaine 267 Grgston, Jerry K 342 Gribble, Millie Ruth 146, 450 Gribble, Robert Fonda 407 Grider, Sylvia Ann 514 Grieneeks, Laurabeth Eliz . .84, 263, 345, 450 Grier, Ina Florence 142, 514 Name Pages Griesel, John Gem... ...450 Griffies, Elmer Gerald 419 Griffin, Francis Katherine 250, 498 Griffin, Gecrge Lee 298, 450 Griffin, Gordon M , Jr 284 Griffin, James Odell 384 Griffin, Lawrence Lafayette, Jr 313, 498 Griffin, Mary Elizabeth 514 Griffin, Thomas Keith 498 Griffis, Robert Lester 384, 484 Griffith, Donald Scott 399, 514 Griffith, Harold James 296 Griffith, Mrs J M 164 Griffith, Russell Frederick 413 Griffitts, Glenda Gay 244, 369, 484 Grifno, John E 339 Grigar, Louis Albert 450 Griggs, Betty Joan 160, 350, 514 Griggs, Ray Wendell 355 Grigsby, Bobby Allan 159 Grigsby, William D 316 Grimes, Charles Lewis 413, 514 Grimes, Donald Joe 480 Grimes, Gecrge Don 317, 514 Grimes, Pearson, Jr 284, 450 Grimm, Joy Dell 148, 371, 514 Grimm, William R 371 Grimmer, Gary 450 Grinaker, Robert Lee 404 Grinstead, Samuel Tevis 77, 284, 428 Grissett, John David 291, 382, 514 Grissom, David 312, 407, 484 Green, Carl Henry, III 296 Gronquist, Wayne John 386 Groogan, Phylliss Ann 514 Grooters, Emerson Riddick 86, 388 Grosenheider, Delno John 498 Gross, Lynda Kay 410, 498 Gross, Mary Ellen 269,498 Gross, Robert L 278, 484 Gross, Robert Olvin 413, 514 Grose, Susan M 349 Gross, Valerie Lynn 85, 145, 239, 514 Grossman, Gary Schram 310 Grossman, Geraldine 57, 252, 498 Grossman, Joyce 266, 498 Grossman, Myron Benard 319, 350, 514 Grossman, Ruthlee 252, 484 Grossnickle, Zeta Lynne 514 Grounds, Phyllis Louise 150 Grove, Orrin Kepler 312, 384, 498 Groves, Anita Elaine 255, 484 Growcock, Frederick 408 Grubbs, Thomas M 292, 484 Gruber, David Lawrence 309, 514 Gruener, Claude Michael 94, 153, 514 Grumbles, Linda Beth. 240, 345, 450 Grumbles, Marcus Alvin, Jl 339 Guckian, William Michael 284 Guerguin, Carole Anne 349 Guerra, Fernando A 450 Guerra, Virginia Susana 161, 484 Guess, Bailey Lovin . . 149, 226, 392, 425, 429 Guess, Donna Lucia 160 Guess, Liles Clay 229 Guess, Linda Kay 248, 345, 450 Guess, Wallace Louis 376, 417 Guessous, Abderrahman 368, 484 Guest, Floyd Emory, Jr 149 Gugger, Jimmie Van 450 Guillot, Michelle 146, 265, 426, 514 Guinane, Janet Sue 256 Gulley, Helen Elizabeth 55, 57, 246, 484 Gullion, Ed 38 Gully, Phillip Diggs, Jr 284 Gump, Marilyn Virginia 247, 514 Gunn, Cathleen Hill 514 Gunn, Jerry Walker 303 Gunter, John Robert 342 Gupton, Peggy Lou 255, E14 Gurecky, Barbara Jane 150 Gurka, Bill 414 Gurwitch, Phyllis Gene 253, 514 Gurwitz, Robert Earl 167, 168, 178, 181, 318, 429 Gustafson, Charles Richard 282 Gustafson, Dick Griffith 297 Guthridge, Sammy Gragg 258, 371 Guthrie, Janet Marzee 57, 264, 451 Guthrie, Merle Elizabeth 451 Gutierrez, Gloria Irma 350 Gutierrez, Jose Ignacio 376, 498 Gutierrez, Jose Roberto 451 Gutierrez, Lynda Rose 141, 367 Gutierrez, Maria Del Rosario 410, 451 Gutowm, William Robert 275 Gutterman, Marilyn N 253, 1 14 Guttierez, Gloria 150 Guy, William T., Jr 419 Guyer, Lyslc, Jr 342 Guyler, Samuel L 288 Guyton, Gayle 139, 345, 451 Guyton, Mary Patricia 234, 345, 451 Guyton, William Louis 396, 416 Guzman, Enrique 484 Guzman, Marie 437 Gwaiz, Mohamed A. Rahman... 86, 368, 413 Gwinner, Daniel Stratton 312, 339, 484 Gyetvai, Joseph ...371,514 H Haas, Barbar i Jean 129, 267, 498 Haas, Dudley Charles 203, 321, 514 Haas, Marcia Sue 350 Haas, Stephen Allan 326 Haase, Donald James 82, 308, 339, 374, 419, 451 Habbal, Mohammed Tayssir 158, 368 Haberle, Donald Lewis 322 Name Haberman, Howard Arlen. . . . Haberman, R A Hacker, George Wayne Hackerman, Norman D Hadden, Sarah Jane Hadden, Virginia Elizabeth. . . Hadeler, Robert B Haden, Ernest F Hadsall, Clyde Louis, Jr Haecker, Arno Vana Haegelin, Barbara Elaine Hafernik, Ethel Mae Hagedorn, Emmett Nelson . . . Hager, George Washington . . . Hagerty, William Walsh . . . .334, 336, .64, 138, 147, 81, ...141, ...90,91, .340,398, Hagg, Donald Oliver Haggerty, Patrick E . Hauler, Janet Hagman, G?ry Lewis. Hagwood, Mary Lou . . . Haiden, Mabel Beatrice. Hajduk, Harry Paul .... Haile, Helen Josephine. . Haile, Lawrence Barclay Haile, Richard Reed..,. Haile, Robert Wayne . . . Haire, Lynda Gayle. . . . Halbert, Anna Taske. . . Halbrook, Susan Ann. . . Hale, Carol Lcuise Hale, Clovis Ray Hale, Edward Sawyer. . . Hale, Ethel Hale, James Sidney Hale, Josie Hale, Samuel Edward, Jr Hale, Thcmas Weldon Hale, William Henry, Jr Hale, William Love Varnell Haley, Harriet A , Haley, James Richard 355, 375, Haley, John Frederick, Jr Haley, Judy Ann Haley, Margaret Whitton Halford, Robert Harris Halford, Robert Lavelle. . . Hall, Beryl Rice Hall, Cynthia Ann. . . ... .69, 248, Hall, Esther Jane Wood Hall, Farris McDannald Hall, Frances Camille Hall, Ivan Lee Hall, James Davenport Hall, Jesse Berman, Jr Hall, Joe Bob Hall, John Allen, Jr 293, Hall, Levis Hall, Margaret Dianne Hall, Marjorie Sharon Hall, Martha Jane Hall, Raymond Milton Hall, Robert Arthur, Jr Hall, Robert Loring, Jr Hall, Roy Maxwell, Jr Hall, Royce Herman, Jr. 342, Hall, Virginia Elizabeth ... .57, 246, Hall, Warren Fay Hall, William J Hall, William Nesbit, Jr Hall, William Thomas Haller, Roger Louis Halley, James Leon Halliday, Sondra Alma Hallman, Jane Hallmark, Julie Hilm, Kleo Glenn 167, 168, Halow, Joseph R Halsell, Harriet 246, Halsell, Judy Grace 261, Halstead House Co-Operative Halter, Eddie Arnold Haltom, James Norton Hamann, Judith Anne Hamblen, Lester P Hamer, Frank Augustus, III Hamilton, Benjamin Nicholas Hamilton, George B Hamilton, Hobart Gordon, Jr Hamilton, John Clyde Hamilton, Margaret Ann Hamilton, Richard Kenneth Hamilton, Thomas C Hamlett, Charles Frank, Jr. Hamlett, Joel Hugh Hamlett, William Francis. . Hamlin, Royce Scott Hammack, Lyn Ellen Hammersley, Vernon C., Jr Hammersley, Wilnah Mae Hammett, Mike Allan Hammond, Benjamin Griffin Hammond, Harry Vinson Hammond, Maxine M Hammond, Ronald Emerson Hammond, Susan Vandever Hammond, Weldon Woolf, Jr.. .314, Hammons, Edwin Eugene Hamon, Dexter Boone Hampton, Coley Lee Hampton, Daniel Thoma s Hampton, John W Hampton, Linda Ann Hampton, Wilborn R 91, Hanawalt, Lola G Hancock, James Martin, Jr Hancock, Mary Linda Hancock, William Allan Handler, Golda Rita Handley, William Martin Pages 382, 514 430, 451 307, 408 ....374 ....451 410,484 ....451 ....414 338, 451 ....392 404, 484 366 405 ...312 .32,419 372, 451 418 345, 451 .93,514 248, 427 350 ....306 234, 498 ....280 ....398 397 248, 451 354 237, 514 351, 403 407, 419 340, 451 ....415 ...387 Name Pages Handly, Ned Kinkier 514 Handorf, Sarah 143, 236, 498 Handy, Harriet Hinton. . . . 