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- k- ' THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS UN ' inn m v rrr. . ' a it a f a .1 i % , + ' " lANV, . . . n. c ft Jim Gilbert, Editor-in-Chief Richard Curry, Associate Editor Janice Bourdon, Editorial Assistant 1954 Cal Newton, Business Director Frankie Lindsey, Assistant Business Director Marguerite Freeman, Production Manager Published By Texas Student Publications, Inc. The University of Texas, Austin, Texas The eyes of Texas are upon you, All the live long day The eyes of Texas are upon you, You cannot get away Do not think you can escape them, From night ' til early in the morn, The eyes of Texas are upon you, ' Til Gabriel blows his horn THE EYES THIS IS THE FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF THE EYES OF TEXAS. FIFTY YEARS OF PROGRESS AND DEVELOPMENT Safe ARE REPRESENTED BY A SONG WHICH HAS GROWN INTO ONE OF THE BEST KNOWN AND BEST LOVED SYMBOLS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS. FOREWORD IT ' S MORE THAN THAT - IT REPRESENTS THE SPIRIT OF TEXAS AND TEXANS EVERYWHERE. WE ' RE PROUD OF THE " EYES, " TEXAS OF EVERYTHING THE SONG STANDS FOR, AND PROUD TO BE A PART OF A MEMORABLE HERITAGE. m m u ti M M ; H ft M u n a m JR V . Graduates and Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Honoraries Sweetheart Bluebonnet Belles Outstanding Students Goodfellows Mfll ry Army R.O.T.C. Navy R.O.T.C. Air Force R.O.T.C. Student Government and Publications Service Dorms and Co-ops Features Clubs Sororities Fraternities Intercollegiate Athletics Intramurals . ' :, ' . - ' i -, ' -t jwi 2 I m m .1 L K T " Page 9 Allan Shivers, Governor of the State of Texas Page 10 James P. Hart, Chancellor of the University, 1953 Page 11 Logan Wilson, President of The University of Texas Page 12 Boa ui Chairman TOM SEALY Vice-Chairman DAVID M. WARREN LEROY JEFFERS, Houston LEE LOCKWOOD, Waco DR. L. S. GATES, Center J. R. SORRELL, Corpus Christ! MRS. EDGAR TOBIN, San Antonio CLAUDE W. VOYLES, Austin D. K. WOODWARD, JR., Dallas LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeffers, Woodward, Tobin, Sealy, Logan Wilson, Warren, Voyles, Sorrell. INSET: Lockwood, Oates Page 13 C. P. BONER Dean of the University Previously Dean Boner was Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Dean Boner has also done extensive work with guided missiles with the Defense Research Laboratory, which is a big job in itself. As Dean of the entire University, Dr. Boner has a big job, but finds the time to dabble in the arts. CHARLES HERMAN SPARENBERG Comptroller Mr. Sparenberg was Auditor for the University be- fore becoming Comptroller this year with the re- establishment of that office. A University ex- student, the Comptroll er was intramurals wrestling champion while in college. CARL JOHN ECKHARDT Director of the Physical Plant and Procurement Mr. Eckhardt has been an instructor and professor at the University since 1926, doubling that with a variety of other big jobs. In 1953 he became Director of the Physical Plant and Procurement. Author of over 130 engineering articles, he is well known to University students as an Elder in the University Presbyterian Church as well as a Professor. JACK GREER TAYLOR Endowment Officer Mr. Taylor entered the University in 1931 as a freshman and received his BBA at the University where he was captain of the basketball team his senior year. He received his Masters degree at New York University. He served two years in the Navy during the war before returning to the University. F. C. McCONNELL Director of Auxiliary and Service Activities Mr. McConnell received his MS in Educational Ad- ministration at the University in 1938. He was a school superintendent and served four years in the Air Force, then returned to the University in 1946 to take his present position. GRAVES LANDRUM Auditor Mr. Landrum has been Auditor since January of this year, but has been with the Auditor ' s office for a number of years. While attending the University he was a Business Administration Major and worked his way through school doing part time work in the Auditor ' s office. He was ap- pointed Assistant Auditor in February of 1947 and held this position until January of this year. Page 14 ARNO NOWOTNY Dean of Student life Dean Shorty ' s name appears in Who ' s Who in America, and in Who ' s Who in American Educa- tion, but he ' s best known on the UT campus for his sympathetic interest in student activities. A great favorite on campus. Dean Nowotny is faculty advisor for Friars, Cowboys, and Phi Eta Sigma, and is national president of Alpha Phi Omega, as well as a member of the National Executive Board of Phi Eta Sigma. At one time Dean Shorty was a cheerleader. CARL V. BREDT Associate Dean of Student Life Mr. Bredt, who was associated first with the University in 1935, has been in the Dean of Stu- dent Life ' s office since 1948. An avid sports fan, Mr. Bredt once officiated at Southwest Conference football and basketball games. His varied in- terests include golf and training bird dogs. The genial associate dean is now in charge of men ' s housing. WILLIAM D. BLUNK Assistant Dean of Student Life Dean Blunk keeps busy with UT students ' extra- curricular activities. Dean Blunk is the official censor for campus shows and is chairman of the Rally Committee and Orientation Committee. He is also active as Secretary of the Dads ' Association and is editor of their publication, ' Dad ' s Digest. ' HENRY Y. McCOWN Registrar and Dean of Admissions The name signed on all those letters you get be- fore you come to UT becomes a reassuring beacon that smooths away admission-credit-panic. Dur- .,- ing registration Capt. McCown ' s hearty smile belies the pandemonium taking place in his always busy office. This is Capt. McCown ' s twelfth year with the University, five of which he has been Registrar. He is a retired naval officer and holds the Navy Cross and the Legion of Merit. PAUL L. WHITE Director, University Health Center Dr. White began service with the University Health Center as the first head of the psychiatric unit. Now as director, he keeps up his interest in mental hygiene by giving frequent lectures on and off the campus. ALEXANDER MOFFIT University Librarian Mr. Moffit ' s tremendous job of keeping up with the 900,000 volumes in the UT library is one that is little known by the majority of students. He serves as head of the University depository in his direction of the best library in the Southwest. Page 15 PI DOROTHY LOUISE GEBAUER Dean of Women A gracious lady from Kentucky, Dean Gebauer is well loved by her ' girls ' for her tact and under- standing in all situations. Always available to students with problems, her smile and charming manner is a balm to worried mis-doers. A graduate of both Columbia and Oxford Universi- ties, she proves that she has an exceptional in- telligence as well as a wonderful heart. JACK HOLLAND Dean of Men Dean Jack is a staunch believer in extra-curricular activities for developing qualities of leadership in students. Dean of Men since 1948 and a UT graduate, he spends much of his time sponsoring Varsity Carnival, the Interfraternity Council, and the men ' s social fraternities and service organiza- tions. MARGARET PECK Assistant Dean of Women Before taking the even bigger job of Assistant Dean of Women in 1943, Miss Peck was the Social Director of Women ' s dormitories. She has also been the sponsor of Panhellenic Council from the Student Life Staff since 1944. Busy with her many jobs, she always has time for a chat with students. HELEN M. FLINN Assistant Dean of Women Sponsoring the Transfer Committee, Miss Flinn seeks to give the transfer student a more secure place on campus. Always interested in the dif- ferent phases of the student ' s college life, she is chairman of the calendar committee and is al- ways on hand to advise organizations on social activities. BARBARA GLIDDEN Assistant to the Dean of Women This is Mrs. Glidden ' s first year in the Dean of Women ' s office, but she is already well known to a large number of UT students. Her desk in the center of the Dean of Women ' s office is al- ways crowned by her friendly smile and willing- ness to help all students who come to her. Page 16 kf. :U :::- V Hil wing md T ' ODON CHARLES LESHIKAR Bursar Mr. Leshikar has been Bursar since February of last year. Before that time he was an accountant in the Auditor ' s office. Succeeding Mr. Lindahl he took over the big job of collecting fees, etc., for the University. C. LEWIS LINDAHL Assistant University Auditor Mr. Lindahl has been with the University since 1929. He became assistant auditor this year after serving the University as Bursar since 1948. Long acquainted with the University ' s financial matters, he has moved to his present position from assistant bookkeeper, cashier and supervisor. O. HOYT WILLIAMS Director Student Employment Bureau Mr. Williams has been with the University since 1947, when he began work with the testing and guidance bureau. He has also served as a consultant for the Hogg Foundation. Until this year he was a graduate student as well as Director of Student Employment Bureau. In his spare time he enjoys his two hobbies, hunting and gardening. CHARLES T. CLARK Director Classified Personnel Office An outstanding student during his undergraduate days, Mr. Clark was APO president and a member of Friars. Last year he was Director of Non- academic Personnel and before that Director of the Employment Bureau. Mr. Clark began his work at the University in the Dean of Men ' s office. FRANKLIN LANIER COX Assistant to the President One of the busiest men on the University campus, Mr. Cox has been assistant to the Presi- dent since February of this year. He entered the University as a freshman in 1930 and with the exception of two years in the Navy he has been here ever since. He has a BBA degree as well as a University law degree, and now serves as Secretary of the General Faculty along with all his other jobs. Page 17 HARWELL HAMILTON HARRIS Director School of Architecture Mr. Harris has been with me University only three years, but his work before he became director of the School of Architecture has been published in Swiss, Argentine, German, Swedish, and Japa- nese periodicals. His long list of accomplishments includes an illustrated article in Life of one of the houses he designed, and recognition by the Encyclopedia Britannica in 1939. ROBERT RAYMOND DOUGLASS Director Graduate School of Library Science Direcior of the University ' s Library School since its founding in 1948, Mr. Douglass has in five years made the school one of the best in this part of the country. Not a bookworm by any means, he has a wide variety of outside interests. Previous to becoming director of the school at U. T., he was both teacher and librarian in Texas, Georgia, and Kansas. L. L CLICK Associate Dean College of Arts and Sciences Dean Click is one of the most popular deans on the campus. Beloved by all the many students he counsels in Arts and Sciences, he is also a favorite prof. His wide background of literature was achieved by love for his " hobby, " reading. His twin granddaughters gain a large part of his time away from the campus. PAUL J. THOMPSON Director School of Journalism Known to all the aspiring journalism students as the best of Texas journalists, Mr. Thompson is a real friend and counselor to his students. His pride in the new Journalism Building is equaled only by his desire to prepare journalism majors for the jabs they assume after graduation. W. PAGE KEETON Dean, School of Law Dean Keeton is well known among lawyers not only for his educational contributions to the pro- fession, but also for his extensive writing in Texas, Oklahoma, and Minnesota Law Reviews. A teacher as well as a Dean, he is admired by the scores of fledgling lawyers the University graduates each year. Besides the law, bridge and gardening take up most of Dean Keeton ' s leisure time. JAMES R. EDDY Dean, Division of Extension One of the unsung heroes on the U. T. Campus, or rather Little Campus, Dean Eddy is greatly admired by his co-workers. Performing a service much needed by those who desire an education but are unable to take their full curriculum on the campus, Dean Eddy is nationally recognized as an authority on vocational education. He has had a varied background as teacher and research specialist. Page 18 WILLIS RAYMOND WOOLRICH Dean, College of Engineering Dean Woolrich has a wide background in the field of engineering. As president of the American So- ciety of Engineering Education, he represented that organization at an international meeting on engineering education in January, 1953. Well known to all U.T. engineers, Dean Woolrich served in 1948 as the chief scientific officer of the Scien- tific Section of the U. S. Embassy in England. LAURENCE D. HASKEW Dean, College of Education A naturalized Texan, Dean Haskew is a journalist as well as a teacher of teachers. In his under- graduate days he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. As a teacher he is a familiar sight not only in Edu- cation Headquarters, Sutton Hall, but also in the University Methodist Church where he is an ac- tive member. A. P. BROGAN Dean, Graduate School To be listed in Who ' s Who in America is a goal desired by many, but achieved by few. Dean Bro- gan has received this honor for the past seven- teen years, but that is only what might be ex- pected from a man who jumped from an instructor- ship in Philosophy to president of the Conference of Deans of Southern Graduate Schools. A bril- liant man, Dean Brogan devotes the majority of his time to the University and the Graduate School. lift II I imp E. WILLIAM DOTY Dean, College of Fine Arts Dean Doty studied music at the University of Leip- zig, and since then has become known as one of the outstanding musicians of the Southwest. He has been known to conduct an opera on a day ' s no- tice, and is well known in Austin as well as on the campus for his organ recitals. HENRY M. BURLAGE Dean, College of Pharmacy Mr. Burlage has been Dean of the College of Phar- macy at U. T. since 1947. Previously with the University of North Carolina he now stays busy with Rho Chi, Sigma Xi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Al- pha Chi, and Kappa Psi, as well as his many du- ties as Dean. WILLIAM R. SPRIEGEl Dean, College of Business Administration An author as well as Dean and instructor, Dean Spriegel ' s books on industrial and personnel man- agement are widely used in many colleges and universities over the nation. Before he came to Texas in 1948 to join the staff, he was director of the management department at Northwestern University. For his extensive work in his field he has been listed in Who ' s Who in America. (iolist. Page 19 Baa id Hulon W. Black, Director George P. Hill, Chairman Director HULON W. BLACK Assistant Director FISHER A. TYLER BOARD GEORGE P. HILL, chairman, Fort Worth L. H. CULLUM, Wichita Falls HINES H. BAKER, Houston J. A. GOOCH, Fort Worth W. B. BATES, Houston ROBERT W. STAYTON, Austin ROGER J. WILLIAMS, Austin LOGAN WILSON, Austin JAMES RALPH WOOD, Dallas J. M. BENNETT, JR., San Antonio MRS. BEN F. VAUGHAN, JR., Corpus Christ! ANGUS G. WYNNE, Dallas The University of Texas Development Board, the fund raising agency for the University, includes in its membership representatives of the Board of Regents, tha Ex-Students ' Association, the Administration, and the faculty. Its primary purpose is to assist in financing approved University projects which may not reasonably be expected to be financed either from the appropriation of public funds or from the income of the Uni- versity ' s endowment. The Board consists of ten members, three of whom are named by the Board of Regents, four by the Executive Council of the Ex-Students ' Association, and two by and from the general faculty. The Chancellor serves as an ex-officio member. As members of the Board these men receive no financial remuneration but donate their time and effort for the welfare of the State through the University. The Board is directly responsible to the Board cf Regents, and any project which it undertakes must first receive the approval of the Administration. It attempts to assist in carrying forward the University ' s pro- gram as outlined and approved by the Administration and the Regents. In seeking funds for approved proj- ects it works with foundations, both local and national; with individuals both in Texas and outside the bounds of the State; and with corporations and other business enterprises whose interest and support can be enlisted. Within the University it works closely not only with the administrative officers but also with members of the faculty in developing and financing a great variety of enterprises which are needed for the upbuilding both of the Main University and its various branches. These enterprises run the gamut from buildings, scholarships, and fellowships to research projects, library acquisitions, additions to the museums, salary supplementation, and many other phases of the University ' s life and work. Page 20 John A. McCurdy, Secretary Robert Lee Bobbin, President OFFICERS President ROBERT LEE BOBBITT, ' 15 First Vice-President JAMES L. SHEPHARD, JR., ' 17 Second Vice-President A. W. WALKER, JR., ' 23 Secretary JOHN A. McCURDY, ' 25 The Ex-Students ' Association is a voluntary organization of loyal and interested ex-students of the Uni- versity, who s eek to serve their school, and at the same time maintain ties binding them to the University and to each other. Central office of the Association is located in the Union Building, but its work extends over a wide area. Scores of Texas Ex Clubs, affiliated with the Association, have been set up throughout Texas, in most major cities of the Nation, and in some foreign countries. The Association maintains records of all former students, these data being constantly used by faculty, ad- ministration, student organizations, newspapers, and ex-student groups. The Alcalde, alumni magazine, is published nine times yearly, and the Association administers over $323,000 in loan and scholarship funds. Sponsorship of Round-Up each spring is an Association function, as are promotion of Texas Ex Clubs and their March 2nd (Independence Day) meetings, annual giving by exes to the University and maintenance of athletic and legislative committees throughout the State. Functioning as an important public relations arm of the University, the Ex-Students ' Association to interpret the institution to the people of Texas, and the desires and needs of the people of Texas to the Univer- sity. It seeks to assist in every possible way the material, academic and spiritual development of The University of Texas. Page 21 FRONT ROW: Holman, Payne, Cutbirth, Webb, Hampton. SECOND ROW: Armstrong, Blunk. OFFICERS President . . . . Vice-Presidents J. Brown Cutbirth, Houston William F. Weed, Beaumont Dixon J. Holman, Fort Worth Robert M. Payne, Austin A. L. Bollard, San Antonio Treasurer .... Secretary . . . . Past Presidents Maurice Adkins, Amarillo Ray Arnhold, Wichita Falls K. V. Attwell, Houston H. P. Byrnes, Palestine R. W. Byram, Austin Wm. A. Cline, Sr. Wharton C. K. Davis, Sherman James A. Davis, Fort Worth EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Paul F. Dickard, Waco E. W. Easterling, Beaumont Stanley Erskine, Midland H. S. Groesbeck, Crystal C ity Morris B. Hampton, Naples Maxey Hart, San Antonio Walter C. Hornaday, Washington, D. C. Jack Howell, Bryan Bob Armstrong, Austin W. D. Blunk, Austin Harry C. Webb, Houston John W. Hampton, Wichita Falls J. Lee Dittert, Bellville Chester W. Immel Corpus Christ! Hubert Ingraham, Sr., Abilene A. J. Luckett, New Braunfels Dr. C. M. Phillips, Levelland W. C. Ray, San Angela H. P. Smead, Longview John N. Touchstone, Dallas The University of Texas Dads ' Association was formed October 16, 1948 and provides in its constitution that " any father or male guardian of a student or ex-student of The University of Texas is a member. " During the past year, the organization has had over 1,700 participating members who have paid dues. Funds derived from these dues make possible the publication of the U. T. " Dads ' Digest, " a limited high school visitation program, and the sponsoring of Dads ' Day on the campus. In addition the Dads ' Associ ation main- tains a scholarship fund from which 19 scholarships were awarded during 1953-54. Dad ' s Day was observed on Saturday, November 7, 1953. Fathers and Mothers were given an opportuni- ty to visit the campus and were honored at a Coffee one for the Dads in the Main Lounge of the Union and one for the Mothers in the Rare Books Room of the Library. Dean Paul Boner of the University and President Harry Webb of the Dads ' Association spoke to the an- nual meeting of the Dads. Student entertainment numbers were provided and the Best All-Around Boy and the Best All-Around Girl awards were made to Miss Pat Hinds of Houston and Mr. Lynn Beason of Malvern, Ar- kansas. Page 22 IN MEMORIAM FACULTY Miguel Romera-Navarro Florence Spencer STAFF Gladys Wornell Pharr Robert Whittaker Schmied STUDENTS Robert G. Cantu, Jr. Stanley Chodorow Robert James Johnson Ann Celeste Jones Thomas C. Lazenby John Albert Palmer Page 23 n I Page 24 Graduates and Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Honoraries ac ewtic o N U xl. ABOUHALKAH, TAMIN A., Tripoli, Lebanon Petroleum Engineering, Acacia, Texas Academy of Science, AIAAE, TPEA, Astronomy Club, Austin Gem and Mineral Society, Ramshorn AL-HABIB, MAHMUD M., Basrah, Iraq Economics, Arab Student Associaion, YMCA ALLBRIGHT, DORIS FAYE, Crockett Music Education, A Cappella Choir, University Singers AL-NAJJAR, MAHDI All, Nasiviya, Iraq Economics AMOOSEGAR, HOOSHANG, Tehran, Iran Economics, MICA, International Club ASHBURN, BERYL CATHERINE, Dallas Social Work BALL, WILBUR A., Berclair Educational Administration BINFORD, JAMES B., Dallas Geology BORREGO, EVA R., Alamosa, Colo. Education, AKT, Newman Club BOYD, CLAUDE COLLINS, Kent Educational Administration BOYLE, ROBERT BRAY, Dallas History, AKK BROGDON, DEWEY ROBERT, Gorman Geology, AIME, Geological Society BROWN, MARGARET HELEN, Lubbock Accounting, KKF CAMERON, ELIZABETH, San Antonio English, San Antonio Club CATTERALL, FREDERICK WILLIAM III, Austin Management, KA, Camp Chest Solicitor CHIU, SEYMOUR SHIN-MOH, Hong Kong, China Civil Engineering, XK, ASCE, Chinese Student Association CHRISTIAN, NANCY, Dallas Secondary Education COOKE, CLAUDE E., JR., Kilgore Physics, KA, 1111, XA CRANSTON, PATSY LOU, Fort Worth Journalism, AXS2 DARBY, MARVIN GORDON, Austin French, AKM, AKA, Future Teachers of America DAVIS, JOYCE LORAYNE, Port Arthur Educational Psychology, I HK, X DEVINEY, MARVIN LEE, JR., Prairie Lea Physical Chemistry, XX, IAT, 1IIX, AXX, A M?, American Chemical Society, Wesley Foundation, YMCA, Humble Research Fellow in Chemistry, National Guard Association DRUMWRIGHT, CHARLES McNEILL, Bryan EDWARDS, ANNETTE, Beaumont English, Bluestockings ELLEDGE, J. LAWRENCE, Corpus Christ! Accounting, BA k, BT1, American Finance Association EVANS, JOHN SIDNEY, JR., Amarillo Economics, HH1I FOSTER, ARTHUR DOUGLAS, Haskell Finance, American Finance Association GARIBAY, RUBIN CASAREZ, Wichita, Kans. History, Latin American Studies, Newman Club, Tennis GHADIMI-NAVAI, MAHMOUD, Tehran, Iran Petroleum Engineering, AIME, YMCA GILES, MURRY BROWDER, Clarksville Marketing, I KT, Marketing Club GILLESPIE, HAROLD REESE, JR., Sherman English, KA GLAZE, KATHLEEN ADELE, Austin Business Administration and Commercial Education, AOH, IIAfr-), BBA, A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, Co-Ed Assembly, Graduate Club Page 76 GRAY, BILLY RICHARD, Wichita Falls Educational Administration, A ' I ' l. ' , Baptist Student Union HARRIS, CHRISTINE B., Kingsville HELLER, ROBERT, JR., Houston Mathematics HELLWIG, KATHERINE CARLISLE, Jewett Chemical Engineering, 1111, i XK, Tllll, A AT, AlChE HELLWIG, LANGLEY ROBERTS, Beaumont Chemical Engineering, Tllll, S. ' XK, -I ' AT, IX, AX1, AlChE HONEYCUTT, JERALD M., Hawkins Organic Chemistry, Al 1 ! 1 , A ' K ' , American Chemical Society HUDSON, CATHERINE ANN, Austin Educational Psychology, KKI " , UAH, X JAGIRDAR, SAYED HAZRAT PASHA, Pakistan Economics, Muslim Student Group JOHNS, RICHARD A., Cameron Bacteriology, Baptist Student Union, TLOK KEMP, PAT S., Houston KENNY, ROBERT WAYNE, Stephenville Journalism, 1AX, II1A, Friars, Silver Spurs, Daily Texan Editor KIMBRELL, DON L., Austin Psychology, +X KLEYMEYER, RALPH T., JR., Evansville, Ind. Latin-American Studies, Journalism, Music, History, Geography, iM ' K, Longhorn Band, University Singers, United World Federalists KYSER, JAMES B., Houston Aeronautical Engineering, TBII, MT1, ' Mil, lAeS LAMBERT, EUGENE WASDON, JR., Memphis, Tenn. LEE, ROBERT EDWARD, Houston Psychology LI, FOOK KONG, Hong Kong, China Industrial Engineering, Chinese Student Association LOCKWOOD, VINSON M ARTIN, Austin Physics, ' I ' lir MAHMOUD, MAHMOUD M., Alexandria, Egypt Mechanical Engineering, ASHVE MCMILLAN, LEMMON c, Prairie view Economics, A ' I ' .V MITCHELL, CAROLYN HILLIARD, Austin Educational Psychology MORAN, SIDNEY STUART, Tulsa, Okla. Geology, AKII, H ' K, University Geological Society, Hillel MORCOS, ANTOINE BENOIT, Ramallah, Jordan MOURITSEN, T. EDGAR, Waukegan, III. Mechanical Engineering MUGFORD, EDWARD GARRETT, JR., Dallas Medical Psychology, X, MICA, ROTC OWENS, NELL KENNEDY, Uvalde History PARR, PAMELA, Alice Professional Accounting, A ,, BA PATTERSON, NANCY IRENE, Texarkana Anthropology, AAII PEALE, WILLIAM F., JR., Austin Electrical Engineering PERKINS, THOMAS HAROLD, Austin Sociology, MICA PERKINS, THOMAS K., Dallas Chemical Engineering PERSSON, EWA NAEMI MARIA, Stockholm, Sweden Economics Page 27 rt 1 1 " w PETER, DEE A., Austin Education PLUMMER, LEONARD BRODNAX, SR., Austin Educational Administration RAY, NORWIN GENE, Dallas Psych ology, T.i f , HI, 2AI1, Hillel RICHERSON, RAE E., Abernathy Government RILEY, MARY JO, Temple Elementary Education, 1 1 Aft, Baptist Student Union, Association for Childhood Education SAADOON, All SAIF, Hai, Iraq Finance, American Finance Association SADLER, CHESTER CALHOUN, Gatesville Geology, ROTC, Westminster Student Fellowship SATTAR, ABDUL RAZZAK, Baghdad, Iraq Physics SATTAR, ABDUS, Lyallpur, Pakistan Business Administration SATTERFIELD, ISAAC JOSEPH, Salisbury, N. C. Chemistry, AX! SHEPHERD, CHARLIE B., Houston Special Education, A 1 A, NAACP SMITH, EDGAR LEE, Dallas English, University Speleological Society, Future Teachers of Language Arts SMITH, JACK B., Abilene Personnel Management SOLIS-FLORES, ROBERTO, Brownsville Cotton-Marketing STRUM, GERALD STANLEY, San Antonio Zoology, MICA THANNOUN, SABIHA, Mosul, Iraq Chemistry THORN, DONALD C., San Antonio Electrical Engineering THORNTON, CHALLIE KATHRYN, San Antonio Physical Education, XSi TREVINO, DOROTHY B., Laredo Zoology, Alba Club, Laredo Club VARIAS, JOSEFINA R., Manila, Phillippines Educational Administration, IIAB, ' ( ' X, Christian Faith and Life Community, American Association of University Women, International Club WALKER, ANNE PARKE, Austin Physiology, A ( f WALKER, GENE COWDEN, Weatherford Mechanical Engineering, Assembly, ASME, Freshman Orientation Committee, Texas Student Publications Board of Directors WALTON, DURWARD GRADY, Johnson City Social Work WALTON, RICHARD LEE, Dallas Mechanical Engineering, BHII, IIT1, ASME WALTON, ZELLA BRATTON, Johnson City Counseling and Special Education, X, IIAH WARD, GLEN B., Shidler, Okla. Bio-Chemistry WEISINGER, THOMAS MARVIN, JR., Conroe Chemistry, American Chemical Society WESTBROOK, M. HELENE, Austin Spanish Language and Literature WILLIAMS, KENNETH B., Tulia Botany WILLSON, DAN HENRY, Mount Pleasant Chemistry, ATS! WRIGHT, JOHN B., San Antonio Geology, WM WULFE, CARL E., San Antonio Accounting Page 2B AALUND, LEO R., Houston ' ABREGO, SARA ANN, Houston Plan II, A ., AAA, ill 1 , -I ' BK, Orange Jackets ACOSTA, JESUS, Chihuahua, Mexico Business Administration, Newman Club ADAMS, ALEXANDER, Houston Insurance and Real Estate, Kil ADAMS, ETHELDRA MARGARET, Selman City Education, .11 ' , Talent Committee, Texannes ADAMS, GILBRETH DENTON, Amarillo Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Intramurals ADAMS, HAROLD GLENN, San Angela Architectural Engineering, Mariners, AAAE, Baptist Student Union, Vsrsity Cross Country, Varsity Track, Buccaneers, NROTC ADAMS, MARGARET, Midland Home Economics, ON, Baptist Student Union, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, REW Committee AL-ALAWY, HUMMADY M., Nasiriyah, Iraq Geography ALBINGER, CLAUDE EUGENE, Hallettsville Pharmacy, MICA, South Central Texas Club, Newman Club, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association ALEXANDER, HERBERT LLOYD, JR., Houston Law, MICA, Westminster Student Fellowship ALEXANDER, JAMES DARWIN, Dallas Drama, Curtain Club ALLEN, BETTY ELAINE, Bogota English, 1.111, Sidney Lanier, Glee Club, Future Teachers of America, Pearce Co-op, Westminster Student Fellowship ALLEN, JOHN R., Austin Chemical Engineering, K. ALVAREZ, ROY RODRIGUEZ, JR., Harlingen Geology, Alba Club, Geology Society, ROTC ANDERSON, JOHN WILLIAM, Austin Management, -I ' KT, -I ' ll I, Friars, Silver Spurs, Assembly, Union Board of Directors ANDERSON, KENNETH DAYLE, Austin Mathematics ANDERSON, MARY JANE, Hutto Advertising, Valhalla Co-Op, Cap and Gown ANDERSON, ROSS EVERETT, JR., Houston Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Christian Science Organization ANDREW, LAURA SUE, Dallas Secretarial Science, AAA, H11A, Canterbury Club, Cap and Gown, Grievance Committee ANTHONY, PEGGY L., Houston Child Development, Kirby Hall Student Relations, Cap and Gown, ACE Bow and Arrow APPEL, GLADYS M., Brenham Accounting, BBA ARISCO, VIOLA MARIE, Port Arthur Home Economics, I ' ' I ' H, ON, Newman Club, Sidney Lanier, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, Upperclass Advisor ARNHOLD, RAY CARL, JR., Wichita Falls Chemistry, ' M ' A ARTHUR, JENNIE CARTER, Beaumont Elementary Education, XT A ATCHISON, JOE LESLIE, JR., Baytown Pre-Medical, AHA, MICA ATKIN, RICHARD T., Georgetown Plan II, IK-III, ' M!K, Silver Spurs, Assembly, Goodfellow, Varsity Debate, Campus Chest, Student Government Reorganization ATTRA, HARVEY D., Houston Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Student Engineering Council AUSTIN, RICHARD BUCKNER, Dallas Business Administration, AKK, Silver Spurs, Discipline Committee, Varsity Tennis AVERY, RUBY CELESTE, Brookshire Chemistry, 1111, Glee Club AWALT, GRACE ELIZABETH, Dallas Elementary Education, AAA, Ashbel, Baptist Student Union AXLINE, SHIRLEY, Clarksville Education, AXS!, Sidney Lanier, Future Teachers of America, Wesley Foundation Page 29 AYRES, JOHN D., Navasota Business Administration, ATA. BAIM, BARBARA, Pine Bluff, Ark. Journalism, XAT, Reagan BAIN, BONNIE SUE, Centerville Bacteriology, Wesley Foundation BAIN, JESSE L, JR., Waco Chemical Engineering, AI , Swing and Turn, AlChE, Rifle Team, Amateur Radio Club BAIN, ROGER DOWNEY, Corpus Christ! Business Administration, ROTC BAKER, ERNEST T., JR., San Antonio Geology, University Geological Society, AIME BAKER, ESTHER MELBA, Hidalgo International Trade, Newman Club BALLARD, BARBARA, San Antonio Spanish, KKI ' , Turtle Club, Trigerette Club BANDER, NORMA JOYCE, Longview Elementary Education, KKI ' , Pierian, UTSA Rifle Club BANKS, BARBARA JANE, Victoria Elementary Education, Newman Club, WICA, Spooks, Co-Ed Assembly, Housechairmen Association BANKSTON, CHARLES A., Port Arthur Government, ! t K, Silver Spurs, AFROTC, Union Activities Council BANTA, NORMAN SAMUEL, Beaumont Chemical Engineering, X t BARBER, WILLIAM G., Lockhart Speech, BHII, t HZ, Ail ' , t BK, Interfraternity Council, Silver Spurs, Athenaeum, Varsity Debate BARKER, DONALD BARRON, Austin Petroleum Engineering, TK1C, AIME BARKER, PATRICIA SUE, Crystal City Commercial Teaching, XS. 1 , DBA, Rally Committee, Talent Committee, Women Voters, YWCA BARNES, BILLY J., Hallettsville Electrical Engineering, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade, IRE BARNEY, DAN DUANE, San Antonio Retailing, Speliological Society, ROTC Varsity Rifle Team BARRETT, ELLWOOD TALMAGE, Madisonville Geology BARRETT, MARIE WHITLEY, Madisonville Home Economics, OX, MA -t, Home Economics Club BARR, ELIZABETH LOUISE, Newgulf AAusic Education, At , EAI BARSHOP, JERRY RONALD, Dallas Business Administration, 1AM BASS, JERRY ALFRED, Port Arthur Radio and Television,, AXA BATAYNEH, NASIR, Irbed, Jordan Pre-Medical BATE, FRANK REGINALD, San Augustine Industrial Management and Personnel Management, MICA BATEMAN, WILLIAM ALBERT, Amarillo Mechanical Engineering BATEN, WYETH LEE, Lefors Geology, MICA, Geological Society BATES, LOIS ELIZABETH, San Antonio Personnel Management, AAA BATEY, DOROTHY MARIE, Cameron Elementary Education BATSON, ARTHUR LEE, Austin Business Administration, Swimming Team BAUER, SYDNEY MOORE, Seguin Business Administration, AXA, Canterbury Club BEALL, JULIA KATHERINE, Crockett Radio-Television, T ' Mi, Radio and Television Guild, YWCA, Assembly, Wesley Foundation, Wesley Players, Christian Faith and Life Community, Radio House BEALL, PEGGY JAN, Dallas Business Education, X ' .?, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist, Cap and Gown, NROTC Sponsor, Sweetheart Finalist, Steer Here Committee Page 30 BEARD, MARIETTA, Taft Home Economics, AAX Ashbel, YWCA BEASON, LAWRENCE LINDELL, Malvern, Ark. Transportation, Tejas Club, Cowboys, Friars, Outstanding Student, Best All Around Boy, Union Board of Directors, Scabbard and Blade BECKER, ALLEN JACK, Houston Marketing, ' I ' lA, Cowboys, Friars, Campus Chest, Dad ' s Day, Varsity Carnival, Greek Week, Mike Flynn Award BERRY, ROGER LEWIS, San Antonio Insurance, KA, AK , Arnold Air Society BELCHER, BESSIE RAE, Dickinson Sociology, AOII, ' NIK, Women Voters BELSER, GEORGE R., Ingleside Accounting BERGER, THEODORE J., San Antonio Engineering Route to Business Administration BERRYMAN, FRANCES, Houston Art, A ' l , Spooks, Cactus, Panhellenic, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist, Upperclass Advisor, Sigma Chi Sweetheart Nominee BIBLE, WILLIAM DANA, Austin Business Administration, AKK, Varsity Football, T Association BIGGS, RAY COKER, Boling Applied Art, Westminster Student Fellowship BILDERBACK, VIRGINIA R., San Angela Personnel Management, HlfA, San Angelo Club, Wesley Foundation BILLFALDT, PATRICIA JOAN, Houston Plan II, Woodrow Wilson Fellowship BINFORD, WILLIAM T., Houston Pharmacy BINTLIFF, BEVERLY, Houston Secretarial Studies, KAH, Turtle Club BIRDWELL, LEROY, JR., San Antonio Business Administration, Pre-Law, IIH1I, ' Mil, Cowboys, Assembly, Student Court BISKAMP, WILLIAM TAYLOR, Austin Geology, ' l-Kl, " L ' V.. SAME, Scabbard and Blade, Geological Society BLACK, FRANK ROBERT, JR., Houston Ceramic Engineering, AFROTC, American Ceramic Society BLACK, LEE WINN, Georgetown Electrical Engineering, AIEE, IRE BLAKE, BETTY, Groesbeck English, X,TA, YWCA, Women Voters, Reagan, Great Issues Committee, Future Teachers of America BLAIR, SAMUEL RUFUS, Dallas Journalism, XAX, AFROTC, Daily Texan, Ranger BLAIS, LOIS DOROTHY, Austin Elementary Education, I ' A, ACE BLALOCK, DANA LAWTON, Seymour, Tenn. Aeronautical Engineering, MICA, Student Engineering Council, lAeS BLANKS, DOROTHY GAY, San Angelo Spanish, HIM 1 , 1AI1, Pierian BLATT, MARILYN CLAIRE, Dallas Art Education, A ' I ' K, Hillel BLOODGOOD, ELIZABETH ANN, Austin Interior Decorating, A1A, Cap and Gown BODE, GEORGE ELROY, Kerrville English, -MiK, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, Ranger, Wesley Foundation BOLING, LA NELLE JOHNSON, Fort Worth Speech Therapy, University Law Wive ' s Club BOLINGER, HELENE, Chicago, III. Mathematics BONHAM, WILLIAM DON, Navasota Law, ATA, ' I ' A ' h, NXA, Student Cooperative Association, Silver Spurs, UTSAM, Varsity Tennis, ROTC BONNER, DONNA PACE, Austin Speech Education, Newman Club, Curtain Club, Speech Club, Forensica BOOTH, LEON, JR., Baltimore, Md. Insurance and Real Estate, AXA, Newman Club, AFROTC BORIACK, J. W., Bellville Industrial Management, I K1, Intramurals, Lutheran Student Association Page 31 BOSLEY, ALONZO WILSON, Galveston Personnel Management BOTHWELL, MARTIN EHRFRIED, Harlingen Pharmacy, KM ' , Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association, Lutheran