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OMPSON V JOHN THOMAS STUART. Editor-in-Chief SHIRLEY RAE RYLANDER. Associate Editor, Fall JUDITH ANN REED, Associate Editor, Spring LESTER LOYD EDMONDS, JR.. General Manaser FRANKIE MAE LINDSEY. Business Manager MARGUERITE FREEMAN. Production Manager PUBLISHED BY THE TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC. THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AUSTIN, TEXAS PAOE 3 FOREWORD HURRY! HURRY! HURRY! HURRY! It ' s all going on inside of the " Greatest Show on Earth. " It has color, sparkle, and fun and prizes for all. Don ' t forget the side shows, either. The University of Texas is truly the " Greatest Show on Earth " with its many rings or colleges. You can see the Tower, the main pole of the " Big Top; " the ticket sellers with their long canes (the instructors, professors, and deans) ; the ring master (Dr. Logan Wilson) ; the animal trainer, Dean Jack Holland ; the soda pop man called Andy ; and the thousands of clowns in their various costumes from button-downs to jeans. Of course without a wild west show a circus wouldn ' t be complete, and Texas is no exception. We have our Cowboys and Silver Spurs complete with cannon and longhorn. We must not forget the side-shows either. There is the " green freshman, " the world ' s largest drum, the traf- fic jam at 11 o ' clock around the Quad Dorms, rush week, and the everyday affairs at the fraternities, sororities, clubs, dorrns, co-ops, and Jitter ' s tent, " The Union. " Let ' s go inside the show is about to begin. JOHNNY STUART PAGE 4 CONTENTS Campus Views 6 Administration 9 Faculty 19 Academic Graduates and Seniors 41 Juniors 87 Sophomores 105 Freshmen 121 Student Government and Publications 139 Honorary, Service and Professional Groups .... 157 Limelight I Sweetheart 194 Bluebonnet Belles 196 Outstanding Students 212 Goodfellows 219 Feature 225 Awards 286 Campus Sororities 289 Fraternities 327 Military 387 Dorms and Co-Ops 427 Religious 449 Fine Arts 461 Clubs 471 Athletics Athletics 505 Intramurals 551 Index and Advertising 566 PAUK 5 THE TEXAS MEMORIAL MUSEUM LlTTLEFIELD FOUNTAIN TERRACE OF THE RARE BOOKS LIBRARY LOOKING TOWARDS BENEDICT HALL THE TOWER PACE 7 DRAMA BUILDING and HOGG AUDITORIUM as seen from the Old Library Building FLOWER BED ON THE WEST MALL ARCHITECTURE BUILDING PATIO Administration PAGE 9 PRICE DANIEL Gorernor of the State of Texas LOGAN WILSON President of The University of Texas BOARD OF REGENTS Left to Right: Minter, Sorrell, Jeffers, Lockwood, Sealy. Voyles, De Vail, Johnson. APPOINTED JANUARY 1957 J. P. BRYAN,, Freeport MRS. CHARLES DE VALL, Kilgore THORNTON HARDIE, El Paso LEROY JEFFERS, Houston, Chairman J. LEE JOHNSON,, III, Fort Worth LEE LOCKWOOD, Waco DR. MERTON M. MINTER,, San Antonio DR. L. S. DATES, Center (Term expired January, 1957) TOM SEALY, Midland, Chairman (Term expired January, 1957) J. R. SORRELL, Corpus Christ!, Vice-Chairman JOE C. THOMPSON, Dallas CLAUDE W. VOYLES, Austin, V ice-Chairman (Term expired January, 1957) JOE C. THOMPSON PAOE 12 ADMINISTRATION CHARLES PAUL BONER Vice-President for Academic Affairs and of the Main University JAMES C. DOLLEY Vice-President for Fiscal Affairs LAURENCE D. HASKEW Vice-President for Developmental Services MELVIN A. CASBERG Vice-President for Medical Affairs FRANKLIN LANIER COX Assistant to the President CHARLES HERMAN SPARENBERG Comptroller WILLIAM W. STEWART Endowment Officer FRANK DRAKE GRAYDON Budget Officer GRAVES W. LANDRUM Business Manager HENRY YOUNG McCOWN GRADY CLARENCE STARNES Dean of Student Services Auditor PAGE 13 W. BYRON SHIPP Registrar CARL JOHN ECKHARDT Director of Physical Plant and Procurement F. C. McCONNELL Director, Auxiliary and Service Activities Dk. PAUL L. WHITE CHARLES T. CLARK Director, Student Health Center Director, Classified Personnel Office ADMINISTRATION JAMES R. EDDY Dean, Division of Extension ARNO NOWOTNY Dean of Student Life PAUE 14 JOHN G. STEELE Director, Student Employment Bureau C. LEWIS LINDAHL Assistant University Auditor T ' ODON CHARLES LESHIKAR Bursar ALEXANDER MOFFIT University Librarian CARL VICTOR BREDT Associate Dean of Student Lije WILLIAM D. BLUNK Assistant Dean of Student Life, Fall Semester RAYMOND C. KENNEY Assistant Dean of Student Life, Spring Semester D. B. JACK HOLLAND Dean of Men DOROTHY L. GEBAUER Dean of Women PAGE 15 HULON W. BLACK Executive Director J. M. BENNETT, JR. Chairman Director HULON W. BLACK Assistant Director . . . FISHER A. TYLER BOARD J. M. BENNETT, JR., Chairman, San Antonio HINES H. BAKER, Houston W. B. BATES, Houston L. H. CULLUM, Wichita Falls J. A. GOOCH, Fort Worth GEORGE P. HILL, Fort Worth J. M. ODOM, Austin HARRY H. RANSOM, Austin C. R. SMITH, New York City JOE C. THOMPSON, Dallas MRS. BEN F. VAUGHAN, JR., Corpus Christi ROGER J. WILLIAMS, Austin LOGAN WILSON, Austin DEVELOPMENT BOARD The University of Texas Development Board, the fund raising agency for the University, includes in its mem- bership five persons named by the Board of Regents, five appointed by the Executive Council of the Ex-Students ' Asso- ciation, and two elected by and from the general faculty. The President of the University is an ex-officio member. The Board, directly responsible to the Board of Regents, seeks to promote and assist in financing a great variety of facilities which will not be provided otherwise. Among these are research projects, salary supplementation, buildings, scholarships, fellowships, library acquisitions, museum additions, and many others. This program of enrichment is directed not only toward the Main University but toward all the branches as well. HILL. WILLIAMS, TYLER, BAKER, BLACK, BENNETT, ODOM, GOOCH, RANSOM, THOMPSON, DEAN LAURENCE HASKEW, Vice-President for Developmental Services. The Ex-Students ' Association is a voluntary organization of loyal and interested ex-students of the University, who seek to serve their school, and at the same time maintain ties bind- ing them to the University and to each other. The central office of the Assocation is located in the Union Building, but its work extends over a wide area. Scores of Texas Ex Clubs, affiliated with the Association, have been set up throughout the state, in most major cities of the nation, and in some foreign countries. The Association maintains records of all former students, these data being constantly used by faculty, administration, student organizations, and ex-student groups. The Alcalde, alumni, magazine, is published nine times yearly, and the Asso- ciation administers many thousands of dollars in loan and scholarship funds. The Association functions include promotion of Texas Ex Clubs and their March 2nd (Independence Day) meetings, annual giving by exes to the University and maintenance of athletic and legislative committees throughout the State. Functioning as an important public relations arm of the University, the Ex-Students ' Association seeks to interpret the institution to the people of Texas, and the desires and needs of the people of Texas to the University. It seeks to assist in every possible way the material, academic and spiritual development of The University of Texas. HERMAN JONES President JACK R. MAGUIRE Secretary EX-STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION Left to Right: Kay Goodrich, Lola Jones, Loraine Jackson, Vicky Ray, Betty Lou Beidleman, Dorothy Fiegel, Vanette Ball, Iva Snodgra Not Pictured: Sandra Meinstein and Charles A. Seitz. PAGE 17 DADS ' ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President . Vice-Presidents Secretary Treasurer . Past Presidents STANLEY M. ERSKINE H. M. ADKINS COLONEL D. HAROLD BYRD C. W. CAHOON, JR. HARRY W. FERGUSON MARION A. OLSON RICHARD U. SIMON JOHN L. TOMPKINS W. F. WEED SAM D. WOLFE W. D. BLUNK R. C. ARMSTRONG RICHARD W. BLALOCK DIXON J. HOLMAN J. BROWN CUTBIRTH HARRY C. WEBB JOHN W. HAMPTON J. LEE DITTERT Charles Adleta, Dallas Binford Arney, Corpus Christi Leo E. Butter, Longview Frank M. Carter, Pampa Charles W. Duke, San Antonio W. S. Elkins, Houston H. D. Fulwiler, El Paso Leon L. Hailey, Harlingen EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Dr. J. B. Heath, Madisonville Walter C. Hornaday, Washington, D. C. Jack Howell, Bryan T. T. Hunt, Beaumont Dr. Olan Key, Lubbock Carl Mahan, Abilene Jack S. Mann, Marshall W. Marsico, Denison Charles F. McCluer, Fort Worth V. W. McLeod, Galveston Carson C. Miles, San Angelo C. R. Myers, Waco Otis E. Nelson, Wichita Falls Fred S. Nagle, Jr., Austin E. M. Smith, Houston The University of Texas Dads ' Association is composed of all fathers or male guardians of students, present or past, of The University of Texas. Special provision, however, is made for participating or dues paying members with the number of this classification exceeding 3,000 during the year 1956-57. The Dads ' Association sponsors Dads ' Day each year during the fall. It was observed on November 3, 1956. All mothers and fathers of University students were honored at coffees one for the dads in the Union and one for the mothers in the Rare Books Room of the Library. Hundreds of parents visited the campus during the weekend. In addition to Dads ' Day the Dads ' Association publishes The U. T. Dads ' Digest, maintains the Dads ' Association Schol- arship Fund, and makes several student awards. This year Celia Buchan won the best-all-around girl award and Joe Speed Carroll won the best-all-round boy award. Front Row: John W. Hampton, Richard W. Blalock, Stanley M. Erskine, Dixon J. Holman, J. Lee Dittert. Second Row: W. F. Weed, W. D. Blunk, Richard U. Simon, H. M. Adkins, D. Harold Byrd, C. W. Cahoon, Jr., Sam D. Wolfe, Harry W. Ferguson, Marion A. Olson, R. C. Armstrong, John L. Tompkins. PAGE 18 Faculty PAGE 19 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES DeWITT CARTER REDDICK Associate Dean LLOYD LORING CLICK Dean Emeritus HARRY HUNTT RANSOM Dean SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM PAUL J. THOMPSON Director, School of Journalism Front Row: Barbara Liggett, Paul J. Thompson, DeWitt Carter Reddick, Alan Scott. Second Row: Harrell Estes Lee, Clyde Richard King, Morris G. Davis, Jo Caldwell Meyer, Ernest Alonzo Sharpe, Afton Taylor Wynn, Arlie Ray McTee, Olin Ethmer Hinkle. PACE 20 ANTHROPOLOGY BACTERIOLOGY BOTANY ANTHROPOLOGY Front Rom: Thomas Nolan Campbell, John Bilheimer Cornell, J. Gilbert McAllister. Second Ro-j;: Symmes Chadwick Oliver, George Charles Marius Engerrand, William Madsen. BACTERIOLOGY Front Row: Jackson W. Foster, Charles Ely Lankford, Orville Wyss. Second Row: Oscar Brown Williams, Vernon T. Schuhardt BOTANY Front Row: Walter Varian Brown, Ralph Eugene Alston, Marie Betzner Morrow, Irwin Spear, Benjamin C. Tharp. Second Row: Norman Alfred Alldridge, Charles Heimsch, Addison Earl Lee, W. Gordon Whaley. PAGE 21 CHEMISTRY CLASSICAL LANGUAGES ECONOMICS CHEMISTRY Front Row: Lewis F. Hatch, Harry Louis Lochte, Norman Hackerman, Gilbert Haven Ayres, Roger John Williams, Henry Rudolf Henze. Second Row: Philip S. Bailey, Charles Gordon Skinner, Richard Fuchs, Carl E. Wulfman, L. J. Reed, James E. Boggs, Richard K. McMullan, Leon O. Morgan, Stanley Harold Simonsen. Third Row: Robert E. Eakin. William Shive, Frederick Albert Matsen, Edwin Myers Lansford, Jr., Charles Kenneth Mann, Jesse Stone Binford, Jr., Royston M. Roberts, William Harry Robert Shaw, Pete D. Gardner. CLASSICAL LANGUAGE Left to right: Daniel A. Penick, Minnie Lee Shepard, Oscar William Reinmuth, Clyde Pharr, Harry Joshua Leon, Robert Newman Mooney, James Alfred Hitt, George Feit Osmun, Lawrence Giangrande. ECONOMICS Front Row: Eastin Nelson, Edward Everett Hale, Ruth Alice Allen, Edmundo Flores, Clarence Edwin Ayres. Second Row: Herbert Hugo Liebhafsky, Murray E. Polakoff, Carey Carter Thompson, Wendell C. Gordon, Roger Louis Bowlby, Donald Joseph McClurg, Matthew Henry Jonas. PACE 22 ENGLISH Front ROM: Joseph Jay Jones, John Leeds Barroll, III, John Thomas Hatley, John Tunstall Lowry, Jr., Hilda Ruth Mader Wilcox, Sheldon Sacks, June Anne Rumery, Wilson Mathis Hudson. Second Row: Mary Evelyn Whitten, Alice Lovelace Cooke, Robert Henry Wilson. John Caruthers Broderick, Richard Cargill Cole, Robert Langford Montgomery. Jr., Mody C. Boatright, Arthur Milton Cory. Oscar Edward Maurer. Third Row: Philip Graham. Daniel Morley McKeithan. Eunice Clair Geppert, William Owen Sheppard Sutherland, Jr., Allen Wilkins Becker. Hazard Adams, James B. Colvert, Frederick Eckman. Fourth Row: Johanna Amelia Teltschick, Billy James Davis, Lois Baird Trice. Edwin Turner Bowden, George M. Pisk, Guy Steffan. Fifth Rom: Ian Simpson Ross, Dan Scarborough Abbott, Archibald A. Hill, Elmer Bagby Atwood, Mohammad Ali Jazayery, Ernest Campbell Mossner. Martin Michael Crow. Sixth Row: William Bradford Gardner, Ralph Bernard Long. Robert Clarence Stephenson, Jack Hampton Swearingen, John Arnold Walter, Gordon H. Mills, Walter Powell Stewart, Harry Huntt Ranson. Clarence Lee Cline. Seventh Row: Paul Eugene McCarthy, Sarah Clara Dodson, Corinne Elizabeth Kauffman, Johnye Cannon Sturcken, Carroll Dean Etheridge, John Warren Smith, Philip Miller Bell, Betty Syers Thompson. Eighth Row: John Grier Varner, Ernest James Lovell, Jr., Frank Hallam Lyell, Edleen Begg, Hugh Jay Luke, Lois P. Ware, Thomas Lee Watson, Willis W. Pratt, Edward Garland Fletcher, Mary Lu Joynes. GEOGRAPHY Left to Right: Lorrin Garfield Kennamer, Dan Stanislawski, Donald Dilworth Brand, George W. Hoffman. GEOLOGY Front Row: Stephen Edmund Clabaugh, Kieth Young, John Andrew Wilson, Wilfred Francois Roux. Jr., Elliott Gillerman, Robert Louis Folk. Second Row: William Rudolf Muehlberger. Claude Willard Matthews, Jane Gray, William Charles Bell, Fred Mason Bullard, Henry Gordan Damon, Edward Charles Jonas, Jim R. Underwood. ENGLISH GEOGRAPHY GEOLOGY PACE 23 GERMANIC LANGUAGES Front Row: Helmut Rehder, Lee M. Hollander, Winfred Philipp Leh- mann, Charles Homer Holzwarth, Cecil V. Pollard. Second Row: George Schulz-Behrend, Stanley Newman Werbow, Don Carlos Travis, A. Leslie Willson, Wolfgang D. Michael, Leroy Robert Shaw. GOVERNMENT Front Row: H. Malcolm Macdonald, Stuart A. MacCorkle, Oliver Doug- las Weeks, John Lloyd Mecham. Second Row: Myron Q. Hale, Bonita Isabelle Hunt, Wilfred Dunbar Webb, Edward iTaborsky, Howard A. Calkins, Oliver D. Benson. Third Row: Eberhardt Victor Nie- meyer, J. Gus Liebenow Jr., Melvin Potter Straus, Charles Warren Van Cleve, William Harold Standing. Fourth Row: Howard Lee Griffin, Billy G. Crane, James Elliott An- derson, Donald A. Forhee, James Rudolph Soukup, Kenneth Willow Street. HISTORY Front Row: Horace Bailey Carol!, Fulmer Mood, Walter Prescott, Webb, Carlos E. Castaneda, Ru- dolph L. Biesele, August C. Krey. Second Row: Coral Horton Tullis. Robert Crawford Cotner, Archibald Ross Lewis, Joe Bertram Frantz, Barnes Fletcher Lathrop. Third Row: David Dirck Van Tassel, J. Harry Bennett, Robert A. Divine, F. Gunther Eyck, Stanford Eugene Lehmberg, Edward Leslie Cannan, John Edward Sunder, Philip Lloyd White. J GERMANIC LANGUAGES GOVERNMENT HISTORY 1 ' A.JK HOME ECONOMICS PHILOSOPHY PHYSICS HOME ECONOMICS Front Row: Jennie S. Wilmot, Sara Chaffin Brooks, Margaret Anne Eppright, Phyllis L. Richards, Eliz- abeth Lacey Speer, Lucy Rath bone, Marion Murphy Ward, Mary Ern- es ti ne Goldman n . Second Row: Sallie Beth Moore, Gladys Winifred Babcock, Charles Weldon York, Anna Brightman, Francille Maloch, Janice Carolyn Graning, Dorothy Fehlis Green- wood, Bess Belle Caldwell. PHILOSOPHY Front Row: Albert Perley Brogan, David Louis Miller, George Vin- cent Gentry. Second Row: Daniel Kading, John Robert Silber, Charles William Marshall. PHYSICS Front Row: Harold P. Hanson, Rob- ert Narvaez Little, Claude Wendell Horton, Emmett LeRoy Hudspeth, Arthur E. Lockenvitz, Darren S. Hughes. Second Row: Eugene V. Ivash, Charles W . Scherr, Bobby L. Crutchfield. Alfred Wilson Nolle, Walter Elmer Millett, William Woodrow Robertson, Robert Barden Watson, George Baugh S pence , James C. Thompson. PACE 25 f PSYCHOLOGY front Rom (Sealed): J. Stanley Gray, Philip Worchel, Karl M. Dallen- bach, Wade Lynn Brown, Robert Rogers Blake. Second Row: Harold William Steven- son, Robert E. Young, Lyle Vin- cent Jones, E. Nelson Pareis. Wayne H. Holtzman, Willard Hughes Brentlinger. Third fioa ' : Milton Whitcomb, Egidio John Capaldi, Louis Joseph Moran, Ira Iscoe. ROMANCE LANGUAGES Front Row: Adolph Benjamin Swanson, Chavarche Tchalekian, Dix Scott Coons, Mieko Shimizu Han, Pablo Max Ynsfran, Nina Lee Weisinger. Second Row: Phyllis Jane Dixon, David Theodore Sisto, Robert Haden Williams, Marianne Oberdoerffer, Madeleine Marie-Anne Derdeyn- Joseph, Luba Senkevitch Laws, Ann Tamsin McElyea, Marian B. Lenhart. Third Row; Richard Tudor Fleming, Chester Eugene Evans, Joseph H. Matluck, George Weston Ayer, James Minton Hadra, Charles Vincent Aubrun. Fourth Row: Ernest F. Haden, Charles Leonard Eastlack, Judith Ann Bell, Hubert Aldine Brandenburg. Fifth Row: Louis Cooper, Jefferson Rea Spell, Juan de Zakrzewski, Ramon Martinez-Lopez, Raphael Levy, Sudie Muirhead Adams, Andrew De Carlo, George D. Schade, Lancaster E. Dabney, Aaron Schaffer. Sixth Row: Roger Whitney Shattuck, Auman Elliott Burnett, Richard Willis Tyler, Paul Livingston Grier. SLAVONIC LANGUAGES rving Smith. PAGE 26 SOCIOLOGY Front Raw: Idris William Evans, Donald F. Allen, Warner Ensign Gettys, Ivan Belknap, Carl Martin Rosenquist, Samuel Dale McLemore. Second Row: Gideon Sjoberg, Tyrus G. Fain, Walter Irving Firey, Paul Harry Vossick, Harry Estil Moore, Guy Benton Johnson, Jr., Henry A. Bowman. SPEECH Front Row: Kit Canafax Charles, Ora A. Bennett Howard William Townsend, Maurine Amis, Eva Garcia Currie. Second Row: Grover A. Fuchs, Kenneth Wilkens, Thomas Russell, Jr., Jesse James Villarreal, Donald Manly Williams, Thomas Andrew Rousse. Third Row: Harry S. Jones, Lennart Lauri Kopra, Roy Simon Vanhoove. ZOOLOGY Front Row: Burke H. Judd, Austin Phelps, Osmond Philip Breland, Wilson S. Stone. Hilda F. Rosene. Robert Keith Selander. W. Frank Blair. Second Row: Jack Myers. Austen Fox Riggs II. Forbes W. Robertson, Robert P. Wagner, Clarence Paul Oliver, A. R. Schrank. Marshall R. Wheeler, Charles Lawrence Brandt, Clark Hubbs. PAGE 27 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WILLIAM R. SPRIEGEL Dean ACCOUNTING Front Row: Glenn Albert Welsch, Dale S. Harwood, Robert E. Seller, Marion Dolores Boyle, Wayne Pratt Tenney, Cecilia Veronica Tierney. Second Row: Robert Lee Grinacker, Charles Theodore Zlatkovich, Robert E. Linde, Charles Aubrey Smith, John Arch White, Jim G. Ashburne. Third Row: Oliver Wendell Stephenson, George Hillis Newlove, John Otto Lange, Don Theodore DeCoster, William Baker Flowers, Jesse Lawrence Elledge. BUSINESS SERVICES Front Row: Nelia Fox, Kathleen Rainwater Barnard, Ruth Musgrave Coole, Isabelle Post French, Stella Traweek. Second Row: John R. Stockton, Juanita A. O ' Brien, Jessamon Dawe, Lola B. Dawkins. Graciela G. Gonzales, Faborn E. Etier. Third Rcw: Florence M. Stullken, William Paxton Boyd, Robert Gryder, Walter G. Wilcox, John Dearborn Wells. PACE 28 - FINANCE, INSURANCE, and REAL ESTATE Front Row: James Rudolph Kay, J. Anderson Fitzgerald, Robert W. Strain, A. Russell McFarland. Karl McGinnis, Jack C. Rothwell, Gene Lynch, Henry T. Owen. Second Row: Norman Otis Miller, Claude A. Pharies. Irving Linger, Jack William Cashin, James Clay Dolley, William Hubert Baughn, Charles Lee Prather, George William Heffner, Domld Andrew Tyree. MANAGEMENT Front Row: Joseph Kenneth Bailey, Elizabeth Lanham, John Robert Beishline. Second Row: Dennis B. Ford, Jr. , Edwin W. Mumma, Wilfred Harvey Watson. Third Row; Maurice Condi t Cross, Edmund Clayton Lynch, Kenneth W. Olm. MARKETING Front Row: Parley M. Pratt, Alfred Lee Sellye, Erich Walter Zimmermann, Alonzo B. Cox, Hampton Kent Snell, Frank M. Bass. Second Row: Raymond Frederick Barker, Charles Winston King, Jr., John Allen Ryan, Calvin Patton Blair, George Emmanuel Perpinias, Ernesto de la Garza Barrera. PAGE 29 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION LAURENCE DeFEE HASKEW Dean CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION Front Row: Thelma Anderson Bollman. Ira Irl Nelson, Lillian Frances DuBrul, Mary Frances Flournoy, James Greenleaf Umstattd, Geneva Hanna, Thomas D. Horn, Merle R. Bolton, Loy Elvin Prickett. Second Row: Theodore W. Munch, Cherrv Francine McGinnis, Alma M. Freeland, Clyde Inez Martin, Alan Hale Humphreys, Glenn Edward Barnett, Isabel Edith Gibson George Robert Carlsen Mary Bell Granger James, John Wagner, Clark Cyrus Gill, Marion Vere DeVault, James Bradley Macdonald, Urban J. D. Leavitt, Hob Gray, Thomas Wayne Taylor, Henry J. Otto. EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION Front Row: Roy Maxwell Hall, Sr., Benjamin Floyd Pittenger, Kenneth E. Mclntyre. Second Row: Henry J. Otto, Leonard Levy, William Edward Barren, Lonnie Bryan Ezell, Henry Fred Alves. PAGE 30 EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY fflBi iHlf K . I I Front R:r: Benjamin Franklin Holland, Leigh Peck, Nellie H. Sari nger, Lola M. Tullos, Mary Catherine Striblina. Willie Holdsworth. Mildred Faye Thames. Second Row: John Fierce-Jones. Gordon V. Anderson, Oliver H. Brown, Herschel T. Manuel. Oscar Berry Douglas, William G. Wolfe, James Knight, Aubrey H. Ruden, Ralph Leonard Duke, Alton C. Murphy, Benjamin Fruchter. Third Row: Jackson Brock Reid, Royal B. Embree, Jr., Frederick Joseph Adams, Beeman Noal Phillips, Marvin Siegelman Emery P. Bliesmer, Howard Berkowitz, Robert F. Peck, Joseph Marin. HISTORY and PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION Left to Right: Geoige I. Sanchez, Arthur Henry Moehlman, Frederick Eby, Frank Corliss Wegener, James P. Jewett. PHYSICAL and HEALTH EDUCATION Front Row: Betty Alexander, Mary Evelynn Buice, Curtis Jackson Al- derson, David K. Brace, Jessie Helen Haag. Second Row: Melvin M. Crawford, Lynn Wade McCraw, Karl K. Klein. PMJK 31 WILLIS RAYMOND WOOLRICH Dean COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Left to Right: Joseph Winthrop Dai- ley, Milton John Thompson, Wil- liam Holland shun ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Left to Right: James J. Pollard, Wer- ner William Dornberger, Barton Darrell R i 1 e y , Franklin Beaumont Johnson. 7 CERAMIC ENGINEERING Left to Right: Ben Johnson, Robert LeGrande Stone, E. Joseph Weiss. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Front Row: John J. McKetta, Ken- neth A. Kobe, Eugene P. Schoch. Second Ron : William A. Cunning- ham, Howard Frederick Rase, Mat- thew Van Winkle, Robert Samuel Schechter, Thomas Keeble Perkins. CIVIL ENGINEERING Front Row: Raymond Fillmore Daw- son, Ernest William Steel, Phil Moss Ferguson, Ahrain AH, Robert Davis Turpin. Second Row: Joe Overton Ledbetter, A. Anthony Toprac, Frank Grant Bryant, Lymon Clifton Reese, Ray- mundo Aguirre, Walter L. Moore. Third Row: Frank Dewey Masch, Jr., William Earl Barker Hudson Mat- lock, Earnest Frederick Gloyna, Carl William Morgan. Fourth Row: Leland Barclay, J. Neils Thompson, Marion Barrett Clisby, Donald Van Sickel. PAGE 33 DRAWING Front Row: Clayton William Chance, Jack Lanhart, Harold Morton Mobley, Gayle Earle English, James Dorr McFarland, Robert Landon Taylor. Second Row: Orville Charles Word, Noel C. McGuire, Margaret R. Baker, Wilbert E. Shallene, James Robert Holmes, Joe L. Bruns. ENGINEERING MECHANICS Front Row: Fred B. Vogt, Banks McLaurin, Millie Northrop. Second Row: Bill Gorton Eppes, Harold J. Plass, Jr., Carl C. Steyer, Thomas A. Carlton. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Front Row: Edith Clarke, Roy Rankin Krezdorn, Margaret Fulton Towers, Burns Newman Gafford, Edwin Arthur Reinhard, Harold Wood Smith. Second Row: George Hamilton Hopkins, Jr., Robert W. Warner, Archie Waugh Straiten, Elmer L. Hixson, William H. Hartwig. Third Row: Hugh Theron Tomlinson, Donald Childress Thorn, Russell Eddy Lueg, Frederick Emerson Brooks, Jr., William Charles Duesterhoeft, Jr. Fourth Row: Leo H. Dorfman, Jack McDaniel Watson, W. F. Helwig, Cullen Malone Grain, Leland Strom. PAGE 34 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Front Row: H. L. Simon, Jack A. Scanlan, Byron Elliott Short, Myron Louis Begeman, Billy Howard Amstead, Howard Earl Brown, Faud T. Saadeh. Second Row: Herbert Alton Rundell, Leonard R. Benson, Henry Grady Rylander, Burnett Forrest Treat, Harry L. Kent, Jr. Third Ron: Otto George Brown, Horace E. Staph, Leonardt Ferdinand Kreisle, E. H. Bucknall. John Redi Watt, William Junius Carter, Rinaldo A. Bacon. METEOROLOGY - Front Row: Vance Edwards Moyer, Raymond Clarence Staley. Second Row: Kenneth Hartmeier Jehn, Norman K. Wagner. PETROLEUM ENGINEERING A B ; v ' Front How: Norman Lament, H. H. Power, Frank Weldnn Jessen, Harry Albert Wahl. Sylvain J. Pirson. Second Row: Eldred Wilson Hough, George Homer Fancher, George Wolf Crawford, Jack E. Haughn. Third Row: Isaac Field Roebuck, Kermit Earl Brown, Charles Wilbur Larkham, Louis B. Lesem, William P. Aycock. Fourth Row: William Warford Dingle, Theo Louis Polasek, Paul John Root. PAGE 35 COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS E. WILLIAM DOTY Dean ART Front Row: Hiram Draper William 1 ;, Doris Mary Coulter, Beverly Jeanne Davis, Donald L. Weismann, Eve- rett Spruce, Marian Belle Davis, William Clark Kortlander. Second Row: Paul Peter Hat il, Ken- neth Burch Fiske, Luis Eric Eades, John William Guerin, Charles Um- laut, Lor en Norman Mozley, Michael Gano Frary, William Lewis Lester, Constance Forsyth, Kelly Fearing, Ralph Ernest White, Ste- phen Magada, Edwin Ruda. DRAMA ship, R( ert F. Schenkkan, Leila Sheffield, Lucy Barton, Mildred Howard, Harvey Herbst, B. Iden Payne. Second Row: Edward Allen Lang- hans, Francis Hodge, James W. Moll, E. P. Conkle, Harry Neil Whiting, Herbert Camburn, Mou- zon Law. MUSIC Front Row: J. Frank Elsass, Anna M. Jackson, Fernando Laires, Laurene Turnbull Heimann Mary G. Spaulding, Richard Hallowell Hop- pin, Alfredo de Saint-Malo, Joel L. Andrews, James Clifton Williams. Second Row: Joseph Blankenship, John J. McGrosso, Edward Knox Mellon. Third Row: Fritz Oberdoerffer, Gwen- dolyn June Stokes Pantillon, Joseph Littleton Cunningham, Janet Mary McGaughey, Phyllis Casselman Young, Edra A. Gustafson, E. Wil- liam Doty. Fourth Row: Albert Gillis, Paul A. Fisk, Alfio Pignotti Charlotte Es- telle DuBois, Dalies Ehrhardt Frantz. Alexander Von Kreisler, Kent Wheeler Kennan. Horace Britt, Floyd Clifford Townsley. PAOE 36 SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE COLLEGE OF PHARMACY PHILIP DOUGLAS CREER Director, School of Architecture HENRY MATTHEW BURLAGE Dean, College of Pharmacy ARCHITECTURE Front Row: Hugh Lyon McMath, Philip Douglas Creer, Goldwin Goldsmith. Second Row: Jon Avery Bowman, Heinrich Bernhard Hoesli, Lee Francis Hodgden, Werner Seiigmann, Claude Arthur Winkelhake, John Hubert Kohn. Third Row: Hugo Leipziger-Pearce, Drury Blakely Alexander. John Preston Shaw, Robert Leon White, Gommel Roessner. PHARMACY Front Row: Herbert Frederick Sch- wartz, William R. Lloyd, David M. Stuart, Robert Graves Brown, Wil- liam Francis Gidley. Second Row: Henry Matthew Burl- age, Charles Owens Wilson, Fred- erick Valentine Lofgren, Esther Jane Wood Hall, Joseph Moreno, William Rust Neville, Gunnar Gjerstad. Third Row: Joseph Hoyland Arnette, Vernon A. Green, Leon Otto Wil- ken, John Emerson Davis. Carl Clarence Albers. Wallace Louis Guess, William Johnson Sheffield. PACE 37 ALBERT PERLEY BROGAN Dean GRADUATE SCHOOL ROBERT RAYMOND DOUGLASS Director, Graduate School of Librarv Science LORA LEE PEDERSON Director, Graduate School of Social Work GRADUATE SCHOOL OF LIBRARY SCIENCE Left to Right: Robert Raymond Douglass, Catherine S. Franklin, Heartsill Henry Young, Esther Laverne Stallmann, LeRoy Harold Linder, Flora Eckert. GRADUATE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK Left to Right: Josleen Lockhart, Anne Wilkens, Elizabeth Nuelle, Charles William Laughton, Lora Lee Peder- son. PAGE 38 SCHOOL OF LAW W. PAGE KEETON Dean Front Row: Thomas J. Gibson, Robert Weldon Stayton, William Orr Huie, Elwyn Loomis Cady, Jr.. George Wilfred Stumberg. Second Row: Helen Margrave, Leon Lebowitz, Edward Weldon Bailey. Hubert Winston Smith. Charles Tilford McCormick. Third Row: E. Ernest Goldstein, Joseph Parker Witherspocn. W. Page Keeton. William Francis Fritz. Warner A. Hancock, Leon Green, Pierre R. Loiseaux, Corwin Waggoner Johnson. Joseph Tyree Sneed. Keith E. Morrison. Fourth Row: Jerre Stockton Williams, Walter Eugene Oberer, E. Wayne Thode, Charles Alan Wright. Millard Harrington Ruud. PAGE 39 PHYSICAL TRAINING FOR WOMEN Front Row: Betty Jean Holland, Mary Elizabeth RJsley, Sylvia Jane Wil- son , Betty Thompson . Second Row: Barbara Anne Trosper, Ethel S. Gill, Mamie Lou Hughes, Shiela M. O ' Gara. Third Row: Josephine M. Chapman, JoAnne Elizabeth Young, Helen Louise Thomason, Barbara Ann Go- witzke, Phyllis Mae Ocker. PHYSICAL TRAINING FOR MEN Front Row: Burk D. McGreevey, Lewis B. Ringer, Phillip John Miller, William Anthony Crenshaw, Karl K. Klein. Second Row: Thomas Edward Barlow, Mack Richard Roberson, Wiley Eugene Glaze, John Baker Cox, Joe Conley Bowling, Roy Jack McLean, Charles Harry Leinbach, Jr. PAGE 40 Academic . Graduates and Seniors PAGE 41 ABD-EL-BAKI, ISSAM M., Beirut, Lebanon Chemical Engineering, 8XE, MICA, International Club, Arab Students Asso- ciation AKKUS MEHMET FAHRI, Istanbul, Turkey Geology, International Club, Turkish Club AL-ZIARA, ABDUL KARIM TAHA, Baghdad, Iraq English BALKE, BENNIE KUNO, Austin Geology, fcTE BANKS, RICHARD BURDETTE, Golden Colo. Petroleum Engineering, AIME BEAL, WASSEI. HOLLAND, Houston Bacteriology BELGIN, URAL, Izmit, Turkey Electrical Engineering BENNETT, LLOYD MORRIS, Columbus Zoology, AXA, A !2 BLISS, JAMES V., Dallas Law BONDIES, WALTON PORTER, JR., Austin Law, IIKA, Debate Squad, Law Bachelors Club, Newman Club BRADSHAW, BENJAMIN SPENCER, Springdale, Ark. Sociology, AKA, A B BRADSHAW, SAM CHARLES, Kilgore Mechanical Engineering, ATA HZ, AFROTC, REW, Cowboys, Scabbard and Blade, Assembly, Arnold Air Society, Goodfellow, Varsity Basketball BRITTON, JERIE JEAN WIECKHOFF, Dallas Library Science, AOII BROWN, BYRON BERT, Jewett Physical Education, IIKA GRADUATES BUNTEN, MARY HELEN, Leander Biology, E BURTON, JAMES LEE, Robstown Music Theory, MA, IIKA, Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra BYRD, WILLIAM MARTIN, San Antonio Geology, X l , Silver Spurs CARELLI, ADELIA PURGATO, Sao Paulo, Brazil English CASPER, ALBERT EDWARD, JR., Waco Accounting, CHALITBHAN, VAIKUN, Bangkok, Thailand Mechanical Engineering CHAMORAMAN, CHUSIRI, Bangkok, Thailand Elementary Education CHAN, EDDIE C. S., Singapore, Malaya Bacteriology, TKE, Y, Silver Spurs, Society of American Bacteriologist CHU, MING YU WANG, Austin Bacteriology CHU, SHIH HSI, Austin Chemistry CHUGHTAI, GHULAM MURTAZA, Karachi, Pakistan Civil Engineering CLAYTON, PHILIP MORGAN, Fort Worth Physics, Southwestern Rocket Society COLE, SAMUEL WARREN, Austin Management, 2IE, Society for the Advancement of Management COLTON, CLARK ROPER, San Antonio Geology, A CRABTREE, MARTHA ADALINE, Sulphur Springs English CREEDLE, GEORGE ROBERT, Park Ridge, 111. Phychology, ATA PAGE 42 CRITTENDEN, WILLIAM THOMAS, JR., Detroit Industrial Management, SAE, Cowboys DANAHY, EDDIE JERRY, JR., Ovcrton Mathematics DAS, VINCENT AMRIT, Christian Town, Pakistan Educational Psychology DAVISSON, GEORGE ALLEN, JR., Austin Economics, 2AE, Cowboys, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment DHARMIKARAK, SAWASDI, Bangkok, Thailand Sanitary Engineering DICORTE, MARY FRANCES, Waco Journalism, Newman Club DOMINGUEZ-HERNANDEZ, FRANKLYN, Trujillo City, Dominican Republic Law, Newman Club DUHON REX D., Lafayette, La. Petroleum Engineering, AIMt DUTTON, RICHARD EDWARD, Titusville, Penn. Personnel Management, Industrial Relations, ZIE, Society for the Advancement of Management ELLEDGE, JESSE LAWRENCE, Corpus Christi Chemistry, BA , BF2 FAULKNER, DAVID LAWRENCE, Dotham, Ala. Banking and Finance, American Finance Association FONG, CLARK K., Hong Kong, China Civil Engineering FRAZER, BURNETT MERRELL, JR.. Tyler Political Science, XTI, Assembly, International Club, Goodfellow, Varsity Debate, Young Democrats, Tyler Club, Radio House FULLER, EUGENE THOMAS III, Beaumont Management, IE, MICA, Society for the Advancement of Management, Newman Club GRADUATES II GARRETT, RONALD DUANE, Dallas Organic Chemistry GILES, MURRY BROWDER, Clarksville Marketing, KT GONZALEZ-GERTH, MIRIAM, Mexico City, Mexico French, IIAI GOZAYDIN, MUAMMER, Ankara, Turkey Accounting, Turkish Club GRAHAM, THOMAS RICHARD, Auburn, 111. History GRONA, MARY LOU, Brownsville Chemistry HALL, PATSY ANN, Forney English, AT HEDGCOXE. PAT GARNER, Allen Engineering Mechanics, TBIT, TITS HELLER, ROBERT, JR., Houston Mathematics HIGHTOWER, MAXWELL LEE, Mt. Pleasant Geology, 4 A6, Geological Society IJAM, MOUSA JAFFAR, Hillah, Iraq Organic Chemistry JOHNSON, GEORGE MILTON, San Antonio Geology, ATA KAY, CAROLYN, Austin Library Science KELLY. JEAN NAVELLE, Houston Hospital Pharmacy, APhA KEY, TERRY AUBREY, Corpus Christi Accounting LACY. JACK RAY, Henderson Mechanical Engineering, TBII. IIT2, ASME, AFROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society PAGE 43 LAWS, LUBA SENKEVITCH, Brownsville French, HA , 2AFI LIPSCOMB, PEGGY ELAINE, Quitman Pharmacy, KE LUEG, RUSSELL EDDY, Austin Electrical Engineering, 2 i E, TBII, 4H2, HKN, AIEE MALHOTRA, SATISH CHANDRA, Kanpur, India Chemistry, AT MANN, GEORGE PATRICK, Baytown Electrical Engineering, Newman Club MARTINDALE, ROBERT RENE, Brownsville History, 4A6, AX McALISTER. TAKE LOUIS, Austin Transportation, ANA, Society for the Advancement of Management McGEE, THOMAS RUEL, JR., Corpus Christi Drama, Curtain Club McKINLEY, JIMMIE JOE, Austin Journalism, ZAX, Daily Texan MCLAUGHLIN, DONALD NEIL, San Angeio Accounting, Bl ' S, flA ' P, Young Democrats MINTER, NORMAN WESLEY, Amarillo Business Management, Acacia, Society for the Advancement o{ Manage- ment MOLHUSEN, GEORGE FREDERICK, Longview Pre-Medical MONGER, BLANCHE JOANNE, Beaumont Mathematics MUJICA-QUINTANILLA, MIRYAM RUTH, Lima, Peru Sanitary Engineering, International Club, Newman Club GRADUATES NABABAN, PARTABAS WILMAR JOAKIN, Mcdan, Indonesia Education, English NELSON, ROBERT COMER, Dallas Accounting, BA , AX NEW, RONALD E., Odessa Accounting NORTON, RUTHE LOUISE, Roswell, N. M. Drama Production OKUHIRO, MASAMI, Hiroshima, Japan English ORR, JAMES CARLEY, Austin Aeronautical Engineering, A Kl , ITT2, lAeS, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, Longhorn Flying Club, ROTC Band, Varsity Fencing, Distinguished Military Student ORTIZ, SEVERO, Bogota, Columbia Educational Administration PARKER, J. WALTER, Houston Management, AE, IE, Society for the Advancement of Management PAYNE, MILLARD GORDON, Houston Journalism, AA2, LDS PERKINS, CLAY KEMPER, Austin Physics, 2X, 4 BK, H2, SHE, Southwestern Rocket Society, Varsity Swim- ming POWELL, JAY FRANK, San Antonio Architecture, AKE POWER, PATRICK H., Carrizo Springs Transportation, Advertising, X4 , AAZ, ANA, Forei, Steer Here, Newman Club gn Trade Club, PRATT, JOHN GROVER, JR., Austin Finance, American Finance Association REFSELL, CORALEE VOGELMAN, San Marcos Library Science, Library School Organization REFSELL, OLIVER MORRIS, San Marcos History, nA, A6 REUTER. MARY D., Victoria Elementary Education, A , ACE, Y, Newman Club PAOE 44 RHYMER, TRUETT WESLEY, Dallas Psychology ROBBINS, ROXELYN, Dallas Music Education, M I K, 1IKA, University Symphony ROBERTS, CHARLES TRUMAN, Austin Education, t AK ROMBERG, ERIC ANDERSON, Brownwood Mathematics SATTERFIELD, I. JOSEPH, Charlotte, N. C. Chemistry, AXZ, J AT, Wesley Foundation SHAH, KANU C., Bombay, India Chemical Engineering, International Council, Indian Student Association SMALLEY. JOYCE CLARE, Waco Accounting BA SMITHSUVAN, AISUN, Bangkok, Thailand Electrical Engineering, AIEE SOEBJAKTO, SRI OETARI, Surabaja, Indonesia Education, English SRIYABHAI, SOMBOON, Bangkok, Thailand Elementary Education STEVENSON, ROBERT WAYNE, Pasadena Anthropology STODDARD, FLOYD GRADY, Bonham English, t BK, H, A B STONE, WILLIAM JESSE. JR., Nocona Journalism. AJ,S, ' BSU GRADUATES STONE, WILTON ROGER, Dallas City Management, J ' K ' l ' STUDER, RAYMOND GAULT Austin Architecture, AKE, Sphinx, Judo Club, Varsity Football, T Association SUWANA-ADTH, MALEE, Lampang, Thailand Bacteriology SZOLD, STEPHANIE ALSTON, Victoria English, Speleological Society TANG, WEN-LING, Hong Kong, China Organic Chemistry TAWFIK FOUAD ABDELAZIZ, Cairo, Egypt Cotton Marketing, American Marketing Association TAZOE, KANEKO, Kumamoto, Japan English TEZEL, A. GUNOR, Istanbul, Turkey Industrial Management, MICA, International Club. Foreign Trade Club, Turkish Cfub THORN, DONALD CHILDRESS, Austin Electrical Engineering VADHANAPHUTI, BOONYOK, Bangkok, Thailand Electrical Engineering VOHRA, SURINDER PAUL, Kashmir, India Chemical Engineering, TBII, S2XE, Student Government Committee] WILKINS, HERMAN LANGFORD, Alvord Management, Society for the Advancement of Management WILLIAMSON, CLAUDE FINLEY, Henderson Physics, i BK, ZII2, 1 HS, Wesley Foundation WILLIS, CAROLYN JEAN, Austin Bacteriology WONGSWANG, AMBAI, Bangkok, Thailand Elementary Education ZORRILLA-QUINTANA, GONZALO, Monterrey, Mexico Economics, MICA, International Club, Council, Talent Show, Pan-American Union, Newman Club, Club de Mexico PAGE 45 AALUND, CARL VIGGO, Houston Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Varsity Football, Intramurals, Power Show ABLES, JERRY L., Clarksville Bacteriology, Society of American Bacteriologists ABRAHAMSON, ROYCE LYNNWOOD, Manor Business Education ABRAMSON, STANLEY MARTIN, Dallas Marketing, AEII, American Marketing Association, Basketball ABSHIER, MARY ANNETTE, Beaumont Journalism, F4 B, 6S f , Cap and Gown, Daily Texan, Stump Speaking ACOSTA, OSWALDO, Del Rio Elementary Education, Future Teachers of America AGREE, THOMAS ALLEN, Texas City Marketing, 2 I E ADAMS, JAMES CARROLL, Killeen Physical Education, PEM, Varsity Baseball, T Association AGNEW, KATHLEEN R., San Antonio Geology, A , AAA, Geological Society, Canterbury Association ALBIOL, IGNACIO BEDOS, Barcelona, Spain Chemical Engineering, AIChE, International Club, Twin Pines, Newman Club ALBRIGHT, ALBERT MORRIS, JR., Port Arthur Real Estate and Insurance, 4 K, Silver Spurs, Insurance Society ALCAIDE, CADIZ JOSE EDUARDO, Manuabo, Puerto Rico Architectural Engineering, AAAE, International Club, Newman Club ALOIS, GILBERT RONALD, Houston Advertising, KK+, Longhorn Band, American Marketing Association, Society for Advancement of Management, Wesley Foundation ALDOUS, EDWARD ALLEN, Kerrville Chemical Engineering, B9II, i 6K, AIChE ALDRICH, WILLIAM JAMES, Midland Electrical Engineering, OS, HS, HKN, TB;r, AIEE-IRE, Student Engineering Council ALF ARO, MARIO A., Laredo Finance, American Finance Association, Laredo Club SENIORS ALLEN, GENE EDWIN, Denison Mechanical Engineering, ASME ALLEN, GEORGE CARSON, JR., Jacksonville Business Administration ALLEN, JOHN JOSEPH, Lansdowne, Penn. Industrial Management, ZIE, Society for the Advancement of Management ALLEN, WALTER HENRY, El Paso Accounting, BA , AROTC, Tejas Club, Distinguished Military Student ALLISON, JOE S., Call Geology, Tejas Club ALLISON, MARY JANE, Austin Sociology, Canterbury Association ALMAZAN, JIMMY A., San Antonio Physics ALMQUIST, JANE LOUISE, McCamey English, Christian Science Organization ALONZO, ANTHONY L., San Antonio Civil Engineering, ASCE, SAME, AROTC, Rangers AMSLER, SAMMY GENE, Midland Accounting AMUNDSON, NONA ANN, Austin Retailing, AZ ANDERSON, ARVID A., Reading, Penn. International Trade, A2II, Foreign Trade Club, Business Administration Council ANDERSON, GEORGE GREEN, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME, SAME ANDERSON, JAMES DANIEL, El Dorado, Ark. Chemical Engineering, X t , AIChE ANDERSON, JOHN ELDON, Austin Chemical Engineering, TBII, S2XE, AIChE, Tejas Club, Engineering Council ANDERSON, MARY ELIZABETH, San Angelo Sociology, AX ANDERSON, NANCY JANE, Dumas Business Education, AAA, Ilfllf, REW, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor, Fresh- man Orientation ANDRUS, MARIAM L. R., Corpus Christ! Sociology, X APPELT, GLENN DAVID, Yoakum Pharmacy, K ARCHER, JOHN EARL, Mart Electrical Engineering, H2, HKN, TBH, IRE PAGE 46 At it ARENDALL, J. W., JR., Texarkana Insurance Real Estate, Insurance Society ARMSTRONG, JAN, Roswell, N. M. English, KAQ ARNEY, ANN BINFORD, Corpus Christi Elementary Education, KA0, Y, Future Teachers of America, Canterbury Association ARNOLD PEGGY JOYCE, Woodsboro Clothing Textiles, Home Economics Club, Upperclass Advisor ARRANAGA, CARLOS HECTOR, Del Rio Marketing ARTHUR, WILLIAM PIERCE, JR., Uvalde Accounting, BA ASHBY JOHN EDMUND, JR., Dallas Business Administration, B6II ASHLEY, ALVIE OWEN, Wichita Falls Geology, Varsity Track, T Association ASHMAN, LEONARD PHILLIP, Bellaire Accounting ASTON, WE LDON ROY, Fort Worth Accounting, BA ATTWELL, KIRBY, Houston Economics, KZ, 4 BK, Cowboys, Varsity Golf, T Association ATWOOD, LYNN ELMORE, Austin Personnel Management, IE, Society for the Advancement of Man- agement AUSTIN, JO ANN, Austin Psychology AVANT, ASA FRANKLIN, JR., Lubbock Business Administration BAILEY, DURYL MIDDLETON, Nolanville Civil Engineering, XE, ASCE BAILEY, ELIZABETH CAROLYN, Temple Piano Pedagogy, 2AI, Cap and Gown, Der Eulenspiegelverein, Fine Arts Council CLASS OF ' 57 BAILEY, JOHN ALAN, Gainesville Petroleum Engineering, H2, Zl ' E, TBII, AIME, TSPE BAILEY. RONALD REX, Fentress, Va. Personnel Management, IE, XTI, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment BAIN, GLADYS LURLEEN, Austin Design, Clothing Textiles, IIB , AAi, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club BAIRD, ALICE LEE, Houston Secretarial Studies Business Education, AXQ, BBA, Newman Club BAKER, CHARLES ALLEN, Austin Accounting, Cowboys, AROTC, Varsity Football, T Association BAKER, DOUGLAS MARTIN, Belleville, 111. Transportation, 2X, ASH, AROTC, Baseball, Distinguished Military Student BAKER, DUDLEY DUGGAN, III, Seguin Physics, BK, 2112 BAKER, EVA LOUISE, Fort Worth Nutrition BAKER, JAMES EARL, Houston Marketing, XTI, American Marketing Association, Society for the Advancement of Management BAKER, JOAN COX, Pasadena Social Sciences, Secondary Education, Cap and Gown BAKER, LAMAR TRAVIS, Tolar Electrical Engineering, IRE, Power Show BALDRIDGE, ROBERT LEWIS, Ennis Engineering Route to Business Administration, Intramurals, Wesley Foundation BALKE, JANNETTE HENRY, Sherman Piano Pedagogy BALL, JAMES HOWARD, Weatherford Electrical Mechanical Engineering, HKN, IITZ, HZ, AIEE, IRE, ASME, MICA BALL, JANELLE ERNESTINE, Fort Worth Piano Pedagogy, AXS2, Cap and Gown, University Chorus BALLARD, JONI JO, Mission English, r B BALLEW, ELVIS JOE, San Saba History, BSU BALSLEY, LELAND LEROY, McAllen Electrical Engineering, AIEE BALTHROP, BILLY HAROLD, Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering, AIME BANKS, JIMMY EDWIN Malvern, Ark. Aeronautical Engineering, EN, lAeS, Tejas Club, Longhorn Flying Club, Speleological Society, Tumbling Team PAGE 47 BARGAINER, JACK DELANO, Baytown Zoology, AEA BARGE, MARJORIE SAXON, Austin Elementary Education, AAIJ, Future Teachers of America BARINA, HELEN GRACE, Smithville Physical Education, PEM, Czech Club, Cap and Gown, Newman Club BARLES, FORTUNE JEAN, JR., Fort Worth Personnel Management, IE, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment BARLING, ROBERT FRED, Galveston Advertising, A1Z, AROTC, Daily Texan BARRERA, AIDA NYDIA Edinburg Journalism, 024 , Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor BARRETT, MICHAEL JOSEPH, JR., Galveston Personnel Management. BF2, 2IE, Society for the Advancement of Man- agement, Newman Club BARRIER, RHODA ANN, Austin Interior Decorating, ZTA BARSHOP, PHILIP M., San Antonio Real Estate BARZILLA, JOSEPH ALBERT, Houston Personnel Management, Newman Club BASSETT, ELEANOR O ' NEILL, Roswell, N. M. Business Administration, A4 , Spooks, Cactus, Campus Survey, Grievance Committee BATEMAN, MARTHA ALICE, McKinney English, Xfl BATEMAN, RICHARD WAYNE, Austin Engineering Route to Business Administration, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, Society for the Advancement of Management BATRES, ARTURO ENRIQUE, Piedras Negras, Mexico Zoology, SAn, MICA, Assembly, Outstanding Student, International Council, Discipline Committee, Inter-Co-op Council, Students ' Cooperative Association, Round-Up, Alhambra House, Eagle Pass Club, Club de Mexico BATTEY, ROBERT VERNON, Austin Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS, Longhorn Flying Club BAUGH, DALLAS, Rule Physical Education, PEM SENIORS BEALL, JOSEPH EDWARD, Midland Petroleum Engineering, TBII, AIME, TSPE BEARD, EDWIN MILES, Thorndale Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE BEAUCHAMP, EDWIN A., Baytown Life Insurance, American Finance Association, Insurance Society BECK, HERBERT ALLAN, Corpus Christ! Pre-Law BEERMAN, KENNETH WILSON, McAllen Geology BELL, CHARLES LARRY, Houston Finance, J ZK, f HZ, American Finance Association BELL, ROSS LEON Vernon Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE, Power Show BENAVIDES, MARIA MAGDALENA, Eagle Pass Plan II, English, i BK, 2AII, AAA, I1A , WICA, Mortar Board, Cap and Gown, International Club, Goodfellow BENNETT, DAVE S., JR., Advertising, Acacia. AA. AFRO ' San Benito ng, Acacia. ASZ. A ROTC, Daily Texan. Texas Ranger, Symphonic Band, Wrestling Club, Public Relations Committee, Christian Science Organization BENNETT. PATRICIA DAVIS, Austin Elementary Education, ACE, Cap and Gown, Future Teachers of America BENTLEY, BARBARA ANN, White Deer English, IIA I , BSU, Future Teachers of America BERG, ROBERT KENNETH. Dallas Plan II Acacia, HS, NROTC, TSO, Curtain Club, Round-Up, Talent Show, 4U Acre Follies, Dance Band, Jesse Jonps Scholarship BERGERON. BEVELY JOSEPH, Baytown Advertising, AAS, Curtain Club, American Marketing Association, Talent Com- mittee, Newman Club BERGLUND, JOHN FRANKLIN, Marshall Electrical Engineering. HS. HKN. TBII, AIEE BERNSTEIN, TED M., Dallas Finance, TA f , American Finance Association BERRY, THOMAS ROBERT, Huntsville Architecture, t K2 BERTHELOT. MARY CATHERINE, Victoria Government, A , Reagan, Newman Club BESTEIRO, RAUL ADRIAN, Brownsville Zoology, MICA, Newman Club, Rio Grande Valley Club BEUTEL, BARBARA JEAN, Houston Chemistry BIBB, THOMAS JAMES, Fort Worth Architecture, KZ, Sphinx PAGE 43 BICKHAM, ROBERTA JANE, Dallas Elementary Education, AAA BIGGERS, BARBARA LOU, Kilgorc Physical Education, PEM, UTSA, Poona BIGGERSTAGG, RONALD DEAN, Corpus Christ! Mechanical Engineering BILLINGS, VIRGIL WELDON. Cleburne Personnel Management Industrial Relations, N, Society (or the Advancement of Management BILLINGSLEY, DAVID LEWIS, Houston Petroleum Engineering, Sl ' E, AIME BILLUPS, SARAH WARD, Houston Government, KKT BISHOP, DONALD MAC, Dalhart Finance, AT, AM2, American Finance Association BLACK, ADELE, Austin Plan II, IIB , Spooks, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, REW, Y, Pan- hellenic, Upperclass Advisor, Sidney Lanier, Orientation, Westminster Student Fellowship BLACK, MARGARET SUSAN, Houston Plan II, KA6, Y, Turtle Club, Grievance Committee BLACKWELL, REBEL EUGENE, Canton Physical Education, 2 E, PEM BLAKE, ROBERT MERRILL, Plainview Pharmacy, K , LPhA, Student Government Committees, Young Republi- cans, Intramurals BLANTON, JAMES DONALD, Katy Civil Engineering BLANTON, James NEAL, Houston Personnel Management, AEK, Cowboys, Varsity Tennis, T Association BLOCKER, ROBERT HEFLEY, Sao Paulo, Brazil Business Administration, M BLOMQUIST, HERBERT LIONEL, Austin Advertising, AA , Business Administration Council, Ameri Association ican Marketing BLUDWORTH, JOSEPH ELLIOTT. San Antonio Chemical Engineering, 4 HI, TBH, HXE, AIChE CLASS OF ' 57 BODINE, DONALD EARL, Texarkana Accounting, A M2, XFI BOENING, MARY BETH, Galveston Art, Newman Club BOHN, ROBERT H., Austin Retailing, I ' A, Cowboys, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society. Scabbard and Blade, Campus Chest BOLES, T. L., JR., Honey Grove Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS BOND, WILLIAM HOWARD, JR., Tulsa, Okla. Petroleum Engineering, i E, 4 H, NROTC, Scabbard and Blade BONNEAU, MARY KAY, McAllen English, KKT, Racket Club, Newman Club BONO, WINIFRED T., Bonham Science Education, Future Teachers of America BOOZIOTIS, BILL CUSTAS, Dallas Architecture, AIA, Sphinx BORG. SWEN WILLIAM, JR., Kenedy Accounting, AK , A B BOSWELL, JON ALFRED, Sour Lake Personnel Management, AXA, Society for the Advancement of Management, Newman Club BOURDON, LYNN LOUIS, JR., Austin Zoology, A 1 8, Y, REW, Silver Spurs, Tejas Club, Survey Council, Fresh- man Council, Orientation Committee BOWEN, AVERY W Austin Architecture, AIA, Sphinx, Tejas Club, Assembly BOWYER, JACKIE PRICE, Pharr Petroleum Engineering BOX, BOYD OLIVER, Bishop Applied Art BOYCE, JAMES CURTIS, Amarillo Business Administration, A6, NROTC BOYD, JACK RAYMOND, Midland Zoology, Pre-Medical BOYD, NANCY ELIZABETH, Austin Accounting, BOYKIN, JAMES EDWARD, Abilene Real Estate Insurance, AKE BRADEN, ARTHUR LOUIS, JR., San Antonio Accounting. AK . AROTC. Rangers, Confederate Drill Tea BRADFIELD, RUTH ANN, Abilene Personnel Management, BBA, Canterbury Club PAGE 49 BRADFORD, DAVID GEORGE, Pampa Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE BRADFORD, JAMES WALTER, Angleton Industrial Management, MICA, Society for the Advancement of Management BRADY, JAMES MARVIN, Houston Art Education BRAMLETT, Accounting DONALD RAY, Baytown BRANCH, THOMAS COE, Kenedy Pre-Medical, 2AE BRAND, CHARLES FARMER, West Columbia Physical Education, PEM BRANNAN WILLIAM VINCENT, Alice Geology, SAME, AIME, Geological Society, Christian Science Organi- zation BRASHEARS, LELAND SANFORD, Midland Journalism, Advertising BRASHER, JOHN DELL Wichita Falls Petroleum Engineering, 4 rA, AIME BRAVENEC, LORENCE LARRY, Houston Plan II, H, BA , BK, A Q, rM X, Silver Spurs, Tejas Club, Assembly, Round-Up, Christian Faith and Life Community BRAZEAL, FRANK, Marshall Industrial Management, Society for the Advancement of Management BREWER, LUTHER M., Clarksville Chemistry, Pre-Medical, BK BRIGGS, JAMES A., Fort Worth Radio-TV BRIGHT. GEORGE MEREDITH, San Antonio Pre-Medical, KS, AEA BRILL, JAMES EDWARD, Houston Law, K2, AK , AA, Y, Silver Spurs, Chief Justice, Assembly, Inter- fraternity Council, Goodfellow, Representative Party, Peregrinus Board, Discipline Committee, Social Calendar Committee BRITTON, EARLE VERNON, JR., Dallas Architecture SENIORS s$$s $ $s $ $$$$ s ss $$$s BROOKS. JERRY, Dallas Geology, IIKA BROTZMAN, BEATRICE WILBURN, Rio Hondo Baceteriology, Touche BROWN, ANNE DARE, Springfield, Tcnn. Drama Education, AAA, Talent Committee BROWN, BEUNA, Laird Hill Elementary Education BROWN, CORNELIA COLBY LENTZ, San Antonio Psychology, AXS2 BROWN, HARRY G., JR., Dallas Engineering Route to Business Administration BROWN, JOHN NICHOLAS, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, SAME, Varsity Rifle Team BROWN SUSAN, Austin Business Administration, AF BROWNING, BURTON ALLEN, Austin Sociology, Pre-Law, AXA, AROTC, Pershing Rifles, Rangers, Wesley Foundation, Distinguished Military Student, Student Government Committees BROWNING, JIMMY DOUGLAS, Little Rock, Ark. Electrical Engineering, TBfl, HKX, AIEE BROWNLIE, DAVID ERNEST, El Paso Mathematics, REW BROWNLOW, WILLIAM JACKSON, Austin Physics, MICA, Scabbard and Blade BRUCE, BETTY JEAN, Waco Bacteriology BRUMLEY, ROY LEE, Temple Accounting BRUNS, MARY NELDA, Bryan English BUCHAN, CELIA ANN, Houston Plan II, KA6, AAA, BK, Mortar Board. Orange Jackets, Panhellenic, University Sweetheart, Outstanding Student, Dads ' Day Award BUDD, BERNELL P., Austin Civil Engineering BULLITT PATRICIA ANN, Houston Elementary Education, XJi, Y, Future Teachers of America, Great Issues BUNSEN, FREDERICK D., Austin Advertising, AAZ, Assembly, Business Administration Council, Orientation, Goodfellow BUNTE, PATRICK H Denver, Colo. Advertising, A1, Newman Club PAGE 50 BURCHARD, WILLIAM F., Gonzalcs Civil Engineering, XE BURKE, JOHN MALCOLM, Tyler Engineering Route to Business Administration, SN ; Swing and Turn, American Marketing Association, Round-Up, Union Committees BURKHEAD, RALPH CLEMENT, San Antonio Zoology, Pre-Medical BURNETT, ADRIEN RICHARD, JR., Tyler Commercial Art, XT! BURNETT, ANN McDAVID, Weatherford Art Education BURNEY, LANGE WAYMON, Houston Marketing, AAE, American Marketing Association BURNS, SIMON PIERCE, Brownwood Chemical Engineering, H2, AT, AIChE BURTON, WILLIAM JOE LEE, Galveston Geology BUSCH, WILLIAM JEPP, Mont Belvieu Secondary Education, TKE BUSS, LEROY FREDRIC, Weslaco Plan II, WA, Friars, Silver Spurs, REW, Y, Associate Justice, Goodfellow, Discipline Committee , Wesley Foundation, University Religious Council, Christian Faith and Life Community BUSTINZA, ISHMAEL, Brownsville History, Newman Club BUTLER, LILLIE KAYSER, Houston Plan II, KA9, Y, Tur tle Club BUTLER, VIRGIL ELMO, Dallas Business Administration, UK BYRD, NANCY JANE, Austin Clothing Textiles, AXQ BYRN, ROBERT LLOYD, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE BYROM, MARIAN IRENE, Brenham Mathematics, ZTA, Upperclass Advisor CLASS OF ' 57 BYROM, PAUL FREDERICK, Brownwood Geology CAGLE, JOE DAVID, Memphis, Tenn. Business Administration, Society for the Advancement of Management, Hous- ing Committee, Inter-Dorm Council CAIN, ARTHUR WEBSTER, Beeville International Trade, Foreign Trade Club CALLAWAY, BARBARA ELAINE, Houston Secretarial Studies, AZ CAMERO, EDUARDO JESUS, San Antonio Pharmacy, K CAMPBELL, ALBERT TRAVIS, Texarkana Petroleum Engineering, AIME CAMPBELL, CATHERINE ANN, San Antonio English, Mortar Board, Cap and Gown, BSU, Racket Club, Women ' s Council CAMPBELL, RICHARD BRUCE, Pampa Industrial Management, 2N CAMPI, RAY CHARLES, Austin Play Directing CANNON, TONIA, Houston English, TIB , Sidney Lanier CANTU, HIGINIO JUAN, JR., Corpus Christi Psychology Sociology, Alba Club, Lulac, Newman Club CANTU, JULIAN RODRIGUEZ, San Antonio Zoology, Pre-Medical CAPPS, MARY CLYDE, Tyler Music Theory, r fB, AAA, 2AI, ITKA, Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra, Canterbury Club CARDWELL, LOYE HORTMAN, JR., Dallas Zoology, AEA, HZ CAREY, MELVIN RAY, Fort Worth Finance, XTI, American Finance Association CARLSON, JEAN Point Comfort Mathematics, AZ, Spooks, Cap and Gown, Panhellenic, Student Party CAROTHERS, MARY JANE, Marianna, Ark. Home Economics, F IB, Y, Home Economics Club, Westminster Student Fellow- ship CARPENTER, GUY J., Port Isabel Advertising, AAE, BSU, American Marketing Association CARROLL, JOE SPEED. Austin Government, Pre-Law, AT, f HE. 4 BK. TISA, SIE, Silver Spurs. Friars, Students ' Association Vice-President, Dads ' Day Award, Outstanding Student, Goodfellow, Flash Card Committee CARRUTH, LLOYD BRENT Pampa Petroleum Engineering, Acacia, AIME PAOE 51 CARTER, ANN E., McCamey Home Economics, Home Economics Club CARTER, JOHN BROWNING, Blanco Advertising, 4KZ, A AX, Fencing Team CARTER, NANCY MARYLIN, Seymour History, Cap and Gown CARTER, ROBERT WARREN, Dallas Marketing, ASH CASEY, CONSTANCE JEAN, San Benito History, V, Future Teachers of America CASH, WARREN PINKNEY, JR., Houston Pre-Medical, 24 E, Union Committees, Orientation CASSADY, WILLIAM EMMETT, Dayton, Ohio Chemistry, B9II, Cowboys, Scabbard and Blade CASTILLO, JOSE GOMEZ, JR., Galveston Spanish, 2AII, Alba Club CATTERTON, ANN CLAIBORNE, Houston History, KA6 CAVAZOS, SIGIFREDO LEDESMA, Harlingen English Literature CENTER, JOHN L., Denison Electrical Engineering, IRE CHAMBERLIN, RICHARD H., JR., Harlingen Sociology CHANDLER, JOE H., Baytown Personnel Management, 2IE, Society for the Advancement of Management CHANEY, MARY ANN, Vernon Business Administration, AFA, REW, Future Teachers of America CHAPMAN, PATTI LE, Sherman Secretarial Studies, A l , BBA, Union Committe CHAPMAN, WILLIAM BARNETT, JR., Austin Economics, KA SENIORS CHATWIN, KENNETH A., Belton Insurance Real Estate, Insurance Society CHAUNCEY, PRESHIA JANE, San Antonio Radio Television, AAII, AEP, IIA , Reagan, Radio-TV Guild CHERRY, JESSE FAY, Edna Civil Engineering XE, ASCE CHESNUT TOM HOLT, Childress Geology, Brackenridge Hall Council CHILES, BOBBY DEAN, Houston Personnel Management, Society for the Advancement of Management CHUMNEY, JOHN CHARLES, Teague Physical Education, PEM, Varsity Swimming, T Association CHUPIK, EUGENE JERRY, Temple Accounting, Czech Club CHURCHILL, TRAVIS EUGENE, Woodsboro Economics, MICA, Young Democrats CHURCHILL, WILLIAM ORVAL, JR., Lockhart Finance, BSU, American Finance Association CLARK, ESTHER FAITH, Rankin Journalism, Daily Texan, Assembly, Stump Speaking, Publicity Committee, San Angelo Club CLARK, HARLEY R., Austin Philosophy Government, Friars, Cowboys, Tejas Club, REW, Head Cheerleader, Outstanding Student, Mike Flynn Award CLARK, JOSEPH CLYDE, Glen Campbell, Penn. Geology, ZX, f H2, I BK, Z.TE, Geological Society, Young Republicans CLARK, NANCY JO, Austin History CLARKE, FRANK DAVID, Denison Mechanical Engineering, ASME CLEMENTS, GENE PADGETT, McGregor Geology, AXA CLINKSCALES, BARBARA BAIRD, Fort Worth Secretarial Studies, A f , BBA, Curtain Club, Dance Committee CQAKLEY, RAYMOND JOHN, Austin Civil Engineering, ASCE COBB, LOUIS DENSON, Tyler Zoology, Pre-Medical, KZ COFFIN. GEORGE BEN, Evansville, Ind. Geology, AIME, Geological Society COIN, MERRY LOUISE, Sinton Social Science, EAT, REW, Orange Jackets, Cap and Gown, Educational Council PAGE 52 COLDWATER, ROBERT EDWARD, Freeport Personnel Management, MICA, AFROTC, Speological Society COLE, CAROLYN RAY, Stephcnville Business Education COLE, HENRY DAVID F., Brownwood Chemistry, BK, AT COLE. MAURICE WAYNE, JR., Austin Mechanical Engineering, ATO COLEMAN, CLYDE THOMAS, Austin Engineering Route to Business Administration, Society for the Advancement of Management COLLIER, RONALD J., Dearborn, Mich. Industrial Management, Society for the Advancement of Management COLLINS, ELIZABETH ALLEN, Austin Applied Art, rf B, Texas Stars, Union and Student Government Com- mittees COLLINS, ORIE ARTHUR, Rosharon Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Intramurals, Longhorn Band COLLINS, ROY DALE, Kilgore Personnel Management, Society for the Advancement of Management COLWELL, WALTER LEE, Pampa Accounting, Acacia, A K2, BA COMBS, JESSE LE ROY, Odessa English COMBS, WILLIAM MATTOX, JR., Houston Petroleum Engineering, ATJ2, AIME CONSTANTIN, BENNIE JOHN. El Campo Geology, Geological Society, Twin Pines, Newman Club COOK, HARLAN CULLEN, JR., Lubbock Pharmacy, LPhA COOK, JOHN BRECKINRIDGE, III, Austin Chemistry, Pre-Medical COOK, RITA JEAN, San Marcos Elementary Education, KA9, Y, Reagan, Rally Committee CLASS OF ' 57 COOKE, RICHARD HUGH, Baytown Real Estate Insurance, Insurance Society, Freshman Football COOPER, NANCY GAIL, Midland Elemenary Education, AT CORNELL, DAVID MAYO, San Antonio Engineering Route to Business Administration, IIKA Cowboys, REW, Assembly, Goodfellow, Interfraternity Council, Round-Up CORNELL, GORDON L., Dallas Petroleum Engineering, AIME, SAME COSNER, DAIL WARREN, Corpus Christ! Accounting, ZK, BA COSTELLO, ROBERT JAMES, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, AIEE COTTRELL, DAVID DEAN, Austin Advertising, AA2 COUGHRAN, JACK H., Austin Retailing, American Marketing Association COURTER, ROBERT WAYNE Austin Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS, TSPE, Engineering Council COWSER, DALE HOUSTON, Corpus Christi Petroleum Engineering, AIME COX, JACK RONALD, Waco Civil Engineering, Arnold Air Society COZBY, RAYMOND WILSON, JR., Grand Saline Pre-Medical, J FA CRABB, CLARENCE ROBERT, Boling Chemistry CRANE, RICHARD THOMAS, Austin Accounting, AH , Newman Club CRAWFORD, JAMES WILSON, Memphis, Tenn. Civil Engineering, ASCE CRAWFORD, SHIRLEY JANE, Port Arthur Nutrition, Home Economics Club, Pearce Co-op Co-ordinator CREGOR, LLOYD CHARLES, San Antonio Engineering Route to Business Administration, Arnold Air Society, Society for the Advancement of Management CRIM, TRAVIS LAVERNE, Henderson Business Administration CRINER, HARRY H., Little Rock, Ark. French CROFTS. DAN WILLIAM, Jacksonville Electrical Engineering, 2K, AIEE-IRE PAGE 53 CRONFEL, SEMIRAMIS, Laredo Pharmacy, KE, LPhA, Upperclass Advisor CROSLIN, JOHN DONALD, Austin Ceramic Engineering, ZFE, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, Keramos, American Ceramic Society CROUCH, DAVID MALCOLM, Devine Plan II, TKE CROW, HELEN CAROL, Austin Sociology, AZ CROWDER, REBECCA ANN, Texarkana Education, Committees Speech, Education, KAO, Spooks, Y, Ashbel, Westminster Student Fellowship, Union " CROWELL, RICA ANN, San Antonio Retailing, AZ, American Marketing Association CRUTCHFIELD, TONY ALLEN, Orange Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Swing and Turn CULVER. CHARLES DAVID, Tyler Petroleum Engineering, - K , AKJ, AIME, Tyler Club GUMMINGS, KATHERINE LYNN, Houston English, KA9, Canterbury CUNDIFF, VIRGINIA ELAINE, Canyon Home Economics, A , Spooks, Home Economics Club, Upperclass Advisor, Union and Student Government Committees CUNNINGHAM, JESSE LEROY, San Angelo Accounting, MICA CURRAN, JOHN FRANCIS, Corpus Christi Geology, SA 1E, Tejas Club, Geological Society, Prather Dorm Council, Newman Club CURRY, FRED JOSEPH, JR., Houston Real Estate Insurance, Insurance Society CURRY, KEYS ALEXANDER, JR., Midland Mechanical Engineering, K , ASME CZIGAN ARGIL C., Houston Industrial Management, 4 2K, AK ' P, Society for the Advancement of Management DABBOUSSI, ABDUL HAMID, Tripoli, Lebanon Government Economics, International Council SENIORS ng Club DABNEY, JANE, San Antonio Sociology, Wesley Foundation DAHBOUR, ALBERT S., Damascus, Syria Architectural Engineering, Y, Arab Student Association, Disciples Student Fellowship DAHBURA, ABBUD SALOMON Bethlehem, Jordan Mechanical Engineering Mathematics, ASME, Arab Student Association DAHMASH, HASHIM M., Damascus Syria Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Arab Student Association DAMSTROM. EMORY KENNETH, Port Lavaca Aeronautical Engineering, TBII, TA, lAeS, TSPE, Longhorn Flyi DANVERS, DON, San Antonio Geology, B6II DARNALL, BARBARA, Austin History, KKT, 2AI, i BK, IIKA, Cap and Gown DAVIDSON, ADA LOIS, Houston Business Administration, AF, ITSJII DAVIS, BARBARA DEANE, Houston Home Economics, Teacher Education, r f B, Spooks, Home Economics Club, Touche DAVIS, BRITT DUANE, Paris Economics, Tejas Club DAVIS, GEORGE ARTHUR, Killeen Geology, ARE DAVIS, GIBSON MILTON, Fort Worth Marketing, 2N DAVIS, JACK RANDALL, Dallas Management, 4 A0 DAVIS, JAMES ROY, Austin Mathematics, 0X DAVIS, JOHN WILLIAM, Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering, K , ASME DAVIS, KENNETH A., Brownfield Finance, American Finance Association DAVIS, NANCY LEE, Waco Plan II, KKT, REW, Ashbel, Great Issues DAVIS, ROBERT LUTHER, Fort Worth Civil Engineering, ASCE DAWSON, EUGENE HOWARD, San Antonio Civil Engineering, ASCE, TSPE DAWSON, MARY URSULA, Fort Dodge, Iowa English, M, Spooks, Orange Jackets, NSA-TISA, Newman Club, Student Government Committee PAGE 54 DEAHL, TAN H., Amarillo Mechanical Engineering DEATON, TO ANN, DALLAS Journalism, AXQ, Daily Texan DEBENPORT, DON, Odessa Plan II, BK, IT2A DECHMAN, DON ARTHUR, Fort Worth Chemical Engineering, TKE, H2, TBII, 4 AT, flXE, AIChE DEEN, FRANCES LEE, Hawkins Speech, 2AH, Upperclass Advisor, Grievance Committee DEER, CHARLES WILLIAM, Longview Mechanical Engineering, ASME DEITRICK DOROTHY SUSAN, Houston Advertising, WICA, American Marketing Association DE LAS CASAS, SALVADOR, Lima, Peru Banking Finance, MICA, International Club, Intramurals DEL CASTILLO, JOSE ADRIAN, Brownsville Pharmacy, AX, LPhA DELIN, FRED O San Antonio Electrical Engineering, IRE DELOACH, CAROLYN ANN, Dallas Home Economics, A , Home Economics Club, AROTC Sponsor DE LOS SANTOS, ALFREDO G., JR., Laredo English, AZII, Alba Club, Laredo Club DENNEY, EARL ANDREWS, Wichita Falls Business Administration, KA DERDEN, KATHRYN ANNE, Wharton Elementary Education, KKf, ACE, Newman Club DEWALT, JAMES WILLIS, Brownsville Electrical Engineering, TKE DIAMOND, VIRGINIA RUTH, Houston Interior Decorating, r B, AAA, ON, TEA, Cap and Gown, Inter- national Council, Glee Club, Union Committees CLASS OF ' 57 . DICKERSON, EDDIE JOE, Grand Prairie Geology, Geological Society DICKERSON, NATHANIEL, Wallis Biology DICKERSON, NORMAN CLIFFORD, JR., Dallas Mechanical Electrical Engineering, TBII, HKN, ITTS, IRE, MICA DICKSON, JOHN LESLIE, JR., Houston Electrical Engineering, BA DIETERT, NORMAN MARVIN, Seguin Marketing, American Marketing Association DIETZ, BILLY KYLE, Texarkana Radio and Television, Curtain Club, Radio-TV Guild, Campus Guild DIETZ, FLOYD MELVIN, Baytown Finance, American Finance Association, Newman Club DIKES, BILL NELSON, Brady Physical Education, J K2, PEM, Assembly DIMARE, JOSEPH S., JR., Dallas Physical Education, PEM DISHMAN, HARRY CHARLES, JR., Bryan Law, KA DOCHEN, THELMA ANN, Austin Speech Correction, ZAT, ZAH, AAA, Reagan DODSON, CLAUDE CORDRAY, JR., San Antonio History, i KS, AROTC, Rangers, Young Republicans, Newman Club DOLISH, IRA JULES, Victoria Mechanical Engineering. 2A, ASME, AFROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Uni- versity Religious Council DORFMAN, SAM Y., JR., Longview Geology, ZAM, ZFE, Silver Spurs, Debate Team, Tennis DOROTIK, DANIEL JOSEPH, El Campo Business Education, 11811, AK , MICA, Future Teachers of America, Newman Club DORSEY, ELMER LYMON, Ada, Okla. Bacteriology DOUGHTY, ANDREW C., Ill, Corpus Christ! Industrial Management, Society for the Advancement of Management, American Marketing Association DOWDEN, LEON DEVERLE, Electra Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Intramurals DRING, MARY LOUISE, Dallas Architecture, Xfl, AAA, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board DRISKA, ROBERT SUTTON, Holland Business Education, IISOT, MICA, TLOK, Future Teachers of America PACE 55 DRUMMOND, DONALD EUGENE, San Antonio Physics DRUMMOND, MARY LOU, Paducah Business Education DUESING, CHARLES HENRY, Austin Zoology, ATA, Newman Club, University Religious Council DUGAT, DIANA MARIE Beeville Elementary Education, KKP, SAH, Y, Orange Jackets, Cap and Gown, International Council, Campus Chest, Upperclass Advisor, Union Committees, Canterbury Club DUKE, EARL, St. Johns, Ariz. Chemical Engineering, AX, AIChE DULANEY, SAMUEL THOMAS, Dallas Economics, K2 DUNCAN, WILLIAM FINLEY, Houston Insurance Real Estate, 2N, Insurance Society, American Finance Association DURHAM, JOE ALLEN, DeLeon Geology DURHAM, WILLIAM LYNN, Lufkin Marketing, IIKA DURRENBERGER, BRUCE BAKER, Houston Insurance P Finance Assoc: Insurance Real Estate AROTC, Assembly, Insurance Society, American iation, Student Government Committees DURRETT, LARRY RANDALL, Fremont Chemistry, Der Eulenspiegelverein, Intramurals DUSON, WALTER WEBB, El Campo Architecture, IIKA, Sphinx DUTSCHMANN, WILBERT CHARLES, Port Arthur Architectural Engineering, FA, AAAE DVORACEK, HERMAN JOSEPH, West Petroleum Engineering DWIGHT, DONALD GENE, Midland Accounting, SENIORS EAKINS, J. RICHARD, Mt. Pleasant Real Estate Insurance, Insurance Society EARLY, THOMAS R., Stinnett Economics, MICA, Economics Club, Young Democrats EATON, ROBERT CHARLES, Monterrey, Mexico Industrial Management, TKE ECKERMANN, ALLEN EUGENE, Holland Electrical Engineering, AIEE ECONOMY, RICHARD. San Antonio Electrical Engineering, TKE, TBII, HZ, HKN, TSPE, IRE, Arnold Air Society EDMONDS, VIRGINIA LOVE, Borger Business Education EDWARDS JO KATHERINE, Baytown Elementary Education, AX12 EDWARDS, TOM ROGERS, Knox City Personnel Management, AROTC, Society for the Advancement of Management, Prather Hall Council, Young Democrats ELKINS. WYNELL, Freeport Business Education, A4 , Curtain Club, Brazoaport Club ELLINGSON, GLENDA LOYCE, Austin Bacteriology, Cap and Gown, Society of American Bacteriologists, Intramurals, Lutheran Students Association, Union and Student Government Committees ELLIS, AUSTIN S., Alice Retailing, American Marketing Association, Insurance Society ELLIS, BILLY C., Palestine Civil Engineering, TBII, XE, ASCE, SAME, Engineering Council ELLIS, CARL H., Comanche Marketing, American Marketing Association ELLIS, WILLIAM CLYDE, Shreveport, La. Architecture, K2, H, T2A, Sphinx ELROD, DORIS ANN, Odessa Home Economics, AX12, Home Economics Club, Reagan ENGEL, DARYL L., San Antonio Architecture ENGLAND, BOBBY CHARLES. San Antonio Pharmacy, PX ENGLAND, NEWTON, JR.. Refugio Mechanical Engineering, ASME, TSPE ENGLANDER, LEONARD MARION, Waco Personnel Management, 4 2A ENMON, W. C., Orange Government, 0X PACE 56 DYKE, EARNEST WESLEY, Talco Petroleum. Engineering, i KT ERWIN, KENNETH JAMES, Victoria Radio and Television ESSE, KATHRYN ANN, Seguin Retailing, AXQ, Y, REW, Orange Jackets, Cap and Gown Council, Good- fellow, Upperclass Advisor, Great Issues, Student Government Committees ESTES, CARL LEWIS, II, Dallas Chemistry, KS, AXE ESTES, GLORIA EVELYN, Austin Secretarial Studies ESTES, TOMMY K., Abilene Physical Education, AKE ETHEREDGE, BOYD FRANKLIN, Hunt Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Roberts Hall Council ETTELMAN, DAV IE LOU, Kilgore Elementary Education, AE, Cactus, Curtain Club, Forensica, Hillel, University Religious Council EVANS, DERRO, Olney Journalism, 1A , Daily Texan, Cactus EVANS. DOROTHY JEAN, Fort Worth Elementary Education, KA6 EVANS, KENNETH WAYNE, Austin Civil Engineering EVANS, THOMAS EDWIN, Dallas Civil Engineering, ASCE EVANS, WARREN WEBER, Port Neches Petroleum Engineering, AIME EVERSOLE, CHARLES LESLIE, Lake Jackson Mechanical Engineering, HTS, TBII, ASME, Intramurals EWTON, MERLE CLEMENT, Amarillo Psychology, X FAHAM, HISHAM Z., Damascus, Syria Electrical Engineering, A j !2, AIEE-IRE, International Club, Arab Student Association FAHAM, MAHMOUD M., Damascus, Syria Chemical Engineering, A f !2, AIChE, Arab Student Theleme, International Club, international Council Association, CLASS OF ' 57 FARIAS, MARIA, Benavides Elementary Education, ACE, Cap and Gown, Future Teachers of America FARLEKAS, CHRIS SPERO, Port Jervis, N. Y. English, Curtain Club. University Religious Council, Wesley Foundation, Christian Faith and Life Community FARQUHAR, KAY, Dallas English, AAII, BK FAULKNER, JO ANN, Austin Hospital Dietitian, Turtle Club, Canter Club FAUNTLEROY, JOHN PARKER, Houston Business Administration, KZ FEARS, CLOIS D., Pineland Electrical Engineering, HKN, TBII, AIEE-IRE, TSPE FELDER, DELL, Port Neches Education, TIA6, IIEA, Future Teachers of America FENNELL, THOMAS CONROY, Fort Smith, Ark. Electrical Engineering, HKN, IRE, Engineering Council, Newman Club FERGUSON, ARTHUR JAMES, Shreveport, La. Accounting, KA FERGUSON, MARTHA JOE, Longview Bacteriology, WICA, Cap and Gown, Talent Show, Society of American Bacteriologists, Intramurals, Disciples Student Fellowship FERRILL, MARILYN J., Borger English, WICA, Future Teachers of America FERRIS, TOANN PATRICIA, Dallas Elementary Education, AAA, Reagan, Young Republicans, Wesley Foundation FINGER, MARVY ALAN, Houston Engineering Route to Business Administration, 4ZAj Society for the Advancement of Management FINKELSTEIN, GAIL MONA, Pampa Social Sciences, AE4 , Spooks FINLEY, LAURA JANE, Liberty English FISBECK, WELDON H., Flatonia Physical Education, PEM FISCHER, EDGAR GUSTAV. Bigfoot Petroleum Engineering, TA, AIME, TSPE, Twin Pines, Intramurals FISH, FRANCINE, Electra Secretarial Studies, AXQ, BBA, Student Government Committees FISHER, ADELAIDE RUTH, Borger Elementary Education, AI Future Teachers of America FISHER. GARY DUANE, Borger Chemical Engineering, TBII, AT, QXE, AIChE, NROTC PACE 57 FISHER, PAUL GENE, Duncan, Okla. Finance, T Association, Varsity Tennis FISKE, NANCY JAY, Dallas Home Economics, Ar, Spooks, Panhellenic, Home Economics Club, Canter Club FLETCHER, A. ODELL, Houston Industrial Engineering FLETCHER, BETTY LU, Grand Saline Mathematics, AAII, AAA, II2A, Future Teachers of America FLINN, LUTHER CHARLES, Austin Zoology, Pre-Medical, J 2K FLOYD, JOHNNIE EDWIN, Dallas Mechanical Engineering, ASME FOERSTER, PAUL ADOLPH, Sutherland Springs Chemical Engineering, 4 SK, TBII, 4 AT, SXE, AIChE, NROTC, Engi- neering Council FOGLESONG, JIMMY LEE, Coahoma Marketing, ATS2, AA2, American Marketing Association. FOOTE, PHILLIP G., Port Arthur Administrative Education, Z I E, REW, Cowboys, Interfraternity Council, Union Board of Directors, Disciple Student Fellowship FORD, JOHNNY GENE, Beaumont Chemical Engineering, AIChE FORD, RICHARD JOSEPH, Richmond, Va. Accounting, AZII FORETICH, RICHARD B., Conroe Geology, AROTC, Rangers, Confederates, Longhorn Band, Wrestling Club, Newman Club FORTUNE, WILLIAM WALTER, Austin Sociology, AROTC, Society for the Advancement of Management FOSTER, LINDA ANN, Houston Elementary Education, AXS2, ACE, Future Teachers of America FOWLER, DONALD ROBERT, Corsicana Chemistry FOX, WILLIAM HESSEL, Corpus Christi Pharmacy, LPhA SENIORS FRANCIS, CHARLOTTE ANN, Austin Sociology, KKT FRANCIS, LESTER PAUL, Austin Radio and Television, Scabbard and Blade FRANCIS, MARY LOU, CARTHAGE Bacteriology, AXO, AAA, REW, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor, Wesley Foundation FRANKUM, RONALD BRUCE, Odessa History, Government, ATA FRANZEN, JOYCE ANN, Winnie Home Economics, Teachers Education, ATA, Home Economics Club FRASHER, ELEANOR ANN, San Antonio English, ITB I , Reagan, Newman Club FRAZIER, JAMES ROBERT, Garland Life Insurance, Insurance Society FREDE, NORMAN DWIGHT, La Grange Pre-Medical, 2 E FREDRICKSON, LEE EARL, Dayton, Iowa History, ATA FREEMAN, JANICE RAYE, Corpus Christi Zoology, WICA, Y, Cap and Gown, Racket Club, Future Teachers of America FREEMAN, JOYCE FAYE, Corpus Christi Zoology, WICA, Y, Cap and Gown, Racket Club, Future Teachers of America FRIBERG, EMIL EDWARDS, Wichita Falls Mechanical Engineering, AT ; ASME, SAME, Assembly, Engineering Council, Texas Student Publications Board of Directors FRIESEN, GERARD ANTHONY, San Antonio Physical Education, MICA, PEM, Newman Club FRISBIE, LILLIAN LEE, Dallas Zoology FRITCHER, EUGENE EDWARD, Caldwell Business Administration, IIKA FRITTS, WILLIS BIBLE, Mountain City, Tenn. Industrial Management, Society for the Advancement of Management FRITZE, JOAN CATHERYN, San Antonio Accounting, AZ, Lutheran Student Association FRYSINGER, GEORGE PATRICK, III, Dallas Accounting, AT12, BA , Survey Council FUHRMAN, GERALD MAX, Muenster Journalism, CFO, Daily Texan, Newman Club PULLER, ROBERT C., Waxahachie Electrical Engineering, AIEE PACE 58 FULLINGTON, ROGER WARREN, Commerce Speech and Hearing Therapy, 1 II FULTON, GEORGIE D., Dallas English, AZ GAGE, TOMMY W., Knox City Pharmacy, K , PX, LPhA GALLARDO, ROBERTO, El Paso Pharmacy GANDY, CHARLES TAYLOR, Valley Mills Accounting, BA GARCIA, ENRIQUE, Madrid, Spain Electrical Engineering, AKE, AIEE GARRETT, CLAUDE HARMON, III, Groesbeck Civil Engineering, ASCE GARRETT, GLENN ALLEN, Dallas Advertising, AA GARTMAN, GLENN ROY, Gatesville Architectural Engineering, AAAE, ASCE, TSPE, Glee Club, Fencing GARZA, JUDITH, Brownsville Bacteriology GARZA, OCTAVIO, Edinburg Accounting GARZA, RUBEN CURIEL, Corpus Christi Bacteriology GASSMAN, RALPH NEAL, Austin International Trade, ASII, Foreign Trade Club GAULT, CLAY R., Austin Physical Education, PEM, Varsity Baseball, T Association, Student-Faculty Education Committee GEE, MARY ANN, Houston Sociology, HA , 4 BK, BSU GEESLIN, BARBARA RUTH Dallas Clothing, Textiles and Design, I ' I B, Home Economics Club, Upper- class Advisor CLASS OF ' 57 GERSCH, BERNHARD CARL, JR., Dallas Architectural Engineering, AAAE, TSPE GIBSON, BETTY STANFORD, College Station Elementary Education, ATA, Assembly, Reagan, Future Teachers of America GIBSON, ELIZABETH JEAN, Carlsbad, N. M. Plan II, Westminster Student Fellowship, Christian Faith and Life Com- munity GIERHART, MARTHA RUTH, Corpus Christi Zoology, KKP, Canterbury Association GILCHRIST, WILLIAM EDWARD, Houston Mechanical Engineering, TSPE, ASME GILES, PERRY MONTGOMERY, Houston Finance, IIK.A, American Finance Association GILL, A. LEE, Amarillo Engineering Route to Business Administration, KZ, XTI, AIEE, American Marketing Association GILL, SAMUEL LAFAYETTE Alvarado Personnel Management, Society for the Advancement of Management, American Marketing Association GILLEAN, WILLIAM OTHO, JR., Stamford Zoology, Pre-Medical, KK , Longhorn Band GILLESPIE, JON HANSON, Vicksburg, Miss. Economics, KA GINSBURG, MAYNARD JACK, Springfield Mo. FinancCj 2AM, Cowboys, T Association, Intramurals, Longhorn Flying Club, Civil Defense Committee GITTRICH, ROBERT WAYNE, Amarillo Engineering Route to Business Administration, American Marketing Association, Newman Club GLASS, DOUGLAS VERNON, Columbus History. Swing and Turn, International Club, Lutheran Student Association, South Central Texas Club GLAZE, DOROTHY DAVIS, Houston Home Economics, WICA, Home Economics Club GLECKLER, ARTHUR DAN, Sherman History, A fl, BK, AEA, H, A6, Orchestra GLOVER, RICHARD DUFF, La Grange Electrical Engineering, AX, TBII, HKN GOFF, E. WAYNE, Louise Pre-Medical GOLDSBERRY, MAX AUBREY, Jacksonville Physical Education GOLDSTEIN, RONALD N., Austin Accounting, AEII GOLOB, PATRICIA ANN, Waco Elementary Education, SAT PAGE 59 GOMEZ, ANASTACIO, JR., Br Economics, XTI, Rio Grande Valley Clut Brownsville ub GONZALEZ-SHEARS, CHARLES, Brownsville Pharmacy GOODMAN, JEANETTE RITA, Dallas English, A E, Campus Chest, Ten Most Beautiful Finalist GOORDUM, JACK F., Corpus Christi Accounting, AZU GORE, JERRY DON, San Angelo Business Administration, TLOK, BSU, Round-Up, Inter-Cooperative Council, American Marketing Association, Society for the Advancement of Management GORENA, VILMA LITA, Edinburg Advertising, 02 l GOULD, ROBERT CLARK, San Antonio Petroleum Engineering GOULDSBERRY, RAYMOND RALPH, Detroit Electrical Engineering, AIEE GRAGG, LEE ANN, Palestine Elementary Education, AAII GRAHAM, LILLIE MAE, Purmela Foods and Nutrition, ON, Home Economics Club GRAY, BARBARA JO, La Porte English, 4 BK, Upperclass Advisor, Longhorn Christian Fellowship GRAY, CHARLES T., Ennis Electrical Engineering, IRE GRAY, EDWARD DAVIS, O ' Donnell Marketing, HKA GRAY, FRANCES MARIE, Holland Home Economics, Teacher Education, Home Economics Club, Wakonda GRAY, SARA NELL, Henderson Business Education GREEN. FRANK CLIFFORD, JR., Waskom Marketing, A2II, American Marketing Association SENIORS GREEN, ROBERT STERLING, Beaumont Accounting, ATA GREENBERG, RONALD DAVID, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, AEH HZ, TBH, IIT2, ASME, NROTC, Silver Spurs, Mariners, Assembly, Interfraternity Council, Varsity Golf, T Association GREENSTREET WILBUR HORACE, JR., Midland Mechanical Engineering, FA, ASME, NROTC, Summa Cum Laude GREENWOOD, BOBBY RAY, Frisco Electrical Engineering, HKN, TBII, IRE GREER, BOBBY JACK, Sulphur Springs Mathematics GREGORY, JOE MILLER, JR., New Waverly Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Newman Club GREGORY JULIA M Corpus Christi Elementary Education, ATA, REW, Future Teachers of America, Women Voters, Newman Club GREIN, LEO JOSEPH Seguin Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Newman Club GREVE, WILLIAM FRANCIS, JR., Galveston Petroleum Engineering, AIME, NROTC, Varsity Track, Newman Club GRIFFIN, ARIEL DALE, Belton Geology, Geological Society GRIFFIN, GORDON M., JR., Austin Petroleum Engineering, AKE GRIFFIN, JAMES WILSON, McKinney Civil Engineering, ASCE, TSPE GRIGGS, JAMES LAWRENCE, Atlanta Psychology GRISSOM, DAVID, Dallas Mechanical Engineering, f K, H2, TSPE, ASME GROSS, CHARLES EDWARD, Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering, Wesley Foundation GROSSMAN, DAVID LYLE, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Society of Automotive Engineers GRUMBLES, JANIS FLORENE, Austin Harp Pedagogy, Symphonic Band, Harp Ensemble, Chorus GUERRA. LITA Mission Applied Music, ZAI, Newman Club GUNTER, CHARLES ALVIS, San Angelo Zoology, AT GUSTWICK, ROBERT EVERETT Yoakum Chemical Engineering, J H2, AIChE, South Central Texas Club PAGE 60 GUZMAN, RAUL J. , JR., Laredo Marketing, American Marketing Association, Laredo Club HAGELMAN, MARCIA LEE, Galvcston Bacteriology, ATA, Upperclass Advisor, Canterbury HAHN, EITEL HUGH, Brady Zoology, AT HAIL, THOMAS L Houston Petroleum Engineering, 2AE HAIJAR, MOHAMMED SAID, Damascus, Syria Mechanical Engineering HALDANE, ROBERT BRUCE, Pasadena Linguistics, 1 HS, AKA, 4-BK, A J A, XTI, Der Eulenspeigelverein, Science Fiction Club HALL, ARTHUR HOWELL, Waclder Business Administration, ANA, SIE HALL, JANE CHARNELLE, Dallas Finance, AAA HALL, JOHN EVERETT, Corsicana Psychology HALL, ROBERT EARLE, Dallas Architectural Engineering, IIKA HALTOM, GARY DONALD, Stephens, Ark. Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE HAMILTON, JIMMY RAY, Greenville Interior Decoration HAMILTON, JOHN REED, Baytown Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE HAMLETT, JOHN WILLIAM, Houston Radio and Television, X , AAZ, BSU, Radio-TV Guild, Freshman Track HAMMERICH, LORRAINE, Houston English, AXfl, Y, International Council HAMMOND, GEORGE RANDALL, Sacramento, Calif. Aeronautical Engineering, J SK, A f 0, lAeS, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society CLASS OF ' 57 HAMMOND, VERNON LEROY, Austin Mechanical En ginering, IIT2, ASME HANCOCK, MARY LINDA, Jasper French and Spanish HANDORF, EDMUND RICHARD, Palestine Industrial Management HANKS, JERRY, Nederland Pharmacy, K HANNAH, DAVID HARDGRAVE, Dallas Anthropology, Speleological Society HANSEN, CHARLES MERWIN, San Antonio Sociology, Der Eulenspiegelverein, Young Republicans HANSEN, MINAH MOLLY, Clifton Zoology, Pre-Medical, AAA, AEA, Sidney Lanier, Lutheran Student Asso- ciation HARDEMAN, WATSON, Longview Architectural Engineering, AAAE, TSPE, Intramurals HARDEN, RICHARD DON, El Paso Plan II, AKE HARDING, RAYMOND EDWARD, Austin Elementary Education HARKINS, ROBERT EARL, Marshall Industrial Management, Society for the Advancement of Management HARKRIDER, ROBERT ELMO, Temple Engineering Route to Business Administration, l iK HARLAN, JOHN CARTER, Clayton, N. M. Petroleum Engineering, AIME HARP, SYLVIA LEE, San Antonio Physical Education, PEM, UTSA, Racket Club HARRELL, FORREST EDWIN, Pasadena Petroleum Engineering, 2 E, AIME HARRIS, JEAN, Wichita Falls Elementary Education, KA0 HARRIS, MORRIS TOUCHSTONE, Port Arthur Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS HARRISON, DIXIE DEE, Del Rio Elementary Education HART, GAYLE ELAINE, Bay City Elementary Education, XO HARTSFIELD, THELMA LIPSCOMB, Austin Art Education, iZ, Orange Jackets, Upperclass Advisor, Turtle Club FADE 61 HARVEY, JERRY BANKSTON, Austin Business Administration, 4 H HASENBECK, THOMAS C., Adkins Aeronautical Engineering, AleS HASHEM, GHAZI JAMAL, Slebkhat, Kuwait Mechanical Engineering, Arab Student Association, International Club HASTON, NANCY GAY, San Antonio Journalism and Sociology, X12, I BK, 624 , AAA, BSU, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Student Government Secretary, Texas Student Publi- cations and Texas Union Board of Directors, Goodfellow, Daily Texan, Upperclass Advisor, Silver Spur Award, President Wilson ' s Advisory Council, Faculty-Student Cabinet, Social Calendar Committee. HAVENS, CHARLIE CORNELIUS, Cross Plains Mechanical Engineering, ASME HAWKINS JOE EARL, Seminolc Aeronautical Engineering, Acacia HAYES, JIMMIE RAYE, Austin History, 4 M!, Y, Wesley Foundation HEANER, JOHN M., Brownsville Real Estate, K HEARD, ALLEN BURTON, Austin Engineering Route to Business Administration, AXA, SAME, AROTC, Rangers, Interfraternity Council, Canterbury Association. HEATH, NANCY CAROLYN, Madisonville Elementary Education, IIB4 , AAA, Cap and Gown, Ashbel HERBERT, EMANUEL ANDRUS, Cuero Civil Engineering, ASCE, SAME, Newman Club HEBERT, LARRY ALLEN, Highlands Geology, A H2, Geological Society HEMBREE, FRANCES KATHERINE, Austin Home Economics, Teachers Education, Home Economics Club, Newman Club HEMBREE, LESLIE EARL, Phillips Mathematics HENDERSON, ELWOOD RAY, Waco Electrical Engineering, KK ' fr, SAME, Longhorn Band, Disciples Student Fellowship HENDERSON, JEFFERSON STIERHEIM, II, Nocona Government and Eastern European Studies, A i S2, 4 A9, Sponsored Students Committee, Wesley Foundation SENIORS HENDERSON, LAURA SUE, Lufkin English, KKF HENDRICKS, JAMES LEE, Fort Worth Architecture, AIA, Sphinx HENKEL, ARCHIE DON, Texas City Chemistry, Pre-Dental HERBER, WILFRED EARL, Austin Art, AA2, Art Students Association, American Marketing Association HERNANDEZ, MATILDE LUISA, Corpus Christi Mathematics HERNANDEZ-CALDERONI, HENRY, Brownsville Pharmacy, LPhA, Rio Grande Valley Club HERREN, HUBERT BONNER, JR., Houston Advertising, ATfi, Cowboys, Interfraternity Council HERRMANN, PAUL JOHN, JR., El Campo Real Estate and Insurance, N, AK , Insurance Society HERRERA, CHARLES DOUGLASS, El Paso Physical Education, A6, AK, AROTC, Scabbard and Blade HERRON, ELMER WAYNE, Houston English, HZ, XTI HERTZ, JOAN REBECCA, Tyler Secretarial Studies, KKr, Orange Jackets, Turtle Club, Upperclass Advisor, Great Issues, Grievance Committee, Cap and Gown HEXBERG, CASPAR JUL, Daly City, Calif. Economics, I BK HICKMAN, PETER JAMES, Dallas Journalism, AX HICKS, JAMES NATHAN Burkburnett Petroleum Engineering, KS, AIME, SAME HIGH, MORRIS NORMAN, JR., Little Rock, Ark. Radio and Television, Radio-TV Guild HIGHTOWER, RANSOM L., Sinton Architectural Engineering, AAAE, TSPE HILL, CHARLES EDWARD, Austin Business Administration HILLIARD, HELEN BEAMAN, Pasadena Chemistry, KAO, Newman Club HILLJE, JOHN WYLIE, New Braunfels Journalism, 2AX, Daily Texan HINEMAN, CHARLES MARVIN, Commerce Journalism, XAX, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, Daily Texan " = HINES, DAVID ROY, El Paso Geography, NROTC, Buccaneers. Scabbard and Blade HINKLE, DAVID OLIN, Austin Pre-Medical, H2, AEA, Westminster Student Fellowship HINOJOSA, TOMAS RODOLFO, JR., Laredo Psychology, Laredo Club KITE, GARY PAUL, San Antonio Marketing, EN, American Marketing Association HLANAK, SHIRLEY MAE, Baytown Speech Education, AXQ, Campus Survey Committee, Newman Club HOBSON JOHN WALLACE, Austin Mechanical Engineering HOFFMAN, DAVID MINET, Austin Accounting HOFFMAN, DONALD EDWARD, Austin Industrial Management, Tejas Club, Insurance Society, Society for the Advancement of Management HOFFMANN, JOHN MILTON, Austin Petroleum Engineering, AIME HOLCK, BEATSY BERTHA, Austin Physical Education, ATA HOLCOMB, LYNDON PAUL, Bay City Petroleum Engineering, H, SFE, AIME, MICA HOLDEN, EUGENE PATRICK, JR., Dallas Architecture, ATfl, AIA HOLLAND, JAMES RICHARD, III, Houston Petroleum Engineering, AT12 HOLLAND, PATRICIA LEE, Kirkwood, Mo. English, Christian Faith and Life Community HOLLINGSWORTH, LONNIE FLOYD, Wellington Pharmacy, AX, HZ, PX HOLLOWAY, HAROLD DEEN, Fort Worth Geology, KA CLASS OF ' 57 HOLMAN, ELDON MORRIS, Arlington Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE HOLMAN, THOMAS HENRY, San Antonio Finance, A Q, AK , American Finance Association, San Antonio Club HOLT, WILLIAM HARRIS, Austin Advertising, AAZ, American Marketing Association HOOD, LINNEA SUZANNE, Austin History, AAA, f BK, Sidney Lanier HOOPER, KAY FRANCES, Smithville Home Economics HOOTEN, OWEN W., JR., Cooper Architecture HOOTON, NORMAN ELWYN, Austin Physical Education, T Association, Varsity Basketball HOPKINS, LOIS DIANE, Dallas Art Education, AZ, Reagan, Westminster Student Fellowship HOPKINS, NORMAN THOMAS, Dallas Architecture, Sphinx HOPPER, LUCY RUTH, Muldoon Elementary Education, Upperclass Advisor, Future Teachers of America HORNADAY, JON RUSSELL, Arlington, Va. Advertising, Acacia, AA2 HORNBUCKLE, WILLIAM E., Houston Finance, IIKA, American Finance Association HORTON, THOMAS EDWARD, JR., Houston Mechanical Engineering, H2, TBII, HTS, ASME HOUTCHENS, LARRY DWAINE, Electra Accounting, BA HOVEY, LESTER EUGENE, La Porte Accounting, AK , MICA HOWARD, ALMA AYLEEN White Deer Elementary Education, Upperclass Advisor, Wesley Foundation HOWARD, CHARLES EDWARD, Sherman Physical Education, T Association, Varsity Basketball HOWARD, EVELYN GAYLE, Dallas Chemistry, r B, REW, Wesley Foundation HOWARD, NORMALIN NOWLIN, Sherman Speech Education HOWARD. VAN HOOK, III, San Antonio Accounting, AK PAGE 63 HOWARD, WILLIAM BLANTON, III, Taylor Pre-Medical HOWELL, CAROLYN, Austin Elementary Education, r f B, ACE HRANICKY, HATTIE MARIE, Wallis Home Economics, Teacher Education, Czech Club, Home Economics Club, Newman Club HUBER JOHN P., Houston Pre-Dental, Swimming HUCKABEE, GEORGE LESLIE, Little River Finance, AROTC, BSU HUDNALL, JOHN FRANKLIN, Longview Pre-Medical, Wesley Foundation HUDNALL, JOYCE JENNINGS, Tyler Elementary Education, AZ, ACE, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation HUGHES, CHARLES WILLIS, Dallas Government HUGHES, ELIZABETH ANN, Austin Music Theory, AAA HUGHES, JOHN DAVID, Lubbock Pre-Law, AROTC HUMPHREY, MARTHA JO, Austin Elementary Education, ZTA HURLOCK, RICHARD ERNEST, Amarillo Pre-Medical, 2 E HYDRICK, CONRAD LYNELL, Corpus Christi Pharmacy, K , APhA HYLTIN, TOM MARTIN, Austin Electrical Engineering, A f 12, IRE IDROGO. SAMUEL, Laredo Aeronautical Engineering, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, Laredo Club IRICK, JACK T., Dallas Mechanical Engineering, Acacia, ASME SENIORS JACKSON, HAROLD KENNETH, Austin Anthropology JACKSON, LOUIS OGE, Medina Business Administration JACKSON, NANCY KNIGHT, Corpus Christi History, JIB JACKSON, WILLIAM SCOTT, JR., Houston Aeronautical Engineering, ZAeS JACOBS, PAULA KENNY, Kingsville English, KKT JACOBY, HENRY DONNAN, Dallas Mechanical Engineering ATA, H2, ASME, Friars, Silver Spurs, Outstanding Student, Goodfellow JAMES, BOB CLARK, Borger Zoology, Pre-Medical, 4A6, Silver Spurs, Interfraternity Council, Fresh- JARRATT, KENNETH LEE, Victoria Geology JARRETT, CORA JANE, Del Rio English and Education, AAII, Y, Christian Science Organization JARVIS, HAROLD DUANE, Dallas Architecture JARY, LLOYD WALKER, JR., Fort Worth Architecture, K , AIA, Assembly, Campus Chest, Public Relations Com- mittee JENKINS, FREDERICK RAYMON, JR., Carthage Pharmacy, IIKA JENNINGS, JOYCE, Houston English JENNINGS WILLIAM CLINGMAN, Fort Worth Accounting, K2 JENSEN, HANS CLINTON, El Campo Architecture, Sphinx TOBES, MARY LEE, Kerrville Mathematics, Student Government, Turtle Club, Public Relations Committee, Newman Club JOHNS, LEE JACKSON, Kermit Chemical Engineering, AIChE, BSU JOHNSON, AVIS, JR., Fort Worth Pre-Medical, ATA JOHNSON, BENJAMIN LARRY, Rosenberg Accounting, American Finance Association, Society for the Advancement of Management, Disciples Student Fellowship JOHNSON, CHARLES A., Simms Geology, Geological Society PAGE 64 JOHNSON, CHARLES W., Austin Business Administration JOHNSON, CLYDE TAYLOR, JR., Dallas Real Estate and Insurance, Insurance Society JOHNSON, EDWARD DURRON, Houston Chemistry, Pre-Dental, ATO, Varsity Swimming, T Association JOHNSON, EUNICE ANNETTE OLDHAM, Austin Spanish, WICA, Der Eulenspeigelverein JOHNSON, GERALD ELVIN, Nocona Petroleum Engineering, , T Association, Intramurals JOHNSON, KENNETH HOWELL, Houston Chemistry, Civil Defense Committee JOHNSON, LEE MURPHY, Lufkin Chemical Engineering, AIChE JOHNSON, MARILYN JEANNETTE, Palacios English, AAA, Upperclass Advisor, Young Democrats JOHNSON, WINSTON COLEMAN, Houston Mechanical Engineering, ASME JOHNSTON, MORRIS SHEPPARD, JR., San Antonio Psychology, AFROTC, Longhorn Flying Club, Arnold Air Society, Air Force Association JONES, DAVID THOMAS, Midland Geology, Geological Society JONES, ERIC LYNN, Waco Mechanical Engineering, TBII, IIT2, H2, ASME, TSPE, MICA, Intramurals TONES, GERALD FRANKLIN, Kingsville Insurance and Finance, AROTC, American Finance Association, Insurance Society, American Marketing Association, Disciples Student Fellowship TONES JENNY LEE, Dallas Interior Decoration, Upperclass Advisor, Charm Committee TONES, RICHARD LEWIS, Dublin Marketing TONES, ROBERT DAVIS, Rusk Zoology, Y, Forum Speakers, Steer Here, Freshman Football CLASS OF ' 57 JORDAN, JERRY MAX, Lufkin Marketing, American Marketing Association JORNS, JOAN, Houston History, KA6, Forum Speakers JOY, ROBERT ALLAN Austin Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE JUERGENS, HARRIET RUTH, Corpus Christi English, KKT KADERLI, FREDOLIN JAMES, Fredericksburg Resources, Young Republicans, Newman Club KAMRATH, KARL FRED, JR., Houston Architectural Engineering, AKE, Silver Spurs, Varsity Tennis, T Association KANA, DANIE DAVID, Flatonia Mechanical Engineering, H2, HT2, TBII, NROTC KANNING, JAMES RICHARD, San Antonio Aeronautical Engineering, SAME, AROTC, Confederates, Scabbard and Blade, Newman Club KASSELL, FREDERICK BERNHARD, Llano Journalism, LAX, Daily Texan KAZEN, VIRGINIA LEE, Laredo Journalism, 6 , Newman Club KEEN, JERRY D., Lubbock Personnel Management, Society for the Advancement of Management, American Marketing Association KELLEHER, DAN FRANCIS, Austin Drama, Curtain Club KELLER, FRANKLIN D., La Coste Physical Education, PEM KELLER, RODNEY C., San Antonio Education KELLEY. BUSTER A.. JR., Gonzales Petroleum Engineering, AIME KELLEY, THAD CARL, Breckenridge Journalism, Advertising, MICA, Wesley Foundation KELLY, AARON GLENN, Pasadena Pharmacy KENDRICK, JOHN MURRAY, Gatesville Finance, AK , Tejas Club, Westminster Student Fellowship KENNEDY, HENRY CECIL, JR., Longview Chemical Engineering, AIChE, BSU KENNEDY, JAMES DURKIN, Dallas Education PACE 65 KERBOW, KAY DOUGLAS, Fort Worth Radio and Television, AAII, AEP, Radio-TV Guild, Curtain Club, Fine Arts Council, International Council KIDWELL, CAROLYN ANN, Vernon Elementary Education, IIB4 , ACE, Cap and Gown, Future Teachers of America, Reagan KILDAY, BETTY ANN, San Antonio Chemistry, A t, IIA 1 , Newman Club KILPATRICK, MARGARET ANN TROUT, Austin Elementary Education, AAA, REW, Campus Chest, Canterbury KIMSEY, ROY EDWIN, JR., Midland Marketing, I " A, American Marketing Association, Freshman Track KINCAID MARCIA LAVONNE, Crowell Journalism, r f B, 62 , Spooks, Panhellenic, Daily Texan, Reagan KINDIG, VIRGINIA ANNE, Shelbyville, Tcnn. Home Economics, Interior Decoration, Y, REW, Orange Jackets, Home Economics Club, Wesley Foundation, Christian Faith and Life Community KING, ELBERT AUBREY, JR., Austin Geology, Geological Society KING, SHIRLEY ANNE, Breckenridge Business Education and Secretarial Studies, XS2, ITRIT, ZIE, BBA, Business Admin- istration Council, Ashbel, Women Voters, Disciples Student Fellowship, Inter- national Council, Sweetheart of BBA, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Sweetheart of AXA, International Council, Campus Survey Committee KIRK, JOHN ROBERT, JR., Martinsville, Va. Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Intramurals KLAPP, JANICE BOYCE, Austin Plan II KLAPP, WILLIAM DEVEREUX, Austin English KLAVER, BEVERLY ANNETTE, San Antonio Business Education, XQ, Disciplinary Committee KLEIN, GERALD FENTON, Beaumont Personnel Management, t 2A KLEIN, SHIRLEY BEATRICE, Tomball Business Education, A4 , 111211, Spooks, Panhellenic KNIKER, JULIA ANN, Austin Music Education, 2AI, A Cappella Choir, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, University Singers SENIORS KNOX, MARGARET ANN, Bertram Home Economics, Teacher Education, AOII, Spooks, Home Economics Club KOCH, CAROLYN JOY, Houston Sociology, AT, Y, Upperclass Advisor KOEN, WILLIAM JOE, Austin Marketing, 2A KOENIG, JOHN WELDON. La Grange Engineering Route to Business Administration, ASH, KK , NROTC, American Marketing Association, South Central Texas Club KOSUB, JAMES LEON, San Antonio Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Newman Club KRAPF, CAROL ANN, Bellaire Home Economics, Nutrition, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club KRAUSE, ARTHUR JOSEPH, Pueblo, Colo. Mechanical Engineering, ASME KRENEK, ERNEST ]., Markham Mechanical Engineering, TSPE, ASME KROG, JOHN LAWRENCE, Houston Mechanic al Engineering, ASME KRUSE, ROSANNE, Corpus Christi Education, Cap and Gown KUECKER, ELROY, Brenham Accounting KTJNKEL, MARTHA LEAH, Yonkers, N. Y. Applied Piano, A , 2AI, HKA, Professional Panhellenic, Uni Chorus LACEY, ALONZO LEONARD, JR., Corpus Christi History, ATO LACKEY, VERNON JR., Tyler Marketing, American Marketing Association LA COUME, JERRY REID, Galveston Chemistry, AXZ, Newman Club, Galveston Club LA GRONE, HENRY JOYCE, JR., Carthage Geology, Geological Society LAMAN, JOHNNIE DEE, Spofford Bacteriology LAMB, CHESTER DWIGHT, Austin Transportation, ANA LAMB, WILLIAM MORGAN, Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering, AIME LAMBERT, ROBERT CLAUD, Wichita Falls Sociology, Society for the Advancement of Management PAGE 66 iversity LANCASTER, MARY ELINOR, Dallas French, IIB , HA , Reagan LANDERS, A. W., Lampasas Petroleum Engineering, AIME LANDRY, ARTHUR EUGENE, Taylor Industrial Management, Society for the Advancement of Management LANDRY, JACK EDWARD, Mission Mathematics LANIER, GLENN DAVID, Fort Worth Business Administration, Society for the Advancement of Management LANIER, MIRABELLE, San Saba Education, i M, Reagan, Young Democrats, Women ' s Council LANSFORD, THERON GEORGE, Arlington Psychology, X , TAA, MICA, Hogg Debate LARISON, HAROLD RAY, Tyler Electrical Engineering, AIEE, Tyler Club LARISON, JOHN ROBERT, Tyler Mechanical Engineering, ASME LARREA, FREDDY AYALA, Guayaquil, Ecuador Mechanical Engineering, ASME, International Club, Newman Club LARUE, JOHN DILLARD, Tyler Petroleum Engineering, H, ZPE, TBII, AIME, TSPE LATHAM, WILLIAM TURNER, Carthage Petroleum Engineering, AIME LAURITZEN, CHARLES ALBERT, San Antonio Civil Engineering, TBII, ASCE LAWRENCE, BILLY LEE, Sweeny Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE, TSPE LEACHMAN, WALLACE REID, Amarillo Pre-Medical LEATH, WILLIAM J., Henderson Pharmacy, AX, LPhA CLASS OF ' 57 LEBEL, BOBBY GENE, Dallas Architectural Design LEE, JO HELEN MARTIN, Kermit Physical and Health Education LEEAH, CHARLES T-, JR., Austin Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, KK I% AIChEj TSPE, Longhorn Band, American Chemical Society, South Central Texas Club, ROTC Band LEFTWICH, MARGARET ANN, Childress Spanish, AAA, ZAII, Upperclass Advisor, Wesley Foundation LEGGETT, RAYMOND F., JR., Midland Management, Society for the Advancement of Management, Varsity Golf, T Association LEGGITT, SAMUEL HUNTER, JR., San Marcos Pre-Law, 4 2K, A I Q, Steer Here, Forum Speakers, Union Activities Council, Permanent Fund Committee LEISER, DOROTHY ANN, San Antonio English, 2AI LEMONS, KENNETH NEAL, Gainesville Chemical Engineering, AIChE LEROY, JACQUELINE ANNE, Austin Plan II, XB, Ashbel, Cactus, Great Issues LESLIE. JOHN PAUL, Corpus Christ! Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE, NROTC LEVY, MANFORD HAROLD, Austin Accounting, Hillel, Intramurals LEWIS, CHARLES EUGENE, Denison Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Intramurals LEWIS, DONALD H., Rotan Pre-Medical, Y, MICA LEWIS, WILLIAM N., Waco Petroleum Engineering, AIME LEYENDECKER, MAGDALENA JOSEFINA, Laredo Architecture, AIA, Newman Club, Laredo Club LIEB, DWIGHT LYNDAL, Fort Worth Law LIMON, ALFRED LOPEZ, San Antonio Personnel Management, Alba Club, Lulacs, Dance Committee LINDSEY, BYRON TRENT, Alamogordo, N. M. Journalism, SAX, EK , Daily Texan, Longhorn Band LINEBERGER. HAROLD BENTON, Austin Psychology, X, AFROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society LITTLEFIELD, LARRY DEAN, Tulsa, Okla. Geology PAGE 67 LITTRELL, PAUL LEON, JR., Piano Chemical Engineering, AIChE LLOYD, JANICE, Dallas Elementary Education, XQ, Future Teachers of America LLOYD, JESSE E., Austin Accounting, BA , IE LOCKE, CARL EDWIN, JR., Austin Chemical Enginering, " tK , AIChE, TSPE, Engineering Council LONG, WILLIAM HOWARD, Sulphur Springs Zoology, 4 HS, Suma Cum Laude LONGGOOD, THEODORE EDWARD, San Antonio Geology, XTI, AIME, Geological Society LOPEZ, LAZARO FRANCO, Mathis Zoology, A J 2, MICA, Curtain Club, Disciples Student Fellowship LOSACK, JOSEPH PATRICK, East Bernard Physical Education, PEM, Varsity Football, T Association LOWE, ARTHUR L., Williamson, W. Va. Industrial Management, A2II LOWTHER, GORDON AUBREY, Houston Accounting, t H2, Swing and Turn LOZANO, ABELARDO SALOMON, Laredo History, Laredo Club LUDWIG, PATRICIA ANN, Austin Elementary Education, AI Y LUEG, GERTRUE MAURITA, Austin History, Christian Science Organization LUTZ, SHERRY ANN, Dallas English LYLE, MARY SUE YOUNG, Austin Zoology LYNCH, CAROLE JAN, Bryan English, ire . REW, Cap and Gown, Ashbel, Upperclass Advisor, Survey Council SENIORS LYON, C. FRANK, Commerce Petroleum Engineering, AIME LYONS, PERRY JOSEPH, Dallas Chemistry, SAME, AROTC, Rangers, American Chemical Society, Young Republicans, Canterbury MACARTHUR, VYONNE KATHLEEN, San Antonio Pharmacy, KE, Lutheran Student Association MACHELSKI, RICHARD DANIEL, Buffalo, N. Y. Government MACKAY, PATRICK WILLIAM, Austin Physics MACKEY, ELEANOR LOU, Hillsboro English, ZTA, Reagan, Union Committees MADISON, JAMES LESLIE, JR., Dallas Zoology MAGAVERN, SAMUEL DONALD, San Antonio History MAGRUDER, ALEXANDER LEONARD COVINGTON, Victoria Sociology, 4 rA MAGUIRE, PATRICIA ANNE, La Marque Sociology, Canterbury Association MAHAFFEY, ROSELYN, San Antonio Mathematics MALONE, JAMES ROBERT, Paris Industrial Management, Society for the Advancement of Management MALOUF, DONALD ]., Hillsboro Accounting, KE, HZ, BFE, ' Scabbard and Blade MALTSBERGER, JO ANN, San Antonio Bacteriology, A MALY, SYLVIA MILADY, Taylor Plan II, History, BK, J Ae, WICA Y Mortar Board, Cap and Gown, Valhalla, Inter-Cooperative Council, Discipline Committee, Marjorie Darilek Award MANDELL, HUMBOLDT CASAD, El Paso Aeronautical Engineering, A4 8, ITTZ, H2, AFROTC, Orange Wings, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade MARION, SHIRLEY CUE, Lubbock Elementary Education, AAA, Reagan MARLOW, JOYCE MARIE, Alamo Elementary Education, Texas Stars MARSHALL, EDWINA DEE, Port Arthur Elementary Education, AAII, ACE, Cap and Gown, Tumle Club, Future Teachers of America, Upperclass Advisor, Wesley Foundation MARSHALL, JUNE, Corpus Christi Speech Therapy, XJJ, 2AH, Ashbel FADE 68 MARSHALL, WILLIAM EDWARD, Dallas Physical Education, PEM, Baseball MARTIN, HOMER DUDLEY, JR., Richland Springs Industrial Management, Personnel Management, Charros, Society for the Advancement of Management, Hospitality Committee MARTIN, MARY JO, Fort Worth Psychology, AXQ MARTIN, MITCHELL LOUIS, Parsons, Kan. Electrical Engineering, ZN, AIEE-IRE MARTIN, ROBERT PARK, Baytown Chemistry MARTIN, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Abilene Architecture, Tejas, AIA, National Association of City Planners, Orientation Committee MARTINDALE, ELIZABETH BROWN, Brownsville Elementary Education, AXfl MASON, BARRY J., Wichita, Kan. Government MASON, WILLIAM SAUNDERS, JR., Beaumont Government MATTHEWS, BIRDIE JEAN, Austin Business Education, Irfill, Turtle Club MAXWELL, WILLIAM CLINTON, San Antonio Zoology, Pre-Medical MAY, CECIL LEE, Carthage Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE MAY, ROBERT ARMAND, Dallas Accounting MAYES, CONSTANCE ANN, San Antonio Geology, A " j , Geological Society, Talent Committee MAZEL, MAURICE SEYMOUR, JR., San Antonio Chemistry McBRIDE, JAMES ALBERTUS, II, Austin Architecture, AIA, Sphinx, Architecture Council CLASS OF ' 57 McBRIDE, MARJORIE HARKRIDER, Austin Elementary Education, AAA, Orange Jackets, Upperclass Advisor, Wesley Founda- tion McBRIDE PATRICIA ANN, Tyler Elementary Education, ZTA McCALL, THOMAS SCREVEN, Dallas Plan II, BSU, Campus Guild McCASLAND, ARDIS, JR., Big Spring Mechanical Engineering, ASME, MICA, Intramurals McCOLLISTER, ALICE, San Antonio Business Education, AAIT, Talent Committee, Orientation Committee McCOMMON, GLENN, JR., Wortham Civil Engineering McCONNEL, PHILIP IRVING, Houston Sociologv, IIKA McCORD, ALLEN D., Ill, Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE McCOY, DOROTHY GENE, San Antonio Foreign Languages, Spanish, AFA, Westminster Student Fellowship McCULLOUGH, CHARLES ELLIS, Austin Electrical Engineering, KA, H, HKN, AIEE-IRE MCDONALD, JAMES ROBERT, JR., Fort Worth Advertising, KA, AAS, AK , Business Administration Council MCDONALD, JOHN ARTHUR, Wichita Fails Insurance, I K, Insurance Society McDOUGAL, STRAND MARCHAND, Pecos Sociology, A Q, Tejas, Wesley, University Religious Council, Christian Faith and Life Community MCDOWELL, ROSCOE BRYAN, JR., Austin Sociology McELROY, ROSS ALBERT, JR., Alvin Pre-Medical. A f fl, AEA, Tejas. REW, Round-Up, Orientation Com- mittee, Disciples Student Fellowship, Christian Faith and Life Community McELWAIN, MARY JANE, Austin Costume Design and Textiles, Cap and Gown McFARLAND, DIANE, Fort Worth French and Spanish, KA6, Y. Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Panhellenic, Women ' s Council, Human Relations Commission McFARLAND , DONALD FRED, Dallas Marketing, American Marketing Association, Business Administration Council McFARLAND, FLOYD B., Waco Economics, ZIE McGARITY, ROBERT P., Austin Finance, AZII, American Finance Association PAGE 69 McGINNIS, C. DAVID, Katy Mechanical Engineering, AT, i H2, TBII, HT2, ASME, TSPE, Intramurals T Association McGINNIS, CHERRY FRANCINE, Austin English, IIA0, 2AII McGRATH, JAMES E., San Antonio Geology, XTI, Geology Society McGUIRE, JAMES HARRISON, Mount Pleasant Accounting, 4K ' 4 ' McHANEY, MARY JANE, Victoria Speech Therapy, KKT, Ashbel, Canterbury McKEE, BILLIE ROGERS, Frankston Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE McKEEVER, REAVIS S., Dallas Civil Engineering, ASCE, TSPE McKEOWN, THOMAS LEO, Calallen Economics, Insurance Society, Newman Club McKINNEY, RUFORD D., JR., Lawn Law, A Q, ASH, EIE, A f , Friars, Silver Spurs, Law Review, Assembly, Attorney General McLARRY, FRED D., Bonham Business Administration McLEMORE, JAMES E., JR., Glen Rose Physical Education, PEM McMASTER, CLIFFORD FRANKLIN, Tyler Mechanical Engineering, 4 HZ, ASME, Inter-Dorm Council McMEANS, NANCY, Austin English and Journalism, AT, 62 f , Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Daily Texan Editor, Associate Justice McMICHAEL, JIM BILL, Sealy Petroleum Engineering, AIME McMILLON, LELDON MAURICE, Greenville Petroleum Engineering, AIME McMURTRAY, MILO ELDON, San Antonio Geology SENIORS McPHAIL CHARLENE, Houston Sociology, Xfi McVAY, ALLEN EARL, Texas City Accounting, Intramurals MEACHAM, BILLIE OLIVER, Monahans Secretarial Studies MEACHAM, WILLIAM CHARLES, Monahans Mechanical Engineering, ASME MEHARG, LOUIS SCOTT, Gatesville Electrical Engineering, IRE MEREDITH, WILLIAM THOMAS, Atlanta Zoology MERRILL, MARY JEAN, Austin Art History MERRILL, SAMUEL, Austin Pharmacy, PX MEYER, JACK L., Houston Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE, TSPE MEYER, JIMMIE J., Wichita Falls Petroleum Engineering, AIME, TSPE MEYER, JOHN KAMPMANN, San Antonio Banking and Finance, ZX MICHEL, NANCY CARTER, Marble Falls Secondary Education, T B, BSU, Cap and Gown Council, Home Economics Club, Women ' s Council. All Campus Advisor, Upperclass Advisor, International Club. Longhorn Christian Fellowship MICHELL, GORDON ARMISTEAD, Dallas Pharmacy MIDDLEMAN, IRVING HERBERT, San Antonio Pharmacy, TA f , LPhA MIDDLETON, CAROLYN, San Antonio Elementary Education, IIB+, ACE, Ashbel MIGL, JOHN JOE, Flatonia Government, Czech Club, Newman Club MILAN, JERRY BENNY, Fort Worth Physical Education, PEM, NTSAM, Czech Club, Gymnastics Team, Aqua Carni- val, Newman Club MILES, GENE DWIGHT, El Campo Insurance and Real Estate MILLER, B. JACK, Dallas Mechanical Enginering, ASME, Inter-Dorm Council, Society of Auto- motive Engineers MILLER, BARBARA LEE, Bryan Elementary Education, ZTA PAGE 70 MILLER, DANEE ALMADAN, San Angelo Journalism, T B, 01 , Y, Daily Texan, Reagan MILLER, JAMES DUDLEY, Midland Mathematics, LE MILLER, LUTHER B., Coppell Electrical Engineering, HKN, AIEE-IRE, Tejas MILLER, MAX KARLSON, Alvarado Physics, Scabbard and Blade MILLER, WINSTON BURDETTE, Bastrop Banking and Finance, AK , American Finance Association, American Marketing Association MILLS, JACK R., Henderson Speech and Hearing Correction, 2AH, Talent Committee MILLS, MARVIN LE ROY, Skellytown Geology, Geological Society MINTON, NANCY SUE, Roswell, N. M. English, AAA MITCHELL, BETTY ANN, Houston Elementary Education, XSJ, Y, Future Teachers of America MITCHELL. IRIS LUVERNE, Houston Clothing, Textiles and Costume Design, AAA, Cactus Associate Editor, Round-Up, All Campus Advisor, Upperclass Advisor, Dance Committee MITCHELL, MARGARET ANNE Brownsville Home Economics, ZTA, Home Economics Club MOEHRING, SARALEE THORPE, Austin Elementary Education MOFFETT, WILLIAM EARL, Rio Frio International Trade, AII, Business Administration Council, Foreign Tr MOFFITT, FRANKLIN GLEN, JR., Dallas History acli- Club MOGFORD, META LOUISE, Uvalde Physical Education, AZ, PEM, Poona MOHLE CHARLIE EMIL, Austin Personnel Management, K2, Society for the Advancement of Management CLASS OF ' 57 MONROE, THOMAS COOPER, JR., Austin Electrical Engineering, FBII, HKN, AIEE-IRE MONTGOMERY, MARTHA KERON, Bryan Art Education, ZAl, WICA MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM CHILDRESS, JR., Houston Finance, AT MOORE, BILL TOM, Garland Insurance and Real Estate, Insurance Society, T Association, Varsity Baseball MOORE, JACK PRATT, Clarksville Chemical Engineering, AX, AIChE MORALEZ, ERNESTO, JR., Benavides Pharmacy MORE, EDITH SKENE, Houston Business Education, XS2. UTSA, Panhellenic, Society for the Advancement of Management. NROTC Sponsor, Business Administration Sweetheart, Ten Most Beautiful, Aqua Carnival Finalist, Varsity Carnival Finalist, Sweetheart Nominee, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Business Administration Council MOREAU, BILLY JOSEPH, JR., Rusk Civil Engineering, ASCE MORGAN. ANN STUART, College Station Elementary Education, AAA, Y, Forensica, Steer Here, Dance Committee, Round-Up, Wesley Foundation MORGAN, KENNETH DOUGHTY, JR., Corpus Christi Mechanical Engineering, IITZ MORGAN, VERNON EDWARD, Austin Chemical Engineering, AXZ, AIChE MORGAN, WILLIAM HELMS, Lexington Pharmacy, K , LPhA, Pharmacy Council, Assembly MORRIS, ANNETTE, Hillsboro English, KK1 Y, REW, Public Relations Committee, Ashbel, Upperclass Advisor, Miss Engineer, AFROTC Sponsor. Bluebonnet Belle Semi-Finalist, Sweetheart Nominee MORRIS, JERRY LAMAR, Troy Advertising, AAS, American Marketing Association MORRIS, VICTOR LEE, Houston English, E, Y, Intramurals, Westminster Student Fellowship MORRISON, DAN KELTON, Chillicothe Accounting MORRISON, DON ROBERT, Deer Park Anthropology, TKE MORROW, ROSS EDWARD, Austin Electrical Engineering, HS, HKN, TBH, AIEE-IRE, Theleme MOSER, CHALLES M., San Angelo English, ZAII, Young Democrats, Wesley Foundation MOSS, JANE ALEXANDER, Dallas Spanish, ZTA, BK, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets PACE 71 MOWERY, SUSAN, Lubbock Spanish, A t, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Spooks, Cap and Gown, Curtain Club, Westminster Student Fellowship MUELLER, CHARLES P., San Antonio Geology, 2X MUELLER, SANDRA F., Corpus Christi English, XQ, Cactus, Campus Chest, Dance Committee MUNSON, HOUSTON C., San Antonio Geology, rA MUNSON, WAYNE ARTHUR, Austin Petroleum Engineering, AIME, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society MURPHY, JIMMIE HAROLD, Austin Business Administration MURPHY, LYNN JONES, Austin Piano Pedagogy, AAA, ZAI, Upperclass Advisor, University Chorus Singers MURRIE, DANIEL GREGG, Kermit Pre-Medical MUSICK, ARTHUR MACK, Austin Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, AIChE MYERS, MILFORD MITCHELL, Houston Marketing, AEII, UTSAM, American Marketing Association MYERS, TOBY MILLICENT, Amarillo Education, REW, Forensica, Ashbel, Future Teachers of America, Cap and Gown, Hillel, San Angelo Club NAGLE, FRED STEPHEN, Austin Insurance, ATA, Silver Spurs, Talent Committee NALL, JOSEPH DAVID, Amarillo Pre-Medical, BSU NAUMANN, ROY LEWIS, Scguin Geology, EFE, Geological Society NEEDHAM, SHIRLEY JO, Austin Elementary Education, F f B NEELY, ROBERT BEN, Austin Marketing SENIORS NEILL, DALTON FRANK, San Antonio Geology, AIME, Charros NELSON, DON HILLIN, Pampa History NELSON, SHIRLEY ANN, Amarillo Plan II, XQ, BK, Mortar Board, Campus Chest, Ashbel, Great Issues NELSON, THOMAS EDWARD, JR., Round Rock Finance, B9II, American Finance Association NELSON, WILLIAM C., Houston Finance, A4Q, Cowboys, Business Administration Council, American Finance Association, Round-Up, Student Advisory Council, Uglyman Contest NESBITT, EARL JOHNSON, JR., Hempstead, N. Y. Architecture, 2N, Arnold Air Society NESBITT, KAY ZITZMAN, Austin Zoology NEWBERRY, CAMILLE, Austin History, KKI ' , UTSA, Orange Jackets NICHOLS, NANCY ANN, San Antonio Journalism, ZTA, 62 , Cap and Gown, Daily Texan NICHOLL, ANN GARDNER, Houston Piano, KA6, AAA, M E, HKA, ROTC Sponsor NICHOLS, JIMMY LOUIS, Atlanta Music Education, i MA, Tejas NICHOLS, WILLIAM MARTIN, Austin Business Administration, Society for the Advancement of Management, Baseball NIETHAMER, RICHARD EARL, San Antonio Geology, SAME NIX, CECIL ANSON, JR., Port Lavaca Mechanical Engineering, 1 H2, IITZ, TBIT, ASME . NOBLE, MARK C., Austin Pharmacy, K , AK , LPhA, American Marketing Association, Assembly, San Antonio Club NOREN, IVAR EDMUND, Oslo, Norway Industrial Management NORRIS, ELLIOTT WYNN, Houston Zoology NORTHINGTON, SARAH LEE, Lampasas Home Economics, Teachers Education, XS2, AAA, ON, Home Economics Club, Hospitality Committee, Public Relations Committee, Wesley Foundation NORTHROP, CHARLES ERNEST, JR., Galveston Engineering Route to Business Administration NORWOOD, ROBERT EDWARD, Corpus Christi Accounting, J 2K, HZ, BA PAGE 72 NOVY, STANLEY DEAN, Hillsboro, Wis. Chemistry, MICA Council NUHN, JOHN ADE, Austin Applied Art ODIORNE, JACKIE REEVE, Johnson City Business Statistics, American Statistical Association ODUM, WILLIAM THOMAS, Fort Worth Architecture, T1A, Sphinx, Glee Club, Westminster Student Fellowship OGLESBY, CHARLES LUCKY, Austin History, MICA, Y, BSU, Arnold Air Society, International Club OLIVER, BETSY FLEMING, Stephenville Plan II OLMSTEAD ELLIS LLOYD, Galveston Transportation, iN, ANA, T Association, Varsity Basketball OLSEN, HOMER, JR., San Antonio Petroleum Engineering, 2TE, AIME O ' MEARA, JOHN PATRICK, Harlingen Mechanical Engineering, ASME, SAME O ' NEAL, MERRILL P., Fort Worth International Trade, AKM ' , BI ' l, Business Administration Council, Inter- national Trade Club ONG, MARGARET, Houston Applied Art OREAR. BOBBY JOE, Tcxarkana Physics OVERBECK, RUTH ANN, Denison Plan II, AFA, Wesley Foundation, Christian Faith and Life Community OWENS, DONALD WILBURN, Trinity Zoology, BOH, AEA OWENS, THOMAS HUGH, Austin Engineering Route to Business Administration, ASFI PAINE, ELLA RUTH, Abilene Government, Young Democrats, Shangri-La PALMER, RICHARD ALAN. Austin Chemistry, AT, H2, 4 BK, NROTC, Scabbard and Blade PANNELL, JOE G., Whitewright Pharmacy, 4 AX, Assembly PARK, THOMAS WILLIAM, JR., Tyler Finance PARKER, BARBARA DRESSLAR, Dallas Textiles, Clothing and Costume Design, A4, Ten Most Beautiful Finalist, Blucbonnet Belle Nominee, Home Economics Club PARKER, CHARLES SCOTT, Austin Petroleum Engineering, Ben, AIME, SAME PARKER, JOE ALDEN, Arlington Drama, Curtain Club PARKER, STANLEY THEO Austin Architectural Engineering, Acacia, AAAE, TSPE PARKS, JOSEPHINE, Dallas Sociology, AAII PARKS SAM PRESTON, San Antonio Business Administration, Society for the Advancement of Management, American Marketing Association PASCHAL, NORMA JOAN, Robstown Elementary Education, AAA, Dance Committee PATERNOSTRO, SAMUEL BURTON, Dallas Zoology, ATQ PATRICK, ALLYN SMITH, Dallas Business Administration, KA, Insurance Society, Geological Society, Speleological Society PATTERSON, BILLIE JO PAYNE, Henderson Journalism, Advertising, Orange Jackets, Daily Texan, Cheerleader, Curtain Club, Talent Committee PATTERSON, GEORGE W., JR., Austin Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS PATTERSON, HARRY ELY, JR., Cloquet, Minn. Architecture PATTON. ALTON DeWITT, Corpus Christi Electrical Engineering, HKN, AIEE PATTON, BOYD ALVIN, Levelland Chemical Engineering, TBH, flXE, AIChE PAUL, PHILLIP SHERWOOD, JR., Dallas Aeronautical Engineering. M " A, A4 fi, Silver Spur, IAeS, TSPE, President Wilson ' s Student Advisory Council, Honors Day Committee PAYN, NORMAN HASTINGS, JR., Lampasas Accounting, AK PAYNE DOROTHY ANN, Dallas History, Speleological Society PAOE 73 PAYNE, ROBERT MAURICE, JR., Austin Economics, J rA, Charros PAYNE, SANDRA, Houston Advertising, American Marketing Association PEEK, EDGAR B., Austin Chemical Engineering, XE, AIChE PEEK, LAUREL LEA SHELDON. Austin Chemistry, 4 BK, I2II PEIKERT, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Luling Chemistry, MICA, Longhorn Band, Assistant Drum Major, American Chemical Society PEL, JOHN C., Racine, Wis. Architecture, Varsity Tennis PENA, RAFAEL, Mercedes Petroleum Engineering, AIME, TSPE PENDERGRAFT, BETTY LOU, San Antonio Physical Education, r f B, PEM, Education Council, Cap and Gown, UTSA, Turtle Club PENDERGRASS, JOHN SCOTT, Wylie Pharmacy, K , XFI, LPhA PENNYBACKER, ROBERT ASH, Austin Personnel Management, KA, Society for the Advancement of Management PERKINS, CARL RODNEY, JR., Houston Chemistry, AFROTC, Bowling League PERRIGO, JAMES BLEDSOE, Austin Chemical Engineering, AIChE, TSPE PERRY, ARVIN DIXON, Irving Mechanical Engineering, ASME, TSPli PERRY, DEAN H., Cisco Mechanical Engineering, ASME PERTEET, THOMAS W., Ruidoso, N. M. Geology PETERS, JOE HENRY, JR., Sealy Accounting, A1TT, Society for the Advancement of Management, New- man club SENIORS PETRUS, JOSEPH ANTHONY, Austin Government PEVOTO, CARL ALTON, Nederland Pharmacy, K , PX, LPhA PEVOTO. PATRICIA SUE BAKER, Nederland Pharmacy, KE, LPhA PHILLIPS, EUGENE MEYER, Borger Real Estate and Insurance, trA, American Finance Association, Insurance Society, Society for the Advancement of Management. PHILLIPS, JAMES PAUL, Austin Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE, Wesley Foundation PHILLIPS, LINDSAY F., Leesville, La. Physics, A B, MICA, NROTC, Buccaneers, Crow ' s Nest PICKETT, EDWIN R., Tyler Accounting PIDGEON, BARRY ERWIN Des Moines, Iowa Retailing, AEII, AA, American Marketing Association, Insurance Society PIERCE, JAY TERRY, Austin Petroleum Engineering, ATA, AFROTC PIERCE, SALLY ANN, Brownwood Secretarial Studies, AAA, SIE, BBA, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment, Cap and Gown PIERCE, STEPHEN JAMES, Texarkana, Ark. Accounting, BASt 7 PILCIK, EDWARD JAMES, Wharton Interior Decoration PINSON, DAVID R., Abernathy Pharmacy, K , LPhA PIRKLE, GYALE CRAWFORD, Comanche Pharmacy, LPhA PLUECKHAHN, FLOYD HENRY, Carmine Marketing, American Marketing Association, Lutheran Student Association POLASEK, DANIEL E., Wharton Industrial Management, ASII, Longhorn Band, Newman Club POLKA, EDWARD ALLEN, Houston Pre-Medical, f SK, Newman Club POLLAK, ROBERT E., Tel-Aviv, Israel Civil Engineering, TBII, XE, MICA, ASCE, International Club, International Council POOL, DOROTHY MARIE, Houston Sociology, VVICA, Wesley Foundation PORTER, PHILLIP S., Cupertino, Calif. Retailing PAGE 7 4 POWER, WILLIAM HOLLOWAY, Tyler Government, 62 POWERS, PAULA WANDA, Abilene Speech Therapy, KKT, AAA, 2AH, 4 BK PRESCOTT, CHARLES WESLEY, Port Arthur Meteorology, 2FE, American Meteorological Society PRICE, DAVID WILLIAM, Teague Mechanical Engineering, ASME PRINCE SYLVANIA THERESA, Austin Primary Education PRYOR, PEGGY DANIEL, Harlingen English, AZ, Future Teachers of America PUFAL, JIM, El Paso Physical Education, PEM, MICA Council, Newman Club PULLEN, SARA JANE, Wichita Falls Elementary Education, KA6 PURIFOY, WILLIAM ROSSER, Austin Insurance. A21I, Insurance Society PURTLE. P. DWIGHT, Texarkana Petroleum Engineering, SI ' E, TBII, AIME PUTNAM, BARBARA A., Port Arthur Elementary Education, AAA, Y, Student Government Committees PUTNAM, EARL EUGENE, JR., Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME PUTNAM, ELIZABETH IDAIRE, Austin Applied Art, AAA, T2A, WICA, Christian Science Organization QUEROLO, CAROL E., Galveston English, REW, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Poona, Upperclass Advisor, All Campus Advisor Council, Bow and Arrow, Student Government Com- mittees QUIGLEY, KATHLEEN, Corpus Christi English Education, AAA, Newman Club QUILLEN, MARY ANN, Dallas English, KKF, Student Government Committees CLASS OF ' 57 QUINN, JILL, Grand Saline Business Education, AFA, BSU, Cap and Gown, Union and Student Government Committees RABB, VIRGIL SULLIVAN, IV, Austin Retailing, K RACKLEY, RAY ALLEN, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, TBII, HTS, ASME RAGSDILL, JACK EDWARD, Austin Physical Education, A f fi, PEM, Gymnastics Team, Track, Aqua- Carnival RAINBOLT, WALTER KLEAS, JR., Lafayette, La. Geology, ATA, NROTC, Geological Society, Intramurals RAINES, MORGAN VAN, Galveston Architecture, KK , Longhorn Band RAINEY, JOHN CREWS, Dallas Architecture, AIA, Sphinx RAMADAN, MONTAZ A., Damascus, Syria Electrical Engineering, H2, HKN, AIEE-IRE, Arab Student Asso- ciation RAMIREZ, ELIA RITA, Kingsville English, Lulac, Alba Club RAMIREZ, ELIDA ELVIRA, Kingsville Spanish, Lulac, Alba Club, Future Teachers of America RAMPY, AUBREY GENE, Clarendon Personnel Management, A2FI, Society for the Advancement of Management RANEY, GEORGE NOEL, Austin Real Estate RANKINE, WILFRED LEE, JR., Austin Architectural Design, K2, Silver Spurs RATHGEBER, FAYE, Fort Worth Architectural Engineering KA6, Campus Chest, Women Voters, Stump Speaking, Union and Student Government Committees RATTIKIN, WILLIAM JACKSON, JR., Fort Worth Law, N, AK ' P, fAA, T Association, Intramurals, Bar Association RAUCH, HERMAN CHARLES, JR., Wichita Falls Accounting, BA , 2IE, AK RAWLINS, MARY JANE, Dallas Journalism, AAA, 04 , Mortar Board, Orange Jackets RAY, G. ANNETTE, Bronte Journalism, 92 1 , BSU, Union Committees, Shangri-La Co-Ordinator, Inter-Cooperative Council REAGAN, BILLY REECE, Brownsboro Government REAGAN, CHARLES EUGENE, JR., Marlin Business Administration, KA, AROTC PAG:. 