138, 144, 349, 364 Handy, Jeremiah 324 Hanemann, Mike 367 Haney, Carol 352 Haney, Jeanette 139 Haney, Richard Anderson Hanke, Dan Henry Hankins, Linda Elizabeth. Hanks, Robert Warren . . . Hanle, Richard Mahlon. . . Hanover, William Gibson . Ha ns, Mamie Flora Hansard, Charles Edward . Hansen, Keith Christian . . Hansen, Martha Ann .321 ....387,413,514 ...236,345,451 . . .399, 413, 514 339 279 160,451 451 288 145, 152,349,514 ....286 356, 451 ... 339 380 . . 350 392, 514 296, 498 ....514 262, 426 ..164 ...420 ..361 78, 143, 423, 451 ...417 .339, .260, 316 ....350 378. 498 ....514 416 .... 302 383, 514 37 498 264 235, 498 .342 153, 451 196, 498 ....214 392, 451 :i.i(i, 4x4 ....342 ..31,39 ....357 ...414 ...484 ....312 147,514 86 254, 451 172, 451 ....337 345, 451 351, 498 161 ...498 ...288 .514 .340 342 322, 381 ....416 339 321,514 144, 343 484 387, 425 484 374, 484 293, 514 375, 393 369, 484 355, 451 451 350, 358 ...339 ...307 .451 342, 498 268 391, 383 .432,498 322 339 .314,451 37 . 236, 484 168, 498 ...161 ...484 ...408 ....333 .... 267 392, 484 Hansen, Wade Harry 93, 484 Hanshaw, William Green 272, 385, 425 Hanson, Douglas Weems, III 306, 498 Hanson, Ray 93, 352 Hanson, Susan Lindsay 142 Hanson, Wade. ... 91 Haragan, Pat William 227, 229, 285, 514 Harbison, Bobby Lee 498 Harbold, Carla M 414, 451 Harborth, Mary Louise 234, 345, 369 Harbour, Paula Jane 139, 345, 451 Hardcastle, Robert Dalton, Jr 278, 451 Hardee, Harry C., Jr 416, 419 Harden, Richard Don 337 Hardgrave, Robert Lewis, Jr 412 Hardie, James Hilton 383, 514 Hardie, Thorton 28 Hardin, Glen Lee 383 Hardin, John Austin 340 Hardin, Mary Elizabeth 350 Hardin, Sandres Lee 451 Hardin, Thomas Ashby 498 Hardin, William Cervin 290 Harding, Anita Kay 498 Hardison, Judi. 352 Hardjodipuro, Siswajo 437 Hardt, Henry David 437 Hardy, Anita Lynn 256, 498 Hardy, Carole Elizabeth 255, 514 Hardy, Mary June 348 Hardy, Thomas Howard 432, 451 Hargis, Laurie Lee 145, 261 , 514 Hargrave, Helen 423 Hargrave, Marilyn Blackstone. .366, 403, 410 Hargrave, Robert Larson 333, 514 Hargrove, Elizabeth Ann 257, 403,514 Hargrove, Marie 237 Harkins, Janice Kay 248, 345, 350 Harkins, Sidney Louise 452 Harkrider, Francis Edward 312 Harkness, Jess Lester, Jr 306 Harlan, Harris J 339 Harlan, Velma Hazel 1 452 Harling, Susan Irene 260, 411, 423, 424 Harman, Tom 452 Harraond, Dorothy Jo 514 Harnly, Henry J 273, 514 Harnly, Sarah Lou 484 Harp, Bob Briggs 295 Harp, William Russell 514 Harper, Bobbie Ann . . 145, 261, 351, 403, 514 Harper, J D 452 Harper, Joe Wayne 484 Harper, Lynda Lea 162, 403 Harper, Ncrma Sue 514 Harper, Robert Thomas 272, 514 Harper, William Joe 272, 452 Harral, Albert Mackey 337, 452 Harrell, Beverly Elaine 514 Harrell, Billy John., 340 Harrell, Glynda Marian 514 Harrell, Jimmy Joel 452 Harrell, Louise 85, 343 Harrell, Margaret Ann 514 Harrell, Sybil Lcuise 138, 140, 484 Harrelson, Rosemary Agnes Harren, Joe Thomas Harries, William Thomas Harrington, Carole Neely. . . Harrington, Frederick Holsey . 150 300,384 .285,514 ..452 ...437 .404,452 452 , . Harrington, George Sydney. . . Harrington, Jimmy Harrington, Malcom Dale 280, 399, 484 Harris, Barbara Jo 138, 151, 223, 345 Harris, Bart 484 Harris, Carole 241 Harris, Charles Houston, III 296 Harris, Charles Jackson 157 Harris, Dcnna Marceille 147, 514 Harris, Edward Murray, Jr . . . .307, 386, 514 Harris, Edward Randall 284 Harris, Edwin Shackelford 499 Harris, Ella Pearl 160, 353 Harris, Frances Skillman 268 Harris, Gregg Alan 339 Harris, Harry Gordon, Jr 339, 374, 419 Harris, James Luby 484 Harris, Jay Henry 167, 276, 484 Harris, Judith Ann 161, 402 Harris, Judy Mae 150, 514 Harris, Kathryn Joanne 138, 147 Harris, Lane Frank 398 Harris, Louis Alan 337 Harris, Mrs Louis Alan 86 Harris, Mack 349 Harris, Marsha Ann 256, 499 Harris, Mary Elizabeth 352, 484 Harris, Michael Spellman . . . 78, 278, 402, 499 Harris, Richard Claude 323, 514 Harris, Robert Louis 305, 514 Harris, Roger Glenn 183 Harris, Roy Duane 342, 418 Harris, Shannon L 139 PAOE 538 Only a commercial bank can give you complete financial service and counsel. See Your Commercial Banker First THE BANK THE National BANK THE National BANK THE Amc te Natal I Natal BANK AUSTIN CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION MEMBERS F.D.I.C. PAGE 539 Name Pages Harris, Sidon 322 Harris, Steve Wilson 273, 388, 514 Harris, Vernon Claude 336, 372, 452 Harris, William Weaver 432 Harrison, Benjamin Mark 514 Harrison, Douglas Patrick 452 Hanison, Janette 514 Harrison, John B 452 Harrison, John Ragland 284 Harrison, Myrtle Jeanette .269 Harrison, Robert Joseph 484 Harrison, Travis Raymond 340, 372 Harriss, Ginger Nan 346, 499 Harriss, John Charles 94, 452 Harston, Less Curry 499 Hart, Charles Gordon 358 Hart, Douglas 316 Hart, George Tom 292, 484 Hart, Harriet 249 Hart, James Pickney 413 Hart, Janet Kay 452 Hart, Joseph Hill 293 Hart, Lawrence Eugene 324, 452 Hart, Phillip Warren 