Student Association BOYD, KATHRYN FRANCES, Austin Personnel Management, I M, HllA, Cap and Gown, Baptist Student Uniorv Women Voters, Cactus BOYER, MARCIA J., Fort Worth Applied Art, Baptist Student Union, Art Students Association BOYKIN, JO ANNE, Austin Education, XS?, Campus Chest BOYNTON, THOMAS F., Spearman Advertising, AA1, Student Marketing Club BOX, JAYME LOU, Nixon Elementary Education, A Cappella Choir BRADLEY, JAMES JEAN, Katy Physics and Mathematics, HS, E1IX, -I ' BK, MICA, Glee Club BRADLEY, WANDA SMITH, Wichita Falls English, AAA, HAH, Future Teachers of America BRANDA, GILBERT L., Port Arthur Accounting, AX A, All I, Newman Club BRANNOM, DALE BAIRD, Houston Pharmacy, AKK, K , I ' X BRASSELL, SHIRLEY SUE, Carthage English, AIM, Bluestockings, Reagan BREDLOW, JO ANN ELIZABETH, Dallas English, XS?, Reagan, AFROTC Sponsor, Upperclass Advisor BREEDLOVE, TOM E., JR., Alice Geology, Geological Society BRIDGES, ELSIE JANE, Breckenridge Clothing and Textiles, ATA, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, Bluestockings BRIGHAM, BEN M., JR., Austin Business Administration BRISBIN, ALBERT WINSLOW, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, TKK, NROTC, Young Democrats, Disciples Student Fellowship BROOKS, TOM J., San Antonio English, Twin Pines Co-Op BROOKS, WILLIAM C., Amarillo Bacteriology, re-Medical, Ahil, Thcleme Co-Op, A Cappella Choir BROUSSARD, ERNESTINE ELOISE, San Antonio History, WICA, Newman Club, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, San Antonio Club BROWN, ANTHONY WAYNE, Harlingen Law, HZ, Pre-Law Society, Young Democrats BROWN, FRED E., Prairie Lea Aeronautical Engineering, Theleme Co-Op, Baptist Student Union, lAeS BROWN, JIMMY BALDWIN, Tenaha Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Baptist Student Union BROWN, THOMAS C., San Antonio Civil Engineering, I ' K1, ASCE BROWNLEE, JEAN K., Madisonville Spanish, XS2, Racquet Club, Ashbel BRUBAKER, ELLEN, Austin Journalism, English, H | BRUMLEY, CARL RAY, Austin Business Administration, J FA BRUNER, ROY E., Longview Banking and Finance, American Finance Association BUCHANAN, JOHN W., JR., Luling Chemistry, MICA, Baptist Student Union BUCK, MILDRED, Burton Elementary Education, ACE, University Singers, Shangri-La Co-Op BURCH, J. R. (PETE), JR., Bellaire Chemistry IXK BURKHART, BURKE, Dallas Geology, MICA, Geological Society Page 32 BURKHALTER, JOANNE EARLENE, Austin Home Economics, U. Spooks, TISA, Cap and Gown, Campus Chest Committee BURKHARDT, JAMES RICHARD, Kerrville Radio Broadcasting, Radio Guild, MICA BURKS, MARY SUE, Austin Elementary Education, A l ' , Women Voters, Westminster Student Fellowship, Cap and Gown, Union Dance Committee BURNETT, MARY FRANCES, Dumas Vocational Home Economics BURNS, NED HAMILTON, Texarkana Architectural Engineering, Tltll, XK, Baptist Student Union, AAAE BUROW, ISABELLE LUCIE, Killeen Plan II, MHI, Canter Club BURR, BARBARA EVE, Austin Child Development, AAA, ACE BURTON, WILLIAM LEON, JR., Alice Physics BUSBY, RICHARD E., Silsbee Journalism, 1AX, MICA, Grassroots Press Club, Daily Texan, Ranger, Public Relations Committee BUSE, WILLIAM R., JR., Texarkana Transportation, AXA BUSCH, CAROL, Dallas Teacher Education in Home Economics, AAII, Square Dance Club BYBEL, EDWARD JOHN, Bayonne, N. J. Mechanical Engineering, 4 K+, ASME BYRAM, CARRIELU BOYKIN, Austin English, XL ' , YWCA, University Singers, Cap and Gown BYRD, JAMES MARTIN, Nacogdoches Business Administration, ATA BYRD, WILLIAM MARTIN, San Antonio Geology, Physics, X , Interfraternity Council, Silver Spurs CABANISS, SARAH DELORIS, Gretna, La. English, Bluestockings, Cap and Gown CALDWELL, ANGELA BERNICE, Houston Physical Education, I ' -Mi, HAft, Co-Ed assembly, Wakonda Co-Op, UTSA, Cap and Gown, PEM Club,, YWCA, Mortar Board CALLAWAY, SANDRA ANN, Corpus Christ! English, AT, Panhellenic, Cactus CAMPBELL, CHARLOTTE ANN, Odessa Art CAMPBELL, DONALD M., San Antonio Geology-Mathematics CAMPBELL, ROBERT WARE, Galveston Geology, Geological Society, Wesley Foundation CANTRELL, JOE HOWARD, Austin CAPPS, SALLY KATRON, Mason Secretarial Studies, AX, Cap and Gown, Sidney Lanier, Cactus CARAWAY, THOMAS DALE, Tulia Psychology, +X, Arnold Air Society GARDEN, WELDON E., Midland Accounting, A II CARLTON, JAMES DAWSON, Houston Finance, ATfi, T Association CARMICHAEL, ALAN R., Brookshire Pharmacy, Scabbard and Blade, Campus Guild, AROTC, Distinguished Military Student, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association, Wesley Foundation CARPENTER, JEAN ELISABETH, Uvalde English, Cap and Gown, Bluestockings, Future Teachers of America CARR, THEODORE, JR., Roma CARRUTH, ROBERT BRUCE, Austin Chemistry, Hull CARSON, ROBERT C., JR., Houston Business Administration, 1.AK CARSON, JOEL L., Alice Chemistry, AM, TLOK, Yell-leader Page 33 CARSON, RALPH VAUGHN, JR., Houston Geology, X , Interfraternity Council, Steer Here Committee, Geological Society, Young Democrats, Houston Club CARSON, ROBERT LEE, JR., Fort Worth Business Administration, KE, Silver Spurs, T Association CARTER, MARGARET RUTH, Edinburg Art Education, XS2, Cap and Gown CARTER, ROBERT WESLEY, Madisonville Pharmacy, Wesley Foundation, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association CARUTHERS, JAMES M., San Antonio Geology CARUTHERS, RICHARD B., Fort Worth Industrial Management, AFROTC CASSELL, ALAN J., Newark, N. J. Geology, fLK, Geological Society CASTANEDA, CONSUELO DOLORES, Austin Romance Languages, ZAII, WICA, Spooks, Newman Club, Latin-American Club, Cap and Gown, Women Voters CASTNER, WILLIS HUNT, Midland Petroleum Engineering, 6X, AIME GATES, JACK LEE, Wichita Falls Architectural Engineering, XE, TBII, AAAE CECIL, JEAN, Paris English, KKF, Pierian CHANCELLOR, J. CAMDEN, Midland Advertising, X, AA CHANDLER, A. DON, JR., Austin Sociology CHAPMAN, WILLIAM W., Memphis, Tenn. Marketing, IAE, Distinguished Military Student CHASKIN, MEYER, Houston Architecture, TA4 , Hillel, American Institute of Architects CHATMAN, PHIL K., Dallas Petroleum Engineering, 4 KT CHAUDOIN, JOAN, Harlingen Elementary Education, ZTA, Ten Most Beautiful, Sweetheart Finalist, Bluebonne Belle, ROTC Sponsor CHILTON, NANCY ANN, Port Lavaca Home Economics, Home Economics Club, International Club, Wesley Foundation CHITWOOD, JOHN CARROLL, Austin Economics, A4 , A " I Q, Austin Club CHOJNACKI, E. JOYCE WINEBRENER, Newgulf Zoology, AAII CHOKAS, MITCHELL JAMES, Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering, AIME CHUMNEY, PAT SWEARINGEN, San Antonio Architecture, WA CHUPICK, MARY FRANCES, Tem e Home Economics Education, ZTA, Orange Jackets, Home Economics Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Co-Ed Assembly, Round-Up Committee, Campus Chest Steering Committee, Sweetheart Nominee CLARK, JACK C., Brownwood Petroleum Engineering, AX, AFROTC CLEGG, MARSHALL T., San Antonio Business Administration, f FA, JH, Cowboys, Head Yell-Leader CLEMONS, ROBERT EWING, Houston English, KZ, Interfraternity Council, Cowboys CLINE, BOBB JAMES, Floydada Banking and Finance, HH, Interfraternity Council, American Finance Association, Baptist Student Union COBB, MADELEINE ANN, Hillsboro Art History, F ' MJ, Newman Club, Charm Committee, Union Activities Council COE, WILLIAM DOUGLAS, Center Pharmacy, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association COGHLIN, ROBERT L., Shrewsbury, Mass. Business Administration, Pre-Law, ANA, Intramurals, Oak Grove COHEN, BARRY LIPPMAN, McAllen Architectural Engineering, AKH, AAAE COHEN, ELLIOTT ZALMAN, Houston Business Administration, f A, Interfraternity Council, Silver Spurs, Summer Assembly, Senior Ring Committee, Arnold Air Sociey Page 34 COLEMAN, V. ELIZABETH, Austin Arts and Sciences, AXSJ, A Cappella Choir, University Singers, Tumle COLLENBACK, WILLIAM GEORGE, Austin Government, A lii COLLINS, CLAUDIA ANNE, Tyler Elementary Education, ZTA COLLINS, FRANCIS ALLEN, Austin Physics COLVIN, JACOB R., Savoy Radio Broadcasting, -HC , Radio-Television Guild COMSTOCK, JUDITH REEVES, Houston COOPER, BENNY REX, McLean Retailing, American Marketing Association, Intramurals, AFROTC, Baptist Student Union COPEN, BILL AUSTIN, Odessa Electri cal Engineering, A C, P X CORNELL, ROBERT KING, San Antonio Personnel Management, IIKA, AK , Disciple Student Fellowship COX, ALBERT HARRINGTON, JR., Austin Finance, BOII, H, Cowboys COX, HELEN R., Texarkana Journalism, English, HXI , Cap and Gown, Texarkana Club, Grassroots Press Club, Daily Texan CRAINER, EMMA JEAN, Bay City Elementary Education, ATA, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation, ACE, Women Voters, Future Teachers of America CRALLE, ROBERT P., LaMarque Architectural Engineering, Acacia, AAAE, SAME, Rangers, Christian Science Organization CRAWFORD, ADELE, Crockett Chemistry and Music CRAYCROFT, JOHN THOMAS, Dallas Architectural Engineering, SX, Interfraternity Council, AAAE CREWS, BETTY LOU, Pittsburg Elementary Education, ZTA CROCKETT, BARBARA, Port Arthur Home Economics, AAA, Ashbel, Cap and Gown CRON, JOHN SHRIGLEY, Rockport Industrial Management, A t CROWNOVER, JAMES DARRAGH, Pampa Mechanical Engineering, ASME CRUM, LARRY LEE, Brownsville Management, SIE CUDD, DEWITT WILLIAM, Port Arthur Personnel Administration, AROTC CULVER, EDWINA LEE, Tyler Design and Textiles, XS7, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Steer Here CUMMINGS, JACK ED, Hereford Civil Engineering, XK, ASCE CUNDIFF, DIXIE, Centerville Music Education, AX, 2AI, HKA, A Cappella Choir, University Singers CUNNINGHAM, ZELLA M., San Angela Elementary Education CURRY, GENE WATSON, Dallas Business Administration CURRY, RICHARD EARL, Waxahachie Journalism, SAX, Daily Texan, Ranger, Cactus Associate Editor DABNEY, PATSY RUTH, Rogers English, ZTA, Bluestockings, Ashbel, Cap and Gown DALLY, GRATIA ELIZABETH, Borger Sociology DAMON, ANN, Bartlesville, Okla. Sociology, r t B, Women Voters DANCY, BETTIE M., Orange Plan II, II !! ' ! , Ashbel, Cap and Gown, Great Issues, Spooks DANIEL, FRANCES SHIREE, Lufkin Home Economics, AXSJ, Texas Stars, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, Co-Ed Assembly, Westminster Student Fellowship, Daily Texan Page 35 DANIEL, ROBERT GLENN, Gladewater Zoology, MICA, Texas Association of German Students DANNER, PAUL, Lake Charles, La. Government, Tejas Club D ' ARIA, MAURICE DANA, Middlebush, N. J. Mathematics, AROTC DAVIS, BILL JOE, Ada, Okla. Economics DAVIS, DON WALLACE, Dallas Economics, Acacia DAVIS, KATHERYN LOUISE, Port Arthur Elementary Education, AAA, ACE DAVIS, MARIE K., Itasca Physical Education, PEM Club, Poona Club DAVIS, MILTON HARDING, JR., Corpus Christ! Chemical Engineering DAVIS, ROY A., JR., San Antonio Architectural Engineering, AAAE, ASCE DAY, JAMES MILTON, Brownwood English, Scabbard and Blade DEAHL, CHARLES JAMES, JR., Austin History, f Ae DEFRATES, CLYDE, JR., Port Arthur Civil Engineering, ASCE DE LA CRUZ, GILBERT Mercedes Industrial Management DELGADO, JAIME N., El Paso Pharmacy, PX, K , Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association DENMAN, CHARLOTTE, Tyler Physical Education, X, PEM Club DERESE, BETTYE B., Port Arthur Advertising, AZ, BHA, Wesley Foundation, Women Voters, American Marketing Association, Radio-Television Guild, Cap and Gown, Young Republicans, TSO DESTEFANO, MARTIN JOSEPH, Hearne Accounting, AT, Newman Club DEVERTER, PAUL LOGAN II, Baytown M echanical Engineering, 1 K , A S2, ASME, SAME, Rangers, AROTC DEVINE, PATRICIA, San Antonio Spanish, Club Inteca DIAL, PRESTON HASTINGS, JR., San Antonio Law, Plan II, +PA, 4 eK, Cowboys, Round-Up, Campus Chest, Religious Emphasis DICKARD, PAUL FRANKLIN, JR., Waco English, I E, AFROTC DICKENS, JOHN POWERS, Marlin Personnel Management, tKS DICKERSON, JO ANN, Austin Journalism, f) l , Daily Texan, Ranger, Grassroots Press Club, Cactus, Student Court DIETZ, CHARLES W., Fort Worth Geology, K , AIME, Geological Society, Speological Club DIKE, JAMES RAY, JR., Palestine Retailing DILLON, PATRICIA JANE, College Station Zoology, AXQ, Wesley Foundation, Orange Jackets, Reagan, Upperclass Advisor, Religious Emphasis, Steer Here, Orientation DINGWALL, DONALD COLIN, Austin Chemical Engineering, I AW, AlChE DOERING, ROSEMARY ERNA, Georgetown Secondary Education, Social Studies, Cap and Gown, Future Teachers of America DOIRON, DOLLY DOLORES, Beaumont Elementary Education, ZTA, YWCA DONDLINGER, WILLIAM S., Mission Personnel Management, IN DONLEY, JOHN C, Fort Worth Ceramic Engineering, TBIT, Assembly, Senior Cabinet, Student Engineering Council, Ramshorn, American Ceramic Society DORRIS, LINDA RAY, Dallas Secretarial Studies, A , BBA, Pierian Page 36 DOUGLASS, DONALD J., Corpus Christ! Mechanical Engineering, TBH, LITE. ASME, Student Engineering Council, Scabbard and Blade, NROTC, Ramshorn DOW, BERNARD OLTER, Houston Law, AKII, I H2, All ' , ' I BK, Interfraternity Council, Silver Spurs, Varsity Debate DOYLE, ROBERT EMMETT, San Antonio Geology, Geological Society, Lancers, Newman Club DRAKE, CHARLES W., San Antonio Chemical Engineering, AlChE DUBOSE, CHARLIE PAT, Devine Journalism, Mariners, NROTC DUNN, CHARLES EDWIN, Beeville Radio and Television Broadcasting, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society DURRENBERGER, DOROTHY J., Houston Elementary Education, A , UAH, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Assembly, Faith and Life Community, Westminster Student Fellowship, Chart and Compass, YWCA DUSEK, TED H., Dallas Industrial Management, A! , Interfraternity Council EADES, JAMES FRANCIS, Fort Worth Zoology EAGLE, CHARLES THOMAS, JR., Beaumont Music Education, KK , MA, Longhorn Band, ROTC, Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Band EARLE, NANCY JOAN, Houston French, ZTA, Bluestockings, Cap and Gown, Spooks, Reagan ECKERT, TRAVIS ALLEN, Austin Business Administration, ATA, T Association, Varsity Baseball ECKHOFF, EARL L., Austin Transportation, ASH, ANA EDGE, JEAN MARIE, Bryan Radio, II B , AEI , AAA, Cultural Entertainment Committee EDWARDS, LUM C, JR., Beaumont Insurance and Real Estate, I I ' A, ROTC EHLERS, DARBY JEAN, San Benito Elementary Education, AAII, ACE, Reagan EDELBERG, MILTON EDWARD, Corpus Christ! Retailing, AKII ELLENDER, THOMAS JOSEPH, Port Arthur Education and History, 1 " J E, Newman Club, Future Teachers of America, Port Arthur Club, Curtain Club, A Cappella Choir, Intramurals, Round-Up, Varsity Carnival, French Club, Speech Club ELLINGTON, LILLA JEAN, Crystal City English, ACE, Cap and Gown ELLIS, BARBARA M., Austin Elementary Education, Future Teachers of America, ACE, Wesley Foundation ELLIS, OREN H., JR., Austin Pre-Medical, AEA, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, Wesley Foundation, AFROTC ELLISON, O. P., JR., Silsbee Industrial Engineering, A KJ, MICA EKLUND, GILBERT W., San Antonio Zoology, AEA ENCKE, MARYLIN, Dallas English, AP, YWCA ENDERLIN, FLORINE ANN, Fredericksburg Sociology ENGLISH, NOLA JEAN SOWELL, Austin Mathematics, Future Teachers of America ERWIN, ROBERT HUGH, Aransas Pass Business Administration, BA , AK , 8K ESTILL, MARY LOUISE, Houston History, AAA, Cap and Gown, Scholastic Integrity Committee FALCON, RAYMOND MARVIN, Fort Worth Civil Engineering, Ki;, ASCE, ASME, Talent Committee FAREK, THOMAS E., Schulenburg Mechanical Engineering, Twin Pines Co-Op, tnter-Cooperative Council, ASME FARMER, JACK H., Henderson Applied Art, Art Student Association FARMER, RUBLE PAUL, JR., Terrell Business Education, MICA Page 37 FAULK, JOE ANNE CECELIA, San Antonio Home Economics, TOR, San Antonio Club, Home Economics Club, Co-Ed Assembly FELLA, JAMES WELDON, Clemville Chemical Engineering, AlChE FENDLEY, HARRISON DOUGLAS, Corsicana Plan II, H, A6, BK FERGUSON, ARTHUR J., Shreveport, La. Business Administration, KA FERGUSON, WILLIAM HAROLD, Graham Architectural Engineering, AKE FICKEN, BRYANT A., Corpus Christ! Accounting, 4 SK, Arnold Air Society FINCH, KENNETH PRESSLY, San Antonio Public Accounting, NROTC, Buccaneers, Drill Team, Mariners Club, Scabbard and Blade FINE, MARCIA SUE, St. Joseph, Mo. Secondary Education, English, AE I , Curtain Club, Union Music Committee, Union Activities Board, Speech Club, Cactus FINLEY, JOHN MALLORY, Fort Worth Chemical Engineering, ASCE, SAME FISCHER, BETTY JO, Corpus Christ! Elementary Education, ZTA, Ashbel, Women Voters, Baptist Student Union FISCHER, DONOVAN G., Austin Electrical Engineering, TBII, HKN, H1, AIEE, IRE FISHER, BEVERLY ANN, Borger Music Education, AAA, Wesley Foundation FITCH, WILLIAM EVANS, San Antonio Real Estate and Property Insurance FITZGERALD, RICHARD ALFRED, Dallas Zoology FLEMING, WILLIAM H., Houston Mechanical Engineering, ASME, AFROTC FLIPPIN, BETTY J., Breckenridge Pre-Medical, A FLYNT, WILLIAM EDWARD, Fort Worth Physics, IHl, Glee Club, Union Organist FOLEY, JOEENE, Fort Worth English, 7,TA, Bluestockings, Cap and Gown, Glee Club, Canterbury Club, Future Teachers of America, Future Teachers of Language Arts FONT, HECTOR, Caracas, Venezuela Economics FONTAINE, MARTHA ANN, Henderson Personnel Management, HE, BBA, Baptist Student Union, Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Assembly FORBUS, JAMES E., Corpus Christ! Music, Symphonic Band, University Symphony Orchestra FORD, GILBERT, Amarillo Business Administration, 4 K V, T Association, Cowboys, Arnold Air Society FORSVALL, MURRAY LAWRENCE, Austin Journalism, AXA, 2AX, Daily Texan FOSTER, WILLIAM KNIGHT, Dallas Advertising, I+E, AAI, Student Marketing Club FRANK, M. P. Ill, Denton Aeronautical Engineering, TBII, lAeS FRANKLIN, ROBERT O., Corpus Christ! Petroleum Engineering, J K FRELING, RICHARD A., Fort Worth Law, Accounting, A KIT, BA , Varsity Baseball FREYTAG, ETHLYN ROSE, Shiner Secretarial Studies, BBA, Cap and Gown, Czech Club, South Central Texas Club FULLER, WILLIAM PAUL, JR., Austin Marketing, II KA, Ma rketing Club FULTON, MARGARET MARY, Lake Charles, La. Plan II, , ' [ BK, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, Assembly, Ashbel, SPAN Committee, Wesley Foundation, Campus Chest, Goodfellow, YWCA, Rally Committee, REW FUNK, ERNEST JACK, El Paso Mining Engineering, ASME GARCIA, AL M., JR., San Antonio Chemical Engineering, AlChE, Arnold Air Society, Distinguished Military Student, Campus Guild Co-Op Page 38 GARCIA, ALMA LYDIA, Austin Spanish, All GARCIA, AMADO, San Benito Secondary Education, MICA, Alba Club GARCIA, FEDERICO G., Kingsville Pharmacy, l ' , Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association GARDINER, ALICE G., Austin English, A4 GARRISON, ROBERT DENNIS, JR., Austin Architectural Engineering, Zoology, MICA, AAAE, ASCE GARZA, MANUEL, JR., Weslaco Music Education, 4 MA, Longhorn Band, Symphonic Band CASPAR, LESTER G., Orange Architectural Engineering, Zoology, MICA, AAAE, ASCE GASTON, BARBARA JEAN, Wells Pharmacy, AXtt, KK, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association GAVENDA, JOHN DAVID, Rio Hondo Physics GEARNER, AUBREY DOUGLAS, JR., Dallas Transportation, AKK, T Association GEIGER, PAUL FRANK, Meadville, Pa. Zoology, 211 GEORGE, WILLIAM DAVID, Irving Chemical Engineering, TB1I, SiXK, AlChE, American Chemical Soci MICA, Westminster Student Fellowship, Rarmhorn GIDDENS, LESLIE W., JR., Austin Geology, IN, Interfraterntty Council, Cowboys, Swimming Team GIESE, BETTY ANN, LaGrange Geology, Geological Society GILBERT, JAMES FRANKLIN, Austin Government, t H , Cactus Editor, Forum Speakers, Distinguished Military Student, AROTC GILES, MURIEL JOY, Comfort Home Economics, AAII, Home Economics Club, Upperclass Advisor, ACE, Cap and Gown, Canterbury Club GILES, SHIRLEY CARTWRIGHT, Austin Elementary Education, WICA, ACE, Cap and Gown GILMORE, BILLY OWEN, Henderson Zoology, Baptist Student Union GLADE, MARY HATCHER, Wichita Falls Journalism, A , Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Canterbury Club, International Club GLASS, VENIS, Cleburne Personnel Management, BBA GLOSSBRENNER, ERNESTINE V., Troup Chemistry, Cactus, Poona Club GOLDEN, JOE BOB, JR., Austin Business Administration, AKK, T Association, Varsity Golf GONSOULIN, DEWEY JUDE, Houston Law, ATA, 1 A , Texas Law Review GONZALES, LUCILA M., Brownsville Elementary Education, WICA, Cap and Gown, Alba Club, ACE GOODFELLOW, DAVID McALISTER, Dallas Marketing, AIM, Marketing Club GOODNIGHT, RONALD R., Dallas Geology, Al GRAF, CALVIN R., San Antonio Physics GRAFFT, DAVID HUNTER, Austin Journalism, Texan, Rally Committee GRAHAM, MARILYN B., Galveston Elementary Education, Cap and Gown, ACE, Future Teachers of America GRAVES, MARILYN, Houston History, KKP, Ashbel GRAY, BETTY LEE, Houston Physical Education, AXS2, Newman Club, Racket Club GREEN, GERALD NEIL, Corpus Christ! Finance and Real Estate Page 39 GREENFIELD, LESLIE LOHR, Houston Geology, TA I , AIME, Hillel, Fault Finders, Intramurals GREENWOOD, JAMES L., Navasota Pharmacy, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association, AFROTC GREENWOOD, JOHN MURRAY, JR., El Campo Pharmacy, AK , K , MICA, Silver Spurs, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association GREGORY, PAUL N., Groesbeck Business Administration, YMCA, Grievance Committee, Glee Club GUERRA MARTINEZ, PEDRO E., Maiquetia, Venezuela Mechanical Engineering, ASME GUERRERO, ARMANDO G., San Antonio Pharmacy, K , PX, Alba Club, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association GUERRERO, BILLIE ANN, San Antonio English, Future Teachers of America, Cap and Gown, Westminster Stud Fellowship, Cactus GUERRERO, JESSE GONZALES, San Antonio English Education, Future Teachers of America, Public and Professional Relations Committee GUINN, RONALD MILLER, Bellaire Mechanical Engineering, A ' l , Westminster Student Fellowship, ASME GUMMELT, GARRY LAMAR, Austin General Accounting, KA GUSTAFSON, LORRAINE MARGARET, Seguin Home Economics-Teacher Education, OX, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Turtle Club, Lutheran Student Association GUSZAK, FRANK JAMES, Corpus Christ! Education, IAO, Newman Club HAAS, ELSIE W., Schulenburg Drama Education, ITAO, Curtain Club, South Central Texas Club HAENEL, HERMAN E., Austin Civil Engineering, TBII, XK, A+!!, Scabbard and Blade, SAME, ASCE, Lutheran Student Association HAILEY, OLIVER D., JR., Borger Radio-Television Production, AEP, Radio-TV Guild, Great Issues Committee, Wesley Foundation HALBOUTY, THOMAS JOSEPH, Beaumont Geology, Geological Society, Canterbury Club, MICA HALE, MANZA LEWIS, Uvalde Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Texas Pharmaceutical Associal HALEY, MARILYN, Beaumont Latin, AAIT, t BK, Bluestockings, Co-Ed Assembly HALL, CAROL ANNE, El Campo Nutrition, ZTA, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, Great Issues HALL, CURRY W., Corpus Christi Geology, Geological Society HALL, NANCY McAFEE, Fort Worth History, AAR, Reagan HALLUM, VIRGINIA, Brownwood Bacteriology, ZTA, AAA, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Reagan, Women Voters, YWCA, Campus Chest, Grievance Committee HALSELL, ROBERT CHARLES, Bryan Business Administration, KA HAMBLEN, WILLIAM PERRY, Houston Architectural Engineering, KK HAMILTON, PAUL BUNKER, Austin Pre-Medical HAMM, ALAN WAYNE, Colorado City Pharmacy, K , Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association HAMM, JAMES R., Texarkana, Ark. Sociology, SIK, A H2, Wesley Foundation, Texarkana Club HAMMOND, WALTER L., Burnet Architectural Engineering, K HAMPTON, MOZELLE, Nacogdoches Mathematics HANANIA, ROSE MARIE, Houston Education, Cap and Gown, Future Teachers of America HAND, TROY LEE, Vernon Industrial Management, ATA, AXIT, Silver Spurs HANEY, ETTA FRANCES, Pampa Elementary Education, Wesley Foundation, Upperclass Advisor i Page 40 HANSARD, THOMAS C., Port Arthur Journalism, !AX, Daily Texan, Ranger, Grassroots Press Club HANSEN, FRED W., Borger Pre-Medical, IX, AKA, A+S!, Orientation Council, Assembly HARDWICK, JANE LOUISE, Longview Voice, XSi, M t K, Madrigal Society, University Singers, Opera Workshop HARDY, MARGIE LYNN, Madisonville Home Economics-Teacher Education, ZTA, Home Economics Club HARMON, IDA PAULINE, Italy Education, Speech Correction, Glee Club, Cap and Gown, Future Teachers HARRINGTON, KEITH SIMON, Austin Pharmacy HARRIS, WILLIAM MAURICE, Austin Architectural Engineering, Kl, AAAE HART, KATHERINE ANN, Austin English, AAA HARVARD, H. LEE, Corpus Christi Geology, AKK HARVILLE, JOE L., Bastrop Transportation, ANA, Oak Grove Co-Op HARWOOD, WALLACE BAKER, El Paso Business Administration, BHII HASSE, VIRGINIA ANN, Llano Business Education, AAA, Future Teachers of America, Cap and Gown HASTINGS, SUE, Houston English, KKI ' , Cap and Gown, Rodeo Association, Tee Club HATCH, JERRY, Corpus Christi Home Economics, Newman Club, Bow and Arrow HATTON, WINIFRED RAY, Ranger Pharmacy, KM ' , Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association HAVENS, OLEN HILTON, Temple Public Accounting, BA+ HAWES, JOSEPH ALTON, Itasca Real Estate and Insurance, American Finance Association HAWKINS, SAM W., Kirbyville History HAWS, DOROTHY JUNE, LaFeria Musical Education, 1AI, Wesley Foundation, A Cappella Choir University Singers HEDGCOXE, PAT GARNER, Allen Mechanical Engineering, IITS, ASME HEIMER, ARCHIE H., New Braunfels Geology, New Braunfels Club, Geological Society, German Club HELMKE, VERNON L., San Antonio Architecture, TKK, TEA, Sphinx, American Institute of Architects, Assembly HENDERSON, ROSS K., JR., Austin Personnel Management, EIE HENRY, ERMA JEAN, Mullin Home Economics, Home Economics Club HENRY, KENNETH DALE, Mullin Petroleum Engineering HENRY, LARRY GENE, Rockdale Mechanical Engineering, ASME HERNDON, RUTH ELIZABETH, Houston English, IIII I , Cap and Gown, HEWELL, HARRY PAT, Nixon Economics, HE, All ' , Varsity Debate, Great Issues HIERONYMUS, DANA JUAN, Temple Speech Education, Forensica, Disciple Student Fellowship, Oratorical Association, Debate Squad, REW HIGGINS, ROY LAVERNE, Freer Music Education, 4MA, Symphonic Band, University Symphony, University Singers HILBURN, ROBERT RAMEY, Plainview Journalism, 1AX, Daily Texan Managing Editor, Wesley Foundation, Grassroots Press Club HILL, ARTHUR JAMES, San Antonio Pharmacy, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association cv Page 41 HILL, BLAKELY ANN, logo Secondary Education, Upperclass Advisor, Cap and Gown, Future Teachers of America, Baptist Student Union HILL, DON, Dallas Art Education, A AS, Art Students Association HILL, JULIAN MILLER, Edcouch Psychology, Longhorn Band, Philosophy Club HODGES, LADY CLYDE, Sweetwater Home Economics, AAFI, ON, Home Economics Club, Reagan, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation HODGES, RICHARD HOWARD, Paris Physical Education, MICA, PEM Club HOFFMAN, GLENN FRANK, Somerset Physical Education, PEM Club, Varsity Track, T Association, AROTC HOLCOMB, JAMES MYRON, Crane Engineering Route to Business Administration, K+, SAME HOLDEN, ALYS MAE, Mexico, D. F. Zoology, Canterbury Club, Racket Club, Cap and Gown, University Singers HOLDEN, OPAL REAVES, Austin English HOLLE, WALTER HOUSLEY, Brenham Accounting HOLLIS, DAVID A., Austin Petroleum Engineering, AIME HOLLOWELL, NANCY JEAN, Houston Elementary Education, IIA9, Orange Jackets, Ashbel, TISA, Ranger, Freshman Orientation Council, Co-Ed Assembly, Women Voters, Cap and Gown HOLTZCLAW, MARJORIE LOUISE, Port Arthur Mathematics, AAII HOOVER, MANDY, Vernon Drama Education, ATA HOPPERSTEAD, CONRAD ORVILLE, Hondo Mathematics, Campus Guild HORN, PATRICIA ELLEN, Nocona Home Economics, Home Economics Club HORTON, MARIETTA MARION, Eden, N. Y. History, Future Teachers of America, Young Republicans HOUSE, WILLIAM CLYDE, Comanche Accounting, AK , Senior Cabinet HOUSEWRIGHT, TIPTON, San Benito Retailing, ATA, Silver Spurs, Disciple Student Fellowship HOUSTON, MARY ELIZABETH, Austin Interior Decorating, XO, Canterbury Club, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown HOUSTON, REAGAN T., JR., San Antonio Economics, 2AK HOWELL, JOHN WEBB III, Bryan English, f Afl, YMCA, Cowboys HOYAK, JAMES HENRY, Bryan Business Administration HOYT, ROLAND W., San Angela Business Administration HRUZEK, HARRY MAX, Hallettsville Pharmacy, K+, MICA, South Central Texas Club, Newman Club, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association HUFF, MILLICENT SEAY, Austin Journalism, 8 t , Daily Texan HUITT, JAMES FREDERICK, Bay City Industrial Management, AXA HULL, CHARLES LEE, Decatur Pharmacy, K , Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association HUNT, JAMES T., Sonora Plan II, I ' A, Silver Spurs, Interfraternity Council HUNTER, MARY MARTHA, Palestine Home Economics, IIAO HUSE, EARL C, Clifton Personnel Management, Lutheran Student Association HUSER, RUTHANNE, Joplin, Mo. Voice, AI " , M K, Madrigal Society, Opera Workshop, University Singers Page 42 HUTCHESON, MARION VIRGINIA, New Orleans, La. Secretarial Studies, KAH, BBA HUTCHINSON, WILLIAM THOMAS, JR., Coleman Pharmacy, K , PX, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association, Prather Hall Association HYDE, RICHARD JOE, Fort Worth Industrial Relations IVES, PEGGY JEAN, Houston Sociology, A t , Sidney Lanier, Varsity Carnival, Sing-Song, Cap and Gown, UTSA IVEY, FRANCES L., Odessa Elementary Education, Xfi, ACE JACKSON, HENRY HOLMAN, Texarkana Economics, Texarkana Club, International Trade Club, MICA, Student Christian Association, International Club JACKSON, JO ANN, Orange Elementary Education, ZTA, Rally Committee, Women Voters JAMES, JAN THORNTON, Amarillo Costume Design, Clothing and Textiles, Home Economics Club, Westminster Student Fellowship, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Charm Committee JARRELL, WALTER MARLAND, JR., Houston Geology, Varsity Fencing, Gymnastic Team JEFFREY, VERA M., Austin P JENKINS, JOHNSON ANDREW, Melvin Aeronautical Engineering, AFROTC, lAeS JENKINS, NANCY MAXINE, Roton Elementary Education, IIB , FIAf), Pierian JENKINS, WILLIAM JOHN, Rosenberg Chemical Engineering, AlChE JOEKEL, ROBERT C., Austin Geology JOHNSON, AMY IONE, San Antonio Teacher Education in Home Economics, AAA, Panhellenic, Student Association Secretary, TISA, YWCA, Orange Jackets, Bluebonnet Belle JOHNSON, CHARLES RAY, Belton Government, MICA JOHNSON, DOUGLAS ANN, Dallas Journalism, AAA, 62 , Women Voters, Mortar Board, Bluestockings, Daily Texan, Student Assistant in Journalism JOHNSON, HARRIS L., League City Sociology, Wesley Foundation JOHNSON, HOWARD ENOCH, Georgetown Civil Engineering, ASCE JOHNSON, LOUISE PARMELE, Austin Elementary Education, ACE, Cap and Gown, Baptist Student Union JOHNSON, THOMAS McKINLEY, JR., Del Rio Pharmacy, AKK, Swimming Team JONES, H. GRADY, JR., Kilgore Pharmacy, S3T, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association JONES, JAMES K., Laredo Business Administration, ASH, Football, Track JONES, JULIA WATSON, Laredo English, AXS!, Laredo Club, Women Voters JONES, L. DEAN, Stephenville Petroleum Engineering, ATSJ, AIME JONES, PATRICIA ANN, Waco Plan II, I " B JONES, PHYLLIS ANN, Fort Worth English, KKT JONES, R. ROY, San Antonio Civil Engineering, ASCE JONES, SHIRLEY LEA McBRIDE, Austin Radio-Television, AKI ' , Radio-TV JOPLING, JOAN, Paris Home Economics, II II , Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club JORDAN, DONLEY DUARD, La Marque Industrial Management, AK+ JOYNER, HAGAN D., Dallas Petroleum Engineering, AIME, AFROTC, Dallas Club Page 43 KASISKE, HELMUT W., Austin Geology KAWAS, JESUS B., Laredo Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Laredo Club, Newman Club KAY, SARA JEAN, Beaumont Accounting, BA , Upperclass Advisor, Disciple Student Fellowship KELLY, JACK CARL, El Paso Business Administration, AH 1 ! ' , Longhorn Band KEMP, WILLIAM FRANKLIN, Austin Industrial Management, K, AK , SIK, NROTC, American Finance Association KERR, BARBARA JEAN, San Angela Business Education, X ' .. 1 , BBA, Cap and Gown, Disciple Student Fellowship KIKER, JAMES RICHARD, Selman City Geology, Geological Society, AIME KILLAM, ALLEN PAGE, Lufkin Botany, Wesley Foundation, Track, Cross Country KIPP, ROBERT G., Corpus Christ! Architecture, E, American Institute of Architecture, Sphinx KIRKPATRICK, CARLOS, Laredo Civil Engineering, Newman Club, Laredo Club, ASCE KLEIN, HAROLD LEE, Fredericksburg Drama, Curtain Club KLEIN, ROSALIE AMELIA, Tomball Business Administration, A4, 2IE, Cap and Gown, Sidney Lanier Women Voters, Campus Chest KLEKAR, ROSIE JOSEPHINE, Yoakum Bacteriology, Czech Club, Newman Club, Inter-Co-Op Council KNAPP, MARTHA ANN, Weslaco Home Economics, Teacher Education, III) , Ashbel, Triggerette KNIGHT, JAMES OTHO, Fort Worth Personnel Management KNOWLES, GENE RAMSEY, Gilmer History KOEHL, KENNETH FRANCIS, San Antonio Chemical Engineering, ASCE KOOMEY, CALVIN, Houston English KOPPEL, BETTY LOU, Harlingen Elementary Education, AE f , Panhellenic, Cap and Gown, Orange Jackets, Campus Chest, Steer Here, Sing-Song, Round-Up KOTZEBUE, KENNETH LEE, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, TBH, IITE, f HZ, ASME, Lutheran Student Association KOZA, LAVERNE M., Houston Medical Technology, Af , Newman Club, Texas City Club KRETSCHMAR, ADOLPH ALOIS, Cameron English KROVETZ, CHARLES, Galveston Retailing, AEII, SIE KUBIN, CHARLES C, Houston Architectural Engineering, AE , AAAE KUHLMANN, GRETCHEN PATRICIA, Kerrville Art Education, Newman Club, Cap and Gown, Art Student Association KUHN, SAMMYE ANN, Houston Elementary Education, AZ, Young Republicans, ACE, Future Teachers of America, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation, Women Voters LACEY, LARRY L., San Antonio Geography, Institute of Latin-American Studies LACKLAND, BILLY GENE, Palestine Mechanical Engineering, ASME LACY, WILLIAM MALCOLM, Austin Commercial Art, Art Students Association, Arnold Air Society LAFOUR, TAVIA RAE, Wallisville Personnel Management, BBA, Women Voters, Baptist Student Union, Cap and Gown, UTSA, Orchesis, American Management Association LAMBERT, BETTY JEAN, San Saba English, WICA LAMPLEY, G. H., Yoakum Government, Law, AK , Glee Club, YMCA, Baptist Student Union, Christian Faith and Life Community, Track Page 44 LAMOUR, ALEX, San Juan Government, International Club, Latin-American Club LANGFORD, TED L., Del Rio Psychology, + X, NROTC LASSETER, CHARLES ERWIN, Velasco Accounting, AK k LATHAM, PHILLIP A., Beaumont Electrical Engineering LATTA, CLAUDE A., Tyler Chemistry, HAT LATTA, RALPH LYNN, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASAAE LAWLER, DON MORGAN, Dallas Geology, AIME, Cactus, Geological Society LAWRENCE, BARBARA J., Fort Worth French, AAII, Club Inteca LAWSHAE, DUNCAN ALLEN, Maracaibo, Venezuela Speech Education, AT, Speech Club, YMCA, Glee Club, A Cappella Choir LEARD, WILLIAM V., Gilmer Civil Engineering, MICA, ASCE, Baptist Student Union, Campus Guild, North East Texas Club, Intramurals LEE, ELISABETH ANNE, Wink English, IK, Cap and Gown, Bluestockings, Curtain Club, Future Teachers of America LEE, VERNON A., San Antonio Aeronautical Engineering, TBIT, TITS, lAeS, Engineering Council LEGGE, DON EDWARD, San Antonio Architecture, rA, T1A, American Institute of Architects, Assembly, National Association of City Planners LEHMAN, DIANE, Houston Secretarial Studies, KAO, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Goodfellow LEMON, ROBERT DELL, Booker Law, f AA, Texas Law Review, Chancellors LOEHNER, LUCY CHERIE, Selinsgrove, Pa. Home Economics, ON, Home Economics Club LEVELL, HAROLD GEN E, Kemp Public Accounting, BA , A1II LEVY, GUILLERMO, Cochabamba, Bolivia Engineering, Latin-American Club, Newman Club LEWIS, ANDREW JACKSON, San Antonio Pre-Law, SAE LEWIS, JUNE CIDELL, Ingleside Natural Science, Speleological Society LINDEN, WILLIAM MOSSE, Denison Chemical Engineering, BTI, TBIT, S2XK, NROTC LINDSEY, J. LEWIS, Amarillo Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS LINDSEY, NETTIE LOU, Borger Retailing, l ' l B, Student Marketing Association LITTLEFIELD, RAYMOND C, Austin Architecture LIU, SAMUEL LIANG-CHU, Dallas Aeronautical Engineering LOCKLIN, ALLEN CLEMENT, Corpus Christ! Geology, IIKA, +HS, H ' K, Geological Society LOEFFLER, NORRIS DEAN, Sonora Journalism, XAX, Daily Texan LONG, DOROTHY PEARL, Mineola Education, II B-l , Ashbel, Great Issues LOWER, MILTON DALE, Wichita Falls Government, Sociology, I ' HK LOWREY, JANICE MARIE, Lancaster Elementary Education LUCKETT, ELEANOR FRANCES, New Braunfels Home Economics, KAH, Student-Faculty Cabinet, YWCA, Orange Jackets, 1952 Sweetheart of the University, Outstanding Student, AFROTC Sponsor LUND, STUART O., Austin Interior Decoration Page 45 LUNDGREN, JO ANN, Elgin Elementary Education, I ' l Ii, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation LUNDIEN, ERIC (BUD), Wichita Falls Zoology, Pre-Medical LUTZ, JOHN EDWARD, Fort Worth Architectural Engineering, SAME, AAAE, Christian Science Organization LYDA, CARL B., Austin Chemical Engineering, HAT, -1 HI, AlChE LYLES, J. DON, Bluegrove Law and Business Administration, X E, ROTC, North Texas Club, Young Democrats LYNCH, GENE COZART, Leona Finance, MICA, American Finance Association LYNCH, PATRICK DAVID, Temple Physics, AFROTC, Longhorn Amateur Radio Club MAAHS, THOMAS CARL, Irving Chemistry, FA, Lutheran Student Association AAALDONADO, GEORGE, Austin Accounting, Alba Club, Theleme MALEY, MARY ANN, Houston Bacteriology, AAH, AAA, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Sidney Lanier, Panhellenic, Glee Club, Poona, Women Voters, Goodfellow, Varsity Carnival MALOAN, WALTER THOMAS, Tyler Government, Acacia, Baptist Student Union, Young Democrats MANGANIELLO, LOUIS PATRICK, Jersey City, N. J. Social Studies, I 1K, Varsity Swimming, T Association MAREK, FRANK J., Temple Insurance, AK , American Finance Association, AFROTC, Czech Club MARTINEZ, ANTONIO S., Raymondville History MASON, GEORGE FRED, JR., Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, AIEE, IRE MASON, WILMA JEAN, Longview Commercial Teaching, Round-Up, Texannes, Forty Acres Follies, Curtain Cub, Varsity Carnival, East Texas Club MASSEY, NANCY JAYNE, Childress Art Education, TXA, AAA, Cactus, Ranger, Cap and Gown, Art Students Association MAUCH, CHARLES LEE, Gregory Petroleum Engineering, Acacia, AIME MAYES, GEORGE TERRELL, Beaumont Architectural Engineering, Tejas Club, TBII, XE, AAAE MCALLISTER, AL, Waco Pharmacy McALPIN, DONALD LEE, Milford Geology, AIME, Geological Society McBRIDE, CAROL ANN, Tyler Elementary Education, WICA, Newman Club, Bluestockings, ACE, Upperclass Advisor, Women Voters, Texannes McBRIDE, JIMMY, Realitos Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS, Newman Club, John Henry Newman Honor Society, Intramurals McBRIDE, SHIRLEY JEAN, Tyler Drama Education, 7 1 ' A, Curtain Club, Kirby Hall Advisor McCAMPBELL, THOMAS ATLEE, Corpus Christ! Economics, Pre-Law, ' H ' A, Busi ness Relations Committee McCART, ALICE ROBERTA, Fort Worth Applied Art, IIBi , Art Students Association, Cap and Gown McCOLLUM, DONALD EDWIN, McAllen Electrical Engineering, AIEE, Baptist Student Union, Cross Country McCRACKEN, RICHARD EUGENE, Pasadena, Calif. Factory Production and Control, AI4 McCRACKEN, SHIRLEY V. REICHERT, San Juan Accounting, AOII, BA McCOY, MORELLE, Merkel Home Economics-Teacher Education, Cap and Gown, Inter-Co-Op Council, Home Economics Club, Theodorne Co-Op, Co-Ed Assembly McCRUM, EVERETT S., Brownwood Law, AW , Bl ' , AK+, 2IK, Moot Court Board of Governors McCULLOUGH, JACK DENNIS, Stephenville Zoology, Scabbard and Blade, ROTC, Distinguished Military Student Page 46 McDANIEL, RODOR D., Austin Industrial Management, AXA, AII, NROTC, Rally Committee, Mariners MCDONALD, MALCOLM DWAIN, Port Arthur Chemistry MCDONALD, PATRICIA JANE, Fort Worth Speech Therapy, Curtain Club, Newman Club, Classical Languages Club, Tri-Dorm Association, Speech and Hearing Clinic MCDONALD, TOMMY N., Jonesboro, Ark. Journalism, SAX, Daily Texan, ROTC McGLAMERY, DAVID PARKE, Dallas Personnel Management, AFROTC, Baptist Student Union McGRAW, BILLY FLYNN, Jasper Business Administration, Varsity Baseball, Intramurals McGREW, BILL JUDSON, Austin Geology, Geological Society, YAACA, Speleological Society McFADDIN, IDA CALDWELL, Beaumont English, lilt . Bluestockings, Orientation Council, YWCA, Co-Ed Assembly, Canterbury Club McLAIN, PATRICIA RUTH, Dallas English, KAH McLAREN, LESLIE ALEX, Port Arthur Transportation, ANA, Arnold Air Society, Air Force Association, Campus Guild McMILLEN, LULA MARGARET, Amarillo Costume Design, AX, Home Economics Club, Disciple Student Fellowship, Women Voters McNEILL, ANN MILLICENT, Austin Child Development, KKI ' , ON, I1AB McNEILL, LOLITA RUTH, Houston Plan II, A 1 ! 