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1 W IJ. , - vv ! a - i JANICE BOURDON, Editor-in-Chief G. CLAUDE ALLEN, Associate Editor BOBBY JOE Macs, Editorial Assistant EARL B. BRALY, Business Director FRANKIE MAE LINDSEY, Assistant Business Director MARGUERITE FREEMAN, Production Manager Published by the Texas Student Publications, Inc. The University of Texas Austin, Texas PACE 3 To You.. THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS THIS VOLUME IS DEDICATED. MAY IT RECALL TO YOU YOUR COLLEGE DAYS OF 1954-55, THE DAYS OF CLASSES AND QUIZZES, OF STUDYING AND BULL SESSIONS, OF COFFEE DATES AND PARTIES; THE DAYS OF FOOTBALL GAMES AND OUT-OF-TOWN WEEKENDS; THE DAYS OF ELECTIONS AND MEETINGS, OF COMMITTEES AND HONORS; E DAYS WHEN YOU WERE . PAGE 4 2X cs, Campus Views Administration Faculty Classes Dorms Co-ops Varsity Sports Freshman Sports Intramurals Student Government Publications Honoraries Service Military Religious Activity Fine Arts Organizations Sororities and Fraternities Round-Up { lo t ni t 7 31 41 69 167 175 187 228 233 259 269 279 309 317 363 375 383 421 521 Sweetheart 553, 554 Rluebonnet Belles 559, 560 Outstanding Students 574 Goodfellows 580 Awards 308, 573, 586, 587 Index and Advertising 589. PACE 5 SHALL Main Building. C ' ' t d. . The Tower Bells. Hogg Auditorium. Journalism Building. Barker History Center Architecture Building. eorge Washington Statue. Waggener Hall. Columns between Mezes Hall and Benedict Hall. Home Economics. id Hall. r . Women ' s Gym. Pharmacy. I PACE 14 Health Center. PACE 15 Chemistry. Experimental Science. Physics. II I - S " v . V, PACE 18 ISB HI II M III III III m lit m in Engineering Building. Music Building. ' : PACE 20 Speech Building. Geology. PACE 21 Townes Hall. Little field Fountain. PAGE 22 Texas History Museum. Texas Medical Library. -, ' ,- I Home Economics Early American Room. Physics Laboratory. Mat PAGE 24 Music Building Recital Hall Barker H Mlesk. Registrar ' s Office. Main Building Stairway. jdmter Library. Reserve Reading Room. PACE 25 IN MEMORIAM FACULTY Samuel L. Joekel Daniel Evander McArthur James Hart Pope Oscar S. Powers STAFF Katherine Ann Banks Jack C. Maguire Doris-Mary Stokes STUDENTS Bobby Charles Helton William Jerome Hurley, Jr. Norman Lee Justus Dorothy Mary Kosler Jack Eberly Mackey James Watson Reaney Jan Theimer PAGE 26 } s ' x ADMINISTRATION FACULTY I " ' Marialice Sue Allan, Jr. THE FIRST FAMILY OF TEXAS Mrs. Shivers John Shary Brian McGee Governor Allan Shivers - THE FIRST FAMILY OF THE UNIVERSITY Mrs. Wilson Reed Calhoun Marshall President Logan Wilson PAGE 33 MRS. CHARLES DEVALL Kilgore BOARD OF REGENTS Chairman TOM SEALY Vice-Chairman CLAUDE W. VOYLES " Term Expired, January, 1955 LEROY JEFFERS Attorney, Houston J. LEE JOHNSON, III Lumber Business, Fort Worth z LEE LOCKWOOD Lumber and Investments, Waco DR. MERTON MINTER Physician, San Antonio MRS. MARGARET BATTS TOBIN San Antonio DR. L. S. GATES Physician and Surgeon, Center CLAUDE W. VOYLES Oil Operator and Rancher, Austin TOM SEALY Attorney, Midland DAVID M. WARREN " Newspaper Publisher and Banker, Panhandle J. R. SORRELL Attorney, Corpus Christi D. K. WOODWARD, JR. Attorney and Rancher, Dallas PAGE 34 ADMINISTRATION FRANKLIN LANIER COX Assistant to the President CHARLES PAUL BONER Vice-President for Academic Affairs and of the Main University LAURENCE D. HASKEW V ' ice-President for Developmental Services JAMES C. DOLLEY V ice-President for Fiscal Affairs HENRY YOUNG McCOWN Dean of Student Services GRAVES W. LANDRUM Business Manager JAMES R. D. EDDY Dean, Division of Extension CHARLES HERMAN SPARENBERG Comptroller CARL JOHN ECKHARDT Director of Physical Plant and Procurement PAGE 35 ADMINISTRATION JACK GREEK TAYLOR Endowment Officer F. C. McCONNELL Director, Auxiliary and Service Activities GRADY STARNES Auditor flpjT ARNO NOWOTNY Dean of Student Life PAGE 36 W. BYRON SHIPP Registrar CARL VICTOR BREDT Associate Dean of Student Life PAUL L. WHITE Director, Student Health Center WILLIAM D. BLUNK Assistant Dean of Student Life ALEXANDER MOFFIT University Librarian DOROTHY L. GEBAUER Dean of Women ADMINISTRATION MARGARET PECK Associate Dean of Women (Acting Dean of Women) D. B. JACK HOLLAND Dean of Men HELEN M. FLINN Assistant Dean of Women BARBARA R. GLIDDON Assistant to the Dean of Women T ' ODON CHARLES LESHIKAR Bursar OLIVER HOYT WILLIAMS Director, Student Employment Bureau C. LEWIS LINDAHL Assistant University Auditor CHARLES T. CLARK Director, Classified Personnel Office DEVELOPMENT BOARD Director . Assistant Director HULON W. BLACK FISHER A. TYLER HULON W. BLACK Director J. M. BENNETT, JR Chairman The University of Texas Development Board, the fund raising agency for the University, includes in its membership five members named by the Board of Regents, five appointed by the Executive Council of the Ex-Students ' Association, and two from the general faculty. The President is an ex-officio member. The Board is directly responsible to the Board of Regents. The Development Board seeks to develop and finance a great variety of enterprises, such as buildings, scholarships, fellowships, library acquisitions, and museum additions, in an effort to enrich the Main University and its various branches. J. M. BENNETT, JR., Chairman, San Antonio HINES H. BAKER, Houston W. B. BATES, Houston L. H. CULLUM, Wichita Falls J. A. GOOCH, Fort Worth BOARD GEORGE P. HILL, Fort Worth J. M. ODOM, Austin HARRY H. RANSOM, Austin MRS. BEN F. VAUGHAN, JR., Corpus Christi ROGER J. WILLIAMS, Austin LOGAN WILSON, Austin JAMES RALPH WOOD, Dallas ANGUS G. WYNNE, Dallas Seated: Bates, Baker, Bennett, Hill, Wilson. Standing: Black, Wood, Gooch, Williams, Ransom, Tyler. PACE 38 EX-STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION President . . . A. W. ( JESS ) WALKER, JR. Secretary . . . JOHN A. McCuRDY JOHN A. McCuRDY Secretary A. W. (Jess) WALKER, JR. President The Ex-Students ' Association is a voluntary organization of loyal and interested ex-students of the University, who seek to serve their school, and at the same time maintain ties binding them to the University and to each other. Central office of the Association is located in the Union Building, but its work extends over a wide area. Scores of Texas Ex Clubs, affiliated with the Association, have been set up throughout Texas, in most major cities of the Nation, and in some foreign countries. The Association maintains records of all former students, these data being constantly used by faculty, administration, student organizations, and ex-student groups. The Alcalde, alumni magazine, is published nine times yearly, and the Associa- tion administers over $323,000 in loan and scholarship funds. Sponsorship of Round-Up each spring is an Association function, as are promotion of Texas Ex Clubs and their March 2nd (Independence Day) meetings, annual giving by exes to the University and maintenance of athletic and legislative com- mittees throughout the State. Functioning as an important public relations arm of the University, the Ex-Students ' Association seeks to interpret the in- stitution to the people of Texas, and the desires and needs of the people of Texas to the University. It seeks to assist in every possible way the material, academic and spiritual development of The University of Texas. The staff in the Ex-Students ' Office, one of the most helpful on campus, keeps busy with the numerous files kept on former students. PACE 39 DADS ' ASSOCIATION S In , DADS ' ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Seated: Erskine, Holman, Blalock, Attwell. Standing: J. Hampton, Webb, Dittert, Blunk, Armstrong. OFFICERS President DIXON J. HOLMAN, Fort Worth V ice-Presidents RAY C. ARNHOLD, Wichita Falls K. V. ATTWELL, Houston RICHARD W. BLALOCK, Marshall STANLEY M. ERSKINE, Midland Secretary W. D. BLUNK, Austin Treasurer BOB ARMSTRONG, Austin Past Presidents HARRY C. WEBH, Houston JOHN W. HAMPTON, Wichita Falls J. LEE DITTERT, Bellville EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Maurice Adkins, Amarillo C. W. Cahoon, Wichita Falls William A. Cline, Sr., Wharton James A. Davis, Fort Worth E. W. Easterling, Beaumont Harry W. Ferguson, Houston J. L. Foxworth, Dallas H. D. Fulwiler, El Paso H. S. Grosebeeck, Crystal City Morris B. Hampton, Naples Maxey Hart, San Antonio Walter C. Hornaday, Washington, D. C. Jack Howell, Bryan Joe H. King, Waco Fred S. Nagle, Austin Dr. C. M. Phillips, Levelland Paul W. Powers, Abilene W. C. Ray, San Angelo P. R. Rutherford, Houston Wilber Smither, Huntsville John L. Tompkins, Corpus Christi Sam D. Wolfe, Sherman PACE 40 The University of Texas Dads ' Association, formed October 16, 1948, provided in its constitution that any father or male guardian of a student or former student of the University may be a member. This year the Dads ' Association had over 2,000 participating members who had paid dues. Funds derived from these dues make possible the publication of the U. T. Dads ' Digest, a limited high school visitation program, and the sponsoring of Dads ' Day on the campus. The Association maintains a scholarship fund, and makes other student awards, such as the Best All- Around Boy and Best All-Around Girl awards, which went to Joe Paul Tupin, and Sidney Eliza- beth Howell this year. Dad ' s Day was held on October 30, 1954. Fathers and Mothers were given an opportun- ity to visit the campus and were honored at Coffees one for the Dads in the Union, and one for the Mothers in the Rare Books Library. At the annual meeting of the Dads that weekend, Lanier Cox, and Retiring President J. Brown Cutbirth of the Dads ' Association were speakers. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES HARRY HUNTT RANSOM Dean, Faculty Division LLOYD LORING CLICK Dean, Student Division V PAUL J. THOMPSON Director, School of Journalism SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM Front Row: Olin E. Hinkle, Alan Scott, Afton Taylor Wynn, Jo Caldwell Meyer, Paul J. Thompson, Director; Arlie Ray McTee. Back Row. Harrell E. Lee, Norris G. Davis, Ernest A. Sharpe, DeWittC. Reddick, Earl B. Braly. PAGE 42 ANTHROPOLOGY Seated: George C. Engerrand, Wilfrid C. Bailey, J. Gilbert McAllister. Standing: Thomas N. Campbell, Chairman; Charles II. Lange. BACTERIOLOGY Left to Right: Charles E. Lankford, Jackson W. Foster, Oscar B. Williams, Chairman; Vernon T. Schuhardt, Orville Wyss. BOTANY Seated: W. Gordon Whaley, Chairman; Benjamin C. Tharp, Marie B. Morrow, Charles Heimsch. Standing: Invin Spear, Walter V. Brown, Addison S. Lee, Billie L. Turner. PAGE 43 CHEMISTRY Seated: F. A. Matsen, Robbin C. Anderson, Pete D. Gardner, Lewis F. Hatch, Philip S. Bailey, James E. Boggs, Lester J. Reed, Henry R. Henze, Norman Hackerman, Chairman. Standing: Roger J. Williams, George W. Watt, Harry L. Lochte, William Shive, William H. R. Shaw, Leon O. Morgan, Robert E. Eakin, Stanley H. Simonsen. CLASSICAL LANGUAGES Left to Right: Daniel A. Penick, Oscar W. Reinmuth, Mary Brown Pharr, Harris L. Russell, Harry J. Leon, Chair- man; Clyde Pharr, James A. Hitt, Minnie Lee Shepard, William J. Battle. ECONOMICS Seated: Robert H. Montgomery, Ruth A. Allen, Edward E. Hale, Chairman; Eastin Nelson, Calvin P. Blair. Standing: Frederic Meyers, Stephen L. McDonald, Wendell C. Gordon, Sherman Shapiro, Clarence E. Ayres, Carey C. Thompson. PACE 44 Left to Right: George W. Hoffman, Donald D. Brand, Chairman; Edwin Doran. GEOLOGY Seated: Hal P. Bybee, Keith Young, Samuel P. Ellison, Jr., Chairman; Elliot Gillerman, John A. Witson, Ronald K. DeFord, H. Gordon Damon. Standing: Robert L. Folk, Edward C. Jonas, William R. Muehlberger, Richard W. Rush. GERMANIC LANGUAGES Seated: Charles H. Holzwarth, |. Lassen Boysen, Vinfred P. Lehmann, Chair- man; Cecil V. Pollard. Standing: Don C. ' . Travis, Leroy R. Sluiw, Wolfgang F. Michael, Stanley N. Werbow, d-urgf Schul .-Brhrend. PACE 45 GOVERNMENT Seated: H. Malcolm Macclonald, John Lloyd Mecham, C. Perry Patterson, Stuart Alexander MacCorkle, O. Douglas Weeks, Chairman. Standing: Eduard T. Taborsky, James E. Titus, Warner E. Mills, William S. Livingston, Joe Neal, Howard A. Calkins, J. Alton Burdine, James R. Roach, Wilfred D. Webb. HISTORY Front Row: C. E. Castaneda, W. P. Webb, lone Spears, Coral H. Tullis, R. L. Biesele, Fulmer Mood. Second Row: J. Harry Bennett, R. John Rath, H. Bailey Carroll, Joe B. Frantz, L. U. Hanke, A. R. Lewis, Chairman. Third Row: Otis A. Pease, Otis A. Singletary, John H. Fritz, Robert A. Divine, David D. Van Tassel, E. L. Can- non, R. C. Cotner, W. R. Braisted. HOME ECONOMICS Front Row: Phyllis Richards, Mary E. Goldmann, Sara C. Brooks, Anne A. Forrester, Elizabeth Tarpley, Lucy Rathbone, Chairman; Rosalie Godfrey, Jennie Wilmont. Rack Row: Charles W. York, Ruth Millican, Janet C. Fitzgerald, Margaret A. Eppright, Sallie Beth Moore, Shirley S. Rudd, Dorothy F. Jones, Bess B. Caldwell, Anna Brightman. PACE 46 PHILOSOPHY Seated: Frederick II. Ginascol, Daniel Kading, George V. Gentry. Standing: Charles V. Marshall, David L. Miller, Chairman. PHYSICS Seated: William W. Clendenin, Harold P. Hanson, Elmer L. Hudspeth, Malcolm Y. Colby, Chairman; Arthur E. Lockenvitz, Claude Wendell Horton. Standing: Walter E. Millett, William W. Robertson, Alfred W. Nolle, Eugene V. Ivash, Robert B. Watson, F. A. Matsen, Joseph C. Grosskreutz. PSYCHOLOGY Seated: Hugh C. Blodgett, Karl M. Dallenbach, Chairmin; Lloyd A. Jeffress, W. Lynn Brown. Standing: Philip Worchel, Willard H. Brentlinger, Ira Iscoe, Wayne H. Holtzman, Robert E. Morin, Harold W. Stevenson, Robert R. Blake. PACE 47 ROMANCE LANGUAGES Front Row: Robert H. Price, Edward M. Stack, Raphael Levy, Richard W. Tyler. Second Row: Madeleine Derdeyn-Joseph, Richard T. Fleming, {Catherine Wheatley, Aaron Schaffer, Chairman. Third Row: E. Truett Book, Sudie P. Muirhead, Lancaster E. Dubney, Lucile Williams, Robert H. Williams. Fourth Row: Miguel E. Gonzalez, C. Dixon Anderson, Martin Kushinsky, Gregory G. LaGrone. Fifth Row: George ' . Aver, Darnell Ron ten, Eugene M. Gibson, Louis Cooper. SLAVONIC LANGUAGES Left to Right: Jaroslav Elias Zivney, Eduard Micek, Chairman; Joe Malik, Jr. SOCIOLOGY t Front Row: Walter I. Firey, Paul H. Vassick, Warner E. Gettys, Chairman; Carl M. Rosenquist, Harry E. Moore. Back Row: Hillquit Lynch, Robert L. Sutherland, Gideon Sjob ' erg, E. Gartly Jaco, Ivan Belknap. PAGE 48 SPEECH Front Row: Caroline More, Marjorie D. Parker, Eva G. Currie, Ora A. Bennett, Beulah H. Lyon. Second Row: Thomas A. Rousse, Chairman; T. Russell Woolley, Jesse J. Villarreal, Howard W. Townsend, James N. Neelley. Third Row: Grover A. Fuchs, A. Faulkner, Lennart L. Kopra, Ernest R. Hardin, Braxton Milburn. ZOOLOGY Seated: Wilson S. Stone, Hilda F. Rosene, Clarence P. Oliver, Chairman; Jack Myers, John T. Patterson, Dana B. Casteel, Theophilus S. Painter. Standing: Austin Phelps, O. Philip Breland, Clark Hubbs, A. R. Schrank, Marshall R. Wheeler, W. Frank Blair, Robert P. Wagner. Cancer research is one of the many special projects being carried on at the University. President Logan Wilson and Board of Regents Chair- man, Tom Sealy, examine the portrait of former Uni- versity President, Dr. Sidney E. Mezes, presented to the University in December. PACE 49 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WILLIAM R. SPRIEGEL Dean ACCOUNTING Front Row: John A. White, Chairman; Howard E. Frieden, Maurice A. Hartman, Jim G. Ashburne. Second Row: William E. Wright, Edward S. Lynn, Edward J. Blakely, Glenn A. Welsch. Third Row: George H. Newlove, Robert T. Tussing, Archibald F. Wagner, Charles T. Zlatkovich. BUSINESS SERVICES Front Row: Nelia Fox, Stella Traweek, Ruth Cole, Jessamon Dawe, R. Frances Watson, Sarah Warren, N. Marie Barnes. Second Row: Eugene W. Nelson, Alfred G. Dale, John R. Stockton, Chairman; E. Karl McGinnis, Francis B. May, A. Faborn Etier. PACE so Third Row: Robert H. Ryan, Richard C. Henshaw, Jr., William P. Boyd, Harry Vine III. FINANCE, INSURANCE, AND REAL ESTATE Seated: Charles L. Prather, Edward K. McGinnis, James R. Kay, Chairman; James A. Fitzgerald. Standing: Girvin H. Sanderson, Jack W. Cashin, Irving O. Linger, Leslie C. Peacock, Daniel M. Clark, James A. Byrd. MANAGEMENT Seated: Ernest W. Walker, Wilfred H. Watson, Edwin W. Mumma, Chairman; Elizabeth Lan- ham, Joseph K. Bailey. Standing: George E. Kiser, Virgil A. James, Burnard H. Sord. MARKETING, RESOURCES, AND TRANSPORTATION Seated: Alonzo B. Cox, Alfred L. Seelye, Chairman; Aaron H. Chute, Erich W. Zimmermann, Paul M. Carrick. Standing: Frank M. Bass, Stanley A. Arbingast, John L. Hazard. PAGE 51 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION LAURENCE DEFEE H ASKEW Dean CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION Seated: Geneva Hanna, James G. Umstattd, Chairman; Cora M. Martin, Henry J. Otto, Thelma A. Bollman, Alma M. Freeland, Frances L. Merritt, Hob Gray. Standing: Julia Mellenbruch, Mary Bell James, Patricia A. Hang, M. Vere DeVault, Clyde I. Martin, G. Robert Carlsen, I. I. Nelson, Herman Newson, Rosella Liiiskie, Evelyn F. Herrington, Clark C. Gill. EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION PACE 52 Seated: Fred C. Ayer, Henry J. Otto, Clyde C. Colvert, Chairman; Lonnie B. Ezell, Henry F. Alves. Standing: Ralph W. Cherry, Kenneth E. Mclntyre, Roy M. Hall. EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Seated: Benjamin F. Holland, Peggy Akin, Frederick J. Adams, Herschel T. Manuel, Oscar B. Douglas, Chairman; Leigh Peck, Faye Thames. Standing: George D. White, William G. Wolfe, Gale R. Adkins, Roger N. McCown, Robert F. Peck, Benjamin Fruchter, Emery P. Bliesmer, Jackson B. Reid, Carson McGuire, Royal B. Embree, Oliver H. Bown, Gor- don V. Anderson, B. Claude Mathis, Artie A. Daniel, Robert McQueen. HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION Left to Right: Frank C. Wagner, George I. Sanchez, Chairman; Frederick Eby, Arthur H. Moehlman, James P. Jewett. PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION Seated: Jessie H. Haag, Frances McNeely, David K. Brace, Chairman; Curtis J. Alderson, Mary E. Buice, Betty J. Alexander. Standing: Frederick J. Adams, Lynn W. McCraw, Laurence D. Haskew, Melvin M. Crawford, Karl K. Klein, Clyde Littlefield. PAGE 53 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING WILLIS RAYMOND WOOLRICH Dean AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING f Left to Right: Joseph W. Dalley, Milton J. Thompson, Chairman; William H. Shutts. ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Left to Right: Robert S. Harris, James J. Pollard, Chairman; Werner W. Dornberger. PACE 54 CERAMIC ENGINEERING Left to Right: E. J. Weiss, Robert L. Stone, Chairman; Rodney A. Rogues. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING HBIflll Seated: John J. McKetta, Eugene P. Schoch. Standing: William A. Cunningham, Chairman; David Cornell, Howard F. Rase, Matthew Van Winkle, Kenneth A. Kobe. CIVIL ENGINEERING ' Seated: John A. Focht, Frank G. Bryant, Raymond F. Dawson, Phil M. Ferguson, Chairman; Carl W. Morgan, Leland Barclay. Standing: J. Neils Thompson, Earnest F. Gloyna, James Chinn, Walter L. Moore, Ben B. Ewing, William E. Barker, Hudson Matlock, A. Anthony Toprac. PAGE 55 DRAWING fo O i Fronf ROUJ: Noel C. McGuire, Jack Lenhart, Charles E. Rowe, James D. McFarland, Chairman; Clayton W. Chance, Alexander S. Bennet, James R. Holmes. Back Row: Joe L. Bruns, Margaret R. Baker, Wilbert C. Shallene, Howard L. Furr, Harold L. Kiger, William H. Savage, Jr., Harry F. Ebert. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Front Row: Frederick E. Brooks, Jr., Edith Clark, Margaret F. Towers, Archie W. Straiten, Burns N. Gafford, Chairman; Robert W. Warner. Back Row: Hubert W. Smith, Cullen M. Grain, William C. Duesterhoeft, Jr., William F. Helwig, Elmer L. Hixson, William H. Hartwig, Donald C. Thorn, Kenneth J. Cox. ENGINEERING MECHANICS Seated: Carl C. Steyer, Banks McLaurin, Chairman; Harold J. Plass, Jr., Eugene A. Ripperger. Standing: James W. Turn bow, Glen W. Zumwalt. PACE 56 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Front Row: Leonard R. Benson, H. Grady Rylander, Billy H. Amstead, Gene C. Walker, Wayne E. Long, William J. Carter, Otto G. Brown, Jack A. Scanlan. Back Row: Byron E. Short, Carl J. Eckhardt, Venton L. Doughtie, Rinaldo A. Bacon, Frank W. McBee, Ed- ward M. Wight, John R. Watt, Neal A. Cook, Richard O. Welty. METEOROLOGY Left to Right: Kenneth H. Jehn, Vance E. Mover. PETROLEUM ENGINEERING Left to Right: Isaac F. Roebuck, Eldred W. Hough, William W. Dingle, Harry H. Power, Chairman; William W. Holland, Frank W. Jessen, George H. Fancher. PACE 57 COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS E. WILLIAM DOTY Dean ART Seated; Doris M. Coulter, Marian B. Davis, Donald L. Weismann, Chairman; Hiram D. Williams, Robert Mac- Donald Graham, Constance Forsyth, Luis E. Eades, Paul P. Hatgil. Standing: Kelly Fearing, Charles Umlauf, Loren N. Mosley, William L. Lester, Everett F. Spruce, Ralph E. White, John W. Guerin, Eugene Trentham, Ronald J. Farmer, Dan C. Wingren. DRAMA PAGE 58 Seated: F. Loren Winship, Chairman; Albert E. Johnson, Marion R. McMichael, Lucy Barton, Margaret D. Freed, W. Mouzon Law, Lyle J. Hendricks. Standing: James W. Moll, Ellsworth P. Conkle, H. Neil Whiting, B. Iden Payne, Jack D. Summerfield, Francis R. Hodge, Joseph E. Johnston. MUSIC Front Row: Benjamjin M. Bakkegard, Laurene T. Heimann, John P. Magnus, Marian R. Yeager, Fritz Oberdoef- fer, Mary G. Spanieling, Horace Britt, Helen D. Haupt, John J. McGrosso, J. Frank Elsass, Joan Templar. Second Row: Floyd C. Townsley, Joseph Blankenship, R. Bernard Fitzgerald, Charlotte E. DuBois, Angel Reyes, Dalies E. Frantz, Steven Kennedy, Edward K. Mellon, Phyllis C. Young, Janet M. McGaughey, Archie N. Jones. Third Row: John P. Patterson, Alexander Von Kriesler, Lee W. Fiser, Josephine Antoine, Kent W. Kennan, Al- bert Gillis, Joseph L. Cunningham, Paul A. Pisk, Eduardo Fiorelli, James Clifton Williams, E. William Dotv, Chairman. The Cultural Entertainment Committee proudly presented Yma Sumac . . . and Marge and Cower Champion and Harry Bela- fonte. The Symphonic Band tunes up for a rehearsal. " The Trojan Women, " directed by James W. Moll, was one of the star productions of the Drama Depart- ment in the fall. A life drawing class at the art building. PAGE 59 COLLEGE OF PHARMACY HENRY M. BURLAGE Dean II Front Row. Vernon A. Green, William F. Gidley, Louise M. Pope, William R. Lloyd, Charles O. Wilson, Carl C. Albers. Second Row: Wallace L. Guess, Gunnar Gjerstad, Frederick V. Lofgren, John E. Davis, Henry M. Burlage, Dean; Herbert F. Schwartz. Third Row: Joseph H. Arnette, Esther J. Hall, William J. Sheffield, Joseph R. Moreno, Robert G. Brown, Leon O. Wilken, William R. Neville. PAGE 60 SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE HARWELL H. HARRIS Director Front Row: Hugh L. McMath, Joseph R. Buffler, Hugo Leipziger-Pearce, Harwell H. Harris, Director; Robert Slutzky, Heinrich B. Hoesli, Kenneth M. Nuhn. Back Row: H. Lee Hirsche, Goldwin Goldsmith, John Hejduk, R. Gommel Roessner, Colin F. Rowe, Martin S. Kermacy, Robert L. White. PAGE 61 GRADUATE SCHOOL ROBERT RAYMOND DOUGLASS Director, School of Library Science ALBERT PERLEY BROGAN Dean LORA LEE PEDERSON Director, Graduate School of Social Work GRADUATE SCHOOL OF LIBRARY SCIENCE Seated: Charles F. Folmer, Catheryne S. Franklin, Esther L. Stallmann, LeRoy H. Linder. Standing: Sam G. Whitten, Robert R. Douglass, Director; H. H. Young. GRADUATE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK PACE 62 Left to Right: Marjorie Young, Lorraine Warnken, Charles W. Laughton, Anne Wilkens, Lora Lee Pederson Director. SCHOOL OF LAW W. PAGE KEETON Dean Front Row: Corwin W. Johnson, Leon Green, Edward W. Bailey, Leo G. Blackstock, W. Page Keeton, Dean; Gus M. Hodges, Marion K. Woodward, Helen Hargrave, Charles T. McCormick, Earl K. Adams, Joseph " P. Witherspoon, Franklin L. Cox, Robert VV. Stayton, George W. Stumberg. Back Row: Julius F. Franki, Millard H. Ruud, Warner A. Hancock, Keith E. Morrison, Jack Proctor, Gaynor Kendall, Jerre S. Williams, William F. Young, William F. Fritz, Hubert W. Smith, Woodrow W. Patter- son, Joseph T. Sneed, Gray Thoron, William O. Huie. PACE 63 PHYSICAL TRAINING FOR MEN i -I ' Left to Right: Wiley E. Glaze, William A. Crenshaw, Otis T. Budd, Thomas E. Barlow, Director; Joe C. Bowling, B. R. Huffman, Edmund J. Fleming, Karl K. Klein, Charles H. Leinbach, Roy J. McLean. PHYSICAL TRAINING FOR WOMEN Front Row: Josephine M. Chapman, Anna Hiss, Director; Carolyn Williams, Marilyn A. Smith. Back Row: Sheila M. O ' Gara, Mamie L. Hughes, Dorothy A. Thompson, Leta I. Walter, Mary E. Risley, Betty A. Thompson. PACE 64 % WW giSKl GRADUATES AND SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN ' ' I ' Taking a coffee break in the Commons are some of the Sponsored Students who are doing graduate work at the University. Left to right: Egan Schmidt, Germany, Maria Xenia Zevelechi, Italy, Jo Offenheim, Luxembourg, Flor Toubkice, France, Heinz Erich Mentzner, Germany, Stein Stoje, Norway, Frydis Finnwald, Norway, and Hank Pahl, Germany. Danforth graduate, Sue Johnson, and Sabri Barghout from Palestine chat at the " Y. " AITCHISON, MARIE SYLVI , Brisbane, Australia Secondary Education, A Cappella AjoiiTyt ' Stminster Student Fellowship ALAMI, SAMIH YUSUF, Ofcdf Palestine Bacteriology, Arab Students ' Association, International Club ALLISON, NELSON TttptfER, Eastland History J AL-UTHMAN, HILN iBER, Baghdad, Iraq Zool ogy nd, Kan. ANDERSON, ROLAND G., ' . Botany, ZH BANKS, CLAUDE E., Jack English BAYLISS, GARLAND History, A9, HSA BELL, ROBERT LOUISJR., Houston Psychology, S ' X US, Austin BIRDWELL, LEROY, JR., San Antonio Business Administration, BHIT, 4 H1, Cowboys, Associate Justice, Student Court BOHANNON, BURBA E., GfrHMress Advertising and Marketing, AA An rjcan Marketing Association BOWDEN, WILLIAM THOMAS, Weatherford Law, KI BRIENT, SAMUEL JCflN, El Paso Physics BROWN, CHARLES JULIAN,|Bf Utica, Miss. Chemistry BROWN, JOHNNY ASTEF Educational Administration CATTERALL, FREDER TK WILLIAM, III, Austin Management, KA, -IK CHAN, EDDIE CHI JJUN, Singapore, Malaya Bacteriology, Society of American Bacteriologists PACE 70 i 1 CHANCE, CLAYTON WILLIAM, Austin Education CHENZOFF, ANDREW PAUL, Philadelphia, Pa. Psychology CHITWOOD, JOHN CARROLL, Austin Economics, Al l , A R, Interfratemity Council CHU, KUM JEE, Taegu, Korea Government, International Club COOK, THOMAS CARLSON, Dallas Geography, International Club COX, KENNETH JACKSON, Austin Electrical Engineering, A Q, HKX, TBII, AIEE, Student Assembly, Wesley Foundation CREEDLE, GEORGE ROBERT, Oak Park, 111. Zoology, ATA, A Cappella Choir CRUM, LARRY LEE, Brownsville Finance, UK, BF1, American Finance Association DAOUD, HAZIM SOLAIMAN, Baghdad, Iraq Botany DARDEL, GUY MAX, Montmorency, France Transportation, AXA, International Club, International Council, Christian Faith and Life Community, Westminster Student Fellowship DEITERMAN, LOUIS HENRY, Temple Physics, 111, Newman Club DEVINEY, MARVIN LEE, JR., Prairie Lea Physical Chemistry, AX1, A+JJ, AT, 1111, IS, American Chemical Society, Wesley Foundation, Humble Research Fellowship DODGE, WILSON THOMAS, Austin Finance, AXA DONLEY, JOHN CAMERON, Fort Worth Ceramic Engineering, TBII, ll ' E, Goodfellow, Senior Cabinet, Student Assembly, American Ceramic Society, Ramshorn, Student Engineering Council, Edward Orton, Jr., Foundation Fellowship DRYNAN, WALTER RONALD, Toronto, Canada Sanitary Engineering ERWIN, ROBERT HUGH, Aransas Pass Accounting, 4 eK, AK , BA , ZIE, BI ' FANU, NICHOLAS MICHAEL, Gloucester, N. J. Electrical Engineering, AIEE, IRE FIGEN, I. SEVKI, Istanbul, Turkey - ' Club, ASCE - ., Newton Centre, Mass. Jub, Grass Roots Educational STUS, JR., Fairhope, Ala. O I FOUNTCfJLfiSl Psychology GACU Civil En gin GAR1B History, GAR Civil Ll Istif bul, Turkey rnaAial Club, Turkish Club IN SAREZ, Rago, Kan. enn ' JERJY, fiis ing I GERMIYANOGLU, ISMftlLl Istanb Turkey Civil Engineering, Turkish plub Aternation LClub GIDDENS, LESLIE VWJR., Austi Geology, IX, CowbJvs jVpRity Swimming, iTSrfraternity Cou GILES, MUPRiPBROWDER, Clarlville j ,r f MOREL, Atlanta istration, MICA, Barflet St GOHRlrfMX ERNESTINE, Portland, Ore. Music gTlftion, KKf, 1A1, KAI1 , KENNETH MORTON, Jacksonvil]| ' ting, MICA, American Marketing Associat iples Student Fellowship GREEN, WILLARO RUSSELL, San " Geology, IFE GREENFIELD, LESLIE LOHR, Houston Geology, TAI, Geological Society, Hillel PAGE 71 GRISHAM, NOEL, Hutto Education HAKKINEN, HERTTA MAIJA, Helsinki, Finland Biochemistry, International Club HARGETT, GLENN ELMER, Sheffield, Ala. Psychology HELLER, ROBERT, JR., Houston Mathematics HENDERSON, ROSS KENNEDY, JR., Austin Personnel Management, 2IE, BFZ HERBST, WALTER EGON, Comfort Physics, KK , 2H1 HONEYCUTT, JERALD M., Hawkins Organic Chemistry, .} , A S), American Chemical Society JOHNSON, MORRIS DEANE, Austin Accounting, 4 " A9, T Association, Varsity Track JOHNSTON, MARSHALL CONRING, Harlingen Botany JONES, PAUL DEWOLFE, Corpus Christi Chemical Engineering, AIChE KARADAYI, AVDIN, Istanbul, Turkey Electrical Engineering, AIEE KELLY, GEORGE E., JR., Hillsboro Electrical Engineering AIEE, IKE, YMCA KILLAM, ALLEN PAGE, Lufkin Botany, Wesley Foundation KINDLE, NELLON DEAN, Quitman Business Education KUEKES, EDWARD GRAYSON, Austin Psychology KURIE, ANDREW EDMUNDS, San Antonio Geology :- ' S IBM LEATHERS, FRANK POWELL, Austin Educational Administration LEE, VIRGINIA FRANCES, Mexia Secondary Educatii i, Fla. AMIN, Springfield, Mo. , Leona sociation OUD M., Alexandria, ASHVE, ASME J., Temple ican ygance Association AMKRSON, Waxahach MARTIN, WILLIA Educational Psycholo McCRUM, Law, A+, A McPHBffS Edi SMIT IE, Moot Cou MARGARET J wnwood rd. Moot Court IA, Richm WN, ALBERT NE gineering, t Kr, TBI1 TARTHUR LEE, Belton nent. Steer Here Committee, Baptist Stude ' ITAKIDIS, ANDRE, Istanbul, Turkey Electrical Engineering MORAN, SIDNEY STUART, Tu Geology, AKII, SPK, BK, Hillel Coat MORGAN, DANIEL CROXT R., Angleton Economics, BIT, Silver Spurs, International Council, Student Assembly PACE 72 MORRIS, CHARLES BRADY, Austin Geology, 1PK, Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists N1TAT, PRAKASVUDHISARN, Bangkok, Thailand Mechanical Engineering, ASME O ' DELL, AUSTIN A., JR., Obey Physics, ZflS, North Texas Club, A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, Eulenspiegelverein OFFENHEIM, JOSEPH NORBERT, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg Management, International Club ORER, DUNDAR SAIM, Ankara, Turkey Civil Engineering PARTAIN, JACKIE GENE, Carrollton History, English PERKINS, THOMAS HAROLD, Austin Sociology PERKINS, THOMAS KEEBLE, Dallas Chemical Engineering PHILYAW, LARRY EUGENE, Chunky, Miss. Chemistry PIEPER, WILLIAM TURNER, Beeville Accounting PLUMMER, WILLIAM LEE, JR., San Angelo Public Administration, A t S2, Cowboys, Theleme, Inter-Co-op Council, Orientation Council, Transfer Advisory Committee, Ugly Man Committee, Goodfellow, Round-Up PLYLER, ROYCE, Corpus Christi Statistics PRATHIPASEN, SARAYUDH, Bangkok, Thailand PRESLEY, JAMES W., Texarkana PRITCHETT, OSCAR DALE, Austin Accounting, A1I1 RIBBLE, JOHN KEITH, Roxton Mathematics ROBERTS, CHARLES TRUMAN, Austin ft jfll School Administration, I AK ROBERTSON, CARL RE Accounting ROSS, ROBERT B., Ce ROTHWELL, JACK Finance, B9IT, Silver Spi Killeen ustin ROWAN, ARCH H., JR., Fort Geology, KS, AIME, AFROTC, Geological Society SCHERFF, MAE, Austin --- Accounting SELENIUS, ANJA MIRMjHelsinki, Finland Advertising, HB , InternatioiwP Gmb SHERRILL, MARY ELIZABETH, Austin Music u SIMONS, DONALD FREDERICK, Houston Personnel Management, UK A SMITH, GERALDINE FLETOHER, DeRidder, La. Music Education, SAI, KA1I, Kj V slcy Foundation SMITH, JACK BOAZ, Abilene Personnel Management, Studeptj Agsemblv. MICA, Curtain Club SMITH, JOAN, Dallas Home Economics SOLIS-FLORES, ROBERTO Cotton Marketing SPEECE, ARTHUR JAME Zoology, Texas Academy of Science STOKES, WINSTON L: Geology STURCKEN, JOHNYi English ownsville lEnnis CANNON, Kenedy PAGE 73 SWEET, ARNOLD NORMAN, Dallas Law AKII, Chief Justice, Student Court, Silver Spurs, Social Calendar Committee ' , Interfratemity Council, Hillel Council, Round-Up, Varsity Carnival Committee, Campus Chest, Law Dedication Day Committee, Faculty-Student Disciplinary Committee TERRILL, ROBERT KENNEDY, LaVerne, Calif. English, I1KA, University Singers, Public Relations Committee THOMAS, JOYCE EVELYN, Austin Educational Psychology THORN, DONALD CHILDRESS, Austin Electrical Engineering, HKN TRAVIS, WAYNE KENNETH, San Antonio Civil Engineering, ASCE, SAME, Newman Club UNDERWOOD, JAMES ROSS, JR., Corpus Christi Geology, ATS2, TB11, KH , Geological Society, Ramshoni, Track, Longhorn Band, NROTC, AIME, Westminster Student Fellowship WARD, JAMES THOMAS, JR., Austin Government, ATS2 WATTANASIRIKUL, JANYONG, Bangkok, Thailand Transportation, AN ' A, International Club WHITE, WILLMON LEE, Merkcl Journalism, AX, Daily Texan, Grassroots Press Club WILBANKS, NANCY ANN, El Paso Educational Psychology, AT, AE] ' , Radio-Television Guild WILLIAMSON, BOBBY LEE, Zephyr Education WILLIAMSON, CHRISTINE, Zephyr Secondary Education WILLSON, DAN HENRY, Mount Pleasant Organic Chemistry, ATO, Student Assembly GRADUATES Getting ready for a panel discussion on preparation for the legal profession are Lee Duggan, Bill Marschall, Hugh Hornsby, Pat Hinds, Professor Jerre Williams, Bob Theall, and Everett McCrum. The Chancellors " tap " Dean Page Keeton, Chuck Cabaniss, and ' 55 editor Ed York discuss the Peregrinus. PACE 74 The Senior Cabinet meets to plan graduation exercises. Left to right: Peggy Rowland, Lewis Rieger, Jack Lapin, Jane Maxwell, Ernest Kistler, and Egan Gleason. Mary Dannenbaum sells Great Issues tickets to Patti Cameron, Ina Gooding, and Fred Baldwin. SENIORS t Jr Mortar Boards Betty Wood, Sue Trigg, and Sidney Howell help Cynthia Lankford get her ' 54 Cactus at fall registration. ABERNATHY, BOBBY FRANKLIN, Athens Petroleum Engineering, IFE, TBIT, Oak Grove, AIMME, Intramurals ABLON, JOAN IRENE, Dallas Anthropology, BK, WICA, Sidney Lanier, Classics Club, Halstead House ADAMS, WILLARD EARL, Plainview Pre-Medical, AEA, University Symphonic Band ADKINS, JAMES MARSHALL, Prospect, 111. Zoology, 1AE, Scabbard and Blade, Fresbman Swimming AKRIDGE, ALBERT NEAL, Temple Chemistry ALCORN, ETOILE MARGARET, Corpus Christi Sociology, XC ALEGRIA, ADELINA, Brownsville Bacteriology, WICA AL-FAKHRI, MUSTAFA S. HUSSAIN, Basrah, Iraq Mechanical Engineering, ASME, TLOK ALFORD, PATSY JEAN, Tyler Elementary Education, XS2, YWCA, Baptist Student Union, Cap and Gown ALLEN, EUGENE M., Big Spring Pharmacy, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association, Longhorn Band ALLEN, G. CLAUDE, Bellville Radio, Television, AEP, Curtain Club, Radio-Television Guild, Cactus Associate Editor ALLEN, JOHN RECTOR, Austin Chemical Engineering, KA ALLEN, ROBERT EDWARD, Longview Architecture ALLISON, MILDRED V., Austin Pharmacy, KE, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association ALSPAW, DEWEY IVAN, Lewisville, Ark. Petroleum Engineering, AIME, AFROTC, Campus Guild ALTER, DAVID R., Kapaa, Kauai, T. H. Physical Education, ATA, T Association, ROTC, Distinguished Military Student, UTSAM, Intramurals, Daily Texan PAGE 75 AMAYA, ROBERT RICHARD, San Antonio Marketing, AK+, Marketing Club ANDERSON, EVELYN ELIZABETH, Houston Art Education ANDERSON, HERSHEL WAYNE, Temple Zoology, X ANDERSON, OSCAR FRANK, Austin Engineering Route to Business Adm inistration ANDERSON, ROBERT ARTHUR, Oakland, Neb. Economics, History, EAE, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society ANDRESS, OTTIE LEVAUGHN, Hagerman, N. M. History, ROTC, Scabbard and Blade ANDREWS, JACK CLAYTON, San Angelo Electrical Engineering, AIEE APPLING, FLOYD EDWARD, JR., El Campo Real Estate and Insurance, IN ARBURN, ROBERT WILLIAM, Pueblo, Colo. Architecture, American Institute of Architects ARMENDARIZ, REGINA IRIS, Brownsville Spanish ARNOLD, CAROLE, Dallas Economics, KA6 ASCHER, JOAN, Jackson, Miss. Elementary Education, AE I, Hillel, Sidney Lanier ASHBY, MORRIS EDWARD, Gatesville Accounting, AK , BA+, AROTC ATKIN, RICHARD T., Georgetown Law, BOH, +BK, f HS, Silver Spurs, Campus Chest, Student Assembly, Varsity Debate, Board of Directors of Student Publications ATKINS, HAL W., San Antonio Radio and Television Broadcasting, KA, AAS, Longhom Band, Radio-Television Guild, San Antonio Club, Co-Op Board of Directors, Parking Committee, Swing and Turn AUSTIN, ROSEMARY, Austin Physical Education, AAH, PEM Club, REW, Spooks, Turtle Club, Canter Club, Touche, Newman Club, Cap and Gown M!KM uM : U1B.IUU Iffl.IV BADWEY, DAN AUSTIN, Harlingen Advertising, 83 BAGGALEY, JAMES H., Dallas RKA CHARLES LYLE, Navasota BAILEY, WALTON D Pre-Medical, AEd BAIN, TRAVIS WH1 Chemical Engineering, A Student Assembly BAIN, WILMAM Advertising, BAKERJBE , G ssroots Press Club E, Crosby AXA W, MAW Y BELL : , Sney Llnier, Blues , TEl.FRAN RETT arsity Basket , Student Court BALSO! Pre-Law, A6, A BANDY, JA Interior Fellowship, BANN Petroleum Dance Committee, Hospitality Committee Manager, Union BANTA, NORMAN SAMUEL, Beaumont Chemical Engineering, X+ PACE 76 WArtfc, id Cm BARBORAK, FRANKLIN DAVID, Moulton History BARFIELD, BARBARA ANN, New Boston Secretarial, BBA, UTSA, Canter Club, Glee Club, Chancery Club, Student Party BARNHILL, DAVID B., Austin History, KA, Scabbard and Blade, Ugly Man Contest, Ranger Drill Team, Round-Up BARON, DONALD HARVARD, Heame Mechanical Engineering BARR, ELIZABETH LOUISE, Newgulf Music, A BARRON, BETSY CATHERINE, Yoakum Elementary Education, AXQ, IIA8, Texas Stars, Co-Ed Assembly, Reagan, Canterbury, South Central Texas Club BARTON, DON LEAMON, Texarkana, Ark. Mechanical Engineering, ASME BARTON, EARLENE, Longview Speech Education, r B, Speech Club, Varsity Debate, Wesley Foundation, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Future Teachers of America BARTON, LESKA SUE, Brady Art Education, AAII, Upperclass Advisor, Wesley Foundation, Campus Chest, Cap and Gown, YWCA, REW BARTON, MARGARET CLYDE, Kermit Secretarial Studies, AXfi, AAA, BBA, Women Voters, Freshman Council, Reagan, REW, Cap and Gown BARTON, MARJORY JENETTA, Kermit Elementary Education, AXQ, I1A8, Future Teachers of America, ACE, Reagan, Upperclass Advisor BARTON, TOM K., Meridian Plan II, BK, USA, t A6, Friars, Arnold Air Society, YMCA, Great Issues Committee, Grievance Committee BASHARA, PHIL J., Austin Applied Art, AA, MICA, Art Students ' Association, REW, Ranger BASS, JAMES L., JR., Dalhart Business Administration, 2N BATES, ELIZABETH ANN, Dallas Spanish, KKT, Cap and Gown BATY, BEN THOMAS, Houston Accounting, ASH, Wesley Foundation, Basketball Manager BECKER, LAURA HOLLOWAY, Galveston Elementary Education, A 1 , AAA, I1A6, ACE, Sidney Lanier BELKEN, LESLIE VAUGHAN, Aransas Pass Accounting, Tejas Club BELL, ROBERT AUSTIN, Dallas Electrical Engineering, AIEE, SAME BELLUOMINI, MARYTSATHERINE, Galveston Speech Correction, WICA, Ed Assembly, Cap and Gown, Newman Club, Bluestockings BENESCH, THOMAS RICHArtXAmarillo Finance, ATO, American Finance Association BENNETT, ANN, San Antolio- Sociology, KA9 BENNETT, FLOYD E Public Accounting BENNETT, PETER Advertising, AA, Arno] Marketing Association BENNETT, RAYMOND D., B Chemistry, AX, NROTC, Ranger BERGER, RICHARD LEE Mechanical Engineering, AKII, BERGMANN, FRED N History BERKENKAMP, JO Mathematics, WICA, Cap E, Austin American ont lent Assembly imfort ARY, Dallas own, Newman Club BERNSTEIN, LARRY, Baytown - Architecture, TA BICE, ROBERT J., Dallas i_l Petroleum Engineering, 6X, AIMET " BIGHAM, JESSE YONGE, JR., Houston History, Education, AZ , Glee Club, Rally Committee, AROTC, Ranger Drill Team BILLINGSLEY, BOB DONALD, Hermleigh Radio, Television PACE 77 BILLINGSLEY, CAROLE ANNE, Houston Geology, AZ, UTSA, Strike and Spare BISHOP, JOE O ' FARRELL, Hereford Aeronautical Engineering, 4 K2, XAeS BLACKBURN, JAMES ARTHUR, Wink Real Estate, AAI BLACKWELL, JIMMY DOUGLAS, Overton Music Education BLACKWELL, LEO NORMAN, Austin Zoology BLAYLOCK, BILLY REX, Austin Accounting BLOCK, LEE SAMPSON, Del Rio English, MICA, Canterbury Association BLOXHAM, JAMES MITCHELL, New Boston International Trade, MICA BLUMBERG, N. JOHN, Seguin Mechanical Engineering, A+O, ASME, SAME, Scabbard and Blade, Wesley Foundation BOATNER, HELENE LE MAIRE, Fort Benning, Ga. Mathematics, AAII, Newman Club, Cap and Gown, UTSA, Turtle Club, Curtain Club BODIE, MERRY DAVELLYN, Columbus Music Education, SAI, University Singers BODLING, WALTER G., JR., Austin Personnel Management, MICA BOENIG, CECIL JOY, Gonzales Home Economics, Swing and Turn, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown BOESE, CHARLES OLIN, JR., Fort Worth Architecture, B6II BOHN, SKIP H. E., Austin Accounting, 4 rA, Intramurals BOHN, WILLIAM H., Austin Physical Education, Lutheran Student Association, Varsity Football, T Association, PEM Club . " I- 1 . - L tf. l V BONDURANT, GLADYS RANDOLPH, San Antonio English, KKP, Spooks, Cap and Gown BONE, JERE H., Henderson Zoology, Pre-Medical, A t O, Tejas Club, Cowboys BOOTH, RIE CHARLOTTE, Taylor Plan II, English, AAA, UTSA, Turtle Club, Bluestockings, Cap and Gown, Orange Jackets BOOZ, BARBARA R.,feort Arthur Home - Economics, AAA, H%ne Economics Club, YWCA, Cap and Gown, ROTC SponsVt_Aen Most Beautiful Finalist, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist, Cowboy Sweetheart, Sweetheart of The University of Te: BORDOVSKY, PAUL KASPE Pharmacy, South Central Texas Cli BORDOVSKY, RUDOLF Pharmacy, South Central Texas BOSWELL, IDA TEK Business Education, AAA, lettsville , Hallettsville b Paris ., Paris Club BOURDON, MARJORIE JANICE, Houston Plan II, AP, BK, AAA, MOWar Board, Orange Jackets, Reagan, Spooks, YWCA, Uppercla Advisor, Great Issues, Forum Speakers, HEW, Round-fp, Campus Chest, Goodfellow, Outstanding Student, Blueblunet Belle Nominee, Cactus Editor BOWEN, NANCY JANE, Personnel Management BOWES, HARRISON NEsVj frinnetka, 111. Physical Education, rA, T Association, Varsity Tennis BOWLBY, ETTA KATHBW, Dallas History, ZTA, Steer Here ConAiMee. Ten Most Beautiful Finalist, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee BOYD, BARBARA ANN JSan Antonio English, Newman Club, Cap and Gown, Sidney Lanier BOYD, CHARLES SIMMONS, Boston Zoology, K2 LT BOYD, EMIL FRED, JR., Austin Business Administration, XFI BOYD, JAMES VICTOR, JR., El Paso Physics, t KT, University Symphony Orchestra BOYSEN, STANLEY, Yoakum Enginee ring Route to Business Administration, South Central Texas Club PAGE 78 BRACEWELL, BYRDA LYNN, Huntsville Radio and Television Broadcasting, AEP, Radio-Television Guild, Baptist Student Union, Cap and Gown BRANTLEY, HAROLD CLAYTON, JR., La Pryor Chemical Engineering, AX2, KK , AIChE, Longhorn Band BRAVENEC, GLADYS MAE, Rogers Costume Design, WICA, Theadorne Co-Op, Czech Club, Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Assembly, Women Voters, Young Democrats BRIDGES, FAY BETH, Arlington Elementary Education, XB, JIA9, Ashbel, Women Voters BROOKS, KENNETH LEE, Wichita Falls Electrical Engineering, AIEE BROOKSHIRE, WILLIAM KIRKLEN, Aransas Pass Engineering Route to Business Administration, A2I1, Tejas Club BROWN, GWENDOLYN VIOLA, Telephone Home Economics, OX, T1A6, Home Economics Club BROWN, JOYCE LEE, Tyler Home Economics, OX, Home Economics Club, Disciples Student Fellowship, Charm Committee, Rally Committee, Cap and Gown, REW, Cactus BROWN, LOYCE LEE, Tyler Mathematics, Disciples Student Fellowship, Rally Committee, Cap and Gown, REW, Cactus BROWNING, JOE THOMAS, Wichita Falls Chemistry, AXI BUCHANAN, WILLIAM T., Fort Worth Geology BUCKINGHAM, ROBERT BRUCE, Jacksonville Business Administration, American Marketing Association BUCKLEY, SIMS ALLEN, Lockhart Chemistry, AFROTC, Longhom Band BUESCHER, CONRAD MARK, San Angelo Retailing, American Marketing Association BUNCH, JOE THOMAS, Austin Transportation, f I " A, dXA BUNGE, MARJORIE ANN, El Campo Elementary Education, 7, BUNN, JOHN ROBERT, JR., Tyler Geology, K, AFROTC, Geological Society BURKE, FRANCES MAROSKO, Coupland iical Education, PEM Club, Texas Stare Pnnna Club, UTSA, Gown, WIC ootball E., Lafayette, Ind rcher City isor, REW, Camp ouMl, Rally Committee, St BURKHA, Orange Tackits. One Here Comm BURRO Ceramic Engije BUTLE Elements BU Personn Speleol GENE, Marion, Ohio erican Ceramic Society tin ICAJ feig and Turn, Cap an ESfAOBRA, Mineral Well ghorn Band, BYERLY, JAMES SCO Pharmacy, rA, K BARNES, HOWA Mechanical Engine hs BYROM, JAE NELL,m,.Palestine E , Gatesville Retailing, fimj(Kter Student Fellowship Studen CABdls CHARLES DAVISlGarla Bar AssociatA, SI Appellate Court wtice. tudent-Faculty Relation LEE, Houston niversity Singers, A Cappella Choir ' WELL, LELAND COURTNEY, AU rinel Management, CALDWELL, W. LANELLE, Chik Elementary Education, Upperclass Advis CALK, JERALD L., Bangs Accounting PAGE 79 CASTILLO, ALFRED CONRAD, Seguin Pharmacy, Longhom Pharmaceutical Association CASTLEBERRY, MARY LEA, Longview Interior Design, AAA, YWCA, Home Economics Club , WILLIS HUNT, Midland neering, CA CERNY, JOSEPH Finance, XPI, Newman Cl CHAMBERS, JOHN C Geology CHANDLER, HUE Ceramic Engineering Wesley Foundatj CHAPM Personnel jwna Foundation? F ociation, Czech Club ort Arthur ic Society, , JR., Lockhart nd, Wesley CHAPPELL, GEftBCE I WIGHT, CorsicAt ure, T9f, A4 arHiIlel, American InsatutAf Athitects, AM. MCY JANE EARINGEN, Sa CHU Archit CLANTON, Geology, AIME Speleological CLARK, Journalism, 1AX, YMCA, Grassroots Press Club, Ranger, Union Hospitality, Blood Drive, Campus Chest, Flash Card Committee, REW, Round-Up, Steer Here Committee, Cultural Entertainment Committee CALKINS, CARITA JOAN, Austin Bacteriology, AT, Racquet Club, Great Issues, Campus Chest, YWCA, Panhellenic Council, Reagan CALLAWAY, ROBERT LAWRENCE, Louisville, Ky. Real Estate and Insurance, K, Wesley Foundation CAMPBELL, ALVIN T., JR., Thornton Petroleum Engineering, AIME CAMPBELL, JERE JOHNSON, Fort Worth English, IIB t , Ashbel, Bow and Arrow CAMPBELL, NORMAN WILLIAM, Dallas Journalism, AAil, Daily Texan CAMPBELL, SHIRLEY ARLENE, Amarillo Secretarial, AAII, BBA, Wesley Foundation, Sidney Lanier CANNON, SHIRLEY MARQUITTA, Grapevine Speech, Texas Stars, Speech Club, Texannes, Triggerettes, Charm Committee, ROTC Sponsor CANTEY, CRAIG C., JR., Dallas Psychology, AX, Interfratemity Council CARTER, JAMES BYARS, San Angelo Pre-Medical, ATO, AEA CARTER, M. CAROLYN, Dallas Music Education, AI CARTER, MARGARET EUGENIA, San Antonio Sociology CARTER, WILHELMINA, Baytown Bacteriology, Baptist Student Union, Scholastic Intergrity Committee, Peona Club CARUTHERS, JAMES M., San Antonio Geology, Varsity Track, T Association, Southwestern Geological Society CASH, ROBERT RICHARD, Anna, 111. Insurance and Real Estate CASS, CANDLER PHILLIPS, Austin Accounting and Finance CASS, FRANK W., Austin Plan II v SP- 0001,1 ! ' I COES.M ) (g . 1 3LIW " . ss PACE 80 CLAYTON, BILLY MORRIS, Dallas Electrical Engineering, SAME, AIEE CLAYTON, CHESTER ARTHUR, Austin Accounting, HS, BFZ, BA CLAYTON, PHILIP MORGAN, Fort Worth Physics, Mathematics, ROTC Rifle Team, Scabbard and Blade CLAYTON, ROBERT E., Texarkana Mechanical Engineering, ASME CLAYTON, WILLIE D., Dallas Electrical Engineering, SAME, AIEE, IRE CLIFTON, OPAL LAVERNE, Conroe Physical Education, Spooks, Upperclass Advisor CLINE, JOHN VICTOR, Bellaire Advertising, KA, HS, AK+.AA1, Rally Committee, Public Relations Committee CLOUD, BETTY EILEEN, Austin Clothing, Textile and Design COBB, DOW C., Jourdanton Civil Engineering, ASCE, Ramshom COCHRAN, LAMONT MARTIN, JR., Seattle, Wash. Mechanical Engineering, AKE COCKRELL, JOHN HARRISON, Cleburne Architectural Engineering, AXA, 4 H, Student Engineering Council COE, WALLACE C., Odem Petroleum Engineering, AIME COEN, MARY JANE, Littlefield Spanish, AAA, 1AII, Baptist Student Union COHEN, SYLVIA LYNN, Lexington, Miss. Speech, AE , Speech Club, Strike and Spare, Steer Here Committee, REW, Hfllel COLE, JOSEPH GEORGE, San Antonio Pharmacy, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association COLEMAN, MARTHA ANN, Corpus Christi Voice, University Singers, Opera Workshop I H i r P P V ' it Bv 4.A f COLLINS, CHARLES ANTHONY, Baytown Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, MICA, Baptist Student Union, Baytown Club, AFROTC COLLINS, MARTIN D., JR., Dallas Geology COLLINS, ROBERT SEBURN, JR., Texarkana Advertising, AXA, AAE. rTH ' J ' COLTHARP, MJ CELLUS THERIOT, Beaumont Chemistry, A t C,AX P X, Scabbard and Blade CONNELL, EDWARD SflpttKS, Staten Island, N. Y. Architecture, TKE, American IiilUtJtr of Architects, American Society of City Planners COOK, JAMES MIOMEfi; Fort Worth Plan II, BK, A S, Tejas Club. YMCA, Westminster Student Fellowship, Campus ChesIL Gotdfellow, Hogg Debating Society, Inter-Co-Op Council l k I COOKSEY, FRANHCBfl UD, Austin Psychology, Grievance " Committee, REW, Baptist Student Union, Student Party, Scholastic integrity Committee COUGHLIN, EDWARD T., Corpus ChrisH Industrial Management 4 FA CRAFT, HERBERT M., Dallas Personnel Management, 2+K, JrtBHt Committee, Activity Council, Inter-Varsity Christian FellowsKp, Inwamurals CRALLE, ROBERT rRKR, Galveston Architectural Engineering, ABSefflT AROTC, SAME, AAAE, Scabbard and Blade, Christian Science Organization CRAMER, MARJORIBVkNN, Midland Secretarial Studies, KA9,lMnbel CRAWFORD, AHpfejEANNETTE, Austin Personnel Management TM, BBA CRITTENDEN, WILLIAM(T IOMAS, Detroit Industrial Management, AE W CRIXELL, FRANK, JR.ig wnsville Business Administration, A fi, Newman Club CROCKETT, CAROLYN KAY, Wichita Falls Elementary Education, KA6 CROFTS, ALFRED E., JR., Dallas Physics, MICA, Swing and Turn, Newman Club PAGE 81 DAVILA, FRANK, San Antonio Pre-Law DAVIS, ANN, Sherman Plan II, KKP, BK, YWCA, Student Party, REW, Campus Chest, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, Spooks, Great Issues, Goodfellow DAVIS, ANNAZELL. k Alexandria, Va. Speech Correction, Curta|uClub, Upperclass Advisor DAVIS, CHARLE L, JR., Wharton Retailing, K - ouston brth , Poona Club, UTSA, DAVIS, HOWARD Electrical Engineering, AIEE, : DAVIS, JAMES ALA? Petroleum Engineering, DAVIS, MARIE Physical Education, PE Wakonda Co-Op DAVIS, MILTON , JR., Corpus Christi Chemical Engineering, luChE DAVIS, PATRICIA LEE, Aj n Business Education, AZ, BBA, Offp anmGown, University Singers DAVIS, RICHARD HIKH, Waco Chemical Engineering, frAfl HjH hxE. AIChE DAVIS, RONALD L., Dallas Anthropology, MICA D ' AYSON, SUZElM CLAIRE, Winona History, KAH, CurtainfC b, Canter Club GROSSMAN, RONALD CHARLES, Dallas Petroleum Engineering, Ben, TBII, LTE, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society CROWE, BRUCE NORMAN, New Castle Petroleum Engineering, A1ME CROWTHER, SAM, San Angelo Chemical Engineering, I ' A, AIChE CRUTCHFIELD, EDGAR BURNS, Houston Zoology, Pre-Medical, 2X CULLINAN, THOMAS ANTHONY, Washington, D. C. Geology, Ben CUMMINS, BEN MILTON, Taft Plan II, Chemistry, HS, University Singers CUNNINGHAM, JAMES KIRBY, Sinton Pre-Medical, AEA CURRY, ALFRED FOY, III, Fort Worth Clovernnient, AXA DACUS, MARY ELIZABETH, Fort Worth Music Theory, M E, University Singers, University Symphonic Band, University Symphony DAILY, DOROTHY JO, Simonton History, AE , Orange Jackets, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor, Great Issues, Student Assembly, University Religious Council, HEW, Hillel DAMREL, MARY, Beaumont Radio-Television Broadcasting, AEP, Radio-Television Guild, All Campus House Chairman, Wesley Foundation, Curtain Club DAREOS, PETE JOHN, San Antonio Economics DARILEK, JO ANN, Columbus Business Education, Cap and Gown, South Central Texas Club, Business Education Club DARNALL, JOSEPH ROGERS, JR., Austin Pre-Law DAVIES, DONALD CARROLL, Dallas Geology, AHOTC, Hangers DAVIES, THOMAS E., Houston Transportation, 4 Kil DAY, W. HOWARD, Dallas Bacteriology, AS , ROTC, Societv oFVmerican Bacteriologist DEAR, WAYNE ENGLEWARDT, Austin Plan II, ATA DECHANT, EUGENE L., Lamesa Personnel Management, BBTI DECHERD, MILTON EDMUND, JR., Taft Statistics, AK , AROTC, Westminster Student Fellowship .-. PACE 82 DEBEKE, LESLIE ALFRED, JR., New Braunfels Geology, New Braunfels Club, University Geological Society DEGENHARDT, EVERETT JOHN, Pleasanton Pharmacy, Longhom Pharmaceutical Association DENARD, DOROTHY ANN, Edna Home Economics, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, Inter-Co-Op Council DENNIS, NORMA SUE, Cilmer Secretarial Studies DEWAR, ROBERT LEE BALL, San Antonio Plan II, AKE, NROTC, Cowboys, Grievance Committee, Round-Up DICKERSON, BILLY RAY, Mineola Government, History, Baseball Manager DICKINSON, DALE F., Galveston Petroleum Engineering, II E, TBII, AIME, Intramurals, Forty Acres Astronomy Club DICKINSON, PHILIP BLAIR, Beaumont Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Rodeo Association DICKSON, DIXIE ANN, San Antonio Zoology, A Cappella Choir DIPUCCIO, JUDITH ANN, Lake Jackson Speech Correction, XSJ, Newman Club, Cap and Gown, Student- Faculty Committee DIXON, BRYAN PORTER, Austin Petroleum Engineering, AIME DOCTORMAN, WILLIAM OWEN, Texarkana Real Estate and Insurance, E E, American Finance Association, Interfratemity Council, AROTC, Young Republicans DODSON, THOMAS HAL, JR., Austin Accounting, BA DONNELL, ROBERT EVANS, Wichita Falls Geology, A Q, Tejas Club DOOLEY, JOHN WALTER, Austin Chemistry, AX 2 DORING, FREDERICK JOSEPH, Dallas Physics, Newman Club, University Religious Council DORRIS, LINDA RAY, Dallas il Studies, A SEY, ANN.fUBBIELLE. For :ings T Dallas Foundation, ACE, Cap DOYLE, Accounting, B DRAKE, Elementary Sweetheart Fi DRUEB Civil Engi DRU Applied Associat Fellowship RGINIA, El Campo , Wesley Foun UANE, ichita Falls ON, Carmine DRUMMOND, MAL Petroleum Engineering, DURR, MARIO|lf M Zoology DYER, NjtLftiATHRYN, Brenha Music, Z ZEMPTER, , JAMES BRADSHAW, III, HoustJ Banking, X4 , Newman Club GH, IRVIN ATWOOD, JR., Aust ledical, K , H, AEi, Canterbury Asso .er of Aescupalius ECKHARDT, VERA SUE, Houston Elementary Education, KKP EDGE, EUGENE, III, Bryan Retailing, IAE PACE 83 EGGEN, JOE BERT, Clifton Electrical Engineering, AIEE, IRE, Lutheran Student Association EISEN, HAROLD MARVIN, Beaumont Industrial Management, A ELDRIDGE, WILLIAM FREDERICK, Kerrville Architectural Engineering, AXA, AAAE ELLIOTT, ARTHUR B., JR., Victoria Geophysics, X , Newman Club, AIME, University Geological Society EMERINE, SALLY ANNE, Victoria Elementary Education, Afi, ROTC Sponsor ENGLISH, GAYLE EARLE, San Angelo Chemical Engineering, AIChE ENOCHS, JANE EMILY, Dallas Home Economics, AAA ERICSON, JOE ANNE, Orange Elementary Education AAH, Sidney Lanier, ACE, Westminster Student Fellowship, Upperclass Advisor ESTLACK, MARGARET ROCHELLE, Austin Elementary Education, WICA, Spooks, Co-Ed Assembly, President ' s Advisory Council, Sidney Lanier, Pierian FADAL, GEORGIA CHRISTINE, Waco Drama Education, Curtain Club FAGAN, ARTHUR WAYNE, Dallas Chemistry FAIRALL, CAROLYN PFARR, San Antonio Commercial Art, Rally Committee FALKE, FRED E JR., Austin Business Administration FEAGIN, MICHAEL DAN, Austin Banking and Finance, MICA FELLA, JAMES WELDON, Clemville Chemical Engineering, SXE, TBII, AIChE, Student Engineering Council FELLA, MARILYN MAYS, San Antonio Home Economics, M, OX, Home Economics Club ! " : FELTON, KENNETH DON, Fort Worth Psychology, KA FERGUSON, JANET, Cisco ducation, ZTA _ EZ, Bacte FER Architect wboys, Rush rican Institute of FEY, WILLIAM WALT Insurance and Real Estate, A! FINLEY, ROBERT A Marketing, A B, M FINNEY, J Bacteriology FISH, L1UR Real Estt aruTI ouston ranee, ATO agle Pass Club, ARKT OAN, San Anton ce Commi J., Sa ring, AS N ur , Fresh Dallas purs, T Associa FLETCHER, PfU Business Administ FLYNN, M, Journalism, FOER: Personnel Country, Varsity Track FOOTE, JOSEPHINE, Perryton Mathematics, YWCA, Wesley Foundation m, Varsity Cross PACE 84 FORBES, DAVID LEE, Corpus Christi Banking, A Q, 2IK, Baptist Student Union, American Finance Association, REW FOWLKES, JAMES RICHARD, Dallas Architecture, American Institute of Architects FRANK, WANDA FAY, Adamsville History, +A8 FRANKE, LELAND HORACE, Kenedy Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Lutheran Student Association FRASER, JOHN GIBB, San Antonio Architecture, TKE FRIEDLANDER, JACK, Houston Retailing, J:A, Steer Here FROEBEL, CHARLES, Brenham Pharmacy, AZ4, Longhom Pharmaceutical Association FRYE, DONALD W., Alvarado Geology, University Geological Society FRYMAN, JOHN ELMER, Dallas Radio Broadcasting, AT, AEP, AAS, Radio-Television Guild FURR, RICHARD ALLAN, Springfield, Mo. Industrial Engineering, AT, Intramurals, Westminster Student Fellowship GAEDKE, GLYNDA JO, Lampasas Elementary Education, M, ACE GAGE, GLENN MOORE, McAllen Elementary Education, AXQ GALBRAITH, JULIA ELIZABETH, Abilene Drama Education and Acting, Curtain Club CAMEL, WELDON M., Quanah Civil Engineering, ASCE, Baptist Student Union GANNON, FAYETTA MARY, Dallas English, XQ, Ashbel, Newman Club, Cactus GARCIA, JORGE ALFONSO, Brownsville Social Studies, KK , Longhorn Band GARCIA, JOSE OTHON, Laredo Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Laredo Club GARLAND, ANN, Brownsville Elementary Education, ITB , Cap and Gown GARY, NATHAN BENNETT, JR., Bowie Geology, University GeologicaLS ciety, Daily Texan GARZA, ROLANDO AfjEL, Rio Grande City Pharmacy, KV, Longhorn PhaVnaceutical Association GAULT, ANNE, Portsmouth, i Latin-American Studies, AF, Canter ( GEBHARD, YVONNE CLARE, Milwaukee, Wise. Government, AA1T, Spooks, GEISLER, BERNARD Personnel Management, GEMMER, RICHARO-B Personnel Management, ZX E, Beeville ICA R, Houston I GERBENS, JUDY B., Port Arthur Elementary Education, Future Teach Ttf merica, ACE, Cap and Gown, Tumle, Union Dance Commie, Sh%ngri-La Co-Op GERHARDT, LEROY, JR., tan Atonic Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Inrnmrorals GERHARDT, MARY DALE, San Antonio Elementary Education, A FA GILBERT, BOBBY JAfc Gilmer Petroleum Engineering, AI| , Houston lonahans GILCHRIST, WILLIAM EDWAJ Electrical Engineering, A fi, AIEE, AS GILDON, MINARD HESTCtt Government, AXA GILLESPIE, HARLIE P., Austin Business Administration GILLOTTI, ESTELLA MAY, Danbury, Conn. English, WICA, Swing and Turn, International Folk Dance Exhibition Team PAGE 85 GREEN, DONALD DUANE, Hamlin Pharmacy GREEN, FRANK L., Kilgore Accounting GREEN, PHYLLIS ANN, Cuero Journalism, APA, eZ f , Q% Texan, Ranger, UTSA, Grievance Committee, Newman Clu Grassroots Press Club, Sidney Lanier, Cap and Gown GREENFIELD, Efeie STORRIE, Venice, Fla. Economics, 1 ' A, UTSAM, Cowboys, Wrestling Club GREER, ROBERT GRIFFIfHl) Houston Finance, BOH, AK , Cowboys j GREGORY, DONALD RTTort Worth Aeronautical Engin eering, IA onomy Club GRIFFIN, ROBERT CTCAT HAM, Dallas Chemistry, Pre-Medical, KF.V! GRIFNO, JOHN-SDWkN, Corpus Christi Chemical Engineering, ZX, AIChE IDE,. GRIMES, CAROL ADELAIDE, Austin Geology, A " t , Geological Society, Sidney Lanier, Women Voters GRISHAM, ROBERT Accounting, AK GROMATZKY, ED Personnel Management, TA GROSS, CAROL Radio and Television, Television Guild, Council, Rally Comm ! N, San Angelo r ANTON, Eden GLASS, M. ELIZABETH MERCHANT, Austin Physical Education, HA6, Baptist Student Union, Racket Club, UTSA, PEM Club GLAZBROOK, HOWARD, Alice Architectural Engineering, AAAE GLOVER, TOM RYAN, Oklahoma City, Okla. Architecture, rA, Sphinx, American Institute of Architects GOEBEL, PATRICIA, San Antonio Psychology, AAIT, Newman Club GOEHRINGER, CHARLES WARREN, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, FA, TBIT, ASME GOEMAN, SUSIE, Dallas Personnel Management, BBA, Cap and Gown, Newman Club GOLDSMITH, BEVERLY BROOKS, Austin Pre-Dental, I E, Rangers, Student Assembly, Interfratemity Council GONZALES, MARY ANTONIETA, San Antonio Elementary Education, Upperclass Advisor GOODMAN, HAROLD, Dallas Business Administration, SAM, Hillel GORMAN, JANICE ANN, Baytown Speech Therapy, Cap and Gown, Newman Club, Baytown Club GOUSE, FRED M., JR., Dallas Zoology, History, AZ COYNE, JOYCE ANNE, Kilgore Sociology, AF, Texannes, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation GRAHAM, ELMER THEODORE, JR., Austin Government GRATKE, PHILLIP EUGENE, Irving Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Westminster Student Fellowship GRAVES, FRANK LEE, Eagle Lake Zoology, AX, Freshman Council, Newman Club GRAY, NINA DORIS, Henderson Elementary Education, Cap and Gown INE, Temple L, AEP, Student Assembly, Radio- TISA Council, Housechairmen ' s im Speakers, Curtain Club GTJENTHER, JACK E., San Accounting, Law, 2X GUERGUIN, MARILYN. eorpus Christi Piano Pedagogy, APA, 2AI, Symphonic Band, Union Art Committee, Christian Science Organization GUINN, PATRICIA ANN, Dallas English, Cap and Gown GUTHRIE, AUBREY ELTON, II, Floydada Bacteriology, IIKA, Interfratemity Council ' 1 L B Wm - m PAGE 0 GUTTMAN, WALTER, JR., Austin Accounting, AXA, Intramurals GUYER, KENNETH EUGENE, JR., White Deer Chemistry, AEi, Longhom Band GUYON, EUGENE LAMAR, Eagle Lake Electrical Engineering, AIEE HAENEL, HERMAN E., Austin Civil Engineering, TBIT, A fl, XE, Lutheran Student Association, Scabbard and Blade, ASCE, SAME, Ecuminical Council HALE, DUDLEY DURWARD, JR., Paris, Ky. Finance, I KT, American Finance Association HALEY, GEORGE KIRBY, Grand Prairie Electrical Engineering, NROTC, Scabbard and Blade, AIEE, Bucaneers HALL, JAMES ALBERT, Gladewater Plan II, IIKA, BK, Ranger, Great Issues HAMILTON, HARRY DEAN, Temple Aeronautical Engineering, Crow ' s Nest Co-Op, Mariners Club, lAeS, NROTC HAMILTON, OSCAR CARL, JR., San Benito Psychology, AXA HAMMOND, THOMAS MORGAN, JR., Kerrville Engineering Route to Business Administration, Wesley Foundation, AFROTC, Prather Hall Council HANATH, AMALIA MARIAN, Brenham Sociology, Lutheran Student Association, WICA, Cap and Gown HANCOCK, GERRE EDWARD, Lubbock Music, MA, IIKA, Glee Club HANSHAW, GRETA GAIL, Edinburg Business Advertising, AF, BBA, YWCA HARBRECHT, HENRY LEO, JR., Irving Industrial Management, Newman Club HARDEN, THAD HAROLD, El Paso Architectural Engineering, ARE, H2, Scabbard and Blade, AAAE ASCE, NROTC HARRIS, HARRIETT CASTLE, Tyler Home Economics, XB, Home Economics Club, Turtle Club HARRISON, FRANCES LANELLE, Beaumont Elementary Education, AAA, ACE, Future Teachers of America HARRISON, MARY REBECCA, Wharton lentary Educatipn Xfl, Canterbury, Taka Cflnimittee, YWCA, imittee lytown , Corpus Christi , Corpus Chris MES, San Antonio HARVAR Speech The HARV Business A HASSE Pharmacy! Theleme HAY History, Sing S JAE, George West uturWTeachers of Amer t HAYS, JOHN THOMASlKef-ville Petroleum Engineering, Ca pu aLild. Ma HECHT, EDWASTO EjCalveston Psychology, AEH HEDGCO Mechanic GARNER, Al eering, Tlill, I1TI, AS HENDBRaDN, BRYAN NEAL, Fort Worth Civil EAiiJering, ASCE ERSON, DOUGLAS JOSHUA, San ematics, Eulenspiegelverein ENDRICKS, BILL MEYERS, Fo Architecture HENDRIX, ROBERT JAMES, Arriarmo Accounting, BA PAGE 87 fit : ' fWw 4tt HENRY, WILLIAM OTIS, Tilden Pharmacy, PX, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association, MICA HENSARLING, LARRY REID, Houston Geology, AO, Freshman Baseball HERBST, THOMAS WESLEY, Jasper Chemical Engineering, KK+, JiXE, AT, TBII, Longhorn Band HERLOCKER, JOSEPH MADISON, Greenville Real Estate and Insurance IAE HERNANDEZ, JUAN (JOHNNY), San Antonio Accounting, T Association, Cowboys, Varsity Tennis HERNANDEZ, ROBERTO L. C., Brownsville Elementary Education, XFI, MICA, Alba Club HEROD, SILVANUS F., JR., Richland Meteorology, Student Branch of American Meteorology Society HESS, JOE RAY, Groom Social Studies, f A9, Future Teachers of America HIGHTOWER, MAXWELL LEE, Mount Pleasant Geology, 4A0, Geological Society HILL, EDWARD MACK, Houston History, 2X HILL, MORRIS REAGAN, Fort Worth Pharmacy, PX, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association, Wesley Foundation HILL, NELLIE LOUISE, McGregor Elementary Education, ACE, Cap and Gown, Canterbury Club, Swing and Turn HILTON, FRANK THURMAN, Austin Sociology, AlSi, Wesley Foundation HLANAK, VIRGINIA LOIS, Baytown Home Economics, AXQ, Home Economics Club, Cactus, REW, Newman Club, Reagan HODGES, CLIFTON LEE, JR., Kingsville Chemical Engineering, 65, H2, TBII, AT SAME, AIChE. Ranger Drill Team, Wesley Foundation, Longhorn Band, University Symphony, AROTC HODGES, SHELIA, San Antonio English, KKP, Reagan BTTOB - a to HOFFMAN, RICHARD JAMES, Longview Psychology, Pre-Law Society, Speech Club, Newman Club HOLLAND, SIDNEY M., JR., Childress anagement, Brackenridge Hall Council, AROTfi Bus in HOL Home Econom HOLMES, ROBERT LE Chemistry HOLMES, WILLIA Pre-Medical, ATO HOLZMAN Civil Engineeang, HOPKlf S, GJECtfCE-HAMILTOf JR., CotuUa ElectricafEngMeerf g, HKN, TBII, AIKE,%E HOP Math. a.A ' omln Voters, Tee Club HORNING, JUll English, Educatior_|AA HORNSBY, Industrial M HOUS Romance itive iniiiittt ' ejyCj-L Society AT rages, Aft HOUSTON, NANCY IRENE, Beaumont Child Development, AAII, Spooks, ACE, Upperclass Advisor A i r n i PACE 88 HOWELL, SIDNEY ELIZABETH, Bryan Business Education, IIB 1 , Mortar Board, Upperclass Advisor, Spooks, Orange Jackets, Campus Chest, Round-Up. HUDSON, EDWARD RANDALL, JR., Fort Worth English Pre-Law, EN, Great Issues, Student-Faculty Committee HUFF, ROY PREWETT, JR., San Antonio Plan II, KA, A fi, Steer Here, Ranger Drill Team HUGHES, HELEN, Arlington Secretarial Studies, DBA, 11011, Cap and Gown, All Campus Advisory Council, Upperclass Advisor, Texannes, Round-Up HUGHES, RICHARD C., JR., San Antonio Business Administration, AStl, American Marketing Association, American Finance Association HUIE, JAMES WADDELL, Rio Hondo Petroleum Engineering, AIME HULSE, MACIE ANNE, El Paso Speech, KA9, BK, IIA9 HUMMEL, JACK L., Ranger Chemical Engineering, AXS, AIChE, ASME HUNT, JAMES T., Sonora Plan II, rA, Interfratemity Council, Silver Spurs HUNTER, GILPIN, Dallas Petroleum Engineering, AKE HUTCHESON, MARION VIRGINIA, Houston Secretarial Studies, KAS, BBA HYDE, JAMES FRED, JR., Dallas Geology HYDE, JERRY MACK, Tyler History, Acacia HYDE, RICHARD J., Fort Worth Management INGLISH, MARY JANE, Dallas Elementary Education, ITB , TISA, Orange Jackets IRWIN, CHARLES WELDON, JR., San Antonio Chemical Engineering, AIChE l p 1 W ISETT, PHILIP E., Brownwood English, AX, Opera Workshop, TSO, NROTC JACKSON, JAMES FORBES, Laredo Business Administration, KA, AROTC JACKSON, TOMMY HAYES, Baton Rouge, La. Applied Mathematics and Astronomy, EX, NROTC, Mariners Club, Orientation Council f JACOBS, HOWARD, Boston Accounting, SAM L J JAMESON, ROBERT MAURICprtlifton Physical Education, PEM Club, Freshlnan ' ootball JEANES, MARY ALICE, DaUas Spanish, HE , WICA, Cap and wnrJuture Teachers of America JENKINS, NANCY MA)iWE|Rotan Elementary Education, IIB , ITA Pierian JENSEN, HANS CL TON, El Campo Architecture, American Institute of Architects SSTPo JEWETT, DARRELL CHARLESTPort Arthur Zoology, Pre-Medical, AEi, HS, DeJMtr fifluad JIPP, JEAN PAUL, JR., Foif WoMi Petroleum Engineering % W JOHNAPELUS, JAMES TOW; Austin Petroleum Engineering, AXA, AIME JOHNSON, CLAIRE, TfSfcnis Christi Sociology, Wesley Foundatl t JOHNSON, DON PAUL, Architecture JOHNSON, FRED CLIFFOrtD I, Kilgore Zoology JOHNSON, JOEL CLARK, San Angelo Pre-Medical JOHNSON, RUBY RUTH, Gonzales Elementary Education, AAJI, South Central Texas Club PAGE 89 JOHNSON, THURMOND L., Gonzales Marketing, AFROTC, Student Marketing Club, South Central Texas Club JOHNSTON, JAMES KEITH, Waco Transportation, ANA JONES, CULLIS DONALD, Wharton Petroleum Engineering, TBII, AIME JONES, GEORGE STRIBLING, San Antonio Civil Engineering, ASCE JONES, PATRICIA ELIZABETH, Sweetwater Radio and Television, AAIT, Radio- Television Guild JONES, WILTON IRA, JR., Downey, Calif. Accounting, 62, BA JORDAN, SALLY ANN, Houston English, ZTA, Co-Ed Assembly, Spooks, Reagan JOSEPH, BONNIE JEAN CARSON, San Antonio Elementary Education, ATA, ACE, Westminster Student Fellowship JOSTES, NORMAN LAMAR, Tynan Accounting JOURDAN, DOUGLAS EUGENE, Austin Accounting, BA JUVENAL, JOHN BETHEL, Vernon Botany, K KAHLER, CHARLES NORMAN, Cameron Zoology, Pre-Medical, KK , Longhom Band KAPLAN, GEORGE WILLARD, Beaumont Zoology, A EH, AEA KARRASCH, DONALD ROGER, Dallas Personnel Management and Industrial Relations KEAHEY, JAMES HOWARD, Dallas Journalism, English, AX, BK, HS, +MA, Daily Texan, Ranger KEELING, HUGH DONALD, JR., Devers History, HKA, A 0, AiH, Glee Club, Canterbury Club KENDRICK, FLOYD R., El Dorado, Ark. Bacteriology KERN, BYRON FREDERIC, Austin Accounting, BA , Lutheran Student Association KERVIN, LORETTA ANN, Dallas Sociology, IIB , Newman Club, KILLINGSWORTlpWILLIAM BENTON, Cleburne Industrial Managemenlt n KIMBALL, ROBERT E., B Pre-Dental, Intramurals KING, EDWARD J Engineering Route to Business Administration, IE KING, MARVIN EATLL, TTiistin Business Administration,JngA, UK , ROTC KISTLER, ERNEg ' TyJSSON, JR., San Antonio Aeronautical Engineering, " M ' A, Engineering Council, lAeS, ASME, SAME, Ramshojjp, Senior Cabinet, ROTC Rifle Team, Distinguished Military ijudent OHN, East Bernard lub KLASEL, DANIEL EDWAI Real Estate and Insurance, Newn KLOTZ, DIANA, Hend Applied Art, IIB f , Mortar Bfcrd, Jip and Gown, Bluebonnet Belle Semi-finalist, AH Campus Ao uso TOrange Jackets KNAGGS, JOHN RYAN, Cotulla Journalism, Oak Grove Ctattu. Daily Texan KNAPP, MARTHjlAJIN, Weslaco Home Economics, TIB ' ime Economics Club an " Antonio d, UTSA Council, Turtle Club, , JR., Houston KNEIP, ELEANOR JANE, Physical Education, HAB, Mortar PEM Club KNIGHT, THOMAS ROI Civil Engineering, ASCE KNIPP, BILL GWYNN, Austin Marketing, American Marketing Association KONGABEL, CAROLYN RUTH, Houston Clothing, Costume Design, Textiles, ITS , AAA, ON, Cap and Gown, UTSA, ROTC Sponsor, Cactus, Home Economics PAGE 90 KOSTOHRYZ, BOB, West Government, Acacia, A Q, Baptist Student Union KRESS, IRENIE F., Cleveland, Ohio Fine Arts, WICA, YWCA, Tumle, University Singers, Future Teachers of America, Pearce Co-Op KRIZAK, EUGENE JOSEPH, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME, MICA, Newman Club KRONKOSKY, PRESTON C., New Braunfels Mathematics, NROTC, Scabbard and Blade, New Braunfels Club KRUMMENACHER, BRUCE C., Dallas Pharmacy, K , Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association KRUPP, JOAN, Houston Sociology, A4E, Hillel, Sidney Lanier KUBIN, CHARLES C., Houston Architectural Engineering, AI , AAAE, ASCE, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade KUEKES, ROBERTA JEAN EDMONDS, Austin Journalism, ZTA, 62 KUHLMAN, LYNN, Waco Business Education, KKP, IKffl, Ashbel, Rifle Club, Steer Here, Round-Up KYLE, MAXINE LUCIA, Houston Music, KA6, M4 E, Newman Club, Glee Club LACKEY, NANCY DALE, Dallas Chemistry, AEA LAGRONE, GLENDA GAY, San Antonio Home Economics, AI Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club LANDA, JOHN CARL, Houston Business Administration, 2i, BPZ, Cowboys, Interfraternity Council, NROTC, Friars LANGFORD, JAMES MONROE, El Paso Architecture, BSII, American Institute of Architects, SAME LANIER, ROWENA MAURIE, Austin Elementary Education LARAMORE, JOHN RICHARD, Texarkana Real Estate, 6X 1 - Jr. LASH, SALLY S., Seagraves Radio and Television Broadcasting, XS!, AEP, Cap and Gown, Radio- Television Guild .SSEN, LOU JEAN, Galveston r . ' , JR., Baytown Silver Spurs, Student E QUINN, Pueblo, Colo. fin Radio-Tele H Guild, Radio House . r S, Dallas AiWStudents Association E, Iraan LEDBE Applied Art LEE, Interior LEON Pharmacy! Pharmace LEO Archit LYKLENN, Wichita Falls , DriBTeam ocialKn DAID ENCE, Laredo LEONARD, KAY SUZAMNB Fort pllins, Colo. Anthropology, Hillel, Anthi Rlogl Club, Irkca Club LEVY, MORRIS yEOJjpR., Corrm Christ! Architectural Engingnins fAAE., ASCE, LIGHTFOQT, flpED M., San Marws Electrical Elimring, AIEE, IRE , LILLIAN ELISM Hou Soci vT Y VCA, Canter Club CHARD ALLEN, Austin EY, JERRY D., Wichita Falls nting ING, EDWARD HUGO, Beeville Mechanical Engineering, Twin Pines Co- LIPNICK, ELTON STANLEY, GalvesTon Accounting, AER, BA . 2IE PACE 91 LIPSON, RICHARD, Worcester, Mass. Industrial Management, A S2, 2 IE, Theleme Co-Op, Transfer Council LITTLE, RICHARD FRANCIS, Dallas Transportation, OX, A1II, ANA, Intramurals LIU, TIMOTHY LIANG TONG, Canton, China Civil Engineering, -Hll.XK, ASCE, Chinese Student Association. International Council LOCKETT, HESTER ELIZABETH, Brenham Elementary Education, ZTA, HAH, Radio Club LONG, CHARLES R., Big Spring Pharmacy, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association LONG, GALE McBRYDE, Birmingham, Ala. Radio and Television, AOIT, AEP, Panhellenic, Radio-Television Guild LONGACRE, JOSEPH KENT, Austin Civil Engineering, TBH, XE, ASCE LOWRY, JOHN TUNSTALL, Laredo Plan II, Pre-Medical, BK, AEA LOWRY, NANCY SHIELDS, Roscoe Plan II, AF LOWTHER, DAVID, San Antonio Finance LOYD, HERBERT M., Shreveport, La. Pre-Medical, J BK, HZ, AEi LUETGE, ELVIE LOU, FayetteviUe Elementary Education, IIA8, Lutheran Student Association, Theadorne Co-Op, ACE LUNDGREN, EMELY ANN, Elgin Home Economics, Lutheran Student Association, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Future Teachers of America LUNSFORD, CHARLES NEWTON, Center Personnel Management, 4 K LUNZ, PATRICIA LOUISE, Hebbronville Pharmacy, KE, Wesley Foundation, Longhom Pharmaceutical Association LUTTRELL, WILLIAM SHERROD, Austin Real Estate and Insurance, ATO, American Finance Association, Chancery Club . Wet- " MMM LUTZ, JOHN EDWARD, Fort Worth Architectural Engineering, AAAE, SAME, Christian Science Organization LYDA, CARL B., JR., Austin ' " ngineering, TBII, HS, AT, QXE, AIChE SABRI, DaQMus, Syria MANUEL, ELBA History, KKF, AO, YWCA, Student Fellowship MAREK, LADIS W Business Administrat MARIN, Spanish. A. f, N MARfEL, WA Civil et Club, Westminster JANETTE, Gran _Cap and Gown, F ent " " INEX LEON R., F EntAeering, . Costume Design MASON, Geology, MAS Elect MA I Austin |Geolog MR., llRE rMUNIB RASHIO, NabiuljOT-dan , Fault Finders irth Geology, International Council, Arab Student Association, Baptist Student Union, Arab Student Organization, YMCA PACE 92 MASSEY, MARTHA, Dallas Home Economics, A , Home Economics Club, Future Teachers of America, Cap and Gown MATHEWS, EARL McLAREN, Taylor Geology, A MATHEWS, WALTER HERMAN, Amarillo Radio and Television, AEP, Curtain Club, Radio-Television Guild, Glee Club MATSON, JERRY W., Dallas Pharmacy, I ' X, Longhom Pharmaceutical Association MATZKE, ANNA ELIZABETH, Houston Government, WICA, Wesley Foundation, Housechairmen Association MAUCH, CHARLES LEE, Gregory Petroleum Engineering, Acacia, AIME MAXWELL, JANE GAY, Houston Speech Education, KKT, AAA, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, YWCA, Round-Up, REW, International Council, Campus Chest, Scholastic Integrity Council, President ' s Advisory Council, Reagan, Spooks MAYES, GEORGE TERRELL, Beaumont Architectural Engineering, TBI1, XE, Tejas Club, AAAE MAYFIELD, SANDRA LOU, Waco History, KAO, Panhellenic Council, Sing Song, Varsity Carnival, Co-Ed Assembly, Ashbel McCABE, BEVERLY JO, Victoria Interior Decoration, A , YWCA, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, Czech Club, Women Voters McCLENDON, MARIAN EAMES, Shreveport, La. English, X, IIAft, Baptist Student Union, Cactus McCLENDON, ROBERT E., Canyon Business Administration McCONNELL, WAYNE WALLACE, Dallas Geology, Geological Society, Speleological Society, Intramurals, Westminster Student Fellowship McCRELESS, MERRY CHRISTINE, San Antonio Elementary Education, AAII, REW, Wesley Foundation, Upperclass Advisor, ACE, San Antonio Club, Cap and Gown McCUTCHEON, JAMES EDWARD, San Antonio Advertising, Architecture, AT, AA, YMCA, Canterbury, American Marketing Association, AAAE, San Antonio Club, Union Committees McDAVID, DONALD GEORGE, Houston Civil Engineering, A !!, f Hi, ASCE, SAME, Theleme, Longhorn Band 5 I , ? McDAVID, MARTHA CAROLYN, Houston Business Education, AAA, BBA, 11011, Cap and Gown, Shangri-La MCDONALD, BILLY LANE, Austin Journalism, AAZ MCDONALD, LESLIE WEYLON, Port Arthur Mechanical Engineering McGEE, CAROL EMffe , Waxahachie Journalism, AAA McGEHEE, RICHARD VERNfN Abilene Geology, Campus Guild, University CpSligical Society, Wesley Foundation, Intramurals McGRAW, JOE HENRY, Jasper Mechanical Engineering, TBH, H Student Union, Scabbard and Bl McKINLEY, JIMMIE J Journalism, IAX, Daily Texal Gi McKINNEY, BUFORD DE MOVILLE, Lawn Business Administration, A3f, ASH, HE, YMCA, American Finance Association McKINNEY, CHARLES PRESTON Accounting, American Marketing Club McKINNEY, JAMES DEA Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS. McLEMORE, JACK W Mechanical Engineering McLEMORE, MARY. Speech Therapy, AOII, Spi Upperclass Ad v isor, REW Club, ASME, Baptist mpus Survey Committee mgview isroots Press Club , Tyler Antonio Student Union L, Baytown RGARET, Paris Hub, Baptist Student Union, alias p, Intramurals, Cowboys, McMILLON, JOHN RICHARD Physical Education, A fi, Th eleme Co Round-Up, Transfer Council McMURRY, RUSSELL W., Awrtin Physical Education, 4KZ, Rally Committee McNULTY, MURPHY M., JR., Baytown Chemical Engineering, AX, AIChE, Newman Club McPHERSON, BILLY LOREN, Dallas Personnel Management, A1II, American Management Association, Distinguished Military Student, AROTC PACE 93 jmm FK ' A iM McWHORTER, CLEO, Taylor English, ZTA MEEK, WILLIAM J., Dallas Geology, University Geological Society MENDEL, EDDIE HERBERT, Houston Accounting MENTZNER, KARLHEINZ ERICH KURT, Coburg, Germany Civil Engineering, International Club, Intramurals, Der Eulenspiegelverein MERRILL, CHARLES M., Dallas Geology, AT, A S!, Cowboys, A Cappella Choir, University Singers, Glee Club, University Geological Society, YMCA, Wesley Foundation, Orientation Council MEYER, ELEANOR, Seabrook Home Economics, AT, Home Economics Club, Union Talent Committee MICHIE, JARVIS D., Childress Civil Engineering, XE, TBII, ASCE MIEARS, LOUISE MARIE, Arlington Home Economics, Home Economics Club, Baptist Student Union, REW, Co-Ed Assembly, Cap and Gown MILLER, CLARA JANE, Dallas Sculpture MILLER, JANE MARIE, Columbus Elementary Education, XQ, YWCA, Baptist Student Union, Cap and Gown, South Central Texas Club, Future Teachers of America, Union Committee MILLER, JUDD, JR., Austin Petroleum Engineering, 4 PA MILLER, KENNARD DWAIN, Wharton Transportation, ANA MILLER, RETA ELLEN, Wharton Secretarial Studies, BBA MILLICAN, CAROL JEAN, Rend Elementary Education, 4M, ACE MILL1GAN, WESLEY FORREST, Santa Rosa Art Education, MICA, Grievance Committee, Union Art Committee, Art Students Association MILLS, GEORGE WILSON, JR., Arlington Transportation, AXA MILLS, NORMA LEE, San Antonio Journalism, J M, San Antonio Club, Daily Texan, Union Committee, Co-Ed Assembly, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee MINAHAN, JAMES LEO, JR., Fort Worth Geology MINTON, HUBERT LEE., JR., Conway, Ark. Physics MITCHELL, JEfeflY JO, Wills Point English, ZTA, Cap arhkGown, Future Teachers of America MITCHELL, JOHN HO Chemical Engineering, AIChE MITCHELL, SANDR Journa lism, English, 0 J , Curtain Club MITEFF, METO, Personnel Managemen , Gladewater xas City ' exan, Shangri-La Co-Op, ' orth MOHR, PAUL (t. ttsbluff, Nebr. Engineering Route " To BuSness Administration, ATA, T Association, Silver Spurs, ROTC, Distinguished Military Student, Varsity BnselXn S, MARY ANN, Aiwln MOLPUS, Accounting, ATA, BBA, BA , Panhellenic, Cap and Gown MONNIER, JEANNEyfE?VCE, Dallas Elementary Education, CaKerburl Club, Cap and Gown, ACE MOON, HOWARDlQE frj, Houston Personnel Management, A ' 1 ' Si, Cowboys, T Association, Varsity Football __ MOORE, CHARLEaTHOMAS, Crockett Architecture, 9Z, SprEC American Institute of Architects MOORE, HENRY CLAY, JR aytown Zoology, A 0, MICA, YMCA, Bajtist Student Union, University Speleological Society, Baytown ChrUt A Cappella Choir, Curtain Club MOORE, RICHARD WILLIAM, Cisco Finance, AK , American Finance Association MORMAN, JACKIE ANN, Roscoe Sociology, Wesley Foundation, Tumle, Swing and Turn, Shangri-La, House Chairmen Association MORRISON, JACK SIDNEY, San Antonio English Mr 4 A fit MORRISON, ROBERT LACEY, Rockport Retailing, American Marketing Association MOSER, THOMAS ROBERT, San Angelo Marketing, AA, American Marketing Association MUELLER, PERRY, JR., Rosenberg Zoology, KK , Longhom Band MUELLER, RAY, Hempstead Business Administration, AK , American Marketing Association MUELLER, RUDY RINEHART, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, TBII, IITS, MICA, San Antonio Club, ASME MULLIN, JAMES O., Dallas Government, ITSA.Rusk Debate Society MULLINS, DOROTHY GWENDA, Tyler Radio and Television, Curtain Club, Radio-Television Guild, A Cappella Choir, Swing-Out MULROY, JOHN FREDERICK, Uvalde International Trade, ANA, Campus Guild, Newman Club MURRAY, ROBERT ARTHUR, Dallas Personnel Management, A f MUSICK, HELEN HAYNES, Rusk Secretarial Studies, BBA NAISMITH, FRANCES ANN, Corpus Christi English Education, AT, YWCA, Bluestockings, University Singers, Westminster Student Fellowship NATHAN, HOWARD GERALD, Dallas Finance, 2AM NEALE, SARA ELLEN, Dallas Child Development, ITB ' J ' , Home Economics Club NEASON, DOROTHY JOANN, Huntsville Education, KKF NEELY, JEFF MONROE, JR., Amarillo Insurance, bK. NELSON, PHILIP A., Austin Business Administration, KA, A I S2, AZIT, Cowboys, T Association, Arnold Air Society, Basketball Manager S. - . , ft o f NESPO, FRANCIS EUGENE, Michigan City, Ind. Accounting, BA , ZIE, Newman Club NEWBERRY, CAROLE, Austin ' hysical Education, KKP, 1IA6, UTSA, Racki iub., Touche Club, lub C _ - - , ;ion Ofe Community, Westminster San Antonio Longhorrifl ifcrmaceutical Association, NORTO Transportati NOWO Geology, ATA NOWO Home Eco Committe NU English, Advisor, GEKDWARD, JR., New Br , New Braunfels Club RAf UFFELLISTON, Fort AA, BliiesgfltTgs, Round-Up, Union Traisferfoulcil, Cactus S|LLallas TeaAers of Aineria n, Up list SUdcnJUnioii Harlinftn ,. Curtain Club, Forens RY, San nagement, IE ERT EDWIN, Ofcrton OBERWETTER, SUZ Interior Decoration, ATA, OGLESBEE, JO ndustrial and Per OLIPHAN Governm OLI Che MOND ALEXAN ring, AIChE ORR, J Aeronau o CARLEY, Austin ngineering, A M2, lAeS, AFROTC Band N, MARY CAROLYN, McKinney , Speleological Society, Rodeo Club TEY, CHARLES RICHARD, Eudor Electrical Engineering, TBII, t HZ, HKN, A OVERTON, FRANCES FITZHUG Elementary Education, AAII, Reagan Ramshorn PAGE 95 OWEN, HILDA SUE, Fort Worth Home Economics, Wesley Foundation, Christian Faith and Life Community, Home Economics Club, Future Teachers of America, Cap and Gown OWEN, KATHLEENE JEANETTE, Fort Worth Elementary Education, House Officers Association, ACE, Co-Ed Assembly, Wesley Foundation OWENS, JAMES WILLIAM, Tulsa, Okla. Petroleum Engineering, SX, NROTC, AIME PACE, HAROLD WAYNE, Houston Accounting, HZ, AFROTC PAINTER, JACK MONTGOMERY, Corpus Christi Real Estate and Insurance, AK , AROTC, American Finance Association PALMER, LOLA KAY, Baytown Music Education, F+B, DAI, HKA, Baytown Club, Christian Science Organization, University Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Panhellenic Council, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee PALMER, NANCY LEE, Pipestone, Minn. Education, AT, Future Teachers of America, Transfer Council PARKER, ROBERT FULTON, JR., Talco Pharmacy, Longhom Pharmaceutical Association PARKER, WILLIAM DORSEY, JR., Houston Marketing, AXA PARKS, MARTHA JEAN, Houston Home Economics, ZTA PARROTT, ERNEST ALFRED, Fort Worth Architecture, K2, Sphinx, American Institute of Architects PASLAY, ROBERT HULL, Dallas Economics, Acacia, Q, AKA PATTERSON, NANCY SUE, Dallas Applied Art, AOH PATTON, WILLIAM ORLAND, Nacogdoches Business Administration, 4FA PEALE, WILLIAM F., JR., Austin Finance PEARSON, JOHN RUSSELL, Tehuacana Advertising PECK, ISABELLE M., Streaton, III. Education, AF PEEVEY, JUNE ELIZABETH, Houston ' , Steer Here UN, WALL QE LIONEL, Calves iation. Alba Club PENDERGRASS, Journalism, 92 , AAA, Or Wakonda Co-Op, Goodfe PENNEY, WAYN Education, AZ, Gown, Worn PERRY, Mechanic oard, Daily Texan, f America, Cap and tin ME, S,1K NTOM, JR., S Oak __. UGLA [HE hristi ibly. Students Directors, Great PETE Mechanical En PFEIFF CivU Engt PFL Ele. PI rville RUCE PARKER, Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering, AKK PACE 96 POINT, PHILIP ALAN, Hawkins Music, A Cappella Choir, University Singers, Glee Club POLASEK, THEO LOUIS, Wharton Petroleum Engineering, 2TE, TBII, Newman Club, AIME POND, JOAN, Baytown Sociology, Baytown Club PORTER, JERRY C., Fort Worth Art Education POTTER, WILLIAM RICHARD, Austin Accounting, ZK POWELL, VICTOR BOONE, San Antonio Architecture, TKE, Sphinx PRATER, HAROLD GLEN, Hico Accounting PRATT, GERALD BLOUNT, Dallas History, Disciples Student Fellowship PREISS, ELWOOD J., New Braunfels Education, A S, Theleme, Cowboys, Student Court, Election Commission, Goodfellow PRESSON, MARY JUAN, Dallas Sociology, Education, Orange Jackets, YWCA, Wesley Foundation, Upperclass Advisors PRICE, C. GARY, JR., Houston Education, University Symphony, Grass Roots Education League PRICE, MARIBETH McPHERSON, Houston Education PRIDDY, RUFUS HUGH, Houston Business Administration PRIDEAUX, JERRY J., Denison Mechanical Engineering PRIM, VIRGIL MONROE, Austin Industrial Management, KK , Longhom Band, MICA PRITCHETT, MARY HELEN, Austin Plan II, Baptist Student Union k t O ' i I ft PRUET, CAROLYN BETH, Ranger Art Education, A4 , Cap and Gown PULLEN, BILLIE JO, Port Arthur Elementary Education, Future Teachers of America, YWCA, Cap and Gown PUNTENNEY, FRANCirilENWICK, Dallas Sociology PURCELL, AMY, N yajbta Interior Decoration, P f B, Westminster Student Fellowship, Cap and Gown, Home PURVINE, BEVERLY ANN, Flrtorth English, Cap and Gown, Bluestocking ' QUICK, RITA FRANCES, Lampasas Elementary Education, Future ' fl heiT ' bf America, ACE, Cap and Gown, Canterbury Chin I QU1LLIAN, GWENDOLYlWjENEVA, Waco Physical Education, 4 M, PEM Club, Upperclass Advisor, Student Relations Board, Campus Survey Committee, Wesley Foundation QUINN, JOHN MICHAEL, Austin Journalism, AX, Daily Texaft, Grassroots Press Club tion QUINTANILLA, JOSUE, Austij Pharmacy, Longhorn Pharmaceutica " RAGSDALE, SUE, Dallas Elementary Education, AAA, Chi RAINEY, JOHN CREWS, Dallas Architecture RAMIREZ, MIGUEL | tEL, JR., El Paso Pharmacy Antonio Hall Association, RAMON, ADOLPH IGNACIO, Bacteriology, Newman Club, Bracken San Antonio Club RAMSEY, THOMAS H., Dallas Ceramic Engineering, TBIT, American Ceramic Society RASH, PAUL, JR., Corsicana Architecture, American Institute of Architects RASMUSSEN, ROBERT ADRIAN, Houston Personnel Management, ATA, AFROTC PACE 97 RAY, BOBBY CLEVE, Waskom Pre-La v, ZIE RAY, LLOYD GLYNN, San Angelo Accounting RAYZOR, JESS NEWTON, Houston Law, $A0, Cowboys READ, WILLIAM THEODORE, Eldorado, Ark. Sociology, NROTC REED, CARROLL LYNN, Big Spring Business Administration, AT REEDER, CYRUS AUDREY, JR., Hughes Springs Mathematics, MICA REEVES, BENNY PAT, McLean Insurance REEVES, LINDA ELAINE, Dallas English, AAA, Orange Jackets, Bluestockings, Sweetheart Nominee, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist REICHSTEIN, ABE AARON, Galveston Journalism, AEIT REIFLER, DONALD I., St. Louis, Mo. Real Estate and Insurance, EAM, T Association, Cowboys, Varsity Baseball REIGLE, HAROLD THEODORE, Fort Worth Spanish, Acacia, Arnold Air Society, Newman Club, Club Inteca REINARZ, JAMES ALLEN, Austin Chemistry, Pre-Medical, BK, AEA, AT REMSCHEL, FRANCES KATHERINE, Kerrville Elementary Education, A AIT RENFROE, CHARLES Z., Hearne Physical Education, PEM Club, T Association, Varsity Track REYES, ROBERT JAMES, San Antonio Zoology, AX, Newman Club, Rangers Drill Team REYNOLDS, OSCAR ASHLEY, JR., Elgin International Trade, AK , ANA M RICHARDSON, DON L., Kirkland, Wash. English, AROTC RIEGER, ROBERT LEWIS, Baton Rouge, La. Pharmacy, 2X, K ' l ' , Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association RIGNEY, JANE TATUM, Birmingham, Ala. Sociology, Radio-Tele fcioh Guild RILEY, MARILBA ELLEN, Beaumont English, AXS2, Capjany Gown, American Society for Teachers of English RIOS, RAUL, Alice University Symphony Orchestra, Music, University Symphonic University Singers, Alba Clu RITTER, JACK FRANCIS, JR., Austin Personnel Managementrl ErjfMCA, NROTC. Buccaneers, Student Party, Summer Assemblf Hosbitality Committee, REW, Silver Spurs, Goodfellow 1 RIVERA, ROBEAT JTlMES, San Antonio Chemistry, AEA, ROTC RIVERO, RUBET, Caracas, Venezuela Architecture, TKE, American Institute of Architects, Texas Society of Architect American Society of City Planners ROBERTS, CATHERINErA TN, Victoria Psychology, KKF f A ROBERTS, WILLIAM N1WTON, San Angelo Architecture, American i y of City Planners ROBERTSON, CECIL LEE, Gorman Petroleum EngineerinjT IME ROBERTSON, IttpHARD SPOTS WOOD, Tampa, Fla. Petroleum EngmeAn NROTC, Mariners Club, AIME, Buccaneers Drill Team Scabbard and Blade ROBSON, MARY LUCY,O Grange Elementary Education, ZTA, IJA ROCH, LEWIS MARSHALL, II, Henderson Zoology, Pre-Medical, A4 S}, Christian Faith and Life Community ROCHELLE, NORMAN COLLINS, Texarkana Personnel Management, AK ! ' ROEBUCK, NOEL FLETCHER, Austin Zoology, Westminster Student Fellowship, A Cappella Choir University Singers F PACE ROGERS, JIMMIE EARL, Texarkana Personnel Management, AROTC, Ranger ROGERS, JIMMIE JOSEPH, Weslaco Marketing, Newman Club, American Marketing Association, UTSAM ROGERS, RODDY RHODES, Baytown Meteorology, TBH, American Meteorological Society ROGERS, TOM NEIL, Childress Physical Education, T Association, Varsity Track ROLLINS, JAMES DANIEL, JR., Terrell Accounting, BA , Disciples Student Fellowship, University Religious Council, Ecumenical Council ROSENFIELD, DONALD, Houston Advertising, A, AA, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society ROSS, WILLIAM HUGH, Arlington Pre-Law, AROTC ROTE, JOANNE, San Antonio English Literature, KKI " , Cap and Gown ROWE, GARY DON, Electra Accounting RUBRECHT, JOHN DAVID, Gainesville Business Administration RUEBEL, ALFRED LOUIS, II, Dallas Law, K . AK , i AA, AFROTC, Longhorn Band RUSSELL, JENNIE MARIE, Henderson Elementary Education, AOI1 RUSSO, JOE E., Houston Architecture, KZ, Track, Intel-fraternity Council, SAME, AROTC SAAR, JOSEPH EDWARD, Fort Worth Accounting SAIED, FRED ALLEN, Wellington Retailing, t K SALDANA, TADEO P., Kingsville Pharmacy, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association SALEM, ROBERT MICHAEL, Port Arthur Business Administration, SAMBERSON, J. L., Goldsmith Jackets, Upperclass Advisor, p, YWCA, All Campus Advisor, D. MAKGA s. Dance Com SANDER Personnel SANSO Geology, ATA SANSO Geology, SAU Retailin Houston Talent Committee ORN, San Antonio logical Society ENNON, San Antonio I Society Houston SAUER, VERNON BE Civil Engineering, ASCE SAUNDERS, RIGJIA Pre-Law, MICA f ,| SAWYER, Petroleum gnring N, An C., Frost E HARLEY, SCHA Jouma Cap OSE MARIE HELEN, Houston , Strike and Spare, Daily Texan, Wome n, Co-Ed Assembly LLER, MARY JEAN, Glen Flora ess Education, BBA, Lutheran Student A SCHATZMAN, GAIL ANDREA, Da Personnel Management, 1 ' 4 B, Cap and Gown Council Newman Club SCHELL, JOHN A., Abilene Petroleum Engineering, AIME PACE 99 SCHLUETER, DELBERT RALPH, Seguin Pharmacy, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association SCHMITZ, MARY MARGARET, San Antonio Mathematics, Xft, Racket Club, Canterbury Club SCHNEIDER, TOM L., San Antonio Civil Engineering, AT, San Antonio Club, ASCE SCHULTE, FRANCIS CARL, Fort Worth Geology, University Geological Society, Canterbury Club, SAME, Der Eulenspiegelverein SCHUMANN, LELAND HERBERT, New Braunfels Pharmacy, K+ SCHWARTZ, CAROLYN, Austin Elementary Education SCHWARTZ, JOANNE, Tyler Journalism, 6 f SCOTT, JACK CARTER, San Antonio Psychology, San Antonio Club SEARCY, FRED PORTER, San Antonio Real Estate and Insurance SEELEY, PATRICIA ANNE, Baytown History, XO SEIBEL, LEONARD ISAAC, Galveston Real Estate and Insurance, AEII SENKEVITCH, LUBA, Brownsville 6 SB! " French and Spanish, Cap and Gown 4 , 2AII, International Club, SERIM, CETIN EROL, Istanbul, Turkey Petroleum Engineering, International Council, Turkish Club, AIME SESSIONS, JOSEPH WILLIAM, Refugio History, Newman Club, Swing and Turn SETTEGAST, MARY, Houston English, IIB4 , Sidney Lanier SEXTON, PEGGY JEAN PASSWATERS, San Antonio Music Education, ZAI w SE t -yUi im 1 SHADDOCK, JOE ED, Wichita Falls Law, A fl, YMCA, MICA, Disciples Student Fellowship SHAFER, GEORGE ALAN, Austin Administration, OZ, AK+, ANA, Longhom Baiul, oir, Symphonic Band. Wesley Foundation p Br. B _- ' Univeri SHARP, RUSSELL GA Economics, Tejas Club, Arno SHELDON, BARB Art, AZ, Art Students Union Dance SHEPOR ' W J Aeronauticaf Eng Council, K SHEltA Student Fellowship lARD Wusti g, American Ceramic S T M., Stephenvill , AIME, , MRCOK BOY ical, txarkana Cl Fait aod Lif ( f t Fellowship, SHORES, Radio and TelevJ Young Democr SHORT, Art Educat SHUJ _ Government SICKLES, WILLIAM SMITH, Dallas Radio and Television, AA2, Radio-Television Guild, Curtain Club, TSO PACE 100 SIMMONS, BARBARA JEAN, San Antonio Home Economics, AI " , Home Economics Club SIMMONS, CRAIG BARROW, Memphis, Tenn. Engineering Route to Business Administration, 2AE SIMON, RICHARD, JR., Fort Worth Law, Business Administration, EAM, Cowboys, Goodfellow, Round-Up SINCLAIR, J. T., Mount Pleasant Petroleum Engineering, AIME SINGER, SIDNEY GRIFFIN, Dallas Journalism, IAX, AROTC SINGLETON, F. HOWARD, Corpus Christi Geology SINGLETON, SAMUEL F., JR., O ' Donnell Bacteriology, HKA SIPTAK, JOE HAROLD, Caldwell Accounting, H1, BA SISK, JOHN BALLARD, Carrizo Springs Mechanical Engineering, TBII, HT2, Arnold Air Society, ASME SKILES, NANCY MARIE, Dallas Government, IIZA, YWCA, World University Service Committee, Upperclass Advisor SLADEK, KAREL LOU, Austin Spanish, KA6, AII, HA , Great Issues SLAUGHTER, BOBBY DAN, Dallas Personnel Management, ASH SLIDER, JOSEPH H., Comanche Radio Broadcasting, KK , Longhom Band, AFROTC, Brackenridge Hall Association SMITH, ALLAN M, San Antonio Statistics, AXA, Canterbury Club, San Antonio Club SMITH, ARTHUR LEE, JR., Austin Engineering Route to Business Administration SMITH, BARBARA JANE, Crockett Elementary Education, rl B, Co-Ed Assembly, Cap and Gown ACE, Women Voters, Baptist Student Union J f I SMITH, BENNIE RUTH, Austin Education, Bluestockings, Baptist Student Union SMITH, DONALD CHARLES, Kerrville Business Administration, +FA, H2, HE, Bra, Silver Spurs SMITH, LEON LOUIS, JR Mineral Wells Pre-Medical, ATQ SMITH, MARILYN VB|LA, San Antonio Pharmacy, KE, Longhom ghajmaceutical Association, Newman Club Turn, SMITH, MARY KATHRYN, MJ English, AAA, BK, Bluestockings, i Future Teachers of America SMITH, MONICA JOLENlk Arlington Personnel Management, BBA, YWC f exannes, Cap and Gown SMITH, NELLORA RUTH :hildress Government, BK, IIEA Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, Westminster Student Fellowship, YWCA, Uwperclass Advisor SMITH, TERRY TAM(lN, Houston Petroleum Engineering, AlmE SNEED, TOMMY V., Houston Government SNOW, THOMAS MARL Real Estate and Insurance, Varsity Baseball SOLBERG, ELDON C.,- Personnel Management SOLIS, HECTOR R International Trade, AK iation, Cowboys, DO, Brownsville an Club JR., Hempstead SOMERFORD, JAMES MELVl Chemical Engineering SOMMER, FRANKLIN GEORGE, Burton Pharmacy, Rodeo Club, Longhom Pharmaceutical Association SPEAKER, LUCY LEE, Austin . Music Education, A4 , EAI, ITAB, Lutheran Student Association, Cap and Gown, Curtain Club, Forum Speakers Committee, A Cappella Choir, University Singers SPECKELS, BEN HENRY, JR., Schulenburg Accounting PAGE 10Z SPENCE, CHARLES RUDOLPH, Dallas Engineering Route to Business Administration, K2, Newman Club SPENCE, ELBERT RIDDICK, Dallas Architecture, KS, T Association, Varsity Track SPENCER, DONALD EUGENE, Abilene Advertising, AAI, MICA, TSO SPOTTS, ANN EILEEN, Richardson English SPRIGGS, DOROTHY PYNOR, College Station Art Education, AAA, Future Teachers of America SQUIBB, EDWARD DUKE, Austin Architecture, AE, A " t 0, Assembly, YMCA STAGNER, NELSON WAYNE, Hereford Physics, MICA STAHL, CHARLES FREDRIC, Dallas Architecture, 4 KZ, American Institute of Architects, Sphinx STANDLEE, RANALD RHEY, Hillsboro English, Young Democrats, Chancery Club, YMCA, MICA STARKEY, JO ANN, San Antonio Law, AAII, Law School Portia, Student Party, Canterbury Club, Charm Committee, Cactus, Cap and Gown, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Peregrinus, Dicta, San Antonio Club STEELE, DOROTHY ANNE, Austin Sociology, Wesley Foundation STEINBACH, JOANNE, Brenham Business Education, ZTA, BBA, IIS2II, Lutheran Student Association, Future Teachers of America, Cap and Gown, YWCA STEPHENSON, GEORGE N., JR., Houston Electrical Engineering, AZ , AIEE, IRE, NROTC STEVENS, NANCY ANNE, College Station Elementary Education, ZTA, Future Teachers of America STEVENSON, SCOTTIE GAYLE, Austin Plann II, KKF, Ashbel, Spooks, UTSA STEWART, SIDNEY CARL, Austin Chemistry, HKA AX2 EX- 1BMT - NkU STILL, LUCILLE GORDON, Texarkana Secretarial Studies STILLMAN, JACOB HARRIS, San Antonio Economics, AEII, H2, Athenaeum STOUT, ANTHONY NEWTON, Waxahachie Sociology, AROTC, Raiujwi Drill Team STOUT, JACK BEN, Baytown Chemical Engineering ilChE, Wesley Foundation lum D GEORGE, Aransas Pass A4 S2, Newman Club lELISE, Tyler AA, BK, OS , Editor Daily Texan, rd, Cap and Gown, Sidney Lanier, STRATTON, DONALD Transportation, iNA, Young _ STRIEBER, LESLIE JOHN, San Antonio Accounting, AXA ST. ROMAIN, L Personnel Management, STRUM, SHIIfcE English, Journalisi Texas Stars, Mortar Bluestockings STRYBOS, GABE WILLIAM, Galveston Chemistry and Zoology, NewramrClub SUAREZ, PETER MftRLIlI, Austin English, Acacia SULA, LEON WA Nff, La Grange Accounting SULLIVAN, Fr l| MEYRITH, Austin Government AMUEL, JR., Austin SUSMAN, ARI JONAS, Pre-Medical, AEII, AEA SWEARINGEN, JAM! Real Estate, AKE, AFROTC TABOR, CHARLES, Chillicothe Insurance and Real Estate, KA, AROTC TAFT, GEORGE JAMES, San Benito Latin-American Stu dies, HI, Cactus, Radio-Television Guild, University Singers 5 mmt m PAGE 102 TALERICO, GRAZIA A., Pittsburgh, Pa. Psychology, Anthropology, AOII, UTSA, Turtle Club, Women Voters TAMAYO, ALEX TOVAR, Caracas, Venezuela City and Regional Planning, MICA, American Institute of Architects TATUM, JOHN BAILEY, Temple Industrial Management, Alll. Baptist Student Union TAYLOR, ALBERT SCOTT, McAllen Accounting, 4 FA TAYLOR, BETTY JO, Dallas Journalism, r B, M E, 81+, Daily Texan, Westminster Student Fellowship, Dallas Club TEER, ED L., Bryan Radio Broadcasting, AEP, Radio-Television Guild, Fine Arts, Student Council TELKAMP, DON L., Dallas Electrical Engineering, AIEE, AFROTC TEMPLE, RALPH RAYMOND, JR., Cleburne Pharmacy, K , Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association THATCHER, NANCY DEE, Amarillo Government THOMAS, DAVID HILDRETH, II, Austin Electrical Engineering, f K, Longhom Amateur Radio Club, Arnold Air Society, AIEE, IRE THOMAS, JAMES LEE, Alice Electrical Engineering, AIEE THOMPSON, BETTY ANN, Borger Home Economics, AAA, Christian Faith and Life Community, Orange Jackets, Home Economics Club, Westminster Student Fellowship THOMPSON, DOROTHY JEAN, Waco Costume Design, AAII THOMPSON, MARY, El Paso English, XO, Cap and Gown, Racket Club, UTSA, Sidney Lanier, Public Relations Committee, Rally Committee THOMPSON, RICHARD DEAN, Austin Drama, Curtain Club THOMPSON, ROBERT ANDREW, III, San Antonio Civil Engineering, 2X, ASCE, NROTC 1 THOMPSON, THOMAS VAN, Fort Worth Journalism, EN, SAX, Cowboys, Summer Assembly, TISA, Daily Texan, Steering Committee, President ' s Cabinet THORNTON, DOROTHY LOUISE Arlington iology, ArA pguyl Gown N, " aUMSiHffifKTrE, Houston and Arrow, an Angelo io -Television RET, Brownsvi Child Dev ACE, Upp inster Student Fell Campus Chest stanbul, Turkey E, Turkish Club C., Gruver AS BMOAN, Athens Petroleum TOML Mechani TO iub, Texas Stars, T h, Newman al Council, Nl. San Grove, guished M ARIE, San An niversity Singers, Dis ppella Choir OSE ADAN, Brow ub, Newman Club, aceutical Association TOTAH, AIDA-M Ram Sociology, International Clu Glee Club, YWCA, Internal TRACY, ROBERT Physical Education, Concert Band, AR TRANTHA Music, Fellowsh TR Pha b, Arab Stud ap and Gown onio ntonio Club, Longh Student nio l ANK JOSEPH., Corpus Christi TRIBBL Econom ' , M. SUE, Lockhart T , ZTA, IIAe, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, red Students Committee UPIN, JOE PAUL, Comanche Pharmacy, A4tt, KK . K . PX, Longhorn Cowboys, Friars, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association, Dads ' Association, Award as Outstanding Boy TURBEVILLE, JANICE ANN, Yoakum English, AX!!, South Central Texas Club, Newman Club udent Assembly, PACE 103 UNDERBRINK, GEORGE PAUL, Kingsville Electrical Engineering, AIEE, Newman Club UNDERWOOD, ELVIN H., Grand Prairie Educational Administration, KK+, Longhom Band, AROTC URQUIDI-BLONDET, LUIS ALBERTO, Cochabamba, Bolivia Petroleum Engineering, Latin -American Union UTSEY, BILLY DEE, Overton Chemical Engineering VAKHARIA, DADY, Bombay, India Mechanical Engineering, TBTT, ASME, Intramurals VANLANDINGHAM, LOYD, Italy Education, WICA, Westminster Student Fellowship VANZANT, BILLY W., Waco Mechanical Engineering VARNELL, JANICE, Fort Worth Finance, A All, Reagan, Spooks, American Finance Association WACHEL, MARTIN JAMES, JR., Laird Hill Geology, MICA WAGGONER, BILLYE MARIE, Palestine Zoology WALKER, BILLY NEWTON, Cleveland Zoology, K WALLACE, SALLY LOUISE, DALLAS Education, AfA, Future Teachers of America, ACE, Cap and Gown, Baptist Student Union WALTON, JEAN, Bryan Secretarial Studies, ZTA, BBA, YWCA WARD, BERNARD HOLMAN, Corpus Christi Geology, Geological Society, Speleological Society, Longhorn Band WARD, MARDELL EUGENE, Austin Science, Round-Up Beard Growing Contest, Intramurals WARD, ROXANNA VAN NUYS, Dallas Journalism, 6S WARD, WILLIAM C., San Antonio Geology, University Geological Society WARDLAW, JACKIE GWEN, Sonora " B, Upperclass Advisor, YWCA, Wesley Foundatioj J, ELINOIUX. Freeprt WATERS, BARBARA F Secretarial Studies, F B, DBA WATKINS, EDGAR Journalism, HKA, YM WATKINS. Mathematics AFIUDTC WATSfN, History ,Ijlee Clulf ROTC Spare, Cap and Gown Antonio S, BBBHBT CHARLES, Hou and I PATKICI ANN, nan, Sid EN, n, HK Stud MOR , Pari BlackweH! WEEKS, WIL|I Electrical Engine. ROTC, Distingu| WELBOR Government uncil. Council, AIEE, Spanish, SAII, Club Inteca WHITE, BOB JAN, Dallas Finance, X , H, AK . Freshman Tennis PACE 104 WHITE, ROBERT BENSON, Baytown Engineering Route to Business Administration, ARE WHITE, WALTER HAMILTON, Beaumont Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, Longhom Band, Radio-Television Guild, Union Dance Committee, Baptist Student Union, Christian Faith and Life Community WHITESIDES, CHARLES EARLY, Frankston Mechanical Engineering, ASME WHITLEY, JACK O ' NEAL, Ozona Ceramic Engineering, TBIT, ZTE, American Ceramic Society, Student Engineering Council WHITTED, BILLY J., Austin Journalism, KK , Longhorn Band WILBUR, HARRY RUFUS., JR., Dallas Business Administration, American Marketing Association WILKENFELD, JEROME S., Houston Plan II, 2AM, HI WILLIAMS, DAVE HARRELL, Austin Chemical Engineering, ATA, HS, Silver Spurs, AIChE WILLIAMS, ELVA ONENA, Grand Prairie Elementary Education, ACE, Swing and Turn WILLIAMS, MARTHA JANE, Arlington Business Education, ITC2IT WILLIAMS, PATRICIA ANN, Kermit Art Education, AXS2,Furure Teachers of America WILLIAMS, ROBERT ODDY, Beaumont Insurance and Real Estate, SS, Steer Here, Longhorn Band, Wesley Foundation, Student Party, ROTC WILLIAMS, SYDNEY, Longview Costume Design, AFA, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, Canterbury Club WILLIAMS, WARNER G., Grand Prairie Industrial Management, MICA, Baptist Student Union WILLIAMS, WILBER ROGERS, Austin Chemical Engineering WILLIAMSON, CLAUDE FINLEY, Henderson Physics, BK, Hi:, 2112, Wesley Foundation, Intramurals, Forty Acres Astronomy Club WILLINGHAM, MARY LYNN, San Antonio Home Economics, AAII, Home Economics Club, Triggerettes WILLIS, JANE, Mineola Journalism, 8Z f , Grassroots Press Club WILLMS, CHARLES RONALD, San Antonio Zoology WILLS, LOIS RACHSKL, Lorena Journalism, eS f , Daily T SS " , Whitehall Co-Op, Inter-Co-Op Council WILSON, JERRY JAMES, Ab: Plan II, AKE, BK, H2A, Friars, President, YMCA WILSON, THEODORE, Personnel Management, MICA WISER, WILLIAM D Physical Education, X, PE Spurs, Students ' Association ' lano Club, AFROTC WITCHER, MARY JAT Elementary Education, AA , Childress liue WOLF, BURT BART, New Y k cV% N.Y. Architectural Engineering WOMACK, C. W., JR., Arp Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Tyler Club WOMACK, DAVID RA Aeronautical Engineering, KA WOOD, BETTY KA Elementary Education, Orange Jackets, Union Cha: N, San Augustine Tperclass Advisor, Mortar Board, Committee, Cap and Gown WOOD, SAM M., JR., Navasot: Mathematics, A !! WOODALL, BOB DIETZ, Sherman Marketing WOODS, BETTY LOU, Kirbyville Elementary Education WRIGHT, C. JAMES, Houston Accounting, Personnel Management PACE 105 WRIGHT, JACK RAY, San Antonio Commercial Art, Westminster Student Fellowship, Art Students Association, Fine Arts Council WRIGHT, JAMES RICHARD, Osceola, Ark. Journalism, SAX, Friars, Scabbard and Blade, Ranger Editor WRIGHT, MARGARET ANN, San Antonio Elementary Education, KAO WRIGHT, WILLIAM P., Abilene Marketing, ZN, Speleological Society, Great Issues WYNN, JEAN ALINE, Austin Education, AT, Cap and Gown, Panhellenic, AROTC Sponsor WYNNE, CHARLOTTE FRANCES, Wills Point Engish, TIB , Great Issues, Cap and Gown, YWCA YEAGER, WILLIAM NEIL, JR., Austin Chemical Engineering, AX2, MICA, AIChE YIUM, THOMAS, Dallas Aeronautical Engineering, T Association, lAeS, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, Baseball Manager YORK, EDWIN REINHOLD, Austin Law, I ' K ' l ' , IIAA, Silver Spurs, Goodfellow, Student-Faculty Relations Committee, Student Assembly, Peregrinus Editor, Student Advisory Council, Union Board of Directors, A Cappella Choir, Curtain Club, Radio House YOUNG, DOROTHY JOAN, Houston English, Al ' , Spook s YOUNG, SUZANNE, Midland English, F4 B, Upperclass Advisor, Grievance Committee, Cap and Gown YOUNGBLOOD, CAREY JAMES, Hillsboro Accounting, Tejas Club, American Accounting Association ZABOLIO, BARBARA JEAN, Houston Home Economics and English, AXQ, ON, Newman Club, Sidney Lanier ZEHNDER, NORBERT ANTHONY, JR., Fort Worth Architecture, American Institute of Architects, Sphinx, SAME ZIEGLER, SARALU SPANN, San Antonio Government, IISA ZIMMERMAN, FRANK WILLIAM, JR., San Marcos Pre-Medical, Acacia ZOGRAFOS, JAMES L., Fort Worth Pre-Medical, AEA, 4 BK ZORRILLA-QUINTANA, GONZALO, Monterrey, Mexico International Trade, MICA, Newman Club, Latin-American Union ZWEIG, HAROLD ISADORE, San Antonio Marketing, I ZA, American Marketing Association Engineering students have a lab in automobile mechanics. Harold Stassen is greeted at the airport by Great Issues committee members Robert T. Rylee, II, Noeljean Adkins, Ann Davis, and Tom K. Barton. PAGE 106 I " Y THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS " as viewed by White Rabbit (Don Stone) ami Alice (Ellie Luckett) at the first Y open house. A planned " spontaneous pep rally bursts out behind the Experimental Science Building before the OU game. SECOND YEAR LAWS Curry, Gene Watson, Dallas Estes, John Lancaster, Waxahachie Garrett, James Truett, Houston Jacobs, Joyce, Big Lake Kemp, Arthur Jeff, Houston Wells, Richard Allan, Galveston P tffl Akard John Crawford, Dallas Anisman, Sheldon, Me FIRST Barnett, Walter E Bigelow, Ro Brill, J B Cahoon, John Edward, Jr. Fowler, Robert Penn, Garey, Alan Ja Gilmore, Je Hicks, s EAR LAWS ne, Dallas Myron, Jr., Bruni " dward, Houston hmlyer, Jerry Lynn, Overton oyston ustin Ctrl, Dallas er S., Jr., San Antonio odge?, Jot Holiver, Jr., Beaumont Holdsworth, Thomas Kirk, Kfrrville Jones, Clyde Daniel, Jr.JBeaumont Knapp, Walter Leejjasper Kornfeld, Julian P., Lubbock Thomas Atlee, Corpus Christi ith, William Gard, Brownsville PAGE 108 Moore, Sam, Lawrence, Page, John Marshall, Jr., Austin Patterson, EdwanJJJrnes, Jr., Corpus Christi Paxson, Simol-am Mury, El Paso PinsonJle%jeth, Comanche Pressler, Herman Paul, III, Houston Rattikin, William Jackson, I irt Worth Steele, Newton J., SacrOTwmto, Calif. Stuckey, J. W., Bkoinburg Springfield, Willis Baker, Con Can Studdard, Kenneth Earl, Brownwood Toh ' ver, Tommy Lucian, Plainview Vance, Carol Stoner, Houston Vaught, Thurman Alex, Fort Worth Wynne, Gordon Russell, Jr., Wills Point JUNIORS Acord, Herbert, Sugar Land Adam, Wayne Mott, Houston Adamo, Michael Charles, III, Houston n p . Adams, Herbert Duane, Wichita Falls Adams, Robert Edwin, Houston Aday, Barbara, Midlothian Adkins, Allan Britt, Amarillo Agnew, Kathleen R., San Antonio Aguirre, Manuel, Parral, Mexico Aguirre, Raymundo, Parral, Mexico Albright, Albert Morris, Jr., Port Arthur Aldous, Edward Allen, Kerrville Alexander, Jack M., Edinburg Allen, Arthur Malachi, III, Dallas Alvis, Jim Ed, DeKalb Anderson, John Eldon, Austin Anderson, Larry Wayne, Austin Anderson, Patsy Ann, Texas City Anderson, William Marcellus, Dallas Andrus, Billy Wayne, Baytown Aniol, Elaine Elizabeth, San Antonio Ansley, Emma Leigh, San Antonio Arledge, Ann, Crockett Arnold, Norma Jean, Bellaire Armes, Jimmie Gene, Decatur Aronowitz, Roslyn, Edna Aronson, Irma Lew, Dallas Arrington, Robert Newton, Austin Ater, Bill F., Bertram Atherton, Thomas Edward, Houston Atkinson, Harold O ' Hanlon, Midland Auld, George Ernest, Port Arthur Averyt, Elmore McCall, Jr., Jacksonville Badruddin, Sharafi, Kabul, Afghanistan Bailey, Carl Bower, Fort Worth Bailey, Elizabeth Ann, Refugio Bailey, John Alan, Gainesville Bailey, Malcolm Dee, Dallas Bailey, Patricia Lou, San Augustine nj O ' P- 4Tkl Baker, Harriet Kay, Dallas Balay, James Lincoln, Mercedes Baldridge, James Warren, Pampa Balusek, Albert Jerry, San Antonio Banks, Jimmie Edwin, Malvern, Ark. Barbee, Howard Wallace, Tyler Barber , Barnes, Jim Barnes, Barrera, erclair ., Houston Bartlett, Mike Alfre Bass, Barbara A Bateman, F Bayless, S Beai A bert gjjTsicana MeVel, Borge WaltefQwland, berg Aus LAbock i, Fort Adrian, Bengston, Bennett, Berry, Berr % Bes isti Arthur Fort Worth F., Austin , Elizabeth, Bruni iggerstaff, Ronald Dean, Beynon, Susan Gene, Beyt, Denise J Bibb, Thorn Bid Billings, Virgil Weldon, Cleburne Birkel, Beverly Austine, Tyler Bishop, Norma Elaine, Houston Bishop, Walter Fawner, Tampico, 111. Bivings, Nancy Brewster, San Antonio PACE 109 Black, Dan Preston, Midland Blackburn, James Eugene, LaMarque Blackwell, Edwin Hearst, Dallas Blair, Eddie Ray, Amarillo Blalock, Anne Wootten, Marshall Blalock, James Augustus, Jr., Port Arthur Blanton, James Neal, Houston Bloom, Margaret Jane, Dallas Blume, Joan Marie, Houston Boatright, Mody Keefer, Austin Bodenstein, Evelina Irene, Austin Boles, J. L., Honey Grove Bompart, Bill Earl, Dallas Bond, William Howard, Jr., Tulsa, Okla. Bondies, Walton Porter, Dallas Bone, Sylvia Kaye, Texarkana Bonner, Louis F., Jr., Houston Booth, Helen C., San Benito Bostwick, Robert O., Austin Boucher, Margaret, San Antonio Bousquet, Thomas G., Houston Bowden, Marlene Edna, Lubbock Bowers, Richard Edwin, Bay City Bowyer, Jackie Price, Pharr Boyd, Brooks Simmons, Houston Boyd, Jerry Harlan, Corpus Christi Boyd, Margaret Lee, Uvalde Boyle, William G., Rio Grande City Bradbury, Phil Wilson, Fort Worth Bradshaw, Benjamin S., Springdale, Ark. Bradshaw, Sam Charles, Kilgore Braly, Dudley Q., Brady Brand, Joel Stanley, Houston Brandt, Robert Frost, Houston Branham, Patricia Ann, Edna Branson, Robert Emery, Amarillo OD - - C Brant, Earl Drake, Houston Brasher, John Dell, Wichita Falls Bray, Nan Carolyn, Austin Bray, Wendell Earl, Little Rock, Ark. Breckenridge, Thomas Loftin, Donna Breeding, Seth Darnaby, Jr., Austin Breshears, Jesse Le Bridges, Cliffoi Brouse, Ma: Broussard, B . Arlie, Ste Albert, , Rene RullGran onaM HarofdWV wn, Sfwle Cavle on Allen, Aufti Douglas, LittlfRock, , Austin atricia, , Mada cley, Ma NeJgulf FraKk, Gon les arl Gj hard, Dallas gesj Bolothy Ann, Houston rk, Joanny Leonard, III, Houston alcolin, , James errien, Ade Burson, Do Burum, S Busc orger uston ie, Houston iam Jepp, Mount Belvieu " PW Byers, Norman Eugene, Dallas Caddell, Vernon Lyle, Dallas Caldwell, Mattye H., Austin Callaway, Barbara, Waco Callaway, Wesley Monroe, Jr., Beaumont Cameron, Patricia L., McKinney PACE 110 " Arthur Camp, Janet, Dallas Campbell, Genevieve, Shreveport, La. Campbell, Richard Wesley, Dallas Canchola, Sylvia, Corpus Christi Cannon, Thomas Edward, Texarkana, Ark. Capt, Robert William, Donna Carnes, Sharon Gene, Fort Worth Carpenter, Edward Lee, Austin Carrasco, Lisimaco-Henk, Guayaquil, Ecuador Carroll, Joe Neal, Troy Carruth, Lloyd Brent, Pampa Carsey, J. Ben, Jr., Houston Carson, Martha Cumi, Palestine Cartwright, Charles Nelson, Houston Cason, Kenneth Fain, Corpus Christi Carto, Jane Gray, Waco Cavazos, Hilario, Jr., Laredo Cecil, Grayson Reed, Beaumont Chamberlain, Robert Elaine, Corpus Christi Chamberlin, Richard H., Jr., Corpus Christi Chambers, Leonard Alvan, Yates Center, Kan. Cherry, Richard Kent, Arlington Chivers, Patsy Ann, Phillips Choate, Cecil Clark, Paris Chodorow, Greta Lynn, Waco Christopher, Shirley Margaret, San Antonio Clark, Connie E., Austin Clark, Margaret Eleanor, Texarkana Clark, Nancy Jo, Austin Clark, Sue, Dallas Clayton, Monroe Nelson, Jr., Tyler Clements, Gene Padgett, McGregor Clines, Robert Pa trick,- Boeme Clinkscales, Paul A., San Antonio Clouse, Richard Ernest, Tyler Coakley, Raymond John, Fort Sam Houston Coats, Peggy Lorice, Seagraves Cockrell, Frances Lou, Sweetwater Cocreham, Elizabeth Ann, Trinity Coffee, Florence Marie, Canyon Cohen, Shirley, Dallas Cole, Henry David, Brownwood Colley, Flavil Lawson, Dallas Collins, Doris Jean, Childress Collins, James Leroy_Ingleside Collins, Janet Rich, Dallas Collins, RojDale, Kilgore Comegys, Carolyn, Wichita Falls Commings, Jack Chamness, " ] Conger, Roger Lacy, Cook, Charles EdJ Cook, Harlan Cullen, Jr., Lubbock Cook, VflUterTTheo, Jr., Pecos CoJk vJ Joanne, Camp Wood Cooper, Marcia Beth, Dallas Cooper, Nancy Gail, MidftTnd Copeland, Joanne, VKnnsboro Corley, Pattie Jaine. Beaumont Cowles, Jimmy E., Wichita Falls : Fred, Fort Worth Cox, Wendell Jackson, Tanlico. lexico Cramer, Arthur S., Hou Creath, Laurence Crofts, Dan Cronin, J Cn n, Adrian, Mo. m, Jacksonville B., Palestine ly Ann, Wichita Falls Crowder, Winston Pethis, Crowell, Edward Elton, Crutchfield, FrankJnJ)erry, Abilene Cullum, Conoly, San Antonio Cundiff, Ellsworth James II, Canyon Ctitbirth, William Murray, Big Lake Dabanlis, Catherine, Galveston Daigle, Norman John, Houston Dale, Richard Nolen, Winona Danford, Roy, Jr., Corpus Christi Daniels, Harold George, Jr., Abilene Darnall, Barbara, Austin PACE 111 Davidson, Judith Suzanne, Wilmer Davis, James Edward, Corpus Christi Davis, John William, Fort Worth Deauquier, Celeste Ann, Bryan Delaney, Joan Marie, Houston Delphenis, Alice Elaine, Paris Derrick, William James, El Paso DeVilbiss, Judson Earnest, Rosenberg DeWalch, Don P., Houston Dewveall, Nancy Ann, Sinton Diamond, Barbara, Houston Dickey, Billy Melvin, Palestine Dickson, Alice Kathleen, Dallas Dickson, Henry Austin, Houston Dieb, Nicky S., Jr., Fort Worth Dillard, Joe Wood, Athens Dillon, Helen Adell, Stephenville Dingle, Jean, Austin Dochen, Thelma Ann, Austin Dodd, James David, Corpus Christi Dodge, Nancy Mary, Albany Dodson, Jean Burman, Austin Doke, Gerald Pirot, Dallas Donaldson, Annette, Houston Doncaster, Malcolm Lawrence, Houston Dooley, Emily Estelle, Austin Doores, Richard Allen, Electra Dougherty, Marshall K., Palestine Douglas, John, San Antonio Dowdy, James Randolph, McKinney Dowlen, George Eulace, Canyon Downey, Jimmie Carolyn, Midland Downtain, Jane, Monahans Downtain, Thomas Edward, Electra Dubinski, Hattie Lee, San Antonio Duke, Earl, St. Johns, Ariz. ft fc S Dulaney, John B., Dallas Dull, Wanda Jean, Houston Dunstan, Marilee, Orange Durso, Sam Martin, Port Arthur DuVall, Tony, Dallas Eason, Billie Beryle, Abilene Eastwood, Clifford Arthur, San Antonio Ebarb, Rose Marie, Rosenberg Eckols, Bobby Gene, Gonzales Edgar, Arlen fiewis, Stephenville Edwards, pay, Tyler Ed rjrds, Tom Rogers, Knox City Eisemann, Mary Jo, San Apto; Ellis, Billy C., Palestile Ellis, Charles W Ellis, Elizal Ellis, E iarrf, Port Arthur Ann, Frankston .Wills Point J mes Harry, Aransas Pass Ellis, Robert Ben, BeaumAnt Elrod, Delia Jane, Odessa Elrod, Robert Adglp, Macon, Ga. Englhardt, Bel: Carl, Pittsburgh, Pa. Esterling Richard Ellis, Corpus Christi Embree, Walter E., Houston Estess, Morris Lee, Jr., AnarillA Etchison, Barbara K hryjf Houston Evans, Eleanor Jo yce, Fort Worth Evans, GractrHizabeth, Devers Evans, Itfin Thomas, Jasper Evlnk Robert Don, Bellaire idland Evans, Walter Edward, DaL Ewald, Jacqueline EzeU, Marinell, Fagan, JanetsMfce, Dallas Faham, Mahmoud M., Damascus, Syria Fain, Max Pittillo, San Antonio Falkner, Clifford Donald, Grapevine Fantle, Kay Blanche, Sioux City, Iowa Farabee, Kenneth Ray, Wichita Falls Fans, Charles William, Midland Fears, Clois Darvol, Pineland Feibelman, James Alan, Houston PAGE 112 Fennekohl, Dave Ross, Houston Ferguson, Paul L., Houston Finehout, Mary Rea, Victoria Finnvold, Fredis, Sandnes, Norway Fiser, Marcie, Houston Fisher, Gary Duane, Borger Fisher, Michael, Refugio Fletcher, Ather Odell, Houston Flores, Roberto Zamora, Laredo Floyd, Robert Charles, Midland Foerster, Paul Adolph, Sutherland Springs Fogelberg, Alan Eugene, San Antonio Folmar, Laura Lissa, Vanderbilt Fong, Florence, Amarillo Foote, Frances Cornelia, Gatesville Foretich, Richard Brittain, Conroe Forster, Febe, Roswell, N. M. Foster, Joe Drahn, Jr., Waco Fowler, Bra d, Austin Fox, William H., Corpus Christi Fradkin, Larry Irving, Galveston Francis, Sidney Joseph, Luling Frank, Ben W., Lampasas Frank, Margaret Marilyn, San Antonio Franklin, William Edward, Austin Frazer, Merrell, Jr., Tyler Frazier, James Robert, Dallas Freeman, Diana Joan, Houston Frierson, John Edward, McCamey Fritts, Bill E., Houston Frost, James Hamner, Beaumont Fryar, Anthony Carlyle, Plainview Fulton, Joseph Roland, Luling Caddis, John Marshall, II, San Antonio Galloway, Anna Kathryn, Balboa, Canal Zone Galvan, Robert Rogers, Longview Gardner, James Eldridge, Stephenville Garrett, Clyde C., Jr., Houston Garrison, June Day, Houston Garrison, Scott W., Jr., Monahans Gaudin, Hubert Leon, Plainview Gauntt, James Clarence, Stamford Gerron, William John, Jr., Brady Gene-Houston . Ann, San Antonio Gilbert, Jacky P Gilbert, Wa Gilchri Gilli Glover, Patricia Godfrey, San so rime Ca arles Devearle, ton, Shi- Fort Worth yn, Austin ton ntonio :annette, Denver C , Seinwil Louis, Beau reenlaw, Fern Virginia, Green, Anita Lynn, Green, Carolyn Green, Lo Gree Greer, Donald Webb, Estelline Gressett, Linda Bell, Beeville Guinn, Beverly Ann, Dallas Guthals, Carolyn Janelle, San Angelo Gyure, Nela Greenhaw, Tyler Haberle, Fred, Jacksonville PAGE 113 Hagaman, Betty Lou, Ranger Hager, Ted C., Jr., San Antonio Hajjar, Mohammed Said, Damascus, Syria Halden, Leon Gilbert, Jr., Houston Hale, Hulen, Fort Worth Hale, Joe Michael, Midland Hale, Robert Kay, Plainview Hale, Samuel Edward, Amarillo Haley, Prudy Ann, Tyler Hall, Daniel L., Gainesville Hall, Frances, Houston Hall, Jerry Frank, Oil Center, N. M. Hamilton, Helen Carol, Amarillo Hamilton, Jimmy Ray, Greenville Hamilton, John Reed, Baytown Hammer, Edwin King, Gainesville Hammond, Ben Rigsby, Jr., San Antonio Hammond, George Randall, San Benito Hampton, Sondra Jo, Fort Worth Hampy, Yvonne Jean, Houston Hancock, Mary Elizabeth, McAllen Handley, Lawrence Kenneth, Dallas Hanley, Don W., Corpus Christ! Hansen, Cathryn Ardene, Davis, Calif. Hardin, John Austin, Jr., San Antonio Hardman, John James Lee, Jr., Texarkana Harper, Dan Crittington, Temple Harper, Suzanna Davis, Temple Harris, Anita Joyce, Phillips Harris, Ann, Corpus Christi Harris, Kathryn Sue, San Angelo Harris, Vernon Claude, Yoakum Harrison, Joe C., Temple Harrison, Katherine Gordon, Austin Harrison, Richard King, Waco Hart, Grace Elizabeth, Baytown Hart, Douglas, San Antonio Hartless, Arlington Leroy, Baytown Harrell, Edward Charles, Claude Harvey, James Daniel, Electra Harvey, Olin Wilburn, Wichita Falls Hasskarl, Robert Albert, Jr., Brenham Hatfield, Thorn Hawkins, Fi Hayes, Jos Heard, Henni risti ouston , San Antonio Boerne Ho; Istin allas ings laid, Amarillo .William, San Antonio 1, Daniel Lee, San Antonio , Fort Worth Hoffman, Anita Loyce, Bastrop lan, Kenneth Richard, Fort Worth Hogan, Lysabeth Ann, Port Arthur Holden, Eugene Patrick, Dallas Holloway, Harold Deen, Fort Worth Holloway, Jo, Port Arthur Holmgreen, Allison, San Antonio PACE 114 Holsomback, Joseph Calvin, Jr., Baytown Holt, Charles Wayne, DeQueen, Ark. Homan, Catharine Ellen, El Paso Hood, Walton Donnie, San Benito Hooten, Clara Ruth, Lubbock Hoover, Joseph Allen, Pasadena Hotmann, William August, Breckenridge House, Bobbie Jean, Rotan House, Jon W., Midland Houston, Milton James, Shreveport, La. Houston, Sam, Texas City Houtchens, Larry Dwaine, Electra Howell, Nancy Sue, Austin Hranicky, Hattie Marie, Wallis Hrncir, Betty Louise, San Angelo Hudspeth, Harry Lee, Dallas Hudspeth, Thomas Joseph, Weatherford Huggins, Jim Buck, Dallas Hughes, Benny Harry, Beaumont Hughes, Robert Edward, Sherman Hughes, John William, Mount Pleasant Hunt, Glenn Curtis, San Antonio Hunter, Betty Jo, Brownsville Hurlbert, Hal E., Houston Hydrick, Conrad Lynell, Corpus Christi Ingram, Burley G., Corpus Christi Insull, Shirley Carob ' ne, San Antonio Isenberg, Don Lee, Humble Jackson, Ben Edward, Stephenville Jackson, J. Lewis, Wichita Falls Jacobs, Janet, Houston Jacobs, Nancy Jane, Wichita Falls James, Gerald Ray, Dallas James, Jay Morris, Groveton Janda, Rose Eleanor, La Grange Jary, Lloyd Walker, Fort Worth fi fl Cl P i v V Jfe l Lk j i Jeffrey, Nancy Rice, Amarillo Jeffreys, Gainer Allen, Jr., Fort Worth Jenkins, Frederick Raymon, Carthage Jenkins, Gayle, Houston Jennings, John Webb, Jr., Kilgore Jensen, Roy Theodore, El Campc Jentz, Gilbert Laurence, Fort Worth Jenull, Mary Virginia, Dallas Johnson, Bonnie Jae, Richardson Johnson, Dianife Gayle, San Antonio JohnsonWerald Elvin, Nocona Johnson, Herbert Ray, Houston Johnson, Jo Ann, LockhaiT " Johnson, Sarah Elizaftth, JAustin Johnson, ThomasT J ln, Austin Jones, Billy Wayne, Moran Jones, p noa Sheppard, Dallas Jone lunes Robert, Uvalde Jones, Rodney Dale, Santa Ana, Calif. Jones, Wendell Alton, Dlflas Jordan, Miguel, El laso Jordan, NancigLl, San Antonio Joseph, Conrad Derdeyn, Austin , Janelle, Austin Joynes, Ralph Edwin, Jr., Kahn, Sandra Jeanne, Karbach, Martha Karpe, Dale Kaster, Ka tomnjerce fo, 111. lew Braunfels ard, O ' Donnell ra Jeanne, El Paso act uelyn, Tyler ge Park, Md. iterville I Keefauver, Margaret Fink, i Keeling, Robert Louis, Keen, Jerry Do Keever, Philip Wayne, Temple Kegler, Angela Carol, Wink Keith, Richard Dean, Austin Keller, Betty Jean, Billings, Mont. Keller, Terrell C., Del Rio Kelly, Corinne Miriam, Shreveport, La. Kelly, James Otis, Houston Kilburn, Mary Kay, El Paso Killin, Margaret Ruth, Wharton PACE 115 Kimbrough, Terry Jane, Memphis, Tenn. Kinder, Anna May, Brownsville Kinsey, Robert Howard, San Antonio Kirkland, Catherine, Houston Kitchen, Jack R., Houston Klindworth, Lauretta, Dallas Klippi, Vernon John, Dallas Knapp, Donald Gregory, Austin Knight, Robert Patrick, Houston Knoerr, Albert Copeland, Tatum Knopp, Kenneth Paul, Fredericksburg Koslosky, Gloria Joan, Lamesa Kostka, Willie Joe, Dickinson Kosub, James Leon, San Antonio Krachy, Irene Louise, Houston Krams, Sidney Warren, Corpus Christi Kuebler, Elizabeth Louise, Houston Kuester, Noel James, Houston Labowitz, Harris Benard, Galveston Ladewig, Janis Joyce, Corpus Christi Laffan, Brian Fred, Tampico, Mexico Laguarta, Julio Sterling, Houston Lakenmacher, June, Houston Lamb, Claudia Kathleen, Beaumont Lamm, Julia Davene, Austin Lane, Mary Maud, Tyler Langford, Bill Curtis, Jean Langford, James Stanmore Dooley, Wichita Falls Langhorne, Robert Alston, Jr., Dalhart Langley, Robert Bullard, Stephenville Langlinais, Darrell Walter, Houston Lapidus, Albert Leon, Pittsburgh, Pa. Lapidus, Harold S., Pittsburgh, Pa. Lawler, Richard Earl, Houston Lawley, James Robert, Jr., Dallas Ledbetter, Abbe A., Houston Lee, Bet Yee, San Antonio Lee, E. Gene, Lamesa Lee, Jerry Ben, Corpus Christi Lee, Ray Clinton, San Benito Lee, Tommie Marvin, Smithville LeNoir, Donald Ray, Beaumont Lentschke, Ernest W., Houston Leonard, Joan Hodsdon, San Antonio Levit, Max Stanley- Houston Lewis, Charlel Eugene, Denison Lewis, Genn William, San Angelo Leyendecker, Magdalena Josefina, Laredo Lindsay, Ronald LandonHportTWorth Lipscomb, Lottie Lot, Kugore Little, Jack Merlille Dallas Lobb, James Wilson, Keller LockeXFoFd Lee, Brownsville LJocWnbn, John, Austin Logan, Harry Jones, San A " ntonio Longaker, Cecelia, Dalks Lontos, Jimmy K.JKalamata, Greece Lorenz, JaneJtrances, Stockdale Lott, Wayne Edgar, Houston v, Joe Bernard, Fort Worth Lucksinger, Arthur Hu Ludwick, Charles Ca Maddox, Evel Madison, Ja Magm fTemple .rlene, Tyler Leslie, Jr., Dallas ' alter Lee, Austin , Don Finley, Houston Maley, Karl Archer, HousWfp Manitzas, Frank Steve fan Angelo Manning, Ann, tuspn Martin, Judith Ann, Waxahachie Martin, Kay, Denison Martin, Michael Dean, Dallas Martin, William Joseph, Abilene Martinez, Aurora, San Antonio Maurin, Joe Toland, Hondo Mays, Katharine Margaret, Austin Mays, William A., Rosenberg McAninch, Jack O ' Dell, Houston PACE 116 btt , McArthur, Jackie Nell, San Antonio McBryde, Kyle Lelan, Jasper McCasland, Ardis, Jr., Big Spring McClellan, Patricia Ann, Austin McCleskey, Margie Louise, Stephenville McCollum, Charles Holmes, Fort Worth McCorkle, John Bryan, Jr., San Antonio McCroskey, Joan, Corpus Christ! McDaniel, Chester Howell, San Antonio McDaniel, Jarrel Dave, Farwell McDaniel, Marvel Ann, Houston McFaddin, Gustavus A. Northcott, Beaumont McGarrahan, William Sanders, Jacksonville McGehee, Corene, Corpus Christi McGhee, Marcia Ann, Brownwood McGill, Joyce Ann, Abilene McGinnis, Charles David, Katy Mcllyar, Don Charles, Dallas Mclntush, Cliften Eugene, Fort Worth McKeown, Thomas Leo, Calallen McLaughlin, Donald Neil, San Angelo McLeinore, James E., Jr., Glen Rose McLemore, Joe Ed, Baytown McLin, Willie Ray, San Antonio McManus, Jan Iris, Beaumont McMeans, Nancy, Abilene McVey, Carol Ann, Houston Meadows, D. Eleanor, Temple Melton, Ellis Owen, Jr., El Paso Meriwether, George Baylor, III, Houston Merritt, Amelia May, Arlington Michulka, Louis James, Wharton Midyette, Cynthia Millard, Scarsdale, N. Y. Miers, Alice Anne, Texarkana Mighell, Donald Ray, Dallas Miks, Bobby Joe, Wichita Falls Miles, Bradley, San Angelo Miller, Dee Deane, Borger Miller, Marilyn Jeanine, Brownsville Miller, Max Karlson, Alvarado Miller, Mary Margaret, Dallas Miller, Nancy Ann, Barstow Miller, Othniel Miller, Velma Millikan, Patsy Minear, Ralp Minter, E Mit Mitchell, Vaughan H., S Mitchell, Virginia, ' Mobley, Suzanne; Modlin, Robe Mohler, M BiUfGle , RoMrt Jo omerwSandr ontieW Dael J City, Miss. lovis Clyde, Jr., Port Art r, Jeanette, Laredo Moore, Carolyn Moore, Moore, Moore, SrurleyJ Graham More, I ' .ditli Skene, Housb Morehind, Madpe. Ama Morris, Charles Hilton, Jr Morris, Fanna Lou, Morris, Victor, Morris, Moye, Glenn Edward, Houston Mueller, Chick P., San Antonio Mueller, Joan Yvonne, Houston Mugno, Marjorie Jane, Austin Mulroy, George Alan, Uvalde Munn, Robert John, Jr., Dallas PACE 117 Myers, Carroll D., Jr., San Antonio Nations, Swanzy B., Van Naylor, Lewis Nathan, Dallas Newsom, L. Mack, Denison Nichols, Jimmy Louis, Atlanta Noack, Betty Beverly, Houston Nolan, Walter Joeseph, New Braunfels Novey, Johnny Edward, Fort Worth Ocnsenbein, Kenneth R., Texarkana, Ark. O ' Connor, Carl Glover, Houston O ' Connor, Fred Joseph, Austin O ' Dell, Walter Franklin, El Paso Odom, Richard Dean, Corpus Christi O ' Donnell, Thomas John, Waco Olivares, Edward Garza, Corpus Christi Ornish, Lillian Rae, Dallas Orr, Hugh Don, Austin Orr, Margaret Ann, Bertram Orr, Russell, Houston Osborn, Laurence Eugene, Austin ' Otto, Dillie Margaret, Weslaco Ousley, Ann, Amarillo Owen, Austin Virgil, Waco Owens, Juana Ree, Amarillo Owens, Lela Marie, Texarkana Page, Lewis Gilbert, Austin Palmer, Bernard W., Marshall Pannell, William Lester, Jr., Kilgore Parton, Loyd A., Marlin Pate, Leta Ann, Fort Worth Patrick, Ann Ruth, Victoria Patterson, Melvin Ray, Austin Pattillo, Peggy Anne, Abilene Patton, Boyd Alvin, Levelland Patton, Martha Ann, Borger Paul, Phillip Sherwood, Jr., Dallas Pearce, Thomas Ewell, Houston Peavey, Cynthia Ann, Beaumont Pederson, Donald E., Houston Peikert, William Joseph, Luling Perkins, Robert Joseph, Fort Worth Perlitz, Patricia Ann, Austin Perlstein, Rheta Beth, Ranger Perry, Bob ( E Bainview Peterson, . Petersen Pfau, , SanJRitonio e, San Jose, C. Rica , Bil C., Clarend Plemofc. Frank L., Wfchita me Lou. Anne, Hofston PACE I 18 an . Nafcgdoch tvonne, Austin I Kleanor, Newgulf rVewmt, William Adrian, San Antonio , Jr., Fort Worth , Conroe Prouse, Ruth Lorene, Austin Purdie, Robert McNair, Houston