7J REAGAN, RICHARD BARTLETT, Marlin Geology REAVES, SARAH ANN, Houston English REBER, JANE Baytown Government, UTSA, Cheerleader, Dance Committee, University Religious Council, Student Government Committee REDFEARN, MAURINE KAY. Port Arthur Pharmacy, PX, AAA, KK, I2H, LPhA, Cap and Gown, Sidney Lanier, Westminster Student Fellowship REED, JANE GREGORY, Fort W 9 rth Marketing, AAII, American Marketing Association REED, LANNON DELL, Dublin Social Science, Secondary Education REED, MADISON WILLIAM, JR., Austin Ceramic Engineering, A KJ, Keramos, American Ceramic Society, Engi- neering Council REED, SALLY JEAN, Rosenberg Home Economics, ON, AAA, Home Economics Club REED, WILLIAM EVARD, JR., Rosenberg Physical Education, PEM REES, FOREST JAMES, Bellaire Pharmacy, K , PX, LPhA REESE, CHER.IE KAY, Cuero Elementary Education, ACE, Education Student-Faculty Council, Cap and Gown, Future Teachers of America, A Cappella Choir REESE, ORAN THOMAS, Dallas Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE, Intramurals REESE, RAYMOND RANDOLPH, Cuero Pharmacy, K , LPhA REEVES, DWAIN, Boling Petroleum Engineering, A i 2, AIME, Wesley Foundation REIMERS, DON R., Dallas Architecture, TKE REITHEL, YVONNE FRANCES, Seaford, N. Y. International Trade SENIORS $ $$ $$ K $ $ $ $ $$ $ $ $$ $ $$$ $$$$$$$ RENICK, BRINK COLEMAN, JR., San Antonio English, ZN RENOUF ROBERT IRVING, Houston Mechanical Engineering, IIT2, TBII, ASME, Engineering Council REPPETO, YVONNE, Del Rio Chemistry REUSS, JOE B., Cuero Pharmacy, K , PX, LPhA REUTER, HELEN FRANCES, Victoria Secretarial Studies REYNOLDS, ALAN CURRY San Antonio Meteorology, American Meteorological Society REYNOLDS, ALBERT RAYMOND, Wake Village History REYNOLDS, WILLIAM A., San Antonio Pharmacy, AX RICHARDS, BARBARA JEWELL Mineral Wells Home Economics, ATA, Mortar Board, Home Economics Club, Upperclass Advisor, Wesley Foundation RICHARDSON, ROBERT EUGENE, Austin Industrial Management, Society for the Advancement of Management RICHIE, WILLIAM CLAY, JR., San Antonio Electrical Engineering, TBII, HKN, AfEE-IRE RICKETTS, RICHARD DUGAN, Austin Mechanical Engineering, K , ASME, NROTC RIEGER, WILLIAM LAWRENCE, JR., Austin Secretarial Studies ROBBINS, MARTHA ELLEN, Stephenville Bacteriology, BSU ROBERTS, DAVID OTIS, Austin English ROBERTS, DOROTHY BLACK, Midland History ROBERTS, JO ANN, Austin Elementary Education, AF, Y ROBERTSON. DAVID LYLE, JR., Wichita Falls History, A S, BSU ROBERTSON, DONALD OTIS, Fort Stockton Philosophy, ATO, Westminster Student Fellowship ROBINSON, JOHN LESLIE, Angle-ton Accounting, Campus Guild PAGE 76 ROBINSON PATRICIA ANN, Victoria Secretarial Studies, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor ROBISON, CHARLES ARTHUR, Killeen Architectural Engineering, AAAE, TSPE RODDIE, JAMES FRANKLIN, JR., Brady English, rd ROE, DOYLE LORENZO, Dallas Personnel Management, AK , Society for the Advancement of Man- agement ROGERS, MARY LOU, Huntsville Applied Art, ZTA ROLLINS, B. HOLLOWAY, III, Winter Haven, Fla. Accounting RORIE, CHARLES DAVID, Tyler Pharmacy, A f tt, +AX, BSU ROSE, HERMAN, Waxahachie Pharmacy, SA, LPhA, AROTC, Rangers, Distinguished Military Student ROSE, JAMES ALFORD, Abilene Economics, AKE, Round-Up, International Committee ROSE, PETER ROBERT, Austin Geology, IIKA, ZTE, Geological Society ROSELAND, LYNDON JAMES, San Antonio Education ROSENZWEIG, ARNOLD HARRY, Houston Sociology, Daily Texan, Hillel ROSS, ALBERT CLAY, Arlington English, KK , AFROTC, Longhorn Band, Longhorn Flying Club ROSS, ALEXANDER HAMILTON, Houston Economics, Great Issues, Young Republicans ROSS, LLOYD DALE, Waco Architectural Engineering, AAAE, TSPE ROWELL ELIZABETH HANSEN, Terrell Elementary Education, TBS, WICA, Curtain Club, Longhorn , Symphonic Band, Inter-Cooperative Council, Anthropology Club, Lutheran Students Association, Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship Band, CLASS OF ' 57 $ $$$s $$$$ $s $$s $ $$$ $s $$$$$$ ROWNTREE, MARTHA LUCILE, Grand Prairie English, Texas Stars, Wesley Foundation, Christian Faith and Life Community RUCKER, CARLA SUE. Dallas Elementary Education, TTA9, Ashbel, Future Teachers of America, University Singers, Union Committees RUCKER, ROBERT MONROE, Austin Insurance, ATA RUFF, JON BRASWELL, Longview Banking, AROTC, American Finance Association, Disciples Student Fellowship RUSSELL, JOHN ALVIN El Paso Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS, AFROTC RYAN, DONALD EDWIN, San Diego, Calif. Mathematics RYAN, MARY LOU, Taylor Elementary Education, A f , Upperclass Advisor RYAN, MICHAEL LYNN, Kerrville Physics RYAN. SHIRLEY BOLTON, Corpus Christi Phychology, AT RYLANDER, SHIRLEY RAE, Buda Secretarial Studies, Cactus Associate Editor SAATHOFF, DONALD RAY, San Antonio Mathematics and Education SAHRAIE, YUSUF M., Kabul, Afghanistan Petroleum Engineering, AIME, MICA SAHTOUT, MUSTAFA MOHAMMED, Damascus, Syria Mechanical Engineering, International Club, Arab Student Association SALAME, GIL RICARDO Carcacas, Venezuela Economics, MICA, International Club, Newman Club SALEK, STEFAN, Rockne Civil Engineering SALLAS, MARY OLGA, Houston Elementary Education, AI ' A, International Council SAMUELS, MARTHA, Terrell Home Economics, AI ' A, ON, BSU, Home Economics Club, Upperclass Advisor SANCHEZ MIGUEL, Midland Accounting, Alba Club, Newman Club SANDERS, BILLY JACK, Tyler Pharmacy, K , LPhA, Tyler Club SANDERS, HUGH WALTER, Austin Philosophy, MICA, A Cappella Choir PACE 77 SANDERS, JACK STEELE, Denison Geology, Geological Society SANSING, CLYDE GAMBRELL, Austin Pharmacy SARABIA, MICHAEL FRANCISCO, Houston Aeronautical Engineering, JAeS, Newman Club SARANTAKES, NICHOLAS, San Antonio Economics SARRAZIN, EDWARD JAMES, Fayettcville Psychology SCALF, GERALD RAY, McKinney Civil Engineering, ASCE SCHADE, GLADYS KATHRYN, Columbus English, AAII, Canterbury SCHAFFER, DONALD H., Dallas Real Estate Insurance, AEII SCHALLER, ADA FRANCES, Glen Flora Elementary Education, AAII, ACE, Future Teachers of America SCHMIDT, FRANK JOSEPH, JR., Fredericksburg Electrical Engineering, AIEE, AFROTC SCHMITT, BARBARA RUTH, Houston Elementary Education, r B, ACE, Poona, Cap and Gown, Union and Student Government Committees, Young Republicans SCHMITT, MOZELLE LAVERNE, Seguin Secretarial Studies, BBA, AAA, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor, Wesley Foundation SCHNEIDER, GEORGE WILLIAM, JR., New Orleans, La. Geology, BOH, Silver Spurs, Jnterfraternity Council, Varsity Track, T Association SCHNEIDER, MILTON H., JR., San Antonio Civil Engineering, ASCE SCHOBEL, EUGENE M., Columbus Accounting, Lutheran Student Association SCHOENEBERG, HERMAN FREDERICK, Louise Accounting, SENIORS SCHROEDER, SYLVESTER ALFRED, Yoakum Accounting, AK , Society for the Advancement of Management, Newman Club SCHULZ, HERBERT L., Wharton Accounting, FA SCHURR, ALLAN HARTLEY, Austin Pharmacy, KP, LPhA SCHUTT, OSCAR EARL, Austin Accounting, Society for the Advancement of Management, American Marketing Association SCHWAB, CURTIS A., New Braunfels Engineering Route to Business Administration, Society for the Advancement of Management SCOTT, ARLENE MILDRED, Houston Music Education, AXU SCOTT, CHARLENE PATRICIA, Temple English, AAH SCOTT, EDWARD EUGENE, Bay City Bacteriology, X4 SCOTT, WILLIAM WALTER, Dallas Industrial Management, Society for the Advancement of Management SEBESTA, LEROY EDWARD, Temple History, Czech Club SEEVER, LARRY EUGENE, St. Joseph, Mo. Chemical Engineering, AIChE SEIFERT, ANTON JAMES, Weimar Retailing SELLARS, ROBERT T., JR., Dccatur Geology SENN, ROBERT WALLACE, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, SAME, AROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Confederate Squad, Distinguished Military Student SEWELL, FREDERIC DANA, Dallas Petroleum Engineering, ZX, AIME, Wrestling Team SHAPIRO, ARLINE, Columbus, Ga. Elementary Education, SAT SHAPIRO, NAT IRVING, Galveston Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Intramurals SHARPE, HARRIET, Angleton Home Economics, AAII SHAW, EDDIE BERGEN, JR., Marshall Pharmacy, LPhA SHAW, LAIL HAMILTON, Dallas Engineering Route to Business Administration, 4 rA, Society for the Advancement of Management, American Marketing Association PAGE 78 SHEINBERG, BETTY GAVE Dallas Psychology, A4 E, Spooks, Strike and Spare, Sidney Lanicr, Hillel SHELBY, GAY SALINAS, San Antonio Geology SHELBY, JERRY MACK, Mexia Geology SHEPHERD, NANCY LYNNE, Lubbock English Education, AAA, REW, Orange Jackets, Cowboy Sweetheart, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist, Sweetheart Nominee SHERRILL, WILLIAM MANNING, San Antonio Physics, I H, BK, Symphonic Band SHIPE, MARTHA JANE, Houston Psychology SHIPMAN, DAVID LEON, Dallas Civil Engineering SHOOK, ROBERT A., Celina Pharmacy, K , LPhA SHORT, DEAN WESLEY, Austin Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE SHOUP, NANCY ANN, Midland English, Newman Club SHRUM, MARY LEE, Hughes Springs Speech Education, SAH, Curtain Club, University Chorus, Shangri-La, Young Democrats, Wesley Foundation SHURTLEFF, GEORGE OLIVER, Temple Banking and Finance, AFROTC, American Finance Association SIBLEY, ROBERT ALTON, Fort Worth Mathematics SIERK, VALDEMAR CHALK, San Antonio History, HZ, Ae, BK SIMMONS, HARVEY A., Austin Pharmacy SIMMONS, REBEKAH LOUISE, Dallas Elementary Education I CLASS OF ' 57 SIMMONS, WILLIAM LYNN, Linden Electrical Engineering SIMON, RICHARD U., JR., Fort Worth Law, ZAM, 4 AA, Cowboys, Goodfellow SIMPSON, JERRY ALLEN, Tyler Finance, American Finance Association SIMPSON, MARY FRANCES, San Angelo Government, Young Democrats, BSU, Oratorical Association SINGLETON, I. CLEONE, Corpus Christi Music Education, ZAI, A Cappella Choir, Upperclass Advisor SLAZER, HOLLIS L., JR., San Antonio Engineering Route to Business Administration SLOAT, CYNTHIA WINTERS, Houston Bacteriology, I " I B, Turtle Club SMITH, FRANCIS GENE, Santa Anna Marketing, AZII, American Marketing Association SMITH, HAROLD GENE, Dallas Mechanical Engineering, IIKA, ASME SMITH, HORACE FRANKLIN, JR., Dallas Electrical Engineering, TBII, HKN, HS, AIEE-IRE SMITH, JAMES MARSHALL, Midland Electrical Engineering, 2K, AIEE-IRE, SAME, AROTC SMITH, JOAN ELIZABETH, San Antonio Elementary Education, AfA, ACE, Future Teachers of America Women Voters, Reagan SMITH, JOSEPH RAYMOND, Houston Geology SMITH, MANIS DALE, Bay City Advertising, AA2 SMITH, MARLIN RAY, Tyler Accounting SMITH, MILTON GLENN, Port Neches Pharmacy, K SMITH, RAYMOND OWENS, JR., Maryville, Tenn. Industrial Management, ZIE, Society for the Advancement of Manag Management SMITH, ROCHELLE RHEA, Pampa Drama, Curtain Club SMOTHERMON, WILLIAM CHARLES, Austin Life Insurance, Insurance Society SMOTHERS, PEGGY JEAN, Austin Nutrition PAGE 79 SNAVELY, EDWARD ELWOOD, Combes English, AROTC, Young Democrats SNODGRASS, GEORGE ALAN, San Antonio Industrial Management, MICA Council, NISA, Society for the Advancement of Management, Christian Science Organization SNOWDEN, WALTER LITTELL, Austin Civil Engineering, XE, ASCE SOBECZEK, JEROME ROBERT, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering SOBOTIK, ROBERT HAROLD, Luling Chemical Engineering, KK , HS, flXE, 4 AT, AXS, AIChE, Longhorn Band, Intramurals SOLCHER, WILLIAM BOYD, San Antonio Aeronautical Engineering SOMMER, J. D., Burton Pharmacy SOUKUP, SIDNEY JOSEPH, Houston Mechanical Engineering, AIEE, ASME, Gymnastic and Tumbling Team SOWARD, WOMAC FRANKLIN, Carrizo Springs Civil Engineering, XE, TBII, ASCE, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship SOWERS, JOHN DELBERT, Austin Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS, TSPE SPANN ; ROBERT LOUIS, Houston Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS SPARKMAN, ANN SISK, Marshall Elementary Education, Tyler Club SPARKMAN, GEORGE THURMAN, SR., Tyler Natural Science, XIT SPEARS, WILLIAM ELBERT, JR., Houston Mechanical Engineering, IIKA SPELCE, NEAL LESLIE, Houston Radio and Television, AT, KK , Assembly, Radio-TV Guild, Longhom Band SPIELMAN, DAVID VERNON, Austin Mathematics, English SENIORS SPROUL, JAY C., Austin Chemical Engineering, TBiT, AIChE STAFFORD, JOSEPH GARLD. Pecos Insurance and Finance, I ' K , Insurance Society, American Finance Association STALLINGS, CHARLES PAXTON, San Antonio Economics STANBERRY, JANET LUCILLE, Corpus Christi Social Studies STANLEY, SANDRA JEAN Brownsville Music Education, Longhorn Band, Symphonic Band, Symphony Orchestra, Uni- versity Singers, Wesley Foundation STANSBURY, BOBBY RAY, Gainesville Chemistry STEED, PINCKNEY FRANKLIN, San Antonio Accounting, B9II STEPHENS, JANET MURIEL, Wichita Falls Home Economics, Child Development, Speliological Society STEVENS, DORIS JANE, Blanco English STEVENS, LYNN ELIZABETH, Fort Bliss Interior Decorating, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, Fencing Club STEVENSON, CLARENCE NEAL. Port Lavaca Pre-Law, AX, REW, Interfraternity Council, Civil Defense Newman Club Committee, STINSON, L. ALAN, El Paso Marketing, 2AE, American Marketing Association STOEBNER, LLOYD FREDERICK, Burlington Accounting STRAUCH, VIRGINIA JOAN, San Antonio English, AF, Reagan, Newman Club STROMAN. JACK PURDY, Terrell Pharmacy, AX, LPhA STRYBOS, DONALD JON, Houston Geology, A f B, Newman Club, Baytown Club, Elks Club STUART, THOMAS ALVIN, Austin Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE STUBBLEFIELD, JAMES HERBERT, Sour Lake Industrial Management, AXA, 2IE, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment STUCKEY, JAMES ROLAND, Bloomburg Business Administration, American Marketing Association SULLINS, HUBERT GARLAND, Bynum Business Administration PAGE 80 SUTTON, WILLIAM RAY Bcttendorf, Iowa Petroleum Engineering, - I K, AIME SWAIM, DALE KEITH, Cotulla Chemical Enginnriag, AIChE, Westminster Student Fellowship SWANN, JAMES EDWARD II, Midland Education and Mathematics, Future Teachers of America, Theleme SWEARINGEN, WILLIAM SCOTT, Austin Electrical Engineering, AKE, Scabbard and Blade SWEENEY. RUSSELL PATTERSON, JR., Houston Architecture, 4 K, TIA, Sphinx SWENSON, SANDRA HELENE, Stamford English, 1IB I , Reagan, Union Committees TATE, TENILEE C., San Angclo Secretarial Studies, AXS2 TAYLOR, ELIZABETH ANN, San Antonio Economics, X12 TAYLOR, RUTH LOUISE, Kerrville Education TAYLOR, SARAH ELIZABETH, Amarillo English, KKF TEKELL, GORDON SILAS, Corsicana Pre-Medical TELTSCHIK, AVIE KELLMANN, Florcsville Music Education, 4 MA, Symphonic Band TEMPLIN, GEORGIE YVONNE, Nursery Nutrition. TBS. WICA, BSU, MSA, Longhorn Band, Home Economics Club, A Cappella Choir, Triggerettes, Intramurals TETMEYER, EDWARD HARVEY, Newcastle Mechanical Enginering, ASME THOMAS, CLYDE MELVIL, Dallas Electrical Engineering, TBII, EKN, Longhorn Christian Fellowship THOMAS, GEORGE HANS, Waco Marketing and Retailing, TLOK CLASS OF ' 57 THOMAS, M. WYNDELL, Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering, AIME, TSPE THOMERSON, JAMIE EDWARD, Mcnard Geology THOMPSON, DOROTHY JEAN, Tyler Psychology. ZTA, Y, Society for the Advancement of Management, Union Committees THOMPSON, DOROTHY SMITH, Austin History, Bow and Arrow THOMPSON, ELIZABETH DICKSON, San Antonio Secretarial Studies, AAA THOMPSON, KENNETH RAY, Dallas Electrical Engineering, A1EE THOMPSON, ROGER ALEXANDER, D ' Hanis Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS THORLEY, HARRY, JR., San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ASME THORN, MARGARET LANDERS, Austin English THORNHILL, BETTY JANE, Houston Home Economics, Teacher Education, ZTA, Campus Chest, Home Economics Club, Union Committees, Canterbury Club THRUSTON, WALLACE BRYAN, Dallas Architecture, Tejas Club TIAOQUI, ARTURO VITA, Manila, Philippines Mechanical Engineering, TBIf TILLMAN, BERNICE MARTINDALE, Austin Elementary Education TIMPTE. AURELIA THERESA, Corpus Christi Geology, AAII, AIME, Geological Society TINSLEY, VICTOR, JR., Fort Worth Banking and Finance. TKK, Interfraternity Council, Union Committees TODASCO, ALEXANDER, Austin Petroleum Engineering, HA , X1T, AIME, TSPE TODD, DOYLE JACKSON, Brady Accounting, KS, A I S2, Society for the Advancement of Management, American Finance Association, Wesley Foundation TONROY. CHERYL JOY, Corpus Christi Spanish, AAIT, Mortar Board TOPPINS, NANCY ANN, San Antonio English, WICA, Future Teachers of America, Westminster Student Fellow- ship TORRES, GUILLERMO Laredo Architecture, AIA, Alba Club, International Club PAOE 81 TORRES, RICHARD O., San Antonio Pedagogy and Linguistics, 2AII, Alba Club, Newman Club, French Club TOUCHSTONE, GIFFORD, Dallas Law, A6 TOWERS, JAMES PRESTON, Austin Economics, AAZ, Assembly, Business Administration Council, Young Republicans, Discipline Committee, Union Committees TOWN, ROBYN LOUISE, Amarillo English, Daily Texan TOWNS, NORMA ELIZABETH, Eagle Pass Spanish, International Club, Newman Club TOWNS, ROGER F.. Bruni Personnel Management, AH, Society for the Advancement of Management TRACY, PATRICIA ELLEN, San Antonio Plan II, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets TRAMMELL, WASH BRYAN, JR., Houston Geology, KA TRANT, WILLIAM MICHAEL, Tyler Geology, J A9, Varsity Football, T Association, Goodfellow TRAWEEK, FRANCES MARIE, Matador Art, ZTA TREVINO, ALMA GLORIA, Rio Grande Mathematics, Cap and Gown, Future Teachers of America TRIPLETT, MAXIE JOEL, Corpus Christi Engineering Route to Business Administration, IIKA TROUTMAN, FORREST NEAL, Austin Retailing, American Marketing Association TUCKER, ARNOLD TOSEPH, Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, HKN, AIEE, TSPE TULI.Y, STEPHEN JAMES, Houston Personnel Management TUNNELL, RICHARD, Silvcrton Pharmacy, K SENIORS TUPA, ADOLPH, Flatonia Pharmacy, K , LPhA TURNER, ARTHUR EUGENE, JR., Austin Accounting TURNER, BILL LAMOND, Brady Physical Education, AT TURNER, DON WARREN, Borger Pre-Medical, I A9, AEA TURNER, JOHN G., Fort Worth Accounting, AT, UTSAM, Intramurals, T Association TURNER TOMMY RAY, Donnie Mechanical Engineering, ASME TYLASKA, THEODORE THOMAS, Houston Mathematics, A4 Q ULRICH, GEORGIA ANN Houston Interior Decorating, AAA, TEA, ON, WICA Council, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Spooks, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, Christian Faith and Life Community, Wesley Foundation, Union Committees UPTON, CHARLES BIRD, Llano Geology, Geological Society USSERY, ELMUS SNIDER, Austin Economics UTZ, GABRIEL CRISLER, Edinburg Chemical Engineering, KA, AIChE, Student Engineering Council, Tennis VALENTINO, HENRY, Brownsville Radio and Television, A f , AFROTC, ROTC Band, Radio-TV Guild, Arnold Air Society VANDIGRIFF, JOHN EDWARD, Austin Electrical Engineering, TBII, HKN, AIEE-IRE VAN SICKLE, HERMAN RAY, Pampa Zoology, Pre-Medical, Acacia VARAS, ALBERTO J., Guayaquil, Ecuador Civil Engineering, ASCE, Newman Club, Latin-American Club VARISCC- DOROTHEA, Bryan Elementary Education, ZTA VAUGHAN, BILL LAWRENCE, San Angelo Petroleum Engineering, AIME VAUGHAN, LOUIE TRINON, Snyder Zoology VEAZEY, MARY LOU, Yoakum Education, AX12, Sidney Lanier, Union and Student Government Com- mittees VELASQUEZ, PETE CASTILLO, Austin Chemistry PACK 82 VESE, NICHOLAS ANTHONY, Austin Pharmacy, Chess Club, Newman Club VICKERY, BETTY HOWELL, Van Elementary Education VICKREY KENNON WILLIAM, San Antonio Civil Engineering, ASCE, TSPE VIRAMONTES. LOUIS, San Antonio Architecture, AIA, SAME VIRAMONTES, ROBERT I., San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ASME, MICA VOIGTMAN, CATHERINE ELIZABETH Beaumont English Education, A -, Cap and Gown, Future Teachers of America, Upper- class Advisor, Reagan, Newman Club VOLEK, CHARLES WOODY. Rosenberg Mechanical Engineering, TBTI, IITS, ASME, Intramurals VON DOHLEN, LEONARD H., Ill, Goliad Government, AXA, AROTC, Interfraternity Council, Newman Club WACHEL, JOHNNY CHARLES, Laird Hill Mechanical Engineering, IITS, TBII, ASME, Student Engineering Council WAGGONER, TROY WILLIAM, JR., Longview Marketing, American Marketing Association WALKER, JAMES KENNETH, Daingerfield Mechanical Engineering, ASME WALKER, NANCY ANN, Dallas Interior Decorating, AXS2, AAA, ON, Orange Jackets, Assembly WALKER, VIRGINIA ALICE, Dallas Elementary Education, AI ' , REW, Orange Jackets, Goodfellow WALKER, WILLIAM DWAYNE, Borger Industrial Management, AII, Society for the Advancement of Management, Wesley Foundation WALLACE ROBERT J., Corpus Christi Psychology WALTER, HARRY JOSEPH, III, Corpus Christi Pre-Medical, AXA, REW, BSU, Scholastic Integrity Committee OF ' 57 WALTERS, FRANK HOUSTON, White Deer Adve rtising, AAI, HE WANENMACHER, JOE M., Austin Petroleum Engineering, EN, AIME, TSPE WARD NEWTON EDWARD, JR., Abilene Chemical Enginering, H2, AIChE, NROT C WARD, RICHARD ELBERT, Beaumont Pharmacy, K , A fl WARE, JAMES EVERETT, San Antonio Zoology, AEA, Longhorn Band WARE, WILLIAM E., Tahoka Pharmacy, AX WARNER, GEORGE F., New Braunfels Personnel Management WARNER, SAMUEL WOMACK, Dallas Government, History, AXA, BSU, Young Democrats, Union Com- mittees WARREN, WILLIAM DAVID, Austin Government, Canterbury Club WATERS, PAUL RODGERS, Houston Economics WATSON, JAMES BRUCE, Ovcrton Business Administration, AZII, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment WEBB, GERARD W., Corpus Christi Psychology, AA2 WEIDEMAN, WILLIAM RICHARD, Cameron Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS WELBORN, MARGARET ANNE, Post Speech Valhalla, Co-ordinators ' Council, Inter-Cooperative Council, Speech Club WELLS, JOYCELYN, Wellington Home Economics, A , Cactus, Home Economics Club, Union Committees, Wesley Foundation WELSH, JANE MAVERICK, Corpus Christi Plan II, Xfl, Canterbury Club WE LTMER, RUSSELL ARLYN, Big Lake Physics, Astronomy Club, Southwestern Rocket Society, University Singers, Wesley Foundation WENDEL, JEAN ELIZABETH, Weimar Secretarial Studies, Ar, Texas Stars, Upperclass Advisor WENGER, ALAN GATEWOOD, San Antonio Pre-Medical, ATS WENGERT, JOHN FREDRICK, Fort Worth Psychology, AT PAQK 83 WEST, CHARLES ROBERT, Schertz Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Intramurals WEST, JACK DENNIS, Fort Worth Finance, AT WEST. WILLIAM WATKINS, JR., I Pre-Medical, OKA, f HE, AEA, Ranker Editor Lufkin WESTPHAL, NANCY LEE, Austin Interior Decorating, ON, TA, REW Home Economics Club. Orange Jackets, Sidney Lanier, Round-Up, Union Committees, Ranger Staff WEYEL, ALLAN EDGAR, New Braunfels Mechanical Engineering, ASME WHEAT, ERNEST ALTON, Belton Economics WHITE, CHERYL, Roswcll N. M. English, AAA WHITE, JAMES EDMUND, Anson Architecture WHITE, JOHN POSTON, Anson Architecture, AIA WHITLOW, DUANE L., Belton Education and History, Future Teachers of America, Young Democrats WHITSON, JOHN RICHARD, Fort Worth Radio and Television WICK, PAUL HENRY, Victoria Chemistry WIECKHOFF, MARRIOTT W., Dallas Geology, AXfl WIER. ROBERT WILSON, JR., San Antonio Personnel Management, Wesley Foundation WIEST, BETTY JO, Smithville Plan II, Pre-Law, HXA, J A0, AAA, BK, Varsity Debate, Young Democrats, Oratorical Association, Cap and Gown WILBORN, JAMES LUCIAN, Austin Engineering Route to Business Administration, IIKA, AIChE, NROTC, Buccaneers SENIORS WILEY, MICHAEL A., Dallas Geology, AX, A M2, I HE, Geological Society, Young Republicans WILEY, THOMAS E., JR., Austin Electrical Engineering, ATO, Hi;, TBH, HKN, AIEE, REW, Interfraternity Council, AROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Student Government Committees, Distinguished Military Student WILKERSON, MARTHA NEALE, Houston Plan II, KKF WILKES, GAY BARR, Austin Business Education, II12II WILKINSON, LLOYD M., Palestine Accounting, AK , BA WILLIAMS, ANNE STANLEY, Houston Mathematics WILLIAMS. BEVERLY ANGELL, Fort Monroe, Va. Secretarial Studies, AF WILLIAMS, CLYDE RAY, Amarillo Engineering Route to Business Administration, American Market ' iny Association WILLIAMS, DAVID GARY, Tyler Mechanical Engineering, ASME WILLIAMS, JACK TREMPER, II, Longview Finance, AE WILLIAMS, JOHN FELTON, Dallas Chemical Engineering WILLIAMS, ROBERT EUGENE, Bloomingdale, Ind. Geology, Geological Society WILLIAMS, WANDA NELL, San Angelo Advertising, BSU WILLIAMSON, CARL C., Miami Mechanical Engineering, ASME WILLMAN, JOSEPH FRANK, Austin Electrical Engineering, HKN, AIEE-IRE, Canterbury Club WILLOCK, JACK, Celina Petroleum Engineering, TBII, AIME WILSON, DIANE LEE, Austin Costume Designing, AZ, Cap and Gown, Union Committees WILSON. EDITH MARGARET, Austin Chemistry, AFA. AAA, BK, Y, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Racket Club, Canterbury Club WILSON, JO RITA, Odessa Secondary Education, English, Westminster Student Fellowship WILSON, MARIANN, Fort Worth English, KK1 ' , I BK, Cap and Gown, Reagan PAGE 84 WILSON, MARY VIRGINIA, Baytown Accounting, BA WILSON, ROBERT PAUL, Pittstown, N. J. Electrical Engineering, AIEE, Society for the Advancement of Management WILSON, RUTH ELINOR, Dallas Geology, AAA WILSON, SAMMY L., Amarillo Civil Engineering, K , ASCE WINKLER. JANE RUTH, Giddings Elementary Education, 1 " A, W1CA, Texas Stars, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor WINSTON, PHIL E., Austin Chemistry, TKE, SAME WITTIG, EDWIN EUGENE, Pierce Accounting, AK , Fd, Society for the Advancement of Management WOELLERT, JOAN LOUISE, San Antonio Elementary Education, AAA WOLFE, ROSALYN ROBINSON, Tulia English WOMACK, RICHARD MARVIN, Austin Aeronautical Engineering, KA, 4 H, TBIT, lAeS WOOD, CHESLEY KOSUB, Galveston Psychology, KA, Silver Spurs, Assembly, Interfraternity Council, Round- Up, Union Committees, Discipline Committee WOODWARD, GERALD EDWARD, San Antonio Physical Education, PEM WORTHEN. CHARLES A., Midland Finance and Real Estate, " H ' A, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment CLASS OF ' 57 WREN, NANCY ANN, Houston Elementary Education, AZ, ACE, Forensica, Future Teachers of America WURZBACH, ROY ANN, San Antonio History, AZ WYNNE, JOHN ROBERT, Austin Geology, Geological Society YAMIN, ALEX FRED, San Antonio Art, AAZ, Newman Club YANTIS, ELOISE RECIA, San Antonio Art, AAA, REW, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation, Student Government Com- mittees YANTIS, RICHARD MERWIN, Dublin Journalism, ZAX YEAKLEY. RALPH, Fort Worth Pharmacy, PX, LPhA YOUNG, DONALD CLEM, Chandler Electrical Engineering, TBH, HKN, AIEE-IRE YOUNG, DONN E., Houston Petroleum Engineering, ZN, AIME YOUNG, ELMER KENNETH, Weatherford Pharmacy, AX, LPhA YOUNG, MARY BOYD, Kilgore English YOUNGBLOOD, JACK EDWARD Fort Worth Architectural Engineering, AAAE, TSPE, ASCE, Student Engineering Council YOWS, JOHN BEN, Gatcsville Mechanical Engineering, ASME ZAAL, ERWIN R. C., Houston Chemistry, AXZ ZABALA-OLIVARES, GERMAN JOSE, Caracas, Venezuela Mechanical Engineering, ASME, MICA, International Club, Newman Club ZAMRIK, ISAM Y., Damascus, Syria Mechanical Engineering, AX, ASME, International Club, Arab Stu- dent Association ZIMMERMAN, ROBERT EARL, Corpus Christi Personnel Management, Society for the Advancement of Management ZINSMEYER, HERBERT G., D ' Hanis Mechanical Engineering, ASME, TSPE, Newman Club ZION HARVEY EUGENE, Phillips Industrial Management, A S!, AEII Y, REW, Society for the Advance- ment of Management, Union and Student Government Coni;.iittees, Wesley Foundation ZUNKER, JIMMIE WAYNE, Rosenberg Civil Engineering, ASCE, Arnold Air Society, Intramurals PAGE 85 IN MEMORIAM STUDENTS BOB EMMETT BEST MARTIN ZEDOCK BOYCE JOEL ILER CORNISH ROBERT GAINES EMMETT DIANE FEARIS CLINTON EDWARD HAWKINS, JR. CAROL DALE HUDSPETH ROBERT BRYANT JANUARY ROBERT WAYNE LAWRENCE WALTER JOSEPH NOLAN, JR. PAT GILMORE SLATER ROBERT EDWARD SMITH PATRICIA ANN STOCKARD JOHN RICHARD VAUGHAN EX-REGENTS WILBUR P. ALLEN ORVILLE BULLINGTON HILMAR H. WEINERT FACULTY EUGENE C. BARKER HALBERT PLEASANT BYBEE ZELDA ZINN CASPER CHARLES ELY LANKFORD AARON SCHAFFER STAFF WALTER SCOTT ADKINS MAYME BRADLEY EARL GOUGH HARRELL L. HERRIDGE PAUL BLAKELY LUKE SAMUEL H. McCuLLOUGH EDWARD A. MIKUS JOHN W. ROBERTSON HEINZ ULRICH, JR. Juniors PACE 87 . SECOND-YEAR LAWS Ahrens, Carl William, Austin Cardenas, Ruben Raul, McAllen Fowler, Brad, Austin Hudspeth, Harry Lee, Dallas Morrisson, Clovis Clyde, Jr., Port Arthur Willis, William Laurence, Edna Witt, Robert Addison, Mason FIRST-YEAR LAWS Bagby, William R., Jr., Dallas Carroll, Paul Votteler, Dayton, Ohio Cook, Scott T., Alice Drew, Kenneth, Corsicana Hendricks, James Elliott, Rogers Huff, Robinette Gay, Lubbock Jordan, Vernon Murray, Brady Mangum, Murray B., Baytown Pain, George, Lancaster Ray, John Herbert, San Angelo Schumacher, Carl Willers, Houston Tatar, Leonard Blair, Houston Townsend, James Terrell, Brady Williams, Richard Blondell, Dallas Winslow, John Franklin, Houston Wolf, William Howard, McCamey JUNIORS Abell, Edward Weathers, Houston Acrea, Jan Cloe, Gorman Adamcik, Robert Frank, Austin Adams, Patricia Kay, Galveston Ahearn, Michael John, Jacksonville Albrecht, Emmett Roosevelt, Goliad Aldrich, Jean Helen, San Antonio Alexander, Claire Louise, Austin Alexander, Joseph Louis, Bronte Alfred, James Kenneth, Jr., Bellaire Alkek, Anton Jacob, Jr., Victoria Allen, Joan, Belton Allen, Marjorie Frances, Odessa JUNIORS I Allen, Sheila Rae, Edinburg Allen, Whitcomb Michael, San Antonio Altman, Eleanor Martha, Corpus Christi Anderson, Frances Mae, Norco, Calif. Anderson, Fred Graydon, College Station Anderson, Jill Carroll, Houston Anderson, Leonora Gertrude, Texarkana Ansley, Lucious Edwin, Jr., Royse City Arnette, Mary Ann, Austin Arnhold, Thomas Duncan, Wichita Falls Arrington, Robert Eagleton, Sweeny Ashbaugh, Edward Ronald, San Antonio Atwill, James H., Midland Ault, Robert Edward, Corpus Christi Austin, Sylvia Gail, Fort Smith, Ark. Bachle, Donald Ray, San Antonio Baggett, Jessica, Fort Worth Bailey, Mary Janis, Childress Bailey, Sally, Ballinger Baird, Don L., Pittsburg Baker, David Linton, Wichita Falls Baker, James Raymond, Houston Baker, Mary Katherine, Dallas Baker, Patsy Ann, Wichita Falls Baker, William Anderson, Austin Baldwin, Mary Eleanor, Wichita Falls Bales, Judith, Whitsett Bankston, Freda Jo, Moran Bannura, Khalil B., Beit-Sahura, Jordan Barbay, Sally Gay, Moody Barber, Lela Mae, San Antonio Barden, James Earle, Houston Baring, Raymond H., Jourdanton Barker, Wilson Roger, Weatherford Barnes, John Edward, Port Arthur Barnes, Kay Franklin, Austin PAGE 88 Barnhill, John Williamson, Brenhain Earth, Clardy Shell, Jr., San Angelo Bartlett, Robert Franklin, Marshall Barton, Iris Dean, Kilgore Barton, Robert Rhea, Gordon Bates, Billy Joe, Uvalde Battle, Roy Saunders, Waskom Beall, John Gillespie, Jacksonville Beard, Doris Marie, Kilgore Becerra, Joe E., Rosenberg Becker, Laurence Albert, Austin Bela, Raymond, Victoria Bell, Carlton R., Snyder Bell, Donald Moran, Bay City Bell, James Thomas, Longview Bell, John Baxter, Corpus Christi Bendolin, Doretta Mae, El Paso Benson, Daniel Harper, Lubbock Berger, Sid L., Bryan Bernard, Lawrence Jackson, Houston Bcrrio, Clarence Edward, Port Arthur Berry, Buford Preston, Archer City Berry, Phyllis Edna, Houston Bertram, Carol Charlotte, Houston Bertrand, Joan Dolores, Port Arthur Besch, Carl D., San Antonio Beveridge, Gene Clarence, Fort Worth Billingsley, Hascal Bruss, Dallas Bird, Arthur Snell, Arlington Bird, Shirley Ann, Stockdale Bitter, Nancy Joan, San Antonio Bivins, Nancy Sue, Amarillo Black, Beth Agnes, Houston Bland, Jay C., Jr., LaMarque Blatt, Rita Glenn, Dallas Bluhm, Frances Estelle, Austwell T CLASS OF ' 58 Blum, Ronald H., Fort Worth Bolch, William Emmett, Jr., Hondo Bolding, Edward Porter, San Angelo Bollman, Franklin D., Clarksville Bond, T. W., Bovina Bondies, Walton Porter, Jr., Austin Boone, Mary Lois, Navasota Soothe, Robert R., Gonzales Bordcn, Shirley Ruth, Missouri City Bourdon, Carol Head, Austin Bowdoin, Marshall Dean, Mont Belvieu Bowen, John Woodie, Austin Bowers, Larry Lester, Brownwood Boyd, Wallis Moffatt, Eureka Boyd, William Jasper, Houston Boyles, Minifred Julia, Houston Branan, Mary Ellen, Houston Brandes, William Heaton, Irving Brannan, Suzanne, Gainesville Brantley, Milam Allison, Pearsall Brauer, E. Bernard, Corpus Christi Breed, Benny Ray, Austin Breed, Truman, Jr., Austin Briggs, Robert Wallace, Lampasas Bright, Jay Lawrence, Troup Bright, Sam Raymond, Jr., Tyler Brockman, Barbara Ann, Fort Worth Brooks, Felton Don, Comanche Brooks, Larry T., Amarillo Broughton, Clifton Ray, Palestine Brown, Cornelia Fay, Corpus Christi Brown, Donnie E., Houston Brown, Edward McLain, Jr., Austin Brown, Florence Day, Tyler Brown, Frances Patricia, Austin Brown, Mason Cooper, Irving PAGE 89 Brown, Rebecca Lynn, San Antonio Brown, Robert Cornell, San Benito Brown, Stephen Zachary, Tyler Browne, Bradford, Jr., Austin Bryant, Jean Carol, Dallas Buckley, Glenn R., Sheridan Bundy, Kay Tucker, Houston Burdine, John Alton, Jr., Austin Burkhart, Betty Louise, Houston Burks, Phyllis Louise, Dallas Burnett, James McCollum, Corpus Christi Burrows, Charlotte Ann, Nacogdoches Burton, Annelle Rhea, Brownwood Burton, Gordon Demmler, Galveston Burton, Larry Kent, Springfield, 111. Butschek, Rosemary Jane, Houston Butter, Stephen Robert, Longview Butterworth, Elbert Roy, Fort Worth Byers, Benjamin Rowe, Kingsville Cade, Alton Clarence, Jr., Chandler Caldwell, Carmen Janene, Houston Calhoon, Florence Patricia, Liberty Calhoun, Richard Wayland, Shreveport, La. Calk, Marguerite Ann, Laredo Callaghan, William Charles, Elgin Callaway, Jane Elizabeth, Austin Calvert, Thomas Charles, Dallas Camp, Joyce Nell, Austin Campbell, Donald Gene, Odessa Campbell, R. Gail, Fort Worth Cannamore, Ronald Truett, Corpus Christi Cannon, Patricia Lou, Baton Rouge, La. Cardwell, Louis Ernest, Del Rio Games, Billy Ronald, Wichita Falls Games, Patsy C., Houston Carpenter, James Clark, Port Arthur JUNIORS VV V ' V ,VUVV ' Carr, Larry Anthony, San Antonio Carr, William Richard, Corpus Christi Carraway, Paul Milton, Garland Carson, Catherine Louise, Texarkana Carter, Phebe Anne, Pampa Caruthers, Nelda Ruth, Fort Worth Casberg, Sylvia Mae, Austin Cason, Linda Jean, Rosenberg Castrow, Fred F., II, Houston Caughfield, Dwight Alton, San Antonio Cauthorn, Robert Virgil, Del Rio Cave, Frank Asbury, Plainview Cecil, Philip R., Paris Chamberlain, Alfred Adam, Jr., San Antonio Chalmers, Richard Edwin, Houston Chambers, Myrna Loy, Beaumont Chapman, Donald Royce, Lamesa Chapoton, Otis Donaldson, Galveston Chapoton, John Edgar, Galveston Chenault, Roger V., Houston Chernosky, Nancy Cecelia, Houston Cherry, Anne Barker, Marshall Chesney, Michael Thomas, Mt. Carmel, Pa. Chester Martin David, San Antonio Chew, Dorothy Ann, Beeville Christian, Henry David, Gonzales Christner, MacGregor Vaughan, Shamrock Clark, Donald B., Houston Clements, Anna Belle, Kilgore Clements, James Riley, Selman City Clevinger, Maurice Elwood, Weslaco Clift, Ruth Ann, Austin Coates, John, Dallas Cobb, Billy Ray, Laird Hill Cobb, Lawrence Dean, Marlin Cochrum, Kenneth Lee, Baytown PAGE 90 Cohagan, Judith Carter, San Antonio Cole, Brady Marshall, Houston Cole, Robert L., Canyon Coleman, Robert O., Uvalde Collier, James Michael, Sweeny Collins, James Bryan, Tyler Connally, Elizabeth Grace, Tyler Connally, Patricia Louise, Orlando, Fla. Conway, Carol Eugenia, Tyler Cook, Ednicc Aileen, Austin Cook, Tommy Walters, Amarillo Cooke, Juanita Muller, Baytown Cooksey, Sylvia Jean, Austin Cooper, Frank Fitzhugh, Jr., Houston Copcland, Don Cade, Chandler Corbusier, Elinor Ann, Bryan Cordell, Barbara Lee, San Antonio Corley, Carol, Austin Cornelius, Winona Lynn, Pampa Cotulla, William Lawrence, Cotulla Couch, Sandra Jean, College Station Coughran. James Patrick, Houston Cox, Clay Hamilton, Houston Cox, Jack Bolan, Houston Cox, Mary Frances, Corpus Christi Craddock, Bette Theresa, Austin Craig, Robert Sylvester, Lark Crawford, Dorothy J., Leesville, La. Crawford, James Donald, Lufkin Crawford, Robert James, McAllen Crawford, William Martin, Austin Crofford, Wanda Joyce, Corpus Christi Crow, Carol Fairfax, Houston Culver, Everett E., Austin Cummings, Bobby L., Gatesville Cummins, Nelda Ann, Austin CLASS OF ' 58 Cunningham, Hilary Herbert, Jr., Krum Cunningham, Julia May, Huntsville Curry, Doyle Wayne, Mexia Dacy, Joe Ridgway, Austin DafFern, Bobby Joe, Stamford Dalrymple, Barbara Ann, Fort Worth Dalton, Joel Phil, San Antonio Damiani, Kirwin Gherbis. Galveston Daniel, Elmer Leon, Fort Worth Daniel, Jack S., Deer Park Dannenbaum, Frank M., Houston Davis, Hi II it- Edwin, Tyler Davis, David Harris, Three Rivers Davis, Elizabeth Ann, Freeport Davis, Joe Bryan, Corpus Christi Dawkins, Jerome Ersel, Port Arthur Dawson, Mary Jane, Crockett Dean, Jane E., Fort Worth DeArkos, Francisco Jose, Laredo Deegan, James Joseph, Galveston Dehnel, Paul E., jr., San Angelo de la Rosa, Mary Alice, San Benito De Leon, Hector, Pharr De Leon, Raymond Sebastian, San Antonio De Los Santos, Manuel Trevino, San Antonio de Ridder, Karen Ariena, Houston Derrick, Elmo Alexander, Port Neches De Vries, Robert John, Pella, Iowa Dickerson, Kenneth Ray, Jacksonville Dickinson, Mary Sue, Dallas Dickson, Elizabeth Allene, San Angelo Dickson, James Fagan, Austin Dillard, Max Murray, Colorado City Dishman, Harry Charles, Jr., Bryan Ditmorc, Carl Alexander, Jr., Cisco Doak, Anne Vernon, Houston PAGE 91 Doherty, Larry Norman, Houston Donaghey, Sydney Ann, West Columbia Donaldson, Monte Severne, Galena Park Donnell, Ben Addison, Wichita Falls Donnell, James Lowe, Fowlerton Donohoc, Donald Monroe, Houston Donohoo, Virginia Ann, Plainview Dooley, Carole Vere, Ulvalde Dooley, Max Don, Ranger Doores, James Howard, Electra Dorotik, Mildred Ann, Rowcna Dorroh, James Robert, Kingsville Douglas, Alan David, San Antonio Downs, Edwin Dean, Hughes Springs Drake, Elinor Clyde, Wellington Drake, Jody, Austin Drisdale, Howard H., San Antonio Duarte, Ernest Bartholomew, Jr., Brownsville Duecker, Charles Henry, Dallas Duggan, Jesse Edward, San Angelo Duke, Mary Ellen, Abilene Dull, Marilyn Joanne, Houston Dunaway, Jerry Clarence, Decatur Dunlap, Ginger Dell, Port Lavaca Dunn, Bobby Will, Tyler Dunnam, Anthony Kent, Rule Dupre, Catherine Belle, Austin Dupree, Rose Diane, Gilmer Durham, Walter Winn, Fort Worth Durnal, Beverly, Dallas Durway, Charles Lindscy, Fort Worth Dyche, Kay, Alvin Eason, Carol Ann, Cleveland, Miss. Eaton, Charlie Merle, Rule Ebener, Richard Edward, Kewanee, 111. Eddy, Ronald Eugene, Dallas JUNIORS Ehlers, Marcia Anne, Uvalde Ekfelt, Kerstin H., College Station Elbert, Gerry, Galveston Elder, Peggy Jo, Cuero Eldridge, John Paul, Texarkana Elkins, Ann Willis, Houston Elliott, Clay, Dallas Elliott, Edith Orr, McAllen Ellis, Glen Edward, Comanche Ellison, Billie Mae, Gonzales Ellison, Lloyd Dean, Rosenberg Elmer, H. Richards, Jr., Dallas Emslcy, Donald Eugene, Cisco Ensle, John Frederick, Houston Eschberger, Leon M., Alice Etheredge, Zelma V., Houston Eubanks, Robert L., Marshall Evans, Jan Durrett, Fort Worth Evans, William Mitchel, LaMarque Everett, James Ronald, Wichita Falls Ewing, Joan Carol, Corpus Christi Falke, Alice Jeaneane, Houston Falvey, Linda Aliece, Longview Farell, Charles Lee, Commerce Farley, Neita Lea, Houston Farley, William E., Houston Farmer, Robert S., San Antonio Faulk, Laura Elizabeth, San Antonio Faulkner, Carolyn S., Port Arthur Faulkner, Gene Lloyd, Austin Fears, Anne Hartwell, Pineland Feld, Alan David, Dallas Ferguson, Carl S., Jr., Newgulf Ferguson, Nancy Hume, Houston Ferguson, Robert Benjamin, Houston Ferrill, T. Craig, San Antonio PACE 92 tkf Q A itt . Mm ft o k IP ' M - J " Fields, Kenneth Roy, Austin Fincher, Patsy, Waxahachie Fink, Kenneth McCarty, Childress Finley, Kermit Richard, Sweeny Fischer, Margaret Elizabeth, Amarillo Fitzgerald, Joan, Midland Fitzgerald, Sharon Lee, Houston Flagg, Henry Wilkinson, Galveston Flatt, Thomas Cother, Mexia Florer, Neil Maynard, Jr., Dallas Flynn, Carol Ray, Port Arthur Foerster, George F., Dallas Foose, Jerry Gene, White Deer Foote, Phyllis Jean, Port Arthur Forbes, Robert Lee, Austin Forrest, Dana Sue, Itasca Forrester, Terry Norman, Pampa Foster, Jerry Ray, Arlington Foster, Joseph Holt, Jr., Stamford Fountain, Altus Dean, Tyler Fowler, William Dodd, Alice Fowler, William Joseph, Austin Frakich, Marion Lawrence, Jr., Aransas Pass Frankel, Barbara Marie, Des Moines, Iowa Franklin, Joan Marie, Baytown Frankson, A. Courtland, Palacios Fraser, Mac Van, Corpus Christi Frazier, Barbee, Austin Fread, Gayle Marie, San Angelo Fredrick, Richard Roy, Marshall Fretz, David Lloyd, San Antonio Frick, Alvin Emmett, Jr., Floresville Funk, Sylvia Jan, Houston Furley, Arthur Littleton, Corpus Christi Furman, Philip Huey, Kerrville Gainley, Geoige Alfred, Jr., Corpus Christi r CLASS OF ' 58 Gannett, Richard Lee, Fort Worth Garcia, Amador C., Mercedes Garcia, Francisco Ramon, Laredo Garcia, Mary Mildred, Brownsville Garcia, Tomas, Brownsville Garland, Lloyd Marshall, Jacksboro Garrett, Iris Gail. Port Arthur Garrett, Jennings A., Van Garrett, Lewis Benjamin, San Antonio Garrison, Richard Lee, Waller Garza, Amando, Jr., Laredo Garza, Frank Joseph, Austin Garza, Mary Ida, Hidalgo Gaulden, Joe Thomas, Leonard Gehring, Betty Hassell, Austin Ghormley, Mickey Burwell, Dallas Gibbs, Marj rie Lucille. Lufkin Gibson, Jon Robert, Corpus Christi Gill, Ann Deaderick, Houston Gill, Jo Ellen, Houston Gillaspie, James David, San Antonio Gillett, Stewart Morris, Corpus Christi Girard, Jerry Sidney, San Antonio Givens, Robert E., Fort Worth Glover, Sherry, Livingston Godwin, Howard Anthony, San Antonio Gold, Alan Lester, Houston Gold, Harvey Leo, San Antonio Goldberg, Marilyn Ann, Corsicana Gonzalez-Gerth, Enrique, Mexico City, Mexico. Gonzalez, Manuel Wally, Mission Good, Dora Eleanor, Tyler Good, Robert Earl, Edinburg Goodpasture, Charlotte, Corpus Christi Goolsby, Morris L., Wichita Falls Gordon, Janice Irene, San Antonio PAGE 93 Gore, Shirley Ann, El Paso Gorrell, Roger Lee, Muleshoe Goushe, Khalil, Austin Graham, Carolyn Ann, Austin Graham, Charles Lovorn, Del Rio Granato, Sammie James, San Antonio Gray, Jerry David, Arlington Gray, Joseph Wicker, Lubbock Green, Terry Clay, San Antonio Gressett, Patricia Elaine, Iraan Griffith, Carole Ruth, Beaumont Griffith, Don L., Ennis Griffith, Sandra Len, San Antonio Griffith, Tom Allen, Taylor Griffiths, David Evan, El Paso Grimes, Pearson, Jr., Cleveland Grubbs, Nancy Jane, San Antonio Guarin, Mary Alice, Houston Guerrero, Luis, Brownsville Guidry, Loyd J., Baytown Gulledge, Joe Henry, Chico Gunn, Robert Harold, Hamilton Gunter, Pete A. Y. Ill, Houston Gusemano, Frankie Louis, Houston Habib, Anthony Joseph, Corpus Christi Hagen, Marilyn Estelle, Houston Hague, Richard Douglas, Michigan City, Ind. Haight, Edward Allen, Kenilworth, 111. Haile, Larry Barclay, Dallas Hakes, Alan Phillips, Abilene Hale, Jo Ann, Rockdale Haley, Carolyn Janet, Oakwood Hallman, Leon Charles, Dallas Haltom, James Norton, Texarkana Hamilton, Louis Wayne, Dallas Hammond, Hall Street, San Antonio JUNIORS Hampton, Charles Emmett, San Antonio Hansen, Melvin O., Fort Worth Hanson, Lucy Elaine, Houston Hardwick, Geneva Joan, McKinney Hare, Kenneth Harold, New London Hargrave, Linda Janice, Arlington Harrell, Roy A., Jr., Ozona Harren, Richard Mason, Weslaco Harris, Charles Melvin, Austin Harris, Harriett Jean, Navasota Harris, Jimmy Lyn, Eastland Harrison, Joseph Walter, Jr., Dallas Harrison, William Arch, Jr., Austin Hart, Lawrence Eugene, Austin Harwell, Katharine, Amarillo Hasert, Bobbie Lee, San Antonio Hasty, Robert Armistead, II, Dallas Hayes, Douglas Parker, Hebbronville Hays, Mary Delaine, Austin Hazlir, Retta Audette, Midland Head, Eugenia Nelson, Houston Heard, Dorothy Patricia, Houston Heath, Laura Rosemary, San Antonio Heidelberg, Carol Sue, Jacksonville Heinen, Hubert P., Houston Hejtmancik, Marvis Allen, Caldwell Heller, Sally, Dallas Hemphill, Merwin Wells, Ann Arbor, Mich. Hempkins, William Brent, Denison Henderson, Burtleye, Houston Henderson, David Holland, Corpus Christi Henderson, George David, Fort Worth Henderson, Jane Birdwell, Cameron Henderson, Joyce Anne, Glenview, 111. Henderson, Stan H., Houston Henisey, Otis Edward, Houston PAGE 94 e a mn t Hennessy, William Edward, San Antonio Henry, Floyd Foy, Veribest Henry, Patsy Ruth, San Antonio Henry, William Revel, Marshall Hensey, Walter Russell, San Antonio Henson, Dorothy Margaret, Cuero Herbst, Albert Otto, Comfort Herbst, Mary Hennings, Comfort Herrera, Dorothy Ann, Harlingen Herring, Weldon Stuart, San Angelo Hester, Randolph Herman, Temple Higginbotham, Joyce, Dallas Hightower, Margaret Lutetia, Dallas Hill, A. Jackson, Fort Worth Hill, Iris Ramona, Waco Hill, Kenneth Albert, Corpus Christi Hill, Tom Weaver, Arlington Hill, Wendall Royce, Odessa Hillje, Jo Ann, New Braunfels Hite, Alice JL Austin Hodges, Carroll Ann, Austin Hoehn, Curtis Louise, Waco Hoffman, Ernest, Jr., El Campo Hoffman, Gloria Ann, Houston Holbrook, James Farrel, Electra Holden, William Reele, Fort Worth Holder, Jerrell Aaron, Wichita Falls Holland, Samuel Matthew, Jr., Galveston Holmes, Albert Wolford. Austin Holmes, Gary J., Lansdowne, Pa. Holmes, Robert Charles, Texarkana Holmes, Tomie S., McCamey Holmgreen, Eugene Adolph, San Antonio Holsomback, Robert Lee, Baytown Hoist, Louis Dan, San Antonio Hood, Leslie Allen, Sheridan CLASS OF ' 58 Hope, Paul D., Fort Worth Horridge, Patricia E., Houston Hosack, Charles Richard, Corpus Christi House, Rex Clayton, Jr., Corpus Christi Houston, Louis Benjamin, Jr., Dallas Howard, Shannon, Dallas Howell, Leon Poindexter, Jr., San Antonio Howrey, Charles Wesley, Corpus Christi Huckabay, James Donald, Eastland Huddleston, Sarah Jane, Fort Worth Hudson, Jim Ray, Alpine Hudspeth, Carol Dale, Dallas Hudspeth, Claire, Houston Huey, John William, Austin Huff, Martha Coleman, San Antonio Huffman; James Milton, Terrell Hughes, Eddie Strode, Austin Hughes, Leona Ruth, Austin Hughston, Sarah Louise, Midland Hull, Dolly Gale, Jackson, Miss. Hulse, Ira Rexford, Refugio Hultgren, Sidney Jean, Boise, Idaho Humble, Robert O., Manor Humphreys, Sue Lynn, Fort Worth Humphries, Edna Odessa, Austin Hunt, Tanner Truett, Beaumont Hunter, Dick Keith, Texas City Hunter, Linda Jane, San Antonio Hurley, James Franklin, Houston Inglish, Douglas Wilson, Jr., San Antonio Jackson, Billy Mack, Dallas Jancik, Margaret Charlyn, Houston Jankower, Barbara Ellen, Rayne, La. Janssen, Herman Phillip, San Antonio Jasper, Beverly Murray, McAllen Jasper, Charles Richard, McAllen PAOE 95 Jefferson, Walter Lee, Austin Jennings, William Max, Corpus Christi Jez, John Bennett, Temple Johnson, Betty Carol, Elgin Johnson, Ethyl Marcia, Henderson Johnson, Jean Elizabeth, Beaumont Johnson, Jerry Lea, Eldorado Johnson, Lila Mae, Alamo Johnson, Nancy Elizabeth, Clarksville Johnson, Richard Lee, Lampasas Johnston, James Jefferson, Houston Joiner, Marvin Edmund, Tyler Jolly, Walter Lee, Jr., Baytown Jones, Beattie Anne, El Paso Jones, Edgar F., Ill, Galveston Jones, Florence Elaine, Lubbock Jones, Jordan Vance, Irving Jones, Mary Ann, Lake Charles, La. Jones, Philip Ray, Dallas Jones, Robert Eugene, Houston Jones, Roy Hal, Bryan Jones, Walter Christopher, Longview Jones, Walter Sidney, Ennis Jordan, Wylie, Brady Jorden, Roger Miles, San Antonio Jovett, Doyce Heber, Georgetown Juarez, Humberto Luis, Jr., Laredo Jung, Jeannette, Austin Jurecka, Ann Carlisle, Galveston Justice, Janis, Cleburne Kaarup, Marilyn Joyce, Weslaco Kachtick, James Walter, Texas City Kaderli, V. Rogene, Pharr Kaplan, Elaine Rose, Tullahoma, Tenn. Kardell, Sandra Cartwright, San Augustine Kazen, James Douglas, Laredo i Sail JUNIORS ' VV ' X VWVW VVVV ' Keasler, C. Harold, Grand Prairie Keasler, Raymond Lawrence, Jefferson Keer, Peggy Ann, Sealy Keith, Frank Roderick, Austin Keith, Jerilyn Rice, Austin Keith, William Brewster, Edna Kekheya, A. H. Ali, Latakia, Syria Kelley, David Lee, Gonzales Kellogg, Paul Edward, Fort Worth Kendrick, Mike Clark, Corpus Christi Kiatta, Howard William, Denver, Colo. Kieffer, Charles David, Dallas Kight, John Carroll, San Antonio Kindle, John Madison, Jr., Dallas King, Byron Mylphis, Austin King, Frank Charles, Corpus Christi King, Robert Newton, Muleshoe Kirby, William Gary, Dallas Kittle, Mary Glyn, Houston Klinefelter, Karen, Dallas Kneese, James Walter, San Antonio Knight, Arthur Kline, Bay City Knight, David H., Tampico, Mexico Kocurek, William Neal, Austin Kolodny, Elizabeth Ann, Houston Kopecky, Alfred Allen, El Maton Korman, Jacqueline, Atlanta, Ga. Kosub, Charles Henry, San Antonio Kraft, August Charles, Baytown Kramer, Fred, Austin Kreidel, Carol Louise, Austin Krick, Barbara Kay, Austin Krick, Harold David, Jr., Austin Kyle, Jerry Van, Sherman Laird, Lee A., Austin Laman, David Lee, Spofford PAGE 96 Lamberth, Larry S., Jr., San Antonio Lancaster, John Lynch, III, Dallas Land, Margaret Lee, Dallas Lane, Sam W. , Jr., Austin Lang, Paul Howard, Lampasas Langley, Robert David, Big Wells Langston, Sylvia Louise, Belton Lanning, Charles Frederick, San Antonio Larkin, Linda Sue, New Braunfels Laughlin, Phyllis Ann, San Antonio Lauhon, Mary Hale, Tulsa, Okla. Lautcrstein, Moise, La Grange Laverty, Penelope, College Station Lawhon, Anne Griffith, Houston Lawson, Cadmus Kilgore, II, Dallas Lee, Ivon, Midland Lee, Loyl Leon, Galveston Lee, Robert Joseph, Bryan Leeah, George Andrew, Gonzales Leeah, Juanita June, Pax, W. Va. Lehmann, Maurice John, Boerne Lemmertz, Marie Frances, Grants Pass, Oregon Leonard, Smitty Wade, Robstown Leslie, George Vernon, Levelland Lewis, Arlen Lester, Austin Lewis, Joanne Laniel, Dallas Lewis, Roger Allan, Corpus Christi Lillie, Robert B., Austin Lindley, John Walker, Jr., Sulphur Springs Linker, James Loranzo, Arp Linley, Marian Bickle, Austin Linson, Laurin M., Palestine Little, Sammy Don, Kilgore Lockett, Reese Blake, Brenham Loe, Lavona Jo, Alice Logan, Wiima Nell, Palestine CLASS OF ' 58 Lohse, Peter Hans, Austin Lomonte, Cecilia Anne, Houston Long , Memory Charles, Victoria Lopez, Roberto, Laredo Loth, Helga Karin, Fischer Lotspeich, Sue, Fort Worth Lett, Gerald Eugene, Houston Lovelace, Byron Keith, Dallas Lowe, Diana Kaye, Shreveport, La. Loyd, Larry Lee, Shreveport, La. Luglan, Leif Waldt, Kerrville Lumpkin, Donald Lee, Overton Lyle, B. Claire, Bay City Macdaniel, Gibbs, Jr., San Antonio Maddox, John Robert, San Antonio Mafrige, Stevens Farris, Houston Mahayni, Mohammed Aref, Damascus, Syria Mainous, Sharon Kugle, Austin Mallory, Diana Sue, Corpus Christi Malone, John Robert, Austin Malone, William Travis, Jr., Corpus Christi Malmgren, Faith Eleanor, Port Arthur Manitzas, Mary Nick, San Angelo Mara, Molly, Dallas Marek, Nelson Fred, Port Lavaca Markus, Ailda Illene, Lufkin Marlow, Fred Guy, Jr., Houston Marsh, Derwood Ray, Hawkins Martin, Dorothy Ann, San Antonio Martin, Elva Irene, Tyler Martin, Frederick William, Baytown Martin, Margaret Ann, Houston Martindale, Jean Arnold, Pampa Martinez, Arturo B., Jr., Mercedes Marvin, Hilda Nancy, Russellville, Ark. Mashburn, James Albert, Midland PAGE 97 p O 41 (n a tk R P PI f - i A j 2i a Ji v Mason, Charles Culberson, Jr., Corpus Christi Massey, Barbara Jean, San Antonio Mathers, Grace Elizabeth, Brownsville Matthews, William Forrest, San Antonio Maxwell, Jane Ann, Austin Maxwell, Lyndall Otey, Houston Maxwell, Martha Catharine, Dallas Maxwell, Walter John, McAllen May, Carole Lynn, Fort Worth Mayfield, James Lee, San Angelo McAdams, Bettye Joanne, Austin McAden, Carol Ann, Austin McAdoo, John Brantley, Jr., Houston McAnelly, Stanley Merlin, Lameta McBride, Jeannette Lee, Houston McCall, James Lyons, III, Vicksburg, Miss. McCann, James Beebe, Odessa McClatchy, Joel Kent, Bangs McClendon, Bobby Joe, Elgin McCollum, Richard George, Fort Worth McElveen, Herbert O., West Columbia McFarland, Johnanna, Lubbock McGonigle, Betty Jean, Brownsville McGregor, Richard Berwick, Corpus Christi McGrew, Rodney Taylor, Corpus Christi McGuire, C harles Patrick, Port Arthur McHugh, Charles William, Dallas McKay, Kay, San Antonio McKeown, Sharon Lu, Fort Worth McKinley, Velma Barnett, Austin McLain, Frank Eugene, Dallas McMillan, Mary Maxine, Pecos McMurrey, Marvin Horace, Tyler McMurry, Jill, Dallas McNew, Walter Hedrick, Amarillo Meador, Franklin Dawson, Saint Jo JUNIORS Vi.VVVW,,VUVV VVxVVVVVV Meadows, David Elmer, Dallas Meadows, Donald Hunter, Corpus Christi Medley, Evelyn Anne, Eagle Pass Mendez, Raymond, Jr., New Braunfels Mengel, Robert Arthur, Dallas Meyer, Herman Carol, Katy Meyers, Anita, Childress Middlebrook, McCarter, Nacogdoches Milam, Jack, Victoria Miles, Norman Alvin, Baytown Miller, Charles Edward, Texarkana Miller, Clifford Allen, Alice Miller, William Rhese, Corpus Christi Miller.Willa Ruth, Austin Millican, David Andrew, Dallas Mims, Robert Elton, Water Valley Minahan, Mary Elizabeth, Fort Worth Mitschke, Charles Edward, Jr., Dime Box Mixon, James Lee, Dallas Moehle, Thelma Ann, Enid, Okla. Moehlman, Karen, Houston Moers, Sara Kathrin, Houston Moffit, Ann Stuart, Austin Mohun, Richard Allen, Hunt ington, Ind. Monasterio, Juan M. O., Jr., Austin Monsees, Peggy Jo, Raymondville Montalbo, Carmen Georgina, Houston Montgomery, Reuben, Houston Moody, Ann Elaine, Houston Moody, Bebe Denman, Houston Moore, Alberta Finlay, Austin Moore, Lila Susan, Houston Moore, Marilyn, El Dorado, Ark. Moore, Michael Alan, Fort Worth Moore, Monte Gerald, Henrietta Moore, Sandra Lee, Austin Moore, Thomas Felton, Texarkana Moore, William Thomas, Arlington Moorman, Charles Travis, Waco Moredock, Duane E., Austin Morgan, James Franklin, Alto Morgan, Robert Wyatt, Victoria PAGE Morris, Mary Lynn, Scminole Morris, Wilbur Chapman, Jr., Waco Morrow, Keith Kenyon, Frceport Morton, Harry A., La Porte Mosley, Mark Kimbrough, Jr., Buna Moya, Simon Vasquez, Beeville Mueller, Camilla Beatrice, San Antonio Muller, Alan Ernest, Houston Muller, Bruce Edward, Marshall Mullikin, Bill R., Henderson Murphy, Patricia Jean, Port Arthur Murphy, Patti Sue, Dallas Murphy, Ralph Gerald, Austin Murray, Emory Paul, Jr., Dallas Murray, Harold Rice, Dallas Musgrove, Luther Talley, Baytown Musick, Charles Richard, Houston Myers, George Ernest, Longview Myers, Michael A., Olney Nagle, Frank Taylor, Austin Nance, Robert Ernest, Dallas Nathan, Jerry J., Beaumont Nathan, Robert William, Dallas Natho, Paul Julius, Jr., Houston Naylor, Alfred Ernest, Amarillo Naylor, Bill J., Amarillo Neblett, Dorothy Elizabeth, Canyon Nelson, Strauder Goff, San Antonio Newman, Arthur Orin, Jr., Brownwood Newman, Virginia O., Brownwood Newton, Janet, Jacksonville Neyland, Thomas Allen, Beaumont Nichols, Billy Mac, Ranger Nix, Donald Gene, Corpus Christi Noel, Ewell Carlyle, Jr., Brownsville Norris, Bobby Rich. Dallas CLASS OF ' 58 Northcutt, John Harold, Tyler Norwood, Jack Glenn, Texas City Nowlin, Mary Ann, Houston Nutt, Virginia, Wichita Falls Oakes, Neal Ray, Baytown O ' Brien, Dennis Joseph, San Antonio Obst, Jane Lee, Dallas Ochoa, Anna M., Laredo O ' Connor, Robert Martin, Kilgore O ' Connor, Donald Lee, Elgin Oden, Nancy Ann, Houston Odiorne, Kenneth Hugh, Austin Ohlhausen, Lila Fay, Hunt Old, Frances Adeline, March AFB, Calif. Oliver, Margaret Ann, Marshall Olson, George Albert, San Antonio Ortiz. Antonio, Mission Ortuno, Alberto Antonio, San Jose, Costa Rica Overton, John Roy, Jr., Big Spring Paine. Lester I., Bay City Park, Dixie Juanita, Caracas, Venezuela Parker, Gerald Patrick, Corpus Christi Parker, Patricia Ann, Pecos Parks, Helen Patricia, Houston Parsons, Jack Dowlin, Kenedy Parsons, Sue, Fort Worth Partain, Robert Arthur, Palacios Parton, Lap, Marlin Patton, Betty Grace, Levelland Patzke, Kathryn Ann, Calvert Paulette, R. C., Jr., Austin Payne, Richard Arthur, San Benito Payne, Samuel Jerome, Dallas Pearce, Malcolm Brinkley, Whitesboro Peck, Joseph Henry, Crosbyton Pegg, James Milton, San Antonio Pena, Cleo, Corpus Christi Pena, Edurado, Jr., Laredo Pena, Jose Maria, Laredo Penix, Nancy Laura, Wichita Falls Pepper, Jean Ellen, Dallas Perez, Noe, Pharr PAGE 99 Perkins, Billy Ray, Marshall Perry, Bobby Wayne, San Angelo Perry, Jeanne Marie, Abilene Perry, John Lankford, Sweetwater Pesek, Mark George, Jourdanton Peters, Carolyn Ann, Sweetwater Peters, Charles Phillip, Houston Petropoulos, Anthony George, Austin Pettigrew, John Patman, Fort Worth Pettis, Janet Louise, Waco Petty, Joseph Lloyd, Austin Peyton, Dorothy Juanice, Giddings Pfluger, Nancy Hortense, Taylor Phillips, Daniel Maurice, La Porte Phillips, Learon F., Odessa Phipps, A. J., Jr., Austin Pickell, James M., Houston Pickens, Franklin Ace, Odessa Pierce, David Elbert, Alpine Piles, James Paul, Tyler Pinkner, Joe Charles, Texarkana Pinkney, Patti Lynn, Austin Pitner, Dan Keith, Snyder Pittman, Jack Marlin, Stephenville Pitts, Walter Edward, Jr., Coleman Plummer, Leonard Brodnax, Jr., Austin Poage, Jack Allen, Baytown Poindexter, Barbara Ann, Corpus Christi Polasek, Frank Theodore, Wharton Pollard, Katherine Virginia, San Antonio Pope, Floyd Eugene, Dallas Porter, Patsy Anne, Tyler Porter, Suzanne, Lubbock Potter, Clara Jean, Pittsburg Potter, Eleanor Aline, Tyler Poulter, Dean Anderson, Houston JUNIORS Powell, James Sidney, Chandler Powell, Peggy Jean, Llano Prather, Edna Joan, Donna Price, Anne, Bryan Price, Ginnie Lee, Fort Worth Pringle, Bette Ann, Dallas Pruitt, C. Robert, Ingleside Purnell, Marjorie M., Dallas Puryear, Bobby Clayton, Santo Quebe, Patricia R., Galveston Quick, Milburn Lee, Austin Rackley, Ramon Robert, Nederland Rainbow, Henry Ballard, Houston Rainoshek, Dennis Wayne, Houston Ramirez, Maria Aurora, Laredo Randolph, Spencer Gordon, Coahoma Randolph, Sterling Parker, Coahoma Raper, Jessie Lewis, Dallas Ravkind, Barbara Ilain,e, Dallas Ray, James Mills, Houston Rebsch, Donald Lamar, La Marque Recer, Harold C., Fort Worth Red, Rebecca Stuart, Alvin Reed, Don Allen, Rosenberg Reed, Donovan Powell, Lubbock Rees, Sondra Jeanne, Odessa Rehm, Neva Jean, Rockwood Reid, James M., Dallas Reinhackel, Carol Ann, Austin Reinhardt, Morris Calvin, Fort Worth Reiver, Carolyn Jay, Irving Rellahan, Patricia Joan, Dallas Reveley, Ralf Lawson, San Antonio Reverra, Paula, Texarkana Reynolds, Burton Charles, Dallas Rhea, Gayle Gorden, Wharton Richard, Sandra Clayton, Athens Riley, John Clement, III, Houston Ritchie, David Gavin, Jr., Houston Ritter, Le Ann Marie, Springdale, Ark. Roach, Samuel Emmett, Frisco PAGE 100 Roach, Thomas Leonard, Austin Robbins, Clarence Burton, Childress Roberson, Ginger, Brownsville Roberts, Gerald James, Jr., Fort Worth Roberts, Julia Ann, Alvin Roberts, Tommy Gene, Houston Robertson, Loyd Gordon, Houston Robertson, Margo, San Angelo Robinson, Guy Durwyn, San Angelo Robinson, Ina Lerester, Bastrop Robinson, William Courtney, Peacock Roden, Don Robert, Odessa Rodgers, William Frederick, Talco Rodieck, Roy Henry, Houston Rodman, Nancy Jane, Odessa Rogers, James Harvey, San Antonio Rogers, Robbie Jo, Galveston Rogers, Robert Duane, San Antonio Rohde, James Edward, Fayetteville Roloff, Melvin Lynn, Victoria Ronshausen, Marilyn Eloise, Port Arthur Rose, Terry Allen, Corpus Christi Rose, Walter Lewis, Houston Ross, Joe Allen, Galena Park Rosson, Sue, Corpus Christi Rucker, Johnnie Beatrice, Austin Russell, Robert Clifton, Jr., Arlington Rutchik, Morris David, Dallas Ryan, Linda Jane, Longyiew Ryan, Lynda Lee, Alvin Saa, Pedro Jose, Los Teques, Venezuela Sachs, Stanley H., Houston Saenz, Aurelia, Harlingen Saiken, Marilyn F., Abilene Saleh, Mahmoud Ibrahim, Jableh, Syria Salinas, Ricardo Roel, McAllen . CLASS OF ' 58 Salmon, Nancy Lee, San Angelo Sandel, John Holt, Dallas Sanford, Bryce C., El Campo Sanford, Floyd Keith, Itasca Sansom, James Word, Jr., Austin Sargent, Carris Ralph, Jr., Grand Prairie Sarver, George Lertin, Baytown Satel, Christine, San Antonio Sauer, John W., Almeda Saunders, Walter Ase, Jr., Corpus Christi Saxon, Floyd Cecil, Baytown Scarborough, Ezem Gillian, Jr., Palestine Schade, Carole Mildred, Edna Schenk, Clarence Harlan, Schulenburg Schmidt, Diane Beverly, Galveston Schoenfield, Karl James, San Angelo Schoenig, Marlene Bernice, Victoria Schrader, Lawrence Alexander, Jr., Boerne Schuhmacher, Nancy Estelle, San Antonio Schulze, Wilfred Ray, San Antonio Schumann, Paul August, Jr., Houston Scott, John Stephens, Austin Scroggins, Richard Louis, Brownsville Seago, Bobby Grant, San Diego Sears, George Francis, Corpus Christi Seay, Carolyn Ann, Austin Seekatz, Thomas Edward, Austin Sehested, John Henry, Fort Worth Shaffer, Margaret Eleanor, San Juan Shammatt, M. Farouk Hamed, Damascus, Syria Shaner, Helen Claire, Houston Shannon, Mary Sue, Karnes City Shapiro, David L., Austin Sharp, Elizabeth L., Houston Sharpless, Lawrence La Vaughn, Jr., Millville, N. J. Shaw, Clifford Holdeen, Dallas Shaw, Jerry Wayne, Corpus Christi Sheldon, John A., Houston Shepherd, Richard Earl, Bellaire Sheppard, Francis Eugene, Jr., Houston Sherman, Reuben, Houston PACE 101 Shirley, Maymerle, Tyler Sims, M. C., Kirbyvillc Sinclair, Grace Dell, Eagle Lake Simmans, Jerry, Ranger Sivalls, Betty Rae, Midland Skclton, Sandra, Temple Slovacek, Raymond John, Ennis Smith, Daniel Lester, Houston Smith, Denman Vodrie, Wichita Falls Smith, Don Stanton, Valley Mills Smith, Eddie Greenwade, West Smith, Joe Rae, Victoria Smith, Karen Liddell, Houston Smith, Margaret Ann, Salem, 111. Smith, Mark S., Dallas Smith, Mary Beth, Houston Smith, Mary Patricia, San Marcos Smith, Pauline, El Campo Smith, Russell Upson, Jacksonville Smith, Suzanne Margaret, Houston Smith, Taylor King, Houston Smith, Wade Cassle, Dallas Smith, William Schuetze, Markham Solcher, Albert Kennedy, Austin Souther, Diane, Rosebud Soza, Guillermo V., Presidio Spacek, Joe Albert, Dime Box Speer, Glen Charles, San Antonio Spelce, William Bennett, Houston Spice, Susan, San Antonio Spickard, Martha Janice, Dallas Staas, Gene L., San Angelo Stacher, George Walter, Austin Stafford, Billy Barron, Austin Stallings, Mary Margaret, Terrell Starbuck, George A., Merkel JUNIORS Starr, Edward Louis, Jr., East Bernard Stearns, Jeanctte, Fort Worth Steed, Willis Carter, Baytown Steen, Lias Brown, Cucro Stephcnson, Ross Lucas, Houston Steves, Seth Taylor, Bay City Stewart, James Rush, Jr., Houston Stinson, James Oscar, Dallas Stoeltje, Joe Edward, Beaumont Stokes, James Cecil, Coleman Stout, George Roscoe, Gilmer Straiten, Janelle, Austin Strieber, Clifford Andrew, Jr., Victoria Strong, Beeman Ewell, III, Beaumont Stutts, Jack Harrison, San Antonio Suggs, G. W., Hereford Sullivan, Sherwood Morris, Austin Sutherland, Barbara, Austin Sutherland, Gayle, Austin Sutton, Jamie, Longview Svoboda, Leonard S., Houston Swann, William Joseph, Jr., Sterling City Swoboda, Johnny James, Victoria Sylvester, William Edward, Victoria Tahu, George Jack, Jr., Dallas Tannenbaun, Fern Elaine, Laredo Tate, Eloise Annette, Memphis, Tenn. Tatum, Shirley Ann, Temple Tauch, Werner Carl, San Antonio Taylor, Curtis Leslie, Dallas Taylor, Glenn Elmer, Baytown Taylor, Harry Evans, Fort Worth Taylor, John Milton, Pearsall Taylor, J. L., Jr., Houston Taylor, William Edgar, Odessa Teague, Don Phillip, San Antonio Teague, James Winfrey, Houston Teague, Marjorie Stallings, Houston Team, Charles Bailey, Fort Worth Terry, Hayden Victor, Arlington PAGE 102 Tetley, Gail Ann, Beaumont Thomas, William G., Jr., Dallas Thompson, Florence Rosaetta, Texarkana Thompson, James Hunter, Houston Thompson, Jeanine, Galveston Thompson, Jerry Shannon, Garland Thompson, Marshall Wayland, Dallas Thomson, Page Orr, Houston Thornton, Jimmy D., San Antonio Thurmond, Nicholas Dameron, Lake Jackson Thurmond, Thomas Mitchell, Nimot, Mass. Tidwell, Don Arthur, Cedar Hill Tillery, Joe Neil, Fort Worth Tipton, Joanna, Brownsville Tobin, Robert Wallace, Austin Tompkins, Milton Dudley, Fort Worth Tooke, Allen Lee, Tyler Toole, Fredric Carson, Austin Townsend, Carol Beth, Houston Tragesser, Arthur Frank, Jr.. San Antonio Travis, Mary Louise, Seagoville Trenkelbach, Willie Henry, San Antonio Trevino, Maria Christina, Edinburg Tribble, James Wess, Corpus Christi Trickey, Richard Miles, Fort Worth Trimble, John Frederic, Orange Trimble, Patricia Ann, San Antonio Truksa, John H., Alvin Tubbs, John F., Houston Tucker, Everette Lanier, Jr., Galveston Tucker, James Carvel, Jr., Corpus Christi Turnbough, Jo-Ann, Lubbock Turner, Jann, Austin Turns, Tommy Guinn, Dallas Turpin, Margaret Helen, Orange Underwood, James Lee, Big Spring CLASS OF ' 58 Ungerman, Jay Wolf, Dallas Upton, James Ernest, Llano Van Geem, Herman Neil, Eastland Van Hollen, Susan, Alamo Vargas, Jose Elias, Jr.. El Paso Venable, Franklin Delano, Amarillo Vetters, Gilbert Clement, Corpus Christi Vifquain, Bonnie Mae, Dallas Villarreal, Carol Beth, Austin Villeret, Mollie Marie, Houston Vogt, Marilyn Marie, Houston Wade, Hugh Darrell, Childress Wadle, Larry Coleman, Mexia Waggonner, Harold Cornell, Tyler Waghalter, Milton H., Jr., Austin Wait, Eugene Meredith, Kerrville Walcowich, Kay, San Antonio Waldman, Jerome Lawrence, Houston Walker, Carol Kay, New Braunfels Walker, Charles Osborne, Dallas Walker, James Whittenburg, Amarillo Walker, Robert Dee, Fort Stockton Walker, Thomas Boyd, Irving Wall, James Edgar, Houston Wallace, Colonel James, Merkel Wallace, Lillian Elaine, Austin Wallis, Ben A., Jr., Llano Wallrath, Carl Darwin, Dallas Wanenmacher, Patricia Orvalyn, Tulsa, Okla. Ward, Donald Thomas, Sidney Ward, Doris Elaine, Melvin Ward, Mary Ann, Jacksboro Ward, Mary Ann, Tyler Ward, Peggy Virginia, Centerville Ware, Deborah Joan, Crane Warren, Johnny Richard, Houston Wason, Sue, Texas City Watson, Lenore, Lake Charles, La. Watson, Margaret Lou, Itasca Watson, Ted Maynard, Port Lavaca Webb, Frances Suzanne, Dallas PACE 103 Webb, Robert Earl, Dallas Webb, Wylie Othell, San Angelo Weddington, Peggy Anne, Dallas Weide, Jerald Boyd, Austin Weil, Leon S., Fort Worth Weil, Richard Grady, Ingleside Weir, Frank Alfred, McAllen Weisinger, R. Gene, Conroe Welch, Dennis Evan, Houston Welch, Jimmy Dwayne, Ferris Welch, Thomas Joe, Dallas Wells, James Leslie, Renner Wells, Jerry Alan, Denison Wennerbom, John Andrew, Port Arthur Werner, Harry, Dallas West, Barbara Sue, Athens West, B. Kendrick, Dallas Westover, John Brock, La Porte Wheatley, Jerry Dale, Haskell White, Priscilla Anne, Houston White, William D., Jr., Dallas Whitehurst, Gayle, Longview Whorton, Patsy Ann, Austin Wiedeman, Barbara Jean, Junction Wilcox, Beth, San Antonio Wilkins, Donny Joe, Roby Wilkinson, Jean, Bay City Wilkinson, Mary Jane, Houston Williams, Archie Darrell, Beckville Williams, Carole, Palestine Williams, Caroline Reigle, Midland Williams, Catherine Joy, Alice Williams, Charles Edwin, Port Arthur Williams, Charlotte Anne, McCamey Williams, Forest Fred, Jr., Texarkana Williams, John Franklin, Mission JUNIORS Williams, Judith G., Houston Williams, Margaret Dawn, San Angelo Willis, Wayne Thomas, Austin Willson, Robert E., San Antonio Wilpitz, Beverly Ann, Refugio Wilson, Alden Ramon, Waxahachie Wilson, Doris Laird, Houston Wilson, James Daniel, Jr., Temple Wilson, Roger B., Copperas Cove Wilson, Willie Jackson, Weatherford Winter, Winifred Elyn, San Antonio Witt, Robert Louis, Baytown Woelke, John Henry, San Antonio Woessner, Margaret O., Miami Beach, Fla. Wolf, Dean Eakin, Wichita Falls Wood, James Edwin, Paint Rock Woodman, John Alan, Fort Worth Woodruff, Forester Ensign, Fort Worth Woods, Glen Martin, Baytown Woodson, James Palmer, Austin Woosley, Leonard Adrian, Austin Works, Joan, Dallas Worley, Emory Kent, Mercedes Worley, Marilyn Louise, Mercedes Wright, Roger Robinson, Jr., Houston Wurzbach, George Raymond, Austin Wylie, Everett Bruce, Spokane, Wash. Wysong, Walter Scott, Dallas Yoas, Ralph Garland, Edna Zamora, Rosie C., Elsa Zelen, Stephen James, Houston Zimmerman, Ellen Bond, San Antonio Zipp, Glenn Roy, New Braunfels Zipp, Valerie Vance, Edna Zuniga, Oscar Garza, Kenedy Zurovec, Barbara Ann, Temple PAGE 104 WOUUD THAT weee A Sophomores PAGE 105 Abell, Madeleine Wright, Wharton Acrcy, Beverly Faye, Dallas Acuna, Arnold Soto, Corpus Christi Adair, Robert Sterling, Austin Adamo, Michael Charles III, Houston Adams, Villie Fisher, Austin Adams, James Arthur, Austin Adams, Norman William, Hastings, Neb. Adels, Marlene Beverly, Tyler Adkins, Bert Bentley, Jr., Houston Agnew, Sandra Suzanne, Corpus Christi Aguilar, Eduardo Macias, Laredo Akin, Charles Ray, Jr., Austin Akkerman, James William, Houston Akkus, Bihter Kadikoy, Turkey Alexander, Frances Anne, Houston Allen, Harland Lloyd, Midland Allen, Mary Etta, Tyler Allen, Mary Lee, McGregor Allen, Noranne Elizabeth, El Paso Alley, Diane, El Dorado, Ark. Allums, James Anderson, Kountze Anderson, Carroll Dwight, Austin Anderson, James Lloyd, Abilene Anderson, Jerry A., Palestine Aniol, Eve, San Antonio Anspacher, Richard Barton, Dallas Apple, Bonnie Jane, Greenville Appleman, R. Gordon, Fort Worth Armstrong, Gac Marie, Mission Arthur, J. B., Jr., Austin Asbury, Larry Marshall, Abilene Ashbaugh, Charles Ivan, Corpus Christi Ashley, John Woodall, Dallas Ashley, Scottie H., Austin Atkinson, Carol Elaine, Austin SOPHOMORES ' ' SSSSSSSSSS+ ' SSSSSSS ' S, Aue, Betty Ann, San Antonio Autrey, Alice Rae, Freeport Awanessian, Robert Paul, Baghdad, Iraq Bacon, William Deakyne, Jr., Needham, Mass. Baertl, Charles Edward, Galveston Bailey, Jane, Richardson Bailey, Melvin Lewis, Dallas Bain, Joe William, San Antonio Baird, John David, Austin Baker, Mary Margaret, San Antonio Baldridge, Jerrell Lee, Fort Worth Bales, Lcnora Jo, Lampasas Balfanz, Barbara Jean, Houston Ballas, Frances Freda, Dallas Balli, Macedonio, Jr., San Benito Barefield, Mary Elizabeth, Del Rio Barker, Joe Floyd, Dallas Barlow, Clyde Jennings, Kerrville Barlow, Patrick Edward, Austin Barnes, Barbara Ellen., Irving Barr, Chester Alwyn, Austin Barren, Kenneth Ray, Tyler Bass, Mary Ann, Freeport Bates, Frances Pope, San Antonio Bauch, Garland Thomas, Goliad Bauer, Elizabeth Hopper, Seguin Baughman, Claude Randall, Austin Baum, Zetta Jo, Mercedes Beaird, Danny LaGette, Dallas Beal, Jeannie, Austin Bearden, Lois Sandra, Victoria Becker, Leonard John, Jr., Galveston Beilke, Myloa May, Wichita Falls Beloate, Florence, Dallas Beltz, Ernest Alexander, Corpus Christi Bena, Curtis Louis, Houston Benjamin, Barbara Lynn, Borger Bennett, Richard John, Austin Benson, Susan Greene, Dallas Bergel, Sandra Lou, San Antonio Berkman, Helen Claire, Austin PACE 106 Berry, David Wayne, Pcndleton Berry, Frances Ruth, Odessa Best, Margaret Alyne, Austin Billings, Frank Edward, Nixon Bishop, John Sullivan, Denison Black, Billy Thomas, Del Rio Blackwell, Patricia Ann, Cuero Bland, Mary Kathryn, Austin Blasingame, Belty Nan, Wharton Blesch, Steven Edwin, Opa Locka, Fla. Boals, Patsy Dell, Garland Boatright, David Alexander, Austin Bodine, Daniel Edward, Texas City Bohlmann, Carol Ann, San Antonio Bond, Ernest Patrick, Baytown Boone, Jackie Ben, Memphis Boring, Barbara Ann, San Antonio Bormann, Marinell, San Juan Bostick, Patsy Faith, Port Arthur Bouchard Andre ' , Austin Bowman, Walter Clarkson, Jr., Harligen Bowser, Martha Louise, Dallas Boyd, Don Edward, Cayuga Boyd, Marilyn Ann, Austin Boykin, Judson Chilton, Taft Bradley, Carl Gene, El Paso Bradshaw, Mary D., Kilgore Branch, Esther Annette, Pharr Brann, Erich John, Houston Brannon, Robert Lee, Malakoff Brazelton, Emily Kay, Houston Brecheen, Jody Stanton, Wichita Falls Brent, Ronnie Lynn, Beaumont Breshears, Sondra, Houston Brewer, Cornelia Sue, Kilgore Bridges, William Randolph, Abilene CLASS OF ' 59 % . ' XV,VV, ' VVV VV ' ,. ' Briscoe, James Parmenas, Alvin Britain, Cleo Ann, Bellaire Broach, Roger Harmon, Texas City Broadfoot, Marsha Ann, Alpine Broadway, Barbara Sue, Madisonville Brooks, William Bryan, Texarkana Brotzman, Kathleen Louise, Rio Hondo Brotzman, Richard Dale, Rio Hondo Broughton, Wana Lee, Childress Brown, Betty Doris, Dallas Brown, Betty Jo, San Antonio Brown, David Eugene, San Antonio Brown, George James, Austin Brown, Marvin H., III., Fort Worth Brown, Patsy Ann, Galena Park Brown, Raymond Ralph, San Antonio Broyles, Becky Lou, Longview Brummett, Lloyd Truman, Pampa Bryan, James Daniel, III, Houston Buchanan, Janet Kathleen, Texarkana Buchanan, Tom Estes, Dallas Buck, Alfred Augustus, Midland Buck, Bobbie Sue, Houston Bucnz, Peter Robertson, San Antonio Bunten, Robert Royal, Leander Burke, Katherine Elizabeth, Corpus Christi Burlage, Robb Kendrick, Austin Burns, Carolyn Gay, Webster Groves, Mo. Burns, Reba Ann, Brownwood Burns, Stella Maureen, Houston Bushager, Joe Richard, Del Rio Butera, Michael B., Houston Butler, Evelyn Louise, San Antonio Bybee, Owen Lynn, Jr., Hereford Bywaters, Walter Hill, Dallas Cafer, Larry H., Corpus Christi Cain, Billy Jean, McAllen Calderoni, Joe Hernandez, Brownsville Caldwell, Gerald Wayne, Goliad Callaway, Clarence Leon, Dallas Cameron, Minnie Corinne, Fredericksburg PAGE 107 .. Campbell, Amy Weichsel, L,ampasas Campbell, Carolyn Jane, Corpus Christi Canales, Mary Virginia, Fremont Card, Annie Bettie, Austin Cardenas, Luis J., Jr., Laredo Cargill, Clara Paula, Longview Carnagey, Glenn Alan, Houston Carpenter, James Alfred, Deer Park Carpenter, Owen Price, Jr., Bel ton Carr, Louise Pendleton, San Antonio Carrillo, Jose M., Benavides Carroll, Virginia Fay, Houston Carson, Katherine Elaine, Midland Carter, Linda Kay, Chldress Carthel, Gary Don, Floydada Cartwright, Patty Mays, Terrell Casberg, Melvin Augustus, Austin Case, Howard Bernard, Bonham Casey, Katherine Frances, Dallas Casmere, Suzanne, San Antonio Cazamias, Katherine H., Laredo Cecil, James Wilbor, Houston Cervenka, Lynda Raye, Rowena Chambless, Mary Alice, San Antonio Chance, Suellen, Texarkana Chaney, Robert Stone, Woodsboro Chapman, George Camp, Floydada Chapman, Janine, San Antonio Chapman, Ronald Ross, Lamesa Chaudoin, Nita Suzanne, San Antonio Christensen, Gordon Joshua, Austin Clark, Marilyn Patricia, Corpus Christi Clark, Peggy Lou, Lockhart daunts, Helen Lysbeth, Houston Clements, Carolyn Mozelle, McGregor Clifford, Patti Irene, Mercedes SOPHOMORES V VUV VW ' VV V ' Climer, Carroll Dell, Mart Cline, Barbara Kay, Midland Cloud, Ruth Ann, Weslaco Cochran, Robert Maurice, Housto n Coffee, Roy Clarence, Jr., Dallas Cohen, Bonnie Fay, Albuquerque, N. M. Coldwater, Mamie M., Houston Cole, Patricia Watson, Austin Collins, Harwood Lewis, Alvin Collins, Raymond Lee, Hereford Collins, William Phillip, Austin Colwick, Ruth Catherine, Dallas Conaway, Charley T., San Antonio Cone, Nancy Lee, Dallas Conner, Valerie Rowland, San Antonio Connery, David Bradford, Jr., Midland Cook, Elenor R., Houston Cook, Kay Cyrelle, Austin Cooper, Sylvia Joan, Dallas Correa-Pirez, Juan Jose, Matanzas, Cuba Gotten, Eleanor Mills, Victoria Cotter, John D., Panhandle Cottle, Wilbur Walter, Jr., LaMarque Courtney, Carol Rosalyn, Quitman Couser, Zera Ann, Austin Cox, Jan Campbell, Alvin Craig, Gayla, Austin Grain, Mary Lelia, Houston Cramer, Ann, Houston Graver, Jane Clarice, Texarkana Crawley, Dolph, Goldsmith Crider, Billie Jo, Lampasas Crittenden, Mickey, Dallas Crockett, William Arthur, Ballinger Croft, Chancy, Odessa Cromwell, Harriet, Taylor Crondvich, Cecile Alice, Galveston Cruthirds, Betty Joann, Beaumont Cundieff, John Pyburn, Jr., Abilene Cunningham, Herbert Isaac, Jr., Austin Currie, Hugh Bob, Amarillo PAGE 108 Curry, Annette, Waxahachie Curry, Charles A., Austin Curtsinger, Jack Ray, Corpus Christi Cutler, Royce L., Bellaire DaCamara, Shirley Priscilla, Laredo Dale, John Wesley, Falfurrias Darnall, Linda Marshall, Dallas Dau, Ralph Waldrom, Dallas Davidson, William Lewis, Bellaire Davis, Bradford L., Woodville Davis, Charles Howard, San Antonio Davis, Eugene Lewis, San Antonio Davis, James Edward, Austin Davis, Kenneth E., Houston Davis, Mary Ann, LaMarque Davis, Shirley, Dallas Davison, Martha Dee, San Antonio Dawson, Dorothy, San Antonio Day, Eugene Washington, Mercedes De Alba, Cynthia Gayle, Houston DeBardeleben, Michael Linda, Albany, N. Y. DeBerry, Francis Dale, Edcouch de La Rosa, H. Jerry, San Antonio Dempsey, Jack Marvin, Harlingen Denton, Dianne Lucille, Dallas Deutser, N. Jeanne, Houston Dickerson, Charles Adolph, Rosenberg Dickey, Barbara Lois, Forney Dingwall, DeAnne, Austin Dodson, Herbert William, Amarillo Doggett, Bob Glen, Jacksonville Doiron, Patricia Diane, Beaumont Domaschk, Joan Elizabeth, Port Arthur Donaghey, Lewis Wheeler, Trenton Donalson, Barbara Ann, Bishop Donegan, Danny Ware, DeLeon CLASS OF ' 59 im 8 i H XM 3 f O A, Donovan, Sharon Elaine, Dallas Dorman, C. Carole, Alice Dorow, William Henry, San Antonio Douglas, Walter Brockman, Houston Douglass, Lynne, Corpus Christi Dowell, Marilyn, Austin Drew, Earl Edwin, Mercedes Drewa, Allan Louis, San Antonio Driver, Jack Gantt, Terrell Drushel, William Haley, Jr., Liberty Duckett, Jo Ann, Austin Duensing, Dorothy Anne, Odem Dunbar, Garland Duke, Jr., Elgin Dunne, Patty A., Houston Durland, Virginia Jean, Dallas Ebaugh, Albert Lipscomb, Austin Ebel, Charles Elroy, Rosenberg Eckert, Jacob Joseph, Jr., Austin Eddings, James Ralph, Highlands Edds, Janice Lois, Temple Edgar, Mary Patricia, San Antonio Edwards, Marilyn Ruth, San Antonio Eichler, Jane Elizabeth, Brenham Ekdahl, Karin Louise, Villa Park, 111. Ellington, William Ferrell, Arlington Ellis, Jane Ann, Fort Worth Ellison, David Ragsdale, Austin Erwin, Carroll Gene, Charlotte Espey, William Howard, Jr., Dallas Esquivel, Sandra, Austin Estess, Berthold Henry, Houston Estrada, John Joe, Corpus Christi Ettredge, Peggy Ann, Laird Hill Eyler, Roy E., San Benito Fagan, Katheryn, Fort Worth Fahey, Robert John, Galveston Fahrenthold, Paul David, Houston Faist, Norman Phillip, Houston Falconer, David Ross, San Antonio Fallek, Mildred Lynn, McAllen Fambrough, Guy Grain, Raymondville PAGE 109 Fanning. Hazel Ann, Wichita Falls Farquhar, Joan Carolyn, Sinton Farrow, Jacqueline Elizabeth, Yoakum Farschman, Jack Allen, San Angelo Faulkner, Elizabeth, Houston Faulkner, Henry T., Houston Faust, Bill R., San Antonio Felder, Jean Barrillon, Palestine Feldman, Sam Noland, Longview Felt, Patsy Ruth, San Antonio Ferrell, Elizabeth Sue, Port Arthur Ferrell, Gwen, Houston Ferrell, Jack Earl, Dallas Fielding, Nancy, Dallas Fields, Marie Estelle, Weslaco Fincher, Donald Franklin, Tulia Finegan, Robert Joseph, Dallas Fish, Barbara Ann, Sioux City, Iowa Fisher, Karol Keith, Fort Sam Houston Fisher, Richard Bradley, Fort Worth Fitch, Cathey Elizabeth, Uvalde Fitts, George Edwin, Linden Fitzgerald, Billy Wilson, Orange Flachmeier, Emily Jo, Austin Fletcher, Patrick Jonlee, Midland Flores. Edward Paredez, San Antonic Floyd, Glenda Estelle, Mexia Foitik, Thomas James, San Antonio Ford, Don Duane, Houston Ford, Shirley Ann, Gruver Forney, Scott William, Ranger Forster, Jane, Roswell, N. M. Fowler, David Wayne, Sabinal Francis, Sandra Elaine, St. Louis, Mo. Francis, Thomas Phil, Austin Franke, Erwin, Jr., Industry VV ' ,VV ' ,V ' , ' , ' , ' , ' , ' , ' ,VV ' SOPHOMORES Franks, Cherie Glynn, San Antonio Freeman, Mary Lou, Loop Fretz, Mary Lou, San Antonio Frizzell, Doreene, Houston Frosch, Carol Diane, Houston Fuentes, Jose Eliud, Kingsville Fulkes, Beverly Sue, Round Rock Fulton, George Richard, Jr., Beaumont Funk, Billye Rae, Dallas Fuos, Alton Charles, San Antonio Furman, John Richard, Kerrville Gaines, Jimmy Frank, Childress Gamel, William Glenn, Lampasas Garcia, Judy, Brownsville Garmany, Richard Paul, Houston Garrett, Eloise Ann, Houston Gelfond, Israel, San Antonio Gensler, Jay Don, Wickett George, Mary Lillian, Linden George, Ringling Leo, Jr., Houston Gerlach, Gretchen O., Livingston Gideon, Wyman Sue, Austin Giesecke, Leonard Frederick, Austin Giles, Jacklyn Kendall, Corpus Christi Gillett, Robert Bruce, Fort Worth Gilliam, Jimmy Wendell, Austin Gilliland, Ray Morris, San Antonio Gilmore, Linda Gail, Newgulf Gilreath, Charles Nelson, Sulphur Springs Glenney, Amy Jean, San Antonio Goad, Tommy Warren, Greenville Goeth, Carlota, Clayton, Mo. Goldberg, Judith, Greenwood, Miss. Golden, Erwin, Corsicana Goldstein, Maurice, Sherman Gonzales, Federico Arnoldo, Brownsville Gonzales, Edward Esquivel, San Antonio Gooch, Adrienne Gay, Fort Worth Gowan, Robert Thomas, Dallas Goyne, Laura Lou, Dallas Graves, Martha Carolyn, Goldthwaite PACE 110 " Graves, Olive Maverick, San Antonio Gray, Dale Tale, Lockport, 111. Gray, Daniel Hulet, Colcman Green, Herbert Lester, Laredo Griesel, John Gern, Dallas Griffith, Donald Paul, Lockhart Griffith, Gay Maurine, Corpus Christi Grodahl, Mary Margaret, Corpus Christi Groen, Carl Henry, Danville, 111. Grove, Vernon Eugene, Jr., Austin Grubb, Carole Dianne, Houston Grumbles, Linda Beth, Atlanta Grupe, Betsy Ann, Austin Guenzel, Jean Hill, Corpus Christi Guerra, Rose Marie, Mission Gunstream, Alice Wesley, Dallas Gutierrez, Manuel Ramiro, Rio Grande City Gutierrez, Maria Celeste, Rio Grande City Guy, Betty Lou, Port Arthur Guyton, Nancy Lee, Midland Guzman, Ramon, Kingsville Hager, George Washington, Jr., Dallas Hailey, James Leon, Harlingen Hains, Norman Lynn, Houston Hale, Nancy June, Bryan Hallaway, Attif, San Antonio Halliday, Sally Ann, Houston Hamburger, Edith Dale, Bethesda, Md. Hamilton, Floy Elizabeth, Houston Hamilton, Sue Nell, Houston Hamm, Beverly Jean, Houston Hammond, Weldon W., San Antonio Hampson, Diana Patricia, Kerrville Hampton, Daniel Thomas, Naples Hampton, Sandra Lynn, Dallas Hanapel, Jane Clare, Waco Ei 0- iiikJi CLASS OF ' 59 Hand, Bethyln Jean, Houston Hanle, Richard Mahlon, Jr., Baytown Hardin, Russell Arlin, West Columbia Harkavy, Freddie Sherman, Memphis, Tenn. Harkey, J ayne Frances, Austin Harkrider, Francis Edward, Temple Harper, William Joe, Sulphur Springs Harris, Alton Wayne, Haskell Harris, Charles Houston, III, Fort Worth Harris, Dana, Nacogdoches Harris, Diane Louise, Bryan Harris, Jerry Lee, Dallas Hart, Richard Drake, Austin Harter, Charles, III, Houston Hartley, Janice Marie, San Antonio Hartman, Gaynel Sue, Dallas Hartsock, Gretchen, Rockdale Harwell, Leta Louise, Austin Hassell, Shirley Marie, Houston Hastings, Kathryn Sue, San Antonio Hatton, Peter Allen, Fort Worth Havekost, Roger Neil, Groesbeck Haw, Sammye Jo, Atlanta Hawkins, Marie Thomas, Fort Worth Heaner, Anthony David, La Porte Heard, Howard Burnell, Jr., Canton Heard, Tish Hollis, Dallas Heiligman, Sandra Kay, Overton Heinrichs, James Dell, Bowie Helland, George Archie, San Antonio Henderson, Barbara, Houston Henderson, Dwight Franklin, Austin Henderson, Janie, Houston Hendrie, Carolyn Lorrain, Houston Henry, Bill E., Elgin Henry, Frances Carolyn, Tilden Henson, Sharon Louise, Austin Herber, John Henry, San Antonio Herrington, Verda, Freer Herron, Mary Elian, Dallas Kerry, Michael Lee, New Braunfels PAGE 111 - Hess, James Bradford, Pittsburg Hestilow, Dorothy Erlene, Austin Hetherington, George William, Jr., Texas City Hettler, William Frederick, Jr., San Antonio Hewell, Robert Campbell, Nixon Hickey, Thomas Leo, Laredo Hickman, Brent Llewellyn, Austin Hickman, Terrell Landrum, Austin Hicks, Malcolm Scott, Austin Hill, Carolyn Joyce, McGregor Hill, Charles Barrow, Anahuac Hill, Dexter, lago Hill, Richard Lionel, Grand Saline Hilliard, Harriet Ann, Chattanooga, Tenn. Hindman, Sally Ann, San Benito Hinklc, William H., Denton Hitt, Joseph Cahill, Austin Hodges, Ruth Elizabeth, Oklahoma City, Okla. Hodnett, Johnie Lee, Austin Hofmann, John Henry, Mason Hogue, Harvey Lee, Austin Hollingshead, Tom Truitt, Abilene Holloway, Carol, Port Arthur Holloway, Gloria Ann, Itasca Holloway, Richard Earl, Austin Holman, Julie Landrum, Austin Holt, Judy Dianne, Corpus Christi Hood, Gail, Refugio Hood, Martha Jo, San Benito Hooten, Janis Janeil, Austin Hope, Patricia Wayne, Marfa Horton, Frances Marlene, Seagoville House, Marilyn Grace, La Pryor Housel, Mona Faythel, San Antonio Howard, Carl Dean, San Antonio Howard, Carolyn Louise, Edna SOPHOMORES Howard, John Wallace, Edna Howell, Josephine Moore, Bryan Hubbell, Linnda, Junction Hubcr, Sandra Jo, Kerrville Hudson, Halley Segrest, Houston Hudson, Jack Bonner, Jr., Fort Worth Hufendick, Ann, Arlington Hughes, Martha King, Dallas Hull, Danny M., Austin Hunter, Mary Elizabeth, Galveston Hunter, Nancy Louise, Wichita Falls Hurley, Clyde Lanny, Wichita Falls Hurley, Virginia Lee, Dallas Hutchins, Vondal Clayborn, Cross Plains Hyder, Bobbye Jean, Austin lies, Burris Ann, Vernon Ince, Richard Weakley, Hillsboro Ingram, Mary L., Dallas Jackson, Juanita Jane, Houston Jackson, Linda Marie, Clifton Jamiespn, Jack Arther, Burkburnett Jamison, Kathleen Mildred, Dallas Janak, Donald Ray, Dallas Janak, Dorothy May, Dallas Jasman, Jeanette Martha, Edinburg Jernigan, Carol Ann, Port Arthur Jeter, James Guidry, Marshall Jimenez, Baldemar Arellano, San Antonio Jimmerson, Jo Ann, Crockett Johnson, Billy Ray, Houston Johnson, Kathryn Courtney, Houston Johnson, Sylvia, Dallas Johnston, LaVerne, Junction Jones, Emma Nan, Longview Jones, Frank B., Jr., Lamesa Jones, Hubert Richard, Jr., Eastland Jones, Helen Carole, Austin Jones, Jo Von, Dallas Jones, Jon Philip, Gladewater Jones, L. Ludwell, III, Houston Jones, Linda Lou, Lamesa PAGE 112 Jones, Sandra Kay, Electra Jones, Theresa Elizabeth, Midland Jordan, Don Gilbert, Fort Worth Jordan, Elizabeth Ann, Anahuac Joseph, Norma Ann, Austin Jost, Janis Kay, San Antonio Juarez, Eugene A., San Antonio Jurgens, Nancy Ann, Dallas Kalmin, Lynne Merle, Dallas Karotkin, Richard Simon, Austin Kazen, George Philip, Laredo Kederis, Mary Jo, Rockdale Keegan, Donald John, Texas City Keenan, Olive Anne, Galveston Keeton, Richard Page, Austin Keller, Wayne Francis, Houston Kelley, Carol, Bryan Kelley, Emory, Houston Kelley, Jo Ann, Lockhart Kelly, Nan Keith, Fort Worth Kelly, William Carroll, Jr., Freer Kendrick, David Andrew, Gatesville Kennedy, Barbara Jane, Dallas Kennedy, Herman Willis, Jr., Fort Worth Kennedy, Joseph O., Rotan Ketshum, Charles A., Navasota Key, Robert Joyce, Galveston Kincaid, Frances Elizabeth, Crowell Kincaid, Robert Merl, Crowell Kirk, Jon Bedford, Austin Kirkland, Joy Elizabeth, Wichita Falls Kirkpatrick, Harry David, Phillips Kirksey, Ellen Kathryn, Waco Kleiner, James R., Cisco Klcypas, Jennalie Frances, Austin Kloesel, Lawson Gregory, Weimer CLASS OF ' 59 5 Ci Knapp, Spencer Dales, Alamo Knoles, Donald Paul, El Paso Kohler, Bernice Grannell, Stockholm, N. J. Kopel, Jerome Michael, Dallas Kottwitz, William Lewis, Houston Kovar, Jimmy Wayne, Bay City Kromer, William Moffett, San Antonio Kull, Lewis Lee, Austin Kunkel, Robert Gene, Olney Kyle, Junious Maurice, III, Orange Lambden, Danny Ray, West Columbia Lambert, Nancy Louine, Austin Lane, Julianne, Dallas Laney, Ray Stanley, Crane Lanier, Wayne Scott, Austin Lasensky, Vicki Lynn, Sioux City, Iowa Lasseter, Thomas Edward, Velasco Law, Harold Yen-Ho, Hong Kong Law, Myra Ann, Killeen Lawhon, Virginia Vinson, Hou ston Lawler, Robert Lee, Dallas Lay, Frank Min-Tsong, Changhwa, China Leach, Edward Hal, Jr., Wake Village Leach, Sayles Allison, Abilene Ledbetter, Nancy Ellen, Dallas Lee, Bobby Oscar, Bastrop Lee, Charlotte Elizabeth, Wichita Falls Lee, David Crockett, Houston Lee, Patricia Aretes, Houston Lee, Ronald Floyd, Beaumont Leeper, Nancy Isabel, Dallas Leggett, Jesse Arthur, Midland Leibowitz, Valerie Joan, Atchison, Kans. Leland, Frances Eaton, Houston Leonard, Larry Wood, Houston Leonard, Theodore George, Port Lavaca Lerner, Marvin W., Baytown Levin, Barbara D ' Anne, Orange Levine, Alvin Maury, Weslaco Lewis, Carol Maida, San Antonio Lewis, Gerald Royce, Brownwood PAGE 113 Lightfoot, Betty L., Decatur Lincoln, Glenn C., Corpus Christ! Line, Mary Sue, Texarkana Linker, Donald Lee, Gainesville Linley, Don Clayton, Austin Linn, Emma Lou, Rocksprings Lissauer, Joyce Helene, Dallas Little, Billie, Brackenridge Littlefield, Carmen, Houston Lloyd, Cecile, Alice Lockett, Bobby Leroy, Pecos Lockhart, Joyce Fay, Alpine Loewenstein, Joseph Edward, Port Arthur Logan, Daniel Lanier, Alpine Lopez, Mary Frances, San Antonio Lowe, George Walter, Athens Lucas, Marvin Paul, San Antonio Luhn, Graham Barton, San Antonio Luke, J. Gilbert, Arlington Luke, Marion Tennill, Houston Lusby, Don Clayton, Abilene Luther, Beverly Ann, Kerrville Maceyras, Ramon Ezequiel, Matanzas, Cuba Mac Kenney, Barbara Ann, San Antonio Mackenzie, Royal Albert, Jr., Houston Macmanus, Charles Joseph, Corpus Christi Mahan, Linda Margaret, Abilene Mallard, Albert Knight, Dallas Manning, Kenneth Gerald, Houston Maples, William Ross, Dallas Maresh, Karele Norean, Houston Margolis, Kenneth Charles, Houston Marks, Roberta Lou, Tulsa, Okla. Marr, Nancy Lou, Aspermont Marsh, Ray Garland, Fort Worth Marshall, David Lee, San Antonio SOPHOMORES Marshall, Marilyn, Temple Martin, Ellen Serena, Denison Martin, James Roger, Houston Martin, Joseph E. C., Lufkin Martin, Nancy Jo, Corpus Christi Martinez, Irma, Brownsville Martini, Charles Leslie, Jr., Houston Marwill, Robert Lee, Dallas Marye, Marian Frances, Houston Mast, Thomas Rush, Midland Masterson, Elizabeth S., San Antonio Mathes, William Lynn, Crane Mathews, Carole Elaine, Angleton Mathews, Colleen Phyrne, Austin Matthews, Gary Nolan, San Antonio Maxey, Mariann Claire, Austin Maxwell, Lamar Boyt, Devers Maxwell, Sally Kay, Hamilton May, Dorothy L., Austin May, Gene Allen, Houston Mays, Azalea Rita, Seguin Mays, Sanolra Jean, Atlanta Mays, Wallace Michael, Greenville Mazzagate, Phyllis Jean, Orange McAdams, Rosemary, Winnie McBride, William Clayton, Tyler McCain, Nina June, Brenham McCallum, Betty Jane, Corpus Christi McCallum, Dan C., Austin McCampbell, William Berry, Corpus Christi McCarty, Joel Bolton, Jr., Houston McCarver, Sandra Neal, Orange McCharen, Ramona L., Borger McCluer, Melinda Hassell, Fort Worth McClung, Arlene, Odessa McClure, Sally, Texarkana McCormick, Donna Beth, Eldorado McCormick, Laura, Abilene McCoy, Carole Charlotte, Victoria McCullough, Carol, Bryan McDonald, Bobbie Marie, Longview PAGE 114 A P P - fk |3 O fH p i- 4 1 McDonald, Myrna Marie, Fort Worth McEvor, Donald Phillip, Austin McGann, Margaret Ann, Electra McGee, Luella, Bellville McGill, Clarence L., Houston McGuire, Patricia Ann, La Grange McGuire, Ruth Carol, San Antonio Mclnnis, Jerry Dan, Port Arthur Mclnnis, Judy Ann, Port Arthur Mclntyre, James Paul, Dallas Mclntyre, Robert Hicks, Austin McKinney, John Phillip, San Antonio McLaughlin, Jo Ann Dean, Wharton McMahan, Thomas Vance, Houston McMeans, David, Austin McMinn, Monty Ruey, Little Rock, Ark. McMurry, Murry Stroud, Clyde McNair, Nancy Prothro, Brownsville McNeil, Nancy Carolyn, Corpus Christi McWilliams, Sue Ellen, Plainview Meadows, Martha Ann, Austin Meadows, Sylvia Jean, San Benito Medlock, Larry, Fort Worth Meer, Audrey Beth. Denver, Colo. Meili, Mildred Rose, Fort Worth Meisel, Sophia, Shreveport, La. Meitzen, William Arnold, Dickinson Melin, Mari Lyn, Austin Menefee, Mary Marjorie, Austin Menger, Owene Brackenridge, San Antonio Menke, Casseday Jule, Pasadena Meredith, Marsha Kay, Houston Merwin, Alma Jean, Dallas Meyer, Carol Courtland, San Antonio Meyer, Patricia Lucille, Victoria Meyers, Charles Jack, Fort Worth CLASS OF ' 59 s s$$$$$s s ess$$$ $$$$$ $s$$$s$$$e $$$sss$$s sss Michalka, Frances Ann. Cameron Middleton, Billy Charles, Mansfield Miers, Frances, Dallas Mihailovich, Dan, Galveston Miller, David Michael, Dallas Miller, Ethel Rae, Dallas Miller, Orville Homer, Wichita Falls Miller, Terry Fredrick, Phillips Miller, William Fred, Waco Miller, William Hamilton, Crawford Milstein, Phyllis, Longview Mitchell, Esther Lillian, Tulsa, Okla. Mitchell, Janice Irene, Texas City Mobley, Dewey Herman, Cedar Hill Moellendorf, William Alex, San Antonio Moffett, Julia Ann, Houston Mojica, Homer C., San Antonio Money, Judith Ann, Waskom Moore, Ann Janelle, Garland Moore, Doris Ann, Dallas Moore, Julia Stevens, Houston Moore, Patricia F., Austin Moran, Ethel Jeannie, Tulsa, Okla. Moran, Patti, Dallas Morgan, Irma Jo, Frisco Morgan, Johnnye Ruth, Mineola Moroncy, Mary Ann, Houston Morris, Bobette Eleanor, Dallas Morris, Helen Sue, Amarillo Morrow, Patricia Ann, Houston Moseley, David Lee, Rochelle Moselcy, Ewing Sevier, Jr., Dallas Moseley, Frances Anna, Mineral Wells Mosko, Gail Harriet, Denver, Colo. Moss, Tommy, Dallas Mottley, Ann, Dallas Mundy, John Irby, Shamrock Murchison, Hensel, Houston Murray, Marcia Louise, Dallas Musachia, George John, Houston Mutchler, John Clayton, Falls City PAGE 115 .:, Myers, Clea Levi, Jr., Temple Myers, Donald Patrick, Dallas Nance, James Joseph, Wichita Falls Nash, A. Virginia, Dallas Nash, Charles Wesley, Austin Neild, William Edward, Beaumont Nelkin, Mariam Rachel, Houston Nelson, Bernard Carl, Jr., San Antonio Nelson, Charles Schreiner, San Antonio Nelson, Helane West, Houston Nelson, Lee Durwon, Grand Prairie Nelson, William Peterson, Dallas Newberry, Peggy Ruthe, Gonzales Newman, Thomas Cope, Fort Worth Newton, Carolyn Sue, Dublin Nielsen, Nancy, Elsa Nisbet, Robert Baxter, Lufkin Noble, Sally, Dallas Norman, Cyrena Jo, Fort Worth Norman, Glad Lyn, Floydada Nowotny, Betty Lou, Austin Nyfeler, Ruth Virginia, Del Rio O ' Banion, Janice Maurine, Luling Oberwetter, Laura Mary, Harlingen O ' Connor, John Brian, Lufkin O ' Dell, William Lamar, Olney Oeland, Marianne, Houston Olivarez, Elia Rosa, Rio Grande Oliver, Gene Motley, Tyler Olivet, Catherine Ford, Texarkana Olson, Karl Edwin, Nevada, Iowa Olson, Leah Rae, Elgin Orr, Harold D., Carthage Orr, Robert Lee, Longview Ortega, Dolores Gamez, San Antonio Ortega, Manuel, Jr., Bakersfield SOPHOMORES Overbaugh, Samuel Berrian, Lake Jackson Owen, Kenneth Albert, Corpus Christi Owen, Scotty Jodine, Fort Worth Owens, Jo Ann, Jacksonville Owens, Virginia Dale, Amarillo Paine, Edna R., Houston Palasota, Jo Cecilia, Dallas Pardue, George Lee, Houston Park, Valanne, West Parker, John William, Jr., Livingston Parker, Rowland Hilary, Tyler Parks, Alfred Weldon, Plains Parr, John D., Robstown Patman, Philip Franklin, Austin Patterson, Edwin Willis, Midland Patterson, Sandra Particia, San Antonio Payne, B. Darwin, Dallas Pearce, Sue Ann, Dallas Pearson, Jacqueline Rose, Wharton Pearson, Marjorie Anne, Hutto Peavy, Sherrill Claire, Lufkin Pedroza, Carol Ann, San Antonio Peebles, Felicia Maureen, Lufkin Pennington, Tucean Virginia, Dallas Perkins, James Irvine, Rusk Perkins, Jerry Mack, Dallas Perkinson, Marilyn, Greggton Perry, Eleanor Quinby, Plainview Peters, Peggy Ruth, Houston Pettway, Richard Harper, Austin Pfau, Martha Jane, Austin Pfeiffenberger, Charlotte Ann, Lubbock Pfeiffer, Fred N., San Antonio Pickens, Robert Jack, Skidmore Pigg, Robert Keith, Jr., Vernon Pinkston, Robert Dale, Austin Pokorny, Velma Jean, Granger Polk, Gladys Margene, Lufkin Polsky, Barbara F., Marfa Ponkey, Robert Clark, Dallas Pope, Patsy Lanell, San Antonio Porter, Barbara Ann, Edinburg PAGE 116 p A Porter, William Travis, Jr., Baytown Posey, Randal Earl, Amarillo Powell, Bobby Gene, Dallas Powell, Maryllyn Anne, Dallas Prentice, Sharon Ann, Austin Prenzler, Norman Herbert, Burton Presnall, Joe Singleton, III, Corpus Christi Preston, Mary Aline, Cleburne Price, Donald Gary, Austin Prichard, Phyllis Ruth, Port Arthur Pulver Judy Katherine, Harlingen Putnam, Carol Ann, Austin Quinn, Sally Ann, Corpus Christi Ramirez, Heriberto, Laredo Ramsey, Frances Ann, Dallas Ratcliff, Gordon John, Houston Ray, Elizabeth Lynn, San Antonio Rea, Jay B., Houston Reagan, Martha Elizabeth, Chandler Reed, Fred Dewitt, Jr., Port Arthur Reed, Howard Dean, Dallas Reed, Judith Ann, Humble Reeves, Janet Lee, Tyler Register, Carolyn Christine, Dallas Reneau, Ronald Adron, Phillips Renken, Betty Ann, Robstown Reynolds, Marcia Anne, Austin Rhodes, Verna Rae, San Antonio Rice, James Percival, Dallas Rice, Loretta Coleen, Brownwood Rich, Rita, Dallas Richardson, Edward Neyland, Beaumont Richardson, Evelyn E., Dallas Richarz, Herman Ernest, Austin Richker, Michael Lazar, Houston Riddich, Thomas Roane, Corpus Christi CLASS OF ' 59 Riley, Sandra Eugenia, Corsicana Rinando, Vincent S., Houston Ripps, Harriet, Mobile, Ala. Roberson, Joseph De Lano, Benton Roberts, Jack Stuart, Jr., Orange Roberts, John Clarke, Houston Roberts, M. Ann, Dallas Robertson, William Edmond, Jr., Bellevue, Neb. Robinson, Alix Ida, Fort Worth Robinson, Carole Jean, San Antonio Roecker, Patricia Ann, Glen Flora Rogers, Charles Ronald, Austin Rogers, Glenn Alfred, Big Spring Rogers, Ivy, Huntsville Rogers, Paula Jane, Pasadena Roos, Hampus Emanuel, San Antonio Ross, Betsy, Sonora Ross, C. Diane, Azle Ross, Sara, Lufkin Rowe, Burrel, III, Livingston Rudolph, Gwendolyn Louise, San Antonio Ruff, John D., Jr., Houston Rumpl, Elizabeth Ann, Fort Worth Runge, George Edward, New Braunfels Rush, Sarah Eugenia, College Station Russell, Ardelis, Houston Rutta, Mary Ann, Columbus Ryan, Vernon Loid, Brady Saage, Cynthia Sue, Rockdale Sachs, Miriam Estelle, Houston St. Glair, James Harris, II, Austin St. Germain, Kay Ellen, Bellaire Salinas, Ezequiel David, Jr., Laredo Salter, Joyce Jean, Dallas Sampson, Horace Alton, Troup Sandlin, Carole Elizabeth, Houston Savage, Carolyn Ruth, Dallas Scarborough, Frank Dallas, Abilene Scarborough, Gail Eileen, San Antonio Schaefer, Callie Frances, Schulenburg Schaefer, Joe Edward, Cisco Scharlach. Gwendolyn Margaret, Austin PAGE 117 I?) ft } Scheffel, Fritz Bernard, New Braunfels Schiller, Joyce Elaine, Austin Schlesselman, Ann, College Station Schmidt, Anna Kathryn, Mason Schneider, Lynn, St. Louis, Mo. Schubert, Charles Edward, Woodsboro Schultz, Linda Grace, Jacksonville Schwerdtfeger, Harry Donald, Galveston Scott, Winton Forrest, Fort Worth Searcy, William Jerry. Kilgore Segal, Margie Sue, Durant, Okla. Seligson, Sidney Phillip, Wichita Falls Sellers, Patsy Jo, Elgin Shane, Carolyn Durelle, San Antonio Shannon, James Dennis, Houston Shaver, Oliver Roy, Houston Shaw, Christopher Arvid, San Antonio Shelton, Gary Frank, Dallas Shirey, Bob Gene, McAllen Shofner, Carolyn, Midland Short, Helen Hobbs. Midland Short, Suzanne Rita, San Antonio Shrake, Jimmy Bruce, Fort Worth Shultz, Sandra Sue, Victoria Shurtleff, Jo Ann, Texas City Sigwart, Lois, Austin Silver, Fredric Mitchell, San Antonio Silverthorn, Elizabeth, Victoria Simmang, Jac(|uelyn Ruth. San Antonio Simmons, Margie Sue, Dallas Simpson, Bobby Jack, Fort Worth Simpson, Mike Rhyne, Jr., Lubbock Sippola, Billie Val, Dallas Slavik, Frank Henry, Jr., Corpus Christi Smiley, Elizabeth Eugenia, Dallas Smith, Barbara Lucille, Port Neches SOPHOMORES Smith, David Alexander, Beaumont Smith, David Atmar, Victoria Smith, Don Hargrove, Eagle Lake Smith, Dotson Charles, Tyler Smith, Gretchen Leah, Waxahachie Smith, Joanna Baxter, Corpus Christi Smith. Kent, Sherman Smith, Laura Lou, Artesia, N. Mex. Smith, Marion Louise, La Porte Smith, Sherron Lynnette, Brady Smyth, Douglas Ogden, Portland Snowden, Billy Frank, Austin Snyder, Elizabeth Ann, Baird Sonmez, Resit Can, Ankara, Turkey Sorrell, Sterling Norman, Laredo Sotorrio, Pedro J., Matanzas, Cuba Spangler, Richard Dalton, Austin Spear, Jack Margene, Kilgore Spears, Joe Dan, Dallas Spencer, Calvin Lionel, Jr., Victoria Spencer, Donald Eugene, Amarillo Spencer, Elgene Campbell, San Angelo Spinks, Richard Douglas, Houston Spruce, Georgia Evelyn, Austin Spruce, Virginia Alice, Austin Stafford, Juliasue, Wharton Staha, John Lewis, San Antonio Stanford, Nelda Ruth, Plainview Starkey, Joseph Stevenson, Monahans Steele, Betty Frances, Port Arthur Stell, Margaret Sue, Houston Stem, Billie Joe, Dallas Stem, Don Marshall, Dallas Stephen, Barbara Louise, Galveston Stephens, Albert Earl, Houston Stephenson, Patricia Lee, Harlingen Stepp, Roger Allan, Dallas Stevenson, Lawrence F. A., Jr., Houston Steves, Bebe, San Antonio Stewart, Jerry Earl, Pleasanton Still, Ben Carter, Houston Stokes, Janet, Phillips PAGE 118 Stone, James Andrew. Dallas Stover, Frederick Minton, Katy Strasburger, John Hunter, Dallas Strey, Vernon William, Seguin Studdert, Jo Ann, Houston Stulz, Marjorie Ellen, Mission, Kan. Sublett, Audrey Jane, Ingram Sultan, Sally Byrd, Houston Summers, Suzanne, Houston Sumner, Donald Rotan, Corpus Christi Suttle, Ann Catherine, Dallas Suttle, James Edgar, Fort Worth Svadlenak, Edith Diana, Austin Swanzy, William Gilbert, Austin Swensen, Bennie Larry, Elgin Swint, David Owen, New Braunfels Tarver, Darrell Etheldred, Austin Taylor, Mary Beth, Austin Taylor, William Allan, Mt. Pleasant Teague, Burl Wayton, Brownwood Tedder, Sarah Anne, Tyler Thibeaux, Warren Albert, Freeport Thomas, Ernest Raymond, Jr., Houston Thomas, Gretta, Dallas Thomas, Mary Gail, Austin Thomas, Michael Edward, Maracaibo, Venezuela Thomas, William Lee, Mexico City, Mexico Thompson, Robert Jeffrey, Mexia Thompson. Ronald Eugene, Houston Thomson, Marjorie Marie, Lake Charles, La. Thornton, Beverly Ann, Bay City Thurk. Connie Ruth, Woodsboro Timmins, Tom Howard, Elysian Fields Tisdale, Barbara Jean, Lufkin Todd, Mary Jean, San Antonio Toler, Martha Carle, San Antonio ' , I CLASS OF ' 59 Tolle, Berry Bruce, Houston Tom, John Lytle, Jr., Campbellton Toole, Albert Julius, Dallas Tosh, Mary Ann, Rusk Tracy, Robert Lee, La Feria Traweek, Braynard Ray, Ingram Traylor, Donald Reginald. Rosenberg Tribble, James Luther, Corpus Christi Tribble, Robert Lowerey, Dallas Triplett, Billy Edward, Almeda Troxell, Mary Duke, Baytown Tucker, Carolyn Anne, Pasadena Tucker, James Rae, La Marque Tucker, Linda Ann, Fort Worth Tucker, Mary Kathryn, Bowie Tullis, Carolyn Denise, Houston Turner, Don Ray, Brownwood Turner, Thomas J., Sabinal Uhlig, Joyce Darlene, San Antonio Usry, Maxine, Houston Van Horn, Gage, III, Pecos Van Horn, Larry J., San Antonio Van Roo, Elizabeth Margot, Dallas Vanzant, Thomas Jefferson, Jr., Houston Vasquez, Conrado Martinez, San Benito Vaughn, Ronald Boy, Austin Vernon, Kenneth Wayne, Plainview Verplank, Bobby Lee, Amarillo Villarreal, Eliseo, San Benito Vogelsang, Curry Helmuth, San Antonio Voight, Marian Whitney, Houston Vollmer, William Kyle, Mercedes Voyles, Sharon Sue, Austin Waide, Patricia Nelle, Dumas Waide, Ronnie Lee, Perryton Wakefield, Nell Hope, Midway Waldrop, Robert Alfred, Laredo Walker, Betty Kyle, Waco Walker, Edwin Link, Jr., Houston Walker, Janet Melba, Ennis Walker Jeane Carolyn. Beaumont Walker Nancy Lee, Houston PAGE 119 O fl tit 000 . ' . " %tr , w f2 ; vr , % r i irfr . ' . I % Jri " @ 8f y. - AA D n Wall, Robert Benton, Beaumont Waller, Johnny Lee, Houston Walls, Ronald Kamm, Grapevine Walter, Harry Joseph III, Corpus Christ! Walter, Virginia Lee, Austin Walton, R. Max, Clute Ward, Barbara Brittain, Bellaire Ward, Charles Eugene, Jacksonville Ward, Mary Francia, Houston Ward, Patricia Jean, Pampa Ward, Shirley C., Abernathy Warner, Carol Ann, Austin Waters, Jeannette Catherine, Welasco Watson, Bob Harold, Austin Watson, Gary Hamilton, Dallas Watson, Margaret Elen, Fort Worth Watson, Merida Colgin, Dallas Weachman, Wayne Gilbert, Houston Weaver, Elton Leon, Plainview Weber, Ann La Nell, Austin Weber, Michael Clifton, Jr., Cuero Weichsel, Evaline Griffiths, Dallas Weigel, Tom John, Jr., Austin Weinzierl, Alfred Alois, Riverside Weiss, Flora Bess, Kerrville Wei ton, Judith Aline, Dallas West, Linda Kay, Hurst Weston, Edward H. Drummond, Dallas Whall, Frances Cecile, San Antonio Wheat, Lettie Mae, Beaumont White, Barbara Gayle, Dallas White, Carl Thomas, Seminole White, Loyal Clyde, Baytown Whitesell, Neil Larry, Austin Whittaker, Winford Nathan, Crane Wiener, Herbert Harry, Baytown SOPHOMORES Wilkinson, Barbara Nan, Parmela Wilkinson, Virginia Lou, Midland Williams, Carolyn (I), Dallas Williams, Carolyn (II), Austin Williams, James Daniel, Fort Worth Williams, Joy Yvonne, La Grange Williams, Minnie Sue, Perryton Williams, Thomas Lee, Anton Wilson, David D., Fort Worth Wilson, Edgar Kress, Mobile, Ala. Wilson, Herbert Cook, Jr., Waco Wilson, Jerrell Bryce, Fort Worth Wilson, Wayne Randolph, Austin Winship, Diana Virginia, San Antonio Winston, Dorothy Jean, Abilene Winston, Sylvia Eugenia, Corpus Christi Winter, Joe Dell, Waco Winters, Gerald Dwayne, Corpus Christi Winters, Joyce H., Jordanton Wolens, Naomi Marcia, Shreveport, La. Wolff, Felix Buddy, Jr., Austin Womack, Bettye Lyn, Wichita Falls Woo, Edwin Foo, San Antonio Wood, Charles Norman, Dallas Woodruff, Robert Morgan, Decatur Woods, Richard Allen, Daingerfield Woodson, Julia Ann, Mineral Wells Word, Tracy Triece, Houston Worley, Floyd Leonard, Temple Worley, John Davis, Dallas Wright, Delora Jean, Tulsa, Okla. Wright, Larry Wayne, Dallas Wright, Wacey Leon, Baytown Wroten, Carol Elaine, San Antonio Wynn, Mary, Artesia, N. Mex. Young, Claudetta Ann, Austin Zaba, Elaine Elizabeth, Tulsa, Okla. Zapp, Carolee Patricia, Galveston Zarsky, John Roger, Woodsboro Zeisman, Alvin Mitchell, Houston Zemmin, Roger Edward, Austin Zucht, Arthur D., II., San Antonio PAGE 120 Freshmen PAGE 121 Aaron, Steven Louis, Dallas Abercrombie, Robert Nyland, Texas City Abney, James Edmonson, Austin Adam, William Kendall, Houston Adams, Barbara Joan, Galveston Adams, Gerald Robert, Austin Adams, Maurice McAshan, Houston Adams, Oatley Flagg. Jr., Houston Agee, Flora Margaret, Clinton, Okla. Agee, William Morris, El Paso Ahlschlaeger, Gladys Alleen, Giddings Alexander, John Michael, Killeen Algor, Rayda Sue, Terrell Allen, Jane Allison, Houston Allen, Jo Ann, Houston Allen, Marilyn Edith, San Antonio Allison, Janet, Houston Allison, William Thomas, Whitney Alves, Diana Jean, New Braunfels Andersen, Jane Katherine, El Campo Anderson, Clarence Eugene, Amarillo Anderson, Gary Allen, Phillips Anderson, Henry George, La Marque Anderson, John Richard, Fort Worth Anderson, Louis Gary, Dallas Anderson, Eleanor Marilyn, Dallas Anderson, William Davis, Waxahachie Andrews, Kenneth Newt, Graham Ankenman, Fred Norman, Houston Ansel, Patsy Rose, Fort Worth Antle, Glen Merle, Dallas Applebaum, Sara Adel, Fort Worth Argovitz, Jerry Allen, Borger Armendt, Katherine Ellen, San Antonio Armistead, Sidney Watts, Dallas Arnette, Jay Hoyland. Austin Arnold, Samuel Jackson, Houston FRESHMEN Aronson, Jerrold David, Waco Arthur, Mary Lynne, Mexico City, Mexico Asplund, Phyllis Jean, Fort Worth Atchison, Carol Bryan, Abilene Atkins, Howard Leslie, Corpus Christi Atkinson, Jon Franklin, Austin Ault, Stanley Arch, Longview Austin, Janat Jaclynn, Austin Axelrad, Samuel Donald, Houston Ayres, Donald Clarence Ewing, Houston Back, Charles Aubrey, Angleton Baggett, Elizabeth Ann, Ozona Bailey, John Joseph, Corpus Christi Baker, Alvin Lee, Big Spring Baker, Nancy Ann, San Antonio Ball, Donald Ray, McKinney Ball, Jerry Don, Brownsboro Ballard, James Lipscomb, III, LaMarque Ballew, Joe Richard, Ennis Bankhead, Charles Herbert, Fort Worth Banks, Kalani, Robstown Barfoot, John Wayne, Abilene Barge, Thomas Murray, Austin Barger, Bethanyann, Dallas Barnes, Alvin Hansen, Jr., Brownsville Barnes, Clarice Anne, Odessa Barnes, Juanita Ann, Houston Barnett, David Eugene, Chillicothe Barnett, Jettie Ann, Wichita Falls Barry, Thomas Patrick, III, Colorado City Bartlett, Glenn, III, Falfurrias Barton, Hazel Phyllis, Kermit Barwick, Diana Davis, Nacogdoches Baughman, Ralph Alford, Baytown Baum, Glenn Aubry, Houston Baxter, Robert Mitchell, Jr., Fort Worth Bay, Annette Marie, Houston Bay, Kenneth Faxon, Victoria Bean, Malinda Ellison, Houston Beard, Linda Clare, Bryan Beaver, Gerald Roy, Arcadia Beeler, Richard Allen, Houston Beer, Don Richard, Harlingen PAGE 122 Beeson, Dorothy Ann, San Antonio Belcher, Willie Ellen, Del Rio Bell, Craig Manley, San Antonio Bell, Earnestyne Yvonne, Texarkana Bell, Janet Forrest, Corpus Christi Bell, John Laurence, Beaumont Bellhouse, Helen Wynyard, Tyler Beloate, Ann, Dallas Belver, Troy Lynn, Lytton Springs Benbow, Richard Thomas, Houston Bendalin, Robert M., El Paso Benner, June Arleen, Greenville Bennett, Donald Hugh, Cleburne Bennett, Joyce Aletha, Houston Bentley, Henry Farrar, Austin Bergel, Martha Jo, San Antonio Bernard, Jo Ann, San Antonio Best, Barbara Jean, Austin Best, Linda Luan, Wichita Falls Beverly, Garon Eugene, Austin Beynon, Eugene Thomas, Jr., Corpus Christi Bice, Don Allen, Port Arthur Bickham, Lane Arlen, Van Vleck Bigelow, Grant Leroy, Corpus Christi Billingsley, Linda Sue, Timpson Bingham, Barbara Ann, Mission Bitter, Barbara Hunsdon, San Antonio Black, Olney Susan, Orange Blair, Alvin Felix, Houston Blanchard, John Lawrence, Palestine Bland, Darlene, Waco Blanton, John Charles, San Antonio Blaylock, Glenn W., Dallas Block, Rosalyn Harriet, Corpus Christi Blocker, James Macon, Jr., Dallas Blocker, Truman Graves, III, Galveston Blodgett, Corcna Sue, Houston CLASS OF ' 60 Bloomberg, Sally Ann, Chicago, 111. Blum, Barbara Ann, San Antonio Bodden, Jane Elizabeth, Galveston Boenig, Barbara Joann, Woodsboro Bolger, Marybelle, Longview Bolger, E. Perry, Snyder Bond, Lil lian Louise, Stockdale Bond, Sarah Josephine, Waco Boone, James Carter, Jr., Houston Borden, Roland Claude. Missouri City Boren, Ann, Abilene Boroughs, Martha Dean, Mart Bourdon, Elizabeth Joyce, Houston Bowling, Suzanne, Austin Boyd, John Robert, Houston Boyd, Lura Darlene, Del Rio Boyer, James A., Midland Boyle, Marilyn Ann, San Antonio Bracken, Robert John, Dallas Braden, Irene Andrea, Hondo Bradfield, Carol Jean, Austin Bradshaw, Truman Calvin, Jr., Galveston Bramlet, Jerry Charlcne, Corpus Christi Brantley, Gladys Ann, Fort Sam Houston Brawner, Sonora Jean, Dallas Brcedlove, Nancy Elizabeth. Midland Brehm, Ralf F., Houston Brennan, Patricia Ann, Houston Brevard, John Ashworth, Temple Brewster, Bob Burnett, Mt. Pleasant Bridges, James Edwin, Temple Bridges, William Hillory, Jr., Baytown Bridwell, Charles Ernest, Coleman Brisbin, Joan M., Austin Brogan, William E., Houston Brooks, Harry Louis, Jr., San Antonio Brooks, Henry T., Houston Brooks, Myrna Ruth, Texarkana Browder, Marvin Wesley, Fort Worth Brower, David Carroll, Dallas Brown, Bedford Philmore, Jr., Hot Springs, Ark. Brown, George Benjamin, Waco Brown, Jack Bethel, Lampasas PAGE 123 Brown, Jon Sam, Price Brown, Paul David, Austin Browning, Wayne Leon, Temple Bruce, Grady Dyson, Jr., San Antonio Brumbelow, Margaret Anne, Lake Jackson Brunner, Theodore Berger, Henderson Bryan, Jimmy Dean, Houston Buchanan, David Leo, Jr., Port Lavaca Buchanan, Nancy Ruth, Navasota Buckner, Gene, Corpus Christi Burg, Earl Eugene, Austin Burgoon, Larry Claude, New Boston Burkart, Michael Paul, Dallas Burke, Joe Frederick, Houston Burke, Rebecca Louise, Austin Burkhalter, Mary Jane, Austin Burkhart, Patricia, Houston Burks, Linda Eloise, Dallas Burmaster, Carol, League City Burnett, Rita Loy, Austin Burnside, Robert Schramm, Fayetteville Burstyn, Margie, Austin Butterfield, Frank Darrell, Olney Buttry, Norma Lee, Crockett Cade, Weldon David, Jr., LaPorte Cain, Jerry Dean, Tahoka Call, Mary Elizabeth, Del Rio Callaway, Charles Stuart, Temple Calvert, Robert Don, Houston Camp, Mary LeTcllier, Taylor Campbell, Billy Joe, Buda Campbell, Richard Trent, Jr., San Antonio Campbell, Thomas Edwin, Dallas Canion, Raymond Patrick, Austin Cannon, William Sam, Fort Worth Carlson, Donald Glenn, Skellytown Carlton, Carolyn, Freeport FRESHMEN Carlton, Lauralyn, Freeport Carney, Howard Augustus, Jr., Atlanta Carpenter, Patricia Jane, Dallas Carpenter, Ronald Adelbcrt, Bastrop Carrcll, John Craig, Snyder Cartee, Almalee, Coral Gables, Fla. Carter, Gregory, Alan, Fort Worth Carter, Sylvia Louise, Houston Carter, Vonley Milton, Kemah Casey, Jim Wesley, Harlingen Castillo, Gilbert Vasquez, San Antonio Catterton, Julie Beth, Houston Catto, Mary Frances, Waco Caywood, Anne Jean, Houston Caywood, Martha Jean, Houston Celaya, Javier Lopez, San Antonio Center, Everett Clark, Baytown Cezeaux, Philip Calvin, Humble Chaffin, LaNell Newgulf Chandler, Clifford Dale, Austin Chandler, Mary Glynn, Temple Chapell, Carol Elizabeth, Dallas Chapin, Robert Lane, Houston Chaplin, Byron Larry, Austin Chappell, Dillard Maurice, Paris Chappell, Don Alvin, Dallas Chenault, Sally Catherine, Dallas Childers, William Ezra, Austin Childre, Frances Anne, Dallas Childs, Bernice Claire, Jacksonville Chu, Wellesley, Houston Cipolletti Donati, Juan Carlos, Caracas, Venezuela Clanton, Joyce Ellen Sue, Dallas Clark, George Littlefield, Dallas Clary, John James, III, San Antonio Clegg, James Ellis, Jr., Baytown Clements, Wayne Wilson, Dallas Cleveland, Herbert Jay, Jr., Fort Worth Clinton, Jack Ray, Commerce Clower, Thomas Richard, Corpus Christi Clutts, Bobby Lee, Austin Clymer, John Crittenden, Dallas Cobb, Bettye Gleith, Tyler PACE 124 JtttJt Cobb, Gerald Lynn, Newton Cockrell, James Thomas Ross, Hillsboro Cody, Judith Vermelle, Fremont Coe, Gayle Louise, Marathon Coffey, Charles Robert, Austin Cogdell, Josephine Elaine, Electra Colby, Frank Michael, Houston Cole, Charles Henry, Jr., Fort Worth Cole, James Dee, Greenville Cole, Samuel Sidney, Brownwood Colley, James M., Dallas Collier, Homer Garth, Port Lavaca Collier, Robert Eames, Waco Collier, Suzanne, Silsbee Colman, Ignacio Benitez, Greenville, Miss. Concklin, Carol Lynne, Austin Condron, William Franklin, Elgin Conlon, Winifred Marie, Galvcston Conn, George David, Beaumont Conn, Jerry Douglas, Beaumont Cook, Katherine Jane, Atlanta Cooper, Merlyn Don, Dallas Cope, Jerry Donald, Colcman Copeland, William Noel, Fort Worth Cordray, Hollis Thea, Jr., Houston Corenman, Barbara Lynn, Sioux City, Iowa Coston, Mary Sue, San Angelo Courts, Howard Bob, Houston Cowan, Maurice Edward, Austin Cowper, Sally Belle, Big Spring Cox, William Bryan, III, Corpus Christi Cox, Charlotte Ann, Austin Cox, Claretta, Austin Cox, Darrell Glenn, Sanderson Craddock, Fred Lee, Austin Craig, Bidean, Lark Craig, John Risher, Memphis CLASS OF ' 60 a Craig, Paula June, Dallas Cravens, Ronald Howard, Stonewall Crawford, Joyce Carol, San Antonio Crawford, Travis Roy, Grandfalls Creel, Elbert, Phillips Crow, William Peeler, Jr., Del Valle Crowhurst, William Robert, Austin Cryer, Herman Lee, Ennis Culbertson, Carol Clark, San Antonio Culpepper, John Cecil, Jr., College Station Cunningham, Kenneth Jay, Gatesville Curry, Robinette, Midland Curtin, Martivee Carol, Houston Cushman, Alice Joyce, Eastland Daily, Joyce Deanna, Richmond Daily, Leon J., Jr., Newgulf Daniels, Mary Lou, Houston Davidson, Clifford William, Johnson City Davis, J. Wed, III, Dallas Davis, Jerry Donald, Houston Davis, JoAnn, Harlingen Davis, Kermit Udell, Jr., Port Arthur Davis, Martha Gray, Baytown Davis, Marynelle, Houston Davis, Octavine, Fort Worth Davis, Robert Sidney, Jr., Midland Davis, Robert Wade, Ennis Day, Billy Bernard, Austin Day, Sylvia Kay, Taylor DeFoy, Vincent Holle, Houston DeGrassi, Hollis Baxter, Jr., Amarillo Dehnisch, Sharon Beth, Mathis Delaney, Nelwyn Irene, Houston DeLeon, Jo Ann, Cuero Dennis, Rodrick Warren, Houston Derden, Charlie Richard, Jr., Malakoff Derden, Zoe Ann, Austin DeShong, Emma Frances, Dallas DeuFriend, William Arthur, Jr., Galvcston Dew, Daniel Herbert, Eden, Miss. DeWitt, Tom Guernsey, Jr., Kilgore Dice, Carolyn, Austin Dickson, Robert Miller, Dallas PAOB 125 Dishman, Alfred Ewing, III, Beaumont Dixon, Elizabeth Anne, S an Antonio Dixon, Fred Kemp, Austin Dobard, Andrew Christopher, Houston Dodson, Bobby Wayne, Kilgore Doggett, John Rentz, III, Houston Dolce, Charles Leonard, Port Arthur Donaldson, Frances Ellen, Bishop Dougherty, Colleen, Dallas Douglass, Joe Weldon, Gilmer Dowis, Gary Lloyd, Childress Downing, Roberta Lee, Dallas Drake, Augustus Ventors, Wellington Drake, Floyd Richard, Corpus Christi Drummond, Frances Diane, Houston Drummond, Shirley Anne, Rockdale Duble, Jane Claire, Spring DuBoise, Dora Diane, Lockhart Dudgeon, Elizabeth Ann, Waco Duke, Charles Wayne, Jr., San Antonio Duncan, Walter Joe, Austin Dunlap, Drew Woolford, Dallas Durham, Billy Marvin, Dublin Durham, Maidie Lanell, Charlotte Dusek, Clifton John, Crosby Duson, Delia, El Campo Dybowski, Sebastian Albert, Jr., Galveston Dyche, Anita, Alvin Dye, Anna Lorine, Austin Dyer, David Leon, Austin Dyer, Pat Taylor, Tyler Dyer, Wallace Edgar, Austin Dyess, Linda Gayle, Gatesville Eagle, Patricia Gayle, Dallas Eakin, Robert Derwin, San Antonio Echols, Carolyn Sue, Ysleta Eden, Catherine Clark, Houston FRESHMEN Edens, Rod Tarlton, Austin Edgar, Ann Celise, Bellaire Edgar, Kenneth Ray, Graham Edmonds, Betty Carol, Austin Edmundson, Lida Lacy, Houston Edwards, Robert Charles, San Benito Edwards, Robert E., Leander Eggleston, Carroll Lee, Sanderson Eichner, Edward Randolph, Houston Elam, Carolyn Lorine, Dallas Ellis, Lynn Gail, Mission Ellis, Mary Lou, San Antonio Embry, Ernest A., Dallas Emerson, Sally Joanne, Austin Emmett, Robert Gaines, El Paso Emmons, Homer Theryle, Houston Erwin, Sharon Lynne, Corpus Christi Eschenburg, Martha Jane, Floresville Esse, Carol Dean, Seguin Estrada, Teodoro Rodriguez, Corpus Christi Eubanks, Isaac Dwaine, McCamey Evans, Virginia Adele, Dallas Everage, John Marvin, Kirbyvillc Everett, Lawrence Wayne, Wichita Falls Everett, Marvin Robert. Lancaster Ewing, Janet Inez, Houston Exley, James Joseph, Houston Fahrenthold, Harvey Keith, Poth Fair, William Wren, Dallas Fakhreldin, Mohamed Galal, Cairo, Egypt Falls, Robert Clayton, Austin Farley, Ramsey Wayne, Temple Fenwick, Mary Kathryn, Birmingham, Mich. Ferguson, Billie Jo, Austin Fernandez, David Oscar, San Antonio Fernandez, Gilbert, Jr., San Antonio Feuerbacher, Mary Patricia, Austin Field, Thomas Phillips, Jr., Dallas Fielder, William Cook, Lockhart Fillmore, Lynell, Wichita Falls Finger, Ronald Jack, Houston Finn, Carol Lee, Houston Fisher, Cecil Woodrow, Jr., Baytown PAGE 126 Fisher, Leslie Carl, Elgin Fiske, Ormel Wenton, Austin Fitch, John Thomas, San Antonio Fitzgerald, Harley Nelson, Fort Worth Flewellen, Frederick Webb, Bclton Floyd, Rowland Winslow, Huntsville Focke, Margaret Jeanne, Bandera Fogarty, Garrett Cotter, Dallas Fondrcn, Catherine Camille, Houston Fontaine, Jane Marie, Henderson Foose, Dean Edwin, White Deer Forester, Rosemary Virginia, Houston Forman, Betty Frank, Piano Fortescue, Emily Phillips, Port Arthur Fowler, Fontaine, Floydada Frack, Karen Lynne, Seguin Fradkin, Judith Bertha, Galveston Franklin, Jennie Elizabeth, Houston Franz, Janeen Lee, Beaumont Fredeman, Sydalise, Port Arthur Frederickson, Samuel Burnett, N. Pleasanton Freuch, Nancy Ruth, Dallas Frick, Palma Dianne, Floresville Friedrich, Paul Henry, Jr., Austin Friend, Wesley Carol, Ozona Fritcher, Albert Leo, Austin Fuller, Charles Curtis, Dallas Furgerson, Charles Edwin, Odessa Gafford, Daniel Shelton, Reagan Gage, Hilda Kay, Austin Gainey, Hugh Gerrard, Houston Galbreath, Bobby Frederick, Texas City Gantier, Richard Fred, Killeen Garcia, Martin Enrique, Kingsville Gardner, Judith Ann, Andrews Garland, Nancy, McAllen Garrett, James Sheppard, Houston CLASS OF ' 60 Garrison, Ben Paul, Fort Worth Garrison, Glenn Lloyd, Odessa Garza, Carmen Carlos, Raymondville Garza, Julia Anne, McAllen Garza, Roel, Rio Grande City Gaskell, George Crosby, Jr., San Antonio Gastman, Nancy Sue, Mission, Kan. Gathright, Marsha Ann, Austin Gayle, James Ray, III, Angleton Geddie, James Donald, Athens Germer, Marjorie Louise, Edna Gerson, Fred Milton, Houston Gibbs, Jack Mayfield, Lubbock Gibson, Victor Leon, Houston Gibson, William Harold, Austin Giesecke, Carol Anne, Fort Hood Gieseke, William Reid, Beaumont Gilbert, Marlin Lee, San Benito Gilbreath, Charles Leach, Alice Gillean, Esther Gaylan, Stamford Giller, Miriam Louise, Dallas Gillespie, Campbell Houston, Sherman Gilmer, Alice Lynnette, Dallas Gisher, Annabelle Lee, Dallas Goebel, Marilyn Irene, San Antonio Goebel, Peter Hans, Cartagena, Colombia Goff, Edwin Lee, Jr., Fort Worth Goforth, Molly Sue, Austin Goldfinger, Jacob Joel, Farmersville Gooch, Jon David, Midland Gordon, James Duncan, Piano Gordon, Miriam Dolly, Houston Goss, Jayne Roger, Gainesville Graber, Allan Levy, Galveston Graham, Peggy Marcella, Houston Grainger, Geneva Jill, Tyler Granger, Billie Louise, Rankin Gray, Clark Mason, Corpus Christi Gray, Jerry Riley, Skellytown Gray, Jimmy Harlan, Skellytown Gray, Paul Milton, Jr., Corpus Christi Green, James Adolph, Port Arthur Green, Lawrence Ray, Dallas PAGE 127 Green, Mary Gayle, Haddonfield, N. J. Green, Mary Sharon, Childress Green, Thomas Glen, Dallas Gremmel, Ruby Louise, Boerne Gretzer, Donald Lewis, Houston Gribble, Millie Ruth, Houston Grieneeks, Laurabeth Elizabeth, Midland Griffin, Mary Jo, Dallas Griffin, Patricia Ruth, Jacksonville Griffis, Robert Lester, Coleman Griffith, Clara Hilton, Jackson, Miss. Griggs, Norma Gaye, Castrovilie Grinstea d, Samuel Tevis, Houston Gross, Marilyn Clark, Austin Gross, Richard Jean, Bonham Grubb, Dillon Kirk, Austin Gruesbeck, Mildred, McAllen Grups, Hans Joachim, Houston Guerra, Dardanella, San Antonio Gugger, Jimmie Van, San Antonio Gunn, John Reginald, Jr., Azle Gustafson, Don Harral, Gonzales Guthrie, Carroll Brown, Floydada Guthrie, Merle Elizabeth, San Antonio Guthrie, Robert Calvin, Cleveland Gutierrez, Maria Del Rosario, Rio Grande Gutierrez, Raul, Jr., Laredo Guyton, Gayle, Taylor Guyton, Mary Patricia, Midland Haase, Donald James, Nixon Hagan, Mary Dee, Austin Haggard, Harriett Ann, Frisco Hagler, Janet Ernestine, Dalhart Hailey, Richard Lee, Conroe Haines, Edna Mae, Houston Hairston, David Lloyd, Rockwall Hairston, Mary Glenda, Wichita Falls FRESHMEN Halbert, William Grady, Jr., Crowell Hale, Clovis Ray, Levelland Hale, Thomas Weldon, Houston Hall, Charles Lee, Dallas Hall, James Arnold, La Porte Hall, James Benjamin, Vidor Hall, Mary Carolyn, Waco Hall, Royce Herman, Jr., Vidor Hallmark, Julie, San Angelo Hamilton, William Anne, Guthrie Hammett, Donald Wade, Houston Hankins, Ingrid Christine, Austin Hansen, Mary Evelyn, Fort Worth Harbin, Gaye Ann, Dublin Hardy, Ransom Joe, Atlanta Hargis, Andrea Rose, Austin Hargis, Robbie Routh, Austin Harp, Carolyn Bruce, Midland Harral, Mackey Albert, Fort Worth Harral, Clell Gauvey, Fort Worth Harrell, Jimmy Joel, Houston Harrington, James Wilfred, Jr., Piano Harris, Donna Marie, Dallas Harris, Kay Anne, Corpus Christi Harrison, Trula Delle, Houston Hart, Janet Kay, Mesquite Hartman, Loretta Marzelle, Houston Haschke, Herbert Paul, Jr., Houston Hathaway, Jolen Milton, Dallas Hauer, Linda Susan, Bryan Hawkins, Sam Wilson, Fort Worth Haworth, Robert Frederick, San Angelo Hawthorne, Charline, Conroe Hayman, Charles Herman, Dallas Haynes, James Milton, Jr., Rusk Heard, Lois Myrl, Austin Heller, Gail Dee, Denver, Colo. Helms, Marianne, Houston Helsley, Albert Norris, Jr.. McKinney Henderson, Thomas Harder, Waco Hendricks, Albert Gates, High Island Hengst, Howard Harlen, Schulenburg Henry, Anthony Ray, Houston PAOE 128 Henson, Gloria Jean, Houston Henson, Walter Tom, Dalhart Herbert, Lon Franklin, Alice Herman, Don Sidney, Fort Worth Herndon, Hugh Milner, Houston Herren, John F., Jr., Childress Herrera, Fermin Nicasio, Jr., Bellaire Kerry, Rose Marie, New Braunfels Hickman, Annella, Pasadena Hickman, Judith Ann, Dallas Hicks, Sarah Elizabeth, Ozona Higginbotham, Betty Boggs, Dallas Higgins, Erin, Austin Highland, Lenora Carol, Houston Hill, Dwight Leon, Fort Worth Hill, Jo Marie, Fort Worth Hill, Patricia Marie, Corpus Christi Hilliard, Roby Waldo, Jr., Houston Hilton, Marjorie Elizabeth, Houston Hobbs, John Frank, Abilene Hodge, Bobby Gerald, McKinney Hoehne, Charles William, Schulenburg Hoggman, David Alwynn, Arcadia Holland, Leon Laforest, San Antonio Holleman, Patricia Lynne, South Houston Holloway, Gordon Arthur, Dallas Holloway, William Gordon, Longview Holly, Richard Lewis, Austin Holmes, Rocky Dean, Winfleld Holzmann, Ronald R. B., San Antonio Hoppenstein, Jay Marshall, Dallas Horton, Samuel Bruner, Austin Horton, Thomas Lee, Corpus Christi House, Betty Marie. Austin House, Rosemary Clyde, San Antonio Houston, James Dunn, Goliad Houston, Robert Conway, Dallas CLASS OF ' 60 Howard, Gary Dee, Midland Hubbard, Arlie C., Jr., Austin Huffman, Tish, Austin Hughes, Frances Catherine, Austin Hughes, John Bruce, Iowa Park Hughes, Sandra Jean, Claude Hulan, Frances Joan, Austin Hunt, Jo Ann, Vernon Hunt, Nancy Bryan, Sonora Hunter, Lloyd Gifford, Houston Hunzicker, Andy Ashley, Houston Hutchison, Janet Mary, Robstown Hyman, Jacqueline Elaine, San Antonio Ince, Nancy Clark, Dallas Jackson, Frankie Jerlene, Houston Jackson, Sandra Jan, Somerville Jacobs, Judith Mueller, Kingsvillc Jacobs, Sandra Roslyn, San Antonio Jacobson, Gwenda Lynn, Waco Jaeggli, Victor B., Corpus Christi Jakle, Florence Therese, San Antonio James, Charles Richard, Jr., Houston James, Gary Armon, LaMarque James, Gary Fred, Houston January, William Howard, Wichita Falls Jason, Robert Mayer, Bluefield, W. Va. Jeffrey, Ursula Louise, Lockart Johnson, Betty Lee, Henderson Johnson, Don Henry, Austin Johnson, Gordon Howell, San Antonio Johnson, Judith Darecn, Fort Worth Johnson, Robin Ann, Belton Jolly, Lloyd Cecil, San Antonio Jones, Charles Franklin, Austin Jones, Clarinda, Fort Worth Jones, Cynthia Ann, San Antonio Jones, Janis Evers, Paducah Jones, Johnny Richard, Corpus Christi Jones, Margaret Elizabeth, Houston Jones, Nelma Ann, Dallas Jones, Patrick Leroy, Dallas Jones, Renee Carol, San Angelo Jones, Robert Dale, Austin PACE 129 , Jones, Robert Malcolm, Waxahachie Jordan, Darrell Eddy, McAllen Jordan, Willie Cleveland, Houston Joseph, Joe Anthony, Austin Kacir, Betty Jayne, Temple Kanter, Zona Beth, San Antonio Kaplan, Anita Ruth, Beaumont Kaplan, Miriam, Galveston Karkowski, Joseph Lee, Houston Karkowsky, Jay Jules, Houston Karnauch, Ludmywa Luda Pawlowna, Houston Karren, Harold Bernard, San Antonio Kastner, Vernell Corine Frosch, Austin Keever, Jack Elton, Port Arthur Kelley, Jerry Frank, Houston Kelley, Margaret Jane, Dallas Kelly, Carter Benjamin, Amarillo Kelso, Harry Bertrand, Jr., Texas City Kendall, Tcrrence Gaynor, Austin Kendrick, Cherry Dian, Corpus Christi Kcrr, Don Milton, Jr., Kilgore Key, Karen, Lubbock Keys, Jimmy Robert, Freer Khan, Anwar Asad, Kavachi, Pakistan Killingsworth, Carol Ann, Longview Kincheloe, Hazel Karen, Ardmore, Okla. King, Ralph Judson, Bellaire Kirchem, Reid Charles, Galveston Kittrell, John Robert, Dallas Klein, Alexander Benjamin, Jr., Tomball Klein, Glenda Louise, Austin Klein, Marlene Audrey, Yoakum Kline, Fredric Cans, San Antonio Kniker, James Donald, Seguin Knippa, Larry Don, San Antonio Kniveton, Mary Lucretia, Bakersfield Knize, David Maurice, Ennis FRESHMEN Koen, Billy Vaughn, Austin Krause, Arnold Erich, New Braunfels Kristofferson, Karen, Redwood City, Calif. Kubala, Caroline Jean, East Bernard Kubala, Jerome F., Jr., Fayetteville Kvinta, Emily Ann, Yoakum LaBauve, Louise, Austin Lacey, Sylvia Anne, Dallas Laird, Patricia Ann, Tomball Lancaster, Bettye Jane, Houston Lancaster, Lou Ann. Dallas Lander, Diane, San Antonio Langford, Lou Anne, Mercedes Larcade, Randolph John, Corpus Christi Lasater, Richard Lee, Newgulf Latham, Patricia Ann, Mexia Laudan, Peggy Anne, Austin Laughlin, Charles Dennis, Jr., Dallas Lauzon, John Parry, Angleton Lawless, Harry Wayne, Beaumont Layton, Virginia Lea, Humble Lazo, Arthur R., Fort Worth Leard, Richard Gill, Gilmer Ledbetter, Charles D., McKinney Leder, Robert Alan, Dalhart Lee, Cynthia Ann, Waco Lee, Monte Vern, Plainview Leech, Sarah Kenyon, Dallas Leffingwell, Shelly Lee, Austin Leggett, Carolynn Elizabeth, Midland Lehman, Julia Rose, San Antonio Leman, Arthur Louis, Jr., Crosby LeMaster, Gregg Edward, Longview Lentz, Joan Denys, Victoria Lenz, Marvin Ray, Taylor Leonard, Barbara Mae, Austin Leppard, Carolyn Ruth, Houston Lester, James Earl, Lewisville Levenson, Alvin Jerome, San Antonio Levine, Irvin Sydney, Houston Levy, Frank Lester, Waco Lewis, Eleanor Ruth, Houston Lewis, Leatrice Joy, Somerville PAGE 130 I Leycndecker, Ethel Martha, Laredo Lieberman, Susan Anne, Houston Lightfoot, Stanley Augustus, Odessa Lindley, Harold Norman, Pecos Lindsay, Edward Russell, Austin Lingo, Lera Josephine, Houston Linnett, Mary Lee, West Columbia Lipscomb, William Childs, Houston Little, Janis Virginia, Eastland Livingston, Dorothy Ann, Atlanta Locke, Glenda Rae, San Antonio Loeb, Jane, Sweetwater Lofland, David Ray, Rockwall Loggins, Carla Elizabeth, West Columbia Lohmeyer, Otto Fred, Navasota Long, Charles Emory, Midland Longcope, Vivienne Kay, Brownwood Love, Roberta Ann, Dallas Lovvorn, Norretta, Austin Lowery, Donald Earl, Longview Lowrance, Jack Elvis, Floydada Lowrance, Tom Melvis, Floydada Lowther, James Marion, Andrews Lowther, Seth Alan, Houston Lozano, Anthony Girard, San Antonio Lucas, Shirley Ann, Gainesville Lundgren, Leland Louis, Elgin Lynn, Josephine, Dallas Lyles, Carol Lynn, Austin MacKenna, Kathleen Anne, Dickinson MacLain, Louise Ann, San Antonio Madison, Ruth, Elgin Maedgen, Evelyn Elaine, Mathis Mahon, Edward Dial, Dallas Mahan, Patricia Anne, De Leon Maley, Elbert Oertling, Corpus Christi Mandell, Rosalie Adcle, Houston jpl l f$ (D pf C LL ,W v f 1 A f% n .i yy. ? iLILil p p o lw 4T. iJ O CLASS OF ' 60 Mann, Rodney Russell, Fort Worth Manske, Donna Carol, McGregor Marek, Henrietta Virginia, Granger Marick, Louis Douglas, Brownwood Marion, Anita Sue, Dallas Mark, Jerry Blake, Dallas Markle, Charlene Cartter, Houston Maroney, Billy Wesley, Bloomington Marshall, Betty Bernice, Elgin Martinez, Rosita Marian, Coahuila, Mex. Mauch, Ethel Lorene, Gregory Mauldin, Joe Allen, Fort Worth Maxwell, Donald Allen, Austin Maxwell, Jack Martin, Andrews May, Monroe Shelby, Jr., San Antonio McAdams, Wilbourn Baker, Tomball McAnelly, Stanley Marshall, Jr., Ranger McAuley, William Thomas, II, Austin McBrayer, Betty Jean, Pasadena McBride, James Wylie, Beaumont McBride, John Llewellyn, Austin McClurg, Carol Elizabeth, Marshall McConncll, Margery Louise, Dallas McCreight, Floyd Allen, Fort Worth McCullough, John Burleson, Waco McCurry, Robert Cloyes, Brownwood McDonald, Fred Daniel, Fort Worth McDonald, Myrton Lynn, Dallas McFarland, Janis, Austin McFarlane, Virginia Louise, Brownwood McFarlin, Mary Margaret, Bertram McGce, Phyllis M., Alamo McGee, Wyatt Hudson, Jackson, Miss. McGehee, Frank Owen, Houston McGill, James Howard, Gonzalcs McGraw, Jimmie Lou, Galena Park Mclntyre, Richard Allan, Dallas McKinney, Charles Neal, Austin McKinney, Karen, Beeville McMahon, Jessie Clyde, Big Spring McMaster, Marjorie Rose, Tyler McMasters, Robert Barr, Dallas McMillian, Elizabeth Lillian, Marble Falls PACE 131 . McNelly, Bert J., Jr., Uvalde McQueen, Jereld Edward, Memphis McVea, Charles Edward, Gonzales Meadow, Lorene, Austin Meals, Samuel Allen, Fort Worth Meeker, Patricia Frances, Gatesville Mehaffey, Joe C., Gorman Meiller, Jan Boie, Dallas Meitzen, Victor Cuthrell, Angleton Melcher, John Q., Fort Worth Melcher, LeRoy, Jr., Houston Mell, Beverly Ann, Austin Melton, Judith Ann, Groesbeck Melton, Margaret Diane, Houston Melzarek, Barbara Ann, Houston Mendelsohn, Leslie Stephen, Dallas Mendoza, Roy Monreal, Jr., San Antonio Meredith, Howard Lynn, Texas City Merritt, Jerry Lcuis, Corpus Christi Meyer, Marilyn Jeanette, Rosenberg Meyer, Sandra Margaret, Hondo Michaelis, Max Gustave. Ill, Kyle Michalske, LeeAnn Luke, Austin Michna, Doris May, San Antonio Middlebrook, Samuel Ancial, Eola Middleton, Frederick Warren, San Antonio Miears, James Paul, Paris Miertschin, Charles Leroy, Baytown Milam, Diana Candace, San Antonio Milam, Linda Caytes, Snyder Miller, Carol Jean, Barstow Miller, Carole Anita, Manhattan, Kan. Miller, Darlena Rae, Tomball Miller, Janenne Jill, Manhattan, Kan. Miller, Janice Norma, Laredo Miller, Jerry English, Dallas v z a FRESHMEN Miller, Marilyn Kay, Dallas Miller, Mary Ethel, Austin Milliger, Phyllis Adele, Houston Mills, Helen Jean, Brownwood Mills, Kay Zechlyn, Del Rio Mitchell, John Wayne, Texas City Mitchell, Mary Sue, Evanstone, 111. Mitchell, William Edwin, Houston Miteff, Chris Bush, Fort Worth Mockert, Sondra Elaine. San Antonio Moffit, Constance Alexis, Austin Mohrmann, John Marvin, Gonzales Moncure, Linda Patricia, Bastrop Monk, Jim Marvin, Houston Montgomery, Linda Ray, Dallas Montgomery, Patricia Dale, Houston Montroy, Nancy Elizabeth, Port Arthur Moody, Rhetta Allan, Houston Moon, Willard Bailey, Fort Worth Mooney, Jane Alice, Dallas Mooney, Richard Jarrell, San Antonio Moore, Betty Ann, Austin Moore, Carl Alton, Austin Moore, Edwina Charlene, Richmond Moore, Charles Henry, III, Galveston Moore, David John, Cleburne Moore, Harolyn Marcelle, Austin Moore, Joe Thurmond, Sulphur Springs Moore, Linda Dariene, Corpus Christi Moore, Mary Katherine, San Antonio Moran, Sandra Jane. Kingsport, Tenn. Moriniere, Judith Anne, Houston Morris, Donna Lee, Brownsville Morris, John Paul, Dallas Morris, Margaret Francine, Greenville Morris, Marilyn, Hillsboro Morris, John Robert, Austin Morrow, John Hoffmann, Waco Moser, Thomas Louis, Houston Moses, Rachel Margaret, Austin Motter, Margaret Maurine, Bryan Munzinger, Richard George, El Paso PAGE 132 P f :r i lft LLf Jfc Murdoch, Tommy Carolyn, Hamilton Murphy, Catherine Lee, Houston Murphy, Nellwyn Nancy, Houston Muston, Gail Lee, Killeen Nagcl, William Gerald, Houston Naumann, Mervin Lawrence, Spicewood Neace, Deanna, Fort Worth Neal, Mary Jane, Stamford Nelson, Bruce Wade, Beaumont Nelson, Howard Pierce, Jr., Houston Nelson, Margaret Sue, Olncy Nelson, Ronald Lee, Houston Neubauer, Rog er Julius, Austin Neuenschwander, Patricia Rose, Houston Newberry, Frances Eloise, North Platte, Neb. Nichol, Vicki Danielle, Houston Nicholls, Sue Howard, San Antonio Nichols, Barbara Jean. Galveston Nichols, Gwendolyn Beth, Atlanta Nichols, Nancy Gayle, Temple Nichols, Thomas Edward, Coleman Niemeier, Lyman Malcolm, Dallas Nitschke, William Tate, Austin Nix, Jane N., Greenville Norling, Donald Keith, Randolph AFB Norman, Anna Marie. Killeen Norman, Louise Ann, Comfort Novotny, Joan Roberta, Austin Nowell, Hilda Eugenia. Austin Nowlin, Nancy Jane, Lamesa Nottingham, John David, Jr., Houston O ' Connor, Colleen Mary, Austin Odiorne, Gilbert Lee, Wetmore Odle, Bobby Glen, McKinney O ' Dowd. James William. China Lake, Calif. Oehler, J. C. Bob, Dallas T CLASS OF ' 60 O ' Hair, William Robinson, Jr., Coleman O ' Kecfe, Amelia, Austin Old, Ora Kathcrine, Corpus Christi Olcese, Italo Benito, Lima, Peru Olsen, Harriet Eleanor, Austin Olson, Robert Lee, Bellaire Opryshek, Deanna, Baytown O ' Quinn, Kerry Hedick, Austin Orchard, Judy Dae, Houston Orr, Charles Wesley, Jr., Bertram Owens, Ace Morgan, Dallas Painter, James Harry, III, Houston Parker, Doris Kay, Lampasas Parker, Judy Anne, Cuero Parker, Patricia Ann, Houston Parkey, Robert Wayne, Krum Parnell, Barbara Ellen, Harlingen Parrao, Alma Magdalena, McAllen Passero, John Richard, El Paso Passmore, Glen Gorman, Jr., San Antonio Pate, Hugh Pat, Colorado City Patterson, Alice Jean, Houston Patton, Lewis Edmond, Jr., Austin Pauls, Suzanne Harriss, Galveston Payne, Charles Robert, Houston Peacock, Thomas Allin, Houston Pearson, Kay Nell, Austin Peck, Charles Robert, Fort Worth Peck, Henry Lawrence, Austin Peeler, Charles Lee, Dallas Pennington, David Lee, Temple Perez, Andrew Flores, III, San Antonio Perkins, Margaret Clare, Alice Peterson, Carol Jean, Fort Worth Phipps, Joe Dean, Kilgore Pickett, Mary, Karnes City Pierce, James Lacy, Sandia Pierce, Marguerite Ferrell, Midland Pierson, Woodrow Raymond. Jr , Haskell Plantowsky, Leah Ray, Galveston Plummer, Helen Katherine, Austin Plummer, Roy Astor, Jr., Houston PACE 133 ' _ - Pogue, Charles Arthur, Houston Pond, Mary Linn, Houston Pope, Tommy Wayne, Seminole Porcarello,Paul Joseph, Houston Pore, Robert Scott, Dallas Porter, James Winston, Baytown Potter, Judith Rae, Bellaire Potts, Mary Evelyn, Gatesville Poulos, Cecilia Margaret, Austin Powell, Cynthia Anne, Temple Power, Glenda Lee, Fort Worth Prado, Mary Evelyn Timmins, San Antonio Prasatik, Mary Anne, Austin Prause, Anabeth Lee, Schulenburg Presley, Lettye Jane, Garland Preston, Laura, Newgulf Price, Richard Charles, McKinney Prince, Rose Mary, Village Mills Proctor, H. Coleman, Austin Proffitt, Dixie Ann, New Braunfels Pruessner, Mary Catharine, New Braunfels Pullen, Harriette Sue, San Antonio Putman, Frank Marion, Jr., Houston Rabinowitz, Bernard Irving, Galveston Rabun, John Stanley, Fort Worth Rainey, Paula Jo, San Antonio Rains, Nancy Elizabeth, Marshall Ramirez, Rene Javier, Hebbronville Ramirez, Rudy, San Antonio Ramsey, James Sydney, Jr., Kilgore Ramsey, Stevens David, Jr., Dallas Rankin, Marion Frances, Dallas Rashti, Jeanette, Fort Worth Ratcliff , Howard Michael, Waco Rau, Raymond Frank, Columbus Raven, Carole Flint, Austin FRESHMEN Rawlinson, Carol Ann, Jacksonville Ray, John Robertson, Houston Read, Betty Carolyn, Austin Reagan, David Royce, Waco Reed, Frances Boogher, Austin Reed, Gerald Morris, Bellaire Reese, Floyd Curtis, Austin Reeves, Judith Karen, Angleton Reinarz, Robert Charles, Amarillo Renfro, Mary Jean, West Columbia Rhine, Linda Gail, San Antonio Rhodes, George Ronald, Skellytown Rice, Frances Kathalee, Alice Rice, Lillie Ann, Houston Richards, David Wesley, San Antonio Richards, James Raymond, Austin Richardson, Mary Carolyn, Austin Ricketson, Barbara Gail, Llano Ries, Clarence Andrew, Plains Rieves, John Michael, Houston Riley, Guy Lewis, Texas City Risinger. Thomas Jackson, Wharton Risinger, Verna Sue, Sour Lake Risinger, Virginia Ruth, Bryan Risser, Sally Ross, Bonham Ristau, Larrie Arden, Texas City Rivers, William Leon, Elgin Rives, Sharon Virginia, Corpus Christi Roach, Laura Anne, Dallas Roberts, Edward Roy, Texas City Robertson, Andy Spencer, Bishop Robertson, Ann George, Fort Worth Robertson, Esther Sue, Houston Robertson, John Harris, Bryan Robinson, Don Shane, Plainview Roddie, Mary Diane, Brady Rode, Muriel Elaine, Doss Roden, Paul Gene, Jr., Paris Rodgers, Rose Mary, Harlingen Roe, Betty Velda, Austin