358 Hart, Sherman Wolf 86 Hart, Walter T 348, 430, 452 Hart, Warren Bryan 323, 387 Hart, Weldon Brant 452 Barter, Charles, III 322, 418, 452 Barter, Gary Lynn 413 Hartfelder, Patricia Ann 86, 259, 499 Hartfield, Joan Jeannette 160, 353 Hartgrove, Virginia Sue 236, 499 Hartley, Brenda 69, 76, 160, 162, 345, 421, 452 Hartman, Adalou 85, 257 Hartman, Letitia Lewis 261, 350,515 Hartmann, Freddie Harry 339, 355, 452 Hartnett, John Patrick 399 Hartt, Carl Marshall 321, 515 Hartung, Eugene Kilmer, Jr 292, 484 Hartung, Georgeanna 349, 515 Hartung, Roger Collier 452 Hartwig, William H 407, 419 Harvey, Charles W 416 Harvey, Elizabeth Ann 257 Harwell, Sandra Lynette 352, 515 Harwerth, Robert Joseph 167, 168, 176 Haschke, Herbert Paul, Jr 228, 316, 452 Hasha, Helen Kay 246, 247, 515 Hashem, Zafer Jamal 368 Hashop, Rebecca Jo 269, 403 Haskew, Laurence D 33, 34, 434 Hasler, C Tom 346, 452 Hassan, Samir Ahmad 340, 368, 452 Hasse, John Robert 354 Hassell, Ruth 412, 452 Hassell, Willis Lee 272, 388 Hastedt, Joe Douglas 484 Hasty, Charles Edward 416 Hatch, Lewis F 374 Hatchell, Mike Austin 272, 334 Hatchell, Tommy Donald 432 Hatcher, Robert Austin 214, 382 Hatchett, Don 413, 515 Hatchett, Julia Inez 91, 145 Hatchett, Robert Edward Lee, III .295, 515 Hatfield, Sarah Jane 234 Hatler, Carole Ann 234, 452 Hatton, Peter Allen 308 Haubold, Elka Charlotte 161 Haubold, Jutta Gertrud 162 Haun, Ann Karen 84, 260, 270 Hauser, Charles Edward 310, 452 Hawkins, Doyle Gene 432 Hawkins, Ervin E , Jr 337, 452 Hawkins, Jimmie Gale 161 Hawkins, Ken Holmes 342, 484 Hawkins, Raymond Miller 386 Hawkins, Sally Ann 349 Hawkins, William Robbins 355, 399 Hawks, Georgia Wittenburg 84, 85, 260 Hawley, James Leeper 292, 484 Haworth, Carol Lynn 254, 499 Haworth, Robert Frederick 452 Hawthorne, Charline 260, 414, 452 Hay, James Clifton, III 313, 499 Hay, Wayne M 229, 230 Hayden , Charles Gervin, Jr 93, 452 Hayden, Gayle Marie 408 Hayden, Mable Beatrice 363 Hayes, Ann Lynn 150, 515 Hayes, Jeff 300, 334, 387, 499 Hayley, Jack F 452 Haynes, David Polk 93, 384 Haynes, James Allen 291, 484 Haynes, Jeff Lynn 77 Haynes, Mary Julette 241, 515 Haynes, Mary Kathryn 426 Haynes, Morris Elwood 432 Hays, Almond Jasper, Jr 278, 339, 484 Hays, Lou D 139 Hays, Captain Robert E , Jr 395 Hays, William Thomas 94 Hay wood, James Edward, Jr 325, 499 Haywood, Norcell Dan 433 Hazelip, Donald Herbert 377 Head, James Leavell 515 Headley, Due Wayne 437 Headley, Marilyn Merchant. 515 Heald, Kay Dell 499 Healer, Milton Bryan, HI 404, 422 Healy, Peggy Lou 78, 414 Heaner, Anne Starck 258 Heaney, Carol Lea 150 Heard, Johnny Neal 77, 86, 331, 449 Heard, Thomas Redginald 355, 398 Hearn, Harry T 340 Heartfield, Randolph 332, 339, 484 Heater, Clare 38 Name Pages Heater, Joseph Richard 452 Heath, David Lynn 398 Heath, J B 37 Heath, John Bruce 218 Heath, Jesse Boyd, Jr 80, 298 Heath, Linda Lois 265, 346, 403, 515 Heath, Marcus Edward 183 Heath, Ruth Lenore 345 Heath, W W 28 Heatherly, Sherry Darlene 452 Heatly, Charles Alvin 484 Heatly, Sidney Ashton, Jr 293, 515 Heatly, Sue 258 Hebert, Emery Jean 418 Hedge, Gayle Seay 247 Hedgecoth, Charlie, Jr 374 Hedgpeth, Lloyd Glenn 342, 499 Heflm, Clayton Ray 340 Heflin, Lois Janette 515 Heichelheim, Hubert Reed 339 Heidelberg, Hoppy Eric 279, 499 Heiligbrcdt, Ludolph William 183 Beiligman, Sandra Kay 405 Heimen, Martha Lee 350 Heinemeyer, Louis Chris 422 Heinen, Martha Lee 85, 235 Beinmann, Marilyn Jane 515 Heinrichs, James Dell 452 Heinsohn, Betty Jane 57, 138, 150, 499 Heiser, Dinah Kay 148, 515 Heitkamp, Norman Denes 485 Hejl, James Earl 371 Heil, James George 358. 499 Heldebrand, James Russell 344 Helfman, William A 274 Helm, Helen Kay 235, 515 Helm,J D 342,416,419,453 Helm, Minor Lovis, Jr 280 Helmer, David Marvin 453 Helmer, William Joseph 87, 92 Helms, Andy Lyn 85, 86, 332, 334, 413 Helms, Marianne 246 Helsley, Albert Norris 324 Helton, David Kirby 91, 312 Heltzel, Emmalee Jeanette 268 Helwig, Annette 248, 485 Hellen, Margaret Dianne 350 Heller, Carleton W 354 Heller, Jeffrey Merwin 167, 214, 300 Heller, John Henry 195, 301 Heliums, Charles Gary 407, 419, 453 Heliums, William Ethelstone, Jr 385 Helmer, Bill 93 Helmer, Marc 93 Helmer, Patricia 90, 93 Helton, Dave 90 Hemphill, Frances Ellen 515 Hemphill, Paul Douglas 339, 374, 453 Hempkins, William Brent 76, 437 Henderson, Carol Lynne 249, 499 Henderson, David Holland 167 Henderson, Donald David 387 Henderson, Glenda Gay 244, 499 Henderson, Jerry William 377 Henderson, Jchn Burns, Jr 302 H enderson, Marion Margaret 499 Henderson, Mary Lou 260 Henderson, Raleigh 345 Henderson, Robert Lee 286 Henderson, Roger Caldwell. . . .226, 391, 393, 404, 453 Henderson, Ruth Marie 350 Henderson, Thomas McDowell 301, 515 Henderson, William Donald 276, 453 Henderson, Vivian Ann 353, 515 Hendrick, Gary Franklin 273 Hendrick, Thomas Gould 226, 381 Hendricks, Albert 282 Hendricks, Gary Franklin 485 Hendricks, Mary Jane 150, 515 Hendricks, Michael Edward 453 Hendrickson, Robert Lucas 336 Bendrix, Ann 265 Bendrix, Thomas Gould 149 Hendrix, Dawn Marie 415 Hendrix, Ann 485 Hendrix, Janet Kay 515 Hengst, Howard Harlen 432 Henger, Rex 282 Henke, James Eugene 309, 485 Henley, Charles Everett 340 Henley, Marilyn Gail 148 Hennessy, Elaine 139 Henrich, Carolyn Joy 85 Henry, Anthony Ray 370, 453 Henry, Boyd Wayne 273, 515 Henry, Charles Marion 432 Henry, Frazier Patrick 312 Henry, John Lee 399 Henry, John Robert 393 Henry, Johnnie Frank 453 Henry, Lyndabel Elizabeth 453 Henry, Martha Jo 240, 361 Henry, Phyllis G 139, 453 Henry, Robert Ernest 85, 515 Henry, Rose Marie 139 Hensch, Carl Russell 323, 350 Henshel, Richard Lee 387, 485 Hensey, Tom B 322, 485 Henslee, Linda Gaynelle Hunter 412 Henslee, Sarah 244, 345, 370, 453 Hensler, J. B 499 Hensley, Betty Jo 499 Hensley, Josette 499 Hensley, Sidney Thomas 453 Hensley, Thomas Russell 430 Henson, Nancy Lynn 499 Henson, Richard Nelson 297, 499 Henson, Robert Lee 292, 485 Henson, Walter Tom.. .76, 272, 334, 428, 453 Name Pages Henshaw, Major James L 380, 425 Henze, Henry Rudolf 374, 376 Berber, John Henry 330 Herber, June Patricia 147 Berbert, Constance Ann 145, 245, 515 Berbster, Jim Richard 305 Berdman, Mary Anne 245, 350, 499 Bergens, Sophie Ruth 515 Herman, Donald S 318, 334 Hermann, Harry Mark 383 Bermansen, Sigurd Wilson. .77, 285, 349, 515 Hermer, Richard Marcus 274, 381 Hermes, Robert A 339, 374 Herndon, Floyd D 312, 339, 399 Herndon, Newlin C., Jr 299, 387 Hernandez, Sylvia Christine. . . . 