Pyle, Janell Elizabeth, San Antonio Quin, Edward D., Jr., Galveston Ramahi, Husni Y., Ramallah, Palestine Ramirez, Elia Rita, Kingsville Raney, Madge Bonham, Longview Ranfranz, Sibyl Joyce, Houston Rankin, Charles L., Eden Raper, James Arthur, Marshall Ratliff, John Thomas, Sonora Rattikin, Glenda, Austin Rauch, Alan Maury, Houston Ray, Barbara Rose, Roswell, N. M. Read, Bobby Lionel, Vincent Red, Thomas J., Austin Redding, Anna Louise, San Antonio Reed, Don W., Big Spring Reed, James Stacy, Dallas Reed, William Evard, Jr., Rosenberg Reese, Donald Gale, Thompsons Reese, Dona Marie, Fort Worth Reese, Elizabeth Carolyn, San Antonio Rehfeld, James Wright, Corpus Christi Reilly, Harriet Allison, Dallas Reimers, Don Ray, Dallas Reithel, Yvonne Frances, Seaford, N.Y. Renfrew, Carolyn Louise, Houston Renouf, Robert Irving, Houston Reuter, Mary Dolores, Victoria Reynolds, Alice Joyce, Houston Reynolds, Robert Bruce, Denver, Colo. Reynolds, Robert Eugene, Dallas Rheubotham, Nancy Grace, Dallas Rhodes, Kenneth Verne, Amherst Richards, Howard Newton, Austin Richards, James Van, Ysleta Richardson, Samuel Alexander, Jr., Jackson Richardson, Swan Edward, Stephenville Riddick, Harriet Alice, Morrilton, Ark. Rives, James Batts, Jr., San Antonio Rivette, Kerny Antoine, Beai-mont Roach, Lowie Max, Galena Park 4 l p Robb, Horace Alton, Marshall Roberts, Everett Allen, Fort Worth Robertson, Billy Edward, Archer City Robertson, David Lyle, Jr., Wichita Falls Robertson, Robert Nelson, Bay City Robinson, Mary Ann, Angleton Robinson, Patricia Margaret, Austin Rodriguez, Mary Louise, San Antonio Rogers, Robert Marshall, Atlanta Rogowski, Catherine Antonina, El Paso Romberg, Eik; Anderson, Brownwood Rome, Cfcrdon, Mission Roscoe, Patricia Jean, Odessa 1J Rosmarin, Larry Melvin, Houston Ross, John Marvin, KelI3r Rostrom, Mary| nnJ Austin Roten, RoStat-Wallace, Texas City Roth, Barbara Marcia, Wharton Rubin, Natalie Diane, Dallas Rupe, Charles Henry, S Russ, Mary Cynthia, San Antonio Russell, Eugene TEnjamin, Alvarado Russell, HovArd Lewis, San Antonio RussellJ|phn Alvin, El Paso Russell, James Holton, Galvesi Rust, Shirley Ann, Texa Ci Rutland, John Sahley, Bilh ' e Salter, Via Salz! stin londville , Jr., San Angelo , Paul Louis, Dallas Sandel, Joe B., Huntsville Sanders, Charles Richard, Canyon Sanders, John Louis, j Tiarton Sanders, KenneunHerbert, Center Sandhop, Ikid e Lou, Palestine Sanford, Anne Rutledge, Rosita, Mex. Sarabia, Michael Francisco, Houston Saxe, Donna Dea, Beaumont Schade, Janet Marie, Edna Schmucker, Larry Alan, Houston Schneider, Ivy Lee, Austin Schultz, Helen, Donna PAGE 119 Schulze, Kathleen Doris, Austin Schwartz, Jean Marie, Schulenburg Schweppe, Marvin F., San Antonio Scott, Eugene Patrick, Corpus Christi Scott, Linda June, Huffman Seielstad, Harold Edward, Corpus Christi Sellars, Robert T., Jr., Decatur Settegast, Sandra Louise, Houston Sewell, Fred Dana, Austin Sharpe, Eddie Jack, Austin Shelton, Ann Genevieve, Austin Shepperd, James Wesley, Alpine Sherman, Stanley Alan, Sioux City, Iowa Shewmake, John Curtis, Buckner, Ark. Shields, Thomas Joseph, Houston Shinn, Sandra, Victoria Showalter, George Wallace, Austin Sicro, Irene, Atlanta, Ga. Siegel, Robert Anton, San Antonio Siegmund, Jane Gay, Gainesville Siegmund, Martin O., Gainesville Sikes, Charles Thomas, Austin Simcik, Frank, Temple Simpson, Jerry Allen, Tyler Slaughter, Edward Dantzier, Jr., Houston Slaughter, Toni, Paris, France Smith, Alyce Lou, Houston Smith, Dan Cargill, III, Houston Smith, Forest G., Jr., Austin Smith, Frances June, Weslaco Smith, Jo Ann, Odessa Smith, Jimmy Lee, Lewisville Smith, Larry Douglas, Lubbock Smith, Mary Linette, Amarillo Smith, Patsy Jeannine, Bellaire Smith, William Wayne, Freeport hCkC.1 Smulcer, Jeanette Charlene, Wichita Falls Snell, Jerry Francis, Jasper Snodgrass, George Alan, San Antonio Snyder, David William, Winfield, Kan. Sparkman, Mickey Max, Texarkana Spelce, Neal Leslie, Jr., Austin Stacy, Mary Ellen, Houston Staley, Nancy Lucille, Wichita Falls Stallings, Sarah Ann, Wharton Stanzel, Theodora Edward, Schulenburg Steakley, Nlcy Sue, San Marcos Steele Seth Hackett, Jr., Rockport Steinbomer, Shirley Ann, SarlAntFnio Stenzel, Sonya, Houston! Stewart, Barbara AnWfTiargill Stewart, Donald Loy, Corsicana Stewart TKjlIiJm Thomas, Houston SticHleVlflorence Ann, Jonesboro, Ark. Stone, Donald Lamar, Jacksonville Stone, Martha Marie, MidlEhd Stone, Sandra Lee, Wichita Falls Stovall, Jimmie ilance, San Antonio Stoy, H. E. (Pat), Fort Worth i Gail, Dallas I 1 Stroder, Kenneth Harold, Strong, George Thomas, ' Stropeni, Margaret Strouhal, Hele Struhall, Stu iage , Texarkana ,rie, Alvin p es Marie, Austin Midland PAGE 120 Stuart, Thomas Alvin, Austin ( Sutherland, Billy Bush, Sutherland, Carol Htaitfey, Round Rock Sutton, Ann Louise, Orange Svendsen, Carl Olen, Kingsbury Swartz, Sandra, Big Spring Sweeney, Russell Patterson, Jr., Houston Tapp, Ivy Lynn, Seguin Taylor, James Spence, Jr., Houston Tees, David Woods, New Braunfels Templin, James Curtis, College Station Tenney, Augusta, Austin Tennyson, Charles Lee, Austin Terry, Jerry, Corpus Christ! Thaxton, Jane Ann, Austin Thigpen, Thomas Alvin, Big Spring Thomasson, Patrick Marvin, Texas City Thornton, Jimmie Ray, LaPorte Tilly, Clyde Claude, Jr., Fort Worth Todd, Doyle Jackson, Brady Tolle, George Keith, Houston Toland, George Jefferson, Brownsville Topper, Edward L., San Antonio Toppins, Nancy Ann, San Antonio Totz, Jon David, Gonzales Toublcice, Flor, Paris, France Trageser, Ronald George, Beaumont Travis, Floyd John, White Deer Triplett, Maxie Joel, Corpus Christi Troilo, Carmen Marie, San Antonio Tuck, Barbara Jean, Austin Turley, Edward Wilton, Jr., Beaumont Turner, Janet Lee, San Angelo Turner, Joan Foster, Midland Tynes, Ronald Eugene, Houston Tyrrell, Lynne Ellen, Beaumont Utz, Gabe C., Edinberg Vannaman, Thomas Leslie, Midland Vasek, Margaret Ann, La Grange Vaughan, Bill Lawrence, San Angelo Vaught, Jack M., Comanche Veatch, Charlotte Ellen, Pasadena Vickery, Tom Rusk, Jr., Wichita Falls Vogt, Fred B., Boerne Volek, Charles W., Rosenberg VonDohlen, Leonard Harold, III, Goliad Voyles, Jack Wandell, Austin Vuillemin, Joseph Jean, Waco O O C! Wachel, Johnny Charles, Laird Hill Waddill, Betty, Conroe Waggoner, Thomas Jefferson, III, Wichita Falls Waisman, Jerry, Brownwood Waits, Marjorie Lee, Port Arthur Waldron, Marcia, Brownsville Waldrop, Le Walker, Walker, Lora Walker, M Walker, ' W Wall, Evelyn Patricia, Wallace, Joanne, Musto Walton, Franc Walters, Joe Ward, , Agnes Ann, en, Donal arren, W Watson, Watson, Ma Watson, Wedin, Richard Alan, Jr., Austin Weeks, Julien Devereux, Austin Werst, Sally Ann, Fort Wessels, Lloyd Arn West, Ben Brita Wester, jBUtfJ! Ulistin H., Austin Joseph Madison, San . White, Mary Lureen, Baytown White, Norman Eugene, Killeen Whited, William Harold, Austin Wieting, Ethel Laveme, Perry Wilcox, Thomas George, Eagle Lake Wiedeman, M. Jeanne, Houston PAGE 121 a a P ' Wilhelm, Rosemary, Comanche Williams, Jack Tremper, Longview Williams, Thomas Newton, Texarkana Williams, Wanda Nell, San Angelo Williamson, Thelma Jane, Stephenville Willis, William Laurence, Edna Willitt, Carole Ann, San Antonio Wills, Barbara, Fort Worth Wilson, Elizabeth Ann, Fort Worth Wilson, Carroll, Obey Wilson, Harrison, San Antonio Wilson, Jo Rita, Odessa Wilson, Ruth Elinor, Dallas Wilson, R. Graham, Austin Wingate, Janet Lee, Beaumont Winn, Marjorie, Dallas Wolff, Helmut O., Dallas Wolford, Fred Vanderwerth, Port Arthur Wood, Janice Carolyn, Stephenville Woody, Gary Price, El Paso Woolley, David Martin, Dallas Womack, Delano, Austin Woodward, Ed Dalton, Marlin Wright, Jane Anne, Dallas Wright, Kay Dianne, Dallas Wright, Saeko Shelly H., Austin Wyatt, Joe Billy, Tyler Yardas, Jean, Corpus Christi Yates, Ruth, Robstown Yeagley, Claire L., Dallas Yerington, Shirley Elizabeth, Fort Worth York, Byron Parker, Houston Youmans, Joseph Edward, Beaumont Young, Dan Russ, Austin Young, James Truett, Stephenville Youree, Maurine, Crowell Zant, Celia Ann, Odessa Zant, John William, Midland Zepeda, Jimmy, San Antonio Zgourides, Ted, Houston Zion, Harvey Eugene, Phillips Zivley, George Andrew, Austin Zonana, Eli, Houston Zumwalt, Lillian Jean, Corpus Christi Adelaide Berrien, Miles Brittella, Robin Huff, Jack Harrison, Gene Saunders, Katie Hamilton, and Alfred Lemon of the newly organized Trans- fer Council hold their first meeting of the year. Mary Stiles, Janet Holder, and Pud Payne collect clothes for patients at the State Hospital. Don Legge receives the Outstanding Assemblyman Award from Karolyn Kucera. PAGE 122 PAGE 124 The annual Orange Jacket tapping catches Shirley Warren by surprise Abbott, Theodore S., Round Adams, Bonnie Ruth, El Adams, Byron RaympnTk Dallas Adams, Joyce Date; San Angelo Adams, Stanlsjr E., San Angelo ddifn, J%ie Lee, Crystal City Ahrens, Erwin, Houston Aldis, Gilbert Ronald, Houston Aldrich, William JampVlidland Allen, Elizabeth fc-4louston Allen, Eloisl McGregor Allen-George Carson, Jr., Jacksonville Allison, Robert Clinton, Hen Allison, Travis Allen, L_ Almazan, Jimmy A., San Antonio Almogabar, Virffffc., Houston Almy, Heftn RAh, Fort Worth L., San Antonio Alsup, Melba Faye, Clarksvi Ambrose, Dolores Jean, . Amis, Sandra, Austi: Anderson, MaiAfcl -iSdney, San Antonio Anderson, Rpha Jean, Austin AngefCh es Allan, Jr., McKinney Armour, Marsha Ann, Fort Armstrong, Jan, Roswell, N. M. Arney, Ann Binford, " 3teus Christi Arnold, Peggy jA re, Woodsboro Arranaga, ituVs. H., Del Rio Arthur, William Pierce, Jr., Uvalde Ashbaugh, Edward Ronald, Hi Ashby, John Edmund, Jr.,L Ashby, Patricia Dianne Ashley, Jimmie ] Attwell, Kir Austin, Dallas p d, Dallas , Houston i Jeanneane, Dallas Austin, Arlene Faye, Dallas Austin, Jo Ann, Smithville Austin, Nancy Allen, Dallas Avant, A. Franklin, Jr., Boerne Avera, Cleo Marie, Katy Aylor, Marilyn Julia, Livingston Bacon, Charles F., Jr., Abilene Baer, Marvin Lee, Pampa Bagby, William R., Jr., Dallas Bailey, Donald Lynn, Austin Bailey, Elizabeth Carolyn, Temple Bailey, John Alfred, Clyde Baird, Alice Lee, Houston Baird, Barbara Jeanne, Fort Worth Baird, Betty Louise, Fort Worth Baker, Douglas Martin, Belleville, 111. Baker, Eva L., Fort Worth Baker, James Raymond, Houston Baker, Jan Paula, Austin Baldridge, Robert L., Ennis Ball, Janelle Ernestine, Fort Worth Ballard, Ruby Lee, Killeen Ballas, Edward Asian, Cleburne Ballew, Robert Eddie, Gainesville Balthrop, Billy Harold, Fort Worth Barbee, Frank Ashbury, Wichita Falls Barber, Joan Elizabeth, Bloomington Barnett, Larry Adrian, Houston Barnette, Harry George, Jr., Katy Barnes, Carol H., Des Moines, Iowa Barrier, Rhoda Ann, San Saba Bartz, James L., El Paso Baruch, Robert, Galveston Barzilla, Joseph A., Houston Bass, Charles Lee, Nacogdoches Bass, Sydney Clare, Dalhart Bassett, Eleanor O ' Neill, Roswell, N. M. Bateman, Richard Wayne, Waco Batres, Arturo E., Piedras Negras, Mexico Battelstein, Barbara, Houston Baucum, Doris V., New Boston Beach, Mimi, San Antonio V , n A P) P 4 - lA 4M v Jril P I Beck, Barbar Belk, Get Bell, Bennett, Ja rBBsTJdkte Bennett, BensonVMarilov Bei! Beibstefl iBef Berry, kville, N. C. Houston lies, Palestine daria Magdalena, Eagle Pass David Spencer, San Benito |n, White Deer r Jane, Des Moines, Iowa Jichard, Houston i Catherine, Victoria tverly Ann, ' . r Biciam, Jane R., JBillups, Sarah, Houston Bindler, Wilam J., Tyler Birdsong, Sylvia , Tyler Black, AdelelAustin Black, TnWas Barry, Austin Blantolkjames Donald, Kat Blgame, Mary JKUran, Sdworth, Jdjeih EL I Antonio Blume, Lucille Boberg, Robe Boddie, Boh Dallas nces, Harlingen ' i Ann, Austin n, Robert H., Auj Bonham, Joe By III, Port Arthur ft n (! A. V V WJ uwa Bonneau, Mary Kay, McAllen Bono, Winfred T., Bonham Boone, Anne Lenne ' e, Houston Borchardt, Dan Keith, Vernon Boss, Martha, Dallas Bourdon, Lynn Louis, Houston PAGE 125 Boutroue, Victor Jules, Jr., Orange Bowen, Avery W., Houston Boyce, James Curtis, Amarillo Boyd, Jack Raymond, Midland Boyd, Walter Ernest, Jr., Houston Boyett, Elizabeth Helen, Austin Boykin, James Edward, Abilene Braden, Arthur Louis, Jr., San Antonio Bradfield, Ruth Ann, Abilene Bradfield, William Herbert, Dallas Bradford, David George, Skellytown Bradshaw, Louis Meredith, Austin Bragg, Wallace Granville, Chillicothe Brand, Charles Farmer, West Columbia Bravenec, Lorence Larry, Houston Brenner, Billy, Houston Bridgforth, Joyce Elaine, Houston Briggs, Mildred, Nome Brinkman, Sue, Missouri City Britt, Allen Jay, Shreveport, La. Brod, Marjorie Ann, Yoakum Broderick, James Richard, Houston Brooks, Gerald Rhea, Dallas Brooks, Robert Olin, Tyler Brous, Margaret Ann, Fort Worth Brown, Anne Dare, Springfield, Tcnn. Brown, Frances Patricia, Austin Brown, Gilbert Seay, Dallas Brown, John Nicholas, San Antonio Brown, Joy Kathryn, McAllen Brown, Mary Susan, Austin Brown, Sandra Jane, Shreveport, La. Brown, Stephen Zachary, Tyler Browning, Barbara Ann, Austin Browning, John Miller, San Antonio Broz, Franklin Joseph, Schulenburg Bruce, Patricia Ann, San Antonio Blumberg, Gilbert William, Jr., Seguin Bruns, Mary Nelda, Bryan Bryan, George David, Cameron Buchan, Celia Ann, Houston Bulls, Felix Bransfojd, Wickett Bunn, WfflF Bunsenj 1 Burks, Max Duam Burnett, Burton, Bu Butler, Lillie Ka Buttram, VJ Bynu: Camero, ston Harris, Pecos Worth [I, Lewisville, Ark. Oscar, Dayton Marie. Houston eslaco ;H y c -j?fJ r - .rin Steve rnes, Jinunie CaldweU, tomo le, Tulia Lee, Abilene Ann, San Antonio Ann, Bryan WilMm, Jr. Clyde, Caragonne, Alex, Cardwell, Louis Irn Carhart, Fe Carothe PAGE 126 Cape! IRio ie, Houston Jane, Marianna, Ark. Carpenter, James Clark, III, Port Arthur Carroll, Joe Speed, Austin Carroll, Patricia Ann, Baytown Carter, Ann Elaine, McCamey Carter, Exsa Diane, Fort Worth Carter, Nancy Marylin, Seymour e p Carter, Robert Warren, Dallas Cash, Warren P., Jr., Houston Cassity, Arthur Carlisle, Houston Castillo, Jose Gomez, Jr., Galveston Cater, John Thomas, San Antonio Cato, Lillian Elizabeth, Dallas Cator, Virginia Mae, Graver Caufield, Darwin Eugene, Valley View Caushcoff, Victoria, Galveston Cecil, Owen William, Louisville, Ky. Cervenka, Norman Louis, Granger Chamberlain, Edward Charles, Corpus Christi Chamberlin, Leo Anderson, Dallas Chambers, Dunbar, Houston Chapman, Gayle Yvonne, Austin Chapman, Patti Le, Sherman Chatwin, Kenneth Alvin, Belton Chauncey, Preshia Jane, San Antonio Chenault, Roger V., Houston Cherry, Jesse Fay, Edna Chesnut, Tom Holt, Childress Childs, Robert Rinfred, Jr., Jacksonville Chionsini, Alexander Emil, Jasper Chote, Sally Jean, Austin Churchill, Travis Eugene, Woodsboro Churchill, William Orral, Jr., Breckenridge Clark, Ann Janice, Lockhart Clark, Betty Lynn, Van Clark, Joseph Clyde, Wynnewood, Pa. Ckrk, V. Leaton, Hereford Clark, Michael Champ, Wichita Falls Clary, David Robert, Gatesville Clay, Jacqueline Aileen, Houston Clifford, Anne, Amarillo Cobb, Louis Denson, Tyler Cobb, Milton Curtis, Longview Cochran, James Russell, Wichita Falls Coffey, John C., Jr., Wichita Falls Coin, Merry Lou, Sinton Coldwater, RobefPEdward, Freeport Cole, Lee v! |. Austin Cole, Ijjajjrice Wayne, Jr., Austin Cole, Phyllis Jean, Bellaire Coleman, Eugene, Da Coleman, Jimmy Coltharp, John Colwell, W. Conkli LaMarque ft, III, Austin !Lee, Pampa n B., Ozona Conway, Paul J., Rusk Cook, Mervin B., San Antonio Cooke, Richard HugJ, Blytown Cooley, Helen (BatT Houston Copen, Jealne-JKllen, Odessa Cooper, Jjeborah Lou, Lockhart Cornelius, Wjnona Lynn, Pa Cornell, David Mayo, Sa Corona, Rodney Berna Correa, Carlos Courter, R Coyle Cozby, Raymond Wilson, Gran Crainer, John Emmett, Crawford, Jane, GrAnvil Crawford, Shirle Crawford, Grim, Inio Galveston 1 Guayaquil, Ecuador ' ayne, Fort Worth Alexander, Texarkana ie, Port Arthur len Thomas, Galveston La Verne, Henderson Crocker, Byron Gray, Brady Cromack, William H., Austin Cronfel, Semiramis, DRfeSo Crouch, David kfa|olm, Devine Crowell, RidLAj n, San Antonio Culver, Charles David, Tyler Culver, Everett E., Dallas Culver, William Hampton Cundiff, Elaine, Canyfl Cunningham, Eleanor, Brownsville Cunningham, James Earl, Cleveland, Ohio Cunningham, Nancy Lynn, Austin PACE 127 Curran, John Francis, Corpus Christi Curry, Keys Alexander, Jr., Midland Curtis, David Christopher, Jr,, Temple Dabney, Jane, San Antonio Daffern, Bobby J., Stamford Dale, William Bernard, Fort Worth Damstrom, Emory Kenneth, Port Lavaca Danvers, Don, San Antonio Dato, George H., Fort Worth Davenport, Robert M., Abilene Davidson, Ada, Houston Davis, Dorothy La Murriel, Houston Davis, George Arthur, Killeen Davis, Jeanne Cooper, Dallas Davis, Malcolm B., Gladewater Davis, Patricia Ann, Austin Davis, Robert Carl, Jr., San Antonio Davis, Stewart L., Austin Dawson, Eugene Howard, San Antonio Day, Barbara Ann, Marlin Debenport, Don, Odessa Dechman, Don Arthur, Fort Worth Deen, Frances Lee, Hawkins de las Casas Piedra, Salvador, Lima, Peru Delgado Cepeda, Hugo, Guayaquil, Ecuador DeLoach, Carolyn Ann, Dallas Denney, Earl Andrews, Wichita Falls Dennis, Barbara Ann, Port Arthur Denowitz, Marvin Allen, Longview Derden, Kathryn Anne, Wharton Derrick, Bertram William, Leesville DeWalt, James Willis, Brownsville DeWitt, Diane, Dallas Diamond, Virginia Ruth, Houston Dickson, James Fagan, Austin Dillard, Andrew, Abilene Dillen, Virginia Anne, Rockdale Dobie, Jeanette Marcelle, San Marcos Dodd, Martha Lynn, New Braunfels Doherty, LarrvJJorman, Houston Dorfman amuel Yandell, Jr., Longview Doirou ;h, James Jackson, Port Arthur Doty, Patsy Ann, Cleburne Douthit, Harry Anders nTV, Raymondville Dresslar, BarbarJjoanJDallas Dring, MaryVumBe, Dallas Driska, Robert Sutton, Holland Duolej Howard Franklin, Jr., Dallas Dudley, Philip Lanel, Texarjana Dugat, Diana Marie, Beeville Dunn, Sam WillhBh, fmarillo DurrenbergeL-Blce Baker, Houston Dunvajjerjy Withers, Fort Worth Duson, Walter Webb, El Campo Dyke, Earnes Wesley, Ta Eason, Patricia Ann, Easter, James D., Eaton, Ro Ebarb, E ston , Monterrey, Mexico Glendon, Rosenberg ichard Edward, Kewanee, 111. Edmundson, Margaret Cecile, Houston Eggleston, Jesse EllioufJrV3arland Ehlert, Harry Cn, Slly Eitouni, Mommurfed Ousama, Damascus, Syria Eldridge, John Paul, Texarkana Elltlia, Vernon, Jr., Houston Ellisor, Elisabeth Neighboi Eh-od, Doris Ann, Odessa Emmons, Kay Mi Endress, Jai Engel, Engel alias r Worthington, Ohio andenburgh, Langley AFB, Va. I L., San Antonio tan, Charles Edward, Wichita Falls PACE 128 Englander, Leonard MarioiL English, Sarah Jane, Dal Enmon, W. C., ofcnge Erickson, Quinton L., Austin Erskine, Bill, Midland Erwin, Roy Franklin, Charlotte ' .Liu, Pen Eskin, Marlene, Lubbock Esse, Kathryn Ann, Segiiin Estrada, Mary Filar, Galveston Etheredge, Boyd Franklin, Hunt Etheredge, Zelma Verree, Houston Ettelman, Davie Lou, Kilgore Eubanks, Edwin Burton, Dallas Evans, Charlene Bess, Ballinger Evans, Derro George, Olney Evans, Dorothy Jean, Fort Worth Evans, Kenneth Wayne, Austin Evans, Lyle Ken, Gainesville Evans, Martha Alice, Huntsville Evans, Sandra Adel, Fort Worth Evans, Saundra Jane, Troup Everhard, Clay, Pharr Ewing, Thomas Keith, Mercedes Fairchild, Charles Robert, Austin Falk, Carl Oscar, Jr., San Antonio Falk, George, San Antonio Fall, Mary Lynn, McGregor Fanning, Jo Ann, Texarkana Farquhar, Kay, Dallas Farrar, Bob Clark, Graham Farrell, Robert Terrence, Temple Faulkner, Gene Lloyd, Austin Faulkner, Jo Ann, Austin Feigelson, Carol Ann, Beaumont Felknor, William M., Jr., Fort Worth Ferguson, James A., Post Ferguson, Joe Vernon, Houston Ferrill, James Ronald, Tyler Ferris, Joann Patricia, Dallas Finley, Laura Jane, Liberty Finnell, Anna Rhea, Cleburne Fish, Francine, Electra Fisher, Billy E., Marshall Fisher, Bobbie Joan, Baytown Fisher, James George, Jr., Corpus Christi Fitzgerald, David Cantrell, Jr., Three Rivers Foerster, George F., Dallas Fonville, Tazh Taylix, Taft Foote, Phillip G., Port Aifkur Fortune, William Walter, Austin Foust, Carol TiwJ Austin Edwin, Corpus Christi k Byrne, Dallas , Lester Paul, St. Louis, Mo. or Franks, Ja Franks, 1 FranB ' p. v . o $ ty feetwater Odessa , Austin i E., Dayton Iowa jjo, San Antonio French, Paul Eujp re, Lojigview Fribera miJ dwards, Wichita Fa 1 William Do en, Gerard . [Fuller, Gerald Ml LaMarque Gabert, Sylvia Ruth, Rio Grande City Gaby, Carolyn Hldspeth, Jacks Gage, Leslie meon, Austin Gage, Tomrny W., Munday Gamb JRoland Ellis, AustiJ e, Gail, Orifice :ia, Rober Ct Corpl Garrett, Claude Hlrmon Garrett, Glenn llell Dallas ' Garza Dre el pnces, Edinburg yana Sue, Edinbu ann, Edwin Ant fc , chulenburg ' Gault, Clay R., Gee, Mary Ann Houston Gibson, Ehzabeth Jean, Carlsbad, N.M. Gibson, Jerry Albert, Terrell Giffin, Lynda Lee, Omaha, Neb. Gill, Lee, Amarillo Gill, Samuel Lafayette, Alvarado PACE 129 Gillean, William Otho, Jr., Stamford Gillespie, Gerald Wayne, Wichita Falls Ginsberg, Bailey, Houston Ginsburg, Maynard Jack, Springfield, Mo. Gipson, Eddie Mack, Austin Girard, Jerry Sidney, Cotulla Glass, Douglas Vernon, Columbus Glazner, Nancy, Park Forest, 111. Gleckler, Arthur Dan, Sherman Goad, Robert E., Jr., San Antonio Goff, E. Wayne, Louise Goldman, Hanna, Dallas Goldstein, Helaine, Houston Goldstein, Rochelle, Memphis, Term. Goldwater, Sam, Bunger Golob, Patricia Ann, Waco Golub, Shelia Dale, Houston Gonzalez-Shears, Charles, Brownsville Goodwin, Carol, Nederland Goodwin, James Gordon, Jr., Fort Worth Gottlich, James Sterling, Corpus Christi Graf, Ruby Marie, Vemon Graham, Lillie Mae, Purmela Granger, Andrew Baker, Austin Gray, Barbara Jo, La Porte Gray, Charles T., Ennis Gray, Frances Marie, Holland Gray, Joyce, Birmingham, Ala. Green, Hal Leslie, Corpus Christi Green, Robert Sterling, Beaumont Green, Terry Clay, San Antonio Greenstreet, Wilbur Horace, Jr., Midland Greer, Donald Lee, Amarillo Greer, Nancy Harlene, Fort Worth Greve, William Francis, Jr., Galveston Griffin, Anne Elizabeth, Dallas Grffin, Ariel Dale, Belton Griffin, James Aubrey, McKinney Grimes, Marie Elizabeth, Cleveland Griner, Margaret Dawn, Kirbyville Grossman, David Lyle, Austin Grumbles, Janis Florene, Austin Guaja: G ew York City, N.Y. is, San Angelo Reagan, Three Rivers Robert Everett, Yoakum Raul, Laredo onald Edw Tom Guyon, Ma Guzman, Gyu e urg ., Tyler hirley Bee, San Antonio man, Marcia Lee, Galveston ard, Jack Martin, Plan Haggard, Ran Hahn, m oust ell, Hallettsville Dee, Fort Worth Hall, Robert all, W uid ton. fbbert ey, Mai Hancock, Hansen, Plans PACE 130 tilh ' ps Houston Jithony Brock, Wharton William, Houston iy , Houston ;Ou, Gilmer ' ard, Denison jrt Alan, Springfield, Mass. " Deborah Maxwell, Houston Harden, Richard Don, El Paso Hardman, William Carrell, Jr., Grand Prairie Harkrider, Marjorie Ann, Brady Harlan, Gayle Worth, Houston HarreU, Joanne, Texas City Harris, Frank Lee, Jr., Sherman Harris, Glenda, Lake Jackson Harris, Max Young, San Benito Harrison, Clarence Wayne, Corpus Christi Hart, Gayle Elaine, Bay City Hartman, Cay, Fort Worth Hartman, Wilma Annette, Houston Harvel, Sharon, Vernon Hastings, Dickie Doyle, Denton Haston, Nancy Gay, San Antonio Haupt, Luella Ruth, Bryan Haught, Philip Rhea, Fort Worth Hawkins, Clinton Edward, Jr., Huntington Hawkins, Joe Earl, Pampa Hawkins, Thomas Lloyd, Tyler Hawley, Georgia, Dallas Hayes, Frank Alan, Grand Prairie Hayes, Lloyd LeRoy, Port Arthur Hayes, Willis Dean, Hamilton, Ohio Haynes, Eddie Bert, Burleson Haynie, Lucy Beth, Abilene Hearrean, Roy Edward, Kilgore Heath, Laura Rosemary, San Antonio Heber, Jana Lee, Austin Hebert, Emanuel Andrus, Cuero Hedgcoxe, Henry Thomas, Allen Heidbreder, Dorsea Faye, Corpus Christi Helf, Nancy Marilynn, Austin Henderson, Elwood Ray, Belton Henderson, Jefferson Stierheim, II, Nocona Hendricks, James Elliott, Rogers Herber, Wilfred Earl, Austin Hernandez-Calderoni, Henry, Brownsville Hernandez, Juan, Dallas Hertz, Joan Rebecca, Tyler Hester, C. M., Jr., Dallas Hicks, Wallace Bruce, Wichita Falls Hill, Wendell Royce, Odessa Hillbolt, Grover LeeRoy, Monahans Hite, Alice Jean, Austin Hite, Gary Pa il, San Antonio Hobbs oe Ferrell, Fort Worth Hodde, James Russell, CoIumBtts Hodge, Wilma Elizabeth,Baytown Hoffmann, John MjjEon, Austin Hoffman, Winltpn molph, Lytle Holcomb, cynuon Paul, Pierce Holderljanet, Mart Holland, Bobby Wendell, WinbJ Holland, Patricia Lee, Hol ton Holliday, Carol, Clebume Hollis, Hugh CfnisT Dallas Hollo way, feftljie Kay, Cuero Holruln, Jhomas Henry, San Antonio Holt, Jo Ann, Dallas Hood, Linnea Suzanne, Hooper, Robert Cu Hooton, Norman Hopkins, Horn ling Iwyn, Avinger ' alias on Russell, Arlington, Va. Horton, Joseph Julian, II, Bo Houston, Louis Benjaminji,- Dallas Howard, Alma Ayleen, hite Deer Howard, Eveljli Game, Dallas Howard, IVnWred Carolyn, Victoria HowauLVan Hook, III, San Antonio Howell, Betty Jane, Van Howze, Mary Sue, Kerry Hubbard, Marilyn Ann, Fort Worth Huber, John P.,|HoHston Huckabee, Be( rge Lesh ' e, Little River HiiHsrli JJtn Ray, Alpine Huebel, Melvin Ray, Columbus Huff, Carolyn, Austin Huff, Clark Kern, Hou5 Huff, Robinetteoay, Lubbock Huff, William Franklin, Flatonia Hufford, Sherwin Eugene, Wichita Falls PACE 131 Hughes, Elizabeth Ann, Brady Hughes, John David, Lubbock Hughes, Jimmie Dean, Vernon Humphrey, Martha Jo, Austin Hutchings, Janet Sue, San Antonio Hutton, Robert Guin, Austin Iglehart, Hilary H., Del Rio Isaacks, Janet Lee, Fort Worth Jacobs, Paula Kenny, Kingsville Jackson, William Scott, Jr., Houston Jackson, Dauris Ann, Beeville Jacques, James Downey, Los Alamos, N.M. Jamail, William Dahr, Houston James, Bobby Clark, Borger James, Helen Guenther, San Antonio Jaworski, Joe, Houston Jeffreys, Martha Arden, Fort Worth Jennings, Joyce Nell, Tyler Jennings, William Clingman, Fort Worth Jiles, Billy Jeff, Cleburne Jimerson, Samuel Michael, Kilgore Jobes, Mary Lee, Kerrville Johns, Lee Jackson, Palacios Johnson, Benjamin Lawrence, Rosenberg Johnson, Edward Durron, Houston Johnson, Judith Gail, Morton Johnson, Kenneth Howell, Houston Johnson, Marilyn Jeannette, Palacios Johnston, Randolph Page, Bellaire Jones, Gerald Franklin, Kingsville Jones, Gerald Mack, Quitman Jones, Harry Alison, Fort Worth Jones, Lila Lynn, Harlingen Jones, Nan Elizabeth, San Antonio Jones, Robert Davis, Kenedy Jones, Robert Lee, Seminole Jones, Shirley Mae, Dallas Jones, Eleanor Trigg, Paris Jordan, Vernon Murray, Brady Juergens, Harriet Corpus Christi Kachtick, Jfcnts Walter, Texas City Kane, v Uliam Roger, Randallstown, Md. Kamrath, Karl Fred, Jr., Houston Kayton, Carol Marie, Saj Keetch, Jane, Belto Keith, Robert ' Kemp, Mary Kendf ' m, Beaumont Austin John Murray, Gatesville Kennedy, Laura, Beaumont Kennedy, Mary Marcia, Keown, Alan Ronal Kerbow, Kay .iston EU aso Ugs, Fort Worth Khaled, Ejiine|Margaret, Galveston Kilday, Betty Ann, San Antonio Kindig, Virginia Anne, Shell King, A. C., Kerrville King, Charles Winsfthi-fr., Houston King, Margaret Elizabeth, San Antonio King, Mariw-etlCives, Killeen Newton, Muleshoe King, Shirley Anne, Breckenridge Kimsey, Roy Edwin, Jr., Jfi?Hand Kirby, Edward C., fan Altonio Kirkpatrick, PeVl_8xter, Hempstead Klaver, Beverly, San Antonio Klcin, " f!Btaes H., Seguin Klein, Shirley Beatrice, Tomb Klein, Gerald Fenton, Beau Knickerbocker, Na Kniker, Julia A Knox, Mar Kno P ' A , !ht illanova, Pa. .ustin Ann, Bertram Carroll, San Angelo mge irock PACE 132 Koch, Carolyn Joy, Houston Koenig, John Weldon, Kohls, Roger John, Korenek, Louis Joseph, Edna Kotara, Cecilia Joan, Lark Kotara, Thomas Ronald, Lark r- ft r Krog, John Lawrence, Houston Krog, Robert T., Houston Kubecka, James Lawrence, Victoria Kuehner, Marvin Ernest, Taylor Kunkel, Martha Leah, Yonkers, N.Y. Kuperman, Phyllis, Breckenridge Kvinta, William Davis, Yoakum Lafrentz, John Dalton, Austin LaMaster, Betty Lou, Houston Lambe, Marcia Jane, Pharr Lambert, Sue Adele, Dallas Landers, A. W., Lampasas Lane, Bobby Glenn, Stephenville Lanier, Mirabelle, San Saba LaQuey, Patsy Lee, McCamey Larkin, James Charles, Valley Mills Latham, Suzanne, Houston Lawlis, Carrie Frances, Abilene Lay, Thomas Harry, Moore Layman, Frank Derrell, Jr., Sherman Leach, Jack Gladden, Groesbeck Ledbetter, Thomas Kent, Houston LeDerer, James Fred, Wellington Ledwig, Ralph Felix, Groom Leggett, Gloria Jane, Menard LeLaurin, Nana Janet, San Antonio Lemons, Kenneth Neal, Gainesville Leslie, John Paul, Corpus Christi Levinson, Stanley Jerome, Longview Levey, Shirley Rae, Omaha, Nebr. Levy, Jack Mose, Waco Lewis, Shirley Ann, Corpus Christi Lewis, Jerry Glenn, Wichita Falls Lindsey, Byron, Hooks Lipscomb, Bobbie Jean, San Antonio Little, Maude Helen, Houston ... .., ' - cv n p p 45 I JrV .i P P A rv t ' iti,. - p : r P " 7 !il S j : v Little, Wanda Belle, Austin Liss, Shelly E., Houston Liston, Janet Ann, Seguin Littrell, Paul Leon, Jr., Piano Locke, Carl Edwin, Jr., Fort Worth Loep, Kenneth James, San Antonio Loveless, Carol j Lovoi, Jose Lowreji Rsper, IMumont IjchardAlLubbock F r ' _P i[Pl n Aubrey, Houston io S., San Antonio nn, Anne Marie, San Antonio Luther, Charn Lutz, She Mackenzie, Char MacK Mar Jer, Houston Hillsboro LLubbock [m, (- M)Ke Francis, Weatherford Maltsberger, T f n Marshall, June, Martin, Horn Martin, i Antonio |rd Edward, HoustoS fargot, Houston all, David Le (Marsh all, EdwinJDee, Port ArthJ Marshall, Gftert George, Del Rio pus Christi | Dudley, RichlaW Jo, Fort Worth Martiife, Braulio, Laredo , Jack, Austin . tthews, WJlfcn Foil kn Antonio Mauk, Betty Carfl May, Mart Rl May, Rot Ma ' Hou Ar nand, Dallas Hy Jean, Rosenberg Bride, Jimmy Albj McBride, Patrid J I Houston ' Dallas McCarroll, Eloise Leila, Rusk McClendon, Bobby Joe, Elgin McClendon, Sam Ernest, San Antonio McCullough, Charles R., Irving McCollum, Robert Frank, San Antonio McCullister, Alice, San Antonio PAGE 133 McCullough, Charles Ellis, Austin McDonald, John Arthur, Wichita Falls McElhannon, Milton Perry, Dallas McElroy, Ross Albert, Jr., Alvin McElroy, Staton David, Yoakum McFarland, Diane, Fort Worth McGee, Paula Beth, Livingston McGonagill, Mildred Alice, Austin McGregor, Rosetta, Houston McGuire, James Harrison, Mount Pleasant McHugh, Charles William, Dallas McKay, Anita June, Baytown McKenna, George, Tyler McKinley, Velma Barnett, Longview McLarry, Fred D., Bonham McMann, Thomas A., Weslaco McMurtray, Milo Eldon, San Antonio McPhail, Charlene, Houston Meacham, Billie Oliver, Monahans Meacham, William Charles, Monahans Mead, David E., Fort Worth Meador, Franklin D., Saint Jo Meadows, David Ehnejr, Dallas Meharg, Louis Scott, Gatesville Meredith, William Thomas, Atlanta Meyer, George Baker II, Houston Meyer, John Kampmann, San Antonio Michel, Nancy Carter, Marble Falls Middleman, Irving Herbert, San Antonio Middleton, Alice Jean, Lubbock Middleton, Carolyn, San Antonio Mielke, Stanley Myles, New Braunfels Miers, Bruce Timothy, Fort Worth Mikeska, Frank J., Kilgore Miller, Barbara Lee, Bryan Miller, Bill, San Francisco, Calif. Miller, Danee, San Angelo Miller, Lester Albert, Jr., Houston Miller, Luther Berry, Coppell Minter, Vance, Fort Worth Mitchell, Betty Ann, Houston Mitchell, Harry Litwrghce. Houston ' . . f - ' Mitchell, Mar Moffitt, F: Moberlyi Mo Vnne, Brownsville i Glenn, risti , Uvalde , San Diego Montgomery, Charle Montgomery, Wl ip CflMress, Houston Mooney, JoMflberJ Kerrville MooreUffll Tofi, Garland feary, Corpus Christi ierickjBgsjJ ongvieij +- -m - f Moore, James MurraJFJCorpu Ihri! Moore, Otha Lip Jr.,Jplv.ntoJ Moore, VfhardJ f, Mc Mo e, SfdReyTSe rMo , Thurman l gan, Hub r P r - v-.v,i r n . Colorado City ligustus, Jr., Beaumont Morgan, Ann Stua iStt PAGE 134 ris, Annette, Hillsboro Morris, Jegj ,anrat Troy i, Roscoe Morrisonr 6n " Relton Ehillic Morrjft HdRbert, : TOW, Ross Edwar Moser, Marilyn RuthVP b rthur Moss, Jane AlexaL r. Dallas Mosteller, MMU vid, Austin v Mowery, Susan, Lubbock Muirhead, Joe William, Eastland Mulcahy, Edward Lee, Seguin Muroff, Norma Doris, Lafayette, La. Murphey, Joyce, San Angelo Murphy, Gerald Lawrence, Alvin Murphy, Jimmie Harold, Sherman Murrie, Daniel Gregg, Kermit Myers, Milford Mitchell, BeUaire Nagle, Frank Taylor, Austin Nagle, Fred Stephen, Austin Nails, Glenn Morris, Austin Nance, Mary Joan, Clarksdale, Miss. Nance, Robert Lewis, Dallas Naumann, Roy Lewis, Seguin Neal, Arthur Burnett, Houston Nedd, William Gordon, Houston Needham, Shirley Jo, Austin Nelson, Shirley Ann, Amarillo Nelson, Strauder Goff, Jr., San Antonio Nelson, Tharon, Austin Nelson, Thomas Edward, Jr., Round Rock Newberry, Camille, Austin Newman, Bobby Austin, Sherman Nichol, Nancy Ann, San Antonio Nicholson, Jane Ellen, Austin Nieman, Pauline Rex, Patuxent River, Md. Nigh, Barbara Marie, Houston Nissen, Thomas Albert, San Antonio Nix, Cecil Anson, Jr., Port Lavaca Noel, Edna Darden, Austin Nordstrand, Carl Herbert, Deer Park Norman, Daniel P., Austin Norris, Elliott Wynn, Huffman Norsworthy, Jeanne, Dallas O ' Dell, Mary Sue, Dallas Oefinger, Josephine, San Antonio Oliver, James Parker, Caldwell Oliver, Robert, La Porte Olson, George Albert, San Antonio Olvera, Richard, Brackettville O ' Neal, Merrill Presley, Fort Worth P mm Uf _ ' p ft p p 4- Tl " ' i- " IJI N . T i p P A O v Li P P n o k _ .5 l C 1 jiii - iP P Ci O V P ' -r K Ong, Margaret, Houston Osborn, Charles Robert, Belton Oster, Sylvia Simone, Dallas Outlaw, Carolyn Lyne e, Houston Ouzts, Dave MnJ r, Dallas Overbeck, JUrth Ann, Denison Owen, Martin Frederick, Houston Pace, Eddie Wayne, San Ana Pace, Mary Sue, AustinI Palmer, Richard Pape, Kenneth Hugo. Seguin Parker, Chf-le) Scott, San Antonio Parker, Gerald Patrick, Corpus Ch Parker, Ralph K., Dallas Parker, Robert Lee, TylW " T Parker, Stanley ThefcrAlstin Paschal, NorrnJJoJi. Robstown Paternostro, Samuel Burton, Dallas Patterson, Jimmy Mac, Mount Plsant| Patrick, Allyn Smith, Dallas y_ Paty, Charles Robert, Houston Payne, Dorothy An DaUas Payne, George Audffi, Jr., Wichita Falls Payn, Noifn lJIastings, Jr., Lampasas Payne, Robert Maurice, Jr., Austin Payne, Sandra, Houston Pearson, Barbara Ann, Pease, Ralph Tex, Perkins, Carl Rodney. Jr., Houston Perkinson,fq)le Emmett, White Oak Perry, Bobby Wayne, San Angelo . Perussina, Joan, Galveston Petrus, Joseph Anthony, AlSHh Petty, Cora Lee, Crofw Phillips, AlbertalRuth. San Angelo Pickler, Patricia Elaine, San Angelo Pidgeon, Barry Erwin, Des Moines,fcwa Pierce, Allen John, Sandia . S Pierce, David Elbert, AlpnW Pierce, Sally Ann, Brownwood Pilcik, Edward James, Wharton Piper, Barbara LaVelle, Rosebud PACE 135 r Pittell, Marilyn Ann, Hutchison, Kan. Polka, Edward Allen, Houston Pool, Dorothy Marie, Houston Pope, Floyd Eugene, Dallas Posey, Patsy LaRue, San Marcos Powell, Peggy Jean, Llano Powers, William Holloway, Tyler Powers, Paula Wanda, Abilene Pressler, Townes Garrett, Houston Price, Jeamsi Edith, Ballinger Price, Sandra Van Dyke, Dallas Priest, Shirley Loraine, Goldsmith Protas, Pauline, Port Arthur Pryor, Peggy Daniel, Harlingen Pugh, Donald Anderson, Dallas Pullen, Carole Jeanne, San Antonio Pullen, Sara Jane, Wichita Falls Pulliam, Virgil Rozell, Alpine Putnam, Elizabeth Idaire, Uvalde Querolo, Carol E., Galveston Rackley, Ray Allen, San Antonio Rae, Melinda Jane, Dallas Ragsdill, Jack Edward, Austin Rainbolt, Walker K., Jr., Lafayette, La. Ramsey, Charron, Dallas Raimey, Karen, Fort Worth Ramage, Cecil Hugh, Austin Raney, Gene Arnold, Longview Raney, George Noel, Longview Rapstine, Philip Benard, White Deer Rathgeber, Faye, Fort Worth Ratliff, James Edwin, Belsoni, Miss. Raymond, James Maurice, San Antonio Reagan, Charles Eugene, Jr., Marlin Reasoner, Denzel Edward, Austin Reber, Jane, Baytown Redfeam, Maurine Kay, Port Arthur Reed, Lannon Dell, Dublin Reed, Madison William, Jr., Austin Reed, Willumj Joseph, Dallas ReedyVCary Don, Amherst Forest James, Bellaire Reese, Raymond Rudolph., Reinhackel, Carol Reinhardt, MAha Reistle, d Reiswe R| n, El Campo est, Houston Sara Ida, Galveston id, William B., Austin Rice, Otis Thomas, Austiji Richards, Barbara Jewell, Mineral Wells Richardson, DtCi fljuise, Lamesa Richardsol, ElMa Faye, Bragg City, Mo. RichJLtlsuL, Robert Eugene, Austin Richmond, Brian Keith, Odessa Richmond, George Merjtt, S; Antonio Ricks, Lee Edward r. rleasanton Ritchie, Sally, Galveston Riveire, Mry Jpis, Fort Worth RobbfWiOTrd Douglas, Longview toVeijs, Ross Dean, San Antonio Roberts, William Thomas Houston Robertson, Loyd Gdon Houston Robinson, Wilfcm Gienhelm, Dallas Robitsek, Wrrrlam Earnest, Midland Roddiames Franklin, Jr., Brady s, Andy Jackson, McKinney PAGE 136 Rogers, David Addison, flL nsville Rollins, Brook Holloway, III, Austin Robuck, Eva, L |Ila$ Rose, Hernfcfll Waxahachie Rose, Jlaigaret Ann, Dallas Rosenblum, Barbara Elaine, Houston Rosenthal, Jeanne Lee, D H|as Ross, Albert Clay, Aldington Rossy, Hubert ETTjr., Austin Rost, Marilynn Jean, Giddings Rousculp, Carole Lynne, Texas City Rovinsky, Helen, Dallas Rowell, Elizabeth Hansen, Terrell Rowntree, Martha Lucile, Canadian Rucker, Robert Monroe, Dallas Rudolph, Thomas Jackson, San Antonio Ruff, Jere Johnson, Longview Ruff, Jon Braswell, Longview Rugeley, Frances Louise, Wharton Ruiz, Dolores, Houston Rutter, Clayton Gene, Hereford Ryan, John Robert, Pecos Ryan, Mary Lu, Taylor Rylander, Shirley Rae, Buda Saathoff, Donald Ray, San Antonio Sachs, Stanley H., Houston Salinas, Frank Ernest, Hebbronville Sallas, Mary Olga, Houston Sammons, Bobby Fred, Fort Worth Sampson, Joan Claire, Beaumont Samuels, Martha, Terrell Sanders, Billy Jack, Tyler Sanders, Jack Steele, Denison Santos, Frank, Jr., San Antonio Sarantakes, Nicholas, San Antonio Scarborough, Feme Ree, Sour Lake Schade, Gladys Kathryn, Columbus Schlosser, Mary Ann, Houston Schmitt, Barbara Ruth, Houston Schmitt, Mozelle Laverne, Seguin Schneider, George William, Jr., New Orleans, La. Schobel, Eugene M., Columbus Schoellkopf, C. W., Houston Schuenemann, Kenneth Fred, San Antonio Schwarz, Nancy Lee, Mercedes Schwartz, Benjamin Haskel, Sherman Schwartzman, Beverle Ann, Philadelphia, Pa. Scott, Charlene Patricia, Temple C I I. A lfe ' ff mK i r ' 9 p g A A - Scott, Edward Eugene, Bay City Scott, Nancy Ruth, Conroe Scott, Ralph William, Kansas City, Mo. Scott, William Walter, Thackerville, Okla. Seale, Thomas Griswold, Abilene Seay, Michael, Austin 4 K Sebesta, Lerof Senn, Rol Shade Shaw, Cha " Shaw, Shehal SI Shelton, James " I Siemens, PatriciJ Sigman, N.I Silva, Ste BdyJ pple an Antonio Iple py Edward, Jr., Karnes City [Jine, Columbus, Ga. Harriet, Angleton 110 istin iled, Damascus, Syria tye, Dallas lUgspurger, Houston IBS Allan, Austin Ido JsljelTey iSs, D| Kalb ene Byron, Houston , Nancy LynnsJjjb rill, William tf_ Shook, Robert A, Celina Short, Deal Wesley, Austin lae, San Ant erald, Denver, ores, Taylor kBetty Ann, Shreve M. C., Kirbj Sinclair, JarfljesDtay, peasant Smith, Betty Sh ton, Smith, Bon Smith, Si risti - " Anne, Corpus Tie Handler, : Donald Alfr Smith, Dorc a, Corpus Christi Smith, EUzabeth Ann, Texas City Smith, Harold Gene, Dallas Smith, James Marshall, Midland Smith, Mariella, Temple Smith, Marilyn Le Ellen, McAllen Smith, Shirley Sue, Lometa PACE 137 Smith, Vivien Kay, Dallas Smolensky, Meyer I., Houston Smyth, Barbara Kerfoot, Portland Snodgrass, Joe Ervin, Brenham Sobotik, Robert Harold, Luling Solcher, William Boyd, San Antonio Sorrells, Bettye Lou, Gilmer Soward, Wamac Franklin, Carrizo Springs Spann, Robert Louis, Houston Speers, Don Philip, Houston Spencer, Rita Lea Bonifield, Abilene Springer, William Cody, Dallas Stafford, Robert William, Dallas Stafford, Thomas Gerald, Pecos Stakes, Armando Cantu, Dilley Stallings, Charles P., Ill, San Antonio Stearnes, Jimmy Howard, Beaumont Steen, Edwin Andrew, Jr., Houston Steen, William Arthur, Gonzales Steglich, Nettie Mae, Holland Stephans, Paulina, McAllen Stephen, Donald Ray, Wichita Falls Stephens, Billy Ray, San Antonio Stephens, Janet Muriel, Wichita Falls Stevens, Lynn Elizabeth, Dugway, Utah Stevenson, Robert Wayne, La Porte Stewart, Inez Lenell, Austin Stewart, Marc H., Gladewater Stinson, L. Alan, El Paso Stiteler, Reta Ann, Bryan Stoddard, Floyd Grady, Bonham Stodghill, Donald Ray, Rockwall Stoker, Jim Dean, Atlanta Story, Beatrice May, Glen Cove Stout, Sandra Mary, San Antonio Stovall, Richard Franklin, Jr., Floydada a Stover, Henry Lloyd, Dallas Strauch, Virginia Joan, San Antonio Striegler, JoAnn Suzanne, Fredericksburg Stubblefield, James Herbert, Sour Lake Stultz, Daniel Ashby, Houston Surber, John Lincoln W., Jr., San Antonio Suttle, Mary Sweis, Aie Taylor, Mary Ann, Teplow, Fenella Terrell, Jam Thorn Th Thomas, M. Wyndell Thomas, Robertllia Thorley, re, Dallas Amman, , San Antonio Marie, Wichita Falls ephenville Harold, Breckenridge altin, Houston ldon R. Glen Rose., Hoe, Ala. Trinity eilson, Dallas on, Harold urlow, Tho onroy, TorresBonner An allah, tone, Gifford, Towns, Norma Eliza Townsend, Jam Tracy, Patri Timpte, Aurelia The: Torres, R Totah Chris ti ick, Houston le Pass , Brady , San Antonio Tragesser, Arthur Frank, Jr., San Antonio Trammell, Wash Bryan, Jr., Houston Traweek, Frances, Matador Trezise, George Leo, Jacksonville Trout, Margaret Ann, Texas City PACE 138 Tubb, Sarah Lillian, Dallas P c ; ; f TV " Rfcftk V 1 , flovdada Tucker, Anna Mary, Nacogdoches Tucker, Elton Mance, Dallas Tunks, Leo Joe, Troup Tupa, Adolph, Flatonia Turner, Bill Lamond, Brady Turner, Don Warren, Borger Turner, John Grigsby, Fort Worth Turner, Keaton Ray, Pittsburg Tutt, Helen Warren, Dallas Tyree, Robert A., Longview Ulrich, Ann, Houston Valentine, Shirley Ann, Fort Sam Houston Valentino, Henry, Brownsville Vandygriff, L. Alvis, Austin Van Sickle, Herman, Pampa Vaughan, Jack Kenneth, Mexia Vaughn, Clovis Seigler, Lubbock Veazey, Mary Lou, Yoakum Vela Cuellar, Graciela, Laredo Villarreal, Elias Esteban, Brownsville Villarreal, Joe, Jr., Dallas Voelkel, Kenney Reese, Jr., Houston Wadle, Larry Coleman, Mexia Waghalter, Milton Harold, Austin Wagner, Louise Lavania, Houston Walker, Nancy Ann, Dallas Walker, Virginia Alice, Dallas Walker, William Elmer, Jr., Austin Wallace, Stanley Wade, Brady Wallrath, Carl D., Dallas Wanenmacher, Joe M., Tulsa, Okla. Ward, Earl G., Fort Worth Ward, Richard Elbert, Newgulf Ward, Robert Lane, Columbus Warner, Samuel Womack, Dallas Warner, Tommy, Penwell P R P iMkft a p fs 4 1 4 Warren, William David, Austin Waters, Harry Edward, Velasco Watson, James Bruce, Athens Watt, Frances Jane, Dallas Weatherred, D ffllia Wynell, Amarillo Weaver, ra tryn Suzanne, Galveston Webb, Doris Darleen, El Paso Webb, Geraldine, Rusk ,xT V. Webb, Laurent Bonner, Bro imsville Weiler, John Eugane, Jr., Austin Welborne, Dana Rhea, Dallas Welborn, Maratret Anne, Post Weiler, Jack Kenneth, Jr., Kilgore Wells, Jimmie Pruitt, LindenJ Wells, Jocelyn, Wellington Welsh, Jane MaveAkJEorpus Christi Weltmer, Russell, Big Lake Wendel.-feairtSlizabeth, Weimar X V Fo Wolth Wenger, Alan, San Antonio Wengert, John Fredrick, Fc . . _ Wersebe, Gordon Kenneth, Austin West, Jack Dennis, Fort Worth West, WilliarnT| adBhs, Jr., Lufkin WestphaljVafly Lee, Austin White, Jeanette Louise, Rapid City, STTDak. Whiteside, Billie Jo, Longview Whitley, Robert James,|Dzon Whitney, Leon Arthur, Amarillo Whitt, Esther KayTSan Antonio Wiest, BettosJo, Smithville Wilborn, James Lucian, Austin Wiley, Michael Alan, Dallas Wiley, Thomas Elmer, J: Williams, Anne Stai Williams, Beve Williams, ustin Houston UgeU, Fort Sill, Okla. , Jr., Palestine Williams, Gerry Jean, Donie Williams, John Felton, Dallas Williams, Mary Alice, Vifctojla Williams, Max Derrell, Nederland Williams, Patricia Adele, Austin Williams, Patricia Ann, East Bernard PAGE 139 Williams, Roy Dale, Eldorado Wills, John Robert, Pampa Wilson, Barbara Elaine, New York City, N. Y. Wilson, Charles Julian, Jr., Freeport Wilson, Horace Earl, Austin Wilson, Royce Wayne, Waco Wilson, Walter Alfred, Kerrville Winkler, Jane, Giddings Winn, Marcia Jo, Del Rio Witt, Meyer Willis, Freeport Witter, June Anne, Houston Woellert, Joan Louise, San Antonio Woehrmann, Gary Wade, Houston Wolf, William Howard, McCamey Wolfe, Rosalyn Robinson, Vernon Womack, Richard Marvin, Austin Woo, Kong F., San Antonio Wood, Banjamin Gary, Ada, Okla. Wood, Chesley Kosub, Galveston Wood, Marion Edward, Fort Worth Worthen, Charles, Midland Wright, James Fletcher, Dallas Wright, John David, Houston Wright, Lillian Elizabeth, Galveston Wyche, Robert Carlton, Dallas Yantis, Eloise Recia, San Antonio Yeakley, Ralph McLynn, Fort Worth Yelderman, Carolyn Ann, Rosenberg Yoakum, Thomas Alexander, McAllen Young, Allie Burke, Refugio Young, Mary Sue, Austin Youngblood, Golden Duane, Refugio Youngblood, Jack Edward, Fort Worth Youngblood, Marilyn Tollett, Hillsboro Younger, Blanche, Killeen Zapalac, James Julian, Sealy Zoch, Anne Louise, Taylor to the clamor of the Sauter-Finegan orchestra PAGE 140 Members of Freshman Council outline the Orientation program. New freshmen are interviewed at the Union. VeeVc. Morris Goolsby, Don Smith, Jim Piles, Kenneth Pounds, and Speed Carroll have refreshments at the Phi Eta Sigma reception for new members. Alfr Abell, Edwai Abernathy, Abramson, Aco: Adams, Billy Nelson, RifljandjSpid Adams, ns, ! Akei r Casiano, Corpus Christ! ie Marie, Houston tonio , Austin .ice, Waco arjorie Ann, Del Rio Alford, Nedw Odette. $T B Antonio Hen, Donnall Joe, T ' lcasanton Allen, Ira Jefferson. |r., Houston Allen, Len Spears, Houston Michael, San Antonio PACE 142 a Falls cCamey asper line, Longview Charlene, Austin , Frances Mae, Norco, Calif. Anderson, Fred Graydon, College Station Ansley, Russell L., Gainesville Apel, Karen Ann, Houston Arden, Glenn A., Amarillo Amhold, Thomas Duncan, Wichita Falls Arnold, Homer Christly, Oklaunion Arnold, Hugh Humphries, San Angelo Atkins, Arlene Joyce, Randolph Air Force Base Atkins, Glenn P., Kingsville Atkins, Joyce Gayle, Austin Austin, Sylvia Gail, Overland Park, Kansas Bagwell, Carolyn Ann, Hereford Baird, Byron, Fort Worth Baker, Jay E., Kenedy Baker, Mary Katherine, Dallas Baker, William Anderson, Long Beach, Calif. Balcar, Ronald, Austin Baldwin, Mary Eleanor, Wichita Falls Ball, Marjorie Louise, Bryan Ball, Samuel A., Jr., LaMarque Ballard, Joni Jo, Mission Ballas, Joe Asian, Cleburne Bankston, Freda, Moran Barron, Marilyn, San Benito Barber, Lewie M., Tyler Barden, Jimmy, Houston Barker, Wilson Roger, Weatherford Barkley, Robert Carl, Beaumont Barnes, David H., Jr., Houston Barnhill, John Williamson, Brenham Barrera, Pearl Agnes Yglesias, Jersey City, N. J. Bartle, Frank, Houston Bartlett, Robert Franklin, Marshall Bass, Mary Helen, San Antonio Bass, Nancy, Houston Bassel, Susan, Waco rd Canoll lave | Bateman, Wayne Ard, Waxahachie Battle, Roy Saunders, Waskom Baum, Rena Jo, Mercedes Beall, Billie Sue, Nacogdoches Becker, Laurence Albert, Austin Becker, Robert, San Angelo Bednorz, Evelyn Jeannette, George West Benavides, Isaac J., Jr., FMlflHiias Bender, Cheri Lee, Ka ston Benfield, Nancjjo, Port Arthur Benihashemi, Mohemmed, Teheran, Iran Bennap ff ' homas Jay, Dallas Benson, Dan Harper, Lubboc Benson, Ralph E., Jr., Berger, Sidney Lee. Bryan Berka, Willie, I Bernard, L Bern ackson, Houston lerick Ernest, Houston icE Md Berry, Buford Preston, Archer Berry, Phyllis, Houston Bertrand, Joan Dolotes Port Arthur Besch, Carl Dieckrnan, Cibolo Best, Stepben-Brnest, III, Austin Binz, EjJlA Houston Bird, Shirley Ann, Stockdale J- J- Bishop, Beverly, Victoria Bitter, Nancy JoanTkanyintonio Black, Sharan,py(l Blackbird raiy-Margaret, Houston Blackshear, Tommy Louis, Groesbeck Blackwell, Fred Wayne, Leforl j Blain, Spencer Hayward. lr.. Jeaumont Blair, Patrick Jay, Bandera Blalack, Joe Ra Laitgview Blanchardr vld R., Austin Blant i. ghn Ralston, Tyler Blatt, Rita Glenn, Dallas Bluhm, Frances Estelle, Austwell Bolton, Jane Elizabeth, Longview Bonilla, Marlene Teresita, Managua, Nicaragua Bonser, Bobby George, Comanche Bonvillain, Barbara Ann, Houston PACE 143 p pi p tftA Boone, Mary Lois, Navasota Boothe, Robert Ragsdale, Jr., Gonzales Borden, Shirley Ruth, Missouri City Borg, Marcia, Tulsa, Okla. Borja, Joe David, Brownsville Boswell, David Lee, Temple Botefuhr, Charles Edward, Dallas Bourland, Elizabeth Diane, Fort Worth Bowen, John Woodie, Austin Bower, Wayne Owen, Jr., Crane Bowles, Joe Calvin, Jr., Houston Bowling, Henry E., Terrell Box, Boyd, Bishop Boyd, William Anthony, Dallas Boynton, Peggy J., Spearman Bracey, Claudia Dale, Bellville Bracker, Jon, Houston Bragg, Thomas Guy, III, San Antonio Branan, Mary Ellen, Houston Brandes, William Heaton, Irving Brantley, Milan Allison, La Pryor Brawley, William Lowell, Jr., Longview Braziel, John Robert, Emory Breedlove, Finice David, Jr., Midland Brickman, Rita, Chattanooga, Tenn. Bridges, Jo Katherine, Baytown Bright, Sam Raymond, Jr., Tyler Brite, Dennys Monroe, Del Rio Brooks, Wayland A., Dallas Broughton, Clifton Ray, Palestine Broussard, Shirley Ann, Houston Broward, Nancy Sharon, Fort Worth Brown, Edward Stanton, Jr., Fort Worth Brown, Florence Day, Tyler Brown, George Rhamy, Marlin Brown, Helen Yvonne, Dallas c Q fe Brown, Mason C., Irving Brown, Rebecca Lynn, San Antonio Brown, Richea Kaye, Shreveport, La. Brown, Ronald Nelson, Levelland Brubeck, Carolyn Ann, Natalia Bruce, Cora Jo, Plainview Bruder, HamJE Souston Buchanan, rTStffl.LjaiiQf ' BeBake Buchanan, Herbert Earl, Bay Cit Louise, Austin gess, Gail, Longvicw ike, Fred ' ines, Port Lavaca Burkett, Benjamin ClintA, Jr., AnBijlloJJ Burnett, James MyjfclunQ|orpus CJiristi JBujnett, Wj ne TiUll) evmourA n, Bay iuf JJskfcAustin Anna, McAllen a f ' n r i f Ik BurrJ s, Charlotte Am], i ' !IP.Ij;n hties ushtield, Beverly Anne, Ice. Shirley 1 ' uuliiie, Brenham V uiest er, Kuss, Austin utter, Stephen Robert, Longview Buzzell, John Erne Bvrd, Joe Lau Caen, Judith Lynn, Memphis, Tenn. Cagle, Joe David, Memphis, Tenn. Calhonn, Richard W., Shreveport, La. Tiy, Barbara Elaine, Houston Calla Elizabe John npbell, Canfif3, B luisville, Ky. .alph, Austin Ann, San Antonio !eggy Margaret, Galveston , Tanya, Baytown PACE 144 Canova, Denmar Barclay, Amarillo Cantu, Higinio Juan, Corpus Christi Garden, Wanda, Ozona Carder, Shirley Ann, Seagoville Carey, Russell Raymond, Jr., Graham Carleton, Patsy Ann, Fort Worth Carlin, Elvira, Austin Carlson, Jean, El Campo Carnes, Billy Ronald, Wichita Falls Carnes, Patsy Carolyn , Houston Caroon, Carole Jane, Angleton Carpenter, Lucretia Ann, San Benito Carr, William Richard, Corpus Christi Carroll, Nancy Jane, Houston Carter, Carla Kay, El Paso Carter, Kenneth A., Lampasas Carter, Phebe Anne, Pampa Casbeer, Catherine, Lampasas Cason, Linda Jean, Rosenberg Castillo, Julian, San Benito Caudle, Barbara Ann, Randolph Air Force Base Causby, Helen Elizabeth, Dallas Cauthorn, Bob V., Del Rio Cave, Frank Asbury, Plainview Cearley, Mary Margaret, Dallas Chadwell, Roland Gene, Ab ' ce Chalmers, Richard Edwin, Houston Chamberlain, Alfred A., San Antonio Chamblee, Jack Allen, Gatesville Chandler, Harold Lane, San Antonio Chancy, Lenore, Harvey, 111. Chapman, Donald Royce, Lamesa Chernosky, Nancy Cecelia, Houston Childress, George, Cameron Chipman, Curtiss Dale, Crane Christensen, Louanne, Dallas Churchwell, Stacy Edward, Leakesville, Miss. Clark, Donald B., Houston Clark, Don Gene, Winslow, Ariz. Clemens, Eugene Charles, Jr., Cannelton, Ind. Clements, Anna Belle, Kilgore Clements, Joe Stuart, Huntsville Clift, Ruth Ann, Austin Coats, Myrtle Anne, Harlingen Cobb, Billy Ray, Laird Hill Cobb, L. Dean, Marlin Cobb, Richard P., Corpus Christi Cochrum, Kenneth L., Baytown Cockrell, Beatrice, Austin Coffey, Gerald L., Jr., Fort I Cogburn, Charlie C. Nyvt ' on, Pasadena Cohen, Suetelle Ami, Dallas Coker, Willijwt ordon, Austin Cole, Bridl. Houston n jp - L s Cole, Nina Jane, New Braunfelf Collie, William Levinson, Jr., Pecos Collins, Mahon Daniel JJr.. 1 Dallas Collins, Robert EiMelie, Cleburne Collins, WillJts- hillip, Fort Worth Connally, Elizabeth, Tyler Conner, Charles Joseph, Jr., Hoifl Connolly, Patsy Marie, Gal esjm Connor, Sydney Symington, Houston Conway, Carol E rge , Tyler Conyers, JanjCfiJirginia, Corpus Christi Cook, fleeil Austin Cook, Helen Earle, Dallas Cooley, Jo Ann, Fort Word Cooper, Margaret Cooper, W. Der417Astin Cordell, Barbara Lee, San Antonio Corley, Ian5l, Austin Costley, Albert W., Baytown I i Cothran, Marion E., Paris Cotner, Mary LouiserjHempstead Cottrell, David tJ J Poun d Rock Couch, Sancjra jwm, College Station Coughran, James Patrick, Houston Counts, Bobby James, Weatherford Covington, James Richard, Fort Worth Cowan, Richard, Pampa Cowdrey, Gail, Dallas Cowley, Jack, Marshall Cox, Mary Frances, Corpus Christi PACE 145 Cox, Walter L., Santa Paula, Calif. Crabtree, William Preston, Grand Prairie Craddock, Bette Theresa, Austin Craig, Robert S., Lark Craig, Sammy D. J., Fort Worth Crawford, Carolyn, Houston Crawford, Marian Frances, San Antonio Crawford, Robert James, Abilene Crawford, Virginia Lee, Austin Crenshaw, Frank Scott, Houston Grim, Margaret Ray, Dallas Crittenden, Norma, Crane Cummings, Bobby Louis, Gatesville Cummings, Billy Flake, IV, Normangee Cummins, Nelda Ann, Austin Cunningham, Carolyn Joy, Frederick, Okla. Cunningham, James Norman, San Angelo Curry, Glorain, New Orleans, La. Curtis, Gertrude Irene, Houston Curtis, Terence Attebury, Amarillo Cutler, Earl Gene, Corpus Christ! Cutshall, Gayle Lee, Houston Czimskey, Barbara Ann, Taylor Dacy, Ridgway Joe, Austin Daigle, Wayne Darryl, Houston Damiani, Kirwin Gherbis, Galveston Dance, Thomas Fred, Dallas Daner, Leonette, Miami Beach, Fla. Daniel, Bradford, Fort Worth Daniel, Jack Strickland, Deer Park Daniel, Leon, Fort Worth Daniels, Betty Ann, San Benito Darling, John K., Houston Davidson, Emily, Wharton Davis, Dan, Jr., Childress Davis, David Harris, Three Rivers Davis, Diane, Houston Davis, Elizabeth Ann, Freeport Davis, Jack Layton, San Antonio Davis, Jean Marlynn, San Antonio Davis, Kenneth A., Brownfield Davis, Mettie Fae, Eldorado Davison, Marilyn BlanchapSofi Antonio Deakins, Margaret AmnjFloydada Deaton, Jo AnnJDallas Debes, Elaine Theodora, Beaumont DelajjjpwAlbert Lindsay, Jr., Liberty llLI ' on, Hector, Pharr Denison, William PowersPjrVHouston Delos Santos, Manuel Trevino, San Antonio de Ridder, KareTXriena, Houston Diamond, ITallgaret Ann, Houston DiaL- sej h B., Victoria Dickerson, Kenneth Ray, Kilgore Dickson, Dexters, Austin Dickson, Joseph D., fr Seymour Dilworth, Coke TTairston, Austin Stuart, Austin Dixorl Balbara Jane, Springfield, 111. Bixoi Martha Lee, Dallas Doak, Anne Vernon, Houston Dodgen, Patricia D " 1 n,yustin Doebler, Charlfc BBvard, Middletown, Ohio Donaho, -|L-W;imlyii, Floresville Donnell, Gerald H., Jr., Ennis ell, James Lowe, Fowlerton Dooley, Elizabeth Anne, |lar Dorman, John Timothy Dorotik, Mild Dorow, t)ou anna, Ark. acksonville i, Rowena Henry, San Antonio Carolyn Neal, Austin s, Carolyn Sue, Longview PAGE 146 Drake, Elinor C., Wellington Draper, Donald Alvin, Austin Duck, Margaret Lee, Texas City Duckett, John Warner, Jr., Dallas Duff, James A., McKinney Dull, Marilyn Joanne, Houston -. Dunn, Robert James, Corpus Christ! Dunnam, Anthony Kent, Rule Dupre, Catherine Belle, Austin Dupree, Rose Diane, Gilmer Durham, Walter Winn, Fort Worth Durway, Charles Lindsey, Fort Worth Dyche, Kay, Alvin Dyer, Frances Sue, Farmersville Earls, Tommy Riley, Austin Eagleson, John Milton, Nederland Eddy, Nancy Gayle, Childress Edge, Gail, Bryan Edmundson, William Leonard, III, Houston Edwards, Nancy Elizabeth, San Antonio Eissler, Charles H., Yoakum Elder, Marvin, Fort Worth Elizondo, Santa Le Clere, Aransas Pass Ellingson, Glenda Loyce, Austin Elliott, Edith Orr, Houston Elliott, Eleanor Anne, Corpus Christi Elliott, Gail, Wharton Ellis, Glen Edward, Comanche Ellis, Tom Parker, Belzoni, Miss. Ellison, Billie Mae, Gonzales Embree, Mary Ellen, Austin Emsley, Donald Eugene, Cisco Engelhardt, Dorothy, San Antonio Ensle, John Frederick, Houston Ermey, Harold Lee, Port Lavaca Escamilla, Dominga, Rio Hondo Eschberger, Leon M., Alice Espey, Lawrence Lee, San Benito Estlack, Joe Olbert, Austin Evans, Don Bernard, Kerrville Evans, James Edwin, Houston Evans, Jan Durrett, Fort Worth Evans, Nebraska, Crowley Evans, William M., La Marque Everett, James Ronald, Wichita Falls Ewing, Joan Carol, Corpus Christi Fairstein, Burt Harris, Houston Falvey, Linda Aliece, Longview Farias, Jerome, Corpus Christi Farley, Charles Farley, , FaJ Ferguson, Nai] Ferrell, Fel Finck, Myrle L., Findlater, Be Finger, ' . FinJ Cisco Houston , Eu rty ' ort Arthur in, New Braunfels n, Mary Jane agle Pass Qoraq Can. Is, Frederi [ r, Sydney r inch, Jo J f , V ' uero p, San Angelo " ence Burton, Sfcpherd enneth M., Chilfcss fher, Bert MciViu kouston Fisher, Jeanette. fcpkd Fisher, Sally Ann, HoS Fitz Gerald, Anne.ljyiand Fitzgerald, BauR nnette, ! Fitz G ffia, Joan Midland [tzgerald ia ee, SiF " , Henry Wkinson, jl ,Md. alveston Flannery, John Oge, J Fletcher, Betty LTu Flood, Antonio ' and Saline ]6 Eollis, George West iil Maynard, Dallas , Rex A., Jr., Clevelq Flynn, Carol, Port Art? Fondren, Walter, Houston Foose, Dick Allan, White Deer Forbess, Billy Wayne, Brownwood Forbus, James Wesley, Kilgore Forrest, Dana Sue, Itasca Forrester, Terry Norman, Pampa PACE 147 Foster, Joseph Holt, Jr., Stamford Foster, Linda Ann, Houston Foster, Roy Ann, San Antonio Foster, Thomas P., Jr., Brookshire Fox, Dale Eugene, Austin Fram, Tobye Ann, Baytown Frankel, Barbara, Des Moines, Iowa Franklin, Emma Lou, Austin Franklin, Joan Marie, Baytown Fraser, N. Ann, La Marque Fredrick, Richard Roy, Marshall Freel, Radford, Houston Fricke, Michael Moorman, Bay City Friedman, Lisette, Sioux City, Iowa Fromme, Betty Lou, Tynan Fromme, Linda Ann, Austin Frust, Sidney Wayne, Austin Fuller, Donald Keith, Longview Fuller, Jeanne, Dallas Fullingim, William Embry, Odessa Gaines, W. Gerald, Fort Worth Gainley, George A., Jr., Corpus Christi Gannett, Richard L., Fort Worth Gana, Virginia, Fort Worth Garber, David, Texarkana Garcia, Amador, Mercedes Garcia, Conrado, San Perlita Garland, J. Neal, Longview Garrett, Gail, Port Arthur Garrett, Jennings A., Van Garrett, Johnny Robert, Dallas Garritson, Dick Newton, Corpus Christi Garza, Amando, Jr., Laredo Gassett, Mary Esther, Raymondville Gassman, Ralph Neal, Austin Gavit, William Lindsay, Glen Rose fc f Gearner, Verba Jeanne, Dallas Geiger, Theresa Louise, Dallas Gerrick, Eleanora, Brownsville Gibbs, Marjorie Lucille, Lufkin Gibson, Jon Robert, Corpus Christi Gibson, Kay, Houston r- K- Gibson, Katherini Gibson, Urban Gilbrea Gil Gilmore, Sally Jo, Pa Ginjj, George Gl gelo Strauss, Greenville inald, Houston sicana irrest City, Ark. ' dolyn, Dallas ' , Rochelle Beverly, Lebanon, Pa. Con alez, Alfonso Mario, (ion ales, Eustolio N. C.on ali- , l ' ' raiK ' isco Trinidad, Brownsville ale ., Manuel Wally, Mission ' ding, Ina |cancttc, San Antonio e, Charlotte, Corpus Christi m m Cord PACE 148 reeport uleshoe Harvey, Dripping Springs Austin Ann, Palestine Grauer, Nancy Jane, San Antonio Gray, Joe W., Lubbock Greenberg, Amy Carol, Dallas Greenwade, Eddie Marie, West Cribble, Judy, Bellaire Griffin, Mary Estelle, Houston Griffith, Harold James, Dallas Griffith, Sandra Len, San Antonio Grubbs, Nancy Jane, San Antonio Guinn, David Harold, Mineral Wells Gunn, Robert Harold, Hamilton Gunn, Robert Leyton, Baytown Gunter, Pete A. Y., Ill, Houston Haberlin, Frances, Austin Hackley, Alexander Strachan, Missouri City Hagan, Margaret Helen, Childress Hahler, Frances Anne, San Antonio Haight, Allen, Kenilworth, 111. Haile, Larry Barclay, Dallas Hale, Billie Ann, San Marcos Hale, Jo Ann, Rockdale Haley, Carolyn Janet, Oakwood Hall, John P., Jr., Dallas Hall, Larry Curtis, Goldsmith Hall, Milford Lee, Bowie Hallman, Jed Allen, Dallas Hamilton, Gloria June, Houston Hammack, Irwin Duyka, Angleton Hammond, Hall, San Antonio Hampton, Lynne, Port Arthur Hancock, Lanell, Georgetown Hancock, Mary Linda, Jasper Hansen, Dinah Polly, Clifton Hansen, Minah Molly, Clifton Hardee, Elizabeth Ella, Brownsville Hardin, Larry Don, Dallas Harkness, Jess L., Seymour Harlan, Elaine, Houston Harman, Vaughn Du Wayne, Jr., Houston Harmel, Donald Glenn, Megargeh Harms, Mary Virginia, St. Louis, Mo. Harrell, Roy A., Jr., Ozona Harrington, Martha E., Allen Harris, Carolyn, Austin Harris, Frances, Nacogdoches Harris, Grover Carlton, Austin Harris, Harriett Jean, Navasota Harris, Jerry Clyde, Palestine Harris, Jimmy Lyn, Eastland Harris, Sidon, Jr., Fort Wort Harrison, Joe Lawrence Hart, Thomas Watt r Hartshorn, B Hartin, R Amarillo Sinton r, Fort Worth rd Kenneth, Krum Harvey, Bette L., Dallas Harvey, George Allen, Waco Harwell, Nancy Elizabef Haskins, Leigh Anrf Hayes, Raye, A Haynes, Patricia Anne, Dallas n Antonio ville Heber, Jon Gordon, Austin Heller, Sally, Dallas , Henderson, Boyd Lewis, Henderson, Davi Henderson, Hend Dallas id, Corpus Christi Palestine irge Walter, Dallas 11. Henderson, Jane Birdwell, Cameron Henderson, Joyce Anne, GleJ ie Henisey, Otis Edward, r y n Henkel, Archie Dot, Telas City Henry, Patsy Ruth, San Antonio Hensey, Vfaltflr Russell, San Antonio Comfort Joyce, Corpus Christi Ann, Harh ' ngen Henson, Nancy Lee, Snyder Herber, M artin C., San Antonio Herbst, Albert Otto, Ccafoi Herbst, Mary Her Herrington, Bdvel Herrera.TJbrof Herwick, Jean Hansen, San Antonio Heslep, Adam Peter, Jr., Houston Hickman, Larry Randall, Dallas Highland, Diane, Houston Hill, A. Jackson, Fort Worth Hillje, Jo Ann, New Braunfels PACE 149 Hilton, Sandra, Houston Hinson, Mary, Baytown Hirsch, Nick Robert, Medford, Wis. Hoban, Mary Margaret, Dallas Hodges, Carroll Ann, Austin Hodnett, Johnie Lee, Jr., Austin Hoey, Mary Ann, San Antonio Hoffman, Gloria, Houston Hogue, Kennith Colburn, Austin Holbrook, James Farrel, Electra Holden, Ray Harral, Goldthwaite Holden, William Reece, Fort Worth Holder, Jerrell Aaron, Wichita Falls Holm, Richard Alan, Houston Holmes, Albert Wolford, Palestine Holmgreen, Gene A., San Antonio Holsomback, Robert Lee, Baytown Holt, Clara Jean, Austin Holton, Barbara Ann, Dallas Hooper, Elizabeth Carolyn, Houston Horridge, Patricia Emily, Houston Horwitz, William Kenneth, Beaumont Howard, Charles Glenn, San Benito Howard, Philip Joseph, Harlingen Howard, Roberta Brooke, Claremont, Calif. Howard, Shannon, Dallas Howell, Carey Leora, Del Rio Hruska, John, Austin Huber, Robert Arthur, Houston Huckaby, Richard Hoyle, Houston Huddleston, Sue, Austin Hudnall, John F., Longview Hudspeth, Claire, Houston Huff, Martha Coleman, San Antonio Huffman, Elizabeth Lee, Beaumont Huffman, James M., Terrell Hughes, Eddie Strode, Austin Hugus, Don Finley, Tyler Hulse, Ira R., Refugio Humphries, Patricia, Malakoff Hunger, Theola Johanna, Junction Hunt, Robert W., San Antonio Hunt, Tanner Truett, Beaumon Hunter, Dick Keith, Texas I Hunter, Quinn, Palestjie Hunter, Sally Cash, Lufkin Hurwitz, EHpn ae, Kilgore HustonQnbert Jack, Austin Igau, Adrian, Houston Imlay, Lee, Galveston Ingham, Jerry Young lVustin Inglish, Douglas IviBon, Jr., San Antonio Irsteld, NiclftlaA., Mineral Wells Irvin, Joe Curtis, Amarillo ta alls Isaacs, Bobby Winston, Wichita Isbell, Claudette, Abilene , Jackson, Benjamin Eugene, Conroe Jackson, Billy Mek,-Ballas Jackson, Da|B_EJgene, Leander Jacksorl Jailes Grier, Seminole Jackson, Mitzi Laurel, Aruba, Jacobson, Walter W., GaN Jancik, Margaret Charl% Kouston Janecka, Steve Srame -Houston Jamison, Gordon. San Antonio Jenkins jAijbrey Dean, Dallas Jenkins, Carlyne, San Antonio _ Jenkins, Charles Elliott, McGregor Jenkins, Robert Ewe4k Rotpn Jenkins, Royce QTOnJ Dallas Johnson, Arp. Jstin Johnson, Benjamin Laurence, Grand Prairie Johnson, Betty Carol, Elgin Johnson, Beverly Jane, Temple Johnson, Carlene, Austin Johnson, Curtis E., Austin Johnson, Cant Alan, Austin Johnson, James Wallace, Kenedy PACE 150 A Johnson, Kenneth Richard, Long Beach, Calif. Johnson, Kirk, Jr., Humphreys, Mo. Johnson, Nancy Elizabeth, Clarksville Johnston, Jean Alice, Houston Jolley, George C., Jr., Uvalde Jolly, Robert C., San Antonio Jonas, Ronald W., San Antonio Jones, Hubert Richard, Jr., Eastland Jones, Jenny Lee, Dallas Jones, Jordan Vance, Dallas Jones, Julia Kathleen, Huntsville Jones, Mary Ann, Lake Charles, La. Jones, Nora Nannette, Rockdale Jones, Philip Ray, Dalllas Jones, Richard C., Huntsville Jones, Roy Hal, Bryan Jones, Walter S., Ennis Jovett, Doyce Heber, Frisco Jung, Jeannette, Austin Kalka, Carroll Thomas, Skellytown Kantor, Carol, Jacksonville, Fla. Kaplan, Elaine, Tullahoma, Tenn. Katz, Frances Sue, Dallas Kaufman, Ellen Zoe, Weslaco Kazen, James Douglas, Laredo Keasler, C. Harold, Grand Prairie Keasler, Raymond Lawrence, Jefferson Keller, Ben Bob, Houston Kelley, David, Gonzales Kellis, William Milton, Austin Kendrick, Mike Clark, Corpus Christi Kent, Katherine, Port Arthur Kevan, Patricia Lynne, Houston Khoury, Alvin George, Longview Kiatta, Howard William, Denver, Colo. Kidd, Barron Ulmer, Dallas Kieffer, Charles David, Dallas Kimbro, Kathleen, Houston Kindrick, Sammie Lee, San Antonio King, Byron M., Austin Kipp, Gracie Elizabeth, Giddings Kirkpatrick, Patty L., Morristown, N. J. Kissner, Jo Ann Klinefelb " Klot K Kocurek, Louis Kocurek, Koel Kosub, Charles He Kramer, Fred, Krehbiel, Krejc Krywoszej, Chester Jan bitherland Springs Kubala, Pauline Ann tist Bernard Kugel, Kay RosJrm ongmont, Kugle, S Pon G!TI, Dallas Ke, Laird, Lee A., Austin La Mair, Edwar Lamar, L , Alamo ichard, Dallas " Hard Heltzer rryUp Dallas Barbar; Kostas, The: n Antonio tin is Dean, Fort lien Norman, S , Barbara K a Twin Krick, Harold OaviV Jr., ouston Leon, Houston ie Jane, Lampasas , Paul Howard, Lam Langham, Ruth Marie, lell Lantz, Mary Jean, Port Arthur Lara, Maria Luisa, Eagle Pass Lauterstein, Moise, La Grange Laverty, Penelope, College Station Law, Myra Ann, Killeen Lawrence, Minna Fay, San Antonio PAGE 151 Lawrence, Robert Wayne, Rockdale Leach, Martha, Highlands Leahy, Ann Celestine, Austin Learn, Wynelle Lee, Irving Leaverton, Ellen Adele, Dallas Lchenson, Suzanne, Oklahoma City, Okla. Lee, Donna Torrance, Waco Lee, Ivon, III, Navasota Lee, Loyl Leon, Galveston Leffingwell, William Branch, Amarillo Leftwich, Margaret Ann, Childress Lehmann, Maurice John, Jr., Boerne Lehr, Peggy Jean, Baytown Leland, Frances Eaton, Houston Lemmertz, Marie Frances, Grants Pass, Ore. Lcmmons, Sherea Sue, Longview Leopold, Frank Joseph, Hallettsville Lester, Bobby Lee, Ennis Lester, Earl Lawrence, Houston Levinson, Linda, Houston Lewis, Larry Michael, Ozona Lewis, Roger Allan, Corpus Christ! Lichte, Henry William, Houston Lilyholm, Alan Joel, Corpus Christi Lindgren, Jeannette Frances, Port Arthur Lipscomb, Thelma Grace, Houston Lit, Barbara Lee, Memphis, Tenn. Lively, Billy Martin, San Antonio Livingston, John Keith, San Antonio Lockett, Landon Johnson, Boerne Loe, Lavona Jo, Alice Logan, Walter Barney, Fort Worth Logan, Wilma Nell, Palestine Lomonte, Cecilia, Austin Loper, Patricia Ann, Beaumont Lopez, Meliton, San Perlita ttCn ttM m Lott, Gerald Eugene, Houston Loughridge, Robert Foster, Fort Worth Louie, Jo Ann, San Antonio Louthan, Junetta Ann, San Antonio Lowe, Arthur L., Williamson, W. Va. Lowe, Melonye Anne, Jacksonville Lowrance, Davi Loyd, Larry L Lucas, " Lu Lynch, Mary Jane, D: Maberry, James ' ,ou, San Antonio irleigh E., New Ulm e Bob, Kamay iristi _tphen, Houston a, Houston :lrita Dolly, Megargel Maris, Markins, Barbara, irkman, Marilyn, Meridian Markus, Ailda lllcnc, I.ulkin Guy, Jr., Houston pn, Anne Randall, Dallas T B i Mar PACE 152 , Terrell nn, Houston Jane, Gonzales Jean Arnold, Pampa ' rn, James Albert, Midland Mason, Charles Culberson, Jr., Corpus Christi Mathews, Carl Glyn, Austin Matlock, Norma, Port Arthur Matthews, Jerry R., Dallas Matthews, Roland Larry, Houston Matthias, Jerry Wayne, Houston T m Maxwell, Jane Ann, Austin Maxwell, Lyndall Otey, Houston May, Bonnie Jean, Kerens Mayes, Charles Dudley, Dallas McAdoo, John Brantley, Jr., Houston McAnelly, Merlin, Lometa McBride, Davis W., Shiro McBride, Jeannette, Houston McBride, John R., Pampa McCall, James Lyons, Vicksburg, Miss. McCann, Charles Howard, Houston McCartney, Ann, Texarkana McCasland, Gerald Gaston, Terrell McClain, Philip P., Crockett McClatchy, Joel Kent, Bangs McClellan, Janice Idel, Houston McCollum, Richard George, Fort Worth McConnell, Friedabelle, Houston McConnell, Philip Irving, Houston McCoy, Dorothy Gene, San Antonio McCracken, Richard Gordon, Dallas McCrary, John Alexander, Austin McCrory, Sid Eugene, Houston McDaniel, Dorothy Helen, Austin McDermott, Cormac Thomas, San Antonio McDonald, Marjorie Ann, Galveston McDonald, Mary Gene, Tyler McDowell, James Lyle, Jr., Fort Worth McDowell, Jo Ann, Fort Worth McElreath, Nancy, Dallas McElroy, Dee Russell, Wharton McFarland, Johanna, Lubbock McGaughey, Roy Lawrence, El Paso McGonigle, Betty Jean, Brownsville McGuire, Charles Patrick, Port Arthur Mclntosh, Jay C., San Angelo McKenty, Stuart Bayes, Peoria, 111. McKeown, Sharon Lu, Fort Worth McLaughlan, Pat Barrington, Houston McLellan, Jennie Sue, Austin McMahan, Richard Allen, Garland McManus, Paul Edward, Dallas McMillan, Maxine, Pecos McMurrey, Marvin Horace, tr.j Tyler McMurry, Dixie LaRuefl Austin McMurry, Jill Adrian, Dallas McNeel, James Jdward, San Antonio Betty, Conroe McRoberts, Jane, San Antonio Meadows, Joe Norman, McGregor Meadows, Lisa Jester, San Hngelo Meek, David HutArtstn, Dallas Medley, EvejJL-Atme, Eagle Pass Meek, Mary Louise, Dallas Meeks, Mary Elisabeth, Foley, A ' Meier, Don Keith, La Port Mendez, Raymond, Jr. " Menzies, Iva M Messina, Mafo Meyer, ew Braunfels .rd Dallas Ian Carroll, Katy Meyer, Lu Beth, La Grange Meyers, Frances Jean, Pad Michalopulos, Michael jflam, San Angelo Michie, David PAssTSin Antonio Mick, Mildred Ann, Smithville McCarter, Nacogdoches Middleton, Vernon David, Amaij Milam, Jack, Victoria Millar, Judith Anne, Bandera Miller, C. A. Sean;, Dallas Miller, Louis] DWne, Graham Miller.-Samlfcarland, Eastland Miller, Sara Louise, Crawford Millican, David Andrew, Dallas Mims, Robert Elton, Water Valley Minahan, Mary Bech, Fort Worth Minner, Ronald ]., Dallas Minton, Mary Ann, Beaumont PACE 153 Mistrot, Tina, Houston Mittanck, Richard Bruce, Corpus Christi Mize, Eddie Lee, Crosbyton Mobley, Dewey Herman, Cedar Hill Moehle, Thelma Ann, Enid, Okla. Moehlman, Karen, Houston Moers, George William, Jr., El Campo Moffett, Frank Sims, Dilley Moffett, Milton Franklin, Jr., Houston Moffit, Ann Stuart, Austin Monsalvo, Cervantes Henry, San Antonio Montalbo, Carmen Georgina, Houston Montgomery, Reuben, Houston Moody, Robert Scott, Corpus Christi Moore, Lowell Howard, Houston Moore, Monte Gerald, Henrietta Moore, Raymond Conway, Houston Moore, Roy H., Bangs Moore, Sandra Lee, Austin Morgan, Pat Herman, Midland Morley, John William, Jr., Houston Morris, Mary Lynn, Seminole Morris, Sandra Lee, Midland Morrow, Patricia Ann, San Angelo Moss, James Donald, Seymour Mueller, Sandra Frances, Corpus Christi Mugford, Louise, Houston Muller, Bruce Edward, Marshall Muller, Juanita Jean, Baytown Mullikin, Bill Raymond, Henderson Munden, Carolyn, Mount Pleasant Murphy, Patricia Jean, Port Arthur Musgrave, Audie Clifton, Jr., Dallas Musgrave, Wayne Lewis, Dallas Musick, Charles Richard, Houston Myatt, Mary True, Missouri City M H Myers, George Earnest, Longview Myers, Jayne, Dallas Myrick, Jo Ann, Tyler Nail, Garry Lynn, Loving Nance, Shirley Gay, San Saba Nathan, Robert William, Dallas Naumann, Carlos Landong Marble Falls Nelson, Frank MarslmUj Pampa Nelson, Robert fT ilgore Nettles, Frances Ruth, Waskom Markham, Midland nann, Marilyn Grace, Bay City Newcombe, Susan Jeannol-Hbuston Newell, W. S., Houston Newton, Janet, Jacksonville Neyland, JT!(|joy, Austin NichoM jCliarles Martin, Brownsville Niebuhr, James Robert, Brenham Noak, Arline Erra, Roun Noble, Beverly Lyn Noble, Jane, Da Nolen, Js Norr l m Antonio Tomball uilina, Austin , Jack Glenn, Texas City Norwood, Mildred Jean, Austin Nossaman, James ftl ioii " Whitewright Novak, Gloria PV l ' ' l Campo Noyola, |ajlylj atlan, Los Fresnos Nutt, Virginia, Wichita Falls Betty Nell, Houston PACE 154 Gates, Stephen Baery, Pal O ' Connor, Donald Lee Oden, Nancy Ann. Houston O ' DonnelWLarry, Houston Oliver, L garet Ann, Marshall -w- ' Neal, Janet Catherine, Dallas O ' Neal, Vicki Gayle, Austin Opryshek, John H., Baytown Orchard, Becca Jeane, Houston Osborne, John Robert, Brady O ' Shaughnessy, Vivian Emily, Beaumont O ' Steen, Billy Martin, Abilene Palinsky, John Adam, Jr., Fort Lewis, Wash. Palmer, Margaret Ann, San Antonio Palmour, Vernon Eugene, Houston Park, Dixie Juanita, Caracas, Venezuela Park, Johnnie Wilburn, Big Spring Parker, David B., Fort Worth Parker, Edwina Kay, Wichita Falls Parker, Patricia Ann, Pecos Parks, Helen Patricia, Houston Parrish, Bobbie Jean, Houston Parsons, Sue, Fort Worth Patrick, Patricia Ann, Liberty Patzke, Kathryn, Calvert Payne, Richard Arthur, San Benito Peabody, Janice Karl, Houston Pearson, Mabel Carolyn, Del Rio Pederson, Noel Ned, Dallas Pena, Eduardo, Jr., Laredo Penn, Julia Myrle, Austin Pennington, Benjamin Franklin, Corpus Christi Pepper, Jean Ellen, Dallas Perkins, Billy Ray, Marshall Perry, Mary Virginia, Brownsville Pesek, Mark George, Jourdanton Peters, Raymon J., Seymour Pettigrew, John P., Fort Worth Pettis, Janet Louise, Waco Petty, James Robert, Vernon Peyton, Dorothy Juanice, Giddings Pfeifer, Robert Dean, Austin Pfluger, Nancy, Taylor Phillips, Sandra Ann, Houston Phillips, Walter Irving, Bellaire Pickens, Franklin A., Odessa Pierce, Brian T., Fort Worth Pietrantonio, Bettina Philamena, Houston ' P A Pietzsch, Evelyn Frances, Beaumont Piles, James Paul, Tyler Pinkner, Joe Charles, Corpus Christi Pinkney, Patti Lynn, Austin Pistor, Walter B., Dallas Pitts, Walter Edward, Jr., Midland, Ga. Plummer, Nina Ru Jjr 4ustin Piwetz, SJffiwJWi, Baytowi r 1 ill nyi T i ton .nn, Corpus Christi Jones, III, Waco !thy Virginia an Antonio Porter, Su3 Post, Yvonfl PoweJK EjS lr Iwfeffjfc fa Bess, Hd ! Jaun, , vers, Kayl I ' orth kus Christi Prather, Edna JoanJ Preis, Patricia Prenderga Presto nna San Antonil 6bert Lewis, Geston lames Montgome L II, Houston ale, Marinelle toln rice, Virginia Lee, Price, Ted Lee, Electra ' Price, William C., Fo Prince, Gladys lor Pruitt, Putnam, Barbara, Port A Quebe, Patricia, Gaj Rackley, Ram tforth Tillage Mills t, Navaslta I ibert, Nederland John, Dallas , Henry Ballard, Hoij iainoshek, Dennis Wayne Iouston Ramsey, Milton Harris, Houston Ramsey, Ruth Mary, Fort Worth Randerson, Lois Ann, San Benito Randolph, Spencer Gordon, Coahoma Randolph, Sterling Parker, Coahoma Ranes, Trent, Dallas PACK 155 Rankin, Peggy Beth, Eden Raper, Jessie Lewis, Dallas fiasco, Gail William, Pasadena Ratliff, William R., Sonora Ravkind, Barbara Ilaine, Dallas Ray, James Mills, Houston Razzetti, Annamae Joan, McGregor Reckling, Patricia Jane, Paris, France Red, Rebecca Stuart, Alvin Reed, Minnell, Marlin Rees, Sondra Jeanne, Odessa Reese, Donald Carroll, Houston Reidy, Donna Grace, Houston Reiver, Carolyn Jay, Irving Remmert, Joyce Arlene, Bellville Rennert, F. Werner, San Antonio Reyes, Mary Louise, Austin Ribakowski, Ida Beverly, San Antonio Richardson, Jo, Houston Richardson, Monte Alice, Deer Park Richardson, Myra Eloise, Blytheville, Ark. Richter, Walter R., Salado Rienker, Robert M., Mexico D. F., Mexico Rising, James Arthur, Bay City Ritter, Roxanne Inez, Houston Rizo, Ruth Michelle, Texas City Robbins, Clarence Burton, Childress Roberson, Ginger, Weslaco Roberts, Jo, Fort Worth Roberts, Julia Ann, Alvin Roberts, Leslie Adrian, Houston Roberts, Thomas H., Waxahachie Robinson, Guy Durwyn, San Angelo Robinson, Robert Stanley, Centerville Rodieck, Roy Henry, Waco Rodman, Nancy Jane, Odessa tf Rogers, Barbara Holden, Bryan Rogers, Robbie Jo, Galveston Rogers, William H., Dallas Rollins, Robert Ellsworth, Tyler Roloff, Melvin Lynn, Victoria Rolston, Susan, Austin Ronshausen, Rose, Walt ? Rosen 1, San Antonio Grange ie Clayton, Taylor Rosenblum, Joan El Ross, Carole PAGE 156 er, Graham ' onda, Houston anor Jo, Austin es irt Worth ,n Antonio F., Houston rd, Gretta, San Angelo _ ._ " Knttii, Jo Ann, Colu Ryan, Lynda r Saikin, Marilyn, Abilene Salmons, Frank I )uncun, [r., Richmond Sals, Lorelce Sue, Dallas Salzbergrr, Marian |oan, Dallas SanO, Man- Ruth, Houston imeron mrock Edward, Overton ce, El Campo , Edward, Fort Worth Sansom, James W., Jr., Austin Santos, Roman C., Cunas Orte., Cuba Surratt, Mary Kate, Panhandle Satel, Christine, San Antonio Sauer, John Wesley, Almeda Saums, Joseph Beekman, II, Tyler Saunders, Walter Asa, Jr., Corpus Christi Savage, Dian Sue, Houston Saxon, Floyd Cecil, Baytown Scaief, John Fredericks, San Benito Scardino, Katheryn Grace, Houston Schade, Carol Mildred, Edna Scharfenberg, Richard Von, Fort Worth Schell, Clara Ann, Longview Schenk, Clarence Harlan, Schulenburg Schindler, Esther Faye, Alleyton Schmidt, Diane Beverly, Galveston Schmidt, Katherine Anna, Valley Mills Schmidt, William, New Braunfels Schneider, Theodore Ernest, Jr., San Antonio Schnelle, Hayden Edward, Nordheim Schnepp, David L., Houston Schofield, Mary Alice, Brownsville Schuhmacher, Lawrence Frederick, Houston Schuhmann, LaVerne, Fort Worth Schutt, Oscar Earl, Austin Schwab, Curtis A., New Braunfels , Schwab, William Duane, Austin Scogin, Elsie Joyce, Alleyton Scott, Carolyn Lenore, Austin Scott, Charles Louis, Poteet Scott, James Edward, Houston Scrivner, Anne deBarger, Houston. Seago, Bobby Grant, San Diego Scale, Donald Ray, Electra Sebastian, Mike H., Dallas Seekatz, Thomas Edward, Austin Sellers, David Bowie, Greggton Semons, Robert Joseph, Nederland Senechal, Charlotte June, Houston Sexton, Marian Frances, Harlingen Shaffer, Margaret Eleanor, San Juan Shaffer, Mary Loretta, Lubbock Shapiro, Carolyn Joan, Houston Sharkey, Sidney Raye, Silver Spring, Md. Sharp, Jay Woodley, Childress Sharp, Elizabeth, Houston Sharp, Shirley Rae, Houston Sharpe, John Thomas, Dallas Shaw, Clifford Haldeen, Dallas Shaw, Marcia Sherrill, Jacksonville, Fla. Shea, Laura Eleanor, ftisnn Shear, Marjorie Am, Houston Shefren, Delores Lee, Rock Island, 111. Shell, MfrjRuth, Houston Shelton, Robert Richard, Kingsv Shepherd, Bruce T,, San Antonio Sheppard, Francis Eugynej Jr., Houston Shirley, MaymerlS- ler Short, John (gaham, Austin Shoup, Nancy Ann, Midland Shrader, Russell Lowell, Austin Simmans, Jerry Franklin, Ranker Simmons, Margie Sue, Ballas Sims, Faye Annette, Pasadena Sims, GeorgTMjport Arthur Simpso Ttpmas Horace, Jr., Mathis Singer, Laurie, Kansas City, Mo. Sirmons, Eleanor Fay, 833 Skaggs, Patricia Jo, Skidmore, John Skrabanek, Henry Slater, idland erome, Caldwell Grace, Jacksonville Slaton, Sara Ann, Dallas Slay, John Allen, Sweeny Smith, Alton T., Austin Smith, Bill, Corplk Clristi Smith, Bruce Buis, Phoenix, Ariz. Smithrtarol Ann, Fort Worth Smith, Clinton L., Odessa Smith, Carolyn Marie, Baytown Smith, Dick Barkley, Los Piedras, Venezuela Smith, Denman Jodrie, Wichita Falls Smith, Erma Jean, Strawn Smith, Francis Gene, Santa Anna PACE 157 } Smith, Glenn, Austin Smith, Joan Elizabeth, San Antonio Smith, Joe Rae, Victoria Smith, Margaret Ann, Salem, 111. Smith, Elvin Mitchell, Houston Smith, Shirley Joan, San Antonio Smith, Taylor King, Houston Smith, Wade Cassle, Dallas Smith, William Earl, Henderson Smith, William Schuetze, Marlcham Smither, Moselle, Huntsville Snow, Marjorie Alice, Barcelona, Venezuela Snowden, Billy Frank, Austin Snyder, Edward Monroe, Jr., Dallas Solie, Florence Beverley, Houston Sollock, Billie Ruth, Devine Solow, Cecille Ann, Tulsa, Okla. Sorensen, Barbara Helen, Shreveport, La. Sorrells, James Edward, Greenville Sorrells, Robert, Cleburne Southern, Richard, Dallas Sowell, Alvis Betty, Houston Spearman, Jacquelyn Malvina, El Paso Spelce, William Bennett, Austin Spencer, Sally Sue, Sulphur Springs Spickard, Martha Janice, Dallas Spies, Robert F., Dallas Stallings, Mary Margaret, Terrell Stalmach, Eugenia Ann, San Benito Stansbury, Samuel Paul, Port Arthur Starbuck, George A., Merkel Stearns, Jeanette, Fort Worth Stein, Helaine Sheila, Dallas Steinhardt, Stephen Brian, Dallas Stepczyk, Carol Ann, Fort Sam Houston Stephens, Jesse Jerald, San Antonio Stephens, Robert Michael, Lometa Stephenson, Ross Lucas, Houston Stevens, Robert Eugene, Houston Stewart, Delitha Scott, Houston Stewart, Hester Reid, Port Arthur Stewart, James R., Houston Stewart, Myrna Winn, Houston Stewart, Sally R., HousEr Stockard, Tommy Bin, Austin Stockley, JohAy H., Quemado Stokes, Jarnes Cecil, Coleman g Lee, Dallas Stout, George Roscoe, Gil Straiton, Janelle, Austin Strandquist, Aner-e -Dallas Strarrys, Frarleg( El Campo Strauss, Meleji, Austin Stripling, Sergei Hogan, Jacksonville Strong, Beeman Ewell, Beai Stroud, Cheri Marie, ' . Stuart, Carolyn SuVrian Antonio Stuart, Locke McKinnon, Jr., Marshall StumpfTRaflprine Theresa, Seguin Stulnrll Billy Edward, Houston Stutts, Jack Harrison, San Antonio Suggs, John T., Jr., Summers, Caley Sutton, Wil_ Swann, S :son White ' s City, N. M. Jin, Jr., Houston ' imam J., Sterling City Elizabeth Ann, Chatham, NJ. PACE 158 Tacker, Alice Jeannette, Kill Tafel, Victor O. R., Saif Aiffonio Tahu, George Jack, Ir. Dallas Tait, Thoma Wicnael, Houston Tang, BenWJ San Antonio TaAnenTlaum, Fern Elaine, Laredo Tate, Eloise Annette, Memphis, Tenn. Taylor, Carolyn Sue, San Antonio Taylor, Claire, Dallas Taylor, Constance Carroll, Austin Taylor, F. Nick, Coleman Taylor, Harry Evans, Fort Worth ua " Wla. Taylor, Helen Hakell, Austin Taylor, Joe Frank, Electra Taylor, John Milton, Pearsall Taylor, Robert Franklin, Port Arthur Taylor, Sylvia, Houston Taylor, William O., Austin Team, Charles B., Fort Worth Teddlie, Reginald Dean, Buffalo Teed, John Edson, Pampa Temple, John, Pharr Terry, Dannette, Houston Terry, Stewart K., Dallas Tetley, Gail Ann, Beaumont Thomann, Ariel Jose, Buenos Aires, Argentina Thompsen, Bettye Jane, Graham Thompson, James Hunter, Houston Thompson, Marshall W., Dallas Thompson, Sylvia Ann, Longview Thompson, Thorleit, Port Arthur Thomson, Page, Houston Thomson, Patricia, Eagle Pass Thormahlen, Keller Don, Elgin Thornhill, Betty Jane, Houston ' Thornton, Jimmy D., San Antonio Threadgill, Max Allan, Houston Tidwell, Don Arthur, Cedar Hill Tillinghast, George Barnard, Odessa Tippit, William Carol, Houston Toby, Beverly, Dallas Toomey, Jean Anne, Dallas Torres, Barbara Ann, Houston Tracy, Gary Booth, Fort Worth Trickey, Richard, Fort Worth Trimble, John Frederic, Orange Trimble, Patricia Ann, San Antonio Troell, Arthur R., Pleasanton Truex, Howardeen, San Antonio Truksa, John H., Alvin Tubbs, John Frederick, Houston Tuffly, Thomas O., Houston Turnbough, Jo Ann, Lubbock Turner, Charles R., Longview Turner, Jann, Turpin, Un lo City Martinez, San Benito d, Lyford e, Comanche id, Houston 1, Carol Beth, eyard, Caro J inson, Laymori Vassberg, David Vaught, Janicl VillarealJ Vi Vogan, Jarrett Voss, Terrell Vratis, Sandra Waak, Christi Walden, Roberta, San Waldman, Jeromj Walker, Wj ence, Houston fay, New Braunfels nmie Whittenburg, . leer, Robert Dee, Fort J Walker, Shirley Joy, f Wallace, Carl Milton, Austin Wallace, Colonel James, Merkel Wallace, John Wilkins, Houston Wallace, Lillian Elaine, Austin Wallace, Nancy Ruth, Coolidge Wallis, Ben Alton, Llano PAGE 159 A C Walser, Catharine Aileen, Temple Walter, William David, Fredericksburg Walters, Frank Houston, White Deer Ward, Mary Arel, Houston Ware, Deborah Joan, Crane Warren, Barbara, Ennis Warren, Johnny Richard, Houston Warwick, James Eugene, Gladewater Wason, Sue, Texas City Waters, Mary Ann, Corpus Christi Watkins, Patsy Lee, San Antonio Watson, Galen Edward, Lampasas Watson, Georgia Ann, Waco Watson, LaVonta Leslie, Houston Watson, Lenore, Lake Charles, La. Watson, Margaret Lou, Itasca Watson, Ruth Mae, Waco Watson, Ted Maynard, Hereford Wayland, Horace Gene, Belton Webb, Frances Suzanne, Dallas Webb, James D., Jr., Carrollton Weems, Mary Bethany, West Columbia Wehrly, Odis Gerald, Angleton Weide, Jerald Boyd, Austin Weishar, James Anthony, Kansas City, Mo. Welch, Dennis Evan, Houston Welch, Jimmy Dwayne, Lubbock Welch, Kermit Nevaro, Brownsville Wells, Perry Mike, Houston Wells, Jerry Alan, Denison Wells, Joseph Downing, Austin West. Carol Dee, Kingsville West, Slum Lynn, San Angelo West, Tommie Jean, Talpa West, William Deen, Kermit Wheeler, Marilyn, Wichita Falls Whistler, Paul Martyn, Houston Whitaker, John Frederic, Carthage White, Francis Manie, Odessa White, James Jefferson, III, Tomball White, John Ellsworth, Pasadena White, Sara Alice, Alice White, WilJiarfr Whitehead, Whorton, Patsy Ann, Wildman, Betty Wil exarkana , Bonham rter, Corpus Christi th, Coleman irine Joy, Alice lharlotte Anne, McCamey QJi Frank O., Jr., Me ilmoth, Marvin E Wilpitz, Bevc-r toria niston ' Allan, Houston !ter Wayne, Grapeland alls : o, D. F., Mexico Dallas nn, Refugio |n Ramon, Waxahachie James Arthur, Terrell :sa Arthur Graham Donald, II, Corsicana arbara, Trinity Iric Reevin, Houston Woessner, Margaret Olive, Scarsdale, N.Y. Wolf, Dean Eakin, Wichita Falls Woo, Ken, San Antonio Wood, Barbara Ann, Corpus Christi Woodman, John Alan Woody, Fort Worth Woodruff, Mary Ellen, Houston PACE 160 Woodson, James Palmen, Austin Woosley, Leonard Adrian, Austin Workman, Floy Annette, Arlington Workman, Julia Jannette, Arlington Worsham, Robert Glen, Pecos Wurzbach, George Raymond, San Antonio Wycoff, Acy Monroe, Pasadena Yerby, Ralph Reginald, Port Arthur Yoas, Ralph Garland, Edna Yoffee, Ina Jean, Jacksonville, Fla. York, Edward Lee Roy, La Porte Young, Cecil Lewis, Electra Young, Robert Davial, Roby Zaner, Mary Frances, El Paso Zapalac, Edwin Edward, Flatonia Zatopek, Harvey, Weimar Zeeck, Phillip Robert, Kress Zelen, Stephen James, Austin Zellner, Betty Ray, Mart Zettner, Walter Purvis, Wetmore Zingery, Gordon Worth, Houston Zipp, Valerie Vance, Edna Zuniga, Oscar, Kenedy Judy Gribble, MICA ' s Most Beautiful Freshman Catherine Rogowski serves punch at the Longhorn-Greenhorn Party. Lynn Taylor and Jerry Galbraith, Pat Wall and Chester Clayton take dancing lessons the Union. PAGE 161 REGISTRATION PACE 162 4 it V " if I r ' DORMS CO-OPS I ANDREWS DORMITORY STAFF Housemother FRANCES SHELTON Counselor SANDRA AINSWORTH Counselor .... FRANCES WHITE The " sign-out " book is a popular place. ADVISORS Elizabeth Ann Bailey Catherine A. Rogowski Carolyn Ann Brown Joe Anne Ericson Willie Maclver Georgia Nell Nutt Patricia J. Roscoe Barbara M. Roth Jo Ann Smith Shirley E. Yerington Gwendolyn Geneva Quillian Olive Lynn Rhodes Wednesday night vesper service in the living room. OFFICERS President . . GWENDOLYN GENEVA QUILLIAN Vice-President BiLLiEjo (Puo) PAYNE Secretary . ROSE MARIE HELEN SCHAFEH Treasurer . SEMIRAMIS CRONFEL Coffee in the living room after Sunday dinner. PACE 167 Front Row: L. Eugene Randolph, Robert R. Boothe, George R. Richie, Ruth Ida Johnson, Charles A. Pilling, Jr., James G. Goodwin, Mohammed Shehadeh, Norman H. Payn, Jr. Second Row: C. Howard McCann, William F. Burchard, A. Kennedy Solcher, J. Scott Thornton, Robert L. Davison, Marion E. Cothran. Third Row: Eddie Joe Daniels, James Brewer, Tommy LeBlen, Marvin Dunaway, Tommy M. Snow, Stuart Benson, Hulan Haley. Fourth Row. Charlie C. Havens, Joe J. Estill, Jr., Robert M. Jameson, William L. Collie, Jr. Front Row: Earl A. Minter, Ralph E. Minear, Jr. Second BOUJ: Rudolph J. Wolf, Richard B. Mittanck, Harry L. Lansberg, Wray Thompson, Russell R. Carey, Jr., Virgil C. Rosser, Bobby J. McClendon, Hex G. Howell, George Pain. Third Row: Joseph H. Slider, Burton C. Robbins, Adolph I. Ramon, Samuel W. Putch, Joseph D. Putch, Jimmy M. Patterson, Roy H. Voges, Roy L. Naumann. Fourth Row: Wayne K. Travis, Willard E. Adams, Ronald A. Seeligcr, E. Wynn Morris, Harry G. Bamette, Jr., Alfred E. Crofts, Jr., Gerald G. Sevier, John R. Cronin. Fifth Row: E. Edward Fritcher, James P. Oliver, Robert R. Bums, Keith Sanford, Herbert H. Saegart, Jr. BRACKENRIDGE HALL STAFF Dormitory Supervisor Counselors RONALD LENTON JONES THOMAS MORGAN HAMMOND, JR. Clerical Assistant RUTH IDA JOHNSON GEORGE ROBERT RICHIE L. EUGENE RANDOLPH JOSEPH H. SLIDER COUNCIL President Vice-President Secretary-Reporter Social Chairman Treasurer RUDOLPH J. WOLF ROBERT LEE DAVISON JAMES GORDON GOODWIN JOHN B. CRONIN BILLY MORRIS CLAYTON James Gordon Goodwin Robert Lee Davison Charles Howard McCann Marion Edwin Cothran Jimmy Mac Patterson FLOOR REPRESENTATIVES Eugene Edward Fritcher Rudolph J. Wolf John B. Cronin Charles Wayne Holt Clifford Haldeen Shaw Ronald Lenton Jones Barton Daniel Hartsock Robert Pierce Billy Morris Clayton Bishop Lyle Bailey, Jr. . - Front Row: William B. Leffingwell, George D. Bryan, Louis W. Hamilton, C. Hal- deen Shaw, Jack S. Daniel, Robert E. Fishkin. Second Row: F. Dale Johnson, Don P. Teague, Jerry W. Durway, William J. Boyd, Cormac T. McDermott. Third Row: John P. Pettigrew, Ronald L. Jones, David H. Christian. Fourth Row: Henry W. Flagg, Jr., John Pel, Thomas H. Chestnut, Richard M. Selzer, Billy Ray Modisette, Charles L. Durway. Fronl Row: Dan H. Benson, Thad C. Kelley, John R. Maddox, Thomas M. Ham- mond, Jr., George C. Jolley, Jr., Bishop L. Bailey, Jr. Second Row: Billy M. Clayton, Willy D. Clayton, W. Wayne Willis, Robert L. Gunn, Harold R. Murray. Third Row: James E. Evans, Leslie M. Lowrie, J. Donald Winslow, Jr., Michael S. Dolan, Patrick E. Dolan, III. 1 STAFF Counseling Supervisor MRS. WYDETTE GARRARD HART Mrs. Hart gives helpful advice to a new resident. CAROTHERS DORMITORY OFFICERS President LISSA LAURA FOLMAH Vice-President LUVERNE MITCHELL Secretary SHABON HARVEL Treasurer VIRGINIA KAY READING Reporter TONI CANNON Roslyn Aronowitz Barbara Booz Janet Jewell Camp ADVISORS Elizabeth Doiron Garrett Annette Sue Landry Linda Elaine Reeves Gladys Anne Rigsby Patricia Mae Siemens Sarah Ann Stallings A little relaxation before dinner in the recreation room. Happy Birthday to you! PAGE 189 GRACE HALL STAFF Director MARTHA CAVIK Assistant MAGGIE L. MOON ;. . After the White Christmas dinner. The traditional White Christmas dinner at Grace Hall. Everyone enjoyed the Kid ' s Christmas party. President .... Ruth Ann Bradfield Deborah Ruthe Bradt Diana Marie Dugat Barbara Jo Gray Eloise Leila McCarroll Diana Walker Jerry Suzanne Weaver Mary Lureen White HOUSE COUNCIL MARY LOUISE DRING KIRBY HALL Director Assistant Assistant Dietician STAFF IRENE T. POWERS CORINNE ADAMS WANDA TURNLEY GRACE MITCHELL Dinner time. OFFICERS House Chairman .... ROSE MARIE BENGSTON First Vice-President . . . PATRICIA JANE WOLF Second Vice-President . . SUSIE SAUNDEHS Secretary-Treasurer . . . NANCY LEE SCHWARZ ADVISORS Guadaupe Fernandez Patsy Joyce Flackmeier Alice Ann Herbst Marilyn Johnson Margaret Fink Keefauver Clara Jane Miller Polly Morris Nan Via Remschel Barbara Jewell Richards Shirley Sue Smith Ethel Laverne Wieting Zora Belle Wright The Western Party. Freshman study. LITTLEFIELD DORMITORY STAFF Supervising Counselor .... EVELYNE PIEBCY Counselor MARY EDITH TAYLOR Counselor MARY CORAL WARRE: OFFICERS Advisory Chairman . . . MARTHA ERGLE Vice-Chairman SHIRLEY WARREN Secretary-Treasurer . . . JANE Moss Reporter MARJORIE HARKRIDEH : i The Littlefield House Council. prtr Mail CaU. UPPERCLASS Ann Austin Adele Black Mary Lillian Blasingame Celia Buchan Lynne Collins Martha Ergle Kathryn Esse Marjorie Harkrider Luella Haupt Dauris Jackson PACE 172 Christmas dinner by candlelight, a Little- field tradition. ' - -1 - - - . ' ADVISORS Marcia Lambe Rosetta McGregor Jane Moss Betty Shelton Smith Reta Stiteler Pat Tracy Nancy Walker Shirley Warren Joan Woellert Carroll Morris NEWMAN HALL Director . . . Social Director . STAFF SISTER M. SABINA MRS. MARTYN CONHEY 7 ice-Chairman " reasurer OFFICERS MARY CATHERINE BELLUOMINJ JANET ALICE FAGAN SUSIE GOEMAN Front Row: Betty Jo Lednicky, Marie H. Hampton, Gloria B. Castaneda, Till if Gonzales, Pilar Estrada, Pat O ' Donnell. Cecilia Mooney. Second Row: Josephine Cecilia Alvarado, Nelda Garcia, Judy Foman, Amelia Garza, Allie Burke Young, Sybil Emmett, Sal- ly Osborne, Cynthia Ann Sum- mers, Freda McConnell, Mrs. Martyn Conrey. Front Row, Seated: Mary Catherine Belluomini, Magdalena J. Leyendeck- er, Janet Alice Fagan, Eva L. Baker. Second Row, Seated: Maria Magdalena Bena- vides, Pauline Ann Ku- bala, Estela de la Garza, Maria Luisa Lara, Shir- ley Mae Hlanak, Vivian Wilma Stammann, Pat- ricia Margaret Stevens, Barbara Ann Ganter, Do- lores Jean Ambrose, Helen Claire Cooley, Mar- garet Ann Stropeni. Standing: Graciela Vela Cuellar. Marjorie Ann , McDonald, Kathy Theresa Stumpf, Billie Waldyn Koenig, Ce- cilia Anne Lomonte, Rose Eleanor J a n d a , Susie Goeman, Jan Hildebrand, Vivian Emily O ' Shaugh- nessy, Nancy Ann Shoup, Patti Moran, Mildred Ann Dorotik, Joan Mary Ber- kenkamp, Pat Adams, Pat- sy Marie Connolly, Bar- bara Annette Fitzgerald. UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Chairman . . . BETTY Jo LEDNICKY Janet Alice Fagan Eva L. Baker Rose Eleanor Janda Mary Catherine Belluomini Magdalena J. Leyendecker PACE 173 SRD advisors make plans for greeting new students. The library is a favorite place for studying and reference reading. Decorating the Christmas tree. SCOTTISH RITE DORMITORY MRS. F. C. MCCONNELL LILLIAN JENKS ISORA COOKE JULIA ALLISON VERA USSERY CORA SEYMOUR STAFF Director Office Manager 6- Bookkeeper . Food Production Manager . Head Resident Counselor Assistant Head Resident Counselor . Resident Counselor Resident Nurse WILLENE LOWERY Graduate Counselor FLORRIE CONWAY Graduate Counselor ROY NEILYN GRIGGS Counselor .... ROBERTA IRENE RAWLINS OFFICERS President ANNAZELL ELIZABETH DAVIS V ' ice-President HELEN HUGHES Secretary DOROTHY Jo DAILY Publicity Chairman ELAINE ELIZABETH ANIOL R 141 Eloise Allen Elaine Elizabeth Aniol Billie Avey Charlotte Ann Campbell Margaret Eleanor Clark Merry Lou Coin Catherine Dabanlis Dorothy Jo Daily Annazell Elizabeth Davis Nancy Mary Dodge Anna Rhea Finnell UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Louise Green Helen Carol Hamilton Nancy Gay Hasten Peggy Diane Hemley Joan Rebecca Hertz Nancy Irene Houston Helen Hughes Frances Jameson Shirley Jensen Lila Lynn Jones Beverly Annette Klaver Nana Janet LeLaurin Jane Frances Lorenz Mary Margaret McLemore Barbara Lee Miller Annette Morris LaDonna Marie Taylor Cheryl Joy Tonroy Jane Willis Betty Kathryn Wood C4M on - PACE 174 Spudnuts and coffee follow ing the meeting. ' The social committee makes i plans for the new year. Jim Cook presides over a regular business meeting. INTER CO-OPERATIVE COUNCIL OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian Faculty Sponsor Faculty Sponsor JAMES MICHAEL COOK BARBAHA ANN HAZLEWOOD MAZIE CARLENE CRIPPEN GLENDA LEE MITCHELL JOHN MURRAY KENDRICK CURTIS JACKSON ALDERSON WAYNE H. HOLTZMAN HALSTEAD HOUSE Sarah Frances Watts PEARCE Shirley Ann Godbold POWELL HOUSE Lela Marie Owens CAMPUS GUILD George Matthew Myers Charles L. Rogers Joseph Harry Burich J. Steve Powell CROW ' S NEST Jerry Harrison Jenkins Wilson Edwin Southern OAK GROVE John Murray Kendrick Robert Everett Gustwick WOMEN SHANGRI-LA Sally Ann Fields THEADORNE Lillie Mae Graham Dorothy Jane Crawford MEMBER CO-OPS MEN TEJAS CLUB John Kirk Gray Charles Erwin Richey THELEME Lloyd Andrew Wessels John Patrick Truly William Lee Plummer, Jr. VALHALLA Margaret Anne Welborn WAKONDA Peggy Lorice Coats Nettie Mae Steglich WHITEHALL Billie Jeannine McKinley TLOK Robert Kent Riggle Spencer Gordon Randolph Harry Gene Wiederspahn TWIN PINES Filernon V. Esquivel Robert L. Bradley PACE 175 ALHAMBRA HOUSE OFFICERS President ARTURO ENRIQUE BATRES Vice-President JOSE M. CAVAZOS Secretary AMADOR GARCIA Treasurer ARTURO ENRIQUE BATRES Sergeant-at-Arms .... JULIAN CASTILLO Detail Manager EMILIO S. JIMENEZ PAGE 176 Front Row: Castillo, Gar cia, Jimenez. Back Rou Batres, Cavazos Front Row: Adame, Medel- lin, L. Guerra. Back Row: ]. Guerra, Ve- lasquez, Torres, Guzman, Resendes, Garza. Kneeling: Villarreal, D. Martinez. Back Row: L. Martinez, de la Fuente, Hernandez, Mo- reno, Topez. MEMBERS Oscar Adame Arturo Enrique Batres Julian Castillo Jose M. Cavazos Jose Ulises de la Fuente Amador Garcia Oswaldo Garza Jose Italo Guerra Lauro Guerra, Jr. Julio Guzman, Jr. Juan Hernandez Emilio S. Jimenez Ramiro Lopez Dario Lino Martinez Leon R. Martinez Guadalupe Medellin Ernesto Moreno, Jr. Ruben O. Resendes Ramino Topez Gilberto Torres, Jr. Manuel Velasquez Jose Villarreal, Jr. W}1 CAMPUS GUILD OFFICERS President JAMES EDWIN FORBIS House Vice-? resident . . . ERNEST C. WOODS Kitchen Vice-President . . ALVIN DONALD BLUMBERG Secretary NICKOLAS O. JOHNSON Treasurer J. STEVE POWELL Reporter-Historian . . . DAVID L. SHAPIRO Time out for a little music. MEMBERS Samir J. Abdennour Jerry Dell Akers Jimmy A. Almazan James H. Alphin Dewey Ivan Alspaw Nabhan Zeidan Arafat Louis Astudillo David Roy Baker Howard Wallace Barbee Walter Rowland Bell Alvin Donald Blumberg Melvin Ronald Blumberg Lorence Larry Bravenec Thomas Edwards Brown Joseph Harry Burich Robert Lee Burke Arturo B. Campos C. Y. Joseph Choo John Fletcher Collins James Blankenship Coltharp Marcellus Theriot Coltharp Edwin Hale Connell Chandler Davidson Everett John Degenhardt Abraham Donagi Charles Raines English Nebraska Evans James Edwin Forbis Bobby L. Fritz Valdemar Gonzalez Donald Whitsitt Goodson Tommie Allen Griffith Robert Jesse Guzman Luther Paul Hale, Jr. John Thomas Hays Thomas Edward Herrington Louis Hoffman Winston Adolph Hoffman Harold Duane Hudson Nickolas O. Johnson Allen N. Krejci Lindolfo Loera Tommy Wayne Lueders James Deuglas Maberry William Joseph Martin Richard Vernon McGehee Charles Preston McKinney Joe Ed Minton George Alan Mulroy John F. Mulroy Bobby Joe Musslewhite George Matthew Myers Tom Carter Myers James Parker J. Steve Powell Joe Gonzales Rodriguez Charles L. Rogers Raymond Edward Sagstetter Mauricio Salazar John A. Schell Frederick Wayne Schumacher Kenneth Fred Schuenemann Gilbert Charles Schutza David L. Shapiro Russell Gardner Sharp Jerry Mack Shelby Bendy Simms John Ballard Sisk Ray Burl Smith George Roscoe Stout Bill Ed Talley John Milton Taylor Reginald Dean Teddlie David Austin Thomas William Radford Thomas Arthur Richard Troell Bernie Holman Ward George Earnest Ware Harry Edward Waters Dan Weldon Williams Thomas Eugene Wood Ernest C. Woods PAGE 177 CROW ' S NEST CO-OP IBB . P. W . i Crow ' s Nest members. The reception before the N.R.O.T.C. formal. : ' OFFICERS President HAKBY DEAN HAMILTON Vice-President GEORGE KIRBY HALEY Secretary-Treasurer . . . WELDON WINSTON TEAGUE Work Manager .... ROBIN RAY OTT Sponsor W. R. WAGECK The punch bowl was a favorite spot. Byron Raymond Adams Lyle Floyd Branch Harvey Andrew Eikel William Bradford Fenwick Carl Donald Gunn George Kirby Haley Harry Dean Hamilton MEMBERS Jerry Harrison Jenkins Daniel David Kana Frank Joe Leopold Donald Ralph McLelland Harold William Norberg Robin Ray Ott James Bohus Salas James Howard Sellers Robert Langdon Sheffield Wilson Edwin Southern Rex Patrick Stallings Weldon Winston Teague Clovis Seigler Vaughn Max Derrell Williams PAGE 178 - - I .,, Tlb fen OAK GROVE CO-OP Front Row: Sherwood, Brooks, McClendon, Hen- derson, Gibson, L. C. Ha- lamicek. Second Row. Browning, Smith, Foil, Tracy, Lar- kin. Third Row: Dvoracek, Hobbs, E. P. Halamicek, Willson, Kendrick, Pola- sek. Fourth Rou : Morgan, Evans, Kitchens, Tatum, Petrus. Fifth Row: Ashley, Ran- kin, Jones, Gustwick. Read, Abemathy. Sixth Row: Shannon, Ap- pelt, Kvinta, Boston, Rob- ertson, Knaggs, Gonzales, Pfeiffer, Bechter. OFFICERS President BOBBY F. ABERNATHY Vice-t ' resident GEORGE S. ROBERTSON, JR. Business Manager JERRY THOMAS TOMSU Detail Manager THEO Louis POLASEK, JR. Council Manager ROBERT EVERETT GUSTWICK Bobby F. Abernathy Glenn David Appelt Alvin Owen Ashley Paul Weigand Bechter William Holland Bjork Rebel Eugene Blackwell, Jr. Jackie Ray Boston J. Reginald Brooks John Miller Browning Herman Joseph Dvoracek Tom E. Evans Robert Daniel Foit Jon Robert Gibson Frank William Gonzales MEMBERS Robert Everett Gustwick Eddy Peter Halamicek Lynn Carl Halamicek Forrest Edwin Harrell David Holland Henderson Joe Ferrell Hobbs Donald Jellette Jones John Murray Kendrick Malcolm Thomas Kitchens John Ryan Knaggs William Davis Kvinta James Charles Larkin Sam Earnest McClendon Robert C. Morgan George Joe Petrus Jesse Anton Pfeiffer, Jr. Theo Louis Polasek, Jr. Thomas Edwin Rankin Farrar Kyle Read George S. Robertson, Jr. Shelby Edward Shannon, Jr. Wes ton Marshall Sherwood Joe Ed Smith, II Ralph Donald Tatum Jerry Thomas Tomsu Robert Gene Tracy Bob Edward Willson PAGE 179 THELEME OFFICERS President . Secretary . Treasurer . Whip . . . Faculty Sponsor WILLIAM HOWARD REED PAUL EDWARD HASSELL LLOYD ANDREWS WESSELS JOE CHARLES WHITE T. DAVID LING Robert W. Beasley, Jr. Fred Eugene Brown Thomas Winthorp Brown Robert Thomas Bullis Ralph Lawrence Carmichael Charles Robert Carroll Cleatis Raymond Carroll Luther Lee Childress John Henry Foy Daniel Anton Foyt Billy Frank Galloway Joe Roger Gillespie Charles Glenn Grimes MEMBERS Robert Earl Grimes Don Warren Hagen Paul Edward Hassell Weldon Koenig Michael R. Largent Richard Lipson John Richard McMillon Ross Edward Morrow Necmettin Mungan Anthony George Ogden Charles Richard Otey William Lee Plummer Jimmy Dale Price Front Row: Foy, Plum- mer, Truly, Childress, Mc- Millon, Hassel, Mungan, Brown, Zobal. Second Row: Yost, Car- michael, Largent, Teague, Carroll, Wessels, Reed, Young, Koenig. Third Row: Ogden, Mor- row, Giliespie, Lipson, Talley, Votaw, Foyt, Bul- lis. !:..-. " : . : : ; William Howard Reed Joe D. Talley William L. Taylor Malvin G. Teague Harry Thorley, Jr. John Patrick Truly William Travis Votaw Lloyd Andrew Wessels Joe Charles White Robert Earl Yost John Franklin Young Elo E. Zinke Arthur Fred Zobal PAGE 180 ' : TWIN PINES CO-OP After dinner sing-song. TV " break. " OFFICERS President HENRY MAX BLUM V ' ice-President JOHN A. MURPHEY, JR. Secretary-Treasurer .... EDGAR GUSTAV FISCHER Housemanager EDWARD HUGO LING Food-Buyer HAROLD S. LAPIDUS Intramural Manager .... EDWIN ANTON GASSMANN Faculty Sponsors JACK HOLLAND R. L. HAYES Dates for Sunday dinner. : Joseph Burke Armstrong Mamdouh Bakri Baggal Henry Max Blum Robert L. Bradley Frederick Francis Castrow Clyde Edward Chapman Clinton Allen Citaler Harvey Truett Davis Guy Travis Dickson, Jr. George Leslie Eckbledt Charles Henry Eissler Filemon V. Esquivel Edgar Gustav Fischer MEMBERS James Hamner Frost Gerald Glenn Fry James Travis Gardner Edwin Anton Gassmann Erwin James Haas Gerald D. Harlan Danny S. Hart Harvey Emil Holub Arleigh Bruce Hughes Abdul Hafez Irshaid James Downey Jacques Ernest Malcolm Jordan Lester Ray Koether Albert Leon Lapidus Harold S. Lapidus Edward Hugo Ling James D. Lutes Richard Allen McMahan Simon Vasques Moya John A. Murphey, Jr. Larry Dee Nichols Milton Harris Ramsey Daniel Albert Williamson Ghalib M. Yunis PACE 181 WOMEN ' S CO-OPS Shirley Mae Langston Co-Ordinator Lola Acosta Patricia Lou Bailey Beatrice Wilburn Brotzman Kathleen Louise Brotzman Lydia Evelyn Doss Hilda Margarita Garcia Frances Mae Gross Martha E. Harrington HALSTEAD Marie Hudson Alice Lee Matzke Adrienne Joan McCaleb Melba Michaelene Parks Marta Rangel Olga Trevino Sarah Frances Watts Doris Ruth Wiedenfeld Shirley plays Santa Glaus. POWELL Barbara Ann Hazlewood Co-Ordinator Louise M. Anclo Margaret Jane Bloom Margaret Eugenia Carter Mazie Carlene Crippen Jean Davis Joyce Lee Harvey Betty Jo Hines HOUSE Eleanor S. Macha Marilyn Jeanine Miller Velma Margaret Miller Mary Sue O ' Dell Lela Marie Owens Cecilia Pingenot Carolyn Van Trease Mary Lois Whiteman Barbara Ann Golson Co-Ordinator Ruby Lee Ballard Norma Jean Brock Sallie Harrison Fetter Sally Ann Fields Myrtle L. Finck Judy B. Gerbens June Elizabeth Martin SHANGRI-LA Sandra Mitchell Jackie Ann Morman Mary Ann Morris Dorthy Nell Raney Barbara Kay Story Beatrice May Story Mary Louise Travis Rosemary Wilhelm PEARCE Dorothy Ann Denard Co-Ordinator Jane Lee Addison Sylvia Kaye Bone Shirley Jane Crawford Mary Kathryn Denard Rose Marie Eisenhauer Shirley Ann Godbold Martha C. Judin Zilda Jo Koenig Irene F. Kress Esther Mae Luthro Marcia Ann McGhee Jonnie Elise Mims Glenda Lee Mitchell Mary Kay Smith Nancy Ann Toppins Johnice Madison Wright Quarter of six and almost time for dinner. Shirley Jean Morrison Co-Ordinator Melba Faye Alsup Teresita Amaya Marjorie Kay Beilke Marilou Benson Gladys Mae Bravenec Dorothy Jane Crawford Dorothy Davis THEADORNE Lillie Mae Graham Cathryn Ann Hansen Sarah Elizabeth Harrison Eleanor Jane Kneip Doris Ann Long Elvie Lou Luetge Lu Ann Saage Ariel Dee Strandquist Anne Louise Zoch VALHALLA Elinor Warren Co-Ordinator Ann Louise Beard Shirley Ann Bird M. Carolyn Carter La Nell Cure Mary Gwendolyn Echterhoff Elsie Bob Fariss Wanda Fay Frank Sandra Sue Harder Barbara Ann Hartley Janet N. Holder Sylvia M. Maly Libby Leigh Pegram Martha Lucile Rowntree Luba Senkevitch Dolores Silva Margaret Anne Welborn Eleven o ' clock house meeting. WHITEHALL WAKONDA Betty Jean Keller Co-Ordinator Nancy Jane Cheatham Peggy Lorice Coats Carol Sue Cole Joyce Coleman Charlotte La Neyl Davis Frances Marie Gray Mary Kay Hanks Louanne Hatter Mary Frances Kelley Dorothy Sue Leveritt Alice Anne Miers Charlotte Muriel Moore Barbara Ann Otis Ruth Pendergrass (Catherine Schwarz Nettie Mae Steglich Gwendolyn Viola Brown Co-Ordinator Wilanna O. Blanton Mary Frances Boddie Christine Brown Virginia Ilene Ciarlariello Janey Collins Sylvia Ruth Gabert Carrie Lee Harbison Ida Alleene Harbison Wilma Annette Hartman Crescencia Marin Linda May Marshall Billie Jeannine McKinley Kay McKinley Mary Alice McNallie Stephanie Polakow Elizabeth Dolly Roberts Doris Janet Rodgers Joanne Schwartz Evelyn Patricia Wall Rachael Wills : PACE 182 ; load i He . Oft H pns JuLft L e VARSITY SPORTS FRESHMAN SPORTS INTRAMURALS T ASSOCIATION Dave Alter George E. Auld Tames F. Babb tames D. Baker David Barrow Robert A. Bell Stuart Benson Tames Neal Blanton Walter B. Bond Harrison N. Bowes Charles N. Brewer Frank Edgar Brock Wayman W. Buchanan Otis T. Budd Dougal A. Cameron Inocensio Cantu Tames M. Caruthers Edwin Hale Connell Eddie Joe Daniels Wayne Edward Delancy Boyd Irven DeVore, Jr. Henry A. Dickson Glen Colle Dyer Allen Fred Ernst Robert F. Flinn Richard T. Foerster Alvin M. Frieden Byron Fullerton George A. Gage Larry Godfrey Lawrence M. Graham, Jr Herbert William Gray Charlton W. Hadden Hulen A. Hale Louis V. Hall Kenneth W. Harlow Bill Paul Harris Clinton Edward Hawkins Simon Henderson Johnny Hernandez Harry Pat Hewell William B. Hoff Glen F. Hoffman Jerry Wade House Thomas J. Hoyt John W. Johnson Morris D. Johnson Donald L. Jones O. F. Jones, III Tony Kazen Edward C. Kelley Philip W. Kidd Paul Kirton Malcolm T. Kitchens Alex John Lansford Richard E. Lawler Tommy Robins LeBleu Raymond F. Leggett William C. Long David M. Love Raymond J. Marek Don Henry Maroney Carlton Massey William E. McDonald Donald R. McGraw William Steele McKinney Don K. Miller Paul Covey Mohr Howard D. Moon Don J. Neighbors Philip A. Nelson, Jr. John E. Novey Thomas A. Palmer David Paul Parkinson Melvin R. Patterson William Albert Penn Vernon E. Person James D. Pierson Jerry Bob Prewit James Hamilton Pruett Joel Herbert Pullen Billy Quinn Alphonse Ragland, III Don Israel Reifler Charles Renfroe James O. Richardson George S. Robinson Tom N. Rogers Homer Jimmie Rosser Fredric M. Saunders John E. Schmid Menan C. Schriewer Chester Simcik Fred A. Skidmore Finis Dean Smith Langford H. Sneed Thomas M. Snow David W. Snyder Elbert R. Spence Thomas H. Springer Buddy Bob Stevenson John P. Tatum Charles A. Thomas Robert S. Timmins Patrick M. Tolar Ton D. Totz William Michael Trant Willie Vails Richard Clark Webb Conrad P. Werkenthin Theodore P. White T. A. Delano Wornack Ben J. Woodson Thomas J. Yium Joe B. Youngblood Leighton K. Younger Top Row: Alter, Auld, Babb, Baker, Blanton, Bowes, Brewer, Cameron. Second Row: Cantu, Delaney, Dickson, Dyer, Flinn, Gage, Hadden, Hale. Third Row: Harlow, Hawkins, Henderson, Hoffman, House, Hoyt, J. Johnson, D. Jones. Fourth Row: Kazen, Kelley, Lansford, Leggett, Love, Massey, Miller, Mohr. Fifth Row: Moon, McDonald, McGraw, Neighbors, Palmer, Penn, Pierson, Prewit. Sixth Row: Pullen, Quinn, Renfroe, Rogers. Seventh Row: Rosser, Simcik, Skidmore, Sneed. Eighth Row: Snyder, Spence Springer Tatum. Ninth Row: Trant, Tolar, Thomas, Webb. Tenth Row: White, Womack, Youngblood, Younger. PAGE 187 SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE TEXAS 20 L. S. U. 6 TEXAS NOTRE DAME 21 TEXAS 40 WASHINGTON STATE 14 TEXAS 7 OKLAHOMA 14 TEXAS 7 ARKANSAS 20 TEXAS 7 RICE 13 TEXAS 13 S. M. U. 13 TEXAS 7 BAYLOR 13 TEXAS 35 T. C. U. 34 TEXAS 22 A M 13 COAC PAGE 1954 FOOTBALL Ed Price, Head Coach 1954 COACHING STAFF 1954 LETTERMEN SENIORS Howard Moon, Paul Parkinson, John (Buck) Lansford, Robert Flinn, Kirby Miller, Jim Rosser, Don McGraw, Leighton Young- er, Jack McMurry, Billy Quinn, Walter Bond. JUNIORS Menan Schriewer, Langford Sneed, Bob Tucker, Don Jones, Herb Gray, Fred Skidmore, Johnny Tatum, Charles Brewer, Charles Dollar, Glen Dyer, Bill Long, Chester Simcik, Pat Tolar, Delano Womack, Joe Youngblood. SOPHOMORES Allen Ernst, Mike Trant, Ben Woodson, Vernon Person, Edward Hawkins, Don Maroney. J. T. King Bill DuBose H. C. ( Bully )Gilstrap Eck Curtis Cover (Ox) Emerson PACE 189 At Bud McFadden, 1951 Gib Dawson, 1953, receiving his award during the 1954 game. During the past four years three former Longhorns have received the " Most Valuable Player " award for the outstanding college star in the All Star-Pro game at Soldiers ' Field in Chicago. The game is sponsored by the Chicago Tribune and the proceeds go to charity. Longhorns who have re- ceived this award are All-American Guard Bud McFadden, 1951; All- Southwest Conference Halfback Gib Dawson, 1953; and All-American End Carlton Massey in 1954. PAGE 190 I Carlton Massey, 1954 b 1954 CAPTAINS CAPTAINS Howard Moon, Billy Quinn, and Buck Lansford REVIEW OF 1954 The University of Texas started off the season as was predicted by the nation ' s sportswriters by dropping the L. S. U. Tigers, 20 to 6. The predicted Southwest Conference Champions were swinging into shape even though they had lost valuable linemen through graduation. Next on the schedule came the Irish in South Bend and the first defeat of the year, 21 to 6. Back in Austin again the Longhorns didn ' t let the supporters of the Orange Avalanche down as they smashed the Washing- ton State Cougars by a 40 to 14 win. Dallas and the annual Oklahoma game followed. The Sooners were favored but the Steers played as if they apparently didn ' t read the press notices. But the Sooners seemed to possess the " luck of the Irish " and eased out on top, 14 to 7. Texas opened their Southwest Conference title battle in Austin against the Porkers from Arkansas. Arkansas, moving from a single wing, amazed sports scribes, The U niversity of Texas, and the Southwest with an unexpected 20 to 7 upset. Rice was the next to put the stops on the Longhorns. In one of the closest games in the ' 54 Steer history the Owls slipped by Texas, 13 to 7. Texas was out of the running for the Southwest pigskin crown, and just playing for opponents ' blood and chagrin. The first of the crown hopefuls was S. M. U. and the Steers promptly raised up and put a tie of 13 to 13 on the Ponies to their amaze- ment and sorrow. L. G. Dupre and Company thought the Steers were trying the same thing on them the following week-end when at the end of the first half the Baylor Bears found themselves on the short end of a 7-0 score. But revenge the red candles they did as the Bruins came back in the second half to put the score almost in reverse and come out on top 13 to 7. Froggieville, Texas, and it seemed to T. C. U. that the Steers didn ' t know when they were beaten. And in the fading mo- ments of play it was big Buck Lansford who put his toe to the ball and sent it through the uprights for a score board reading of 35 to 34 and a game that neither Texas nor T. C. U. fans will forget for years to come. Closing the season was the annual clash with the Aggies. This year it was for the cellar crown with the loser getting the honors. The Farmers just couldn ' t do it and again the Longhorn came away victors, 22 to 13. Front Row. Jack Hewlett, assistant manager; Eck Curtis, Charles Brewer, Billy Quinn, Chester Simcik, Jack McMurry, Don McGraw, Leighton Younger, Delano Womack, Joe Youngblood, George Robinson, Tommy Cadenhead, Simon Henderson, manager. Second Rou;: Cover (Ox) Emerson, H. C. (Bully) Cilstrap, Arnold Brock, Jim Rosser, Bob Flinn, Langford Sneed, Kirby Miller, Kenneth Harlow, Menan Schriewer, Herbert Gray, Buck Lansford, Don Jones, Paul Parkinson, Connie Orr, Tim Cornwall, assistant manager. Third Row: Bill DuBose. Allen Dockery, Morton Moriarty, Gerald Orton, Budje Smith, Larry Ward, Don Bunn, Carl Aalund, Larry Graham, Bill Long, Howard Moon, Johnny Tatum, Pat Tolar, Ben Woodson, Dick Miller, Charles Travis, Allen Ernst, Bobby Bowmer, Don Maroney, Frank Finchum, Fred Skid.more, J. T. King, Ed Price. Fourth Row: Herschel Lyle, George Davis, Larry Ward, Mike Trant, Bo Sexton, Charley Dollar, Oren Buckellew, Jackie Placke, John McCrary, Edward Hawkins, Dicky Low- rey, Vemon Person, Tommy Albright, Paul Peterson, assistant manager, Ed Kelly. Fifth Row: Charles Baker, Roy Chapman, Jerry Turner, Gerald Petersen, C. L. Snow, Bob Tucker, Glen Dyer, Mike Biggins, Billy Harris, Jim Watson, Charles Machemehl, Walter Bond, Fred Weir. Bill Long blasts for extra yardage while Quinr Brewer look on. nd as in s, j -up two ipn. Mike Trant stretches for the big one. TEXAS 20 - L. S. U. 6 Coach Ed Price revealed his ' 54 I style as they bowled over L.S.U. ' s Ti to 6. The unveiling came off before a sd-i Texas student body in Memorial Stad days before school was scheduled to The ball handling of Quarterback harlie Brewer and the powerful backfield pi h U hind him in Delano Womack, Bill L i, and Bill Quinn made one Tiger wish he h run; heard of Austin, Memorial Stadium, o iirange and White. The powerful quartet consi -d tiit majority of the 273 yards earned i il, t ground. It was a perfect Longhom aftemoc e.xup: for one thorn in Price ' s side. His leak- l cond- ary allowed the Tiger ' s Al Doggett hit ' aerial targets out of 13 tosses for ' yards. Doggett was also the field general n for the only Bengal counter. It cam irly ii the second half as he engineered ; 4-yard gallop by Vincent Gonzales. First downs Net yards rushing Net yards passing Passes attempted Passes completed Passes intercepted Punts Punting average Fumbles lost Yards penalized TEXAS 20 273 51 11 4 5 37.2 1 73 L.S.U. 9 138 71 13 7 5 37.2 3 55 HOWARD MOON Left end, Senior I : BUCK LAN! Left tackle, Senf Tatum and Lansford t an attempt to open a -J in the Cougar line. Johnny Tatum prepares to bring a Notre Dame an abrupt halt. TEXAS - NOTRE DAME 21 looked like an upset in the making, but momentarily, as The University of Texas in swift motion down to the Irish 7. early in the game and the Steer machine moved deep into the seemingly helpless e Dame territory. Ken it happened. Notre Dame began to the type of ball that former Coach Frank iy had taught. It was the first time in 77 that Longhorns then Number Four in the nation had failed to score. T.C.U. the Longhorns scoreless in 1946 for the -la| time prior to the defeat by the Irish. B | otre Dame took the ball on their own ! : ..-eljjn as Texas Quarterback Charlie Brewer illi fc k fy ' led an d Terry Brennan ' s boys started b ing toward a 21-to-O victory. Three times ; jtl -Steers got inside of the 20 and couldn ' t go. deepest penetration was to the 6 before a le brought the play to a halt. K " tern m . First downs Net yards rushing Net yards passing Passes attempted Passes completed Passes intercepted Punts Punting average Fumbles lost Yards penalized A Notre Dame defender goes into action in an attempt to stop the Texas aerial attack. TEXAS NOTRE DAME 14 16 178 201 62 146 21 17 6 8 4 1 4 7 34.0 32.1 4 1 45 115 FNWOODSON guard, Sophomore. BILLY QUINN Right half, Senior. The Texas jackrabbit, Charlie Dollar, scurries for extra yardage. PACE 193 George Davis and a host of Orange shirted lads con- verge on a loose ball. JOE YOUNGBLOOD Left half, Junior. LANGFORD SNEED Left tackle, Junior. First downs Net yards rushing Net yards passing Passes attempted Passes completed Passes intercepted Punts Punting average Fumbles lost Yards penalized TEXAS 19 223 62 7 4 1 4 35.0 1 25 WASHINGTON STATE 11 216 22 10 1 2 3 35.0 4 62 Washington State puts the stopper on Larry Graham. TEXAS 40-WASHINGTON STATE 14 A Longhom assault as torrid as the weather wilted the courageous Cougars of Washington State, 40 to 14, in a weary intersectional game October 2 in Memorial Stadium. Texas used four teams in the process. Fifty-two Longhoms saw action in the game which marked the Steers second win against one loss. Some 30,000 weather-beaten fans gave Duke Washington, first Negro to play in Memorial Stadium, a standing ovation when the Cougars ' spark-plug scored the first Washington touch- down. The 5 foot 11 inch, 190 pound fullback tallied on the most sensational run of the day, a spinning 73-yard sprint through the entire Longhom eleven. But Texas already had hit pay dirt three times before Washington ' s run, and the Long- homs slammed across twice more before the half was over. Leading the Texas attack was Pat Tolar, the number three quarterback, who threw two direct hits. Washington was the game ' s leading ground gainer with 11.7 yards a try. It ' s anybody ' s ball! Woodson and Moon close in on the loose Sooner. CHARLES DOLLAR Right half, Junior. First downs Net yards rushing Net yards passing Passes attempted Passes completed Passes intercepted Punts Punting average Fumbles lost Yards penalized TEXAS 7 - OKLAHOMA 14 There was less than two minutes left and Texas was behind by seven points. The Orange Avalanche gave it a final try. With their eyes on the clock they moved steadily up field on pastes. Only nine seconds left and the goal posts at both ends of the field were torn down. Charlie Brewer passes to Joe Youngblood and the gun sounded but pass interference was ruled. Once again Brewer faded back and uncoiled a pass to Youngblood it was broken up and so were the Longhorns ' hope of revenge for the past years ' defeats. Bud Wilkinson and his Big Red from north of the Red River jinxed the Longhorns for the third straight year. The scene was the Cotton Bowl in Dallas and the final curtain came down again for another year with the score on the Oklahoma side, 14-7. Oklahoma showed the winner ' s usual statis- tics as they ate up 205 yards rushing. The Longhorns blasted for 57. Even in the air the Big Red showed a slight edge, 127 yards to 105. KIRBY MILLER Left guard, Senior. Maroney and Schriewer plug up the hole opened by O. U. linemen. Charlie Brewer breaks through the Big Red ' s defense. JSSS- Mr. Schriewer meets the pigskin in mid-air. First downs Net yards rushing Net yards passing Passes attempted Passes completed Passes intercepted Punts Punting average Fumbles lost Yards penalized TEXAS 14 160 60 16 5 5 5 35.6 1 24 A Texas score despite the Razorback opposition. TEXAS 7 - ARKANSAS 20 " It was hog killing time in Texas, " said the football forecasters the Longhorns were the team to stop undefeated Arkansas dead in their tracks. The Razorbacks paid the press clippings no heed, though, as they went on to blast Texas 20 to 7. Coach Bo wen Wyatt brought his fired-up eleven to Austin and with them came a brand of ball that has seldom been seen in the ' Southwest recently. It was a smooth, fast,, single wing that brought back the memory off Doak Walker and his Mustangs that showed I the same power a few years back. The Razorbacks hit the Longhorns all after- noon with a faultless running attack. In thei air the Porkers showed a definite weakness butt made up for it in their defense. They stopped I the Longhorns five times by interceptions, twice the aerials were touchdown bound only to have a Porker snatch it from the Steer grasp. The- Texas squad didn ' t make a first down until I the last minute and a half of the first quarter, ARKANSAS 12 284 9 8 1 6 45.1 3 . MENAN SCHRIEWER Right end, Junior. One Porker is in trouble and seeing Orange. PACE 196 DELANO WOMACK Left half, Junior. DON MARONEY Fullback, Sophomore. The coaching staff looks over a close one. - : . - .. W - - 1 M tamM " i moth, h I It AN Dili j - idl fcteraksb ' bound only total r Stea msp. ft i fat down ui :f titf first (part! TEXAS 7 - RICE 13 Like Alabama, Rice ' s 1954 Cotton Bowl op- ponent, the awakened Texas Longhorns found out that it takes a twelfth man to stop Dicky Moegle, the Owls ' fabulous halfback. But the game of football does not allow twelve men on a team, so the predicted conference champs had to store all ideas of another Southwest Conference crown, when the Owls subdued the Longhorns by a score of 13 to 7. A crowd of 71,000, the largest in Houston ' s football history, watched Texas, pre-season favorites to take the title, suffer their second straight conference defeat. The loss virtually eliminated the Steers from the Southwest Con- ference race, since no loop champion has ever won the crown after losing two games. Dicky Moegle put on a one-man show as the Rice sparkplug scored the Owls ' first touch- down and set up the other with an 18-yard scamper. The speedster from Taylor gained most of the Owls ' rushing yardage carrying 21 times for a net of 105 yards of his team ' s 196. First downs Net yards rushing Net yards passing Passes attempted Passes completed Passes intercepted Punts Punting average Fumbles lost Yards penalized TEXAS 11 182 37 8 3 2 4 41.2 3 41 RICE 11 196 43 11 5 1 5 36.6 2 25 BILL LONG Fullback, Junior. Quinn pulls up the reigns on a loose Owl. One Owl will go no farther. The Orange shirted herd moves in for the stop. CHESTER SIMCIK Le f ui , Junior. EDWARD HAWKINS Right half, Sophomore. First downs Net yards rushing Net yards passing Passes attempted Passes completed Passes intercepted Punts Punting average Fumbles lost Yards penalized Moon amid Pony defenders stretches for the pigskin. TEXAS S.M.U. 13 19 103 134 161 185 26 22 11 16 3 2 5 4 38.0 36.5 1 3 21 45 TEXAS 13 - S. M. U. 13 Texas seemed to come from the dead in the second period of play to smash a predicted stomping at the hands of the S. M. U. Mus- tangs. The upset show was staged at Me- morial Stadium under the. shadow of the famed Tower of Texas. A confident Pony team retired to their dressing room at the half with a comfortable 13-to-O lead and seemed to possess a power to move the ball at will. It looked as though the Longhorns were powerless and deeply feel- ing the pain of the loss of nine players out for disciplinary reasons. With ten minutes left in the fourth and final period, Memorial Stadium was the wit- ness to a new game. A tireless inspired Orange Avalanche had tied the Mighty Mustangs, 13 to 13. It was a tie that was later to shatter the hopes of S. M. U. for a share in the conference title and a Cotton Bowl bid. Two other Texas tallies were called back and many a Pony fan and player seemed to breathe a sigh of relief when the final gun went off. Whose ball is it and where did it come from? total Pile-up. TEXAS 7 - BAYLOR 13 Texas seemed to have the Indian sign on the Bruins from Waco as the first half ended with ; the Steers on top, 7 to 0, but that was the end of the Longhorn game. The Green Tide j came back in the second period of play with an attack that wouldn ' t stop. The final score found the hex broken, 13 to 7. L. G. Dupre led the second half drive against a seemingly helpless Orange Avalanche. Glen Dyer ' s usual pin point accuracy of the first half was like the rest of the Texas game, off. Dupre and Billy Hooper led the victors ' explosion with 81 yards in 19 carries and 74 yards in 13 attempts, respectively. In the disastrous last period, Texas managed to pick up only one first down to the Bruins ' fourteen. On the ground the Bears blasted for 208 yards as compared to 17 yards for the Steers. BOB FLINN Right Tackle, Senior. First downs Net yards rushing Net yards passing Passes attempted Passes completed Passes intercepted Punts Punting average Fumbles lost Yards penalized Baylor gains a few more yards toward pay dirt. TEXAS BAYLOR 7 18 85 278 68 57 12 14 4 7 3 1 4 3 41.2 28.0 1 3 25 JOHNNY TATUM Center, Junior. Don Maroney slides into the end zone despite the strong Bear forward wall. PACE 199 Womack is smothered under by a host of Froggie defenders. One more T. C. U. lad is brought to a stop. TEXAS 35 - T. C. U. 34 Amon Carter Stadium, Fort Worth. The score board showed only 2:21 minutes left in the Texas-T. C. U. scrap. Big Buck Lansford seemed calm as he waited for the ball to be placed down for the extra point try. Seconds later the referee ' s arms went up to signal a good kick and a Texas victory, 35-34. The Longhorn tri-captain split the up-rights for the fifth consecutive time to climax a 66- yard drive that was do or die for the Orange Avalanche. Charlie Brewer engineered the move with the yeoman service of Joe Youngblood. Victory came after a battle had seen the Frogs lead all afternoon with the ' Horns seem- ing to gain little ground. Each Texas score was countered by a T.C.U. tally except the big one. The main hinderance to the Steer attack was Ronnie Clinkscale who directly or indirectly was responsible for almost all of the Froggie scores. - ' ffiiSZ-J i H I- 1 jf 3WS :- ! irfS MIS to .kbu r ibriU THiik -- HERB GRAY Right tackle, Junior. First downs Net yards rushing Net yards passing Passes attempted Passes completed Passes intercepted Punts Punting average Fumbles lost Yards penalized TEXAS 19 357 86 5 2 3 34.3 5 44 T. C. U. 8 278 92 10 4 2 5 38.4 1 30 PAGE 200 CHARLES BREWER Quarterback, Junior. Brewer in the act of lofting a 71-yard touchdown pass. N W ' " " Simcik goes into action against two waiting Aggies ( Arrow indicates ball ) . TEXAS 22 - A M 13 The clock showed a minute and eight sec- onds remaining in the game as a clipping pen- alty sent Texas ' spirited Longhorns back to the Aggie 17-yard line. Faced with a last chance and goal to go the Steers set up a place- kicking formation. The 60,000 feverish fans who had been yelling on their feet most of the summer-like Thanksgiving Day afternoon were now sitting on the edge of their seats, speechless. But Joe Youngblood, a determined youth who had worked his way from the fifth string to the first, sent the fans into a frenzy when he kicked the 17-yard field goal. Before Youngblood ' s dramatic boot had split the uprights, there had been great doubt as who would win the 61st game of the storied rivals. Texas led throughout the game, but it was the dramatic field goal which made the final score, Texas 22. . . .A M 13. The Aggies, who were always threatening, compiled 110 yards rushing and 87 with passes and made 13 first downs. On the other side of the ledger, the Longhoms rolled up 205 yards rushing and 137 through the air for 17 first downs, three touchdowns, and a field goal. First downs Net yards rushing Net yards passing Passes attempted Passes completed Passes intercepted Punts Punting average Fumbles lost Yards penalized Galloping Joe Youngblood moves away from a Farmer. TEXAS 17 205 137 11 6 1 6 35.1 2 75 TEXAS A M 13 110 87 21 9 1 6 43.3 2 70 GLEN DYER Quarterback, Junior. A Longhorn aerial found its target. that MIKE TRANT Right end, Sophomore. PACE 201 PAUL PARKINSON Right half, Senior. JACK McMURRY Center, Senior. JIM ROSSER Left guard, Senior. DON JONES Left end, Junior. LEIGHTON YOUNGER Center, Senior. BOB TUCKER Center, Junior. PACE 202 ALLEN ERNST Left end, Sophomore. DON McGRAW Left tackle, Senior. WALTER BOND Right half, Senior. FRED SKIDMORE Left guard, Junior. VERNON PERSON Right guard, Sophomore. PAT TOLAR Quarterback, Junior. r S Pud Payne Harley Clark Joe Brown, Head Yell Leader CHEERLEADERS Sue Kagsdale Dale, Pud, James, Joe, Harley, Sue, and Bill 1 m .