Roever, William Alexander, Houston Rogers, Jean Burke, San Antonio PAGE 134 " Rogge, Georgia Mae, Robstown Rojas, Absalon, Vcraguas, Panama Roll, Patricia Ann, Port Arthur Rookc, Loy Lee, Fort Worth Rose, George Henry, Houston Rose, Jean Ann, Beaumont Rose, Marc Allen, Austin Rosenfjcld, Judith, Houston Rosenthall, Carolyn Adcle, Houston Roshton, Diane Lucille, Houston Rossi, Evelyn Julia, Houston Rowell, Sandra Kay, Houston Roycr, William Blackburn, Jr., Houston Ruff, James Richard, Waukesha, Wis. Ruffin, Charles Eugene, Pittsburg Rushton, Mary Ann, Mercedes Russell, Sandra Vernell, Crane Rust, Joe Carroll, San Antonio Rutherford, Sallie Jo, Dallas Ruzicka, Helene Marie, Dallas Sadler, David Allen, Pasadena Saegert, James Duane, Pflugerville Saenger, Marjorie Beth, San Antonio Salazar, Ruben Vasquez, Del Rio Salge, Sherian Audilet, Karnes City Sample, Edna Frances, Houston Sampson, Marcia Kay, Houston Sanchez, Mary Isabel, Texas City Sanchez, Riquelme Juan, Garden, Venezuela Sanders, Emily Charlotte, Fort Worth Sanders, Mary Jane, Cameron Sanders, Nelson Vernon, Odessa Sanderson, Kay Jacqueline, Dallas Sandlin, Dorothy Carolyn, Fort Worth Sanford, Rebe Sue, El Campo Sasse, Edward A., Austin CLASS OF ' 60 Scarbrough, Jerry Wayne, Santa Anna Schovajsa, Edwin Emil, Placedo Schlather, Frederick Sydney, Cibolo Schmidt, Davene Evon, Harper Schmidt, Rochelle, San Antonio Schneider, Sally Ann, Houston Schofield, Sylvia Diana, Austin Schraub, Donald Louis, Lavernia Schroder, Arnold Earl, Jr., Houston Schuenemann, Mary Lou, Houston Schuenemann, Sylvia lone, Kenedy Schutze, Kathryn, Austin Schwegmann, Helen Marie, Weimar Scoggins, Lloyd Douglas, Dallas Scott, Bette Jane, Dallas Scott, Connie Jean, Midland Scott, Lou Ann, Corpus Christi Scott, Thomas Earl, Abilene Scrivner, Royce Welch, Dermott Scurry, Richardson Gano, Jr., Dallas Seale, Eugene Beck, Corpus Christi Scale, Sylvia, Centerville Seals, Mary Elizabeth, Dallas Searcy, Patrick Lambert, San Antoinio Sears, Gerald Alden, Houston Segrato, Virginia Ann, Houston Self, Charles Christopher, Pasadena Sellers, Rhoten Rudolph, Farmersville Senter, Donald Fred, Teague Senterfitt, John Eugene, San Bcnito Shannon, Jim Lee, Houston Shapiro, Paula Jean, Houston Sharkey, Thomas John, Houston Sheldon, Mary Ruth, Houston Shepherd, Brownie Elizabeth, San Antonio Sherrill, Dorothy Talmadgc, San Marcos Sherrill, Kyle Winston, Dallas Sherry, Kathleen Anne, Weslaco Shine, Don Miles, Dallas Shirley, Hoyle Wayne, Austin Shirley, Jonah Lee, Winnsboro Shmidl, Sylvia Anne, Crosby PAGE 135 Shopmaker, Sandra Lee, Kansas City, Mo. Showalter, Rosemary, Austin Shugart, Clara Gertrude, Dallas Sigwart, Paul Louis, Austin Simmons, Donald James, Austin Simon, Ruth Lynne, Corpus Christi Simons, Suzanne Elizabeth, Edna Simpson, Davis Wylie, Mathis Simpson, Lewon D., Fort Worth Singer, Robert Samson, Corpus Christi Singletary, June Laurie, Palestine Skelton, William Henry, Jr., Temple Slaton, Paul Franklin, Orange Slavin, Judith Hope, Houston Smallberg, Edith Lynn, Los Angeles, Calif. Smith, Barbara Dolores, Victoria Smith, Barbara Sue, San Antonio Smith, Cuthbert Harold, Austin Smith, David Michael, Austin Smith, Eliseo, III, Rio Grande City Smith, Homer Don, Eastland Smith, James Darwin, Gladewater Smith, James Kenneth, Bonham Smith, Jerry Edwin, Austin Smith, Jimmy Lynn, Tyler Smith, Robert Harold, Amarillo Smith, Stella Sharron, Fort Worth Smith, Sidney H., Ill, Corpus Christi Smith, Tom Clark, Houston Smith, Virgil Raymond, Houston Snodgrass, Edward Leslie, Longview Solka, Marcia Anne, Refugio Sonnichseu, Mary Augusta, El Paso Spacek, Jane Frances, Granger Spearman, Donna Maurine, El Paso Spears, Lyda Jane, Skellytown THT FRESHMEN Spears, Sarah Elizabeth; San Antonio Spector, Nanette, Beaumont Spiller, William Gibbs, Houston Spivey, Stanley Aaron, Seguin Springer, James Marion Phillips, Houston Stanley, Nancy LaNell, Wichita Falls Steele, Annette Maria, Rails Steinhagen, Lady Gretchen, Beaumont Stevens, Ann Watson, Houston Stevens, Carmeleta, Houston Stewart, Clarence Emory, Dallas Stewart, Chester Orville, San Anton : o Stewart, Landon Wayne, Austin Stewart, Weldon Raymond, Austin Stinson, Emily Sue, Greenville Stokes, Gloria June, Campbellton Stone, Betty Jean, Mathis Stone, Douglas Barry, Portales, N. M. Stotland, Phillip David, Hattiesburg, Miss. Stover, Sidney Sherrod, New Orleans, La. Stratman, Pat Murray, Longview Streater, Sara Jane, Lake Charles, La. Strey, Barbara Jean, Seguin Stubbs, Janis Patricia, Austin Sullivan, David Gayle, Austin Sullivan, Mary Kathleen, San Antonio Sullivan, Lynn Bryant, Colorado Springs, Colo. Sullivan, Stanley F., Sanderson Sundahl, Constance Louise, Dallas Surratt, Marshal Don, Plainview Swango, Robert William, Dallas Sweet, Sylvia, Austin Sweiven, James Robert, Houston Swing, Quinan W., San Antonio Tacquard, Joseph Raymond, Jr., Galveston Tanksley, Carol Ann, Del Rio Tate, Gerald Lane, Dallas Taylor, Billy Ira, Bertram Taylor, Donald Eugene, Ozona Taylor, Linda Tabethagale, Austin Taylor, Travis Eugene, Happy Taylor, Winston Francis, Fort Worth PM;F. 136 p f p Ji Teague, Robert Franklin, Houston Tenney, Davis Wilson, Marshall Terry, Gail Ann, Orange Terry, Kibrel Steele, Sherman Thomas, Carolyn Ann, Houston Thomas, David Lindsay, San Antonio Thomas, Susie Louise, Elgin Thompson, Clinton Blain, El Paso Thompson, Gayle Lynne, Houston Thompson, Jerry Culver, Houston Thompson, Peter Kempner, Galveston Thompson, William Bryant, Randolph AFB Thomson, Maxine Yvonne, San Angelo Thoresen, Joyce Elaine, Austin Thornhill, Billy Mac, Houston Thurmond, George Robert, San Antonio Tieber, Avis Andrea, Dallas Tictz, William Albert, Fredericksburg Tilton, Gary Joseph, Victoria Tolbert, Jerry Hutto, Houston Tolbirt, Ruthven Champion, Jr., Columbus Toliver, Genevieve Cora, Wichita Falls Tonahill, Jay Denzil, Waco Toombs, Gwendolyn Leigh, Wichita Falls Tovrog, Myrna, San Antonio Townsend, Gay Lynn, Brady Townsend, Terrell Archer, Arlington, Va. Trapolino, Louis Nathan, Houston Treadwell, Pierce, Garland Tucker, Robert Edwin, San Antonio Tuggcy, Judith Anne, Dallas Turner, Bobby Lane, Ballinger Turner, David Oakes, Dallas Turner, Derald Wayne, Port Arthur Turner, Robert Wayne, Bellaire Turns, Vincent Neil, Dallas CLASS OF ' 60 Turpin, Jo Ann, Wichita Falls Twaddell, Robert Bryan, Clarendon Tyson, Howard Michael, Houston Van Landingham, Ann, Dallas Van Loh, Jerry Jack, Burkburnett Van Riper, Jean, Dallas Vermillion, Barbara Lee, Dallas Vice, Deannc Marie, Houston Vigeon, Patricia, San Antonio Vinson, Laymon Howard, Corpus Christi Voelkel, Patricia Sue, Austin Vogel, Frank Jalton, San Angelo Voloj, P. Johnny, Panama City, Panama Vratis, Nicholas, Beaumont Wagenhauser, Dorothy Ann, Houston Wagner, Mary Ellen, Crystal City Waites, Morris Eugene, Jr., Houston Wakefield, Charles Bertrand, Midland Walden, Duane O., Houston Waldrum, Milburn Whitt, Jr., Bells Walker, Laurance Harry, Austin Wallace, Katherine, Dallas Walston, Barbara Jean, Anglcton Walton, William Leonard, Jr., Port Arthur Warner, Gordon Eugene, Phillips Warren, Jimmie Ann, Velasco Washington. Charlotte Ann, Del Valle Watkins, Jo Ann, Texas City Watson, Gloria Dane, Brady Watson, Sharolyn, Athens Wear, Helen Elizabeth, Dallas Weaver, Bobby Arrington, Newgulf Weinberger, Howard Alan, Dallas Weiner, Carol Ann, Austin Weir, Lola Evelyn, Childress Weiss, Sidney Conrad, Dallas Welch, Philip Wayne, Aransas Pass Weldon, George Ernest, Bellaire Wells, Robert Warren, Austin Werner, Gretchen Elizabeth, Houston West, Gordon Mack, Belton West, James Douglas, Edwardsville PAOE 137 _ West, Janet Rebecca, Little Rock, Ark. West, Ralph Wayne, Midlothian Westbrook, Coke Lawerence, San Angelo Westlund, John Eldon, Jr., Austin Wetzel, Mike, Houston Whatley, Douglas Carol, Groom Wheeler, Carol Morris, Austin Wheeler, Ernest Dorman, Burnet Wheeler, Karen Sue, Winnsboro Whipple, Leslie Wayland, Houston White, Carole Joyce, Austin White, Jacqueline Lee, El Paso White, James Roy, Austin White, Joe Lee, Fort Worth White, Patricia Ann, Austin White, Ronald Williams, Dallas White, Thyrza Christine, Gonzales White, Velma Elizabeth, Beaumont Whitham, Mary Ann, Tyler Whitman, Marion Dolores, Nederland Wier, Gwendolen Jane, Austin Wiggins, Bette Jan, Beaumont Wiggins, Robert Lee, Austin Wilburn, Carl Eddie, Denison Wilder, Harold Dean, Tyler Wile, Ira Barnes, Dallas Wiley, Elizabeth Margo, Wichita Falls Wilkerson, Anna Dean, Austin Willcott, Paul Joseph, Beaumont Williams, Anna Carol, Athens Williams, Carolyn Carpenter, Dallas Williams, Elijah Mac, Austin Williams, Cirlene Marie, Austin Williams, Ira Dalton, Houston Williams, Lacy Holmes, Longview Williams, Randy Charles, Longview FRESHMEN Williamson, Tommie Jo, Big Spring Williford, Nancy Nell, Fairfield Wilmeth, Charles Clark, Jr., Barcelona, Venezuela Wilson, Carolyn Ruth, Austin Wilson, Deidre, Temple Wilson, Jane Catherine, Beaumont Wilson, Jean Elizabeth, Austin Wimberly, James Watts, Gainesville Wimberly, Wiley Chester, Dallas Wingo, Marilyn Maxine, Denison Winton, Ralph Huntington, Jr., San Antonio Wise, David William, Houston Wise, Gary Ray, Amarillo Witt, Dorothy Kay, Fort Worth Wolens, Charlotte Suzanne, Corsicana Womack, Seamon Jeff ery, Houston Womack, Susan Lee, Fort Hood Womble, Larry Leon, Dimmitt Wood, Camilla Joan, Pasadena Wood, Robert Pafford, Alice Woods, Bryant James, Kirbyville Woods, Glenda Sue, Beaumont Woods, Janice King, Seguin Woods, Ronald Gene, Pampa Woodson, Jack R., Brownwood Woodward, Henry K., Del Rio Woolsey, Doris Roberta, Liberty Worley, Erie Travis, Mercedes Worthy, Mary Ann, Corsicana Wren, Patricia Louise, Greggton Wright, Alice Mildred, Houston Wright, James Richard, Corsicana Wrobleski, Carol Suzanne, Texas City Wuemling, Mary Anita, San Angelo Wurzbach, Fredrick Rihn, Fort Worth Wyatt, Kristin Ann, Kilgore Wylie, Myrna Lois, Houston Yager, William Edward, Abilene Yancey, Linda Kay, Dallas Yarbrough, Paul Lee, Littlefield Young, Charles Edward, Laredo Ziller, Leslie Ann, Austin PAGE 138 P S 1 tt Student Government and Publications PAOK 139 STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION LLOYD LEROY HAYES, President and CLARA TER, Clerk for the Spring Semester. JOE SPEED CARROLL, Vice-President EAN POTTER, Clerk for the Fall Semester. Not pictured, JUELL JOY KRAU- Every student of The University of Texas is automatically a member of the Students ' Association. Its function is to provide a medium of expression of student opinion, to give student voice to University affairs, and to interpret University policies into student action. It needs the interest and participation of every University student to make it a success a true reflection of student feeling. The Students ' Association administrative staff consists of three executive officers (president, vice-president, and secretary), a legislative branch (Student Assembly) , and a judicial branch (Student Court) . The elected president, vice- president, and secretary represent the student body on President Wilson ' s Stu- dent Advisory Council, Faculty Student Cabinet, the Union Board of Directors, the Athletic Council, The Board of Directors of Texas Student Publications, Inc., Social Calendar Committee, Student-Regent Liaison Committee, and many other committees related to student activities. They also administer the committee and cabinet system under which the Students ' Association operates. PRESIDENT ' S CABINET Joe Speed Carroll Harley R. Clark Everett Foy Clement Hall Street Hammond Nancy Gay Hasten Robert Alan Jacobs B. D. McKinney Nancy McMeans Clovis Clyde Morrisson Eloise Annette Tate Patricia Ann Wilcox (I) NANCY GAY HASTON, Secretary PAGE 140 STUDENT ASSEMBLY The Student Assembly is the legislative and policy- determining body for the Students ' Association and for its committees and executive officers. Every stu- dent has at least one person representing his college or school in the Assembly, and each member of the student body should be concerned with the quality of representation he is getting. Traditional functions of the Assembly include ap- propriation of the Blanket Tax, approving student appointments to University governing boards and committees, making recommendations to administra- tive and legislative authorities by passing resolutions, and conducting investigations in the interest of stu- dent welfare. This year ' s Assembly was characterized by mature action through the permanent committee system which was instituted in the fall of 1956. A great deal of constructive work was done in activities which received little publicity, but which contributed toward making this a better University for all the students. Fall AVERY W. BOWEN ARCHITECTURE Spring LEON A. WHITNEY ARTS AND LORANCE LARRY BRAVENEC . ELIZABETH NEIGHBORS ELLISOR . MARILYN ANN GOLDBERG MARTHA COLEMAN HUFF SUSAN MOWERY GLENN ALFRED ROGERS .... MARION BESS SIMON SCIENCES LORANCE LARRY BRAVENEC MARILYN ANN GOLDBERG RICHARD PAGE KEETON TERRY McCALL MARJORIE MENEFEE GLENN ALFRED ROGERS MARION BESS SIMON BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BEN ADDISON DONNELL BEN ADDISON DONNELL JAMES IRVINE PERKINS, JR DONALD LOVE FRANCES ANN RAMSEY WILLIAM FRED MILLER JERRY ARMES WELLS JAMES IRVINE PERKINS, JR. EDUCATION BILL NELSON DIKES GAIL ANN TETLEY ENGINEERING EMIL EDWARDS FRIBERG EMIL EDWARDS FRIBERG RONALD DAVID GREENBERG .... FRED N. PFEIFFER JAMES WALTER KACHTICK .... JOHN W. SAUER THOMAS EDWARD WILEY, JR. . . . THOMAS EDWARD WILEY, JR FINE ARTS RODERICK EARLE KENNEDY NEAL LESLIE SPELCE GRADUATE BURNETT MERRELL FRAZER, JR. . . . BENJAMIN SPENCER BRADSHAW CLAY KEMPER PERKINS CLARENCE EUGENE PFLUGER JACK RAINARD WAHLQUIST JAMES LLOYD WILLIAMS . WILLIAM HELMS MORGAN JOE G. PANNELL. LAW PHARMACY GAIL ANN TETLEY BILLY JEAN CAIN RODERICK EARLE KENNEDY NEAL LESLIE SPELCE WALTER A. COOLE CLARENCE EUGENE PFLUGER BRUNSON D. MOORE JACK RAINARD WAHLQUIST r THOMAS C. BRUNSON JOE G. PANNELL Top Row: Wiley, Pannell. Mowery. Bravenec. Morgan Second Row: Wells. Kennedy. Spelce, Berry, Dikes. Third Row: Wahlquist. Simon, Ramsey. Fourth Row: Goldberg. C. Perkins, Williams. Filth Row: Donnell, Kachtick, Brown. Sixth Row: J. Perkins. Frazer, Friberg. Seventh Row: Huff, Rogers, Tetley. Eighth Row: Ellisor, Kirchner, Greenbersr. PACE 141 STUDENT GOVERNMENT COMMITTEES ADVISORY OFFICE AID Eva Murillo, Co-Chairman Reta Ann Stiteler, Co-Chairman Carmen Janene Caldwell Amy Weichel Campbell Jane Graver N. Jeanne Deutser Virginia Adele Evans Ann Hufendick Janet Louise Pettis Jerome L. Prager Jill Quinn Paula Elizabeth Ross Jeanette Patricia Shook Broadus Autry Spivey Juliasue Stafford Barbara Sue West Mary Wynn CAMPUS CHEST STEERING COMMITTEE Arturo Enrique Batres Danny La Gette Beaird Robert H. Bohn Sam Charles Bradshaw Celia Ann Buchan Buddy Dau Ben Addison Donnell John Warner Duckett, Jr. Mary Ellen Embree Sandra Esquivel Carol Dale Hudspeth Martha King Hughes Tanner Truett Hunt Lloyd Walker Jary Ann Carlisle Jurecka Richard Page Keeton Gibbs Macdaniel, Jr. Diane McFarland Joan Elizabeth McKnight Sandra Lee Moore Sandra F. Mueller Cyrena Jo Norman Jim Perkins Marilyn Perkinson Marilyn F. Saikin Eloise Annette Tate Lettie Mae Wheat Claudia White Gordon Russell Wynne, Jr. CAMPUS CO-ORDINATING COMMITTEE Walter Brown Pistor, Chairman Martha Alice Bateman Frances Pope Bates Florence Beloate Lon P. Carpenter Phyllis J. Coffee Mary Lelia Grain John Allen DcBois Ben C. Echols Katherine Terrell Feagin Don Griffith Sue Nell Hamilton Dorothy Patricia Heard Sidney Jean Hultgren Richard Clement Parker James Archer Prentice CAMPUS SURVEY Barry Russak, Chairman Natalie Abramson Mary Etta Allen Lenora Jo Bales Marvin Brown Peggy Lou Clark James Patrick Coughran Leland Croft Martivee Carol Curtin Joan Marie Day Robert John DeVries Palma Dianne Frick Janice Irene Gordon Don Griffith Sally Heller Bill Henry Nancy Johnson Claire Lyle Gordan Kendrick Mcdowell Monty Ruey McMinn Margene Gladys Polk Frank Marion Putman, Jr. Sidney Stone Betty Kyle Walker Priscilla Warren CIVIL DEFENSE COMMITTEE George Robert Creedle, Chairman Ann Jeanneane Austin Norman Kenneth Berry Winona Lynn Cornelius Nancy Stuart Dingwall Elinor Clyde Drake Katherine Fay Edward Jordan Fox, Jr. Alice Wesley Gunstream Eugenia Head William Edward Hennessy Marie Louise James Edward Durron Johnson Kenneth Howell Johnson Mary Ann McKinney Rosemary McMurtry David Michael Miller Floyd Eugene Pope Clarence Neal Stevenson Michael Asa Stone Jerry Thompson Sarah Lillian Tubb Helen Warren Tutt Mollie Marie Villeret Patricia Orvalyn Wanenmacher Samuel Womack Warner Merida Colgin Watson Mimi White FLASH CARD COMMITTEE George Albert Olson, Chairman Albert J. Toole, Asst. Chairman Gretta Thomas, Secretary Sallye Lou Atkinson William Joseph Bailey Martha Louise Bowser David Caldwell Wayne Wilson Clements Chancy Croft Bill Davidson Dorothy Dawson Bobbie Dixon William H. Dobbs Sandra Esquivel Sandra Lynn Hampton Charles H. Hayman Judy Ann Hickman Tish Huffman Marian Etheridge Knox Edward Dial Mahon Donna Carol Manske Anita Sue Marion Virginia Louise McFarlane Lorene Meadow Bob Moulton Nancy Gayle Nichols Peggy Louise Parker Judi K. Reeves Mary Elizabeth Seals Constance Louise Sundahl Carol Morris Wheeler Alice Lockett Wheless Margaret Ann White Betty Ann Willmann PAGE 142 STUDENT GOVERNMENT COMMITTEES GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE Donald Ray Stodghill, Chairman Ann Allen Diane Alley Eleanor O. Bassett Gayla Craig Diane Doherty Virginia Ann Donohoo Joseph Holt Foster, Jr. Emil Edwards Friberg Richard L. Ganett Patsy Ann Hall Joan Rebecca Hertz Robert Cameron Hightower Holley Segrest Hudson Charlotte Elizabeth Lee Betty Jane McCallum David Crosby Parnell Sharon Ann Prentice Barbara Jewell Richards Patricia Ann Trimble Thomas E. Wiley, Jr. Don Charles Wukasch Harvey Eugene Zion HUMAN RELATIONS COMMITTEE Elwood Preiss, Advisor Robert Alan Jacobs, Chairman Jody Scurry, Secretary Marvin Ray Dunaway David Wilmot Everett Wyman Sue Gideon Anthony Ray Henry Roby Waldo Hilliard, Jr. Cynthia Ann Lee Diane McFarland Ramon Robert Rackley Marianne Rawland Marilyn F. Saikin Marc Steven Simmons Barbara Smith Maurie Suttle Smith Eloise Recia Yantis Surinder Paul Vohra, Co-Chairman Virginia Vinson Lawhon, Co-Chairman Arva Sue Adams INTERNATIONAL AWARENESS Kathleen R. Agnew Mary Patricia Allen Diane Alley Ann Cramer Marlene Eskin Katherine Fay Glenda Estelle Floyd Diane Lever Laura McCormick Sharon Lee Scharlack Adolph Schmoal Mike Rhyne Simpson Jack Harrison Stutts Leonard Blair Tatar James Wilson INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL Marcia Lavonne Kincaid, Chairman Eve Aniol William Bailey Arturo Enrique Batres Sid L. Berger Juan Enrique Coloma Abdul Hamed Dabboussi Robert Bruce Gillett Dorothy May Janak Barbara Zurovec Nizar A. Kadre Shah Kanu Ann McFadden Leslie Stephen Mendelsohn Necmettin Nick Mungan Eva Murillo A. Virginia Nash Mabry Ida Otto Marquita Plumb Mohammad Salim Reta Ann Stiteler Mary Gail Thomas Surinder Paul Vohra Virginia Lee Walter Virginia R. Wiley Jim Wright NEWSLETTER Bonnie Jane Apple John Williamson Barnhill, Jr. Robb Kendrick Burlage Dorene Erma Craig Martha Dee Davison Merrell Frazer, Jr. Jean Hill Gucnzel Kay Harwell Carol Sue Heidelberg Robert Campbell Hewell Cameron Robert Hightower Mary Lee Jobes Emma Marie Keasler Emory Kelley Glenn Conrad Klein Marvin Paul Lucas Patricia Jo Martin Sally Kay Maxwell Cyrena Jo Norman Edwin Willis Patterson Robert Allen Pratt Betty Carolyn Read Chipper Schaefer Don Stanton Smith J. M. Taylor Joe Frank Taylor Janita Beth Ward Betty Ann Waters John Hill Watts, III Robert Earl Webb Mary Ursula Dawson, Co-Ordinator Betty Ann Aue Robb Kendrick Burlage Paul Votteler Carroll NSA-TISA COMMITTEE Roy Clarence Coffee, Jr. Laura Elizabeth Faulk Marilyn Ann Goldberg Robert Alan Jacobs Susan Anne Lieberman Morton Herbert Meyerson George Albert Olson Peggy Louise Parker Lawrence Edward Steinberg Katherine Louise Voetmann Patty Mays Cartwright, Co-Chairman Sid L. Berger, Co-Chairman Betty Cole Ashcraft Barbara Dale Bredt Joe Foster PERSONAL CONTACT Marilyn Grace House Betty Jane McCallum Melinda Hassell McCluer Ellen McCorquodale Adeline Frances Old Marianne Orland Lucinda Ann Porter Martha Dorinda Regent Ann Roberts Ardelis Russell Barbara Louise Schuller Lillian Gayle Wright PAGE 143 STUDENT GOVERNMENT COMMITTEES PRESIDENT ' S CABINET Joe Speed Carroll Harley R. Clark Hall Street Hammond Lloyd Nelson Hand Nancy Gay Hasten Robert Alan Jacobs Buford D. McKinney, Jr. Nancy McMeans Clovis Clyde Morrisson Eloise Annette Tate Patricia Ann Wilcox PROGRAMMING Marcia Lavonne Kincaid, Co-Chairman Eve Aniol William Joseph Bailey Robert Bruce Gillett Dorothy May Janak Ann McFadden Leslie Stephen Mendelsohn Mabry Ida Otto James Percival Rice Mary Gail Thomas Virginia R. Wiley Barbara Ann Zurovec PUBLICITY Glenn Alfred Rogers, Chairman Billye Rac Funk Jo Ann Hillje Josephine Moore Howell Mary Ann Jones Billie Little Jaime Aurelio Perea Linda Jane Ryan Gretchen Leah Smith Jeanine Thompson PUBLIC RELATIONS Marilyn Barren, Co-Chairman Martha Louise Bowser Ruth Ann Cloud Sally Frommeyer Cook Allene Elizabeth Dickson Ben Addison Donnell Carole Dianne Grubb William Louis Guyton James Norton Halton Sandra Jean Hamilton Roberta Gaye Lett Betty Jean McGonigle Mary Ann Quillen Kay Ellen St. Germain William Howe Shoemaker Don Hargrove Smith Roger Linn Turner Eloise Recia Yantis New Members David Spencer McDonald Glenn Lloyd Garrison SCHOLASTIC INTEGRITY COMMITTEE C. L. Brandt, Sponsor Mildred Rose Meili, Co-Chairman Hall Street Hammond, Co-Chairman Sandra Esquivel, Secretary James Earle Barden Lawrence Jackson Bernard Jerome Bernstein Minifred Julia Boyles Mary Ellen Branan Annelle Rhea Burton Minnie Corinne Cameron Judy Cunningham Jean Davis Alan David Feld Bunny Gregg Nancy Louisa Haun Dolly Gale Hull Roy Buford Jackson Roy Johnson Samuel Jerome Payne Ginger Roberson Sara Ross Mary Grace Voigt Harry Joseph Walter, III SPONSORED STUDENTS Shirley Ann Gore, Chairman William Joseph Bailey Nancy Hume Ferguson Billye Rae Funk Jo Ann Hillje Mary Ann Jones Billie Little Leslie Stephen Mendelsohn Jerome L. Prager Sue Rosson Gretchen Leah Smith Jeanine Thompson Allen Lee Tooke Mary Wynn STUMP SPEAKING Nancy Rodman, Chairman Madeline Able Esther Faith Clark Anne Belle Clements Marilyn Davidson Sally Gross Shannon Howard Janet Louise Pettis Patricia Jane Reckling Ginger Roberson PAGE 144 V. NEIL CALDWELL Chief Justice, Fall STUDENT COURT The Chief Justice and four As- sociate Justices, elected by the studen t body, form the Judicial branch of the Students ' Associa- tion, the Student Court. The Court tries all cases arising under the constitution of the Students ' Association, examines books of campus organizations, decides dis- puted elections, and can impel student officials to carry out the duties of their respective offices. A recent addition to the duties of the Court is hearing cases of stu- dent traffic violations. The Court is available to students and stu- dent organizations for interpreta- tion or advisory judgments con- cerning the constitution or legislation of the Assembly. JAMES SPENCE TAYLOR, JR. Chief Justice, Spring V. NEIL CALDWELL JAMES SPENCE TAYLOR, JR. . THOMAS G. BOUSQUET .... LEROY FRELIRIC Buss JOAN ELIZABETH MCKNIGHT . NANCY JANE RODMAN .... Chief Justice. Fall Chief Justice, Spring Associate Justice Associate Justice Associate Justice Associate Justice JOAN ELIZABETH McKNIGHT NANCY JANE RODMAN THOMAS G. BOUSQUET LEROY FREDRIC BUSS PAGE 145 TEXAS UNION The Union is the community center of the University, for all the members of the University family students, faculty, administration, alumni, and guests. It is not just a building; it is also an organization and a program. As the " living room " or " hearthstone " of the Uni- versity, the Union provides for services, conveniences, and amenities which the members of the University family need in their daily life on the campus and for getting to know and understand one another through informal association outside the classroom. It encourages citizenship training, and develops self-expression, group effectiveness, and social responsibility. The Union serves as a unifying force in the life of the University, cultivating enduring regard for and loyalty to the University. Director .... Assistant to the Director Program Director . C. C. (JITTER) NOLEN MRS. BRUCIE C. TAYLOR BETTY LOUISE TIEKEN JITTER NOLEN BOARD OF DIRECTORS STUDENT MEMBERS Owen William Cecil Phillip G. Foote Nancy Gay Hasten Lloyd Leroy Hayes William David Blunk Dorothy L. Gebauer Norma Matlock Henry Young McCown, Jr. Clovis Clyde Morrisson James Irvine Perkins, Jr. FACULTY MEMBERS Joseph Jay Jones William S. Livingston F. C. McConnell Herman Jones EX-STUDENT MEMBERS Jack Russell Maguire BRUCIE TAYLOR BETTY TIEKEN Left to Right: Morrisson, Gebauer, McConnell, Foote, Perkins, Hasten, Nolen, McCown, Jones, Cecil, Matlock, Blunk, Hayes. PAGE 146 TEXAS UNION COMMITTEES ART DIVISION MARY SUE PACE Division Head ART Myloa May Beilke, Chairman Marilyn Anderson Nettie Ann Barnel Don Allen Bice Marynelle Davis Karin Louise Ekdahl Hazel Ann Fanning Emily Jo Flachmeier Judith Ann Gardner Mary Glenda Hairston Diana Sue Mallory Louise Ann Norman Suzanne Margaret Thornhill Elizabeth Margo Wiley Linda Kay Yancey DECORATIONS Marilyn Ann Boyd, Chairman Nancy Margaret Cheek Suzanne Collier Sylvia Lee Dean Helen Ann Dorbandt Virginia Jean Durland Kate Elledge Joan Carolyn Farquhar Ann Jeanne Gardeseu Marjorie Elizabeth Hilton Shirley Ann Lucas Mary Jo Maddox Judith Anne Monniere Margaret Francine Morris Frances Eloise Newberry Laura Mary Oberwetter Kay Nell Pearson Carole Mildred Schade Suzanne Elizabeth Simons Sharolyn Watson EXHIBITS Deanna Drusilla Cook, Chairman Gae Marie Armstrong Charles Leonard Dolce Linda Ann Foster Jo Anne Hamilton Ann Johnson Gloria Helen Mitchon SPECIAL SERVICES DIVISION WALTER BROWN PISTOR Division Head MARRIED STUDENTS Mr. Mrs. Ronald Marabito, Chairman Mrs. Connie Adams Mrs. Virginia Baxter Mr. Jesse Roger Collins Mrs. Lynn Deaton Mrs. Celeste Ford Mrs. Margaret Jeanette Foster Mrs. Ann McDaniel Mrs. Pat Nelson Mrs. Loy Noyes Mrs. Betty Pannell Mrs. Betty Repman Mrs. Jean Schuetze Mrs. Charlene Norma Shifrin Mr. Mrs. Sherwood Morris Sullivan Mrs. Mary Flo Wilson LEADERSHIP Shirley Bird, Chairman Sid Berger Sandra Couch Bill Deu Friend Sam Feldman Emily Jo Flachmeier Bill Gamel Don P. Griffith Bob Hewell Cynthia Lee Nancy Luper Sally Kay Maxwell Camille Newberry Ada Pierson John Sauer Rusty Stallings Sam Warner CHARM Julie Landrum Holman, Chairman Willie Ellen Belcher Phyllis Edna Berry Linda Luan Best Sally Ann Bloomberg Kay Emily Brazelton Linda Jean Cason Isla Carroll Cowan Bette Theresa Craddock Nelda Ann Cummins Karen Ariena de Ridder Katherine Josephine Dobbs Edith Orr Elliott Linda Aliece Falvey Mary Marsha Gaunt Marilyn Estelle Hagen Carol Sue Heidelberg Sharon Louise Henson Gloria Ann Hoffman Martha Jo Hood Meloyne Lowe Sally McClure Maymerle Shirley Eloise Annette Tate Jann Turner Mary Ann Ward Doris Roberta Woolsey HOUSE DIVISION GEORGIA ANN ULRICH Division Head FILM Sid Berger, Chairman Doris Beard Shirley R. Borden Margie Burstyn Carolyn Carlton Lauralyn Carlton Tommy Sonnenberg Jane Von Dohlen GAMES Melba Jean Cooper, Chairman Jan Abramson Mary Lelia Grain Leon Daily, Jr. John Thomas Fitch Sandra Jean Hamilton Gail Hood Barbara Ellen Jankower James Dudley Miller Bernard Rubin Ronny Norman Schoenbrun HOSPITALITY Jean Ellen Pepper, Chairman Sandra Suzanne Agnew Elizabeth Hopper Bauer John M. Burke James Joseph Exley Nancy Lee Guyton Bethlyn Jean Hand Linda Janice Hargrave Sally Heller Suzanne Huggins Sandra Roslyn Jacobs Jerry Johnston Kathryn H. Lanham Mary Glyn Little Dudley Martin Sandra Neal McCarnen Jimmie Lou McGraw Mary Marjorie Menefee Irma Jo Morgan Bobette Eleanor Morris Mary Beth Oliver Leah Ray Plantowsky Phyllis J. Pryor Burton Lee Rakoover Mary Lou Schuenemann Barbara Louise Schuller Ellen Ann Small Sherron Lynnette Smith Donna Maurine Spearman Sandra Lee Vail Mollie Marie Villeret Jane Watson Margaret Lou Watson Merida Colgin Watson Helen Elizabeth Wear Jean Elizabeth Wilson UNION ACTIVITIES COUNCIL Front Row: Myloa May Beilke, Deanna Drusilla Cook, Shirley Bird, Sandy Mueller, Betty Tieken. Second Row: Sid L. Berger, Marilyn Ann Boyd, Patricia Jean Ward, Jean Ellen Pepper, Virginia Alice Walker, Mary Sue Pace, Jitter Nolen, Lawrence Dean Cobb. Third Row: Walter Brown Pistor, Samuel Hunter Leggitt, Ed W. Abell, Clovis Clyde Morrisson, Thomas Jay Benner, William Hillory Bridges, Carl D. Wallrath. PAGE 147 TEXAS UNION COMMITTEES PUBLIC RELATIONS DIVISION SANDY MUELLER Division Head PUBLICITY Lucy Ann Collins, Chairman Frances Boone Ralf Franz Boehn Sondra Breshears Russell T. Calhoun Esther Faith Clark Thomas Norman Dunnam Linda Beth Grumbles Kathryn Sue Hastings Linnda Hubbell Wayne Gowen Johnson Kay Linda Knox Kay McKay Marilyn Kay Miller David Andrew Millican J. C. Bob Oehler Robert Lee Olson Marianne Rawland Tom Risinger Don S. Smith Connie Stevens Penner Talbot ay Arthur Teggett ames Leslie Wells .ettie White Jacqueline Lee White NEWSLETTER Patricia Jean Ward, Chairman Robert Anthony Butler Elizabeth Ann Dudgeon Beverly Sue Fulkes Patricia Wayne Hope John Bennett Jez Annette Maria Steele Jerry Hutto Tolbert CALENDAR Lou MacRey, Chairman Larry Burton Bach Joan Dolores Bertrand Rosalyn Harriet Block Philip Braithwaite Marian Irene Byrom Eleanor Mills Gotten Dana Sue Forrest Felicity Hill Frank Barbara Ruth Geeslin Gretchen O. Gerlach Alvin Rubenstein Gerson Ruth Frances Johnson Joan Denys Lentz Sandra Neal McCarver Marianne Oeland Harold D. Orr John C. Sargent Ruth Lynne Simon Edith Lynn Smallberg Michael Scott Stroud Donna Lee Syphnett Constance Weston Nancy Nell Williford Janice King Woods EDUCATION DIVISION SAMUEL HUNTER LEGGITT Division Head STUDENT FACULTY Frances Ann Ramsey, Chairman Eleanor Martha Altman Hazel Phyllis Barton Ann Beloate Richard Borrego Michael Burkart Kitty Casey Philip Calvin Cezeaux Anne Belle Clements Morris Madden Creel John Cecil Culpepper, Jr. Becky Gene Douglas Jane Ann Ellis Emily Phillips Fortescue Alvin Rubenstein Gerson Jane Collins Harwood Lenore Carol Highland Cameron Hightower Rosemary Clyde House Dorothy May Janak Ria Johnson Linda Josephine Landrum Barbara D ' Anne Levin Lawrence Allen Mann Marilyn Marshall Margaret Ann McGann fenny Lind Olsson Charles Lee Peeler Nancy Jane Rodman Virginia Ann Steele Nancy Joyce Tieken Carl D. Wallrath STEER HERE Roy Clarence Coffee, Jr., Chairman, fall semester Bill Miller, Chairman, spring semester Elizabeth Hopper Bauer Arthur Snell Bird Judith Carter Judy Cohagen Jerry Cook Elinor Ann Corbusier Jan Campbell Cox Lynne Douglas Hugh Graydon Dunlap Jerry Ray Foster Burton Edward Hazard Linda Marie Jackson Barbara Ellen Jankower Mary Sue Line Donald Love Wallace Michael Mays Allen Talbot Mclnnes Charlene Moore Gayle Norman Jim Perkins Franklin Ace Pickens Henry Ballard Rainbow Carole Jean Robinson Frank Dallas Sca rborough Thorlief Thompson Jeannette Catherine Waters Barbara Ann Weiner Herbert Cook Wilson, Jr. CAMPUS COFFEE Rebecca Ann Crowder, Chairman Leonora Gertrude Anderson Lynne Bailey Martha Jo Bergel Martha Dean Boroughs Ruth Marie Burnett Gail R. Campbell Ruth Casey Colwick Marian Elise Gorman John Albert Dickson Lynell Fillmore Isabel Gerson Dorothy Howard Ann Hufendick Sylvia Johnson Barbara Jane Kennedy Marlene Audrey Klein Anita Sue Marion Nancy Jo Martin Sally Kay Maxwell Diana Candace Milam Patricia Dale Montgomery Helen Sue Morris Virginia Dale Owens Page May Parker Kay Esther Ponder Dorothy Carolyn Sandlin Stephanie Siegel Linda Ann Tucker Judith Ann Tuggey Carol Morris Wheeler Eleanor Wheeler Alice Lockett Wheless Anne Dean Wilkerson Marilyn Maxine Wingo Dorothy J. Winston Mary Ann Worthy Nancy Rae Zelinger FORUM SPEAKERS Holley Segrest Hudson, Chairman Sam Noland Feldman Robert Alan Jacobs Joan Jorns V. Rogene Kaderli Jay Jules Karkowsky Terrence Gaynor Kendall Roderick Earle Kennedy Myrna Joy Koppelman Frank Lester Levy Ellen McCorquodale Frank Eugene McLain Owene Brackenridge Menger Jill Quinn Jane Reber Judith Rosenfield Barry Raymond Russak John Sauer ENTERTAINMENT DIVISION THOMAS JAY BENNER Division Head MUSIC William Hillory Bridges, Jr., Chairman Robert Gaines Emmett Therese Elizabeth Jones JoAn Roberta Novotny Patricia Roane Riddick John Michael Rieves Claudia Elizabeth Robinson Nancy Schuhmacher Sandra Skelton Jerry Culver Thompson DANCE Ed Abel, Chairman Mary Ann Bass Mark Hall Beers Ann Beloate Martin Hirsh Brown Bill Craig Angel M. Diaz John Rentz Doggett, III Ronald Jack Finger Ruth Katherine Fulwiler Laurabeth Elizabeth Grieneeks Patsy Guyton Jayne Frances Harkey Herman Willis Kennedy, Jr. Billy Vaughn Koen Lou Ann Lancaster Josephine Lynn Anita Sue Marion Wallace Michael Mays Curtis Washington Meadows John Richard Passero Kay Ellen St. Germain Emily Sanders Mary Elizabeth Seals Martha Janice Spickard Mary Lee Taylor John Tuggle Sybil Clark Wyche TALENT Lawrence Dean Cobb, Chairman Ann Katherine Akin Patricia Ann Blachly Henry Tebbs Brooks Larry Claude Burgoon Paula June Craig Julia May Cunningham Sylvia Kay Day Linda Gayle Dyess Edmond Goldstein Edwin F. Harrell William Edward Hennessy Janis Janeil Hooten John Aubrey Hornbuckle Juanita Jane Jackson Stanley Joel Kottwitz Constance Ann Mayes Melinda Hassell McCluer Mildred Rose Meili Linda Keyes Moore Nancy Nielsen Lap Parton Faye Pierson Edna Frances Sample Nancy LaNell Stanley David Gayle Sullivan John Harrison White James Daniel Wilson, Jr. Alice Mildred Wright UNION COMMITTEE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Front Row: Mary Sue Pace, Virginia Alice Walker, Sandy Mueller, Betty Tieken. Back Row: Walter Brown Pistor, Samuel Hunter Leggitt, Clovis Clyde Morrisson, Thomas Jay Benner, Jitter Nolen. PAGE 148 TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC. BRACKER HASTON LEVITCH BOARD OF DIRECTORS CARTER REDDICK, Associate Dean of the College of Arts Sciences OLIN ETHMER HINKLE, Associate Professor of Journalism JOHN ARNOLD WALTER, Associate Professor of English ROLAND GOMMEL ROESSNER, Associate Professor of Architecture STUDENT MEMBERS LLOYD LEROY HAYES, President of the Students ' Association NANCY GAY HASTON, Assembly Representative EMIL EDWARD FRIBERG, Assembly Representative MARK E. LEVITCH, Assembly Representative JACK WAHLQUIST, Assembly Representative EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS LESTER LOYD EDMONDS, JR., General Manager HARRELL ESTES LEE, Editorial Manager D. B. JACK HOLLAND, Dean of Men JOHN THOMAS STUART, Cactus Editor NANCY McMEANS, Daily Texan Editor BILL WEST, Texas Ranger Editor JON BRACKER, Texas Ranger Editor REDDICK HINKLE ROESSNER WALTER EDMONDS LEE HOLLAND HAYES FRIBERG WAHLQUIST STUART McMEANS WEST PAOE 149 - THE CACTUS In publishing the 1957 Cactus the editorial staff has tried to live up to the high standards set down by our yearbooks in the past. It is only natural, however, that we should want the Cactus to be a bit different this year. Consequently, we have the 1957 Cactus as a Cir- cus " Big Top " . It reflects the studious yet colorful, gay and ever changing life at The University of Texas. Rick McBride of Dallas has done all the art work and the cover for our " Circus. " Outstanding Students were chosen by a committee from nomina- tions submitted by students and organizations. The committee was composed of a representative of the Dean of Women, Dean of Men, Dean of Student Life and the Student President, the Daily Texan Editor and the Cactus Editor and Associate Editor. Goodfcllows are chosen by the Cactus Editor and Associate Edi- tor from the balance of the nominations. Bluebonnet Belle Finalists were chosen by the Cactus staff from pictures that were submitted to the Cactus. The Bluebonnet Belles were chosen from the Finalists. I hope that you enjoy your copy of the " Greatest Show on Earth " as much as we have enjoyed 1957 under the " Big Top. " JOHN THOMAS STUART, Editor HICKMAX MILLIARD STAFF ASSISTANTS Gae Armstrong Shirley Borden Carolyn Cantwell Tom Davis Laurabeth Grieneeks Virginia Lawhon Mary Jo Maddox Margaret Martin Jane Ann Maxwell Charlotte Nalley Betty Rumph Front Row: Nancy Leeper, Ruthie Fulwiler, Shannon Howard, Peggy Ethrcdge, Harriet Hilliard. Back Row: Bud Toole, Henry Rainbow, Bettye Faulk, Sandy Mueller, Judy Hickman. PACE 150 SHIRLEY RAE RYLANDER, Associate Editor, Fall JUDITH ANN REED, Associate Editor, Spring HORNSBY, HOWARD, BERENICE GRANWELL KOHLER, LEE ER, MUELLER, RAINBOW, THOMANN, TOOLE. SECTION EDITORS Administration and Faculty . Athletics Dormitory and Co-Ops . Feature Fine Art Fraternity Honorary and Service . Intramural Military Club Sorority Student Government and Publications . SYDNEY ANN DONAGHEY . ALBERT JULIUS TOOLE . MARY ELIZABETH HORNSBY PEGGY ANN ETTREDGE . JUDITH ANN REED . JUDITH ANN HICKMAN . LAURA ELIZABETH FAULK RUTH KATHERINE FULWILER . HENRY BALLARD RAINBOW . NANCY ISABEL LEEPER . ELINOR CLYDE DRAKE . SANDRA F. MUELLER HARRIET ANN HILLIARD . SHANNON HOWARD . ARIEL JOSE THOMANN PAGE 151 asKSjT . , ,-nm THE DAILY TEXAN More students than ever before read Volume 56 of the University newspaper. As enrollment grew, so grew the responsibility of the student staff to serve its public with complete and accurate news coverage, thoughtful editorial comment, and entertaining features. These are the standard newspaper ingredients. The Daily Texan through the years has been more than the sum of such parts, how- ever. By reflecting all the traditions and enthusiasms and hard work and conflicts in this community, its pages come to embody some- thing of the elusive but all pervading spirit of the place. In many events the Texan has figured as actor as well as observer. Important among these in 1956-57 was the Texan ' s leadership of a successful campaign for removal of the ban against political speak- ers on campus. Also, the Texan editorially supported the Permanent Fund amendment, continuation of the Parade as a vital part of Round-Up, and the proposed tuition increase, as being in the even- tual best interests of " a University of the first class. " " First College Daily in the South. " for many years, the Texan re- mains at the top of the list among the nation ' s student journals. NANCY McMEANS Editor Abshier, Bott, Burlage, Esther Clark, Clayton, Coffee, Daniel, Goodwin Hickman, Hillje, Hineman, Howard, Hughes, Kassell, Klinefelter, McKenna Diane Alley John Williamson Barnhill, Jr. William R. Barron Dave S. Bennett Barbara Ann Benson Donald Edward Bott Thomas Francis Bourdin Janice Brashears Robert Milton Buffington, Jr. Charlotte Ann Burrows Clarence Leon Callaway Kitty Casey Leonal Elias Cardenas H. D. Carmichael, Jr. Katherine H. Cazamias Donald B. Clark Edward Cary Clark Esther Faith Clark Raymond Lee Collins Sally Frommeyer Cook Linda Sue Covert Erma Dorene Craig Bradford Daniel Frank Norman Davis Billy Bernard Day Jo Ann Deaton Dorothy Dietrick Royce Eldon Dixon Roberta Lee Downing Frances Diane Drummond Nathaniel Bunch Eads Ken Howard Edmiston Peggy Jo Elder Derro Evans James W. Fillmore Barbara Ann Fish Karol Keith Fisher Barbara Marie Frankel Beverly Sue Fulkes Leonard Frederick Giesecke, Jr. To Ann Gill Bernard Allen Goldberg Marilyn Ann Goldberg Ramon Gonzalez Benny A. Goodwin Robert Martin Greenberg Mary iTaylor Guthrie Jeffery Mason Hancock Dorothy Leveritt Hall John Frank Hobbs James Thomas Holman Julie Landrum Holman Mary Elizabeth Hornsby John Wallace Howard Ann Huffington Eddie Strode Hughes John Henry Irsfeld Sandra Jan Jackson William Howard January Glenn Conrad Klein Karen Klinefelter Marcia Lavonne Kincaid Bruce Elliott Lane Charlotte Elizabeth Lee Franklin T. Lively Nancy Lee Longley Charles Joseph Macmanus Anita Sue Marion Linda May Marshall Jane Ann Maxwell Nina June McCain James Paul Mclntyre Kay McKay James E. McLemore, Jr. Frances Jean Meyers Linda Caytes Milam Danee Almadan Miller David Andrew Millican James David Montgomery A. Virginia Nash David Albert (Ike) Newman Nancy Nielson Jay Nixon Patricia Ann Parker Rowland H. Parker Bill Nelson Pierce Kathy Virginia Pollard Sally Ann Quinn G. Annette Ray Betty Carolyn Read Barbara Reusch Arnold Harry Rosenzweig Joe Carroll Rust Joseph Lindsey Sanders Carolyn Ann Seay Patsy Jo Sellers Suzanne Rita Short Ben Nathan Siegal Frank Huntington Stack Jack Lee Stone Natalie Stout Warner Carl Tauch Robyn Louise Town John Patrick Truly Joy Frances Vandervort Franklin Delano Venable William Kyle Vollmer Tack Rainard Wahlquist Priscilla Alden Walker Betty Ann Waters Helen Elizabeth Wear Linda Kay West Doris Laird Wilson Jim Wood Richard Merwln Yantis PAGE 152 Fall NANCY McMEANs . VADEN SMITH . ROBB BURLAGE . CYRENA Jo NORMAN GREG OLDS NOE PEREZ GEORGE RUNGE BUD MIMS . PETE HIGKMAN CHARLIE HINEMAN NICK JOHNSON ANN ABSHIER . BRADFORD DANIEL . BOBBY JONES . BILL CLAYTON . BILL SHARP JOHN STEEL . JIM WATHEN . TERRY STEMBRIDGE . PAT MCKENNA STAFF Editor Managing Editor . Editorial Assistant . Editorial Assistant . News Editor News Counselor News Counselor News Counselor News Counselor News Counselor Sports Editor . Society Editor . Amusements Editor Book Editor Wire Editor Intramurals Co-Ordinator Photographer . Photographer . Exchange Editor Feature Editor Spring NANCY McMEANs CAROL QUEROLO BYRON LINDSEY JIMMY THORNTON FRED KASSELL MARK S. SMITH CARL HOWARD DON KNOLES BUD MIMS NOE PEREZ MARK S. SMITH EDDIE HUGHES MARION SIMON BRADFORD DANIEL BOBBY JONES BILL CLAYTON ODIE ARAMBULA PAUL HOPE JIM WATHEN TERRY STEMBRIDGE PHYLLIS COFFEE VADEN MILES SMITH Managing Editor, (June-April) Mims, Perez, Querolo, Rawlins, Seay, Sharp, Simon, Mark Smith, Vandervort NIGHT EDITORS JOHN HILLJE FRED KASSELL BYRON LINDSEY BUD MIMS GREG OLDS CAROL QUEROLO MARY JANE RAWLINS JOHN ROGERS DOLORES SILVA CAROL E. QUEROLO Managing Editor, (May) TEXAS LEE RICKS Editor, September Associate Editor, October-April BILL WEST Editor, October-February Associate Editor September JON BRACKER Editor, March-April Managing Editor, September-February STAFF BILL WEST JON BRACKER . LEE RICKS RUDY ROCHELLE FRANK STACK . MURRAY PATTON Editor Editor Associate Editor Managing Editor Art Director Photography Editor Joan Allen Lynn Ashby Andre Bacon Pat Baker Butch Barnes Richard Bashara Leonard Giesecke Pat Gober Claude Hall Sue Hastings Bill Hoey Mary Jo Holiday Harry Kirkpatrick Barb Krick Bill Lende Bob Maisel Charly McTee Danee Miller Dave Millican Johnnye Ruth Morgan Charlotte Nalley Jay Nixon John Nuhn Scotty Owen Robbie Powell Sissy Sanborn John Sandel Maurice Schmidt Bob Shirey Ches Taylor Bill Vollmer Linda West I ' AOF. 154 RANGER Ol ' Hairy, Staunch Guardian and Elderly Sprite, misguided the Ranger through three editors and seven typical issues some good, some bad; but all censored. The highlight of the year at least as far as the business office was concerned was the complete sell-out, for the first time in a decade, of the March " People Are No Damn Good " issue. Rumor has it that a certain Great Dane, Anne-Mette Ronholt, had something to do with the success of the issue. Documentary proof was not to be had. The cultured, intelligent readers of the Ranger were happy to see that a photograph of a nude woman was reproduced in the December issue. More comment was caused by this one item than resulted from the more-or-less consistent attempts of the editors to supply the readers with well-written fiction, poetry, feature articles and pro- fessional art work. This made the editors unhappy. Other features presented throughout the year were the original script of the Off-Broadway Musical, " My Fair Aggie " ; the Ranger Report, " I Was A Sot For The WCTU " ; " King, the Giant Ranch Story " ; and that informative article, " How To Save Money On Your Likker Bill. " A ball was had by all. Front Row: Barbara Kay Krick, Patricia E. Gober, Robert Neal Mais el, Mildred Roberta Powell, Linda Kay West, Scotty Jodine Owen, Danee Almadan Miller. Second Row: Charles McTee, Leonard Frederick Giesecke, Jr., Frank Huntington Stack, Rudolph Cedric Rochelle. Third Row: Lee Edward Ricks, William W. West, Jr., Jon Bracker. TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS INC. BUSINESS STAFF Top Row: Edmonds, Lindsey, Arnold, Freeman, Sullivan. Second Row: Moody, Ghormley, Younger, Muller, Frazier. Third Row: Piles, Bunsen, Hughes, Hays. LESTER LOYD EDMONDS,, JR., General Manager FRANKIE MAE LINDSEY, Business Manager MARY ARNOLD, Office Manager, Secretary DOROTHY MOODY, Comptroller PEARL GHORMLEY, Circulation Manager MARY MARGARET FRAZIER, Advertising Manager FREDERICK D. BUNSEN, Assistant Advertising Manager WILLIAM THOMAS HAYS, Mechanical Superintendent MARGUERITE FREEMAN, Cactus Supervisor NICHOLAS J. YOUNGER, Assistant Comptroller INGE SULLIVAN, Office Assistant JAMES PAUL PILES, Advertising Office Assistant LEONA RUTH HUGHES, Office Assistant BRUCE EDWARD MULLER, Office Assistant JOHN L. STEEL, Photographer JAMES EDWIN WATHEN, Photographer PAUL DUAINE HOPE, Photographer Leslie M. Bearss Dave S. Bennett Frederick D. Bunsen Robb Kendrick Burlage DAILY TEXAN ADVERTISING SALESMEN Glenn Allen Garrett John Russell Hornaday Louis Richard Smith Frank Houston Walters TEXAS RANGER ADVERTISING SALESMEN Judith Rosenfield David Andrew Millican PAGE 15G Honorary, Professional and Service Groups PACE 157 ALPHA DELTA SIGMA HONORARY PROFESSIONAL ADVERTISING FRATERNITY Founded: University of Missouri, 1913 Paul J. Thompson Chapter, 1928 Fall EDDIE BRICE BURROUGHS . JAMES ROBERT MCDONALD WILLIAM EARNEST ROBITSEK GLENN ALLEN GARRETT . MURRAY SPENCE PATTON OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Publicity Chairman Spring MURRAY SPENCE PATTON JAMES ROBERT MCDONALD JOHN TERRY HANCOCK FRED NORMAN SMITH LESLIE M. BEARSS Alan Scott FACULTY MEMBERS Ernest A. Sharpe PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS Frank M. Bass William Thomas Hays Alfred Lee Seelye Paul J. Thompson Robert Fred Barling Leslie M. Bearss Dave S. Bennett Bevely Joseph Bergeron Edward Donald Bridges Frederick D. Bunsen Patrick H. Bunte Lange Waymon Burney Eddie Brice Burroughs Don L. Carmichael David Dean Cottrell George Franklin Dillman John Dohanich Jimmy L. Foglesong Glenn Allen Garrett John Terry Hancock MEMBERS Stan H. Henderson James Benjamin Higginbotham Richard Joseph Holmes Jon Russell Hornaday Chester Henry Lundt Jerry Kincaid Martin James Robert McDonald Jerry Lamar Morris Murray Spence Patton Barry Erwin Pidgeon William Earnest Robitsek Charles Ralph Sobeck John Michaell Sobieski Jimmy Dean Stoker James Preston Towers Gerard W. Webb Alex Fred Yamin FALL PLEDGES Howard Earl Bell Herbert Lionel Blomquist Roger Harmon Broach Lloyd Truman Brummett John Richard Buch Robb Kendrick Burlage Guy J. Carpenter Donald Eugene Chandler Walter Winn Durham Raleigh Lyman Greer Richard Edward Bashara James Champion James Henry Cochran, Jr. William I. Herod Johnie Lee Hodnett James Thomas Holman Leon P. Howell, Jr. John Bennett Jez Barnett J. Jones James H. Klein George Andrew Leeah Ronald L. Lewis David L. Marshall David Andrew Millican Ewing Sevier Moseley John Alvin Murphey James V. Nolen Rowland Hilary Parker Bobby Wayne Perry James Paul Piles James Sidney Powell Ramon Robert Rackley David Gavin Ritchie SPRING INITIATES Roy Gene Cuthbertson Don Allen Drake Richard Lee Gannett Richard Douglas Hague William Judson Rogers William Blackburn Royer Fred Norman Smith Manis Dale Smith Mark S. Smith Trezevant Gill Speer Frank Houston Walters Lloyd Richard Watkeys Ronald O. Wilson Frank Charles King Rodney Waldrop Pirtle Guy Woolsey PAGE 158 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA HONORARY PRE-MEDICAL FRATERNITY Founded: The University of Alabama, 1926 Texas Alpha Chapter, 1929 Fall DAVID OLIN HINKLE . Ross ALBERT McELROY, JR. . FRED F. CASTROW, II JOSEPH CORNELL DsWiTT OSCAR GARZA ZUNIGA ARTHUR DAN GLECKLER . ROBERT P. WAGNER . OFFICERS President .... V ice-President Secretary .... Historian .... Reporter Treasurer .... Faculty Advisor . FACULTY MEMBER Robert P. Wagner HONORARY MEMBER Dr. Melvin Augustus Casberg MEMBERS Spring DAVID OLIN HINKLE Ross ALBERT MCELROY, JR. FRED F. CASTROW, II JOSEPH CORNELL DsWiTT OSCAR GARZA ZUNIGA ARTHUR DAN GLECKLER ROBERT P. WAGNER Fred Graydon Anderson Chason Alfred Bailey, Jr. Jack Delano Bargainer George Rhamy Brown John Alton Burdine, Jr. Loye Hartman Cardwell, Jr. Frederick Franris Castrow, II Donald Floyd Davis Gerald Norman Davis Joseph Cornell DeWitt John Warner Duckett, Jr. Marvin Ray Dunaway Mary Louise Dwyer Gene C. Akin Gerald Thomas Bell Ben Michael Bennett James David Blackburn Manuel Trevino DeLosSantos Marjorie Jean Emerson T. Craig Ferrill William Glenn Gamel Bohn Dixon Allen William Skidmore Banks James Williams Cottingham Danny Ware Donegan Donald Franklin Fincher Robert Duwayne Poor William Antone Forkner Richard Paa;e Keeton William Robert Gaston Robert E. Givens Arthur Dan Gleckler Alvin Hirsh Gold Tracy Ross Gordy Guy Keel Guffee Carroll Francis Hamill Minah Molly Hansen David Olin Hinkle Paxton Hope Howard, Jr. John Lee Hubby Dick Keith Hunter Speight Jenkins, Jr. Richard F. Kaufman Ben Bob Keller Cherry Ann King Robert Lehman William Dean Marsh Frank L. McClendon John Alexander McCrary Ross Albert McElroy, Jr. Dwight James Nichols Fred Schaffner David Jon Shannon Jerry Stanley Smith Taylor King Smith William Schuetze Smith Barbara Sutherland Ariel Jose Thomann Nicholas Dameron Thurmond Patrick Michell Tolar John H. Truksa James Everett Ware Dennis Evan Welch William Watkins West, Jr. David Harry Wilten John Reagan Woodward Glenn Roy Zipp Oscar Garza Zunisra FALL INITIATES Lloyd Marshall Garland Joseph Wicker Gray Alfred Allen Kopecky Julius Fred Kramer, Jr. Laurin Martis Linson Shelly E. Liss Richard George McCollum Charles Royce Moberly Donald Wilburn Owens James Archer Prentice Robert Savell Putnam Horace Clinton Richbourg John Clement Riley, III Jerry Ron Roberts Glenn Alfred Rogers James William Short John Lottman Shudde Robert Edward Slaughter Robert Priestly Stewart, Jr. Don Warren Turner Fred B. Vogt William George Wilkerson Russell James Wood SPRING INITIATES Wayne Francis Keller Guy B. Kindred Joseph Edward Loewenstein Norman Alvin Miles William Emery Monk Dan Allen Myers William Austin Newton Ronald Lee Rogers Jack Joseph Rosenberg Ezem Gillian Scarborough, Jr. Gwendolyn Margaret Scarlach Nancy Lee Schnautz Charles Ray Smith David Ely Smith Kent Smith William Howard Starling James Doyce Strong, Jr. Cora Jennis Tucker Gage Van Horn, III Linton A. Whitaker Don Charles Wukasch PAGE 159 - ALPHA KAPPA PSI HONORARY BUSINESS FRATERNITY Founded: New York University, 1904 Iota Chapter, 1915 Fall JOHN MURRAY KENDRICK MERRILL P. O ' NEAL THOMAS HENRY HOLMAN . THOMAS EDWARD SEEKATZ . ALFONSO AUGUSTO CISNEROS OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer Master of Rituals Spring MERRILL P. O ' NEAL THOMAS HENRY HOLMAN JAMES ROBERT McDoNALD, JR. WALTER ASA SAUNDERS., JR. LLOYD M. WILKINSON James Adon Byrd Jack William Cashin Alfred G. Dale J. Anderson Fitzgerald FACULTY MEMBERS Richard Charles Henshaw Karl McGinnis Charles Lee Prather Alfred Lee Seelye C. Aubrey Smith William Robert Spriegel John R. Stockton Wilfred H. Watson Edward Franklin Baldwin Jerome Bernstein Swen William Borg, Jr. Arthur Louis Braden, Jr. Alvin George Bridges, Jr. Owen Price Carpenter, Jr. Frank Asbury Cave Alfonso Augusto Cisneros Stanley Cohen Richard Thomas Crane Argil C. Czigan, Jr. Ben Addison Donnell Daniel Joseph Dorotik MEMBERS Thomas Henry Holman Lester Eugene Hovey Van Hook Howard, III John Murray Kendrick Marvin W. Lerner James Robert McDonald, Jr. Frank Eugene McLain Juan M. O. Monasterio, Jr. Mark C. Noble Otto Christian Olsen, Jr. Merrill P. O ' Neal Norman Hastings Payn, Jr. Walter Brown Pistor Richard Elliott Preston Charles W. Rau Walter Asa Saunders, Jr. Thomas Edward Seekatz Robert Edward Sinclair Donald Ray Stodghill James Andrew Stone Don Arthur Tidwell Lloyd M. Wilkinson Jackie Baker Williams Girdner Alan Youngquist Ernest Patrick Bond James Allen Bouligny John Woodie Bowen Brady Marshall Cole Hollis Baxter De Grassi, Jr. SPRING PLEDGES Walter Winn Durham Thomas Phillips Field, Jr. Jay Jules Karkowsky Bobby Lawrence Legg James Hattison McGuire Olan Phillips Donald Eugene Roper Ronny Norman Schoenbrun Sylvester Alfred Schroeder Pinckney Franklin Steed Edwin Eugene Wittig PAGE 160 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA HONORARY SCHOLASTIC FRATERNITY FOR FRESHMEN WOMEN Founded: University of Illinois, 1924 Texas Chapter, 1935 Fall JULIE LANDRUM HOLMAN JULIA ANN MOFFETT BETSY Ross CYRENA Jo NORMAN HELEN MARGARET FLINN OFFICERS President . V ice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Historian . Faculty Sponsor Spring JULIE LANDRUM HOLMAN JULIA ANN MOFFETT BETSY Ross CYRENA Jo NORMAN HELEN MARGARET FLINN MEMBERS Mary Patricia Allen Eve Aniol Margaret Alyne Best Elizabeth Matthews Blanton Wanalee Broughton Betty Rae Brown Jean Carol Bryant Stella Maureen Burns Jane Elizabeth Callaway Minnie Corinne Cameron Jo Beth Camp Katherine Casey Anna Belle Clements Barbara Lois Dickey Kerstin Hildegarde Ekfelt Wilma Jean Gunter Endicott Joan Carolyn Farquhar Barbara Ann Fish Joan Fitzgerald Betty Lu Fletcher Ruth Katherine Fulwiler Billie Rae Funk Barbara Janet Gamzey Letty Lynn Gibson Carolyn Joyce Hill Glenda Claire Hill Harriet Ann Hilliar d Judy Dianne Holt Julie Landrum Holman Kathryn Ann Horton LaRee Howe 11 Nancy Christina Jones Miriam Kass Lynette Katz Mollie Jo Kissner Billie Waldyn Koenig Nancy Louine Lambert Nina June McCain Julia Ann Moffett Patricia Frances Moore Cyrena Jo Norman Doris Orscheid Lillian Padgett Virginia Louise Pearson Nancy Margaret Peel Barbara Frue Polsky Sharon Ann Prentice Edith Ingrid Radkey Verna Rae Rhodes Betsy Ross Gwendolyn Margaret Scharlach Estelle Schubert Schieffer Nancy L. Schwartz Jacquelyn Sue Simonton Sandra Skelton Barbara Louise Stephen Joy Stewart Jo- Ann Turnbough Virginia Lee Walter Shirley Glair Ward Deborah Joan Ware Barbara Ann Weiner Linda Ray West Lettie Mae Wheat SPRING INITIATES Judith Abrams Jane Katherine Anderson Frances Pope Bates Lillian Louise Bond LaNell Chaffin Nancy Jane Chapman Nancy Margaret Cheek Josephine Elaine Cogdell Betsy Inez Coleman Irma Elaine Dahse Barbara Ann Dixon Aileen Muirhead Donovan Delia Duson Mary Blanche Fanett Etelka Vernelle Ferguson Emily Jo Flachmeier Margaret Jeanne Focke Betty Frank Forman Mineola Page Grumbles Julie Hallmark Rosemary Clyde House Betty Jayne Kacir Delia Glover King Janis Virginia Little Annette Maples Mary Gay Maxwell Virginia Louise McFarlane Melanie Sue McGhee Dorothy Pack Miller Phyllis A. Milliger Margaret Maurine Motter N. Jane Nix Colleen Mary O ' Conner Harriet Eleanor Olsen Jo Ann Owens Leslie Jane Park Dixie Kay Pinckney Bette Ann Pringle Joan La Nell Raab Rita Rich Barbara Louise Ricketson Clara Gertrude Shugart Judith Hope Slavin Suzanne Lee Stark Dorothy Ann Stroup Maxine Yvonne Thomson Myrna Tovrog Marcia Arlene Wade Charlotte Ann Washington Helen Elizabeth Wear Tommie Jo Williamson Jean Elizabeth Wilson Linda Kay Yancey PAGE 161 BETA ALPHA PSI HONORARY ACCOUNTING FRATERNITY Founded: The University of Illinois, 1919 Theta Chapter, 1924 Fall JOSEPH RAYMOND CAVNESS . CHARLES TAYLOR GANDY ROBERT E. SEILER MARY VIRGINIA WILSON . STEPHEN JAMES PIERCE . BENNIE JERRELL McDoNALD . OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Faculty V ice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Publicity Chairman . Spring . JOSEPH RAYMOND CAVNESS . CHARLES TAYLOR GANDY . ROBERT E. SEILER . MARY VIRGINIA WILSON . STEPHEN JAMES PIERCE . BENNIE JERRELL MCDONALD FACULTY MEMBERS Jim G. Ashburne Leo Guy Blackstock Baker William Flowers Frank D. Graydon Robert Lee Grinaker Dale S. Harwood, Jr. Robert Earl Linde Francis Barns May George Hillis Newlove Robert E. Seiler Alex Joseph Simon C. Aubrey Smith Burnard H. Sord Charles Herman Sparenberg Wayne Pratt Tenney Glenn Albert Welsch John Arch White Charles Theodore Zlatkovich Walter R. Flack HONORARY MEMBERS John R. Mulvey Ralph W. Rager MEMBERS Walter Henry Allen William Pierce Arthur. Jr. Weldon Roy Aston Edward Franklin Baldwin Nancy Elizabeth Boyd Roland Wendel Brown Murray S. Brunk James Adon Byrd Jack William Cashin Albert Edward Casper, Jr. Joseph Raymond Cavness Weldon Howard Chamberlain Walter Lee Colwell Dail Warren Cosner James Stevenson Covington, Jr. William King Daugherty Donald Gene Dwight Walter Harbin Escue Dennis B. Ford, Jr. George Patrick Frysinger, III Charles Taylor Gandy Seinwil Louis Greenberg Gordon Louis Greeson Layton Dean Hector Robert James Hendrix William Henry Hoffman, Jr. Larry Dwaine Houtchens Ralph Marvin Jentsch Robert Dale Keeler Byron Frederic Kern Lester Ray Koether Carroll N. Kuykendall Brother Woelfel LaSalle Jesse E. Lloyd Robert Ernest Matthys Kyle Lelan McBryde Bennie Jerrell McDonald Charles Hilton McGlothlin Donald Neil McLaughlin Chai Navaphandh Robert Comer Nelson Herman Nesenholtz Robert E. Norwood Donald Edward Peeples Stephen James Pierce Herman Charles Rauch, Jr. Herman Frederick Schoenberg Walter Paul Schuetze Joyce Clare Smalley Bobby Gene Statham Cecilia Veronica Tierney Robert T. Tussing Frank D. Tuttle Herschel Wells Lloyd M. Wilkinson Mary Virginia Wilson Marcia Jo Winn SPRING PLEDGES Harold Wesley Ashendorf Carroll Lee Baccus Bishop Lyle Bailey, Jr. Luzine B. Bickham David O ' Neill Brass Lorence Larry Bravenec Betty Ann Canfield Wayne Ralph Chapin Elmer Richard Criss, Jr. Don Theodore DeCoster Robert E. Flaherty Eugene Keith Friesen Erwin Groner Kenneth Albert Hill David Minet Hoffman Robert Alan Jacobs Terry Aubrey Key Norbert Fred Ladd Raymond Werner Lampe, Jr. Arlen Lester Lewis David H. Meek Dan Kelton Morrison Joseph Edward Nicholls Ray Howard Odom, Jr. Jack Allen Poage Kennan Lucian Reiriey, Jr. Walter Asa Saunders, Jr. Clifton Eugene Simmons Mary Elizabeth Stephenson Robert Eugene Stevens Richard Paul Todar DeWayne Lee Young PAGE 162 BETA GAMMA SIGMA HONORARY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FRATERNITY Founded: University of Wisconsin, 1907 Texas Alpha Chapter, 1922 Fall BURNARD H. SORD DOROTHY AYRES . ROBERT EARL LINDE OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Spring BURNARD H. SORD DOROTHY AYRES ROBERT EARL LINDE Jim G. Ashburne Dorothy Ayres Joseph Kenneth Bailey William Hubert Baughn John Robert Beishline Jack William Cashin Aaron Hamilton Chute Alonzo B. Cox Franklin Lanier Cox Maurice Condit Cross James Clay Dolley James Eugene Estes FACULTY MEMBERS J. Anderson Fitzgerald Richard Charles Henshaw, Jr. Elizabeth Lanham Robert Earl Linde Francis Barns May E. Karl McGinnis George Hillis Newlove Edwin Werner Olle Charles Lee Prather John Allen Ryan Robert E. Seiler C. Aubrev Smith Burnard H. Sord Charles Herman Sparenberg William Robert Spreigel John R. Stockton Florence M. Stullken Wayne Pratt Tenney Stella Traweek Ernest W. Walker Glenn Albert Welsch John Arch White Erich Walter Zimmermann Charles Theodore Zlatkovich Ernesto D. Barrera Jessie LeRoy Breshears FALL 1956 INITIATES Donald R. Brieger Lola Beasley Dawkins Paul John Wolff Joseph Madison White Janet Lee Wingate Hershel Murray Anderson Michael Joseph Barrett, Jr. Robert Hearn Beebe Dan Preston Black Patricia Ann Branham Robert Wilburn Brown Eddie Wade Chew Larry Irving Fradkin John Bernard Gersch, Jr. Gordon Louis Greeson SPRING 1956 INITIATES Jack Martin Haggard, Sondra Jo Hampton Daniel Lee Hilliard Sam Houston Mary Virginia Jenull Johnny Wilber Kromer Willie Clifton Lancaster Donald Joseph Malouf Charles Hilton McGlothlin Donald Neil McLaughlin Willard Eugene Myers George Willis Nelson Merrill Presley O ' Neal Kay Dianne Wright Parsons Charles Richard Sanders David Allen Senter Lawrence Edward Steinberg Wayne Pratt Tenney Brother LaSalle Woelfel PAGE 163 DELTA NU ALPHA HONORARY TRANSPORTATION FRATERNITY Founded: Wilmington, Delaware, 1945 The University of Texas, 1950 Fall JOHN CHARLES CRAIG PATRICK OWEN MOORE . ELLIS LLOYD OLM STEAD.. PATRICK H. POWER . FRANK TREWHITT WARD OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer .... Public Relations Director . Spring PATRICK H. POWER JAKE Louis MCALISTER RICHARD KENTEL ALEXANDER ADOLPH C. EGGERT JOHN CHARLES CRAIG John Lewis Hazard FACULTY MEMBERS Hampton Kent Snell HONORARY MEMBER Charles M. Ogle Richard Kentel Alexander Frederick Charles Boening, Jr. Charles Pratt Chitwood Knox Bledsoe Clark Edward Eugene Cole Charles M. Cooper Julian Bliss Coskey John Charles Craig Nick S. Dieb MEMBERS Bobby George Dudley Edgar Louis Eckert Adolph C. Eggert Audrey M. Fogle James Elliott Hendricks Clark Layton Jeffries Chester Dwight Lamb Billy Sebe Lindsey Charles Lawrence Lohrke Jake Louis McAlister Patrick Owen Moore Ellis Lloyd Olmstead Patrick H. Power Robert B. Sonley Allan H. Swasey Frank Trewhitt Ward John Henry Woelke SPRING PLEDGES James Robert Arnold Douglas Martin Baker Frank Clifford Green, Jr. John Robert Kittrell Thomas Dale Minor Frank Edwin Moore Loy Lee Rooke Chaovalit Singchareon Charles Robert Smith PAOE 164 DELTA SIGMA PI PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FRATERNITY Founded: New York University, 1907 Beta Kappa Chapter, 1930 Fall WILBUR L. COATS FRANCIS GENE SMITH WILLIAM EARL MOFFETT RALPH NEAL GASSMAN RICHARD JOSEPH FORD BOBBY GRANT SEAGO . BURNARD H. SORD OFFICERS President Senior Vice-President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Faculty Sponsor Spring FRANCIS GENE SMITH RALPH NEAL GASSMAN DAVID H. KNIGHT HARVEY EUGENE ZION WILLIAM KING DAUGHERTY BOBBY GRANT SEAGO BURNARD H. SORD Stanley A. Arbingast Jim G. Ashburne Joseph Kenneth Bailey Frank M. Bass John Robert Beishline William Paxton Boyd Aaron Hamilton Chute James Clay Dolley FACULTY MEMBERS James Eugene Estes James Rudolph Kay Irving O. Linger Francis B. May Eugene W. Nelson Henry T. Owen George Emmanuel Perpinias Parley M. Pratt Burnard H. Sord Robert W. Strain Ernest W. Walker Glenn Albert Welsch John Arch White Erick Walter Zimmerman Charles Theodore Zlatkovich Arvid A. Anderson Charles F. Bacon, Jr. Sidney Lee Berger Ralph Hugh Garden Robert Warren Carter Henry David Christian Wilbur L. Coats W. C. Corbin Charles Ronald Farley Richard Joseph Ford Gene Austin Gallimore MEMBERS Ralph Neal Gassman Tommy Warren Goad Frank Clifford Green Joseph Walter Harrison, Jr. Wilmarth E. Hoffmann Walter Wade Holly Thorndike Dudley Howe David H. Knight Bob Laughlin Arthur L. Lowe Panayotis John Lymberopoulos Harvey Eugene Zion Robert P. McGarity David H. Meek Warren William Meyer William Earl Moffett Swanzy B. Nations Ray Howard Odom, Jr. William Rosser Purifoy Aubrey Gene Rampy Bobby Grant Seago Francis Gene Smith James Bruce Watson William King Daugherty Bernard John Ehresmann Jack F. Goodrum Sam Hulin Hall FALL INITIATES James Howard Heiny Jimmy Ray Horn John Weldon Koenig Bill R. Norman Joe Henry Peters, Jr. James Stuart Robinson Jerry Mac Trim William Dwavne Walker Len Spears Allen, Jr. Anton Jacob Alkek, Jr. Allie Marvin Baker, Jr. A. Evans Birdwell, Jr. Kenneth Charles Boelter James Eugene Campion Charles Pratt Chitwood John Cecil Culpepper, Jr. Joel Phillip Dalton SPRING PLEDGES Clifford William Davidson Harold Dillard, Jr. Roy Elwood Eyler James Marion Fairbairn Robert Lee Forbes Jerrel Reid Hardesty Glen Howard Hartford Kenneth Albert Hill Thomas Philip Kelly, Jr. Richard Grady Weil James Peter Kolius Lynn Richard Kromminga Cadmus Kilgore Lawson William Forrest McFarlin, Jr. Monte Edward McDaniel Carlos Landon Naumann John Harold Northcutt Lawrence Harold Sandel, Jr. James Hunter Thompson PAGE 165 ETA KAPPA NU HONORARY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded: The University of Illinois, 1904 Psi Chapter, 1928 Fall PAUL EDWARD MARTIN DWIGHT MANLAY TINKLER HORACE FRANKLIN SMITH, JR. . Ross EDWARD MORROW . JAMES B. MAGEE .... WILLIAM EDWARD ZRUBEK HAROLD WOOD SMITH OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Bridge Correspondent Faculty Advisor . Spring DWIGHT MANLAY TINKLER DONALD RAY ABEL Ross EDWARD MORROW HORACE FRANKLIN SMITH, JR. JOHN EARL ARCHER WILLIAM CLAY RICHIE, JR. HAROLD WOOD SMITH Frederick Emerson Brooks, Jr. Edith Clarke Kenneth Jackson Cox Cullen Malone Grain William Charles Duesterhoeft, Jr. Burns Newman Gafford William H. Hartwig FACULTY MEMBERS Elmer L. Hixson George Hamilton Hopkins, Jr. Roy Rankin Krezdorn Alfred Hall LaGrone Russell Eddy Lueg Hilton Henry Mollenhauer Erwin Arthur Reinhard Harold Wood Smith Archie Waugh Straiton Donald Childress Thorn Fred B. Vogt Robert W. Warner Willis Raymond Woolrich William James Aldrich Morgan A. Bondy Richard Economy Thomas Conroy Fennell Richard Duff Glover James B. Magee MEMBERS Paul Edward Martin Ross Edward Morrow Thomas Hugh Owens Alton DeWitt Patton William Clay Richie, Jr. Horace Franklin Smith, Jr. Clyde Melvil Thomas Dwight Manlay Tinkler Thomas E. Wiley, Jr. Donald Clem Young William Edward Zrubek Donald Ray Abel William M. Acker Byron Raymond Adams John Earl Archer James Howard Ball John Franklin Berglund Jimmy Douglas Browning Sam David Cashat Andrew Jack Cleveland Norman Clifford Dickerson, Jr. FALL PLEDGES Jeff Davis Edwards Clois Darvol Fears Bobby Ray Greenwood Fred Parmele Johnson William Redding Long Charles Ellis McCullough Luther Berry Miller Thomas Cooper Monroe, Jr. Donald Paxton Mundell Granville Emil Ott Kenneth Owen Stanley Clinton Rogers Robert Lewis Sackett Glenn Donald Sawyer John A. Severin Arvey Ziedonis Steinbergs Francis Charles Tormollan Arnold Joseph Tucker John Edward Vandigriff Joseph Frank Willman Royce Wayne Wilson PAGE 166 FRIARS TO CONFER THE HONOR OF MEMBERSHIP UPON THE TWELVE OR LESS MOST ELIGIBLE MEN CHOSEN FROM EACH SENIOR CLASS OR HIGHER Founded: The University of Texas, 1911 Fall LLOYD NELSON HAND EVERETT FOY CLEMENT OFFICERS Abbot Almoner . Spring EVERETT FOY CLEMENT FRANK CLOUD COOKSEY FACULTY MEMBERS Charles T. Clark William A. Cunningham Cover Conner Emerson Gus M. Hodges Leroy Jeffers Joe Malik, Jr. Calvin Cleave Nolen Arno Nowotny Edwin Werner Olle Allan Shivers John G. Steele A. M. G. Swenson Jack Greer Taylor Claude W. Voyles MEMBERS Robert Landis Armstrong Harley R. Clark Everett Foy Clement Frank Cloud Cooksey Lloyd Nelson Hand Lloyd LeRoy Hayes Jack Newell Little Buford D. McKinney, Jr. Clovis Clyde Morrisson Sam R. Perry Patrick Michell Tolar Donald Ray Warren SPRING INITIATES Leroy Frederic Buss Joe Speed Carroll Harry Lee Hudspeth Henry Donnan Jacoby John Thomas Ratliff William Howard Wolf Gordon Russell Wynne, Jr. PAGE 167 OMICRON NU NATIONAL HONORARY SOCIETY FOR HOME ECONOMICS STUDENTS Founded: Michigan State College, 1912 Upsilon Chapter, 1925 OFFICERS Fall SARAH LEE NORTHINGTON LILLIE MAE GRAHAM SALLY JEAN REED NANCY ANNA HUFF President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Spring SARAH LEE NORTHINGTON LILLIE MAE GRAHAM SALLY JEAN REED NANCY ANNA HUFF Margaret Ann Adams Paula Janet Connor Janice Carolyn Granning FACULTY MEMBERS Dorothy Fehlis Greenwood Francille Maloch Lucy Rathbone Elizabeth Lacey Speer Elizabeth Tarpley Jennie S. Wilmot Sylvia Oster Artmann Gladys Lurleen Bain Lillie Mae Graham Marilyn Ann Hubbard Nancy Anna Huff Elizabeth Mary Jessen MEMBERS Patricia Ann Johnson Judith Wilemon Martin Marion Martin Sarah Lee Northington Sally Jean Reed Martha Nell Samuels Katherine Anna Schmidt Georgia Ann Ulrich Nancy Ann Walker Nancy Lee Westphal Doris Ruth Wiedenfeld Bonita June Amos Sarah Jane Huddleston Ayers Doris Marie Beard Carol Corley SPRING PLEDGES Joan Marie Franklin Mary Delaine Hays Pauline Ann Kubala Sister Joachim Manuel Mary Maxine McMillan Margaret Anne Mitchell Janet Newton Mary Ann Waters Charlotte Anne Williams PAGE 168 PERSHING RIFLES NATIONAL MILITARY HONORARY FRATERNITY Founded: Nebraska University, 1894 University of Texas, 1956 Company P-7th Regiment Fall EVERETTE L. TUCKER, JR. HUGH R. L. McGAW . JOHN D. BAIRD . RODGER ALLAN STEPP CLARENCE L. MC LL GEORGE EDMUND BATCHELER ETTORE H. F. INFANTE OFFICERS Commanding Officer Executive Officer . Adjutant . S-l .... S-2 .... S-3 .... S-4 Spring EVERETTE L. TUCKER, JR. HUGH R. L. McGAW JOHN D. BAIRD RODGER ALLAN STEPP CLARENCE L. McGiLL GEORGE EDMUND BATCHELER ETTORE H. F. INFANTE HONORARY MEMBERS Major William R. Dustin Captain Donald Greer Irvine Major Charles F. Langley Colonel Hugh D. McGaw Colonel Curtis Theodore Ricketts Colonel David H. Thomas Captain Charles E. Welch FACULTY MEMBER Major William E. Antley, Jr. MEMBERS John D. Baird George Edmund Batcheler William Randolph Bridges Burton A. Browning Hector Homero Cardenas Howard Dodson Carmichael Glenn Alan Carnagey James Grover Cerny Claude Dozier Cox Anthony Kent Dunnam Amador C. Garcia Raymond David Gay Leonard Frederick Giesecke, Jr. Herbert Lester Green Charles Houston Harris, III John Frank Hobbs Ira Rexford Hulse Ettore H. F. Infante Humberto Luis Juarez, Jr. George Phillip Kazen James Douglas Kazen Robert Earl Kogan Jerome Michael Kopel Anthony Girard Lozano Hugh R. L. McGaw Clarence L. McGill George Weldon Moyer, Jr. Frank Taylor Nagle Thomas Edward Nichols Donald Pierce Raynsford Jan S. Roush Kyle Winston Sherrill Rodger Allan Stepp Ben Carter Still Louis Edward Stout Robert Rhoads Trestle Everette L. Tucker, Jr. Derald Wayne Turner Roney Lee Waide Wayne Thomas Willis James Palmer Woodson PACE 169 PHI BETA KAPPA HONORARY FRATERNITY FOR MEN AND WOMEN IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Founded: William and Mary College, 1776 Alpha Chapter of Texas, 1905 MARIE BETZNER MORROW ROBERT LEE SUTHERLAND Lois BAIRD TRICE OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary MARIE BETZNER MORROW ROBERT LEE SUTHERLAND Lois BAIRD TRICE Florence Marie Coffee Margaret Corning Carl Bowen Davis Boyd Irven DeVore, Jr. Allan Britt Adkins Maurice Sidney Anderson Marilyn Julia Aylor Harry Richard Havens Dudley Duggan Baker, III Henry David Fisher Cole Barbara Darnall Barbara Jo Gray Kirby Attwell Lorence Larry Bravenec Theodor Ernest Becker Luther Morton Brewer, Jr. Celia Ann Buchan Joe Speed Carroll Joseph Cyde Clark Don Debenport Kay Farquhar Carol Ray Flynn Mary Ann Gee Arthur Dan Gleckler Conley Ray Goodrum Gerald Norman Davis John Allen Graham MEMBERS JUNE, 1956 CANDIDATES Malcolm Lawrence Doncaster Exsa Diane Carter Giles Virginia Bernice Gillett Katherine Gordon Harrison AUGUST, 1956 CANDIDATES Nicholas Johnson Amelia Ellen Shifflett Jones Donald Edward Krause JANUARY, 1957 CANDIDATES Robert Bruce Haldane Maurice Earl Herring Morris Salem Knox Charles Edwin Nipp Robert Bruce Reynolds JUNE, 1957 CANDIDATES Moulton Alan Goodrum, Jr. Nancy Gay Hasten Casper Jul Hexberg Linnea Suzanne Hood Speight Jenkins, Jr. Cherry Ann King Richard Daniel Machelski Sylvia Milady Maly Meda Margaret Miller Jane Alexander Moss Shirley Ann Nelson June Temple Knolle Neuenschwander Mary Beryl Spitzer Henderson Mary Margaret Miller Nancy Lois Rush Marjorie Ann Winn Harry Jones Logan Richard Edward Riggins Clara Ellen Sharp Dianne Walker Elizabeth Mays Rogers Samuel Neil Rogers Valdemar Chalk Sierk Mariann Wilson Richard Alan Palmer Laurel Lea Sheldon Peck Paula Wanda Powers William Manning Sherrill Sally Woods Sparks John Robert Stockton Lewis Lee Taylor Helen Denny Wegener Betty Jo Wiest Michael Mashe Wigodsky Edith Margaret Wilson Kay Ball Withers Joseph Wilbur Wolfe JUNIOR MEMBERS IN COURSE, JUNE, 1958 Addison Yancy Gunter Penelope Laverty James Owen Lyle David Harry Wilten PAGE 170 PHI ETA SIGMA HONORARY SCHOLASTIC FRATERNITY FOR MEN Founded: University of Illinois, 1923 Texas Chapter, 1931 Fall CLIFTON HATCHER McCALL . DEXTER HILL .... WILLIAM LEWIS DAVIDSON . SCOTT PETTY, JR. ... JOHN E. TEED .... JOE SPEED CARROLL . ARNO NOWOTNY OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Historian Junior Advisor . Senior Advisor . Faculty Sponsor Spring CLIFTON HATCHER McCALL DEXTER HILL WILLIAM LEWIS DAVIDSON SCOTT PETTY, JR. JOHN E. TEED JOE SPEED CARROLL ARNO NOWOTNY Richard Page Keeton David Andrew Kendrick MEMBERS-AT-LARGE Henry Willard Lende James Archer Prentice Don Charles Wukasch James Pinkney Hart HONORARY MEMBERS Arno Nowotny Theophilus S. Painter Robert Lee Sutherland FALL 1956 INITIATES Bert Bently Adkins, Jr. James Allums Larry M. Asbury Anthony Bedford James David Blackburn Steven Edwin Blesch Richard T. Buffler Suling Cheng Charlie Gilbert Conner John Tatum Green Lawrence Ray Green Donald Paul Griffith George Sydney Harrington Charles Houston Harris, III James Nathan Jennings James Lowell Kuester Harold Yen-Ho Law Gary Lynn Leach George Walter Lowe Richard Lynn McDaniel Webb Paul Moak Dennis Gordon Pace Ben McCullough Patterson, Jr. John Claude Pennington Robert Jack Pickens James Archer Prentice Rex Glenn Roberts Nelson Felix Rodriguez-Guiliana William Gilbert Salo, Jr. Robert Lee Stillwell Gilberto Uresti Braynard Ray Traweek Robert Morgan Woodruff Tracy Triece Word SPRING 1957 INITIATES Robert Nyland Abercrombie William Kendall Adam Robert Louis Albrecht Clarence Eugene Anderson James Galbraith Anderson William Davis Anderson Don Richard Beer James Howard Bell John Laurence Bell Troy Lynn Belver Donald Hugh Bennett Joe Wilkes Berry Eugene Thomas Beynon, Jr. Grant LeRoy Bigelow Maynard Roy Blomquist Edward Murl Boatman Roy Edgar Box, Jr. Jack Bethel Brown Grady D. Bruce, Jr. George Paul Burns Dillard Maurice Chappell Reginald Wayne Clark Nelson Clement John Crittenden Clymer, Jr. Charles Henry Cole, Jr. Merlyn Don Cooper Thomas Benton Coopwood Doyle Lynn Davis Gary Donald Denney John Albert Dickson, III Clarence William Dittman Willie Rex Eastburn Kenneth Ray Edgar Byron Edward Ehrig Melvin Ray Ellis Robert Gaines Emmett Alfred Harlan Epperson Ramsey Wayne Farley Stanley Burnett Ferguson William Cook Fielder Ausencio Rodriguez Gochicoa James Terry Gray James Collins Guckian Donald James Haase Emmett Nelson Hagedorn Clovis Ray Hale Robert Lewis Hardgrave, Jr. Clell Gauvey Harral Kermit Wayne Harvel Charles Gary Heliums Fleming Cook Hobbs Cleve James Hoecker Donald Wilson Jackson Richard Ford Jackson Jay Jules Karkowsky David Trenton Killen George William Knebel Larry Don Knippa David Maurice Knize Billy Vaughn Koen John Parry Lauzon Stanley Augustus Lightfoot Norman Baker Littleton Seth Alan Lowther Gary Nolan Matthews James Richard Matz Joe Allen Mauldin Marion Embree McDaniel, Jr. James Patrick McGuire Hilliard Moffett McLamore Edward Knox Mellon, Jr. Neil Elden Miller John Wesley Minear William Edwin Mitchell Roger Julius Neubauer Roger Francis Nelson Patrick David Persaud John W. Pettijohn Richard Charles Price James Robert Proffitt David Royce Reagan Larry Douglas Reed John Owen Rhea Charles Glenn Richie Robert Maurice Riley Don Shane Robinson Joe Carroll Rust Frank Bernard Slomchinski David Newland Smith Jim Wofford Smith Virgil Raymond Smith Frank Huntington Stack John Leonard Stanford Landon Wayne Stewart Jimmy Franklin Thompson Arthur Ulbrich, Jr. Ellie Barton Underwood, Jr. Aaron Hartwell Wester Henry K. Woodward Darrell Roy Word Phillip Gaffney Young, Jr. Only Fall 1956 and Spring 1957 initiates are listed. Officers are elected from the 1955 and 1956 initiates. PAGE 171 PI LAMBDA THETA HONORARY EDUCATION FRATERNITY Founded: University of Missouri, 1910 Psi Chapter, 1927 OFFICERS Fall BERNICE DELL FELDER CAROLE NEWBERRY ROBERSON JANE NEWBERRY .... CATHERINE ELIZABETH ORR President. . V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring BERNICE DELL FELDER CAROLE NEWBERRY ROBERSON JANE NEWBERRY CHERRY FRANCINE McGiNNis Betty Jane Alexander Mary Evelynn Buice Doris Mary Coulter Mary Frances Flournoy FACULTY MEMBERS Nelia Fox Alma M. Freeland Janice Carolyn Granning Jessie Helen Haag Mary Bell Granger James Cora Merriman Martin Sallie Beth Moore Clara May Parker lone Pettey Spears Martha Virginia Agnor Marilyn Julia Aylor Doris Beltsch Betty E. W. Blanton Virginia Bullard Mary Hugh Colley Earlane Baccus Groom Shirley Jean Dittmar Mary Jane Downtain Rose Marie Ebarb Lillie May Farley Bernice Dell Felder MEMBERS Maggie W. Gardiner Helen M. Green Grace Haen Hanson Martha Evelyn Harrington Catharine Ellen Homan Elizabeth Mary Jessen Dorothy Harris Johnson Margaret Alison Kimberline Judith Wilemon Martin Judith Davidson Moyers Edith Mae W. Mullins Georgia Mabel Myers Corinne Nance Jane Newberry Catherine Elizabeth Orr Doris Ann Petrusek Nancy Quinn Carole Newberry Roberson Nancy Lois Rush Dorothy J oan Sellers Melissa Gail Strock Shirley Jean Warren Carole Ann Willitt Clothide Clarice Winter Virginia Lee Wyche Kathleen R. Barnard Barbara Lou Biggers Thelma Ann Dochen FALL INITIATES Ruth LaVerne Gallman Isabel Edith Gibson Karen Mary Johnson Cherry Francine McGinnis Carla Sue Rucker Rebekah Louise Simmons Joan Sue Zappe Sylvia Oster Artmann Betty Lou Atkins Jane Elizabeth Callaway Mary Ellen Embree SPRING PLEDGES Janice Raye Freeman Nancy Carolyn Heath Marcia Jean Hoevet Martha Jo Humphrey Shirley Anne King Patricia Ann Johnson Nona Gail Shannon Janelle Straiten PAGE 172 PI OMEGA PI NATIONAL HONORARY BUSINESS EDUCATION FRATERNITY Founded: Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, 1923 Gamma Omega, 1955 Fall SHIRLEY ANNE KING . BIRDIE JEAN MATTHEWS NANCY JANE ANDERSON DANIEL JOSEPH DOROTIK SHIRLEY BEATRICE KLEIN A. FABORN ETIER . OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Faculty Sponsor Spring Jo ANN TURNBOUGH PATRICIA ANN TRIMBLE WANDA JOYCE CROFFORD ROBERT SUTTON DRISKA VELMA JEAN MCCARTY A. FABORN ETIER FACULTY MEMBERS Kathleen Rainwater Barnard Lola B. Dawkins A. Faborn Etier Graciela G. Gonzales Robert Gryder Loy Elvin Prickett Donald Stephen Akins Nancy Jane Anderson Ada Lois Davidson Daniel Joseph Dorotik MEMBERS Robert Sutton Driska Jane Holmes Shirley Anne King Shirley Beatrice Klein Birdie Jean Matthews Marsha A. Murray Mary Ellen Sadler FALL INITIATES Wanda Joyce CrofTord LaNell Cure Velma Jean McCarty Barbara Frances Moore Juanita Allene W. O ' Brien Marilyn Josephine Siemer Patricia Ann Trimble Jo Ann Turnbough Lillian Elaine Wallace Gay Barr Wilkes Royce Lynnwood Abrahamson Gae Marie Armstrong Mary Elizabeth Barefield Elinor Clyde Drake Mary Patricia Edgar SPRING INITIATES Laura Elizabeth Faulk Elizabeth Ann Jordan Lila Mae Johnson Minna Fay Lawrence Elizabeth Ann McNew Jean Ellen Pepper Neva Jean Rehm Gayle Gorden Rhea Margaret Ann Smith Marjorie Stallings Teague Barbara Nan Wilkinson PAGE 173 . PI SIGMA ALPHA NATIONAL HONORARY POLITICAL SCIENCE FRATERNITY Founded: The University of Texas, 1920 Alpha Chapter Fall DANIEL EDWARD FARLOW BILLY G. CRANE . BETTY Jo WIEST . OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Spring DANIEL EDWARD FARLOW BILLY G. CRANE BETTY Jo WIEST Lynn Foster Anderson John Alton Burdine Howard Andrew Calkins Edward Everett Hale W. Page Keeton William S. Livingston FACULTY MEMBERS Stuart A. MacCorkle H. Malcolm Macdonald John Lloyd Mecham Robert Hargrove Montgomery Joe West Neal Arno Nowotny Caleb Perry Patterson Oliver H. Radkey DeWitt Carter Reddick Emmette S. Redford James Robert Roach Thomas Andrew Rousse Robert Weldon Stayton Edward Taborsky Wilfred Dunbar Webb Oliver Douglas Weeks Pablo Max Ynsfran James Elliott Anderson Richard Frank Bergner Joe Speed Carroll Billy Joe Colwell James Michael Cook Frank Cloud Cooksey Billy G. Crane Edward Elton Crowell Claude Duane Davis Don Debenport Edgar Shlomo Ef rat Daniel Edward Farlow Moulton Alan Goodrum, Jr. Alex B. Guerara Harry Pat Hewell Charles Gohmert Hoff, Jr. Earleen Holleman Harry Lee Hudspeth MEMBERS Bonita Isabell Hunt Hans Clinton Jensen Nicholas Johnson Dwight Lyndon Lieb Malcolm Hugh Liggett Loretta L. Lowry Jarrell Dave McDaniel Nancy Paxton Moody Ruth Prouse Morgan Patrick Joseph Murphy Richard M. Stroud Yadollah Toossi Carlos Bryan Tuttle Charles W. Van Cleve David M. Welborn Woodrow Wilson Dorman Hayward Winfrey Meyer Willis Witt William Neal Woolsey FALL PLEDGES Robert Llewellyn Blevins Harley Ray Clark John Alfred Clary Carr Lowe Donald Bernice Dell Felder Howard Lee Griffin Milford Lee Hall Emma Louise Holman Hancock Joe George Joseph Albert Terry Lowman Mary Margaret Miller Barbara Rose Ray Charles Lawrence Scarborough Walter William Toxey, Jr. Betty Jo Wiest William Howard Wolf Abdel F. Albakry Paul Thompson Armistead Kum Jee Chu Betty Lu Fletcher Chupik SPRING PLEDGES Anna Belle Clements Richard Daniel Machelski Thomas William Crouch Mary Jean Merrill Caspar Jul Hexberg Meda Margaret Miller Shannon Howard Weldon C. Neill Robert Earl Jamison George Willis Nelson Fred Robert Pepper Leroy James Taylor John Thomas Thompson Kay Ball Withers PAGE 174 PI TAU SIGMA HONORARY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded: The University of Illinois, 1915 Texas Kappa Chapter, 1931 Fall CHARLES WOODY VOLEK JOHNNY CHARLES WACHEL DANIEL DAVID KANA CHARLES LESLIE EVERSOLE TOM EDWARD HORTON . LEONARD R. BENSON OFFICERS President . V ice-President . Treasurer . . . . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary . Sponsor . . . . Spring CHARLES DAVID McGiNNis NORMAN CLIFFORD DICKERSON, JR. DANIEL DAVID KANA CECIL AN SON Nix, JR. KENNETH DOUGHTY MORGAN, JR. LEONARD R. BENSON Billy Howard Amstead Rinaldo A. Bacon Myron Louis Begeman Leonard R. Benson Howard Earl Brown Otto George Brown Joe L. Bruns William Junius Carter FACULTY MEMBERS Joseph Winthrop Dalley Venton Levy Doughtie Carl John Eckhardt Harry Llewellyn Kent Leonardt Ferdinand Kreisle Wayne Eggleston Long Herbert Alton Rundell Henry Grady Rylander Jack A. Scanlan Byron Elliott Short William Holland Shutts Horace Eugene Staph Milton John Thompson Burnett Forrest Treat John Reid Watt Willis Raymond Woolrich Edwin Hart Block Dan Lane Everett Charles Leslie Eversole Ronald David Greenberg Pat Garner Hedgcoxe Thomas Edward Horton MEMBERS Eric Lynn Jones Daniel David Kana Jack Ray Lacy Humboldt Casad Mandell, Jr. Rudy Rinehart Mueller James Carley Orr Robert Irving Renouf Charles Joe Stalmach, Jr. Dady B. Vakharia Charles Woody Volek Johnny Charles Wachel James Howard Ball Robert N. Brown Norman Clifford Dickerson, Jr. FALL INITIATES Vernon Leroy Hammond C. David McGinnis Kenneth Doughty Morgan, Jr. Cecil Anson Nix, Jr. Ray Allen Rackley Arturo Vita Tiaogui Richard Marvin Womack George Green Anderson E. H. Bucknall Keys Alexander Curry, Jr. Wilbur Horace Greenstreet, Jr. SPRING INITIATES John Edwin Hicks John T. Irick AbduI-Rochim Hafez Irshiad Henry Donnan Jacoby Carey E. Murphey, Jr. Gerald Patrick Parker Haskel L. Simon Byron Edwin Thompson John Ben Yows PAGE 175 RHO CHI NATIONAL HONORARY PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY Founded: University of Michigan, 1922 Nu Chapter, 1929 Fall FOREST JAMES REES CARL ALTON PEVOTO . GUNNAR GjERSTAD . CARL CLARENCE ALBERS OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Historian Spring RICHARD LEROY DAVIDSON TOMMY WILTON GAGE FREDERICK VALENTINE LOFGREN CARL CLARENCE ALBERS Carl Clarence Albers Joseph Hoyland Arnette Robert Graves Brown Henry Matthew Burlage John Emerson Davis William Francis Gidley FACULTY MEMBERS Gunnar Gjerstad Vernon Albert Green Wallace Louis Guess Esther Jane Wood Hall William Reese Lloyd Frederick Valentine Lofgren Joseph Ruben Moreno William Rust Neville Herbert Frederick Schwartz, II William Johnson Sheffield Leon Otto Wilken, Jr. Charles Owens Wilson Richard Melvin Berezin Donald Richards Cooke Richard LeRoy Davidson Filemon V. Esquivel Marvin Ernest Kuehner MEMBERS James Don Mayfield Samuel Merrill Mathias Peter Merles, Jr. Ethylee R. Mumme Bachubhai Damodardas Parikh Carl Alton Pevoto Maurine Kay Redfearn Forest James Rees Joe Buford Reuss Ralph McLynn Yeakley Tommy Wilton Gage FALL INITIATES Lonnie Floyd Hollingsworth Clifford Barney Hunter Robert Frank Adamcik Bobby Charles England William Edward Foster Paul Frank Geiger Conrad L. Hydrick SPRING PLEDGES Roy Gene Lee James Edward Lester Raymond Richard Loew Arturo B. Martinez, Jr. David R. Pinson Raymond Randolph Reese Brian Keith Richmond Jack P. Stroman Paul Frederick Trantham PAGE 176 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA HONORARY PROFESSIONAL MUSIC ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN Founded: University of Michigan School of Music, 1903 Beta Xi Chapter, 1951 Fall MARY LAURIE WIER FORD LYNN JONES MURPHY NOEL VIRGINIA GREGG MARGARET MORRIS ELIZABETH CAROLYN BAILEY MARTHA LEAH KUNKEL . BILLIE WALDYN KOENIG . OFFICERS President V ice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer Chaplain Editor Spring MARY HENNINGS HERBST. MARGARET HELEN TURPIN CAROLYN LENORE SCOTT BILLIE WALDYN KOENIG ELIZABETH SILVERTHORN NOEL VIRGINIA GREGG SALLY ANN HINDMAN FACULTY MEMBERS Charlotte Estelle DuBois Mary G. Spaulding Verna M. Harder Anna Margaret Jackson Janet Mary McGaughey Marian Ruth Yeager Phyllis Casselman Young HONORARY MEMBER Joesphine Antoine Margaret Virginia Alkek Elizabeth Carolyn Bailey Mary Clyde Capps Bettye Joyce Carlton Barbara Darnell Kay Dyche Mary Laurie Wier Ford Noel Virginia Gregg MEMBERS Margaret Johanna Gregory Bertha Margaret Guerra Mary Hennings Herbst Julia Ann Kniker Billie Waldyn Koenig Martha Leah Kunkel Dorothy Ann Leiser Martha Keron Montgomery Margaret Morris Lynn Jones Murphy Marjorie June Reid Ida Cleone Singleton Margaret Helen Turpin Carol Beth Villarreal Rennee Du Bois Webb Alta Jeanie Zeidler Janine Chapman Amy Jean Glenney Martha Carolyn Graves FALL INITIATES Sally Ann Hindman Carolyn Lenore Scott Elizabeth Silverthorn Elizabeth Ann Snyder Betty Frances Steele Margie Ann Vaden Carolyn Grace Boyd Jo Ann Crider SPRING INITIATES Barbara Hisa Firestone Martha Ernestine Kapp Lavona Jo Loe Linnea Bergquist Smith Virginia E. Decherd Dorothy Gebauer PATRONESSES Mary Betty Lathrop Leah Moncure Lois Baird Trice PAGE 177 ., SIGMA DELTA CHI NATIONAL HONORARY JOURNALISM FRATERNITY Founded: Depaw University, 1909 Texas Chapter, 1913 Fall BYRON T. LINDSEY . REGINALD T. NEWMAN GREGORY LEE OLDS . DERRO EVANS . CLYDE RICHARD KING OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer Sponsor Spring REGINALD T. NEWMAN BYRON T. LINDSEY GREGORY LEE OLDS DERRO EVANS CLYDE RICHARD KING Hulon Witherspoon Black Norris Garland Davis James Leslie Eager . George Wilbur Evans Joe B. Frantz Laurence Defee Haskew Olin Ethmer Hinkle FACULTY MEMBERS William Edward Keys Clyde Richard King Harrell Estes Lee Jack Russell Maguire Frank Morris Midkiff Harry Estill Moore Mac Roy Rasor DeWitt Carter Reddick Alan Scott Ernest Alonzo Sharpe James Traxel Stevens Paul Jennings Thompson Frank Harper Wardlaw Derro Evans Frank Norman Davis Nickolas O. Johnson Herbert Doyle Harvill John Wylie Hillje Gerald Z. Hollingsworth MEMBERS John Ryan Knaggs Charles Marvin Hineman Eddie Strode Hughes Frederick Bernard Kassell Jimmie Joe McKinley Byron T. Lindsey Reginald T. Newman Robert Elton Mims James David Montgomery Gregory Lee Olds John B. Rogers, Jr. Vaden Miles Smith James Clark Carpenter Roy Joe Gates William Edwin Clayton, Jr. FALL PLEDGES Peter James Hickman Edmond Pat McKenna David Albert Newman John Patrick Truly Richard Merwin Yantis Nathaniel B. Eads Benny A. Goodwin Robert Martin Greenberg SPRING PLEDGES Oscar O ' Neal Griffin, Jr. Paul Duaine Hope Carl Dean Howard Noe Perez Rudolph Cedric Rochelle Mark S. Smith Jimmy D. Thornton PAGE 178 SIGMA DELTA PI NATIONAL HONORARY SPANISH FRATERNITY Founded: University of California, 1919 Zeta Chapter, 1925 Fall MARIA MAGDALENA BENAVIDES ARTURO ENRIQUE BATRES . CHARLES LEONARD EASTLACK . OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Spring MARIA MACDALENA BENAVIDES ARTURO ENRIQUE BATRES CHARLES LEONARD EASTLACK Charles Vincent Aubrun George Weston Ayer Hubert Aldine Brandenburg Louis Cooper Ernest F. Haden Randolph Arnold Haynes Gregory Gough LaGrone FACULTY MEMBERS Ramon Martinez-Lopez Joseph H. Matluck Irving Seth Olsen George D. Schade Dorothy Schons David Theodore Sisto Jefferson Rea Spell Walter Fitzwilliam Starkie Robert Clarence Stephenson Richard Willis Tyler Nina Lee Weisinger Robert Haden Williams Pablo Max Ynsfran Arturo Enrique Batres Judith Ann Bell Maria Magdalena Benavides Eleanor Blair David Morris Bl um Auman Elliott Burnett Jose Gomez Castillo, Jr. Andrew DeCarlo MEMBERS Charles Leonard Eastlack Rubin Garibay Edward Hauser Chlorys Elgie Hewett Samuel Holland Luba Senkevitch Laws Margaret Ann Leftwich George Lemus Meliton Lopez James Owen Lyle J. H. McCay Marilyn Melin Frances Jean Meyers John Bascom Powell William John Ross Janet Beck Sawyer Juan de Zakrzewski Cornelia Sue Brewer Jane Elizabeth Callaway Jo Lynn Clark Alfredo G. de los Santos Wanda La Verne Diaz FALL INITIATES Mary Ellen Embree Kay Farquhar Anne D. Guerin Donna Elizabeth Klingman Cherry Francine McGinnis Rosita Marian Martinez Challes M. Moser Marianne Oberdoerffer Sherwood H. Reisner Marc Stevens Simmons Richard O. Torres Sandra Susan Agnew Mary Lynne Arthur Mima Babington Mary Katherine Baker Susan Basset Martha Louise Bowser SPRING INITIATES Ann DeFonds Phyllis Jane Dixon Mary C. Swaren Elmore Carlos Romeo Garza Miriam Gonzalez-Gerth John Allen Graham Nancy Jane Grayson Lyndabel Elizabeth Henry Emma Nan Jones Nancy Grauer McLarty Claire Joan Paxton Elia Rita Ramirez Clark Wright, Jr. PAGE 179 SIGMA IOTA EPSDLON NATIONAL HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT FRATERNITY Founded: University of Illinois, 1927 Gamma Chapter, 1928 Fall CHARLES DAVID MILES . JOE H. CHANDLER J. WALTER PARKER . SHIRLEY ANNE KING . W. RALPH WRIGHT . BOB LARRY TURNER . JOHN ROBERT BEISHLINE ALEX JOSEPH SIMON . OFFICERS President Vice-President . Treasurer . Secretary Personnel Manager Publicity Director Faculty Advisor Associate Advisor Spring RICHARD EDWARD BUTTON RICHARD EDGAR NELSON PAUL CARTER KENDALL SALLY ANN PIERCE LYNN E. AT WOOD DAVID HUSTACE JOSEPH KENNETH BAILEY DENNIS B. FORD, JR. Joseph Kenneth Bailey John Robert Beishline Sanford Bunin Maurice Condit Cross FACULTY MEMBERS James Eugene Estes Dennis B. Ford, Jr. Ross Kennedy Henderson, Jr. Elizabeth Lanham Edmund Clayton Lynch Robert Allen McClesky George Guy Miller Edwin Wilson Mumma William Thrift Newell, Jr. Kenneth William Olm Alex Joseph Simon Burnard H. Sord Ernest W. Walker Wilfred H. Watson H. E. Chiles, Jr. J. Anderson Fitzgerald HONORARY MEMBERS Lillian M. Gilbreth Ernest L. Kurth Clements McMullen William Robert Spriegel MEMBERS Lynn E. Atwood Ronald Rex Bailey Fortune Jean Barles, Jr. Ernesto D. Barrerra Michael Joseph Barrett Robert Hearn Beebe James Beardsley Bower Donald Richmond Brieger Virgil Elmo Butler Joe Speed Carroll Joe H. Chandler Edward Eugene Cole Samuel Warren Cole Richard Edward Dutton William Baker Flowers John Charles Fremont Frank Friedlander Eugene Thomas Fuller Ernest Dale Goddard Arthur Howell Hall John Venne Harrop Lawrence E. Hartle Donald Ardman Humberd Bufard Milton Humphries Benjamin Franklin Ingram, Jr. Clark Layton Jeffries Paul Carter Ke ndall Shirley Anne King Shirley Beatrice Klein Jesse E. Lloyd George William MacSparran Charles Grady McKnight Warren William Meyer Charles David Miles Merle Edward Morrison George Willis Nelson Richard Edgar Nelson J. Walter Parker Sally Ann Pierce Herman Charles Rauch John Kenneth Roberts Jerome Howard Roth John Donald Russell Robert Lee Sanders Jack Ford Shelby James Herbert Stubblefield Bob Larry Turner Marcia Jo Winn William Ralph Wright SPRING INITIATES John Joseph Allen Abdul Wahhab A. Razzak Al-Rawi Ruth Ann Bradfield Cecil Orrin Brown Joseph Howard Culver Richard Francis Dennison John Hershel Dodson Thomas Jefferson Flake, Jr. Robert Eugene Foiles Fred Gluck Nathan Greene Jerry Bankston Harvey David Hustace Alvin Noah Jacobs Kingsley Maxwell Johnston Wade Robert Kilbride Jake Louis McAlister John Thomas Lamar McNew Bill R. Norman Monte Edward Notion Dennis Joseph O ' Brien Dennis Gordon Pace Sam Frank Parigi David Omar Plank Jerry Marshall Roberts Stanley Bennett Sayles Herman Frederick Schoeneberg Charles Ernest Summers Cecilia Veronica Tierney Leslie Griffith Tingle James McNelly Todd Alvin Mathew Welbes Robert Edward Winkler PAGE 180 TAU BETA PI NATIONAL ENGINEERING HONOR SOCIETY Founded: Lehigh University, 1885 Texas Alpha Chapter, 1916 Fall JACK RAY LACY . PAT GARNER HEDGCOXE ERIC LYNN JONES CHARLES JOE STALMACH BILLY C. ELLIS OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Spring JACK RAY LACY PAT GARNER HEDGCOXE ERIC LYNN JONES CHARLES JOE STALMACH BILLY C. ELLIS FACULTY MEMBERS Raymundo Aguirre Charlie Dale Anderson Leland Barclay William Earl Barker Myron Louis Begeman Leonard R. Benson Frederick Emerson Brooks, Jr. Louis Brown Frank Grant Bryant William Junius Carter Edith Clarke Clark Milton Cleveland Albert Everett Cooper Kenneth Jackson Cox Cullen Malone Grain William A. Cunningham Ronald Kinnison DeFord Venton Levy Doughtie William Charles Duesterhoeft, Jr. Carl John Eckhardt Bill Gorton Eppes George Homer Fancher Phil Moss Ferguson John Arnold Focht Burns Newman Gafford Marcel Emil Clovis Gres William T. Guy, Jr. Richard G. Ham William H. Hartwig George Hamilton Hopkins, Jr. Eldred Wilson Hough Kenneth A. Kobe Leonardt Ferdinand Kreisle Alfred Hall LaGrone Joe Overton Ledbetter Jack Lenhart Russell Eddy Lueg Frank Dewey Masch, Jr. Hudson Matlock Frank Wilkins McBee, Jr. James Dorr McFarland John J. McKetta, Jr. Banks McLaurin Walter Leon Moore Thomas Keeble Perkins Harold John Plass, Jr. James J. Pollard H. H. Power Howard Frederick Rase Lymon Clifton Reese Erwin Arthur Reinhard Charles Elmer Rowe Henry Grady Rylander Jack A. Scanlan Robert Samuel Schechter Byron Elliott Short Harold Wood Smith Horace Eugene Staph Carl Conrad Steyer Robert LeGrande Stone Archie Waugh Straiten Leland D. Strom J. Neils Thompson Milton John Thompson Donald Childress Thorn Hugh Theron Tomlinson Burnett Forrest Treat James William Turnbow Robert Davis Turpin Matthew Van Winkle Fred B. Vogt Robert W. Warner Jack McDaniel Watson E. Joseph Weiss Willis Raymond Woolrich Fowler Redford Yett William James Aldrich John Eldon Anderson Errice Alfredo Antonelli John Earl Archer John Alan Bailey Joseph Edward Beall John Franklin Berglund Joseph Elliott Bludworth William O. Breedlove Rene Paul Brown Jimmy Douglas Browning Robert Frederick Burkart Leo Anderson Chamberlin Donald Robert Cressey Emory Kenneth Damstrom Donald Arthur Dechman Henry L. DeFord Norman Clifford Dickerson, Jr. Richard Economy Arlen Lewis Edgar Jeff Davis Edwards Billy C. Ellis Dan Lane Everett Charles Leslie Eversole Clois D. Fears Gary Duane Fisher Paul Adolph Foerster J. H. Gaines Richard Duff Glover Ronald David Greenberg John William Hattie Pat Garner Hedgcoxe Thomas Edward Horton Fred P. Johnson MEMBERS Lee Murphy Johnson Eric Lynn Jones Daniel David Kana Harvey Ray Koency Jack Ray Lacy Charles Albert Lauritzen Donald Ray LeNoir William Redding Long John Robert Loucks Joe Bernard Lovejoy, Jr. James B. Magee Paul Edward Martin Joseph Franklin Mathews, Jr. C. David McGinnis Denver L. Mills Thomas Cooper Monroe, Jr. Karsten Herbert Moritz Ross Edward Morrow James Buckner Morse Bruce Jennings Muga Cecil Anson Nix, Jr. Robert Michael O ' Donnell Boyd Alvin Fatten Robert E. Pollak Wayne Ronald Popham Paul Dwight Purtle Ray Allen Rackley Robert Irving Renouf William Clay Richie, Jr. Isaac Field Roebuck Stanley Clinton Rogers Giancarlo Ugo Salvi Yehuda Savitzky John T. Sherwood Horace Franklin Smith, Jr. Charles Joe Stalmach, Jr. Clyde Melvil Thomas Arturo Vita Tiaoqui Dwight Manlay Tinkler Donald Ritchie Van Sickle John E. Vandigriff Surinder Paul Vohra Charles Woody Volek Johnny Charles Wachel James Oliver Whitley, Jr. Thomas Elmer Wiley, Jr. Coley Jerald Williams Jack Willock Richard Marvin Womack Donald Clem Young William Edward Zrubek SPRING PLEDGES Donald Ray Abel George Green Anderson Joseph F. Anderson Duryl Middleton Bailey Lewie M. Barber Clem Kirby Best, Jr. David Lewis Billingsley Charles Rene Boatwright, Jr. Pramote Chaiyavech Ronald Jarrell Cole George Wayne Cry James Earl Cunningham Keys Alexander Curry, Jr. John Newton Dexter Thomas Charles Edwards Wilbur Horace Greenstreet, Jr. Ettore H. F. Infante John T. Irick William Scott Jackson, Jr. Henry Donnan Jacoby Winston Colcman Johnson Tzu-Liang Kang John Dillard LaRue William C. Melnar Jack Platt Moore Kenneth Doughty Morgan, Jr. Donald Paxton Mundell Carey E. Murphey, Jr. Kenneth Owen Gerald Patrick Parker Alton DeWitt Patton Stanley Crump Phipps Eugene Armand Ripperger Robert Harold Sobotik Wamac Franklin Soward Jay C. Sproul Jesse Jerald Stephens Byron Edwin Thompson Arnold Joseph Tucker Gabe C. Utz John Ben Yows PAGE 181 ,.- THETA SIGMA PHI HONORARY PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISM FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Founded: The University of Washington, 1909 Xi Chapter, 1919 Fall MARY JANE RAWLINS . NANCY ANN NICHOL VIRGINIA LEE KAZEN . JEAN ANNETTE HOWELL DOLORES SILVA NORRIS G. DAVIS OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Keeper of Archives Sponsor Spring MARY JANE RAWLINS NANCY ANN NICHOL VIRGINIA LEE KAZEN JEAN ANNETTE HOWELL DOLORES SILVA NORRIS G. DAVIS FACULTY MEMBERS Marye Durrum Benjamin Jessamon Dawe Mary Margaret Frazier Frankie Welborn Lindsey Amy Jo Long Carolyn Jane Malone Jo Caldwell Meyer Marian Michael Leigh Peck Afton Taylor Wynn Marguerite Harrison HONORARY MEMBERS Jean Mooney Mary Annette Abshier Aida Nydia Barrera Barbara Ann Benson Helen Anna Betty Mary Frances Dicorte MEMBERS Nancy Gay Hasten Jean Annette Howell Virginia Lee Kazen Marcia Lavonne Kincaid Joan Elizabeth McKnight Nancy McMeans Nancy Ann Nichol Lois Ann Randerson Mary Jane Rawlins Barbara Rose Ray Dolores Silva Helen Garrard Callicutt Sandra Jean Couch Peggy Jo Elder Marilyn Ann Goldberg Vilma Lita Gorena SPRING INITIATES Ann Huffington Karen Klinefelter Danee Almadan Miller G. Annette Ray Elizabeth Ann Rudd Carolyn Ann Seay Loretta Shields Marion Bess Simon Mary Jo Wadlington Doris Laird Wilson I ' AIIK 1H2 UNIVERSITY WOMEN ' S COUNCIL Founded: The University of Texas, 1928 OFFICERS Fall CARLENE JOHNSON President MARY JANE RAWLINS V ice-President NANCY JANE RODMAN Secretary DIANE MCFARLAND Treasurer Spring CARLENE JOHNSON MARY JANE RAWLINS NANCY JANE RODMAN DIANE MCFARLAND FACULTY MEMBER Dorothy Watts Dean MEMBERS Shirley Ann Bird Celia Ann Buchan Winona Lynn Cornelius Barbara Deane Davis Mary Ellen Embree Shirley Mae Hlanak Julie Landrum Holman Marie Hudson Carlene Johnson Diane McFarland Nancy Carter Michel Susan Mowery Camille Newberry Frances Ann Ramsey Mary Jane Rawlins Nancy Jane Rodman Mary Jane Upton Jarrett Bernice Vogan SPRING INITIATES Wilanna O. Blanton Sidney Ann Donaghey Joan Marie Franklin Margaret Maurine Motter Carol E. Querolo Sue Rosson Edith Margaret Wilson 183 KAPPA PSI HONORARY SERVICE PHARMACY FRATERNITY Founded: Russell Military Academy, 1879 Gamma Gamma Chapter, 1933 Fall JOE B. REUSS MARVIN ERNEST KUEHNER TOMMY W. GAGE RAYMOND RANDOLPH REESE FOREST JAMES REES . CONRAD L. HYDRICK OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Historian . Chaplain . Spring MILTON DUDLEY TOMPKINS JOE GREGORY GUERRERO, JR. CARL EDWIN LARSON NORMAN MICHAEL EKERY ARLEN YOUNG STURDIVANT DON CADE COPELAND Carl Clarence Albers Joe Hoyl and Arnette Robert Graves Brown Henry Matthew Burlage John Emerson Davis FACULTY MEMBERS William Francis Gidley Gunnar Gjerstad Vernon A. Green Wallace Louis Guess William R. Lloyd Frederick Valentine Lofgren William Rust Neville Herbert Schwartz Kenneth Edward Tiemann Leon Otto Wilken Charles Owens Wilson MEMBERS Glenn David Appelt James Oliver Bartrug Donald Lewis Beck Robert Merrill Blake Charles Allan Brooks Gene Edward Busshart Eduardo Jesus Camero Don Cade Copeland Norman Michael Ekery Tommy W. Gage Raul Garza, Jr. Paul Frank Geiger Charles Gonzales-Shears Alfonso Mario Gonzalez Joe Gregory Guerrero, Jr. Jerry Hanks Edward C. Hayward Conrad L. Hydrick Marvin Ernest Kuehner James Don Mayfield William Helms Morgan Mark C. Noble Travis Luther Owen John Scott Pendergrass Carl Alton Pevoto David R. Pinson Forest James Rees Raymond Randolph Reese Joe B. Reuss Billy Jack Sanders Allan Hartley Schurr Donald Wayne Shafer Robert A. Shook Milton Glenn Smith Arlen Young Sturdivant Milton Dudley Tompkins Richard Tunnell Adolph Tupa Jose Elias Vargas, Jr. Richard Elbert Ward Thomas Lee Williams FALL INITIATES James Robert Bigham William Rexford Owen Arnold Dahl Haslund Lloyd Stephen Shipp Carl Edwin Larson Burton Simon Arturo B. Martinez, Jr. Gilberto Uresti Raymond Mendez, Jr. Roy Harry Voges, Jr. Ramiro Narro SPRING Michael Charles Adamo Jackie Thurman Askew Allen Bertie Bourgeois, Jr. Paul Elwood Cohen Max Don Dooley PLEDGES Ismael Gonzalez Franklin Emerson Miller Norman Herbert Prenzler Richard Elgin Sauer Eddie Ragan Serface Top Row: Appelt, Arnette, Bartrug, Bigham, Blake, Busshart, Camero, Copeland. Ekery, Gage. Second How: Garza, Geiger, A. Gonzalez, Gonzalez-Shears, Green, Guerrero, Guess, Hanks, Haslund, Hayward. Third Row: Hydrick, Larson, Martinez, Mendez, Morgan, Narro, Noble, T. Owen, W. Owen, Pendergrass. Fourth Row: Pevoto, Pinson, Rees, Reese, Reuss, Sanders, Schurr Shafer, Shipp, Shook. Fifth Row: Simon, Smith, Tompkins, Uresti, Vargas, Voges, Ward, Wilken, Williams. PHI DELTA CHI NATIONAL HONORARY PHARMACEUTICAL FRATERNITY Founded: University of Michigan, 1883 Lambda Chapter, 1905 Fall LONNIE FLOYD HOLLINGSWORTH LUCIEN RlCE DOCKRAY PAUL FREDERICK TRANTHAM . CLIFFORD BARNEY HUNTER WILLIAM EDWARD FOSTER JOE GLENN PANNELL . MARIO GUERRA OBLEDO OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer . Master-at-Arms. Prelate . Inner Guard Spring WILLIAM EDWARD WARE ELMER KENNETH YOUNG NOEL MARTINEZ EDWARD CHARLES VACULA ROY GENE LEE ROBERT FRANK ADAMCIK LEON DWIGHT LIND FACULTY MEMBERS Carl Clarence Albers William Francis Gidley William Rust Neville, Jr. William Johnson Sheffield MEMBERS Robert Frank Adamcik John Herbert Anderson, Jr. Billy Travis Arbuckle John George Asaff Don Richard Bruce Joe Edward Canker Kirwin Gherbis Damiani Richard LeRoy Davidson Jose Adrian Del Castillo Lucien Rice Dockray James Millard Elliott William Edward Foster Hector Gonzales Garcia Lonnie Floyd Hollingsworth Clifford Barney Hunter Henry Jean Jones William J. Leath Roy Gene Lee Leon Dwight Lind Raymond Richard Loew Noel Martinez Mario Guerra Obledo John Henry Opryshek Joe Glenn Pannell Henry Ira Scoggins, Jr. Jack Purdy Stroman Paul Frederick Trantham Edward Charles Vacula William Edward Ware Elmer Kenneth Young SPRING INITIATES Durwood R. Barnett James M. Cejda Joe H. Couch Olen Laroy Douglas Charles Elroy Ebel Francisco Jesus Garcia Francisco T. Gonzales George Allen Harvey Michael Lee Herry James Eldridge Humphries, Jr. James Edward Lester William Travis Malone, Jr. Randall Earl Posey William A. Reynolds William A. Riddick Cecil Chalfant Weekley, Jr. Richard Douglas Robb Harmon Bishop Standefer Harold L. Varner Walter Joseph Wasicek Arthur Darrell Webb, Jr. Front Row: Anderson, Damiani, Dockray, Del Castillo, Hunter, Bruce, Davidson. Second Row: Obledo, H. Garcia, Trantham, Jones, Cariker, Pannell, Stroman. Third Row: Lind, Young, Loew, Opryshek, Foster, Vacula, Adamcik. Fourth Row: Hollingsworth, Lee, Scoggins, Martinez, Sheffield, Arbuckle, Asaff. PACE 185 ALPHA PHI OMEGA HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION Founded: Lafayette College, 1925 Alpha Rho Chapter, 1935 OFFICERS Fall HARRY LEE HUDSPETH LARRY ALLEN HEBERT SWEN WILLIAM BORG, JR. . PHILLIP SHERWOOD PAUL, JR. . WENDALL NORMAN SPREADBURY FRANK EUGENE McLAiN . LORENCE LARRY BRAVENEC JlMMIE McBRATNEY FoY . President .... First Vice-President Second Vice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... Reporter .... Historian . Spring PHILLIP SHERWOOD PAUL, JR. FRANK EUGENE McLAiN MICHAEL A. WILEY LORENCE LARRY BRAVENEC JlMMIE McBRATNEY FOY HARVEY EUGENE ZION WENDALL NORMAN SPREADBURY DEXTER HILL ADVISORS Keith Kohn Cox Kenneth Jackson Cox Norton Curry H. L. Gaskin Raymond Kenney Joe Malik, Jr. Gilbert Myers H. W. Newman Calvin Cleave Nolen Arno Nowotny Elwood J. Preiss MEMBERS Swen William Borg, Jr. Lorence Larry Bravenec Joe Ralph Canfield Robert Alexander Carnes Russell Eugene Covitt Gene Villard Danner John Rentz Doggett, III Jimmie McBratney Foy Arthur Dan Gleckler Roger Lee Gorrell Roy A. Harrell, Jr. Robert Armistead Hasty, II Larry Allen Hebert William Brent Hempkins Dexter Hill Thomas Henry Holman Holley Segrest Hudson Harry Lee Hudspeth Thomas Philip Kelly, Jr. James R. Kleiner Jerome Michael Kopel Robert Gene Kunkel Moise Lauterstein Samuel Hunter Leggitt Charles D. LeMasters Bill Lee Liggin Frederick William Martin Strand Marchand McDougal Ross Albert McElroy, Jr. Frank Eugene McLain Fred Danny McLarry Larry Medlock Jack Burkett Merrill Keith Kenyon Morrow Jerry J. Nathan Bobby Austin Newman Lloyd Durman Oldham Edward Gostave Paetzel Phillip Sherwood Paul, Jr. Lindsay F. Phillips Robert Stack Pickens Walter Brown Pistor Leonard Brodnax Plummer, Jr. Ramon Robert Rackley Dwain Reeves Samuel Dwain Reeves David Lyle Robertson, Jr. Guy Durwyn Robinson Charles David Rorie Barry Raymond Russak Thomas H. Shelby Ferris Arthur Simpson Calvin Lionel Spencer, Jr. Wendall Norman Spreadbury James Cecil Stokes Donald Jon Strybos Roy Lynn Taylor Ariel Jose Thomann Ernest Raymond Thomas, Jr. Henry Valentino Kenneth Lee Van Sickle G. Emilio Villarreal Colonel James Wallace Frank Alfred Weir Jerry Ames Wells Michael A. Wiley David Harry Wilten Emory Kent Worley Donald W. Young Elmer T. Zilch, Jr. Harvey Eugene Zion FALL INITIATES Donald Edgar Andrews Kenneth Newt Andrews Donald Earl Bodine Benjamin Spencer Bradshaw Frank Asbury Cave Lewis Wheeler Donaghey Sterly Glen Dossman Thomas Phillips Field, Jr. John C. Floros Joe Drahn Foster, Jr. George Edward Gaines Martin Enrique Garcia Herbert Stephen Goldberg Paul M. Hagans William B. Hall Charles David Kent Marvin W. Lerner Lazaro Franco Lopez Kenneth Cha rles Margolis Allen Lee Miller Alan Gordon Nicholas, Jr. John W. Page Stevens David Ramsey, Jr. Sherian Audilet Salge Ahmad Y. Samawi Roger Terry Shapiro Robert Samson Singer Clarence Neal Stevenson Marshall Wayland Thompson Herbert Harry Wiener Erie Travis Worley Charles Edward Young SPRING PLEDGES James Carter Boone, Jr. Lawrence Jackson Bernard Joe Henry Bruns Thomas Charles Bruns Paul Milton Carraway Weldon David Cade, Jr. Thomas Joe Cunningham James Edward Davis Thomas Dale Erwin Thomas Martin Eversole Ronald Jack Finger Stephen Allen Grant, Jr. David Arnold Greenspan Carl Donald Gunn Larry Neal Hurwitz James Don Johnston George Charles Kendall, Jr. James Donald Kniker Henry Willard Lende, Jr. Richard Ransom Lillie Koye Edgar McElroy Orville Homer Miller Jack Wayne Molloy Robert Charles Reinarz Don Shane Robinson Frederick Sydney Schlather James Jerral Taylor Travis Eugene Taylor Kenneth Wayne Vernon Mark Harvey Waggoner PACE 186 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY AIR FORCE ROTC HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION Founded: The University of Cincinnati, 1947 John H. Payne Squadron, 1950 Fall ROBERT H. BOHN JACK RONALD Cox RICHARD WAYNE BATEMAN LARRY WAYNE ANDERSON WILLIAM O. BREEDLOVE . CHARLES LUCKY OGLESBY OFFICERS Squadron Commander . Executive Officer Operations Officer Adjutant-Recorder . Treasurer .... Information Service Officer Spring ROBERT H. BOHN JACK RONALD Cox RICHARD WAYNE BATEMAN LARRY WAYNE ANDERSON WILLIAM O. BREEDLOVE CHARLES LUCKY OGLESBY FACULTY MEMBER Major Eugene A. Wink Jimmy A. Almazan Larry Wayne Anderson James L. Bartz Richard Wayne Bateman Robert H. Bohn William Ottway Breedlove, III Hilton I. Chodorow Bryan R. Conn Jack Ronald Cox John David Croslin MEMBERS James J. Dorrough Richard Economy Kenneth Ray Farabee Joaquin Fox George Randall Hammond Clelland Maxwell Harris Charles Marvin Hineman Samuel Idrogo Morris Sheppard Johnston, Jr. Emmit Alton Koelle Harold Benton Lineberger Charles Albert Machemehl Humboldt Casad Mandell, Jr. Wayne Arthur Munson Earl Johnson Nesbitt, Jr. Charles Lucky Oglesby John Charles Procter Henry Valentino Herschel Wells John M. Wood Jimmie Wayne Zunker Harold Wesley Ashendorf Jacob Alton Bauerle Willie Smith Bennett Edward Stafford Bridges Eugene Franklin Broome Clarence W. Chandler Henry David Christian John Walter Clark Troy Hall Davidson, Jr. Stewart Leonard Davis Harvey Diemer SPRING PLEDGES Anthony Kent Dunnam Robert Sterling Farmer Joseph Holt Foster, Jr. Terry Clay Green David Evan Griffiths Sam Hulin Hall Clarence Wayne Harrison Lawrence Eugene Hart James Arthur Loynd Raul S. Lozano Joe Edward Manz George Daniel Matzke Carlos Landon Naumann Dennis Joseph O ' Brien James Parker Oliver Dennis Gordon Pace Walter Asa Saunders John T. Sherwood Jerry Mac Trim Donald Thomas Ward Phillip Robert Zeeck PAGE 187 .- COWBOYS HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION FOR MEN Founded: The University of Texas, 1922 OFFICERS Fall ROBERT LANDIS ARMSTRONG . DONALD E. WEBER JOHN THOMAS STUART . WILLIAM THOMAS CRITTENDEN ROBERT H. BOHN Foreman . Strawboss Horse Wrangler Shotgun . Camp Cook . Spring DONALD E. WEBER RICHARD GEORGE McCoLLUM RICHARD FRANK BERGNER SHELDON ANISMAN CHARLES ALLEN LINGO, JR. Fred Graydon Anderson Sheldon Anisman Robert Landis Armstrong Kirby Attwell Charles Allen Baker Richard Frank Bergner James Neal Blanton Ronald H. Blum Robert H. Bohn Sam Charles Bradshaw Denmar B. Canova William Emmett Cassady Harley R. Clark Lawrence Dean Cobb David Mayo Cornell William Thomas Crittenden Jack Wafford Davis Kermit James Decker William James Derrick MEMBERS Raymond F. Downs John Warner Duckett, Jr. Lynwood G. Elliott Howell M. Finch Walter William Fondren Philip G. Foote Samuel Antone Giammalva Malcolm Russell Gregory William Jerome Groogan Gary Reagan Gurwitz Eddie Harrell Marshall Allen Harrell Hubert Bonner Herren, Jr. William Michael Higgins John Webb Howell Robert Quentin Keith Charles Allen Lingo, Jr. Joe Bernard Lovejoy, Jr. Richard George McCollum Donald Charles Mcllyar Walter Hedrick McNew Jerome Jacob Nathan William C. Nelson Doyle Emmett Perkinson Hubert Edward Rossy, Jr. Larry Allan Schmucker Thomas Edward Seekatz Richard U. Simon, Jr. Webb McCann Sowden, Jr. John Graham Steele Newton J. Steele John Thomas Stuart Donald E. Weber Jimmy Dwayne Welch John Alan Woodman Ben Jones Woodson Gordon Russell Wynne, Jr. Laurence Albert Becker Sam Raymond Bright Bethea Wright Brindley Owen William Cecil Roy Clarence Coffee, Jr. Ben Addison Donnell Walter Webb Duson SPRING INITIATES Don L. Griffith William Arch Harrison, Jr. William H. Hinkle Paxton H. Howard, Jr. Richard Page Keeton Clifton Hatcher McCall Gibbs MacDaniel, Jr. Danny Allen Myers Floyd Eugene Pope James Archer Prentice Frank Dallas Scarborough Joe Edward Stoeltje Jack Rainard Wahlquist John Hill Watts, III Wayne E. Windle PAGE 188 MORTAR BOARD NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FOR SENIOR WOMEN Founded: Cornell University, 1918 Visor Chapter, 1923 OFFICERS Fall CELIA ANN BUCHAN . ADELE BLACK .... EDITH MARGARET WILSON NANCY PAGE CAROL E. QUEROLO . MARIA MAGDALENA BENAVIDES ETELKA S. LYNN . . . . ROSALIE OAKES .... BETTY ALEXANDER President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter . Historian Sponsor . Sponsor . Sponsor . Spring CELIA ANN BUCHAN ADELE BLACK EDITH MARGARET WILSON NANCY PAGE CAROL E. QUEROLO MARIA MAGDALENA BENAVIDES ETELKA S. LYNN ROSALIE OAKES BETTY ALEXANDER Louise Landis Armstrong Edleen Begg Betty Cardwell Paula Janet Connor Virginia Gillett Garner FACULTY MEMBERS Dorothy L. Gebauer Helen Hargrave Anna Hiss Sue Correll James Thelma Lockwood Etelka S. Lynn Patricia Kendall Masters Margaret Peck Lucy Rathbone Joanne M. Ravel Helen Tackett HONORARY MEMBERS Josephine Margaret Chapman Helen Margaret Flinn Maria Magdalena Benavides Adele Black Celia Ann Buchan Catherine Ann Campbell Mary Louise Bring Margaret Johanna Gregory Nancy Gay Haston MEMBERS Sylvia Milady Maly Diane McFarland Jane Alexander Moss Susan Mowery Shirley Ann Nelson Nancy Page Carol E. Querolo Mary Jane Rawlins Barbara Jewell Richards Sally Woods Sparks Cheryl Joy Tonroy Patricia Ellen Tracy Georgia Ann Ulrich Elleanor Ann Walker Edith Margaret Wilson Shirley Ann Bird Nancy Joan Bitter Mary Ellen Embree Jan Durrett Evans Neita Lea Farley Joan Marie Franklin SPRING INITIATES Jane Birdwell Henderson Joyce Anne Henderson Carroll Ann Hodges Shannon Howard Norma Matlock Sandra Lee Moore Virginia Nutt Patricia Padgett Jean Ellen Pepper Josephine Duvall Scurry Mary Margaret Stallings Margaret Helen Turpin Carol Beth Villarreal PAGE 189 ORANGE JACKETS HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN Founded: The University of Texas, 1923 Fall JARRETT BERNICE VOGAN NORMA MATLOCK JOAN MARIE FRANKLIN . MARTHA COLEMAN HUFF JULIA PENN CARROLL ANN HODGES . PARTICIA K. MASTERS DOROTHY WATTS DEAN . OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Contact Chairman Contact Chairman Sponsor Sponsor Spring JARRETT BERNICE VOGAN NORMA MATLOCK JOAN MARIE FRANKLIN MARTHA COLEMAN HUFF Jo ANN SHURTLEFF CARROLL ANN HODGES PATRICIA K. MASTERS DOROTHY WATTS DEAN Marilyn Barren Shirley Ann Bird Nancy Joan Bitter Etta Mae Courtney Mary Ursula Dawson Nancy Elizabeth Edwards Mary Ellen Embree Jan Durrett Evans Neita Lea Farley Joan Marie Franklin Iris Gail Garrett Shirley Ann Gore MEMBERS Nancy Lee Goosby Thelma Lipscomb Hartsfield Jane Birdwell Henderson Joyce Ann Henderson Carroll Ann Hodges Shannon Howard Carol Dale Hudspeth Claire Hudspeth Martha Coleman Huff Grace Nan Jennings Carlene Johnson Norma Matlock Lyndall Otey Maxwell Patricia Ann Morrow Virginia Nutt Becca Jean Orchard Patricia Padgett Patricia Ann Parker Julia Penn Jean Ellen Pepper Virginia Lee Price Barbara Sutherland Margaret Helen Turpin Jarrett Bernice Vogan Nancy Lou Brooks Lucy Ann Collins Elinor Clyde Drake Billye Rae Funk Marilyn Ann Goldberg Sandra Len Griffith Martha Louise Bowser Ruth Ann Cloud Dorothy Dawson Sandra Esquivel Martha Carolyn Graves FALL INITIATES Carolyn Janet Haley Martha King Hughes Sally Kay Maxwell Julia Ann Moffett Sarah Jean Moore Cyrena Jo Norman Beverly Sue Peel SPRING INITIATES Molly Mara Marilyn Marshall A. Virginia Nash Barbara F. Polsky Anne Price Sue Rosson Nancy Norwood Pinson Frances Ann Ramsey Betsy Ross Jo Ann Sh urtleff Mary Margaret Stallings Ray Davis Torian Sarah Eugenia Rush Virginia Alice Spruce Sharon Sue Voyles Lettie Mae Wheat Patricia Ann Wilcox PAOE 190 SCABBARD AND BLADE NATIONAL HONORARY MILITARY FRATERNITY Founded: University of Wisconsin, 1904 Texas Chapter, 1949 " G " Company, 8th Regiment OFFICERS Fall LESTER PAUL FRANCIS . HUMBOLDT CASAD MANDELL, JOHN MCLEAN GRIFFITH . ROBERT WALLACE SENN Captain JR. . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant First Sergeant . Spring MAX KARLSON MILLER CHARLES DOUGLASS HERRERA RICHARD WAYNE BATEMAN DAVID ROY HINES Major William E. Antley, USMC FACULTY MEMBERS Captain Lewis V. Edner, USA Major Rudolph W. Staffa, USA HONORARY MEMBERS Commander Radford K. Arner, USN Colonel Hugh D. McGaw, USA Lieutenant Colonel Marvin L. Bell, USA Colonel Curtis Theodore Ricketts, USA Captain Donald Greer Irvine, USN Colonel David H. Thomas, USAF Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin B. Maxwell, Jr., USA Colonel Ralph A. Tolve, USA Major Eugene A. Wink, Jr., USAF Richard Wayne Bateman Robert H. Bohn William Howard Bond Lyle Floyd Branch William O. Breedlove William Jackson Brownlow Henry Lee Caldwell Bryan R. Conn Ira Jules Dolich Harvey Andrew Eikel MEMBERS Lester Paul Francis John McLean Griffith, Jr. Charles Douglass Herrera David Roy Hines Louis Benjamin Houston, Jr. Jerry Harrison Jenkins Darrell King Jones James Richard Kanning Julian P. Kornfeld Robert B. Lillie Harold Benton Lineberger Donald J. Malouf Humboldt Casad Mandell, Jr. Max Karlson Miller Richard Alan Palmer Michael Seay Robert Wallace Senn Robert Falligant Travis Hershel Odell Wells Thomas Elmer Wiley, Jr. Forest Hunter Williams Byron Raymond Adams Edward Stafford Bridges George William Cape, Jr. Stewart Leonard Davis Joseph Holt Foster, Jr. Seinwil Louis Greenberg William Arch Harrison, Jr. A. Jackson Hill SPRING INITIATES James Walton Kachtick Robert Foster Loughridge James Arthur Loynd George Daniel Matzke Dennis Joseph O ' Brien Dennis Gordon Pace John William Pieper Allen John Pierce John W. Sauer Richard Alan Shropshire John Thomas Stuart Charles A. Taylor John E. Teed Everitte Lanier Tucker Clovis S. Vaughn PACE 191 SILVER SPURS HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION FOR MEN Founded: The University of Texas, 1938 Fall SAM R. PERRY LEROY FREDRIC Buss . ROBERT ELTON MIMS STEPHEN ROBERT BUTTER KENNETH JOHN MIGHELL PATRICK MICHELL TOLAR . MARVIN RAY DUNAWAY OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Executive Council Executive Council Executive Council Spring LEROY FREDRIC Buss ROBERT CLARK JAMES SAMUEL YANDELL DORFMAN, JR. GEORGE ALBERT OLSON STEPHEN ROBERT BUTTER JAMES EDWARD BRILL JAMES WHITTENBURG WALKER MEMBERS Stanley Edward Adams Albert Morris Albright, Jr. Lynn Louis Bourdon, Jr. James Edward Brill Leroy Fredric Buss Stephen Robert Butter V. Neil Caldwell Joe Speed Carroll Brady Marshall Cole Frank Cloud Cooksey J. Lee Dittert, Jr. Samuel Yandell Dorfman, Jr. Marvin Ray Dunaway Alan Jack Garey Ronald David Greenberg Charles Rebstock Gregg Hall Street Hammond Lloyd LeRoy Hayes Harry Pat Hewell Henry Donnan Jacoby Robert Clark James Vernon Murray Jordan Thomas Robbins LeBleu Richard C. Lowrey James Albert Mashburn Henry Young McCown, Jr. Keith Underwood McCrary Kenneth John Mighell Robert Elton Mims Fred Stephen Nagle George Albert Olson Sam R. Perry Thomas Chase Primm George Putnam Wilfred Lee Rankine John Thomas Ratliff Benjamin Thomas Rhodes, Jr. George William Schneider, Jr. Robert Eric Shannon Daniel Cargill Smith, III Donald Lamar Stone Harry Evans Taylor Patrick Michell Tolar James Terrell Townsend James Whittenburg Walker Donald Ray Warren Johnny Richard Warren Herschel Odell Wells Robert Harral Whilden, Jr. William Howard Wolf Chesley Kosub Wood William Emerson Wright Lorence Larry Bravenec Richard Wayland Calhoun Eddie Chan Addison Yancey Gunter, III Harry Lee Hudspeth FALL INITIATES James Walter Kachtick Roderick Earle Kennedy Henry Donald Kirschner Frank Eugene McLain Buford DeMoville McKinney, Jr. Clovis Clyde Morrisson Jack Glenn Norwood Walter Brown Pistor William Morris Ravkind Jerry Ames Wells Robb Kendrick Burlage Thomas G. Bousquet Chancy Croft Ralph Waldrom Dau Richard Lee Gannett Pearson Grimes, Jr. SPRING INITIATES Joe Gregory Guerrero Robert Campbell Hewell Dexter Hill Phillip Sherwood Paul, Jr. David Anders Provost Donald Otis Robertson Glenn Alfred Rogers Neal Leslie Spelce Donald Ray Stodghill Victor Tinsley, Jr. Surinder Paul Vohra PAGE 192 r Limelight I -= ' WVi St. ' - Personalities PAGE 193 Sweetheart of The University of Texas SHARON LOUISE HENSON Of Bluebonnet Belle EDITH ORR ELLIOTT PAGE 196 Bluebonnet Belle CAROL ANN KOCH PACE 199 Bluebonnet Belle BECCA JEAN ORCHARD P!E 200 Bluebonmt Belle JUDY FRADKIN PACE 202 Bluebonnet Belle CYNTHIA ANN LEE Bluebonmt Belk Finalists Julie Lane Anne Doak Marjorie Pearson Kay Brazelton Nanci Myers Bluebonnet Belle Finalists Carolyn Clayton Barbara Putnam Sharon Henson Phyllis Jean Mazzagate Judith Lynn Eason BLUEBONNET BELLE NOMINEES Elaine Anderson Barbara Blum Kay Brazelton Rikki Clark Carolyn Clayton Anne Doak Judith Lynn Eason Bitsey Elliott Dorothy Jean Evans Beatrice Findlater Judy Fradkin Lynda Haire Sharon Henson Carol Koch Julie Lane Cynthia Lee Joyce Lissauer Phyllis Mazzagate Fran Moseley Nanci Myers Kay Old Becca Orchard Marjorie Pearson Mary Aline Preston Barbara Putnam Harriet Sampson Mary Beth Smith Ann Stevens Suzanne Summers Sandra Wade PAOF. 208 SWEETHEAR T NOMINEES Bonnie Vifquain Sandra Moore Sherry Glover Virginia Wilkinson Diane Denton Maymerle Shirley Nancy Edwards Martha Hughes Shirley Gore Nancy Bitter Carole May Sally Kay Maxwell Pat Wilcox Shirley Bird Jarrett Vogan Sandra Esquivel Diana Carter Mary Ellen Embree Norma Matlock Carol Hudspeth _ CARLENE JOHNSON EDITH ORR ELLIOTT SWEETHEAR T PACK 210 BETSY BLANTON I FINALISTS PAT PARKER PAGE 211 ROBERT L. (BOB) ARMSTRONG Phi Delta Theta; Foreman, Cowboys; Fiiars ADELE BLACK Pi Beta Phi; Orange Jackets; Vice-President, Mortar Board; Spooks; Secretary. Sidney Lainer Literary Society; Secretary, Westminster Stu- dent Fellowship; Panhellenic Junior Representative; Cap and Gown; Littlefield Advisor. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS CELIA BUCHAN Kappa Alpha Theta; Secretary, Orange Jackets; President, Mortar Board: President, Alpha Lambda Delta; UTSA Council; Most Outstanding Girl Award; Cowboy Sweetheart; University Sweetheart. FRED BUSS Phi Gamma Delta; Vice-President, Silver Spurs; Vice-President, Wesley Foundation; Division Chairman, Campus Chest; Summer Assembly; University Religious Council; Discipline Committee; Associate Justice; Permanent Fund Campaign. JOE SPEED CARROLL Delta Upsilon; President, Phi Eta Sigma; Silver Spurs; Sigma Iota Epsilon; Pi Sigma Alpha; Student Assembly; Vice-President, Students ' Association; Texas Union Board of Directors; Campus Chest Steering Committee; Most Outstanding Boy Award; Navy ROTC. HARLEY CLARK President, Tejas Club; Co-Chairman, REW; Cowboys; Friars; Head Cheer Leader; Treasurer, Board of Directors, YMCA; President Hayes ' Cabinet; Faculty-St udent Cabinet; Summer Assembly. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS MARY DRING Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta; Orange Jackets; Mortar Board; Member Board of Directors of University Co-op; Secretary, Turtle Ctub; House President, Grace Hall; Outstanding Sophomore Archi- tecture Student; Outstanding Junior Architecture Student. LLOYD HAYES Phi Gamma Delta; Silver Spurs; Friars; President, Students Association; President, Freshman Council. SYLVIA MALY Mortar Board: Phi Alpha Theta; Vice-President, Inter-cooperative Council; Board of Directors, University Co-op Society; Committee on Student Organizations Maintaining Housing; Cap and Gown; REW Committee; Y; Chairman, Inter-Co-op Council Public Relations Com- mittee ; Arts and Sciences Honor Roll ; Frances Eggleston Goldbeck Scholarship in Humanities. TOM R. LeBLEU Delta iTau Delta; Silver Spurs; T Association; Opera Workshop ; American Institute of Mining Engineers ; Campus Chest Steering Committee; Moore-Hill Hall Counselor; Distinguished Military Student; Outstand- ing Company Commander, Army ROTC ; Varsity Baseball. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS NANCY McMEANS Delta Gamma; Orange Jackets; Mortar Board; Theta Sigma Phi; Daily Texan Editor; TSP Board; Jesse Jones Scholarship; Texas Jour- nalism Award; NSA; TISA Delegate. (No, the Nancys are not twins just " sisters " in journalism who like a good joke.) NANCY HASTON Chi Omega; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board; Theta Sigma Phi; Orange Jackets; Secretary, Students ' Association; Union Board of Directors; TSP Board of Directors; President Wilson ' s Advisory Cabinet; Gail Borden Scholarship in Journalism; Jesse Jones Scholarship in Journalism. NORMA MATLOCK Kappa Kappa Gamma; Vice-President, Orange Jackets; Alpha Lambda Delta; Union Board of Directors; Permanent Fund Speakers Chair- man; Disciplinary Board; Central Round-Up Committee. B. D. McKINNEY Friars; Silver Spurs; Phi Delta Phi; Attorney General; Board of Governors, Student Bar; Students Advisory Council, Ex-Students; Texas, Law Review Editorial Board; Sigma Iota Epsilon; Quizmaster. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS JOAN MCKNIGHT Pi Beta Phi; Theta Sigma Phi; Great Issues Committee; Daily Texan Staff; Reagan Literary Society Reporter; Permanent Fund Committee Chairman; Co-chairman Campus Chest; Associate Justice. I ROBERT ELTON (BUD) MIMS Tejas Club; Secretary, Silver Spurs; REW; Editorial Assistant, Daily Texan; Panorama Editor; Texan Notebook Editor; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi; Jesse Jones Scholarship. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS CLOVIS C. MORRISSON, JR. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Alpha Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Silver Spurs; Friars; Faculty-Student Cabinet; President Wilson ' s Advisory Council; Student-Ex-Students Advisory Council. WILLIAM C. NELSON Alpha Phi Omega; Cowboys; Student-Ex-Students Advisory Council; President, Senior Cabinet; President, American Finance Association; Presi- dent, Transfer Student Council. JERRY NATHAN Phi Sigma Delta; Cowboys; Alpha Phi Omega; Head Cheerleader. SUSAN MOWERY Vice-President, Alpha Phi; Mortar Board; Orange Jackets; Spooks; President, Cap and Gown; Council Member, Westminster Student Fellowship; Curtain Club Board of Directors; Student Assembly. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS JOHNNY STUART Secretary, Delta Tau Delta; Secretary, Cowboys; Phi Eta Sigma; 1957 Cactus Editor; TSP Board Member; Army ROTC; Scabbard and Blade. SAM PERRY Vice-President, Lambda Chi Alpha; President, Silver Spurs; Friars; President Interfraternity Council; Phi Alpha Delta; Student Assembly. JIM TOWERS Alpha Delta Sigma; Student Assembly; Texas Union Married Students Committee; Texas Union Publicity Committee Chairman; Texas Union Executive Council; College of Business Adminis- tration Student Council. MARY JANE RAWLINS Corresponding Secretary, Public Re- lations Committee; Delta Delta Delta; Orange Jackets; President, Theta Sigma Phi; Mortar Board; Vice-President, University Women ' s Council; Daily Texan Staff: Marjorie Darilek Memo- rial Scholarship in Journalism. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS BONNIE MAE VIFQUAIN Marshall, Kappa Alpha Thcta; Chairman, Cultural Entertainment Committee; Y; Navy ROTC Sponsor; Round-Up. HOWARD WOLF Sigma Alpha Mu; Silver Spurs; Pi Sigma Al- pha; President, Interfraternity Council; Presi- dent Wilson ' s Advisory Council. PAGE 218 JIM DWAYNE WELCH Phi Gamma Delta, T Association, Cowboys Round-Up Revue, Varsity Football. GORDON R. WYNNE Phi Delta Theta; Cowboys; Disciplinary Com- mitee, Director, Round-Up Revue. GOODFELLOWS MARY ANN ABSHIER FRED ANDERSON ' ARTURO E. BATRES . SHIRLEY ANN BIRD JIMMY BRILL SAM BRADSHAW MAGDALENA BENAVIDES ROBB BURLAGE GOODFELLOWS - ROY COFFEE FRANK COOKSEY SEMIRAMIS CRONFEL REBECCA CROWDER MARY SULA DAWSON RAYMOND DOWNS MARY ELLEN EMBREE SANDRA JEAN COUCH PHILLIP FOOTE PAGE 220 GOODFELLOWS SAMMY GIAMMALVA PETE GUNTER MARILYN GOLDBERG JANE HENDERSON RONALD GREEXBERG MIKE HIGGINS CAMERON HIGHTOWER HAL HUDSPETH PAGE 221 SHANNON HOWARD GOODFELLOWS MARTHA HUFF RICHARD KEETON JIMMY McBRIDE TANNER HUNT NAN JENNINGS SHIRLEY KLEIN ROD KENNEDY FRANK McLAIN PAGE 222 SANDRA MOORE GOODFELLOWS SANDY MUELLER WALTER PISTOR GEORGE OLSON CAROL QUEROLO JEAN ELLEN PEPPER JOE REUSS GEORGE SCHNEIDER VADEN SMITH PAGE 223 EDDIE SOUTHERN GOODFELLOWS SALLY SPARKS TERRY TOWNSEND MIKE TRANT ROY TAYLOR JANE UPTON- ELLEANOR WALKER GINNY WALKER NANCY WALKER JERRY WELLS PAGE 224 Features PAOE 225 COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Before registration begins, RUSH WEEK is in progress. Kappa Alpha Theta clowns are Dottie Niblett, Dee Carter, Casey Culwick, Nan Jones, Ann Nicholl, Ginny Price ... At the Alpha Phi house, rushee Fairfax Crow received a friendly reception from Janeil Hooten . . . Kappa Kappa Gammas ' Alice in Wonderland characters are Martha Gierhart, Mary Ann Nitson, Nancy Fergu- son, Ann Derden, Sue Meyer, Marion McClaron, Sally Taylor . . . The two pretty angels welcoming rushees to their Zeta Tau Alpha heaven are, Sherry Glover and Jan Chapman. Betty Sheinberg, who is Frosh Rushee in- structor for Delta Phi Epsilon, explains just what this week is all about. The Pi Beta Phi Indians are, Yvonne Brown, Edith Allen, Sandra Swenson, Ann Houston, Mary Ann Scott. And here is a Delta Delta Delta trio, Diane Worthington, Elizabeth Ann Snyder, Suzanne Chandler. CLOCKWISE The entertainment continues at Chi Omega ' s Parisian Cafe with Betty Mitchell waiting on the guests . . . Alpha Delta Pi ' s Dreamland Dolls, Margaret Brouse, Mary E. Griffith, Margaret Beall and Dorothy Jarmon are danc- ing, singing and play acting for the rushees entertain- ment . . . Alpha Chi Omega Sue Rosson chats with rushee Carol Wheeler . . . Ann Fanning and other new girls get settled in their dorms and boarding houses . . . This is the Special Sunday when all rushees hurry down to the Union to pick up bids. The excited pledges are Diane Woolsey, Kaloni Banks, Carolyn and Lauralyn Carlton and Mary Camp . . . Gamma Phi Beta ' s, Pepper Farley, Pat Pfeiffer, Margaret Turpin, Carol Ann Grain and Diane Smith. COUNTER-CLOCKWISE A happy group of boys at the Sigma Alpha Mu house . . . Over at the Phi Delta Theta house, Bill Banks, Jud McNew, Charlie Moore, Bob Bartlett, Steve Butler are looking at the scrap book . . . Dick Morris and Fallon Gordon, Kappa Sigmas, show trophies to rushees . . . Proudly showing the sketch of their new Phi Sigma Delta house are Elliot Wolder, Leon J. Dailey, Phil Stotland, Jerry Wells, Sid Weiss, Barry Kauffman, Ronny Schoen- brun, Tom Sonnenberg, Jay Karkowski, Bruce Stein, Jerry Nathen ... A group discussion at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house . . . On the front steps of the Delta Tau Delta house are Bill Miller, Lee Fredrickson, Fred Nagle, Terry Stembridge, Richard Keeton . . . Interfraternity Council members direct rushees through Gregory Gym. I CLOCKWISE Marilyn Meyer unpacking her formal . . . The Delta Gamma pledge line . . . Janie Keith in the Kappa Alpha Theta pledge line . . . It ' s football time again. Crowd at the Southern California game . . . Cheerleaders Jerry Nathan and Taylor Smith . . . Coaches Ed Price and Jess Hill talk seriously as they leave the field . . . The Texan said " Come by Room 3 in the Journalism Build- ing and pick up your copy of the 1596 Cactus. " And they did, leaving Photographer Jim Wathen under a stack of empty cartons. IMf COUNTER-CLOCKWISE As usual it is a hot day here for registration and the long lines have started to form ... It will feel cool inside the Gym, well for awhile anyway . . . Get your Blanket Tax picture taken, the best picture you have ever had taken for the price of the Blanket Tax . . . Ross McElroy of the Alpha Phi Omegas admits student through the gate . . . The next two pictures should bring back memories, getting course cards and upperclass sectionizing. CLOCKWISE Alpha Phi Omega ' s Swen Borg, Ross McElroy and Lloyd Oldham admit Ann Nicholl, the last of 16,967 students who braved the four day registration period . . . Jane Welsh gets that precious Auditor ' s receipt . . . Jimmy Foy pointing from the balcony to the crowd in the pic- ture below . . . Patsy Pipkin, Judy Morinere, Carol Finn, Sharon Dincans and Mildred Delk all find something of interest in their cards . . . Marlene Klein, Gloria Henson, Lyneen Bartee and Howard Hatoff sectionizing . . . Toni Kitch, Don SpafFord, Jill Grainger and Jane Harwood filling in their cards. COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Dr. and Mrs. Bonner, President and Mrs. Wilson greet Lynn Ellis at the third Annual President ' s Reception . . . Here we have a good posed shot of the future cheer- leaders at tryouts . . . These two girls are really yelling it out. Mortar Board members hard at work getting the Student Directory cards ready for the printer . . . Some of the many students who pass in front of the Main Building on their way to class . . . This is Chemistry 801, one of the six labs that have been equipped with tele- vision receivers on a direct circuit with the transmission station in the University Press Building. CLOCKWISE Pepper Farley and Carol Hudspeth, both Orange Jackets, chat with Sidney Jean Hultgren . . . Ann Suttle and Nancy Hasten look at the Students ' Activity Handbook and discuss the various student and Union Committees which students may work on ... Lloyd Hayes, Student President and his wife, the former University Sweetheart, Barbara Booz . . . With elections coming up in November the campaigning gets an early start on the Campus the Stevenson and Kefauver bus . . . Next, the first fall meet- ing of the Young Republicans at which the resting Pro- fessor Sneed was one of the principal speakers. COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Louis " Satchmo " Armstrong obliged with autographs after his con- certs in Gregory Gym ... A new fight song, written by former Longhorn football star Danny Wolfe, was dedicated to " Mom Griff " during the half of the West Virginia game. Left to right: Don Spencer, Mrs. Griffith, Wolfe, and Taylor Smith . . . October rolled along and the O.U. week-end came around. The big top was vacant as the show had moved on to Dallas but it was a sad week-end as Texas was mauled by the Sooners, 45-0 . . . Three yell leaders hold a conference on the important topic of whether Joe Wells should get cokes or 7-Ups. Jill McMurry doesn ' t care as long as she gets her hair combed but Rogene Kaderli wanted a Root Beer ... A squealing and screaming bunch of Orange Jackets tap a new mem- ber . . . And over in another ring the newly elected Student Assem- bly is sworn in by ring master Lloyd Hayes. 