152, 161, 453 Herren, Janis Jones 415, 453 Herren, Thomas Bood 277, 382, 515 Berrera, Fermin N., Jr 367, 453 Herrera, Pedro Pablo 420, 453 Herring, James Carroll, Jr 69, 149, 170 288, 427, 429 Herring, Robert Jack 342, 515 Herrington, John Athol 387 Herrington, Tommy Allen 149, 315, 413 Herrington, Sandra Kay 515 Herrington, Verda 371 Berry, Rose Marie 415, 453 Bervol, Benry James 340, 367, 387 Bess, Jeanette Lynn 147 Bess, William Buie 408 Besse, Henry David 348, 349, 453 Hesse, John Edward 393 Hesse, Robert R. C 485 Hester, Randolph 342 Heftier, William Frederick, Jr 391, 392 Beuter, Frand August 485 Bewett, Barvey Jackson, Jr 392 Bewitt, Sharon Louise 256, 499 Bewlett, Edward Robertson .... 75, 358, 360, 362, 371, 378, 429, 485 Hewlett, Lan Lemuel 164 Hickey, James Byrne 331, 515 Hickman, Judith Ann 248, 345, 369, 453 Bickman, Paula Gayle 258, 485 Bickox, Charles Ewing, Jr 278 Bickox, William Horace, III 515 Hicks, Linda Jean 162 Hicks, Malcolm Scott 322 Hicks, Phyllis Marie 234 Hicks, Sarah E 138, 139, 411,453 Hicks, Thomas Patterson 499 Hieatt, Betty Louise 77, 256, 499 Higginbotham, Donald 307 Biggins, Auburn Lee 229, 377 Biggins, Brin 268 Biggins, Diane 264, 499 Biggins, Erin 453 Highland, Lenore Carol 234 Hightower, John Buckner 321, 515 Hightower, Robert Cameron 79, 409, 428 Higley, Robert 380 Hilderbrand, Stephen Walter 168, 485 Hilker, Tom Charles 499 Hill, Barbara Almeta 353 Hill, Carol Jenean 85, 255, 515 Bill, Carolyn Jean 251 Bill, Charles Melvin 398 Bill, Constance Faye 57, 246, 247, 515 Hill, Danny M 340 Hill, Dexter 339, 378, 419, 428, 453 Hill, Erwin, Fulton, Jr 316, 485 Hill, Gail Frances Bennett 3SO Hill, James Edwin, Jr 295, 485 Bill, Jane Andrea 57, 85, 268 Bill, John Michael 288 Bill, John Patterson 317, 515 Hill, Jo Marie 57, 453 Hill, Jon Michael 499 Hill, Joseph M., Jr 276 Hill. Kathryn 85, 86, 144, 235, 499 Hill, Kennard Frank 373, 393 Bill, Nancy Elizabeth 264, 270, 343 Bill, Oliver 344, 355 Hill, Otis Gillette 276 Hill, Richard Lionel 339, 422 Hill, Surrenden Kay 80, 241, 270 Bill, Victor 515 Bill, Virginia Elizabeth 499 Billard, Mila Jean 146, 815 Hilley, Larry Curtis 302, 499 Billiard, Frank Warren 314 Billiard, Roy Albert, Jr 316 Hillin, Donald Ashley 301 Billin, Robert K 300 Bilmi, Fetouh Abdul 368 Bilton, Marjorie Elizabeth 57, 246, 453 Bimmelblau, David Mautner. . . 339, 374, 419 Bing, Kunthap 339, 453 Binds, William Pierce 348, 349 Binkle, Mary Wynn 348, 349 Hinkle, Olin Ethmer 87, 434 Hinkle, William H 167, 336, 372, 429 Hinkle, William Lynn 167 Hinojosa, Abelardol D 382 Hinojosa, Arthur Robert 156 Binojosa, Oscar V 453 Binojosa, Rafael, Jr 453 Hinsley, Robert Benjamin 85, 306, 485 Binson, Billy Joe 432 Binson, Jack Little 432 Binson, Jack Raymond 397, 425 Hintner, Evan 338 Binton, Hugh Frank 499 Binton, Michael John 515 Bintz, Roberta Sue 142, 403, 515 Bintz, Roberta Sue 142, 403, 515 Hipps, Phillip Lynd 167, 204 Hirsch, Sara Jo 267, 515 Hirschfeld, Teresa Jean 266 Name Pages Hirshfield, Mary Anne 148 Birschhorn, Marty 274 Bise, Ross Edward 348, 349 Bite, Nora Jean 250,485 Bite, Gary Paul 322 Bitt, Gary Chris 381, 425, 453 Hitt, James Alfred 408 Bixson, Elmer L 407 Hlanak, LaVerne Marie 234, 345, 453 Hcbart, Margaret Susan 148, 247 Bobbs, Carole Jean 246 Bobbs, Fleming Cook 290, 399 Hobbs, Jack William 453 Hodes, Beverly Lynne 253 Bodgdon, David Lindsay 292 Bodgdon, Samuel Thomas 292, 342 Bodge, Claude Burrell, Jr 337, 453 Hodge, Michael Patrick 499 Hodge, William Earl 324 Hodges, Charles Wayne 499 Hodges, Elizabeth Macey 264 Hodges, Gus M 409 Hodges, Suzy Catherine 77, 138, 146, 248, 370, 499 Hoeck, John Scott 294, 386 Hoecker, Cleve James 340, 422, 485 Hoecker, Robert Michael 422 Boelscher, Reba Nell 147 Boerster, Dennis Ray 157 Boff, Janice Gaye 161, 453 Boff, Johanna 236, 499 Boffer, Bates Lowry, III 309, 339, 367 Boff man, Adele Sharon 239, 515 Hoffman, Bonnie Lou Schaffer 405 Boffman, Katie 150 Boffman, Richard Donald 340 Hoffman, Rochelle Lynne 239, 515 Hoffman, Sandra Rebecca 252 Hoffman, William Henry, Jr 404 Hoffmann, David Lang 515 Hoffmann, Lawerence Calvin 339 Bofheinz, James Fred 70, 284, 409, 412, 428 Boffpauier, John Alex 277 Bogan, Austine Le Clercq 284 Boge, James Charles Bugh 342 Bogue, Bill Daniel. 285 Bogue, James Melvin 274 Bogue, Shell Daniel 230, 284 Hoiseth, Merlin George 82, 342, 372, 453 Hakail, Abdulaziz Mohammad 368 Bolcombe, John Wells 413 Holdar, Linda Kay 249, 350, 515 Holden, Michael McKinley 153 Bolder, Betty Darlene 81, 453 Bolder, Jerrell Aaron 167, 324, 454 Bolekamp, Jeanette Fern 139 Bolford, Jack Dallas 301, 383, 515 Hollan, Joe Earl 337, 485 Holland, Ann Fontaine 269, 350 Holland, Bruce Sutton, Jr 342 Holland, D B Jack 87 Holland, David Wingate 405 Holland, Jack 31, 39, 378, 418 Bolland, Kenneth Earl 293, 499 Bolland, Leon LaForest 454 Bolland, Martha Claudette 147 Bolland, Samuel Matthew, Jr 306 Bolland, Virginia Ann 245 Holleman, Patricia Lynne 143, 345, 454 Holleman, William Thomas 317, 515 Holley, Richard William 383 Bollingsworth, Dianne 268 Bollis, Charlotte Annette 144, 499 Bollon, Jerry Richard 485 Bollow, Jane Ann 235, 515 Bolloway, Gerald Eugene 339, 346 Bolloway, Gordon Arthur 298, 454 Holloway, Mary Loretta 268, 350, 499 Holloway, Riohard Earl 272, 342, 391, 392, 416, 454 Holloway, Sterling 38 Holloway, William Gordon 454 Holly, Charlotte Louise ... .61, 162, 246, 485 Hollyfield, Cynthia Ann 254, 499 Bollyfield, John Scoggins . . 