- w Dale Dudley James Dickson Bill Jamail PACE 203 1955 BASKETBALL The University of Texas basketball team fin- ished up one of the poorest seasons in the school ' s history with only four wins. The squad was hard hit by graduation and a fresh bunch of sophomores had to face some of the toughest competition in the nation and the Southwest Conference. This season easily could be marked off to experience because that is what the Longhorns will have next year with their entire line-up having two more years of eligibility under Coach Slue Hull. This returning five will include Raymond Downs who hit 400 points to pace the Steers and most opposition through the season. The team will also have a depth of ex- perience and should be among the top contend- ers for the Conference crown. The experienced ' 56 team will be tough to beat. : ; ar. MARSHALL HUGHES Assistant Coach THURMAN HULL Head Coach LETTERMEN Wayman W. Buchanan Raymond Downs William J. Groogan Norman E. Hooten Charles E. Howard Philip W. Kidd Ellis L. Olmstead John E. Schmid Arthur L. Stewart RESERVE LETTERMEN Mack Burk Jimmy Browning Sam C. Bradshaw Tommy Estes George Gage SENIOR MANAGER AWARD Ben T. Baty JUNIOR MANAGER AWARD James V. Richards SOPHOMORE MANAGER AWARD Beverley B. Banner V if y I Front Row: Hull, Kidd, Buchanan, Stewart, Schmi d, Howard, Hughes. Back Row: Baty, Groogan, Olmstead, Downs, Hooten, Frank Medina (trainer). PACE 204 NON-CONFERENCE SCHEDULE Norman Hooten dropped in a push shot for the winning two points over Hardin-Simmons, 59 to 57. Twenty-five seconds earlier he hit the same shot to tie the Cowboys 57 to 57. Cowboy center Bob Tremaine took the individual scoring honors with 17 points. It was a see-saw battle that saw the lead change hands ten times and the score tied eleven times. A fighting Longhorn five dropped their first game of the year to the Okla- homa A M Cowboys who hit 48 percent of their field shots. Texas never could overcome the Aggies but tied the score three times, even though they out-scored the Okies from the field, 29 to 24 goals. In the second game of the series, Texas journeyed to Stillwater where the team was thoroughly dubbed 77 to 49. Only four points separated the teams at the half but during the torrid se cond half it was Oklahoma hitting for 46 points to hand Texas defeat number two for the year. Seven-foot Don Boldebuck was more than the Longhorns could cope with as he hit 32 points to pace the University of Houston to victory, 79 to 58. Texas hit 67 percent and Houston hit 71 percent of their field shots. Houston set the pace and the Steers were never able to over come it. During the Christmas holidays Texas hit the road for Alabama and the Birmingham Classic in hopes of breaking a losing streak, but it was to no avail because the Steers dropped two to Wake Forest and Alabama with scores of 95 to 71 and 89 to 54 respectively. RAYMOND DOWNS, sophomore High point man with 400 points The Longhorns ran into trouble with Wake Forest ' s All- American center, Dicky Hemric who hit 40 points and with Alabama ' s experienced five, four of whom had started against Texas in the ' 53 Cotton Bowl Tournament in H ouston. Vanderbilt was next on the schedule of pre-season contests and was the closest game of the road trip. The score was tied up at 43 at the half and stayed a close contest until four Longhorn starters fouled out with seven minutes left to play. Then it happened and Van- derbilt blasted ahead to win 94 to 67. To round out the holiday tourney schedule, Texas traveled to Houston for the annual Cotton Bowl Tour- nament. In the opener, the Steers went down before the Aggies from Bryan to the tune of 66 to 61 as A M scored a new high against their rivals. Ellis Olmstead racked up 21 points for the losers. S. M. U. beat Texas, 77 to 63 in the losers ' bracket. Then Baylor bounced the Longhorns into the eighth position out of eight teams making it unanimous with an 89 to 75 victory. Rounding out the non-conference schedule Texas once more fell before the Cougars of Houston and dropped a close one to Texas Tech in the annual charity contest in Austin. The scores were 59 to 52 and 79 to 74 respectively. The tall Cougar center, Bob Boldebuck, sank 29 points and Ray Downs dropped in 19. Against Tech Downs hit 20 but it wasn ' t enough as the Raiders pulled away from the winless Longhorns in the last five minutes of play. Texas ended their non-conference schedule with one win and eleven losses. Downs and a host of Frogs go up for the ball. PAGE 205 SMU 74-TEXAS 51 Texas gave a preview of a win-scarce season in drop- ping their conference opener to SMU 74 to 51. It was the tenth straight defeat for the luckless Longhorns. Joel Krog from the basketball state, Kentucky, showed the Steers the style of the Blue Grass State as he hit the cords for 23 points and paced the visitors to victory. The Mustang seemed to be everywhere except where Texas wanted him and led in the defense as well as offense. The Longhorns could do no right while SMU led by wiry team Captain Art Barnes was near perfect. Nothing could hold the Ponies as was proved by Texas employing both man-to-man and zone defenses to no avail. Jiggs Buchanan was high point man for the Orange with 14 points followed by teammate John Schmid with 11. BAYLOR 85-TEXAS 67 The Texas Steers, led by sophomore sensation Ray- mond Downs, just couldn ' t muster enough second half power to keep up with Baylor. Downs dumped in 38 points and accounted for more than half of the score of 67 to 85. Coach Slue Hull worked a sophomore five to the bone in an attempt to break a 10-game losing streak. Philip Kidd was the only veteran to see action in the first half. Texas stayed even with the fast moving, high scoring Bear quintet through the first period of play. The score at the whistle was 36 to 32 with the Steers on the short end. Inexperience on top of a lack of depth and the Longhorns began to falter in the second period. From then on it was easy for the swift moving Bear squad to stay out in front for the remainder of the game. Schmid flips a jump shot against the Ponies. TCU 79-TEXAS 64 TCU and dazzling Dick O ' Neal clipped a Texas five down to size as the Froggies showed the style of potential conference champions, 79-64. It was the third straight conference defeat for the Longhorns and their twelfth of the year. The Steers seemed to click at first, then O ' Neal could do no wrong under the net and Ray Warren, TCU jump shot artist, hit consistantly, making the half time score read TCU 44, Texas 28. The second half was no different from the first and in the end O ' Neal had made 42 points of the Frogs ' total score, only seven points away from Texas ' Slater Martin ' s scoring record of 49. WAYMAN BUCHANAN junior PHILIP KIDD junior PAGE 206 RICE 58-TEXAS 52 One of the worst seasons in Texas basketball history seemed assured as Rice handed the Longhorns defeat num- ber 13 in Austin. The cold percentage-wise Steers dropped the game 58-52. In winning their sixth game of the year, last year ' s co-champion, Rice, made 23 true shots out of 61 attempts and hit 45 percent from the free throw line. Texas ' poor percentage of 29 for field shots does not tell the entire story. The Longhorns had compiled a 38 to 35 lead in the third quarter. Into the fourth they still held a lead which had been whittled to 40-39. With 11 minutes left, Monte Robicheaux hit a jump shot and the lead re- mained in the Owls ' pocket the remainder of the game. It was the visitors second straight victory in Gregory Gym. They dropped Texas 72-71 to move into the NCAA tourney last vear. TEXAS 75-ARKANSAS 74 Texas finally snapped the 15 game losing streak that had stuck to the Longhorn coat tail since the second game of the season. The Steers unloaded their built up revenge on favorite Arkansas to the tune of a 75 to 74 victory before a breathless, motionless Gregory Gym crowd. The game was won in an over-time period to end all over-time play. With five seconds to go and the Steers on top 75 to 72 Arkansas Jerald Barnett hit for two but it was too late and the Raymond Downs-led Steers had dubbed the Porkers by one point. Downs compiled 41 points in one of his hottest nights on the back boards. The first half ended with Texas and Arkansas hooked in a 34-34 tie. The remainder of the game was carried on by five sophomores, Downs, Ellis Omstead, Mack Burk, Nor- man Hooten, and Bill Groogan. Omstead tries to stop a Mustang shot. RICE 79-TEXAS 70 The Rice basketball machine got off to an unusually slow start before being able to overcome the Texas margin and win 79 to 70. The hustling sophomore Long- horn quintet just couldn ' t keep pace with the experienced Owl five. High scoring Raymond Downs led the way for both clubs and Rice ' s Monte Robicheaux copped the second place individual scor- ing honors. They scored 30 and 18 points respectively. The first half saw the lead change hands 13 times before Robicheaux and Glen Fields put the first period score on the ice. Robicheaux hit two free shots and Fields ' layup made the score read 31-27, Rice. The Owls from that point on did not let the lead fall in the Long- horn ' s hands again. It was the fifth straight Owl win over the Steers in the last two years. CHARLES HOWARD sophomore ARTHUR STEWART senior PACE 207 TEXAS 80-A M 76 Ellis Omstead, Texas center, made the difference be- tween victory and defeat in the last 38 seconds of the Ag- gie-Steer clash at College Station before 6,000 fans. Sec- onds later, John Schmid, as if following Omstead ' s example, poured in the final basket. The final score, 80-76 with the cellar bound Farmers on the short end. Ray Downs, 6-4 forward, was the star of the court clash with 39 points to his credit. He also set a new South- west Conference mark by pouring in 23 charity shots from the free throw line. The old record was set only two weeks before by TCU ' s Dick O ' Neal. Downs was followed in scoring honors by Aggie George MeHaffey who made 22 points before he fouled out. Besides Downs ' free toss rec- ord, an all-time high score by an Aggie team was surpassed and the combined scores of the two teams, 156, set a new series record. TCU 75-TEXAS 56 Dick O ' Neal and company blasted Texas 75 to 56 at Gregory Gym to move a step closer to the mythical throne room. O ' Neal led TCU ' s scoring aggregation with 36 points to his individual credit. Percentage-wise the Frogs were on fire as they hit 45 percent of their field attempts while the Steers in comparison were cold with a 27 percent ac- curacy rating. Raymond Downs led the losers with 22 points. To that date the accurate ace of the Longhorn delegation had dropped 202 points through the cords. TCU ripped off to a 6-0 lead and the winner was never in doubt from that point. Ray Warren plagued Texas defense along with O ' Neal with his deadly jump shots when the chips were down and the Frogs needed points to insure the lead and ice the win. - Gage lays one up as the Bears close in. ARKANSAS 79-TEXAS 74 It was revenge for the Razorbacks in Fayetteville when they slipped past the Steers 79-74, but in doing so were forced to stave off a late Steer rally. Earlier in the season the Longhorns had bumped Arkansas 75-74. Texas overcame the Porkers only twice during the contest, both times being in the first period of play. Arkansas center Pete Butler led his team to victory with 31 individual points. He became the third Porker in the school ' s history to break the 30-point barrier. Arkansas was ahead 40 to 29 at the end of the first period and late in the final quarter went into a stall. The loss was number 18 for Texas as com- pared to 3 wins for the season. JOHN SCHMID junior NORMAN HOOTEN sophomore PAGE 208 TEXAS 74-A M 64 Ray Downs led the Texas ' win-hungry ball team to victory number three in conference play as they trounced Texas A M, 74 to 64. The battle was in Gregory Gym be- fore an estimated 3,500 fans. Downs hit 31 points to con- tinue to set the pace for the Steers. His scoring was helped along by 22 charity shots out of which he missed only 3. The first period appeared to be a sea-saw affair and not until the second quarter did the Longhorns pull ahead to remain there. Both teams ' scores were amassed mainly by the free throw line shots. The Longhorns were 81 per- cent accurate in their charity shots, hitting 40 out of 49. A M hit 23 out of 31. BAYLOR 89-TEXAS 61 A smoothly coordinated Bear five threw the Steer hopes of ending the season at Gregory Gym with a win out the window with a 89 to 61 downing. The win was the first in Austin for Baylor since 1950 and to add to the pain, it was the most lopsided victory over Texas in the school ' s history. Compiling over half of the Steers ' score, Raymond Downs dropped in 32 points. Four Baylor lads led by Mur- ry Bailey, with 19 points, broke into the double-figure scoring column. The game got off to a comparatively equal start with both teams hitting shot for shot, then all five Bears broke loose and Texas sagged. The first half ended with Baylor in the lead 42 to 28 and the Bears remained in the leaders position for the remainder of the contest. SMU puts the stop on a Steer lay up shot. SMU 93-TEXAS 80 SMU became the new Southwest Con- ference Champions as they downed Texas 93 to 80 in Dallas. TCU at the same time was upset 1 10 to 89 by Arkan- sas and left the Ponies undisputed in the basketball throne room. Big Jim Krebs, along with Tom Miller, Joel Krog, and Art Barnes set the pace. Krebs hit 22 points. In the Steer box score it was quite evi- dent that Raymond Downs and Norman Hooten put on a two-man show to keep the Longhorns in threatening distance. They hit 26 and 29 points respectively. At half-time the Ponies led 45 to 32 and Hooten and Downs had accounted for all but four points on the Texas side of the score. Percentage-wise, the Steers hit 43 percent from the field, their best ef- fort to date. Downs finished the season with 400 points to his credit. ELLIS OLMSTEAD sophomore BILL GROOGAN sophomore PAGE 209 1955 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SWIMMING TEAM Once again after two lean years tlie Texas swimming team returned the Southwest Conference crown to Austin. In winning the conference, the Steers came along under Couch Hank Chapman ' s watchful eye after starting off the season with a third place in the prc-scason Southwest Conference Relays. After their slow start at the Relays the; Texas tank men came back to down Florida, Southeastern Conference champions, 50)2 to 32)2, in Austin. The Longhorns took six out of nine first places. The following week came O. U. and a team of South Africans who swam away with the meet 52 to 32. Oklahoma was led by Graham Johnson who holds the British Empire 1,600 meter title. Texas Tech at Lnbbock saw the Steers make a clean sweep and set six new pool records. The meet score, 64 to 18, Texas. The last half of the season found Texas the loser to age old rival A M who had what many consider their best team since their champions in 1945. The Aggies, taking six out of the ten number one spots, squeezed by 44 to 40. The Longhorns started a victory streak the following week at the ex- pense of Northwestern State of Louisiana. The Texas tankers took eight out of the ten firsts, dropping only diving and the 300-yard medley. SN1U dropped before the Steers the following veek to round out the dual meet schedule, 51 to 33. The final meet, the Southwest Conference meet at College Station, saw the Steer tankers amass 128 points and become supreme in the Southwest Conference. In taking the meet Texas had a grand slam copping the first four places in the 440-yard freestyle. Individual high point men and team captain, Charlton Hadden, led the way also to a one, two, three win in the 1500 meter. Joe Lee Xeal took first in the 220-yard freestyle and Richard Lawler won both one and three meter diving. The Steers took most of their points, however, by placing an average of two men in an event and some- times three and four. HANK CHAPMAN Coach LETTERMEN Reece Anderson James (Bo) Baker Robert Bell Charlton Hadden Edward Johnson Richard Lawler Louis Million Joe Lee Neal Melvin Ray ( Pat ) Patterson RESERVE LETTERMEN Ililbert Englehart David R. Fennekohl Donald L. Patton Clay Kemper Perkins John Gilbert Medinilla Walter J. Nolan FRESHMAN AWARDS fames Earle Barden Joe Ray Blalack Jerrell Aaron Holder Robert Arthur Huber James Robert Millar Thomas Theodore Smith left Kenneth Wilson CHARLTON HADDEN Captain MANAGER AWARD Spencer Hayward Blain PAGE 210 Front Row: Larry Schmucker, Donald Patton. Second Row: Buck Bonner, Jack Wengert, Edward Johnson, John Huber. Third Row: Charlton Hadden (captain), Kemper Perkins, Pat Patterson, Reece Anderson, Robert Bell, Hilbert Englehardt, Coach Hank Chapman. Fourth Row: Gilbert Medinilla, Joe Lee Neal, Walter Nolan, Dick Benz, James (Bo) Baker, David Fennekohl, and C. W. Schoelkopt, manager. . ft HADDEX :F; .WARD Robert Bell James Baker Reece Anderson Pat Patterson Joe Lee Neal Edward Johnson Louis Million Richard Lawler PAGE 211 1955 BASEBALL Texas had one of its worst seasons in many years losing eight conference games out of fifteen and finishing in fourth place. In pre-conference games Texas lost two to Oklahoma and won two from Minnesota. In two games that were hitting sprees Texas lost to Ne- braska, 18-15 and 16-14 and later split a series with Sam Houston, 3-2 and 3-9. PAUL MOHR, Assistant Coach BIBB FALK, Coach LETTERMEN James Carroll Adams Stuart Benson James Alfred Brewer Cleveland Oren Buckellew Eddie Joe Daniels Clinton Dean Irby Thomas Adolph Jungman Ronald Cecil Keller Tommy Robbins LeBleu Johnny Harold Lowry William Steele McKinney FINAL STANDINGS Thomas Marion Snow Buddy Bob Stevenson Richard Clark Webb Conrad P. Werkenthin John Dudley Watson SENIOR MANAGER AWARD Clinton Houy JUNIOR MANAGER AWARD Clay Gault SCHOOL A M Games 15 Won 13 Lost 2 Tied Pet. 867 rttiOflBK ' io tie b b cofeftdate S. M. U 16 11 4 1 733 shortstop Hfc miWiVLa Baylor 15 7 8 467 :::-:- Texas 16 7 8 1 467 TFW Rice 15 5 10 333 Ik T. C. U. . . 17 9 13 o .133 ?, Front Row: Paul Mohr, (assistant coach), Stuart Benson, Tommy Snow, Clinton Irby, Oren Buckellew, Conrad Workenthin, Tom Jungman, Buddy Stevenson, Bibb Falk, (coach), Clay Gault (assistant manager). Second Row: Tommy LeBleu, John Watson, Steele McKinney, Eddie Joe Daniels, James Brewer, Richard Webb, John Lowry, Ronald Keller, James Adams. Inset: Clinton Houy (manager). 1 ,133 i na CLINTON IRBY Senior, pitcher. TEXAS 5 - TCU 1 The first game of this series was postponed because of cold Friday, March 25. It was played the follow- ing day. Steer hurler Clinton Irby pitched an eight inning shutout, finally giving up the Frogs ' only tally in the ninth. He yielded nine safeties and six walks, but they were scattered where they would do the least harm. Texas, in turn, collected six hits, two of them by shortstop Eddie Joe Daniels, who sparked the Longhorn attack dur- ing the Fort Worth series. TEXAS 1 - TCU 1 The second game of the series was played the same day, and was called due to darkness after nine innings. It was a great pitching duel between Texas ' Tommy Jung- man and TCU ' s Tom Hill, who gave five and three hits respec- tively. Of the Steers ' three, two were knocked by shortstop Daniels. Both teams had some chances to break the tie, but failed to do so. The Longhorns loaded the bases with one out in the ninth, but right fielder Jimmy Adams hit into a 1-2-3 double play that was to be the last of the day. TEXAS 3 - SMU 5 The Mustangs made their first loop appearance at Clark Field March 30. They collected ten hits against five safeties for the Steers. Pony second sacker Danny Brown poked a three-run homer in the first frame to start his team ' s of- fensive spree. The Longhorns scored all their three runs in the bottom of the first. After that SMU ' s hook artist Tommy Bowers held them down while his team- mates added two runs to the ones they already had. On the Texan side, Clinton Irby and his succes- sors Keller and Whitworth were unable to prevent the Mustangs from winning the tilt. STUART BENSON Senior, catcher. TEXAS 4 - SMU 5 The following day the Steers saw the Mustangs take the game away from their hands with a three-run homer by shortstop Bob Boggan in the ninth. Tommy Jungman pitched the entire game for Texas, allow- ing ten hits. Texas got seven safe- ties off Ernie Proud and Tommy Powers, who relieved him in the seventh gaining credit for his sec- ond conference victory in two days. A feeble attempt by the Longhorns to regain the lead in the bottom of the ninth was drowned when cen- terfielder Con Werkenthin hit a fly out to left ending the game. JOHN WATSON Senior, left field. TOMMY SNOW Senior, first base. A close one at third ( note ball to the left of sliding player ) . PAGE 213 RONALD KELLER Senior, pitcher. JOHNNY LOWRY Sophomore, third base. OREN BUCKELLEW Sophomore, pitcher. TEXAS 1 - RICE 3 The Owls ' hex over Texas con- tinued at Houston April 5. Rice got five hits in the first three innings, scoring three runs. Then Longhorn hurler Clinton Irby was replaced by Ron Keller, who then pitched hitless ball for the remainder of the game. But the damage was already done. Texas ' only tally came in the ninth, when the Steers loaded the bases with one out. Rice ' s hurler John Wolda was then relieved by southpaw Bill Arhos, who walked centerfielder Conrad Werkenthin and forced in Joe Youngblood with the only .Steer run of the day. TEXAS 2 - BAYLOR 5 The Steers absorbed their fourth conference loss of the season from the Bears at Clark Field April 12. Again the Longhorns had plenty of baserunners fourteen this time who were left on. A first inning three-run homer by Baylor ' s right- fielder Gary Freeman gave the Bears an initial lead they never lost. Buckellew started on the mound for Texas, and was relieved in the third by Jungman, who did an excellent job. Fred Gottlieb went all the way for Baylor, giv- ing up eleven hits but allowing the Steers to score only twice, both in the seventh. TEXAS 1 - A M 13 The Longhoms dropped the opener of a two-game series against the Aggies at College Station April 15. The starting Texas hurler was Clinton Irby, but Coach Falk used three other pitchers in an effort to stop the Aggies ' offensive. These were Gary Gurwitz, Roy Chapman and Bill Nichols. The Aggies clob- bered all of them for thirteen hits, which produced as many runs. The Steers were able to collect only four safeties and score one run. TEXAS 7 - A M 5 Righthander Tommy Jungman was the big man behind Texas ' thirteen inning victory over the Ag- gies in the second game of the series. When he was relieved by Ron Keller in the twelfth, he had allowed four runs on ten hits. It was Oren Buckellew who ended the game for the Steers, stopping a last minute Aggie rally. The Long- horns, in turn, collected sixteen hits from Dick Munday and Jerry Nelson. PAGE 214 TEXAS 7 - TCU 1 Texas fans had a big day at Clark Field April 19, as the Longhorns took both decisions in a twin bill against TCU. Clin- ton Irby yielded only four hits in the first game, while his team- mates got eleven for the Steer cause. The Longhorns scored five runs in the sixth, knocking TCU ' s Tommy Hill off the mound. Dick O ' Neal replaced him and did a very good job, but the Longhorns already had done all the damage necessary to win the game. TEXAS 6 - TCU 5 The Longhorns also took the nig htcap, a seven inning make- up for the March 25 tie at Fort Worth. Tommy Jungman started for Texas, and was relieved in the sixth while leading 5-1. Oren Buckellew succeeded him but had to be replaced by Ron Kell- er. The game was ended by Nick Nichols. The four pitchers gave up a total of eight hits. The Steers collected only five safe- ties, three of them by big Tom- my Snow, and scored their win- ning run in the seventh on three straight walks and a squeeze. TEXAS 8 - RICE This game, played at Clark Field April 29, belongs to the best Steer hurler of the season- Tommy Jungman. He had a ter- rific day, both on the mound and at the plate, as he pitched a great no-hitter and walloped a homer. Tommy Snow also hit a four-bagger, and the rest of the team contributed eight more hits for a total of ten and eight runs. TEXAS 2 - RICE 4 Rice ' s Owls scored three runs in the tenth to gain a split with Texas. Oren Buckellew and Bil- ly Arhos pitched scoreless ball for seven innings and at the end of the ninth the score was tied at 1-1. Ronnie Keller was the losing Texas hurler, having re- placed Buckellew in the seventh. An intended sacrifice bunt by Rice ' s Ludwig in the fifth orig- inated a rhubarb which ended in a unique double play. Coach Falk ' s five tenth-inning pinch- hitters failed to win the game for Texas. TOMMY LeBLEU Junior, catcher. JAMES ADAMS Sophomore, right field. RICHARD WEBB Senior, infield. PACE 215 STEELE McKINNEY Senior, third base. TOMMY JUNGMAN Senior, pitcher. TEXAS - SMU 1 This game, played in Dallas May 6, was a real baseball feast. The two starting pitchers were Tommy Jungman for Texas and Tommy Bowers for the Ponies. Both Jungman and Bowers pitched shutout b all until Jung- man was relieved after 15 l 2 in- nings. Bill Nichols took over and kept the fire burning for two more innings, but was finally charged with a loss when SMU scored the only run of the game, on an error, in the bottom of the seventeenth. TEXAS 9 - BAYLOR 7 The Longhorns moved to Waco for a double - header against the Bears May 13. Tom- my Snow, with his booming bat, was the hero of the day for Texas. He added another homer to his record in the first game, in which he also connected for two singles. He was responsible for half of the six Steer hits of the game. Tommy Jungman went eight innings for Texas and was relieved by Nichols, who was relieved by Clinton Irby. ' ' fnrT JAMES BREWER Junior, pitcher. A close play at first. PAGE 216 TEXAS 7 - BAYLOR 6 The Steers took the nightcap by a narrow one run margin. Snow again connected safely three times for the Longhorns and Jimmy Adams also got three hits. The Longhorns clobbered Baylor ' s Goodwin for thirteen hits, while the Bears got only four off Texas ' Oren Buckellew and Ron Keller. TEXAS 4 - A M 7 The last game of the season was played at Clark Field May 18 against the Aggies, who had already cinched first place in the SWC the day before in Dal- las. The game, dedicated to the late Billy Disch, was won by the Aggies as they scored five runs in the seventh frame. Until then the score had been 2-2. The Steers came back in the ninth with two runs, and that was the game. Tommy Snow and Stu Benson were responsible for six of the seven Steer hits, with three each, one of them a two- homer by Snow in the run fourth. Tommy Jungman, starter for Texas, was relieved in the seventh by Oren Buckellew. The two gave up a total of elev- en hits. CONRAD WERKENTHIN Senior, outfield. BUDDY STEVENSON Junior, second base. EDDIE JOE DANIELS Junior, shortstop. S. M. U. swings away for a strike. PAGE 217 1954 CROSS COUNTRY 80 : The University of Texas Harriers upset the favored reigning cross country champions, Texas A M, to grab the 1954 Southwest Conference crown. It was the first time since 1947 that Texas held the cross country championship. Inocensio Cantu led the Steer parade across the finish line followed by Dick Foerster in third place; and fourth place Don Neighbors was only five-tenths of a second behind him. Cantu ' s time was 11:50.5 for the 2.6 mile course. Texas A M had to be content with second place while Arkansas, S.M.U., and T.C.U. followed respectively. In the six scheduled meets the Orange and White Harriers copped four first spots and took the second place honors twice. Texas opened the season with a thorough trouncing handed down by Texas A M but on the rebound bested T. C. U. and Texas Tech the following week, and avenged the A M defeat by out running the Aggies 25 to 30 on October 15. Oklahoma A M ' s nationally known cross country team handed Texas its last defeat of the year in Stillwater, but not before Cantu broke the course record. The Steers -easily stopped Howard Payne, Abilene Christian College, Vic- toria, and SWTSC in their last encounter before meeting the conference schools at College Station for the annual Conference run. He may be little in size but Inocensio Cantu reigns as a giant in the Conference. He not only is the Confer- ence champion, but Cantu placed first in every meet of the season except the opener with Texas A M, and be- fore he was through for the season he broke his own course record in Austin and the course record at Still- water, Oklahoma, formerly held by Wes Santee. Coach T. J. (Froggy) Lovvorn LETTERMEN Inocensio Cantu Dick Foerster Don Neighbors RESERVE AWARDS Harold Adams Hulen Hale Robert Hanson George Foerster FRESHMAN LETTERMEN Robert Crawford Walter McNew Jimmy Holt Dan Pitner Ralph Rosenberg ffi --. . lifil Inocensio Cantu Ow. ' hbM - TMI PAGE 218 Cantu, G. Foerster, D. Foerster, Hale, Neighbors, Hanson. 1955 TRACK CHAMPIONS The 1955 track season was definitely one of the greatest in Coach Clyde Littlefield ' s reign at Texas. First of all his sprint relay team made his dream come true of breaking the 440-relay world record. Dean Smith, Alvin Frieden, Jerry Prewit, and Bobby Whilden flew around the Modesto Relay ' s track in 40.2 to break an 18-year-old record held by Southern Cal. The Longhorns twice have tied the record. Number two in the big year was the successful defense of the SWC crown. Texas edged out surprisingly strong A M by only two points. Dean Smith, running his last year for Coach Littlefield, was one of the reasons for the Longhorn success. He was high point man in the SWC meet, the Kansas Relays, the Dallas Invitational, and numerous other meets. He hit times of 9.2 and 9.3 in the 100 ( neither counted for a record because of too much wind ) . In eleven meets, Texas thinly-clads came in behind the winner only four times. They won seven. A great team posted one of the greatest years in SWC and school history. CLYDE LITTLEFIELD, coach LETTERMEN George E. Auld James M. Caruthers J. Frank Daugherty Wayne E. Delaney Henry A. Dickson Richard T. Foerster Alvin M. Frieden Clarence Weldon Glasscock Hulen Alphes Hale Robert Alan Hanson Jerry Wade House Don Jackson Neighbors Jam es R. Pfau Jerry Bob Prewit Charles Z. Renfroe Tom Neil Rogers F. Dean Smith Langford H. Sneed Jon David Totz Raymond Lavern Voigt Robert S. Whilden RESERVE LETTERMEN George F. Foerster Harry Lee Hudspeth Ross Dean Roberts George W. Schneider William Vails Front Row: Harry Hudspeth, James Caruthers, Dean Smith, George Auld, Tom Rogers (captain), Dick Foerster, Jerry House, Don Neighbors, Wayne Delaney, Charles Renfroe. Second Row: Ralph Pease ( junior manager ) Jerry Prewit, Bob Whilden, Alvin Frieden, Bobby Hanson, Hulen Hale, Weldon Glasscock, J. Frank Daugherty, Clyde Littlefield (coach). Third Row: T. J. Lovvorn (assistant coach), George Schneider, Jon Totz, Lavern Voigt, James Pfau, Langford Sneed, Henry Dickson, Conrad Joseph (manager), Frank Medina (trainer). ' r GEORGE AULD Senior, 440. TOM ROGERS Senior, 880, captain. JAMES CARUTHERS Senior, 440 WAYNE DELANEY Senior, javelin. HULEN HALE Junior, mile. DUAL-TRIANGULAR MEETS - WELDON GLASSCOCK Sophomore, hurdles. Texas swept through their dual and triangular meet schedule without a loss. To start off the year the Longhorns blasted Texas A M and Houston by compiling 85 1 3 points to 46 2 3 and 24 points, respectively, scored by the competition. Despite the flash of A. C. C., Bobby Morrow, Texas next crushed A. C. C., Southwest Texas, and Howard Payne. A 32-point margin separated the Steers and Abilene, their nearest competitor. Next, Texas with 723s points bested Texas A M ' s 67M and Rice ' s 30 to cop another meet. S. M. U. and Baylor also found the Littlefield team too much. Texas ran away with the next meet scoring 82M to the Ponies ' 58 2-3, and the Bruins ' 21. Rounding out the Texas dual meet, etc. schedule the Steers blasted Rice 83 to 54. BORDER OLYMPICS Texas saw its hopes of winning the Border Olympics title for a second time crumble as J. W. Mashburn, Oklahoma Aggie, appeared on the scene and cap- tured the 440-yard dash, a third in the 220, and ran anchor on the third place sprint relay and the record-smashing mile relay unit. Mashburn, who wasn ' t supposed to be present, led the Aggies in compiling 52% points. Bobby Whil- den, sophomore sprinter, took two first places and Charles Renfroe won the javelin to round out the gold medal win- ners for the Longhorns. The Steer thinly clads amassed 38 points, but were minus Dean Smith, member of the Pan-Ameri- can team. Whilden was the only man in the Uni- versity division to take two first places and was also high point man for the meet in his division. HENRY DICKSON Junior, high jump. WEST TEXAS RELAYS Bitter 40-degree weather at Odessa ' s West Texas Relays held Texas to only one first place, but the Steers amassed enough points in every event to take the team title with only eight points be- tween them and second place University of Houston. Flash Bobby Whilden won the lone Longhorn gold medal in his 9.8 100-yard dash. He also took the in- dividual high point honors. The only other Longhom winner was Hulen Hale who won the open mile in 4:29.2. It did not count towards the title. ;;-: - [ ALVIN FRIEDEN Junior, sprints. BOB HANSON Sophomore, 880, mile. iMKBMB :: FRAXID4DB DEAN SMITH Senior, sprints. JERRY HOUSE Senior, broad jump. DON NEIGHBORS Senior, mile. J. FRANK DAUGHERTY Sophomore, sprints. DICK FOERSTER Senior, 880. KANSAS RELAYS Poor weather failed to hold down Texas and Oklahoma A M as they stole the spot light in the 30th annual Kansas Relays. Each team took three first places despite a rain soaked track. Dean Smith, named the outstanding performer of the meet, paced the Longhorns in the splendid showing with a 9.3 and 9.4, 100-yard dash in the semi-finals and finals respectively. He also ran on two victorious relay teams. The 440-yard relay and the spring medley were the other two first places posted by Coach Clyde Littlefield ' s Steers. In the mile relay, Oklahoma A M proved too much for the Texas thinly clads led by Dick Foerster. Jim Mashburn, former Olympic star, equaled the world record in the 440-yard dash with a 46 flat. He ran the time of the opening lap of the spring medley. DALLAS INVITATIONAL MEET U. S. C., unbeaten in five years of track, showed power in Dallas against the best of the Southwest Conference. The Trojans swept the meet by snatching eight meet records and nine first places. Southern Cal finished with 83K points followed by Texas with 50, Texas A M with 24W, and S. M. U. with 16 2 points. The famous Texas sprint relay team did it again. For the second straight year the Longhorn sprinters tied the world ' s record in the quarter mile relay. The team of Dean Smith, Alvin Frieden, Jerry Prewitt, and Bobby Whilden ran the course in 40.5 with a 1.4 mile per hour wind. The record was set by U. S. C. in 1938. Smith was high-point man for the meet with UK points, taking the 100-yard dash, the 220-yard dash, and running the starting leg of the 440-yard relay. His times were 9.5 and 21.2, respectively. CALIFORNIA RELAYS Dean Smith, Alvin Frieden, Jerry Prewitt, and Bobby Whilden did what 440-relay teams for 17 years have been trying to do. They set a new world ' s record of 40.2 at the Modesto Relays to bring Coach Littlefield ' s dream of break- ing the 40.5 barrier true. They did it after a poor finish behind Houston ' s relay team the night before in the Coliseum Relays. Houston also broke the record with a 40.4 three yards behind Whilden, Longhorn anchor man. The 880-relay team also set a new record, but only for the meet. It was .7 off a new world record. Not to be out done the two mile relay paced by Tom Rogers and Dick Foerster breezed to a new meet record of 7:33.5. JAMES PFAU Sophomore, high jump. CHARLES RENFROE Senior, javelin. JERRY PREWIT Junior, sprints. LAVERN VOIGT Sophomore, 440. LANGFORD SNEED Junior, weights. Wes Santee breaks the tape with a new American record under his belt of 4:00.5. JON TOTZ, junior 440 and mile relay. TEXAS RELAYS " The greatest Relays yet " claimed those who watched the running of the ' 55 Texas Relays. Wes Santee and the Longhorn 440-yard relay team brought the stands to their feet. Both almost did it! Santee was only three paces slow of going under the then twice broken four minute mile. The great Kansas miler estab- lished a new American record of 4:00.5, one tenth of a second better than his old record set on June 4, 1954. Art Dalzell of Kansas University and a former teammate paced him for three laps. Texas ' quarter mile relay squad ran a 40.6, second best time ever run around two curves. It was the first time the quartet of Dean Smith, Jerry Prewit, Alvin Frieden, and Bobby Whilden had run together in -eompetition. Injuries hampered the crack team until the Relays. Some 14,000 fans saw Bobby Morrow, the speedy dash man from Abilene Christian College snare the " Out- standing Athlete " honors. Besides taking first in the 100-yard dash, he anchored ACC ' s victorious 440 and 880-yard relay units. Oklahoma A M ' s Aggies outpointed Texas by 28 points to take the mythical team title. North Texas, Baylor Frosh, and Abilene High finished on top in their individual divisions. EVENT 3,000-Meter Run Sprint Medley Relay Broad Jump Javelin Throw " Distance Medley " Four-Mile Relay 120- Yard High Hurdles Shot Put 100- Yard Dash " Jerry Thompson Open Mile 440- Yard Relay Two-Mile Relay 880- Yard Relay Discus Throw Pole Vault High Jump One-Mile Relay " " New American Record STATISTICS WINNER TIME Bogerud, Oklahoma A M 8:40.8 Oklahoma A M 3:20.3 Ellis, Oklahoma A M 24-9 Cortes, Louisiana Tech 194-11 Oklahoma A M 10:05.3 Oklahoma A M 17:10.6 Hight, Rice 14:8 Neider, Kansas 53 Morrow, Abilene Christian 9:8 Santee, Unattached 4:00.5 TEXAS 40:6 TEXAS 7:37.1 Oklahoma A M 1:25.1 Van Dee, Oklahoma 154-5M (Tie) Poucher, Florida and James, Rice Kelley, North Texas State TEXAS 13-6 6-6 3:14.1 New Meet Record ' -- -:- PAGE 222 : : TIME y.s 3:20.3 M 19H1 Bobby Whilden bests Larry McBride, Houston anchor man, in the 440-relay wi th a three yard lead at the Texas Relays. SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET Texas successfully defended its crown in the SWC track meet held in Houston. It wasn ' t a run-away though as the Longhorns had to nose out the sec- ond place Aggies in the mile relay to take the title. It was close until the second lap when George Ault overtook the Aggies ' number two man and then it was all Texas. The final team points were Texas 78%, A M 76M, Rice 54, S. M. U. 22, Arkansas 16, Baylor 15, and T. C. U. 6. During the meet only three records were broken or tied. The 19-year-old pole vault record of 13 feet, 10 inches was bested by Rice ' s Stephen James with a vault of 13 feet and 11M inches. The Texas crack 440-yard relay team of Smith, Frieden, Prewit, and Whilden broke the record set by Texas in 1950 of 41.1 with a 40.8. To top this off, Smith, high point man for the varsity competition with 12)a points, tied the record of 9.5 in the 100-yard dash for the fourth time in the conference meet. The name Texas could easily be used to describe the 100-yard and 220-yard dashes. Only S. M. U. ' s Buddy Goode could crack the Steer sprint monopoly of the first five places. The lone Pony took a fourth in the 100 and second in the 220. Texas took the remaining places to retain their spring supremacy. In win- ning, the Longhorn thinly-clads took seven first places and tied for another. Bobby Whilden bests Larry McBride, Houston anchor man, in the 440-relay with a three yard lead at the Texas Relays. STATISTICS EVENT Shot Put " 440- Yard Relay Mile Run 440- Yard Dash 100- Yard Dash High Jump 220-Yard Low Hurdles 120- Yard High Hurdles Discus Throw 880-Yard Dash 220- Yard Dash Two-Mile Run Broad Jump Mile Relay " Pole Vault New Record WINNER Bonorden, Texas A M TEXAS Rogers, TEXAS Salmon, Rice Smith, TEXAS ( Tie ) Connally, Texas A M and Pfau, TEXAS Hartung, Texas A M Hollingsworth, Texas A M Jackson, Rice Spence, Rice Smith, TEXAS Eshbaugh, Arkansas Craig, TCU TEXAS James, Rice TIME 52-10 40:8 4:20.2 48.1 9.5 6-3 23.6 14.7 156-4 1:52-6 20.8 9:32.4 23-6K 3:14.4 13-llJf BOBBY WHILDEN, sophomore Sprints and sprint relay. PAGE 223 1955 TENNIS JOBJSN D. A. PENICK, coach and WILMER AL- LISON, assistant coach. SAMMY GIAMMALVA, singles champion Texas dropped T. C. U. on May the second to capture the eighth straight conference crown for D. A. Penick. It is the second straight year that the Longhorn net squad has gone undefeated in conference play finishing the season with a 30-0 record. High point of the season was Sammy Giammalva ' s 5-7, 10- 8, 7-5, upset win over Tulane ' s Ham Richard- son, National Collegiate champion. Giammalva ' s only defeat of the year was to Tony Trabert in the River Oaks Invitational. The doubles team of Giammalva and Johnny Hernandez also boasted an excellent record that was blemished only by their defeat at the hands of Oklahoma. In non-conference clashes Texas had an 11-2 record not including the 3-1 Tulane meet that was declared no contest because of darkness. The Green Tide was lead- ing in match score when the meet was called. Tommy Springer almost upset the favorite Sammy Giammalva in the all-Texas finals of the SWC tennis matches. Springer, up for the third time in as many years to play in the finals, gave Giammalva the toughest battle of his collegiate career. Giammalva won the title, 6-3, 6-3, 4-6, 4-6, 6-3. The doubles were also a Long- horn monopoly as Giammalva and Hernandez defeated Dave Snyder and Springer in three straight sets, 6-4, 6-1, 6-4. LETTERMEN James Neal Blanton Samuel Antone Giammalva Juan (Johnny) Hernandez Karl Fred Kamrath, Jr. Charles Eugene Russo David William Snyder Thomas H. Springer FRESHMAN AWARDS Fred Graydon Anderson Lane Thurston Barnett Lawrence Albert Becker Gale Garth Carroll James Ronald Everett Aurel Wayne Franke James Whittenburg Walker James Palmer Woodson John Reagan Woodward Herschel Bernard Zinn Front Row. Charles Russo, David Snyder, Neal Blanton, Johnny Hernandez. Second Row. Wilmer Allison (assistant coach), Murray Jordan (manager), Tommy Springer, Karl Kamrath, Jr., Samuel Giammalva, D. A. Penick (coach). MSror ' ' - Doubles: PACE 224 JOHNNY HERNANDEZ NON-CONFERENCE MEETS The University of Houston was the first to fall before the Texas net squad in their non-conference schedule. The score was 5-1, Johnny Hernandez being the only Long- horn to lose his contest, 6-3, 6-2, to the Cou- gar ' s John Been. Giammalva and Hernan- dez dropped their only match of the year to O. U. ' s Ken Taylor and Barry Walraven in a 6-3, 6-2, upset. Texas swept the rest of the meet, 5-1. Tulane rounded out the non-conference season in a " no contest " meet. The Green Tide was leading 3-1 when darkness forced the participants off the courts. Giammalva had posted the only Steer win with his upset match with Ham Richardson. TEXAS 6 - RICE Singles: Sammy Giammalva (Texas) over Dale Miller (Rice); 4-6, 6-4, 8-6. Johnny Hernandez (Texas) over Clay- ton Williams (Rice); 6-0, 6-0. David Snyder (Texas) over Don Zim- merman (Rice); 6-0, 6-0. Charles Russo (Texas) over Max Dan- iel (Rice); 6-0, 6-1. Doubles: Giammalva and Hernandez (Texas) over Williams and Zimmerman (Rice); 4-6, 6-0, 6-3. Snyder and Russo (Texas) over Miller and Daniel (Rice); 8-6, 6-1. TEXAS 6 - BAYLOR Singles: Tommy Springer (Texas) over Ed White (Baylor); 6-4, 5-7, 6-3. David Snyder ( Texas ) over Louis Vuil- lenin (Baylor); 9-0, 6-2. Charles Russo ( Texas ) over Bill Rogers (Baylor); 6-2, 6-4. Karl Kamrath (Texas) over Warren Keith (Baylor); 6-0, 6-1. Doubles: Springer and Snyder (Texas) over White and Vuillenin (Baylor); 6-1, 6-2. Russo and Kamrath (Texas) over Rog- ers and Keith (Baylor); 6-2, 6-3. DAVID SNYDER TEXAS 6 - TEXAS A M Singles: Sammy Giammalva (Texas) over Gene Kinard (A M); 6-2, 6-1. Johnny Hernandez (Texas) over Dick Dickson (A M); 6-0, 6-0. Tommy Springer (Texas) over Jack Besselieu (A M); 6-2, 6-0. David Snyder (Texas) over Bob Kerr (A M); 6-1, 6-1. Doubles: Giammalva and Hernandez (Texas) over Kerr and Besselieu (A M); 6-1, 6-0. Springer and Snyder (Texas) over Dick- son and Kinard (A M); 6-0, 6-3. TEXAS 6 - S. M. U. Singles: Sammy Giammalva (Texas) over Matt Murphy (S. M. U.) ; 6-0, 6-1. Johnny Hernandez (Texas) over Dick Davis (S. M. U.); 6-4, 6-0. David Snyder (Texas) over Oscar Fur- Long (S. M. U.);5-7, 6-3, 6-2. Tommy Springer (Texas) over Bobby Wertheimer (S. M. U.); 7-5; 6-0. Doubles: Giammalva and Hernandez (Texas) over Murphy and Furlong (S. M. U.); 6-3,6-2. Springer and Snyder ( Texas ) over Wer- theimer and Davis (S. M. U.); 10-8, 6-1. TEXAS 6 - T. C. U. Singles: Sammy Giammalva (Texas) over Char- les Gordon (T. C. U.); 6-2, 6-3. Johnny Hernandez (Texas) over Don Hardin (T. C. U.); 6-8, 6-1, 6-1. Tommy Springer (Texas) over Ken Martin (T. C. U.); 6-1,6-2. David Snyder (Texas) over Louis Gill- espie (T. C. U.) ; 8-6, 6-3. Doubles: Giammalva and Hernandez (Texas) over Gordon and Gillespie (T. C. U.); 6-0, 6-0. Springer and Snyder ( Texas ) over Har- din and Martin (T. C. U.); 6-1, 6-3. TOMMY SPRINGER tt B CHARLES RUSSO KARL KAMRATH, JR. NEAL BLANTON .So 1 : S--- Paul Whaley, Davis Love, Kirby Attwell, John Procter, Ed Turley. Harvey Penick, Coach STANDINGS Won Lost SMU 29 7 A M 26S 92 Arkansas 18 18 Rice 1TA 18% TCU 152 202 TEXAS 14H 212 Baylor 5 21 GOLF As in most intercollegiate sports this year Texas fell far short of its usual top position in golf, placing fifth. The Longhorns were ahead of only Baylor and lost 21M games. Davis Love finished third in the Southwest Conference in- dividual competition. Theodore White won the Massingill trophy, the symbol of Longhorn team championship, and received a letter as team champion. He did not participate in intercollegiate golf the remainder of the season. LETTERMEN Kirby Attwell Raymond F. Leggett Davis M. Love John C. Procter Theodore White RESERVE LETTERMEN Edward W. Turley Paul L. Whaley FRESHMAN LETTERMEN Hascal Brass Billingsley Kenneth Edwin Mossberg Robert Chinn Nelson Thomas Edward Seekatz John Frederic Trimble James Jefferson White III Raymond Leggett PAGE 226 FENCING In pre-season AFLA competitions the inexperienced Texas team came off with i :s share of the honors. John Carter took first place and Larry Anderson second in j he Novice tournament at Austin. Anderson also took second in the Novice saber. i Barter again took first place in epee and Parker second place in foil at the Houston i i nvitational Open. Texas went on to compile a brilliant record in the AFLA Qualify- I ng competitions. Texas entered the Prep saber and epee meets at A M with Mont- 1 ;omery coming out third in saber and Carter third and Orr sixth in epee. In the f Novice three weapon tournament Jim Parker took third and O ' Donnell fifth in foil; i ' arker first and Anderson fourth in epee; and O ' Donnell first and Anderson third in aber. Bob Montgomery took first place in the Junior epee meet at A M. Texas closed out the AFLA Qualifying meets by making a clean sweep of the iulf Coast Division ' s team and individual foil competitions. The Texas foil team, i :omposed of Don Orr, Tommy O ' Donnell and Larry Anderson, defeated three Aggie I oil teams to take the Collegiate class over both A M and Rice. Texas then de- i eated the Galveston Buccaneers Club team to take the Divisional Team Champion- ;hip for the second year in a row. Jim Parker went on to win the Divisional Foil Cham- )ionship, giving Texas complete domination of Divisional foil. At the Southwestern f Sectional Tournament, held in El Paso, Jim Parker placed second in the Intermediate ; oil and then swept the Open with nine wins and one loss to win the Sectional Foil Championship. SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE In the first dual meet held in Austin, the Texas team was rolled under six natches to three by the Aggies. Texas then edged Rice in a dual meet at Houston fourteen to thirteen. The Texas team journeyed to A M and repaid the Aggies by turning them back six to three. Texas entered the Conference meet with plenty of experience under its belt, but it was not enough to hold the experienced and inspired squads from A M and Rice. In foil Texas edged the Aggies 5-4 and then fell to Rice 3-6. Texas was swamped by the Aggie and Rice saber teams, losing to both by a 2-7 score. Texas ' epee team again lost to the Aggies 2-7 but gave Rice a harder fight to lose by only one match 4-5. LETTERMEN Larry Anderson John B. Carter Jimmie C. Parker Thomas J. O ' Donnell Hugh Don Orr RESERVE LETTERMEN Robert E. Montgomery James C. Orr ohn E. Weiler Thomas J. O ' Donnell, coach. i Larry Anderson and Jimmy Parker, captains. Coaches Assistant Coach Manager . THOMAS J. O ' DONNELL THOMAS E. BARLOW JAMES STEVENSON RONALD SCHAEVITZ J Front Row: John Weiler, Don Orr, Larry Anderson, James Orr. Second Row: Ronald Schaevitz, James Parker, John Carter, Robert Montgomery, Thomas J. O ' Donnell. PACE 227 WALTER FONDERN Co-Captain and quarterback ED KELLY Freshman Coach The final whistle blew and the Shorthorns found them- selves with a two win, three loss record as the dust cleared. The frosh lost to Baylor, Rice, and A M and bested onlv S. M. U. and T. C. U. Baylor ' s Cubs were the first to dub the Texas frosh, 19 to 7. The lone Texas score came after field general Walt Fondern engineered a 78-yard drive. A 27-to-6 walloping next caught the winless squad. Rice was hot, fast, and too strong defensively for the helpless Austin ball club. Then the following week Curtis Reeves and Johnny Elam teamed up to account for 51 yards apiece and a good portion of Texas ' first win. The Short- horns came out of the cellar at the S. M. U. Colts expense, 9 to 6, in their first home clash. The home jinx prevailed and the freshmen won number two with T. C. U. as victim. Fondern led the way for Texas with 40-yard and 60-yard scoring runs and set up another. It was the Polliwogs fourth straight defeat. The week-end before the varsity Turkey-day classic saw A M combine a forceful air and ground attack to wrap up the unofficial frosh crown, trouncing Texas 20 to 7. Fondern accounted for the lone Short- horn score and Elam converted. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL James Raymond Brittain Vance LaNoal Castleberry Joseph Stuart Clements Dan Quincy Cook Lonnie Cleo Cooper David Earl Coulter Jack Westmoreland Cowley Robert J. Crawford Louis Raoul Del Homme Johnny Edward Elam Walter William Fondern, III Joe Thomas Gaulden Larry Ray George William Vaughn Germany FRESHMAN AWARDS Bobby M. Graham Bill Alan Hallmark Harold Holden Jimmy C. Holt Harry Lee Jones Max Preston Kelley Garland Kennon Carl James Larpenter Robert Edward Lee Clarence Ray Mcllwain Gary Hugh Meyer Travis Ray Polk Edward Curtis Reeves Elvin Mitchell Smith, Jr. Hershel William Smith William Marcus Stephenson Wayne Robert Wash Jimmy Dwayne Welch Perry Michael Wells Don Wayne Wilson Wesley Lee Wyman William Wyman, Jr. MANAGER AWARDS James W. Sanson, Jr. Walter A. Saunders, Jr. PAGE 228 1955 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL : Front Row: Decker, Puryear, Dowd, Cleveland, Horwitz, Doner, Reese. Back Row: Musgrave, Allen, Meyer, Shaffer, Lueders, Gunter, Marshall Hughes (coach). Victoria Junior College San Angelo Junior College Schreiner Wharton County Junior College 58 Baylor Rice Lon Morris Junior College Rice Texas A M San Antonio Junior College Texas A M Baylor With their win over the Baylor Cubs, Texas freshman basketball team ended one of the best seasons in the school ' s history. The Shorthorns won eleven out of twelve contests, losing only to Rice 82 to 69. 64 Texas 74 61 Texas 82 85 Texas 105 58 Texas 78 68 Texas 87 78 Texas 91 83 Texas 97 82 Texas 69 64 Texas 75 73 Texas 87 82 Texas 93 71 Texas 74 FRESHMAN AWARDS Bohn Dixon Allen Kenneth Wayne Cleveland Kermit James Decker Jack Glenn Doner David Barry Dowd A. Y. (Pete) Gunter William Kenneth Horwitz MANAGER AWARD A. C. Musgrave Tommy Wayne Lueders Gary Hugh Meyer Bobby Clayton Puryear Donald Carroll Reese Ernest John Schmidt John William Shaffer PAGE 229 FRESHMAN TRACK Johnny Warren, Joe Irvin, and Paul Schumann were three big reasons why the Texas frosh were able to take the first SWC freshman meet. They are the best weight men in the conference frosh circles. The University of Texas Yearlings copped the Southwest Conference meet in the Fresh- man division for the University while the varsity was taking the title in the " big league. " Victory was due in most part to the sweep made by the thinly-clads in the weights and field events. They took first, second, and fourth in the javelin; and first, second, and fifth in the discus. Texas freshmen participated in two other big meets, the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show Track and Field Meet and the Texas Relays. At Fort Worth, Texas showed up in the events they are usually weak in, the weights and the distance events. They won the shot put, the dis- cus, and the mile. Also they managed to place second in the 880, third and fourth in the discus, and fourth in the shot. At the Relays, the Yearlings managed to capture fourth in the mile relay and third in the sprint medley relay. David Eugene Becker David Lee Boswell Willis Allen Chiles Robert James Crawford John Warner Duckett, Jr. Richard Lee Emberlin Lawrence Lee Espey Walter William Fondren III Fallen Turley Gordon Bobby Marcellus Graham FRESHMAN AWARDS Jimmy Clyde Holt Robert O. Humble Joe C. Irvin Gery Roy Jordan Charles Patrick McGuire Richard Allen McMahan Walter Hedrick McNew Richard Allen Mohun Dan Keith Pitner Ralph Rosenberg Paul A. Schumann Marshall Wayland Thompson Robert Eugene Tiemann Johnny Richard Warren Ronald Barry White Herman John Wusterhausen MANAGERIAL AWARD Arlen Y. Sturdivant u : PAGE 230 1955 SHORTHORN BASEBALL Front Row: Smith, Lane, Meyer, Elam, Cisneros. Second Row: Guedea, Phillips, Gainley, Woodman. Third Row: Jack Trench (coach), Tiemann, Myers, Taylor, Braziel, Hill. The Shorthorns had a better season than the varsity winning eight games and losing only two. Texas lost a 4-3 decision to Rice and a 6-4 to Baylor. SCORES Texas 13 Texas 9 Texas 5 Texas 17 Texas 19 Texas 3 Texas 3 Texas 4 Texas 3 Texas 8 William B. Travis Rice Texas A M McCallum High John Tarleton Rice Wharton Baylor Baylor Texas A M 1 3 4 3 4 1 6 1 2 Eusebio Hector Contreras Scott Covington Johnny Edward Elam George Alfred Gainley Gerald Lewis Good FRESHMAN AWARDS Wayne Leon Graham Joe Noel Guedea Edwin Vince Matthews Gary Hugh Meyer George Earnest Myers John Edgar Phillips William Earl Smith Harry Evans Taylor Robert Eugene Tiemann John Alan Woodman PAGE 231 UTSAM SOFTBALL CLUB WRESTLING CLUB Front Row. Gwynn Teague, Ken Conoley, Bill Stanley, Bill Bond, Art Hall, Ed Luskey. Second Row. Whipple Newell, Jim Rogers, Jack Dulaney, Delano Womack, Joe Foster, Buddy McCauley. Third Row: George Stubblefield, T. J. Red, Bob Jame- son, Ross Vick, James Byerly, John Shelton, A. A. Rooker. Front Row. Robert Riese, Linver Kroll, Melvin Blum- berg, Reuben Montgomery, David Sweeney. Second Row. Gerald Travis, Lyman Oresto, John Dear- born, Eddy Pitts, Kenneth Hogue. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FACULTY ADVISORS BERRY M. WHITAKER, Director of Intramiirals ALBERT A. ROOKEH, Assistant Director of Intramurals ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President . . . . First V ice-President . Second Vice-President Executive Secretary . ERIC GREENFIELD JERRY MILAN BURT Cox RICHARD F. ADAIN GYMNASTICS CLUB Team PAGE 232 HANDBAL , CLUB f " : Helen Thomason, KAPPA KAP- PA GAMMA Manager, receives the first place intramural trophy from Dean Amo No- wotny at the T Night Banquet INTRAMURALS SPORTS RESULTS 1954-1955 WINNERS First Place .... KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Second Place . . . CHI OMEGA Third Place .... KAPPA ALPHA THETA HONORABLE MENTION First Place DELTA ZETA Second Place ALPHA CHI OMEGA Third Place BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Fourth Place DELTA GAMMA PARTICIPATION AWARD WINNERS ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA PHI CHI OMEGA DELTA GAMMA KAPPA ALPHA THETA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Pi BETA PHI SIGMA DELTA TAU Dean Arno Nowotny presents Nancy Hasten the best man- ager award won by CHI OMEGA. BEST MANAGER AWARD CHI OMEGA MANAGERS PACE 234 Front Row: Sharlene Goltzman, Jo Ann Maltsberger, Nancy Hasten, Barbara Ganter, Mary Hugh Colley, Virginia Kindig, Mamie Lou Hughes. Second Row: Renee Rosmarin, Charlotte Davis, Nelda Garcia, Nan Bray, Betty Lou Pendergraft, Meta Mogford, Betty J. Winborn. Third Row: Henry Etta Davis, Beverly Scroggins, Frances Remschel, Ann McCranie, Marinell Brooks. Fourth Row: Challie Thornton, Josephine Chapman, Helen Thomason, Kay Smith, Anna Hiss. TABLE TENNIS SINGLES stum- f Cm 1 L,eft to Right: Mary Hugh Col- ley, Etta Mae Courtney, AL- PHA CHI OMEGA, Runner-Up; Camille Newberry, Carole Newberry, KAPPA KAPPA GAM- MA, Winner. DECK TENNIS DOUBLES TABLE TENNIS DOUBLES Left to Right: Mary Hugh Col- ley, ALPHA CHI OMEGA, Run- ner- Up; Sylvia Canchola, BAP- TIST STUDENT UNION, Winner. Left to Right: Edith More, Mary Margaret Schmitz, CHI OMEGA, Runner-Up; Shirley Sternberg, Sharlene Goltz- man, HILLEL FOUND ATION, Winner. TOUCH FOOTBALL WHITE BRACKET WINNER: ALPHA PHI Front Row: Billie Wyre, Kathryn Kent, Sandy Gildart, Beverly Bishop, Cay Berthelot, Shirley Klein, Virginia Holsteiit. Second Row: Eleanor Bassett, Virginia Bristol, Pat Millikan, Mary E. Woodruff, Fredis Finnvold, Jean Woods, Alison McElhone, Jo Ann Maltsberger. RUNNER-UP: NEWMAN CLUB Third Row: Marie Hampton, Freda McConnell, Pilar Estrada, Judy Foman, Nelda Garcia, Tile Gonzales, Cecilia Mobney, Barbara Ganter, Pauline Kubola. WINNER: KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Front Row; Nancy Ferguson, Sandra Settegast, Phyllis Phillips, Gladys Bondu- rant, Scottie Gayle Stevenson, Jo Ann Rote. Second Row: Sue Eckhart, Ellie Fondren, Kay Roberts, Sally Bradford, Helen Thomason, Betty Watson. RUNNER-UP: DELTA ZETA Third Row: Meta Mogford, Phyllis Foote, Jean Carlson, Sandra Mechura, Jane Bogar, Roy Ann Foster. Fourth Row: Frances Stamp, Rebecca Brown, Jane Maxwell, Lenora Watson, Carole Billingsley, Carolyn Jutzi, C. Jennis Tucker. WHITE BRACKET BASKET BALL ORANGE BRACKET RUNNER-UP: DELTA DELTA DELTA RUNNER-UP: DELTA ZETA Front Row. Phyllis Foote, Jeanette Bennett, Meta Mog- ford, Jane Bogar. Second Row: C. Jennis Tucker, Virginia Cator, Frances Stamp, Carole Billingsley. WINNER: CO-OPS Third Row: Charlotte Davis, Carol Sue Cole, June Martin, Frances Gray, Elvie Lou Luetge, Elsie Bob Farriss, Shirley Bird, Wanda Frank. Front Row: Dauris Jackson, Barbara E. Wilson, Nancy Shepherd. Second Row. Sara Jane English, Barbara Wilson, Margaret Diamond, Libby Sharp. WINNER: PHI MU Third Row: Frances Nettles, Cornelia Foote, Mirabelle La- nier, Pauline Thompkins, Loquita McNeil, Gwendolyn Quillian. ORANGE BRACKET VOLLEYBALL WHITE BRACKET WINNER: DELTA GAMMA Front Row: Becky Walker, Louise Corner, Marilyn Dull, Jean Dull, Florence Scarborough, Marinell Brooks, Sarah Miller, Gail Wright, Jeanette Scott. RUNNER-UP: ALPHA CHI OMEGA Second Row: Frances Brannen, Glenda Hill, Marjorie Snow, Jane Ivey, Barbara Beggs, Katherine Esse, Barbara Nigh, Sue Yankie, Mary Hugh Colley. RUNNER-UP: ALPHA PHI Front Row: Kathy Casbeer, Sandy Gildart, Shirley Klein, Ann Rose, Jo Ann Maltsberger, Jo Ann Faulkner, Vir- ginia Lou Holstein, Pat Millikan. WINNER: ZETA TAU ALPHA Second Row. Mae Westbrook, Ann Ronhaussen, Maurie Sut- tle, Jean Walton, Anne McCranie, Carol Flynn, Nancy Ann Miller, Judy McLeod. PACE 236 ORANGE BRACKET SOFTBALL WHITE BRACKET RUNNER-UP: CO-OPS Front Rote: Mary Boddie, Olga Trevino, Shirley Langston, Evelyn Doss, Joyce Coleman, Dorothy Smith. Second Row: Elsie Bob Farris, Peggy Coats, Charlotte Davis, Lala Acosta, Carol Cole, Frances Gray, Charlotte Moore, Eleanor Macha. WINNER: BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Third Row: Nancy Michel, Mildred Little, Martha Rader, Henry Etta Davis, Janice Wood, Faye Davis, Bobbie Schroeder, Waneen Wyrick, Ruby Jo Cooksey. BOWLING ORANGE BRACKET RUNNER-UP: DELTA GAMMA Front Row: Carolyn Craig, Gayle Wright, June Risher, Nancy Pfluger, Ann Wilson, Nancy Fiske, Nancy Peavy, Joyce Ann Goyne, Helen Timpson. WINNER: ALPHA CHI OMEGA Second Row: Zelma Ethridge, Mary Hugh Colley, Mar- garet Barton, Joan Anspacher, Barbara Jones, Barbara Beggs, Barbara Nigh, Mary Ann Burris, Marilyn Bronson. WHITE BRACKET Front Row: Joan Provus, Sylvia Lynn Cohen, Lois Flesh, Davie Lou Ettleman, ALPHA EPSILON PHI, Fourth Place. Second Row: Mary Rostrom, Billie Sahley, Pat O ' Donnell, Barbara Ganter, Charlene Cuthbertson, NEWMAN CLUB, Third Place. Third Row: Irene Lewis, Maureen Merson, Henrietta Bail- kin, Sharlene Goltzman, Betty Sheinberg, DELTA PHI EPSILON, Second Place. Fourth Row: Joyce Reynolds, Barbara Sheldon, Diane Pen- ny, Shirley Brown, C. Jennis Tucker, DELTA ZETA, First Place. WINNER: WICA Front Row: Jerry Bennett, Beverly Scroggins. Second Row: Carol Stepcy k, Gail Wilson, Frances Stuart, Barbara Barton. PACE 237 TENNIS SINGLES SHUFFLEBOARD SINGLES Left to Right: Billie Sahley, NEWMAN CLUB, Runner-Up; Mary Margaret Schmitz, CHI OMEGA, Winner. BADMINTON DOUBLES Left to Right: Meta Mogford, C. Jennis Tucker, DELTA ZETA, Winner; Nancy Quinn, Carol Kayton, KAP- PA ALPHA THETA, Runner-Up. TENNIS DOUBLES Left to Right: Billie Sahley, Sylvia Canchola, BAPTIST STU- DENT UNION, Winner; Valerie Barnes, Catherine Campbell, BAPTIST STUDENT UNION, Runner-Up. Left to Right: June Shell, KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA, Runner-Up; Barbara Darnall, KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA, Winner. FENCING Left to Right: Carole Newberry, KAPPA KAP- PA GAMMA, Runner-Up ; Waneen Wyrick, BAPTIST STUDENT UNION, Winner. PACE 238 BADMINTON SINGLES Left to Right: C. Jennis Tucker, DELTA ZETA, Firs Place; Helen Thomason, KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA, Second Place; Jane Farquhar, INDEPENDENT, Third Place. Left to Right: Carol Kayton, KAPPA ALPHA THETA, Runner-Up: C. Jennis Tucker, DELTA ZETA, Winner. ARCHERY POSTURE Left to Right: Carolyn Patten, ALPHA DELTA Pi, Third Place; Betty Taylor, CHI OMEGA, Second Place; Ellen Hunvitz, SIGMA DELTA TAU, Dorothy Smith, Co-Ops, First Place; Betty Lou Pendergraft, GAMMA PHI BETA. Left to Right: Shirley Morrison, ALPHA CHI OMEGA, Sec- ond Place; Jane Ann Wright, CHI OMEGA, First Place; Carolyn Terrell, KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA, First Place; Marinell Brooks, DELTA GAMMA, First Place; Carole May, CHI OMEGA, Second Place; Teresa Lee Williams, Pi BETA PHI, Second Place. PACE 2J9 UTSA COUNCIL 1954-1955 Front Row: Helen Thomason, Carole Newberry, Charlotte Booth, Scottie Gayle Stevenson, Camille Newberry. Second Row. Jean Ellis, Patricia J. Roscoe, Martha Hopkins, Kay Cowan, Mariella Smith. Third Row, Shiela O ' Gara, Celia Buchan, Elizabeth Glass, Marie Davis, Mary Rostrom, Rowena Kimmey, Anna Hiss. f resident Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Member-at-Large Member-at-Large Reporter Faculty Advisor CHARLOTTE BOOTH CAROLE NEWBERRY JANE KNELP SCOTTIE GAYLE STEVENSON HELEN THOMASON CAMILLE NEWBERRY BARBARA RAY ANNA Hiss CLUB LEADERS AND SPONSORS CLUB Cora Morgan installs the 1955-1956 UTSA Council and Club Leaders. Bow and Arrow Canter Poona . Racket . . . Strike and Spare Tee . . . Touche . . Triggerettes Tumle . Turtle . LEADER PATRICIA ROSCOE NANCY NEILL MARIE DAVIS ELIZABETH GLASS MARY ROSTROM MARTHA HOPKINS JEAN ELLIS WANEEN WYRICK MARY WILLINCHAM KAY COWAN CELIA BUCHAN SPONSOR BETTY THOMPSON VIRGINIA VIRTUE CAROLYN WILLIAMS SHIELA O ' GARA JANET MORSE LETA WALTER BETTY THOMPSON MARILYN SMITH ETHEL GILL MARY E. RISLEY PAGE 240 Charlotte Booth, outgoing UTSA President, administers the oath of office to Cora Mor- gan, UTSA President for 1955-1956, at the T Night Banquet. TEE CLUB RACKET Left to Right: Carol Kayton, Sally Ritchie, Donna Green, Jane Bogar, Charlotte Burrows, Doris Collins, Jane Faquhar, Anne Hoyt, Leta Walter. UTSA Front Row. Billie Sahley, Carole Newberry, Eleanor Manual, Elizabeth Glass, Kitty Harrison, Valorie Barnes. Second Row. Cynthia Heath, Sylvia Conchola, Pat Wood- son, Kay Boneaux, Mary Margaret Schmitz, Cora Morgan. Third Row. Nancy Quinn, Helen Thomason, Barbara Krick, Theola Hunger, Jarrett Vogan, Claire Taylor, Anita Moore. BOW AND ARROW TOUCHE o o n Left to Right: Barbara Davis, Marilyn Smith, Barbara Grey, Bea Brotzman, Julia Smith, Jean Ellis, Waneen Wyrick, Carole Newberry, Scottie Gayle Stevenson, Betty Thompson. Front Row. Jackie Ewald, Carol Querolo, Glenn Liston, Jere Campbell, Paula McGee. Second Row. Beverly Smith, Tela Longaker, Joan Delaney, Pat Roscoe, Ina Gooding, Carol Rousculp, Nettie Steg- lich, Betty Thompson, Dotsie Fenstermaker. PAGE 24 1 UTSA TURTLE CLUB Front Row: Beverly Noble, Virginia Virtue, Ann Gault. Second Row: Nancy Austin, Ann Percy, Joan Hudson, Nancy Fiske. Third Row: Sandra Goldsmith, Carol Warden, Barbara Dennis, Barbara Barfield, Sally Osborne, Margaret Keuffer. Fourth Row: Nancy Neil. STRIKE AND SPARE Front Row; Dorothy Crawford, Joan Hertz, Charlene Evans, Sandra Stout, Nancy Bass, Susan Black, Gail Elliott, Nancy Edwards, Cheryl Tonroy, Helen Cook, Carole May, Phyllis Hoff, Barbara Jewell Richards, Aurelia Timpte, Helen Ann Bohn. Second Row: Maurie Suttle, Naomi Goltzman, Nelda Bruns, Connie Taylor, Jo Ann Faulkner, Elaine Harlan, Mar- garet Diamond, ThelmaLipscomb, Beverly Rheder, Hel- aine Black, Frances Harris, Sari Robinowitz, Celeste Chambers. Third Row: Mary E. Risley, Joan Turner, Celia Wainwright, Dorothy Whitty, Grazia Talerico, Terry McKenzie, Celia Buchan, Mary Dring, Cynthia Sloat, Penny Pen- dergraft, Zanne Keasler, Frances Gray, Helen Taylor. POONA Hlo " Front Row: Fran Hall, Linda Levinson, Betty Sheinberg, Hank Bailkin, Sharlene Goltzman, Helen Burrer, Mar- garet Harris, Barbara Ruback. Second Row: Janet Morse, Helen Schafcr, Irene Lewis, Joyce Broaddus, Jackie Clay, Sylvia Cohen, Sarita Ru- binsky. Third Row: Joyce Reynolds, Mary Rostrom, Barbara Shel- don, Nancy Rheubotham, Doris Laird, Mary Brannan. PAGE 242 Front Row: Roxanne Ritter, Carol Querolo, Barbara Schmitt, Debbie Harbach, Patty Perlitz. Second Row: Cora Morgan, Bobbie Jean Schroeder, Marie Davis, Margo Mayfield, Phyllis Foote. Third Row: Claire Taylor, Frances M. Burke, C. Jennis Tucker, Catherine Rogowski, Joyce Coleman, Meta Mogford, Carolyn Williams. MIXED BOWLING CO-RECREATION MIXED TENNIS Left to Right: Boyd Box, Claire Johnson, Dorothy Steele, Pat At- kins, WESLEY, Second Place; Paul Canter, Barbara Canter, Pat O ' Donnell, Tommy Devine, NEWMAN CLUB, First Place. MIXED VOLLEYBALL SECOND PLACE: KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Front Row: Carole Nevvberry, Fred Blackmar, Camile Newberry. Second Row: Elleanor Walker. Third Row: J. Don Hill, Helen Thomason, James R. Pfau. MIXED BADMINTON FIRST PLACE: DELTA ZETA Left to Right: Meta Mogford, Jerry Buchmeyer. Left to Right: Catherine Campbell, Jerry Buchmeyer, BAPTIST STUDENT UNION, Second Place; Mary Margaret Schmit , Jerry Fisher, CHI OMEGA, First Place. MIXED TABLE TENNIS WINNERS: HILLEL Alfred Clio, Shirley Stcrnbcrg. SECOND PLACE: BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Sylvia Canchola, Kyle McBryde. MIXED SOFTBALL Front Row: Carol Rhinehacle, C. Jennis Tucker, Jane Bogar, Meta L. Mogford, Lanorc Watson, DELTA ZETA, First Place; Ann Ousley, Barbara Sutherland, Henry Etta Davis, Janice Wood, BAPTIST STUDENT UNION, Second Place. Second Row: Nathan Fagan, Donald Kylbcrg, Farrar Read, Herman Dvoracek, Alvin Ashley, Joseph Petrus, DELTA ZETA, First Place; Tom McCall, Bill MeCullough, Joe McGraw, Fred O ' Connor, Herb Johnson, Ben Glass, BAPTIST STUDENT UNION, Second PIncc. MEN ' S INTRAMURALS Winners of the all-year trophies announced at the annual Intramural Pow Wow in May were Kappa Sigma, McCracken Mullets, Oak Grove, and Brackenridge Hall. Runners-up were Delta Tau Delta, Blocker House, Theleme, and Roberts Hall. The Frank Evins Memorial Trophy went to Joe Foster while Alhambra was presented with the Cowboy Sportsmanship Trophy. Delta Upsilon was the recipient of the Bill Johnson Sportsmanship Trophy. Outgoing senior managers were Bob Baruch, Tau Delta Phi; Jerry Johnson, Sigma Phi Epsilon; David McGinnis, Delta Upsi- lon; and Charles McCollum, Delta Kappa Epsilon. New senior managers are John Turner, Delta Upsilon; Joe Ed Smith, Oak Grove; Bob Paty, Sigma Nu; and Maynard Ginsburg, Sigma Alpha Mu. SENIOR MANAGERS Jerry Johnson, Charlie McCollum, David Mc- Ginnis; not pictured Bob Baruch. JUNIOR MANAGERS Front Row: Maynard Ginsburg, John Turner, Joe Smith, Charles Brooks. Second Row: Robert Gustwick, Charles Paty, Donald Martin, James Russell, Leonard Eng- lander. TROPHY WINNERS SPORTSMANSHIP TROPHY WINNERS Joe Foster, Sigma Chi, Frank Evins Sportsman- ship Trophy; John Frierson, William Johnson Sportsmanship Trophy, Delta Upsilon. ire PACE 244 Front Row: Charles Pierce, Kappa Sigma, Fra- ternity Division; Bill Bompart, McCracken, Independent Division; Jo Ed Smith, Oak Grove, Club Division; Rex Howell, Bracken- ridge, Dormitory Division. (Winners.) Second Row: Dave Alter, Delta Tau Delta, Fra- ternity Division; Bob Baldridge, Blocker, In- dependent Division; John McMillon, Thele- me, Club Division; Ronald Frankum, Roberts, Dormitorv Division. ( Rnnnf rs-Ur . } TENNIS SINGLES % TENNIS DOUBLES CLASS B Le t to Right: James Baker and Richard Davis, PHI DELTA THETA, Champion; Tommie Lee and Carroll Wilson, McCRACKEN, Runner-Up. Left to Right: Buddy Williams and Robert Becker, SIGMA ALPHA Mu, Runner-Up; Jessie Pfeiffer and John Knaggs, OAK GROVE, Champion. PAGE 245 TOUCH FOOTBALL CLASS A v CHAMPION: OAK GROVE Front Row: Kyle Read, Ralph Tatum, Eugene Blackwell Tom Evans, Harold Howard, Glen Appelt. Second Row: Jerry Tomsu, Lynn Halamicek, David Hen derson, Eddie Harrell, John Knaggs. RUNNER-UP: SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Front Row: Billy Campbell, Reed Gilmore, Ronald Tynes, John Schmid, Harry Douty. Second Row: Abbe Ledbetter, Marshall Harrell, Roger Tolar, Charles Gregg, Paul Green. Oak Grove moves toward an 11-2 victory over Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHAMPION: BETA THETA PI Front Row: Warren Lilly, James Templeton, James Hill, Arthur Hall, Fred Blackmar, James Warren. Second Row: Tom Cullinan, George Schneider, Daniel Baily, Ronald Grossman, James Harned, Kenneth Pape. : RUNNER-UP: PEM CLUB Front Row: David Snyder, Ray Frady, John Watson, Bob Jameson, Gary Wayne Wofford. Second Row: Jack Ragsdill, Gene Templeton, Tom Jung- man, Ronald Keller, Joe Brown. ' PACE 246 1 CHAMPION: KAPPA SIGMA Front Row. Tom Burke, Ronny Waldie, Lynn Carter. Second Row. John Dulaney, Larry Sikes, Samuel Du- laney, Charles Pierce. Oak Grove fights for possession against the Kappa Sigs. CHAMPION: GOPHERS Front Row. William Anderson, Milton Weinfeld, D. L Ross. Second Row. David Shannon, Robert Tucker, Edgar Bel cher, Silvanus Herod. BASKETBALL CLASS CLASS B PACE 247 SOFTBALL CLASS A RUNNER-UP: BETA THETA PI Front Row: J. D. Hill, Ross Vick, Tom Cullinin, Art Hall, Michael Stone. Second Row. James Warren, Kenneth Pape, Crawford Booth, Robert Warren. CHAMPION: NEWMAN CLUB Front Row. Jerry Friesen, Thomas Red, Eugene Cono- ley, Thomas Murray, B. Snowden, Bob Jameson. Second Row. C. Hendricks, N. Marabella, J. Salcher Bill Greve, J. Rogers, B. Hugger. CHAMPION: DELTA TAU DELTA Front Row: Avis Johnson, Sam Groom, Buddy Voelkel, Bob Keith. Second Row: Frank Nagle, Joe Roady, Tom Hatfield. Third Row: Mike Higgins, Terry Pierce, Mack Lynn. PACE 248 RUNNER-UP: FRASER Front Row: J. H. Wood, B. A. Bigham, H. G. Wayland, G. Tracy. Second Row: J. W. Howard, K. A. Chatwin, R. E. Prenz, C. Digiovani. Third Row. F. N. Allman, J. F. Warren, W. M. Felknor, R. A. Cox, E. L. Willrodt. . VOLLEYBALL CHAMPION: DELTA TAU DELTA Front Row: Travis Eckert, Kenny Voekel, Joe Davis. Second Row: William Bonham, Curtis Roberts, William Penn, Conrad Werkenthin. Oak Grove waits for the all-important spike. CHAMPION: OAK GROVE Front Row: Jerry Tomsu, Lynn Halamicek, Robert Foit, Jack Boston, Donald Jones. Second Row: Herman Dvoracek, Don Tatum, Farrar Kyle Read, George Petrus, Jr. RUNNER-UP: AIME Ed Dickerson, Bryan Dixon, Tom Short, Calvin Seiden- sticker. (Not shown) Robert Shiels, Gene Clark, Merkel McCoy, Harold O ' Dell. RUNNER-UP: DELTA TAU DELTA Front Row: Jimmie Stoval, Larry Schmucker, Kenny Voelkel, John Glidden. Second Row: George Green, Ronald Mohr, John Bailey. PACE 249 RUNNER-UP: OAK GROVE Froni Rot : Alvie Ashley, Eugene Blackwell, Herman Young, Jon Gibson. Second Row: George Petrus, Donald Jones, George Gage, Lynn Halamicek. That string still looks a long way off. CLASS B HANDBALL DOUBLES Left to Right: Bill Fritts and Tom Lee, MCCRACKEN, Runner-Up; Ken Mighell and Ben West, PHI GAMMA DELTA, Champion. PACE 250 SWIMMING H Henna CHAMPION: DELTA TAU DELTA Left to Right: Larry Lynn, John Wymer, Henry Jacoby, Fred Nagle, Dave Williams, Jim Satel. A quick start may mean the difference. V CHAMPION: ECUADOR CLUB Front Row: Franklin E. Maiguascha, Freddy Larrea, Jose A. Brito, Octavio Gomez de Molina, Jose Soliz, Rodrigo Herrera. Second Row: Aturo Roca, Emilio Ortega, Lisimaco Car- rasco, Campo Garcia, Alberto Veras, Salvador De las Casas, Carlos Cuadros. uw, - SOCCER PACE 251 CLASS A HANDBALL SINGLES CLASS GOLF DOUBLES Jack Davis, PHI KAPPA Psi, Champion; Chester Evans, Runner-Up. GOLF SINGLES James Loynd, AFROTC, Runner-Up; Charles Col- lins, KAPPA ALPHA, Champion. BADMINTON Left to Right: James Wolfe, Wilson Schoell- kopf, Charles Collins, Robert Dewar, DELTA KAPPA EPSILON, Cham- pion. John Trimble, PHI DELTA THETA, Champion PACE 252 Murray Smith, PHI DELTA THETA, Champion; Jerry Buchmeyer, BLOCKEB, Runner-Up. FENCING HORSESHOES 1PHA, HOB Roy Rodieck, Champion; Tom Thigpen, KAPPA ALPHA , Runner-Up. BOWLING Left to Right: Gary Youngblood, P. R. McDonald, M. E. Ward, B. B. Scott, R. G. Sharp, (front) William Brook- shire, TEJAS CLUB, Champion. James Gillard, Champion; Ronald Amuny, SIGMA PHI EPSILON, Runner-Up. TABLE TENNIS Luis Roach, THETA Xi, Champion; George Cover, HILLEL, Runner-Up. PAGE 253 pion. 137 LB. CLASS Pat Morgan, DELTA KAPPA EPSILON, Champion; John Hutchings, DELTA TAU DELTA, Runner-Up. WRESTLING 191 LB. CLASS Allen Haight, SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON, Runner-Up; Kenneth Hogiie, BSU, Champion. UNLIMITED CLASS Lyman Preston, UNATTACHED, Runner- Up; Richard Lipson, THELEME, Cham- pion. PACE 254 157 LB. CLASS Dean Colander, THETA CHI, Champion, Herbert Hamilton, PHI GAMMA DELTA, Runner-Up. I , . , , . . 177 LB. CLASS Joe Youmans, DELTA TAU DELTA, Cham- pion; Frank Dyke, UNATTACHED, Run- ner-Up. Runner-Up f I cp ' ' K cC J ufrft STUDENT GOVERNMENT PUBLICATIONS HONORARIES MILITARY RELIGIOUS ACTIVITY FINE ARTS SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS SORORITIES AND FRATERNITIES ROUND-UP Students ' Association President, JERRY WILSON, dictates one of numerous letters to his secretary, LORETTA LOWRY. STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION The Students ' Association is made up of every student in the University. Its function is to provide a media of expression of student opinion, to give student voice to University affairs, and to interpret University policies into student action. Student Government operates under a Constitution which establishes Execu- tive, (the elected officials pictured on this page), Legislative (Student Assem- bly), and Judicial (Student Court) departments to conduct student affairs. The elected President, Vice-President and Secretary represent the student body on Logan Wilson ' s Student Advisory Council, the Union Board of Directors, the Athletic Council, The Board of Directors of Texas Student Publica- tions, Inc., the Social Calendar Committee, and many other committees related to student activities. They also administer the committee and cabinet system under which the Students ' Association operates. . CABINET SECRETARIES The Daily Texan . Business Relations . International Students Public Relations Religious Activities . Seasonal Activities . Scliolastlc Standards Union Activities SHIRLEY ELISE STRUM JOE PAUL TUPIN DANIEL CROXTON MORGAN ROLAND EDMUND DAHLIN PEGGY LEE ROWLAND |ANK ANGELINE HARDWICK EVERETT FOY CLEMENT EDWIN REINIIOLD YORK PAGE 260 PAT PERRY Secretary JACK N. LITTLE Vice-President CONNELL DAILY DEVORE FULLERTON GROSS HART COHEN CALDWELL BRADSHAW BERGER Duke Squibb Stanley Edward Adams Shirley Cohen Dorothy Jo Daily Max Stanley Levit Tom Chase Primm, Jr. Ann Louise Sutton Richard Lee Berger Sam Charles Bradshaw Jo Ann Caldwell Edward S. Connell Kenneth Jackson Cox Byron F. Fullerton Robert Lewis Rieger ARCHITECTURE ARTS AND SCIENCES Boyd Irven DeVore, Jr. Rosetta Ann McGregor Nancy Ann Walker BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION EDUCATION ENGINEERING FINE ARTS GRADUATE LAW PHARMACY Robert Anton Siegel Edward Dantzier Slaughter, Jr. Martha Louise Phelps Don A. Hart Raymond Franklin Rabke, Jr. Carol Jeanine Gross Jack Boaz Smith Paul Kirton The Student Assembly, the legislative branch of the Students ' Association, is composed of representatives of every college and school in the University and the President, Vice-President, and Secretary of the Association. Blanket-Tax appropria- tions, the Blood Drive, and Campus Chest annually start in the Assembly, which has been responsible for most of the investigations into bad living conditions, and malpractices, occur ing from time to time on the campus, and for the initiation of corrective action in nearly every case. Hundreds of students take part in these investigations and corrective measures through their work in student government committees which are sponsored by the Assembly. O O ? KIRTON LEVIT MCGREGOR -A ADAMS WALKER PHELPS PRIMM SUTTON SQUIBB SMITH SLAUGHTER SIEGEL RIEGER RABKE PAGE 261 STUDENT GOVERNMENT COMMITTEES Elizabeth Juanita Allen Betty Jean Arrington Robert Melvyn Becker Beverly Ann Beular William Gordon Coker, Jr. Gayle Lee Cutshall Edward John Cervenka Alvin Jerome Franklin John Anthony Alderman Adelaide Ruth Berrien Stanley Edward Adams John Williamson Barnhill Adele Black Charlene Armstrong Benjamin S. Bradshaw Frank Cloud Cooksey David Mayo Cornell Kathleen R. Agnew Mary Lillian Blasingame Willie Frances Brannan Barbara Ann Browning Elizabeth Ann Buck B. Rodolfo Castillo Celia Ann Barber Paul Votteler Carroll James Augustus Blalock, Jr. John Victor Cline Joan Marie Delaney Carol Beth Fillimore Everett Foy Clement Frank Cloud Cooksey Mary Elizabeth Danenbaum Rhoda Ann Barrier M. Sue Trigg Helen Warren Tutt Shirley Ann Bayliss Charles Nelson Cartwright William James Derrick Henry Charles Dishman Thelma Ann Dochen Doris Ann Elrod John Crawford Akard Eleanor O ' Neill Bassett Clyde Stuart Bell Joseph Niles Bell Joe Speed Carroll James Patrick Coughran Anne Vernon Doak Lynn Thomas Evans Anne Fitzgerald Tobye Ann Fram George Holmes Ginn Edmond Goldstein CAMPUS SURVEY COUNCIL John Franklin Winslow, Chairman Kay Greenberg Julia Myrle Penn Ellen Rae Hurwitz Barbara Aline Putnam Shirley Anne King Gwendolyn Geneva Quilliam Karolyn Kucera Walter K. Rainbolt Joe Henry McGraw Edward Manny Sankary Helen Patricia Parks William Duane Schwab BUSINESS RELATIONS COMMITTEE Richard Simon, Chairman Emil Edwards Friberg John David Hughes Lyndol Dwight Lieb Buford Demoville McKinney CIVIL DEFENSE COMMITTEE Janetta Holder, Chairman Lorence Larry Bravenec Carol Ray Flynn Seth D. Breeding, Jr. Maynard Jack Ginsburg FRESHMAN COUNCIL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Lloyd LeRoy Hayes, Chairman Leroy Frederic Buss Shirley Cohen Joe Speed Carroll Richard Edwin Chalmers Ann Stuart Morgan GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE Tom K. Barton, Chairman Jerry Francis Shell Elleanor Rann Walker Darrell King Jones Robert Willard Mark Edith Orr Elliott Shelia Dale Golub Winston Pettus Crowder Joyce Evans Nancy Gay Haston Jo Betsy Lewallen Guy Max Dardel Virginia Ruth Diamond Diana Marie Dugat Calvin Fong Don Warren Hagen Robert Bee Hodge Kenneth Ray Farabee Virginia Bernice Gillett Charles Lester Mackenzie Jimmy Joe McKinley Nancy McMeans Carolyn Middleton INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL Daniel Croxton Morgan, Chairman Carlene Johnson Marcia Kincaid Carolyn Krueger Dorothy Sue Leveritt Yvonne Kathleen MacArthur Kay Martin NSA-TISA COMMITTEE Roland Edmund Dahlin, Chairman Carol Jeanine Gross Lloyd LeRoy Hayes PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE Chesley Kosub Wood, Chairman Bobby Wayne Perry Ruth Lorene Prouse Karen Raimey Lawrence Edward Steinberg Munib Rashid Masri Rosetta Ann McGregor Necmettin Mungan Shirley Ann Nelson Camille Newberry Pranjivan Velji Popat Nancigail Jordan Rosetta Ann McGregoi Ann Carolyn Gassman Seinwil Louis Greenberg Lloyd Walker Jary, Jr. Speight Jenkins, Jr. Annette Morris Lillian Rae Ornish Thomas Hill Peterson Nancy Lynne Shepherd SCHOLASTIC INTEGRITY COUNCIL Tom James Fotheringham, Chairman Robert W. Dickerson Jane Gay Maxwell Isabelle M. Peck Peggy Lee Rowland Shirley Elise Strum William Emerson Wright SPONSORED STUDENT COMMITTEE Sue Clark, Chairman Dossett McCulIough R. Carroll Morris Martha Ann Reinhardt Catherine Antonina Rogowsky Joseph Shade L. Beverly Smith Louise Green Anita Joyce Harris Hubert Bonner Herren, Jr. Janet Lee Isacks Kenneth Richard Johnson Patricia Ann Kidcl Elinor Clyde Drake Virginia Baudouin Gano Robert Sterling Green George Walter Henderson Patricia Lynne Kevan Elizabeth Anne McCartney STEER HERE COMMITTEE Thomas G. Bousquet, Chairman Betty Ann Kilday Charles Winston King, Jr. Samuel Hunter Leggitt, Jr. Patricia Ann McBride Arthur Lee Miles Leta Ann Pate M. Jeanne Wiedeman FLASH CARD COMMITTEE Jack C. Rothwell, Chairman Sharon Lu McKeown R. Carroll Morris Patricia Ann Morrow Helen Patricia Parks Mary Dolores Reuter Martha Ann Reinhardt June Elizabeth Peevey Marilyn Ann Pittrell Herman Rose Jesse Leon Sabala, Jr. Irene Sicro Gerald N. Sigman Vivien Kay Smith Sonia Charlotte Shames Patricia Mae Siemens John Thomas Stuart William Joseph Swann, Jr. Reta Ann Stiteler Mary Margaret Stalling Marion Ramsey Sweatmon Mary Lou Veazey Leon S. Weil Anne Elizabeth Wise Lela Gayle Wright Martha Jane Watson William Howard Wolf James Parker Oliver Beverly Annette Klaver Jack Mose Levy Keith U. McCrary Suzanne Young Steven James Zelen Carlos Luis Rota Cetin Erol Serim Sally Woods Sparks Sam Y. Zamrick Robert Anton Siegel Mary Thompson Jon Totz John David Wright Eloise Recia Yantis D. B. Jack Holland James Robert Roach John G. Stuart Shirley Jean Warren James Allred Slatton Vivien Kay Smith Billy Ray Stephens Leonard Tatar Gifford Touchstone Mary Lou Veazy Sarah Lillian Tubb Helen Warren Tutt Marguerite Wessels Sally Ann Werst PACE 282 CAMPUS SURVEY GRIEVANCE NSA-TISA STEER HERE FLASH CARD SPONSORED STUDENTS INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL ,jU PUBLIC DELATIONS SCHOLASTIC INTEGRITY BUSINESS RELATIONS CIVIL DEFENSE FRESHMAN COUNCIL PAGE 263 ARNOLD SWEET Chief Justice STUDENT COURT Composed of a chief justice and four associate justices, all elected by the student body, the Student Court performs the judicial functions of student government. The Court examines the books of campus organizations, decides on disputed elections, and can impel student officials to carry out the duties of their respective offices to the fullest extent. Given increased jurisdiction this year, the Court has conducted trials of student traffic violations. The Student Court is open to all students and student organizations desiring interpretation or advisory judgments concerning the constitution or legislation enacted by the Assembly. ASSOCIATE JUSTICES Nancy Belle Balatow Harry Pat Hewell Isabelle M. Peck Elwood J. Preiss V-: i - : - . BALATOW, PECK, SWEET, PREISS, HEWELL PACE 264 Court leads Undent : C. C. (JITTER) NOLEN Director TEXAS UNION The Texas Union is the focal point of many related activities. It is the living room of the campus and serves every student, ex-student, and faculty member in many ways. Activities fostered by the Union provide cultural stimulation and an opportunity to express individual interests and desires. As a " school of social education, " the Union supplements physical education and classroom study to produce a complete personality. BOARD OF DIRECTOR S Director Assistant to the Director Program Supervisor . C. C. (JITTER) NOLAN MRS. BRUCE C. TAYLOR MOLLY JEAN MOFFETT STUDENT MEMBERS Marjorie Janice Bourdon Virginia Bernice Gillett Robert Quentin Keith Henry Young McCown, Jr. Pat Perry Nancy Ann Walker Jerry James Wilson Edwin Reinhold York EX-STUDENT MEMBERS Hubert B. Jones John Anderson McCurdy FACULTY MEMBERS William David Blunk Joseph Jay Jones H. Malcolm Macdonald Margaret Peck Seated at table: Keith, York, Perry, McCurdy, McCown, Wilson, J. Jones, Blunk, H. Jones, Gillett, Bourdon. Seated at right: Ross, Walker, Peck, Macdonald. Standing: Nolen. PAGE 265 UNION STUDENT-FACULTY CABINET UNION UNION ACTIVITIES COUNCIL IV ' ' Seated: Janet Holder, Helen Claire Cooley, Kathryn Ann Esse, Jack Arthur Steh- ling, Judy Dipuccio, Nancy Jane Rodman. Standing: John Burns Henderson, chairman; Guy Hugh McDaniels, Marion Martin , Robert Bruce Reynolds, Laurie Klindworth, Jerry Dwight, Ida Miller. UNION DANCE COMMITTEE Left to right: Clovis Clyde Morrison, Jr., Phillip Gene Foote, Marilyn Virginia Steele, John Burns Henderson, Jr., Edwin Reinhold York, Emily Frances Beall, Nancy Ann Walker, Frank Steve Manitzas, Virginia Anne Kindig, Herbert M. Craft. UNION CHARM COMMITTEE Front Row: Shirley Cohen, Beatrice Findlater, Nancy Jane Bernstein, Nancy Jean Gillett, Peggy Margaret Cannon, Betty Jane Thornhill. Second Row: Norma Matlock, Jane Reber, Phillip Gene Foote, chairman; Dolores Jean Ambrose, V. Joan Strauch. Third Row: Alden Ramon Wilson, Alfred Lopez Limon, Harley R. Clark, Jerry J. Nathan. MUSIC COMMITTEE Front Row: Helen Patricia Parks, Patricia Lynne Kevan, Cora Lee Petty. Second Row: Elizabeth Neilson, Paula Beth McGee, Jocelyn Wells, Virginia Anne Kindig, chairman; Catherine Casbeer. Third Row: Fred Meyrith Sullivan, Charles McTee, Robert Ralph Budd. Front Row: Elizabeth Sharp, Gayle Worth Harlan, Mary Jackie Turner, Sandra Ann Phillips. Second Row: Bette Theresa Craddock, Jo Ann Fanning, Marilyn Virginia Steele, chairman; Linda Aliece Falvey. Third Row: Adrian Igau, Gloria Ann Hoffman, Shirley Marquitta Cannon, Earlene M. A. Whitt, Alice Jane Crockett, Carlene Johnson, Carol Sue Heidelberg. PACE 266 UNION FORUM SPEAKERS COMMITTEE ON COMMITTEES I UNION ART COMMITTEE Left to right: Clovis Clyde Morrison, chairman; Marjorie Winn, Georgia Ann Wat- son, Madeline Oglesby, William Grey Darsey, William Joseph Swann, Flo- rence Marie Coffee, secretary; Phyllis Kuperman, Mary Ann Jones, Angela Carol Kegler, Sherry Ann Lutz, Judith Lynn Caen, Walter Brown Pistor, Patricia Ann Stehr. UNION PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE fat, .fetal Left to right; Judith Gale Johnson, Mary Stiles, Nancy Ann Walker chairman; Nancy Lee Westphal, Betty Bell Barker, Nancy Jane Grubbs, Mitzi Laurel Jackson Patricia Lee Holland, Eleanor Lou Mackey, Carolyn Annette Koenig. UNION HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE Standing: Frank Steve Manitzas. Front Row: Alice Jeannette Tacker, Carrie Frances Lawlis, Jan Anne Lassetter, Jo Ann Cooley. Back Row: Barbara Burnett, Faye Rathgeber, Daniel McNeel Lane, Willis James Whatley. UNION TALENT COMMITTEE Front Rom: Harriet Alice Riddick, Elinor Clyde Drake, Virginia Alice Walker, Rita Courtland Roberdeau, John Burke. Second Row: Patricia Ellen Tracy, Tobye Ann Fram, Nancy Elizabeth Harwell, Nancy Gay Hasten, Lucy Ruth Hopper, Lysabeth Ann Hogan. Third Row: Neita Lea Farley, Jane Birdwell Henderson, Jean Ellen Pepper, Virginia Elaine Cundiff, Luella Ruth Haupt. Fourth Row: Teresa Lee Williams, Sue Wason, Connie E. Clark. Standing: Herbert M. Craft, chairman. Front Row: Carol Anne Goodwin, Mary Elizabeth Hyatt, Gene John Kretschmar, Nancy Jo Clark, Albert Morris Albright, Bert Carl Engelhardt. Back Row: Emily Hamilton, Elizabeth Bigelow, Dorothy Burgess, Lawrence Dean Cobb, Mary Jo Wadlington, Carol Ann McVey. PACE 267 Jerry Wilson takes a dunking after betting OU student presi- dent, Al Alschuler, that the Longhoms would beat the Sooners. Irven DeVore seems to disbelieve Jitter at the fall Stump Speaking. Don Legge accepts the Out- standing Assemblyman award from Karolyn Kucera. PRESIDENT WILSON ' S STUDENT ADVISORY COUNCIL Seated: Tom Fatheringham, Emily Beall, Peggy Rowland, Shirley Strum, Jerry Wilson, Logan Wilson, Mary Miller, Jane Maxwell, Pat Perry, Joe Tupin, Lawrence Handley. Standing: Jack N. Little, Sam Perry, Patsy Thomson, Gladys Bravenec, Ann Taylor Reeves. The Representative Party meets to plan fall campaign strategy. Jo Ann Caldwell snoozes through the first Student Part) ' mass meeting in the fall. TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC. BRALEY LEE HOLLAND BOARD OF DIRECTORS FACULTY MEMBERS DEWITT CARTER REDDICK, Professor of Journalism OLIN ETHMER HINKLE, Associate Professor of Journalism ERNEST A. SHARPE, Associate Professor of Journalism JOHN ARNOLD WALTER, Assistant Professor of English R. GOMMEL ROESSNER, Associate Professor of Architecture STUDENT MEMBERS JERRY JAMES WILSON, President of Students ' Association SAM CHARLES BRADSHAW, Assembly Representative JACK N. LITTLE, Assembly Representative GENE COWDEN WALKER, Assembly Representative (Resigned Feb. 1, 1955) MARJORIE JANICE BOURDON, Cactus Editor SHIRLEY ELISE STRUM, Daily Texan Editor JAMES RICHARD WRIGHT, Ranger Editor EX-OFFICO MEMBERS EARL B. BRALY, Business Director HARRELL ESTES LEE, Editorial Director D. B. JACK HOLLAND, Dean of Men REDDICK PACE 270 WALKER LITTLE BOURDON STRHM: Wmr,HT LlNDSEY FREEMAN ARNOLD DENTON YOUNGER STEVENS MOODY FRAZIER WALKER TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC. MARTIN BUSINESS STAFF EARL B. BRALY, Business Director HARRELL E. LEE, Editorial Director FRANKIE MAE LlNDSEY, Assistant Business Director MARGUERITE FREEMAN, Cactus Editorial Supervisor MARY ARNOLD, Office Manager and Secretary JO DENTON, NICK YOUNGER, Office Assistants PAT STEVENS, Photography Supervisor DOROTHY MOODY, Bookkeeper MARY MARGARET FRAZIER, Daily Texan Advertising Manager JACK WALKER, Ranger Advertising Manager and Daily Texan Assistant JOY MARTIN, Switchboard Operator PEARL GHORMLEY, Circulation Manager W. T. HAYS, Plant Foreman GHORMLEY TEXAN ADVERTISING SALESMEN FRED BUNSEN, JR. NORMAN CAMPBELL SAMMY CRAIG GLENN GARRETT BILL MCDONALD JERRY RAFSHOON HAYS RANGER ADVERTISING SALESMEN RAYMOND BENNETT BARBEE FRAZIER PACE 271 THE CACTUS For you, " A Texas Longhorn, " we on the Cactus staff have tried to make each page and each section of this volume more interesting and more significant. There are some new additions, such as the faculty section and the section of campus views; and some changes, in the dorms and co-ops, organizations, and fine arts sections, for example, which we hope you will enjoy. It was our intention in making these changes to acquaint each stu- dent on the campus with the various activities of groups other than his own, and to make the recollection of his own experiences more fun. For many years students and Cactus staffs have wanted to see the Round-Up floats in color. We are pleased to be able to present the new " technicolor " Round-Up section to you. We would like to thank each one of you for your patience and cooperation in helping us compile this edition, and to you we commend the 1955 Cactus. STAFF Editor JANICE BOURDON Associate Editor G. CLAUDE ALLEN Editorial Assistant BOBBY JOE MIKS ; Ufa,.. . PACE 272 L. Brown, J. Brown, Ware, Cohen, Glenn Arden, Stuart. SECTION EDITORS Administration and Faculty . . MARIAN MCCLENDON Art CAROLYN KONGABEL Athletics JOHNNY STUART Classes LOYCE BROWN Dorms and Co-ops LILLIE MAE GRAHAM Fine Arts JOYCE BROWN Fraternities ALFRED WILSON Honoraries and Service . . . LUVERNE MITCHELL Index HARRIET RIDDICK Men ' s Intramurals JIMMY RICHARDS Military EARNEST WARE Organizations BAHHAHA ROTH CAROL QUEROLO Religious Activity .... Sororities NANCY WALKER SHIRLEY COHEN Student Government and Publications . HENRY RAINBOW Women ' s Intramurals . Jo ANN STARKEY STAFF ASSISTANTS Bradford Daniel, Elinor Drake, Derro G. Evans, Betty Lu Fletcher, Eddie Greenwade, Marilyn Gupton, Dorothy Herrera, Sharon Kugle, Jacquie LeRoy, Bruce Muller, Shirley Rylander, Sonia Shames, Alyce Lou Smith, V. Kay Smith, Mary Kate Surratt, Ariel Thomann, Jocelyn Wells. PACE 273 THE DAILY TEXAN Editor, Fait FALL SHIRLEY STRUM BOB HILBURN PHYL GREEN . EDGAR WATKINS . JIM KEAHEY DICK WILLIAMS . RUTH PENDERGRASS LUKE PATRENELLA GARDNER COLLIN CAROLYN CULBERT BETTY Jo TAYLOR JlMMIE McKlNLEY JIM CLARK DAY EDITORS Griff Singer Jim Templin Carl Burgen Sandy Mitchell Rose Janda Jean Schwartz Bonnie Swem STAFF Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor . News Editor . Editorial Assistant Editorial Assistant Sports Editor Woman ' s Editor . Amusements Editor . Picture Editor Fine Arts Editor Wire Editor Faculty-Feature Editor SPRING SHIRLEY STRUM MIKE QUINN J. C. GOULDEN CARL BURGEN BOB KNIGHT ROSE JANDA WILLIE MORRIS RUTH PENDERGRASS JIM CLARK JANE WILLIS BETTY Jo TAYLOR DAVE WHITE JERRY HALL NIGHT EDITORS Tommy Thompson Helen Schafer J. C. Goulden Will White Edgar Watkins Phyl Green Jimmie McKinley Luke Patrenella PAGE 274 STAFF ASSISTANTS SOCIETY EDITORS Janey Collins Carol Sutherland Barbara Ray Linda Marshall Lillian Ornish Marjorie Mugno Dotty Leveritt Nancy Nickol Helen Betty Annette Smith SPORTS EDITORS Nick Johnson Norma Mills Clark Carpenter Eddie Hughes Verne Boatner Priscilla Walker GENERAL EDITORS Joann Copeland Orville Scott Sandy Mitchell Bonnie Swem Terry McKenzie Jean Schwartz O. L. Moore Tom K. Barton Conoly Cullum Chet Brooks Ann Patrick Bob Knight Pat Purcell Danee Miller Don Clark Margie Watson Bill Robertson Danny Grant Arnold Rosenweig Joe Caron Greg Olds Ken Knopp Kenneth Rhodes Mildred Briggs Beverle Schwartzman Bill Whitted AMUSEMENTS EDITORS Meda Miller Ruth Prouse Wilma Hartman Nancy McMeans Roily Wester MNG irrSm-M zQroii . GOMES LftjCFS LVKHT iJtfM uiMoims iPESDUOASS CUB :WuB IT Jo TAM s WHITE CLARK THE DAILY TEXAN The Daily Texan set out to serve 16,500 students, 1,500 more than the year before, which meant more news to cover, more pictures to be taken, more care in trying to get coverage of all students and the things that interest them. There was plenty of news to get a fiery hassle over the merits of liberal education, the first reactions toward the new Supreme Court ruling on Segregation and the effects on the campus, a student protest to a doubled tuition fee, Legislative appropriations, an altogether inadequate housing situation and the fight for more and better housing, new administrative set-up and the work to inaugurate an honor code. And all the little stories that come every day. The Texan worked hard to find interesting University facts that aren ' t usually publicized, and to present the " big " news that ' s pertinent to all students. An editorial council brought the ideas of representatives from all over the campus. Through its additional news coverage and editorial policy, the Texan endeavored to maintain accurate news, intellectually stimulating editorial material, and freedom of comment by the staff and Firing line writers, to keep the paper at the top of the list of U. S. college newspapers. THOMPSON TAYLOR IS HALL JANDA KEAHEY KNIGHT MCKINLEY MORRIS PATRENELLA Jim Wright Dot Andersen James Hall PAGE 276 TEXAS RANGER STAFF JIM WRIGHT JAMES HALL DOT ANDERSON C. F. MORRISON . BOB PULVER CONOLLY CULLUM . BOB KNIGHT HANS BEACHAM . RONNIE BELL . BILL BERRY JOANNE CALDWELL ED JORDAN .... LEE RICKS .... NANCY WESTPHAL . PHIL BASHARA . NORHIS POGUE . JIM STOKER BILL WEST .... NANCY BALATOW . . JON BRACKER . BOBBY JONES CHARLIE McTEE . PAT TRULY .... ANNETTE SCHAEFFER . KAY SMITH .... LYNDA GRIFFIN Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Managing Editor Promotions Manager Promoter Feature Writer Feature Writer Photographer Illustrator Illustrator Illustrator Illustrator Illustrator Illustrator Cartoonist Cartoonist Cartoonist Cartoonist Witte Witte Witte Witte Witte Poet Typist Typist itor pkr Front Row: Jim Wright, Dot Anderson. Second Row : Kay Smith, Bob Pulver, Norris Pogue, Charley Morrison. Third Row. Marcia Cooper, Nancy Balatow, Jon Bracker, Bill West, Lee Ricks. Fourth Row: James Hall. RANGER The old reprobate, Hairy Ranger, roared his way through seven hefty issues, showing up some new talent, wearing out an old editor, and thoroughly tickling the funnybone of the student body. This year Hairy tried to broaden his view of the campus to include depart- ments outside of the liberal arts and, toward this end, ran features on the weird doings of student engineers and scientists. Along with the Girl-of-the-Month, the feature probably most well-read was the new " We Are a Camera " series, which was hammered together by Associate Editor James Hall and Managing Editor Dot Anderson. The December Ranger, more than any other, left its mark on the literate people of the campus. The lapis-lazuli blue we chose for the cover had a tendency to rub off. For several days the Ranger had the bluest readership in the country. PACE 277 3 %S Bobby Miks tries unsuccessfully to keep the pinata away from Rose Janda. Texan goes on a retreat. Janice presides at the first Cactus Staff Meeting. Broadway comes to TSP. PAGE 278 ALPHA DELTA SIGMA Fall BURBA E. BOHANNON NORMAN WILLIAM CAMPBELL WILLIAM SMITH SICKLES PETER DUNNE BENNETT . ROLLY E. WESTER . . FRANK MYRON BASS . ALAN SCOTT ERNEST ALONZO SHARPE . HONORARY PROFESSIONAL ADVERTISING FRATERNITY Founded: University of Missouri, 1913 Paul J. Thompson Chapter, 1927 OFFICERS President Vice-I ' resident . Secretary Treasurer Publicity Director Faculty Sponsor Faculty Sponsor Faculty Sponsor Spring FLOYD J. LOFTON, JR. NORMAN WILLIAM CAMPBELL JAMES EDWARD MCCUTCHEON FRED DANIEL BUNSEN, JR. BILLY ROBERT LITTLE FRANK MYRON BASS ALAN SCOTT ERNEST ALONZO S FACULTY MEMBERS Frank Myron Bass William Paxton Boyd William Henry Purdy Alan Scott Alfred Lee Seelye Ernest Alonzo Sharpe Robert N. Aylin Ray Bonta Elon G. Borton J. Earl Brennan Hal W. Atkins William Frank Bain Arnold Melvin Barban Phil J. Bashara Peter Dunne Bennett James Arthur Blackburn Walter Rowland Bell Robert Gordon Brelsford Eddie Brice Burroughs Donald Lee Burson John Victor Cline Robert Seburn Collins John Nigel Davenport Paul Jennings Thompson Ralph Burnham Thompson HONORARY MEMBERS Thomas F. Conroy Donald W. Davis Edward A. Gauthier Lloyd Gregory MEMBERS Burba E. Bohannon Harry Bray Fred Daniel Bunsen, Jr. Norman William Campbell Bob Franklin Coffee Morton A. Glazer SPRING Glenn Allen Garrett Granville W. Gilstrap Milton Houston, Jr. James Dean Jolley Edwin Rudolph Jordon, Jr. Kenneth Paul Knopp Frank M. Matthews E. Julian Herndon G. A. Mabry Tom McHale j Jack N. Pitlu J . Irenio Gutierrez David Niswonger Horn Billy Roberts Little 1 Floyd J. Lofton, Jr. Robert Montgomery ames Edward McCutcheon 10 ATES Rex Preis James D. Sims Curtis Taulbee Douglas Williams Murray Spence Patton Gerald Rafshoon Donald Rosenfield William Smith Sickles Roily E. Wester William J. Wilson John Bryan McCorkle, Jr. Billy Lane McDonald Thomas Robert Moser William Gerald Pipes Robert Elliott Pulver Billy Edward Robertson William Ernest Robitsek James Freeman Schoolfield David Allen Senter Donald Eugene Spencer William Thomas Stewart Jim D. Stoker William Whitis Alex Fred Yamin 0 PAGE 280 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA HONORARY PRE-MEDICAL FRATERNITY Founded: University of Alabama, 1926 Texas Alpha Chapter, 1929 Fall HARRY -JONES LOGAN [ERBERT M. LOYD . SONYA STENZEL GEORGE WILLARD KAPLAN WAYNE EDWARD DELANEY . WILLIAM HARRY ROBERT SHAW dams Willard Earl Thomas Scott Allen Moise Arnold Axelrad Edwin Hearst Blackwell Harry Lee Braeuer James Byars Carter Wayne Edward Delaney Robert Zempter jjanes kvin Atwood Ebaugh, Jr Frank William Gonzalez Elm re McCall Averyt, Jr. Walton Daniel Bailey, Jr. James Daniel Harvey Robert Herd Hook Darrell Charles Jewe Dale Howard Karp Joe Ed McLe Maurice Sidney Anderson Carson Alfred Bailey, Jr. James -Edward Bailey Graden Arlie Brown Arthur Morgan Clements Charles Edwin Cook Donald Floyd Davis Malcolm Lawrence Doncaster Vernon Elledge, Jr. President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian . Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Robert Statham Griffin Kenneth Eugene Guyer George Willard Kaplan Lloyd Wendell King Morris Salem Knox Donald Edward Krause Nancy Dale Lackey Harry Jones Logan John Tunstall Lowry Herbert M. Loyd Spring HARRY JONES LOGAN HERBERT M. LOYD SONYA STENZEL GEORGE WILLAHD KAPLAN WAYNE EDWARD DELANEY WILLIAM HARRY ROBERT SHAW Charles Holmes McCollurn George Peyton Prewitt, Jr. Milton James Railey James Allan Reinarz M. Alice Smith Sonya Stenzel James Ernest Suehs Ami Jonas Susman David Robert Webb, Jr. immie L. Zografos Bernard Wayne Palmer Swan Edward Richardson Bruce Biggs Robertson Frances Louise Rugeley James Clark Terrell f Patrick Mitchell Tolar SPRING INITIATES William Lowell Fisher Arthur Dan Gleckler Max Young Harris Richard F. Kaufman Cherry Ann King oss Albert McElroy, Jr. Russell Lionel Martin, Jr Jonri Leslie Milton Milton Fred Oefinger Carl John Rosenquist Charles Eugene Russo David Jon Shannon Kenneth R. T. Tyson illiam Watkins West, Jr. John David Wright Eli Zonana PAGE 281 ALPHA KAPPA PSI MARVIN EARL SHARPE HONORARY BUSINESS FRATERNITY Founded: NeyTork Universi Mj . Iota Chapter, 1915 OFFICERS President . . Vice-President Secretary . . CHARLES HAMILTON WESTEBLAGE, III Treasurer . UL ANTHONY GANTEH .... Master of Rituals Spring EDDIE JACK SHARPE CHARLES HAMILTON WESTERLAGE PAUL ANTHONY GANTER DUSHAN KoPHrVNTK MARK C. NOBLE FACULTY MEMBERS James Adon Byre Jack William Cashin Daniel Mason Clark James Anderson Fitzgerald Joe B. Frant Gus Macey Hodges I Edward Karl McGinnis Leslie Clark Peacock Charles Lee Prather Alfred Lee Seelye Charles Aubrey Smith W. R. Spriegel John Robert Stockton Wilfred Harvey Watson lobert Richard Amaya lorris Edward Ashby Ted Frank Ball Raymond Ayers Bennett Eddie Verneal Bonner Richard Jerome Burch John Victor Cline Milton Edmund Decherd Paql Anthony Ganter Bertiard Wayne Geisler Robert Griffith Greer Melvin Kenneth Griffin Robert wS a Grisham Jack Martin Daniel L. Howard MEMBERS William Arthur Henry Thomas Henry Holman Joseph Calvin Holsom Marvin Earl King Dushan Koprivnik Larry Doyle McDonald Juan M. O. Monasterio, Jr. Edgar Raymond Mueller Eugene Earl Ness Mark C. Noble Otto C. Olsen, Jr. Merrill Presley O ' Neal Jack Montgomery Painter Norman Hastings Payn, Jr. Frank L. Plemons Paul Elmer Pontius Ramon Robert Rackley Robert Cleve Ray Oscar Ashley Reynolds, Jr. Norman Collins Rochellc Charles Richard Sanders Elic Garland Sanders, Jr. Thomas Edward SeetpTtz Eddie Jack Sharpe Jerry Russell Shelti Jerry Francis Hector Rolando Solis Donald Ray Stodghill Fred Harvey Thrasher, Jr. Charles rtamilton Westerlage, Lloyd Maynard jlVilkinson ._:- SPRING PLEDGES Charles Arthur Louis Braden Walter Lee Colwell Bobby Glenn John Murray Kendrick Robert fea ard Nor George Albert Olson Sidney Earnest Pinkston, Jr. Jack Lee Powers Edward Dantzier Slaughter, Jr. PAGE 282 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA HONORARY SCHOLASTIC FRATERNITY FOR FRESHMEN WOMEN Founded: University of Illinois, 1924 Texas Chapter, 1935 Fall CELIA ANN BUCHAN . PAULA WANDA POWERS . SYDNEY JOHNSON BASS . NANCY LEE SCHWARZ BARBARA ANN BROWNING HELEN MARGARET FLINN | M M I M vi Kathleen R. Agnew Nancy Jane Anderson o Ann Austin leo Marie Avera ydney Johnson Bass Maria Magdalena Benavides Mary Lillian Blasingame Janice Leah Boyce arbara Ann Browning Celia Ann Buchan Mary Clyde Capps Margaret Eleanor Clark Lynne Collins Helen Kathryn Cowan Jeanette Marcelle Dobie Mary Louise Dring Karen Renee Flowers Barbara Jo Gray Nancy Gay Hasten OFFICERS President . Vice-president Secretary . Treasurer . Historian . Faculty Sponsor MEMBERS Luella Ruth Haupt Linnea Suzanne Hood Elizabeth Mary Jessen Marilyn Marcia Johnson Lila Lynn Jones Cheryl Ann King Shirley Beatrice Klein Shirley Ann Lewis Grace Ellen Medairy June Alice Mequet Meda Margaret Miller Jane Alexander Moss Shirley Ann Nelson Ann Gardner Nicholl Sarah Lee Northington Catherine Elizabeth Orr Sylvia Simone Oster Sally Ann Pierce Paula Wanda Powers Spring CELIA ANN BUCHAN PAULA WANDA POWERS SYDNEY JOHNSON BASS NANCY LEE SCHWARZ BARBARA ANN BROWNING HELEN MARGARET FLINN Her,! ' |ancy Joan Bitter Burr zabeth Grace Conn Etta Mae Courtney Marilyn Blanche Di Nancy Mary Ellen Marjorie Jean Emerson Jan Durrett Evans Carol Ray Flynn Tobye Ann From Marilyn Ann Goldberg Nancy Jane Grauer Minan Molly Hansen Nancy Carolyn Heath Jane Birdwell Henderson Mary Hennings Herbst tally i Shai Mar ison Clai i J0 Mit: Elai n iHi SPRING INITIATES Jo Ann Hillje Carroll Ann Hodges Shannon Howard Martha Coleman Huff Claudette Isbell Mitzi Laurel Jackson ine R. Johnstone 3B. tty Irene Kirkpai .ce Elizabeth Kipp Pauline Ann Kubala Penelope Laverty Norma Matlock Sally Jean Mays Frances Jean Meyers Susan Jeanne Newcombe Bobbie Jean Parrish Julia Myrl Penn Elizabeth Idaire Putnam Melinda Jane Rae Maurine Kay Redfearn Reba Helen Rovinsky Frances Louise Rugeley Mary Herrera Ruiz Clara Ellen Sharp Mozelle Laverne Schmitt Nancy Lee Schwarz Annette, Smith Sally Woods Sparks Georgia Ann Ulrich Helen Carol Walker Nancy Ann Walker Shirley Jean Warren Betty Jo Wiest Edith Margaret Wilson Eloise Recia Yantis Jean Ellen Papper Patsy Evelyn Preis Roxanne Inez Ritter Ginger Roberson Lynda Lee Ryan Sonya B. Sandier Katneriae Am? Laverne Schuhmann Sara Seeliger ary Elizabeth Stephenson Janelle Straiton Katherine Theresa Stumpf Constance Carroll Taylor Helen Haskell Taylor Yoshiko Tezuka Wynne Warren Mary Ann Waters PAGE 283 BETA ALPHA PSI ' HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING FRATERNITY Founded: University oi 111: X ] Theta Chapter, 1924 SAN SHIPIS )ANIEL (( PAMELA PARR JOE HAROLD SIPTAK . WALTER WILLIAMS . .GLENN ALBERT WELSCH OFFICERS President .... T f vTMTP. TENNE ' Vice-President THOMAS HAL DODSON, JR Recording, Secretary . . . CORENE E. McGEHEE Corresponding Secretary . JERRY H. LASSITER Treasurer ROBERT HUGH ERWIN Faculty Sponsor .... GLENN ALBERT W: I Jim G. Ashburne Lao Guy Rlackstock Franklin Lanier Cox. ames C. Dolley V. M. Aikman ohn B ffllred Srnest Breeding Walter C. Burer C. H. Cudenhead iuy Carroll 1 H. Cavness rris Edward Ashby Veifion Beaird Jact William Cashin Chaster Arthur Clayton Thcpnas Hal Dodson, Jr. RoberT ' rfsgh Erwin Dennis B. FOT Talmadge E. F ter Richard Alan Filling Garry Lamar Gjpjpelt Stanley Ber Wilber JarrVes Armatta Maury JosepJLJSurling Raymond Edwa James Leroy Collins Larry Irving Fradkin Thomas J. Garner Seinwil Louis Greenberg William Berghane Horner Benny Harry Hughes FACULTY MEMBERS Marvin Eugene Gholson Edward Shird Lynn George Hillis Newlove Charles Aubrey Smith Glenn Albert Welsch Charles Herman Sparenberj John Arch White Charles Theodore Zlatkovich HONORARY MEMBERS Marquis G. Eaton L. H. Fleck Tpm V. ' Leland 0. H. Maschek R. I,. McVey Clifton H. Morris Bouldm S. Mothershead MEKlBERS Robert James Hi-ndrix Joan C. Jewett Wilton Ira Jones Douglas Eugenie Jourdan Harris L. Keller ' Byron Frederic Kerj Towner Shields Leeper Elton Stanley Lipnick Mary Ann Molpus Ernest Loyd Montgomery Francis Eugene Nespo SPRING INITIATES Jerry H. Lassiter Manuel P. Lena Glen Nelson Martin Kyle Lelan McBryde Corene E. McGeniHt Donald Neil McLaugfalin ' Hand McGuirt, Ji onroe McWhirter KennethAlanMoore . i li B .- Jay A. Phillips Hatcher Andrew Pickens Earl F. Snow Arthur C. Upleger M. E. Webb Frank L. Wilcox Velda Woods Pamela Parr James H. Ransom James Daniel Rollins, David S. Rosenberg Morgan Shipman Joe Harold Siptak Burhard H bord Nelson G mbill Sullivan Robert TlTussing Walter Wlliams William P. Gerald Parker Josep E. Saat ilbertJOllllSWlfSUiidtt ayne P. Tenney JoKa Thomas Terry ed Jeffrey Thorpe nk D. Turtle Braxton Clarence Westmoreland - f D - : (V rj - - PAGE 284 BETA GAMMA SIGMA HONORARY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FRATERNITY Founded: University of Wisconsin, 1913 Alpha Chapter: The University of Texas, 1922 Spring G. ASHBURNE OROTHY A ,ENN ALBERT WELSCH OFFICERS ' President V ice-President Secretary-Treasurer DOROTHY AYRES GLENN ALBERT WELSCH Jim G. Ashburne Dorothy Ayres Joseph K. Bailey Jack William Cashin Aaron Hamilton Chute Alonzo Bettis Cox James Anderson Fitzgerald Richard Charles Henshaw Elizabeth Lanham FACULTY MEMBERS Edward Shird Lynn Francis B. May Edward Karl McGinnis George Hillis Newlove Charles Lee Prather Charles Aubrey Smith William R. Spriegel John Robert Stockton Florence Mae Stullken Ralph Burnham Thomp: Stella Traweek Ernest Winfield Walker Glenn Albert Welsch John Arch White Erich Walter Zimmermann Charles Theodore Zlatkovic HONORARY MEMBERS Will L. Clavton Lester Lum Colbert H. J. Lutcher Stark Clarence Allen Abramson Orville A. Armstrong, Jr. Wayne Delmas Baker Arnold Melvin Barban David Brown Barrow, Jr. Vivienne Eugenia Boswell Horace Rhea Brock Sally Kathron Capps Ralph Hugh Garden Chester Arthur Clayton Albert Harrington Cox, Jr. Sam Gaston Groom, Jr. Larry Lee Crum Gus Doering, Jr. Jesse Lawrence Elledge Robert Hugh Erwin James Eugene Estes Martha Ann Fontaine MEMBERS Mary Louise Gilmour Larry Elton Golman Ross Kennedy Henderson, Jr. Barbara Joan Hollway Earl Christian Huse Jack Greenwood Jones Harris Lee Keller William Franklin Kemp Rosalie Amelia Klein Charles Krovetz John Carl Lancia Everett Smith McCrum Muckleroy McDonnold Daniel Croxton Morgan, Jr. Barbara Jean Murrell Jack Mayes Neely Betty Jean Payne Margaret Texanna Pet Joel Herbert Pullen Donn Thomas Rice William Esgar Roberts Martha Ann Roche Stanley David Rosenberg Frank Alonzo Ross Abdul R. Sattar Morgan Enlow Shipman Ruth Lucile Sims Burhard Holmes Sord Marry Walter Stephenson, Jr Carolyn Lee Tobin Frederick Lale Varando Paul Cedric Wenger, Jr. Walter Williams Larry Clay Willimack PACE 285 BLUESTOCKINGS TO BRING TOGETHER UPPERCLASS GIRLS to reach a bettor under iE IN ENGLISH HOLASTI rature an tenipor; I ' nivcrsitv of Texas, 194] OFFICERS Fall RIE CHAbiTE BOOTH 1 .... President BIEL . .A -Jf " ' jy- Vice-President OZELLE PHILLIPS f g- Secretary 1.INDA El-AINK Hl.KVL ' S SlIlHLEV El.ISK S ' l ' KVM TWMAS MAUHY RRANKH.L . . iS S ' won.vor pnng IK CHARLOTTE HOOTH ilAHILVN ' O .KLLK PHILLIPS LINDA ELAINK RKKVKS 1 ELISI-: STHUM THOMAS MAHHY CHANFII MFAIBEHS ak Sara Lu Clemens Ann Davis Katherine Elizabeth Davis Ann Dorsey Gwen Echterhoff Claris Click Douglas Ann Johnson icia Kendall rian Marley Betty Ann! j p - rrmces Naismith Maureen O ' Brien I ' o elle Phillips Jenny Lincl Porter Ik-verly Purvine Linda Elaine Ree -es Margaret Ann Schmidt Otis Rhea Schmidt nnie Ruth Smitl; hirleyEJii Strum Bonnie Swem Constance Taylor Barbara Lee Terrell Marie Watkins Euline Williams Jane York PACE 286 CHI EPSILON NATIONAL HONORARY CIVIL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded: University of Illinois, 1922 Texas Chapter, 1934 Spring FRANK W. BOMAR President JARVIS DALE MICHIE ROBERT LEE THOMS .... JARVIS DALE MICHIE .... JOSEPH f KENT LONGACRE . . . Treasurer TIMOTHY L. T. Liu BEN ALAN TERRY Associate Editor WILLIAM MARTIN WOOD V ice-President JOHN FREDERICK BUENZ, JR. Secretary JAMES BRENT RAUHUT Leland Barclay William Earl Barker Alexander Sharp Bennet Frank Grant Bryant James Chinn Raymond Fillmore Dawson Werner W. Dornberger Ben B. Ewing Phil Moss Ferguson John Arnold Focht I FACULTY MEMBERS I Earnest F. Gloyna Hudson Matlock Banks McLaurin Walter Leon Moore Carl William Morgan James J. Pollard Ernest William Steel J. Neils Thompson A. Anthony Toprac n HONORARY MEMBERS Edward Blustien A. Warren Simonds Frank W. BomaB John Frederick Buenz, Jr. John David Carlton Bill Gorton Eppes Don Paul Fitzgibbon Jerry Garrett Herman Emil Harnel MEMBERS David M. Herring John Edward Lacy Timothy L. T. Liu Joseph Kent Longacre Frank Dewey Masch George T. Mayes Jarvis Dale Michie James E. Collier Billy C. Ellis George A. Houston, II James Brent Rauhut Ben Alan Terry Robert Lee Thorns Ted Porter Willis William Martin Wood aald Richtie Van Sickle SPRING PLEDGES Fernando Pablo Meza Robert E. Pollak Tehuda Savitz Larry Glenn Walker ,! PACE 287 DELTA NU ALPHA Fall EARL LEROY ECKHOFF . DONALD H. STHATTON JAMES KEITH JOHNSTON JAMES KEITH JOHNSTON HONORARY TRANSPORTATION FRATERNITY Founded: Wilmington, Delaware, 1945 The University of Texas, 1950 JljL, OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Spring RICHMOND SANFORD CLARK, JR. RICHMOND SANFORD CLARK, JR. GUY MAX DARDEL ALAN E. BARNES Henry Culberson Amos Alan E. Barnes W. Bill Berka Frederick Smith Lester Fred Bevil Joe Thomas Bunch William Earl Burrows Horacio Canales Leslie A. Clark Richmond Sanford Clark John Charles Craig Guy Max Dardel Wilson Thomas Dodge Earl LeRoy Eckhoff FACULTY MEMBERS Hampton Kent Snell John Lewis Hazard HONORARY MEMBERS Charles Ogle J. C. Carter Lon L. Nusom Bill Andis R. T. DuBose Dwight Chiles Leland O. Smith H. A. Matthews z r v MEMBERS Patrick Nicholas Flood Wyman Ray Gilliam Bennett E. Greenfield Robert Kay Hale James Elliott Hendricks James Keith Johnston Ray Benedict Jones, Jr. Lloyd Merwin Kersey Richard Francis Little Kennard Dwain Miller George Wilson Mills, Jr. Robert C. Morgan John F. Mulroy Bob Oththo Norton James William Parmley Jack Holden Piehl Oscar Ashley Reynolds, Jr. Ham ' O ' Neal Rowe Lawrence Xavier Schneider Lyle Warren Smith, Jr. Donald H. Stratton Robert E. Wallis William Reuben Waltrip James Thomas Ward Prentice Weldon Ward Janyong Wattanasirikul Ardis Blanchard Whittlesev PACE 288 DELTA SIGMA PI PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FRATERNITY Founded: New York University, 1907 Beta Kappa Chapter, 1930 N Fall JAMES WILLIS HULL . X WILLIAM SCOTT GARRISON CHARLES HENRY RUPE BILLY LOHEN MCPHERSON VERNON CLARK BEAIRD . BURNARD HOLMES SOHD Vernon Clark Beaird William Kirklen Brookshire Paul S. Curtis Henry Austin Dickson Robert Eugene Fitzgerald William Scott Garrison Walter Wade Holly Sf OFFICERS I V . Spring President LLOYD SHOPPA Senior V ice-President . . . CHARLES HENRY RUPE Vice-President . . . 7 . WALTER WADE HOLLY Secretary BILLY LOREN MCPHERSON Treasurer KENNETH ALAN MOORE Faculty Sponsor BUHNARD HOLMES SORD MEMBERS James Willis Hull Thomas Ruthledge Hunter Harris Benard Labowitz Richard Francis Little Billy Loren McPherson Milburn D. Odom Edward Dixon Quin Charles Henry Rupe Lloyd Shoppa Peter Nicholas Stankosky John Bailey Tatum James Bruce Watson Charles Finley Ba Frank Myron Bass Edwin George Chalupa Allen W. Dockery Vaughan Elvis Gray Walter George Bodling, Jr. Thomas Newton Cameron Travis La Verne Grim Charles Ronald Farley David Jerrell Fan- Richard John Florance Ralph Neal Gassman FALL INITIATES Sam Houston Richard Charles Hughes, Werner Edward Janecka Roy Theodore Jensen Billy Lowen Leach EDGES NGPL Tommy Warren Goad Frank Clifford Green, Jr. Richard Burton Humphrey Arthur Lee Lowe Bill Raymond Mullikin Swanzy B. Nations Thomas Hugh Owens Duncan Claude Mohler Kenneth Alan Moore Bobby Dan Slaughter Leonard George St. Romain Jimmie Ray Thornton Iliam Kosser ! Otis Thomas Rice Bobby Grant Seago Francis Gene Smith Richard Robert Smith William Earl Smith Gilbert Johnson Surratt PACE 289 FRIARS 1 TO CONFER THE HONOR OF MEMBERSHIP UPON THE TWELVE OR LESS MOST ELIGIBLE MEN CHOSEN FROM EACH SENIOR CLASS OR HIGHER Founded: The University of Texas, 1911 Fall STANLEY DAVID ROSENBE EVERETT FOY CLEMEIJ OFFICERS Spring Abbot ' jjAHOMiK CHARLES ZBRANKK Almoner EVKIU.TT FOY CLEMKXT FACULTY MEMBERS Glen Ellis Brooks, Jr. Charles T. Clark William Cunningham ver (O ! Emerson James Pinckney Hart Gns M. Hodges Joe Malik. Jr. Calyin Cleave Nolcn Arno Nowotnv Ech in W. Olle Allan Shi ers A. M. C. Sxvenson Jack deer Taylo laucle Vovl Stanley David Roseulx Everett Foy Clement Diinvard Cray Evans Jack Gray Johnson John Carl Landa ' illiam Ini o Marseliall Joe Paul Ttipin Robert Stone Timmins Jerry James Wilson James Richard Wright Jaromir Charles Zbranek SPRING INITIATE Tom K. Barton Jack Neucll Little Langford II. Sneed Donald Rav ' arren PACE 290 KAPPA KAPPA PSI NATIONAL HONORARY BAND FRATERNITY Founded: Oklahoma A M College. 1919 The University of Texas, 1940 Fall i v JOSEPH HARDIE SLIDER -J- HAROLD CLAYTON BRANTLEY, JR. THOMAS WESLEY HERBST MORGAN VAN RAINES MOTON HAYWOOD CROCKETT, JR. OFFICERS President . V ' ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Sponsor JOSEPH HARDIE SLIDER HAROLD CLAYTON BRANTLEY, JR. THOMAS WESLEY HEHBST MORGAN VAN RAINES MOTON HAYWOOD CROCKETT, JR. n HONORARY MEMBERS D. Harold Byrd Tom Miller Louis Novy Charles Page Eugene Paul Schoch J. F. Witt ' FACULTY MEMBERS Elbert White Bennett Harold Clayton Brantley, Jr. Sims Allen Buckley Charles Thomas Eagle, Jr. George Alfonso Garcia James Daniel Moton Haywood Crockett, Jr. Isaac Field Roebuck MEMBERS Thomas Wesley Herbst Bill Curtis Langford Perry Mueller Jr. Morgan Van Raines Joseph Hardie Slider Bill J. Whitted William Carroll Wilsoi Billy Lee Windham John Ben Yows Mike Alfred Bartlett Byron Ross Byars, Jr. Leonard Alvan Chambers Bobby J. Daffern Jacky Paul Gilbert Elwood Ray Henderson Wallace Bruce Hicks SPRING INITIATES Charles Norman Kahler Allan Ronald Keown John Weldon Koenig Byron Lindsey Victor Lozano, Jr. James Dailey Mason William Freeman Morrison James Van Richards Albert Clay Ross John Louis Sanders Robert Harold Sobotik Elvin H. Underwood Jerry Riley Wiseman Thomas Michael Young PACE 291 MU PHI EPSILON 4 Ha HONORARY PROFESSIONAL MUSIC FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Founded: Metropolitan College for Musip, 1903 Mu Theta Chapter, 194 1 Fall LAVINA FREELAND . MARY MORGAN . MARY KAY HANKS . ANN STICKLER VEHBIE BESS NELSON MRS. E. WILLIAM DOTY . Presi . Vice OFFICERS ' sident V ice-President . Corresponding, Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer .... Spring LAVINA FREELAND MARY ANN FINCK ANN GARDNER NICHOLL ANN GARDNER NICHOLL PATRICIA RAY OSBORN Sponsor MRS. E. WILLIAM DOTY FACULTY Monetta Clare Jill Bailiff Esma Beth Clark Helen Doris Haupt Joan Templar MEMBERS Mary Frances Adams Mary Elizabeth Dacus Lavina Freeland Man- Kav Hanks Jane t ouise Hardwick pta r Marcellene Hawk Ruthanne Huser Maxine Lucia Kvle Mary Morgan Verbie Bess Nelson Sue Anne Sanborn Gloria Geren Steelman Ann Stickler Clementine White Louise Fontaine Zipf =_ Ann Gardner Nicholl Patricia Ray Osborn SPRING PLEDGE Harriet June Westling PACE 292 OMICRON NU NATIONAL HONORARY SOCIETY FOR HOME ECONOMICS STUDENTS Founded: Michigan State College, 1912 Upsilon Chapter, 1924 v GABEL VANC WJJ3U.U11 VJlldULCi, tfi ' t m fl it 1? iB P W Fall CAROLYN ANN LEE SUGGS i -- JUANITA MENDEL SILBERSTEIN MARILYN MAYS FELLA . GWENDOLYN VIOLA BROWN . JANET CONNOR FITZGERALD DOROTHY FEHLIS JONES . OFFICERS F ' v " ' President . V ice-President ecretary Treasurer . Historian Sponsor Spring CAROLYN KONGABEL VANCE ANN LEE SUGGS JUANITA MENDEL SILBERSTEIN MARILYN MAYS FELLA GWENDOLYN VIOLA BROWN JANET CONNOR FITZGERALD Sponsor . . . - DOROTHY FEHLIS JONES : Gwendolyn Viola Brov Joyce Lee Brown Shirley Jean Dittmar ! Rose Marie Ebarb Marilyn Mays Fella Patsy Joyce Flachmeier Patricia Ellen Horn FACULTY MEMBERS Bess Heflin Lucy Rathbone Shirley Sue Rudd Elizabeth Tarpley MEMBERS Janette Bandy Johnson Nancy Yvonne Peavy Pat Home Pierson Juanita Mendel Silberstein Ann Lee Suggs Betty Ann Thompson Esther Knudson Tipps Carolyn Kongabel Vance Laurel Earline Weddle Mary Lynn Willingham Charlotte Cora Wolcott Barbara Jean Zabolio Eileen Ethel Buckley Maria Coronada Emily Estelle Dooley Barbara Kathryn Etchison Glenda Gay LaGrone Christine Harris Judith Wilemon Marion Martin Martin PACE 293 PHI BETA KAPPA HONORARY FRATERNITY FOR MEN AND WOMEN IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Founded: William and Mary College, 1776 Alpha Chapter of Texas, 1905 OFFICERS Fall L. D. HASKEW President MRS. WILLIAM KAY MILLER .... Vice-f ' resident Lois BAIRD TRICE Secretary Spring WALTER PRESCOTT WEBB i-oiSE ROACH Lois BAIRD TRICE MAY, 1954, GRADUATES Camilla May Berkley Paul Edward Cade Wendell Butler Daniel Nancy Joan Earle Ramon Alton Fiveash John David Gavenda Jerry Duanc Henderson Marthanne Hodges Lellah Onys Nix Stanley Schindler Margaret Ann Schmidt Sally June Snider Barbara Lee Terrell Mary Ann Rattikin Thurman AUGUST, 1954, GRADUAT ' S3 EW Patricia Joan Billfaldt William Taylor Biskamp Harry Pat Hewell Delia Lucille Barron Powell Irene Louise Liberty Schroeder Minna Alice Smith Constance Mae Taylor MEMBERS JANUARY, 1955, GRADUATES Arval Wendell Bohn Robert Zempter Eanes Robert Audean Fairey Helen Rosina Heise Jung Phyllis Ann Pescor Leonard Howell Clifton McCleskey Eleanor Manuel Patricia Lou Perry Grace Sue Riemann Kcndal True Rogers Carol Moak Weatherall Richard Allen Wich Claude Finley Williamson JUNE, 1955, CANDIDATES Joan Irene Ablon Tom K. Barton Marilyn Biel Marjory Janice Bourdon Charles Rogers Buffler James Michael Cook Ann Davis Nancy Elizabeth Green James Albert Hall Macie Anne Hulse George Randolph Kartezenis Patricia Anne Kendall James Howard Keahey John Tunstall Lowry Herbert Melton Loyd Roy David McDonald Theodore Phillip Martin onnie Elise Mims George Edward Nowotny, Jr. James Allen Reinarz Fred, Whitcomb Riley, Jr. Alice Elaine Smith Mary Kathryn Smith Nellora Ruth Smith Jacob Harris Stillman Marie Jane Watkins Barbara Ann Welhausen Jerry James Wilson Joyce Filinger Yoes Jimmie L. Zografos JUNIOR MEMBERS IN COURSE John Walter Clark Bascom Barry Hayes K. Raeburn Miller PAGE 294 PHI ETA SIGMA HONORARY SCHOLASTIC FRATERNITY FOR MEN Founded: University of Illinois, 1923 Texas Chapter, 1931 Fall JOE SPEED CARBOLL . . t . JOHN DAVID WRIGHT .... CHARLES RICHARD SANDERS . KENNETH TYSON WILLIAM WEAKS MORRIS ROBERT FONDA CRIBBLE . OFFICERS President V ' ice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Historian Junior Advisor . Senior Advisor . Spring JOE SPEED CARROLL JOHN DAVID WRIGHT CHARLES RICHARD SANDEBS KENNETH TYSON WILLIAM WEAKS MOBBIS ROBERT FONDA GBIBBLE William P. Clark James Pinckney Hart James Howard Ball Elmer Hugh Batey Thomas Alton Blakeley Robert Neil Brown Owen William Cecil Morris L. Goolsby Robert Bruce Haldane David Michael Hampton John Henry Harrison, IV :an Alpay MEMBERS-AT-LARGE Tomas Edward Horton Robert Quentin Keith HONORARY MEMBERS Arno Nowotny Theophilus S. Painter FALL 1954 INITIATES Jerry Bankston Harvey Lee Murphy Johnson James Walter Kachtick Daniel David Kana Charles Ellis McCullough Robert Harold Sobotik Ewing Tisdall- Steel Billy Ray Stephens SPRING INITIATES Witt Robert Lee Sutherlan Floyd Grady Stoddard John Thomas Stuart, III Larry Coleman Wadle Thomas Elmer Wiley, Jr. Kay Ball Withers Pacey Lee Wohlner Richard Marvin Womac John Ben Yows Okan Fred Graydon Anderson John Earl Archer W Harald Wesley Ashendorf Leroy Frederick Avers Lewie Mabry Barber Robert Loyd Basford Ben Michael Bennett Richard Earl Berkley Robert RagsdaleJJpothe Alfred Ervin Borrrr HB Jackie Ray Boston William L. Brawley, Jr. Sam Raymond Bright, Jr John Alton Burdine, Jr. Thomas Marley Camfield Philip Ridley Cecil Clyde Edward Chapman George Andrew Clary Brady Marshall Cole Jackie Richard Cooper Albert Washington Costley William Reed Cozart Daniel M. Davis Homer Finley Davis Phoebus James Dhrymes James Howard Doores Marvin Neel Elder John Frederick Ensle Kenneth McCarty Fink Frederick William Fischer Terry Norman Forrester John Allen Graham Addison Y. Gunter Dimitri George Haddad Hall Street Hammond Robert Locke Harris William Arch HarrisonJ Jjj A. Jackson Hill David Olin Hinkle Lonnie Floyd Hollingsworth Ettore H. F. Infante Robert Alan Jacobs Robert Cotham Jolly Ronald Conway Jones Jang Ying Kan Paul Edward Kellogg William Nea l Kocurek Harold David Krick, Jr. Jerry Van Kyle Jerry Miral Lane Robert David Langley John Dillard LaRue Peter Hans Lohse Robert Foster Loughridge Larry Lee Loyd Richard G. McCollum Dee Russel McEIroy Donald Ralph McLelland Jorge E. Mezei Abraham Samuel Milgram James Robert Millar " " Robert Elton Mrms . Stephen Baery Oates Peter Lee Oliver George Albert Olson Sheldon Irving Oster Jack Dowlin Parsons John Wesley Sauer Walter Asa Saunders, Jr. Frederick Schaffner Theodore Ernest Schneider, Jr. Standley Breil Schuster Valdemar Chalk Sierk Charles William Skinner Don Stanton Smith Mitchell Everts Smith Jerry Dale Stephens Robert Eugene Stevens Beeman Ewell Strong Locke McKinnon Stuart Jack Harrison Stutts John Edson Teed John H. Truksa Jay Wolf Ungerman James Whittenburg Walker William David Walter Frank Houston Walters Dennis Evan Welch Jerry Ames Wells Michael Carter Whitt David Harry Wilten John Reagan Woodward Glenn Roy Zipp Only Fall 1954 and Spring 1955 initiates are listed. Officers are elected from the 1953 to 1954 initiates. PAGE 295 PHI MU ALPHA HONORARY MUSIC FRATERNITY Founded: New England Conservatory of Music, 1898 The University of Texas Chapter, 1942 Fall if FFICERS GEBRE EDWARD HANCOCK .... President WALTON DON HdooV ' . . . V ice-President JERRY NEIL SMrfH s -. .... Secretary FRED THEODORE VIEHWEG . . -. Treasurer ROBERT LESTER HUBBARD .... Warden . . ff . J. FRANK ELSASS . Jff . . Faculty Advisor Spring WALTON DON HOOD CLAUDE EMILE KENNESON JOHN Louis ARDOIN CHESTER HOWELL MCDANIEL DON DAVIS SMITH J. FRANK ELSASS 7 I " FACULTY MEMBERS Joseph Blankenship John Merle Boe J. Frank Elsass Robert Bernard Fitzgerald Archie N. Jones Kent Wheeler Kennan Paul Amadeus Pisk James Clifton Thomas Wynn Aderson John Louis Ardoin Charles LomWJamfett Hilbert Charles Bluhm Willis Ramsey Wditt Robert Alvin Campbell Charles Thomas Eagle, Jr. MEMBERS Neal Ward Ferris Morris L. Goolsby Gerre Edward Hancock Walton Don Hood Robert Lester Hubbard Charles Worth Hunter Claude Emile Kenneson QaiV Jimmy Douglas Blackwell Malcolm Russell Gregory James William Hipp Charles Haun Huffman CJ SPRING PLEDGES Jerry Miral Lane Robert Lionel Lauwer Sam H. Milligan Jimmy Louis Nichols Chester Howell McDaniel Nelson G. Patrick Don Davis Smith Jerry Neil Smith William Boyd Steck James Tryer Fred Theodore Viehweg James V. Robinson Avie Kellmann Teltschik David Erland Vassberg Robert Edward Weaver PAGE 296 PI DELTA PHI NATIONAL HONORARY FRENCH FRATERNITY Founded: Berkeley, California, 1906 Rho Chapter, 1941 Fall O. KIMBALL DAVIS . . , . . . President MARIAN BROWN MURPHY LUBA SENKEVITCH s Spring TONY DUVALL V ' ice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS Claude Marie Book Barbara Ann Browning O. Kimball Davis Tony Duvall Jim Minton Hadra Mary Alice Jeanes Helen Heise Jung Betty Ann Kilday pnng O. KIMBALL DAVIS MARIAN- BROWN MURPHY LUBA SENKEVITCH TONY DUVALL George Winston Mansur Diane McFarland Marian Brown Murphy Luba Senkevitch | Karel Lou Sladek Philip Moves 1 ' Ruth Althea Taylor Katliryn Suzanne Weaver Maria Magdalena Benavid Hubert A. Brandenbur SPRING PLEDGES i Preshia Jane Chauncey Peggy Clay Fulwiler Harold Joseph Garner Margaret Rives King Mary Elinor Lancaster Lida Litvin Hugh Jay Luke Charlotte Muriel Moore Robert Harold Price PACE 297 PI LAMBDA THETA BETTY KATHRYN WOOD MARY LUCY ROBSON M. SUE TRIGG . . . SARAH ANN BIVINS . HELEN LOUISE THOMASON WINNIE WILKINS JESSIE HELEN HAAG . Thelma Anderson Bollman Mary Evelynn Buice Jessamon Dawe Helen Margaret Flinn Nelia Fox Alma More Freeland Dorothy Louise Ge er on Betsy Catherin Marjory Jenetta Laura Holloway Becker Sarah Ann Bivins Fay Beth Bridges Lois Ann Campbell Helen Weisner Hartle Beverly Ruth Alaniva Patsy Jean Alford Norma Joyce Bander Cecilia Ann Barber Gwendolyn Viola B Jere Johnson Campbell Florence Marie CoffW; Marcia L. Davis Kathleen Virginia Drake Claudia Ann Fletcher Gloria F. Hoppe HONORARY EDUCATION FRATERNITY Founded: University of Missouri, 1912 Psi Chapter, 1926 OFFICERS ' resident {V- H V ice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer Keeper of Records Sponsor . FACULTY MEMBERS Jessie Helen Haag Geneva Hanna Mary Bell James Mary S. Kirkpatrick Coja Merriman Martin Spring Y KATHBYN WOOD MABY LUCY ROBSON M. SUE THIGG , SARAH ANN BIVINS HELEN LOUISE THOMASON WINNIE WILKINS JESSIE HELEN HAAG Sallie Beth Moore MEMBERS Anne Hulse Nancy Maxine Jenkins E. Jane Kneip Hester Elizabeth Lockett Georgia Nell Nutt Carole Newberry FALL INITIATES Clara M. Parker Leigh Peck Phyllis Richards lone Pettey Spears Elizabeth Taipley Leta I. Walt , ; etty Lucy Robson Joanne Glover Strauss Helen Louise Thomason M. Sue Trigg Winnie Willdns Wood N. Kell Betty Landnim Elvie Lou Luetge :ne Gay Maxwell Marion Eames McClendon Margaret Julia McPherson Virginia C. Patterson Barbara Ann Potts Frances Darlene Prouse Margaret Ruth Shaw Alice Elaine Smith Lucy Lee Speaker Gloria Geren Steelman Joanne E. Steinbach Lorraine Maley Stockton allie Kathryn Thornton Amalie Traeger Lou Trapani Carrie Lee Warren Mary Jane Witcher PACE 298 PI SIGMA ALPHA NATIONAL HONORARY POLITICAL SCIENCE FRATERNITY Founded: The University of Texas, 1920 Fall OFFICERS Spring _ WESLEY SISSON CHUMLEA . . President BERYL ERWIN PETTUS HARRY PAT HEWELL Vice-President YADOLLAH Toossi LORETTA LOWRY Secretary-Treasurer j fc. di CHARLES EUGENE HUTSELL Lynn Foster Anderson John Alton Burdine Howard Andrew Calkins John Gillespie Edward Everett Hale Werdner Page Keeton William Samuel Livingston Stuart Alexander MacCorkle m FACULTY MEMBERS H. Malcolm Macdonald J John Lloyd Mecham S ' Warner E. Mills, ]r S Robert Hargrove Montgomery Joe West Neal Arno Nowotny Caleb Perry Patterson DeWitt Carter Reddiek Emmette S. Redford James Robert Roach Thomas Andrew Rousse Robert Weldon Stayton Eduard Taborsky Wilfred Dunbar Webb Oliver Douglas Weeks Pablo Max Ynsfran Winston Lamar Adkins Garland Erastus Bayliss Lyle Clarence Brown Wesley Sisson Chumlea Jamie Haqur Clements James Michael Cook Edgar Shlomo Efrat Robert A. Fairey ' Etha Forman Reverdy Thomas Gliddon William Marvin Griffin Thomas Handy James A. Hankerson Grace Ann Hardin Curtis R. Hatter, Jr. Barbara Ann Hazlewood Harry Pat Hewell 1 Allan Britt Adkin Tom K. Barton Richard Frank Bergner Billy Joe Colwell Edward Elton Crow Virginia S. George MEMBERS Vernon Barnes Hill 3 atricia Hinds Charles Gohmert Hoff Robert Nathan Katz Dwight Lyndol Lieb Loretta Lowry Howell Clifton McCleskey Leonard Masters Nancy Paxton Moody Mary Alice Morgan James O. Mullin Wayne E. Nesbitt William Griffin O ' Hare Beryl Erwin Pettus Athena B. Piedrahita Bruch M alone Price William Wagner Ran SPRING INITIATES Earleen Holleman Harry Lee Hudspet Charles Eugene Hutsell Nicholas Johnson Valdemar Rodriguez BHMH WPW Carlos Rota Oliver Morris Refsell Bob Eric Shannon Nancy Marie Skiles Nello ' ra Ruth Smith James M. Strock Eloise Lorraine Teas Barbara Lee Terrell Yadollah Toossi Charles Warren Van Cleve Lois Irene Watson Barbara Ann Welhausen Jerry James Wilson Woodrow William Wilson Dorman Hayward Winfrey Gary Young Jaromir Charles Zbranek Saralu S. Ziegler Richard Stout arlos Bryan Turtle Jerome S. Wilkenfeld William Laurence Willis icia Jane Wolf PAGE 299 PI TAU SIGMA HONORARY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded: University of Illinois, 1915 Texas Chapter, 1931 Falll PAT G. HEDGCOXE RUDY E. MUELLER . ROBERT FBED BAILEY JOHN EDWARD MUSCH JOHN BAJLLARD SISK . LEONARD R. BENSON . OFFICERS President . V ice-President ... Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Sponsor f . !f , |. Spring RUDY R. MUELLER ROBERT FORREST FLETCHER ROBERT FRED BAILI JACK RAY LACY FRANK ARTHUR ZIMBELMAN LEONARD R. BENSOI " Billy Howard Amstead Rinaldo A. Bacon Millard Vernon Barton Myron Louis Begeman Leonard R. Bensonlf Howard Earl Brow: William Junius C Shmuel Adler Russell FACULTY MEMBERS Joseph Winthrop Dalley Venton Levy Doughtie Carl John Eckhardt Harry Llewellyn Kent Leonardt Ferdinand Kreisle Wayne Eggleston Long Henry Grady Rylander MEMBERS Bryon Elliot Short William Holland Shutts Horace Eugene Staph Milton John Thompson Burnett Forrest Treat John Reid Watt Willis Raymond Woolrich lean Archibald bert Fred Bailey Menashe Bromberg Pat G. Hedgcoxe Vernon Albert Lee Joe Henry McGraw Rudy R. Mueller John Edward Musch Galen W. Pape, Jr. John Ballard Sisk FALL INITIATES David Allen Briggs Lynn Thbmas Evans Robert Forrest Fletcher Charles Warren Goehringer Jack Ray Lacy Robert Kenneth McMordie Mark Mason Frank Arthur Zimbelman SPRING INITIATES lody Keefer Boatright George Robert Burrell Clarke Covington Phillip Eugene Gratke Eric Lynn Jones Bayliss Cage Mclnnis Walter Curry Melton Charles Joe Stalmach, Jr. Dady B. Vakharia PAGE 300 RHO CHI NATIONAL HONORARY PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY Founded: University of Michigan, 1922 Texas Nu Chapter, 1929 OFFICERS Fall VINCENT BERNARD CHRIST MERLE WILSON BENJAMIN LEON WILKEN INGE JOAN LUBASCH President Vice-president . Secretary-Treasurer Historian Spring VINCENT BERNARD CHRIST MERLE WILSON BENJAMIN LEON WILKEN INGE JOAN LUBASCH Carl Clarence Albers Robert Graves Brown Henry Matthew Burlage William Francis Gidley Gunnar Gjerstad Vernon Albert Green FACULTY Wallace Louis Guess Esther Jane Wood Hall William Reese Lloyd Frederick Valentine Lofgren Joseph R. loreno HONORARY MEMBERS William Rust Neville, Jr. Herbert Frederick Schwartz, II William Johnson Sheffield Leon Otto Wilken, Jr. 1 Charles Owens Wilson Walter Dickson Adams Eugene M, Caskey lerle Wilson Benjamin Vincent Bernard Christ Jaime Nabor Delgado Olivero Ruiz Everett T. A. Lambert Walter Cousins, Jr. MEMBERS Jerry Dean Harrison Morris Reagan Hill Homi Hirvighoy Kavarana Inge Joan Lubasch FALL INITIATES Richard Melvin Berezin John Emerson Davis Mrs. Vernon L. Decker William Otis Henry Peter Rudolf Hernandez Jerry W. Matson William Bernard Stavir Joe Paul Tupin Leon Wilken ha Harold Don Sel Moise Arnold Axelrad Richard Wallace Clement Robert Dale Cumrriings SPRING INITIATES Franklin Joseph Knebel Walter Felton Maloney Cynthia Carpenter McGary EMBERS James Marshall A David B. Barnhill William Delf Bryce John David Carlton Philip Morgan Clayton William A. Cline, Jr. ; Theriot Coltharp Robert Parker Cralle Frank Dewayne Finchum Clay W. G. Fulcher George Kirby Haley Theadore Hardin Vernon Barnes Hill, Jr. Gene R. Hilton Clifton Lee Hodges " John W. Johnson Preston Conrad Knonkosky Charles Calvin Kubin Norman Wilson Ray Thomas Edward Walters Beverly Ann Williams Gene Lewis Naegelin Jerry Ray Sandefur Robert Louis Schlumpf Morgan Enlow Shipman Charles Craig Woodson James Richard Wright PAGE 301 SCABBARD AND BLADE NATIONAL HONORARY MILITARY SOCIETY Founded: University of Wisconsin, 1904 Texas Chapter, 1949 G Company, 8th Regiment OFFICERS JAMES MARSHALL ADKINS MORGAN ENLOW SHIPMAN WILLIAM DELF BRYCE . LIP MORGAN CLAYTON Captain . First Lieutenan Second Lieutenant First Sergeant Hrl Spring LEROY BIRDWELL, JR. PHILIP A. NELSON, JR. VERNON T. SANFORD, JR. EUGENE BENJAMIN RUSSELL FACULTY MEMBERS ant Colonel Thomas A. Livingston, USA Captain Lewis Vernon Edner, USA Major James Hart Pope, USMC HONORARY MEMBERS Captain Francis J. Johnson, USN Colonel Hugh Delvin McGaw, USA Colonel David H. Thomas, USAF Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Arthur Tolve, USA Richard Fraine A Ottie Levau LeRoy Birdwell, Jr. John Blumberg . FALL PLEDGES Donald A. Hart John H. McGr Philip A. Nelson, Jr. Eugene Benjamin Russell Vernon T. Sanford, Jr. T A Thomas Joe Yium David Brown Barrow, Jr. Samuel Charles Bradshaw Donald Richmond Bru-ger Sims Allen Buckley Julian Bliss Coskey Franklin Deny Crutchfield Robert Fond f Gajjbl Keith Russell Grimes Tjascom Barry Hayes " Paul Dea Jones John Carl Landa Joe Bernard Lovejoy Judd Miller, Jr. William Wakefield Roush James Bohus Salas Clarence Linden Sledge PACE 302 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA HONORARY PROFESSIONAL MUSIC ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN Founded: University of Michigan School of Music, 1903 Beta Xi Chapter, 1951 FaU CATHARINE JONES MERRY DAVELLYN BODIE PEGGY JEAN PASSVVATERS JORTTA BRASFIELD MARTHA POWELI LOLA KAY PALMER MARILYN LEE GUERGUIN OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer . MARTHA L. KUNKEL CJiaplain Editor Spring JORITA BRASF MARTHA POWELL BARBARA DARNALL CAROLYN HUFF CAROLYN R. MONROE ELIZABETH A. BAILE IJf- oeYiaffl FACULTY Josephine Antoine Charlotte Estelle DuBois Verna M. Harder Janet Mary McGaughey Mary G. Spaulding Elizabeth Louise Merry Davellyn Bodi Jorita Brasfield Para Lee Cain M. Carolyn Carter Ernestine Gohrband Anita Lynn Green Marilyn Lee Guerguin Anna Margaret Jackson Elizabeth Ann Bailey Mary Clyde Capps Barbara Darnall HONORARY MEMBER Josephine Antoine MEMBERS Anna Schoff Hartung Clara Ruth Hooten Catharine Jones Harriet Grace Lawyer Carolyn Morris Little Catherine Ann Logan Carolyn Rose Monroe Lola Kav Palmer Marian Ruth Yeager Phyllis Casselman Young Peggy Jean Passwaters Martha Powell Gerry Fletcher Smith Lucy Lee Speaker Almarie Trantham Shirley Jane Wood Margaret Bedell Wyss FALL INITIATES Laurie Wier Ford Mary Frances Hodge olyn Huff SPRING PLEDGES June Hood Huffman Lottie Lou Lipscomb Joan Hawthorne McKenzie Margaret Morris Marjorie June Reeves Lynn Lila Jones Julia Ann Knicker Martha Leah Kunkel Saeko Sherry Wright PACE 303 SIGMA DELTA CHI NATIONAL HONORARY JOURNALISM FRATERNITY W Founded: Depaw University, Texas Chapter, 1913 Fall RICHARD EDWARD BUSBY THOM CARLTON HANSARD LUKE LEON PATRENELLA, JR. DON THOMAS NELSON D MAi OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring RICHARD EDWARD BUSBY JIMMY RAY CLARK LUKE LEON PATRENELLA JR. DON THOMAS NELSON Hulon Witherspoon Black Earl Burk Braly Norris G. Davis Joe B. Frantz Laurence Defee Haskew FACULTY MEMBERS Olin Ethmer Hinkle William Edward Keys Harrell Estes Lee Frank Morris Midkiff Harrv Estill Moore DeWitt Carter Reddick Alan Scott Ernest Alonzo Sharpe Paul Jennings Thompson Frank Wardlaw Beverly Revelle Baker Walter Be ach Richard Edward Busby Thomas Joseph Chapman Jimmy Ray Clark James Burton Davis James Leslie Eager Robert Clyde Giles David Hunter Graff t : MEMBERS om Carlton Hansard Robert Ramey Hilburn Robert Claude Jones James Howard .Keahey Robert Patrick Knight Jimmie Joe McKinley Don Thomas Nelson Luke Leon Patre James Grady Price A FALL PLEDGES John Michael Quinn Robert Roberts Rash Joseph Lawrence Schott Sidney Griffin Singer Thomas Van Thompson Edgar Charles Watkins Richard Abe Williams James Richard Wright Carl Gebhard Burgen Sula Gardner Collins Joseph C. Goulden Ireneo Gutierrez, Jr. Julian Robert Levine William Weeks Morris William P. Rosenthal Willmon Lee White Kenneth Dale Zimmerman PACE 304 SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON WILLAHD RUSSELL GREEN BOB F. ABERNATHY LESLIE PITTMAN WHITE . ALBERT BARTLETT CROWTHER, JR. STEPHEN EDMUND CLABAUGH arpe oopson Bob F. Abernathy Albert Bartlett Crowther, Jr. John William Dietrich Willard Russell Green Forrest R. Mitchell Sidney Stuart Moran Charles Brady Morris NATIONAL HONORARY EARTH SCIENCE FRATERNITY ' ounded: University of Kansas, 1915 Zeta Chapter, 1920 FFIC President V ice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Faculty Sponsor MEMBERS George Edward Nowotny, Jr. James Eugene Peterson James Stuart Pitman, Jr. Theo Louis Polasek Leonard James Rehkemper Isaac Field Roebuck Wilfred Francois Roux, Jr. Rash eSchott Mam Gordon Edward Adams Robert Harwood Alexander Charles Clinton Booth Robert William Bradley Ben Buongiorno David Ray Butler FALL INITIATES Ronald Charles Grossman Dale Flint Dickinson John Cameron Donley Robert Emmett Doyle Ralph Charles Duchin Keith Russell Grimes k SPRING INITIATES Walter V. Boyle Leon Raymond Cort James Alan Davis Charles William Ellis Richard Evans Grant Charles John Mankin Richard Vernon McGehee Bill Judson M Spring BEN BUONGIORNO GORDON EDWARD ADAMS JOHN CAMERON DONLEY KEITH RUSSELL GRIMES STEPHEN EDMUND CLABAUGH Alva P. Shepard, III George Keith Sirrine John Luther Snider Leslie Pittman White Thomas Carby Woodward John Buel Wright Paul Eugene Schnurr Robert T. Terriere Thomas Waterman T Jack O ' Neal Whitley Kenneth Eugene Wood Jose rston Smith, Jr. James Edwin Rogers PACE 305 TAU BETA PI NATIONAL ENGINEERING HONOR SOCIETY Founded: Leigh University, 1885 Alpha Chapter, 1916 OFFICERS ANTHONY LAWRENCE Pozzi . . . President . . . . . ANTHONY LAWRENCE Pozzi DONAI.D RITCHIE VAN SICKLE . . Vice -President .... DONALD RITCHIE VAN SICKLE DONAIJD HOLM KOBE Vd| Recording Secretary . . DONALD HOLM KOBE NEIL DARHEL Cox Corresponding, Secretary . NEIL DARREL Cox JOHN fcAMERON DONLEY . . . Treasurer JOHN CAMERON DONLEY Leland Barclay William Earl Barker Myron Louis Begeman Leonard R. Benson Fredrick Emerson Brooks, Jr. Frank Grant Bryant James Chinn Edith Clarke Clark Milton Cleveland Albert Everet Co- David Cornell Kenneth Jackson Box Cullen Malone Grain William A. Cunningham Ronald Kinnison DeFord Venton Levy Doughtie William Charles Ehiesterhoeft Bobby F. Aberna Shmuel Adler Robert Fred Bailey, Jr. Frank W. Bomar ' ,; Wilfred James Braulick Menashe Bromberg John Fredrick Buenz, Jr. James Maxwell Cooksey Leon Raymond Cort Neil Darrel Cox i Ronald Charles Grossman James Alan DaviS Richard Hugh Davis John Cameron DOnley Herman E. Haend Don Arthur Hart! Pat Garner Hedgcoxe Manuel Aguirre I John E. Anderso Ken E. Clonts Dale F. Dickinson Pat C. Dougherty James W. Fella FACULTY MEMBERS Carl John Eckhardt George Homer Fancher Phil Moss Ferguson John Arnold Focht Burns Newman Gafford William H. Hartwig William Webb Holland Eldred Wilson Hough Kenneth A. Kobe Jack Lenhart Rubin W. Ludwig James Dorr McFarland Banks McLaurin Hudson Matlock Walter Leon Moore Harold John Plass, Jr. James J. Pollard MEMBERS David M. Herring Clifton Lee Hodges, Jr. Benny Frank Johnson Donald Holm Kobe Jack Ray Lacy James Robert Lawley Kung-Hsing Lee Vernon A. Lee Carl Theodore Levander Joseph Kent Longacre Carl Bertrand Lyda Frank Dewey Masch, Jr. George Terrell Mayes Joe Henry McGraw Forrest Richard Mitchell Jerry Frank Moffitt SPRING INITIATES Harry Harrison Power Howard Fredrick Rase Charles Elmer Rowe Henry Grady Rylander Jack A. Scanlan Byron Elliot Short Harold Wood Smith Carl Conrad Steyer Robert LeGrande Stone Archie Waugh Straiton J. Neils Thompson Milton John Thompson Burnett Forrest Treat James William Turnbow Robert W. Warner ,. Joseph Weiss illis Raymond Woolrich Rudy R. Mueller John Edward Musch Charles Richard Otey Anthony Leon Pozzi Thomas H. Ramsey James Brent Rauhut Ronald Reginald Roselius John Ballard Sisk Charles Joe Stalmach Ben Alan Terry Robert Lee Thorns Donald Ritchie Van Sickle William Alden Weeks William Weigler Jack O ' Neal Whitley Everett Howard Wilson - ' . - Don P. Fitzgibbon Charles W. Goehringer Robert F. Cribble Thomas W. Herbst George H. Hopkins C. Donald Jones Eric L. Jones John H. Lind Joe Bernard Lovejoy Mark Mason William W. Melvin Jarvix 1 Theo L. Polasek Raymond F. Rabke, Jr. Erwin A. Reinhard Roddy R. Rogers Dody B. Vakharia Frank A. Zimbelman PAGE 306 THETA SIGMA PHI HONORARY PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISM FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Founded: University of Washington, 1909 Xi Chapter, 1919 I : ' ' winch oelius Sictle Fall ROSE MARIE HELEN SCHAFER PHYLLIS ANN GREEN . . . RUTH PENDERGRASS . DORIS JANET RODGEHS Lois RACHAEL WILLS NORHIS G. DAVIS . OFFICERS Spring President ROSE MARIE HELEN SCHAFER V ice-President PHYLLIS ANN GREEN Secretary .... -jjjlir . RUTH PENDERGRASS Treasurer . . . . . . . CAROLYN JUNE CULBERT Keeper of Archives .... JOAN K. MC!NTYHE Sponsor . , NORRIS G. DAVIS FACULTY MEMBERS Marye Durrum Benjamin Amy Jo Long Jessamon Dawe Carolyn Jane Malone Mary Margaret Frazier Jo Caldwell Meyer Nancy Torrance Jones Leigh Peck Frankie Welborn Lindsey Afton Taylor Wynn HONORARY MEMBERS Marguerite Harrisor Jean Mooney Carolyn June Culbert Phyllis Ann Green Millicent Seay Huff Douglas Ann Johnson Roberta Jean Kuekes Sandra Bernice Mitchell MEMBERS Joan K. Mclntyre Ruth Pendergrass F. Darlene Prouse Doris Janet Rodge rs Rose Marie Helen Schafer Otis Rae Schmidt Shirley Elise Strum Betty Jo Taylor Roxanne Ward Lois Rachael Wills Helen Anna Betty Jo Ann Schwartz Elaine Elizabeth Aniol Shirley Cohen Joanne Copeland Madeline Jane Collins M. Conoly Cullum Shirley Caroline Insall SPRING INITIATES Mary Pat Flynn Rose Eleanor Janda ret FinklKeefauver Nancy McMeans Lillian Rae Ornish Ruth Lorene Prouse Barbara Rose Ray Shirley Wren Roy Jean Marie Schwartz Mary Catherine Sellers Quinn Carol Hartley Sutherland Jane Willis PAGE ' 307 DE Vnr C. REDDICK Professor of Journalism THE LEMUEL SCARBROUGH FOUNDATION FACULTY AWARD MARGARET ANNE EPPRIGHT Professor of Home Economics PACE 308 ALL-CAMPUS ADVISORS COUNCIL HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN ' S DORMITORY ADVISORS Founded: The University of Texas, 1937 Fall BETTY KATHBYN WOOD MARY JUAN PRESSON GWENDOLYN QUILLAN . ROSE ELEANOR JANDA . HELEN M. FLINN OFFICERS Spring Council Chairman BETTY KATHHYN WOOD Council Vice-Chairman .... MARY JUAN PRESSON Council Secretary GWENDOLYN QUILLAN Council Reporter ROSE ELEANOR JANDA Sponsor HELEN M. FLINN ANDREWS DORMITORY Elizabeth Ann Bailey Carolyn Ann Brown Joe Anne Ericson Winnie Maclver Georgia Nell Nutt Gwendolyn Quillian Olive Lynn Rhodes Catherine Antonia Rogowski, Chairman Patricia Jean Roscos Barbara Marcia Roth Shirley Elizabeth Yerington Frances Shelton, Counseling Supervisor KIRBY HALL Guadalupe Fernandez, Chairman Patsy Joyce Flackmeier Alice Ann Herbst Marilyn Jeanette Johnson Margaret Fink Keefauver Clara Jane Miller Polly Morris Nan Via Remschel Barbara Jewell Richards Shirley Sue Smith Ethel Laverne Wieting 7x ra Belle Wright Irene Powers, Director Eloise Allen Elaine Elizabeth Aniol Billie Avey Margaret Eleanor Clark Merry Lou Coin Charlotte Ann Campbell Catherine Dabanlis Dorothy Jo Daily MEMBERS LITTLEFIELD DORMITORY Ann Jeanneane Austin Adele Black Mary Lillian Blasingame Celia Ann Buchan Lynne Collins Martha Gail Ergle, Chairman Kathryn Ann Esse Marjorie Ann Harkrider Luella Ruth Haupt Dauris Ann Jackson Marcia Jane Lambe Rosetta Ann McGregor R. Carroll Morris Jane Alexander Moss Betty Shelton Smith Reta Ann Stiteler Patricia Ellen Tracy Nancy Ann Walker Shirley Jean Warren Joan Louise Woellert Evelyne Piercy, Counseling Supervisor SCOTTISH RITE DORMITORY Annazelle Elizabeth Davis, Chairman Nancy Mary Dodge Anna Rhea Finnell Louise Green Helen Carol Hamilton Nancy Gay Haston Peggy Diane Hemley CAROTHERS DORMITORY Roslyn Aronowitz Barbara Booz Janet Jewell Camp Elizabeth Doiron Garrett Annette Sue Landry Linda Elaine Reeves Gladys Anne Rigsby, Chairman Patricia Mae Siemens Sarah Ann Stallings Wydette Garrard Hart, Counseling Supervisor NEWMAN HALL Eva L. Baker Mary Catherine Belluomini Janey Alice Fagan Rose Eleanor Janda Betty Jo Lednicky, Chairman Magdalena Josefina Leyendecker Sister Sabrina, Director Mrs. Martyn Conrey, Hostess Nancy Irene Houston Helen Hughes Frances Jameson Shirley Jensen Lila Lynn Jones Beverly Annette Klaver Nana Janet LeLaurin Jane Frances Lorenz Mary Margaret McLemore Barbara Lee Miller Annette Morris LaDonna Marie Taylor Cheryl Joy Tonroy Jane Willis Betty Kathryn Wood Julia Beth Allison, Head Resident Counselor PACE 310 :: ;: , : ..- : - ; :-- K mil -.- ALPHA PHI OMEGA HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION Founded: Fafayette College, 1925 Alpha Rho Chapter, 1935 Fall OFFICERS JOE PAUL TUPIN President .... JERE H. BONE First V ice-President . CHARLES MERRILL Second V ice-President LEWIS MARSHALL ROCH .... Secretary .... JOHN CARROL CHITWOOD . . . Treasurer .... Spring JEHE H. BONE JOHN CARROL CHITWOOD JAMES CLARK TERRELL EARL FRANCIS WARREN HILBERT C. ENGLEHARDT ADVISORS R. Elwyn Byrns H. P. Bybee Keith Cox Don Bishop William Edward Blachly N. John Blumberg Jere H. Bone Swen William Borg Lynn Louis Bourdon, Jr. Jackie Price Bowyer Seth Darnaby Breeding Donald Lee Burson Charles Robert Busby Cleatis Raymond Carroll John Carrol Chitwood Vaydor Frank Cody Bob Crowell Cole Walter Lee Colwell Kenneth Jackson Cox Vincent L. Crixell William Bernard Dale Jack Loran Andrus Charles Duane Baker Joseph Ronald Balson Robert Earl Best Lorence Bravenec Charles N. Cartwright Ray L. Chappelle Terry Norman Forrester J. C. France Fred G. Baldwin, Jr. P. Joseph Brake Arturo B. Campos Charles E. Clark James B. Coltharp Samuel J. Gorman Jerry Herman Deutser Joseph Frank Drosihn Abelardo Flores Aurel Wayne Franke James T. Garrett H. L. Gaskin Lee Gilman H. W. Newman C. C. (Jitter) Nolen Arno Nowotny DeWitt Carter Reddick MEMBERS Charles Madison Davis Howard S. Dudley Hilbert Carl Englehardt Mahmoud M. Faham Robert Allen Finley David Lee Forbes Arthur Dan Glecker John Kirk Gray James Malcolm Harris Larry Allen Hebert James Benjamin Higginbotham Frank Thurman Hilton Thomas Henry Holman Joseph Calvin Holsombach Hal Lee Hudspeth Ronald Melford Jackson Robert Newton King Willie Joe Kostka John Carl Landa Henry A. LaRowe Max Stanley Levit Richard Lipson Harry Jones Logan Fred D. McLarry John Richard McMillon Charlie Merrill Henry Clay Moore J. B. Myers Keith F. Nickle Don Orr James Carley Orr Bernard Wayne Palmer Bob Hull Pasley Phillip Sherwood Paul Kenneth Morrow Pinson H. K. Pitts FALL Billy Frank Galloway William Ed Gilchrist Charles Glenn Grimes Loyd J. Guidry George W. Henderson Fernond Paul LaRue Thomas J. La Valley Tommy Norton Linder James Arthur Loynd INITIATES Frederic William Martin William Hugh McDougald Edward Lee Mulcahy Peter Lee Oliver David Lyle Robertson Ferris Arthur Simpson Ray Burl Smith William Scheutze Smith SPRING James H. Granger Bishara Hanania Robert A. Hasty, II Jefferson S. Henderson, II Eugene J. Kretschmar Robert W. Kummer Lee A. Laird Samuel Hunter Leggitt, Jr. Arlen L. Lewis Strand Marchand McDougal Frank McLain PLEDGES Bruce E. Midler Jerry J. Nathan Bob Austin Newman Larry Dee Nichols Anthony George Ogden A. Virgil Owen, Jr. Walter Brown Pistor James Thompson Pledger, Jr. Perry Lewis Price Ramon Robert Rackley George J. Stephens Gerald Williams Bill Lee Plummer Elwood J. Preiss Edward Joseph Rashti Jack Edward Ragsdill Madison William Reed James Batts Rives Raymond C. Roane Lewis Marshall Roch Ted Robert Scott William Dent Simpson Dan Cargill Smith I II James Clark Terrell Joe Paul Tupin George Earnest Ware Earl Francis Warren Sidney Arthur Weisblat Sam M. Wood Jimmie Zepeda Robert William Stafford James Cecil Stokes George St. Remain Aied Saliba Sweis Reginald Dean Teddlie Norman Eugene White Michael Alan Wiley David Harry Wilten Samuel Dwain Reeves John Wesley Sauer Robert Roy Smith Edward C. Tarte Doyle J. Todd Jay Wade Jerry A. Wells Carl C. Williamson Marvin E. Wilmoth Robert E. D. Woolsey PAGE 311 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY AIR FORCE ROTC HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION Founded: The University of Texas, 1950 Fall DAVID H. THOMAS, II . . THOMAS K. BARTON . MORTON C. V. MINTON . CHARLES CRAIG WOODSON . ROBKHT Louis SciiLUMin- HAROLD THEODORE REICLE . 1 r. COLONEL GKOHCK EDWARD ABEHXATHY OFFICERS Commanding Officer . Executive Officer . Adjutant Treasurer Operation. ' ! Officer Public Information Officer Sponsor Spring DAVID H. THOMAS, II THOMAS K. BARTON MOHTOX C. V. MINTON CHARLES CRAIG WOODSON ROBERT Louis SCHLUMPF HAROLD THEODORE REIGLF LT. COLONEL GEORGE EDWARD ABEHXATHY FACULTY MEMBERS Colonel David H. Thomas Lt. Colonel George Edward Abernathy Major Eugene A. Wink First Lt. Ralph Samuel Kaplan Captain Harold Robert Stanton Captain Robert A. Brown Captain fames Chester Lambdin MEMBERS Robert Arthur Anderson David Brown Barrow, Jr. Thomas K. Barton Peter Dunne Bennett William Preston Breeding William Delf Bryce Sims Allen Buckley Robert Ralph Budd Carleton Thomas Clowe Ronald Charles Grossman Thomas Edward Davies Benny Frank Johnson Robert Nathan Katz Charles Calvin Kubin Charles Lee Mauch Goodridge Venable Morton Minton Gene Lewis Naegelin Philip A. Nelson, Jr. Kenneth Morrow Pinson Harold Theodore Reigle Donald Rosenfield Robert Louis Schlumpf Russell Gardner Sharp John Ballard Sisk David H. Thomas, II Robert Hal Watkins Charles Craig Woodson, Jr. Thomas Joe Yium SPRING INITIATES Dan Preston Black Samuel Charles Bradshaw Harold Clayton Brantley, Jr. Clarke Covington Lloyd Charles Cregor Ronald Edmund Dahlin Gerald Paul D ' Arcy William James Derrick Nicky S. Dieb William McKinley Duncan, III Thomas E. Fanning Jean Geron Donald Whitsitt Goodson Keith Russell Grimes Ben Rigsby Hammond, Jr. Don A Hart Joe Lewis Ireland Jack Ray Lacy Carl Theodore Levander Patrick O ' Bannon McShane Judd Miller, Jr. Timothy Nagle Morrow Fred Joseph O ' Connor James Carley Orr Jerry J. Prideaux Robert Eugene Reynolds Vernon T. Sanford, Jr. Francis Elliot Shoup, III Clarence Linden Sledge Jimmie Vance Stovall David Woods Tees Kenneth Frank Wells Thomas N. Williams Top Ron:: Anderson, Burrow, Barton, Bennett, Breeding, Bryce. Second Row: Budd, Clowe, Grossman, Johnson, Katz, Knbin. Third Row: Mauch, Minton, aei;elm. Nelson, Pinson, Reigle, Rosenfield. Fourth Row. Sehlinnpf, Sharp, Sisk, Thomas, Watkins, Woodson, Yium. PAGE 312 MORTAR BOARD NATIONAL HONORARY SOCIETY FOR SENIOR WOMEN Founded: Cornell University, 1918 Visor Chapter, 1923 Fall JANE GAY MAXWELL MARJORIE JANICE BOURDON RUTH SMITH .... E. JANE KNEIP .... HELEN TACKETT MRS. WAYNE H. HOLTZMAN BETTY JANE ALEXANDER OFFICERS President Vice-V resident Secretary treasurer Sponsor . Sponsor . Sponsor . Spring JANE GAY MAXWELL MARJORIE JANICE BOURDON RUTH SMITH E. JANE KNEIP HELEN TACKETT MRS. WAYNE H. HOLTZMAN BETTY JANE ALEXANDER Kathrine Buford Barlow Marjorie Janice Bourdon Ann Davis Mary Martine Floyd Sidney Elizabeth Howell Catherine Jones MEMBERS Kathleen Kelley Patricia Anne Kendall Diana Klotz E. Jane Kneip Jane Gay Maxwell Ruth Pendergrass Patricia Lou Perry Ruth Smith Shirley Elise Strum Margaret Sue Trigg Betty Kathryn Wood Kathryn Margaret Young Norma Jean Arnold Cecilia Ann Barber Florence Marie Coffee Joanne Copeland Mary Elizabeth Dannenbaum Norma Dell Dunlap Joyce Evans Virginia Bernice Gillett SPRING INITIATES Beverly Ann Guinn Helen Carol Hamilton Jane Angeline Hardwick Katherine Gordon Harrison Clara Ruth Hooten Mary Virginia Jenull Dianne Gayle Johnson Virginia McDonald Nancy McMeans Mary Margaret Miller Martha Powell Ruth Lorene Prouse Catherine Antonina Rogowski Joann Thompson Shirley Jean Warren Carole Ann Willitt Front Row. Jones, Strum, Bour- don, Klotz, Barlow. Second Row. Smith, Kneip, Kel- ley, Floyd, Trigg. Third Row. Wood, Maxwell, Davis, Kendall, Howell. PAGE 313 ORANGE JACKETS HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN Founded: The University of Texas, 1923 Fall MARY ELIZABETH DANNENBAUM NORMA JEAN ARNOLD CECILIA ANN BARBER CATHERINE ANTONINA ROGOWSKI LETA I. WALTER VIRGINIA HALLUM OFFICERS Spring President MARY ELIZABETH DANNENBAUM V ice-President . . . NORMA JEAN ARNOLD Secretary CECILIA ANN BARBER Treasurer CATHERINE ANTONINA ROGOWSKI Sponsor LETA I. WALTER Sponsor VIRGINIA HALLUM Norma Jean Arnold Cecilia Ann Barber Emily Frances Beall Nancye Gaye Burkhardt Joanne Copeland Adele Black Mary Lillian Blasingame Celia Ann Buchan Martha Gail Ergle Kathryn Ann Esse Joyce Evans Margaret Gregory Helen Carol Hamilton Marjorie Ann Harkrider Margaret Clark Merry Louise Coin Lynne Collins Mary Louise Dring MEMBERS Mary Elizabeth Dannenbaum Virginia Stark Durbin Virginia Bernice Gillett Beverly Ann Guinn Jane Angeline Hardwick Mary Virginia Jenull Nancigail Jordan Betty Jean Keller Mary Margaret Miller Teddy Moody Martha Louise Phelps Martha Powell Ruth Prouse Catherine Antonina Rogowski Ann Louise Sutton FALL INITIATES Katherine Gordon Harrison Janette Holder Clara Ruth Hooten Rose Eleanor Janda Dianne Johnson Beverly Annette Klaver Marcia Jane Lambe Virginia McDonald Diane McFarland Rosetta Ann McGregor Madeline Roberta Moore R. Carroll Morris Jane Alexander Moss Susan Mowery Marian Brown Murphy Camille Newberry Billie Jo Payne SPRING INITIATES Elizabeth N. Ellison Virginia Anne Kindig Nancy Gay Hasten Luella Ruth Haupt Joan Rebecca Hertz Nancy McMeans Patsy Sue Millikan Carol E. Querolo Jean Marie Schwartz Mary Marjorie Suttle Betty Templeton Cheryl Joy Tonroy Patricia Ellen Tracy Mary Jayne Upton Virginia Alice Walker Shirley Jean Warren Nancy Lynne Shepherd Sara Ann Slaton Georgia Ann Ulrich Nancy Ann Walker Front Row: Murphy, Janda, Morris, Moore, Kindig, Querolo, Sla- ton, Upton, Phelps, Templeton, Dannen- baum. Second Row: Tonroy, Blasingame, McMeans, McDonald, McFarland, Hamilton, Coin, Has- ten, Hardwick, Schwartz. Third Row: Clark, Dring, Copeland, Evans, Tracy, Sutton, Haupt, Arnold, Suttle, Gillett. Fourth Row: Warren, Moss, V.Walker, Black, Johnson, Powell, Har- rison, Hooten, Beall. Fifth Row: Miller, Ul- rich, Esse, Keller, Prouse, Jordan, Lambe, Guinn, Rogowski, Je- null, N. Walker. PAGE 314 SILVER SPURS MEN ' S HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION Founded: The University of Texas, 1938 Fall DAVE HARHELL WILLIAMS THOMAS J. HOYT WILLIAM WEAKS MORRIS ROBERT STONE TIMMINS JAMES T. HUNT . JOE ALLEN OSBORN JERRY JAMES WILSON . OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer .... Executive Councilman Executive Councilman Executive Councilman MEMBERS Spring DAVE HARRELL WILLIAMS J. LEE DITTERT, JR. CHARLES HOLMES McCoLLUM, III OLIN RAY CABLE, JR. THOMAS J. HOYT JOE ALLEN OSBORN SAM R. PERRY Richard Fraine Adair Matti S. Al-Aish Richard T. Atkin Arnold Melvin Barban Claiborne Murray Bell Robert Daniel Burck Charles Davis Cabaniss Olin Ray Cable, Jr. Alfred Gregory Catlow Carleton Thomas Clowe Roland Edmund Dahlin David S. Dale J. Lee Dittert, Jr. Harry Lee Douty Bernard Olter Dow Durward Gray Evans Kenneth Ray Farabee Stanley Edward Adams Dan Preston Black James Edward Brill Leroy Fredric Buss Joe Speed Carroll Richard T. Foerster Alvin Martin Frieden George A. Gage Jerry Carl Gilmore Charles R. Gregg Douglas Hart Lloyd LeRoy Hayes Harold Carter Howard Thomas J. Hoyt James T. Hunt Munzer Adib Khair Thomas Edward Laughlin, Jr. Thomas R. LeBleu Sabri Malki Charles Holmes McCollum, III Henry Young McCown, Jr. Kenneth John Mighell Judd Miller, Jr. Paul C. Mohr Daniel Croxton Morgan, Jr. William Weaks Morris Fred Stephen Nagle Joe Allen Osbom John Marshall Page Sam R. Perry Jerry Bob Prewit George Putnam Jack Ratliff Jack Francis Ritter, Jr. Jack C. Rothwell Joe E. Russo George William Schneider, Jr. SPRING INITIATES Boyd Irven DeVore, Jr. Marvin Ray Dunaway Vernon Elledge, Jr. John Burns Henderson, Jr. Harry Pat Hewell Henry Donnan Jacoby Richard C. Lowrey Keith U. McCrary Tom Chase Primm, Jr. Raymond Franklin Rabke, Jr. David Sutton Shelmire Dan Cargill Smith, III F. Dean Smith Langford H. Sneed Donald Lamar Stone Arnold N. Sweet Robert Stone Timmins Pat M. Tolar Thurman Alex Vaught Dave Harrell Williams Jerry James Wilson Chesley Kosub Wood David Gene Wright James 1 Richard Wright William Emerson Wright Edwin Reinhold York Wilfred Lee Rankine Tom Neil Rogers Donald Ray Warren Robert Harrall Whilden, Jr. William Howard Wolf Front Row: Hayes, Wood, York, Sweet, Malki, Stone Russo, Prewit, F. D. Smith, Mighell, Rothwell. Second Row: Dahlin, Frieden, Vaught, Mc- Cown, Al-Aish, Sneed, Timmins, Shelmire, Gregg, Nagle, Miller, Farabee. Third Row: L Bleu, Cable, Perry, Schnei- der, Osborn, Morgan, Foerester, Atkin, Rat- liff, Putnam, Hoyt, Mc- Collum, D. Wright. PACE 315 TEXAS COWBOYS -. COWBOYS HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION FOR MEN Founded: The University of Texas, 1922 Fall PRESTON HASTINGS DIAL, JR. . WILLIAM KENT MC!LYAH, JR. ROBERT LEE BALL DEWAR RICHARD CLARK WEBB ' . ARNO NOWOTNY OFFICERS Spring Foreman WILLIAM KENT MC!LYER Straw Boss JOHN CARL LANDA Horse Wrangler . . . ARTHUR JOHN HAHTEL Camp Cook JAY CLARK NOWLIN Sponsor ARNO NOWOTNY MEMBERS Eugene Leroy Ames, Jr. Douglas Atwill David Brown Barrow, Jr. Leroy Birdwell, Jr. Fredrik Seward Blackmar, III James Neal Blanton Jere Hepler Bone Ronald Lew Bouchier Sam Charles Bradshaw Charles N. Brewer Joe Albert Brown Dan Abbott Bruce Jim C. Calaway Albert Harrington Cox, Jr. James L. Dalton Robert Lee Ball Dewar Preston Hastings Dial, Jr. Lynwood Grayburn Elliott Robert Warren Ferrell William Willard Gibson, Jr. Sheldon Anisman Richard Lacy Bourland William Emmett Cassady John C. Chitwood Leslie W. Giddens, Jr, Eric Storrie Greenfield Robert Griffith Greer Robert Fonda Gribble Tony Guerra Bruce Cullen Hallmark Joseph Paul Hammond Marshall Allen Harrell Arthur John Hartel Juan Hernandez William Barnes Hoff Robert Quentin Keith Jerre Graham Kneip John Carl Landa Monte Jim Lawrence Max Stanley Levit T. David Ling Jack N. Little William Carl Long Joe Bernard Lovejoy William Ingo Marschall, Jr. Carlton Massey William Kent Mcllyar, Jr. John Richard McMillon Charles M. Merrill Howard Dean Moon Philip A. Nelson, Jr. Jay Clark Nowlin Louis Burr Paine, Jr. William Albert Penn Kenneth Morrow Pinson William Lee Plummer, Jr. Billy Paul Powell Elwood J. Preiss Fonse Ragland Jess Newton Rayzor, Jr. Don I. Reifler Howard Newton Richards Thomas Edward Rodman SPRING INITIATES William James Derrick Bill M. Dickey Raymond Downs Hubert Bonner Herren, Jr. William Michael Higgins Dixon Wade Holman Jack Mose Levy James Clark Terrell Isaac Field Roebuck Stanley David Rosenberg Robert Franklin Sexton Robert Anton Siegel Richard U. Simon, Jr. Tommy Marion Snow David William Snyder Webb McCann Sowden Charles Lee Sowell Jack Robson Sowell Newton Jack Steele Jimmie Vance Stovall John Paul Tatum Thomas Van Thompson Joe Paul Tupin Robert Crews Turnham Richard Clark Webb Joseph Wilbur Wolfe Delano Womack Jon Totz Don E. Weber Ben Jones Woodson Front Row: Landa, Dal- ton, Stovall, Birdwell, Hallmark, Dewar, Dial, Mcllyar, Webb, Reif- ler, Elliott, Preiss, Bouchier, Levit. Second Row: Kneip, Si- mon, Paine, Sowden, Wolfe, Keith, Brown, Blanton, Plummer, Snyder, Turnham, Nowlin, Womack, Thompson, Siegel, Harrell. Third Row: Greer, Fer- rell, Cox, Tatum, Snow, Sexton, Bradshaw, Richards, Gribble, Rod- man, Pinson, Brewer, Moon, Greenfield, Rayzor. PACE 316 . DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE COLONEL HUGH D. McGAW Professor of Military Science and Tactics COLOR GUARD The Department (j versity of Texas in Jul; over 750 officers " The Army R the Regular Army of national emergenc Two slogans of pared to better sei No one ever v wars have been fo! war, the wise and This he can do in ti John Milton, re in 1644 wrote, " a comp: justly and skillfully all the o .tics was established at The Uni- has trained and commissioned ? College-trained officers for on is to have ready in times ies. pssion. They are: " Better pre- lOrrow. " lory of this nation that its low great is his aversion to y come and prepares for it. ,ed men in the military service, lion, fits a man to perform ivate and public, of peace and war. " Lt. Col. Ralph Arthur Tolve Lt. Col. Marvin L. Bell Left to Right: Robert Willard Mark, John Nicholas Brown, Raymond Downs, Philip Wesley Kidd. Lt. Col. Benjamin B. Maxwell, Jr. Lt. Col. Thomas A. Living Capt. Lewis V. Edner Capt. James Capt. Daniel T. Weber M Sgt. Frank N. M Sgt. Walter S Adair Hawthorne Greenawalt Griffith M Sgt. Harlow D. Hibner M Sgt. Clifton G. Stadler Sgt. First Class Eugene W. Gill Sgt. First Class Byron W. Kolbert Sgt. First Class Earl T. Rader Sgt. First Class Jack O. Rodman Sgt. Robert Louis Tanner Sgt. William Thomas FIRST BATTALION STAFF-FALL Front Row: Robert Parker Cralle. Second Row: John W. Johnson, Harris L. Keller, Billy Gene Reynolds, Norman John Blumberg, Francis R. McCauley, Earl F. Warren. REGIMENTAL STAFF Front Row: Vernon B. Hill, Jr. Second Row: Richard F. Adair, David Bamhill, Patrick L. Dougherty, Morris E. Ashby, Jack M. Painter, John Stubblefield, Clifford Eastwood. SECOND BATTALION STAFF-FALL Front Hou:: John Redlund Thomson. rront Hou:: John Redlund Thomson. Second Row: Gilbert Henry Daw-son, Robert James Reyes, William Albert Penn, James Theodore Hunt, Philip Morgan Clayton, Roy Rodriguez Alvarez, Jr. FIRST BATTALION STAFF-SPRING Front Row: Robert Parker Cralle. Second Row: Harris L. Keller, Glen Colle Dyer, Clifton Lee Hodges, Jr., N. John Blumberg, Carl Roesler Hutchison, Charles Robert Busbey, William Wakefield Roush. FIRST BATTALION STAFF SPONSOR Patricia Elizabeth Jones SECOND BATTALION STAFF SPONSOR Barbara R. Booz REGIMENTAL STAFF SPONSOR Alison Lee McElhone SECOND BATTALION STAFF-SPRING Front Row: Morgan Enlow Shipman. Second Row: James B. Burleson, Jr., Elwood J. Preiss, Beverly Brooks Goldsmith, Joe W. Sentell, Sidney Griffin Singer, Philip Morgan Clayton, Bascom Barry Hayes. JERRY RAY SANDEFUH Company Commander Fall JUNE ELLA RISHER Sponsor FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Frank Ernest Roberts, James Alphonsus Rakowitz, Richard Earl Niethamer, Ira Verdell Lott, Jerry Don Ham, Byron Pollock Sadler, James Owen Neyland, James Monroe Langford, John Neil Murphy. Second Row: William Bellmy Klemt, James Milton Huffman, Donald Karl Hilsberg, Phil E. Winston, Bobby Wayne White, David Joe Cowan, Lawrence Alonzo King, Robert Forrest Fletcher. Third Row: Charles Robert Busbey, Joel Dormer Watkins, Eugene Patrick Scott, James Stanley Bissett, Eugene Edward Fritcher, Charles Howard McCann, Johnny Mack Potts, David Wesley Maxfield. ARMY R.O.T.C COMPANY A SECOND PLATOON Front Row: Robert Browning Waggoner, Jr., Robert Frederick Burkart, David Gerard Hannan, Willard Heltzel Knight, Bobby Jack Miller, Harold H. Holden, Robert Lane Ward, Sammy Love WUson Billy Carol Ellis. Second Row: Joe Russo, Robert Scotland Clark III, Charles William McHugh, Vance Cecil Minter, Curtis D. Fenton, Jr., William Preston Crabtree, Tom Price, Jr. Third Rotv: Francis Carl Schulte, Emil Edwards Friberg, Felix William Foran, Kenneth CaisweU, Charles Albert Jackson, Nicholas Sarantakes, Alvie Owen Ashley, Gordon L. Cornell, Jr., William Turner, Jr. ' , - THIRD PLATOON Front Row: Carl Roesler Hutchison, Travis Oral Watson, Michael Sanchez-Navarro, Tommy Norton Linder, William Garrels Priest, Jr., Guy Travis Dickson, Jr., James Marshall Smith, Harry Morgan Spear, Jr., James David Spearman. Second Row: John Wyvan Smith, Robert Earle Hall, Amando Garza, Jr., George William Schneider, Jr., Larry Douglas Smith, Gentry Lee Floyd, Billy Morris Clayton. Third Row: Harry Lee Martin, Robert Ainsworth Tucker, Edmond Goldstein, John Patrick O ' Meara, Edward Bennet Williams, Eugene Charles Clemens, Jr., Thomas Holt Chesnut, Frank Kell Cahoon. Fwfc.1 0 1 FLOYD RICHARD KENDRICK Company Commander Spring m CORPS of ENGINEERS PACE 320 FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Ralph Felix Ledwig, Fred Thomas Porter, Vance Lanoal Castleberry, Ralph Edwin Joynes, Jr., Wayland A. Brooks, Carl Oscar Falk, Jr., Phillip Winston Handley, Howard James Speer, William Charles Kelley. Second Row: James Nathan Hicks, William Heaton Brandes, Tom Burns Goetting, Felix Bransford Bulls, Bruce Louis Smith, John Dalton Lafrentz, Rufus Edmonds Palm, William Edward Gilchrist, Robert Devon Martin. Third Row: Bobby Gene Lebel, Charles Hemy Kosub, William Vincent Brannan, Carl Ernest Reistle, III, Lester Albert Miller, Jr., Charles E. Clark, Jerry John Opella, Duke Edward Squibb, Ed Joe Tennyson. ARMY R.O.T.C. COMPANY B SECOND PLATOON Front Row: Franklin Delano Schenk, Thomas Alvin Thigpen, Albert Leon Lapidus, Harold Stanley Lapidus, James Harvey Rogers, James Raymond Baker, James Allan Shelley, Simon Pierce Burns, Haskell Leon Dodd, Richard Brittain Foretich. Second Row: David Mayo Comall, Granville Emil Ott, Emanuel Andrus Hebert, William Mitchel Evans, Robert Martin Kienker, Bobby Clayton Puryear, David Grissom, John Herbert Alford, Norbert A. Zehnder. Third Row: Edward C. Kirby, Michael Asa Stone, Clark Kern Huff, Jimmie H. Murphy, Joseph B. Houston, Robert B. Langley, Mason C. Brown, Jr., Allen Alex Cockrell, Tommy R. LeBleu, Gwynn Arvin Teague. CLIFTON LEE HODGES, JR. Company Commander Fall MYHLENE ANDERSON Sponsor THIRD PLATOON Front Row: Robert Benson Hixson, Emeterio I. Pelayo, Joseph J. Horton, Harold James Griffith, David Blair Hutchison, Roy C. Booth, Conrad Derdeyn Joseph, Kenneth H. Pape, Willie D. Clayton. Second Row: James Leon Kosub, Morgan Van Raines, Robert Gotham Jolly, Bobby Wendell Holland, Robert Lewis Nance, Harry Lawrence Mitchell, Walter Scott Stewart, Raymond Ayers Bennett, Dan Lane Everett. Third Row: Jack Lowe Hummel, Robert Travis Scott, William Brailly Trautwein, Curtiss Dale Chipman, Larry Keith Spencer, Carl Glyn Mathews, Ira Rexford Hulse, Dan Kelton Morrison, George Gutierrez, Charles Olin Boese, Jr. ROBERT DEVON MARTIN Company Commander Spring CORPS of ENGINEERS PACE 321 FRANK DEWAYNE FINCHUM Company Commander Fall FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Daniel John Rheiner, Jr., Robert Newton Jones, Billy H. Duhe, Cornelius L. Orr, Dario L. Martinez, George Thomas Warner, Fred Loell Ernst, Carlos H. Arranaga, Lowell Robert Milligan, William H. Harris. Second Row: Paul Alvin Clinkscales, Samuel Antone Glammalva, Arthur Searles Cramer, George Folsom Childress, Richard Charles Draper, Joseph Albert Barzilla, Hugh Don Orr, George Merrill Woodman. Third Row: Richard Wesley Campbell, James Curtis Templin, Charles Allen Baker, Thomas Neilson Thurlow, Sam Chaskin, Robert Michael Stephens, James Elliott Hendricks, Warner Ray Baxter, Robert Hall Fisher. ARMY R.O.T.C I COMPANY c SECOND PLATOON Front Row: William Totten Cortelyou, Gerald Elvin Johnson, Donald Louis Carmichael, William Edward Marshall, Charles Allen Angel, Hubert Bonner Herren, Jr., Van Hook Howard, III, James Neal Blanton, Juan Hernandez, William G. Meredith, Sid Ramos. Second Row; William Lamar Doyle, Howard Floyd Fischer, Frank K. Engels, James Wade Atwood, Joe Lee Ing, Robert Foster Loughridge, Doyle Emmett Perkinson, Gerald Wayne Orton, Robert Elliott Pulver, Daniel Croxton Morgan, Jr. Third Row: Michael Stuart Brunner, Dilmus Delano James, Joseph Lee Bradham, Charles Richard Sanders, Norman Elwyn Hooton, William Michael Higgins, Donald McCall Shelby, James Charles Larkin, James Clarence Gauntt, Charles Rodney Marshall. M JANYCE BYNUM Sponsor WILLIAM LAMAR DOYLE Company Commander Spring QUARTERMASTER CORPS PACE 322 THIRD PLATOON Front Row: Bill Lee Warrick, Herman Glenn Cortez, Louis Raoul DelHomme, Fred Graydon Anderson, Raymond Menez, Jr., Jerry Beaumont Klein, Gerald Franklin Jones, Robert O. Williams, Gilford Lee Brown. Second Row: Robert Lee Graves, Gerald Dean Watkins, Jose David Borja, Laredo C. Bynum, Gary Paul Kite, Malcolm Evans Moreland, Charles Brontze Robinson. Third Row: David H. Bashford, Mack E. Burk, William Gerald Gaines, Billimac Coleman Bradley, Thomas Jay Benner, Stanley M. Mielke, Meyer Chaskin. D,L I ' FA, it Out Wo, FIRST PLATOON Front Hou): Robert Charles Floyd, Harris G. Oswalt, Robert Patrick Knight, William Dahr Jamail, Edward Eugene Scott, Joe Villarreal, Jr., Lawrence J. Bernard, Gerald Eugene Lott, Robert Kenneth Wilpitz, John Clarke Sanders. Second Row: Robert Francis McRae, Manis Dale Smith, Lawrence Edward Steinberg, Clarence Willys Legler, Graham Eugene McCullough, Cleveland Oren Buckellew, Lanny Norman DeWitt, Robert Jesse Guzman. Third Row: Francis Howard Singleton, William Walter Fortune, Webb McCann Sowden, Joe Kelly Johnson, Lee Harris Burkholder, Roy Henry Chapman, Paul Horace Stanford, John Nicholas Roof. ARMY R.O.T.C. COMPANY D SECOND PLATOON Front Row: Jerry Ensworth Ward, Jimmy Joe Symons, Ralph Kenny Davis, Neal Leslie Spelce, Harry James, Jon Bruce Barkley, David Henry Rubin, Stanley J. Noble, Gene Ray Hilton, H. Ray Arnett. Second Row: George Zacour, Benjamin Haskell Schwartz, Joe Faltin Thomas, George Weldon Moyer, Jr., John Meredith Bollman, James Carroll Adams, John Eldon Anderson, Joseph B. McAdams. Third Row: James Otis Kelly, John Murray Kendrick, William Morris Ravkind, Hubert Edward Rossy, Charles Ronald Farley, Olin W. Harvey, Don Lee Richardson, Thomas Joseph Hudspeth, Glen C. Dyer. ROBERT CHARLES WATTS Company Commander Fall WALDINE ANN PETERSON Sponsor IB THIRD PLATOON Front Row: Robert Lee Kostohryz, Larry Lynn, John Reeves Rudder, Donald Eugene Hill, Robert Barnes Thornton, Thomas E. Jones, Donald Joseph Malouf, Walter Williams. Second Row: John Fred Weir, Edward Dalton Woodward, Gifford O. Touchstone, Don Henry Maroney, Vernon Frank Neuhaus, Bertram William Derrick, Patrick Thomas Shields, Robert W. Davis. Third Row: Roger Bonney, Richard Gerald Young, Franklin Dawson Meador, Robert Carlton Wyche, William Kendall Bryant, George Lescher MacGregor, Jay William Maxwell, Edgar Gustav Fischer. I THOMAS JOSEPH HUDSPETH Company Commander Spring QUARTERMASTER CORPS PACE 323 SIDNEY MURPHY HOLLAND, JH Company Commander Fall FIRST PLATOON Front Row: James A. Brewer, James R. Pfau, William Thomas Williams, Alfonso E. Maldonado, Jay Cullen Mclntosh, Charles E. Reagan, Robert F. Flinn, Thomas C. Maahs. Second Row: William Owen Doctorman, John Francis Curran, Robert Monroe Rucker, Gerald Patrick Parker, Jack Dennis West. Third Row: David William Snyder, Ben Bob Keller, John Wilkins Wallace, Jack T. Williams, Austin Duane Marchant. ARMY R.O.T.C COMPANY E SECOND PLATOON Front Row: Sam Houston, Albert Scott Taylor, Bert Kris Robinson, Glenn Frank Hoffman, Homer Griffin Robason. Second Row: Robert Lewis Dabney, Jr., James W. Bradford, Jr., Clarence Weldon Glasscock, Homer Jimmie Rosser. Third Row: Earle Vemon Britton, Jr., Braswell Jon Ruff, Roy Edwin Kimsey, Jr., Jimmie Choate Parker. EDDIE FERN McCoRMACK Sponsor THIRD PLATOON Front Row: David Jerrell Farr, George Carson Allen, Jr., Jesse Lynn Kelley, August Mendeke, George Leslie Huckabee, Beverly Brooks Goldsmith, Richard G. Gawlik. Second Row: Herman Rose, Mike Sebastian, Leonel Cardenas, Robert Jones, John L. Crawford. Third Row: James J. Gorman, Edward W. Abell, William Carrell Hardman, Edward C. Harrell, John S. Otey. JAMES FORBES JACKSON Company Commander Spring TRANSPORTATION CORPS PAGE 324 FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Jimmy Wayne Watson, Melvin Ronald Blumberg, Robert Emerson Vinson, Conrado S. Garcia, Walter L. Cox, Robert F. Coffee, Robert S. Kinney. Second Row: Ronald George Trageser, Norman Parker Yarbrough, William Thomas Stewart, Damon Windsor Walton, Dan Ballard. Third Row: William Dee Dockery, Cecil Cagle Cammack, Jr., Joe Rae Smith, David Barry Dowd, J. E. DeVilbiss, William J. Rattikin. OTTIE LEVAUGHN ANDHESS Company Commander Fall ARMY R.O.T.C COMPANY F SECOND PLATOON Front Row: Bill Stan Erskine, Ather Odell Fletcher, Jerry Albert Gibson, Carl Edward Arnold, Robert F. Silvus. Second Row: James B. Burleson, Jr., William John Gerron, Jr., Patrick S. Kaufman, Gene A. Holmgreen, Walter B. Bond, Jr. Third Row: Theodore Phelps White, William T. Hall, III, Harold D. Krick, James F. Jackson. SANDRA JANE BROWN Sponsor I$. T. THIRD PLATOON Front Row: Emest Joseph Domm, Jr., Robert Wentworth Gilstrap, James Edward Price, Stanley Merlin Me- Anelly, James Raye Ross. Second Row: Bert Carl Engelhardt, Ivon Lee, Lucien Hunter Collins, David Hartwell Kuester, Elwood J. Preiss. Third Row: Langford Houston Sneed, John Frederic Trimble, Jimmy D. Thornton, Thomas Edward Nelson, Jr., James Willis DeWalt, Franklin David Barborak. ROBERT F. SILVUS Company Commander Spring TRANSPORTATION CORPS PAGE 325 DAVID PAUL PARKINSON Company Commander Fall FIRST PLATOON Front Row: John Cornelius Coffee, Thomas Edward Downtain, Edward Stanton Brown, Jr., Dean Grey Votaw, Wilfred John Walker, Braulio Martinez, Edward T. Coughlin. Second Row: Eugene Charles Bredthauer, Raymond Carter Roane, Ben Addison Donnell, Lloyd LeRoy Hayes, David Harris Davis, Robert Gene Tracy. Third Row: Burton Allen Browning, Wayman White Buchanan, Jon Bracke r, James Augustus Blalock, Jr., Leonard Harold VonDohlen, III, Robert Marshall Rogers, Carl Eugene Hensley. ARMY R.O.T.C COMPANY G SECOND PLATOON Front Row: William David Cullum, John Everett Hall, James George Fisher, Jr., Francis Marion Thomson, Clark Ellis Crow, Marvin Allen Denowitz, Billy Loren McPherson, John M. Caddis, II. Second Row: Lester Paul Francis, Gib Jentz, Tom Rogers Edwards, John David Hughes, Gaylon Eric Schulle, Howard Earl Bell, LeRoy Birdwell. Third Row: Anthony N. Stout, George Vafiadis, Jr., G. H. Lampley, John E. Teed, Bruce B. Durrenberger, Bascom Barry Hayes, Billy Quinn. PATRICIA ELLEN TRACY Sponsor THIRD PLATOON Front Row: Frank A. Tompkins, Joseph Elo, Jr., ,E. Allen Haight, Anthony Hamilton, James E. Davis, Joseph Shade, William H. Ross. Second Row: William Parrish Clark, Jr., John Fredericks Scaief, Idris Rhea Traylor, Jr., William Embry Fullingim, Kenneth J. Loep. Third Row: Elsworth Tonn, Norman Frede, Mark Steinhagen, John Pat Williams, Jack Merville Little, Sam Paxson. DAVID PAUL PARKINSON Company Commander Spring ! MI- fei MILITARY POLICE CORPS PAGE 328 FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Douglas Martin Baker, Barry Bracket! Scott, James Edward Brill, Johnny Stuart, John Martin- dale Heaner, Walter Paul Hoffie, Carol S. Vance. Second Row: Clyde Claude Tilly, Jr., Lucius George Hill, Dale Bowles Dudley, Joe Jaworski, Billy Birkett Oxley, Elmer Theodore Graham. Third Row: William Devereux Klapp, Claude Cordray Dodson, Jr., William Grant Carlson, Sidney Joseph Gibson, Richard T. Atkin. MORGAN EXLOW SHIPMAN Company Commander Fall ARMY R.O.T.C COMPANY H SECOND PLATOON Front Rote: Robert Tyre Squyres, Michael C. Shea, Jr., Robert Charles Eaton, Meto Miteff, James M. Cook, David R. Alter. Second Row: Kerny Antoine Rivette, Jack Eugene Hillman, George Eckhardt Schwab, Clarence B. Long, Roy Prewett Huff, Jr. Third Row: Walter Thad Gilliam, Billy James McAdams, Edward James Sarrazin, Billy Bob Watson, Tom Chase Primm. CAROLYN RUTH KONGABEL Sponsor Un THIRD PLATOON Front Row: Larry Xorman Doherty, Levi Gay Shiplet, Roberto Jorge Nix, Fletcher S. Hicks, Bobby Dan Slaughter, Walter O. Fitch. Second Row: Gus Franklin Mutscher, Wray Eugene Bitticks, Jerry Edward Cook, Jesse R. Tripp Garza, Sidney G. Singer, John Henry Hutchings. Third Row: Joe Curtis Irvin, Kenneth Eason Maples, Thomas Gilbert Sharpe, Donald Richmond Brieger, Valdemar Gonzalez, Milton E. Decherd, Jr. ROY PREWETT HUFF, JR. Company Commander Spring MILITARY POLICE CORPS PAGE 327 Guidon: Jan Schuyler Roush. Front Row: Richard Melvin Sacks, Lawrence Burton Finger, Khalil Goushe, David Love Appling, Jerry Moody Hill, Charles Culberson Mason, Jr., Robert William Stafford, Don Keith Meier, Thomas Elmer Wiley, Jr., William Wakefield Roush. Second Row: Arthur Louis Braden, Jr., James Richard Ramsey, William Lawrence Cotulla, Gordon Henry Otto, David Allan Weiner, Robert O. Humble, Rayburn Barnett Whatley, Gordon E. Jamison, Robert Wallace Senn. Third Row: Allen Burton Heard, Anthony L. Alonzo, Norman Eugene White, Darrell K. Jones, Robert S. Craig, R. Alan Rudy, Donald P. Raynsford, Garry Lee Bales, Tom Duncan Arnhold, James Richard Kanning. Fourth Row: Hugh Roth Lee McGaw, James Philip Windle, Don Haden Martin, John Eugene Weiler, Jr., Michael Seay, George Green Anderson, Thomas A. Thigpen, Roy Thomas Walker, John P. Gulley. ARMY R.O.T.C. RANGER COMPANY THE FAMED CONFEDERATE SQUAD Roy Thomas Walker, Thomas A. Thigpen, George Green Anderson, Michael Seay, John Eugene Weiler, Jr., Don Harden Martin, James Philip Windle, Hugh Roth Lee McGaw, John P. Gulley. s- WILLIAM WAKEFIELD ROUSH Company Commander Fall ROY THOMAS WALKER Company Commander Spring JOYCE NELL CAMP Sponsor Ranger Company passing in review. R.O.T.C BAND Front Row: Clarke Covington, Jean Geron. Second Row: Carl Theodore Levander, John Wesley Sauer, Francisco Trinidad Gonzalez, Dee Russell McElroy, John S. Lewis, Robert C. Hooper. Third Row: James Carley Orr, James Darrell Lutes, Donald Gary Kilpatrick, Gharles Thomas Sutherland, George Albert Starbuck. Fourth Row: Jean Ellis Rozzell, Henry David Christian, Billy Bob Dye, Holmes Alford Semken, Jr., Leonard Adrian Woosley. Fifth Row: Larry Curtis Hall, David Dean Cottrell, Ramon Robert Rackley, George Barnard Tillinghast, Rodney Bernard Corona. Sixth Roiv: William Forrest Matthews, Jerry Marvin Cottingham, Jacob Lewis Isaac, Berry Raymond Russak, Henry Valentino. Seventh Row: Swen William Borg, Jr., Hubert Richard Jones, Jr., Robert Michael Stephens, Bobby Joe Burgin, Victor Lozano, Jr. Eighth Row: James Dorr McFarland, Jr., Alton Edward O ' Banion, Robert Eugene Donald Woolsey. Ninth Row: Eduardo Pena, Walter Edward Pitts, Jr., Rupert Harue Shelton. CLARKE COVINGTON Director EARLENE WHTTT Sponsor ARMY R.O.T.C. RIFLE TEAM Front Row: William Charles Price, Charles William McHugh, Walter Brown Pistor, James Jackson Dorrough. Second Row: M Sgt. Frank N. Greenawalt, Roy Allyn Brown, Dan Duane Barney, John N. Brown, Gerald Leo Coffee, Jr. Cadet John N. Brown demonstrates the kneeling position. ARMY R.O.T.C ROTC Cadets doubletime across the new aluminum foot bridge Mr. Cox congratulates cadets on learning how to operate a loco- motive There is even time for baseball PACE 330 SUMMER CAMP Cadets construct M-2 widened steel treadway bridge ROTC 3.5 " Rocket Launchers fire white phosphorus shells in demonstration PACE 331 A scene from the Military Ball. Mrs. Bell watches as Colonel McGaw awards Lt. Colonel Bell the Legion of Merit. Sweetheart nominees and their escorts. Buccaneers perform at the Military Ball. Receiving line at the Air Force Ball. A .f DEPARTMENT OF NAVAL SCIENCE The University of Texas is one of the fifty-two Universities in the United States having a Naval ROTC Unit. The Navy first appeared on the campus in September, 1940. The demand for officers during World War II created an expanded program to include the Flight Preparatory School and a Naval V-12 Unit. Since 1940 about 3,000 students have been com- missioned as Ensigns in the Navy or Naval Reserve and as Second Lieu- tenants in the Marine Corps or its Reserve. In June 1946, the Naval V-12 Unit was decommissioned and the Hollo- way Plan was initiated at that time. The average yearly enrollment at the Texas Unit is 340 students. The summer cruises are a fitting climax to the school year as ports in Europe, Canada, and the Carribean are visited. The practical training gained is invaluable to the man before his commissioning and reporting for duty with our Fleet Forces. CAPTAIN FRANCIS J. JOHNSON, USN Littlefield House, home of the Naval ROTC FACULTY Front Row: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Donald R. Wageck, Lieutenant Richard Bergen (SC), Major James Hart Pope ( USMC ) , Captain Francis J. Johnson, Commander Radfoid K. Arner, Lieutenant Com- mander Francis J. O ' Malley, Lieutenant William L. Foster, Lieutenant Roger A. Chapman. Second Row. Chief Fire Control Technician Neal O. Mills, Chief Yeoman Robert L. Deveny, Chief Store- keeper Charles A. Higby, Master Sergeant Brantley C. Grinnalds (USMC), Chief Quartermaster William J. McCarthy, Electronics Technician (First Class) John B. Maples, ' Chief Gunnersmate Fred P. Duverney. m - FALL BATTALION STAFF Front Houi: Clay W. G. Fulcher. Second Row. Richard Hugh Davis, William Theodore Read. Third Row: Jack Francis Ritter, Jr., Jarvis Dale Michie, Charles Lemly Rogers. JJFKING BATTALION STAFF Front Row: James M. Adkins. Second Row: Fred E. Falke, Jr., Eugene Edge, III. Third Row: Joe H. McGraw, Franklin H. Perry. NAVAL R.O.T.C. HEADQUARTERS PLATOON Front Roto: Leslie Alfred Dedeke, Jr., James Marshall Adkins, John David Carlton, George Pope Atkins, James Richard Wright, Raymond D. Bennett, William Brewster, Jr., Joe Henry McGraw, Fred Ernest Falke, Jr., Hunter Mason Morris. Second Row: Eugene Edge, III, Bill Irven Routh, Edmund Waller Melvin, John Edward Cahoon, Jr., Philip Edward Isett, Dave Harrell Williams, Jess Newton Rayzor, Jay Clark Nowlin. Third Row: Lamont Martin Cochran, Jr., James William Owens, Charles Aldredge Davis, Jr., John Elmer Fryman, Rex Patrick Stallings, John Jerry McCorkle, Mark H. Rakoover, Edward Robert Simmen, John Carl Landa. Fourth Row: Dan Dean Chandler, Thomas Anthony Cullinan, Franklin Howard Perry, Robert Lee Ball Dewar, William Harold Ferguson, Oscar Carl Hamilton, Jr., George Stephenson, Jr., Billy Rex Blaylock. u BUCCANEERS Front HOUJ: Julius Desey Desenberg, Byron Raymond Adams, John Copley Donovan, Lindsay Flynt 1 ' hillips, Patrick Jordan Allen, Robert Langdon Sheffield, Eugene Benjamin Russell, Paul Dea Jones, William Howard Bond, Jr., Max Derrell Williams, Harold Gene Smith, George Albert Olson, Brady Marshall Cole. Second Row: James Lucian Wilbom, Maurice Wayne Cole, Jr., William Jackson Brownlow, John Henry Harrison, IV, David Roy Hines, Norman Louis Cervenka, James Jerry Kent, Hubert Augustus Morgan, Jr., Ira Jefferson Allen, Jr., James Howard Sellers, Patton Lochridge Hill, Thomas Michael Tail. Third Row: John Weldon Koenig, John Paul Leslie, Raymond Arthur Becker, Joe Speed Carroll, Charles Lester Mackenzie, Donald Ralph McLelland, Max Karlson Miller, Jerry Harrison Jenkins, Sidney Wayne Frost, Carl Donald Gunn, James Julius Killough, Harold William Norberg. Fourth Row: William Bradford Fenwick, Louis Benjamin Houston, Jr., Clovis Seigler Vaughn, Tex Allred Richie, Lee Anderson Chamberlin, Jr., Daniel David Kana, Dan Earl Hawley, Richard Alan Palmer, James Morgan Williams, Robert Lewis Prendergast, Paul Joseph Brake, William Arch Harrison, Jr. MARINERS CLUB Fronf Row: Joseph Madison White, Jr., Thomas Penn Johnson, James Dean McKinney. Second Row: Weldon W. Teague, Robert Lewis Prendergast. RIFLE TEAM Front Rom: Thomas Michael Tail, Bill Irven Houth, Thomas Rugeley Matthews, Charles Eugene Chick. Second Row: Jerry Harrison Jenkins, Billy Ronald Carnes, Thomas Edward Seekatz, James Mor- gan Williams. Third Row: Maj. James Hart Pope, Dan Earl Hawley, James William Owens, M Sgt. Brantley Columbus Grinnalds. BUCCANEER OFFICERS Front Row: George Kirby Haley, Eugene Benjamin Russell. Second Hoio: Julius Desev Desenberg, Paul Dea Jones, William Howard Bond, Jr. NAVY SWEETHEART Dorothy Ann Burgess MIDSHIPMEN OFFICERS FALL SEMESTER SPRING SEMESTER Front Row: Marcellus Theriot Coltharp. Second Row: Max S. Levit, Fredrik Seward Blackmar, III, Tommy Hayes Jackson. Front Row: Raymond D. Bennett. Second Row: Max S. Levit, George Pope Atkins, Billy Rex Blaylock. NAVAL R.O.T.C. FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Charles Eugene Chick, Harry Robert Field, Keys Alexander Curry, Jr., Hickman Howard Wimberley, James Walter Kachtick, David Ernest Mead, Michael Gordon Wright. Second Row: Wayne Mott Adam, Elbert Aubrey King, Jr., Richard Earl Black, Samuel Yandell Dorfman, Jr., Lyle Floyd Branch, Thomas Michael Young. Third Row: Robert Edward Hughes, Daniel Thomas Mangel, III, John Miller Browning, James Curtis Boyce, Claude Harmon Garrett, III, Bob Jon White. w I t I Wk . SECOND PLATOON Front Rou;: Robert Leland Dow, Paul Adolph Foerster, Wilbur Horace Greenstreet, Jr., Fred Stephen Nagle, III, James Thomas Powell, Jr., James Edward Boykin, William Russell Goff. Second Row: Joe Raymon Allen, Jr., David Addison Rogers, Douglas Worth Duderstadt, Frank Clifford Greenjr., Wendell Jackson Cox, Bruce Arlen Neumann, Wallace Granville Bragg. Third Row: Charles Thomas Sikes, Harvey Andrew Eikel, Wilson Edwin Southern, William Francis Greve, Jr., Henry Lee Caldwell, Robin Ray Ott, Walter Kleas Raihbolt, Jr., George Marshall Minot. ABLE COMPANY THIRD PLATOON Front Row: Gary Duane Fisher, Frank Edward Luksa, Jr., James Malcolm Harris, Ben Britain West, Richard Dugan Ricketts, George William Cape, Jr. Second Row: Bobby Gene Eckols, John Browning Carter, William Roderick Bagby, Hugh Montgomery Hawthorne, Jr., Edward Richard Volz, Larry Allen Hebert, Harvey Lee Friedel. Third Row: James Van Richards, Henry Donnan Jacoby, James Edgar Cowles, Robert Ben Lillie, Michael Alan Wiley, Robert Kenneth Berg, Leslie Weyloii McDonald. 1 MIDSHIPMEN OFFICERS FALL SEMESTER SPRING SEMESTER Front Row: Wayne Englehardt Dear. Second Row: Thomas Leslie Vannaman, Thomas Frederick Swenson, John Thomas Hays. Front Row: Thad Harold Harden. Second Row: Thomas Leslie Vannaman, William Brewster, Jr., Harry Dean Hamilton. NAVAL R.O.T.C. FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Carl Wilson Shirley, Jr., Alan Maury Rauch, John Thomas Ratliff, Jr., A. Jackson Hill, Robert Carl Barkley, William Ernst Schmidt, Louis Joe Kocurek, Jr. Second Row: James Bohus Salas, Spencer Hayward Blain, Jr., Joseph Duane Hooker, William Neal Kocurek, William Jiulsim Rogers, Jr.. Joseph Marion Scruggs, Jr. Third Rou : Henry Clay Dethloff, Charles Allen Lingo, Jr., Thomas Edward Seekatz, Aubrey Dean Jenkins, Jack Harrison Stutts, John Marshall Page, Jr. i ' ft ' I H . :-i. SECOND PLATOON Front Row: Thomas Penn Johnson, Harry Lee Jones, Walter Purvis Zettner, Don Stanton Smith, Richard Wayland Calhoun, Larry Lee Loyd. Second Row: Billy Alvis Coble, Richard Claiborne ' Jones, Jr., William Anderson Baker, Waldo Simon Luedemann, Jr., William Joseph Swann, Jr. Third Row: George Alan Mulroy, E. Gene Lee, Jackie Richard Cooper, Gibbs Macdaniel, Jr., James Franklin Thompson, Charlie Robert Maris, Henry Young McCown, Jr. BAKER COMPANY THIRD PLATOON Front Row: Joe Bernard Lovejoy, Jr., Buford Preston Berry, Jr., Arleigh Earl Machemehl, Franklin Chand- ler Davidson, Wiley Lynn Miller, Arthur James Von Rosenberg, Joe Norman Meadows. Second Row: George Keith Tolle, Terrell Vaughan Voss, Stephen Ernest Best, III, John William Pieper, Thomas Michael Donovan, David Holland Henderson. Third Row: Harry Lee Markel, Jr., Hascal Bruss Billingsley, Frederick William Martin, William David Walter, Allen John Pierce, Vayden Foy Stanley. MIDSHIPMEN OFFICERS FALL SEMESTER SPRING SEMESTER Front Row: James Dean McKinney. Second Row: Francis Leo McNamara, Jr., Howard Leslie York. Jamei Thompson Pledger. Front Row: John Carl Landa. Second Row: Francis Leo McNamara, Dan D. Chandler, John J. McCorkle. NAVAL R.O.T.C. FIRST PLATOON Front Row: Weldon Winston Teague, Lloyd Brent Carruth, Gary Wade Woehrmann, George Edwin Green, Sam Raymond Bright, Jr., Robert Chinn Nelson, Walter Webb Duson, III. Second Row: Karl Archer Maley, Henry Richards Elmer, Jr., Harold Rice Murray, Whipple Spaulding Newell, Jr., Donald Irving Pomerantz, Michael Hill O ' Brien. Third Row: julien Devereux Weeks, James Hargis Rippy, Robert Judson Hill, Albert Wolford Holmes, Harold Lee Ermey, Benjamin Clinton Burkett, Jr., Olin Ray Cable, Jr. F mm 5 7.! l v : xtCofc SECOND PLATOON Front Row: Barry Robert Miller, Winston Pettus Crowder, Milton Phillips Overstreet, Benjamin Eugene Jackson, Billy Ronald Games, Gayle Elliot Gerson, Ronald David Greenberg, Second Row: Walter Joseph Nolan, Jr., Billy Frank Galloway, Joseph Madison White, Jr., Norton England, Robert Virgil Cauthom, Franklin Ace Pickens, John Dell Brasher. Third Row: Vernon John Klippi, Philip Ridley Cecil, Robert Ewell Jenkins, James Hatfield Granger, Daniel Maurice Phillips, Harrison Flavis Hamer, Joseph Edward Youmans. CHARLIE COMPANY THIRD PLATOON Front Row: Joe Elliott Davis, Jr., John Burns Henderson, Jr., John Fletcher Collins, John George Prather, Herbert Franklin Hamilton, Russell Chris Bingley. Second Row: Noel James Kuester, Donald Jay Pichinson, Scott Covington, Hall Street Hammond, Don Ray Ramsey. Third Row: Louis Freedman, Paul Loming Davis, Jr., James Bland Pope, Barron Ulmer Kidd, Frank Joseph Leopold, Newton Edward Ward, Jr. 4i ( W U.S.S. Missouri (BB-63) displays her main and sec- ondary battery Midshipmen observe replen- ishing exercise from U.S.S. Missouri (BB-63) NAVAL R.O.T.C SUMMER CRUISE Midshipmen watch a bull fight in Lisbon, Portugal Cargo handling at sea, large scale replenishment U.S. S. Frasher (DM-24) gets line over for refueling operation Dorothy Burgess is presented as sweetheart at the Navy Ball LOCAL SHOTS Capt. Johnson looks over the trophies If? Navy Sweetheart Nominees Anne Williams, Marilyn Steele, Mar- garet Ann Smith, Jo Ann Finch, Mary Shaffer, Nancy Broward, Bitsey Elliott, Maymerle Shirley, Peggy Smith, Sharon Alexander, Dorothy Burgess. The Buccaneers perform intricate maneuvers during competition with other ROTC units. Armed Forces Band performs at the Mili tary Ball. NAVY COLOR GUARD Left to Right: Dan Russ Young, Walter Thomas Nelson, John Lee Rundell, Franklin Deny Crutchfield, James Douglas Browning. Orange Wings Drill Team passes in review Cadets Overton and Thomas present Liason Officer H. Malcolm Macdonald with an invitation to the Air Force Ball. Miss Dorothy Burgess, Queen of the Ball, inspects the guard. Hat racks were provided at the Navy Ball. DEPARTMENT OF AIR SCIENCE The Air F established offered by the Department prepare iJjiwersity studei brps program was ; 7. This program, ience, is designed to select and ieir country as -Commissioned Officers in the Air FeJrce. flights injmilitary aircraft in A ship and Air Science. Pilots or Observers in t! ce carets are given orientation _ on to excellent traitoihg in leader- 2 1 ROTC graduates become Force. COLONEL DAVID H. THOMAS Professor of Air Science and Tactics Models built by Cadets AIRMEN Front Row: M Sgt. Erwin W. Freudenberg, M Sgt. John R. Woodward, M Sgt. William A. Tatom, M Sgt. Ray B. Oldham. Second Row: M Sgt. Robert Fairlee, M Sgt. W. A. Brock, M Sgt. William H. Davenport. FACULTY OFFICERS Front Row: Col. David H. Thomas, Lt. Col. George E. Abernathy, Maj. Eugene A. Wink, Capt. Marvin E. Gholson. Second Row: First Lt. Ralph Kaplan, Col. Robert C. Brown, Capt. Harold Stanton, Capt. James C. Lambdin. WILLIAM DELF BHYCE Wing Commander HAROLD THEODORE REIGLE Deputy Wing Commander AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. FALL LANELLE Lurz Honorary Cadet Colonel Both Semesters ROBERT Louis SCHLUMPF Wing Adjutant TOM K. BARTON Wing Inspector ROBERT NATHAN KATZ Staff Judge Advocate DAVID H. THOMAS II Deputy Operations DONALD ROSENFIELD Deputy Personnel DAVID BROWN BARROW, JR. {ahi Deputy Material PACE 346 WING STAFFS SPRING THOMAS JOE YIUM Deputy Operations ANN BREEDING Group I Sponsor DONALD ROSENFIELD Deputy Personnel MARGARET PRESTON Group II Sponsor DAVID BROWN BARROW, JR. Deputy Material ROBERT NATHAN KATZ Staff Judge Advocate WILLIAM PRESTON BREEDING Wing Commander ROBERT Louis SCHLUMPF Deputy Wing Commander MAURY ALLEN LLOYD Wing Adjutant TOM K. BARTON Wing Inspector PAGE 347 GROUP STAFFS GROUP I - FALL Left to Right: Kenneth Morrow Pinson, William Preston Breed- ing, Howard Jacobs, Ben Alan Terry. GROUP II - FALL Left to Right: Thomas Joe Yium, Charles Craig Woodson, Jr., Harold Wayne Pace, Sims Allen Buckley. GROUP I - SPRING Front Row: David H. Thomas. Second Row: William Joseph Laughlin, Jeff Monroe Neely, Gaylon Royce Overton, Ben Al- an Terry. J. GROUP II - SPRING Front Row: Charles Craig Wood- son, Jr. Second Row: James S. Swearingen, Jr., Harold Wayne Pace, Charles Lee Mauch, Sims Allen Buckley. PETER DUNNE BENNETT Director Freshman Leadership Laboratory FRESHMAN LEADERSHIP LABORATORY But 7:00 A. M. comes early on Friday THOSE IN CHARGE Front Row: Peter Dunne Bennett, Leopold Peter Danze, Don Arthur Hart, Jr., Jerry J. Prideaux, Harold Clayton Brantley, Jr., Benny Frank Johnson. Second Row: Thomas Eugene Fanning, Roland Edmund Dahlin, II, Clarence Linden Sledge, Keith Russell Grimes, Wendell B. Worley. Third Row: Joe Lewis Ireland, Jack Ray Lacy, James Martin McDonald, Judd Miller, Jr., Robert Arthur Anderson. ill .U J . THOMAS MORGAN HAMMOND, JR. FaH Commander FLIGHT A Front fiou): Thomas Morgan Hammond, Jr., Dennys Monroe Brite, George Cardwell Jolley, Jr., Alfonso Augustus Cisneros, Philip Samuel Maiorka, Dan Harper Benson, James Richard Covington, Lloyd Charles Cregor. Se cond Row: Ronald Charles Grossman, Daffan Dewitt Orme, James W. Jones, William Sam Dunn, Robert William Nathan, Charles Glenn Grimes, Allan McNabb Franz, Jr., Earl Norman Brasfield. Third Row: William Joe Graves, Ronald Keith Curlee, Jack Strickland Daniel, Robert David Hall, Lawrence Lee Espey, Kenneth Ray Dickerson, John Henry Gerling, Stanley W. Blanchard. Fourth Row: Donald Tullis Friend, Sam Charles Bradshaw, Charles William Skinner, Jordan Vance Jones, Kirk Wilfred Stanley, Charles Edward Botefuhr, Robert Lee Parker, James Word Sansom, Jr. AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. SQUADRON ONE FLIGHT B Front Row: Ben Isaias Gomez, Russell Gardner Sharp, Frank Scott Crenshaw, Garrett Meador, Thomas Leslie Hodges, David Harold Guinn, Harold Wesley Ashendorf, Don Robert Haragan, Billy Don Dean. Second Row: Dewey Ivan Alspaw, John Wheaton Clark, Beeman Ewell Strong, Joe Sam Matthews, Aurel Wayne Franke, David Mortimer Lewis, Judson Truett Barber, Jr., Wil- liam James Derrick. Third Row: Archie Haas Heimer, John Tristani Sherwood, Clarence Wayne Harrison, Robert Benard Hendrix, Clarence Wagner Chandler, Marvin Neel Elder, Jr., James Lyons McCall, Billy Wayne Andrus. Fourth Row: Thomas Ralph Campbell, Royce Glynn Jenkins, Richard Caldwell Jones, Howard Hutton Drisdale, Jack Gladden Leach, Leroy Frederick Avers, John Henry Coates, Ronald Joseph Minner. BILLIE Jo WHITESIDE Sponsor PHILIP A. NELSON, JR. Spring Commander Ofc to Mb F 1 ' toSffl ,U it David atyW. t, Jerk s, Janes iModor, ic Robert joe Sam ,)r,W t Robert e Lyons k BMi toU FLIGHT C Front Row: Carleton Thomas Clowe, Jr., Staton David McElroy, Joe Edward Nobles, Walter Y. Haynie, Anthony Kent Dunnam, Roy Lynn Barnes, Oswaldo T. Acosta, Richard Von Scharfenberg, Gerald Paul D ' Arcy. Second Row: Pat Garner Hedgcoxe, William Joseph Reed, Ralph Bailey Kemp, Raymond Oliver Jackson, Sydney S. Connor, John Calvert Berryman, Louis Wayne Hamilton, Adam Peter Heslep, Robert Evan Fisher. Third Row: Thurmond Lamar Johnson, William Glenhelm Robinson, Don Philip Speers, Joe Larry Byrd, James William Fanning, Gerald O ' Russell Griffin, Bobby Louis Cummings, Russell Raymond Carey, Jr., James Randolph Dowdy. Fourth Row: Robert Hal Watkins, Bill Levinson Collie, Jack Allen Chamblee, Jerry Loyd LeBlanc, Wendell Jerry Cox, Ernest Charles Rinehart, Terry Clay Green, James Alan Feibelman. AIR FORCE R.O.T.C SQUADRON TWO FLIGHT D Front Row: Ralph Vaughn Carson, Joseph Franklin Goodson, Roy Leon Ford, Noble Wilmer Eden, Joe Shirley Davis, Jerry Don Glover, Henry Winfield Atherton, Nicky S. Dieb. Second Row: Roger Lacy Conger, Douglas Allen Drescher, William Rawlins Clark, Wilson Roger Barker, Emory Paul Murray, Harry Edward Bruder, Pearson Grimes, Timothy Nagle Morrow. Third Row: John Jacob Anderson, Edward Stafford Bridges, Robert Leyton Gunn, James Frederick D ' Arcy, Robert Perry Runnels, Willie Smith Bennett, II, Ronald Anthony Bartlett. Fourth Row: Lloyd Sol Kelman, Jackie Dale Poison, John Roy Crutchfield, Tommy Louis Blackshear, Frederick Ernest Berner, William McKinley Duncan, III, Harvey Eugene Roberts. CARLETON THOMAS CLOWE Fall Commander BETTY TEMPLETON Sponsor ROBERT ARTHUR ANDERSON Spring Commander T An officer makes your bed for you every day, after he brings your breakfast to you. Some of these fellows must have had practice shooting at revenuers. Ultimate goal for Air Force ROTC Cadets. One of the phases of training at summer camp. ' Pracfa M P Keith Grimes at Laredo AFB, Texas. Ask him about his ride in the T-33. PAGE 353 CHABLES LEE MAUCH Fall Commander FLIGHT E Front Row: Jimmy Edwin Banks, Robert Adrian Rasmussen, Thomas Gerald Stafford, Roy Ed- ward Hearrean, Louis Dayne Miller, Rayman Glen Carlton, James Vilas Nolen, Thomas Newton Williams. Second Row: Maury Allen Lloyd, Wilbur Warnock Williams, Jr., Charles Raymond Redus, George Daniel Matzke, Don Lynn Woodland, Philip Robert Zeeck, Bill Myers Hendricks. Third Row: Philip A. Nebon, Frank Duncan Salmons, Jr., Randell Cross Shepler, Billy Clyde Ament, Joe Frank Taylor, Dewey Herman Mobley, Joseph Michael Hayes. Fourth Row: Kenneth Ray Farabee, Roy Lawrence McGaughey, Walter Brown Pistor, Carl Allen Nolle, Augustus Jones Polhill, Alan Shield. AIR FORCE RO.T.C SQUADRON THREE FLIGHT F Front Row: Walter Ross Werlla, Lawrence Eugene Hart, Stewart Morris Gillett, Richard Miles Trickey, Don Arthur Tidwell, Sherwood William Inkley, Thomas O ' Brien Tuffly, Gene Parker Sanders. Second Row: Jeff Monroe Neely, Jr., Cadmus Kilgore Lawson, II, Robert Earl Cayce, Bruce Edward Muller, John Allen Slay, Robert Guin Hutton, Howard Glazbrook. Third Row: Albert John Nowotny, Gerald James Roberts,, Jr., Robert Charles Shreve, Jon Gor- don Heber, Walter Russell Hensey, Kenneth Arthur Carter, Malcolm Russell Gregory, Jr. Fourth Row: Charles Lee Mauch, Bryan Dick Anderson, Alfonso Rubio, Jr., Carlos Landon Naumann, John David Herring, William Richard Lee, Fred Haberle. KAY DIANNE WRIGHT Sponsor THOMAS EDWARD DA VIES Spring Commander m - Bovtt kb, afak ,Cd ri Milts y.Gat Bract G H r - Ladoo FLIGHT G Front Row: William B. Hoff, Richard C. Lowrey, Clinton Edwards Hawkins, Jerald Boyce Jackson, Jose Edwardo Alcaide, William Edward Gonzalez, Richard John Florance, Robert Edward Coldwater, Allan Ronald Keown. Second Row: James Daniel Rollins, Jr., Ronald Melford Jackson, Clyde Stuart Bell, Joe Burle- son Bonham, Lee Edward Ricks, Jr., Fred D. McLarry, Robert H. Bohn, Robert Lewis Baldridge, Reuben Henry Brown. Third Row: Charles Finley Bacon, Jr., David N. Horn, Arnold Frank Korenek, Henry Thomas Hedgcoxe, Harvey Henry Diemer, James L. Bartz, Stanley Crump Phipps, James Aubrey Griffin, Gerald Ray James. Fourth Row: Robert Adger Elrod, Lynwood Curtis Krause, Robert McCall Davenport, James Paul Phillips, Charles Royce Moberly, Richard Hugh Cooke, Jon David Swartz, Albert Clay Ross, Robert Newton King. AIR FORCE R.O.T.C SQUADRON FOUR FLIGHT H Front Row: Jon W. House, Charles Raymond Jones, Michael Arthur Carter, James Tolivar Craig, Jr., Jimmie Wayne Zunker, Edward Elwood Snavely, Paul Edward Hansen, Daniel Ashby Stultz, Richard Economy. Second Row: Harold Douglas Colwick, Warren Robert Lilly, John Charles Procter, Richard Wayne Bateman, Joe Edward Manz, James Jackson Dorrough, Thomas Elvin Johnson, John Franklin McCrary, Walter Lee Magness. Third Row: George Alan Shafer, Larry Ballou Hughes, Welcom Wade Finley, William Cling- man Jennings, Bruce Warner Carpenter, Jerry Lamar Morris, Bobby Austin Newman, Alan Eugene Fogelberg. Fourth Row: John Harrison Cockrell, Elton Mance Tucker, Robert Arthur Mengel, Elwood Ray Henderson, Charles Robert Fairchild, Everett E. Culver, Karl Fred Kamrath, Jr., Charlie Emil Mohle. JAMES SAMUEL SWEARINGEN, JR. Fall Commander ANN COURTNEY HARRELL Sponsor CHARLES CALVIN KUBIN Spring Commander LOCAL And the band played on. Members of the Orange Wing Drill Team are required to put in a lot of practice. PAGE 356 It ' s only punch. Air Force Ball. Dean Peck awarding honorary commissions. Cadet Thomas shows Hon- orary Cadet Colonel Lutz the controls. SWOTS PACE 357 JAMES HOWABD WARBEN Fall Commander FLIGHT I Front Row: Jay Frank Powell, Gilbert Muraida Valdez, Jr., Robert Terrence Farrell, David Torres, Gerald N. Sigman, Raymond Edward Sagstetter, Don Morris Davis, Harry Alison Jones, Goodridge Venable Morton Minton. Second Row: Roy Datus Sharp, Jr., Nigel Truman Cox, Randolph Patman Haggard, Hilton Ivan Chodorow, Carl Rodney Perkins, Jr., Eugene Hyron Shepherd, Gene Norman Kinne. Third Row: John Ballard Sisk, Robert Eugene Reynolds, Charles Lucky Oglesby, James Parker Oliver, Edward Leroy Day, Joe Gentry Roady, Robert Alan Hunt, Norman Keith Rollo. Fourth Row: Charles Calvin Kubin, Gilbert Charles Schutza, William Ward Leifeste, Tom Stewart McDonald, Jerold Cohen, Lawrence John Chiappino, Philip Rhea Haught, James Russell Hodde, James Barrie Blanton. AIR FORCE R.O.T.C SQUADRON FIVE FLIGHT K Front Row: Charles Mark Ross, Luther Flinn Marshall, James Donovan Baker, Edward Donald Ashbaugh, James Arthur Loynd, Walter Lamar Evans, Charles Raines English, William Herbert Bradfield, Milton Perry McElhannon. Second Row: Corrie Handler Smith, John Gilbert Rabon, Edward Lee Mulcahy, George Baker Meyer, Perry Montgomery Giles, Dana Wayne Browning, Donald Terrel McEntire, Walter Wallace Leamons, Jr., John Austin Salyer. Third Row: Donald Wick Spafford, Gary Harley Taylor, Travis La Verne Crim, James Merke] Stuckey, Ronald Norman Schaevitz, William Clark Poole, Frank J. Mikeska, Clyde Carey Deckard. Fourth Row: Richard Linn Rasor, Arvid Asa Anderson, Tommy Ray Turner, Edward Eugene Reed, Robert William Craft, Roger V. Chenault, John Robert Coltharp, William Joseph Laughlin. I . tad tat. Ok PATRICIA DEON MATTHEWS Sponsor RONALD CHARLES GROSSMAN Spring Commander Cw. Parks Bolo. i. Tan Bain Wafer Cam ' opt FLIGHT L Front Row: David Austin Thomas, Leland Alan Stinson, Elias Esteban Villarreal, Joseph David Kunz, Jesse Cuello, Marvin Earl Wilmoth, David Woods Tees, William Aldridge Cline. Second Row: Ted Maynard Watson, Don W. Hanley, Don Anderson, Kong F. Woo, James Hunter Thompson, Morris Newberry, William James Maurice Thomas. Third Row: Kenneth Frank Wells, Bruce Potts Murphy, Harry Lee Wood, HI, Brian Thomas Pierce, Kenneth George Wirth, Robert Franklin Muller, Charles Bailey Team. Fourth Row: Joel David Toole, Jerry Sidney Girard, Michael Carter Whitt, James Russell Cochran, E. R. Williams, Jr., Richard Gerald Mayer, Wayne King Watts. AIR FORCE R.O.T.C SQUADRON SIX FLIGHT M Front Row: George Arthur Yonge, Donald Anderson Pugh, James Montgomery Preston, II, Dan Keith Pitner, Fredric Carson Toole, III, George Leo Trezise, James Renneau Wasson, Thomas Gaylord Wood, Richard Bryan Miller. Second Row: Donald Witsitt Goodson, Mahon Daniel Collins, Denzel Edward Reasoner, Leskie Luther Luck, John Paul Eldridge, Wayne Lewis Musgrave, Doyle Jackson Todd, Leslie John Strieber. Third Row: Fred Joseph O ' Conner, Herman Neil Van Geem, William Earl Smith, Ray Edward Thompson, Bill Raymond Mullikin, Ronald Barry White, Charles Devearle Gray, Joseph Hardie Slider. Fourth Row: Charlie Cornelious Havens, Thomas Wayne Anthony, Clinton Lynch Smith, James Jefferson White, III, Herschel Odell Wells, Joseph Franklin Stevens, Thomas Jeffer- son Waggoner, HI, Charles Kenneth Van Eman. GENE LEWIS NAEGELIN Fall Commander EVELYN MARLENE MADDOX Sponsor THOMAS MORGAN HAMMOND, JR. Spring Commander AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. ORANGE WINGS DRILL TEAM Commander Humboldt Casad Mandell, Jr., Sponsor Shirley Ann Gore Cadets make plans for the Gov- ernor ' s inaugural parade. Front Row: John Kampmann Meyer, Joseph Eugene Gates, Robert Floyd Duckworth, Robert Dean Pfeifer, Anthony George Ogden, Sloan Lafayette Kirk, Jr., Jose Reyes, Jr., John Adam Palinsky, Jr., Joseph Holt Foster, Jr., James Richardson Beidleman, James Edward Roberts, Samuel Idrogo. Second Row: Joaquin Fox, Joseph Scott Thornton, Robert Sterling Farmer, Don West Graul, Denman Vodrie Smith, Ronald Nelson Brown, James Edward Fortune, Jacob Alton Bauerle, Kenneth Lee Cochrum, Harold Benton Lineberger. Third Row: Robert E. Goad, Jr., Stewart Leonard Davis, David Spencer Bennett, Clarence Melvin Painter, Glenn Ancel Arden, Walter Felix Mueller, Franklin Joseph Broz, Sylvester Daniel Parsons, Jr., Gerald Coffee, Eugene Coleman, Leslie Alden Hobgood. Fourth Row: Vemon Todd Sanford, Jr., Jimmy A. Almazan, Jr., Roy Jack McCarroll, Raul J. Lozano, Charles Forrest Slagle, Maurice John Lehman, Lee Alva Laird, Abelardo Guiter- rez, Jr., David Pipes Steves, Roger Allan Lewis, Bryan Richard Conn. Cadets passing in review. AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. RIFLE TEAM COLOR GUARD Left to Right: Maurice John Lehmann, Jr., Walter Brown Pistor, Harold Theodore Reigle, James Jackson Dorrough, Harold Benton Lineberger. Left to Right: Harold Benton Lineberger, Harold Theodore Reigle, Walter Brown Pistor, Maurice John Lehmann, Jr., James Jackson Dorrough. Left to Right: Harold Theodore Reigle, Harold Benton Lineberger, Walter Brown Pistor, James Jackson Dorrough, Gerald Leo Coffey, Maurice John Lehmann, Jr. Left to Right: Scott D. Evans, Francis Elliott Shoup, III, Peter Von Wupperfeld, Patrick O ' Bannon McShane, Paul Robert Hamilton. M Sgt. Robert Fairlee PACE 361 SPONSORS Left to Right: Shirley Ann Gore, Margaret Preston, Billie Jo Whiteside, Eve- lyn Marlene Maddox, Kay Dianne Wright, Patricia Deon Matthews, Ann Harrell, Lanelle Lutz, Ann Breeding, Betty Templeton. AIR FORCE ASSOCIATION Left to Right: Harold Theodore Reigle, Tom K. Barton, David Brown Bar- row, Jr., Kenneth Morrow Pinson, Gaylon Royce Overton, Thomas Edward Davies. . i Receiving Line at the Air Force Ball. mr wwmw BAPTIST STUDENT UNION STAFF Student Director EUNICE PARKER The BAPTIST STUDENT UNION is a Southwide organization founded at The University of Texas in 1919. Its purpose is to serve as a connecting link be- tween the Baptist churches and the college campus and to enlist all Baptist Students in the local unit organizations of the churches. It further strives to provide the student with opportunities for religious activity and spiritual growth. A gathering of the Greater Council at the BSU. Students helping in mission work. COUNCIL MEMBERS President BENNIE RUTH SMITH V ice-President ERNEST WOODS Social Chairman SILSBEE CHRISTIAN Secretary POZELLE PHILLIPS Enlistment Chairman . . . MARY HELEN PRITCHETT Worship Chairman .... ELWYN GUNN Publicity LYNN BRACEWELL Intramurals HERBERT JOHNSON Missions DON NELSON Magazine Representative . . FRED O ' CONNOR Sunday School Representative . LEON CHANDLER Training Union Representative . LANGFORD SNEED YWA Representative . . . NELL DECEURIN Music DONUS RICKS Treasurer JOE HENRY McGRAW Co-operative Activities . . . JOHN MOTHERSHEAD A morning watch at seven thirty a.m. ; -.. ._- PACE 364 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION STAFF Sponsor MRS. H. W. KNIERIM The Christian Science Organization is a self-sustaining group which holds regular services conducted by student members. Throughout the school year testimonial meetings are held on Thursday evenings at seven o ' clock at which time students relate experiences of healing and other benefits they have received through the application of Christian Science. OFFICERS President . . , Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Member-at-Large Readers WILLIAM VINCENT BRANNAN LYNN CLAVERT BARRETT MARILYN LEE GUERGUIN RICHARD EARL TINSMAN STANLEY B. THARP ROBERT PARKER CRALLE ROSALYN ROBINSON WOLFE A fellowship meeting of the Christian Science students. Students making use of the Christian Science student library. PAGE 365 DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP The DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP is the national organization for college and university students belonging to the Disciples of Christ or Christian Church. It was organized in 1946 at Merom, Indiana, to provide Christian fellowship for the approximately 50,000 Dis- ciple students in this country. There are now groups in thirty-nine states and Canada. A cabinet meeting. STAFF Director of Student Work and the Texas Bible Chair Minister PAUL GREEN WASSENICH LAWRENCE W. BASH CABINET MEMBERS President JAMES DANIEL ROLLINS Vice-President CLARA RUTH HOOTEN Secretary ALICE JEAN MIDDLETON Treasurer LARRY STEWART Spur Editor GERALD BLOUNT PRATT Historians JOYCE LEE BROWN LOYCE LEE BROWN Service Committee Chairman GLADYS ANNE RIGSBY Worship Committee Chairman SALLY ANN FIELDS Program Committee Chairman HOWARD WILLIAM HUDSPETH Recreation Committee Chairmen ROBERT LESTER HUBBARD THOMAS C. CHALMERS Enlistment Committee Chairman JOHN VAN VOORHIS Matins Chairman JANE ELIZABETH HAMILTON Coffeeorum Chairman BETTY Lou CLAY Intramurals Managers THOMAS ALTON BLAKELEY SARAH ANN STAMPS At a Roaring Twen- ties Party. Sunday night fellow- ship meeting. PAGE 366 I GAMMA DELTA GAMMA DELTA is an association of Lutheran students specifi- cally designed for the college and university campus to carry forward a planned and unified program of activity. It is based on two Greek words that form the organization ' s motto: gnosis and diakonia (knowl- edge and service ) . STAFF Student Pastor and Advisor REV. EDMUND P. FRANK OFFICERS President Gus FRANKLIN MUTSCHER Vice-President FRED THEODORE VIEHWEC Secretary DOROTHY ANN DENARD Treasurer ROGER JOHN KOHLS Social Chairman PAUL WALTER SCHMIDT Social Chairman JANE RUTH WINKLER Social Cliairman FREDERICK WAYNE SCHUMACHEH Historian SHIRLEY JEAN DITTMAR Meeting after the Howdy Week Supper. MEMBERS Carl Dieckman Besch Robert W. Bubolz Shirley Pauline Buske Emory Kenneth Damstrom Dorothy Ann Denard Shirley Jean Dittmar Wilbert Dutschmann Edgar Gustav Fischer Ben B. Frank Beverly Power Geisler Bernard Wayne Geisler Ruby Marie Graf Louis Edward Hoffman Marie Hoyer Wilmer A. Hoyer Albert F. Jesse, Jr. Carolyn Sue Jutzi Shirley Beatrice Klein Robert John Klein Betty Joyce Koelle Emmit Koelle Carolyn Annette Koenig Roger John Kohls Thomas Carl Maahs Gus Franklin Mutscher Sibyl Joyce Ranfranz Betty Rathjen Frederick William Rathjen Rollins Monard Roth William Albert Schatte Ellen Schmidt Paul Walter Schmidt Paul Walter Schroeder Frederick Wayne Schumacher Barbara Helen Sorensen James Edward Stellhammer Marvin G. Twenhafel Fred Theodore Viehweg Wilford Wilde Jane Ruth Winkler Helen Louise Wittig Margaret Zieschang fcari.-- A Sunday cost supper. evening Singing after a fellow- ship meeting. PAGE 367 Lutheran students square dancing. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION I The purpose of the LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION is to promote Christian unity and bonds among Lutheran students. It is to strengthen and sustain Christian students in their faith through the use of the Bible, through prayer, through regu- lar church attendance, and through fellowship in the Lutheran Student Association. OFFICERS President HERMAN HAENEL Vice-President PATRICIA WOLF Secretary PATSY FLACHMEIER Treasurer HOWARD FISCHER Student Pastor and Advisor . PASTOR CARL E. HACKER A mid-semester retreat. Enjoying food and fellowship at a box supper. ' NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club was established at The University of Texas in 1908 by the Paulist Fa- thers who were sent here by the Bishop of Gal- veston to form an organization for Catholic students on the campus. Dr. Alfred Kelly speaking at a Newman Club meeting. OFFICERS President THOMAS JEROME DEVINE Vice-PTesident .... VINCENT CRIXELL Secretary BARBARA ANN CANTER Treasurer PAUL ANTHONY CANTER Director REV. ROBERT J. MURPHY, C. S. P. Assistant Director . . . REV. ROBERT C. BARRETT, C. S. P. Newman Club members participating in a rosary. Shirley DeCoux, sweetheart of Newman Club, at formal. STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The purpose of the STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIA- TION is to build a fellowship of students devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Chris- tians. In this endeavor we seek to understand Jesus, to share His love for all people, and to grow in the knowledge and love of God. STAFF General Secretary, YMCA . Associate Secretary, YMCA Executive Director, YWCA W. A. BLOCK SMITH HUGH A. ECKOLS ROSALIE OAKES YWCA OFFICERS President ....... PEGGY LEE ROWLAND Vice-t ' resident CECILIA ANN BABBER Secretary ELIZABETH A. BUCK Treasurer HELEN CABOL HAMILTON YMCA OFFICERS President JACK FBANCIS RITTEB Vice-President DONALD RAY WABBEN Secretary LYNN Louis BOURDON Treasurer . . . EDGAR CHARLES WATKINS CABINET Stanley Edward Adams Cecilia Ann Barber Tom K. Barton Lynn Louis Bourdon Tom H. Browne Elizabeth A. Buck Margaret Eleanor Clark Sue Clark Everett Foy Clement Mary Elizabeth Dannenbaum Kenneth Ray Farabee Helen Carol Hamilton Martha Coleman Huff Martha Jo Karbach Patricia Anne Kendall Marcia Jane Lambe MEMBERS Ralph L. Masters Diane McFarland Madeline Roberta Moore Isabelle M. Peck Christian Edward Reinertsen Jack Francis Ritter Melvin Crowley Rowland Peggy Lee Rowland Robert F. Silvus Nancy Marie Skiles Duke Squibb Patricia Ellen Tracy Mary Jayne Upton Donald Ray Warren Edgar Charles Watkins Community Service project at the Negro School for the Deaf, Blind, and Orphaned. Block " meets with a study group at the spring retreat. PACE 370 " Y " Cabinet members in a weekly meeting. UNIVERSITY RELIGIOUS COUNCIL A Religious Council staff meeting at Hillel. A Council meeting at the " Y. ' The University Religious Council is a fellowship of repre- sentatives of organizations concerned with the religious life of the campus. It strives in a spirit of cooperating " unity without conformity " to evaluate the religious needs of the campus and to make a co-ordinated effort to meet these needs. OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer ELCONAN SAULSON CECILIA ANN BARBER HUGH A. ECKOLS I BAPTIST STUDENT UNION John Gates Mothershead Eunice Parker Reverend Blake Smith CANTERBURY CLUB William Brewster Reverend John Paul Carter William McKinley Duncan, III Suzanne Reid CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Reverend Bert Miller DANFORTH GRADUATE Susan Johnson DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP Clara Ruth Hooten James Daniel Rollins Reverend Paul Wassenich HILLEL FOUNDATION Dorothy Jo Daily Davie Lou Ettelman Sheila Dale Golub Elconan Saulson LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION Quinton Lamar Erickson Carl Hacker Robert Lee Thorns NEWMAN CLUB Frederick Joseph Doring Frank Finn, Jr. Father Robert Murphy Father Robert Barrett SOCIETY OF FRIENDS Nat Griswold STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Hugh A. Eckols Rosalie Oakes Robert F. Silvus Patricia Ellen Tracy Mary Jayne Upton WESTMINSTER STUDENT FELLOWSHIP Cecilia Ann Barber Winston Pettus Crowder Reverend Thom Hunter Joann Thompson WESLEY FOUNDATION Claire Johnson George Paris Jack Darrell Sargent UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS Bob Gordon Council meeting after lunch. PAGE 371 WESLEY FOUNDATION The WESLEY FOUNDATION at The University of Texas is a part of the Methodist Student Movement which seeks through organized fellowships to minister to the spiritual, moral, and social needs of the students. Wesley Foun- dation strives to lead students to become followers of Jesus Christ and help them find a vital personal relationship with God. To develop a supporting group in which individuals will mutually strengthen one another in Christian living, and to help create a new world order, the kingdom of God, embodying Christian ideals and conserving human values. Bob and Frank getting together at the " shacks. " STAFF Director C. W. HALL Associate Director ROBERT E. LEDBETTER Associate Director REV. BOB BREIHAN Associate Director GEORGE PARIS OFFICERS President KENNETH MORROW PINSON Vice-I ' resident DAN EARL POLTER Secretary . . ' RUTH LORENE PROUSE Treasurer CLAIRE JOHNSON Librarian RUTH ANN OVEHBECK Spiritual Life SUE OWEN Social Action VIRGINIA MCDONALD Stewardship JIMMY JOE SYMONS World Relatedness JOANNE COPELAND Community Service .... DOROTHY ANNE STEELE Fellowship Teams LEROY FREDRIC Buss Food ELIZABETH ANN NIELSON Hospitality MARILYN JULIA AYLOR Intramurals for Girls .... VIRGINIA ANNE KINDIG Intramurals for Boys .... KENNETH ALLEN RAIF Membership EDWARD FRANKLIN BALDWIN Music PEGGY Jo GREGORY Placement MARTHA ANN HAHTMAN Recreati on ROBERT BEN LILLIE Wesleyan and Weslei anette . . EMILY FRANCES BEALL Publicity FRANK THURMAN HILTON Vespers ALLEN PAGE KILLAM : ::._ Ett A group discussion during retreat at Rockledge on Lake Travis. Putting words into action at a Wesley Student Workcamp. PACE 372 WESTMINSTER STUDENT FELLOWSHIP Westminster Student Fellowship, as a part of the Church, has as its purpose the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ on the campus of The University of Texas. Its purpose is to educate in the fundamental tenets of the Christian faith, to develop articulate and educated leaders for the Church, and to bring students to an encounter with the living Christ. HTB I ' ' PKSOS I OS AID ilERE OS teisox MR raic Rur x BALDWIN v miix Haros .01 OFFICERS Student Pastor and Director of Student Work . . . THOM HUNTER President JOANN THOMPSON Vice-Moderator JAMES MICHAEL COOK Secretary ADELE BLACK Treasurer ROBERT NELSON ROBERTSON COUNCIL MEMBERS Marianne Allert Cecilia Ann Barber Adele Black James M. Byrom Hector Lionel Cisneros James Michael Cook Eddie Mack Gipson Eleanor Manuel Susan Mowery Robert Nelson Robertson Ann Louise Sutton Keith leading a worship service. WSF students studying. Singing at a fellowship meeting. PACE 373 Rosalie Oakes and " Y " members make Christmas decorations. FEATURES Dr. Hall breaks the ground for the Meth- odist Student Center. A first-of-school supper at Hillel. The Lutheran Student work project gets underway. Jim Cook, Sue Johnson, Bob Gordon, and Weejee Sutton have coffee at the Chaplain ' s Workshop. A Canterbury supper and song fest. ' A CAPPELLA CHOIR Front Row. Joseph, Latham, Koenig, Franks, Shaw, Holloway, Gohrband, Mueller, Gaby, Warren, Bass. Second Row. Yardas, Carter, Johnson, Carden, Arnold, Aitchison, Speaker, Jones, Presson, Mugno. Third Row. Monroe, Quebe, Schwarz, Valentine, Denard, Smulcer, Gil- chriest, Elrod, Williams, Shows. Fourth Row: Wood, Lilyholm, Kniker, Bailey, Sanders, Davis, Pritchard, Davis, Nichols, Kobs. FifthTlow. Walston, Carmona, Chambers, Malone, Point, Ray, Viehweg, Creedle, Million, Smith, Witt, Stansbury, Lillie, Wheeler, Williams, Handley, Maiguashea, Richbourg. President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer Director Assistant Director OFFICERS LAWRENCE KENNETH HANDLED LEONARD ALVAN CHAMBERS NANCY LEE SCHWARZ MEYER WILLIS WITT ARCHIE N. JONES BENJAMIN M. BAKKEGARD A Cappella officers for the year include Leonard A. Cham- bers, Elizabeth Johnson, Lawrence Handley, Marjorie Mug- no, Meyer W. Witt, Hugh Sanders, and Nancy Schwarz. A forthcoming program takes shape during one of many rehearsals. MEMBERS Marie Sylvia Aitchison Carole Arnold James Harvey Ashford, Jr. Patricia Lou Bailey Barbara Ann Bass Donald Jack Bedford Harold Lee Blevins Donald James Bradley Wanda M. Garden Frank Trinidad Carmona M. Carolyn Carter Leonard Alvan Chambers George Robert Creedle Daniel Trigg McCabe Davis, Jr. Henry Etta Davis Mary Kathryn Denard Doris Ann Elrod Wanda Gayle Franks Carolyn Hudspeth Gaby Carolyn Patricia Gilchriest Ernestine Gohrband Jo Ann Hale L. Frances Hall Lawrence Kenneth Handley Cherie Kay Holloway Sarah Elizabeth Johnson Catharine Jones Janelle G. Joseph Julia Ann Kniker Charles Hubert Kobs Billie Waldyn Koenig Suzanne Latham Richard Ransom Lillie Alan Joel Lilyhohm Franklin Emerson Maiguashea Brady Arnold Malone Octavio Anthony Martinez Louis Noble Million Jean Monroe Martha Lee Mueller Marjorie Jane Mugno Jimmy Louis Nichols Philip Alan Point James Montgomery Preston Mary Juan Presson. Virginia Lee Pritchard Patricia Ruth Quebe Robert Cleve Ray Horace Clinton Richbourg Hugh W. Sanders Nancy Lee Schwarz Muriel Elizabeth Shaw Jo Ann Shows Carolyn Smith William Wayne Smith Jeanette Charlene Smulcer Lucy Lee Speaker Bobby Roy Stansbury Florence Ann Stickler Shirley Ann Valentine Fred Theodore Viehweg Dale E. Walston Barbara Faye Warren Granville Harry Wheeler Patricia Adele Williams Meyer Willis Witt Benjamin Gary Wood Dorothy Jean Yardas CURTAIN CLUB President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Board of Governors OFFICERS . JOSEPH THOMAS GABON . WALTER HERMAN MATHEWS . KATHRYN MARGARET YOUNG . RUDY W. CHROMCHAK JOAN MARIA HOUZE SUSAN MOWERY RICHARD DEANE THOMPSON JAMES DALE WEIR A masquerade falls into the spotlight. Faculty Advisor JAMES WILLIAM MOLL Waiting to try-out. Script-studying gets underway for one of the Curtain Club plays. MEMBERS Arturo Enrique Batres June Frances Bennett Mildred Lovella Briggs Mary Vaietta Byrd Joseph Thomas Caron Frank W. Cass Rudy W. Chromchak Billie G. Cook William Howard Graver Victoria Cushcoff Norma Dell Dunlap Joan Eckles Georgia Christine Fadal Elizabeth Marie Fletcher Julia Elizabeth Galbraith Jack Henry Galloway James Mack Godwin Joan Maria Houze Daniel Francis Kelleher Marcia Kincaid Walter Herman Mathews James Elbert McLarty Susan Mowery Gwenda Mullins Harral Young Peacock Tommy Joel Riggs Anthony Ristoff Rozanne Gloria Ritch Elizabeth Dolly Roberts William Earnest Robitsek Amanda Lisa Stone Charles Gayle Taylor Richard Deane Thompson Barbara Joan Tompkins Theodore (Ted) Andre Van Griethuysen James Dale Weir Hubert Whitfield, Jr. Frank William Wiseman Kathryn Margaret Young PACE 377 i LONGHORN BAND Charlie Eagle, M. H. Crockett, Jr., and Sims Buckley plan half-time band formations. OFFICERS President SIMS ALLEN BUCKLEY First Councillor PERRY MUELLER, JR. Second Councillor THOMAS WESLEY HERBST Third Councillor BILLY JOE WHITTED Fourth Councillor ROY DUANE HARRIS Drum Major JACKY PAUL GILBERT Feature Twirler MARGARET ANN SMITH Majorettes JEANNE ELLEN COPEN CHARLOTTE EDD MABRY Director M. H. CROCKETT, JR. .- ; - -.--. ----- -:. ' Filing up the steps of Gregory gym for the Texas-LSU pep rally. A painting party before the Baylor game. MEMBERS Fred Graydon Anderson Mike Alfred Bartlett Elbert White Bennett Buford Preston Berry James Sidney Bissett Melvin Ronald Blumberg Alfred Ervin Bonn Harold Clayton Brantley, Jr. Milam Allison Brantley Edward Stanton Brown, Jr. Sims Allen Buckley Byron Ross Byars, Jr. Cecil Cagle Cammack, Jr. Roy Canales Leonard Alvan Chambers Charles Coopwood Chapman, Jr. Alvis Ray Coffman Jerry G. Cole Orie Arthur Collins David Edwin Cook Jeanne Ellen Copen Richard G. Cortez Jerry Marvin Cottingham John Roy Crutchfield Lonnie Wayne Duke Charles Thomas Eagle, Jr. Nebraska (Ned) Evans Rex A. Fluty, Jr. Jorge ( George ) Alfonso Garcia Jacky Paul Gilbert William Otho Gillean, Jr. Donald Lee Greer Romeo Guttierrez-Vela Roy Duane Harris George Allen Harvey James Daniel Harvey Elwood Ray Henderson Norval Austin Hensley, Jr. Thomas Wesley Herbst Wallace Bruce Hicks Curtis Eugene Johnson Richard Caldwell Jones Charles Norman Kahler Allan Ronald Keown John Weldon Koenig Byron Lindsey Victor Lozano, Jr. Charlotte Edd Mabiy James Dailey Mason Roy David McDonald Jerry Lamar Morris William Freeman Morrison Glenn Edward Moye Perry Mueller, Jr. Bruce Edward Muller Harold Rice Murray Stephen Ross Peake Robert John Perry Billy Gene Phillips Morgan Van Raines Cecil Hugh Ramage Coy C. Ramsey, Jr. Samuel Dwain Reeves James Van Richards Ron Steigler Robinson Albert Clay Ross Jean Ellis Rozzell John Clarke Sanders Clarence Harlan Schenk Hugo Schriewer, Jr. Joseph H. Slider Margaret Ann Smith Ray Burl Smith Robert Harold Sobotik Neal Leslie Spelce, Jr. William Bennett Spelce George Albert Starbuck Robert Michael Stephens George Roscoe Stout Charles Thomas Sutherland Elvin H. Underwood Wallace Weldon Wade William David Walter Travis Oral Watson Billy Joe Whitted Carroll Wilson Billy Lee Windham Jerry Riley Wiseman Rudolph J. Wolf Robert Davial Young Thomas Michael Young John Ben Yows PAGE 378 Front: Crockett, Mabry, Smith, Copen, Gilbert. First Row: Sanders, Keown, Walter, Chambers, Duke, Borm, Robinson, Hicks, Wiseman, Brantley, Cook, Collins, Cottingham, Murray, Sobotik. Second Row: Lozano, Cammack, Smith, Phillips, Herbst, Johnson, Wade, Muller, Stout, Murray, Blumberg, Richards, Underwood, Starbuck, Ross. Third Row: Peake, Schenk, Cole, Bissett, Gutierrez-Vela, Gillean, Slider, Raines, Koenig, Yows, Reeves, Anderson, R. Young, Sutherland, Crutchfield. Fourth Row: J. Harvey, Perry, Watson, Fluty, Spelce, Greer, Hensley, Morrison, Spelce, Evans, Windham " , Ramsey, Stephens, G. Harvey, Henderson. Fifth Row: Schriewer, Berry, Morris, T. Young, Garcia, Bartlett, Lindsey, Moye, Jones, Chapman, Cortez, Brown, Wilsdn, Canales, Bennett. Sixth Row: Buckley, Byars, Brantley, Wolf, Rozzell, McDonald, Harris, Whitted, Coffman, Ramage, Kahler, Mueller, Mason, Eagle. Freshman band members parade down Congress. Relaxing between numbers at pep rally. Go, man, go A scrapbook takes on new interest before Band Welcome. PACE 379 RADIO-TV GUILD A group at the annual faculty-student reception. Entertaining patients at the mental hospital OFFICERS President CAROL JEANINE GROSS V ' ice-President JOHN E. FRYMAN Secretary BARBARA DIAMOND Treasurer ALICE MAE WESTBROOK Reporter SALLY S. LASH Historian M. KATHERINE SCHWARZ Faculty Advisor GALE ROY ADKINS G. Claude Allen Hal W. Atkins, Jr. Byrda Lynn Bracewell Ralph Lawrence Carmichael Connie E. Clark Margaret Eleanor Clark Marcia Beth Cooper Walter Dupree Craddock Celeste Deauquier Barbara Diamond Marilee Dunstan Kenneth James Erwin Walter Edward Evans Helen Elaine Fisher John E. Fryman Sheila Dale Golub Carol Jeanine Gross Abigail Harm MEMBERS Alfred Earl Helton Nancy Lee Henson John Wylie Hillje Carol Dale Hudspeth Patricia Elizabeth Jones Nancigail Jordan Kay Douglas Kerbow Nancy Knickerbocker Sally S. Lash Gale McBryde Long David Lee Marshall Kay Martin Mary Ann Merlo Gwenda Mullins Maureen Frances O ' Brien Billy Birkett Oxley Kathleen Delores Parnell Ralph Tex Pease Marilyn Sue Quinn Thomas J. Red Ida Beverly Ribakowski Daniel Carl Roberts Robert Marshall Rogers Robert F. Russell M. Katherine Schwarz Barbara Anne Stewart Ed L. Teer Patricia Ergeal Tippett Barbara Jean Tuck Gail Rebecca Upshaw William W. Waterous Alice Mae Westbrook Nancy Ann Wilbanks Maurine Youree --? : I - - PACE 380 - - SYMPHONIC BAND OFFICERS President . . : Vice-president . Secretary-Treasurer Reporter-Historian Librarian Band Managers Conductor . Associate Conductor LOLA KAY PALMER JERRY NEIL SMITH DILLIE MARGARET OTTO ROSE ELEANOR JANDA SANDRA JEAN STANLEY JAMES WILLIAM HIPP AviE KlLLMANN TELTSCHIK R. BERNARD FITZGERALD J. FRANK ELSASS MEMBERS erts Rogers ewart irook .v Mary Frances Adams Margaret Allen Ronald Henri Arnold Elbert White Bennett Marilou Benson Lionel Charles Betancourt Nancy Joan Bitter Jimmy Douglas Blackwell Mary Frances Boddie Robert C. Botello Barbara Anne Bracht Jorita Brasfield James Lee Burton Dixie Graves Byrd Robert Alvin Campbell Mary Clyde Capps Frank Asbury Cave Charles Eugene Chick Dan Corbin Richard G. Cortez Charles Thomas Eagle, Jr. Kenneth James Erwin Betty Lu Fletcher Sylvia Ruth Gabert Morris Lascelle Goolsby Robert Lee Graves Noel Virginia Gregg Marilyn Lee Guerguin Ro y Alvin Harrell, Jr. James P. Hart, Jr. Mary Hennings Herbst James William Hipp Carroll Ann Hodges Walton Donnie Hood Edward Joseph Hopper Joseph Ward Howard James Milton Huffman Rose Eleanor Janda Donald Bemis Jones Shirley Elaine Kockman Jerry Miral Lane Mary Jean Lantz Elpidio Lizcano, Jr. Victor Lozano, Jr. Chester Howell McDaniel Lee Boyd Montgomery, II Oena Elysce Neal Roy Oliver O ' Farrell Edward Garza Olivares Patricia Ray Osborn Dillie Margaret Otto Lola Kay Palmer Homer Humberto Pena Nina Ruth Plummer Donna Grace Reidy Paul Rios Elizabeth Hansen Rowell Donald Ray Saathoff Hugo Schriewer, Jr. Mary Loretta Shaffer Jesus Jose Silva Etta Jean Smith Jerry Neil Smith Marilyn LeEllen Smith Sandra Jean Stanley Inez Lenell Stewart Avie Killmann Teltschik David Erland Vassberg Tom Rusk Vickery, Jr. Tommy Walsh Bernie Holman Ward William Warren Yakey Stephen James Zelen PACE 381 II III II III II p j .in Mrs. Heiman gives a piano lesson. The Alard String Quartet are welcomed by Dean Doty after winning the National Federation of Music Clubs ' Young Artist Award. Mem- bers of the Quartet are: Seymour Wakschal, Arnold Magness, George Sicre, and Donald Hopkins. Bunny Jones Longenecker sneaks a minute of practice before an A Cappella Choir rehearsal. The barber, Joe Caron, in " One Touch of Venus " is visited by his fiancee and her mother. I Art students busily plan layouts and color schemes. Pat Stoy models for a sculpture class. Radio-TV Guild records an adaptation of " On Borrowed Time. ' PETER PAN T Peter Pan ( Norma Dunlap) gets ready to fly. And " he ' s " off! Wayne Thomas tries his luck. The pirates bold Faithful Nana, the Agnes David, the Me - Darlings ' dog maid. ALBA CLUB Officers and committee chairmen get together before meeting A few of the members listening attentively Meml ers listening to future plans for the club OFFICERS President JOSE ADAN TREVINO Vice-President ERNESTO BARRERA Secretary AURORA MARTINEZ Treasurer OMAR GARZA Parliamentarian RUBEN MONTEMAYOH Sponsor GEORGE I. SANCHEZ MEMBERS Hilaria Rodriguez Acostu Pete R. Acosta Teresita Aniaya Ernesto De La Garza Barrera Francisco Rene Barrera Pearl Agnes Barrera Alberto Bonilla Jose A. Brito Cuillermo M. Calderon Higinio Juan Cantu Inocencio Juan Cantu, Jr. Elvira Carlin Antonio Avilez Carrasco Joe Gomez Castillo Julian Castillo Hilario Cavazos Ignacio Champion Vincent Crixell Eliu Davila Gilbert De La Cruz Pete De Leon Jose Adrian Del Castillo Carlos Francisco Diaz Andres Escamilla Amador Garcia Antonio Daniel Garcia Luis Agustin Garcia Manuel Garcia Omar C. Garza Oswaldo Garza Eustolio Gonzales Hector Gonzales Louis Gonzales Virginia Lamar Gonzales Sylvia Ann Guerrero Romeo Guttierrez-Vela Peter Rudolf Hernandez Manuel Cipriano Hinojosa Ed Idar, Jr. Samuel Idrogo Miguel Jordan Lindolfo Loera Eugene Arthur Longoria Nathan Lorenzo Mallison, Jr. Crescencia Marin Aurora Martinez Dark) Lino Martinez Roberto Sanche . Martinez Ruben Montemayor Ernesto Moreno Edward Garza Olivares Richard Olvera George Ozuna Leo Pena Rafael Pena Leo Ramos Mary Louise Reyes Paul Rios Francisco Javier Rodriguez Joel Belay Rodriguez Juan Jose Rodriguez Frank Morales Salas Felipe Schimmel Jesus Abalos Sias Dolores Silva Leopoldo Solis Guillermo V. Soza Armando Cantu Stakes Mary Louise Teniente Norma Elizabeth Towns Jose Adan Trevino Dorothy B. Trevino Olga Flores Trevino Manuel Velasquez Evelio Flores Villareal The ALBA CLUB studies and discusses the prob- lems of diverse indigenous groups, particularly of the Spanish-speaking people of the Southwest. PACE 384 ' AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS President JOHN FRANCIS OWENS Vice-President . . . DON PAUL FITZGIBBON Secretary ROBERT LEE THOMS Treasurer CLYDE HOWARD GORDON Publicity Director . . WILLIAM FREDERICK ELDRIDGI: Historian FRANK W. BOMAR Representatives to Student Engineering Council . JOHN HARRISON COCKRELL BEN ALAN TERRY Sponsors WERNER W. DORNBERGER ROBERT SMITH HARRIS Informality the keynote at AAAE meetings MEMBERS Harold Glenn Adams Robert Newton Arrington Frank W. Bomar John Frederick Buenz, Jr. John Harrison Cockrell Marion Edwin Cothran Robert Parker Cralle Richard Allen Doores William Frederick Eldridge David Reynolds Engleman Frank Ed Falbo William Harold Ferguson Dale Howard Fietz Don Paul Fitzgibbon Robert Arnold Foreman Anthony Carlyle Fryar Joseph Roland Fulton Arthur L. Gabler Howard Glazbrock, III Clyde Howard Gordon Thad Harold Harden David M. Herring Thomas Penn Johnson Jerre Graham Kneip Franklin H. Kohutck Charles Calvin Kubin Morris Leon Levy, Jr. Rodney Wayne Ludwig oil, i Alejandro Medina-Lopez Walter Pool Nass Hugh Don Orr Laurence Eugene Osborn John Francis Owens Clifton Howard Pieper Perry Lewis Price Gordon Nash Rome Reynaldo Thomas Salas, Jr. Ben Alan Terry Robert Lee Thorns Billy Ray Upchurch Woodrow Wilson Waligore Kenneth Stewart Wendler William Martin Wood Officers and sponsors take time away from the drawing board Speaker holds members ' attention The AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITEC- TURAL ENGINEERS promotes fellowship and furthers the interests of students in architectural engineering. PACE 385 AMERICAN FINANCE ASSOCIATION Finances must be in good shape tor the smiling financiers. OFFICERS President EDDIE JACK SHARPE Vice-President EDDIE VERNEAL BONNER Secretary HOWARD FOSTER SLATAPER Treasurer BUFORD DEMOVILLE McKiNNEY Sponsor DANIEL MASON CLARK MEMBERS FACULTY James Adon Byrd Jack William Cashin Daniel Mason Clark James C. Dolley James Anderson Fitzgerald James Rudolph Kay Edward Karl McGinnis Henry T. Owen Leslie Clark Peacock Charles Lee Prather Girvin Hembrie Sanderson John Howard Sucke, Jr. Jack Greer Taylor To benefit its members the AMERICAN FINANCE ASSO- CIATION discusses current financial problems. Thomas Richard Benesch William Rceil Blackwell Eddie Vcrneal Bonncr Mary T. Brill William Orral Churchill Frances Spanieling Dodge David Lee Forbes Jay Edgar Garth Richard Gieser Melvin Kenneth Griffin Dudley Durwood Hale, Jr. Anthony Reinhardt Hollje Richard Charles Hughes Raymond P. Junemann Dushan Koprivnik William Sherrod Luttrell Lancllc Ruth Lutz Gene Cozart Lynch Buford DeMoville McKinney Frank J. Marek Juan M. O. Monasterio, Jr. Billy Glen Montgomery William Richard Moore Jack Montgomery Painter James Arthur Raper Elic Garland Sanders Eddie Jack Sharpe Howard Foster Slataper Charles Aubrey Smith, Jr. Janice Varnell Jack M. Vaught Bob Jan White PACE 386 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS AND INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS OFFICERS Chairman JERRY FRANK MOFFITT First Vice-Chairman . . . BENNY FRANK JOHNSON Second Vice-Chairman . . WILLIAM MONROE CRAMER Recording Secretary . . . JOHN HARVER LIND Treasurer DOUGLAS L. BUCHANAN AIEE Counselor .... ROY R. KREZDORN IRE Counselor . WILLIAM H. HAHTWIG The joint student branch or tne AMiLttlUAN INSTI- TUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS and the INSTI- TUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS has as its main purpose the advancement of the sciences and the maintenance of a high professional standing among its members. MEMBERS Wayne Mott Adam Rufus Allen, Jr. Jack Clayton Andrews Jack A. Angel William Eugene Arrowood Nassouh H. Bahra Billy J. Barnes Robert Lee Baros Robert Austin Bell Lee Winn Black Paris Edward Boddy Jimmy Douglas Browning Douglas L. Buchanan Samuel Roy Builto David Edward Campbell Robert Edward Carnell Charles Eugene Chick Billy Morris Clayton Willy Dorris Clayton Ralph B. Cox William Monroe Cramer Dan William Crofts Lee H. Dorfman Patrick Clyde Dougherty Jack Quitman Dunaway Bertram Dykes Joe Bert Eggen Max Engert Dan Lane Everett Donovan George Fischer Adolph William Foeh, Jr. William E. Gilchrist Robert Ray Cribble Eugene Howard Griffin James Wallace Gunn Robert Bee Hodge, Jr. Robert Clark Holt George Hamilton Hopkins Frank LaRue Ivey Arthur Wayman Ivy Benny Frank Johnson Emory Gene Johnson George Edward Kelly Lloyd Sol Kelman William Byron Kissinger David Warren Knight Harold Frank Kosel Lynwood Curtis Krause Phillip A. Latham Carlos V. Leal Benjamin Joseph Leon Fred Mershon Lightfoot John Harver Lind William Bart Little Alfredo Lopez, Jr. Hershel Ray Lung George Fred Mason, Jr. Robert Marshall McClure Charles David McGinnis Melton Duane McMasters Louis Noble Million Jimmie Charles Mitchell Jerry Frank Moffitt John Harry Mooney, Jr. Buck Arthur Morton William C. Mueller Ralph Tonias Murad William Roland Newton Carl Glover O ' Connor Alvin E. Oehlke Gilbert M. Ohlen Charles Richard Otey William Edison Owen Richard H. Peek Robert Joseph Perkins Robert Douglas Pfluger Walter Martin Phillips John P. Pittman Robert Benson Reynolds Lloyd Dale Ross Frank Joseph Schmidt Carlos Schrader Ted Robert Scott David Harold Shelton H. Clay Sherrod, Jr. Roy Dale Shroyer Ernest Preston Spradlin Howell Slaton Stephens George Stephenson, Jr. Hubert R. Stewart Clarence Stroope Vernon Ray Sturdivant Don Lee Telkamp David Hildreth Thomas Claude I. Thompson Dick Vaughan Loren Hudson Vaughn Fred Bitterman Vogt Newton Michael Warzecha Sidney Weisblat Norvin Duane Wells Charles Theodore Werner Clarence Edward Williams Everett Howard Wilson Robert A. Wilson Jack Thomas Wood Members get a close-up view of the demonstration Members and guests get ready to eat PACE 387 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERS MEMBERS OFFICERS President .... Vice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... Sponsor BOBBY F. ABERNATHY PHIL K. CHATMAN UEL S. CLANTON MALCOLM DUANE DRUMMOND JOHN E. DILLER FRANK WELDEN JESSEN The petroleum branch of the AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERS promotes contact between students interested in the petro- leum industry. Officers and sponsor Large attendance at meetings Bobby F. Abernathy Herbert Kent Acord Eduardo Amador Richard Rhoades Armstrong Abdul Latid Aurah Sharafi Badruddin Mamdouh Bakri Baggal John Alan Bailey Billy Harold Balthrop Beverley Barrette Banner Adnan Zaki Bashur Blair Osmond Bennett Bobby Berryman Robert J. Bice Hugh G. Blackwell Jimmy Loyd Boswell William Otway Breedlove Carey Carlton Bruce Alan Barrow Carson Willis Hunt Castner Phil K. Chatman Uel S. Clanton Wallace C. Coe Noah Cohen John Ellsworth Collins Leon Raymond Cort Ronald Charles Grossman Bruce Norman Crowe Robert C. Crutchfield William Edwin Dickerson, II Philip Blair Dickinson John E. Diller Bryan Porter Dixon Malcolm Duane Drummond Frank McGhee Elam Arthur B. Elliott Robert Don Evans Edgar Gustav Fischer George Alvin Forrest Manuchehr Fotouhi Leroy Gerhardt Thad E. Gill Bill M. Gillman James Wilson Griffin John Lee Grissom Bonnie L. Haynes, Jr. Alfred David Hollis William B. Hopkins James Waddell Huie Gilpin Hunter James Tom Johnapelus L. Dean Jones Munzer Adib Khair Willie Joe Kostka James Leon Kosub Carey Lee Lackey Albert Leon Lapidus Harold Lapidus Tommy R. LeBleu Edwin Kenneth Maeckel Charles Lee Mauch Aristides Millan Forrest Richard Mitchell Josue G. Molina Ricardo Joel Molina Robert John Munn James Murray, Jr. George Matthew Myers Jerald Lindsay Oaks Harold Glen O ' Dell Donald Howard Oheim Boyd Alvin Patton Stanley Crump Phipps Theo Louis Polasek Johnny Mack Potts Charlie Thomas Prescott John Lewis Proctor James Hamilton Pruett Cecil Lee Robertson George S. Robertson Richard Allen Rogers George Harley Sawyer Paul Walter Schmidt William Earl Schulkey Ellis Hunter Sheridan Robert M. Shiels James A. Short Thomas E. Short Pablo Sierra Joe Ed Smith Wes Smith Ralph Bennett Solomon M. Reza E. Soofi Subramanla Ayyar Srini-Vasan Robert Allen Steelman Aurelia Theresa Timpte Can Naci Toktar Robert A. Tyree James Michael Vaello Ken Frank Wells Roy Dale Williams Donn Earl Young Y Top ESJSE0 Best ' ; OTbp ,_ : AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor . OFFICERS . DAVID THOMAS WOODWARD . JESSE ANTON PFEIFFEB, JR. . GEORGE BAYLOR MERIWETHER, III . DONALD EUGENE MORRIS WILLIAM EARL BARKER To promote a spirit of congeniality among civil engi- neering students the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS acquaints them with topics of mutual in- terest. MEMBERS Raymundo Aguirre Leland Barclay William Earl Barker Jim E. Barnes Donald Orvilee Bean Ulf Berge Charles DeForrest Bigelow Frank W. Bomar William Preston Breeding Lewis H. Briner Bill Barry Bullen Milliard Hampton Butler Ronald Lee Bynes J. R. Canion, Jr. James Chinn Donald Verne Clawson George Gloss Raymond John Coakley Dow C. Cobb Franklin French Devine, Jr. Charles Ernest De Woodey Rafael Dominguez Herman Hugo Druebert Billy C. Ellis James Rayford Evans Thomas Edwin Evans Benjamin Baugh Ewing Ira Wagner Fariss Phil Moss Ferguson Carl Leroy Fick Harry Robert Field I. Sevki Figen John Arnold Focht Eugene V. Forsythe Weldon Miller Gamel Robert Dennis Garrison, Jr. S. A. Garza Earnest F. Gloyna Herman E. Haenel Bishara Maurice Hanania Thad Harold Harden Bryan Neal Henderson Jack Hensley Robert Lee Hinkle Frank Dennis Holzmann George A. Houston, II Leslie Ellis Hudson George Stribling Jones Thomas Robert Knight, Jr. Charles Calvin Kubin Morris Leon Levy, Jr. Timothy L. T. Liu Joseph Kent Longacre Sabri Malki Harry L. Markel Roberto Sanchez Martinez Frank Dewey Masch, Jr. Hudson Lee Matlock, Jr. David Wesley Maxfield Donald George McDavid Don C. Mcllyar George Baylor Meriwether, III Fernando Pablo Meza Jarvis Dale Michie Charles Ray Moncrief Walter Leon Moore Carl William Morgan Donald Eugene Morris) John Neil Murphy John Francis Owens Jack Steven Peiffer Robert Ash Pennybacker Jesse Anton Pfeiffer, Jr. Samuel T. Procopio James William Rapp James Brent Rauhut Terry Eugene Richards Vernon Benjamin Sauer Yehuda Savitzky Milton Henry Schneider, Jr. " Tom L. Schneider, Jr. Morlan Clarence Shuman Thomas Charles Smothers Ralph Max Spitzenberger Aubrey Leroy Sullivan Ralph Donald Tatum Ben Alan Terry J. Neils Thompson Robert Andrew Thompson, III A. Anthony Toprac Wayne Kenneth Travis Richard Lee Tucker Leo Paul Tyra Louis D. Valenti Donald Ritchie Van Sickle Clovis Seigler Vaughn Larry Glenn Walker Bernard Erwin Weber Norvin Duane Wells David Thomas Woodward Robert James Wren Plenty of civil engineers around! dP H elP N ' AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Members picking up more practical knowledge at meeting What a chassis! The AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANI- CAL ENGINEERS provides a professional at- mosphere to better acquaint its members with timely problems. OFFICERS Chairman ROBERT KENNETH MCMORDIE Vice-Chairman CALVIN O. MUELLER Secretary RUDY R. MUELLER Treasurer MARMA DUKE TAYLOR Sponsor HENRY GRADY RYLANDER MEMBERS Mustafa S. Hussain Al-Fakhri William Carl Alff Mohammad Aziz Al-Mashat George Clifford Anderson Russell Dean Archibald Billy Ford Auvenshine James Howard Ball Gilbert Bento Richard Lee Berger Harvey E. Blackman James R. Blanke N. John Blumberg Mody Keefer Boatright William G. Boyle David C. Briggs Jose A. Brito Menashe Bromberg Vernon James Broussard Douglas Brown John Nicholas Brown Melvin Vanoy Brown Stanley J. Brown George Robert Burrell Bill Emmett Bush Robert Edwin Clayton Lament Martin Cochran Jack Ford Conley Forrest William Cortner Jerry Marvin Cottingham Clarke Covington Gerald Paul D ' Arcy M. L. Duncan James David Elkins Lynn Thomas Evans James Alan Feibelman Paul L. Ferguson Raymond Arnold Fetter Ray Flaskamper Joe Carroll Foster Leland Horace Franke George Everest Friend Jerry L. Fruit Clay W. G. Fulcher Charles Warren Goehringer Tom Burus Goetting Phillip Eugene Gratke Thomas Harold Haynie Henry Thomas Hedgcoxe Pat G. Hedgcoxe Kenneth Richard Hoffman Kenneth William Hoffner Louis Benjamin Houston Jim Ray Hudson Robert Alan Hunt Claude W. Hunter William Morris Jackson Eugene Joseph Krizak John L. Krog Jack Ray Lacy Ralph Felix Ledwig William Bart Little Kenneth Loeffler John Edmund Martin Joe Henry McGraw Bayliss Cage Mclnnis William Douglas McMillan, Jr. Robert Kenneth McMordie John Gordon Miller Timothy Nagle Morrow Calvin O. Mueller Rudy R. Mueller Edward Lee Mulcahy Leo Murphy John Edward Musch Marvin Iver Nelson Fred Joseph O ' Connor William Lester Pannell Vijay M. Parekh Robert Lee Parker Thomas Ewell Pearce Dean H. Perry R. Severin Peterson Carlos Enrigue Pinto Nitat Prakisvndhisarn Ray Allen Rackley John Frank Rainosek John Marvin Ross James Edward Sadler Daniel Thomas Sharpe Thomas Joseph Shields John Ballard Sisk Marion Bruce Sterling Joe Richard Stroud Lloyd A. Swann Byron Dean Tapley Kenneth Eugene Taylor Marma Duke Taylor William Lee Taylor Edward Harvey Tetmeyer Harry Thorley, Jr. J. Scott Thornton Glen C. Tomlinson Billy W. Vanzant Ross William Vick, Jr. Charles W. Volek Milton Daniel Weinfeld Allan Edgar Weyel William Fobyan Wroth William Glenn Young Frank Arthur Zimbelman Sw f rww : S Cli FriLA. jbUUi VaUl BS.U; Uiife ARAB STUDENT ASSOCIATION The first of its kind in the United States, the ARAB STUDENT ASSOCIATION promotes good will and mutual understanding between the Arab students and their American friends. OFFICERS President SAM Y. ZAMRUC V ice-President ALI SAIF SAADOON Secretary HASHIM M. DAHMASH Treasurer ISMAT EL-CHEHABI Reporter ABDEL-KADER P. AYOUB Sponsor JOE WEST NEAL MEMBERS A bit of formal posing at the Union Hassan Sabri Abdulhadi Widad Abdullah Matti S. Al-Aish Abdul Fatah Al-Alusi Sanish G. Alami Mohammad Aziz Al-Mashat Nabhan Zeidan Arafat Mohammad Mohammad Assami Ahmad M. Attar Wahib M. Attar Farid L. A war Abdel-Kader P. Ayoub Mamdouh Bakri Baggal Sabri Salim Barghout Adnan Zaki Bashur Walid Hasan Bibi Isa Cook Abbud Salomon Dahbura Hashim M. Dahmash Said Ali Darkazanli Mohammed Ousama Eitouni Isinat El-Chehabi Munzir El-Chehabi Youseph El-Kadri Adnan Faham Hisham Faham Mahmoud M. Faham Carlo Hanna Habash Ahmad Marwan Hajjar Mohammed Said Hajjar Bishara Maurice Hanania Ghazl Jamal Hashem Wail Ibrahim Hashem Isam H. Hilou Abdul-Rahman Bashir Husayni Subhi Omar Julani Nizar Kadri Sadi Kamleh Ossama Kanawati Ramses K. Kawas Munzer Adib Khair Aref Mahayn Basil Makiyya Sabri Malki Munib Rashid Masri Rimon N. Massad Alexander Massar Mohamad Sadeq Mezayek Taju-Ul-Deen A. R. Nuseibeh Salim Fouad Onbarqi Walid B. Rabbat Husni Yusuf Ramahi Karim Ibrahim Saad Ali Saif Saadoon Emil S. Saleh Mohammad Taleb Salhad Ahmad Y. Samawi Adib Samman Mouaffeq Nouri Samman Muwaffaq Aziz Sarafa Mohamad Kassem Sawan Mouhamad Shahadeh Fraih Farhan Shahatit Ali Ismail Shuayto Atef Mosbah Sinno Ali H. Sukkariyyah Mahmud Hasan Suwwan Muayyad Aref Toqan Salwa Aref Toqan Nabeeh I. Totah Abdul-Malik S. Mohamet Yehya Hasan Said Younis Sam Y. Zamrik Izzat Zoibi Mohammed Sodki Zubi An all-male section of Association members A few more members get into the picture PACE 391 ASHBEL LITERARY SOCIETY A OFFICERS President KAY MABTIN Vice-President FAYETTA MARY GANNON Recording Secretary . . . MARTHA Jo KARBACH Corresponding Secretaries . BARBARA LEE CLEMENTS JOAN LOUISE WOELLERT Treasurer SUE CLARK Guest speaker Dr. Cranfill relaxes with a couple of members MEMBERS Ann Jeanneane Austin Miriam Ellen Banks Sarah Ann Bivins Helen C. Booth Fay Beth Bridges Jere Johnson Campbell Jane Gray Catto Sue Clark Barbara Lee Clements Florence Clare Coates Lynne Collins Marjorie Ann Cramer Katherine Elizabeth Davis Marianne Dittman Diana Joan Freeman Fayetta Mary Gannon Virginia Gayle Glass Joyce Anne Henderson Joan Rebecca Hertz Anne Elizabeth Hoyt Martha Jo Karbach Jo Ellen Larkin Jacqueline Anne LeRoy Dorothy P. Long Rosemary Mancill Kay Martin Mart Rhea May Sandra Mayfield Anne B. McCranie Mary Jane McHaney Sidney Moore Annette Morris Shirley Ann Nelson Blanche Wafer Peavy Nancy Wallace Perkins Nancy Dickens Reeves Alyce Lou Smith Scottie Gayle Stevenson Ann Lee Suggs Augusta Tenney Dorothy Jean Thompson Joan Louise Woellert Maurine Youree The literary part of the meeting must be over! Must have been pretty funny! The oldest of the literary and dramatic societies on the campus, ASHBEL LITERARY SOCIETY cultivates an ap- preciation of literature through study and lectures. PAGE 392 ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION OFFICERS SOX a EiT3 urn President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor . KATHLEENE JEANETTE OWEN RITA FRANCES QUICK MARY MARGARET TIPTON LAURA HOLLOWAY BECKER PHYLLIS RICHARDS Be sure and see how it ' s done! MEMBERS Coffee and cookie time for future teachers Teresita Amaya Marjory Jenetta Barton Laura Holloway Becker Bernice Mackey Bedford Carolyn Ann Brown Joe Anne Ericson Marinell Ezell Judith Marie Foman Glynda Jo Gaedke Janice Carolyn Craning Fern Virginia Greenhaw Lyla Frances Hamner Marie Harriet Hampton Bette L. Harvey Brenda Ann Hazlewood Lois Yvonne Hill Louise Nellie Hill Gloria F. Hoppe Nancy Irene Houston Alma Ayleen Howard Elyse Jean Irion Bonnie Joseph Janelle G. Joseph Melrose Knobel Annette Sue Landry Julia Ann Lane Elvie Lou Luetge Margie Louise McCleskey Carol Jean Millican Shirley Jo Needham Elizabeth Neelor Susan Jeanne Newcombe Kathleene Jeanette Owen Nancy Wallace Perkins Patricia Porter Raul N. Puente Rita Frances Quick Alice Joyce Reynolds Patricia Jean Roscoe Shirley Rudd La Verne Schuhman Alyce Lou Smith Barbara Jane Smith Beverly Smith Joanne Smith Joan Smith Mary Margaret Tipton Joanne Wallace Bobbie Pollard Warren Patricia Ann Warren Nena Williams Shirley Elizabeth Yerington School must agree with ACE members son the The ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCA- TION promotes better educational opportunities for young children through study and local service projects. PACE 393 BAYTOWN CLUB Baytowners in a formal pose OFFICERS President JACK CHAMNESS COMMINGS V ' ice-President .... LOYD J. GUEDRY Secretary CYNTHIA LOUISE MOORE Corresponding Secretary . GRACE ELIZABETH HART Treasurer MARY LUREEN WHITE Sponsor MRS. BRUCE LYNN TAYLOR Promoting a friendly relationship among Baytown stu- dents and serving the University are the objects of the newly-organized BAYTOWN CLUB. BETA! - MEMBERS Martha Vaughan Anderson Billy Wayne Andrus Paula Zoe Baughman Roy Paul Black Jo Katherine Bridges John Roby Bridges Tanya Faye Cannon Patricia Ann Carroll Wilhelmina Brenner Carter Kelley Royanne Clark Richmond Sanford Clark Kenneth Lee Cochrum Buell Everett Collins Charles Anthony Collins Jack Chamness Commings Richard Hugh Cooke Albert Washington Costley Dorothy Bostic Cunningham Joe Willard Cunningham Jane ' Davis Louis Raoul Del Homme Lydia Evelyn Doss Gain Loyd Eiland John Morris Ellis Fred Loell Ernst Bobbie Joan Fisher Tobye Ann Fram Joan Marie Franklin Janice Ann Gorman Kathleen Windley Grant Herbert William Gray Loyd J. Guidry Robert Leyton Gunn Grace Elizabeth Hart Shirley Faye Hartless Arlington LeRoy Hartless Larry Allen Hebert Jerry Duane Henderson Mary M. Hinson Shirley Mae Hlanak Virginia Lois Hlanak Helen Faustine Hobbs Wilma Elizabeth Hodge Joseph Calvin Holsomback Robert Lee Holsomback Suzanne Huggins Linda Hunsucker Louis Sager Hunsucker Edward Gayle Johnson Mary Sue Johnson Milton Edward Jones Carolyn Miriam Kaps Harris L. Keller Eugene Joseph Krizak Thomas Edward Laughlin Martha Evelyn Leach Peggy Jean Lehr George Patrick Mann William Eugene Marshall Frederick William Martin Anita June McKay Joe Ed McLemore Stanley R. McMicken Murphy Michael McNulty Earl Allen Minter Helen Sandra Montgomery Cynthia Louise Moore Henry Clay Moore, Jr. Juanita Jean Muller Gerald Wayne Orton Lola Kay Palmer Wilfred Palmer David Paul Parkinson Janet Parse Melvin Willard Parse Shirley Ann Piwetz Joan Mary Pond Jane Reber Olive Lynn Rhodes Roddy Rhodes Rogers Floyd Cecil Saxon Patricia Anne Seeley Eleanor Fay Sirmons Carolyn Marie Smith Etta Jean Smith Faith Miriam Smolens Jack Ben Stout Kimbal Strangmeier Gabe William Strybos, Jr. Joanne Marye Thaman Emil George Viaminiski Woodrow Wilson Waligore Mary Lureen White The big pot that hits the spot! He must be saying something good to the members r MKCS HE IT BETA BETA ALPHA OFFICERS President MARY ANN MOLPUS First Vice-President . . . MARGARET CLYDE BARTON Second Vice-President . . . JEAN WALTON Secretary NANCY MARY DODGE Treasurer MARY JANE ECKHARDT Sponsor FLORENCE MAE STULLKEN BETA BETA ALPHA acquaints women students in the College of Business Administration with business prac- tices and business opportunities. Banquet at University Tea House Nancy Jane Anderson Reba Anderson Marsha Ann Armour Barbara Jeanne Baird Margaret Clyde Barton Vivianne Elaine Baty Emily Frances Beall Rose Marie Bengston JoAnn Box Patricia Ann Branham Ruth Ann Bradfield Martha Ann Brouse Janet Jewell Camp Shirley Arlene Campbell Sharon Gene Carnes Patsy Ann Chivars Marjorie Ann Crammer Jo Ann DeLoach Nancy Mary Dodge Mary Jane Eckhardt Marilyn Jean Fagan MEMBERS Frances Cornelia Foote Anna Kathryn Galloway Carol Holliday Nancy Sue Howell Helen Hughes Shirley Anne King Helen Betty Koehler Gloria Joan Koslosky Lanelle Ruth Lutz Mary Jo Martin Carolyn McDavid Marcia Ann McGhee Alice Anne Miers Beta Ellen Miller Mary Ann Molpus Shirley Joan Moore Marilyn Ruth Moser Helen Haynes Musick Tharon Nelson Patricia Elaine Pickler Sally Ann Pierce Janis Lynn Plunkett Yvonne Frances Reithel Mary Jean Schaller Harriet Elaine Schmidt Mozelle Laveme Schmitt Helen Elizabeth Schultz Monica Jolene Smith Patsy Jeannine Smith Margaret Landers Thorn Nancy Ann Toppins LaRue Tucker Anita Lee Voelkel Elleanor Rann Walker Jeri Lynne Walters Jean Walton Ethel Laverne Wieting Marcia Jo Winn Johnice Madison Wright Kay Dianne Wright Business faculty entertained at coffee Making small talk? PACE 395 CAP AND GOWN Officers meet with Miss Flinn Cap and Gown recruits members OFFICERS President DIANA KLOTZ Vice-President .... PEGGY LEE ROWLAND Secretary SUE TRIGG Treasurer ELINOR WARHEN Reporter PHYLLIS ANN GREEN Members-at-Large . . . DOROTHY Jo DAILY, SHIRLEY ELISE STRUM, BETTY KATH- RYN WOOD, AMALIE TRAEGER, CATHERINE ANN ROBERTS Sponsor HELEN MARGARET FLINN Sponsor of Swing Out, CAP AND GOWN, through study and discussion, helps prepare Senior women for their future careers. Members engrossed at meeting PACE 396 CO-ED ASSEMBLY MEMBERS Katherine Barlow Betsy Catherine Barron Emily Frances Beall Mary Catherine Belluomini Marilyn Biel Rosemary Bingston Rie Charlotte Booth Gladys Mae Bravenec Gwendoyn Viola Brown Dorothy Meade Bruns Celia Ann Buchan Madalyne Gladys Buchman Sylvia Lynn Cohen Mary Elizabeth Dannenbaum Ann Davis Marie Kate Davis Jo Ann Decker Dorothy Ann Denard Barbara Diamond Thelma Ann Dochen Mary Louise Dring Martha Gail Ergle Laura Lissa Folmar Lavina Freeland Glynda Jo Gaedke M. Elizabeth Merchant Glass Barbara Ann Golson Martha E. Griffith Beverly Ann Guinn Barbara Ann Hazlewood Virginia Lois Hlanak Martha Anne Hopkins Patricia Ellen Horn Sidney Elizabeth Howell Catharine Jones Sally Ann Jordan Betty Jean Keller Diana Klotz Carolyn Ruth Kongabel Loys Marie Kozelski Karolyn Kucera Shirley Mae Langston Kay Martin Jane Gay Maxwell Sandra Lou Mayfield Mary Margaret Miller Mary Ann Molpus Shirley Jean Morrison Nancy Neill Katlileene Jeanette Owen Ann Ruth Patrick Gwendolyn Geneva Quillian Patricia Jean Roscoe Mary Ann Rostrom Peggy Lee Rowland Wilma Agnes Sandel Rose Marie Helen Schafer Jean Marie Schwartz Barbara Jane Smith Ruth N. Smith M. Alice Smith Sonya Stenzel Amalie Traeger Nelda van Brunt Joan Marie Warner Elinor D. Warren Mary Lynn Willingham Betty Kathryn Wood Claire L. Yeagley Club presidents look over each other ' s activities Getting a listener ' s view at meeting Even presidents pay dues! OFFICERS President BEVERLY ANN GUINN Vice-PTesident .... RUTH N. SMITH Secretary AMALIE TRAEGER Treasurer KAHOLYN KUCERA Reporter BETTY JEAN KELLER Sponsor BARBARA RICHARDS GLIDDON Composed of the president of each of the women ' s organizations on the campus, the CO-ED ASSEMBLY is the integrating council of all these groups. PAKE 307 Members enjoy a banquet CZECH CLUB OFFICERS President ROSE ELEANOR JANDA V ice-President JERRY BENNY MILAN Secretary-Treasurer .... ETTIE MUSIL Sponsors J OE MALIK, JR. EDUARD MICEK JAROSLAV ELIAS ZIVNEY Composed of students of Czech origin and their friends, the CZECH CLUB studies the Czech language and culture. No high stakes? Getting the right inflection? MEMBERS Dennis Roland Barabas Helen Grace Barina Theodor E. Becker Joe G. Cerny Carroll Otto Crisp Edgar Bums Crutchfield Mildred Ann Dorotik Leonard J. Drozd Jerry J. Ford Barbara Ann Ganter Philip Lee Hall Charles Joseph HIavinka Rose Eleanor Janda Leslie Wesley Kosarek Allen N. Krejci Pauline Ann Kubala Noble Milton Malik Frank J. Marek Delrita Marik Beverly Jo McCabe Jerry Benny Milan Ettie Musil Ralph K. Parker Louis Joe Polanksy Virginia Rae Prasatik John Raymond Reagor Frank Alvin Simcik Henry Jerome Skrabanek Henrietta Ann Slavik Sidney Joseph Soukup Elizabeth Marie Strauss Helen Agnes Strauss Edwin Edward Zapalac Jeromir Charles Zbranek PACE 398 DEBATE WORKSHOP OFFICERS President BOYD IRVEN DEVORE, JR. V ice-President MARJORIE KAY BEILKE Secretary-Treasurer . . . MEYER WILLIS WITT Sponsor DONALD MANLY WILLIAMS SPEECH WORKSHOP members take part in debate and public speaking on the campus and in inter-collegiate in- vitational meets. Looks as if he ' s puting his point over! MEMBERS Harold O ' Hanlon Atkinson Marjorie Kay Beilke Paul Votteler Carroll James Wheeler Clark Billy Joe Colwell Boyd Irven DeVore, Jr. John Fredrick Ensle Frank Finn, Jr. James George Fisher, Jr. J. C. France Larry Barclay Haile Eunice Idele Harris James P. Hart, Jr. Robert Ewell Hudson Angeline Kay Martin James O. Mullin Ida Beverly Ribakowski Robert T. Rylee, II Charles Sumner Roberts David L. Shapiro Roy Gilbert Shivers Robert T. Squyres Genevieve Constance Tarlton Richard Earl Tinsman Sara Alice White Charles Julian Wilson Meyer Willis Witt Members pose behind trophies Getting some practice in before club members at meeting PACE 399 FORENSICA OFFICERS President .... First V ice-President . Second V ice-President Secretary .... Treasurer . . JOANNE COPELAND SHIRLEY COHEN MARJORIE KAY BEILKE . MARGARET MARILYN GUPTON . PHYLLIS JEAN COLE Surely not speechless! Members taking their turn listening Getting in some practice MEMBERS Marjorie Kay Beilke Sharon Bishkin Shirley Cohen Phyllis Jean Cole Joanne Copeland Carol Ann Feigelson Tobye Ann Fram Marilyn Ann Goldberg Pat Gordon Margaret Marilyn Gupton Eunice Idele Harris Lynnette Katz Phyllis Kuperman Linda Adele Levinson Laurie Ann Loeb Ann Stuart Morgan Elizabeth Ann Nielsen Suzanne Oberwetter Ann Taylor Reeves Marjorie Sue Segal Fay Silverstein FORENSICA offers experience to women interested in debate, extemporaneous speaking, and dramatic reading. ! ) " SE IBfch CMl (-! PACE 400 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB jfft Everybody ' s enjoying the party OFFICERS President PATRICIA ELLEN HORN First V ice-President .... LOUISE MARIE MIEARS Second V ice-President . . . NANCY ANN WALKER Secretary HILDA SUE OWEN Treasurer JUDITH ANN MARTIN Sponsors RUTH GAUSMAN MILLICAN ELIZABETH TARPLEY Promoting contact and interest between the home eco- nomics students and the many divisions of their field, the HOME ECONOMICS CLUB was hostess this year to the state convention of the Texas Home Economics Clubs. MEMBERS Ut. auto few .