1 , Sidney Lanier, Cap and Gown, Union Dance Committee McNULTY, MURPHY MICHAEL, JR., Baytown Chemical Engineering, AlChE, Newman Club McTEE, CLIFFORD R., Austin Geology, Acacia McTEE, ELSIE, Austin Journalism, AZ, 6! , Daily Texan, Women Voters McVEY, MARILYN RUTH, Houston Elementary Education, AXSJ, ACE, Cactus, Forty Acres Follies, Cap and Gown, Union Dance Committee, Union Activities Committee MEADOWS, MACLETA, Corpus Christ! Government, ATA, Cap and Gown, Women Voters MEDINA LOPEZ, ZOILO, Tunja, Colombia Architectural Engineering, MICA, AAAE, Newman Club, Latin-American Club MELBURN, FELICIA, Georgetown Home Economics, AAII, Home Economics Club MEREDITH, WILLIAM CARD, Brownsville MERRITT, WARREN FRANKLIN, Austin Personnel Management, Galveston Club, Prather Hall Association MESSMER, GERRY ELAINE, Harlingen Music Education, AK , University Singers, Radio Work Shop, Steer Here, Valley Club MEYER, DANIEL BRENNON, Jefferson Pharmacy, Newman Club, AROTC, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association MEYER, GLORIA W., Houston English, A , Spooks, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee MICKELSON, JILL CORNELIA, Stonington, Mich. Personnel Management MILLER, BARBARA JOAN W., Wharton Elementary Education, ACE MILLER, HENRIETTA LOUISE, Bay City Bacteriology, .M, Cap and Gown MILLER, JOHN GROVER, JR., Corpus Christ! Mechanical Engineering MILLER, PATSY ANN, LaPryor Chemistry, Upperclass Advisor, Cap and Gown MILSTEAD, ROBERT E., Houston Industrial Management, AXA, A1II, AROTC MITCHELL, FRED D., JR., Mexia English Page 47 MOEHRING, PAUL ALLEN, Beeville Engineering Route to Business Administration, Glee Club, Lutheran Student Association MOHLER, MICHAEL PHILLIP, Mexico City, D.F. Business Administration, AXA, AK MOLHUSEN, GEORGE FREDERICK, Longview History, AFROTC, Intramurals MONTGOMERY, REX, Avinger Chemical Engineering, TBII, S2XK, AlChE, Engineering Council, Wesley Foundation MOODY, EDYTHE JANE, Graham Physical Education, AX, PEM Club, Spooks MOODY, WILLIAM HENRY, Waverly, Ga. Petroleum Engineering, AIME MOORE, JOAN RUGELEY, Austin Elementary Education, AAII, UAH, ACE, Reagan MOORE, JO ANN, Austin Elementary Education, AAII MOORE, MARTHA VIRGINIA, Ingraham Zoology, Xii, Ashbel, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation, Turtle Club, Women Voters, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Varsity Carnival, University Singers MORGAN, MARY, Beaumont Music Literature, KAB, M4 K, University Singers MORGAN, ROBERT IRVIN, Greenville Mathematics, AKA, t BK MORRIS, CAROLYN LOIS, Houston Music Education, AAA, XAI, University Singers MORRIS, CHARLES HAMILTON, Kerrville English, Canterbury Club MORROW, GENE S., Dallas Chemistry MORSE, JESSE LEE, Vidor Pharmacy, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association MOTT, ARTHUR ROBERT, Texarkana Economics, AX I , Intramurals, MICA, Square Dance Club, Texarkana Club MOYER, J. HUDSON, Amarillo Personnel Management, K MOZINGO, DOROTHY LAVERNE, Redwater Elementary Education MUELLER, NORMAN ALFRED, Pittsford, N. Y. Real Estate and Insurance, AK , American Finance Association MURPHY, SAM E., Seymour History MURPHY, WILLIAM KENT, San Antonio Pharmacy, K , I ' X, t ' HX, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association MURRELL, BARBARA JEAN, Oklahoma City, Okla. Secretarial Science, XU MUTSCHER, G. F., Brenham Personnel Management, I ' A MYERS, CAROL DEE, San Antonio History, ACE, Future Teachers of America NAISER, FREDDIE J., El Campo Mechanical Engineering, ASME NATHAN, NEIL NEWTON, Galveston Retailing, " I ' XA, Cactus NEBENZAHL, ELAINE RUTH, San Antonio Speech Therapy, 1AT, Cap and Gown, Forensica, Speech Club, Curtain Club, Hillel NELSON, CAROLYN JANE, Olney Home Economics-Teacher Education, HA - , ON, Home Economics Club NELSON, WALTER THOMAS, Kilgore Mechanical Engineering, IX, Mariners, ASME NEMIR, CHARLES E., Austin Petroleum Engineering, Acacia, 1 HK, AIME NETTLES, BARRY D., Baytown Physical Education, PEM Club NEUBERGER, JOHN WILLIAM, Brownsville Pure Mathematics, -1 ' HK Page 48 NEWMAN, DAVID A., Stephenville Government NEWNAM, KATHERINE DEAN, San Antonio Commercial Teaching, .! , ItltA, Wesley Foundation, REW, Christian Faith and Life Community NICHOLS, NANCY ANN, Navasota Retailing, AAA, Marketing Club NICHOLS, SALLY ROSS, Austin Home Economics-Teacher Education, AAII, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club NIVEN, FRANCIS JOSEPH, JR., Houston Physics NIX, LELLAH O., Uvalde Speech, Cap and Gown, Speech Club NIXON, M. BERNADINE, Lampasas Speech Therapy, M- ' , Assembly, Orange Jackets, UTSA, Co-Ed Assembly, Faculty-Student Cabinet, Cap and Gown, Ashbel NOLEN, CHRISTY MARTIN, JR., Georgetown Civil Engineering, Tllll. XK, ASCE NORROD, VALMER, Hico Mathematics, Arnold Air Society, ROTC Band, Future Teachers of America NUNLEY, EDITH PRICE, Oklahoma City, Okla. Physical Education, Glee Club, UTSA NUNN, ALLEN C, Texarkana Pre-AAedical, .VM , YMCA, Texarkana Club OBELGONER, SARITA, Hallettsville Elementary Education, ATA, ACE, Wesley Foundation, Women Voters O ' DELL, AUSTIN ALMOND, JR., Olney Physics, 1111, A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, Eulenspiegelverein, North Texas Club OGDEN, ORAL WAYNE, Sonora Business Administration, ATA OGLESBEE, JOHN H., San Augustine Industrial Management, IK OGLETREE, WILLIAM B., Austin Aeronautical Engineering, AAAE, ASCE, Ramshorn OHEIM, DONALD HOWARD, Amarillo Petroleum Engineering, I ' KM ' , A Cappella Choir OHLEN, GILBERT M., Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, AIEE, IRE, MICA OKRUHLIK, EDITH MARIE, Schulenburg Sociology and Elementary Education, Spooks, WICA, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, MICA Sweetheart Finalist, Czech Club, Newman Club, South Central Texas Club OLDHAM, FAY BURNETT, Freeport Speech Therapy, WICA, Valhalla Co-Op, Inter-Co-Op Council OLSON, OSCAR JULIUS, JR., Corpus Christ! Government, l ltK, II-A, KK , Wesley Foundation, Great Issues, Longhorn Band, YMCA ORMAND, JACK W., San Antonio Music Theory Composition, ' KM A, University Singers, Longhorn Band ORR, ANNE CAROL, Newgulf History, A ' I 1 , Cap and Gown, Canter Club OSBORN, JOE ALLEN, Friono Law, H ' A, A ' l ' SJ, Silver Spurs, Round-Up, Blood Drive, YMCA, Great Issues OWEN, WILLIAM EDISON, Eostland Electrical Engineering, AIEE, IRE OWENS, TOM GARDNER, Arlington Insurance and Real Estate, AROTC PAGE, ROBERT CLAYTON, Dallas Pharmacy, HX, PX, KM ' , Assembly, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association PARKER, LUTHER R., Dallas Pharmacy, KM ' , Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association, Baptist Student Union PATE, MARY ANN, Refugio English Education, I ' ' ! 1 !!, Wesley Foundation, Cap and Gown, Future Teachers of America PATRENELLA, LUKE LEON, Houston Journalism, 1AX, Daily Texan, Grassroots Press Club PATTON, KENNETH GENE, Fort Worth Finance, NROTC, American Finance Association, Mariners, Scabbard and Blade PATTON, RONALD A., Menard Accounting, AFROTC, Air Force Association, Brackenridge Hall Association Page 49 PAVLIK, MARY JOYCE, LaGrange English, South Central Texas Club, Newman Club PEEPLES, JAMES H., Amarillo Business Administration, AT, Intramurals PEGRAM, PEGGY JOAN, Austin French, ATA, Orchesls, Co-Ed Assembly, Bluestockings, Cap and Gown PENNINGTON, JO ANNE, Dallas English, WICA, Baptist Student Union, Curtain Club, Steer Here, Charm Committee, Texannes PERRY, DEAN H., Dallas Engineering Route to Business Administration, AFROTC PERRY, MAURICE CLIFTON, Dallas Bacteriology, Pre-AAedical, Oak Grove PERRYMAN, LESLIE ANN ROBINETT, Fort Worth Elementary Education, KAB, Women Voters, Sweetheart Finalist PETERSON, TOMMY L., Sinton Industrial Management PETTY, MARGARET TEXANNA, Crockett Personnel Management, Al , AAA, UBA, II K, Wesley Foundation, REW, YMCA, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, Cap and Gown, Cactus, Sidney Lanier, Campus Chest PHELPS, JUDITH CARTER, San Antonio Home Economics, XS2, Co-Ed Assembly, UTSA, Poona, Rally Committee Ashbel PIPKIN, HAZEL, MAULTSBY, Austin Pharmacy, AAII, KK, 1 ' X, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, Cap an d Gown, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association PIRAINO, JOHNNY VINCENT, Austin Real Estate, Insurance, A KM , Newman Club, Air Force Association PITTS, CAROL LEN, Fort Worth Elementary Education, XS2 PITTS, GERALD SWEET, Fort Worth Geology, Geological Society PLUMMER, WILLIAM LEE, Jr., San Angela Government, A M?, Cowboys, Theleme, Inter-Co-Op Council, Student Employment Assistance Committee POLLOCK, JAMES ARLISS, Mabank Pre-Medical, A ' M2, Wesley Foundation PONTINS, BARBARA ANN, Borger Mathematics, WICA, Wesley Foundation, Forensica, Cap and Gown, Future Teachers of America PORTER, ROGER HONS, JR., Austin History, AB POTTS, WILLIAM EUGENE, College Station Zoology POZZI, ANTHONY LAWRENCE, JR., Victoria Chemical Engineering, TUI1, ' I AT, S2XK, Student Engineering Council, AICHE PRATHER, KATHERINE LEE, Austin Speech, Education, Psychology, I ' -I ' B, X, YWCA, Speech Club, Future Teachers of America PRIDDY, NELSON HOLT, Stanton Economics, 4 K PRINCE, ALPHA, Monterrey, Mex. Music, University Singers, Westminster Student Fellowship PRINO, MARIAN JO, Galveston Elementary Education, Cap and Go wn, ACE, Future Teachers of America, Co-Ed Assembly PROBST, CORINNE ELAINE, George West Home Economics, Teacher Education, AT, ON, Home Economics Club, Wesley Foundation PROUSE, DARLENE, Austin Journalism, English, ATA, HX I , Mortar Board, Women Voters, Wesley Foundation, Co-Ed Assembly, Cap and Gown, Sidney Lanier PRUETT, SHIRLEY ANN, Houston Secreterial, -I ' M, BBA, UK PURCELL, AMY, Navasota Interior Decorating, T ' l ' lt, Westminster Student Fellowship, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown QUINN, NANCY ELLEN, Dallas English, KAH, Racket Club RACKLEY, JERRY DON, Austin Transportation, ANA, ROTC, Distinguished Military Student RAMAGE, WILLIAM JOEL, Dallas English, Canterbury Club RAMOS, SID, Beaumont Business Administration, Pre-law, MICA, Ranger Drill Team, Student Government Page 50 RAMSEY, BEN WARNER, Amarillo Psychology, MICA RANGEL, GEORGE GARZA, San Antonio Architectural Engineering, MICA, Newman Club, ASCE, AAAE RAST, EDWARD, San Antonio Architecture, Newman Club RATCLIFF, DOUGLAS W., Waxahachie Law, Young Democrats RAY, EDGAR EVERETT, Dallas Chemistry, K, A ' I ' S. ' REDD, ELIZABETH ANN, Houston Secondary Education, 7., YWCA, Cap and Gown, Women Voters REDDITT, BARBARA ANN, San Antonio Business Education, KAH, Cap and Gown REDMON, JOHN EDWIN, Cleburne Zoology, AX A, Newman Club REED, ANITA, Dallas English, AAA, Newman Club, Bluestockings REHKEMPER, LEONARD JAMES, Dallas Geology, Newman Club, Dallas Club, Geological Society REHMUS, LOUIS HERBERT, Corpus Christi Architectural Engineering REFER, RONALD R. ; San Antonio Chemistry, AX REYNOLDS, CLAUDE EARL, Bogota Chemistry, AKA REYNOLDS, CLYDE W., Beeville Music Education, IMA, KK , Symphonic Band, Symphony Orchestra, Austin Symphony Orchestra, Air Force Association REYNOLDS, RUSSELL RONALD, San Antonio Architecture, AXA, Sphinx RHODES, BENJAMIN T., JR., Cranfils Gap Education, AKK, Silver Spurs, Scabbard and Blade, Lutheran Student Association RICE, CHARLES VASTINE, Galveston Mechanical Engineering, A S!, MICA, ASME, Longhorn Band, Wesley Foundation RICE, DON THOMAS, San Angela Management, XI K RICE, WANDA BUDGE, Odessa Physical Education RICH, MARVIN A., Houston Marketing, Curtain Club, T Association, American Marketing Association, Swimming, Young Democrats RICKS, DONUS W., Wichita Falls Architecture, A " ! 1 !. ' , Baptist Student Union, American Institute of Architects RIESS, ROBERT WILLIAM, Austin Bacteriology, Newman Club, Varsity Cross Country, Track RIKLI, RICHARD BEN, Stanton Pharmacy, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association RIVIERE, ARTHUR BERNARD, Houston Business Administraton, 1 , Cowboys, T Association, Varsity Golf ROBBINS, BETTY JOYCE, Longview English, XH, Canter Club, YWCA, Art Committee, Dance Committee, Senior Ring Committee, Canterbury Club ROBERTS, JOHN H., Dallas Pre-Law, 1AK, Interfraternity Council ROBERTS, WILLIAM ESGAR, Victoria Accounting, HA ROBERTSON, BILLY RAY, Baytown Mechanical Engineering, ASME ROBERTSON, ROLAND S., Tyler Geology, K ROBERTSON, WARREN M., Archer City Radio and Television, Radio and Television Guild, Curtain Club, TSO ROBINSON, FRANK KEE, Lamesa ROBINSON, ROSEMARIE LEE, Freeport, N. Y. Accounting, BBA, UTSA, Strike and Spare, Canterbury Club, Curtain Club, WICA, Cap and Gown, Glee Club, Women Voters, Radio and Television Guild, Student Government Page 51 ROGERS, CARL ESTER, JR., Corsicana Architectural Engineering, AAAE, Student Engineering Council ROGERS, NANCY JANE, Longview Radio, , AKI ' , Radio Guild ROGERS, SHIRLEY ANN, San Marcos Elementary Education, KKT ROGERS, THOMAS PASCAL, Austin Civil Engineering, ASCE ROHM, WERNER G., Farmingdale, N. J. Personnel Management, ! I K ROSS, DADE ANN, Del Rio Zoology ROSS, JAMES RAYE, Rockwall Physical Education, American and Texas Associations of Health and Physical Education Recreation ROWELL, JAMES ADRIAN, JR., Austin Geology, Geological Society ROWLAND, ROBERT A., Houston Law, ATS. ' , Track ROYALL, BARBARA ANN, Austin Clothing, Textile and Costume Design, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Canterbury Club RUBENSTEIN, DAVID OCHS, Shreveport, La. Accounting, SAM, ANA, HA RUBEY, ELIZABETH STUART, Houston Sociology, KKl " , Cap and Gown RUFF, BAILEY HILL, Dallas Marketing, 1 I K, Marketing Club RUNDELL, C. A., JR., Austin Chemical Engineering, KX, UXK, Silver Spurs, T Association, AlChE, NROTC, Varsity Track RUSSELL, CHARLES ARTHUR, Ladonia Architecture, A l Si, AAX, American Institute of Architects SACHSE, ERNEST JAMES, Fort Worth Zoology SAIKIN, STANLEY B., Artesia, N. M. Business Administration, 1AM, UTSAM, Intramurals SALDIVAR, CARMEN DOLORES, Dallas Sociology SALYER, DON MORGAN, Sinton Pharmacy SANDER, D. ELEANOR, Austin Education, II AH, Westminster Student Fellowship, Turtle Club SANDERS, D. NAN, Waco Physical Educaton, KA0 SANDERSON, MELBURN ARNOLD, Houston Physical Education, Baseball, PEM, Frank Evins Sportmanship Award, Intramural Football and Basketball, Houston Club SANSING, JOY TYNELLE, Spearman Secretarial Studies, A l, Cap and Gown SANSING, NELL BETH, Higgins English, A l , Reagan Literary Society, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation SARVER, PHILLIP MERLE, Beaumont SAUNDERS, FREDRIC M., Mission Business Administration, T Association, Basketball SAYERS, DE ETTA L., Austin Art Education SCAMARDO, BETTY JEAN, Hearne Home Economics, IM B, ON, Home Economics Club SCARBOROUGH, J. ROGER L., Austin Applied Art and Art Education, t ' KM ' , Varsity Fencing, UTSAM SCHELLHASE, MARION WALLIS, San Antonio Physics SCHLAMEUS, BARRON, San Marcos Chemistry, Glee Club, Der Eulenspiegelverein SCHMIDT, MARGARET ANN, Yoakum Speech and Elmentary Education, A l , IIAtt, AAA, Bluestockings, Cap and Gown, Sidney Lanier, South Central Texas Club, Women Voters, Speech Club, Co-Ed Assembly, Union Dance Committee Page 52 SCHMIDT, OTIS RHEA, Texas City Journalism, H1+, Orange Jackets, Spooks, Bluestockings, Upperclass Adviior, Co-Ed Assembly, Grievance Committee, YWCA SCHOOLEY, ROY MORRIS, Texarkana, Ark. Geology, Geological Society SCHOTT, JOE L., Castroville Journalism, EAX, Daily Texan SCHULLE, JANICE ELIZABETH, Austin Music Education, APA, ZAI, A Cappella Choir, University Singers SCHULZE, SHIRLEY, Corpus Christ! Elementary Education, XTA SCHWARTZ, AILEEN RITA, Houston Applied Art, AK ' I , Great Issues, Cap and Gown, Hillel, Art Students Association, Sidney Lanier SEEBERGER, RUDOLPH G., JR., LoGrange Insurance and Real Estate, AK+, American Finance Association, South Central Texas Club, Czech Club SETTEGAST, CAROL, Houston Applied Art, AAA, Great Issues, Scholastic Integrity Committee SEWELL, GEORGE BARNARD, Austin Geology, ilX, Geological Society, UTSAM SHAMBLIN, JAMES EARLE, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, AT, +HK, ASME SHERMAN, LANETTE, Dallas Sociology, AAA, Disciples Student Fellowship, Reagan SHIELS, ROBERT M., Stephenville Petroleum Engineering, AIME, ASME SHIVERS, LINWARD, Carthage Law, History, AfW, MICA, Wesley Foundation SIMMONS, DOLORES WILMA, Sinton Costume Design, Textiles, Clothing, WICA, Home Economics Club, Inter-Co-Op Council, Theadorne, Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Assembly SIMPSON, MARTHELLA STEVES, Bay City Elementary Education SIMS, NELDA GWYNN, Arlington Elementary Education, TIAO, Glee Club, Wesley Foundation SIMS, RUTH LUCILE, Austin Advertising, +M, AAA, BBA, UK, American Marketing Association, Cap and Gown, Sidney Lanier, Women Voters SKIBELL, BERNARD FRANK, Lubbock Business Administration, 1AM SKRABANEK, JEROME C, Temple Geology SLATTUM, EVELYN M., Bay City Architecture, NAX ! , American Institute of Architects SMART, JOHN A., JR., Port Neches Marketing, A 2, A1IT, Marketing Club SMITH, BEVERLY L ' VONNE, Waco Spanish, ATA, ZAI1, Texannes, Reagan, Cap and Gown SMITH, BOBBY JOE, Gonzales Pre-Medical SMITH, CARMEN G., Carrizo Springs Elementary Education, ATA, A Cappella Choir, Reagan, Rodeo Club, Cap and Gown SMITH, DON W., Dallas Marketing, Marketing Club SMITH, EUGENE L., Orange Personnel Management, AII, TLOK, Baptist Student Union, Intramurals SMITH, LAWRENCE L., Houston Geology, A R, Geological Society, Speological Society SMITH, MAX HOWARD, Nevada Transportation, ANA, Oak Grove SMITH, ROBERT EDWARD, San Antonio Architectural Engineering, ! t K, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society SMITH, SAWNIE ADELINE, Edinburg English, Education, XS2, Future Teachers of America SMITH, STEPHEN DREW, Austin English, A Cappella Choir, University Singers, Campus Chest, REW, Canterbury Club SMOTHERS, THOMAS CHARLES, Victoria Architectural Engineering, AAAE, ASCE Page 53 SNAVELY, CAROL LEE, Harlingen Government, Baptist Student Union, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, YWCA SNIDER, SALLY JUNE, Dallas Mathematics, KKI ' , UTSA, Turtle Club, Cap and Gown SOLETHER, NANCY ANN, Weslaco Interior Design, AA1I SPEARS, FRANKLIN SCOTT, Austin Business Administration, Law, KA, I AA, YMCA, Silver Spurs, Distinguished Military Student, Associate Justice, Friars, Students Association President SPEARS, JO ANN HYLTIN, Austin Elementary Education, AT, II AH, Mortar Board, Bluebonnet Belle, YWCA, NROTC Sponsor, Aqua Carnival Finalist, Sweetheart Semi-Finalist SPEER, JAMES M., JR., Olton Government, Chancery Club, Inner-Dorm Council SPILLAR, TOMMY CHARLES, Amarillo Industrial Management SPRING, GILMER RAYBURN, Apple Springs Personnel Management, T Association, Varsity Football SPRING, IRBY HANNA, Luling Pharmacy, Valhalla, Co-Ordina tor ' s Council, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association, Co-Ed Assembly SPROULL, FAY NELL PIGOTT, Austin Insurance, It It A, American Finance Association SQUIBB, JOHN DONALD, JR., Austin Law, XAIC, +AA, Law School Honor Council, Wesley Foundation SRINI-VASAN, S., Madras, India Petroleum Engineering, MICA, International Club, YMCA, AIME STANKOSKY, PETER, Bridgeport, Conn. Business Administration, Ailll STANLEY, BARBARA JEAN, Dallas Elementary Education STANTON, NANCY BERNICE, Corpus Christ! History STANTON, WILLIAM E., Corpus Christ! Anthropology STARKEY, JIMMY W., Tyler Chemical Engineering, AlChE STEELE, GRETA BONNIE, San Antonio Textiles, Clothing and Design STEINBERGER, KATHERINE LEWIS, Midland Secretarial Studies, AAA STILLWAGON, JO ANN, Houston Elementary Education, XS- , Rally Committee, Talent Committee, Disciples Student Fellowship ST. JOHN, J. ALAN, Corpus Christ! Accounting and Pre-Law, AIM, Tejas Club, Wesley Foundation, Mariners Club STEPHENSON, ALICE NELL, Burleson Elementary Education, Wesley Foundation, Christian Faith and Life Community STEPHENSON, GEORGE, JR., Houston Electrical Engineering, Ai l , AIEE, NROTC STEVENSON, JAMES CHARLES, Aransas Pass Accounting STEWART, DON HAROLD, Gilmer Civil Engineering, Campus Guild, ASCE STIRLING, WILLIAM CHARLES, Pearsall Chemical Engineering, Longhorn Band, AlChE, Intramurals STISCHER, WALT M., San Antonio Economics, AiM , AFROTC STOELTJE, MACK, Beaumont Architectural Engineering, AKK, Cowboys Page 54 STOKES, BENNETT, Corsicana Zoology, KT STONER, CALVIN L., Gordon Mechanical Engineering, ASME STREUSAND, CHARLES LEE, Bellaire Marketing, 1A STRICKLAND, RICHARD FRANK, San Angela Marketing, ASH, HE, American Marketing Association STUART, BILL FRANK, Beeville Personnel Management, X4 1 STUCKEY, J. W., Bloomburg Business Administration, ASH, Tejas Club STUDDARD, KENNETH EARL, Brownwood Accounting, Pre-Law, X , Chancery Club SUMMERS, CHARLES ERNEST, Greggton Business Administration SUNKEL, MARGARET SUE, Clarksville Secondary Education, English, Cap and Gown, Future Teachers of Amenca SUTTON, MILDRED JANET, Orange Psychology, AAII, Christian Faith and Life Community, Westminster Student Fellowship, Poona Club, Steer Here, Orange Jackets, Sidney Lanier, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Campus Chest, Swing and Turn SWANEY, WILLARD, R., JR., Ranger Pharmacy, K , Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association SWEARINGEN, WILLIAM SCOTT, Austin Electrical Engineering, AKE, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade SWENSON, THOMAS FREDERICK, Taylor Engineering Route to Business Administration, MICA, NROTC, Mariners SYKES, CHRISTA MARIE, Galveston German, KA9, Newman Club, Glee Club, Cap and Gown, Campus Chest TANKERSLEY, E. L., Mertzon Accounting, BH, A1II TARKINGTON, MURRY, Cuero Cotton Marketing, IX, AROTC TAYLOR, CHARLES EDWARD, El Campo Pharmacy, 4-PA, K , PX, Football, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association, Scabbard and Blade, AFROTC, Distinguished Military Student TAYLOR, MARTHA LOY, Robert Lee Home Economics, UTSA, Tumle, Poona, Co-Ed Assembly, Wesley Foundation, Home Economics Club, Theadorne TAYLOR, ROBERT FRANKLIN, Houston Accounting TAYLOR, ROY LEGRAND, Dallas Advertising, A6 TENEYUQUE, SOCORRO, Austin Physical Education, WICA, Women Voters, Newman Club, Cap and Gown, Tumle Turtle Club, Alba Club, PEM Club TERRELL, BARBARA LEE, Stephenville Plan II, I ' B, Assembly, Co-Ed Assembly, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Bluestockings TERRY, CLYDE E., Pharr Pharmacy THAMES, CLEMENT BEAL, JR., Hearne Geology, E E, AIME, Geological Society, Spelogical Society THIENES, WILLIAM A., St. Cloud, Minn. Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Newman Club THOMAS, CHARLES A., Fostoria Physical Education, Varsity Track. PEM Club, T Association THOMPSON, BILLY MORRIS, Leona Petroleum Engineering, AIME THOMPSON, CHAUNCE O., Breckenridge Petroleum Engineering, TBII, 1PK, H1, Scabbard and Blade, Engineering Council, AIME Page 55 THOMPSON, EMORY C., Austin Business Administration, KA, NROTC THOMPSON, JERE WILLIAM, Dallas Insurance, I I ' A, NROTC, Varsity Football, T Association THOMPSON, JOANNE, Dallas English, Psychology, X THOMPSON, MAE FRANCES, Atlanta Beach, Fla. Plan II, r B THOMS, BOB L., Nixon Architectural Engineering, Lutheran Student Association, AAAE, Tejas Club THORNBERRY, S. GARDNER, Houston Radio-Television Broadcasting, AM. ' , Cadet Officers Association, Wesley Foundation, Radio-Television Guild THORNHILL, JOHN R., Dallas Air Transportation, AK ' THORNHILL, MAX ERIC, Columbia, Miss. Geology THORNTON, DOROTHY LOUISE, Arlington Elementary Education, Al , Cap and Gown, ACE THURMAN, ANN RATTIKIN, Austin History, AAA, AH THURMAN, WILLIAM H., Austin Physical Education, 2N, PEM Club TIEKEN, BETTY LOUISE, Austin Business Administration, I ' I H, BI1A, Lutheran Student Association, American Marketing Association, REW TILLERY, PRESTON JAMES, Port Arthur Industrial Management, fy VL, II K, Wesley Foundation TIMMERMAN, DOROTHY MARIE, Houston Economics TINSLEY, J. RUSSELL, Mason Journalism, Twin Pines, Longhorn Band, Daily Texan, AFROTC, Air Force Association TOWNLEY, JOHN MARK, Oklahoma City, Okla. Geology, HX, MICA, AIME, Geological Society TRAFTON, WILLIAM FORREST, Austin Business Administration, Arnold Air Society TRAHAN, DONALD HENRY, Houston Finance, I KT, Canterbury Club, Hill Country Club, Armed Forces Association, American Finance Association, Young Republicans, AROTC, Economics Club TRAMMELL, CATHY SUE, Houston Home Economics, IIIW , ON, YWCA, Great Issues, Cap and Gown TRAVIS, WAYNE K., San Antonio Civil Engineering, ASCE, SAME, San Antonio Club, Newman Club, YMCA TRAVLAND, TERENCE W., Sweetwater Social Studies, Education TREVINO, ANDREINA B., Harlingen Spanish, Alba Club, Newman Club TRIPLETT, PEGGY JOAN, Corpus Christ! Education, Baptist Student Union, Glee Club, ACE TROUTZ, EUGENE HARRY, San Antonio Plan II, 2AII, Inteca Club TRUNDLE, SYLVIA ANNE LOUISE, Port Arthur Pharmacy, KK, I ' X, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association, Longhorn Pharmacist Editor TUCKER, SALLY ELIZABETH, Nacogdoches Government, TA, Women Voters, Reagan TURK, JACK, Houston Law, TA ' I- TURNER, BEN HOWARD, JR., Port Arthur Pharmacy, K Page 56 TURNLEY, WANDA FAYE, Galena Park Spanish, 1 Ml TUTT, E. KAY, Dallas Elementary Education, X.TA, II AH, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Senior Cabinet, Panhellenic TYLER, HENRY ALLEN, JR., San Angela Petroleum Engineering, A ' M. ' , AIME TYLER, WINSTON DAVIS, Linden Petroleum Engineering, AIME TYRA, LEO PAUL, Little Rock, Ark. Civil Engineering, Engineering Council, ASCE VANDER STRATEN, RICHARD, San Antonio Civil Engineering, H ' A, ASCE V ANSICKLE, DONALD RITCHIE, Ontario, Canada Civil Engineering, t H-, XK, Till I, ASCE, Engineering Council VARNADO, FREDERICK LALE, Port Arthur Accounting, MA , MICA VAUGHAN, JOE EARL, Bowie Geology, HX, Interfraternity Council, Geological Society, Longhorn Band VAUGHAN, LOREN HUDSON, JR., Stephenville Electrical Engineering, Tlill, HKN, Engineering Council, AIEE VELA, TOMAS ALEJANDRO, Edinburg Petroleum Engineering VERNON, GLADYS JOYCE, Houston Secretarial Studies, XS2, BBA, Poona VOELKEL, LAVERNE, Houston Real Estate and Insurance, BBA, Upperclass Advisor, Cap and Gown VOSS, ROBERT G., Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS WALDRON, ROBERT EARL, Arp Business Administration, Pre-Law WALKER, HAROLD EUGENE, Center Business Administration, Court Reporting WALLIS, ROBERT E., Austin Business Education, MICA, Speech Ctub WALTERS, HORACE L., Houston Business Administration, IIKA, ANA WARD, JAMES ELIAS, Tyler Air Transportation WARD, JAMES THOMAS, JR., Austin Government, ATS? WARNER, JAMES LAIRD, JR., McAllen Mechanical Engineering, TBII, IIT , ASME, Engineering Council WATERS, MARY HELEN, Austin Sociology, A ' P, Curtain Club, Baptist Student Union WEAVER, THOMAS WESLEY, Little Rock, Ark. (Accounting WEBER, DONALD EUGENE, Austin Accounting, Kl, A1II WEEKS, WILLIAM ALDEN, Austin Electrical Engineering, AX, IIKX, TBII, AIEE, Distinguished AFROTC Military Student, Interfraternity Council WEISS, SONDRA ANN, Wichita Falls English, 1AT, Co-Ed Assembly, Reagan, Bluestockings, REW WELDER, ALICE LOUISE, Beeville Spanish, A ' h, Newman Club, International Club WELLS, ANNE, Dallas English, HIM ' , YWCA, Cap and Gown Page 57 WERCHAN, JAMES CONWAY, Giddings Accounting, AK WESNER, CAROL JEAN, Brownwood English, ZTA, BK, Cap and Gown, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Bluestockings, Reagan, Student-Faculty Committee, Grievance Committee, Senior Council, Future Teachers of America, YWCA WEST, MILTON E., Lubbock Banking and Finance, American Finance Association WHELAN, JOAN DOLORES, Cronford, N. J. Retailing, DBA, Newman Club, American Marketing Association WHITE, JAMES PHELPS, Roswell, N. M. General Plan I, AKK WHITE, TRUMAN R., HENDERSON Personnel Management WHITEHEAD, BOBBY LOU, Del Rio Elementary Education, Christian Science Organization, Swing and Turn, ACE WHITTLESEY, Ardis B., Jasper Transportation, ANA, MICA WIER, ELINOR JOAN, Houston History, KA9 WIGGEN, EUGENE ROBERT, Baytown Chemical Engineering, AlChE, SAME WIGGINS, AUDREY JANE, Waco Education, ZTA, Reagan, Future Teachers of America WILCOX, BRANDON NEVILLE, Freeport Economics WILLIAMS, BEVERLY JANE, Tyler Elementary Education, ZTA, Round-Up, Student-Faculty Committee, Senior Ring Committee WILLIAMS, CARROLL EUGENE, Austin Electrical Engineering, AIEE, IRE WILLIAMS, CHARLOTTE, San Marcos Clothing, Textile and Design, AAH WILLIAMS, FLORENCE FAYE, McCamey Elementary Education, Upperclass Advisor, ACE WILLIAMS, MARY LOUISE, Wharton Elementary Education, Cap and Gown, ACE WILLIAMS, VICTOR R., El Paso Petroleum Engineering, KT, AIME WILLIAMS, WILLIS LEE, San Angela Personnel Management, Baptist Student Union WILLIAMSON, NANCY ELLEN, San Antonio English, KKF WILLIMACK, LARRY CLAY, Austin Accounting, 2 K, BA+ WILSON, EVERETT H., Houston Electrical Engineering, ATS!,+HE, HKN, AIEE, IRE WILSON, HAROLD, BASTROP Zoology, Supervisor San Jacinto Dorms WILSON, JAMES ALAN, Lyford Journalism, SIX, MICA, Glee Club, University Singers WILSON, JERRY JAMES, Abilene Plan II, Silver Spurs, Student Government Reorganization Commission, YMCA, Scholastic Integrity Council, Public Relations Committee WILSON, JOSEPH EDWARDS, Denison Civil Engineering, ATO WILSON, MILES DAVIS, Denison Finance, ATS, AK , WISE, MARIE ANTOINETTE, Austin Physical Education, UTSA, Orchesis, Canterbury Club, PEM Club Page 58 WISE, THOMAS MATTHEWS, Orange Real Estate, S+K, Chancery Club, AFROTC, Air Force Amateur Radio Club WISAKOWSKY,, ARTHUR ANDREW, JR., Wake Village Engineering Route to Business Administration, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society WISEMAN, FRANK WILLIAM, LaFeria Spanish, 2AII, MICA, Club Inteca, Future Teachers of America, " ' WISER, WILLIAM DEWEY, JR., Piano Physical Education, IX, PEM Club WOFFORD, BARBARA, San Antonio Home Economics, Baptist Student Union, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club WOLF, SONIA ELLEN, Temple Home Economics, KKP, UTSA, Turtle Club, Spooks, Co-Ed Assembly WOMACK, RICHARD ORVILLE, Marshall Finance, ATS!, AK WOOD, BOBBY DEAN, Richland Springs Marketing, ANA, Theleme, NROTC, Mariners, Student Marketing Club WOOD, SHIRLEY JANE, Tyler Music, AAA, EAI, University Singers WOODWARD, DAVID T., San Antonio Civil Engineering, ASCE WREN, ELDEN B., Weslaco Physics WREN, JULIA-ALVA, Dallas History WRIGHT, HARLEY DELBERT, Farmington, N. M. History WUNSCH, LYMAN MILLER, JR., Houston Chemistry, MICA WYNNE, GORDON RUSSELL, JR., Wills Point Plan II, 4 AB YELDERMAN, JAMES JULIUS, Rosenberg Chemistry, t HK, Newman Club YERINGTON, MARJORIE ANN, Fort Worth English, AZ, Poona Club, Westminster Student Fellowship YORK, THOMAS OLIVER, Burnet Transportation, AKK, ANA, Student-Faculty Committee, Mariners Club, NROTC, Scabbard and Blade YORKE, BETH EDNA, Norway, Mich. Physical Education, louche, PEM Club YOUNGBLOOD, NEWTON CRAWFORD, Austin Real Estate and I nsurance, American Finance Association ZARUBA, LAWRENCE CHARLES, Sealy Physical Education, Newman Club, PEM Club ZAVALA, ROBERT, Fort Worth Civil Engineering, ASCE ZAX, ROBERT B., Houston Finance, AM ZEMANEK, WANELLE, Newgulf Personnel Management, A All ZIMMERMANN, HAROLD L., Port Arthur Chemistry ZOBAL, VLASTA LOUISE, Catarina Elementary Education, Westminster Student Fellowship, Charm Committee, Cap and Gown, ACE, UTSA, Women Voters ZOCH, GLENN ARTHUR, Taylor Radio Broadcasting, MICA ZUCH, MARTHA ANN, Austin Elementary Education, Cap and Gown Page 59 W| " " n .31 UUMCj, Out Swing Out, the annual senior and junior women ' s pre- graduation ceremony is an impressive part of end-of-the- year activities. The senior women pass ' the bluebonnet chain, ' symbolizing the tradi- tions and integrity of senior women at Texas, to junior women, with the trust that they will carry on the high standards established here at the University. As a climax to Swing Out, Peggy Rowland was awarded the Silver Spur Award, which is given annually to an out- standing girl of the Univer- sity. Page 60 OUTSTANDING BOY AND GIRL Patricia Hinds and Lawrence Lindell Season Page 61 Mike u iiHr . _ - _rfi Page 63 SECOND-YEAR LAWS Brocato, Anthony Gerard, Beaumont Cabaniss, Charles Davis, Garland Marschall, William Inqo, Jr., San Angela Peterson, Robert Dupree, Jr., Marlin Pressly, Thomas Alexander, Jr., San Antonio Ragland, Alphonso, Dallas Rosmarin, Larry M., Houston Warren, James Howard, Tyler Wood, John