324, 392, 425, 485 Bolman, David Calvin 454 Holman, Dixon J 37 Hclmans, William Clarence 338 Holmes, Albert Wclfore 292 Holmes, Carole Ann 77, 246, 370, 499 Holmes, James Robert, Jr 35 1 Holmes, John Brockenbrough, Jr 86, 183, 317 Holmes, Larry Allan 339 Holmes, Lynn Justyne 499 Holmes, Ralph Edward 339 Holmes, Richard William 454 Holmes, Robert Charles 340 Holmes, Robert L 342, 454 Bolmes, Thomas Michael 276 Bolmgreen, Eugene Adolpb 300 Bolt, Jamie Fannin 57, 246, 427, 499 Holt,Mayrel 139 Holt, Wil liam Thad 333, 515 Holton, Robert Ladd 320, 499 Boltzman, Lawrence Edward 318 Bolyheuser, Benry Chico 485 Honey, Jeanette Blanche 454 Hooks, Arnold Seals, Jr 418 Hooper, Carolyn Nell 144, 499 Hooper, John Bryant 85, 350, 515 Hooper, Patricia Ann 148, 515 Hooper, William Coggin, Jr 419 Hooper, William Henry 272, 485 Booton, Norman Elwyn 167 Hoover, Tom Earl 499 Hopkins, Gary Weldon 152, 158, 515 Hopkins, George Hamilton, Jr 407, 419 Bopkins, Harriett Hilda. . . .77, 138, 148, 426 PAGE 540 Name Pagei Hopkins, John Alfred 399, 15 Hopkins, Lionel Gordon 342 Hoppcnstein, Jay Marshall 274 Hopper, William Leonard 339 Hopson, Barbara Kay 364, 403, 515 Hopson, Jane Elizabeth 246, 485 Horn, Barbara Maudean 353, 499 Horn, Edward L., Jr 485 Horn, Kllen Victor! 147, 241, 426, 515 Horn, Melvin August 387 Horn, Patricia Joan 367, 421 Hornberger, Dorothy Joan 515 Hornbuckle, John Spence 315 Hornbuckle, Thomas Stephen 315 Hornburg, Boyce Carroll 77 Hornburg, Corrie Ann 57, 243 Hornburgcr, Diana 258 Home, Alvin Andrews 289, 499 Horner, David Louis 320 Hornung, William E 158 Horstmann, Lea Marye 411, 454 Hortenstine, Rodney Lee 315, 515 Hortman, James Elbert 515 Horton, Jim McRae 340, 499 Horton, Otis Dee 303, 515 Horton, Patricia Ann 147 Horton, Samuel Bruner 399, 425, 485 Hoeny, Ahmed N 341 Hospers, Carol Elizabeth 250 Hough, Eldred Wilson 419 Hougland, Donald Ralph 385 House, Betty Marie 370 House, James Boyd 387 House, Larry Agnew 515 House, R. L 37 House, Roberta Lee 78, 86, 237, 499 House, Rosemary Clyde . ...78,236,345, 412, 423, 454, 478 324,349,485 413 292 .196,201 Houser, Gordon Willard. . Housewright, Willis Houston, Gerald Howard . Houston, James Thomas . . Houston, Joel D 432 Houston, Marcelle Swearingen . . .55, 57, 247, 499 Houston, Robert Conway 384 Houston, Susan Louise 260 Houston, Wanda Claire 240 Houstoun, Sue 454 Houy, Captain Clifford Walter 395 Howard, Bertrand E 371 Howard, Betty Ann 515 Howard, Carl Dean.. .70, 76, 87, 87, 434, 437 Howard, Clare 352 Howard, David Edward 387 Howard, Donald Eugene 485 Howard, Don Robert 485 Howard, John Jerome 291 Howard, Paul Allen 314 Name Panel Howard, Vanroe Maxwell, Jr ____ ... 397 Howe, Robert Melvin, Jr...320, 334, 339, 499 Howcll, Deborah Carolyn .......... 256, 499 Howcll, Douglas Warren ............... 290 Hcwell, Holly Gertrude ........ 138, 151, 248 Howell, Jefferson Davis, Jr ......... 278, 485 Howcll, Joe Kennedy .............. 315, 499 Howell, Leon Poindexter, Jr ......... 430, 324 Howsc, Robert Maurice ................ 405 Hoyt, John Clinton .................... 320 Hsu, Alexander Jihming ............. 78, 485 Hsu, Cheng Chien ..................... 419 Hubbard, Diane ............ ...161 Hubbard, Ccrdelia Nell ........ 152, 162, 371 Hubbard, Jeffrey Hanson ........... 379, 381 Hubble, James Goffrey ......... ... 376 Huber, Carol Lynn ............ 138, 144, 234 Huber, Carolyn Joyce .......... . . .499 Huber, Elmer E ................... 336, 372 Hubert, Louis Frank, Jr ................ 454 Huck, Cornelia Ann ................... 260 Huckabay, James Donald .............. 437 Huckleberry, Larry Eugene ............. 385 Huddleston, Dennis .................... 485 Huddleston, Dorothy ................ 90, 91 Hudgins, James Thomas ............... 298 Hudspeth, William J., Jr Hudson, Barbara Dan Hudson, Bill 284 258 , .......................... 294 Hudson, Gerald Wayne .............. 412 Hudson, Hal A ........................ 312 Hudson, Larry Kent ............... 295, 350 Hudson, Michael Sidney ............... 342 Hudson, Patricia Anne ......... 138, 145, 248 Hudson, William Doil ............. 387, 515 Hueter, Frank August ......... 312, 350, 358 Hufendick, Jane Kendall ............... 260 Huff, Charles F ........................ 485 Huffington, Alice Virginia ..... 240, 411, 423, 426, 485 Huffman, Calvin Wayne. . . .86, 276, 392, 499 Huffman, Patricia Ann ................. 248 Huffman, Tish ........................ 369 Huggins, John Michael ............. 80, 302 Hughes, Barbara Jane .................. 403 Hughes, Brenton L ................ 167, 186 Hughes, David Kiker ........... 70, 80, 322, 392, 428, 485 Hughes, Francis Howard ............... 339 Hughes, Irene ......................... 499 Hughes, Jerry Lee ................. 296, 428 Hughes, John Bruce ............... 314, 454 Hughes, John Mark ........... 340, 398, 413 Hughes, Larry ........................ 432 Hughes, Patrick Anthony .............. 338 Hughes, Robert Sherridan .......... 322, 355 Hughes, Robert Wayne ........ 307, 382, 515 Hughes, Wallace Leon ................. 