--,; : : Marcia Gae Aaron Bonita June Amos Arlene Joyce Atkins Freda Jo Bankston Martha Agnes Beard Sharan Black Lucille Ann Blume Cecil Joy Boenig Sylvia Kaye Bone Mary Lynn Booher Barbara R. Booz Carolyn Hilda Brandenherger Sue Brinkman Jerie Jean Britton Martha Ann Brouse Alda Mae Brown Gwendolyn Viola Brown Joyce Lee Brown Joan Patricia Bryan Eileen Ethel Buckley Leora May Callahan Shirley Ann Carder Mary Jane Carothers Martha Cumi Carson Ann Ekine Carter Joyce Juanelle Caskey Mary Lea Castleberry Virginia Mae Gator Shirley Margaret Christopher Barbara Lee Clements Lynne Collins Willie Laura Courtney Gail Cowdrey Carolyn Corine Cox Judith Suzanne Davidson Barbara Deane Davis Dorothy LaMurriel Davis Marilyn Blanche Davison Jo Ann Deaton Carolyn Ann DeLoach Dorothy Ann Denard Shirley Jean Dittmar Barbara Joan Dresslar Rose Marie Ebarb Juan Eggers Elizabeth Ann Ellis Delia Jane Elrod Shirley Ann Engelhardt Alice Joy Everett Marilyn Mays Fella Sally Ann Fields Anna Rhca Finnell Carol Beth Fillmore Patsy Joyce Flachmeicr Anne Austin Forrester Barbara Ann Golson Carol Anne Goodwin I.illir Mae Graham Janice Carolyn Craning Frances Marie Cray Eddie Marie Green wado Martha E. Griffith Nela Greenhaw Gyure Carolyn Janet Haley Martha Hancock Lucy Whiteskle Hanks Harriett Castle Harris Marjorie Ellen Harrod Patsy Ann Hatch Janice Ann Hilderbrand Betty Jo Hines Virginia Lois Hlanalc Mary Louise Holcombe Janette Holder Betty Nell Holman Carol Holliday Patricia Ellen Horn Patty Sue House Hattie Marie Hranicky Ann Bracy Hudson Nancy Anna Huff Helen Lillis Payne Hunter Adrian Igau Judith Gail Johnson Dorothy Fehlis Jones Margaret Ann Knox Loys Marie Kozelski Pauline Ann Kubala Karolyn Kucera Glenda Gay LaCrone Betty Lou LaMaster Helen Maude Little Emely Ann Lundgren Margaret Joe Maniscalco Judith Ann Martin Martha Massey Sally Jean Mays Margie Louise McCleskey Patricia Ann McCutcheon Eleanor Meyer Nancy Carter Michel Louise Marie Miears Margaret Reed Milton Mary Elizabeth Minahan Margaret Anne Mitchell Sally Beth Moore Annette Morris Oena Elysce Noil Sallie Neale Suzanne Oberwetter Mary Sue O ' Dell Margaret Ann Orr Hilda Sue Owen Nonna Joan Paschal Waldine Ann Peterson Olivia G. Plummet Kathy Virginia Pollard Sonia Yvonne Powell Bettina Philamena Pietrantonio Amy H. Purcell Barbara Jewell Richards Phyllis Richards Put M. Robinson Shirley Sue Rudd Mary Hen-era Ruiz Mary Kathryn Salmon Martha Samuels Eddie Lou Sandhop Iva Lee Schneider Kathleen Dons Schulze Barbara Jean Simmons Doris Minette Smith Marjorie Alice Snow Sandra Spiller Nettie Mae Steglich Florence Ann Stickler Carol Barbara Striebeck Martha Elisabeth Swehart Georgie Yvonne Templin Betty Ann Thompson Bettye Jane Thornhill Anna Tucker Ann Ulrich Jane Wade Nancy Ann Walker Agnes Ann Warren Patricia Ann Warren Jocelyn Wells Nancy Lee Westphal Dorothy Whitley Joan Elizabeth Whitley M. Jeanne Wiedeman Margie Ruth Williams Mary Lynn Willingham Charlotte Cora Wolcott Council convenes Members join in singing PACE -101 INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL SCIENCES Members study plane models MEMBERS Victor Rudolf Ammann Samuel Alfred Ball Jimmy Edwin Banks Alan Lavem Bean Fred Louis Beissner Russell William Bennett George William Berg Joe O ' Farrell Bishop Thomas Ray Blair Dennys Monroe Brite Ross William Bruner Robert Cole Willie Derrell Cooper Carl Willis Craft Robert James Crawford Emory Kenneth Damstrom James Alexander Duff Furman Clinton Ferrell Alvin Robert Fischer Donald P. Gregory Robert David Hall Harry Dean Hamilton George Randall Hammond James Wallace Jones Sadi Kamleh Ernest Losson Kistler, Jr. Mark Mason Walter Curry Melton Paul Laurence McDill James Dean McKinney Max Clayton McMillon Dewey Herman Mobley Andrew P. Nebgen Jack Dale Poison Jack LeRoy Reasoner Dwain Reeves Michael Francisco Sarabia Oran Wylie Scarborough Robert Louis Schlumpf John Lemming Sheport Charles Joe Stalmach Weldon Winston Teague Don Arthur Tidwell Don Tmett Vivian Eugene Andrew Wadsworth David Ray Womack Richard Marvin Womack Joe Dale White Ardean Everett Wood Thomas Joe Yium OFFICERS Chairman JOHN LEMMING SHEPORT Vice-Chairman THOMAS JOE YIUM Secretary ALAN LAVERN BEAN Treasurer PAUL LAURENCE McDiLL Sponsor WILLIAM HOLLAND SHUTTS The only organization in the United States co-ordinat- ing all the branches of science and engineering concerned with aeronautics, the INSTITUTE OF THE AERONAUTI- CAL SCIENCES is the representative technical society for the aviation industry and profession. A sporty looking group of members Getting a close look 1 r, PACE 402 INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS President JOHN DELBERT SOWERS Vice-President JIM BURLESON Secretary EVELYN MAHLENE MADDOX Treasurer DIANNE WALKER Program Chairman . . . SHIRLEY MAY CYRUS Sponsors GLEN WALLACE ZUMWALT ROBERT MACCOLL ADAMS COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Daily Prayer Meetings . . CHARLES ROBERT OSBORN Publications JAMES JACKSON Contacts ARTHUR MALACHI ALLEN Music . PAUL WHITE Group singing is enjoyed Time out for social fellowship Members participate in religious fellowship The purpose of the INTER- VARSITY CHRISTIAN F E L - LOWSHIP is to witness that Jesus Christ is God incarnate; to seek to lead others to personal faith in Christ as Lord and Sav- ior; and to deepen the spiritual life of each member by prayer, study of the Bible, and Christian fellowship. PACE 403 MEN ' S INDEPENDENT CAMPUS ASSOCIATION Independents gather for coffee Dance time OFFICERS President LAWRENCE KENNETH HANDLEY Vice-President . . . DONALD RAY STEPHEN Secretary RANALD RHEY STANDLEE Treasurer JAMES HOWARD BALL Parliamentarian . . . PAUL KIRTON Sponsors OLIVER HOYT WILLIAMS JOE MALIK, JR. Promoting the social and cultural interests of independ- ent students, MICA and WICA work together on many campus projects such as freshman orientation. MICA also sponsors Forty Acres ' Follies, the Most Beautiful Freshman contest, and the Mike Flynn Award. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Don Richard Armstrong James Howard Ball Arthur Carlisle Cassity Steven Lee Debnam Norman Clifford Dickerson, Jr. Richard Fiero Kenneth Morton Green Lawrence Kenneth Handley Paul Kirton Eugene John Kretschmar Donald Robert Lane Wesley Forrest Milligan Lindsay F. Phillips Sid Ramos, Jr. Frank Jerome Smith Ranald Rhey Standlee Donald Ray Stephen Helmut O. Wolff Jaromir Charles Zbranek PACE 404 WOMEN ' S INDEPENDENT CAMPUS ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian GLADYS MAE BRAVENEC ARIEL DEE STRANDQUIST MINNIE MARIE MOODY DOROTHY SUSAN DEITHICK VIRGINIA ILENE CIARLARIELLO MEMBERS Nellie Marie Akagi Melba Faye Alsup Charlene Armstrong Arlene Joyce Atkins Marilyn Julia Aylor Patricia Lou Bailey Freda Jo Bankston Marjorie Kay Be ilke Alberta Adele Beeler Mary Catherine Belluomini Marilou Benson Shirley Ann Bird Nonna Elaine Bishop Barbara Ann Bonvillain Patsy Ruth Bostic Mary Ellen Brannon Gladys Mae Bravenec Donna Louise Bugg Shirley Paulino Buske Jane Elizabeth Callaway Sylvia Canchola Peggy Margaret Cannon Irma Mereida Cantu Shirley Ann Carder Elizabeth Ray Carter Virginia llene Ciarlariello Betty Lynn Clark Madeline Jane Collins Ruby Jo Cooksey Dorothy Jane Crawford Jane Davis Shelley Lynn Davis Dorothy Susan Deitrick Dora Lucila DeLeon Virginia Anne Dillen Helen Adell Dillon Martha Lee Dixon Dominga Escamilla Margaret Rochell Estlack Jo Ann Fanning Jo Ann Finch Jeanette Fisher Wanda Fay Frank Betty Lou Fromme Theresa Louise Geiger Beverly Power Geisler Vanda Jean George Elizabeth Jean Gibson Amy Carroll Greenberg Shirley Bee Haecker Frances Anne Hahler Amalia Marian Hanath Cathryn Arden Hansen Dinah Polly Hansen Minah Molly Hansen Sylvia Lee Harp Martha E. Harrington Sarah Elizabeth Harrison Mary Delaine Hays Joyce Ann Henderson Phyllis Anne Hoff Mary Louise Holcoml e Janet N. Holder Nancy Sue House Nancy Anna Huff Mary Alice Jeanes Martha Arden Jeffreys Carlyne Jenkins Mary Lee Kemp Karen Klinefelter Margaret Ann Knox liillie Waldyn Koenig WICA council plans activities Carolyn Annette Koenig Pauline Ann Kubala Myra Ann Law Marie Frances Lemmertz Ann Hope Leslie Dorothy Sue Leverett Wilma Jean Lloyd Delrita Dolly Marik Eppie Jane Marmion Linda May Marshall Mary Q. Marshall Aurora Martinez Alice Lee Matzke Bonnie Jean May Annette Lucille McCauley Carolyn McDavid Mary Louise Meek Minnie Marie Moody Cynthia Louise Moore Marilyn Brown Moore Patricia Jean Murphy Bettie Dane Nash Jerry Nelson Judith Ann Nitishin Eunice Annette Oldham Cecilia Marie Pingenot Elizabeth Idaire Putnam Jill Quinn Elia Rita Ramirez Billye Ruth Reed Elizabeth Carolyn Reese Carolyn Jay Reiver Myra Eloise Richardson Nancy Corrine Robinson Rosemarie Lee Robinson Joe Alice Rogers Paula Elizabeth Ross Jo Ann Rntta Mary Kathryn Salmon Arlene Mildred Scott Beverly Ellen S croggins Carol Louise Seeley Charlotte June Senechal Luba Senkevitch Shirley Rae Sharp Eleanor Simons Catherine Ann Slack Charla Grace Slater Carolyn Smith Doris Minnette Smith Florence Beverly Solie Sarah Ann Stallings Sandra Lee Stone Ariel Dee Strandquist Elizabeth Ann Sweeny Sylvia June Taylor Dannette Terry Mary Jane Tomlinson Ann Ulrich Helen Carol Walker Mary Arl Ward Barbara Faye Warren Mary Ann Waters Mary Ruth Wilkinson Judith G. Williams Kearney Marie Williams Mary Paul Wright Sharon Young Betty Ray Zellner Council Members Meeting time Cookies refresh the members PACE 405 ORATORICAL ASSOCIATION Who ' s orating now? OFFICERS President ROBERT T. SQUYBES V ice-President CHAHLES JULIAN WILSON Secretary MARJORIE KAY BEILKE Treasurer JERRY CARL GILMORE Sponsor DONALD MANLY WILLIAMS Composed of the four speech societies and the Varsity Debate Squad, the ORATORICAL ASSOCIATION de- velops, co-ordinates, and publicizes forensic activities on the campus and in inter-collegiate competition. ' " - .._. -..-. ' MEMBERS ATHENEAUM LITERARY SOCIETY Carl Edward Arnold H. E. Pat Stoy Meyer Willis Witt RUSK LITERARY AND DEBATING SOCIETY Paul Votteler Carroll Boyd Irven DeVore, Jr. Edward Chester Mainous FORENSICA Joanne Copeland Elizabeth Ann Nielsen Suzanne Oberwetter HOGG DEBATING SOCIETY James Michael Cook Lewis Nathan Naylor Roy Gilbert Shivers VARSITY DEBATE Frank Finn, Jr. Jerry Vaughan McMichael James O. Mullin Business is on the agenda also A smiling group of orators PACE 4()6 PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS OFFICERS President E. JANE KNEIP Vice-l ' resident GLENN FRANK HOFFMAN Secretary MARIE KATE DAVIS Treasurer FRANCES MAROSKO BURKE Faculty Sponsor .... BETTY JANE ALEXANDER Providing social and professional experience in health education, physical education, and recreation, the PHYSI- CAL EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB is open to all students taking courses in these fields. Members gather for volleyball pointers Betty Jane Alexander Curtis Jackson Alderson Samuel G. Aleman Rosemary Austin Barbara Rae Barton Dallas W. Baugh David Kingsley Brace Claudia Dale Bracey Joe Albert Brown Mary Evelynn Buice Frances Marosko Burke James Berry Caskey LaVerne Clifton Joyce Coleman Melvin M. Crawford Charlotte LaNeyl Davis Marie Kate Davis Henry Etta Davis Richard S. Evins Ray Alton Frady George Alfred Gainley, Jr. Elizabeth Merchant Glass Jessie Helen Haag Sylvia Lee Harp MEMBERS Imogene Heide Hazzard Glenn Frank Hoffman Phyllis Anne Hoff Donald Eugene Hoskins Hugh Howard Theola Johanna Hunger Robert Maurice Jameson Thomas A. Jungman Ronald Cecil Keller Margaret Ruth Killin Karl Kermit Klein E. Jane Kneip Alex John Lansford Helen Sandra Montgomery Cora Louise Morgan John Gates Mothershead Lynn Wade McCraw Don Ray McGraw Russell W. McMurry Frances McNeeley Carole Newberry Barbara Ann Otis Juane Ree Owens Hugh Oscar Peebles Donald Eugene Pennock Melvin Ray Patterson Gerald Ray Petersen Gwendolyn Geneva Quillian Charles L. Renfroe Sally Ritchie Frank Roscoe Mary Ann Rostrum Billie J. Sahley Bobbie Nell Schmidt Theodore Earnest Schneider, Jr. Bobbie Jean Schroeder Patricia Ann Sinclair Buddy Bob Stevenson Arthur Leonard Stewart, Jr. Gene Arden Templeton Charles A. Thomas Helen Louise Thomason Robert Gene Tracy Phillip Gene Van Cleave Gerald Edward Woodward George Burress Whitley Waneen Wyrick Co-operation is the key Officers and sponsors )Or PACE 407 PI OMEGA PI OFFICERS President JOANNE STEINBACK Vice-f ' resident LYNN KUHLMAN Secretary ALETHEA Lou ELLIOTT Treasurer ROBERT E. WALLIS Sponsor A. FABORN ETIER Getting a little help Promoting business education, PI OMEGA PI creates and maintains high scholarship and ideals among prospec- tive business teachers. MEMBERS Ida Terrell Boswell Marinell Brooks JoAnn Darelik Patricia Lee Davis Lois Bracher Durham Alethea Lou Elliott Sidney Elizabeth Howell Helen Hughes Lynn Kuhlrnan Carolyn McDavid Gaylord Monroe Miller Joanne Steinback Joe Talley Charlene Ann Tiemann Helen Louise Timpson Robert E. Wallis Patricia Ann Webb Martha Jane Williams PAGE 408 Gathering around for a quick reading of the letter REAGAN LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS President THELMA ANN DOCHEN V ice-President FENNELLA MARY TEPLOW Secretary VIRGINIA JOAN STRAUCH Treasurer MERRY Lou COIN Sponsor JOHN ARNOLD WALTER Membership requirement of the REAGAN LITERARY SOCIETY is a B average in English. Founded by the Dean of Women of the University, the purpose of this organiza- tion is to discuss outstanding literary contributions. MEMBERS Joan Anspacher Marsha Ann Armour Laura Louann Atkins Elizabeth Ann Bailey Betsy Catherine Barren Margaret Clyde Barton Marjory Jenetta Barton Carolyn Jane Baugh Shirley Ann Bayless Marilyn Biel Rosalyn T. Borg Patricia Ann Bruce Helen Garrard Callicutt Patricia L. Cameron Preshia Jane Chauncy Greta Lynn Chodorow Florence Marie Coffee Merry Lou Coin Margaret Corning Virginia Elaine Cundiff Thelma Ann Dochen Delia Jane Elrod Doris Ann Elrod Martha Gail Ergle Mary Pat Flynn Cynthia Rae Freeman Dr. Paul Wassenich was guest speaker at the spring banquet. Tea for a new member Reagan members hear a speaker at meeting Kay Martha Gorges Wilfreda Gustafson Sondra Jo Hampton Marjorie Ann Harkrider Virginia Lois Hlanak Sheila Hodges Sue Hoffman Renee Buna Huckman Dauris Ann Jackson Janet Delmar Jacobs Judith Gail Johnson Mary Cym Keasler Margaret Rives King Karolyn Kucera Joan Hodsdon Leonard Catherine Ann Logan Eleanor Lou Mackey Amelia May Merritt Alice Jean Middleton R. Carroll Morris Jane Alexa nder Moss Susan Mowery Frances Fitzhugh Overton Ann Ruth Patrick Nancy Yvonne Peavy Phyllis Ann Phillips Sonia Yvonne Powell Sandra Van Dyke Price Carole Jeanne Pullen Barbara Rose Ray Barbara Elaine Rosenblum Florence Scarborough Shirley Suzanne Scnmid Jean Marie Schwartz Nancy Lee Schwartz Arline Shapiro Sylvia Ann Simoneaux Mariella Smith Sonya Stenzel Joan Stevens Virginia Joan Strauch Betty Templeton Fenella Mary Teplow Shirley J. Tompkins Janice Varnell Joan Louise Woellert Betty Virginia Watson Jolene West Carole Ann Willitt Rosalyn Robinson Wolfe PACE 409 RUSK LITERARY AND DEBATING SOCIETY S J k. Doesn ' t he look convincing? Gaekwar . Tetrarch . Sirdar . Amanuensis Quaestor . Pontif Kahn OFFICERS . BOYD IRVEN DEVORE, JR. PAUL VOTTELEH CARROLL THOMAS JEROME DEVINE . JERRY VAUGHAN McMiCHAEL . JAMES O. MULLIN THOMAS RUSSELL WOOLLEY The oldest literary and debating society on the cam- pus, RUSK takes part in all inter-society speech activities and works with the Oratorical Association in planning other speech activities. MEMBERS Paul Votteler Carroll Angelo Joseph Carubbi, Jr. Thomas Jerome Devine Boyd Irven DeVore, Jr. John Fredrick Ensle Frank Finn, Jr. James George Fisher, Jr. J. C. France Gerald Carlyle Galbraith Larry Barclay Haile Jefferson Stierheim Henderson, II Edward Chester Mainous Jerry Vaughan McMichael James O. Mullin Charles Sumner Roberts Thomas Russell Woolley Must be a good point! A little bit of business and pleasure combined. PACE 410 SIDNEY LAMER LITERARY SOCIETY Attention focuses on Madame President Members enjoying the discussion MEMBERS Katherine R. Agnew Betty Elaine Allen Joan Ascher Alberta Ann Arledge Irma Lew Aronson Nancy Belle Balatow Emily Frances Beall Laura Holloway Becker Barbara J. Berry Adele Black Mary Lillian Blasingame Barbara Ann Boyd Loretta Agnes Brown Barbara Ann Browning Sybil Wray Bruck Dorothy Meade Bruns Celia Ann Buchan Shirley Arlene Campbell Peggy Cline Florence Marie Coffee Gloria Faith Coffin Shirley Ann Coffin Joanne Copeland Dorothy Jo Daily Patricia Lee Davis Barbara Diamond Thelma Ann Dochen Elaine Audrey Domb Emily Estelle Dooley Mary Jane Eckhardt Mary Nell Enlow Joe Anne Ericson Martha Gail Ergle Kay Farquhar Sue Giesecke Virginia Bernice Gillett Phyllis Vivian Gochman Hanna Goldman Sheila Dale Golub Phyllis Ann Green Carol Adelaide Grimes Helen Carol Hamilton Luella Ruth Haupt Linnea Suzanne Hood Mary Elizabeth Jessen Claire Johnson Terrell C. Keller Shirley Beatrice Klein Nita Carrol Knox Joan Krupp Marcia Jane Lambe Irene Shelia Lewis Janet Ann Listen Eleanor Manuel Virginia McDonald Rosetta Ann McGregor Judith Aline Meyer Mary Margaret Miller Patricia Elizabeth Pawkett Martha Powell Marjorie Ann Pressman Ruth Lorene Prouse Catherine Antonina Rogowski Patricia Jean Roscoe Frances Louise Rugely Kathleen Doris Schulze Betty Gaye Sheinberg Ruth Lucille Sims Billie Annette Smith Vivien Kay Smith Dorothy Anne Steele Reta Ann Stiteler Ann Louise Sutton Aileen Rita Schwartz Cheryl Joy Tonroy Nancy Lee Westphal OFFICERS President BARBARA DIAMOND Vice-President SHEILA DALE GOLUB Secretary ADELE BLACK Treasurer SHIRLEY BEATRICE KLEIN Sponsor IONE PETTEY SPEARS The SIDNEY LANIER LITERARY SOCIETY each year makes a general survey of cultural arts and establishes a student loan fund. A fresh air meeting for a change PACE 411 SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS Officers take a qnick glance up from a report. OFFICERS President THOMAS R. LEBLEU V ice-President NORMAN JOHN BLUMBERG Secretary EUGENE PATRICK SCOTT Treasurer JOHN NEIL MURPHY Members of the SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILI- TARY ENGINEERS strive to advance their knowledge in the field of military engineering in the interest of national defense. Come and get it! Herbert Kent Acord John Herbert Alford Anthony L. Alonzo George Green Anderson Thomas Duncan Arnhold Alvin Owen Ashley James Raymond Baker Raymond Ayers Bennett James Sidney Bisset Norman John Blumberg Charles Olin Boese, Jr. Roy Campbell Booth William Heaton Brandes William Vincent Brannan Wayland Alexander Brooks John Nicholas Brown Mason Cooper Brown Roy Allyn Brown Bill Barry Bull Robert Thomas Bullis Felix Bransford Bulls Robert Frederick Burkart Simon Pierce Burns Charles Robert Busbey John Russell Butler Frank Kell Cahoon Kenneth Mac Carswell Vance LaNoal Castleberry Tom Holt Chestnut Louis Warren Chilton Curtis Dale Chipman Charles E. Clark Robert Scotland Clark, III Billy Morris Clayton Willie Dorris Clayton Eugene Charles Clemens, Jr. Allen Alexander Cockrall David Mayo Cornell Gordon L. Cornell, Jr. David Joe Cowan Clay Hamilton Cox William P. Crabtree Robert Parker Cralle John Calvin Crane, Jr. Guy Travis Dickson Haskell Leon Dodd Ronald D. Doreck Patrick Clyde Dougherty Billy C. Ellis Allen Fred Ernst William Mitchel Evans Dan Lane Everatt Carl Oscar Falk, Jr. Bobby Clark Farrar Ronald Feit Curtis D. Fenton, Jr. Robert Forrest Fletcher Gentry Lee Floyd Felix William Foran Richard Brittain Foretich Emil Edwards Friberg Eugene Edward Fritcher Amando Garza, Jr. William Ed Gilchrist Egan Ray Gleason Tom Bums Goetting Edmond Goldstein James Collin Gresham Harold James Griffith David Grissom George Gutierrez Phillip W. Hadley Robert Earle Hall MEMBERS Jerry Don Ham David Gerald Hannan Allen Burton Heard Emanuel A. Herbert James Nathan Hicks Bernard Hines Hilbum Jerry Moody Hill Donald Karl Hilsberg Robert Benson Hbcsoii Clifton Lee Hodges Harold Hold en Bobby Wendell Holland Joseph Julian Horton, Jr. Joseph Brantley Houston Clark Kem Huff James Milton Huffman Ira Rexford Hulse Jack Lowe Hummel Carl Roesler Hutchison David Blair Hutchison Charles Albert Jackson Robert Cothman Jolly Darrell King Jones Conrad Dercheyn Joseph Ralph Edwin Joynes, Jr. James Richard Kanning William Charles Kelley Floyd R. Kendrick Robert Martin Kienker Donald Gary Kilpatrick Lawrence Alonzo King Edward Cromartie Kirby William Bellmy Klemt Willard Heltzel Knight Charles Henry Kosub James Leon Kosub John Dalton Lafrentz James Monroe Langford Robert Bull. ml Langley Albert Leon Lapidus Harold S. Lapidus Bobby Gene Lebel Thomas R. LeBleu Ralph Felix Ledwig John S. Lewis Tommy Norton Linder Ira Verdell Lott Robert Willard Mark Bill Edward Marsico Harry Lee Martin Robert D. Martin, Jr. Carl Glyn Mathews David W. Maxfield Charles Howard Wesley McCann Francis R. McCauley Hugh Roth Lee McGaw Charles William McHugh Don Keith Meier Bobby Jack Miller Lester Albert Miller, Jr. Vance C. Minter Harry Lawrence Mitchell, III Dan Kelton Morrison Jimmy Harold Murphy John Neil Murphy John C. Murray Robert Lewis Nance James Owen Neyland Richard Earl Niethamer John Patrick O ' Meara Jerry John Opella Hugh Don Orr Granville Emil Ott Gordon Henry Otto Rufus Edmonds Palm Kenneth Hugo Pape George Edward Payne Emeterio Itiel Pelayo Bahn A. Phillips Fred Thomas Porter Johnny Mack Potts Tom Price, Jr. William Carrels Priest, Jr. Bobby Clayton Puryear Morgan Van Raines James Alphonsus Rakowitz Carl Emest Reistle Billy Gene Reynolds Frank Ernest Roberts James H. Rogers Jan Schuyler Roush William Wakefield Roush Barry Raymond Russak Joe E. Russo Byron Pollock Sadler Michael Navarro-Sanchez Jerry Ray Sandefur Nicholas Sarantakes John Wesley Sauer Joseph Beekman Saums, II Franklin Delano Schenk George William Schneider, Jr. Francis Carl Schulte Eugene Patrick Scott Robert Travis Scott Holms A. Semkin James Allan Shelley James Marion Sims Budj ' a Louis Smith James Marshall Smith John Warren Smith Larry Douglas Smith James David Spearman Harry M. Spears Howard James Speer Larry Keith Spencer Duke Squibb Walter Scott Stewart Michael Asa Stone John Mart Stubblefield Gwynn Arvin Teague Ed Joe Tennyson Thomas Alvin Thigpen William Brally Trautwein Robert Ainsworth Tucker William Turner, Jr. Paul Christian Velte Robert Browning Waggoner. Jr. Robert Lane Ward Joel Watkins Travis Oral Watson John Eugene Weiler Bobby Wayne White Norman Eugene White Thomas Elmer Wiley, Jr. Edward Bennet Williams Truett Carlton Williford Sammy Love Wilson James Phillip Windle Phil E. Winston David Martin Woolley Don Wrightsman Norbert A. Zehnder TOALTHASQ - : : : - SOUTH CENTRAL TEXAS CLUB Must be important business Almost a round table discussion Sponsoring an annual scholarship to a senior graduating from a south central Texas high school, the SOUTH CEN- TRAL TEXAS CLUB is composed of students from DeWitt, Gonzales, Fayette, Lavaca, and Colorado counties. MEMBERS Barbara Rae Barton Lucille Ann Blume Paul K. Bordovsky Rudolph L. Bordovsky Franklin Joseph Broz Clinton Allen Citzler JoAnn Darilek Patricia Ann Eason Bobby Gene Eckols Kenneth Lamar Fehlis Edwin Anton Gassman Robert Everett Gustwick Erwin James Haas Rose Eleanor Janda Leon Vaclay Jasek Ruby Ruth Johnson Thurmond Lamar Johnson John Weldon Koenig Lester Ray Koether Allen N. Krejci William Davis Kvinta Frank Joe Leopold Lu Beth Meyer Samylu Mack Michelson Jane Marie Miller Thomas Austin Palmer William Eugene Rice Ralph Kubena Rosenberg James Bohus Salas Claude Lee Steen Janice Ann Turbeville Lloyd Andrew Wessels Elo E. Zinke All club business can ' t be serious OFFICERS President .... First Vice-President . Second Vice-President LLOYD ANDREW WESSELS RUDOLPH L. BORDOVSKY CLAUDE LEE STEEN Secretary JANICE ANN TURBEVILLE Treasurer SAMYLU MACK MICHELSON Sponsors MR. AND MRS. STANLEY BOYSEN MR. AND MRS. ELO E. ZINKE 1 ' AC.E 413 INTRAMURAL SPEECH FORENSIC CHAMPIONSHI P Winner: Newman Club Runners-Up: WIG A Chi Phi Three first semester winners display winning plaques and winning smiles. FALL SEMESTER AWARDS Extemporaneous: Irven DeVore, Wesley Foun- dation Marjorie Beilke, WICA Frank Finn, Newman Club Impromptu: Frank Finn, Newman Club Robert Travis, Sigma Chi Marjorie Beilke, WICA Oratory: Irven DeVore, Wesley Foundation Mary Catherine Belluomini, Newman Club Dee Strandquist, WICA Poetry Reading: Marjorie Beilke, WlCA Claude Allen, Students for Democratic Action Arthur Faulkner, Newman Club Newman Club orators show off the forensic championship trophy they won. Second semester winners display identical plaques for their speaking ability. SPRING SEMESTER AWARDS Extemporaneous: Larry Haile, Chi Phi Sara White, Delta Gamma Thomas Devine, Newman Club Impromptu: Larry Haile, Chi Phi Jo Beth Holcomb, WICA Sara White, Delta Gamma Debate: Larry Haile and Robert Rackley, Chi Phi A. J. Carubbi and Tommy Devine, Newman Club Poetry Reading: Neil Spelce, Delta Upsilon Pete Gunter, Newman Club Nancy Goosby, Independent PAGE 414 SPHINX OFFICERS President CHARLES THOMAS MOORE Vice-President .... NORBERT ANTHONY ZEHNDER Secretary TOM RYAN GLOVER Treasurer . - DAYTON GREEH BATEMAN Sponsor MARTIN STEPHEN KERMACY An honorary and social organization for men in architecture, the SPHINX CLUB chooses its mem- bers for their academic achievements, character, and interest in the profession and the school. Future architects inspect model structures COLD E_M_ T R I A Checking the chart MEMBERS David Brown Barrow, Jr. Dayton Greer Bateman Meyer Chaskin Leopold Peter Danze John Paul Draker William Clyde Ellis Egan Ray Gleason Tom Ryan Glover David C. Graeber Vernon A. Hallum William B. Hoff William Charles Kelley David Lawrence Leonard DeWitt Clinton McGee, Jr. Charles Thomas Moore Charles Rice Morgan, Jr. Ernest A. Parrott Victor Boone Powell George R. Richie Charles Fredric Stahl Stanley Gene Watson Howard Wong Don Wrightsman Norbert Anthony Zehnder Discussion adjourned to the Commons PACE 41.5 Spooks haunt a Christmas party Working on a service project PACE 416 T9HI1 A few spooks learn to read SPOOKS OFFICERS Chief Haunt EMILY FRANCES BEALL Vice-Haunt BETTY TEMPLETON Recorder Haunt CHERYL JOY TONROY Banker Haunt SALLY ANN THOMPSON Sponsor ELSIE JENOISE DOTSON MEMBERS Alberta Ann Arledge Marilyn Julia Aylor Eleanor O ' Neill Bassett Emily Frances Beall Marilyn Biel Nancy Joan Bitter Adele Black Ann Wootten Blalock Celia Ann Buchan Jeanne Ellen Copen Etta Mae Courtney Totsy Alice Jane Crockett Virginia Elaine Cundiff Margaret Ann Diamond Billie Beryle Eason Martha Gail Ergle Margaret Rochelle Estlack Jan Durrett Evans Ruth Ann Faust Sydney Fielder Nancy Jay Fiske Bebe Godley Charlotte Goodpasture Nancy Lee Goosby Shirley Ann Gore Carolyn Sue Green Sandra Jane Hilton Janette Holder Nancy Irene Houston Carol Dale Hudspeth Martha Coleman Huff Mary Elizabeth Hyatt Mary Jane Inglish Dauris Ann Jackson Carlene Johnson Nancigail Jordan Barbara Jeanne Kaster Shirley Beatrice Klein Betty Lou LaMaster Jo Betsy Lewallen Margot Markle Mart Rhea May Diane McFarland Rosetta Ann McGregor Barbara Dee McMillan Patsy Sue Millikan Ted Lewis Moody Madeline Roberta Moore Margaret Morris Susan Mowery Shirley Ann Nelson Patricia Parker S hernia Lee Pattillo Julia Myrle Penn Nancy Hortense Pfluger Cecilia Marie Pingenot Sandra Van Dyke Price Phyllis Jean Pryor Anna Louise Redding Billie Ruth Reed Mary Lois Riveire Sandra Louise Settegast Sara Ann Slaton Marilyn Virginia Steele Delitha Scott Stewart Carolyn Elizabeth Taylor Betty Jane Templeton Sally Ann Thompson Cheryl Joy Tonroy Patricia Ellen Tracy Ann Ulrich Mary Jayne Upton Anita Lee Voelkel Jo Ann Wilson Margaret Olive Woessner As a service and social organization SPOOKS helps with such University activities as Campus Chest, student elections, and freshman orientation. STUDENT ENGINEERING COUNCIL OFFICERS President ERNEST LOSSON KISTLER, JR. V ' ice-President .... LYNN THOMAS EVANS Corresponding Secretary . JAMES WELDON FELLA Recording Secretary . . . BEN ALLAN TERRY Treasurer JACK O ' NEAL WHITLEY Sponsors BILLY HOWARD AMSTEAD JOHN J. McKETTA MEMBERS AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERS Ben Alan Terry John Harrison Cockrell AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY Jack O ' Neal Whitley Robert E. Williams AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS James Weldon Fella Donald H. Kobe AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS AND INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS Dick Vaughan Fred Bitterman Vogt AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERS Bobby F. Abernathy Theo Louis Polasek AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Jarvis Dale Michie John Neil Murphy AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Lynn Thomas Evans Fred Joseph O ' Connor INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL SCIENCES Ernest Losson Kistler, Jr. John Lemming Sheport TAU BETA PI Ronald Reginald Roselius ETA KAPPA NU Benny Frank Johnson PI TAU SIGMA Patrick G. Hedgcoxe CHI EPSILON David M. Herring OMEGA CHI EPSILON Ronald Reginald Roselius The STUDENT ENGINEERING COUNCIL corre- lates and co-ordinates the member student professional and honor societies; promotes student- faculty relations, good will, and spirit in the College of Engineering; supervises the annual power show; and is responsible for the construction and administration of Tavlor ' s T-Room. Looking over plans for Taylor ' s T Room A group outside the Engineering Building Getting down to business I ' ACE 417 TEJAS Top Row. Belken, Bone, Brookshire. Second Row. Cape, Cook, Cowles. Third Row. Creel, Ellis, Gilmore, Hodges. TEJAS is a social organization of independent men selected on the basis of scholarship and integrity. Top Row. Katz, Mayes, E. Melvin, W. Melvin, Musil, Nichols, O ' Connor, Polter. Second Row. Richey, Robertson, Sharp, Stuckey, Thorns, Warren, Youngblood, Zbranek. President V ice-President Secretary Business Manager Sponsors CAREY JAMES YOUNGBLOOD ROBERT NATHAN KATZ DONALD RAY WARREN LESLIE VAUGHAN BELKEN D. B. JACK HOLLAND WERDNER PAGE KEETON HOWARD WILLIAM TOWNSEND WILLIAM FRANKLIN YOUNG, JR. MEMBERS Victor Rudolf Ammann, Jr. Jimmy Edwin Banks Leslie Vaughan Belken Marion Franklin Black Jere Hepler Bone William Kirklen Brookshire George William Cape Everett Foy Clement James Michael Cook Jimmy Edgar Covvles Odie Kenneth Creel Robert Evans Donnell James Harry Ellis Lembit Enni Durward Gray Evans Lynn Thomas Evans James Edwin Forbis Jerry Carl Gilmore John Kirk Gray Jot Holiver Hodges, Jr. Jack Gray Johnson Robert Nathan Katz George Terrell Mayes Joe Henry McGraw Edmund Waller Melvin William Waller Melvin Robert Elton Mims Leon Musil Jimmy Lewis Nichols Fred Joseph O ' Connor Daniel Earl Polter Charles Irwin Richey Robert Nelson Robertson Russell Gardner Sharp J. W. Stuckey Robert Lee Thorns Donald Ray Warren Carey James Youngblood Jaromir Charles Zbranek PACE 418 TEXAS STARS OFFICERS Co-Presidents BETSY CATHERINE BARBON SHIRLEY ELISE STRUM Secretary MARTHA LUCILLE ROUNDTREE Sponsor ARNO NOWOTNY The first of its kind in the Southwest Conference, the TEXAS STARS are a precision twirling team which per- forms at football and basketball games, pep rallies, and parades. Twirlers pose before going into a routine MEMBERS Elizabeth Juanita Allen Ruth Mary Ramsey Betsy Catherine Barren Martha Lucille Roundtree Beverly Birkel Bonnie Belle Smith Shirley Marquitta Cannon Etta Jean Smith Elizabeth Ann Davis Shirley Elise Strum Karen Jean Ellis Jean Elizabeth Wendel Nancy Anna Huff Shari Lynn West Carole Jeanne Pullen Ina Jean Yoffee ALTERNATE MEMBERS Eleanor Fay Sirmons Jo Ann Suzanne Striegler Patsy Lee Watkins PAGE 419 TURKISH CLUB Members pose on Union steps OFFICERS President I. SEVKI FIGEN Vice-President NECMETTIN MUNGAN Secretary-Treasurer .... ISMAIL GERMIYANOGLU Sponsor JOE W. NEAL The TURKISH CLUB promotes principles of unity and cooperation among its members which include inter- national students and students of Turkish extraction, now citizens of the United States. MEMBERS Sermet Salih Alpargun I. Sevki Figen Philip Gaculi Ismail Germiyanoglu Mehmet Gurel Buget Hisim Zeki Mustafa Hisim Unal Cemal Kanbay Aydin Karadayi Andrea Mitakidis Necmettin Mungan Melih Mehmet Omay Ahmet Yilmaz Saracoglu Cetin Erol Serim Can Naci Toktar Faruk Halil Turan PACE 420 PANHELLENIC Top flou : Black, Brouse, Buchman, Buchan, Clark, Copeland, Diamond, Fisher, Giesecke. Second Row. Ginsberg, Gorges, Hardwick, Harrison, Hayes, Johnston, Kelley, Klein, Leonard. Third Row. Long, Miller, Millikan, Molpus, More, Muroff, Palmer, Patton, Phelps. Fourth Row: Piper, Schulze, Schwartz, Simon, Tonroy, Veatch, Walker, Warren, Wynn. OFFICERS President MARY MARGARET MILLER V ice-President JEAN MARIE SCHWARTZ Secretary BARBARA DIAMOND Treasurer . . MARTHA LOUISE PHELPS SENIORS SORORITY KATHLEEN DORIS SCHULZE ...... Alpha Chi Omega DIANNE GAYLE JOHNSON Alpha Delta Pi BARBARA DIAMOND Alpha Epsilon Phi MARY ANN MOLPUS Alpha Gamma Delta GALE McBRYDE LONG Alpha Omicron Pi PATSY SUE MILLIKAN Alpha Phi MARTHA LOUISE PHELPS Chi Omega JOAN HonsnoN LEONARD Delta Delta Delta JEAN ALINE WYNN Delta Gamma MADALYNE GLADYS BUCHMAN Delta Phi Epsilon JOANNE COPELAND Delta Zeta LOLA KATHRYN PALMER MARY MARGARET MILLER JANE ANCELINE HAHDWICK CHARLOTTE ELLEN VEATCH . SUE GIESECKE JEAN MARIE SCHWARTZ . KATHLEEN KELLEY Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Mu . . . . Pi Beta Phi . . . Sigma Delta Tau Zeta Tau Alpha . . JUNIORS NANCY ANN WALKER CHERYL JOY TONROY BETTY ANN SIMON BOBBIE JOAN FISHER MARGARET ELEANOR CLARJC SHIRLEY BEATRICE KLEIN EDITH SKENE MORE SHIRLEY JEAN WARREN MARTHA ANN PATTON NORMA DORIS MUROFF BARBARA LAVELLE PIPER MARTHA ANN BROUSE CELIA ANN BUCHAN KATHERINE GORDON HARRISON MARGARET JANE HAYES ADELE BLACK BAILEY ANNE GINSBERG KAY MARTHA GORGES PAGE 422 INTERFRATERNTTY COUNCIL Top Rou : Adams, Adkins, Baruch, Bernstein, Black, Brill, Brown, Cahoon, Callencler, Cantey, Doctorman. Second Row. Elledge, Estes, Ferrell, Franklin, Giles, Goldsmith, Greenberg, Gregg, Hager, Halden, Herndon. Third Row. Herren, Hicks, Jordan, Kinsey, Landa, Langhorne, Levit, Maurin, Mcllyar, Moore, Morris. Fourth Row. Myers, Pellerin, Perry, Primm, Ratliff, Rauch, Richards, Rossy, Russo, Schneider, Shrull. Fifth Row: Siegel, Slaughter, Smith, Sowden, Torres, Townsend, Vandygriff, Vaught, Webb, VVhited, Wright, Zepeda. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer SENIORS FLETCHER S. HICKS .... RONALD DAVID GREENBERC HUBERT BONNER HEHREN . WILLIAM EMMETT CASSADY WALLACE LIONEL PELLEHIN . CRAIC COVINCTON CANTEY DONALD CHARLES MC!LYAH JOHN CARROLL CHITWOOD . WILLIAM WEAKS MORRIS . ROBERT ALSTON LANGHORNE . JOHN LANCASTER ESTES . WEBB McCARR SOWDEN JAMES TERRELL TOWNSEND RICHARD CLARK WEBB .... JOHN THOMAS RATLIFF .... HOWARD NEWTON RICHARDS . JAMES EDWARD BRILL .... JOHN EDWARD CAHOON MAX STANLEY LEVIT .... LEON GILBERT HALDEN, JR. ALLAN BRITT ADKINS .... CHARLES REBSTOCK GREGG . MARTIN PERLMAN THOMAS CARLETON CLOWE, JR. EDWARD DANTZIER SLAUGHTER, JR. WILLIAM OWEN DOCTORMAN ROBERT BARUCH RICHARD VERNON MOORE . BRUCE EDWARD JONES .... ALAN JACK GAREY FRATERNITY Acacia Alpha Epsilon Pi . Alpha Tau Omega Beta Thcta Pi . . . Chi Phi . . . . Delta Chi . . . . Delta Kappa Epsilon . Delta Sigma Phi . Delta Tau Delta . . Delta Upsilon . Kappa Alpha . Kappa Sigma . Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta . . Phi Gamma Delta . Phi Kappa Psi . . . Phi Kappa Sigma . Phi Kappa Tau . . Phi Sigma Delta . Phi Sigma Kappa . Pi Kappa Alpha . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Sigma Alpha Mu . Sigma Chi .... Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Tau Delta Phi . . Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Chi . . . Theta Xi . SAM R. PERRY . JOE E. Russo JOHN CARL LANDA DAN CARGILL SMITH JUNIORS TOM CHASE PRIMM ALVIN JEROME FRANKLIN STANLEY EDWARD ADAMS GEORGE WILLIAM SCHNEIDER ROSWALD ERNEST SHRULL ROBERT HOWARD KINSEY JOHN DAVID WRIGHT AUTURO DANIEL TORRES ROBERT WARREN FERHELL VERNON MURRAY JORDAN VERNON ELLEDGE, JR. THUHMAN ALEX VAUGHT WILLIAM HAROLD WHITED CORBIN LEE SNOW TED C. HAGEH WILLIAM DEE DOCKEHY, JR. JOHN CLEVELAND HERNDON MURHY BROWDER GILES ALAN MAURY RAUCH JAMES ZEPEDA L. ALVIS VANDYGRIFF DAN PRESTON BLACK ROBERT ANTON SIEGEL JOE TOLAND MAURIN HUBERT EDWARD ROSSY, JH. BEVERLY BROOKS GOLDSMITH LARRY BERNSTEIN CARROLL D. MYERS, JR. DEAN LYNN CALLENDER ANTHONY WAYNE BROWN PACE 423 , Top Row. Ambrose, Anderson, Anspacher, Armour, Bailey, Baird, ]. Ball, L. Ball. Second Row: Barron, M. C. Barton, M. ]. Barton, Beggs, Bigelow, Bohn, Boyd, Bradshaw. Third Row: Brannen, Bridges, Bronson, Bruck, Burris, Burum, Caldwell, Colley. Fourth Row: Courtney, Davidson, Deaton, de Ridder, Echterhoff, Eklund, Ellis, D. ]. Elrod. Fifth Row: D. A. Elrod, Esse, Etheredge, Fromme, Gage, Gam- mage, Gilchrist, Gore. Sixth Row: Harris, Hazlewood, Highland, S. Hlanak, V. Hlanak, Holloway, Homsy, Huffman. Seventh Row: Igau, Ivey, ]. Johnson, S. Johnson, Jones, Keller, Kevan, Lane. Alpha Phi chapter at 100 West 26th Street. Dolores Jean Ambrose Lynda Lu Ball Willie Frances Brannen Jo Katherine Bridges Mary Anna Burris Peggy Margaret Cannon Etta Mae Courtney Jo Ann Deaton Marilyn Blanche Davison Karen Ariena de Bidder Kathryn Ann Esse Francine Fish Linda Ann Fromme Shirley Ann Gore Margaret H. Harris Brenda Ann Hazlewood Diane Adele Highland Cllbka Cnf Omeca A second place victory in Sing Song and an Aqua Carnival Queen winner were two big events in Alpha Phi chapter of Alpha Chi Omega this fall. Highlights of the year ' s activities were re- treats in October and March, entertaining other sororities, the Founders ' Day banquet, and the formal, March 5. Along with the 77 other national chapters of Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Phi chapter worked with the cerebral palsy campaign, the national altruistic project. Founded in 1924 on this cam- pus, the AChiO ' s have as their colors, scarlet and olive green, and as their flower, the Red Carnation. FACULTY CHARLOTTE ESTELLE DuBois, Associate Professor of Music LLERENA BEAUFORT FRIEND, Texas History Center Librarian PLEDGES Glenda Claire Hill Shirley Mae Hlanak Jo Holloway Elizabeth Lee Huffman Adrian Igau Clara Jane Ivey Jean Alice Johnston Patricia Lynne Kevan Joy Rochelle Knight Mary Virginia Lemburg Mary Jane Lynch Sharon Lu McKeown Jill Adrian McMurry Jane McRoberts Mary Elizabeth Minahan Virginia Reeves Mitchell Ann Stuart Moffit Shirley Jean Morrison Ann H. Nichols Katherine Virginia Pollard Arlene Mildred Scott Sidney Raye Sharkey Jane Elizabeth Smith Marjorie Alice Snow Linda Kay Stanley Sandra Sue Sterling Carolyn Sue Taylor Gail Ann Tetley Mary Lou Veazey Mary Jo Wadlington Jerry Suzanne Weaver Allie Burke Young Top Row: Lee, Lemburg, Lynch, Martin, McKeown, McMurry, McRoberts, McVey, Melin, Miller, Mina- han, Mitchell, Moffit, Morrison, Nigh, Parr. Second Row: Peevey, Peterson, Pollard, Powell, Redding, Richardson, Riley, Schulze, Sharkey, Simoneaux, Smith, Smulcer, Snow, Stanley, Sterling, Stiles. Third Row: Taylor, Tetley, Thomas, Thompson, Thur- beville, Veazey, Voelkel, Wadlington, Walker, Weav- er, Wendler, Wieckhoff, Williams, Yankie, Young, Zabolio. PACE 424 ; . MEMBERS Mary Elizabeth Anderson Joan Anspacher Marsha Ann Armour Elizabeth Ann Bailey Alice Lee Baird Janelle Ernestine Ball Betsy Catherine Barron Margaret Clyde Barton Marjory Jenetta Barton Barbara Ann Beggs Elizabeth Bigelow Gretchen Margaret Bohn Margaret Lee Boyd Kendall Bradshaw Marilyn Ann Bronson Sybil Wray Bruck Sylvia Elaine Burum Jo Ann Caldwell Mary Hugh Colley Sue G. McMacken Dyer Mary Gwendolyn Echterhoff Dariel Ann Eklund Karen Jean Ellis Delia Jane Elrod Doris Ann Elrod Zelma Verree Etheredge Dorothy Glenn Moore Gage Gail Gammage Carolyn Patricia Gilchriest Virginia Lois Hlanak Ann Homsy Judith Gail Johnson Sidney Darlen Johnson Barbara Anne Jones Terrell C. Keller Mary Maud Lane Barbara Jeanne Lee Mary Jo Martin Patricia Eloise McGinn Carol Ann McVey Jane Alyce Melin Barbara Lynn Miller Barbara Marie Nigh Shirley Ann Pan- June Elizabeth Peevy Waldine Ann Peterson Sonia Yvonne Powell Anna Louise Redding Marilyn keeps the girls on key at one of the numerous Sing Song practices. Doni Louise Richardson Annelle Ricketts Marilda Ellen Riley Bobbie Nell Schmidt Kathleen Doris Schulze Sylvia Anne Simoneaux Jeanette Charlene Smulcer Mary Lee Stiles Ann Tamsin Thomas Sally Ann Thompson Janice Ann Turbeville Anita Lee Voelkel Nancy Ann Walker Mary Kate Wendler Marriott Wieckhoff Patricia Ann Williams Sue Yankie Barbara Jean Zabolio Fall VIRGINIA Lois HLANAK . KATHLEEN DORIS SCHULZE Jo ANN CALDWELL . TERRELL C. KELLER . BETSY CATHERINE BARHON MARGARET CLYDE BARTON OFFICERS President .... V ' ice-President . Pledge Trainer . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Spring ANNA LOUISE REDDING DONI LOUISE RICHARDSON KAREN JEAN ELLIS DORIS ANN ELHOD BARBARA JEAN ZABOLIO MARSHA ANN ARMOUR Delta Pi Established on the UT campus in 1905, the ADPi ' s have 84 national chapters. Their colors are azure blue and white, their flower, the Violet. Delta chapter this year has a right to be proud of winning second place in the Aqua Car- nival Christmas Card contest, having an Aqua Carnival Queen finalist, and having the Law School Portia. Beauty titles also went to six semi-finalists in the Bluebonnet Belle competi- tion. The ADPi pledges received honorable men- tion in the wood-gathering contest for the bon- fire that preceded the Aggie game. The ADPi ' s held their retreat at Bandera in November, and their annual Cotton Ball in April. FACULTY LUCILE DENEVERS WILLIAMS, Assistant Professor of Romance Languages : ' ' tab)- Top Ron;: Adams, E. Allen, Austin, Barton, Beall, Blasingame, Boatner, Bohn. Second Row: Bracey, Bracht, Brous, C. Brown, F. Brown, Brown- ing, Brubeck, Campbell. Third Row: Chauncey, Chote, Collins, Conway, Cunningham, Dooley, Dyer, Enlow. Fourth Row: Ericson, Farquhar, Faust, Fisher, Fuller, Cebhard, Goebel. Fifth Row: Goodpasture, Green, Hamilton, Hampton, Harlan, Helf, Hodges. Sixth Row: Horning, Houston, Howard, J. Jacobs, N. Jacobs, Jen- kins, D. Johnson. Seventh Row: R. Johnson, P. Jones, Raster, Kegler, Kerbow, Lade- wig, LeLaurin. Delta chapter at 2601 University Avenue. Marianne Adams Margaret Claire Beall Claudia Dale Bracey Barbara Anne Bracht Deborah Ruthe Bradt Margaret Ann Brous Carolyn Ann Brubeck Myrna Loy Chambers Nancy Cecelia Chernosky Carol Eugenia Conway Patricia Dean Dodgen Kay Dyche Frances Sue Dyer Ruth Ann Faust Anna Rhea Finnell Betty Lu Fletcher Jeanne Fuller Charlotte Goodpasture PLEDGES Lee Ann Gragg Mary Estelle Griffin Gloria June Hamilton Marie Harriet Hampton Jo Ann Hillje Carroll Ann Hodges Margaret Jane Hoeny Ann Bracy Hudson Carol Dale Hudspeth Margaret Charlyn Janick Mary Ann Jones Ellen Zoe Kaufman Kay Douglas Kerbow Janis Joyce Ladewig Madeline Ann Mandell Charlotte Ann Mares Anne Randall Marston Martha Lee Mueller Betty Nell Gates Becca Jeane Orchard Margaret Ann Palmer Patricia Ann Patrick Mabel Carolyn Pearson Nancy Jean Pearson Patty Vaughan Ramby Dian Sue Savage Edwina Doris Simmons Patricia Jo Skaggs Shirley Kay Stalcup Janelle Straiton Carolyn Wood Waller Patsy Lee Watkins Barbara Kay White Betty Jean Wildman Valerie Vance Zipp Top Row: Listen, Marshall, Marston, McCollister, Mc- Creless, McDaniel, Merritt, Monroe, Overton, Pal- mer, Patrick, Patten, M. Pearson, Plummer, Ray, Reifschneider. Second Row: Remschel, Riveire, Robuck, Rugeley, San- derford, Saxe, Schade, Schwarz, C. Scott, N. Scott, Sharpe, F. Smith, Starkey, Straiton, Stiegler, Struhall. Third Row: Sutton, M. Smith, Stephen, Thaxton, Thomp- son, Timpte, Tonroy, Vamell, Waller, Webb, Wild- man, Willingham, Yeagley, Yelderman, Zemanek, Zipp. PACE 426 I ' MEMBERS Eloise Allen Georganne Allen Rosemary Austin Marjorie Saxon Barge Leska Sue Barton Paiila Zoe Baughman Mary Lillian Blasingame Helen Le Marie Boatner Helen Ann Bohn Carolyn Ann Brown Frances Patricia Brown Barbara Ann Browning Shirley Arlene Campbell Judith Lee Chambers Preshia Jane Chaunccy Sally Jean Chote Peggy Cline Janet Ruth Collins Nancy Lynn Cunningham Emily Estelle Doolcy Mary Nell Enlow Joe Anne Ericson Kay Farquhar Helen Elaine Fisher Yvonne Clare Cebharxl Patricia Goebcl Paula Jeannette Green Gayle Worth Harlan Nancy Marilynn Helf Judith Clare Horning Nancy Irene Houston Mildred Carolyn Howard Rence Buna Huckman Janet Delmar Jacobs Nancy Jane Jacobs Gayle Jenkins Dianne Gayle Johnson Ruby Ruth Johnson Patricia Elizabeth Jones Barbara Jeanne Kaster Angela Carol Kegler Nana Janet LeLaurin Patricia Glenn Liston Edwina Dee Marshall Alice McCollister Merry Christine McCreless Marvel Ann McDaniel Amelia May Merritt Carolyn Rose Monroe Frances Fitzhugh Overton Carolyn Lucile Patten LouAnnc Plummer Barbara Rose Ray Barbara Anne Reifschneider Frances Katherine Remschel Mary Lois Rivcire Eva Robuck Frances Louise Rugeley Margaret Lea Sanderford Donna Dea Saxe Helen Nancy Scaief Gladys Kathryn Schade Nancy Lee Schwarz Charlene Patricia Scott ADPi ' s relax around the TV set after dinner Nancy Ruth Scott Harriet Sharpe Frances June Smith Marietta Smith |oAnn Starkey Margaret Joan Stephen JoAnn Suzanne Striegler Frances Marie Struhall Ann Louise Sutton Jane Ann Thaxton Dorothy Jean Thompson Aurelia Theresa Timpte Cheryl Joy Tonroy Florence DeLain Trimble |oan Turner Janice Varnell Patricia Ann Webb Mary Lynn Willingham Claire Louise Yeagley Carolyn Ann Yelderman Wanelle A. Zemantk FcH CLAIRE LOUISE YEACLEY GAYLE JENKINS . JANICE VARNELL JUDITH CLARE HORNING DOROTHY JEAN THOMPSON OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Spring DIANNE GAYLE JOHNSON BARBARA JEANNE RASTER MARGARET JOAN STEPHEN BARBARA ROSE RAY PRESHIA JANE CHAUNCEY Top Row: Aronson, Ascher, Balatow, Baron. Second Row: Baum, Berry, Black, Cohen, Diamond. Third Row: Dubinski, Ettelman, Fantle, Feigelson, M. Fisher. Fourth Row: S. Fisher, Flesh, Classman, Goldberg, Gumbiner. Rena Jo Baum Helaine Willette Black Sharon Dee Bishkin Frances Lenore Brodkey Marilyn Rita Fisher Sally Ann Fisher Muriel Constance Friedman Joan Strauss Classman Marilyn Ann Goldberg Abigail Hahn Omega chapter at 705 West 24th Street. (llpka fysiton Plti Ground-breaking for the new AEPhi house in January was the big moment in Omega chap- ter ' s activities this year. The AEPhi ' s began their 30th year on the UT campus with a retreat and picnic in September. Throughout the year, the chapter participated in Aqua Carnival with a Christmas card and a beauty finalist, in Hillel Stunt Night, Hillel Sing- Song, and in Varsity Carnival with a skit. The pledges read to Negro orphan children and collected gifts for them in the spring. The members entertained children from the settle- ment home with dinner in December. The girls also adopted a child under the Foster Parents Plan. Green and white are AEPhi ' s colors: Lily- of-the-Valley its flower. PLEDGES Frances Harris Carole Jean Isaacs Suzanne Lebenson Linda Adele Levinson Peggy Litchenstein Laurie Ann Loeb Ailda Illene Markus Marjorie Sue Segal Laurie Singer Top Row: Hahn, Harris, Kuperman, Lebenson, Levinson, Lubasch, Markus, May, Meyer. Second Row: Michelson, Myers, Provus, Rosmarin, Sebel, Shapiro, Simon, Singer, Stein. PAGE 428 MEMBERS Irma Lew Aronson Joan Ascher Nancy Belle Balatow Sandra Arlene Baron Barbara J. Berry Sylvia Lynn Cohen Barbara Diamond Hattie Lee Dubinski Davie Lou Ettelman Kay Blanche Fantle Carol Ann Feigelson Lois Ann Flesh Betty Ann Gumbiner Phyllis Kuperman Marcia Lee Inge Joan Lubasch Patricia Jean May Judith Aline Meyer Samylu Mark Michelson J ayne Irene Myers Joan Breta Provus Renee Rosmarin Marcia Lee Sebel Lorraine Shapiro Betty Ann Simon Arlene Mildred Stein AEPhi ' s set the Christmas dinner table for children from the Settlement Home. OFFICERS Fall SYLVIA LYNN COHEN Lois ANN FLESH . JOAN ASCHER . BARBARA J. BERRY JUDITH ALINE MEYER Spring Dean JOAN BRETA PROVUS Sub-Dean DAVIE Lou ETTELMAN Scribe PATRICIA JEAN MAY Recording Secretary .... CAROL ANN FEICELSON Treasurer BARBARA J. BERRY Top Row: Arick, Barfield, Bourland, Bryan, Bunge, Cameron, Cannon. Second Row: B. Davis, D. Davis, M. Davis, Dodge, Emerine, Evans, Fisher. Third Row: Gerhardt, Gooding, D. Green, P. Green, Guerguin, Gustafson, Hagaman. Fourth Row: Hagelman, Hancock, Harvel, Haskell, Haynes, Her- rington, Hoevet. Fifth Row: Hoick, Huffington, Humphries, Jones, B. Joseph, J. Joseph, Keasler. Sixth Row: Laughlin, Liston, Maniscalco, Matist, McCoy, Miller, Molpus, Myrick. Elizabeth Diane Bourland Tanya Faye Cannon Diane Davis Marlynn Davis Charlene Evans Ina Jeanette Gooding Anita Lynn Green Theodora Griesenbeck Betty Lou Hagaman Sharon Harvel Patricia Anne Haynes Marcia Jean Hoevet Bertha Manon Hoick Ann Huffington Patricia Anne Humphries Julia Kathleen Jones q amma Delt Epsilon Delta chapter ' s philanthropic projects went toward their national project of working with cerebral palsied children. The chapter held a Halloween party at the Cerebral Palsy Center, made Thanksgiving baskets for the children, and gave an ice cream social to raise money for the Center. Parties for fraternities and a pledge party for all sorority pledges were highlights of the Alpha Gamma Delta social calendar. The Alpha Gams, along with the Theta Xi ' s, took a group of mentally retarded children to Kiddy Park. Epsilon Delta was established in 1940. There are 64 chapters with the colors of red, buff, and green, and flowers, Red and Buff Roses. PLEDGES Elizabeth Ann Keasler Nancy June Laughlin Margaret Joe Maniscalco Carole Ann McAden Dorothy Eugenia McCoy Jo Ann Myrick Doris Aileen Oberndorfer Ruth Ann Overbeck Alberta Ruth Phillips Bettina Philamena Pietrantonio Shirley Loraine Priest Beth Wayne Pniitt Jill Quinn Ruth Mary Ramsey Barbara Richards Roxanne Inez Ritter Mary Olga Sallas Martha Samuels Joan Smith Patsy Clay Smith Marilyn Tobin Sandra Gail Vratis Jeri Lynne Walters Esther Kay Whitt Thelma Jane Williamson Edith Margaret Wilson Barbara Jean Winstead Barbara Ann Wood Floy Annette Workman Julia Jannette Workman Epsilon Delta chapter at 807 West 25th Street. Top Row: Nelson, Oberndorfer, Oberwetter, Patrick, Pearson, Phillips, Pietrantonio, Priest, Prim, Pritch- ett, F. Prouse, R. Prouse. Second Row: B. Pniitt, Ritter, Roy, Sallas, Samuels, Shel- ton, B. Smith, P. C. Smith, P. J. Smith, Sutherland, Thornton, Vasek. Third Row: Vratis, Wallace, Walters, Whitt, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Winstead, Wolfe, Wood, F. Workman, J. Workman. PACE 430 MEMBERS Joann Abrahamson Alyce L. Archer Ann Elaine Arick Barbara Ann Barfield Joan Patricia Bryan Betty Ruth Bunge Mary Cerise Cameron Cecilia Culpepper Bette Sue Davis Nancy Mary Dodge Sally Anne Emerine Bobbie Joan Fisher Mary Dale Gerhardt Shirley Ann Godbold Donna Marie Green Phyllis Ann Green Marilyn Lee Guerguin Wilfreda Gustafson Marcia Lee Hagelman Sally Carr Hall Lyla Hamner Martha Lou Hancock Patsy Zoll Haskell Mary Louise Herrington Elizabeth Ann Holm Bonnie Carson Joseph Janelle G. Joseph Jo Ann Lemmond Janet Ann Liston Gwen Roberta Maust S. Jeanne McDonald Meda Margaret Miller Mary Ann Molpus Barbara E. Moxon Tharon Nelson Margaret SaRita Obelgoner Suzanne Oberwetter Mary David Grand Ann Ruth Patrick Barbara Ann Pearson Suzanne Prim Joyce Ann Pritchett An indoor picnic at the Alpha Gam house on Saturday afternoon. F. Darlene Prouse Ruth Lorene Prouse Joann Pruitt Shirley Wren Roy Ann Genevieve Shelton Billie Annette Smith Patsy Jeannine Smith Carol Hartley Sutherland Dorothy Louise Thornton Margaret Ann Vasek Sally Louise Wallace Sydney Williams Rosalyn Robinson Wolfe Fall ANN RUTH PATRICK . RUTH LORENE PROUSE JOYCE ANN PRITCHETT SHIRLEY WREN ROY . SUZANNE OBERWETTER OFFICERS Spring President ANN RUTH PATRICK V ice-President RUTH LORENE PROUSE Corresponding Secretary . . . JOYCE ANN PRITCHETT Recording Secretan .... SHIRLEY WREN ROY Treasurer SUZANNE OBERWETTER a a i 4B - Top Row: Aderman, Baines, Burow. Second Row: Callaway, Churchill, Clark. Third Row: Cooper, Dunstan, Griffith. Fourth Row: Hale, Hanchey, House, Kennedy. Joy Ann Aderman Betty Ann Canfield Sally Carol Churchill Jo Ann Hale Laura F. Kennedy Margaret Ruth Killin Margaret Ann Knox Clltolia Omiclou, Pi AOPi ' s were proud this fall to be the winners of the Dads ' Day cup for the sorority having the most dads here. Dads were not the only visitors at the AOPi house this fall. On Alpha Omicron Pi State Day Pi Kappa chapter was hostess to visiting Texas alumnae and parents. The girls worked at the Deaf, Dumb, and Blind School in the fall, and were participants in the Campus Chest Talent Show, Sing Song, and Varsity Carnival. Established on the UT campus in 1941, the local sorority is one of the 55 national chapters having the Jacqueminot Rose and the color car- dinal as its symbols. FACULTY HELEN NORWOOD DEATHE, Manager, Men ' s Residence Halls RUTH ANNETTE NEAL, Administrative Secretary, Student Life Staff ELIZABETH TARPLEY, Professor of Home Economics PLEDGES Vivian Emily O ' Shaughnessy Sylvia Simone Oster Sandra Joan Peterson Virginia Rae Prasatik Jennie Marie Russell Barbara Kerfoot Smyth Jean Anne Toomey - - . .... . . Carol Beth Villarreal Louise Lavania Wagner Nancy Ruth Wallace Wynne Warren Louise Marie Weiler June Anne Witter Pi Kappa chapter at 1910 Rio Grande. Top Row: Killin, N. Knox, Long, McLemore, O ' Shaugh- nessy, Oster, Patterson, Payne, Ragsdale. Second Row: Raymer, Russell, Smyth, Toomey, Wagner, Wallace, Warren, Williams, Witter. PACE 432 MEMBERS Mary Lynn Baines Dianne Dorothy Belton Isabella Lucie Burow Barbara Ann Callaway Margaret Eleanor Clark Marcia Beth Cooper Marilee Dunstan Martha Emily Griffith Mary Dorothy Hanchey Barbara Worth House Nita Carroll Knox Gale McBryde Long Sharon Elaine McGauhey Mary Margaret McLemore Nancy Sue Patterson Dorothy Ann Payne Myrna Elizabeth Ragsdale Denis Anne Raymer Patricia Ann Williams " Watch out, girls, Marilee is going to gin Fall MARTHA EMILY GRIFFITH GALE MCBRYUE LONG MARY MARGARET MCLEMORE BARBARA WORTH HOUSE . NANCY SUE PATTERSON OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Spring NITA CARROLL KNOX MARGARET RUTH KILLIN MARY LYNN BAINES MARY DOROTHY HANCHEY SHARON ELAINE MCGAUHEY Top Row: Agnew, Alexander, Armstrong, Austin, Baird, Barr, Bass. Second Row: Bassett, Becker, Berthelot, Bishop, Bristol, Broward, J. Brown. Third Row: L. Brown, Bnms, Casbeer, Clayton, Cundiff, De- Loach, Denby. Fourth Row: Dorris, Drake, Dresslar, Eckhardt, Elkins, Embree, Faulkner. Fifth Row: Gildart, Gore, Grimes, Hagler, Hawley, Holstein. Sixth Row: Jeffrey, Kent, Kilday, Klein, Kuebler, Kunkel. Claire Louise Alexander Sylvia Gail Austin Beverly Ben Barber Mary Helen Bass Beverly Bishop Nancy Sharon Broward Shirley Pauline Buske Catherine Casbeer Patti Le Chapman Patricia Louise Connally Carolyn Cox Virginia Elaine Cundiff Ann Devine Elinor Clyde Drake Eleanor Ann Elliott Mary Ellen Embree Sandra Jean Gildart PA; The Alpha Phi ' s were fast caught up in their whir l of activities, beginning the year with a September retreat at Kickapoo Kamp. Follow- ing closely were an October Founders ' Day ban- quet, an alumnae party and program in Novem- ber, the annual Ranch Party in December, Big- Little Sister banquet in February, and the annual formal in March. One of 56 national chapters, the local chapter, Omega, was established in 1920. Omega chap- ter ' s colors are bordeaux and silver, its flowers, Lily-of-the- Valley and Forget-me-not. The sorority won the championship in intra- mural White Bracket football and placed second with their Most Comical Aggie Sign. Third place in the Aqua Carnival Christmas Card display went to the Alpha Phi ' s. FACULTY MARY ERNESTINE GOLDMANN, Assistant Professor of Home Economics GOLDIE HOHTON PORTER, Assistant Professor erf Mathematics PLEDGES Margarette Alice Gore Georgia Hawley Nancy Rice Jeffrey Katherine Ann Kent Betty Ann Kilday Mary Jean Lantz Gloria Jane Leggett Wilma Nell Logan Lea Jane Lucas Mary Lou MacGregor Margaret Ann Martin Jeannette Lee McBride Patricia Joan McBride Susan Mowery Dixie Juanita Park Sue Parsons Jean Ellen Pepper Yvonne Clyde Post Marinelle Pribble Mary Dolores Renter Robbie Jo Rogers Clare Ann Kelly Schell Patricia Sprott Margaret Ann Stropeni Patsy Lee Uttz Sue Wason LaVonta Leslie Watson Martha Jane Watson [olene West Shari Lynn West Eugenia Ann Wood Mary Ellen Woodruff Lillian Jean Zumwalt Omega chapter at 2005 University Avenue. Top Row: Lamm, Lantz, Leggett, Logan, Lucas, Malts- berger, Martin, Massey, J. McBride, P. McBride, Mc- Cabe, McElhone, Millikan, Mowery. Second Row: Parsons, Pepper, Petty, Pojman, Post, Prib- ble, Pruet, Reuter, Rogers, Rose, Schaaf, Speaker, Sprott, Stropeni. Third Row: Teplow, Tompkins, L. Walker, L. Watson, M. Watson, Wells, J. West, S. West, Whitt, Wilson, Wood, Woodruff, Wrye, Zumwalt. PACE 434 MEMBERS Kathleen Robertson Agnew Carol Adelaide Grimes Katherine Ann Armstrong Dorothy Nell Hagler Barbara Jeanne Baird Elizabeth Louise Barr Eleanor O ' Neill Bassett Laura Holloway Becker Mary Catherine Berthelot Virginia Ann Bristol Joy Kathryn Brown Loretta Agnes Brown Dorothy Meade Bruns Betty, Lu Call Nancy Ann Clayton Carolynn Sue Coffey Carolyn Ann DeLoach June Marie Denby Linda Ray Dorris Barbara Joan Dresslar Mary Jane Eckhardt Wynell Elkins Mary Jo Ann Faulkner Elizabeth Dee Henderson Virginia Lou Holstein Dana Dunbar Howe Shirley Beatrice Klein Elizabeth Louise Kuebler Martha Leah Kunkcl Julia Davene Lamm Jo Ann Maltsberger Martha Massey Beverly Jo McCabe Nannetta Sue McCarty Alison Lee McElhone Patsy Sue Millikan Cora Lee Petty Ruth Ann Pojman Carolyn Beth Pruet Grace Sue Riemann Margaret Ann Rose Gayle Paula Schaaf The Alpha Phi ' s watch the dress rehearsal for September rush parties. Lucy Lee Speaker Frances Guynes Stamper Fenella Mary Teplow Shirley Jean Tompkins Lorayne C. Walker Nancy Jo Walker Jocelyn Wells Elizabeth White Earlene Margaret A. Whitt Jo An n Wilson Billie Marie Wrye Fall DOROTHY MEADE BRUNS ALISON LEE MCELHONE Jo ANN WILSON LINDA RAY DORRIS MAHY JANE ECKHARDT OFFICERS Spring President ALISON LEE MCELHONE Vice-President ELEANOR O ' NEILL BASSETT Corresponding Secretary . . GAYLE PAULA SCHAAF Recording Secretary . . . MARGARET ANN ROSE Treasurer BARBARA JEANNE BAIRD n O Yk Jr r nf frl ti ii A ' j-EI O 9 Clti Omea Iota chapter is one of 117 national chapters of Chi Omega, and has been at UT since May 31, 1904. The Chi O ' s have as their flower the White Carnation, and as their colors, cardinal and straw. Among the Chi O ' s first undertakings this year was the re-adoption of Vera Zwienski under the Foster Parents Plan. The girls devoted their time to a needy Negro family at Thanksgiving, and entertained the State School children with a Christmas Party. During the Campus Chest Drive, the campus saw the Chi O pledge class auctioned off to the Phi Gams. In November the sorority held a reception for Great Issuefs guest speaker, Harold Stassen; and in February the girls participated in their annual retreat at Mission Valley Ranch in New Braunfels Top Row: Aerl, Alcorn, Alexander, Alford, Aniol, Arledge, Askew, Atkins, Barlow. Second Row: Barren, Bitter, Boone, Booth, Bridges, Buck, Bullitt, Burkhart, Burton. Third Row: Cecil, Childress, Clark, Cummins, DeWitt, Dipuccio, Draper, Dring, Eisemann. Fourth Row: Ellisor, Evans, Ewing, Flynn, Ford, Franklin, Freed, Cannon, Garrison. Fijth Row: Gibson, Gillett, Craning, Green, Hale, A. Harris, H. Harris, Harrison. Sixth Row: Hart, Hartshorn, Hasten, Hitson, Hoffmeyer, Holton, Hubbard, Hyatt. Seventh Row: C. Johnson, King, Klaver, Kobe, LaBarbera, Laken- macher, LeRoy, Lewallen. Iota chapter at 2613 Wichita. Marilyn Barren Nancy Joan Bitter Betty Lou Burton Electra Jean Catterall Nancy Childress Nelda Ann Cummins Elisabeth Neig hbors Ellisor Joan Carol Ewing Dotsie Fenstermaker Joan Marie Franklin June Day Garrison Kay Gibson Noel Virginia Gregg Billie Ann Hale Gayle Elaine Hart Betty Baker Hartshorn Barbara Ann Holton Shirley Louise Jensen PLEDGES Carlene Johnson Julie Anna Johnson Shirley Anne King Jean Carolyn Kobe Jacqueline Anne l.cRoy Melonye Anne Lowe Cheryll Kay Madison June Marshall Carole Lynn May Anne McElwrath Johnanna McFarland Charlene McPhail Sandra Lee Moore Sidney Aileen Moore Sandra Frances Mueller Louise Bell Mugford Mary Joan Nance Christine Helen Newby Janet Newton Janet Catherine O ' Neal Patricia Padgett Suzanne Porter Celia Austin Posey Dona Marie Reese Ginger Roberson Nancy Jane Rodman May merle Shirley Kathleen Molesworth Sims Mary Linette Smith Martha Janice Spickard Elizabeth Ann Taylor Page Orr Thomson Patricia Ann Trimble Jane Maverick Welsh Gayle Whitehurst Susan Laura Zane Top Row: Lloyd, Logan, Lowe, Lutz, Maddox, Mancill, Marshall, Mauk, May, McFarland, Mclntosh, Mc- Phail, J. Miller, S. Miller, Monroe, S. L. Moore. Second Row: S. A. Moore, More, Mueller, Mugford, Nance, Nelson, Newby, Newton, Northington, O ' Neal, Padgett, Perry, Pettway, Pharr, Phelps, Porter. Third Row: J. Posey, Prim, Prince, Reese, Roberson, Roberts, Rodman, Roscoe, Schmitz, Seeley, Shirley, Sims, J. Smith, M. Smith, S. Smith, Spickard. Fourth Row: Stillinger, Taylor, Thompson, Thomson, Trimble, Vardaman, Waldron, Wansing, Warren, Watkins, Webb, Welsh, Wheeler, Whitehurst, White- side, Wright. PAGE 436 MEMBERS Rose Mae Aerl Etoile Margaret Alcorn Sharon Alexander Patsy Jean Alford Elaine Elizabeth Aniol Alberta Ann Arledge Annette Katinka Askew Laura Louann Atkins Katherine Buford Barlow Anne Lennee Boone Helen C. Booth Fay Beth Bridges Elizabeth Ann Buck Patricia Ann Bullitt Nancye Gaye Burkhart Grayson Reed Cecil Margaret Clark Sara Lu Clemens Carolyn Cobb Catherine Corder Charlotte Rae Denman Diane DeWitt Judith Anne Dipuccio Barbara Ann Draper Mary Louise Dring Mary Jo Eisemann Eleanor Joyce Evans Mary Patricia Flynn Judith Ford Margo Freed Fayetta Mary Gannon Nancy Jean Gillett Janice Carolyn Craning Carolyn Sue Green Ann Harris Harriet Castle Harris Mary Rebecca Harrison Nancy Gay Hasten Marjorie Henderson Mary Catherine Hitson Martha Sue Hoffmeyer Anne Elizabeth Hoyt Marilyn Ann Hubbard Mary Elizabeth Hyatt Patricia Anne Kendall Beverly Annette Klaver Frances Marie LaBarbera June Lakenmacher Jo Betsy Lewallen Janice Lloyd Catherine Ann Logan Dorothy Paulette Loring Lanelle Ruth Lutz Evelyn Marlene Maddox Rosemary Mancill Betty Carol Mauk Jeanne Carol Mclntosh Jane Marie Miller Shirley Anne Miller Phoebe Kay Monroe Edith Skene More Sue Ann Moyers Shirley Ann Nelson Sarah Lee Northington Carole Ogden Nina Ogden Patricia Lou Perry Patricia Ann Pettway The Christmas season finds the Chi O ' s wrapping gifts for the State School children. Helen Jane Pharr Martha Louise Phelps Josephine Gayle Posey Patricia Prim Sally Prince Neal Roberts Patricia Jean Roscoe Mary Margaret Schmitz Patricia Anne Seeley Jo Ann Smith Sawnie Adeline Smith Shirley Ann Stillinger Mary Thompson Jan Vardaman Marcia Faye Waldron Jeanne Ann Wansing Patricia Ann Warren Mae Watkins Geraldine Webb Jacqueline Wheeler Billie Jo Whiteside Barbara Wilson Jane Anne Wright Fall KATHERINE BUFORD BARLOW PATRICIA ANNE KENDALL . PATRICIA ANNE SEELEY . MARTHA SUE HOFFMEYER . NANCY JEAN GILLETT . OFFICERS Spring President FAY BETH BRIDGES V ice-President ELEANOR JOYCE EVANS Secretary LAURA LOUANN ATKINS Chapter Correspondent . . ANN HARRIS Treasurer JUNE LAKEXMACHER Delta Delta Delt, Theta Zeta chapter, established in 1912, won first place in the Christmas Card contest at Aqua Carnival and third place in the sorority division of Sing Song. Delta Delta Delta awards a $200 campus scholarship each spring to a deserving woman student. The Tri Delt ' s Christmas caroled at the State Hospital this fall, and entertained with various open houses throughout the year. In spite of their many activities the girls found time to leave Austin for two sorority retreats. The 99 chapters of Delta Delta Delta wear the colors silver, gold, and blue, and have the Pansy for their flower. FACULTY DOHOTHY AVRES, Administrative Assistant, Office of the Dean, College of Business Administration Jo CALDWELL MEYER, Senior Secretary, School of Journalism BETTY JANE ALEXANDER, Instructor in Physical and Health Education Top Row: Anders, J. Baker, Barber, Barnes, Barrett, Bass, Beard, Boswell, Bowden. Second Row: Bowen, Boykin, Brooks, A. Brown, Cameron, Chand- ler, Cocke, Coen, Coffee. Third Row: Craddock, Crim, Dennis, L. Diamond, M. Diamond, Dickson, Drummond, Eason, Edwards. Fourth Row: Elliott, English, Enochs, G. Evans, J. Evans, Fall, Ferris, Fielder, Glass. Fifth Row: Goodwin, Green, Gremillion, Gribble, Grimes, Guinn, Harkrider, Harrison. Sixth Row: Hartman, Henry, Hill, Hoey, Hoffman, Hoppe, Hud- dleston, Hudson. Seventh Row: Hudspeth, E. Hughes, Jackson, Jennings, Keetch, Kimbrough, King, Lawrence. Theta Zeta chapter at 503 West 27th Street. Norma Carolyn Anders Sally Ann Boykin Vera Virginia Brooks Suzanne Estelle Chandler Terry Jo Cocke Bette Theresa Craddock Margaret Ray Crim Margaret Ann Diamond Judy Sue Drummond Nancy Elizabeth Edwards Edith Orr Elliott Jane Emily Enochs Jan Durrett Evans Martha Alice Evans Sydney Dawn Fielder Joann Patricia Ferris Virginia Gayle Glass Judy Gribble PLEDGES Patsy Ruth Henry Mary Ann Hoey Gloria Ann Hoffman Sarah Jane Huddleston Margaret Joan Hudson Ethelyn Claire Hudspeth Frances Jameson Grace Nan Jennings Patricia Daly Keith Damaris Elaine King Minna Fay Lawrence Margaret Ann Leftwich Lottie Lou Lipscomb Patricia Ann Loper Shirley Cue Marion Barbara Ann Markins Laura Helen Moore Ann Stuart Morgan Nancy Ann Oden Eleanor Ann Packard Patricia Ann Perlitz Sandra Ann Phillips Evelyn Frances Pietzsch Mary Katherine Purl Barbara Aline Putnam Mary Jane Rawlins Christine Satel Elizabeth Sharp Sallye Adelle SuHivan |o-Ann Turnbough Jann Turner Joan Foster Turner Sherry Van Cronkhite Celia Alice Wainwright Top Row: Leftwich, Leonard, Lipscomb, Loper, Markins, McKenzie, McMillan, Mitchell, Moore, Nowotny, Oden, Paschal, Perlitz, Phillips, Pietzsch, Powell. Second Row: Purl, Putnam, Ragsdale, Ranfranz, Raw- lins, Reilly, Sadler, Sandel, Sanders, Satel, Schepers, Sharp, Shepherd, Steele, Summers, Templeton. Third Row: Thomas, B. Thompson, E. Thompson, Tobin, Trout, Turnbough, Jackie Turner, Jann Turner, Joan Turner, Van Cronkhite, C. Wainwright, Warren, Wiedeman, B. Wilson, R. Wilson, Woellert. PACE 438 MEMBERS Barbara Baker Jan Paula Baker Cecilia Ann Barber Carol Helen Barnes Lynn Cajvert Barrett Sydney Clare Bass Martha Agnes Beard Jane Roberta Bickham Rie Charlotte Booth Barbara R. Booz Ida Terrell Boswell Marlene Edna Bowden Nancy Jane Bowen Joanne Gail Brittingham Anne Dare Brown Tomrnye Lou Brown Patricia Leone Cameron Mary Lea Castleberry Janie Margaret Cheever Benalyn Gertrude Cloudt Mary Jane Coen Florence Marie Coffee Barbara Ann Dennis Louise Diamond Alice Kathleen Dickson Rita Joan Duncan Billie Beryle Eason Carol Embry Sarah Jane English Grace Elizabeth Evans Mary Lynn Fall Sue Flippen Carol Anne Goodwin Nancy Elizabeth Green Dona Madrice Gremillion Mable Elizabeth Grimes Beverly Ann Guinn Marjorie Ann Harkrider Frances LaNelle Harrison Cay Hartman Sharon Raycia Hill Pat Hoppe Charla Lois Howard Elizabeth Ann Hughes Nancy Sheffield Hughes Dauris Ann Jackson Elizabeth Mary Jessen Helen Jane Keetch Terry Jane Kimbrough Annette Sue Landry Joan Hodsdon Leonard Joanne Laneil Lewis Carol Emily McGee Patricia Ercella McGregor Margaret Ann McKenzie Barbara Dee McMillan Iris Luverne Mitchell Patricia Gayle Moseley Lura Duff Elliston Nowotny Norma Joan Paschal Marilyn Pope Martha Powell Sue Ragsdale Sibyl Joyce Ranfranz Harriet Allison Reilly Cynthia Sadler Wilma Agnes Sandel Nannearle Sanders The girls at the Tri Delt house enjoy Martha ' s piano playing. Joann Schepers Frances Scott Nancy Lynne Shepher d Sandra Spiller Marilyn Virginia Steele Sue Summers Betty Templeton Mary Ann Thomas Betty Ann Thompson Elizabeth Dickson Thompson Carolyn Lee Tobin Margaret Ann Trout Jackie Turner Martha Jane Wainwright Shirley Jean Warren Cheryl White M. Jeanne Wiedeman Barbara Wilber Donna Mae Williamson Barbara Elaine Wilson Ruth Elinor Wilson Joan Louise Woellert Shirley Jane Wood Fall WILMA AGNES SANDEL . RIE CHARLOTTE BOOTH . LOUISE DIAMOND SHARON RAYCIA HILL BEVERLY ANN GUINN OFFICERS Spring President BEVERLY ANN GUINN V ice-President BETTY TEMPLETON Corresponding Secretary . . SARAH JANE ENGLISH Recording Secretary .... JOAN HODSDON LEONARD Treasurer M. JEANNE WIEDEMAN pvn 1 Ti Cy amma Top Row. La Trelle Thompson, V. Alexander, M. Alexander, Baugh, Bayless, Berrien, Biel, Birkel. Second Row: Boone, Bourdon, Brooks, Brown, Bustin, Calkins, Garden, Cockrell. Third Row: D. Cooper, N. Cooper, Copen, Cotner, Craig, Craw- ford, Cnllum, Daggett. Fourth Row: Davidson, Donaho, M. Dull, W. Dull, Emmons, Fiske, Foy, Franks. Fifth Row: Gault, Gibson, Glover, Goyne, Gregory, Hampton, Hanshaw, Harris. Sixth Row: Henderson, House, Huff, Hutchings, Jefferson, John- son, LaGrone, Lassetter. Seventh Row: Lowry, Ludwig, Maclver, Martin, McCreight, Mc- Means, McQuatters, Meyer. Beta Eta chapter at 611 West 25th Street. Marjorie Ann Alexander Virginia Joyce Alexander Adelaide Ruth Berrien Beverly Austine Birkel Mary Lois Boone Wanda M. Garden Jeanne Ellen Copen Mary Louise Cotner Carolyn Jane Craig Barbara Dillman JoCarolyn Donaho Marilyn Joanne Dull Anne FitzGerald Joan FitzGerald Anne Gault Katherine Sue Gibson Established on the UT campus in 1938, Beta Eta chapter of Delta Gamma was hostess in March to the sorority ' s Province Conference. Along with the 80 other chapters Beta Eta made its contribution to the national project, Sight Conservation and Aid to the Blind, with its an- nual Silver Tea held for the sale of articles from the Travis County Lighthouse for the Blind. The Delta Gamma pledges entertained the members at Christmas with the traditional slum- ber party at the house. The whole sorority re- treated to Heart of the Hills Inn in February. The year was climaxed with a spring formal in April. Flor Toubkice from Paris, France, was a house guest of the DG ' s this year. Flor, study- ing " American " on a Fulbright scholarship, was one of the many Sponsored Students on the Campus this year. Delta Gamma ' s colors are bronze, pink, and blue, its flower the Cream-colored Rose. FACULTY ANNA Hiss, Director of Physical Training for Women RUTHANNE HUSER, Training Fellow in Music MARY Lou JOINER, Teaching Fellow in English CORA MERRIMAN MARTIN, Professor Emeritus of Elementary Education SHEILA M. O ' GARA, Associate Professor of Physical Training for Women PLEDGES Patricia Ruth Glover Katheryn Diane Gregory Greta Gail Hanshaw Jane Birdwell Henderson JanAnne Lassetter Lucy H. Martin Betty Flo McQuatters Sara Louise Miller Betty Jeanne Moore Fanna Lou Morris Patricia Ann Morrow Joyce Murphey Dorothy Caroline Newland Kathleen Delores Parnell Julia Myrle Penn Nancy Hortense Pfluger Sondra Jeanne Rees June Ella Risher Carole Lynne Rousculp Iva Lee Schneider Etta Jean Smith Mary Loving Smith Jacquelyn Malvina Spearman Mary Margaret Stallings Constance Carroll Taylor Helen Haskell Taylor Coralyn Louise Thurman Sara Alice White Beverly Angell Williams Virginia Janie Williams Margaret Olive Woessner Lela Gayle Wright Top Row: Miller, Morris, Morrow, Murphey, Naismith, Neill, Newland, Pace, Palmer, Parnell, Patton, Peavy, Peck, Penn, Pfluger, Plunkett. Second Row: Rees, Risher, Roberts, Roddy, Rousculp, Scarborough, Schneider, Scott, Simmons, E. Smith, Spearman, Stallings, Strauch, C. Taylor, H. Taylor, Teague. Third Row: Thurman, Timpson, Flor Toubkice, M. Walker, V. Walker, Watkins, Wendel, White, V. Williams, Wilson, Woessner, Wright, Wynn, Yates, Youn g, Zant. PACE 440 MEMBERS Carolyn Jane Baugh Kay Louise Baxter Shirley Ann Bayless Marilyn Biel Marjorie Janice Bourdon Marinell Brooks Mary Susan Brown Sara Beth Bustin Carita Joan Calkins Frances Lou Cockrell Deborah Lou Cooper Nancy Gail Cooper Jane Crawford Mary Conoly Cullum Mary Adele Daggett Ada Lois Davidson Wanda Jean Dull Kay Maxine Emmons Nancy Jay Fiske Gloria Byrne Foy Wanda Gayle Franks Joyce Anne Goyne Ouida Carolyn Hampton Kathryn Sue Harris Nancy Lee Horton Patty Sue House Carolyn Huff Janet Sue Hutchings Janie Jefferson Jo Ann Johnson Cherry Ann King Glenda Gay LaGrone Nancy Shields Lowry Patricia Ann Ludwig Winnie Jane Maclver Lois Ann Mann Anne L. McCreight Nancy McMeans Eleanor Meyer Frances Ann Naismith Nancy Neill Mary Sue Pace Nancy Lee Palmer Martha Ann Patton Nancy Yvonne Peavy Isabelle M. Peck Janis Lynn Plunkett Jo Ann Roberts Martha Jeanne Roddy Florence Scarborough Delta Gamma ' s play a quick hand of bridge on the " poof- before dinner. Dorothy Jeanette Scott Barbara Jean Simmons Virginia Joan Strauch Shirley Ann Teague Helen Louise Timpson Mary Rebecca Walker Virginia Alice Walker Lou Jean Watkins Jean Elizabeth Wendel Elizabeth Ann Wilson Jean Aline Wynn Ruth Yates Dorothy Joan Young Celia Ann Zant Fall MARILYN BIEL President RUTH YATES Vice-President .... SHIRLEY ANN TEAGUE . . . Corresponding Secretary . CELIA ANN ZANT .... Recording Secretary . DOROTHY JOAN YOUNG . OFFICERS Spring FLORENCE SCARBOROUGH RUTH YATES MARY CONOLY CULLUM SHIRLEY ANN BAYLESS Treasurer MARY REBECCA WALKER 1 O .- Top Row: Bailkin, Blatt, Braslau, Brickman, Buchman, Cohen. Second Rote: Daner, Domb, Feiner, Fram, Friedberg, Friedman. Third Row: Gassman, Gochman, Goldberg, Goldstein, N. Goltz- man, S. Goltzman. Fourth Row: Golub, Goodman, Gray, F. Katz, Kochman, Koslosky, Kmpp. Henrietta Irene Bailkin Rita Glenn Blatt Phyllis Rae Braslau Rita Brickman Leonette Daner Esterlyn Diamond Hazel Cecile Feiner Tobye Ann Fram Carol Lynn Friedberg Lisette Lou Friedman Ann Carolyn Gassman Dorothy Lee Goldberg Chi chapter at 2505 San Gabriel. Delta Plti fysilon Chi chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon, which is one of 19 national chapters, awards a $100 scho- larship to a deserving girl in the University at Swing Out each spring. This year the chapter joined with Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity to give a Christmas party for a Negro nursery. The pledge class gave a basket of food at Thanksgiving to a family in Austin. Established on the UT campus in 1934 with purple and gold as its colors and the Iris as its flower, the chapter honors the parents each year with a brunch the Sunday after the sorority for- mal in March. DPhiE ' s participated in Hillel Stunt Night and Hillel Sing Song, UJA carnival, Varsity Carnival, and had a semi-finalist in the Aqua Carnival Queen contest. PLEDGES Gwendolyn Goldstein Naomi Fay Goltzman Marilyn Lois Gordon Frances Sue Katz Lynnette Katz Shirley Elaine Kochman Elizabeth Ann Kolodny Gloria Joan Koslosky Barbara Rita Kovacs Barbara Lee Lit Marilyn Mange Marilyn Markman Marilyn Sandra Miron Rheta Beth Perlstein Ann Merle Poborsky Rosalind Ruth Rosenberg Carole Lea Ross Harriet Elaine Schmidt Sandra Elaine Schuster Natalie Schwartz Sonia Charlotte Shames Carolyn Joan Shapiro Marjorie Anne Shear Marilyn Jean Wise Top Row: Lewis, Lit, Mange, Markman, Miron, Merson, Muroff, Ornish, Perlstein, Pittell, Poborsky, Protas. Second Row: Rosenberg, Ross, Rothstein, Rubin, Schmidt, Schuster, Shames, Shapiro, Shear, Shein- berg, Sicro, Wise. PACE 442 nival, id I MEMBERS Madalyne Gladys Buchman Shirley Cohen Elaine Audrey Domb Grace Fallick Phyllis Vivian Gochman Hanna Goldman Sharlene Goltzman Sheila Dale Golub Jeanette Rita Goodman Joyce Molly Gray Sandra Ellen Holtzman Joan Krupp Charlotte Ruth Labens Irene Sheila Lewis Maureen Harriet Merson Norma Doris Muroff Lillian Rae Ornish Marilyn Ann Pittell Pauline Protas Janyce Elaine Rothstein Natalie Diane Rubin Betty Gaye Sheinberg Irene Sicro The Deephers " got goin ' with Cohen " in the fall Student Assembly elections. Fall MADALYNE GLADYS BUCHMAN SHIRLEY COHEN LILLIAN RAE ORNISH . JOAN KRUPP . . . PAULINE PROTAS OFFICERS Regina Vice-Regina Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . . Treasurer Spring SHIRLEY COHEN SHEILA DALE GOLUB JANYCE ELAINE ROTHSTEIN ELAINE AUDREY DOMB PAULINE PROTAS Delta Zet L J J % - A f- jt ?? ( - 1 W 7 f ' Vf Q2i Tii Top Row: Amundson, Anderson, Ashcraft, Bass, Bennett, Berry, Billingsley. Second Row: R. Brown, S. Brown, Callaway, Camp, Carlson, Caroon, Cator. Third Row: Chivars, Christopher, Clark, Cooksey, Copeland, Cro- well, Davis. Fourth Row: Delaney, Dupre, Fairlee, Green, A. Harris, C. Harris, Hartman. Fifth Row: Heller, Hilliard, Kite, Hopkins, A. Johnson, M. John- son, Jutzi. Margaret Kaye Ashcraft Barbara Ann Bass Jeannette Gardner Bennett Mary Ellen Branan Rebecca Lynn Brown Barbara Elaine Callaway Carole Jane Caroon Jean Carlson Shirley Margaret Christopher Sonya Ray Clark- Ruth Ann Clift Sylvia Jean Cooksey Alpha Tau chapter at 1704 West Avenue. Alpha Tau chapter of Delta Zeta began the year with their annual weekend retreat in Sep- tember, and ended it with a riverboat party in May. In between these affairs were a Founders ' Day dinner, a breakfast honoring new pledges, a parents ' coffee the day of the SMU game, and Christmas caroling at the State Hospital. In the spring the Delta Zeta ' s were busy corresponding with their Korean war orphan, Won Kum Sik, and planning their traditional formal. One of 72 national chapters, Alpha Tau chap- ter was established in 1924 and has the sorority colors of old rose and vieux green. Its flower is the Kilarney Rose. PLEDGES Rica Ann Crowell Joan Marie Delaney Catherine Belle Dupre Roy Ann Foster Joan Catheryn Fritze Carolyn Harris Wilma Annette Hartman Sally Heller Lois Diane Hopkins Sarah Jewell Hudson Ann Johnson Marjorie Lois Johnson Top Row: Lands, Lipscomb, Maxwell, McManus, Mog- ford, O ' Neal, Penney, Piper, Powell, Price, Prosser, Pryor, Reinhackel, Reynolds. Second Row: Robinson, Schlosser, Shane, Sheldon, South- er, Steinbomer, Strarup, Tompkins, Waddill, Warner, Watson, Whorton, Wilson, Yerington. Jimmie Lee Lands Thelma Grace Lipscomb Jane Ann Maxwell Vicki Gayle O ' Neal Mildred Roberta Powell Jeamsi Edith Price Diane Souther Frances Stranip Gayle Sutherland Barbara Faye Vann Lenore Watson Patsy Ann Whorton PACE 444 MEMBERS party i Nona Ann Amundson Roberta Mae Anderson Joan Frances Berry Frances Carolyn Biggs Carole Anne Billingsley Martha Jane Bogar Shirley Gayle Brown Marjorie Ann Bunge Joyce Nell Camp Virginia Mae Cator Patsy Ann Chivars Joanne Copeland Patricia Lee Davis Jane Alice Fairlee Louise Green Anita Joyce Harris Gwendolyn Hilliard Alice Jean Kite Carolyn Sue Jutzi Jan Iris McManus Sandra Mary Mechura Meta Louise Mogford Pauline Rex Nieman Wayne Diane Penney Barbara LaVelle Piper Jeannine Prosser Peggy Daniel Pryor Carol Ann Reinhackel Alice Joyce Reynolds Mary Ann Robinson Mary Ann Schlosser Sandra Norene Shane Barbara Ann Sheldon Shirley Ann Steinbomer Barbara Joan Tompkins Cora Jennis Tucker Betty Jo Waddill Joan Marie Warner Diane Lee Wilson Shirley Elizabeth Yerington The DZ ' s practice a new step. Fall JOAN MARIE WABNER CORA JENNIS TUCKER JANE ALICE FAIRLEE PATRICIA LEE DAVIS ANITA JOYCE HARRIS ALICE JOYCE REYNOLDS OFFICERS President First V ice-President Second V ' ice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer . Spring JOANNE COPELAND CAROLYN SUE JUTZI SHIRLEY GAYLE BROWN BARBARA LAVELLE PIPER JAN IRIS McMANUs CAROL ANN REINHACKEL Top Row: Akers, E. Allen, M. Allen, Anderson, H. Baker, M. Baker, Ballard. Second Row: Barnes, Barton, Battle, Bletsch, Brouse, Burr, Bur- roughs. Third Row: Capps, Carnes, Carothers, Davis, Deakins, Diamond, Doolev. Fourth Row: Dupree, Ellison, Evans, Farley, Faulkner, Flowers. Fifth Row: Gearner, Gupton, Hall, Harbach, Hatch, Hodge. Sixth Row: Howard, Howell, Jacobs, Joseph, Kincaid, Lembke. Patsy Ruth Akers Margaret Allen Mary Katherine Baker Joni Jo Ballard Kay Franklin Barnes Margaret Fulton Battle Alma Elizabeth Blackshear Ann Burr Kathryn Marie Bush Mary Clyde Capps Sharon Gene Carnes Margaret Ann Deakins Barbara Jane Dixon Elizabeth Anne Dooley G amma Pki Alpha Zeta chapter of Gamma Phi Beta had a full activity schedule this year. Early in the fall semester the Gamma Phi ' s held their annual retreat, and later the officers had a retreat. There was a brunch honoring Dads ' Day visitors, and a Founders ' Day celebration. The Gamma Phi Beta ' s were hostesses to sev- eral fraternities at open houses, held a winter formal and a riverboat party. At Christmas big and little sisters got to- gether at the house for a party, and the whole sorority serenaded at the State Hospital. Alpha Zeta, one of 64 national chapters, was established on the UT campus in 1922. The so- rority colors are brown and mode, its flower the Pink Carnation. FACULTY LORENA BAKEH, Librarian, HI, Loan Desk HARRIET BLACKSTOCK, Senior Clerk, Physical Training for Women ANN HILL, Reference Librarian JOANNE OLIVARD, Research Scientist, I, Biochemical Institute LORA LEE PEDERSON, Director of Graduate School of Social Work PLEDGES Rose Diane Dupree Billie Mae Ellison Saundra Evans Neita Lea Farley Carolyn Sue Faulkner Verba Jeanne Gearner Nancy Ann Hall Patsy Ann Hatch Jan Drue Hatley Nancy Sue Howell Sherea Sue Lemmons Margo Ann Mayfield Patricia Ann McClellan Almadan Danee Miller Carmen Georgina Montalbo Mary True Myatt Susan Jeanne Newcombe Jane Noble Mary Christina Ogden Donna Jean Peoples Lorelee Sue Sals Florence Beverly Solie Bettye Jane Thompson Sylvia Ann Thompson Barbara Fern Waters Marilyn Weiss Eleanor Beth Werst Alpha Zeta chapter at 2622 Wichita. Top Row: Lemmons, Matthews, Mayfield, McClellan, McKay, Miller, Montalbo, Myatt, Needham, New- combe, Noble, Ogden, Otto, Palmer. Second Row: Pate, Pendergraft, Purcell, Rheubotham, Ruiz, Rux, Sals, Schatzman, Schmitt, Shafer, Sloat, B. J. Smith, B. B. Smith, M. Smith. Third Row: Speaker, Stone, Stout, Taylor, B. Thompson, S. Thompson, Tipton, Wallace, Waters, Weatherred, Weiss, Werst, Whitty, Young. PACE 446 MEMBERS Elizabeth Juanita Allen Berta Myrlene Anderson Harriet Kay Baker Earlene Barton Doris Rudell Bletsch Martha Ann Brouse Jo Anne Burroughs Mary Jane Carothers Adele Crawford Barbara Deane Davis Virginia Ruth Diamond Karen Renee Flowers Margaret Marilyn Gupton Deborah Maxwell Harbach Wilhelmine Johanna Hicks Mary Frances Hodge Evelyn Gayle Howard Joyce Jacobs Diana Lee Joseph Marcia Lavonne Kincaid Carol Ann Lembke Patricia Deon Matthews Anita June McKay Shirley Jo Needham Dillie Margaret Otto Lola Kathryn Palmer Leta Ann Pate Betty Lou Pendergraft Amy H. Purcell Nancy Grace Rheuhotham Delores Ruiz Videlle Rux Gail Andrea Schatzman Barbara Ruth Schmitt Mary Schultz Joyce Elliott Shafer Cynthia Winters Sloat Barbara Jane Smith Bonnie Belle Smith Marilyn LeEllen Smith Moneta May Speaker Martha Marie Stone Sandra M. Stout Betty Jo Taylor Mary Margaret Tipton Barbara Jean Tuck Eunice Patricia Wales Joanne Wallace Donna Wynell Weatherred Dorothy Aloise Whitty Barbara Fern Waters Suzanne Young The girls enjoy Christmas season at the Gamma Phi Beta house. Fatt BARBARA JANE SMITH . BONNIE BELLE SMITH . HARRIET KAY BAKER . Jo ANNE BURROUGHS . LETA ANN PATE OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Spring LETA ANN PATE DILLIE MARGARET OTTO MARY JANE CAHOTHERS CYNTHIA WINTERS SLOAT EVELYN GAYLE HOWARD f ae f Top Row: Allred, Armstrong, Arney, Arnold, Ashby, Attwell, Baird, Baldwin, Bass. Second Row: Beaird, M. Benbow, Bennett, Beyt, Black, Box, Brat- ton, Buchan, Buckles. Third Row: Bumiller, Butler, Carter, Chambers, Clifford, Coates, Coffman, Collins, Comegys. Fourth Row: Cooksey, Cramer, Crockett, Cutrer, Davis, D ' Ayson, DeLoaeh, Dingwall, Donaldson. Fijth Row: Eiser, Engelhardt, Etchison, Evans, Falvey, Floyd, Frederick, Fulwiler, Gano. Sixth Row: Gillett, Grayum, Hamilton, C. Heatly, M. Heatly, Milliard, Hogan, Homan, Howze. Shirley Marsha Allred Jan Armstrong Betty Louise Baird Mary Eleanor Baldwin Nancy Bass Mary Paige Benbow Margaret Susan Black Dorothy Dale Bratton Carla Kay Carter Catherine Mallory Cutrer Nancy Stuart Dingwall Jane Eiser Linda. Aliece Falvey Ruth {Catherine Fulwiler Virginia Baudouin Gano Patsy Anne Grayum Mary Gail Heatly Kappa Glpka 7lteta To celebrate its 50th year on the UT campus, Alpha Theta chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta held a three-day Golden Jubilee following Rush Week in the fall. Black and gold are the colors of the 79 chapters of Kappa Alpha Theta, the Pansy their flower. The Theta ' s were active this year both on the campus and in other areas. In addition to their Christmas party and formal, the Theta ' s went on two retreats, one with Phi Gamma Delta. The Theta ' s were active this year both on the for orphaned, underprivileged, and mentally retarded children, while the whole group joined with Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity to have an Easter Egg Hunt for local underprivileged children. The Theta ' s can proudly boast of the Pan- hellenic Scholarship Cup, won for the second straight year, and the honorable mention recog- nition they received in Sing Song. FACULTY MARY SNYDEB KIRKPATRICK, Librarian, III, Education and Psy ' clwlogy HILDA F. ROSENE, Associate Professor of Zoology PLEDGES Mary Sue Howze Patricia Ann Hughs Janet Lee Isaacks Carol Marie Kayton Mary Marcia Kennerly Sue Katherine Kirk Nancy Klotz Peggy Ann Klumpp Irene Louise Krachy Claudia Kathleen Lamb Margaret McNamara Evelyn Anne Medley Joanne Miller Doris Dillard Mitchell Madge Evelyn Moreland Juana Ree Owens Lillian Maverick Padgitt Nancy Page Patsy Evelyn Preis Virginia Lee Price Faye Rathgeber Sally Ritchie Mary Ann Sanborn Anne de Barger Scrivner Herma Joanne Sheehy Sara Ann Slaton Sally Stedman Barbara Mary Vifquain Bonnie Mae Vifquain Martha Caroline Watson Carole Ann Wood Joan Sue Zappe Alpha Theta chapter at 2401 Pearl. Top Row: Hughs, Hulse, Isaacks, Johnson, Jones, Kar- bach, Kayton, Kennerly, Kilburn, Kirk, Klindworth, J. Klotz, N. Klotz, Krachy, Kyle, Lamb. Second Row: Lovinggood, Mayfield, McFarland, Medley, I. Miller, J. Miller, M. Miller, Mobley, C. Moore, M. J. Moore, M. R. Moore, Moreland, Morris, Mur- phy, Nicholl, Owens. Third Row: Padgitt, Page, Perussina, Preis, Price, Pullen, Rathgeber, Renfrew, Ritchie, Rush, M. Sanborn, S. Sanborn, Scrivner, Sladek, Slaton, A. Smith. Fourth Row: Sparks, Stehr, Strock, Stuart, Szilagyi, Tay- lor, Upton, Barbara Vifquain, Bonnie Vifquain, Wat- son, Werst, Wingate, Winn, Wise, Wood, Wright. PACE 448 MEMBERS Ann Binford Arney Carole Arnold Patty Dianne Ashby Anne VanZandt Attwell Betty Jo Beaird Ann Benbow Ann Bennett Denise Jeanne Beyt Sarah Ann Bivins Barbara Bobbitt Jo Ann Box Celia Ann Buchan Judith Buckles Mary Elizabeth Bumiller Lillie Kayser Butler Gene Celeste Chambers Bethenia Anne Clifford Florence Clare Coates Shirley Belle Coffnian Lynne Collins Carolyn Jo Comegys Joanne Cooksey Betty Jane Cox Marjorie Ann Cramer Carolyn Kay Crockett Carolyn June Culbert Nancy Lou Davis Jane C. Dawson Suzette Claire D ' Ayson Elise Hall Deal Jo Ann DeLoach Annette Donaldson Virginia Easterling Martha Hart Edmonson Shirley Ann Engelhardt Barbara Kathryn Etchison Dorothy Jean Evans Mary Martine Floyd Alice Frederick Virginia Bernice Gillett M. Alison Gray Helen Carol Hamilton Catherine Ann Heatly Helen Beaman HiUiard Lysabeth Ann Hogan Catharine Ellen I Ionian Macie Ann Hulse Sue Johnson Katherine Wood Jones Martha Jo Karbach Mary Kay Kilburn Lauretta Kh ' ndworth Josephine Klotz Monica Gretchen Klumpp Helen B. Koehler Maxine Lucia Kyle Lynne Lovinggood Mary Ann Maness Margaret Alice Mangum Sandra Lou Mayfield Diane McFarland Sheryl Ann McKelvy Ida Miller Mary Margaret Miller Suzanne Mobley Carolyn Ruth Moore Madeline Roberta Moore Mary Jane Moore Jo Alice Morris Marian Brown Murphy Ann Gardner Nicholl Margaret Ann Olle Smiling Santa looks on as the Theta ' s make their tree decorations Joan Perussina Sara Jane Pullen Carolyn Louise Renfrew Katherine Ann Richards Nancy Lois Rush Sue Anne Sanborn Margaret Eleanor Simmons Karel Lou Sladek Alyce Lou Smith Betty Shelton Smith Sally Woods Sparks Patricia Ann Stehr Melissa Gail Strock Jane Lee Stuart Bonnie May Swem Elizabeth June Szilagyi LaDonna Marie Taylor Rebecca Elizabeth Thomas Patricia Ergeal Tippett Mary Jayne Upton Sally Ann Werst Janet Lee Wingate Marjorie Ann Winn Anne Elizabeth Wise Margaret Ann Wright Fall SANDRA Lou MAYFIELD . MARY MARTINE FLOYD . SHERYL ANN McKELvv . Jo ANN DELOACH SARAH ANN BIVINS . OFFICERS Spring President SANDRA Lou MAYFIELD Vice-President MAHY MARTINE FLOYD Corresponding Secretary . . . SHERYL ANN McKELVY Recording Secretary .... Jo ANN DELOACH Treasurer SARAH ANN BIVINS Kabba Kappa G Top Row: J. Anderson, M. Anderson, Bander, Bates, Billups, Biv- ings, Blalock, Bondurant, Bonneau. Second Row: Boss , F. Brown, R. Brown, S. Brown, Bynum, Calli- cutt, Games, Carter. Third Row: Catto, Corning, Darnall, A. Davis, Derden, Dugat, Eckhardt, Edge. Fourth Row: Elliott, Faust, Ferguson, Findlater, Forster, Gierhart, Gill, Graves. Fifth Rotv: Hardwick, Harms, Harrison, Hertz, Hodges, Huff, Jacobs, Juergens. Sixth Row: Kennard, M. E. King, M. R. King, Kuhlman, LaMaster, Larkin, Leaverton, Lee. Seventh Row: Lightfoot, A. Magruder, E. Magruder, Manuel, Matkin, Matlock, Maxwell, McDonald. Nancy Brcwstcr Bivings Anne Wootten Blalock Martha Boss Florence Day Brown Richea Kay Brown Helen Garrard Callicutt Patsy Carolyn Carries Phebe Anne Carter Margaret Corning Barbara Darnall Kathryn Anne Derden Gail Edge Kay Lynn Faust Nancy Hume Ferguson Beatrice Findlater Martha Ruth Gierhart Beta Xi chapter at 2001 University Avenue. amma Starting off with a Peanut Party at the house to announce big and little sisters, Beta Xi chap- ter of Kappa Kappa Gamma, which was estab- lished in 1902, began a full and suc cessful year. In October the members of Kappa Kappa Gamma honored their founders with a banquet. The colors of the 82 chapters are light and dark blue, the Fleur-de-lis their flower. This year the Kappa ' s adopted a little Korean war orphan, Kim Yung Hee, under the Foster Parents Plan. Another of their extra-campus service projects was an entertainment program at the Children ' s Hospital. Receiving honorable mention in the Greek Sing Song, the Kappa ' s had beauty finalists in the Most Beautiful Freshman and Ten Most Beautiful contests. FACULTY EDITH CLARKE, Professor of Electrical Engineering MAHCELLE LIVELY HAMEB, Librarian, II, Reference Assistant, Texas History Center MARGARET PECK, Associate Dean of Women LUCY RATHBONE, Professor of Home Economics KATHERINE ANDREWS SEARCY, Librarian 11, Periodicals . PLEDGES Ann Deadcrick Gill Thercse Maverick Graves Mary Virginia Harms Kathleen Holland Suzanne Huggins Harriet Ruth Juergens Margaret Rives King Betty Lou LaMaster Ellen Adele Leaverton Donna Torrance Lee Nornia Matlock Mary Gene MeDonald Mary Jane McHaney Lisa Jester Meadows Mary Ann Minton Jeanne Norsworthy San( J.G, Virginia Nutt Edwina Kay Parker Sherma Lee Pattillo Phyllis Jean Pryor Patsy Jean Rogers Barbara Sue Rowan Anne Rutledge Sanford Antonette Tilly Carole Vineyard Alice Seewald Wells Carol Dee West Marilyn Wheeler Elizabeth White Mariann Wilson Ellen Youn ; Top Row: McHaney, McLellan, Meadows, Minton, Mor- ris, Neason, Neely, Camille Newberry, Carole New- berry, Norsworthy, Nutt, Oliver, Parker, Pattillo, Perkins, Petersen. Second Row: Phillips, Powers, Pryor, Reeves, Roane, Roberts, Rote, Russ, Sanford, Schmid, Settegast, Sevier, Shell, S. Smith, Spires, Stevenson. Third Row: Swain, Tapp, Thomason, Tilly, Vineyard, Walker, Watkins, Watson, Wells, West, Wheeler, White, Wilkerson, A. Williams, Wilson, Young. PACE 450 MEMBERS Judith Constance Anderson Martha Vaughan Anderson Norma Joyce Bander Elizabeth Ann Bates Sarah Ward Billups Gladys Randolph Bondurant Mary Kay Bonneau Sallie Ann Bradford Sandra Jane Brown Janyce Bynum Jane Gray Catto Betsy Lucille Cullum Shirley Katheryn Davenport Ann Davis Nancy Lee Davis Diana Marie Dugat Vera Sue Eckhardt Alethea Lou Elliott Ellanor Ann Fondren Febe Forster Charlotte Ann Francis Gelene Gish Ernestine Gohrband Gloria Ann Goldston Kathleen Windley Grant Jane Angeline Hardwick Katherine Gordon Harrison Joan Rebecca Hertz Sheila Hodges Jeanine Hooper Robinette Gay Huff Paula Kenny Jacobs Josephine Johnson Kathryn Lillian Kennard Margaret Elizabeth King Lynn Kuhlman Jo Ellen Larkin Lillian Elise Lightfoot Alice Jean Magruder Eleanor Warren Magruder Eleanor Manuel Marion Martin Nancy Clemens Matkin Jane Gay Maxwell Rose Ann McLellan Annette Morris Dorothy Joann Neason |ane Hardin Neely Camille Newberry Carole Newberry Katherine Delay Newman Marcia Sara Nichols Mary Corine Oliver Mary Ella Ownby Nancy Wallace Perkins Mary Goree Petersen Phyllis Ann Phillips Paula Wanda Powers Lucille Conyers Prichard Bobby Jean Ray Ann Louise Reedcr Nancy Dickins Reeves Barbara Burnett Roane Catherine Ann Roberts Joanne Rote Peggy Lee Rowland Mary Cynthia Russ Shirley Suzanne Schmid Gwen Selecman Sandra Louise Settegast Marion Rebecca Sevier June Knight Shell Julia Bess Smith Sanni Sharon Smith Frances Gibson Spires Scottie Gayle Stevenson Mary Elizabeth Swain Ivy Lynn Tapp Carolyn Terrell Helen Louise Thomason Elleanor Ann Walker Mary Louise Watkins Betty Virginia Watson Marguerite Wessels Martha Neale Wilkerson Ann Kerbey Williams Betsy Williams Patricia Ann Woodson Jane Zimmer The Kappa ' s chat on the stairs waiting for the lunch bell Fall JANE GAY MAXWELL . ANN DAVIS DOROTHY JOANN NEASON . SCOTTIE GAYLE STEVENSON MARION REBECCA SEVIER . OFFICERS President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary , Treasurer . Spring SANDRA LOUISE SETTEGAST MARY LOUISE WATKINS MARY GOREE PETERSEN KATHEHINE GORDON HARRISON JOAN REBECCA HERTZ i PLi Top Row: Aclair, Adams, Arlington, Breeding. Second Row: Cisneros, Clay, Cockrell, Couch, A. Crawford. Third Row: Day, Ezell, Fella, Foote, Gaedke. Fourth Row: Galloway, Goldsmith, M. Hayes, R. Hayes, House. Lillian Pauline Adair Betty Jean Arrington Joan Marilyn Bates Betty Louise Bloxsom Bebe Irene Cisneros Sandra Jean Couch Carolyn Lou Crawford Marinell Ezell Sandra Goldsmith Phi chapter of Phi Mu has been on the UT campus since 1913 and is one of 70 national chapters. The yearly activities of Phi Mu, whose colors are rose and white and whose flower is the En- chantress Carnation, have kept the group busy. The girls adopted a Dutch girl under the Foster Parents Plan, and held their annual formal in December. They entered a float in Round-Up, participated in Varsity Carnival, and had a mem- ber in the top 25 of the Ten Most Beautiful con- test. At Christmas the Phi Mu house was the set- ting for an active-pledge party. On Founders ' Day, March 4, the house buzzed with Phi Mu actives and alumnae who were being honored with a dessert party. FACULTY LOUISE LANDIS ARMSTRONG, Assistant Professor of Home Economics ESTHER JANE WOOD HALL, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Administration Lois BAIRD TRICE, Instructor in English PLEDGES Raye Hayes Jeannette Jung Doris Jean Laird Mirabelle Lanier Elizabeth Lockhart Mays Katharine Margaret Mays Loquita Ann McNeel Jean Rose Mondini Frances Ruth Nettles Susan Rolston Marcia Sherrill Shaw Helen Marie Strouhal Pauline Theodora Tompkins Suzanne Antoinette Vaught Roberta Faye Walden Ruth Mae Watson Jeannette Louise White Blanche Stirling Younger Phi chapter at 2400 Pearl. Top Row: Hufstetler, Hunter, Kirkland, Laird, Lanier, McNeel, Millican, Mills, Mondini, Nettles. Second Row: Quillian, Rolston, Shaw, Strouhal, Tomp- kins, Veatch, Walden, Watson, White, Younger. PAGE 452 MEMBERS Bonnie Ruth Adams Ann Hunt Breeding Jacqueline Aileen Clay Beatrice Cockrell Artie Jeannette Crawford Barbara Ann Day Marilyn Mays Fella Frances Cornelia Foote Glynda Jo Gaedke Anna Kathryn Galloway Martha Ann Gliddon Margaret Jane Hayes Bobbie Jean House Charlotte Lynne Hufstetler Emma Lu Hunter Catherine Ann Kirkland Carol Jean Millican Norma Lee Mills Gwendolyn Geneva Quillian Charlotte Ellen Veatch Phi Mu ' s relax in the den waiting for meeting to begin. OFFICERS Fall CLYNDA Jo GAEDKE . GWENDOLYN GENEVA QUILLIAN FHANCES CORNELIA FOOTE . FRANCES CORNELIA FOOTE . CAROL JEAN MILLICAN . President . Spring CATHERINE ANN KIRKLAND V ice-President . . . CHARLOTTE ELLEN VEATCH Corresponding Secretary CHARLOTTE LYNNE HUFSTETLER Recording Secretary . . CHARLOTTE LYNNE HUFSTETLER Treasurer . FRANCES CORNELIA FOOTE { Top Row: Allen, Ansley, Ayneswortli, Bailey, Barrow, Beach, Berry, Beular, Binz. Second Row: Bird, Black, Boycl, Bray, Brown, Buckley, G. Camp- bell, ]. Campbell, Cannon. Third Row: Corley, Cowdrey, Crockett, Davidson, J. Davis, Ditt- man, Dyer, Eclmuridson. Fourth Row: Elliott, Ewald, Finck, Freeman, Flythe, Garland, Giesecke, Gilbreath. Fifth Row: Godley, Griffin, Hamilton, A. Harrell, J. Harrell, Har- ris, Haynie, Hazlip. Sixth Row: Heath, Heusinger, Hill, Hohlt, Holmgreen, Holt, How- ell, Inglish. Seventh Row: James, Jenkins, E. Jones, S. Jones, Kay, Kelly, Ken- dall, Kervin. Susan Ayneswortli Mimi Beach Phyllis Berry Sally Binz Helen Yvonne Brown Margaret Clay Carol Corley Gail Cowdrey Alice Jane Crockett Emily Ann Davidson Ruth Joan Doty Geraldine Dyer Gail Elliott Patrice Sue Gilbreath Anne Elizabeth Griffin Emily Hamilton Texas Alpha chapter at 2300 San Antonio. A ta flfci Clad in yellow, pink, and blue nightgowns the Pi Phi ' s sang their way into first place in the 1954 Sing Song. Pi Phi pledges defeated the Kappa ' s in the Cowboy wood-gathering contest to win the traditional rivalry between the two sororities. One of 102 chapters, Texas Alpha ' s colors are wine and silver blue, its flower the Wine Carnation. The chapter was established in 1902. One of the first projects which the members of Pi Beta Phi undertook this year was the adop- tion of a little Korean boy. At Christmas, the group presented Jack Phillips, their porter for 35 years, with a new house. A barbeque was held following the Round- Up parade, and in Varsity Carnival the Pi Phi ' s gave a skit which was a parody on ROTC. FACULTY BARBARA GLIDDON, Assistant to the Dean of Women ANNE AUSTIN FORRESTER, Instructor in Home Economics PLEDGES Ann Courtney Harrell Retta Audette Hazlip Nancy Heath Joan Giddings Hohlt Eleanor Trigg Jones Jacquelyn Kay Kathleen Kimbro Nancy Knickerbocker Mary Elinor Lancaster Carole Jan Lynch Gail McClancy Joan McCroskey Joan Elizabeth McKnight Anita Frances Moore Joan Scott Moore Margaret Morris Ailsa Craig Newton Josephine Oefinger Noel Jeannette Perlitz Margaret Lee Preston Charron Ramsey Jo Richardson Ellen Roeser Mary Ann Scott Elizabeth Ann Smith Moselle Smither Claire Elizabeth Taylor Carol Randolph Turner Carol Jane Tyler Joan Elizabeth Whitley Katherine Elizabeth Williams Suzanne Lane Zachry Top Row: Kimbro, Kinder, Klotz, Knapp, Knickerbocker, Kongabel, Lancaster, Logue, Long, Longaker, Lynch, Mason, Mayo, McClancy, McCroskey, Mc- Gregor. Second Row: Middleton, Neale, Newton, Oefinger, Pat- tillo, Pawkett, Perlitz, Preston, Ramsey, Richardson, Roberdeau, Robinson, Rust, Scott, Anja Mirjam, Selenius, Settegast. Third Row: Sinclair, Smith, M. S. Smither, M. Smither, Staley, Suggs, Taylor, C. Turner, J. Turner, Tyler, Tyrrell, Whitley, M. Williams, T. Williams, Wynne, Zachry. PACE 454 MEMBERS Edith Gibson Allen Emma Leigh Ansley Marion Elizabeth Bailey Miriam Ellen Banks Sidney Harman Barrow Beverly Ann Beular Patricia Ann Bird Adele Black Emily Simmons Boyd Nan Carolyn Bray Eileen Ethel Buckley Genevieve Avonia Campbell Jere Johnson Campbell Katherine Jean Campbell Tonia Cannon Kay Kimball Carter Ba rbara Lee Clements Jeanne Cooper Davis Katherine Elizabeth Davis Hallie Ball Dewar Marianne Dittman Margaret Cecile Edmundson Jacqueline Lea Ewald Mary Anne Finck Katherine Kay Flythe Diana Joan Freeman Ann Garland Sue Giesecke Harriet Carter Godley Armour Gray Jeanne Harrell Sara Ann Harris Lucy Beth Haynie Anna Louise Heusinger Dianne Hill Allison Holmgreen Jo Ann Holt Sidney Elizabeth Howell Mary Jane Inglish Helen Guenther James Nancy Maxine Jenkins Shirley Mae Jones Sue Katherine Keffer Corine Miriam Kelly Rosa Drane Kendall Loretta Ann Kervin Anna May Kinder Diana Klotz Martha Ann Knapp Carolyn Ruth Kongabel Fanelle Barclay Logue Dorothy Pearl Long Cecelia Alford Longaker Mary Hale Lovett Mary Louisa Martin Anne Marie Mason Mary Clements Maynard Betty Claire Mayo Rosetta Ann McGregor Carolyn Middleton Nancy Paxton Moody Ted Lewis Moody Maria Anne Morgan Sara Ellen Neale rH, With a touch of the paint brush the Pi Phi ' s finish mid-term rush decorations. Madeline Oglesby Peggy Anne Pattillo Patricia Elizabeth Pawkett Rita Courtland Roberdeau Patricia Margaret Robinson Shirley Ann Rust Sandra Ethel Schwartz Carol Henderson Scale Patricia Seidenglanz Mary Ann Settegast Patricia Anne Sinclair Mary Sue Smither Nancy Lucille Staley Ann Lee Suggs Sallie Dorman Tucker Zillah Mae Turman Janet Lee Turner Lynne Ellen Tyrrell Betty Ann West Mary Alice Williams Teresa Lee Williams Charlotte Frances Wynne Fall SIDNEY ELIZABETH HOWELL CAROLYN RUTH KONGABEL SARA ELLEN NEALE . SHIRLEY ANN RUST NANCY MAXINE JENKINS . OFFICERS President V ' ice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer Spring MARY JANE INCLISH ANN LEE Succs CAROLYN MIDDLETON MARY ANN SETTEGAST MARION ELIZABETH BAILEY Delta T Top Row: Aaron, Battelstein, Bender, Bernstein, Black, M. Borg. Second Row: R. Borg, Chodorow, Cohn, Coin, Dochen, Epstein. Third Row: Feenberg, Feinstein, Frankel, Freeman, Gerrick, Gins- berg, Golden. Fourth Row: H. Goldstein, R. Goldstein, Golob, Goltzman, Hur- witz, Kantor, Kaplan. Barbara Battelstein Cheri Lee Bender Nancy Jane Bernstein Sharan Black Marcia Borg Elaine Frances Cohn Kay Carol Feenberg Ann Feinstein Barbara Marie Frankel Eleanora Sophie Gerrick Ellen Rae Hurwitz au One of 32 national chapters, Tau chapter of Sigma Delta Tau, established in 1939, had an active schedule this year. The SDT ' s were win- ners of Hillel Stunt Night and the Panhellenic trophy for the sorority making the largest con- tribution to Campus Chest. In February the sorority was visited by their national president, Mrs. William Katz. The SDT formal was held in November, and the retreat in March. Later in the spring, the SDT ' s were participants in Varsity Carnival and Hillel Sing Song. They also adopted a little girl under the Foster Parents Plan. The Golden Tea Rose is the flower of Sigma Delta Tau; cafe aulait and blue its colors. PLEDGES Dorothy Hyman Carol Ina Kantor Elaine Rose Kaplan Jacqueline Harris Korman Joan Lasky Barbara Toby Margolin Karen Raimey Sari Maureen Robinowitz Joan Ellen Rosenblum Barbara Sue Rosenfeld Barbara Jean Ruback Fonda Lynn Rubenstein Miriam Estelle Sachs Marilyn Faye Saikin Marian Joan Salzberger Joan Claire Sampson Cecille Ann Solow Helaine Sheila Stein Beverly Gayle Toby Ina Jean Yoffee Tau chapter at 2402 Seton Avenue. Top Row: Levey, Margolin, Pullen, Raimey, Reiswerg, Robinowitz, Rosenberg, B. Rosenblum, J. Rosen- blum, Rosenfeld, J. Rosenthal, Ruback. Second Row: Rubenstein, Saikin, Salzberger, Sampson, Schwartz, Schwartzman, Shapiro, Smolens, Solow, Stein, Toby, Yoffee. PACE 456 MEMBERS Marcia Gae Aaron Janice Benson Rosalyn T. Borg Greta Lynn Chodorow Merry Louise Coin Thelma Ann Dochen Shirley Rae Epstein Cynthia Rae Freeman Bailey Anne Ginsberg Norene Harriet Golden Helaine Relda Goldstein Rochelle Goldstein Patricia Ann Golob Barbara Esther Goltzman Lynette Merle Goodman Shirley Rae Levey Sandra Rose Levinson Carole Jeanne Pullen Sara Ida Reiswerg June Carole Rosenberg Barbara Elaine Rosenblum Jeanne Lee Rosenthal Lois Charlene Rosenthal Jean Marie Schwartz Beverle Ann Schwartzman Arline Shapiro Faith Miriam Smolens Study break at the SDT house. Fall JEAN MARIE SCHWARTZ . JEANNE LEE ROSENTHAL JUNE CAROLE ROSENBERG . THELMA ANN DOCHEN . BEVERLE ANN SCHWARTZMAN OFFICERS President .... V ice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer . Spring JEAN MARIE SCHWARTZ NOREN HARRIET GOLDEN MERRY LOUISE COIN PATRICIA ANN GOLOB BAILEY ANNE GINSBERG Top Row: Abell, Alclrich, Arnold, Ashby, Austin, Barrier, Baty, Beall. Second Row: Bertrand, Blanchard, Blanton, Bowlby, Boyett, Brow- der, Burkhart, Carter. Third Row: A. Clark, S. Clark, Cloyes, Cocreham, Cook, Collins, Cooley, Corley. Fourth Row: Cunningham, Cutshall, Doak, Dunnam, Dyer, Eid- son, Ferguson, Fillmore. Fifth Row: Flynn, Foust, Frazier, Gibbs, Glover, Gorges, Groce, Gross. Sixth Roiv: Grubbs, Haley, L. Hampton, S. Hampton, Hampy, Haupt, Heber, Heidelberg. Seventh Row: Henning, Higginbotham, Hilton, Hopkins, Humph- rey, Hunter, Jenull, N. Jordan. Eighth Row: S. Jordan, Keasler, Kelley, Kidd, Kucera, Lankford, Lawlis, Leland. Jean Helen Aldrich Mollie Sue Ashby Billie Sue Beall Joan Dolores Bertrand Betty Louise Burkhart Elizabeth Grace Connally Helen Earle Cook Jo Ann Cooley Pattie Jeanne Corley Gayle Lee Cutshall Anne Vernon Doak Carol Beth Fillmore Carol Ray Flynn Marjorie Lucille Gibbs Sherry Glover Sarah Lee Groce Nancy Jane Grubbs Zeta Week in the spring is a big event for Kappa chapter, which was founded in 1906. The Zeta ' s won an honorable mention in the 1954 Sing Song, and were proud to have as a guest at the chapter house a Sponsored Student from Sweden. In coordination with the national Zeta Tau Alpha project, Kappa chapter worked at the local Cerebral Palsy Center this spring. Kappa chapter is one of the 95 Zeta chapters which are working with cerebral palsied patients. The girls, whose colors are turquoise blue and steel gray, and whose flower is the White Violet, held a retreat in the fall, also, a Ranch Party and a Mardi Gras party. In the spring the Zeta ' s were hostesses at their Founders ' Day ban- quet and at their annual formal. FACULTY MARY MARGARET FRAZIEB, Advertising Manager, The Daily Texan MARJOHIE DAVIDSON PARKER, Special Instructor in Speech PLEDGES Prudy Ann Haley Patricia Lynne Hampton Carol Sue Heidelberg Carol Ruth Higginbotham Sandra Jane Hilton Sally Cash Hunter Patricia Ann Kidd Frances Eaton Leland Eleanor Lou Mackey Margot Markle Ann McAshan Patricia Ann McBride Elizabeth Ann McCartney Mary Maxine McMillan Jane Alexander Moss Carolyn Munden Kappa chapter at 2711 Nueces. Patricia Ann Parker Helen Patricia Parks Mary Virginia Perry Kay Powers Sandra Price Patricia Jane Reckling Laura Eleanor Shea Sally Sue Spencer Barbara Anne Stewart Delitha Scott Stewart Patricia Ann Stockard Alice Jeannette Tacker Dorothy Jean Thompson Betty Jane Thornhill Frances Suzanne Webb Maurine Youree Top Row: Lively, Lockett, Luedemann, Mackey, Markle, May, S. McBride, P. McBride, McCarroll, McCart- ney, McCullough, McKinney, McMillan, McWhorter, B. Miller, N. A. Miller. Second Row: J. Mitchell, M. Mitchell, Moore, A. Morris, R. Morris, Morrow, Moss, Munden, Nichol, Nichol- son, Noel, Parker, M. Parks, H. Parks, Peden, Perry. Third Row: Powers, Preston, S. Price, P. Price, Reckling, Robson, Shea, Shinn, Smith, Spencer, Steinbach, Stevens, B. Stewart, D. Stewart, Stiteler, Stockard. Fourth Row: Suttle, Tacker, Tenney, D. Thompson, Thornhill, Traeger, Traweek, Trigg, Tubb, Tucker, Tutt, Walton, Warren, Webb, Westbrook, Youree. PAGE 458 1 M ri fir XMJqtJ r MEMBERS Bette Carole Abell Norma Jean Arnold Ann Jeanneane Austin Rhocla Ann Barrier Vivianne Elaine Baty Mary Katherine Blancharcl Catherine Carol Blanton Etta Kathryn Bowlby Elizabeth Helen Boyett Shirley Browder Exsa Diane Carter Ann Janice Clark Sue Clark Martha Cloyes Elizabeth Ann Cocreham Claudia Anne Collins Eleanor Ann Cunningham Mary Ann Dunnam Nell Kathryn Dyer Shirley Lee Eidson Diane Adele Fearis Janet Ferguson Carol June Foust Mae Barbee Frazier Kay Martha Gorges Carol Jeanine Gross Sondra Jo Hampton Yvonne Jean Hampy Luella Ruth Haupt Cynthia Mavis Heath Jana Lee Heber Elizabeth Henning Martha Anne Hopkins Martha Jo Humphrey Mary Virginia Jcmill Nancigail Jordan Sally Ann Jordan Mary Cym Keasler Kathleen Kelley Karolyn Kucera Cynthia Lee Lankford Carol Anne Lauhon Carrie Frances Lawlis Shirley Ann Lively Hester Elizabeth Lockett Anne Marie Luedemann Mart Rhea May Shirley Jean McBride Eloise Leila McCarroll Anne Bostwick McCranie Billie Jean McCullough Mary Ann McKinney Julia Ann McLeod Cleo Warren McWhorter Barbara Lee Miller Nancy Ann Miller Norma Sterling Miller Jerry Jo Mitchell Margaret Anne Mitchell Shirley Joan Moore Ann Morris Ruth Carroll Morris Margie Sue Morrow Nancy Ann Nichol Jane Ellen Nicholson Edna Darden Noel Martha Jean Parks Big and little sisters have coffee together after chapter dinner. Blanche Wafer Peavy Margaret Aclelle Peden Eleanor Preston Patricia Price Joyce Rienstra Mary Lucy Robson Mary Margaret Sample Janet Marie Schade Shirley Schulze Sandra Shinn Sally Carol Smith Joanne Elsie Steinbach Nancy Anne Stevens Reta Ann Stiteler Mary Marjorie Suttle Augusta Louise Tenney Helen Elizabeth Thompson Amalie Jean Traeger Frances Marie Traweek Margaret Sue Trigg Sarah Lillian Tubb Anna Mary Tucker Helen Warren Tutt |ean Walton Agnes Ann Warren Alice Mae Westbrook Fall SALLY ANN JORDAN . NANCIGAIL JORDAN . MARGARET SUE TRICG ALICE MAE WESTBROOK . CLEO WARREN MCWHORTER OFFICERS President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer . Spring NANCIGAIL JORDAN NOHMA STERLING MILLER SANDRA SHINN ANNE BOSTWICK MCCRANIE MARY MARJORIE SUTTLE $ " $ a f 9 JUfaJ? . m A A i A HJ Top Row: Baer, Bennett, Berg, Branson, Carruth, Childs. Second Row: Cowan, Coyle, Craig, Cralle, Crutchfield, Davis. Third Row: Dudley, Foose, Giles, Ham, Hawkins. Fourth Row: Henry, Hicks, Hornaday, Hyde, Ingram. Samuel Alfred Ball, Jr. Robert Kenneth Berg William Lawrence Cotulla Richard Burke Cowan Robert Alexander Coyle Robert Sylvester Craig Phil Lanel Dudley David Chase Eiland, Jr. Joe Vernon Ferguson Dick Allan Foose caeca The colors black and gold and the Yellow Rose signify Acacia to the 50 chapters of the fraternity. Established in 1916, Texas chapter claimed this year the first place trophy in the wood-gathering contest sponsored by the Cow- boys. The chapter was also entered in the Aggie Sign Contest and the Round-Up parade. The Acacia Mothers ' Club honored the new Acacia housemother with a tea, and on April 2 the fra- ternity celebrated its Founders ' Day. Acacia an- nually holds the Yellow Rose Ball, and this year also had a retreat at the Zimmerman Ranch in San Marcos in addition to other social activities. FACULTY HENRY MATTHEW BURLACE, Dean, College of Pharmacy KARL M. DALLENBACH, Distinguished Professor of Psychology WAYNE H. HOLTZMAN, Associate Professor of Psychology HARRY L. KENT, JR., Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering LEONARDT FERDINAND KHEISLE, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering EDWARD KARL McGiNNis, Professor of Business Law and Real Estate ARLIE RAY McTEE, Lecturer in Journalism THOMAS ANDREW ROUSSE, Professor of Speech JACK ADDISON SCANLAN, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering ROBERT DEAN SLONNEGER, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering EVERETT GRANT SMITH, Professor of Marketing : ; : : : jsylfcf JoeErH- ' - : : - PLEDGES Pat G. Hedgcoxe John Nance Henry Jon Russell Hornaday Burley G. Ingram Julius Fred Kramer, Jr. Curtis Linn Mason Joe Ed McLemore Travis Burt Neff Frank Marshall Nelson Jack Glenn Norwood Stephen Baery Gates David Price Donald Pierce Raynsford Robert F. Russell John Lincoln Surber, Jr. Danny Eugene Whitehead John Robert Wills Ralph McLynn Yeakley ' Texas chapter at 2614 Rio Grande. Top Row: Kostohryz, Mauch, McDaniels, McLemore, Moore, Neff, Norwood, Gates, Parker, Paslay, Pet- erson, Primm. Second Row: Reigle, Russell, Suarez, Surber, Travis, Van Sickle, Watson, Whitehead, Williams, Wills, Yeak- ley, Zimmerman. PACE 460 Marvin Lee Baer David Spencer Bennett Robert Emery Branson Lloyd Brent Carruth Robert Rinfred Childs, Jr. Robert Parker Cralle Franklin Deny Crutchfield Don Wallace Davis Richard Curry Giles Jerry Don Ham Joe Earl Hawkins Fletcher S. Hicks Earl Hodges Jerry Mack Hyde Bob Kostohryz Charles Lee Mauch Billy J. McAdams MEMBERS Guy Hugh McDaniels Otha Lee Moore, Jr. Stanley Theo Parker Robert Hull Paslay Edward Dowell Peterson James Thomas Powell Tom Chase Primm Harold Theodore Reigle Charles Mack Sansing Peter Marlin Suarez Floyd John Travis Herman Ray Van Sickle Marvin Watson, Jr. Charles Hamilton Westerledge, III Creighton Neill White Thomas Newton Williams Frank William Zimmerman Members of Acacia entertain themselves with games and music. OFFICERS Fall DON WALLACE DAVIS .... Venerable Dean FRANKLIN DERRY CRUTCHFIELD . Senior Dean BOB KOSTOHHYZ Secretary . THOMAS NEWTON WILLIAMS . . Treasurer . JERRY MACK HYDE Junior Dean Spring DON WALLACE DAVIS FRANKLIN DERRY CRUTCHFIELD BOB KOSTOHHYZ THOMAS NEWTON WILLIAMS FLOYD JOHN TRAVIS fysito Pi Gamma Deuteron chapter is one of 63 chap- ters and was founded in 1939. The chapter does not have a flower but the colors are gold and blue. The A E Pi ' s were very active in intramu- rals. Among their parties were several open and closed houses along with the annual Sweetheart Formal and the Annual Riverboat party. They have placed first in the Hillel Sing Song for the past two years and they entered the Varsity Car- nival with " Bucking Bronco. " . r X W || 1 m. ; Top Row: Axelrad, Black, Caplovitz, Dow, Fradkin. Second Row: Franklin, Freling, Gerson, Goldstein, Greenberg. Third Row: Greenfield, Harf, Hecht, Horwitz, G. W. Kaplan. Fourth Row: Krams, Kriss, Labowitz, Levy, Lipnick. PLEDGES Harold Wesley Ashendorf Charles Alfred Bachrack Nathan Caplovitz Ronald Fite William Kenneth Horwitz Joe H. Harf Jerry Jerome Kriss Albert Levy Robert Louis Littenberg Alvin Leon Luskey Robert Yale Planto Jerome Nathan Plantowsky Sidney Lawrance Ravkincl Stanley H. Sachs Harold Philip Schultz Roland Abraham Taub Jay Wolf Ungerman Jerome Lawrence Waldman Cedric Reevin Wise Stanley Lawrence Wyll Gamma Deuteron chapter at 900 West 26th Street. Top Rotv: Manis, Mark, Mitelman, Moran, Myers, Pid- geon, Reichstein, Sachs, Schultz. Second Row: Seibel, Sigel, Stillman, Taub, Ungerman, Waldman, Wise, Wyll, Zoblotsky. PACE 462 MEMBERS Stanley Martin Abramson Sidney Warren Krams Moise Arnold Axelrad Richard Lee Berger Martin S. Bernstein Norman William Black Paul Marker Diamond Bernard Alter Dow Jerome Stephen Elkins Larry Irving Fradkin Alvin Jerome Franklin Richard Alan Freling Gayle Elliot Gerson Ronald Nathan Goldstein Ronald David Greenberg Bennett E. Greenfield Edward Franklin Hecht George Willard Kaplan Gerald Marvin Kaplan Lawrence Erwin Klein Michael Lee Klein Harris Bernard Labowitz Elton Stanley Lipnick Edward Luskey Milton Manis Robert Willard Mark Shelton Mitelman Sidney Stuart Moran Milford Mitchell Myers Barry Erwin Pidgeon William Morris Ravkind Abe Aaron Reichstein Jerome Robert Rose Donald Haskell Schaffer Leonard Isaac Seibel Edwin Michael Sigel Jacob Harris Stillman Ari Jonas Susman Arnold Norman Sweet Morris Isadore Zoblotsky Dean Jack makes an after dinner speech at the A E Pi House. OFFICERS Spring Master RONALD DAVID GREENBERG Lieutenant Master . . GEORGE WILLARD KAPLAN Scribe ALVIN JEROME FRANKLIN Exchequer .... LARRY IRVING FRADKIN Fall MOISE ARNOLD AXELRAD . RICHARD LEE BEHCER WILLIAM MORRIS RAVKIND DONALD HASKELL SCHAFFEH Glfka lau Top Row: Adams, Allen, Ball, Benesch, Bergner, Berry, Blain. Second Row: Borchers, Botefuhr, Boyd, J. Byrd, R. Byrd, Carter, Cater. Third Row: Cole, Combs, Crumpacker, Denison, Dial, Dougherty, Drescher. Fourth Row: Fair, Fish, Hallman, Herren, Hillman, Holden, Holmes. Fifth Row: Hooper, Howell, Jennings, Johnson, E. Jones, Kirkwood. meca To the local Alpha Tau Omega chapter, founded in 1897, the Black and White Ball is the outstanding event on their fall social calendar. It was supplemented this year with a house party for ATO ' s and their dates, a retreat to Bastrop State Park, and many other social functions. In the spring the ATO ' s joined other groups enter- ing Round-Up and Varsity Carnival. Blue and gold are the colors of Alpha Tau Omega, the White Tea Rose its flower. Gamma Eta chapter, one of 117 chapters, watched with pride the de- velopment of its new chapter house, the high- light of the year for the ATO ' s. FACULTY EDWARD GARLAND FLETCHER, Associate Professor of English W. PACE KEETON, Dean, School of Law H. MALCOLM MACDONALD, Professor of Government FRANK HARPER WARDLAW, Director, University of Texas Press LOGAN WILSON, President and Chancellor of The University of Texas Ira Jefferson Allen, Jr. Billy D. Ball Spencer Hayward Blain, Jr. Charles Edward Botefuhr James Hal Byrd Robert Hy Byrd John Thomas Cater William Powers Denison, Jr. Joseph Burt Dial Douglas A. Drescher Charles Eugene Fair Jed Allen Hallman Eugene Patrick Holden PLEDGES James Richard Holland Robert Curlee Hooper Michael Bruce Hunter William Max Jennings George Erwin Kirkwood Donald Richard Knight Jerry Dean Lilley James Wilson Lobb Jerry Wayne Matthais Charles Dudley Mayes C. A. Searcy Miller David Yeary Moore William Gordon Nedd Samuel Burton Paternostro Robert Dean Pfeifer Paul William Phy Jerry Bob Prewit Trent Ranes Richard Curran Ridge Randall Cross Shepler Leon Louis Smith, Jr. Harold Edward Snyder, Jr. Ross Lucas Stephenson Beeman Ewell Strong Thorleif Thompson, Jr. John William Waltrip Gamma Eta chapter at 2314 Nueces. Top Row: Knight, Lea, Lilley, Mahaffey, Matthias, Mayes, McFaddin, Miller, Moore, Nedd, Paternostro, Pfeifer, Phy, Ranes. Second Row: Reaney, Ridge, Shepler, Smith, Spear, Steinhagen, Stephenson, Strong, Thompson, Waltrip, Wenger, Wiley, Willson, Wise. PACE 464 MEMBERS Stanley Edward Adams L. Dean Jones Thomas Richard Benesch Thomas David Kirksey Richard Franklin Bergner Robert Lynn Berry Marion Jack Borchers Walter Ernest Boyd James Byars Carter Maurice Wayne Cole, Jr. William M. Combs John Calvin Grain, Jr. Ernest Lee Crumpacker, Jr. Maurice G. Davis Marshall K. Dougherty Laurens Brainerd Fish, Jr. Hubert Bonner Herren Jack Eugene Hillman William Albert Holmes Tommy Forrest Howell Edward Durron Johnson Evan O. Jones Richard Underwood Lea Alonzo Leonard Lacey William Sherrod Luttrell Don Finley Mahaffey William Ingo Marshall, Jr. Gustavus A. N. McFaddin Howard Dean Moon James Watson Reaney Harry Morgan Spear, Jr. Bismark Adair Steinhagen James Thomas Ward Alan Gatewood Wenger John Albert Wild Thomas Elmer Wiley, Jr. Dan Henry Willson Everett Howard Wilson Joseph Edwards Wilson Joseph Robert Wise The A T O ' s do some fast talking while waiting for dinner. OFFICERS Worthy Master .... Worthy Chaplain . . . Worthy Keeper of Exchequer Worthy Keeper of the Annals Worthy Scribe .... Spring DAN HENRY WILLSON HUBERT BONNER HERHEN THOMAS RICHARD BENESCH JACK EUGENE HILLMAN GUSTAVUS A. N. MCFADDIN Fall DAN HENRY WILLSON . HUBERT BONNER HERREN . THOMAS RICHARD BENESCH THOMAS ELMER WILEY, JR. MAURICE WAYNE COLE, JR. Top Row: Aldous, Atkin, Bell, Birdwell, Blanchard, C. Booth, R. Booth. Second Row. Burkett, Cissel, Cramer, Grossman, Cullinan, Dan- vers, Davenport. Third Row: Dean, Dechant, Donnell, England, Fletcher, Friend, Fry. Fourth Row: Gaddis, Green, Hall, Harned, Hill, Kendrick, Kurrus. Fifth Row: Laffan, Langford, Longoria, Macdaniel, McKean, Mc- Adoo. Seta 7U Pi The Beta ' s had a full round of activities this year. In addition to winning the All-University class B football championship, the Betas also en- tered the Aggie Sign Contest and Varsity Car- nival, and had a float in the Round-Up parade. At Christmas they gave a party for orphaned children with Delta Delta Delta sorority. Other social events for the Beta ' s were a West Indies party, a Mardi-Gras party, a Christmas party, a Round-Up Western party, and a spring formal. The local chapter of Beta Theta Pi is Beta Omi- cron chapter, established in 1868. It is one of 97 other chapters of Beta Theta Pi having pink and blue as their colors and the Red Rose as their flower. FACULTY HARRY HARRISON POWER, Professor of Petroleum Engineering Donald Richmond Brieger Benjamin Clinton Burkett, Jr. James Lowe Donnell John Marion Eaton Norton England Donald Tullis Friend Emmett Roland Fry John Jay Kendrick Frederick Dunham Kurrus John Brantley McAdoo, Jr. David Metzger PLEDGES Lester Albert Miller, Jr. John Caswell Ferryman Homer Vaughan Roberson Thomas Gilbert Sharpe Kirk Wilfred Stanley Michael Asa Stone John Edson Teed Francis Marion Thomson Harold Wallace Totten Dean Eakin Wolf John Reagan Woodward Beta Omicron at 2317 Shoal Creek Blvd. Top Row: Miller, Minot, Munn, Nelms, S. Nelson, T. Nelson, Pape, Parker, Ferryman, Pfau, Phair, Press- ler, Reistle, Roberson. Second Row: Rothwell, Schneider, Scott, M. Stone, S. Stone, Teed, Templeton, F. Thomson, J. Thomson, Totten, Vick, Warren, Williams, Woodman. PACE 466 MEMBERS Edward Allen Aldous John Edmund Ashby, Jr. Richard Thatcher Atkin Daniel Nicholas Bailey, III Gene Carroll Bartholomew Joseph Niles Bell LeRoy Birdwell, Jr. Fredrik Seward Blackmar, III Stanley Walton Blanchard, Jr. Crawford H. Booth Roy Campbell Booth Charles Allan Brooks Robert Littlefield Buford Michael Arthur Carter William Emmett Cassady George Gilmour Cissel Eugene Wallace Collins Albert Harrington Cox, Jr. Arthur Searles Cramer Ronald Charles Grossman Thomas Anthony Cullinan Don Danvers Douglas Shultz Dapper John Nigel Davenport Billy Don Dean Eugene Lyle Dechant James Donald Hill Linden Earl Jones Brian Fredrick Laffan James Monroe Langford Warren Robert Lilly Frank Longoria, Jr. Sherman Paine Macdaniel Paul Flavian McKean George Marshall Minot Robert John Munn, Jr. Jerry Lynn Nelms Strauder Goff Nelson, Jr. Thomas Edward Nelson, Jr. Robert Alexander Overton Kenneth Hugo Pape Charles Scott Parker Marshall Hylon Pengra James Robertson Pfau Bradley Clyde Phair, Jr. Townes Garrett Pressler Carl Ernest Riestle, III Jack C. Rothwell George William Schneider, Jr. Ralph William Scott Samuel Vaughan Stone James Richard Templeton It ' s a tense shot as two Beta ' s match their skill at a game of pool. Ralph Emerson Fair, Jr. Robert Evan Fisher Paul Brent Fletcher John Marshall Caddis, II Robert Griffith Greer Arthur Bryan Hall James McKean Harned Jack Hensley John Redlund Thomson Ross William Vick, Jr. James Howard Warren Harry Curtis Weeks, Jr. Julian Loeffler Willke E. R. Williams, Jr. George Merrill Woodman Fall JOHN REDLUND THOMSON . ROBERT GRIFFITH GREER . GEORGE MERRILL WOODMAN CHARLES ALLAN BROOKS . DOUGLAS SHULTZ DAPPER . OFFICERS Preside nt .... V ice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer . Spring RONALD CHARLES GROSSMAN GEORGE WILLIAM SCHNEIDER, JR. ARTHUR SEARLES CRAMER CARL ERNEST REISTLE, III DOUGLAS SHULTZ DAPPER Top Row: Banta, Bollman, Breckenridge, Bybee. Second Row: Davenport, Earthman, Elliott, Flannery. Third Row: Fricke, Gilbreath, Haile, Hamlett. Robert Clinton Allison John Meredith Bollman Thomas Loftin Breckenridge Wayland Thomas Crawford John Oge Flannery, Jr. Michael Moorman Fricke Thomas Arnold Garner Lawrence Barclay Haile John William Hamlett James Malcolm Harris Jimmy Lyn Harris Gordon Everitt Jamison Arthur Jeff Kemp William Bellmy Klemt Wesley Gideon Lupien Nu chapter at 1800 Lavaca. a. Nu chapter of Chi Phi, established in 1892, has scarlet and blue as its colors. One of 33 na- tional chapters, the University chapter was active this year in such campus events as the Aggie wood-gathering contest, Varsity Carnival, and Round-Up. The fraternity was not idle socially either. Their full social calendar included a pa- jama party, a Roman party, Christmas and river- boat parties, a Hawaiian party, and a Suppressed Desire party. FACULTY VENTON LEVY DOVCHTIE, Professor of Mechanical Engineering CHARLES ELMER ROWE, Professor of Drawing OSCAR BROWN WILLIAMS, Professor of Bacteriology PLEDGES Joseph Stephen Maniscalco Sanford Edward Manning James Dailey Mason Emory Paul Murray Robert John Perry James Curtis Pugh Ramon Robert Rackley James Alphonsus Rakowitz Charles Sumner Roberts Edward Eugene Scott Robbie Harold Scott Weldon Ross Johney Smith Kenneth Franklin Vaughan Robert Louis White Top Row: Jamison, Kemp, Lupien, Maniscalco, Manning, Mason, Perry, Plemons. Second Row: Rackley, Richmond, Ro- berts, Schneider, Shrull, Smith. Studdard, B. White. PAGE 468 MEMBERS Henry Monroe Anderson Paul Mattocks Kieffer Teddy Frank Ball Norman Samuel Banta Bruce Barton Bybee William Martin Byrd Vernon Neil Caldwell John Daniel Carr Ralph Vaughn Carson William Preston Cloyd, Jr. Lew Wallace Davenport John Carl Donovan James Bradshaw Earthman, HI Arthur Beverly Elliott Charles Robert Fairchild Perry John Fulkerson John Stovall Gilbreath William Joe Graves Walter Paul Hoffie Frederick Richard Jones George Toney Karpos Terrance Ross Leary James Donald Llewellyn Thomas Peter McConn Walter Henry Mengden Philemon Peter Moss Wallace Lionel Pellerin Frank Lafayette Plemons Patrick Henry Power George Merritt Richmond Joseph Robert Schneider John Thomas Schultz Roswald Ernest Shrull Hugh Wesley Springfield Wilbur Ellihue Sprague Gordon Richard Starnes Billie Frank Stuart Kenneth Earl Studdard Bob Jon White Don Beasley Williamson Fall JOSEPH ROBERT SCHNEIDER WALLACE LIONEL PELLERIN ARTHUR BEVERLY ELLIOTT . KENNETH EARL STUDDARD . BRUCE BARTON BYBEE . LEW WALLACE DAVENPORT The Chi Phi ' s greet new freshmen at a fall rush party. OFFICERS Alpha . . . Beta . . . Gamma Delta . . . Epsilon Zeta Spring BOB JON WHITE WILLIAM JOE GRAVES RALPH VAUGHN CARSON KENNETH EARL STUDDARD JOHN STOVALL GILBREATH LEW WALLACE DAVENPORT Delta Cki Top Row. Cantey, Coffey, Duke, Glover. Second Row. Gonzalez, Graves, Iglehart, Isett. Third Row. King, Kinsey, Marabella, Matthews. Red and buff, and the White Carnation are the symbols of the 41 chapters of Delta Chi. Texas chapter, established in 1907, started the year off by winning honorable mention in the Aggie wood-gathering contest. The Delta Chi ' s participated in Varsity Carnival, and started plans for their new house. They also entertained the Gamma Phi Beta pledge class with a Christmas party. FACULTY COVER CONNER EMERSON, Football Line Coach GEORGE VINCENT GENTRY, Professor of Philosophy WILLIAM PATTON GLADE, Teaching Assistant in Economics PLEDGES John Manuel Castro Joe Weldon Cole Hilary H. Iglehart Roland Larry Matthews Dan Kelton Morrison William Finley Mulvaney Joe Edward Nobles Texas chapter at 2606 Whitis Ave. Morrison, Mulvaney, Nobles, Reyes, Strong, Thurlow, Weeks, Wiley, Zamrik. PAGE 470 MEMBERS Craig Covington Cantey Jack Chandler Clark John Cornelius Coffey Earl Duke Richard D. Glover William Edward Gonzalez Frank Lee Graves Philip Edward Isett Robert Newton King Robert Howard Kinsey Nunzio Joseph Marabella Robert James Reyes James Chandler Scott George Thomas Strong Thomas Neilson Thurlow William Alden Weeks Michael Allen Wiley Sam Y. Zamrik Fall rushees are served cake on the stairs at a Delta Chi Rush Party. OFFICERS Fatt ROBERT HOWARD KINSEY ..... " A " THOMAS NEILSON THURLOW .... " B " GEORGE THOMAS STRONG " C " FRANK LEE GRAVES, JR " D " ROBERT JAMES REYES " E " Spring THOMAS NEILSON THURLOW GEORGE THOMAS STRONG JAMES CHANDLER SCOTT RICHARD D. GLOVER JACK CHANDLER CLARK Top Row: Allen, Anthony, Baird, Benz, D. Blanchard, Blanton, Blumberg. Second Row: Boykin, Bradley, Cable, Cauthorn, Chambers, Clark, Cochran. Third Roiv. Collins, Cox, Dewar, Drake, DuVall, Forbess, Garner. Fourth ' Row: Gerlach, Girard, Griffin, Grimes, Haberle, R. Harden, T. Harden. Fifth Row. Harris, Hoyt, G. Hunter, James, Kamrath, Kidd. Delta Kabba Obsiton Delta Kappa Epsilon has for its colors blue, gold, and red. The chapter is one of 53 and is named Omega Chi. It was established on the University campus in 1913. The Deke ' s are very active in campus affairs, entering Varsity Carni- val, Round-Up parade, Aggie Sign contest and intramurals. They give a Christmas party for under-privileged children, sponsor a foreign stu- dent at the University, and have many men in varsity sports. The social calendar includes the annual spring formal, riverboat party, and Christ- mas party. An alumni-parent banquet, a retreat, and many house parties are on the calendar, also. FACULTY DANA X. BIBLE, Athletic Director RUPERT R. HARKRIDER, Assistant Land and Trust Attorney THOMAS PERRIN HARRISON, Professor of English PLEDGES Raymond Hugh Anderson Thomas Wayne Anthony Byron Ross Baird James Donovan Baker David Russell Blanchard Robert Virgil Cauthorn Dunbar Newell Chambers, Jr. Charles Malcolm Collins Billy Wayne Forbess Jack Loyd Garner Jerry Sidney Girard Joe Gillis Goddard Pearson Grimes Robert Locke Harris Samuel Thomas Hunter Sherwood William Inkley Barren Ulmer Kidd Philip Bland Lucas Richard George McCollum Pat Herman Morgan James Alford Rose Wilson Schoellkopf, Jr. Thomas Griswold Scale George Hawley Singleton Don Philip Speers Jerry Earl Turner Kenneth R. T. Tyson Vern L. Wood Joe B. Youngblood Omega Chi chapter at 2503 Pearl. 