Walter, Albany FIRST-YEAR LAWS Bernard, Donald Ray, Houston Blanchard, Lawrence Phil, Austin Elliott, Lynwood Grayburn, Austin Ellis, John Wilson, Beaumont Estes, John L., Waxahachie Hall, Patrick Burney, Hearne Jones, Oscar Freer III, Waco Lopez, Rudolph Muller, Corona, Calif. McPherson, Robert D., Pampa Nass, Harry Anthony, San Antonio Orr, Joseph Lackland, Fort Worth Parker, James Kent, Grapeland Purse, James Anderson, Dallas Schwarzbach, Bernard Edward, Jr., El Paso Sowell, Jack Robson, San Antonio Steinberger, John Clinton, Midland Stephen, Joe Stanley, Eastland Sweet, Arnold Norman, Dallas JUNIORS Abernathy, Robert Briggs, Glen Alpine, N. C. Ablon, Joan Irene, Dallas Adair, Richard Fraine, Havana, Cuba Adcock, Joe Marshall, Jr., Dallas Adkins, James Marshall, Chicago, III. Adkins, Noeljeanne, Denison Akridge, Albert Neal, Temple Alcorn, George Avery, Houston Alford, Patsy Jean, Tyler Allen, G. Claude, Bellville Allison, Joe S., Call Amaya, Robert Richard, San Antonio Ames, Eugene L., Jr., San Antonio Anderson, Hershel Wayne, Temple Anderson, Joe White, San Antonio Anderson, Judith Constance, Eagle Lake Anderson, Robert Arthur, Oakland, Nebr. Andress, Ottie Levaughn, Dexter, N. M. Angus, Dorothy Jean, Caracas, Venezuela Anisman, Sheldon, Memphis Appling, Floyd Edward, Jr., El Campo Armerdariz, Regina Iris, Brownsville Arnold, Ruby Carole, Dallas Ascher, Joan, Jackson, Miss. Askew, Annette Katinka, Dallas Atkins, George Pope, Austin Atkins, Hal W., Jr., San Antonio Atkinson, Peggy Jean, Temple Atwill, Douglas Eugene, Midland Austin, Rosemary, Austin Bailey, Charles Lyle, Navasota Bailey, Walton Daniel, Jr., Dallas Bain, Travis Whitsett II, Lubbock Bain, William Frank, Shreveport, La. Baker, Beverly Revelle, Brownwood Baker, Hugh Lee, Crosby Baker, Jean Dennison, San Antonio Baker, Robert Paul, Freeport Balatow, Nancy Belle, San Antonio Balcom, Barrie Thomas, Dallas Baldwin, Roy Dale, Jean Bandy, Janette Elaine, Austin Banks, Beth, Rusk Banner, Beverley Barrette, Jr., Greenville Barclay, Buford Curtis, Jr., Tyler Barfield, Barbara Ann, New Boston Barnhart, Donald Lee, Fort Worth Barren, Betsy Catherine, Yoakum Barton, Earlene, Longview Barton, Margaret Clyde, Kermit Page 64 Barton, Marjory Jenetta, Kermit Barton, Tom K., Meridian Bartos, Donald Eugene, Waco Bashara, Phil J., Austin Baskin, William Gresham, Austin Bass, James L., Dalhart Bates, Elizabeth Ann, Dallas Bates, John Thomas, Dallas Baty, Ben Thomas, Jr., Houston Beck, Francis Leroy, Corpus Christi Beggs, Barbara Ann, Houston Belken, Leslie Vaughan, Aransas Pass Bennett, Floyd Edwin, Dawson Bennett, Hugh Malcolm, Houston Bennett, Raymond D., Beaumont Benson, Ruth Joy, Dallas Berkenkamp, Joan Mary, Dallas Berry, Robert Lynn, Fort Worth Betty, Helen Anna, Kerrville Biel, Marilyn, Austin Bigelow, Robert Myron, Jr., Bruni Bigham, Jesse Yonge, Houston Bird, Duryl Smith, Bertram Bishop, Walter Fawver, Tampico, III. Bjork, William Rolland, Mission Black, W. H., Jr., Midland Blackman, Harvey E., Longview Blackwell, Edwin Hearst, Dallas Blake, Robert Merrill, Austin Blanton, Catherine Carol, Temple Blaylock, Billy Rex, Austin Block, Lee Sampson, Del Rio Bloom, Margaret Jane, Dallas Boatner, Helene LeMaire, Houston Bodie, Merry Davellyn, Columbus Boenig, Cecil Joy, Gonzales Boger, Betty Jane, Amarillo Bohn, Gretchen Margaret, Austin Bondurant, Gladys Randolph, San Antonio Boo:h, Rie Charlotte, Taylor Booz, Barbara Renska, Port Arthur Borchardt, Alvin Lee, Vernon Borchers, Marion Jack, Yoakum Boswell, Ida Terrell, Paris Bourdon, Marjorie Janice, Houston Bowen, Nancy Jane, Corpus Christi Bowes, Harrison Nesbit, Highland Park, III. Bowlby, Etta Kathryn, Dallas Boyd, Bryan James, Three Rivers Boyd, James Victor, Jr., El Paso Brabham, Shirley Ann, Atlanta Bradshaw, Benjamin Spencer, Springdale, Ark. Brantley, Harold Clayton, Jr., LaPryor Brasfield, Earl Norman, Austin Bravenec, Gladys Mae, Rogers Breazeale, Jimmy Levan, Poteet Brians, Audrey Lee, Tyler Bridges, Fay Beth, Arlington Bridges, John Roby, Baytown Brill, James Edward, Houston Brooke, John Rutter, Austin Brooks, Kenneth Lee, Wichita Falls Brooks, Lewis E., Corpus Christi Brookshire, William Kirklen, Aransas Pass Broussard, Vernon James, Port Arthur Brown, Bert Edwin, Jr., Mercedes Brown, Joyce Elaine, Tyler Brown, Joyce Lee, Tyler Brown, Loyce Lee, Tyler Brown, Patricia, Itasca Brown, Prudence Oleta, Amarillo Brown, Melvin Vanoy, Mount Pleasant Browne, Thomas H., San Antonio Browning, Robert Lee, Corpus Christi Brumley, Harold W., Austin Buchmeyer, Jerry Lynn, Overton Buck, Elizabeth Ann, Houston Buckingham, Robert Bruce, Jacksonville Bunge, Marjorie Ann, El Campo Page 65 Page 66 Burge, Wanda Belle, Forest Grove, Ore. Burleson, James Bernard, Jr., Dallas Burnett, Bobby Moore, Arlington Burnham, Barbara Estelle, Midland Burroughs, JoAnne, Dallas Burton, Douglas Burt, Austin Busbey, Charles Robert, Dallas Butler, Nell, Austin Buzbee, Charles A., Mineral Wells Byers, Patsy Ellen, Kilgore Bynum, Mary Elizabeth, Galveston Cain, Para Lee, Houston Cahoon, John Edward, Jr., Houston Caldwell, Patton Howell, Houston Caldwell, W. LaNelle, Childress Calk, Jerald L, Bangs Calkins, Carita Joan, Austin Call, Betty Lu, Austin Gallery, Charles Hylton, Jr., Galveston Campbell, Norman William, Dallas Campbell, Shirley Arlene, Amarillo Cannon, Shirley Marquitta, Grapevine Capps, Charlene, Brownwood Carr, Barbara Lenore, Dallas Carrothers, Caroline Lee, Edinburg Carson, Alan Barrow, Fort Worth Carter, James Fletcher, Childress Carter, M. Carolyn, Dallas Caskey, Joyce Juanelle, Briggs Cassell, Robert Edward, Fort Worth Castleberry, Mary Lea, Longview Cavazos, Diana Margot, Rio Grande City Cerny, Joseph George, Endicott, N. Y. Chambers, John Charles, Houston Chapman, Charles Coopwood, Jr., Lockhart Chapman, Earl William, Midland Chappell, George Dwight, Corsicana Chiles, Carole Janet, Refugio Christopher, Sarah Elizabeth, Arlington Clark, Clell C, Austin Clark, Jimmy R., Bowie Clayton, Billy Morris, Dallas Clayton, Nancy Ann, Austin Clayton, Philip Morgan, Fort Worth Clayton, Willy D., Dallas Cline, John Victor, Bellaire Cline, William Aldridge, Jr., Wharton Cloud, Byron Leslie, Austin Coats, Mollie D., Harlingen Cobb, Jan Maurice, Austin Cochran, John Devin, Bonham Cockrell, John Harrison, Cleburne Cody, Vaydor Frank, Texarkana Coen, Mary Jane, Littlefield Coffee, Robert F., Dallas Cohen, Stanley Marvin, Clarksdale, Miss. Cohen, Sylvia Lynn, Lexington, Miss. Cole, Dwight Lane, Austin Collette, Ann, Houston Collins, Robert Seburn, Jr., Texarkana Colwick, Harold Douglas, Dickinson Compton, Mary Deen, Dallas Connell, Edward Sparks, Staten Island, N. Y. Cook, Harlan Cullen, Jr., Lubbock Cook, James Michael, Fort Worth Cooksey, Frank Cloud, Austin Copeland, John Miller, Corsicana Corbello, Patricia Anne, San Benito Corder, Catherine, Burnet Cortez, Richard, San Antonio Cowan, David Douglas, Dallas Cowan, J. Corinne, Houston Cox, Harbord L., Amarillo Cox, R. Earl, Fort Worth Craft, Herbert M., Dallas Crager, Minor Beckett, Beaumont Craig, Paul Crim, Henderson Cramer, Marjorie Ann, Midland Crawford, Dauna Ruth, Fort Worth Crittenden, William Thomas, Detroit Crockett, Carolyn Kay, Wichita Falls Crofts, Pat, Dallas Grossman, Ronald Charles, Dallas Crowther, Sam, San Angela Crutchfield, Edgar Burns, Houston Cummins, Ben Milton, Taft Cunningham, James David, Spokane, Wash. Culbirth, Sandra Ann, Houston Daggett, Mary Adele, Naturita, Colo. Daily, Dorothy Jo, Simonton Damrel, Mary, Beaumont Darilek, Jo Ann, Columbus Davenport, John Nigel, Houston Davies, Thomas E., Houston Davis, James Alan, Fort Worth Davis, Ann, Sherman Davis, Annazell Elizabeth, Biloxi, Miss. Davis, Charles Edward II, Linden Davis, Ernst Michael, Victoria Day, Howard, Dallas D ' Ayson, Suzette Claire, Winona Dechant, Eugene Lyle, Lamesa Decherd, Milton Edmund, Jr., Taft Dedeke, Leslie Alfred, Jr., New Braunfels Depew, Don Bradley, Kingsville Devin, Gena Mac, Amarillo Dewar, Robert Lee, San Antonio DeWitt, William W., Jr., Alvin Dickens, Rita Faye, Texarkana Dickerson, Billy Ray, Mineola Dockery, William Dee, Jr., Austin Dodson, Thomas Hal, Grand Prairie Dolan, Edward Howard, Jr., San Antonio Dolley, Robert David, Jr., Austin Donnell, Robert Evans, Wichita Falls Dorman, Carmel Theresa, Silsbee Dorsey, Ann Gabrielle, Port Lavaca Dougherty, Peggy Alice, Dallas Douglas, Michael E., Houston Downing, Barbara Colleen, Dallas Drake, Kathleen Virginia, El Campo Drisdale, Sally Ann, Del Rio Drummond, Donald Ryan, Midland Drummond, Malcolm Duane, Wichita Falls Drummond, Nita Sue, Rockdale Dunlap, Peggy Ann, Dallas Dunnam, Mary Ann, Fostoria Durbin, Jimmy C., Kilgore Durio, John R., San Antonio Durso, Sam Martin, Port Arthur Dyer, Eldon Royce, Lamesa Eanes, Robert Zempter, Galveston Earthman, James Bradshaw III, Houston Echterhoff, Mary Gwendolyn, San Antonio Eckert, Charlene, Mason Eckhardt, Vera Sue, Houston Eddins, Doris Ethyl, Dallas Edge, Eugene III, Bryan Efron, Jack Aaron, San Antonio Eggen, Joe Bert, Clifton Eisen, Harold Marvin, Beaumont Eldridge, William Frederick, Kerrville Ellington, Alvin William, Jr., San Angela Elliott, Alethea Lou, Temple Elliott, Arthur B., Victoria Elliston, Lura Duff, Fort Worth Emerine, Sally Anne, Victoria Engelhardt, Shirley, Corpus Christi English, Gayle Earle, San Angela Ericson, Joe Anne, Orange Etheredge, Betty Nan, Austin Evans, Lynn Thomas, Jasper Page 67 Page 68 Fadal, Georgia Christine, Waco Pagan, Marilyn Jean, Refugio Fariss, Ira W., Giddings Farnsworth, Carl Leon, Amarillo Feagin, Michael Dan, Brady Fella, Marilyn Mays, San Antonio Ferguson, Carole Lyn, McAllen Ferguson, David Scott, McAllen Ferguson, Ernest Fred, Jr., Dallas Ferguson, Janet, Cisco Ferguson, Paul Lehr, Houston Ferrell, Robert Warren, Bellaire Fish, Laurens Brainerd, Houston Fisher, Edwin E., Bay City Fisher, Robert Hall, Port Arthur Fitch, Walter Oran III, Eagle Pass Fletcher, Ather Odell, Houston Flanders, William Royal, Houston Fly, Patricia Ann, Uvalde Foerster, Paul Adolph, Sutherland Springs Foerster, Richard, Dallas Fogelberg, Alan Eugene, San Antonio Foote, M. Josephine, Perryton Forbes, David Lee, Corpus Christ! Ford, Judith, Dallas Foster, Mary J., Abilene Foster, William Edward, Jr., Fort Worth Fowler, Robert Penn, Austin Frapart, Lewis Samuel, Tyler Frank, Wanda Fay, Lampasas Franklin, Ben B., Freer Frazier, J. Brooks, Freer Froebel, Ed Charles, Brenham Frydell, Don Gordon, Austin Fryman, John E., Dallas Fulton, Joseph Roland, Luling Fulton, John Stuart, Gallup, N. M. Furr, Richard Allan, Springfield, Mo. Gaedke, Glynda Jo, Lampasas Galbraith, Julia Elizabeth, Abilene Gannon, Fayetta Mary, Dallas Gardner, Patricia Ann, New Braunfels Garey, Alan Jack, Brady Garland, Ann, Brownsville Garrett, Elizabeth Doiron, Port Arthur Garrison, Shirling Dale, Three Rivers Geisler, Bernard Wayne, Beeville Gerbens, Judy Belle, Port Arthur Gerhardt, Mary Dale, San Antonio Gibbon, Karl Malcolm, Jr., Harlingen Gilbert, Marvin Lenis, Uvalde Gilchrist, William E., Houston Giles, Richard Curry, Austin Gilmore, Jerry C, Dallas Gilmore, Marquis Reed, Midland Gingrich, Sandra Kay, Seguin Glazer, Morton Allen, Fort Worth Glenn, Joe M., Marshall Glover, Tom Ryan, Oklahoma City, Okla. Golden, Norene Harriet, Corsicana Goldsmith, Beverly Brooks, Austin Goldstein, Shirley, Dallas Goodfriend, Barry H., Corpus Christ! Goyne, Joyce Anne, Kilgore Gratke, Phillip Eugene, Irving Graves, Frank Lee, Eagle Lake Gray, Nina Doris, Henderson Gray, Vaughan Elvis, Port Lavaca G reen, Nelson Noble, Longview Green, Phyllis, Ann, Cuero Greenfield, Bennett E., Governors Island, N. Y. Greenfield, Eric Storrie, Venice, Fla. Greer, Robert Griffith, Houston Gregory, Donald Peter, Fort Worth Griest, Wilbur Herbert, Pasadena, Calif. Grifno, John Edwin, Corpus Christi Grisham, Robert Walton, San Angelo Gross, Carol Jeanine, Temple Guenther, Jack E., San Antonio Guerguin, Marilyn Lee, Corpus Christ! Guinn, Patricia Ann, Dallas Gunn, James Wallace, San Antonio Gunter, Charlotte Anne, Aransas Pass Guthrie, Aubrey Elton, Floydada Guyer, Kenneth Eugene, Panhandle Hall, James Albert, Gladewater Hall, Richard Henry, Wichita Falls Hallum, Vernon Aubrey, Fort Worth Hammond, Ben R., Jr., San Antonio Hanania, Bishara, Jerusalem, Jordan Hand, George William, Wichita Falls Handorf, E. Richard, Palestine Harkrider, Robert Elmo, Temple Harris, Harriett Castle, Tyler Harrison, Frances LaNelle, Beaumont Harrison, Mary Rebecca, Wharton Hartel, Arthur John, Liberty Harvey, Addison James, San Antonio Hasenbeck, Robert John, Adkins Hassell, Paul Edward, Denison Haynes, Frank Edward, Dallas Haynes, James Don, Odessa Heaslet, Gardner H., El Paso Heaton, Kathleen, Edinburg Hemley, Peggy Diane, Grapevine Hemphill, Warren Clayton, San Angelo Henderson, Simon Wood, Lufkin Henry, Ben Sherrell, Texarkana Henry, Fred Mobley, Jr., Leander Herbst, Thomas Wesley, Jasper Herrera, William Leonard, El Paso Herrmann, Paul John, El Campo Hess, Joe Ray, Groom Hickman, Martha, Whitesboro Hiett, Claire, Dallas Hightower, Maxwell Lee, Mount Pleasant Hill, Dianne, Smithville Hill, Edward M., Houston Hill, Eugenia Webb, Austin Hill, Morris Reagan, Fort Worth Hill, William S., Ganado Hinkle, Robert Lee, Donna Hinton, J. W., Overton Hlanak, Virginia Lois, Baytown Hodges, Clifton Lee, Austin Hoff, Charles Gohmert, Cotulla Hoffman, Kenneth Richard, Longview Holland, Sidney Murphey, Jr., Childress Hollaway, Frances Kuehn, Gonzales Holman, Betty Nell, LaPorte Holmes, William Albert, Nixon Holsomback, Joseph Calvin, Baytown Hoover, Cameron Lee, Waco Hopkins, Martha Anne, Pampa Hopkins, William Brodnax, Victoria Hoppe, Gloria F., Austin Hord, Dorothy Lee, Gatesville Horner, Jesse Franklin, Edinburg Horner, Jimmy Mac, Lockhart Horning, Judith Clare, Houston Hornsby, Hugh Morrison III, Austin Morton, Marshall Wayne, Arlington Horsley, Claude Albert, Dallas House, Margaret Jeane, Tyler Houston, Nancy Irene, Beaumont Howell, Phyllis Joyce, Midland Howell, Sidney Elizabeth, Bryan Howell, Tommy F., Anson Hoy, Robert Hilary, Jr., El Paso Huff, Mark Emly, Jr., Wichita Falls Huff, Roy Prewett, San Antonio Huffman, Robert James, Dallas Page 69 Page 70 Hughes, Helen, Arlington Hughes, Lynn D., Justin Hull, James Willis, Fort Worth Hunt, Barbara Ann, Garland Hunter, Gilpin, Dallas Huntsman, Robert Joe, Hobbs, N. M. Hutchens, Betty Jean, Carthage Hyde, Jerry Mack, Tyler Ingerson, Mary Zoe, Granbury Inglish, Mary Jane, Dallas Jackson, Betty John, Goldthwaite Jackson, James Forbes, Jr., Laredo Jacobson, Joseph William, San Antonio Jeanes, Mary Alice, Dallas Jensen, Shirley Louise, San Antonio Jentsch, Mabel Gertrude, Pharr Jewett, Darrell Charles, Port Arthur Johnson, Claire, Corpus Christi Johnson, James Louis, Garland Johnson, Jill, Port Arthur Johnson, Julian Edison Thomas, Jr., Amarillo Johnson, Ruby Ruth, Gonzales Jones, Cullis Donald, Wharton Jones, Guy Edward, Linden Jones, James Robert, Uvalde Jones, Joseph Fleming, Fort Worth Jones, Joveta Marie, Baytown Jones, Patricia Elizabeth, Sweetwater Jones, Wilton Ira, Kilgore Jordan, Frances Owen, San Antonio Jordan, Miguel, El Paso Jordan, Virgil James, Jr., Masterson Jostes, Norman Lamar, Tynan Juvenal, John Bethel, Vernon Kapp, Armand Leon, San Antonio Keller, Henry, Fort Worth Keller, Sandra Louise, Wichita Falls Kelley, Kathleen, San Antonio Kemp, Kenneth Bryant, LaMarque Kennedy, Glen Moore, San Angelo Kent, James J., Port Arthur Kern, Byron Frederic, Stonewall Kervin, Loretta Ann, Dallas Killian, Clarence Eddie, Jr., Longview Killingsworth, William Benton, Cleburne King, Lloyd Wendell, Abilene King, Russell Briscoe, Jr., Corpus Christi Kirsh, Celia Estelle, Tulsa, Okla. Kneip, Eleanor Jane, San Antonio Knobler, Ivan William, Houston Kongabel, Carolyn Ruth, Houston Kornfeld, Julian P., Lubbock Kostohryz, Robert, West Kosub, James Leon, San Antonio Kress, Irenie F., Austin Kristian, Jerome, Milwaukee, Wise. Krummenacher, Bruce C, Dallas Kubala, Mark Jerome, East Bernard Kyle, Maxine Lucia, Houston Lackey, Nancy Dale, Dallas Lacy, Jack Ray, Henderson Landa, John Carl, Houston Longford, James Monroe, El Paso Lanier, Rowena M., Austin Lash, Sally Sue, Seagraves Laughlin, Thomas E., Jr., Baytown Lawley, James Robert, Dallas Lawyer, Harriet Grace, Ironwood, Mich. Ledbetter, James A., Dallas Lee, Barbara Jeanne, Iraan Leonard, Kay Suzanne, Fort Collins, Colo. Levine, Julian Robert, Amarillo Limon, Neff S., San Antonio Linden, Richard Allen, Austin Lindsey, Jerry D., Wichita Falls Ling, Edward Hugo, Beeville Lipnick, Elton Stanley, Galveston Little, Betty Jane, Houston Little, Bill Robert, Port Arthur Little, Charles Hubert, Henderson Little, Richard Francis, Dallas Lively, James Georgene, Arlington Lloyd, Louise Lilly, Brownsville Lockett, Hester Elizabeth, Brenham Lockman, Carol Ann, Fort Worth Lones, Joe Jack, Dallas Long, Gale McBryde, Birmingham, Ala. Lowry, John Tunstall, Laredo Lowther, David Bert, San Antonio Loyd, Herbert M., Shreveport, La. Ludwig, Rodney Wayne, San Antonio luhnow, Fred Volker, Jr., Dallas Lundgren, Emely Ann, Elgin Lunz, Patricia Louise, Hebbronville Luttrell, John Martin, Houston Lutz, Lanelle Ruth, San Antonio Lyon, Joan Elizabeth, Waco Maddux, James, Jr., Kyle Maedgen, Lanny Joe, Ballinger Magruder, Alice Jean, Victoria Malki, Sabri, Damascus, Syria Manis, Milton, Memphis, Tenn. Manning, Amba, Austin Manuel, Eleanor, Austin Marchman, Joe Voy, Mesquite Markel, Harry L., Corpus Christ! Markey, Benton Walter, San Antonio Marr, William Lewis, Galveston Martin, Donald Louis, Sussex, England Martin, Earle Plain, Jr., Houston Martin, Leta Janette, Granbury Martin, William Joseph, Abilene Massey, Martha, Dallas Massey, Shirley Faye, Baytown Mathews, Cecil, Jr., Fort Worth Mathews, Walter H., Dalhart Matson, Jerry Wayne, Dallas Matzke, Anna Elizabeth, Houston Maxfield, David Wesley, Alexandria, Va. Maxwell, Jane Gay, Houston Mayfield, Sandra Lou, Waco Mayhew, William Leaird, Jr., Austin Mays, James Chapman, Kilgore Mays, Jo Ann, Dallas McAllister, Raquel, Moberly, Mo. McCabe, Beverly Jo, Victoria McClendon, Marian Eames, Shreveport, La. McCann, Thomas Peter, Houston McConnell, Wayne Wallace, Dallas McCreless, Merry Christine, San Antonio McCullough, Willis Howell, Waco McCutcheon, James Edward, San Antonio McDavid, Martha Carolyn, Houston McDavid, Donald George, Houston McDonald, Leslie Weylon, Port Arthur McDonough, Nancy Ann, Galveston McDougald, William Hugh, Port Arthur McFarland, Floyd B., Waco McGauhey, Sharon Elaine, Dallas McGee, Carol Emily, Waxahachie McGehee, Richard Vernon, Abilene McGinn, Patricia Eloise, Houston McGraw, Joe Henry, Jasper Mclnnis, Bayliss C, Corpus Christ! McKinley, Jimmie Joe, Longview McKinney, Barbara, Houston McKinney, Buford De Moville, Lawn McLemare, Mary Margaret, Paris McLemore, Jack Wendell, Baytown McLeod, Julia Ann, Bastrop McMillan, John Richard, Dallas McMurry, Russell W., Austin Page 71 Page 72 McNab, Ruth LaVerne, Dallas McPherson, Billy Loren, Dallas McWhorter, Cleo, Taylor Medellin, Guadalupe, Laredo Meek, William Jasper, Dallas Meitzen, John Edward, Dickinson Mendel, Eddie Herbert, Houston Merrill, Charles M., Dallas Michie, Jarvis Dale, Childress Miller, Clara Jane, Dallas Miller, Ida, Amarillo Miller, Jane Marie, Columbus Miller, Judd, Jr., Austin Miller, Kennard Dwain, Wharton Miller, Reta Ellen, Wharton Miller, Richard Bryan, Cleburne Miller, Shirley Anne, Edinburg Millican, Carol Jean, Bend Mills, George Wilson, Arlington Mills, Norma, San Antonio Milton, Margaret E., Midlothian Miser, George William II, Chicago, Ml. Mitchell, Jerry Jo, Wills Point Mitchell, John Howard, Gladewater Mitchell, Sandra Bernice, Texas City Moffitt, Jerry Frank, Dallas Molpus, Mary Ann, Austin Monnier, Jeannette Anice, Dallas Montgomery, Elton M., Austin Moore, Caroline M. Barsh, Austin Moore, Dorothy Glenn, McAllen Moore, Richard William, Cisco Morris, Edmund Taylor, Jr., Austin Morris, Hunter, Austin Morgan, Robert Edward, Austin Morrison, Howard Thomas, Austin Moseley, Patricia Gayle, Dallas Mosley, Joanne Nolen, Austin Mueller, Edgar Raymond, Hempstead Mueller, Garland Gene, Yorktown Mueller, Rudy R., San Antonio Mullins, Priscilla Alden, Amarillo Murray, Robert Arthur, Dallas Myers, Carroll D., Jr., San Antonio Nathan, Howard Gerald, Dallas Nau, Ernest Virgil, LaMarque Neale, Sallie, Dallas Neason, JoAnn, Huntsville Nelson, Roy Preston, Port Arthur Nespo, Francis Eugene, Michigan City, Ind. Neuman, Sam, Austin Newberry, Carole, Austin Nickle, Keith F., College Station Noble, J. Don, Brownfield Noble, Maxine Knight, San Antonio Nowlin, Jay Clark, Fort Worth Nowotny, George Edward, Jr., New Braunfels Nunley, John Parker, Coleman Nutt, Georgia Nell, Dallas Oberwetter, Suzanne, Harlingen O ' Conor, Robert, Jr., Laredo Offutt, Lewis Clinton, Jr., Odessa Oldham, Verbie Bess, Lubbock Oliphant, Robert Edwin, Overton Oliver, Robert Lee, San Antonio Orme, Carole Elisabeth, San Antonio Orr, James Carley, Austin Osborne, Anne Eleanor, McAllen Otey, Charles Richard, Eudora, Ark. Overton, Frances Fitzhugh, Hutto Overton, Gaylon Royce, Borger Owen, Kathleene Jeanette, Fort Worth Pace, Harold Wayne, Houston Painter, Jack Montgomery, Corpus Christ! Palmer, Lola Kay, Baytown Palmer, Nancy Lee, Pipestone, Minn. Parker, R., Sim, Weslaco Parker, Robert Fulton, Jr., Talco Parker, William Dorsey, Jr., Houston Parks, Martha Jean, Houston Patterson, Edward James, Jr., Corpus Christ! Partisan, Judith Gail, San Antonio Fatten, William Orland, Nacogdoches Pellerin, Wallace Lionel, Galveston Penney, Wayne Diane, Houston Penniman, Erwin Edgar, Dallas Pennington, Harry III, San Antonio Perales, Pablo Domingo, Jr., Corpus Christ! Perry, Annabelle, Bryan Peter, John Selby, Austin Peters, Marshall Bookman, Bryan Petersen, Gerald Ray, El Campo Petersen, Mary Helen, San Antonio Peterson, Edward Dowell, Elgin Pfluger, Robert Douglas, Pflugerville Phair, Bradley Clyde, Houston Pharr, Helen Jane, San Antonio Phillips, Pozelle, Austin Pingenot, Cecilia Marie, Ennis Pinson, Kenneth Morrow, Comanche Pitlick, Anta Miriam, Marianna, Fla. Plummer, Leonard Brodnax, Jr., Austin Pojman, Ruth Ann, Austin Pollard, Margaret Claire, Houston Pollock, Jean Ray, San Antonio Pond, Joan Mary, Baytown Pope, Lewis Eugene, Arlington Porter, Gloria Dell, Lometa Prado, Robert Loya, Austin Prater, Harold Glen, Hico Preiss, Elwood J., New Braunfels Presson, Mary Juan, Dallas Price, Perry Lewis, Kerens Priddy, Rufus Hugh, Houston Prinzing, Glen Samuel, Bay City Pruet, Carolyn Beth, Ranger Pruitt, Angelia Delwyn, Atlanta Pugh, Nina Eleanor, logo Puntenny, Frank R., Dallas Purvine, Beverly Ann, Fort Worth Putnam, George W., Fort Worth Quillian, Gwendolyn Geneva, Waco Rabb, Virgil Sullivan, Austin Rachal, Margaret Corinne, Fort Stockton Rafshoon, Gerald M., San Antonio Rahr, Virginia, Austin Rainey, John Crews, Dallas Ramahi, Husni Yusuf, Ramallah, Palestine Randall, Joan Frances, Independence, Kan. Randolph, Windle A., Dallas Rape, Jerry Mack, McCamey Rattikin, William Jacks on, Fort Worth Ray, Bobby Earl, Corpus Christ! Ray, Lloyd Glynn, Pecos Ray, Robert Cleve, Waskom Reaves, James Fowler, Mount Pleasant Reed, Carroll Lynn, Big Spring Reese, Zoe Ann, Waco Reeves, Linda Elaine, Austin Reigle, Harold Theodore, Fort Worth Reimers, Don R., Dallas Reinarz, James Allen, Austin Remschel, Frances Katherine, Kerrville Reyes, Robert James, San Antonio Reynolds, Robert Eugene, Dallas Rhodes, Betty Carolyn, Abilene Richards, Katherine Ann, Fort Worth Richards, Terry Eugene, Austin Richardson, Don Lee, Austin Rieger, Robert Lewis, Baton Rouge, La. Riggins, Robert Ralph, El Paso Rigney, Jane Tatum, Birmingham, Ala. Page 73 Page 74 Riley, Matilda Ellen, Beaumont Ritter, Jack Francis, Austin Roberts, Bennett James, Houston Roberts, Catherine Ann, Victoria Roberts, Jerry Hugh, Tyler Roberts, Lynn Sherman, Baytown Robertson, Cecil Lee, Gorman Robertson, Robert Nelson, Palacios Robinson, Charles Brotze, Arlington Robson, Mary Lucy, La Grange Roebuck, Noel Fletcher, Austin Rogers, Lowell Thompson, Dallas Rollins, James D., Jr., Terrell Ross, John Marvin, Keller Rowland, Roger Dean, New Orleans, La. Russell, Tommie Lou, Gatesville Rux, Videlle, Dallas Ryan, Bill Kenny, Fort Worth Rydberg, Joyce Elaine, Austin Sadler, Cynlhia, Gatesville Saied, Frederick Allen, Wellington St. Romain, Leonard George, Aransas Pass Sample, Mary Margaret, Pecos Sanborn, Sue Anne, McAllen Sanchez, Jose Luis, Mission Sandel, Wilma Agnes, Beeville Sanderford, Margaret Lea, Houston Sanders, Elic Garland, Jr., Amarillo Sanders, Jan, Pampa Sanders, John Clarke, Houston Sounders, Mary Ella, Mission Sounders, Richard Carroll, Frost Sawyer, George Harley, Genoa Saxon, Mary Lou, San Antonio Schaefer, Annette Luella, Austin Schafer, Helen Rose Marie, Houston Schaller, Mary Jean, Glen Flora Scheig, Edward Earle, San Antonio Schneider, Tom L., San Antonio Schwartz, Joanne, Tyler Scott, Barry Brackett, San Antonio Scott, Mary Jane, Coleman Scurlock, N. lloyd, Fort Worth Seate, Jimee Sue, Bedford Seeley, Patricia Ann, Baytown Seibel, Leonard Isaac, Galveston Sellers, Eleanor Erie, Abilene Senkevitch, Luba, Brownsville Serim, Cetin Erol, Ankara, Turkey Sessions, Joseph W., Refugio Settegast, Mary Ann., Houston Shackelford, John Earle, Jr., Corpus Christi Shaddock, Joe Ed, Wichita Falls Shafer, George Alan, Austin Shafer, Joyce Elliott, Mertzon Shane, Sandra Norene, Amarillo Shannon, Bob Eric, Brownwood Sheffield, Sherrill Jan, Palestine Shell, June Knight, Wichita Falls Shepherd, Richard Earl, Bellaire Shields, Nancy K., Roscoe Shoppa, Lloyd, Wharton Shores, Margaret Louise, Dallas Sickles, William Smith, Dallas Sikora, Albert Nathen, Corpus Christi Simmons, Barbara Jean, San Antonio Simmons, Craig Barrow, Memphis, Tenn. Sims, Joseph Otis, Austin Singer, Sidney Griffin, Dallas Singleton, Samuel F., Jr., O ' Donnell Siptak, Joe Harold, Caldwell Skapple, Rodney Dean, Amarillo Skiles, Nancy Marie, Dallas Slaughter, Bobbie Dan, Dallas Slimp, Rita K., Waco Smith, Barbara Jane, Crockett Smith, Bennie Ruth, Austin Smith, Joe Ed, Beaumont Smith, Leon Louis, Jr., Mineral Wells Smith, Marilyn Viola, Austin Smith, Mary Kathryn, Mission Smith, N. Ruth, Childress Smith, Nancy Ellen, Corpus Christi Smith, Nancy Lee, Odessa Smith, Terry Tanon, Houston Smither, Mary Sue, Huntsville Somerford, James Melvin, Jr., Hempstead Speaker, Lucy Lee, Austin Spence, Charles Rudolph, Dallas Spence, Elbert Riddick, Dallas Spitzenberger, Ralph Max, Giddings Spotts, Ann Eileen, Richardson Spreadbury, Wendall Norman, Jr., Ancon, Canal Zone Springer, Charles C., Houston Spurger, Sylvia Sue, Mount Pleasant Squibb, Duke Edward, Austin Squyres, Robert Tyre, Tyler Stagner, Nelson Wayne, Hereford Standlee, Ranald Rhey, Hillsboro Starkey, Jo Ann, San Antonio Starkey, Joseph Stevenson, Monahans Steele, Dorothy Anne, Austin Steinbach, Frank Ward, Austin Steinbach, Joanne Elsie, Brenham Steinkamp, Delores Evelyn, Houston Stevens, Nancy Anne, College Station Stevenson, Scottie Gayle, Austin Stewart, Donald Loy, Corsicana Still, Lucille Gordon, Texarkana Slillman, Jacob Harris, San Antonio Stobaugh, John Perry, Weatherford Stone, Samuel Vaughan, Jr., Georgetown Stout, Jack Ben, Baytown Strauss, Elizabeth Marie, Austin Strieber, Leslie John, San Antonio Strom, Hubert Holiday, Snyder Strybos, Gabe William, Jr., Galveston Susman, Ari Jonas, Dallas Swain, Mary Elizabeth, Dallas Sykes, Margaret Anne, Galveston Tabor, Charles, Chillicothe Taft, George James, San Benito Taylor, Betty Jo, Dallas Teague, Shirley Ann, Lubbock Teer, Ed L, Bryan Telkamp, Don Lee, Dallas Temple, Ralph Raymond, Jr., Cleburne Thatcher, Nancy Dee, Amarillo Thomas, David Hildreth, Austin Thomas, James Lee, Alice Thomason, Helen Louise, Wichita Falls Thompson, Betty Ann, Borger Thompson, Dorothy Jean, Waco Thompson, Mary, El Paso Thompson, Richard Dean, Austin Thompson, Robert Rudolph, Corpus Christi Thompson, Thomas Van, Fort Worth Thomson, Richard Joseph, Houston Tillman, Bernice Martindale, Austin Timmerman, Elizabeth Ann, Wharton Timpson, Helen Louise, San Antonio Tiner, Thomas Dwayne, Dallas Tinsman, Richard Earl, San Antonio Tippett, Patricia Ergeal, San Angela Tipton, Mary Margaret, Brownsville Tomlinson, Glen C., Guymon, Okla. Tompkins, Barbara Joan, Athens Toole, Joel David, Palestine Torres, Arturo Daniel, McAllen Traeger, Amalie Jean, Gonzales Trantham, Almarie, San Antonio Trevino, Blanche Elaine, San Antonio Page 75 Page 76 Trigg, M. Sue, Lockhart Tryer, Jimmie Don, Port Arthur Tupin, Joe Paul, Comanche Tuttle, Ernestine Dolores, Kilgore Underwood, Elvin Harlos, Grand Prairie Vance, Carol Stoner, Houston Vanlandingham, Loyd Cross, Italy Varnell, Janice, Fort Worth Vasquez, Lili Nan, Houston Vincent, Rose Marie, Rosenberg Wade, Donald Clark, San Antonio Waggoner, Billye Marie, Palestine Walker, Billy Newton, Cleveland Walker, Nancy Jo, Austin Walker, Richard Neal, Austin Wallace, Sally Louise, Dallas Walton, Jean, Bryan Warren, Brack B., Jr., Corpus Christ! Warren, Elinor D., Freeport Warren, Patricia Ann, Brownsville Waters, Barbara Fern, Alice Watkins, Edgar Charles, San Antonio Watkins, Lou Jean, Kilgore Watson, Billy Bob, Big Spring Watson, Lois Irene, Luling Weathers, Alfred Wyatt, Snyder Weaver, Ernesto, San Benito Webb, Richard Clark, Houston Welborn, David Morris, Paris Wells, Barbara Alice, Wellington Wells, Norvin Duane, San Antonio West, Betty Ann, Houston Wheeler, Granville Harry, Austin White, Beverly Ann, Blackwell White, Bill M., San Antonio White, Cecil Eugene, Houston Whitecotton, Charlie Boyce, Bloomburg Willard, Nevin I., Corsicana Williams, Beverly Joy, Baytown Williams, Dave Harrell, Austin Williams, Martha Jane, Arlington Williams, Elva Onena, Grand Prairie Williams, Richard Abe, La Grange Williams, Robert Oddy, Jr., Beaumont Williams, Warner G., Grand Prairie Willms, Charles Ronald, San Antonio Wilson, August F., San Antonio Wilson, Worley, Madisonville Wingo, William Jewett, Dallas Wise, James E., Beeville Witcher, Mary Jane, Childress Wohlt, Emil John, Jr., Houston Wolf, Phillip Sarason, Corpus Christ! Womack, C. W., Jr., Arp Womack, David Ray, Austin Wong, Eddie Wah, San Antonio Wood, Betty Kathryn, San Augustine Wood, Sam M., Navasota Woodman, George Merrill, Dallas Wright, Clyde James, Houston Wright, Jack Ray, San Antonio Wright, James Richard, Osceola, Ark. Wulfe, Elaine Joyce, San Antonio Wynne, Charlotte Frances, Wills Point Wynne, Lois Virginia, San Antonio Yigit, Kadriye, Vize, Turkey York, John Wesley, San Antonio Young, Cary, Port Acres Young, James Truett, Stephenville Young, Dorothy Joan, Houston Youngblood, Carey James, Hillsboro Yunis, Azmi Sharif, Nablus, Jordan Zabolio, Barbara Jean, Houston Zimmerman, Frank William, Jr., San Marcos Zoblotsky, Rachel Ann, Picher, Okla. Zweig, Harold Isadore, San Antonio . . 4. ' - (Ml ' ! r fc Page 78 Aaronson, Terry Ann, Tulsa, Okla. Abernathy, Mark Eugene, Stephenville Abramson, Morrie Kaplan, Houston Acord, Herbert Kent, Jr., Sugar Land Adam, Wayne Mott, Houston Adkins, Allan Britt, Amarillo Aerl, Rose Mae, Waco Akin, Elizabeth Sears, Houston Aldous, Edward Allen, Kerrville Alegria, Adelina, Brownsville Alexander, Jack Morris, Edinburg Alexander, Travis Wayne, Hamilton Allen, Cody Ray, Longview Altman, Saundra Ruth, University City, Mo. Anderson, Dianne, Midland Anderson, Dorothy Jane, Conroe Anderson, Patsy Ann, Texas City Andrews, Barbara Joan, Texas City Andrus, Billy Wayne, Baytown Aniol, Elaine Elizabeth, San Antonio Arick, Ann Elaine, Midland Armer, George Ashford, Baytown Norma Jean Arnold, Bellaire Aronwitz, Roslyn, Edna Arriaga, Alfred, Temple Atkinson, Harold O ' Hanlon, Midland Atkinson, Norma Jane, Abilene Avera, Dorothy Elaine, Katy Averyt, Elmore McCall, Jacksonville Avey, Billie, San Antonio Aycock, Joe Keith, Menard Bailey, John Alan, Gainesville Bailey, Kathryn Odean, Richardson Ballman, Betty Joyce, Riesel Bain, Henry C-, San Antonio Baker, Harriet Kay, Dallas Baker, Patricia Sue, Nederland Baldwin, Edward Franklin, Huntsville Ball, Billy D., Jacksonville Ball, Ted Frank, Denison Bollard, Sylvia Ann, New Orleans, La. Balusek, Albert Jerry, San Antonio Banks, Jimmy Edward, Malvern, Ark. Barber, Cecilia Ann, Beeville Barclay, Burt H., Jr., Port Arthur Barnes, Barbara Ann, Bellaire Barnes, James Edwin, Ponca City, Okla. Barnes, John Edward, Port Arthur Barrera, Ernesto De La Garza, Berclair Bashara, Nancy Ann, Austin Bassett, Wayne Alton, Amarillo Baugh, Carolyn Jane, San Antonio Bauknight, Carol Sue, Ganado Bayless, Shirley Ann, Notrees Beaird, Betty Jo, Houston Beall, Emily, Crockett Beaver, Helen Ruth, Victoria Beck, Robert Byron, Anson Becker, Raymond Arthur, New Braunfels Bedsole, John Oliver, Port Arthur Beecher, Roberta Diane, Dallas Begley, Lew Merrel, Borger Beilke, Sally Yvonne, Ottumwa, Iowa Bell, Eugene Court, Houston Benedict, Barbara Ann, Sweeny Bengston, Rose Marie, Rosenberg Berger, Rosalyn Joyce, Mobile, Ala. Bernard, Betty Jo, Houston Berry, George William, Lubbock Berry, Robert Jewell, Austin Besteiro, Raul Adrian, Jr., Brownsville Betancourt, Lionel Charles, San Benito Bidgood, Charles F., Austin Bigelow, Elizabeth, Bruni Biggs, Harold Loyd, Wall Billings, Virgil Weldon, Cleburne Bird, Doris Virginia, Stockdale Black, Dan Preston, Midland : : Blackmor, Guy Elliot, Luling Blair, Alan Curtin, Houston Blalock, James Augustus, Jr., Port Arthur Blanton, James Neal, Houston Bloxham, James Mitchell, New Boston Bollman, Franklin D., Clarksville Bompart, Bill Earl, Dallas Bond, William Howard, Jr., Tulsa, Okla. Bone, Jere Hepier, Garrison Boone, Lester Carl, Jr., Odessa Booth, Daniel Miller, Mexico City, D. F. Bootler, Mary Lynn, San Angela Bousquet, Thomas G., Houston Boxwell, Beverly Jean, Amarillo Boyd, Margaret Lee, Uvalde Braly, Dudley Q., Brady Brand, Joel Stanley, Houston Branham, Patricia Ann, Edna Branson, Robert Emery, Amarillo Brasfield, Jorita, Austin Breeding, Seth Darnaby, Jr., Austin Breedlove, William Otway, Brownwood Bristol, Virginia Ann, Lampasas Brown, Carolyn Ann, Austin Brown, Shirley Gayle, Three Rivers Browning, Burton Allen, Austin Browning, Jimmy Douglas, Little Rock, Ark. Brouse, Martha Ann, Austin Bruck, Sybil Wray, Austin Brusenhan, Harry Hammet, San Antonio Buckley, Eileen Ethel, Houston Bueno-Salazar, Rafael, Bogota, Columbia Buller, William Wesley, Newgulf Burchard, William Frank, Gonzales Burgen, Carl Gebhard, Dallas Burleson, Charles Henry, Austin Burson, Donald Lee, Houston Burum, Sylvia Elaine, Houston Busch, William Jepp, Mont Belvieu Bybee, Bruce Barton, Hereford Cade, Nathan Lee, Rockwall Calhoun, Gloria Mae, New Braunfels Callaway, Barbara Ann, Waco Callaway, Wesley Monroe, Jr., Beaumont Cameron, Patricia L., McKinney Campbell, William R., Pampa Carpenter, Donald Wilson, Corpus Christ! Carruth, Lloyd Brent, Pampa Carsey, J. Ben, Jr., Houston Carsey, Kenneth L., Jr., Houston Caswell, Velma Nancy, San Angela Chamberlain, Robert Blaine, Corpus Christ! Chamberlin, Richard H., Uvalde Chambers, Leonard Alvin, Yates Center, Kans. Cheak, Billy Doyle, Florence Chivers, Patsy Ann, Phillips Clark, Margaret Eleanor, Texarkana Clark, Sue, Dallas Clayton, Frank Britten, El Paso Clements, Barbara Lee, Houston Clements, Gene Padgett, McGregor Clinkscales, Paul A., San Antonio Coffee, Florence Marie, Canyon Cohen, Shirley, Dallas Colbury, Gay, Houston Coleman, Patsy Ann, Corpus Christ! Colley, Mary Hugh, Austin Collier, James Eugene, Austin Collins, Charles Garland, Wichita Falls Conger, Roger Lacy, Waco Cook, C. Jan, Abilene Cooksey, James Glynn, Mabank Cooper, Nancy Gail, Midland Copeland, Joanne, Winnsboro Copeland, Jerald Dion, Austin Cortelyou, William Totten, Dallas Cortez, Herman Glenn, Harlingen Coulter, Ashton Baker, Houston Page 79 Cox, William David, Jr., Dallas Grain, Lois K., Austin Craft, Jim Berl, Corpus Christ! Crawford, Ewin Lynn, Abilene Cricchio, Frank Edward, Port Arthur Crofts, Dan William, Jacksonville Cronin, John Bertran, Palestine Croslin, John D., Austin Crossley, Marian Faye, Madisonville Crowder, Winston Pettus, Texarkana Crowell, Edward Elton, Dallas Crutchfield, Franklin Derry, Abilene Culler, Harry Hillus, Jr., Grand Prairie Cundiff, Ellsworth James II, Canyon Cutbirth, William Murray, Big Lake Cyrus, Shirley May, Austin Dabanlis, Catherine, Galveston Danford, Roy, Jr., Corpus Christi Darragh, Herbert, Austin Davis, James Edward, Corpus Christi Davis, Jimmie Joe, Kilgore Davis, Nancy Jane, Freeport Davis, Nancy Lou, Fort Worth Davis, Ronnie L., Dallas Davis, Stanley Kent, Amarillo Davison, Robert