398 Hughston, Nancy Josephine ____ 264, 346, 485 ' ' It ' s the shoes that make the man or the Co-ed. Other people look at your shoes. Why don ' t you? " DflCY ' S CflMPUS SHOE STORE 2348 GUflDflLUPE " on the drag " DflCY ' S 610 CONGRESS downtown Austin COOKING REFRIGERATION AIR CONDITIONING HEATING CLOTHES DRYING WATER HEATIN G OUTDOOR LIGHTING INCINERATION SOUTHERN UNION GAS COMPANY PACE 541 Name Pages HuhDdorff, Mary Marland 142, 485 Hulett, Kenneth William, Jr 316 Hull, Danny M 454 Hull, Deryl Ann 142, 261, 350 Hull, James Preston 307 Hull, Mary Barbara 247, 515 Hull, Sara Ann 255, 499 Hulme, Virginia Anne 515 Hulsey, Spugeon Leon, Jr 454 Humes, Charles William 342 Humphrey, Jack Duane 355 Humphrey, Lillian 236, 345, 369, 454 Humphrey, Stephen Lester 815 Humphreys, Kenneth Ray 342 Humphreys, Robert Pies 355, 396, 419 Hundley, Charles Edward, II 153 Hunger, Dorothy K 354 Hunke, Arthur Harvey 342, 366, 454 Hunn, Sharon Elaine 85, 256, 499 Hunt, Glenn Curtis 370, 372 Hunt, Grafton Wortham 485 Hunt, Lynn Sherwood 302 Hunt, Nancy Bryan 264, 485 Hunt, Staff Sergeant S. J 395 Hunt, Walker Eugene 454 Hunter, Amy Cherrie 140, 454 Hunter, Claude W 342 Hunter, Grace Page 249 Hunter, James David 402 Hunter, Richard Wright 339 Hunter, Robert Coleman 515 Huntley, Carl Lewis 339, 388 Huntley, Joan 485 Hurley, Gerald 90, 91 Hurley, Lawrence Foster.. 323, 350, 351, 515 Hum, Herbert Wesley 418 Hurst, James Lloyd, Jr 515 Hurst, John Clark 279, 386, 515 Hurst, Thomas Raymond 284, 499 Hurwitz, Edward Jay 311 Hurwitz, Nancy Lou 238, 403, 499 Husaini, Sa ' ad Mohamed 368 Huss, Jerry Stephen 359, 362 Hutchings, Beryl Winter 247 Hutchinson, Carolyn Jane 515 Huth, Elizabeth Maverick 260, 343 Button, Clifford E 404 Button, Peter Allen 484 Huxoll, Cynthia Anne 162, 403 Hyatt, James Carl 91, 94, 399, 434, 499 Hyatt, Paul Eugene 303, 499 Hyde, Gretchen Lee 345 Hyder, Mary 245, 515 Ibanez, Joe David, Jr 159, 383, 515 Idom, Troy Lee, Jr. 382 Ignatoff, Ruthe Sara 253 Ijam, Mousa Jaffar 437 Ikebe, Yasuhiko 153 Imana Mauhai, Djuretna Adi 437 I ink r, Frank James 404 Immel, Ralph Conrad 348, 349 Ince, Richard Weakley 288, 339, 419 Infante, Ettore H. E 78, 82, 87, 341, 355, 409, 419, 428 Inga, Ruben F 153 Ingalls, Lawerence Albert 485 Ingram, Burley Gene 454 Ingram, Robert Donald 370 Inkafelt, Annabel 145 Innis, Michael B 422 Institute of Aeronautical Sciences 355 Insurance Society of the University of Texas 356 Inter Co-Op Council 152 Inter fraternity Council 334 International Office 39 Irby, James Hudson 422, 485 Irby, Rex Douglas 342 Irvin, Joe Curtis 167 Irvine, Roy James 371 Irwin, Barry Scott 359, 388, 515 Irwin, Sylvia 248 Isaac, Dorothy Sue 248, 485 Isaacs, Patricia Lee 143 Ischar, Arlene Gay 485 Ischy, Janet Elaine 147, 515 Isely, Janne Elizabeth 251 Isenhower, Wanda Jeanne 515 Isett, Don Dale 196, 200, 276, 338, 485 Ivey, Linda Kay 241, 485 Ivy, Frank Joseph 399 Izard, Judith Carolynn 162, 345, 454 Jackson, Benjamin E 454, 339 Jackson, Bradley Thomas 397 Jackson, Dale Eugene 454 Jackson, Don J 454, 337 Jackson, Frankie Jerlene 345 Jackson, Gayle Mcrgan 292 Jackson, Howard Lee 167, 168 Jackson, James Darrell 85, 515 Jackson, James Forbes, Jr 337 Jackson, James Terry 204 Jackson, Janis Jean 499 Jackson, Jerrall Wayne 315 Jackson, Jimmy H 371 Jackson, John William 515 Jackson, Joseph Leon 229 Jackson, Loraine 38 Jackson, Patricia 237, 350, 515 Jackson, Ralph Semmes, Jr 355, 382, 454 Jackson, Richard Ford 339, 374, 419 Jackson, Sandra Jan 91, 144, 343, 345, 421, 454 Jackson, William Eaton 333, 499 Name Pages Jackson, William Garrison 314 Jacobe, Ronald Howard 299, 515 Jacobe, Russel Lee, Jr 298 Jacobs, David Paul 320 Jacobs, Gary Gursh 350, 388 Jacobs, Jerrold Samuel 319, 515 Jacobs, Judith Mueller 260, 345 Jacobs, Judy Nuller 454 Jacobs, Lois Ann 253, 426, 516 Jacobs, Patricia Rogers 147, 245 Jacobs, Sandra Roslyn 238, 454 Jacobs, Vance Bryan 499 Jacobs, William Fredric 290, 454 Jacobsen, Leila Nancy 454, 143, 246 Jacobson, Arthur Jerome 326 Jacobson, Gwenda Lynn 238, 454 Jacobson, Linda Sarah 485 Jacomini, Thomas Paul 295 Jaeggli, Victor B., Jr 322, 385, 418, 425, 454 Jaen, Didier Tisdel 157 Jaklc, Florence Therese 162, 454 Jalonick, George Washington 499 Jamal, Saad 368 James, Bobby Jack 374, 485 James, Bobby Lynn 485 James, Donald Bryant 338, 419 James, Douglas Oran 485 James, Edgar Cicero 183 James, Judith 141, 499 James, Raymond Percy 314, 485 James, Royal Parks 314, 485 James, Sue Correll 423 James, Virgil Albert 418 Janota, Harvey 366 Janssen, James John 336 Janszen, Walter Louis 399, 499 January, William Howard 322 Jarmain, Walter Kelly 333 Jarnagin, Sidney Stewart 278 Jaros, James Joseph 320, 392, 499 Jarrard, Norman Eugene 230 Jarrell, Norman David 302, 381 Jarrett, Thad Johnson 300, 351 Jarrott, John Robert 432 Jarry, Margaret Ann 246, 485 Jary, Lloyd William, Jr 302 Jason, Robert Mayer 318 Jazwike, Judy Ann 85, 257, 499 Jee, Martha Doyle 69, 139, 344, 423, 424, 426, 454 Jeffers, Anne Frances 264 Jeffers, Vivian Ann 248 Jefferson, Fred Lee 229 Jeff us, Thomas Rider 341, 355, 455 Jenke, Leroy Milton 355, 485 Jenkins, Charles Knox 316, 402, 485 Jenkins, Cleo 229, 382 Jenkins, Frieda Ann 237, 516 Jenkins, Janet Sharon 143, 256 Jenkins, John Holmes, III 288, 499 Jenkins, Michael Ray 376, 455 Jenkins, Robert Ferrell 320, 499 Jenks, Lillian 151 Jennings, Elizabeth Ann 262, 403 Jennings, Gordon Winfred 301 Jennings, Marshall Edward 485 Jennings, Nathan Carpenter. . . . 