1 - . :-, --A CLOCKWISE Anita Marion, Sybil Wyche, and Laurabeth Grieneeks work on decorations for the Texas Union ' s Ralph Mar- terie Dance . . . The spotlight falls on Martha Davidson as the band strikes up the " Sweetheart of Sigma Chi " . . . Freshmen on a geology field trip check over the rocks they have located . . . Traveling artist Avila draws caricature of student . . . Scene from the Department of Drama ' s " Love for Love " . . . Sandy Mueller dances with her eyes closed at the C ' est Si Bon Dance. COUNTER-CLOCKWISE The Alpha Delta Pi ' s " Fried Pi ' s " strike up the music for Diane Savage, their candidate for Phi Kappa Sigma ' s Moonlight Girl . . . Texas Stars rehearse for their ap- pearances at the football games . . . Harriet Slaughter turns down other Alpha Delta Sigma salesmen to buy a Student Directory from Robb Burlage . . . Louis Arm- strong and Combo perform at Gregory Gym . . . Regis- tration was the first order of the day for those attending the Science Education Conference in Batts Auditorium. CLOCKWISE There was not much to cheer about at the West Virginia game . . . Cowboys and Silver Spurs wait for the team to appear. Sam Bradshaw smiles broadly as Jack Levy, Newton Steele, Richard Howell and Maynard Ginsburg discuss the game . . . This couple attending the Depart- ment of Drama ' s Costume Ball could be " Mr. and Mrs. Outerspace " . . . Orange Jackets start out to tap new members . . . Robb Burlage, Lloyd Hayes and President Logan Wilson engage in a serious discussion at the Student Government Retreat. COUNTER-CLOCKWISE It ' s time for the morning coke for Pat Padgett, Patsy Fincher and Helen Krozak . . . Coach and Mrs. Ed Price are presented a gift of appreciation from the students by Harley Clark, Jerry Nathan, and Celia Buchan . . . Sandy Mueller and Lula Lancaster, members of the Union Dance Committee, prepare decorations for the Mar- terie Dance . . . Speed Carroll received the Dads ' Day Award as the Outstanding Student for 1956-57 . . . The Chi Omegas board a jalopy to campaign for Elizabeth Ellisor, assembly candidate from Arts and Sciences . . . Students gather in front of the Union to sign one of many petitions that were presented during the year . . . Spooks descend on the Pi Kappa Alpha house during meal time and get a free supper. ;r DADS ' DAY AWARD JOE SPEED CARROLL Best Ail-Around Boy CELIA BUCHAN Best Ail-Around Girl PAGE 239 COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Texan Editor Nancy McMeans accepts the Lumber- man ' s Mutual ' s check from Ed Gillette and Thomas Harper at the Journalism Honors Day. The 1955-56 Texan placed second in the Insurance Company ' s safety campaign . . . Another group of student statesmen gathers around President Wilson at the Student Govern- ment Retreat . . . Cadet Colonel Charles Herrera re- ceives an award from Colonel Hugh McGaw during R.O.T.C. Honors Day ceremonies . . . Nancy Pinson is tapped by the Orange Jackets . . . And back to the Louis Armstrong concert. 11 CLOCKWISE Nancy Hasten receives the Gail Borden Scholarship at the Journalism Honors Day. The Borden Company gives the Scholarship each year to the student in the School of Journalism with the best grades . . . The Phi Gamma Deltas get serenaded . . . Nancylee Davis is named the Phi Kappa Sigma Moonlight Girl . . . MICA presents the top six in the Freshman Beauty contest (Left to right) : Lynell Fillmore, Gwen Toombs, Judi Reeves, Gretchen Steinhagen, Carolyn Elam, and Sandra Wade. Judi was later named the winner . . . AROTC sponsors line up for picture. They are Fran Marye, Dorothy Jar- mon, Marcia Ann Folka, Earlene Whitt, Annette Morris, Gayle Whitehurst, Betsy Blanton, Fran Leeland, Sharon Henson, Diane Savage, and Celia Buchan. L COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Texas Stars play cards on the trip to Waco and the Baylor football game . . . Parking in a no parking zone means an impounded car and a fine . . .Texas did not win a football game in November and that Thanksgiving Turkey did taste more like " crow " . . . Unhappy with football, students attend the movies . . . The only cele- brating Texas fans did at football games this year was during the half. v m . CLOCKWISE The S.M.U. game was played in the rain at Memorial Stadium but the score caused the gloomy looks . . . Freshman members of the Longhorn Band wear sack cloth and caps as part of their initiation . . . Rick Mc- Bride, Cactus artist, works on sketches for the division pages . . . First members of the Women ' s Air Force ROTC line up for inspection. (Left to right) : Carol Ann Richardson, Janice (Judy) Miller, Ann Lathan, Pat Clayton, Jo Ann Hamilton, and Captain Patricia Whitmore . . . Janeil Hooten decorates her car with orange and white streamers. FADE 243 COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Dean Jack Holland talks with Larry Schmucker and Don Mcllyar as they guard the pile of lumber for the Aggie Bonfire . . . Menan Schriewer and Delano Womack join the crowd at the bonfire and rally . . . Ray Downs puts out the last embers of the bonfire . . . Rick McBride continues work on Cactus sketches . . . Jill McMurry can not find much to yell about as Texas goes down in defeat. PAGE 244 CLOCKWISE The football action was not so good but the torch parades and rallies were the best . . . Navy sponsors Ann Light- foot, Bonnie Vifquain, Sherry Glover, Ellen Belcher, and Sammye Haw . . . The parking meters outside the Robert E. Lee Dorm ran into considerable trouble during the year . . . On the way to another game . . . Football trains were good places for initiation stunts. COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Cheerleaders take a break at the half of a game in Memorial Stadium . . . Dean Shorty Nowotny calls on the students to help the team at the Aggie Pep Rally . . . Late fall is a good time to sit around under the " spread- ing " oaks on the UT campus . . . Jerry Nathan and his assistants lead yells at the Aggie Pep Rally . . . After every meal some one has to do the dishes. ., .. = CLOCKWISE The Pi Phi " band " practices for the half-time show at the annual Kappa- Pi Phi Powder Bowl game ... Pi Phi Laura Lou Goyne gets away a long pass . . . Kappa footballers Rinda Regent, Nancy Ferguson, and Kay Bonneau take time out to pose for the photographer . . . The Pi Phi team takes to the field. The Kappas won 18-0. A I COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Marie Mcnzies, Sally Moore, and Dick Hunter enjoy supper at the Christian Faith and Life Community . . . Dean Carl Bredt talks with friends at the Inter- national Ball . . . Margaret Jones, Gretchen Werner, Jane Pressley, and Mary Krozak with guests at the Littlefield Christmas Party . . . Reagan Literary Society members Ann Frasher, Kathy Pollard, Jo Howell, and Margaret Weisner talk with Mrs. Claude Hill at the Reagan Prof Party . . . Initiation of new members into Newman Club at St. Austin ' s Church . . . Sigma lola Epsilon pledges are initiated at the annual banquet. CLOCKWISE Santa Glaus introduces Jody Camp, candidate for Aqua-Carnival Queen . . . Another contestant, Laura Lou Goyne, takes a ride on Santa ' s water sleigh . . . Trapeze artists perform at the Aqua-Carnival ... A group from Sherwood Forest come in to attend the party at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house . . . Alpha Delta Pi ' s have a Christmas Party before the holidays . . . Chancy Croft, Gwen Ferrell, Sandra Smith, and Tom Inman at the Apha Chi O Ranch Party. , COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Trudy Shugart of Littlefield cleans up the spilled candy after the party . . . Marilyn Goebel, Diane Wallace, and Nancy Pinson and guests at the Littlefield Christmas Party . . . Holly Milliard entertains one of the young guests at the Theta Christmas Party . . . Maureen Schermer and Fred Schaffner enjoy each other ' s com- pany on the way to class . . . Sweetheart Celia Buchan talks with John Duckett (left) and Eddie Southern . . . Diana Denton receives a pin (the safety variety) at the Theta party . . . Linda Cason models at the Union Style Show. v CLOCKWISE Diane McFarland and Jody Scurry compare notes at the Theta Christmas Party . . . Sidney Sharkey and Joe Edwards make their grand entrance at the Alpha Chi O ' s Ranch Party . . . Russell Gregory talks with a friend at the Fine Arts Follies . . . The Kappa Sigs found one of their guests, Patsy Beveridge, taking up a collection at their Bowery Party . . . Tommy Hail and Bitsey Elliott arrive from Sherwood Forest . . . The conversation at Hogg Auditorium is even more inter- esting than the Follies . . . Jack Rutledge of Jack ' s Party Pictures finds himself surrounded by a host of girls as he dines at Grace Hall. COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Sam Korzekwa and his date enjoy the punch at the CFO Roman Party . . . Chancy Croft, Gwen Ferrell, Hall Hammond, and Linda Landrum have a good time at the Alpha Chi Omega Ranch Party . . . Karen de Ridder and her date are also party-bound . . . Davie Lou Ettelman is telling quite a joke over the phone . . . Marilyn Powell and Charlie Dickerson arrive at the Kappa Sigma Bowery Party . . . The " noblest Roman of them all " Phil Young as Julius Caesar. CLOCKWISE Ernestine White, Sharon Rives, Becky Red, Margaret Best, Delia Duson pose for the cameraman . . . The three sailor gals at the Hillel Foundation party are Eleanor Lewis, Judy Fradkin, and Jean Krozak . . . More Sherwood Forest crew Shelby Shannon and Phyllis Mazzagate . . . Fine Arts Follies drummer and two members of the crew . . . More Romans from the CFO party Betty Dringle feeding grapes to Neil Florer in true Roman style ... A cowgirl at the Grace Hall Christmas Party. COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Gretchen Steinhagen and Paul Yarbrough really look their roles at the ATO ' s Streets of Paris Party . . . Chi Omega ' s Charlene McPhail and Meloyne Lowe go skating . . . Al Birdwell and Jimmy Brill, a couple of Phi Kappa Sigma ' s doubling as waiters . . . And still another party . . . Travis Owens looks the part of a scholar . . . Zetta Baum and Jalna Byron at the surprise breakfast given by the Alpha E. Phi ' s for the actives. CLOCKWISE Charlyn Jancik and Ada Schaller seem very interested in their conversation at the ADPi formal . . . More con- versation. This time it is between Martha Maxwell and her date at the Phi Gam formal . . . The Beta ' s go western style in their dancing ... A lone musician . . . The Lambda Chi ' s present their sweetheart, Clare Hudspeth, a bouquet of roses . . . The Chi Omegas and the Sig Ep ' s had a real enjoyable skating party. L COUNTER-CLOCKWISE It does look like a brawl but really it is only the KA ' s doing some volleyball practicing for intramurals . . . Nancy French and Jo Nockolds plan a rush party at the Alpha Phi house . . . Jim Boyce opens a " family-size " coke for a little party at the Phi Delt house . . . An AEPhi hides from the photographer at the surprise breakfast given by the pledges . . . More " Frenchies " at the ATO Streets of Paris Party Don Smith, Hank Faulkner, and Brownie Shepherd . . . Jerry Tiras makes like a strong man. CLOCKWISE Tex Dotson joins other Phi Kapps in a game of cards . . . Pete Rose, Joe Krozak and friends entertain with guitar music . . . Ann Donaghey pours punch at the Baptist Student Union open house . . . Sue Lynn Humphreys takes a paddle to her date, Roger Barker, at the ADPi formal . . . Carolyn Hendrie and Ann Suttle and their dates, Buddy Dau and Don Shine go formal. TIRED ANDWMtTTO TO THE COUNTER-CLOCKWISE A couple arrives for the Chi Phi formal . . . Mike Higgins crowns Nancy Shepherd Queen of the Military Ball . . . Fred Baccus has his date laughing at a good joke at the Delt formal . . . Roy Moore and Sherma Pattillo seems more interested in each other than in the dancing at the Delt formal . . . Everyone had a good time at the Phi Kapp formal . . . Linda Tucker and Dick McCollum have their picture taken at the Deke formal. CLOCKWISE Mary Voigt and Betsy Ross at the Tri-Delt ' s Fratty Friend Party . . . Jody Camp enjoys a cup of punch at the Delta Zeta Valentine Party . . . Among those attending the Sigma Phi Epsilon costume party were Norma Matlock and her date . . . Mrs. Edgar Wells, Phi Kapp house- mother, and Ed Engbrock at the Phi Kapp formal . . . More Tri-Delts at the Fratty Friend Party Bitsey Elliott, Patsy Henry, Jane Bickham, and Mary Jane Rawlins . . . A crowd at the SPE costume party . . . Another Delta Zeta valentine. . COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Formals and more formals a pretty scene from the Zeta formal ... a group at the Belt formal . . . Virginia and Lee Floyd as the Lady and the Tramp at the SPE costume party . . . Howard Compton and date look at bit gloomy . . . More gals and guys this time at the Quad Dorm formal. TlIT CLOCKWISE Three happy guests at the SPE costume party . . . part of the crowd at the Zeta formal . . . Another view of Virginia and Lee Floyd . . . The Alpha Gams entertain with a closed house . . . Tri-Delts Janet Buchanan, Susan Spice, Sue Lotspeich, Nancy Oden, and Bitsey Elliott. COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Nanci Myers, Theta, calling friends in for coffee and do- nuts . . . Betas spot the cam- era . . . Nita (Pepper) Far- lay, Gamma Phi Beta, takes a perch on the piano . . . This student seems inspired by the bullfight photographs behind him . . . Mary Caro- lyn Hall rushes March to go fly a kite . . . Gamma Phi Beta ' s had a costume party ... a couple of pretty valen- tines . . . Paul Hope pauses between Cactus assignments. CLOCKWISE Joan Ware and Bill Satter- white at the Delt Formal . . . MICA-WICA Las Vegas Party . . . Sue Braden and Roger Wright at the Phi Kapp Formal . . . Janet Buchanan and Mary Jane Rawlins at the Tri-Delt Fratty Friend night . . . Acacia party . . . Nanci Myers and Janie Keith join other Thetas in flying kites . . . Clovis Vaughn and date enjoy the Military Ball . . . James Wathen, Cactus pho- tographer, has the tables turned and gets his picture taken. l COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Varsity Carnival was a high spot of March. Corinne Cameron and Virginia Walters serve as barkers for the ADPi sideshow ... A Chi O ' s rest between shows . . . Alpha Phi ' s depict a bit of Paris life . . . Mud-covered AEPi ' s chased pigs anything for charity! PAGE 264 CLOCKWISE More Varsity Carnival The Phi Belt Dip . . . Vernon Weddle as Richard III in the drama production given by the Curtain Club . . . Dean Cobb and Jerry Nathan auction off Gwen Toombs at the Campus Chest Auction . . . Melonye Lowe, Amalee Cartee, and Carol Ann Eason and their servant at the Chi Omega " Mint Julip " booth at Varsity Carnival ... Phi Sigma Delta ' s " Pie Throw. " COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Phi Sigma Deltas give out with a little music as they ask for Campus Chest contributions . . . Ugly Man contest- ants " scare " a co-ed . . . Zeta practice for Varsity Carni- val ... Pi KA ' s sold Pike Pups at Varsity Carnival and everyone enjoyed them . . . Becca and Judy Orchard in a sister act . . . Fred Gerson needing some help with that ladder . . . With Round-Up just around the corner Carol Rawlinson helps with the Delta Upsilon float. CLOCKWISE Lynda Haire helps the Tri-Delts with their Varsity Show . . . Everyone enjoyed Varsity Carnival. Crowds were everywhere . . . Paula Jacobs and Marsha Nichols sing for the Kappa show . . . Harley Clark and his date at the MICA party . . . Spring house-cleaning at the Co-ops requires all the old Daily Texans . . . " General " Jolan Hathaway pauses for a cold drink of water . . . George Ginn takes pictures for Jack ' s. I COUNTER-CLOCKWISE A " victim " at the Sammy Ghoul Party . . . This escaped from Varsity Carnival . . . The Beta Formal was fun . . . Linda Adams and date prepare to have supper . . . It looks like danger ahead at the Theta Xi " war party " . . . The DPhi E formal was more peaceful. PACE 268 CLOCKWISE A frightening sight from the Sammy Ghoul Party . . . Another costume party this one the Delta Sigma Phi Mardi Gras . . . Members of Turtle Club practice for their water ballet . . . Alpha Phi formal . . . Marilyn Baron gets help from Henry McCown . . . The crowd waits for the Campus Chest auction to get underway. PACE 269 COUNTER-CLOCKWISE A not-so-formally dressed organist plays some good rag- time . . . Ugly Man Fred Gerson looks the part . . . This phone booth seems to be comfortably crowded . . . Laurabeth Grieneeks and Sylvia Scale at the SRD pajama party ... Jo Lynn is about to be " snatched " . . . George Schneider has every reason to enjoy the Beta formal . . . Dede Craig has Jack Rutledge very interested in her story. CLOCKWISE Sarah Mainer and date at the Alpha Phi formal . . . Army and Navy representatives talk " peace terms " at the Theta Xi war party . . . Reagan Literary Society initiates new members . . . Fijis have a stag party . . . Carlene Johnson models at the Union Style Show . . . Lindsay Phillips and date enjoy a dance . . . Barbara Smith shaves a bearded face before Round-Up. T ' 7 i ... COUNTER-CLOCKWISE April brings Round-Up. The big night the presentation of the Sweetheart of The University of Texas, Sue Hen- son . . . Another big moment the parade. The Belts Coach and the Delta Upsilon Ocean Floor Scene were the winners in the fraternity division . . . Inter Co-Op ' s Pogo and Albert was the winner in the local residence group division. CLOCKWISE Chi Gamma lota ' s War and Peace? float was one of the winners in the non-residence division . . . The parade takes on an Asiatic look . . . Bill Daniel rides in the parade with the Charros . . . Sylvia Strange gets branded for not wearing western clothes at Round-Up ... A most expres- sive float follows the line of the parade. COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Bibb Falk checks his line-up . . . Texas toots it s own horn . . . The CFO float ' s " Young but Growing " baby was rather large ... A point of advantage to view the pa- rade . . . More floats pass by . . . Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Ed- monds watch the parade from the Drag. CLOCKWISE The Round-Up parade con- tinues on with Merry-Go- Rounds, Fire Engines and Raggedy Ann. The Pi Phi Raggedy Ann and Andy float was a winner in the sorority division ... A new Orange Jacket gets tapped . . . The Delt Coach . . . Kappa Alpha ' s Band Wagon . . . The PiKA ' s Texas Relays float was chosen as one of the floats " most in keeping with the spirit of Round-Up " . . . Winner in the Beard Contest gets his prize. COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Even clowns took part in Round-Up . . . Celia Buchan, University Sweetheart rides by ... A bunch of flappers from the past... Celia Buchan with the judges ... Sweet- heart Finalists and Visiting Sweethearts wait for the presentation of the new Sweetheart . . . Naval ROTC takes part in the parade. CLOCKWISE The Fiji native boat is full of Phi Gams . . . Beauties from the Ocean Floor Scene float ... Bo Bland and his bucking buggy . . . Nancy McMeans and staff hand out Daily Texans from a slightly aged auto . . . Another win- ner the Rio Grande Valley ' s Citrus Fruit float was one of the winners in the non-residence division ... A scene from the Round-Up Revue. PAGE 277 COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Virginia Nash and date enjoy the Round-Up Revue and Dance . . . Two scenes from the Revue . . . Diane McFar- land and David Cornell present cups to the winning floats in the various parade divisions . . . Celia Buchan presents the new Sweetheart, Sue Henson, with her bouquet of roses . . . Sue Henson and the visiting Sweethearts and Belles. PAOE 278 - ' - k ; Di ' ' ' CLOCKWISE Neal Blanton comes tripping onto the stage at the Cow- boy Minstrels . . . Nighttrain Novicaine (Jerry Nathan) puts on his act . . . Harriet Cromwell and Schreiner Nelson at the Beta Western Party . . . Election time and David Caldwell asks for Terry McCall ' s vote . . . The girl who was supposed to be the " O " at the Christian Faith and Life Community ' s Stunt Party didn ' t show up so the rest of them took the sinners way out . . . The finale at the Cowboy Minstrels. COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Another costume party. This time the Arc and Arts . . . Jo Lingo and date at the Chi O party . . . Election time continues rain or shine . . . The Orange Jackets tap Ruth Ann Cloud . . . Diana Hoeffert and Sally Sullivan dance with two " Arabs " at the ATO ' s costume party . . . A regular Mutt and Jeff act Janet Buchanan and Searcy Miller. Brooks Patrick, Connie Sundahl, Lynda Haire, and Jack Worley at the KA ' s Old South Ball. CLOCKWISE Chi Phi ' s ride the fire truck they bought for Round-Up . . . Kay Maxwell and Elinor Drake stop for a talk between handing out Round-Up Revue programs . . . Barbara Blum and Wayne Weachman agree that Spring is here . . . Pat Wilcox is tapped by Orange Jackets. Diana Barwick isn ' t sure she likes having her dinner interrupted . . . Pearson Grimes and Charlotte Fulmer at the Cowboy- Spur Breakfast . . . Suzanne Summers and Tom Ellis at the Kappa formal . . . And it looks as if some one is being choked at the Sigma Nu Formal. COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Dean Jack Holland congratulates a weeping Nancy Has- ton on being selected for the Silver Spur Award as the Outstanding Girl on the campus . . . Harley Clark receives the Mike Flynn Award as the Outstanding Male Student on the campus . . . Judy Reed and David Hines at the Navy ROTC Senior Dance ... A scene from the Power Show . . . Carole Querolo (center) pauses during her dinner to look at the photographer . . . These noble Romans at the Delt Party are Bud Toole, Carol Hendrick, Barbara Kay White, and ye editor, Johnny Stuart. PAGE 282 CLOCKWISE Randolph Scott, an alumnus, visits at the Kappa Alpha house . . . Freshman Council entertains High School stu- dents here for Interscholastic League Meet with a dance at the Union . . . Entertainment for the Interscholastic Leaguers was somewhat bewildering at times . . . Delta Phi Epsilon formal . . . Scene from the German Depart- ment ' s annual play. PAGE 283 .- - COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Shirley Bird hands Sylvia Maly WICA ' s Marjorie Darilek Award as the Outstanding Independent Girl on the campus . . . Page Keeton (at table) is honored by the Cowboys . . . Nancy Hasten receives the Silver Spur Award from Fred Buss at Swing-Out . . . Frank Walker and the trophy he received as the Pitluck Award in Adver- tising . . . The Cactus Banquet with Johnny Stuart pre- senting awards to staff members . . . Bartons was flooded most of the Spring so students turned to finals and study. GRADUATION Graduation exercises are held in Gregory Gym because of the rain . . . Addressing the graduation class is Dr. Detley W. Bronk, President of the National Academy of Sciences . . . Receiving his Doctorate . . . Briga- dier General S. N. Hamner awards Army commissions . . . Brigadier General Emmett B. Cassady awards Air Force commissions . . . Captain Leonard S. Mewhinney awards Navy commissions. HARLEY R. CLARK Mike Flynn Citizenship Award PAGE 286 NANCY GAY HASTON Silver Spur Award PAGE 287 SYLVIA MILADY MALY Marjorie Darilek Award Campus Sororities PAGE 289 ALPHA CHI OMEGA LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1924 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1885 MEMBERS Mary Elizabeth Anderson, San Angelo Gae Marie Armstrong, Mission Alice Lee Baird, Houston Janelle Ernestine Ball, Fort Worth Kendall Bradshaw, San Antonio Cornelia Lentz Brown, San Antonio Mary Anna Burris, McAllen Billy Jean Cain, McAllen Katherine Casey, Dallas Peggy Lou Clark, Lockhart Anna Belle Clements, Kilgore Deanna Drusilla Cook, Austin Etta Mae Courtney, Austin Shirley Priscilla DaCamara, Laredo Marilyn Blanche Davison, San Antonio Martha Dee Davison, San Antonio Jo Ann Deaton, Dallas Karen Ariena de Ridder, Houston Doris Ann Elrod, Odessa Kathryn Esse, Seguin Zelma Verree Etheredge, Houston Patsy Ruth Felt, San Antonio Elizabeth Sue Ferrell, Port Arthur M. Gwendolyn Ferrell, Houston Francine Fish, Electra Linda Ann Foster, Houston Mary Lou Francis, Carthage Cheri Glynn Franks, San Antonio Linda Ann Fromme, Austin Billye Rae Funk, Dallas Gail Gammage, Orange Shirley Ann Gore, El Paso Lorraine Hammerich, Houston Lucy Elaine Hanson, Houston Margaret Harris, Austin Marie Thomas Hawkins, Fort Worth Teri Henderson, Dallas Sharon Louise Henson, Austin Glenda Claire Hill, Canadian Iris Ramona Hill, Waco Shirley Mae Hlanak, Baytown Jimmye Frances Hubbell, San Antonio Barbara Anne Jones, San Antonio Diana Elaine Karnes, Beaumont Emma Marie Keasler, San Antonio Jennalie Frances Kleypas, Austin Joy Rochelle Knight, Belton Carolyn Koenig, Dallas Martha Evelyn Leach, Highlands Sharon Kugle Mainous, Dallas Mary Jo Martin, Fort Worth Phyllis Jean Mazzagate, Orange Sharon McKeown, Fort Worth Jill McMurry, Dallas Jane McRoberts, San Antonio Nancy Jane Miller, Houston Mary Elizabeth Minahan, Fort Worth Ann Stuart MofTit, Austin Barbara Marie Nigh, Houston Janice Maurine O ' Banion, Luling Margaret Ann Oliver, Marshall Marjorie Anne Pearson, Hutto Waldine Ann Peterson, Orange Kathy Virginia Pollard, San Antonio Frances Ann Ramsey, Dallas Elizabeth Lynn Ray, San Antonio Dixie Lee Reece, Tyler Sue Rosson, Corpus Christi Sarah Eugenia Rush, College Station Callie Frances Schaefer, Schulenberg Arlene Mildred Scott, Houston Sidney Raye Sharkey, Dallas Mary Lee Stiles, Baytown Natalie Stout, Lancaster Jenilee Tate, San Angelo Gail Ann Tetley, Beaumont Mary Lou Veazey, Yoakum Anita Lee Voelkel, Austin Mary Jo Wadlington, Pleasanton Nancy Ann Walker, Dallas Janita Beth Ward, Corpus Christi Carol Elaine Wroten, San Antonio Marriott Wieckhoff, Dallas Mary Frances Zaner, El Paso Adams, Anderson, Armstrong, Baird, Ball, Barton, Blum, Bowling, Brashears, Cain. Carter, Casey, Clark, Clements, Cook, Courtney, DaCamara, Davis, M. B. Davison, M. D. Davison. Deaton, deRidder, Douglas, Ellis, Elrod, C. Esse, K. Esse, Etheridge, Felt, E. Ferrell. M. Ferrell, Fish, Fisher, Foster, Fowler, Francis, Franks, Fromme, Funk, Gam- mage. FACULTY CHARLOTTE ESTELLE DUBOIS, Associate Professor of Music LLERENA BEAUFORT FRIEND, Texas History Center Librarian Fall SHIRLEY MAE HLANAK DORIS ANN ELROD NANCY ANN WALKER ALICE LEE BAIRD . FRANCINE FISH OFFICERS President V ice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer Spring SUE ROSSON SHARON McKEOWN M. GWENDOLYN FERRELL BILLYE RAE FUNK GAIL ANN TETLEY PLEDGES Arva Sue Adams, Abilene Mary Lynne Arthur, Mexico City, Mexico Hazel Phyllis Barton, Kermit Darlene Bland, Waco Barbara Ann Blum, San Antonio Suzanne Bowling, Austin Janice Brashears, San Antonio Linda Kay Carter, Childress JoAnn Davis, Harlingen Sharon Sue Dincans, Houston Becky Gene Douglas, Midland Sharon Marie Downey, Larchmont, N.Y. Anne Bolin Duke, Dallas Lynn Gail Ellis, Mission Carol Dean Esse, Seguin Judith Christine Fisher, Dallas Fontaine Fowler, Floydada Judith Ann Gardner, Andrews Marsha Ann Gathright, Austin Mary Patricia Guyton, Midland Lenore Carol Highland, Houston Janet Mary Hutchison, Robstown Sharon Gay Knowlton, San Antonio Diane Lander, San Antonio ' . ' .V.V.V Linda Josephine Landrum, Austin Sally Ann Mayfield, San Antonio Jeoraldean Sandra McClain, Dallas Carol Elizabeth McClurg, Marshall Margaret Ann McGann, Electra Frances Jean Meyers, Paducah, Ky. Constance Alexis Moffit, Austin Sarah Lou Morgan, Midland Bobette Eleanor Morris, Dallas Deanna Opryshek, Baytown Eileen Ann O ' Rourke, Dallas Ann Lee Phillips, Austin Patricia Ruth Pipkin, San Antonio Rose Mary Rodgers, Harlingen Sandra Kay Rowell, Houston Elizabeth Ann Rumph, Fort Worth Kay Jacqueline Sanderson, Dallas Sandra Lee Smith, Houston Gail Ann Terry, Orange Patricia Sue Voelkel, Austin Elizabeth Dee Walton, Beaumont Flora Bess Weiss, Kerrville Carol Morris Wheeler, Austin Jacqueline Lee White, El Paso Dorothy Kay Witt, Fort Worth Kristin Ann Wyatt, Kilgore Top Row: Gardner, Gathright, Gore, Guyton, Hammerich. Second Row: Hanson, Harris, Hawkins, Henson, Highland. Third Row: I. Hill, Hutchison, Keasler, Kleypas, Knowlton. Fourth Row: Lander, Landrum, Leach, Mainous, Martin. Fifth Row: Mazzagate, McClain, Mc- Clurg, McGann, McKeown. Sixth Row: McMurry, Meyers, Miller, Minahan, A. Moffit. Seventh Row: C. Moffit, Morris, Nigh, O ' Banion, Oliver. Eighth Row: Opryshek, Pearson, Peter- son, Phillips, Pollard. Ninth Row: Ramsey, Ray, Rodgers, Ros- son, Rowell. Tenth Row: Rumph, Rush, Sanderson, Schaefer, Scott. Eleventh Row: Sharkey, Tate, Terry, Tet- ley, A. Voelkel. Twelfth Row: P. Voelkel, Wadlington, Walker, Walton, Weiss. Thirteenth Row: Wheeler, White, Wieck- hoff, Witt, Wroten. Fourteenth Row: Wyatt, Zaner. PAGE 291 ALPHA DELTA PI LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1906 LOCAL FOUNDING, 1851 MEMBERS Mary Lee Allen, McGregor Diane Alley, El Dorado, Ark. Charlene Bailey, Rosenberg Marjorie Saxon Barge, Austin Margaret Claire Beall, Austin Barbara Ann Benson, Tyler Margaret Alyne Best, Austin Betty Nan Blasingame, Wharton Olivia Sones Bolton, Kirbyvi lle Sue Ellena Braden, Amarillo Barbara Ann Brockman, Fort Worth Margaret Ann Brous, Fort Worth Frances Patricia Brown, Austin Minnie Corinne Cameron, Fredericksburg Myrna Loy Chambers, Beaumont Preshia Jane Chauncey, San Antonio Nancy Cecelia Chernosky, Houston Sally Jean Chote, Austin Carol Eugenia Conway, Tyler Mary Frances Cox, Corpus Christi Marian Frances Crawford, San Antonio Harriet Cromwell, Taylor Nancy Lynn Cunningham, Austin Judy Kay Danneberg, Temple Patricia Dean Dodgen, Austin Kay Dyche, Alvin Kay Farquhar, Dallas Betty Lu Fletcher, Grand Saline Jean Fuller, Dallas Charlotte Goodpasture, Corpus Christi Lee Ann Gragg, Palestine Mary Estelle Griffin, Houston Nancy Marilyn Helf, Austin Jo Ann Hillje, New Braunfels Carroll Ann Hodges, Austin Renee Huckman, Corpus Christi Carol Dale Hudspeth, Dallas Sue Lynn Humphreys, Fort Worth Margaret Charlyn Jancik, Houston Dorothy Jean Jarmon, Elgin Cora Jane Jarrett, Del Rio Mary Ann Jones, Lake Charles, La. Joy Elaine Jordan, Fredericksburg Ellen Zoe Kaufman, Austin Kay Douglas Kerbow, Fort Worth Sylvia Louise Langston, Belton Kathleen Maloney, Dallas Madeline Ann Mandell. El Paso Edwina Dee Marshall, Port Arthur Marilyn Marshall, Temple Nancy Jo Martin, Corpus Christi Alice McCollister, San Antonio Patricia Ann Morrow, Houston Martha Lee Mueller, Houston Nancy Nielsen, Elsa Betty Lou Nowotny, Austin Mary Beth Oliver, Austin Becca Jean Orchard, Houston Josephine Parks. Dallas Tucean Virginia Pennington, Dallas Patty Vaughan Ramby, San Antonio Rebecca Stuart Red, Alvin Mary Calvin Reid, Beaumont Barbara Anne Reifschneider, Houston Sandra Eugenia Riley, Corsicana Eva Robuck, Dallas Dian Sue Savage, Houston Donna Dea Saxe, Beaumont Gladys Kathryn Schade, Columbus Ada Frances Schaller, Glen Flora Charlene Patricia Scott, Temple Nancy Ruth Scott, Conroe Carolyn Ann Seay, Austin Harriet Sharpe, Angleton Grace Dell Sinclair, Eagle Lake Janelle Straiten, Austin JoAnn Suzanne Striegler, Fredericks- burg Beverly Gail Thompson, Port Arthur Aurelia Theresa Timpte, Corpus Christi Cheryl Joy Tonroy, Corpus Christi Ray Davis Torian, Goliad Susan Van Hollen, Alamo Janice Lee Vaught, Abilene Jane Elizabeth Von Dohlen. Goliad Jeane Carolyn Walker, Beaumont Carolyn Wood Waller, Austin Virginia Lee Walter, Austin Barbara Kay White, Houston Carolyn Ann Yelderman, Rosenberg Valerie Vance Zipp, Edna M. Allen, S. Allen, Alley, Baggett, Banks, Barge, Best, Blasingame, Bond, Booth. Braden, Brockman, Brous, Brown, Bu- chanan, Cameron, Camp, C. Carlton, L. Carlton, Chambers. Chauncey, Chernosky, Clayton, Con- way, J. Cox, M. Cox, Crawford, Cromwell, Danneberg, Dodgen. Duson, A. Dyche, K. Dyche, Eichler, Farquhar, Fletcher, Friend, Goebel, Goodpasture, Gragg. FACULTY LUCILLE DE NEVERS WILLIAMS, Assistant Professor of Romance Languages Fall CHERYL JOY TONROY MADELINE ANN MANDELL HARRIET SHARPE . EVA ROBUCK MARY ANN JONES OFFICERS Spring President . . . MARY ANN JONES Vice-President . . BECCA JEAN ORCHARD Corresponding Secretary MARY ESTELLE GRIFFIN Recording Secretary . NANCY CECELIA CHERNOSKY Treasurer . . . SUSAN VAN HOLLEN PLEDGES Sheila Rae Allen, Edinburg Elizabeth Ann Baggett, Ozona Kalani Banks, Robstown Lillian Louise Bond, Stockdale Jackie Booth, Dallas Nancy Ruth Buchanan, Navasota Mary Le Tellior Camp, Taylor Carolyn Carlton, Freeport Lauralyn Carlton, Freeport Carolyn Elizabeth Clayton, Houston Jan Campbell Cox, Alvin Delia Duson, El Campo Anita Dyche, Alvin Jane Elizabeth Eichler, Brenham Carol Friend, Ozona Marilyn Irene Goebel, San Antonio Linda Elizabeth Hankins, Houston Judy Sue Helf, Austin Betty Marie House, Austin Rosemary Clyde House, San Antonio Halaire Romaine Houston, San Antonio Cynthia Ann Jones, San Antonio Margaret Elizabeth Jones, Houston Nancy Christine Jones, San Antonio Julianne Lane, Dallas oooooo !.:. " ..; Lou Anne Langford, Mercedes Diane Kay Leach, Weslaco Ann Lightfoot, Sweetwater Sylvia Gail Livengood, Lockhart Kay McKay, San Antonio Joanna McWilliams, Buda Beverly Ann Mell, Austin Linda Ray Montgomery, Dallas Judith Anne Moriniere, Houston Carolyn Christine Register, Dallas Linda Gail Rhine, San Antonio Sharon Virginia Rives, Corpus Christi Mary Lucille Royal, Menard Marcia Kay Sampson, Houston Joyce Elaine Schiller, Austin Mary Lou Schuenemann, Houston Rowena Maree Smith, Houston Juliasue Stafford, Wharton Sara Jane Streater, Lake Charles, La. Carol Ruth Tryling, Houston Priscilla Warren, San Antonio Jane Watson, Austin Gretchen Elizabeth Werner, Houston Ernestine White, Beaumont Alice Mildred Wright, Houston Top Row: Griffin, Hankins, J. Helf, Hillje, Hodges. Second Row: B. House, R. House, Hous- ton, Hudspeth, Humphreys. Third Row: Jancik, Jarmon, Jarrett, C. Jones, M. E. Jones. Fourth Row: M. A. Jones, N. Jones, Jordan, Kaufman, Kerbow. Fifth Row: Lane, Langford, Langston, Leach, Lightfoot. Sixth Row: Livengood, Maloney, E. Mar- shall, M. Marshall, Martin. Seventh Row: McCollister, McKay, Mc- Williams, Mell, Montgomery. Eighth Row: Moriniere, Morrow, Niel- sen, Nowotny, Oliver. Ninth Row: Orchard, Parks, Pennington. Register, Reid. Tenth Row: Rhine, Riley, Rives, Royal, Sampson. Eleventh Row: Savage, Saxe, Schadr, Schaller, Schiller. Twelfth Row: Schuenemann, C. Scott, Seay, Sharpe, Sinclair. Thirteenth Row: Smith, Stafford, Strai- ton, Streater, Thompson. Fourteenth Row: Timpte, Tonroy, Van Hollen, Vaught, Von Dohlen. Fifteenth Row: Walker, Walter, Warren, Watson, Werner. Sixteenth Row: E. White, Wright, Zipp. PAGE 293 ALPHA EPSILON PHI LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1925 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1909 MEMBERS Meryl Joan Baernstein, Houston Zetta Jo Baum, Mercedes Barbara Lynn Benjamin, Borger Sandra Lou Bergel, San Antonio Jalna Ann Byron, Chicago, 111. Amye Jo Davis, San Antonio Davie Lou Ettelman, Kilgore Gail Mona Finkelstein, Pampa Carol Diane Frosch, Houston Marlene Ginsburg, Waco Marlyn Ann Goldberg, Corsicana Dana Harris, Nacogdoches Frances Harris, Nacogdoches Lynne Lipsitz, Waco Ailda Illene Markus, Lufkin Saranne Rosenzweig, Houston Maureen Linda Schermer, St. Louis, Mo. Marjorie Sue Segal, Durant, Okla. Lorraine Shapiro, Whittier, Calif. Rosalie Ann Sobolovitz, Chicago, 111. Marjorie Ellen Stulz, Mission, Kan. Nancy Lois Ullman, San Antonio Sandra Reva Waldman, Cheyenne, Wyo. Naomi-Marcia Wolens, Shreveport, La. Applebaum, Baernstein, Baum, Benja- min, M. Bergel, S. Bergel. Bloomberg, Burstyn, Byron, Corman, Daniels, A. Davis. J. Davis, Ettelman, Finkelstein, Frosch, Gastman, Ginsburg. Pafl DA VIE Lou ETTELMAN . FRANCES HARRIS . AILDA ILLENE MARKUS MARJORIE SUE SEGAL . MERYL JOAN BAERN STEIN OFFICERS President . . . . Vice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Spring CAROL DIANE FROSCH MARILYN ANN GOLDBERG MARLENE GINSBURG ROSALIE SOBOLOVITZ ZETTA Jo BAUM PLEDGES Sara Adel Applebaum, Fort Worth Martha Jo Bergel, San Antonio Sally Ann Bloomberg, Chicago, 111. Margie Burstyn, Austin Marian Elise Gorman, Houston Mary Lou Daniels, Houston Joan Adele Davis, Dallas Nancy Sue Gastman, Mission, Kan. Isabel Gerson, Shreveport, La. Sandra Roslyn Jacobs, San Antonio Gwenda Lynn Jacobson, Waco Barbara Ellen Jankower, Rayne, La. Marlene Audrey Klein, Yoakum Myrna Joy Koppelman, Houston Lelya Joy Levy, Shreveport, La. V.V.-, WVWtfW Jane Loeb, Sweetwater Ann Shirley Magrill, Nashville, Tenn. Judith Rosenfield, Houston Ruth Beatrice Sack, Tyler Anne Sanger, Dallas Sandra Lee Shopmaker, Kansas City, Mo. Edith Lynn Smallberg, Los Angeles, Calif. Nanette Spector, Beaumont Joyce Lynn Streusand, Bellaire Carol Ann Weiner, Austin Charlotte Suzanne Wolens, Corsicana SPRING PLEDGE Harriet Sampson, Houston Top Row: Goldberg, D. Harris, Jacobs. Second Row: Jacobson, Jankower, Klein. Third Row: Koppelman, Levy, Loeb. Fourth Row: Markus, Rosenfield, Rosen- zweig. Fifth Row: Sack, Sanger, Schermer. Sixth Row: Segal, Shapiro, Shopmaker. Seventh Row: Smallberg, Spector, Stulz. Eighth Row: Streusand, Ullman, Wald- man. Ninth Row: Weiner, C. Wolens, N. Wol- ens. J |AA4?A- EVIAON PAOE 295 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ii MEMBERS LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1940 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1904 Ann Elaine Arick, Midland Mary Ann Chancy, Vernon Beverly Ann Cole, Houston Bette Sue Davis, Chillicothe Diane Davis, Houston Rene Margaret Ferguson, Palestine Betty Lynn Fones, Houston Joyce Ann Franzen, Winnie Doreen Frizzell, Houston Esther Dawn Godfrey, Brownsville Mary Laurel Gray, Austin Julia Gregory, Corpus Christi Betty Lou Hagaman, Ranger Marcia Lee Hagelman, Galveston Marcia Jean Hoevet, Austin Bertha Manon Hoick, Austin Ann Huffington, Houston Patricia Ann Humphries, Malakoff Barbara Carolyn Libby, Charlotte, N. C. Judith Voss Lovejoy, Dallas Carol Ann McAden, Austin Dorothy Eugenia McCoy, San Antonio Roberta Aileen Mould, San Antonio Jo Ann Myrick, Sulphur Springs Bettina Philamena Pietrantonio, Houston Jill Quinn, Grand Saline Ruth Mary Ramsey, Fort Worth Betty Ann Renken, Robstown Barbara Jewell Richards, Mineral Wells Roxanne Inez Ritter, Houston Mary Olga Sallas, Houston Joan Elizabeth Smith, San Antonio Mary Patricia Smith, San Marcos Patsy Clay Smith, Austin Sandra Staton, Austin Janice Lou Strong, Austin Mona Marie Struve, Abernathy Billie Sue Ward, Borger Shirley Claire Ward, Abernathy Jean Wilkinson, Bay City Edith Margaret Wilson, Austin Rosalyn Wolfe, Tulia Arick, Brace, Brennan, Brent, Butler, Chancy, Cole, Curtin. B. S. Davis, B. L. Davis, D. Davis, Ferguson, Fones, Franzen, Frizzell, Gnrdescu. George, Grant, Gray, Gregory, Grum- bles, Halliday, Hamm, Hoevet. Hoick, Huffington, Humphries, Irby, LaBauve, Libby, Littlefield, Lovejoy. Fall PATSY CLAY SMITH . Jo ANN MYRICK . BETTE SUE DAVIS MARY ANN CHANEY . BARBARA JEWELL RICHARDS ESTHER DAWN GODFREY . OFFICERS President . . . . First Vice-President . Second Vice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Spring PATSY CLAY SMITH Jo ANN MYRICK BETTE SUE DAVIS MARY ANN CHANEY BARBARA JEWELL RICHARDS ESTHER DAWN GODFREY PLEDGES Penelope Brace, Houston Patricia Ann Brennan, Houston Carol Myrnell Brent, Beaumont Margaret Ann Butler, Houston Katherine Cazamias, Laredo Patricia Ann Cocke, Austin Martivee Carol Curtin, Houston Betty Lynn Davis, Austin Ana Jeanne Gardescu, Houston Mary Lillian George, Linden Sandra Sue Grant, Beaumont Linda Beth Grumbles, Atlanta Sally Ann Halliday, Houston Beverly Jean Hamm, Houston Winifred Mary Irby, Houston Louise LaBauve, Austin Carmen Littlefield, Houston Annette Maples, Longview Azalea Rita Mays, Seguin Arlene McClung, Odessa Janis McFarland, Austin Mary Margaret McFarlin, Bertram Maria Antonieta Medina, Killeen Judith Ann Money, Waskom Marion Katherine Murphy, Austin V. ' .V.V. Joan Roberta Novotny, Austin Laura Mary Oberwetter, Harlingen Harriett Eleanor Olsen, Austin Jo Ann Owens, Jacksonville Judith Karen Reeves, Angleton Sylvia Diana Schofield, Austin Angela Annette Steinle, Jourdanton Sallie Stelfox, Houston Jacqueline Stout, Houston Nancy Gail Teeple, Dallas Marjorie Marie Thomson, Lake Charles, La. Suzanne Margaret Thornhill, Dallas Karen Sue Wheeler, Winnsboro Patricia Ann White, Austin Marcia Ann Winchester, Galveston Doris Roberta Woolsey, Liberty Myrna Lois Wylie, Houston Claudetta Ann Young, Austin SPRING PLEDGES Annette Marie Bay, Houston Annette Esther Branch, Pharr Gaye Ann Harbin, Dublin Verna Sue Risinger, Sour Lake Top Row: Maples, Mays, Mc- Aden, McClung. Second Row: McCoy, McFar- land, McFarlin, Medina. Third Row: Money, Mould, Murphy, Myrick. Fourth Row: Novotny, Ober- wetter, Olsen, Owens. Fifth Row: Pictrantonio. Quinn. Ramsey, Reeves. Sixth Row: Renken, Richards, Ritter, Sallas. Seventh Row: Schofield, J. Smith, M. Smith, P. Smith. Eighth Row: Staton, Steinle, Stelfox, Stout. . Ninth Row: Strong, Struve, Thomson, Thornhill. Tenth Row: Ward, Wheeler, White, Wilkinson, Wilson. Eleventh Row: Winchester. Wolfe, Woolsey, Wylie, Young. PAGE 297 ALPHA OMICRON PI LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1941 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1897 MEMBERS Sylvia Artmann, Austin Mary Lynn Baines, San Antonio Betty La Vonne Burr, San Antonio Betty Ann Canfield, San Antonio Anne Barker Cherry, Marshall Alma Fay Davis, Killeen Henry Etta Davis, Austin Janet Evelyn Doles, Austin Myrle Finck, Runge June Witter Gillman, Austin Jo Ann Hale, Rockdale Mary Dorothy Hanchey, Houston Dorothy Jean Hello, Austin Laura Kennedy, Beaumont Margaret Ann Knox, Bertram Nita Carroll Knox, San Angelo Thyra Jayne Lansford, Washington, D.C. JoAnn Dean McLaughlin, Wharton Barbara Kerfoot Smyth, Portland Jean Anne Toomey, Dallas Carol Beth Villarreal, Austin Wynne Warren, Midland Louise Marie Weiler, Austin Barbara Gayle White, Dallas Mary LaVerne Williams, Austin Baines, Barger, Belton, Burr, Canfield. Cherry, Covey, Craig, A. Davis, Doles. Finck, Flachmeier, Haines, Hale, Hanchey. FACULTY HELEN NORWOOD DEATHE, Manager, Men ' s Residence Halls BETTY JEAN HOLLAND, Instructor in Physical Training for Women RUTH ANNETTE NEEL, Administrative Secretary, Student Life Staff PHYLLIS MAE OCKER, Instructor in Physical Training for Women ELIZABETH TARPLEY, Professor of Home Economics Fall MARGARET ANN KNOX CAROL BETH VILLARREAL . LAURA KENNEDY . NITA CARROLL KNOX . ANNE BARKER CHERRY OFFICERS Spring President .... BETTY ANN CANFIELD Vice-President . . HENRY ETTA DAVIS Corresponding Secretary MYRLE L. FINCK Recording Secretary . BARBARA GAYLE WHITE Treasurer . ANNE BARKER CHERRY PLEDGES Bethanyann Barger, Dallas Marcia Gay Belton, San Antonio Judith Ann Collier, Austin Kathryn Michael Covey, Austin Erma Doreen Craig, Killeen Emily Jo Flachmeier, Austin Edna Mae Haines, Houston Marian Etheridge Knox, Bertram Ethel Lorene Mauch, Gregory Martha Ann Meadows, Austin Mary Katherine Moore, San Antonio Yvonne Elizabeth Narciso, San Antonio Felicia Maureen Peebles, Lufkin Mary Carolyn Richardson, Austin Eleanor Fay Sirmons, Baytown Erna Rene Strong, Austin SPRING PLEDGES Mildred Ruth Delk, Conroe Golda Lynn Spillman, Austin V.V.V. ' Top Row: Hello, Kennedy, M. A. Knox. Second Row: M. E. Knox, N. Knox, Mauch. Third Row: McLaughlin, Meadows, Moore. ' " " " " " " " " " " Fourth Row: Narciso, Peebles, Richard- son. Fifth Row: Sirmons, Smyth, Strong. Sixth Row: Villarreal, Warren, White. PAGE 299 ALPHA PHI LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1920 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1872 MEMBERS Linda Ann Adams, Dallas Kathleen Agnew, San Antonio Claire Louise Alexander, Austin Sylvia Gail Austin, Fort Smith, Ark. Jessica Baggett, Fort Worth Helen Yvonne Barry, Dallas Beverly Ann Bassett, Whitewright Eleanor O ' Neill Bassett, Roswell, N. M. Sue Beakley, Freeport Mary Catherine Berthelot, Victoria Carol Charlotte Bertram, Houston Connie Winslow Black, Corpus Christi Betty Brewster, Corpus Christi Charlotte Ann Burrows, Nacogdoches Patti Lee Chapman, Sherman Dorothy Ann Chew, Beeville Marilyn Patricia Clark, Corpus Christi Helen Lysbeth Claunts, Houston Barbara Kay Cline, Midland Barbara Baird Clinkscales, Fort Worth Patricia Louise Connally, Orlando, Fla. Margaret Mary Cullinan. Laredo Virginia Elaine Cundiff, Canyon Carolyn Ann DeLoach, Dallas Lynne Douglass, Corpus Christi Elinor Clyde Drake, Wellington Wynell Elkins, Freeport Sara Jane Elliott, Newgulf Jane Ann Ellis, Fort Worth Eleanor Ann Ellison, San Antonio Mary Ellen Embree, Austin Katheryn Fagan, Fort Worth Jo Ann Faulkner, Austin Linda Gail Gilmore, Newgulf Gay Maurine Griffith, Corpus Christi Virginia Lou Holstein, San Antonio Judy Dianne Holt, Corpus Christi Janis Janeil Hooten, Austin Linda Jane Hunter, Fort Worth Nancy Elizabeth Johnson, Clarksville Olive Ann Keenan, Galveston Betty Ann Kilday, San Antonio Shirley Beatrice Klein, Tomball Pauline Ann Kubala, East Bernard Martha Leah Kunkel, Yonkers, N.Y. Barbara Ann Lacy, Houston Margaret Land, Dallas Mary Jean Lantz, Port Arthur Wilma Nell Logan, Palestine Jo Ann Maltsberger, San Antonio Margaret Ann Martin, Houston Constance Ann Mayes, San Antonio Nina June McCain, Brenham Carole Charlotte McCoy, Victoria Susan Mowery, Lubbock Elizabeth Ann Mullenix, Corpus Christi Jenny Lind Olsson, Dallas Dixie Juanita Park, Caracas, Venezuela Sue Parsons, Fort Worth Jean Ellen Pepper, Dallas Gladys Margene Polk, Lufkin Maryllyn Anne Powell, Dallas Rita Rich, Dallas Nancy Ruth Riley, Dallas Robbie Jo Rogers, Galveston Margaret Ann Rose, Dallas Mary Lu Ryan, Taylor Elizabeth Silverthorn, Victoria Helen Anne Stovall, Muleshoe Mary Kate Surratt, Panhandle Jamie Sutton, Longview Beverly Ann Thornton, Bay City Lorayne Walker, Dallas Sue Wason, Texas City Jocelyn Wells, Wellington Jolene West, Midland Frances Cecile Whall, San Antonio Earlene Whitt, Austin Mary Ellen Woodruff, Houston Joan Works, Dallas Joan Sue Young, Houston Adams, Agnew, Alexander, Andrews, Austin, Baggett, Barry, B. Bassett, E. Bassett, Beakley. Beard, Berthelot, Bertram, Blachly, Black, Bradfield, Brewster, Burrows, Chapman, Chew. Clark, Claunts, Cline, Clinkscales, Coleman, Connally, Gotten, Cullinan, Cundiff, DeLoach. Donaghey, Donalson, Douglass, Drake, ' Elkins, Elliott, Ellis, Embree, Fagan, Faulkner. FACULTY MARY ERNESTINE GOLDMANN, Assistant Professor of Home Economics GOLDIE HORTON PORTER, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Fall ELEANOR O ' NEILL BASSETT SUE WASON .... PATTI LEE CHAPMAN . JEAN ELLEN PEPPER . SHIRLEY BEATRICE KLEIN . OFFICERS Spring President . . . CONSTANCE ANN MAYES Vice-President . . ELINOR CLYDE DRAKE Corresponding Secretary MARY KATE SURRATT Recording Secretary . JUDY DIANNE HOLT Treasurer SYLVIA GAIL AUSTIN PLEDGES Barbara Jane Allen, Austin Gwendolyn Sue Andrews, Bryan Elsie Maryan Beard, Bryan Patricia Ann Blachly, Austin Carol Jean Bradfield, Austin Betsy Inez Coleman, Bay City Eleanor Mills Gotten, Victoria Sydney Ann Donaghey, West Columbia Barbara Ann Donalson, Bishop Mary Kathryn Fenwick, Birmingham, Mich. Marilyn Adele Frazier, Stephenville Nancy Ruth French, Dallas Annabelle Lee Gisher, Dallas Mary Alice Guarin, Houston Gloria Jean Henson, Houston Linda Marie Jackson, Clifton Mary James Jacobs, Texas City Sandra Cartwright Kardell, San Augustine Mary Glyn Kittle, Houston Patricia Ann Laird, Tomball Vivienne Kay Longcope, Brown wood Ann Yvonne Lotspeich, Robstown Marilyn Jeanette Meyer, Rosenberg Patricia Lucille Meyer, Victoria Darlena Rae Miller, Tomball V.V.V. " , Jane Alice Mooney, Dallas Harolyn Marcelle Moore, Austin Margaret Maurine Motter, Bryan Mary Lynn Mullendore, Fort Worth Sue Howard Nicholls, San Antonio Josephine Georgette Nockolds, Houston Glenda Lee Power, Fort Worth Bette Ann Pringle, Dallas Frances Ann Riemann, Brownsville Ann Louise Rogers, Austin Sara Ross, Lufkin Constance Jean Scott, Midland Virginia Ann Segrato, Houston Barbara Sue Smith, San Antonio Jeanine Thompson, Galveston Gloria Dane Watson, Brady Barbara Nan Wilkinson, Gatesville Mary Jane Wilkinson, Houston Janice King Woods, Seguin Leslie Ann Ziller, Austin SPRING PLEDGES Catherine Clark Eden, Houston Sylvia Anne Lacey, Dallas Mariann Claire Maxey, Austin Ann George Robertson, Fort Worth Top Row: Fenwick, Frazier, French, Gil- more, Gisher. Second Row: Griffith, Guarin, Henson. Holstein, Holt. Third Row: Hooten, Hunter, Jackson, Jacobs, Johnson. Fourth Row: Kardell, Keenan, Kilday, Kittle, Klein. Fifth Row: Kubala, Kunkel, Lacy, Laird Land. Sixth Row: Lantz, Logan, Longcope, Maltsberger, Martin. Seventh Row: Mayes, McCain, McCoy, M. Meyer, P. Meyer. Eighth Row: Miller, Mooney. Moore. Motter, Mowery. Ninth Row: Mullendore, Nicholls, Nock- olds, Olsson, Park. Tenth Row: Parsons, Pepper, Polk, Pow- ell, Power. Eleventh Row: Pringle, Rich, Riemann, Riley, A. Rogers. Twelfth Row: R. Rogers, Rose, Ross. Ryan, Scott. Thirteenth Row: Segrato, Silverthorn, Smith, Stovall, Surratt. Fourteenth Row: Sutton, Thompson, Thornton, Wason, Watson. Fifteenth Row: Wells, Whall, Whitt, B. Wilkinson, M. Wilkinson. Sixteenth Row: Woodruff, Woods, Works. Young, Ziller. PACE 301 CHI OMEGA MEMBERS LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1904 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1895 Leonora Gertrude Anderson, Texarkana Eve Aniol, San Antonio Beverly Kay Baker, Bellaire Lenora Jo Bales, Lampasas Marilyn Barron, San Benito Martha Alice Bateman, McKinney Elizabeth Hopper Bauer, Seguin Nancy Joan Bitter, San Antonio Patricia Ann Bullitt, Houston Betty Lou Burton, Houston Clara Paula Cargill, Longview Suzanne Casmere, San Antonio Suellen Chance, Texarkana Jo Lynn Clark, Houston Ruth Ann Cloud, Weslaco Sally Frommeyer Cook, San Antonio Gayla Craig, Austin Diana Kay Crow, Austin Nelda Ann Cummins, Austin Mary Ann Davis, LaMarque Mary Jane Dawson, Crockett Mary Lyle Dew, Brownsville Diane DeWitt, Dallas Virginia Ann Donohoo, Plainview Marilyn Dowell, Austin Mary Louise Dring, Dallas Carol Ann Eason, Cleveland, Miss. Elisabeth Neighbors Ellisor, Dallas Joan Carol Ewing, Corpus Christi Marie Estelle Fields, Weslaco Patsy Fincher, Waxahachie Joan Marie Franklin, Baytown Mary Marsha Gaunt, Houston Haidee Elizabeth Gerhardt, San Antonio Noel Virginia Gregg, Kerrville Carole Dianne Grubb, Houston Alice Wesley Gunstream, Dallas Marilyn Estelle Hagen, Houston Gayle Elaine Hart, Bay City Betty Baker Hartshorn, Fort Worth Katharine Harwell, Amarillo Nancy Gay Haston, San Antonio Marjorie Elizabeth Hilton, Houston Barbara Ann Holton, Dallas Marilyn Ann Hubbard, Fort Worth Mary Elizabeth Hyatt, Port Arthur Carlene Johnson, Austin Kay Johnson, Houston Shirley Ann King, Breckenridge Ellen Katheryn Kirksey, Waco Beverly Annette Klaver, San Antonio Jean Carolyn Kobe, Austin Frances Marie LaBarbera, Texas City Jacqueline Anne LeRoy, Austin Mary Sue Line, Texarkana Billie Little, Breckenridge Janice Lloyd, Dallas Barbara C. Love, Dallas Melonye Anne Lowe, Jacksonville Judith Ann Luttrell, Tulsa, Okla. Karele Norean Maresh, Houston June Marshall, Corpus Christi Betty Carol Mauk, Houston Carole Lynn May, Fort Worth Johnanna McFarland, Lubbock Charlene McPhail, Houston Marsha Kay Meredith, Houston Betty Ann Mitchell, Houston Phoebe Kaye Monroe, Longview Sandra Lee Moore, Austin Edith Skene More, Houston Sandra Frances Mueller, Corpus Christi Shirley Ann Nelson, Amariilo Janet Newton, Jacksonville Sarah Lee Northington, Lampasas Mary Ann Nowlin, Houston Mabry Ida Otto, New Braunfels Patricia Padgett, San Antonio Beverly Sue Peel, Corpus Christi Gayle Donovan Perry, Houston Lucinda Ann Porter, Dallas Suzanne Porter, Lubbock Ginger Roberson, Brownsville Nancy Jane Rodman, Odessa Carolyn Diane Ross, Azle Kay Ellen St. Germain, Bellaire Maymerle Shirley, Tyler Sandra Skelton, Temple Barbara Alleen Smith, Dallas Gretchen Leah Smith, Waxahachie Martha Janice Spickard, Dallas Cynthia Helene Straughan, San Antonio Elizabeth Ann Taylor, San Antonio Page Orr Thomson, Houston Mary Ann Tosh, Rusk Patricia Ann Trimble, San Antonio Jan Vardaman, Tyler Jarrett Bernice Vogan, Alvin Sharon Sue Voyles, Austin Betty Ann Waters, Dallas Gene Weisinger, Conroe Jane Maverick Welsh, Corpus Christi Gayle Whitehurst, Longview Eugenia Craig Williams, San Antonio Diana Virginia Winship, San Antonio Ellen Bond Zimmerman, San Antoni o Agnew, Anderson, Aniol, Bailey, Baker, Bales, Barron, Bass, Bateman, Bauer. Belcher, B. Bitter, N. Bitter, Borden, Bullitt, M. Jean Burkhalter, M. Jane Burkhalter, A. Burton, B. Burton. Cant- well. I Cargill, Cartee, Casmere, Chance, Clark, Cloud, Cook, B. Craig, G. Craig, Cum- Cuno, Davis, Dawson, Dew, DeWitt, Don ohoo, Dorbandt, Dowell, Dring, C. Eason. Ellisor, Eschenburg, Ewing, Fincher, Fortescue, Franklin, Gaunt, Gerhardt, Gregg, Grubb. FACULTY JOSEPHINE ANTOINE, Department of Music JANICE CAROLYN CRANING, Instructor in Home Economics Q Q t Fall BEVERLY ANNETTE KLAVER JACQUELINE ANNE LfiRov SHIRLEY ANN KING SANDRA FRANCES MUELLER JUNE MARSHALL OFFICERS Spring President SANDRA LEE MOORE V ice-President . . . CAROL ANN EASON Corresponding Secretary . SUZANNE PORTER Recording Secretary . . MARILYN BARRON Treasurer . . . GINGER ROBERSON PLEDGES Sandra Suzanne Agnew, Corpus Christ! Jane Bailey, Richardson Mary Ann Bass, Freeport Willie Ellen Belcher, Del Rio Barbara Hunsdon Bitter, San Antonio Phyllis Ann Borden, Texas City Martha Jean Burkhalter, Austin Mary Jane Burkhalter, Austin Annelle Rhea Burton, Brownwood Carolyn Cantwell, Dallas Almalee Cartee, Coral Gables, Fla. Bidean Craig, Lark Carol Catherine Cuno, San Antonio Helen Ann Dorbandt, Conroe Judith Lynn Eason, Cleveland, Miss. Martha Jane Eschenburg, Floresville Emily Phillips Fortescue, Port Arthur Sandra Faith Fuller, Port Arthur Patricia Ann Hatridge, Corpus Christi Marianne Helms, Houston Jo Marie Hill, Fort Worth Janet Loal Howard, Fort Worth Emory Kelley, Houston Frances Ruth King, Austin Joy Elizabeth Kirkland, Wichita Falls Carol Ann Koch, Houston Lera Josephine Lingo, Houston Roberta Ann Love, Dallas Josephine Lynn, Dallas Colleen Annette Maes, Houston Patricia Jo Martin, Amarillo Linda McDougle, Jacksonville Dana Candace Milam, San Antonio Catherine Marie Moore, Bangs Mary Susan Nesbit, Dallas Jane Lee Obst, Dallas Colleen Mary O ' Connor, Austin Peggy Louise Parker, Dallas Paula Jo Rainey, San Antonio Charlotte Emily Sanders, Fort Worth Brownie Elizabeth Shepherd, San Antonio Harriet Frances Slaughter, Arlington Sara Elizabeth Spears, San Antonio Ann Watson Stevens, Houston Emily Sue Stinson, Greenville Sidney Christine Stone, Lubbock Nancy Elizabeth Strahan, Lamesa Nancy Lee Walker, Houston Mary Ann Whitham, Tyler Patricia Louise Wren, Longview Top Row: Gunstream, Hart, Hartshorn, Harwell, Hasten, Hatridge. Second Row: Helms, Hill, Hilton, Hoi- ton, Howard, Hyatt. Third Row: C. Johnson, K. Johnson, Kelley, F. King, S. King, Kirkland. Fourth Row: Kirksey, Klaver, Kobe, Koch, LeRoy, Line. Fifth Row: Little, Lloyd, B. Love, R. Love, Lowe, Luttrell. Sixth Row: Lynn, Maes, Marshall, Mar- tin, May, McDougle. Seventh Row: McFarland, McPhail, Milam, Mitchell, Monroe, C. Moore. Eighth Row: S. Moore, More, Mueller, Nelson, Nesbit, Newton. Ninth Row: Northington, Nowlin, Obst, O ' Connor, Otto, Padgett. Tenth Row: Parker, Peel, Perry, L. Por- ter, S. Porter, Rainey. Eleventh Row: Roberson, Rodman. Ross, St. Germain, Sanders, Shepherd. Twelfth Row: Shirley, Skelton, Slaugh- ter, B. Smith, G. Smith, Spickard. Thirteenth Row: Stevens, Stinson, Stone, Strahan, Straughan, Taylor. Fourteenth Row: Thomson, Tosh, Trim- ble, Vardaman, Vogan, Voyles. Fifteenth Row: Walker, Waters, Weis- inger, Welsh, Whitehurst, Whitham. Sixteenth Row: Williams, Winship, Wren, Zimmerman. PAGE 303 DELTA DELTA DELTA MEMBERS ii LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1912 NATIONAL FOUNDING 1888 i; Susan Jane Allen, Fort Worth Mary Janis Bailey, Childress Carol Helen Barnes, Des Moines, Iowa Frances Pope Bates, San Antonio Roberta Jane Bickham, Dallas Sue Anna Binney, College Station Martha Louise Bowser, Dallas Ann Dare Brown, Springfield, Tenn. Janet Kathleen Buchanan, Texarkana Virgnia Fay Carroll, Houston Linda Jean Cason, Rosenberg Suzanne Estelle Chandler, Austin Lucy Ann Collins, Waco Bette Theresa Craddock, Austin Alice Kathleen Dickson, Dallas Carole Vare Dooley, Uvalde Marilyn Ruth Edwards, San Antonio Nancy Elizabeth Edwards, San Antonio Bettye Jean Eggert, Victoria Edith Orr Elliott, McAllen Jan Durrett Evans, Fort Worth Martha Alice Evans, Ganado Joann Patricia Ferris, Dallas Charlotte Ann Fulmer, Nacogdoches Jane Charnelle Hall, Dallas Diane Louise Harris, Bryan Cay Hartman, Waco Saramye Jo Haw, Atlanta Luticia Hollis Heard, Dallas Patsy Ruth Henry, San Antonio Mary Ruth Hoff, McAllen Gloria Ann Hoffman, Houston Sarah Jane Huddleston, Fort Worth Margaret Joan Hudson, Corpus Christ Claire Hudspeth, Houston Martha King Hughes, Dallas Jan James, Dallas Grace Nan Jennings, San Antonio Elizabeth Mary Jessen, Austin Carol Kelley, Bryan Betty Sue Kelly, Dallas Donna Elizabeth Klingman, Dallas Minna Fay Lawrence, San Antonio Margaret Ann Leftwich, Childress Joanne Laneil Lewis, Dallas Patricia Ann Loper, Beaumont Sue Lotspeich, Fort Worth Gay Patricia Maloy, Austin Shirley Cue Marion, Lubbock Ramona McCharen, Borger Judy Ann Mclnnis, Port Arthur Marjorie Jean Miller, Midland Nancy Sue Minton, Roswell, N. M. Iris Luverne Mitchell, Houston Sara Kathrin Moers, Houston Sarah Jean Moore, Houston Ann Stuart Morgan, College Station Patti Sue Murphy, Dallas Nancy Ann Oden, Houston Norma Joan Paschal, Robstown Evelyn Frances Pietzsch, Beaumont Barbara Aline Putnam, Port Arthur Mary Kathleen Quigley, Corpus Christi Mary Marcia Rathjen, Brownsville Marianne Rawland, Cleburne Mary Jane Rawlins, Dallas Judith Ann Reed, Humble Christine Satel, San Antonio Elizabeth Lucille Sharp, Houston Nancy Lynne Shepherd, Lubbock Mary Beth Smith, Houston Sherron Lynnette Smith, Brady Elizabeth Ann Snyder, Baird Susan Frost Spice, San Antonio Sylvia Sue Strange, Dallas Gretta Thomas, Dallas Elizabeth Dickson Thompson, San Antonio Martha Carle Toler, San Antonio Jo Ann Turnbough, Lubbock Jann Turner, Austin Mary Grace Voigt, Wilmette, 111. Mary Ann Ward, Tyler Cheryl White, Roswell, N. M. Barbara Jean Wiedeman, Junction Patricia Ann Wilcox, Bryan Bessie Jane Wilkinson, Dallas Ruth Elinor Wilson, Dallas Joan Louise Woellert, San Antonio Diane Worthington, Cleveland, Miss. Allen, Armistead, Bailey, Bartow, Bates, Benner, Bickham, Binney, Booth, Bourdon. Bowser, Bramlet, Broughton, Buch- anan, Bundy, Burkhart, Carroll, Cason, Collins, Conner, Craddock. Dobbs, Dooley, Duggan, M. Edwards, N. Edwards, Elliott, Emerson, J. Evans, M. Evans, Ferris, Fleming. Green, Fulmer, Haire, Harp, D. L. Harris, D. M. Harris, Haw, Heard, Henry, Hickman, Hoeffert. FACULTY BETTY JANE ALEXANDER, Instructor in Physical Health Education DOROTHY AYRES, Administrative Assistant, Office of the Dean, College of Business Administration DOROTHY WATTS DEAN, Assistant to the Dean of Women JO CALDWELL MEYER, Senior Secretary, School of Journalism Fall NANCY LYNNE SHEPHERD Jo ANN TURNBOUGH MARY JANE RAWLINS EDITH ORR ELLIOTT OFFICERS Spring President . . . EDITH ORR ELLIOTT Vice-President . . EVELYN FRANCES PIETZSCH Corresponding Secretary PATRICIA ANN WILCOX Recording Secretary . DONNA ELIZABETH KLINGMAN EVELYN FRANCES PIETZSCH Treasurer MINNA FAY LAWRENCE PLEDGES Billie Davant Armistead, San Antonio Barbara Ann Bartow, Austin June Arleen Benner, Greenville Annette Hilary Booth, Taylor Elizabeth Joyce Bourdon, Houston Jerry Charlene Bramlet, Corpus Christi Wana Lee Broughton, Childress Kay Tucker Bundy, Houston Patricia Burkhart, Houston Claire Crystelle Conner, Fort Worth Katherine Josephine Dobbs, Houston Ann Kathleen Duggan, Houston Sally Joanne Emerson, Austin Jan Murray Fleming, Elgin Mary Sharon Green, Childress Lynda Gayle Haire, Dallas Carolyn Bruce Harp, Midland Donna Marie Harris, Dallas Judith Ann Hickman, Dallas Diana Clay Hoeffert, Brenham Patricia Ann Huffman, Austin Esther Margaret Jessen, Austin Florence Elaine Jones, Lubbock Linda Catherine Luedemann, San Antonio Myrna Marie McDonald, Fort Worth Virginia Louise McFarlane, Brownwood Margaret Diane Melton, Houston Marilyn Kay Miller, Dallas Mary Gail Murphy, Austin Carolyn Anne Newman, San Antonio Roberta Gayle Norman, Austin Judy Dae Orchard, Houston Miriam Anne Page. Austin Barbara Ellen Parnell, Harlingen Nancy Pinson, Big Spring Marsha Ann Pogue, San Antonio Carol Ann Rawlinson, Jacksonville Mary Diane Roddie, Brady Mary Ann Rushton, Mercedes Lou Ann Scott, Corpus Christi Kathryn Anne Setzler, El Campo Mary Ruth Sheldon, Houston Lynn Bryant Sullivan, Fort Worth Constance Louise Sundahl, Dallas Linda Ellen Thompson, Port Arthur Jen Gary Tomlinson. Houston Margaret nn White, Dallas Mae Margaret Whitson, Midland Mary Tom Williams, Corpus Christi Lillian Gayle Wright, Abilene Top Row: Hoff, Hoffman, Hudspeth, Huff- man, Hughes. Second Row: Esther Jessen, Jones, Kelley, Kelly, Klingman. Third Row: Lawrence, Leftwich, Lewis, Loper, Lotspeich. Fourth Row: Luedemann, Maloy, Marion, McCharen, McDonald. Fifth Row: McFarlane, Mclnnis, Melton. M. K. Miller, M. J. Miller. Sixth Row: Minton, Moers, Moore, M. Murphy, P. Murphy. Seventh Row: Newman, Norman, Oden. Orchard, Page. Eighth Row: Parnell, Paschal, Pietzsch, Pin- son, Pogue. Ninth Row: Putnam, Quigley, Rathjen, Rawland, Rawlins. Tenth Row: Rawlinson, Reed, Roddie, Rushton, Satel. Eleventh Row: Scott, Setzler, Sharp, Shel- don, Shepherd. Twelfth Row: M. Smith. S. Smith, Snyder, Spice, Strange. Thirteenth Row: Sullivan, Sundahl. Tho- mas, E. Thompson, L. Thompson. Fourteenth Row: Toler, Turnbough, Tur- ner, Voigt, Ward. Fifteenth Row: C. White, M. White, Whit- son, Wiedeman, Wilkinson. Sixteenth Row: Williams, Wilson, Woellert, Worthington, Wright. PAGE 305 DELTA GAMMA MEMBERS LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1938 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1873 Mary Patricia Allen, San Antonio Carol Ann Bohlmann, San Antonio Mary Lois Boone, Navasota Marilyn Ann Boyd, Austin Marinell Brooks, Hempstead Susan Brown, Austin Katharine Elaine Carson, Midland Grace Anne Churchill, La Grange, 111. Deborah Lou Cooper, Lockhart Melba Jean Cooper, Lockhart Nancy Gail Cooper, Midland Mary Lelia Grain, Houston Carol Clark Culbertson, San Antonio Annette Curry, Waxahachie Nancy Cur tis, Tyler Ada Lois Davidson, Houston Barbara Ann Davis, Houston Shirley Davis, Dallas Diane Doherty, Houston Marilyn Joanne Dull, Houston Virginia Jean Durland, Dallas Joan Carolyn Farquhar, Sinton Nancy Jay Fiske, Dallas Anne FitzGerald, Midland Joan FitzGerald, Midland Gloria Byrne Foy, Dallas Katherine Sue Gibson, Navasota Mary Kathryn Gore, Bastrop Kathryn Diane Gregory, Houston Sandra Len Griffith, San Antonio Sandra Jean Hamilton, San Antonio Nancy Elizabeth Harwell, San Antonio Jane Birdwell Henderson, Cameron Sarah Louise Hughston, Midland Nancy Louise Hunter, Wichita Falls Ethyl Maria Johnson, Henderson Ruth Frances Johnson, Pasadena Kay Linda Knox, Houston Carolyn Joy Koch, Houston Patricia Ann Ludwig, Austin Barbara Jean Massey, San Antonio Betty Flo McQuatters, Conroe Karen Moehlman, Houston Ann Elaine Moody, Houston Patricia Ann Morrow, San Angelo Ann Mottley, Dallas Mary Sue Pace, Austin Nancy Hortense Pfluger, Taylor Marion Frances Rankin, Dallas Sandra Jeanne Rees, Odessa June Ella Risher, Borger JoAnn Roberts, Austin Gwendolyn Louise Rudolph, San Antonio Shirley Ryan, Corpus Christi Carole Mildred Schade, Edna Laura Lou Smith, Artesia, N. M. Jacquelyn Malvina Spearman, El Paso Mary Margaret Stallings, Terrell Janet Stokes, Phillips Virginia Joan Strauch, San Antonio Mary Kathryn Tucker, Bowie Nell Hope Wakefield, Midway Virginia Alice Walker, Dallas Jean Elizabeth Wendel, Weimar Jacqueline Ann Whitaker, New Orleans, La. Beverly Angell Williams, Fort Monroe, Va. Margaret O. Woessner, Miami Beach, Fla. Allison, Anderson, Best. Bohlmann, Boone, L. Boyd, M. Boyd, Breshears, Brooks, Brown. Butschek, Call, Carson, Chaudoin, Churchill, M. Cooper, N. Cooper, Grain, A. Curry. R. Curry. Curtis, Davidson, M. Davis, S. Davis, Day, Derden, Dougherty, Doherty, Downing, Dull. Durland, Fanning, Farquhar, Finn, Fiske, A. FitzGerald, J. FitzGerald, Foy, Fread, Gibson. FACULTY ANNA HISS, Director of Physical Trainng for Women MARY GRANGER JAMES, Assistant Professor of Education SHEILA O ' GARA, Associate Professor of Physical Training for Women JOSEPHINE HELEN STAAB, Professor of Home Economics Fall JANE BIRDWELL HENDERSON MARILYN JOANNE DULL VIRGINIA ALICE WALKER ADA Lois DAVIDSON JOAN FITZGERALD . MARGARET O. WOESSNER . OFFICERS President First V ice-President . Second V ice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Spring JANE BIRDWELL HENDERSON MARILYN JOANNE DULL VIRGINIA ALICE WALKER ADA Lois DAVIDSON JOAN FITZGERALD MARGARET O. WOESSNER PLEDGES Janet Allison, Houston Frances Mae Anderson, Norco, Calif. Barbara Jean Best, Austin Lura Darlene Boyd, Del Rio Sondra Breshears, Houston Rosemary Jane Butschek, Houston Barbara Carol Cage, Eagle Pass Mary Elizabeth Call, Del Rio Nita Suzanne Chaudoin, San Antonio Robinette Curry, Midland Marynelle Davis, Houston Joan Marie Day, Houston ZoeAnn Derden, Austin Colleen Dougherty, Dallas Roberta Lee Downing, Dallas Hazel Ann Fanning, Wichita Falls Carol Lee Finn, Houston Gayle Marie Fread, San Angelo Dora Eleanor Good, Tyler Peggy Marcella Graham, Houston Nancy Lee Guyton, Midland Olivia Anne Howe, Houston Betty Lee Johnson, Henderson Mary Hale Lawhon, Tulsa, Okla. Linda Caytes Milam, Snyder Mary Sue Mitchell, Evanston, 111. Patricia Dale Montgomery, Houston Ora Katherine Old, Corpus Christi Corinne Gray Orr, Kerrville Nancy Key Parks, Houston Alice Jean Patterson, Houston Kay Nell Pearson, Austin Sarah Jean Penberthy, Bryan Mary Linn Pond, Houston Georgia Mae Rogge, Robstown Evelyn Julia Rossi, Houston Nancy Lee Salmon, San Angelo Clara Gertrude Shugart, Dallas Suzanne Elizabeth Simons, Edna Donna Maurine Spearman, El Paso Virginia Ann Steele, Dallas Patricia C. Stockmeyer, El Paso Sally Storms, Houston Mary Lee Taylor, Bryan Carolyn Denice Tullis, Houston Patricia Nelle Waide, Dumas Betty Ann Willmann, San Antonio Linda Kay Yancey, Dallas SPRING PLEDGES Barbara Jean Balfanz, Houston June Berrien, Borger Barbara Carol Cage, Eagle Pass Dolores Eleanor Domning, Coral Gables, Fla. Top Row: Good, Graham, Griffith, Guy- ton, Hamilton. Second Row. Harwell, Henderson, Howe, Hughston, Hunter. Third Row: B. Johnson, E. Johnson, R. Johnson, Knox, Koch. Fourth Row: Lawhon, Ludwig, Massey, McQuatters, Milam. Fifth Row: Mitchell, Moehlman, Mont- gomery, Moody, Mottley. Sixth Row: Pace, Parks, Patterson, Pear- son, Pfluger. Seventh Row: Pond, Old, Orr, Rankin, Rees. Eighth Row: Risher, Roberts, Rogge, Rossi, Rudolph. Ninth Row: Salmon, Schade, Shugart, Simons, Smith. Tenth Row: D. Spearman, J. Spearman, Stallings, Steele, Stockmeyer. Eleventh Row: Stokes, Storms, Strauch, Taylor, Tucker. Twelfth Row: Waide, Wakefield, Walker, Wendel, Whitaker. Thirteenth Row: Williams, Willmann, Woessner, Yancey. PAGE 307 DELTA PHI EPSILON MEMBERS LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1934 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1917 Judith Abrams, Dallas Doretta Mae Bendalin, El Paso Rita Glenn Blatt, Dallas Phyllis Rae Braslau, Galveston Bonnie Fay Cohen, Albuquerque, N. M. Leonette Daner, Miami Beach, Fla. Rose Margaret Falk, Corpus Christ! Mildred Lynn Fallek, McAllen Sylvia Semon Fine, San Angelo Barbara Ann Fish, Sioux City, Iowa Maxine Edna Friedberg, Houston Elyse Joyce Friedman, Dallas Barbara Janet Gamzey, Denver, Colo. Jeanette Rita Goodman, Dallas Marilyn Lois Gordon, Houston Lynne Merle Kalmin, Dallas Shirley Elaine Kochman, Dallas Elizabeth Ann Kolodny, Houston Barbara Rita Kovacs, Los Angeles, Calif. Joyce Helene Lissauer, Dallas Barbara Lee Lit, Memphis, Tenn. Marilyn Markman, Meridian Ethel Rae Miller, Dallas Gail Harriet Mosko, Denver, Colo. Pauline Protas, Port Arthur Harriet Ripps, Mobile, Ala. Alix Ida Robinson, Fort Worth Sandra Semon Rosen, Dallas Barbara Sue Rosenbloom, Nashville, Tenn. Elaine Rubin, Dallas Betty Gaye Sheinberg, Dallas Joan B. Simms, Indianola, Miss. Marion Bess Simon, El Paso Georgina Barbara Swarz, Miami, Fla. Barbara Ann Weiner, San Antonio Abrams, Bendalin, Blatt, Braslau, Chaskin. Cohen, Cozier, Fallek, Fish, Fraclkin. Friedman, Gamzey, Goodman, B. Gordon, Heller. Fall SHIRLEY ELAINE KOCHMAN PHYLLIS RAE BRASLAU . ELIZABETH ANN KOLODNY . RITA GLENN BLATT PAULINE PROTAS OFFICERS President .... V ice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer . Spring MARION BESS SIMON BONNIE FAY COHEN BARBARA ANN FISH JOAN B. SIMMS HARRIET RIPPS PLEDGES Celine Golda Chaskin, Houston Patsy Sue Cozier, Wharton Judith Bertha Fradkin, Galveston Barbara Gwen Gordon, University City, Mo. Gail Dee Heller, Denver, Colo. Jacqueline Elaine Hyman, San Antonio Zona Beth Kanter, San Antonio Anita Ruth Kaplan, Beaumont Miriam Kaplan, Galveston Eleanor Lewis, Houston Nanette Cema Matusoff, San Antonio Leah Ray Plantowsky, Galveston Dale Frieda Polland, Dallas Geraldine Storer, Austin Nancy Rae Zelinger, Denver, Colo. SPRING PLEDGES Risha Simone Clark, Galveston Judy Hirsch, Dallas Sandra Kriss, Dallas flHABHI Top Row: Hyman, Kalmin, Kanter. Second Row: A. Kaplan, M. Kaplan, Kochman. Third Row: Kolodny, Lewis, Lissauer. Fourth Row: Markman, Miller, Mosko. Fifth Row: Plantowsky, Polland, Ripps. Sixth Row: Robinson, Rosenbloom, Sheinberg. Seventh Row: Simms, Storer, Swarz, Ze- linger. PAGE 309 DELTA ZETA i: LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1924 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1902 MEMBERS Nona Ann Amundson, Austin Monica Christy Amuny, Port Arthur Amber LeMerle Bernard, Houston Martha Jane Bogar, Houston Mary Ellen Branan, Houston Rebecca Lynn Brown, San Antonio Stella Maureen Burns, Houston Barbara Elaine Callaway, Houston Joyce Nell Camp, Austin Jean Carlson, Point Comfort Ruth Ann Clift, Lubbock Valerie Rowland Conner, San Antonio Elenor R. Cook, Houston Helen Carol Crow, Austin Rica Ann Crowell, San Antonio Charline Alberta Doherty, Trinchua, Colo. Martha Ellen Dugas, Beaumont Catherine Belle Dupre, Austin Karin Louise Ekdahl, Villa Park, 111. Joan Catheryn Fritze, San Antonio Betty Lou Fromme, Tynan Linda Bell Gressett, Beeville Betty Lula Guy, Port Arthur Sue Nell Hamilton, Houston Carolyn Harris, Austin Gaynel Sue Hartman, Dallas Sally Heller, Dallas Alice J. Hite, Austin Lois Diane Hopkins, Dallas Linda Jane Hunter, San Antonio Ann Johnson, Austin Carolyn Sue Jutzi, Houston Barbara Ann MacKenney, San Antonio Elaine Mathews, Angleton Jane Ann Maxwell, Austin Rosemary McAdams, Winnie Lorraine Miller, Waelder Meta Louise Mogf ord, Uvalde Judie Anne Newton, Dallas Ann Pfeiffenberger, Lubbock Mildred Roberta Powell, Conroe Jeamsi Edith Price, Snyder Peggy Daniel Pryor, Harlingen Carol Reinhackel, Austin Ellen Ann Small, Rosenberg Cora Jennis Tucker, Port Arthur Catherine Elizabeth Voigtman, Beaumont Marcia Anne Voyles, Bay City Carol Ann Warner, Austin Lenore Watson, Lake Charles, La. Patsy Ann Whorton, Austin Diane Wilson, Austin Amundson, Amuny, Anderson, Aus- tin, Bernard, Bickford, Branan, Brown. Burns, Callaway, Camp, Carlson, Clift, Conner, Cook, Cralle. Crow, Crowell, Dugas, Dupre, Ek- dahl, Focke, Fritze. Fromme. Gressett, Griffith, Guy, Hallmark, Hamilton, C. Harris, K. Harris, Hartley. Fall Lois DIANE HOPKINS . JEAN CARLSON REBECCA LYNN BROWN HELEN CAROL CROW . NONA ANN AMUNDSON LENORE WATSON OFFICERS President . . . . First Vice-President . Second Vice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Spring LENORE WATSON STELLA MAUREEN BURNS SUE NELL HAMILTON PATSY ANN WHORTON BETTY Lou FROMME MARY ELLEN BRANAN PLEDGES Eleanor Marilyn Anderson, Dallas Janat Jaclynn Austin, San Antonio Joanne Clifton Bickford, Fort Worth Patricia Sanford Cralle, Fort Sam Houston Margaret Jeanne Focke, Bandera Clara Hilton Griffith, Jackson, Miss. Julie Hallmark, San Angelo Kay Anne Harris, Corpus Christi Janice Marie Hartley, San Antonio Dolly Gale Hull, Jackson, Miss. Ursula Louise Jeffrey, Lockhart Emily Ann Kvinta, Yoakum Nancy Elizabeth Montroy, Port Arthur Donna Lee Morris, Brownsville Diana Elizabeth Nagle, Houston Brinda Gwynne Neidigh, Elgin, 111. Carol Jean Peterson, Fort Worth Mary Pickett, Karnes City Kay Esther Ponder, Dallas Judith Rae Potter, Bellaire Dorothy Carolyn Sandlin, Fort Worth Helen Claire Shaner, Houston Barbara Lucille Smith, Port Neches Barbara Ann Stroud, San Antonio Jac Patricia Teller, San Antonio Judy Anne Tuggey, Dallas Martha Jean Valliant, Sonora Taos Marjorie Vanhooser, Pettus Sharolyn Watson, Athens Helen Elizabeth Wear, Dallas Velma Elizabeth White, Beaumont Anna Carol Williams, Athens Deidre Wilson, Temple Jean Elizabeth Wilson, Austin SPRING PLEDGES Lois Myrl Heard, Austin Martha Seals, Arlington Doris Thiele, Austin Carolyn Ruth Wilson, Austin Top Row: Hartman, Heller, Hite, Hop- kins. Second Row: Hull, Hunter, Jeffrey, Johnson. Third Row: Kvinta, MacKenney, Mat- hews, Maxwell. Fourth Row: McAdams, Mogford, Mon- troy. Morris. Fifth Row: Nagle, Neidigh, Peterson, Pfeiffenberger. Sixth Row: Pickett, Ponder, Potter, Price. Seventh Row: Pryor, Reinhackel, Sand- lin, Shaner. Eighth Row: Small, Smith, Stroud, Tel- ler. Ninth Row: Tuggey, Vanhooser, Voigt- man, Voyles. Tenth Row: Warner, L. Watson, S. Wat- son, Wear. Eleventh Row: White, Whorton, Wil- liams. Twelfth Row: D. Wilson, J. Wilson. PAGE 311 GAMMA PHI BETA MEMBERS LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1922 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1874 Mary Annette Abshier, Beaumont Mary Katherine Baker, Dallas Joni Jo Ballard, Mission Kay F. Barnes, Austin Cleo Ann Britain, Bellaire Ann Burr, Bay City Kathryn Marie Bush, Houston Mary Jane Carothers, Marianna, Ark. Carol Ann Grain, Jacksonville Barbara Deane Davis, Houston Virginia Ruth Diamond, Houston Barbara Jane Dixon, Rexdale, Canada Sharon Elaine Donovan, Dallas Rose Diane Dupree, Gilmer Billie Mae Ellison, Gonxales Nieta Lea Farley, Houston Laura Elizabeth Faulk, San Antonio Carolyn Faulkner, Port Arthur Karen Renee Flowers, Dallas Felicity Hill Frank, Austin Mae Barbee Frazier, Austin Iris Gail Garrett, Port Arthur Barbara Ruth Geeslin, Dallas Amy Jean Glenney, San Antonio Betsy Ann Grupe, Austin Bethlyn Jean Hand, Houston Patsy Ann Hatch, San Antonio Evelyn Gayle Howard, Dallas Carolyn Howell, Austin Virginia Lee Hurley, Dallas Jo Ann Jimmerson, Crockett Norma Ann Joseph, Austin Frances Elizabeth Kincaid, Crowell Marcia Lavonne Kincaid, Crowell Lavona Jo Loe, Alice Faith Malmgren, Port Arthur Mary Kay Maxwell, Houston Margo Ann Mayfield, Austin Sandra Jean Mays, Atlanta Mary Marjorie Menefee, Austin Nancy Carter Michel, Marble Falls Esther Lillian Mitchell, Tulsa, Okla. Carmen Georgina Montalbo, Houston Maureen Moore, McAllen Shirley Jo Needham, Austin Peggy Ruthe Newberry, Gonzales Susan Jeanne Newcombe, Houston Henrietta Odom, Gilmer Leah Rae Olson, Elgin Betty Lou Pendergraft, San Antonio Donna Jean Peoples, Austin Peggy Ruth Peters, Houston Lois Ann Randerson, San Benito Evelyn Estelle Richardson, Dallas Barbara Ruth Schmitt, Houston Cynthia Winters Sloat, Houston Mary Condrey Swaren, Dallas Nancy Joyce Tieken, Austin Joanna Tipton, Brownsville Margaret Helen Turpin, Orange Marilyn Marie Vogt, Houston Margaret Elen Watson, Fort Worth Janet Wood, Austin Abshier, Baker, B. Ballard, J. Ballard, Barnes, Beloate, Bodden, Britain, Burr, Bush. Butler, Campbell, Carothers, Cone, Craig, Grain, Davis, Dean, Diamond, Dixon. Donalson, Donovan, Dupree, Eaton, El- lison, Erwin, Farley, Faulk, Faulkner, Flowers. Floyd, Frank, Frazier, Fredeman, Gar- rett, Gebhart, Geeslin, Glenney, Grupe, Hand. FACULTY LORENA BAKER, Librarian III, Loan Desk HARRIET LOVE BLACKSTOCK, Senior Clerk, Physical Training for Women JANET ANDERSON MORSE, Instructor, Physical Training for Women LORA LEE PEDERSON, Professor and Director, Graduate School of Social Work EVELYN WELBORN, Research Scientist II, Physics Fall BARBARA DEANE DAVIS KATHRYN MARIE BUSH MAE BARBEE FRAZIER MAUREEN MOORE OFFICERS President . . . . Vice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary SUSAN JEANNE NEWCOMBE Treasurer Spring MARGARET HELEN TURPIN NIETA LEA FARLEY LAVONA Jo LOE BETSY ANN GRUPE LAURA ELIZABETH FAULK PLEDGES Betty Lu Ballard, Mission Florence Beloate, Dallas Jane Elizabeth Bodden, Galveston Nancy Elizabeth Breedlove, Midland Ola Dowell Butler, Austin Carolyn Jane Campbell, Corpus Christi Wanda Rose Cockrell, Austin Nancy Lee Cone, Dallas Paula June Craig, Dallas Sylvia Lee Dean, McAllen Frances Ellen Donalson, Bishop Charlie Merle Eaton, Rule Sharon Lynne Erwin, Corpus Christi Glenda Estelle Floyd, Mexia Sydalise Fredeman, Port Arthur Linda Marie Gebhart, Port Arthur Trula Delle Harrison, Houston Sammie Janis Jennings, Austin Janis Evers Jones, Paducah Kathryn Lanham, Austin Jeanette Meyer, Seabrook Linda Patricia Moncure, Bastrop Linda Keyes Moore, Port Arthur Sylvia Beth Nixon, Brady Patricia Lenore Pfeiffer, Houston Edna Frances Sample, Houston Davene Evon Schmidt, Harper Dianne Elizabeth Smyth, Portland Carmeleta Stevens, Houston Donna Lee Syphrett, Liberty Jean Van Riper, Dallas Deanne Marie Vice, Port Lavaca Sandra Victoria Wade, Austin Nancy Nell Williford, Fairfield Marilyn Joan Lewis, Dallas SPRING PLEDGES Carolyn Durelle Shane, San Antonio Top Row: Harrison, Hatch, Howell, Howard. Second Row: Hurley, Jennings, Jimmer- son, Jones. Third Row: Joseph, F. Kincaid, M. Kin- caid, Lanham. Fourth Row: Loe, Malmgren, Maxwell, May field. Fifth Row: Mays, Menefee, Meyer, Michel. Sixth Row: Mitchell, Moncure, Montal- bo, L. Moore. Seventh Row: M. Moore, Needham. Newberry, Newcombe. Eighth Row: Odom, Olson, Pendergraft, Peoples. Ninth Row: Peters, Pfeiffer, Randerson, Richardson. Tenth Row: Sample, Schmidt, Schmitt, Sloat. Eleventh Row: Smyth, Stevens, Syphrett, Tieken. Twelfth Row: Tipton, Turpin, Van Riper, Vice. Thirteenth Row: Vogt, Wade, Watson. Williford. PAGE 313 KAPPA ALPHA THETA LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1904 NATIONAL FOUNDING. 1870 MEMBERS Shirley Marsha Allred, Wichita Falls Caroline Almy, Fort Worth Madelon Elaine Anderson, Houston Jan Armstrong, Roswell, N. M. Ann Binford Arney, Corpus Christi Mary Eleanor Baldwin, Wichita Falls Ann Armistead Barnes, Houston Mary Paige Benbow, Austin Nancy Sue Bivins, Amarillo Margaret Susan Black, Houston Patricia Ann Blackwell, Cuero Mary Kathryn Bland, Austin Dorothy Dale Bratton, Austin Nancy Lou Brooks, Beaumont Celia Ann Buchan, Houston Bobbie Sue Buck, Houston Carolyn Gay Burns, Webster Groves, Mo. Lillie Kayser Butler, Houston Gail Campbell, Fort Worth Diana Alice Carter, Elsa Ann Claiborne Catterton, Houston Phyllis J. Coffee, Corpus Christi Ruth Catherine Colwick, Dallas Rita Jean Cook, San Marcos Betty Jane Cox, Abilene Laloa Anne Critz, Fort Worth Rebecca Ann Crowder, Texarkana Katherine Lynn Cummings, Houston Dianne Lucille Denton, Dallas Nancy Stuart Dingwall, Austin Virginia Easterling, Beaumont Ann Willis Elkins, Houston Dorothy Jean Evans, Fort Worth Linda Aliece Falvey, Longview Katherine Feagin, San Antonio Ruth Katherine Fulwiler, El Paso Wyman Sue Gideon, Austin Edith Dale Hamburger, Washington, D.C. Harriet Jean Harris, Navasota Jean Harris, Wichita Falls Mary Gail Heatly, Austin Jane Henderson, Houston Helen Beaman Hilliard, Pasadena Julia Landrum Holman, Austin Burris Ann lies, Vernon Janet Lee Isaacks, Fort Worth Janet Rose Jorns, Houston Joan Jorns, Houston Carol Marie Kayton, San Antonio Nan Keith Kelly, Fort Worth Barbara Jane Kennedy, Dallas Mary Marcia Kennerly, Houston Shirley Angela Klindworth, Dallas Peggy Ann Klumpp, Pass Christian, Miss. Mary Jane Lane, Dallas Barbara Lang, Dallas Roberta Gaye Lott, Goliad Elizabeth Stuart Masterson, San Antonio Diane McFarland, Fort Worth Evelyn Anne Medley, Eagle Pass Owene Brackenridge Menger, San Antonio Joanne Miller,Tyler Doris Dilliard Mitchell, Austin Dorothy Elizabeth Neblett, Canyon Ann Gardner Nicholl, Houston Juana Ree Owens, Amarillo Nancy Page, Wichita Falls Page May Parker, San Antonio Marilyn Perkinson, Greggtown Bobby Jean Pipkin, Baytown Virginia Lee Price, Little Rock, Ark. Sara Jane Pullen, Wichita Falls Faye Rathgeber, Fort Worth Sally Ritchie, Galveston Carol Ann Rugeley, Wichita Falls Mary Ann Sanborn, McAllen Joanna Baxter Smith, Corpus Christi Sally Woods Sparks, Amarillo Mary Ruth Spence, Waco Barbara Louise Stephen, Galveston Mollie Folbre Steves, San Angelo Shirley Stratton, Waco Dorothy Ann Taegel, San Antonio LaDonna Marie Taylor, Wichita Falls Linda Ann Tucker, Fort Worth Mary Jane Upton, Dallas Bonnie Mae Vifquain, Dallas Peggy Anne Weddington, Dallas Lettie Mae Wheat, Beaumont Virginia Lou Wilkinson, Midland Llewellyn Williams, Port Arthur Bettye Lyn Womack, Wichita Falls Adolyne Jane Young, Fort Worth Joan Sue Zappe, Mineral Wells Allred, Almy, Anderson, Armstrong, Arney, Bailey, Baldwin, Benbow, Best, Bivins. Black, Black well, Bland, Brooks, Buchan, Buck, Burns, Butler, Camp- bell, A. Catterton. J. Catterton, Coffee, Colwick, Cook, Crowder, Cummings, Denton, Drake, Elkins, Esquivel. Evans, Falvey, Faulkner, Ferguson, Fulwiler, Garland, Gideon, Giles, Gresham, Hall. FACULTY MARY SNYDER KIRKPATRICK, Librarian III, Education and Philosophy HILDA FLORENCE ROSENE, Associate Professor of Zoology SARA JANE PULLEN . MARY JAYNE UPTON SALLY WOODS SPARKS CELIA ANN BUCHAN OFFICERS President . . . , Vice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . PEGGY ANNE WEDDINGTON Treasurer ANN CARLISLE JURECKA JOSEPHINE DUVALL SCURRY PEGGY ANNE WEDDINGTON VIRGINIA LEE PRICE RUTH KATHERINE FULWII.ER PLEDGES Lynne Bailey, Dallas Linda Luan Best, Wichita Falls Julie Beth Catterton, Houston Josephine Drake, Austin Sandra Esquivel, Austin Elizabeth Faulkner, Houston Nancy Elizabeth Ferguson, Houston Nancy Garland, McAllen Jacklyn Kendall Giles, Corpus Christi Susan Frances Gresham, Houston Mary Carolyn Hall, Waco Dona Barnett Hamburger, Washington, D. C. Becky Suzanne Hampton, Port Arthur Dorothy Patricia Heard, Houston Sue Heatly, Austin Curtis Louise Hoehn, Waco Eleanor Leighton Johnson, San Antonio Ann Carlisle Jurecka, Galveston Janis Keith, Beaumont Cherry Dian Kendrick, Corpus Christi Karen Key, Lubbock Sandra Ann Landon, Wichita Falls Carolynn Elizabeth Leggett, Midland Linda Margaret Mahan, Abilene Eugenia Marie Mahone, Austin Betty Jane McCallum, Corpus Christi Ellen Kimball McCorquodale, Houston Helen Sue Morris, Amarillo Mary Morris, Austin Frances Anna Moseley, Mineral Wells Nanci Sue Myers, Waco Ann Hewitt Neild, Beaumont Judy Lea Nichols, Fort Worth Catherine Ford Olivet, Texarkana Virginia Dale Owens, Amarillo Suzanne Harriss Pauls, Galveston Deanna Ruth Querner, San Antonio Mary Eugenia Reedy, San Antonio Gail Lockwood Sammons, Mission Josephine Duvall Scurry, Dallas Mary Jean Todd, San Antonio Gwendolyn Leigh Toombs, Wichita Falls Ann Van Landingham, Dallas Frances Ann Van Zandt, Houston Marcia Adele Wade, San Antonio Ellita Bergman Wallace, San Antonio Evaline Griffiths Weichsel, Dallas Eleanor Wheeler, Midland Carolyn Williams, Austin Sybil Clark Wyche, Dallas Top Row: D. Hamburger, E. Hamburger, Hampton, H. Harris, J. Harris, Heard. Second Row: Heatly, Henderson, Hil- liard, Hoehn, Holman, lies. Third Row: Johnson, J. R. Jorns, J. Jorns, Jurecka, Kayton, Keith. Fourth Row: Kelly, Kendrick, Kennedy, Kennerly, Key, Klindworth. Fifth Row: Landon, Lang, Leggett, Lott, Mahan, Mahone. Sixth Row: Masterson, McCallum, Mc- Corquodale, McFarland, Medley, Menger. Seventh Row: Miller, H. Morris, M. Morris, Moseley, Myers, Neblett. Eighth Row: Neild, Nichols, Olivet, J. Owens, V. Owens, Page. Ninth Row: Parker, Pauls, Perkinson, Pipkin, Price, Pullen. Tenth Row: Querner, Rathgeber, Reedy, Rugeley, Sammons, Sanborn. Eleventh Row: Scurry, Smith, Sparks, Spence, Stephen, Stratton. Twelfth Row: Taegel, Taylor, Todd, Toombs, Tucker, Van Landingham. Thirteenth Row: Van Zandt, Vifquain, Wade, Wallace, Weddington, Weich- sel. Fourteenth Row: Wheat, Wheeler, Wil- kinson, C. Williams, Womack, Wyche, Young. PAGE 315 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1902 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1870 MEMBERS Eleanor Martha Altman, Corpus Christi Mary Ann Auler, Austin Jeannie Beal, Austin Sarah Ward Billups, Houston Shirley Jane Black, Wharton Elizabeth Matthews Blanton, Abilene Mary Kay Bonneau, McAllen Elizabeth Wick Bonnell, Fort Worth Barbara Bragg, Dallas Margarite Caroline Bright, San Antonio Betty Doris Brown, Dallas Charlotte Ann Brown, Shreveport, La. Florence Day Brown, Tyler Richea Kaye Brown, Shreveport, La. Martha Caroline Calhoon, Boerne Estelle Cartwright Callaway, San Antonio Helen Garrard Callicutt, Austin Annie Bettie Card, Austin Patsy Carolyn Games, Houston Phebe Anne Carter, Pampa Isla Carroll Cowan, Houston Barbara Darnall, Austin Nancylee Davis, Waco Kathryn Anne Derden, Wharton Diana Marie Dugat, Beeville Deborah Dunlap, Dallas Gail Edge, Bryan Jo Anne Engelking, San Angelo Rosslyn Fennekohl, Houston Julie Ferguson, Dallas Nancy Hume Ferguson, Houston Beatrice Findlater, San Angelo Charlotte Ann Francis, Austin Gail Garrett, Houston Martha Ruth Gierhart, Corpus Christi Ann Deaderick Gill, Houston Jean Hill Guenzel, Corpus Christi Geneva Joan Hardwick, McKinney Timothy Ann Hardy, Bay City Nancy Louisa Haun, Fort Worth Carole B. Heliums, Austin Laura Sue Henderson, Lufkin Joan Rebecca Hertz, Tyler Gail Hudson, Tyler Robinette Gay Huff, Lubbock Suzanne Huggins, Baytown Paula Kenny Jacobs, Kingsville Harriet Ruth Juergens, Corpus Christi Linda Sue Larkin, New Braunfels Phyllis Ann Laughlin, San Antonio Elizabeth Pettus Lawrence, San Antonio Donna Torrance Lee, Waco Marian Frances Marye, Houston Norma Matlock, Port Arthur Mary Gene McDonald, Tyler Mary Jane McHaney, Victoria Marion Myers McLaren, Wichita Falls Nancy Prothro McNair, Brownsville Casseday Jule Menke, Pasadena Mary Ann Minton, Beaumont Julia Stevens Moore, Houston Lila Susan Moore, Houston Annette Morris, Hillsboro Sue Myers, Wichita Falls Alma Virginia Nash, Dallas Jane Hardin Neely, Amarillo Camille Newberry, Austin Virginia Nutt, Wichita Falls Sherma Lee Pattillo, Dallas Dorothy June Peckham, Port Arthur Nancy Laura Penix, Wichita Falls Paula Wanda Powers, Abilene Phyllis Jean Pryor, Midland Mary Ann Quillen, Dallas Lyda Ann Quinn, Galveston Martha Dorinda Regent, Dallas Claytie Anna Resse, Gonzales LeAnn Marie Ritter, Springdale, Ark. Margo Robertson, San Angelo Betsy Ross, Sonora Ardelis Russell, Houston Linda Jane Ryan, Longview Linda Louise Schermerhorn, Dallas Ann Schlesselman, College Station Susanne Sewell, Sherman Julia Bess Smith, Houston Olivia Lynnette Storm, Austin Suzanne Summers, Houston Sarah Elizabeth Taylor, Amarillo Sarah Anne Tedder, Tyler Martha Elizabeth Turner, Beaumont Mollie Marie Villeret, Houston Carole Vineyard, Wharton Elleanor Ann Walker, Dallas Barbara Brittain Ward, Bellaire Nancy Warren, New York, N. Y. Carol Dee West, Kingsville Constance Weston, New Orleans, La. Elizabeth White, San Antonio Martha Neale Wilkerson, Houston Carole Williams, Palestine Mariann Wilson, Fort Worth Delora Jean Wright, Tulsa, Okla. Mary Wynn, Artesia, N. M. Elaine Elisabeth Zaba, Tulsa, Okla. Altman, Bell, Billups, Bond, Bonneau, Brazelton, Bright, B. Brown, F. Brown, Callaway. Callicutt, Card, Games, Carter, Catto, Collier, Comer, Cowan, Darnall, Davis. Derden, Dugat, Dunlap, Fennekohl, Ferguson, Findlater, Fondren, Forster, Garrett, Gierhart. Gill, Graves, Guenzel, Hardwick, Haun, Hawthorne, Head, Henderson, Hertz, Higginbotham. FACULTY EDITH CLARKE, Professor of Electrical Engineering MARGARET PECK, Associate Dean of Women LUCY RATHBONE, Professor of Home Economics KATHERINE ANDREWS SEARCY, Librarian, II Fall ELLEANOR ANN WALKER . DIANA MARIE DUCAT . BEATRICE FINDLATER . SARAH ELIZABETH TAYLOR NANCY HUME FERGUSON . OFFICERS President Vice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer PLEDGES Spring ELLEANOR ANN WALKER DIANA MARIE DUCAT BEATRICE FINDLATLR SARAH ELIZABETH TAYLOR NANCY HUME FERGUSON Janet Forrest Bell, Corpus Christ! Sarah Josephine Bond, Waco Emily Kay Brazelton, Houston Mary Frances Catto, Waco Suzanne Collier, Silsbee Mary Susan Comer, Fort Worth Sally Belle Cowper, Big Spring Julia Young Finks, Austin Catherine Camille Fondren, Houston Jane Forster, Roswell, N. M. Olive Maverick Graves, San Antonio Charline Hawthorne, Conroe Eugenia Nelson Head, Houston Betty Boggs Higginbotham, Dallas Ann Hufendick, Arlington Jo Ann Hunt, Vernon Mary Elizabeth Hunter, Galveston Judith Mueller Jacobs, Kingsville Karen Kristofferson, Redwood City, Calif. Jerry Jo Lancaster, Dallas Barbara Mae Leonard, Austin Diana Mantor, Corpus Christi Mary Gay Maxwell, Houston Ann Milroy McLeod, Galveston Rowena Maverick McNeel, San Antonio Mildred Rose Meili, Fort Worth Judith Ann Mctz, Stamford Christina Mitchell, Fort Worth Marilyn Morris, Hillsboro Camilla Beatrice Mueller, San Antonio Eleanor Quinby Perry, Plainview Marie Carroll Plumb, Mexico City, Mexico Phyllis Ruth Prichard, Port Arthur Mary Sue Rager, Dallas Patricia Roane Riddick, Corpus Christi Sally Ross Risser, Bonham Esther Sue Robertson, Houston Ann Seitz, Wichita Falls Glenn Halsell Shannon, Fort Worth Betty Rae Sivalls, Midland Suzanne Smith, Fort Worth Annie Bell Steves, San Antonio Anne Lucy Storm, Austin Elizabeth Hughes Welder, Victoria Judith Aline Welton, Dallas Edith Brooke Wilkerson, Houston Carolyn Carpenter Williams, Dallas Kay Willis, Houston Winifred Elyn Winter, San Antonio Glenda Sue Woods, Beaumont Top Row: Hudson, Hufendick, Huff, Huggins, Hunt, Hunter. Second Row: J. Jacobs, P. Jacobs, Juer- gens, Kristofferson, Lancaster, Larkin. Third Row: Laughlin, Lawrence, Leo- nard, Mantor, Marye, Matlock. Fourt h Row: Maxwell, McHaney, Mc- Laren, McLeod, McNair, McNeel. Fifth Row: Meili, Menke, Metz, Minton, Mitchell, J. Moore. Sixth Row: L. Moore, A. Morris, M. Morris, Mueller, Myers, Nash. Seventh Row: Newberry, Nutt, Pattillo, Penix, Perry, Powers. Eighth Row: Prichard, Pryor, Quillen, Rager, Regent, Riddick. Ninth Row: Risser, Ritter, E. Robertson M. Robertson, Ross, Russell. Tenth Row: Ryan, Schlesselman, Seitz, Sewell, Shannon, Sivalls. Eleventh Row: J. Smith, S. Smith, Steves, Summers, Taylor, Tedder. Twelfth Row: Turner, Villeret, Vine- yard, Walker, Ward, Warren. Thirteenth Row: Welder, Welton, West, Weston, White, Wilkerson. Fourteenth Row: C. Williams, C. C. Wil- liams, Willis, Wilson, Winter, Woods. Fifteenth Row: Wright, Wynn, Zaba. PAOE 317 PHI ' MU LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1913 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1852 MEMBERS Betty Ann Aue, San Antonio Bebe Irene Cisneros, Raymondville Sandra Jean Couch, College Station Cecile Alice Crondvich, Galveston Ann Sparling Davis, Dallas Mary Ursula Dawson, Fort Dodge, Iowa Karol Keith Fisher, Fort Sam Houston Sandra Goldsmith, Austin Jane Clare Hanapel, Waco Jimmie Raye Hayes, Austin Martha Alice Hill, Austin Jeannette Jung, Austin Ada Lillian Ann Koen, Edinburg Mirabelle Lanier, San Saba Marilyn Melin, Austin Helen Marie Strouhal, Alvin Aue, Baker, Brantley, Childre, Cisneros. Couch, Crondvich, Davis, Dice, Dixon. Ewing, Fisher, Hanapel, Hayes, Hill. kf FACULTY LOUISE LANDIS ARMSTRONG, Assistant Professor of Home Economics LOIS BAIRD TRICE, Assistant Professor of English ESTHER JANE WOOD HALL, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Administration Fall MlRABELLE L.ANIER MARILYN MELIN . CECILE ALICE CRONDVICH BETTY ANN AUE . OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring MlRABELLE L.ANIER MARILYN MELIN CECILE ALICE CRONDVICH BETTY ANN AUE PLEDGES Mary Margaret Bak er, San Antonio Gladys Ann Brantley, Fort Sam Houston Frances Ann Childre, Dallas Carolyn Dice, Austin Barbara Ann Dixon, Dallas Janet Inez Ewing, Houston Virginia Lee Grass, Houston Robbie Routh Hargis, Austin Carolyn Anne Hinton, Bellaire Hazel Karen Kincheloe, Ardmore, Okla. Virginia Lea Layton, Houston Joyce Fay Lockhart, Alpine Patti Moran, Dallas Lorene Meadow, Austin Gloria Helen Mitchon, Austin Patricia Ann Parker, Houston Annette Maria Steele, Rails Jo Ann Turpin, Wichita Falls SPRING PLEDGE Penny Laverty, College Station .V.V. ' .V.-.- Top Row: Hinton, Jung, Kincheloe. Second Row: Koen, Lanier, Layton. Third Row: Lockhart, Meadow, Melin Fourth Row: Mitchon, Parker, Steele. Fifth Row: Strouhal, Turpin. PAOE 319 PI BETA PHI V LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1902 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1867 MEMBERS Ann Allen, Roswell, N. M. Edith Gibson Allen, Calvert Susan Aynesworth, Waco Gladys Lurleen Bain, Austin Phyllis Edna Berry, Houston Beverly Ann Beular, Houston Adele Black, Austin Barbara Dale Bredt, Austin Helen Yvonne Brown, Dallas Becky Lou Broyles, Longview Amy Weichsel Campbell, Lampasas Katherine Jean Campbell, Temple Tonia Cannon, Houston Elinor Ann Corbusier, Bryan Carol Corley, Austin Ann Cramer, Houston Alice Jane Crockett, Austin Emily Ann Davidson, Wharton Jeanne Cooper Davis, Dallas Jane Elizabeth Dean, Fort Worth Ruth Joan Doty, Austin Nancy Katherine Duncan, Alvin Lyndall Ellen Dyer, Corsicana Sarah Katherine Elledge, Houston Katherine Fay, Houston Sara Ellen Fentress, Waco Eleanor Ann Frasher, San Antonio Margaret Preston Fraser, Cleburne Carolyn Ann Grace, Austin Betty Jo Graham, Amarillo Anne Elizabeth Griffin, Dallas Sandra Lynn Hampton, Dallas Lucy Beth Haynie, Abilene Nancy Carolyn Heath, Madisonville Barbara Henderson, Houston Burtleye Henderson, Houston Joyce Higginbotham, Dallas Cynthia Anne Houston, Kilgore Josephine Moore Howell, Bryan Nancy Knight Jackson, Corpus Christi Marie Louise James, San Antonio Jean Elizabeth Johnson, Beaumont Velma La Verne Johnston, Junction Sarah Dossett Kendall, Waco Carolyn Ann Kidwell, Vernon Mary Elinor Lancaster, Dallas Anne Griffith Lawhon, Houston Virginia Vinson Lawhon, Houston Charlotte Elizabeth Lee, Wichita Falls Mary Hale Lovett, Houston B. Claire Lyle, Bay City Carole Jan Lynch, Bryan Martha Catharine Maxwell, Dallas Joan Elizabeth McKnight, Dallas Mary Maynard McMurrey, Bastrop Carolyn Middleton, San Antonio Bebe Denman Moody, Houston Edwina Charlene Moore, Richmond Joan Scott Moore, Houston Marilyn Moore, El Dorado, Ark. Margaret Morris, Austin Ailsa Craig Newton, Boerne Marianne Oeland, Houston Frances Adeline Old, Austin Edna Rembert Paine, Houston Janet Louise Pettis, Waco Lois Joan Philen, Brownsville Janey Tabitha Pinckard, Galveston Peggy Pitman, San Antonio Sharon Ann Prentice, Austin Mary Aline Preston, Cleburne Marjorie Maillot Purnell, Dallas Janet Lee Reeves, Tyler Katherine Kelly Rhine, Houston Lydia Ann Maclin Robertson, Salado Carole Jean Robinson, San Antonio Carole Elizabeth Sandlin, Houston Cecily Helen Schwartz, El Paso Mary Ann Scott, San Angelo Mary Margaret Seewald, Beaumont Jeannette Patricia Shook, San Antonio Elizabeth Eugenia Smiley, Dallas Karen Liddell Smith, Houston Sally Byrd Sultan, Houston Sandra Helene Swenson, Stamford Eloise Annette Tate, Memphis, Tenn. Mary Gail Thomas, Austin Carol Jane Tyler, Austin Betty Kyle Walker, Waco Patricia Orvalyn Wanenmacher, Tulsa, Okla. Virginia Rae Wiley, Austin Mary Alice Williams, Victoria Suzanne Lane Zachry, San Antonio Abell, A. Allen, M. Allen, Anderson, N. Aynesworth, Bahan, Bain, Berry, Black, Bredt, Brown. Broyles, A. Campbell, K. Campbell, Cannon, Cartwright, Chapell, Coale, Cobb, Cohagan, Corbusier, Corley. Cramer, Crockett, C. Crow, N. Crow, J. Davis, P. Davis, Doty, Dudgeon, Echols, Edmundson, Elledge. J Fay, Fentress, Frasher, Giesecke, , Gooch, Goyne, Grace, Grainger, Griffin, Guthrie, Hairston. FACULTY ANNE AUSTIN FORRESTER, Instructor in Home Economics Fall CAROLYN MIDDLETON JEANNE COOPER DAVIS NANCY CAROLYN HEATH LUCY BETH HAYNIE . OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary KATHERINE JEAN CAMPBELL Treasurer . Spring NANCY CAROLYN HEATH JOAN ELIZABETH MCKNIGHT JOSEPHINE MOORE HOWELL MARY HALE LOVETT KATHERINE JEAN CAMPBELL PLEDGES Madeleine Wright Abell, Wharton Marilyn Edith Allen, San Antonio Jill Carroll Anderson, Houston Nancy Milling Aynesworth, Waco Julia Ann Bahan, San Antonio Patty Mays Cartwright, Terrell Carol Elizabeth Chapell, Dallas Barbara Anne Coale, McAllen Bettye Gleith Cobb, Tyler Judith Carter Cohagan, San Antonio Carol Fairfax Crow, Houston Nanry Randolph Crow, Houston Julia May Cunningham, Huntsville Patricia Yvonne Davis, Harlingen Elizabeth Ann Dudgeon, Waco Carolyn Sue Echols, Ysleta Lida Lacy Edmundson, Houston Carol Anne Giesecke, Fort Hood Adrienne Gay Gooch, Fort Worth Laura Louise Goyne, Dallas Geneva Jill Grainger, Tyler Janet Marzee Guthrie, Austin Mary Glenda Hairston, Wichita Falls William Anne Hamilton, Guthrie Harriet Ann Hilliard, Chattanooga, Tenn. Nancy Bryan Hunt, Sonora Nancy Clark Ince, Dallas Carol Lynn Lyles, Austin Melinda Hassell McCluer, Fort Worth Ann McFadden, Dallas Rosemary McMurtry, Amarillo Julia Robbins Montgomery, Austin Rhetta Allan Moody, Houston Judith Murph, Dallas Margaret Clare Perkins, Alice Nancy Matilda Philen, Brownsville Nan Fletcher Reed, Houston Suzanne Revell, Austin Jean Burke Rogers, San Antonio Judith Sue Rust, Texas City Lynn Rutland, Dallas Nancy Estelle Schuhmacher, San Antonio Lady Gretchen Steinhagen, Beaumont Margaret Sue Stell, Houston Patricia Vigeon, San Antonio Mary Francia Ward, Houston Merida Colgin Watson, Dallas Alice Lockett Wheless, Houston Amelia Duncan White, Houston Julia Quay Williams, Comanche Top Row: Hamilton, Hampton, Haynie, Heath, Barbara Henderson. Second Row: Burtleye Henderson, Higgin- botham, Hilliard, Houston, Howell. Third Row: Hunt, Ince, Jackson, James, Johnson. Fourth Row: Johnston, Kendall, Kidwell, Lancaster, A. Lawhon. Fifth Row: V. Lawhon, Lee, Lylc, Lyles, Lynch. Sixth Row: Maxwell, McCluer, Mc- Fadden, McKnight, McMurrey. Seventh Row: McMurtry, Middleton, Montgomery, B. Moody, R. Moody. Eighth Row: E. Moore, M. Moore, Murph, Oeland, Old. Ninth Row: Paine, Perkins, Pettis, L. Philen, N. Philen. Tenth Row: Pitman, Prentice, Preston, Purnell, Reed. Eleventh Row: Reeves, Revell, Rhine, Robertson, Robinson. Twelfth Row: Rogers, Rust, Rutland, Sandlin, Schuhmacher. , . . Thirteenth Row: Scott, Seewald, Shook, ' ' ' Smiley, Smith. Fourteenth Row: Stell, Steinhagen, Sul- tan, Swenson, Tate. Fifteenth Row: Thomas, Tyler, Vigeon, Wanenmacher, Ward. Sixteenth Row: Watson, Wheless, White, Wiley, J. Williams. PACE 321 SIGMA DELTA TAU LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1939 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1917 :: MEMBERS Marlene Adels, Tyler Merry Louise Coin, Sinton Barbara Lynn Corenman, Sioux City, Iowa Jeanne Deutser, Houston Thelma Ann Dochen, Austin Aria Faye Edelman, Clayton, Mo. Barbara Marie Frankel, Des Moines, Iowa Bailey Anne Ginsberg, Houston Florence Beverly Goldstein, Richmond Patricia Ann Golob, Waco Diane Linda Gudel, Atlanta, Ga. Elaine Rose Kaplan, Tullahoma, Tenn. Jacqueline Korman, Atlanta, Ga. Vicki Lynn Lasensky, Sioux City, Iowa Joan Lasky, Austin Valerie Joan Leibowitz, Atchison, Kan. Carol Maida Lewis, San Antonio Audrey Beth Meer, Denver, Colo. Ethel Jeannie Moran, Tulsa, Okla. Sari Maureen Robinowitz, New Orleans, La. Barbara Faye Rosenberg, San Antonio Miriam Estelle Sachs, Houston Marilyn Saikin, Abilene Sharon Lee Scharlack, San Antonio Lynn Schneider, Clayton, Mo. Arline Shapiro, Columbus, Ga. Joy Yvonne Williams, La Grange Abramson, Adels, Block, Coin, Corenman. Daily, Deutser, Dochen, Edelman, Frankel. ft Ginsberg, Goldstein, Golob, Gordon, Kaplan. 1 Fall MARILYN SAIKIN . JACQUELINE KORMAN LYNN SCHNEIDER ETHEL JEANNIE MORAN ELAINE ROSE KAPLAN SHARON LEE SCHARLACK OFFICERS President V ice-President Second Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer Spring MARILYN SAIKIN LYNN SCHNEIDER ARLA FAYE EDELMAN VALERIE JOAN LEIBOWITZ MARLENE ADELS JOY YVONNE WILLIAMS PLEDGES Natalie Honey Abramson, Chicago, 111. Rosalyn Harriet Block, Corpus Christ! Linda Carol Burk, Dallas Joyce Deanna Daily, Richmond Miriam Dolly Gordon, Houston Rosalie Adele Mandell, Houston Roberta Lou Marks, Tulsa, Okla. Sue Ellen Miller, Denver, Colo. Phyllis Milstein, Longview Harriette Sue Pullen, San Antonio Ina Lee Schwartz, Miami Beach, Fla. Paula Jean Shapiro, Houston Ruth Lynne Simon, Corpus Christ! Marcia Anne Solka, Refugio Susan Weinstock, Miami Beach, Fla. SPRING PLEDGES Cissie Rauch, Houston Barbara Schultz, Houston r.v.v Top Row: Korman, Lasensky, Leibowitz. Second Row: Lewis, Mandell, Marks. Third Row: Meer, Milstein, Moran. Fourth Row: Pullen, Robinowitz, Rosen- berg. Fifth Row: Sachs, Saikin, Scharlack. Sixth Row: Schneider, Schwartz, A. Sha- piro. Seventh Row: P. Shapiro, Simon, Solka, Williams. PAGE 323 ZETA TAU ALPHA MEMBERS LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1906 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1898 Jean Helen Aldrich, San Antonio Ann Jeanneane Austin, Dallas Charlotte Barker, Austin Rhoda Ann Barrier, Austin Joan Dolores Bertrand, Port Arthur Barbara Sue Broadway, Madisonville Betty Rea Brown, Greenville Joanne Katherine Brown, Victoria Betty Louise Burkhart, Houston Marian Irene Byrom, Brenham Nancy Clarice Chambers, Riverside, Calif. Jan Chapman, San Antonio Ann Janice Clark, Lockhart Martha Cloyes, Pittsburg Patricia Ann Conklin, Houston Helen Earle Cook, Dallas Jane Graver, Texarkana Adele Cross, San Antonio Eleanor Ann Cunningham, Brownsville Jacquelyn Davidson, Wharton Nancy Clay Dill, Austin Anne Vernon Doak, Houston Beverly Durnal, Dallas Cynthia Sue Edman, Houston Jean Barrillon Felder, Palestine Dianne Ferris, San Antonio Carol Beth Fillmore, Wichita Falls Mary South Fitch, Eagle Pass Carol Ray Flynn, Port Arthur Sylvia Jan Funk, Houston Gretchen O ' Hara Gerlach, Livingston Marjorie Lucille Gibbs, Lufkin Jo Ellen Gill, Houston Sherry Glover, Livingston Sarah Lee Groce, Victoria Nancy Jane Grubbs, San Antonio Nancy June Hale, Bryan Leta Louise Harwell, Austin Carol Sue Heidelberg, Jacksonville Carolyn Lorraine Hcndrie, Houston Margaret Lutctia Hightower, Dallas Sylvia Suzanne Hofmann, Austin Martha Jo Hood, San Benito Martha Jo Humphrey, Austin Beattie Anne Jones, El Paso Sandra Kay Jones, Electra Sara Esther Keys, Austin Patricia Ann Kidd, Tyler Joan Elizabeth Knight, Houston Eileen Moselle Lankard, Bay City Frances Eaton Leland, Houston Cecile Lloyd, Alice Diana Kaye Lowe, Shreveport, La. Eleanor Lou Mackey, Hillsboro Margot Markle, Houston Grace Elizabeth Mathers, Brownsville Patricia Ann McBride, Tyler Elizabeth Ann McCartney, Texarkana Sarah Louise McClure, Texarkana Beverly Sue McDowell, Houston Ruth Carol McGuire, San Antonio Mary Ann McKinney, Nacogdoches Mary Maxine McMillan, Pecos Carol Courtland Meyer, San Antonio Barbara Lee Miller, Bryan Norma Sterling Miller, Houston Margaret Anne Mitchell, Brownsville Jane Alexander Moss, Dallas Emile Anne Musgraves, Austin Nancy Ann Nichol, San Antonio Danya Monroe Nicholson, Austin Jane Ellen Nicholson, Austin Patricia Ann Parker, Pecos Helen Patricia Parks, Houston Sherrill Claire Peavy, Lufkin Kay Powers, Corpus Christi Judy Katherine Pulver, Harlingen Patricia Jane Reckling, Paris, France Marcia Anne Reynolds, Austin Patricia Ann Roecker, Glen Flora Ivy Rogers, Huntsville Mary Lou Rogers, Huntsville Marilyn Eloise Ronshausen, Port Arthur Diane Lucille Roshton, Bellaire Laura Shea, San Antonio Sandra Sue Shultz, Victoria Lois Sigwart, Austin Sandra Helen Smith, Greenville Suzanne Margaret Smith, Houston Barbara Anne Stewart, Hargill Reta Ann Stiteler, Bryan Patricia Ann Stockard, San Antonio Gracie Jane Super, Houston Ann Catherine Suttlc, Dallas Dorothy Jean Thompson, Tyler Betty Jane Thornhill, Houston Carol Beth Townsend, Houston Frances Marie Traweek, Matador Mary Duke Troxell, Baytown Sarah Lillian Tubb, Dallas Anna Mary Tucker, Nacogdoches Helen Warren Tutt, Dallas Dorothea Varisco, Bryan Frances Suzanne Webb, Dallas Mary Bess Whidden, San Angelo Dorothy Jean Winston, Abilene Akin, Aldrich, Allen, Atkinson, Barker, Barrier, Bearden, Bellhouse, Bertrand, Boone. Boyle, Boyles, Broadway, B. Brown, J. Brown, Burkhart, Byrom, Chambers, J. Chapman, N. Chapman. Childs, Clark, Cleveland, Cloer, Cloyes, Conklin, Cook, Cox, Graver, Cross. Cunningham, Davidson, Davis, Daw- son, Dehnisch, Dill, Doak, DuBoise, Durnal, Felder. C. Fillmore, L. Fillmore, Fitch, Fletcher, Flynn, Foster, Frick, Funk, Gerlach, Gibbs. FACULTY MARY MARGARET FRAZIER, Advertising Manager, Texas Student Publications MARJORIE DAVIDSON PARKER, Special Instructor in Speech Fall MARTHA CLOVES ANN JEANNEANE AUSTIN JANE ALEXANDER Moss . CAROL BETH FILLMORE . RHODA ANN BARRIER OFFICERS President .... Vice-President . Corresponding Secretary . Recording Secretary . Treasurer Spring GRACE ELIZABETH MATHERS HELEN PATRICIA PARKS KAY POWERS ANNE VERNON DOAK MARY MAXINE McMiLLAN PLEDGES Anna Katherine Akin, Houston Mary Etta Allen, Tyler Sallye Lou Atkinson, Houston Lois Sandra Bearden, Victoria Helen Wynyard Bellhouse, Tyler Frances Boone, Houston Marilyn Ann Boyle, San Antonio Minifrcd Julia Boyles, Houston Nancy Jane Chapman, Corpus Christi Berniece Claire Childs, Jacksonville Carolyn Cleveland, Galveston Geraldine Raye Cloer, Fort Worth Charlotte Ann Cox, Austin Martha Gray Davis, Baytown Dorothy Dawson, San Antonio Sharon Beth Dehnisch, Mathis Dora Diane DuBoise, Lockhart Lynell Fillmore, Wichita Falls Claudia Lynne Fletcher, Midland Marjorie Anne Foster, Galveston Palma Dianne Frick, Floresville Mary Margaret Grodahl, Corpus Christi Lucy Crawford Harmon, Dallas Erin Higgins, Austin Patricia Wayne Hope, Marfa Jerry Johnston, Houston Joan Denys Lentz, Victoria Donna Carol Manske, McGregor Charlene Cartter Markle, Houston Laura McCormick, Abilene Carol McCullough, Bryan Carol Jean Miller, Barstow Jane Ann Moore, Austin Martha Mossom, Dallas Patricia Rose Neuenschwander, Houston Nancy Gayle Nichols, Temple Margaret Parker, Austin Teddie Jeannine Powell, San Antonio Laura Preston, Newgulf Sara Grace Sandlin, Mt. Pleasant Sally Ann Schneider, Houston Rosemary Showalter, Austin Anita Ruth Smith, San Antonio Nancy LaNell Stanley, Wichita Falls Suzanne Lee Stark, San Antonio Mary Kathleen Sullivan, San Antonio Terrell Archer Townsend, Arlington, Va. Sandra Lee Vail, Houston Bette Jan Wiggins, Beaumont Jane Catherine Wilson, Beaumont Top Row: Gill, Glover, Grocc, Grodahl, Grubbs, Hale. Second Row: Harwell, Heidelberg, Hen- drie, Higgins, Hightower, Hofmann. Third Row: Hood, Hope, Humphrey, Johnston, B. Jones, S. Jones. Fourth Row: Keys, Kidd, Lankard, Le- land, Lentz, Lloyd. Fifth Row: Lowe, Mackey, Manske, C. Markle, M. Markle, Mathers. Sixth Row: McBridc, McClure, McCor- mick, McCullough, McDowell, Mc- Guire. Seventh Row: McKinney, McMillan, Meyer, B. Miller, C. Miller, Mitchell. Eighth Row: Moore, Moss, Mossom. Mus- graves, Neuenschwander, Nichol. Ninth Row: Nichols, P. Parker, M. Parker, Parks, Peavy, Powell. Tenth Row: Powers, Preston, Pulver, Reckling, Reynolds, Roecker. Eleventh Row: I. Rogers, M. Rogers, Ronshausen, Roshton, Sandlin, Schnei- der. Twelfth Row: Shea, Showalter, Shultz. Sigwart, A. Smith, S. H. Smith. Thirteenth Row: S. M. Smith, Stanley, Stark, Stewart, Stitrlcr, Sullivan. Fourteenth Row: Suttle, Thompson, Thornhill, C. Townsend, Traweek, Troxell. Fifteenth Row: Tubb, Tucker, Tutt, Vail, Varisco, Webb. Sixteenth Row: Whidden, Wiggins, Wil- son, Winston. 3 $f Q%$ O PANHELLENIC COUNCIL President V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer OFFICERS SANDRA JEAN COUCH JANE McRoBERxs SHIRLEY BEATRICE KLEIN NANCY JAY FISKE Senior JANE McRoBERTS CARROLL ANN HODGES MARILYN ANN GOLDBERG . DIANE DAVIS .... MARY LYNN BAINES . SHIRLEY BEATRICE KLEIN . SANDRA LEE MOORE . NANCY ELIZABETH EDWARDS NANCY JAY FISKE BARBARA LEE LIT . JEAN CARLSON MARCIA LAVONNE KINCAID DIANE MCFARLAND SARAH WARD BILLUPS SANDRA JEAN COUCH . MARJORIE PURNELL . MARILYN F. SAIKIN SARAH LILLIAN TUBB . Sorority Alpha Chi Omega . Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Epsilon Phi . Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Omicron Pi . Alpha Phi Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta . Delta Gamma . Delta Phi Epsilon . Delta Zeta Gamma Phi Beta . Kappa Alpha Theta. . Kappa Kappa Gamma . PhiMu . . . . Pi Beta Phi Sigma Delta Tau . Zeta Tau Alpha Junior PATSY RUTH FELT RAY DAVIS TORIAN SARANNE ROSENZWEIG DOREENE FRIZZELL JOANN DEAN MCLAUGHLIN JEAN ELLEN PEPPER MARY ANN NOWLIN TISH HOLLIS HEARD ANNE FITZGERALD GEORGINA BARBARA SWARZ STELLA MAUREEN BURNS MARGARET HELEN TURPIN HARRIETT JEAN HARRIS JEAN N IE BEAL KAROL KEITH FISHER EDNA PAINE ELAINE ROSE KAPLAN MARY DUKE TROXELL Top Row: Baines, Beal, Billups, Burns, Carlson, Couch, Davis, Edwards. Second Row: Felt, Fiske, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Frizzell, Goldberg, Harris, Heard. Third Raw: Hodges, Kaplan, Kincaid, Klein, McFarland, McLaughlin, Moore, Nowlin. Fourth Row: Paine, Pepper, Purnell, Rosenzweig, Saikin, Troxell, Tubb, Turpin. PAGE 326 Fraternities PAGE 327 ACACIA LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1916 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1904 MEMBERS Dave Spencer Bennett, Jr., San Benito Benjamin Rowe Byers, Kingsville Tommy Ralph Campbell, Austin Lloyd Brent Carruth, Pampa Robert Rinfred Childs, Jr., Jacksonville Walter Lee Colwell, Pampa William Lawrence Cotulla, Cotulla Terry Clay Eakin, Dallas Jerry Gene Foose, White Deer Richard Allan Foose, White Deer Terry Norman Forrester, Pampa Jared Franklin Foster, Houston Richard Curry Giles, Austin Vernon Eugene Grove, Jr., Austin Joe Earl Hawkins, Seminole Bill Edward Henry, Elgin Norman Everett Long, Rosenberg Guy Hugh McDaniels, Houston Norman Wesley Minter, Amarillo Jack Glenn Norwood, Texas City Stephen Baery Gates, Pampa David Shannon Price, Paris Tom Chase Primm, Fort Worth Eugene Boyd Smith, Fort Worth Joseph Stevenson Starkey, Monahans Louis Edward Stout, Kansas City, Kan. Thomas Willmur Taylor, Austin Floyd John Travis, White Deer Herman Ray Van Sickle, Pampa John Bailey Victery, Jr., Houston Ronnie Lee Waide, Perryton cv p ' i - f - r 1 Awe, Bennett, Bycrs, Campbell, Carruth. Colwell, Cotulla, Crawford, Eakin, Flowers. D. Foose, J. Foose, Forrester, Foster, Giles. FACULTY HENRY MATTHEW BURLAGE, Dean, College of Pharmacy KARL M. DALLENBACH, Professor of Psychology LEO HART DORFMAN, Teaching Assistant in Electrical Engineering WAYNE H. HOLTZMAN, Associate Professor of Psychology HARRY L. KENT, JR., Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering LEONARDT FERDINAND KREISLE, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering EDWARD KARL McGINNIS, Professor of Business Law and Real Estate ARLIE RAY McTEE, Lecturer in Journalism THOMAS ANDREW ROUSSE, Professor of Speech JACK ADDISON SCANLAN, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Fall JERRY GENE FOOSE . JACK GLENN NORWOOD . BILL EDWARD HENRY BENJAMIN ROWE BYERS . THOMAS WILLMUR TAYLOR OFFICERS Venerable Dean Senior Dean Junior Dean . Secretary . Treasurer . Spring BENJAMIN ROWE BYERS DAVID SHANNON PRICE JERRY GENE FOOSE STEPHEN BAERY OATES WILLIAM LAWRENCE COTULLA PLEDGES Emery Otis Adams, Houston Robert James Awe, El Paso Richard Dale Brotzman, Rio Hondo Travis Roy Crawford, Grand Falls Walter Eugene Flowers, Medina Dean Edwin Foose, White Deer Walter Tom Henson, Dalhart Richard Earl Holloway, Austin Jon Russell Hornaday, Arlington, Va. Jack T. Irick, Dallas Roy Buford Jackson, Austin Donald Eugene Robertson, Lake Dallas Brian Peter Schuller, Indianola, Miss. Terrance Edward Smalley, Austin R. Max Walton, Clute James Daniel Wilson, Jr., Temple Larry Leon Womble, Dimmitt SPRING PLEDGES Earl Charles Bogard, Jr., Pampa Frank Asbury Cave, Plainview .-V.V.W.V Top Row: Grove, Hawkins, Henry. Second Row: Henson, Holloway, Hornaday Third Row: Irick, McDaniels, Mintcr. Fourth Row: Norwood, Primm, Robertson. Fifth Row: Schuller, Smith, Starkcy. Sixth Row: Stout, Taylor, Van Sickle. Seventh Row: Waide, Walton, Wilson. Eighth Row: Womble. PAGE 329 ALPHA EPSILON PI LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1939 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1913 MEMBERS Stanley Martin Abramson, Dallas Harold Wesley Ashendorf, Corsicana Charles Roland Bragin, Dallas Melvyn Caplan, Houston Jerome Stephen Elkins, Beaumont Alvin Jerome Franklin, Memphis, Tenn. Jack Martin Gerrick, Los Angeles, Calif. Ronald N. Goldstein, Austin Ronald David Greenberg, San Antonio Edward Franklin Hecht, Galveston Martin Hirschhorn, Houston William Kenneth Horwitz, Beaumont Michael Lee Klein, Kansas City, Mo. Jerome Michael Kopel, Dallas Robert Louis Littenberg, Warwick, N. Y. Murray Lewis London, Dallas Donald Love, Dallas Alvin Leon Luskey, Fort Worth Edward Luskey, Fort Worth Robert Willard Mark, Dallas Milford Mitchell Myers, Bellaire Barry Erwin Pidgeon, Des Moines, Iowa Robert Yale Planto, San Antonio Jerome L. Prager, Dallas Sid Lawrance Ravkind, Dallas William Morris Ravkind, Dallas Jerome R. Rose, Houston Morris David Rutchik, Dallas Irl Sigmund Sampson, Houston Donald H. Schaffer, Dallas Jerry William Schwartz, Houston Marvin David Shwiff, Galveston Edwin Michael Sigel, Dallas Ronald Jay Silvers, Miami, Fla. Roland A. Taub, Houston Lawrence Jay Tobias, Dallas Arthur Irvin Ungerman, Dallas Jay Wolf Ungerman, Dallas Jerome Lawrence Waldman, Houston Stanley Lawrence Wyll, Dallas Argovitz, Aronson, Ashendorf, Axel- rad, Bragin, Doner. Franklin, Goldfingcr, L. Goldstein, R. Goldstein, Hecht, Greenberg. Hermer, Hoppenstein, Horwitz, Klein, Kopel, Krafcheck. ft Fall ALVIN JEROME FRANKLIN . STANLEY LAWRENCE WYLL. SID LAWRANCE RAVKIND . MILFORD MITCHELL MYERS OFFICERS Master Lieutenant-Master Scribe . Exchequer . PLEDGES Spring DONALD H. SCHAFFER SID LAWRANCE RAVKIND HAROLD WESLEY ASHENDORF JERRY WILLIAM SCHWARTZ Jerry Allen Argovitz, Borger Jerrold David Aronson, Waco Samuel Donald Axelrad, Houston Israel Reuben Doner, Galveston Jacob Joel Goldfinger, Farmersville Leon Alvin Goldstein, Dallas Richard Marcus Hermer, Dallas Jay Marshall Hoppenstein, Dallas Albert David Krafcheck, Houston Robert Alan Leder, Dalhart Bennie Fred Lefkowitz, Houston Leonard David Levine, Harlingen Jerry Blake Mark, Dallas Leslie Stephen Mendelsohn, Dallas Bernard Irving Rabinowitz, Galveston Gerald Morris Reed, Bellaire Marc Allen Rose, Austin Stanley Herbert Sachs, Houston Judah Bernard Schultz, Houston Gerald Siegel, Chicago, 111. Robert Louis Storer, Austin Robert William Swango, Dallas Jay Lester Weidenfeld, San Antonio Howard Alan Weinberger, Dallas SPRING PLEDGES William A. Helfman, Houston Fred Joseph Pauly, Houston V.V.V.V. ' .V.V.V. ' , Top Row: Leder, Lefkowitz, Levine. Second Rom: Littenberg, London, J.Mark. Third Row: R. Mark, Mendelsohn, Myers. Fourth Row: Pidgeon, Prager, Rabinowitz. Fifth Row: S. Ravkind, W.Ravkind, Reed. Sixth Row: J. Rose, M. Rose, Rutchik. Seventh Row: Sachs, Sampson, Schaffer. Eighth Row: Schwartz, Swango, Taub. Ninth Row: Tobias, A. Ungerman, J. Ungerman. Tenth Row: Waldman, Weinberger, Wyll. PAGE 331 ALPHA TAU OMEGA MEMBERS LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1897 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1865 Stanley Edward Adams, San Angelo Joseph Robert Alpert, Bangor, Me. Karl John Amelang, Houston Richard Barton Anspacher, Dallas Samuel Jackson Arnold, Houston James Earle Barden, Houston Richard Frank Bergner, Dallas Charles Edward Botefuhr, Dallas Walter Ernest Boyd, Jr., Houston James Parmenas Briscoe, Alvin John Thomas Cater, San Antonio Maurice Wayne Cole, Jr., Austin William M. Combs, Houston William Nesbit Cutshall, Houston William Powers Denison, Houston John Teed Easley, Houston William Wren Fair, Dallas Ernest S. Fellbaum, Austin John Richard Furman, III, Kerrville Hubert Bonner Herren, Jr., Houston Jack Eugene Hillman, Houston James Richard Holland, Houston William Max Jennings, Corpus Christi Edward Durron Johnson, Houston Roy Briley Johnson, Morton George E. Kirkwood, San Antonio Donald Richard Knight, Dallas Alonzo Leonard Lacey, Jr., Corpus Christi Donald Haden Martin, Houston Donald C. McDonald, Corpus Christi Harold Aloysius O ' Brien, Jr., Dallas Richard Clement Parker, Austin Samuel Burton Paternostro, Dallas Marion Stanton Roberts, Jr., Bellaire Donald Otis Robertson, Fort Stockton Robert Rowland, Houston Winton Forrest Scott, Jr., Fort Worth John Lottman Shudde, Austin Harry Morgan Spear, Jr., San Antonio Bismark Adair Steinhagen, Beaumont Beeman Ewell Strong, Beaumont William Allan Taylor, Mt. Pleasant Thorleif Thompson, Jr., Port Arthur William Barrett Travis, Dallas Robert Benton Wall, Beaumont John William Waltrip, Beaumont Ed Eldridge Watts, Liberty Allan Gatewood Wenger, San Antonio Thomas Elmer Wiley, Jr., Austin Carl W. Wilson, Denison Terrence Fair Wood, Corpus Christi Tracy Triece Word, III, Houston Amelang, Ankenman, Anspacher, Arnold, Harden, Bcrgncr, Botefuhr, Briscoe, Campbell, Cater, Cole, Combs. Cutshall, Denison, Easley, Fair, Faulk- ner, Finegan. FACULTY EDWARD GARLAND FLETCHER, Associate Professor of English W. PAGE KEETON, Dean, School of Law H. MALCOLM MACDONALD, Professor of Government ERNEST WINFIELD WALKER, Associate Professor of Management FRANK HARPER WARDLAW, Director, University Press LOGAN WILSON, President, The University of Texas Fall RICHARD CLEMENT PARKER . BISMARK ARTHUR STEINHAGEN JAMES RICHARD HOLLAND JAMES PARMENAS BRISCOE . RICHARD FRANK BERGNER OFFICERS Worthy Master . Worthy Chaplin Worthy Scribe . Worthy Keeper of Annals Worthy Keeper of Exchequer Spring RICHARD CLEMENT PARKER ROBERT BENTON WALL ALONZO LEONARD LACEY, JR. ROY BRILEY JOHNSON RICHARD FRANK BERGNER PLEDGES Fred Norman Ankenman, Houston Thomas Edwin Campbell, Dallas Henry Tolbert Faulkner, Houston Robert Joseph Finegan, Dallas Edward Jordan Fox, Jr., Galveston Herschel Lee French, Austin James Donley Gardner, Fort Hood James Hilton Honeycutt, Dallas Richard Cornwell Jennings, Corpus Christi Richard Jones, Corpus Christi John Alvis Kalb, Houston Harry Wayne Lawless, Beaumont Tom Callaway Lea, Beaumont John S. Lewis, Lampasas Jerry English Miller, Dallas Bruce Wade Nelson, Beaumont Robert Lee Orr, Longview William Gary Patterson, Houston Donald Eugene Roper, Houston James Dennis Shannon, Houston Don Hargrove Smith, Eagle Lake Robert William Spencer, Jr., Freeport Thomas Tucker Toland, Dallas Stephen Michael Vaughn, Beaumont Joe Kelton Wells, Jr., Austin Leslie Wayland Whipple, Houston James Roy White, Jr., Austin Paul Lee Yarbrough, Littlefield Top Row: Fox, Furman, Gardner, Herren. Second Row: Holland, Jennings, E. John- son, R. Johnson. Third Row: Jones, Kalb, Kirkwood, Knight. Fourth Row: Lacey, Lawless, Lewis, Mil- ler. Fifth Row: Nelson, O ' Brien, Orr, Parker. Sixth Row: Paternostro, Robertson, Roper, Scott. Seventh Row: Shannon, Smith, Spencer, Strong. ' " " " " " " Eighth Row: Taylor, Thompson, Toland, Wall. Ninth Row: Waltrip, Wenger, Whipple, White. Tenth Row: Wiley, Wood, Word, Yar- brough. PACE 333 BETA THETA PI LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1886 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1839 I MEMBERS Edward Allen Aldous, Kerrville John Edmund Ashby, Jr., Dallas Stanley Walton Blanchard, Jr., San Antonio Crawford H. Booth, Austin Roy Campbell Booth, Taylor Howard Rush Brader, Fort Worth Charles Allen Brooks, Brownsville Perry Bromberg Carroll, Jr., Dallas Michael Arthur Carter, Palestine William Emmett Cassady, Dayton, Ohio James Wilbor Cecil, Houston Henry Octave Colomb, Jr., New Orleans, La. Arthur Searles Cramer, Jr., Houston Ben Farras Crocker, New Orleans, La. Don Danvers, San Antonio Herbert William Dodson, Jr., Amarillo James Lowe Donnell, Fowlerton Charles Austin Dunlop, Houston Richard Coe Farrell, Amarillo Richard Bradley Fisher, Fort Worth Robert Thomas Gowan, Dallas Arthur Bryan Hall, Houston James McLean Harned, Dallas Jack Hensley, Lubbock Hal Warren Johnson, Edinburg Robert Merl Kincaid, Crowell Fredrick Dunham Kurrus, Sherman John Lynce Lancaster, III, Dallas James Henry Lauderdale, Mercedes Byron Louis LeFlore, San Antonio Henry Willard Lende, Garland Sherman Paine Macdaniel, San Antonio John Brantley McAdoo, Jr., Houston n j - W-rT- Paul Flavian McKean, Alexandria, Va. Patrick Harris McKinney, Fort Worth Lester Albert Miller, Jr., Houston Merton Melrose Minter, San Antonio Charles Schreiner Nelson, San Antonio Strauder Goff Nelson, Jr., San Antonio Thomas Edward Nelson, Jr., Round Rock Donald Wilburn Owens, Trinity Kenneth Hugo Pape, Seguin Charles Scott Parker, San Antonio Marshall Hylon Pengra, Tyler Carl Ernest Reistle, III, Houston Homer Vaughn Roberson, Henrietta Joe Tschudy Romine, Fort Worth William Lynch Rose, Galveston George William Schneider, Jr., New Orleans, La. Thomas Hilliard Sharp, San Antonio Pinckney Franklin Steed, San Antonio Michael Asa Stone, Georgetown John Herbert Stoner, Philadelphia, Pa. John Edson Teed, Pampa James Richard Templeton, Houston William Lee Thomas, Mexico City, Mexico Francis Marion Thomson, Mexico City, Mexico Frederic Carson Toole, Austin John Robert Vesely, San Antonio Robert Malcolm Warren, Austin LeRoy Jasper Wheeler, Houston Dean Eakin Wolf, Wichita Falls John Reagan Woodward, Sherman Aldous, L. Ashby, Binford, C. Booth, R. Booth, Brader. Brown, Carroll, Cassady, Cecil, Churchill, Colomb. Cramer, Crow, Danvers, Dodson, Don- nell, Dunlop, Ely. FACULTY HARRY H. POWER, Professor of Petroleum Engineering JACK C. ROTHWELL, Lecturer in Finance OFFICERS Fall Spring FRANCIS MARION THOMSON President . . . FRANCIS MARION THOMSON ROY CAMPBELL BOOTH . V ice-President . . FREDERICK DUNHAM KURRUS JOHN REAGAN WOODWARD Corresponding Secretary BYRON Louis LEFLORE JAMES WILBOR CECIL. . Recording Secretary . PATRICK HARRIS McKiNNEY JOE TSCHUDY ROMINE . Treasurer . . . JOE TSCHUDY ROMINE PLEDGES Lynn Cox Ashby, Dallas Joseph Ingram Binford, Dallas George Benjamin Brown, Waco James Truman Churchill, Amarillo Archie M. Crow, III, Galveston Ronnie Pierce Ely, Amarillo James W. Fillmore, Wichita Falls Donald Paul Griffith, Lockhart Robert Dalton Hardcastle, San Antonio Harris Duncan Husted, Burnet James Thomas Jasper, Me Allen Rupert Walter Lundgren, San Antonio Tony Mayne, Austin John Burleson McCullough, Waco Wyatt Hudson McGee, Jackson, Miss. James Terrancc Meyers, Austin Thomas Harry Meyers, Austin Michael Hayes Pengra, Tyler Robert Harold Smith, Amarillo Sidney Albert Tarro, San Antonio James Rae Tucker, La Marque Joe Edwin Vance, Tyler Charles M. Vick, Austin Ralph Huntingdon Winton, Jr., San Antonio SPRING PLEDGES James Bryan Collins, Tyler William S. Smith, Baytown John Brian O ' Connor, Lufkin Vernon Craig Stuebing, Welder John W. Pettijohn, Georgetown V.V Top Row: Fillmore, Fisher, Gowan, Griffith. Second Row: Hardcastle, Hensley, Husted, Kincaid. Third Row: Lancaster, Lauderdale, Le- Flore, Lendc. Fourth Row: Lundgren, Macdaniel, Mc- Adoo, McCullough. Fifth Row: Thomas Meyers, Terry Mey- ers, C. Nelson, S. Nelson. Sixth Row: T. E. Nelson, Owens, Parker, Marshall Pengra. M Seventh Row: Michael Pengra, Rober- son, Romine, Rose. Eighth Row: Schneider, Smith, Steed, Stone. Ninth Row: Stoner, Templeton, Thomas, Thomson. Tenth Row: Toole, Tucker, Vance, Vesely. Eleventh Row: Vick, Winton, Wolf, Woodward. PAOE 335 Q i CHI PHI LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1892 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1824 MEMBERS James Daniel Anderson, El Dorado, Ark. Richard James Angell, Dallas John Meredith Bollman, Kerrville William Martin Byrd, San Antonio John Daniel Carr, Austin Arthur Beverly Elliott, Jr., Victoria Jack Earl Ferrell, Dallas John Oge Flanneryjr., San Antonio Michael Moorman Fricke, Bay City Richard Paul Garmany, Austin William Louis Guyton, Austin Lawrence Barclay Haile, Dallas Jimmy Lyn Harris, Eastland William Bellmy Klemt, San Antonio Lynn Richard Kromminga, Austin Wayne Scott Lanier, Austin Wesley Lupien, San Antonio Joseph Eugene Cecil Martin, Lufkin Scott Alexander McGall, Dallas Joe Buck Park, Dallas James Milton Pegg, San Antonio Frank Lafayette Plemons, Wichita Falls Patrick Henry Power, Carrizo Springs Herman Paul Pressler, III, Houston Ramon Robert Rackley, Nederland Edward Eugene Scott, Bay City Richard Louis Scroggins, Brownsville Hugh Westland Springfield, Dallas Gordon Richard Starnes, Houston Don Edward Studdard, Brownwood Kenneth Earl Studdard, Brownwood Thomas Joe Welch, Dallas Edward Drummond Weston, Dallas , ' J. D. Anderson, J. R. Anderson, Angell, Bollman, Boone, Byrd. Carr, Center, Ferrell, Flannery, Garmany, Garnett. Gerlach, Guyton, Haile, Harrell, Harris, Hassel. FACULTY VENTON LEVY DOUGHTIE, Professor of Mechanical Engineering CHARLES ELMER ROWE, Professor of Drawing SYMMES CHADWICK OLIVER, Instructor in Anthropology OSCAR BROWN WILLIAMS, Professor of Bacteriology Fall GORDON RICHARD STARNES SCOTT ALEXANDER McGALL LYNN RICHARD KROMMINGA DON EDWARD STUDDARD . RICHARD JAMES ANGELL . RAMON ROBERT RACKLEY OFFICERS Alpha . Beta Gamma Delta . Epsilon Zeta Spring WILLIAM Louis GUYTON JOSEPH EUGENE CECIL MARTIN JAMES MILTON PEGG DON EDWARD STUDDARD JOE BUCK PARK RAMON ROBERT RACKLEY John Richard Anderson, Fort Worth James Carter Boone, Houston David Carroll Brower, Dallas Everett Clark Center, Baytown Charles Milton Garnett, Rome, Ga. Robert Morrill Gerlach, Dallas Jimmy Joel Harrell, Houston Thomas Joseph Hassel, Upper Darby, Pa. Minor Louis Helm, Jr., Dallas Andrew Ashley Hunzicker, Houston Leon Johnson, Jr., La Porte Patrick Leroy Jones, Dallas Ralph Judson King, Bellaire PLEDGES James Dailey Mason, Mankato, Minn. Myrton Lynn McDonald, Dallas Willard Bailey Moon, Fort Worth Lyman Malcolm Niemeier, Dallas John David Nottingham, Jr., Houston Glen Gorman Passmore, Jr., San Antonio Loy Lee Rooke, Fort Worth Rhoten Rudolph Sellers, Farmersville Charles McKinley Smith, Austin John Hunter Strasburger, Dallas Sol West, San Antonio Ernest Jerome Westerman, Dallas Ronald Williams White, Dallas Ira Barnes Wile, Dallas SPRING PLEDGE Daniel Maurice Phillips, La Porte V.V.