Lee, Houston Dawkins, Jerome Ersel, Port Arthur Day, Wilburn Leigh, San Antonio Deal, Elise Hall, Amarillo DeCordova, Donald Lester, Beaumont Derrick, William James, El Paso Dethloff, Henry Clay, Natchitoches, La. Diamond, Barbara, Houston Dickey, Billy Melvin, Palestine Dickson, Dixie Ann, San Antonio Dickson, Henry Austin, Houston Dickson, Marion Lynn, Houston Dickson, Richard Lee, San Antonio Dieb, Nicky S., Fort Worth Dillard, Joe Wood, Bonham Diller, John Elias, Wichita Falls Dipuccio, Judith Anne, Lake Jackson Dittman, Marianne, Houston Ditzler, Wanda Jean, Dallas Dochen, Thelma Ann, Austin Dodge, Nancy Mary, Albany Doke, Gerald Pirot, Dallas Dolich, Ira Jules, Victoria Donaldson, Annette, Houston Dooley, Emily Estelle, Austin Doores, Richard Allen, Electro Dorris, Marjorie Jean, Fort Worth Douglass, Anne Carolyn, Fort Worth Douthit, Allie Durell, Raymondville Dowdy, James Randolph, McKinney Dowlen, George Eulace, Canyon Downey, Jimmie Carolyn, Midland Dulaney, Eleanor Barbara, Dallas Dunstan, Marilee, Orange DuVall, Jean Kyle, Dallas Easley, James Neil, Rosenberg Eason, Billie Beryle, Abilene Eaton, Wentworth Guy, Dayton Ebaugh, Irvin Atwood, Jr., Austin Echols, Frances Anne, Rusk Eckols, Bobby Gene, Gonzales Edmonson, Martha Hart, Beaumont Edwards, Tom Rogers, Knox City Eggers, Evelyn Joan, Kerrville Eisemann, Mary Jo, San Antonio Ellis, Billy Carol, Palestine Ellis, Charles William, Port Arthur Ellis, Karen Jean, Mission Ellis, Robert Ben, Beaumont Elrod, Delia Jane, Odessa Embree, Walter E., Houston Engelhardt, Hilbert Carl, Pittsburgh, Pa. Page 80 Esterling, Richard Ellis, Corpus Christi Estill, Joe J., Jr., Houston Et chison, Barbara Kathryn, Houston Evans, Eleanor Joyce, Fort Worth Evans, Glenda R., Lubbock Evans, Robert Don, Bellaire Evans, Walter Edward, Dallas Ewald, Jacqueline Lea, Midland Eyssautier, Yvonne, Mexico City, D. F. Faham, Adnan, Austin Faham, Hisham, Damascus, Syria Faham, Mahmoud M., Damascus, Syria Fairlee, Jane, Austin Farabee, K. Ray, Wichita Falls Forr, David Jerrell, Fort Worth Fearis, Diane A., San Antonio Fears, Clois D., Pineland Fennekohl, Dave R., Houston Fey, William Walter, Seguin Fish, Harriet, San Antonio Fisher, Elaine, Dallas Fisher, Gary Duane, Borger Fisher, Robert E., Fort Worth Floyd, Robert C, Midland Flynn, Mary Pat, Port Arthur Fogleman, Evelyn Jane, Dallas Fong, Florence, Amarillo Foote, Frances Cornelia, Turnersville Foretich, Richard B., Conroe Forster, Febe, Roswell, N. M. Fowler, Bradley A., Austin Fradkin, Larry Irving, Galveston Frank, Ben W., Lampasas Franklin, William Edward, Austin Frazier, James Robert, Dallas Freeman, Alvin Lee, San Antonio Freeman, Diana Joan, Houston Freeman, Nancy Jane, Lufkin Frieden, Alvin Martin, Austin Friedlander, Beverly, Mobile, Ala. Friedlander, Jack, Houston Friedman, Frances Lee, Houston Gaddis, John Marshall, San Antonio Gaffney, James Joseph, Dallas Garcia, Joe Phil, Kingsville Garcia, Jorge A., Brownsville Garrett, Clyde C., Houston Garrison, Scott, Monahans Garza, Oswaldo, Edinburg Gauntt, James Clarence, Rochester Garza, Omar, Edinburg Gerson, Ronny, Houston Geyer, Walter L., Jr., San Antonio Giesecke, Sue, San Antonio Gilbert, Jacky Paul, Memphis Gilchriest, Carolyn Patricia, Silsbee Gillespie, Barbara Ann, Amarillo Glass, Carl, Luling Glazner, Nancy, Houston Godbold, Shirley Ann, Leakey Godfrey, Larry M., Wichita Falls Godley, Harriett, Houston Goltzman, Barbara, Victoria Gomez, Ruth Lita, Austin Gonzaba, William, San Antonio Gonzalez, Frank William, San Antonio Goodroe, Patricia L., Texarkana Gorges, Kay Martha, Harlingen Graner, Ronald L., Fort Worth Gray, Charles DeVearle, Pecos Gray, Janis Gale, Corpus Christ! Gray, John Clifton, Tyler Green, Carolyn Sue, Houston Green, Louise, San Antonio Green, Lynn, Palacios Green, Paula Jeannette, Wink Greenberg, Ronald David, San Antonio Greenberg, S., Louis, Beaumont Greer, Donald Webb, Estelline Page 81 Page 82 Greer, Edwin S., Jr., Dallas Griffey, Mina Mae, Houston Griffin, James Wilson, McKinney Grindle, Shirley Lee, Long Beach, Calif., Grissom, John L., San Angela Grissom, Zena, Eastland Gupton, Marilyn, Muleshoe Gurley, Anna Jean, Dallas Gwinn, A. Leland, Shreveport, La. Hager, Ted C., San Antonio Hagler, Dorothy, Port Arthur Hale, Hulen, Fort Worth Hale, Robert Kay, Plainview Haley, Prudy, Tyler Halden, Leon Gilbert, Jr., Houston Hall, Lillian Frances, Houston Hall, James Loyd, Fort Worth Hall, Jerry Frank, Phillips Hall, John Everett, Corsicana Hamilton, Helen Carol, Amarillo Hamilton, John R., Baytown Hamilton, Shirley Jean, Laredo Hammer, Edwin King, Gainesville Hammond, George Randall, San Benito Hammonds, Thomas C., Denton Hampton, Sondra Jo, Fort Worth Hampy, Yvonne Jean, Houston Hanes, M. Jeannette, Wink Hanley, Don W., Corpus Christi Hardwick, Jane Angeline, Dallas Harrell, Edward Charles, Claude Harris, Anita Joyce, Phillips Harris, Ann, Corpus Christi Harris, Edgar G., Monahans Harris, Kathryn Sue, San Angela Harrison, Katherine Gordon, Austin Hartless, Arlington L., Channelview Hartman, Martha, Houston Harvey, Olin W., Wichita Falls Hatfield, Thomas Marvin, San Antonio Hayes, Margaret Jane, George West Heard, Cecil Jack, Crockett Heath, Cynthia Mavis, Austin Heilbron, Shirley Ann, Dallas Henderson, Elgie Lee, Arlington Henderson, James Donald, Morrisville, Pa. Henning, Elizabeth, Abilene Henry, Florence Evelyn, San Antonio Henry, William Arthur, Corpus Christi Hensley, Norval Austin, Jr., Houston Herbst, Alice Ann, Boerne Herlocker, John Robert, Greenville Hernandez, Irma Delia, El Paso Hetherly, Jimmie Gale, Lampasas Hewett, Patricia Susan, Highlands Hildebrand, Janice Anne, Houston Hillman, Jack E., Houston Hitson, Mary Catherine, Houston Hodge, Mary Frances, Fort Worth Hogan, Lysabeth Ann, Port Arthur Holden, Eugene Patrick, Dallas Holloway, Harold D., Fort Worth Holly, Walter W., Abilene Holmgreen, Allison, San Antonio Holt, Carolyn Hall, San Angela Homan, Catherine, El Paso Hood, W. Donnie, San Benito Hooten, Clara Ruth, Lubbock Hopkins, Norman Thomas, Dallas Hotmann, William A., Breckenridge House, Bobbie Jean, Rotan House, Jon W., Midland Houston, Sam, Texas City Howard, Julia Margaret, Burbank, Calif. Huckman, Renee, Corpus Christi Hudspeth, Harry Lee, Dallas Hudson, Edward Randall, Jr., Fort Worth Huey, Patsy Jane, Houston Muggins, Jim Buck, Dallas Hughes, Benny Harry, Beaumont Hughes, John W., Mount Pleasant Hughes, Margaret Frances, Houston Hughes, Robert Edward, Sherman Humphrey, Dave, Tyler Hunt, Glenn Curtis, San Antonio Hurlbert, Hal E., Houston Hutchins, Jette Vee, Austin Hutsell, Charles Eugene, Katy Isenberg, Don Lee, Humble Ito-Flores, Cruz, Juarez, Mex. Joachim, Mortimer R., Dallas Jackson, J. Lewis, Wichita Falls Jackson, Mary Ann, Galveston Jaco, Adele Bolles, Austin Jacobs, Janet, Houston Jacobs, Joyce, Big Lake Jacobs, Nancy Jane, Wichita Falls Jacobs, Richard Malcolm, Houston Jacoby, Henry Donnan, Dallas James, Donald M., Port Arthur James, Gerald Ray, Dallas Janda, Rose Eleanor, La Grange Jenkins, Gayle, Houston Jensen, Hans Clinton, El Campo Jenull, Mary Virginia, Dallas Johnson, Dianne Gayle, San Antonio Johnson, Eugene Gustaf, Palestine Johnson, Georgia Lee, Little River Johnson, Gerald Elvin, Nocona Johnson, Katherine L., Port Arthur Johnson, Sarah Elizabeth, Austin Johnson, Thomas Penn, Austin Johnson, Weldon, Fort Worth Johnston, Patricia Ann, Refugio Jones, Benny Allison, Fort Worth Jones, Thomas E., Sulphur Springs Jordan, Nancigail, San Antonio Joseph, Conrad Derdeyn, Austin Joseph, Janelle G., Austin Joseph, Roger E., Austin Kahler, Charles Norman, Cameron Kaminsky, Marvin Byron, Houston Kaplan, Sandra Beth, Wichita, Kans. Karbach, Jo, New Braunfels Karpe, Dale H., O ' Donnell Katz, Maurice, Greenville, Miss. Keefauver, Margaret Fink, College Park, Md. Keeler, George Eldridge, Cleburne Keeling, Robert L., Centerville Keen, Jerry, Dallas Keller, Betty Jean, Billings, Mont. Keeler, Terrell, Del Rio Kelly, James, Houston Kendall, Clarence F., Houston Kennard, Kathryn Lillian, Houston Kern, Ralph Donald, El Paso Kiber, Bert, Baytown Kiblinger, William Gordon, Dalla: Kilburn, Mary Kay, El Paso King, Lawrence Alonzo, San Angela Kinsey, Robert Howard, San Antonio Kirkpatrick, George P., Beaumont Kirsh, Eileen Lois, Harlingen Klippi, Vernon John, Dallas Klotz, Josephine, Austin Knight, Bob P., Laredo Knight, Marion Robert, Houston Knolls, Mark A., Columbus, Ohio Knox, Morris Salem, Archer City Kostka, Willie Joe, Dickinson Krams, Sidney Warren, Corpus Christi Krist, Stanley Jack, Midland Kuebler, Elizabeth Louise, Houston Kuhn, Barbara Bordwell, Bellinger Ladewig, Janis Joyce, Corpus Christi LaGrone, Glenda Gay, San Antonio Page 83 Page 84 Lakenmacher, June, Houston Lamm, Julia Davene, Austin Lane, Julia Ann, Utley Lane, Mary Maud, Austin Longford, Bill Curtis, Graham Longford, Gerald T., Houston Larkin, Jo Ellen, New Braunfels LaRowe, Daisy Elizabeth, Austin Laves, Gloria Yvonne, Fort Worth Lawler, Richard E., Houston LeBleu, Tommy R., Corpus Christi Ledbetter, Abbe A., Houston Lednicky, Betty Jo, West Lee, E. Gene, Lamesa Lee, Tommie Marvin, Smithville Leiser, Dorothy Ann, San Antonio Lembke, Carol Ann, San Antonio Lemmond, Jan, Austin Lentschke, Ernest, Houston Leonard, Joan Hodsdon, San Antonio Leshikar, Edward W., Jr., Freeport Lewallen, Jo Betsy, Austin Lewis, Charleen, Laredo Lewis, Geane M., Houston Lewis, Viola Grafton, Palestine Leyendecker, Magdalena J., Laredo Lindsay, Ronald London, Fort Worth Linebarger, Donald Loyd, Dallas Llewellyn, Lonnie Kenneth, Odessa Lloyd, Kenneth R., Winters Lochausen, Shirley Ann, Edna Lockett, Ford Lee, Brownsville Lockman, John, Austin Longaker, Cecelia, Dallas Longoria, Joseph L., Houston Lorenz, Jane Frances, Stockdale Lovejoy, Joe Bernard, Fort Worth Lubel, Roselyn Carol, New Orleans, La. Lucksinger, Arthur Hudson, Brownwood Ludwig, Patricia Ann, Austin Luetge, Elvie Lou, Fayetteville Lynn, Larry J., Midland Magavern, Samuel Donald, San Antonio Mainous, Edward Chester, Houston Marin, Crescencia, San Benito Marosis, John Nick, San Antonio Martin, Edward T., Dickinson Martin, John E., San Antonio Martin, Kay, Denison Martin, Marion, Houston Martin, Monte-Sue, Houston Masad, Rimon N., Jerusalem, Jordan Matthews, Nancy Wright, Dallas Maurin, Joe Toland, Rio Hondo Mauritz, Ouida Marie, Edna Maxwell, Walter John, McAllen May, Robert Armand, Dallas Mays, Katherine Margaret, Austin Mazow, Malcolm Lowell, Houston McAninch, Kenneth Neal, Texas City McArdle, Noel Janet, Corpus Christi McArthur, Jackie Nell, San Antonio McCasland, Ardis, Jr., Big Spring McCollum, Charles Holmes III, Fort Worth McCoy, Carolyn M., Dallas McDaniel, Marvel Ann, Bellaire McDonald, Virginia, Orange McElhone, Alison, Las Vegas, Nev. McGarrathan, William Sanders, Overton McGhee, Marcia Ann, Brownwood McGinni s, Charles David, Katy Mcllyar, Don Charles, Dallas Mclnerney, Susan, Austin McKelvey, Sheryl, Houston McKenzie, Margaret, Houston McKibben, Jerry R., Vanderbilt McKinnon, D. Rogers, Austin McLellan, Rose Ann, Houston McLemore, Joe Ed, Baytown McManus, Jan, Beaumont McMeans, Nancy, Abilene McRae, Robert Francis, Brockton, Mass. McVey, Carol Ann, Houston Mechura, Sandra Mary, Houston Melton, Martha Anne, Dallas Merrill, Nancy Lee, Dallas Merritt, Amelia May, Arlington Merritt, Merry Ann, Conroe Meyer, Eleanor, Seabrook Michulka, Louis James, Wharton Mighell, Donald Ray, Dallas Miks, Bobby Joe, Wichita Falls Miles, Bradley, San Angela Miller, Carolyn Marie, Raymondville Miller, Mary M., Dallas Miller, Max Karlson, Alvarado Miller, Nancy Ann, Barstow Miller, Norma Sterling, Houston Millikan, Patsy Sue, Dallas Milton, Richard Dwayne, Fort Worth Mims, Carol V., Marshall Minter, Earl A., Cedar Bayou Mitchell, Vaughan H., San Antonio Mobley, Suzanne, Wichita Falls Modlin, Robert Stanley, Corpus Christi Mohler, Duncan Claude, Mexico, D.F. Monroe, Carolyn Rose, Beaumont Montgomery, billy Glen, Caddo Mills Montgomery, Robert Joseph, Dallas Moody, Teddy, Houston Moore, Betty Lou, Georgetown Moore, Shirley Joan, Graham More, Edith Skene, Houston Moritz, Judith Kalle, San Angela Morris, Victor Lee, Houston Morris, William W., Yazoo City, Miss. Morrisson, Clovis C., Jr., Port Arthur Moye, Glenn Edward, Houston Mueller, Charles P., San Antonio Mueller, Joan Yvonne, Houston Mueller, Perry, Jr., Rosenberg Murph, Toni Jean, Dallas Musaliar, Shahal H., Travancore, India Musil, Leon, Stamford Myrick, Nancy Carolyn, Jacksonville Naylor, Lewis Nathan, Dallas Neill, Nancy, Sonora Nesbitt, Earl Johnson, Jr., Hempstead, N.Y. Newman, Natalie, Pharr Newsom, Mack, Denison Nichols, Clayton M., Abilene Nichols, Jimmy Louis, Atlanta Niethamer, Richard E., San Antonio Noack, Betty Beverly, Houston Noble, Mark C., San Antonio Nolan, Walter Joseph, Jr., New Braunfels Nolen, Mary Martha, Waxahachie Novey, Johnny Edward, Fort Worth Nowlin, Margaret Ann, Dallas O ' Connor, Carl Glover, Houston Odom, George Thomas, Iraan Odom, Richard D., Corpus Christi O ' Donnell, Thomas John, Waco Oglesby, Madeline, Austin Ornish, Lillian Rae, Dallas Orr, Hugh Don, Austin Osborn, Laurence E., Austin Otto, Dillie Margaret, Weslaco Page, Lewis Gilbert, Austin Palmer, John A., Wink Palmer, Lester Barry, Austin Palmer, Thomas Auslin, Schulenburg Pate, Jerry Eugene, Waco Pate, Leta Ann, Fort Worth Patton, Boyd A., Levelland Patton, Martha Ann, Borger Page 85 Page 86 Pgul, Phillip Sherwood, Jr., Dallas Paulette, R. C., Jr., Odessa Pawkett, Patricia Elizabeth, San Antonio Pearce, Thomas E., Houston Pechal, Pauline, La Grange Peden, Margaret Adelle, Lufkin Pederson, Donald E., Houston Peikert, William Joseph, Luling Perkins, Robert J., Fort Worth Perlitz, Patricia Ann, Austin Perry, Bob G., Plainview Perry, Jay Harry, Tulsa, Okla. Petersen, Mary Goree, Houston Petrusek, Doris Ann, La Grange P ettway, Patricia Ann, Tyler Pfau, James R., Houston Pfeil, Ann C., San Antonio Phelps, Martha Louise, San Antonio Phillips, Phyllis Ann, Levelland Pierce, Charles Curry, Jr., Dallas Pinkston, Jean Evelyn, Dallas Pinto, Carlos Enrique, San Jose, Costa Rica Pittman, Bill C., Clarendon Plemons, Frank L., Wichita Falls Plummer, Lou Anne, Houston Pool, William H., Albany Potts, Johnny M., Wichita Falls Powell, Jay Frank, San Antonio Powell, Martha, Nacogdoches Preston, Eleanor, Newgulf Price, Tom, Jr., Corpus Christ! Primm, Tom C., Fort Worth Pritchett, Raymond Wade, Dallas Pritchett, Robert Morris, Carlsbad, N. M. Procter, John Charles, New Braunfels Prosser, Jeannine, Conroe Prouse, Ruth Lorene, Austin Pullman, Thomas Edison, San Angela Putnam, Earl Eugene, Jr., Austin Pyle, Janell Elizabeth, San Antonio Quick, Rita F., Lampasas Rambo, Jean, Corpus Christi Ramsey, Coy, Palacios Raney, Dorthy Nell, Shreveport, La. Raper, James A., Marshall Ratliff, John Thomas, Sonora Rauch, Alan M., Houston Ray, Barbara Rose, Roswell, N. M. Ray, Bobby Jean, Houston Reese, Donald Gale, Thompsons Reese, Elizabeth Carolyn, San Antonio Reifel, Rogers Anthony, Houston Renouf, Robert, Houston Reuter, Mary Dolores, Victoria Reynolds, Alice Joyce, Houston Rhodes, Kenneth V., Amherst Rhodes, Lynn, Baytown Richards, Howard Newton, Austin Richards, James Van, Ysleta Richards, Raymond L., San Antonio Richardson, Samuel Alexander, Jr., Lake Jackson Richardson, Swan Edward, Stephenville Riddick, Harriet Alice, Morrilton, Ark. Riddick, Helen, Houston Rilter, Nancy Ann, Austin Rives, James B., Jr., San Antonio Rivette, Kerny Antoine, Beaumont Roane, Raymond C., San Antonio Roberts, Beverly Rae, Texas City Roberts, Buddy J., Dallas Roberts, Elizabeth Dolly, San Benito Roberts, Everett A., Fort Worth Robinson, Jack Welton, Centerville Robinson, Joan F., Lufkin Robinson, Mary Ann, Angleton Robinson, Patricia, Austin Roden, Robert Glenn, Dallas Rogowski, Catherine A., El Paso Roof, John Nicholas, Cleburne Roscoe, Pat, Odessa Rosenthal, Lois Charlene, Houston Roten, Robert Wallace, Texas City Roth, Barbara Marcia, Wharton Rothman, Myrna, Chicago, III. Roush, William Wakefield, Houston Roy, Shirley Wren, Houston Rozzeil, Jean Ellis, Harlingen Rubin, Natalie Diane, Dallas Rupe, Charles H., San Antonio Russ, Mary Cynthia, San Antonio Russell, John Alvin, El Paso Rust, Shirley Ann, Texas City Saage, Lu Ann, Rosenberg Sabrsula, Betty Jo, La Grange Sack, Pauline, Tyler Sadler, Ann Elizabeth, Fort Worth Saldana, Raul, San Antonio Salinas, Gay, San Antonio Salzberger, Paul L, Dallas Sanders, Hugh Walter, Austin Sanders, John Louis, Wharton Sandlin, True, Mount Pleasant Scharef, Helen Nancy, San Benito Scanlan, Tracy Allan, Dallas Scarborough, Florence, San Antonio Schaaf, Gayle Paula, Texarkana Schabarum, Madelon Kathryn, Midland Schade, Janet Marie, Edna Schafer, Edward Eugene, Midland Schatte, William Alfred, Vernon Schindler, Van H., Cuero Schmidt, Bobbie Nell, Austin Schmucker, Larry Allan, Houston Schneider, Ivy Lee, Austin Schulze, Kathleen Doris, Austin Schwartz, Jean Marie, Schule nburg Schweppe, Marvin F., San Antonio Scott, Charles Baker, Raymondville Scott, M. Frances, Austin Scroggins, Richard Louis, Brownsville Sears, Shirley Kaye, Dallas Seitz, Russell Layton, San Angela Sellers, Dorothy Joan, San Angela Selman, Hugh Lee, Palestine Settegast, Sandra Louise, Houston Sewell, Frederic Dana, Austin Shaw, Lail Hamilton, Dallas Sheffey, Everett Marshall, San Benito Shelton, Ann Genevieve, Austin Sherman, Stanley Alan, Sioux City, Iowa Shifflett, Amelia Eleen, Austin Shinn, Sandra, Victoria Shofner, Margie Lee, Dallas Showalter, George Wallace, Austin Shuffield, D. L., San Angela Sicro, Irene, Atlanta, Go. Sides, Malcolm Donald, Dallas Siemens, Patricia Mae, San Antonio Silvey, Frances Louise, Overton Simmons, Margaret, Midland Simpson, Jerry Allen, Tyler Simpson, Roberta Jean, Port Arthur Skeen, B. Joe, Overton Skipton, James Kennedy, Houston Slaughter, Toni, Neuilly-Seine, France Smith, Dan Cargill III, Houston Smith, Frances June, Weslaco Smith, Geary Lee, Eagle Pass Smith, James Roy, Port Arthur Smith, Jerry Wayne, San Antonio Smith, Jo Ann, Odessa Smith, L. Beverly, Denison Smith, Patsy Jeannine, Bellaire Smith, Tracy Fritz, Big Spring Smith, William Wayne, Freeport Smulcer, Jeanette Charlene, Wichita Falls Snyder, David William, Winfield, Kans. Spelce, Neal Leslie, Jr., Marshall Sprague, Wilbur E., Jr., Houston Sproles, Glenda Ruth, Fort Worth Stahl, John Douglas, San Angela Stanley, Vayden Fay, San Angela Stark, Virginia Kae, San Antonio Stedman, Susanne, Beaumont Steele, Marilyn Virginia, Austin Steinbomer, Shirley Ann, San Antonio Stenzel, Sonya, Austin Stevenson, Clarence Neal, Kenedy Page 87 Stewart, Gus Palmer, Austin Stillinger, Shirley Ann, Houston Stillman, Rosalyn Helen, Nashville, Tenn. Stockton, Patricia Lorraine, San Antonio Stone, Donald Lamar, Jacksonville Stone, Martha Marie, Midland Stovall, Jimmie Vance, San Antonio Stay, Herbert Edward, Jr., Fort Worth Straiten, Nancy Louise, Austin Strock, Melissa Gail, Dallas Strouhal, Helen Marie, Alvin Struhall, Frances Marie, Austin Sugerman, Judith Ann, San Antonio Summers, Nancy Lee, Henderson Sutton, Ann Louise, Orange Svendsen, Carl Olen, Rockport Swann, Lloyd Arthur, Texarkana Swartz, Sandra, Big Spring Sweeney, David Fontaine, Randolph Field Swidler, Jack Allen, San Antonio Tatum, John Paul, Lubbock Tatum, John Bailey, Temple Taylor, Janet Elizabeth, Fort Worth Teague, Weldon Winston, Waco Tees, David Woods, New Braunsfels Templin, James Curtis, South College Station Tenney, Augusta Louise, Austin Terk, Sara P., Odessa Terry, Jerry, Corpus Christ! Thaxton, Jane Ann, Austin Thomas, Gloria, Alice Thompson, Sally Ann, Houston Thorngren, Sally Jo, San Antonio Thornton, Robert Barnes, San Antonio Thruston, Arthur La Roy, San Angela Tirado, Terry Mac., Austin Tisdale, Samuel Cicero, Jr., Port Lavaca Titus, Donald Winston, Jr., San Antonio Toland, George Jefferson, Jr., Brownsville Toler, Thomas H., Austin Totz, Jon, Gonzales Travis, Floyd John, White Deer Trotter, Frederick James, Jr., Corpus Christ! Tuck, Barbara Jean, Austin Tullis, Ernie Winton, Weatherford Turley, Edward Wilton, Jr., Beaumont Turner, Janet Lee, San Angela Turner, Joan, Houston Turner, Suell David, Tulsa, Okla. Upton, Burl Dean, Kermit Upton, Charles Bird, Llano Ury, Suedell, Brownsville Vafiadis, George, Jr., San Antonio Vannaman, Thomas Leslie, Midland Van Sandt, Dinah Lee, Bellville Van Zandt, Joy Lou, Baytown Vaughan, Bill Lawrence, San Angela Vaught, Jack M., Comanche Veatch, Charlotte Ellen, Pasadena Villarreal, Elias Esteban, Brownsville Villarreal, Ricardo Manuel, Laredo Vineyard, Edwin Hawes, Wharton Voelkel, Anita Lee, Austin Voet, Louise Elizabeth, Borger Vogt, Fred Bitterman, Boerne Volek, Charles Woody, Rosenberg Von Dohlen, Leonard Harold III, Goliad Voyles, Jack Wendell, Austin Vuillemin, Joe Jean, Waco Waddill, Betty Jo, Conroe Wade, Carole Lynn, Lamesa Waisman, Jerry, Brownwood Wagner, Roanne, Houston Wakefield, Rita Joyce, Midway Waldron, Marcia, Brownsville Wales, Eunice Patricia, Houston Walker, Albert Lynnwood, Texas City Walker, Dianne, Kansas City, Mo. Walker, Lorayne C., Dallas Walker, Mary Rebecca, Fort Stockton Walker, William Alfred, Beaumont Walker, William Dwayne, Borger Wallace, Betty Joanne, Houston Walters, Joe Paul, El Paso Ward, Newton Edward, Jr., Fort Worth Ward, Tommy Ray, Brazoria Ware, George Earnest, Muleshoe Warner, Joan Marie, Austin Warren, Agnes Ann, Waco Warren, Donald Ray, Beaumont Warzecha, Newton Michael, Cuero Waterous, William Walker, Kansas City, Mo. Watkins, Mary Lou, Houston Watson, Marvin, Jr., Texarkana Weaver, Margaret Adrienne, Dallas Webb, Ann, El Campo Webster, Tom Webber, Alexandria, Va. Wedin, Richard Alan, Jr., Houston Weeks, Julien Devereux, Austin Weller, Jack Kenneth, Jr., Kilgore Werst, Sally Ann, Fort Worth Wertz, Joanne, Corpus Christi West, Ben Britain, Pecos West, Lorraine Elizabeth, Breckenridge Wester, Roily E., Austin Westerlage, Charles Hamilton III, LaMarque Westervelt, Gideon Le Fors, San Antonio Westling, Eddie Hastings, Austin White, Elizabeth, Houston White, James Edmund, Anson White, John Poston, Anson White, Mary Lureen, Baytown Whitehead, Merrill, Houston Whitten, Betty Jean, Dallas Whitten, Nancy Elizabeth, Waco Whittington, Jean, Amarillo Wickline, Jo Pat, Amarillo Wiedeman, M. Jeanne, Houston Wilcox, Thomas George, Eagle Lake Williams, Caroline, Dallas Williams, Connie Joyce, Henderson Williams, Edwin E., Dallas Williams, Glen Thomas, Austin Williams, Kenneth Herman, Houston Williams, Marian Arnold, Galveston Williams, Thomas Newton, Texarkana Williamson, John A., Beaumont Willke, Julian Loeffler, Jr., San Antonio Wills, Barbara, Fort Worth Wilpitz, Bobby K., Refugio Wilson, Ann, Fort Worth Wilson, Carroll, Olney Wilson, Jo Ann, McAllen Wilson, Ruth Elinor, Dallas Wimberly, Tommy, McAllen Wingate, Janet Lee, Beaumont Winslow, John F., Houston Wolford, Fred Vanderwerth, Port Arthur Wood, Charles R., Alto Wood, Diana Jo, Austin Woods, Betty Lou, Kirbyville Woods, Patricia Andra, Jefferson Woodward, Ed Dalton, Marlin Woody, Gary Price, Wichita Falls Woodyard, Frank Albert, Dallas Woolard, Emily Jo, Beaumont Wren, Nancy Ann, Houston Wren, Robert James, Corpus Christi Wright, James Luther, Texarkana Wright, Jane Anne, Dallas Wright, Zora Belle, Sierra Blanco Wong, Terry Joseph, San Antonio Yardas, Jean, Corpus Christi Yeager, William Neil, Jacksonville Yeagley, Claire, Dallas Yerington, Shirley, Fort Worth York, Byron P., Houston Youmans, Joseph Edward, Beaumont Young, Lewis Ray, Longview Zant, Celia, Odessa Zant, John William, Midland Zgourides, Ted, Houston Zimmerman, Maxine, Carrizo Springs Zivley, George Andrew, Austin Zoblotsky, Morris I., Taylor Zorrilla-Quintana, Gonzalo, Monterrey, Mex. Page 89 I , " . , . ' I ft 5 j . ' ' U. i -4M - M Jii I I ' " A . -!AV . ' , Abel, Donald R., Odessa Adam, Sheila, Mexico D. F. Adams, Bonnie Ruth, El Paso Adams, Byron Raymond, Dallas Adams, Clinton Gerald, Saint Jo Adams, James C., Killeen Adams, Jimmy Lee, Hamilton Adams, Joyce Dale, San Angela Adams, Stanley Edward, San Angela Addison, Jane Lee, Crystal City Agnew, Kathleen R., San Antonio Aguero, Jesus Thomas, Casa Grande, Ariz. Ahrens, Erwin, Houston Albrecht, Frances Elizabeth, Houston Albright, Albert Morris, Port Arthur Aldrich, William James, Midland Allen, Elizabeth J., Houston Allen, Eloise, McGregor Allen, George Carson, Jr., Jacksonville Allen, Marion Louise, Baytown Allen, Ronald Manuad, Dallas Allison, Lawrence Webb, Big Wells Allison, Travis Allen, Longview Almaraz, Ana Sylvia, McAllen Almazan, Jimmy, San Antonio Alsup, Melba Faye, Clarksville Alverson, Dan Carl, Itasca Alworth, Charles Houston, Conroe Ambrose, Dolores Jean, Houston Amundson, Nona Ann, Austin Anderson, Bertha Elizabeth, Mineral Wells Anderson, Frances Gayle, Austin Anderson, Mary Elizabeth, San Angela Anderson, Nancy Jane, Dumas Anderson, Reece B., Houston Anderson, William Marcellus III, Dallas Anthony, Tom, Sherman Appling, Collie Bryan, Kingsbury Armour, Marsha Ann, Fort Worth Arney, Ann Binford, Corpus Christi Arnold, Carl Edward, Woodsboro Arnold, Lloyd E., Jr., Austin Arnold, Peggy Joyce, Woodsboro Arthur, Ann, Kingsville Arthur, William Pierce, Uvalde Ashby, John Edmund, Jr., Dallas Ashley, Jimmie Harold, Dallas Assil, Tayssir, Damascus, Syria Atkins, Clifton Lee, Christoval Attwell, Anne Van Zandt, Corpus Christi Auld, Nancey An, Kerrville Austin, Ann Jeanneane, Dallas Austin, Arlene Faye, Dallas Austin, Nancy Allen, Dallas Avera, Carol Jean, Houston Avera, Cleo Marie, Katy Aylor, Marilyn Julia, Livingston Bacon, Charles F., Abilene Bagby, William Roderick, Jr., Dallas Bailey, Elizabeth Carolyn, Temple Bailey, John A., Clyde Baird, Alice Lee, Houston Baird, Barbara Jeanne, Fort Worth Baker, Diane, Ennis Baker, Douglas Martin, Belleville, III. Baker, Eva, Fort Worth Balcar, Ronald, Austin Baldridge, Robert L., Ennis Baldwin, William R., Houston Ball, James Howard, Weatherford Ball, Janelle Ernestine, Fort Worth Bollard, Ruby Lee, Killeen Balthrop, Billy Harold, Fort Worth Barker, Betty Bell, Yoakum Barber, Carolyn, Beeville Barber, Joan Elizabeth, Bloomingtcn Barge, Marjorie Saxon, Austin Barina, Helen Grace, Smithville Barnes, Carol Helen, Des Moines, Iowa Barnett, Larry Adrian, Houston Barnette, Harry G., Jr., Katy Barr, Cynthia Rebecca, Dallas Barrier, Rhoda Ann, Dallas Barrows, Joseph C., Port Arthur Bartletl, Ronald A., Austin Bartz, James Lynn, El Paso Baruch, Robert, Galveston Bashara, Richard, Austin Baskin, Nancy Jane, Hempstead Bass, Charles Lee, Nacogdoches Bassett, Eleanor O ' Neill, Roswell, N. M. Bateman, Richard Wayne, Waco Batjer, Cecile, Bellaire Battey, Robert Vernon, Houston Baty, Vivanne Elaine, Newgulf Baugh, Dallas W., Rule Baughman, Zoe, Baytown Boyouth, LaNoard M., Hamlin Beard, Martha Agnes, Hillsboro Beasley, Earl, Baytown Beck, Barbara Loyce, Dallas Becker, Ted, Austin Bell, C. Larry, Houston Bell, Carlton Ray, Luting Bell, Joseph Niles, Palestine Benavides, Louis Almon, San Antonio Benavides, Maria Magdalena, Eagle Pass Bennett, David S., San Benito Bennett, James B., LaMarque Benz, Carl Richard, Houston Berg, Robert K., Dallas Bernard, Amber Le Merle, Houston Bernstein, Lois Ann, Corpus Christi Berry, Barbara J., Tyler Berthelot, Mary Catherine, Victoria Best, Clem Kirby, Jr., Houston Bevil, George Guy, Brownsville Bickham, Jane, San Antonio Biggs, Frances Carolyn, Austin Biles, Maurine Elizabeth, San Marcos Billups, Sarah, Conroe Bishop, Richard H., Houston Black, Adele, Austin Black, Marion F., Malvern, Ark. Black, Richard Earl, Austin Blair, Beverly, Harlingen Blair, Eddie E., Fort Worth Blakeley, Thomas Alton, Dallas Blanchette, Gaston, Central Falls, R. I. Blanton, James Donald, Katy Blanton, Wilanna O., Lockhart Blaschke, Wanda Jean, Odessa Blasingame, Mary Lillian, Wharton Bludworth, Joseph E., San Antonio Blume, Lucille Ann, LaGrange Bogar, Martha Jane, Houston Bohn, Helen Ann, Austin Bohn, Robert H., Austin Bond, William Leon, Jr., Groesbeck Bonham, Joe B., Port Arthur Bonneau, Mary Kay, McAllen Boone, Anne Lennee, Houston Boone, Sam R., Jr., Brazoria Booth, Roy Campbell, Taylor Borgenicht, Audry Yvette, Memphis, Tenn. Borrego, Richard, Houston Bosquez, Jesus R., Del Rio Bourdon, Lynn Louis, Houston Boutroue, Victor Jules, Jr., Orange Bowdry, Tom McCullough, Dallas Bowen, Avery Wadsworth, Houston Bowyer, Jackie Price, Pharr Boyce, James Curtis, Amarillo Boyd, Jack R., Midland Boyd, Nola Grace, Rankin Boyd, Walter Ernest, Jr., Houston Boyett, Betty, Austin Boykin, Jim Edward, Abilene Bradfield, Ruth Ann, Abilene Bradford, David, Skellytown Bradley, Curtis Ray, Katy Brady, Andrea, Cameron Bragg, Wallace G., Chillicothe Brandon, Frank G., Texas City Brannan, David Keith, Elsa Bravenec, Lorence Larry, Houston Brawley, Mary Glenn, Longview Brewer, Guy William, Austin ' ft Kilt Ft Page 93 Page 94 Briggs, Mildred Lou, Nome Brinkman, Sue, Missouri City Britt, Allen Jay, Shreveport, La. Broach, Roger Harmon, Texas City Brod, Marjorie Ann, Yoakum Brooks, Charles Allan, Brownsville Brooks, Jerry, Dallas Brooks, Marinell, Hempstead Brooks, Robert Olin, Tyler Brown, Anne Dare, Springfield, Tenn. Brown, John Nicholas, San Antonio Brown, Joy Kathryn, McAllen Brown, Sandra Lanelle, Austin Browning, Barbara, Austin Browning, John Miller, San Antonio Broz, Franklin Joseph, Schulenburg Bruce, Betty Jean, Dallas Bruns, Mary Nelda, Bryan Bryan, Joan Patricia, Premont Buchan, Celia, Houston Buford, Robert Littlefield, Austin Buford, William Wylie, Mount Pleasant Bunsen, Frederick D., Jr., El Paso Burk, Mack Edwin, Houston Burke, Barbara, Waco Burke, Larry Russell, Longview Burkes, Virginia Dale, Austin Burkholder, Lee, Pecos Burton, Walter Harold, Austin Burton, William Joe, Galveston Busby, Richard O., Dayton Bush, Kathryn Marie, Houston Buss, Leroy Fredric, Weslaco Bustin, Sara, Austin Butler, Kay, Houston Byars, Byron Ross, Jr., Pampa Bynum, Janyce, Palestine Cain, Doris Lee, Liberty Cain, Kellene, Corpus Christi Calder, James Richard, San Antonio Caldwell, Lee, Abilene Callery, Clara Marion H., Galveston Cameron, Mary Cerise, Austin Camp, Joyce Nell, Austin Campbell, Katherine Jean, Temple Campbell, Shirley Ann, Bryan Campbell, Walter D., Houston Campi, Ray Charles, Austin Canizard, Pete C., Dallas Cantu, Julian, Jr., San Antonio Cape, George William, Jr., Corpus Christi Capps, Mary Clyde, Tyler Carlson, William Grant, Austin Carothers, Mary Jane, Marianna, Ark. Carpenter, James Clark, Port Arthur Carr, Charles Robert, Fort Worth Carr, Sally Patricia, Crystal City Carrell, Joe Ferris, Jr., Dallas Carroll, Cleatis R., Dallas Carter, Ann, McCamey Carter, Exsa Diane, Fort Worth Carter, John Browning, Blanco Carter, Michael A., Palestine Cash, Warren P., Houston Cassady, William Emmett, Rome, Italy Castillo, Jose Gomez, Jr., Galveston Cato, Lillian Elizabeth, Dallas Cator, Virginia M., Gruver Caudle, Jim Bob, Horatio, Ark. Cavazos, Antonio, Jr., Laredo Cave, Kenneth Patrick, Dallas Chamberlin, Leo Anderson, Dallas Chambers, Judith Lee, Beaumont Chambers, Nancy Clarise, Santiago, Chile Chatwin, Kenneth, Belton Chauncey, Preshia Jane, San Antonio Chesnut. Thomas Holt, ChiMress Childers, Raymon C., Hereford Childs, Robert R., Jacksonville Chionsini, Alexander E., Jasper Chote, Sally Jean, Austin Christian, Silsbee Ann, Austin Chushcoff, Victoria, Galveston Clare, Jimmy, Dallas llHYl Clark, Ann Janice, Lockhart Clark, Dolores L, Dallas Clark, James Leaton, Hereford Clark, Joseph C., Wynnewood, Penn. Clark, Michael C., Wichita Falls Clark, Nancy Jo, Amarillo Clark, Sonya Ray, Blanket Clark, William P., Jr., Lockhart Clary, David R., Turnersville Clay, Jacqueline Aileen, Houston Clements, Arthur Morgan, San Antonio Clifford, Anne, Amarillo Cline, James Curtiss, Corpus Christi Cline, Peggy, Wharton Cloe, Rafe Heath, Breckenridge Cobb, Milton Curtis, Longview Cochran, James Russell, Wichita Falls Cocke, Virginia Lee, Austin Cockrell, Sally Reed, Houston Coffey, Carolynn Sue, Victoria Coffey, John C., Wichita Falls Coin, Merry Louise, Sinton Coldwater, James Russell, Freeport Cole, Johnny C., Seymour Cole, Lee Ann, Austin Cole, Maurice Wayne, Jr., Austin Cole, Phyllis Jean, Bellaire Coleman, Cyrus Billie, Pecos Coleman, Jimmy Lee, LaMarque Coloma, Juan Enrique, Quito, Ecuador Colwell, Walter Lee, Pampa Conley, Charles K., Kilgore Conner, Darlene, McAllen Conner, James Arthur, Austin Cook, Dorothy Carol, LaMarque Cooley, Helen Claire, Houston Cooper, Sandra, Snyder Copen, Jeanne Ellen, Odessa Cornelius, Winona Lynn, Pampa Cornell, David M., San Antonio Cornwall, Tim H., Midland Corona, Rodney Bernard, Galveston Courier, Robert Wayne, Fort Worth Cowan, S. Perry, Temple Cox, Billie Jean, Pasadena Cox, Carolyn Corine, Morton Cox, Joan, Pasadena Cox, Nigel T., Austin Crabb, Don Lee, Galveston Crane, Michael Nell, Dallas Crawford, Bobby D., Wink Crawford, Jane, Greenville Crawford, John A., Dallas Crawford, Lallie Ann, Galveston Crawford, Shirley Jane, Port Arthur Crawford, Waylen Thom as, Galveston Crocker, Byron Gray, Brady Croft, Audrey Ann, San Antonio Cronfel, Semiramis, Laredo Crouch, David M., Devine Culpepper, Edith Cecilia, Baytown Culver, Charles David, Tyler Culver, Everett E., Kilgore Cumbie, Sandra Lynn, Fort Hood Cunningham, Eleanor Ann, Brownsville Cunningham, James Earl, Cleveland, Ohio Cunningham, Nancy Lynn, Austin Cunningham, Suzette S., Spokane, Wash. Curran, John Francis, Corpus Christi Curry, Keys Alexander, Jr., Midland Curtis, Joe David, Dallas Cutbirth, J. Brown, Houston Dabney, Jane, San Antonio Daffern, Bobby J., Stamford Dale, Don, Lufkin Dale, William Bernard, Fort Worth Daniel, Ernest Harold, Dallas Daniel, James C., Mart Danvers, Don, San Antonio Davenport, Lew W., Uvalde Davidson, Ada Lois, Houston Davidson, Barbara Jo, Kerrville Davies, Thomas Henry, Houston Davis, Barbara Deane, Houston Page 95 Page 96 Davis, Bette Sue, Chillicothe Davis, Charles Madison, Gilmer Davis, D. Jeanette, Austin Davis, Dorothy LaMurriel, Houston Davis, George Arthur, Killeen Davis, Gibson M., Fort Worth Davis, Jay D., Austin Davis, Jeanne Cooper, Dallas Davis, Linda Jane, Corpus Christ! Davis, Malcolm B., Gladewater Davis, Nancylee, Waco Davis, Robert Carl, San Antonio Dawson, John M., Houston Day, Barbara Ann, Marlin Deaton, Bobby Charles, Pittsburg Debenport, Don, Odessa DeLaFosse, Jannette Pauline, Groveton De Las Casas Piedra, Salvador, Lima, Peru DeLoach, Carolyn Ann, Dallas Dennis, Barbara Ann, Port Arthur Denowitz, Marvin Allen, Longview Denton, Edward, Victoria Depuglio, Patricia Jo, Galveston Derrick, Bertram William, Leesville Derrick, Diane, Austin Derrington, Oscar, Jr., Dayton Deutsch, Janice Sue, Springfield, Mo. DeWalt, James Willis, Brownsville Dewar, Hallie Ball, San Antonio DeWitt, Diane, Dallas Dezelle, Jon Kent, Beaumont Diamond, Virginia Ruth, Houston Dickson, James Fagan, Austin Dike, Shirley L., San Antonio Dillen, Virginia Anne, Rockdale Dishman, H. Charles, Bryan Dixon, James P., Tulsa, Okla. Dobie, J. Marcelle, San Marcos Dobyns, Adalu, Refugio Doles, Janet Evelyn, Austin Donahoe, Charles William, Lufkin Dorfman, Sam, Jr., Longview Dougherty, Marshall K., Palestine Dowdle, Gwen, Abilene Downing, Don Carter, Austin Drake, Don Allen, Fort Worth Dresslar, Barbara Joan, Dallas Dring, Mary Louise, Dallas Driska, Robert S., Holland Duckworth, Robert Floyd, Dallas Dudley, Dale Bowles, Corpus Christi Duecker, Charles Henry, Dallas Duggan, William Young, Leander Dunaway, Marvin Ray, Fort Worth Dunn, William S., Amarillo Eakins, Jones Richard, Mount Pleasant Eason, Patricia Ann, Yoakum Easterling, Ginger, Beaumont Eaton, Robert Charles, Monterrey, Mexico Ebarb, Teddy Glendon, Rosenberg Eddleman, Charles Douglass, Orange Edmundson, Margaret Cecile, Houston Edwards, Ann Thomas, Pasadena Eggleston, Jesse, Jr., Garland Ehlert, Harry Cern, Sealy Eikel, Harvey Andrew, New Braunfels Einhorn, Annette M., Dallas Eldridge, John Paul, Texarkana Elledge, Vernon, Houston Elliott, Jay Aubrey, Austin Elmore, Carolyn, Harlingen Elrod, Doris Ann, Odessa Emmons, Kay Maxine, Worthington, Ohio Endress, James V., Langley A.F.B., Va. Engelman, Charles Edward, Wichita Falls Englander, Leonard Marion, Waco English, Sarah Jane, Dallas Enlow, Jack Frank, Borger Enlow, Mary Nell, Angleton Enmon, W. C., Orange Ergle, Martha Gail, College Station Escamilla, Andres, Rio Hondo Esse, Kathryn Ann, Seguin Etheredge, Boyd Franklin, Hunt Etheredge, Zelma V., Houston Ettelman, Davie Lou, Kilgore Evans, Derro George, Olney Evans, Dorothy Jean, Fort Worth Evans, Kenneth Wayne, Austin Evans, Scott D., Austin Everhard, Clay, Pharr Pagan, Janet