159, 339, 499 Jennings, Richard Cornwell 276, 392 Jennings, Sammie Janis 256 Jensen, Martin H 499 Jensen, William David 284, 342, 485 Jerauld Suzanne Abigail 265 Jersig, Rosemary 147, 485 Jessen, Esther Margaret 248, 345, 456 Jester, David Gibson 296 Jeter, James Goidry 286 Jeter, Thomas Gentry, Jr 306, 396, 398, 425, 308 Jewett, John Gleason 273, 397, 516 Jez, John Bennett 430, 455 Jez, La Verne Joyce 85, 485 Jinnette, James Saunders 432, 485 Jobe, Bill David 75, 302, 485 Jochimsen, Jane Dee 140, 236, 485 Joe, Robert Gong 82, 158, 355, 516 Johar, Spud Obaisan 368 Johle, Richard James 516 Johns, Perry A 149 Johns, Philip Barnett 315, 350 Johns, Robert Leroy 273, 413, 516 Johnsen, Howard Hans 305, 350, 516 Johnson, Arthurene 160, 350, 516 Johnson, Betty Ruth 77 Johnson, Bob Ralph 338 Johnson, Carol Joan 142 Johnson, Charles Edward 316 Johnson, Clara Louise 455 Johnson, Dale Patrick 90, 91, 77, 499 Johnson, Dan Michael 279 Johnson, David B 292 Johnson, Don Henry 378, 406 Johnson, Donald Bruce 350 Johnson, Elizabeth Ruth 148, 371, 516 Johnson, Emory Dwain 455 Johnson, Farris Allen 306 Johnson, Franklin Beaumont 336 Johnson, Galen Leroy 499 Johnson, Gayle 268, 369, 485 Johnson, Grace Eloise 147 Johnson, Guy James 378, 427, 499 Johnson, Gwynne Lee 485 Johnson, Heather Belle 148 Johnson, J. Lee, III 28 Johnson, James Brian 340 Johnson, Janet 145, 269, 516 Johnson, Janet Sue 350 Johnson, Jerry Dwain 273, 516 Johnson, Joe Harman 399 Johnson, John Lynn 455 Name Pages Johnson, Joyce Rae. . . 138, 140, 148, 414, 458 Jchnson, Judith Lee 81, 244 Johnson, Kay Ann 247, 516 Johnson, Larry Bert 455 Johnson, Laurence Samuel, Jr 290, 485 Jchnson, Leon, Jr 280 Johnson, Linda Jean 55, 57, 389 Johnson, Linda Joyce 352 Johnson, Margaret Ann 141 Jchnson, Margaret Coleen 265 Johnson, Marion H 455 Johnson, Martha Ellen 242 Johnson, Mary Carolyn 414 Johnson, Mary Ellen 147, 251, 516 Johnson, Mary Katherine 148, 403, 516 Johnson, Milam Shelton, Jr 288, 384, 485 Johnson, Monroe Dudley 302 Johnson, Nancy 162 Johnson, Nancy Beth 264, 485 Johnson, Nancy Carolyn 161 Johnson, Nancy D 152 Johnson, Ralph Allen, Jr 324, 485 Johnson, Richard Lee 372 Johnson, Robert Adair 158 Johnson, Robert David 316, 499 Johnson, Robert Morris 153 Johnson, Robert Randle 303, 516 Johnson, Robert Taylor 297 Johnson, Robert Wayne 157 Johnson, Rosemary Price 85, 144, 250, 427, 500 Johnson, Sally Ann 350 Johnson, Sharon 60, 85, 246, 424, 485 Johnson, Stewart McCrindell 292, 485 Johnson, Thomas Neil 290, 499 Johnson, Violet Janean 77, 78, 85, 500 Johnson, Willard Edward 399, 485 Johnson, William Phillip, Jr 337, 455 Johnston, Chesley Wiggins 316, 500 Johnston, Elizabeth Ann 145 Johnson, James Boyd 342 Johnston, James Jefferson 294 Johnston, Jerry Leon 399 Johnston, Linda Lou 264 Johnston, Robert L., Jr 408 Johnston, Zelma Jean 139, 516 Johnstone, James Lee 485 Joiner, Donald Lee 419 Joiner, James Roe 339 Joiner, Marvin Edmund 455 Joiner, William Stanley 405 Jolley, Judith Carol 268, 500 Jolly, Lloyd C 378, 455 Jonas, Bonnie Cristal 257 Jonah, Carol Anne 78, 500 Jones, Alan Beaty 500 Jones, Arlette Iras 160, 350 Jones, Barbara Gail 143, 350, 500 Jones, Beverly Joyce 160, 162 Jones, Carole Elaine 141, 254, 350, 500 Jones, Carolyn 86 Jones, Catherine Frances 268 Jones, Cynthia Ann 236 Jones, Dalton Lane 86, 378, 398, 500 Jones, Dan Pearson 284 Jones, Dannie Lee 382 Jones, Don Wilson 377 Jones, Dudley Davenport 293, 402, 500 Jones, Edward Noah, Jr 86 Jones, Eldon Lewis 384, 516 Jones, Elizabeth Kay 262, 455 Jones, Elizabeth Thomson 264, 485 Jones, Ellen Leeds 500 Jones, Ellwood 422 Jones, Frances Ann 500 Jones, Frank Bedford 300, 346, 391, 393 Jones, Franklyn De al 516 Jones, Franton 410 Jones, Fred Watson 432 Jones, Freda Janelle 256 Jones, Grady Parker 226, 339, 377 Jones, Harriette Almira 246, 350 Jones, Harvey Michael 500 Jones, Herbert Ray 203 Jones, Hubert Kelly, Jr 405 Jones, Ima Faye 160 Jones, James Carroll T 166, 168 Jones, James Henley 292, 455 Jones, James Ross 455 Jones, Jane Marcelle 146, 269, 516 Jones, Janelle 485 Jones, Janet Ann 261, 516 Jones, Janice Evelyn 141, 455 Jones, Jerry Jerel 152, 156 Jones, Jerry Lillian 485 Jones, John Michael 2)4 Jones, John Raymond 342, 485 Jones, Johnny Richard 167, 168, 178 Jones, Joie Pierce 413, 516 Jones, Julienne Margaret 145 Jones, Kenneth L 355 Jones, Laila Elizabeth 143, 264, 500 Jones, Lawrence Lain 156 Jones, Leslie Carolyn 237 Jones, Lillian Jerry 268 Jones, Ludwell L., Ill 290 Jones, Margaret Elizabeth 236, 345, 455 Jones, Mark 85 Jones, Martin Brock 455 Jones, Mary Ann 500 Jones, Mary Fleming 241 Jones, Marylou Patricia 152, 160, 455 Jones, Nancy Carolyn 78, 255, 426, 516 Jones, Nelma Ann 256, 345, 455 Jones, Renee Carol 139, 455 Jones, Richard Carlton 381, 388 Jones, Richard Vernon 325 Jones, Robert Dale 375, 393, 455 Jones, Robin 357, 268 Jones, Ronald A 339, 374, 455 Name Pages Jones, Ronald Conway 350 Jones, Rose Mary 242, 427, 455 Jones, Vaughn Andrew, Jr 455 Jones, Walter Christopher 149, 338, 455 Jones, Walter Lee 381, 455 Jones, William Felix, Jr 455 Jones, Winston Thomas 303, 516 Joor, William Eugene, HI. .302, 392, 428, 485 Joplin, William Franklin 391, 392 Jordan, Andrew Booty, Jr 455 Jordan, Anita 57, 60 Jordan, Anita Gertrude 248, 426, 500 Jordan, Barry Edward 275 Jordan, Darrell E 320, 429 Jordan, Gwendolyn Patricia 352 Jordan, Herrell Glyn 405 Jordan, Jerry Stokes 356 Jordan, John Raymond. .63, 84, 85, 298, 404, 412 Jordan, Judith Ann 148, 247 Jordan, Kenneth Wayne 500 Jordan, Lou Ann 269, 516 Jordan, Neil 274 Jordan, Ray 340 Jordan, Roland C., Jr 350 Jordan, Sara Frances 455 Jordan, Velma Jane 265, 516 Jordan, William Davis 77, 78, 278, 334, 429, 500 Jorgensen, Flemming 156 Jorgensen, Neil Robert 342 Jorns, Audra Jane 259 Jorrie, Robert William 326 Joseph, Harold Russell, Jr 294, 382 Joseph, Lawrence Anthony 282, 334, 427, 500 Joseph, Phyllis Mary 256 Joseph, Sandra Jean 485 Josey.JackS 37 Josey, Lenoir Moody, II 301, 413 Jost, Karen Rey 455 Jost, Wilbert Leon 485 Joud, Adnan Tajeddine 368 Jow, Leland 500 Joyce, Phoebe 350, 403 Joyce, Ray Miller 437 Joyner, Shirley Dean 485 Juarez, Humberto Luis, Jr 455, 357 Julian, Jan Howard 398, 413 June, Malcolm Neville 342 Juniper, Margaret Helen 403, 516 Jurgena, Richard Lee 156, 339 Justice, James Horace 399, 413, 516 K Kaatz, Barbara Jean 366 Kad jar, Aileen Joyce 485 Kadlecik, Milan Method 354 Kadri, Nizar A 355, 368 Kahaneh, Albert William, Jr 