-.-.v, Top Row: Helm, Hunzicker, Johnson. Jones. Second Row: King. Klemt. Kromminga, Lanier. Third Row: Lupien, Martin, Mason, McDonald. Fourth Row: McGall, Moon, Niemeier, Nottingham. Fifth Row: Park, Passmore, Pegg, Plemons. Sixth Row: Power, Pressler, Rackley. Rooke. Seventh Row: Scott. Scroggins, Sellers, Smith. Eighth Row: Springfield, Starnes, Stras- burger, D. Studdard. Ninth Row: K. Studdard, Welch, West- erman. Weston. Tenth Row: White, Wile. PAGE 337 DELTA CHI LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1907 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1890 MEMBERS Craig Covington Cantey, Jr., Dallas John C. Coffey, Jr., Wichita Falls Earl Gene Cutler, Corpus Christi Jerry de la Rosa, San Antonio Earl Duke, St. Johns, Ariz. Robert Newton King, Muleshoe William Travis Malone, Jr., Corpus Christi David Atmar Smith, Victoria Clarence Neal Stevenson, Port Lavaca Thomas Neilson Thurlow, Dallas Michael Alan Wiley, Dallas Isam Yusuf Zamrik, Damascus. Svria M VAVVVJV.VJ ' .-.WJUU PAGE 338 FACULTY COVER CONNER EMERSON, Assistant Football Coach GEORGE VINCENT GENTRY, Professor of Philosophy 5 p Fall CLARENCE NEAL STEVENSON . JERRY DE LA ROSA . DAVID ATMAR SMITH MICHAEL ALAN WILEY . WILLIAM TRAVIS MALONE, JR. OFFICERS " A " . . t r D " D " . " E " . Spring JERRY DE LA ROSA HERMAN WILLIS KENNEDY, JR. LAURIN MARTIS LINSON JOHN RENTZ DOGGETT., Ill VAN PHILLIP GILLESPIE PLEDGES Joe Weldon Cole, Lolita Robert John DeVries, Pella, Iowa John Rentz Doggett, III, Houston Van Phillip Gillespie, Beverly Hills, Calif. William Revel Henry, Marshall Herman Willis Kennedy, Fort Worth Laurin Martis Linson, Palestine Keith Kenyon Morrow, Freeport Thomas Edward Nichols, Austin Nicholas Vratis, Beaumont SPRING PLEDGES John Keith Brown, San Antonio Richard Harmon DuVon, Jr., Texas City George Edward Gaines, Houston Albert Gates Hendricks, High Island Peter Cornell Overbaugh, Lake Jackson Top Row: Coffey, Cole, De La Rosa. Second Row: DeVries, Doggett, Henry. Third Row: Kennedy, King, Linson. Fourth Row: Malone, Nichols, Smith. Fifth Row: Stevenson, Thurlow, Vratis. Sixth Row: Wiley, Zamrik, Mrs. Roxie Moore. PAGE 339 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1913 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1844 MEMBERS Reece Brooks Anderson, Houston Thomas Wayne Anthony, Dallas Ralph Frederick Beeler, Jr., Houston Carl Richard Benz, Houston Lawrence Phillips Blanchard, Austin James Neal Blanton, Houston Gilbert William Blumberg, Seguin James Edward Boykin, Abilene Marvin H. Brown, III, Fort Worth Robert Virgil Cauthorn, Del Rio Dunbar N. Chambers, Houston William Parrish Clark, Jr., Lockhart Charles Malcolm Collins, Eastland Wendell Jackson Cox, Tampico, Mexico George Arthur Davis, Killeen Neal Davis, Jr., Houston Hugh Graydon Dunlap, Jr., Houston Gene Kyle Du Vail, Dallas Robert Lewis Easton, Austin Frank Wallace Elliott, Jr., Graham Tommy K. Estes, Abilene Berthold Henry Estess, Houston Don Duane Ford, Jr., Ho uston Enrique Garcia, Madrid, Spain James Frederick Garner, Fort Worth Robert Bruce Gillett, Fort Worth Joe Gillis Goddard, Austin Gordon M. Griffin, Jr., Austin Pearson Grimes, Jr., Cleveland Fred Haberle, Jacksonville Richard Don Harden, El Paso William H. Hinkle, Denton David Nathan Johnson, Austin Richard George McCollum, Fort Worth Henry Young McCown, Austin Donald Charles Mcllyar, Dallas David Michael Miller, Dallas Douglas Alvin Newton, Jr., Del Rio George Winfield Parks, III, Beaumont John Talbot Penner, Fort Worth Jay Frank Powell, San Antonio Benjamin Thomas Rhodes, Jr., Cranfills Gap James Percival Rice, Dallas James Alford Rose, Abilene Charles Lawrence Scarborough, Abilene Frank Dallas Scarborough, Abilene Wilson Schoellkopf, Jr., Dallas George Magee Shanks, Austin George Daniel Smith, Houston Don Philip Speers, Houston Joseph Edward Stoeltje, Beaumont James Samuel Swearingen, Austin William Scott Swearingen, Austin John Bee Tuggle, Brownwood John Harrison Tyler, Austin John Hamshire Williams, Pecos Joseph Wilbur Wolfe, Sherman Mfk Alexander, J. Anderson. Anthony, Barfoot, Ralph Beeler, Richard Beeler. J. Blanchard, Blanton, Bolger, Boyer, Boykin, Brown. Cauthorn, Chambers, Cooper, G. Davis, N. Davis, D. Dunlap, H. Dunlap. FACULTY WILMER LAWSON ALLISON, Tennis Coach DANA X. BIBLE, Athletic Director, Intercollegiate Athletics THOMAS PERRIN HARRISON, Professor of English Fall JOHN HAMSHIRE WILLIAMS OFFICERS House Manager Spring JOSEPH EDWARD STOELTJE John Michael Alexander, Killeen James Lloyd Anderson, Abilene B. Rice Aston, Houston John Wayne Barfoot, Abilene Richard Allen Beeler, Houston John Lawrence Blanchard, Palestine E. Perry Bolger, Snyder James Andrew Boyer, Midland Merlyn Donald Cooper, Dallas John Marvin Crow, Abilene Drew Woolford Dunlap, Dallas William Raleigh Ely, Whitier, Calif. Robert Terrence Farrell, Temple Jerome Sidney Girard, Cotulla PLEDGES Samuel Tevis Grinstead, Houston Richard Lee Heintz, Atlanta, Ga. Richard Lee Johnson, Lampasas Daniel Lanier Logan, Alpine Tinsley Holmes Penick, Austin Robert Irving Pettis, Waco Frank Marion Putman, Jr., Houston John Robertson Ray, Houston Zack Lawrence Robinson, Dallas Thomas Earl Scott, Abilene Paul Edward Stallings, Houston Robert Edwin Tucker, Jr., San Antonio Howard Michael Tyson, Houston Charles Burnett Wood, Austin Jack R. Woodson, Brownwood Searcy Monroe Ferguson, Dallas Walter B. Hendrick, Odessa James Fred Hofheinz, Houston John Wiley Link, Houston SPRING PLEDGES Marion Embree McDaniel, Houston Franklin Ace Pickens, Odessa Robert David Young, Roby .-.-.v Top Row: Estes, Estess, Farrell, Ford. Second Row: Garcia, Gillett, Girard, Griffin. Third Row: Grimes, Grinstead, Haberle, Harden. Fourth Row: Heintz, Hinkle, R. Johnson, Logan. Fifth Row: McCollum, Miller, Parks, Penick. Sixth Row: Powell, Putman, Ray, Rhodes. Seventh Row: Rice, Robinson, Rose, F. Scarborough. Eighth Row: Schoellkopf, Scott, Smith, Speers. Ninth Row: Stallings, Stoeltje, W. Swear- ingen, Tucker. Tenth Row: Tuggle, Tyson, Williams, Woodson. PAGE 341 DELTA TAU DELTA MEMBERS LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1904 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1859 Fred Wardlow Baccus, Dallas William Anderson Baker, Austin Danny LaGette Beaird, Dallas Clyde Stuart Bell, Paris Samuel Charles Bradshaw, Kilgore Edward Stafford Bridges, Dallas James Martin Byrd, Nacogdoches John Edgar Chapoton, Galveston Otis Donaldson Chapoton, Galveston William Totten Cortelyou, Dallas George Robert Creedle, Park Ridge, 111. Wilbur Paul Cunningham, Big Spring Oscar Cromwell Dancy, III, Orange Gerald Norman Davis, Beaumont Joseph Elliott Davis, Beaumont Thomas Leroy Davis, Dallas Samuel Jerome Dolan, Bellefonte, Pa. Wayne Garner Dotson, Beaumont Charles Henry Duesing, Glen Ellyn, 111. Marvin Ray Dunaway, Azle Thomas Sydney Edrington, Midland Charles David Ewing, Big Spring Howell M. Finch, Austin Henry Wilkinson Flagg, Galveston Lee Earl Fredrickson, Dayton, Iowa William Francis Fuhrmeister, Commerce Michael James Gaido, Galveston William Lindsay Gavit, Glen Rose George Edwin Green, Austin John Tatum Green, Dallas Robert Sterling Green, Beaumont Lawrence S. Harris, Fort Worth Thomas Marvin Hatfield, San Antonio William Michael Higgins, Austin Tanner Truett Hunt, Beaumont William Mack Jackson, Dallas Henry Donnan Jacoby, Dallas John A. Johns, San Antonio Avis E. Johnson, Jr., Fort Worth Darrell King Jones, Austin Edgar F. Jones, III, Galveston Gary Roy Jones, Galveston Richard Page Keeton, Austin Robert Quentin Keith, Beaumont Jay Mayne Lewallen, Austin Thomas R. LeBleu, Corpus Christi Hugh McQuiston Lynn, Austin Larry J. Lynn, Midland Robert Lee Marwill, Dallas John Fuller McGuigan, Midland Robert Hicks Mclntyre, Austin William Fred Miller, Waco Roy Houston Moore, Brownwood George Weldon Moyer, Jr., La Marque Daniel Allen Myers, Waco Frank Taylor Nagle, Austin Fred Stephen Nagle, Austin Ralph Wilson Nimmons, Jr., Dallas George Albert Olson, San Antonio Brooks Trezevant Patrick, Dallas Jay Terry Pierce, Austin Walter Kleas Rainbolt, Lafayette, La. Arthur E. Rhodes, Jr., Austin John Clements Riley, III, Houston Thomas Leonard Roach, Austin Joe Gentry Ready, Fairborn, Ohio Jan S. Roush, Houston Robert Monroe Rucker, Dallas Robert T. Rylee, II, Denison William Waldon Satterwhite, Lamesa Larry Alan Schmucker, Houston Jay Woodley Sharp, Childress Eugene Byron Shepherd, Houston George Wallace Showalter, Jr., Austin John Thomas Stuart, Dallas Thomas Mitchell Thurmond, Del Rio Albert Julius Toole, Dallas Roger J. A. Turner, Hartsdale, N.Y. Kenneth Reese Voelkel, Jr., Houston Herman Floyd Waters, Austin Thomas Hugh Weed, Beaumont Hershel Wells, Mart Linton A. Whitaker, Austin Horace Edward White, Jr., Brownwood Robert Wayne White, Brownwood Ben Taylor Whitefield, Houston John Franklin Winslow, Houston John Alan Woodman, Fort Worth James Palmer Woodson, Austin Abercrombie, Anderson. Baker, Beaird, J. Bell, Bradshaw, Caldwell, O. Chapoton. J. Chapoton, Clements, Cockrell, Cortelyou, Creedle, Dickson, Dobbs, Dolan. Dotson, Duesing, Edens, Edrington, Finch, Flagg, Frankum, Fredrick- son, Gaskell. FACULTY KENT WHEELER KENNAN, Professor of Music OFFICERS Fall Spring WILLIAM MICHAEL HIGGINS President . . . ROBERT W AYNE WHITE THOMAS MARVIN HATFIELD V ice-President . . KENNETH REESE VOELKEL, JR. EUGENE BYRON SHEPHERD Corresponding Secretary WILBUR PAUL CUNNINGHAM JOHN THOMAS STUART . Recording Secretary . JOHN EDGAR CHAPOTON ROY HOUSTON MOORE . Treasurer . . . ROY HOUSTON MOORE PLEDGES Robert Nyland Abercrombie, Texas City Jon Joseph Anderson, Dallas John Laurence Bell, Beaumont Ronald Lee Blackstock, Graham David Caldwell, Dallas Wayne Wilson Clements, Dallas James Thomas Cockrell, Hillsboro Robert Miller Dickson, Dallas William H. Dobbs, Dallas Thomas Norman Dunnam, Fostoria Rod Tarlton Edens, Austin Ronald Bruce Frankum, Odessa George Crosby Gaskell, Jr., San Antonio R. A. Haberman, San Antonio James Norton Haltom, Texarkana Charles Herman Hayman, Dallas Barney Hines Hilburn, Dallas Walter Lee Jefferson, Austin George Milton Johnson, San Antonio Scott Dudley Lancaster, Harlingen Edward Dial Mahon, Dallas John Boswell McClane, Fort Worth H. Coleman Proctor, Austin John Davis Ready, San Marcos Toffe Satel, San Antonio Terry Maurice Stembridge, Kilgore Burl Waylon Teague, Brownwood John Gay Unbehagen, Galveston James Lee Underwood, Big Spring Milburn Whitt Waldrum, Jr., Bells Linus Rogers Wilks, San Marcos Paul Joseph Willcott, Beaumont Rogers Douglas Wilson, Austin SPRING PLEDGES James Robert Guinn, Austin Henry Woodrow Jackson, Beaumont ' V.W. tfWWW.V Donald Humphrey Poole, Riesel Donald Eugene Spencer, Amarillo Top Row: G. Green, R. Green, Haltom. Hatfield. Second Row: Hayman, Hilburn, Hunt, Jackson. Third Row: Jacoby, Jefferson, A. John- son, G. Johnson. Fourth Row: E. Jones, G. Jones, Keeton, L. Lynn. Fifth Row: H. Lynn, Marwill, McClane, McGuigan. Sixth Row: Mclntyre, Miller, Frank Nagle, Fred Nagle. Seventh Row: Olson, Proctor, Rainbolt, Rhodes. Eighth Row: Riley, Roach, Joe Roady, John Roady. Ninth Row: Stuart, Teague, Thurmond, Toole. Tenth Row: Underwood, Waldrum, Waters, R. White. Eleventh Row: Willcott, Winslow, Wood- man, Woodson. PAGE 343 DELTA UPSILON LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1949 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1834 MEMBERS Harold O ' Hanlon Atkinson, Midland William Rodrick Bagby, Jr., Dallas Donald Mac Bishop, Dalhart Alan Curtis Blair, Houston Patrick Jay Blair, Bandera Joe Speed Carroll, Austin Henry Richards Elmer, Jr., Dallas Emil Edwards Friberg, Wichita Falls George Everest Friend, Amarillo John Edward Frierson, McCamey Charles Alvis Gunter, San Angelo Eitel Hugh Hahn, Brady Tomie S. Holmes, McCamey Ludwell Leonidas Jones, III, Houston Vernon Murray Jordan, Brady Spencer Dales Knapp, Alamo Ivon Lee, III, Midland Charles David McGinnis, Katy McCarter Middlebrook, Nacogdoches Kennedy Abbott Milburn, San Antonio William Childress Montgomery, Jr., Houston William Peterson Nelson, Dallas Eddie Wayne Pace, San Angelo Robert Allen Pratt, San Angelo James Morgan Reid, Dallas Seth Shephard Searcy, III, San Antonio Richard Earl Shepherd, Bellaire Dan Cargill Smith, Houston Neal Leslie Spelce, Houston William Bennett Spelce, Houston Donald Lamar S tone, Jacksonville Jack Harrison Stutts, San Antonio Berry Bruce Tolle, Houston Bill Lamond Turner, Brady John Grigsby Turner, Fort Worth John Frederick Wengert, Fort Worth Jack Dennis West, Fort Worth Allums, Atkinson, Bagby. Bishop, A. Blair, Carroll. Cezeaux, Cleveland, Elmer, Eubanks, Friberg, Friend. Frierson, Gunter, Hahn, Hay, Holmes, Jacobs. FACULTY KARL M. DALLENBACH, Professor of Psychology GOLDWIN GOLDSMITH, Professor Emeritus of Architecture CHARLES HOMER HOLZWARTH, Special Instructor in Germanic Languages R. GOMMEL ROESSNER, Professor of Architecture Fall ROBERT ALLEN PRATT WILLIAM CHILDRESS MONTGOMERY IVON LEE, III SETH SHEPHARD SEARCY, III ALAN CURTIS BLAIR . OFFICERS Spring President . . . ROBERT ALLEN PRATT V ice-President . . EITEL HUGH HAHN Corresponding Secretary IVON LEE, III Recording Secretary . SETH SHEPHARD SEARCY, III Treasurer . ALAN CURTIS BLAIR PLEDGES James Anderson Allums, Kountze Roland Claude Borden, Missouri City Robert Anthony Butler, Rusk Philip Calvin Cezeaux, Humble Herbert Jay Cleveland, Jr., Fort Worth Isaac Dwaine Eubanks, McCamey Thomas Morton Eversole, Los Angeles, Calif. Wayne Melvin Hay, Hearne Tom Carlton Higley, Childress William Fredrick Jacobs, Houston Richard Lee Lasater, Newgulf Robert Charles Reinarz, Amarillo Robert Gene Shirey, McAllen James Robert Sweiven, Missouri City Robert Arrington Weaver, Newgulf Charles Clark Wilmeth, Jr., Barcelona, Venezuela Morris Farrell Womack, Houston SPRING PLEDGES Alexander Benjamin Klein, Jr., Tomball Bob Wayne Perry, San Angelo Samuel Dwain Reeves, Mt. Pleasant Stephen Collier Smith, Houston m ' mVm ' m " : Top Row: Jones, Jordan, Lasater. Second Row: Lee, McGlnnis, Middle- brook. Third Row: Montgomery, Nelson, Pace. Fourth Row: Pratt, Reid, Reinarz. Fifth Row: Searcy, Shepherd, Shirey. Sixth Row: Smith, N. Spelce, Stone. Seventh Row: Stutts, Tolle, B. Turner. Eighth Row: J. Turner, Weaver, Wen- gert. Ninth Row: West, Wilmeth. KAPPA ' ALPHA MEMBERS LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1883 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1865 Leroy Money Adams, Jr., Austin Robert Snyder Alexander, Houston Joe William Bain, San Antonio John Baylies Baker, Houston Buford Preston Berry, Archer City Robert Hefley Blocker, Sao Paulo, Brazil Carl W. Burnette, Austin John Bogue Butler, Dallas Richard Wayland Calhoun. Shreveport, La. Richard Edwin Chalmers, Houston William Barnett Chapman, Jr., Austin James Patrick Coughran, Houston Robert Edward Delany, Houston Earl Andrews Denney, Wichita Falls Harry Charles Dishman, Jr., Bryan Glen Edward Ellis, Comanche Tom Parker Ellis, Belzoni, Miss. William Chapman Estes, Waxahachie William Robert Gaston, Wichita Falls George Holmes Ginn, San Antonio Larry M. Godfrey, Wichita Falls Banner Gregg, Jr., Austin Richard Drake Hart, Austin Lee Walter Henslee, III, Galveston Samuel Thomas Hodgdon, Dallas Albert Wolford Holmes, Austin Ruben Wert Hope, Houston Gerald Howard Houston, Shreveport, La. John Smith Ivy, Jr., Houston Gayle Morgan Jackson, Jr., Borger Speight Jenkins, Jr., Dallas Paul Edward Kellogg, Fort Worth Fred Kramer, Austin Harold David Krick, Jr., Austin Clyde Rabb Littlefield, Austin Reese Blake Lockett, Brenham Daniel Thomas Manget, III, New Orleans, La. Charles Ellis McCullough, Austin Odis Simpson Mingus, Aruba, Dutch West Indies Lucian Leeds Morrison, San Antonio Robert George Moulton, Atlanta, Ga. Baird Markham Neville, Midland Bruce Arlen Neumann, Hcarne Robert Bruce Parker, San Antonio Allyn Smith Patrick, Dallas George Euclid Payne, Jr., Wichita Falls Walter Irving Phillips, Jr., Houston James Archer Prentice, Austin Henry Carr Pritchett, Austin George W. Putnam, Fort Worth Charles Eugene Reagan, Jr., Marliri Glenn Alfred Rogers. Big Spring Benny George Sandefur, Mt. Pleasant George Eckhardt Schwab, Galveston Bryan Anthony Scott, Kaufman Don Stanton Smith, Valley Mills John Milton Taylor, Pearsall Joe Faltin Thomas, Comfort Lanis Murl Thompson, Houston Wash Bryan Trammell, Jr., Houston Jack M. Vaught, Abilene Charles Edwin Williams, Port Arthur Richard Marvin Womack, Austin John Davis Worley, Dallas Chesley Kosub Wood, Galveston Bain, Blaylock, R. Blocker, T. Blocker, J. R. Butler, J. B. Butler. Calhoun, Chalmers, Coughran, De- lany, Denney, Dishman. G. Ellis, Estes, Fielder, Gibson, Ginn, Godfrey. FACULTY ROBERT A. LAW, Professor of English CLYDE LITTLEFIELD, Head Track Coach DANIEL ALLEN PENICK, Professor Emeritus of Classical Languages Fall EARL ANDREWS DENNEY . RICHARD EDWIN CHALMERS . SPEIGHT JENKINS, JR GLENN ALFRED ROGERS . RICHARD WAYLAND CALHOUN LEROY MONEY ADAMS, JR OFFICERS I II . Ill . IV V VI Spring RICHARD WAYLAND CALHOUN BUFORD PRESTON BERRY HARRY CHARLES DISHMAN, JR. PLEDGES Jon Roger Bauman, Dallas Glenn W. Blaylock, Dallas Truman Graves Blocker, III, Galveston Jack Richard Butler, San Angelo William Raymond Carrico, Denton William Cook Fielder, Lockhart Dell Taylor Gibson, Dallas Jimmy Dale Hunt, Fort Worth Sayles Allison Leach, Abilene Joseph Henry Ledford, Wichita Falls Marvin Paul Lucas, San Antonio Bert Joseph McNelly, Jr., Uvalde Curtis Washington Meadows, Jr., Dallas Gordon Clifford Morris, Wichita Falls Robert C. Motheral, Austin Paul Julius Natho, Jr., Houston Fred Dewitt Reed, Jr., Port Arthur William Leon Rivers, Elgin William Bryan Thompson, San Antonio Curry Helmuth Vogelsang, San Antonio Wiley Chester Wimberly, Dallas SPRING PLEDGES James Lipscomb Ballard, III, Campbell Houston Gillespie, Sherman ,. , T. James Wilfred Harrington, Jr., Piano Fred R. Brockwell, Del Rio John Thomas Fitch, San Antonio Glenn Lee Nolle, Lockhart r.v r.-.v Top Row: Gregg, Hart, Holmes, Hope. Second Row: Jackson, Kellogg, Kramer, Krick. Third Row: Leach, Ledford, Littlefield, Lockett. Fourth Row: Lucas, Manget, McCul- lough, McNelly. Fifth Row: Mlngus, Morrison, Motheral, Moulton. Sixth Row: Natho, Neville, Patrick, Payne. Seventh Row: Phillips, Prentice, Reagan, Reed. Eighth Row: Rivers, Rogers, Scott, Smith. Ninth Row: Taylor, L. Thompson, W. Thompson, Trammell. Tenth Row: Vogelsang, Williams, Wim- berly, Womack. Eleventh Row: Wood, Worley. Q ft O. PAOE 347 KAPPA SIGMA MEMBERS 1 LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1884 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1869 Kirby Attwell, Houston Malcolm Graham Baker, Jr., Houston George Meredith Bright, San Antonio William Edward Brock, Houston George Stubblefield Bruce, III, Houston James McCollum Burnett, Corpus Christi Frank Kell Cahoon, Wichita Falls John Milton Canavan, Boerne Gale Garth Carroll, Houston Lynn Prewit Carter, Houston Louis Demon Cobb, Tyler Jack Bolan Cox, Houston Harold George Daniels, Jr., Abilene Larry Joe Darnall, Dallas Charles Adolph Dickerson, Rosenberg Robert Lee Dickson, Hot Springs, Ark. Clarence Frederick Dreymala, Houston Samuel Thomas Dulaney, Dallas Gordon H. Earhart, Houston Alfred Harry Ebert, Jr., San Antonio Marvin Neel Elder . Jr., Fort Worth Carl Lewis Estes, II, Dallas John Parker Fauntleroy, Houston Thomas James Foitik, San Antonio Radford Hope Freel, Houston Lee Gill, Amarillo Charles Nelson Gilreath, Sulphur Springs Ronald Vincent Glauser, Houston Fallori Turley Gordon, Houston George Richard Grainger. Tyler John Martindale Heaner, Brownsville William Arthur Hudson, III, Fort Worth Dan R. Japhet, Houston William Clingman Jennings, Fort Worth Joe Kelly Johnson, Jr., Fort Worth John Lawrence Jones, Sulphur Springs Royce Richard Kilday, Houston Alan Payne Langford, Mt. Enterprise Carl Edward Lee, Houston Donald J. Malouf , Hillsboro John Kenney Matthews, San Antonio Robert Harper May, Cleburne William Arnold McDade, El Centre, Calif. Henry Pierce McGrath, San Antonio George Patrick McKenna, Tyler Thomas Vance McMahan, Houston Dale Ellis Miller, Houston Vance C. Minter, Fort Worth Martin Ralph Mitchell, San Angelo Charlie E. Mohle, Austin Ralph Emerson Moore, Jr., Tyler Dick Woods Morris, Fort Worth Rufus Edmonds Palm, Abilene Rowland Hilary Parker, Tyler Ralph Tex Pease, Dallas Michael Roy Pickering, Houston Thomas Leslie Pritchett, Dallas Wilfred Lee Rankine, Jr., Austin Raymond John Rawson, Houston John Clarke Roberts, Houston Frank Duncan Salmons, Richmond Lawrence Frederick Schuhmacher, Houston Larry D. Sikes, Dallas Elvin Mitchell Smith, Houston Webb McCann Sowden, Jr., Dallas Donald Wick Spafford, Houston Charles Rudolph Spence, Dallas Robert Fredric Spies, Dallas Robert Lee Stillwell, Houston Frank Mason Straus, Dallas John Rodney Templeton, Beaumont George Mac Thompson, Houston Harry Blake Terry, Houston Robert B. Thornton, San Antonio Robert Clayton Vielock, San Antonio Edward Richard Volz, San Antonio Robert Charles Volz, San Antonio Ronald Hugh Waldie, Houston Johnny Richard Warren, Houston Perry Michel Wells, Houston James Hugh Westmoreland. Bay City Robert Harral Whilden, Jr., Houston William D. White, Jr., Dallas Carlton D. Wilde, Houston John Pat Williams, San Antonio Gary Wade Woehrmann, Austin Adams, Almon, Attwell, Baker, Bank- head, Beach, Bright, Brown. Burnett, Calkins, Canavan, Carl, Car- ter, Cobbj Connelly, Cox. Cutrer, Daniels, Dickerson, Dulaney, Elder, Fauntleroy, Foitik, Gauntt. Gill, Gilreath, Glauser, Grainger, Gunn, Haire, Hale, Heaner, Hill. FACULTY HENRY WILSON CHAPMAN, Instructor in Physical Training for Men; Swimming Coach ERNEST R. HARDIN, Assistant Professor of Speech FRANK HALLAM LYELL, Associate Professor of English STUART A. MacCORKLE, Professor of Government JAMES J. POLLARD, Professor of Architectural Engineering EDWIN BOOTH PRICE, Head Football Coach OFFICERS Grand Master Grand Procurator Grand Scribe Grand Master of Ceremonies . WEBB McCANN SOWDEN, JR. Grand Treasurer . Fall KIRBY ATTWELL . RUFUS EDMONS PALM DONALD J. MALOUF . RALPH TEX PEASE Spring VANCE C. MINTER WILLIAM ARNOLD McDADE LYNN PREWIT CARTER RONALD VINCENT GLAUSER WEBB McCANN SOWDEN, JR. PLEDGES Maurice McAshan Adams, Houston Dan Alan Almon, Dallas Charles Herbert Bankhead, Fort Worth Asa Beach, Jr., San Antonio Ivan Ellis Brown, Jr., Wichita Falls Robert Earl Bryant, Plainview John Allen Calkins, Houston William Noble Carl, Houston Robert Jentry Carson, Houston David Anthony Connelly, Houston Richard Harrison Cutrer, Houston Tom Martin Davis, Jr., Houston Edgar Scurry Ellis, Houston William Paul Gauntt, Fort Worth Curtis Conway Gunn, San Antonio T. J. Haire, Jr., Fort Worth Thomas Weldon Hale, Houston Gerald Hartman, Waco Dwight Leon Hill, II, Fort Worth James Jefferson Johnston, Houston William Ferdinand Joplin, Sugar Land Harold Russell Joseph, Jr., Austin William Carroll Kelly, Jr., Freer Charles Marlin Leake, San Antonio Leo Edward Linbeck, Jr., Houston Charles Emory Long, Midland John Kenney Matthews, San Antonio Roderick Morrison McDonald, Pensacola, Fla. Donald Ralph McLelland, San Antonio Vaughan Watkins McLeod, Jr., Galveston Chris Bush Miteff, Fort Worth David John Moore, Cleburne William Robinson O ' Hair, Jr., Coleman Rees Robertson Oliver, II, San Antonio Robert Sam Parks, Houston Ted Cahill Peters, Jr., Fort Worth Jim Fowler Pierce, Abilene Thomas Roane Riddick, Corpus Christ! George Henry Rose, Houston Charles Bennett Russey, Fort Worth John William Schuhmacher, Jr., Houston Patrick Lambert Searcy, San Antonio Ross Lucas Stephenson, Houston Norman Thompson, Houston Doyle Jackson Todd, Brady Joe Lee White, Fort Worth SPRING PLEDGES William Jordan Gallagher, Houston Jessie Clyde McMahon, Jr., Big Spring Top Row: Hudson, Jennings, Johnston, Jones. Second Row: Joplin, Joseph, Kilday, Leake. Third Row: Linbeck, Long. Malouf, Matthews. Fourth Row: McDonald, McKenna, Mc- Lelland, McMahan. Fifth Row: Miteff, Mohle, D. Moore, R. Moore Sixth Row: O ' Hair, Oliver, Palm, Parker. Seventh Row: Parks, Peters, Pickering, Pierce. Eighth Row: Pritchett, Rankine, Riddick, Roberts. Ninth Row: Rose, Russey, Salmons, uvw Searcy - Tenth Row: Spafford, Spencc, Stephen- son, Straus. Eleventh Row: Todd, R. Volz, Warren, Westmoreland. Twelfth Row: J. White, W. White, Wil- liams, Woehrmann. PAGE 349 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1917 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1909 MEMBERS James Kenneth Alfred. Bellaire Chester Alwyn Barr, Austin Clardy Shell Earth, Jr., San Angelo Lloyd Morris Bennett, Columbus, Ind. Jon Alfred Boswell, Sour Lake Gilbert Seay Brown, Dallas Burton Allen Browning, Austin Robb Kendrick Burlage, Austin Joseph Harold Butler, Jr., Houston John Edwin Callaway, Louisville, Ky. Gene Padgett Clements, McGregor Sydney Symington Connor, Houston Travis Lee Crosby, Weslaco Billy Bernard Day, Austin William Henry Drummond, San Antonio James Ralph Eddings, Highlands Rudolph J. Gomez, San Antonio Edward Reginald Greer, Dallas Harold James Griffith, Dallas Addison Yancey Gunter, III, Houston Allen Burton Heard, Austin Donald John Keegan, Texas City Ben Robert Keller, Houston Roderick Earle Kennedy, Houston Stuart Deric Kershner, Houston Robert Martin Kienker, Mexico City Donald Paul Knoles, El Paso David Hartwell Kuester, Houston James Lowell Kuester, Houston Charles Joseph Macmanus, Corpus Christi Murray B. Mangum, Baytown Richard Lewis McRoberts, Dallas Jack Milam, Victoria Wayne David Miller, Tulsa, Okla. David Andrew Millican, Dallas Nicholas Murphy, Austin Fred Thomas Porter, Dallas John Herbert Ray, San Angelo William H. Rogers, Dallas Vernon Loid Ryan, Brady Rupert Philip Schulze, Jr., Corpus Christi Charles Richard Smith, Baytown Joe Rae Smith, Victoria Douglas Ogden Smyth, Portland James Herbert Stubblefield, Sour Lake James Terrell Townsend, Brady Robert Falligant Travis, San Antonio William Kyle Vollmer, Mercedes Leonard H. Von Dohlen, III, Goliad Harry Joseph Walter, III, Senora Samuel Womack Warner, Dallas John Charles Wheeler, Austin William F. Williams, Baytown flilt Adkins, Alfred, Bailey, Barr, Earth, Belcher, Benbow. Bennett, Boswell, Brown, Browning, Burlage, Butler, Carpenter. Chapin, Clements, Connor, Day, Drummond, Eddings, Elliott. FACULTY CURTIS JACKSON ALDERSON, Associate Professor of Physical and Health Education ROBBIN COLYER ANDERSON, Professor of Chemistry SCOTT GAINES, Land and Trust Attorney Fall RODERICK EARLE KENNEDY . ADDISON YANCEY GUNTER, III FRED THOMAS PORTER . ROBERT MARTIN KIENKER OFFICERS High Alpha . High Beta . High Gamma Hi " h Tau Spring GILBERT SEAY BROWN ROBB KENDRICK BURLAGE JACK MILAM CHARLES RICHARD SMITH PLEDGES Bert Bently Adkins, Jr., Houston Johnny Joseph Bailey, Corpus Christi Richard Thomas Benbow, Houston Ronald Adelbert Carpenter, Bastrop Robert Lane Chapin, Houston Stephen Clay Elliott, Dallas Charles Curtis Fuller, Dallas William Reid Gieseke, Beaumont Carl Henry Groen, Danville, 111. William Edward Hennessey, San Antonio James Dunn Houston, Goliad Jerry Lee Hughes, Austin Milton Earl Husbands, Jr., Beaumont Jim Marvin Monk, Jr., Houston Mervin Lawrence Naumann, Spicewood Roger Francis Nelson, Austin Rocco Giardino Revisore, New Orleans, La. James Duane Saegert, Pflugerville George Francis Sears, Corpus Christi Thomas Hall Shelby, III, Tyler Louis Richard Smith, III, Austin Gary Joseph Tilton, Victoria William Ellis Ward, San Antonio Charles Norman Wood, Dallas SPRING PLEDGES Jearld Conrad Bradford, Freeport Marvin Wesley Browder, Jr., Fort Worth Don Alvin Chappel, Dallas John Frank Hobbs, Abilene David Paul Smith, Baytown Jay Riggan Sorrel, Pearsall WWW Top Row: Fuller, Gieseke, Gomez, Greer. Second Row: Griffith, Groen, Gunter, Heard. Third Row: Hennessy, Houston, Hus- bands, Keegan. Fourth Row: Kennedy, Kershner, Knoles, D. Kuester. Fifth Row: Macmanus, Mangum, Mc- Robcrts, Milam. Sixth Row: Miller, Millican, Monk, Naumann. Seventh Row: Nelson, Ray, Revisore, Ryan. Eighth Row: Saegert, Schulze, Sears, J. Smith. Ninth Row: L. Smith, Smyth, Stubble- field, Tilton. Tenth Row: Townsend, Travis, Vollmer, Von Dohlen. Eleventh Row: Walter, Warner, Wheeler, Wood. PACE 351 PHI DELTA THETA 3 MEMBERS LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1883 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1848 Carl Eugene Andrews, Dallas Thomas Marshall Andrews, Dallas Robert Landis Armstrong, Austin William Skidmore Banks, III, Houston Robert Franklin Bartlett, Marshall Robert McBride Blaine, Jr., Houston Walter Eden Bloxsom, Houston James Curtis Boyce, Amarillo Stephen Robert Butter, Longview Philip Ridley Cecil, Paris Hilliard Dudley Chambers, Grand Prairie Gerald McLendon Clark, Port Lavaca Whitfield Harral Clark, Dallas Dabney Warton Coleman, Austin Howard Ayres Compton, Jr., Dallas Byron Gray Crocker, Brady Jack Randall Davis, Dallas James Pagan Dickson, Jr., Austin John Warner Duckett, Jr., Dallas Devereux Brown Dunlap, Dallas Walter L. Foxworth, II, Dallas Thomas Phil Francis, Austin Joe Burch Gilbert, Austin William Russell Goff, Dallas Ronald William Gribble, Jr., Dallas John McLean Griffith, Jr.,Taylor Henry Royden Hamman, Houston Charles Douglas Herrera, El Paso Maxwell Lee Hightower, Mt. Pleasant John Bruce Hollingsworth, Harlingen Dixon Wade Holman, Fort Worth John Webb Howell, III, Bryan Douglas Wilson Inglish, Jr., San Antonio Bob Clark James, Borger Robert Ewell Jenkins, Rotan John Webb Jennings, Jr., Kilgore Guy Edmund Knolle, Jr., Houston Jon Warren Knolle, Houston Jerry Van Kyle, Sherman Charles Allen Lingo, Jr., Houston Howard Hurshel Lyle, Tyler Gibbs Macdaniel, Jr., San Antonio Judson Thomas McRee, Jr., Longview George Ernest Myers, Longview Whipple Spaulding Newell, Jr., Houston Robert Wilkerson Patteson, Jr., Midland James Irvine Perkins, Jr., Rusk Doyle Emmett Perkinson, White Oak Michael Patrick Roche, Austin Taylor King Smith, Houston Wade Cassle Smith, Dallas Allen William Taylor, Dallas Gifford O ' Neill Touchstone, Dallas William Michael Trant, Tyler John Fredrick Trimble, Orange Don Warren Turner, Borger Preston Alonzo Weatherred, III, Houston Gordon Russell Wynne, Jr., Wills Point Adleta, C. Andrews, T. Andrews, Ault, Austin, Banks. Bartlett, Bloxsom, Box, Boyce, Butter, Carney. Cecil, Chambers, G. L. Clark, Comp- ton, Crocker, Dacy. FACULTY ROY BEDICHEK, Director Emeritus, Bureau of Public School Service THOMAS MABRY CRANFILL, Associate Professor of English CHARLES TILFORD McCORMICK, Professor of Law JOSEPH TYREE SNEED, Professor of Law ROBERT WELDON STAYTON, Professor of Law OFFICERS Fall MAXWELL LEE HIGHTOWER President BOB CLARK JAMES . WADE CASSLE SMITH Spring BOB CLARK JAMES GIFFORD O ' NEILL TOUCHSTONE GIBBS MACDANIEL, JR. GIBBS MACDANIEL, JR. . ALLEN WILLIAM TAYLOR Warden Corresponding Secretary . Recording Secretary ROBERT WILKERSON PATTESON, JR. Treasurer . HILLIARD DUDLEY CHAMBERS PLEDGES Edward Jackson Adleta, Dallas Stanley Arch Ault, Longview Jeff Austin, Jr., Frankston Roy Edgar Box, Jr., Corpus Christ! Howard Augustus Carney, Jr., Atlanta George Littlefield Clark, Dallas Joe Ridgway Dacy, Jr., Austin Clarence Stacey Eastham, Jr., Houston Edward Randolph Eichner, Houston Richard Roy Fredrick, Marshall Paul Milton Gray, Jr., Corpus Christ! George Lee Griffin, Dallas Gordon Arthur Holloway, Dallas SPRING PLEDGE Russell Lee Jacobe, Houston Carter Benjamin Kelly, Amarillo Joseph O. Kennedy, Jr., Rotan Charles Henry Moore, III, Galveston Peter Lindsey Reynol ds. Dallas Gustav Robert Robertson, Jr., Houston James Timothy Roche, Austin Joe William Sandlin, Mt. Pleasant Richardson Gano Scurry, Jr., Dallas William Monte Shackelford, Corpus Christi Allen Currie Smith, Amarillo Peter Kempner Thompson, Galveston James Glenn Turner, Jr., Dallas Top Row: Davis, Dickson, Duckett, Eastham. Second Row: Eichner, Foxworth, Francis, Fredrick. Third Row: Gray, Griffith, Hamman, Herrera. Fourth Row: Hightower, Holloway, Inglish, James. Fifth Row: Jenkins, Kelly, Kennedy, Kyle. Sixth Row: Lingo, Lyle, Macdaniel, Moore. Seventh Row: Myers, Patteson, Perkins, Perkinson. Eighth Row: Robertson, Sandlin, Scurry, Shackelford. Ninth Row: A. Smith, T. Smith, W. Smith, Taylor. Tenth Row: Thompson, Touchstone, Trimble, D. Turner. Eleventh Row: Weatherred, Wynne. PAGE 353 PHI GAMMA DELTA LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1883 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1848 . MEMBERS Thomas Duncan Arnhold, Wichita Falls Lloyd Elvin Arnold, Austin Henry Winfield Atherton, Galveston William Webster Atwell, Dallas Carson Alfred Bailey, Jr., Dallas George William Berry, Graham James Augustus Blalock, Jr., Port Arthur Robert Herbert Bonn, Austin Judson Chilton Boykin, Taft John Dell Brasher, Wichita Falls Bethea Wright Brindley, Houston Robert Lee Browning, Corpus Christ! Peter Robertson Bucnz, San Antonio Leroy Fredric Buss, Weslaco Henry Lee Caldwell, Abilene Jim Sam Camp, Pecos James Russell Cochran, Wichita Falls Roy Clarence Coffee, Jr., Dallas Timothy Higgins Cornwall, Midland Raymond Wilson Cozby, Jr., Grand Saline Hugh Bob Currie, Amarillo Ralph Waldrom Dau, Dallas Robert McCall Davenport, Abilene Paul Leming Davis, Jr., Midland Robert Taylor Davis, Austin William James Derrick, El Paso John L. Douglas, San Antonio James Dale Dowell, Austin Edmund B. Duggan, Jr., Houston William Stanley Erskine, Midland Kenneth Ray Farabee, Wichita Falls Walter William Fondren, III, Houston Bradley Allison Fowler, Austin Robert Pcnn Fowler, Austin Charles Duncan Fraser, Dallas Alvin Emmett Frick, Jr., Floresville Richard Lee Gannett, Fort Worth Joseph Wicker Gray, Lubbock Wilbur Horace Greenstreet, Jr., Midland Ted Chester Hager, Jr., San Antonio Hall Street Hammond, San Antonio Lloyd Leroy Hayes, Port Arthur William Llewellyn Hoey, Midland Eugene Adolph Holmgrcen, III, San Antonio Donald Finley Hugus, Tyler Charles Raymond Jones, San Angelo Clyde Daniel Jones, Beaumont Frank Bedford Jones, Jr., Lamesa Roy Edwin Kimscy, Jr., Midland Jon Bedford Kirk, Beaumont Jack Merville Little, Dallas Landon Johnson Lockett, III, Boerne Larry Lee Loyd, Shreveport, La. George Lescher MacGregor, Dallas A. Leonard Covington Magruder, Victoria Edwin Vince Matthews, Houston Thomas Atlee McCampbell, Corpus Christi William Berry McCampbell, Corpus Christi Frank Lemuel McClendon, Tyler Thomas Albert McMann, Weslaco William Allan McNeill, Beaumont James Edward McNeel, San Antonio Kenneth John Mighell, Dallas Houston C. Munson, San Antonio Alexander Palmros, Fort Worth David Connell Parker, Austin Arlis B. Parkhurst, Midland Robert Maurice Payne, Austin Scott Petty, Jr., San Antonio Eugene Meyer Phillips, Borger Bradford Argall Popkin, Houston John Thomas Ratliff, Jr., Sonora William Roark Ratliff, Sonora Frank Werner Rennert, San Antonio Bruce Luna Rhea, Dallas Robert James Robertson, Beaumont James Franklin Roddic, Jr., Brady David Addison Rogers, Brownsville Robert William Shafer, Jr., Austin Lail Hamilton Shaw, Dallas Don Miles Shine, Dallas Jimmy Bruce Shrake, Fort Worth Marc H. Stewart, Gladewater James Edgar Suttle, Fort Worth Harry Evans Taylor, Fort Worth John Chesley Taylor, McAllcn Robert David Valerius, Shreveport, La. Bobby Lee Verplank, Amarillo James Whittenburg Walker, Amarillo John Wilkins Wallace, Houston James Dwayne Welch, Lubbock Ben Britain West, Lubbock Anthony Wayne Wilson, Medina Fred Vanderwerth Wolford, Port Arthur Gary Price Woody, Dallas Charles Alan Worthen, Midland Don Charles Wukasch, Austin Arnhold, Berry, Blalock, Bohn, Boykin, " ' ' - Brasher. Buck, Buenz, Burke, Caldwell, Coffee, Condron. Conn, Cozby, Croft, Dau, R. Davis, Derrick. Douglas, Duggan, Farabee, B. Fowler, R. Fowler, Frick, Gannett. FACULTY FREDERIC DUNCALF, JR., Professor Emeritus of History HOWARD CLIFFORD GILSTRAP, Assistant Football Coach WILLIAM SAMUEL LIVINGSTON, Associate Professor of Government BERRY McCLURE WHITAKER, Director, Intramural Athletics for Men Fall JOHN THOMAS RATLIFF, JR. ROBERT PENN FOWLER JOHN DELL BRASHER . WILLIAM LLEWELLYN HOEY ROBERT HERBERT BOHN OFFICERS President .... Treasurer .... Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Historian . Spring JOHN THOMAS RATLIFF, JR. ROBERT PENN FOWLER JOHN DELL BRASHER WILLIAM LLEWELLYN HOEY ROBERT HERBERT BOHN PLEDGES Billy Allen Baker, Beeville Alfred Augustus Buck, Midland David Tyng Burke, Tyler Ray James Comeaux, Port Arthur William Franklin Condron, Jr., Elgin George David Conn, Beaumont Leland Chancy Croft, Odessa Alan David Douglas, San Antonio Don Edward Goodwin, Port Arthur James Duncan Gordon, Piano Robert Winston Gray, Austin Rex Wharton Greenstreet, Midland Herbert Franklin Hamilton, Wichita Falls Bobby Lee Lackey, Weslaco Robert Ragsdale Lanier, Amarillo Billy Ken LaRue, Austin Harold Norman Lindley, Pecos Frederick Warren Middleton, San Antonio Robert Wyatt Morgan, Victoria David Lee Moseley, Rochelle William Edward Neild, Beaumont Ronald Henry Roberts, Dallas Elbert Buddy Rogers, Tyler Edward Alexander Sasse, Austin Joe Martin Sebesta, Bastrop Douglas Barry Stone, Portales, N. M. David Oakes Turner, Dallas SPRING PLEDGES Edward Porter Bolding, San Angelo David Leslie Pollard, Austin Top Row: Gordon, J. Gray, R. Gray, R. Greenstreet. Second Row: W. Greenstreet, Hammond, Holmgreen, C. R. Jones. Third Row: F. Jones, Kimsey, Kirk, Lindley. Fourth Row: Little, Loyd, Magruder, W. McCampbell. Fifth Row: McClendon, McNeel, Mid- dleton, Mighel. Sixth Row: Morgan, Moseley, Neild, Payne. Seventh Row: Petty, Phillips, Roberts, Robertson. Eighth Row: Roddie, Sasse, Sebesta, Shaw. Ninth Row: Shine, Shrake, Stewart, Suttle. Tenth Row: Turner, Valerius, Verplank, Walker. Eleventh Row: Welch, Woody, Worthen, Wukasch. P Ci PAGE 355 PHI KAPPA PSI - MEMBERS LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1904 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1852 Jimmy Lon Albright, Amarillo James Houston Atwill, Midland William Stuart Bailey, Jr., Houston Thomas Jay Benner, Dallas Raymond Ayers Bennett, Amarillo Willie Smith Bennett, II, Amarillo William Ambrose Biggs, III, Austin Ross Bruce Blumentritt, Midland Denmar Barclay Canova, Amarillo Morris Madden Creel, Phillips George Allen Crowley, Fort Worth Charles David Culver, Tyler Keys Alexander Curry, Jr., Midland Terrance Attebury Curtis, Amarillo Thomas Atkinson Curtis, Amarillo Jack Wafford Davis, Amarillo Jody Shirley Davis, Snyder John William Davis, Fort Worth Paul Logan DeVerter, II, Baytown Monte Severne Donaldson, Galena Park Ben Addison Donnell, Wichita Falls John Timothy Dorman, Jacksonville Sam William Dunn, Amarillo Albert Lipscomb Ebaugh, Austin Joe Patrick Edwards, Corpus Christi George Washington Eliot, Jr., Midland Lynwood Grayburn Elliott, Austin Robert Charles Floyd, Midland James Michael Geron, Dallas William J. Gerron, Jr., Austin James Earl Gill, El Paso Richard Douglas Hague, Michigan City, Ind. Jon William House, Midland Paxton Hope Howard, Jr., Midland Clint Hurt, Odessa Jerald Boyce Jackson, Texas City Lloyd Walker Jary, Jr., Fort Worth Monroe Dudley Johnson, Amarillo David Roy Jones, Austin Benis Glen Lee, Austin Robert Joseph Lee, Bryan Carl Edwin Locke, Jr., Fort Worth Jean Arnold Martindale, Pampa Joel Thomas Mays, San Angelo James Harrison McGuire, Mt. Pleasant Lauchlin Arthur McLaurin, Austin James Lee McWhorter, Amarillo Robert Dean McWhorter, Amarillo Donald Scott Mullins, Amarillo Virgil Sullivan Rabb, Austin Richard Dugan Ricketts, Austin James Thomas Rogers, Fort Worth Joe William Rogers, Austin Floyd Cecil Saxon, Jr., Baytown Alden Barton Smith, Austin Joseph Gerald Stafford, Pecos Newton Jay Steele, Vernon Wilton Roger Stone, Dallas John G. Thodis, Salina, Kan. Gage Van Horn, III, Pecos Samuel Joseph Vickers, Fort Worth Billy Newton Walker, Cleveland Carl Darwin Wallrath, Jr., Dallas Joe Paul Walters, El Paso John Allan Watson, Austin James Arlen Wilson, Baytown Sam Love Wilson, Amarillo James Fletcher Wright, Dallas Albright, Atwill, Benner, W. S. Ben- nett, Berrio, Biggs. Blumentritt, Bond, Canova, M. Creel, Culpepper, Culver. Curry, J. W. Davis, J. S. Davis, DeGrassi, DeVerter, Donaldson. FACULTY HULON WITHERSPOON BLACK, Director, University Development Board WILLARD HUGHES BRENTLINGER, Assistant Professor of Psychology HOMER VINCENT CRAIG, Professor of Mathematics EDWARD EVERETT HALE, Professor of Economics JOSEPH LINDSEY HENDERSON, Professor Emeritus of Secondary Education GUS M. HODGES, Professor of Law CALEB P. PATTERSON, Professor of Government JAMES R. ROACH, Associate Professor of Government OLIVER DOUGLAS WEEKS, Professor of Government MARION KENNETH WOODWARD, Professor of Law Fall WILTON ROGER STONE . ROBERT JOSEPH LEE MONTE SEVERNE DONALDSON THOMAS JAY BENNER . BEN ADDISON DONNELL OFFICERS . G.P. . . V.G.P. . . A.G. . . B.C. . P. Spring KEYS ALEXANDER CURRY, JR. PAXTON HOPE HOWARD, JR. GAGE VAN HORN, III CHARLES DAVID CULVER LLOYD WALKER JARY, JR. PLEDGES Clarence Edward Berrio, Port Arthur Ernest Patrick Bond, Baytown Elbert Creel, Phillips John Cecil Culpepper, Jr., Bryan Hollis Baxter DeGrassi, Jr., Amarillo Augustus Ventors Drake, Wellington David Ragsdale Ellison, Austin Thomas Wiley Feagin, Conroe Thomas Phillips Field, Dallas Glenn Lloyd Garrison, Dallas Joe Lawrence Harrison, Amarillo Kenneth Albert Hill, Corpus Christi John Robert Kittrell, Dallas David Wallace Krapf, Bellaire Jesse Arthur Leggett, Midland Lawrence Allen Mann, Laredo Greg Newton Martin, Austin David Spencer McDonald, Houston Ray Spencer Perry, Jr., Houston Robert Clark Ponkey, Dallas Bobby Gene Powell, Dallas Rodney Waldman Rogers, Dallas William Fred Schmidt, Jr., Amarillo Karl James Schoenfield, San Angelo Jimmy Lee Stacks, Wichita Falls Joe Starkey, Roswell, N. M. James Floyd Watson, Austin Coke Lawrence Westbrook, San Angelo SPRING PLEDGES Clarence Eugene Anderson, Amarillo John Edgar Martin, Cleveland Fred Daniel McDonald, Fort Worth John Harris Robertson, Bryan Top Row: Donnell, Drake, Dunn, Ebaugh. Second Row: Eliot, Ellison, Field, Floyd. Third Row: Garrison, Geron, Gerron, Hague. Fourth Row: Harrison, Hill, Howard, Jackson. Fifth Row: Jary, Johnson, Kittrell, R. Lee. Sixth Row: Leggett, Locke, Mann, Martin. Seventh Row: Martindale, McDonald, J. McWhorter, Mullins. Eighth Row: Perry, Powell, Rabb, Ricketts. Ninth Row: R. Rogers, Saxon, Schmidt, Schoenfield. Tenth Row: Smith, Stafford, Starkey, Stone. Eleventh Row: Thodis, Van Horn, Walker, Wallrath. Twelfth Row: Walters, J. F. Watson, J. A. Watson, Wilson. f j JL.J. PAGE 357 PHI KAPPA SIGMA MEMBERS LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1941 NATIONAL F UNDING, 1850 William Kent Anderson, Houston William Pannill Aycock, Fort Worth Donald Aaron Bartlett, Fort Worth John Gillespie Beall, Jacksonville Thomas Robert Berry, Huntsville A. Evans Birdwell, Jr., Houston Jerry Wilbert Boriack, Bellville Finice David Breedlove, Midland James Edward Brill, Houston Anthony Gerald Brocato, Beaumont Paul Votteler Carroll, Dayton, Ohio John Browning Carter, Blanco Lawrence Dean Cobb, Marlin John Richard Cogdell, Electra Brady Marshall Cole, Houston Jack Willard Connell, Jr., Wichita Falls Charles Warner Curtis, Beeville Clifford William Davidson, Johnson City William Lewis Davidson, Bellaire John Langdon Dearborn, Houston Bill Nelson Dikes, Brady Claude Cordray Dodson, Jr., San Antonio Larry Norman Doherty, Houston Henry Warren Driggs, Austin Joseph Jefferson Estill, Jr., Houston Raymond Marvin Falcon, Fort Worth Gerald Carlyle Galbraith, Dallas Lee Sledge Green, Fort Worth Irwin Duyka Hammack, Angleton Hugh K. Harris, Fort Worth James Nathan Hicks, Burkburnett Anthony E. Howard, Austin Thorndike Dudley Howe, Houston J. L. Jackson, Austin William Moffett Kromer, San Antonio Thomas Joseph La Valley, Niagara Falls, N. Y. John S. Lauer, Camp Hill, Pa. Cadmus, Kilgore Lawson, II, Dallas Donald Lee Lumpkin, Overton Clifton Hatcher McCall, Victoria John Arthur McDonald, Wichita Falls George Baker Meyer, II, Houston Goodridge Venable Morton Minton, Fort Worth James Charles Murphy, Fort Worth Samuel Jerome Payne, Dallas Robert Thomas Rapp, Fort Worth Bennett James Roberts, Jr., Houston J. Wayne Roberts, Houston Bobby Jack Simpson, Fort Worth Gary Frederick Taft, San Benito James Hunter Thompson, Houston William Van Thompson, Dallas Tom Howard Timmins, Elysian Fields Carol Stoner Vance, Austin Paul Chris Velte, Fort Worth George Thomas Warner, Odessa Neil Larry Whitesell, Austin Robert Morgan Woodruff, Decatur Roger Robinson Wright, Jr., Houston Wacey Leon Wright, Baytown Beall, Berry, Birdwell, Blanton, Brill, Brooks. Brown, Bruce, G. Carter, Cobb, Cole, Connell. C. Davidson, W. Davidson, Dearborn, DeFoy, Dikes, Dodson. FACULTY STANLEY A. ARBINGGAST, Associate Professor of Resources LLOYD LORING CLICK, Dean Emeritus, College of Arts and Sciences ROBERT CRAWFORD COTNER, Assistant Professor of History DR. JOHN AUGUSTUS CROCKETT, Physician Specialist, Student Health Center COLLIER READ CRANBERRY, Professor of Electrical Engineering CALVIN CLEAVE NOLEN, Director, Texas Union ARNO NOWOTNY, Dean of Student Life Fall THOMAS JOSEPH LAVALLEY JOSEPH JEFFERSON ESTILL CLIFTON HATCHER McCALL SAMUEL JEROME PAYNE PAUL CHRIS VELTE OFFICERS Alpha . Beta Upsilon . Sigma Tau Spring JAMES EDWARD BRILL THORNDIKE DUDLEY HOWE WILLIAM MOFFETT KROMER JOHN GILLESPIE BEALL BRADY MARSHALL COLE PLEDGES William Donald Armstrong, Lubbock John Charles Blanton, San Antonio Henry Tebbs Brooks, Houston Lawrence Rhea Brown, Houston Grady Dyson Bruce, Jr., San Antonio Gregory Alan Carter, Fort Worth Robert Bruce Cassell, San Antonio Vincent Holle DeFoy, Houston Edwin Harville Engbrock, Houston Patrick Jonlee Fletcher, Midland Charles Lewis Foley, Houston Ray Alvin Gipson, Victoria James Dell Heinrichs, Bowie Hugh Milner Herndon, Houston Carl Louis Hodges, Hot Springs, Ark. Arthur Louis Leman, Crosby Louis Douglas Marick, Brownwood Frank Estes Martin, Jr., Mart Patrick McNamara, Austin LeRoy Fred Nagel, Houston William Gerald Nagel, Houston Lloyd Douglas Scoggins, Dallas Lias Brown Steen, Cuero Michael Edward Thomas, Devine Don Ray Turner, Brownwood Samuel David Ward, Houston Richard Blondell Williams, Dallas Robert Carlton Wyche, Dallas W.V.W ..vw.v Top Row: Doherty, Engbrock, Estill, Fletcher. Second Row: Foley, Hammack, Hein- richs, Herndon. Third Row: Hicks, Hodges, Kromer, Lauer. Fourth Row: LaValley, Lawson, Leman, Lumpkin. Fifth Row: Martin. Murphy. L. Nasrel, W. Nagel. Sixth Row: Payne, Rapp, J. Roberts, Scoggins. Seventh Row: Simpson, Steen, Thomas, J. Thompson. Eighth Row: Timmins, Turner, Werner Peter Wackerlin, Ward. Ninth Row: Warner, Whitesell, Williams, Woodruff. Tenth Row: W. Wright, Wyche. PACE 359 PHI KAPPA TAU LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1943 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1906 MEMBERS Wayne Mott Adam, Houston Joseph F. Anderson, Austin Don Edward Boesch, Houston Franklin D. Bollman, Clarksville Carl Gene Bradley, El Paso James Davis, El Paso Joseph Leo Devine, Jr., El Paso Earnest Wesley Dyke, Talco Robert Gaines Emmett, El Paso Murry Browder Giles, Clarksville Sammie James Granato, San Antonio Jess Lester Harkness, Jr., Seymour David Edmond Hunt, El Paso Dennis Franklin Juren, Ellinger Bryon Mylphis King, Austin Joel Bolton McCarty, Jr., Houston William Sanders McGarrahan, Jacksonville William Rexford Owen, Austin Sam Mury Paxton, El Paso H. Roger Phillips, San Antonio Hugh Duncan Ruthven, Houston Robert Shohan, Austin Seth Taylor Steves, Bay City David Leland Swain, Buffalo, N. Y. Victor O. R. Tafel, San Antonio Leon Arthur Whitney, Amarillo UW PAOE 360 FACULTY ROY RANKIN KREZDORN, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering KENNETH OLM, Assistant Professor of Management Fall FRANKLIN D. BOLLMAN . SETH TAYLOR STEVES H. ROGER PHILLIPS . HUGH DUNCAN RUTHVEN DON EDWARD BOESCH OFFICERS President . . . . V ice-President . Corresponding Secretary . Recording Secretary . Treasurer Spring LEON ARTHUR WHITNEY JOEL BOLTON MCCARTY, JR. DAVID EDMOND HUNT ROBERT GAINES EMMETT LINN NEAL DUNIVEN PLEDGES Oatley Flagg Adams, Jr., Houston Gordon Earl Beck, Anson Paul Meredith Gulp, Abilene Linn Neal Duniven, Amarillo Robert David Ernst, Munnsville, N. Y. Patric James Hale, Ackerly Clarence L. McGill, Houston Charles Lee Michulka, Wharton Andy Spencer Robertson, Bishop Julian Sims Williams, Bay City SPRING PLEDGES James William Akkerman, Houston James Coston Anderson, Austin Robert Lester Griffis, Coleman Allen F. Johnson, Amarillo Don Gilbert Jordan, Fort Worth James R. Kleiner, Cisco Donald Allan Maxwell, Austin Rob ert Clifton Russell, Jr., Arlington Robert Earl Webb, Dallas Jerrell B. Wilson, Fort Worth i r f a J taJ p T Top Row: Adams, Beck, Bollman. Second Row: Bradley, Gulp, Devine. Third Row: Dyke, Emmett, Ernst. Fourth Row: Giles, Granato, Hunt. Fifth Row: McCarty, McGarrahan, McGill. Sixth Row: Michulka, Robertson, Steves. Seventh Row: Tafel, Williams. PAOE 361 PHI SIGMA DELTA LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1920 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1909 ' - J a MEMBERS Melvin Aardvark Anisman, Denver, Colo. Gus Block, Houston Stephen Zachary Brown, Tyler Charles Howard Davis, San Antonio Marvin Allen Denowitz, Longview Julius Desey Desenberg, Houston Jerry Herman Deutser, Houston Leonard Marion Englander, Waco Earl Jay Engle, Austin Alan David Feld, Dallas James Martin Franks, Tyler Louis Freedman, Houston Edmond Goldstein, Forrest City, Ark. Maurice Goldstein, Sherman Seinwil Louis Greenberg, Beaumont Freddie Sherman Harkavy, Memphis, Tenn. Lawrence Maurice Joseph, Mesquite Stephen Irl Kaiser, Houston Harold Leonard Kaminsky, Houston Ronald Mitchell Katz, San Antonio Gerald Fenton Klein, Beaumont Jay Rodney Kline, Port Arthur William Joe Koen, Austin Julian Potash Kornfeld, Lubbock J. Livingston Kosberg, Waco Stanley Joel Kottwitz, Galveston William Lewis Kottwitz, Houston Joseph Edward Loewenstein, Port Arthur Kenneth Charles Margolis, Houston Clarence Edwin Mayer, Jr., Helena, Ark. Milton Allen Mendlovitz, Seguin Jerome Jacob Nathan, III, Beaumont Herman Rose, Waxahachie Jules Follis Rose, Houston Steven Rodman Ross, Spring Valley, N. Y. Barry Raymond Russak, Tyler Benjamin Haskell Schwartz, Sherman Joseph Shade, Temple David Ely Smith, Austin Lawrence Edward Steinberg, Dallas Jerry Ames Wells, Galveston Harold Isadore Zweig, San Antonio Aaron, Anisman, Block, M. Brown, S. Brown, Daily. Davidson, Davis, Desenberg, Deutser, Englander, Engle. Feld, Finger, Franks, Freedman, Ger- son, Goldberg. Fall JULIUS DESEY DESENBERG . LAWRENCE EDWARD STEINBERG Gus BLOCK .... HAROLD LEONARD KAMINSKY JERRY AMES WELLS OFFICERS Master Prater Vice-Master Prater Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer . Spring HAROLD Is ADORE ZWEIG JERRY HERMAN DEUTSER WILLIAM JOE KOEN WILLIAM LEWIS KOTTWITZ JERRY AMES WELLS PLEDGES Steven Louis Aaron, Dallas Jay Edward Abramson, Houston Martin Hirsh Brown, Tyler Leon J. Daily, Jr., Newgulf Shelton Greenberg Davidson, Santa Monica, Calif. Ronald Jack Finger, Houston Fred Milton Gerson, Houston Herbert Stephen Goldberg, Marshall Robert Martin Greenberg, Corpus Christi Jay Jules Karkowsky, Houston Richard Simon Karotkin, Austin Barry Earl Kaufman, Houston Frank Lester Levy, Waco Max Hersh Mendlovitz, New Braunfels Ronald Norman Schoenbrun, Tyler Thomas Carl Sonnenberg, San Antonio Bruce Daniel Stein, Houston Phillip David Stotland, Hattiesburg, Miss. Sidney Conrad Weiss, Dallas Elliot Fried Wolder, Dallas Robert Lawrence Yarmo, Kansas City, Mo. SPRING PLEDGES Lowell Stephen Fink, Houston Norman Lee Bernstein, San Antonio ' .v.v.v.-.-.-, Top Row: M. Goldstein, S. Greenberg, Harkavy, Joseph. Second Row: Kaiser, Kaminsky, Karot- kin, Karkowsky. Third Row: Katz, Kaufman, Klein, Kline. Fourth Row: Koen, S. Kottwitz, W. Kottwitz, Levy. Fifth Row: Loewenstein, Margolis, Mayer, M. H. Mendlovitz. Sixth Row: M. A. Mendlovitz, Nathan, ' .-..V.V, H. Rose, J. Rose. Seventh Row: Russak, Schoenbrun, Shade, Smith. Eighth Row: Sonnenberg, Stein, Stein- berg, Stotland. Ninth Row: Weiss, Wells, Wolder, Yarmo, Zweig. ill PAGE 363 PHI SIGMA KAPPA MEMBERS LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1947 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1873 Wilson Roger Barker, Weatherford Joseph Seaborne Barnett, Waco Charles Larry Bell, Houston Donald Ray Blue, Austin Thomas G. Bousquet, Houston Walter Clarkson Bowman, Jr., Harlingen Mario A. Burdick, Mexico City, Mexico Robert Crowell Cole, Austin Dail Warren Cosner, Corpus Christi Joe Carl Coulter, Houston Jack Ray Curtsinger, Corpus Christi Argil C. Czigan, Jr., Houston Michael David Dennis, Sherman Luther Charles Flinn, Austin Paul Adolph Foerster, Sutherland Springs Stewart Morris Gillett, Corpus Christi Tracy Ross Gordy, Beaumont Charles William Grissett, Texon David Grissom, Dallas James Leon Hailey, Harlingen Manuel M. Hall, Bowie George Randell Hammond, Sacramento, Calif. Francis Edward Harkrider, Temple Robert Elmo Harkrider, Temple Holley Segrest Hudson, Houston Charles Winston King, Houston Charles Edmond Knapp, Houston James L. Kubecka, Victoria Lee Alva Laird, Austin Danny Ray Lambden, West Columbia Samuel Hunter Leggitt, Jr., San Marcos Maurice John William Lehmann, Boerne Luther Flynn Marshall, Austin Linn Mason, Corpus Christi Richard Lynn McDaniel, Harlingen Allen Talbot Mclnnes, Bellaire James Donald Moss, Seymour Danny Earl Newbrough, Texon Thomas Allen Neyland, Beaumont Robert Edward Norwood, Corpus Christi Richard Harper Pettway, Austin James M. Pickell, Houston Walter Brown Pistor, Dallas Edward Allen Polka, Houston Loyd Gordon Robertson, Houston Burrel Rowe, III, Livingston Bryce C. Sanford, El Campo John W. Sauer, Almeda Harry Donald Schwerdtfeger, Galveston Nelson Lloyd Scurlock, Fort Worth William Vernon Sheppard, Houston James Marshall Smith, Midland Joseph Walter Stevens, Phoenix, Ariz. Hester Reid Stewart, Port Arthur Robert R. Thompson, Austin Joe Neil Tillery, Fort Worth Gilbert Clement Vetters, Corpus Christi Stanley D. Woodmansee, Jr., Milford, Conn. Adair, Barker, Barnett, Bell, Bousquet, Bowman, Brown. Burdick, Cole, Cosner, Creer, Curt- singer, Czigan, Davis. Dennis, DeuFriend, Donegan, Fitz- gerald, Flinn, Foerster, Gafford. George, Gil breath, Gillett, Gordy, Grissett, Grissom. FACULTY FREDERICK JOSEPH ADAMS, Professor of Educational Psychology HUBERT ALDINE BRANDENBURG, Instructor in Romance Languages FRANKLIN LANIER COX, Assistant to the President PHILIP DOUGLAS CREER, Dean, School of Architecture KARL KERMIT KLEIN, Assistant Professor of Physical Training for Men Fall LOYD GORDON ROBERTSON ROBERT EDWARD NORWOOD JAMES DONALD Moss STEWART MORRIS GILLETT OFFICERS President Vice President, Recording Secretary Treasurer Spring ROBERT EDWARD NORWOOD JAMES M. PICKELL BURREL ROWE, III JAMES LEON HAILEY Robert Sterling Adair, Austin Paul David Brown, Austin Phillip Douglas Creer, Jr., Austin J. Wed Davis, III, Dallas William Arthur DeuFriend, Jr., Galveston Danny Ware Donegan, DeLeon Larry Fitzgerald, Austin Daniel Shelton Gafford, Reagan William Lee George, Houston Charles Leach Gilbreath, Alice George Washington Hager, Jr., Dallas John Bruce Hughes, Iowa Park Terrence Gaynor Kendall, Austin PLEDGES John Parry Lauzon, Jr., Angleton Norman Ray Lee, Iowa Park Victor Cuthrell Meitzen, Angleton Orville Homer Miller, Wichita Falls J. D. Monk, Austin Ronny Wayne Nicholas, Dallas Ace Morgan Owens, Dallas Robert Scott Pore, Dallas Thomas Gene Roberts, Houston Stuart Joseph Schafer, Houston Homer Don Smith, Eastland Joseph Raymond Tacquard, Jr., Galveston Gerald Lane Tate, Dallas Top Row: Hager, Hailey, Hammond, F. Harkrider. Second Row: R. Harkrider, Hudson, Hughes, Kendall. Third Row: Knapp, Kubecka, Laird, Lambden. Fourth Row: Lauzon, Leggitt, Lehmann, McDaniel. Fifth Row: Mclnnes, Meitzen, Mrs. Frank N. Millar, Miller. Sixth Row: Monk, Newbrough, Neyland, Norwood. Seventh Row: Owens, Pettway, Pickell, Pistor. Eighth Row: Polka, Pore, Roberts, Rob- ertson. Ninth Row: Rowe, Sanford, Schwerd- tfeger, Sheppard. Tenth Row: H. Smith, J. Smith, Stewart, Tacquard. Eleventh Row: Tate, Tillery, Vetters, Woodmansee. PACE 365 PI KAPPA ALPHA MEMBERS LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1920 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1868 Allen Britt Adkins, Amarillo Stuart Benson, Abilene Steve Ernest Best, Austin Walton Porter Bondies, Jr., Austin Marshall Dean Bowdoin, Mont Belvieu Gerald Rhea Brooks, Dallas Richard Oscar Busby, Beaumont Henry Maurice Carder, Bryan Leo Anderson Chamberlin, Jr., Dallas Roger V. Chenault, Houston Flavil Lawson Colley, Waco David Mayo Cornell, San Antonio James Donald Crawford, Lufkin William Arthur Crockett, Ballinger Jerome Ersel Dawkins, Port Arthur Temple Dickinson, Sweetwater Douglas Worth Duderstadt, Harper William Lynn Durham, Lufkin Walter Webb Duson, El Campo Scott Doras Evans, Austin Paul David Farenthold, Houston Robert Sterling Farmer, San Antonio Eugene Edward Fritcher, Caldwell Perry Montgomery Giles, Houston James David Gillaspie, San Antonio Edward Davis Gray, O ' Donnell Terry Clay Green, San Antonio Robert Gordon Greer, Waco Robert Earle Hall, Dallas Weldon W. Hammond, San Antonio Boyd Lewis Henderson, Dallas Joseph Cahill Hitt, Austin William Howard Howie, Plainview John A. Hruska, Austin Jim Buck Huggins, Dallas James Franklin Hurley, Houston Frederick Raymon Jenkins, Jr., Carthage Guy William Jones, Jr., Donna Robert P. Jungman, Austin Charles David Kieffer, Dallas William Neal Kocurek, Austin Charles Lester Mackenzie, Houston Wallace Michael Mays, Greenville Philip Irving McConnell, Houston Byron Morris McKnight, Corrigan Frank J. Mikeska, Jr., Kilgore Charles Richard Musick, Houston Glad Lyn Norman, Floydada James Parker Oliver, Caldwell Milton Phillips Overstreet, Austin Donald Jay Pitchinson, Austin Aubrey Lee Roberts, Jr., Owensboro, Ky. Charles Ronald Rogers, Austin Melvin Lynn Roloff, Victoria Peter Robert Rose, Austin Gene Edward Russel, Austin Joe B. Sandel, Huntsville Edward Earl Scheig, San Antonio Michael Ailhaud Shurr, Austin Harold Gene Smith, Dallas William Elbert Spears, Jr., Houston Donald Ray Stodghill, Rockwall Richard Franklin Stovall, Jr., Floydada Daniel Ashby Stultz, Houston Jerre Edwin Sykes, San Angelo Thomas Gage Tarrant, Houston Maxie Joel Triplett, Corpus Christ! Jerry Alan Wells, Denison William Watkins West, Jr., Lufkin James Lucian Wilborn, Austin Dan Russ Young, Austin George Andrew Zivley, Austin Bell, Bird, Bishop, Bondies, Bracken, Bridges, Brooks, Burkart. Canion, Carder, Chapman, Chenault, Cornell, Crawford, Crockett, David- Davis, Dawkins, Duderstadt, Durham, Duson, Farmer, Foster, Fritcher. Gibson, Giles, Gillaspie, Gray, Green, Greer, Gustafson, Guthrie. FACULTY L. THEODORE BELLMONT, Professor and Director Emeritus of Physical Training for Men GEORGE W. HOFFMAN, Associate Professor of Geography Fall DAN Russ YOUNG .... JIM BUCK HUGGINS CHARLES RONALD ROGERS . LEO ANDERSON CHAMBERLIN, JR. Craig Manley Bell, San Antonio Arthur Snell Bird, Arlington John Sullivan Bishop, Denison George Eugene Bogle, Houston Robert John Bracken, Dallas William Hillory Bridges, Jr., Baytown Michael Paul Burkhart, Dallas Ronald Aubrey Burns, Dallas Raymond Patrick Canion, Austin George Camp Chapman, Floydada William Claude Davidson, Jr., Yazoo City, Miss. Kermit Odell Davis, Jr., Port Arthur Jerry Ray Foster, Arlington Victor Leon Gibson, Houston Jack R. Grace, Austin Don Harral Gustafson, Gonzales Carroll Brown Guthrie, Floydada Charles Lee Hall, Dallas Daniel Thomas Hampton, Naples Burton Edward Hazard, Dallas Charles Allen Henderson, Dallas Jim Ray Hudson, Alpine OFFICERS . S.M.C. . I.M.C. . S.C. . . T.H.C. PLEDGES Spring DAVID MAYO CORNELL SCOTT DORAS EVANS CHARLES DAVID KIEFFER WALLACE MICHAEL MAYS L4 C. Harold Keasler, Grand Prairie Gregg Edward LeMaster, Longview William Childs Lipscomb, Houston James Decateur Miller, San Antonio James Robert Moffett, Houston John Paul Morris, Dallas Ewell Carlyle Noel, Jr., Brownsville John Richard Passero, El Paso Charles Lee Peeler, Dallas David Elbert Pierce, Alpine Harold Elmer Posey, Hillsboro Benny Nick Smith, San Antonio Edward Leslie Snodgrass, Longview Clarence Emory Stewart, Dallas Wilson Byrd Tarver, Jr., Waco Hayden Victor Terry, Arlington John Lytle Tom, Jr., Campbellton Gary Louis Valentine, San Antonio George Ernest Weldon, Bellaire Carl Eddie Wilburn, Denison Randy Charles Williams, Longview Darrell Gene Wilson, Houston SPRING PLEDGES William Norris Agee, El Paso William Joseph Bailey, El Paso Richard Trent Campbell, Jr., San Antonio Ransom Joe Hardy, Atlanta John Cuthart Melby, El Paso J. C. Bob Oelher, Dallas Robert John Ratzman, Waco Robert Reed Winans, Brownsville Top Row: C. Hall, R. Hall, Hammond, Hampton Second Row: Hazard, Hitt, Howie, Hud- son. Third Row: Hurley, Jenkins, Jones, Keasler. Fourth Row: Kieffer, Kocurek, Lips- comb, Mackenzie. Fifth Row: Mays, McConnell, Mikeska, Morris. Sixth Row: Musick, Noel, Norman, Oliver. Seventh Row: Overstreet, Passero, Peeler, Pierce. Eighth Row: Posey, Roberts, Roloff, Rose. Ninth Row: Scheig, Shurr, H. Smith, Snodgrass. Tenth Row: Spears, Stewart, Stovall, Tarrant. Eleventh Row: Terry, Tom, Triplett, Valentine. Twelfth Row: Weldon, Wells, West, Wilburn. Thirteenth Row: Wilborn, Williams, Young. I ' ACF. 367 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON MEMBERS LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1884 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1856 Thomas Alton Blakeley, Dallas Asa Van Bland, Midland Dan Keith Borchardt, Vernon Donald Ray Boyd, Tyler Thomas Coe Branch, Kenedy James Madison Brelsford, Houston William Richard Carr, Corpus Christi William J. Crawford, Austin William Thomas Crittenden, Detroit Donald Teel Curtis, Amarillo Donald P. DeWalch, Houston Max Sithen Dreyling, Houston William Haley Drushel, Liberty William Leonard Edmundson, III, Houston Robert Anderson Ellison, Fort Worth Joseph Holt Foster, Jr., Stamford Curtis Eugene Cranberry, Houston Charles William Grantham, Jr., Dallas Paul McDonald Green, San Antonio David Walden Greenlee, Midland Charles Rebstock Gregg, Houston Edward Allen Haight, Kenilworth, 111. Thomas Lynch Hail, Houston Louis Russell Harding, El Paso Donald L. Harrell, San Antonio Marshall Allen Harrell, Jr., San Antonio Hugh Montgomery Hawthorne, Conroe Michael Clark Kendrick, Corpus Christi Charles Alfred Ketchum, Navasota David Lawrence Lacy, Dallas Jo Edd Martin, Kenedy Ronald Engel Martin, Bryan James Albert Mashburn, Midland Dossett McCullough, Pharr Allen Lamar McMurrey, Bastrop Charles Royce Moberly, Austin S. E. Nolley, III, Tyler William Thomas Nourse, Tyler Michael Hill O ' Brien, Houston Robert Lee Oliver, San Antonio Benjamin F. Pennington, Corpus Christi Joe Charles Pinkner, Texarkana William Howard Prim, Jr., Texas City James Harrison Puff, Jr., Austin Thomas Michael Quigley, Corpus Christi Gordon Phil Roberts, Tyler Carris Ralph Sargent, Jr., Grand Prairie John Edward Schmid, Bryan William Blair Scott, Jr., Houston Jo Edward Shaw, Houston Leland Alan Stinson, El Paso Pat M. Toler, San Antonio Roger Lee Toler, San Antonio Frank Augustus Tompkins, II, Corpus Christi James Terry Topham, San Antonio Wayne Robert Wash, Stamford Paul Rodger Waters, Houston Wayne Gilbert Weachman, Houston Jack Tremper Williams, Longview Wayne Ellsworth Windle, Texarkana Allen, Blakeley, Borchardt, D. Boyd, R. Boyd, Branch, Brann. Brelsford, Broesche, Broyles, Carr, Cely, Collins, Cox. Crittenden, Curtis, DeWalch, Dreyling, Drushel, Ellison, Enen. Foster, Gooch, Cranberry, Gregg, Haight, Hail, D. Harrell. FACULTY JOHN CARUTHERS BRODERICK, Instructor in English HARRELL ESTES LEE, Associate Professor of Journalism WALTER DUFF MORRIS, Teaching Assistant in Germanic Languages OFFICERS Fall THOMAS LYNCH HAIL . JAMES ALBERT MASHBURN . WILLIAM HALEY DRUSHEL WAYNE ELLSWORTH WINDLE DONALD RAY BOYD . Spring MARSHALL ALLEN HARRELL CHARLES REBSTOCK GREGG Eminent Archon . Eminent Deputy . Eminent Correspondent WAYNE ELLSWORTH WINDLE Eminent Recorder . RONALD DEAN BOYD Eminent Treasurer DONALD RAY BOYD PLEDGES Platt Livingston Allen, Weatherford Ronald Dean Boyd, Plainview Erich John Brann, Houston Henry Fred Broesche, Houston Walter Samuel Broyles, Eagle Lake John Marvin Cely, Frankston Ned Collins, Jr., San Antonio William Bryan Cox, III, Corpus Christi Jack Enen, Jr., Houston Thomas Rawley Glover, San Antonio John David Gooch, Midland Herbert Paul Haschke, Houston Claude Edgar Hooton, Houston James Boyd House, Jr., Corpus Christi Gary Dee Howard, Midland Joe Ogburn Huggins, Baytown Fred Lee Johnston, San Antonio Otto Fred Lohmeyer, Navasota Graham Barton Luhn, San Antonio Thomas Winthrop Mack, Bastrop Lamar Boyt Maxwell, Liberty Rochester Flower McEldowney, Jr., San Antonio Frank Owen Mc Gehee, Houston Max Gustav Michaelis, III, Kyle Sterling Gunter Miller, Houston John Marvin Mohrmann, Gonzales Edgar Field Ohme, San Antonio Herman W. Ohme, San Antonio Rupert Maury Pollard, Austin Peter Evans Pratt, Houston Shelby Edward Shannon, Karnes City Larry Clifton Stephens, Angleton David Lindsay Thomas, San Antonio Lacy Holmes Williams, Longview Whitmcll David Williams, Houston SPRING PLEDGES Farris McDannald Hall, Houston Lon Franklin Herbert, Alice Ray Richard Kuenstler, Alice Edward Weir La Montagne, Houston ' .V.V.W Top Row: M. Harrell, Haschke, Haw- thorne, Hooton. Second Row: Howard, Johnston, Ken- drick, Ketchum. Third Row: Lohmeyer, Luhn, Mack, J. Martin. Fourth Row: R. Martin, Mashburn, Max- well, McCullough. Fifth Row: McGehee, Michaelis, Miller, Mohrmann. Sixth Row: Nolley, O ' Brien, E. Ohme, H. Ohme. Seventh Row: Pennington, Pinkner, Pol- lard, Pratt. Eighth Row: Prim, Puff, Quigley, Rob- erts. Ninth Row: Sargent, Shannon, Shaw, Stephens. Tenth Row: Stinson, Thomas, P. Tolar, R. Tolar. Eleventh Row: Topham, Weachman, W. Williams, J. Williams. Twelfth Row: L. Williams, Windle. PAOK 369 SIGMA ALPHA MU LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1922 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1909 MEMBERS Murray Allen Abramson, Dallas Sheldon Anisman, Memphis Jarrell Antweil, Gladewater R. Gordon Appleman, Fort Worth Robert M. Becker, San Angelo William J. Bindler, Tyler Ronald H. Blum, Fort Worth Hilton I. Chodorow, Waco Frank M. Dannenbaum, Houston Samuel Y. Dorfman, Jr., Longview Maynard Jark Ginsburg, Springfield, Mo. Erwin Golden, Corsicana Leonard Jay Goltzman, Victoria Alfred Sam Goodman, Gladewater Jerome Leslie Green, Austin Richard E. Greene, Houston Gary Reagan Gurwitz, Three Rivers Robert Alan Jacobs, Waco Henry Donald Kirschner, Austin Robert Martin Kirstein, Austin Shelly E. Liss, Houston Lewis Mendell, Corpus Christi Sheldon Irving Oster, San Antonio Jay Harry Perry, Tulsa, Okla. Donald Irving Pomerantz, Seguin Thomas Morton Roosth, Tyler Jay Neil Rosenberg, Joplin, Mo. David H. Rubin, Fort Worth Arnold Robert Saltzman, Beaumont Paul L. Salzberger, Dallas Stanley Lee Shwarts, Dallas Fredric Mitchell Silver, San Antonio Richard U. Simon, Jr., Fort Worth Joel Irwin Spira, Houston Leonard Blair Tatar, Houston Leon S. Weil, Fort Worth Abraham Wilson, Laredo William Howard Wolf, McCamey tffrffc Abramson, Anisman, Antweil, Apple- man, Bendalin, Black. Blum, Chodorow, Dannenbaum, Dorf- man, Ginsburg, Golden. Goltzman, Greene, Gurwitz, Herman, Horowitz, Jacobs. FACULTY AARON SCHAFFER, Professor of Romance Languages ALAN SCOTT, Associate Professor of Journalism IRWIN SPEAR, Assistant Professor of Botany Fall GARY REAGAN GURWITZ . SAMUEL Y. DORFMAN, JR. . DAVID H. RUBIN OFFICERS Prior Recorder . Exchequer Spring GARY REAGAN GURWITZ SAMUEL Y. DORFMAN, JR. DAVID H. RUBIN PLEDGES Larry Burton Bach, Corpus Christ! Robert M. Bendalin, El Paso Leroy J. Black, Houston Frank Barnard Falkstein, Jr., Houston Don Sidney Herman, Fort Worth Jay Ben Horowitz, Dallas Robert Mayer Jason, Bluefield, W. Va. Harold Benard Karren, San Antonio Joseph Lee Karkowski, Houston Fredric Cans Kline, San Antonio Barry Bernard Kurtz, Gilmer Donald Joe Landesman, Houston Alvin Jerome Levenson, San Antonio Lee Stuart Mendel, Colorado Springs, Colo. Morton Herbert Meyerson, Fort Worth Harry Simon Pullen, San Antonio Burton Lee Rakoover, Fort Worth Bernard Jerome Rubin, Fort Worth Stan M. Schwartz, Dallas Alan Brickman Wizig, Waco Calvin Moritz Wolff, McAllen , m . m m m .V Top Row: Jason, Karkowski, Kirstein. Second Row: Kline, Landesman, Leven- son. Third Row: Liss, Mendel, Mendcll. Fourth Row: Meyerson, Oster, Perry. Fifth Row: Pomerantz, Pullen, Rakoover. Sixth Row: Rosenberg, B. Rubin, D. Rubin. Seventh Row: Salzberger, Saltzman, Shwarts. Eighth Row: Silver, Simon, Spira. Ninth Row: Tatar, Weil, Wilson. Tenth Row: Wizig, Wolf, Wolff. PAGE 371 SIGMA CHI MEMBERS LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1884 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1855 William Mays Acker, Beaumont Erwin Ahrens, Houston Douglas Martin Baker, Belleville, 111. Elliot John Bilhartz, San Antonio Robert Strothcr Blackwell, Dallas Louis Franklin Bonner, Jr., Houston George Rhamy Brown, Marlin John Alton Burdine, Jr., Austin John Russell Butler, Austin Joseph Clyde Clark, Glen Campbell, Penn. Kenneth Lee Cochrum, Baytown Charles Joseph Conner, Jr., New Orleans, La. David Bradford Conncry, Jr., Midland Jack Layton Davis, San Antonio Ralph Lee DeShong, Jr., Wichita Falls Allen Wheeler Dockery, Catarina Daylc Bowles Dudley, Corpus Christi Frank Jeff Dyke, Jr., Houston Robert Aldrich Felsman, Selman City Robert David Fetzer, San Antonio David Goodson Frazier, San Antonio Jack Egon Gucnthcr, San Antonio Grover Cleveland Halliburton, Orange Greg Alan Harris, Tyler Richard King Harrison, Austin James Ritchey Henderson, Kilgore Charles Brownlee Herndon, McAllen Robert Winslow Holliday, San Antonio Herbert Lee Hooks, Henderson Louis Benjamin Houston, Jr., Dallas John Wesley Jarrett, III, Austin Stephen Paul Keiser, Harlingen Stephen Allen Kemble, Orange Edward Cromartie Kirby, San Antonio Bobby Edward Lively, Dilley James Lyon McCall, III, Vicksburg, Miss. George Edward McCoppin, Texarkana Graham Eugene McCullough, Harlingen Marvin Lee McGahey, Victoria Sam Alan McKnight, San Angelo John Kampmann Meyer, San Antonio Morton Winston Moriarty, Austin Charles P. Mueller, San Antonio Robert Chinn Nelson, Kilgore Joseph H. Peck, Crosbyton Clay Kemper Perkins, Austin A. J. Phipps, Austin Joe Allen Pinson, San Antonio Lee Edward Ricks, Pleasanton James Edward Roberts, McAllen Richard Martin Sclzer, Terrell Frederic Dana Sewell, Dallas Don Baker Sheffield, Rio Hondo Robert Richard Shelton, Kingsville John Tristani Sherwood, Beaumont Jerry Franklin Simmans, Ranger Weldon Lamar Smith, Jasper David Pipes Steves, San Angelo James Prentiss Swayze, Kerrville Thomas Waller Taylor, Houston Hazen Robert Walker, New Braunfels Winston Roger Warr, Center John Hill Watts, Corpus Christi John Chalon Wayman, Houston Joel McGee Wilkinson, Tyler Michael Gordon Wright, Tulsa, Okla. Atwood, Baertl, Baker, Barnes, Baugh- man, Biggs, Bilhartz, Blackwell. Bonner, Burdine, Clark, Glower, Coch- rum, Conaway, Conn, Connery. Coopwood, Davis, DeShong, Dewitt, Dickinson, Olive Power Eades, Pels- man, Ferguson. Fetzer, Fogarty, Forney. Fowler, Fra- zier, Gilstrap, Hawkins, Henderson. FACULTY ALBERT EVERETT COOPER, Professor of Mathematics STANLEY PHISTER FINCH, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering HUGH LYON McMATH, Professor of Architecture Fall LEE EDWARD RICKS, JR. . DON BAKER SHEFFIELD . GEORGE EDWARD McCoppiN JERRY FRANKLIN SIMMONS DOUGLAS MARTIN BAKER OFFICERS Consul Pro-Consul Tribune . Annotator Quaestor . Spring STEPHEN ALLEN KIMBLE FREDERIC DANA SEWELL DONALD DICKINSON CHARLES BROWNLEE HERNDON DOUGLAS MARTIN BAKER PLEDGES Alan Clayton Atwood, Edinburg Jacob P. Await, Dallas Charles Edward Baertl, Galvcston Alvin Hansen Barnes, Jr., Brownsville Ralph Alford Baughman, Baytown George Berkely Biggs, Austin Robert James Brown, Midland Thomas Richard Glower, Corpus Christi Charles T. Conaway, San Antonio Jerry Douglas Conn, Beaumont Thomas Benton Coopwood, Lockhart Tom Guernsey Dewitt, Jr., Kilgore Donald Dickinson, Midland Robert Benjamin Ferguson, Houston Garrett Cotter Fogarty, Dallas Scott William Forney, Ranger Jon Charles Fowler, Waxahachie Marlin Lee Gilbert, San Bcnito Ralph Madison Gilstrap, Austin Sam Wilson Hawkins, Fort Worth Thomas Malcolm Inman, Midland William Paul Jones, Sinton Darrell Eddy Jordan, McAllen Basil Charles Karcher, San Antonio Sloan Lafayette Kirk, San Saba John Hall Kochevar, El Paso Ronald David Krist, Midland Dan Childress McCallum, Austin Bill Horton McNall, Dallas William Thomas Moore. Arlington Wilbur Chapman Morris, Jr., Waco Vernon Frank Neuhaus, Mission Rex Alton Nichols, Austin Kenneth Albert Owen, Corpus Christi Joe Dean Phipps, Austin James Sydney Ramsey, Jr., Kilgore George Edward Robinson, Austin Don James Rooney, San Antonio James Peter Schabarum.Laguna Beach. Calif. Paul Frederic Schoenfeld, Houston Charles Norman Schwarz, Jr., Houston John Fisher Schwarz, Houston Thomas Edward Seekatz, Austin William Howe Shoemaker, San Benito Sidney H. Smith, III, Corpus Christi James Marion Phillips Springer, Houston Sidney Sherrod Stover, New Orleans, La. James Luther Tribble, Corpus Christi James Edgar Wall, Houston Gerald Glen Watts, Midland SPRING PLEDGES Donald Allen, New London H. Maurice Doke, Wichita Falls Richard B. Foretich, Conroe Edward Knox Mellon, Jr., Austin Ernest Newton Mills, III. Corpus Christi Stephen Clay Scibienski, Corpus Christi Jerry Don Smith, Baytown Frederick Minton Stover, Katy ..........v.v, Top Row: Herndon, Hooks, Jones, Karcher. Second Row: Keiser, Kirk, Kochevar, Lively. Third Row: McCall, McCallum, McCop- pin, McNall. Fourth Row: Morris, Mueller, Owen, Peck. Fifth Row: Perkins, A. Phipps, J. Phipps, Ramsey. Sixth Row: Ricks, Roberts, Robinson, Rooney. Seventh Row: Schabarum, C. Schwarz, J. Schwarz, Seekatz. Eighth Row: Selzer, Sewell, Sheffield, Sherwood. Ninth Row: Shoemaker, Simmans, S. Smith, Springer. Tenth Row: Steves, Stover, Taylor, Tribble. Eleventh Row: Walker, Wall, Warr, G. Watts. Twelfth Row: J. Watts, Wayman, Wilkin- son. PAGE 373 SIGMA NU LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1886 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1869 MEMBERS Charles Allan Angel, McKinney Robert Allen Bell, Kerrville Virgil Weldon Billings, Clcburne Earl Drake Brant, Houston Sam Raymond Bright, Jr., Tyler James Daniel Bryan, III, Houston George Strother Burke, Tyler John Malcolm Burke, Tyler Steve M. Bynum, San Antonio Richard Bruce Campbell, Pampa Joe Barnett Cannon, Mexia Richard Shaw Gardner, Houston Robert Scotland Clark, III, Dallas William Gordon Coker, Austin Howard Scott Cook, Davenport, Iowa William Bernard Cooney, Lufkin Gibson Milton Davis, Fort Worth Nick S. Dieb, Jr., Fort Worth William Finley Duncan, Houston Segle George Fry, III, Tyler Ralph Emerson Giles, Fort Worth Ronald Lorimer Graner, Fort Worth Anthony Brock Hamilton, Wharton Dexter Boone Hamon, Corpus Christi Donald Wilson Hankins, San Antonio Charles Harter, III, Houston George Archie Helland, San Antonio Walter Russell Hensey, San Antonio Paul John Herrmann, Jr., El Campo Gary Paul Kite, San Antonio Robert Jack Huston, Austin Charles Henry Karnes, Austin Howard William Kiatta, Denver, Colo. Sam W. Lane, Jr., Austin Coy Ben Martin, Jacksonville Mitchell Louis Martin, Parsons, Kan. Dee Russel McElroy, Wharton James Joseph McMillen, Haskell Marvin Horace McMurrey, Tyler Alan Ernest Muller, Houston Joe Lee Neal, Tyler Donald Ashby Nelson, San Antonio Earl Johnson Nesbitt, Hempstead, N. Y. Robert Baxter Nisbet, Lufkin Gene Motley Oliver, Tyler Ellis Lloyd Olmstead, Galveston Joe Singleton Presnall, III, Corpus Christi William Jackson Rattikin, Jr., Fort Worth Jay Bradford Rea, Houston Don W. Reed, Odessa Gerald James Roberts, Jr., Fort Worth Jerry Hugh Roberts, Tyler Thomas Wesley Robinson, Port Arthur William Judson Rogers, Dallas Walter Lewis Rose, III, Houston Hubert Edward Rossy, Jr., Austin Barclay Ryerson Ryall, Fort Worth Robert Corr Service, Colorado Springs, Colo. Roy Gilbert Shivers, Marshall Edward Dantzler Slaughter, Dallas Paul T. Smith, Dallas Ray Hall Stauffacher, Houston James Spence Taylor, Jr., Houston Thomas Jefferson Vanzant, Jr., Houston Dick V. Vaughan, Leander Robert Dee Walker, Fort Stockton Joe M. Wanenmacher, Austin Harry Nathan Ward, Jr., Fort Worth Don E. Weber, Jacksboro Tom John Weigel, Jr., Austin Walter Scott Wysong, Dallas Angel, Asbury, Adkins, Bell, Billings, Bright, Bryan, G. Burke, J. Burke, Bynum. Campbell, Cannon, Chenault, D. Clark, R. Clark, Clary, Cooney, Cooper, Davis, Donovan. Duke, Duncan, Dyer, Exley, Frazier, Fry, Gamel, Graner, Graves, Hamon. Hankins, Harter, Helland, Hensey, Herrmann, Hicks, Hite, Hollingshead, Hoskins, Huston. FACULTY MALCOLM YOUNG COLBY, Professor of Physics HENRY GORDON DAMON, Associate Professor of Geology GEORGE HOMER FANCHER, Professor of Petroleum Engineering ARCHIE N. JONES, Professor of Music EUGENE PAUL SCHOCH, Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering KEITH YOUNG, Associate Professor of Geology Fall HUBERT EDWARD ROSSY, JR. . GIBSON MILTON DAVIS . WILLIAM GORDON COKER BARCLAY RYERSON RYALL OFFICERS Eminent Commander Lieutenant Commander Recorder Treasurer Spring SAM RAYMOND BRIGHT, JR. HOWARD WILLIAM KIATTA CHARLES HARTER, Ill WILLIAM JUDSON ROGERS PLEDGES Larry Marshall Asbury, Abilene Howard Leslie Atkins, Corpus Christi Louis Wyatt Chenault, Jr., Houston Donald B. Clark, Houston John James Clary, III, San Antonio Farley Bleich Cooper, Fort Worth William Clark Donovan, Houston Charles Wayne Duke, Jr., San Antonio Pat Taylor Dyer, Tyler James Joseph Exley, Houston Weston Oren Frazier, Wharton William Glenn Gamel, Lampasas Fred Wyatt Graves, III, Jacksonville Malcolm Scott Hicks, Austin Tommy Truitt Hollingshead, Abilene Joe Thomas Hoskins, Corpus Christi Victor B. Jaeggli, Jr., Corpus Christi William Howard January, Wichita Falls Gordon Howell Johnson, San Antonio Jerry Frank Kelley, Houston Don Milton Kerr, Jr., Kilgore Don Clayton Lusby, Abilene William Clayton McBride, Tyler Le Roy Melcher, Jr., Houston Bernard Carl Nelson, Jr., San Antonio James Harry Painter, III, Houston Edwin Willis Patterson, Midland Bobby Clayton Puryear. Santo Louie Leissner Raven, Austin Thomas Jackson Risinger, Jr., Wharton William Alexander Roever, Jr., Houston John Gather Sargent, Corpus Christi Eugene Beck Scale, Corpus Christi James Ellis Stafford, Houston Michael Scott Stroud, Dallas Jerry Culver Thompson, Houston Robert Eugene White, Dallas SPRING PLEDGES Paul John Carson, San Antonio Aubrey Jay Flowers, Alice Edgar C. Griffin, Liberty Joe Petty Parris, III, Abilene Lester Erwin Payne, Bay City Richard Joseph Saad, Houston Top Row: Jaeggli, January, Johnson, Kelley. Second Row: Kerr, Kiatta, Lane, Lusby. Third Row: Martin, McBride, McElroy. McMillen. Fourth Row: McMurrey, Melcher Mul- ler, Neal Fifth Row: B. Nelson, D. Nelson, Nisbet, Oliver. Sixth Row: Olmstead, Painter, Patterson, Presnall. Seventh Row: Puryear, Rattikin, Rea, Reed. Eighth Row: Risinger, G. Roberts, Rob- inson, Roever. Ninth Row: Rogers, Rose, Rossy, Ryall. Tenth Row: Sargent, Scale, Service, Smith. Eleventh Row: Stafford, Stauffacher, Stroud, Taylor. Twelfth Row: Thompson, Vanzant, Wal- ker, Wanenmacher. Thirteenth Row: Ward, Weigel, White, Wysong. PAGE 375 SIGMA PHI EPSILON tlnnr LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1930 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1901 MEMBERS Ed W. Abell, Houston Thomas Allen Acree, Texas City Albert Morris Albright, Jr., Port Arthur Edward Ronald Ashbaugh, San Antonio Charles Allen Bankston, Port Arthur Thomas E. Barber, Marshall Larry Adrian Barnett, Houston Rebel Eugene Blackwell, Canton William Howard Bond, Tulsa, Okla. Joe Burleson Bonham, III, Port Arthur William Keith Branham, Houston Larry H. Cafer, Corpus Christi Warren Pinkney Cash, Houston John Coates, Dallas James Earl Cunningham, Austin William G. Darsey, Austin Luke C. Fisher, Jr., Austin Gentry Lee Floyd, San Antonio Phillip G. Foote, Port Arthur Norman Dwight Fredc, LaGrange Alvin J. Franklin, Memphis, Tenn. Bill E. Fritts, Houston George Richard Fulton, Jr., Beaumont Jack Lee Gist, Nocona W. H. Griest, Jr., Austin Leon Charles Hallman, Dallas Eddie Harrell, Pasadena Jack William Hobbs, Rice Leon P. Howell, Jr., San Antonio Gerald Elvin Johnson, Austin Roger Miles Jorden, San Antonio James Walter Kachtick, Texas City John Madison Kindle, Jr., Dallas Vernon John Klippi, Dallas James Charles Larkin, Houston Gerald Eugene Lott, Houston Russell Eddy Lueg, Austin Max John Luther, III, Corpus Christi Bill S. McGowen, Fort Worth Charles Patrick McGuire, Port Arthur Jerry Dan Mclnnis, Port Arthur Webb Paul Moak, Port Arthur Monte Gerald Moore, Henrietta Clovis Clyde Morrisson, Port Arthur Hensel Murchison, Houston Donald Wayne Neuenschwander, Houston Albert Dixon Pattillo, Austin David Anders Provost, Port Arthur Richard L. Reynolds, San Antonio David Gavin Ritchie, Jr., Houston Thomas Rogstad, George West Werner G. Rohm, Austin Walter Asa Saunders, Corpus Christi Gaylon E. Schulle, Austin John A. Sheldon, Houston Bruce T. Shepherd, Austin Charles Arthur Shoultz, Bay City Bayard Martin Smith, Dallas Trezevant Gill Speer, Jr., Houston George Gilbert Stubblefield, III, Houston William Joseph Swann, Jr., Sterling City Russell Patterson Sweeney, Jr., Houston Byron Dean Tapley, Pasadena Charles Bailey Team, Fort Worth Thomas F. Turner, Texas City Robert Glenn Waggner, Dixon, Ky. James Garland Watson, Jr., Bay City Alden Ramon Wilson, Waxahachie David D. Wilson, Fort Worth f I li W $JA Abell, Albright, Ashbaugh, Barnett, Bice, Blackwell. Bonham, Bond, Branham, Brogan, Cafer, Cash. Coates, Davis, Dolce, Draker, Floyd, Foote. FACULTY WILLIAM WARFORD DINGLE, Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering RUSSELL EDDY LUEZ, Instructor in Electrical Engineering CLEMENT B. THAMES, JR., Teaching Assistant in Geology JAMES RAYMOND VIRAMONTES, Assistant Basketball Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics Fall ALBERT MORRIS ALBRIGHT, JR. . EDDIE HARRELL .... ALDEN RAMON WILSON MONTE GERALD MOORE . OFFICERS President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Treasurer PLEDGES Spring THOMAS ROGSTAD GERALD EUGENE LOTT RICHARD L. REYNOLDS BILL E. FRITTS Don Allen Bice. Port Arthur William E. Brogan, Houston Charles Dixon Cooper, Austin Jerry Donald Davis, Houston Charles Leonard Dolce, Port Arthur Floyd Richard Drake, Corpus Christi Jennings A. Garrett, Van James Adolph Green, Port Arthur Richard Lee Hailey, Conroe Belvin Bill Harris, Midland Lawrence Eugene Hart, Austin Jerrell Aaron Holder, Wichita Falls Clyde Lanham Hurley, Wichita Falls Richard Ernest Hurlock, Amarillo Jack Elton Keever, Port Arthur Harry Bertrand Kelso, Texas City James Dudley Miller, Midland Charles Robert Peck, Fort Worth Floyd Curtis Reese, Austin Henry L. Sledge, Houston Jerry Edwin Smith, Austin Vernon Earl Sweeney, Houston Winston Francis Taylor, Jr., Fort Worth Robert Franklin Teague, Jr., Houston William L. Walton, Port Arthur Robert Joseph Walker, Houston Robert Lee Westby, San Antonio SPRING PLEDGES Owen Lynn Bybee, Hereford John Clifton Cooper, Beaumont Joseph Michael Rush, Jackson, Nebr. Mike Wetzel, Houston uwwyw Top Row: Frede, Fulton, Garrett, Green. Second Row: Hailey, Hallman, Harrell, Howell. Third Row: Hurley, Hurlock, Johnson, Jorden. Fourth Row: Kachtick, Kelso, Kindle, Lott. Fifth Row: McGowen, McGuire, Mc- Innis, Miller. Sixth Row: Moore, Morrisson, Murchi- son, Peck. Seventh Row: Reese, Reynolds, Ritchie. Rogstad. Eighth Row: Rohm, Saunders, Sheldon, J. Smith. Ninth Row: Speer, Stubblefield, Swann, R. Sweeney. Tenth Row: Taylor, Teague, Team, Waggener. Eleventh Row: Walton, Westby, A. Wil- son, D. Wilson. PAO 377 TAU DELTA PHI 5 LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1926 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1910 I MEMBERS Jerome Bernstein, Austin Ted M. Bernstein, Dallas Samuel Chaskin, Houston Lester Morton Cohen, Dallas Stanley Cohen, San Antonio Russell Eugene Covitt, Fort Worth Stanley Freed, Laredo Alvin Rubenstein Gerson, Dallas Stanley G. Gold, Dallas Moses Goldberg, Laredo Kenneth George Kempler, Austin Moise Lauterstein, LaGrange Robert Lehman, Tahoka Ted Leiman, Dallas Marvin W. Lerner, Baytown Norman Lerner, Galveston Charles Levinson, San Antonio Stanley Allen Levy, Galveston David Mortimer Lewis, Houston George Meyer Lipshy, Houston Enrique Merikanskas, Tampico, Mexico Irving Herbert Middleman, San Antonio Tommy Moss, Dallas Edward Joseph Rashti, Austin Michael Lazar Richker, Houston Jack Joseph Rosenberg, San Antonio Ronald Norman Schaevitz, Waco Fred Schaffner, Houston Sidney Phillip Seligson, Wichita Falls Stanley Jerome Shniderson, Houston Ephrim Stavorowski, Laredo Jack Lee Stone, Houston Harvey Seymour Tiras, Houston Jerry L. Tiras, Houston Herbert Harry Wiener, Baytown Alvin Mitchell Zeisman, Houston 5S ft T. Bernstein, Chaskin, Childs, L. Cohen, S. Cohen. Covitt, Graber, Gretzer, Horvitz, Lauterstein. Leiman, M. Lerner, Levine, C. Levin- son, D. Levinson. Fall HARVEY SEYMOUR TIRAS DAVID MORTIMER LEWIS . ALVIN RUBENSTEIN GERSON FRED SCHAFFNER SAMUEL CHASKIN OFFICERS President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Spring DAVID MORTIMER LEWIS HERBERT HARRY WIENER JACK LEE STONE LESTER MORTON COHEN MICHAEL LAZAR RICHKER PLEDGES Hymen Childs, Austin Edward Lewis Coben, San Antonio Allan Levy Graber, Galveston Donald Lewis Gretzer, Houston Sigmund Alan Horvitz, Houston Irvin Sydney Levine, Houston Daniel Bernard Levinson, San Antonio Robert Stewart Lewis, Houston Larry Joseph Sachnowitz, San Antonio Sol M. Sachs, Houston Robert Kassel Schlessinger, Dallas SPRING PLEDGES Israel Gelfond, San Antonio Larry Neil Hurwitz, Austin Jack Bernard Soodhalter, Houston Top Row: Levy, D. Lewis, R. Lewis. Second Row: Lipshy, Merikanskas, Mid- dleman. Third Row: Moss, Richker, Sachnowitz. Fourth Row: Sachs, Schaevitz, Schaffner. Fifth Row: Schlessinger, Seligson, Shnid- erson. Sixth Row: Stone, H. Tiras, J. Tiras. " " " " " " " " Seventh Row: Wiener, Zeisman. PAGE 379 TAU KAPPA EPSILON i; LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1951 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1899 MEMBERS James Patrick Brady, Austin Joe Biggs, Austin William Jepp Busch, Mont Belvieu Luis J. Cardenas, Laredo David Malcolm Crouch, Devine Don Arthur Dechman, Fort Worth Joseph Elo, Jr., San Antonio Arnold Everett Dickey, Fort Worth Robert Charles Eaton, Monterrey, Mexico James Clarence Gauntt, Rochester Philip Arlen Goolsby, Hughes Springs Robert M. Grunewald, Fort Worth James Wallace Gunn, San Antonio John Aubrey Hornbuckle, Fort Worth Roy Nolan Johnson, Livingston Robert Newton Jones, San Antonio Robert T. Koester, San Antonio Charles Dudley Martin, Springfield, Mo. James Holland McGuirt, Jr., Houston David E. Mead, Fort Worth Carl Louis Miller, Jr., Mercedes Hubert Augustus Morgan, Jr., Beaumont Don Robert Morrison, Deer Park Herbert McRae Nesmith, Abilene Donald Ray Reimers, Dallas Eldon G. Russell, West James Allan Shelley, Austin Locke McKinnon Stuart, Jr., Marshall Victor Tinsley, Fort Worth James Leslie Wells, Renner Phil E. Winston, Austin Akins, Barge, Beer, Belknap, Bentley. Brady, Busch, Cady, Cardenas, Casey. Crouch, Dechman, DeWalt, Dickey, Durham, FACULTY RINALDO A. BACON, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering ELWYN LOOMIS CADY, Associate Professor of Law ROBERT LEE SUTHERLAND, Professor of Sociology OFFICERS Fall LOCKE McKiNNON STUART, JR. Prytanis PHILIP ARLEN GOOLSBY . Epiprytanis JAMES LESLIE WELLS . . Grammateus ROBERT T. KOESTER . . Chrysopholus ROBERT M. GRUENWALD . Hegemon . PLEDGES Spring VICTOR TINSLEY WILLIAM JEPP BUSCH JAMES LESLIE WELLS ROBERT NEWTON JONES PHILIP ARLEN GOOLSBY Edward McDaniel Akins, Sherman Thomas Murray Barge, Austin Don Richard Beer, Harlingen Donald William Belknap, Fort Worth Henry Farrar Bentley, Austin Jim Wesley Casey, Harlingen James Willis DeWalt, Brownsville Billy Marvin Durham, Dublin Charles James Gilbert, Jr., Fort Worth Thomas Leo Hickey, Laredo Ronald Lee Nelson, Houston John William Parker, Jr., Livingston Charles Christopher Self, Pasadena George Robert Thurmond, San Antonio Ruthven Champion Tolbirt, Columbus Robert Alfred Waldrop, Austin Philip Maynard Weltz, Laredo Top Row: Gilbert, Goolsby, Grunewald. Second Row: Hickey, Johnson, Jones. Third Row: Koester, Mrs. G. R. Leigh ty, Martin. Fourth Row: Mead, Miller, Nelson. Fifth Row: Nesmith, Parker, Self. Sixth Row: Thurmond, Tinsley, Tolbirt. Seventh Row: Wells, Weltz, Winston. PAOE 381 THETA CHI LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1951 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1856 MEMBERS Leonard John Becker, Jr., Galveston Dean Lynn Callender, Ashtabula, Ohio Charles Edward Clark, San Antonio James Arthur Conner, Austin George Albert Dorn, Houston Robert Zempter Eanes, Galveston W. C. Enmon, Jr., Orange John Henry Herber, San Antonio Sam Lynn Kelley, Alvarado Alan Winslow Loveland, Houston Floyd Eugene Pope, Dallas James Harvey Rogers, San Antonio Francis Eugene Sheppard, Jr., Houston Patrick Thomas Shields, Jr., Dallas Albert Kennedy Solcher, Austin FACULTY DEAN LYNN CALLENDER, Instructor in Geology ROBERT ZEMPTER EANES, Instructor in Chemistry CARL HENRY STAUTZ, Visiting Lecturer, School of Architecture Fall W. C. ENMON, JR. ALBERT KENNEDY SOLCHER LEONARD JOHN BECKER, JR. JAMES HARVEY ROGERS OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . PLEDGES James Roy Davis, Austin Charles Richard James, Jr., Houston Kenneth Hugh Odiorne, Austin Gary McClintock Otting, Austin Roy Astor Plummer, Jr., Houston Charles Joseph Solcher, Austin Albert Earl Stephens, Houston Spring JAMES HARVEY ROGERS ALBERT KENNEDY SOLCHER FLOYD EUGENE POPE GEORGE ALBERT DORN Top Row: Becker, Clark, Conner. Second Row: Davis, Dorn Enmon. Third Row: Herber, James, Loveland. Fourth Row: Odiorne, Pope, Plummer. Fifth Row: Rogers, Sheppard, A. Solcher, C. Solcher. ACE 383 THETA XI LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1913 NATIONAL FOUNDING, 1864 MEMBERS William James Aldrich, Midland Eric Baker Becker, III, Dallas Mason Cooper Brown, Irving Billy Ronald Games, Wichita Falls Anthony Kent Dunnam, Rule John Edward Gay, George West Ronald Joseph George, Tyler George Cardwell Jolley, Jr., Uvalde Stevens Farris Mafrige, Jr., Houston Donald Keith Meier, La Porte William Holloway Power, Tyler Bert Kris Robinson, Shreveport, L a. Max Ramon Rucker, Lufkin George Lertin Sarver, Jr., Baytown Oliver Roy Shaver, Houston Frank Henry Slavik, Jr., Corpus Christi Daniel Lester Smith, Houston Willis Baker Springfield, Jr., Con Can Harold Cornell Waggonner, Tyler Aldrich, Brown, Bryan, Cade, Games. Clegg, Collier, Dunnam, Fisher, George. Hathaway, Johnson, Lincoln, Luglan, Mafrige. FACULTY LEO GUY BLACKSTOCK, Professor of Business Law LEE WILSON FISER, Assistant Professor of Music JOHN MALCOLM FORSMAN, Assistant Professor of English THOMAS R. SEALY, Chairman, Board of Regents ARCHIE WAUGH STRAITON, Professor of Electrical Engineering Fall MASON COOPER BROWN HILLY RONALD CARNES . DANIEL LESTER SMITH . WILLIAM HOLLOWAY POWER OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer Spring BILLY RONALD CARNES DANIEL LESTER SMITH DONALD KEITH MEIER ANTHONY KENT DUNHAM PLEDGES Cardis William Bryan, Jr., Colorado Springs, Colo. Weldon David Cade, Jr., La Porte James Ellis Clegg, Jr., Baytown Robert Eames Collier, Waco Cecil Woodrow Fisher, Jr., Baytown Jolen Milton Hathaway, Dallas Billy Ray Johnson, Houston Glenn C. Lincoln, Corpus Christi Leif Waldt Luglan, Kerrville Frederick William Martin, Baytown James Richard Ruff, Waukesha, Wise. Gerald Alden Sears, Houston V. Raymond Smith, Houston David Lee Stafford, Amarillo SPRING PLEDGE Fred Milton Ramsey, Jr., Dallas Top Row: Martin, Meier, Power. Second Row: Ruff, Sarver, Sears. Third Row: Shaver, Slavik, D. Smith. Fourth Row: V. Smith, Springfield, Waggonner, Mrs. R. L. ( Helen R.) Slaughter. PAGE 385 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . WILLIAM HOWARD WOLF HUBERT EDWARD ROSSY, JR. ALVIN J. FRANKLIN JAMES TERRELL TOWN SEND Senior JACK GLENN NORWOOD . WILLIAM MORRIS RAVKIND . STANLEY EDWARD ADAMS GEORGE WILLIAM SCHNEIDER, JR. RAMON ROBERT RACKLEY . ROBERT NEWTON KINO . THOMAS WAYNE ANTHONY . DARRELL KING JONES . JACK HARRISON STUTTS LEONARD EARL DENNEY L. D. SIKES PETE A. Y. GUNTER, III BOB CLARK JAMES . JAMES WHITTENBURG WALKER JAMES HOUSTON ATWILL BRADY MARSHALL COLE WILLIAM SANDERS MCGARRAHAN FREDDIE SHERMAN HARKAVY WALTER BROWN PISTOR DAVID MAYO CORNELL . CHARLES R. GREGG RONALD H. BLUM . JOHN HILL WATTS, III . SEGLE GEORGE FRY, III PHILLIP G. FOOTE . DAVID MORTIMER LEWIS VICTOR TINSLEY, JR. FLOYD EUGENE POPE STEVENS FARRIS MAFRIGE FRATERNITY Acacia Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi . Chi Phi . . Delta Chi . Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon . Kappa Alpha . Kappa Sigma . Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi . Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Tau Phi Sigma Delta Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi . Sigma Nu . Sigma Phi Epsilon Tau Delta Phi . Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Chi . Theta Xi . Junior BILL E. HENRY JEROME L. PRAGER RICHARD CLEMENT PARKER HERBERT WILLIAM DODSON LARRY BARCLAY HAILE CLARENCE NEAL STEVENSON DUNBAR N. CHAMBERS TANNER TRUETT HUNT BERRY BRUCE TOLLE CHARLES EDWIN WILLIAMS DICK WOODS MORRIS TRAVIS LEE CROSBY GIBBS MACDANIEL, JR. RALPH WALDROM DAU THOMAS JAY BENNER LAWRENCE DEAN COBB JOEL BOLTON MCCARTY, JR. LAWRENCE EDWARD STEINBERG MICHAEL DAVID DENNIS DOUGLAS WORTH DUDERSTADT WILLIAM H. DRUSHEL THOMAS MORTON ROOSTH SIDNEY H. SMITH, III COY BEN MARTIN JERRY DAN MC!NNIS MARVIN W. LERNER JOHN AUBREY HORNBUCKLE ALBERT KENNEDY SOLCHER MASON C. BROWN Top Row: Anthony, Atwill, Benner, Blum, Brown, Chambers. Cobb, Cole, Cornell, Dau, Denney. Second Row: Dennis, Dodson, Drushel, Duderstadt, Foote, Franklin, Fry, Gregg, Gunter, Haile, Harkay. Third Row: Henry, Hunt, James, King, Lewis, Lerner, Mafrige, McCarty, McDaniel, McGarrahan, McGinnis. Fourth Row: Norwood, Parker, Pistor, Pope, Prager, Rackley, Ravkind, Rossy, Schneide r, Smith, Solcher. Fifth Row: Steinberg, Stevenson, Stutts, Tinsley, Townsend, Walker, Watts, Williams, Wolf. PAGE 386 Military PAGE 387 COLONEL HUGH D. McGAW Professor of Military Science and Tactics DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE The Department of Military Science and Tactics was established at The University of Texas in July of 1947, and since that time has trained and commissioned over 1000 officers for the U. S. Army. The Army R.O.T.C. was established to produce College-trained officers for the Regular Army and the Army Reserve. Its mission is to have ready in times of national emergency a Corps of leaders for our Armies. Two slogans of the R.O.T.C. aptly describe its mission. They are " Better prepared to better serve, " and, " Learn Today Lead To- morrow. " No one ever wants to go to war, and it is the history of this nation that its wars have been for ced upon it. However, no matter how great is his aversion to war, the wise and prudent man knows that war may come and prepares for it. This he can do in the Army R.O.T.C. John Milton, recognizing the need for educated men in the military service, in 1644 wrote, " a complete and generous education, fits a man to perform justly and skillfully all the offices, both private and public, of peace and war. " COLONEL CURTIS THEODORE RICKETTS Professor of Military Science and Tactics Major Charles F. Langley Major Rudolph W. Staffa Major Charles T. Forrester, Jr. COLONEL RALPH A. TOLVE Captain Harold Ivan Pitchford Captain Daniel T. Weber First Lieutenant Harvey Edward Emig LIEUTENANT COLONEL MARVIN L. BELL Master Sergeant Irving T. Cutter Master Sergeant Frank N. Greenwalt Master Sergeant Joseph Robert Griebel Master Sergeant Walter Stephens Griffith Master Sergeant Felix Newlin Master Sergeant Clifton G. Stadler Master Specialist Wienand Arthur Tolch Sergeant First Class Leo P. Joron Sergeant First Class Jack O. Rodman Sergeant Robert Louis Tanner I PAOE 388 FIRST BATTALION STAFF SECOND BATTALION STAFF i i i Front Row: William Michael Higgins. Second Ro;v: James Richard Kanning, Michael Seay. George Green Anderson, Alvie Owen Ashley, Dan Kelton Morrison, Benjamin Haskell Schwartz, Charles Henry Kosub. Front Row: Gerald Patrick Parker. Second Row: Don Haden Martin, Bill Nelson Dikes, Judson Earnest De Vilbiss, Jr. Third Row: John Stephens Scott, William Devereaux, Jerry Albert Gibson, Larry Norman Doherty. NANCY LYNN SHEl ' PERD First Battalion Staff Sponsor JANE JACKSON Second Battalion Staff Sponsor PROVISIONAL BATTALION STAFF PATRICIA ANN PARKER Regimental Staff Sponsor REGIMENTAL STAFF rw i Front Row: Paul LaRue Earney. Second Row: Claude Cordray Dodson, Jr., Robert Fred Barling. Third Row: Robert Charles Eaton. PAGE 389 Front Row: Charles Douglass Herrera. Second Row: Forrest Hunter Williams, Thomas Elmer Wiley, Jr., Julian P. Kornfeld, Robert Wallace Senn, Burton Allan Browning, Arthur Louis Braden, Lee Edward Ricks, Robert Foster Loughridge. EMIL EDWARDS FRIBERG Company Commander CAROLYN ANN DELOACH Sponsor CORPS OF ENGINEERS ?r% : - 1 f " . FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Fred Sklar, Ben Carter Still, John Lindsay Neathery, Jr. Second Row: Charles Scott Parker ; Terrence Fair Wood, John Cathcart Melby, Harry Louis Andrews, Harral Ray Holden, Victor B. Taeggli, Mason Edward Collins. Third Row: Perry Joseph Lyons, Joseph Wayne Roberts, Stuart Deric Kershner, Campbell Houston Gillespie, Floyd Richard Drake, William Ambrose Biggs. Fourth Row: Frank Roderick Keith, Arthur Harvey Hunke, John Alvis Kalb, Weston Oren Frazier, Rudy Sam Trevino, Phillip Winston Handley. Company A R. O. T. C SECOND PLATOON Front Row: David Maye Cornell, Kenneth Hugo Pape. Second Row: Charles William Grissett. Felton Don Brooks, William Nesbit Cutshall, Elgene Campbell Spencer, William Everett Dickson, Hugh Roth Lee McGaw, Jr. Third Row: John Brock Westover, Don Gilbert Jordan, John Parry Lauzon, Robert W. Spencer, Jr., Philip Wayne Stahr, Sylvester Eugene StafFa. Fourth Row: Clay Hamilton Cox, William Robinson O ' Hair, Jr., Ronnie Martinez, Scott Petty, Jr., Richard Lynn McDaniel. THIRD PLATOON Front Row: Bob Wendell Holland, Richard Earl Niethamer. Second Row: Conard Derdeyn Joseph, David Joe Cowan, Donald Allan Maxwell, Gary Frederick Taft, Jerry Blake Mark, Bythel Kelly Cooper, Everette Lanier Tucker, Jr. Third Row: James Sidney Bissett, Charles Clark Wilmeth, Robert Stewart Lewis, Thomas Edward Nichols, Dolph Renaldo Crawley, Robert Barnett Akin. Fourth Row: Frank M. Dannenbaum, Tom Callaway Lea, Joe Kelton Wells, Jr., Sol Moses Sachs, Andre Bouchard, Oscar Herrera Martinez. PAGE 390 FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Allen Burton Heard, Danny Mewis Hull. Don A. Robertson. Second Row: Bobbie Lee Hasert, James Roger Martin, George Robert Thurmond, Arlis B. Parkhurst, James Lowell Kuester. Third Row: Jan Cloe Acrea, David Lee Moseley, Ivan Ellis Brown, Leslie Wayland Whipple, James Andrew Stevens. Fourth Row: John Marshall Graham, William Howard Pharr, Bayard Martin Smith, James Milton Huffman. RAYMOND AYERS BENNETT Company Commander Company B ARMY R. O. T. C - T SECOND PLATOON Front Row: Robert Earle Hall, Louis Edward Stout. Second Row: Mason Cooper Brown, Robert Martin Kienker, Sidney Conrad Weiss, Harold Russell Joseph, Jr., J. Gilbert Luke, William Maurice McCandless. Third Row: Bobby Wayne White, Donald Wyatt Beard, Gerard Hartman, Gary Lloyd Dowis, Gary Lynn Leach. Fourth Row: Rodger Allan Stepp, Harbart Jay Wagner, Marvin Paul Lucas, Richard Neil Waterbury, Robert David Valerius. ARVA SUE ADAMS Sponsor CORPS OF ENGINEERS THIRD PLATOON Front Row: Gentry Lee Floyd. Jerry Lee Selby. Second Row: Ettore Ferrarra Infante. Don Duane Ford, Charles Ernest Bridwell, Roy Maxwell Alvis, Phillip David Stotland, Ira Clay. Jr., Lang C. Martin, Jr. Third Row: Dean Eakin Wolf, Nicholas Vratis, John Harris Robertson, Charles Donovan Merrill, David Lynn Hall, William Lynn Mathes. John W. Sauer. Fourth Row: Williard Heltzel Knight, Mitchell Hugh Butler, Edwin Lee Goff, Jr., H. Maurice Doke, John Lytle Tom, Jr., Don Edward Boyd, Fred Thomas Porter. PAGE 391 OREN C. BUCKELLEW Company Commander FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Doyle Emmett Perkinson, Charles Schreiner Nelson. Second Row: Charles August Meinscher, George Weldon Moyer, Jr., Fred Milton Gerson, Jack Earl Ferrell, James Harvey Rogers. Third Row: J. Livingston Kosberg, Jules Follis Rose, Gus Block. Fourth Row: George Thomas Pharr, Charles Houston Harris, III, Juan Alberto Saucedo, Louis Raoul DelHomme. R. O. T. C. JACKIE BOOTH Sponsor QUARTERMASTER CORPS Company C SECOND PLATOON Front Row: Swen William Borg, Jr. Second Row: Raymond David Gay, Gifford O ' Neill Touchstone, Joe Williams Sandlin, Guy Crain Fambrough, Edwin Roger Wright, Rees Robertson Oliver, II. Third Row: Philip M. Barshop, John Madison Kindle, Jr., James Winston Perkins, Gene Irvin Dunlap, Stephen Irl Kaiser, Larry Anthony Carr. Fourth Row: James Palmer Woodson, John Tatum Green, Arnold Erich Krause, Robert Clark Ponkey, Barry Raymond Russak. THIRD PLATOON Front Row: Milton Allen Mendlovitz. Second Row: Francisco Trinidad Gonzalez, Dennis Wayne Rainoshek, Morton Herbert Meyerson, Gary Joseph Tilton, Joe Anthony Joseph, Robert Louis Storer, Robert Michael Stephens. Third Row: Walter Benard Hendrick, Ronny Wayde Nicholas, Jerry Foster Wingo, Harold Leonard Kaminsky, Eliseo Smith, III. Fourth Row: Victor O. R. Tafel, Roy Grant Marvin, Jr., Curtis Washington Meadows, Jr., Bruce Daniel Stein, Herbert O. McElveen, Eugene Finley Aydelott. FIRST PLATOON Front Raw: Vance Cecil Minter, Stevens Farris Mafrige. Second Row: William Lawrence Cotulla, Amando Garza, Jr., James Walter McFarland, John Lawrence Jones, Albert Vernon McGraw, Tanner Truett Hunt. Third Rnw: Raymond Mendez, Jr., Alvin Maury Levine, L. Ludwell Jones, III, Richard Marcus Hermer. Fourth Row: Jose David Borja, Edward Drummond Weston, Charles Adolp " McElroy. DONALD J. MALOUF Company Commander olph Dickerson, Frank Lester Levy, Dee Russell Company D ARMY R. O. T. G i V A - SECOND PLATOON Front Row: Wayne Hartman McAIister. JULIANNE LANE Sponsor Second Row: John Edgar Chapoton, Jearld Conrad Bradford, Alan B. Wizig, John Hall Kochevar, Thomas Carl Sonnenberg, Thomas Michael Quigley. Third Row: Russell Eugene Covitt, Harold Bernard Karren, Daniel Shelton Gafford, Robert Lawrence Sofnas, Jimmy Ray Horn. Fourth Row: Webb McCann Sowden, Jr., Lon Franklin Herbert, William Leroy Stein, Robert Pafford Wood, Kerry Hedick O ' Quinn. THIRD PLATOON Front Row: Joe Lee Ing. Second Row: Otis Donaldson Chapoton. Thurman Walter Brasher, William Thomas Allison, Kyle Winston Sherrill, Burton Lee Rakoover Claude Dozier Cox. Wright Belts Collins, Jerry L. Tiras. Third Row: John David Baird. Henry Farrar Bentley, Gil Keith Nogueira, William Wayne Nesbitt, Robert Campbell Hewell, Elliot Fried Wolder, Frank Taylor Nagle. Fourth Row. Charles Norman Wood, Bernard Jerome Rubin, Donald Wilson Jackson, Frederick Charles Matthews, Jerrold David Aronson, Don Sidney Herman, Robert Peter Jungman. QUARTERMASTER CORPS JAMES ELLIOTT HENDRICKS Company Commander FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Walter Wade Holly, Fritz Bernard Scheffel. Second Row: Tom Weaver Hill, Larry Keith Spencer, Coke Lawrence Westbrook, James Parmenas Briscoe, Robert Earl Hover. Third Row: Joe Neil Tillery, Jeff Austin, Jr., Joe Dell Winter, Nelson Fredrick Bippert. Fourth Row: Tommy Gene Roberts, John Robertson Ray, Samuel Dee Sims, James William O ' Dowd, John Oge Flannery, Jr. ARMY R. O. T. C. Company E NANCY MARILYNN HELP Sponsor SECOND PLATOON Front Row: David Dean Cottrell, Ronald Mitchell Katz. Second Row: Jimmy D. Thornton, Howard Edward Kunz, James Truman Churchill, William Michael Cunningham, Walter Winn Durham. Third Row: Emmet Kyle McMahan. George Benjamin Brown, Henry Houston Long, Paul McCaughey Hagans. Fourth Row: Joe Edward Stoeltje, George Currier Blanch, Lai mon Joe Maddox, Gerald Glen Watts. TRANSPORTATION CORPS THIRD PLATOON Front Row: Jon Braswell Ruff, Richard Merwin Yantis. iwir v,.j Second Row: David Hartwell Kuester, Edmond Goldstein, Allen Currie Smith, James Thomas McCulIough, William 1 Third Ro: Edward Cromartie Ku- ' by, Leslie Noel Windham, Rodrick Warren Dennis, Elbert Buddy Rogers, Bobby Lee FourYriS ' joel Phil Dalton, Lloyd Cecil Jolly, James Luther Tribble, William Randolph Bridges, Duane Noble Smith. damson, Carter Ben- FIRST PLATOON Front Row: William Thomas Stewart, Tom Van Zant. Second Row: Bruce Thornwell Sheppard, James Leslie Wells, William Alexander Roever, Alfred Ray Ada jamin Kelly, Ruben Cavazos, Henry Melvin Hagwpod. Third Row: Stanley Merlin McAnelly, Derald Wayne Turner, Douglass Ogden Smyth, Gerald Royce Lewis. Fourth Row: Lewis Wheeler Donaghey, Michael Edward Thomas, Edward A. Cowan, James Carter Boone, Jr., Glenn Alan Carnagey, John Frederic Trimble. WILLIAM PANNILL AYCOCK Company Commander Company F ARMY R. O. T. C. SECOND PLATOON Front Row: Allen Fred Ernst, Patrick Samuel Kaufman. Second Row: Don Keith Meier, Robert Scotland Clark, III, Donald Gee Gibbs, Philip Douglas Creer, Jr., John Burleson McCullough, Jack Stewart Roberts. Third Row: Richard Coe Farrell, Donald Humphrey Poole, Dwight Franklin Henderson, Leslie Stephen Mendelsohn, Donald Eugene Roper. Fourth Row: Luke Cole Fisher, Jr., Gilbert Eugene Fritsche, Harold Benson Foster, Alex Dennis McNabb, Peter Allen Hatton. SALLY ANN SCHNEIDER Sponsor TRANSPORTATION CORPS THIRD PLATOON Front Row: Douglas Edward Kyle. Harold David Krick, Jr. Second Row: Eugene Adolf Holmgreen, Granville Emil Ott, Alvin Felix Blair. Jerry Douglas Conn, Cornelius Williams Ruth, III. Jimmy Mack Hodges Third Row: Lawrence Edward Steinberg, John Frank Hobbs, Robert Lester Griffis, James Patrick McGuire, Ronald Gene Becker. Fourth Row: John Russ Butler, Robert Frank McEldowney, Jr., Jerry Doyle Tacker, Orville Homer Miller, Gordon Henry Otto. PAGE 395 WALTER RUSSELL LONG, JR. Company Commander PHYLLIS JEAN MAZZAGATE Sponsor MILITARY POLICE CORPS FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Tom Rogers Edwards, George Edmund Batcheler. Second Row: Edward Chester Mainous, Jon Bracker, Jerry Don Smith, James Robert MofFett, Jo Edward Shaw, Jr. Third Row: Ronnie Lee Waide, James Duane Saegert, Bill Lehman. Fourth Row: Kenneth Hastings Savage, William Raymond Carrico, James Freddy Pruett, Charles Culberson Mason, Jr. ARMY R. O. T. C. SECOND PLATOON Front Row: Lester Paul Francis, Mark Adair Steinhagen. Second Row: Robert Sylvester Craig, John Thomas Cater, Henry Lunsford Sledge, Kleo Glen Halm, John Thomas Stuart. Third Row; William Ross Maples, James Boyd House, Jr., Louis Richard Smith, III, Charles Joseph Macmanus. Fourth Row: Lewis Lee Kull, Robert Anthony Butler, Robert Morgan Woodruff, Jack Norman Bateman. THIRD PLATOON Front Row: John Kampmann Meyer. Second Row: James Robert Sorrell, Jr., James Eslie Shillingburg, Cameron Herschel Gates, William Kyle Vollmer, Francis Marion Thomson. Third Row: Joe Stuart Clements, Anthony Girard Lozano, Amador Garcia, Wess Lee Wyman, Jack Willard Connell, Jr., Hayden Walter Wilhite, David Carey PAGE 396 FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Joseph Jaworski, Henry Carr Pritchett. Second Rmv: Larry Medlock, Bobby Lee Lackey, Larry Clifton Stephens. Arthur Snell Bird. Marvin Allen Denowitz. Third Ro;r: Fred Bednarski. Jr., Ace Morgan Owens, Don Michael Dowdle. Fourth Row: Pearson Grimes, Royce Dennis Gourley, Jerry Lee Hughes, Walter Edward Pitts, Jr. DOUGLAS MARTIN BAKER Company Commander Company H ARMY R. O. T. C CAROLYN ELIZABETH CLAYTON Sponsor MILITARY POLICE CORPS THIRD PLATOON Front Rmv: Robert Monroe Rucker, Robert Freeman Mayhall. Second Rmv: David Harris Davis, II, Ben McCullough Patterson, Jr., John Robert Kittrell, Charles O ' Fiel, Jr., Wayne Wilson Clements, John Edson Teed. Third Row: Tom John Weigel, Jr., Judah Bernard Schultz, James Arnold Hall. John Charles Blanton. Fourth Row: James Leon Hailey, Jimmy Dale Hunt, Larry Cranfell Wyatt, Marion Stanton Roberts, Jr. PACE 397 PINCKNEY FRANKLIN STEED Company Commander DEBORAH JOAN WARE Sponsor FIRST PLATOON Front Row: James Neal Blanton, Lee Sledge Green. Second Row: George Carson Allen, Jr., Charles Allen Baker, Charles Allan Angel, Charles Roland Bragin, Joseph Albert Bar- zilla, Timothy Higgins Cornwall, Steve Mark Bynum. Third Row: Lee Harris Burkholder, Burtram William Derrick, Arthur Searles Cramer, James Willis DeWalt, Samuel Chaskin, Robert Frederick Burkart. Fourth Row: Raymond Frederick Downs, Bruce Baker Durrenberger, Don Gene Dwight, Eugene Edward Fritcher, Curtis DeLore Fenton, Jr., Melbourne Stanley Gans, Norman Dwight Frede. ARMY R. O. T. C Headquarters Co. vv SECOND PLATOON Front Row: Carl Ernest Reistle. III. Second Row: Van Hook Howard, III, Hubert Bonner Herren, Jr., Lucius George Hill, George Leslie Huckabee, Emanuel An- drus Hebert, Clark Kern Huff, Jon Hanson Gillespie, Richard Lewis Jones. Third Row: James Charles Larkin, William Joe Koen, John David Hughes, Ralph Felix Ledwig, Tommy Norton Lindcr, Clarence Willys Legler. Fourth Row: Paul Flavian McKean, Elmo Judson McKee, Charles Tale Meeks, Rufus Edmonds Palm, Ira Verdell Lott Benis Glen Lee. j THIRD PLATOON Front Row: Evan Wadsworth Williams, Jr., Lester Albert Mil ler, Jr. Second Row: David Henry Rubin, Hubert Edward Rossy, Jr., William Morris Ravkind. Charles Eugene Reagan, Jr., Jay Frank Powell, Charles Leonard Pesek, Alexander Hamilton Ross, Nicholas Sarantckes, William Walter Fortune, Peter Westly Galier. Third Row: Walter Scott Stewart, James Allen Shelley, Edward James Sarrazin, Holmes Alford Semkin, Jr., Joseph Shade, William Pretlow Riddick, Thomas Neilson Thurlow, William Garrels Priest, ]r. Fourth Row: Jack Dennis West, Jack Tremper Williams, II, Howard Earl Bel], Brink Coleman Renick, Jr., Arnold Joseph Tucker, Harvey Seymour Tiras, Robert Barnes Thornton, Emory Landrum White, Jr. PAGE 398 COLOR GUARD IRA REXFORD HULSE Commander JOCELYN WELLS Sponsor Left lo Right: Richard Lynn McDaniel, Danny Ray Lambden. Albert Carl Hampel, Malcolm Scott Hicks, William Carroll Kelly. RANGER COMPANY I I Front Row: Ira Rexford Hulse, Billy Ray Johnson. Second Row: Thomas Randolph Work, Hector Homero Ca rdenas, John Ben Lott, James Paul Miears, Glenn Bartlett, III, Humberto Luis Juarez, Glenn Earl Altwein, Lawrence Burton Finger, Third Row: Joe William Bain, Robert Taylor Newsom, Dill. ml Maurice Chappell, Samuel Sidney Cole, Dillon Kirk Grubb, Javier Lopez Celaya, Hampus Emanuel Roos. Fourth Row: Charles Frank Vela, William Reid Gieseke, James Nicholas Jordan, Clarence L. McGill, William Mitchell Evans, Robert Lee Thompson, Jr., Donald Louis Carmichael. Fifth Row: Wayne Thomas Willis, Roger Terry Shapiro, Donald Pierce Raynsford, Ben Alvis Stafford, Jon Roger Bauman, Richard Simon Karotkin, Robert Martin Kirstein, James Douglas Kazen. PAGE 399 4 4 CONFEDERATE DRILL TEAM Front Row: John Edward Swindells, Arthur Louis Braden. Second Row: James Douglas Kazen, Thomas Randolph Work, Robert Lee Thompson, Don Louis Carmichael, Javier Lopez Celaya, Dennis Wayne Rainoshek. Third Row: Elwood Ray Henderson, Joe William Bain, Wayne Thomas Willis, Richard S. Karotkin, William Mitchel Evans. RIFLE TEAM Front Row: George Robert Thurmond, Charles William McHugh, Jerold Harrison Jenkins, Scott Petty Jr., William Price, George Robert Edwin. Second Row. M Sgt. Frank N. Greenawalt, Paul Flavian McKean, John Nicholas Brown, Walter Brown Pistor, Don A. Robertson, Colonel Ralph A. Tolve. Cadets at summer camp learn about the helicopter and its use in the transportation of troops. Raymond Downs and a trio of other summer camp cadets inspect a gauge as part of their training as future officers. Summer camp finds many a cadet in the field working out tactical problems with the latest in war equipment. s u M M E R Walter R. Long checks the score of another cadet in his company as he pulls the targets. CAMP Allan Cockrell and two other cadets from Missouri Mines and Iowa State, respectively, have an equipment inspection in the rain at summer camp in Virginia. John O ' Meara of the University and students from Rice, and University of Iowa put a " T-Bay " into the river in the assembly of a footbridge. DEPARTMENT OF NAVAL SCIENCE The University of Texas is one of the fifty-two Universities in the United States having a Naval ROTC Unit. In September, 1940, the Navy first appeared on the campus. The demand for of- ficers during World War II made necessary an expanded program to include the Flight Prep- aratory School and a Navy V-12 Unit. Thou- sands of students have received their commissions as Ensigns in the Navy or Naval Reserve and as Second Lieutenants in the Marine Corps or the Marine Reserve. The Navy V-12 Unit was decommissioned in June of 1946 and the Holloway Plan was adopted. The enrollment in the Texas Unit usually averages about 340 students. Many of the students receive valuable training through the summer cruises which enable them to apply their textbook knowledge in seamanship. Ports in Europe, Canada and the Caribbean are visited. CAPTAIN DONALD GREEK IRVINE Professor of Naval Science Front Rmt: Lieutenant (j.c. ) John Benjamin Harwood, Lieutenant Jack K. Lanley. Lieutenant Commander Kenneth James Moram Simpson. Commander Radford K. Arner, Captain Donald Greer Irvine, Major William E. Antley, Jr.. Lieutenant Orvill Pilgrim, Lieutenant -Thomas Roy Wilkinson. Second Row: Marjorie Anne Bode, Yeoman First Class Joseph W. Reine. Chief Fire Control Technician Neal Owen Mills, Chief Gunners Mate Bruce Browning Williamson, Chief Fire Control Technician Homer Alton Ellis, Master Sergeant Walter Arthur Buttrirk, Chief Quartermaster James William Neal, Storekeeper First Class John H. Achey, Jr.. Muriel H. Plasky. PAGE 402 BATTALION STAFF Front Ron-: Max Karlson Miller, Sammye Jo Hall. Second Row: William Jackson Brownlow, Newton Edward Ward, Jr.. Dan Russ Young, David Roy Hines, Sam Yandell Dorfman, Jr. Third Row; Robert Ben Lillie, Donald Ralph McLelland. NAVAL R. O. T. C. COLOR GUARD Left to Right: Hascal Bruss Billingsley, Allen John Pierce, Joseph Duane Hooker, Charles Lester Mackenzie, William Judson Rogers. STAFF Left to Right: Michael Hill O ' Brien, William Arch Harrison, Jr., Richard Dugan Ricketts, Richard Alan Palmer, Sherry Glover. NAVAL R. O. T. C. ' FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Fred Stephen Nagle. Lindsay F. Phillips. Second Row: Julius Desey Desenberg, Harold Lee Ermey, William Kendall Adam, Thomas Edward Roberts, Robert Raymond Randolph, Ronnie Henry Roberts, Ernest Alexander Beltz. Third Row: Billy Ronald Carnes, Harvey Keith Fahrenthold. James Kenneth Alfred, Bill Horton McNall, Brian McGarvey Spinks, Charles McKinley Smith. Fourth Row: Benny Ray Breed, N ' orman Herbert Barth, Peter Robertson Buenz, Howard Leslie Atkins, George Edwin Green, Richard Edwin Rankin, Jr. PAGE 4 )4 SECOND PLATOON Front Row: Richard Earl Black. Charles Leslie Eversole, Ronald David Greenberg. Second Row: William Neal Kocurek. William Howard Espey, John Thomas Coats, Joseph Edward Tepera. Jon Edwin Ferguson, Mark Harvey Waggoner, Frank Edward Billings. Clovis Seigler Vaughn. Third Row: James H. Granger, John Albert Dickson. Ill, Carleton Edward Anderson, Donald Paul Griffith. Thomas Phillips Field. Jr.. Stephen Michael Vaughn. Fourth Row: George Albert Olson, David Caldwell, Dexter Boone Hamon, John Cather Sargent, Jerry Ray Foster, Joseph Walter Harrison. Jr. ABLE COMPANY THIRD PLATOON Front Row: Joe Speed Carroll. Michael Alan Wiley. Second Row: William David Walter, William Judson Rogers. Alfred Ewing Dishman, III. Jack Ray Curtsinger, Thomas Murray Barge. Jacob Joel Goldfinger, Eugene Beck Scale. Third Row: Jack Harrison Stutts, Lewis Clifton Calk. Charles Leach Gilbreath, Bailey Lovin Guess. III. Samuel Robert Cummings. III. Fourth Row: Buford Preston Berry. John Clifton Cooper, James Warren Bachus, Ralph Waldrom Dau, David Carlton Cobb. Jackie Richard Cooper. STAFF Left to Right: Jack Ratliff, A. Jackson Hill, John McLean Griffith, Jr., Ben Britain West, Bonnie Mac Vifquain. NAVAL R. O. T. C. FIRST PLATOON Front Row: James Curtis Boyce, Hugh Montgomery Hawthorn?. Second Row: Thomas Michael Tait, Bill Frank Galloway, Robert Lee Westby, Fredric Mitchell Silver, Ronald Gene Woods, Peter Barnard Callaway. Third Row: Hascal Bruss Billingsley, James Daniel Williams. Charles Wayne Cuke. Jr.. Michael David Dennis. Charles Lester Mackenzie. Fourth Row: Bob Virgil Cauthorn, George Homes Ginn, Eugene Thomas Beynon, J.