1, nfc Top Row: C. McCollum, R. McCollum, McCown, Mc- Ilyar, Morgan, Page, Pederson, Pike, Powell, Rose, Russell, Schoellkopf, Scale. Second Row: Singleton, Sitzenstatter, Smith, Speers, Sto- baugh, Swearingen, Tyson, White, V. Williams, Wil- son, Wolfe, Wright, Yonge. PACE 472 I MEMBERS Joe Raymon Allen, Jr. Henry Culbertson Amos, Jr. Reece Brooks Anderson Richard Rhoades Armstrong Ronald Anthony Bartlett Charles Richard Bass Alan Lavern Bean Carl Richard Benz Lawrence Phillip Banchard James Neal Blanton Gilbert William Blumberg, Jr. Walter Burnis Bond, Jr. James Edward Boykin Billimac Coleman Bradley Ben Madison Brigham, Jr. Olin Ray Cable, Jr. Josef Caldwell William Parrish Clark, Jr. Lamont Martin Cochran, Jr. Wendell Jackson Cox Robert Lee Ball Dewar Travis Ray Dickinson Royce Allison Drake Jean Kyle DuVall Robert Lewis Easton, Jr. Frank Wallace Elliott, Jr. Tommy Kenneth Estes Ewing Kalteyer Evans William Harold Ferguson Frederich Leake Gerlach Gordon McFarland Griffin, Jr. Fred Haberle Charlton Wells Hadden Richard Don Harden Thad Harold Harden Hyman Lee Harvard James Don Haynes William Barnes Hoff Thomas Jackson Hoyt Gilpin Hunter Henry Scott James Frank Randall Jewell Karl Fred Kamrath, Jr. Robert Paul Landes Charles Holmes McCollum, III John Jerry McCorkle Henry Young McCown, Jr. Donald Ray McGraw Donald Charles Mcllyar Donn Stewart Noland John Marshall Page, Jr. Donald Edward Pederson Bruce Parker Pike Fitzhugh Lee Pinkston Jay Frank Powell James Hamilton Pruett The Deke ' s had a variety of activities at their annual Riverboat Party on the Commodore. Robert Terry Renfro James Holford Russell, Jr. Charles Laurence Scarborough Charles Van Dyke Shaw Eric Dresser Sitzenstatter George Daniel Smith John Perry Stobaugh James Samuel Swearingen, Jr. Robert Lee Swearingen John Harrison Tyler James Phelps White, III John Hamshire Williams Van Nicholas Williams Jerry James Wilson Joseph Wilbur Wolfe William Howell Wood Ben Jones Woodson Charles Craig Woodson, Jr. John David Wright George Arthur Yonge Fall OLIN RAY CABLE, JR. Spring JOE RAYMON ALLEN, JR. a o e Delt Top Row: Appling, Bigham, Bravenec, Breeding, Carr, R. Davis. Second Row: Day, Downing, Ellis, Ferguson, Fey. Third Row: Freytag, Froebel, Harrell, Hale, Herber. Fourth Row: Holbrook, Jamba, Kelly, Knopp, Kubin. Jon Bruce Barkley Fred Wines Burke Rayman Glen Carlton, Jr. Roy Dale Collins Ralph Kendrick Davis Stewart Leonard Davis Dewey Leroy Dean Morris Lee Estess, Jr. William Elbridge Farley Henry A. Freytag Jerry Don Glover Benjamin Goodwin Gerald David Grantham Robert Lee Graves Plti Eta Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi was estab- lished on The University of Texas campus in 1907. The Delta Sig ' s fraternity flower is the White Carnation and colors are white and Nile green. One of 79 national chapters, Eta has been very active. The annual Sailors ' Ball began their series of events this year. The joint Found- ers ' Day Banquet and ball was held in Dallas with the S. M. U. Delta Sig ' s as hosts. To end an active year, the fraternity held its annual White Carnation Ball in April when their 1955 Sweet- heart was presented. PLEDGES Luther Paul Hale Roy A. Harrell, Jr. James Parrel Holbrook Joseph Calvin Holsomback Charles Wayne Holt Joe Lee Ing John William Irby Eugene John Kretschmar Larry Michael Lewis Robert Michael Marcus Travis Lee Martin Jay Cullen Mclntosh Richard Bruce Mittanck Douglas Earnest Morrison Harris G. Oswalt Vernon Eugene Palmour Jimmy Mac Patterson Eduardo Pena, Jr. Edward James Pilcik Richard Linn Rasor Ron Steigler Robinson Gene Parker Sanders Basil James Scott John Frederic Whitaker Robert James Whitley David Harry Wilten Eta chapter at 2315 Nueces. Top Row: Luksa, MacLean, Mathews, Mclntosh, Mec- hura, Michulka, Mittanck, R. Murray, Pena, Pilcik. Second Row: Richardson, Sanders, Scott, Shelton, Torres, Walker, Wester, Williams, Wilten, Youngblood. PACE 474 MEMBERS Collie Bryan Appling Gerald M. Honeycutt Jesse Yonge Bigham, Jr. Lorence Larry Bravenec Seth Darnaby Breeding, Jr. Charles Robert Carr Antonio Cavazos, Jr. John Carroll Chitwood Howard Day Don Carter Downing John Baxter Ellis Donald Olda Ferguson William Walter Fey Charles Froebel Fred M. Gouse Samuel Edward Hale Andrew Halecky, Jr. Thomas Walter Hart Wilfred Earl Berber Michael Jamba James Otis Kelly Kenneth Paul Knopp Homer Bruce Koliba Charles Calvin Kubin Lloyd Edward Loftis Frank E. Luksa, Jr. Walter Eliot MacLean Joseph Pinkney Mathews Frank M. Matthews Wilbert John Mechura Louis James Michulka Robert Arthur Murray William Otis Murray Martin Frederick Owen Don L. Richardson Bill R. Shelton Roily Wester shows ' em how it ' s done in TSO. John Curtis Shewmake Mickey Max Sparkman Joe D. Swenson Arthur LeRoy Thruston Arturo Daniel Torres Burl D. Upton Harlan E. Walker Roily E. Wester Edwin Ernest Williams, III Golden Duane Youngblood Fall CHARLES CALVIN KUBIN . SETH DARNABY BREEDING, JR. JESSE YONGE BICHAM, JR. HARLAN E. WALKER OFFICERS President . . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Spring CHABLES CALVIN KUBIN SETH DAHNABY BREEDING, JR. JESSE YONGE BICHAM, JR. HARLAN E. WALKER Top Row: Alter, Bailey, Brittain, Cunningham, Dahlin, Daigle, Dear. Second Row. DeMoss, Dotson, Duggan, Eckert, Ferrell, Flagg, Fredrickson. Third Row: Fry, Gavit, R. Gilliam, W. Gilliam, Glidden, Hatfield. Fourth Row: Hunt, Jacoby, Keith, McBride, K. E. Kurt Mentzner, Morris. Fifth Row: F. T. Nagle, F. S. Nagle, Nowotny, Olson, Pierce, Rainbolt. Delta 7au Delta Gamma Iota chapter of Delta Tau Delta was established in 1904. The Iris and the colors pur- ple, gold, and white are the symbols of the 84 chapters of Delta Tau Delta. In campus par- ticipation the Delt ' s won third place in Sing Song and second place in the " Most Unique " division of the Aggie Sign contest. The fraternity took for the third straight year the Western Division Scholarship Trophy. The Delt ' s also sponsored a foreign student. Active contenders in intra- mural sports the Delt ' s placed first in the All- University class A volleyball and the All-Uni- versity swimming contests. The kiddie party, hobo party, and circus party highlighted the Delt ' s social year, along with their Fort Clark house-party and their fall and spring formals. Edward Stafford Bridges, II Wilbur Paul Cunningham Norman John Daigle Gerald Norman Davis Thomas Sydney Edrington Henry Wilkinson Flagg, Jr Lee E. Fredrickson William Lindsay Gavit Walter Thad Gilliam George Edwin Greene Barney Hines Hilburn Tanner Truett Hunt Thomas Archer King PLEDGES William Parker King Roy Jack McCarroll George Weldon Moyer, Jr. George Albert Olson Walter K. Rainbolt, Jr. Virgil Oliver Rosser James " Lewis Satel James David Scott George Sherbourne Sykes Thomas Mitchell Thurmond Fred August Wendlandt James Palmer Woodson Gamma Iota chapter at 2801 San Jacinto Blvd. Top Row: Rosser, J. Roush, Rucker, P. Sansom, R. San- som, Satel, Schmucker, Scott, Shepherd, Showalter, Smith, Staehely, Stovall. Second Row: Stuart, Swaty, Thurmond, Tighe, Voelkel, Walker, Werkenthin, Williams, Winslow, Woodson, Wymer, York, Youmans. PAGE 476 MEMBERS David R. Alter Fred W. Baccus John Alfred Bailey Claiborne Murray Bell Clyde Stuart Bell John Ballard Bennett Bunch King Brittain Hugh Edwards Calder William T. Cortelyou Sam Gaston Groom, Jr. Roland Edmund Dahlin, II Joe Elliott Davis Thomas Leroy Davis Wayne Englehardt Dear Harold R. DeMoss Wayne Garner Dotson Fitzhugh Lee Duggan, Jr. Kenneth Eugene Eastridge Travis Allen Eckert Robert Warren Ferrell C. Ferd Fry James Warren Gary Robert W. Gilliam Walter Thad Gilliam John Beyan Glidden Thomas Marvin Hatfield Robert Taylor Herrin William Michael Higgins Henry Donnan Jacoby Darrell King Jones Bryan O. Keathley Charles Armstead Kennan, III Robert Quentin Keith William Joseph Laughlin Richard Earl Lawler Jack N. Little Hugh M. Lynn Larry J. Lynn William Lewis Marr Jimmy Albertus McBride, II Francis R. McCauley Robert David McGee Francis Leo McNamara, Jr. Paul C. Mohr William Weaks Morris Lowell Kendall Mower, Jr. Frank Taylor Nagle Fred Stephen Nagle Mack L. Newsom George Edward Nowotny, Jr. William Albert Penn David Pfeiffer Jay Terry Pierce James Bland Pope Fonse Ragland Robert Adrian Rasmussen Henry Gorman Ritchie Jan Schuyler Roush William Wakefield Roush Robert Monroe Rucker Paul Welborn Sansom Robert Kennon Sansom Larry Alan Schmucker Eugene Patrick Scott The Delt ' s give rushees a bit of fraternity history at a fall rush party. Francis Eugene Sheppard George Wallace Showalter Edward Robert Simmen Corrie Handler Smith William Pearce Staehely Jimmie Vance Stovall, Jr. John Thomas Stuart Donald B. Swaty Gwynn Arvin Teague Charles Louis Tighe Kenney Reese Voelkel, Jr. Carlos Richard Walker William Alfred Walker Bass Campbell Wallace Conrad P. Werkenthin Bob Wayne White Dave Harrell Williams John Franklin Winslow John P. Wymer Howard Lesie York Joseph Edward Youmans OFFICERS Spring President LOWELL KENDALL MOWER, JR. V ice-President . . . DARRELL KING JONES Corresponding Secretary . WILLIAM T. CORTELYOU Recording Secretary . THOMAS MARVIN HATFIELD Treasurer . . . HAROLD R. DEMOSS Fall DAVE HARHELL WILLIAMS . ROLAND EDMUND DAHLIN II WILLIAM ALFRED WALKER JACK N. LITTLE HAROLD R. DfiMoss Delt Top Row. Atkinson, Bagby, Bain, Baker, Barbee, Bettinger, Blair. Second Row: Bragg, M. Clark, R. Clark, Craig, Colwick, A. Douth- it, H. Douthit. Third Row: Elmer, Evans, Friberg, Friend, W. Frierson, J. Frierson. Fourth Row: Fryman, Furr, Gibbs, Goodson, Gunter, Hahn. Fifth Row: Harrell, Jordan, Keys, Knapp, Kocurek, Langhorne. Charles Ollie Bettinger, III Joe Speed Carroll William Fredrick Carter Michael Champ Clark Ronald John Clark John Grant Craig Henry Richards Elmer Joseph Franklin Goodson Harry E. Kay, Jr. Reginald David Keys Spencer Dales Knapp Louis Joe Kocurek MacCarter Middlebrook Texas chapter of Delta Upsilon was estab- lished in 1949. One of 80 chapters, it has for its fraternity colors and flower, blue and gold and the Yellow Rose. This year the fraternity cele- brated its fifth anniversary with a fall formal, buffet dinners, banquets, a ladies coffee and a stag party. The fraternity also had a spring for- mal, many open and closed house parties, joined with Alpha Phi sorority in a party for under- priviledged children at Christmas, and held a dance after the Oklahoma-Texas game with the Oklahoma chapter. Active in many intramural sports, Varsity Carnival, and Sing Song, the fraternity also held a retreat to Mission Valley Guest Ranch. FACULTY KARL M. DALLENBACH, Professor of Psychology GOLDWIN GOLDSMITH, Professor of Architecture CHARLES HOMER HOLZWARTH, Special Instructor in Germanic Languages R. GOMMEL ROESSNER, Associate Professor of Architecture PLEDGES William George Mills, Jr. William Childress Montgomery Bob Wayne Perry James M. Reid Seth Shepherd Searcy Langford H. Sneed David Jack Speakman William Bennett Spelce Jack Harrison Stutts George Jack Tahu, Jr. George Barnard Tillinghast Robert Emerson Vinson Texas chapter at 2211 Red River. Top Row: McCutcheon, McGinnis, Merrill, Middlebrook, Montgomery, Pace, Peebles, Perry, Pratt, Reed, Rob- inson, Schneider, Searcy. Second Row: Smith, Speakman, N. Spelce, W. Spelce, Stone, Stutts, Tahu, Tees, W. Turner, J. Turner, Vin- son, Wengert, West. PACE 478 MEMBERS Richard Fraine Adair Richard Allan Furr Harold O ' Hanlon Atkinson William Roderick Bagby Travis Whitsett Bain, II Richard Claire Baker Frank Ashbury Barbee Alan Curtis Blair Wallace Granville Bragg Harold Douglas Colwick Allie Durell Douthit Harry Anderson Douthit, Jr. Walter Edward Evans Emil Edwards Friberg George Everest Friend John Edward Frierson William Donald Frierson Don Gordon Frydell John E. Fryman Bradley Lee Gibbs Charles Alvis Gunter Eitel Hugh Hahn Stanley Ben Hallman Edward Charles Harrell Vernon Murray Jordan Robert Alston Langhorne, Jr. James Edward McCutcheon Charles David McGinnis Charles Morgan Merrill Eddie Wayne Pace Hugh Oscar Peebles Robert Allen Pratt Carroll Lynn Reed William Glenhelm Robinson Tom L. Schnieder Dan Cargill Smith, HI Delta Upsilon members line up to fill their plates at this buffet dinner. Neal Leslie Spelce, Jr. Donald Lamar Stone David Woods Tees John Grigsby Turner William Lamond Turner John Frederick Wengert Jack Dennis West Fall DAN CARCILL SMITH, III ROBERT ALSTON LANGHORNE, JR. JOHN EDWARD FRIERSON JOHN E. FRYMAN .... RICHARD ALLAN FURR OFFICERS President V ice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer Spring ALLIE DURELL DOUTHIT RICHARD ALLAN FURR NEAL LESLIE SPELCE, JR. EMIL EDWARDS FRIBERG VERNON MURRAY JORDAN Alt, A Top Row: Allen, Atkins, Ball, D. Barnhill, J. Barnhill, Berry, Boone. Second Row: Calhoun, Catterall, Chalmers, Chandler, Christensen, Cline, Coughran. Third Row: Craig, Denney, Dishman, Duke, Elledge, G. Ellis. Fourth Row; Ellwood, Engelman, Estes, H. Gillespie, J. Gillespie, Ginn. Fifth Row: Godfrey, Huff, Holloway, Houston, Ivy, J. Jackson. Sixth Row: Jenkins, Krick, Kuhrau, J. Langford. Lewis, Lomax. John Baylies Baker Joseph Dyke Ball John Williamson Barnhill Buford Preston Berry Richard Wayland Calhoun Richard Edwin Chalmers James Patrick Coughran Sammy D. J. Craig Earl Andrews Denney Michael E. Douglas Lonnie Wayne Duke Glen Edward Ellis Thomas Parker Ellis William Robert Ellwood, III Omicron chapter at 2515 Leon. Glbka Omicron chapter, one of 76 national chapters of Kappa Alpha, was established on the campus in 1883. It has as its colors, crimson and gold, with the Magnolia and Crimson Rose as its flowers. Sponsors of the " Miss Campus Chest " contest in connection with the Campus Chest drive in the fall, the KA ' s were participants in Sing Song, Varsity Carnival, Round-Up, and several intramural sports. The " Southern Gents " presented the KA Rose at their traditional Old South Ball in March, and also held a Shipwreck Party, and a Christmas party during the year. FACULTY ROBERT ADCER LAW, Professor of English CLYDE LITTLEFIELD, Head Track Coach DANIEL ALLEN PENICK, Professor of Classical Languages, Tennis Coach PLEDGES W. R. Gaston George Holmes Ginn David Harold Guinn John Smith Ivy Edmond Vaughan Jones James Wallace Jones Paul Edward Kellogg Harold David Krick, Jr. Edward W. Kuhrau DuBose Aldredge Lomax George Francis Mann Odis Simpson Mingus, Jr, James Moore Lucian Leeds Morrison Robert Motheral Baird Markham Neville George Euclid Payne, Jr. Walter Irving Phillips, Jr. Homer John Rader Charles Eugene Reagan, Jr. Gordon Nash Rome Norman Bailey Rosser, Jr. Richard Von Scharfenberg George Eckhardt Schwab James Allred Slatton Joe Ervin Snodgrass Thomas Alvin Thigpen Top Row: Lusk, Mangel, Mann, McCullough, McNeel, Mingus, R. B. Motheral, Nelson, Neumann, Neville, Hank Gerd Pahl, Patrick. Second Row: Payne, R. Peterson, T. Peterson, Phillips, Plaster, Rader, Reagan, Rome, Rosser, Scharfenberg, Shoup, Silvus. Third Row: Slatton, Snodgrass, Tabor, Thomas, Tram- mell, Utz, Vaught, Westling, Wohlt, D. Womack, R. Womack, Wood. PAGE 480 . John Rector Allen Hal W. Atkins, Jr. David B. Barnhill Clem Kirby Best, Jr. Lester Carl Boone George Henry Brigman Seth Charles Burnitt David Ray Butler Kenneth Kennedy Caswell Frederick W. Catterall, III Dan Dean Chandler Charles March Christensen John Victor Cline Irwin Weldon Coleman Stanley Kent Davis Harry Charles Dishman Vernon Elledge, Jr. Charles Edward Engelman John Lancaster Estes Kenneth Don Felton Joseph Jordan French Harold Reese Gillespie, Jr. Jon Hunson Gillespie Wyman Ray Gilliam Larry M. Godfrey MEMBERS Lee Walter Henslee, III Harold Deen Holloway Milton James Houston Patton C. Hudson Roy Prewett Huff, Jr. Charles Albert Jackson James Forbes Jackson, Jr. Speight Jenkins, Jr. Gerald Talmadge Langford James Stanmore Dooley Langford Glenn William Lewis William Benjamin Lusk Daniel Thomas Manget, III Charles Ellis McCullough Tyrus William McNeel Richard Bruce Motheral Jack Robert Musselwhite Philip A. Nelson, Jr. Bruce Arlen Neumann Allyn Smith Patrick Robert Dupree Peterson, Jr. Thomas Hill Peterson Walton Burgess Plaster George M. Putnam Jerry Ray Sanderfur Francis Elliott Shoup Robert Frederick Silvus Charles Aubrey Smith, Jr. Marvin M. Stetler Charles Tabor Joe Faltin Thomas Raymond Clyde Thompson Wash Bryan Trammell Gabriel C. Utz Jack M. Vaught Eddie H. Westling Emil John Wohlt, Jr. David Ray Womack, Jr. Richard Marvin Womack Chesley Kosub Wood Members and rushees pose on the steps of the Kappa Alpha house for this shot during fall rush. OFFICERS Fall Spring MARVIN M. STETLER I MARVIN M. STEITLER GEORGE M. PUTNAM II GEORGE M. PUTNAM CHESLEY KOSUB WOOD .... CHESLEY KOSUB WOOD DAVID RAY WOMACK IV THOMAS HILL PETERSON n Top Row: Attwell, Beveridge, Bibb, Bourland, Boyd, Bradford. Second Row. Bunn, Burke, Carroll, Carter, Catlow, Clements. Third Row: Cobb, Daniels, Darnall, C. Davis, J. Davis, Draper. Fourth Row: J. DuLaney, S. DuLaney, Earhart, Elder, Fennerohl, Freel. Fifth Row: Glauser, Gordon, Grainger, Griffin, Heaner, Hiester, Hotmann. Sixth Row: Jaworski, Jennings, Johnson, Kilday, Krause, Lovejoy, Maxwell. Kabb ma Robert Beveridge Webster W. Blocker Maxie Lee Bradford Robert Young Brown Thomas Burke Gale Garth Carroll Lynn Prewit Carter Joe Stuart Clements Harold George Daniels Richard Draper Marvin N. Elder, Jr. Radford Freel Ronald Vincent Glauser Kappa Sigma fraternity established Tau chap- ter on this campus in 1884. The fraternity, with 127 chapters, has the colors of scarlet, white, and green, and the Lily for its flower. The Kappa Sig ' s had a busy social season, including a Christ- mas party, Bowery Party, Dogpatch Party, Biga- mist Party, and several open houses. They also entered Sing Song, the Aggie Sign contest, and the wood-gathering contest. In intramural sports Kappa Sigma won first place in swimming in the fraternity division and second place in the All- Universiry division. The Kappa Sig ' s also won second place in tennis and golf. FACULTY HENRY WILSON CHAPMAN, Instructor in Physical Training for Men; Swimming Coach ERNEST R. HARDIN, Assistant Professor of Speech FRANK HALLAM LYELL, Associate Professor of English STUART ALEXANDER MACCORKLE, Professor of Government JAMES J. POLLARD, Professor of Architectural Engineering EDWIN BOOTH PRICE, Head Football Coach JACK GREER TAYLOR, Assistant Professor of Investments; Endowment Officer PLEDGES Fallen Turley Gordon Travis Dade Hiester Joe Leidolf Robert May Mike Mc Donald Henry B. McGrath George McKenna David Hutchinson Meek William Norman Larry O ' Donnell Ralph Tex Pease Walter James Rainwater Charles Bernard Rosenthal Frank Duncan Salmons Lawrence Frederick Schuhmacher John Thomas Sharpe Elvin Mitchell Smith Charles Spence Robert Spies John Rodney Templeton Robert Clayton Vielock Ronny Hugh Waldie John Richard Warren Perry M. Wells Ronald Barry White William D. White, Jr. Tau chapter at 203 West 19th Street. Top Row: McDonald, McGrath, McKenna, Meek, Min- ter, Norman, O ' Donnell, Palm, Parrott, Rainwater, Rankine, Rawson. Second Row: Roberts, Robertson, Russo, Salmons, Schumacher, Shane, Sharpe, Smith, Sowden, Spaf- ford, Spence, Spies. Third Row: Templeton, Thompson, Thornton, Toler, Vielock, Waggoner, Warren, Wells, Whilden, R. White, W. White, Woehrmann. PACE 482 MEMBERS George Avery Alcorn Robert Lenoir Applewhite Kirby Attwell Paul D. Beaird Tom James Bibb Bichard Lacy Bourland Charles S. Boyd ' George Evans Brown George Stubblefield Bruce John Robert Bunn, Jr. Robert Daniel Burck Frank Kell Cahoon Alfred Gregory Catlow William A. Cline, Jr. Louis Denson Cobb Ashton Baker Coulter R. Earl Cox James R. Cravens Larry Joe Darnell Charles Davis James Alan Davis John Byers DuLaney Samuel Thomas DuLaney Gordon H. Earhart David Ross Fennekohl Keene W. Ferguson George D. Gardere George Richard Grainger Edwin Pace Griffin William Perry Hamblen Paul Robert Hamilton Sam C. Hamilton, Jr. John Martindale Heaner Cameron Lee Hoover William A. Hermann Dan R. Japhet Joe Jaworski William Clingman Jennings Joe Kelly Johnson Thomas Earl Jones Royce Richard Kilday Donald Edward Krause Bill Carl Long Joe Bernard Lovejoy Donald Joseph Malouf Jay William Maxwell Muckleroy J. McDonnold Bichard Bryan Miller Dale Ellis Miller Vance Cecil Minter Clifton Howington Morris Rufus Edmonds Palm Alfred Ernest Parrott Charles Currey Pierce Wilfred Lee Rankine Raymond John Rawson Everett Allen Roberts Bruce Biggs Robertson Roland Rock Rober tson H. Jimmie Rosser The Kappa Sig ' s live it up at their Dogpatch Party. Joseph McDevitt Rowe Gladstone McLendon Rowe John Lee Rundell Joe E. Russo James Howard Shane Robert Franklin Sharpe Lawrence Danily Sikes Webb McCann Sowden Donald Wick Spafford Elbert Riddick Spence George McCullough Thompson Robert Barnes Thornton Thomas H. Toler Thurman Alex Vaught Edward Richard Volz Thomas J. Waggoner, III Jerry E. Ward David Robert Webb Robert Harral Whilden Gary Wade Woehrmann Fall ROBERT DANIEL BURCK THUHMAN ALEX VAUGHT JOE BERNARD LOVEJOY . DONALD EDWARD KRAUSE RICHARD LACY BOURLAND OFFICERS Grand Master Grand Procurator Grand Scribe . . . Grand Master of Ceremonies Grand Treasurer Spring ROBERT DANIEL BURCK BILL CARL LONG PAUL ROBERT HAMILTON ROLAND ROCK ROBERTSON RICHARD LACY BOURLAND Chi Glbli Top Row. Alfred, C. Anderson, J. Anderson, W. Anderson, Baker, Berger, G. Brown. Second Row: ]. Brown, Burson, Butler, Chandler, Clements, Cockrell, Collins. Third Row: Conger, Connor, Drummond, Eldridge, Engel, J. M. Fisher, Fuller. Fourth Row: Greer, Griffith, Guttman, Hanley, Heard, Heber, Hinze. Fifth Row: Horvath, Jackson, Kennedy, Kienker, D. Kuester, N. Kuester. James Kenneth Alfred, Jr. Cecil Allen Anderson James Trowbridge Anderson Sidney Lee Berger John Nicholas Brown Burton Allen Browning Donald Lee Burson Joseph H. Butler, Jr. Joe David Cagle Sidney Symington Connor William Henry Drummond Alpha Mu of Lambda Chi Alpha, established here in 1917, has as its colors purple, green, and gold, and as its flower the White Rose. The Lambda Chi ' s entertained their dads on Dads ' Day and won the second place attendance trophy. At their Founders ' Day Banquet in March, Dr. Willis Tate, President of SMU, was guest speaker. The Christmas season was a busy one for the Lambda Chi ' s, beginning with a party for underprivileged children and climaxed with the presentation of the fraternity ' s Crescent Queen at their annual Christmas formal. Spring found the Lambda Chi ' s deep in plans for their Varsity Carnival show, " Time On Our Hands. " There was an Easter Egg Hunt for orphaned children, and the fraternity held its annual White Rose Formal in March in honor of the fraternity founding. FACULTY CURTIS JACKSON ALDERSON, Assistant Professor oj Physical and Health Education ROBBIN COLYER ANDERSON, Professor of Chemistrii SCOTT GAINES, Land and Trust Attorney ROBERT GEORGE GORDON, Assistant Dean oj Student Life PLEDGES Daryl L. Engel James George Fisher, Jr. Gerald M. Fuller Don West Graul Edwin Reginald Greer, Jr. Harold James Griffith Jon Gordon Heber Neil W. Hinze Wayne Robin Isaacs Robert Martin Kienker Henry Earl Kilgore, Jr. Noel James Kuester Henry William Lichte William Alan Marcontell David Andrew Millican Joe William Muirhead James M. Nossaman Andrew Lidden Pate, Jr. William H. Rogers Stanley Wade Wallace Kenneth Wayne Whitt Gordon Worth Zingery Alpha Mu chapter at 2627 Wichita. Top Roiv: Laughlin, Lichte, Marcontell, Millican, Mit- chell, Muirhead, Parker, Pate, Perry, Peterson, Porter, Ray, Reynolds, A. Rogers. Second Row: W. Rogers, Schulze, Searcy, Shiels, A. Smith, G. Smith, Strieber, Townsend, Travis, Von Dohlen, Wallace, Warner, Whited, Zingery. PAGE 484 Ifi MEMBERS William Marcellus Anderson, III Hugh Lee Baker Richard Earl Black Gilbert Seay Brown Huel Homer Chandler, Jr. Gene Padgett Clements John Harrison Cockrell Lucien Hunter Collins Roger Lacy Conger William Frederick Eldridge J. Michael Fisher Walter Guttman, Jr. Donald Wayne Hanley Allen Burton Heard Charles Gohmert Hoff, Jr. Andrew Horvath Ronald M. Jackson Roderick Earle Kennedy David Hartwell Kuester Thomas Edward Laughlin, Jr. James Charles Mitchell William Dorsey Parker, Jr. Sam R. Perry George Gray Peterson Fred Thomas Porter John Herbert Ray Robert Eugene Reynolds Andrew Jackson Rogers Rupert Philip Schulze, Jr. Fred Porter Searcy Rush Week brings out the salesmanship abilities as members " sell " Lambda Chi to mshees. Robert M. Shiels Allan Montague Smith Gary Rolla Smith Leslie John Strieber, Jr. James Terrell Townsend Robert Falligant Travis Leonard Harold Von Dohlen, III Samuel Womack Warner William Harold Whited Fall THOMAS EDWARD LAUCHLIN, JR. . SAM R. PERRY JOHN HARRISON COCKRELL ALLAN MONTAGUE SMITH OFFICERS High Alpha High Beta . . High Comma . High Tau . . . Spring LEONARD HAROLD VON DOHLEN, III JAMES TERRELL TOWNSEND WILLIAM HAROLD WHITED DAVID HARTWELL KUESTER 7U, The Texas Beta chapter of Phi Delta Theta was established in 1883. The fraternity has as its flower the White Carnation and as its colors azure and argent. The Phi Belt ' s won the B League championship in intramural basketball, and were active in other intramural sports. The Phi Delt house was the scene of much activity at Round-Up time and just before Varsity Carni- val. The Phi Belt ' s also kept busy with a round of parties, such as the Barn Bance, the Jungle Party, and the spring house party. FACULTY EUGENE CAMPBELL BARKER, Professor Emeritus of History THOMAS MABRY CRANFILL, Associate Professor of English CHARLES TILFORD McCoRMicK, Professor of Law ROBERT WELDON STAYTON, Professor of Law Top Row. Andrews, Baker, Barnes, Bartlett, Blackwell, Boyce. Second Row. Butter, Cecil, William Clark, Crocker, Dacy, J. Davis. Third Row. R. Davis, Dickson, Duckett, Foxworth, Fredrick, Gilstrap. Fourth Row: Goff, Hensarling, Herrera, C. Hightower, Holman, Horn. Fifth Row: Inglish, Ivey, James, Jenkins, Knolle, Kyle. PLEDGES James Addison Baker Robert Franklin Bartlett George Rodney Eolin Stephen Robert Butter Philip Ridley Cecil Joe Ridgway Dacy John Warner Duckett, Jr. Richard Roy Fredrick Douglas Wilson Inglish, Jr. Robert Ewell Jenkins Guy Edmund Knolle Jerry Van Kyle Charles Allen Lingo, Jr. Hurshel Howard Lyle Gibbs Macdaniel, Jr. Garrett Meador Whipple Spaulding Newell, Jr. Michael Patrick Roche Bill Jett Rogers Robert Howard Sheridan, Jr. Taylor King Smith Wade Cassle Smith Gilford O ' Neill Touchstone John Frederic Trimble Texas Beta chapter at 2300 Nueces. Top Row. Lingo, Lyle, Macdaniel, Mathews, Newell, Nowlin, O ' Donnell, Paine, Patteson, Perkinson, Prichard, Rayzor. Second Row. Shelmire, Sheridan, T. Smith, W. Smith, Stevens, Touchstone, Trimble, Turner, Webb, Wil- liams, Woolley, Wynne. PACE 486 MEMBERS Carl Eugene Andrews James Edwin Barnes John Melvin Blackwell James Curtis Boyce Harold Otho Bray Whitfield Harral Clark William Henry Clark Byron Gray Crocker Jack Randall Davis Richard Hugh Davis James Fagan Dickson William Lamar Doyle James Marion Dunnam Jack Edwin Fanner Walter Lenoir Foxworth, II William Lockhart Garwood Robert Wentworth Gilstrap William Russell Goff Ronald William Cribble Larry Reid Hensarling Charles Douglas Herrera Charles Henry Hightower Maxwell Lee Hightower Dixon Wade Holman David Niswonger Horn Ben Curtis Ivey, Jr. Bob Clark James Oscar Freer Jones, III Russell Lionel Martin, Jr. Earl McLaren Mathews Richard Len Mewhinney Jay Clark Nowlin Cameron O ' Donnell Louis Burr Paine, Jr. Robert Wilkerson Patteson, Jr. Doyle Emmett Perkinson Kent Malone Prichard, Jr. Jess Newton Rayzor John David Roche David Sutton Shelmire Corbin Lee Snow, Jr. William Bryant Stevens Allen Taylor Don Warren Turner Richard Clark Webb Harvey McLean Williams, Jr. David Martin Woolley Gordon Russell Wynne, Jr. A " dangerous " group at the Phi Delt Frontier Party. OFFICERS Spring RICHARD CLAHK WEBB RICHARD HUGH DAVIS DAVID SUTTON SHELMIRE WILLIAM LAMAR DOYLE Fall Louis BURR PAINE, JR. RICHARD CLARK WEBB . GORDON RUSSELL WYNNE, JR. WILLIAM LAMAR DOYLE President Warden Recording Secretary Housemanager C fl p (T IfiJt ifw " Top Row. Adams, Arnhold, Berry, Blalock, S. Bohn, R. Bohn, Bowes. Second Row. Braly, Brasher, Bryant, Buss, Buller, Burt, Caldwell. Third Row. Chumney, Cochran, Coffee, Cornwall, Coughlin, Coz- by, Crowther. Fourth Row. Davenport, Derrick, Douglas, Ellis, Erskine, Farabee, Ferrier. Fifth Row: Fondren, B. Fowler, R. Fowler, Fullingim, Frick, Gan- nett, Gray. Sixth Row: Greenfield, Greenstreet, Hager, B. Hammond, H. Ham- mond, Hayes, Hemphill, Hughes. PA, ' amma Tau Deuteron chapter of Phi Gamma Delta received its highest honor this year in being pre- sented the national fraternity award for social service. The chapter was established here in 1883 and is one of the 83 chapters of Phi Gamma Delta. Their color is royal purple, and their flower the Purple Clematis. The Phi Gam ' s were second place winners in Sing Song this year and had the Best All-Around sign in the Aggie Sign contest. Phi Gam also starred in the B League handball doubles. The Fiji social calendar was crowded with the annual Fiji Island Party and Costume Ball, the fraternity retreat, and many informal parties at the well-known Fiji Lake Club on Lake Austin. FACULTY FREDERIC DUNCALF, JR., Professor Emeritus of History HOWARD CLIFFORD GILSTRAP, Assistant Football Coach WILLIAM SAMUEL LIVINGSTON, Assistant Professor of Government BERRY M. WHITAKER, Director, Intramural Athletics for Men PLEDGES Thomas Duncan Arnhold John Dell Brasher Paul Leming Davis, Jr. John Leslie Douglas James Dale Dowell Ted Lawrence Ferrier Walter William Fondren Alvin Emmett Frick William Embry Fullingim Richard Lee Gannett Joe Wicker Gray Wilbur Horace Greenstreet, Jr. Bill Alan Hallmark Herbert Franklin Hamilton Hall Street Hammond Gene Adolph Holmgreen Don Finley Hughs Joe Reagan Lindsey Carroll A. Lundin George Lescher MacGregor, Jr. James Edward McNeel David Bascom Parker William Roark Ratliff F. Werner Rennert Robert David Valerius James Whittenburg Walker John Wilkins Wallace Jimmy Dwayne Welch Tau Deuteron chapter at 300 West 27th Street. Top Row: Hunt, Goehringer, Holmgreen, Hughs, C. R. Jones, C. D. Jones, Kimsey, King, Laguarta, Lindsey, Little, Lockett, Lowrey, MacGregor, McCampbell, McMann. Second Row: McNeel, D. Mighell, K. Mighell, Miller, Nutt, Osborn, Parker, Patton, Payne, W. Ratliff, J. Ratliff, Rennert, Rhea, Roddie, Rogers, Rudder. Third Row: Smith, Taylor, Thompson, Timmins, To- land, Voyles, J. Wallace, Walker, Welch, West, R. Wilson, W. Wilson, Wolford, Womack, Woody, Worthen. PAGE 488 MEMBERS Robert Edwin Adams Lloyd Elvin Arnold, Jr. Bowden Marion Atherton Henry Winfield Atherton Carson Alfred Bailey, Jr. William Charles Baker Francis Leroy Beck George William Berry James Augustus Blalock, Jr. Robert Herbert Bohn Skip H. E. Bohn Harrison Nesbit Bowes Dudley Quick Braly Edwards Barham Bratton Charles Neuel Brewer William Kendall Bryant John Frederick Buenz William Wesley Buller Charles Nesom Burt Leroy Frederic Buss Henry Lee Caldwell Pat Swearingen Chumney James Russell Cochran Robert Franklin Coffee Timothy Higgins Cornwall Edward T. Coughlin Raymond Wilson Cozby Sam Crowther Charles Maurice Currie Robert McCall Davenport William James Derrick Charles William Ellis Bert Carl Englehardt Bill Erskine Kenneth Ray Farabee Bradley Allison Fowler Robert Penn Fowler Charles Duncan Fraser Daniel Edward Garrett Charles Warren Goehringer Eric Storrie Greenfield Ted C. Hager Ben Rigsby Hammond Joseph Paul Hammond Lloyd Le Roy Hayes Edward Phelps Helvenston Warren Clayton Hemphill Benny Harry Hughes James Theodore Hunt Charles Raymond Jones Clyde Daniel Jones, Jr. Roy Edwin Kimsey, Jr. Lloyd Wendell King Julio Sterling Laguarta Jack Merville Little Landon Johnson Lockett Richard Chapman Lowrey Thomas Atlee McCampbell Thomas Albert McMann Donald Ray Mighell Kenneth John Mighell Judd Miller, Jr. Milburn Ellis Nutt Joe Allen Osborn William Orland Patton, Jr. Robert Maurice Payne, Jr. Jack Glenn Pew John Thomas Ratliff Bruce Luna Rhea James Franklin Roddie David Addison Rogers John Reeves Rudder The Phi Gam ' s welcome a rushee in front of their well-filled trophy case. Robert Franklin Sexton Roy Datus Sharp, Jr. Harry Reid Sharpless, Jr. Donald Charles Smith Jack Robson Sowell John Paul Tatum Albert Scott Taylor Lloyd G. Thompson Robert Stone Timmins George Jefferson Toland, Jr. Oren Harold Tomlinson John William Tottenham Edward Blount Tucker, Jr. Charles John Turner Jack Wendell Voyles Charles Stuart Wallace, Jr. Ben Britain West R. Graham Wilson Worley Wilson Fred Vanderwerth Wolford T. A. Delano Womack Robert Leonard Wood Gary Price Woody Charles Allen Worthen John Buel Wright OFFICERS Spring President JAMES THEODORE HUNT Corresponding Secretary . BEN BRITAIN WEST Recording Secretary . . JUDD MILLER, JR. Treasurer ROBERT PENN FOWLER Historian THOMAS ATLEE MCCAMPBELL Fall JAMES THEODORE HUNT . BEN BRITAIN WEST JUDD MILLER, JR ROBERT PENN FOWLER THOMAS ATLEE MCCAMPBELL 4 -. k__ . ft ft C p p p 4vJfe v J " k H Top Row: Allen, Benner, R. Bennett, W. Bennett, Bradshaw, Canova. Second Row: Carlton, Chambers, Curry, Curtis, Jack Davis, J. S. Davis. Third Row: Donnell, Dunn, Durso, Ebaugh, Ellett, Elliott. Fourth Row: Floyd, Gage, Gager, Gerron, Hampton, Handley. Fifth Row: Harris, Harrison, Henderson, Holcomb, House, J. Hughes. Svcth Row: R. Hughes, Hurt, Jary, Jones, Juvenal, Koehler. William Stewart Bailey Thomas Jay Benner Denmar Barclay Canova Terence Attebury Curtis Jack Wafford Davis John William Davis Joe Shirley Davis Ben Addison Donnell Joe Patrick Edwards Howard Winthrop Gager, Jr. George Randall Hammond Phil Winston Handley Frank Lee Harris Joe Lawrence Harrison Texas Alpha chapter at 1710 Colorado. PL ' A Cardinal red and Hunter green, and the Jacqueminot Rose signify Phi Kappa Psi to the 59 chapters of the national fraternity. Texas Alpha, one of the oldest fraternities on campus, was founded in 1897. A Shanty Town party started off the year for the Phi Kappa Psi ' s fol- lowed by the Aggie Sign contest and Sing Song. In the Campus Chest Talent Show the " Four F ' s " won the group competition trophy and the fraternity came in second in the fund raising drive. Intramural spectators saw Phi Psi teams walk off with the class A Fraternity League championships in football and volleyball and Class A All-University hardball doubles. FACULTY HULON WITHERSPOON BLACK, Director, University Development Board WILLARD HUGHES BRENTLINCEH, Assistant Professor of Psychology HOMER VINCENT CRAIG, Professor of Mathematics EDWARD EVERETT HALE, Professor of Economics JOSEPH LINDSEY HENDERSON, Professor Emeritus of Secondary Education Gus M. HODGES, Professor of Law CALEB PERRY PATTERSON, Professor of Government JAMES ROBERT ROACH, Professor of Government OLIVER DOUGLAS WEEKS, Chairman of the Department of Government MARION KENNETH WOODWARD, Professor of Law PLEDGES John David Hughes Lloyd Walker Jary, Jr. David Roy Jones Anthony Curry Koehler Robert Joseph Lee Joel Thomas Mays Roy Lawrence McGaughey Robert Dean McWhorter James Thomas Rogers Clinton Lynch Smith Joseph Garld Stafford Thomas Gerald Stafford Nelson Douglas Stubblefield John Randolph Thomas Top Row: B. Lee, R. Lee, Locke, McGaughey, McGuire, McWhorter, Miller, Neely, Oheim, Pendleton, Pool. Second Row: Potter, Richards, Richardson, Ricketts, Rob- ertson, Rodman, J. T. Rogers, Ruebel, Saied, Schafer, Sharpe, Shriver, Smith. Third Row: J. Stafford, T. Stafford, Steele, Studer, Wal- ker, Walters, Weatherly, Wersebe, Wilson, Wright, York, Zant. PACE 490 MEMBERS Jimmy Lon Albright Arthur Malachi Allen, III Douglas Eugene At will Elmore McCall Averyt Raymond Ayers Bennett Willie Smith Bennett Louis Meredith Bradshaw Edward John Bybel John David Carlton John Charles Chambers Jamie Hagar Clements Keys Alexander Curry, Jr. William Dee Dockery, Jr. Sam William Dunn Sam Martin Durso Jerry Melvin Dwight Irvin Atwood Ebaugh Robert Leonard Ellett Lynwood Graybum Elliott Robert Charles Floyd Clay Wayland Gordon Fulcher Leslie Leon Gage William John Gerron, Jr. James Earl Gill Henry Lamar Gilliam Frank Leland Glass Robert Fonda Cribble Morris Jackson Hampton John Burns Henderson, Jr. Vernon Barnes Hill, Jr. James Myron Holcomb Charles Edmond Holloway Jon Wesley House Robert Edward Hughes Clint Hurt John Bethel Juvenal Benis Glen Lee Maury Allen Lloyd Carl Edwin Locke, Jr. Jack McAyeal James Harrison McGuire William Kent Mcllyar, Jr. James Daniel McKeithan Raymond Lee McKim James William Miller Edmund Taylor Morris, Jr. Jeff Monroe Neely, Jr. John Weir Notestine Wilbur Edmund Notestine Donald Howard Oheim Gaylon Royce Overton Frank Clark Pendleton William Harmon Pool Sheldon Cary Potter, Jr. Howard Newton Richards James Ottie Richardson Richard Dugan Ricketts Sterling Clark Robertson Thomas Edward Rodman Joe William Rogers Alfred Louis Ruebel Frederick Allen Saied Elic Garland Sanders, Jr. Edward Eugene Schafer Eddie Jack Sharpe The Phi Psi orchestra entertains members. Jack Edgar Shriver Newton Jay Steele John Clinton Steinberger Stanley Sawyer Studer Charles Warren VanCleave Samuel Joseph Vickers Billy Newton Walker John Andrew Waller, Jr. Joe Paul Walters John Robert Weatherly Julien Devereux Weeks Gordon Kenneth Wersebe Theodore Phelps White Sammy Love Wilson James Fletcher Wright Edwin Reinhold York John William Zant OFFICERS Fall Spring JEFF MONROE NEELY, JR. . . . G. P JOHN BURNS HENDERSON, JR. BILLY NEWTON WALKER V. G. P CARL EDWIN LOCKE, JR. ROBERT EDWARD HUGHES . A. G ROBERT EDWARD HUGHES JOHN WEIR NOTESTINE . B. G JERRY MELVIN DWIGHT BENIS GLEN LEE P . . . WILLIAM HARMON POOL r? a Top Row. W. Anderson, Breedlove, Brill, Cloud, L. Cobb. Second Row. J. Cobb, Cole, Commings, Cooper, Darling. Third Row. Davies, Dearborn, Dickens, Dickerson, Doherty. Fourth Row: Ferguson, Fulton, Galbraith, Hallmark, Hammack. Edward Rice Anderson William Kent Anderson Firrico David Breedlove James Randolph Cloud Lawrence Dean Cobb Brady Marshall Cole Jack Chamness Commings John Kimbrell Darling John Langdon Dearborn Larry Norman Doherty Edwin Patrick Dolan Michael Shaw Dolan William Gerald Gaines Gerald Carlyle Galbraith Irwin Duyka Hammack Billy Lane Hayslip Sigma chapter at 711 West 22Vi Street. PL ' Sigma chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma, estab- lished in 1941, has the fraternity flower, Chrysanthemum, and the colors, black and gold. Sigma, one of 44 chapters, won the national Phi Kappa Sigma scholarship award this year. The boys found time, however, for active participa- tion in intramurals and in various campus activities. In the fall the chapter held its annual Black and Gold formal at which time their sweetheart was crowned. The Phi Kap ' s also had a weekend house-party in the spring. Numerous open and closed houses and picnics, costume parties, and a spring riverboat party filled their social calendar. FACULTY STANLEY A. ARBINGAST, Associate Professor of Resources LLOYD LOMNG CLICK, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences ROBERT CRAWFORD COTNER, Assistant Professor of History DR. JOHN A. CROCKETT, Physician, Student Health Center COLLIER READ CRANBERRY, Professor of Electrical Engineering CALVIN CLEAVE NOLEN, Director of the Texas Union ARNO NOWOTNY, Dean of Student Life PLEDGES Thorndike Dudley Howe, III James Franklin Hurley Charles Arthur Judge Ben Robert Keller, Jr. Cadmus Kilgore Lawson, II John Arthur McDonald Raymond Conway Moore John William Morley, Jr. James Charles Murphy Brian Thomas Pierce Larry Marshall Pound Sidney Clarence Shearer Thomas Waller Taylor James Hunter Thompson Paul Christian Velte, III William Robert Wallace :--- Top Row. Hayslip, Herndon, Howe, Hurley, Judge, Keller, Lawson, McDonald, Meyer, Miles. Second Row. Moore, Morley, Murphy, Pierce, Pound, Sanders, Thompson, Vance, Velte, Wallace. PACE 492 MEMBERS Douglas William Argue John Cleveland Herndon William Pannell Aycock Charles Boston Ronald Lew Bouchier James Edward Brill Dan Abbott Bruce Bill Barry Bullen Jan Maurice Cobb Richard Cooper Donald E. Crow Thomas Edward Davies John Dickens Robert Waldo Dickerson Joe Jefferson Estill Paul Lehr Ferguson Joseph Roland Fulton Ernest Jay Hall Bruce Cullen Hallmark John Lee Hubby Glenn Curtis Hunt, Jr. Russell W. McMurry Edward Chester Mainous Hugh Tannehill Matthews George Baker Meyer, HI Bradley C. Miles Goodrich V. M. Minton Stanley Moss Louis R. Nicholson Bennett James Roberts John Clarke Sanders Charles Fredric Stahl Joe Keith Stephens Carol Stoner Vance William Elmer Walker, Jr. Martin Alexander Wiginton This pledge struggled in vain. When the Phi Kaps decide to dunk a pledge he gets dunked! OFFICERS Spring JOHN CLARKE SANDERS JAMES EDWARD BRILL BRUCE CULLEN HALLMARK PAUL LEHR FERGUSON Fall CAROL STONER VANCE GEORGE BAKER MEYER, III GLENN CURTIS HUNT, JR. JOSEPH ROLAND FULTON Top Row: Adam, Bartos, Beck, Benson. Second Row. Boberg, Cahoon, Carsey, Chatman. Third Row: Clinkscales, Corona, Doke, Endress. Fourth Row: Fryar, Greer, Giles, Hale. Ralph E. Benson, Jr. Edward S. Connell Rodney Bernard Corona Ernest Wesley Dyke Frank Kasper Engels Donald Lee Greer Jess Loomis Harkness Walter Barnes Logan, Jr. William Timothy Mask Phi Kappa lau In 1943, Beta Alpha chapter of Phi Kappa Tau was established at the University. One of 70 chapters it has the colors of Harvard Red and Old Gold and the flower is the Red Carna- tion. The chapter takes part in many activities on the campus including Varsity Carnival, Aggie Sign contest in which they won the first place cup for the " Most Unique " sign, intramurals in which the chapter gained the highest number of points that the chapter has ever gained and went to division finals in basketball before the team was eliminated. The Founders ' Day ac- tivities were held in Austin during Round-Up week. During this time plans were discussed for a new house and a Phi Tau Lake Club. FACULTY ROY RANKIN KREZDORN, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering PLEDGES Stuart Bayes McKenty Charles Franklin Pardonner Hugh Ruthven Seth Taylor Steves Sergei Hogan Stripling William Bush Sutherland Victor O. R. Tafel Robert William Thomas Beta Alpha chapter at 2100 Rio Grande. Top Row: Harkness, Keith, Lentschke, Logan, Lovett, Mask, McGarrahan, McKenty, Pardonner. Second Row: Paxson, Pieper, Raper, Reedy, Stripling, Sutherland, Tafel, Thomas, Whitney. I ' ACE 494 MEMBERS Wayne Mott Adam Joseph Chestly Goulden Joseph Frederick Anderson Dudley Durward Hale, Jr. Donald Eugene Bartos Robert Byron Beck Robert Ar thur Boberg James Victor Boyd John Edward Cahoon, Jr. Jerry Ben Carsey, Jr. Phil Kirk Chatman Paul Alvin Clinkscales Gerald Pirot Doke John Edmund Eliason Homer Godsey Ellis James Vandenburgh Endress Anthony Carlyle Fryar Murry Browder Giles Lewis Stone Keith Ernest Waddell Lentschke Jim Dick Lovett Francis James Maloney William Sanders McGarrahan Harry Anthony Nass Simon Sam Mury Paxson Clifton Howard Pieper James Arthur Raper Gary Don Reedy Leon Arthur Whitney Coley Jerald Williams John Walter Wood The buffet supper is popular with both nishees and members of Phi Kappa Tau. Fall PAUL ALVIN CLINKSCALES DUDLEY DURWARD HALE, JR. GERALD PIROT DOKE .... WILLIAM SANDERS MCGARRAHAN OFFICERS President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Spring PAUL ALVIN CLINKSCALES DUDLEY DURWARD HALE, JR. GERALD PIROT DOKE WILLIAM SANDERS MCGARRAHAN Top Row. Anisman, Bath, Brand, Brown, Gorman, Denowitz. Second Row: Desenberg, Dolich, Eisen, Englander, Engle, L. Finger. Third Row: Franks, Freedman, Friedlander, Gerson, Goldstein, Greenberg. Fourth Row: Hauser, H. Kaminsky, M. Kaminsky, Katz, Klein. P tc The campus will well remember the big Phi Sig campaign for " Neurotic " Nathan which won him the Campus Chest trophy for Ugly Man. The fraternity raised over $750 for his election. Ac- tive in many campus areas, the Phi Sig ' s entered Varsity Carnival and Round-Up and participated in various intramural sports. Purple and white are the colors of Lambda chapter which was established in 1920 on the UT campus. Lambda is one of 26 Phi Sigma Delta chapters. Robert Marx Bath Samuel Jay Gorman Julius Desey Desenberg Jerry Herman Deutser Lawrence Burton Finger Edmond Goldstein PLEDGES Ronald Mitchell Katz J. Livingston Kosberg Jerome Jacob Nathan Stephen Rodman Ross Barry Raymond Russak Jerry Ames Wells Lambda chapter at 2626 Speedway. Top Row. Kornfeld, Kosberg, Landa, Levit, Levy, Mend- lovitz, Nathan, Rafshoon, Rauch, Rose, Rosenfield, Rosmarin. Second Row: Ross, Russak, Schwartz, Shade, Shainock, Sherman, Sigman, Steinberg, Totz, J. Wells, R. Wells, Zweig. PAGE 496 MEMBERS Melvin Aardvark Anisman Max Stanley Levit Joel Stanley Brand Stephen Zackary Brown Marvin Allen Denowitz Ira Jules Dolich Harold Marvin Eisen Leonard Marion Englander Earl Jay Engle Marvin Alan Finger James Martin Franks Louis Freedman Jack Friedlander Ronnie Gene Gerson S. Louis Greenberg Ronald Joseph Hauser Harold Leonard Kaminsky Marvin Byron Kaminsky Gerald Fenton Klein Julian Potash Kornfeld John Carl Landa Jack Mose Levy Milton Allen Mendlovitz Russell Edward Oppenheim Gerald Monroe Rafshoon Alan Maury Rauch Herman Rose Donald Rosenfield Larry Melvin Rosmarin Richard Alan Rudy Benjamin Haskell Schwartz Joseph Shade Victor Marvin Shainock Stanley Alan Sherman Gerald Norton Sigman Lawrence Edward Steinberg Jon David Totz Richard Allan Wells Harold Isadore Zweig Phi Sigma Delta ' s and their dates enjoy a formal dinner party. OFFICERS Master Prater . Vice-Master Prater Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Spring DONALD ROSENFIELD RICHARD ALLEN WELLS LAWRENCE EDWARD STEINBERG LEONARD MARION ENGLANDER S. Louis GREENBERG Fall JOHN CARL LANDA . DONALD ROSENFIELD RONNIE GENE GERSON . LEONARD MARION ENCLANDER S. Louis GREENBERG . . $. Phi Top Row: Barker, Bass, Bell, Bousquet, Caragonne, Clark. Second Row: Cole, Coulter, Cox, Cromack, Cummings, Cutbirth. Third Row. Domm, Foerster, Gillett, Grissom, Halden, Harkrider. Fourth Row. Harrison, Henry, Heslep, Huckaby, Isenberg, Johnson. Fifth Row. King, Kubecka, Laird, Leggitt, Lockett, Loth. Wilson Roger Barker Terry Daniel Bass Charles Daniel Clark Robert Crowell Cole Clay Hamilton Cox Billy Flake Cummings, IV Charles P. Durrenberger Stewart Morris Gillett Tracy Ross Gordy Manuel M. Hall Charles Archer Harris Nick A. Harrison Adam Peter Heslep, Jr. Richard Hayle Huckaby Kenneth Richard Johnson Robert E. Jones Lee Alva Laird Samuel Hunter Leggitt, Jr. Kappa Theta Triton chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa was established in 1947. One of 65 chapters the colors are magenta and silver and the flower is the Red Carnation. The Phi Sig ' s national project is to aid with the Cerebral Palsy Foundations all over the country. The chapter here is working with the local foundation. Each year the Phi Sigma Kappa ' s elect a Phi Sigma Kappa Moon- light Girl and the winner is entered in the na- tional contest. They won first place in the Dads ' Day Award for attendance, second place in the Aggie Sign contest and honorable mention in Sing Song. To round out the year-the fraternity had several house parties and a spring retreat. FACULTY FREDERICK JOSEPH ADAMS, Assistant Dean, College of Education FRANKLIN LANIER Cox, Assistant to the President KARL KERMIT KLEIN, Assistant Professor of Physical Training for Men PLEDGES Luther Flinn Marshall Richard Gerald Mayer Paul Edward McManus James Donald Moss Danny Earl Newbrough Gerald Ray Petersen James Paul Piles Walter Brown Pistor Robert Perry Runnels Jesse Leon Sabala, Jr. Bryce C. Sanford John Wesley Sauer Mike H. Sebastian Denman Vodrie Smith Hester Reid Stewart William John Sutton, Jr. Ernest Welman Wilson Robert Samuel Wilson Theta Triton chapter at 102 West 20th Street. Top Row: Maley, Marshall, Mayer, McManus, Meredith, Moss, Newbrough, Piles, Pistor, Polka, Potter, Price, Robertson. Second Row. Sabala, Sanford, Scurlock, Sebastian, D. Smith, J. Smith, Stevens, Sutton, Thompson, Wheel- er, E. Wilson, Mildred S. Young, Zepeda. PACE 498 MEMBERS Don Blue Charles Larry Bell Thomas G. Bousquet Alex Caragonne John Robert Cromack Joe Carl Coulter William Murray Cutbirth Whit Clark Dill Ernest Joseph Domm, Jr. Paul Adolph Foerster David Grissom Leon Gilbert Halden, Jr. Robert Elmo Harkrider William Arthur Henry Don Lee Isenberg Charles Winston King, Jr. James Lawrence Kubecka Ford Lee Lockett Helmut Martin Loth Karl Archer Maley William Card Meredith Frank Otho Kurt Osmon, Jr. Edward Allen Polka William Richard Potter Tom Price, Jr. Loyd Gordon Robertson N. Loyd Scurlock James Murray Smith Joseph Walter Stevens Robert R. Thompson Royce Dale Wheeler James Zepeda Dean Jack Holland presents the award for the best attendance at Dads ' Day to Phi Sigma Kappa president William Richard Potter. OFFICERS Fall WILLIAM RICHARD POTTER LEON GILBERT HALDEN . DON LEE ISENBERG WHIT CLARK DILL CHARLES LARRY BELL PAUL ADOLPH FOERSTER President . Vice-president Secretary . Treasurer . Sentinel Inductor Spring WILLIAM RICHARD POTTER KARL ARCHER MALEY DON LEE ISENBERG WHIT CLARK DILL THOMAS G. BOSQUET JOSEPH WALTER STEVENS O ) ' ?m p ft Top Row: Adkins, Akard, Baggaley, Banowsky, Benson, Best, Blair, Bondies. Second Row. Brooks, Burkholder, Busby, Caddell, Campbell, Car- penter, Carroll, Chamberlin. Third Row: Chandler, Chenault, Colley, Cornell, Culver, Delaney, J. Dickson, R. Dickson. Fourth Row: Donovan, Dunn, Easter, R. Evans, S. Evans, Farris, Giles. Fifth Row: Glazbrook, Greer, Guthrie, J. Hall, Henderson, Hill, Hornbuckle. Sixth Row: Hruska, Huggins, James, Jenkins, Keeling, King, Kocurek. John Crawford Akard James Aubra Banowsky Stephen Ernest Best Eddie Ray Blair James A. Brewer James Warren Bronstad Lee Harris Burkholder Harold Lane Chandler Roger V. Chenault Flavil Lawson Colley David Mayo Cornell William Hampton Culver Jerome Ersel Dawkins Albert Lindsay Delaney Joseph Donnell Dickson Thomas Michael Donovan Douglas Worth Duderstadt Robert James Dunn Walter Webb Duson James D. Easter Robert Eugene Farris Beta Mu chapter at 2400 Leon. A Glflia The Pi K A ' s took the campus by surprise this fall winning for the second straight year both the Aggie Sign contest and the Greek Sing Song. To the strains of " Roger Young " the Pi K A ' s moved on through their activity filled year, which included Varsity Carnival and Round-Up, There were also Christmas and spring formals, and a Mothers ' Day tea. The fraternity had its Founders ' Day Banquet in February and later in the spring a weekend party. Beta Mu chapter, one of 109 national chapters, was established in 1920. The chapter house received an out- standing architectural award this year. Lily-of- the- Valley is the flower of Pi Kappa Alpha; gar- net and Old Gold its colors. FACULTY L. THEODORE BELLMONT, Professor and Director Emeritus of Physical Training GEORGE W. HOFFMAN, Associate Professor of Geography PLEDGES Sammy Antone Giammalva Perry Montgomery Giles James David Gillaspie Eddie Mack Gipson Robert Earle Hall Lynn Barnett Hedrick Boyd Lewis Henderson Phillip Floyd Herring James William Hill John Arthur Hruska William Neal Kocurek Phillip Irving McConnell David Doss Michie Eddie Lee Mize Pete Ochsenbein James Parker Oliver Russell Irving Orr Milton Phillip Overstreet James Maurice Raymond James Van Richards James Arthur Rising Frank Hunter Robinson Norman Keith Rollo Melvin Lynn Roloff Joe B. Sandel Harry Kyle Searle Harry Gene Smith William Elbert Spears Sidney Carl Stewart Donald Ray Stodghill Marion Ramsey Sweatmon F. Nick Taylor George Bluford Tittle Ronald George Trageser Maxie Joel Triplett Joseph Jean Vuillemin Glen Dee Weise George Ernest Weldon William Watkins West, Jr. James Morgan Williams Top Row: McConnell, Michie, Mize, Ochsenbein, Odom, Oliver, Primer, Rabke, Raymond, Rising, Rivette, Robinson, Rollo. Second Row: Roloff, Rose, Sandel, Searle, J. Singleton, S. Singleton, Smith, Stewart, Stovall, Stultz, Tarrant, F. Taylor, Templin, Terrill. Third Row: Tirado, Torres, Trageser, Triplett, Turnham, Vandygriff, Wachendorfer, Watkins, Weise, Wilborn, Wilcox, Williams, Young, Zivley. O ft PACE 500 JL MEMBERS Allan Britt Adkins James Harry Baggaley Stuart Benson Walton Porter Bondies William Lee Bowers Gerald Rhea Brooks Richard Oscar Busby Vernon Lyle Caddell Walter Dewey Campbell Edward Lee Carpenter Joe Neal Carroll Leo Anderson Chamberlin Thomas Henry Cheavens Robert Temple Dickson Robert Don Evans Scott Doras Evans William Beverly Gardner, Jr. Howard Glazbrook, III James Francis Greer Aubrey Elton Guthrie, II James Albert Hall Robert Leonard Hankal William Edward Hornbuckle, III Jim Buck Huggins Gerald Ray James Frederick Raymon Jenkins Hugh Donald Keeling, Jr. Marvin Earl King Morris Jerome Lann Charles Rice Morgan David Meason Murray Richard Dean Odom Donald Jay Pichinson Charles Austin Primer Raymond Franklin Rabke, Jr. Kerny Antoine Rivette Peter Robert Rose Gene Edward Russell Charles Eugene Russo Melbert Dowlen Schwartz John Bennett Singleton, Jr. Samuel Fleming Singleton, Jr. Pi K A ' s greet rushees at the door of the prize-winning house. John Birdwell Stephens Richard Franklin S to vail Daniel Ashby Stultz Thomas Gage Tarrant Leroy William Taylor James Curtis Templin Robert Kennedy Terrill Terry Mac Tirado Bonner Frederick Torres Robert Crews Turnham L. Alvis Vandygriff Frederick Thomas Wachendorfer, III Edgar Charles Watkins, II James Lucian Wilborn Thomas George Wilcox Dan Russ Young George Andrew Zivley OFFICERS Fall ALLEN BRITT ADKINS AUBREY ELTON GUTHHIE, II . THOMAS GEORGE WILCOX RAYMOND FRANKLIN RABKE, JR. S. M. C. I. M. C. S. C. . TH. C. . Spring RAYMOND FRANKLIN RABKE, JR. THOMAS GEORGE WILCOX ROBERT KENNEDY TERHILL FREDERICK RAYMON JENKINS, JR. _ ) fl - t - ' cvi Founded on the campus in 1884, Texas Rho chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon is one of 136 national chapters. The fraternity colors are pur- ple and gold; the flower, the Violet. In a ddition to having several men in varsity athletics, the SAE ' s figured prominently in intramurals this year. Defending champions of the All-Year Fra- ternity Trophy, they won the fraternity football championship. The SAE ' s held fall and spring formats, a house-party in the spring, and also had a Christmas party for a local orphanage. The climax of the year for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon boys came with the completion of their new house which they moved into in January. FACULTY JOHN CARUTHERS BRODERICK, Instructor in English HARRELL ESTES LEE, Associate Professor of Journalism JERRE STOCKTON WILLIAMS, Professor of Law DUDLEY K. WOODWARD, JR., Board of Regents .. Top Row. Adkins, Baldridge, Barrett, F. Bartle, W. Bartle, D. Black. Second Row: W. Black, Borchardt, Bray, J. Brelsford, R. Brels- ford, Brittelle. Third Row: Can, Chessman, Clay, Crittenden, DeWalch, Douty. Fourth Row: Edge, Edmundson, Foran, Foster, Gilmore, Gran- tliani, Greenwood. Fifth Row: Gregg, Haight, Hail, Hampton, D. Harrell, M. Harrell, Harris. PLEDGES James W. Baldridge Frank Thomas Bartle Thomas Alton Blakeley Dan Keith Borchardt Tom E. Buck William Richard Carr William Leonard Edmundson, III James T. Elliott, HI Robert Anderson Ellison Felix William Foran Joseph Holt Foster, Jr. Kim S. Garrett Charles William Grantham, Jr. Jimmy M. Greenwood Edward Allen Haight Donald L. Harrell Sidon Harris Lafayette B. Herring, Jr. Max Preston Kelley Mike Clark Kendrick James Albert Mashburn Joe Charles Pinkner James Harrison Puff, Jr. Gerald Nevett Purcell Thomas Michael Quigley Tom Bateman Renfro Manis Dale Smith Robert Verhalen Wayne Robert Wash Neil Greg Yows Texas Rho chapter at 2414 Pearl. Top Row : Hart, Hawthorne, John Herlocker, Joseph Her- locker, Herring, Hoy, Hughes, Kiblinger, Ledbetter. Mashburn, McAninch, McCullough. Second Row: Moberly, Nolley, Nourse, O ' Brien, Oliver, Peters, Pinkner, Puff, Purcell, Quigley, Renfro, Rit- ter, Rowan. Third Row: Schmid, Shirley, Simmons, Sinclair, Stephen, Stinson, R. Tolar, Tompkins, Tynes, Wharton, Wil- liams, Wood. PACE .502 MEMBERS James Marshall Adkins Eugene L. Ames, Jr. Robert Arthur Anderson Carl Mahan Barnhart Henry Grady Barrett William Otis Bartle, Jr. Dan Preston Black William Henry Black Thomas Coe Branch Wendell Earl Bray James Madison Brelsford Robert Gordon Brelsford Miles Brittelle William Rohmer Campbell Dale Carroll Cheesman, Jr. Marion Richard Clay William Thomas Crittenden Don P. DeWalch Harry Lee Douty Eugene Edge, III William Davis Felder William Dalton Fontaine Curtis Joseph Gilmore Marquis Reed Gilmore Ross Thomson Gault Paul McDonald Green David Walden Greenlee Charles Rebstock Gregg Thomas Lynch Hail James Ernest Hamond Robert William Hampton Marshall Allen Harrell Douglas Hart Hugh Monty Hawthorne John Robert Herlocker Joseph Madison Herlocker Robert Hilary Hoy Jim Dean Hughes James Pat Jones William Gordon Kiblinger Abbe A. Ledbetter Andrew Jackson Lewis George Milton Luhn Jack O ' Dell McAninch Dossett McCullough Allen Lamar McMurrey Charles Royce Moberly Walter Duff Morris S. E. Nolley William Thomas Nourse Michael Hill O ' Brien Charles Sydnor Oden Robert Lee Oliver Marshall Bookman Peters Record playing gives the SAE ' s a break from study. Jack Francis Ritter John Herbert Roberts John Aiken Rowan, Jr. Thomas Windsor Rowan Robert Henry Scale John Harrison Seale John E. Schmid Cecil Gray Sellers Jerry Russell Shelton Carl Wilson Shirley Craig Barrow Simmons Robert Caithness Sinclair Billy Joe Smith Joe Stanley Stephen L. Allen Stinson Pat M. Tolar Roger Lee Tolar Frank A. Tompkins Ronald Eugene Tynes Thomas Heard Wharton, Jr. Jack Tremper Williams Harry Lee Wood, III Fall THOMAS HEARD WHAHTON, JR. ROBERT CAITHNESS SINCLAIR . CHARLES REBSTOCK GREGG HARRY LEE DOUTY .... OFFICERS Spring Eminent Archon . . . JAMES MADISON BRELSFORD Eminent Deputy Archon . MARSHALL ALLEN HARHELL Eminent Recorder . . JIM DEAN HUGHES Treasurer . ... HARRY LEE DOUTY Top Row: Abramson, Anisman, Antweil, Becker, Bindler, Blum. Second Row: Bonnett, Boyd, Chodorow, Cole, Dorfman. Third Row: Garber, Ginsburg, Glazer, Goodfriend, Goodman. Fourth Row: Green, Gurwitz, Hoechstetter, H. Jacobs, R. Jacobs. Murray Allen Abramson Robert Melvyn Becker Ronald H. Blum Hilton Ivan Chodorow Byron Cole David Garber Joel Hoechstetter Robert Alex Jacobs Barry Bernard Kurtz Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity established Sigma Theta chapter on the campus in 1922 as one of its 50 chapters. The fraternity colors are purple and white, the flower, the Purple Aster. The Sammies join annually with Kappa Alpha Theta sorority to give an Easter Egg Hunt for the underprivileged children of Austin. Another an- nual event for the Sammies is their weekend house-party at the Flying L Ranch in Bandera. This year they also had a winter formal, and an El Rancho Sammie Western Party. The Sigma Alpha Mu ' s were runners-up in both the A and B leagues of intramural basketball. FACULTY AAHON SCHAFFER, Professor of Romance Languages ALAN SCOTT, Professor of Journalism IRWIN SPEAR, Assistant Professor of Botany PLEDGES David Lebanoff Sheldon Irving Oster Donald Irving Pomerantz Melville Hirsh Rockoff Stanley Elliott Rothenberg Edward Manny Sankary Leonard Blair Tatar Leon S. Weil Sigma Theta chapter at 1919 Robbins Place. Top Row: Kurtz, Lapin, Levine, Levinson, Liss, Mensch, Miller, Nathan, Norman, Oster, Pomerantz, Rakoover. Second Row: Rothenberg, Rubin, Salzberger, Sankary, Simon, Spigel, Tatar, Waisman, Weil, Wilkenfeld, Wolf, Zodin. OlP PACE 504 MEMBERS Sheldon Anisman Jarrell H. Antweil Arnold Melvin Barban William J. Bindler Stewart Alan Bonnett William Anthony Boyd Bernie Gurston Brown Samuel Yandell Dorfman, Jr. Lewis Samuel Frapart Alvin Martin Frieden Maynard Jack Ginsburg Morton A. Glazer Leonard Albert Goldstein Barry H. Goodfriend Harold Goodman Hal Leslie Green Gary Reagan Gurwitz Howard Jacobs Jack Lapin Julian Robert Levine Stanley Jerome Levinson Shelly E. Liss Walter Howard Mensch Barry Robert Miller Howard Gerald Nathan Daniel P. Norman Martin Perlman Jay Harry Perry Mark H. Rakoover Don I. Reifler Stanley David Rosenberg David Henry Rubin Paul Louis Salzberger Robert Anton Siegel Sammies put their guests to work making flowers for their Round- Up float. Richard U. Simon, Jr. Tommy Spigel Jerry Waisman Jerome Stanley Wilkenfeld Walter Williams William Howard Wolf Gerald Bernard Zodin OFFICERS Fall RICHARD U. SIMON, JR. HOWARD JACOBS GERALD BERNARD ZODIN Prior . . Exchequer Recorder . Spring RICHARD U. SIMON, JR. HOWARD JACOBS GERALD BERNARD ZODIN C u One of 123 national chapters which will cele- brate the 100th birthday of Sigma Chi this sum- mer, Alpha Mu chapter was established in 1884. Its colors are blue and Old Gold and its flower, the White Rose. Alpha Mu chapter received sixth place honors in the Charles G. Ross Pub- lication contest, and was presented a $200 Li- brary Award for scholarship. The Sigma Chi social calendar was filled with the traditional Sweetheart Formal in November, and many open and closed houses. Among the campus ac- tivities, Sigma Chi entered Sing Song, the Aggie Sign contest, Round-Up, and Varsity Carnival. FACULTY ALBERT EVERETT COOPER, Professor of Mathematics STANLEY PHISTER FINCH, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering HUGH LYON MCMATH, Professor of Architecture C ft Top Row: Ahrens, Allen, Andrus, Baker, E. Blackwell, Bonner, Brown. Second Row: Brusenhan, Burdine, Butler, Callaway, Carson, B. Chamberlain, E. C. Chamberlain. Third Row: Clark, Conner, Cundiff, Davis, Dethloff, Dickey, Donovan. Fourth Row: Duckworth, Dudley, Edmonson, Esterling, Fears, Field, Felsman. Fifth Row: Fetzer, D. Frazier, Foretich, Gemmer, Gibson, Grifno, Guenther. Sixth Row: Hall, Harris, Harrison, Hastedt, Hill, Holliday, Huffman. Billy Wayne Andrus Robert Blackwell Julian Swann Blair George Rhamy Brown William Donald Bunn John Alton Burdine, Jr. John Russell Butler Tom Carrigan Bob Elaine Chamberlain PLEDGES Billy Herbert Dube Robert Floyd Duckworth Dale Bowles Dudley Bobby Elkin Edmonson, Jr. Robert Aldrich Felsman Robert David Fetzer Richard B. Foretich David Goodson Frazier Richard Brittain Frazier Edward Charles Chamberlain John Edwin Grifno Kenneth Lee Cochrum Charles Joseph Conner, Jr. Julian Bliss Coskey Jack Layton Davis Coke Hairston Dilworth Allen W. Dockery John Copley Donovan John Patrick Hall, Jr. James Vernon Hamblen Robert William Hastedt Richard Claiborne Jones Stephen Paul Keiser Alex John Lansford Marvin Lee McGahey James Lyons McCall Gerald Gaston McCasland Morton Winston Moriarty Robert Chinn Nelson Vernon Frank Neuhaus Andrew Jackson Phipps, Jr. Robert Ellsworth Rollins Mickey Sallee Richard Martin Selzer Robert Richard Shelton Robert Charles Shreve Freddy A. Skidmore Weldon Lamar Smith Edward Monroe Snyder, Jr. David Pipes Steves, Jr. Joel McGee Wilkinson Noel Cameron Woolverton Alpha Nu chapter at 2701 Nueces. Top Row: Humphrey, Jackson, Jones, Kirby, Martin, Maurin, McGahey, McPherson, D. Meyer, J. Meyer, Moffitt, R. Moore. Second Row: S. Moore, Mueller, R. Nelson, Perkins, Pin- son, Prewett, Pulver, Ricks, Rieger, Rollins, Sewell, Shelton. Third Row: Sherwood, Skeen, D. Smith, W. Smith, Snow, Snyder, Steves, Thompson, Travis, Wiser, Wilkin- son, Wright. PACE 506 MEMBERS William Mays Acker Erwin Ahrens Thomas Scott Allen Hershel Wayne Anderson Douglas Martin Baker Edwin Hearst Blackwell Louis Franklin Bonner Harry Hammet Brusenhan Patton Howell Caldwell, Jr. Wesley Monroe Callaway, Jr. Kenneth Lester Carsey, Jr. Alan Barrow Carson Elliott Aiken Chamberlain Joseph Clyde Clark Thomas Carleton Clowe, Jr. Todd Pettigrew Cromwell Ellsworth James Cundiff, II Ralph Lee DeShong, Jr. Henry Clay Dethloff Lanny Norman DeWitt Billy Melvin Dickey James Cornelius Durbin Richard Ellis Esterling John Huey Fears Neal Ward Ferris Harry Robert Field Joe Davis Foster Richard Blair Gemmer Karl Malcolm Gibbon, Jr. Sidney Joseph Gibson Jack Egon Guenther Max Young Harris Richard King Harrison Edward Mack Hill Robert Winslow Holliday Robert James Huffman David Homer Humphrey Tommy Hayes Jackson John Wesley Jarrett Norval Keith Johnson Edward Cromartie Kirby David Warren Knight Stanley Jack Krist Donald Louis Martin Joe Toland Maurin Graham Eugene McCollough Robert Dean McPherson Robert Francis McRae Daniel Brennon Meyer John Kampmann Meyer James Smith Miles Jerrell Frank Moffitt James Samuel Moore, Jr. Richard Lewis Moore Charles Paul Mueller, Jr. John Neil Murphy Walter Thomas Nelson James William Owens Clay Kemper Perkins Joe Allen Pinson William Adrian Prewett Robert Elliott Pulver Sigma Chi members and rushees talk during a Rush Week party. Lee Edward Ricks, Jr. Robert Lewis Rieger Carl John Rosenquist Frederic Dana Sewell Don Baker Sheffield John Tristani Sherwood Joseph Bailey Skeen, Jr. Benjamin Henry Skyles David Grim Smith Thomas Marion Snow Charles Christopher Springer Ben Alan Terry Robert Andrew Thompson, 111 Robert Simeon Travis Edward Wilton Turley, Jr. Alex Lloyd Vinson William Lee Warrick Emory Landrum White, Jr. William Dewey Wiser, Jr. Michael Gordon Wright OFFICERS Consul Pro-Consul Tribune . Annotator Quaestor Spring BILLY MELVIN DICKEY . ROBERT SIMEON TRAVIS KENNETH LESTER CAHSEY, JR. LEE EDWARD RICKS, JR. WALTER THOMAS NELSON Fall TOMMY HAYES JACKSON ALEX LLOYD VINSON JOSEPH CLYDE CLARK ROBERT SIMEON TRAVIS WALTER THOMAS NELSON Top Row. Adams, Angel, Appling, Atherton, Banks, Bateman, Bennett. Second Row: Billings, Boyle, Brant, G. Burke, J. Burke, Bynum, Capt. Third Row: Carey, Clark, Coker, Cook, Cowley, Davis, Dieb. Fourth Row: Farrar, Graner, Hague, Hamilton, Hastings, Hensey, Kite. Fifth Row: Hudson, Huston, Kiatta, Lewis, Marshall, Martin, Martinez. Upsilon chapter at 1002 West 26th Street. Tlu Upsilon chapter, one of 122 chapters of Sig- ma Nu, was established on The University of Texas campus in 1886. The Sigma Nu colors are black, gold, and white, its flower, the White Rose. The Sigma Nu ' s entertained underprivileged chil- dren with a Christmas party, and in the spring set aside two weeks for charitable and com- munity service projects. They were participants in Sing Song, Varsity Carnival, and Round-Up on the campus. The fraternity ' s social year was brightened by two retreats and the annual White Star Formal. FACULTY MALCOLM YOUNG COLBY, Professor of Physics HENRY GORDON DAMON, Associate Professor of Geology GEORGE HOMER FANCHER, Professor of Petroleum Engineering ARCHIE N. JONES, Professor of Music EUGENE PAUL SCHOCH, Professor of Chemical Engineering KEITH E. MORRISON, Professor of Law RALPH BUHNHAM THOMPSON, Associate Professor of Marketing and of Journalism PLEDGES Jerry Max Adams Thomas Edward Atherton Robert Lewis Baldridge James Edwin Banks Wayne Ard Bateman John Francis Boyle Earl Drake Brant Sam Raymond Bright Steve M. Bvnum Robert William Capt Russell Raymond Carey Robert Scotland Clark William Gordon Coker Owen Grady Cook Jack Westmoreland Cowley Robert Clark Farrar Walter Russell Hensey Gary Paul Kite Bobby J. Huston Sherman Wimmer Johnson Top Row: Matthews, McElroy, McLarry, McMurrey, Moers, C. Paty, W. Paty, Potter, Rattikin, Reed, Robinson, Ross, Rossy, Ryall. Second Row: Service, Slaughter, Stearnes, Taylor, Temple, Thompson, Thornton, Walker, Wanenmacher, Ward, Weber, Woodward, Wright, Wysong. Howard William Kiatta Samuel Lane Jerry Glenn Lewis Gilb ' ert G. Marshall Dee Russel McElroy Fred D. McLarry Marvin McMurrey George William Moers Alan E. Muller Joe Lee Neal Ellis Ohmstead Donald W. Reed John Schwartz James Howard Stearnes Roy Gilbert Shivers John Rogers Temple Harold Lewis Thornton Robert Dee Walker Edward D. Woodward Walter Scott Wysong PACE 508 MEMBERS Charles Allan Angel, Jr. James K. Parker Floyd Edward Appling, Jr. Crurles Robert Paty James Baxter Bennett Virgil Weldon Billings George Strother Burke John Malcolm Burke Gibson Milton Davis Nicky S. Dieb, Jr. Robert David Dolley, Jr. Leslie W. Giddens, Jr. Ralph Emerson Giles Ronald Lorimer Graner Gary Ronald Hague Anthony Brock Hamilton Arthur John Hartel Dickie Doyle Hastings Edward Randall Hudson Mitchell Louis Martin Michael Martinez Steven Clark Matthews Earl Johnson Nesbitt, Jr. William Ralph Paty, Jr. Thomas Alexander Pressly Charles F. Potter, Jr. William Jackson Rattikin Jerry Hugh Roberts Thomas Wesley Robinson Gordon Parker Ross Hubert Edward Rossy, Jr. Barclay Ryerson Ryall Robert Corr Service Edward Dantzier Slaughter, Jr. Kerry Sherard Tandy James Spence Taylor, Jr. Thomas Van Thompson John Richard Vaughan Joseph M. Wanenmacher Harry Nathan Ward, Jr. Donald E. Weber William P. Wright, Jr. Don Weber, Tommy Thompson, Dean Jack Holland and the Rev. Jack Lewis help Bob Capt unpack at the Sigma Nu retreat. Fall FLOYD EDWARD APPLINC, JR. EDWARD RANDALL HUDSON ROBERT COHR SERVICE . DONALD E. WEBER . OFFICERS Spring President FLOYD EDWARD APPLING, JR. V ice-President . . . EDWARD RANDALL HUDSON Corresponding Secretary . ROBERT CORR SERVICE Treasurer . DONALD E. WEBER Top Row: Albright, Amuny, Ashbaugh, Barnett, Bell, Blalack, Bond. Second Row: Bonham, Bragg, Bryce, Cash, Clark, Clemens, Cook. Third Row. Craft, Craske, Crawford, Crow, Cunningham, Darsey, Dato. Fourth Row. Doctorman, Estes, Floyd, Foote, Franklin, Frede. Fifth Row: Gibboney, B. Goldsmith, C. Goldsmith, M. Goldsmith, Gray, Gregory. Sixth Row. Griest, Grimes, Hart, Henderson, Howell, Ingerton. Pkl During the school year the Sig Eps had a wide variety of social and campus activities. Among the social highlights were the Fall Tea Dance, combined parties following the Texas- O.U. and Texas-Rice football games, several cos- tume parties, and a ranch party at the Lost Val- ley Ranch in Bandera. The year was climaxed with the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary celebrations which included the fraternity formal. Texas Al- pha chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon, one of 132 chapters, was established on the campus in 1930. The fraternity colors are purple and red, its flowers, the Violet and Rose. Allen Thomas Acree Edward Ronald Ashbaugh Larry Adrian Barnett Joe Ray Blalack Thomas Guy Bragg, III Donald Berkley Clark Eugene Charles Clemens Mervil Bernard Cook Clark Ellis Crow William Grey Darsey Albert George Franklin Stan Haywood Henderson Leon Poindexter Howell, Jr. John Kindle, Jr. Edward Herbert LaMair PLEDGES Joseph Jasper Lovoi Gerald Eugene Lott Wayne Edgar Lott Sidney Eugene McCrory William Ronnie McElyea Hugh Roth Lee McGaw Charles Patrick McGuire Monte Gerald Moore Walter Joseph Nolan, Jr. Arthur Paul Peterson Rick Lee Reynolds David Gavin Ritchie Thomas Rogstad Walter Asa Saunders, Jr. Gaylon Eric Schulle George Adolph Schultze, III Bruce Thornwell Shepherd George Madison Sims Bayard Martin Smith, Jr. James Edward Sorrells George Gilbert Stubblefield, III Merkel James Stuckey William Joseph Swann Charles Bailey Team Albert Irvin Townsend Charles Edwin Williams Alden Ramon Wilson Frank Oliver Willy James Winterrowd William Walter Wood Texas Alpha chapter at 706 West 26th Street. Top Row: Johnson, Joseph, Klippi, LaMair, G. Lott, W. Lott, Lueg, McCrory, McElyea, McGaw, McGuire, Moore, Morris. Second Row. Morrisson, Neuenschwander, Nolan, Os- borne, Peterson, Reynolds, Ritchie, J. Rogstad, San- ford, Saunders, Schulle, Schultze, Sheldon, Shepherd. Third Row: Sikes, Sims, Smith, Sorrells, Steen, Stubble- field, Swann, Sweeney, Team, Thomas, Townsend, Vannaman, Wilson, Wood. PACE 510 L k. MEMBERS Albert Morris Albright Ronald Alex Amuny Milton L. Bankston Marion Wayne Bell Egbert Hal Bogardus William Howard Bond Joseph Burleson Bonham, III Joseph Tedd Brooks Michael Stuart Brunner William Delf Bryce Warren Pinkney Cash, Jr. Herbert M. Craft Walter Donald Craske John Lacy Crawford James Earl Cunningham George Henry Dato William Owen Doctorman Jack Homer Estes Gentry Lee Floyd Phillip Gene Foote Norman Dwight Frede Richard Beaver Gibboney Beverly Brooks Goldsmith Claude Watson Goldsmith Marcus Hale Goldsmith, II John Clifton Gray Malcolm Russell Gregory Wilbur Herbert Griest Keith Russell Grimes Don A. Hart Robert Richard Ingerton Lynn D. Hughes Gerald Elvin Johnson Roger Edward Joseph Vernon John Klippi Duane Eugene Landry Claud Pope Lane Russell Eddy Lueg Victor Lee Morris Clovis Clyde Morrisson, Jr. Donald Wayne Neuenschwander Dee S. Osborne John M. Rogstad Taylor Howe Sanford, Jr. John Augsburger Sheldon Charles Thomas Sikes Edwin A. Steen, Jr. Harvey Newell Summerlin Carroll Burleson Sumrall Russell Patterson Sweeney, Jr. Clement Beal Thames Thomas A. Thomas Thomas Leslie Vannaman Larry Clay Willimack S. P. E. ' s and guests at the Fall Formal. OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary Comptroller Historian Spring MARION WAYNE BELL ALBERT MORRIS ALBRIGHT DON A. HART CLOVIS CLYDE MORHISSON, JR. JAMES EARL CUNNINGHAM Fall RICHARD BEAVER GIBBONEY WILLIAM DELF BRYCE WILBUR HERBERT GRIEST . CLOVIS CLYDE MORRISSON, JR MARION WAYNE BELL Top Row: Baruch, Bernstein, Chaskin, Farkas. Second Row: Friedman, Kaplan, Lauterstein, Lehman. Third Row: Leiman, Levinson, Lewis, Levy. Arnold Egow Farkas Moise Lauterstein Robert Lehman Norman Lerner Charles Levinson Rho chapter at 2912 Speedway. lau Delta Pki In 1926 Rho chapter of Tau Delta Phi was established on the campus. One of 30 national chapters, this year Rho was awarded the fra- ternity trophy for the chapter showing outstand- ing improvement. The local chapter also received honorable mention in the Tau Delta Phi judging of the best publication within the fraternity. During Round-Up weekend the Tau Delt ' s held their annual Mexican party, and in April their spring formal. They had a Western party in March, and were participants in Varsity Carni- val. In addition to their activity on the campus, the Tau Delt ' s were making plans for their new chapter house. PLEDGES David Mortimer Lewis Stanley Levy Fredrick Schaffner Herschel Bernard Zinn Eli Zonana Top Row: Lipshy, Middleman, Rashti, Schaevitz, Smo- lensky, Stavorowski. PAGE 512 r i Robert Baruch Larry Bernstein Samuel Chaskin Arthur Stuart Friedman Moses Hafkin Goldberg Elliott Robert Kaplan Harold Erwin Levy Marvin Theodore Leiman MEMBERS George Meyer Lipshy Irving Herbert Middleman Edward Joseph Rashti Richard Julius Peter Rottenstein Ronald Norman Schaevitz Meyer Israel Smolensky Ephraim Stavorowski Richard Abe Williams 1 A group of Tau Delt ' s pose with their housemother. OFFICERS Fall Spring LARRY BERNSTEIN . . . President .... LARRY BERNSTEIN HAROLD ERWIN LEVY . . Vice-President . . . RICHARD JULIUS PETER ROTTENSTEIN RONALD NORMAN SCHAEVITZ Corresponding Secretary MOISE LAUTEHSTEIN GEORGE MEYER LIPSHY . . Recording Secretary . GEORGE MEYER LIPSHY MEYER ISRAEL SMOLENSKY . Treasurer .... EDWARD JOSEPH RASHTI Top Row: Biehl, Brady, Busch, Coffey. Second Row: Connell, Coquat, Covington, Dechman. Third Row: Eraser, Fruit, Gauntt, Hornbuckle, Jones. James Patrick Brady James Burns Gerald Leo Coffey, Jr. James Richard Covington John Aubrey Hornbuckle Don Robert Morrison Herbert McRae Nesmith lau K bb Established locally only five years ago, the TKE ' s were instrumental in starting the tradition of the " Orange and White " parade preceding the Aggie football game. Wearing the colors of cherry and grey, with the Red Carnation as its flower, Gamma Upsilon is one of the national fraternity ' s 104 chapters. The TKE ' s have been active participants this year in the Ugly Man Contest, the Aggie Sign contest, and in intra- mural sports. The fraternity entertained with a winter formal. FACULTY RINALDO A. BACON, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering PLEDGES Billy Birkett Oxley Donald Burns Parker Robert Langdon Sheffield James Allan Shelley Edwin Dea Stephenson Locke McKinnon Stuart, Jr. James D. Webb, Jr. Gamma Upsilon chapter at 2610 Rio Grande. Top Row. McMurtray, Mead, Moore, Morgan, Morrison, Myers, Nesmith, Parker. Second Row: Powell, Reimers, Riveio, Shelley, Stuart, Tinsley, Webb, Winston. PACE 514 Donald Howard Biehl William Jepp Busch Edward Sparks Connell Michael L. Coquat Don Arthur Dechman Richard Economy John Gibb Eraser Jerry L. Fruit James Clarence Gauntt James W. Gunn Robert Newton Jones MEMBERS James Holland McGuirt, Jr. Milo Eldon McMurtray David E. Mead Richard Vernon Moore Hubert Augustus Morgan, Jr. Carroll D. Myers, Jr. Victor Boone Powell Don Ray Reimers Ruben Rivero Victor Tinsley, Jr. Phil E. Winston Rush Week finds members of Tau Kappa Epsilon dis- cussing a subject they thoroughly enjoy the merits of Tau Kappa Epsilon. Fall DON RAY REIMERS . DONALD HOWARD BIEHL CARROLL D. MEYERS, JR. HUBERT AUGUSTUS MORGAN OFFICERS Spring President JAMES HOLLAND McGumT, JR. V ' ice-President . . . CARROLL D. MEYERS Secretary VICTOR TINSLEY, JR. Treasurer ROBERT NEWTON JONES Top Row. Adwers, Bice, Callender, Castner. Second Row: Clark, Diemer, Dodson, Eanes. Third Row: Gleason, Hasskarl, Horton, Lararnore. William Stuart Bailey Allen Jay Britt Claude Cordray Dodson, Jr. Robert Albert Hasskarl, Jr. Joseph Julian Horton, Jr. Daniel Thomas Meredith Floyd Eugene Pope William Earnest Robitsek James H. Rogers ilteta Chi One of 110 chapters of Theta Chi, Delta Mu chapter was established locally in 1951. The fra- ternity colors are military red and white, the flower, Red Carnation. The chapter entered many campus activities; Aggie Sign contest, Ag- gie Bonfire, Aggie parade, Round-Up parade and intramural sports. The Theta Chi ' s won one of the championships in intramural wrestling. The chapter won the national Theta Chi award for scholarship. Parties included the Annual Sneaky Pierre, Western Party, Roman Party, many open and closed house parties, hayrides, and picnics. PLEDGES Francis Eugene Sheppard Alan Shield Patrick Thomas Shields, Jr. Bruce Louis Smith Albert Ken Soldier Tom O ' Brien Tuffly David Erland Vassberg Billy Frank Wood Delta Mu chapter at 1802 West Avenue. II - r IK " - I Little, Meredith, Randolph, Richie, Robitsek, Shields, Smith, Vassberg. PACE 516 MEMBERS Ronald Elaine Adwers Egan Ray Gleason s won o Robert J. Bice Dean Lynn Callender Willis Hunt Castner Charles Edward Clark James Arthur Conner Harvey H. Diemer Robert Zempter Eanes Bruce Edward Jones John S. Koldjeski John Richard Laramore Richard Francis Little Lolas Eugene Randolph George R. Richie Cecil Eugene White Ken Solcher, Gene Sheppard, Gene Pope, James Rogers, Allen Britt, and Tom Tuffly on the front porch of the Theta Chi house. OFFICERS Fall DEAN LYNN CALLENDER JAMES ARTHUR CONNER RICHARD FRANCIS LITTLE BRUCE EDWARD JONES . ROBERT ZEMPTER EANES President V ice-President ... Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer Spring DEAN LYNN CALLENDER JAMES ARTHUR CONNER RICHARD FRANCIS LITTLE BRUCE EDWARD JONES ROBERT ZEMPTER EANES fe Bfe Vr I beta Xe Top Row: Aldrich, Badwey, Becker, Benson, Black, Brain la. Second Row: Brooks, M. Brown, Carnes, Davis, Dudley, Eden. Third Row: Embree, Faris, Feibelman, Florer, Garey, Garritson. Fourth Row: George, Goodwin, Hale, Hannan, Hartsock, Hearrean. Fifth Row: Heasley, Hodges, Holder, Johnston, Jolley. Due to the complete destruction of their house by fire during the summer, the Theta Xi ' s began the year making plans for their new chapter residence. The local chapter, Rho, was established in 1913 and is one of the 64 national chapters which will be taking part in the Theta Xi national convention in California this sum- mer. The Theta Xi ' s had a busy year, including two formal dances, the Bowery Ball and a spring formal. They were the All-University ping pong champs, and participants in Varsity Carnival, Round-Up, and the Aggie Sign contest. Late in April the Theta Xi ' s Went on a weekend retreat to Lost Valley Ranch in Bandera. Blue and white are the colors of Theta Xi, the White Car- nation its flower. FACULTY LEO GUY BLACKSTOCK, Professor of Business Law LEE WILSON FISER, Assistant Professor of Voice JOHN MALCOLM FORSMAN, Assistant Professor of English JAMES DONALD MATHENY, Instructor of Mechanical Engineering THOMAS R. SEALY, Chairman, Board of Regents ARCHIE WAUGH STRAITON, Professor of Electrical Engineering PLEDGES Thomas Barry Black Richard James Branda Wayland Alexander Brooks Mason Cooper Brown Billy Ronald Carnes James Ed Davis Howard Franklin Dudley, Jr. Nobel W. Eden, Jr. Cornelius Maynard Florer Richard Lee Garritson Joel Goodwin Barton Daniel Hartsock Roy Edward Hearrean Lynnwood Lyle Heasley Jerrell Aaron Holder George Cardwell Jolley, Jr. Hubert Richard Jones Alan Joel Lilyholm Steven Farris Mafrige Donald Keith Meier Don Noel Militzer William Holloway Power Bert Kris Robinson Kenneth Herbert Sanders George Lertin Sarver Dick Barkley Smith Richard Thomas Smith Willis Baker Springfield Thomas Melvin Ware Rho chapter at 2410 San Gabriel. Top Row: H. Jones, W. Jones, Lilyholm, Lowry, Mafrige, Meier, Militzer, Mitchell, Moon, C. Moore, F. Moore, Paschetag. Second Row: Power, Robinson, Sanders, Shafer, D. Smith, Springfield, Suehs, Ware, S. Watson, Wil- liams, York. PACE 518 MEMBERS William James Aldrich Hollys Wayne Heasley Dan Austin Badwey Eric Baker Becker William Marvin Benson William Lloyd Bissell Anthony Wayne Brown Minor Beckett Crager James Milton Cornelius Donald Lester DeCordova Jon Kent Dezelle Walter E. Embree Charles William Fans James Alan Feibelman Donald Dee French Alan Jack Garey John Edward Gay Ronald Joseph George Robert Kay Hale John Roscoe Hannan James Lamar Hart Clifton Lee Hodges Henry Grady Jones Wilton Ira Jones Roy Edens Johnston Harry Gordon Lee James Dixon Lowry Donald Edward Mitchell John Beverly Moon Charles Thomas Moore Frederick Boggs Moore John Bettis Morelock Carl Paschetag Louie Max Roach George Alan Shafer James Ernest Suehs Harold Cornell Waggonner Stanley Gene Watson Robert Oddy Williams Byron Parker York Theta Xi ' s enjoy a sing song. OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer Fall . WILTON IRA JONES GEORGE ALAN SHAFER CHARLES WILLIAM PARIS HAROLD CORNELL WAGGONNER Spring JAMES ALAN FEIBELMAN CLIFTON LEE HODGES WILLIAM JAMES ALDRICH SORORITY HOUSEMOTHERS Seated: Mrs. Lucy Worthley, KKF, Mrs. B. T. Sampson, r B, Mrs. Dorothy Whalley, J M, Mrs. R. O. Webster, AXQ, Mrs. Alice Bearman, ZTA. Standing: Mrs. C. F. Arrowood, AOH, Mrs. C. E. Newton, AAA, Mrs. Lola H. Landry, KA0, Mrs. Lou W. Collins, AFA, Miss Helen Flinn, Assistant Dean of Women, Mrs. A. J. Cald- well, AZ, Mrs. Tillie Oderbolz, A$E, Mrs. La Trelle Thompson, AF. FRATERNITY HOUSEMOTHERS Front Row. Mrs. Hallie Bransteter, 4 K , Mrs. Rubye Crozier, 0X, Mrs. Edna Simpson, S E, Mrs. Charles E. Ward, 4 A,, Mrs. Jessie R. Stiles, ATQ. Second Row. Mrs. Sophia Dneproff, ATA, Mrs. Lorene Rice, AY, Mrs. Zula Ligon, B0n, Mrs. Sam- my Farrier, ARE, Mrs. Verna Young, SN, Mrs. Pearl Walker, IIKA. Third Row. Mrs. T. L. Collier, SAE, Mrs. Ira Hayes, KA, Mrs. Mary Pryor, J FA, Mrs. La Rue Tipton, SA, Mrs. Mildred Young, SK, Mrs. Edith Gompertz, SAM, Mrs. Lillian Rosen- baum, AEH, Mrs. J. E. Little, AXA, Mrs. Persis Henderson, AS , Mrs. Katherine W. Smith, PAGE 520 Acacia. Dorothy Burgess Sweetheart Best All-Arouncl Phi Kappa Psi j O H % gjg Q H W H co O - Sw V -v H HI HQ W 5 13 WO 8 " 5 P3co oo Q I s ca c s E T3 rt H CO -Q W 3 u H C 5 I pg PS rt O e wo c _ O cij- P3 W on I I. 41 0 a a a as C I i II di K t 03 wo Pw a rt Sigma Phi Epsilon i Come to the Bar-B-Q And the other Round-Up activities. MORE ROUND-UP The " night before " the Delta Zeta ' s work on Liberace. President Jerry Wilson leads the parade in his ( quote ) " most embarrassing moment. " Shades of the " Old South " as the Confeder- ates march. The Alpha Phi ' s Siamese dancer gets finishing touches. IcEw ' i One of the parade beauties, Joan Tompkins. The Air Force drill team, the Orange Wings. Navv ' s Buccaneers. The Rangers of Army ROTC PAKE 529 The International Club parades in costume. The Laredo Club entry. . .more colorful dress. Carol Querolo (dark glasses) and fellow Orange Jackets. The Orange Jackets, too, had a reunion. The Class of 1900 at the Reunion breakfast. Partners swing at the Round-Up Square Dance. Jerry Thompson congratulates Wes Santee after his record breaking mile run at the Texas Relays. ' 54 Sweetheart, Barbara Booz, " stands in " for a third place winner at the Relays. The line forms to the rear at the Round-Up Barbeque -1 A little Barbeque entertainment. Things seem a little crowded around the barbeque tables wits fe The minstrel chorus at the Round-Up Revue. PACE 531 RUSH WEEK Kappa Kappa Gamma PACE 532 Sigma Alpha Mu Theta Chi RUSH WEEK Sigma Delta Tau Phi Kappa Sigma Chi Omega PACE 533 MORE RUSH Tau Delta Phi. Delta Upsilon. VARSITY CARNIVAL Kappa Sigma. Sigma Chi ' s " Story of Three Loves. " Alpha Gamma Delta ' s " Flamin " Mamie. " Carlene Johnson, Chi Omega, is crowned Queen of Varsity Carnival. SHE A Alpha Epsilon Pi ' s " Rodeo. " Lambda Chi Alpha ' s " Time On Our Hands. " PACE 534 Jan Lasseter gets a dunking in the Phi Delta Theta " Water Drop. " Song leaders Terry Williams of Pi Beta Phi and Ray Rabke of Pi Kap- pa Alpha congratulate each other on their first place Sing Song victories. .U OOB MIE PT : A). Larry Bell takes a trip to the fountain. A Hollywood Premiere comes to the Lambda Chi house. AEPi ' s welcome guests at the dedi- cation of their new house. The Zetas serenade. Dean Bill Wood addresses as- sembled fraternity men at the an- nual Greek Week banquet. The DU ' s donned Bermuda shorts for their spring Bermuda Ball. PAGE 535 Bevo steps up to lead the pep rally parade. The interminable wait for O. U. tickets Tommy Thomp- son tells Tita Gillett to " Sink the Sooners. " Cowboys lead the torchlight pa- rade before the Notre Dame game. " Beat the Irish, Beat the Irish, Beat em, Beat ' em. " Yea Orange Yea White " Buck Lansford gets a good-by kiss from Sue Ragsdale. A pep rally moves to the Union for a dance. And the team is off to Notre Dame. Phi Kappa Tau AGGIE SIGNS The pre-Aggie game bonfire blazes high. The Tri-Dorm Sweethearts wait for the Orange and White Parade to begin. Dick Giles, Clark Nowlin, and Bill McAdams keep wandering " farmers " from the bonfire site. Hernando and his cuties rehearse. Frank Luksa, Zapata; Liz Holm, Hattie; and Roily Wester, Her- nando. . .the stars of the show. All dressed up for opening night are Hernando and his ladies fair. HERNANDO ' S HIDEAWAY " Ten Most " hopefuls await the inevitable interviews. Jack Smith and Lawrence Handley help Pud Payne with her rendition of " Steam Heat. " In TSO members of the Faculty Committee for the Preservation of Fine Old Virtues, Jan Le- Laurin, Marcia Cooper, and Da- vid Garber, show disgust at beer consumption. ft; TIME STAGGERS ON Don Spencer tries to sell cigars to co-eds Mary Frances Hodge, Eloise Tate, Pud Payne, and Liz Bigelow. Don Spencer again entices co- eds to try his new fad of cigar smoking, the theme of the show. AQUA CARNIVAL A work crew gets ready for the big show. Aqua Carnival Queen, Marilyn Bronson. More decorations are brought in. Dave Fennekohl, Joe Lee Neal, and Hank Chapman test one of the carnival props. A prop is born. COWBOY MINSTRELS John Landa ties up a strategic placard. Martha Ergle and Jim Cook get Dimes Day rolling. Donations come in from Charlie Brewer, Janice Bourdon, Sue Ragsdale, and Ernest Kistler. CAMPUS CHEST Campus beauties Bar- bara Booz and Joanne Harrell, and Dean Jack Holland approach the auction block. Campus Chest co-chair- men Max Levit and Ann Richards add up the goal-surpassing total of $10,317. At the Talent Show Ann Nicholl plays for the Theta octet. BLOOD DRIVE Jack Levy begins his trek through the blood line. His blood is drawn by Hayle Randolph. And when its over, a coke from Louise Redding. PACE 540 Israeli students lead recreation at Hillel for a program celebrating Israel ' s seventh year of independence. A Moslem Koran, part of an ex- hibit honoring Syria ' s Indepen- dence Day, is examined by Jez- zine Hassan, David Rowland, and AH Bakri. INTERNATIONAL Costumes for " Christmas Around the World " are shown by Kum Jee Chu, Korea; Hertta Hakkinen, Finland; Muwaffag Sarafa, Iraq; Maria de los Dolores Choca, Cuba; Stanley Subhan, India; Adoracion Mayo, Philippines; and Guy Dardel, France. Hertta Hakkinen shows Mary Blasin- game, and Mahmoud Faham of Syria her home, Finland. At the International Reception Munib Masri of Jordan in- troduces Triveni Pop- at of India to Angela Kegler while Thomas C. Cook looks on. Joyce Evans serves punch at the International Tea. Jim Roach examines exhib- its from many countries during International Week. The crew strikes the set of " Morning ' s at Seven, " the Drama Department ' s season opener. Jack Gibson as Laertes and Ted van Griethuysen as Ham- let play a duel scene in B. Iden Payne ' s annual Shakes- pearean production. Hamlet and the queen, Katherine Young, in the " closet scene " from " Ham- let. " The German Department presents its annual Ger- man play, " Tarundot. " Ted van Griethuysen as the wealthy chauffeur, and Christine Fadal in the title role of " Sabrina Fair. " J. R. Patterson in the Drama Department ' s theatre-in-the-round production of " Sabrina Fair. " Hubert Whitfield, Joan Henshaw, and Mary Dare Resley in another scene from " Sabrina. " Radio House with its dramatization of " Horatius at the Bridge " for the Fine Arts Festival. One of a weekly series. . . . " World At Our Doorstep, " presented by the Television Workshop. After a week of hard campaigning Texan Editor, Willie Morris and Pres- ident Ray Farabee find a foot bath relaxing. Shirley Strum and the Texan staff get the Election Extra ready. The Student Court finds Jane Cheever ineligible for the Secretary race. The justices assume their seats tor the trial of Smith vs. the Representative Party ' s new officers. . . .And the audience anxiously awaits their decision. Cactus Editor-elect, Jimmy Rich- ards, greets staffers at the an- nual Cactus banquet. Bob Siegel is sworn in as Vice-President by Jack Little and Arnold Sweet and Pat Perry congratulate Janet Holder as she Arnold Sweet. assumes her new secretarial duties. Campaigning for Shirley Cohen in the Assembly election are Carol Friedberg, Carolyn Shapiro, and Madalyne Buchman. Jere Bone demonstrates the vot- ing machines used in the spring election. 1 A fancy cigarette lighter thrills the crowd at the Power Show. A skillful engineer shows the properties of magnets. Home EC students demonstrate deep fat frying at the Power Show. FEATURES CIVIL DtHNbt MVC2-7 . ' Architecture students Alex Tamayo, Larry Bernstein, and Eugene T. Smith de- sign a model town. Springtime finds aspiring architects sketching build- ings around the campus. Engineering students spend part of their time getting Taylor ' s " T " Room underway. l ! fl Sharon Kugle and Mary Kate Surratt examine information pamphlets distributed by Alpha Delta Sigma during Civil De- fense Week. The first furnishings for the " T " Room come in from friendly law students. - - 4 Swing and Turn serves punch to guests at their fall reception. Barbara Battlestein, Doris Webb, and Beverly Birkel try out for the Texas Stars. Nancy Walker and Judy John- son prepare a treat for the Home EC Club. Governor Shivers buys the first " Cowboy Minstrels " tickets from Kent Mcllyar and Peppy Dial. Janet Holder is crowned sweetheart of the National In- dependent Student Association convention at Colorado A. M. Students in R.O.T.C. were greeted by visiting dignitaries at their spring Honors Day program. The wall by Garrison Hall makes an ideal between class relaxation spot for students. Big Bertha, the largest bass drum on earth makes its new home with the Longhorn band. Santa Claus (Diane McFar- land) presents Block Smith with a gift from the kids at the " Y. " Playing his guitar is one of the favorite hobbies of Dr. George Schulz-Behrend of the Department of Ger- manic Languages. Dick Berger and Barbara Rosenblum ex- amine Ed Luskey ' s plans for lighting Memorial Stadium. Dr. W. H. R. Shaw is well known for the entertaining demon- strations he provides for his Chemistry 605 classes. Harwell H. Harris, Director of the School of Architecture, inspects the announcement of the nationally known Pace Setter House which he designed. Clifton Williams, Ezra Rachlin, and Dean Doty look over Williams ' latest work which was premiered by the Aus- tin Symphony Orchestra in February. Dr. and Mrs. Wilson greet Dean Click, and Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. McCormick at the President ' s Recep- tion in the fall. Miss Steber and Miss Smith experi- ment with white rats in the phar- macy department. Dr. Bob Gordon (center), head of the orientation program, assists new freshmen lost in the registration chaos. i 41 par teet card J Brth McL George Paris, Alfred Schram, Joanne Cope- land, and Fred Buss chat with Miss Leila Giles, secretary of the World ' s Student Christian Federation. Dick Berger and Barbara Rosenblum helped start the fad of Bermuda shorts and pipe-smoking for girls around the campus. Jane Kneip accepts .a scholarship plaque from UTSA President Charlotte Booth at the annual Supper Party of UTSA. A little bit tangled up at a Shangri-La-Oak Grove party. Wayne Bell and Hanna Goldman entertain Negro children at a Christmas party. Members of the Union Dance Commit- tee busily sell tickets to the Sammy In- cardona dance held at the Union in De- cember. Left to right are: Phillip Foote, Betty Thornhill, Margo Freed, Jennie McLellan, Warren Cash, Nancy Hern- stein, George Sims, Jane Reber, and Neil Flores. Celia Barber and Peggy Rowland ex- amine the book passed down to new YWCA presidents since 1894, while Jack Ritter, and Donald Warren talk with Dr. Lawrence Bash at the " Y " spring banquet. Sparky Evans, Thelma Lipscomb and Cheryl Tonroy get ready for the Turtle Club Show. Bob Giles goes in Littlefield Fountain. Wrapping presents for Campus Guild ' s annual Christmas party for underprivileged children are Rus- sell Sharp, James Forbis, and James Parker. Community Service ' Y workers, Susan Black and Sandy Sertegast, play with children at the Austin State School. The ' 55 Bluebonnet Belles, Jo Richardson, Gayle Harlan, Pat Pettway, Billie Beryle Eason, and Gail McClancy are presented at the Cactus banquet. Mary Marcia Kennerly, Julie Johnson, and a friend inquire the way to the tennis courts. Eddie Burroughs has veteran Mike Jamba sign Chi Gamma lota ' s petition protesting parts of Eisenhower ' s new military program. PACE 548 Alpha Delta Sigma pledge Al Senter walks the Drag with his young son, Davey, prior to in- itiation. Students are oriented for volunteer work with mental patients at the State Hospital. I SWEETHEART BLUEBONNET BELLES OUTSTANDING STUDENTS GOODFELLOWS AWARDS The Outstanding Students were selected from nominations made by students and organizations from all areas of the campus by a standing com- mittee composed of the President of the Stu- dents ' Association, the Dean of Men, the Dean of Women, the Assistant Dean of Student Life, the Texan Editor, the Cactus Editor, and the Associate Editor of the Cactus. The Bluebonnet Belles were selected by a committee composed of: the Dean of Men, the Director of the Union, the President of the Stu- dents ' Association, the Texan Editor, the Head Cheerleader, Mr. Gale R. Adkins from the fac- ulty, the Cactus Editor, and the Associate Editor of the Cactus. i m - e t Al y V anciaaa PAGE 556 cr ttta ette U 9- avaae PACE 557 d5 weetkeatt s Jt Sharon Alexander Celia Barber Lynne Collins Billie Beryle Eason Tita Gillett Jane Hardwick Joanne Harrell Janet Holder Virginia Jenull Rosetta McGregor Teddy Moody Madeline Moore Annette Morris Punkin Peterson Pat Pettway Marcia Sebel Nancy Shepherd Marilyn Steele Mitzi Strock Pat Tracy Joan Zappe PAGE 558 H B HV f UE ; " Patricia Lou Bailey Eva L. Baker " Marilyn Ann Bronson " Elizabeth Ann Buck ' Dorothy Ann Burgess " Shirley Pauline Buske " Joyce Nell Camp " Shirley Marquitta Canno Wanda M. Garden " Terry Jo Cocke " Elaine Frances Colin Marcia Beth Cooper Charlotte La Neyl Davis ' ' Patricia Ann Davis " Suzette Claire D ' Ayson Jo Ann DeLoach Louise Diamond " Shirley Lee Dike Linda Adele Levinson Janice Lloyd " Lynne Lovinggood Lanelle Ruth Lutz Aurora Martinez " Jane Gay Maxwell " Carole Lynn May Margo Ann Mayfiel " Gail McClancy Mary Margaret McLemore " Teddy Moody " Madeline Roberta Moore " Annette Morris " Martha Ann Patton " Patricia Ann Pettway " Margaret Lee Preston Sally Prince Jo Carolyn Donaho Kathleen Virginia Drake " Barbara Joan Dresslar " Billie Beryle Eason Jody Ericson " Dorothy Jean Evans " Laura Jane Finley " Jeanette Rita Goodman Carol Anne Goodwin " Paula Jeanette Green " Judy Cribble " Gayle Worth Harlan Nancy Gay Hasten Dianne Hill " Mary Frances Hodge Janet N. Holder " Sally Cash Hunter " Mary Ann Jackson " Mary Virginia Jenull " Carlene Johnson Patricia Elizabeth Jones " Nancigail Jordan Ruth Mary Ramsey " Doni Louise Richardson " Jo Richardson " Barbara Elaine Rosenblum " Carole Lynn Rousculp Videlle Rux " Marcia Lee Sebel " May merle Shirley Alyce Lou Smith " Jacquelyn Malvina Spearman " Jo Ann Starkey " Marilyn Virginia Steele Melissa Gail Strock Sally Ann Thompson Barbara Joan Tompkins Patricia Ellen Tracy Graciela Teresa Vela-Cuellar " Carole Vineyard Elleanor Rann Walker tsy Lee Watkins Alice Seewald Wells Jeanette Louise White EarlencM. A. Whitt Jean Aline Wynn " Joan Sue Zappe Kathleen Kimbro Shirley Anne King Julia Ann Kniker Pauline Ann Kubala Betty Ray Zellner " Semi-finalist V I aule 8Sr J- I I uH. PACE 571 Front Row: Doni Richardson, Carlene Johnson, Pat Pcttway. Second Row: Vlarilyn Bronson, Margaret Preston, Mitzi Strock, Nancigail Jordan, Pat Tracy. Third Row: Alice Wells, Carole May. PACE 572 Call tltlll 7 DADS ' DAY AWARD SIDNEY HOWELL JOE TUPIN Best Ail-Around Girl Best All-Around Bov I P OUTSTANDING $TI D1 TOM K. BARTON Friars; Phi Beta Kappa; ITSA, A0; Great Issues, Secretary; REW Seminar Committee, Chairman; Y, Grievance Committee, Chairman; Faculty-Student Cabinet; Daily Texan reporter; Distinguished Mili- tary Student; Air Force Association, Vice-President; Arnold Air Society, Vice-President; MICA Executive Council. CHARLOTTE BOOTH UTSA, President; Bluestockings, President; Turtle Club; Cap and Gown; Reagan Literary Society; Spooks; Orange Jackets; SRD Advisor; Round-Up Barbeque Committee; Sweetheart Nominee; Delta Delta Delta, Vice-President. MARY DANNENBAUM Orange Jackets, President; Ecumenical Council, President; Y Freshman Sponsor, Scholastic In- tegrity Council, Secretary; REW Steering Commit- tee; Orientation Council; Election Commission; Honor ' s Day Steering Committee, Round-Up Barbe- que Committee; Great Issues; Alpha Lambda Delta; Canterbury Association; University Religious PACE 574 Council. LYNN EVANS Student Engineering Council, President; Chairman of Governing Board of Taylor ' s " T " Room; ASME, Vice-President; Tejas Club; Pi Tau Sigma; BSU; Campus Survey Committee. dtttl: STUDENTS JANE HARDWICK A S Assemblyman; Orange Jackets; Union Activi- ties Council; Hospitality Committee, Chairman; President Wilson ' s Student Advisory Council; Stu- dent-Faculty Committee; REW Committee; Campus Chest Committee; Panhellenic Council, President- elect; Y; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SIDNEY HOWELL Dads ' Day Award for outstanding girl; Orange Jackets; Mortar Board; Campus Chest Steering Committee; Spooks, President; Littlefield Advisor; Round-Up Parade, Co-chairman; Co-Ed Assembly- Pi Beta Phi, President. DIANA KLOTZ Cap and Gown, President; Mortar Board; All-Cam- pus Advisor Council, Chairman; Andrews Advisors, Chairman; Cactus and Ranger artist; Orange Jackets; Pi Beta Phi, Senior Executive. JOHN LANDA Friars; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega; Scabbard and Blade; Interfraternity Council, Secretary; Chairman of Greek Week; Dads ' Day, Chairman; Election Commission; Chairman of Cowboy Minstrels; Phi Sigma Delta, President. PACE 575 OUTSTANDING JACK N. LITTLE Students ' Association, Vice-President; President, Wil- son ' s Student Advisory Council; Texas Student Pub- lications, Board of Directors; Steer Here, Chairman; TISA; Central Round-Up Committee; Round-Up Parade Committee; Round-Up Barbeque Commit- tee; Cowboys; Friars. BILL MARSCHALL Texas Law Review, Editor; Chief Justice of Student Court; Discipline Committee; Social Calendar Com- mittee; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sig- ma; Cowboys, Horse Wrangler; Chancellors; Friars; Alpha Tau Omega. JANE MAXWELL Mortar Board, President; Alpha Lambda Delta; Spooks; Reagan; International Council; Scholastic Integrity Council; President Wilson ' s Student Ad- visory Coun cil; Senior Cabinet; Orange Jackets; Y; Kappa Kappa Gamma, President. PACE 576 MARY MILLER Panhellenic, President; Alpha Lambda Delta; Orange Jackets; President Wilson ' s Student Advisory Coun- cil; Round-Up Campus Participation, Co-chairman; Co-Ed Assembly; Secretary of Committee on Stu- dent Organizations Maintaining Houses; Sidney La- nier, Vice-President; Bow and Arrow Club, Secre- tary; UTSA Council, Kappa Alpha Theta. STUDENTS of Student ndarCom. fcEtoSg. ors; Friars; WILLIE MORRIS Daily Texan Sports Editor; Silver Spurs, Secretary; Sigma Delta Chi; Phi Eta Sigma, President; Public Relations Committee, Chairman; Interfraternity Council; Delta Tau Delta. RUTH PENDERGRASS Mortar Board, Theta Sigma Phi, Secretary; Daily Texan, Texan Women ' s Editor; Wakonda Co-op House Council; Inter-Co-op Council; Summer As- sembly; Orange Jackets; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sym- phonic Band; Y; Eulenspielgelverein. ELWOOD PREISS Alpha Phi Omega, President; Theleme, Vice-Presi- dent; Student Court, Associate Justice; Election Commission; Cowboys Executive Council; Round- Up Parade Committee, Chairman; Discipline Com- mittee; Sweetheart Election Committee; Campus Chest committee. PEGGY ROWLAND YWCA, President; Vice-President of NSCYM- YWCA; Senior Cabinet; Scholastic Integrity Coun- cil; Students ' Association President ' s Cabinet; Cap and Gown, Vice-President; World University Service Committee; Ecumenical Council; WSF Board; Ed- ucation Council; Swing Out, Chairman; Student- Faculty Committee; Orange Jackets; Kappa Kappa Gamma. PACE 577 OUTSTANDING LANGFORD SNEED T Association, Treasurer; football and track letter- man; Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association, Vice- President; Friars; Pharmacy School, Junior Class | President; Silver Spurs; BSU; Delta Upsilon. TEAN SCHWARTZ Panhellenic, Vice-President; Varsity Carnival Co- chairman; Campus Chest Steering Committee; Theta Sigma Phi- Daily Texan Desk Editor; Student Party; Vice-Chairman of Sorority Division; Discipline Com- mittee; Orange Jackets; Hillel; Reagan Literary So- ciety; Co-Ed Assembly; Sigma Delta Tau, President. ARNOLD SWEET Chief Justice of Student Court; Social Calen dar Committee, Chairman; Silver Spurs; Interfraternity Council; Publicity Committee; Discipline Commit- tee; Hillel Governing Council; REW Committee; Athaneaum Debate Society; Varsity Carnival, Pub- licity Co-chairman; Law School Dedication Day Committee; Alpha Epsilon Pi, President. SHIRLEY STRUM Daily Texan, Editor; Texas Stars, Captain; Mortar Board; Phi Beta Kappa; Cap and Gown Council; Theta Sigma Phi; Bluestockings; Orange Jackets; Alpha Lambda Delta. PACE 578 DI NG| STUDENTS ciJ BOB TIMMINS Varsity Swimming Team, Captain; Aqua Carnival, Chairman; T Association; Silver Spurs, Treasurer; Friars; Omega Chi Epsilon; Student Employment Committee; AIChE; Round-tip, Technical Commit- tee; Y Freshman Camp Counselor; Phi Gamma Del- ta, pledge trainer. prfntemity e Commit- mil Pub- ation Dav JOE TUPIN Dads ' Day Award for outstanding boy; Alpha Phi Omega, President; Friars; Cowboys; Kappa Psi; Election Commission, Chairman; Rho Chi; President Wilson ' s Student Advisory Council; Student Chair- man of Orientation Council; Vice-President, Long- horn Pharmaceutical Association; DSF; Sweetheart Election Commission; Senior Cabinet; Student-Fac- ulty Cabinet. ELINOR WARREN Valhalla Co-op, Coordinator; Inter-Co-op Council, President; REW Steering Committee; Round-Up Barbeque Committee, Co-chairman; Cap and Gown, Treasurer; Vice-Chairman of University Cooperative Society Board of Directors; Coordinators Council, President. JERRY WILSON President of Students ' Association; Friars; Silver Spurs, Executive Council; Phi Beta Kappa; YMCA, Board of Directors; Great Issues; Pi Sigma Alpha; Delta Kappa Epsilon. PACE 579 GOODFELLOWS GLADYS BRAVENEC CELIA BUCHAN JERE BONE JOE BROWN IB PACE 580 I GOODFELLOWS JOANNE COPELAND SHIRLEY COHEN DEJE DAILY GOODFELLOWS ANN DAVIS JEANINE GROSS GOODFELLOWS LAWRENCE HANDLEY CLARA HOOTEN NANCIGAIL JORDAN HENRY JACOBY BOB KEITH ROSE JANDA __ T7 GOODFELLOWS CHARLIE MERRILL CATHERINE ROGOWSKI IHBI GOODFELLOWS NANCY SKILES DAVE WILLIAMS JIM WRIGHT PACE 585 PACE 586 Silver Spur Award Mike Flynn Citizenship Award PACE 587 GRADUATION Dr. Reddick, one of the mar shalls, lines up the profs. Senior women await the exercises. An anxious wife straightens hubby ' s hood. Annette Schaefer chats with friends before the processional. ' The graduating class of 1955. The procession of faculty is viewed with interest by Jitter Nolen. Dr. Wilson and the platform speakers begin the program. The editors leave you. . .have fun with the ' 55 Cactus. INDEX Name Pages Aaron, Marcia Gae 401,457 Abbott, Theodore S 124 Abdennour, Samir J 177 Abdulhadi, Hassan Sabri 391 Abdullah, Widad 391 Abell, Bette Carole 459 Abell, Edward Weathers . . . 142, 324 Abernathy, Lt. Col. Edward 312, 345 Abemathy, Thomas Lloyd 142 Abemathy, Bobby Franklin .75, 179, 305, 306, 388, 417 Ablon, Joan Irene 75, 294 Abrahamson, Joann 431 Abramson, Murray Allen . . . 142, 504 Abramson, Clarence Allen 285 Abramson, Stanley Martin 463 Acacia 460, 461 A Cappella Choir 376 Acker, William Mays 507 Acord, Herbert Kent . .108, 388, 412 Acosta, Hilaria Rodriguez 384 Acosta, Lola 182, 237 Acosta. Oswaldo 142, 351 Acosta, Pete R 384 Acree, Allen Thomas 510 Adair, Lillian Pauline 152, 452 Adair, Richard Fraine .... 232, 302, 315,319,479 Adam, Wayne Mott 108, 336, 387, 495 Adamcik, Robert Frank 142 Adame, Oscar 176 Adamo, Michael Charles, III . . 108 Adams, Billy Nelson 142 Adams, Bonnie Ruth 453 Adams, Byron Raymond 124, 178, 335 Adams, Corinne 171 Adams, Earl K 63 Adams, Frederick Joseph ... 53, 498 Adams, Gordon Edward 305 Adams, Harold Glenn 204, 385 Adams, Herbert Duane 109 Adams, James Carroll .212,215,323 Adams, Jerry Max 508 Adams, Joyce Dale 124 Adams, Marianne 142, 426 Adams, Mary Frances 292 Adams, Patricia Kay 142 Adams, Robert Edwin .... 109, 489 Adams, Robert MacColl 403 Adams, Stanley Edward . . . 124, 261, 262, 315, 370, 423, 465, 580 Adams, Walter Dickson 301 Adams, Willard Earl 75, 281 Aday, Barbara 109 Aderman, Joy Ann 142, 432 Aderson, Thomas Wynn 296 Addison, Jane Lee 124, 182 Adkins, Allan Britt 109, 299, 423, 501 Gale Roy 53, 380 James Marshall .... 75, 302, 334, 503 Maurice 40 Noeljean 106 Winston Lamar 299 Adler, Shmuel 300, 306 Administration 31-40 Advenka, Edward John 262 Advertising .591, 593, 595, 597, 599, 601, 603, 605, 607, 609, 611, 613 Adwers, Ronald Elaine 517 Aerl, Rose Mae 437 Aeronautical Engineering 54 Agnew, Kathleen Robertson . . . 109, 262,283,411,435 Aguirre, Manuel 109, 306 Aguirre, Raymundo 109, 389 Aguirre, Thamar Casiano 142 Ahrens, Erwin 124, 507 Aikman, W. M 284 Air Force ROTC 345-362 Aitchison, Marie Sylvia .... 70, 376 Akagi, Nellie Marie 142, 405 Akard, John Crawford 108, 262, 500 Akers, Jerry Dale 142, 177 Akers, Patsy Ruth 142, 446 Akin, Peggy 53 Akridge, Albert Neal 75 Al-Aish, Matti S 315, 391 Al-Alusi, Abdul Fatah 391 Alami, Samih Yusuf 70, 391 Alaniva, Beverly Ruth .... 286, 298 Alba Club 384 Albers, Carl Clarence 60, 301 Albright, Albert Morris 109,267,511 Albright, Jimmy Lon 250, 491 Alcaide, Jose Eduardo 355 Alcorn, George Avery 483 Alcom, Etoile Margaret ... 75, 437 Alderman, John Anthony 262 Alderson, Curtis Jackson ..53,175, 407, 484 Aldis, Gilbert Ronald 124 Aldous, Edward Allen .... 109, 467 Aldrich, Jean Helen 142, 458 Aldrich, William James . . . 124, 519 Alegria, Adelina 75 Aleman, Samuel C. . 407 Alexander, Betty Jane 53, 313, 407, 438 Alexander, Claire Louise . . 142, 434 Alexander, Jack M 109 Alexander, James Rice 142 Alexander, Marjorie Ann . . 142, 440 Alexander, Robert Harwood .... 305 Alexander, Sharon . . . 343, 437, 558 Name Pages Alexander, Virginia Joyce 440 Al-Fakhri, Mustafa S. Hussain .75, 390 Alff, William Carl 390 Alfred, James Kenneth, Jr. . 142, 484 Alford, John Herbert 321, 412 Alford, Nedra Odette 142 Alford, Patsy Jean 75, 298, 437 Alhambra House 176 All Campus Advisors Council . . 310 Allen, Arthur Malachi, III 109, 403, 491 Allen, Betty 411 Allen, Bohn Dixon 229 Allen, Calude 414 Allen, Donnall Joe 142 Allen, Edith Gibson 455 Allen, Elizabeth Juanita 124, 419, 447 Allen, Eloise 124, 174, 310, 427 Allen, Eugene M 75 Allen, G. Claude ... 3, 75, 272, 380 Allen, Georganne 427 Allen, George Carson, Jr. . . 124, 324 Allen, Ira Jefferson, Jr. 142, 335, 464 Allen, Joe Raymon 337, 473 Allen, John Rector 75, 481 Allen, Len Spears 142 Allen, Margaret 446 Allen, Patrick Jordan 335 Allison, Robert Clinton . . . 124, 468 Allen, Robert Edward 75 Allen, Rufus, Jr 387 Allen, Ruth A 44 Allen, Thomas Scott 281, 507 Allen, Whitcomb Michael 142 Allert, Marianne 373 Allison, Julia Beth 174, 310 Allison, Mildred V 75 Allison, Nelson Turner 70 Adkins Adkins Adkins Adkins Adkins Allison, Travis Allen 124 Allison, Wilmer 224 Allman, F. N 248 Allred, John B 284 Allred, Shirley Marsha 142, 448 Al-Mashat, Mohammad Aziz 390,391 Almazan, Jimmy A., Jr. 124,177,360 Almogabar, Virgil, Jr 124 Almquist, Jane Louise 142 Almy, Helen Ruth 124 Alonzo, Anthony L. . . 124, 328, 412 Alpay, Okan 251, 295 Alpargun, Sermet Salih ...251,420 Alpha Chi Omega 424, 425 Alpha Delta Pi 426, 427 Alpha Delta Sigma 280 Alpha Epsilon Delta 281 Alpha Epsilon Phi 428, 429 Alpha Epsilon Pi 462, 463 Alpha Gamma Delta 430, 431 Alpha Kappa Psi 282 Alpha Lambda Delta 283 Alpha Omicron Pi 432, 433 Alpha Phi 434, 435 Alpha Phi Omega 311 Alpha Tau Omega 464, 465 Alphin, James H 177 Alspaw, Dewey Ivan ..75,177,350 Alsup, Melba Faye . . . 124, 182, 405 Alter, David R 75, 187, 244, 327, 477 Al-Uthman, Hilmi Saber 70 Alvarez, Hoy Rodriguez, Jr. ...319 Alves, Henry F 52 Alvis, Jim Ed 109 Al vis, Laura Lee 142 Amador, Eduardo 388 Amaya, Robert Richard .... 76, 282 Amaya, Teresita 182, 384, 393 Ambrose, Dolores Jean 124, 266, 424 Ament, Billy Clyde 354 American Association of Architectural Engineers 385 American Finance Association . . 386 American Institute of Electrical Engineers and Institute of Radio Engineers 387 American Institute of Mechanical Engineers 288 American Society of Civil Engineers 389 American Society of Mechanical Engineers 390 Ames, Eugene Leroy, Jr. ..316,503 Amis, Sandra 124 Ammann, Victor Rudolf, Jr. 402, 418 Amos, Bonita June 142, 401 Amos, Henry Culberson, Jr. 288, 473 Amstead, Billy Howard 57,300,417 Amundson, Nona Ann 445 Amuny, Ronald Alex 253,511 Anders, Norma Carolyn 438 Anderson, Arvid Asa 358 Anderson, Berta Myrlene 447 Anderson, Bryan Dick 354 Anderson, C. Dixon 48 Anderson, Cecil Allen 484 Anderson, Charlene 142 Anderson, Don 359 Anderson, Dorothy 276 Anderson, Edward 492 Anderson, Evelyn Elizabeth .... 76 Anderson, Frances Mae 142 Anderson, Fred Graydon . . 143, 224, 295, 322, 378, 379 Anderson, George Clifford .... 390 Anderson, George Green ..328,412 Anderson, Gordon V 53 Anderson, Henry Monroe 469 Anderson, Hershel Wayne . . 76, 507 Anderson, John Eldon 109, 106, 323 Anderson, Joseph Frederick . . . .495 Name Pages Anderson, John Jacob 351 Anderson, James Throwbridge . 484 Anderson, Judith Constance . . . .451 Anderson, Larry Wayne . . 109, 227 Anderson, Lynn Foster 299 Anderson, Martha Vaughan 394, 451 Anderson, Mary Elizabeth 425 Anderson, Maurice Sidney . . . .124 Anderson, Myrlene 321 Anderson, Nancy Jane .... 283, 395 Anderson, Oscar Frank 76 Anderson, Patsy Ann 109 Anderson, Raymond Hugh 472 Anderson, Reba Jean 124, 395 Anderson, Reece Brooks 210, 211,473 Anderson, Robbin Colyer ...44,484 Anderson, Robert Arthur ...76,312, 349, 503 Anderson, Roland G 70 Anderson, William Kent . . . 247, 492 Anderson, William Marcelus, III 109, 485 Andis, Bill 288 Ando, Louise M 182 Andress, Ottie Levaughn 76, 302, 325 Andrews, Carol Eugene 487 Andrews Dormitory 167 Andrews, Jack Clayton 76, 387 Andrus, Billy Wayne 109, 350, 394, 506 Andrus, Jack Loran 311 Angel, Charles Allan, Jr 124, 322, 509 Angel, Jack A 387 Aniol, Elaine Elizabeth . . 109, 174, 310, 437 Anisman, Melvin Aardvark ....497 Anisman, Sheldon . . . 108, 316, 505 Ansley, Emma Leigh (Tetta) .109, 455 Ansley, Russell L 143 Anspacher, Joan 237, 409, 425 Anthony, Thomas Wayne . . 359, 472 Antoine, Josephine 59, 303 Antweil, Jarrel H 505 Apel, Karen Ann 143 Appelt, Glenn David . 179, 246, 247 Applewhite, Bob 250 Appling, Collie Bryan 475 Appling, David Love 328 Appling, Floyd Edward, Jr. . 76, 509 Applewhite, Robert Lenoir 483 Arab Student Association 391 Arafat, Nabhan Zeidan . . . 177, 391 Arbingast, Stanley A 51, 492 Arbum, Robert William 76 Archer, Alyce L 431 Archer, John Earl 295 Archibald, Russell Dean . . . 300, 390 Architecture Building 11 Architecture Faculty 61 Arden, Glenn Ancel 3, 143, 273, 360 Ardoun, John Louis 296 Argue, Douglas William 493 Arick, Ann Elaine 431 Arledge, Alberta Ann 109,411, 416,437 Armatta, Wilber James 284 Armendariz, Regina Iris 76 Armes, Jimmie G 109 Armour, Marsha Ann .... 124, 395, 409, 425 Armstrong, Bob 40 Annstrong, Charlene 262, 405 Armstrong, Don Richard 404 Armstrong, Jan 124, 448 Armstrong, Joseph Burke 181 Armstrong, Katherine Ann 435 Armstrong, Orville A., Jr 285 Armstrong, Richard Rhoades 388, 473 Army ROTC 318-332 Arney, Ann Binford 124, 449 Amer, Radford k 333 Amett, H. Ray 323 Arnette, Joseph H 60 Amhold, Ray C 40 Arnh old, Thomas Duncan . 143, 328. 412,488 Arnold Air Society 312 Arnold, Carl Edward 325, 406 Arnold, Carole 76, 376, 449 Arnold, Homer Christly 143 Arnold, Hugh Humphries 143 Arnold, Lloyd Elvin, Jr 489 Arnold, Mary 271 Arnold, Norma Jean 109,313, 314, 459 Arnowitz, Roslyn 109, 310 Aronson, Irma Lew ..109,411,429 Arranaga, Carlos H. ...... 124, 322 Arrington, Berry Jean 452 Arrington, Robert Newton . 109, 385 Arrowood, Mrs. C. F 520 Arrowood, William Eugene .... 387 Arthur, William Pierce, Jr 124 Arts and Sciences Faculty .... 42-49 Ascher, Joan 76, 411, 429 Ashbaugh, Edward Ronald .... 124, 358, 510 Ashbel Literary Society 392 Ashburne, Jim G 50, 284, 285 Ashby, John Edmund, Jr. . .124,467 Ashby, Mollie Sue 458 Ashby, Morris Edward .... 76, 282, 284, 319 Ashby, Patricia Dianne . . . 124, 449 Ashcraft, Margaret Kaye 444 Ashendorf, Harold Wesley 295, 350, 462 Name Pages Ashford, James Harvey, Jr 376 Ashley, Alvin Owen 179, 243, 250,320,412 Ashley, Jimmie Harold 124 Askew, Annette Katinka 437 Assami, Mohammad Mohammad 391 Association for Childhood Education 393 Astudillo, Louis 177 Ater, BUI F 109 Atherton, Bowden Marion . . . 489 Atherton, Henry Winfield ..351,489 Atherton, Thomas Edward . 109, 508 Athletics 187-232 Atkin, Richard Thatcher 315, 327, 467 Atkins, Arlene Joyce . . 143, 401, 405 Atkins, George Pope 334, 336 Atkins, Glenn P 143 Atkins, Hal W., Jr. ... 280, 380, 481 Atkins, Joyce Gayle 143 Atkins, Laura Louann .... 409, 437 Atkins, Pat 243 Atkinson, Harold O ' Hanion . . . 109, 399, 479 Attar, Ahmad M 391 Attar, Wahib M 391 Attwell, Anne VanZandt 449 Attwell, K. V 40, 124, 226 483 Atwill, Douglas Eugene ...316,491 Atwood, James Wade 322 Auld, George E 187, 219, 220 Aurah, Abdul Latid 388 Austin, Ann Jeanneanne . . 124, 172, 310, 392, 459 Austin, Arlene Faye 125 Austin, Jo Ann 125, 382 Austin, Nancy Allen 125, 240 Austin, Rosemary 76, 407, 427 Austin, Sylvia Gail 143, 434 Atkin, Richard T. . .76 Atkins, Hal W 76 Auld, George Ernest 109 Authur, James 311 Auvenshine, Billy Ford 390 Avant, A. Franklin, Jr 125 Avera, Cleo Marie 125, 283 Avers, Leroy Frederick . . . 295, 350 Averyt, Elmore McCall, Jr 109, 281,491 Avey, Billie 174, 310 Awar, Farid L 391 Axelrad, Moise Arnold 281, 301, 463 Aycock, William Pannel 493 Ayer, Fred C 52 Ayer, George W 48 Aylin, Robert N 280 Aylor, Marilyn Julia 125,372, 405,416 Aynesworth, Susan 454 Ayoub, Abdel-Kader P 391 Ayres, Clarence E 44 Ayres, Dorothy 285, 438 B Backrack, Charles Alfred 462 Bacon, Charles Finley, Jr 125, 289, 355 Bacon, Rinaldo A 57,300,514 Baccus, Fred W 477 Badruddin, Sharafi Karbul . 109, 388 Badwey, Dan Austin 76, 519 Baer, Marvin Lee 125, 461 Bagby, William Roderick .... 125, 337, 479 Baggal, Mamdouh Bakri 181, 388, 391 Baggaley, James Harry 76, 501 Bagwell, Carolyn Ann 143 Bahra, Nassouh H 387 Bailey, Charles Lyle 76 Bailey, Carl Bower 109 Bailey, Carson Alfred, Jr 489 Bailey, Daniel Nicholas . . . 246, 467 Bailey, Donald Lynn 125 Bailey, Edward W 63 Bailey, Elizabeth Ann 109, 310, 409, 425 Bailey, Elizabeth Carolyn . . 125, 303 Bailey, Harriet Kay 109 Bailey, John Alan 109, 388 Bailey, John Alfred . . . 125, 249, 477 Bailey, Joseph K 51, 285 Bailey, Malcolm Dee 109 Bailey, Marion Elizabeth 455 Bailey, Patricia Lou 109, 182, 376, 405, 559 Bailey, Philip S 44 Bailey, Robert Fred, Jr. 76, 300, 306 Bailey, Walton Daniel, Jr. ..76,281 Bailey, Wilfrid C 43 BaUey, William Stewart . . .490, 516 Bailiff, Monetta Clare Jill 292 Bailkin, Henrietta Irene 237, 242, 442 Bain, Travis Whitsett, II ... 76, 479 Bain, William Frank 76, 280 Baines, Mary Lynn 433 Baud, Alice Lee 125, 425 Baird Barbara Jeanne 125, 395, 435 Baird Betty Louise 125, 448 Baird Byron Ross 143, 472 Baker Barbara 439 Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker Beverly Hevelle 76, 304 Charles Allen 322 Charles Duane 311 David Roy 177 Douglas Martin 125, 327, 507 .76 Ernest T., Jr. Eva L. . . . 125, 173, 310, 559 Harriet Kay 109, 447 DIB PACE 589 Name f " Ses Baker, Mines H 38 Baker, Hugh Lee 76. 485 Baker, James Addison 488 Baker, James Donovan (Bo) . . .187, 210, 211, 145, 358, 472 Baker, James Raymond 125, 321, 412 Baker, Jan Paula 125, 439 Baker, Jay E 143 Baker, John Bayliss 480 Baker, Lorena 446 Baker, Mrs. Margaret R 56 Baker, Mary Katherine 143, 446 Baker, Richard Claire 479 Baker, Wayne Delmas 285 Baker, William Anderson . 143, 339 Baker, WUliam Charles 489 Baker, Wilson Roger 351 Bakkegard, Benjamin M. ...59,376 Balatow, Nancy Belle 76, 264, 276, 416, 429 Balay, James Lincoln 109 Balcar, Ronald 14 Balrdige, James W 502 Baldridge, Robert L 125, 244, 355, 508 Baldwin, Fred C., Jr 75,311 Baldwin, Edward Franklin 372 Baldwin, Mary Eleanor .... 143, 448 Bales, Garry Lee 328 Ball, Billy D 464 Ball, James Howard . . 295, 390, 404 Ball, Janelle Ernestine .... 125, 425 Ball, Joseph Dyke 480 Ball, Lynda Lu 424 Ball, Marjorie Louise 143 Ball, Samuel Alfred, Jr 143, 402, 460 Ball, Ted Frank 76, 282, 469 Ballard, Dan 325 Ballard, Joni Joe 143, 446 Ballard, Ruby Lee 125, 182 Ballas, Edward Asian 125 Ballas, Joe Asian 143 Ballew, Robert Eddie 125 Balson, Joseph Ronald 76, 311 Balthrop, Billy Harold 125, 388 Balusek, Albert Jerry 109 Bander, Norma Joyce 298, 451 Bandy, Janette E 76 Banks, Claude E 70 Banks, James Edwin 109, 354, 402,418,508 Banks, Katherine Ann 26 Banks, Miriam Ellen (Mimi) 392, 455 Bankston, Fred Jo 143, 401, 405 Bankston, Milton L 511 Banner, Beverley Barrette 76, 204, 388 Banowsky, James Aubra 500 Banta, Norman Samuel .... 76, 469 Student Union 364 Barabas, Dennis Ronald 398 Barban, Arnold Melvin . . . 280, 285, 315, 505 Barbee, Frank Asbury .... 125, 479 Barbee, Howard Wallace . .109, 177 Barber, Beverly Ben 434 Barber, Cecilia Ann . . 109, 262, 298, 313,314,370,371, 373, 439, 558, 580 Barber, Lewie Mabry 143, 295 Barber, Joan Elizabeth 125 Barber, Judson Truett, Jr 350 Barborak, Franklin David . . 77, 325 Barclay, Leland . . 55, 287, 306, 389 Barden, James Earle 143, 210 Barfield, Barbara Ann .77,242,431 Barge, Marjorie Saxon 427 Barghout, Sabri Salim 70, 391 Barina, Helen Grace 398 Barker, Betty Bell 267 Barker History Building 11 Barker, William Earl 55, 287, 306, 389 Barker, Wilson Roger 143,351,498 Barkley, Jon Bruce 323, 474 Barkley, Robert Carl 143, 338 Barlow, Katherine Buford ....313, 397, 437 Barlow, Thomas E 64, 227 Barnes, Alan E 288 Barnes, Billy J 387 Barnes, Carol Helen 12.5, 439 Barnes, David 143 Barnes, Howard Parnell, Jr 79 Barnes, James Edwin . 109, 389, 487 Barnes, John Edward 109 Barnes, Kay Franklin 446 Barnes, Valorie 238, 241 Barnett, Charles Louis 296 Barnett, Lane Thurston 224 Bamett, Larry Adrian 125, 510 Barnes, N. Marie 50 Barnes, Roy Lynn 351 Barnett, Walter Eugene 108 Barney, Dan Duane 329 Barnhart, Carl Mahan 503 Bamhill, David B. .77, 302, 319, 481 Barnhill, John Williamson 143, 262, 480 Baron, Donald Harvard 77 Baron, Sandra Arlene 429 Baros, Robert Lee 387 Barr, Elizabeth Louise . 77, 303, 435 Barrera, Emeste De La Garza 109, 384 Barrera, Francisco Rene 384 Barrera, Pearl Agnes 143, 384 Barrett, Henry Grady 503 Barrett, Lynn Calvert 365, 439 Barrett, Robert C., Rev. . . .369,071 Barrier, Rhoda Ann . . 125, 262, 459 Ban-on, Betsy Catherine ... 77, 298, 397,409,419,425 Barron, Eugene Earl 109 Name Pages Barron, Marilyn 143, 436 Barrow, David Brown, Jr 187, 285,312,316 Barrow, Sidney Harman 455 Barrow, David Brown, Jr 302, 346,362,415 Bartholonew, Gene Carroll ....467 Bartle, Frank Thomas 143, 502 Bartle, William O., Jr. ... 109, 503 Bartlett, Mike Alfred 109, 291, 378, 379 Bartlett, Robert Franklin . . 143, 486 Bartlett, Ronald Anthony ..351,473 Barton, Barbara Rae . . 237, 407, 413 Barton, Don Leamon 77 Barton, Earlene 77, 447 Barton, Leska Sue 77, 427 Barton, Lucy 58 Barton, Margaret Clyde 77, 237, 395, 409, 425 Barton, Marjory Jenetta ... 77, 298, 393, 409, 425 Barton, Millard Vemon 300 Barton, Thomas K 77, 106, 262, 275, 290, 294, 312, 346, 347, 363, 370, 574 Bartos, Donald Eugene 495 Bartz, James L 125, 355 Baruch, Robert . . 125, 244, 423, 513 Barzilla, Joseph Albert ... .125, 322 Bascom, Barry Hayes 319 Basford, Robert Loyd 295 Bash, Lawrence W 366 Bashara, Phil J 77, 276, 280 Bashford, David H 322 Bashur, Adnan Zaki 388, 391 Basketball 204-209 Bass, Barbara Ann . . . 109, 376, 444 Bass, Charles Lee 125 Bass, Charles Richard 473 Bass, Frank Myron 51, 280, 289 Bass, James L., Jr 77 Bass, Mary Helen 143, 434 Bass, Nancy 143, 242, 448 Bass, Sydney Clare . . . 125, 283, 439 Bass, Terry Daniel 498 Bassell, Susan 143 Bassel, Susan 143 Bassett, Eleanor O ' Neill . . 125, 235, 262,416,435 Bath, Robert Marx 496 Bateman, Dayton Greer 415 Bateman, Faye 109 Bateman, Richard Wayne . . 125, 355 Bateman, Wayne Ard (Buddy) 143, 508 Bates, Elizabeth Ann 77, 451 Bates, Jaon Marilyn 452 Bates, W. B 38 Batey, Elmer Hugh 295 Batres, Arturo Enrique . . . 176, 377 Battle, Margaret Fulton 446 Battle, Roy Saunders 143 Battle, William J 44 Battlestein, Barbara 125, 456 Baty, Ben Thomas 77, 204 Baty, Vivianne Elaine 395, 459 Baucum, Doris V 125 Bauerle, Jacob Alton 360 Baugh, Carolyn Jane ....409,441 Baugh, Dallas W 407 Baughman, Paula Zoe 394, 427 Baum, Rena Jo 143, 428 Baxter, Kay Louise 441 Baxter, Warner Ray 332 Bayliss, Garland Erastus ... 70, 299 Bayless, Shirley Ann 109, 262, 409,441 Baytown Club 394 Beach, Mimi 125, 454 Beach, Walter 304 Beacham, Hans 276 Beaird, Betty Jo 109, 449 Beaird, Paul D 483 Beaird, Vernon Clark 284, 289 Beall, Billie Sue 143, 458 Beall, Emily Frances . 109, 266, 314, 372, 395, 397, 411, 416, 580 Beall, Kenneth Franklin 109 Beall, Margaret Claire 426 Bean, Alan Lavern 402, 473 Bean, Donald Orvilee 389 Beard, Ann Louise 182 Beard, Martha Agnes . 109, 401, 439 Bearman, Mrs. Alice 520 Beasley, Robert W., Jr 180 Bechter, Paul Weigand 179 Beck, Barbara Loyce 125 Beck, Francis Leroy 489 Beck, Robert Byron 109, 495 Becker, Baker Eric 519 Becker, David Eugene 230 Becker, Laura Holloway . . . 77, 298. 393,411,435 Becker, Laurence Albert 143, 224, 225 Becker, Raymond Arthur 335 Becker, Robert Melvyn 143, 245, 504 Becker, Theodor E 398 Bedford, Bernice Mackey 393 Bedford, Donald Jack 376 Bednorz, Evelyn Jeannette .... 143 Bee, Gerald Robert 109 Beeler, Alberta Adele 405 Begeman, Myron Louis . . . .300, 306 Beggs, Barbara 236, 237, 425 Begley, Lew Merrel 109 Beidleman, James Richardson . . 360 Beihl, Donald Howard 515 Beilke, Marjorie Kay 182, 399, 400, 405, 406, 414 Beissner, Fred Louis 402 Belcher, Edgar 247 Belk, Gerald 125 Belkin, Leslie Vaughan 77, 418 Belknap, Ivan 48 Name Pages Bell, Marvin L 318 Bell, Charles Larry . . . 125, 282, 499 Bell, Claiborne Murray . . . .315, 477 Bell, Clyde Stuart 262, 355, 477 Bell, Howard Earl 326 Bell, Joseph Niles 125, 262, 467 Bell, Marion Wayne 511 Bell, Robert Allen . . . .187, 210, 211 Bell, Robert Austin 77 Bell, Robert Louis, Jr 70 Bell, Ronnie 276 Bell, Walter Rowland . 109, 177, 280 Bellmont, L. Theodore 500 Belluomini. Mary Catherine .... 77, 173, 286, 310, 397, 40.5, 414 Belton, Dianne Dorothy 433 Benavides, Isaac J., Jr 143 Benavides, Marie Magdalena . . 125, 283, 297 Benbow, Ann 449 Benbow, Mary Paige 448 Bender, Cheri Lee 143, 456 Benedict Hall 12 Benesch, Thomas Richard 77, 465, 586 Benfield, Nancy Jo 143 Bengston, Rose Marie 109,171,395 Benihashemi, Mohemmed 143 Benjamin, Marye Durrum 307 Benjamin, Merle Wilson 301 Benner, Thomas Jay . . 143, 322, 490 Bennet, Alexander S 56, 287 Bennett, Ann 77, 449 Bennett, Ben Michael 295 Bennett, Blair Osmond 388 Bennett, David Spencer 125, 360, 461 Bennett, Elbert White 291,378,379 Bennett, Floyd Edwin 77 Bennett, J. Harry 46 Bennett, J. M 38 Bennett, James Baxter .... 125, 509 Bennett, Jeannette Gardner .... 236, 237, 444 Bennett, John Ballard 477 Bennett, June Frances 377 Bennett, Mrs. Ora A 49 Bennett, Peter Dunne 77, 280, 312,349 Bennett, Raymond Ayers 109, 282,321,412,491 Bennett, Raymond D 77,271, 334, 336 Bennett, Russel William 402 Bennett, Willie Smith .125,351,491 Benson, Dan Harper 143, 350 Benson, Janice 457 Benson, Leonard R. ... 57, 300, 306 Benson, Marilou 125, 182, 405 Benson, Ralph E., Jr 143, 494 Benson, Stuart . . . 187, 212. 213, 501 Benson, William Marvin 519 Bentley, Barbara Ann 125 Bento, Gilbert 390 Benz, Carl Richard . . 125, 210, 473 Berezin, Richard Melvin 301 Berg, Robert Kenneth 337 Berg, George William 402 Berg, Robert Kenneth 460 Berge, Ulf 389 Berger, Richard Lee 77, 261. 333, 390, 463 Berger, Sidney Lee 143, 484 Berguiann, Fred Neil 77 Bergner, Richard Franklin . 299, 465 Berka, Willie B 143, 288 Berkely, Richard 295 Berkeiikamp, Joan Mary 77 Berkley, Camilla May 294 Beniard, Larr Jackson 143 Bernard, Lawrence J 323 Berner, Frederick Ernest 143 Bernstein, Larry 77,423,513 Bernstein, Martin S 463 Bernstein, Nancy Jane 125, 266, 456 Berrien, Adelaide Ruth ..110,122, 262, 440 Berry, Barbara J 125, 411, 429 Berry, Bill 276 Berry, Buford Preston 143, 339, 378, 379, 48 ' ) Berry, Fredrick Smith 288 Berry, George William .... 