432, 485 Kahn, Gayle Marjorie 239, 516 Kahn, Harriet Hinda 238 Kaindl, James Eric 276, 500 Kalinowski, Edward Martin 293 Kallina, Karol 600 Kalmbach, Shelley Francis 244 Kamen, Samuel Abram 326 Kamenar, John Michael, Jr 382, 386 Kammerman, Howard Leslie 516 Kamrath, Eugenie Martha. .85, 223, 250, 486 Kamrath, John Robert 218, 285, 516 Kamrath, Karl Fred, Jr 167, 284, 336, 372, 428, 455 Kamstra, Kenneth Oliver 342, 486 Kane, John Kinney 294 Kane, Michael Mattison 383 Kantowski, Ronald 378 Kaough, Joseph Bryant 352 Kaplan, Anita Ruth 252, 270, 455 Kappa Alpha Theta 258 Kappa Kappa Psi 362 Kappa Psi 376 Kappa Sigma 295 Karchmer, Barry Nolan 310 Karel, William Joseph 455 Karkowsky, Jay Jules 310, 428 Karlskind, Neil Brent 351, 397 Karlsson, Richard Eaert 455 Karm, Sandra Jo 139, 403, 516 Karnauch, Ludmyla Pawlowna 345, 456 Karnes, Charles Henry 419 Karotkin, Richard S 80, 310, 456 Karydas, Andreas loannou 355, 419, 456 Kasparek, Brenda Joyce 138, 140, 500 Kasper, Marcia 85, 253, 516 Kasper, Thomas Nolan 167 Kassen, William Nelson 405 Kasten, Jerome 153, 456 Kastner, Joe Lee 339 Katherine Pearce Co-Op 161 Katsuma, Takashi 159, 437 Katz, Doris Juline 252 Katz, Freda 408 Katz, Jerry Allan 214, 318, 429 Katz, Sheryl Ann 145, 267 Katz, Shirley 267,516 Kaufman, Barry Earl 310 Kauftheil, Harriet Elaine 145, 253, 516 Kaup, Edmund R 340 Kay, David Allen 392 Kay, James Rudolph 405 Kazemi, Hossein 228, 419, 486 Kazen, George Philip 396, 425 Kazen, James Douglas 387, 456 Kazen, Phyllis Marie 144, 367, 397, 403, {00 Keahey, James Fredri ck 486 Kean, Alice Therese 264, 500 Keeble, Etta Kay 148, 350. 516 PAGE 542 A TOTAL OF 109 YEARS Service to tke students of uer4itu o The University Co-Op began serving students 64 years ago and The Toggery began 45 years ago. The Toggery is located in the Co-Op and is the finest men ' s clothing store on the Drag setting the style and trend for UT men. From paper clips and brief cases to pocket combs and hair curlers, the Co-Op has it. Even after students graduate from the University many things are ordered thru mail by ex-stu- dents. We welcome your orders and assure prompt service on orders received. PAGE 543 Name Pages Keefe, Jerry Thomas 516 Keele, James Elton 419 Keele, Milton Duane 339 Keelen, Carolyn Virginia 250, 486 Keeler, Charles A 516 Keeton, Carole Stewart. . . .57, 60, 65, 74, 77, 78, 84, 246, 270, 423, 424, 486 Keeton, W. Page 33, 36, 378, 412 Keever, Jack Elton 428, 434, 456 Keith, Frank Roderick 416 Keller, Cecil Theodore 82, 342, 372, 456 Keller, Charles William 227, 284, 339 Keller, Mary Lou 145, 516 Keller, Paul Wakefield 399 Kelley, Barbara Ann 257, 361, 516 Kelley, Jack Butler 309 Kelley, John Leonard 422 Kelley, Judith Ann 150, 235, 516 Kellogg, James Warner 399 Kellum, Daniel H 159 Kelly, Carter Benjamin 298 Kelly, Dorcthy Sue 161, 350 Kelly, Elizabeth Hood 146, 249, 516 Kelly, Gayle Faye 138, 146, 246, 500 Kelly, James Antony 294 Kelly, Janet Ann 256 Kelly, John Eugene 312, 313 Kelly, Kathryn Ann 260, 486 Kelly, Loulynu 85, 250, 270 Kelly, Nancy Benedict 250, 500 Kelly, Nancy Nell 486 Kelly, Robert Charles 500 Kelly, Robert Dalton 404 Kelly, Sim ...37 Kelsall, Samuel, IV 286, 337, 430, 486 Kelsey, David Hamilton 90, 324, 434 Kelsey, Richard Hudson 302 Kelso, Harry Bertrand, Jr 324, 350, 456 Kemendo, John Joseph 301 Kemp, Larry Dean 153, 355 Kemp, Leola Johnson 160, 516 Kemp, Phyllis Joan 242, 270 Kemp, Ruth Ellen 243, 350 Kendall, George Charles, Jr.. . .386, 422, 425, 456 Kendall, James Adrian 486 Kendrick, Cheriy Dian 258 Kendrick, David Andrew 64, 416 Kenesson, Jay Huntley 325, 516 Keng, Ronda Jan 138, 151, 426, 500 Kengla, Colonel William A 390, 425 Kennard, Edith Louise 234 Kennedy, Bill Edward 167 Kennedy, Dabney 422 Kennedy, Joseph Ovcrton, Jr 298 Kennedy, Maurice Graves 305, 516 Kennedy, Patricia Anne 140 Kennedy, Weldon Lynn . . .373, 391, 392, 425 Kennedy, William Carey, Jr 227, 320 Kenney, Martha Lucille 143, 248 Kenny, Norma Sue 486 Kent, Christopher D 349 Kent, Harry Llewejlyn, III 383, 313, 500 Kepke, Carlos Erwin 314 Keplinger, Henry 82 Keppler, Martha Joyce 145, 247 Kerbow, Odis Doyce 340, 456 Kerbow, Roger Alan 383 Kermacy, Martin S 420 Kerr, Carolyn India 265 Kerr, Charles Robert 277 Kerr, Don Milton, Jr 456 Kcrr, John Thomas 279, 516 Kerr, Kyra Anne 259 Kerr, Martha Frances 148, 352, 516 Kersey, Mike Peter 226, 377, 486 Kershner, Stuart D 82, 341, 342, 355, 416, 419, 456 Kerstein, Robert Martin 318 Kersten, Phyllis 354, 456 Kessey, Peter S 348, 350 Kessler, Kitty 236, 415, 486 Ketchum, Charles A 316 Ketelers, Roy Louis 309 Key, Karen 57, 258, 456 Keys, William Edward 35, 434 Khadra, Mazin Fouad 368 Kahlifati, Omar Hashim 368 Khatoun, Youssef 368 Khowaiter, Atlman Hammed 368 Khowiter, Osman 368 Kibbie, Kent Danforth 300, 456 Kidd, Nancy Jayne 269, 500 Kiecke, Pattye Jayne 236, 345, 415, 456 Kieffer, Charles David 3 14, 456 Kieffer, John Brett Kieke, Nellie Gay Kieke, Twila Wanda . . Kiesel, Ann Riesling, Carolyn Fay . ille. ..280,398 ....237,361,516 236, 345, 415, 456 245 147 516 Kiker, Sandra Camill Kikrman, John George 279 Kilday, Betty Lynn 138, 141 Kilday, Royce Richard 294 Kilgore, Linda Elaine 138, 139, 426, 486 Kilian, William Thomas 372 Killen, David Trenton 406, 419, 456 Killgore, Jack Crowley 437 Killough, Edward Franklin 332, 500 Killyon, Phyllis Nan 160, 353 Kilngman, Louis William 382 Kilpatrick, Ann 236 Kim, Chang Yul ...339 Kim, Kee Wook 342 Kimball, Albert Boggess, Jr.. . .314, 385, 340, 486 Kimble, Kathryn Diane 246, 345, 456 Kimbrow, Johnny Mack 398, 516 Kinard, Ronald Murray 325, 516 Kincaid, Frances Elizabeth 256 Name Pages Kinch, Ann Ashby 248 Kinch, Samuel Everard, Jr 302, 500 Kincheloe, Hazel Karen ... 161, 262, 345, 396, 456 King, Mrs. Delia Glover, Jr 404, 405, 45