Alice, Dallas Fairall, L. Leroy, San Antonio Fairchild, Charles Robert, Austin Folk, George Harold, San Antonio Farquhar, Kay, Dallas Faulkner, Gene Lloyd, Austin Faust, Henry Joseph, Caldwell Feagin, Lois Jean, Conroe Feaster, Bobby Grant, Forreston Feigelson, Carol Ann, Beaumont Feinstein, Ann, Little Rock, Ark. Fenberg, Marty Allen, Amarillo Ferguson, James Arville, Post Ferris, Joann, Dallas Finch, Donna Marguerite, Center Point Finley, Laura, Liberty Finnell, Anna Rhea, Cleburne Fish, Francine, Electro Fisher, Bert M., Houston Fisher, Bobbie Joan, Baytown Fisher, James George, Jr., Corpus Christ! Fisher, Marilyn, Houston Fitzgerald, David Cantrell, Three Rivers Fitzpatrick, Yvonne, Long Mott Florence, Richard John, La Porte Flowers, Karen Renee, Dallas Fonville, Tazh Taylix, Taft Foote, Phillip Gene, Port Arthur Foote, Sandra Vee, Orange Fortune, William Walter, Austin Fournier, Henry Raymond, Central Falls, R. I. Foust, Carol June, Austin Fowler, Jerry Lynn, Dumas Fowler, Ruth, Austin Foxworth, Walter Lenoir II, Dallas Foy, Gloria, Dallas Francis, Lester P., Electro Frank, Hugo Carl, Lampasas Franks, Gayle, Mount Pleasant Franks, James Martin, Tyler Franks, Nina Ruth, Fort Worth Frankum, Ronald Bruce, Odessa Frazer, Merrell, Jr., Tyler Frazier, Barbee, Austin Frazier, Margaret Ann, Dallas Freed, Margo, San Antonio Freedman, Sandra, Dallas Freeman, Claudette Florine, Galveston Friberg, Emil E., Wichita Falls Friend, George Everest, Amarillo Frierson, Donald, McCamey Fuller, Gerald M., LaMarque Funderberg, Dan Loyd, McAllen Gabert, Sylvia Ruth, Rio Grande City Gamble, Asa B., Leroy Gammage, Gail, Orange Gantt, Vi ' ginia Deal, Beeville Garcia, Nelda Lilia, Ben Bolt Garrett, Claude Harmon, Groesbeck Garza, Bias, Jr., Benavides Gault, Clay R., Austin Germany, Robert Sterling, Houston Gibson, Elizabeth Jean, Carlsbad, N.M. Griffin, Lynda Lee, Hastings, Nebr. Gilbreath, John, Dimmitt Giles, Perry Montgomery, Houston Gill, James Earl, El Paso Gill, Samuel L., Alvarado Gillean, W. Otho, Jr., Stamford Gillett, Jimmie Douglas, Austin Gilliam, James Milton III, Waxahachie Gilmore, Clarence Edgar, Jr., Paris Ginsberg, Bailey, Houston Ginsburg, Maynard Jack, Springfield, Mo. Gipson, Eddie M., Austin Glass, Frank Leland, Sweetwater Glasscock, Clarence Weldon, Dallas Page 97 Page 98 Gleckler, Dan, Sherman Glenn, Barbara Gayle, Marshall Goad, Robert E., Jr., San Antonio Goff, E. Wayne, Louise Gold, Vender Guynn, Austin Golden, Charles N., Houston Goldstein, Helaine, Houston Golob, Patricia, Waco Goltzman, Sharlene, Corpus Christi Golub, Sheila Dale, Houston Goodman, Fred Malcolm, De Soto Goodman, Jeanette Rita, Dallas Goodwin, Carol, Port Arthur Goodwin, James Gordon, Fort Worth Goodwin, Joel Basil, Brownsville Goodwin, Patricia Ann, Columbus Gound, Joyce Elaine, Big Spring Graham, Lillie Mae, Ireland Grainger, George Richard, Tyler Granger, Andrew Baker, Austin Grant, Winston Barton, Dallas Gray, Barbara Jo, LaPorte Gray, Daniel H., Cisco Gray, Frances M., Holland Gray, Joyce Molly, Birmingham, Ala. Green, Donna Marie, Houston Green, Hal Leslie, Corpus Christi Green, Robert Sterling, Beaumont Greenwood, Wilma Jean, Refugio Greve, William Francis, Jr., Galveston Griffin, Gordon M., Austin Griffin, James A., McKinney Grimes, Mable Elizabeth, Eastland Grimes, Terrance, Fort Worth Groos, John R., Jr., Kyle Grossman, David L., Dallas Grover, Martha Carolyn, Dallas Grumbles, Janis Florene, Austin Gurwitz, Gary Reagan, Three Rivers Guthrie, Bradford Raymond, Conroe Gutierrez, Abe, Laredo Gutierrez, Vela Romeo, Hebbronville Guzman, Javier William, Mexico, D.F. Hagelman, Marci a Lee, Galveston Hahn, Eitel Hugh, Brady Hale, llene Louise, Austin Hall, Arthur Bryan, Houston Hall, Robert E., Galveston Hallmark, John Sayres, Brazoria Ham, Vada Marie, Houston Hamilton, Anthony Brock, Wharton Hamlett, John William, Houston Hammans, Thomas G., Midland Hammond, Robert, Fort Worth Hampton, Ouida Carolyn, Naples Hampton, Robert William, Conroe Hanchey, Mary Dorothy, Houston Hancock, Albert Myles, Wichita Falls Hancock, Martha, Gilmer Hansen, Paul E., Denison Harbach, Deborah, Houston Hardison, Jack Morton, Jr., Llano Harkrider, Marjorie, Brady Harlow, Thomas Randall, Anahauc Harper, Carleen, Bellaire Harrell, Joanne, Texas City Harrington, John Lynn, Sherman Harris, Max Young, San Benito Harris, Sally, Dallas Harris, Shirley Camille, Houston Hartman, Wilma Annette, Houston Harvell, Sharon, Vernon Haskew, Larry D., Austin Hastings, Dick Doyle, Denton Haston, Nancy Gay, San Antonio Hatley, Jan Drue, Austin Hatter, Louanne, Moody Haupt, Luella Ruth, Bryan Hawkins, Clinton Edward, Jr., Huntington Hawkins, Joe Earl, Pampa Hawkins, Mabel Janie, Galveston Hayes, Frank Alan, Grand Prairie Haynie, Lucy Beth, Abilene Heacock, Mary S., San Antonio Head, Robert Garland, Tyler Hearer, John M., Brownsville Heard, Allen Burton, Winston-Salem, N. C. Hearne, Wendell Eugene, Abilene Hebert, Larry A., Highlands Hedgcoxe, Henry T., Allen Helf, Nancy Marilynn, Austin Helton, Bobby Charles, Mineral Wells Henderson, Elwood Ray, Belton Henderson, Jefferson S. II, Nocona Hendricks, James Elliott, Rogers Hendricks, Raymond Don, San Antonio Hendrix, Helen Sylvia, Dallas Henslee, Lee Walter III, Galveston Herber, Wilfred Earl, Austin Hereford, Charles Ray, Austin Hernandez, Henry Calderoni, Brownsville Hernandez, Juan, Dallas Herren, Hubert Bonner, Jr., Houston Herrera, Charles D., El Paso Herrington, Mary Louise, Clarksville Hersh, Marillyn, Wichita, Kans. Hertz, Joan Rebecca, Tyler Hester, C. M., Jr., Dallas Hester, Gene Albert, Crane Hewlett, John Thomas, Austin Hewlett, Lan Lemuel III, Lockhart Higgins, William Michael, Austin Hilburn, Barney Hines, Dallas Hill, Helen Katherine, New Orleans, La. Hill, Lois Yvonne, Tyler Hill, Sherlene, Odessa Hill, Wendall Royce, Odessa Hinkle, James D., Freeport Hite, Alice June, Austin Hite, Gary Paul, San Antonio Hobbs, Joe Ferrell, Fort Worth Hodge, Wilma Elizabeth, Baytown Hodges, Charles Paul, Temple Hoff, Phyllis Anne, Port Arthur Hoffmann, John Milton, Austin Holcomb, Lyndon Paul, Pierce Holden, Sandy, McAllen Holder, Janet, Mart Holguin, Albert Alexander, San Antonio Holliday, Carol, Cleburne Holloway, Joe L., Edna Holman, Thomas Henry, San Antonio Holmes, Jane, Dallas Holstein, Virginia Lou, San Antonio Holub, Harvey Emil, Schulenburg Homsy, Susan, Dallas Hood, Suzanne, Austin Hooper, Kay Frances, New Braunfels Hooton, Norman Elwyn, Avinger Hopper, Lucy Ruth, Muldoon Hornaday, Jon Russell, Arlington, Va. Hornbuckle, William Edward III, Huntsville Home, Nancy Virginia, Houston House, Kenneth Ronald, McCamey Howard, Evelyn Gayle, Dallas Howard, Van Hook III, San Antonio Howell, Rex Glenn, Colorado City Hubbard, Marilyn Ann, Fort Worth Huber, John P., Houston Huckabee, George L., Little River Hudson, Wellborn Royston, Austin Huebel, Melvin Ray, Columbus Huff, Carolyn, Austin Huff, Franklin, Flatonia Huff, Nancy Ann, Boerne Huff, Sandra Lee, Wichita Falls Hufford, Sherwin Eugene, Wichita Falls Hughes, Jimmie Dean, Vernon Humphrey, Martha Jo, Austin Hunt, Anna Lee, Port Arthur Hunter, Charles Worth, Fort Stockton Hurt, Clint, Odessa Hutchings, Janet, San Antonio Hutchison, David B., Brownsville Hyatt, Mary Elizabeth, Port Arthur Igo, Virginia, Houston Igau, Richard Rodaers, Houston Ing, Joe Lee, Huntsville Ivey, Ben Curtis, Jr., Denton Jackson, Charles A., Borger Page 99 Page Jackson, Daurls Ann, Beeville Jackson, Jack Marvin, Austin Jackson, William Scott, Jr., Houston Jacobs, Jacquelyn Hermine, Orange Jaffan, Mouhidin Frank, Damascus, Syria Jamail, William Dahr, Houston James, Bob Clark, Eorger James, Helen Guenther, San Antonio Jansen, Wayne Allen, Dayton Jarmon, Grady Glenn, Austin Jensen, Daisy D., Houston Jessen, Elizabeth, Austin Jez, John Bennett, Temple Jimerson, S. Mike, Kilgore Jobes, Mary Lee, Kerrville Johns, Lee Jackson, Hempstead Johnson, Edward Durron, Houston Johnson, Frederick Louis, Port Arthur Johnson, Judith Gail, Morton Johnson, Justine Me., Tyler Johnson, Lee Murphy, Lufkin Johnson, Margaret Louise, Fort Worth Johnson, Marilyn Marcia, Austin Johnson, Roberta Estelle, Bryan Johnson, Suzanne, Huntsville Johnson, Sydney Clare, Dalhart Johnson, William Lee, Austin Jones, Ann Celeste, Port Arthur Jones, Charles Raymond, San Angela Jones, Darrell, Austin Jones, Gerald Franklin, Kingsville Jones, Glen Dale, San Antonio Jones, Lila Lynn, Harlingen Jones, Mae Pauline, Buffalo Jones, Nan Elizabeth, San Antonio Jones, Robert Davis, Kenedy Jones, Robert Lee, Seminole Jordan, Jerry Max, Lufkin Jordan, Vernon Murray, Brady Jutzi, Carolyn Sue, Houston Kamrath, Karl Fred, Jr., Houston Korchmer, Eloyce D., Houston Karren, Helen Louise, San Antonio Karrer, Charlotte Ann, Orange Katz, Annette Rose, Corpus Christ! Katz, Bernard, El Paso Kaufman, Becky Jean, Memphis, Tenn. Kaufman, Pat S., Weslaco Kazen, Virginia Lee, Laredo Keetch, Jane, Belton Keith, Robert Quentin, Beaumont Kelleher, Dan F., Austin Kelley, Mary Frances, Pecos Kemp, James Clinton, Galveston Kemp, Mary Lee, Austin Kendrick, John M., Gatesville Keown, Allan R., El Paso Kidd, Carol Louann, Brady Kilday, Betty Ann, San Antonio Kilday, Royce R., Jr., Richmond Kincaid, Marcia, Crowell Kindig, Virginia, Shelbyville, Tenn. King, Betty, San Antonio King, Cherry Ann, Jacksonville King, Elton, Jr., Houston King, Robert Newton, Muleshoe King, William Parker, Waco Kirby, Edward Cromartie, San Antonio Kirk, Jon B., Beaumont Kirkpatrick, Peter B., Hempstead Klaver, Beverly, San Antonio Klein, James H., Seguin Klein, Jerry, Beaumont Klein, Shirley Beatrice, Tomball Klett, Donald Stuart, Corpus Christi Klumpp, Monica Gretchen, Austin Klutts, Norma Jean, Dallas Kniker, Julia Ann, Austin Knox, Margaret Ann, Bertram Knox, Nita Carroll, San Angelo Kochevar, Nancy Ann, Fort Bliss Koenig, John Weldon, LaGrange Koenig, Robert David, Fort Worth Kohls, Roger John, Shamrock 100 Kotara, Cecilia Joan, Groom Kotara, Thomas Ronald, Lark Kouri, Eugene AAichael, Sweetwater Kramp, Harry Ray, Houston Kriss, Jerry Jerome, Dallas Krog, John Lawrence, Houston Kruse, Shirley M., Houston Kuehner, Marvin Ernest, Taylor Kunkel, Martha Leah, Yonkers, N. Y. Kuperman, Phyllis, Breckenridge Lacey, Alonzo Leonard, Corpus Christ! Lacy, Christine, Liberty Lacy, Sarah Faith, Port Arthur Ladymon, Sammy Don, Paris Lafrentz, John Dalton, Austin Lamb, Martha Patricia, Liberty Lambe, Marcia, Pharr Lambert, Sue Adele, Dallas landers, A. W., Lampasas landry, Arthur Gene, Gatesville Lang, Shirley Ann, Austin Lanier, Clinton Morris, Tyler Lankford, Cynthia Lee, Cleburne LaQuey, Patsy lee, McCamey Larkin, Giles William, Maracaibo, Venezuela Larkin, James Charles, Valley Mills LaRowe, Henry Adams, Austin Lawlis, Carrie Frances, Abilene Lazarus, Ronald, Austin Leach, Jack G., Groesbeck Ledbetter, Thomas Kent, Houston Ledbetter, Vilas Faye, Dallas Leder, Marlene I., Houston LeDerer, James Frederick, Wellington Lee, Frederick Adrian, Houston Lee, Nancy Marie, LaMarque Leffingwell, William Branch, Jr., Amarillo Leggitt, Samuel H., San Marcos Legler, Clarence Willys, La Grange Lehman, Sondra, Dallas Lelaurin, Jan, San Antonio Le Mond, Bob, Houston Lentin, Patricia, Corpus Christ! Leslie, John Paul, Corpus Christ! Leveritt, Dorothy Sue, Galveston Levey, Shirley Rae, Omaha, Nebr. Levinson, Stanley Jerome, Longview Levy, Harry Herbert III, Galveston Levy, Jack Mose, Waco lewis, Charles Eugene, Austin Lewis, Janie Ellis, Coronado, Calif. Lewis, Jerry Glenn, Wichita Falls Lewis, Joanne Laneil, Austin Lewis, Saralew, Caldwell Lewis, Shirley Ann, Corpus Christ! lightsey, Robert Lloyd, Shreveport, La. Ligon, Lenore, Houston Lilley, Jerry D., Denison Lindsey, Byron Trent, Hooks Lisker, Arlyne Shirley, Elmer, N. J. Little, Sammy Don, Kilgore Little, Wanda Belle, Austin Littlefield, Larry Dean, Tulsa, Okla. Locke, Carl Edwin, Fort Worth Long, Ann S., Waco Long, Charles F., LaMarque Long, Paul F., Conroe Lorenz, Richard, Corpus Christi Lovett, Mary Hale, Houston Lovoi, Joseph J., Beaumont lowrance, Nancy, Houston Lowrey, Richard Chapman, Lubbock Loynd, James Arthur, Dawson Luedemann, Anne Marie, San Antonio Lutz, Sherry Ann, Dallas Maciver, Winnie Jane, Dallas Mackenzie, Charles Lester, Houston Mackey, Jack E., Jr., Sonora Maclean, Walter Eliot, Saco, Me. Maddux, Lora Jean, Kyle Malone, John Robert, Austin Malone, Donald Joseph, Dallas Maltsberger, Jo Ann, San Antonio Maly, Sylvia, Taylor Manget, Daniel Thomas III, New Orleans, La. Manning, Sanford Edward, Houston Page Manz, Joe E., Austin Marshall, David L., San Antonio Marshall, Edwina Dee, Port Arthur Martin, Dudley, Richland Springs Martin, Russell Lionel, Jr., Mount Pleasant Massey, Jack, Austin Mathews, Monte W., Fort Worth Matthews, Patricia Deon, Tyler Matthews, Wilbur Lee, San Antonio Mauk, Betty Carol, Houston May, Patricia Jean, Houston May, Mart Rhea, Port Arthur Mayfield, James Don, Baling McBride, James A., Houston McCall, Tom S., Dallas McCarroll, Eloise, Rusk McCarty, Nannetta Sue, Austin McClendon, Bobby Joe, Elgin McCollister, Alice, San Antonio McCommon, Glenn, Jr., Wortham McCoy, Darling Naomi, Houston McCracken, Pat Jean, Electro McCrary, Keith U., Austin McCreight, Anne, Fort Worth McCrocklin, Claude N., LaMarque McDonald, Johnny O., Houston McElwain, Mary Jane, Austin McFarland, Diane, Fort Worth McGaughey, Max Gene, Otey McGaw, Hugh Roth Lee, Austin McGee, Paula Beth, Livingston McGonagill, Mildred Alice, Austin McGregor, Rosetta, Houston McGuire, James Harrison, Mount Pleasant McGuire, Patricia Beth, Dallas McGuirt, James H., Jr., Houston McKay, Anita June, Baytown McKeown, Tykie, Blanco McKinney, Mary Ann, Nacogdoches McLarry, Fred Daniel, Bonham McMann, Thomas A., Weslaco McMaster, Clifford Franklin, Tyler McNabb, Suzanne, Harlingen McNeel, Loquita Ann, Odessa Meacham, Billie Oliver, Monahans Meacham, William Charles, Monahans Meador, Franklin Dawson, Saint Jo Meadows, David Elmer, Dallas Meadows, Travis, San Antonio M eerscheidt, Philip Alexander, Laredo Melnick, Sandra Ruth, Denver, Colo. Mewhinney, Richard Len, Holland Meyer, George Baker, Houston Meyer, John Kampmann, San Antonio Middleman, Irving Herbert, San Antonio Middleton, Alice Jean, Lubbock Middhton, Beverly Kaye, Alton, III. Middleton, Carolyn, San Antonio Miers, Bruce Timothy, Fort Worth Miertschin, Charles L., Baytown Miller, Barbara Lee, Bryan Miller, Beth Ann, Austin Miller, Charles Warren, Lamesa Miller, Gary Evan, Houston Miller, Meda Margaret, Waco Miller, Robert W., Austin Miller, Sandra Ann, Austin Miller, Stanley Eugene, Austin Miller, William H., Crawford Mills, Milton Thomas, Kermit Mitchell, Iris Luverne, Houston Mitchell, Margaret Anne, Brownsville Moehring, William Granville, Austin Moffitt, Franklin Glenn, Jr., Dallas Mogford, Meta Louise, Uvalde Mohle, Charles, Weslaco Moncus, Thomas G., San Antonio Mondrik, Katherine Nell, Cameron Monroe, Kay, Longview Montemayor, Ruben, San Diego Montgomery, William C., Houston Mooney, John Albert, Kerrville Moore, Charles Douglas, San Antonio Moore, Charlotte Jean, Austin 102 Moore, Frederick Boggs, Longview Moore, John H., Mount Vernon Moore, Madeline, Houston Moore, Otha Lee, McAllen Moore, Wallace Brick, Dallas Moore, Wylene Mae, Dallas Morgan, Ann Stuart, College Station Morgan, Hubert Augustus, Jr., Beaumont Morgan, James Arnold, Austin Morgan, Richard, Plainview Moritz, Bradford Wayn _, Stamford Morris, Annette, Hillsboro Morris, Carroll, Dallas Morris, Cliff, Fort Worth Morris, Jerry Lamar, Moody Morris, Mary Ann, Roscoe Morrison, Don R., Deer Park Morrow, Ross Edward, Post Morse, Barbara Sue, Palembang, Sumatra Moss, Jane Alexander, Dallas Mosteller, Morris David, Austin Molal, Lydia Ann, Moulton Mowery, Susan, Lubbock Murchison, Joe Kinney, Austin Muroff, Norma Doris, Lafayette, La. Murray, John Coble, San Antonio Myers, Milford Mitchell, Houston Nagle, Frank Taylor, Austin Nagle, Fred Stephen, Austin Nail, Patricia Ruth, Waco Nance, Robert Lewis, Dallas Needham, Shirley Jo, Austin Neely, Jane Hardin, Amarillo Nelson, Don Hillin, Pampa Nelson, Raymond Leon, Amarillo Nelson, Shirley Ann, Amarillo Nelson, Tharon Jeanette, Austin Nelson, Thomas Edward, Round Rock Neuenschwander, Donald Wayne, Houston Newberry, Camille, Austin Newman, Bobby Austin, Sherman Newsom, George Franklin, Laredo Neyland, James Owen, Austin Nichol, Nancy Ann, San Antonio Nicholl, Ann Gardner, Houston Nicholson, Jane Ellen, Austin Nigh, Barbara Marie, Houston Nix, Cecil Anson, Jr., Cranfills Gap Nixon, JaTies M., Belton Noack, Flo Ann, Houston Noel, Edna Darden, Austin Norman, Daniel P., Austin Northington, Sarah lee, Lampasas Norwood, Darrell Clark, Mexia Norwood, Janelle, Mineral Wells Novy, Stanley Dean, Hillsboro, Wise. Odom, Vaughn Dewey, Mineral Wells O ' Donnell, Cathy Courtney, Houston Oliver, James Parker, Caldwell Oliver, Mary Corine, San Antonio Olle, Betty Corinne, Austin Olmstead, Ellis Lloyd, Galveston Olvera, Richard, Brackettville Orand, Rowe Littlefield, Memphis Orand, Windell Weldon, Memphis Orr, Catherine Elizabeth, Bertram Osmon, Frank, Jr., San Antonio Oster, Sylvia Simone, Dallas Ottinger, Joseph Edwin, Kerrville Oualline, Jacquelyn Edwin, San Antonio Outlaw, Carolyn Lynette, Houston Overbeck, Ruth Ann, Denison Owens, Tommy, Denison Pace, Eddie Wayne, San Angelo Pace, Mary Sue, Austin Pain, George Robert, Lancaster Palmer, Marie Elizabeth, Houston Palmer, Richard Alan, Austin Pape, Kenneth Hugo, Seguin Parker, Charles Scott, San Antonio Parker, Farris Aldus, Telegraph Parker, Martha Anne, Buffalo Parker, Ralph K., Dallas Parr, Shirley Ann, lockhart Partain, Charles Ray, Big Spring Paschall, John Young, Cedar Valley Page 103 Page 104 Patterson, Jimmy Mac, Mount Pleasant Patteson, Robert Wilkerson, Jr., Midland Patton, Robert Edward, Jr., Bellaire Paty, William Ralph, Jr., Houston Payne, Billie Jo, Henderson Payne, Robert M., Jr., Austin Payne, Sandra, Houston Payte, Penelope Ann, Mission Pearce, Howard Glen, Fort Worth Pearson, Nancy Jean, Del Rio Pedigo, Paula Elaine, Strawn Pendergraft, Betty Lou, Houston Pennington, Patricia, Houston Pepper, Dorothy Ann, Dumas Pesnell, Jack Warren, Columbus Petrus, Joseph Anthony, Austin Petty, Cora Lee, Crockett Pettyjohn, Marvin Arnold, Longview Pevoteaux, Greta Gayle, Galveston Phillips, Kenneth Roy, Plainview Piper, Barbara LaVelle, Rosebud Pittell, Marilyn Ann, Hutchinson, Kans. Planto, Robert Yale, San Antonio Pletz, Manning Bruce, San Antonio Poborsky, Sheila Rae, Houston Polka, Edward Allen, Houston Pollan, Rose Ann, Victoria Pool, Dorothy Marie, Houston Pope, Floyd Eugene, Dallas Portwood, Sammie Ann, Seymour Post, John William, Mart Potter, Charles Francis, Jr., Tyler Poulter, Dean Anderson, Houston Powell, John E., Vernon Powell, Peggy Jean, Llano Power, Jerry Jean, Fort Worth Powers, Dani Dell, Austin Powers, Paula Wanda, Abilene Pressler, Townes Garrett, Houston Prichard, Lucille Conyers, Houston Prim, Suzann, Houston Prince, Sally, Houston Procell, Jimmie Martin, Hemphill Protas, Pauline, Port Arthur Pullen, Carole Jeanne, San Antonio Purl, Mary Katherine, Dallas Putnam, Elizabeth Idaine, Uvalde Querolo, Carol Eginia, Galveston Rackley, Ray Allen, San Antonio Rodney, Hugh Otis, Gladewater Rae, Melinda Jane, Dallas Rainbolt, Walter Kleas, Lafayette, La. Ragone, Patricia Marie, Galveston Ragsdale, Myrna Elizabeth, Jacksonville Ragsdill, Jack Edward, Austin Ramage, Cecil Hugh, Austin Ramirez, Sally R., Dallas Ramsey, John William, Jr., Wichita Falls Raney, Gene Arnold, Longview Ransopher, Lewis Bassett, Houston Rapstine, Philip Benard, White Deer Rashti, Sara Jane, Fort Worth Reading, Virginia Kay, Dallas Reagan, Charles Eugene, Jr., Marlin Reasoner, Denzel Edward, Austin Reasoner, Jack LeRoy, Tyler Reber, Jane, Baytown Redfearn, Maurine Kay, Port Arthur Reed, Madison William, Jr., Fort Worth Reed, Robert Edmond, Austin Reese, Raymond Randolph, Cuero Reeves, Ann Taylor, Pittsburg Reeves, Dwain, Baling Reid, Mary Jo, Galveston Rerfschneider, Barbara Anne, Houston Reinhardt, Martha Ann, El Campo Reistle, Carl Ernest, Houston Reiswerg, Sara Ida, Galveston Reuland, William B., Austin Rheiner, Dan John, Jr., San Antonio Rice, David, Austin Rice, James Kelvin, Wichita Falls Rice, Otis Thomas, Austin Richards, Barbara Jewell, Mineral Wells Richardson, Doni Louise, Lamesa Richmond, Brian Keith, Odessa Richmond, George M., San Antonio Richter, Katherine Scott, Houston Richter, Rose Marie, Giddings Ricks, Lee Edward, Jr., Pleasanton Riddle, Elton Earl, Devine Riveire, Mary Lois, Fort Worth Roane, Barbara Burnett, Rosenberg Roberdeau, Rita Courtland, Houston Roberts, Daniel Carl, San Benito Roberts, Cornelia Etta, Houston Roberts, Ross Dean, San Antonio Roberts, William Thomas, Houston Robertson, Bruce Biggs, San Antonio Robertson, Loyd Gordon, Houston Robitsek, William Ernest, Midland Robuck, Eva, Dallas Roddie, James Franklin, Jr., Brady Rogers, David Addison, Weslaco Rogers, John Lawrence, Houston Rollins, Brook Holloway III, Baltimore, Md. Rollo, Norman Keith, Huntsville Roper, Charles Cecil, Jr., Mission Rose, Herman, Waxahachie Rose, Margaret Ann, Dallas Ross, Albert Clay, Arlington Ross, Gordon Parker, Tulsa, Okla. Rossy, Hubert Edward, Jr., Austin Rost, Marilynn Jean, Giddings Rousculp, Carole Lynne, Texas City Rourke, Robert Otto, Galveston Rovinsky, Reba Helen, Dallas Rucker, Robert Monroe, Dallas Rudder, John Reeves, Brady Ruebel, Margaret Eileen, Dallas Ruff, Jere Johnson, Longview Ruff, Jon Braswell, Longview Rugeley, Frances Louise, Wharton Ruiz, Dolores, Houston Runnels, Judith Gayle, LaPorte Russell, James H., Jr., Denton Russo, Frank Joseph, East Boston, Mass. Rylander, Shirley Rae, Buda Saathoff, Donald Ray, San Antonio Sampson, Joan Claire, Beaumont Samuels, Martha, Terrell Sanders, Charles Richard, Canyon Sandier, Sonya Bluma, Fort Worth Santos, Frank, Jr., San Antonio Scarborough, Feme Ree, Sour Lake Schade, Gladys Kathryn, Columbus Schipplick, August Carl, Winters Schlosser, Mary Ann, Houston Schmitt, Barbara Ruth, Houston Schmitt, Mozelle Laverne, Seguin Schneider, George William, Jr., New Orleans, La. Schneider, Raymond Frederick, Tyler Schobel, Eugene Max, Columbus Schoellkopf, C. W., Houston Schoenhals, Lawrence, Darrouzett Schurig, Fred Albert, LaMarque Schwartz, Benjamin Haskell, Sherman Schwartzman, Beverle Ann, Philadelphia ,Pa. Schwarz, Nancy Lee, Mercedes Scott, Dorothy Jeannette, San Antonio Scott, Joan Louise, Falfurrias Scott, K. Q., San Antonio Scott, Nancy Ruth, Conroe Scott, Ralph William, Smithville, Mo. Seal, Frances Ruth, Birmingham, Ala. Seale, William Agee, Alice Sebesta, Leroy Edward, Temple Self, Carl Lynn, Whirtier, Calif. Senn, Robert Wallace, San Antonio Service, Corr Robert, Colorado Springs, Colo. Shade, Joseph, Temple Shaffer, Shyla Mae, Dallas Shaw, Mary Evelyn, Dallas Shaw, Charles Teddy, San Antonio Sheffield, Don Baker, Rio Hondo Sheinberg, Betty Gaye, Dallas Sheldon, John Augsburger, Houston Shelley, James Allan, Colorado City Shepherd, Eugene Byron, Houston Shepherd, Nancy Lynne, Lubbock Page 105 Page 106 Shepherd, Ottis Bryan, Jr., San Antonio Sherrard, Charles Warren, Denison Sherrill, Joyce Carolyn, Freeport Sherrill, William Manning, San Antonio Shuman, Morion Clarence, White Deer Shurtleff, George Oliver, Temple Sias, Jesus Abalos, Raymondville Siegmund, Jane Gay, Gainesville Siegmund, Martin O., Gainesville Silva, Jesus Jose, El Paso Simon, Betty Ann, Shreveport, La. Simoneaux, Sylvia, Houston Sitra, Anna Marie, Galveston Skalovsky, Libby, Oklahoma City, Okla. Skelton, Sue Helen, Temple Skipsey, Harry, Mexico, D. F. Sloat, Cynthia Winters, Houston Smith, Betty Shelton, Corpus Christ! Smith, Bonnie B., Crockett Smith, Budje Louis, Eagle Pass Smith, Etta Jean, Baytown Smith, Harold Gene, Dallas Smith, Horace Franklin, Jr., Dallas Smith, James Marshall, Midland Smith, Manis Dale, Bay City Smith, Mariella, Fort Worth Smith, Marilyn Leellen, Fort Worth Smith, Nathan Waverly, Aransas Pass Smith, Shirley Sue, Lometa Smith, Sue Ramsey, Houston Smith, Vivien Kay, Dallas Smyth, Barbara Kerfoot, Portland Sobotik, Robert Harold, Luling Sowden, Webb McCann, Jr., Dallas Spacek, Bruce Arnold, Wilmette, III. Spann, Robert Louis, Houston Spaulding, Esther Watson, Fort Worth Spencer, Gordon Eugene, Gilmer Spicer, Mary H., Kerrville Springfield, Hugh W., Dallas Stafford, Robert William, Dallas Stanley, Sandra Jean, Brownsville Stansbury, Bobby Ray, Gainesville Steen, William Arthur, Gonzales Stefka, Shirley Anne, Temple Steglich, Nettie Mae, Holland Stegman, Nancy Ruth, Dallas Steinhagen, Mark, Beaumont Stephen, Margaret Joan, Robstown Stephens, Billy Ray, San Antonio Stephens, Janet Muriel, Wichita Falls Stephenson, Edwin Dea, Fort Worth Stephenson, Helen Gail, Amarillo Sterrett, Sheryl Louise, Dallas Stevens, Patricia Margaret, Boerne Stevenson, Robert Wayne, Austin Stewart, Inez Lenell, Austin Stewart, Larry Louis, Cisco Stewart, Marc H., Gladewater Stiteler, Reta Ann, Bryan Stoddard, Floyd Grady, Bonham Stodghill, Donald Ray, Rockwall Stoker, Jimmy Dean, Atlanta Stout, Sandra Mary, San Antonio Stovall, Jack P., San Antonio Stovall, Maurice Pauline, Kerrville Stovall, Richard Franklin, Floydada Stover, Henry Lloyd, Dallas Strauch, Virginia Joan, San Antonio Strawn, Ernestine, Electro Striebeck, Carol Barbara, Houston Stuckey, James Merkel, Port Arthur Slultz, Don Ashby, Houston Sullivan, Walter Brady, Jr., Austin Surber, John Lincoln Wickliffe, Jr., San Antonio Suttle, Mary Marjorie, Dallas Sutton, Harold Basil, Killeen Swaim, Gary Curtis, Bogota Swartz, Jon David, Lockhart Tadlock, James Thomas, Dayton Tadlock, Paul Everett, Dallas Taylor, Frances Elizabeth, Galveston Taylor, LaDonna Marie, Wichita Falls Temple, Larry Eugene, Plainview Terrell, James Clark, Stephenville Thoxton, Petronella Margaret, La Jolla, Calif. Thomas, Joe Faltin, Houston Thomas, Meldon R., Glen Rose Thomas, Rebecca Elizabeth, Kerrville Thomerson, Jim Edward, Menard Thompson, George McCullough, Houston Thompson, James Roland, Jacksboro Thompson, Joyce Stuart, Harlingen Thompson, Nellie Jane, Palacios Thomson, Randall Dillon, San Antonio Thorn, Margaret Landers, New Hope, Ala. Timpa, Sammy Lee, Dallas Tirk, Max Lee, Smackover, Ark. Todd, Doyle Jackson, Brady Tompkins, Pauline Theodora, Houston Tompkins, Shirley Jean, Austin Tonroy, Cheryl Joy, Corpus Christ! Townsend, Billy Alvin, Dallas Townsend, James Terrell, Brady Tracy, Carol Vivian, Austin Tracy, Patricia Ellen, San Antonio Trammell, Wash Bryan, Jr., Houston Trezise, George Leo, Jacksonville Tubb, Sarah Lillian, Dallas Tucker, Anna Mary, Nacogdoches Tucker, Billie Lynn, Florence, Ariz. Turman, Zillah Mae, Fort Worth Turner, Bill Lamond, Brady Turner, Calvin Wayne, Waxahachie Turner, Don Warren, Borger Turner, John Grigsby, Fort Worth Turner, Keaton Ray, Pittsburg Tutt, Helen Warren, Dallas Tyler, Patricia Virginia, San Angela Ullrich, Dale Rodger, San Antonio Ulrich, Georgia Ann, Houston Uribe, Alfred Acuna, Corpus Christ! Valdez, Gilbert Muraida, San Antonio Valentine, Shirley Ann, Fort Sam Houston Vandygriff, L. Alvis, Austin Van Sickle, Herman Ray, Pampa Vaughan, Jack Kenneth, Mexia Vaughn, Donna Rosina, Dallas Vaughn, Emily Joyce, Alachua, Fla. Vaught, Bobbie Jean, Willis Vickery, Tom Rusk, Jr., Wichita Falls Villarreal, Joe, Jr., Dallas Villemez, Betty Ann, Mineral Wells Voelkel, Kennedy Reese, Houston Voight, Raymond Lavern, Luling Wachendorfer, Fredrick Thomas, Houston Wadle, Larry Coleman, Mexia Waggoner, Mamye Jo, Brackettville Waggonner, Harold Cornell, Tyler Wagner, Louise Lavania, Houston Wakefield, Shirley Ann, Bayside Walker, Elleanor Ann, Dallas Walker, Harlan E., Dallas Walker, Helen Carol, Midland Walker, Helen Sue, Austin Walker, Nancy Ann, Dallas Walker, Rayford Wayne, Quanah Walker, Virginia Alice, Dallas Wallrath, Carl Darwin, Jr., Dallas Walsh, Martha Kristin, Fort Worth Walters, Jeri Lynne, Jefferson Walters, Jo Mary, Houston Wanenmacher, Joe Melching, Tulsa, Okla. Ward, Richard Elbert, Newgulf Warden, Lester Kerby, Houston Warner, Diane Louise, Wayne, Pa. Warner, George Thomas, Penwell Warren, Joe Lawther, Dallas Warren, Shirley Jean, Bryan Warren, William David, Austin Waters, Harry Edward, Velasco Watson, James Bruce, Gladewater Watson, Jill Townsend, Orange Watt, Frances Jane, Dallas Weatherred, Donna Wynelle, Pampa Weaver, Kathryn Suzanne, Galveston Webb, Gerald Whitf ield. Corpus Christ! Webb, Laurent Banner, Brownsville Weed, Thomas Hugh, Beaumont Weisblat, Sidney Arthur, Dallas Page 107 Weisfeld, Naomi Ruthe, Dallas Welborn, Margaret Anne, Post Welborne, Dana Rhea, Dallas Weldon, George Ernest, Bellaire Wells, Jocelyn, Wellington Wells, Virginia Ann, Dallas Weltmer, Russell Arlyn, Big Lake Wendel, Jean Elizabeth, Weimar Wenger, Alan Gatewood, San Antonio Wengert, John Frederick, Fort Worth Wersebe, Gor don Kenneth, Austin Werst, Eleanor Beth, Big Lake Wessels, Marilyn Ida, La Grange West, Clay Lynn, Longview West, William Watkins, Jr., Lufkin Westbrook, Norene Kay, San Juan Westphal, Nancy Lee, Austin Wheat, Shirley Ann, Big Spring Wheeler, Royce Dale, Houston White, Bobby Wayne, Brownwood White, Cheryl, Roswell, N. M. White, Maradee, San Antonio Whiteside, Billie Jo, Austin Whitfield, Shelby Aldwin, Hereford Whitley.Donald Edwards, Fort Worth Whitney, Leon Arthur, Amarillo Whitt, Earlene Margaret, Las Vegas, Nev. Whittlesey, Forrest Ray, Jasper Whitty, Dorothy Aloise, Houston Wieckhoff, Marriott, Dallas Wiest, Betty Jo, Smithville Wigodsky, Michael Mashe, Houston Wilborn, James Lucian, Austin Wiley, Michael Alan, Dallas Willard, Kay Anne, Austin Williams, Anne Stanley, Houston Williams, Donald Telschow, LaGrange Williams, E. R., Palestine Williams, Gerry Jean, Donie Williams, Jack Tremper, Longview Williams, Mary Alice, Victoria Williams, Max Derrell, Nederland Williams, Patricia Adele, Austin Williams, Suzanne Louise, Conroe Williamson, George M., Jacksonville Willis, William Laurence, Edna Wills, John Robert, Pampa Wilson, Barbara Elaine, Medina Wilson, Charles Julian, Jr., Freeport Wilson, Diane Lee, Austin Wilson, Ellen Lea, Walnut Springs Wilson, Maxine, Dallas Wilson, Walter Alford, Kerrville Windham, Billy lee, Forreston Winkler, Jane Ruth, Giddings Witt, Meyer Willis, Freeport Witter, June Anne, Houston Woehrmann, Gary Wades, Houston Woellert, Joan Louise, San Antonio Wohlner, Pacey Lee, Freemont, Nebr. Wolfe, Rosalyn Robinson, Vernon Womack, Richard Marvin, Austin Woo, Kong F., San Antonio Wood, Chesley Kosub, Galveston Woodrum, Jean Annette, Huntsville Woodson, Patricia Ann, Austin Woodward, Gerald Edward, San Antonio Wright, John David, Houston Wright, James Fletcher, Dallas Wright, Johnice Madison, Moody Wright, Lillian Elizabeth, Galveston Wyrick, Waneen, Austin Yantis, Eloise Recia, San Antonio Yeakley, Ralph McLynn, Fort Worth Yelderman, Carolyn Ann, Rosenberg Yost, Robert Earl, Kermit Young, Thomas Michael, El Paso Youngblood, Marilyn Tollett, Austin Zapalac, James Julian, Sealy Zimmerman, Janice Marie, San Antonio Zimmerman, Rodger Max, San Marcos Zoch, Anne Louise, Taylor Zoibi, Izzat Mohamed, Damascus, Syria Zoll, Patsy Glee, San Antonio 108 Zonana, Eli, Houston " jbeua HONORARY PROFESSIONAL ADVERTISING FRATERNITY Founded: University of Missouri, 1913 Paul J. Thompson Chapter, 1927 OFFICERS FALL SPRING GEORGE THOMAS FRAZIER President WILIAM KNIGHT FOSTER WILLIAM KNIGHT FOSTER Vice-President BURBA E. BOHANNON DONALD EUGENE HILL Secretary JAMES ARTHUR BLACKBURN DONALD EUGENE HILL Treasurer THOMAS FRANKLIN BOYNTON ALAN SCOTT Faculty Sponsors ALAN SCOTT RALPH BURNHAM THOMPSON RALPH BURNHAM THOMPSON ERNEST ALONZO SHARPE ERNEST ALONZO SHARPE ACTIVE PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS Al Jennings F. R. Moerke Cal A. Newton Vernon Sanford FACULTY MEMBERS William Paxton Boyd William Henry Purdy Alan Scott Alfred E. Seeyle Ernest Alonzo Sharpe Everett Grant Smith Paul J. Thompson Ralph Burnham Thompson Hal W. Atkins, Jr. William Frank Bain Frank Kelsey Baker Arnold Melvin Barban Phil J. Bashara Peter D. Bennett James Arthur Blackburn Burba E. Bohannon Thomas Franklin Boynton Harry O. Bray MEMBERS Frederick D. Bunsen, Jr. Norman William Campbell Johnson Camden Chancellor Carleton Thomas Clowe Robert Franklin Coffee James Russell Coldwater Robert Seburn Collins William David Collins William Knight Foster George Thomas Frazier John E. Fryman Morton Allen Glazer Donald Eugene Hill David Niswongel Horn William Malcolm Lacy William Little Floyd J. Lofton, Jr. James E. McCutcheon Robert Joseph Montgomery William J. Myrick, Jr. Joe Don Noble Murray Spence Patton Aaron Saul Pearlman Gerald M. Rafshoon Donald Rosenfield William Smith Sickles John Larry Uzzle Roily E. Wester Page 110 HONORARY PRE-MEDICAL FRATERNITY Founded: University of Alabama, 1926 Texas Alpha Chapter, 1929 FALL OFFICERS SPRING ALBERT WORCHEL President ALBERT WORCHEL GILBERT WILLARD EKLUND Vice-President GILBERT WILLARD EKLUND JEAN CORLENIA MUNROE Secretary JEAN CORLENIA MUNROE SHERROLL AUBREY NEILL Treasurer SHERROLL AUBREY NEILL GEORGE ELDRIDGE KEELER, III . . Historian GEORGE ELDRIDGE KEELER, III Willard Earl Adams Joe Leslie Atchison Edwin H. Blackwell Harry Braeuer Jimmy Levan Breazeale Robert Bruce Carruth James Byars Carter Jerry Dion Copeland James Kirby Cunningham Wayne Edward Delaney Royce Dyer Robert Zempter Eanes Irvin A. Ebaugh, Jr. Jeraldine Lovella Edgar Gilbert Willard Eklund Oren Henry Ellis, Jr. William Edward Foster, Jr. Ross Thurber Frick MEMBERS Jimmie Harlan Grant Robert John Griep Robert Statham Griffin Kenneth Eugene Guyer, Jr Fred W. Hansen Harry Richard Havens Richard Hernandez, Jr. John Lee Hubby Norval Keith Johnson George Willard Kaplan George Eldridge Keeler, III Donald Edward Krause Mark Jerome Kubala Harry Jones Logan John Lowry, Jr. Herbert M. Loyd Wayne Evans Martin Charles H. McCollum, III Robert Irvin Morgan Jean Corlenia Munroe Sherroll Aubrey Neill Louis S. Plosky George Peyton Prewitt, Jr Milton James Railey Elizabeth Ann Randolph Claude Earl Reynolds M. Alice Smith Mona Synder Ari Jonas Susman Richard Joseph Thomson David Robert Webb, Jr. Philip Herman Wolfram Albert Worchel James Albright Wynn Jimmie L. Zografos Thomas Scott Allen Richard Harlan Ashby Moise Arnold Axlerad John Ray Baugh Helen Margaret Crabb SPRING INITIATES Frank William Gonzales Horace Burnard Halbert Mark Emly Huff Richard R. Jackson Morris Salem Knox Mervin L. Miller Sonya Stenzel James Ernest Suehs Jerry Waisman Charles Edward Davis Nancy Dale Lackey Page 111 P ti HONORARY BUSINESS SOCIETY Founded: New York University, 1904 Texas Alpha Chapter, 1915 OFFICERS FALL SPRING WILLIAM CLYDE HOUSE President MARVIN EARL KING ROBERT HUGH ERWIN Vice-President ALVIN LEE FREEMAN MORRIS EDWARD ASHBY Secretary WILLIAM ROBERT HOGE, JR. ROGER BERRY Treasurer ROBERT LESTER DUNCAN MICHAEL PHILLIPS MOHLER . Master of Rituals . . WALLACE LIONEL PELLERIN John William Anderson Morris Edward Ashby Roger Berry Robert Lester Duncan Robert Hugh Erwin Alvin Lee Freeman John Carl Greenwood, Jr. William Clyde House, Jr. Jack Carl Kelly MEMBERS William Franklin Kemp Marvin Earl King Charles Erwin Lasseter Frank J. Marek Joseph John Marks Michael Phillips Mohler Norman Alfred Mueller, Jr. Wallace Lionel Pellerin Johnny Vincent Piraino William Jackson Rattikin Rudolph Gus Seeberger Eddie Jack Sharpe Robert Tyre Sqjyres John Roland Thornhill Laurin Henry Watson Leslie David Wood Robert Richard Amaya William W. DeWitt Koprivnik Dushan Earnest I. Frazier Paul Anthony Ganter James F. Greer FALL SEMESTER PLEDGES Melvin Kenneth Griffin William Arthur Henry Paul John Herrmann, Jr. William Robert Hoge, Jr. Joseph Calvin Holsomback Elton M. Montgomery Mark C. Noble Frank L. Plemons Harry Edwin Robinson, Jr. Terry Mac Tirado Charles Hamilton Westerlage, III Robert Middleton Bernsen Milton Edmund Dechard Bernard Wayne Geisler Robert Walton Grisham Eugene Hovey SPRING SEMESTER PLEDGES Richard William Moore Edgard Raymond Mueller William Harmon Pool, Jr. Rogers Fullerton Reid, Jr. Oscar Ashley Reynolds, Jr. Charles Robertson John P. Sanders Frederick Thomas Wachendorfer Page 112 J.ambda HONORARY SCHOLASTIC FRATERNITY FOR FRESHMEN WOMEN Founded: University of Illinois, 1924 Texas Chapter, 1935 OFFICERS FALL SPRING HELEN CAMPBELL RIDDICK President CELIA ANN BUCHAN BEVERLY ANN GUINN Vice-President PAULA WANDA POWERS MARY MARGARET MILLER Secretary SYDNEY CLARE JOHNSON KATHERINE MARGARET MAYS Treasurer NANCY LEE SCHWARZ M. ALISON GRAY . . Historian . BARBARA ANN BROWNING FACULTY MEMBERS Dorothy Gebauer Helen Flinn MEMBERS Kathleen Armstrong Dorothy Elaine Avera Beverly Renee Bercu Carolyn Carter Mary Claire Caswell Joanne Copeland Mary Elizabeth Dannenbaum Virginia Ruth Diamond Thelma Dochen Emily Estelle Dooley Norma Dell Dunlap Mary Jane Eckhardt Barbara Kathryn Etchison Virginia B. Gillett M. Alison Gray Dorothy Louise Green Nancy Elizabeth Green Beverly Ann Guinn Sondra Jo Hampton Wilhelmine Johanna Hicks Mary Virginia Jenull Margaret Fink Keefauver Terrell Charlene Keller Crescencia Marin Jane Gay Maxwell Elizabeth Lockhart Mays Katherine Margaret Mays Marcia Ann McGhee Sheryl Ann McKelvy Mary Margaret Miller Glenda Lee Mitchell Doris Ann Petrusek Martha Powell Ruth Lorene Prouse Helen Campbell Riddick Nancy Ann Ritter Catherine Antonina Rogowski Sandra Louise Settegast Amelia Eleen Shifflett Mary B. Spitzer Betty Jane Templeton Merle Mae Teschner Almarie Trantham Betty Lou Trapani Anne Elizabeth Wise SPRING INITIATES Nancy Jane Anderson Jo Ann Austin Merle Belz Maria Magdalena Benavides Mary Lillian Blasingame Janice Leah Boyce Barbara Ann Browning Celia Ann Buchan Mary Clyde Capps Margaret Eleanor Clark Lynn Collins Helen Kathryn Cowan Jeanette Marcelle Dobie Mary Louise Dring Karen Renee Flowers Barbara Jo Gray Luella Ruth Haupt Linnea Suzanne Hood Elizabeth Mary Jessen Marilyn Marcia Johnson Sydney Clare Johnson Lynn Jones Cheryl Ann King Shirley Beatrice Klein Grace Ellen Medairy June Alice Mequet Meda Margaret Miller Jane Alexander Moss Shirley Ann Nelson Sarah Lee Northington Catherine Elizabeth Orr Sylvia Simone Oster Dorothy LaRue Overton Sally Pierce Paula Wanda Powers Elizabeth A. Putnam Melinda Jane Rae Maurine Kay Redfearn Reba Helen Rovinsky Francis Louise Rugeley Mary Herrera Ruiz Sonja Bluma Sandier Mozelle Laverne Schmitt Nancy Lee Schwarz Sally Woods Sparks Georgia Ann Ulrich Helen Carol Walker Nancy Ann Walker Shirley Jean Warren Betty Jo Wiest Eloise Recia Yantis Page 113 HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING FRATERNITY Founded: University of Illinois, 1919 Theta Chapter, 1924 OFFICERS FALL ROBERT BOYCE SWEENEY . . . HAROLD EDWARD PADDOCK SARA JEAN KAY JOAN JEWETT JAMES EARL REDFIELD JIM G. ASHBURNE . President Vice-President Recording Secretary . . . . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Faculty Vice-President . . SPRING MORGAN ENLOW SHIPMAN JAMES D. ROLLINS PAMELA PARR JOE HAROLD SIPTAK WALTER WILLIAMS GLENN A. WELSCH Jim G. Ashburne Leo G. Blackstock Franklin Lanier Cox Marvin E. Gholson Edward S. Lynn FACULTY MEMBERS George Hillis Newlove C. Aubrey Smith Robert T. Tussing Vernon H. Upchurch Glenn A. Welsch John Arch White Samuel M. Woolsey Charles T. Zlatkovich W. M. Aikman John B. Allred Walter C. Burer C. H. Cadenhead Gay Carroll C. H. Cavness Marquis G. Eaton HONORARY MEMBERS L. H. Fleck Tom W. Leland O. H. Maschek R. L. McVey Clifton H. Morris Bouldin S. Mothershead Jay A. Phillips Earl F. Snow Arthur C. Upleger M. E. Webb Frank L. Wilcox Velda Woods Harold Stewart Coleman Dena Lee Dickey J. Lawrence Elledge Robert Hugh Erwin Richard Allen Freling Olen Hilton Havens Ernest A. Hoffman Joan Jewett Sara Jean Kay Harris Lee Keller Harold Gene Levell MEMBERS Edward Keith Lukin Thomas Jesse May James O. McCarver Shirley McCracken Ernest Logo Montgomery Harold Edward Paddock Pamela Parr John Lane Peck James H. Ransom James Earl Redfield William Esgar Roberts James D. Rollins, Jr. David Ochs Rubenstein Mitchell Luther Sandel Bevie Truitt Sanders Morgan Enlow Shipman Robert Boyce Sweeney Walter Williams Larry Clay Willimack Edith Helen Wood William Eugene Wright Hal Myron Zimmerman Joseph Wenzel Apgood Morris Edward Ashby Chester Arthur Clayton Garry Lamar Gummelt Wilton Ira Jones SPRING INITIATES Donald Eugene Jourdan Patrick S. Kemp Elton Stanley Lipnick Francis Eugene Nespo William Rowland Reed Joe Harold Siptak Robert Theodore Tussing Carl Emanuel Wulfe Page 114 amma ma HONORARY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FRATERNITY Founded: University of Wisconsin, 1913 Alpha Chapter, The University of Texas, 1922 FALL JOSEPH KENNETH BAILEY DOROTHY AYRES STELLA TRAWEEK . OFFICERS SPRING President JOSEPH KENNETH BAILEY Vice-President DOROTHY AYRES Secretary-Treasurer STELLA TRAWEEK Jim G. Ashburne Dorothy Ayres Joseph Kenneth Bailey Nellie Marie Barnes Aaron Hamilton Chute Alonzo Bettis Cox Richard Charles Henshaw, Jr. Helen Marie Knebel Elizabeth Lanham Raymond Vincent Lesikar FACULTY Edward Shird Lynn Maebess Matthews Francis Barnes May John Anderson McCurdy Edward Karl McGinnis George Hillis Newlove Edwin Werner Olle Charles Lee Prather John Edward Roche C. Aubrey Smith Charles Herman Sparenberg William R. Spriegel John Robert Stockton Florence Mae Stullken Stella Traweek Charles Edward Walker Glenn A. Welsch John Arch White Erich Walter Zimmerman Charles Theodore Zlatkovich Billy Joe Brown Rodney Lee Brown James Shelburne Bullion, Jr. Jerome Benton Burling Malvin Keith Caldwell Burton Bryant Chandler Alva M. Clutts James Travis Fort Martha Nell S. Glenewinkel Harrell S. Hayden Ludy Carl Hofmeister Leroy Hutchison Harris Lee Keller MEMBERS Harold Fred Kleinman Eugene Wasdon Lambert, Jr. Audrey Loudale Lay Tommy Max Ledingham Edward Keith Lukin James Lewis Martin Everett Smith McCrum Celia Ann Morgan Daniel Croxton Morgan, Jr. Gilbert F. Nemec John Lane Peck Charles Herman Pistor, Jr. Kurt Radtke Carl Edward Richard Stanley David Rosenberg Ina Adele Serber Lewis Herschel Sheriff Robert Page Smith Robert Boyce Sweeney Wallace Leon Swenson William Culwell Thomas Othel D. Turner Edwin E. Weiss Elma Dean Williams Barbara Joan Youmans Page 115 Purpose: To bring together upperclass girls having a high scholastic average in English and to reach a better understanding of con- temporary literature and its background. Founded: The University of Texas, 1941 FALL MARILYN HALEY JENNY LIND PORTER JOEENE NAN FOLEY IDA CALDWELL McFADDIN . ' THOMAS MABRY CRANFILL OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor SPRING MARILYN HALEY JENNY LIND PORTER JOEENE NAN FOLEY IDA CALDWELL McFADDIN THOMAS MABRY CRANFILL Rose Marie Beals Mary Catherine Belluomini Marilyn Biel Elsie Jane Bridges Sarah Deloris Cabaniss Jean Elizabeth Carpenter Mary Carver Patricia Ann Copley Patsy Ruth Dabney Katherine Elizabeth Davis Patricia Dilworth Nancy Joan Earle Mary Gwendolyn Echterhoff Annette Edwards MEMBERS Lura Duff Elliston Joeene Nan Foley Marilyn Gann Claris Click Joan Gray Marilyn Haley Mary Charlotte Hoehn Douglas Ann Johnson Elizabeth Ann Lee Betty Ann McBrayer Ida Caldwell McFaddin Fransan Naismith Peggy Joan Pegram Pozelle Phillips Jenny Lind Porter Patricia Woods Prewitt Anita Lucille Reed Margaret Ann Schmidt Otis Rhea Schmidt Shirley Elise Strum Elissa Berwald Tarnopol Constance Mae Taylor Barbara Lee Terrel Marie Jane Watkins Sondra Ann Weiss Carol Jean Wesner Jane Michaux York Beverly Ruth Alaniva Rie Charlotte Booth Sara Lu Clemens Annazell Elizabeth Davis Ann Gabrielle Dorsey SPRING INITIATES Mary Ann Maley Marian Marley Maureen Frances O ' Brien Beverly Ann Purvine Linda Elaine Reeves Bennie Ruth Smith Bonnie Swem Ruth Althea Taylor Sonia Ellen Wolf Page 116 Qkl NATIONAL HONORARY CIVIL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded: University of Illinois, 1922 Texas Chapter, 1934 FALL ROBERT ALBERT GRAHAM WILLIAM ROSS ANGLIN . ROY DEE STANFORD CARL ESTER ROGERS, JR. . NED HAMILTON BURNS . OFFICERS SPRING President DONALD RITCHIE VAN SICKLE Vice-President CARL ESTER ROGERS, JR. Secretary DONALD PETE McDUFF Treasurer FRANK W. BOMAR Associate Editor . BEN ALAN TERRY FACULTY Leland Barclay William Earl Barker Alexander S. Bennett Frank Grant Bryant James Chinn Raymond Fillmore Dawson Werner W. Dornberger Ben B. Ewing Phil Moss Ferguson John Arnold Focht Earnest F. Gloyna Hudson Matlock Banks McLaurin Walter Leon Moore Carl William Morgan James J. Pollard Ernest William Steel J. Neils Thompson A. Anthony Toprac HONORARY MEMBERS W. O. Washington Ross White MEMBERS William Ross Anglin Charles DeForrest Bigelow Frank W. Bomar Ned Hamilton Burns Jack Lee Cates Seymour J. Chiu Jack Ed Cummings Bill Gorton Eppes Hugh Monroe Farmer Jerry Garrett Robert Albe rt Graham Herman Emil Haenel John Edward Lacy George T. Mayes Donald Pete McDuff Christy Martin Nolen Carl Ester Rogers, Jr. Billy Joe Sellers Roy Dee Stanford George Stein Ben Alan Terry Donald Ritchie Van Sickle Ted Porter Willis SPRING INITIATES John Frederick Buenz Aarne Erich Eeck David M. Herring Joseph Kent Longacre Jarvis Dale Michie Thomas Charles Smothers Robert Thorns Page 117 NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION FRATERNITY Founded: Wilmington, Delaware, 1945 Texas Chapter, 1950 FALL OLIN G. HUMPHRIES, JR THOMAS OLIVER YORK HARRY FREDERICK LEHRER, JR. EUGENE EDWARD KAHANEK . OFFICERS SPRING President LESTER FRED BEVIL Vice-President EARL LEROY ECKHOFF Secretary JERRY DON RACKLEY Treasurer DONALD HOWARD STRATTON FACULTY Hampton Kent Snel! John Lewis Hazard HONORARY MEMBERS Charles Ogle J. C. Carter Lon L. Nusom Bill Andis R. T. DuBose Dwight Chiles Leland O. Smith H. A. Matthews A. E. Barnes Sydney Moore Bauer Lester Fred Bevil William Earl Burrows William Ruble Buse, Jr. Horacio Canales Bark Ho Chu Wilson Thomas Dodge Earl LeRoy Eckhoff Patrick Nicholas Flood MEMBERS Wyman Ray Gilliam Bennett E. Greenfield Joe Lawrence Harville Pat H. Holitzke Olin G. Humphries, Jr. Eugene Edward Kahanek Harry Frederick Lehrer, Jr. Richard Francis Little Leslie Alex McLaren Kennard Dwain Miller Jerry Don Rackley Lyle Warren Smith Max Howard Smith Donald Howard Stratton Robert Kinder Taylor Ardis Blanchard Whittlesey Bobby Dean Wood Thomas Oliver York SPRING MEMBER Lyle W. Smith Page 118 Pi PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FRATERNITY Founded: New York University, 1907 Beta Kappa Chapter, 1930 OFFICERS FALL SPRING GEORGE THOMAS FRAZIER President JAMES LEON BUSSEY EARL LEROY ECKHOFF Senior Vice-President . . . JAMES EUGENE ESTES JAMES RUSSELL TEAGUE Vice-President WILLIAM SCOTT GARRISON, JR. JAMES EUGENE ESTES Treasurer DAVID McALISTER GOODFELLOW ROBERT EDWARD MILSTEAD Secretary EARL LEROY ECKHOFF William Vernie Barnes Ben Thomas Baty Joseph Stuart Brand James Leon Bussey Weldon E. Garden Louis Dugas, Jr. Earl LeRoy Eckhoff James Eugene Estes George Thomas Frazier William Scott Garrison, Jr. MEMBERS William Donald Greene Troy Lee Hand Walter Wade Holly Harold Gene Levell Richard Francis Little Buford D. McKinney Robert Edward Milstead Fred John Ribar Maxel B. Silverberg Calvin J. Smith Eugene Linscomb Smith Milton Lyle Smith Peter Nicholas Stanskosky Jessie William Stuckey E. L. Tankersley James Russell Teague John A. Vance, Jr. Donald Eugene Weber Walter Williams Paul S. Curtis Henry Austin Dickson Robert Eugene Fitzgerald David McAlister Goodfellow James Willis Hull FALL INITIATES Thomas Ruthledge Hunter Harris Benard Labowitz Roddy David McDaniel Billy Loren McPherson M. D. Odom Windle A. Randolph Charles Henry Rupe John A. Smart, Jr. Richard Frank Strickland Clark Beard William Kirklen Brookshire Thomas Dollar-hide Louis Greenberg John Tyus Hopkins SPRING INITIATES William Byron Lott David Parke McGlamery Edward Dixon Quin Jose Luis Ramirez Lloyd Shoppa Don W. Smith John Bailey Tatum Bobby Dean Wood Page 119 PURPOSE: To confer the Honor of Membership upon the Twelve or Less Most Eligible Men Chosen from Each Senior Class or Higher Founded: The University of Texas, 1911 OFFICERS FALL SPRING STERLING WALLACE STEVES Abbot STANLEY DAVID ROSENBERG EDWARD EVERETTE FROST Almoner . EVERETT FOY CLEMENT FACULTY MEMBERS Glen Ellis Brooks, Jr. Charles T. Clark William Cunningham Cover (Ox) Emerson James Pinckney Hart Gus M. Hodges Joe Malik, Jr. Calvin Cleave Nolen Arno Nowotny Edwin W. Olle Allan Shivers A. M. G. Swenson Jack Greer Taylor Claude Voyles MEMBERS Lawrence Lynn Season Allan Becker Everett Fay Clement Ronnie Dugger Edward Everetfe Frost Robert Wayne Kenny Meredith Long Ralph Erb Person Stanley David Rosenberg C. A. Pundell, Jr. Franklin Scott Spears Sterling Wallace Steves Jerry James Wilson John William Anderson SPRING INITIATES James Daniel McKeithan Edmund Notestine Page 120 HONORARY PROFESSIONAL MUSIC FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Founded: Metropolitan College for Music, 1903 Mu Theta Chapter, 1941 FALL CAROLINE DEAN WILLIAMS M. EVELYN DEAN MARY MORGAN SUE ANNE SANBORN CLEMENTINE WHITE LOIS BANKE . OFFICERS President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . . . . Treasurer Faculty Sponsor SPRING H. MARIE GORSUCH LAVINA B. FREELAND MARY KAY HANKS KATHLEEN ARMSTRONG VERBIE BESS OLDHAM LOIS BANKE Jill Baileff Lois Banke FACULTY MEMBERS Esma Beth Clark Helen Haupt Shirley Lewis Kathleen Armstrong M. Evelyn Dean Lavina B. Freeland H. Marie Gorsuch Mary Kay Hanks Jane Louise Hardwick MEMBERS Ruthanne Huser Maxine Lucia Kyle Mary Morgan Verbie Bess Oldham Sue Anne Sanborn Mary B. Spitzer Ann Stickler Betty Jo Taylor Shirley Van Cleave Clementine White Caroline Dean Williams Fontaine Louise Zipf Kathleen Mary Haden SPRING INITIATES Alpha Prince Gloria Geren Steelman Page 121 NATIONAL HONORARY SOCIETY FOR HOME ECONOMICS STUDENTS Founded: Michigan State College Upsilon Chapter, 1924 OFFICERS FALL SPRING CORINNE ELAINE PROBST President CORINNE ELAINE PROBST VIOLA MARIE ARISCO Vice-President VIOLA MARIE ARISCO DOROTHY LOUISE BIELENSKI Secretary MARY ANN McHANEY MARIE WHITLEY BARRETT Treasurer MARIE WHITLEY BARRETT CAROLYN JANE NELSON . . Historian CAROLYN JANE NELSON Dorothy Fehlis Greenwood ADVISORS Janet Connor Fitzgerald Bess Heflin Janet Conner Fitzgerald Dorothy Fehlis Greenwood Bess Heflin FACULTY MEMBERS Lucy Rathbone Joan N. Samson Elizabeth Tarpley Jennie S. Wilmot Margaret Ann Adams Viola Marie Arisco Marie Whitley Barrett Beatrice Stenberg Bellman Dorothy Louise Bielenski Barbara Crockett Lorraine Margaret Gustafson Lady Clyde Hodges MEMBERS Juanice LaNell King Lucy Cheme Leohner Mary Ann McHaney Ann M. McNeill Mae Bess Messer Carolyn Jane Nelson Corinne Elaine Probst Betty Jean Scamardo Marialyce Smith Frances Janet Soules Lena Eugenia Sturges Cathey Sue Trammell Laurel Earline Weddle Charlotte Cora Wolcott Barbara Jean Zeches Janette Elaine Bandy Gwendolyn Viola Brown Elizabeth May Brookshire Joanne Earlene Burkhalter SPRING INITIATES Marilyn Mays Fella Carolyn Ruth Kongabel Martha L. R. Loeffler Felicia Ann Melburn Juanita Elaine Silverstein Ann Lee Suggs Page 122 Plu Beta HONORARY FRATERNITY FOR MEN AND WOMEN IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Founded: William and Mary College, 1776 Alpha Chapter, 1904 FALL ANNIE S. IRVINE MRS. JAMES P. HART HARRY H. RANSOM . OFFICERS SPRING President L. D. HASKEW Vice-President MRS. WILLIAM KAY MILLER Secretary LOIS BAIRD TRICE MEMBERS MAY, 1953, GRADUATES Philip Miller Bell Robert Alan Buckholdt Patricia Louise Burleigh Charles Hardy Gregory Pablo Stein Betty Sue Swann AUGUST, 1953, GRADUATES Carolyn Foreman Barbara Sue Freeman Sharlene Barbara Gerrick Harriet Jane Haynes Johnston Kenneth Kinnamon Louise Hart Lightsey Hayne Waring Reese Melvyn Hirsh Schreiber Louis Shlipak JANUARY, 1954, GRADUATES Sidney Stuart Moran John Glenn Pew Albert Worchel MAY, 1954, CANDIDATES Richard Thatcher Atkin William Gilbreth Barber Bessie Rae Belcher George Elroy Bode James Jean Bradley George Backus Brown Bernard Olter Dow Margaret Mary Fulton Doris Jean Goodale Marilyn Haley Grady Lamar Hallman Milton Dale Lower Robert Irvin Morgan Milam Stephen Burnaby Munson Sherroll Aubrey Neill John William Neuberger Oscar Julius Olson, Jr. Elizabeth Ann Randolph Joseph Addison Staples, III Nalda Van Brunt Carol Jean Wesner JUNIOR MEMBERS IN COURSE Sara Ann Abrego Harrison D. Fendley Thomas Kay Betty Neal Williams Nolley George Prewitt, Jr. Shirley Elise Strum Elissa Joyce Berwald Tarnapol John Worrell Page 123 HONORARY SCHOLASTIC FRATERNITY FOR MEN Founded: University of Illinois, 1923 Texas Chapter, 1931 OFFICERS FALL SPRING WILLIAM WEAKS MORRIS President WILLIAM WEAKS MORRIS DONALD RAY WARREN Vice-President DONALD RAY WARREN ALAN EUGENE FOGELBERG Secretary-Treasurer ALAN EUGENE FOGELBERG JIMMIE VANCE STOVALL Historian JIMMIE VANCE STOVALL ROBERTS FONDA GRIBBLE Junior Advisor ROBERTS FONDA GRIBBLE WILLIAM GILBRETH BARBER Senior Advisor WILLIAM GILBRETH BARBER ARNO NOWOTNY Faculty Sponsor ARNO NOWOTNY MEMBERS-AT-LARGE Roland Edmund Dahlin Joe E. Davis, Jr. Allie Durell Douthit Bascom Barry Hayes HONORARY MEMBERS James Pinckney Hart Arno Nowotny Theophilus Shickel Painter Robert Lee Sutherland Samlr J. Abdennour Karl John Amelang Alan E. Barnes James Richard Clendenen Roland Edmund Dahlin Bascom Barry Hayes Harry Lee Hudspeth Joe Lewis Ireland FALL 1952 INITIATES Russell L. Kelfer Liang Tong Liu Nathan Murillo Husni Yusuf Ramahi Raymond Franklin Rabke, Jr. Robert Eugene Reynolds Robert Lynn Batts Tobin John McLeave Watts Gary Young Allan Britt Adkins Thomas Scott Allen John Eldon Anderson W. David L. Appling James Edwin Barnes Vernon Clark Beaird Eugene Court Bell Richard Frank Bergner Arval Wendell Bohn Olin Ray Cable, Jr. Wesley Monroe Callaway, Jr. John Walter Clark Vincent L. Crixell Robert Dale Cummings Jimmie Joe Davis Joe Elliott Davis, Jr. Robert Lee Davison Richard Allen Doores Allie Durell Douthit Robert Leland Dow Eldon Royce Dyer Irvin A. Ebaugh, Jr. Charles W. Ellis Alan Eugene Fogelberg Larry Irving Fradkin William Royal Gibbs Frank William Gonzalez Ronald David Greenberg Seinwil! Louis Greenberg SPRING 1953 INITIATES Harry Richard Havens Benny Harry Hughes Darrell Charles Jewett Nicholas Johnson Eric Lynn Jones James J. Kent Robert Howard Kinsey Bob Patrick Knight Morris Salem Knox Donald Edward Krause Donald Eugene Lewis Harry Jones Logan J. Bernard Lovejoy Herbert M. Loyd Charles David McGinnis Humboldt Casad Mandell, Jr. Paul Edward Martin Kacey Raeburn Miller Melvin L. Miller Robert J. Montgomery Clifford Eugene Morgan William Weaks Morris Clovis Clyde Morrisson, Jr. Roy William Mouer Willard Eugene Myers Clay Kemper Perkins Robert Erich Pollak Thomas Edward Rankin Jerry Romotsky Eugene Benjamin Russell David Sutton Shelmire Fred Flinn Simmons Jerry Neil Smith Jimmie Vance Stovall James Ernest Suehs Edward Cartwright Tarte Newton Edward Ward, Jr. Donald Ray Warren William Harold Whited Sammy Love Wilson Jerry Riley Wiseman Joseph Wilbur Wolfe Benjamin Kistner Alexander Ronald Alex Amuny Larry Wayne Anderson John Alan Bailey Edward Franklin Baldwin Charles Larry Bell Donald Gene Chatham Eddie Wade Chew William Totten Cortelyou Olivero R. Everett Lawrence M. Godfrey Al Joseph Grassl, Jr. FALL 1953 INITIATES Keith Russell Grimes Mahmoud A. Homed James P. Hart, Jr. Harry Lee Henneke Richard R. Jackson Billy Wayne Karels Robert Quentin Keith Robert Marshall McClure Jay Harry Perry Paul E. Pontius Curlee Hanz Queen Howard Eugene Rast Kenneth Holt Riley Fat ' hi Mohammad Said Horace Franklin Smith, Jr. Charles Benjamin Swanner Jerry Waisman Harry Frank Williams Donald Ray Abel William James Aldrich Travis A. Allison William M. Anderson, III Kirby Attwell C. Alfred Bailey, Jr. Yasin Balbaky Theodor Ernest Becker Robert K. Berg John Franklin Berglund Clem Kirby Best, Jr. Joseph E. Bludworth Edwards B. Bratton Lorence Bravenec Robert Frederick Burkart S. Pierce Burns Walter BuMon Joe Speed Carroll Leo Chamberlin James Christopher James W. Clark Joseph C. Clark William P. Clark, Jr. James R. Claybrook Juan Coloma John R. Coltharp Walter L. Colwell David Brown Crawford Everett E. Culver James Earl Cunningham Donald F. Davis Malcolm B. Davis Donald A. Dechman Marshall K. Dougherty Douglas W. Duderstadt Marvin Ray Dunaway Allen Fred Ernst Hague D. Foster Joaquin Fox Walter L. Foxworth George Everest Friend A. Dan Gleckler Moulton A. Goodrum, Jr. George F. Gray, Jr. SPRING 1954 INITIATES Charles R. Gregg David Grissom Marcus A. Grumbles, Jr. Robert E. Gustwick Robert Woolen Harris Gerald Lee Hart Edward Hauser Lyndon Paul Holcomb Robert Herd Hook Thomas Edward Horton Louis B. Houston Gerald W. Hudson Jimmie Dean Hughes Henry Donnan Jacoby Speight Jenkins, Jr. Sadi Kamleh Ramses Kawas Marvin E. Kuehner Thomas K. Ledbetter Albert Leong Gordon A. Lowther Robert F. McCollum, III Clifford F. McMaster Charles Mackenzie Donald Malouf Russell L. Martin John Leslie Mitton John Albert Mooney Ross Edward Morrow Cecil A. Nix, Jr. Robert E. Norwood Frank O. Osmon, Jr. Bernard Palmer Richard A. Palmer L. Gordon Robertson William E. Robitsek Robert Carter Rochelle Carlos Rota Mahammed Salhab C. Richard Sanders James J. Scarbrough C. Allen Schultz Benjamin Schwartz William M. Sherrill John T. Sherwood William Robert Smith Webb McAnn Sowden, Jr. lancu Solomovici Donald Ray Stephen John Chesley Taylor James Clark Terrell Joseph Scott Thornton Thomas N. Thurlow Dwight Tinkler Kenneth Tyson John E. Weiler, Jr. William W. West, Jr. Michael Wigodsky Michael Wiley John Wilkerson Meyer Witt John D. Wright William E. Zrubek Eli Zonana Page 124 Phi, HONORARY MUSIC FRATERNITY Founded: New England Conservatory, 1898 The University of Texas Chapter, 1942 OFFICERS FALL SPRING WESLEY CLARK FLINN President GERRE EDWARD HANCOCK CHARLES WEAVER REYNOLDS Vice-President W. DONNIE HOOD JACK WILSON ORMAND Secretary JERRY NEIL SMITH GERRE EDWARD HANCOCK Treasurer FREDRICK THEODORE VIEHWEG CHARLES THOMAS EAGLE . Warden ROBERT LESTER HUBBARD FACULTY Benjamin M. Bakkegard Chase M. Baromeo Joseph Blankenship J. Frank Elsass Edward Theodore Fiorelli Dalies Ehrhardt Frantz Archie N. Jones Floyd Clifford Townsley 1 Thomas Wynn Anderson Wendell Butler Daniel William Howard Deihl Charles Thomas Eagle Wesley Clark Flinn Manuel Garza, Jr. Ben Isaias Gomez, Jr. MEMBERS Robert George Haltiner Gerre Edward Hancock W. Donnie Hood Roy LaVerne Higgins Robert Lester Hubbard Jack Wilson Ormand Harold John Rademacher Charles Weaver Reynolds Sidney Buell Sims Jerry Neil Smith Jimmy Don Tryer Fredrick Theodore Viehweg James Edward Forbus Willis Bodine SPRING PLEDGES Neal Ward Ferris Chester Howell McDaniel Phillip Alexander Meerscheidt Page 125 Pi Jiamkda HONORARY EDUCATION FRATERNITY Founded: University of Missouri, 1912 Psi Chapter, 1926 OFFICERS FALL SPRING NANCY JEAN HOLLOWELL President ERNESTELLE KAY TUTT ERNESTELLE KAY TUTT Vice-President ERNESTELLE KAY TUTT DOROTHY JANE DURRENBERGER . . . Recording Secretary DOROTHY JANE DURRENBERGER SHIRLEY MARGARET LONG Corresponding Secretary . . DOROTHY JANE DURRENBERGER BETTYE DESHONG MEADOR Treasurer HELEN LOUISE THOMASON WINNIE WILKINS Keeper of Records WINNIE WILKINS THELMA ANDERSON BOLLMAN .... Sponsor THELMA ANDERSON BOLLMAN MEMBERS Marie Whitley Barrett Laura Holloway Becker Martha Frances Behrens Betty Ruth Bird Thelma Anderson Bollman Helen Boysen Wanda Smith Bradley Lurline Brady Mary Rose Brady Barbara Jean Brown Bessie L. Brown Mary Evelyn Buice Sharon Swales Bullock Angela Caldwell Golda Elizabeth Caldwell Lois Ann Campbell Theresa Carrell Margaret E. Chapman Ivella James Christian Letha A. Conradt Katherine Cook Geneva Corder Margaret Ann Crosby Jessamon Dawe Ruth Day Irene Dixon Caroline Dowell Dorothy Jane Durrenberger Nelia Fox Alma Freeland Joanna Gentry Elizabeth Merchant Glass Kathleen Glaze Margaret Johanna Gregory Jessie Haag Elsie W. Haas Nivea Hernandez LaVona Hightower Nancy Jean Hollowell Catherine Ann Hudson Mary Martha Hunter Nancy Maxine Jenkins Vivian Elizabeth Jircik Martha Pearce Liepziger Shirley Margaret Long Carmen Lowry Ruth McAlister Margaret Ann McNeil Ann M. McNeill Clare Gompertz Maisel Nelle Olive Mang Cora M. Martin Bettye DeShong Meador Joan Rugeley Moore Sallie Beth Moore Roberta Morris Johne Elliott Murphy Carolyn Jane Nelson Carole Newberry Mary Jo Riley Shirley Roberts Mildred Ann Robins Virginia Rogers D. Eleanor Sanders Sylvia Sikes Frances Janet Soules Jo Ann Hyltin Spears Olive Jane Strange Sister M. Tariea Helen Louise Thomason Ernestelle Kay Tutt Sophie P. Tyler Cornelia Ruth Upshaw Josefina Romeroso Mrs. O. W. Walden Zella Bratton Walton Mrs. Merle T. Ward Rosemary Hammer Ward Carol Jean Wesner Sally B. Wheeler Winnie Wilkins Betty Kathryn Wood Margaret Ann Adams Betsy Catherine Barron Marjory Jenetta Barton Sarah Ann Bivins Jean Pool Bock Fay Beth Bridges Barbara Crockett Edith Joyce Folk Doris Jean Gloff Marilyn Butler Graham SPRING INITIATES Lorraine Margaret Gustafson Helen Hartle Dorothy June Haws Macie Anne Hulse Eleanore Jane Kneip Elizabeth Anne Lee Hester Elizabeth Lockett Jo Ann Lundgren Ardita Berry Morgan Dorothy Laverne Mozingo Georgia Neil Nutt Helen Peppard Marian Jo Prino Edna Joyce Reiley Mary Lucy Robson Carolyn Sensing Ida Lanette Sherman Margaret Sue Trigg Charlotte Cora Wolcott P age 126 NATIONAL HONORARY POLITICAL SCIENCE FRATERNITY Founded: The University of Texas, 1920 FALL JAMES A. HANKERSON OLIVER MORRIS REFSELL JANE YORK JAMES R. ROACH . OFFICERS SPRING President JAMES A. HANKERSON Vice-President OLIVER MORRIS REFSELL Secretary-Treasurer LORETJA LOWRY Sponsor JAMES R. ROACH FACULTY MEMBERS J. Alton Burdine Howard A. Calkins William S. Lingston Stuart A. MacCorkle H. Malcolm MacDonald J. Loyd Mecham Joe W. Neal C. Perry Patterson Emmette S. Redford Eduard Taborsky Wilfred D. Webb O. Douglas Weeks Pablo M. Ynsfran MEMBERS Winston Lamar Adkins Berndt Gerard Angman Athena M. Baghdassarian Garland Erastus Bayliss Lyle Clarence Brown Wesley S. Chunlea Jamie Hagger Clements Timothy Buckley Cobb Edmund Lewis Cogburn Irving Owen Dawson Caroline Dowell Ronnie E. Dugger Robert Fairey Patrick Allen Flynn Etha R. Forman Pat Henry Gardner Reverdy T. Gliddon Thomas Vernon Greer William Griffin Thomas Handy James A. Hankerson Grace Ann Hardin Vernon B. Hill Patricia Hinds Jackson Chandler Hubbard Ruth Irene Jones Robert Nathan Katz Robert W. Kenny Frank Lewis Meredith J. D. Long Milton Dale Lower Loretta Lowry Anthony Macaluso Leonard Masters James Daniel McKeithan Allen David Miller Joe Walter Nolley Oscar J. Olson, Jr. William Wagner Raup James LeGrande Read Oliver Morris Refshell James R. Roach Daljeet Singh Robert Lynn Stogner James M. Strock Charles Warren Van Cleave L. Jean Wesley Dorman Hayward Winfrey Jane York SPRING INITIATES Curtis R. Hatter Harry P. Hewell Charles Gohment Hoff, Jr. Margaret Safford Howell David Raymond Matthis Warner E. Mills, Jr. Mary Alice Morgan Beryl Erwin Pettus Bob Eric Shannon Andrea Szechenyi Eloise Lorraine Teas Sally Elizabeth Tucker Barbara Ann Welhausen Page 127 Pi au, HONORARY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded: University of Illinois, 1915 Texas Kappa, 1931 OFFICERS FALL SPRING JAMES LAIRD WARNER President DONALD J. DOUGLASS DONALD J. DOUGLASS Vice-President LLOYD C. TRIMBLE KENNETH LEE KOTZEBUE Treasurer KENNETH LEE KOTZEBUE JAMES HOWARD HENSON Corresponding Secretary RUDY R. MUELLER DONALD L. SCHMIDT Recording Secretary ROBERT FRED BAILEY Billy Howard Amstead Millard Vernon Barton Rinaldo A. Bacon Myron Louis Begeman Leonard R. Benson Howard Earl Brown William Junius Carter Joseph Winthrop Dalley FACULTY MEMBERS Venton Levy Doughtie Carl John Eckhardt Wellborn Royston Hudson Harry Llewellyn Kent Leonardt Ferdinand Kreisle Albert C. Kyser Wayne Eggleston Long Henry Grady Rylander Byron Elliot Short William Holland Shutts Robert Dean Slonneger Horace Eugene Staph Milton John Thompson Burnett Forest Treat John Reid Watt Willis Raymond Woolrich Donald J. Douglass James Howard Henson Kenneth Lee Kotzebue MEMBERS James B. Kyser Donald L. Schmidt James Laird Warner Edwin Charles Young Shmuel Adler Robert Fred Bailey Menashe Bromberg John Martin Cole M. R. Frank, III FALL INITIATES Pat G. Hedgcoxe Vernon A. Lee Rudy R. Mueller Galen W. Pape, Jr. James Earle Shamblin George N. Shannon John B. Sisk Lloyd C. Trimble Patrick O ' Conner Braden Robert Samuel Cobb, SPRING INITIATES John H. McGraw John Edward Musch Milton F. Walther Page 128 WlQ- NATIONAL HONORARY PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY Founded: University of Michigan, 1922 Texas Nu Chapter, 1929 OFFICERS FALL SPRING JAMES RICHARD KIDWELL President JAMES RICHARD KIDWELL CHARLES EDWARD TAYLOR Vice-President CHARLES EDWARD TAYLOR TONY EVERETT JONES Secretary-Treasurer TONY EVERETT JONES CARL CLARENCE ALBERS . . Historian CARL CLARENCE ALBERS Carl Clarence Albers Henry Matthew Burlage Robert F. Doerge James Fields William Francis Gidley Vernon Albert Green FACULTY MEMBERS Wallace Louis Green Ester Jane Wood Hall Tony Everett Jones William Reese Lloyd Frederick Valentine Lofgren Joe R. Moreno William Rust Neville William Johnson Sheffield Leon O. Wilken Charles Owens Wilson Walter Dickson Adams ALUMNI MEMBERS Eugene M. Caskey Thomas Hale Glover William Thomas Hutchison, Jr. James Richard Kidwell Hazel O. Maultsby MEMBERS Howell S. McCreary William Kent Murphy Arnold Nitishin Robert Clayton Page Charles Edward Taylor Thomas Anthony Thompson Murph N. Thorp, Jr. Sylvia Anne Louise Trundle Dale Baird Brannom Jaime Nabor Delgado Frederico G. Garcia FALL INITIATES Gunner Gjerstad Armando G. Guerrero James Hodge Pace Joe Samara Heny Merle Wilson Benjamin, Jr. Vincent Bernard Christ Olivero R. Everett Jerry Dean Harrison SPRING INITIATES Morris Reagan Hill Horn! Hirvibhoy Kavarana Inge Joan Lubasch William Bernard Stavinoha Willard R. Swaney, Jr. Joe Paul Tupin Page 129 and Blade NATIONAL HONORARY MILITARY SOCIETY Founded: University of Wisconsin, 1904 Texas Chapter, 1949 G Company, 8th Regiment OFFICERS FALL SPRING JULIAN VICTOR HORWITZ Captain CLAY W. G. FULCHER CLAY W. G. FULCHER First Lieutenant JACK M. MANN KENNETH PRESSLY FINCH Second Lieutenant KENNETH PRESSLY FINCH JOSEPH WRIGHT SENTELL First Sergeant . JAMES MILTON DAY Lawrence Lindell Season Charles Wesley Beck, II Roger Lewis Berry William Taylor Biskamp George Elroy Bode Gerald Allan Briscoe Anthony Gerald Brocato John Robert Brodnax, Jr. Alan Ronald Carmichael Allen Donald Chandler, Jr. James Milton Day Travis Ray Dickinson Donald James Douglass FACULTY MEMBERS Major James Hart Pope, USMC Captain Lewis Edner, USA MEMBERS Charles Edwin Dunn Oren H. Ellis, Jr. Kenneth Pressly Finch Clay W. G. Fulcher Marion Sherman Griffith, Jr. Herman E. Haenel Thad Harold Hardin Lorimer Kenneth Hill Julian Victor Horwitz Jesse Don Lyles Jack M. Mann Jack Dennis McCullough Max Darrell Murray Edward C. Nott Kenneth Gene Patton Benjamin F. Rhodes Richard Spotswood Robertson C. A. Rundell, Jr. Joseph Wright Sentell Robert Edward Smith Charles Edward Taylor Harris Jacob Weingarten Arthur A. Wisakowsky Thomas Oliver York James Marshall Adkins Sheldon Anisman David Blake Barnhill William Delf Bryce James M. Burleson, Jr. James Dawson Carlton Philip Morgan Clayton William A. Cline SPRING INITIATES Marcellus Theriot Coltharp Robert P. Cralle Frank Dewayne Finchum George Kirby Haley Vernon B. Hill, Jr. Cliffton Lee Hodges John W. Johnson Preston Conrad Kronkosky Charles Calvin Kubin Gene L. Naegelin Jerry Ray Sandefur Robert Louis Schlumpf Morgan Enlow Shipman Charles Craig Woodson James Richard Wright Page 130 HONORARY MUSIC ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN Founded: University of Michigan School of Music, 1903 The University of Texas, 1951 OFFICERS FALL SPRING CATHERINE C. JONES President CATHERINE C. JONES LOLA KAY PALMER Vice-President MERRY DAVELLYN BODIE CATHERINE ANN LOGAN Treasurer MARTHA POWELL LUCY LEE SPEAKER Recording Secretary JORITA BRASFIELD MERRY DAVELLYN BODIE Corresponding Secretary PEGGY JEAN PASSWATERS DIXIE CUNDIFF Chaplain LOLA KAY PALMER PARA LEE CAIN . . Editor . . DOROTHY ANN LEISER Charlotte Estelle DuBois Verna M. Harder Josephine Antoine FACULTY Anna Magaret Jackson Janet Mary McGaughey Marian Ruth Yeager Martha Martin. Deatherage Elizabeth Louise Barr Merry Davellyn Bodie Para Lee Cain Dixie Cundiff Marilyn Lee Guerguin Dorothy June Haws MEMBERS Catherine C. Jones Harriet G. Lawyer Dorothy Ann Leiser Catherine Ann Logan Carolyn Lois Morris Lola Kay Palmer Peggy Jean Passwaters Lucy Lee Speaker Almarie Trantham Shirley Jane Wood Jorita Brasfield M. Carolyn Carter Anita Lynn Green FALL PLEDGES Martha Powell Armour Upchurch Clara Ruth Hooten Joann Khyle SPRING PLEDGES Carolyn Rose Monroe Mary Myss Page 131 Chi NATIONAL HONORARY JOURNALISM FRATERNITY Founded: Depaw University, 1909 Texas Chapter, 1913 OFFICERS FALL SPRING ROBERT RAMEY HILBURN President ROBERT RAMEY HILBURN ROBERT WAYNE KENNY Vice-President ROBERT WAYNE KENNY NORRIS DEAN LOEFFLER Secretary NORRIS DEAN LOEFFLER JAMES LESLIE EAGER Treasurer DON THOMAS NELSON JOHN WEBB HOWELL Reporter JOHN WEBB HOWELL FACULTY Hulort Witherspoon Black Norris G. Davis Joe B. Frantz Laurence Defee Haskew Olin Ethmer Hinkle William Edward Keys Harrell Estes Lee Frank Morris Midkiff Harry Estill Moore Calvin A. Newton Dewitt Carter Reddick Alon Scott Ernest Alonzo Sharpe Paul Jennings Thompson Frank Wardlaw MEMBERS Richard Earl Busby III Richard Earl Curry James Leslie Eager Murray Lawrence Forsvall Thorn Carlton Hansard Robert Ramey Hilburn John Webb Howell Robert Claude Jones Robert Wayne Kenny Norris Dean Loeffler Thomas Newton McDonald William Irvin McReynolds James Grady Price Joseph Linsey Sanders Jack Orville Walker James Alan Wilson FALL PLEDGES Samuel Rufus Blair Jimmy Ray Clark James Burton Davis James Howard Keahey Don Thomas Nelson Luke Leon Patranella Joseph Lawrence Schott Thomas Van Thompson Edgar Charles Watkins Richard Abe Williams James Richard Wright Page 132 amma NATIONAL HONORARY EARTH SCIENCE FRATERNITY Founded: University of Kansas, 1915 Zeta Chapter, 1920 OFFICERS FALL SPRING ALLEN CLEMENT LOCKLIN President JAMES NORTON RUSSELL ALLEN CLEMENT LOCKLIN Vice-President THOMAS CARBY WOODWARD CHARLES BRADY MORRIS Secretary-Treasurer WADE CLARK RIDLEY SIDNEY STUART MORAN Corresponding Secretary . . . GEORGE E. NOWOTNY, JR. STEPHEN E. CLABAUGH Faculty Sponsor STEPHEN E. CLABAUGH MEMBERS Dick Eric Atchison Thomas A. Bay, Jr. William Taylor Biskamp Wallace Edward Brunson John William Dietrich Judge Dinsmore Finley George Toney Karpos Allen Clement Locklin Sidney Stuart Moran Charles Brady Morris George E. Nowotny, Jr. James Eugene Peterson James Stuart Pittman, Jr. Wade Clark Ridley Wilfred Francois Roux, Jr. James Norton Russell Robert Lee Schmidt Bill P. Skinner Don Earl Wade Joe Orby Wheeler Wilbur Dean Wilson Thomas Carby Woodward John Buel Wright Page 133 n NATIONAL HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT FRATERNITY Founded: University of Illinois, 1927 Gamma Chapter, 1928 OFFICERS FALL SPRING BURNARD H. SORD President PRESTON J. TILLERY WILLIAM GERALD SULLIVAN Vice-President MITCHELL LUTHER SANDEL NOVA M. CULVER Secretary REBA KATHLEEN NEEL MARTHA ANN FONTAINE Treasurer ROSALIE AMELIA KLEIN GEORGE EDWARD KISER Faculty Advisor BURNARD H. SORD James Anderson Fitzgerald Joseph Kenneth Bailey Sam Jesse Brown Nelia Fox Claude S. George Marvin Eugene Gholson George Edward Kiser John William Anderson Leland J. Allen William Paul Carl Larry Lee Crum Nova M. Culver Martha Ann Fontaine James R. Hamm Harry Stewart Hay Ross Kennedy Henderson Ludy C. Hofmeister William Franklin Kemp Rosalie Amelia Klein Julia Beth Allison Frederick W. Catterall, Albert H. Cox, Jr. J. D. Dunn Robert H. Erwin HONORARY MEMBERS Clements McMullen FACULTY MEMBERS Elizabeth Lanham Raymond Vincent Lesikar Edward Shird Lynn Edwin Wilson Mumma Kenneth W. Olm MEMBERS Charles Krovetz Warren J. Lane Eugene W. Lambert, Jr. Edward Keith Lukin Hugh P. Mabe, Jr. William Floyd Martin Everett Smith McCrum Floyd B. McFarland Buford de Moville McKinney Sterling Robertson McLean Willard Eugene Myers Reba Kathleen Neel SPRING INITIATES David Lee Forbes Richard Curry Giles Joe Gregorcyk Edmund Clayton Lynch Page 134 William R. Spriegel Harold Edward Paddock Bevie T. Sanders Burnard H. Sord Wilfred Harvey Watson Glenn A. Welsch John Oglesbee Margaret Texana Petty Shirley Ann Pruett Donn Thomas Rice Mitchell Luther Sandel Clyde B. Shaw David Harold Shelton Jacob Thomas Stewart Richard Frank Strickland William Gerald Sullivan Preston J. Tillery Carolyn Lee Tobin Robert C. Ray William Rowland Reed Katherine Ann Richards Ruth Lucile Sims Qeta Pi FALL FELIX WEST FENTER LOREN HUDSON VAUGHN HONORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded: Lehigh University, 1885 Texas Alpha Chapter, 1916 OFFICERS SPRING President FELIX WEST FENTER Vice-President LOREN HUDSON VAUGHN BILL SELLARS Recording Secretary BILL SELLARS KENNETH LEE KOTZEBUE Corresponding Secretary . . . KENNETH LEE KOTZEBUE EDWIN HART BLOCK . . Treasurer EDWIN HART BLOCK Leland Barclay Myron Louis Begeman Frederick Emerson Brooks Edith Clarke Clark M. Cleveland Cullen Malone Grain William