109, 489 Berry, Joan Frances ' 445 Berry, Phyllis 143, 454 Berry, Robert Lynn 109, 465 Berryman, Bobby 388 Berryman, John Calvert 351 Berthelot, Mary Catherine .... 125, 235, 435 Bertrand, Joan Dolores .... 143, 458 Besch, Carl Dieckman . . . 143, 367 Best, Clem Kirby, Jr 481 Best, Robert Earl 311 Best, Stephen Ernest, III 143, 339, 500 Besteiro, Raul Adrian, Jr 109 Beta Alpha Psi 284 Beta Theta Pi 466, 467 Beta Beta Alpha 395 Beta Gamma Sigma 285 Betancourt, Linnel Charles .... 109 Bettinger, Charles Ollie, III .... 478 Betty, Helen Anna 275 Beular, Beverly Ann 455 Beveridge, Robert 482 Bevil, Lester Fred 288 Bevlar, Beverly Ann 125 Beynon, Susan Gene 109 Beyt, Denise Jeanne 109, 449 Bibb, Thomas James 109, 483 Bibi, Waldis Hasan 391 Bice, Robert J 77, 388, 516 Bickham, Jane Roberta .... 125, 439 Bidgood, Charles F 109 Biel, Marilyn 286, 294, 397, 409,416,441 Name Pages Biesele, R. L 46 Bigelow, Charles DeForrest .... 389 Bigelow, Elizabeth . . . 109, 267, 425 Bigelow, Robert Myron, Jr 108 Biggerstaff, Ronald Dean 109 Biggs, Frances Carolyn 445 Bigham, B. A 248 Bigham, Jesse Yonge, Jr. ... 77, 475 Billfaldt, Patricia Joan .-294 Billings, Virgil Weldon 109, 509 Billingsley, Bob Donald 77 Billingsley, Carole Anne ... 78, 235, 236, 445 Billingsley, Haseal Brass ..226,339 Billups, Sarah Ward 125, 451 Bindler, William J 125, 505 Bingley, Russell Chris 341 Bingston, Rosemary 397 Binz, Sally 143, 454 Biology Building 17 Bird, Betty Fry 293 Bird, Patricia Ann 455 Bird, Shirley Ann 143, 182, 236, 405 Birdsong, Sylvia Jo 125 Birdwell, Leroy, Jr 70, 302, 316, 326, 467 Birkel, Beverly Austine 109,419,440 Bishkin, Sharon Dee 400, 428 Bishop, Beverly 143, 235, 434 Bishop, Don 311 Bishop, Joe O ' Farrell 78, 402 Bishop, Norma Elaine 109, 405 Bishop, Walter Fawner 109 Biskamp. William Taylor 294 Bissell, William Lloyd 519 Bisset, James Sidney . .378, 379, 412 Bissett, James Stanley 320 Bitter.Nancy Joan 143,283,416,436 Bitticks, Wray Eugene 327 Bivings, Nancy Brewster . . 109, 450 Bivins, Sarah Ann (Sally) ....298, 392, 449 Bjork, William Holland .... 179, 247 Blanchly, William Edward 311 Black, Adel 125, 172, 262, 310. 314, 373,411,416,422,455 Black, Dan Preston 110, 312, 315,423,503 Black, Helaine Willette . . .242, 428 Black, Hulon Witherspoon 38, 304, 490 Black, Lee Winn 387 Black, Margaret Susan .... 242, 448 Black, Marion Franklin 418 Black, Norman William 463 Black, Richard Earl 336, 485 Black, Roy Paul 394 Black, Sharan 143, 401, 456 Black, Thomas Barry 125, 518 Black, William Henry 503 Blackbird, Mary Margaret 143 Blackburn, James Arthur . . . 78, 280 Blackburn, James Eugene 110 Blackman, Harvey E 390 Blackmar, Fredrik Seward, III .243. 246.316,336,467 Blackshear, Alma Elizabeth .... 446 Blackshear, Tommy Louis . 143, 351 Blackstock, Harriet 446 Blackstock, Leo Guy ..63.284,518 Blackwell. Edwin Hearst 110, 281, 507 Blackwell, Eugene 246, 250 Blackwell, Fred Wayne 143 Blackwell, Hugh G 388 Blackwell, Jimmy Douglas ..78,296 Blackwell, John Melvin 487 Blackwell, Leo Norman 78 Blackwell, Rebel Eugene, Jr. ... 179 Blackwell, Robert 506 Blackwell, William Reed 586 Blain, Spencer Hayward, Jr. . . 143, 210,338,464 Blair, Alain Curtis 479 Blair, Calvin P 44 Blair, Eddie Ray 110, 500 Blair, Julian Swann 506 Blair, Patrick Jay 143 Blair, Thomas Ray 402 Blair, W. Frank 49 Blake, Robert R 47 Blakely, Edward J 50 Blakeley, Thomas Alton 295. 366, 502 Blalack. Joe Ray 143, 210 Blalack, Joe Ray 510 Blalock, Anne Wootten 110, 416, 450 Blalock, James Augustus, Jr. . . .110, 262, 326, 489 Blalock, Richard W 40 Blanchard, David Russell . 143, 472 Blanchard, Lawrence Phillip . . . 473 Blanchard, Mary Katherine ....459 Blanchard, Stanley Walton, Jr. 350, 467 Blanke, James R 390 Blankenship, Joseph 59, 296 Blanton, Katherine Carol 459 Blanton, James Barrie 358 Blanton, James Donald 125 Blanton, James Neal 110, 187, 224,225,316,322,473 Blanton, John Ralston 143 Blanton, Wilanna 182 Blasingame, Mary Lillian . 125, 172, 262, 283, 310, 314, 411, 427 Blatt, Rita Glenn 143, 442 Blaylock, Billy Rex 78, 334, 336 Blevins, Harold Lee 376 Bletsch, Doris Rudell 447 Bliesmer, Emery P 53 Block, Lee Sampson 78 Blocker, Webster 482 Blodgett, Hugh C 47 Bloes, J. L 110 Bloom, Margaret Jane .... 110, 182 PACE 590 Patricia Tracy There ' s nothing like school pride . . . unless it ' s OUR pride in Scorbrough ' s 1954-55 College Board and all of our U. T. customers Barbara Wilson Diana Wood A h Nancy Pfluger Anne Lauhon PACE 591 Name Pages Bloxham, James Mitchell 78 Bloxsom. Berry Louise 452 Bludworth, Joseph Elliott 125 Blue, Don 499 Bluebonnet Belles 559-569 Bluebonnet Belle Finalists .570,571 Bluebonnet Belle Nominees .... 559 Bluestockings 286 Bluhm, Frances Estelle 143 Bluhm, HUbert Charles 296 Blum, Henry Max 181 Blum, Ronald H 504 Blumberg, Alvin Donald 177 Slumber . Gilbert William, Jr. 126, 473 Blumberg, Melvin Ronald .... 177, 232, 325, 378, 379 Blumberg, Norman John ..78,302, 311, 319, 390, 412 Blume, Joan Marie 110 Blume, Lucille Ann ..125,401,413 Blunk, William David . . 36, 40, 265 Blustien, Edward 287 Boatner, Helen Le Marie . . 78, 427 Boatner, Junior LaVeme 275 Boatright, ModyKeefer 110,300,390 Bobbitt, Barbara 449 Boberg, Robert Arthur .... 125, 495 Boddie, Mary Frances 125, 182, 237 Boddy, Paris Edward 387 Bodenstein, Evelina Frene 110 Bodie, Merry Davellyn .... 78, 303 Bodine, Willis Ramsey 296 Bodling, Walter George, Jr. . 78, 289 Boe, John Merle 296 Boening, Cecil Joy 78, 401 Boese, Charles Olin, Jr 78, 412 Bogar, Martha Jane 235, 236, 241, 243, 445 Bogardus, Egbert Hal 511 Boggs, James E 44 Bohannon, Burba E 70, 280 Bohn, Arval Wendell 294 Bohn, Gretchen Margaret 425 Bohn, Helen Ann ... 125, 242, 427 Bohn, Robert H 125, 355, 489 Bohn, Skip H. E 78, 489 Bohn, William H. . 78 Bolin, George Rodney 486 Bollman, John Meredith . . . 323, 468 Bollman. Thelma Anderson . 52, 298 Bolton, Jane Elizabeth 143 Bomar, Frank W. 287, 306, 385, 389 Bompart. Bill Earl 110, 244 Bond, Walter B., Jr. . . 187, 325, 473 Bond, William Howard, Jr. ...110, 232,335,511 Bondies, Walton Porter . . . 110, 501 Bondurant, Gladys Randolph . .78, 235,451 Bone, Jere Hepler 78, 311, 316, 418, 580 Bone, Sylvia Kaye ... 110, 182, 401 Boneaux, Kay 241 Boner, Charles Paul 35 Bonham, William 249 Bonilla, Alberto 384 Bonilla, Marlene Teresita 143 Bonham, Joe Burleson, III ... .125, 355,511 Bonneau, Mary Kay 125, 451 Bonner, Buck 210 Bonner, Eddie Vemeal .... 282, 586 Bonner, Louis Franklin, Jr. 110,507 Bonnett, Stewart Alan 505 Bonney, Roger 323 Bono, Wilfred T 125 Bonorden, T 223 Bonser, Bobby George 143 Bonta, Ray 280 Bonvillian, Barbara Ann . . 143, 405 Book, Claude Marie 297 Book, E. Truett 48 Booker, Mary Lynn 401 Bonne, Anne Lennee 125, 437 Boone, Lester Carl 481 Boone, Mary Lois 144, 440 Booth, Charles Clinton 305 Booth, Crawford H 248, 467 Booth, Helen C 110, 392, 437 Booth, Rie Charlotte . . 78, 240,286, 397, 439, 574 Booth, Roy Campbell 412, 467 Booth, Roy C 321 Boothe, Robert Ragsdale, Jr. 144, 295 Booz, Barbara H 78, 139, 310, 401, 439 Borchardt, Dan Keith 125 Borchers, Marion Jack 465 Borden, Shirley Ruth 144 Bordovsky, Paul Kasper . . . .78,413 Bordovsky, Rudolph Lenard 78, 413 Borechardt, Dan Keith 502 Borg, Marcia 144, 456 Borg, Rosalyn R 409, 457 Borg, Swen William, Jr. ..311,329 Borja, Joe David 144, 322 Borm, Alfred Ervin . . . 295, 378, 379 Borwn, GUford Lee 322 Boss, Martha (Molly) 125, 450 Bosse, Charles Olin, Jr 321 Bostic, Patsy Ruth 405 Boston, Charles 493 Boston, Jackie Ray 179, 247, 249, 295 Bostwick, Robert 110 Boswell, David Lee 144, 230 Boswell, Ida Terrell ... 78, 408, 439 Boswell, Jimmy Loyd 388 Boswell, Vivienne Eugenia 285 Botefuhr, Charles Edward 144, 350, 464 Boucher, Margaret 110 Bouchier, Ronald Lew 36, 493 Bourdon, Lynn Louis, Jr 125, 311,370 Name Pages Bourdon, Marjorie Janice 3, 78, 265, 270, 272, 294, 313, 441 Bourland. Elizabeth Diane 144, 430 Bourland, Richard Lacy ...316,483 Bousquet, Thomas G. .110,262,499 Boutrous, Victor Jules, Jr 126 Bowden, Marlene Edna ...110,439 Bowden, William Thomas 70 Bowen, Avery W 126 Bowen, John Woodie 144 Bowen, Nancy Jane 78, 439 Bower, Wayne Owen, Jr 144 Bowers, William Lee 501 Bowes, Harrison Nesbit 78, 187, 489 Bowlby, Etta Kathryn 78, 459 Bowles, Joe Calvin. Jr 144 Bowling, Henry E 144 Bowling, Joe C 64 Bowyer, Jackie Price 110, 311 Box, Jo Ann 395, 449 Box, Boyd 144, 243 Boyce, James Curtis . . 126, 336, 487 Boyce, Janice Leah 283 Boyd, Barbara Ann 78, 411 Boyd, Brooks Simmons 110 Boyd, Charles Simmons 78, 251, 483 Boyd, Emil Fred, Jr 78 Boyd, Emily Simmons 455 Boyd, Jack Raymond 126 Boyd, James Victor, Jr 78, 495 Boyd, Jerry Harlan 110 Boyd, Margaret Lee 110, 425 Boyd, Walter Ernest, Jr. . . 126, 465 Boyd, William Anthony . Boyd, William Paxton 144, 250, 505 . . 50, 280 Boyett, Elizabeth Helen ... 126, 459 Boyle, John Francis 508 Boyle, Walter V 305 Boyle, William G 110, 390 Boynton, Peggy J 144 Boysen, J. Lassen 45 Boysen, Stanley 78. 413 Boykin, James Edward, Jr 126, 337, 473 Boykin, Sally Ann 438 Brace, David Kingsley 53, 407 Bracewell, Byrda Lynn 79, 364, 380 Bracey, Claudia Dale . 144, 407, 426 Bracht, Barbara Anne 426 Brackenridge Hall 168 Brackenridge, Thomas Loftin ... 1 10 Bracker, Johanahan . . . 144, 276, 326 Braden, Arthur Louis, Jr 126, 282, 328 Bradfield, Ruth Ann . . 126, 273. 395 Bradfield, William Herbert . 126, 358 Bradford, David George 126 Bradford, James W., Jr 324 Bradford, Maxie Lee 482 Bradford, Sallie Ann 235, 451 Bradham, Joseph Lee 322 Bradley, Billimac Coleman . 322, 473 Bradley, Donald James 376 Bradley, Robert L 175, 181 Bradley, Robert William 305 Bradshaw, Benjamin S. ...110,262 Bradshaw, Kendall 425 Bradshaw, Louis Meredith . 126, 491 Bradshaw, Sam Charles ... 1 10, 204, 261, 270, 320, 312, 316, 350 Bradt, Deborah Ruthe 426 Brady, James Patrick 514 Braeuer, Harry Lee 281 Bragg, Thomas Guy, III . . 144, 510 Bragg, Wallace Granville 126, 337, 479 Braisted, W. R 46 Brake, P. Joseph 311, 335 Braly, Dudley 110, 489 Braly, Earl Burk 3, 42, 270, 271, 304 Branan, Mary Ellen . . 144, 242, 444 Branch, Lyle Floyd 178, 336 Branch, Thomas Coe 503 Brand, Charles Farmer 126 Brand, Donald D 45 Brand, Joel Stanley 110, 497 Branda, Richard James 518 Brandenberger, Carolyn Hilda . .401 Brandenburg, Hubert A 297 Brandes, William Heaton 144, 321,412 Brandt, Robert Frost 110 Branham, Patricia Ann .... 110, 395 Brannan, William Vincent 321, 365,412 Brannen, Willie Frances 236, 262, 424 Brannon, Mary Ellen 405 Branson, Robert Emery ...110,461 Bransteter, Mrs. Hallie 520 Brant, Earl Drake 110, 508 Brantley, Harold Clayton, Jr. 79, 291, 312,349 Brantley, Milam Allison 144, 378, 379 Brasfield, Earl Norman 350 Brasfield, Jorita 303 Brasher, John Dell ... 110, 341, 488 Braslau, Phyllis Rae 442 Brantley, Harold Clayton, Jr. 378, 379 Bratton, Dorothy Dale 448 Bratton, Edwards Barham 489 Braulick, Wilfred James . . . 306 Bravenec, Gladys Mae 79,182, 397, 405, 580 Bravenec, Lorence Larry . . 126, 177, 262,311,475 Brawley, William Lowell, Jr. 144, 295 Bray, Harold Otho 280, 487 Bray, Nan Carolyn ... 110, 234, 455 Bray, Wendell Earl 110, 503 Name Pages Braziel, John Robert 144 Breckenridge, Thomas Loftin . . . 468 Bredt, Carl Victor 36 Bredthauer, Eugene Charles . . .326 Breeding, Ann Hunt . . 347, 362, 453 .Breeding, Ernest 284 Breeding, Seth Darnaby, Jr. 110,262,311,475 Breeding, William Preston 312, 347, 348, 389 Breedlove, Finice David, Jr. 144, 492 Breedlove, William Otway 388 Breiham, Rev. Bob 372 Breland, O. Philip 49 Brelsford, James Madison 503 Brelsford, Robert Gordon . . 280, 503 Brennan, I. Earl 280 Brenner, BUly 126 Brentlinger, Willard Hughes . 47, 490 Breshears, Jesse LeRoy 110 Brewer, James Alfred 212, 216, 324, 500 Brewer, Charles Neuel 187, 316, 489 Brewster, William, Jr. .334,338.371 Brickman, Rita 144, 442 Bridges, Edward Stafford . .351,476 Bridges, Fay Beth 79, 298. 392 437 Bridges, Jo Katherine . 144, 394| 424 Bridges, John Roby 394 Bridges, Clifford Thurston 110 Bridgforth, Joyce Elaine 126 Briggs, David Allen 300, 390 Briggs, Mildred Louella 126, 275, 377 Brigman, George Henry 481 Bright, Sam Raymond, Jr. 144, 295, 340, 508 Brightman, Anna 46 Brieger, Donald Richmond .... 302, 327, 466 Brient, Samuel John 70 Brill, James Edward 108, 315, 327, 423, 493 Brill. Mrs. Mary T 586 Briner, Lewis H 389 Brinkman, Sue 126, 401 Bristol, Virginia Ann 235, 435 Brite, Dennys Monroe . 144, 350, 402 Brito, Jose A 251, 384, 390 Britt, Allen Jay 126, 516 Britt, Horace 59 Brittain, Bunch King 477 Brittain, James Raymond 228 Brittella, Miles 122, 503 Brittingham, Joanne Gail 439 Britton, Earle Vernon, Jr 324 Britton, Jerie Jean 401 Broaddus, Joyce 242 Broce, George Stubblefield 483 Brock, Frank Edgar 187 Brock, Horace Rhea 285 Brock, Norma Jean 182 Brock, W. A 345 Broad, Marjorie Ann 126 Broderick, James Richard 126 Broderick, John Caruthers 502 Brodkey, Frances Lenore 428 Brogan, Albert Perley 62 Bromberg, Menashe . . 300, 306, 390 Bronson, Marilyn Ann . . . .237,425, 559, 570, 572 Bronstad, James Warren 500 Brooks. Charles Allan 244, 467 Brooks, Chester Edward 275 Brooks, Frederick Emerson, Jr. 56, 306 Brooks, Gerald Rhea (Jerry) 126, 501 Brooks, Glen Ellis, Jr 290 Brooks, Joseph Tedd 511 Brooks, J. Reginald 179 Brooks, Kenneth Lee 79 Brooks, Marinell 234, 236, 239, 408, 441 Brooks, Robert Olin 126 Brooks, Sara C 46 Brooks, Vem Virginia 438 Brooks, Wayland Alexander 144,321,412,518 Brookshire, William Kirklen .... 79, 235, 289, 418 Brotzman, Beatrice Wilburn 182, 241 Brotzman, Kathleen Louise 182 Broughton, Clifton Ray 144 Brous, Margaret Ann 126, 426 Brouse, Martha Ann 1 10, 395, 401, 422, 447 Broussard, Shirley Ann 144 Broussard, Vernon James . . 1 10, 390 Broward, Nancy Sharon 144, 343, 434 Browder, Shirley 459 Brown, Alda Mae 401 Brown, Anne Dare 126, 439 Brown, Anthony Wayne . . .423, 519 Brown, Bemie Yunstin 505 Brown, Bill Frank 1 10 Brown, Carolyn Ann 110, 310, 393, 427 Brown, Charles Julian, Jr 70 Brown, Christine 182 Brown, Douglas 390 Brown, Edward Stanton, Jr. 144, 326, 378, 379 Brown, George Evans 483 Brown, Florence Day 144, 450 Brown, Frances Patricia . . . 126, 427 Brown, Fred Eugene 180 Brown, George Rhamy .... 144, 506 Brown, Gilbert Seay 126, 485 Brown, Graden Arlie 110 Name Pages Brown, Gwendolyn Viola . . .79, 182, 293, 298, 397, 401, 580 Brown, Helen Yvonne .... 144, 454 Brown, Howard Earl 300 Brown, Joe Albert 110, 203, 246, 316, 407, 580 Brown, Johnny Aster 70 Brown, John Nicholas .... 126, 318, 329, 390, 412, 484 Brown, Joy Kathryn 126, 435 Brown, Joyce Lee 79, 273, 293, 366, 401 Brown, Loretta Agnes . . . .411, 435 Brown, Loyce Lee .... 79, 273, 366 Brown, Lyle Clarence 299 Brown, Mary Susan 126, 441 Brown, Mason Cooper .... 144, 321, 412,518 Brown, Melvin Vancy 390 Brown, Oliver H 53 Brown, Otto G 57 Brown, Rebecca Lynn 144, 235, 444 Brown, Rene Paul 110 Brown, Reuben Henry 355 Brown, Richea Kaye 144, 450 Brown, Capt. Robert A 321 Brown, Robert C 345 Brown, Robert Graves 60, 301 Brown, Ronald Harold 110 Brown, Robert Neil 295 Brown, Ronald Nelson .... 144, 360 Brown, Robert Young 482 Brown, Roy Allyn 329, 412 Brown, Sandra Jane 126, 325, 451 Brown, Shirley Gayle 1 10, 237, 445 Brown, Stanley J., Jr 1 10, 390 Brown, Stephen Zachary ... 126, 497 Brown, Thomas Edwards 177 Brown, Thomas Winthrop 180 Brown, Tommye Lou 439 Brown, Walter V 43 Brown, W. Lynn 47 Browne, Tom H 370 Browning, Barbara Ann . . 126, 262, 283,297,411,427 Browning, Burton Allen 110, 326, 484 Browning, Dana Wayne 358 Browning, Jimmy Douglas . . . .110, 204, 387 Browning, Joe Thomas 79 Browning, John Miller 126, 179, 336 Brownlow, William Jackson .... 335 Broz, Franklin Joseph 126, 360, 413 Brubeck, Carolyn Ann .... 144, 426 Bruce, Carey Carlton 388 Bruce, Cora Jo 144 Bruce, Dan Abbott 316, 493 Bruce, Patricia Ann 126, 409 Bruck, Sybil Wary ...110,411,425 Bruder, Harry Edward 144, 351 Bruner, Ross William 402 Brunner, Michael Stuart . . .322,511 Bruns, Dorothy Meade 397, 411,435 Bruns, Joe L 56 Bruns, Mary Nelda 126, 242 Brusenhan, Harry Hammet .... 507 Bryan, George David 126 Bryan, Joan Patricia 110, 401,431 Bryant, Frank Grant ... 55, 287, 306 Bryant, William Kendall . . 323, 489 Bryce, William Delf 302,312. 346,511 Bubolz, Robert W 367 Buchan, Celia Ann 126, 172, 240, 242, 283, 310, 314,397. 411,416,422,449,556,580 Buchanan, Douglas L 387 Buchanan, Harold Davis, Jr. ... 144 Buchanan, Herbert Earl 144 Buchanan, Wayman White .... 187, 204, 326 Buchanan, William T 79 Buchman, Madalyne Gladys . . . 110, 397, 422, 443 Buchmeyer, Jerry Lynn 108, 243, 252 Buck, Elizabeth Ann 262, 370, 437 Buck, Tom E 502 Buckellew, Cleveland Oren . . . .212, 214, 323 Buckingham, Robert Bruce 79 Buckles, Judith 449 Buckley, Eileen Ethel 110, 293, 401, 455 Buckley, Sims Allen . . .79, 291, 302, 312, 348, 378, 379, 580 Budd, Otis T 64, 187 Budd, Robert Ralph 266, 312 Buenz, John Fredrick, Jr 306, 385, 489 Buescher, Conrad Mark 79 fluffier, Charles Rogers ' 294 Buffler, Joseph R 61 Buford, Robert Littlefield 467 Bugg, Donna Louise 144, 405 Buice, Mary Evelynn . . 53, 298, 407 Builto, Samuel Roy 387 Buitron, David Garcia 110 Bullen, Bill Barry 389, 412, 493 Buller, William Wesley 110, 489 Bullis, Robert Thomas . . . .180,412 Bullitt, Patricia Ann 437 Bulls, Felix Bransford 126, 321,412 Bumiller, Mary Elizabeth 449 Bunch, Joe Thomas 79 Bunge, Betty Ruth 431 Bunge, Marjorie Ann 79, 445 $UniVRSIT J CO-OP 59 YEARS OF CDIVTIIVUED SERVICE TD THE STUDENTS DF THE UNIVERSITY DF TEXAS nooks ' Jewelry Stationery Kecords School Supplies Sporting (foods a vers tu co-o op HE S T U E N T ' 5 OWN STORE 2246 GUADALUPE STREET . AUSTIN Name Pages Bunn, William Donald 125, 506 Bunn, John Robert, Jr 79, 483 Bunsen, Fred Daniel, Jr 126, 271, 280 Buongiorna, Ben 305 Burch, Richard Jerome 282 Burchard, William Frank 110 Burck, Robert Daniel 315, 483 Burdick, Cecil Eugene, Jr 126 Burdine, Billy Ray 126 Burdine, John Alton, Jr 46, 295, 299, 506 Burer, Walter C 284 Burgen, Carl Gerhard 110, 274, 304 Burgess, Dorothy Ann .... 1 10, 267, 335, 343, 555, 559 Burgess, Gail 144 Burgin, Bobby Joe 329 Bunch, Joseph Harry 175, 177 Burkhart, Robert Frederick 320,412 Burk, Johnny Leonard 110 Burk, Mack E 126, 204, 322 Burke, Frances Marosko 79, 242, 407 Burke, Fred Wines 144, 474 Burke, George Strother 509 Burke, John Malcolm 110. 267, 508, 509 Burke, Robert Lee 177 Burke, Thomas 247, 482 Burke, Wade Harry 79 Burkett, Benjamin Clinton, Jr. 144, 340, 466 Burkhardt, Robert E 79 Burkhart, Betty Louise 458 Burkhart, Nancye Gaye 79, 314,437 Burkholder, Lee Harris 126, 323, 500 Burks, Max Duane 126 Burlage, Henry Matthew 60, 301, 460 Burleson, James B. Jr 110, 319, 325, 403 Burling, Maury Joseph 284 Burnett, Barbara 267 Burnett, James McCollum 144 Burnett, Ruth Marie 126 Burnett, Wayne Bart 144 Bumitt, Seth Charles 481 Bums, James 514 Bums, Simon Pierce 321, 412 Bumz, John Frederick 287 Burow, Isabelle Lucie 433 Burr, Ann 144, 283, 446 Burrell, George Robert .... 300, 390 Burrer, Helen 144, 242 Hums, Mary Anna . . . 144, 237, 424 Burroughs, Eddie Brick 280 Burroughs, Jack Eugene 79 Burroughs, Jo Anne 447 Burrows, Charlotte Ann . . . 144, 241 Burrows, William Earl 288 Burson, Donald Lee 110, 280, 311,484 Burt, Charles Nesom 489 Burton, Betty Lou 436 Burton, John Bayly, HI 126 Burum, Sylvia Elaine 110, 425 Busbey, Charles Robert . . .311, 319, 320, 412 Busby, Richard Edward 304 Busby, Richard Oscar ....126,501 Busch, William Jepp 110, 515 Bush, Bill Emmett 390 Bush, Kathryn Marie 126, 446 Bushfield, Beverly Anne 144 Business Administration 50, 51 Buske, Shirley Pauline 144, 367, 405, 434, 559 Buss, Leroy Frederic .... 126, 262, 315, 372, 489, 581 Bustin, Sara Beth 441 Butler, David Ray 305, 481 Butler, Hilliard Hampton 389 Butler, John Russell 412, 506 Butler, Russ 144 Butler, Joseph H., Jr 144, 484 Butler, Lillie Kayser 126, 449 Butler, Nell 79 Butter, Stephen Robert . . . 144, 486 Buttram, Veasy C. Bill, Jr 126 Buzbee, Charles Aubra 79 Buzzell. John Ernest 144 Byars, Byron Ross, Jr. . 291, 378, 379 Bybee, Bruce Barton 469 Bybee, Hal P 45,311 Bybel, Edward John 491 Byerly, James Scott 79, 232 Byers, Norman Eugene 110 Bynes, Ronald Lee 389 Bynum, Janyce 126, 322, 451 Bynum, Laredo C 322 Bynum, Steve M 126, 508 Byrd, D. Harold 291 Byrd, James Adon ... .51, 282, 586 Byrd, James Hal 464 Byrd, Joe Larry 144, 351 Byrd, Mary Vaietta 377 Byrd, Robert Hy 464 Byrd, William Martin 469 Byrnes, Jimmie Gurule 126 Byms, R. Elwyn 311 Byrom, James M 79, 373 Cabaniss, Charles Davis 79, 315, 574 Cable, Olin Ray, Jr 302, 31.5, 340, 473, 581 Cactus 272, 273 Caddell, Vemon Lyle 110, 501 Cade, Paul Deward 294 Name Pages Cadenhead, C. H 284 Caen, Judith Lynn 144, 267 Cagle, Joe David 144, 484 Gaboon, C. W 40 Cahoon, Frank Kell ..412,320,483 Gaboon, John Deward, Jr 108, 334, 423, 495 Cain, Para Lee 79, 303 Calaway, Jim C 316 Calder, Hugh Edwards 477 Calderon, Guillermo M 384 Caldwell, Mrs. A. J 520 Caldwell, Bess B 46 Caldwell, Henry Lee . . 126, 337, 489 Caldwell, Josef 473 Caldwell, Jo Ann 261, 276, 425 Caldwell, Leland Courtney 79 Caldwell, Mattye H 110 Caldwell, Fatten Howell, Jr. . . 507 Caldwell, Vernon Neil 469 Caldwell, W. Lanelle 79 Calhoun, Richard Wayland 144, 339, 480 Calkins, Carita Joan 80, 441 Calkins, Howard Andrew ... 46, 299 Calk, Jerald L 79 Call, Betty Lu 435 Callahan, Leora May 401 Callaway, Barbara Ann ... 110, 433 Callaway, Barbara Elaine . . 144, 444 Callaway, Jane Elizabeth . . 144, 405 Callaway, John Edwin 144 Callaway, Robert Lawrence 80 Callaway, Wesley Monroe, Jr. 110,507 Callender, Dean Lynn ....423,516 Callicutt, Helen Garrard . . 409, 450 Camero, Eduardo J 126 Cameron, Dougal A 187 Cameron, Mary Cerise .... 126, 431 Cameron, Patricia Leone 75, 110,409,439 Cameron, Thomas Newton 289 Camfield, Thomas M 295 Cammack, Cecil Cagle, Jr 325, 378, 379 Camp, Janet Jewel . . . Ill, 310, 395 Camp, Joyce Nell 126, 328, 445, 559 Campbell, Alvin T., Jr 80 Campbell, Billy 246 Campbell, Catherine Ann 126, 238, 243 Campbell, Charlotte Ann . . 174, 310 Campbell, David Edward 387 Campbell, Genevieve Avonia 111,455 Campbell, Jere Johnson . . .241, 298, 392, 455 Campbell, Katherine Jean 455 Campbell, Lois Ann 298 Campbell, Norman William .... 80, 271, 280 Campbell, Raymond Edward . . . 284 Campbell, Richard Wesley 111,322 Campbell, Robert Alvin 296 Campbell, Shirley Ann 126 Campbell, Shirley Arlene 80, 395,411,427 Campbell, Thomas N 43 Campbell, Thomas Ralph . . 144, 350 Campbell, Walter Dewey 501 Campbell, William Rohmer .... 503 Campos, Arturo B 177, 311 Campus Cuild 177 Canales, Horacio 288 Canales, Roy 378, 379 Canchola, Sylvia Ill, 235, 238, 243, 405 Canfield, Betty Ann 144, 432 Canion, J. F. Jr 389 Cannon, E. L 46 Cannon, Peggy Margaret 144, 266, 405, 424 Cannon, Shirley Marquitta 80, 266, 419, 559 Cannon, Tanya Faye . . 144, 394, 430 Cannon, Tonia 126, 455 Cannon, Thomas Edward Ill Canova, Denmar Barclay . . 144, 490 Cantey, Craig Covington 80, 423, 471 Cantu, Higinio Juan 144, 384 Cantu, Inocencio Juan, Jr. 187, 204, 384 Cantu, Irma Mereida 405 Cap and Gown 396 Cape, George William, Jr 126, 337,418 Caplovitz, Nathan 462 Capps, Mary Clyde 126, 283. 303, 446 Capps, Sally Kathron 285 Capt, Robert William 111, 508 Caragonne, Alex 126, 499 Garden, Wanda M 144, 376, 440, 559 Carden, Ralph Hugh 285 Cardenas, Leonel 324 Carder. Shirley Ann ..144,401,405 Cardwell, Louis Ernest 126 Carey, Russell Raymond, Jr. 144,351,508 Carhart, Felicia Joanne 126 Carlsen, G. Robert 52 Carleton, Patsy Ann 144 Carlin, Elvira 145, 384 Carlson, jean 145, 235, 444 Carlson, William Grant 327 Carlton, John David . .287, 334, 491 Carlton, Rayman Glen, Jr. 354, 474 Carlton, John David 302 Carmichael, Ralph Lawrence 180, 380 Name Pages Carmichael, Donald Louis .... 322 Carmona, Frank Trinidad 376 Carnell, Robert Edward 387 Games, Billy Ronald 145, 335, 341,518 Games, Patsy Carolyn .... 145, 450 Carnes, Sharon Gene . . Ill, 395, 446 Caron, Joseph Thomas . . . 275, 377 Caroon, Carole Jane 145, 444 Carothers Dormitory 169 Carothers, Mary Jane . 126, 401, 447 Carpenter, Edward Lee ...111,501 Carpenter, James Clark III 126, 275 Carpenter, Bruce Warner 355 Carpenter, Lucretia Ann 144 Carr, Charles Robert 475 Carr, William Richard 145, 502 Carr, John Daniel 469 Carrasco, Antonio Avilez 384 Carrasco, Lisimaco-Henk ..111,251 Carrick, Paul M 51 Carrigan, Tom 506 Carroll, Cleatis Raymond ..180,311 Carroll, Charles Robert 180 Carroll, Gale Garth . . 224, 284, 482 Carroll, H. Bailey 46 Carroll, Joe Speed . . . 126, 142, 262, 295, 315, 335, 478, 581 Carroll, Joe Neal Ill, 501 Carroll, Nancy Jane 145 Carroll, Patricia Ann 126, 394 Carroll, Paul Votteler 262, 399, 406,410 Carruth, Lloyd Brent .111,340,461 Carsey, Jerry Ben Jr Ill, 495 Carsey, Kenneth Lester, Jr 507 Carson, Allan Barrow .... 388, 507 Carson, Martha Cumi .... Ill, 401 Carson, Ralph Vaughn . . . .351, 469 Carswell, Kenneth Mac ...320,412 Carter, Ann Elaine 126, 401 Carter Carla Kay 145, 448 Carter, Elizabeth Ray 405 Carter, Exsa Diane 126, 459 Carter, J. C 288 Carter, James Byars . . .80, 281, 465 Carter, John Browning .... 227, 337 Carter, Rev. John Paul 371 Carter, Kay Kindall 455 Carter, Kenneth Arthur .... 145, 354 Carter, Lynn Prewitt . . 247, 250, 482 Carter, M. Carolyn 80, 182, 303, 376 Carter, Margaret Eugenia ..80,182 Carter Michael Arthur .... 355, 467 Carter, Nancy Marylin 126 Carter, Phebe Ann 145, 450 Carter, Robert Warren 127 Carter, Virginia 401 Carter, Wilhelmina Brenner 80, 394 Carter, William Fredrick 478 Carter, William J 57, 300 Cartwright, Charles Nelson 111,262,311 Carvens, James R 483 Carubbi, Angelo Joseph, Jr. 410,414 Caruthers, James M 80, 187, 219, 220 Casbeer, Catherine 145, 236. 266, 434 Cash, Robert Richard 80 Cash, Warren Pinkney, Jr. 127,511 Cashin, Jack William 51, 282. 284, 285, 586 Caskey, Eugene M 301 Caskey, James Berry 407 Caskey, Joyce Juanelle 401 Cason, Linda Jean 145 Cason, Kenneth Fain Ill Cass, Frank W 80, 377 Cass, Candler Phillips 80 Cassady. William Emmett ....316, 423, 467 Cassity, Arthur Carlisle ... 126, 404 Castaneda, C. E 46 Castell, Dana B 49 Castleberry, Mary Lea 80, 401, 439 Vastleberry, Vance LaNoal .... 228, 321,412 Castillo, Alfred Conrad 80 Castillo. B. Rudolfo 262 Castillo, Jose Adrian Del 384 Castillo, Jose Gomez 127, 384 Castillo, Julian 145, 176, 384 Cashier, Willis Hunt ..80,388,516 Castro, John Manuel 470 Castrow, Frederick Francis ....181 Caswell, Kenneth Kennedy 481 Cater, John Thomas 127, 464 Gates, Joseph Eugene 360 Cater, Virginia Mae 445 Callow, Alfred Gregory ...315,483 Cato, Lillian Elizabeth 127 Cator, Virginia Mae . . 127, 236, 401 Catterall, Electra Jean 436 Catterall, Frederick William HI 70, 481 Catto, Jane Gray 111, 392, 451 Caudle, Barbara Ann 145 Caufield, Darwin Eugene 127 Causby, Helen Elizabeth 145 Caushcoff, Victoria 127 Cauthorn, Robert Virgil 145, 341,472 Cavazos, Antonio, Jr 475 Cavazos, Hilario, Jr Ill, 384 Cavazos, Jose M 80, 176 Cave, Frank Ashbury 145 Cavness, C. H 284 Cayce, Robert Earl 354 Cearley, Mary Margaret 145 Name Pages Cecil, Grayson Reed . . . Ill, 437 Cecil, Owen William 127, 295 Cecil, Philip Ridley . . .295, 341, 486 Ceramic Engineering 55 Cemy, Joseph G 80, 398 Cervenka, Norman Louis . . 127, 335 Chadwell, Roland Gene 145 Chalmers, Richard Edwin ..... 145 262, 480 Chalmers, Thomas C 366 Chalupa, Edwin George 289 Chamberlain, Alfred A 145 Chamberlain, Bob Blaine 506 Chamberlain, Edward Charles 127, 506 Chamberlain, Elliot Aiken 507 Chamberlain, Robert Blaine ... .111 Chamberlin, Leo Anderson 127, 334, 501 Chamberlin, Richard H Ill Chambers, Celeste 242 Chambers, Dunbar Newell, Jr. 127, 472 Chambers, Gene Celeste 449 Chambers, John Charles ...80,491 Chambers, Judith Lee 427 Chambers, Leonard Alvan ....111, 291, 376, 378, 379 Chambers, Myma Loy 426 Chamblee, Jack Allen 145, 351 Champion, Ignacio 384 Chan, Eddie Chin Sun 70 Chance, Clayton William 56, 71 Chandler, Clarence Wagner .... 350 Chandler, Dan Dean . .334,340,481 Chandler, Harold Lane . . . 145, 500 Chandler, Huel Homer, Jr. 80, 485 Chandler, Leon 364 Chandler, Suzanne Estelle .... 438 Chaney, Lenore 145 Chapman, Charles Coopwood, Jr. 80, 378, 379 Chapman, Clyde Edward . . 181, 295 Chapman, Donald Royce 145 Chapman, Gayle Yvonna 127 Chapman, Henry Wilson ..219,482 Chapman, Josephine M 64, 234 Chapman, Patti Le 127, 434 Chapman, Roger A 333 Chapman, Roy Henry 323 Chapman, Thomas Joseph 304 Chappell, George Dwight 80 Chappelle, Ray L 311 Chaskin, Meyer 80, 322, 415 Chaskin, Samuel 322, 513 Chatman, Phil Kirk 388, 495 Chatwin, Kenneth Alvin ..127,248 Chauncey, Preshia Jane ..127,297. 409, 427 Cheatham, Nancy Jane .... 80, 182 Cheavens, Thomas Henry 501 Cheesman, Dale Carroll, Jr. 80, 503 Cheever, Janie Margaret 439 Chemical Engineering 55 Chemistry Building 16 Chenault, Roger V. . . 127, 358, 500 Chenzoff, Andrew Paul 71 Chemosky, Nancy Cecelia 145, 426 Cherry, Jesse Fay 127 Cherry, Ralph W 52 Cherry, Richard Kent Ill Chesnut, Thomas Holt 127, 320,412 Chiappino, Lawrence John 358 Chick, Charles Eugene 335, 336, 387 Chi Epsilon 287 Childress, George Folsom 145, 322 Childress, Luther Lee 180 Childress, Nancy 436 Childs, Robert Rinfred, Jr. 127,461 Chiles, Dwight 288 Chiles, Willia Allen 230 Chilton, Louis Warren 412 Chinn, James .... 55, 287, 306, 389 Chi Omega 436, 437 Chionsini, Alexander Emil 127 Chi Phi 468,469 Chipman, Curtiss Dale 145, 321,412 Chitwood, John Carroll ... .71, 311, 316, 423, 475 Chivars, Patsy Ann ... Ill, 395, 445 Cho, Alfred 243 Choate, Cecil Clark Ill Chodorow, Greta Lynn Ill, 409, 457 Chodorow, Hilton Ivan . . . 358, 504 Choo, Joseph C. Y. . . : 177 Chote, Sally Jean 127, 427 Christ, Vincent Bernard 301 Christensen, Charles March . . . .481 Christensen, Louanne 145 Christian, Chester 3 Christian, Henry David 329 Christian Science Organization 365 Christian, Silsbee 364 Christopher, Shirley Margaret 111,401,444 Chromachak, Rudy W 377 Chu, Kum Jee 71 Chumlea, Wesley Sisson 299 Chumney, Pat Swearingen 80, 489 Churchill, Sally Carol 432 Churchill, Travis Eugene 127 Churchill, William Orrall, Jr. 127, 586 Churchwell, Stacy Edward 145 Chute, Aaron Hamilton ... .51, 285 if you coo k range CLOUD Employment Service " The Right Person for the Right Position " Over a quarter of a century ' s experience in placing both men and women with the finest firms in the Southwest and the entire country. For the best in Office, Sales, Professional, Medical, Technical and Executive positions con- tact us. Member Dallas Chamber of Commerce Southwest Employment Board National Employment Board Dallas 1 PR-4821 907 National City Bldg. Texas Austin ' s Oldest Furniture Store, NOW in Our New Home 5th and BRAZOS " Where Quality and Beauty t Meet Your Budget " Name Pages Ciarlariello, Virginia Ilene 182, 405 Cisneros, Alfonso Augusto 350 Cisneros, Babe Irene 452 Cisneros, Hector Lionel 373 Cissel, George Gilmour 467 Citzler, Clinton Allen ....181,413 Civil Engineering 55 Clabaugh, Stephen E 305 Clanton, Uel S., Jr 80, 388 Clark, Ann Janice 127, 459 Clark, Betty Lynn 127, 405 Clark, Charles Daniel 498 Clark, Charles E. ...311,321,412, 517 Clark, Charles T 37, 290 Clark, Clell C 80 Clark, Connie E Ill, 267, 380 Clark, Don Gene 145 Clark, Donald Berkley 145, 275, 510 Clark, Daniel Mason ..51,282,586 Clark, Edith 56, 306 Clark, Esma Beth 292 Clark Field 19 Clark, Gene 249 Clark, Harley R 203, 266 Clark, lack Chandler 471 Clark, James Wheeler 399 Clark, Jimmy Ray . . . 80, 274, 304 Clark, John Walter 294 Clark, John Wheaton 350 Clark, Joseph Clyde 127, 507 Clark, Kelly Hoyanne 394 Clark, Margaret Eleanor ..111,174, 283, 310, 314, 370, 380, 422, 433, 437 Clark, Michael Champ 127, 478 Clark, Nancy Jo Ill, 267 Clark, Richmond Sanford, Jr. . . 288, 394 Clark, Robert Scotland, III ... 320, 412, 508 Clark, Ronald John 478 Clark, Sue Ill, 262, 370, 392, 459, 581 Clark, Sonya Hay 444 Clark, V. Leaton 127 Clark, Whitfield Harral 487 Clark, William Henry ' .487 Clark, William Parrish, Jr. ... 29.5, 326, 473 Clark, William Rawlins Clarke, Leslie Clawson, Donald Verne Clary, George A Clary, David Robert . . Clay, Betty Lou Clay, Jacqueline Aileen .351 288 389 295 127 366 127, 242, 453 .454 .503 Clayton, Robert Edwin Clayton, Will L Clayton, Willie Dorris Clements, Gene Padgett Clements, James Hagar . Clements, Joseph Stuart . Clendenin, William W. Clay, Margaret Clay, Marion Richard Clayton, Billy Morris .81,320,387, 412 Clayton, Chester Arthur ..81,161, 284, 285 Clayton, Monroe Nelson, Jr. ...Ill Clayton, Nancy Ann 435 Clayton, Phillip Morgan ..81,302, 319 .81,390 285 .81,321, 387,412 Clemens, Eugene Charles, Jr. . . 145, 320,412,510 Clemens, Sara Lu 286, 437 Clement, Everett Foy . . . 260, 262, 290, 370, 418, 581 Clement, Richard Wallace 301 Clements, Anna Belle 145 Clements, Barbara Lee ..392,401, 455 111,485 299, 491 228, 482 47 Cleveland, ' Clark Milton " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 306 Cleveland, Kenneth Wayne .... 229 Click, Lloyd Loring 42, 492 Clift, Ruth Ann 145, 444 Clifford, Bethenia Anne . . 127, 449 Clifton, Opal La Verne 81,407 Cline, John Victor ...81,262,280, 282,481 Cline, Peggy 411, 427 Cline, William Aldridge . . .40, 302, 359, 483 Clines, Robert Patrick Ill Clinkscales, Paul Alvin ... Ill, 322, 495 Clonts, Ken E 306 Closs, George 389 Cloud, Betty Eileen 81 Cloud, James Randolph 492 Cloudt, Benalyn Gertrude 439 Clouse, Richard Ernest Ill Clowe, Thomas Carleton, Jr. ..312, 315,351,423,507 Cloyd, William Preston, Jr. . .469 Cloyes, Martha 459 Coakley, Raymond John ..111,389 Coates, Florence Clare . . . 392, 449 Coates, John Henry 350 Coats, Myrtle Anne 145 Coats, Peggy Lorice Ill, 175, 182, 237 Cobb, Billy Ray 145 Cobb, Carolyn , . . . . 437 Cobb, Dow C 81, 389 Cobb, Jan Maurice 493 Cobb, Lawrence Dean . . . 145, 267, 492 Cobb, Louis Denson 127, 483 Cobb, Milton Curtis . 127 Cobb, Richard P 145 Coble, Billy Alvis 339 Name Pages Cockrall, Allen Alexander 412 Cocke, Terry Jo 438, 559 Cochran, James Russell . . 127, 359, 489 Cochran, Lamont Martin, Jr. ..81, 334, 390, 473 Cockrell, Allen Alex 321 Cockrell, Beatrice 145, 453 Cockrell, Frances Lou 111, 441 Cockrell, John Harrison ...81,355, 385,417,485 Cocreham, Elizabeth Ann . .111,459 Cochrum, Kenneth Lee . . 145, 360, 394, 506 Cody, Vaydor Frank 311 Co-op Assembly 397 Coe, Wallace C 81, 388 Coen, Mary Jane 81, 439 Coffee, Florence Marie ..111,267, 298,313,409,411,439 Coffee, Gerald Leo, Jr. . . 145, 329, 360,361,514 Coffee, Robert Franklin ..224,280, 325, 489 Coffey, Carolynn Sue 435 Coffey, John Cornelius ... 127, 326 471 Coffin, Gloria Faith 411 Coffin, Shirley Ann 411 Coffman, Alvis Ray 378, 379 Coffman, Shirley Belle 449 Cogburn, Charlie C. Newton . . . 145 Cohen, Jerold 358 Cohen, Noah 388 Cohen, Shirley ..111,261,262,266, 273, 400, 443, 581 Cohen, Suettelle Ann 145 Cohen, Shirley Lynn ..81,237,242. 397, 429 Cohn, Elaine Frances 456,559,571 Coin, Merry Louise ..127,174,310, 314, 409, 457 Coker, William Gordon . . . 145, 508 Colander, Dean 254 Colby, Malcolm King 47, 508 Coldwater, Robert Edward . 127, 355 Cole, Brady Marshall .... 145, 295, 335, 492 Cole, Byron 504 Cole, Carol Sue 182, 236, 237 Cole, Jerry G 378, 379 Cole, Joe Weldon 470 Cole, Joseph George 81 Cole, Henry David Ill Cole, Lee Ann 127 Cole, Maurice Wayne, Jr. 127, 335 465 Cole, Nina Jane 145 Cole, Phyllis Jean 127, 400 Cole, Robert Crowell .311,402,498 Cole, Mrs. Ruth 50 Coleman, Eugene 127, 360 Coleman, Irwin Weldon 481 Coleman, Joyce . . 182, 237, 242, 407 Coleman, Martha Ann 81 Colley, Flavil Lawson ....111,500 Colley, Mary Hugh . . 234, 235, 236, 237, 425 Collie, William Levinson, Jr. . . 145, 351 Collier, James E 287 Collier, Mrs. T. L 520 Collins, Buell Everett 394 Collins, Charles 252 Collins, Charles Anthony ..81,394 Collins, Charles Malcolm 472 Collins, Claudia Anne 459 Collins, Doris Jean Ill 241 Collins, Eugene Wallace 467 Collins, George 3 Collins, James Leroy .... Ill 284 Collins, Janet Ruth Ill Collins, Janet Ruth ... 182 427 Collins, John Ellsworth . . . 398 Collins, John Fletcher ....177,341 Collins, Mrs. Lou W 520 Collins, Lynne . . 172, 283, 310 314 392, 401, 449, 558 Collins, Lucien Hunter . . . 325, 485 Collins, Madeline Jane .... 275, 405 Collins, Mahon Daniel, Jr. 145 ,359 Collins, Martin D. Jr 81 Collins, Orie Arthur 378, 379 Collins, Robert Eugene . 145 Collins, Robert Seburn, Jr. . 81 280 Collins, Ray Dale Ill, 474 Collins, Sula Gardner . . 3, 274, 304 Collins, William Phillip 145 Coltharp, James Blankenship . . 177 311 Coltharp, John Robert, III . 127, 358 Coltharp, Marcellus Theriot . ..81 177, 302, 336 Colwell, Billy Joe 299 399 Colwell, Walter Lee . . 127, 282, 311 Colwick, Harold Douglas . . 355 479 Colvert, Clyde C 52 Comegys, Carolyn Jo Ill, 449 Combs, William M 465 Commings, Jack Chamness 111,394, 492 Concholas, Sylvia 241 Conger. Roger Lacy .. Ill, 351, ' 485 Conkle, Ellsworth P 58 Conklin, Ben B 127 Conley, Jack Ford 390 Conn, Bryan Richard 360 Connally, Patricia Louise 434 Connally, Elizabeth Grace . 145, 283, 458 Connally, F ' . . . . . 223 Connell, Edward Sparks ..81,261, 494, 515 Connell, Edwin Hale 177, 187 Conner, Charles Joseph, Jr. 145, 506 Conner, James Arthur 517 Name Pages Connolly, Patsy Marie 145 Connor, Sidney Symington .... 145, 351, 484 Conoley, Eugene 248 Conoley, Ken 232 Conrey, Mrs. Martin 173, 310 Conroy, Thomas F 280 Contents 5 Contreras, Eusebio H 231 Conway, Carol Eugenia . . . 145, 426 Conway, Florrie 174 Conway, Paul J 127 Conyers, Janice Virginia 145 Cook, Aileen 145 Cook, Billie G 377 Cook, Charles Edwin Ill Cook, Dan Quincy 228 Cook, David Edwin 378, 379 Cook, Harlan Cullen Ill Cook, Helen Earle . . . 145, 242, 458 Cook, James Michael . .81, 175, 294, 299, 327, 373, 406, 418, 581 Cook, Jerry Edward 327 Cook, Melvill Bernard 127,510 Cook, Neal A 57 Cook, Owen Grady 508 Cook, Thomas Carlson 71 Cook, Walter Theo Ill Cooke, Isora 174, 391 Cooke, Richard Hugh . 127, 355, 394 Cooksey, Frank Cloud 81, 262 Cooksey, James Maxwell 306 Cooksey, Joanne Ill, 449 Cooksey, Ruby Jo 237, 405 Cooksey, Sylvia Jean 444 Cooley, Helen Claire 127, 266 Cooley, JoAnn 145, 267, 458 Cooper, Albert Everet .... 306, 506 Cooper, Deborah Lou .... 127, 441 Cooper, Jackie Richard . . . 295, 339 Cooper, Lonnie Cleo 228 Cooper, Louis 48 Cooper, Marcia Beth .111,380,433, 559 Cooper, Margaret Ruth 145 Cooper, Nancy Gail Ill, 441 Cooper, Richard 493 Cooper, Willie Derrell .... 145, 402 Co-ops 175-182 Copeland, Joanne ...111,275,313, 314, 372, 400, 406, 411, 422, 445,581 Copen, Jeanne Ellen . 127, 279, 378, 416,440 Coquat, Michael L 515 Cordell, Barbara Lee 145 Corder, Catherine 437 Corley, Carol 145, 454 Corley, Pattie Jeane Ill, 458 Corman, Samuel Jay 311,496 Cornelius, Winona Lynn 127 Cornelius, James Milton 519 Cornell, David Mayo . .55, 127,262, 306. 321,412,500 Cornell, Gordon L., Jr. ..320,412 Corning, Margaret 409, 450 Cornoa, Rodney Bernard 494 Cornwall, Timothy Higgins .... 489 Corona, Rodney Bernard . . 127, 329 Coronada, Maria 293 Correa, Carlos Alberto 127 Cort, Leon Raymond . 305 306 388 Cortelyou, William Totten . 322, 477 Cortez, Herman Glenn 322 Cortez, Richard G 378 379 Cortner, Forrest William 390 Coskey. Julian Bliss 302, 506 Costley, Albert Washington . . . 14.5, 295, 394 Cothran, Marion Edwin . . . 145, 385 Cotner, Mary Louise . 145, 236, 440 Cotner, Robert Crawford ..46,492 Cottrell, David Dean 145, 329 Cottingham, Jerry Marvin . 329, 378, 379, 390 Cotulla, William Lawrence 328,460 Couch, Sandra Jean 145, 452 Coughlin, Edward T. ..81,326,489 Coughran, James Patrick . . 145, 262, 480 Coulter, David Earl 228 Coulter, Doris M 58 Coulter, Joe Carl 499 Counts, Bobby James 145 Courier, Robert Wayne 127 Courtney, Etta Mae . .235, 283, 416, 424 Courtney, Willie Laura 401 Cousins, Walter, Jr 301 Covington, Clarke . . .300, 312, 329, 390 Covington, James Richard 145, 350, 514 Covington, Scott 231, 341 Cowan, David Joe 320, 412 Cowan, Helon Kathryn . . . 240, 283 Cowan, Richard Burke .... 145, 460 Cowdrey, Gail 145, 401, 454 Cowles, James Edgar Ill, 418 Cowley, Jack Westmoreland . . . 145, 228, 508 Cox, Albert Harrington, Jr. 285, 316, 467 Cox, Alonzo Bettis 51, 285 Cox, Betty Jane 449 Cox, Burt 232 Cox, Carolyn Corine 401,434 Cox, Clay Hamilton 412, 498 Cox, Ernest Fred Ill Cox, Franklin Lanier . . 35, 63, 284, 498 Cox, Keith 311 Cox, Kenneth Jackson . .56, 71, 261, 306,311 Cox, Mary Frances 145 Cox, Neil Darrel 306 Name Pages Cox, Nigel Truman 358 Cox, R. A 248 Cox, R. Earl .... . 483 Cox, Ralph B 387 Cox, Walter L 146 325 Cox, Wendell Jackson ...111,337, 473 Cox, Wendell Jerry 351 Coyle, Robert Alexander . . 127, 460 Cozart, William Reed 295 Coxby, Raymond Wilson ..127 489 Crabtree, William Preston 146, 320, 412 Craddock, Bette Theresa . . 146, 266, 438 Craddock, Walter Dupree 380 Craft, Carl Willis 402 Craft, Herbert M. 81,266,267,511 Craft, Robert William 358 Crager, Beckett Minor 519 Craig, Carolyn Jane 237, 440 Craig, Homer Vincent 490 Craig, J 223 Craig, James Tolivar, Jr 355 Craig, John Charles 288 Craig, John Grant 478 Craig, Robert Sylvester 146, 328, 460 Craig, Sammy D. J. . 146, 271, 480 Grain, Cullen Malone 56, 306 Grain, John Calvin, Jr 465 Crainer, John Emett 127 Cralle, Robert Parker .81,302,319, 365,385,412,461 Cramer, Arthur Searles ..111,322, 467 Cramer, Marjorie Ann .81,392,395 449 Crane, John Calvin, Jr 412 Cranfill, Thomas Mabry 286 Craske, Walter Donald 511 Craver, William Howard 377 Crawford, Adele 447 Crawford, Artie Jeannette .81,453, Crawford, Carolyn 146 452 Crawford, Dorothy Jane . . 175, 182 242, 405 Crawford, Jane 127, 441 Crawford, John Lacy 324, 511 Crawford, Marian Frances 146 Crawford, Melvin M 53, 407 Crawford, Robert James . . 146, 204, 228, 230, 402 Crawford, Shriley Jane ...127,182 Crawford, Virginia Lee . 146 Crawford, Wayland Thomas . . 127, Creath, Laurence Allen Creedle, George Robert .... 71 Creel, Odie Kenneth Cregor, Lloyd Charles ....312 Crenshaw, Frank Scott .... 146 Crenshaw, William A Crim, Margaret Ray 146. Crim, Travis LaVeme 127, 289 Crippen, Mazie Carlene . . . 175. Crisp, Carroll Otto Crittenden, Norma Crittenden, William Thomas . Crixell, Frank, Jr Crixell, Vincent 311, 369 Crocker, Byron Gray 127 Crockett, Alice Jane (Totsy) 416 Crockett, Carolyn Kay 81 Crockett, Dr. John A Crockett, Moton H., Jr. ..291, Crofts, Alfred E., Jr. . Crofts, Dan William Cromack, John Robert . . . Cromack, William H. Cromwell, Todd Pettigrew Cronfel, Semiramis Cronkhite, Sherry Van . . . Cronin, John B Croom, Sam Gaston, Jr. . . Cross, Polly Ann Crossman, Ronald Charles 305,306,312,350,358, Crouch, David Malcolm . . Crow, Clark Ellis Crow, Donald E Crowder, Winston Pettus 341. Crowe, Bruce Norman . . . Crowe, Hazel . .11 .248 ' .82 ' , 388 111, 370 .82. Crowe, J. P. Crowell. Edward Elton ...ill Crowell, Rica Ann 127 Crou; ' Nest Crowther, Albert Bartlett, Jr. . . Crowther, Sam 82 Crozier, Mrs. Ruby . . , f , . . . . Crum, Larry Lee ' . ... 71 Crumpacker, Ernest Lee, Jr. . . Crutchfield, Edgar Burns ... 82 Crutchfield, Franklin Deny . . 302, Crutchfield, John Roy 351, 378, Crutchfield, Robert C Cuadros, Carlos Cuello, Jesse - Culbert, Carolyn June . . . 274, 370, Culbertson, Charlene Cullinan, Tom . . 82, 246, 248, Cullum, Betsy Lucille Culpepper, Cecilia Cullum, L. H Cullum, Mary Conoly ...111, 276, Cullum, William David Culver, Charles David Culver, Everett E 127, Culver, William Hampton .127, .111 ,376 .418 ,350 ,350 64 ,438 ,358 , 182 .398 .146 . .81 81 ,384 ,487 266, ,454 ,449 .492 378, 379 . .81 ,387 .499 .127 .507 .127 .438 .111 ,477 .111 246, ,467 .127 ,510 .493 262, 371 388 ...3 . . .3 299 444 .178 .305 489 .520 ,285 .465 398 111, 461 379 388 251 359 307, 449 237 334, 467 .451 .431 , .38 275. 441 326 127 355 500 PACE 596 UNIVERSITY STUDENTS CHECKING OUT AT THE POPULAR 24TH STREET HASH - KARRY Grocery and Market A-BAR HOTEL YEAR ROUND AIR CONDITIONED 2612 GUADALUPE PHONE 6-5658 3% START THAT Current Rate on SAVINGS ACCOUNT NOW! Savings The Mutual Savings Institution Resources over $21,000,000 1 005 Congress VICTOR ' S Real Estate Loans Insurance Property Management 8-8563 1406 Lavaca ITALIAN FOODS Spaghetti and Ravioli Dinners Steaks and Enchiladas Pizza Pies Ph. 8-0396 A la Carte Service 409 WEST 23RD PACE 597 Name Pages Cummings, Billy Flake, IV 146, 498 Cummings, Bobby Louis . . 146, 351 Cummings, Robert Dale 301 Cummins, Ben Milton 82 Cummins, Nelda Ann .... 146, 436 Cundiff, Elaine 127 Cundiff, Ellsworth James, II ..111, 507 Cundiff, Virginia Elaine .267,409, 416,434 Cunningham, Carolyn Joy 146 Cunningham, Dorothy Bostic . . 394 Cunningham, Eleanor Ann 127, 459 Cunningham, James Earl ..127,511 Cunningham James Kirby 82 Cunningham James Norman . . . 146 Cunningham Joe Willard 394 Cunningham Joseph L 59 Cunningham Nancy Lynn 127, 427 Cunningham Wilbur Paul 476 Cunningham, William A. . 55, 290, 306 Cure, La Nell 182 Curlee, Ronald Keith 350 Curran, John Francis .... 128, 324 Cutrer, Catherine Mallory 448 Currie, Mrs. Eva G 49 Curry, Alfred Foy 82 Curry, Gene Watson 108 Curry, Gloraine 146 Curry, Keys Alexander, Jr. ... 128, 336, 491 Curtain Club 377 Curtis, David Christopher 128 Curtis, Gertrude Irene 146 Curtis, Paul S 289 Curtis, Terence Attebury . . 146, 490 Cushceff, Victoria 377 Cutbirth, William Murray .111,499 Cutler, Earl Gene 146 Cutrer, Catherine Mallory 448 Cutshall, Gayle Lee 146, 458 Cyrus, Shirley May 403 Czech Club 398 Czimskey, Barbara Ann 146 D Dabanlis, Catherine . . Ill, 174, Dabney, Jane Dabney, Lancaster E Dabney, Robert Lewis, Jr. ... Dacus, Mary Elizabeth 82, Dacy, Joe Ridgway 146, Dad ' s Association Daffem, Bobby J 128, Daggett, Mary Adele Dahbura, Abbud Salomon .... Dahlin, Roland Edmund .260, 312,315,349, Dahmash, Hashim M Daigle, Norman John .... Ill, Daigle, Wayne Darryl Daily Texan 274, Daily, Dorothy Jo ... 82, 174, 310,371,396,411, Dale, Alfred G Dale, David S Dale, Richard Nolen Dale, William Bernard ... 128, Dallenbach, Karl M. . . 47, 460, Dalley, Joseph Winthrop ... 54, Dalton, James L Damiani, Kirwin Gherbis Damon, Henry Gordon .... 45, Damrel, Mary Damstrom, Emory Kenneth . . . 367, Dance, Thomas Fred Daner, Leonette 146, Danford, Roy, Jr. . . : Daniel, Artie A Daniel, Herman Bradford . 146, Daniel, Jack Strickland . . . 146, Daniel, Leon Daniel, Wendell Butler Daniels, Betty Ann Daniels, Eddie Joe ..187,212, Daniels, Harold George ..111, Dannenbaum, Mary Elizabeth . 262, 313, 314, 370, 397, Danvers, Don 128, Danze, Leopold Peter . . . .349, Dauod, Hazim Solaiman Dapper, Douglas Shultz D ' Arcy, Gerald Paul ..312,351 D ' Arcy, James Frederick Dardel, Guy Max 71, 262, Dareos, Peter John Darilek, Jo Ann 82, 408, Darkazanli, Said All Darling, John Kimbrell . . . 146 Damall, Barbara .111,238,303 Damall, Joseph Rogers Darnell, Larry Joe Darsey, William Grey .... 267 Dato, George Henry 128 Daugherty, J. Frank 219 Davenport, John Nigel . . . 280 Davenport, Lew Wallace Davenport, Robert McCall 355 Davenport, Shirley Katheryn . . Davenport, William H Davidson, Ada Lois 128 Davidson, Emily Ann .... 146, Davidson, Franklin Chadler 177 Davidson, Judith Suzanne .112 Davies, Donald Carroll ... ' ... Davies, Thomas Edward . . 82, 354, 362 Davis, Ann 82, 106, 294, 313, 397, 451, Davis, Annazell Elizabeth 174 310 .128 ..48 .324 292 486 . .40 291 .441 .391 262. 477 .391 476 .146 275 261, 581 ..50 .315 .111 311 478 300 .316 .146 508 . .82 128, 402 .146 442 .111 ..53 273 350 .146 .294 .146 214 482 .75, 574 467 415 . .71 .467 ,390 .351 ,288 . .82 413 .391 ,492 ,450 . .82 .482 ,510 ,511 ,221 ,467 .469 128, ,489 .451 .345 441 454 ,339 ,401 ..82 312, ,493 286, ,582 ..82, ,310 Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Name Pages Davis, Barbara Deane 241, 401, 447 Davis, Bette Sue 431 Davis, Charles Aldredge, Jr. ... 82, 334, 483 Davis, Charles Madison 311 Davis, Charlotte LaNeyl . 182, 234, 236, 237, 407, 559 Davis, Daniel Trigg McCabe, Jr. 146, 295, 376 Davis, David Harris 146, 326 Davis, Diane 146, 430 Davis, Don Morris 358 Davis, Donald W. . . . , 280 Davis, Don Wallace 461 Davis, Dorothy LaMurriel .... 128, 182, 401 Davis, Elizabeth Ann .... 146, 419 Davis, Faye 237 Davis, George Arthur 128 Davis, Gerald Norman .... 295, 476 Davis. Gibson Milton 509 Davis, Harvey Truett 181 Davis, Henry Etta 234, 237, 243, 376 Davis, Homer F 295 Davis, Howard Wayne 82 Davis, Jack Layton 146, 506 Davis, Jack Randall 487 Davis, Jack Wafford 490 Davis, James A 40 Davis, James Alan 82, 305, 306, 483 ames Burton 304 ames Edward .112, 326, 518 ane 394, 405 ean Marlynn 146, 182 eanne Cooper 128, 455 oe Elliott 249, 341, 477 oe Shirley 351,490 ohn Emerson 60, 301 ohn William 112,490 Davis, Kenneth A 146 Davis, Katherine Elizabeth 286, 392, 455 Davis, Marcia L 298 Davis, Marian B 58 Davis, Marie Kate 82, 240, 242, 397, 407 Davis, Marlynn 430 Davis, Maurice G 465 Davis, Mettie Fae 146 Davis, Milton H., Jr 82 Davis, Nancy Lee 451 Davis, Nancy Lou 449 Davis, Norris G 42, 304, 307 Davis, O. Kimball 297 Davis, Paul Leming, Jr. ..341,488 Davis, Patricia Ann 559 Davis, Patricia Lee 82, 408, 411,445 Davis, Ralph Kendrick 474 Davis, Retta 407 Davis, Richard Hugh 82, 245. 306, 334, 487 Davis, Robert Carl 128 Davis, Robert W 323 Davis, Ronald L 82 Davis, Shelley Lynn 405 Davis, Stanley Kent 481 Davis, Stewart Leonard 128, 360, 474 Davis, Thomas Leroy 477 Davison, Marilyn Blanche . 126, 283, 401, 424 Davila, Eliu 384 Davila, Frank 82 Dawe, Jessamon 50, 298, 307 Dawkins, Jerome Ersel 500 Dawson, Eugene Howard 128 Dawson, Gilbert Henry 319 Dawson, Jane C 449 Dawson, Raymond Fillmore 55, 287 Day, Barbara Ann 128, 453 Day, Edward Leroy 358 Day, W. Howard 82, 475 D ' Ayson, Suzette Claire 82, 449, 559 Deakins, Margaret Ann . . . 146, 446 Deal, Elise Hall 449 Dean, Billy Don 350, 467 Dean, Dewey Leroy 474 Dear, Wayne Englehardt ..82,302, 338, 477 Dearborn, John Langdon 232, 254, 492 Deathe, Helen Norwood 432 Deaton, Jo Ann 146, 401, 424 Deauquier, Celeste 112, 380 Debate Workshop 399 Debenport, Don 128 Debeke, Leslie Alfred, Jr 83 Debes, Elaine Theodora 146 Debnam, Steven Lee 404 Dechant, Eugene Lyle 82, 467 Decherd, Milton Edmund, Jr. 82, 282, 327 Dechman, Don Arthur .... 128, 515 Deckard, Clyde Carey 358 Decker, Jo Ann 397 Decker, Kermit James 229 Decker, Mrs. Vernon L 301 DeCordova, Donald Lester 519 DeCoux, Shirley 369 Dedeke, Leslie Alfred, Jr 334 Dedication 4 Deen, Frances Lee 128 DeFord, Ronald Kinnison ..45,306 Degenhardt, Everett John . . 83, 177 Degeurin, Nell 364 Deiterman, Louis Henry 71 Deitrick, Dorothy Susan- 405 De La Cruz, Gilbert 384 De La Fuente, Jose Ulises .... 176 Delaney, Albert Lindsay, Jr. 146, 500 Name Pages Delaney, Joan Marie 112, 241, 262, 444 Delaney, Wayne Edward . .187,219, 220, 223, 281 de Las Casas Piedra 128 DeLeon, Dora Lucila 405 DeLeon, Hector 146 DeLeon, Pete 384 Delgado Cepeda, Hugo 128 Delgado, Jaime Nabor 301 Del Homme, Louis Raoul . 228, 322 De Las Casas, Salvador 251 DeLoach, Carolyn Ann 128, 401,435 DeLoach, Jo Ann 395, 449, 559, 570 De Los Santos, Manuel Trevino 146 Delphenis, Alice Elaine 112 Delta Chi 470,471 Delta Delta Delta 438, 439 Delta Gamma 440, 441 Delta Kappa Epsilon .... 472, 473 Delta Nu Alpha 288 Delta Phi Epsilon 442, 443 Delta Sigma Phi 474, 475 Delta Sigma Pi 289 Delta Tau Delta 476, 477 Delta Upsilon 478, 479 Delta Zelta 444, 445 De Moss, Harold R 477 Denard, Dorothy Ann 83, 182, 367, 397, 401 Denard, Mary Kathryn 182, 376 Denby, June Marie 435 Denison, William Powers, Jr. 146,464 Denman, Charlotte Rae 437 Dennis, Barbara Ann .. 128, 241, 439 Dennis, Norma Sue 83 Denney, Earl Andrews .... 128, 480 Denowitz, Marvin Allen 128, 326, 497 Denton, Jo 271 Derden, Kathryn Anne .... 128, 450 Derdeyn, Joseph Madeleine 48 de Bidder, Karen Ariena . . 146, 424 Derrick, Bertram William . . 128, 323 Derrick, William James ... 112, 262, 312,316,350,489 Desenberg, Julius Desey . . 335, 496 DeShong, Ralph Lee, Jr 507 Dethloff, Henry Clay 338, 507 Deutser, Jerry Herman ...311,496 DeVall, Mrs. Charles 34 DeVault, M. Vere 52 Development Board 38 Deveny, Robert L 333 DeVilbiss, Judson Ernest ..112,325 Devine, Ann 434 Devine, Franklin French, Jr. . . .389 Devine, Thomas Jerome . . 243, 369, 410,414 Deviney, Marvin Lee, Jr 71 Devins, Gena Mac 292 Devore, Boyd Irven, Jr. . . .187, 261, 315,399,406,410,582 DeWalch, Don P 112 DeWalt, James Willis 128, 325 Dewar, Robert Lee Ball ..252,316, 334, 473, 582 Dewar, Hallie Ball 455 DeWitt, Diane 128, 437 DeWitt, Lanny Norman . . . 323, 507 Dewveall, Nancy Ann 112 DeWoodey, Charles Ernest .... 389 Dezelle, Jon Kent 519 Dhrymer, Phoebus James 295 Dial, Joseph Burt 146, 464 Dial, Preston Hastings, Jr 316 Diamond, Barbara ... 112, 236, 380, 397, 411, 422, 422, 429, 582 Diamond, Esterlyn 442 Diamond, Louise 439, 559 Diamond, Margaret Ann . . 146, 242, 416,438 Diamond, Paul Marker 463 Diamond, Virginia Ruth 128, 262, 447 Diaz, Carlos Francisco 384 Dickens, John .- 493 Dickerson, Billy Ray 83 Dickerson, Kenneth Ray . . .146, 350 Dickerson, Norman Clifford, Jr. 404 Dickerson, Robert Waldo (Buster) 262, 493 Dickerson, William Edwin, II . . 388 Dickey, Billy Melvin .. 112, 316, 507 Dickinson, Dale Flint . . 83, 305, 306 Dickinson, Philip Blair 83, 388 Dickinson, Travis Ray 473 Dickson, Alice Kathleen ... 112, 439 Dickson, Dexter Samuel 146 Dickson, Dixie Ann 83 Dickson, Guy Travis, Jr 181, 320,412 Dickson, Henry Austin ...112,187, 219. 220, 289 Dickson, James Fagan . 128, 203, 487 Dickson, Joseph Donnell, Jr. 146, 500 Dickson, Robert Temple 501 Dieb, Nicky S., Jr 112, 312, 351, 509 Diemer, Harvey Henry . . . .355, 517 Dietrich, John William 305 Digiovani, C 248 Dike, Shirley Lee 559 Dill, Whit Clark 499 Dillard, Andrew . . 128 Dillard, Joe Wood 112 Dillen, Virginia Anne 128, 405 Diller, John E 388 Dillman, Barbara 440 Dillon, Helen Adell 112, 405 Name Pages Dilworth. Coke Hairston . . 146, 506 Dingle, Jean 112 Dingle, William W 57 Dingwall, Nancy Stuart 146, 283, 448 Dipuccio, Judith Ann . . 83, 266, 437 Disciples Student Fellowship . . . 366 Dishman, Harry Charles ..262,481 Dittert, J. Lee, Jr 315 Dittert, J. Lee 40 Dittman, Marianne 392, 455 Dittrnar, Shirley Jean .293,367,401 Divine, Robert A 46 Dixon, Barbara Jane 146, 446 Dixon, Bryan Porter ... 83, 249, 388 Dixon, Martha Lee 146, 405 Dneproff, Mrs. Sophia 520 Doak, Anne Vernon 146, 458 Dobie, Jeanette Marcelle ..128,282 Dochen, Thelma Ann 112, 262, 397,409,411,457 Dockery, Allen W 289, 506 Dockery, William Dee, Jr. 325, 423, 491 Doctorman, William Owen . 83, 324, 423.511 Dodd, Haskell Leon 321,412 Dodd, James David 112 Dodd, Martha Lynn 128 Dodije, Mrs. Frances Spaulding 586 Dodge, Nancy Mary 112, 174, 310,395,431 Dodge, Wilson Thomas ....71,288 Dodgen, Patricia Dean . . . 146, 426 Dodson, Claude Cordray, Jr. 327,516 Dodson, Jean Burman, Mrs 112 Dodson, Thomas Hal, Jr. . . .83, 284 Doebler, Charles Edward 146 Doering, Bobby Glenn 282 Doering, Gus, Jr 285 Doherty, Larry Norman 128, 327, 492 Doke, Gerald Pirot 112, 495 Dolan, Edwin Patrick 492 Dolan, Michael Shaw 492 Dolich, Ira Jules 497 Dolley, James C 35, 284, 586 Dolley, Robert David, Jr 509 Domb, Elaine Audrey 411, 443 Dominguez, Rafael 389 Domm, Ernest Joseph, Jr. . 325, 499 Donagi, Abraham 177 Donaho, Jo Carolyn . . 146, 440, 559 Donaldson, Annette 112, 449 Doncaster, Malcolm Lawrence ..112 Doner, Jack Glenn 229 Donley, John Cameron .71,305,306 Donnell, Ben Addison ....326,490 Donnell, Gerald H. Jr 146 Donnell, James Lowe 146, 466 Donnell, Robert Evans 83, 418 Donovan, John Carl 469 Donovan, John Copley .... 335, 506 Donovan, Thomas Michael .339,500 Dooley, Elizabeth Anne . . . 146, 446 Dooley, Emily Estelle ....112,293, 411,427 Dooley, John Walter 83 Doores, James H 295 Doores, Richard Allen 112,385 Doran, Edwin 45 Doreck, Ronald D 412 Dorfman, Lee H 387 Dorfman, Samuel Yandell, Jr. 128, 336, 505 Doring, Frederick Joseph . . . 83, 371 Dormitories 167, 174 Dorman, John Timothy 146 Domberger, Werner W 54, 287, 385 Dorotik, Mildred Ann .... 146, 398 Dorow, William Henry 146 Dorris, Linda Ray 83, 435 Dorrough, James Jackson . .128, 329, 355, 361 Dorsey, Ann Gabrielle 83, 286 Doss, Lydia Evelyn . . 182, 237, 394 Dotson, Wayne Garner 477 Doty, E. William 58, 59 Doty, Patsy Ann 128 Doty, Ruth Joan 454 Dougherty, Marshall K. . . . 112, 465 Dougherty, Patrick L 319 Dougherty, Patrick Clyde 306, 387,412 Dougherty, Peggy Alice 83 Doughtie, Venton Levy .... 57, 300, 306, 468 Douglas, John Leslie 112, 488 Douglas, Michael E 480 Douglas, Oscar B 53 Douglass, Carolyn Neal 146 Douglass, Robert Raymond 62 Douthit, Allie Durell 479 Douthit, Harry Anderson, Jr. 128, 479 Douty, Harry Lee ... 246, 315, 503 Dovalina, David 83 Dow, Bernard Olter 315, 463 Dow, Robert Leland 337 Dowd, David Barry 229, 325 Dowdy, James Randolph ..112,351 Dowell, James Dale 488 Dowlen, George Eulace 112 Downey, Jimmie Carolyn 112 Downing, Don Carter 475 Downs, Carolyn Sue 146 Downs, Raymond . . .204,205, 316,318 Downtain, Jane 112 Downtain, Thomas Edward 112,326 Doyle, Patricia Ann 83 Doyle, Robert Emmett 305 PAGE 598 THE C [Y NATIONAL CAPITAL NATION ! ' . Alttttll AUSTIN NATIONAL BANK Members Federal Deposit ASSOCIATION Insurance Corporation PACE 599 Name Pages Doyle, WUliam Lamar 322, 487, Drake, Elinor Clyde 146, 262, 267, 273, 434 Drake, Kathleen Virginia 83, 298, 559 Drake, Royce Allison, Jr 473 Draper, Barbara Ann 437 Draper, Donald Alvin 146 Draker, John Paul 415 Draper, Richard Charles . . 322, 482 Drawing ( Faculty ) 56 Drescher, Douglas Alexander . . .464 Drescher, Douglas Allen 351 Dresslar, Barbara Joan .... 128, 401, 435, 559 Dring, Mary Louise 128, 242, 283, 314, 397, 437 Drisdale, Howard Hutton 350 Driska, Robert Sutton 128 Drosihn, Joseph Frank 311 Drozd, Leonard J 398 Druebert, Herman Hugo ... .83, 389 Drummond, Donald Ryan 83 Drummond, Malcolm Duane 83, 388 Drummond, Judy Sue 438 Drummond, William Henry . . . .484 Drynan, Walter Ronald 71 Dube, Billy Herbert 322, 506 Dubinski, Hattie Lee 112, 429 DuBois, Charlotte Estelle 59, 303, 424 DuBose, R. T 288 Duck, Margaret Lee 146 Duckett, John Warner, Jr. 146, 230, 486 Duchin, Ralph Charles 305 Duckworth, Robert Floyd . . 360, 506 Duderstadt, Douglas Worth 337, 500 Dudley, Dale Bowles 203, 327, 506 Dudley, Howard Franklin, Jr. 128,311,518 Dudley, Philip Lanel 128, 460 Duesterhoeft, William C. Jr. 56, 306 Duff, James Alexander . . . 146, 402 Dugat, Diana Marie . . 128, 262, 451 Duggan, Fitzhugh Lee, Jr. Duke, Earl . . .112! 471 Duke, Lonnie Wayne 378, 379, 480 Dulaney, John Byers 112, 232, 247, 250, 483 Dulaney, Samuel Thomas 483 Dull, Marilyn Joanne . 146, 236, 440 Dull, Wanda Jean ...112,236,441 Dunaway, Jack Quitman 387 Dunaway, Marvin Ray 315 Duncalf, Frederic, Jr 488 Duncan, M. L 390 Duncan, Rita Joan 439 Duncan, William McKinley, III 312,351,371 Dunlap, Noram Dell 313, 377 Dunn, Robert James 147, 500 Dunn, William Sam . . 128, 350, 491 Dunnam, Anthony Kent . . . 147, 351 Dunnam, James Marion 487 Dunnam, Mary Ann 459 Dunstan, Marilee 112,380,433 Dupre, Catherine Belle . . . 147, 444 Dupree, Rose Diane 147, 446 Durbin, James Cornelius 507 Durbin, Virginia Stark 314 Durham, Lois Bracher 408 Durham, Walter Winn 147 Durr, Marion Morton 83 Durrenberger, Bruce Baker . 128, 326 Durrenberger, Charles P 498 Durso, Sam Martin 112, 491 Durway, Charles Lindsey 147 Durway, jerry Withers 128 Duson, Walter Webb, HI 128, 340, 500 Dutschmann, Wilbert 367 DuVall, Jean Kyle 473 DuVall, Tony 112, 297 Duverney, Fred P 333 Dvoracek, Herman Joseph 179, 243, 249 Dwight, Jerry Melvin 266, 491 Dyche, Kay 147, 426 Dye, Billy Bob 329 Dyer Frances Sue 147, 426 Dyer Geraldine 454 Dyer Glen Colle 187, 319, 323 Dyer Sue G. McMacken 425 Dyer Nell Kathryn 83, 459 Dyke Ernest Wesley 128, 494 Dyke Frank 254 Dykes, Bertram 387 E Eades, Luis E 58 Eager, James Leslie 304 Eagle, Charles Thomas, Jr. 291, 296, 378, 379 Eakin, Robert E 44 Eanes, Robert Zempter ... .83, 281, 294,517 Earhart, Gordon H 483 Earle, Nancy Joan 294 Earls, Tommy Riley 147 Eagleson, John Milton 147 Earthman, James Bradshaw, III 83, 469 Eason, Billie Beryle 112, 416, 439, 558, 559, 560 Eason, Patricia Ann 128, 413 Easter, James D 128, 500 Easterling, E. W 40 Easterling, Virginia 449 Name Pages Easteridge, Kenneth Eugene . . . 477 Eaton, Marquis G 284 Eaton, Robert Charles 327 Easton, Robert Lewis, Jr 473 Eastwood, Clifford Arthur, Jr. 112,302,319 Eaton, John Marion 466 Eaton, Robert Charles 128 Ebarb, Rose Marie ...112,293,401 Ebarb, Teddy Glendon 128 Ebaugh, Irvin Atwood, Jr 83, 281,491 Ebener, Richard Edward 128 Ebert, Harry F 56 Eberwetter, Suzanne 431 Eby, Frederick 53 Echterhoff, Gwen 286 Echterhoff, Mary Gwendolyn 182, 425 Eckbledt, George Leslie 181 Eckert, Travis Allen 249, 477 Eckhardt, Carl John 35, 57, 300, 306 Eckhardt, Mary Jane . .395, 411, 435 Eckhardt, Vera Sue ...83,235,451 Eckhoff, Earl Leroy 288 Eckles, Joan 377 Eckols, Bobby Gene . .112,337,413 Eckols, Hugh A 370, 371 Economy, Richard 355, 515 Eddy, James R. D 35 Eddy, Nancy Gayle 147 Eden, Noble Wilmer, Jr. ..351,518 Edgar, Arlen Lewis 112 Edge, Eugene, III 83, 334, 503 Edge, Gail 147, 450 Edmonson, Bobby Elkin, Jr. . . . 506 Edmundson, Margaret Cecile 128, 455 Edmonson, Martha Hart 449 Edmundson, William Leonard, III 147, 502 Edner, Cant. Lewis Vernon 302, 318 Edrington, Thomas Sydney .... 476 Education Faculty ; 52 Educational Psychology Faculty . . . 53 Edwards, Joe Patrick 490 Edwards, Nancy Elizabeth .... 147, 242, 438 Edwards, Ray 112 Edwards, Tom Rogers ....112,326 Efrat, Edgar Shlomo 299 Egan, Ray Gleason 412 Eggen, Joe Bert 84, 387 Eggers, Juan 401 Eggleston, Jesse Elliott, Jr 128 Ehlert, Harry Cem 128 Eidson, Shirley Lee 459 Eikel, Harvey Andrew 178, 337 Eiland, David Chase, Jr 460 Eiland, Guin Loyd 394 Eisemann, Mary Jo 112, 437 Eisen, Harold Marvin 84, 497 Eisenhauer, Rose Marie 182 Eiser, Jane 448 Eissler, Charles Henry 147, 181 Eitouni, Mohammed Ousama ( Sam ) 128,391 Eklund, Dariel Ann 425 Elam, Frank McGhee 388 Elam, Johnny Edward .... 228, 231 El-Chehabi, Ismat 391 El-Chehabi, Munzir 391 Elder, Marvin Neel, Jr. ... 147, 295, 350, 482 Eldridge, John Paul 128, 359 Eldridge, William Frederick 84, 385, 485 Eldrod, Robert Adgar 112 Electrical Engineering Faculty . . 56 Eliason, John Edmund 495 Elizondo, Sana Le Clere 147 El-Kadri, Youseph 391 Elkins, James David 390 Elkins, Jerome Stephen 463 Elkins, Wynell 435 Elledge, Jesse Lawrence 285 Elledge, Vemon, Jr 128,315, 370, 423, 481 Ellett, Robert Leonard .491 Ellingson, Glenda Loyce 147 Elliott, Alethea Lou 408, 451 Elliott, Arthur B. Jr. ..84,388,469 Elliott, Edith Orr (Bitsey) 147, 262, 343, 438 Elliott, Eleanor Anne .... 147, 434 Elliott, Frank Wallace, Jr 473 Elliott, Gail 147, 242, 454 Elliott, James T., Ill 502 Elliott, Lynwood Graybum .316,491 Ellis, Billy C 112,287, 320,389,412 Ellis, Charles William . 112, 305, 489 Ellis, Elizabeth Ann 112, 401 Ellis, Glen Edward 147, 480 Ellis, Glynn 112 Ellis, Homer Godsey 495 Ellis, James Harry 112, 418 Ellis, John Baxter 475 Ellis, John Morris 394 Ellis, Karen Jean 240,419,425 Ellis, Robert Ben 112 Ellis, Thomas Parker 47, 480 Ellis, William Clyde 415 Ellison, Billie Mae 147, 446 Ellison, Elizabeth N 314 Ellison, Robert Anderson 502 Ellison, Samuel P., Jr. 45 Ellisor, Elisabeth Neighbors 128, 436 Ellwood, William Robert, HI ... 480 Elmer, Henry Richards, Jr. 340, 478 Elo, Joseph, Jr 326 Name Pages Elrod, Delia Jane 112, 401, 409, 425 Elrod, Doris Ann 128, 262, 376, 409, 425 Elrod, Robert Adgar 355 Elsass, J. Frank 59, 296 Emberlin, Richard Lee . . . 230, 247 Embree, Mary Ellen . . 147, 283, 434 Embree, Royal B 53 Emhree, Walter E 112, 519 Embry, Carol 439 Emerine, Sally Anne 84, 431 Emerson, Cover Conner ( Ox ) 290, 470 Emerson, Marjorie Jean 283 Emmons, Kay Maxine 128, 273, 441 Emsley, Donald Eugene 147 Endress, James Vandenburger 128, 495 Engel, Daryl L 128, 484 Engelhardt, Bert Carl . 267, 302, 325 Engelhardt, Dorothy 147 Engelhardt, Shirley Ann 449 Engelman, Charles Edward 128,481 Engels, Frank Kasper .... 322, 494 Engerrand, George C 43 Engert, Max 387 Engineering Building 20 Engineering Faculty 54, 57 England, Norton 341, 466 Englander, Leonard Marion 128, 244, 497 Engle, Earl Jay 497 Englehardt, Bert Carl .... 112, 210, 311,489 Engleman, David Reynolds .... 385 Englehardt, Shirley Ann 401 English Building 10 English, Charles Raines ...177,358 English, Gayle Earle 84 English, Sarah Jane . . 128, 236, 439 Enlow, Mary Nell 411, 427 Enmon, W. C 128 Enni, Lembit 418 Enochs, Jane Emily 84, 438 Ensle, John Frederick . . . 147, 295, 399,410 Eppes, Bill Gorton 287 Eppright, Margaret Anne . . . 46, 308 Epstein, Shirley Rae 457 Ergle, Martha Gail . . 172, 310, 314, 370,397,409,411,416 Erickson, Quinton Lamar . . 128, 371 Ericson, Joe Anne .... 84, 310, 393, 411,427,559 Ermey, Harold Lee 147, 340 Ernst, Allen Fred 187, 412 Ernst, Fred Loell 322, 394 Erskine, Bill Stan ... 128, 325, 489 Erskine, Stanley M 40 Erwin, Kenneth James 380 Erwin, Robert Hugh ..71,284,285 Erwin, Roy Franklin 128 Escamilla, Andres 384 Escamilla, Dominga 147, 405 Eshbaugh, A 223 Eschberger, Leon M 147 Eskin, Marlene 129 Espey, Lawrence Lee . 147, 230, 350 Esquivel, Filemon V 175, 181 Esse, Kathryn Ann . . 129, 172, 236, 266, 310, 370, 424 Esterling, Richard Ellis ...112,507 Estes, Jack Homer 511 Estes, James Eugene 285 Estes, John Lancaster 108, 423,481 Estes, Tommy Kenneth .... 204, 473 Estess, Morris Lee, Jr 112, 474 Estill, Joe Jefferson 493 Estlack, Joe Olbert 147 Estlack, Margaret Rochelle 84, 405, 416 Estrada, Mary Filar 129, 235 Etchison, Barbara Kathryn ....112, 293, 449 Etheredge, Boyd Franklin 129 Etheredgem, Zelma Verree .... 129, 237, 425 Etier, A. Fabom 50, 408 Ettleman, Davie Lou .... 129, 237, 371, 429 Eubanks, Edwin Burton 129 Evans, Charlene Bess . 129, 242, 430 Evans, Chester 252 Evans, Derro George 129, 273 Evans, Don Bernard 147 Evans, Dorothy Jean . 129, 449, 559 Evans, Durward Gray .290,315,418 Evans, Eleanor Joyce 112, 437 Evans, Ewing Kalteyer 473 Evans, Grace Elizabeth . . .112, 439 Evans, James Edwin 147 Evans, James Rayford 389 Evans, Jan Durrett 147, 283, 416,438 Evans, Joyce 262, 313, 314 Evans, Kenneth Wayne 129 Evans, Lyle Ken 129 Evans, Lynn Thomas .... 112, 300, 390, 417, 418, 574 Evans, Martha Alice 129, 435 Evans, Nebraska (Ned) ..147,177, 378, 379 Evans, Robert Don ... 112, 388, 501 Evans, Sandra Adel 129 Evans, Saundra Jane 129, 446 Evans, Scott Doras 361,501 Evans, Thomas Edwin . . . 179. 246, 247, 389 Evans, Walter Edward 112, 380, 479 Evans, Walter Lamar 358 Evans, William Mitchel 147, 321,412 Name Pages Everett, Alice Joy 401 Everatt, Dan Lane ...321,387,412 Everett, James Ronald .... 147, 224 Everett, Olivero Ruiz 301 Everhard, Clay 129 Evins, Richard S 407 Ewald, Jacqueline Lea 112, 241,455 Ewing, Benjamin Baugh 55, 287, 389 Ewing, Joan Carol 147, 436 Ewing, Thomas Keith 129 Experimental Science Building . . 16 Ezell, Lonnie B 52 Ezell, Marinell 112,393,452 Ex-Students ' Association 39 Faculty Section 46, 64 Fadal, Georgia Christine ... 84, 377 Fagan, Arthur Wayne 84 Fagan, Janet Alice .. 112,173,310 Fagan, Marilyn Jean 395 Fagan, Nathan 243 Faham, Adnan 391 Faham, Hisham 391 Faham, Mahmoud M. .112,311,391 Fain, Max Pittillo 112 Fair, Charles Eugene 464 Fair, Ralph Emerson, Jr 467 Fairey, Robert Audean 294 Fairall, Carolyn Pfarr 84 Fairchild, Charles Robert 129, 355, 469 Fairey, Robert A 299 Fairlee, Jane Alice 445 Fairlee, Robert 345 Fairstein, Burt Harris 147 Falbo, Frank Ed. . 385 Falk, Carl Oscar, Jr. .129,321,412 Falk, George 129 Falke, Fred E., Jr 84, 334 Falkner, Clifford Donald 112 Fall, Mary Lynn 129, 439 Fallick, Grace 443 Fallon, Turley Gordon 482 Falvey, Linda Aliece . 147, 266, 448 Fancher, George Homer 57, 306, 508 Fanning, James William 351 Fanning, Jo Ann .... 129, 266, 405 Fanning, Thomas Eugene 312,349 Fantle, Kay Blanche 112, 429 Fanu, Nicholas Michael 71 Farabee, Kenneth Ray ...112,262, 315, 354, 370, 489 Farias, Jerome 147 Farias, Charles William ... 112, 519 Fariss, Elsie Bob 182 Fariss, Ira Wagner 389 Farkas, Arnold Egow 512 Farley, Charles Ronald 147, 289, 323 Farley, Neita Lea (Pepper) 147, 267, 446 Farley, William Elbridge 474 Farmer, Jack Edwin 487 Farmer, Robert Sterling 360 Farmer, Ronald J 58 Farquhar, Jane 239, 241 Farquhar, Kay 129,411,427 Farr, David Jerrell 289, 324 Farrar, Robert Clark .. 129, 412, 508 Farrell, Robert Terrence . . 129, 358 Farrier, Mrs. Sammy 520 Fan-is, Elsie Bob 236, 237 Farris, Robert Eugene .... 147, 500 Faulk, Bib 212 Faulkner, A 49 Faulkner, Arthur 414 Faulkner, Carolyn Sue .... 147, 446 Faulkner, Gene L loyd 129 Faulkner, Mary Jo Ann ... 129, 236, 242, 435 Faust, Kay Lynn 147, 450 Faust, Ruth Ann 416, 426 Feagin, Michael Dan 84 Fearing, Kelly 58 Fearis, Diane Adele 459 Fears, Clois Darvol 112 Fears, John Huey 507 Features 268, 278, 322, 343, 344, 374, 382, 529, 548, 588 Feenberg, Kay Carol 456 Fehlis, Kenneth Lamar 413 Feibelman, James Alan 112, 351, 390, 519 Feigelson, Carol Ann . . 129, 400, 429 Feiner, Hazel Cecile 442 Feinstein, Ann 456 Feit, Ronald 412 Felder, William Davis 503 Felknor, William M., Jr. . . 129, 248 Fella, James Weldon ..84,306,417 Fella, Marilyn Mays 84, 293, 401, 453 Felton, Kenneth Don 84, 481 Felsman, Robert Aldrich 506 Fencing 227 Fennekohl, Dave Ross ...113,210, 251, 483 Fenstermacker, Dotsie ... .241, 436 Fenton, Curtis D., Jr 320, 412 Fenwick, William Bradford 178, 335 Ferguson, Donald Olda 475 Ferguson , Harry W 40 Ferguson, James A 129 Ferguson, Janet 84, 459 Ferguson, Joe Vemon 129, 460 Ferguson, Keene W 483 Ferguson, Mary Jane 147 Ferguson, Nancy Hume . . . 235, 450 Ferguson, Paul Lehr .113,390,493 PAGE 600 Contemplating the purchase of supplies and equipment for after-graduation use are Bob Cole, engineering student, and Daryle Hohertz, architecture student, at the MILLER Blue Print Company. I ill I rp R,yr pnmr rnupAUV SERVING TEXANS SINCE 1896 AUSTIN BROWNWCOD WICHITA FALLS SOUTHLRRD SIZED ICE ICE PARTY ICE REGULAR DELIVERY SERVICE There is no substitute for ICE 901 RED RIVER 2-3151 GLAMOUR ICE ICE PUNCH BOWLS PACE 601 Name Pages Ferguson, Phil Moss 55, 287, 306, 389 Ferguson, William Harold .... 334, 385, 473 Fernandez, Guadalupe Monsalvo 84, 171,310 Ferrell, Furman Clinton 402 Terrell, Hubbard Edward 147 Ferrell, Robert Warren 84,316, 423, 477 Ferrier, Ted Lawrence .... 147, 488 Ferrill, James Ronald 129 Ferris, Joann Patricia 129, 438 Ferris Neal Ward 296, 507 Fetter Raymond Arnold 390 Fetter Sallie Harrison 182 Fetzer Robert David 506 Feuge James 147 Fey, William Walter 84, 475 Pick, Carl Leroy 389 Fielder, Sydney Dawn 147, Field, Harry Robert . ' 336, 389, 507 Fields, Sally Ann 175, 182, 366, 401 Fiennell, Anna Rhea 401 Fiero, Richard 404 Fietz, Dale Howard 385 Figen, I. Sevki . . .71, 251, 389, 420 Fillmore, Carol Beth . .262, 401, 458 Finch, Jo Ann 147, 343, 405 Finch, Stanley Phister 506 Finck, Mary Anne 455 Finck, Myrtle L 147, 182 Finchum, Frank Dewayne 302, 322 Finck, Mary Ann 292 Findlater, Beatrice . . . 147, 266, 450 Fine Arts Faculty 58, 59 Finehout, Mary Rea 113 Finger, Lawrence Burton 147, 328, 496 Finger, Marvin Alan 497 Fink, Kenneth M 147, 295 Finley, Laura Jane 129, 559 Finley, Robert Allen 84, 311 Finley, Welcom Wade 355 Finn, Frank 371,399, 406,410,414 Finnell, Ann Rhea (Bunny) 129, 174, 310, 426 Finney, James William 84 Finnin, Robert Emmett 71 Finnvold, Fredis 113, 235 Fiorelli, Eduardo 59 Firey, Walter 1 48 Fischer, Alvin Robert 402 Fischer, Donovan George 387 Fischer, Edgar Gustav 181, 323, 367, 388 Fischer, Frederick W 295 Fischer, Howard Floyd . . . 322, 368 Fiser, Lee Wilson 59, 518 Fiser, Marcie 113 Fish, Francine 129, 424 Fish, Laurens Brainerd, Jr. 84, 465 Fisher, Bert Melvin 147 Fisher, Billy E 129 Fisher, Bobbie Joan 129, 394, 422,431 Fisher, Gary Duane 113, 337 Fisher, Helen Elaine . . 380, 427 Fisher, James George, Jr 129, 326,399,410,484 Fisher, Jeanette 147, 405 Fisher, t. Michael 113, 243, 485 Fisher, Marilyn Rita 428 Fisher, Robert Evan 351, 467 Fisher, Robert Hall 322 Fisher, Sally Ann 147, 428 Fiske, Nancy Jay 237, 242, 416,441 Fitch, Walter Oren 84, 327 Fite, Ronald 462 Fitz Gerald, Anne . . . 147, 273, 440 Fitzgerald, Barbara Annette .... 147 Fitzgerald, David Cantrell, Jr. 129 Fitzgerald, James Anderson ....51, 282, 285, 586 Fitzgerald, Janet Connor . . .46, 293 FitzGerald, Joan 147, 440 Fitzgerald, Robert Bernard . 59, 296 Fitzgerald, Robert Eugene 289 Fitzgerald, Sharon Lee 147 Fitzgibbon, Dan Paul . 287, 306, 385 Fiveash, Ramon Alton 294 Flachmeier, Patsy Joyce . . 171, 293, 310, 368, 401 Flack, Martha Joan 84 Flagg, Henry Wilkinson, Jr. 147, 476 Flannery, John Oge, Jr. ... 147, 468 Flaskamper, Ray J. 84, 390 Fleck, L. H 284 Fleming, Edmund J 64 Fleming, Richard T 48 Flesh, Lois Ann 84, 237, 429 Fletcher, Ather Odell 113, 325 Fletcher, B etty Lu . . . 147, 273, 426 Fletcher, Claudia Ann 298 Fletcher, Edward Garland .... 464 Fletcher, Elizabeth Marie 377 Fletcher, Paul Brent 84, 467 Fletcher, Robert Forrest 300, 320, 412 Flinn, Helen Margaret 37, 283, 298, 313, 396, 520 Flinn, Robert F 187, 324 Flippen, Sue 439 Floats (Color) 521-528 Flood, Patrick Nicholas 288 Flood, Phillip Hollis 147 Florence, Richard John .... 289, 355 Florer, Cornelius Maynard 518 Name Pages Florer, Neil Maynard 147 Flores, Abelardo 311 Flores, Roberto Sanora 113 Flowers, Karen Renee .... 283, 447 Floyd, Gentry Lee ...320,412,511 Floyd, Mary Marline 313, 449 Floyd, Robert Charles 113,323,491 Fluty, Rex A., Jr 147, 378, 379 Flynn, Carol Ray 147, 236, 262, 283, 458 Flynn, Mary Patricia . . 84, 409, 437 Flythe, Katherine Kay 455 Focht, John Arnold 55, 287, 306, 389 Foeh, Adolph William, Jr 387 Foerster, George F. . . 129, 204, 219 Foerster, Paul Adolph .113,337,499 Foerster, Richard T 84, 187, 204,219,221,315 Fogelberg, Alan Eugene ..113,355 Foil, Robert Daniel 179, 249 Folk, Robert L 45 Folmer, Charles F 62 Folmar, Laura Lissa 113, 397 Foman, Judith Marie 235, 393 Fondren, Ellanor Ann .... 235, 451 Fondren, Walter William, III .147, 228, 230, 488 Fong, Calvin 262 Fong, Florence 113 Fontaine, Martha Ann 285 Fontaine, William Dalton 503 Fonville, Tazh Taylix 129 Foote, Frances Cornelia 113, 236, 395, 453 Foote, Josephine 84 Foote, Phillip Gene ..129,266,511 Foote, Phyllis 235, 236, 242 Foose, Dick Allan 147, 460 Foran, Felix William .320,412,502 Forbes, David Lee 85, 311, 586 Forbess, Billy Wayne 147, 472 Forbis, James Edwin 177, 418 Forbus, James Wesley 147 Ford, Dennis B 284 Ford, Jerry J 398 Ford, Judith 437 Ford, Laurie Wier 303 Ford, Roy Leon 351 Foreman, Robert Arnold 385 Forensica 400 Foretich, Richard Brittain 113, 321,412,506 Forman, Etha 299 Forrest, Dana Sue 147 Forrest, George Alvin 388 Forrester, Anne Austin .46,401,454 Forrester, Major Charles T., Jr. 318 Forrester, Terry Norman 147, 295,311 Forsman, John Malcolm 518 Forster, Febe 113, 451 Forster, Walter Augustus, Jr. ...71 Forsyth, Constance 58 Forsythe, Eugene V 389 Fortune, James Edward 360 Fortune, William Walter . . 129, 323 Foster, ackson W 43 Foster, oe Carroll 390 Foster, oe Davis 507 Foster, oe Drahn, Jr 113 Foster, oseph Holt, Jr 148, 360, 502 Foster, Linda Ann 148 Foster, Roy Ann 148, 235, 444 Foster, Talmadge E 284 Foster, Thomas P., Jr 148 Foster, William L 333 Fotheringham, Tom James 262 Fotouhi, Manuchehr 388 Fountoulakis, Jimmy M 71 Foust, Carol June 129, 459 Fowler, Bradley Allison ... 113, 489 Fowler, Robert Penn 108, 489 Fowlkes, James Richard 85 Fox, Charles Edwin 129 Fox, Dale Eugene 148 Fox, Joaquin 3 60 Fox, Nelia 50,298 Fox, William H 113 Foxworth, J. L 40 Foxworth, Walter Lenoir, II ... 487 Foy, Gloria Byrne 129, 441 Foy, John Henry 180 Foyt, Daniel Anton 180 Fradkin, Larry Irving ....113,463 Frady, Ray Alton 246, 407 Fram, Tobye Ann 148, 267, 283, 394, 400, 442 France, J. C 311, 399, 410 Francis, Charlotte Ann 451 Francis, Lester Paul 129, 326 Francis, Sidney Joseph 113 Frank, Ben W 113, 367 Frank, Edmund Paul, Rev 367 Frank, Margaret Marilyn 113 Frank, Wanda Fay 85, 182, 236, 405 Franke, Aurel Wayne 224, 350 Franke, Leland Horace .... 85, 390 Frankel, Barbara Marie . . . 148, 456 Franki, Julius F 63 Franklin, Albert George 510 Franklin, Alvin Jerome 262, 423, 463 Franklin, Catheryne S 62 Franklin, Emma Lou 148 Franklin, Joan Marie .148,394,436 Fradkin, Larry Irving 284 Franklin, William Edward 113 Franks, Tames Martin .... 129, 497 Franks, Wanda Gayle 129,376,441 Frankum, Ronald Bruce . . 129, 244 Frantz, Dalies E 59 Frantz, Joe B 46, 282, 304 Franz, Allan McNabb. Jr 350 Frapart, Lewis Samuel 505 Name Pages Fraser, Charles Duncan 489 Fraser, John Gibb 85, 515 Frazer, Merrell, Jr 113 Fraser, N. Ann 148 Frazier, David Goodson 506 Frazier, James Robert 113 Frazier, Mae Barbee .129,271,459 Frazier, Mary Margaret 271, 307, 458 Frazier, Richard Brittain 506 Frede, Norman Dwight ...326,511 Frederick, Alice 449 Frederick, Ernest Berner 351 Fredrick, Richard Roy 148, 486 Fredrickson, Lee E 129, 476 Freed, Margaret D 58 Freed, Margo 129, 437 Freedman, Louis 341, 497 Freel, Redford 148 Freeland, Alma More 52, 298 Freeland, Lavina 292, 397 Freeman, Cynthia Rae .... 409, 457 Freeman, Diana Joan .113,392,455 Freeman, Marguerite 3, 271 Freling, Richard Alan 284, 463 French, Donald Dee 519 French, Joseph Jordan 481 French, Paul Eugene 129 Freshmen 142-161 Freshman Basketball 229 Freshman Football 228 Freudenberg, Erwin W 345 Freytag, Henry A 474 Friars 290 Frlberg, Emil Edwards . . 129, 262. 320,412,479 Frick, Alvin Emmett 488 Fricke, Michael Moorman . 148, 468 Friedberg, Carol Lynn 442 Friedel, Harvey Lee 337 Frieden, Alvin Martin . . . 187, 219, 220, 315, 505 Frieden, Howard E 50 Friedlander, Jack 85, 497 Friedman, Arthur Stuart 513 Friedman, Lissette Lou . . . 148, 442 Friedman, Muriel Constance . . . 428 Friend, Donald Tullis 350, 466 Friend, George Everest . . . 390, 479 Friend, Llerena Beaufort 424 Frierson, John Edward 113,244,479 Frierson, William Donald .129,479 Friesen, Gerard Anthony . . 129, 248 Fritcher, Eugene Edward . 320, 412 Fritts, Bill E 113,250 Fritz, Bobby L 177 Fritz, John H 46 Fritz, William F 63 Fritze, Jean Catheryn 444 Froebel, Charles 85, 475 Fromme, B etty Lou 148, 405 Fromme, Linda Ann 148, 424 Frost, James Hamner 113, 181 Frost, Sidney Wayne 335 Fruchter, Benjamin 53 Fruit, Jerry L 390, 515 Frust, Sidney Wayne 148 Fry, C. Ferd 477 Fry, Emmett Roland 466 Fry, Gerald Glenn 181 Fryar, Anthony Carlyle 113, 385, 495 Frydell, Don Gordon 479 Frye, Donald W 85 Fryman, John Elmer 85, 334, 380, 479 Fuchs, Grover A -. 49 Fulcher, Clay Wayland Gordon 302, 334, 390, 491 Fulkerson, Perry John 469 Fuller, Donald Keith 148 Fuller, Gerald M 129, 484 Fuller, Jeanne 148, 426 Fullerton, Byron F 187, 261 Fullinghim, William Embry . . . 148, 326, 488 Fulton, Joseph Roland 113,385,493 Fulwiler, H. D 40 Fulwiler, Peggy Clay 297 Fulwiler, Ruth Katherine 448 Furr, Howard L 56 Furr, Richard Allan 85, 479 Gabert, Sylvia Ruth 182 Gabler, Arthur L 385 Gaby, Carolyn Hudspeth . . 129, 376 Gaculi, Philip 71, 251, 420 Gaddis, John Marshall, II 113, 326, 467 Gaedke, Glynda Jo 85, 292, 297, 453 Gafford, Burns Newman . . . 56, 306 Gage, Dorothy Glenn Moore 85, 425 Gage, George A. . 187, 204, 250, 315 Gage, Leslie Leon 129, 491 Gage, Tommy W 129 Gager, Howard Winthrop, Jr. . .490 Gainley, George Alfred, Jr 148, 231, 407 Gaines, Scott 484 Gaines, William Gerald 148, 322, 492 Galbraith, Julia Elizabeth . . 85, 377 Galbraith, Gerald Carlyle .410,492 Gallbrath, Jerry 161 Galloway, Anna Kathryn 113, 395, 453 Galloway, Billy Frank 180,311,341 Galloway, Jack Henry 377 Galvan, Robert Rogers 113 Gamble, Roland Ellis 129 Camel, Weldon Miller 85, 389 Gamma Delta 367 Gammage, Gail 129 Gamma Phi Beta 446, 447 Name Pages Gano, Virginia Baudouin 148, 262, 448 Gannon, Fayette Mary 85, 392, 437 Gannett, Richard Lee 148, 488 Ganter, Barbara Ann . . . 234, 235, 237, 243, 369, 398 Ganter, Paul Anthony 243, 282, 369 Garber, David 148, 504 Garcia, Amador 176, 384 Garcia, Antonio Daniel 384 Garcia, Campo 251 Garcia, Conrado S 148, 325 Garcia, Hilda Margarita 182 Garcia, Jorge Alfonso 85, 291, 378, 379 Garcia, Jose Othon 85 Garcia, Luis Agustin 384 Garcia, Manuel 384 Garcia, Nelda 234 Garcia, Robert G 129 Gardere, George P. (Pete) 250,483 Gardner, lames Eldridge 113 Gardner, James Travis 181 Gardner, Pete D 44 Gardner, William Beverly, Jr. . .501 Garey, Alan Jack 108, 423, 519 Garibay, Rubin 71 Garland, Ann 85, 455 Garland, J. Neal 148 Gamer, Harold G 297 Gamer, Jack Loyd 472 Gamer, Thomas Arnold 468 Gamer, Thomas J 284 Garrett, Claude Harmon, III 129,336 Garrett, Clyde C., Jr 113 Garrett, Daniel Edward 489 Garrett, Elizabeth Doiron 310 Garrett, Gail 148 Garrett, Glenn Allen .129,271,280 Garrett, James Truett .... 180, 311 Garrett, Jennings A 148 Garrett, Jerry 71, 287 Garrett, Johnny Robert 148 Garrett, Kim S 502 Garrison Hall 15 Garrison, June Day 113,436 Garrison, Robert Dennis, Jr. ... 389 Garrison, William Scott ..113,289 Garritson, Dick Newton 148 Garritson, Richard Lee 518 Garron, William John, Jr 113 Garth, Jay Edgar . . : 586 Garwood, William Lockhart .... 487 Gary, James Warren 477 Gary, Nathan Bennett, Jr 85 Garza, Amando, Jr. ..148,320,412 Garza, Drexel Frances 129 Garza, Jesse R. Tripp 327 Garza, Maryana Sue 129 Garza, Omar C 384 Garza, Oswaldo 176, 384 Garza, Rolando Abel 85 Garza, S. A 389 Gassett, Mary Esther 148 Gaskin, H. L 311 Gassman, Ann Carolyn . . . 262, 442 Gassman, Edwin Anton 129, 181,413 Gassman, Ralph Neal 148, 289 Gaston, W. R 480 Gaudin, Hubert Leon 113 Gaulden, Joe Thomas 228 Gault, Anne 85, 242, 440 Gault, Clay R 129, 212 Gault, Ross Thomson 503 Gauntt, James Clarence 113, 322, 515 Gauthier, Edward A 280 Gavenda, John David 294 Gavit, William Lindsay . . 148, 476 Gawlik, Richard C. . 324 Gay, John Edward A 519 Geamer, Verba Jeanne 446 Gebauer, Dorothy Louise . . 37, 298 Gebert, Sylvia Ruth 129 Gebhard, Yvonne Clare 85, 427 Gee, Mary Ann 129 Geiger, Theresa Louise . . . 148, 405 Geisler, Benard Wayne 85, 282, 367 Geisler, Beverly Power . . . 367, 405 Gemmer, Richard Blair .... 85, 507 Gentry, George Vincent . . . 47, 470 Geology Building 21 George Washington Statue 11 George, Larry Ray 228 George, Ronald Joseph 519 George, Vanda Jean 405 George, Virginia S 299 Gerbens, Judy B 85, 182 Gerhardt, Leroy, Jr 85, 388 Gerhardt, Mary Dale 85, 431 Gerlach, Frederich Leake 473 Gerling, John Henry 350 Germany, William Vaughn .... 228 Germiyanoglu, Ismail ..71,251,420 Geron, Jean .:. ..312,329 Gerrick, Eleanora Sophie . . 148, 456 Gerron, William John, Jr. .325,491 Gerson, Gayle Elliot 341, 463 Gerson, Ronny Gene 113,497 Gettys, Warner E 48 Gholson, Marvin E 284, 345 Ghormley, Pearl 271 Giammalva, Samuel Antone . . . 224, 225, 322, 500 Gibbon, Karl Malcolm, Jr 507 Gibboney, Richard Beaver 511 Gibbs, Bradley Lee 113,479 Gibbs, Marjorie Lucille . . . 148, 458 Gibson, Carol Sue 113 Gibson, Elizabeth Jean 129 Gibson, Eugene M 48 Gibson, Jerry Albert 129, 325 Gibson, Jon Robert . . . 148, 179, 250 Gibson, Katherine Sue .... 148, 440 Gibson, Kay 148, 436 BETTER LIVING . 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RENTALS, INSURANCE ' of the Southwest 611 CONGRESS Longhorn Cleaners Tuxedos for Rent ALL SIZES AND TYPES 2538 Guadalupe 6-3847 Name Pages Gibson, Sidney Joseph .... 327, 507 Gibson, Urban Edmond 148 Gibson, William Willard, Jr. ..316 Giddens, Leslie W., Jr. 71, 316, 509 Gidley, William Francis ... 60, 301 Gierhart, Martha Ruth 450 Giesecke, Sue ..113,411,422,455 Gieser, Richard 586 Giffin, Lynda Lee 129 Gilbert, Bobby Jack 85 Gilbert, Charlotte Ann 113 Gilbert, Jacky Paul 113. 291, 378, 379 Gilbert, Wayne Mason 113 Gilbreath, John Stovall 469 Gilbreath, Patricia Sue .... 148, 454 Gilchriest, Carolyn Patricia ... .113, 376, 425 Gilchrist, William Edward .85,311, 321,387,412 Gildart, Sandra Jean 148, 235, 236, 434 Gildon, Minard Heston 85 Giles, Murry Browder .71,423,495 Giles, Perry Montgomery . . 358, 500 Giles, Ralph Emerson 509 Giles, Richard Curry 148, 461 Giles, Robert Clyde 304 Gill, Ann Deaderick 148, 450 Gill, Clark C 52 Gill, Ethel 240 Gill, Sst. First Class Eugene W. 318 Gill, James Earl 491 Gill, Lee 129 Gill, Samuel Lafayette 129 Gill, Thad E 388 Gillard, James 253 Gillaspie, James David 500 Gillean, William Otho, Jr 130 378, 379 Gillerman, Elliot 45 Gillespie, Gerald Wayne 130 Gillespie, Harlie P 85 Gillespie, Harold Reese, Jr. ...481 Gillespie, Joe Roger 180 Gillespie, John 299 Gillespie, Jon Johnson 481 Gillett, Nancy Jean 266, 437 Gillett, Stewart Morris .... 354, 498 Gillett, Virginia Bernice (Tita) 262, 265, 313, 314, 411, 449, 558, 582 Gilliam, Henry Lamar 491 Gilliam, Robert Wilson ...113,477 Gilliam, Walter Thad 327,477 Gilliam, Wyman Ray 288,481 Gillis, Albert 59 Gillman, Bill M 388 Gillotti, Estella May 85 Gilman, Lee 311 Gilmore, Curtsi Joseph 503 Gilmore, Jerry Carl 108, 315,406,418 Gilmore, Marquis Reed . . . 246, 503 Gilmore, Sally Jo 148 Gilmour, Mary Louise 285 Gilstrap, Granville W 280 Gilstrap, Howard Clifford 488 Gilstrap, Robert Wentworth 325, 487 Ginascol, Frederick H 47 Ginn, George Holmes .... 148, 480 Ginsberg, Bailey Anne 130, 422, 457 Ginsburg, Maynard Jack 130, 244, 262, 505 Gipson, Eddie Mack . 130, 373, 500 Girard, Jerry Sidney . 130, 359, 472 Gish, Gelene 451 Gittrich, Robert Wayne 113 Givens, Robert E 148 Gjerstad, Gunnar 60, 301 Glade, William Patton 470 Glass, Ben Morel 71, 243 Glass, Carl 113 Glass, Douglas Vemon 130 Glass, Elizabeth Merchant . 86, 240, 241,397,407 Glass, Frank Leland 491 Glass, Virginia Gayle . 148, 392, 438 Glasscock, Clarence Weldon . . .219, 220, 324 Classman, Joan Strauss . . . 148, 428 Glauser, Ronald Vincent . . 148, 482 Glazbrock, Howard, III 86, 254, 385, 501 Glaze, Wiley E 64 Glazer, Morton A 280, 505 Glazner, Nancy 130 Gleason, Egan Ray ...75,415,517 Glecker, Arthur Dan 130, 311 Click, Claris 286 Glidden, John 249, 477 Gliddon, Barbara Richards 37, 397, 454 Gliddon, Martha Ann 453 Gliddon, Reverdy Thomas 299 Glover, Patricia Ruth 113, 440 Glover, Richard D 471 Glover, Sherry 148, 458 Glover, Tom Ryan 86, 415 Glover, Jerry Don . . . 148, 351, 474 Gloyna, Earnest F. ... 55, 287, 389 Goad, Robert E., Jr 130, 360 Goad, Tommy Warren 289 Gochman, Phyllis Vivian ..411,443 Godbold, Shirley Ann 175, 182, 431 Goddard, Joe Gillis 472 Godfrey, Larry M. ...113,187,481 Godfrey, Rosalie 46 Godley, Harriet Carter (Bebe) .113, 416,455 Godwin, James Mack 377 Goebel, Patricia 86, 427 Goehringer, Charles Warren . . . 86, 300, 306, 390, 489 Goeman, Susie 86, 173 Goetting, Tom Burns .321,390,412 Goff, E. Wayne 130 Name Pages Goff, William Russell 337, 487 Gohrhand, Ernestine 71, 303, 376, 451 Goldberg, Dorothy Lee 442 Goldberg, Marilyn Ann 148, 283, 400, 428 Goldberg, Moses Hafkin 513 Golden, Norene Harriet ..113,457 Goldman, Hanna 130, 411, 443 Goldmann, Mary E 46 Goldsmith, Beverly Brooks .86,319, 324,423,511 Goldsmith, Claude Watson ....511 Goldsmith, Goldwin 61, 478 Goldsmith, Marcus Hale, II ...511 Goldsmith, Sandra 242, 452 Goldstein, Edmond 148, 320, 412, 496 Goldstein, Gwendolyn .... 148, 442 Goldstein, Helaine Relda . . 130, 457 Goldstein, Leonard Albert 505 Goldstein, Rochelle 130, 457 Goldstein, Ronald Nathan 463 Goldston, Gloria Ann 451 Goldstone, Rochelle Beverly . . . 148 Goltzman, Barbara Esther 113, 457 Goltzman, Naomi Fay .... 242, 442 Goltzman, Sharlene 234, 235, 237, 242, 443 Goldwater, Sam 130 Golman, Larry Elton 285 Golson, Barbara Ann .182,397,401 Golob, Patricia Ann 130, 457 Golub, Sheila Dale 130, 262, 371,411,443 Gomez de Molina, Octavio 251 Gompertz, Mrs. Edith 520 Gomez, Ben Isaias 350 Gonzaba, William 113 Gonzales, Eustolio N 148, 384 Gonzales, Hector 384 Gonzales, Louis 384 Gonzates, Mary Antonieta 86 Gonzales-Shears, Charles 130 Gonzales, Tile 235 Gonzales, Virginia Lamar .113,384 Gonzalez, Alfonso Mario 148 Gonzalez, Francisco Trinidad 148, 329 Gonzalez, Manuel Wally 148 Gonzalez, Miguel E 48 Gonzalez, Valdemar 177, 327 Gonzalez, William Edward 355, 471 Gonzalez, Frank William . . 179, 281 Gooch, J. A 38 Good, Gerald Lewis 231 Goodfellows 580-585 Goodfriend, Barry H 505 Gooding, Ina Jeanette 75, 148,241,430 Goodman, Harold 86, 505 Goodman, Jeanette Rita . . 443, 559 Goodman, Lynette Merle 457 Goodpasture, Charlotte 148,416,426 Goodson, Donald Whitsitt .... 177, 312,359 Goodson, Joseph Franklin .351,478 Goodwin, Benjamin 474 Goodwin, Carol Ann 130, 267 401, 439, 559 Goodwin, James Gordon, Jr. ... 130 Goodwin, Joel 518 Goolsby, Morris L. . . . 142, 295, 296 Goosby, Nancy Lee 414, 416 Gordon, Clyde Howard 385 Gordon, Fallon Turley . . . .230, 251 Gordon, Marilyn Lois 442 Gordon, Pat 400 Gordon, Robert George ...371,484 Cordon, Wendell C 44 Gordy, Tracy Ross 148, 498 Gore, Margarette Alice .... 148, 434 Core, Shirley Ann 360, 362, 416, 424 Gorges, Kay Martha . . 409, 422, 459 Gorman, James J 113, 324 Gorman, Janice Ann 86, 394 Gorrell, Roger Lee 148 Goslin, William Harvey 148 Gottlieb, James Sterling 130 Goulden, Joseph Chestly 275, 304, 495 Gouse, Fred M., Jr 86, 475 Goushe, Khalil 148, 328 Cover, George 253 Coyne, Joyce Anne . . . . 86, 237, 441 Grace Hall 170 Graduate Faculty 62 Graduates 70-74 Graeber, David D 415 Graf, Ruby Marie 130, 367 Grafft, David Hunter 304 Gragg, Lee Ann 148, 426 Graham, Bobby Marcellus . 228, 230 Graham, Elmer Theodore, Jr. 86, 327 Graham, John A 295 Graham, Lawrence M., Jr 187 Graham, Lillie Mae 130, 175, 182, 273, 401 Graham, Robert MacDonald ....58 Graham, Wayne Leon 231 Grainger, George Richard 483 Cranberry, Collier Read 492 Graner, Ronald Lorimer ... 113, 509 Granger, Andrew Baker 130 Granger, James Hatfield .. .311, 341 Craning, Janice Carolyn ..113, 393, 401,437 Grantham, Charles William, Jr. .502 Grant, Danny L 275 Grantham, Gerald David 474 Grant, Kathleen Windley ..394,451 Grant, Richard E 305 Gratke, Phillip Eugene . 86, 300, 390 Grauer, Nancy Jane 148, 283 Graul, Don West 360, 484 Graves, Frank Lee 86, 471 Name Pages Graves, Robert Lee 322, 474 Graves, Therese Maverick 450 Graves, William Joe 350, 469 Gray, Armour 455 Gray, Barbara Jo 130, 283 Gray, Charles Devearle ... 113, 359 Gray, Charles T 130 Gray, Frances Marie . 130, 182, 236, 237, 242, 401 Gray, Herbert William 187, 394 Gray, Hob 82 Gray, John Clifton 113, 511 Gray, John Kirk 175, 311, 418 Gray, Joe Wicker 148, 488 Gray, Joyce Molly 130, 443 Gray, M. Alison 449 Gray, Nina Doris 86 Gray, Vaughan Elvis 289 Grayum, Patsy Anne 448 Green, Anita Lynn ... 113, 303, 430 Green, Carolyn Sue ..113,416,437 Green, Donald Duane 86 Green, Donna Marie 241, 431 Green, Frank Clifford, Jr. . 289, 337 Green, Frank L 86 Green, George Edwin 249, 340 Green, Hal Leslie 130, 505 Green, Kenneth Morton ....71,404 Green, Leon 63 Green. Louise 113, 174, 262, 310, 445 Green, Nancy Elizabeth . . . 294, 439 Green, Paul McDonald . . . 246, 503 Green, Paula Jeannette 113,427,559 Green, Phyllis Ann 86, 274, 307,411,431 Green, Robert Sterling .... 130, 262 Green, Terry Clay 130, 351 Green, Vernon Albert 60, 301 Green, Willard Russell 71. 305 Greenwalt, Frank N. M Sgt. ..318, 329 Greenberg, Amy Carroll . . . 148, 405 Greenberg, Ronald David 341, 423, 463 Greenberg, Seinwil Louis ..113,262 284, 497 Greenfield, Bennett E 288, 463 Greenfield, Eric Storrie .... 86, 232, 316, 489 Greenfield, Leslie Lohr 71 Greenhaw, Fern Virginia ..113,393 Greenlee, David Walden 503 Greenstreet, Wilbur Horace, Jr. . 130, 337, 488 Greenwade, Eddie Marie 148, 273, 401 Greenwood, Jimmy M 502 Greer, Donald Lee 130, 378, 379, 494 Greer, Donald Webb 113 Greer, Edwin Reginal 484 Greene, George Edwin 476 Greer, James Francis 501 Greer, Nancy Harlene 130 Greer, Robert Griffith 86, 282, 316, 467 Gregg, Charles Rebstock ..246,315, 423, 503 Gregg, Noel Virginia 436 Gregory Gym 18 Gregory, Donald P 86, 402 Gregory, Katheryn Diane 440 Gregory, Lloyd 280 Gregory, Malcolm Russell, Jr. . . 296, 316,354,511,582 Gregory, Margaret 314 Gregory, Peggy Jo 372 Gremillion, Dona Madrice 439 Gresham, James Collin 412 Gressett, Linda Bell 113 Greve, William Francis, Jr 130, 248, 337 Grey, Barbara 241 Cribble, Judy . . . 148, 161, 438, 559 Gribble, Robert Fonda . . . 295, 302, 306,316,491 Gribble, Robert Ray 387 Gribble, Ronald William 487 Griesenbeek, Theodora Teddy . .430 Griest, Wilbur Herbert 511 Griffin, Anne Elizabeth . . . 130, 454 Griffin, Ariel Dale 130 Griffin, Edwin Pace 483 Griffin, Gerald O ' Russell 351 Griffin, Gordon McFarland, Jr. .473 Griffin, James Aubrey .... 130, 355 Griffin, James Wilson 388 Griffin, Lynda 276 Griffin, Mary Estelle 148, 426 Griffin, Melvin Kenneth . . . 282, 586 Griffin, Robert Statham ... .86, 281 Griffin, William Marvin 299 Griffith, Harold James 149, 321, 412,484 Griffith, Martha Emily 397, 401, 433 Griffith, Sandra Len 149 Griffith, Tommie Allen 177 Griffith, Walter S. M Sgt 318 Grifno, John Edwin 86, 506 Griggs, Roy Neilyn 174 Grimes, Carol Adelaide 86,411,435 Grimes, Charles Glenn 180,311,350 Grimes, Keith Russell 302,305,312, 349,353,511 Grimes, Mable Elizabeth . . 130, 439 Grimes, Pearson 351, 472 Grimes, Robert Earl 180 Griner, Margaret Dawn 130 Grinnalds, Brantley Columbus . . 333, 335 Grisham, Noel 72 Grisham, Robert Walton 86 Grissom, David 321, 412, 499 Grissom, John Lee 388 Griswold, Nat 371 Name Pages Grace, Sarah Lee 458 Gromatzky, Edward Anton 86 Groogan, William J 204 Groom, Sam Gaston, Jr 285 Grosebeeck, H. S 40 Gross, Carol Jeanine ..86,261,262, 380, 459, 582 Gross, Frances Mae 182 Grosskreutz, Joseph C 47 Grossman, David Lyle 130 Grubbs, Nancy Jane . . 149, 267, 458 Grumbles, Janis Florence 130 Guajardo, Raul 130 Guedea, Joe Noel 231 Guenther, Jack Egon 86, 507 Guerguin, Marilyn Lee .... 86, 303, 365, 431 Guerin, John W 58 Guerra, Donald Edward Lawrence 130 Guerra, Jose Italo 176 Guerra, Lauro, Jr 176 Guerra, Tony 316 Guerrero, Sylvia Ann 384 Guess, Wallace Louis 60, 301 Guidry, Loyd J 311, 394 Guinn, Beverly Ann 113,313, 314,397,439 Guinn, David Harold . 149, 350, 480 Guinn, Patricia Ann 86 Guiterrez, Abelardo, Jr 360 Gulley, John P 328 Gumbiner, Betty Ann 429 Gummelt, Garry Lamar 284 Gunn, Carl Donald 178, 335 Gunn, Elwyn 364 Gunn, James Wallace 387, 515 Gunn, Robert Harold 149 Gunn, Robert Leyton . 149, 151, 394 Gunn, Tom Allen 130 Gunter, Addison Y 295 Gunter. Charles Alvis 130, 479 Gunter, Pete A. Y 149 Gunuerick, N 393 Gupton, Margaret Marilyn 273, 400, 447 Gurel, Mehmet 251, 420 Gurwitz, Gary Reagan .... 130, 505 Gustafson, Wilfreda 409, 431 Gustwick, Robert Everett . . 130, 179. 244,413 Guthalis, Carolyn Janelle 113 Guthrie, Aubrey Elton, II 86, 501,582 Gutierrez, George 321, 412 Gutierrez, Irenio 280, 304 Guttierrez-Vela, Romeo 378, 379, 384 Guttman, Walter, Jr 87, 485 Guyer, Kenneth Eugene, Jr. .87,281 Guyon, Eugene Lamar 87 Guyon, Mary Annell 130 Guzman, Julio, Jr 130, 176 Guzman, Robert Jesse 177, 323 Gyure, David, Jr 130 Gyure, Nela Greenshaw .. .113, 401 H Haag, Jessie Helen 53, 298, 407 Haas, Erwin James 181, 413 Habash, Carlo Hanna 391 Haberle, Fred 113, 354, 473 Caberlin, Frances 149 Hacker, Carl E 368, 371 Hackerman, Norman 44 Hackley, Alexander Strachan . . . 149 Haddad, Dimitri George 295 Hadden, Charlton Wells 187, 210,473 Hadley, Phillip W 412 Hadra, Jim Minton 297 Haecker, Shirley Bee 130, 405 Haenel, Herman E. 87, 306, 368, 389 Hagaman, Betty Lou 114, 430 Hagan, Margaret Helen 149 Hagelman, Marcia Lee .... 130, 431 Hagen, Don Warren 180, 262 Hager, Ted C 114, 423, 489 Haggard, Jack Martin 130, 282 Haggard, Randolph Patman 130, 358 Hagler, Dorothy Nell 435 Hague, Gary Ronald 509 Hahler, Frances Anne .... 149, 405 Hahn, Abigail 380, 428 Hahn, Eitel Hugh 130, 479 Haight, Edward Allen .... 149, 254, 326, 502 Hail, Thomas Lynch 503 Haile, Lawrence Barclay . . 149, 399, 410,414,468 Hajjar, Ahmad Marwan . . . 130, 391 Hajjar, Mohammed Said ..114,391 Hakkinen, Hertta Maija 72 Halamicek, Eddy Peter ' . ' 179 Halamicek, Lynn Carl . . . 179, 246, 247, 249, 250 Haldane, Robert Bruce 295 Halden, Leon Gilbert, Jr 114, 423, 499 Hale, Billie Ann 149, 436 Hale, Dudley Druwood, Jr 87, 495, 586 Hale, Edward Everett ..44,299,490 Hale, Hulen Alphes 114, 187, 204, 219, 220 Hale, Jo Ann 149, 376, 432 Hale, Joe Michael 114 Hale, Luther Paul, Jr 177, 474 Hale, Robert Kay 114, 519 Hale, Samuel Edward 114, 475 Halecky, Edward, Jr 475 Haley, Carolyn Janet 149.401 Haley, George Kirby 87, 178, 302, 335 Haley, Prudy 114, 458 PAGE 604 AFFIUATID NATIONAL MOTHS Hotel STEPHEN F. AUSTIN Whether your visit to Texas ' capital be business or pleasure, make Hotel Stephen F. Austin your headquarters. Football fans, tourists and businessmen alike pre fer the Stephen F. ' s modern air conditioned rooms, central location and fine food. A special feature of the hotel is radio and television in guests rooms . . .at Hotel Stephen F. Austin 10JTH CAROUNA W DE HAMPTON Cc ' TEXAS STEPHEN F AUSIiN EOSON BfiOWNWOOO S. if i Hail 9 s day. . . in your day . . FIRST NATIONAL BANK In Houston MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Name Hall, Arthur Bryan Pages 130, 232, 246, 248, 467 Hall, Arthur Howell 130 Hall, Bobby Dee 130 Hall, C. W 372 Hall, Daniel L 114, 282 Hall, Fran 242 Hall, Ernest Jay 493 Hall, Esther Jane Wood ... 60, 301 Hall, James Albert 87, 294, 501 Hall, Jerry Frank 114, 274 Hall, John Everett 326 Hall, John Patrick, Jr 149, 506 Hall, Frances 114, 376 Hall, James 276 Hall, Larry Curtis 149, 329 Hall, Louis V 187 Hall, Manuel M 498 Hall, Milford Lee 149 Hall, Nancy Ann 446 Hall, Philip Lee 398 Hall, Robert David 402 Hall, Robert Daniel 350 Hall, Robert Earle 130, 320, 412, 500 Hall, Hoy M 52 Hall, Sally Carr 431 Hall, William B 130 Hall, William T., Ill 325 Hallman, Jed Allen 149, 464 Hallman, Stanley Ben 284, 479 Hallmark, Bill Alan 228, 488 Hallmark, Bruce Cullen . . .316,493 Hallum, Vernon A 415 Hallum, Virginia 314 Halvenston, Edward Phelps .... 489 Ham, Donald Ray 130 Ham, Jerry Don . 130, 320, 412, 461 Hamblen, James Vemon 506 Hamblen, William Perry 483 Hamer, Harrison Flavis 341 Hamilton, Anthony Brock 130, 326, 509 Hamilton, Emily 267, 454 Hamilton, Gloria June .... 149, 426 Hamilton, Harry Dean 87, 178. 338, 402 Hamilton, Helen Carol 114,174,310, 313, 314, 370, 411, 449, 582 Hamilton, Herbert Franklin . . . 254, 341,488 Hamilton, Jane Elizabeth 366 Hamilton, Jimmy Ray 114 Hamilton, John Reed 114 Hamilton, Katie 122 Hamilton, Louis Wayne 351 Hamilton, Oscar Carl, Jr. . . 87, 334 Hamilton, Paul Robert . . . .361, 483 Hamilton, Sam C., Jr 483 Hamlett, John William . . . 130, 468 Hammack, Irwin Duyka . . . 149, 492 Hammer, Edwin King 114 Hamner, Lyla Frances . . . .393,431 Hammond, Ben Rigsby 114,312,489 Hammond, George Randall .... 1 14, 402, 490 Hammond, Hall Street .... 149, 295, 341,488 Hammond, Joseph Paul ...316,489 Hammond, Thomas Morgan, Jr. . 87, 350, 359 Hamond, James Ernest 503 Hampton, David Michael 295 Hampton, John W 40 Hampton, Marie Harriet 235, 393, 426 Hampton, Morris B 40 Hampton, Morris Jackson 491 Hampton, Ouida Carolyn .130,441 Hampton, Patricia Lynne . . 149, 458 Hampton, Robert William . 130, 503 Hampton, Sondra Jo . . 114, 409, 459 Hampy, Yvonne Jean ....114,459 Hanania, Bishara Maurice 311, 389, 391 . . .87,405 . . 130, 433 . . 87, 296 Hanath, Amalia Marian Hanchey, Mary Dorothy Hancock, Gerre Edward Hancock, Lanell 149 Hancock, Martha Lou 130, 401, 431 Hancock, Mary Elizabeth 114 Hancock, Mary Linda 149 Hancock, Warner A 63 Handley, Lawrence Kenneth ... 114, 376, 404, 583 Handley, Phillip Winston .321,490 Handy, Thomas 299 Hankal, Robert Leonard 501 Hanke, L. U 46 Hankerson, James A 299 Hanks, Lucy Whiteside 401 Hanks, Mary Kay 182, 292 Hanley, Donald Wayne 114, 359, 485 Hanna, Geneva 52, 298 Hannan, David Gerald ...320,412 Hannan, John Roscoe 519 Hansard, Thorn Carlton 304 Hansen, Cathryn Ardc-ne 114. 182, 405 Hansen, Dinah Polly 149, 405 Hansen, Minah Molly . 149, 283, 405 Hansen, Paul Edward .... 130, 355 Henshaw, Greta Gail 87, 440 Hanson, Harold P 47 Hanson, Robert Alan .... 130, 204. 219, 220 Haragan, Don Robert 350 Harbach, Deborah Maxwell .... 130, 242, 447 Harbison, Carrie- Lee 182 Harbison, Ida Alleene 182 Harbrecht, Henry Leo, Jr 87 Hardee, Elizabeth Ella 149 Harden, Richard Don .... 130, 473 Name Pages Harden, Thad Harold 87. 338, 385, 389, 473 Harder, Sandra Sue 182 Harder, Verna 303 Hardin, Ernest R 49, 482 Hardin, Grace Ann 299 Hardin, John Austin 114 Hardin, Larry Don 149 Hardin, Theadore 302 Hardman, John James Lee 114 Hardman, William Carrell . 130, 324 Hardwick, Jane Angeline .260,313, 314, 370, 422, 451, 558, 575 Hardwick, Jane Louise 292 Harell, Forrest Edwin 179 Harf, Joe H 462 Hargett, Glenn Elmer 72 Harkness. Jess Loomis . . . 149, 494 Harkrider, Marjorie Ann . .130, 172, 310,314,409,439 Harkrider, Rober Elmo 499 Harlan, Elaine 149, 242 Harlan, Gayle Worth 130, 266, 427, 559, 563 Harlan, Gerald D 181 Harlow, Kenneth W 187 Harman, Vaughn DuWayne, Jr. 149 Harmel, Donald Glenn 149 Harms, Mary Virginia .... 149, 450 Harned, James McKean . . . 246, 467 Hamel, Herman Emil 287 Harp, Sylvia Lee 405, 407 Harper, Suzanna Davis 114 Harper, Dan Crittington 114 Harrell, Ann Courtney 355, 362, 454 Harrell, Donald L 502 Harrell, Edward Charles ..114,246, 324, 479 Harrell, Joanne 130, 455, 558 Harrell, Marshall Allen 246, 316, 503 Harrell, Roy A., Jr 149, 474 Harrington, Martha E. 149, 182, 405 Harris, Anita Joyce ... 114, 262, 445 Harris, Ann 114, 437 Harris, Bill Paul 187 Harris, Carolyn 149, 444 Harris, Charles Archer 498 Harris, Christine 293 Harris, Eunice Idele 399, 400 Harris, Frances 149, 242, 428 Harris, Frank Lee, Jr 131, 490 Harris, Glenda 131 Harris, Grover Carleton 149 Harris, Hariett Jean 149 Harris, Harriett Castle .87,401,437 Harris, Harwell H 61 Harris, James Malcolm 311,337,468 Harris, Jerry Clyde 149 Harris, Jimmy Lyn 149, 468 Harris, Kathryn Sue 114, 441 Harris, Margaret H 242, 424 Harris, Max Young 131, 507 Harris, Robert Locke 295, 472 Harris, Robert Smith 54, 385 Harris, Roy Duane 378, 379 Harris, Sara Ann (Sally) 455 Harris, Sidon, Jr 149, 502 Harris, Vemon Claude 114 Harris, William H 322 Harrison, Clarence Wayne . 131, 350 Harrison, Frances Lanelle . . 87, 439 Harrison, Jack 122 Harrison, Jerry Dean 301 Harrison, Joe C 114 Harrison, Joe Lawrence . . . 149, 490 Harrison, John Henry, IV .295,335 Harrison, Katherine Gordon ...114, 241,313,314,422,451 . Harrison, Marguerite 307 Harrison, Mary Rebecca . . . 87, 437 Harrison. Nick A 498 Harrison, Richard King ... 1 14, 507 Harrison, Sarah Elizabeth . 182, 405 Harrison, William Arch, Jr. 295, 335 Harrocl, Marjorie Ellen 401 Hart, Danny S 181 Hart, Don Arthur, Jr. 261, 302, 306, 312,349,511 Hart. Douglas 114, 315, 503 Hart, Gayle Elaine 131, 436 Hart, Grace Elizabeth 114, 394 Hart, James Lamar 519 Hart, James Pinckney 290, 295 Hart, James P., Jr 399 Hart, Lawrence Eugene 354 Hart, Maxey 40 Hart, Thomas Walter 149, 475 Hart, Wydette Garrard 310 Hartel, Arthur John 316. 509 Hartin, Richard Kenneth 149 Hartle, Helen Weisner 298 Hartless, Arlington Leroy ..114,394 Hartless, Shirley Faye 87, 394 Hartley, Barbara Ann 182 Hartman, Cay 131, 439 Hartman, Martha Ann 372 Hartman, Maurice A 50 Hartman, Wilma Annette . 131, 182, 275, 444 Hartshorn, Betty Baker . . . 149, 436 Hartsock, Barton Daniel 518 Hartung, Anna Schoff 303 Hartung, H 223 Hartwig, William H 56, 306 Harvard, Hyman Lee 87, 473 Harvard, Joanne Wertz 87 Harvel, Sharon 131, 430 Harvey, Bette L 149, 393 Harvey, George Allen . 149, 378, 379 Harvey, James Daniel 114,281.291, 378, 379 Harvey, Jerry Bankston 295 Harvey, Joyce Lee 182 Harvey, Olin Wilbunn 114, 323 Harwell, Nancy Elizabeth . . 149, 267 Hashem, Ghazl Jamal 391 Name Pages Hashem, Wail Ibrahim 391 Haskell, Patsy Zoll 431 Haskew, Laurence Defee 35, 52, 53, 294, 304 Haskin, Howard H 282 Haskins, Leigh Ann 149 Hassell, Paul Edward 87,180 Hasskarl, Robert Albert, Jr. 114,516 Hastedt, Robert William 506 Hastings, Dickie Doyle .... 131, 509 Hastings, Edward Randall 509 Haston, Nancy Gay . .131, 174, 234, 262, 267, 283, 310, 314, 437, 559 Hasty, Robert A 311 Hatch, Lewis F 44 Hatch, Patsy Ann 401, 446 Hatcher, Andrew Pickens 284 Hatfield, Thomas Marvin . . 114, 248. 477 Hatgil, Paul P 58 Hatley, Jan Drue 446 Hatter, Curtis R., Jr 299 Hatter, Louanne 182 Haug, Patricia A 52 Haught, Philip Rhea 131, 358 Haupt, Helen D 59, 292 Haupt, Luella Ruth . . 131, 172, 267. 283,310,314,459 Hauser, Ronald Joseph 497 Havens, Charlie Cornelious .... 359 Heaner, John Martindale ..327,483 Heard, Allen Burton ..328,412,485 Heard, Cecil Jack 114 Hearrean, Roy Edward 131,354,518 Heasley, Hollys Wayne 519 Heasley, Lynnwood Lyle 518 Heath, Cynthia Mavis 241,459 Heath, Laura Rosemary 131 Heath, Nancy Carolyn .... 254, 283 Heatly, Catherine Ann 449 Heatly, Mary Gail 448 Heber, Jane Lee 131, 459 Heher, Jan Gordon . . . 149, 354, 484 Hebert, Emanuel Andrus ..131,321 Hebert,. Larry Allen ..311,337,394 Hecht, Edward Franklin ... 87, 463 Hedgcoxe, Henry Thomas 131, 355, 390 Hedgcoxe, Pat Garner . 87, 300. 306, 351,390,417,460 Hedrick, Lynn Bamett 500 Heflin, Bess 293 Heibreder, Dorsea Faye 131 Heidelberg, Carol Sue 266, 458 Heimann, Laurence T 59 Heimer, Archie Haas 350 Heimsch, Charles 43 Hejduk, John 61 Helf, Nancy Marilyn 131, 427 Heller, Robert, Jr 72 Heller, Sally 149, 444 Helton, Alfred Earl 380 Helton, Bobby Charles 26 Helwig, William F 56 Hememvay, David Justin 114 Hemley. Peggy Diane 174, 310 Hemphill, Warren Clayton ..87,489 Henderson, Boyd Lewis, Jr. 149, 500 Henderson, Bryan Neal .... 87, 389 Henderson, David Holland 149, 179, 246, 339 Henderson, Don R 149 Henderson, Douglas Joshua 87 Henderson, Elizabeth Dee 435 Henderson, Elwood Ray .. 131, 291, 355, 378, 379 Henderson, George Walter .... 149, 262,311 Henderson, Jane Birdwell . 149, 267, 273, 283, 440 Henderson, Jefferson Stierheim, II 131,311,410 Henderson, Jerry Duane . . 294, 394 Henderson, John Bums, Jr. 114,266, 315,341,491 Henderson, Joseph Lindsey .... 490 Henderson, Joyce Anne 149, 392, 405 Henderson, Marjorie 437 Henderson, Persis Mrs 520 Henderson, Ross Kennedy, Jr. 72, 285 Henderson, Simon 187 Henderson, Stan Haywood . . . .510 Hendricks, Bill Myers 87, 354 Hendricks, C 248 Hendricks, James Elliott 131, 288, 322 Hendricks, Lyle J 58 Hendrix, Robert Benard 3 50 Hendrix, Roberts James .... 87, 284 Henisey, Otis Edward 149 Henkel. Archoe Don 149 Henning. Elizabeth 114, 459 Henry, John Nance 114, 460 Henry, Patsy Ruth 149, 438 Henry, William Arthur 114,282,499 Henry, William Otis 88, 301 Hensarling, Larry Reid .... 88, 487 Hensey, Walter Russell 149, 354, 508 Henshaw, Richard Charles . 50, 285 Henslee. Lee Walter, III 481 Hensley, Carl Eugene 326 Hensley, Jack 389, 467 Hensley, Norval Austin 114, 378, 379 Henson, Nancy Lee 149, 380 Henze, Henry R 44 Herber, Fred Charles, Jr 114 Herber, Martin C 149 Herber, Wilfred Earl 131, 475 Herbert, Emanual A 412 Herbst, Alice Ann ...114,171,310 Herbst, Mary Hennings . . . 149, 283 Herbst, Thomas Wesley ...88,291, " 306, 378, 379 Herbst, Walter Egon 72 Herlocker, John Robert ... 114, 503 Name Pages Herlocker, Joseph Madison . 88, 503 Hernandez, Juan (Johnny) 88,187, 224, 225, 316 Hernandez, Juan 131, 176, 322 Hernandez, Peter Rudolph .301,384 Hernandez, Roberto L. C 88 Hernandez -Calderoni, Henry ... 131 Hemdon, E. Julian 280 Hemdon, John Cleveland 114, 432, 493 Herod, Silvanus F., Jr 88, 247 Herren, Hubert Bonner, Jr. 262, 316, 322, 432, 465 Herrera, Charles Douglas 487 Herrera, Dorothy Ann .... 149, 273 Herrera, Rodrigo 251 Herrin, Robert Taylor 477 Herring, David M 287, 306, 385,417 Herring, John David 354 Herring, Lafayette B., Jr 502 Hawk, Marcellene 292 Hawkins, Clinton Edward 131, 187, 355 Hawkins, Frienden Dene 114 Hawkins. Joe Earl 131, 461 Hawkins, Thomas Lloyd 131 Hawley, Dan Earl 335 Hawley, Georgia 131, 434 Hawthorne, Hugh Montgomery, Jr. 337, 503 Hawthorne, James Adair, Capt. .318 Hayes, Bascom Barry 294, 302, 319, 326 Hayes, Frank Alan 131 Hayes, Ira Mrs 520 Hayes, Joseph Michael .... 114, 354 Hayes, Lloyd LeRoy . 131, 142, 262, 315, 326, 370, 489 Hayes, Margaret Jane . 87, 422, 453 Hayes, Raye 149, 452 Hayes, Willis Dean 131 Haynes, Bonnie L 388 Haynes, Eddie Bert 131 Haynes, James Don 473 Haynes, Patricia Anne .... 149, 430 Haynie, Lucy Beth 131, 455 Haynie, Thomas Harold 390 Haynie. Walter Y 351 Hays, John Thomas ... 87, 177, 338 Hays, Mary Delaine 405 Hays, W. T 271 Hayslip, Billy Lane 492 Hazard, John L 51, 288 Hazelwood, Barbara Ann . 175, 182. 299,397 Hazelwood, Brenda Ann ..393,424 Hazlip, Retta Audette 454 Hazzard, Imogene Heide 407 Health Center . . .15 Herring, Phillip Floys 500 Herrington, Beverly Joyce 149 Herrington, Evelyn F 52 Herrington, Mary Louise 431 Herrington, Thomas Edward . . . 177 Hertz, Joan Rebecca . 131, 174, 242, 314,392,451 Herwick, Jean Hansen 149 Hesley, Adam Peter, Jr. . . 149, 351, 498 Hess, Joe Ray 88 Hess, Patricia Anne 114 Hester, C. M., Jr 131 Heusinger, Anna Louise 455 Hewell. Harry Pat . . . 187, 264. 294, 299, 315 Hibner, Harlow D. M Sgt 318 Hickman, Larry Randall 149 Hicks, Fletcher S. (Pat) ..108,327 423,461 Hicks, James Nathan .114,321,412 Hicks, Wallace Bruce 131,291, 378, 379 Hicks, Wilhelmine Johanna . . . .447 Hiester, Travis Dade 482 Higby, Charles A 333 Higginbotham, Carol Ruth 458 Higginbotham, James Benjamin 114, 311 Higgins, William Michael .248,316, 322, 477 Highland, Diane Adele . . . 149, 424 Hightower, Charles Henry .114,487 Hightower, Maxwell Lee ... 88, 487 Hilburn, Bernard Hines ...412,476 Hilbum, Charles William 114 Hilburn, Robert Ramey . . . 274, 304 Hildebrand, Janice Anne ..114,401 Hill, A. Jackson 149, 295, 338 Hill, Alice Lorene 114 Hill, Ann 446 Hill, Dianne 455, 559 Hill, Donald Eugene 323 Hill, Edward Mack .. ' . ' ' .... 88, 507 Hill. George P 38 Hill, Glenda Claire 236, 424 Hill, James Donald ... 114, 243, 467 Hill, James William 114,246, 248, 500 Hill, Jerry Moody 328, 412 Hill, Lois Yvonne 393 Hill, Lucius George 327 Hill, Morris Reagan 88, 301 Hill, Nellie Louise 88, 393 Hill, Patton Lochridge 335 Hill, Robert Jndson 340 Hill, Sharon Ravcia 439 Hill, Vemon Barnes, Jr. ..299,302. 319,491 Hill, Wendall Royce 131 Hillbolt, Grover Le Roy 131 Hilliard, Daniel Lee 114 Hilliard, Helen Beaman (Holly) 449 Hillje, Jo Ann 149, 283, 426 Hillje, John Wylie 380 Hillman, Jack Eugene 114,327,465 WE ARE INDEBTED We are indebted to the classroom where the horizons of chemistry are continuously extended. In turn we are indebted to research, which takes the possibilities of the test tube and comes up with those of commercial value. Also, we are indebted to industry, which backs with dollars these findings of classroom and laboratory. In providing equipment with which industry builds to keep pace with science, Wyatt Metal and Boiler Works has grown into an international organization. It is a privilege to recognize the classroom as part of this opportunity. MANUFACTURERS AND ERECTORS SINCE 1913 P..-C- fi V7 Name Pages Hillou, Isam H 114, 391 Hilsberg, Donald Karl 320, 412 Hilton, Gene Ray 302, 323 Hilton, Frank Thurman ... .88, 311, 372, 583 Hilton, Sandra Jane ..150,416,458 Hinds. Pat 74, 299 Hines, Betty To 182, 401 Hines, David Roy 335 Hinkle, David Olin 295 Hinkle, Olin Ethmer . . .42, 270, 304 Hinkle, Robert Lee 389 Hinson, Mary 150, 394 Hinze, Neil W 484 Hipp, James William 296 Hirsch, Robert Nick 150 Hirsche, H. Lee 61 Hirth. Leo 250 Hisim, Zeki Mustafa 420 Hiss, Anna 64, 234, 240, 440 Kite, Alice Jean 131, 445 Kite, Gary Paul 131, 322, 508 Hitson, Mary Catherine ... 1 14, 437 Hitt, James A 44 Hixson, Elmer L 56 Hixson, Robert Benson ...321,412 Hlanak, Shirley Mae . . 114, 394, 424 Hlanak, Virginia Lois . 88, 394. 397, 401,409,425 Hlavinka, Charles Joseph 398 Hoban, Mary Margaret 150 Hobgood. Leslie Alden 360 Hobbs, Helen Faustine 394 Hobbs, Toe Ferrell 131, 179 Hodde, James Russell 131, 358 Hodge, Francis R 58 Hodge, Mary Frances .... 114, 303, 447, 559 Hodge, Robert Bee, Jr. ...262,387 Hodge, Wilma Elizabeth . . 131, 394 Hodges, Carroll Ann . . 150, 283, 426 Hodges, Clifton Lee, Jr. ... 88, 302, 306,319,321,412,519 Hodges, Earl 461 Hodges, Gus M. . . 63, 282, 290, 490 Hodges, Jot Holiver, Jr. ..108,418 Hodges, Marthanne 294 Hodges, Sheila 88, 409, 451 Hodges, Thomas Leslie 350 Hodnett, Johnie Lee, Jr 150 Hoechstetter, Joel 504 Hoeny, Margaret Jane 426 Hoesli, Heinrich B 61 Hoevet, Marcia Jean 430 Hoey, Mary Ann 150, 438 Hoff, Charles Gohment, Jr. 299,485 Hoff, Phyllis Anne . . . 242, 405, 407 Hoff, William Barnes 187, 316, 355, 415, 473 Hoffie, Walter Paul 327, 469 Hoffman, Anita Loyce 114 Hoffman, George W 45, 500 Hoffman, Glenn Frank 187, 324, 407 Hoffman, Gloria Ann . 150, 266, 438 Hoffman, John Milton 131 Hoffman, Kenneth Richard 114,390 Hoffman, Louis Edward . . 177, 367 Hoffman, Richard James 88 Hoffman, Sue 409 Hoffman, Winston Adolph . 131, 177 Hoffmeyer, Martha Sue 437 Hoffner, Kenneth William 390 Hogan, Lysabeth Ann (Sissy) . .114, 267, 449 Hogg Auditorium 7 Hogue, Kenneth Colburn 150, 232, 254 Hohlt, Joan Giddings 454 Hoinjosa, Manuel Cipriano .... 384 Holbrook, James Farrel ... 150, 474 Hoick, Bertha Manon 430 Holcomb, To Beth 414 Holcomb, Lyndon Paul 131 Holcombe, Mary Louise ..401,405 Holcomb, James Myron 491 Holden, Eugene Patrick . . .114,464 Holden, Harold 228, 320, 412 Holden, Ray Harral 150 Holden, William Reece 150 Holder, Janet . . . 122, 131, 182, 266, 558, 559, 583 Holder, Janette 262, 314, 401 Holder, Jerrell Aaron . 150, 210, 518 Holdsworth, Thomas Kirk 108 Holiday, Bob 254 Holland, Benamin F 53 Holland, Bobby Wendell 131, 231,412 Holland, D. B. Jack . . .37, 262, 270 Holland, James Richard 464 Holland, Kathleen 450 Holland, Patricia Lee 131, 267 Holland, Sidney M., Jr 88 Holland, William Webb ... 57, 306 Holleman, Earleen 299 Holliday, Carol 131, 395, 401 Holliday, Robert Winslow 507 Hollingsworth, J 223 Hollingsworth, Lonnie F 295 Hollis, Alfred Davis 388 Hollis, Hugh Denise 131 Hollje, Anthony Reinhardt . . 88, 586 Holloway, Charles Edmond . . . .491 Holloway, Cherie Kay 131, 376 Holloway, Harold Deen ...114,481 Holloway, Jo 114, 424 Hollway, Barbara Joan 285 Holly, Walter Wade 289 Holm, Elizabeth Ann ' .431 Holm, Richard Allen 150 Holman, Betty Nell 88, 401 Holman, Dixon Wade .40,316,487 Holman, Thomas Henry 131, 282,311 Holmes, Albert Wolford . . 150, 340 Holmes, James R 56 Name Pages Holmes, Robert Lee 88 Holmes, William Albert 88, 465 Holmgreen, Allison 114, 455 Holmgreen, Gene Adolph 150, 325, 488 Holsomback, Joseph Calvin .... 115, 282,311,394,474 Holsomhack, Robert Lee . . 150, 394 Holstein, Virginia Lou 235, 236, 435 Holt, Charles Wayne 115, 474 Holt, Clara Jean 150 Holt, Jimmy Clyde . . . 204, 228, 230 Holt. Jo Ann 131,455 Holt, Robert Clark 387 Holton, Barbara Ann 150, 436 Holtzman, Sandra Ellen 443 Holtzman, Wayne H., Mrs. ...313 Holtzman, Wayne H. . . 47, 175, 460 Holub, Harvey Emil 181 Holtzmann, Frank Dennis . . 88, 389 Holzwarth, Charles Homer . 45, 478 Homan, Catharine Ellen ..115,449 Home Economics Bide 13 Home Economics Bldg., Interior ..24 Home Economics Club 401 Homsy, Ann 425 Honeycutt, Jerald M 72, 475 Hood, Linnea Suzanne 131,283,411 Hood, Walton Don 115, 296 Hook, Robert Herd 281 Hooker, Joseph Duane 338 Hooper, Elizabeth Carolyn 150 Hooper, Jeanine 451 Hooper, Robert Curlee 131, 329, 464 Hooten, Clara Ruth . . 115, 303, 313, 314,366,371,583 Hooten, Norma Elwyn 131, 204, 322 Hoover, Cameron Lee 483 Hoover, Joseph Allen 115 Hopkins, Diane 131 Hopkins, George Hamilton, Jr. ... 88 306, 387 Hopkins, Martha Anne . 88, 397, 459 Hopkins, Lois Diane . . , 444 Hopkins, Martha 240 Hopkins, William B 88, 388 Hoppe, Gloria F 88, 298, 393 Hoppe, Pat 439 Hooper. Lucy Ruth 267 Horn, David Niswonger ... 88, 280, 355, 487 Horn, Patricia Ellen ..293,397,401 Hornaday, Jon Russell .... 131, 460 Hornaday, Walter C 40 Hombuckle, John Aubrey 514 Hornbuckle, William Edward, III 501 Horner, William Berghane .... 284 Horning, Judith Clare 88, 427 Hornshy, Hugh Morrison, III .... 88 Horridge, Patricia Emily 150 Horton, Claude Wendell 47 Horton, Joseph Julian, Jr. .131,321 412,516 Horton, Nancy Lee 441 Horton. Thomas 295 Horvath, Andrew 485 Horwitz, William Kenneth .... 150, 229, 462 Hoskins, Donald Eugene 407 Hermann, William August .115,483 Hough, Eldred Wilson 57, 306 Houpt, Luella Ruth 411 House, Barbara Worth 88, 433 House, Bobbie Jean 115,453 House, Jerry Wade ... 187, 219, 221 House, Jon Wesley . . . 115, 355, 491 House, Nancy Sue 405 House, Patty Sue 401, 441 Housemothers (Fraternity and Sorority ) 520 Houston, George A., II ... 287, 389 Houston, Joseph Brantley .321,412 Houston, Louis Benjamin, Jr. ..131, 335 390 Houston, Milton James 115, 280 481 Houston, Nancy Irene .88,174,310, 393,416,427 Houston, Sam 115, 289, 324 Houtchens, Larry Dwaine 115 Houy, Clinton 212 Houze, Joan Maria 377 Howard, Alma Ayleen ....131,393 Howard, Charla Lois 439 Howard, Charles E 204 Howard, Charles Glenn 150 Howard, Evelyn Gayle .... 131, 447 Howard, Harold Carter ...246,315 Howard, Hugh 407 Howard, J. W . . 248 Howard, Mildred Carolyn . 131, 427 Howard, Philip Joseph 150 Howard, Roberta Brooks 150 Howard, Shannon 150. 283 Howard. Van Hook, III . . 131, 322 Howe, Dana Dunbar 435 Howe, Thomdike Dudley, III . . 492 Howell, Betty Jane 131 Howell, Carey Leora 150 Howell, Jack 40 Howell, Leon Poindexter, Jr. . .510 Howell, Nancy Sue ... 115, 395, 446 Howell, Rex 244 Howell, Sidney Elizabeth ..89,313, 397, 408, 455, 573, 575 Howell, Thomas Forrest 465 Howze, Mary Sue 131, 448 Hoy, Robert Hilary 503 Hoyer, Marie 367 Hoyer, Wilmer A 367 Hoyt, Anne Elizabeth 241,392,437 Hoyt, Thomas Jackson 187, 315, 473 Hranicky, Hattie Marie ...115,401 Hrncir, Betty Louise 115 Hruska, John Arthur 500 Name Pag es Hubbard, Marilyn Ann . . . 131, 437 Hubhard, Robert Lester . . . 296, 366 Hubby, John Lee 493 Huber, John 131, 210 Huber, Robert Arthur 210 Hubbs, Clark 49 Huber, Robert Arthur 150 Huckabee, George Leslie ..131,324 Huckaby, Richard Hoyle ..150,498 Huckman, Renee Buna . . . .409, 427 Huddleston, Sarah Jane 438 Huddleston, Sue 150 Hudnall, John F 150 Hudson, Ann Bracy 401, 426 Hudson, Edward Randall, Jr. 89, 509 Hudson, Harold Duane 177 Hudson, Jim Ray 131, 390 Hudson, Joan 242 Hudson, Leslie Ellis 389 Hudson, Margaret Joan 438 Hudson, Marie 182 Hudson, Patton C 481 Hudson, Robert Ewell 399 Hudson, Sarah Jewell 444 Hudspeth, Carol Dale .380,416,426 Hudspeth, Claire 150 Hudspeth, Elmer L 47 Hudspeth, Ethelyn Claire 438 Hudspeth, Harry Lee ....115,219, 299,311 Hudspeth, Howard William .... 366 Hudspeth, Thomas Joseph .115,323 Huebel, Melvin Ray 131 Huffington, Ann 430 Huff, Carolyn 131, 303, 441 Huff, Clark Kern 131, 321, 412 Huff, Martha Coleman . . . 150, 283, 370,416 Huff, Millicent Seay 307 Huff, Nancy Anna ...401,405,419 Huff, Robinette Gay . .122, 131,451 Huff, Roy Prewett, Jr. .89.327,481 Huff, William Franklin 131 Huffman, B. R 64 Huffman, Charles Haun 296 Huffman, Elizabeth Lee . . 150, 424 Huffman, James Milton 150, 320.412 Huffman, June Hood 303 Huffman, Robert James 507 Hxifford, Sherwin Eugene 131 Hufstetler, Charlotte Lynne .... 453 Hugger, B 248 Huggins, Jim Buck 115, 501 Huggins, Suzanne 394, 450 Hughes, Arleigh Bruce 181 Hughes, Benny Harry 115,284,489 Hughes, Edwin Strode .... 150, 275 Hughes, Elizabeth Ann . . . 132, 439 Hughes, Helen 89, 174, 310, 395, 408 Hughes, Jimmie Dean .... 132, 503 Hughes, John David 132, 262, 326, 490 Hughes, John William 115 Hughes, Larry Ballon 355 Hughes, Lynn D 511 Hughes, Mamie Lou 64, 234 Hughes, Nancy Sheffield 439 Hughes, Richard Charles, Jr. ... 89, 289, 586 Hughes, Robert Edward 115, 336, 491 Hugus, Don Finley 150, 488 Hughs, Patricia Ann 448 Huie, James Waddell 89, 388 Huie, William 63 Hull, James Willis 289 Hulse, Ann 289 Hulse, Ira Rexford ...150,321,412 Hulse, Macie Anne ... 89, 294, 449 Humble, Robert 230, 328 Hummel, Jack Lowe . . . 89, 321, 412 Humphrey, David Homer 507 Humphrey, Martha Jo .... 132, 459 Humphrey, Richard Burton .... 289 Humphries, Patricia Anne . 150, 430 Hunger, Theola Johanna 150, 241, 407 Hunsucker, Linda 394 Hunsucker, Louis Sager 394 Hunt, Glenn Curtis, Jr. ...115,493 Hunt, James Theodore ....89,315, 319,489 Hunt, Robert Alan 358, 390 Hunt, Robert W 150 Hunt, Tanner Truett 150, 476 Hunter, Betty Jo 115 Hunter, Charles Worth 296 Hunter, Claude W 390 Hunter, Dick Keith 150 Hunter, Emma Lu 453 Hunter, Gilpin 89, 388, 473 Hunter, Helen Lillis Payne ....401 Hunter, Michael Bruce 464 Hunter, Ouinn 150 Hunter, Sally Cash . . 150, 458, 559 Hunter, Samuel Thomas 472 Hunter, Thorn 371, 373 Hunter, Thomas Rutledge 289 Hurlbert, Hal E 115 Hurley, James Franklin 492 Hurt, Clint 491 Hurwitz, Ellen Rae . . 150, 239, 456 Husayni, Abdul-Rahman Bashir 391 Huse, Earl Christian 285 Huser, Ruthanne 292, 440 Huston, Robert Jack 150, 508 Hutcheston, Marion Virginia .... 89 Hutchings, Janet Sue 132, 441 Hutchings, John Henry . . . 254, 327 Hutchison, Carl Roesler 319, 320,412 Hutchison, David Blair ...321,412 Hutsell, Charles E 299 Hutton, Robert Guin 132, 354 Name Pages Hyatt, Mary Elizabeh 267,416,437 Hyde, James Fred, Jr 89 Hyde, Jerry Mack 89, 461 Hyde, Richard J 89 Hydrick, Conrad Lynell 115 Hyman, Dorothy 456 I War, Ed, Jr . . 384 Idrogo, Samuel 360, 384 Igau, Adrian .... 150, 266, 401, 424 Iglehart, Hilary H 132, 470 Infante, Ettore H. F 295 Ing, Joe Lee 322, 474 Ingerton, Robert Richard 511 Ingham, Jerry Young 150 Inglish, Douglas Wilson, Jr. 150, 486 Inglish, Mary Jane 89, 416, 455 Ingram, Burley G 115, 460 Inkley, Sherwood William .354,472 In Memoriam 26 Ins, ill. Shirley Caroline 115 Institute of Aeronautical Sciences 402 Inter Co-Op Council 175 Interfraternity Council 423 Inter- Varsity Christina Fellowship 403 Intramurals (Women ' s) ...234-243 Intramurals (Men ' s) 244-254 Imlay. (Mary) Lee 150 Irby, Clinton Dean 212,213 Irby, John William 474 Ireland, Joe Lewis 312, 349 Irion, Elyse Jean 393 Irshaid, Abdul Hafez 181 Irsteld, Nicholas A 150 Irvin, Joe Curtis 150, 230, 327 Irwin, Charles 89 Isaac, Jacob Lewis 329 Isaacs, Bobby Winston 150 Isaacs, Carole Jean 428 Isaacs, Wayne Robin 484 Isaacks, Janet Lee ... 132, 262, 448 Isbell, Claudete 150, 283 Iscoe, Ira 47 Isenberg, Don Lee 115, 499 Isett, Philip Edward ..89,334,471 Ivey, Ben Curtis, Jr 487 Ivey, Clara Jane 236, 424 Ivash, Eugene V 47 Ivey, Frank LaRue 387 Ivy, Arthur Wayman 387 Ivey, John Smith 480 J Jaco, E. Cartly 48 Jacobs, Howard 89, 348, 505 Jacobs, Janet Delmar .115,409,427 Jacobs, Joyce 108, 447 Jacobs, Nancy Jane 115, 427 Jacobs, Paula Kenny 132, 451 Jacobs, Robert Alex 295, 504 Jacobson, Walter W 150 Jacoby, Henry Donnan ...315,337, 477, 583 Jacques, James Downey . . . 132, 181 Jackson, Anna 303 Jackson, Ben Edward 115 Jackson, Benjamin Eugene 150,341 Jackson, Billy Mack 150 Jackson, Charles Albert 320, 412,481 Jackson, Dale Eugene 150 Jackson, Dauris Ann . 132, 142, 172, 236,310,409,416,439 Jackson, E 223 Jackson, J. Lewis 115, 403 Jackson, James Forbes, Jr. . 89, 325, 481 Jackson, James Grier 150 Jackson, Jerald Boyce 355 Jackson, Mary Ann 559 Jackson, Mitzi Laurel 150, 267, 283 Jackson, Raymond Oliver 351 Jackson, Ronald Melford 311, 355, 485 Jackson, Tommy Hayes 89, 336, 507 Jackson, William Morris 390 Jackson, William Scott, Jr 132 Jacoby, Henry 251 Jamail, William Dahr 132,203,323 Jamba, Michael 475 James, Bobby Clark 132, 487 James, Dilmus Delano 322 James, Gerald Ray ... 115, 355, 501 James, Harry 323 James, Helen Guenther . . . 132, 455 Tames, Henry Scott 223, 473 ames. Jay Morris 115 ames, Mary Bell 52, 298 ames, Virgil A. . .... 51 ameson, Frances . . ' . . 174, 310, 438 ameson, Robert Maurice . . 89, 232, 246, 248, 407 Jamison, Gordon Everitt 150, 328, 468 Jancik, Margaret Charlyn . . 150, 426 Janda, Rose Eleanor .115,173,274, 310,314,398,413,483 Janeska, Steve Stanley 150 Japhet, Dan R 483 Jarrett, John Wisley 507 Jary, Lloyd Walker, Jr. 115, 262, 490 Jasek, Leon Vaclay 413 Jaworski, Joe 132, 327, 483 Jeanes, Mary Alice ... 89, 297, 405 Jeffers, LeRoy 34 Jefferson, Janie 441 Jeffress, Lloyd Alexander 47 Jeffrey, Nancy Rice 115, 434 Jeffreys, Gainer Allen, Jr 115 Jeffreys, Martha Arden . . . 132, 405 }ehn, Kenneth Hartmeier 57 enecka, Werner Edward 289 To a GRERTER University of jesse H. jones IRTGRGSTS HOUSTON, TEXflS . . .To the class of 1955 A sincere wish that each of you may find success in your chosen career. HUMBLE HUMBLE OIL REFINING COMPANY GREETINGS from LAYNE TEXAS COMPANY " Ground Water Specialists " HOUSTON DALLAS - MIDLAND EL PASO - CORPUS CHRISTI to tke future. . . PACE 609 1 Name Pages enkins, Aubrey Dean . . . 150, 338 enkins, Carlyne ......... 150, 405 enkins, Charles Elliott ........ 150 enkins, Frederick Raymon 115,501 enkins, Gayle .......... 115, 427 enkins. Jerry Harrison 175. 178, 335 Jenkins, Nancy Maxine 89, 298, 455 Jenkins, Rober Ewell .150,341,486 ' enkins, Royce Glynn ---- 150, 350 enkins, Speight, jr ...... 262, 481 enks, Lillian ............... 174 ' ennings, Grace Nan ......... 438 ' ennings, John Webb, Jr ....... 115 , ennings, Joyce Nell ......... 132 Jennings, William Clingman . . 132, 355, 483 ennings, William Max ....... 464 ensen, Hans Clinton .......... 89 ensen, Roy Theodore ..... 115, 289 ensne, Shirley Louise .74,310,436 entz, Gilbert Laurence ... 115, 326 enull, Mary Virginia 115.313,314. 459, 558, 559 esse. Albert F., Jr ........... 367 esse, Frank W .............. 57 essen, Elizabeth Mary . . . 283, 439 ewell, Frank Randall ........ 473 ewett, Darrell Charles .... 89, 281 ewett, James P ............... 53 ewett, Joan C ............... 284 iles, Billy Jeff .............. 132 imenez, Emilio S ............ 176 imerson, Samuel Michael ..... 132 ipp, Jean Paul, Jr ............ 89 obes, Mary Lee ............. 132 oekel, Samuel L .............. 26 ohnapelus, James Tom .... 89, 388 ohns, Lee Jackson ........... 132 ohnson, Albert E ............. 58 ohnson, Ann ............ 150, 444 ohnson. Avis ............... 248 ohnson, Benjamin Lawrence . . 132, 150 Johnson, Benny Frank ...306,312, 349, 387, 417 Johnson, Betty Carol ......... 150 Johnson, Beverly Jane ........ 150 Johnson, Bobby Jane ......... 115 Johnson, Carlene .... 150, 262, 266, 416,436.559.572 Johnson, Claire ..243,371,372,411 Johnson, Corwin W ........... 63 Johnson, Curtis Eugene ....... 150, 378, 379 Johnson, Dianne Gayle ...115,313, 314,433,427 Johnson, Don Paul ............ 89 ohnson, Douglas Ann .... 286, 307 ohnson, Edward Durron . . 132, 210. 211,465 ohnson, Edward Gayle ...... 394 ohnson, Emory Gene ......... 387 ohnson, Francis J., Capt. . 302, 333 ohnson, Fred Clifford .. ....... 89 ohnson, Gant Alan .......... 150 ohnson, Gerald Elvin 115,322,511 ohnson, Herbert Ray 115.243,364 ohnson, J. Lee, III ........... 34 Jack Gray ...... 290, 418 James Wallace ...... 150 Janette Brady ....... 293 Jean Alice .......... 151 Jerry ............... 244 Jo Ann ........ 115, 441 oe Kelly ....... 323, 483 oel Clark ........... 89 ohn W. ... 187, 302, 319 osephine ........... 451 udith Gail ..... 132, 267, 401, 409, 425 Johnson, Julie Anna .......... 436 Johnson, Kenneth Howell ..... 132 Johnson, Kenneth Richard .... 151, 262, 498 ohnson. Kirk, Jr ............ 151 ohnson. Lee Murphy ........ 295 ohnson, Marilyn 132. 171, 283, 310 ohnson, Mariorie Lois ........ 444 ohnson, Mary Sue ........... 394 ohnson, Morris Deane ....72,187 ohnson, Nancy Elizabeth ..... 151 ohnson, Nicholas ............ 299 ohnson, Nicholas ...... 177, 275 ohnson. Ruby Ruth ..89.413,427 ohnson, Sarah Elizabeth (Sissy) 115.376 ohnson, Sherman Wimmer .... 508 ohnson, Sidney Darlen ...... 425 ohnson, Sue ......... 70, 371, 449 ohnson, Thomas Elvin ....... 355 ohnson, Thomas Penn ...115,335, 339, 385 Johnson, Thurmond Lamar .90,351. 413 ohnston. Elaine R ............ 283 ohnston, James Keith ..... 90, 288 ohnston, Jean Alice .......... 424 ohnston, Joseph E ............ 58 ohnston, Marshall Gonring .... 72 ohnston, Norval Keith ....... 507 ohnston, Randolph Page ..... 132 ohnston, Roy Edens ......... 519 oiner, Mary Lou ............ 440 olley, George Cardwell, Jr. ... 151, 350, 518 } olley, James Dean .......... 280 oily, Robert Cothman .... 151, 295, 321,412 onas, Edward C ............. 45 onas, Ronald W ...... . . 151 ones, Archie N. . . 59 296, 376, 508 ones, Barbara Anne ..... 237, 425 ones, Billy Wayne .......... 115 ones, Bruce Edward ..... 423, 517 ones. Catherine (Bunny) .303,313, 376, 397 , ohnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, ohnson. ohnson, ohnson, ohnson, ohnson, , ohn son, Johnson, Name Pages ones, Charles Raymond . . 355, 489 ones, Clyde Daniel, Jr. . . 108, 489 ones, Cullis Donald 90, 306 ones, Darrell King 262, 328, 412, 477 ones, David Roy 490 ones, Donald Jellette 179 ones, Donald L 187, 249, 250 ones, Dorothy Pehlis 46,401 ones, Dorothy Greenwood .... 293 ones, Edmond Vaughan 480 ones, Eleanor Trigg 132, 454 ones, Eric Lynn 300, 306 ones, Evan O 465 ones, Frederick Richard 469 ones, Fredna Sheppard 115 ones, George Stribling .... 90, 389 ones, Gerald Franklin 132, 322 ones, Gerald Mack 132 ones, Harry Alsion 132, 358 ones, Harry Lee 228, 339 ones, Henry Grady 519 ones, Hubert Richard, Jr. 151, 265, 329, 518 ones. Jack Greenwood 285 enny Lee 151 ames Pat 503 ames Robert 115 ames Wallace 350,402,480 ordan Vance 151, 350 Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Joseph J 265 Julia Kathleen 151, 430 _ Katherine Wood 449 ones, L. Dean 388, 465 Jones, Lila Lynn 132, 174, 283, 303, 310 Jones, Linden Earl 467 Jones, Mary Ann .... 151, 267, 426 Jones, Milton Edward 394 Jones, Nan Elizabeth 132 Jones, Nancy Torrance 307 Jones, Nora Nannette 151 Jones, Oscar Freer, III ...187,487 Jones, Patricia Elizabeth . .90, 139. 380, 427, 559 Jones, Paul Dea 302, 335 Jones, Paul De Wolfe 72 Jones, Philip Ray 151 Jones, Richard Claibome, Jr. . . 151, 339. 506 Jones, Richard Caldwell 350, 378, 379 Jones. Robert Claude 276, 304 Jones, Robert Davis 132 Jones, Robert E 498 Jones, Robert Lee 132 Jones, Robert Newton ....322,515 Jones, Rodney Dale 115 Jones, Ronald C 295 Jones, Roy Hal 151 Jones, Shirley Mae 132, 455 Jones, Thomas Earl 323, 483 Jones, Walter S 151 Jones, Wendell Alton 115 Jones. Wilton Ira, Jr. .90,284,519 Jordan, Edwin Rudolph, Jr. ... 