-.. Don Lee Kirksey, Frank Bedford Jones, Jr. PACE 406 SECOND PLATOON Front Row: Robert Kenneth Berg, Douglas Worth Duderstadt. Second Row: Thomas Edward Seekatz, Thomas Richard Glower. Martin Enrique Garcia, John Henry Herber, Michael Jame:; Clifford, William Edward Henry, John George Prather Third Row: Richard Earl Holloway, David Lee Buchanan. Jr.. James Terry Topham, Donald Eugene Taylor, Sterling Norman Sorrell, Bob Edward Lively. Fourth Row: Robert Stephen Carter, Roy Briley Johnson. Terence Colquitt Todd. Robert Conway Houston. Charles Edward White, Fred Ligarde. BAKER COMPANY THIRD PLATOON Front Ron-: Stuart Lee Phelps. Larry Allen Herbert. Second Row: Sam Raymond Bright. Hall Street Hammond, Franklin Ace Pickens, Larry Lee Loyd. Paul F. Hensler. Sidney H. Smith, Bill Lee Liggin. Third Row: Jerry Donald Cope, William Childs Lipscomb, Paul Edward Stallings, Randolph John Larcade. Joseph Chris Makeever. John Noble Melvin. Fourth Row: Fred Krause Dick, Ronald Jack Finger, George Durden Gibbs, Jr., Norman Everett Long, Frank Eugene McLain, Ben Allen Meharg. STAFF Left to Rieht: Philip Ridlay Cecil, John Weldon Koenig, Elbert Aubrey King. Jr., William Howard Bond. Jr., Ann Lightfoot. NAVAL R. O. T. C. FIRST PLATOON Front Row: James Edward Boykin, James Edgar Cowles. Second Row: Henry Donnan Jacoby, George William Cape. Jr., John Robert Stockwell, Lawrence Allen Mann, William Thomas Moore, Leslie Allen Sanders, John William Pieper. Third Row: Gibbs Macdaniel, Jr., Donald Keith Harrington, Berry Bruce Tolle, John Holt Sandel, Curtis Ronald Shuler. Fourth Row: Joe Norman Meadows, James Irvine Perkins, Jr., Richard Cornwell Jerrongs, Richard Dale Brotzman, Frederick Warren Middleton. PAGE 408 SECOND PLATOON Front Row: John Browning Carter. Walter Kleas Rainbolt, Jr. Second Row: Brady Marshall Cole. William Ferdinand Joplin. Richard Harper Pettway, Frank Joseph Palczer. Thomas Rush Mast, Charles Edward Youna. Third Rote: Harold Rice Murray. Lawrence Ray Green. Melvin Ernest Stockton. Jr., James Percival Rice. John Hill Watts. III. fourth Ron: Harry Lee Jones, Wallace Michael Mays. Roger Francis Nelson, Larry Don Knippa. Louis Benjamin Houston, Jr. CHARLIE COMPANY THIRD PLATOON Front Row: Don Ray Ramsey, Robert Crowell Cole. Second Row: Henry Richards Elmer, Jr., William Ernest Schmidt, Jerry William Schwartz. Albert Toole, Dale Gaylard Bettis. Third Row: Melvin Lynn Roloff, Joe A llen Mauldin, Wallace Berry Norton, Arnold Everett Dickey. Don Stanton Smith. Fourth Row: Joseph Marion Scruggs, Jr., Robert Nelson Shelby, James Lacy Pierce, Donald Lee Linker. STAFF Left to Right: Hut h Pat Fate, Robert Alexander Games. Jeriy Harrison Jenkins, Willie Ellen Belcher. BUCCANEERS Duane Hooker. Fourth Row: Dan Earl Hawley. Front Row: Robert Alexander Carnes. SECOND PLATOON Second Row: Charles Ray Akin, Jr., Robert Charles Reinarz, David Holland Henderson. Darrell Ethe!dred Tarver, Royce Linton Cutler, Jack Hugh Donlon, Jay Lawrence Poth, II, William Harold Gibson, William Fredick Hettler, Jr., George Raphael Rogers. d Row: Chris Nelson, III, James Howard Bell, John Rentz Doggett, III, Robert Samson Singer, Walter Clarkson Bowman, Jr., Grant LeRoy Bigelow, Royce Herman Hall. Clinton Blain Thompson, Richard Maurice Moore. Jr. mrth Row: James Benjamin Hall. Jerome Michael Kopel, Joseph Eugene Cecil Martin, John Eugene Senterfitt, Daniel Lester Rush, Richard Glenn Looney, Bill George Ekrut, Alfred Flores Cazares. Everett Franklin Collins, Jr., Ronald Eugene Eddy. An ensign in New Orleans aboard the destroyer shows University cadets the functions of the Navy ' s " hedge- hog " which is a rocket for submarine defense. A regular enlisted Navy seaman explains the working of the anchor to a group of midshipmen. SUMMER CRUISE A detailed description of the projecto pattern of the " hedge-hog " is given to a group of sophomores and fresh- men Naval ROTC cadets by a commander aboard ship. The winch that is employed in handling the anchor of a destroyer is explained to a host of University prospective future ensigns. PAGE 411 RIFLE TEAM Front Row: Ben Cecil Collier, Jerry Harrison Jenkins, Granville Edward Panics, II . Dorse Howard DuBois, II. Second Row: Major W. E. Antley, Joseph Duane Hooker, Daniel Lester Rush, Master Sergeant Walter Buttrick. AT THE NAVY BALL. Left In Right: Captain Irvin;, Mid- shipman Captain Max Miller and Ellen Belcher, Navy Sweetheart. ELLEN BELCHER, Navy Sweetheart. PACE 412 DEPARTMENT OF AIR SCIENCE The Air Force Reserve Officers ' Training Corps program was established at The University of Texas in July, 1947. This pro- gram, offered by the Department of Air Science, is designed to select and prepare University Students to serve their country as Commissioned Officers in the Air Force. Air Science cadets are given orientation flights in military aircraft in addition to excel- lent training in leadership and Air Science. The majority of AFROTC graduates become pilots and navigators in the United States Air Force. OFFICERS COLONEL DAVID H. THOMAS Professor of Air Science Left to Right: Captain Rossi L. Selvaggi, Captain Donald E. Spears, Major Eugene A. Wink. Jr., Colone David H. Thomas, Captain Harold R. Stanton, Captain Patricia Whitmore, Captain Harold L. Harris NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Left to Right: Staff Sergeant Thomas W. Royal, Jr., Staff Sergeant Joseph K. Batten, Master Sergeant Robert Fairlee, Master Sergeant Erwin W. Freudenberg, Master Sergeant William H. Davenport, Master Sergeant Virgil T. Hill, Staff Sergeant Billy G. Bass. PAGF. 413 CELIA ANN BUCHAN Wing Staff Sponsor MORRIS SHEPPARD JOHNSTON, JR. Deputy Wing Commander . Wing Commander WILLIAM O. RREKDLOVE Wing Adjutant WING ROBERT H. BOHN Deputy Personnel CHARLES MILBY LITTLE Deputy Material RICHARD WAYNE BATEMAN Deputy Operations DAMKL ASHBY STULTZ Deputy Inspector STAFF LARRY WAYNE ANDERSON Judge Advocate ALEXANDER L. C. MAGRUDER CHARLES MARVIN HINEMAN Assistant Operations Officer Information Services Officer CHARLES L. OGELSBY Assistant Information Services Officer PAGE 414 GROUP I STAFF Left to Right: George Randall Hammond. Ronald Anthony Bartlett. Samuel Idrogo. John Alvin Russell. GROUP STAFFS GROUP II STAFF ; GEORGE RANDALL HAMMOND Group I Commander DIANE SUE SAVAGE Group I Sponsor HUMBOLDT CASAD MANDELL, JR. Group H Commander SHARON LOUISE HENSON Group 11 Sponsor Front Raw: Humboldt Casad Mandell. Jr. Second Row: Jimmy A. Almazan, John Hamshire Williams, David Henry Williams, Jr. PAGE 415 SQUADRON JACK RONALD COX Commander WILLIAM AUGUST HOTMANN Commander WILLIAM EMMETT CASSADY Commander FLIGHT A Front Row. William Clingman Jennings, Patricia Ann Clayton, Carole Anita Miller, Janice Norma Miller, Jo Anne Hamilton, Kenneth Ray Porter. Second Row: Holley Segrest Hudson. Richard Harmon Duvon, Jr., John Fredrick Koepke, Marshall Wayland Thompson, Ruben Wert Hope, Charles Murray Miles, James Andrew Stone. Third Row. Willie Smith Bennett. Herbert William Dodson, Graham Barton Luhn, Wayne Scott Lanier, Thomas Maurice Wilson, Kermit Wayne Uecker, John Stewart Hufford. Fourth Row. John F. Williams. Richard Newell Jernii(an. Scott William Forney, Roger Neil Havekost, Israel Gelfond, William Edward Brock, Robert B. McMasters. Troy Hall Davidson, Jr.. Albert Clay Ross. Not Pictured: Harold Wesley Ashendorf, Samuel Culberson Boswell. AIR FORCE SQUADRON FLIGHT C Front Row: Clarence Frank Lyon, Charles Albert Machemehl, Wilfred Lee Rankine. Second Row: Gary Therman Cheatham, Henry David Christian, Robert Nyland Aberrrombie. Lewis Virgil Hagar, Jr., Cleve James Hoecker, James Wendell Gilliam, David Dean Wilson, Charles Lester McClellan, Clarence Wagner Chandler. Third Row: Norcel! Dan Haywood, Wayne Reginald Clark, Thomas Harder Henderson, David Gavin Ritchie, Jr., John Bogue Butler, Herman Hines, Donald Edward Bott. Fourth Row: Rex Alton Nichols, James Terry Gray, Franklin Emecson Miller, Rhoten Rudolph Sellers, Robert Wilson Sudderth, Stanley Asberry Bynum, Grady Dyson Bruce, Willie Watson Robertson, Jr. Not Pictured: S. S. Conner, Bob Louis Cummings. SQUADRON FLIGHT E Front Ron: Hilton Ivan Chodorow, Herschel Odel Wells, John Mortimer Wood. Second Roiu: Emil Bernard Brauer, Herman Willis Kennedy, William Max Jennings, Don Edward Boesch, James Wilburn Spivey, Samuel Bruner Horton, Clifton Hatcher McCall. Third Row: Robert Leyton Gunn, Ronald Vincent Larson, Larry Leon Womble, Gordon Arthur Holloway, Gordon J. Christensen, Curtis Bennett Dyer, Jerome Bernstein, Robert Harold Smith. Fourth Rnu-: Byron Louis LeFlore, Robert Alan Hunt, Albert Mackey Harral, Fred Rohner Bruss, Richard Charles Schulte, Gene Allen May, Jerry Allen Muenniak, Murry Stroud McMurry, James Edward Suber. Not Pictured: Bernard J. Ehresmann, Donald Eugene Spencer, Paul Duaine Hope. ONE FLIGHT B Front Row: Frank Edwin Moore, Jimmie Wayne Zunker, Fred Daniel McLarry. Second Row: Douglas Deane Palmei% Charles Marvin Foerster, Richard George Munzinger, E dward Russell Lindsay, James Lee Musel, Charles Edward Botefuhr, Bruce Warner Carpenter. Third Row: Harwood Lewis Collins, Jr., Sylvan Witte, David Ragsdale Ellison, John Dee Stockman, Lawrence Herbert Redford. Fourth Row: Harry M. Ravenna, III, Wiljiam Maynard Barton, Jr., Jimmy Robert Keys, Louis Irvin Schneider, Jr., Frank Louis Waynewood, William Kindred Stephenson, James Lipscomb Ballard. Not Pictured: Eugene Franklin Broome. ELIZABE.TH MATHEWS BLANTON Sponsor R. O. T. C FLIGHT D Front Row: Donald Wick Spafford, Richard Economy. Second Row: John Paul Eldridge, Jolen Milton Hathaway, Richard Larry Summers, Gregory Alan Carter, Jack Davis Ballard, Donald Lee Daniel, Abelardo Flores. Third Row: Anthony Kent Dunnam, Karl Edwin Olson, Dick Sullivan Calkins, Bruce Edwin Bain, Richard Lee Ferrell, Tommy Wayne Pope, Harry Simon Pullen. Fourth Row: Kenneth Wayne Whitt, Floyd Leonard Worley, Eugene Oliver Dirr, Herbert Lester Green, Charles Michael Burkett, Clarence Leon Callaway, Eugene Boyd Smith, Jody Shirley Davis. Not Pictured: Lester Barry Palmer, David Ross Fennekol, Walter Asa Saunders. THREE FLIGHT F Front Row: Wayne Arthur Munson, John Charles Procter, Perry Montgomery Giles. Second Row: David Andrew Kendrick, Don Curtis Russell, Joseph Cahill Hitt, Clark Stanley McCarty, Jimmie Doyle Felps, Louis Vega Guerrero, Cleve Edward Moten. Third Row: George Cardwell Jolley, Thomas Mitchell Thurmond, Ernest Windrow McBride, Robert Merl Kincaid, Jay Mayne Lewallen, Jay Bradford Rea, William Ernest McKnight. Fourth Row: Frank Oliver Willy, David Evan Griffiths, Donald Charles Krause, John Woodall Ashley, James Roy Davis, Roy Albert Vasquez, Curtis Louis Bena, Terry Clay Green. GAYLE WHITEHURST Sponsor ANNETTE MORRIS Sponsor Henry Valentino leaning on shoulder of Alexander L. C. Magruder, John M. Wood, Jr., John A. Russell, Wayne A. Munson at Williams Air Force Base, Arizona, first session. William O. Breedlove, III, at March Air Force Base, California, Flight Leader. SUMMER CAMP Bryan R. Conn, Williams Air Force Base, Arizona, second session. US. AIR Ira J. Dolich, March Air Force Base, California. Air Show, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, July 1956. Attended by AFROTC Cadets from all over the United States. Charles L. Oglesby, Williams Air Force Base, Arizona, first session. PAGE 418 Brigadier General T. C. Rogers, Commandant of Air Force ROTC and Colonel David H. Thomas in front of new ROTC building. L O C A L S H O T S Field trip. Captain Patricia Whitmore, Director of WAF Cadette Program in charge. Model Plane Contest Left to Right: James T. Gray, Fleming C. Hobbs, Thomas G. Jeter, Bruce E. Bain. Colonel Phyllis D. S. Gray, Commander of Women ' s Air Force, inspecting at The Universi right, Carol A. . . , , WAF Cadette program at The University of Texas. Left, Judy Miller, . Miller. Staff of AFROTC cadet yearbook, FLIGHT 57. Left to Right- Cadet Captain Charles L. Oglesby, editor, Floyd L. Worley, reporter, Karl E. Olson, copywriter, Stanley H. Henderson, art editor. Athletics Intramural semi-finalists: Standing: Jay T. Pierce. Byran R. Conn, Ronald E. Bergman. James G. Cerny. Kneeling: Troy H. Davidson, Jr., Jimmie W. Zunker, Harold B. Lineberger. PAGE 419 SQUADRON EARL JOHNSON NESBITT Commander IRA JULES DOLICH Commander FLIGHT G Front Row: Joaquin Fox. Second Row: Richard Lee Rozolsky, John Robert Maddox, Thomas Gentry Jeter, Jr., John David Baylor, William Kenneth Gray, Allen Frank Musick, Federico Arnoldo Gonzales, Carl Rodney Perkins, Kenneth Ray Farabee. Third Row: Joe Edward Manz, Charles Henry Washington, Curry Helmeth Vogelsang, Darrel Lee Dommert, Willie Gerald Rueter, John Craig Carrell, John Livingston Travis, Robert Clayton Falls. Fourth Row: Frank John Mikeska, Arthur Edwin Mason, David Trenton Killen, Billy Mac Thornhill, Robert Lee Orr, Stan Haywood Henderson, Randolph Edmond De Busk, Cadmus Kilgore Lawson. AIR FORCE SQUADRON FLIGHT I Front Row: Robert Falligant Travis. Second Row: Stephen Clay Elliott, Fredrick Wayne Schumacher, Anthony Bedford. Robert Seeling Poston, Alton Wayne Whitney, Gary Frank Shelton, Donald Wood Young. Third Row: Robert Edward Coldwater, Garlon Wyndle Davis, Bobby Wayne Dodson, David Allen Sadler, James Richard Ruff, William Sam Cannon. Fourth Row: David Norman Dittmar, Thomas L. Pritchett, Ronnie Pierce Ely, Ronald Bergmann, Devereux Brown Dunlap lohn Harrison White, Ted Lee Price. Not Pictured: James Leo Richardson. SQUADRONM EDWARD LEROY DAY Commander FLIGHT K Front Row: James L. Bartz. Second Row: John Lewis Kelly, Clarence William Hetherly, Stanley Marshel McAnelly, Roy Edgar Box, Jr., Robert Schram Burnside, David Lynn Magness, Fleming Cook Hobbs. Third Row: David Eugene Barnett, Robert Eames Collier, Robert Edwin Tucker, Joe Ogburn Huggins, John David Ranger, Sid James Albert Tarro, Raul Tovar Torres. Fourth Row: Monte Patrick Williams, Tracy Dachier Moser, Landow Wayne Stewart, Charles William Hoehne, David Lindsay Thomas. NIFOUR FLIGHT H Front Row: James Ray Cochran. Second Row: James Parker Oliver, Edwin Willis Patterson, Alvin Hanson Barnes, Ruthven Champion Tolbirt, Jr., Ronald Lemon Jones, Frank Joseph Schmidt, Jr. Third Ro;r: Lenard Fredrick Giesecke, Robert Riehl Engle, Anthony Ray Henry, Jon Philip Jones, Jerome Frank Kubala, Jr., James Curtis Gattis. Clarence Andrew Glass, Patrick Lambert Searcy. Fourth Ron-: Francisco Javier Pena, Jimmie Ray McGregor, Cecil Harold Jones, Lee Allen Paulsel, Charles Lee Hall, Larry Claude Burgoon, John Elbert Dayton. Carlos Landon Naumann. Stanley Kent Davis. Not Pictured: Robert Lee Parker, Karl James Schoenfield. EARLENE WHITT Sponsor iFIVE R. O. T. C FLIGHT J Front Kow: Jay Terry Pierce. Second Ron: Ernest Raymond Thomas, James Coston Anderson, Gordon Oakley, William Norris Agee, John Lowell Carrick, Victor Vernon Staffa. Jimmy Lewis West, Raul Jorge Lozano. Third Row: Kenneth Armstrong Simmons, David Ray Lofland, Eugene Lewis Davis, Morris Farrell Womack, Walter Lee Swierc, Ronald Williams White. James Clifford Frey. Fourth Ron: Michael Lazar Richker, Jereld Edward McQueen, Stanley Aaron Spivey, Fred W. Huszagh, Thomas W. Mack, Ernest Patrick Bond, Ellie Barton Underwood, Jr., John Tristani Sherwood, Irby Max Ford. MARCIA ANNE SOLKA Sponsor )f|SIX FLIGHT L Front Row: Lloyd Walker Jary, Jr. Second Row: Andrew Florez Perez, Benjamin Gary Wood, Charles M. Vick, Robert Harold Guest, George Lee Griffin, Jim Lenard Barnes, James Thomas Jasper. Third Ron 1 : Harry Alison Jones, Dewey Herman Mobley, Maurice Edward Cowan, Peter Arthur Vena, William Louis Guyton, David Lloyd Hairston, Donald Kenneth Hill, James Jackson Dorrough. Fourth Roic: George Robert Edwin, Malvin Glen Teague, George David Conn, Clarence Stacey East ham, Rodrigo S. Trevino, Humberto Adame. Jerry Mac Trim, Clelland Maxwell Harris. Not Pictured: Richard August Strecker. DOROTHY JEAN JARMON Sponsor ORANGE WINGS ROBERT STERLING FARMER Commander The Orange Wings, the Air Force ROTC precision drill team, is a voluntary unit composed of Air Science Cadets at The University of Texas. These cadets may be identified by the distinctive accessories which they are authorized to wear as part of their official uniform; bloused boots, white scarves, blue helmets, and orange and blue fourragere. As the champion ROTC Drill team of the University, the Orange Wings were privileged to act as honor guard for the Queen of the Military Ball. The " Wings " easily took second place in the annual AFROTC Area " H " Exhibition Drill Competition Meet, held at the University on April 13, when they demonstrated their skillful maneuvers against crack drill teams from seven other schools. MARIAN FRANCES MARYE Sponsor . Front Row: Robert Sterling Farmer Second Row: Maurice John Lehmann, David Owen Swint, Ronald Aarcn Reneau, Larry Gene Eastep, Clinton Lynch Smith, Joe Wayne Perrone. Higinio Juan Cantu, Sergio Romero, James Douglas West, Minor Louis Helm. Third Row: James Grover Cerny, Richard Ellis Vaden, George Philip Kazen, James Donald Kniker, Robert Rhoades Trostel, Tom Richard Chaffin, Joseph Aloysious McBride, Martin Brock Jones, Jacob Alton Bauerle. Fourth Row: Raymond Dale Christian, Cardis William Bryan, Jr., Garon Eugene Beverly, Robert Alfred Waldrop, Ralph Wilson Nimmons, Jay Harvey Reynolds, Jerry Edwin Smith, Ted George Leonard, David De La Torre. Fifth Row: Louis Rushing Manz, James William Sutton, Donald Thomas Ward, Frederick Sydney Schlather, Samuel Matthew Holland, Charles Michael Ruckman, Robert Eugene Henderson, Horace Dodson Carmichael, Clovis Ray Hale. Not Pictured: Hector G. Sierra, Gilbert Vasquez Castillo. PAGE 422 AIR FORCE ASSOCIATION Left to Right: Morris Sheppard Johnston, Jr., Richard Wayne Bateman, William Otway Breedlove, Gary Gene .eft to night: Morns aheppard Jol Martin, Charles Marvin Hineman. RIFLE TEAM Front Row: Charles M. Rurkman. Ronald L. Reneau, Maurice J. Lehmann, George R. Edwin, Walter Brown Pistor, James J. Dorrough. Second Row: Master Sergeant Robert Fairlee, Coach; Staff Sergeant Thomas W. Royal, Jr., Assistant Coach. PAGE 423 FRESHMAN LEADERSHIP LABORATORY HAROLD BENTON LINEBERGER Director MITCHELL LOUIS MARTIN Instructor x Early to rise makes a man healthy and wise. From the cool mornings of late September, through the dark dawns of January, and until the pleasant sun-ups of early May, freshmen cadets of the Air Force ROTC hurry to Whitaker Field at 0700 hours each drill day to learn and practice the fundamentals of close order drill. This then is the purpose of the Freshman Leadership Laboratory, to better prepare the freshmen cadets to participate in the regular drill periods of the Air Force ROTC Cadet Wing. INSTRUCTORS Front Row: Harold Benton Lineberger, Emmit Alton Koelle, Jr., Lawrence Eugene Hart, Dennis Joseph O ' Brien, James Arthur Loynd, Phillip Robert Zeeck. Second Row: Dan William Crofts, Walter Brown Pistor, Joseph Holt Foster, George Daniel Matzke, Dennis Gordon Pace, Stewart Leonard Davis. PAGE 424 COLOR GUARD Left to Right: James Robert Niebuhr, Sam Hulin Hall, Thomas Leslie Pritchett, Jr., Don Joseph Jackson, Bradford Argall Popkin. R. O. T. C. BAND FRANCES EATON LELAND Sponsor HENRY VALENTINO Director Front Row: Jerry Weldon Ball, Henry Valentino, Frances Eaton Leland, Karrell John Johnson. Larry S. Lamberth. Second Row: Bob Harold Watson, David Otto Nilsson, Marshal Don Surratt, David Livingston White, Marion H. Johnson, Noley Russell Bice, William Fredrick Beane, William Gilbert Swanzy, Eduardo Pena. Third Row: Henry Louis James, David Lynn McLaughlin, Charles Arthur Pogue, Jack Tel ford, Carroll Gene Erwin, Charles Lee Michulka, Jerry Kenneth Treybig, Walter J. Duncan, Carl Dean Howard, Charles Burnett Wood. Fourth Row: Donald George Snodgrass, Robert Harris, David Weldon Trekell, Loy Lee Rooke, David Webb Catter, L. G. Slider, Jr., George Richard Fulton, Jr., Robert Miller Dickson, I - MI in Malcolm Niemeier, Leon Laforest Holland. Filth Row: John Charles Milner, lay Wolf Ungerman, Larry Lester Bowers, Rodney Wayne Peavy, James Jerral Taylor, Thomas Jackson Risinger, James Thomas Ross Cockrell, Charles Wesley Wright, Raul Gutierrez, Jr. LEMUEL SCARBROUGH FOUNDATION AWARD FREDERICK HOMER GINASCOL Assistant Professor of Philosophy JOE BERTRAM FRANTZ Associate Professor of History Page 426 ttS Wl m sw, Dorms and Co -ops PAGE 427 ANDREWS DORMITORY STAFF Dormitory Counseling Supervisor Dormitory Resident Counselor MARY M. WARREN LAILA STUBBS President Vice-President Treasurer Reporter . OFFICERS NANCY CARTER MICHEL CARLOTTA GOETH SYLVIA JOHNSON AIDA NYDIA BARRERA ADVISORS Chairman Aida Nydia Barrera Dana Sue Forrest Mary Lou Francis Gail Gammage BILLYE RAE FUNK Gloria Ann Holloway Sylvia Johnson Marjorie Anne Pearson Mozelle Laverne Schmitt Marsraret Lou Watson Front Row: Goeth, Michel, Barrera, Johnson. Second Row: Forrest, Betty Sue McGonigle, Watson, Martha Satterfield, Linda June Scott, Pearson. Third Row: Gammage, Funk, Holloway. Schmitt, Geeslin, Francis. PAGE 428 BLANTON DORMITORY STAFF Manager of the Women ' s Residence Halls Dormitory Counseling Supervisor Dormitory Resident Counselor Dormitory Resident Counselor Dormitory Resident Counselor N. JANE GREEK FRANCES B. SHELTON IRENE PIGMAN NORMA JEAN RIDDLE ELINOR JANICE KIRBY President Vice-President Secretary-Reporter Treasurer OFFICERS House Council SEMIRAMIS CRONFEL LINDA ANN TUCKER CYRENA Jo NORMAN MARY BETHANY WEEMS Semiramis Cronfel Sylvia Jan Funk Student Relations Committee President .... WANA LEE BROUGHTON Secretary .... MARIAN IRENE BYROM ADVISORS President .... MARGARET HELEN TURPIN Secretary .... PATRICIA ANN ROBINSON Carolyn Lorraine Hendrie Carolyn Joy Koch Ann Stuart Moffit Nancy Elizabeth Johnson Sally Kay Maxwell Jean Ellen Pepper Marilyn Estelle Hagan Laverne Johnston Sharon McKeown Cleone Singleton Mary Kate Surratt Mary Ann Ward Mary Bethany Weems Front Row: Robinson, Surratt, Pepper, Tucker, Norman, Johnson. Second Row: Moffit, Haven, Maxwell, Singleton, Turpin, Diane Ross, Cronfel, Weems. Third Row: Byrom, McKeown, Funk, Ward. Fourth Row: Shirley Priscilla DaCamara, Johnston, Shelton, Broughton, Nan Keith Kelly, Sarah Jean Penberthy. PACE 429 I : I CAROTHERS DORMITORY STAFF Director . Counselor GRACE COLLINS DAWSON MARIAM ANDRUS OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Housemother Resident Counselors MARTHA LOUISE BOWSER PATTY VAUGHN RAMBY DOROTHY ANN PAYNE GINGER DELL DUNLAP GRACE COLLINS DAWSON JEAN DAVIS CORA LUCILLE SEXTON Catherine Joy Williams, Chairman Roslyn Aronowitz Peggy Jo Elder Laura Lissa Folmar Jo Ann Hale Mary Linda Hancock ADVISORS Martha Louise Hawkins Marilyn Grace House Martha King Hughes Jenny Lee Jones Jo Von Jones Margaret Ann Lef twich Edwina Dee Marshall Iris Luverne Mitchell Josephine Parks Sarita May Rubinsky Patricia Mae Siemens Catherine Elizabeth Voigtman Front Row: Payne, Dunlap, Bowser, Ramby. Second Row: Williams, Parks, Voigtman, Marshall, Elder, Rubinsky, J. V. Jones, Dawson. Third Row: Aronowitz, Hughes, Folmar, House, Hancock, Hale, J. L. Jones, Mitchell. PAGE 430 . GRACE HALL Episcopal Dormitory for Girls Director . . . . Assistant to the Director President . Vice-President . Secretary . . . . Publicity . . . . RUTH ANN BRADFIELD BARBARA ANN CAUDLE STAFF HOUSE COUNCIL JANE GRAVER MARCIA LEE HAGELMAN MARTHA GAVIN MRS. M. L. MOON BARBARA Jo GRAY NELL HOPE WAKEFIELD MARY ANN MANN MARY ELIZABETH SEALS Coco PASCHETAG SARA GRACE SANDLIN MEMBERS Mary Etta Allen Leonora Gertrude Anderson Lcnora Jo Bales Helen Wynyard Bellhouse Sara Josephine Bond Patsy Faith Bostick Ruth Ann Bradfield Florence Patricia Calhoon Catherine Louise Carson Barbara Ann Caudle Suellen Chance Barbara Lee Cordell Patricia Sanford Cralle Jane Graver Linda Marshall Darnall Patricia Yvonne Davis Esther Rae Dorman Beverly Durnal Janet Inez Ewing Etelka Vernelle Ferguson Nancy Ruth French Palma Dianne Frick Judith Ann Gardner Mary Ann Gay Janice Kay Goodwin Barbara Jo Gray Marcia Lee Hagelman Clarissa Lynne Haycraft Lyndabel Elizabeth Henry Gretchen Hill Sandra Jo Huber Ruth Frances Johnson Linda Lou Jones Sandra Cartwright Kardell Nancy Catherine Lackey Diane Kay Leach Sarah Kenyon Leech Mary Sue Line Patricia Anne Maguire Mary Ann Mann Anita Sue Marion Margaret Mathews Sally McClure Phyllis Adele Milligcr Peggy Jo Monsees Diana Elizabeth Nagle Mary Susan Nesbit Sue Howard Nicholls Catherine Ford Olivet Coco Paschetag Kay Esther Ponder Maryllyn Anne Powell Judy Katherine Pulver Nancy Elizabeth Rains Vonnabeth Gail Redmon Janet Lee Reeves Marjorie Beth Saenger Sara Grace Sandlin Ann Schlesselman Mary Elizabeth Seals Mary Augusta Sonnichsen Angela Annette Steinle Patricia Lee Stephenson Barbara Ann Stroud Sarah Ann Tedder Jac Patricia Teller Elizabeth Jane Tucker Judith Anne Tuggey Nell Hope Wakefield Flora Bess Weiss Priscilla White Jane Catherine Wilson Susan Lee Womack Janice King Woods PAGE 431 KIRBY HALL STAFF Director Dietitian Graduate Student Counselors IRENE T. POWERS KATHLEEN HEATON LORRAINE MARGARET GUSTAFSON PATRICIA JANE WOLF ADVISORS Alma Ayleen Howard, Chairman Alma Jean Merwin, Secretary Jean Carol Bryant Catherine Ann Campbell Barbara Lois Dickey Martha Carolyn Graves Hilda Nancy Marvin Nelda Ruth Stanford Freida Weisblatt Bobbie Ruth White Front Row: Ruth Pennington Hickox, Sally Ann Pierce, Marilyn Joyce Kaarup, Barbara Jean Bentel, Lorraine Margaret Gustafson, Phyllis M. McGee, Annette Esther Branch, Barbara Ellen Barnes, Linda Caytes Mil, mi. Rosemary Jane Butschek, Maxine Usry, Freida Weisblatt, Patricia Jane Wolf, Frances Estelle Bluhm, Marcia Joy Crowell. Second Row: Anella Hickman, Carolyn Ruth Savage, Hilda Nancy Marvin, Jean Carol Bryant, Patricia R. Quebe, Marinell Bormann. Martha Carolyn Graves, Rose Mary Rodgers. Janis Virginia Little, Jane Thomas, Frances Ann Childre, Nelda Ruth Stanford, Jane Bailey, Mary Katherine Cunningham, Dianne Elizabeth Smyth, Linda Jorene Barton, Carolyn Williams. Third Row: Hazel Karen Kincheloe, Joan Carolyn Farquhar, Judith Vermelle Cody, Sylvia Louise Carter, Alice Joyce Cushman, Betty Jo Brown, Diana Patricia Hampson, Barbara Ellen Parnell, Bobbie Ruth White, Mary Lucretia Kniveton, Janice Ray Courtney, Janet Lucille Stanberry, Mary Louise Fretz. Fourth Row: Ramona Charlene Elkins, Alma Jean Merwin, Shirley Jean Worley, Barbara Elaine Schmidt, Alma Ayleen Howard, Martha Dean Boroughs, Elwanda McCurdy, Joyce Ann Vogelsang, Sally Catherine Chenault, Patricia Gayle Eagle, Barbara Carol Love, Sandra Jean Hughes, Janet Ernestine Hagler, Donna Beth McCormick, Barbara Lois Dickey, Margaret Anne Brumbelow, Peggy Jo Gregory, Sidney Jean Hultgren. PAOE 432 1 LITTLEFIELD DORMITORY Director Counselor Counselor CLARE LOUISE KISKADDON BURA VAN HOOVE BETTY MCGONIGLE Beverly Sue Peel, Chairman Beverly Kay Baker Mary Ann Bass Florence Beloate Bobbie Sue Buck Ruth Ann Cloud ADVISORS Lucy Ann Collins Ann Devine Nancy June Hale Josephine Moore Howell Emma Nan Jones Elizabeth Pettus Lawrence Carole Elaine Mathews Julia Ann Moffett Nancy N. Pinson Betsy Ross Kay Ellen St. Germain Patricia Ann Wilcox Lettie Mae Wheat Front Row: Beverly Kay Baker, Kay Ellen St. Germain, Julia Ann Moffett, Patricia Ann Wilcox, Mary Ann Bass, Ann Devine, Lucy Ann Collins, Nancy June Hale. Nanrv N. Pinson, Elizabeth Pettus Lawrence, Bobbie Sue Buck, Beverly Sue Peel, Florence Beloate, Emma Nan Jones, Betsy Ross, Josephine Moore Howell. Second Row: La Nell Chaffin. Eileen Ann O ' Rourke. Ruby Louise Gremmel, Sylvia Anne Shmidl, Linda Elizabeth Hankins, Rebe Sue Sanford, Gretchcn Elizabeth Werner, Margaret Elizabeth Jones, Ernestine White, Mary Louise Veal, Barbara Ann Melzarek, Lera Josephine Lingo, Glenda Sue Woods, Linda McDougle, Kay Harris, Judith Christine Fisher, Nancy Ruth Buchanan. Third Row: Patricia Vigeon, Laura Preston, Nancy Margaret Cheek, Gloria Jean Henson, Sarah Elizabeth Hicks, Gwendolyn Sue Andrews, Charlyne Louise Cyphers, Martivee Carol Curtin, Diane Wallace, Lynn Gail Ellis, Mary Ruth Sheldon, Catherine Clark Eden, Betty Ann Willmann, Suzanne Lee Stark, Peggy Louise Parker. Fourth Row: Juanita Ann Barnes, Linda Gail Rhine. Sharon Beth Dehnisch, Vicki Danielle Nichol. Claudia Lynne Fletcher. Charlotte Mary Bracken, Hazel Dell Dincans, LeeAnn Luke Michalske, Linda Susan Hauer, Edna Mae Haines, Claudia Elizabeth Robinson, Mary Lucille Royal, Lola Evelyn Weir, Mary Lee Taylor, Frances Ann Riemann. Mary Lou Schuenemann, Carol Dean Esse. Fifth Row: Carol Anne Giesecke. Helen Svlvia Prime. loAnn Watkins, Mary Sue Mitchell, Margaret Jeanne Focke, Virginia Louise Wagner, Joanne Clifton Bickford, Carol Bryan Atchison, Isabel Gerson, Karen McKinney. Sixth Row: Margaret Ellen Nabours, Patricia Ruth Griffin, Carolyn Ann Thomas, Anna Katherine Akin, Thyrza Christine White, Lynn Isabellc French, Linda Kay Yancey, Clara Gertrude Shugart, Gay Lynn Townsend, Elizabeth Margo Wiley, Elsie Maryan Beard, Margaret Maurine Motter, Constance Elexis Moffit. Seventh Row: Sandra Faith Fuller, Rose Marie Herry. Martha Andrea Danzeiser, Edith Jane Wynne, Barbara Lee Vermillion Jane Marie Fontaine, Julie Hallmark, Renee Carol Jones, Lettye Jane Presley, Margaret Diane Melton, Elizabeth Joyce Bourdon, Diana Davis Barwick, Mary Blanche Fanett, Shirley Ann Lucas, Julia Quay Williams. Eighth Row: Ursula Louise Jeffrey, Judy Anne Parker, Alma Lucile Miller, Joyce Carol Crawford, Jayne Roger Goss, Dorothy Carolyn Sandlin, Jean Mary Mill. in. Helen Faltin Martin, Suzanne Shaw, Phyllis Ann Borden, Elizabeth Lee Walton. PAGE 433 MEN ' S RESIDENCE HALLS Dormitory Supervisor . . ROBERT LENTON JONES Dormitory Supervisor . . DAN KELTON MORRISON COUNSELORS Roy H. Chapman Emanuel Andrus Hebcrt Boyd Frank Etheridge Bobby Joe McClcndon SIMKINS HALL Dormitory Supervisor . . . HARRY PAT HEWELL COUNSELORS JOHN QUINCY ADAMS BOB ERIC SHANNON ROBERT CLARK GOULD JACK RAINARD WAHLQUIST BRACKENRIDGE HALL Dormitory Supervisor . . WILLIAM F. BURCHARD ROBERTS HAL COUNSELORS William Edward Marshall Carl Thomas White Donald L. Carmichael Bobby G. Dyer PRATHER HALL Dormitory Supervisor . . PAUL MARTYN WHISTLER COUNSELORS Bobby Jack Miller Nicholas Dameron Thurmond Bohn Dixon Allen Jackie P. Bowyer MOORE-HI HAL Dormitory Supervisor Assistant Dormitory Supervisor COUNSELORS Bobby James Barrett Jackie Ben Boone Robert Grim Buckner John Charles Chumney THOMAS MARVIN ANDREWS MORGAN KENNETH WILLIAMS Hulen Alphes Hale Gerald Dodson James Jack Edward Landry Thomas R. LeBleu Clifford Franklin McMaster Cleburne Price, Jr. Robert A. Tucker Phillip Robert Zeeck CLIFF COURTS LITTLE CAMPUS DORMITORY Dormitory Supervisor . . . BOYD ALVIN PATTON Dormitory Supervisor . . . FRANK D. LONADIER COUNSELORS COUNSELOR JERRY Ross FULLER RUSSELL A. WELTMER BILLY SEBE LINDSEY Dormitory Supervisor EDWARD CHARLES VACULA COUNSELOR JAMES DOUGLAS THORNBERRY SAN JACINTO DORMITORIES B, C, AND D Dormitory Supervisor PHILIP GERALD HANSON COUNSELORS JIMMIE DEE JONES ROLAND LARRY MATTHEWS PAGE 434 F, G, AND H Dormitor y Supervisor JOE DAVID CAGLE COUNSELORS JOHN WESLEY CARROLL, JR. HURSHEL FRANKLIN MOORE KENNETH WAYNE WHITT NEWMAN HALL STAFF Director Social Hostess SISTER MARY SABINA ALMA KRAEMER OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer MILDRED ANN DOROTIK BETTY JOE GREENE BARBARA ANN BORING Cynthia Ann Summers, Chairman Barbara Ann Boring Mary Ursula Dawson ADVISORS Mildred Ann Dorotik Betty Joe Greene Susan Martin Carolyn Anne Tucker Janice Berniece Wear Front Roic: Patricia Ann Brennan, Caroline Jean Kubala, Cynthia Gayle De Alba, Carolyn Anne Tucker, Maria Aurora Ramirez, Maria Antonieta Medina, Dolores Gamez Ortega, Frances Ann Michalka, Patricia Margaret Stevens, Cecilia Anne Lomonte, Helen Lysbeth daunts, Jane Frances Spacek, Second Row: Winifred Marie Conlon. Rosita Marian Martinez, Barbara Dolores Smith, Charlotte Ann Pfeiffenberger, Azalea Rita Mays. Barbara Joan Adams, Bertha Margaret Guerra, Dorothy Ann Martin, Alma Kraemer, Renee DuBois Webb, Amelia Judith Garza, Janice Berniece Wear, Beverly Susannah Martin, Annette Marie Bay, Betty Joe Greene. Third Row: Carolyn Ruth Leppard, Clara Louise Johnson. Margaret Mary Kosh, Susan Laura Ogletree, Jo Ann Davis, Carol Suzanne Wrobleski, Florence Thercse Jakle, Kathleen Anne MacKenna, Sally Jane Taylor, Joyce Elaine Kutac, Dardanella Guerra, Barbara Ann Zurovec, Maria Luisa Lara, Mary Evelyn Timmins Prado, Mary Monica Cooke, Emily Ann Kvinta. Fourth Row: Mildred Ann Dorotik, Gayle Lynne Thompson, Nora Marie Parma, Barbara Joann Boenig, Patricia Marie Boenig, Patricia Jane Blasdel, Suzanne Rita Short, Nancy Ann Shoup, Susan Ellen Keenan, Susan Anne Lieberman, Teresa Maria Sanchez, Sandra Jane Moran, Evelyn Yvonne Gandara. Cynthia Ann Summers. PAGE 435 SCOTTISH RITE DORMITORY STAFF Director Head Resident Counselor Food Production Service Manager Office Manager President . Vice-President Secretary . Publicity Chairman OFFICERS MRS. F. C. McCoNNELL JULIA ALLISON MRS. T. R. COOKE MRS. M. B. JENKS SHANNON HOWARD LUCY RUTH HOPPER SYDNEY ANN DONAGHEY AMBER LEMERLE BERNARD Nancy Jane Anderson Peggy Joyce Arnold Amber LeMerle Bernard Mary Anna Burris Patricia Ann Bruce Carol Rosalyn Courtney Frances Lee Deen Sydney Ann Donaghey ADVISORS Sandra Len Griffith Carolyn Janet Haley Lucy Ruth Hopper Kay Francis Hooper Shannon Howard Marilyn Marshall Nina June McCain Virginia Nash Frances Ann Ramsey Mary Lu Ryan Martha Samuels Jo Ann Sohn Ray Davis Torian Charlotte Anne Williams Bettye Lyn Womack Front Row: Hopper, McCain, Courtney, Ryan, Donaghey, Hooper. Second Row: Williams, Burris, Marshall, Ramsey, Bernard, Anderson, Arnold, Samuels, Nash, Haley, Womack Third Row: Griffith, Howard, Torian, Deen. INTER CO-OPERATIVE COUNCIL OFFICERS President JERRY DON GORE Vice-President SYLVIA MILADY MALY Secretary HILARIA LALA ACOSTA Treasurer RICHARD A RLIN STANLEY Parliamentarian RALPH LAWRENCE CARMICHEAL Reporters LINDA MAY MARSHALL BILLY EDWARD BYRD Faculty Sponsors DOROTHY GEBAUER CURTIS JACK ALDERSON D. B. JACK HOLLAND ELWOOD J. PREISS HALSTEAD HOUSE Myloa May Beilke Marie Hudson WOMEN SHANGRI-LA Virginia Adele Evans Barbara K. Story WAKONDA Carmen Janene Caldwell Carol Sue Cole PEARCE THEADORNE Ann Klemt Dolores Haus Shirley Jane Crawford Sue Ellen McWilhams POWELL HOUSE VALHALLA Sylvia Ruth Cuschnir Marilyn J. Ferrill Mary Elizabeth Vantreese Margaret Anne Welborn WHITEHALL Kay McKinley Elizabeth Hansen Rowell ALHAMBRA Lester P. Hamblen Amador C. Garcia CAMPUS GUILD James Boswell Lyons Jackie Richard Cooper MEN OAK GROVE Weston Marshall Sherwood Fred Nelson Pfeiffer RAMSHORN Manuel Jerome Behne Richard Gordon McCracken THELEME Ralph Lawrence Carmichael Joseph Paul Horton T.L.O.K. Jack Devore Reynolds John Thomas Rowntree TWIN PINES Charles Ivan Ashbaugh William Frederick Beane Simon Vasquez Moya ft ' ' ALHAMBRA HOUSE President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Dietitian . Detail Manager Sergeant-at-Arms Housemother . Oscar S. Barrientos Arturo E. Batres Raul Adrian Besteiro Jose David Bovja Joe Frederick Burke Julian Castillo Homer Javier Chapa Frank Michael Colby Armando Noe DeLeon Hector DeLeon Amador C. Garcia OFFICERS AMADOR C. GARCIA JOSE ELIAS VARGAS ROLANDO SORIANO LONGORIA RAFAEL PENA ARTURO E. BATRES ARTURO BENECIO MARTINEZ, JR. ARMANDO NOE DELEON ANITA SALDIVAR MEMBERS William Ray Coins Jose Italo Guerra Lester P. Hamblen Librado Lionel Herrera Emilio S. Jimenez Rolando Soriano Longoria Ramiro Lopez Alfonso Estrada Maldonado Arturo Benecio Martinez, Jr. Dario L. Martinez Guillermo Medellin Jose Arnoldo Medellin Andres Castillo Morales Ricardo Ortiz Rafael Pena Manuel Ruiz, Jr. Julian Saldivar Gilberto Uresti Roland J. Vallejo Jose Elias Vargas " ' Front Row: Barrientos, Hamblen, Pena, Garcia, Batres, Ortiz, Morales, A. B. Martinez, G. Medellin. Second Row: Ruiz, Guerra, Vargas, Longoria, A. DeLeon. Coins, Colby, Burke. PAGE 438 CAMPUS GUILD OFFICERS President . . . . House V ice-President . Kitchen V ice-President Treasurer . . . . Secretary . . . . Reporter-Historian Sponsor . . . . JACKIE RICHARD COOPER BEN ALVIS STAFFORD JOHN LESLIE ROBINSON DAVID MINET HOFFMAN THOMAS SCREVEN McCALL ROBERT NEAL MAISEL BILL RASCHKE MEMBERS Okan Alpay Jerry Don Ball Richard Thomas Balzen Raymond Bela Ridvan Metin Berkman Millard Courtney Brisbois Roger Robert Brune Billy Edward Byrd Joseph Ralph Canfield Robert Bruce Cassell Louis Cheng-Hsten Chaing John Critenden Clymer Yalta Albert Cook Jackie Richard Cooper James Edgar Crawford, Jr. John Pyburn Cundieff, Jr. Billy Kyle Dietz Carroll Gene Erwin Wayne Edward Etter Elton Doyle Fowler Samuel Burnett Frederickson George Fuentes George Durden Gibbs, Jr. Peter Hans Goebel Raul M. Gonzalez Hans Joachim Grups George Albert Guynes, Jr. Clovis Ray Hale Thomas Harder Henderson John Richard Hoelzel David Minet Hoffman Larry Don Knippa Charles Leo Krum, Jr. Curtis James Lacy James Boswell Lyon Robert Neal Maisel Leonel Maldonado Thomas Screven McCall Dan Mihailovich William Alex Moellendorf Charles Travis Moorman William Lewis Morgan Patrick Andrew Myers Thomas Carter Myers Jorge Napoles Masami Okuhiro Granville Emil Ott Anthony Trujillo Rudy Ramirez Richard Edwin Rankin, Jr. Robert Maurice Riley Noel Gene Robertson John Leslie Robinson Carlos Franisico Rocha Hirotoshi I. Samejima James Richard Sawyer Jerry Wayne Scarbrough James A. Schell Alfred Christian Schram Donald Louis Schraub Jack Schultz Ben Alvis Stafford Surendra Himatlal Shah David L. Shapiro Elgene Campbell Spencer Philip Wayne Stahr Edward Louis Starr Arthur Richard Troell Lo Chun Tung Boonyok Vadhanaphuti George Ethelbcrt Veteto, Jr. Louis Viramontes Robert I. Viramontes Alfred Voitle Frank Valton Vogel John McClintock White Alton Wayne Whitney Richard Williams Donald Ray Williamson Thomas Eugene Wood Larry Wayne Wright Front Row: Lacy, Shapiro, Frederickson, Maisel, Moorman, Wood, Goebel. Second Row: Etter, Schraub, Erwin, Knippa, Fowler, Berkman, Clymer. Third Row: Veteto, Starr, Moellendorf, Riley, Fuentes, Morgan. Fourth Row: Okuhiro, Maldonado, Krum, Robertson, Voitle, Robinson, Rankin. Shah, Balzen, Vogel, Hoffman, Whitney, Canfield, Vadhanaphuti. Fifth Row: R. Viramontes, Napoles, White, Spencer, Wright, Samejima, Ott, Schultz. PAGE 430 CROW ' S NEST OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . MAX KARLSON MILLER NORMAN Louis CERVENKA BYRON RAYMOND ADAMS Byron Raymond Adams Charles Ray Akin Grant LeRoy Bigelow Lyle Floyd Branch James Hilton Brown Robert Alexander Games N orman Louis Cervenka Ben Cecil Collier Dorse Howard DuBois Robert Charles Edwards Harvey Andrew Eikel Fred Henry Esch MEMBERS William Bradford Fenwick Jerry Walter Gunn William Frederick Hettler, Jr. Robert Sidney Jones Daniel David Kana Charles David Kent Donald Lee Linker Richard Glenn Looney Joseph Chris Makeever Wyatt Hudson McGee Donald Ralph McLelland Max Karlson Miller Clovis S. Vaughn Richard Maurice Moore, Jr. Gilbert Lee Odiorne Granville Edward Paules, III Daniel Maurice Phillips Lindsay F. Phillips John William Pieper George Raphael Rogers Daniel Lester Rush John Eugene Senterfitt Curtis Ronald Shuler Cuthbert Harold Smith John Robert Stockwell - g Front Row. Rush, Bigelow, Rogers, Moore, Hettler, Carries, L. Phillips, Senterfitt, Miller. Second Row. D. Phillips, Gunn, Kana, Pieper, Akin, Brown, Smith, McLelland. Third Row: Paules, Fenwick, McGee, Shuler, Linker, DuBois, Collier, Edwards, Branch. Fourth Row. Vaughn, Kent, Jones, Makeever, Adams, Odiorne, Looney, Stockwell, Esch, Eikel. PAOE 440 f OAK GROVE OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Detail Manager Business Manager . ALVIE OWEN ASHLEY F. KYLE READ FRED NELSON PFEIFFER WESTON MARSHALL SHERWOOD WILLIAM DAVIS KVINTA JACKIE RAY BOSTON Alvie Owen Ashley Allan Abner Bailey Gerald Roy Beaver Leslie Eugene Bell Eugene Thomas Beynon, Jr. Jay C. Bland, Jr. Jackie Ray Boston Max Morris Calliham James King Cole Raymond Lee Collins John Albert Dickson, III Thomas Edwin Evans Marshal Kent Funderburk MEMBERS Jon Robert Gibson James Collins Guckian John Halley Harrell David Holland Henderson Kenneth Harlan Jett John Ryan Knaggs William Davis Kvinta James Howard McGill Ben Allen Meharg Jerry Louis Merritt David R. Muckleroy Loman Thornal Park Fred Nelson Pfeiffer F. Kyle Read Robert Raymond Randolph Billy Warren Scott Ja mes Dennis Shannon Weston Marshall Sherwood Floyd Bachelder Stough, III Joel Douglas Tinker John Oliver Trent Douglas Carol Whatley Ernest Dorman Wheeler Robert E. Willson Henry K. Woodward ., Front Row: McGill, Boston, Pfeiffer, Guckian, Beaver. Second Row: Bailey, Gibson, Funderburk, Woodward, Wheeler. Third Row: Shannon, Cole, Evans, Whatley, Tinker. Fourth Row: Bland, Willson, Read, Sherwood, Ashley. PAGE 441 THELEME OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer Whip Food Buyer Historian CLEATIS R. CARROLL JAMES EDWARD SWANN, JR. THAD J. WOODRUFF, JR. JOSEPH PAUL HORTON RICHARD DOUGLAS SPINKS RONALD EUGENE THOMPSON Ralph Lawrence Carmichael Cleatis R. Carroll Robert Willard Clark Charles Lee Evers Norman Phillip Faist Kermit Richard Finley Daniel Anton Foyt Erwin Franke, Jr. Jimmy Jack Frost Bill F. Galloway MEMBERS Joseph Paul Horton Vaclav Jezek William Ray Kennemer Zane Grey Marshall Charles Gale McQuaid James William O ' Dowd Walter Edward Pitts Charles Allen Shoemake Richard Douglas Spinks James Rush Stewart, Jr. James Edward Swann, Jr. Thomas Michael Tail Malvin Glen Teague Jimmy Franklin Thompson Ronald Eugene Thompson John Patrick Truly Roy Glen Turnbo Alfred Jackson Turner William Travis Votaw Thad J. Woodruff, Jr. William R. Yost Front Row: Marshall, Swann, Turnbo, Clark, Truly, Carmichael, Franke, Shoemake, Jezek. Second Row: Turner, Yost, Tait, O ' Dowd, Woodruff, J. Thompson. Third Row: Teague, Pitts, Stewart, Frost, Evers, Spinks. Fourth Row: Foyt, Carroll, Faist, Finley, Kennemer, Votaw. PAGE 442 T. L. O. K. CO-OP OFFICERS President Treasurer Food Buyer Secretary . House Maintainer Faculty Advisor . RICHARD ARLIN STANLEY JERRY DON GORE HARRY DEAN PERKINS WALTER RAY KONZEN ROYCE RAY WHITEFIELD NORRIS G. DAVIS Edwin Webb Ashley Millard Courtney Brisbois John Gordon Burke Jerry Don Gore Didier Tisdel Jaen Abdul Hassib AH Kekheya Walter Ray Konzen Robert Edward Lee George Walter Lowe MEMBERS Loy Dean McGowan Harry Dean Perkins Spencer Gordon Randolph Sterling Parker Randolph Gordon John Ratcliff Jack Devore Reynolds John Thomas Rowntree, Jr. Mahmoud Ibrahim Saleh Harry Peter Schneider Ralph Allison Shoberg Glen Charles Speer Richard Arlin Stanley Walter Richard Steitz James Roland Stuckey Arthur Lee Turner William Ellis Ware Royce Ray Whitefield Ralph Garland Yoas Front Row: Lee, Jaen, Saleh, S. P. Randolph, Kekheya. Second Row: Stanley, Perkins, Speer, Reynolds, Ware, Gore. Third Row: S. G. Randolph, Burke, Schneider, Lowe. Fourth Row: McGowan, Brisbois, Shoberg, Rowntree, Steitz. Fifth Row: Turner, Stuckey, Ashley. PACE 443 TWIN PINES CO-OP OFFICERS President Treasurer Food Buyer . Housemanager Intramural Manager RAYMOND H. BARING WILLIAM EVERETT HORNUNG WILLIAM FREDERICK BEANE EDWIN ANTON GASSMANN LESTER RAY KOETHER Ignacio Bedos Albiol Benton Anderson Charles Ivan Ashbaugh Mamdouh Bakri Baggal Raymond H. Baring Donald Harvard Baron William Frederick Beane Carroll William Boecker Peter Barnard Callaway Frederick Francis Castrow, III Frank T. Carmona Bennie John Constantin Guy Travis Dickson, Jr. MEMBERS Lloyd Milton Durst Edgar Gustav Fischer Alexander William Gabert Edwin Anton Gassmann Gerald D. Harlan Erwin J. Haas Charles William Hoehne James Farrel Holbrook William Everett Hornung Abdul-Rshim Irshaid James Downey Jacques Dale Eugene Johnson Herman E. Kahanek Richard Rudolph Knorr Lester Ray Koether Albert Leon Lapidus Harold Stanley Lapidus William Lee Lindemann Simon Vasquez Moya Edward George Naumann Hisham A. Ramadam Thomas Linner Robertson Frank Huntington Stack Jimmy Don Stoner Eliseo Smith, III Ralph Wayne West I Front Row: Beane, Baggal, Holbrook, Constantin, Johnson, Naumann. Second Row: Gassmann, Koether, Kahanek, Hornung. Third Row: Gabert, Stack, Albiol, Boecker. Fourth Row: West, Irshaid, B aring. Fifth Rcui: Lindemann, Haas, Fischer. PACE 444 STUDENTS ' CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION The Students ' Cooperative Association is a non-profit organization designed to provide member groups with food and supplies at economical rates made possible through cooperative buying. Eligible for membership are non-profit student organizations maintaining houses. President Vice-President Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Faculty Members Advisors .... Manager BOARD OF DIRECTORS ARTURO E. BATRES . LEO ANDERSON CHAMBERLAIN JEROME MICHAEL KOPEL SHIRLEY BEATRICE KLEIN SYLVIA MILADY MALY STELLA TRAWEEK STANLEY A. ARBINGAST DOROTHY GEBAUER D. B. JACK HOLLAND THOMAS B. BEATTY I Men ' s Cooperatives Fraternities Fraternities Sororities Women ' s Cooperatives MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS Acacia Alhambra Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Phi Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Campus Guild Catholic Fraternal Organization Chi Phi Crow ' s Nest Christian Faith and Life Men Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Halstead House Kappa Alpha Oak Grove Pearce Co-Op Phi Delta Theta Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Tau Pi Kappa Alpha Powell House Presbyterian Seminary Ramshorn Co-op Shangri-La Co-op Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Sigma Delta Tau Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Tau Delta Phi Tau Kappa Epsilon Tejas Club Theadorne Co-op Theleme Co-op Theta Chi Theta Xi T.L.O.K. Twin Pines Valhalla Co-op Wakonda Co-op Whitehall Co-op i ' PAGE 445 HALSTEAD Front Row: Green, Kindig, Acosta, Range), Nunn, Brotzman. Second Row: Hornsby, Carelli, Homsy, Caldwell, Garrett, Beilke, Hudson, Warren. Third Row: Norman, Ransom. Co-ordinator . Hilaria Lala Acosta Myloa May Beilke Kathleen Louise Brotzman Adelia Purgato Carelli Margaret Elizabeth Caldwell Eloise Ann Garrett Mary Gayle Green MARIE HUDSON Ann Homsy Mary Elizabeth Hornsby Virginia Anne Kindig Louise Ann Norman Roberta Jo Nunn Marta Rangel Betty Lou Ransom Front Row: Crawford, Barbay, Bingham, Neumann, Brown, Hernandez, Wehe. Koenig. Second Row: Janca, Klemt, Hugman, McGhee, Lockhart, Caruthers, Wilson, Straznicky. Co-ordinator Barbara Faye Warren Sandra Jane Barbay Barbara Ann Bingham Carol Ann Brown Nelda Ruth Caruthers Dorothy Joan Echterhoff Sylvia Christina Hernandez Bernadine Mary Hugman Lydia Agnes Janca SHIRLEY JANE CRAWFORD Ann Klemt Maudy Merle Koenig Joyce Fay Lockhart Melanie Sue McGhee Marilyn Neumann Charlotte Straznicky Mary Jo Wehe Rebecca Ann Wilson POWELL HOUSE SHANGRI-LA Co-ordinator . Patricia Kay Adams Bonita June Amos Silvia Ruth Cuschnir Karin Louise Ekdahl Peggy Ann Ettredge Munifa Mahood Ezzat Mary Louise Ingram BETTY Jo HAWKES Emma Lou Linn Miriam G. Mallari Ann Mayhew Lavonna Faith Miller Patti Ann Miller Bonnie June Moore Mary Elizabeth Vantreese Co-ordinator Annabel Beyer Anne Carter Virginia Adele Evans Myrle L. Finck Claudette Isbell Jo Anne Hamilton Dorothy Ann Livingston G. ANNETTE RAY Paula Beth McGee Eva Murillo Ella Ruth Paine Jo Ann Shows Mary Lee Shrum Barbara K. Story Mary Louise Travis Margaret Dawn Williams Front Row: P. Miller, Moore, Ekdahl, Ezzat. Second Row: Hawkes, Cuschnir, L. Miller, Mallari, Adams, Mayhew, Ettredge, Ingram. Front Row: Beyer. Finch, Shrum, Isbell. Hamilton. Second Row: Livingston, Paine, Murillo, Story, Williams, Ray, McGee. PAGE 446 ' THEADORNE VALHALLA Front Ron-: McCasland, Cole, Keasler, Holcomb, Haus, Pruessner. Second Ruw: Bain, Schmidt, Edgar, Almquist, McWilliams, Paules, Crawford, Barbay, Avant. Front Row: Price, Lemmertz, Reagan, Kruse, Linguist. Second Row: Mills, Beard, K. Silva, Elam, Welborn, Bryan, Cure, Ferrill. Co-ordinator . Jane Louise Almquist Sylvia Avant Carolyn Bain Sally Gay Barbay Patricia Ann Cole Mary Patricia Edgar Lillie Mae Graham Dolores Haus DOROTHY JANE CRAWFORD Jo Beth Holcomb Emma Marie Keasler Nettie Jane McCasland Sue Ellen McWilliams Elizabeth Ann Paules Mary Catharine Pruessner Katherine Anna Schmidt Co-ordinator Doris Marie Beard Shirley Ann Bird Barbara Jean Bryan LaNell Cure Shirley Anne Drummond Carolyn Lorine Elam Marilyn J. Ferrill Rosanne Kruse MARGARET ANN WELBORN Marie Frances Lemmertz Dorothy Louise Linguist Sylvia Milady Maly Helen Jean Mills Ann Beard Price Martha Elizabeth Reagan Dolores Silva Kathleen Silva WHITE HALL Co-ordinator Noranne Elizabeth Allen Carmen Janene Caldwell Carol Sue Cole Elizabeth Grace Connally Mollie Lynne Kavanagh Carmela Leal Velma Jean Pokorny Barbara F. Polsky WAKONDA . FRANCES MARIE GRAY Sandra Clayton Richards Stephanie E. Ronay Nettie Mae Steglich Josephine Annie Steinbach Gloria June Stokes Anita Louise Waters Frances Ann Webb Sydney Ann Wells Co-ordinator . Marilee Stearns Baker Carolyn Jean Boddie Lola Mae Bostic Irene Andrea Braden Virginia Ilene Ciarlariello Linda Sue Covert Letty Lynn Gibson Alice Lynne Gilmer Mary Jo Griffin Norma Gaye Griggs Dinah Polly Hansen WILANNA O. BLANTON Minah Molly Hansen Beverly Ann Luther Linda May Marshall Elva Irene Martin Susana Martinez Patsy Lee Mayhew Kay McKinley Elizabeth Haensen Rowell Barbara Ann Ruesch Mary Ann Waters Margaret Jean Welch Front Row: Stokes, Waters, Pokorny, Steinbach, Polsky. Second Row: Cole, Richards, Steglich, Kavanagh, Wells. Third Row: Ronay, Gray, Allen, Webb, Caldwell. Front ROLL ' : Braden, Martinez, Luther, Blanton, Welch, Ruesch. Griffin. Second Row: Gibson, McKinley, Gilmer. Baker, Rowell, Martin, Boddie, Marshall, Covert, Waters, Griggs, Mayhew, Hansen. PAGE 447 ALL-CAMPUS ADVISORS COUNCIL LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT, 1937 Fall NANCY CARTER MICHEL MARTHA KING HUGHES AIDA NYDIA BARRERA . HELEN MARGARET FLINN OFFICERS Council Chairman . Council Secretary Council Reporter Sponsor Spring SYDNEY ANN DONAGHEY MARTHA KING HUGHES AIDA NYDIA BARRERA HELEN MARGARET FLINN Aida Nydia Barrera Dana Sue Forrest Mary Lou Francis Gail Gammage Barbara Ruth Gceslin ANDREWS DORMITORY Gloria Ann Holloway Sylvia Johnson Nancy Carter Michel Marjorie Anne Pearson, Chairman Mozclle Laverne Schmitt Margaret Lou Watson Mary M. Warren, Counseling Supervisor Marian Irene Byrom Sylvia Jan Funk Marilyn Estelle Hagen Carolyn Lorraine Hendrie La Verne Johnston Carolyn Joy Koch BLANTON DORMITORY Sharon McKeown Sally Kay Maxwell Ann Stuart Moffit Patricia Ann Robinson I. Clcone Singleton Mary Kate Surratt Margaret Helen Turpin, Chairman Mary Ann Ward Frances Shelton, Counseling Supervisor Roslyn Aronowitz Peggy Jo Elder L. Lissa Folmar Jo Ann Hale Linda Hancock CAROTHERS DORMITORY Martha Louise Hawkins Marilyn Grace House Martha King Hughes Edwina Dee Marshall Josephine Parks Catherine Elizabeth Voigtman Catherine Joy Williams, Chairman Grace Dawson, Counseling Supervisor Ruth Ann Bradfield Barbara Ann Caudle Jane Graver Barbara Jo Gray, Chairman GRACE HALL Marcia Lee Hagelman Mary Ann Mann Margaret Josephine Monsees Mary Elizabeth Seals Nell Hope Wakefield Martha Gavin, Counseling Supervisor Jane Bloom Jean Carol Bryant Catherine Ann Campbell Barbara Lois Dickey KIRBY HALL Martha Carolyn Graves Alma Aylcen Howard, Chairman Hilda Nancy Marvin Alma Jean Merwin Nclda Ruth Stanford Frieda Weisblatt Bobbie Ruth White Irene Powers, Director LITTLEFIELD DORMITORY Beverly, Kay Baker Mary Ann Bass Florence Beloate Bobbie Sue Buck Ruth Ann Cloud Lucy Ann Collins Ann Devine Nancy June Hale Josephine Moore Howell Emma Nan Jones Elizabeth Pettus Lawrence C. Elaine Mathews Julia Ann Moffett Beverly S. Peel, Chairman Nancy N. Pinson Betsy Ross Kay Ellen St. Germain Lettie Mae Wheat Patricia Ann Wilcox Clare Kiskaddon, Counseling Supervisor Barbara Ann Boring Mary Ursula Dawson Mildred Ann Dorotik NEWMAN HALL Betty Jo Greene Susan Martin Cynthia Ann Summers, Chairman Janice Berneice Wear Sister Sabina, Director Alma Kraemer, Hostess SCOTTISH RITE DORMITORY Nancy Jane Anderson Peggy Joyce Arnold Amber Le Merle Bernard Patricia Ann Bruce Mary Anna Burris Carol Rosalyn Courtney Frances Lee Deen Sydney Ann Donaghey Sandra Len Griffith Carolyn Janet Haley Kay Francis Hooper Lucy Ruth Hopper Shannon Howard, Chairman Marilyn Marshall Nina June McCain A. Virginia Nash Frances Ann Ramsey Mary Lu Ryan Martha Samuels Jo Ann Sohn Ray Davis Torian Charlotte Anne Williams Bettye Lyn Womack Julia Allison, Head Resident Counselor PACK 448 . Religious Activity PAGE 449 UNIVERSITY RELIGIOUS COUNCIL The purpose of the University Religious Council is to coordinate the activities of the Student Religious Organizations; to provide a community between the different organizations; and to study and take action upon the religious needs of the University campus. OFFICERS MEMBERS CHARLES McCoLLoucH IRA. JULES DOLICH SANDRA LEN GRIFFITH PAULINE ANN KUBALA JEANETTE MARTHA JASMAN LATTER DAY SAINTS CLUB Robert Stephen Carter LUTHERAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Katherine Ann Schmidt Jeanette Martha Jasman NEWMAN CLUB Janice Berneice Wear Pauline Ann Kubala STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Jane Birdwell Henderson John Lockman President . V ice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Member-at-Large BAPTIST STUDENT UNION George Walter Traver Ernest C. Woods CANTERBURY CLUB Robert Wallace Tobin Joyce Ann Henderson CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION Rosalyn Robinson Wolfe Katherine Courtney Johnson DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP Jeannie Beal Sandra Len Griffith HILLEL Davie Lou Ettelman Ira Jules Dolich WESLEY FOUNDATION Charles McCollough Chris Spero Farlekas FELLOWSHIP WESTMINSTER STUDENT Iva Marie Menzies Jack Dennis West Front Row: Jeanette Martha Jasman, Katherine Anna Schmidt, Janice Berneice Wear, Iva Marie Menzies, Robert Wallace Tobin. Second Row: Audrey M. Ellsworth, Charles Randolph McCollough, Sandra Len Griffith, Pauline Ann Kubala, Jeannie Beal, Ernest C. Woods, Joyce Ann Henderson, George Walter Traver, Jane Birdwell Henderson, Robert Stephen Carter, Chris Spero Farlekas. Third Row: Ira Jules Dolich, Rosalie J. Oakes, Robert E. Ledbetter, Suzanne G. Reid, Virginia B. Shannon, Elconan H. Saulson, Lloyd D. Buss, Charles T. Jones. PACE 450 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Le (o Right: Traver, Bentley, Simpson, Gee, Chandler, Nations, Robbins, Howard, demons. HARDY CLEMONS WILLIAM CARLOS RAINES Director . . . . Bible Instructor . EXECUTIVE COUNCIL President j ...... Secretary Treasurer . . . Worship Chairman Music Chairman . Social Chairman Promotional Chairman Publicity Chairman GEORGE WALTER TRAVER MARTHA ELLEN ROBBINS SWANZY B. NATIONS BARBARA ANN BENTLEY CREEL LEON CHANDLER MARY ANN GEE MIKE RHYNE SIMPSON, JR. CARL DEAN HOWARD PACE 451 CANTERBURY ASSOCIATION The general purpose of the Canterbury Association is to minister to the University community, especially to Episcopal students and faculty members, and to carry on an aggressive ministry to the unchurched. We believe that this is done through: the worship of the Church in the preaching of the Gospel, the administration of the Sacraments, and in private prayer; the study groups to develop intelligent and mature Christians; the service projects as a witness of our Christian obligations; and the fellowship necessary to bring about the se aims. STAFF Chaplain Student Worker . Apprentice Worker Apprentice Worker JOHN PAUL CARTER SUZANNE REID GERMAIN DUNCAN VIRGINIA SHANNON OFFICERS President . . . . . . . ROBERT WALLACE TOBIN V ice-President . JOHN LOCKMAN Secretary MARY ELLEN EMBREE Treasurer . . . PETER LEE OLIVER PAGE 452 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION Front Rn:c : Carol Ann Putnam, Sue Ann McDowell Brannan, Rosalyn Robinson Wolfe, Alta Jeannie Zeidler, Elizabeth Idaire Putnam. Second Row: Russell Eddy Lueg, Gertrude Maurita Lueg, Lawerence Wayne Everett. Clyde Lanham Hurley, Kay Nell Pearson, Donald Dilworth Brand, Jr., Eleanor B. Stevens, Helen Claire Shaner, Kathryn Courtney Johnson. Third Ron-: Otto Ross Harrison, Richard Roi Maag, Ann La Nell Weber, William Vincent Brannan, Roger Terry Shapiro, Judy Kay Danneberg, George Alan Snodgrass, Don Gilbert Rehmeyer, Lenore Watson, Linda June Scott, Donald Ray Foerster, Henry Ballard Rainbow. The Purpose of this organization is to make Christian Science available on the campus, to help man, and to reinstate the lost element of Christian healing. STAFF ELEANOR B. STEVENS OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Member-at-large Reader . Reader . ANN LANELL WEBER LINDA JUNE SCOTT JUDY KAY DANNEBERG DONALD RAY FOERSTER GEORGE ALAN SNODGRASS RUSSELL EDDY LUEG RICHARD EARL TINSMAN PACE 453 DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP The Disciples Student Fellowship was organized in 1945 on this campus. This group was a part of the newly organized University Christian Church. Dr. Paul Wassenich, Director of the Texas Bible Chair, was instrumental in the organization of this group. Through the years the Disciples Student Fellowship has been an active, vital force in the life of the University Christian Church and the University of Texas. It is cooperative in all united religious activities. John Sayre has recently taken the Minister To Students position and now directs its program. OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Advisors ELIZABETH NEIGHBORS ELLISOR CHANCY CROFT GINNIE LEE PRICE GARY FREDERICK TAFT CHARLES T. JONES JOHN SAYRE o Front Row: Elizabeth Neighbors Ellisor, Cyrena Jo Norman, Carolyn Harris, Martha Joe Ferguson, Sandra Len Griffith, Ginnie Lee Price. Second Row: Jeaiuiie Beal, Charles T. Jones, Larry Dwaine Houtchens, Gary Frederick Taft. PAGE 454 GAMMA DELTA Front Row: Tieber, Luckemeyer, Meiller, M. Friedling, Klaus. Second Row: Rellahan, Pfluger, Falke, Jutzi, Naumann, Best, Winkler, Garza. Third Row: Tarver, Bergman, Besch, Frank, Kohls, Snavely. Fourth Row: Kromminga, Wilde, Fischer, Schumacher, Schulz, Twenhafel. Gamma Delta is an association of Lutheran students specifically designed for the college and university campus to carry forward a planned and unified program of activity. It is based on two Greek words that form the organization ' s motto: gnosis and diakonia (knowledge and service). STAFF EDMUND P. FRANK WILFORD C. WILDE OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Social Chairman Social Chairman Historian . CARL D. BESCH EDWARD GEORGE NAUMANN MARGARET ALYNE BEST EMORY KENNETH DAMSTROM ALBERT ARTHUR RUFF, JR. PAT JOAN RELLAHAN BARBARA SORENSEN WILHELM MEMBERS Marvin M. Bergman Carl D. Besch Margaret Alyne Best Victor Howard Birkman Kenneth Charles Boelter Jerry W. Boriack Benjamin Karl Breder Ralf Franz Brehm Shirley Bernice Bunte Emory Kenneth Damstrom David Norman Dittmar Joan Elizabeth Domaschk Jane Claire Duble Wilbert Charles Dutschmann Alice Jeaneane Falke Edgar G. Fischer Margie Ruth Frieling Vivian Anne Frieling Julia Anne Garza Linda Marie Gibhart Betty Lula Guy Edward Leroy Herider Carolyn Sue Jutzi Ewald Fred Klaus, Jr. Roger John Kohls Lynn Richard Kromminga Shirley Luckemeyer Leif Waldt Luglan Jan Boie Meiller Joachim Dietrich Meyer Charles Leroy Miertschin Thelma Ann Moehle Edward George Naumann Sam Mury Paxson James Douglas Pfluger Pat Joan Rellahan Patricia Ann Roll Albert Arthur Ruff, Jr. Arnold L. Schuller Herbert L. Schulz Frederick Wayne Schumacher John Dennis Snavely Carolyn Sue Tarver Darrell Etheldred Tarver Joyce Elaine Thorensen Ray O. Thorensen Avis Andrea Tieber Marvin G. Twenhafel Wilford Carl Wilde Barbara Sorensen Wilhelm Paul Edward Wilhelm Wallace Gordon Wilson Jane Ruth Winkler Edwin Eugene Wittig PAGE 455 LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION The purpose of the Lutheran Student Association is to promote Christian unity and bonds among Lutheran students. It is to strengthen and sustain Christian students in their faith through the use of the Bible, through prayer, through regular church attendance, and through fellowship in the Lutheran Student Association. OFFICERS President V ice-President .... Secretary Treasurer Student Pastor and Advisor KATHARINE ANNA SCHMIDT RICHARD ELGIN SAUER JEANETTE MARTHA JASMAN NELSON FRED MAREK CARL E. HACKER Front Row: Paul Bernhart Rohne, James Gribble Peters, Lloyd D. Buss, Betty Jo Buss, Albert Jerry Balusek, Emmett Roosevelt Albrecht, Stephen Taber Eargle, Katherine Anna Schmidt, Joyce Elaine Schiller, Betty Ann Renkin, Carl E. Hacker, Byron Frederic Kern, Dinah Polly Hansen. Second Row: Charles August Meinscher, Arnold Earl Schroeder, Clarence Jerome Krenmueller, Jeanette Martha Jasman, Sidney Jean Hultgren, Jane Elizabeth Eichler, Jane Elizabeth Bodden, Nancy Joyce Tieken, Barbara Louise Schuller, Mary Hacker. Joan Lanelle Raab. Third Row: Charles Kaplan, Arthur Ulrich, Jr., Norman Herbert Prenzler, Maynard Roy Blomquist, Douglas Vernon Glass, Garland Thomas Bauch, John Otto Lange, Vincent Fromen, William Charles Kurth. PAGE 456 NEWMAN CLUB Sunday Newman Club meeting. President . . . . First V ice-President Second V ice-President Secretary Treasurer . . . . Sergeant-at-Arms . Historian . Editor Reporter CHARLES WILLIAM EMERSON ANN DEVINE PAULINE ANN KUBALA MILDRED ANN DOROTIK STEPHEN BRIAN STEINHARDT HELEN LYSBETH CLAUNTS BETTY JOE GREENE SUZANNE RITA SHORT MARY FRANCES DE Coux PAGE 457 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION i Front Row: Clifton H. McCall, Joyce Ann Henderson, Sarah Jean Moore, Gail Garrett, Patricia Padgett, Ginnie Lee Price, Kathryn Esse, Virginia Ann Steele, Patricia Morrow. Second Row: James Edward Brill, Frank L. Wright, Hugh Eckols, Richardson Gano Scurry, Jr., Thomas Huff, Jane Birdwell Henderson, Rosalie Oakes, Frank Cloud Cooksey, Harley R. Clark. The Y is a religious organization without church affiliation which operates with its basis for membership centered on the following stated purpose : " The purpose of the Student Christian Association is to build a fellow- ship of students devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians. " STAFF YMCA Executive Director YWCA Executive Director YMCA Associate Secretary President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer YMCA OFFICERS YWCA OFFICERS FRANK L. WRIGHT ROSALIE OAKES HUGH ALTON ECKOLS FRANK CLOUD COOKSEY EDDIE CHAN CLIFTON H. McCALL HARLEY R. CLARK MARY JAYNE UPTON KATHRYN ESSE JOAN MARIE FRANKLIN JARRETT BERN ICE VOGAN PACE 458 WESLEY FOUNDATION o Front Row: Gayle Sutherland, Pamala M. Arnold, Gene B. Walker, William Forrest Matthews, Jose Joaquin Solis Frances Bopgher Reed, Jerry Dan Ball, Eugene Posler Browder, F. Eugene Wilkerson, John Louis Sanders, Virginia A. Kindig, David Ernest Brownlie, William Arnold Meitzen, Samuel Davis Godbold. S econd Row. Clifford Thurston Bridges. Genevieve Cora Toliver. Suzanne Elizabeth Simons, Newton England, Joseph D. Wells, Jean Carol Bryant. James Nathan Hicks, Barbara Lois Dickey, James Paul Phillips, Patsy Clay Smith, Carlton Wayne DiGiovanni, Dorothy Ann Stroup, Jesse Edward Duggan, Patricia Lucille Meyer, Challes M. Moser, Royce Eldon Dixon, Carlton R. Bell. Third Row: Charles Edward Gross, Jane Filinger, Julia Ann Roberts, Alma Jean Merwin, Sylvia Avant, Luther B. Miller, Robert Martin O ' Connor, Charles Eugene Ward, David Morris Mosteller, Bill Horton McNall, Manuel Ramiro Gutierrez, I. Joseph Satterfield, Jane Elizabeth Callaway, George E. North. Fourth Row: Charles Wesley Nash, Alma Ayleen Howard, Norman Alvin Miles, Dick Keith Hunter, Eloise Recia Yantis, Mary Patricia Edgar, Carolyn Jay Reiver, Robert Armistead Hasty, Frances Marlene Horton, Helen Claire Berkman, Nancy Jo Dyer, Lorene Meadow, Thad Carl Kelley, Jane Dabney, Helen Elizabeth Wear, James Sheppard Garrett. Fifth Row. Otis Thornton Halliday, JoAnn Dean McLaughlin, Betsy Ross, JoAnn Jimmerson, Royal Albert Mackenzie, Linnda Hubbell, Dorothy May Janak. Jerry D . Keen, James Newton Walker, Martha Jean Valliant, Robert James Hartsfield, Thelma Lipscomb Hartsfield, Dillard Maurice Chappell, Glenn Lee Nolle, Carmen Jones Littlefield, Charlie Brown Allen, Emily Sue Stinson, Lawrence Ray Green. Sixth Row: Pauline Smith, Mary Lee Linnett, Nancy N. Pinson, Jo Ann Shurtleff, Martha Carolyn Graves, Vilma Lita Gorena, Raleigh Lyman Greer, Cleve James Hoecker, Erie Travis Worley, Lewis Wheeler Donaghey. Seventh Row: Patsy Sue McKinnon, John Cleveland Gee III, Marsha Ann Broadfoot. Shirley C. Ward. Emory Kelley, Dorothy Carolyn Sandlin, Linda McDougle, Patricia Ruth Griffin, James Wesley Shepperd, Alma Fay Davis, Mollie Sue Clements, Jesse Walter Clements, Nettie Ruth Bratton, Morris Bratton. Eighth Row: Santos Reyes, Jr., Bill Klansek, Jr., Arthur Dan Gleckler, John Tunstall Lowry, Patrick Edward Barlow, Charles Richard Thorpe, Thiry Alice Stutts, Michael Linda De Bardeleben, Mary Lee Shrumm, Edgar Ray Miller, Bruce Edwin Bain, Jackie Beauregard Williams, Mary Lou Ryan, Lynda Lee Ryan, Robert Earl Good. OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Food Committee .... Intramurals Library Vocations and Summer Service . Vespers Publicity Community Service .... Stewardship Retreat Chairman .... Music Chairman .... Recreation World Relatedness .... Social Action Hospitality Membership Fellowship Teams .... Placement Building and Grounds . Wesley Players SANTOS REYES, JR. JEFFERSON STIERHEIM HENDERSON MARTHA LUCILE ROWNTREE JOHN CLEVELAND GEE, III BARBARA Lois DICKEY OTIS THORNTON HALLIDAY LYNDA LEE RYAN KIRBY WILLIAM PERRY JULIA ANN ROBERTS JEAN CAROL BRYANT GAYLE SUTHERLAND DICK KEITH HUNTER ROBERT EARL GOOD MARTHA CAROLYN GRAVES JACKIE BAKER WILLIAMS ROY A. HARRELL, JR. DEXTER HILL JANE ELIZABETH CALLAWAY MICHAEL LINDA DF.BARDELEBEN CALVIN L. BAKER ROSE MARIE GUERRA SAM E. McCLENDON GEORGE HOWARD McCoLLOUGH , i . PAGE 459 WESTMINSTER STUDENT FELLOWSHIP The Westminster Student Fellowship, as a part of the church, shall have as its purpose the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the campus of The University of Texas. It shall educate in the fundamental tenets of the Christian faith, develop educated and articulate leaders for the church, and bring students to an encounter with the livins: Christ. STAFF THOM HUGH HUNTER AUDREY ELSWORTH ROBERT GOODSON OFFICERS Moderator . Vice Moderator Treasurer Clerk Nancy Joan Bitter Thomas Marley Camfield Richard Trent Campbell William Reed Cozart Mary Lyle Dew DONALD OTIS ROBERTSON THURSTON BARNETT ROBERT WINFIELD ENOS JULIA ANN MOFFETT COUNCIL Robert Winfield Enos Edward Dixon Junkin David Andrew Kendrick Marie Iva Menzies Julia Ann Moffett Joseph Lackland Orr Donald Otis Robertson Richard Dotson Smith Virginia Alice Spruce Front Row: Ronald M. Guinn, Bruce Frank Wilson, Louis R. Manz, Louis Nolan Loveless, Lyndall Otey Maxwell, Eugene Britt Doughtie, Beverly Ruth Alaniva, Paul L. Grier, Tommy M. Canfield, Royal B. Embree. Second Row: Audrey M. Ellsworth, John Rader, John T. Hagood, Milam A. Brantley, Nina J. McCain, Richard C. Wells, Don O. Robertson. Third Row: Patricia Ann Wilcox, Patricia Ann Morrow, Katherine Sue Gibson, Henning B. Dieter, John P. Dieter, Don R. Beeth, John C. Deupree. Fourth Row: Dotson Charles Smith, Kitty Casey, Larry Medlock, Gwen Wier, Pat Stephenson, Millie Ruth Gribble, Janice Gordon, William Jerry Cook, William Reed Cozart, David Barnett. Fifth Row: Joseph Lackland Orr, Bob Goodson, Jean Goodson, Marie Iva Menzies, Earl Mulley, Bob Cole, Julia Ann Moffett, David Andrew Kendrick, Virginia Alice Spruce, Dale Keith Swaim. Sixth Row: Chris Willard Maier, Clardy Shell Earth, Jr. PAGE 460 Fine Arts PAGE 461 A CAPPELLA CHOIR Charlotte Barker Jacob Bauerle David Arlen Blanton Harold Lee Blevins Jearld Conrad Bradford Gladys Ann Brantley Evelyn Louise Butler Joe Calvillo, Jr. Bonnie Fay Cohen Aurora Lou Crawford Jo Ann DeLeon Esther May DeYoung Paul J. Engelstad, Sponsor Berta Belle Ferguson LaVoyce Ann Floyd Linda Janice Hargrave James Howard Heiny MEMBERS Sally Ann Hindman Tom Huff Ralph Conrad Immel Don Johnson Janis Evers Jones Robert Jones Theresa Elizabeth Jones Anita Kaplan Julia Ann Kniker Marian Etheridge Knox Gerald Royce Lewis Richard Ransom Lillie Joyce Fay Lockhart Lavona Jo Loe Donald Gene Nix Santos Reyes, Jr. David Wesley Richards Richard Lee Rozolsky Arnold Louis Schuler Carolyn Lenore Scott Michael Seay Elizabeth Silverthorn I. Cleone Singleton Barbara Smith Etta Jean Smith Marvin Soward Nelda Ruth Stanford Erna Rene Strong Jerry Thompson Charles Phillip Varney Francis Marion Walton Gail Yvonne Williams Mary La Verne Williams Sue Wilson Stanley D. Woodmansee, Jr. fl rv Front Row; Hindman, Kaplan, E. Smith, M. Williams, Hargrave, Scott, Barker, Engelstad, Ferguson, Kniker, DeLeon, J. Jones, Stanford, Strong. Second Row. Crawford, Floyd, Lockhart, Wilson, Loe, Cohen, Singleton, Butler, G. Williams, DeYoung, Brantley, Silverthorn, B. Smith. Third Row: Heiny, Blevins, Varney, Walton, Seay, Bauerle, Huff, Lewis, Calvillo, Richards. Fourth Row: Schuler, Immel, Woodmansee, R. Jones, Thompson, Nix, Johnson, Reyes, Bradford. PAGE 462 CURTAIN CLUB OFFICERS President V ice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer Parliamentarian . Board of Governors . Sponsor . Rayman Glen Carlton, Jr. Keith Workman Charles Ruth Ann Clift Roy Danford, Jr. Joan Eckles Chris Spero Farlekas Marc File Elizabeth Marie Fletcher Robert Sherwin Alexander Rayda Sue Algor Robert Glen Apffel Oleta Josephine Bailey Genevieve Elizabeth Beasley Don Richard Beer Barbara Joann Boenig Paul Weldon Boswell Richard James Branda Joan Estelle Breymer Roy Miller Brown Gene Buckner Robert Milton Burlington Larry Claude Burgoon John Blake Cotter, Jr. Paula June Craig Robinette Curry Robert Morrill Gerlach RICHARD A. FOOSE KAY ROSANNE KUGEL ANN TAYLOR REEVES NANCY ELLEN LEDBETTER BRENT LLEWELLYN HICKMAN Jo CECILIA PALASOTA KEITH WORKMAN CHARLES JEANNETTE JUNG NANCY GRAUEE McLARTY CHARLES MILLER AMANDA STONE TAYLOR PHILIP WAYNE EDWARD ALLEN LANGHANS ACTIVES Richard A. Foose Mark Ester Gassett Paul Harper Brent Llewellyn Hickman C. A. Jennings Jeannette Jung Dan Francis Kelleher Barbara Kay Krick Kay Rosanne Kugel Nancy Ellen Ledbetter Roy Milton Lyon Thomas Ruel McGec James E. McLarty Nancy Grauer McLarty Charles Anderson Miller Paulina Norman Jean Wilkinson APPRENTICES Norma Louise Goeken Mary Jo Griffin Carole Ruth Griffith Jo Anne Hamilton Sara Itzig Hartman Eddie Bert Haynes Estclla May Hopkins Olivia Anne Howe John Hull Hummel Philip Herbert Jackman Richard Clay Johnson Linda Lou Jones Anita Kaplan Diana Elaine Karnes William Klansek Mary Jo Klipple Nita Carroll Knox Thyra Jayne Lansford Thomas Robert Alan Leder Mary Ann Lehman Jane Loeb Susan Martin Margaret Josephine Monsees Sandra Jane Moran Mark Morris Rachel Margaret Moses Willis Lynn Murray Ruthe Louis Norton Robert David Norwood Kerry Hedick O ' Quinn John Keith Powers Mary Evelyn Potts Alvin Joe Prochaska Ralf Lawson Reveley John Holt Sandel Connie Jean Scott Frausto Ybarra Jo Cecilia Palasota Joe Alden Parker Ann Taylor Reeves William Thomas Stewart Caley Albert Summers Amanda Stone Taylor Charles Gayle Taylor Philip Wayne Arthur Sheir Mary Lee Shrum Clara Gertrude Shugart Harriet Frances Slaughter Donald Gerald Snider Donna Jean Snow Lyda Jane Spears Jacqueline Jean Stanford Roberta Louise Stephenson James Walton Swain Robert William Thomas Joe Conrad Tips Alfred Jackson Turner Martha Jean Valliant Jon Lewis Vickers Frieda Weisblatt Sandra Jean Wilson Susan Lee Womack i Hamilton, Shrum, Zaner, Bailey, Courtney, Ledbetter, Klipple. Buckner, Gerlach, Nottingham, N. McLarty, J. McLarty, Lutz, Front Row: Second Ron-. Ybarra. Thiid Row: Wayne, Prochaska, Eckle, Kugel, Sheir, Hughes, Hickman. Fourth Row: Hummel, Griffin, Breymer, Slaughter, Jung, Fletcher, Wilkinson, J Klansek. Fifth Row: D. Foose, Griffith, Norman, Spears, Weisblatt, P. Craig, Burgoon. Sixth Row: Langhans, Valliant, Berr, Knox, R. Foose. Seventh Row: Watson, Reveley, Norwood, Charles. PAGE 463 LONGHORN Top Row: Aguilar, Aldis, Anderson, Ball, Bauch, Bennett. Second Row. Bigger, A. Blair, B. Blair, Botello, Brantley, Bray. Third Row: Bridges, Brown, Bruckner, Butler, Caffey, Canales. Fourth Row: Castellano, Chalk, J. D. Cole, J. G. Cole, Cook, Daffern. Fifth Row: Dennis, Dirr, Dittman, Douglass, Dusek, Ebel. Sixth Row: Ekdahl, Fahey, Falconer, Gaines, Gensler, E. Gillean, W. Gillean. Seventh Row: Goebel, Grumbles, Gutierrez, Hagood, Hammett, Hansan, Harrison. Eighth Row: Haynes, Henderson, Hill, Humphries, Jacobs, Johnson, Jones. OFFICERS President BOBBY JOE DAFFERN First Counselor FRED GRAYDON ANDERSON Second Counselor MILAN ALLISON BRANTLEY Third Counselor KARL EDWIN OLSON Fourth Counselor WILLIAM ARCH HARRISON, JR. SPONSORS Jerry W. Ball Vincent Rairden DiNino Archie N. Jones Arno Nowotny MEMBERS Ramon Aguilar, III Gilbert Ronald Aldis Fred Graydon Anderson Jerry Don Ball Garland Thomas Bauch Donald Hugh Bennett William Roy Bigger. Jr. Alvin Felix Blair Bobby Joe Blair Robert C. Botello, Jr. Milam Allison Brantley Linda Rae Bray James Edwin Bridges Mark Daniel Broussard Edward Stanton Brown Robert Allen Bruckner Mitchell Hugh Butler David Harold Byrd, Jr. Weldon David Cade, Jr. Donald Jack Caffey Carlos Orlando Canales Joseph Harry Castellano David Webb Catter Philip Calvin Cezeaux Rus Chalk James Dee Cole Jerry G. Cole David Edwin Cook Bobby Joe Daffern Rodricfc Warren Dennis Eugene Oliver Dirr, Jr. Clarence William Dittman Joe Weldon Douglass Clifton John Dusek Charles Elroy Ebel Karin Louise Ekdahl Robert John Fahey David Ross Falconer Edward Paredez Flores Daniel A. Foyt Jimmy F. Gaines Jay Don Gensler Esther Gaylan Gillean William Otho Gillean, Jr. Robert William Goebel Raymond Lee Grayless Herbert Eugene Grumbles. Jr. Raul Gutierrez, Jr. John Thomas Hagood Selden Bloomfield Hale Donald Wade Hammett oe LeNoir Hanson ames Wilfred Harrington, Jr. Villiam Arch Harrison, Jr. James Milton Haynes, Jr. Dwight Franklin Henderson Veraa Herrington Edward Robertson Hewlett Charles Barren Hill Danny M. Hull Warren Alexander Humphries Nicholus Stomaty Huntzis Hubert John Jackson William Frederic Jacobs Curtis Eugene Johnson Hubert Richard Jones 1 H g VINCENT RAIRDEN DINING Director Vr Lib by Mullenix and " Big Bertha " PAGE 464 BAND MEMBERS Roland Carroll Jordan, Jr. Ra Stanley Laney Elpidio P. Lizcano Victor Manuel Lozano, Jr. Larmon Joe Maddox Frederick Charles Matthews Donna Beth McCormick Lucy Mildred McCowen John Randolph McKnight David Lynn McLaughlin Howard Lynn Meredith Donald Louis Michel, Jr. Linda Caytes Milam Daniel Leslie Mills, Jr. John Charles Miluer William Freeman Morrison Elizabeth Ann Mullenix Harold Rice Murray Calvin L. Neely Rufus Andrew Nicholson, III David Edmund Noble Karl Edwin Olson Richard Ortiz Eddie W. Pace Jimmie Frank Parma Henry Lawrence Peck David Lee Pennington Mary Anne Prasatik Cecil Hugh Ramage Gail William Rasco Herbert Lee Richter, Jr. John Michael Rieves Larrie Arden Ristau Albert Dennis Roberts James Edward Rohde Elizabeth Hansen Rowell Jean Ellis Rozzell Raymond Roy Rude, Jr. Charles Eugene Ruffin Hugo A. Schriewer Arnold Earl Schroder, Jr. Leah Rave Sexton Thomas H. Shelby Donald James Simmons Gary Alfred Sipes Robert Harold Sobotik William Bennett Spelce John Leonard Stanford Sandra Jean Stanley George A. Starbuck Lawrence F. A. Stevenson, Jr. Georgie Yvonne Templin Ruthven Champion Tolbirt, Jr. Jo Ann Turpin Bobby Benjamin Wade Hugh Darrell Wade George Andrew Walker. Jr. N. Leland Walton Patricia Jean Ward James Everett Ware John Eldon Westlund, Jr. Kay Sharon Wilhite Mark Ellison Williams Floyd Scotty Wilson EDWARD ROBERTSON HEWLETT Drum Major Top Row: Jordan, Lizcano, Lozano, Matthews, McCormick, McCowen. Second Row: McKnight, McLaughlin, Milam, Mills, Milner, Morrison. Third Row: Murray, Neely, Noble, Olson, Ortiz, Pace. Fourth Row. Parma, Peck, Pennington, Prasatik, Ramage, Rieves. Fifth Row: Ristau, Roberts, Rohde, Rowell, Rude, Ruffin. Sixth Row: Schriewer, Schroder, Sexton, Shelby, Simmons, Sipes. Seventh Row: Sobotik, Spelce, Stanford, Starbuck, Stevenson, Templin, H. Wade. Eighth Row: Walton, Ward, Ware, Westlund, Wilhite, Williams, Wilson. ELIZABETH ANN MULLENIX Featured Twirler PACE 465 4 .-! V. ' - ,. N Salute to Al Jolson at the Rice game. I II Formation at the Baylor game. Drum major formation at the West Virginia game. Concert Band PAGE 466 Band formation at the A M game KAPPA KAPPA PSI OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Sergeant at Arms . Sponsor . HAROLD RICE MURRAY JOHN THOMAS HAGOOD EDWARD STANTON BROWN GEORGE A. STARBUCK VINCENT RAIRDEN DiNmo Gilbert Ronald Aldis Fred Graydon Anderson Robert C. Botello Milam Allison Brantley Edward Stanton Brown, Jr. Jerry G. Cole David Edwin Cook Bobby Joe Daffern Daniel Anton Foyt William Otho Gillean, Jr. John Thomas Hagood Curtis Eugene Johnson Elpidio Pablo Lizcano Victor Lozano, Jr. MEMBERS William Freeman Morrison Harold Rice Murray Karl Edwin Olson Eddie W. Pace Cecil Hugh Ramage Albert Dennis Roberts Hugo A. Schriewer Robert Harold Sobotik William Bennett Spelce George A. Starbuck Lawrence F. A. Stevenson, Jr. Hugh Darrell Wade Floyd Scotty Wilson Front Row. Lawrence F. A. Stevenso n, Jr., Karl Edwin Olson, Curtis Eugene Johnson, Milam Allison Brantley, David Edwin Cook, John Thomas Hagood, Victor Manuel Lozano, Jr., Elpidio P. Lizcano. Second Row: Vincent R. DiNino, Albert Dennis Roberts, Calvin L. Neely, George A. Starbuck, Robert C. Botello, Jr., Hugo A. Schriewer, Bobby Joe Daffern, William Otho Gillean, Jr., Robert Harold Sobotik. Third Row: Harold Rice Murray, Hugh Darrell Wade, William Bennett Spelce, Daniel A. Foyt, Eddie W. Pace, Gilbert Ronald Aldis, Edward Stanton Brown, Jr., Jerry G. Cole. PAGE 467 PHI MU ALPHA OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Alumni Secretary Warden . Historian Sponsor DON DAVIS SMITH JERRY MIRAL LANE CHARLES WORTH HUNTER AVIE KELLMANN TELTSCHIK MORRIS LASCELLE GOOLSBY WILLIS RAMSEY BODINE JIMMY Louis NICHOLS J. FRANK ELSASS Archie N. Jones Kent Wheeler Kennan John J. McGrosso James Clifton Williams FACULTY MEMBERS Harvey M. Biskin Joseph Blankenship John Merle Boe E. William Doty Lee Wilson Fiser Dalies Ehrhardt Frantz Albert M. Gillis Willis Ramsey Bodine James Lee Burton Morris Lascelle Goolsby Malcolm Russell Gregory, Jr Charles Worth Hunter Roy James Irvine Jerry Miral Lane Jack Ernest LeCroy Jimmy Louis Nichols Russell Edward Oppenheim Robert Barton Sexton Gary Alfred Sipes David Walter Sloan Don Davis Smith Jerry Neil Smith Alvie Kellman Teltschik Front Row. Elsass, Teltechik, Burton, Goolsby, Nichols, D. Smith. Stcond Row: Sipes, Sloan, Irvine, Hunter, Gregory, Bodine. PAGE 468 RADIO-TV GUILD OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian Historian Reporter . Sponsor . NEAL LESLIE SPELCE THOMAS H. DAVIES PATSY Jo SELLERS NANCY NIELSEN KAY DOUGLAS KERBOW HAL D. BUCHANAN KENNEDY ABBOTT MILBURN, JR. FRANCES ELEANOR PAGE Sheila Rae Allen Carol Bryan Atchison Sally Gay Barbay Susan Black Sally Ann Bloomberg James A. Briggs Carol Ann Brown Lloyd Truman Brummett Hal D. Buchanan Gail H. Chamberlin Preshia Jane Chauncey Thomas H. Davies Robert Lester Griffis Richard Douglas Hague Brownie High Morris Norman High MEMBERS Carol Dale Hudspeth C. A. Jennings Gilbert Laurence Jentz Kathy Sue Jentz Roderick Earle Kennedy Kay Douglas Kerbow Jimmy Robert Keys Peter Baxter Kirkpatrick Patricia Ann Laird Sandra Ann Landon Barbara Carolyn Libby David Lee Marshall William Travis Martin John McCoy Kennedy Abbott Milburn, Jr, Patti Sue Murphy Nancy Nielsen William James Nolan Richard Clement Parker Lap Parton Ronald Rogers Clarence Harlan Schenk Patsy Jo Sellers Suzanne Rita Short Kenneth E. Smith Neal Leslie Spelce Johnny Thawley Henry Valentino Robert Earl Webb John Richard Whitson Blair E. Wilkins James Watts Wimberly I 1 Front Row: Davies, Kerbow, Spelce, G. Jentz. Second Row: Sellers, Barbay, Bloomberg, Allen, Nielsen, Chauncey, Murphy, Libby, K. Jentz. Third Row: Griffis, Schenk, Webb, Brummett, Parton, Thawley, Hague, Wimberly, Keys, Smith, Marshall, Valentino. PACE 469 , ; V SYMPHONIC BAND OFFICERS President AVIE KELLMANN TELTSCHIK V ice-President JERRY MIRAL LANE Secretary-Treasurer SANDRA JEAN STANLEY Reporter-Historian AMY JEAN GLENNEY Librarian VERDA HERRINGTON Manager ELPIDIO PABLO LIZCANO Sponsor J. FRANK ELSASS Ramon Aguilar, III Willie Thomas Albert W. Kay Alexander Kenneth H. Ashworth Ray Fulton Atkins Jerry W. Ball Steve Andrade Benavides Richard Dean Blair Robert C. Botello, Jr. Jared Duane Bowen Barbara Ann Bracht James Edwin Bridges Charles H. Burge Carol Burmaster James Lee Burton Carlos Orlando Canales Mary Clyde Capps Joseph Harry Castellano Tommy Allen Coleman Katherine Jane Cook Bradford L. Davis MEMBERS Barbara Lois Dickey Robert Louis Dittmar Sterly Glen Dossman Delia Duson Linda Gayle Dyess Emily Jo Flachmeier James Edward Forbus Amy Jean Glenney Jacob Joel Goldfinger Morris L. Goolsby Vernon Eugene Grove Janis Florene Grumbles Janice Hart Kermit Wayne Harvel George Allen Harvey Mary Hennings Herbst Tony Hernandez Verda Herrington Roy Laverne Higgins Evan Dale Hinter Don Hood Ronald Dee Howard John Bruce Hughes Roy James Irvine Roland Carroll Jordan, Jr. Margaret Mary Kosh Jerry Miral Lane Martin LeBrecht Elpidio Pablo Lizcano Victor Manuel Lozano Edward Knox Mellon, Jr. Larry B. Mendeke Donald Louis Michel David Otis Mills John Charles Milner Marilyn Morris Arthur Orin Newman Eddie W. Pace David Lee Pennington Gary K. Raymer David Wesley Richards Herbert Lee Richter Terry Allen Rose Robert Barton Sexton William Manning Sherrill David Walter Sloan Timothy Ann Sloan Jerry Neil Smith Sandra Jean Stanley Jack Telford Avie Kellmann Teltschik Susie Louise Thomas Margie Ann Vaden Charles Phillip Varney Carol Beth Villarreal Bobby Benjamin Wade Tommy Walsh Charles Henry Washington Margaret Jean Welch Patricia Nell Wentworth Stephen James Zelen Clubs PAOF, 471 ALBA CLUB Front Row: Soza, J. Estrada, Limon, Villarreal, Ybarra, Castillo, Lara, Rubio, Zuniga. Second Row: M. Obledo, L. Castillo, Carlin, K. Silva, Reyes, Macias, Molina, E. E. Ramirez, Wilcox, Acosta, Lopez, E. R. Ramirez. Third Row: M. G. Obledo, Moreno, Morales, Ramos, Cantu, Soils, Chacon, O. Martinez, R. Garza. T. R. Estrada. De Leon, Borja OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Parliamentarian Reporter . Sergeant-at-A rms Historian . Faculty Advisors GuiLLERMO J. SOZA MARIO GUERRA OBLEDO ELIA RITA RAMIREZ ELIDA ELVIRA RAMIREZ JOHN L.CAMPOS DOLORES SILVA MARTIN CHACON, JR. KATHLEEN SILVA GEORGE I. SANCHEZ CARLOS E. CASTANEDA Hilaria Lala Rodriguez Acosta Edward Acuna, Jr. Joe Barrera Jose David Borja John L. Campos Carlos Orlando Canales Higinio Juan Cantu, Jr. Elvira Carlin Joe Paez Castilla Gilbert Vasguez Castillo Luz Cruz Castillo Martin Chacon, Jr. Ernest Cervantes Chapa, Jr. Graciela Garcia Cuellar Cesar De Leon Alfredo G. De Los Santos MEMBERS John Joe Estrada Teodoro Rodriguez Estrada Cuitlahuec Perez Garcia Hector Gonzalez Garcia Ruben Garcia Gilberto Garza Roy C. Garza Alfonso Mario Gonzalez Richard Lewis Holly Luis Arturo Jimenez Eugene A. Juarez Carlos Aguilar Lara Alfredo Lopez Limon Rolando Longoria Mary Frances Lopez Ophelia Cantu Macias Noel Martinez Omar Pablo Martinez Lee Rios Mendez Ephraim O. Mendoza Roy Monreal Mendoza, Jr. Gladys Molina Ernesto Morales, Jr. Joe Moreno Mario Guerra Obledo Mary Obledo Abraham Ramirez, Jr. Elia Rita Ramirez Elida Elvira Ramirez Humberto Ramos Mary Louise Reyes Jesse Raymond Rocha Alfonso Rubio, Jr. Ruben Vasquez Salazar Teresa Maria Sanchez Navarro Michael Sanchez Mario Adolfo Schmal Dolores Silv a Kathleen Silva Felix Reyes Solis Salvador Garcia Soliz Moses Sorola Guillermo J. Soza Adolfo Alberto Tamayo Raul T. Torres Filemon B. Vela Eliseo Villarreal Patricia Ann Wilcox Tomas Frausto Ybarra Oscar Garza Zuniga PACE 472 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Sponsor OFFICERS JACK EDWARD YOUNGBLOOD STANLEY BREIL SCHUSTER STANLEY THEODORE PARKER ROBERT CHARLES PENROSE FRANKLIN BEAUMONT JOHNSON John Edward Barnes Eric Baker Becker Gerald Waters Belk Ralph McClay Brisbin James Richard Broderick Larry T. Brooks Robert Lee Burke Dwight Alton Caughfield Paul Jones Conway Earl Gene Cutler Donald Bruce Dial Werner William Dornberger, Jr. Wilbert Charles Dutschmann William Osband Edwards Robert E. Fishkin Glenn Roy Gartman Bernhard Carl Gersch, Jr. MEMBERS Jose Italo Guerra Watson A. Hardeman William Revel Henry Ransom Lee Hightower James Wyatt Howard Hal E. Hurlbert, Jr. James John Janssen Thomas Penn Johnson Bud Bernard Letz George W. McCollough Michael William Michalopulos Smith Edwin Moore Basil H. Nelson Stanley Theodore Parker Robert Charles Penrose Jaime Aurelio Perea Charles Arthur Robison Gordon Nash Rome Lloyd Dale Ross Walter R. Schellhase Fred A. Schindler Stanley Breil Schuster Ray Edward Scott Bruce Louis Smith Cecil Fletcher Smith William G. Thomas, Jr. William Barrett Travis Gordon L. Turn Billy Ray Upchurch Laurence Carlton Vacker Edward William Willrodt James Edward Wilson Harry Thomas Woodmansee Jack Edward Youngblood Front Row: Gersch, Moore, Conway, Gartman, Parker, Upchurch, Ross, Youngblood. Second Row: Barnes, Penrose, Robison, Brisbin, Guerra, Dutschmann, Thomas, Hurlbert. Third Ro;v: Willrodt, Becker, Broderick, Brooks, Johnson, Michalopulos, Schuster, Smith. PAGE 473 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS President Vice-President . Recording Secretary Jan Cloe Acrea KTI.M m Bedos Albiol Edward Allen Aldous Robert Snyder Alexander James Philip Alexander Travis Allen Allison James Daniel Anderson John Eldon Anderson Larry Wayne Anderson Lowell Benno Anderson Harry Louis Andrews Hugh Humphries Arnold Robert Clayton Ayers, Jr. Badi Issa Azar Jesse L. Bain, Jr. Malcolm Graham Baker Juddson Truett Barber, Jr. Saleri S. Barghout Joe Floyd Barker Edward William Bates William Donald Beard Paul Weigand Bechter Clem Kirby Best, Jr. William Ambrose Biggs, III Tames Sidney Bissett William Edward Blachly Guy Elliot Blackmar Joseph Elliott Bludworth Robert Boadle Jackie Ben Boone Charles Raymond Bost Joe Michael Boyd Bill Lester Brady Lyle Floyd Branch Thomas Loftin Breckenridge David Eugene Brown Rene Paul Brown Peter Robertson Buenz Charles Michael Burkett Robert Frederick Burkhart Simon Pierce Burns John Russell Butler John Bogue Butler Stanley Asberry Bynum Paul Eugene Cash Jerome Curtis Gates, Jr. James Wilbor Cecil Pramote Chaiyavech James Weldon Chamlee Roger V. Chenault Alexander Emil Chionsini Gerald McLendon Clark James Wheeler Clark John Leslie Cochran Di witt Coffey, Jr. James Leon Cole Orie Arthur Collin Mason Edward Col L. C. Courtney, Jr. Billy Eugene Cowe ' Horace Randolj John B. Cronin Sam Crowther William A. Cur Gertrude Irene Don Neil Dale James Preston Dale Albert Daneshrad Kenneth James D . Albert Joseph Davis James Edward Davis Perry Ped Don Arthi Charles Ki Walter Ms Raymond . Leon Deve Earl Duke Richard E James Cor Richard H Otto Ernei,, _ Ronald Eugene Eddy Harvey Andrew Eikel (ilen Edward Ellis Gayle Earle English Mahmoud M. Faham Paul David Fahren Gary Duane Fisher Jesus Jose Flores Gentry Lee Floyd Paul Adolph Foerster Charles Robert Ford Johnny Gene Ford Scott William Forney John Theodore Few Elton Doyle FV wle William Joseph Fo Daniel Anton Foyt Maurice Herbert " " George D. Fulton James Joseph Gal George Henley Gi....,, Richard Lee Garrison Jay Don Gensler Harold Paul Glasser Lee Van Gorman Curtis Eugene Gr.. Thomas Glen Green GARY DUANE FISHER Corresponding NEWTON EDWARD WARD,, JR. Secretary RICHARD E. DUNCAN., JR. Treasurers . Sponsor MEMBERS Jr. Leo Joseph Grein John Dalton La Frentz le James Collin Gresham Wayne Scott Lanier illins Donald Paul Griffith Thomas Edward Lasseter Collins Gianfranco Guerreri Frank Min-Tsong Lay , Jr. Jack Summer Gusler Gary Lynn Leach iwell Robert Everett Gustwick Thomas Kent Ledbetter ph Crawford Carlos Jesus Gutierrez Carroll Webb Lee Norman David Guzick Ronald Floyd Lee Dexter Boone Hamon Charles Jefferson Leeah mingham Weldon Woolf Hammond Kenneth Neal Lemons Curtis Richard Mahlon Hanle, Jr. Donald Ray LeNoir William Joe Harper James Stanton Leonard Dale Gregg Alan Harris Theodore George Leonard ad Clarence Wayne Harrison Bill Lee Liggin Dartley Robert Lee Harvel Mary Lee Linnett )avis Robert Armistead Hasty Charles Milby Little Davis Phillip Wayne Hawley Paul Leon Littrell iwson, Jr. Anthony David Heaner Carl Edwin Locke chman Jesse David Heliums George Walter Lowe )ickenson Edward Phelps Helvenston Byron Keith Lovelace Dillard Men in Wells Hemphill Larry Lee Loyd m Disc Dexter Hill Chris Willard Maier )owden Richard Lionel Hill Fred James Marett Leo Jules Hirth Gordon Lee Marshall ican, Jr. Rocky Dean Holmes s Durbin Leslie Allen Hood James Roger Martin William Lynn Mathes nDuvon,Jr. Joseph Paul Horton terman. Jr. William Howard Howie Joseph Samuel Mathews Wallace Michael Mays Eddy John William Hughes Jimmy Lyons McCall, III Eikel Danny Mewis Hull Rufus Nelson McCord His Louis Sager Hunsucker, Jr. Marion Embree lish Ralph Conrad Immel McDaniel, Jr. .ih. mi Richard Weakley Ince Rheamond McDuray irenthold Robert Ray Ingram Ralph Norman McGlothlin iher Jerry Wayne Ivie Raymond Earl McGlothlin Gayle Morgan Jackson, Jr. John Roger McPherson yd Richard Ford Jackson William Arnold Meitzen erster James Guidry Jeter Claud Morris Miles Ford Emilio S. Jimenez Emmit Arthur Miller ord Lee Jackson Johns Richard Allen Mohun ' orney Charles Laverne Johnson Fortman Curtis Eugene Johnson Jack Wayne Molloy Reuben Montgomery wler Lee Murphy Johnson Alyon Downs Moore Fowler Pinckney M. Johnson, Jr. Furst McNeill Moore ' oyt Ronald William Jonas Jack Platt Moore rt Friedman James Walter Kachtick Michael Alan Moore on Tzu Liang Kang Thomas Felton Moore affney Henry Cecil Kennedy Garrison Phil Roy Kimbrough Hubert Augustus Morgan Vernon E. Morgan irrison John Robert Kirk, Jr. James Paul Morton if James Carlos Kirkpatric William Finley Mulvaney asser Kenneth A. Kobe Luther Talley Musgrove an Moha Singh Kothari Arthur Mack Musick Cranberry James Lowell Kuester John Clayton Mutchler Ireen William Wie Liani Kwie Lee Durwon Nelson ROGER V. CHENAULT CARL D. WALLRATH EDGAR B. PEEK ROBERT SAMUEL SCHECHTER Bruce Arlen Neumann Thomas Cope Newman Donald Lee O ' Connor Gary Floyd Offutt Kim Leroy O ' Hara Jerry John Opella Emilio Ortega Frank Otho Osmon Boyd Alvin Patton Edgar B. Peek Heron Eugenio Pena Thomas Keeble Perkins James Bledsoe Perrigo Hurl Ray Peterson John Patman Pettigrew Daniel Maurice Phillips Archie Earl Phipps James Melton Pickell Charles Richard Porter Robert Allen Pratt Richard Rudolph Preuss Ahmad Qozati Thomas Rogstad Husni Yusuf Ramahi Charles Don Reed Walter Harper Rhodes, Jr. Billy Slavin Richards Jimmy Glen Richards Robert Edwin Rimkus Thomas Leonard Roach Bobby Gene Robertson William Courtney Robinson Bobby Gene Sabotik Ahmad Y. Samaui Willene Smallwood Sandel Billy Jack Sanders George Lertin Sarver Karim Saud John Wesley Sauer Norman Lynwood Schultz Jerry William Schwartz Larry Eugene Seever James Howard Sexton Kanu C. Shah Norman Dean Shahan Henry Herbert Shear James Allan Shelley Richard Earl Shepherd Ralph Allison Shoberg Roy Stevens Shoultz Arnet W. Slaid Cecil Fletcher Smith Russell Upson Smith Albert Kennedy Solcher James Melvin Somerford, Jr. Roy James Spann James David Spearman Jay C. Sproul William Arthur Steen Billy Ray Stephens Ben Carter Still Richard Fredrick Stone Robert Mack Stuart Daniel Ashby Stultz Dale Keith Swaim Gary Frederick Taft Thomas Michael Tail Adolph Albert Tamayo Roland A. Taub Glenn Elmer Taylor Henry Scott Taylor Hollis Moran Taylor Malvin Glen Teague Michael Edward Thomas Rex A. Timms Sherman Paul Tinnes Rudy Sam Trevino Gabe Crisler Utz Donald Emil Vacher Jack Richard Vandergriff Kenneth Wayne Vernon Willie May Wachel Mark Harvey Waggoner Carl D. Wallrath Newton Edward Ward, Jr. Harry Edward Waters Albert H. Wehe Jerald Boyd Weide Charles Robert West Gerald Frank Wheeler Winford Nathan Whittaker Jack Wilkerson Manuel Ware Wilkinson Coley Jerald Williams David Henry Williams, Jr. Jack M. Williams John Felton Williams William Presley Williams Leonard Lee Williamson Melvin Ross Williamson Hargis John Willis Alden Ramon Wilson Howard Lindsay Winters Lloyd D. Witte Fred Vanderwerth Wolford James Fletcher Wright Michael Gordon Wright Robert Carlton Wyche William Neil Yeager, Jr. Donovan B. Young James Bryan Zachry Front Row: Duke, R. Lee, Bechter, V. Morgan, Locke, Hughes, Ward, Duncan, Shah. Second Row: Cochran, Kennedy, Albiol, Martin, McPherson, Seever, L. W. Anderson, Lovelace, Hasty, Foerster, Hawley. Third Row: Sproul, Leeah, Boyd, Schechter, Jeter. Fourth Row. Leach, Wallrath, Blackmar, Cunningham, Mathews. Fifth Row: Fortman, Patton, Perkins, J. Wright, Gustwick, Kang, Dawson, Fisher. Sixth Row: Kobe, Heliums, Ayers, Reed, Robertson, Bain, Wehe. PAGE 474 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS, STUDENT BRANCH i Front Row: William H. Hartwig, John E. Vandigriff, William James Aldrich, Raymond Ralph Gouldsberry, William Clay Richie. Second Row: William Edward Zrubek, Donald Ray Abel, William Mays Acker, Ross Leon Bell, Roy Rankin Krezdorn. OFFICERS Chairman First Vice -President Second V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer Recorder AIEE Corresponding Secretary IRE Corresponding Secretary SEC Representatives WILLIAM JAMES ALDRICH Ross LEON BELL RAYMOND RALPH GOULDSBERRY DONALD RAY ABEL JACK L. MEYER WILLIAM EDWARD ZRUBEK JOHN E. VANDIGRIFF WILLIAM CLAY RICHIE WILLIAM MAYS ACKER WILLIAM JAMES ALDRICH i i i ' The joint student branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers-Institute of Radio Engineers was founded at The University of Texas in 1908. From an inauspicious beginning, the organization has grown until it now embraces 700 local members, of which 150 are also members of one of the national parent organizations. This member- ship makes it the largest organization of its kind in the world. The organization is primarily interested in promoting Electrical Engineering as a profession. To help the devel- opment of a student engineer ' s professional attitude, the organization sponsors, supports, and actively participates in many activities. One of the activities that the student Electrical Engineer is encouraged to participate in is that of assisting in the governing of the organization. Being an active participant at the meetings and in the organization ' s activities helps greatly in developing the " complete " Electrical Engineer. AIEE-IRE sponsors an annual technical paper contest. The winner of the local contest is then invited to present his paper at the national convention of one of the parent organizations. This paper contest proves to be both a stimulat- ing and a rewarding activity, with respect to both experience and remunerative rewards. AIEE-IRE is also an active participant in the annual Power Show. In fact, members of AIEE-IRE are usually responsible for the most outstanding exhibits presented by the students in the Electrical Engineering Department. To make the Power Show a success, much planning, work, and ability is required. Thus, the Power Show is another activity that provides the opportunity for the student engineer to engage in work that is separate from the Electrical Engineer curriculum, yet does much in developing the complete engineer. To help the student Electrical Engineers know each other better, several social activities are held throughout the school year. Dances are always enjoyed, as are the barbecue suppers. When weather permits, riverboat parties and picnics serve as strong drawing cards. AIEE-IRE has grown rapidly since its founding, and has reason to be proud of its achievements. The present mem- bers hope that AIEE-IRE shall prosper in the future even more than it has in the past. PAOE 475 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING 1 AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERS I ' ront Row: Pabon, Montiel, Evans, Purtle, Campbell, Todasco, Balthrop, Holcomb. Second Row: Dodd, Aurah, Sabraie, J. L. Johnson, Lewis, Pena, Latham, G. Wood. Third Row: Roebuck, Landers, Willock, Meyer, McMichael, Combs, Hoffmann, C. Parker, Thompson. Fourth Row: Edington, Wright, Harlan, Billingsley, Olsen, Morrison, Vaughan, Bailey, Beall. i O o o OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Treasurer .... Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary WARREN WEBER EVANS JOSEPH EDWARD BEALL PAUL DWIGHT PURTLE AURELIA THERESA TIMPTE JOHN ALAN BAILEY STUDENT ENGINEERING COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Alexander Todasco Johnnie M. Potts George Abadjian Reese Brooks Anderson Abdul Latif Aurah John Alan Bailey Billy Bert Baker William McLaughlin Baker Billy Harold Balthrop Richard Burdette Banks Floyd Donald Barkley Fred Mack Barnes James Lamar Barnes, Jr. Larry Adrian Barnett David H. Bashford Adnan Zoki Bashur Scott Gilbert Baum, Jr. Joseph Edward Beall Donald C. Beebe Mark Hall Beers Guy Bennett David Lewis Billingsley Norman G. Bishop William Albert Blackwell Robert Jackson Bond John Dell Brasher William O. Breedlove, III Gilbert S. Brown Michael Paul Burk Hugh Donald Burnett Robert Hy Byrd Albert Travis Campbell Howell Milton Cannon Michael Arthur Carter Don Gene Clark Ronald Jarrell Cole James Michael Collier William Mattox Combs, Jr. Dale Houston Cowser Tony Allen Crutchfield Joe K. Cubine Paul Floyd Damek Elmer Leon Daniel oseph Meadows Dawson ane Elizabeth Dean illiam Chester Dendy, Jr. Charles Monroe Dodd, III Larry Norman Doherty Samuel William Dunn Herman Joseph Dvoracek Ernest Wesley Dyke Robert Don Eaves Arlen Lewis Edgar Don Harold Edgington R. Ben Ellh Charles E. Engelmann Warren Weber Evans Norman Phillip Faist, Jr. William Eugene Fickert Edgar Gustav Fischer Altus Dean Fountain Dennis Maclern Frauenberger Louis Freedraan Tommy Gene Fulton Arthur Littleton Furley James Clarence Gauntt Bill M. Gillman William Russell Goff Joe Miller Gregory, Jr. William Francis Greve, Jr. Davis Evan Griffiths Walter Wallace Hailing Charles Emmett Hampton John C. Harlan Forrest Edwin Harrell Charles David Hartman Charles Andrew Haynes Wendall Royce Hill MEMBERS Sumner B. Hixon Ernest Hoffman, Jr. John Milton Hoffmann Lyndon Paul Holcomb David Scott Holland Jennings Clay Holland Gerald Gilbert Holleyman Harold Deen Holloway Ashley M. Houghton Jon Wesley House James Edward Huckaby Andrew Morrison Hunger Charles William Johnson James Calvin Johnson Joseph L. Johnson Robert Lewis Johnson Lynn Darrell Jones Dinesh R. Kapadia George E. Kirkwood George Aloysius Koehl, Jr. A. W. Landers Benjamin Travis Lancy William Turner Latham Bobby Oscar Lee Robert David Lee William Nathan Lewis Tommy Norton Lir der Joe Bernard Lovejoy, Jr. Clarence Frank Lyon Eddie M. Mahfood Jesus A. Mayora Joel Thomas Mays Wendell J. McClintock Pat McCorley Roy Lee McKay Jim Bill McMichael Leldon Maurice McMillon Donald Burton McNeely PAOR 476 I. R. Mellad William C. Melnar Duane E. Moredock Jim Joe Meyer Clifford Allen Miller Judd Miller, Jr. Otis Ed Moerbe Dael Jose Montiel William Freeman Morrison James Carl Morrow Robert John Munn Wayne Arthur Munson Glenn Algon Ogle Homer Olsen, Jr. Julio Enrique Pabon C. Scott Parker R. W. Parker Tom Dewey Parker Robert Wilkerson Patterson, Jr. George Euclid Payne Rafael Pena Charles Leonard Pesek Stanley Crump Phipps Johnnie M. Potts John George Prather Paul Dwight Purtle Victor M. Quevedo James Alphonsus Rakowitz Spencer Gordon Randolph Sterling Parker Randolph Alvin James Raschke Charles Richmond Reed Dwain Reeves Frank Milton Richardson Clarence Burton Robbins Isaac Field Roebuck Henry Lowndes Rugeley, Jr. Yusuf M. Sahraie Mohammad Salim Giancarlo Salvi Harry C. Sampsell Floya Keith Sanford Wayne Lamar Schmidt Dick Sears George Francis Sears Richard Charles Sennet Fred Dana Sewell John Tristani Sherwood Lee A. Sherwood James Rush Stewart, Jr. Michael Asa Stone Dave Suryakant William Ray Sutton William Henry Taylor David Marion Thiede Wyndell M. Thomas Charles Ernest Thompson, Jr. Aurelia Theresa Timpte Alexander Todasco Royal Armand Todd T. E. Tonggood, Jr. Pedro Vallenilla Bill Lawrence Vaughan Arthur James Von Rosenberg, Bobljy Wayne White Michael Carter Whitt Roy Dale Williams Jack N. Willock Alden Ramon Wilson F. B. Wood Glenn Earl Wood Robert Wayne Wright H. L. Youngblood Raul Zuniga ._: AMERICAN FINANCE ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Sponsor WILLIAM CORBETT NELSON GIRDNER ALAN YOUNGQUIST DONALD MAC BISHOP GENE C. LYNCH MEMBERS Mario A. Alfaro John Bunyan Benton Donald Mac Bishop John Thomas Blackwell James Franklin Bledsoe Bruce Allen Buckner Bruce Barton Bybee James Adon Byrd Melvin Ray Carey Frank Asbury Cave William Orval Churchill, Jr. Richard Douglas Collins Robert W. Cooper Troy Hall Davidson, Jr. Kenneth A. Davis Floyd M. Dietz David Rex Evans David Lawrence Faulkner Perry Montgomery Giles Bernard Goss Donald Webb Greer Jane Charnelle Hall George David Henderson Thomas Henry Holman William Edward Hornbucklc Benjamin L. Johnson James Rudolph Kay Melvin M. Kornfield Douglas Edward Kyle Irving O. Linger DuBose Aldredge Lomax Robert P. McGarity Irvin Lee McKinnon Winston Burdette Miller Juan M. O. Monasterio, Jr. Bruce Edward Muller William Corbett Nelson Eugene Meyer Phillips Jack C. Rothwell Jon Braswell Ruff William Bennett Schwartz Jerry Allen Simpson David Allen Sperry John A. Swinnea, Jr. Donald Andrew Tyree Robert David Young Girdner Alan Youngquist DONALD M. BISHOP WILLIAM CORBETT NELSON GIRDNER ALAN YOUNGQUIST GENE C. LYNCH Front Row: Youngquist, Nelson, Holman, Monasterio, Goss, Byrd, Rothwell, Linger, Lynch, Kay, Kyle, McGarity. Second Row. Bishop, Schwartz, Miller, Dietz, Buckner, Young, Swinnea, Kornfield, Greer, Davis, Churchill. Third Row: Muller, Henderson, Alfaro, Benton, Davidson, Bybee, Evans, Carey, Collins, ' Tyree, Cooper. PAGE 477 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS Chairman .... First Vice-Chairman Second Vice-Chairman . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... Athletic Director Faculty Advisor ROBERT IRVING RENOUF ERIC LYNN JONES CARL VIGGO AALUND DAN LANE EVERETT MILTON DANIEL WEINFELD JOHN PATRICK O ' MEARA EDWARD WILLIAM LESHIKAR, JR. OTTO GEORGE BROWN MEMBERS Carl Viggo Aalund Jack Abravanel James H. Alphin Norman Alvin Alston Jamal M. Aswad Donald Harvard Baron Edward Andrew Bennett, Jr. James Clyde Bennett Hulen Allen Blaylock Robert N. Brown Bill Emmett Bush Elbert Roy Butterworth Allan F. Cunningham Keys Alej nder Curry, Jr. Charles William Deer Ira Jules Dolich Donald Monroe Donohoe James Cornelius Durbin Newton England, Jr. Boyd Franklin Etheredge Dan Lane Everett Charles Leslie Eversole Carl Samuel Ferguson, Jr. Johnnie Edwin Floyd Jerry Gene Foose Harold Wayborn Foster Joe Carroll Foster Emil Edwards Friberg Melvin Francis Good Robert Gibson Hagler Charlie Cornelius Havens Thomas Edward Horton Gilbert L. Jamison John Webb Jennings, Jr. Winston Coleman Johnson Eric Lynn Jones Charles David KiefTer Thomas Ronald Kotara Arthur Joseph Krause Robert David Langley John Robert Larison Edward William Leshikar, Jr. Charles Eugene Lewis Raymond Marlow Ardis McCasland, Jr. C. David McGinnis James Millard Mcllveen Clifford Franklin McMaster William Charles Meacham James R. Moreland Kenneth Doughty Morgan, Jr. Carey Epps Murphy, Jr. Albert Gus Newberry Lloyd Durman Oldham John Patrick O ' Meara Gerald Patrick Parker Earl Eugene Putnam, Jr. Ray Allen Rackley Lolas Eugene Randolph Robert Irving Renouf Rustum Savaksha Jerry Clyde Schnepp Robert Rudolph Schwab Nat Irving Shapiro Cecil Ray Shearer Russell L. Shrader Haskell Lowel Simon David Paul Smith Harold Gene Smith Joe Rae Smith George W. Spence George Walter Stacher John James Swoboda, Jr. Edward Harvey Tetmeyer Byron Edwin Thompson Joseph Scott Thornton Thomas H. Toler Manuel G. Vega Robert I. Viramontes Charles Woody Volek Johnny Charles Wachel James Kenneth Walker Milton Daniel Weinfeld John Hampshire Williams Carl C. Williamson John Ben Yows German Jose Zabala Front Row: Lewis, Morgan, Jones, Wachel, Renouf, Donohoe, Larison. Second Row: Fo.ster, Alston, Weinfeld, Putnam, Shapiro, Eversole, Friberg. Third Row: Dolich, Floyd, Williamson, Rackley, Thompson, Volek, Horton, Havens. PAGE 478 ARAB STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION Front Row: Batayneh, G. Hashem, M. El-Chehabi, I. El-Chehabi, Samir El-Chehabi, Jr., I. Zamrik, M. Zamrik, Jamila Zamrik, Abd-EI-Baki, J. Kadri, Mahdi, Masri, M. Hajjar, Shahatit. Second Row: Masad, Dahbura, Mahayni, Saleh, Sinno, H. Faham, Marrach, Kekheya. Third Row: M. Faham, Barakat, Tawfik, Fakhreldin, Shana ' a, Ayyad, Saad, Z. Hashem. Fourth Row: Chaban, Dahmash, A. Hajjar, Kayyal. OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer Reporter Committee Chairmen Faculty Advisor . ISSAM ABD-EL-BAKI HASHIM M. DAHMASH FRAIH F. SHAHATIT CARLO HANNA HABASH ISAM Y. ZAMRIK NASIR SAD BATAYNEH MAHMOUD M. FAHAM AHMAD MARWAN HAJJAR JOE WEST NEAL I v I ' ' Issam Abd-EI-Baki Majed H. Amine Kamil Nasim Atiyyah Rabi A. Ayyad Badi Issa Azar Ahmad Baba Majed A. H. Barakat Ali Kheireddine Bakri Nasir Sad Batayneh Walid H. Chaban Abdul-Hamid Dabboussi Albert S. Dahbour Henry Saba Dahbour Abbud Salomon Dahbura Hashim M. Dahmash Adnan Mahmoud Dibe Khalil Dibee Ismat El-Chehahi Munzir El-Chehabi Abdul-Rahim Ershaid Hisham Z. Faham Mahmoud M. Faham Ma ' Moon Fahel Mohamed Galal Fakhreldin Subhi Gulani Carlo Hanna Habash Ahmad Marvvan Hajjar Mohammed Said Hajjar Ghazi Jamal Hashem Wa ' il Ibrahim Hashem Zafer Jamal Hashem Samir Ahmad Hassan A-Bari Hussam Hassan Nasrallah Jezzini Joseph E. Kadri Nizar A. Kadri MEMBERS Kasim M. Kayyal Boulos Eid Kefoyeh Abdul-Hassib Kekheya Mufid Musa Khoury Mohamed Aref Mahayni Mourir Ali Mahdi Abdul-Wahab M. Kadhim Makiya Nazem M. Marrach Rimon N. Masad Sami Faiz Masri Faiz Matrud Adeeb Abbas Mohamad Salim Onbargi Walid B. Rabbat Abdul-Wahhab Rawi Karim I. Saad Mahmoud Mohamed Sahtout Mustafa Mohammed Sahtout Anwar Sakbani Mahmoud Ibrahim Salch Ahmad Y. Samaui Adib Rashid Samman Yusuf Samman Salah Rashid Shahin M. Farouk Hamed Shammatt Mohammed Yousuf Shana ' a Fraih F. Shahatit Atef Musbah Sinno Mohammed Tanneer Fouad Abdelaziz Tawfik Nabeeh I. Totah Fuad Toufic Husni Said Yunis Isam Y. Zamrik Myrna Zamrik Mohammed Zubi PACE 479 ASHBEL LITERARY SOCIETY Front Row: Johnson, Alvis, Powers, Leland, Carter, Reed, Houston, Myers, Barren, LeRoy. Second Row: Schwartz, L. Williams, Corbusier, Heath, Parks, Trice, Henderson, Hardwick, Marshall, Peavy, Kirksey. Third Row: Brooks, Lynch, Weddington, Rucker, Pulver, Gill, Bivins, Ryan, Carole Williams, Burkhart, Schuhmacher, Sandlin, Nelson OFFICERS President Vice-President .... First Corresponding Secretary . Second Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer Faculty Sponsor .... HELEN PATRICIA PARKS JOYCE ANNE HENDERSON GENEVA JOAN HARDWICK JUNE MARSHALL ELINOR ANN CORBUSIER NANCY CAROLYN HEATH Lois BAIRD TRICE Laura Lee Alvis Marilyn Barron Nancy Sue Bivins Susan Black Nancy Lou Brooks Betty Louise Burkhart Phebe Anne Carter Elinor Ann Corbusier Jo Ellen Gill Geneva Joan Hardwick Nancy Carolyn Heath Joyce Anne Henderson Cynthia Anne Houston Paula Kenny Jacobs Betty Carol Johnson MEMBERS Beattie Anne Jones Sara Esther Keys Virginia A. Kindig Ellen Kathryn Kirksey Linda Sue Larkin Frances Eaton Leland Jacqueline Anne LeRoy Carole Jan Lynch June Marshall Toby Millicent Myers Carolyn Middleton Shirley Ann Nelson Helen Patricia Parks Sherrill Claire Peavy Kay Powers Judy Katherine Pulver Carol E. Querolo Nan Fletcher Reed Carla Sue Rucker Linda Jane Ryan Mary Ann Sanborn Carole Elizabeth Sandlin Nancy Estelle Schuhmacher Cecily Helen Schwartz Mary Ann Tosh Peggy Anne Weddington Carole Williams Craig Williams Llewellyn Williams PACE 480 CAP AND GOWN President . . Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Reporter Faculty Sponsor . OFFICERS SUSAN MOWERY DIANA MARIE DUGAT RETA ANN STITELER MARIA MAGDALENA BENAVIDES NANCY ANN NICHOL HELEN MARGARET FLINN COUNCIL Mary Annette Abshier Maria Magdalena Benavides Katherine Jean Campbell Merry Louise Coin Diana Marie Dugat Katherine Esse Reta Ann Stiteler . . Kay Farquhar Elizabeth Jean Gibson Lois Diane Hopkins Nancy Carter Michel Susan Mowery Carol E. Querolo ? Seated: Diana Marie Dugat. Katherine Esse. Standing: Catherine Ann Campbell, Nancy Carter Michel, Mary Annette Abshier, Maria Magdelena Benavides, Kay Farquhar, Reta Ann Stiteler. Merry Louise Coin, Susan Mowery, Carol E. Querolo, Elizabeth Jean Gibson. PAGE 481 G F. O. CATHOLIC FRATERNAL ORGANIZATION OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Historian Faculty Sponsor . ANGELO JOSEPH CARUBBI NEIL MAYNARD FLORER, JR. MARIO LEO MESSINA STEPHEN BRIAN ' STEINHARDT JOHN ROY MCBRIDE RALPH F. LEDWIG PETER ALLEN HATTON ROBERT J. MURPHY,, C.S.P. Angelo Joseph Carubbi Neil Maynard Florer, Jr. Peter Allen Hatton Kenneth Earle Kaufman MEMBERS Thomas Ronald Kotara Ralph F. Ledwig John Roy McBride Mario Leo Messina Jack A. Mullins Franklin Theodore Polasek Johnnie Joe Polasek Stephen Brian Steinhardt Donald Emil Vacker Michael Charles Adamo Edward Allison Clarkson, Jr. Edwin Earl Finn Gerald Max Fuhrman Peter Wesley Galier Melbourne Stanley Gans Walter Karl Hanak PLEDGES Oscar McDonald Hudson, Jr. Thomas Gentry Jeter, Jr. Sam Michael Korzekwa Patrick George Lopez John L. Maida Timothy George Maresh J. Clayton Mutchler Anthony George Ogden Charles Phillip Peters Richard Allen Schieffer Frank Bernard Slomchinski Leonard Steve Svoboda George Clark Woods Frederick Rihn Wurzback Phillip Gaffney Young, Jr. Front Row: Hatton, Kotara, Messina, Steinhardt, J. Polasek, Carubbi, Florer, F. Polasek, Vacker, McBride. Second Row: Svoboda, Finn, Lopez, Ogden, Ledwig, Mrs. A. L. Allen, Mullins, Peters, Maida, Adamo. Third Row: Mutchler, Wurzback, Schieffer, Hanak, Woods, Jeter, Slomchinski, Clarkson, Galier, Maresh, Young, Gans, Korzekwa, Fuhrman. CHARROS CLUB Front Row: Slim. Second Row: Tolbirt, B. Moody, R. Moody, Davison, Wheless, Preston, Sonmchsen, H. F. Martin, Kovar. Third Row: Lockett, Carnes, Brown, Bland, Benz, T. Risinger, Crutcher, Nagel. Fourth Row: Ferguson, Barnhlll, DuBois, Bond, Pipkin, Bissett, Ruffin. Fifth Row: Fears, Odiorne, Holder. OFFICERS President .... Vice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... Faculty Sponsor WILLIAM CAREY CRUTCHER BEBE DENMAN MOODY RHETTA ALLAN MOODY BOBBY RAY BOND LAURA PRESTON WADE LYNN BROWN Wayne Mott Adam Betty Cole Ashcraft Allan Abner Bailey, III John Williamson Barnhill, Jr. Carl Richard Benz James Stanley Bissett Jay C. Bland, Jr. Bobby Ray Bond James Raymond Brittain Byron Bert Brown Marian Irene Byron Max Morris Calliham Robert Alexander Carnes LaNell Chaffin Mary Ann Crawford Travis LaVerne Grim William Carey Crutcher Sarah Silver Davison Dorse Howard Dubois, II David F. Dyke Robert DuBois Fears James Houston Ferguson Dell Taylor Gibson Robert Lester Griffis Calvert Thalman Hasler Royce W. Hiller Leonard Clifton Holder, Jr. Larry N. Holland Albert Wolford Holmes Ruben Wert Hope Jerry Lea Johnson Jimmy Wayne Kovar Louise LaBauve Virginia Vinson Lawhon MEMBERS Reese Blake Lockett Barbara Ann Markey H. Dudley Martin Helen Faltin Martin Franklin Dawson Meador Judith Ann Metz Jeanette Meyer Christina Mitchell Karin Moehlman Bebe Denman Moody Rhetta Allan Moody LeRoy Fred Nagel Gilbert Lee Odiorne Frances Adeline Old Bobby Jean Pipkin Laura Preston Mary Sue Rager PAGE 483 Thomas Jackson Risinger Virginia Ruth Risinger George Edward Robison Eugene Charles Ruffin Bobby E. Rust Mary Margaret Seewald Robert Richard Shelton Augusta Sonnichsen Thomas Gerald Stafford J. D. Summers Gene A. Templeton Ruthven Champion Tolbirt, Jr. Albert Julius Toole Susie Tucker Alice Lockett Wheless Doris Roberta Woolsey CZECH CLUB hront Row: Malik, G. Youngblood, Hall, Peck, Maly, Prasatik, Marek, S. Youngblood, Phillips, Fletcher Second Row: Booth, Pivonka, Maroney, Schovajsa, Kahanek, Guettley, Mazac, Love, Micek, Chupik. President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer Reporter Sergeant-at-Arms Faculty Sponsors . EUGENE JERRY CHUPIK LEROY EDWARD SEBESTA HENRIETTA VIRGINIA MAREK HENRY LAWRENCE PECK EDWIN EMIL SCHOVAJSA EDUARD MICEK JOE MALIK, JR. Roy Campbell Booth Eugene Jerry Chupik Daniel Joseph Dorotik Clifton John Dusek Betty Lou Fletcher Glenn Roy Guettley Maurice Dale Hall Betty Jayne Kacir Daniel Louis Kahanek Jerome Frank Kubala MEMBERS William Sydney Love, Jr. Sylvia Milady Maly Henrietta Virginia Marek Billy Wesley Maroney A. Frank Mazac William Sanders McGarrahan William C. Melnar Charles Lee Michulka Jerry Parma Henry Lawrence Peck H. Roger Phillips Bernard Joseph Pivonka Mary Anne Prasatik Richard John Prokop Walter Raymond Ruley Edwin Emil Schovajsa Leroy Edward Sebesta Charlotte Straznicky Golden Duane Youngblood Sandra May Youngblood PAGE 4B4 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary .... Treasurer .... Corresponding Secretary Reporter .... Faculty Sponsors . JULIA M. GREGORY DAVID WILMOT EVERETT TOBY MILLICENT MYERS JAMES EDWARD SWANN, II EVA YVONNE ANDRUS MARCIA JEAN HOEVET THEODORE W. MUNCH CLYDE INEZ MARTIN Oswaldo Acosta Patricia Kay Adams Frances Mae Anderson Eva Yvonne Andrus Sara Adel Applebaum Pamala M. Arnold Marjorie Saxon Barge Hazel Phyllis Barton Frances Ruth Berry Shirley Ann Bird Winifred T. Bond Genevieve Brady Patricia Ann Bruce Mary Jane Burkhalter Mary Anna Burris Mary Ann Chancy Merry Louise Coin Martivee Carol Curtin Mary Lou Daniels Horace Alan Dellis John Marion Dirks Marybelle Douglas Peggy Ann Ettredge David Wilmot Everett Verna Jane Farquhar Dell Felder Marilyn J. Ferrill Adelaide Ruth Fisher Margaret Fisher Betty Lou Fletcher MEMBERS Janice Raye Freeman Joyce Faye Freeman Isabel Gerson Julia M. Gregory Martha Elizabeth Grizzard Linda Beth Grumbles Theresa Marie Gustafson Barbara Jean Ham Mary Elizabeth Hornsby Rose Marie Heny Virginia Lou Holstein Lucy Ruth Hopper Ethyl Maria Johnson Janela Jean Jones Philip Ray Jones Miriam Kaplan Carolyn Ann Kidwell Patricia E. Kuempel Jack Edward Landry Joy Anne Ligon Carman Littlefield Shirley Cue Marion Edwina Dee Marshall Helen McCullar Joyce Ann McGill Patricia Ann McGuire Marsha Kay Meredith Ruth Miller Betty Ann Mitchell Cecilia Martha Mooney Mary Lynn Morris Manuel Muroz Toby Millicent Myers Naoma E. Parmely Bruce Manard Pipkin Barbara Ann Poindexter Dale Frieda Polland Peggy Jean Powell Cherie Kay Reese Yvonne Reppeto Wayne Edgar Richards Carla Sue Rucker Ruthie B. Sack Gladys Kathryn Schade Sandra Lee Shopmaker Rebekah Louise Simmons Nanette Spector Rita Stietler Janelle Straiton Joyce Lynn Streusand James Edward Swann, II Bernice Martindale Tillman Ray Davis Torian Alma Gloria Trevino Carolyn Ann Tucker Lorayne C. Walker Peggy Virginia Ward Charlotte Ann Washington Gwendolen Jane Wier Marilyn Louise Worley Carolyn Ann Yelderman PAGE 485 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS President . First Vice-President Second V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Senior Advisor . . ' Junior Advisor . ANN ELAINE CARTER PATRICIA ANN JOHNSON CAROLYN JANET HALEY GEORGIA ANN ULRICH BEVERLY ANN BASSETT MARY ERNESTINE GOLDMANN PHYLLIS L. RICHARDS Louise Landis Armstrong Gladys Winifred Babcock Sarah Chaffin Brooks Bess Belle Caldwell Paula Janet Connor FACULTY MEMBERS Margaret Anne Eppright Rosalis S. Godfrey Mary Ernestine Goldmann Francille Maloch Sallie Beth Moore Lucy Rathbone Phyllis L. Richards Elizabeth Lacey Speer Elizabeth Tarpley Jennie S. Wilmot MEMBERS Mary Lee Allen Sylvia Oster Artmann Beverly Ann Bassett Malinda Ellison Bean Doris Marie Beard Martha Lee Branson Anna Brightman Barbara Jean Bryan Ann Elaine Carter La Nell Chaffin Carolyn Mozelle Clements Barbara Lee Comstock Carol Eugenia Conway Eleanor Mills Gotten Etta Mae Courtney Mettie Fae Davis Frances Jo Ann Dittmar Charline Alberta Doherty Doris Ann Elrod Katherine Deretta Farish Joan Carolyn Farquhar Cathey Elizabeth Fitch Joan Marie Franklin Dorothy La Murriel Glaze Sandra Goldsmith Barbara Ann Golson Lillie Mae Graham Frances Marie Gray Mary Steussy Gray Mary Glenda Hairston Carolyn Janet Haley Margaret H. Harris Patsy Ann Hatch Mary Delaine Hays Carol Sue Heidelberg Frances Katherine Hembree Barbara Henderson Burtleye Henderson Carolyn Joyce Hill Martha Alice Hill Gloria Ann Holloway Gail Hood Dorothy Jan Housewright Gail Hudson Jacqueline Elaine Hyman Linda Marie Jackson LaVerne Johnson Patricia Ann Johnson Nancy Christine Jones Nancy Ann Jurgens Frances E. Kearney Olive Anne Keenan Margaret Ann Knox Jean Carolyn Kobe Carol Ann Krapf Carol Louise Kreidel Nancy Ellen Ledbetter N. Jane McCasland Arlene McClung Patsy Sue McKinnon Mary Maynard McMurrey Marilyn Markman Dorothy L. May Margaret Anne Mitchell Phoebe Kaye Monroe Carmen Georgina Montalbo Mary Ann Moroney Synnoeve Morris Virginia O. Newman Janet Newton Josephine Georgette Nockolds Sarah Lee Northington Hilda Eugenia Nowell Jane Lee Obst Doris Kay Parker Marilyn Perkinson Ada Pierson Dixie Kay Pinckney Patti Lynn Pinkney Triveni P. Popat Mary Anne Prasatik Martha Elizabeth Reagan Sally Jean Reed Carolyn Jay Reiver Kelly Rhine Barbara Jewell Richards Mary Carolyn Richardson Martha Nell Samuels Eddie Marie Greenwade Smith Gretchen Leah Smith Nettie Mae Steglich Lynn Elizabeth Stevens Edith Diana Svadlenak Ann Taylor Betty Jane Thornhill Florence DeLain Trimble Georgia Ann Ulrich Jane Elizabeth Von Dohlen Nancy Ann Walker Mary Ann Waters Janice B. Wear Ann LaNell Weber Janet Rebecca West Bobbie Ruth White Barbara Sorensen Wilhelm Charlotte Anne Williams Girlene Marie Wiliams Judith G. Williams Patricia Louise Wren Front Row: Carter, Housewright, Popat. Second Row: Kreidel, Franklin, Parker, Pierson, White, Bryan, Reagan, Beard, McKinnon. Third Row: Goldman, Hatch, Wilmot, P. Richards, B. Richards, Davis, Reiver, McCasland, Haley, Von Dohlen, H ood, Rathbone. Fourth Row: Hill, Morris, Glaze, Brightman, Gray, Hays, Ulrich. PAGE 486 INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL SCIENCES Front Row: V. Malone, Courier, Jackson, W. Malone, Reasoner, Orr, Campbell, Scott, Good. Second Row: Boles, Spacek, Hasenbeck, Paul, Worley, McCollum, Griffin, Battey. Third Row: Weideman, Thompson, Ward, Law. Harris, Koether, Estes. Fourth Row: Shutts, Chamberlain, Jarrell, Mann, Sowers, Greer. OFFICERS Chairman .... Vice-Chairman . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... Faculty Advisor JACK L. REASONER DAVE ROBERT MOORE EMORY KENNETH DAMSTROM JAMES BERNARD GRIFFIN ROBERT VERNON BATTEY MILTON JOHN THOMPSON MEMBERS Charles Ivan Ashbaugh Grover Louis Alexander Tames Wesley Ball Samuel A. Ball, Jr. Jimmy Edwin Banks William M. Barton, Jr. Robert Vernon Battey Hollis Alford Baugh J. L. Boles, Jr. Leonard Frank Brown Ross William Bruner Joseph Harry Burich Gerald William Bumbera Billy Ray Campbell Ralph Lawrence Carmichael James Grover Cerny Alfred Adam Chamberlain, Jr. Robert Cole Robert Wayne Courier William Joseph Craft Robert Lee Crawford Robert James Crawford Hilary H erbert Cunningham, Jr. Reno William Damerau, Jr. Emory Kenneth Damstrom Joe Morris Davis Ted C. Debavadi Bobby Wayne Dodson Howard Hutton Drisdale Lloyd Milton Durst Luther Dillard Estes, Jr. Kenneth McCarty Fink Louis Furushiro J. H. Gaines Carlos Romeo Garza Robert Earl Good Paul Edward Greer James Bernard Griffin Charles Lee Hagler John Clarence Hall, Jr. Harry C. Hardee, Jr. Morris T. Harris Thomas Charles Hasenbeck Tommy Henderson Byron Frederic Hinderer William Everett Hornung Ettore H. F. Infante William Scott Jackson, Jr. Maxie William Jarrell Charles Henry Johns Rodney Dale Jones Ralph Edwin Joynes, Jr. Ernest Edward Kelley Mufid Musa Khoury Emmit Alton Koelle Kenneth Ray Koether Robert Gene Kunkel Harold Yen-Ho Law Richard I. Lay, Jr. Roger August Leonard, Jr. Carey Ford Lively, Jr. Raul S. Lozano Willis Carson Lyons, Jr. Wanda Jean Malone Vernon Harold Malone, Jr. Humboldt C. Mandell, Jr. Marion Marshall Mann Ira Donald McCrary Robert Frank McCollum Norman Gale McDonald Jerry Lloyd McElroy, Jr. Dave Robert Moore Andrew R. Nebgen Robert Ray Norwood James Carley Orr Ittipon Padungchewit George W. Patterson, Jr. Phillip Sherwood Paul, Jr. Jimrnie Lawerence Peterson Dennis M. Phillips Jackie Dale Poison William Clark Poole Jack L. Reasoner John Alvin Russell Michael Francisco Sarabia Ronald Normon Schaevitz John Stephens Scott William Holland Shutts Erwin Hugo Simon, Jr. Thomas P. Smith Jay Riggan Sorrell John Delbert Sowers Stanley John Spacek Glen Charles Speer Elgene Campbell Spencer Stanley Aaron Spivey Franklin Delano Stooksberry Quinan W. Swing Frank Valton Vogel Robert Alfred Waldrop Donald Thomas Ward Ted Maynard Watson William Richard Weideman Arthur Moseley Wharton Joe Dale White James Paul Wisdom, Jr. Richard Marvin Womack Emory K. Worley Edwin Foo Woo John M. Wood Srisak Yucktanan PAGE 487 INSURANCE SOCIETY I- rant Row: Purilby, Rackley, Simon, Albright, Granger, Blanchard, Cooke, Wilson. Second Row: Martin, Arendall, Beauchamp, Johnson, Reid, McKeown, Smothermon, Fairbairn. Third Row: Curry, Whitaker, Gregory, Herrmann, Patrick, Moore, Duce, Strain. OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor WILLIAM CHARLES SMOTHERMON GEORGE DOUGLAS MARTIN WAYNE LAVOYD GREGORY WILLIAM ROSSER PURIFOY ROBERT W. STRAIN i Albert Morris Albright, Jr. J. W. Arendall, Jr. Edwin A. Beauchamp Stanley W. Blanchard, Jr. Robert James Brown Bruce Allen Buckner Kenneth A. Chatwin Richard Hugh Cooke Fred Joseph Curry, Jr. Jack Arthur Duce J. Richard Eakins James Marion Fairbairn James Robert Frazier Jennings A. Garrett Andrew Baker Granger Wayne Lavoyd Gregory Kenneth Ray Hagan MEMBERS John Paul Hanna Paul John Herrmann, Jr. Donald Edward Hoffman Clyde Taylor Johnson Gerald Franklin Jones Melvin M. Kornfield Barry Bernard Kurtz George Douglas Martin John Arthu r McDonald Thomas Leo McKeown, Jr. Hadley Anthony Melo Gene Dwight Miles William Thomas Moore Maureen Moore George Weldon Moyer, Jr. Milton Phil Overstreet Allyn Smith Patrick Louis Edgar Perry, Jr. Eugene Meyer Phillips Charles William Preston Richard Elliott Preston Bradley E. Priebe William Rosser Purifoy Ramon Robert Rackley James M. Reid John L. Ross, Jr. Leslie Thomas Simon William Charles Smothermon William Robert Thomason Roger Walters Harold Lee Whitaker Edwin E. Williams Rosrer B. Wilson PACE 488 LONGHORN CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS President . V ice-President . Treasurer . Secretary . Program Chairman Faculty Sponsor JOHN DELBERT SOWERS BARBARA ANN CAUDLE CLYDE MELVILL THOMAS BARBARA Jo GRAY NANCY LEE SCHNAUTZ ROBERT MACCOLL ADAMS MEMBERS Sylvia Avant Diane Lavonne Baker Joe Richard Ballew Susan Bassett Ruth Marie Burnett Barbara Ann Caudle Gordon Joshua Christensen Patricia Ann Collier Barbara Lee Cordell James Edgar Crawford, Jr. Robert Wade Davis Ann Willis Elkins Barbara Jo Gray Lawrence Gail Hardwicke John Richard Hoelzel Dorothy Howard Thomas Screven McCall Scott Alexander McGall Alma Jean Merwin Terry Gene Newman J. C. Bob Oehler Windell Weldon Grand Charles Ervin Osborne Elizabeth Hansen Rowell Gail E. Scarbrough Nancy Lee Schnautz Grace Yvonne Shand Margie Sue Simmons John Delbert Sowers Ralph Benton Spaugh Nancy Gail Teeple Clyde Melvil Thomas Charles R. Turner Frank Edward Whitson Everett Bruce Wylie MHBBBBBBHHKiffi Front Row: Caudle, Cordell, Simmons, Rowell, Osborne, Howard, Avant, Gray, Schnautz. Second Row: Hoelzel, Hardwicke, Ballew, Christensen, McGall, McCall, Thomas, Turner. PAOB 489 MEN ' S INDEPENDENT CAMPUS ASSOCIATION COUNCIL President ROY LYNN TAYLOR Vice-President FRED WAYNE BLACKWELL Secretary GEORGE CALALE MILHIM Treasurer DONALD CLARENCE AYRES Intramurals JAMES DOUGLAS PFLUGER Social Chairman LINDSAY F. PHILLIPS Parliamentarian JOHN HENRY REAGAN Extra Curricular Activities ARTURO ENRIQUE BATRES Front Row: A Second Row: rturo Enrique Batres, James Douglas Pickett, Roy Lynn Taylor, James Douglas Pfluger, Lloyd Truman Brummett. Alexander McGuire Kimbrough, III, George Alan Snodgrass, John Henry Reagan, Stanley Dean Novy, Fred Wayne Blackwell. PAGE 490 WOMEN ' S INDEPENDENT CAMPUS ASSOCIATION Front Row: Anne Price, Kerstin Hildegarde Ekfelt, Shirley Bird, Jayne F. Harkey, G. Yvonne Templin. Second Row: Beverly Ellen Scroggin, Helen J. Mills, Carolyn L. Elam, Ada Pierson, Barbara A. Ruesch, Virginia Ilene Ciarlariello, Martha Joe Ferguson, Mary Bethany Weems. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer Parliamentarian . Historian . Publicity . Publicity . Membership . Social Communications . Service Member- At-Larsje . SHIRLEY ANN BIRD . MAURINE ELIZABETH WRIGHT . MARY BETHANY WEEMS . BEVERLY ELLEN SCROGGINS . GEORGIE YVONNE TEMPLIN . VIRGINIA ILENE CIARLARIELLO . MARTHA JOE FERGUSON . BARBARA RUESCH . KERSTIN HILDEGARDE EKFELT . JAYNE FRANCES HARKEY . ANNE PRICE . PATRICIA QUEBE GEORGIA ANN ULRICH PAGE 491 PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor Front Row: Brown, Foote, Fariss, Moffett, C. Beck, Ritchie, Biggers, Ross, Harp, Storey, Davis, Tyrrasch. Second Row: Buice, Ragsdill, Templeton, Gainley, Scruggs, Pufal, Goldsberry, Fisbeck, Perry, Friesen, Alderson. Third Row: Keller, McGee, Crawford, Scroggins, Marshall, Gault, Hale, Atwood, T. Beck, Gore, White, H. Davis. Fourth Row: R. Murphy, Callaghan, Brace, McClendon, Turner, Dikes, Reed, Ward, Hooton, Puryear, George Hoffmann. OFFICERS SALLY RITCHIE CLAY R. GAULT SYLVIA LEE HARP JACK EDWARD RAGSDILL CURTIS JACKSON ALDERSON Curtis Jackson Alderson Betty Jane Alexander David K. Brace Mary Evelynn Buice Melvin M. Crawford FACULTY MEMBERS Wiley Eugene Glaze Jessie Helen Haag Karl Kermit Klein Lynn Wade McCraw James Carroll Adams Lucious Edwin Ansley, Jr. J. B. Arthur, Jr. James Wade Atwood Clare Donoghue Beck Tom Thornton Beck, Jr. Barbara Lou Biggers Rebel Eugene Blackwell Charles Farmer Brand Clifford Thurston Bridges Cornelia Fay Brown William Charles Callaghan John Charles Chumney John Coates Joyce Coleman Judy Ann Collier Dorothy J. Crawford George Hulen Crow Henry Etta Jane Davis James Edward Davis Delmar Desmond Dhooge Bill Nelson Dikes Joseph S. DiMare Tommy K. Estes Elsie Bob Fariss Weldon H. Fisbeck MEMBERS Phyllis Jean Foote Gerard Anthony Friesen George Alfred Gainley, Jr. Leslie Ollie Gandy Nelda Lilia Garcia Clay R. Gault Patrick Daniel George Max Aubrey Goldsberry Doyle Leonard Gore Carolyn Ann Grace Hulen Alphes Hale Sylvia Lee Harp John Halley Harrell Billy Howard Harris Howard Clifton Harvill Wayne Melvin Hay Charles Douglass Herrea Carolyn Anne Hinton Ronald Witt Hobbs Phyllis Anne Hoff Malcolm Edward Hoffmann Ronald R. B. Holzmann Norman Elwyn Hooton Brenton Leroy Hughes John Hobdy Jeanes Franklin D. Keller PAOE 492 Dennis George Kouth David Lee Laman Jack Edward Landry Virginia Lea Layton Joseph Patrick Losack William Edward Marshall C. Elaine Mathews Bobby Joe McClendon Paula Beth McGee Judy Ann Mclnnis Jerry Benny Milan Meta Louise Mogford Julia Ann Moffett Juanita Perez Moreno Morton Winston Moriarty Mary Gail Murphy Ralph Gerald Murphy George Ernest Myers Morris Glenn Nails Juana Ree Owens Robert Clyde Patterson, Jr. Betty Lou Pendergraft Pat Collier Pennington Arvid George Perry Jack M. Price Norman A. Procter Jim Pufal Harriette Sue Pullen Bobby Clayton Puryear Jack Edward Ragsdill William Evard Reed Sally Ritchie Betsy Ross Harry Peter Schneider Beverly Ellen Scroggins Joseph Marion Scruggs, Jr. Shelby Edward Shannon Joe Dennis Shimek Billy Frank Snowden James Robert Sorsby Suzanne Silence Storey Gene Arden Templeton Joel Douglas Tinker Bill Lamond Turner Barbara Ann Tyrrasch Richard Warren Varichak John Colvin Ward Thomas Guy White, Jr. Elijah Mae Williams Waneen Wyrick RAMSHORN CHAPTER TEXAS SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... Faculty Sponsors ELBERT ROY BUTTERWORTH LLOYD DALE Ross WILLIAM FORREST MATTHEWS ROBERT WAYNE COURTER CLOIS D. FEARS BYRON ELLIOTT SHORT FRANK WELDON JESSEN Donald Ray Abel James Milton Abernathey James Ralston Allison Karl John Amelang Joseph Frederick Anderson John Alan Bailey Albert Jerry Balusek Gilbert Monroe Barr Joseph Edward Beall James Clyde Bennett Franklin D. Bollman Ralph McClay Brisbin James Richard Broderick Larry T. Brooks Elbert Roy Butterworth Dwight Alton Caughfield James Leon Cole Johnny Clayton Cole Maurice Wayne Cole Norman Lee Cooper Robert Wayne Courier Emory Kenneth Damstrom Frank M. Dannenbaum Eugene Howard Dawson Henry L. DeFord James Cornelius Durbin Richard Economy Jeff D. Edwards Harry Cern Ehlert Kenneth Alvis Evans Clois D. Fears Thomas Conroy Fcnnell James Ronald Ferrill Kenneth McCarty Fink Edgar Gustav Fischer Robert G. Freund James Lloyd Fulton Lewis Benjamin Garrett Glenn Roy Gartman William Edward Gilchrist Jack Cestel Glasgow Edmond Goldstein James Wilson Griffin Robert R. Guinn Watson A. Hardeman John C. Harlan George Archie Helland William Revel Henry Albert Otto Herbst Ransom Lee Hightower Richard Lionel Hill Louis Benjamin Houston Ettore H. F. Infante Thomas Penn Johnson William Paul Jones Werner O. Koch Ernest Joe Krenek Larry S. Lamberth, Jr. A. W. Landers John Dillard LaRue Robert Ben Lillie Carl Edwin Locke MEMBERS Vernon Harold Malone, Jr. William Lynn Mathes William Forrest Matthews James Don Mayfield Charles Ellis McCullough Reavis Smith McKeever D. Rogers McKinnon John Roger McPherson Jack L. Meyer Jim Meyer II Denver La Verne Mills Charles Harold Montgomery James R. Moreland John Neil Murphy Herbert L. Murray Russell Shaw Neal Robert Austin Newman Reginald Warren Nivens John William Palko Stanley Theodore Parker Phillip Sherwood Paul, Jr. Jack Steven Peiffer Rafael Pena Robert Charles Penrose James Bledsoe Perrigo Arvin Dixon Perry John Lloyd Phillips Cecil Hugh Ramage Richard Dugan Ricketts Charles Arthur Robison Lloyd Dale Ross Stefan Salek Stanley Breil Schuster Robert Rudolph Schwab Francis Eugene Sheppard, Jr. William Vernon Sheppard Manuel Julius Sliva Cecil Fletcher Smith Albert Kennedy Solcher Wamac Franklin Soward John Delbert Sowers Robert M. Sprague Edward Harvey Tetmeyer M. Wyndell Thomas Byron Edwin Thompson Joe Neil Tillery Alex Todasco Arnold Joseph Tucker Billy Ray Upchurch Peter Arthur Vena William Kennon Vickery Winford Nathan Whittaker Vance K. Wilkinson Roy Dale Williams Carl C. Williamson Bobby R. Winn Marion Edward Wood Harry Thomas Woodmansee Garland Edward Young Jack Edward Youngblood Herbert G. Zinsmeyer Front Row: Matthews, Courier, McKinnon. Younifblnod. Highto ' ver, Hardeman, Young, Fears. Second Row: Ross, Gilchrist, Lillie, Parker, Gartman, Robison. Cooper. Third Row: Fulton, Helland, Cole, Upchurch, Schuster, Brooks, Butterworth. PAGE 493 REAGAN LITERARY SOCIETY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Eleanor Martha Altman Betty Ann Aue Meryl Joan Baernstein Lois Sandra Bearden Amber LeMerle Bernard Minifred Julia Boyles Peggy Jo Boynton Mary Ellen Branan Anna Belle Clements Barbara Kay Cline Phyllis J. Coffee Merry Lou Coin Rita Jean Cook Sandra Jean Couch Nancy Curtis Marilyn Blanche Davison Dorothy Dawson Aria Faye Edelman Doris Ann Elrod Carolyn Faulkner Joan FitzGerald Sandra Goldsmith OFFICERS KATHY VIRGINIA POLLARD PHYLLIS J. COFFEE JOSEPHINE MOORE HOWELL MARGARET O. WOESSNER MEMBERS Sarah Lee Groce Sandra Jean Hamilton Frances Harris Gaynel Sue Hartman Jane Birdwell Henderson Glenda Claire Hill Iris Ramona Hill Lois Diane Hopkins Josephine Moore Howell Ria Johnson Norma Ann Joseph Ada Lillian Ann Koen Nancy Louine Lambert Mary Eleanor Lancaster Lynne Lipsitz Joyce Fay Lockhart Betty Flo McQuatters Mildred Rose Meili Mary Lynn Melvin Frances Jean Meyers Danee Almadan Miller Ethel Rae Miller Gail Harriet Mosko Janice Maurine O ' Banion Kathy Virginia Pollard Mildred Roberta Powell Barbara Sue Rosenbloom Sue Rosson Sharon Lee Scharlack Ann Schlesselman Carolyn Ann Seay Margie Sue Segal Joan Brenda Simms Mary Margaret Stallings Virginia Joan Strauch Marjorie Ellen Stulz Sandra Helene Swenson Sarah Ann Tedder Catherine Elizabeth Voightman Lenore Watson Jacqueline Ann Whitaker Patsy Ann Whorton Margaret O. Woessner Front Row: Dawson, Hamilton, Pollard, Coffee, Cook, Altman, G. Hill, Groce. Second Row: Howell, Whitaker, Clements, Davison, O ' Banian, Lockhart, Bernard, Seay PAGE 494 RUSK LITERARY AND DEBATING SOCIETY l Front Roic: Carroll, Salinas, Ensle, Schwab. Second Row: Woolley, Liggett, Berkley, Haile. OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Poet . Faculty Sponsor RICHARD EARL BERKLEY LAWRENCE BARCLAY HAILE ELMO PETE SCHWAB, JR. ERNESTO SAENZ SALINAS PAUL VOTTELER CARROLL THOMAS RUSSELL WOOLLEY MEMBERS Richard Earl Berkley Paul Votteler Carroll Angelo Joseph Carubbi Leland Chancy Croft Thomas Jerome Devine John Frederick Ensle Robert P. Jungman Malcolm Hugh Liggett Eion Fleming McDowell Ernesto Saenz Salinas Elmo Pete Schwab, Jr Thomas Russell Woolley Lawrence Barclay Haile PAGE 495 SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT - eated: Lynch, Olm, Myer, Beebe, Thompson, Cole, Stier, Friedlander. anting: Hulver, Richardson, Gill, Sheppard, Schutt, Brazeal, Harkins, Lards, J. H. Dodson, Boswell, Roe, Barrett, Black, J. Buckner, Moseley, Hobbs, Boyle Bailey, Billings, Zimmerman, Summy, Norlie, Walton, Bender, Collier, Parker, Pena, Jones, Winkler, Smith, Evans, Chapman, AbenHschein, Chiles, O ' Brien Barles, McCrary, Allen, Skinner, Edwards, Atwood, Dutton, Simon, Snodgrass, Dennison. President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Sponsor ROBERT HEARN BEEBE WARREN WILLIAM MEYER DOROTHY JEAN THOMPSON SAMUEL WARREN COLE KENNETH W. OLM EDMUND CLAYTON LYNCH August George Abcndschein John Joseph Allen Sammy Gene Amsler William Webster Atwell Lynn E. Atwood Robert T. Averitt Ronald Rex Bailey James Earl Baker Fortune Jean Barles, Jr. Michael Joseph Barrett Carl Frederick Bechtel Robert Hearn Beebe Malcolm Hamilton Bender William Marvin Benson, Jr. Virgil Weldon Billings Richard Earl Black T. W. Bond Jon Alfred Boswell Marion Dolores Boyle Bobby Eugene Bradley Frank Brazeal Cecil Orrin Brown Bruce Allen Buckner Jack Louis Buckner Lawrence Edward Butcher Joe David Cagle John Edwin Callaway Marvin Edwin Campbell Richard Wesley Campbell Alberto Carlos Cardenas Richard Alton Carrington Cleatis R. Carroll Joe Herbert Chandler Roy H. Chapman Walter Lee Chapman Bobby Dean Chiles Walter Martin Clem, Jr. Bob Allen Cleskey Charl es E. Click Wilbur L. Coats Warren Samuel Cole Clyde Thomas Coleman Ronald J. Collier Roy Dale Collins W. C. Corbin Julian Bliss Coskey O. Kenneth Creel Lloyd Charles Cregor William Javan Davis, Jr. Paul E. Dehnel, Jr. Richard Francis Dennison Robert John Devries John Hershel Dodson Joseph Edward Dodson Donald Carter Downing Jack Dale Dryan Richard Edward Dutton Grady Marion Easley Ben C. Echols Gordon Lemoine Edwards Tom Rogers Edwards James Eugene Estes Joe Olbert Estlack Walter Henry Evans Marvy Alan Finger Peter B. Flynn, jr. William Walter Fortune John Charles Fremont Frank Friedlander Willis Bible Fritts Eugene Thomas Fuller Samuel LaFayette Gill Ernest Dale Goddard Donaciano R. Gomez, Jr. Jerry Don Gore Paul Martin Grieder MEMBERS Jerry Ross Hamm Robert Earl Harkins, Jr. Lawrence E. Hartle Jack F. Helby Ross Kennedy Henderson, Jr. William Michael Higgins Henry Ray Hobbs Donald Edward Hoffman Wilmarth E. Hoffmann Jack Irwin Holmes, Jr. Philip Wiley Holley Eugene Adolph Holmgreen III Robert E. Hulver Donald Ardman Humberd Buford Milton Humphries Benjamin Franklin Ingram, Jr. Clark Layton Jeffries Benjamin L. Johnson Robert Lloyd Jones Jerry D. Keen Robert Edward Keir Robert Newton King Robert Clarence Lambert Glenn David Lanier Angelo George Laros Cosmo Anthony Lodico George William MacSparran Everitt M. Mahon James Robert MaJone John Robert Malone Dudley H. Martin Richard Raymond Mathyer Bob Allen McCleskey Troy McCrary Larry Doyle McDonald Tommy Ray McDonald Paul Martin McGrieder Jeff D. McKinney PAGE 496 Charles Grady McKnight Thomas Albert McMann Albert B. McRae, Jr. Leon S. Meinstein Robert Arthur Mengel Warren William Meyer George Guy Miller Richard Franklin Miller Robert Charles Miller Robert Wayne Miller Louis Noble Million Norman Wesley Minter Thoman J. Moak Edith Skene More T. Modesto Antonio Moreno Merle Edward Morrison Robert Louis Moseley Phillip Lloyd Nealy George Willis Nelson William Thrift Newell, Jr. Ivar Edmund Noren Jack ' Jay Norlie Bill R. Norman Dennis Joseph O ' Brien Kenneth W. Olm Robert Lee Oliver Sam Frank Parigi Walter B. Parker Kenneth A. Patton Rolando Mario Pena Robert Ash Pennybacker Tommy Lee Peterson Jerome T. Pezons Eugene Meyer Phillips Sally Ann Pierce David O. Plank James Julius Porter Aubrey Gene Rampy John Kenneth Roberts Doyle Lorenzo Roe Hubert Edward Rossy Jerome Howard Roth Robert Eugene Richardson Jack Dale Ryan Oscar Earl Schutt William B. Scrimceour, Jr. Enos Doyle Sewell Lail Hamilton Shaw James Wesley Shepperd III Walter Bryan Shoemaker Alex Joseph Simon Richard Tompkins Singer Roy Clyde Skinner Jimmy Don Smith Raymond Owens Smith, Jr. Robert McLean Smith Victor S. Smith George Alan Snodgrass Herb Stier Bill R. Strain James Herbert Stubbleficld Marloy P. Styner James Phillip Summy John A. Swinner, Jr. Dorothy Jean Thompson Cecilia Veronica Tierney James McNelly Todd Roger Franklin Towns William Dwayne Walker Jarvis Edgar Walton Robert W. Wier, Jr. Robert Edward Winkler William Ralph Wright Harvey Eugene Zion Robert Earl Zimmerman SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS OFFICERS President . . . . First Vice-President Second V ice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . . . . Faculty Advisor JAMES RICHARD KAN NINO GEORGE GREEN ANDERSON- EM IL EDWARDS FRIBERG DARRELL KING JONES EVERETTE LANIER TUCKER GEORGE WILLIAM SCHNEIDER MAJOR RUDOLPH WILLIAM STAFFA Jan Cloe Acrea George Green Anderson Alvie Owen Ashley Donald Aaron Bartlett Raymond Ayers Bennett James Sidney Bissett Andre Bouchard Larry Lester Bowers Charles Roland Bragin William Randolph Bridges Larry T. Brooks John Nicholas Brown John Russell Butler Bethel K. Cooper, Jr. David Mayo Cornell David Joe Cowan Dolph Renaldo Crawley William Arthur Crockett William Mitchell Evans Emil Edwards Friberg George D. Fulton Melbourne Stanley Gans Campbell Houston Gillespie John Marshall Graham Bobbie Lee Hasert A llen Burton Heard MEMBERS Emanual Andrus Hebert Elwood Ray Henderson Clark Kern Huff James Milton Huffman Danny Mewis Hull Arthur Harvey Hunke Ettore H. F. Infante Darrell King Jones Harold Joseph, Jr. James Richard Kanning Frank Roderick Keith Stuart Deric Kershner Robert Martin Kienkei Robert Newton King Ralph F. Ledwig Tommy Norton Linder Marvin Paul Lucas J. Gilbert Luke Perry Joseph Lyons James Roger Martin Lang Collins Martin, Jr. William Lynn Mathes Hugh Roth Lee McGaw Charles William McHugh Paul Flavian McKean John C. Melby Charles Donovan Morrill Kenneth Hugo Pape William Garrels Priest, Jr. Carl Ernest Reistle, III Don Adrian Robertson William Courtney Robinson Jan S. Roush George William Schneider Jerry Lee Selby Holmes A. Semken, Jr. Robert Wallace Senn James Allan Shelley Philip Wayne Stahr James Stevens Ben Carter Still Phillip David Stotland Louis Edward Stout George Robert Thurmond Rudy Sam Trevino Jerry Kenneth Treybig Arnold Joseph Tucker Everette Lanier Tucker Robert Daniel Valerius Louis Viramontes Nicholas Vratis John Brock Westover Forest Fred Williams, Jr. Dean Eakin Wolf PAOE 497 SPHINX OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Reporter ALBERT K. H. TUNG ROBERT EDWARD MORGAN, JR. THOMAS VERNON TRAINER WILLIAM THOMAS ODUM JAMES EDWIN RATLIFF JOE ALLEN HOOVER HONORARY MEMBER H. Bernhard Hoesli Thomas James Bibb Bill Custas Booziotis Avery Wadsworth Bowen George William Cape, Jr. Walter Webb Duson William Clyde Ellis George Philip Englert Joseph E. Guthrie MEMBERS James Lee Hendricks Joseph Allen Hoover Norman Thomas Hopkins Hans Clinton Jensen James Allen McBride Charles R. Morgan Robert Edward Morgan, Jr. John Vernon Nyfeler William Thomas Odum Thomas Alexander Pressly, Jr. John Crews Rainey James Edwin Ratliff Raymond Gault Studer Russell Patterson Sweeney, Jr. Thomas Vernon Trainer Albert K. H. Tung Joseph Edwards Wilson Front Row: Bibb, Sweeney. Hoover, Englert, Nyfeler, Tung. Second Row: Odum, Studer, Ratliff, Booziotis, Bowen, Cape, Hoesli. Third Row: Hopkins, Ellis, R. Morgan, Guthrie, Wilson, Hendricks, Jensen. PAGE 498 SPOOKS Fronf Ran-: Rosenzweig, Feagin, Humphreys, Grain, White, Davis. Steele. Moriniere. Second Ron ' : Haun, Leeper, Lissauer, Fisher, Tuggey, Menefee, Ekfelt, Rathjen, Knox, Korman, Markle. Third Row: Bitter, Purnell, Saikin, Tate, Nash, Rubin, Reeves, Hand, J. Smith, Perkinson, Voyles, Peel, Motter, Couch, Higgins. Fourth Rmc: Beloate, Goldberg, Martin. Falk, Finkelstein, Lovejoy, Gurry, Bowling. Ramsy, P. Smith, Price. OFFICERS Chief Haunt . Vice-Haunt Recorder Haunt Banker Haunt . Spirit . Historian . Faculty Sponsor NANCY JOAN BITTER NANCY N. PINSON NANCY LOUISA HAUN VIRGINIA ALMA NASH BEVERLY SUE PEEL MARCIA LAVONNE KINCAID ELSIE JENOISE DOTSON MEMBERS Claire Louise Alexander Bonnie Jane Apple Ann Beloate Nancy Joan Bitter Suzanne Bowling Sandra Jean Couch Mary Lelia Grain Robinette Curry Mary Ursula Dawson Alma Fay Davis Kerstin Hildegarde Ekfelt Rose Margaret Falk Katherine Terrell Feagin Gail Mona Finkelstein Karol Keith Fisher Marilyn Ann Goldberg Bethlyn Jean Hand Jayne Frances Harkey Nancy Louisa Haun Erin Higgins Sue Lynn Humphreys Marcia Lavonne Kinclaid Marion Etheridge Knox Jacqueline Korman Minna Fay Lawrence Nancy Isabel Leeper Joyce Helene Lissaurer Judith Voss Lovejoy Barbara Ann MacKenney Charlene Cartter Markle Nancy Jo Martin C. Elaine Mathews Mary Marjorie Menefee Judith Anne Moriniere Ethel Jeannie Moran Margaret Maurine Motter Rowena Maverick McNeel Alma Virginia Nash Beverly Sue Peel Marilyn Perkinson Nancy N. Pinson Anne Price Marjorie Purnell Frances Ann Ramsey Mary Marcia Rathjen Judi K. Reeves Saranne Rosenzweig Elaine Rubin Mary Lou Ryan Marilyn F. Saiken Joanna Baxter Smith Patsy Clay Smith Sandra Helen Smith Virginia Ann Steele Eloise Annette Tate Judith Anne Tuggey Sharon Sue Voyles Lettie Mae Wheat Alice Lockett Wheless Barbara Gayle White Jacqueline Lee White Janice King Woods PAOK 499 STUDENT ENGINEERING COUNCIL Front Row: William A. Cunningham, Jack L. Reasoner, Robert Wayne Courier, John Eldon Anderson, Gabe C. Utz, Herbert L. Murray. Second Row: Thomas Conroy Fennell, Johnny Charles Wachel. Robert Irving Renouf, Carl Edwin Locke, Jr., Emil Edwards Friberg, Paul Adolph Foerster. Chairman .... Vice-Chairman Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... Sponsor .... COUNCIL OFFICERS HERBERT L. MURRAY THOMAS PENN JOHNSON DENVER L. MILLS JOHN ELDON ANDERSON ROBERT IRVING RENOUF WILLIAM A. CUNNINGHAM COUNCIL MEMBERS Tau Beta Pi . Eta Kappa Nu Pi Tau Sigma . Chi Epsilon Keramos JOHN ELDON ANDERSON THOMAS CONROY FENNELL DAN LANE EVERETT JOHN WILLIAM HATTIC ROBERT K. WARE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERS Thomas Perm Johnson Billy Ray Upchurch AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY Kenneth Lee Schlaudt Madison William Reed, Jr. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS Paul Adolph Foerster Carl Edwin Locke, Jr. Gabe C. Utz AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS William James Aldrich William Mays Acker AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERS Johnny M. Potts Alex Todasco AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Denver L. Mills Herbert L. Murray AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Johnny Charles Wachel Robert Irving Renouf INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL SCIENCE Robert Wayne Courter Jack L. Reasoner John M. Wood SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS Emil Edwards Friberg James Richard Kanning RAMSHORN CHAPTER,, TSPE William Forrest Matthews Jack Edward Youngblood PAGE 500 TEJAS CLUB OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Business Manager Historian . Editor, " The Trails " HARLEY RAY CLARK, JR. GEORGE WILLIAM CAPE DAVID MORRIS WELBORN FRANK EUGENE McLAiN JAMES EDWIN RATLIFF ROBERT ELTON MIMS Walter Henry Allen Fred Graydon Anderson John Eldon Anderson James Edwin Banks Lane Thurston Barnett Jackie Ben Boone Lynn Louis Bourdon, Jr. Avery Wadsworth Bowen Lorence Larry Bravenec William Brenner Raymond Ralph Brown George William Cape, Jr. Harley Ray Clark MEMBERS James Michael Cook Frank Cloud Cooksey John Francis Curran Britt Duane Davis Gerald Carlyle Galbraith Jerry Carl Gilmore William Arch Harrison. Jr. Jot Holiver Hodges, Jr. David Andrew Kendrick John Murray Kendrick Roy Milton Lyon William Joseph Martin Sam E. McClendon Keith Underwood McCrary Strand Marchand McDougal Frank Eugene Me Lain Robert Elton Mims Leon Musil James Louis Nichols John Vernon Nyfeler Vijay M. Parekh James Edwin Ratliff Robert Joseph Ray Wallace Bryan Thurston Donald Ray Warren David Morris Welborn Top Row: Allen, F. Anderson, J. Anderson, Banks, Boone, Bourdon, Bowen, Bravenec. Second Row: Brown, Cape, Clark, Cooksey, Curran, Davis, Galbraith, Gilmore. Third Row: Harrison, D. Kendrick, J. Kendrick, Lyon, Martin, McCrary, McLain, Mims. Fourth Row: Musil, Nichols, Nyfeler, Parekh. Ratliff, Truston, Warren, Welborn. PAGE 501 TEXAS STARS OFFICERS Co-Captains LILA MAE JOHNSON RUTH MARY RAMSEY MEMBERS Shirley Ann Bird Katherine Jane Cook Mary Ann Crawford Charlyne Louise Cyphers Carolyn Lorine Elam Gave Ann Harbin Giva Lois Hawe Nancy Anna Huff " Patricia Ann Humphries Jcanette Martha Jasman Joyce Marie Johnson Lila Mae Johnson Frances Elizabeth Kincaid Patsy Gray Lemburg Janice Maurine O ' Banion Anna Beth Prouse Ruth Mary Ramsey Ina Lee Schwartz Suzanne Elizabeth Simons Peggy Smith Angelia Annette Steinle Virginia Louise Wagner Jean Elizabeth Wendel Karen Sue Wheeler Kay Sharon Wilhite Jane Ruth Winkler Front Row: Elam. Bird. Rouse. Robinson. Second Run " . Crawford. Wendel, Wilhite, Simmons, Harbin, Jasman, Kincaid, Winkler. Schwartz. Wheeler. Ramsey, Smith. Cyphers, Cook, H uff, Steinle, LemburR, L. Johnson. PAGE 502 ANDREWS DORMITORY SCOTTISH RITE DORMITORY PATIO OF THE QUAD. DORMITORIES IK " ( PATIO OF THE WOMEN s GYM HOGG AUDITORIUM Athletics THAT HIPPED Intercollegiate Sports PACE 505 Texas Jexas HLt EB ' Texas, ill LL SCORES 1956 LONGHORN COACHING STAFF ED PRICE Head Football Coach DANA X. BIBLE Athletic Director LETTERMEN SENIORS Allen Ernst Joseph Patrick Losack Don Henry Maroney Mike Trant JUNIORS Charles A. Baker Joe S. Clements Louis Raoul DelHomme Walter William Fondren William V. Germany Garland Kennon Robert Ernest Lee Julius T. Seaholm Elvin H. Mickey Smith, Jr. Wayne Robert Wash Jimmy Dwayne Welch Perry Mike Wells Donald Wayne Wilson Wesley Lee Wyman William J. Wyman SOPHOMORES Glair Maurice Branch Robert Earl Bryant William Raymond Carrico Vance La Noal Castleberry Clarence F. Dreymala Jack William Hobbs Carl James Larpenter Edwin Vince Matthews Eldon Leroy Moritz Dan Allen Myers John Boyd Padgett Arlis B. Parkhurst Christopher Arvid Shaw James Robert Watson Joe Dell Winter Carl Lee Wylie Front Ron-: J. T. Kins. Ed Price, Charles F. Waller, Howard C. Gilstrap. Rack Rau : Cover Conner Emerson, August Mike Michalske. Robert Clayburn Schulze, James Carroll Jones. PACE 507 CHEERLEADERS l) u JAY M. LEWALLEN JILL McMURRY REX HODGES ROGENE V. KADERLI JERRY NATHAN, Head Cheerleader JOE KELTON WELLS, JR. PAGE 508 AVIS ANDREA TIEBER DONALD EUGENE SPENCER THE LONGHORNS Kneeling: Don Henry Maroney, Mike Trant. CAPTAINS Standing: Allen F. Ernst and Joseph Patrick Losack. It ' s hard to write a summary of a losing team ' s season. The facts are well known to everyone that the Longhorns of ' 56 won only one game and lost nine. If the loyal Texas fans think this is hard to swallow, what about the team itself? Day after day last fall the boys you will see on the following pages knocked themselves out in long unglamourous practice sessions to come out before loyal fans each Saturday to try again. Never giving up, the Longhorns played good clean football every game against far greater odds than had been met in many a season. After the final gun went off on Turkey Day the Aggies and the Steers finished their seasons, the Aggies undefeated, the Horns defeated, but defeated in probably one of their best games of the year. The Tulane game was possibly the brightest spot on the Longhorn football calendar for 1956 as the Orange edged the Green Wave 7-6. Losing to such teams as Oklahoma and Cotton Bowl-bound TCU as well as others. Coach Ed Price ' s boys never gave in. This was the last year at Texas for Coach Price, and, even if it was a bad one, he can look back over a job well done. In his coaching stay at Texas Price produced, since 1951, two conference championship teams, a Cotton Bowl championship and All- Americans such as Harley Sewell, Tom Stolhandske, Herb Gray, Carlton Massey, Bobby Dillon, and Bud McFadden as well as many All-Southwest Conference players. Front Row: Jackie Hewlett, Don Henry Maroney, Robert Ernest Lee, Allen F. Ernst, Mike Trant, Garland Kennon, William J. Wyman, Wess Lee Wyman, Don Wilson, Richard C. Lowrey J. T. King, Cover Conner Emerson. Second Row: Charles F. Waller, James Carroll Jones, Jack William Hobbs, Joe S. Clements, Maurice Arnim Baumgarten, Elvin Mitchell Smith. Robert Earl Bryant, Walter William Fondren, Wayne R. Wash, Julius T. Seaholm, Louis Raoul DelHomme, Bill Germany, Jimmy Dale Hunt, Frank Edwin Medina. Third Row: Bob Schulze, Ed Price, William Edward Brock, Clair Maurice Branch, Johnny Edward Elam. Barry Tolbert Robinson. Henry Houston Long. Joe Dell Winter, George Edwin Fitts, Gerald Elvin Johnson, Perry Mike Wells, James Elijah Coulter, Joseph Patrick Losack, Carl James Larpenter, Don Lorraine Horst, Charles Allen Baker, Howard C. Gilstrap, Mike August Michalske, Dr. John Dale Archer. Fourth Row: Kermit James Decker, Bethea Wright Brindley, Eldon Leroy Moritz. Arlis B. Parkhurst, Joseph Delano Williams. John Boyd Padgett, Edwin Vince Matthews, Cl arence Fred Dreymala, Raymond Joseph Twardowski, Vance LaXoal Castleberry, Fred Bednarski, Bill Stolhandske, James Robert Wat- son, Dan Allen Myers, James Richard Moffatt, William Raymon Carrico. PAOE 509 Wayne Wash grabs some of Trojan Pierce ' s jersey as Joe Losack comes un- der attack from USC Fullback Isherwood. USC 44 TEXAS 20 Led by the dazzling duo of Jon Arnett and big 206-pound C. R. Roberts, the Southern California Trojans ran roughshod over the ' 56 Longhorns in their pigskin debut. Roberts ac- counted for 251 yards on 12 carries, erasing Jim Swink ' s 231 -yard effort last season. It was the top individual performance in history against the Longhorns and greatly aided in the 44-20 USC victory. The fired-up Orange and White fans saw their team reach pay dirt first, climaxing a 47- yard drive with Joe Clements rambling 36 yards for the tally. However, the West Coast visitors came back almost at once. Taking the kickoff on their own 19, they absorbed two penalties, waited out the first period, and then sent Roberts ripping over the left side for a smashing 73-yard jaunt and six points. After losing the try for point, the Trojans held down the Horns and with the obliterating blocking of the men of Troy, they again scored after a 51 -yard drive, Roberts was the ball carrier again. Sparing back and forth until late in the second period the Longhorns finally fell for the USTIKh SEPTEMBER M9 OFFICIAL TEXAS PROGBAM- AUSTIt third time to the USC attack. From the 26 Arnett tallied in two carries. Not until late in the third quarter did the Steers again see pay dirt. It was Vince Mat- thews who took over a frustrated Longhorn attack to guide the Orange to their last two tallies. Walter Fondren, the brilliant Longhorn left halfback, came off slightly second best in his personal duel with Arnett, gaining 40 yards afoot to t he Californian ' s 81, but out-scoring him eight to six in individual points. USC TEXAS First Downs 20 20 Net Yards Rushing 405 164 Yards Gained Passing 108 262 Passes Attempted 9 37 Passes Completed 5 19 Passes Intercepted by 4 1 Punts 2 3 Punting Average 43 35 Fumbles Lost 2 1 Yards Penalized 68 79 DON MARONEY Fullback, Senior BOB BRYANT End, Sophomore VINCE MATTHEWS Quarterback, Sophomore WES WYMANN Tackle, Junior MIKE TRAXT End. Senior JOE WINTER Guard, Sophomore TULANE TEXAS First Downs Net Yards Rushing Yards Gained Passing Passes Attempted Passes Completed Passes Intercepted by Punts Punting Average Fumbles Lost 16 290 27 9 2 7 30.8 2 11 144 130 18 9 7 33.8 TEXAS 7 TULANE 6 A violent Tulane Green Wave flooded out the Longhorns ' scoring chances five times be- fore the Texans smashed through the Greenie ' s forward wall to reach the scoring column. Walter Fondren ' s talented toe told the story however as he converted the extra point to give the Orange a 7-6 edge over the New Orleans team. The anticipated scoring duel had its chances but the Horns muffed their opportunities often. Three times in the first half Texas came within striking distance, but was smashed down each time by an underrated Tulane line. Fondren was the day ' s leading ball carrier as he totaled 100 yards net rushing, but it was Joe Clements and Vince Matthews sharing the duties in the passing department that finally told the story. Four completions for eight tosses totaling 89 yards was Clement ' s record for the afternoon. Late in the third period the Longhorns con- nected for two consecutive first downs, then elected to run. This found the pigskin on the Greenie ' s seven. Halfback Jack Hobbs hit for one more, giving the Longhorn fans a scare when he lost the ball. But it was ruled dead before the fumble. On the next play Clements hit the fleet back in the end zone for the counter. Fondren entered the game and con- verted. Tulane ' s touchdown climaxed a 76-yard drive early in the second half but Emmett Zelenka ' s attempt to split the up-rights was met by a host of Texas rushers. . ULANE STADIUM SEPT. 29, 1956 SOUVENIR PROGRAM-! A host of Green Wave tacklers smother a Long- horn ball carrier. PAGE 511 A host of Orange skirted Steers about to put the stop on the Mountaineers ' Rabbits. I ALLEN ERNST End, Senior WEST VIRGINIA 7 TEXAS 6 The rugged mountains of West Virgi nia have nothing on the boys from home, as the equally rugged University of West Virginia Mountain- eers staved off two Texas goalward thrusts to edge the Longhorns in their second Memorial Stadium appearance of the season. West Vir- ginia ' s winning 7-6 margin came with four min- utes and five seconds remaining in the third period when Larry Krutko, their bruising full- back, bullied his way through the middle of of the Steer line for 15 yards and the first counter of the evening. Then up stepped Bob Snider, a man who had never attempted an extra point in college, to calmly send the pig- skin through the uprights. Texas played good ball. Their defense was strong, and their offense was potent as the Orange moved to the West Virginia 2-yard line in the second quarter and the 1-foot line in the fourth period, but both times the mountain- like Mountaineer forward wall stopped them cold. The Horns kept the battle tight all the way though as they came back and scored their only touchdown two minutes deep in the fourth quarter, but Walter Fondren ' s try for point was slightly to the side. Fondren, playing a great game for the Steers, was on the receiving end of a 5-yard Clements to Fondren pass for the tally. A defensive half- back batted the ball in the air but Fondren, while on one knee, scooped the loose ball into his arms in the end zone. It was just not Texas ' night. They had one touchdown called back in the fading minutes of the second quar- ter. Quarterback Vince Matthews connected with end Joe Losack for a 14-yard payoff pitch, but the Horn backfield was in motion and then there was the two phenomenal Moun- taineer goal-line stands to contend with. WEST VIRGINIA TEXAS First Downs 1 3 20 Net Yards Rushing 180 20 Yards Gained Passing 46 205 Passes Attempted 9 25 Passes Completed 4 16 Passes Intercepted by 1 Punts 7 4 Punting Average 39.2 34.5 Fumbles Lost 1 1 Sizemore goes for no gain as three Horns break through. PAGE 512 Oklahoma ' s deceiving option play comes to a halt with the arrival of Wash and Watson on the j scene. OKLAHOMA TEXAS First Downs Rushing Yardage Passing Yardage Passes Attempted Passes Completed Passes Intercepted Punts Punting Average Fumbles Lost Yards Penalized 24 369 133 10 8 5 2 55.0 4 65 14 114 74 27 9 1 6 23.8 2 16 Looking like the nation ' s number 1 team that they are the University of Oklahoma ' s powerful football machine rolled over the Long- horns for the Sooners thirty-third consecutive win. The 45-0 score was counted before a ca- pacity crowd in the Cotton Bowl. The Okies swept past the Horns putting together drives of 44, 52, 53, 80, 57, and 42 yards for touch- downs. Ole man luck seemed to frown down on the Orange and White as break after break went to AS HOMA OKLAHOMA 45 TEXAS The Big Red. Texas ' only potent weapon, their passing attack, was cut short every time the Steers started clicking. Interceptions halted the Texans on three occasions when the Longhorns were threatening. In all the Sooners grabbed five Texas passes from the air. After Oklaho- ma ' s first score in the opening minutes of the contest the Longhorn ' s seemed to tighten up, but seconds after the second quarter opened Tommy McDonald, O.U. ' s leading ground-gainer, skirted right end for a score from four yards out. Oklahoma ' s failure to convert on the first two tallies still left a bright spot in the game for the Orange. However with the counting of the third touchdown and conversion the half left Texas behind 19 points. In the second half the Sooners seemed to score at will, chalking up four more counters before the final gun. Walter Fondren was the leading Longhorn ball carrier, but only lugged the pigskin for a total of 28 yards. One fact does remain in Texas ' favor however in 51 games between these schools Texas has won 30 to O.U. ' s 19 with 2 ties in the series. JOE CLEMENTS Quarterback, Junior Sooner ' s Tommy Mc- Donald is converged upon deep into Longhorn ter- ritory. ! " " ' " PACE 513 Shocked Razorbacks watch Bryant toe dance across as he hauls one in for a touchdown. ARKANSAS 32 TEXAS 14 The Arkansas Razorbacks shattered Texas ' dreams of football renaissance by erupting early in the fourth period for 19 points to offset a 14-13 deficit and win going away, 32-14. Arkansas reached paydirt the first time the team had the ball, marching 58 yards in 13 plays. Jack Hobbs blocked the conversion and the Horns bounced back to score both their touchdowns in the second quarter. A Hog fum- ble on their own 17 set the Steers up for the first tally. Shaking off three offside penalties, Joe Clements tossed one to Bob Bryant in the end zone for the T.D. Walter Fondren set up the second score on a down-and-out pattern around his flanker left position for six yards and the counter. The halftime activities saw Texas in front 14-6. Early in the third period the Porkers fought back with a pitch out good for 58 yards and a touchdown. Texas held stubbornly throughout the remainder of the quarter to a one-point margin but with the coming of the fourth period the Longhorns began to let the defense leak. This was enough for the scrappy out- weighed Hogs who took advantage of opportu- nities ' knock and came on to hit the Steers for 19 more points. This was the third loss to Arkansas in three years and the tower gleamed white again. BTIN- OCTOBER 21 .fltL TEXAS PROGKAM-25 First Downs Net Yards Rushing Yards Gained Passing Passes Attempted Passes Completed Passes Intercepted by Punts Punting Average Fumbles Lost ARKANSAS 14 304 24 11 4 2 5 40.8 1 TEXAS 12 131 132 36 14 2 7 42.6 WILL WYMAN Tackle, Junior WALTER FONDREN Halfback, Junior GARLAND KENNON Guard, Junior DAN MYERS End, Sophomore J. T. SEAHOLM Tackle, Junior LOUIS DEL HOMME Guard, Junior RICE TEXAS First Downs 19 14 Rushing Yardage 368 165 Passing Yardage 86 Passes Attempted 5 11 Passes Completed 6 Passes Intercepted by 1 2 Punts 3 8 Punting Average 33.7 32 Fumbles Lost 1 Yards Penalized 25 90 TEXAS 7 RICE 28 Sixteen minutes of the madcap scoring of the Rice Owls, topped by a fourth quarter foldup for the Longhorns was the story of the Rice game. The Owls pushed across three scores in the final period to deal Texas a killing 28-7 defeat. This virtually eliminated the Horns from a Southwest Conference championship competi- tion. RICE CAMPUS OCT. 27,1956 OFFICIAL PROGRAMSO It was a come-from-behind victory for Rice. Texas, scoring in the third quarter, held a short-lived 7-0 advantage. With 52 seconds re- maining in the third quarter the Owl second unit drove for the tally; the first time it had handled the ball in the second half. The touch- down cancelled out the Orange ' s 65-yard march to paydirt, making the board read 7-7. In the last period the scores came fast and furious only they were all for Rice. The Owls com- bined marches of 73, 28, and 42 yards for the three counters. Big Carl Larpenter recovered a Rice fumble on Texas ' 2-yard line late in the first quarter to bring an abrupt end to Rice ' s most serious threat without scoring. While it was Rice in the first quarter it was Texas in the second. The Horns drove to the Owl 36 once, to the Owl 7 once and controlled the ball on the Owl 18 at the close of the half. Following the halftime activities the Longhorns again dominated the game, but only in the third period, for as the clock marked the fourth quarter the Scoreboard marked disaster for Texas. Orange Jersey defenders smother the Owl ball carrier deep in Longhorn territory. PAGE 515 It ' s all over but the shouting as a red skirted Mustang pulls one in away from Steer defend- ers. GLAIR BRANCH Halfback, Sophomore TEXAS 19 SMU 20 One of the most gallant comebacks ever seen in Memorial Stadium barely fell short as the SMU Mustangs outlasted the Steers 20-19 in a heartbreaker for the Longhorn fans. Trailing 20-0 when the third quarter opened, the Horns, mud-smeared and weary, fought back to take a toll of three touchdowns from the Ponies before the final whistle sounded. Texas ' final tally came with only 3: 15 left in the game and altered the Scoreboard to 20-19. Walter Fon- dren, usually sure death on conversions, kicked wide to the right, however, and that was all for the Orange. Texas, who had second half troubles all sea- son, reversed the pattern against the Mustangs, holding them to a bare 10 yards in the last 30 minutes while rolling up 181 yards and 19 points themselves. The rain-soaked fans saw two different games, SMU in the first half, and Texas in the second. The Charlie Arnold to Tommy Gentry combination twice took its toll on the Longhorns, with touchdown passes of 13 and 9 yards. The third Methodist score also came through the air into the waiting arms of Dan Bowden. As the last half began most of the 35,000 AUSTIN ' NOVEMBER 3, 1956 spectators settled down behind rain protection to watch the slaughter. Texas wasn ' t buying any however, as Joe Clements playing his best game of the season, Fondren and Jimmy Welch paced the Horns to their three counters. Guard Don Wilson grabbed a deflected pass and scampered across the double stripe for Texas ' first tally. A combination of deadly accurate passes and machine-like running lead the Tex- ans to the final T.D. ' s. Fondren and Clements were the scorers, both on runs from only a few yards out. Texas outstanding linemen not to be forgotten were J. T. Seaholm, Bob Bryant and Wilson. SMU TEXAS First Downs 14 15 Net Yards Rushing 154 120 Yards Gained Passing 102 131 Passes Attempted 10 22 Passes Completed 7 1 4 Passes Intercepted by 1 Punts 6 6 Punting Average 37.3 37.5 Fumbles Lost 1 Yards Penalized 55 23 A host of Horns about to put the stop on SMU ' s Slankard. It ' s the end of the line for Fondren as three Bruins close the trap. First Downs Net Yards Rushing Yards Gained Passing Passes Attempted Passes Completed Passes Intercepted by Punts Punting Average Fumbles Lost BAYLOR 9 243 78 13 7 4 5 36 2 TEXAS 11 138 49 18 5 6 35 2 BAYLOR 10 TEXAS 7 Intercepted passes and a halfback that had not seen action all year, probably contributed more than anything else to Texas ' loss to the Baylor club 10-7. That halfback was Donnel Berry, a senior, who came off the bench early in the fourth quarter to split the uprights with a beautiful 19-yard field goal to provide the winning margin for the Bears. VS. TEXAS The Baylorites picked off four of Joe Clem- ents ' passes, halting four Longhorn marches. Del Shofner was the Baylor hero of the day. He was the game ' s leading ground gainer with 123 yards, scored the Bears ' only touchdown, and set up the game-winning field goal with a 47-yard run to the Texas 10. If this wasn ' t enough, he also caught three passes for a total of 48 yards and threw another, good for six yards. Baylor ' s fourth interception late in the fourth period put an end to the Horns ' hopes for victory. Clements passed from his own 25-yard line to Baylor ' s 37, but before Bob Bryant could get to it Schofner arrived on the scene to snatch the ball down and return to his 24. Just over a minute remained and the Bears ran out the clock. In the second quarter Texas speedily recov- ered from a first play touchdown gallop by Schofner to drive 63 yards for a counter. Clair Branch scored on a pass from the arm of Walter Fondren. Jim Welch was Texas ' leading ground gainer with a total of 65 yards in 14 trips. Only once before had the Longhorns seriously threat- ened the score and that was a perfect pass to Bryant in the end zone by Clements on the Bear 37. Only a last desperate lunge to bat the ball down by the Baylor defender saved the game for the Bears. LANOAL CASTLEBERRY Quarterback, Sophomore Maroney and Dreymala try in vain to stop Bay- lor ' s Caver. - PAGE 517 Fondren hunts for a re- ceiver under Clements ' protection. VS T. C. U. TCU 46 TEXAS An unmerciful Jim Swink led TCU club handed the Longhorns their worst conference defeat as the Horned Frogs piled up a 46-0 score. It was a good day for record breaking, but the Froggies did all the good. On the first play from scrimmage Swink broke the South- west Conference ' s all-time rushing record with a 72-yard touchdown gallop. Also the victory was the most overwhelming conference victory in TCU history. Just the opposite for Texas however, it was their worst defeat since 1908. The bright spots were few for the Horns and many for the Frogs, as they seemed to do no wrong. Swink gained 122 yards in 12 car- ries, and scored four times for the Froggies running his touchdown total to nine against Texas. Ably assisted by his hard running team- mates, Swink and company used only nine passes but a bone crushing ground game to overcome the victory hungry Steers. Even Texas had some standouts. Walt Fon- dren gained 65 yards and at times looked like he might break loose but never did. And there HOMECOMING was James Moffatt who took over at quarter- back in the final quarter and guided Texas to the TCU four-yard line at the game ' s end. Twice in the first half Joe Clements guided the Horns close to the Frog goal. But each time the drive was halted, once on the six-yard line and once on the nine-yard line. Lineman Fred Dreymala, Don Wilson, Garland Kennon and others looked good despite the score. TCU TEXAS First Downs 24 17 Rushing Yardage 372 167 Passing Yardage 91 83 Passes Attempted 9 17 Passes Completed 4 6 Passes Intercepted by 3 2 Punts 1 3 Punting Average 30 17.7 Fumbles Lost 1 Yards Penalized 60 30 MICKEY SMITH Halfback, Junior JOE LOSAK End, Senior ROBERT E. LEE Center, Junior JACK HOBBS Halfback, Sophomore DON WILSON Guard, Junior BILLY GERMANY End, Junior A M TEXAS First Downs 19 14 Net Yards Rushing 336 150 Passing Yardage 78 111 Passes Attempted 6 17 Passes Completed 4 9 Passes Intercepted by 2 Punts 2 6 Punting Average 28 41.3 Fumbles Lost 2 A M 34 TEXAS 21 Rough and ready Texas A M ended one of football ' s strongest jinxes Thanksgiving Day as the Aggies knocked off a game and fighting Texas eleven, 34-21. Nothing could be taken away from the Farmers that day as they played hard and steady ball keeping control of the game throughout. Behind the hard running of Jack Pardee and John Crow, the Aggies pushed across five count- N NOVEMBER 29 ! ers, starting late in the first period with a 71 -yard march to paydirt. Before the half ended the Turkey Day fans saw the Orange strike back and climax an 80-yard push with Walter Fondren crushing through the Aggie line for the T.D. The Farmers counted two more be- fore the halftime whistle blew, but not to be denied Texas also counted six more on a Joe Clements to Bob Bryant toss with only 12 sec- onds left in the half. Apparently coming out fighting mad the Aggies took the second half kickoff and marched the distance in four plays. Guard Louis Del Hommc playing a great game in the Longhorn line set up the final Steer tally with a recovered Farmer fumble on the Horn 48. Eight plays later on a Clements to Bryant combination again, the Steers counted their third touch- down. As twice before in the game Fondern put his toe successfully to the extra point. A brilliant goal line stand by the Orange fell to the Aggies after three attempts as the Farmers pushed across their last score. Probably playing one of their best games of the season, even though they did lose, the team had only one thing to say in the quiet dressing room, " We won ' t forget. " An Aggie defender tries to stop Moffatt as the Steer rambles around right end for extra yards. PACE 519 FOOTBALL LETTERMEN CARL LARPENTER Tackle, Sophomore CARL WYLIE Fullback, Sophomore FRED DREYMALA Guard, Sophomore MIKE WELLS Fullback, Junioi CHARLES BAKhR Tackle, Junior J. B. PADGETT Guard, Sophomore JIM WELCH Fullback, Junior ARLIS PARKHURST Center, Sophomore BILL CARRICO Guard, Sophomore WAYNE WASH End, Junior JIMMY WATSON Halfback, Sophomore CHRIS SHAW End, Sophomore ELDON MORITZ Halfback, Sophomore 1956 SHORTHORN FOOTBALL 1 I H 1 BOB SCHULZE Coach Texas Shorthorns ivin over the SMU Ponies, 13-7 One of the strongest Freshman teams Texas has seen in many moons fought its way to a tie for the unofficial SWC Freshman Football Crown, by taking on and subduing all comers except the Rice Owlets. To start off the season the Shorthorns cracked a five-year jinx put on them by the Baylor Cubs with a second half comeback to maul the little Bears 22-6. Scoreless and behind six points as the half ended the Yearlings combined an effective ground and aerial attack to pile up three counters and a safety. Texas ' line play was so vicious that the Cubs wound up the half with a minus 12 yards rushing. In Houston a stout Rice Owlet line stopped a determined Shorthorn last period drive on the Owlet three yard line to hand the Texas team its first and only defeat of the season, 12-7. A wild second period saw the Yearlings grab the halftime lead 7-6, but the Owlets pushed back with the final tally early in the second half. The next week the fired up Shorthorns crammed a whole ball game into a few explosive second half moments to come from behind and beat the SMU .Colts ; 13-7. A recovered fumble late in the fourth quarter and 10 hard- running plays told the story to the Colts, as Bobby Lackey the Yearlings ace quarterback pushed into the end zone and converted to give Texas the final margin. Again playing the role of not-too-gracious hosts, the Shorthorns put down three TCU Poliwog threats and with magnificent line play outlasted the Wogs 7-0. The hitherto unstoppable Poliwogs could not seem to click after the late first quarter score by the Texans. This brought the club ' s records to 3-1 for the season. The last week of activity saw the Aggie Fish playing host in the annual Shrine Bowl contest with the Shorthorns coming out on top with an impressive 18-6 score. Powerful Yearling halfback Mike Dowdle accounted for two Texas touchdowns and George Blanch carried for the third. Again the rock-like Shorthorn defense held the Aggie rushing yardage to only 90 yards, 65 coming in the first half. A fumble set up the only Fish counter. At least the Aggies punted well, one of the longest kicks ever seen on Kyle field came off the toe of Charles Schlemmer, a 67-yard boot. The victory closed out one of Texas ' best frosh seasons in years, and clinched a first place tie with Rice for the Freshman title. FRESHMAN AWARDS Joe Kenneth Alexander Donald Ray Allen Roy Maxwell Alvis Henry George Anderson George Currier Blanch George Eugene Bogle Powers William Cayce Doyle Vinson Chapman James Ted Conner Kermit Odell Davis Thomas Ray DeSalme H. Maurice Doke Don Michael Dowdle Curtis Bennett Dyer Bob Allen Ehl John, Riley Evans, III Thomas Wiley Feagin Cameron Herschel Gates Clifford Milton Grubbs Arthur Howard Guerra James Robert Guinn Jack Curtis Hall Kleo Glen Halm Robert Joseph Harwerth James Boyd House, Jr. Thomas Malcolm Inman Howard Lee Jackson Freddie Moyne Jennings Johnny Richard Jones Bobby Lee Lackey Monte Vern Lee Bill Lehman Bobby Ray Matocha Jerry Allen Muennink James Robert Moffett James Albert Pruett Rene Javier Ramirez Gilbert Dale Riggs David Allen Sadler James Duane Saegert Veon Scott Judah Bernard Schultz Michael James Schroeder Richard Charles Schulte James Eslie Schillingburg Jim Lee Shannon Henry L. Sledge Donald George Snodgrass Larry Clifton Stephens Jerry Doyle Tacker Melvin Lee Thames Melvin Ray Thomas Norman Allen Thompson Robert Joseph Walker Randolph Eugene Ward William Alfred Wendel Mike Wetzel Norman Elwood Wheeler Darrell Gene Wilson David Wright Woodland Front Row: Walker, Scott, Alvis, Riggs. Wetzel. DeSalme, Wilson. House, We Second Row: Blanch, Jimmy Gwyn Manning, Ward, Conner, Saegert, Sledge, Jennings, Anderson, Snodgrass, Schillingburg, Shannon, Ivan Ellis Brown. Third Row: Bob Schulze, James Carroll Jones, Hall, Matocha, Allen, Guinn, Alexander, Ehl, Lee, Evans, Pruett, Gates, Lehman, Thompson, Sadler, Robert Ainsworth Tucker, Don Dean Menasco. Fourth Roiv. Dowdle, Muennink, Tacker, Schulte, Thomas, Lackey, Stephens, Doke, Woodland, Halm, Jones, Dyer. PAGE 521 1956 CROSS COUNTRY For the last two consecutive years Texas has dominated the Cross Country crown, winning it in 1954 and 1955. This year however the Arkansas distance runners for the third time in seven years broke the perennial domination of Texas and Texas A. M. in the Southwest Conference Cross Country Championships although Texas furnished the individual champion, Joe Villarreal who romped over the two mile course in 9: 16.3. The Hogs edged Texas by the low score of 31 to 38 thus securing the crown. In the eight scheduled meets for the Longhorns they came out on top five times, losing the heart breaker to Arkansas but adding glory to their record by the fine showing in the N.C.A.A. meet later on in November. The striving Longhorns in- vaded College Station early in October where they handed A. M. and U. of H. a double defeat 23-73-36. To prove it was no accident the Steers again tackled A. M. and U. of H. the following week in Houston and again dumped them but good; 19-63-40. The next week in Austin the Longhorns trampled the hapless A. M. team once again along with Baylor this time increasing the margin of their win to 16-61-61. The well known Kansas University team had to really go to over- come the Steers in a fierce one at Stillwater, Okla. However, the Longhorns came back the following week to defeat the University of Houston and Fort Sam Houston here in Austin. In preparation for the N.C.A.A. meet the Orange avalanche knocked over Howard Paine and East Texas State 1 7-50-70. In the closing meet of the season on November 26, the team rose to new heights by traveling to East Lansing, Michi- gan and the N.C.A.A. Cross Country meet. Out of a field of 1 15 of the best in the nation, Walter McNew put on a whalloping finish to win the 18th Annual Cross Country Classic in good time of 19:55.7 despite the 29 degree weather to which the runners were subjected. Joe Villarreal placed a very respectable sixth place. T. J. LOVVORN Coach LETTERMEN George F. Foerster Walter Hendrick McNew Dan Keith Pitner Kenneth Hastings Savage Joe E. Villarreal RESERVE LETTERMEN Andre Bouchard Robert James Crawford Brooks Trezevant Patrick Gordon John RatclifF FRESHMAN AWARDS Humberto Adame Johnny Walter Gotten Drew Woolford Dunlap Jimmy Harlan Gray Jimmy Ted Isham Charles Rosemond John Lovard Voudouris Left to Right: Dan Keith Pitner, Andre Bouchard, Brooks Trezevant Patrick, Robert James Crawford, George F. Foerster, Gordon John Ratcliff, Walter Hendrick McNew, Kenneth Hastings Savage, Joe E. Villarreal. PAGE 522 1957 BASKETBALL The TCU Horned Frogs finished their season as well as Texas ' 1957 Basketball by soundly thumping the hapless Steers into the proverbial SWC cellar to the score of 74-60. In the pre-season contests the Longhorn roundballers had fair luck taking six wins in nine starts, but in the conference race it was a different story. In twelve SWC starts the Horns could only muster three victories. However, the big one that surprised even the Longhorn players themselves was the startling upset of the confer- ence champions Southern Methodist before a shocked and dubious Gregory Gym crowd. The Horns took the Mustangs to the cleaners for a score of 77-68. Seemingly undaunted by their defeat however, the Dallas school went on to take the SWC crown and to the semi-finals of the NCAA playoffs. MARSHALL HUGHES Head Coach LETTERMEN Kenneth Wayne Cleveland Kermit James Decker Raymond F. Downs Richard Coe Farrell William Jerome Groogan Norman Elwyn Hooton William Kenneth Horwitz Brenton Leroy Hughes Ellis Lloyd Olmstead John William Shaffer RESERVE LETTERMEN Charles Robert Cox Herbert William Dodson David Barry Dowd Gary Hugh Meyer William Evard Reed Charles Oliver Warren Front Rn;c: Shaffer, Hughes, Downs, Hooton, Olmstead, Farrell. Hack Kow: Jimmy Viramontes, Ross Stephenson, Horwitz, Groogan, Decker, Cleveland, Marshall Hughes. PAGE 523 RAYMOND DOWNS KENNETH CLEVELAND NON-CONFERENCE SCHEDULE The Longhorns opened their 1956-57 campaign with a dazzling offensive show and a 103-68 runaway victory over North Texas State. N. T. S. C. led in the first few minutes until Raymond Downs started hitting which provided the initial spark and started the Steers ' offense rolling. From then on Downs, Cleveland and Decker repeatedly stole Eagle passes and the Longhorns didn ' t slow down in the second half either. In all, Texas hit 38 out of 69 shots attempted for a healthy fifty-five percent. The Texas basketballers delighted their new coach, Marshall Hughes, with a fine hard fought offensive game. In their second game of the season, the Longhorns showed that they knew how to fight by coming from behind on a fine second half performance to upset a good Oregon State Team way up in Corvallis, Oregon, 64-63. The befuddled Beavers who were behind one point in the last twenty-eight seconds of the game, saw the Horns freeze the ball for the victory. Providing the big score was Raymond Downs with sixteen and Brenton Hughes with thirteen. Next the Longhorns stayed up north for another night to do battle with the University of Oregon but were surprised by a defeat before a very hustling and highly regarded Oregon five. The first half provided much excitement with Oregon jumping to a six lead which was quickly cut down thanks to the fine shooting of Captain Norman Hooton. In all, the lead changed hands sixteen times before Texas finally bowed late in the second half to the superior height of the Oregon team. The Orange and White returned to Gregory Gym and before a near capacity crowd they put on a relentless, pressing second half surge to beat out the hapless Oklahoma Sooners, 68-62. Playing against taller boys the Horns operated very effectively from within a weaving circle of flashing arms. Texas started very slowly, scoring only one point in the first five minutes of play. Cleveland and Decker finally started the offense rolling and that was all for Oklahoma that night. Next the Orange Avalanche moved to New Orleans and Tulane. Texas put together another second half rally and then the lead changed hands sixteen times and with only 4:15 seconds remaining on the clock Texas swept past the Green Wave for the last time and a 68-65 victory. This was Tulane ' s first defeat of the season. The herd next moved to Nashville, Tenn., where it faced Vanderbilt. Two years ago Texas fell to the Vandy team 94-67. This year the Longhorns again fell to a new Vanderbilt team, 94-67. This game foretold of ominous happenings for the Longhorn cagers later on in the season. Only once in the game did Texas hold the lead 2-1. The Commodores had built up a twenty-four point lead by half time. Texas was playing without the services of Co-Cap iain Norman Hooton and six-foot-ten-inch Ellis Olmstead. Kermit Decker saw only limited action. The Hardir.-Simmons Cowboys provided fair competition for the Orange and White and also provided sophomore Bub Farrell a chance to vie with Raymond Downs for the top scoring honors of the night. Texas ran up a 63-44 final score. Kermit Decker was the top rebounder of the night. During the Christmas holidays, the Steers invaded Houston and the Annual Cotton Bowl Tournament. Texas lost the opener to a surprisingly sound Arkansas team but then dumped TCU and Baylor to win the Consolation Championship. A two week layoff for examinations proved fatal to the Longhorns basketball efforts as a vastly improved Oklahoma team handed the visiting Texans a 71-59 defeat to even the season ' s series at one game each. Texas rounds out the non-conference schedule by shading E.T.S.T.C. 77-71 in the 15th Annual Polio Game in Gregory Gym. The victory was a hard earned one as the Lions, leaders in the Lone Star Conference, were up to try and dump a major basketball power. The Lions were frustrated at the backboard as Texas hogged the major portion of the rebounds from its taller opponents. Norman Hooton stretches to shoot for two in the North Texas game. PAGE 524 NORiMAN HOOTON TEXAS 76 BAYLOR 87 Extremely accurate shooting and few mistakes on the part of the Baylor Bears enabled the Waco squad to overcome the Longhorns in the Conference opener, 87-76. The Bears threw up a tight zone defense to stop Texas ' Raymond Downs with only 14 points. Texas ' outside shooting was somewhat less than up to par which probably accounted for the effectiveness of the Baylor zone tactics. The man usually used to remedy such action, Bub Farrell was off his usual accurate shooting, probably feeling the effects of a virus infection suffered the week before. Kermit Decker led Texas ' scoring with a total of fifteen baskets for the night. The Jerry Mallett led Bruins wrecked the Steer defense with light- ning-light recoveries off the backboards and deadly accurate shooting for sixty-eight percent in the first fifteen minutes. Mallett led the bears with thirty-one counters and outerbounding Downs with sixteen grabs at the board. By the end of the first half, the Baylor record showed fifty-one percent of their shots were through the hoop, for a 41-35 half time deficit. Texas, on the other hand, counted forty-four percent of its shots, the difference in scores coming from the Long- horns inability to hit from the outside, the usual plan when Downs is bottled up. Downs was able only to take six attempts and he made four of them, while Mallett having a field day counted thirteen of twenty attempts. Every Baylor player was able to count at least seven points while the Steers only had four to go over six points for the night. The defeat sent Texas down in its first conference start and put a crimp in any title plans the Longhorns may have had. Downs jumps for two as Farrell looks on in the TCU game. TEXAS 60 TCU 74 Dick O ' Neal and company blasted Texas into the SWC cellar by a knockout blast, 74-60, in the final game of the season for both clubs. Ronnie Stevenson, a Froggie sophomore, also gained twenty-two points along with his noted teammates. Texas Christian had the over-all depth while Texas couldn ' t buy a field goal to get them out of trouble. Raymond Downs, whose name will be forever remembered in Texas ' Basketball history, closed out his college career with the game ' s top individual score by shooting twenty-five counters. The large TCU crowd stood and applauded in unison as the greatest Longhorn scorer of all time left the court for the last time. The game finished three seasons of 866 points which Downs collected by playing in thirty-six conference games. This is the second best record in the conference history. The Frogs took the game with some fine shooting from Stevenson, after the Horns had started the game as if they might have broken a slump which had plagued them in the last stages of the season. Bill Groogan played his best game for the Steers, gaining seventeen points for the night. With Groogan ' s accurate shooting the Longhorns shot to a 11-7 lead in the early first period, but failed to hold out when Stevenson and O ' Neal started to connect on jump shots from fifteen feet out. The Frogs followed up a 39-26 halftime score. The second period saw the Frogs combine more accurate shooting to Texas ' poorer aiming to send the score to a greater margin. Downs scored nine in the final quarter to close the gap somewhat for the Horns. TEXAS 54 ARKANSAS 70 This was the last home game for six senior Texans and it proved to be disappointing. Raymond Downs, Norman Hooton, Bill Groogan, Ellis Olmstead, Charley Warren and Bill Reed finished up in Gregory Gym with a loss to the Hogs. The game was marred with lead-footed rebounding and ninety-seven shots. Defensively, the Longhorns used a 3-2 zone but were decoyed out of it as time progressed. At the half, Texas was behind by only three points, 27-24. The Arkansas invaders, however, ran the score to 41-34 to take the big lead. With the leadership of Downs and Olmstead the Longhorns made one last effort for victory and rewrote the score to read 46-48, a two-point deficit. From this point on, Texas could pick up only four field goals. Arkansas threw in two field goals and fourteen free throws. Arkansas was not content to stall the ball game to run out the clock. Raymond Downs dealt eighteen points into the Longhorn basket, while Olmstead yielded nine. John Shaffer and Ken Cleveland both added six each. Hooton took five. For the Razorbacks, Harry Thompson made twenty points to lead his mates. BILL GROOGAN PAOE 525 John Shaffer and Kermit Decker go after the rebound against TCU. TEXAS 63 RICE 79 The Rice Owls were too much for Texas and proved so by a win of 79-63. It was the height advantage that really aided the victors. Lead by Temple Tucker and Gerry Thomas the Owls jumped to an early first half lead of 40-30. From then on it was no contest. On defense the Rice Team as a whole could not be penetrated. This seriously impaired the Horns shooting from the floor. Ken Horwitz and Brenton Hughes came in as substitutes for Texas and did a very good job. Horwitz put in six points at a very crucial time. Raymond Downs was sidelined at the first of the game with a cut over his eye. He later returned to score eighteen points in all. Brenton Hughes followed with thirteen. Nor man Hooton took eleven. Rice also out-rebounded Texas. The Owls took 70 leaving Texas only 42. Tom Robitale, a prominent figure in the Rice lineup, was taken down a notch this game as compared with the first meeting of the two teams. TEXAS 67 A M 69 The Texas Aggies outplayed Texas, 69-67, in a pressure ridden overtime tilt. A field goal by Aggie George Mehaffey in the last three seconds wrote the closing chapter for the Longhorns. Doubt existed momentarily, however, as officials signaled Kermit Decker to the free throw line for an opportunity that could have meant another overtime. A sideline hearing decided that time had expired before the foul was committed. At the intermission the Longhorns held a 30-25 lead, but saw it fade before an Aggie volley which put A M ahead, 31-30. During the first half the score was tied twelve times and the lead changed hands on eight occasions. Texas finally regained its lead and worked the scores to 52-47 midway in the last half. Slowly, the Aggies gained on them and soon the score was tied, 59-59. Raymond Downs had twenty-three points for Texas, while Mehaffey had the same number for A M. TEXAS 56 SMU 79 The SMU Mustangs, mindful of an earlier season loss, downed the Longhorns, 79-56. It was sweet revenge for the Ponies as they led all the way. Texas started the scoring with but fifty-one seconds gone in the first half when Raymond Downs sank two charity shots. Twenty seconds later, however, Larry Showalter tied the game, 2-2. The first half went from one side to the other but when intermission came the Ponies maintained a fair lead, 34-26. The Horns were plagued with many inaccurate shots, while the Mustangs took over. The fast break changed the score to read 56-37 in the Mustangs ' favor. The Mustangs ' offense was neatly balanced. Bobby Mills led the way with seventeen,, closely followed by Herrscher and Krebs with fourteen each. Things weren ' t so bright on the Longhorns ' side. Although Raymond Downs hit seven- teen, his colleagues, Norman Hooton and Kermit Decker, could account for ten and. eleven, respectively. PAGE 526 Bill Groogan goes in to guard an O.U. shot. RICHARD FARRKLI, KENNETH HORWJTZ TEXAS 95 BAYLOR 68 The Texas men became heroes again as they ripped the Baylor Bears 95-68. The game belonged to them all the way. Baylor went ahead, 2-0, lost the lead and never threatened again. Kermit Decker started the ball rolling with two fast break field goals. The Bears, who hit everything when they beat the Steers in the Conference opener, were having a good deal of trouble even seeing the basket. They had a thirty point eight percent average from the floor. They also suffered from the free-throw line, making twelve of twenty-six. Ken Cleveland for the Steers put in twenty and Raymond Downs contributed sixteen. Kermit Decker, along with John Shaffer, each got sixteen. Norman Hooton got fourteen. At one time in the game three minutes and thirty-nine seconds elapsed leaving the Bears scoreless, while Texas accounted for twelve. The real factor in the game, however, was the ability of the fast moving guards to steal the ball and break away. Downs ' deadly accurate hook shot is about to pay off in the North Texas game. TEXAS 77 SMU 68 This game was termed by Southwest Conference sports writers as the " Miracle on Speedway Street. " Maybe it wasn ' t really a miracle at all, but it certainly seemed so when eight Texas Longhorns combined their assorted talents to chop down the most heralded basketball team in Southwest Conference history. Southern Methodists, unbeaten in twenty previous SWC games, were just another team to the Texas men. Coach Marshall Hughes opened the game with an all lettermen lineup which had piled up huge scores in its previous games. But when this crew fell behind, he came up with John Shaffer who might have poured in the deciding points. Using the accuracy of Shaffer, the Longhorns gave the Ponies a run for their money during the first half. The score at half time was 40-36 in favor of the Ponies. Four minutes deep in the second half, the Longhorns tied the game, 44-44. In all, the score was knotted on eight different occasions. At 63-63 the Longhorns pulled away leaving the Mustangs to lead no more. Raymond Downs played his usual great game, scoring twenty-two points. He took thirteen rebounds leaving big Jim Krebs fourteen. Decker and Hooton each scored twelve points and Shaffer scored fifteen. For the Mustangs it was Rick Herrscher with twenty-six points. Jim Krebs, All-American, was held to fifteen by the tight Texas zone. Bobby Mills and Larry Showaltcr put in twelve each. TEXAS 66 RICE 76 The tall Rice Owls pulled away from the Texas Longhorns to take this all important Southwest Conference basketball game. It was the Owls ' tre mendous height that led the way to victory. Tom Robitale, six foot nine inches, Temple Tucker, six foot ten inches, and Gary Griffin, six foot five inches, poured in points and controlled the backboards all night. Robitale was the game high scorer with twenty-five, of which eleven came in three minutes. Texas also was out rebounded by the men from Houston. Tucker latched onto nineteen and Robitale got eleven. Texas had thirty-six to the Owls ' forty-seven rebounds. Bub Farrell, who was high point man for Texas with twenty, hit seven field goals and a free shot in the first half for fifteen points. Also in the first half Texas received twelve fouls, four of them on Raymond Downs. Texas, however, managed to regain the lead, 36-35, as the second period began, on two outside shots by Ken Cleveland. Then the roof fell in as Rice went ahead, 61-35. The game ended with Downs and Cleveland watching from the bench. Farrell gets set for two against Baylor. Downs tallies two all by himself in the SMU contest. JOHN SHAFFER BRENTON HUGHES TEXAS 55 A M 61 The Farmers from Texas A M invaded Gregory Gym for the second game with the Longhorns. A capacity crowd watched the Aggies overcome another Longhorn jinx. For twenty-four years the Aggies had not beaten the Texas club twice in a row in the same year in regular play. Taking full advantage of Longhorn fouling tactics, the Farmers dunked nineteen free throws in the second half. They scored twenty- seven of thirty-four attempts at the line, while Texas hit only thirteen for twenty-one. The high scorer for A M was Jim McNichol, a sophomore, who had twenty-four points. Ken Hutlo followed with sixteen to take runner-up honors. For Texas, Raymond Downs had sixteen, Brenton Hughes twelve, Ken Cleveland eight, Norman Hooton six, and Kermit Decker five. As always, the 104th meeting of the bitter basketball series pro- duced football-like play, as several found themselves on the floor during the contest. Overall, the Longhorns were again tops in field goal accuracy with forty-three percent, while A M landed only thirty-three percent. TEXAS 66 ARKANSAS 67 Arkansas ' tall Razorbacks overcame a nine-point deficit to take the Texas Longhorns by the tight score of 67-66. The Texas team outshot the Razorback from the field, but the control of the backboard made the difference. The Hogs balanced the scales with seventy-two rebounds to forty-one for Texas. The score was tied fifteen times and changed hands four times. Texas ' biggest margin was the nine points, 61-52, it led with six minutes to play. Arkansas never led by more than three points. Arkansas, with Freddy Grim leading the way, scored ten points while Texas could collect only one in four minutes to tie the score at 62-62 with two minutes and fifteen seconds left. After Joe Dickson put the Hogs in front, 64-62, Norman Hooton added two more to tie it up again. A field goal and free throw did the damage and determined the final score. The leading scorers for Texas were Kermit Decker eighteen, Ken Cleveland fourteen, Raymond Downs ten, Norman Hooton ten, Ellis Olmstead eight and John Shaffer six. TEXAS 85 TCU 76 The Longhorns ' field artillery found the range this time to bombard the fighting Frogs from TCU. It was Texas all the way. The Steers went ahead, 6-4, with three minutes and twenty-five seconds gone and were never seriously threatened by the Frogs again. The out men, Kermit Decker and Bub Farrell, began hitting early and left the net threadbare. Farrell hit five shots from out in the first half. Raymond Downs also had a big night. He shot in thirty-four points, a personal triumph over the Frogs ' Dick O ' Neal who only accounted for twenty-five. The whole Steer team out-shot the Frogs by fifty-five percent to thirty-six percent. Also hitting for TCU were Ronnie Stevenson eighteen, Kenneth King seventeen and Jim O ' Bannon eight. The men of Texas to whom the win was credited were, Raymond Downs thirty-four, Kermit Decker eighteen, Kenneth Cleveland nine, John Shaffer five, and Brenton Hughes four. Texas is really holding onto that ball. PAGE 528 SHORTHORN BASKETBALL Led by the expert accuracy off the backboard of Jay Arnett and Ben Hover the Shorthorn roundballers took eight of twelve trips to the court under stiff competition. Coach Jimmy Veramontes ' understudies combined height with fast moving drives to and through the net to bring home the eight and four record, losing only to TCU, Baylor, and Wharton Junior College. The biggest thorn in the little Horns ' side was the Baylor Cubs as they edged the Freshmen by only e : ght points combined in two games. JIMMY VIRAMONTES, Coach FRESHMAN LETTERMEN Jay Arnette Coleman Proctor Billy Davenport Billy Dickson Bob Hover Darrcll Jordan David Rozzell Andy Santos Jerry Don Smith Barry Stone Linus Wilks SCORES Texas 71 Wharton County Junior College 72 Texas 65 Victoria College 46 Texas 65 Baylor Cubs 70 Texas 83 TCU Wogs 71 Texas 84 Rice Owlets 61 Texas 81 Lon Morris College 70 Texas 71 Texas A M Fish 56 Texas 85 Baylor Cubs 88 Texas 71 Rice Owlets 56 Texas 83 Texas A M Fish 62 Texas 72 San Angelo College 59 Texas 64 TCU Wogs 75 Front Row: Jerry Don Smith, David Rozzell, Bob Hover, Barry Stone. Rack Row: Coach Jimmy Viramontes, Billy Davenport, Darrell Jordan, Coleman Proctor, Jay Arnette, Andy Santos, Charles Buddy Furgerson (Manager). PACE 529 HENRY (Hank) CHAPMAN Coach LETTERMEN James E. Barden Edward Durron Johnson John Charles Chumney Joe Lee Neal Joe Burch Gilbert Thomas Theodore Smith Jerrell Aaron Holder Tracy Triece Word SWIMMING The 1957 Texas tankmen closed out the season in the third place slot behind SMU and A M at the SWC meet at Houston. The Mus- tangs chalked up 151 counters to the Longhorns 90 with the Farmers in between with 115. Rice was fourth in the competition with only 27 points. Unlike last year ' s free for all in the record breaking depart- ment only one mark fell to the tankers onslaught. The 440 yard medley relay was the event and the Horns won it with a fast 4:12.7, swam by Joe Gilbert, Tracy Word, Jerrell Holder, and Jim Barden. SMU led by Ted Scherer and A M ' s Tetsuo Okamoto raced to the finish line in first place so much that Texas had to be content with seconds and thirds. In the 200 yard butterfly event Jerrell Holder swam a 2:29.2 to best the old pool record by .7 of a second but had to be content with second behind Scherer. During the season the Steers record was a little better as they started off the season by soundly outswimming the Rice Owls, 63 to 23. Texas copped 10 out of 10 events to sweep the meet in the Owl pool. Next the Longhorns handed a close defeat to Northwestern Louisiana State in taking 6 of the 10 races. The margin was only 45 to 41. The Orange ' s first loss was given to them by the mighty Oklahoma tankers to the tune of 64 to 21. Texas ' lack of depth in the squad through the season was a serious handicap to their victory chances. In Austin the next week the Aggies took the Horns to the cleaners in a dual meet, 50 to 36. Between SMU and Texas ' onslaught the records fell again. The 400 yard free relay mark was set anew by Joe Lee Neal, Holder, Tommy Smith and Barden, with a swift 3:33.0. Tracy Word raced to a new pool record in the 200 yard breastroke in 2:33.6. In the NCAA meet, the Longhorns were well represented and especially by Eddie Johnson in the 500-meter freestyle as he set a new school record in 19:33.6 to take fourth place in the distance swim. RESERVE LETTERMEN Fred P. Denson, Jr. Dotson Charles Smith ' limmr n n m m i n i i Front Row: John Charles Chumney, George Lee Pardue. Second Row: James E. Barden, Thomas Theodore Smith, Tracy Triece Word, Dotson Charles Smith, Jerrell Aaron Holder, Robert Huber. Third Row: Joe Burch Gilbert, Robert Eugene Thompson, Fred P. Denson, Billy Meitzen, Joseph Charles LaBourgeois, James Franklin Thompson, John O. Huber. Fourth Row: Johnny Griffin, Joe Lee Neal, Edward Durron Johnson, Hank Chapman. PAOE 530 Top Row: JERRELL HOLDER, TOMMY SMITH, JOE GILBERT. Second Row: TRACY WORD, JIM HARDEN. Third Row: JOE LEE NEAL, JOHN CHUMNEY, EDDIE JOHNSON. PAGE 531 1957 TRACK CHAMPIONS The 1957 season seemed a repetition of 1956. The cindermen did not let it pass without the usual world records and record smashing performances. The fastest time a baton has ever been carried around two turns was recorded by the Longhorns at the Kansas Relays. The time in the 440-yard relay event was 39.9. Also the defense of the SWC crown was a highlight in the Horn ' s track year. The sophomore dominated team raced to six new records and outstanding performances in every event. Olympic veteran Eddie Southern and sprinter Bobby Whilden led the Steers throughout the season both getting the outstanding performer title more than a few times. It was truly a banner year for the Orange and White as they topped the records in 440, 880 and mile relays on the national level and the javelin as well as nearly all other events on the meet and conference level. CLYDE LITTLEFIELD, Coach LETTERMEN Alvie O. Ashley Bob Billings J. Frank Daugherty John Duckett George Foerster Hollis Gainey Fallen T. Gordon William F. Greve Jimmy C. Holt Joe C. Irvin Charles Patrick McGuire Walter H. McNew John E. Novey Thomas Austin Palmer Robert Bruce Parker Brooks T. Patrick Gordon J. Ratcliff Ralph Rosenberg Paul A. Schumann Eddie Southern Joe E. Villarreal Raymond Lavern Voigt Johnny H. Warren Robert H. Whilden Ronald B. White Wallace G. Wilson RESERVE LETTERMEN Andre Bouchard Dan Keith Pitner Williams Lynn Hinkle Kenneth M. Savage Alex Palmros Robert L. Stillwell Marshall Thompson SENIOR MANAGERIAL AWARD Albert Delaney JUNIOR MANAGERIAL AWARD John David Baird NCAA TRACK AND FIELD MEET The University of Texas ' first effort as host of the National Collegiate Track and Field Championships was highly successful, and the meet was one of the best in its thirty-six year history. Eight meet records and one world mark were broken and two other world marks tied. Occidental ' s Bob Gutowski pole vaulted 15 feet, 9?4 inches, surpassing his previous world record of 15-8 14 while Bobby Morrow of Abilene Christian tied the world 100-yard dash record of 9.3 seconds and Ancel Robinson of Fresno State equaled the world mark of 22.2 for the 220-yard low hurdles. Greg Bell of Indiana broad jumped 26-7, the second best in history, while Don Bowden of California ran the 880-yard dash in the second best time in history, 1:47.2. Other outstanding performances were John Fromm ' s, Pacific Lutheran, throw of 248-1 in the javelin, Lee Calhoun ' s, North Carolina College 13.6 seconds in the 120-yard high hurdles and Charles (Deacon) Jones ' , Iowa, 8:57.6 in the two-mile run. All are new meet marks. Texas ' Joe Villarreal placed fourth in the mile run in 4:08.0; Bruce Parker threw the javelin 221-10 for fifth place; Alvie Ashley tied for fifth in the high jump at 6-5 l z ' , Pat McGuire broad jumped 24-5% for fourth place; and Hollis Gainey placed sixth in the 100 and 220-yard dashes as the Longhorns com- piled 1 3 points for 1 2th place in the meet. " - ' Front Raw: Albert Delaney, Assistant Manager, William Lynn Hinkle, Kenneth M. Savage, Gordon J. Ratcliff. Robert Crawford, John David Baird. Manager. Second Row: Frank Edwin Medina, Trainer, Ronald B. White. Alvie O. Ashley, George Foerster, Raymond Lavern Voigt, Robert H. Whilden, John E. Novey, Thomas Austin Palmer, J. Frank Daugherty, William F. Greve, Joe E. Villarreal, Andre Bouchard. Third Row: George Hulen Crow, Assistant Trainer, John Duckett, Eddie Southern. Alex Palmros, Fallen T. Gordon, Joe C. Irvin, John H. Warren, Paul A. Schumann, Robert Bruce Parker, Brooks T. Patrick, Dan Keith Pitner, Coach Clyde Littlefield. Fourth Row: Cleburne Price, Jr., Student Assistant Coach, Jimmy C. Holt, Ralph Rosenberg, Walter H. McNew, Marshall Thompson, George Willis, Robert L. Stillwell, Hollis Gainey, Wallace G. Wilson, Bob Billings, Charles Patrick McGuire, T. J. Loworn, Assistant Coach. PACE 532 EDDIE SOUTHERN BROOKS PATRICK RREAL TRIANGULAR MEETS The Orange and White trackmen opened their 1957 season by pulling a repeat performance against Houston and Texas A M in Houston. The Longhorns crushed all opposition as they totaled 150 points to Houston ' s 46 and A M ' s 19. Bobby Whilden was the afternoon ' s standout performer as he dashed to a victory in the 100 in 9.5 and another first in the 220-dash in 20.7 for a new meet record. An exciting mile relay victory ended a very successful afternoon for the Horns. The Steers also took firsts in the 440-yard dash, in 48.4, a new record chalked up by Wallace Wilson, the mile run, and Olympic veteran Eddie Southern glided through the high hurdles to the first slot in 14.3 seconds. In the field events the Horn cindermen wound up with five firsts out of six events. The Steer freshmen also glided to victory over the squads from Houston and A M. BORDER OLYMPICS In convincing style the Longhorns used their strength to win the twenty-fifth meeting of the Border Olympics in Laredo. Bobby Morrow and his Abilene Christian Wildcats broke two records, Eddie Southern broke one and tied one, but the Longhorn strength combined was too much for the highly touted Wildcats. The Orange and White cindermen counted 92 points with ACC and Oklahoma A M accounting for 36 and 32 respectively. The last race, the mile relay also was won by the Horns. Texas A M was ahead by 10 yards after two laps, when Steer third runner Jimmy Holt took the baton in fourth place. When Holt handed off to anchorman Wallace Wilson the Horns were in first place by a yard. Wilson carried the lead on to the tape. Morrow was a high point man for the day with I2 l -j points but was closely followed by Southern with 12. The Texas sophomore streak tied the 18-year-old high hurdles mark, racing to a 14.3. Seemingly running all alone, Southern also left the competition in the l ow hurdles to take that race in 22.8, setting a new Border Olympics record. The Steers took their point total in the field events. The fact that the Steers had so much depth in each event often taking seconds, third or fourth as well as first was important in the victory for the afternoon. SOUTHWESTERN RECREATION MEET Texas ' 440-yard relay team clocked in with the fastest time ever run around two turns, 40.4, and the Longhorns went on to roll up 74J 2 points to take the team title in the Southwestern Recreation Meet in Fort Worth. In all, Texas won 1 1 of the 14 events and placed at least third in the other three. Bobby Whilden, Texas senior flash, took the outstanding performer award. He had won the 220, finished second in the 100, anchored the sprint relay and then ran the first leg on the anti-climactic mile relay with which the Longhorns walked away. Eddie Southern also had his share of victory for the afternoon with a first and a second, and had a hand in the two relay victories. Wally Wilson ran first and put Texas ahead from the beginning of the 440. Southern, handling the second leg, added a little lead for Hollis Gainey who flew around the far curve on the third leg, and gave anchorman Whilden a three-yard lead over Morrow. Whilden steamed on in, winning by about eight yards. Texas, showing excellent strength in the field events, took firsts in each one. Paul Schumann set a new record in the shot put, 51-2J 2, Joe Irvin won the discus and Alvie Ashley took the high jump. Pat McGuire and John Novey grabbed victory in the broad jump and pole vault respectively. TEXAS-BAYLOR-SMU Though rain was falling the Longhorn Thinlies were able to flood out the trackmen from SMU and Baylor in a triangular meet held in Austin. Texas had 116 2 points to the Mustangs 23 and Baylor ' s 34 2 . The Horns won 14 of 16 events, completely sweeping the broad jump, with Pat McGuire leaping 24 feet, 7 2 inches. The mile relay runners came home 15 yards ahead of the nearest competition after Eddie Southern and Jimmy Holt had built up the lead. The fastest time ever turned in by a Texas varsity miler was recorded to the credit of Joe Villarreal, with a time of 4:12.2. SMU won the only two events that the Steers did not take the high jump and 2-mile run. The Orange and White placed at least three men ip eight events. Wilson ' s win in the 440 was a last-minute affair. He caught Emmett of SMU in the sprint to the tape, winning in 48 flat. The Steers sprint relay quartet ran 40.6, only two-tenths of a second slower than their own fastest time around two turns. In the Field events Texas swept all but the high jump. John Novey, Johnny Warren, Bruce Parker and Joe Irvin picked up firsts in the pole vault, shot put, javelin, and discus respectively. PAUL SCHUMANN BOBBY WHILDEN BOB BILLINGS JOHN NOVEY AUSTIN PALMER FALLON GORDON GEORGE FOERSTER ALVIE ASHLEY TEXAS-RICE-TEXAS A M Running at only half-steam the Longhorn thinlies ran off and left the Aggies and Owls in a Southwest Conference preview the Thursday night before the state schoolboy finals in Memorial Stadium. The Steers counted 100 2 points to A M ' s 31 2 and Rice ' s 38. In the freshman division Texas also counted the most and took the meet from Victoria Junior College and the Rice freshmen. Joe Villarreal, Texas ' distance ace, set the crowd buzzing with a 2-minute halfway time, and then followed through with a 4:08.8 mile, 8.4 seconds off the SWC mark. Also under the conference time was the performance of the championship 440-yard relay quartet. The four sprinters covered the course in 40.5 seconds. It was Eddie Southern ' s only race of the night as he elected to pass up the hurdles. Texas dominated nearly every event placing men in first place in seven out of the ten running events and in three of the six field events. DALLAS INVITATIONAL MEET Dallasite Eddie Southern took individual honors, but for the fourth straight year the University of Southern California walked off with the team title in the record-smashing Dallas Invitational Meet before 10,000 Easter weekend fans. Southern ran his fastest high hurdles, 13.9 for a new meet record, won the low hurdles in meet record time and ran on the Texas sprint relay team that tied the world record around two turns. He totaled 1 1 J a points and top honors for the one night stand before going the next day to the Kansas relays. The high point of the meet as far as Texas was concerned was the revenge victory over ACC in the 440-yard relay, making the two teams even in four meetings this year. Bobby Whilden of Texas went into the anchor lap with a good lead and Morrow, running anchor for ACC could not close the gap as the Steers won by three yards. Texas ' miler Joe Villarreal was barely edged out by the Trojan ' s Sid Wing as Wing reset the mark with a 4:15.2. In addition to Morrow ' s record-equalling 100-yard dash, Wally Wilson of Texas tied the 440-yard dash standard with a 47.8 effort. In all the university division of the meet smashed seven meet records and tied two. MEXICO CITY INVITATIONAL MEET The Mexican record book has taken on a distinct Texas flavor since the Texans arrived in the city for the National Invitational Meet. The 13-man Longhorn team piled up 114 points to 108 for second place Mexico University. In doing this the Steers took 14 firsts and smashed 1 1 of the Mexican records. Eddie Southern and Wally Wilson broke records that they had set themselves last year as freshmen. Texas sprinter Bobby Whilden set new marks in the 100 and 200 meter dashes, with 10.6 and 21.5. Weightman Johnny Warren broke the shot put standard with a 52-iyi effort and rewrote the discus mark with a throw of 141-6. Southern lowered his own 200-meter low hurdles record to 23.8, and won the high hurdles in 15.2. Wilson ' s clocking in the 400-meter dash was 49.1, four-tenths of a second under the mark he set last year. George Foerster smashed the 800-meter mark with a 1:58.7 time, and NCAA cross country champ Walter McNew won the 1,500 meter event in a record 4:07.8. Pat McGuire put his name in the book with a 23-8 broad jump, and John Novey set a new pole vault mark of 13-3. To close out the two-day meet the Orange and White won both the 400 and 1,600-meter relays, setting records in both. Their new times were 41.7 and 3:19.4. DRAKE AND PENN RELAYS Dividing their talents for one weekend, the Texas thinlies gave good accounts of themselves at both the Drake and Penn Relays in Des Moines and Philadelphia. However, the most creditable win of the weekend was marked up by the Longhorns ' 440 and 880-yard relay teams in the Penn meet. Entering only those two events the Horns ran to a 41.1 victory in the quarter, matching the mark which another Texas quartet had set in 1936. The team of Wally Wilson, Eddie Southern, Hollis Gainey, and Bobby Whilden had set a new world ' s record of 39.9 the week before at Kansas but the Franklin Field oval, with short straightaways, sharp curves, and a slow track, proved no help to the Texans. With Southern and Gainey exchanging places, the same four won the half-mile relay in 1:25.4, again tying a meet record. Up in the corn state at the Drake Relays the Steers, slightly hurt by the absence of the two star relay quartets, managed only a second in the distance medley relay after setting a new record in that event also, only the week before at Kansas. Kansas had revenge- though, and came on to win the distance run with Texas second in 10:04.1. Sophomore Bruce Parker snagged third in the javelin throw, and Bob Billings tied for fourth in the high jump. J. FRANK DOUGHERTY HOLLIS GAINEY WALLACE WILSON .JOE IRVIN LAVERN VOIGT JOHNNY WARREN PAT McGUIRE WALTER McNEW KANSAS RELAYS Texas lashed past the 40-second barrier in the sprint relay to record the fastest time ever run, 39.9. The Longhorn foursome of Wally Wilson, Eddie Southern, Hollis Gainey and Bobby Whilden ran without aid of strong pursuit but their perfect baton pass and swiftness brought them the historic clocking. The Kansas meet was the third stop for the Steers after competing the week before in the Mexico City Olympics and the night before in the Dallas Invitational Meet. Only two days earlier they had tied the world mark of 40.2 at the Dallas meet. The Jayhawks and Texas Tech each won three relays and each contributed a memorable record in the process. Texas scored a 1 : 24.2 880 victory over Oklahoma A M with Lavern Voigt subbing for Southern after the Longhorn great was sidelined by a pulled muscle. The Steers went on to rewrite the record books in the distance medley with a record smashing time of 10:04.3 run by Brooks Patrick, George Foerster, Walker McNew and Joe Villarreal. In the hurdles event Southern was edged out of first in his specialty by a fleet Charles Batch of Missouri and had to drop out of the 880 and mile relay. Whilden ran second in the 100-yard dash. The Longhorns ' world record headlined one of the finest productions on the cinders in the country and helped them to share the over-all meet spotlight with the host Jayhawks as well as to bring home gold watches for every member of the team. AAU MEET Despite a slow track the Texas sprint teams turned in a surprisingly good performance at the Gulf Coast Meet. The 440-yard relay team ground out a 40.4 stint while the mile relay team of Brooks Patrick, J. Frank Daugherty, Wally Wilson and Eddie Southern beat out Houston by 15 yards with a 3: 13.1. Heavy rains and flood conditions prevented Oklahoma A M and Olympic performer J. W. Mashburn, from competing. In Houston heavy afternoon rains caused the slow track and forced broad jump competitors to use a grass runway. Texas did not take a full team, only the relay teams and several sprinters. Southern took the baton three yards behind Houston but managed to gain the lead by 10 yards at the third handofF to Gainey in the 440 relay. CALIFORNIA RELAYS The University sprint relay teams broke the existing world records and approached their pending records in the 440 and 880-yard relays at the Coliseum Relays in Los Angeles. A large crowd of 43,955 braved 60 degree spring weather to see the Longhorn cindermen whisk the baton around the oval in a flat 40 seconds in the 440. In the 880 with J. Frank Daugherty replacing Wally Wilson, the same team of Eddie Southern, Hollis Gainey and Bobby Whilden bested their old record of 1:25 in 1:23.9. The world famous meet saw such contenders as Tom Courtney, the world ' s fastest half-miler, Merve Lincoln of Australia, a four-minute miler, and Laszalo Tabori, Hungary ' s great distance man. Saturday night found the tired Steers in Modesto, Calif., for the Modesto Relays. The Texans were challenged only in the 880-yard relay and they make the most of it by racing to a 1 :23.9. Due to a minor muscle cramp Southern was withheld from the mile relay and the revamped team came in fourth. Earlier Texas won the 440-yard relay in 40.3 with little competition. About the most ironic part of the whole two day journey to the West Coast was that Joe Villarreal, the Steers ace miler, turned in his best performance in the mile run but had to be contented with eighth place. The time was 4:06.7, the best time ever run by a sophomore. JOHN DUCKETT JIMMY HOLT BILL GREVE GORDON RATCLIFF PAOE 535 TEXAS RELAYS Texas and Abilene Christian were the leading performers in the 1957 Texas Relays as the two teams, both featuring stars from the Olympics, pushed each other around the track to set one new world ' s record and tie another. The 22,000 Friday and Saturday Round-Up crowd watched the world ' s 880-yard relay mark fall under the fleet efforts of the Steer ' s Wally Wilson, Hollis Gainey, Eddie Southern, and Bobby Whilden in 1:22.7. Saturday the Wild- cats came back with a vengeance to undo Texas ' hopes in the 440-yard relay. Getting perfect handoffs and a great anchor stint from Bobby Morrow, they whisked to a four-yard win over the Longhorns in 40.2. The time was the fastest ever run around two turns. In the afternoon ' s last event Morrow was placed in the third running slot on ACC ' s mile relay team for the first time. As could be expected the race turned into a Texas-ACC duel. Southern, anchoring the relay for the first time this year, passed James Segrest on the back stretch, wore him out on the last turn, and ran off and left him on the kick to the wire, winning by 15 yards. The Horn ' s time of 3: 12.8 is a new Relays mark and also a new school record. A lightning-fast high hurdles field showed so much speed that Southern was pressed for first in 14.1. Morrow won his specialty the 100-yard dash in 9.3. Two Texas weight men got places amidst stiff competition. In the discus, where big Al Oertcr stole the show, Joe Irvin nailed down third with a toss of 158-4 2, and while Michigan ' s Rave Owen was putting the shot 57-11 the Steers ' Johnny Warren got fourth with a heave of 53-3. Texas was voted the outstanding team of the 1957 Relays but Morrow was picked over Southern for the top performer of the meet. STATISTICS Event Winner Time Four-Mile Relay Kansas 17: 19.5 120-Yard High Hurdles. .Southern, TEXAS 14.1 1 00- Yard Dash Morrow, ACC 9.3 Discus Oerter, Kansas 180-9 a Jerry Thompson Mile .... Henderson, Arizona State Tempe 4:12.5 440-Yard Relay ACC 40.2 2-Mile Relay Kansas 7 : 44.4 High Jump Stewart, SMU 6-8?4 Pole Vault Rose, Arizona State (Tempe) 14-3 4 Mile Relay Voigt, Holt, Wilson. Southern, Texas 3: 12.8 Two-Mile Run . Brown, SMU 9:29.0 480-Yard Shuttle Hurdle Relay TEXAS 50.0 Sprint Medley Relay Oklahoma 3:21.9 Distance Medley Relay. . . Kansas 9:56.0 880-Yard Relay Wilson, Gainey, Southern, Whilden, TEXAS 1:22.7 Broad Jump McGuire, TEXAS 24-9 4 Javelin Throw Yob, Colorado 222-1 Shot Put Owen, Michigan 57-1 1 New Meet Record New World Record Eddie Southern hits the tape in the 120-yard highs. Wally Wilson takes off on the first leg of the 440-yard relay. SMU ' s Don Stewart goes up and over the 6 foot 10 inch mark. RALPH ROSENBERG PAGE 536 SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET The sophomore dominated Texas Longhorns painted the Tower Orange as they swept to a record-breaking championship, their fourth straight, in the Southwest Conference track meet at Memorial Stadium. Texas turned in outstanding perform- ances in every event and won nine outright firsts and tied for another. The record-breaking was phenomenal. Texas ' 440-yard quartet whipped around the track in 40 seconds flat. The last race, the mile relay, saw another record go by the wayside, as Texas ' Hollis Gainey, Eddie Southern, Brooks Patrick and Wally Wilson, (all sophomores) raced to a 3:11.8 time, beating the old mark by 2.1 seconds. The third new record hung up by the Steers was recorded by Joe Villarreal as he whisked home in the mile run in 4: 10.5 to shatter the old mark of 4:17.2. Another sophomore, Bruce Parker, set a new mark in the javelin throw by a heave of 220 feet 7)4 inches. In the 880-yard run Brooks Patrick turned in a fine upset performance running the course in a winning 1:53.7. Gordon Ratcliff, one of five Texas sophomores to take blue ribbons, won the two-mile run by a comfortable margin. In all, Texas rolled up a winning total of 114% points, the most ever scored. A M was second with 39, Baylor 32, Rice 29%, SMU 29, Arkansas 14%, TCU 10 2 . STATISTICS Event Winner Time 220-Yard Low Hurdles. .Thompson, Rice 22.6 Mile Relay Gainey, Patrick, Wilson, Southern, TEXAS 3:11.8 Javelin Throw Parker, TEXAS 220-7 4 440-Yard Relay Wilson, Southern, Gainey, Whilden, TEXAS 40.0 High Jump Steward, SMU 6-10% Shot Put Cowart, Baylor 54-9 4 Mile Run Villarreal, TEXAS 4: 10.5 Discus Throw Johnson, A M 169.0 440- Yard Dash Emmett, SMU 47.4 Pole Vault (Tie) Novey, TEXAS and Thomas, A M 1 3-6 100-Yard Dash Daugherty, TEXAS 9.6 120- Yard High Hurdles. Southern, TEXAS 14.1 880-Yard Run Patrick, TEXAS 1 :53.7 220- Yard Dash Daugherty, TEXAS 20.7 Broad Jump Smallwood, Texas A M.. 25-1 Ya Two-Mile Run Ratcliff, TEXAS 9:34.3 New Meet Record ' RONNIE WHITE Brooks Patrick flashes across the finish line in the SWC 880-yard run. The fastest foursome in the world Wally Wilson, Eddie Southern, Hollis Gainey, and Bobby Whilden. Eddie Southern takes the last hurdle in stride on his way to the 120-yard high hurdle title. PAGE 537 T. J. LOVVORN, Coach 1957 SHORTHORN TRACK In a very close Southwest Conference Meet the Shorthorns came from behind to win the Conference title with 54 points. Texas Tech, competing for the first time, was second with 51. Baylor was third with 36 followed by SMU, 33, Arkansas, 27, A M, 23, Rice, 20, and TCU, 11. The Shorthorn mile relay team of John Gotten, Drew Dunlap, Dale Littlefield and Charles Rosemond ran a photofinish second to SMU to overcome a three-point deficit and take the title. Rosemond, the great freshman middle distance runner, set a record when he edged past Leonard Fawcett of Rice in the 440-yard dash with a time of 48.1. Drew Dunlap of Texas was third in the 880. George Blanch of Texas was second in the shot put and Mike Dowdle was fifth. In the one mile run Ted Isham of Texas came in fifth. Charles Hayman was fourth in the 100-yard dash which was won by Hollis of Baylor. Littlefield, ace freshman sprinter, who has been plagued by aching legs most of the season, could do no better than fifth. Pete Reynolds of Texas took fifth place in the broad jump. Other points were added by Jay Arnette who tied with Thomas of A M for fourth in the high jump, by Bill Cox and Charles Bankhead who tied with Norman of Texas Tech for fourth in the pole vault, by Dowdle who took second in the discus, Monte Lee who took second, Bob Ehl who took third, and Dowdle, fifth in the javelin throw. Hayman was second and Littlefield third in the 220-yard dash while Bill Ely finished fifth in the 220-yard low hurdles. Humberto Adame Jay Hoyland Arnette Charles Herbert Bankhead Donald Wyatt Beard George Currier Blanch John Walter Gotten William Bryan Cox, III Robert Russell Cruzan Don Michael Dowdle Drew Woolford Dunlap FRESHMAN AWARDS Bob Allen Ehl William Raleigh Ely Tommy Field James Ray Gayle, III Jimmy Harlan Gray Bailey Lovin Guess Charles H. Hayman Ted Isham Monte Vern Lee Dale Littlefield Raymond Lee Collins, Manager David Lynn Magness Neal Dayton McDowell Robert Sam Parks John Stanley Rabun Pete Lindsey Reynolds Charles Rosemond Douglas Barry Stone Jerry Doyle Tacker James Donald Turner James Roy White if r Front Row: Frank Edwin Medina, Trainer; David Lynn Magness, William Bryan Cox, III, James Ray Gayle, III, Humberto Adame, Ted Isham, James Donald Turner, Robert Sam Parks, James Roy White, Charles Herbert Bankhead. Second Row: Cleburne Price, Jr., Assistant Coach; George Hulen Crow, Trainer; Neal Dayton McDowell. Bob Allen Ehl, John Stanley Rabun, Tommy Fields, Drew Woolford Dunlap, John Walter Gotten, Charles Rosemond, Donald Wyatt Beard, T. J. Lovvorn, Coach. Third Row: Robert Russell Cruzan, Jerry Doyle Tacker, Jimmy Harlan Gray, Dale Littlefield, Douglas Barry Stone, Monte Vern Lee, William Raleigh Ely, Bailey Lovin Guess, III, Charles H. Hayman, Clyde Littlefield, Varsity Coach. PAOE 538 1957 BASEBALL DISTRICT 6 CHAMPIONS From the cellar in 1956 to the Conference and District Six Championships in 1957 may sound like a fairy tale but it is the true story of the Longhorn baseball team. In Conference play Texas won 12 and lost one for .923 average. Jerry Good and George Myers led in the batting department with averages of .346 and .334 respec- tively. Howard Reed had a 7-0 season followed by Harry Taylor with a 6-1 record. In Conference play Texas ' overall batting average was .263. In the pitching depart- ment the Longhorn hurlers won a total of 17 games, lost 4 for an average of .810. DISTRICT SIX PLAY-OFF Texas met Arizona in Austin for the District Six play-off and won two straight games 2-0 and 4-1. Taylor pitched the first game allowing five hits. Reed pitched the second game and also allowed five hits. NCAA With Taylor pitching Texas won the opening game with Connecticut 3-0 at Omaha. This was Texas ninth trip to the NCAA baseball tournament in the eleven years that it has been held. The Longhorns met Penn State the next night and were defeated 4-1. Reed was the pitcher. The following night Notre Dame eliminated Texas with a 9-0 defeat. Bob Sudderth started for Texas but a pair of singles and walks in the first inning forced him to give way to J. S. Smith. Smith was relieved in the fifth by George Myers who finished the game. BIBB FALK, Coach LETTERMEN Richard Carrington Ernest Embry George Gainley Gerald Good Johnny Lowry Roy Menge George Myers Clay Gault John Woodman Bill Moore Howard Reed Jesse L. Smith Raymond Stauffacher Robert Sudderth Harry Taylor Glenn VonRosenberg RESERVE LETTERMEN Edwin Ansley Johnny Elam MANAGERS Carl Music FINAL SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE STANDINGS Team Won Lost Pet. Runs TEXAS 12 1 .923 90 TCU 8 4 .667 52 SMU 6 7 .462 44 Baylor 4 7 .364 36 Rice 5 10 .333 31 Texas A M. . .4 10 .286 42 ' ront Rrw: Bobby Verplank, John Woodman, Ray Stauffacher, I. L. Smith, George Myers, Howard Reed, Bob Sudderth. Johnny Lowry, Bill Moore George Gainley. ' econd Row: Clay Gault, Bill Ed Marshall, Roy Menge, Richard Carrington, Glenn VonRosenberg, Oren Buckellew, Harry Taylor, Ernest Embry, Jerry Good, Edwin Ft Second Row: Clay Ansley, Coach Bibb Falk, Trainer Pat George. PACE 539 GEORGE GAINLEY, catcher TEXAS 7 SAM HOUSTON STATE 8 Seeking to improve on last years record of five wins, fifteen losses Texas paraded seven pitchers to the mound in the season ' s opener with Sam Houston State. The Longhorns proved too erratic in their first encounter and lost 7-8. Texas did not get a hit in the first three innings but in the fourth frame the Steers reversed the picture and tallied five runs. Bases on balls accounted for most of the scoring but singles by Glenn VonRosenberg and Roy Menge stimulated the scoring. At the end of the sixth inning the score stood 6-7 in favor of the Bearkats and then their right fielder pro- vided the big blow of the game by knocking a 360-foot in-the-park home- run to increase the ' Kat margin to 7-5. Texas ' remaining runs were unearned and came via the charitable tosses of Sam Houston ' s pitchers. TEXAS 10 SAM HOUSTON STATE 3 In the second encounter with Sam Houston State, Texas broke out the power to collect 13 hits. The outfielder trio of Roy Menge, Bill Moore and Ernest Embry, each collected homeruns in one-two-three fashion in the second inning. Third baseman Woody Woodman was top hitter with four for five. Sam Houston State was never in the game as the Steers jumped to a 5-0 lead and finished 10-3. Texas ' 1957 campaign was now headed in the right direction. DICK CARRINGTON, catcher TEXAS 12 OKLAHOMA 2 The Longhorns were rolling when they met the Oklahoma Sooners. Myers pitched for Texas and his well-placed balls kept the Okies swing- ing at the air for most of the game. A bright spot was provided for the Sooners when their centerfielder blasted a triple with two on. Texas tightened up again and in the eighth inning the Horns tallied six runs off of seven hits to coast in for the victory, 12-2. TEXAS OKLAHOMA 4 The Sooner pitching staff was a bit stingy and their hitting department was a little too sharp in the next encounter and the result was a 4-0 win over Texas. Ray Stauffacher was lead-off pitcher for Texas but was replaced by J. L. Smith in the fifth inning after yielding three runs to the Okies in the fourth. Smith also lacked control but gave up only one more run to the Sooners. Texas hitting was very ineffective throughout the game. Bill Moore got 2 for 3 and did an outstanding job in left field. JERRY GOOD, first base A high throw to first results in a close play. FADE 540 It is in there for a hit for Texas. GLENN VONROSENBERG, second base TEXAS 8 TEXAS A M 4 The Conference opener with the Aggies was played on a very wet Kyle Field. Big George Myers pitched for the Longhorns and he was very effec- tive, giving up only two earned runs to the Aggies. Myers and Bill Moore both connected with homeruns off the Aggie southpaw hurler Tom Newton. The adverse condition of the playing field resulted in poor play- ing on both sides. Texas won 8-4. TEXAS 7 MINNESOTA 2 The Aggie game was no fluke, however, as was proved by the Long- horn upset victory over Minnesota ' s defending National Champions at Clark Field by the score of 7-2. The Gophers threatened in the first inning by scoring one man and loading the bases with one out but Reed struck out the next two men. In the next inning, Ail-American pitcher Jerry Thomas threw a homerun ball to Ernest Embry with one on and the Texans were never in danger again. Harry Taylor replaced Reed in the sixth inning and gave up only one hit. Both boys pitched good ball for Texas. Moore and Embry were 2 for 4 to lead the Steer hitters. TEXAS 7 MINNESOTA 4 In the next clash with the Golden Gophers, Bob Sudderth was locked in a pitching duel with Minnesota ' s Dick Sierbert and lasted until the fifth inning when the Longhorns got their first run. Johnny Lowry drew a walk in the fifth and was advanced to second on a sacrifice by Sudderth. Johnny Elam drove Lowry in with a hard smash to left field and Texas was away. In the sixth Lowry connected with a double scoring two men and a double by Woodman scored Lowry. The Horns ' long sixth inning cooled Sudderth who was replaced by Myers. The final score was Texas 7, Minnesota 4. TEXAS 2 SMU 1 The first of two very crucial games with SMU provided Texas fans a real thriller. A tight pitchers duel ensued pitting sophomore Howard Reed against the Mustang ' s Don Presly. Reed pitched eleven innings but it was George Myers ' booming bat that broke Presly ' s masterful hurling and provided Texas with a 2-1 win. JOHN WOODMAN, third base JOHN LOWRY, shortstop PAOE 541 And it is another hit for Texas. BILL MOORE, left field GEORGE MYERS, pitcher TEXAS 7 SMU 6 In the second frame of the tightly contested second game of the series, the Mustangs jumped off to a 2-0 lead. In the next inning Bill Moore clouted his first of two two-run homeruns over the right center field fence. Myers started the game but Taylor replaced him in the sixth, giving up only one run and gaining credit for the 7-6 victory. In that inning the Ponies blasted Myers for three hits and regained the lead. In the eighth inning the Steers trailed 6-4 but Myers singled, Menge walked and shortstop John Lowry sacrificed both runners to second and third base respectively. Before the Longhorns were retired George Gainley drove in the tying run. Harry Taylor retired the Mustangs in the ninth and then a double by Good and Ansley ' s dash for home gave Texas their 83rd victory in 99 meetings with SMU. TEXAS 7 RICE 5 In 38 degree weather the Steers opened their two game series with Rice in Houston. Sophomore Howard Reed pitched very consistent ball as Texas downed Rice 7-5. Reed struck out 14 Owls and allowed only four hits. Roy Menge was top hitter blasting a 328-foot homer over the right field fence driving in two Longhorn runs. This victory allowed the Longhorns to keep apace with TCU in the pennant race as each team had a 5-0 record. TEXAS 22 RICE 5 In the second game of Texas ' all important two game series with Rice, the fine Owl righthander James Briggs held the Longhorn batters in check for three innings while Rice went ahead 3-0. That was all for the blue and grey as Texas got three runs in the fourth frame, then four runs in the fifth, 7 in the 6th and eight more in the eighth for a total of twenty-two runs. Three Rice hurlers were blasted from the mound in this one-sided ball game. Good, Woodman and Myers (who alternates as pitcher and outfielder when needed) were the leading Longhorn sluggers of the day. Taylor went all the way for Texas striking out 12. The victory brought Texas ' Conference record to 6-0 and a tie with TCU for first place in Southwest Conference play. TEXAS 8 AMARILLO 15 With the Baylor series washed out, Texas next encountered the Amarillo Gold Sox and the story was a real slugfest at Clark Field. Bob Sudderth pitched for the Steers. The professionals of the Western League started early in the runs department, counting one in the first inning, four in the second, two in the third and finally winding up with the total of fifteen. In the seventh the Steers began to flex their bats getting three runs. The Horns added five more but by this time Amarillo was out of reach winning 15-8. Top Longhorn hitters were Stauffacher, Woodman and Taylor. ' ERNEST (PETE) EMBRY, Outfield Too late. He is safe. PAGE 542 1 The catcher has it and he is out. TEXAS 9 TCU 5 Going into this game Texas and TCU were tied for the Southwest Conference lead. The first of a twinbill saw the Longhorns take over the lead with a 6-0 record. Doug Balkum, the TCU righthander, had a very wild first inning and before it was over Texas had jumped to a 5-0 lead. Reed pitched for Texas and gave up only three hits during the first six innings. A couple of runs were gained by the Purple team and two doubles in the seventh brought across three more Froggie runs. All Texas starters, with the exception of sophomore pitcher Howard Reed, collected hits and, despite the wet ground, only one Texas error was racked up as Texas won 9-5. TEXAS 2 TCU 5 In the nightcap the Froggies took the second game of the double header, 5-2 and sent Texas into second place in the Conference standings. Harold Taylor held the Purple scoreless for two innings and gave up only three hits during the game but allowed eight walks which, aided by three well-timed Froggie hits, proved to be the Steers undoing. Base stealing, for which the Frogs are so known, also aided the Purple. They stole four in the second game. Texas accounted for only four hits in the entire game. TEXAS 11 BAYLOR 1 The Longhorns looked impressive as they throttled Baylor 11 to 1 and regained their first place stand in Southwest Conference competition. Harry Taylor pitched the fist six innings of the game, yielding only four hits on the rain-soaked Clark Field. Reed replaced Taylor in the seventh, yielding only three more runs to the Bears. In the third frame Jerry Good sent the Longhorns on their way with a 370-foot blast with two aboard. Texas tallied two more runs each in the fifth and seventh and added four more the last time they came to bat in the eighth. This game gave Texas an 8-1 conference record. TEXAS 9 RICE 8 The Rice Owls who have been conference " spoilers " in the past lost a close 9-8 game to the Longhorns, allowing the Steers to hold a one game edge in the Conference standings. Starting early, Texas put across five runs in the first inning on four successive hits and three walks. Myers helped things along in the seventh for the Longhorns by blasting a 325-foot homerun. Reed, who pitched the first six innings for Texas, was wild but gave up only four hits. Smith, who followed Reed was relieved by Ray Stauffacher, who pitched the eighth and ninth until he was taken out in favor of Bob Sudderth. A well-timed throw by Roy Menge (from centerfield to Embry covering home) ended a snowballing Rice comeback in the ninth and gave Texas the game. Reed received credit for the win. HOWARD REED, pitcher GEORGE MYERS, pitcher outfielder And so is he. ROY MENGE, centerfield PAGE 543 HARRY TAYLOR, pitcher J. L. SMITH, pitcher TEXAS 4 TCU In this one Taylor pitched the Longhorns to a 4-0 shutout victory over TCU. Taylor ' s pitching was the big story of the afternoon. Holding the Froggies at bay he collected 1 1 strike- outs and went the route for the Texas win. Texas collected 1 1 hits against 2 for TCU. The Frogs played loose ball all afternoon. This win put Texas solidly in the Conference lead by two full games over the losing Froggies. TEXAS 5 SMU 1 The extra-inning Pony game brought the Steers within a whisker ' s width of the title. In the 12th-inning Jerry Good smashed a homer on SMU ' s Don Presly to give Texas the victory in Dallas. In the tightly played game Texas managed only 4 hits against 7 for SMU. Texas and SMU picked up two errors apiece. TEXAS 5 TEXAS A M 1 The first game of the double-header with A M saw Taylor pitch a two-hit ball game to make a tie for the title sure. Taylor faced only 30 batters during the afternoon opener and Texas began pounding the Aggie pitcher in the first inning. Woody Woodman opened the game by drawing a base on balls. Jerry Good, with two out, slapped a double to score Woodman. In the third inning VonRosenberg and Bill Moore both walked and then George Myers lined a single over the mound and into centerfield to score both men. In the fourth inning Newton, the Aggie pitcher, forced in the fourth run by walking VonRosenberg with the bases loaded and two men out. In the sixth Texas received the final run of the first game as result of an Aggie error. The Aggies slammed both of their hits in the fifth inning accounting for their one and only run for the entire afternoon. After the fifth, with the exception of a walk given up in the ninth, Taylor set the A M batters down in order. TEXAS 1 TEXAS A M Texas missed a good scoring opportunity in the bottom of the first allowing two Longhorns to die on base. In the second inning the Aggies ' Jim Smotherman doubled to the face of the cliff in left as Elam misjudged it. Smotherman went to third and Von Rosenberg threw a perfect peg to nail Smotherman at the plate on a ground ball. The fourth frame killed the Aggies and won the Conference title for the Orange and White. Newton walked Good to open the inning. Embry sacrificed setting the stage for the crown winning run. It was a double by George Myers that bounced off the cliff in left to score Good from second. With the exception of a minor Aggie uprising in the sixth which came to naught, the Steers had no trouble and coasted in for the victory, 1-0. BOB SUDDERTH, pitcher A rhubarb in the TCU game. Coach Meyer (12) is coming out to see what the trouble is. PAOE 544 1957 SHORTHORN BASEBALL The Shorthorns concluded the 1957 season undefeated for the second consecutive year by downing John Tarleton Junior College 10 to 5. The Yearling baseballers played well together and will provide the Varsity with fine talent. Comparing the freshman record with that of the Varsity for this year, the 1958 campaign should be a good one for Texas. JACK TRENCH, Coach FRESHMAN AWARDS Roy Alvis Jay Arnette William Gauntt Gordon Ginn Bobby Lackey Garye LaFevers Wayne McDonald Greg Martin John Mayer David Sadler Lonnie Wilson MANAGER Bill Turner Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas SCORES 16 Austin High School. . . . 6 McCallum High School . 16 Baylor 18.. ..Rice. 7 5 1 2 4 Austin High School 1 18 Rice 1 6 Wharton Junior College ... 2 7 Texas A M 3 7 . . . . Texas A M . . 3 Texas 10 John Tarleton Junior College 5 Front Row: John Mayer, Gordon Ginn, Garye LaFevers, Mitchell Baxter, Bubba Ross, Jimmy Brock, Jim Moffatt. Buck Clarkson. Second Row: Bob Osborne, Jack Trench (coach), Johnny Edwards, William Gauntt, Fred Martin, Jay Arnette, Bill Laughlin, Johnny Morrow. Third Row: Lonnie Wilson, Roy Alvis, Bob Lackey, Wayne McDonald, David Sadler. PAGE 545 WILMER ALLISON, Coach 1957 TENNIS CHAMPIONS Texas non-conference schedule proved a shocker to the Longhorns. Trinity College knocked off the Longhorns 4-2 in the opener. Sophomore Gary Fam- brough won his singles match for Texas who played without the services of aces Sammy Giammalva and Richard Keeton. Texas and Giammalva were blasted b y Tulane 6-0. Jose Aguero handed Sammy his third defeat by a collegiate player. Warming up at last Texas split a 3-3 match with highly respected Lamar Tech. Quickening the pace the Texas netmen next downed the Sooners of Okla- homa by the team score of 4-2. The Steers next toured the Bayou City and were upset by a surprisingly strong University of Houston team 2-4. Only Texas victories were supplied by Davis Cup Ace Giammalva and steady Richard Keeton in singles play. Ending the extra-conference competition, the Longhorn netmen downed the Red Raiders of Texas Tech, 4-2. Conference play was a different and remarkable story. Texas for the fifth time swept both singles and doubles championships in the Southwest Conference Tournament. In the singles finals Giammalva soundly trounced Rice ' s Tommy Roberts 6-1, 6-0, 6-0. In the doubles finals Giammalva and Keeton teamed to win, 6-2, 6-1, 9-7. SAMMY GIAMMALVA, Captain LETTERMEN Richard Keeton Laurence Becker Sammy Giammalva Gene Fisher Left to Right: John Pels (Manager), Wilmer Allison. Richard Keeton, Sammy Giammalva, Laurence Becker, Gene Fisher, D. A. Penick (Coach Emeritus). PAOE 546 Giammalva and Keeton well on their way to the SWC doubles championship RICHARD KEETON CONFERENCE MATCHES TEXAS 6 BAYLOR Texas won the Conference title defense by blasting Baylor, 6-0. Sammy Giammalva, Texas Davis Cup ace, defeated the Bears ' Don Gill 6-0, 6-0. Richard Keeton and Sammy teamed to win the doubles match from Gill and Tommy Goforth 6-0, 6-1. The number two doubles team of Becker and Fisher beat Walker and Rogers 7-5, 6-2. Keeton, Becker, and Fisher each accounted for the remaining Texas wins in the singles play. TEXAS 6 TEXAS A M Really rolling now the Longhorn netmen bowled over the Aggies in easy fashion winning by the team score of 6-0. The victory extended their unbeaten Southwest Conference vict ories to twelve straight match wins. The doubles team of Becker and Fisher defeated Joe Simmons and Don Medlin, 4-6, 6-2, 6-0. In singles, Becker took John Young 6-0, 6-0. Giammalva and Keeton had no trouble in winning their matches and Fisher managed to edge his opponents 9-7, 6-4. Giammalva and Keeton won their doubles match, 6-2, 6-2. TEXAS 5 RICE 1 In the first match Giammalva came from behind to best Rice ' s Clayton Williams, 6-4, 6-2, after trailing, 2-4, in the first set. Only loss of the day came when Richard Keeton fell to the Owls ' Tommy Roberts after three sets. Laurence Becker beat Dave Daviss, 6-2, 6-2, and Keeton accounted for the final singles victory. In the doubles play Giammalva and Keeton beat Williams and Roberts, 6-3, 6-1, and Becker and Fisher disposed of Daviss and Dopson, 7-5, 8-6. TEXAS 6 SMU The Texas tennis forces swept to victory in Dallas and did not lose a set in the process. Once again Sammy Giammalva polished off his opponent easily 6-1, 6-2. Keeton downed Hayden Schilling of SMU 6-2, 6-3. Becker and Fisher completed the singles sweep by winning their matches. Sammy and Richard had little trouble in their doubles match but Becker and Fisher had to fight before defeating Benaindes and Leveritt 6-3, 7-5. TEXAS 6 TCU Losing only eight games in six matches the Steers once again wrapped up the Southwest Conference Championship. The sweep ended the season with a 29-1 record for the Texas netmen, the only defeat being to Rice. Sammy Giammalva and Richard Keeton won their matches 6-0, 6-0. Harlon Baker and Gene Fisher rounded out the singles play by winning their matches 6-2, 6-0, and 6-1, 6-1, respec- tively. Both doubles matches went smoothly for the Longhorns. Giammalva and Keeton won 6-2, 6-1 and Baker and Coleman won 6-1, 6-0. j 1 GENE FISHER LAURENCE BECKER PAOE 547 1957 GOLF Texas ended Conference team play tied for second place with the Aggies. Baylor won the championship. In the Southwest Conference Meet, held in Austin, Kirby Attwell, captain, took first place with 138 total on the 36 holes played. Tommy Seekatz and Sonny Rhodes also finished in the top ten. Attwell and his mates, Don Pohl, Seekatz, Bob Nelson and Rhodes, had ripped all but one opponent going into the Southwestern Intercollegiate Tourney in Houston. That one loss to Baylor, 4J 2-3J 2 despite a sizzling 4 under par by Attwell, was a non-conference match played early in the season. The Steers after that took Bergstrom Air Force, Trinity, Southern Methodist, Arkansas and Kansas to the cleaners. In the Southwestern Intercollegiate Tour- ney Texas placed fourth with a total of 1491 points, one point behind Texas A M. Attwell stroked along with the most able golfers in the tournament, being the third best golfer of the meet. Next Texas split a 3-3 match with A M and the draw gave Texas second place in the Conference play behind Baylor. The next single match was with TCU where again a 3-3 split robbed the Longhorn linksters of a possible Conference golf title. Attwell and Trimble had bad luck and dropped their doubles match. Don Pohl fired well under pressure and won his match one up. The draw gave Texas a tie for second place in the Conference with the Aggies. HARVEY PENICK, Coach LETTERMEN Kirby Attwell Sonny Rhodes Don Pohl Tommy Seekatz John Trimble RESERVE LETTERMAN Bob Nelson FRESHMAN AWARDS Roy Box Richard Holly Tommy DeWitt Don Kerr Tinsley Penick Front Row: Kirby Attwell (Captain), Sonny Rhodes. Back Row: Tommy Seekatz, Don Pohl, John Trimble. PAGE 548 I lEddie Southern Second place in the 440 meter Viurdles in the 1957 Olympics. Co-holder of the tOlympic record. Won high hurdles in the SWC. ViAnchored one mile relay in the SWC, setting a anew conference record. ALL STARS Sammy Giammalva A rank of sixth in ff " na- tion and the 1957 Davis Cup Team. Wallace G. Wilson, Eddie South- ern, Hollis Gainey, Robert H. Whilden 440-880 Yards World Record Holders. Walter McNew NCAA Cross Country Cham- pion from a field of sixteen top distance men. JOHN LOWRY, Shortstop HARRY TAYLOR, HOWARD REED. Pitchers Lowry, Taylor, Reed and Good were named to the NCAA ' s All District Sixth Team. JERRY GOOD, First Ba T ASSOCIATION Tames Carroll Adams Reece Brooks Anderson Lucious Edwin Ansley, Jr. Alvin Owen Ashley Kirby Attwell George Ernest Auld Charles Allen Baker James E. Barden Laurence Albert Becker Robert Allen Bell Stuart Benson Charles Robert Billings James Neal Blanton Clair Maurice Branch Robert Earl Bryant Cleveland Oren Buckellew William Raymond Carrico Vance LaNoal Castleberry John Charles Chumney Donald B. Clark Joseph S. Clements Kenneth W. Cleveland Frank J. Daugherty Kermit James Decker Louis Raoul DelHomme Clarence F. Dreymala David Barry Dowd Raymond r. Downs Marvin Ray Dunaway Fred A. Ernst Richard C. Farrell Paul Gene Fisher George F. Foerster Walter William Fondren, III George Alfred Gainley, Jr. ClayR. Gault William V. Germany Samuel A. Giammalva loe Burch Gilbert Maynard Jack Ginsburg Clarence Weldon Glasscock Larry M. Godfray Gerald Lewis Good Fallon Turley Gordon Wayne Leon Graham William Jerome Groogan Hulen Ajphes Hale Robert Hanson John T. Hewlett " ack William Hobbs errell Aaron Holder immy C. Holt forman Elwyn Hooton William Kenneth Horwitz Charles Edward Howard Brenton Leroy Hughes Joe C. Irvin Edward Durron Johnson Gerald KK in Johnson Conrad Derdeyn Joseph Karl K am rath Edward C. Kelly Garland Kennon Carl James Larpenter Tommy R. LeBleu T IV B Top How: Adams, Ansley, Ashley, Auld. Becker, Daugherty, Foerster, Gainley. Second Row: Gault, Germany, Ginsburg, Glasscock, Hale, Hanson, Holder, Hooten. Third Row: E. Johnson, Kamrath, Kelly, Kennon, LeBleu, Lee, Losack, McGuire. Fourth Row: McNew, Million, Moore, Neal, Neighbors, Novey, Olmstead, Palmer, Person, Pittner. Fifth Row: Prewit, Schneider, Schumann. Sixth Row: E. Smith, Snyder, Taylor. Seventh Row: P. Tolar, R. Tolar, Trant. Eighth Row: Turner, Welch, Wells. Ninth Row: Whilden, Woodman, Younger. Robert Ernest Lee Raymond F. Leggett, Jr. Joseph Patrick Losack Richard C. Lowrey Johnny Harold Lowry Don Henry Maroney Edwin Vince Matthews C. David McGinnis Charles Patrick McGuire Walter Hedrick McNew Don K. Miller Louis Noble Million Billy Tom Moore Eldon Leroy Moritz Dan Allen Myers Joe Lee Neal Don J. Neighbors Charles Martin Nichols John Edward Novey Ellis Lloyd Olmstead John Boyd Padgett Thomas Austin Palmer Arlis B. Parkhurst Vernon E. Person Charles Steve Petrovich Dan Keith Pitner Jemy Bob Prewit John Charles Procter Ralph K. Rosenberg Kenneth Hastings Savage George William Schneider, Jr. Paul August Schumann Julius T. Seaholm John William Shaffer Christopher Arvid Shaw Elvin M. J. (Mickey) Smith Jesse Liston Smith Joe Ed Smith Thomas Theodore Smith David W. Snyder Ross Lucas Stephenson Harry Evans Tavlor Patrick M. Tolar Roger Lee Tolar William M. Trant Robert Ainsworth Tucker John G. Turner William ValtS Joe E. Villarreal Robert G. Waggener Charles Oliver Warren Wayne Robert Wash James Robert Watson Jimmy Dwayne Welch Perry Mike Wells Robert Harral Whilden, Jr. James Jefferson White, III Ronald Barry White Donald Wayne Wilson Joe Dell Winter John Alan Woodman Carl Lee Wylie Wesley Lee Wyman William Wyman. Jr. Leighton Keith Younger PAGE 550 Intramurals PAGE 551 MANAGERS WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS STAFF Acting Director . Associate Director Assistant Director Secretary Instructor Front Row: Pricilla Warren, Pauline Kubala, Ruth Ann Cloud, Kay Baker, Marilyn Perkinson, Sug Seewald, Carol McCullough. Second Row: Aria Edelman, Judy Abrams, Nina McCain, Gayle Green, Ann Hinton, Virginia Layton, Elaine Mathews, Linda De- Bardeleben. Suzanne Pauls, Harnette Pullen. Third Row: Ruth McGee, Jo Anne Young, Helen Thomason, Jo- sephine Chapman, Mary E. Risley. JOSEPHINE CHAPMAN MARY E. RISLEY Jo ANNE YOUNG RUTH McGEE HELEN LOUISE THOMASON BEST MANAGER AWARD Dean Nowotny presents Phyllis Pryor, Kappa Kappa Gamma, with the " Best Manager Award . SOFTBALL ORANGE BRACKET WINNER CO-OP SOFTBALL WHITE BRACKET TRAVELING TROPHY Front Row: Jo Beth Holcomb, Carolyn Bain, Molly Kavanatth, Helene Proctor. Second Row: Irene Braden, Joyce Remmert, Max- ine Sacks, Betty Paules. Front Row: WINNER, Alpha Chi Omega, Connie Moffit, Diane Lander, Zelma Etheredge, Lenore Highland, Betty Rumph, Gay Armstrong, Mary Jo Martin. Second Row: RUNNER-UP, Gamma Phi Beta, Linda Gebhart, Norma Joseph, Ann Burr, Mar- jorie Menefee, Evelyn Richardson. Third Row: Esther Mitchell, Gayle Howard, Diane Dupree, Nancy Cone. The Traveling Trophy given for the highest num- ber of team points is awarded to Left to Right: Billy Jean Cam, Alpha Chi Omega, Second Place: Elaine Mathews, Delta Zeta, First Place; Frana Moseley, Kappa Alpha Theta, Third Place. TRAVELING TROPHY SWIMMING WINNERS BRACKET WINNER ALPHA CHI OMEGA SWIMMING CONSOLATION BRACKET WINNER CHI OMEGA Elaine Mathews. Manager, Delta Zeta, First Place. Front Row: Ann Moffitt, Sharon Henson, Rosemary Rogers, Diane Lander. Second Row: Zelma Etheredge, Emma Keasler, Marie Hawkins. Third Row: Mary Anderson, Suzy Bowling, Connie Moffit. Front Row: Colleen O ' Connor, Maymerle Shirley, Carole May, Patricia Wren. Second Row: Peggy Parker, Sally Spears, Barbara Bitter. PAGE 552 SHUFFLEBOARD TENNIS DOUBLES DECK TENNIS WINNERS DELTA ZETA Left to Right: First Place, Carolyn Jutzi; Second Place, Amber Bernard. INDEPENDENT Left to Right: First Place, Billie Sahley, Carolyn Savage; Second Place, Joyce Freeman, Janice Freeman. TOUCH FOOTBALL WHITE BRACKET Left to Right: First Place, Meta Mogford, Delta Zeta; Jennis Tucker, Delta Zeta. Second Place, Joyce Cole- man, Independent; Kay Lont?cope, Independent. ORANGE BRACKET SECOND PLACE CHI OMEGA Front Row: Martha Eschenburg, Colleen O ' Connor, Jane Burkhalter, Jean Burkhalter, Carolyn Cant- well. Second Row: Jo Marie Hill, Bonny Gregg, Marilyn Dowell, Diane Ross, Elizabeth Ellisor. SOFTBALL ORANGE BRACKET WINNERS SIGMA DELTA TAU Front Row: Paula Shapiro, Elaine Kaplan, Valerie Leibowitz, Phyllis Mil- stein, Jackie Kornian. Second Row: Miriam Gordon Rosalie Mandell, Marlene Adels, Harriette Pullen, Lynn Schneider, Bailey Ginsberg. WINNER -DELTA ZETA Front Row: Meta Mogford, Jean Carlson, Becky Brown. Lenore Watson. Valarie Conner. Second Row: Stella Burns, Bettie White, Rosemary McAdams, Janat Austin. Emily Kvinta. Third Row: Elaine Mathews, Catherine Voigtman, Jennis Tucker, Jane Maxwell. BASKETBALL WHITE BRACKET ORANGE BRACKET RUNNER-UPDELTA ZETA IFront Row: Jennis Tucker, Carolyn Thomas, Elaine Mathews, Betty Fromme. Second Row: Meta Mogford, Diana Nagle, Lenore Watson. Third Row: Carol Reinhackel, Mary Ellen Branan. WINNER ALPHA DELTA PI Front Row: Raye Torian, Eva Robuck, Mary Ann Jean Fuller, Grace Dell Sinclair, Sharon Priscilla Warren. RUNNER-UPDELTA PHI EPSILON Second Row: Rose Falk, Barbara Fish, Elaine Mildred Fallek, Judy Abrams. Third Row: Betty Sheinberg, Celine Chaskin, Rosen, Eleanor Lewis, Lynne Kalinin. PAGE 553 Jones, Rives, Rubin, Sandra WINNERS DELTA ZETA Front Row: Deidre Wilson, Jennis Tucker. Meta Mog- ford, Taos Vanhooser, Rosemary McAdams, Elaine Mathews. Second Row: Betty Fromme, Lenore Watson. Becky Brown. Janat Austin, Valarie Conner. RUNNER-UPKAPPA ALPHA THETA Third Row: Suzanne Pauls, Janet Jorns, Faye Rathgeber, Ellen McCorquodale, Sissy Almy, Marilyn Perkinson, Helen Hilliard. ) BADMINTON DOUBLES BOWLING ORANGE BRACKET WHITE BRACKET FIRST PLACE ALPHA CHI OMEGA: WINNERS ALPHA OMICRON PI Left to Right: First Place, Billy Jean Cain, Scottish Rite Front Row: Patsy Felt, Zelma Etheredge, Margaret Harris, Left to Right: Ethel Mauch, Retta Davis, Anne Cherry, Dormitory; Janice Edds, Scottish Rite Dormitory; Second Marilyn Davison, Janice Brashears. Betty Ann Canfield. Place, Jean Coleman, Independent; Joyce Coleman, SECOND PLACE-DELTA PHI EPSILON: Independent. Second Row: Phyliss Braslau, Sandra Rosen, Betty Sheinberg, Barbara Weiner, Nancy Zelinger. FENCING SWIMMING Le.ft to Right: First Place, Suzanne Hampton, Kappa Alpha Theta; Second Place, Esther Mitchell, Gamma Phi Beta, SECOND PLACE DELTA ZETA Front Row: Janat Austin, Meta Mogford, Betty Lula Guy. Second Row: Pat Cralle, Jennis Tucker, Elaine Mathews. TABLE TENNIS SINGLES TABLE TENNIS DOUBLES POSTURE WINNERS Left to Right: First Place, Gayle Wright, Delta Delta Delta; Left to Right: Frances Miers, Martha Ferguson, Disciples Left to Right: Second Place, Diane Lander, Alpha Chi Runner-up, Diane McFarland, Kappa Alpha Theta. Student Fellowship; Jane Burkhalter, Jean Burkhalter, Chi Omega. Omega; First Place, Marinell Brooks, Delta Gamma; First Place, Beverly Klaver, Chi Omega; First Place, Mary Ann Ward, Delta Delta Delta; Second Place, Pat Black- well, Kappa Alpha Theta; Second Place, Jane Henderson, Delta Gamma. PAGE 554 U. T. S. A. BOW AND ARROW Front Row; Nan Fielding, Dale Polland, Lenore W atson, Barbara Brockman, Mary Elizabeth Meeks, Barbara Jankower, Jo Ann Jimmerson, Patsy Boals. Joan Hard wick, Jo Beth Cherry, Virginia Carroll, Joanna Tipton. BOW AND ARROW Front Row: Dale Polland, Nan Fielding, Barbara Brockman, Mary Elizabeth Meeks, Barbara Jan Kower, Patsy Boals. Second Row: Lenore Watson, Jo Ann Jim- merson, Joan Hardwick, Jo Beth Cherry, Virginia Carroll, Joanna Tipton. UTSA COUNCIL front Row: Elsie Bob Fariss, Dorothy Craw- ford, Edith Wilson, Billie J. Cain, Kath- erine Campbell, Carroll Ann Hodges. Second Row: Joyce Coleman, Betty Shein- berg, Waneen Wyrick, Camille N ' ewberry, Valerie Conner, Nancy Fielding, Barbara Krick. STRIKE AND SPARE Front Row: Betty Thompson, Anne Cherry, Betty Sheinberg, Mary Ellen Branan. Second Row: Eleanor Cook, Nancy Zelinger, Joan Simms, Eleanor Lewis, Maxine Fried- berg. Third Row: Donna Harris, Jane Bodden, Barbara Gordon, Dorothy O ' Callaghan, Elaine Callaway, Judy Potter, Sandra Rosen. Carroll Ann Hodges is installed as the new UTSA president by outgoing president, Camille Newberry. TOUCHE Lett to Right: Bettie White. Mary Pickett, Valerie Conner, Becky Brown. Mary Baker, Waneen Wyrick. TOUCHE Those watching the fencers are guests from St. Mary ' s Academy. Left to Right: Becky Brown, Mary Baker. Valerie Conner, Mary Pickett, Waneen Wyrick, Bettie White. PACE 555 U. T. S. A. CANTER Kneeling: Martha Ann Meadows, Karen Moehlman, Louise Weiler, Laura Preston, Janet Allison, Ann Robertson, Robin Johnson. Standing: Jane Burr, Virginia Wagner, Carroll Ann Hodges, Mary Ann Jones, Nancy French, Betty Nan Blasingame, Marilyn Ronshausen. Mounted: Joan Dornaschk, Dona Hamburger, Marianne Maxey, Jane Tucker, Ann Page. v TURTLE Front Row: Janet Guthrie, Ann Jurecka. Second Row: Penny Pendergraft, MarciaEddy, Suzanne Storey, Janey Pinckard. Third Row: Barbara Hollon, Janie Adams, Kathy Feagin, Ann Akin, Windy Bellhouse, Nancy Rains. Fourth Row: Dorothy Crawford, Peggy Peters. Burns Ann lies Linda Rhine, Carole Miller, Helen Shaner, Ann Schlesselman. Phyllis Foote. Fifth Row: Janet Reves, Pat Padgett, Betsy Bauer, Paula MrGee, Patsy Henry, Kay Pearson, Margot Van Roo, Marion Voight, Anne Booth. POONA Front Row: Billy Jean Cain, Dolores Whitman, Gail Muston, Jean Coleman. Second Row: Joyce Coleman, Barbara Biggers, Meta Mogford, Janice Edds, Virginia Layton. Third Row: Nelda Garcia, Retta Davis, Barbara Tyrrasch, Betty Holland, Lucille Royal, Pat Rellehan, Janet Ewing. TUMBLE Front Rnw: Corinne Orr, Frances Webb, B. Gowitzke, Mollie Kavanagh, Nancy Aynesworth. Second Row: Rochelle Schmidt, Marion Rankin, Carol Conck- lin, Ann Dudgeon, Avis Tieber, Elsie Bob Fanss. Third Row: Joyce Behrendt, Rosemary Butschek, Patti Moore. RACKET Front Row: Colleen O ' Connor, Carol Kayton, Mollie Kava- nagh, Arlene Wade, Sandra Espey, Charline Hawthorne, Harriette Pullen, Betty Jean Cain, Betsy Ross, Billie Sahley. Second Row: LaVerne Johnston, Mary Mullendore, Nancy Dingwall Jean Rodders, Cathy Campbell, Carolyn Savage, Edith Wilson, Marion Simon, Joyce Freeman, Barbara. Krick, Mary Bethany Weems, Janice Freeman. PAOE 556 SWIMMING IHHB H WINNERS KAPPA SIGMA Left to Right: Pete Russet, Rodney McDonald, Rodney Templeton, Fallen Gordon, Buddy Dornberger. RUNNER-UPCLIFF COURTS Left to Right: Albert Cotton, John Saunders, Bill Bigger, James Chalmlee, Robert Montgomery. WATER BASKETBALL WINNERS OAK GROVE Front Row: J. Douglas Tinker, Robert R. Randolph David H. Henderson. Second Row: Jon R. Gibson, Jerry L. Merritt, F. Kyle Read, James K. Cole. . RUNNER-UPPHI DELTA Front Row: Timothy Roche, Robert Jenkins, Philip Cecil. Jack Adleta. Second Row: Gordon Holloway, Gifford Touchstone, Donald Turner, Peter Tho son, Robert Blaine, George Clark. SOCCER WINNERS EQUADOR Front Row: Jose Urdaneta, Jose Brito, Tiburon Silva, Fred Larrea, Jose Moncanut, Jose Roman Gonzalez. Second Row: Jaime Perea, Jose Solis, Rodrigo Herrera, Oswaldo Egas, Alberto Varas, Paco Zubiria, Enrique Coloina, Frank Maiguashca, Maco Carrasco, Salvador De La Casas. RUNNER-UPARABS Front Row: Kasim Kayyal, Wail Hashem, Salah Shahin, Subhi Julani. Nizar Kadri. Second Row: Nizer Sibai, Manoug Manougian, Henry Dahbour, Walid Chaban, Ahmad Hajjar, Hasib Kikhia. PAGE 557 CLASS A RUNNER-UPOAK GROVE Front Row: Harvey L. Rodenbeck, Thomas E. Evans, Robert E. Willson, F. Kyle Read, Glenn Appelt. Second Row: Robert Gustwick, Floyd B. Stough, David H. Henderson, James McGill, Lynn C. Halamicek, John R. Knaggs. TOUCH FOOTBALL WINNERS SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Front Row: Thomas Crittenden, Roger Tolar, Paul Green. Second Row: Marshall Harrell, S. E. Nolley, Rebby Gregg, William Scott. CLASS B RUNNER-UPOAK GROVE Front Row: Robert Randolph, Douglas Tinker, Jon R. Gibson, James K. Coe, James Guckian, Ben A. Meharg, John B. Trent. Second Row: Jackie R. Boston, Leslie Bell, Jerry L. Merritt, Max M. Calahan, Thomas Beynon, Gerald R. Beaver, Fred N. Pfeiffer, Marshall Sherwood. WINNERS KAPPA SIGMA Front Row: Keene L. Ferguson, Fallen T. Gordon, Jack B. Dulaney, Malcolm Baker, William C. Jennings, R. Dick Kilday, Donald K. McClelland. Second Row: Ralph W. Pease, Bernard J. Lovjoy, George S. Bruce, James E. Snoddy, E. Richard Volz, Tom W. Burke. PAGE 558 CLASS A RUNNER-UPALPHA TAU OMEGA Front Row: Bismark Adair Steinhagen, Winton Forrest Scott, Richard Frank Bergner. Second Row: Harry Wayne Lawless, John Teed Easley, William Powers Denison. CLASS B WINNERS SAN JACINTO DORMS FGH AND SIMKINS HALL Front Row: Duane Smith, Harry Youens, Billy Cowell, Richard Allen. Second Row: Kenneth Whitt, Lamond Verner, Hilton Stroman, Joe Cagle. BASKETBALL RUNNER-UPSAN JACINTO DORMS FGH AND SIMKINS HALL Front Row: Howard Langford, Monte Williams, Nelson Bippert, John Carroll. Second Row: Robert Sorrell, Lawrence Eckert, Henry Lichte, Hershel Koska, Ervin Rollins, Joe Cagle. WINNERS SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON nes Carpenter, Donald Harrell, Henry Second Row: Coe Branch, Terry Topham, James Mashburn, John Cely. Front Row: James Carpenter, Donald Harrell, Henry Broesche, Shelby Shannon. PAGE 559 TENNIS DOUBLES CLASS A CLASS B 1:1 HII J I Left to Right: Dail Cosner, Kim O ' Hara, PHI SIGMA KAPPA, Champions; William O. Walker, Edward E. Dewees, INDEPENDENT UNATTACHED, Runner-up. Left to Right: Mickey Burke. Wendell Hill, AIME. Champions; Charles Partee, David R. Beeth, INDEPENDENT UNATTACHED, Runner-Up. VOLLEYBALL CLASS A CHAMPIONS SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Left to Right: Roger Tolar, Joe Charles Pinkner, Thomas Blakely, Marshall Harrell. Thomas Crittenden, Charles William Grantham. RUNNER-UPOAK GROVE Left to Right: Lynn Halmicek, James Guckian, F. Kyle Read. Henry Dvoracek, George Petrus, Jack Tinker, Jack Boston. CLASS B CHAMPIONS OAK GROVE Left to Right: David H. Henderson, Fred N. Pfieffer, Robert E. Willson, John B. Cox, Douglas Whatly, Louis Erlich. RUNNER-UPDELTA TAU DELTA Left to Right: Joe G. Roady. James P. Woodson, Tanner Hunt. Bobby Wayne White, Fred S. Nagle, John G. Unbehagen, Avis E. Johnson, Henry W. Jackson. PAGE 560 HANDBALL CLASS A CLASS B Left to Right: Jimmy Stacks, Jack Davis, Champions; James Loynd, Wayne Graham, Runner-Up. Left to Right: William Travis Votaw, Cleatis R. Carroll, Runner-Up; James Mc- Whorler, Spooky Canova, Champions. TABLE TENNIS BADMINTON GOLF SINGLES Left to Right: Robert Jenkins, Runner- Up; Eshagh Eshaghian, Champion. SATISH C. MALHOTRA Winner Left to Right: Carl Ahrens, Tom See- katz, Tied Champions. TENNIS SINGLES HANDBALL SINGL ES Left to Right: CLASS A Tom James Foitik, Champion; CLASS B Wendall R. Hill, Champion; CLASS A Charles Edward White, Runner-Up. Left to Right: CLASS A Jack Davis, PHI KAPPA PSI. Champion; Jimmy Stacks, INDEPENDENT UNATTACHED, Runner-Up. CLASS B Richard A. Beeler, DELTA KAPPA EPSILON, Champion; Leslie E. Belle, OAK GROVE, Runner- Up. PAGE 561 GOLF DOUBLES CHAMPIONS PHI GAMMA DELTA Left to Right: Gene Holgreen, Bruce Shrake. RUNNER-UPALPHA EPSILON PI Left to Right: Robert L. Littenburg, Ken Horwitz. WRESTLING 123 POUND AND 137 POUND CLASS Left to Right: CHAMPION, Stephen B. Bates Acacia; RUNNER-UP, Ronald Nelson, Tau Kappa Epsilon. CHAMPION, Herbert Johnson, Baptist Student Union; RUNNER-UP, Fernn Livingston, Phi Kappa Psi. 147 POUND AND 157 POUND CLASS Left to Right: CHAMPION, Ruben Montgomery, Baptist Student Union; RUNNER- UP, Charles Herden, Sigma Chi. RUNNER-UP, Allan A. Bailey, Oak Grove; CHAMPION, J. W. Hall, Kappa Alpha. 167 POUND AND 177 POUND CLASS Left to Right: RUNNER-UP, Tommy Davis, Kappa Sigma; CHAMPION, Bill Fritts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. CHAMPION, Clarence Meyer, Phi Sigma Delta; RUNNER- UP, Frank B. Jones, Phi Gamma Delta. 181 POUND AND UNLIMITED CLASS Left to Right: RUNNER-UP, R. Max Walton, Baptist Student Union; CHAMPION, Donald Mafridge, Sigma Phi Epsilon. RUNNER-UP, Tommy Moss, Tau Delta Phi; CHAMPION, Ben C. Collier, Navy. PAGE 562 HORSE SHOES FENCING Lett to Right: Jackie Boston, RUNNER-UP, Oak Grove: Neil Turns, CHAMPION, Yager. SOFTBALL Left lo Right: Bobby Lively, RUNNER-UP, Blocker House; Mike Fooks. CHAMPION, San Jacinto Dorms FGH Simkins Hall. CLASS B RUNNER-UPOAK GROVE Front Root: Leslie Bell, Floyd Stough, James Guckian, Robert Randolph. Second Row: Robert Willson, Tom Evans, Kent Funderburk, Henry Woodward, Gene Morrow. Third Row: Douglas Tinker, Jackie Boston, Fred Pfeiffer, James Cole, F. Kyle Read, Jerry Craig, Douglas Whatley, Tom Beynon. CLASS A RUNNER-UP AIChE Standing: Fred Merritt, Wayne Harrison, Hollis Taylor, David Woodland. Seated: Dave Williams, Manual Wilkinson, John Kirk, Nick Duncan. CLASS A CHAMPIONS DELTA TAU DELTA Front Row: Wayne Clements, Buddy Voelkel, Bob Dickson, Larry Lynn. Second Row: Joe Roady, Tanner Hunt. Third Row: Lawrence Harris, John McGuigan, Avis Johnson, George Green. CLASS B CHAMPIONS BRUNETTE HOUSE Left to Right: James Luke, Leonard Denney. Philip Jones, Philip Thomas, Glen Altwein, Robert Head, William Solcher, Richard Broderick, Billy Burrows. PAGE 563 TRACK CHAMPIONS NAVY Seated: Joe Teperra, Jimmy Baccus, Grandville Paules, John Harrison, J. W. Peiper. Standing: Harry Jones, Couldton Anderson. RUNNER-UPDELTA KAPPA EPSILON Seated ' . Zack Robinson, Dan Logan, John Barfoot, Tommy Estes. Standing: Don Cooper, John Harrison. MIXED TABLE TENNIS DOUBLES MIXED BADMINTON DOUBLES Left to Right: First Place, Gayle Wright, Delta Delta Delta, Robert Jenkins; Sec- , ond Place, Jean Williams, Baptist Stu- dent Union. William Lemons, Baptist Student Union. Left to Right: Second Place, Janice Edds, Independent, Eddie French, Independ- ent; First Place, Billy Jean Cain, Alpha Chi Omega, R. G. Molina. CO-RECREATIONAL SQUASH (Not Pictured) CHAMPION: R. L. Easton, Unattached. RUNNER-UP: Joel Mays, Phi Kappa Psi. OUTSTANDING OFFICIALS POW WOW SPORTSMANSHIP TROPHIES Left to Right: Jim Templeton, Wayne Hay. eft to Right: Bobby Cummings, Blorker House, Cowboy Sportsmanship Trophy; Jack W. Davis, Phi Kappa Psi, Frank Evins Memorial Trophy. PACK 564 1 SENIOR MANAGERS JUNIOR MANAGERS Left tft to Right: Roy L. Taylor, MICA; Bob L. Baldridge, INDEPENDENT; Stutts, DELTA UPSILON; George G. Stubblefield, SIGMA PHI EPS ILON. Jack H. Seated: Jay Rosenberg, SIGMA ALPHA MU, Roland Cole, CAMPUS GUILD, R. Gordon Appleman, SIGMA ALPHA MU, George A. Helland, SIGMA NU. Standing: Everette L. Tucker, UNATTACHED, Murray London, ALPHA EPSILON PI, W. Pete Nelson, DELTA UPSILON, Allan Mclnnes, PHI SIGMA KAPPA, Stewart Gillette, PHI SIGMA KAPPA. BEST ALL-ROUND INTRAMURAL ATHLETES Left to Right: FRATERNITY DIVISION. Jack Davis, Phi Kappa Psi: CLUB DIVI- SION, F. Kyle Read, Oak Grove; INDEPENDENT DIVISION, Clayton Rutter, Amery. PARTICIPATION TROPHIES ALL YEAR ORGANIZATION WINNERS Front Row: FIRST PLACE, George Pain, Brackenridge Hall, Robert H. Mclntyre, Delta Tau Delta, David Henderson, Oak Grove, Dennis Welch, Brunette House. Back Row: SECOND PLACE, Robert Montgomery, Cliff Courts, Tom Blakely, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, J. W. Pieper, Navy, Clayton Rutter, Amery. Left to Right: David Henderson, Oak Grove; Bobby Cum- mings, Blocker House. PAGE 565 " INDEX Pages 00 ' Pages 46 478 Aalund, Carl Viggo. j 3 Aaron, Steven Louis 4?6 Abadjian, George Abbott, Dan Scarborough . . Abd-El-Baki, Issam. Abel, Donald Ray.. ' ' ' i 7 148 ' 376 hers. 88, 14;, iw, ' 23 ...42, 479 , 475, 493 Abeil. Wward ' Weathers. 88, 147, 148, 376 Abell Madeleine Wight... Abendschein, August George . . . . . . Abercrombie, Robert Nyland .... Wjfc Abernathey, James Milton Able, Madeline . . 46 305, 492 Alexander, Claire Louise 88,300,499 Alexander, Drury Blakely Alexander, Frances Anne Alexander, Grover Louis 2 Alexander, James Philip Alexander, Joe Kenneth Alexander, John Michael ' Pages Name _, Anderson, Clarence Eugene ' Anderson, Curtis Jackson Anderson, Eleanor Marilyn " Anderson, Frances Mae i Anderson, Fred Graydon. . Anderson, Gary Allen .. - 389, 496 nl Anderson, Gordon V 122 521 Anderson, Henry George. me Aikb.Ugb, Charles Ivan Name Alek, Anton Jacob, Jr. ' " ' ' ' Asiileil " Literary Society. 47 ' 334 Ashbv, John Edmund, Jr Ashby, Lynn Cox J ,- A(1 , ,.,. 101 . Ashcraft, Betty Cole_...... ' " us . Anderson George Green . . ' 01 Ashley, Alvie Owen 496 Alexander ' , Joseph Louis .. Anderson; James Coston 4k " i36 ' 474 Ashley, Edwin Webb .... 06417 Alexander, Robert Sherwm W Anderson, James Daniel 46, 336, ( J ]ohn Wooda u 106, 4 W Alexander, Robert Snyder 34O, Ander5O n, James Elliott . " J ? A hl Scotlie H .... - " ' - ' - " " Anderson, James Galbraith V 06 341 ' Anderson, James Lloyd " - Ashbaugh, Edward Ronald.... .. 88, 376 Ashburne, Jim G.. . . Ashcran, ocivy v -_ 1 ,9 l ft? Ashendorf, Harold Wesley. . 47, 389, 441, 496, 532, 535, 550 443 106 Alexaiiuci, .- . j 4 Alexander, Welcome Kay 46 " 477 Alfaro, Mario A. . . . v . 4Q4 Ashman, Leonard Phillip Ashworth, Kenneth H. Abies, Jerry L. . Abney, James Edmonsu, Abrahamson, Royce Lynnw. Abrams, Judith 1 Abramson, Jan Abramson, Jay Edward Abramson, Murray Allen . Abramson, Natalie Honey. Abramson, Stanley Martin .478 Abravanel, Jack ' ; ' ' 182 Abshier, Mary Annette. .46, 152 W fg} ! . 328-329 . . .462 .122 ,173 308, 552, 553 ' . ' . ' .363 ..370 . 142, 323 Allaro, Mario n on 350 404 Anderson, James uy. 122161 Ashworth, ivenne 184 Alfred, James Kenneth ' 122 463 Anderson, Jane Katherme i- - Askew, Jackie Thurman. .. Algor, Rayda Sue A39 Anderson, Jerry A. .. 88321 Asplund, Phyllis Jean Alhambra House " 33 All, Ahmin. ..;..._ ;; 165 Alkek. Anton Jacob. . . Alkek, Margaret Virginia ............ Alldridge, Norman Alfred ...... 143 ' 320 ............ ' Anderson, Jill Carroll Anderson, John Eldon. . . Allen, Ann. . . . ............ 301 Jane ............ Choir. . A .. Achey, Acosta, Oswaldo Acrea, Jan Cloe. . Acree, Thomas Allen. Acrey, Beverly Faye .. Acuna, Arnold Soto . . Acuna, Edwards, Jr. .402 5,500 88, 391, 474, 496 .46,376 ..106 ...106 ...472 Allen, Barbara Jane 1S9 434 Allen, Bohn Dixon 45g Allen, Charlie Brown 373 ' 521 Allen, Donald Ray 32Q Allen, Edith Gibson Allen, Gene Edwin 46 " 398 Allen, George Carson Jg Allen, Harland Lloyd Allen, Jane Allison gg 154 Allen, Joan ' 122 Allen, Jo Ann. . . 46 180 496 Allen, John Joseph ' 165 Allen, Len Spears . . Allen, Marilyn Edith . . . Allen, Marjorie Frances Allen, Mary Etta .88, 321 46, 181, 474, 500, 501 . .185 l8i;360 3 187, 414, ,splu_ . Aston, B. Rice Aston, Weldon Roy . . Aswad, Jamal M 88, 148, 302, 431 .122 ....174 . ..208,314 ....147 46, 290, 552 ... 170 73. 436, 448 - Adair, ' Robert Sterling 4g3 ' en ' Mary Lee Adam, Wayne Moll ' w Allen , Mary Patricia , 171, 404 AdrcirRXr-ani::::;:: : mi|5 A-damo ' , ST-Charles. ' . ' . ' ' . f 2 Adams, Arva Sue 2 ' Adams, Barbara Joan ... " 191 ' 440 Adams, Byron Raymond ijjj Adams, Connie " 32 g Adams, Emery Otis . . . 31 ' 365 Adams, Frederick Joseph 22 Adams, Gerald Robert 23 Adams, Hazard . . 106, 292, 486 143, 161, 306 MICH, i ' -j - : f f 447 Allen, Noranne Elizabeth ' Allen, Plait Livingston Allen, Richard 22 Anderson ' , Larry Wayne. . . Anderson, Leonora Gertrude Anderson, Louis Gary Anderson, Lynn Foster. . . Anderson, Madelon Elaine Anderson, Marilyn . ; Anderson, Mary Elizabeth Anderson, Maurice Sidney .. Anderson, Nancy Jane. . . II1UC1, " - - Anderson, Robbin Colyer. . Anderson, Romberg Eric . . Anderson, William Davis.. Anderson, William Kent Andrews, Carl Eugene " 186 Andrews, Donald Edgar _ Andrews, Gwendolyn Sue ... . . WJ, Andrews, Harry Louis 3W ' 36 Andrews, Joel L. - ; 122 _ 186 ....341 ... 162 ....478 ' .122, 433, 469 ...354 . ' 505-565 Atiyyah, Kamil Nasim .... Atkins, Betty Lou..... Atkins, Howard Leslie . Atkins, Ray Fulton.... Atkinson, Carol hlaine Atkinson, Harold O ' Hanlon Atkinson, Jon Franklin 122, 375, 404 ...470 . . 106 .. 122, 171 Atwell, ' William Webster.. Atwill, James Houston. . Atwoo ' d, Alan Clayton. . . Atwood, Elmer Bagby.... Atwood, James Wade Atwood, Lynn Elmore .... AueTe ' tty Ann ' " " I " ' 106, ' 143, 319, 494 Auld, George Ernest ... 3J6 Auler, Mary Ann gg Ault, Robert Edward {22 ' 353 Ault, Stanley Arch 4?6 Aurah, Abdul Lain 88, 356, 386 . . . .373 23 492 ..47,180,496 26, 179 Ai!:n: r J H|.ry..:.v:.v.46;i62;5oi Allen Whitcomb Michael " S6 A ,|en, Wilbur P ibi, ' , 143 ' , ' 152, ' 292 Alley, Diane . . 493 Allison, James Ralston - - - 556 nu i u . ., . Auo inu Allison, Janet . . 46 Adams, James Arthur 5Q AUi , on , Joe S ' 448 Adams, James Carroll 554 Allison, Julia 45 Allison, Mary Jane ' " 474 Allison, Travis Allen ' ' ' , ' n ' oa Andrew.; Thomas Marshall " .- Ann Jeannea ne Andrews, Thomas Marvin .... n ]anat ] ac l ynn ... 122, 311, 553, 554 Andrus, Eva Yvonne 46 ' 430 Austin, Jeff, Jr ' ' 47 Andrus, Mariam L. K. . . g9g Adams, Janie 434 Jumcy. tAA ' t I Adams, John Q Adams, Leroy Money, Jr Adams, Linda Ann. 300 .168 Adams ' , Margaret Ann - 349 Adams, Maurice Me Ashan , .TM Adam., Norrrum William . Adams, Oatley Flagg, Jr I ' tutS. 485 Adams, Patricia Kay . Adams, Robert MacLal Adams, Stanley Edward. Adams, Sudie Muirhead. Adams, Villie Fisher.... Adamson, Alfred Ray . . . Adels, Marlene Beverly. Adkin, Charles Ray, Jr.. Adkins, Allan Bntt ; Adkins, Bert Bently, Jr 106, HI, Adkins, H. M. . . gg Adkins, Walter Scott 55? Adleta, Edward Jackson . . " ' o Administration ' . ' . ' . 566 Advertising 122 Agee, Flora Margaret 421 . irr;ll: ..i r i- ! " ,, 143, 300 Allison, William Thomas Allison, Wilmer Lawson. Allred, Shirley Marsha.. Anderson .489 192, 332, 386 .. 26 ...106 ' " . ' .....395 ' .106, 323, 553 ...440 . ' . 170, 366 ....122,393 ..341,546 ...314 106, 171, 345 . . .349 Almon, Dan Alan Ig7 4U Almazan, Jimmy A ' Almquist, Jane Louise 5$5 Almy, Caroline.. ' 4 Alonzo, Anthony L ' 9 Alpay, Okan ' ' 332 Alpert, Joseph Robert _ wl Alpha Chi Omega 292-293 Alpha Delta Pi 158 Alpha Delta Sigma J59 Alpha Epsilon Delta . ' . ' . a95 Alpha Epsilon Phi 330-331 Alpha Epsilon Pi. 296-297 Alpha Gamma Delta 16Q Alpha Kappa Psi. ' ' 161 Alpha Lambda Delta 298-299 Angel, Charles Allan .... - M7 Angell, Richard J ame v ' ' .; ;, 4 ' i 6J 302 Aniol, Eve ' w ' Anisman, Melvin Aardvark Anisman, Sheldon . Ankenman, Fred Norman Ansel, Patricia Rose .. . Ansley, Lucious Edwin, Jr Anspacher, Richard Barton Anthony, Thomas Wayne Antle, Glen Merle...... Antley, Major W illiam t., Jr . 188, 370 . 122, 333 ....122 .88, 492, 539, 550 . 106, 332 340, 386 Austin, Jo Ann . . . . . 8 8, 300, ' 301 Austin, Sylvia Gail 1Q6 " " . ' . 47 . .447, 459. Autrey, Alice Rae Avant, Asa Franklin, Jr Avant, Sylvia . . Averitt, Robert Taylor Await, Jacob P ' ' ' ' i ' Awanessian, Robert Paul . Awe, Robert James Axelrad, Samuel D Aydelot ' t, Eugene Finley Aver, George Weston Ayers, Robert Clayton ... Ayers, Sarah Jane Huddle: 496 373 ...106 ...329 . 122, 331 .35,358,395 ....392 . ' ..26, 179 . . . .474 .168 170, 172 321, 556 ..320 .. 22 .....305 . 122, ' Alpha Omicron Pi 300-301 Alpha ' hi. " 332-333 Alpha Tau Omega 4? g ... Antweil, Jarrell. H 177303 Aylor, Marilyn Julia Antoine, Josephine JJ Aynesworth, Nancy Milling . Antonelli, Errice Alfredo ' " 468 Aynesworth, Susan Apffel, Robert Glen 4 ' fg ' i 558 Ayres, Clarence Edwin Appelt, Glenn David - , " - Dor othy : Apple, Bonnie Jane j ITO ' 295 ' 485 Ayres, Donald Clarence Ewmg . . . . m, - ASlebaum, Sara Adel 22 295 . Gilb t Haven ... " Appleman, R. Gordon ?g Ayyad , Rabi A 474 479 Arab Students ' Association .... J52 A Badi Is8a Arambula, Odie ' ' g ' 445 Arbingast, Stanley A. 165, 359, 445 Arbuckle, Billy Travis " g Archer, Dr John Dale - Archer, John Earl - ' " " 4gg Arendall, J. W., Jr - 331 Argovitz. Jerry Allen 296 Arick, Ann Elaine B Baba, Ahmad ;;; " , 95 486 Babcock, Gladys Winifred 25, 4BO Babington, Mima .179 Baccus, Carroll Lee Baccus. Fred Wardlow ' . ' .562 Agee, William U3 300 Mpna lau umegu. . 4? g Arick) Ann tlame. . . . . . . 122 B acc us, Kred W aroi Agnew, Kathleen K . , n6 ; 47 ' i 79 303 Alphin, James H. ..... ' ' lgo Armendt, Katherme Ellen .... Baccus, Jimmy iai ' si ' L Agnew, Sandra Suzanne 106, 147, (V, 3 A , K Rawi , A bdul Wahhab Armistead, Billie Davant , !ach u Burton Agnor, Martha Virginia Alston, Norman Alvm - Arm istead, Paul Thompson Bachle, Donald Ray " Aguilar, Eduardo Macias . . . - - - A , 9ton R lph Eugene . . . . . - - - ArmUtead , Sidney _Wat,s . . . . . - Bachu9 _, James Warren ,_ ' ' QQ ii 33, 1 L ' I i i .. . Aguirre, Raymundo Ahearn, Michael John . . . Ahlschlaeger, Gladys Alleen Ahrens, Carl William - 3?2 Ahrens, Erwin j ' i ' _A5S 88, 559 ...372 413-425 Altman, Eleanor Altwein, Glenn Earl. Alves, Diana Jean . . . Alves, Henry Fred . Alvis, Laura Lee. . . . Alvis, Roy Maxwell 563 .122 . 30 , ' 545 7,314 Air Force RUl --- - ,- .03 nivi, " 7 -- , 42 Akin, Anna Katherme ... 148, 325, d, oo Abdul K ar,m Taha 332-493 Akin, Charles Ray, Jr . ' . ' . . _1S9 Amelang, Karl John. . 33 W Akin, GeneC.. Akin, Robert Barnett Akins, Donald Stephen. . .390 473 ns, . l Akins, Edward McDamel ...... Akkerman, James William ........... ' Akkus, Bihther. .. Akkus, Mehmet Fahri. Alaniva, Beverly Ruth .-- 42 American Association Architectural Engineers American Institute of 474 Chemical Engineers American Institute of Electrical Engineers Institute of Radio . . 475 Engineers . ; ' ' ' ' V American Institute of Mining and Armstrong, Army R.O.T.C. 212, 352 1-401 402 Army n.v.i . , ., Arner, Commander oro, ... Baggal, Mamoo " " ' . 293 Arnette, Jay Hoyland 122, 529 6 beth Ann 122 Arnette, Joseph Hoylana Baggett, Jessica 321 ., , 122 Back, Charles Aubrey " 154 Bacon, Andre Eugene J65 Bacon, Charles, F., Jr.... " 3 381 Bacon, Rmaldo A. . . 106 Bacon, William Deakyne, Jr. ... j- Baernstein, Meryl Joan % , Baertl, Charles Edward. ..... 44 , W illiam Rodnck, Jr ' l ' , Mamdouh Bakri ij ' . i. ' l : . ,l...ili Ann . . Lt-t- Arnette Mary Ann - Arnev, Ann Binford II us Arnhold, Thomas Duncan 88, 354 Arnold Air Society.. .__. . ' ; ' ; ; 474 Bagge Bahan, Julia Ann. . . - - Bailey, Allan Abner, III (Buck) . ..321 .441, 483,562 162 174 Albakry, mniei v -- , ,. Ig5 Albers, Carl Clarence. . . .37, 176, 184, IBS Albert, Willie Thomas ' 444 ' 474 Albiol, Ignacio Bedos ,V w ' 456 Albrecht! Emmett Roosevelt 88, 456 Albrecht, Robert Louis. Albright, Albert Morns, Jr.. . .46, 192, dJ, ' .356 asi.o.SSS S ' a Bailey, Bishop Lyle, Jr Bailey, Charlene Albright, Jimmy Lon . Alcaide, Cadiz Joi Amis, Maurine 168 446 Amos, Bonita June ' % Amsler, Sammy Gene 40, D Amstead, Billy Howard iV ' siO ' 311 Amundson, Nona Ann Q Amuny, Monica Christy 46 ' 165 Anderson, Arvid A M4 ii u 4n 4O( JAUUOOUMJ 44 jxiiuu ' t i AQ Aldi., Gilbert Ronald ; % ?4 Ande rson, Benton .- WS Artmann, Sylvia Osier . . 168, Aldou., Edward Allen 46, 33 . Ander8on , Carleton Edward ]oho Ge rge Aldrich, Jean Helen ' ' 3M Anderson, Carroll Dwight A.bury, Larry Marshall Aldrich, William Jame. . . 46, 166, 181, dB4. Anderaon charli . Da le 1 J Aronowitz, Roslyn Aronson, Jerrold David Arranaga, Carlos Hector .... Arlington, Robert Eagleton A-r:hur; Ly ' nne. ' ;:.::::i22,179,291 SsaS iwiaS L- TV A 1B 5 106, 171, 375 Bailey; John Alan.. ' .-47,181,476, Bailey, John Joseph , . . 16S ' lg() Bailey, Joseph Kennetn gls Bailey, Lynne . " gg ' 304 Bailey, Mary Jams ' 106 Bailey, Melvin Lewis ' " 463 Bailey, Oleta Josephine Bailey, Philip S. . ..... ' j go 49 Bailey, Ronald Rex PAGE 566 I Name Pages Bailey, Sally 88 Bailey, William Joseph 142, 143, 144 Bailey, William Smart, Jr 356 Bain, Bruce Edwin 417, 419, 459 Bain, Carolyn 447, 552 Bain, Gladys Lurleen 47, 168, 320 Bain, Jesse L 474 Bain, Joe William 106, 346, 399, 400 Baines, Mary Lynn 298, 326 Baird, Alice Lee 47, 290, 291 Baird, Don L 88 Baird, John David 106, 169, 393, 532 Baker, Allie Marvin 165 Baker, Alvin Lee 122 Baker, Beverly Kay 302, 433, 448, 552 Baker, Billy Allen 355 Baker, Billy Bert 476 Baker, Calvin L 459 Baker, Charles Allen ... 47, 188, 398, 507, 509, 520, 550 Baker, David Linton 88 Baker, Diane Lavonne 489 Baker, Douglas Martin. . .47, 372, 373, 397 Baker, Dudley Duggan, III 47, 170 Baker, Eva Louise 47 Baker, Mines H 16 Baker, James Earl 47, 496 Baker, James Raymond 88 Baker, Joan Co 47 Baker, John Baylies 346 Baker, Lamar Travis 47 Baker, Lorena 313 Baker, Malcolm Graham, Jr.. .348, 474, 556 Baker, Marilee Stearns 447 Baker, Margaret R 34 Baker, Mary (Catherine. .88, 106, 179, 312, 319, 555 Baker, Nancy Ann 122 Baker, Patsy Ann 88 Baker, William Anderson 88, 342 Baker, William McLaughlin 476 Bakri, Ali Kheireddine 479 Baldridge, Jerrell Lee 106 Baldridge, Robert Lewis 47, 565 Baldwin, Edward Franklin 160, 162 Baldwin, Mary Eleanor 88, 3 14 Bales, Judith 88 Bales, Lenora Jo 106, 142, 302, 431 Balfanz, Barbara Jean 106 Balke, Bennie Kuno 42 Balke, Jannette Henry 47 Ball, Donald Ray 122 Ball, James Howard 47, 166, 175 Ball, James Wesley 487 Ball, Janelle Ernestine 47, 290 Ball, Jerry Don 122, 439, 464 Ball, Jerry W 425, 464, 470 Ball, Samuel A., Jr 487 Ballard, Betty Lu 313 Ballard, Jack Davis 417 Ballard, James Lipscomb 122, 347, 417 Ballard, Joni Jo 47, 312 Ballas, Frances Freda 106 Ballew, Elvis Joe 47 Ballew, Joe Richard 122, 489 Ball, Macedonio, Jr 106 Balsley, Leland Leroy 47 Balthrop, Billy Harold 47, 476 Balusek, Albert Jerry 456, 493 Balzen, Richard Thomas 439 Bankhead, Charles Herbert 122, 349 Banks, James Edwin 47, 487, 501 Banks, Kalani 122, 293 Banks, Richard Burdette 42, 476 Banks, William Skidmore, HI 159, 352 Bankston, Charles Allen 376 Bankston, Freda Jo 88 Bannura, Khalil B 88 Baptist Student Union 450 Barakat, Majed A.H 479 Barbay, Sally Gay 88, 447, 469 Barbay, Sandra Jane 446 Barber, Judson Truett 474 Barber, Lela Mae 88 Barber, Lewie M 181 Barber, Thomas E 376 Barclay, Leland 33, 181 Barden, James Earle 88, 144. 332, 530, 531, 550 Barefield, Mary Elizabeth 106, 173 Barfoot, John Wayne. . .122, 341, 562, 564 Bargainer, Jack Delano 48, 159 Barge, Marjorie Saxon 48, 292, 485 Barge, Thomas Murray 122, 381, 405 Barter, Bethanyann 122, 299 Barhout, Saleri S 474 Barina, Helen Grace 48 Baring, Raymond H 88, 444 Barja, Jose David 472 Barker, Charlotte 324, 462 Barker, Eugene C 86 Barker, Joe Floyd 106, 474 Barker, Raymond Frederick 29 Barker, William Earl 33, 181 Barker, Wilson Roger 88, 364 Barkley, Floyd Donald 476 Barles, Fortune Jean, Jr 48, 180, 496 Barling, Robert Fred 48, 158, 389 Barlow, Clyde Jennings 106 Barlow, Patrick Edward 106, 459 Barlow, Thomas Edward 40 Barnard, Kathleen Rainwater 28, 172 Barnes, Alvin Hansen (Butch) ... .122, 154, 373, 421 Barnes, Ann Armistead 314 Barnes, Barbara Ellen 106, 432 Barnes, Carol Helen 304 Barnes, Clarice Anne 122 Barnes, Fred Mack 476 Barnes, James Lamar, Jr 476 Name Barnes, James Leonard 421 Barnes, John Edward 88, 473 Barnes, Juanita Ann 122, 433 Barnes, Kay Franklin 88, 312 Barnett, David Eugene 122, 420, 460 ll.ii n. 1 1 . Durwood R 185 Barnett, Glenn Edward 30 Barnett, Jettie Ann 122 Barnett, Joseph Seaborne 364 Barnett, Lane Thurston 501 Barnett, Larry Adrian 376, 476 Barnhill, John Williamson, Jr 89, 143, 152, 483 Baron, Donald Harvard 444, 478 Barr, Chester Alwyn 106, 350 Barr, Gilbert Monroe 493 Barr, Helen Yvonne 300 Barrera, Aida Nydia 48, 182, 428, 448 [l.i 1 1 .-i.i. Ernesto de la Garza 29 Barrera, Joe 472 Barrett, Bobby James 434 Barrett, Michael Joseph, Jr.. . .48, 180, 496 Barrientos, Oscar S 438 Barrier, Rhoda Ann 48, 324 Barrington, Donald Keith 408 Barroll, John Leeds, III 23 Barron, Kenneth Ray . . . 106 Barron, Marilyn ... 144, 190, 302, 303, 480 Barron, William Edward 30 Barron, William R 152 Barry, Thomas Patrick, III 122 Barshop, Philip M 48, 392 Earth, Clardy Shell, Jr 89, 350, 460 Barth, Norman Herbert 404 Bartlett, Donald Aaron 358, 496 Bartlett, Glenn, III 122, 399 Bartlett, Robert Franklin 89, 352 Bartlett, Ronald Anthony 414 Barton, Hazel Phyllis. . .122, 148, 291, 485 Barton, Iris Dean 89 Barton, Linda Jorene 432 Barton, Lucy 36 Barton, Robert Rhea 89 Barton, William Maynard, Jr 417, 487 Bartow, Barbara Ann 305 Bartrug, James Oliver 184 Bartz, James L 187, 420 Barwick, Diana Davis 122, 433 Barzilla, Joseph Albert 48, 398 Baseball 539-545 Bashara, Richard Edward 154, 158 Bashford, David H 476 Bashur, Adnan Zoki 476 Basketball 523-529 Bass, Frank M 29, 158, 165 Bass, Mary Ann. . . 106, 148, 303, 433, 448 Bass, Staff Sergeant Billy G 413 Basset, Susan 179, 489 Bassett, Beverly Ann 300, 486 Bassett, Eleanor O ' Neill. .48, 143, 300, 301 Batayneh, Nasir Sad 479 Batcheler, George Edmund 169, 396 Bateman, Martha Alice 48, 142, 302 Bateman, Richard Wayne 48, 187, 191, 414, 423 Bates, Billy Joe 89 Bates, Edward William 474 Bates, Frances Pope 106, 142, 161, 304 Bates, Stephen B 562 Bates, W. B 16 Bates, Arturo Enrique. . .48, 142, 143, 179, 219, 438, 445, 490 Batten, Staff Sergeant Joseph K 413 Batley, Robert Vernon 48, 487 Battle, Roy Saunders 89 Bauch, Garland Thomas 106. 456, 464 Bauer, Elizabeth Hopper 106, 147, 148, 302, 556 Bauerle, Jacob Alton 187, 422, 462 Baugh, Dallas 48 Baugh, Hollis Alford 487 Baughin, William Hubert 29 Baughman, Claude Randall 106 Baughman, Ralph Alford 122, 373 Baum, Glenn Aubry 122 Baum, Scott Gilbert 476 Baum, Zetta Jo 106, 294, 295 Bauman, Jon Roger 347, 399 Baumgarten, Maurice Arnim 509 Baxter, Robert Mitchell 122, 545 Baxter, Virginia 147 Bay, Annette Marie 122, 297, 435 Bay, Kenneth Faxon 122 Baylor, John David 420 Beach, Asa, Jr 349 Beaird, Danny LaGette 106, 142, 342 Beakley, Sue 300 Beal, Jeannie 106, 316, 326, 450, 454 Beal, Wassel Holland 42 Beall, John Cillespie 89, 358 Beall, Joseph Edward 48, 181, 476, 493 Beall, Margaret Claire 292 Bean, Malinda Ellison 122, 486, 561 Beane, William Fredrick 425, 437, 444 Beard, Donald Wyatt 391 Beard, Doris Marie. .89, 147, 168, 447, 486 Beard, Edwin Miles 48 Beard, Elsie Maryan 301, 433 Beard, Linda Clare 122 Beard, W illiam Donald 474 Bearden, Lois Sandra 106, 325, 494 Bearss, Leslie M 156, 158 Beasley, Gene ieve Elizabeth 463 Beatty, Thomas B 445 Beauchamp, Edwin A 48, 488 Beaver, Gerald Roy 122, 441, 558 Becerra, Joe E 89 Bechtel, Carl Frederick, Jr 496 Bechter, Paul Weigand 474 Beck, Clare Donoghue 492 Beck, Donald Lewis 184 Name Pages Beck, Cordon Earl 361 Beck, Herbert Allan 48 Beck, Tom Thornton, Jr 492 Becker, Allen Wilkins 23 Becker, Eric Baker, III 384, 473 Becker, Laurence Albert 89, 547, 550 Becker, Leonard John, Jr 106, 382 Becker, Robert M 370 Becker, Ronald Gene 395 Becker, Theodor Ernest 170 Bedford, Anthony 171, 420 Bedichek, Roy 353 Bednarski, Fred, Jr 397, 509 Beebe, Donald C 476 Beebe, Robert Hearn 180, 496 Beeler, Ralph Frederick, Jr 340 Beeler, Richard Allen 122, 341, 561 Beer, Don Richard 122, 171, 381, 463 Beerman, Kenneth Wilson 48 Beers, Mark Hall 148, 476 Beeson, Dorothy Ann 123 Beeth, David R 460, 560 Begeman, Myron Louis 35, 181 Begg, Edleen 23, 189 Benne, Manuel Jerome, Jr 437 Behrendt, Joyce La Vonne 556 Beilke, Myloa May 106, 147, 437, 446 Beishline, John Robert 29, 165, 180 Bela, Raymond 89, 439 Belcher, Willie Ellen 123, 147, 303, 410, 412 Belgin, Ural 42 Belk, Gerald Waters 473 Belknap, Donald William, Jr 381 Belknap, Ivan 27 Bell, Carrion R 69, 459 Bell, Charles Larry 48, 364 Bell, Clyde Stuart 342 Bell, Craig Manley 123, 367 Bell, Donald Moran 89 Bell, Earnestyne Yvonne 123 Bell, Gerald Thomas 159 Bell, Howard Earl 158, 398 Bell, James Howard 89, 171, 410 Bell, Janet Forrest 123, 317 Bell, Jerry Dan 459 Bell, John Baxter 89 Bell, John Laurence 123, 171, 343 Bell, Judith Ann 26, 179 Bell, Leslie Eugene 441, 556, 563 Bell, Lieutenant Colonel Marvin L. 191, 388 Bell, Philip Miller 23 Bell, Robert Allen 374, 550 Bell, Ross Leon 48, 475 Bell, William Charles 23 Bellhouse, Helen Wynyard . . 123, 325, 431, Bellmont, L. Theodore . ' .367 Beloate, Ann 123, 148, 499 Beloate, Florence .. 106, 142, 313, 433, 448 Belsele, Rudolph L 24 Belton, Marcia Gay 299 Beltsch, Doris Rudell 172 Beltz, Ernest Alexander 106, 404 Belver, Troy Lynn 123, 171 Bena, Curtis Louis 106, 417 Benavides, Maria Magdalena .48, 159, 179, 189, 219 Benavides, Steve Andrade 470 Benbow, Mary Paige 314 Benbow, Richard Thomas 123, 351 Bendalin, Doretta Mae 89, 308 Bendalin, Robert M 123, 371 Bender, Malcolm Hamilton 496 Benjamin, Barbara Lynn 106, 294 Benjamin, Mary Durrum 182 Benner, June Arleen 123, 305 Benner, Thomas Jay. ... 147, 148, 356, 386 Bennett, Ben Michael 159 Bennett, Dave Spencer, Jr.. . .48, 152, 156, 158, 328 Bennett, Donald Hugh 123, 171, 464 Bennett, Edward Andrew, Jr 478 Bennett, Guy 476 Bennett, J. Harry 24 Bennett, J. M., Jr 16 Bennett, James Clyde 478, 493 Bennett, Joyce Aletha 123 Bennett, Lloyd Morris 42, 350 Bennett, Ora A 27 Bennett, Patricia Davis 48 Bennett, Raymond Ayers. . . .356, 391, 496 Bennett, Richard John 106 Bennett, Willie Smith, II 187, 356, 416 Benson, Barbara Ann 152, 182, 292 Benson, Daniel Harper 89 Benson, Leonard R 35, 181 Benson, Oliver D 24 Benson, Stuart 366, 550 Benson, Susan Greene 106 Benson, William Marvin, Jr 496 Bentel, Barbara Jean 432 Bentley, Barbara Ann 48, 451 Bentley, Henry Farrar 123, 381, 393 Benton, John Bunyan 477 Benz, Carl Richard 340, 483 Berezin, Richard Melvin 176 Berg, Robert Kenneth 48, 407 Bergel, Martha Jo 123, 148, 295 Bergel, Sandra Lou 106, 294 Berger, Sid L. 89, 143, 147, 165 Bergeron, Beverly Joseph 48, 158 Berglund, John Franklin 48, 166, 181 Bergman, Marvin M 455 Bergmann, Ronald Elmer 419, 420 Bergner, Richard Frank 174, 188, 332, 333, 559 Berkley, Richard Earl 495 Berkman, Helen Claire 106, 459 Berkman, Kidvan Metin 439 Berkowitz, Howard 31 Name Pages Bernard, Amber LeMerle 310, 436, 448, 494, 553 Bernard, Jo Ann 123 Bernard, John Ehresmann 165 Bernard, Lawrence Jackson 89, 144, 186 Bernstein, Jerome 144, 160, 378, 416 Bernstein, Ted M 48, 378 Berrio, Clarence Edward 89 Berry, Buford Preston.. . .89, 346, 347, 405 Berry, David Wayne 107 Berry, Frances Ruth 107, 485 Berry, George William 354 Berry, Joe Wilkes 171 Berry, Kenneth Norman 142 Berry, Phyllis Edna 89, 147, 320 Berry, Thomas Robert 48, 358 Bertram, Carol Charlotte 89 Berthelot, Mary Catherine 48, 300 Bertrand, Joan Dolores 89, 148, 324 Besch, Carl D 89, 455 Best, Barbara Jean 123, 307 Best, Bob Emmett 86 Best, Clem Kirby 181, 474 Best, Linda Luan 123, 147, 315 Best, Margaret Alyne.. . .107, 161, 292, 455 Best, Steve Ernest 366 Besteiro, Raul Adrian 48, 438 Baa Alpha Pii 162 Beta Theta Pi 334-335 Beta Gamma Sigma 163 Bethany, Mary 559 Better, Nancy Joan 499 Bettis, Dale Gaylard 409 Betty, Helen Anna 182 Beular, Beverly Ann 320 Beutel, Barbara Jean 48 Beveridge, Gene Clarence 89 Beverly, Garon Eugene 123, 422 Beyer, Annabel 446 Beynon, Eugene Thomas, Jr. 123, 171, 406, 441, 558, 563 Bibb, Thomas James 48, 498 Bible, Dana X 341, 507 Bice, Don Allen 123, 147, 377 Bice, Noley Russell, Jr 425 Bickford, Joanne Clifton 311, 433 Bickham, Lane Arlen 123 Bickham, Luzine B 162 Bickham, Roberta Jane 49, 304 Bigelow, Grant Leroy ... 123, 171, 410, 440 Bigger, William Roy, Jr 446, 555 Biggers, Barbara Lou 49, 172, 492, 556, 561 Biggerstaff, Ronald Dean 49 Biggs, George Berkely 373 Biggs, Joe 380 fins, William Ambrose, III.. 356, 390, 474 Bigham, James Robert 184 Bilhartz, Elliot John, Jr 372 Billings, Charles Robert . 532, 533, 534, 550 Billings, Frank Edward 107, 405 Billings, Virgil Weldon 49, 374, 496 Billingsley, David Lewis 49, 181 Billingsley, Hascal Bruss 89, 403, 406 Billups, Sarah Ward 49, 316, 326 Bindler, William J 370 Binford, Jesse Stone, Jr 22 Binford, Joseph Ingram 335 Bingham, Barbara Ann 123, 446 Binney, Sue Anna 304 Bippert, Nelson Frederick 394, 559 Bird, Arthur Snell 89, 148, 367, 397 Bird, Shirley Ann. .89, 147, 183, 189, 190, 198, 219, 447, 485, 491, 502 Birdwell, A. Evans, Jr 165, 358 Birkman, Victor Howard 455 Bishop, Donald Mac 49, 344, 477 Bishop, John Sullivan 107, 367 Bishop, Norman G 476 Biskin, Harvey M 468 Bissett, James Sidney 390, 474, 496 Bissett, James Stanley 483 Bitter, Barbara Hunsdon 123, 303, 552 Bitter, Nancy Joan 89, 189, 190, 302 460,499 Bivins, Nancy Sue 89, 314, 480 Blachly, Patricia Ann 148, 301 Blachly, William Edward 474 Black, Adele 49, 189, 212, 320 Black, Beth Agnes 89 Black, Billy Thomas 107 Black, Connie Winslow 300 Black, Hulon Witherspoon 16, 178 Black, Leroy 371 Black, Margaret Susan 49, 314 Black, Olney Susan 123, 469, 480 Black, Richard Earl 405, 496 Black. Shirley Jane 316 Blackburn, James David 159, 171 Blackmar, Guy Elliot 474 Blackstock, Colonel Leo Guy 162, 385 Blackstock, Harriet Love 312 Blackstock, Ronald Lee 343 Blackwell, Fred Wayne 490 Blackwell, John Thomas 477 Blackwell, Patricia Ann 107, 314, 554 Blackwell, Rebel Eugene 49, 376, 492 Blackwell, Robert Strother 372 Blackwell, William Albert 476 Elaine, Robert McBride, Jr 352, 557 Blair, Alan Curtis 344, 345 Blair, Alvin Felix 123, 395, 464 Blair, Bobby Joe 4f Blair, Calvin Patton 29 Blair, Eleanor 179 Blair, Patrick Jay 344 Blair, Richard Dean 470 Blair, W. Frank 27 Blake, Robert Merrill 49, 184 Blake, Robert Rogers 26 lllak.-I.-y, Thomas Alton 368, 560, 565 PAOE 567 Name Blalock, James Augustus. Jr Blalock, Richard W Blanch, George Currier .... Blanchard, John La r " c j. Blanchard, Lawrence Phillips ... Blanchard, Stanley Walton, Jr. . . . Bland, Asa Van Bland, Darlene . . . . ' Bland, Jay C., Jr. (Bo) 89, Pages Pages Name Pages 24 .394, 521 . 123, 341 . .340 .334,488 ...368 Bland, Mary Kathryn 16 468 Boswell, Paul Weldon Blankenship, Joseph .. 36 ' .462 Boswell, Samuel Culberson Boswell, Jon Alfred , 340, 398, 550 . 123, 359, 397 . . . 183, 447 Blanton, James Dona Id . Blanton, James Neal.49, Blanton, John Charles .. Blanton, Wilanna O Blasdel, Patricia Jane . Blasingame, Betty Nan gg . m . Blatt, RHa Glenn . . 123, 347 Blaylock, Glenn W . 107, Boswell, samuei v.u,,, c . ? Botefuhr, Charles Edward ........ M ? Botello, Robert C. . 464, 4Oi, fi 160 152 89 123, 305, 433 .49, 192,501 .... 184 2,364 Bravenec, Brawner, Sonora Jean Bray, Linda Rae - ' 496 Brazeal, Frank - ' nnf, Brazelton, Emily Kay 107, MjJ. W Bla ' ylock, Hulen Allen Bledsoe, James Franklin Bleismer, Emery P. Blesch, Steven Ldwm Blevins, Harold Lee .... Blevins, Robert Llewellyn Bliss, James V Block, Edwin Hart Block, Gils...... Block, Rosalyn Harriet ... Blocker, James Macon, Jr. . . . Blocker, Robert Hefley...... Blocker, Truman Graves, 111 Blodgett, Corena hue . ...... Blomquist, Herbert Lionel.. Blomquist, Maynard Koy Bouligny, James Allen Bourdin, Thomas Francis Bourdon, Carol Head ... Bourdon, Elizabeth Joyce Bourdon, Lynn Louis, Jr. Bourgeois, Allen Bertie . . " 3 G 208, 317 ... 107 ..474 ' " .... .455 . .143, 320 15 . , - 09 404 Breed, Benny Ray .89 Brecheen, Jody Stanton . . Breckenridge, Thomas Loftm Breder, Benjamin Karl Bredt, Barbara Dale Bredt, Carl Victor ... ..447 ... 31 ' .107,171 ...462 ... 174 ... 42 ....175 . .362, 392 123, 148, 323 ... 123 .49,346 123, 347 ' ....123 ' 49, 158, 171 ...171,456 .448 Bloom, Jane. . . . --V , 47 2 95, 469 Bloomberg Sally Ann ... 123, 14 , ), 181, 474 364 . 196-205 . .206-207 Bloxsom, W alter Eden Bludworth, Joseph Elliott Blue, Donald Ray Bluebonnet Belles Bluebonnet Belle Fmo.. 20g Bluebonnet Belle Nominees 09 " 432 Bluhm, Frances Estelle . . B() - d Bower, James Beardsley . Bowers, Larry Lester Bowlby, Roger Louis Bowling, Joe Conley Bowling, Suzanne Bowman, Jon Avery. Bowman, Henry A., Jr. . . . Bowman, Walter Clarkson, Bowser, Martha Louise.. 11 Bowyer, Jackie Price . . Box, Boyd Oliver .... Box, Roy Edgar, Jr. ... Boyce, James Curtis .. Boyce, Martin Zedock Boyd, Carolyn Grace . Boyd, Don Edward Boyd, Donald Ray 89 425, 496 ... 22 ... 40 . ' .291, 499, 552 : : ' . : . . . . . . 27 Jr.107, 364, 410 07, 142, 144, 179, 304, 430 49, 434 ' " 171,353,420 .49,352, 406 .. 86 ...177 . . 107, 391 . . 368, 369 49 Bluebonnet Belle Nominees 89 432 Boyd ' , Jack Raymond " 474 S. 291 Boyd, Joe Michael ' ' 123 ' . ' .123, 307 Ann " ... 107, 147, 306 i Anil . -,j:n IJUjmi ' f " - --- 1 " .... Breland, Osmond Philip Brelsford, James Madison . . Brennan, Patricia Ann ...... Brenner, William ... ....... Brent, Carol Myrnell ....... Brent, Ronnie Lynn. . . . Brentlinger, Wiliard Hughes. Breshears, Sondra. ..... ---- Brevard, John Ashworth .... Brewer, Cornelia Sue. . ..... Brewer, Luther Morton, Jr. . Brewster, Betty ............ Brewster, Bob Burnett ...... Breymer, Joan Estelle . . ---- Bridges, Alvin George, Jr... Bridges, Clifford Ihurston . Bridges, Edward Donald Jr. Bridges, Edward Stafford .... Blum, Barbara Ann j ?9 Blum, David Morns j 3g6 Blum, Ronald H. ...... 10 Blumberg, Gilbert William Blumentritt, Ross Bruce. . Bridges, William Randolph . 3i5 Soyd; Marilyn Ann .. - 3S6 Boyd, Nancy Elizabeth nfi9 Bridwell, Charles Ernest ... b ig ' 146 Boyd Ronafd Dean - 3 f er, Donald Richmond . Blunk, William David.... , 1, B oyd, Wallis Moffatt . . . . 2 Briggs, James A Boadle, Robert 107 555 Boyd, Walter Ernest, Jr Briggs, Robert Wallace. ... Boals, Patsy Dell m d , William Jasper 28 ' 165 Bright, George Meredith Boatman, Edward Murl . , William Paxton Bri ht , Jay Uwrence . .alright, David Alexander g , ame8 Andrew ii ' ilo ' 408 Bright, Margarite Caroline .... . . . - Boykin, James Edward. ' 107 ' . 354 Bright, Sam Raymond, Jr o. 368 123, 297, 435 501 ...297 ... 107 .... 26 107, 148, 307 ....123 i.,107, 179 ..50, 170 ..300 ....123 ....463 ...160 . .459, 492 ...158 . ' 187, 191. 342 123, 464, 470 .123, 147, 148, 367 ..107,169, 394, 496 ...123,391 ...180 ..50, 469 89 ..50,348 89 Name Pages Br n, Cornelia Fay .... - | 89 89 467 316 292 394 ' " 7.107 - " , 372 476 - 5O Brown, Harry G ' 32f Brown, Helen Yvonne , Brown, Howard Earl Brown, Ivan Ellis, Jr ' " Brown, Jack Bethel ' ' 44Q , Brown, James Hilton ... 4 Brown, Joanne Katherme Brown, John Keith Brown, John Nicholas Brown, Jon Sam . . Brown, Kermit Earl Brown, Lawrence Rhea Brown, Leonard Frank " Sl . ' . ' . ' l48, ' 363 107, 142, 34O . ' .89,384, 386, 391 ' . ' .35, 47 ..107 ...124, 365 50, 400, 496 ..124 ... 3S .. 359 Brown, Patsy Ann . . Brown, Paul David KS8ESSSt:Ss6 Brown, Rene Paul Brown, Richea Kaye. . Brown, Robert Cornell Brown, Robert Graves Brown, Robert James Brown, Robert N..... . Brown, Roland Wendel . . Brown, Roy Miller Brown, Stephen Zachary Brown, Susan Brown, Wade Lynn Brown, Walter Varian . . . Browne, Bradford, Jr. ... _ gg Browning, Burton Allen. .50, 169, 350, W Browning, Jimmy Douglas Browning, Robert Lee Browning, Wayne Leon .... Brownlie, David Ernest Brownlow, William Jackson ..181,474 ...316 90 37, 176, 184 . . . .373, 488 175, 478 ..162 ..463 . .90, 362 ...50,306 . . .26, 483 ... 21 90 Boatrig, Boatright, Mody C. Boatwright, Charles Rene Jr. . _ . Bodden, Jane Elizabeth.. 123, 313, Boddie, Carolyn Jean 23 .181 ,555 .447 Broyles, Becky Lou . ...... Broyles, Walter Samuel .... Bruce, Betty Jean Bruce, Don Richard ..... . Bruce, George Stubblefield 50, 166, 181 ...354 ... 124 . . 50, 459 ..50, 191, 402, 403 . . 107, 320 369 .. 50 ..185 , Bode, Marjorie Anne .... ' J07 Bodine, Daniel Edward 49 ' 186 Bodine, Dnald n Earl ' V. 468 Bruce, Patricia Ann . . Bruckner, Robert Allen . . Brumbelow, Margaret Anne Brumley, Roy I Bodine, Willis Ramsey ' 468 Boe, John Merle ... 123 3zi j j sfi 192 219 358 4J Kruclcner, i (J , ., . ,- Boyle, Marilyn Ann 28 ' 496 Brill, James Edward. 3 r ,4509 Brumbelow, Margaret Anne Boyle, Marion Dolores. ..... ..j Brindley, Bethea Wright Brumley, Roy Lee in7 l S8 ' 469 Boyles, Minifred Juha. . . .89, 144, 3, . Detley, W 123 Brumm ' elt , Lloyd Truman. . . .107, 158, 469 Boynton, Peggy Jo " . ' 31,492 Brisbin, Joan Me Clella n.. ' 473,493 Brune, Roger Robert Brace, DavidK Brisbin, Ralph McClay 439443 Bruner, Ross William B Brace, Penelope. 4?0 Brisbois, MillardCourtney ... Murray S.. ..... , Bracht, Barbara Anne Briscoe, James Parmena, 107, 332, 333, r, .. Brunner, Theodore Berger l teugene. ' Bohlmann, Carol Ann . . . ' gg Bohn, Robert Herbert. . .W, l 414 Bloch, William Emmett.. . - ' ,55 Bolding, Mward Porter L Off Boles, J._L. Jr " 123, 341 .123 .89, 360,493 " " . ' .. . . . 30 Bolger, E. Perry Bolger, Marybelle . Bollman, Franklin, D.. . Bollman, John Meredith .... Bollman, Thelma Anderson. Bolton, Merle R Bolton, Olivia Sones Bond, Bobby Ray Bond, Ernest Patrick Bond, Lillian Louise Bond, Robert Jackson ' , j ? ' 431 Bond, Sarah Josephine ' - g9 ' 4gfi tt " d ' Wimam Howard, Jr. 49, ' 191, ' ' sM. 408 Bradfield, Carol Jean... Bradfield, Ruth Ann 49, 1 " , Bradford, David George Bradford, James Walter Bradford, Jerald Conrad 351, Bradley, Bobby Eugene -tjjTjJ Bradley, Carl Gene Bradley, Mayme Bradshaw, Benjamin Spencer. .4 Bradshaw, Kendall Bradshaw, Mary D. ._._ ' ' ' ' U2, ' l88, Bradshaw, Sam Charles ' nroacn, HUB " --- jo7 459 Bryan, J. r Broadfoot, Marsha Ann J " Bryan, James Daniel, HI Broadway, Barbara Sue 54 Br an , Jimmy Dean Brock, Jimmy ; ' ' Vjo ' ' 4 ig 509 Bryant, Frank Grant ... . -irock, William Kdward d, " Bryant, Jean Carol. .90, 161, 432, ;rockman, Barbara Ann 89, KB, OT J , Rober( rl 349 _ 507 Irockwell, Fred R. . ..... : " i ; 3 517, iHteu. j-- c R| ; d rg : : . 473 ' . 49 23: i B UC h, j hn Ri a 34 50 .141,186 ..416 .447, 486 .385,422 ... 12 .107,374 ..124 . .33, 181 ;, 448, 459 509, 510, 519, 550 158 183, 189, . BO L iu " -- ,U., r a Zo, 3OV nuull, J " " , . . 7 loo , 186 Broderick, John O " ' jg 559 Buchan , Celia Ann . 50 142 170 183 yon Broesche, Henry Fred , 212, 288, oil, " = ' ' 1Q7 ' Bradshaw, Truman Calvin, Jr 219, 342 .123 " 483 107 421 Broesche, Henry r r, 5 38 Brogan, Albert Perley .... ' ., Brogan, William t. ' ,, 4 Brooks, Charles Allan ! Brooks, Felton Don 4 ' igl Brooks, Frederick Lmerson, Jr 34, Ibl Brooks, Gerald Rhea. " 123 Brooks, Harry Louis, Jr. . . man v aivi ._. Brady, Bill Lester " . . 485 Brady, Genevieye JQ Brooss, nan j " " " ' ir i 359 Buck, Boooie juc . . . . , -- ecr. 123 161 ' 293 Brady, James Marvm 3g() Brooks, Henry Tebbs BB, M . 5Q Bucke llew, Cleveland Oren. . .414, My, o Brady, James Patrick 31fi Broot8 , J_erry . . m " m. 493 Buckley, Glenn R 175 1 ,, U| ) " " ' ' fff Buchanan, David Lee, Jr - Buchanan, Hal D. . . . 107 304 Buchanan, Janet Kathleen " . Buchanan, Nancy Ruth l - 1Q7 Buchanan, Tom Estes Buck, Alfred A ugustus. . .... ' " V Buck, Bobbie Sue... x . 107, 3 H, 433 mes t 31 g Bragg, Barbara 3 98 ' ; 496 Brooks, Larry T. " " ' .306 ' . 554 Bragin, Charles Roland M Brooks, Marmell Braithwaite, Philip ' 17g Brooks, Myrna Ruth Braly, Earl Burk . Bramlet. Jerry Charlene Bramlett, Donald Bondies, Walton 166 Bramlett, Uonara my ... Bondy, Morgan A. ' 16Q Branan, Mary Ellen . .31, Bone, Ernest Patrick..... ; 6 178 . . ' . 50 ' 144, 310, 494, 553, 555 Bonh ' am, Joe Burleson, III 49 " 316 Branch, Annette Ester . Bonneau, Mary Kay. . . ' 31fi Branch, Clair Maurice . mnell, Elizabeth Wi e - I 49 Branch, Lyle Floyd Brooks, Nancy Lou . Brooks, Sara Chaffin Brooks, William Bryan . . . Broome, Eugene Franklin . . Brotzman, Beatrice Wilburn 190,314,480 ...25,486 ... 107 ' . ' . 187, 417 50 107, 446 . ' l07, 329, 408 Bonner, Louis Franklin, Jr Bono, Winifred... Boone, Frances Boone, Jackie Ben. Boone, James Carter, Jr..l23, 186, Boone, Mary Lois 191, 440, 474 0, 368, 559, 565 Brotzman, . Brotzman, Richard Dale . . Broughton, Clifton Ray . . . . . 429 Broughton, Wana Lee. . . iui, iu ' 2 2 iy, Ulenn i " ne i7C . Vi IT H 35, I O Bucknall, t. . 77 4 oo 4 g Buckner, Bruce Allen 477, 4BH, w Buckner, Gene ' 496 Buckner, Jack Louis 334 Buckner, Robert Cnm Budd, Bernell P ' ;, 7 ' ' .,c 4 Buenz, Peter Robertson " " Buffiington, Robert Milton 152, 463 Burner, Richajd T 3l ' , ' i72, ' 492 Buice, Mary Evelyn . % Bullard, Fred Mason " 172 Bullard, Virginia ' Bullington, Orville - Q ' ' 302 Bullitt, Patricia Ann . Bumbera, Gerald Wilham ,__, 3 ua,oo - ' - ,-.-,. .89 Brower, uavioua.. " .. 50,304 Bundy, Kay Tucker Booth, Annette Hilary 34 Brandes, William Beaton 27144 Brown, Anne Dare . ...- 123 Bunin, Sanford . . . . o ' lSnlSS Booth, Crawford H 293414 Brandt, Charles Lawrence 27, 1 Brown , Bedford Philmore, Jr {jfalS Bunsen, Frederick D 50, 156 , lb Booth, Jackie. ....;, iii-J5E 484 Branham, William Ke,th ,-fi 7 . ' 369 Brown, Betty Dons " 107, 432 Bunte, Patrick H. 4gs Brown, Betty Jo ,. 324 Brown, Betty Rae ' 50 ' .: ' . ' . ' . ' .:: ...305, sse BoSthe, Robert R Booziotis, Bill Custas Borchard, Dan Keith K: Effl crude: : : : : : : g9 . lf? . - Borden, Shirley Ruth . ' .123 9, 498 3, 433 mam MM " __ a ,- Q " T, ' i_ i u 107, oov Brann, tnch John gg Brannan, Suzanna. . . . . ' Brannan, Sue_Ann McD_o_well . .- Bunte ' , Shirley Bernice 42 U_.1i,n , " Brown, Beuna Ber , Brannan, William Vincent Brannon, Robert Lee Brown, Carol Ann - g g- Branson, Martha Lee ' 374 Brown, Cecil Orrin Rrant. Earl Drake , iVq 462 Brown, Charlotte Ann -v Brown, Cornelia Lentz bu - ' 483 ' 469 Bunten, Mary Helen. J07 Bunten, Robert Royal M ' ' 434 Burchard, William F 3(A Burdick, Mario A . . ' - 72 Burdine, John Alton, Jr.. 90, 159, 174, i Burg, Earl Eugene o Boriack, Jerry W PAGE 568 BACK SEAT: Frances Fisk Ola Butler FRONT SEAT: Eugenia Mahon Carole Heliums BACK SEAT: Gayla Craig Mary Lane FRONT SEAT: Sandra Wade Sharon Voyles We had a wonderful time . . . making and renewing U. T. friendships . . . and working with a most enthusiastic " steering " committee, our 1956-57 College Board. It has, indeed, been a spirit-lifting year! lift ! BACK SEAT: Margaret Beall Judy Helf FRONT SEAT: Mary McFarlin Peggy Parker Name Pag " Burge, Charles H 470 Burgoon, Larry Claude. . 124, 148, 421, 463 Burich, Joseph Harry 487 Burk, Linda Carol 323 Burk, Michael Paul 476 Burkart, Michael Paul 124, 148 Burkart, Robert Frederick 181, 398 Burke, David Tying 355 Burke, George Strother 374 Burke, Joe Frederick 124, 438 Burke, John Gordon 443 Burke, John Malcolm 51, 147, 374 Burke, Kalherine Elizabeth 107 Burke, Rebecca Louise 124 Burke, Robert Lee 473 Burke, Tom W 558 Burkett, Charles Michael 417 Burkhalter, Jean 303, 553, 554 Burkhalter, Mary Jane. .124, 303, 553, 554 Burkett, Charles Michael 474 Burkhart, Betty Louise 90, 324, 480 Burkhart, Michael Paul 367 Burkhart, Patricia 124, 305 Burkhart, Robert Frederick 474 Burkhead, Ralph Clement 51 Burkholder, Lee Harris 398 Burks, Linda Eloise 124 Burks. Phyllis Louise 90 Burlage, Henry Matthew. 37, 176, 184, 329 Burlage, Robb Kendrick.107, 143, 152, 156, 158, 192, 219,350, 351 BurmaBter, Carol 124, 470 Burnett, Adrien Richard 51 Burnett, Ann McDavid . 51 Burnett, Auman Elliott 26, 179 Burnett, Hugh Donald 476 Burnett, James McCollum 90, 348 Burnett, Rita Loy 124 Burnett, Ruth Marie 148, 489 Burnette, Carl W 346 Burney, Lange Waymon 51, 158 Burns, Carolyn Cay 107, 314 Burns, George Paul 171 Burns, Reba Ann 107 Burns, Ronald Aubrey 367 Burns, Simon Pierce 51, 474 Burns, Stella Maureen. .107, 161, 310, 311, 326, 553 Burnside, Robert Schramm 124, 420 Burr, Ann 312, 552 Burr, Betty LaVonne. ..,..,. 298 Burr, Jane 556 Burris, Mary Anna 290, 436, 448, 485 Bourroughs, Eddie Brice 158 Burrows, Billy 563 Burrows, Charlotte Ann 90, 152, 300 Burstyn, Margie 124, 147, 295 Burton, Annelle Rhea 90, 144, 303 Burton, Betty Lou 302 Burton, Gordon Demmler 90 Burton, James Lee 42, 468, 470 Burton, Larry Kent 90 Burton, William Joe Lee 51 Busby, Richard Oscar 366 Busch. William Jepp 51, 380, 381 Bush, Bill Emmett 478 Bush. Kathryn Marie 312, 313 Bushager, Joe Richard 107 Buss, Betty Jo 456 Buss, Leroy Fredric 51, 142, 167, 192. 212, 354 Buss, Lloyd D 450, 456 Busshart, Gene Edward 184 Bustinza, Ishmael 51 Butcher, Lawrence Edward 496 Butera, Michael B 107 Butler, Evelyn Louise 107, 462 Butler, Jack Richard 347 Butler, John Bogue 346, 416, 474 Butler, John Russell. . 372, 395, 474, 496 Butler, Joseph Harold, Jr 350 Butler, Lillie Kayser 51, 314 Butler, Margaret Ann 297 Butler, Mitchell Hugh 391, 464 Butler, Ola Dowell 313 Butler, Robert Anthony 148, 345, 396 Butler, Virgil Elmo 51, 180 Butschek, Rosemary Jane 90, 307, 432, 556 Butter, Stephen Robert 90, 192, 352 Butterfield, Frank Darrell 124 Butterworth, Elbert Roy 90, 478, 493 Buttrick. Master Sergeant Walter. 402, 412 Buttry, Norma Lee 124 Bybee, Bruce Barton 477 Bybee, Halbert P 86 Bybee, Owen Lynn, Jr 107, 377 Byers, Benjamin Rowe 90, 328, 329 Bynum, Stanley Asberry 416, 474 Bynum, Steve Mark 374, 398 Byrd, Billy Edward 437, 439 Byrd, David Harold 18, 464 Byrd, James Adon 160, 162, 477 Byrd, James Martin 342 Byrd, Nancy Jane 51 Byrd, Robert Hy 476 Byrd, William Martin 42, 336 Byrn, Robert Lloyd 51 Byrom, Marian Irene. . . .51, 14B, 324, 429. 448, 483 Byrom, Paul Frederick 51 Byron, Jalna Ann 294 Bywaters, Waller Hill 107 Cade, Alton Clarence, Jr 90 Cade. Weldon David ... 124, 186, 385, 464 Cady, Elwyn Loomis 39, 381 Cafer, Larry H 107, 376 Caffey, Jackie Donald 464 Cage, Barbara Carol 307 Cagle, Joe David 51, 434. 496. 559 Name Pages Gaboon, C. W., Jr 18 Gaboon, Frank Kell 348 Cain, Billy Jean 107, 141, 290, 552, 554, 556, 564 Cain, Jerry Dean 124 C.alderoni, Joe Hernandez 107 Caldwell, Bess Belle 25, 486 Caldwell, Carmen Janene.90, 142, 437, 447 Caldwell, David 142, 343, 405 Caldwell, Gerald Wayne 107 Caldwell, Henry Lee 191, 354 Caldwell, Margaret Elizabeth 446 Caldwell, V. Neil 142, 145, 192 Calhoon, Florence Patricia 90, 431 Calhoon, Martha Caroline 316 Calhoun, Richard Wayland 90, 192, 346, 347 Calhoun, Russell T 148 Calk, Lewis Clifton 405 Calk, Marguerite Ann 90 Calkins, Dick Sullivan 417 Calkins, Howard A 24, 174 Calkins, John Allen 349 Call, Mary, Elizabeth 124, 307 Callaghan, William Charles 90, 492 Callaway, Barbara Elaine 51, 310, 555 Callaway, Charles Stuart 124 Callaway, Clarence Leon 107, 152, 417 Callaway, Estelle Cartwright 316 Callaway, Jane Elizabeth 90, 161, 172, 179, 459 f Jillaway, John Edwin 350, 496 Callaway, Peter Bernard 406, 444 Callender, Dean Lynn 382, 383 Callicutt, Helen Garrard 182, 316 Calliham, Max Morris 441, 483, 558 Calvert, Robert Don 124 Calvert, Thomas Charles 90 Calvillo, Joe, Jr 462 I . i in tin i n , Herbert 36 Camero, Eduardo Jesus 51, 184 Cameron, Minnie Corinne 107, 144, 161, 292 Camfield, Thomas Marley 460 Camp, Jim Sam 354 Camp, Jo Beth 161 Camp, Joyce Nell 90, 310 Camp, Mary LeTellier 124, 293 Campbell, Albert Travis 51, 476 Campbell, Amy Weichsel 108, 142, 320 Campbell, Billy Joe 124 Campbell, Billy Ray 487 Campbell, Carolyn Jane 108, 313 Campbell, Catherine Ann 51, 189, 432, 448, 556 Campbell, Donald Gene 90 Campbell, Katherine Jean . . . 159, 320, 321, 481, 555 Campbell, Marvin Edwin 496 Campbell, R. Gail 90, 148, 315 Campbell, Richard Bruce 51, 374 Campbell, Ric hard Trent 124, 460 Campbell, Richard Wesley 496 Campbell, Thomas Edwin 124, 333 Campbell, Thomas Nolan 21 Campbell, Tommy Ralph 328 Campi, Ray Charles 51 Campion, James Eugene. 165 Campos, John L 472 Campus Gu : ld 439 Canales, Carlos Orlando 464, 470, 472 Canales, Mary Virginia 108 i . n,. 1 1 .n,. John Milton 348 Canfield, Betty Ann 162, 298, 299, 554 Canfield, Joseph Ralph 186, 439 Canion, Raymond Patrick 124, 367 Cannan, Edward Leslie 24 Cannamore, Ronald Truett 90 ( .. n i! i MI . Howell Milton 476 Cannon, Joe Harnett 374 (Cannon, Patricia Lou 90 Cannon, Tonia 51, 320 Cannon, William Sam 124, 420 Canova, Denmar Barclay 188, 356, 561 Canterbury Club 450 Chantey, Craig Covington, Jr 338 Cantu, Hieinio Juan, Jr 51, 422, 472 Cantu, Julian Rodriguez 51 Cantwell, Carolyn 150, 303, 553 Capaldi, Egidio John 26 Cap and Gown 481 Cape, George William, Jr 191, 408, 498, 501 Caplan, Melvyn 330 Capps, Mary Clyde 51, 177, 470 Card, Annie Bettie 108, 316 Garden, Ralph Hugh 165 Cardenas, Alberto Carlos 496 Cardenas, Hector Homero 169, 399 Cardenas, Leonal Elias 152 Cardenas, Luis, J., Jr 108, 380 Cardenas, Ruben Raul 88 Carder, Henry Maurice 366 Gardner, Richard Shaw 374 Cardwell, Louis Ernest 90 Cardwell, Betty 189 Cardwell, Loye Hartman 51, 159 Carelli, Adelia Purgato 42, 446 Carey, Melvin Ray 51, 477 Cargill, Clara Paula 108, 302 Cariker, Joe Edward 185 Carl, William Noble 349 Carlin, Elvira 472 Garlsen, George Robert 30 Carlson, Donald Glenn 124 Carlson, Jean 51, 310, 311, 326, 553 Carlton, Bettye Joyce 177 Carlton, Carolyn 124, 147, 293 Carlton. Lauralyn 124, 293 Carlton, Rayman Glen, Jr 463 I ..i 1 1 h in. Thomas Arlis 34 Name Pages Carmichael, Donald Louis 158, 399, 400, 434 Carmichael, Horace Dodson, Jr.. ..152, 169, 422 Carmichael, Ralph Lawrence. 437, 442, 487 Carmona, Frank T 444 Carnagey, Glenn Alan 108, 169, 395 Games, Billy Ronald 90, 384, 404 Games, Patsy Carolyn 90,316 Carnes, Robert Alexander 186, 410, 440, 483 Carney, Howard Augustus, Jr 124, 353 Carothers Dormitory 430 Carothers, Mary Jane 51, 312 Carpenter, Bruce Warner 417 Carpenter, Guy J 51, 158 Carpenter, James Alfred 108 Carpenter, James Clark 90, 178, 559 Carpenter, Lon P 142 Carpenter, Owen Price, Jr 108, 160 Carpenter, Patricia Jane 124 Carpenter, Ronald Adelbert 124, 351 Carr, John Daniel 336 Carr, Larry Anthony 90, 392 Carr, Louise Pendelton 108 Carr, William Richard 90, 368 Carrasco, Lisimaco Henk 557 Carraway, Paul Milton 90, 186 Carrell, John Craig 124, 420 Carrick, John Lowell 421 Carrico, William Raymond .347, 396, 507, 509, 520, 550 Cirrillo, Jose M 108 (Harrington, Richard Alton 496, 539 Carroll, Cleatis, R 442, 496, 561 Carroll, Gale Garth 348 Carroll, Horace Bailey 24 Carroll, Joe Speed .51, 140, 144, 167, 170, 171, 174, 180, 192, 213, 288, 344, 405 Carroll, John Wesley 434, 559 Carroll, Paul Votteler . . .88, 143, 358, 495 Carroll, Perry Bromberg, Jr 334 Carroll, Virginia Fay 108, 304, 555 Carruth, Lloyd Brent 51, 328 Carson, Catherine Louise 43, 90 Carson, Katherine Elaine 108, 306 Carson, Robert Jentry 349 Cartee, Almalee 124, 303 Carter. Ann Elaine 52, 446, 486 Carter, Diana Alice 198, 314 Carter, Gregory Alan 124, 359, 417 Carter, John Paul 452 Carter, John Browning 52, 358, 409 Carter, Linda Lay 108, 291 Carter. Lynn Prewitt 348 Carter, Michael Arthur 334, 476 Carter, Nancy Marylin 52 Carter, Phebe Anne 90, 316, 480 Carter, Robert Stephen 407, 450 Carter, Robert Warren 52, 165 Carter, Sylvia Louise 124. 432 Carter, Vonley Milton 124 Carter, William Junius 35, 181 Carthel. Gary Don 108 Cartwright, Patty Mays 108, 143, 321 Carubbi, Angelo Joseph 482, 495 Caruthers, Nelda Ruth 90, 446 Casberg, Melvin Augustus 108, 159 Casberg, Sylvia Mae 90 Case, Howard Bernard 108 Casey, Constance Jean 52 Casey, Jim Wesley 124, 381 Casey, Katherine Frances (Kitty) 108, 148, 152, 161, 290, 460 Cash, Paul Eugene 474 Cash, Warren Pinkney 52, 376 Cashat, Sam David 166 Cashin, Jack William 29, 160, 162 Casmere. Suzanne 108, 302 Cason, Linda Jean 90, 147, 304 Casper, Albert Edward, Jr 42, 162 Casper, Zelda Zinn 86 Cassady, Brigadier General Emmett B. 285 Cassady, William Emmett 52, 188, 334, 416 Cassell, Robert Bruce 359, 439 Castaneda, Carlos E 472 Castellano, Joseph Harry 464, 470 Castilla, Joe Paez 472 Castillo, Gilbert Vasquez . . 124, 422, 472 Castillo, Jose Gomez, Jr 52, 175 Castillo, Julian 438 Castillo, Luz Cruz 472 Castleberry, Vance La Noal. . . 507, 509, 550 Castrow, Frederick Francis. . .90, 159, 444 Cater, John Thomas 332, 396 Gates, Edward Grayson 397 Gates, Jerome Curtis 474 Gates, Roy Joe 178 Cathoi ' c Fraternal Organ zation 482 Caller, David Webb 425, 464 Catterton, Ann Claiborne 52, 314 Catterton, Julie Beth 121, 315 Catto. Mary Frances 124, 317 Caudle, Barbara Ann 431, 448, 489 Caughfield, Dwight Alton 90, 473, 493 Cauthorn, Robert Virgil 90, 340, 406 Cavazos, Ruben Cauosas 395 Cavazos, Sigifredo Ledesma 52 Cave, Frank Asbury.90, 160, 186, 329, 477 Gavin, Martha 431, 448 Gavness, Joseph Raymond 162 Cayce, Powers William 521 Caywood, Anne Jean 124 Caywood, Martha Jean 124 Cazamias, Katherine H 108, 152, 297 Cazares, Alfred Flores 410 Cecil, James Wilbor. . . .108, 334, 335, 474 Cecil. Owen William 146 Cecil, Phillip Ridley 90, 352, 408, 557 Cejda, James M 185 Celaya. Javier Lopez 124, 399, 400 Name Pages Cely, John Marvin 369, 559 Center, Everett Clark 124, 337 Center, John L 52 Cerny, James Grover 169, 419, 422, 487 Cervenka, Lynda Raye 108 Cervenka, Norman Louis 440 Cezeaux, Philip Calvin . . 124, 148, 345, 464 Chaban, Walid, H 479, 557 Chacon, Martin, Jr 472 Chaffin, La Nell . . 124, 161, 433, 483, 486 Chaffin, Tom Richard 124, 161, 433, 483, 486 Chaing, Louis Cheng-Hsien 439 Chaiyavech, Pramote 181, 474 Chalitbhan, Vaikun 42 Chalk, Rus 464 Chalmers, Richard Edwin 90, 346, 347 Chamberlain, Alfred Adam, Jr 90, 487 Chamberlain, Weldon Howard 162 Chamberlin, Gail H 469 Chamberlin, Leo Anderson . .181, 366, 445 Chamberlin, Richard H 52 Chambers, Dunbar N 340, 386 Chambers, Billiard Dudley 352, 353 Chambers, Myrna Loy 90, 292 Chambers, Nancy Clarice 324 Ghambless, Mary Alice 108 Chamlee, James Weldon 474, 557 Chamoraman, Chusiri 42 Champion, James 158 Chan, Eddie C. S 42, 192, 458 Chance, Clayton William 34 Chance, Suellen 108, 302, 431 Chandler, Clarance Wagner 187, 416 Chandler, Clifford Dale 124 Chandler, Creel Leon, Jr 451 Chandler, Donald Eugene 1 58 Chandler, Joe Herbert 52, 180, 496 Chandler. Mary Glynn 124 Chandler, Suzanne Estelle 304 Chaney, Mary Ann 52, 296, 297, 485 Chaney, Robert Stone 108 Ghapa, Ernest Cervantes, Jr 472 Chapa, Homer Javier 438 Chapell, Carol Elizabeth 124, 321 Chapin, Robert Lane 124, 351 Chapin, Wayne Ralph 162 Chaplin, Byron Larry 124 Chapman, Donald Royce 90 Chapman, Doyle Vinson 521 Chapman, George Camp 108, 367 Chapman, Henry Wilson (Hank) . .349, 530 Chapman, Janine 108, 177, 324 Chapman, Josephine M 40, 189, 552 Chapman, Nancy Jane 161, 325 Chapman, Patti Lee 52, 300, 301 Chapman, Ronald Ross 108 Chapman, Roy H 434, 496 Chapman, Walter Lee 496 Chapman, William Barnett, Jr 52, 346 Chapoton. John Edgar.. . .90, 342, 343, 393 Chapoton, Otis Donaldson. . . .90, 343, 393 Chappell, Dillard Maurice 124, 171, 399, 459 Chappell, Don Alvin 124, 351 Charles, Keith Workman 463 Charles, Kit Canafax 27 Charros 483 Chaskin, Celine Golda 309, 553 Chaskin, Samuel 378, 398 Chatwin, Kenneth A 52, 488 Chaudoin, Nita Suzanne 108, 307 Chauncey, Preshia Jane 52, 292, 469 Cheatham, Gary Therman 416 Cheek, Nancy Margaret 147, 161, 433 Chenault, Louis Wyatt, Jr 375 Chenault, Roger V 90, 366, 474 Chenault, Sally Catherine 124. 432 i .In-ill ' . Su Ling 171 Chernosky, Nancy Cecelia 90, 292, 293 Cherry, Anne Barker 90, 298, 299, 554, 555 Cherry, Jesse Fay 52 Cherry, Jo Beth 555 Chesney, Michael Thomas 90 Chesnut, Tom Holt 52 Chester, Martin David 90 Chew, Dorothy Ann 90, 300 Childers, William Ezra 124 Childre, Frances Anne 124, 319, 432 Childs, Berniece Claire 124, 325 Childs, Hymen 379 Childs, Robert Rinfred, Jr 328 Chiles, Bobby Dean 52, 496 Chiles, H. E., Jr 180 Chi Omega 302-303 Chi Phi 336-337 Chionsini, Alexander Emil 474 Chitwood, Charles Pratt 165 Chodorow, Hilton 1 187, 370, 416 Chote, Sally Jean 292 Christensen, Gordon Joshua. .108, 416, 489 Christian, Henry David.. .90, 165, 187, 416 Christian, Raymond Dale 422 Christian Sc ' ence O ' gan ' znt-on 450 Christner, MacGregor Vaughan 90 Chu, Kum Jee 174 Chu, Ming Yu Wang 42 Chu, Shih Hsi 42 Chu, Wellesley 124 Chughtai, Chulam Murtaza 42 Chumney, John Charles. 52, 434, 492. 530, 53 1 . 550 Chupik, Betty Lu Fletcher 174 Chupik, Eugene Jerry 52, 484 Churchill, Grace Anne 306 Churchill, James Truman 335, 394 Churchill, Travis Eugene 52 Churchill, William Orval, Jr 52, 477 Chute, Aaron Hamilton 165 Ciarlariello, Virginia Ilene 447, 491 Cipolletti Donati, Juan Carlos 124 PAGE 570 Gordon Earhart and George McKenna, Mechanical Engineer- ing Students at the University, Look Over Some of the Engineering Supplies fit the MILLER Blue Print Company MILLER BLUE PRINT COMPANY 108 E. 10th Kitty Casey and Johnny Jones Carefully Select ft Basket of Groceries at the KflSH-KARRY STORE On the Corner of 24th and San Gabriel Streets UNIVERSITY STUDENTS CHECKING OUT AT THE UNIVERSITY flREfl KflSH-KflRRY STORE KASH-KARRY Grocery and Market PAGE 571 Name Pages Cisneros, Alfonso Augusto 160 Cisneres, Bebe Irene 318 Clabaugb, Stephen Edmund 23 Clanton, Joyce Ellen Sue 124 Clark, Ann Janice 324 Clark, Charles Edward 382 Clark, Charles T. 14, 167 Clark, Donald B 90, 152, 550 Clark, Don Gene 476 Clark, Edward Cary 152 Clark, Esther Faith 52, 144, 148, 152 Clark, George Litllefield 124, 353, 557 Clark, Gerald McLendon 352, 474 Clark, Harley R 52, 140, 144, 167, 174, 188, 213, 286, 458, 501 Clark, James Wheeler 474 Clark, John Walter 187 Clark, Jo Lynn 179, 302 Clark, Joseph Clyde 52, 170, 372 Clark, Marilyn Patricia 108. 300 Clark, Nancy Jo 52 Clark, Peggy Lou 108, 142, 290 Clark, Reginald Wayne 171, 416 Clark, Risha Simone (Rikki) 208, 309 Clark, Robert Scotland, III 374, 395 Clark, Robert Willard 442 Clark, Whitfield Harral 352 Clark, William Parrish, Jr 340 Clarke, Edith 34, 181, 317 Clarke, Frank David 52 Clarkson, Edward Allison, Jr 482, 545 Clary, John James, III 124, 174, 375 Claunts, Helen Lysbeth.. 108, 300, 435, 457 Clay, Ira, Jr 391 Clayton, Carolyn Elizabeth 207, 208. 293, 397 Clayton, Patricia Ann 416 Clayton, Philip Morgan 42 Clayton, William Edwin, Jr 152, 178 Clegg, James Ellis, Jr 124, 385 Clem, Walter Martin, Jr 496 Clement, Everett Foy 140, 167 Clement, Nelson 171 Clements, Anna Belle 90, 144, 148, 161 174, 290, 494 Clements, Carolyn Mozelle 108, 486 Clements, Gene Padgett 52, 350 Clements, James Riley 90 Clements, Jesse Walter 459 Clements, Joseph Stuart 396, 507, 509, 513, 517, 518, 519, 550 Clements, Mollie Sue 459 Clements, Wayne Wilson 124, 142, 343, 397, 561 demons, Hardy 451 Cleveland, Andrew Jack 166 Cleveland, Carolyn 325 Cleveland, Clark M 181 Cleveland, Herbert Jay, Jr 124, 345 Cleveland, Kenneth Wayne. .523, 525, 550 Clevinger, Maurice Elwood 90 Click, Lloyd Loring 20, 359 Clifford, Michael James 407 Clifford, Patti Irene 108 Clift, Ruth Ann 90, 310, 463 Climer, Carroll Dell 108 Cline, Barbara Kay 108, 300, 494 Cline, Clarence Lee 23 Clinkscale, Barbara Baird 52, 300 Clinton, Jack Ray 124 Clisby, Marion Barrett 33 Cloer, Geraldine Raye 325 Cloud, Ruth Ann 108, 144, 302, 433, 448, 552 Clower, Thomas Richard 124, 373, 407 Cloyes, Martha 324 Clubs 471-502 Clutts, Bobby Lee 124 Clymer, John Crittenden 124, 171, 439 Coakley, Raymond John 52 Coale, Barbara Anne 321 Coates, John 90, 376, 405, 492 Coats, Wilbur L 165, 496 Cobb, Bettye Gleith 124, 321 Cobb, Billy Ray 90 Cobb, David Carlton 405 Cobb, Gerald Lynn 125, 410 Cobb, Lawrence Dean 90, 147, 148. 188, 219, 358, 386 Cobb, Louis Denson 52, 348 Cohen, Edward Lewis 379 Cochran, James Henry, Jr 158 Cochran, James Ray 421 Cochran, James Russell 354 Cochran, John Leslie 474 Cochran, Robert Maurice 108 Cochrum, Kenneth Lee 90, 372 Cocke, Patricia Ann 297 Cockrell, Allan 401 Cockrell, James Thomas Ross.125, 343, 425 Cockrell, Wanda Rose 313 Cody, Judith Vermelle 125, 432 Coe, Gayle Louise 125 Coe, James K 558 Coffee, Phyllis J 142, 152, 314, 494 Coffee, Florence Marie 170 Coffee, Roy Clarence, Jr 108, 143, 148, 220, 354 Coffey, Charles Robert 125 Ceffey, Dewitt 474 Coffey, John C., Jr 338 Coffin, George Ben 52 Cogdell, John Richard 358 Cogdell, Josephine Elaine 125, 161 Cohagan, Judith Carter 91, 148, 321 Cohen, Bonnie Fay 108, 308, 309, 462 Cohan, Lester Morton 378 Cohen, Paul Elwood 184 Cohen, Stanley 160, 378 Coin, Merry Louise 52, 159, 322, 481, 485, 494 Name Coker, William Gordon 374 Colby, Frank Michael 125, 438 Colby, Malcolm Young 375 Coldwater, Mamie M 108 Coldwater, Robert Edward 53, 420 Cole, Beverly Ann 296 Cole, Brady Marshall 91, 160, 192. 358, 386, 409 Cole, Carol Sue 437, 447 Cole, Carolyn Ray 53 Cole, Charles Henry, Jr 125, 171 Cole, Edward Eugene 180 Cole, Henry David Fisher 53, 170 Cole, James Dee 125, 464 Cole, James King 441, 557, 561 Cole, James Leon 474, 493 Cole, Jerry G 464, 467 Cole, Joe Weldon 339 Cole, Johnny Clayton 493 Cole, Maurice Wayne, Jr 53, 332, 493 Cole, Patricia Ann 447 Cole, Patricia Watson 108 Cole, Richard Cargill 23 Cole, Robert Crowell 364, 409, 47 Cole, Robert L 91, 487 Cole, Roland 565 Cole, Ronald Jarrell 181, 476 Cole, Samuel Sidney 125 Cole, Samuel Warren 42, 180, 496 Coleman, Betsy Inez 161, 301 Coleman, Clyde Thomas 53, 496 Coleman, Jean 554, 556 Coleman, Joyce. . . .492, 553, 554, 555, 556 Coleman, Robert 91 Coleman, Tommy Allan 470 Colley, Flavil Lawson 366 Colley, James Melbourne 125 Colley, Mary Hugh 172 Collier, Ben Cecil 412, 440, 560 Collier, Homer Garth 125 Collier, James Michael 91, 476 Collier, Judith Ann 299, 492 Collier, Patricia Ann 489 Collier, Robert Eames 125, 385, 420 Collier, Ronald J 53, 496 Collier, Suzanne 125, 147, 317 Collins, Charles Malcolm 340 Collins, Elizabeth Allen 53 Collins, Everett Franklin, Jr 410 Collins, Harwood Lewis, Jr 108, 417 Collins, James Bryan 91, 335 Collins, Jesse Roger 147 Collins, Lucy Ann 148, 190, 304, 433, 448 Collins, Mason Edward 390, 474 Collins, Ned, Jr 369 Collins, Orie Arthur 53, 474 Collins, Raymond Lee 108, 152, 441 Collins, Richard Douglas 477 Collins, Roy Dale 53, 496 Collins, William Phillip 108 Collins, Wright Belts 393 Colman, Ignacio Benitez 125 Coloma, Juan Enrique 143, 557 Colomb, Henry Octave, Jr 334 Colton, Clark Roper 42 Colvert, James B 23 Colwell, Billy Joe 174 Colwell, Walter Lee 53, 162, 328 Colwick, Ruth Catherine 108, 148, 314 Combs, Jesse Le Roy 53 Combs, William Mattox, Jr.. . .53, 332, 476 Comeaux, Ray James 355 Comer, Mary Susan 317 Compton, Howard Ayres, Jr 352 Comstock, Barbara Lee 486 Conaway, Charles T 108, 373 Concklin, Carol Lynne 125, 556 Condron, William Franklin, Jr 125, 355 Cone, Nancv Lee 108, 313, 550 Conkle, E. P 36 Conklin, Patricia Ann 324 Conlon, Winifred Marie 125, 435 Conn, Bryan R 187, 191, 414, 418, 419 Conn, George David 125, 355, 421 Conn, Jerry Douglas 125, 373 Connally, Elizabeth Grace 91,447 Connally, Patricia Louise 300 Connell, Jack Willard, Jr 358, 396 Connelly, David Anthony 349 Conner, Charlie Gilbert 171 Conner, Charles Joseph, Jr 372 Conner, Claire Crystelle 305 Conner, James Arthur 382 Conner, James Ted 521 Conner, Valerie Rowland 108, 310, 553, 555 Connery, David Bradford, Jr 108, 372 Connor, Sydney Symington 350, 416 Connor, Paula Janet 168, 189, 486 Constantin, Bennie John 53, 444 Conway, Carol Eugenia 91, 292, 486 Conway, Paul Jones 473 Cook, David Edwin 464, 467 Cook, Deanna Drusilla 147, 290 Cook, Ednice Aileen 91 Cook, Eleanor R 108, 310, 555 Cook, Harlan Cullen 53 Cook, Helen Earle 324 Cook, Howard Scott 374 Cook, James Michael 174, 501 Cook, Jerome Edward 148 Cook, John Breckinridge 53 Cook, Katherine Jane 470, 502 Cook, Kay Cyrelle 108 Cook, Rita Jean 53, 314, 494 Cook, Sally Frommeyer 144, 152, 302 Cook, Scott Thomas 88 Cook, Tommy Walters 91 Cook, Valla Albert 439 Cook, William Jerry 397, 460 Cooke, Alice Lovelace 23 Name Pages Cooke, Donald Richards 176 Cooke, Katherine Jane 125 Cooke, Juanita Muller 91 Cooke, Mary Monica 435 Cooke, Richard Hugh 53, 488 Cooksey, Frank Cloud 167, 174, 192, 220, 458, 501 Cooksey, Sylvia Jean 91 Coole, Ruth Musgrave 28 Coole, Walter A 141 Cooney, William Bernard 374 Coons, Dix Scott 26 Cooper, Albert Everett 181, 373 Cooper, B. K., Jr 390, 496 Cooper, Charles Dixon 377 Cooper, Deborah Lou 306 Cooper, Farley Vleich 375, 397 Cooper, Frank Fitzhugh, Jr 91 Cooper, Jackie Richard 405, 437, 439 Cooper, John Clifton 377, 405 Cooper, Louis 26, 179 Cooper, Melba Jean 147, 306 Cooper, Merlyn Don. ... 125, 171, 341, 564 Cooper, Nancy Gail 53, 306 Cooper, Norman Lee 493 Cooper, Robert W 477 Cooper, Sylvia Joan 108 Co-ops 437-447 Coopwood, Thomas Benton 171, 373 Cope, Jerry Donald 125, 407 Copeland, Don Cade 91, 184 Copeland, William Noel 125 Corbin, W. C 165, 496 Corbusier, Elinor Ann.. . .91, 148, 320, 480 Cordell, Barbara Lee 91, 431, 489 Cordray, Hollis Thea, Jr 125 Corenman, Barbara Lynn 125, 322 Corley, Carol 91, 168, 320 Corman, Marian Elise 148, 295 Cornelius, Winona Lynn 91, 142, 183 Cornell, David Mayo 188, 366, 386, 390, 496 Cornell, Gordon L 53 Cornell, John Bilheimer 21 Corning, Margaret 170 Cornish, Joel 86 Cornwall, Timothy Higgins 354, 398 Correa-Pirez, Juan Jose 108 Cortelyou, William Totten 342 Cory, Arthur Milton 23 Coskey, Julian Bliss 496 Cosner, Dail Warren 53, 162, 364, 560 Coslello, Robert James 53 Coston, Mary Sue 125 Coiner, Robert Crawford 24, 359 Cotten, Eleanor Mills. . . 108, 148, 301, 486 Cotten, Johnny Walter 522 Colter John Blake 463 Cotter, John D 108 Cottinghom, James Williams 159 Cottle, Wilbur Walter, Jr 108 Cotton, Albert 557 Cottrell, David Dean 158, 394 Cotulla, William Lawrence 91, 328, 329, 393 Couch, Joe H 185 Couch, Sandra Jean 91, 147, 182, 220, 318, 326, 494, 499 Coughran, Jack H 53 Coughran, James Patrick 91, 142,346 Coulter, Doris Mary 36, 172 Coulter, James Elijah 509 Coulter, Joe Carl 364 Courier, Robert Wayne 487, 493 Courtney, Carol Rosalyn 108, 436, 448 Courtney, Etta Mae 190, 290, 486 Courtney, Janice Raye 432 Courtney, L. C 474 ' ' M 11 1 i . Howard Bob 125 Couser, Zera Ann 108 Covert, Linda Sue 152, 447 Covey, Kathryn Michael 299 Covington, James Stevenson, Jr 162 Covitl, Russell Eugene 186, 378, 393 Cowan, David Joe 390, 496 Cowan, Edward A 395 Cowan, Isla Carroll 147, 316 Cowan, Maurice Edward 125, 421 Cowboys 188 Cowell, Billy Eugene 474, 559 Cowles, James Edgar 408 Cowper, Sally Belle 125, 317 Cowser, Dale Houston 476 Cox, Alonzo B 29 Cox, Belty Jane 314 Cox, Charles 523 Cox, Charlotte Ann 125, 325 Cox, Claretta 125 Cox, Claude Dozier 169, 393 Cox, Clay Hamillon 91, 390 Cox, Darrcll Glenn 12S Cox, Franklin Lanier 13, 365 Cox, Jack Bolan 91, 348 Cox, Jack Ronald 187, 416 Cox, Jan Campbell 108, 148, 293 Cox, John Baker 40, 560 Cox, Keilh Kohn 186 Cox, Kennelh Jackson 181, 186 Cox, Mary Frances 91, 292 Cox, Wendell Jackson 340 Cox, William Bryan, III 125, 369 Cozarl, William Reed 460 Cozby, Raymond Wilson, Jr 354 Cozier, Palsy Sue 3O9 Crablree, Martha Adaline 42 Craddock, Be lle Theresa 91, 147, 304 Craddock, Fred Lee 125 Crafl, William Joseph 487 Craig, Bidean 125, 303 Craig, Erma Doreen 143, 152, 299 Craig, Gayla 108, 143, 302 Name Craig, Jerry 561 Craig, John Risher 125 Craig, Paula June 125, 313, 463 Craig, Roberl Sylvester 91, 396 Crain, Carol Ann 312 Crain, Cullen Malone 34, 181 Crain, Mary Lelia. . 108, 142, 147, 306, 499 Cralle, Palricia Sanford 311, 431, 554 Cramer, Ann 108, 143, 320 Cramer, Arlhur Searles, Jr 334, 398 Crane, Billy G 24, 174 Crane, Richard Thomas 160 Cranfill, Thomas Mabry 353 Cravens, Ronald Howard 125 Craver, Jane 108, 142, 324, 431, 448 Crawford, Aurora Lou 462 Crawford, Dorolhy Jane 91, 447, 492, 555, 556 Crawford, George Wolf 35 Crawford, Horace Randolph 474 Crawford, James Donald 91, 366 Crawford, James Edgar, Jr 439, 489 Crawford, Joyce Carol 125, 433 Crawford, Marian Frances 292 Crawford, Mary Ann 483, 502 Crawford, Melvin M 31, 492 Crawford, Robert James 91, 487, 522 Crawford, Robert Lee 487 Crawford, Shirley Jane 437, 446 Crawford, Travis Roy 125, 329 Crawford, William J 368 Crawford, William Martin 91 Crawley, Dolph Renaldo 108, 390, 496 Creedle, George Robert 42, 142, 342 Creel, Elbert 125 Creel, Morris Madden 148, 356 Creel, O. Kenneth 496 Creer, Philip Douglas, Jr 37, 365, 395 Cregor, Lloyd Charles 496 Crenshaw, William Anlhony 40 Cressey, Donald Robert 181 Crider, Billie Joe 108 Crider, Jo Ann 177 Crim, Travis La Verne 483 Criss, Elmer Richard, Jr 162 Crittenden, Mickey 108 Critlenden, William Thomas 43, 188, 368, 558, 560 Crilz, Laloa Anne 314 Crocker, Ben Farrar 334 Crocker, Byron Gray 352 Crocketl, Alice Jane (Tolsy) 320 Crocketl, John Auguslus 359 Crockett, William Arthur 108, 366, 496 Crofford, Wanda Joyce 91, 173 Croft, Leland Chancy 108, 142, 192, 355, 454, 495 Crofls, Dan William 424 Cromwell, Harriet 108, 292 Crondvich, Cecile Alice 108, 318, 319 Cronfel, Semiramis 220, 429 Cronin, John B 474 Croom, Earlane Baccus 172 Crosby, Travis Lee 350, 386 Croslin, John David 187 Cross, Adele 324 Cross Country 522 Cross, Maurice Condi! 29, 180 Crouch, David Malcolm 380 Crouch, Thomas William 174 Crow, Archie M., Ill 335 Crow, Carol Fairfax 91, 321 Crow, Diana Kay 302 Crow, George Hulen 492 Crow, Helen Carol 310, 311 Crow, John Marvin 341 Crow, Martin Michael 23 Crow, Nancy Randolph 321 Crow, William Peeler, Jr 125 Crowder, Rebecca Ann (Becky) 148, 220, 314 Crowell, Edward Ellon 174 Crowell, Marcia Joy 432 Crowell, Rica Ann 310 Crowhursl, William Robert 125 Crowley, George Allen 356 Crow ' s Nest 440 Crowther, Sam 474 Crulcher, William Carey 483 Crulchfield, Bobby L 25 Crulchfield, Tony Allen 476 Cruthirds, Betly Joann 108 Cry, George Wayne 181 Cryer, Herman Lee 125 Cubine, Joe K 476 Cuellar, Craciela Garcia 472 Culbertson, Carol Clark 125, 306 Cullinan, Margaret Mary 300 Cullum, L. H 16 Culp, Paul Meredith 361 Culpepper, John Cecil, Jr 125, 148, 165 Culver, Charles David 356 Culver, Everelt E 91 Culver, Joseph Howard 180 Cummings, Bobby L 91, 416, 564, 565 Cummings, Katherine Lynn 314 Cummings, Samuel Robert, III 405 Cummins, Nelda Ann 91, 147, 302 Cundieff, John Pyburn, Jr 108, 439 Cundiff, Virginia Elaine 300 Cunningham, Allan F 478 Cunningham, Eleanor Ann 324 Cunningham, Herbert Isaac, Jr 108 Cunningham, Hilary Herbert, Jr 91, 487 Cunningham, James Earl 181, 376 Cunningham, Joseph Litllelon 36 Cunningham, Julia May. .91, 144, 148, 321 Cunningham, Kennelh Jay 125 Cunningham, Mary Kalherine 432 Cunningham, Nancy Lynn 292 Cunningham, Thomas Joe 186 PAOE 572 Only a commercial bank can give you complete financial service and counsel. mi CITY NATIONAL -THE Atfiftn AUSTIN NATIONAL BANK CAPITAL NATIONS Members Federal Deposit ASSOCIATION I Insurance Corporation PACE 573 Name Pages Cunningham, Wilbur Paul 342, 343 Cunningham, William A .33, 167, 181, 474 Cunningham, William Michael 394 Cuno, Carol Catherine 303 Cure, LaNell 173, 447 Curran, John Francis 501 Currie, Eva Garcia 27 Currie, Hugh Bob 108, 354 Curry, Annette 109, 306 Curry, Charles A 109 Curry, Doyle Wayne 91 Curry, Fred Joseph, Jr 488 Curry, Keys Alexander, Jr 175, 181, 356, 478 Curry, Norton 186 Curry, Robinette 125, 307, 463, 499 Curtain Club 463 Curtin, Martivee Carol 125, 142, 297, 433, 485 Curtis, Charles Warner 358 Curtis, Donald Teel 368 Curtis, Gertrude Irene 474 Curtis, Nancy 306, 494 Curtis, Terrance Attebury 356 Curtis, Thomas Atkinson 356 Curtsinger, Jack Ray 109, 364, 405 Cuschnir, Sylvia Ruth 437, 446 : ii- 1 1 iii.m Alice Joyce 125, 432 Cuthbertson, Roy Gene 158 Cutler, Earl Gene 338, 473 Cutler, Royce Linton 109, 410 Cutrer, Richard Harrison 349 Cutshall, William Nesbit 332, 390 Cutter, Irving T : 388 Cyphers, Charlyne Louise 502 Czech Club 484 Czigan, Argil C., Jr 160, 364 D Dabboussi, Abdul-Hamid 143, 479 Dabney, Jane 459 Dabney, Lancaster E 26 DaCamara, Shirley Priscilla 109, 290 Dacy, Joe Ridgway, Jr 91, 353 Daffern, Bobby Joe 91, 464, 467 Dahbour, Albert S 479 Dahbour, Henry Saba 479, 557 Dahbura, Abbu ' d Salomon 479 Dahmash, Hashim M 479 Dahse, Irma Elaine 161 Dailey, Joyce Deanna 125, 323 Dailey, Leon J 125, 147, 363 Dale, Alfred George 160 Dale, Don Neil 474 Dale, James Preston 474 Dale, John Wesley 109 Dallenbach, Karl M 26, 329, 345 Dailey, Joseph Winthrop 32 Dalrymple, Barbara Ann 91 Dalton, Joel Phil 91, 165, 394 Damek, Paul Floyd 476 Damerau, Reno William, Jr 487 Damiani, Kirwin Gherbis 91, 185 Damon, Henry Gordon 23, 375 Damstrom, Emory Kenneth 181, 455, 487, 493 Danahy, Eddie Jerry 43 Dancy, Oscar Cromwell, III 342 Daner, Leonette 308 Daneshrad, Albert 474 Danford, Roy 463 Daniel, Donald Lee 417 Daniel, Elmer Leon 91, 476 Daniel, Herman Bradford 152 Daniel, Jack S 91 Daniels, Harold George, Jr 348 Daniels, Mary Lou 125, 295, 485 Daniels, Price 10 Danneberg, Judy Kay 292, 453 Dannenbaum, Frank M 91, 370, 390, 493 Danner, Gene Villard 186 Danvers, Don 334 Danzeiser, Martha Andrea 433 Darnall, Barbara 170, 177, 316 Darnall, Larry Joe 348 Darnall, Linda Marshall 109, 431 Darsey, William G 376 Dartley, Kenneth James 474 Das, Vincent Amrit 43 Dau, Ralph Waldrom (Buddy) . . . , 109, 142, 192, 354, 386, 405 Daugherty, Frank J 532, 534, 535, 550 Daugherty, William King. . . .162, 165, 529 Davenport, Robert McCall 354 Davenport, Master Sergeant William H. 413 Davidson, Ada Lois 173, 306 Davidson, Clifford William 125, 142, 165, 358 Davidson, Emily Ann 320 Davidson, Jacquelyn 324 Davidson, Richard LeRoy 176, 185 Davidson, Shelton Greenberg (Shelly) 363 Davidson, Troy Hall, Jr. 187, 416, 419, 477 Davidson, William Claude, Jr 367 Davidson, William Lewis. . . 109, 171, 358 Davies, Thomas H 469 Davis, Albert Joseph 474 Davis, Alma Fay 298, 459, 499 Davis, Amye Jo 294 Davis, Ann Sparling 318 Davis, Barbara Ann 306 Davis, Barbara Deane 183, 312, 313 Davis, Bette Sue 296 Davis, Betty Lynn 297 Davis, Beverly Jeanne 36 Davis, Billie Edwin 91 Davis, Billy James 23 Davis, Bradford L 109, 470 Davis, Brill Duane 501 Name Davis, Carl Bowen 170 Davis, Charles Howard 109, 362 Davis, Claude Duane 174 Davis, David Harris 91, 397 Davis, Diane 296, 326 Davis, Donald Floyd 159 Davis, Doyle Lynn 171 Davis, Elizabeth Ann 91 Davis, Eugene Lewis 109, 421 Davis, Frank Norman 152, 178 Davis, Garlon Wyndle 420 Davis, George Arthur 340 Davis, Gerald Norman 159, 170, 342 Davis, Gibson Milton 374 Davis, Henry Etta . 298, 299, 492, 554, 556 Davis, Jack Layton 372 Davis, Jack Randall 352 Davis, Jack Wafford 188, 356, 561, 564, 565 Davis, James Edward. . . .109, 186, 474, 492 Davis, James Roy 383, 417 Davis, Jean 144, 430 Davis, Jeanne Cooper 320, 321 Davis, Jerry Donald 125, 377 Davis, Joan Adele 295 Davis, Jo Ann 125, 291, 435 Davis, Jody Shirley 356, 417 Davis, Joe Bryan 91 Davis, Joe Morris 487 Davis, John Emerson 37, 176, 184 Davis, John William 356 Davis, Joseph Elliott 342 Davis, J. Wed, HI 125, 365 Davis, Kenneth A 477 Davis, Kenneth E 109 Davis, Kermit Odell, Jr 125, 367 Davis, Marian Belle 36 Davis, Martha Gray 125, 325 Davis, Mary Ann 109, 302 Davis, Marynelle 125, 147, 307 Davis, Mettie Fae 486 Davis, Nancylee 316 Davis, Neal, Jr 340 Davis, Norris Garland 20, 178, 182 Davis, Octavine 125 Davis, Patricia Yvonne 43, 321 Davis, Paul Leming, Jr 354 Davis, Robert Sidney, Jr 125 Davis, Robert Taylor 354 Davis, Robert Wade 125, 489 Davis, Shirley 109, 306 Davis, Stanley Kent 421 Davis, Stewart Leonard 187, 191, 424 Davis, Thomas Leroy 342 Davis, Tom Martin, Jr 150, 349, 562 Davis, William Javan, Jr 496 Davison, Marilyn Blanche 144, 290, 494, 554 Davison, Martha Dee 109, 143, 290 Davison, Sarah Silver 483 Davisson, George Allen 43 Dawe, Jessamon 28, 182 Dawkins, Jerome Ersel 91, 366 Dawkins, Lola E 28 Dawson, Dorothy 109, 142, 325, 494 Dawson, Eugene Howard 493 Dawson, Grace Collins 430, 448 Dawson, Joseph Meadows 476 Dawson, Mary Jane 91, 302 Dawson, Mary Ursula. . 143, 190, 220, 318, 435, 448, 499 Dawson, Perry Peden 474 Dawson, Raymond Fillmore 33 Day, Billy Bernard 125, 152, 350 Day, Edward Leroy 420 Day, Eugene Washington 109 Day, Joan Marie 142, 307 Day, Sylvia Kay 125, 148 Dayton, John Elberl 421 Deahl, Jan H 55 De Alba, Cynthia Gayle 109, 435 Dean, Dorothy Watts 183, 305 Dean, Jane Elizabeth 91, 320, 476 Dean, Sylvia Lee 147, 313 Dearborn, John Langdon 358 DeArkos, Francisco Jose 91 Deathe, Helen Norwood 299 Deaton, Jo Ann 55, 152, 290 Deaton, Lynn 147 DeBardeleben, Michael Linda 109, 459, 552 Debavadi, Ted C 487 Debenport, Don 55, 170, 174 DeBerry, Francis Dale 109 DeBois, John Allen 142 De Busk, Randolph Edmond 420 De Carlo, Andrew 26, 179 Decherd, Virginia E 177 Dechman, Don Arthur. . .55, 181, 380, 474 Decker, Kermit James 188, 509, 523, 526, 550 DeCoster, Don Theodore 28, 162 De Com, Mary Frances 457 Deegan, James Joseph 91 Deen, Frances Lee 55, 436, 448 Deer, Charles William 55, 478 DeFonds, Ann 179 DeFord, Henry L 181, 493 DeFord, Ronald Kinnison 181 DeFoy, Vincent Holle 125, 359 De Grassi, Hollis Baxter, Jr 125, 160 Dehnel, Paul E., Jr 91, 496 Dehnisch, Sharon Beth 125, 325, 433 Deitrick, Dorothy Susan 55, 152 Delaney, Albert Lindsay, Jr 532 Delaney, Nelwyn Irene 125 Delaney, Robert Edward 346 de la Rosa, Jerry 109, 338, 339 de la Rosa, Mary Alice 91 De Las Casas, Salvador 55, 557 De La Torre, David 422 Del Castillo, Jose Adrian 55, 185 DeLeon, Armando Noe 438 Name Pages De Leon, Cesar 472 DeLeon, Hector 91, 438 DeLeon, Jo Ann 125, 462 De Leon, Raymond Sebastian 91 DelHomme, Louis Raoul . . . .392, 507, 509, 515, 519, 550 Delin, Fred 55 Delk, Mildred Ruth 299 Dellis, Horace Alan 485 DeLoach, Carolyn Ann 55, 300, 390 de los Santos, Alfredo G 55, 179, 472 De Los Santos, Manuel Trevino 91, 159 Delta Chi 338-339 Delta Delta Delta 304-305 Delta Comma 306-307 Delta Kappa Epsilon 340-341 Delta Phi Epsilon 308-309 Delta Nu Alpha 164 Delta Sigma Pi 165 Delta Tau Delta 342-343 Delta Vpsilon 344-345 Delta Zeta 310-311 Dempsey, Jack Marvin 109 Dendy, William Chester, Jr 476 Denison, William Powers 332, 559 Denney, Earl Andrews 55, 346, 347 Denney, Gary Donald 171 Denney, Leonard Earl 386, 563 Dennis, Michael David 364, 386, 406 Dennis, Rodrick Warren 125, 394, 464 Dennison, Richard Francis 180, 496 Denowitz, Marvin Allen 362, 397 Denson, Fred P., Jr 530 Demon, Dianne Lucille 109, 198, 314 Derden, Charlie Richard, Jr 125 Derden, Kathryn Anne 55, 316 Derden, Zoe Ann 125, 307 Derdeyn-Joseph, Madeleine Marie-Anne. 26 De Ridder, Karen Ariena 91, 147, 290 Derrick, Bertram William 398 Derrick, Elmo Alexander 91 Derrick, William James 188, 354 deSaint-Malo, Alfredo 36 DeSalme, Thomas Ray 521 Desenberg, Julius Desey 362, 404 DeShong, Emma Frances 125 DeShong, Ralph Lee, Jr 372 DeuFreind, William Arthur, Jr. 125, 365 Deupree, John Cleage 460 Deutser, Jerry Herman 362 Deutser, N. Jeanne 109, 142, 322 DeVall, Charles 12 DeVault, Marion Vere 30 Devereaux, William 389 DeVerter, Paul Logan, II 356 De Vilbiss, Judson Earnest, Jr 389 Devine, Ann 433, 44fl, 457 Devine, Joseph Leo, Jr 360 Devine, Thomas Jerome 495 DeVore, Boyd Irven, Jr 170 De Vries, Robert John . . .91, 142, 339, 496 Dew, Daniel Herbert 125 I!,- . lar% !.%!. . !!. l ' DeWalch, Donald P 368 DeWalt, J ames Willis 55, 381, 398 Dewees, Edward E 560 DeWitt, Diane 302 DeWitt, Joseph Cornell 159 DeWitt, Tom Guernsey, Jr 125, 373 DeYoung, Ester May 462 Dharmikarak, Sawasdi 43 Dhooge, Delmar Desmond 492 Dial, Donald Bruce 473 Diamond, Virginia Ruth 55, 312 Diaz, Angel M 148 Diaz, Wanda La Verne 179 Dibe, Adnan Mahmoud 479 Dibee, Khalil 479 Dice, Carolyn 125, 319 Dick, Fred Krause 407 Dickenson, Charles Keith 474 Dickerson, Charles Adolph 109, 348, 393 Dickerson, Eddie Joe 55 Dickerson, Kenneth Ray 91 Dickerson, Nathaniel 55 Dickerson, Norman Clifford, Jr 55, 166, 175, 181 Dickey, Arnold Everett 380, 409 Dickey, Barbara Lois 109, 161, 432, 448, 459, 470 Dickinson, Donald 373 Dickinson, Mary Sue 91 Dickinson, Robert Temple 366 Dickson, Alice Kathleen 304 Dickson, Elizabeth Allene 91, 144 Dickson, Guy Travis, Jr 444 Dickson, James Fagan, Jr 91, 352 Dickson, John Albert, III 148, 171 , 405, 441 Dickson, John Leslie 55 Dickson, Robert Lee 348 Dickson, Robert Miller 125, 343, 425, 563 Dickson, William Everett 390, 529 Dicorte, Mary Frances 43, 182 Dieb, Nick S., Jr 374 Diemer, Harvey 187 Dieter, Henning B 460 Dieter, John P 460 Dietert, Norman Marvin 55 Dietz, Billy Kyle 55, 439 Dietz, Floyd Melvin 55, 477 DiCiovanni, Carlton Wayne 459 Dikes, Bill Nelson 141, 358, 389, 492 Dill, Nancy Glay 324 Dillard, Harold 165 Dillard, Max Murray 91 Dillard, Walter Maben 474 Dillman, George Franklin 158 DiMare, Joseph S 55, 492 Dincans, Hazel Dell 433 Name Pages Dincans, Sharon Sue 291 Dingle, William Warford 35, 377 Dingwall, DeAnne 109 Dingwall, Nancy Stuart 142, 314, 556 DiNino, Vincent Rairden 464, 467 Dirks, John Marion 485 Dirr, Eugene Oliver 417, 464 Disc, Raymond Ashton 474 Disciples Student Fellow sh- p . 454 Dishman, Alfred Ewing, III 126, 405 Dishman, Harry Charles, Jr 55, 91, 346, 347 Ditmore, Carl Alexander 91 Dittert, J. Lee, Jr 18, 192 Dittman, Clarence William 171, 464 Dittmar, David Norman 420, 455 Dittmar, Frances Jo Ann 486 Dittmar, Robert Louis 470 Dittmar, Shirley Jean 172 Divine, Robert A 24 Dixon, Barbara Ann 161, 319 Dixon, Barbara Jane 321 Dixon, Elizabeth Anne 126 Dixon, Fred Kemp 126 Dixon, Phyllis Jane 26, 179 Dixon, Royce Eldon 152, 459 Doak, Anne Vernon 91, 206, 208, 324 Dobard, Andrew Christopher 126 Dobbs, Katherine Josephine 147, 305 Dobbs, William H 142, 343 Dochen, Thelma Ann 55, 172, 322 Dockery, Allen Wheeler 372 Dockray, Lucien Riee 185 Dodd, Charles Monroe, III 476 Dodgen, Patricia Dean 292 Dodson, Bobby Wayne 420, 487 Dodson, Claude Cordray. Jr 55, 358 Dodson, Herbert William, Jr 109, 334, 386, 416, 523 Dodson, John Hershel 180, 496 Dodson, Joseph Edward 496 Dodson, Sarah Clara 23 Doggett, Bob Glen 109 Doggett, John Rentz, III . 126, 148, 186, 339, 410 Dohanich, John 158 Doherty, Charline Alberta 310, 486 Doherty, Diane 143, 306, 561 Doherty, Larry Norman. .92, 358, 389, 476 Dohlen, Jane Von 147 Doiron, Patricia Diane 109 Doke, H. Maurice 373, 391, 521 Dolan, Samuel Jerome 342 Dolce, Charles Leonard 125, 147, 377 Doles, Janet Evelyn 298 Dolich, Ira Jules 55, 191, 418, 420, 450, 478 Dolley, James Clay 13, 29, 165 Domaschk, Joan Elizabeth. . . .109, 455, 556 Dominguez-Hernandez, Franklyn 43 Dommert, Darrel Lee 420 Donaghey, Lewis Wheeler 109, 186, 395, 459 Donaghey, Sydney Ann 92, 151, 183. 301, 436 448 Donald, Carr Lowe 174 Donaldson, Monte Severne 92, 356 Donalson, Barbara Ann 109, 301 Donalson, Frances Ellen 126, 313 Doncaster, Malcolm 170 Donegan, Danny Ware 109, 159, 365 Doner, Israel Reuben 331 Donlon, John Hugh 410 Donnell, Ben Addison 92, 141, 142, 144, 160, 356, 397 Donnell, James Lowe 92, 334 Donohoe, Donald Monroe 92, 478 Donohoo, Virginia Ann 92, 143, 302 Donovan, Aileen Muirhead 161 Donovan, Sharon Elaine 109, 312 Donovan, William Clark 375 Dooley, Carole Vare 92, 304 Dooley, Max Don 92, 184 Doores, James Howard 92 Dorbandt, Helen Ann 147, 303 Dorfman, Leo Hart 34, 329 Dorfman, Samuel Yandell, Jr 55, 192, 370, 402, 403 Dorman, C. Carole 109 Dorman, Esther Rae 431 Dorman, John Timothy 356 Dormitories 428-436 Dorn, George Albert 382 Dornberger, Werner William, Jr 32, 473, 557 Dorotik, Daniel Joseph ... 55, 160, 173, 484 Dorotik, Mildred Ann . . . .92, 435, 448, 457 Dorow, William Henry 109 Dorroh, James Robert 92 Dorrough, James Jackson .... 187, 421, 423 Dorsey, Elmer Lymon 55 Dossman, Sterly Glen 186, 470 Dotson, Elsie Jenoise 499 Dotson, Wayne Garner 342 Doty, E. William 36, 468 Doty, Ruth Joan 320 Dougherty, Colleen 126, 307 Doughtie, Eugene Britt 460 Doughtie, Venton Levy 181, 337 Doughty, Andrew C., Ill 55 Douglas, Alan David 92, 355 Douglas, Becky Gene 148, 291 Douglas, John L 354 Douglas, Marybelle 485 Douglas, Olen Laroy 185 Douglas, Oscar Berry 31 Douglas, Walter Brockman 109 Douglass, Joe Weldon 125, 464 Douglass, Lynne 109, 148, 300 Douglass, Robert Raymond 38 Dowd, David Barry 523, 550 PAGE 574 goes -witH good living c. - r 3 ...gracious, easier living in a home that ' s a gathering place for friends you enjoy. Make your entertaining fun and fashionable with smart cooking separates a wall oven and surface burners placed to please you. And do insist on gas units . . . traditionally high fashion, high quality, low cost G--A.S H-l-57 61 YEARS OF CONTINUED SERVICE TO THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS Books Stationery GTJ Jewelry Household Wares Sporting Goods v School Supplies 2240 UADALUPC AUSTIN TEXAS PAOE 575 Name Pages Dowden, Leon DeVerle ........... 55, 474 Dowdle, Don Michael ............ 397, 521 Dowell, James Dale .................. 354 Dowell, Marilyn ............ 109, 302, 553 Dowis, Gary Lloyd .............. 126, 391 Downey, Sharon Marie .............. 291 Downing, Donald Carter ............. 496 Downing, Roberta Lee ....... 126, 152, 307 Downs, Edwin Dean ................. 92 Downs, Raymond F ......... 188, 220, 398, 401, 523, 524, 525, 527, 550 Down tain, Mary Jane ................ 172 Drake, Augustus Ventors ............. 126 Drake, Don Allen ................... 158 Drake, Elinor Clyde ......... 92, 142, 151, 173, 190, 300, 301 Drake, Floyd Richard ....... 126, 377, 390 Drake, Jody ...... ............... 92, 315 Drew, Earl Edwin ................... 109 Drew, Kenneth ..................... 88 Drewa, Allan Louis .............. 109, 410 , Dreyling, Max Sithen ................ 368 348, 507, 509, 518, 520, 550 Dreymal g, Max S la, Clare Driggs, Henry Warren ............... 358 Dring, Mary Louise ...... 55, 189, 213, 302 Drisdale, Howard Hutton .......... 92, 487 Driska, Robert Button ............ 55, 173 Driver, Jack Gantt .................. 109 Drummond, Donald Eugene .......... 56 Drummond, Francis Diane ....... 126, 152 Drummond, Mary Lou ............... 56 Drummond, Shirley Anne ........ 126, 447 Drummond, William Henry ........... 350 Drushel, William Haley, Jr ....... 109, 360, 368, 386 Dryan, Jack Dale ................... 496 Duarte, Ernest Bartholomew, Jr ....... 92 Duble, Jane Claire .............. 126, 455 DuBois, Charlotte Estelle ..... 36, 177, 291 DuBoise, Dora Diane ............ 126, 325 DuBoise, Dorse Howard, II (Duby) . . . .410, 412, 440, 483 DuBruI, Lillian Frances .............. 30 Duce, Jack Arthur .................. 488 Duckett, Jo Ann .................... 109 Duckett, John Warner, Jr... .142, 159, 188, 352, 532, 535 Duderstadt, Douglas Worth . .366, 386, 407 Dudgeon, Elizabeth Ann 126, 148, 321, 556 Dudley, Dale Bowles ................ 372 Duecker, Charles Henry .............. 92 Duensing, Dorothy Anne ............. 109 Duesing, Charles Henry ........... 56, 342 Duesterhoeft, William Charles, Jr.. .34, 181 Dugas, Martha Ellen ................. 310 Dugat, Diana Marie ...... 56, 159, 316, 317 Duggan, Ann Kathleen ............... 305 Duggan, Edmund H., Jr ............... 354 Duggan, Jesse Edward ............ 92, 459 Duhon, Rex D ...................... 43 Duke, Anne Bolin ................... 291 Duke, Charles Wayne, Jr ..... 126, 375, 406 Duke, Earl .................. 56, 338, 474 Duke, Mary Ellen ................... 92 Duke, Ralph Leonard ................ 31 Dulaney, John B .................... 558 Dulaney, Samuel Thomas ......... 56, 348 Dull, Marilyn Joanne ............. 92, 306 Dunaway, Jerry Clarence ............. 92 Dunaway, Marvin Ray ...... 143, 159, 192, 342, 550 Dunbar, Garland Duke, Jr ............ 109 Duncalf , Frederic ................... 355 Duncan, Germain ................... 452 Duncan, Nancy Katherine ............ 320 Duncan, Nick ...................... 563 Duncan, Richard E .................. 474 Duncan, Walter Joe ............. 126, 425 Duncan, William Finley .......... 56, 374 Dunivan, Linn Neal ................. 361 Dunlap, Deborah ................... 316 Dunlap, Devereux Brown ........ 352, 420 Dunlap, Drew Woolford ..... 126, 341, 522 Dunlap, Gene Irvin ................. 392 Dunlap, Ginger Dell .............. 92, 430 Dunlap, Hugh Graydon, Jr ........ 148, 340 Dunlop, Charles Austin .............. 334 Dunn, Bobby Will .................. 92 Dunn, Samuel William .......... 356, 476 Dunnam, Anthony Kent ..... 92, 169, 187, 384, 417 Dunnan, Thomas Norman ........ 148, 343 Dunne, Patty A ..................... 109 Dupre, Catherine Belle ........... 92, 310 Dupree, Rose Diane .......... 92, 312, 552 Durbin, James Cornelius ..... 474, 478, 493 Durham, Hilly Marvin ........... 126, 381 Durham, Joe Allen .................. 56 Durham, Maidie Lane!) ............... 126 Durham, Walter Winn . .92, 158, 160, 394 Durham, William Lynn ........... 56, 366 Durland, Virginia Jean ...... 109, 147, 306 Durnal, Beverly ............. 92, 324, 431 Durrenberger, Bruce Baker ........ 56, 398 Durrett, Larry Randall ............... 56 Durst, Lloyd Milton ............. 444, 487 Durway, Charles Lindsey ............. 92 Dusek, Clifton John ......... 126, 464, 484 Duson, Delia .......... 126, 161, 293, 470 Duson, Walter Webb ......... 56, 366, 498 Dustin, Major William R ............. 169 Dutschmann, Wilbert Charles. 56, 455, 473 Dutton, Richard Edward ...... 43, 180, 496 DuVall, Gene Kyle .................. 340 DuVon, Richard Harmon, Jr.. 339, 416, 474 Dvoracek, Herman Joseph ..... 56, 476, 560 Dwight, Donald Gene ........ 56, 162, 398 Dwyer, Mary Louise ................. 159 Dybowski, Sebastian Albert, Jr ........ 126 Name Pages Dyche, Anita 126, 293 Dyche, Kay 92, 177, 292 Dye, Anna Lorine 126 Dyer, Bobby G 434 Dyer, Curtis Bennett 416, 521 Dyer, David Leon 126 Dyer, Nancy Jo 459 Dyer, Pat Taylor 126, 375 Dyer, Wallace Edgar 126 Dyess, Linda Gayle 126, 148, 470 Dyke, David F 483 Dyke, Earnest Wesley 56, 360, 476 Dyke, Frank Jeff, Jr 372 Eades, Luis Eric .................... 36 Eads, Nathaniel Bunch .......... 152, 178 Eager, James Leslie .................. 178 Eagle, Patricia Gayle ............ 126, 432 Eakin, Robert E ..................... 22 Eakin, Terry Clay ................... 328 Eakin, Robert Derwin ............... 126 Eakins, J. Richard ............... 56, 488 Eanes, Robert Zempter .......... 382, 383 Eargle, Stephen Taber ............... 456 Earhart, Gordon H .................. 348 Early, Thomas R .................... 56 Earney, Paul LaRue ................. 389 Easley, Grady Marion ................ 496 Easley, John Teed .............. 332, 559 Eason, Carol Ann ........... 92, 302. 303 Eason, Judith Lynn ......... 207, 208, 303 Eastburn, Willie Rex ................ 171 Eastep, Larry Gene .................. 422 Easterling, Virginia .................. 314 Eastham, Clarence Stacey, Jr ...... 353, 421 Eastlack, Charles Leonard ......... 26, 179 Easton, Robert Lewis ............ 340, 564 Eaton, Charlie Merle ............. 92, 313 Eaton, Robert Charles ........ 56, 380, 389 Eaves, Robert Don .................. 476 Ebard, Rose Marie .................. 172 Ebaugh, Albert Lipscomb ......... 109, 356 Ebel, Charles Elroy ......... 109, 185, 464 Ebener, Richard Edward ............. 92 Ebert, Alfred Harrt, Jr ............... 348 Eby, Frederick ...................... 31 Echols, Ben C .................. 142, 496 Echols, Carolyn Sue ............. 126, 321 Echols, Hugh Alton ................. 458 Echterhoff, Dorothy Joan ............ 446 Eckerman, Otto Ernest .............. 474 Eckermann, Allen Eugene ............ 56 Eckert, Jacob Joseph, Jr .............. 109 Eckert, Flora ....................... 38 Eckert, Lawrence Allan .............. 559 Eckhardl, Carl John .............. 14, 181 Eckles, Joan ....................... 463 Eckman, Frederick .................. 23 Economy, Richard .......... 56, 166, 181, 187, 417, 493 Eddings, James Ralph ........... 109, 350 Edds, Janice Lois ....... 109, 554, 556, 564 Eddy, James R ...................... 14 Eddy, Marcia ....................... 556 Eddy, Ronald Eugene ......... 92, 410, 474 Edelman, Aria Faye ..... 322, 323, 494, 552 Eden, Catherine Clark ....... 126, 301, 433 Edens, Rod Tarlton ............. 126, 343 Edgar, Ann Celise ................... 126 Edgar, Arlen Lewis .............. 181, 476 Edgar, Kenneth Ray ................. 171 Edgar, Mary Patricia ____ 109, 173, 447, 459 Edge, Gail ......................... 316 Edgington, Don Harold .............. 476 1 JIM. in Cynthia Sue ................. 324 Edmiston, Ken Howard .............. 152 Edmonds, Betty Carol ............... 126 Edmonds, Lester Loyd, Jr ...... 3, 149, 156 Edmonds, Virginia Love .............. 56 Edmundson, Lida Lacy .......... 126, 321 Edmundson, William Leonard, III ..... 368 Edner, Captain Lewis V ............... 191 Edrington, Thomas Sydney ........... 342 Edwards, Gordon Lemoine ............ 496 Edwards, Jeff Davis ......... 166, 181, 493 Edwards, Jo Katherine ............... 56 Edwards, Joe Patrick ................ 356 Edwards, Johnny .................... 545 Edwards, Marilyn Ruth .......... 109, 304 Edwards, Nancy Elizabeth ....... 190, 198, 304, 326 Edwards, Robert Charles ..... 126, 410, 440 Edwards, Robert E ................... 126 Edwards, Thomas Charles ............ 181 Edwards, Tom Rogers ........ 56, 396, 496 Edwards, William Osband ............ 473 Edwin, George Robert ....... 400, 421, 423 Efrat, Edgar Shlomo ................. 174 Egas, Oswaldo Anibal ................ 557 Eggert, Bettye Jean .................. 304 Eggleston, Carroll Lee ................ 126 EH, Bob Allen ..................... 521 Ehlers, Marcia Anne ................. 92 Ehlert, Harry Cern .................. 493 Ehresmann, Bernard John ............ 416 Ehrig, Byron Edward ................ 171 EichTer, Jane Elizabeth ...... 109, 293, 456 Eichner, Edward Randolph ....... 126, 353 Eikel, Harvey Andrew ....... 191, 440, 474 Ekdahl, Karin Louise ....... 109, 147, 310, 446, 464 Ekery, Norman Michael .............. 184 Ekery, Norman Michael .............. 184 Ekfelt, Kerstin Hildegarde ........ 92, 161, 491, 499 Ekrut, Bill George ................... 410 Elam, Carolyn Lorine ....... 126, 447, 502 Ekam, Johnny Edward ....... 509, 539, 541 Elbert, Gerry ....................... 92 El-Chehabi, Ismat ................... 479 Name Pages El-Chehabi, Munzir 479 El-Chehabi, Samir, Jr 479 Elder, Marvin Neel, Jr 348 Elder, Peggy Jo 92, 152, 182, 430, 448 Eldridge, John Paul 92, 417 Eliot, George Washington, Jr 356 Elkins, Ann Willis 92, 314, 489 Elkins, Jerome Stephen 330 Elkins, Ramona Charlene 432 Elkins, Wynell 56, 300 Elledge, Jesse Lawrence 28, 43 Elledge, Sarah Katherine 147, 320 Ellingson, Glenda Loyce 56 Ellington, William Ferrell 109 Elliott, Arthur Beverly, Jr 336 Elliott, Edith Orr (Bitsey) 92, 147, 196, 197, 208, 210, 304 Elliott, Frank Wallace, Jr 340 Elliott, James Millard 185 Elliott, Lynwood Grayburn 188, 356 Elliott, Sara Jane 300 Elliott, Stephen Clay 32, 351, 420 Ellis, Austin S 56 Ellis, Billy C 56, 181 Ellis, Carl H 56 Ellis, Edgar Scurry 349 Ellis, Glen Edward 92, 346, 474 Ellis, Chief Fire Control Technician Homer Alton 402 Ellis, Jane Ann 109, 148, 300 Ellis, Lynn Gail 126, 291, 433 Ellis, Mary Lou 126 Ellis, Melvin Ray 171 Ellis, R. Ben 476 Ellis, Tom Parker 346 Ellis, William Clyde 56, 498 Ellison, Billie Mae 92, 312 Ellison, David Ragsdale 109, 417 Ellison, Eleanor Ann 302 Ellison, Lloyd Dean 90 Ellison, Robert Anderson 368 Ellisor, Elizabeth Neighbors 141, 302, 454, 553 Ellsworth, Audrey M 450, 460 Elmer, Henry Richards, Jr 92, 344, 409 Elmore, Mary Swaren C 179 Elo, Joseph, Jr 380 Elrod, Doris Ann. . .56, 290, 291, 486, 494 Elsass, J. Frank 36, 470 Ely, Ronnie Pierce 335, 420 Ely, William Raleigh 341 Embree, Mary Ellen. . . . 142, 172, 179, 183, 189, 190, 198, 220, 300, 452 Embree, Royal B., Jr 31, 460 Embry, Ernest A. (Pete) 126, 539, 540, 541 Emerson, Charles William 457 Emerson, Cover Conner (Ox) 167, 339, 507, 509 Emerson, Marjorie Jean 159 Emerson, Sally Joanne 126, 305 Emig, Harvey Edward 388 Emmett, Robert Gaines 86, 126, 148, 171, 360 Emmons, Homer Therlye 126 Emsley, Donald Eugene 92 Endicott, Wilma Jean Gunter 161 Enen, Jack, Jr 369 Engbrock, Edwin Harville 359 Engel, Daryl L 56 Engleking, Jo Anne 316 Engelman, Charles E 476 Engelstad, Paul J 462 Engerrand, George Charles Marius 21 England, Bobby Charles 56, 176 England, Newton, Jr 56, 459, 478 Englander, Leonard Marion 56, 362 Engle, Earl Jay 362 Engle, Robert Riehl 421 Englert, George Philip 498 English, Gayle Earle 34, 474 Enmon, W. C., Jr 56, 382 Enos, Robert Winfield 460 Ensle, John Frederick 92, 495 Epperson, Alfred Harlan 171 Eppes, Bill Gorton 34, 181 Eppright, Margaret Anne 25, 486 Erlich, Louis 560 Ermey, Harold Lee 404 Ernest, Allen Fred. 395, 507, 509, 512, 550 Ernst, Robert David 361 Ershaid, Abdul-Rahim 479 Erskine, Stanley M 18 Erskine, William Stanley 354 Erwin, Carroll Gene 109, 425, 439 Erwin, Kenneth James 57 Erwin, Sharon Lynne 126, 313 Erwin, Thomas Dale 186 Esch, Fred Henry 410, 440 Eschberger, Leon McCain 92 Eschenburg, Martha Jane. . . . 126, 303, 553 Escue, Walter Harbin 162 Eshaghian, Eshagh 561 Eskin, Marlene 143 Espey, Doris Sandra 556 Espey, William Howard, Jr 109, 405 Esquivel, Filemon V 176 Esquivel, Sandra.. 109, 142, 144, 198,315 Esse, Carol Dean 126, 291, 433 Esse, Kathryn Ann 57, 159, 290, 458 Estes, Carl Lewis, II 57, 348 Estes, James Eugene 165, 180, 496 Estes, Luther Dillard 487 Estes, Tommy K 57, 340, 492, 564 Estes, William Chapman 346 Estess, Berthold Henry 109, 340 Estill, Joseph Jefferson, Jr 358 Estlack, Joe Olbert 496 Estrada, John Joe 109, 472 Estrada, Teodoro, Rodriguez 126, 472 Name Pages Eta Kappa NIL 166 Etheredge, Boyd Franklin 57, 434, 478 Etheredge, Zelma Verree..92, 290, 552, 554 Etheridge, Carroll Dean 23 Etier, Faborn E 28 Ettelman. Davie Lou 57, 294, 295, 450 Etter, Wayne Edward 439 Ettredge, Peggy Ann 109, 150, 151, 446, 485 Eubanks, Isaac Dwaine 126, 345 Eubanks, Robert Lee 92 Evans, Chester Eugene 26 Evans, David Rex 477 Evans, Derro 57, 152, 178 Evans, Dorothy Jean 57, 208, 314 Evans, Idria William 27 Evans, George Wilbur 178 Evans, Jan Durrett 92, 189, 190, 304 Evans, John Riley, HI 397, 521 Evans, Kenneth Wayne 57, 493 Evans, Martha Alice 304 Evans, Scott Doras 366 Evans, Thomas Edwin. . . .57, 441, 558, 561 Evans, Virginia Adele. . .126, 142, 437, 446 Evans, Walter Henry 496 Evans, Warren Weber 57, 476 Evans, William Mitchell. .92, 399, 400, 496 Everage, John Marvin 126 Everett, Dan Lane 175, 181, 478, 500 Everett, David Wilmot 143, 485 Everett, James Ronald 92 Everett, Lawrence Wayne 126, 453 Everett, Marvin Robert 126 Evers, Charles Lee 442 Eversole, Charles Leslie 57, 175, 181, 405, 478 Eversole, Thomas Martin .... 186, 345, 410 Ewing, Charles David 342 Ewing, Janet Inez . . 126, 319, 431, 556, 561 Ewing, Joan Carol 92, 302 Ewton, Merle Clement 57 Exley, James Joseph 126, 147, 375 Eyck, F. Gunther 24 Eyler, Roy Elwood 109, 165 Ezell, Lonnie Bryan 30 Ezzat, Minufa, Mahmood 446 Faculty 19-40 Fagan, Katheryn 109, 300 Faham, Hisham Z 57, 479 Faham, Mahmoud M 57, 474, 479 Fahel, Ma ' Moon 479 Fahey, Robert John 109, 464 Fahrenthold, Harvey Keith 126, 404 Fahrenthold, Paul David 109, 366, 474 Fain, Tyrus G 27 Fair, William Wren 126, 332 Fairbairn, James Marion 165, 488 Fairlee, Master Sergeant Robert.. .413, 423 Faist, Norman Phillip 109, 442, 476 Fakhreldin, Mohamed Galal 126, 479 Falconer, David Ross 109, 464 Falk, Rose Margaret 308, 499, 553 Falke, Alice Jeaneane 92, 455 Falkstein, Frank Barnard 371 Fallek, Mildred Lynn 109, 308, 553 Falls, Robert Clayton 126, 42O Falvey, Linda Aliece 92, 147, 314 Fambrough, Gary 546 Fambrough, Guy Grain 109, 392 Fancher, George Homer 35, 181, 375 Fanett, Mary Blanche 161, 433 Fanning, Hazel Ann 110, 147, 307 Farabee, Kenneth Ray 187, 354, 420 Farell, Charles Lee 92 Farias, Maria 57 parish, Katherine Deretta 486 Fariss, Elsie Bob 492, 555, 556 Farlekas, Chris Spero 57, 450, 463 Farley, Charles Ronald 165 Farley, Lillie May 172 Farley, Neita Lea. . .92, 189, 190, 312, 313 Farley, Ramsey Wayne 126, 171 Farley, William Elbridge 92 Farlow , Daniel Edward 174 Farmer, Robert Sterling . . 92, 187, 366, 422 Farquhar, Joan Carolyn 110, 147, 161, 306, 432, 486 Farquhar, Kay 57, 159, 170, 179, 292, 481 Farquhar, Verna Jane 485 Farrell, Richard Coe 334, 395. 523, 527, 550 Farrell, Robert Terrence 341 Farrow, Jacqueline Elizabeth 110 Farschman, Jack Allen 11O Falk, Bibb August 539 Faulk, Laura Elizabeth (Bettye) 92, 143, 150, 151, 173, 312, 313 Faulkner, Carolyn S 92, 312, 494 Faulkner, David Lawrence 43, 477 Faulkner, Elizabeth 110, 315 Faulkner, Gene Lloyd 92 Faulkner, Henry Tolbert 110, 333 Faulkner, Jo Ann 57, 300 Fauntleroy, John Parker 57, 348 Faust, BillR 110 Fay Katherine 142, 143, 320 Feagin, Katherine Terrell .... 142, 499, 556 Feagin, Thomas Wiley 521 Fearing, Kelly 36 Fearis, Diane 86, 324 Fears, Anne Hartwell 92 Fears, Clois D 57, 166, 181, 493 Fears, Robert DuBois 483 Feature 225-285 Feld, Alan David 92, 144, 362 Felder, Bernice Dell 57, 172, 174, 485 Felder, Jean Barrillon 110, 324 PAOE 576 lavery, once dominant in the world, was doomed when owning a machine became more profitable than owning human beings. This glows brightest under capitalism, a system more often condemned than praised. Yet it func- tions without favor, giving profit to those willing to invest in tools while lessening the work load and enhancing the wages of those willing to use tools. WVATT METAL BOILER WORKS, INC. MANUFACTURERS AND ERECTORS SINCE 1913 and WATT ' S PLASTICS, INC. MOLDERS AND FABRICATORS OF PLASTIC AND RUBBER PRODUCTS PAGE 577 Name Feldman, Sam Noland 110, 147, 148 Fellbaun, Ernest S 332 Felps, Jimmie Doyle 417 Felsman, Robert Aldrich 372 Felt, Patsy Ruth 110, 290, 326, 554 Fennekol, David ROBS 417 Fennekohl, Rosslyn Skiff 316 Fennell, Thomas Conroy..57, 166, 493, 500 Fenton, Curtis DeLore, Jr 398 Fentress, Sara Ellen 320, 561 Fenwick, Mary Kathryn 126, 301 Fenwick, William Bradford 440 Ferguson, Arthur James 57 Ferguson, Berta Belle 462 Ferguson, Billie Jo 126 Ferguson, Carl Samuel, Jr 92, 478 Ferguson, Etelka Vernelle 161, 431 Ferguson, Harry W 18 Ferguson, James Houston 483 Ferguson, Jon Edwin 405 Ferguson, Julie 316 Ferguson, Martha Joe. . . .57, 454, 491, 554 Ferguson, Nancy Elizabeth 315 Ferguson, Nancy Hume. .92, 144, 316, 317 Ferguson, Phil Moss 33, 181 Ferguson, Rene Margaret 296 Ferguson, Robert Benjamin 92, 373 Ferguson, Searcy Monroe 341 Ferguson, Stanley Burnett 171 Fernandez, David Oscar 126 Fernandez, Gilbert, Jr 126 Ferrell, Elizabeth Sue 1 10, 290 Ferrell, Gwen 110, 290, 291 Ferrell, Jack Earl 110, 336, 392 Ferrell, Richard Lee 417 Ferrill James Ronald 493 Ferrill, Marilyn J 57, 437, 447, 485 Ferrill, T. Craig 92, 159 Ferris, Joann Patricia 57, 304 Fetzer, Robert David 372 Feuerbacher, Mary Patricia 126 Fickert, William Eugene 476 Field, Thomas Phillips, Jr 126, 160, 186, 405 Fielder, William Cook 126, 171, 347 Fielding, Nancy 110, 555, 562 Fields, Kenneth Roy 93 Fields, Marie Estelle 110, 302 Filinger, Jane 459 Fillmore, Carol Beth 324 Fillmore, James W 152, 335 Fillmore, Lynell 126, 148, 325 Finch, Howell M.. . . . 188, 342 Finch, Stanley Phister 373 Fincher, Donald Franklin 110, 159 Fincher, Patsy 93, 302 Finck, Myrle L 298, 299, 446 Findlater, Beatrice 208, 316, 317 Fine Arts 461-470 Fine, Sylvia Semon 308 Finegan, Robert Joseph 110, 333 Finger, Lawrence Burton 399 Finger, Marvy Alan 57, 496 Finger. Ronald Jack 126, 148, 186, 363, 407 Fink, Kenneth McCarty 93, 487, 493 Finkelstein, Gail Mona 57, 294, 499 Finks, Julia Young 317 Finley, Kermit Richard 93, 442 Finley, Laura Jane 57 Finn, Carol Lee 126, 307 Finn, Edwin Earl 482 Firestone, Barbara Hisa 177 Firey, Walter Irving 27 Fisbeck, Weldon H 57, 492 Fischer, Edgar Gustav 57, 444, 445, 476, 493 Fischer, Margaret Elizabeth 93 Fiser, Lee Wilson 385, 468 Fish, Barbara Ann 110, 152, 161, 308, 309, 553 Fish, Francine 57, 290, 291 Fisher, Adelaide Ruth 57, 485 Fisher, Cecil Woodrow, Jr 126, 385 Fisher, Gary Duane 57, 181, 474 Fisher, Judith Christine 291, 433 Fisher, Karol Keith 110, 152, 318, 326, 499 Fisher, Leslie Carl 127 Fisher, Luke C., Jr , 376, 395 Fisher, Margaret 485 Fiher, Paul Gene 58, 547, 550 Fisher, Richard Bradley 110, 334 Fishkin, Robert E 473 Fisk, Paul A 36 Fiske, Kenneth Burch 36 Fiske, Nancy Jay 58, 306, 326 Fiske, Ormel Wenton 127 Fitch, Cathey Elizabeth 110, 486 Fitch, John Thomas 127, 147, 347 Fitch, Mary South 324 File, Marc 463 Fitts, George Edwin 110, 509 Fitzgerald, Anne 306, 326 Fitzgerald, Billy Wilson ' . 110 Fitzgerald, Barley Nelson 127 Fitzgerald, J. Anderson 29, 160, 180 Fitzgerald, Joan 93, 306, 161, 494 Fitzgerald, Larry 365 Fitzgerald, Sharon Lee 93 Flachmeier, Emily Jo 110, 147, 161, 299, 470 Flagg, Henry Wilkinson 93, 342 Flack, Walter R 162 Flaherty, Robert E 162 Flake, Thomas Jefferson, Jr 180 Flannery, John Oge, Jr 336, 394 Flatt, Thomas Cother 93 Fleming, Jan Murray 305 Fleming, Richard Tudor 26 Fletcher, A. Odell 58 Name Pages Fletcher, Betty Lu. .58, 161, 292, 484, 485 Fletcher, Claudia Lynne 325, 433 Fletcher, Edward Garland 23, 333 Fletcher, Elizabeth Marie 463 Fletcher, Patrick Jonlee 110, 359 Flewellen, Frederick Webb 127 Flinn, Helen Margaret 189, 448, 481 Flinn, Luther Charles 58, 364 Florer, Neil Maynard, Jr 93, 482 Flores, Abelardo 417 Flores, Edmundo 22 Flores, Edward Paredez 110, 464 Flores, Jesus Jose 474 Floros, John C 186 Flournoy, Mary Frances 30, 172 Flowers, Karen Renee 312 Flowers, Walter Eugene 329 Flowers, William Baker 28, 162, 180 Floyd, Gentry Lee 376, 391, 474 Floyd, Glenda Estelle 110, 143, 313 Floyd, Johnnie Edwin 58, 478 Floyd, LaVoyce Ann 462 Floyd, Robert Charles 356 Floyd, Rowland Winslow 127 Flynn, Carol Ray 93, 170, 324 Flyno, Peter B., Jr 496 Focht, John Arnold 181 Focke, Margaret Jeanne 127, 161, 311, 433 Foerster, Charles Marvin 417 Foerster, Donald Ray 453 Foerster, George F 93, 522, 533, 534, 535, 550 Foerster, Paul Adolph . . . . 58, 181, 364, 474 Fogarty, Garret! Cotter 127, 373 Foglesong, Jimmy Lee 58, 158 Foiles, Robert Eugene 180 Foitik, Thomas James 110, 348, 561 Foley, Charles Lewis 359 Folk, Robert Louis 23 Folmar, Laura Lissa 430, 448 Fondren, Catherine Camille 127, 317 Fondren, Walter William, III. . .188, 354, 507, 509, 514, 517, 518, 519, 550 Fones, Betty Lynn 296 Fong, Clark K 43 Fontaine, Jane Marie 127, 433 Fooks, Michael Tyndle 561 Foor, Robert Duwayne 159 Foose, Dean Edwin 127, 329 Foose, Jerry Gene 93, 328, 329, 478 Foose, Richard Allan 328, 463 Football 506-521 Foote, Phillip G 58, 146, 188, 220, 376, 386 Foote, Phyllis Jean 93, 492, 556 Forbes, Robert Lee 93, 165 Forbus, James Edward 470 Ford, Celeste 147 Ford, Charles Robert 474 Ford, Dennis B., Jr 29, 162, 180 Ford, Don Duane 110,340,391 Ford, Irby Max 421 Ford, Johnny Gene 58, 474 Ford, Mary Laurie Wier 177 Ford, Richard Joseph 58, 165 Ford, Shirley Ann 110 Forester, Rosemary Virginia 127, 561 Foretich, Richard B 58, 373 Forhee, Donald A 24 Forkner, William Antone 159 Forman, Betty Frank 127, 161 Forney, Scott William.. . 110, 373, 416, 474 Forrest, Dana Sue 93, 148, 428 Forrester, Anne Austin 321 Forrester, Charles T 388 Forrester, Terry Norman 93, 328 Forsman, John Malcolm 385 Forster, Jane 317 Forsyth, Constance 36 Fortescue, Emily Phillips 127, 148, 303 Fortman, John Theodore 474 Fortune, William Walter 58, 398, 496 Foster, Harold Benson 395 Foster, Harold Wayborn 478 Foster, Jackson W 21 Foster, Jared Franklin 328 Foster, Jerry Ray 93, 148, 367, 405 Foster, Joe Carroll 143, 478 Foster, Joe Drahn 186 Foster, Joseph Holt, Jr 93, 143, 187, 191, 368, 424 Foster, Linda Ann 58, 147, 290 Foster, Margaret Jeanette 147 Foster, Marjorie Anne 325 Foster, William Edward 176, 185 Fountain, Altus Dean 93, 476 Fowler, Bradley Allison 88, 354 Fowler, David Wayne 110 Fowler, Donald Robert 58 Fowler, Elton Doyle 439, 474 Fowler, Fontaine 127, 291 Fowler, Jon Charles 373 Fowler, Robert Penn 354, 355 Fowler, William Joseph 93, 474 Fox, Edward Jordan, Jr 142, 333 For, Joaquin 187, 420 Fox, Nelia 28, 172 Fox, William Hessel 58 Foxworth, Walter L., II 352 Foy, Gloria Byrne 306 Foy, Jimmie McBratney 186 Foyt, Daniel Anton 442, 464, 467, 474 Frack, Karen Lynnet 127 Fradkin, Judith Berha 127, 202, 203, 208, 309 Frakich, Marion Lawrence, Jr 93 Francis, Charlotte Ann 58, 316 Francis, Lester Paul 58, 191, 396 Francis, Mary Lou 58, 290, 428, 448 Francis, Sandra Elaine 110 Name Pages Francis, Thomas Phil 110, 352 Frank, Edmund P 455 Frank, Felicity Hill 148, 312 Franke, F.rwin, Jr 110, 442 Frankel, Barbara Marie 93, 152, 322 Franklin, Alvin Jerome 330, 331, 376 Franklin, Catherine S 38 Franklin, Jennie Elizabeth 127 Franklin, Joan Marie 93, 168, 183, 190. 302, 458, 486 Franks, Cherie Glynn 110, 290 Franks, James Martin 362 Frankson, A. Courtland 93 Frankum, Ronald Bruce 58, 343 Frantz, Dalies Ehrhardt 36, 468 Franlz, Joe Bertram 178, 426 Franz, Janeen Lee 127 Franzen, Joyce Ann 296 Frary, Michael Gano 36 Fraser, Charles Duncan 354 Fraser, Mac Van 93 Fraser, Margaret Preston 320 Frasher, Eleanor Ann 58, 320 Fraternities 327-386 Frauenberger, Dennis Maclern 476 Frazer, Burnett Merrell 43, 141, 143 Frazier, Mae Barbee 93, 312, 313 Frazier, David Goodson 372 Frazier, James Robert 58, 488 Frazier, Marilyn Adele 301 Frazier, Mary Margaret 156, 182, 325 Frazier, Weston Oren 375, 390 Fread, Cayle Marie 93, 307 Frede, Norman Dwight 58, 376, 398 Fredeman, Sydalise 127, 313 Frederickson, Samuel Burnett .... 127, 439 Fredrick, Richard Roy 93, 353 Fredrickson, Lee Earl 58, 342 Freed, Stanley 378 Freedman, Louis 362, 476 Freel, Radford Hope 348 Freeland, Alma M 30, 172 Freeman, Janice Raye 58, 172, 485, 553, 556 Freeman, Joyce Faye 58, 485, 553, 556 Freeman, Marguerite 3, 156 Freeman, Mary Lou 1 10 Fremont, John Charles 180, 496 French, Eddie Carroll 562 Franch, Herschel Lee 333 French, Isabelle Post 28 French, Lynn Isabelle 433 French, Nancy Ruth .... 127, 301, 431, 556 Freshman 121-138 Fretz, David Lloyd 93 Fretz, Mary Louise 110, 432 Freudenberg, Master Sergeant Erwin W., 413 Freund, Robert G 493 Frey, James Clifford 421 Friars 167 Friberg, Emil Edwards. . .58, 141, 143, 149, 344, 390, 478, 496, 500 Frick, Alvin Emmelt, Jr 93, 354 Frick, Palma Dianne 127, 142, 325, 431 Fricke, Michael Moorman 336 Friedberg, Maxine Edna 308, 555 Friedlander, Frank 180, 496 Friedman, Elyse Joyce 308 Friedman, Maurice Herbert 474 Friedrich, Paul Henry, Jr 127 Frieling, Vivian Ann 455 Friend, Bill Deux 147 Friend, George Everest 344 Friend, Llerena Beaufort 291 Friend, Wesley Carol 127, 293 Frierson, John Edward 344 Friesen, Eugene Keith 162 Friesen, Gerald Anthony 58, 492 Frisbie, Lillian Lee -. . . 58 Fritcher, Albert Leon 127 Fritcher, Eugene Edward 58, 366, 398 Fritsche, Gilbert Eugene 395 Frills, Bill E 376, 377, 560 Fritts, Willis Bible 58, 496 Fritz, William Francis 39 Fritze, Joan Catheryn 58, 310 Frizzell, Doreene 110, 296, 326 Fromen, Vincent T., Jr 456 Fromme, Betty Lou 310, 311, 553 Fromme, Linda Ann 290 Frosch, Carol Diane 110, 294, 295 Frost, Jimmy Jack 442 Fruchter, Benjamin 31 Fry, Segle George, III 374, 889 Frysinger, George Patrick, III 58, 162 Fuchs, Grover A 27 Fuchs, Richard 22 Fuentes, Jose Eliud 110 Fuhrman, Gerald Max 58, 482, 492 Fuhrman, John Richard, III 332 Fuhrmeister, William Francis 342 Fulkes, Beverly Sue 110, 148, 152 Fuller, Charles Curtis 127, 351 Fuller, Eugene Thomas 43, 180, 496 Fuller, Jean 292, 553 Fuller, Jerry Ross 434 Fuller, Robert C 58 Fuller, Sandra Faith 303, 433 Fullington, Roger Warren 59 Fulmer, Charlotte Ann 304 Fulton, George D 59, 474, 496 Fulton, George Richard, Jr... .110, 376, 425 Fulton, James Lloyd 493 Fulton, Tommy Gene 476 Fulwiler, Ruth Katherine (Ruthie) .... 148, 150, 151, 161, 314, 315 Funderburk, Marshal Kent 441, 561 Funk, BillyeRae 110, 144, 161, 190, 290, 291, 428 Funk, Sylvia Jan 93, 324, 429, 448 Name Pages Fuos, Alton Charles 110 Furgerson, Charles Edwin 127, 529 Furley, Arthur Littleton 93, 476 Furman, John Richard 110 Furman, Philip Huey 93 Furushiro, Louis 487 Future Teachers of America 485 Gabert, Alexander William 444 Gaffney, James Joseph 474 Gafford, Burns Newman 34, 181 Gafford, Daniel Shelton 127, 365, 393 Gage, Hilda Kay 127 Gage, Tommy Wilton 59, 176, 184 Gaido, Michael James 342 Gaines, George Edward 186, 339 Gaines, J. H 181, 487 Gaines, Jimmy Frank 110, 464 Gaines. Scott 351 Gainey, Hollis 532, 533, 534, 535, 536, 537, 549 Gainey, Hugh Gerrard 127 Gainley, George Alfred, Jr 93, 492, 539, 540, 542, 550 Galbraith, Gerald Carlyle 358, 501 Galbreath, Bobby Frederick 127 Galier, Peter Westly 398, 482 Gallagher, William Jordan 349 Gallardo, Roberto 59 Gallimore, Gene Austin 165 Callman, Ruth La Verne 172 Galloway, Bill Frank 406, 442 Gamel, William Glenn... 110, 147, 159, 375 Gammage, Gail 290, 428, 448 Gamma Phi Beta 312-313 Gamzey, Barbara Janet 161, 308 Gandara, Evelyn Yvonne 435 Gandy, Charles Taylor 59, 162 Candy, Leslie Ollie 492 Gannett, Richard Lee.93, 143, 158, 192, 354 Cans, Melbourne Stanley. . . .398, 482, 496 Gamier, Richard Fred 127 Garcia, Amador C. . .93, 169, 396, 437, 438 Garcia, Cuitlahuec Perez 472 Garcia, Enrique 59, 340 Garcia, Francisco Jesus 185 Garcia, Francisco Ramon 93 Garcia, Hector Gonzales 185, 472 Garcia, Judy 110 Garcia, Martin Enrique 127, 186, 407 Garcia, Mary Mildred 9 3 Garcia, Nelda Lilia 492, 556 Garcia, Ruben 472 Garcia, Tomas 93 Gardescu, Ana Jeanne 147, 297 Gardiner, Maggie W 172 Gardner, James Donely 333 Gardner, Judith Ann 127, 147, 291, 431 Gardner, Pete D 22 Gardner, William Bradford 23 Carey, Alan Jack 192 Caribay, Rubin 179 Garland, Lloyd Marshall 93, 159 Garland, Nancy 127, 315 Garmany, Richard Paul 1 10, 336 Garner, James Frederick 340 Garner, Virginia Gillett (Tita) 170, 189 Garnett, Charles Milton 337 Garrett, Claude Harmon, HI 59 Garrett, Eloise Ann 110, 446 Garrett, Gail 316, 458 Garrett, Glenn Allen 59, 156, 158 Garrett, Iris Gail 93, 190, 312 Garrett, James Sheppard 127, 459 Carrett, Jennings A 93, 377, 488 Garrett, Lewis Benjamin 93, 493 Garrett, Ronald Duane 43 Garrison, Ben Paul 127 Garrison, George Henley 474 Garrison, Glenn Lloyd 127, 144 Garrison, Richard Lee 93, 474 Gartman, Glenn Roy 59, 473, 493 Garza, Amando, Jr 93, 393 Garza, Amelia Judith 435 Garza, Carlos Romeo 179, 487 Garza, Carmen Carlos 127 Garza, Frank Joseph 93 Garza, Gilberto 472 Garza, Judith 59 Garza, Julia Anne 127, 455 Garza, Mary Ida 93 Garza, Octavio 59 Garza, Raul 184 Garza, Roel 127 Garza, Roy C 472 Garza, Ruben Curiel 59 Gaskell, George Crosby, Jr 127, 343 Gaskin, H. L 186 Gassett, Mark Ester 463 Gassman, Edwin Anton 444 Gassman, Ralph Neal 59, 165 Gastman, Nancy Sue 127, 295 Gaston, William Robert 159, 346 Gates, Cameron Herschel 396, 521 Gathright, Marsha Ann 127, 291 Cattis, James Curtis 421 Gaulden, Joe Thomas 93 Cault, Clay R 59, 492, 539, 550 Gaunt, Mary Marsha 147, 302 Gauntt, James Clarence 380, 476 Gauntt, William Paul 349, 545 Gavit, William Lindsay 342 Gay, John Ewdard 384 Gay, Mary Ann 431 Gay, Raymond David 169, 392 Gayle, James Ray, III 127 Gebauer, Dorothy L 15, 146, 177, 189, 437, 445 Gebhart, Linda Marie 313, 455, 552 PAOE 578 VISIT THE LflRGEST, MOST MODERN MEN ' S SHOP " ON THE DRAG " MEN ' S WEAR PHONE 2332 GUflDflLUPE GR 6-4276 Harper Insurance Service Auto Fire Casualty 1010 Lavaca Phone GR 2-7989 Austin, Texas DIVIDENDS TO SELECT RISKS SERVING TEXANS SINCE 1896 AUSTIN BROWNWOOD WICHITA FALLS " Austin ' s Furniture Wonderland " " Where Quality and Beauty Meet Your Budget " CLOUD Employment Service " The Right Person for the Right Position " Over a quarter of a century ' s experience in placing both men and women with the finest firms in the Southwest and the entire country. For the best in Office, Sales, Professional, Medical, Technical and Executive positions contact us. Member Dallas Chamber of Commerce Southwest Employment Board National Employment Board RI 7-4821 907 National City Bldg. Dallas 1 Texas PACE 579 Name Pages Geddie, James Donald 127 Gee, John, III 459 Gee, Mary Ann 59, 170, 451 Ceeslin, Barbara Ruth 59, 148, 312, 428,448 Gehring, Betty Hassell 93 Geiger, Paul Frank 176, 184 Gelfond, Israel 1 10, 416 Gensler, Jay Don 110, 464, 474 Gentry, George Vincent 25, 339 George, Mary Lillian 110, 297 George, Patrick Daniel 492, 539 George, Ringling Leo, Jr 110 George, Ronald Joseph 384 George, William Lee 365 Geppert, Mrs. Eunice Clair 23 Gerhardt, Haidee Elizabeth 302 Gerlach, Gretchen O ' Hara. ... 110, 148, 324 Gerlach, Robert Morrill 337, 463 Germany, William V 507, 509, 550 Germer, Marjorie Louise 127 Geron, James Michael 356 Gerrick, Jack Martin 330 Gerron, William J., Jr 356 Gersch, Bernhard Carl, Jr 59, 473 Gerson, Alvin Rubenstein 148, 378 Gerson, Fred Milton 127, 363, 392 Gerson, Isabel 148, 295, 433, 485 Gettys, Warner Ensign 27 Ghormley, Mickey Burwell 93 Ghormley, Pearl 156 Giammalva, Samuel Antone.,188, 221, 546, 547, 549, 550 Giangrande, Lawrence 22 Gibbs, Donald Gee 395 Gibbs, George Durden, Jr 407, 439 Gibbs, Jack Mayfield 127 Gibbs, Marjorie Lucille 93, 324 Gibson, Betty Stanford 59 Gibson, Dell Taylor 347, 483 Gibson, Elizabeth Jean 59, 159, 481 Gibson, Isabel Edith 30, 172 Gibson, Jerry Albert 389 Gibson, Jon Robert 93, 441, 557, 558 Gibson, KatherineSue 306, 460 Gibson, Letty Lynn 161, 447 Gibson, Thomas J 3 . Gibson, Victor Leon 127 Gibson, William Harold 127, 410 Gideon, Wyman Sue 110, 143, 314 Gidley, William Francis. .37, 176, 184, 185 Gierhart, Martha Ruth 59, 316 Giesecke, Carol Anne 127, 321, 433 Ciesecke, Leonard Frederick, Jr.. .110, 152, 154, 169, 421 Gieseke, William Reid 127, 351, 399 Gilbert, Charles James, Jr 381 Gilbert, Joe Burch 352, 530, 531, 550 Gilbert, Marlin Lee 127, 373 Gilbreath, Charles Leach 127, 365, 405 Gilbreth, Lillian M 180 Gilchrist, William Edward 59, 493 Giles, Exsa Diane Carter 170 Giles, Jacklyn Kendall 110, 315 Giles, Murry Browder 43, 360 Giles, Perry Montgomery . 59, 366, 417, 477 Giles, Ralph Emerson 374 Giles, Richard Curry 328 Gill, A. Lee 59 Gill, Ann Deaderick 93, 316 Gill, Clark Cyrus 30 Gill, Ethel S 40 Gill, James Earl 356 Gill, Jo Ann 152 Gill, Jo Ellen 93, 324, 480 Gill, Lee 348 Gill, Samuel LaFayette 59, 496 Gillaspie, James David 93, 366 Gillean, Esther Gaylan 127, 464 Gillean, William Otho, Jr 59, 464, 467 Ciller, Miriam Louise 127 Gillerman, Elliott 23 Gillespie, Campbell Houston 127, 347, 390, 496 Gillespie, Jon Hanson 59, 398 Gillespie, Van Phillip 339 Gillett, Robert Bruce.. . . 110, 143, 144, 340 Gillett, Stewart Morris. . .93, 364, 365; 563 Gilliam, James Wendell 110, 416 Gilliland, Ray Morris 110 Gillis, Albert M 36, 468 Gillman, Bill M 476 Gillman, June Witter 298 Gilmer, Alice Lynnette 127 Gilmore, Jerry Carl 501 Gilmore, Linda Gail 110, 300 Gilreath, Charles Nelson 110, 349 Gilstrap, Howard Clifford. . . .355, 507, 509 Cilstrap, Ralph Madison 373 Ginascol, Frederick Homer 426 Ginn, George Holmes 346, 406 Ginsberg, Bailey Anne 322, 553 Ginsburg, Marlene 294 Ginsburg, Maynard Jack 59, 370, 552 Girard, Jerome Sidney (Jerry) 93, 341 Gisher, Anabelle Lee . 127, 301 Gist, Jack Lee 376 Gittrich, Robert Wayne 59 Givens, Robert E 93, 159 Gjerstad, Gunnar 37, 176, 184 Glasgow, Jack Cestel 493 Glass, Clarence Andrew 421 Glass, Daouglas Vernon 59, 456 Glasscock, Clarence Weldon 552 Glasser, Harold Paul 474 Glauser, Ronald Vincent 348 Glaze, Dorothy Davis 59, 486 Glaze, Wiley Eugene 40, 492 Gleckler, Arthur Dan 59, 159, 170, 186, 459 Glenney, Amy Jean 110, 177, 312, 470 Name Pages Clover, Richard Duff 59, 166, 181 Glover, Sherry 93, 198, 324, 404 Glover, Thomas Rawley 369 Gloyna, Earnest Frederick 33 Cluck, Fred 180 Goad, Tommy Warren 110, 165 Gober, Patricia E 154 Gochicoa, Ausencio Rodriguez 171 Godbold, Samuel David 459 Goddard, Ernest Dale 180, 496 Goddard, Joe Gillis 340 Godfrey, Larry M 346, 550 Godfrey, Esther Dawn 296, 297 Godfrey, Rosalia S 486 Godwin, Howard Anthony 93 Goebel, Marilyn Irene 127, 293 Goebel, Peter Hans 127, 439 Goebel, Robert William 464 Goeken, Norma Louise 463 Goeth, Carlota 110, 428 Goff, Edwin Lee 127, 391 Goff, E. Wayne 59 Coff, William Russell 352, 476 Goforth, Molly Sue 127 Coins, William Ray 438 Gold, Alan Lester 93 Gold, Alvin Hirsh 159 Gold, Harvey Leo 93 Gold, Stanley, G 378 Goldberg, Bernard Allen 152 Goldberg, He rbert Stephen 186, 363 Goldberg, Judith 110 Goldberg, Marilyn Ann 93, 141, 143, 152, 182, 190, 221, 294, 295, 326, 499 Goldberg, Moses 378 Golden, Erwin 110, 370 Goldfinger, Jacob Joel. . 127, 331, 405, 470 Goldmann, Mary Ernestine 25, 301, 486 Goldsberry, Max Aubrey 59, 492 Goldsmith, Goldwin 37, 345 Goldsmith, Sandra 318, 486, 494 Goldstein, Edmond Ernest 39, 148, 362, 394, 493 Goldstein, Florence Beverly 322 Goldstein, Leon Alvin 331 Goldstein, Maurice 110, 362 Goldstein, Ronald N 59, 330 Golf 548 Gofob, Patricia Ann 59, 322 Golson, Barbara Ann 486 Goltzman, Leonard Jay 370 Gomez, Anastacio, Jr 60 Gomez, Donaciano, R., Jr 496 Gomez, R udolph J 350 Gonzales, Federico Arnoldo 110 ' 420 Conzales, Francisco Trinidad 185, 392 Gonzales, Garciela G 28 Gonzales, Ismael 184 Gonzales, Edward Esquivel 110 Gonzalez, Alfonso Mario 184, 472 Gonzalez, Jose Roman 557 Gonzalez, Manuel Wally 93 Gonzalez, Ramon 152 Gonzalez, Raul M 439 Gonzalez-Gerth, Enrique 93 Gonzalez-Gerth, Miriam 43, 179 Gonzalez-Shears, Charles 60 Cooch, Adrienne Gay 110, 321 Gooch, J. A 16 Cooch, Jon David 127, 369 Good, Dora Eleanor 93, 307 Good, Gerald Lewis (Jerry) . . 539, 540, 543, 544, 549, 550 Good, Melvin Francis 478 Good, Robert Earl 93, 459, 487 Goodfellaws 219-224 Goodman, Alfred Sam 370 Goodman, Jeannette Rita 60, 308 Goodpasture, Charlotte 93, 292 Goodrum, Conley Ray 170 Goodrum, Jack F 60, 165 Goodrum, Moulton Alan, Jr 170, 174 Goodson, Jean 460 Goodson, Robert 460 Goodwin, Benny A 152, 178 Goodwin, Don Edward 355 Goodwin, Janice Kay 431 Goolsby, Morris Lascelle 93, 468, 470 Goolsby, Philip Arlen 380, 381 Goosby, Nancy Lee 190 Gordon, Barbara Gwen 309, 555, 562 Gordon, Fallon Turley 348, 532, 534, 550, 557, 558 Gordon, James Duncan 127, 355 Gordon, Janice Irene 93, 142, 460 Gordon, Marilyn Lois 308 Gordon, Miriam Dolly 127, 323, 553 Gordon, Wendell C 22 Gordy, Tracy Ross 159, 364 Gore, Doyle Leonard 492 Gore, Jerry Don 60, 437, 443, 496 Gore, Mary Kathryn 306 Gore, Shirley Ann 94, 144, 190, 198, 290 Gorena, Vilma Lita 60, 182, 459 Gorman, Lee Van 474 Gorrell, Roger Lee 94, 186 Goss, Bernard 477 Goss, Jayne Roger 127, 433 Cough, Earl 86 Gould, Robert Clark 60, 434 Couldsberry, Raymond Ralph 60, 475 Gourley, Royce Dennis 397 Goushe, Khalil 94 Gowan, Robert Thomas 110, 334 Gowitzke, Barbara Ann 40, 556 Goyne, Laura Lou 110, 321 Gozaydin, Muammer 43 Craber, Allan Levy 127, 379 Name Pages Grace, Carolyn Ann 320, 492 Grace Hall 431 Grace, Jack R 367 Graduates 41-44 Gragg, Lee Ann 60, 292 Graham, Betty Jo 320 Graham, Carolyn Ann 94 Graham, Charles Lovorn 94 Grah am, John Allen 170, 179 Graham, John Marshall 391, 496 Graham, Lillie Mae 60, 168, 447, 486 Graham, Peggy Marcella 127, 307 Graham, Philip 23 Graham, Thomas Richard 43 Graham, Wayne Leon 550, 561 Grainger, George Richard 348 Grainger, Geneva Jill 127, 321 Granato, Sammie James 94, 360 Cranberry, Collier Read 359 Cranberry, Curtis Eugene 368, 474 Graner, Ronald Lorimer 374 Granger, Andrew Baker 488 Granger, Billie Louise 127 Granger, James H 405 Craning, Janice Carolyn. .25, 168, 172, 303 Grant, Sandra Sue 297 Grant, Stephen Allen, Jr 186 Grantham, Charles William, Jr.. . .368, 560 Grass, Virginia Lee 319 Graves, Fred Wyatt, III 375 Graves, Martha Carolyn 110, 177, 432, 448, 459 Graves, Olive Maverick Ill, 317 Cray, Barbara Jo 60, 170, 431, 448, 489 Gray, Charles T 60 Gray, Clark Mason 127 Gray, Dale Tale Ill Gray, Daniel Hulet Ill Gray, Edward Davis 60, 366 Gray, Frances Marie 60, 447, 486 Gray, Hob 30 Cray, J. Stanley 26 Gray, James Terry 171, 416, 419 Gray, Jane 23 Gray, Jerry David 94 Gray, Jerry Riley 127 Gray, Jimmy Harlan 127, 522 Gray, Joseph Wicker 94, 159, 354 Gray, Mary Laurel 296 Gray, Mary Steussy 486 Cray, Paul Milton 127, 353 Gray, Phyllis D. S 419 Gray, Robert Winston 355 Gray, Sara Nell 60 Gray, William Kenneth 420 Graydon, Frank Drake 13, 162 Grayless, Raymond Lee 464 Crayson, Nancy Jane 179 Green, Frank Clifford, Jr 60, 165 Green, George Edwin 342, 404, 563 Green, Helen M 172 Green, Herbert Lester Ill, 169, 417 Green, James Adolph 127, 377 Green, Jerome Leslie 370 Green, John Tatura 171, 342, 392 Green, Lawrence Ray ... 127, 171, 409, 459 Green, Lee Sledge 358, 398 Green, Mary Gayle 128, 446, 552 Green, Mary Sharon 128, 305 Green, Paul McDonald 368, 558 Green, Robert Sterling 60, 342 Green, Terry Clay 94, 187, 366, 417 Green, Thomas Glen 128, 474 Green, Vernon A 37, 176, 184 Greenawalt, Master Sergeant Frank N. .388, 400 Greenberg, Robert Martin . ... 152, 178, 363 Greenberg, Ronald David. . . .60, 141, 175, 181, 192, 221, 330, 405 Creenberg, Seinwil Louis 162, 191, 362, 394 Greene, Betty Joe 435, 448, 457 Greene, Nathan 180 Greene, Richard E 370 Greenlee, David Walden 368 Greenspan, David Arnold 186 Greenslreet, Rex Wharton 355 Greenstreet, Wilbur Horace, Jr.. . .60, 175, 181, 354 Greenwood, Bobby Ray 60, 166 Greenwood, Dorothy Fehlis 25, 168 Greer, Bobby Jack 60 Creer, Donald Webb 477 Greer, Edward Reginald 350 Greer, N. Jane 429 Greer, Paul Edward 487 Greer, Raleigh Lyman 158, 459 Greer, Robert Gordon 366 Greeson, Gordon Louis 162 Gregg, Banner, Jr 346 Gregg, Charles Rebstock 192, 368, 369, 386, 558 Gregg, Noel Virginia (Bunny) .... 144, 177, 302, 553 Gregory, Joe Miller, Jr 60, 476 Gregory, Julia M 60, 296, 485 Gregory, Kathryn Diane 306 Gregory, Malcolm Russell 188, 468 Gregory, Margaret Johanna 177, 189 Gregory, Peggy Jo 432 Gregory, Wayne Lavoyd 488 Grein, Leo Joseph 60, 474 Cremmel, Ruby Louise 128, 433 Gres, Marcel Emil Clovis 181 Gresham, James Collin 474 Gresham, Susan Frances 315 Gressett, Linda Bell 310 Gressett, Patricia Elaine 94 Gretzer, Donald Lewis 128, 379 Name Pages Greve, William Francis, Jr 60, 476, 532, 535 Gribble, Millie Ruth 128, 46O Cribble, Ronald William, Jr 352 Griebel, Joseph Robert 388 Grieder, Paul Martin 496 Grieneeks, Laurabeth Elizabeth 128, 148, 150 Grier, Paul Livingston 26, 46O Griesel, John Gern Ill Griest, W. H., Jr 376 Griffin, Anne Elizabeth 320 Griffiin, Ariel Dale 60 Griffin, George Lee 353, 421 Griffin, Gordon M., Jr 60, 340 Griffin, Howard Lee 24, 174 Griffin, James Bernard 487 Griffin, James Wilson 60, 493 Griffin, Johnny 530 Griffin, Mary Estelle 292, 293 Griffin, Mary Jo 128, 447, 463 Griffin, Oscar O ' Neal, Jr 178 Griffin, Patricia Ruth 128, 433, 459 Griffis, Robert Lester .... 128, 395, 469, 483 Griffith, Carole Ruth 84, 463 Griffith, Clara Hilton 128, 311 Griffith, Don L 94, 142 Griffith, Donald Paul Ill, 147, 171, 335. 405 Griffith, Gay Maurine Ill, 300 Griffith, Harold James 350 Griffith, John McLean, Jr 191, 352, 406 Griffith, Sandra Len 94, 190, 306, 436, 448, 450, 454 Griffith, Tom Allen 94 Griffith, Walter Stephens 388 Griffiths, David Evan. . . .94, 187, 417, 476 Griggs, James Lawrence 60 Criggs, Norma Gaye 128, 447 Grimes, Pearson, Jr 94, 192, 340, 397 Grinaker, Robert Lee 28, 162 Crinstead, Samuel Tevis 128, 341 Crissett, Charles William 364, 390 Grissom, David 60, 364 Grizzard, Martha Elizabeth 485 Groce, Sarah Lee 324, 494 Grodahl, Mary Margaret Ill, 325 Groen, Carl Henry Ill, 351 Grona, Mary Lou 43 Groner, Erwin 162 Groogan, William Jerome 188, 523, 525, 526, 550 Gross, Charles Edward 60, 459 Gross, Marilyn Clark 128 Gross, Richard Jean 128 Grossman, David Lyle 6O Grove, Vernon Eugene, Jr 111, 328, 470 Grubb, Carole Dianne Ill, 144, 302 Grubb, Dillion Kirk 128 Crubbs, Clifford Milton 521 Crubbs, Nancy Jane 94, 324 Gruesbeck, Mildred 128 Grumbles, Herbert Eugene 464 Grumbles, Janis Florene 60, 470 Grumbles, Linda Beth... Ill, 148, 297, 485 Grumbles, Mineola Page 161 Grunewald, Robert M 380, 381 Grupe, Betsy Ann Ill, 312, 313 Grups, Hans Joachim 128, 439 Gryder, Robert 28 Guarin, Mary Alice 94, 301 Guckian, James Collins 171, 441, 558, 560, 561, 564 Gudel, Diane Linda 322 Guenther, Jack Egon 3 72 Cuenzel, Jean Hill Ill, 143, 316 Guerara, Alex Bianguini 174 Guerin, Anne D 179 Guerin, John William 36 Cuerra, Arthur Howard 521 Guerra, Bertha Margaret 177, 435 Guerra, Dardanella 128 Guerra, Jose Italo 438, 473 Guerra, Lita 60 Guerra, Rose Marie Ill, 459 Guerreri, Gianfranco 474 Guerrero, Joe Gregory 184, 192 Guerrero, Louis Vega 417 Guerrero, Luis 94 Guess, Bailey Lovin, III 405 Guess, Wallace Louis 37, 176, 184 Guest, Robert Harold 424 Guettley, Glenn Roy 481 Guffee, Guy Keel 159 Gugger, Jimmie Van 128 Guidry, Loyd J 94 Guinn, James Robert 343, 521 Guinn, Robert R 493 Guinn, Ronald M 460 Gulani, Subhi 479 Gulledge, Joe Henry 94 Gunn, Carl Donald 186 Gunn, Curtis Conway 349 Gunn, James Wallace 380 Gunn, Jerry Walter 410, 440 Gunn, John Reginald, Jr 128 Gunn, Robert Harold 94 Gunn, Robert Leyton 416 Cunstream, Alice Wesley. . . .111, 142, 302 Gunter, Addison Yancey, III (Pete) . . . .94, 170, 192, 221, 350, 351, 386 Gunter, Charles Alvis 60, 344 Curwitz, Gary Reagan 188, 370 Gusemano, Frankie Louis 94 Gusler, Jack Summer 474 Gustafson, Don Harral 128, 367 Custafson, Edra A 36 Gustafson, Lorrain Margaret 432 Gustafson, Theresa Marie 485 Gustwick, Robert Everett 60, 474, 558 Cuthrie, Carroll Brown 128, 367 PAGE 580 YOUR GUARANTEE OF PERFORMANCE HUGHES TI8L CIMPtNY WORLD STANDARD OF TUB INDUSTRY In the oil fields of the world the HUGHES trademark has been accepted as a guarantee of performance . . . consistent, dependable performance for almost a half century. Through intensive and aggressive research, in the laboratory and in the field, HUGHES is continuing to advance the quality and performance of its products . . . worldwide. PAGE 581 Name Pages Guthrie, Janet Marzee 321, 556, 561 Guthrie, Joseph E 498 Guthrie, Mary Taylor 152 Guthrie, Merle Elizabeth 128 Guthrie, Robert Calvin 128 Gutierrez, Carlos Jesus 474 Gutierrez, Manuel Ramiro Ill, 459 Gutierrez, Maria Celeste Ill Gutierrez, Maria Del Rosario 128 Gutierrez, Raul, Jr 128, 425, 464 Guv, Betty Lou Ill, 310, 455, 554 Guy, William T., Jr 181 Guynes, George Albert, Jr 439 Guyton, Gayle 128 Guyton, Mary Patricia 128, 148, 291 Guyton, Nancy Lee Ill, 147, 307 Guyton, William Louis. .144, 336, 337, 421 Guzick, Norman David 474 Guzman, Ramon Ill Guzman, Raul J., Jr 61 H Haag, Jessie Helen 31, 172, 492 Haas, Erwin J 444 Haase, Donald James 128, 171 Habash, Carlo Hanna 479 Haberle, Fred 340 Haberman, R. A 343 Habib, Anthony Joseph 94 Hacker, Carl Edward 456 Hacker, Mary 456 Hackerman, Norman 22 Haden, Ernest F 26, 179 II. nit i James Minton 26 Hagaman, Betty Lou 296 Hagan, Kenneth Ray 488 Hagan, Mary Dee 128 Hagans, Paul M 186, 394 Hagar, Lewis Virgil, Jr 416 Hagedorn, Emmett Nelson 171 Hagelman, Marcia Lee.. . .61, 296, 431, 448 Hagen, Marilyn Estelle 94, 147 302, 429, 448 Hager, George Washington, Jr Ill, 365 Hager, Ted Chester, Jr 354 Haggard, Harriett Ann 128 Hagler, Charles Lee 487 Hagler, Janet Ernestine 128, 432 Hagler, Robert Gibson 478 Hagood, John Thomas 460, 464, 467 Hague, Richard Douglas.. 94, 158, 356, 469 Hagwood, Henry Melvin 395 Hahn, Eithel Hugh 61, 344, 345 Baight, Edward Allen 94, 368 Hail, Thomas Lynch 61, 368, 369 Haile, Lawrence Barclay. .94, 336, 386, 495 Hailey, James Leon 1 11 , 364, 365, 397 Hailey, Richard Lee 128, 377 Haines, Edna Mae 128, 299, 433 Hains, Norman Lynn Ill Haire, Lynda Gayle 208, 305 Haire, T. J., Jr 349 Hairston, David Lloyd 128, 421 Hairston, Mary Clenda. . 128, 147, 321, 486 Hajjar, Ahmad Marwan 479, 557 Haj jar, Mohammed Said 61, 479 Hakes, Alan Phillips 94 Halamicek, Lynn C 558 Halbert, William Grady, Jr 128 Haldane, Robert Bruce 61, 170 Hale, Clovis Ray 128, 171, 422, 439 Hale, Edward Everett 22, 174 Hale, Hulen Alphes 434, 492, 550 Hale, Jo Ann 94, 298, 430, 448 Hale, Myron Q 24 Hale, Nancy June Ill, 324, 433, 448 Hale, Patric James 361 Hale, Selden Bloomfield 464 Hale, Thomas Weldon 128, 349 Haley, Carolyn Janet 94, 190, 436, 448, 486 Hall, Arthur Bryan 334 Hall, Arthur Howell 61, 180 Hall, Charles Lee 128, 367, 421 Hall, Claude 154 Hall, David Carey 396 Hall, David Lynn : .391 Hall, Dorothy Leveritt 152 Hall, Ester Jane Wood 37, 176 Hall, Farris McDannald 369 Hall, Jack Curtis 521 Hall, James Arnold 128, 397 Hall, James Benjamin 128, 410 Hall, Jane Charnelle 61, 304, 477 Hall, John Clarence, Jr 487 Hall, John Everett 61 Hall, Manuel M 364 Hall, Mary Carolyn 128, 315 Hall, Maurice Dale 484 Hall, Milford Lee 174 Hall, Patsy Ann 43, 143 Hall, Robert Earle 61, 366, 391 Hall, Roy Maxwell 30 Hall, Royce Herman, Jr 128, 410 Hall, Sam Hulin 165, 187, 425 Hall, Sammye Jo 402, 403 Hall, William B 186 Hallaway, Attif Ill Halliburton, Grover Cleveland 372 Halliday, Otis Thornton 459 Halliday, Sally Ann Ill, 297 Hailing, Walter Wallace 476 Hallman, Leon Charles 94, 376 Hallmark, Julie 128, 161, 311, 433 Halm, Kelo Glen 396, 521 Halmicek, Lynn 560 Halton, Gary Donald 61 Halton, James Norton 94, 144, 343 Ham, Barbara Jean 485 Ham, Richard G 181 Name Pages Hamblen, Lester P 437, 438 Hamburger, Dona Barnett 315, 556 Hamburger, Edith Dale Ill, 314 1 1. 1 MM 1 1 Carroll Francis 159 Hamilton, Anthony Brock 374 Hamilton, Floy Elizabeth Ill Hamilton, Herbert Franklin 355 Hamilton, Jimmy Ray 61 Hamilton, Jo Anne 147, 416, 446, 463 Hamilton, John Reed 61 Hamilton, Louis Wayne 94 Hamilton, Sandra Jean. . 144, 147, 306, 494 Hamilton, Sue Nell Ill, 142, 310, 311 Hamilton, William Anne 128, 321 Hamlett, John William 61 Hamm, Beverly Jean Ill, 297 Hamm, Jerry Ross 496 Hammack, Irwin Duyka 358 Hamman, Henry Royden 352 Hammerich, Lorraine 61, 290 Hammett, Donald Wade 128, 464 Hammond, George Randall 61, 187, 364, 414 Hammond, Hall Street 94, 140, 144 192, 354, 407 Hammond, Vernon Leroy 61, 175 Hammond, Weldon W. . . Ill, 366, 410, 474 Hamon, Dexter Boone 374, 405, 474 Hampel, Albert Carl 399 Hampson, Diana Patricia Ill, 432 Hampton, Becky Suzanne 315, 554 Hampton, Charles Emmett 94, 476 Hampton, Daniel Thomas Ill, 367 Hampton, John W 18 Hampton, Sandra Lynn Ill, 142, 320 Han, Mieko Shimizu 26 Hanak, Walter Karl 482 Hanapel, Jane Clare Ill, 318 Hanchey, Mary Dorothy 298 Hancock, Emma Louise Holman 174 Hancock, John Terry 158 Hancock, Mary Linda 61, 430, 448 Hancock, Warner A 39 Hand, Bethlyn Jean Ill, 147, 312, 499 Hand, Lloyd Nelson 144, 167 Handley, Phillip Winston 390 Handorf, Edmund Richard 61 Hankins, Donald Wilson 374 Hankins, Ingrid Christine 128 Hankins, Linda Elizabeth 293, 433 Hanks, Jerry 61, 184 Hanle, Richard Mahlon, Jr Ill, 474 Hanmer, Brigadier General S. N 285 Hanna, Geneva 30 Hanna, John Paul 488 Hannah, David Hardgrave 61 Hansen, Charles Merwin 61 Hansen, Dinah Polly 447, 456 Hansen, Mary Evelyn 128 Hansen, Melvin O., Jr 94 Hansen, Minah Molly 61, 159, 447 Hanson, Grace Haen 172 Hanson, Harold P 25 Hanson, Joe LeNoir 464 Hanson, Lucy Elaine 94, 290 Hanson, Philip Gerald 434 Hanson, Robert 550 Harbin, Gaye Ann 128, 297, 502 Hardcastle, Robert Dalton 335 Hardee, Harry C., Jr 487 Hardeman, Watson A 61, 473, 493 Harden, Richard Don 61, 340 Harder, Verna M 177 Hardesty, Jerrel Reid 165 Hardgrave, Robert Lewis, Jr 171 Hardie, Thornton 12 Hardin, Russell Arlin Ill Hardin, Ernest R 349 Harding, Louis Russell 368 Harding, Raymond Edward 61 Hardwick, Geneva Joan.. .94, 316, 480, 555 Hardwicke, Lawrence Gail 489 Hardy, Ransom Joe 128 Hardy, Timothy Ann 316 Hare, Kenneth Harold 94 Hargis, Andrea Rose 128 Hargis, Robbie Routh 128, 319 Hargrave, Helen 39, 189 Hargrave, Linda Janice 94, 147, 462 Harkavy, Freddie Sherman. . .111, 362, 386 Harkey, Jayne Frances. .111, 148, 491, 499 Harkins, Robert Earl 61, 496 Harkness, Jess Lester 360 Harkrider, Francis Edward Ill, 364 Harkrider, Robert Elmo 61, 364 Harlan, Gerald D 444 Harlan, John Carter 61, 476, 492 Harmon, Lucy Crawford 335 Harned, James McLean 334 Harp, Carolyn Bruce 128, 305 Harp, Sylvia Lee 61, 492 Harper, Paul 463 Harper, William Joe Ill, 474 Harral, Albert Mackey 128, 416 Harral, Clell Gauvey 128, 171 Barrel, Donald L 368, 559 Barrel, Forrest Edwin 61, 148, 188, 376, 377, 476 Harrell, Jimmy Joel 128, 337 Harrell, John Hailey 441, 492 Harrell, Marshall Allen, Jr 188, 368, 369, 558, 560 Harrell, Roy A., Jr 94, 186, 459 Barren, Richard Mason 94 Harrington, George Sydney 171 Harrington, James Wilfred ' , Jr 128, 347, 464 Harrington, Martha Evelyn 172 Harris, Alton Wayne Ill Harris, Belvin Lee 377 Harris, Billy Howard 492 Name Pages Harris, Carolyn 310, 454 Harris, Charles Houston, III Ill, 169, 171, 392 Harris, Charles Melvin 94 Harris, Clelland Maxwell 187, 421 Harris, Dana Ill, 294 Harris, Diana Louise Ill, 304 Harris, Donna Marie 128, 305, 555 Harris, Frances 294, 295, 494 Harris, Gregg Alan 372 Harris, Captain Harold L 413 Harris, Hariett Jean 94, 314, 326 Harris, Hugh K 358 Harris, Jean 61, 314 Harris, Jerry Lee Ill Harris, Jimmy Lyn 94, 336 Harris, Kay Anne 128, 311, 433, 562 Harris, Lawrence S 342, 563 Harris, Margaret H 290, 486, 554 Harris, Morris Rouchstone 61, 487 Barris, Robert 425 Harrison, Clarence Wayne . . . 187, 474, 563 Harrison, Dixie Dee 61 Harrison, John 564 Harrison, Joseph Walter, Jr... .94, 165, 405 Harrison, Katnerine Gordon 170 Harrison, Marguerite 182 Harrison, Otto Ross 453 Harrison, Richard King 372 Harrison, Thomas Perrin 341 Harrison, Trula Delle 128, 313 Harrison, William Arch, Jr 94, 191 404, 501 Harrop, John Venne 180 Hart, Gayle Elaine 61, 302 Hart, James Pinkney 171 Hart, Janet Kay 128 Hart, Janice 470 Bart, Lawrence Eugene.. .94, 187, 377, 424 Bart, Richard Drake Ill, 346