280 [ordan, Edward 276 ordan, Ernest Malcolm 181 ordan, Gary Roy 230 ordan, Miguel 115, 384 ' ordan, Murray 224 Jordan, Nancigail 115,262,314,380, 416, 459, 556, 559, 570, 572, 483 Jordan, Sally Ann 90, 397, 459 Jordan, Vernon Murray 132, 423, 479 Joseph, Bonnie Jean Carson 90 393.431 Joseph, Conrad Derdeyn 115. 321,412 Toseph, Diana Lee 447 Joseph, Janelle G. 115, 376, 393, 431 Joseph, Rodger Edward 511 Jostes, Norman Lamar 90 Jourdan, Douglas Eugene . . 90, 284 ournalism Building 7 Jovett, Doyce Heber 151 Joynes, Ralph Edwin, Jr 115, 321,412 Judin, Martha C 182 udge, Charles Arthur 492 uergens, Harriet Ruth ... 132, 450 ulani, Subhi Omar 391 unemann, Raymond P 586 ung, Helen Rosina Heise . 294, 297 Jung, Jeannette 151, 452 ungman, Thomas Adolph .212,216. 246, 407 Juniors 108-122 Justus, Norman Lee 26 Jutzi, Carolyn Sue . . . 235, 367, 445 Juvenal, John Bethel 90, 491 Kachtick, James Walter 132, 295, 336 Kading, Daniel 47 Kadri, Nizar 391 Kahler, Charles Norman ...90,291, 378, 379 Kahn, Sandra Jeanne 115 Kalka, Carroll Thomas 151 Kaminsky, Harold Leonard .... 497 Kaminsky. Marvin Byron 497 Kamleh, Sadi 391, 402 Kamrath, Karl Fred, Jr 132, 224, 225, 355, 473 Kan, Hang Ying 295 Kana, Daniel David . . 178, 295, 335 Kanawati, Ossama 391 Kanbay. Unal Cemal 420 Kane, William Roger 132 Kanning, James Richard . . .328,412 Kantor, Carol Ina 151, 456 Name Pages Kaplan, Elaine Rose 151, 456 Kaplan, Elliott Robert 513 Kaplan, George Willard 90, 281, 463 Kaplan, Gerald Marvin 463 Kaplan, Ralph 312, 345 Kappa Alpha 480, 481 Kappa Alpha Theta 448, 449 Kappa Kappa Gamma 450, 451 Kappa Kappa Psi 291 Kappa Sigma 482, 483 Karadayi, Aydin 72, 420 Karbach, Martha Jo 115, 370, 392, 449 Karpe, Dale Howard 115, 281 Karpos, George Toney 469 Karrasch, Donald Roger 90 Kartezenis, George Randolph . . . 294 Kaster, Barbara Jeanne 115,416,427 Kasp, Carolyn Miriam 394 Katz, Frances Sue 151, 442 Katz, Lynnette 400, 442 Katz, Robert Nathan 299, 312, 346, 347, 418 Katz, Ronald Mitchell 496 Kaubay, Unal Cemal 251 Kaufman, Ellen Zoe 151, 426 Kaufman, Patrick S 325 Kavarana, Homi Hirvighoy 301 Kawas, Ramses K 391 Kay, Harry E., Jr 478 Kay, Jacquelyn 115, 454 Kay, James Rudolph 51, 586 Kayton, Carol Marie 132, 238, 239,241,448 Kazen, Tony 187 Kazen, James Douglas 151 Keahey, James Howard .... 90, 274, 294, 304 Keasler, C. Harold 151 Keasler, Elizabeth Ann . . . 242, 430 Keasler, Mary Cym 409, 459 Keasler, Raymond Lawrence . . .151 Keathley, Bryan 477 Keefauver, Margaret Fink . . . .115, 171,310 Keeling, Hugh Donald, Jr. . .90,501 Keeling, Robert Louis 115 Keen, Jerry Doyle 115 Keetch, Helen Jane 132, 439 Keeton, Werdner Page 63, 74, 299, 464 Keever, Philip Wayne 115 Keffer, Sue Katherine 455 Kegler. Angela Carol .115,267,427 Keith, Lewis Stone 495 Keith. Patricia Daly 438 Keiffer, Paul Mattocks 469 Keith. Richard Dean 115 Keith, Robert Quentin .... 132, 248, 265, 295, 316, 477, 583 Keiser, Stephen Paul 506 Kell. Beatrice N 298 Kelleher, Daniel Francis 377 Keller, Ben Bob 151, 324, 492 Keller, Betty Jean 115, 182, 314, 397 Keller. Harris Lee 284, 285, 319, 394 Keller, Ronald Cecil 212,214, 246, 407 Keller, Terrell C. (Terry) 115, 411,425 Kelley. David 151 Kelley, Jesse Lynn 324 Kelley, Kathleen 313, 422, 459 Kelley, Mary Frances 182 Kelley, Max Preston 228, 502 Kelley, William Charles 321, 412,415 Kellis, William Milton 151 Kellogg, Paul Edward 295, 480 Kelly, Alfred 369 Kelly, Corinne Miriam .... 115, 455 Kelly, George Edward 72, 387 Kelly, James Otis 115, 323, 475 Kelly, R. V 187 Kelman, Lloyd Sol 351, 387 Kemp, Arthur Jeff 108, 468 Kemp, Mary Lee 132, 405 Kemp, Ralph Bailey 351 Kemp, William Franklin 285 Kendall, Gaynor 63 Kendall, Patricia Anne . . . 286, 294, 313, 370, 437 Kendall, Rosa Drane 455 Kendrick, Floyd Richard 90, 320,412 Kendrick, John Jay 466 Kendrick, John Murray . . . 132, 175, 179, 282, 323 Kendrick, Mike Clark 151, 502 Keenan, Charles Armstead, III .477 Keenan, Kent Wheeler 59, 296 Kennard, Kathryn Lillian 451 Kennedy, Laura 132, 432 Kennedy, Roderick Earle 485 Kennedy, Steven 59 Kennerly, Mary Marcia . . . 132, 448 Kenneson, Claude Emile 296 Kennon, Garland 228 Kent, Harry Llewellyn 300, 460 Kent, James Jerry 335 Kent, Katherine Ann .151,235,434 Koenig, Billie Waldyn 405 Keown, Allan Ronald ....132,291, 355, 378, 379 Kerbow, Kay Douglas 132, 380, 426 Kermacy, Martin Stephen . . .61,415 Kern, Byron Frederic 90, 284 Kervin, Loretta Ann 90, 455 Keuffer, Margaret 242 Kevan, Patricia Lynne .... 151, 262, 266, 424 Keys, Reginald David 478 Keys, William Edward 304 Khair, Munzer Adib ..315,388,391 Khaled, Elaine Margaret 132 Khoury, Alvin George 151 Name Pages Kiatta, Howard William ..151,508 Kiblinger, William Gordon .... 503 Kidd, Barron Ulmer 151, 254 341,472 Kidd. Patricia Ann 262, 458 Kidd. Philip Wesley ..187,204,318 Kieffer, Charles David 151 Kienker, Robert Martin 321, 412, 484 Kiger, Harold L 56 Kilbum, Mary Kay 1.15, 449 Kilday, Betty Ann 132, 262, 297, 434 Kilday, Royce Richard 483 Kilgore, Henry Earl, Jr 484 Killam, Allen Page 72. 372 Killin. Margaret Ruth .115.407,432 Killingsworth, William Benton ... 90 Killough, James Julius 335 Kilpatrick, Donald Gary . . .329, 412 Kimball, Robert E 90 Kimbro, Kathleen .... 151, 454, 559 Kimbrough, Terry Jane ...116,439 Kimmey, Rowena 240 Kimsey, Roy Edwin, Jr 132, 324, 489 Kincaid, Marcia 262, 377, 447 Kinder, Anna May 116, 455 Kindig, Virginia Anne .... 132, 234, 266, 314, 372 Kindle, John, Jr 510 Kindle, Nellon Dean 72 Kindrick, Sammie Lee 151 King, A. C 132 King, Byron M 151 King, Charles Winston, Jr 132. 262, 499 King, Cherry Ann 283, 441 King, Damaris Elaine 438 King, Edward Jacob 90 King, Elbert Aubrey, Jr 336 King, Joe H 40 King, Lawrence Alonzo ...320,412 King, Lloyd Wendell 281, 489 King, Margaret Elizabeth . 132, 451 King, Margaret Rives .... 132, 297, 409, 450 King, Marvin Earl 90,282,501 King, Robert Newton .... 132, 311, 355, 471 King, Shirley Anne 132, 395, 436, 559 King, Thomas Archer 476 King, William Parker 476 Kinker, Julia Ann 559 Kinne, Gene Norman 358 Kinsey, Robert Howard 116. 423, 471 Kipp, Grace Elizabeth .... 151, 283 Kirby Hall 171 Kirby, Edward Cromartie 132, 321,412,507 Kirk, Sue Katherine 448 Kirk, Sloan Lafayette, Jr 360 Kirkland, Catherine Ann ..116,453 Kirkpatrick, Mary Snyder . 298, 448 Kirkpatrick, Patty Irene . . . 151, 283 Kirkpatrick, Peter Baxter 132 Kirksey, Thomas David 465 Kirkwood, George Erwin 464 Kirton, Paul 187, 261, 404 Kiser, George E 51 Kissinger, William Byron 387 Kissner, Jo Ann 151 Kistler, Ernest Losson, Jr 90, 402,417 Kitchen, Jack H 116 Kitchens, Malcolm Thomas 179, 187 Klapp, William Devereux 327 Klasel, Daniel Edward John .... 90 Klaver, Beverly Annette . . 132, 174, 262,310,314,437 Klein, Gerald Fenton 132, 497 Klein, James H 132 Klein, Jerry Beaumont 322 Klein, Karl Kermit . 53, 64, 407, 498 Klein, Lawrence Erwin 463 Klein, Michael Lee 463 Klein, Robert John 367 Klein, Rosalie Amelia 285 Klein, Shirley Beatrice . . . 132, 235, 236. 283, 367, 411, 416, 422, 435 Klemt, William Bellamy 320, 412,468 Klindworth, Lauretta .116,266,449 Klinefelter, Karen 151, 405 Klippi. Vemon John . .116,341,511 Klotz, Diana 90,313,396, 397. 455, 575 Klotz, Josephine 449 Klotz, Nancy 151, 448 Klumpp, Monica Gretchen 449 Klumpp, Peggy Ann 448 Knaggs, John Ryan 90, 179. 245, 246, 247 Knapp, Donald Gregory 116 Knapp, Martha Ann .:: ' ... .90, 455 Knapp, Spencer Dales .... 151, 478 Knapp, Walter Lee 108 Knebel, Franklin Joseph 301 Kneip, Eleanor Jane . .90, 182, 240, 298, 313, 407, 583 Kneip, Jerre Graham 316, 385 Knicker. Julia Ann 303 Knickerbocker, Nancy (Niki) ..132, 380, 454 Knierim, H. ' W., Mrs 365 Knight, David Warren 387, 507 Knight, Donald Richard ..151,464 Knight, Joy Rochelle 424 Knight, Robert Patrick ...116,274, 275, 276, 304, 323 Knight, Thomas Robert, Jr. . 90, 389 Knight, Willard Heltzel 151, 320,412 Kniker, Julia Ann 132, 376 Knipp, Bill Gwynn 90 Knobel, Melrose 393 ' , ;; We drill dry holes . . . on purpose We drill our " dry holes " hundreds per year in the research laboratory ... and they produce better rock bits . . . bits that enable you to drill wells faster and more economically. We drill these " dry holes " to test bit designs and materials under simulated field conditions. Facts learned from these HUGHES tests have helped to produce bits that are saving days in drilling wells and have made it possible to drill areas that otherwise would not have been drilled. Our " dry holes " have played an im- portant part in aiding the producing industry to add billions of barrels to the oil reserves. HUGHES TOOL COMPANY IIUIIII. 1II WORU STANDARD OF THE INDUSTRY Name Pages Knoerr, Albert Copeland 116 Knolle, Guy Edmund 486 Knonkosky, Preston Conrad .... 302 Knopp, Kenneth Paul 116,375, 380, 475 Knox, Margaret Ann 132. 401, 405, 432 Knox, Morris Salem 281 Knox, Nita Carroll . . . 132, 411. 433 Kobe, Donald Holm 306, 417 Kobe, lean Carolyn 436 Kobe, Kenneth A 55, 306 Kobs. Charles Hubert 376 Koch, Carolyn Joy 132 Kochman, Shirley Elaine 442 Kocurek, William Meal 295 Kocurek. Louis Joe, Jr. 151, 338, 478 Kocurek, William Neal 151, 338 Koehle, Anthony Curry .... 151, 490 Koehler, Helen Betty 395, 449 Koelle, Betty Joyce 367 Koelle, Emmit 367 Kocn Studio 3 Koenig, Billie Waldyn 376 Koenig, Carolyn Annette . . 151, 267, 367, 405 Koenig, John Weldon 132, 180. 291,335,378,379,413 Koenig. Zilda Jo 182 Koether, Lester Hay 181, 413 Kohls, Roger John 132, 367 Kohutek, Franklin H 385 Kolbert, Byron W., Sgt. First Class 318 Koldjeski. John S 517 Koliba, Homer Bruce 475 Kolodny, Elizabeth Ann 442 Konechy, Barbara Joan 151 Kongabel, Carolyn Ruth ..90,273, 327. 397, 455 Kopra, Lennart L 49 Koprivnik, Dushan 282, 586 Korenek, Arnold Frank 355 Korenek, Louis Joseph 132 Korman, Jacqueline Harris .... 456 Kornfeld, Julian Potash . . . 108, 497 Kosarek, Leslie Wesley 398 Kosberg, J. Livingston 496 Kosel, Harold Frank 387 Kosler, Dorothy Mary 26 Koslosky, Gloria Joan .116,395,442 Kostas, Theresa 151 Kostka, Willie Joe ... 116, 31 1, 388 Kostobryz, Robert Lee .91,323,461 Kosub, Charles Henry 151,321,412 Kosub, James Leon ..116,321,412 Kotara, Cecilia Joan 132 Kotara, Thomas Ronald 132 Kovacs, Barbara Rita 442 Kozelski, Loys Marie 397,401 Krachy, Irene Louise 116, 448 Kramer, Julius Fred, Jr. . . 151, 460 Kratns, Sidney Warren . . . .-116,463 Krause, Donald Edward . . .281,483 Krause, Lynwood Curtis . . 355, 387 Krehbiel, Curtis Dean 151 Kreisle, Leonardt Ferdinand 300, 460 Kreici , Allen Norman .... 151, 177, 398,413 Kress, Irenie F 91, 182 Kretschmar, Eugene John 267, 311,404,474 Krezdorn, Roy Rankin 494 Krick, Barbara Kay 151, 241 Krick, Harold David, Jr 151, 295, 325. 480 Krieslcr. Alexander Von 59 Kriss, Jerry Jerome 462 Krist, Stanley Jack 507 Krizak, Eugene Joseph .91,390,394 Krog, John Lawrence . 133, 390 Krog, Robert T 133 Kroll, Linver 232 Kronkosky, Preston C 91 Krovetz, Charles 285 Krueger, Carolyn 262 Krummenacher, Bruce 91 Krupp, Joan 91, 411, 443 Krywoszej, Chester Jan 151 Kubala, Pauline Ann 151, 235, 283. 398, 405, 559 Kubecka, James Lawrence . 133, 499 Kubin, Charles Calvin ....91,302, 312, 358, 385, 389, 475 Kucera, Karolyn 122, 397. 401,409.459 Kuebltr, Elizabeth Louise . . 116, 435 Kuehner, Marvin Ernest 133 Kuekes, Edward Grayson 72 Kuekes, Roberta Jean Edmonds 91, 307 Kuester, David Hartwell ..325,485 Kuester, Noel James .. 116, 341, 484 Kugel, Kay Rosanne 151 Kugle, Sharon Gay 151, 273 Kuhlman, Lynn 91, 408, 451 Kuhrau, Edward W 480 Kummer, Robert W 311 Kunkel, Martha Leah . 133, 303, 435 Kunz. Joseph David 359 Kuperman. Phyllis 133, 267, 400, 429 Kurie, Andrew Edmunds 72 Kurrus, Frederick Dunham .... 466 Kurtz, Barry Bernard 504 Kushinsky, Martin 48 Kvinta, William Davis 133, 179, 413 Kyle, Terry Van 151, 295, 486 Kyle, Maxine Lucia ...91,292,449 Kylberg, Donald : . . 243 LaBarbera. Frances Marie 437 Labens, Charlotte Ruth 443 Labowitz, Harris Bernard 116, 289, 463 Name Pages Lacey, Alonzo Leonard 465 Lackey, Carey Lee 388 Lackey, Nancy Dale 91,281 Lacy, Jack Ray 300, 306, 312,349,390 Lacy, John Edward 287 Ladewig, Janis Joyce 116, 426 Laffan, Brian Frederick ...116,467 Lafrentz. John Dalton 133,321,412 LaGrone. Clenda Gay 91, 293, 401,441 LaGrone, Gregory G 48 Laguarta, Julio Sterling ...116,489 Laird, Doris Jean 151, 242, 452 Laird, Lee Alva .151,311,360,498 Lakenmacher, June 116, 437 Lamb, Claudia Kathleen ..116,448 Lamlidii Chi Alpha 484. 485 Lumhdin, James Chester ..312,345 Lambe, Marcia Jane 133, 172, 310,314.370,411 Lambert. Sue Adele 133 Lambert, T. A 301 LaMair. Edward Herbert . . 151, 510 Lamar. Leonard Leon 151 LaMaster, Betty Lou 133, 401, Lamm. Julia Davene 116, 435 Lampley. G. H 326 Lancaster, Mary Elinor . . . 297, 454 Landa. John Carl 91,285,290,302, 311. 316, 334, 340, 423, 497, 575 Landers, A. W 133 L.mdes, Robert Paul 473 Landrum, Betty 298 Landrum, Graves W 35 Landry, Annette Sue .310,393,439 Landry, Duane Eugene 511 Landry, Lola H., Mrs 520 Lands, Jimmie Lee 444 Lane, Bobby Glenn 133 Lane, Claud Pope 511 Lane, Daniel McNeel 267 Lane, Donald Robert 404 Lane, Jerry Miral 295, 296 Lane, Julia Ann 393 Lane, Mary Maud 116, 425 Lane, Samuel 508 Lang, Bennie Jane 151 Lang, Paul Howard 151 Lange, Charles H 43 Langford, Bill Curtis 116,291 Langford, Gerald Talmadge ...481 Langford, James Monroe ...91,320, 412,467 Langford, James Stanmore Dooley 116,481 Langham, Ruth Marie 151 Langhorne, Robert Alston, Jr. . .116, 423, 479 Langley, Robert Bullard 116, 321,412 Langley, Robert David 295 Langlinais, Darrell Walter 116 Langston, Shirley Mae 182, 237, 397 Lanbam, Elizabeth 51, 285 Lanier, Mirabelle 133, 236, 452 Lanier, Rowene Maurie 91 Lankford. Charles E 43 Lankford, Cynthia Lee 75, 459 Lann, Morris Jerome 501 Lansford, Alex John . . 187, 407, 506 Lantz, Mary Jean 151, 434 Lapidus, Albert Leon .... 116, 181, 321,388,412 Lapidus, Harold Stanley ..116,181, 321,388,412 Lauin, Jack 75,505 LaQuey, Patsy Lee 133 Lara, Maria Luisa 151 Laramore, John Richard . . . .91, 517 Largent, Michael R 180 Larkin. James Charles 133, 179, 322 Larkin. Jo Ellen 382, 451 LaRowe, Henry A 311 Larpenter, Carl James 228 Larrea, Freddy 251 LaRue, Feniond Paul 311 Larue, John D 295 Lash, Sally S 91,380 Lasky, Joan 456 Lassen, Lou Jean 91 Lassetter, Jan Anne 267, 440 Lassiter, Jerry H 284 Latham, Phillip A 387 Latham, Suzanne 133, 376 Laugblin, Nancy June 430 Laughlin, Thomas Edward, Jr. .91, 315,394,485 Laughlin, William Joseph . . .348, 358, 477 Laughton, Charles W 62 Lauhon, Carol Anne 459 Lauterstein, Moise 151, 512 Lauwer, Robert Lionel 296 LaValley, Thomas J 311 Laverty, Penolope 151, 283 Law Faculty 63 Law, Myra Ann 151, 405 Law, W. Mouzon 58 Lawler, Richard Earl 116, 187. 210,211,477 Lawley, James Robert, Jr. .116,306 Lawlis. Carrie Frances 133, 267, 459 Lawrence, Marilyn Sue Quinn ..91 Lawrence, Minna Fay .... 151, 438 Lawrence, Monte Jim 316 Lawrence, Robert Wayne 152 Lawson, Cadmus Kilgore, II 354, 492 Lawyer, Harriet Grace 303 Lay, Thomas Harry 133 Layman, Frank Derrell 133 Lea, Richard Underwood 465 Leach, Billy Lowen 289 Leach, Jack Gladden 133, 350 Leach, Martha Evelyn .... 152, 394 Name Pages Leahy, Ann Celestine 152 Leal, Carlos V 387 Leamons, Walter Allace, Jr. ... 358 Learn, Wynelle Lee 152 Leary, Terrance Ross 469 Leathers, Frank Powell 72 Leaverton, Ellen Adele .... 152, 450 Lebanoff, David 504 Lehel, Bobby Gene 321, 412 Lebenson, Suzanne 152, 428 LeBlanc, Jerry Loyd 351 LeBleu, Tommy Robbins . . 187, 212, 215,315,321,388,412 Ledbetter, Abbe A. ..116,246,503 Ledbetter, James Alums 91 Ledbetter, Robert E 372 Ledbetter, Thomas Kent 133 LeDerer. James Fred 133 Lednicky. Betty Jo 173, 310 Ledwig, Ralph Felix 133, 321, 390,412 Lee, Addison S 43 Lee, Barbara Jeanne 91, 425 Lee, Benis Glen 491 Lee, Bet Yee 116 Lee, Donna Torrance 152, 450 Lee, E. Gene 116, 339 Lee, Harrell Estes 42. 270, 271,304,502 Lee, Harry Gordon 519 Lee, Ivon, III 152, 325 Lee. Jerry Ben 116 Lee, Kung-Hsing 306 Lee, Loyl Leon 152 Lee. Marcia 429 Lee, Ray Clinton 116 Lee, Robert Edward 228 Lee, Robert Joseph 490 Lee, Tommie Marvin .116.245,250 Lee. Vernon Albert 300, 306 Lee, Virginia Frances 72 Lee, William Richard 354 Leeper, Towner Shields 284 Leffiimwell, William Brance .... 152 Leftwich, Margaret Ann . . 152, 438 Legge, Don 122 Leggett, Gloria Jane 133, 434 Leggett, Raymond F 187, 226 Leggitt, Samuel Hunter, Jr. . . .262, 311,498 Legler, Clarence Willys 323 Lehman. Robert 512 Lehmann, Maurice John, Jr. . . 152, 360, 361 Lehmann, Winfred P 45 Lehr. Peggy Jean 152, 394 Lcidolf, Joe 482 Leifeste, William Ward 358 Leiman, Marvin Theodore 513 Leinbach, Charles H 64 Leipziger-Pearce. Hugo 61 LeLaurin, Nana Janet .... 133, 174, 310,427 Leland, Frances Eaton .... 152, 458 Leland, Tom W 284 Lembke, Carol Ann 447 Lemburg. Mary Virginia 424 Lemmert ., Marie Frances . . 152, 405 Lemmond, Jo Ann 431 Lemmons, Sherea Sue .... 152, 446 Lemon, Alfred 122 Lemons, Kenneth Neal 133 Lemuel Scarhroitgh Foundation Faculty Award 308 Lena, Manuel P 284 Lenhnrt, Jack 55, 306 LeNoir, Donald Ray 116 Lentschke, Ernest Waddell 116,495 Leon, Benjamin Joseph 387 Leon, Harry J 44 Leonard, Billy Glenn 91 Leonard, David Lawrence . .91,415 Leonard, Kay Suzanne 91 Leonard, Joan Hodsdon ..116,422, 409. 439 Leonard, Phyllis Ann Pescor . . . 294 Leopold, Frank Joseph . . . 152, 178, 341,413 Lerner, Norman 512 LeRoy, Jacqueline Anne 273, 392, 436 Leshikar, T ' Odon Charles 37 Leslie, Ann Hope 405 Leslie, John Paul 133, 335 Lester, William L 58 Lester, Bobby Lee 152 Lester, Earl Lawrence 152 Levander, Carl Theodore 306, 312.329 Leveritt, Dorothy Sue 182, 262, 27.5 Levey, Shirley Rae 133, 457 Levine, Julian Robert .... 304. 505 Levinson, Charles 512 Levinson, Linda Adele . . . 152. 242, 400, 428, 559 Levinson, Sandra Rose 457 Levinson, Stanley Jerome . . 133, 505 Levit, Max Stanley ..116,261,311, 316, 336, 423, 497, 584 Levoi, Joseph Jaspers 510 Levy. Albert 462 Levy, Harold Erwin 513 Levy, Jack Mose 133,262,316,497 Levy, Morris Leon, Jr. 91, 385, 389 Levy, Raphael 48 Levy, Stanley 512 Lewallen, Jo Betsy ...262,416.437 Lewis, Andrew Jackson 503 Lewis, A. R 46 Lewis, Arlen L 311 Lewis, Charles Eugene 116 Lewis, David Mortimer ...350,512 Lewis, Glenn William .... 116, 481 Lewis, Irene Sheila 237. 242. 411.443 Lewis, Jerry Glenn 133, 508 Name Pages Lewis, Joanne Laneil 439 Lewis, John S 329, 412 Lewis, Larry Michael 152, 474 Lewis, Roger Allan 152, 360 Lewis, Shirley Ann 133, 283 Leyendecker, Magdalena Josefina 115, 173, 310 Lichte, Henry William .... 152, 484 Lieb, Dwigbt Lyndol 262. 299 Lightfoot, Fred Mershon ...91,387 Lightfoot, Lillian Elise ....91,451 Ligon, Zula, Mrs 520 Lilley, Jerry Dean 464 Lillie, Richard Ransom 376 Lillie, Robert Ben 337, 372 Lillie, Richard Ramsom 376 Lilly, Warren Robert . 246, 355, 467 Lilyholm, Alan Joel . . 152, 376, 518 Limon, Alfred Lopez 266 Lind, John Harver 306, 387 Lindahl, C. Lewis 37 Linden, Richard Allen 91 Lincler. LeRoy H 62 Linder, Tommy Norton 311, 320, 412 Lindgren, Jeannette Frances . . . 152 Lindsay, Ronald Landon 116 Lindsey. Byron ..133,291,378,379 Lindsey, Frankie Mae ..3,271,307 Lindsey, Jerry D 91 Lindsey, Joe Reagan 488 Lineberger, Harold Benton 360,361 Ling, T. David 180, 316 Ling. Edward Hugo 91, 181 Linger, Irving 51 Lingo, Charles Allen 338, 486 Linskie, Rosella 52 Lipnick, Elton Stanley .91,284,463 Lipscomb, Bobbie Jean 133 Lipseomb, Lottie Lou 1 16, 303, 438 Lipscomb, Thelma Grace 152, 242,444 Lipshy, George Meyer 513 Lipson, Richard . .92, 180, 254, 311 Liss, Shelly E 133, 505 Liston, Janet Ann .... 133, 411, 431 Liston, Patricia 427 Liston, Glenn 241 Lit, Barbara Lee 152, 442 Litchenstein, Peggy 428 Littenberg, Robert Louis 462 Little, Billy Roberts 280 Little. Carolyn Morris 303 Little, Helen M 401 Little, Jack Merville ..116,326,489 Little, Jack Newell . . 260, 270, 290, 316,477,576 Little, J. E., Mrs 520 Little, Mildred 237 Little, Maude Helen 133 Little, Richard Francis 92,288, 289,517 Little, Wanda Belle 133 Little, William Bart 387, 390 Littlefield, Clyde 53 Littleficld Dormitory 172 Littlcficld Fountain 22 Littrell, Paul Leon, Jr 133 Litvin. Lida 297 Liu, Timothy, Liang Tong ....92, 287, 389 Lively, Billy Martin 152 Lively, Shirley Ann 459 Livingston, John Keith 152 Livingston, Thomas A., Lt. Col. 302, 318 Livingston, William Samuel ....46, 299, 488 Llewellyn, James Donald 469 Lloyd, Janice 437, 559 Lloyd. Maury Allen ..347,354,491 Lloyd, William Reese 60,301 Lloyd, Wilma Jean 405 Lobb, James Wilson 116, 464 Lochte. Harry L 44 Locke, Carl Edwin, Jr. ...133,491 Lockenvitz, Arthur E 47 Lockett, Ford Lee 116, 499 Lockett, Hester Elizabeth 92, 298, 459 Lockett, Landon Johnson . . 152, 489 Lockman, John 116 Lockwood, Lee 34 Loe, Lavona Jo 152 Loeh, Laurie Ann 400, 428 Loeffler, Kenneth 390 Loep, Kenneth James 133, 326 Loera, Lindolfo 177, 384 Lofgren, Frederick Valentine 60,301 Loftis, Lloyd Edward 475 Lofton, Floyd J., Jr 280 Logan. Catherine Ann 303, 409, 437 Logan, Harry Jones ..116,281,311 Logan, Walter Barnes, Jr. . 1.52, 494 Logan, Wilma Nell ..., . 152, 434 Logue, Fanelle Barclay 455 Lohse. Peter Hans 295 Lomax, Du Bose Aldredge 480 Lomonte, Cecilia 152 Long, Amy Jo 307 Long, Barbara 273 Long, Charles R 92 Long, Clarence B 327 Long, Doris Ann 182 Long, Dorothy Pearl 392,455 Long, Gale McBryde 92, 380, 422, 433 Long, Sterling Krueger 72 Long, Wayne Eggleston .... 57, 300 Long, William Carl 187, 250, 316,483 Longacre, Joseph Kent .... 92, 287. 306, 389 Longaker, Cecelia Alford (Tela) 116. 241,455 Louglwrn Band 378, 379 Longoria, Eugene Arthur 384 J. P. CROWE, Color Photography HAZEL CROWE, Belles O. V. KOEN STUDIO, Portraits JIM STOKER, Art Work GLENN ARDEN, Photography CHESTER CHRISTIAN, Photography GARDNER COLLINS, Photography GEORGE FRIEND, Photography KEITH NICKLE, Photography ALFRED WILSON, Photography NEWSFOTO PUBLISHING COMPANY, Printers AMERICAN BEAUTY COVER COMPANY, Cover HEMPHILLS 109 E. 21st Street 2244 Guadalupe 2501 Guadalupe 26th San Jacinto 27 years Outstanding Printing Service to Associations and Business Firms of Central Texas CAPITAL PRINTING CO., Inc. 213 East Alpine Rd. Austin Name Pages Longoria, Frank, Jr 467 Longoria. Joseph Louis 369 Lontos, Jimmy K 116 Loper. Patricia Ann 152, 438 Lopez, Alfredo, Jr 387 Lopez, Meliton 152 Lopez, Ramiro 176 Lorenz. Jane Frances 116,174,310 Loring, Dorothy Paulette 437 Lott, Gerald Eugene . 152, 323, 510 Loth, Helmut Martin 499 Lott, Ira Verdell 320, 412 Lott, Wayne Edgar 116,510 Loughridge, Robert Foster .... 152, 295, 322 Louie, Jo Ann 152 Louthan, Junetta Ann 152 Love, David M 187, 226 Lovejoy, Joe Bernard .116, 302, 306, 316, 339, 483 Loveless, Carolyn Mable 133 Loverett, Dorothy Sue 405 Lovett, Jim Dick 495 Lovett, Mary Hale 455 Lovinggood, Lynne ..449,559,571 Lovoi, Joseph Jasper 133 Lowom, T. J 204 Lowe, Arthur Lee 152, 289 Lowe, Melonye Anne 152, 436 Lowfry, Willene 174 Lowrance, David Trent 152 Lowrey, Richard Chapman .... 133, 315, 355, 489 Lowry, James Dixon 519 Lowry, Johnny Harold ... .212, 214 Lowry, John Tunstall ..92,281,294 Lowry, Loretta 260, 299 Lowry, Nancy Shields 92,441 Lowther, David 92 Lowther, Gordon Aubrey 133 Loyd, Herbert Melton .92,281,294 Loyd, Larry Lee 152, 295, 339 Loynd, James Arthur 252, 358 Lozano, Porfirio S 133 Lozano, Raul J 360 Lozano, Victor, Jr 291, 329, 378 379 Lubasch, Inge Joan 30l! 429 Lucas, Lea Jane 152, 434 Lucas, Philip Eland 472 Luck, Leskie Luther 359 Luckett, Ellie 108 Lucksinger, Arthur Hudson .... 116 Ludwick, Charles Carroll 116 Ludwig, Patricia Ann 441 Ludwig, Rodney Wayne 385 Ludwig, Rubin W 306 Luedemann. Anne Marie . . 133, 459 Luedemann, Waldo Simon, Jr. . . 339 Lueders, Tommy Wayne 152, 177, 229 Lueg, Russell Eddy 511 Luetge, Elvie Lou .... 92, 182, 236, 298, 393 Luhn, George Milton 503 Luke, Hugh T 297 Luksa, Frank Edward, Jr. . 337, 475 Lundgren, Emely Ann ... .92, 401 Lundin, Carroll A 488 Lung, Hershel Ray 387 Lunsford, Charles Newton 92 Lunz, Patricia Louise 92 Lupien, Wesley Gideon . . . 152, 468 Lusk, William Benjamin ... 72, 481 Luskey, Ah in Leon 462 Luskey, Edward 232, 463 Lutes, James Darrel 181, 329 Luther, Charles Monroe 133 Lutheran Stttdent Association ..368 Luthro, Esther Mae 182 Luttrell, William Sherrod 92, 465, 586 Lutz, Calvin 247 Lutz, John Edward 92 Lutz, Lanelle Ruth . . 346, 362, 395, 437, 559, 586 Lutz, Sherry Ann 133, 267 Lyda, Carl Bertrand 92, 306 Lyell, Frank Hallam 482 Lyle, Hurshel Howard 486 Lynch, Carole Jan 152, 454 Lynch, Gene Cozart 72, 586 Lynch, Hillquit 48 Lynch, Mary Jane 152, 424 Lynn, Edward Sherod . 50, 284, 285 Lynn, Hugh M 477 Lynn, Larry J 251, 323, 477 Lynn, Mack 248 Lyon, Beaulah H 49 Name Pages Madison, Cheryll Kay 436 Madison, James Leslie, Jr 116 Maddox, Evelyn Marlene . 116, 359, 362, 403, 437 Maeckel, Edwin Kenneth 388 Mafrige, Steven Farris 518 Magness, Walter Lee 116, 355 Magnus, John P 59 Magruder, Alice Jean 451 Magruder, Eleanor Warren ....451 Mahan, Gay 152 Mahaffey, Don Finley 116,465 Mahayn, Aref 391 Maiguashca, Franklin Emerson 251, 376 Main Building 7 Main Building Interior 25 Mainous, Edward Chester 406, 410, 493 Maiorka, Philip Samuel . . . 152, 350 Makiyya, Basil 391 Maldonado, Alfonso E 324 Maley, Karl Archer ..116,340,499 Malik, Joe, Jr. ... 48, 290, 398, 404 Malik, Noble Milton 398 Mallison, Nathan Lorenzo, Jr. . .384 Malki, Sabri 92, 315, 389, 391 Malone, Brady Arnold 376 Malone, Carolyn Jane 307 Maloney, Francis James 495 Maloney, Walter Felton 301 Malouf, Donald Joseph . . . 323, 483 Maltsberger, Jo Ann 133, 234, 235, 236, 435 Maly, Sylvia M 182 Mancill, Rosemary 392, 437 Mandell, Humboldt Casad, Jr. .360 Mandell, Madeline Ann 426 Maness, Mary Ann 449 Mange, Marilyn 152, 442 Manget, Daniel Thomas III 336, 481 Mangum, Margaret Alice 449 Manis, Milton 463 Maniscalco, Joseph Stephen 152, 468 Maniscalco, Margaret Joe ..401,430 Manitzas, Frank Steve .... 266, 267 Mankin, Charles J 305 Mann, George Francis 133, 394, 480 Mann, Lois Ann 441 Manning, Ann 116 Manning, Sanford Edward 133, 468 Mansur, George Winston 297 Manuel, Eleanor 92, 294, 297, 373,411,451 Manuel, Herschel T 53 Manz, joe Edward 355 Maples, John B 333 Maples, Kenneth Eason 327 Marabella, Nunzio Joseph 248, 471 Marchant, Austin Duane 324 Marcontell, William Alan ....484 Marcus, Robert Michael 474 Marek, Frank T 72, 398 Marek, Ladis William 92 Marek, Raymond J 187 Mares, Charlotte Ann 426 Margolin, Barbara Toby 152, 273, 456 Margrave, Helen 63 Marik, Delrita Dolly .152,398,405 Marin, Crescencia 92, 182, 384 Marion, Shirley Sue 438 Maris, Charlie Robert .... 152, 339 Mark, Robert Willard 262,318, 412.463 Markel, Harry Lee 92, 339, 389 Markins, Barbara Ann .... 152, 438 Markle, Margot 133, 416, 458 Markman, Marilyn 152, 442 Markus, Ailda Illene 152, 428 Marley, Marian 286 M Maahs, Thomas Carl 324, Maberry, James Douglas . . 152, Mabry, Charlotte Edd 152, 378 Mabry, G. A MacArthur, Yvonne Kathleen . MacCorkle, Stuart Alexander . . 299 MacDaniel, Gibbs, Jr 339 Mac-Daniel, Sherman Paine . . . MacDonald, H. Malcolm . . .46, 299, MacGregor, George Lescher 323, MacGregor, Mary Lou .... 152, Macha, Eleanor S 182, Machemehl, Arleigh Earl . . 152, Maclver, Winnie Jane . . .310, MacKenzie, Charles Lester 262, 335, Mackey, Eleanor Lou .... 133, 409, Mackey, Jack Eberly MacLean, Walter Eliot Madera, Joe Bob 367 177 379 280 .262 .46, ,482 ,486 .467 265, 464 488 434 237 339 441 133, 370 267, 458 . .26 .475 .152 uy, Jr 152 Marmion, Eppie Jane 405 Maroney, Don Henry 187, 323 Marr, William Lewis 477 Marschall, William Ingo, Jr. . . 290, 316, 465, 576 Marshall, Charles Rodney . . 92, 322 Marshall, Charles W 47 Marshall, David Lee 133, 380 Marshall, Edwina Lee 133, 427 Marshall, Gilbert George . . 133, 508 Marshall, June 133, 436 Marshall, Linda May . 182, 275, 405 Marshall, Luther Flinn ...358,498 Marshall, Mary Q 405 Marshall, William Edward 322,394 Marsico, Bill Edward 412 Marston, Anne Randall . . . 152, 426 Martin, Angeline Kay 399 Martin, Clyde 1 52 Martin, Cora Merriman 52, 298, 440 Martin, Don Haden 328 Martin, Donald Louis 244, 507 Martin, Frank E 152 Martin, Frederick William 339,394 Martin, Glen Nelson 284 Martin, Harry Lee 320, 412 Martin, Homer Dudley 133 Martin, John Edmund 390 Martin, Joy 271 Martin, Judith Ann ...:.. 116, 401 Martin, Judith Wilemon 293 Martin, June Elizabeth .... 182, 242 Martin, Kay 116,262,380,392,397 Martin, Lester Love, Jr 152 Martin, Leta Janette 92 Martin, Lucy H 440 Martin, Margaret Ann .... 152, 434 Martin, Marion 266, 293, 451 Martin, Mary Jo .... 133, 395, 425 Martin, Mary Louisa 455 Martin, Machael Dean 116 Martin, Mitchell Louis 509 Martin, Patricia Jane 152 Martin, Polly 401 Name Pages Martin, Robert Devon . . . .321, 412 Martin, Roy Anderson 72 Martin, Russell Lionel, Jr 487 Martin, Theodore Phillip 294 Martin, Travis Lee 474 Martin, William Joseph ... 116, 177 Martin, William Thomas 72 Martindale, Jean Arnold 152 Martinez, Aurora 116,384,405,559 Martinez, Braulio 133, 326 Martinez, Dario Lino 176, 322, 384 Martinez, Leon R 92, 176 Martinez, Mic hael 509 Martinez, Octavio Anthony .... 376 Martinez, Roberto Sanchez 384,389 Masad, Rimon N 391 Masch, Frank Dewey, Jr. . . 92, 287, 306, 389 Maschek, O. H 284 Mashbum, James Albert . . 152, 502 Mask, William Timothy 494 Mason, Anne Marie 92, 455 Mason, Charles Culberson, Jr. .152, 328 Mason, Curtis Calvin 92 Mason, Curtis Linn 460 Mason, George Fred, Jr. ... 92, 387 Mason, James Dailey ... .291, 378, 379, 468 Mason, Mark 300, 306, 402 Masri, Munib Rashid ..92,262,391 Massar, Alexander 391 Massey, Carlton 187 Massey, Jack 133 Massey, Martha 93,401,435 Masters, Leonard 299 Masters, Ralph 370 Matheny, James Donald 518 Mathews, Carl Glyn . . 152, 321, 412 Mathews, Earl McLaren 93, 486, 487 Mathews, Joseph Pinkney 475 Mathews, Walter Herman . . 93, 377 Mathis, B. Claude 53 Matitzas, Frank Steve 116 Matkin, Nancy Clemens 451 Matlock, Hudson Lee, Jr. . . 55, 287, 306, 389 Matlock, Norma .152,266,283,450 Matsen, F. A 44, 47 Matson, Jerry W 93, 301 Mattews, Jerry R 152 Matthews, Edwin Vince 231 Matthews, Frank M 280, 475 Matthews, H. A 288 Matthews, Hugh 493 Matthews. Joe Sam 350 Matthews, Patricia Deon 358, 362, 447 Matthews, Roland Larry . . 152, 470 Matthews, Steven Clark 509 Matthews, Thomas Rugeley .... 335 Matthews, William Forrest 133, 329 Matthias, Jerry Wayne . . . 152, 464 Matzke, Alice Lee 182, 405 Matzke, Anna Elizabeth 93 Matzke, George Daniel 354 Mauch, Charles Lee ..93,312,348, 354, 388, 461 Mauk, Betty Carol 133, 437 Maurin, Joe Toland ..116,423,507 Maust, Gwen Roberta 431 Maxfield, David Wesley 320, 389,412 Maxwell, Lt. Col. Benjamin B., Jr 318 Maxwell, Jane Ann . . 153, 235, 444 Maxwell, Jane Gay ... 93, 262, 298, 313, 397, 451, 559, 576 Maxwell, Jay William 323, 483 Maxwell, Lyndall Otey 153 May, Bonnie Jean 153, 405 May, Carole Lynn 239, 242, 436, 559, 572 May, Francis B 50, 285 May, Mart Rhea 133, 392, 416 May, Patricia Jean 429 May, Robert Armand 133, 482 Mayer, Richard Gerald .... 359, 498 Mayes, Charles Dudley . . . 153, 464 Mayes, George Terrell .... 93, 287, 306, 418 Mayfield, Margo Ann 242, 446, 559 Mayfield, Sandra Lou 93, 392, 397, 449 Maynard, Mary Clements 455 Mayo, Betty Claire 455 Mays, Joel Thomas 490 Mays, Katharine Margaret ... .116 Mays, Sally Jean 133, 283, 401 Mays, William A 116 McAdams, Billy James . . . .327, 461 McAden, Carole Ann 430 McAdoo, John Brantley, Jr. 153, 466 McAllister, J. Gilbert 43 McAnelly, Stanley Merlin . 153, 325 McAninch, Jack O ' Dell ... 116, 503 McArthur, Daniel Evander 26 McArthur, Jackie Nell 117 McAshan, Ann 458 McAyeal, Jack . . 491 McBee, Frank W 57 McBrayer, Betty Ann 286 McBride, Davis Wayne 153 McBride, Jeannette Lee . . . 153, 434 McBride, jimmy Albertus, II . . 133, 477 McBride, John Roy 153 McBride, Larry 223 McBride, Patricia Ann .... 262, 458 McBride, Patricia Toan .... 133, 434 McBride, Shirley Jean 459 McBryde, Kyle Lelan 117,243,284 McCabe, Beverly Jo ... 93, 398, 435 McCaleb, Adrienne Joan 182 McCall, James Lyons . 153, 350, 506 McCall, Tom 243 Name Pages McCampbell, Thomas Atlee 108, 489 McCann, Charles Howard Wesley 153, 320, 412 McCarroll, Eloise Leila . . . 133, 459 McCarroll, Hoy Jack 360, 476 McCarthy, William J 333 McCartney, Elizabeth Ann .... 153, 262, 458 McCarty, Nannetta Sue ' . 435 McCasland, Ardis, Jr 117 McCasland, Gerald Gaston 153, 506 McCauley, Annette Lucille .... 405 McCauley, Buddy 232 McCauley, Francis R. 319,412,477 McClain, Philip Paterson 153 McClancy, Gail 454, 559, 564 McClatchy, Joel Kent 153 McClellan, Janice Idel 153 McClellan, Patricia Ann ..117,446 McClendon, Bobby Joe 133 McClendon, Marian Eames .... 93, 273, 298 McClendon, Robert E 93 McClendon, Sam Ernest . . . 133, 179 McCleskey, Howell Clifton 294,299 McCleskey, Margie Louise ....117, 393, 401 McClure, Robert Marshall 387 McCollister, Alice 133, 427 McCollough, Charles R 133 McCollum, Charles Holmes. Ill 117, 281,315,473 McCollum, Richard George . . . 153, 295, 472 McCollum, Robert Frank 133 McConn, Thomas Peter 469 McConnell, F. C 36 McConnell, Mrs. F. C 174 McConnell, Freda 235 McConnell, Friedabelle 153 McConnell, Philip Irving .153,500 McConnell, Wayne Wallace 93 McCorkle, John Bryan, Jr. .117,280 McCorkle, John Jerry 334,340,473 McCormick, Charles T 63 McCown, Henry Young 35 McCown, Henry Young, Jr. . . .265, 315, 339, 473 McCown, Roger N 53 McCoy, Dorothy Eugenia . .153,430 McCoy, Merkel 249 McCracken, Richard Gordon ...153 McCranie, Anne Bostwick .... 234, 236, 392, 459 McCrary, John Alexander 153 McCrary, John Franklin 355 McCrary, Keith U 262, 315 McCreight, Anne L 441 McCreless, Merry Christine . 93, 427 McCrory, Sidney Eugene . 153, 510 McCroskey, Joan 117, 454 McCrum, Everett Smith 72, 74, 285 McCullough, Billie Jean . . . 243, 459 McCullough, Charles Ellis 134, 295, 481 McCullough, Dossett 262, 503 McCullough, Graham Eugene . . 323, 507 McCurdy, John Anderson . . 39, 265 McCutcheon, James Edward . . . 93, 280, 479 McCutcheon, Patricia Ann 401 McDaniel, Chester Howell 117,296 McDaniel, Dorothy Helen 153 McDaniel, Jarrel Dave 117 McDaniel, Marvel Ann 117, 427 McDaniels, Guy Hugh 266, 461 McDavid, Donald George . . 93, 389 McDavid, Martha Carolyn 93, 395, 405, 408 McDermott, Cormac Thomas . . 153 McDill, Paul Laurence 402 McDonald, Billy Lane 93, 271, 280 McDonald, James Martin, jr. . .349 McDonald, John Arthur ..134,492 McDonald, Larry Doyle 282 McDonald, Leslie Weylon ..93,337 McDonald, Marjorie Ann 153 McDonald, Mary Gene .... 153, 450 McDonald, Mike 482 McDonald, P. R 253 McDonald, Roy David 279, 294, 378 McDonald, S. Jeanne 431 McDonald, Stephen L 44 McDonald, Tom Stewart 358 McDonald, Virginia ..313,314,372 McDonald, William E 187 McDonald, Muckleroy J. . . 285, 483 McDougal, Strand Marchand . .311 McDougald, William Hugh 311 McDowell, James Lyle, Jr 153 McDowell, Jo Ann 153 McElhannon, MUton Perry 134, 358 McElhone, Alison Lee 139, 235, 435, 557 McElreath, Nancy 153 McElroy, Dee Russell 153,295, 329, 508 McElroy, Ross Albert, Jr 134 McElroy, Staton David . . 134, 351 McElwrath, Anne 436 McElyea, William Ronnie 510 McEntire, Donald Terrel 358 McFaddin, Gustavus A. Northcott 117 McFarland, Diane 134, 297. 314, 370, 416, 449 McFarland, James D 56 McFarland, James Dorr, Jr. 306, 329 McFarland, johnanna 153, 436 McGahey, Marvin Lee 506 McGall, Scott 247 McGarrahan, William Sanders .117. 495 McGary, Cynthia Carpenter ...301 McGaughey, Janet M 59, 303 PACE 614 Name Pages McGaughey, Roy Lawrence . . . 153, 354, 490 McGauhey, Sharon Elaine ..... 433 McGaw, Hugh Delvin . . . .302, 318 McGaw, Hugh Rogh Lee ..... 328. 412,510 McGee, Carol Emily ...... 93, 439 McGee, DeWitt Clinton, Jr. ...415 McGee, Paula Beth . . 134, 241, 266 McGee, Robert David ........ 477 McGehee, Corene E ...... 117, 284 McGehee, Richard Vernon ..... 93, 177, 305 McGhee, Mareia Ann 117,182,395 McGill, Joyce Ann ........... 117 McGinn, Patricia Eloise ...... 425 McGinnis, Charles David .117,244, 387, 479 McGinnis, Edward Karl ....50,51, 282, 285, 460, 586 McGonagill, Mildred Alice ---- 134 McGonigle, Betty Jean ........ 153 McGrath, Henry B ........... 482 McGraw, Donald Ray 187,407,473 McGraw, Joe Henry . . 93, 243, 300, 306,334,364,390,418 McGraw, John H ............. 302 McGraw, Lynn Wade ..... 53, 407 McGregor, Patricia Ercella .... 439 McGregor, Rosetta Ann ..134,172, 261, 262, 310, 314, 411,416,455,558 McGrew, Bill Judson ......... 305 McGrosso, John J ............. 59 McGuire, Carson ............. 53 McGuire, Charles Patrick .... 153, 230, 510 McGuire, James Harrison ..134,491 McGuire, Noel C ............. 56 McGuirt, James Holland, Jr. . . 284, 515 McHale, Tom ............... 280 McHaney, Mary Jane .... 392, 450 McHugh, Charles William ____ 134, 320,329,412 Mclllwain, Clarence Ray ...... 228 Mcllyar, Donald Charles ..... 117, 389, 423, 473 Mcllyar, William Kent, Jr. 316,491 Mclnnis, Bayliss Cage ---- 300, 390 Mclntosh, Jay Cullen . 153, 324, 474 Mclntosh, Jeanne Carole ...... 437 Mclntush, Clifton Eugene ..... 117 Mclntyre, Joan K ............ 307 Mclntyre, Kenneth Ernest ...... 52 McKay, Anita June . . 132, 394, 447 McKean, Paul Flavian ........ 467 McKeithan, James Daniel ..... 491 McKelvy, Sheryl Ann ......... 449 McKenna, George Patrick . 134, 482 McKenty, Stuart Bayes . . . 153, 494 McKenzie, Joan Ha McKenzie, Margaret wthorne .. 303 . McKenzie, Terry ............. 242 McKeown, Sharon Lu 153, 262, 424 McKeown, Thomas Leo ....... 117 McKetta, John J .......... 55, 417 McKim, Raymond Lee ....... 491 McKinley, Billie Jeannine . 175, 182 McKinley, Jimmie Joe .... 93, 262, 274, 304 McKinley, Kay .............. 182 McKinley, Velma Barnett ..... 134 McKinney, Buford De Moville . . 93, 584, 586 McKinney, Charles Preston .93,117 McKinney, James Dean ... 93, 335, 340, 402 McKinney, Mary Ann ........ 459 McKinney, William Steele ____ 187, 212,216 McKnight, Joan ............. 454 McLain, Frank .............. 311 McLarry, Fred D ....... 134. 311, 355, 508 McLarty, James Elbert ........ 377 McLaughlan, Pat Harrington ... 153 McLaughlin, Donald Neil .117,284 McLaurin, Banks ..... 56, 287, 306 McLean, Roy Jack ............ 64 McLellan, Jennie Sue ......... 153 McLelland, Rose Ann ........ 451 McLelland, Donald Ralph ____ 178, 295 335 McLemore, Jack Wendell .... ' .. 93 McLemore, Joe Ed ...... 117, 281, 394, 460 McLemore, Mary Margaret 93, 174, 310, 433, 559 McLeod, Julia Ann ...... 236, 459 McLin, Willie Ray ........... 117 McMahan, Richard Allen ..... 153, 181,230 McMann, Thomas Albert . . 134, 489 McManus, Jan Iris ....... 117, 445 McManus, Paul Edward . . 153, 498 McMasters, Melton Duane ..... 387 McMath, Hugh Lyon ..... 61, 506 McMeans, Nancy ... 117, 262, 275, 313,314,441 McMichael, Jerry Vaughan 406, 410 McMichael, Marion R .......... 58 McMicken, Stanley R ......... 394 McMillan, Barbara Dee ...416,439 McMillan, Mary Maxine . . .153, 458 McMillian, William Douglas, Jr. 390 McMillon, John Richard . . .93, 180, 244,311,316 McMillon, Max Clayton ....... 402 McMordie, Robert Kenneth 300, 390 McMurrey, Allen Lamar ...... 503 McMurrey, Marvin Horace, Jr. . 153, 508 McMurry, Dixie LaRue ....... 153 McMurry, Jill Adrian ..... 153, 424 McMurry, Russell W. . 93, 407, 493 Name Pages McMurtray. Milo Eldon . . . 134, 515 McNallie, Mary Alice 182 McNamara, Francis Leo, Jr. 340, 477 McNamara, Margaret 448 McNeel, James Edward . . . 153, 488 McNeel, Loquita Ann .... 236, 452 McNeel, Tynus William 481 McNeely, Frances 53, 407 McNew, Walter Hedrick . . 204, 230 McNulty, Murphy Michael . 93, 394 McPhail, Charlene 134, 436 McPherson, Billy Loren 93,289,326 McPherson, Margaret Julia .... 298 McPherson, Robert Dean 507 McQuatters, Betty Flo ....153,440 McQueen, Robert 53 McQuown, Albert Newton, Jr. ..72 McRae, Robert Francis . . . 323, 507 McRoberts, Jane 153, 424 McShane, Patrick O ' Bannon 312, 361 McTee, Arlie Ray 42, 460 McTee, Charles 266, 276 McVey, Carol Ann ... 117, 267, 425 McVey, R. L 284 McWhirter, Arthur Monroe .... 284 McWhorter, Cleo Warren . . 94, 459 McWhorter, Robert Dean 490 Meacham, Billie Oliver 134 Meacham, William Charles . . . 134 Mead, David Ernest . 134, 336, 515 Meador, Franklin Dawson . 134, 323 Meador, Garrett 350, 486 Meadows, David Elmer 134 Meadows, D. Eleanor 117 Meadows, Joe Norman . . . 153, 339 Meadows, Lisa Jester .... 153, 450 Mecham, John Lloyd 46, 299 Mechanical Engineering 57 Mechura, Sandra Mary . . . 235, 445 Mechura, Wilbert John 475 Meek, David Hutchison . . . 153, 482 Medairy, Grace Ellen 283 Medellin, Guadalupe 176 Medina-Lopez, Zoila Alejandro .385 Medinilla, John Gilbert 210 Medley, Evelyn Anne .... 153, 448 Meek, Mary Louise 153, 405 Meek, William J 94 Meeks, Mary Elizabeth 153 Meharg, Louis Scott 134 Meier, Don Keith 153,328,412,518 Melin, Jane Alyce 425 Mellenbruch, Julia Ida K 52 Mellon, Edward Knox 59 Melton, Ellis Owen, Jr 117 Melton, Walter Curry .... 300, 402 Melvin, Edmund Waller ..334,418 Melvin, William Waller ..306,418 Memorial Stadium 18 Mendeke, August 324 Mendel, Eddie Herbert 94 Mendez, Raymond, Jr 153, 322 Mendlovitz, Milton Allen 497 Mengden, Walter Henry 469 Mengel, Robert Arthur 355 Mensch, Walter Howard 505 Men ' s Independent Campus Association 404 Mentzner, Karlheinz Erich Kurt 70,94,251 Menzies, Iva Marie 153 Mequet, June Alice 283 Meredith, Daniel Thomas 516 Meredith, William Card 108, 322, 499 Meredith, William Thomas .... 134 Merwether, George Baylor III.. 117, 389 Merlo, Mary Ann 380 Merritt, Charles Morgan ...94,311, 316, 479, 584 Merritt, Amelia May .117,409,427 Merritt, Frances L 52 Merson, Maureen Harriet . . 237, 443 Messina, Mario Leo 153 Meterology 57 Metzger, David 466 Mewhinney, Richard Len 487 Meyer, Daniel Brennon 507 Meyer, Eleanor 94, 401, 441 Meyer, Gary Hugh . . .228, 229, 231 Meyer, George Baker, III 134, 358, 493 Meyer, Herman Carroll 153 Meyer, Jo Caldwell ... 42, 307, 438 Meyer, John Kampmann 134, 360, 507 Meyer. Judith Aline 411,429 Meyer, Lu Beth 153, 413 Meyers, Frances Jean .... 153, 283 Meyers, Frederic 44 Meza, Fernando Pablo . . . 287, 389 Mezayek, Mohamad Sadeq ....391 Mezei, Jorge E 295 Mezes Hall 12 MICA 404 Micek, Eduard 48, 398 Michalopulos, Michael William 153 Michael, Wolfgang F 45 Michel, Nancy Carter . 134, 237, 401 Michell, Forrest R 305 Michelson, Samylu Mark .413,429 Michie, David Doss 153, 500 Michie, Jarvis Dale . . 94, 287, 306, 334,389,417 Michols, Ann H 424 Michulka, Louis James .... 117, 475 Mick, Mildred Ann 153 Middlebrook, McCarter . . . 153, 478 Middleman, Irving Herbert . . . .513 Middleton, Alice Jean 134, 366, 409 Midleton, Carolyn . . . 134, 262, 455 Middleton, Vemon David 153 Midkiff, Frank Morris 304 Midyette, Cynthia Millard 117 Name Pages Miears, Louise Marie . ..94,401 Mielke, Stanley Myles 134,322 Miers, Alice Anne ...117,182,395 Miers, Bruce Timothy 134 Mighell, Donald Ray 117, 489 Mighell, Kenneth John 250, 315, 489 Mike Flynn Award 587 Mikeska, Frank J 134, 358 Miks, Bobby Joe 3, 117, 272 Milam, Jack 153 Milan, Jerry Benny 232, 398 Milbum, Braxton 49 Miles, Arthur Lee 72, 262 Miles, Bradley Carson .... 117, 493 Miles, James Smith 507 Milgram, Abraham Samuel .... 295 Militzer, Donn Noel 518 Millan, Aristides 388 Millar, James Robert 210, 295 Millar, Judith Anne 153 Miller, Almadan Danee 134, 275, 446 Miller, Barbara Lee 134, 174, 310, 459 Miller, Barbara Lynn 425 Miller, Barry Robert 341,505 Miller, Bert . 371 Miller, Bill 134 Miller, Bobby jack 320, 412 . Searcy Miller, C. A. arcy . . .153,464 Miller, Clara Jane ....94,171,310 Miller, Dale Ellis 483 Miller, David Louis 47 Miller, Dee Deane 117 Miller, Don K 187 Miller, Gaylord Monroe 408 Miller, Ida 266, 449 Miller, James William 491 Miller, Jane Marie . . . . 94, 413, 437 Miller, Joanne 448 Miller, John Gordon 390 Miller, Judd, Jr 94, 312, 315, 349, 378, 489 Miller, Kacey Raeburn 294 Miller, Kennard Dwain . . . 94, 288 Miller, Lester Albert, Jr. . . 134, 321, 412,466 Miller, Louis Dayne 153, 354 Miller, Luther Berry 134 Miller, Marilyn Jeanine ...117,182 Miller, Mary Margaret ...117,313, 314, 397, 411, 422, 449, 576 Miller, Max Karlson 117, 335 Miller, Meda Margaret 275, 283, 431 Miller, Nancy Ann ... 117, 236, 459 Miller, Norma Sterling 459 Miller, Othniel Orrick 117 Miller, Reta Ellen 94, 395 Miller, Richard Bryan .... 359, 483 Miller, Sam Garland 153 Miller, Sara Louise . . 153, 236, 440 Miller, Shirley Anne 437 Miller, Thomas Eugene 291 Miller, Velma Margaret ..117,182 Miller, Wiley Lynn 339 Miller, Mrs. William Kay 294 Millett, Walter Elmer 47 Millican, Carol Jean ..94,393,453 Millican, David Andrew . . 153, 484 Millican, Ruth Gausman ...46,401 Milligan, Lowell Robert 322 Milligan, Sam H 296 Milligan, Wesley Forrest ..94,404 Millikan, Patsy Sue 117,235, 236,314,416,422,435 Million, Louis Noble 210, 211, 376, 387 Mills, George Wilson, Jr. ..94,288 Mills, Neal Owen 333 Mills, Norma Lee 94,275,453 Mills, Warner E., Jr 46, 299 Mills, William George, Jr 478 Milton, Margaret Reed 401 Minis, Jonnie Elise 182, 294 Mims, Robert Elton ..153,295,418 Minahan, James Leo, Jr 94 Minahan, Mary Elizabeth 153, 401,424 Minear, Ralph Edward, Jr 117 Mingus, Odis Simpson, Jr 480 Minner, Ronald Joseph . . . 153, 350 Minot, George Marshall . . . 337, 467 Minter, Earl Allen 117, 394 Minter, Dr. Merton 34 Minter, Vance Cecil 134,320, 412, 483 Minton, Goodridge Venable Morton 312, 358, 493 Minton, Hubert Lee, Jr 94 Minton, Joe Edd 177 Minton, Mary Ann 153, 450 Miron, Marilyn Sandra 442 Mistrot, Florence Albertine .... 154 Mitakidis, Andrea 72, 251, 420 Mitchell, Betty Ann 134 Mitchell, Donald Edward 519 Mitchell, Doris Dillard 448 Mitchell, Forrest Richard . 306, 388 Mitchell, Glenda Lee 175, 182 Mitchell, Grace 171 Mitchell, Harry Lawrence, III . 134, 321,412 Mitchell, Iris Luverne .... 273, 439 Mitchell, James Charles 117, 387, 485 Mitchell, Jerry Jo 94, 459 Mitchell, John Howard 94 Mitchell, Margaret Anne .. 134, 401 Mitchell, Sandra Bernice ..94,182, 274, 275, 307 Mitchell, Vaughan H 117 Mitchell. Virginia Reeves ..117,424 Miteff, Meto 94, 327 Mitelman, Shelton 463 Mittanck, Richard Bruce . . 154, 474 Mize, Eddie Lee 154, 500 Name Poget Moberly, Charles Royce 134, 355, 503 Mobley, Dewey Herman 154, 354. 402 Mobley, Suzanne 117, 449 Modlin, Robert Stanley 117 Moehle, Thelma Ann 154 Moehlman, Arthur H 53 Moehlman, Karen 154 Moers, George William, Jr. 154, 508 Moffett. Frank Sims 154 Moffett, Milton Franklin, Jr. . . 154 Moffett, Molly Jean 265 Moffit, Alexander 36 Moffit. Ann Stuart 154, 424 Moffitt, Franklin Glenn, Jr 134 Moffitt, Jerry Frank . . 306, 387, 507 Mogford, Meta Louise . . . 134, 234, 235, 236, 238, 243, 445 Mohle, Charlie Emil 134, 355 Mohler, Duncan Claude ..117,289 Mohr, Paul Covey 94,187, 212,315,477 Mohr, Ronald 249 Mohun, Richard Allen 230 Molina, Josue G 388 Molina, Ricardo Joel ... . . 388 Moll, James William 58, 377 Molpus, Mary Ann 94, 284, 395, 397, 422, 431 Monasterio, Juan M. O., Jr. 282, 586 Moncrief, Charles Ray 389 ' ' : 452 Anice 94 Rose 117,303,427 Monroe, Phoebe Kay 437 Monsalvo, Henry Cervantes .... 154 Montalbo, Carmen Georgina . . 154, 446 Montemayor, Ruben 134, 384 Monies, Fernando 117 Montfort, Mary Frances 117 Montgomery, Billy Clen ..117,586 Montgomery, Charles Harold . . 134 Montgomery, Ernest Loyd 284 Montgomery, Helen Sandra ...117, 394, 407 Montgomery, Reuben . 154, 232, 254 Montgomery, Robert 227 Montgomery, Robert Hargrove . 44, 299 Montgomery, Robert Joseph, Jr. 117, 280 Montgomery, William Childress, Jr 134, 478 Montiel, Dael Jose 117 Moody, Dorothy 271 Moody, Minnie Marie 405 Moody, Nancy Paxton .... 299, 455 Moody, Robert Scott 154 Moody, Teddy 314, 416, 455, 558, 559 Moon, Howard Dean 94, 187, 316,465 Moon, John Beverly 519 Mooney, Cecilia Martha 235 Mooney, Jean 307 Mooney, John Albert 134 Mooney, John Harry, Jr 387 Moore, Anita Frances ....241,454 Moore, Betty Jeanne 440 Moore, Billy Tom 134 Moore, Carolyn Ruth ....117,449 Moore, Charles Thomas 94, 415, 519 Moore, Charlotte Muriel 182, 237, 297 Moore, Cynthia Louise 117,394,405 Moore, David Yeary 134, 464 Moore, Frederick Boggs . . . 134, 519 Moore, Harry Estill 48, 304 Moore, Henry Clay, Jr. 94,311,394 s Murray 134 s Steele 480 Scott 454 Moore, Kenneth Alan 117,284,289 Moore, Laura Helen 438 Moore, Lewis Richard 507 Moore, Lowell Howard 154 Moore, Madeline Roberta 314, 370, 416,449,558,559,570 Moore, Marilyn Brown 405 Moore, Mary Jane 449 Moore, Monte Gerald .... 154, 510 Moore, Otha Lee, Jr. . 134, 275, 461 Moore, Raymond Conway . 154, 492 Moore, Richard William 94 Moore, Richard Lewis 134 Moore, Richard Vemon ...423,515 Moore, Roy Houston 154 Moore, Sallie Beth .... 46, 298, 401 Moore, Samuel James, Jr. . 108, 507 Moore, Sandra Lee 154, 436 Moore, Shirley Joan ..117,395,459 Moore, Sidney Aileen 134, 392, 436 Moore, Walter Leon 55, 287, 306, 389 Moore, William Richard 586 Moore, Thurman Udell 134 Moran, Sidney Stuart . 72, 305, 463 More, Caroline 49 More, Edith Skene 117,235. 422, 437 Moreland, Madge Evelyn ..117,448 Moreland, Malcolm Evans 322 Morelock, John Bettis 519 Morels, Frank J 586 Moreno, Ernesto, Jr 176, 384 Moreno, Joseph R 60, 301 Morgan, Ann Stuart 134, 262, 370, 400, 438 Morgan, Carl William .55,287,389 Morgan, Charles Rice, Jr. .415,501 Morgan, Cora Louise .241,242,407 Morgan, Daniel Croxton, Jr. ... 72, 260, 262, 285, 315, 322 Name Pages Morgan, Hubert Augustus, Jr. . 134, 335, 515 Morgan. Leon 44 Morgan, Maria Anne 455 Morgan, Mary 292 Morgan, Mary Alice 299 Morgan, Pat Herman . 154, 254, 472 Morgan, Robert C. . . 179, 247, 288 Morgan, Vernon Edward 134 Morin, Robert Edgar 47 Moriarty, Morton Winston .... 506 Moritz, Bradford Wayne 134 Morley, John William, Jr. .154,492 Morman, Jackie Ann 94, 182 Morris, Ann 459 Morris, Annette 134, 174, 262, 310, 392, 401, 451, 558, 559 Morris, Charles Brady 73, 305 Morris, Charles Hilton, Jr 117 Morris, Clifton Howington .... 250, 284, 483 Morris, Donald Eugene 389 Morris, Edmund Taylor, Jr. ...491 Morris, Fanna Lou 117,440 Morris, Hunter Mason 334 Morris, Jerry Lamar 134, 355, 378, 379 Morris, Jo Alice 449 Morris, Mary Ann 134, 182 Morris, Mary Lynn 154 Morris, Margaret 303,416,454 Morris, Ruth Carroll 172, 262, 310, 314, 409, 459 Morris, Sandra Lee 154 Morris, Victor Lee 117, 511 Morris, Walter Duff 503 Morris, William Weaks ..117,274, 295, 304, 315. 423, 477, 577 Morrison, Charles Francis 276 Morrison, Dan Kelton ....134,321, 412,470 Morrison, Don Robert .... 134, 514 Morrison, Douglas Earnest .... 474 Morrison, Jack Sidney 94 Morrison, Keith E 63, 508 Morrison, Lucian Leeds 480 Morrison, Robert Lacey 95 Morrison, Shirley Jean ...182,239, 397, 424 Morrison, William Freeman ...291, 378, 379 Morriss, Polly Anne 171, 310 Morrison, Clovis Clyde, Jr. ...117, 266,267,511 Morrow, Margie Sue 459 Morrow, Marie Betzner 43 Morrow, Patricia Ann 154, 262, 440 Morrow, Ross Edward . . . 134, 180 Morrow, Timothy Nagle 312, 351, 390 Morse, Janet 240, 242 Mortar Board 313 Morton, Buck Arthur 387 Moseley, Patricia Gayle 439 Moser, Jeanette 117 Moser, Marilyn Ruth 134, 395 Moser, Thomas Robert 95, 280 Moss, James Donald 154, 498 Moss, Jane Alexander . . . .134, 172, 283, 310, 314, 409, 458 Moss, Philemon Peter 469 Moss, Stanley 493 Mossberg, Kenneth Edwin 226 Mosteller, Morris David 134 Motheral, Richard Bruce 481 Motheral, Robert 480 Mothershead, Bouldin S 284 Mothershead, John Gates 364. 371, 407 Mower, Lowell Kendall, Jr 477 Mowery, Susan 134, 314, 373 377,409,416,434 Moxon, Barbara E 431 Moya, Simon Vasques 181 Moye, Glenn Edward 117,378,379, Moyer, George Weldon, Jr. 323, 476 Moyer, Vance Edwards 57 Moyers, Sue Ann 437 Mozley, Loren N 58 Muehlberger, William R 45 Mueller, Calvin 390 Mueller, Charles Paul, Jr. .117,507 Mueller, Edgar Raymond 282 Mueller, Joan Yvonne 117 Mueller, Martha Lee 376, 426 Mueller, Perry, Jr. 95, 291, 378, 379 Mueller, Ray 95 Mueller, Rudy Rinehart . . . 95, 300, 306, 390 Mueller, Sandra Frances 154, 273, 436 Mueller, Walter Felix 360 Mueller, WiUiam Charles . . . 387 Mugford, Louise Bell 154, 436 Mugno, Marjorie Jane 117,275,376 Muirhead, Joe William . . . 134, 484 Muirhead, Sudie Pearl 48 Mulcahy, Edward Lee ...134,311, 358, 390 Muller, Alan E 508 Muller, Bruce Edward . . . 154, 273, 311,354,378,379 Muller, Juanita Jean 154, 394 Muller, Robert Franklin ... . . 359 Mullikin, Bill Raymond 154, 289, 359 Mullin, James 95, 299, 399, 406, 410 Mullins, Dorothy Gwenda 95, 377, 380 Mulroy, George Alan 117,177,339 Mulroy, John Frederick ...95,177 Mumma, Edwin 51 Munden, Carolyn 154, 458 Mungan, Necemettin . 180, 262, 420 Name Pages Munn. Robert John, Jr 117, 388, 467 Mu Phi Epsilon 292 Mulvaney, William Finley .... 470 Murad, Ralph Tonias 387 Muroff, Norma Doris .134,422,443 Murphey, John Alvin, Jr 181 Murphey, Joyce 134, 440 Murphy, Bruce Potts 359 Murphy, Gerald Lawrence .... 134 Murphy, James Charles 492 Murphy, Jimmie Harold 135, 321,412 Murphy, John Neil 320, 389, 412, 417, 507 Murphy, Leo 390 Murphy, Marian Brown 297, 314,449 Murphy, Patricia Jean .... 154, 405 Murphy, Robert 371 Murphy, Rev. Robert J., C.S.P. 369 Murray, David Meason 501 Murray, Emory Paul 351,468 Murray, James, Jr 388 Murray, John C 412 Murray, Harold Rice 340, 378, 379 Murray, Robert Arthur 95, 475 Murray, Thomas 248 Murray, William Otis 475 Murrell, Barbara Joan 285 Murrie, Daniel Gregg 135 Musch, John Edward . 300, 306, 390 Musgrave, Audie Clifton, Jr. ..154, 229 Musgrave, Wayne Lewis . . 154, 359 Music Building 20 Music Building (Interior) 24 Musick, Charles Richard 154 Musick, Helen Haynes 95, 395 Musil, Ettie 398 Musil, Leon 418 Musslewhite, Bobby Joe 177 Musselwhie, Jack Robert 481 Mutscher, Gus Franklin . . . 327, 367 Myatt, Mary True 154, 446 Myers, Carroll D., Jr. 118,423,515 Myers, George Earnest . . . 154, 231 Myers, George Matthew 175, 177, 388 Myers, Jayne Irene 154, 429 Myers, Jack 49 Myers, Jayne 154 Myers, J. B 311 Myers, Milford Mitchell . . . 135, 463 Myers, Tom Carter 177 Myrick, Jo Ann 154, 430 N Naegelin, Gene Lewis . . . 302, 359 Nagle, Frank Taylor . 135, 248, 477 Nagle, Fred Stephen ..40,135,251, 315,337,477 Naismith, Frances Abb 95, 286, 441 Nail, Garry Lynn 154 Nails, Glenn Moms 135 Nance, Mary Joan 135, 436 Nance, Robert Lewis 135, 321, 412 Nance, Shirley Gay 154 Nash, Bettie Dave 405 Nass, Frank Myron 280 Nass, Harry Anthony 495 Nass, Walter Pool 385 Nathan, Howard Gerald .... 95, 505 Nathan, Jerome Jacob 266,311,496 Nathan, Robert A 350 Nathan, Robert William 154 Nations, Swanzy B 118, 289 Naumann, Carlos Landon . 154, 354 Naumann, Roy Lewis 135 Naylor, Lewis Nathan ....118,406 Neal, Arthur Burnett 135 Neal, Joe Lee ...46,210,211,508 Neal, Joe West 299,391,420 Neal, Oena Elysce 401 Neal, Ruth Annette 432 Neale, Sara Ellen (Sallie) 95, 401,455 Neason, Dorothy Joann . . . .95,451 Nebgen, Andrew P 402 Nedd, William Gordon .... 135, 464 Needham, Shirley Jo . 135, 393, 447 Neelley, James N 49 Neelor, Elizabeth 393 Neely, Jack Mayes 285 Neely, Jeff Monroe, Jr. ...95,348, 354, 491 Neff, Travis Burt 460 Neighbors, Don Jackson 187, 21 9,221 Neill, Nancy 240, 242, 397, 441 Neilson, Elizabeth 266 Neily, Jane Hardin 451 Nelms, Jerry Lynn 467 Nelson, Don Thomas .... 304, 364 Nelson, Eastin 44 Nelson, Eugene W 50 Nelson, Frank Marshall . . . 154, 460 Nelson, I. 1 52 Nelson, Jerry 405 Nelson, Marvin Iver 390 Nelson, Philip A., Jr. . .95, 187, 302, 312,316,350,354,481 Nelson, Robert Chinn 154, 226. 340, 506 Nelson, Shirley Ann 135, 262, 283, 392, 416, 437 Nelson, Strauder Goff, Jr. . 135, 467 Nelson, Tharon 135, 395, 431 Nelson, Thomas Edward, Jr. . . 135, 395, 467 Nelson, Verbie Bess 292 Nelson, Walter Thomas 507 NenDlovitz, Milton Allen 497 Nesbitt, Earl Johnson, Jr 509 Nesbitt, Wayne E 299 Name Pages Nesmith, Herbert McRae 514 Nespo, Francis Eugene .... 95, 284 Ness, Eugene Earl 282 Nettles, Frances Ruth 154, 236, 452 Neuenschwander, Donald Wayne 511 Neuhaus, Vernon Frank 323 Neumann, Bruce Arlen .... 337, 481 Neumann, Marilyn Grace 154 Neville, Baird Markham . . 154, 480 Neville, William Rust, Jr. .60,301 Newberry, Camille . . 135, 235, 240, 243, 262, 314, 451 Newberry, Carole .... 95, 235, 238, 240, 241, 243, 298, 407, 451 Newberry, Morris 359 Newbrough, Danny Earl 498 Newby, Christine Helen 436 Newcombe, Susan Jeanne . 154, 283, 393, 446 Newell, Whipple Spaulding, Jr. 154, 232, 340, 486 Newhous, Vernon Frank 506 Newland, Dorothy Caroline .... 440 Newlove, George Hillis 50, 284, 285 Newman, Bobby Austin 135, 311,355 Newman Club 369 Newman Hall 173 Newman, H. W 311 Newman, Katherine Delay ....451 Newsom, Mack L 118, 477 Newson, Herman 52 Newton, Ailsa Craig (Scottie) .454 Newton, Mrs. C. E 520 Newton, Janet 54, 436 Newton, William Roland 387 Neyland, James Owen . . . .320,412 Neyland, Vera Joy 154 Nichol, Helen Ann 275 Nichol, Nancy Ann ..135,275,459 Nicholl, Ann Gardner 283,292,449 Nichols, Charles Martin 154 Nichols, Jimmy Louis ....118,296, 376, 418 Nichols, Larry Dee 181,311 Nichols, Marcia Sara 451 Nicholson, Jane Ellen 135,459 Nicholson, Louis R 493 Nickle, Keith F 3,95,311 Niebuhr, James Robert 154 Nielsen, Elizabeth Ann 372, 400, 406 Nieman, Pauline Rex ....135,445 Niethamer, Richard Earl ..320,412 Nigh, Barbara Marie ....135,236, 237, 425 Nissen, Thomas Albert 135 Nitat, Prakasvudhisarn 73 Nitishin, Judith Ann 405 Nix, Cecil Anson, Jr 135 Nix, Lellah Onys 294 Nix, Roberto Jorge 327 Noack, Betty Beverly 118 Noak, Arline Erra 154 Noble, Beverly Lynne .... 154, 242 Noble, Jane 154, 446 Noble, Mark Carlyle 95, 282 Noble, Stanley J 323 Nobles, Joe Edward 351, 470 Noel, Edna Darden 135, 459 Nolan, Walter Joseph, Jr. 118,210, 341,510 Noland, Donn Stewart 473 Nolen, Calvin Cleave (Jitter) .265, 290,311,492 Nolen, James Vilas 154, 354 N olle, Alfred W 47 Nolley, Joe Walter 299 Nolley, S. E 503 Nolle, Carl Allen 354 Norberg, Harold William ..178,335 Nordstrand, Carl Herbert 135 Norman, Daniel P 135, 505 Norman, Paulina 154 Norman, William 482 Norris, Elliott Wynn 135 Norris, Pogue 276 Norsworthy, Jeanne 135, 450 Northington, Sarah Lee ...283,437 Norton, Bob Oththo 95 Norwood, Jack Glenn .... 154, 460 Norwood, Robert Edward 282 Norwood, Mildred Jean 154 Nossaman, James M 154, 484 Notestine, John Weir 491 Nourse, William Thomas 503 Notestine, Wilbur Edmund ... .491 Novak, Gloria Bess 154 Novey, Johnny Edward ... 118, 187 Novy, Louis 291 Nowlin, Jay Clark . . . 316, 334, 487 Nowotny, Albert John 354 Nowotny, Arno 36, 234, 290, 295, 299, 311, 316, 419, 492 Nowotny, George Edward, Jr. 95, 294, 305, 477 Nowotny, Lura Duff Elliston 95, 439 Nuhn, Kenneth M 61 Nutt, Georgia Nell . . . . 95, 298, 310 Nutt, Milbum Ellis 489 Nutt, Virginia 154, 450 Nuseibeh, Taju-Ul-Deen A. R. .391 Nusom, Lon L 288 Noyola, Marcelo Patlan 154 o Oakes, Rosalie 370,371 Oak Grove Co-op 179 Oaks, Jerald Lindsay 388 Oates, Betty Nell 154, 426 Gates, Dr. L. S 34 Oates, Stephen Baery 154, 295, 460 Oauna, George 384 O ' Banion, Alton Edward 329 Oberdoef fer, Fritz 59 Oberndorfer, Doris Aileen 430 Name Pages Oberwetter, Suzanne 95, 400, 401,406 Oblgoner, Margaret SaRita ....431 O ' Brien, Maureen Frances . 286, 380 O ' Brien, Michael Hill 340, 503 Ochsenbein, Kenneth R 118 Ochsenbein, Pete 500 O ' Connor, Carl Glover. ...118,387 O ' Connor, Donald Lee 154 O ' Connor, Fred Joseph ..118,243, 312,359,364,390,417,418 O ' Dell, Austin A., Jr 73 O ' Dell, Harold Glen . ..249,388 O ' Dell, Mary Sue ... 135, 182, 401 O ' Dell, Walter Franklin 118 Oden, Charles Sydnor 503 Oden, Nancy Ann 154, 438 Oderbolz, Mrs. Tillie 520 Odom, J. M 38 Odom, Milbum D 289 Odom, Richard Dean ....118,501 O ' Donnell, Cameron 487 O ' Donnell, Larry 154, 482 O ' Donnell, Pat 237, 243 O ' Donnell, Thomas John ..118,227 Oefinger, Josephin (Jo-Jo) 135,454 Oehlke, Alvin E 387 Offenheim, Joseph Norbert . . 70, 73 O ' Gara, Sheila M 64, 240, 440 Ogden, Anthony George 180, 311,360 Ogden, Carole 437 Ogden, Mary Christina . . . 437, 446 Ogle, Charles 288 Oglesbee, John Henry 95 Oglesby, Charles Lucky 358 Oglesby, Madeline 267, 455 O ' Hare, William Griffin 299 Oheim, Donald Howard ..388,491 Ohlen, Gilbert M 387 Ohmstead, Ellis 508 Oldham, Eunice Annette 405 Oldham, Ray B 345 Olds, Gregory Lee 275 Oliphant, Robert Edwin 95 Olivard, Joanne 446 Olivares, Edward Garza ..118,384 Oliver Clarence P 49 Oliver, James Parker .... 135, 262, 358, 500 Oliver, Margaret Ann 154 Oliver, Mary Corine 451 Oliver, Peter Lee 295, 311 Oliver, Raymond Alexander 95 Oliver, Robert Lee 135, 503 Olmstead, Ellis L. 204 Olvera, Richard 135, 384 Olle, Edwin W 290 Olle, Margaret Ann 449 Olsen, Otto C., Jr 282 Olson, George Albert 135, 282, 295, 335, 476 O ' Malley, Francis J 333 Omay, Melih Mehmet 420 O ' Meara, John Patrick " Pat " . . 320, 412 Omicron Nu 293 Onbarqi, Salim Fouad 391 O ' Neal, Janet Catherine . . 154, 436 O ' Neal, Merrill Presley 135, 282 O ' Neal, Vicki Gayle 154, 444 Ong, Margaret 135 Opella, Jerry John 321, 412 Oppenheim, Russell Edward . . .497 Opryshek, John H 154 Orand, Mary David 431 Orange Jackets 314 Orange Wings 360 Oratorical Association 406 Orchard, Becca Jeane ....154,426 Orer, Dundar Saim 73 Oreston, Lyman 232 Orme, Daffan Dewitt 350 Ornish, Lillian Rae 118,262, 275, 443 Orr, Catherine Elizabeth 283 Orr, Cornelius L 322 Orr, Hugh Don 118, 227, 311, 322,385,412 Orr, James Carley 95, 227, 311,312,329 Orr, Margaret Ann 118, 401 Orr, Russell Irving 118, 500 Ortega, Emilio 251 Orton, Gerald Wayne .... 322, 394 Osbom, Charles Robert . . . 135, 403 Osborne, Dee S 511 Osbom, Joe Allen 315, 489 Osbome, John Robert 154 Osborn, Lawrence Eugene .118,385 Osbom, Mary Carolyn 95 Osborn, Patricia Ray 292 Osbome, Sally .-.. 242 O ' Shaughnessy, Vivian Emily . . 154, 432 Osmon, Frank Otho Kurt, Jr. . .499 Oster, Sylvia Simone . 135, 283, 432 O ' Steen, Billy Martin 154 Oster, Sheldon Irving .... 295, 504 Oswalt, Harris G 323, 474 Otey, Charles Richard ....95,180, 306, 387 Otey, John S 324 Otis, Barbara Ann 182, 407 Ott, Granville Emil 321, 412 Ott, Robin Ray 178, 337 Otto, Dillie Margaret 118, 447 Otto, Gordon Henry 328, 412 Otto, Henry J 52 Ousley, Ann 1 18, 243 Outlaw, Carolyn Lynette 135 Outstanding Students 574-579 Ouzts, Dave Miller 135 Overbeck, Ruth Ann . . 135, 372, 430 Overstreet, Milton Phillips 341, 500 . - . .. . - . - . . Name Overton, Frances Fitzhugh Overton, Gaylon Royce . . Overton, Robert Alexander Owen, Austin Virgil, Jr. . Owen, Henry T Owen, Hilda Sue ....96, Owen, Kathleene Jeanette Owen, Owen, Owens, Owens, Owens, Owens, Owens, Ownby Oxley, Martin Frederick . William Edison . . James William 96, John Francis .... luana Ree . . .118 Lela Marie . .118, Thomas Hugh . . . . Mary Ella Bill Birkett . . . 327, Pages . . . .95, 409, 427 348, 362, 491 467 118,311 586 372,401 96, 393, 397 135,475 387 334, 335 385, 389 407, 448 175, 182 289 451 380,514 Pace, Eddie Wayne 135, 479 Pace, Harold Wayne 96, 348 Pace, Mary Sue 135, 441 Packard, Eleanor Ann 438 Padgett, Patricia 436 Padgitt, Lillian Maverick 448 Page, Charles 291 Page, John Marshall, Jr 108, 315, 338, 473 Page, Lewis Gilbert 118 Page, Nancy 448 Pahl, Hank 70 Paine. Louis Burr, Jr 316, 487 Painter, Clarence Melvin 360 Painter, Jack Montgomery 96, 282, 319, 586 Painter, Theophilus S 49, 295 Palinsky, John Adam, Jr. . 155, 360 Palm, Rufus Edmonds 321, 412, 483 Palmer, Bernard Wayne 118, 281,311 Palmer, Lola Kay 96, 303, 394, 422, 447 Palmer, Margaret Ann ...155,426 Palmer, Nancy Lee 96, 441 Palmer, Richard Alan .... 135, 335 Palmer, Thomas Austin ...187,413 Palmer, Wilfred 394 Palmour, Vemon Eugene . 155, 474 Pamsey, Ruth Mary 430 Panhellenic 422 Pannell, William Lester, Jr. ..118, 390 Pape, Galen W., Jr 300 Pape, Kenneth Hugo .... 135, 246, 248, 321, 412, 467 Pardonner, Charles Franklin . . . 494 Parekh, Vijay M 390 Paris, George 371, 372 Park, Dixie Juanita 155, 434 Park, Johnnie Wilburn 155 Parker, Arthur Gerald 284 Parker, Charles Scott 135, 467 Parker, Clara M 298 Parker, David Bascom .... 155, 488 Parke Parke Parke Parke Parke Parke Parke Parke Parke Parke Parke Parke Parke Parke Donald Burns 514 Edwina Kay 450 Eunice 364,371 Gerald Patrick 135, 324 James K 177, 227, 509 Jimmie Choate 324 Kay Edwina 155 Marjorie Davidson . . 49, 458 Patricia Ann . . 155, 416, 458 Ralph K 135, 398 Robert Fulton, Jr 96 Robert Lee . . 135, 350. 390 Stanley Theo 135. 461 William Dorsey, Jr. 96,485 Parkinson. David Paul 187, 326, 394 Parks, Helen Patricia .... 155, 262, 266, 458 Parks, Loman 247 Parks, Martha Jean 96, 459 Parks, Melba Michaelene 182 Parmley, James William 288 Parnell, Kathleen Delores . . 380, 440 Parr, Pamela 284 Parr, Shirley Ann 425 Parrish, Bobbie Jean 155, 283 Parrott, Ernest Alfred 96, 415 Parse, Janet 394 Parse, Melvin Willard 394 Parsons, Jack D 295 Parsons, Sue 155, 434 Parsons, Sylvester Daniel, Jr. . . 360 Partain, Jackie Gene 73 Parton, Loyd A 118 Paschal, Norma Joan 135,401,439 Paschetag, Carl 519 Paslay, Robert Hull ..96,311,461 Passwaters, Peggy Jean 303 Pate, Andrew Lidden, Jr 484 Pate, Leta Ann 118,262,447 Paternostro, Samuel Burton 135, 464 PatUlo, Sherma Lee 416 Patrenella, Luke Leon 274, 304 Patrick, Allyn Smith 135, 481 Patrick, Ann Ruth 118, 275, 397, 409, 431 Patrick, Nelson G 296 Patrick, Patricia Ann .... 155, 426 Patten, Carolyn Lucille . . . 239, 427 Patterson, Caleb Perry 46, 299, 490 Patterson, Edward James 108 Patterson, Jimmy Mac . . . 135, 474 Pat terson, John P : . . 59 Patterson, John T 49 Patterson, Melvin Ray (Pat) ..118, 187,210,211,407 Patterson, Nancy Sue 96, 433 Patterson, Virginia C 298 Patterson, Woodrow W 63 Patteson, Robert Wilkerson, Jr. 487 Name Pages Pattillo, Peggy Anne 118, 455 Pattillo, Sherma Lee 450 Patton, Boyd Alvin 118, 388 Patton, Donald L 210 Patton, Martha Ann 118, 422, 441,559 Patton, Murray Spence 280 Patton, William Orland, Jr. 96, 489 Paty. Charles Robert . 135, 244, 509 Paty, William Ralph, Jr 509 Parzke, Kathryn 155 Paul, Phillip Sherwood, Jr. 118,311 Pawkett, Patricia Elizabeth 411,455 Pawson, Raymond John 483 Paxson, Simon Mury (Sam) . . . 108, 326, 495 Payn, Norman Hastings, Jr. 135, 282 Payne, B. Iden 58 Payne, Betty Jean 285 Payne, Billie Jo 314 Payne, Dorothy Ann 135, 433 Payne, George Edward 412 Payne, George Euclid, Jr 135, 245, 480 Payne, Pud 122, 203 Payne, Richard Arthur 155 Payne, Robert Maurice, Jr. 135, 489 Payne, Sandra 135 Peabody, Janice Karl 155 Peacock, Harral Young 377 Peacock, Leslie Clark .51,282,586 Peake, Stephen Ross 378, 379 Peale, William F., Jr 96 Pearce, Thomas Ewell .... 118, 390 Pearson, Barbara Ann .... 135, 431 Pearson, John Russell 96 Pearson, Mabel Carolyn ... 155, 426 Pearson, Nancy Jean 426 Pease, Otis A 46 Pease, Ralph Tex ... 135, 380, 482 Peavey, Cynthia Ann 118 Peavy, Blanche Wafer 392, 459 Peavy, Nancy Yvonne . . . 237, 293, 409,441 Peck, Isabelle M 96, 262, 264, 370, 441 Peck, Leigh 53, 298, 307 Peck, Margaret 37, 265 Peck, Robert F. : 53 Peden, Margaret Adelle 459 Pederson, Donald Edward 118,473 Pederson, Lora Lee 62, 446 Pederson, Noel Ned 155 Peebles, Hugh Oscar 407, 479 Peek, Richard H 387 Peevey, June Elizabeth 96, 262, 425 Pegram, Libby Leigh 182 Peiffer, Jack Steven 389 Peikert, William Joseph 118 Pelayo, Emeterio Itiel ....321,412 Pellerin, Wallace Lionel 96, 423, 469 Pena, Eduardo, Jr. . . 155, 329, 474 Pena, Jose, Jr 96 Pena, Rafael 384 Pendergraft, Betty Lou . . . 234, 239, 242, 447 Pendergrass, Ruth 96, 182, 274, 307, 313, 577 Pendleton, Frank Clark 491 Pengenot, Cecilia Marie 416 Pengra, Marshall Hylon 467 Penick, Daniel A 44, 224 Penick, Harvey 226 Penn, Albert 319 Penn, Julia Myrle 155, 283, 416,440 Penn, William Albert 187, 249, 316,319,477 Penney, Wayne Diane 96, 445 Pennington, Benjamin Franklin . 155 Pennock, Donald E 407 Penny, Diane 237 Pennybacker, Robert Ash 389 Peoples, Donna Jean 446 Pepper, Jean Ellen 155, 267, 283, 434 Percy, Ann 242 Perkins, Billy Ray 155 Perkins, Carl Rodney, Jr. . 135, 358 Perkins, Clay Kemper 210 Perkins, Nancy Wallace 392, 393,451 Perkins, Robert Joseph ...118,387 Perki ns, Thomas Harold 73 Perkinson, Doyle Emmett 135. 322, 487 Perlitz, Noel Jeannette (Jean) .454 Perlitz, Patricia Ann .118,242,438 Perlman, Martin 423, 505 Perlstein, Rheta Beth 118, 442 Perry, Boh Glenn 118 Perry, Bobby Wayne .135,262,478 Perry, Dean H 96, 390 Perry, Franklin Howard 334 Perry, Jay Harry 505 Perry, Mary Virginia 155, 458 Perry, Patricia Lou 96, 260. 265,294,313,437,584 Perry, Robert John . . 378, 379, 468 Perry, Sam R 315, 423, 485 Ferryman, John Caswell 466 Person, Vemon E 187 Perussina, Joan 135, 449 Pesek, Mark George 155 Peters, Marshall Bookman 96 Peters, Raymon J 155 Petersen, Gerald Ray 96, 498 Petersen, Mary Goree .... 118, 451 Peterson, Arthur Paul .... 118, 510 Peterson, Edward Dowell ..96,461 Peterson, George Gray .... 96, 485 Peterson, Gerald Ray 407 Peterson, James Eugene 305 Peterson, R. Severin 96, 390 Peterson, Robert Dupree, Jr. .481 Peterson, Sandra Joan 432 Name Pages Peterson, Thomas Hill ...262,481 Peterson, Waldine Ann (Punkin) 323,401,425.558 Petroleum Engineering 57 Petrus, George, Jr 179, 247, 249, 250 Petrus, Joseph Anthony . . 135, 243 Petrusek, Doris Ann 118 Pettigrew, John P 155 Pettis, Janet Louise 155 Pettus, Beryl Erwin 299 Pettway, Patricia Ann . . . 437, 558, 559, 567. 572 Petty, Cora Lee 135, 266, 435 Petty, James Robert 155 Petty, Margaret Texanna 285 Peveto, Carl Alton 118 Pew, Jack Glenn 489 Peyton, Dorothy Juanice 155 Pfau, James Robertson ..118,219, 221, 223, 243, 324, 467 Pfeifer, Robert Dean 155, 360 Pfeiffer, David 477 Pfeiffer, Jesse Anton, Jr. . .96, 179, 245, 247, 389 Pfluger, Nancy Hortense . . 155, 237, 416, 440 Pfluger, Robert Douglas ... 96, 387 Phair, Bradley Clyde, Jr 467 Pharmacy Blag 14 Pharmacy Faculty 60 Pharr, Clyde 44 Pharr, Mrs. Clyde 44 Pharr, Helen Jane 437 Phelps, Austin 49 Phelps, Martha Louise ..118,261, 314, 422, 437 Phi Beta Kappa 294 Phi Delta Theta 486, 487 Phi Eta Sigma 295 Phi Gamma Delta 488, 489 Phi Kappa Psi 490, 491 Phi Kappa Sigma 492, 493 Phi Kappa Tau 494, 495 Phi Mu 452,453 Phi Mu Alpha 296 Phi Sigma Delta 496, 497 Phi Sigma Kappa 498, 499 Phillips, Alberta Ruth 135, 430 Phillips, Bahn A 412 Phillips, Billy Gene 378, 379 Phillips, Dr. C. M 40 Phillips, Daniel Maurice 341 Phillips, James Paul 355 Phillips, Jay A 284 Phillips, John Edgar 231 Phillips, Lindsay Flynt ...335,404 Phillips, Phyllis Ann 118,235, 409,451 Phillips, Pozelle 286, 364 Phillips, Sandra Ann . 155, 266, 438 Phillips, Walter Irving, Jr. ... 155, 387, 480 Philyaw, Larry Eugene 73 Phi Mu 452, 453 Phi Mu Alpha 296 Phipps, Andrew Jackson, Jr. ... 506 Phipps, Stanley Crump . . . 355, 388 Phi Sigma Alpha 299 Phi Sigma Delta 496, 497 Phi Sigma Kappa 498,499 Phy, Paul William 464 Physics Bldg. (Interior) 24 Physics Bldg 16 Physical Education Majors .... 407 Physical Training Faculty 64 Pi Beta Phi 454, 455 Pichinson, Donald Jay ... .341, 501 Pickens, Franklin Ace ....155,341 Pickler, Patricia Elaine .... 135, 395 Pi Delta Phi 297 Pidgeon, Barry Erwin .... 135, 463 Piedrahita, Athena B 299 Piehl, Jack Holden 288 Pieper, Clifton Howard . . . 385, 495 Pieper, John William 339 Pieper, William Turner 73 Pierce, Allen John 135, 339 Pierce, Brian Thomas 155, 359, 492 Pierce, Charles Currey v 483 Pierce, David Elbert 135 Pierce, Jay Terry 118, 477 Pierce, Sally Ann 135, 283, 395 Piercy, Evelyne 172, 310 Pierson, James D 187 Pierson, Pat Home 293 Pietrantonio, Bettina Philamena 155, 401, 430 Pietzsch, Evelyn Frances . . 155, 438 Pigenot, Cecillia Marie 405 Pi Kappa Alpha 500,501 Pike, Bruce Parker 96, 473 Pi Lambda Theta 298 Pilcik, Edward James 135, 474 Piles. James Paul . . . 142, 155, 498 Pingenot, Cecilia 182 Pinkner, Joe Charles 155, 502 Pinkney, Patti Lynn 155 Pinkston, Fitzhugh Lee 473 Pinkston, Sidney Earnest, Jr. . . 282 Pinson, joe Allen 118 Pinson, Kenneth Morrow ..108,311, 312, 316, 348, 362, 372, 584 Pinto, Carlos Enrigue ....118,390 Pi Omega Pi 408 Piper, Barbara LaVelle 135, 422. 445 Pipes, William Gerald 280 Pi Sigma Alpha 299 Pisk, Paul Amadeus 59, 296 Pistor, Walter Brown .... 155, 267, 311,329,354,361,498 Pi Tau Sigma 300 Pitluk, Jack N 280 Pitman, James Stuart 305 Pitner, Dan Keith . . . 204, 230, 359 Pittell, Marilyn Ann . . 136, 262, 443 Name Pages Pittman, Bill C 118 Pittman, John P 387 Pitts. Eddy 232 Pitts, H. K 311 Pitts, Walter Edward, Jr. . 155, 329 Piwetz, Shirley Ann 155, 394 Planto, Robert Yale 462 Plantowsky, Jerome Nathan . . . 462 Plass, Harold J., Jr 56, 306 Plaster. Walton Burgess 481 Pledger, James Thompson, Jr. .311, 340 Plemons, Frank Lafayette ....115, 282, 469 Plindexter, Barbara Ann 155 Plummer, Lou Anne 115,427 Plummer, Nina Ruth 155 Plummer, Olivia G 401 Plummer, William Lee, Jr. 73, 175. 180,311,316 Plunkett, Janis Lynn .118,395,441 Plyler, Royce 73 Poborsky, Ann Merle 155, 442 Point, David Lee 118 Point, Philip Alan 97, 376 Pojman, Ruth Ann 435 Polakow, Stephanie 182 Polansky, Louis Joe 398 Polasek, Theo Louis 97, 179, 305, 306, 388, 417 Polhill, Augustus Jones, III 155, 354 Polk, Travis Ray 228 Polka, Edward Allen 136, 499 Pollak, Robert E 287 Pollard, Cecil V 45 Pollard, James J. . 54, 287, 306, 482 Pollard, Katherine Virginia .... 155, 401, 424 Poison, Jack Dale 351, 402 Polter, Daniel Earl 372, 418 Pomerantz, Donald Irving . 340, 504 Pond, Joan Mary 97, 394 Pontius, Paul Elmer 118, 282 Pool, Dorothy Marie 136 Pool, William Harmon, Jr. 118,491 Poole, William Clark 358 Popat, Pranjivan Velji 262 Pope, Floyd Eugene 136, 516 Pope, James Bland 341, 477 Pope, James Hart 26, 302, 333, 335 Pope, Louise M 60 Pope, Marilyn 439 Porter, Fred Thomas .321,412,485 Porter, Jenny Lind ; 286 Porter, Jerry C 97 Porter, Patricia 393 Porter, Suzanne 155, 436 Posey, Celia Austin 436 Posey, Josephine Gayle 437 Posey, Patsy LaRue 136 Post, Yvonne Clyde 155, 434 Potter, Charles F., Jr 509 Potter, Sheldon Gary, Jr 491 Potter, William Richard ... 97, 499 Potts, Barbara Ann 298 Potts, Johnny Mack ..320,388,412 Pound, Larry Marshall 492 Pounds, Kenneth 142 Powell, Billy Paul 316 Powell, Delia Lucille Ban-on . .294 Powell, Edward Graham 155 Powell, James Thomas, Jr. 337, 461 Powell, Jay Frank ... 118, 358, 473 Powell, J. Steve 175, 177 Powell, juanola Bess 155 Powell, Le Jaun 155 Powell, Martha 118, 303, 313,314,411,439 Powell, Mildred Roberta 444 Powell, Peggy Jean 136 Powell, Sonia Yvonne ...118,401, 409, 425 Powell, Victor Boone ..97,415,515 Power, Harry Harrison .... 57, 306 Power, Patrick Henry 469 Power, William Holloway 518 Powers, Irene T 171, 310 Powers, Jack Lee 282 Powers, Oscar S 26 Powers, Kay 155, 458 Powers, Paul W 40 Powers, Paula Wanda 136, 283, 451 Powers, William Holloway .... 136 Pozzi, Anthony Leon 306 Prakisvndhisarn, Nitat 390 Prasatik, Virinia Rae 398, 432 Prater, Harold Glen 97 Prather, Charles Lee 51, 282, 285, 586 Prather, Edna Joan 155 Prather, John George 341 Prathipasen, Sarayudh 73 Pratt, Gerald Blount 97, 366 Pratt, Robert Allen 479 Preis, Patricia Evelyn 155, 283. 448 Preis, Rex 280 Preiss, Elwood J 97, 264, 311, 316, 319, 325, 577, 587 Prendergast, Robert Lewis . 155, 335 Prenz, R. E 248 Prescott, Charlie Thomas 388 Presley, James W 73 Pressler, Herman Paul, III .... 108 Pressler, Townes Garrett . . 136, 467 Pressly, Thomas Alexander 509 Pressman, Marjorie Ann 411 Presson, Mary Juan 97 Preston, Eleanor 118, 459 Preston, James Montgomery, II 1 15, 359, 376 Preston, Margaret Lee . . . 347, 362, 454, 559, 572 Preston, Richard 254 Prewett, William Adrian 118 Prewit, Jerry Bob ... 118, 187, 219, 221,315,464 Name Pages Prewitt, George Peyton, Jr 281 Fribble, Marinelle 155, 434 Price, Bruch Malone 299 Price, C. Gary, Jr 97 Price, David 460 Price, Edwin Booth 482 Price, Teams! Edith 136, 444 Price, James Edward 325 Price, James Grady 304 Price, Jimmy Dale 180 Price, Maribeth McPherson .... 97 Price, Patrick 118, 459 Price, Perry Lewis 311, 385 Price, Robert H 48, 297 Price, Sandra Van Dyke . 136, 409, 416,458 Price, Ted Lee 155 Price, Tom, Jr. .118,320,412,499 Price. Virginia Lee 155, 448 Price, William Charles .... 155, 329 Prichard, Lucille Conyers 451 Prichard, Kent Malone, Jr 487 Priddy, Rufus Hugh 97 Prideaux, Jerry J 97,312,349 Priest, Shirley Loraine .... 136, 430 Priest, William Carrels, Jr. 320,412 Prim, Patricia 437 Prim, Suzanne 431 Prim, Virgil Monroe 97 Primer, Charles Austin .... 118, 501 Primm, Tom Chase, Jr. ..118,261, 315,327,423,461 Prince. Gladys lona 155 Prince, Sally 437, 559 Pritchard, Virginia Lee 376 Pritchett, Joyce Ann 431 Pritchett, Mary Helen 97, 364 Pritchett, Oscar Dale 73 Procopio, Samuel T 389 Proctor, John Charles .... 226, 355 Proctor, John Lewis 63, 388 Prosser, Jeannine 118, 445 Protas, Pauline 136. 443 Prouse, F. Darlene ..298,307,431 Prouse, Ruth Lorene 118,262,275, 313,372,411,431,584 Provus, Joan Breta 237, 429 Pruet, Carolyn Beth 97, 435 Pruett, James Hamilton 187, 388, 473 Pruitt, Beth Wayne 155, 430 Pruitt, Joann 431 Pryor, Peggy Daniel 136, 445 Pryor, Mrs. Mary 520 Pryor, Phyllis Jean . . 155, 416, 450 Publications 269-278 Puente, Raul N 393 Puff, James Harrison, Jr 502 Pugh, Donald Anderson . . 136, 359 Pugh, James Curtis 468 Pullen, Billie Jo 97 Pullen, Carole Jeanne 136, 409, 419,457 Pullen, Joel Herbert 187, 285 Pullen, Sara Jane 136, 449 Pulliam, Virgil Rozell 136 Pulver, Robert Elliott 276,280,322 Puntenney, Francis Renwick .... 97 Purcell, Amy H 97, 401, 447 Purcell, Gerald Nevett 155, 502 Purcell, John Patrick 275 Purdie, Robert McNair 118 Purdy, William Henry 280 Purifoy, William Rosser 289 Purl, Mary Katherine 438 Purvine, Beverly Ann 97, 286 Puryear, Bobby Clayton 229, 321,412 Putnam, Barbara Aline . . . 155, 438 Putnam, Elizabeth Idaire 136, 283, 405 Putnam. George 315, 481 Pyle, Janell Elizabeth 118 Juebe, Patricia Ruth .... 155, 376 Juerolo, Carol E 136, 241, 242, 273, 314 3uick, Rita Frances 97, 393 Juigley, Thomas Michael 502 .Juiliian , Gwendolyn Geneva . . . 97, 236, 310, 397, 407, 453 Juin, Edward Dixon, Jr. .118,289 Juinn, Billy 187, 326 iuinn, Jill 405,430 Juinn, John Michael, Jr 97, 274, 304 Duinn, Marilyn Sue 381 Juinn, Nancy 238, 241 ,)uintaiii!la, Josue 97 R Rabbat, Walid B 391 Rabke, Raymond Franklin, Jr. .261, 306, 315, 501, 584 Rabon. John Gilbert 358 Rackley, Ramon Robert . . 155, 282, 311,329,414,468 Rackley, Ray Allen 136, 390 Rader. Sgt. First Class Earl T. 318 Rader, Homer John 155, 480 Rader, Martha 237 Radford, Freel 482 Radio Engineers 387 Radio - TV Guild 380 Rae, Medlinda Jane 136, 283 Rafshoon, Gerald Monroe . . . .271, 280, 497 Ragland, Alphonse, III 187 Ragland, Fonse 316, 477 Ragsdale, Myrna Elizabeth .... 433 Hagsdale, Sue 97. 203, 439 Ragsdill, Jack Edward 136,246,311 Name Pages Raif, Kenneth Allen 372 Raimey, Karen . . 136, 262. 273, 456 Rainbolt, Walter K., Jr 136, 337, 476 Rainbow, Henry Ballard . . 155, 273 Railey, Milton James 281 Raines, Morgan Van 291, 321, 378, 379, 412 Rainey, John Crews 97 Rainosek, John Frank 390 Rainoshek, Dennis Wayne .... 155 Rainwater, Walter James 482 Rakoover. Mark H 334, 505 Rakowitz, James Alphonsus . . . 320, 412,468 Ramage, Cecil Hugh . 136, 378, 379 Ramahi, Husni Yusuf 118, 391 Ramby, Patty Vaughan 426 Ramirez, Elia Rita 118,405 Ramirez, Miguel Angel, Jr 97 Ramon, Adolph Ignacio 97 Ramos, Leo 384 Ramos, Sid, Jr 322, 404 Ramsey, Charron 136, 454 Ramsey, Coy C., Jr 378, 379 Ramsey, Don Ray 341 Ramsey, James Richard 328 Ramsey, Milton Harris . . . 155, 181 Ramsey, Ruth Mary ..155,419,559 Ramsey, Thomas H 97, 306 Randerson, Lois Ann 155 Randolph, Lolas Eugene 517 Randolph, Spencer Gordon 155, 175 Randolph, Sterling Parker 155 Ranes, Trent 155, 464 Raney, Dorothy Nell 182 Raney, George Noel 136 Raney, Gene Arnold 136 Raney, Madge Bonham 119 Ranfranz, Sibyl Joyce 119,367,439 Rangel, Marta 182 Ranger 276-277 Rankin, Charles L 119 Rankin, Peggy Beth 156 Rankin, Thomas Edwin 179 Rankine, Wilfred Lee 251,315.483 Ransom, Harry H 38, 42 Ransom, James H 284 Raper, James Arthur .119,495,586 Raper, Jessie Lewis 156 Rapstine, Philip Bernard 136 Rapp, James William 389 Rasco, Gail William 156 Rase, Howard Frederick . . 55, 306 Rash, Robert Roberts 304 Rash, Paul, Jr 97 Rashti, Edward Joseph . . . .311, 513 Rasmussen, Robert Adrian 97, 354, 477 Rasor, Richard Linn 358, 474 Rath. R. John 46 Rathbone, Lucy 46, 293 Rathgeber, Faye 136, 267, 448 Rathjen, Frederick William .... 367 Rathjen, Betty 367 Ratliff, James Edwin 136 Ratliff, John Thomas 119,315, 338, 423, 489 Ratliff, William Roark . . . 156, 488 Rattikin, Glenda 119 Rattikin, William Jackson .... 108, 325, 509 Rauch, Alan Maury 119, 338, 423, 497 Rauhut, James Brent . 287, 306, 389 Raup, William Wagner 299 Ravkind, Barbara Ilaine 156 Ravkind, Sidney Lawrance .... 462 Ravkind, William Morris ..323,463 Rawlins, Mary Jane 438 Rawlins, Roberta Irene 174 Ray, Barbara Rose 119, 240, 275, 409, 427 Ray, Bobby Cleve 98 Ray, Bobby Jean 451 Ray, James Mills 156 Ray, John Herbert 370, 485 Ray, Lloyd Glynn 98 Ray, Norman Wilson 301 Ray, Robert Cleve 282, 376 Ray, W. C 40 Raymer, Denis Anne 433 Raymond, James Maurice . 136, 500 Raynsford, Donald Pierce . 328, 460 Rayzor, Jess Newton 98, 316, 334, 487 Razzetti, Anname Joan 156 Read, Bobby Lionel 119 Read, Farrar Kyle . . . 179, 243, 246 Read, Robert Foil 249 Read, William Theodore . . 98, 334 Reagan, Charles Eugene 136, 324, 480 Reagan Literary Society 409 Reagor, John Raymond 398 Reaney, James Watson .... 26, 465 Reasoner, Denzel Edward . 136, 359 Reasoner, Jack LeRoy 402 Reber, Jane 136, 266, 394 Reckling, Patricia Jane . . . 156, 458 Red, Rebecca Stuart 156 Red, Thomas J. .119,232,248,380 Reddick, Dewitt Carter .... 42, 270, 299,304,308,311 Redding, Anna Louise 119,416,425 Reder, Beverly 242 Redfearn, Maurine Kay . . . 136, 283 Redford, Emmette S 299 Redus, Charles Raymond 354 Reed, Billye Ruth 405,416 Reed, Carroll Lynn 98, 479 Reed, Don " Buck " W. ...119,508 Reed, Edward Eugene 358 Heed, J. H 248 Reed, James Stacy 119 Reed, Lannon Dell 136 Name Pages Heed, Lester J 44 Reed, Madison William ..136,311 Reed, Minnell 156 Reed, William Evard, Jr 119 Reed, William Howard 180 Reed, William Joseph 136, 351 Reeder, Ann Louise 451 Reeder, Cyrus Audrey, Jr 98 Reedy, Gary Don 136, 495 Rees, Forest James 136 Rees, Sondra Jeanne 156,440 Reese, Dona Marie 119,436 Reese, Donald Carroll .... 156, 229 Reese, Donald Gale 119 Reese, Elizabeth Carolyn ..119,405 Reese, Raymond Rudolph 136 Reeves, Ann Taylor 400 Reeves, Benny Pat 98 Reeves, Dwain 402 Reeves, Edward Curtis 228 Reeves, Linda Elaine .98,286,310 Reeves, Marjorie June 303 Reeves, Nancy Dickens ..392,451 Reeves, Samuel Dwain 311,378,379 Refsell, Oliver Morris 299 Regents, Board of 34 Rgaittrar ' l Office (Interior) ....25 Rehfeld, James Wright 119 Rehkemper, Leonard James .... 305 Reichstein, Abe Aaron 98, 463 Reid, Jackson B 53 Reid, James M 478 Reid, Suzanne 371 Reidy, Donna Grace 156 Reifler, Donald 1 98,316,505 Reifler, Don Israel 187 Reifschneider, Barbara Anne . . . 427 Reigle, Harold Theodore ..98,312, 346,361,362,461 Reilly, Harriet Allison 119, 439 Reimers, Don Ray 119, 515 Reinarz, James Allen ..98,281,294 Reinertsen, Christian Edward . . 370 Reinhackel, Carol Ann . . . 136, 445 Reinhard, Erwin A 306 Reinhardt, Martha Ann . . . 136, 262 Reinmuth, Oscar W 44 Reistle, Carl Ernest ..136,321,412 Reiswerg, Sara Ida 136, 457 Reithel, Yvonne Frances ..119,39.5 Reiver, Carolyn Jay 156 Remmert, Joyce Arlene 156 Remschel, Frances Katherine . . 98, 234, 427 Remschel, Nan Via 171, 310 Renfro, Robert Terry 473 Renfro, Tom Bateman 502 Renfroe, Charles Z 98, 187, 219, 221,407 Renfrow, Carolyn Louise ..119,449 Rennert, F. Werner 156, 488 Renouf, Robert Irving 119 Resendes, Ruben 176 Reserve Reading Room (Interior) 25 Reuland, William B 136 Reuter, Mary Dolores 119,262,434 Rewer, Carolyn Jay 405 Reyes, Angel 59 Reyes, Jose, Jr 360 Reyes, Mary Louise 156, 384 Reyes, Robert James ..98,319,471 Reynolds, Alice Joyce ...119,237, 242, 393, 445 Reynolds, Billy Gene ....319,412 Reynolds, Oscar Ashley, Jr 98, 282, 288 Reynolds, Rick Lee 510 Reynolds, Robert Benson 387 Reynolds, Robert Bruce ...119,266 Reynolds, Robert Eugene 119,312, 358, 485 Rhea, Bruce Luna 489 Rheiner, Daniel John 322 Rheubotham, Nancy Grace ...119, 242, 447 Rhinehacle, Carol 243 Rho Chi 301 Rhodes, Kenneth Verne . . .119, 275 Rhodes, Olive Lynn 310,394 Ribakowski, Ida Beverly 156, 380, 399 Ribble, John Keith 73 Richards, Barbara Jewell. . 136, 171, 242, 310, 401, 430 Richards, Howard Newton 119,316, 423, 491 Richards, James Van .... 119, 204, 273, 291, 337. 378, 379, 500 Richards, Katherine Ann 449 Richards, Phyllis 46, 298, 401 Richards, Terry Eugene 389 Richardson, Don Lee . 98, 323, 475 Richardson, Doni Louise 136, 425, 559, 572 Richardson, Eula Faye 136 Richardson, James Ottie . . 187, 491 Richardson, Jo . . 156, 454, 559, 568 Richardson, Myra Eloise ..156,405 Richardson, Monte Alice 156 Richardson, Robert Eugene .... 136 Richardson, Samuel Alexander, Jr 119 Richardson, Swan Edward 119,281 Richbourg, Horace Clinton .... 376 Richey, Charles Irwin 175, 418 Richey, George R 415,517 Richie, Tex Allred 335 Rice, Donn Thomas 285 Rice, Lorene 520 Rice, Otis Thomas 136, 289 Rice, William Eugene 413 Richmond, Brian Keith 136 Richmond, George Merritt . 136, 469 Richter, Walter R 156 Ricketts, Annelle 425 Ricketts, Richard Dugan ..337,491 Name Pages Ricks, Donus 364 Ricks, Lee Edward, Jr. 136, 276, 355 Riddick, Harriet Alice 119,267,273 Ridge, Richard Curran 464 Riese, Robert 232 Rieger, Robert Lewis 98, 261 Riemann, Grace Sue 294, 435 Rienker, Robert M 156 Riestle, Carl Ernest, III 467 Rienstra, Joyce 459 Higgle, Robert Kent 175 Riggs, Tommy Joel 377 Rigney, Jane Tarum 98 Rigsby, Gladys Anne 310 Riley, Fred Whitcomb, Jr 294 Riley, Marilda Ellen 98, 425 Rinehart, Ernest Charles 351 Rios, Raul 98, 384 Ripperger, Eugene A 56 Hippy. James Hargis 340 Risher, June Ella 237, 320, 440 Rising, James Arthur ....156,500 Risley, Mary E 64, 240, 242 Ristoff, Anthony 377 Hitch, Rozanne Gloria 377 Ritchie, David Gavin 510 Ritchie, Henry Gorman 477 Ritchie, Sally . . . 136, 241, 407, 448 Hitter, Jack Francis, Jr. ..98,315, 334, 370, 503 Hitter, Hoxanne Inez 156, 242, 283, 430 Riveire, Mary Lois ..136,416,427 Rivera, Robert James 98 Rivero, Ruben 98, 515 Rives, James Batts, Jr. ...119,311 Rivette, Kerny Antoine 119, 327, 501 Hizo, Ruth Michelle 156 Roach, Eloise 294 Roach, James Robert 46, 262, 299, 490 Roach, Louie Max 119, 519 Roach, Luis 253 Roady, Joe Gentry 248, 358 Roane, Barbara Burnett 451 Roa ne, Raymond Carter ..311,326 Roaten, Darnell 48 Robason, Homer Griffin 324 Robb, Horace Alton 119 Robb, Richard Douglas 136 Bobbins, Clarence Burton 156 Roberdeau, Rita Courtland 267, 455 Roberson, Ginger .... 156, 283, 436 Roberson, Homer Vaughn 466 Roberts, Bennett James 493 Roberts, Catherine Ann 98, 396, 451 Roberts, Catherine Ann 98, 396, 451 Roberts, Charles Sumner 399. 410,468 Roberts, Charles Truman 73 Roberts, Curtis 249 Roberts, Daniel Carl 380 Roberts. Elizabeth Dolly . . 182, 377 Roberts, Everett Allen .... 119, 483 Roberts, Frank Ernest ....320,412 Roberts, Gerald, Jr 354 Roberts, Harvey Eugene 351 Roberts, James Edward 360 Roberts, Jerry Hugh 509 Roberts, Jo Ann 156, 441 .503 156 . ay 235 Roberts, Leslie Adrian 156 Roberts, Neal 437 Roberts, Ross Dean 136, 219 Roberts, Thomas H 156 Roberts, William Esgar 285 Roberts, William Newton 98 Roberts, William Thomas 136 Robertson, Billy Edward ..119,280 Robertson, Bruce Biggs ...281,483 Robertson, Carl Reeves 73 Robertson, Cecil Lee 98, 388 Robertson, David Lyle, Jr. 119,311 Robertson, George S., Jr. . . 179, 388 Robertson, Loyd Gordon . . 136, 499 Robertson, Richard Spotswood . . 98 Robertson, Robert Nelson ....119, 373, 418 Robertson, Roland Rock 483 Robertson, Sterling Clark 491 Robertson, William F 275 Robertson, William W 47 Robinowitz, Sari Maureen 242, 456 Robinson, Bert Kris 324, 518 Robinson, Charles Brontze .... 322 Robinson, Frank Hunter 500 Robinson, George S 187 Robinson, Guy Durwyn 156 Robinson, James V 296 Robinson, Mary Ann 119, 445 Robinson, Patricia Margaret . . .119, 401, 455 Robinson, Robert Stanley 156 Robinson, Ron Steigler 378, 379, 474 Robinson, Rosemarie Lee 405 Robinson, Thomas Wesley .... 509 Robinson, William Glenhelm (Jack) 136,351,479 Robitsek, William Earnest .... 136, 280, 377, 516 Robson, Mary Lucy . . 98, 298, 459 Robuck, Eva 136, 427 Rocn, Aturo 251 Roch, Lewis Marshall. Ill ..98,311 Roche, John David 487 Roche, Martha Ann 285 Roche, Michael Patrick 486 Rochelle, Norman Collins . . 98, 282 Rockoff, Melville Hirsh 504 Roddie, James Franklin . . 136, 489 Roddy, Martha Jeanne 441 Rodgers, Doris Janet 182, 307 Rodieck, Roy Henry 156, 253 Roberts, Jerry Hugh ' Roberts, Jo Ann 156, 4 Roberts, John Herbert J Roberts, Julia Ann J Roberts, Kay ' A PACE 618 Name Pages Rodman, Sgt. First Class Jack 318 Rodman, Nancy Jane 156, 266, 436 Rodman, Thomas Edward 316, 491 Rodriguez, Francisco Javier . . . 384 Rodriguez, Joe Gonzalez 177 Rodriguez, Joel Belay 384 Rodriguez, Juan Jose 384 Rodriguez, Mary Louise 119 Rodriguez, Valdemar 299 Roebuck, Isaac Field 57, 291, 305, 316 Roebuck, Noel Fletcher 98 Hoeser, Ellen 454 Roessner, R. Gommel .61,270,478 Roff, John Nicholas 323 Rogers, Andrew Jackson . . 136, 485 Rogers, Barbara Holden 156 Rogers, Bill Jett 486 Rogers, Charles Lemly 175, 177, 334 Rogers, David Addison 136, 337, 489 Rogers, James Harvey 321,412,516 Rogers, James Thomas 490 Rogers, Jimmie Earl 99, 305 Rogers, Jimmie Joseph 99 Rogers, Joe Alice 405 Rogers, Joe William 491 Rogers, Kendal True 294 Rogers, Patsy Jean 450 Rogers, Richard Allen 388 Rogers, Robbie Jo 156, 434 Rogers, Robert Marshall 119, 326, 380 Rogers, Roddy Rhodes 99, 306, 394 Rogers, Tom Neil ...99,187,219, 220,223,315 Rogers, William H 156, 484 Rogers, William Judson, Jr. ... 338 Rogowski, Catherine Antonia ..119, 161, 242, 262, 310, 313,314,411,584 Rogsby, Gladys Anne 366 Rogstad, John M 511 Rogstad, Thomas 510 Rogues, Rodney A 55 Rollins, Brook Holloway 136 ' Jr. . .99,284, 355, 366, 371 Rollins, James Da: Rollins, Robert Ellsworth . . 156, 506 Rollo, Norman Keith 358, 500 Roloff, Melvin Lynn 156 Holston, Susan 156, 452 Romain, George St 311 Romberg, Eric Anderson 119 Rome, Gordon Nash ..119,385,480 Ronhaussen, Ann 236 Ronshausen, Marilyn Eloise .... 156 Rooker, Albert A 232 Roscoe, Frank 407 Roscoe, Patricia Jean ....119,240, 241,310,393,397,411,437 Rose, Ann 236 Rose, Herman . . 136, 262, 324, 497 Rose, James Alford 472 Rose, Jerome Robert 463 Rose, Margaret Ann 136, 435 Rose, Peter Robert 501 Rose, Walter Lewis 156 Roselius, Ronald Reginald 306,417 Rosenbaum, Mrs. Lillian 520 Rosenberg, Arthur James Von . . 339 Rosenberg, David S 284 Rosenberg, June Carole 457 Rosenberg, Lynn 156 Rosenberg, Ralph 156, 204, 230, 413 Rosenberg, Rosalind Ruth 442 Rosenberg, Stanley David .... 245, 285, 316, 505 Rosenblad, Jimmie Clayton .... 156 Rosenblum, Barbara Elaine . . . 136, 409, 459, 559 Rosenblum, Joan Ellen .... 156, 456 Rosene, Hilda F 49, 448 Rosenfeld, Barbara Sue 456 Rosenfield, Donald ... 99, 280, 312, 346, 347, 497 Rosenthal, Charles Benard 482 Rosenthal, Jeanne Lee .... 136, 457 Rosenthal, Lois Charlene 457 Rosenthal, William P 304 Rosenquist, Carl M 48 Rosenweig, Arnold Harry 275 Rosmarin, Larry Melvin ..119,497 Rosmarin, Renee 234, 429 Ross, Albert Clay 136, 291, 355 378, 379 Ross, Carole Lea 156, 442 Ross, Charles Mark 358 Ross, D. L 247 Ross, Frank Alonzo 285 Ross, Gordon Parker 509 Ross, James Haye 325 Ross, John Marvin 119, 390 Ross, Lloyd Dale 387 Ross, Paula Elizabeth 405 Ross, Robert B 73 Ross, Stephen Rodman .... 156, 496 Ross, William Hugh 99, 326 Rosser, Homer Jimmie 187, 324, 483 Rosser, Norman Bailey, Jr 480 Rosser, Virgil Oliver 156, 476 Rossey, Hubert Edward, Jr. " Pete " 136, 323, 423 ,509 Host, Marilyn Jean 136 Rostrom, Mary Ann 119, 237, 240, 242, 397, 407 Rousse, Thomas Andrew 299 Rota, Carlos Luis 262, 299 Rote, Joanne 99, 235, 451 Roten, Robert Wallace 119 Roth, Barbara Marcia 119,273,310 Roth, Rollins Monard 367 Rothenberg, Stanley Elliott .... 504 Rothstein, Janyce Elaine 443 Hothwell, Jack C. 73, 262, 315, 467 Name Pages Rottenstein, Richard Julius Peter 513 Roundtree, Martha Lucille ....419 Rousculp, Carole Lynne ..136,241, 440, 559 Roush, Jan Schuyler ..328,412,477 Roush, William Wakefield 302. 319,328,412,477 Rousse, Thomas Andrew . . . 49, 460 Routh, Bill Irven 334, 335 Rouz, Wilfred Francois, Jr 305 Rovinsky, Reba Helen .... 136, 283 Rowan, Arch H., Jr 73 Rowan, Barbara Sue 450 Rowan, John Aiken, Jr 503 Rowan, Thomas Windsor 503 Rowe, Charles Elmer . . 56, 306, 468 Rowe, Colin F 61 Rowe, Gary Don 99 Rowe, Gladstone McLendon . . . 483 Rowe, Harry O ' Neal 288 Rowe, Joseph McDevitt 483 Rowell, Elizabeth Hansen 137 Rowers, Richard Edwin 1 10 Rowland, Melvin Crowley 370 Rowland, Peggy Lee 75, 260, 262, 370, 396, 397, 451, 577 Rowntree, Martha Lucile . .137, 182 Roy, Shirley Wren 431 Rozzell, Jean Ellis . . . 329, 378, 379 Ruback, Barbara Jean .... 242, 456 Rubenstein, Fonda Lynn . . 156, 456 Rubin, David Henry 323, 505 Rubin, Natalie Diane 119, 443 Rubinsky, Sarita 242 Rubio, Alfonso, Jr 354 Rubrecht, John David 99 Rucker, Robert Monroe 137, 324, 477 Rudd, Cynthia 293 Rudd, Shirley Sue .... 46, 393, 401 Rudder, John Reeves 323, 489 Rude, Eleanor Jo 156 Rudolph, Patricia Anne 156 Rudolph, Thomas Jackson 137 Rudy, Richard Alan 328, 497 Ruebel, Alfred Louis, II ... 99, 491 Ruff, Braswell Jon 324 Ruff, Jere Johnson 137 Ruff, Jon Braswell 137 Rugely, Frances Louise . . 137, 281, 283,411,427 Ruiz, Dolores 137, 447 Ruiz, Mary Herrera 283, 401 Rundell, John Lee 483 Runnels, Raymond L 156 Runnels, Robert Perry ....351,498 Rupe, Charles Henry 119, 289 Rush, Nancy Lois 449 Rush, Richard W 45 Rushing, George Allen 156 Hit.ik Literary and Debating Society 410 Russ, Mary Cynthia 119, 451 Russak, Barry Raymond 329, 412,496 Russell, Eugene Benjamin ....119, 302, 335 Russell, Gene Edward 501 Russell, Harris L 44 Russell, Howard Lewis 119 Russell, James 244 Russell, James Holford, Jr. ... 473 Russell, James Holton 119 Russell, Jennie Marie 99, 432 Russell, John Alvin 119 Russell, Mary Nell 156 Russell, Robert F. . . . 156, 380, 460 Russo, Charles Eugene, Jr. ... 224, 225 501 Russo, Joe E 99, 250 315, 320, 412, 423, 483 Rust, Shirley Ann 119, 455 Rutherford, Gretta 156 Rutherford, P. R 40 Ruthven, Hugh 494 Rutland, John Dudley 119 Rutta, JoAnn 156, 405 Rurter, Clayton Gene 137 Ruud, Millard H 63 Rux, Videlle 447, 559 Ryall, Barclay Ryerson 509 Ryan, John Robert 137 Ryan, Lynda Lee 156, 283 Ryan, Mary Lu 137 Ryan, Robert H 50 Rylander, Henry Grady ... 50, 300, 306, 390 Rylander, Shirley Rae .... 137, 273 Rylee, Robert T., II 106, 399 Saad, Karim Ibrahim 391 Saadoon, Ali Saif 391 Saage, Lu Ann 182 Saar, Joseph Edward 99, 284 Saathoff, Donald Ray 137 Sabala, Jesse Leon, Jr. ... 262, 498 Sabina, Sister M 173, 310 Sachs, Miriam Estelle 456 Sachs, Stanley H 137, 462 Sacks, Richard Melvin 328 Sadler, Byron Pollock ....320,412 Sadler, Cynthia 439 Sadler, James Edward 390 Sagstetter, Raymond Edward . . 177, 358 Sahley, Billie 1 19, 237, 238,241,407 Saied, Frederick Allen 99, 491 Saikin, Marilyn Faye .... 156, 456 Salas, Frank Morales 384 Salas, James Bohus 178, 302, 338,413 Name Pages Salas, Reynaldo Thomas, Jr. . .385 Salazar, Mauricio 177 Salcher, J 248 Saldana, Tadeo P 99 Salem, Robert Michael 99 Salhad, Mohammad Taleb 391 Salinas, Frank Ernest 137 Sallee, Mickey 506 Sallas, Mary Olga 137, 430 Salmon, G 223 Salmon, Mary Kathryn ...401,405 Salmons, Frank Duncan 156, 354, 482 Sals, Lorelee Sue 156, 446 Sailer, Victor Lovel 119 Salyer, John Austin 358 Saizberger, Marian Joan . . 156, 456 Salzberger, Paul Louis ...119,505 Samawi, Ahmad Y 391 Samberson, J. L 99 Samman, Adib 391 Samman, Mouaffeq Nouri 391 Sammons, Bobby Fred 137 Sampson, Mrs. B. T 520 Sampson, Joan Claire .... 137, 456 Sample, Mary Margaret 459 Samuels, Martha 137, 401, 430 Sana in. Edward James 327 Sanborn, Mary Ann 448 Sanborn, Sue Anne 292, 449 Sanchez, George 1 53 Sanchez-Navarro, Michael .320,412 Sandefur, Jerry Ray 302, 320, 412,481 Sandel, Joe B 119, 500 Sandel, Mary Ruth 156 Sandel, Wilma Agnes . . 99, 397, 439 Sanderford, Margaret Lea . . 99, 427 Sanders, Billy John 137, 156 Sanders, Charles Richard ....119, 282, 295, 322 Sanders, Elic Garland, Jr 282, 491,586 Sanders, Gene Parker 156, 354, 474 Sanders, Hugh W 376 Sanders, Jack Steele 137 Sanders, John Clarke 99, 323, 378, 379, 493 Sanders, John Louis 119, 291 Sanders, Kenneth Herbert .119,518 Sanders, Larry Edward 156 Sanders, Nannearle 439 Sanderson, Girvin Hembrie .51,586 Sandhop, Eddie Lou 119, 401 Sandier, Sonya B 283 Sanford, Anne Rutledge ..119,450 Sanford, Bryce C 156, 498 Sanford, Taylor Howe, Jr 511 Sanford, Vemon Todd, Jr 302, 312,360 Sankary, Edward 156, 504 Sansing, Charles Mack 461 Sansom, James W., Jr. 156, 228, 350 Sansom, Paul Welborn .... 99, 477 Sansom, Robert Kennon .... 99, 477 Santee, Wes 222 Santos, Frank, Jr 137 Santos, Roman C 156 Sarabia, Michael Francisco 119,402 Saracoglu, Ahmet Yilmaz .251,420 Sarafa, Muwaffaq Aziz 391 Sarantakes, Nicholas ..137,320,412 Sargent, Jack Darrell 371 Sarver, George Lertin 518 Satel, Christine 156, 438 Satel, James Lewis 251, 476 Sattar, Abdul H . 285 Sauer, George Henry 99 Sauer, John Wesley 156, 295, 311,329,412,498 Sauer, Vernon Benjamin ...99,389 Saulson, Elconan 371 Saums, Joseph Beekman, H 156,412 Saunders, Fredric M 187 Saunders, Gene 122 Saunders, Richard C 99 Saunders, Sussie 171 Saunders, Walter Asa, Jr 157, 228, 295, 510 Savage, Dian Sue 157, 426 Savage, Mary Jo 557 Savage, William H., Jr 56 Savitzky, Yehuda 287, 389 Sawan, Mohamad Kassem ... .391 Sawyer, George Harley .... 99, 388 Saxe, Donna Dea 119, 427 Saxon, Floyd Cecil 157, 394 Scabbard and Blade 302 Scaief, Helen Nancy 427 Schaief, John Fredericks . . 157, 326 Scanlan, Jack Addison 57, 306, 460 Scarborough, Charles Laurence . 473 Scarborough, Feme Ree 137 Scarborough, Florence 236, 409, 441 Scarborough, Oran Wylie 402 Scardino, Katheryn Grace 157 Schaaf, Gayle Paula 435 Schade, Carol Mildred 157 Schade, Gladys Kathryn . . 137, 427 Schade, Janet Marie 119, 459 Schaefer, Annette Luela 99 Schaeffer, Annette 276 Schaevitz, Ronald Norman .... 227, 358,513 Schafer, Edward Eugene 491 Schafer, Rose Marie Helen 99. 242. 274, 307, 397 Schaffer, Aaron 48, 504 Schaffer, Donald Haskell 463 Schaffner, Fredrick 295, 512 Schaller, Mary Jean 99, 395 Scharfenberg, Richard Von . . . 157, 351, 480 Schatte, William Albert 369 Schatzman, Gail Andrea .... 99, 447 Name Pages Schell, Clare Ann (Kelly) 157,434 Schell, John A 99, 177 Schenk, Clarence Harlan 157, 378. 379 Schenk, Franklin Delano .321,412 Schepers, Joann ' . . . 439 Scherff, Mae 73 Schimmel, Felipe 384 Schindler, Ester Faye 157 Schindler, Stanley 294 Schlosser, Mary Ann 137, 445 Schlueter, Delbert Ralph 100 Schlumpf, Robert Louis ..302,312, 346, 347, 402 Schmid, John E. 187, 204, 246, 503 Schmid, Shirley Suzanne ..409,451 Schmidt, Bobbie Nell 407, 425 Schmidt, Diane Beverly 157 Schmidt, Egan 70 Schmidt, Ellen 367 Schmidt, Ernest John 229 Schmidt, Frank Joseph 387 Schmidt, Harriet Elaine . . 395, 442 Schmidt, Katherine Ann ..157,283 Schmidt, Margaret Ann . . 286, 294 Schmidt, Otis Rhea 286, 307 Schmidt, Paul Walter 367, 388 Schmidt, William Ernst . . 157, 338 Schmitt, Barbara 242 Schmitt, Mozelle Laveme 137, 283, 395 Schmitt, Barbara Ruth .... 137, 447 Schmitz, Mary Margaret . . 100, 235, 238, 241, 243, 437 Schmucker, Larry Alan 119. 210, 249, 477 Schneider, George William, Jr. . 137, 219, 246, 315, 320, 412, 423, 467 Schneider, Iva Lee ...119,401,440 Schneider, Joseph Robert 469 Schneider, Lawrence Xavier .... 288 Schneider, Milton Henry, Jr. . .389 Schneider, Theodore Ernest, Jr. 157, 295, 407 Schneider, Tom L., Jr. 100, 389, 479 Schnelle, Hayden Edward 157 Schnepp, David L 157 Schnurr, Paul Eugene 305 Schobel, Eugene M 137 Schoch, Eugene Paul . . 55, 291, 508 Schoellkopf, C. W 137 Schoellkopf, Wilson, Jr. ..252,472 Schofield, Mary Alice 157 Schoolfield, James Freeman . . . 280 Schott, Joseph Lawrence 304 Schrader, Carlos 387 Schriewer, Hugo, Jr 378, 379 Schriewer, Menan C 187 Schroeder, Bobbie Jean 237, 242, 407 Schroeder, Irene Louise Liberty 294 Schroeder, Paul Walter 367 Schuenemann, Kenneth Fred . . . 137, Schuhardt, Vernon T 43 Schuhmacher, Lawrence Frederick 157, 482 Schuhman, La Verne .... 157, 393 Schuhmann, Wanda Laveme . . 283 Schumann, Leland Herbert .... 100 Schumann, Paul A 230 Schulkey, William Earl 388 Schulle, Gaylon Eric 326, 510 Schulte, Francis Carl 100,320,412 Schultz, Harold Philip 462 Schultz, Helen Elizabeth ..119,395 Schultz, Mary 447 Schultz, John Thomas 469 Schultze, George Adolph, III . . 510 Schulz-Behrend, George 45 Schulze, Kathleen Doris .. 120, 401, 411,422,425 Schulze, Philip Rupert, Jr 485 Schulze, Shirley 459 Schumacher, Frederick Wayne 177, 367 Schuster, Sandra Elaine 442 Schuster, Stanley B 295 Schutt, Oscar Earl 157 Schutza, Gilbert Charles . . 177, 358 Schwab, Curtis A 157 Schwab, George Eckhardt . 327, 480 Schwab, William Duane 157 Schwartz, Aileen Rita 411 Schwartz, Benjamin Haskell . . 137, 323, 497 Schwartz, Carolyn 100 Schwartz, Herbert Frederick, II .60, 301 Schwartz, Jean Marie . . . .120, 274, 275, 314, 397, 409, 422, 457, 578 Schwartz, Joanne 100, 182 Schwartz, John 508 Schwartz, Melbert Dowlen ....501 Schwartz, Nancy Lee 409 Schwartz, Natalie 442 Schwartz, Sandra Ethel 455 Schwartzman, Beverle Ann .... 137, 275, 457 Schwarz, M. Katherine .... 182, 380 Schwarz, Nancy Lee ....137,171, 283, 376, 427 Schweppe, Marvin F 120 Scogin, Elise Joyce 157 Scott, Alan 42, 280, 304, 504 Scott, Arlene Mildred 405, 424 Scott, Barry Brackett 253, 327 Scott, Basil James 474 Scott, Carolyn Lenore 157 Scott, Charlene Patricia . . 137, 427 Scott, Charles Louis 157 Scott, Dorothy Jeanette 44 1 Scott, Edward Eugene 137, 323, 468 Scott, Eugene Patrick .... 120, 320, 412,477 Scott, Frances 439 Name Pages Scott, Jack Carter 100 Scott, James Chandler 471 Scott, James David 476 Scott, James Edward 157 Scott, Jeannette 236 Scott, Linda June 120 Scott, Mary Ann 454 Scott, Nancy Ruth 137, 427 Scott, Orville Lindsey 275 Scott, Ralph William 137, 467 Scott, Robbie Harold 468 Scott, Robert Travis 321,412 Scott, Ted Robert 311, 387 Scott, William Walter 137 Scottish Rite Dormitory 174 Scrivner, Anne deBarger . . . 157, 448 Scroggins, Beverly Ellen 234, Scruggs, Joseph Marion, Jr. ... 338 Scurlock, N. Loyd 499 Seago, Bobby Grant 157, 289 Seale, Carol Henderson 455 Seale, Donald Ray 157 Seale, John Harrison 503 Seale, Robert Henry 503 Seale, Thomas Griswold . . 137, 472 Sealy, Tom 34, 49 Sealy, Thomas R 518 Searcy, Fred Porter 100, 485 Searcy, Seth Shepherd 478 Searle, Harry Kyle 500 Seay, Michael 137, 328 Sebastian, Mike H. . . 157, 324, 498 Sebel, Marcia Lee ...429,558,559 Sebesta, Leroy Edward 137 Seekatz, Thomas Edward .... 157, 226, 282, 335, 338 Seeley, Carol Louise 405 Seeley, Patricia Anne 100, 394, 437 Seeliger, Ruby Sara 283 Seelye, Alfred Lee ...51,280,282 Segal, Marjorie Sue 400, 428 Seibel, Leonard Isaac 100, 463 Seidenglanz, Patricia 455 Seidensticker, Calvin 249 Seielstad, Harold Edward 120 Selecman, Gwen 451 Selenius, Anja Mirjam 73 Sellars, Robert T., Jr 120 Sellers, Cecil Gray 503 Sellers, David Bowie 157 Sellers, James Howard 178, 335 Selzer, Richard Martin 506 Semken, Holmes Alford, Jr. ... 329, 412 Semons, Robert Joseph 157 Senechal, Charlotte June . . 157, 405 Seniors 75-106 Senkevitch. Luba 100, 182, 297, 405 Senn, Robert Wallace 137, 328 Sentell, Joe W 319 Senter, David Allen 280 Serim, Cetin Erol 100, 251, 262, 420 Service, Robert Corr 509 Sessions, Joseph William 100 Setliff, Harold Don 301 Settegast, Mary Ann 100, 455 Settegast, Sandra Louise . . 120, 235, 416, 451 Sevier, Marion Rebecca 451 Sewell, Fred Dana 120, 254 Sexton, Marian Frances 157 Sexton, Peggy Jean Passwaters . 100 Sexton, Robert Franklin ..316,489 Seymour, Cora 174 Shaddock, Joe Ed 100 Shade, Joseph . . 137, 262, 326, 497 Shafer, George Alan . 100. 355, 519 Shafer, Joyce Elliott 100, 447 Shaffer, John William 229 Shaffer, Margaret Eleanor 157 Shaffer, Mary Loretta 157, 343 Shahadeh, Mouhamad .391 Shahatit, Fraih Farhan 391 Shainock, Victor Marvin 497 Shallene, Wilbert C 56 Shames, Sonia Charlotte 262, 273, 442 Shane, Jim 483 Shane, Sandra Norent- .... 100, 445 Shannon, Bob Eric 299 Shannon, David 247 Shannon, Shelby Edward, Jr. . . 137, 179 Sharkey, Sidney Raye .... 157, 424 Sharp, Clara Ellen 283 Sharp, Elizabeth 157, 236, 266, 438 Sharp, Jay Woodley 157 Sharp, Roy Datus, Jr. ... 358, 489 Sharp, Russell Gardner . . 100. 177, 253,312,350,418 Sharp, Shirley Rae 157, 405 Sharpe, Daniel Thomas 390 Sharpe. Eddie Jack 120. 282, 491,586 Sharpe, Ernest Alonzo . . . 42, 270, 280, 304 Sharpe, Harriet 137, 427 Sharpe, John Thomas 157, 482 Sharpe, Robert Franklin 483 Sharpe, Thomas Gilbert . . . 327, 466 Shapiro, Arline 137, 409, 457 Shapiro, Carolyn Joan .... 157, 442 Shapiro, David L 177, 399 Shapiro, Lorraine 429 Shapiro, Sherman 44 Sharpless, Harry Reid, Jr 489 Shaw, Charles Teddy . . . ' 137 Shaw, Clifford Haldeen 157 Shaw, Leroy R 45 Shaw, Marcia Sherrill .... 157, 452 Shaw, Margaret Ruth 298 Shaw, Muriel Elizabeth . . . 137, 376 Shaw, William Harry Robert 44,281 Name Pages Shea, Laura Eleanor 157, 458 Shear, Marjorie Anne .... 157, 442 Shea, Michael C., Jr 327 Shearer, Sidney Clarence 492 Sheehy, Herma Joanne 448 Sheffield, Robert Langdon .... 178, 335, 514 Sheffield, William Johnson .60,301 Shefren, Delores Lee 157 Shehadeh, Mohamed Khaled ... 137 Sheinberg, Betty Gaye 137, 237,242,411,443 Shelby, Donald McCall 322 Shelby, Jerry Mack 177 Shelley, James Allan 412,514 Sheldon, Barbara Ann . . . 100, 237, 242, 445 Sheldon, John Augsburger .137,511 Shell, June Knight 238,451 Shell, Mary Ruth 157 Shelley, James Allan 137,321 Shelmire, David Sutton ...315,487 Shelton, Ann Genevieve ..120,431 Shelton, Bill R 475 Shelton, David Harold 387 Shelton, Frances 310 Shelton, James Lewis 137 Shelton, Jerry Russell 282, 503 Shelton, John 232 Shelton, Robert Richard ..157,506 Shelton, Rupert Harue 329 Shepard, Alva P., Ill 305 Shepard, Minnie Lee 44 Shepherd, Bruce T 157, 510 Shepherd, Eugene Byron 137, 358, 477 Shepherd, Nancy Lynne . . 137, 236, 262,314,439,558 Shepler, Randall Cross 354, 464 Sheppard, Francis Eugene, Jr. . 157, 477, 516 Sheppard, Luke Frank, Jr 100 Shepperd, James Wesley 120 Sheport, John Lemming 100, 402,417 Sheridan, Ellis Hunter 388 Sheridan, Robert Howard, Jr. .486 Sherman, Stanley Alan ... 120, 497 Sherrod, H. Clay, Jr 387 Sherrill, Mary Elizabeth 73 Sherrill, William Manning 137 Sherwood, John Tristani 350 Sherwood, Weston Marshall . . . 179 Shewmake, John Curtis . . . 120, 475 Shield, Alan 354, 516 Shield, Richard 100 Shields. Patrick Thomas, Jr. . . 323, 516 Shields, Thomas Joseph . . . 120, 390 Shiels, Robert M. 100, 249, 388, 485 Shinn, Sandra 120, 459 Shiplet, Levi Gay 327 Shipman, Morgan Enlow . . 284, 285, 302, 319, 327 Shipp, W. Byron 36 Shirley, Carl Wilson, Jr. . . 338, 503 Shirley, Maymerle 157, 343, 436, 559, 571 Shive, William 44 Shivers, Allan 32, 290 Shivers, Mrs. Allan 32 Shivers, Allan (Bud), Jr 32 Shivers, Brian McGee 32 Shivers, John Shary 32 Shivers, Marialice (Cissie) Sue .32 Shivers, Roy Gilbert . . 399, 406, 508 Shook, Marcus Boyd 100 Shook, Robert A 137 Shoppa. Lloyd 100, 289 Shores, Margaret Louise 100 Short, Byron Elliot . . . 57, 300, 306 Short, Dean Wesley 137 Short, Georgia Louise 100 Short, James A 388 Short, Thomas E 249, 388 Short, John Graham 157 Shoup, Francis Elliott, III 312,361 Shoup, Francis Elliott 481 Shoup, Nancy Ann 157 Showalter, George Wallace 120, 477 Shows, Jo Ann 376 Shrader, Russell Lowell 157 Shrank, A. R 49 Shreve, Robert Charles .... 354, 506 Shriver, Jack Edgar 491 Shroyer, Roy Dale 387 Shrull, Roswald Ernest 469 Shrull, Roswald Ernest 423 Shuayto, AH Ismail 391 Shuman, Morlan Clarence 389 Shurley, Jerry Neill 100 Shutts, William Holland ... 54, 300 Sias, Jesus Abalos 384 Sickles, William Smith . . . 100, 280 Sicro, Irene 120, 262, 443 Sidney Lanier Literary Society .411 Siegel, Robert Anton .... 120, 261, 262, 316, 423, 505, 584 Siegmun, Jame Gay 120 Siegmund, Martin 120 Siemens, Patricia Mae 137, 262, 310 Sierk, Valdemar C 295 Sierra, Pablo 388 Sigel, Edwin Michael 463 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 502, 503 Sigma Alpha Iota 303 Sigma Alpha Mu 504, 505 Sigma Chi 506, 507 Sigma Delta Chi 304 Sigma Delta Tau 456, 457 Sigma Gamma Epsilon 305 Sigma Nu 508, 509 Sigma Phi Epsilon 510, 511 Sigman, Gerald N 137, 262, 497, 358 Name Pages Sikes, Charles Thomas 120,337,511 Sikes, Lawrence Danily 483 Silberstein, Juanita Mendel .... 293 Silva, Dolores 137, 182, 384 Silver Spurs 315 Silverstein, Fay 400 Silvus, Robert F. 325, 370, 371, 481 Simcik, Chester 187 Simick, Frank Alvin 120, 398 Simmans, Jerry Franklin 157 Simmen, Edward Robert . . 334, 477 Simmons, Barbara Jean 101, 401,441 Simmons, Craig Barrow . . 101, 503 Simmons, Edwina Doria 426 Simmons, Margaret Eleanor . . . 449 Simmons, Margie Sue 157 Simms, Bendy 177 Simon, Betty Ann . . . 137, 422, 429 Simon, Richard U., Jr. ... 101, 262, 316, 505 Simonds, A. Warren 287 Simons, Donald Frederick 73 Simons, Eleanor 405 Simoneaux, Sylvia Anne -.409,425 Simonsen, Stanley H 44 Simpson, Edna 520 Simpson, Ferris Arthur 311 Simpson, Jerry Allen 120 Simpson, Thomas Horace, Jr. . . 157 Simpson, William Dent 311 Sims, Faye Annette 157 Sims, George Madison ....157,510 Sims, James D 280 Sims, James Marion 412 Sims, Kathleen Molesworth . . . .436 Sims, M. C 137 Sims, Ruth Lucille 285, 411 Sinclair, Patricia Anne . . . 407, 455 Sinclair, Robert Caithness 503 Sinclair, J. T 101 Sinclair, James Ray 137 Singer, Lauire 157, 428 Singer, Sidney Griffin ...101,274, 304, 319, 327 Singletary, Otis A 46 Singleton, Francis Howard 101, 323 Singleton, George Hawley 472 Singleton, John Bennett 501 Singleton, Samuel Fleming, Jr. 101, 501 Sinno, Atef Mosbah 254, 391 Siptak, Joe Harold 101, 284 Sirmons, Eleanor Fay 157, 394, 419 Sirrine, George Keith 305 Sisk, John Ballard . . 101, 177, 300, 306, 312, 358, 390 Sitzenstatter, Eric Dresser 473 Sjoberg, Gideon 48 Skaggs, Patricia Jo 157, 426 Skidmore, Fred A 187, 506 Skidmore, John Don 157 Skiles, Nancy Marie 101, 299, 370, 585 Skinner, Charles William . . 295, 350 Skrabanek, Henry Jerome . 157, 398 Slack, Catherine Ann 405 Sladek, Karel Lou . . . 101, 297, 449 Slagle, Charles Forrest 360 Slataper, Howard Foster 586 Slater, Charla Grace 157, 405 Slaton, Sara Ann (Sally) ....157, 314,416,448 Slatton, James Allred 262, 480 Slaughter, Bobby Dan 101, 289, 327 Slaughter, Edward Dantzier, Jr. 120, 261, 282, 423, 509 Slaughter, Toni 120 Slavik, Henrietta Ann 398 Slay, John Allen 157, 354 Sledge, Clarence Linden 302, 312,349 Slider, Joseph Hardie 101,291, 359, 378, 379 Sloat, Cynthia Winters . . . 242, 447 Slonneger, Robert Dean 460 Slutzky, Robert 61 Smith, Alice Elaine 294,298 Smith, Allan Montague . . . 101, 485 Smith, Alton T 157 Smith, Alyce Lou 120, 273, 392, 393, 449, 559 Smith, Annette 411 Smith, Arthur Lee, Jr 101 Smith, Barbara Jane ....101,393, 397, 447 Smith, Bayard Martin, Jr 510 Smith, Bennie Ruth . . 101, 286, 364 Smith, Betty Shelton (Shelly) .137, 172, 310, 449 Smith, Beverly 241, 393 Smith, Bill 157 Smith, Billie Annette ....275,431 Smith, Billy Joe 503 Smith, Rev. Blake 371 Smith, Bonnie Belle ..137,419,447 Smith, Bruce Louis . . 157, 321, 516 Smith, Budja Louis 412 Smith, Carol Ann 157 Smith, Carolyn 376, 405 Smith, Carolyn Anne 137 Smith, Carolyn Marie 157, 394 Smith, Charles Aubrey . . . 282, 284, 285, 481, 586 Smith, Clinton Lynch 157,359,490 Smith, Corrie Handler 137, 358, 477 Smith, Dan Cargill, III ..120,311, 315,423,479 Smith, Denman Vodrie 157, 360, 498 Smith, Dick Barkley 157, 518 Smith, Donald Alfred 137 Smith, Donald Charles 101,489 Smith, Don 142 Name Pages Smith, Don Davis 296 Smith, Don Stanton 295, 339 Smith, Dorothy Carolyn 137, 237, 239 Smith, Doris Minnette ....401,405 Smith, Dyle Warren, Jr. ....... 288 Smith, Elizabeth Ann 137, 454 Smith, Elvin Mitchell 158, 228, 482 Smith, Erma Jean 157 Smith, Etta Jean . . . .394, 419, 440 Smith, Everett Grant 460 Smith, F. Dean 187, 219, 221,223,315 Smith, Forest G., Jr 120 Smith, Frances June 120 Smith, Francis Gene .... 157, 289 Smith, Frank Jerome 404 Smith, Gary Rolla 485 Smith, George Daniel 473 Smith, Geraldine Fletcher ..73,303 Smith, Glenn 158 Smith, Harold Wood 306 Smith, Harold Gene . . 137, 335, 500 Smith, Hershel William 228 Smith, Hubert W 56, 63 Smith, Jack Boaz 73,261 Smith, James Marshall 137, 320, 412 Smith, James Murray 499 Smith, Jane Elizabeth 424 Smith, Jerry Neil 296 Smith, Jimmy Lee 120 Smith, Jo Ann 120, 437 Smith, Joan 73, 393, 430 Smith, Joan Elizabeth 158 Smith, Joanne 393 Smith, Joe Ed 179, 388 Smith, Joe Rae 158, 244, 325 Smith, John Warren 412 Smith, John Wyvan 320 Smith, Joseph T 305 Smith, Julia 241, 451 Smith, June 427 Smith, Katherine W 520 Smith, Kay 234, 276 Smith, L. Beverly 262 Smith, Larry Douglas 120, 320, 412 Smith, Leland 288 Smith, Leon Louis, Jr. ...101,464 Smith, Manis Dale 323, 502 Smith, Mardella 427 Smith, Margaret Ann .... 156, 343, 378, 379 Smith, Mariella 137, 409 Smith, Marilyn 64, 240, 241 Smith, Marilyn Le Ellen . . 137, 447 Smith, Marilyn Viola 101 Smith, Mary Kathryn 101, 294 Smith, Mary Kay 182 Smith, Mary Linette 120, 436 Smith, Mary Loving 440 Smith, Minna Alice ..281,294,397 Smith, Mitchell E 295 Smith, Monica Jolene .... 101, 395 Smith, Murray 252 Smith, Nellora Ruth . 101, 294, 299 Smith, Patsy Clay 430 Smith, Patsy Jeannine 120, 395, 431 Smith, Peggy 343 Smith, Ray Burl 177,311,378,379 Smith, Richard Robert 289 Smith, Richard Thomas 518 Smith, Ruth N 313, 397 Smith, Sally Carol 459 Smith, Sanni Sharon 451 Smith, Sawnie Adeline 437 Smith, Shirley Joan 158 Smith, Shirley Sue ...137,171.310 Smith, Taylor King 158, 486 Smith, Terry Tamon 101 Smith, Thomas Theodore 210 Smith, Vivien Kay 138, 262, 273,411 Smith, W. A. Block 370 Smith, Wade Cassle 158, 486 Smith, Weldon Lamar 506 Smith, Weldon Ross Johnney ..468 Smith, Wes 388 Smith, William Earl 158,231, 289, 359 Smith, William Scheutze ..158,311 Smith, William Wayne ... 120, 376 Smither, Mary Sue 455 Smither, Moselle 158, 454 Smither, Wilber 40 Smolens, Faith Miriam . . . 394, 457 Smolensky, Meyer Israel ..138,513 Smothers, Thomas Charles .... 389 Smulcer, Jeannette Charlene ..120, 376, 425 Smyth, Barbara Kerfoot . . . 138, 432 Snavely, Edward Elwood 355 Sneed, Joseph T 63 Sneed, Langford Houston . 187, 219, 221, 290, 315, 325, 364, 478, 578 Sneed, Tommy V 101 Snell, Hampton Kent 288 Snell, Jerry Francis 120, 282 Snider, John Luther 305 Snider, Sally June 294 Snodgrass, George Alan 120 Snodgrass, Joe Ervin .... 138, 480 Snow, Corbin Lee, Jr 423,487 Snow, Earl F 284 Snow, Marjorie Alice .... 158, 236, 401,424 Snow, Thomas Marion ...101,187, 212,213,316 Snowden, Billy Frank 158, 248 Snyder, David William . . . 120, 187, 224, 225, 246. 316, 324 Snyder, Edward Monroe, Jr. . . 158, 506 Snyder, Harold Edward, Jr. ..464 Name Pages Sobotik, Robert Harold ..138,291. 295, 378, 379 Society of American Military Engineers 412 Solberg, Eldon C 101 Solcher, Albert Ken 516 Solcher, William Boyd 138 Solia-Flores, Roberto H 73 Solie, Florence Beverley 158, 405, 446 Soils, Hector Rolando ....101,282 Solis, Leopoldo 384 Soliz, Jose 251 Sollock, Billie Ruth 158 Solomon, Ralph Bennett 388 Solow, Cecille Ann 158, 456 Somerford, James Melvin, Jr. .101 Sommer, Franklin George 101 Soofi, M. Reza E 388 Sophomores 124-140 Sord, Burhard Holmes 51,284, 285, 289 Sorenson, Barbara Helen . . 158, 367 Sorrell, R., Jr 34 Sorrells, Bettye Lou 138 Sorrells, James Edward . . 158, 510 Sorrells, Robert 158 Soukup, Sidney Joseph 398 South Central Texas Club 413 Southern, Richard 158 Southern, Wilson Edwin 175, 178, 337 Soward, Wamac Franklin 138 Sowden, Webb McCann ..316,323, 423,483 Sowell, Alvis Betty 158 Sowell, Charles Lee 316 Sowell, Jack Robson 316,489 Sowers, John Delbert 403 Soza, Guillermo V 384 Spafford, Donald Wick 358, 483 Spann, Robert Louis 138 Sparenberg, Charles Herman 35, 284 Sparkman, Mickey Max . . 120, 475 Sparks, Sally Woods . 262, 283, 449 Spaulding, Mary G 59,303 Speaker, Lucy Lee 101, 298, 303, 376, 435 Speaker, Moneta May 447 Speakman, David Jack 478 Spear, Harry Morgan, Jr. . 320, 465 Spear, Irwin 43, 504 Spearman, Jacquelyn Malvina . . 158, 440. 559 Spearman, James David ..320,412 Spears, Harry M 412 Spears, lona 46 Spears, William Elbert 500 Speckels, Ben Henry, Jr 101 Speece, Arthur James 73 Speech Building 21 Speech Intramural Activity . . . .414 Speer, Howard James ....321,412 Speers, Don Philip ..138,351,472 Spelce, Neal Leslie 120. 323. 378,379,414,479 Spelce, William Bennett 158, 378, 379, 478 Spence, Charles Rudolph . . 102, 482 Spence, D 223 Spence, Elbert Riddick 102, 187,483 Spencer, Donald Eugene . . 102, 280 Spencer, Larry Keith ....321,412 Spencer, Rita Lea Bonifield . . . 138 Spencer, Sally Sue 158, 458 Sphinx 415 Spickard, Martha Janice . . 158, 436 Spies, Robert F 158, 482 Spigel, Tommy 505 Spiller,- Sandra 401, 439 Spires, Frances Gibson 451 Spitzenberger. Ralph Max 389 Spooks 416 Spoils, Ann Eileen 102 Spradlin, Ernest Preslon 387 Sprague, Wilbur Elihue 469 Spriegel, William R. . . 50, 282, 285 Spriggs, Dorothy Pynor 102 Springer, Thomas H. . 187, 224, 225 Springer, William Cody (Billy) 138 Springfield, Hugh Wesley 469 Springfield, Willis Baker . . 108, 518 Sprott, Patricia 434 Spruce, Everett F 58 Squibb, Edward Duke . . . 102, 261, 321,370,412 Squyres, Robert Tyre 327, 399, 406 Srini-Vasan, Subramanla Ayyar . 388 Stack, Edward M 48 Stacy, Mary Ellen 120 Stadler, M Sgt. Clifton G 318 Staehely, William Pearce 477 Staffa, Maj. Rudolph William . .318 Stafford, Gerald M 488 Stafford, Joseph Garld 490 Stafford, Robert William 138, 311,328 Stafford, Thomas Gerald 138, 354, 490 Stagner, Nelson Wayne 102 Stahl, Charles Fredric 102,415,493 Stakes, Armando Cantu . . . 138, 384 Stalcup, Shirley Kay 426 Staley, Nancy Lucille 120, 455 Stallings, Charles P., Ill 138 Stallings, Mary Margaret . . 158, 440 Stallings, Rex Patrick .... 178, 334 Stallings, Sarah Ann . .120, 310, 405 Stallmann, Ester L 62 Stalmach, Charles Joe, Jr 300, 306, 402 Name Pages Stalmach, Eugenia Ann 158 Stamper, Frances Guynes 435 Stamps, Sarah Ann 366 Standlee, Ranald Rhey . . 102, 404 Stanford, Paul Horace 323 Stankosky, Peter Nicholas .... 289 Stanley, Bill 232 Stanley, Kirk Wilfred 350, 466 Stanley, Linda Kay 424 Stanley, Vayden Foy 339 Stansbury, Bobby Roy 376 Stansbury, Samuel Paul 158 Stanton, Capt. Harold Robert . .312, 345 Stanzel, Sonya 281 Stanzel, Theodore Edward .... 120 Staph, Horace Eugene 300 Starbuck, George Albert 158, 329, 378, 379 Stark, Philip Mayes 297 Starkey, Jo Ann 102, 273, 427, 559 Starnes, Gordon Richard 469 Stames, Grady 36 Stamp, Frances 235, 236 Stavinoha, William Bernard ...301 Starvorawski, Ephrim 513 Stayton, Robert Weldon 63, 299 Steakley, Nancy Sue 120 Stearnes, James Howard . . 138, 508 Stearns, Jeanette 158 Steck, William Boyd 296 Stedman, Sally 448 Steel, Ernest William 287 Steel, Ewing Tisdall 295 Steele, Dorothy Anne 102, 243, 372,411 Steele, Marilyn Virginia . 266, 343, 416,439,558,559,571 Steele, Newton Jay 108, 491 Steele, Seth Hackett, Jr 120 Steelman, Gloria Geren . . . 292, 298 Steelman, Robert Allen 388 Steen, Claude Lee 413 Steen, Edwin Andrew, Jr. .138,511 Steen, William Arthur 138 Steglich, Nettie Mae 138, 175, 182,241,401 Stehling, Jack Arthur 266 Stehr, Patricia Ann . . 267, 448, 449 Stein, Arlene Mildred 429 Stein, Helaine Sheila 158, 456 Steinbach, Joanne Elsie . . 102, 298, 408, 459 Steinberg, Lawrence Edward . . 262, 323, 497 Steinberger, John Clinton 491 Steinbomer. Shirley Ann 120 Steinhagen, Bismark Adair 362, 465 Steinhardt, Stephen Brian 158 Stellhammer, James Edward . . . 367 Stenzel, Sonya 120, 397, 409 Stepczyk, Carol Ann 158, 237 Stephen, Donald Ray 138, 404 Stephans, Paulina 138 Stephen, Joe Stanley 503 Stephen, Margaret Joan 427 Stephens, Billy Ray . . 138, 262, 295 Stephens, George 311 Stephens, Howell Slaton 387 Stephens, Janet Muriel 138 Stephens, Jerry Dale 295 Stephens, Jesse Jerald 158 Stephens. Joe Keith 493 Stephens, John Birdwell 501 Stephens, Robert Michael .... 158, 322. 329. 378, 379 Stephenson, Edwin Dea 514 Stephenson, George N.. Jr. ... 102, 334. 387 Stephenson, Harry Walter, Jr. . 285 Stephenson, Mary Elizabeth . . . 283 Stephenson, Ross Lucas . . 158, 464 Stephenson, William Marcus . . 228 Sterling, Marion Bruce 390 Sterling, Sandra Sue 424 Stemberg, Shirley 235, 243 Stetler, Marvin M 481 Stetler, Rita 411 Stevens, Joan 409 Stevens, Lynn Elizabeth 138 Stevens, Joseph Franklin 359 Stevens, Joseph Walter 499 Stevens, Nancy Anne .... 102, 459 Stevens, Pat 271 Stevens. Robert Eugene ... 158, 295 Stevens, William Bryant 487 Stevenson, Buddy Bob . . . 187, 212, 214,407 Stevenson, Harold W 47 Stevenson, James 226, 227 Stevenson, Robert Wayne 138 Stevenson, Scottie Gayle . . 102. 235, 240, 241, 392, 451 Steves, David Pipes, jr. . . 360, 506 Steves, Seth Taylor 494 Stewart, Arthur Leonard, Jr. . . 204, 407 Stewart, Barbara Anne 120, 380, 458 Stewart, Delitha Scott 158, 416, 458 Stewart, Donald Loy 120 Stewart, Hester Reid 158, 498 Stewart, Hubert R 387 Stewart, Inez Lenell 138 Stewart, James R 158 Stewart, Larry 366 Stewart, Marc H 138 Stewart, Myma Winn 158 Stewart, Sidney Carl 102, 500 Stewart, Sally R 158 Stewart, Walter Scott ....321,412 Name Pages Stewart, William Thomas .... 120, 280, 325 Steyer, Carl Conral 56, 306 Stickley, Florence Ann . . . 120. 292, Stiles, Jessie R 520 376, 401 Stiles. Mary 122, 267, 425 Still, Lucille Gordon 102 Stillinger, Shirley Ann 437 Stillman, Jacob Harris 102, 294, 463 Stinson, Leland Alan . 138, 359, 503 Stiteler, Rela Ann 138, 172, 262,310,459 Stobaugh, John Perry ....254,473 Stockley, Johnny H 158 Stockton, John Robert . 50, 282, 285 Stockton, Lorraine Maley 298 Stockard, Patricia Ann 458 Stockard, Tommy Hill 158 Stodghill, Donald Ray 138, 282, 500 Stoddard, Floyd Grady ... 138, 295 Stoje, Stein 70 Stoker, Jim Dean 3, 138, 273, 276, 280 Stokes, Doris-Mary 26 Stokes, James Cecil 158, 311 Stokes, Winston Lee 73 Stone, Amanda Lisa 377 Stone, Donald Lamar . . . 108, 120, 315,370,479 Stone, Martha Marie 120, 447 Stone, Michael Asa 248, 321, 412,466 Stone, Robert L 55, 306 Stone, Samuel Vaughan 467 Stone. Sandra Lee 120, 405 Stone, Wilson S 49 Stout, Anthony Newton ... 102, 326 Stout, Ewing Lee 158 Stout, George Roscoe .... 158, 177, 378. 379 Stout, Jack Ben 102, 394 Stout, Sandra M 138, 242, 447 Story, Barbara Kay 182 Story, Beatrice May 138, 182 Stovall, Jimmie Vance, Jr 120, 249,312,316,477 Stovall, Richard Franklin, Jr. . 138, 501 Stover, Henry Lloyd 138 Stoy, H. E. " Pat " 120, 406 Straiten, Archie Waugh 56, 306, 518 Straiton, Janelle 158, 283, 426 Strandquist, Ariel D 158, 182, 405,414 Strangmeier, Kimbal 394 Strarrup, Frances 158, 444 Stratton, Donald H 102, 288 Strauch, Virginia Joan ..138,266, 409, 441 Strauss, Elizabeth Marie 398 Strauss, Helen Agnes .... 158, 398 Strauss, Joanne Glover 298 Striebeck, Carol Barbara 401 Strieber, Leslie John, Jr 102, 359, 485 Striegler, JoAnn Suzanne 138, 419,427 Stripling, Sergei Hogan . . . 158, 494 Strock, James M 299 Strock, Melissa Gail 120, 449, 558, 559, 572 Stroder, Kenneth Harold 120 St. Romain, Leonard George . . 102, 289 Strong, Beeman Ewell .... 158, 295, 350, 464 Strong, George Thomas . . . 120, 471 Stroppe, Clarence 387 Stropeni, Margaret Ann . . 120, 434 Stroud, Cheri Marie 158 Stroud, Joe Richard 390 Strouhal, Helen Marie .... 120, 452 Struhall, Frances Marie . . 120, 427 Strum, Shirley Elise ..... 102, 260, 262, 270. 274. 286. 307, 313,396,419,578,586 Strybos, Gabe William, Jr. 102, 394 Stuart, Billie Frank 469 Stuart, Carolyn Sue 158 Stuart, Frances 237 Stuart, Jane Lee 120. 449 Stuart, John Thomas .... 262, 273, 295, 327, 477 Stuart, Locke McKinnon, Jr. . . 158, 295, 514 Stuart, Thomas Alvin 120 Stubblefield, George Gilbert, III 232, 510 Stubblefield, James Herbert .... 138 Stubblefield. John Mart ..319.412 Stubblefield. Nelson Douglas . .490 Stuckey, James Merkel . . . .358, 510 Stuckey, J. W 108,418 Studdard, Kenneth Earl . . . 108, 469 Student Assembly 261 Student Christian Association . .370 Student Court 264 Student Engineering Council . . .417 Student Government Committees 262, 263 Students 1 Association 260 Studer, Stanley Sawyer 491 Stullken. Florence Mae . . . 285, 395 Stultz, Daniel Ashby . 138, 355, 501 Stumberg, George W 63 Stumnf, Katherine Theresa 158, 283 Sturcken, Johnye Cannon 73 Sturdivant, Arlen Y 230 Sturdivant, Vernon Ray 387 Sturrock, Billy Edward 158 Name Pages Stutts, Jack Harrison .... 158. 295, 338, 478 Suarez, Peter Marlin 102, 461 Sucke. John Howard, Jr 586 Suehs, James Ernest 281, 519 Suggs, Ann Lee 293, 392 455 Suggs, John T 158 Sukkariyyah, Ali H 391 Sula, Leon Wayne 102 Sullivan, Aubrey Leroy 389 Sullivan, Fred Meyrith . . . 102, 266 Sullivan, Nelson Gambill 284 Sullivan, Sallye Adelle 438 Summerfield, Jack D 58 Summerlin, Harvey Newell ....511 Summers, Caley Albert 158 Summers, Sue 439 Sumrall, Caroll Burleson 511 Surber, John Lincoln, Jr. . .138,460 Surratt, Gilbert Johnson . . 284, 289 Surratt, Mary Kate 156, 273 Susman, Ari Jonas . . . 102, 281, 463 Sutherland, Barbara 243 Sutherland, Carol Hartley ....120, 275, 431 Sutherland, Charles Thomas . . 329, 378, 379 Sutherland, Gayle 444 Sutherland, Robert L 48, 295 Sutherland, William Bush . 120, 494 Suttle, Mary Marjorie 138, 236, 242, 314, 459 Sutton, Ann Louise (Weejee) .120, 261, 314, 370, 373, 411, 427 Sutton Hall 10 Sutton, William John, Jr. . . 158, 498 Suwwan, Mahmud Hasan 391 Svendsen, Carl Olen 120 Swain, Mary Elizabeth 451 Swann, Lloyd A 390 Swann, William Joseph, Jr. ... 158, 262, 267, 339, 510 Swartz, Jon Daird 355 Swartz, Sandra 120 Swaty, Donald B 477 Swearingen, James Samuel, Jr. 102, 348, 473 Swearingen, Robert Lee . . . ; . .473 Sweatmon, Marion Ramsey .... 500 Sweeney, David 232 Sweeney, Russell Patterson, Jr. 120, 511 Sweeny, Elizabeth Ann ... 158, 405 Sweet, Arnold Norman . . . 74, 264, 315,463,578 Sweetheart 554, 555 Sweetheart Finalists 556, 557 Sweetheart Nominees 558 Sweis, Aied Saliba 311 Sweis, Aied Saliba 138 Swem, Bonnie . .274, 275, 286, 449 Swenson, A. M. G 290 Swenson, Joe D 475 Swenson. Thomas Frederick . . . .338 Swihart, Martha 401 Swimming 210 Sykes, George Sherboume 476 Symphonic Band 38 Symons, Jimmy Joe 323, 372 Szilagyi, Elizabeth June 449 T Association 187 Tabor, Charles 102, 481 Taborsky.Eduard T 46, 299 Tacker, Alice Jeannette 158, 267, 458 Tackett, Helen 313 Tafel, Victor O. R 158, 494 Taft, George James 102 Tahu. George Jack, Jr. ... 158, 478 Tail, Thomas Michael 158,335 Talerico, Grazia A 103, 242 Tallent, Dale Martin 138 Talley, Bill Ed 177 Talley, Joe D 180, 408 Tarnayo, Alex Tovar 103 Tandy, Kerry Sherard 509 Tang, Benny 158 Tannenbaum, Fern Elaine 158 Tanner, Sgt. Robert Louis ....318 Tapley, Byron Dean 390 Tapp, Ivy Lynn 120, 451 Tarlton, Genevieve Constance . 399 Tarpley, Elizabeth 46, 293, 298,401,432 Tarrant, Thomas Gage .... 138, 501 Tarte, Edward Cartwright 311 Tatar, Leonard Blair 262, 504 Tate, Eloise Annette 158 Tatom, William A 345 Tatum, Don 249 Tatum, John Bailey 103, 289 Tatum, John Paul ...187,316,489 Tatum, Ralph Donald 179, 246, 389 Taub, Roland Abraham 462 Tau Beta Pi 306 Tau Delta Phi 512, 513 Tau Kappa Epsilon 514, 515 Taulbee. Curtis 280 Taylor, Albert Scott . . 103, 324, 489 Taylor, Allen 487 Taylor, Betty 239 Taylor, Betty Jo 103,274,307,447 Taylor, Mrs. Bruce Lynn ..265,394 Taylor, Carolyn Elizabeth ....416 Taylor, Carolyn Sue 158, 424 Taylor, Charles Gayle 377 Name Pages Taylor, Claire Elizabeth . . 158, 241 242, 454 Taylor, Constance Carroll .... 158, 242, 283, 440 Taylor, Constance Mae . . . 286, 294 Taylor, Elizabeth Ann .... 138, 436 Taylor, F. Nick 158, 500 Taylor, Gary Harley 358 Taylor, Harry Evans 158, 231 Taylor, Helen Haskell . . . 159, 242, 283, 440 Taylor, Jack Greer 36, 290, 482, 586 Taylor, James Spence, Jr. . 120, 509 Taylor, Joe Frank 159, 354 Taylor, John Milton 159, 177 Taylor, Kenneth Eugene 390 Taylor, La Donna Marie . . 138, 174 310, 449 Taylor, Leroy William 501 Taylor, Lynn 161 Taylor, Manna Duke 390 Taylor, Mary Ann 138 Taylor, Mary Edith 172 Taylor, Robert Franklin 159 Taylor, Ruth Althea 297 Taylor, Sylvia June 1.59, 40.5 Taylor, Thomas Waller 492 Taylor, William Lee 180, 390 Taylor, William 159 Teague, Gwynn Arvin ... 232, 32 1 , 412,477 Teague, Marvin G 180 Teague, Shirley Ann 441 Teague, Weldon Winston 178, 335, 340, 402 Team, Charles Bailey 159, 359, 510 Tens, Eloise Lorraine 299 Teed, John Edson 159, 295, 326, 466 Teer, Ed L 103, 380 Tees, David Woods 120 312 359, 479 Teecllie, Reginald Dean 159, 177,311 Teias 418 Telkamp, Don Lee 103, 387 Teltschik, Avie Kellmann 296 Templar, Joan 59, 292 Temple, John Rogers 159, 508 Temple, Ralph Raymond, Jr. . . 103 Templeton, Betty 314, 351 362,409,416,439 Templeton, Gene Arden . . 246, 407 Templeton, James Richard 246, 467 Templeton, John Rodney 482 Templeton, Ronnie 251 Templin, James Curtis . . . 120, 274 322,370,501 Templin, Georgie Yvonne 401 Ten Most Beautiful 572 Teniente, Mary Louise 384 Tenney, Augusta Louise 120 392, 459 Tenney, Wayne P 284 Tennis 224, 225 Tennyson, Charles Lee 121 Tennyson, Ed Joe 321 412 Teplow, Fenella Mary 138, 409, 435 Terriere, Robert T. Terrell, Barbara Lee . Terrell, Carolyn Terrell, James Clark . Terrill, Robert Kennedy Terry, Ben Ala: Terry, Dannette Terry, Jerry Terry, John Thomas Terry, Stewart K Tetley, Gail Ann Tetmeyer, Edward Harvey Texas Cowboys Texas History Museum . . . Texas Medical Library . . Texas Ranger Texas Stars Texas Student Publications, Jnc Texas Union Tezuka, Yoshiko .... Thanian, Joanne Marye Thames, Clement Beal Thames, Mildred Faye Tharp, Benjamin C. . Tharp, Stanley B Thatcher, Nancy Dee . Thaxton,