A. Cunningham Venton Levy Doughtie Carl John Eckhardt Phil Moss Ferguson John Arnold Focht FACULTY Burns Newman Gafford Collier Read Cranberry William Herman Hartwig Kenneth A. Kobe Jack Lenhart James Dorr McFarland Hudson Matlock Harry H. Power Charles Elmer Rowe Henry Grady Rylander Eugene Paul Schoch Byron Elliott Short Harold Wood Smith Robert LeGrande Stone Archie Waugh Straiten J. Neils Thompson Milton John Thompson Robert W. Warner E. Joseph Weiss Willis Raymond Woolrich Ross Anglin Charles DeForrest Bigelow Claude David Birkhead Edwin Hart Block Wilfred James Braulick Ned Hamilton Burns Jack Lee Cates James M. Cooksey Neil Darrel Cox John Cameron Donley Donald J. Douglass Felix West Fenter Donovan George Fischer M. R. Frank William David George Robert Albert Graham MEMBERS Herman E. Haenel Charles Maness Halsell Jimmy Howard Henson James Noble Howell Arthur Wayman Ivy Kenneth Lee Kotzebue Albert C. Kyser James B. Kyser Vernon A. Lee Benjamin Joseph Leon Bill Mosse Linden Philip S. Lowell Donald Pete McDuff Steve Matusevitch George L. Mayes Forrest Richard Mitchell Rex Montgomery Christy Martin Nolen, Jr. Galen W. Pape Anthony L. Pozzi Robert Lee Schmidt James Earle Shamblin George L. Shannon Henry Clay Sherrod Bill Sellers Chaunce Olcott Thompson Donald Ritchie Van Sikle Loren Hudson Vaughn James Laird Warner Bill Weigler Shmuel Adler Robert Fred Bailey, Jr. Robert Samuel Cobb, II Jack Ed Cummings Peter Martin Dyke Aarne Erich Eeck Benny Frank Johnson SPRING INITIATES Donald Holm Kobe Kung-Hsing Lee Joseph Kent Longacre John Edward Musch Carl Ester Rogers, Jr. Ronald Reginald Roselius C. A. Rundell, Jr. John B. Sisk Grover Erastus Smith Ben Alan Terry William Alden Weeks Everett Howard Wilson Page 135 Phi HONORARY PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISM FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Founded: University of Washington, 1909 Xi Chapter, 1919 OFFICERS FALL SPRING F. DARLENE PROUSE President F. DARLENE PROUSE JO ANN DICKERSON Vice-President JO ANN DICKERSON MARY GWYN McCULLOUGH Secretary MARY GWYN McCULLOUGH MILLICENT SEAY HUFF . . Treasurer MILLICENT SEAY HUFF BETTY ANN McBRAYER Archivist BETTY ANN McBRAYER NORRIS G. DAVIS Sponsor NORRIS G. DAVIS Marye Durrum Benjamin Jessamon Dawe Mary Margaret Frazier Nancy Torrance Jones FACULTY Frankie Welborn Lindsey Amy Jo Long Carolyn Jane Malone Jo Caldwell Meyer Leigh Peck Afton Taylor Wynn HONORARY MEMBER Marguerite Harrison Ellen Brubaker Helen Ruth Cox Jo Ann Dickerson Millicent Seay Huff Joyce Merrill Jackson MEMBERS Douglas Ann Johnson Jerene Jones Betty Ann McBrayer Gwyn Mary McCullough Joan K. Mclntyre Elsie Wheeler McTee F. Darlene Prouse Otis Rae Schmidt Betty Jo Taylor Carolyn June Culbert Patricia Dilworth Phyllis Ann Green Sandra Bernice Mitchell FALL 1953 INITIATES Ruth Pendergrass Bettye Rowland Doris Janet Rodgers Rose Marie Helen Schafer Mary Sue Seitz Shirley Elise Strum Lois Rachael Wills Patsy Lou Cranston SPRING 1954 INITIATES Bobby Baim Page 136 Sweetheart Bluebonnet Belles Outstanding Students Goodfellows I O ' . ' , SWEETHEART OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS Page 139 Sweetheart flancigail Jordan fllison (Mlhone Page 140 Stagl Hell) Ulary Jo Savage Page 141 Ann Logan Elise Lightfoot Wanda Harris Lynn Lovinggood Elaine Reeves Maxine Zimmerman Anne Kerbey Williams Lois Wynne Nancy Skiles Betty Lou Woods Sandra Mayfield Charlotte Booth Lorraine West Marilyn Steele Patsy Stone Ann Chipman Martine Floyd Marilyn Bronson Jane Maxwell Jane Inglish Page 142 Noel Jean Adkins Etheldra Adams Sharon Alexander Carol Arnold Katherlne B. Barlow Betty Barwise Peggy Beall Marietta Beard Barbara Berry Betty Blake Barbara Booz Janice Bourdon Sally Bradford Kendall Bradshaw Marilyn Bronson Dorothy Ann Burgess Kellene Cain Para Lee Cain Carolyn Carter Kay Cathey Joan Chaudoin Mary Frances Chupick Nancy Cooper Adele Crawford Kathryn Davis Suzette C. D ' Ayson Frances S. Daniel Dorothy I. Deaver Louise Diamond Dorothy J. Durrenberget Billie B. Eason Doris E. Eddins Jean M. Edge Annette Einborn Liana Lee Epstein Christine Fadal Martine Floyd Barbara Gaston Yvonne Green Patricia Ann Guinn Gayle Harlan Joanne Harrell Margaret J. Hayes Claire Hiett Pat Hinds Jean Jackson Douglas Ann Johnson Patti Jones Kathryn L. Kennard Lucia Kyle Shirley Ann Lang Betty lee Diane Lehman Magdalena Leyendecker Elise Lightfoot Nancy Massey Jane Maxwell Jody Mays Carolyn McConnell Mary G. McCullough Alison Lee McElhone Carol " Teddy " McGee Mary Ann McHaney Sheryl McKelvey Terry McNally Felicia Melburn Norma Lee Mills Nancy Moody Edith More Shirley Morrison Joan Mueller Sally Nichols Schatzie Nixon Martha Ann Patton Elaine Reeves Betty C. Rhodes Nancy Ann Ritter Lorene Robertson Peggy Ann Rowland Joyce E. Rydberg Stella T. Sandlin Mary Jo Savage Nancy Scaief Annette Schaefer Anja Selenius Joanne Starkey Elizabeth M. Strauss Nancy Summers Dorothy Thompson Kay Tutt Nalda Van Brunt Dinah Lee Van Sandt Lorraine E. West Earlene Whitt Anne Williams Jane Ruth Winkler Diana Wood Maxine Zimmerman BLUEBONNET BELLE FINALISTS Page 143 t m BLUEBONNET BELLE Page 145 BLUEBONNET BELLE Page 146 5 ' BLUEBONNET BELLE Page 148 t I B SWievt BLUEBONNET BELLE Page 150 ft , r ,,JN ' 1 r-W kH , , tvJl RIIIFR BLUEBONNET BELLE Page 153 Illaxine Zimmerman fclu kosutet Carolyn (Monnell Dorothy Burgess Suzette D ' flyson Ulary Jo Savage Page 154 I BelU Louise Diamond Jean Jackson Betty Lee Bernadine Scfiatzie flixon Barbara Gaston Page 155 FRONT ROW: Sheryl McKelvy, Gayle Harlan, Barbara Gaston, Kay Kennard. SECOND ROW: Elise Lightfoot, Betty Barwise, Sharon Alexander. THIRD ROW: Earlene Whitt, Anne Williams, Alison McElhone. VARSITY CARNIVAL QUEEN AQUA-CARNIVAL QUEEN 1953 SWEETHEART AND TEXAS RELAY QUEEN SHIRLEY STRUM Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; Captain, Texas Stars; Orange Jack- ets; Daily Texan; Forum Speakers; Sidney Lanier; United Religious Council; Bluestockings; Vice-President, SRD; International Council. BERT COX Chairman, Rally Committee; Student Assembly; Cowboys; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma lota Epsilon; Beta Theta Pi; Vice-President, UTSAM; Beta Gam- ma Sigma; Co-Op Board of Directors. fr . ors , x arr Gort 05 ea fe3fi o o-, - - (Xe vorV ar - Page 158 DOROTHY DURRENBERGER President, Mortar Board; Orange Jackets; Delta Zeta; Pi Lambda Theta; Scholastic Integrity Com- mittee; Representative to the Board of Regents; Women Voters; Christian Faith and Life Com- munity; President Wilson ' s Cabinet; President, Senior Class. BOB KENNY Editor, Daily Texan; Vice-President, Sigma Delta Chi; Vice-President, Southwest Journalism Con- gress; Silver Spurs; Friars; Pi Sigma Alpha. CAROL WESNER President, Cap and Gown; Vice-President, Mortar Board; Orange Jackets; Bluestockings; Pi Lamb- da Theta; Reagan Literary Society; Co-Ed Assem- bly; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zeta Tau Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; Steer Here; Campus League of Women Voters; Chairman, Senior Cabinet. Cop President, Orange Jackets, REW; " Y " ; Election Commission; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Scholastic Integrity Committee; Co-Chairman, Campus Chest; Christian Faith and Life Community; Cen- tral Round-Up Committee; Canterbury Club. Page 161 fe ALLEN J. BECKER Interfraternity Council; Greek Week; Varsity Car- nival, Friars, Cowboys; Distinguished AFROTC Student; Phi Sigma Delta; Chairman, Dad ' s Day. BILL MARSCHALL Chief Justice; Student Court; Cowboys; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Tau Omega; Disciplinary Committee; Texas Law Re- view. on The Outstanding Students were chosen from a list of campus-wide nominees by a committee composed of Dean of Men Jack Holland, Dean of Women Dorothy Gebauer, Assistant Dean of Student Life William Blunk, Franklin Spears, president of the student body. Bob Kenny, editor of the Daily Texan, and Jim Gilbert and Richard Curry, Cactus editors. The Goodfellows were selected by the editors of the Cactus on recommenda- tions of the committee. Every effort was made to have a complete coverage of the various spheres of University activity. This group of Good- fellows is by no means complete. There are actually, roughly speaking, about 14,000 goodfellows on the University of Texas campus we hope that these few pages are truly representative of the men and women of the University. SUE TRIGG CHUCK CABINISS OLIVER HAILEY QoodUUtuai s . f QooMelltuai JO ANN DICKERSON Qooti eUcuvd, ry Army R.O.T.C. Navy R.O.T.C. Air Force R.O.T.C. o o R.O.7.G. The Department of Military Science and Tactics was estab- lished in July of 1947. Since 1947, the Department has grown from 126 cadets to a strength of 701 cadets. Under the guidance of Colonel Hugh D. McGaw, Professor of Military Science and Tactics, the ROTC program offers the opportunity for the develop- ment of leadership necessary in civilian life. The Department consists of four technical service units Corps of Engineers, Quartermaster Corps, Transportation Corps, and the Military Police Corps. Graduates from the Department are now serving their country in every theater that finds the troops of the United States. COLONEL HUGH D. McGAW Professor of Military Science and Tactics STAFF FRONT ROW: Col. Hugh D. McGaw, Lt. Col. Vernon Ham- monds, Lt. Col. Walter F. Diesem, Lt. Col. Ben jamin B. Maxwell. SECOND ROW: Major James E. Neely, Major Thomas A. Livingston, Captain James A. Hawthorne, Captain Lewis Edner. FRONT ROW: Master Sgt. Herman E. Shugart, Sgt. First Class Robert Tanner, Sgt. First Class Eugene Gill. SECOND ROW: Master Sgt. Edward Risk, Master Sgt. Har- low D. Hibner, Master Sgt. Marvin G. Seitz. THIRD ROW: Master Sgt. Clifton Stadler, Sgt. First Class Joe W. Smith, Master Sgt. Robert L. Barnes, Sgt. First Class Earl T. Rader. Page 169 ?. 0. 7. G. CADET COLONEL TRAVIS RAY DICKINSON Commander of the Cadet Corps SHERYL McKELVY Regimental Sponsor REGIMENTAL STAFF FRONT ROW: Cadet Colonel Travis Dickinson. SECOND ROW: Cadet Major Alan R. Carmichael, Cadet Major Joe W. Sentell, Cadet Major Jack M. Mann, Cadet Major Ludy C. Hofmeister, Cadet Major David A. Newman. Page 170 FIRST BATTALION STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Cadet Major Ronald Dick, Cadet Captain George Vavra, Cadet Captain Ricardo Garcia, Cadet Lt. Colonel James AA. Day, Cadet Captain Louis A. Rizzo, Cadet Captain Herman E. Haenel, Cadet Captain Charles B. Feldman. k.0.7.6. SECOND BATTALION STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Cadet Major Allen D. Chandler, Cadet Captain Roger H. Porter, Jr., Cadet Captain Ben L. Reynolds, Cadet Lt. Colonel Howard R. Bilbrey, Cadet Captain Gerald A. Briscoe, Cadet Captain John V. Barta, Cadet Captain William C. Baker. JOAN CHAUDOIN First Battalion Sponsor Page 171 RANGER COMPANY Cadet Captain Robert P. Cralle, Commanding Officer Cadet 1st. Lt. Roy Walker, Executive Officer Honorary Cadet Captain Patti Jones, Sponsor ROBERT P. CRALLE, PATTI JONES FRONT ROW: James Brown, Robert P. Cralle. SECOND ROW: Roy T. Walker, John R. Bridges, William B. Trautwein, Henry C. Meyer, John E. Weiler, Jr., Mike Seay, James Martin Franks, Thomas Elmer Wiley, Hugh Roth Lee McGaw, Charles Richard Person, Gene R. Hilton. THIRD ROW: Clifford Arthur Eastwood, Edward C. Kirby, Franklin Dawson Meador, L. Alvis Vandygriff, John Everett Hall, Carl Ernest Reistle, Herman Rose, George G. Anderson, Robert Charles Eaton, James Carl Henry. FOURTH ROW: Allen Burton Heard, John Eldon Anderson, Jerry Fenton Klein, William T. Cor- telyou, Marvin Allen Denowitz, James R. Kanning, James O. Neyland, Frank K. Engels, John P. Gulley, Jr., Norman E. White. FIFTH ROW: William W. Roush, W. Thad Gilliam, Robert W. Jones, Don Wrightsman, Eddie Denton, Duane Merchant, Burton Allen Browning, Samuel Chaskin, Robert W. Senn, Wil- liam Hugh Ross. SIXTH ROW: Jim B. Burleson. Page 172 R.G.7.G. Corps of Engineers COMPANY A Cadet Captain John R. Allen, Company Officer Cadet 1st Lt. Wayne K. Travis, Company Executive Honorary Cadet Captain Diana Wood, Sponsor JOHN R. ALLEN, DIANA WOOD FRONT ROW: John R. Allen, Eugene P. Scott, Wayne K. Travis. SECOND ROW: John Mart Stubblefield, Joseph Edwards Wilson, Donald George McDavid, Jean Paul Jipp, John Mallory Finley, Billy Gene Reynolds, Robert Glenn Waggener. THIRD ROW: N. John Blumberg, Bill B. Bullen, David Wesley Maxfield, Tom Holt Chesnut, Frank C. Schulte, John Neil Murphy, J. Nicholas Brown, Gwynn Arvin Teague, Ronald D. Doreck, Bobby Gene Lebel, Tommy R. LeBleu. FOURTH ROW: Robert F. Fletcher, Don Danvers, Eugene E. Fritcher, James D. Spearman, William A. McDade, Joel D. Watkins, Melvin M. Hardy, Robert L Jones, Richard E. Niethamer. FIFTH ROW: Gary W. Woehrmann, Thomas P. Albright, R. C. Paulette, G. L. Cornell, V. C. Minter, Charles A. Jackson, Ed B. Williams, Tommy N. Linder, G. Lee Floyd, H. M. Spear, Jr. SIXTH ROW: Robert E. Hall, Ronald L. Lindsay, Wilbur L. Matthews, Robert F. Burkart, Tom F. Wood, Ed L. Carpenter, Jerry A. Gibson, H. G. Priest, Jr., George W. Schneider, Charlie D. Pittman, James M. Smith, Guy Travis Dickson. SEVENTH ROW: Phil E. Winston, Jerry D. Ham, John L. Hoffman, Edward E. Schafer, Frank K. Cahoon, Carl L. Nixon, Donald M. Donohoe, Frank E. Roberts, Thomas A. Thigpen, Michael Sanchez Navarro. EIGHTH ROW: James C. Gresham, Egan Ray Gleason, Harold John Baumgartner, Robert Land Ward, Bobby C. Farrar, Sam L. Wilson, John Francis Carron, Budje Louis Smith, James Marion Sims. NINTH ROW: B. Jack Miller, Van H. Howard, Emil Friberg, Bob Busbey, Dayton Bateman. TENTH ROW: Jerry Ray Sandefur, Jack Lowe Hummel, Patrick Clyde Dougherty. Page 173 Corps of Engineers COMPANY B Cadet Captain John E. Lutz, Company Officer Cadet 1st Lt. Donald C. Davies, Company Executive Honorary Cadet Captain Sally Anne Emerine, Sponsor JOHN EDWARD LUTZ, SALLY ANNE EMERINE FRONT ROW: John Edward Lutz, Robert T. Scott, Donald C. Davies. SECOND ROW: Pentard William Sandefur, Dona ld W. Frye, Harry L. Martin, Robert M. Shiels, Charles Olin Boese, Jr., William C. House. THIRD ROW: Billy C. Ellis, Carl G. O ' Connor, Ed J. Tennyson, Richard O. Funk, Herbert K. Acord, Norbert A. Zehnder, Jr., Bobby W. Holland, Robert B. Hixson, George E. Moreland. FOURTH ROW: Charles E. Clark, Jerry J. Opella, Michael C. Clark, David M. Cornell, August C. Schipplick, David Grissom, David B. Hutchinson, Roy C. Booth, Robert L. Nance. FIFTH ROW: Robert Willard Mark, Duke Edward Squibb, Brink Coleman Renick, Dan Lane Everett, Van H. Schindler, Larry Keith Spencer, Kenneth H. Rape, Conrad Derdeyn Joseph, David Gerard Hannan. SIXTH ROW: Robert Ainsworth Tucker, John C. Murray, Allen Fred Ernst, Frederick F. Prassel, Emanuel A. Hebert, Richard B. Foretich, Raymond A. Bennett, Vernon Lackey, Jr., John G. Fraser. SEVENTH ROW: Rufus Edmonds Palm, Johnny M. Potts, William E. Gilchrist, Marvy A. Finger, Robert William Stafford, John N. Marosis, James M. Langford, Darrell K. Jones, Charles T. Taylor. EIGHTH ROW: Michael E. Douglas, Albert Joseph Davis, William Vincent Brannan, Franklin Delano Schenk, Newton M. War- zecha, Robert L. Davison, Scott Stewart, Jerry B. Prewit, Billy M. Clayton. NINTH ROW: John Dalton Lafrentz, James Willis DeWalt, Francis Ruple McCauley, Willy Dorris Clayton. TENTH ROW: David Rae Smith, Clifton Lee Hodges, Robert Devon Martin, Robert S. Peterson, James R. Templeton. Page 174 Quartermaster Corps COMPANY C Cadet Captain Billy Adair, Company Officer Cadet 1st Lt. William Hamblin, Company Executive Honorary Cadet Captain Lee Davis, Sponsor BILLY R. ADAIR, LEE DAVIS FRONT ROW: William C. House, Benjamin H. Schwartz, Billy R. Adair. SECOND ROW: Gary K. Boyd, Manuel Garza, Jr., John C. Sanders, Wesley C. Flinn, Murray L. Forsvall, W.- Howard Day. THIRD ROW: Toni Gardner Owens, Charles R. Lind, Earl F. Burridge, Frank D. Finchum, Conrad P. Werkenthin, William C. Suhler, Donald H. Trahan, Billy H. Harris. FOURTH ROW, Edgar Gustav Fischer, John Nicholas Roof, Charles Brotze Robinson, Stan J. Noble, Elvin H. Underwood, William Lamar Doyle, William G. Meredith, Robert H. Fisher. FIFTH ROW: Hubert Ray Arnett, Richard Gerald Young, Cleveland Oren Buckellew, Rolando Abel Garza, Shelton Mitelman, Dale Smith, Robert Jesse Guzman, Gerald Elvin Johnson, Hubert Edward Rossy. SIXTH ROW: Dilmus Delano James, Joe Kelly Johnson, Arthur Searles Cramer, James H. Mills, Stanley Myles Mielke, Donald J. Malouf, Milford Mitchell Myers, Larry J. Lynn, David Henry Rubin. SEVENTH ROW: Wayne Hartman McAlister, John R. Rudder, Tom Patrick Harris, Robert E. Grimes, Lanny Norman DeWitt, Joseph Albert Barzilla, Hugo Carl Frank, August Charles Faltin, James Charles Larkin. EIGHTH ROW: Doyle Emmett Perkinson, James Elliott Hendricks, Dudley Q. Braly, David Crim Smith, Robert K. Wilpitz, Kenneth E. Cook, Joe F. Thomas, Gerald Dean Watkins, Olin W. Harvey. NINTH ROW: Samuel Antone Giammalva, Bob P. Knight, Roger Bonney, Allan Gordon Tackaberry, Hubert Banner Herren, Jr., Ace Donald Gotcher, George Zacour, Thomas N. Thuslow. TENTH ROW: Charles Rodney Marshall, Walter Williams, Harold Vance Oldham, Earl Francis Warren, Wade Harry Burke. Page 175 Quartermaster Corps COMPANY D Cadet Captain Herbert Key, Commanding Officer Cadet 1st. Lt. Gregor MacGregor, Executive Officer Honorary Cadet Captain Alison McElhone ALAN CARMICHAEL, ALISON McELHONE FRONT ROW: Herbert S. Key, Tim H. Cornwall, Gregor C. MacGregor. SECOND ROW: W. P. Hamblen, Tommy McDonald, Joe D. Havis, Murray Tarkington, Robert Waldo (Buster) Dickerson, Wallace Bryan Thruston, John T. Frazer. THIRD ROW: John O. Lange, Henry Jack D. Leonard, Calvin C. Koomey, Robert C. Watts, Gilford L. Brown, John W. Anderson, Sid Ramos, Robert G. Haltiner, Nunzio J. Marabella. FOURTH ROW: Don L. Richardson, Meyer Chaskin, Michael S. Brunner, Paul Stanford, Jack M. Painter, Richard F. Adair, Joe B. McAdams, Billy G. Leonard, Lowell R. Milligan. FIFTH ROW: R. W. Davis, Charles Brandberg, Roy H. Chapman, Mike Higgins, Paul A. Clinkscales, William K. Bryant, George M. Woodman, William W. Fortune, Robert B. Thornton. SIXTH ROW: Donald E. Hill, James O. Kelly, Charles A. Baker, Norman E. Hooton, Malcolm W. Moreland, Jay W. Maxwell, Clarence Legler, John M. Bollman, Jack L. Andrus. SEVENTH ROW: T. E. Jones, Robert N. Jones, John M. Kendrick, Don Maroney, Fred Ernst, Joe Villarreal, Jr., Don M. Shelby, Gary P. Hite, David H. Bashford. EIGHTH ROW: George T. Warner, Gerald W. Orton, James Edward Davis, Gerald Franklin Jones, James Wade Atwood, Patrick H. Murphy, Mack E. Burk, Howard F. Fischer, William D. Jamail. NINTH ROW: Charles T. Meeks, Morton B. Seline, Arnold I. Prensky, Warner R. Baxter, James C. Adams, W. Ben Wofford, C. Richard Sanders, Roy W. Osterloh, Bobby Kostohryz. TENTH ROW: Herman G. Cortez, Don R. Morrison, Richard A. Wedin, R. C. Bainkoeter, E. Eugene Scott, Thomas J. Evans, Bill Warrick, Vincent Bowes. ELEVENTH ROW: Connie Orr, D. J. Rheiner, Daniel C. Morgan, Richard Campbell, Tommy Spigel, Robert L. Clark, Jr., B. W. Der- rick, Juan Hernandez, Harris L. Keller. Page 176 Transportation Corps COMPANY E Cadet Captain Harold S. Manning, Company Commander Cadet 1st Lt. Robert H. Seale, Company Executive Honorary Cadet Captain Shirley Cannon, Sponsor HAROLD S. MANNING, SHIRLEY CANNON FRONT ROW: Harold S. Manning, Charles N. Cartwright, Robert H. Seale. SECOND ROW: James E. Gist, Louis R. Eddins, Bobby Berryman, Randolph Biesenbach, Charles Baer, Lum C. Edwards, Thomas C. Maahs. THIRD ROW: Troy L. Hand, Jim Rosser, Robert S. Kinney, John S. Fulton, Leland H. Schumann, Elwood J. Preiss, Jimmie C. Parker. FOURTH ROW: Glenn F. Hoffman, Cecil C. Cammack, Jr., Jim Watson, Harry N. Ward, Carl Edward Arnold, Robert W. Roten, George C. Allen, Jr. FIFTH ROW: Dan Bollard, Jim Pfau, Jack Hennig, Ed Harrell, Charles Reagan, Fred Schurig, John Otey. SIXTH ROW: A. Leland Gwin, George L. Huckabee, Dai R. Christensen, Raymond W. Prichett, Pat S. Kaufman, Jack D. West, David L. Appling. SEVENTH ROW: Robert C. Morgan, John Hamlett, Tom Nelson, Jr., Robert E. Adams, Jack T. Williams II, Bill Erskine, Jim Brewer. EIGHTH ROW: Ottie 1. Andress, Ben Ivey, Dick Gawlik, Longford H. Sneed, Jon B. Kirk, Chester Lee Simcik, Morris E. Ashby. Page 177 Transportation Corps COMPANY F Cadet Captain David B. Barnhill, Company Commander Cadet 1st. Lt. James F. Gilbert, Executive Officer Honorary Cadet Captain Marge Hargrove Jones, Sponsor JAMES C. JONES, MARGE HARGROVE JONES FRONT ROW: David B. Barnhill, Sam Houston, James Gilbert. SECOND ROW: Gerald B. Pratt, Allen P. Killam, C. W. Paris, Edward Garrett Mugford, John Clinton Steinberger, Leslie W. Cov- ness, Robert Leonard Wood. THIRD ROW: Roger Bain, P. C. Mohr, J. H. Roberts, J. P. Hammond, J. M. Scurlock, John B. Stephens. FOURTH ROW: Joe Tipton Housewright, James Raye Ross, William Dee Dockery, Jr., James T. Hunt, Gideon L Westervelt Sidney M. Holland, Walter B. Bond. FIFTH ROW: William Carrell Hardman, Jr., W. J. Gerron, Jr., Weldon Glasscock, Joe Domm, William B. Leffingwell, Raymond Downs, Charles Howard. SIXTH ROW: Dan Gleckler, Bert C. Engelhardt, David J. Farr, L. H. Collins, Jon Ruff, Franklin D. Barborak, Ronald G. Trageser. SEVENTH ROW: Bill M. White, W. T. Williams III, R. E. Coffee, A. X. Dunbar, Carl Burgen, James E. Gill, David W. Snyder. EIGHTH ROW: Ben C. Black, John L. Crawford, Thomas L. Cadenhead, James Thompson, Robert F. Flinn, Jack F. Enlow, Robert B. White. NINTH ROW: Dougal Cameron, James F. Jackson, Johnny H. Lowry, Roy E. Kimsey, W. J. Rattikin, Jimmy R. Chambers, B. Brooks Goldsmith, Robert F. Silvus. Page 178 Military Police Corps COMPANY G Cadet Captain Jessie Don Lyles, Company Commander Cadet 1st Lt. John R. Thompson, Executive Officer Honorary Cadet Captain Felicia Melburn, Sponsor JESSIE DON LYLES, FELICIA MELBURN FRONT ROW: Jessie Don Lyles, Douglas M. Baker, John R. Thomson. SECOND ROW: Carl Eugene Hensley, Franklin Garner Warnken, Ben Lamar Reynolds, B. Barry Hayes, Edgar B. Crutchfield, Prince R. Ricker, Jack M. Little, Dan D. Barney. THIRD ROW: Walter Oran Fitch, Bobbie Dan Slaughter, LeRoy Birdwell, Jr., Anthony Newton Stout, Billy Scott Hickey, Sidney Griffin Singer, John Marshall Gaddis II, Joseph Elo, Jr., Valdemar Gonzales. FOURTH ROW: George Vafiadis, Gus F. Mutscher, James C. Cline, James George Fisher, William P. Clark, Jr., Wilfred J. Walker, Frank A. Tompkins, Elsworth Tonn, Jack E. Guenther. FIFTH ROW: Kerny Antoine Rivette, Eugene Charles Bredthauer, Norman Dwight Frede, Robert A. Snell, Charles Griffin, Dean Grey Votaw, Roy Danford, Jr., Samuel Vaughan Stone, Edward Richard Rathgeber. SIXTH ROW: John L. Surber, Ray A. Frady, Wayman W. Buchanan, Joe B. Skeen, Larry N. Doherty, Carl O. Svendsen, John M. Dawson. SEVENTH ROW: Philip M. Clayton, Tom C. Primm, Carol S. Vance, W. E. Shipman, Noel Martinez, Dave Alter. Page 179 Military Police Corps COMPANY H Cadet Captain Jack D. McCullough, Company Commander Cadet 1st Lt. Robert C. Winkelman, Company Executive Honorary Cadet Captain Kitty Corder, Sponsor JACK D. McCULLOUGH, KITTY CORDER FRONT ROW: Jack D. McCullough, Billy B. Watson, Robert C. Winkelman. SECOND ROW: Robert J. Reyes, Lewis R. Springer, Paul S. Hill, Bennett J. Roberts, Joseph Cortez. THIRD ROW: Beverly Welford Beckham, Allen Louis Stilley, Franklin Scott Spears, Joy N. Massad, Philip W. Kidd, Richard J. Hatch, Ruben Garcia, Dewey J. Gonsoulin. FOURTH ROW: Billy Loren McPherson, John Mark Kinney, Joe Jaworski, Milton Edmund Decherd, Jr., William Devereux Klapp, Robert H. Hoy, Walker N. Metcalf, David P. Parkinson, Thomas A. McCampbell. FIFTH ROW: Anthony Brock Hamilton, Barry Brackett Scott, Jamas Donald Haynes, Mark Steinhagen, Richard T. Atkin, James D. Baker, Fletcher S. Hicks, Richard H. Nelson, Winfred L. McNabb, William D. Bonham. SIX TH ROW: Sammy Gardner Hinckley, Lucius George Hill, William Grant Carlson, Robert T. Squyres, Charles W. Sherrard, Douglas W. Argue, David H. Humphrey, John C. Coffey, Gary E. Miller. SEVENTH ROW: James Augustus Blalock, Jr., Bowles Dale Dudley, Allen Jay Britt, Lloyd Leroy Hayes, Billy James McAdams, Charles Douglass Herrera, Edward James Sarrazin, Idris Rhea Traylor, Jr., Ed T. Coughlin. EIGHTH ROW: Roy Rodriguez Alvarez, Jr., Roy Prewett Huff, Sidney J. Gibson, Michael C. Shea, Jr., Robert J. Huntsman, James M. Cook, Joseph Shade, Joe A. Osborn. NINTH ROW: Vernon Barnes Hill, Jr., William Rayford Kline, Jr. Page 180 COLOR GUARD LEFT TO RIGHT: Frederic Milam Sounders, Menan Clyde Schriewer, John Rogers Colby, John Neil Murphy, Gary Rolla Smith. RIFLE TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: Philip Morgan Clayton, Nicky Brown, M Sgt. Marvin G. Seitz, Don A. Robertson, Dan Duane Barney. Page 181 It ' s dance time at Camp Carson, Colorado. Inspection of jeep to be dropped by parachute at Ft. Lee, Virginia. Keeping that clean cut army look. Everybody is staying in top shape with those good calisthenics. The engineers are working again at Camp Carson, Colorado. All those men against one " little " locomotive at Ft. Eustis, Virginia. Time for the military ball and presentation of spon- sors. R. ' 0.7. OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Lt. William L. Foster, Lt. (SC) Richard Berg3n, Maj. James H. Pope, Capt. Francis J. Johnson, Cdr. Tom H. Wells, Lt. Cdr. Francis W. Roberts, It. Francis J. O ' Malley, Lt. (JG) Donald R. Wagcek. SECOND ROW: 2 C John B. Maples, Jr., Yoeman Robert L. Deveny, Master Sgt. Brantley C. Grinnalds, Chief Fred P. Duverny, Chief Neal O. Mills, Chief William J. McCarthy, Chief Charles A. Higby. MIDSHIPMEN OFFICERS FRONT ROW: C. A. Rundell, Jr., Robert Bruce Carruth, Kenneth Gene Patton, Emory C. Thompson, Edward C. Nott, Jr., Richard S. Robertson. SECOND ROW: Kenneth P. Finch, Benjamin T. Rhodes, Jr. THIRD ROW: Lawrence Lindell Beason. Page 183 A COMPANY FIRST PLATOON PLATOON COMMANDER: Max D. Murray. FRONT ROW: Hal W. Pilgrim, Jim M. Adkins, Gary D. Fisher, Olin R. Cable, Robert L. Dewar, Devereaux M. Huffman, Ben B. West, Alonzo W. Bosley. SECOND ROW: Paul Adolph Foerster, Robert David Dolley, Jr., Charles Eugene Chick, Robert Ben Lillie, Richard Claude Palmer, James Bohus Solas. THIRD ROW: Alfred Pete Barra, Eugene Edge, Franklin Derry Crutchfield, Carl Wilson Shirley, Jr., Louis Freed- man, William Edward Blachly. A COMPANY SECOND PLATOON PLATOON COMMANDER: John T. Kipp. FRONT ROW: Charles W. Beck, Raymond D. Bennett, Robert W. Gilliam, Robert L. Dow, Richard L. Mewhinney, Charles T. Sikes, Bill R. Bagby. SECOND ROW: John D. Carlton, Frank T. Nagle, Sharon E. Green, Dan C. Smith, Robert K. Berg, William H. Ferguson. THIRD ROW: Dan D. Chandler, Fred S. Nagle, Richard E. Black, Bradley A. Fowler, Ronald D. Greenberg, Martin H. Channey. Page 184 ' A COMPANY THIRD PLATOON PLATOON COMMANDER: Fred John Withers. FRONT ROW: Allen Gene Pittman, Charlie Pat DuBose, John Burns Henderson, George Alan Mulroy, James Edward Boykin, George Keith Tolle, Robert Fonda Gribble, Bruce Arlen Neumann. SECOND ROW: Fred Ernest Falke, Jr., John Grayson Nickel, John Marshall Page, Henry Clay Dethloff, Wallace Granville Bragg, Robert Falligant Travis, Robert James Huffman. THIRD ROW: Robert Penn Fowler, Robert Richard Ingerton, Thomas Leslie Vannaman, Robert Edward Hughes, John Browning Carter, John Vernon Nyteler, Robert Bruce Carruth. B COMPANY FIRST PLATOON J V - PLATOON COMMANDER: Richard Hugh Davis. FRONT ROW: Eric Storrie Greenfield, Philip Edward Isett, Thomas Penn Johnson, James Edgar Rodgers, Sam Yandell Dorfman, Dudley Davis McCalla, Julien Devereux Weeks. SECOND ROW: Robert John Munn, Jr., Joseph Madison White, Jon T. Oden, Marvin Ray Dunaway, Vayden F. Stanley, Walter K. Rainbolt, Jr. THIRD ROW: John Thomas Hays, Leslie Weylon McDonald, Vernon John Klippi, Weldon Winston Teague, Richard Dugan Ricketts, Harry John Fiegel, William August Felsing. Page 185 B COMPANY SECOND PLATOON PLATOON COAAMANDER: Max Howard Smith. FRONT ROW: Donald Ray Bernard, Tommy Hayes Jackson, Kenneth Paul Knopp, George Frederic Foerster, Joe Henry McGraw, Newton Edward Ward, John Ross, John Prentiss Pittman. SECOND ROW: Edmund Waller Melvin, Joseph Edward Youmons, E. Gene Lee, David Keith Brannan, Burt Hawk ins Barclay, Jr., Claude Harmon Garrett III, Lauchlin Arthur McLaurin. THIRD ROW: William Waller Melvin, Henry Culberson Amos, John Miller Browning, Raymond Francis Leggett, Jr., William Russell Goff, Webb McCann Sowden, Jr., Jarvis Dale Michie. B COMPANY THIRD PLATOON PLATOON COMMANDER: Joe Alan St. John. FRONT ROW: Samuel Tildon Hollowell, George Marshall Minot, Carl Viggo Aalund, Edward Richard Volz, Walter Thomas Nelson, Frank Clifford Green, Simon Pierce Burns, Tommy H. Ramsey. SECOND ROW: William Theodore Read, David Addison Rogers, Robert Crowell Cole, William Francis Greve, Jay Clark Nowlin, Wayne Mott Adam, Joe Bernard Lovejoy. THIRD ROW: Charles L. Rogers, George Pope Atkins, Joe Raymon Allen, James W. Owens, Frank E. Luksa, Douglas W. Duderstadt, Hugh M. Hawthorne. Page 186 C COMPANY FIRST PLATOON PLATOON COMMANDER: Karl Theodore Butz. FRONT ROW: Bill Irven Routh, James Thompson Pledger, Jr., George Harold Folk, Don Charles Mcllyar, Alan Maury Rauch, Barrie Thomas Balcom, Larry Hebert, David Ray Womack. SECOND ROW: David Lee Tanner, Mark H. Rakoover, Ronald Frank Ingram, Russell Chris Bingley, Henry Lee Caldwell, Roger Leon Williamson, Francis Leo McNamara, Jr. THIRD ROW: Dave Harrell Williams, Hickman Howard Wimberley, Guy Elliot Blackmar, Karl Archer Maley, Henry Vance Love, Henry Donnan Jacoby, Jess Newton Rayzor, Bill Linden. C COMPANY SECOND PLATOON _ K ;. ' ? ' " ' T PLATOON COMMANDER: R. D. McDaniel. FRONT ROW: Jay M. Goltz, Harry D. Hamilton, Michael G. Wright, John M. Collins, Ronald W. Bridges, Harry L Markel, James B. Pope, Edward R. Simmen. SECOND ROW: Marcellus T. Coltharp, Walter J. Nolan, Jr., Raymond A. Becker, William F. Burchard, James W. Kachtick, Thomas M. Young, George Stephenson, Jr. THIRD ROW: Billy R. Blaylock, Lloyd B. Carruth, J. Julius Killough, Don Jay Pichinson, Bob Jon White, George L. Hodge, Ted H. Dusek. Page 187 R.O.7.G. C COMPANY THIRD PLATOON PLATOON COMMANDER: Thomas Frederick Swenson. FRONT ROW: Leslie Wiley Giddens, Jack Francis Ritter, Eibsrt Aubrey King, William Peyton Cooke, Howard Les- lie York, James Malcolm Harris, Dan Russ Young. SECOND ROW: James Alan Davis, James Van Richards, Ja.nes Thomas Powell, Joe Elliott Davis, Harvey Lee Friedel, John Carl Landa. THIRD ROW: Oscar Carl Hamilton, Jr., Leslie Alfred Dedeke, Jr., James Douglas Browning, Bobby Gene Eckols, John Lee Rundell, Robert Crim Buckner. COMPANY STAFF: Kenneth P. Finch (front), Hunter M. Morris, George K. Haley. FRONT ROW: William Brewster, Jr., Gordon P. Ross, James C. Boyce, Clifford W. Youngblood, James Lucian Wilborn, John Weldon Koenig, Wendell Jackson Cox, Max S. Levit, Maurice Wayne Cole, Jr., Michael A. Wiley, Humberto Luis Vidal, John Austin Hardin, Jr., Richard A. Palmer. SECOND ROW: Wayne Englehardt Dear, Bob Phillips, Joe Speed Carroll, Harry R. Kramp, Harvey A. Eikel, Marion F. Black, Jimmy E. Cowles, Darrell K. Jones, Thomas R. Matthews, William J. Brownlow, Lindsay F. Phillips, John E. Cahoon, Clay W. G. Fulcher. THIRD ROW: Henry Y. McCown, Jr., W. H. Bond, Charles L. Mackenzie, David Roy Hines, Lyle Branch, Leo A. Chamberlin, Gerard W. Webb, Daniel David Kana, George W. Cape, Norman L. Cervenka, Max D. Wil- liams, John P. Leslie. FOURTH ROW: Eugene B. Russell, Keys A. Curry, Jr., Byron Raymond Adams, James Kent, Wilson Edwin South- ern, Max Miller, Gene Smith, Robin R. Ott, David E. Mead, Clifford F. McMaster, Hubert A. Morgan, Louis Benjamin Houston, Jr. rage I oo MARINERS CLUB An organization for NROTC Midshipmen at The University of Texas, designed to promote fellowship on a social level and to develop a greater esprit-de-corps among the members of the NROTC unit. President HARRY DEAN HAMILTON Secretary WILLIAM AUGUST FELSING Treasurer CHARLIE PAT DuBOSE Advisor LT. W. L. FOSTER, USN Sweetheart . SONIA ELLEN WOLF SONIA ELLEN WOLF Sweetheart FRONT ROW: Harry Dean Hamilton, Charles Lester Mackenzie, John Weldon Koenig, James Thomas Powell, Jr., Simon Pierce Burns, Charlie Pat DuBose, James Walter Kachtick, Robert Bruce Carruth. SECOND ROW: Marcellus Theriot Coltharp, Clifford Franklin McMaster, Elbert Aubrey King, Jr., Joseph Madi- son White, William August Felsing, Max Howard Smith, Eugene Benjamin Russell. Page 189 SUMMER CAMP Checking over naval aircraft. Learning to use the signal searchlight. " Shooting stars " with the sextant. So you want to be a marine. Page 190 110.7.6. The Air Forc_Rfiserve OfEj was establisheTd LatTtRKjJ j is operated under the This progrnAi. provides Univ receiving excellent train], Tactics which affords t in the caJb|ity of a Cqmmiss Force, the Air Force Air Force ROTC cours major fields)jiursued credit toward degree .orps program JujWl947, and Science and Tactics, dents the opportunity of derahipvgnd Air Scrence and rving their country in the Re rtar Air tional Guard Units, tive courses in the re givertyficademic y-. COL. DAVID H. THOMAS Professor of Air Science and Tactics Airmen FACULTY Officers FRONT ROW: Sgt. Robert Fairlee, Sgt. Ray B. Oldham, Sgt. W. A. Brock, Sgt. William H. Davenport. SECOND ROW: Sgt. Thomas F. Meekins, Sgt. William A. Tatom, Sgt. Ernest D. Cline, Sgt. John R. Woodward, Sgt. Paul Peters. FRONT ROW: Col. David H. Thomas, Lt. Col. George E. Abernathy, Maj. Charles E. Wood, Maj. Warren J. Lane, Capt. Forest B. Grain. SECOND ROW: Capt. Robert C. Brown, Lt. Ralph S. Kaplan, Capt. Marvin E. Gholson, Capt. James C. Lambdin, Capt. Joseph P. Gleason. Page 191 Cadet Colonel JULIAN V. HORWITZ Squadron Commander Honorary Cadet Colonel BETTY LEE Sponsor Cadet Lt. Colonel ANTHONY BROCATO Executive Officer WING STAFF C adet Major CHARLES DUNN Wing Adjutant Cadet Major OREN ELLIS Wing Operations Cadet Major HARRIS WEINGARTEN Wing Inspector Page 192 Cadet Major JOHN RUSSELL TINSLEY Wing Publicity GROUP I STAFF GROUP II STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Lawrence D. Ortolan!, Don! Richardson, Robert D. Smith, Aubrey D. Gearner. LEFT TO RIGHT: Al M. Garcia, Paula Marie Lane, Roger Lewis Beery, Mike Henry Rob- erts. COLOR GUARD LEFT TO RIGHT: George A. Zivley, Roland E. Dahlin, Alan E. Fogelberg, Earl J. Nesbitt, Fred D. Reynolds. Page 193 LEADERSHIP TRAINING SCHOOL LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Broadnax, Richard Frank- lin Ford, David Parde McGlamery. PHOTOGRAPHERS FRESHMAN LEADERSHIP SCHOOL STANDING: John Russell Tinsley, Jerry Chas- tain. KNEELING: Phillip Hawley, Frank Cricchio, George Guy Bevil. LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles E. Taylor, Fred William Sternenberg, Allen Jack Becker. Page 194 JOSEPH S. BRAND Commander MARY JO SAVAGE Sponsor SQUADRON A FRONT ROW: Stewart A. Bonnett, Vernon L. Helmke, Sherman A. Kusin, William A. Weeks, Thomas D. Caraway, John E. Redmon, Frank J. Marek, Robert L. Carson, Clyde W. Reynolds, Jr., Earl E. Cortes, Walter M. Stischer, James M. Cavender, Richard B. Austin, Bryant A. Ficken, Dudley D. Hale, Jr., Robert J. Bond. SECOND ROW: Richard O. Womack, Paul F. Dickard, Jr., William P. Breeding, James A. Griffin, E. Hawes Vineyard, Arnold Wayne Brock, Marvin Byron Kaminsky, Donald R. Saathoff, Don M. Davis, Thomas J. O ' Donnell, Charles E. Lanter, Ray- mond C. Rapp, Richard L. Daily, David Torres. THIRD ROW: Lloyd J. Duncan, Donald H. Schaffer, Thomas E. Davies, Alfred G. Catlow, William A. Hotmann, Clinton E. Haw- kins, Cyrus B. Coleman, Thomas N. Williams, Ben J. Russo, Robert L. Baldridge, Handler C. Smith, James W. Griffin. Ronald M. Jackson, Sam C. Hamilton. FOURTH ROW: Alford Jess Burks, Jr., Dan P. Black, Hal E. Hurlbert, Jr., Lester I. Paine, Lee W. Coleman, Walter L. Magness, Joe P. Walters, Bruce W. Carpenter, George R. Hammond, Howard Jacobs, William W. Morris, Jay H. Perry, John H. Gresvik, Jr. FIFTH ROW: John C. Edwards, Robert F. Sexton, Robert F. Muller, John W. Clark, Richard C. Giles, John E. Martin, James L. Bartz, Gladstone M. Rowe, Paul R. Hamilton, Charles A. Machemehl, Harry H. Culler, Jr., Jon D. Totz, John C. Herrera, Jr., William J. Graves. SIXTH ROW: Robert S. Modlin, Stanley C. Phipps, Clelland M. Harris, James R. Lehman, Elwood R. Henderson, Donald W. Spaf- ford, William C. Jennings, Clifton H. Morris, Henry T. Hedgcoxe, Joel D. Toole, Karl F. Kamrath, Jr., John H. Cockrell, Dave R. Fennekohl, Joe E. Manz. SEVENTH ROW: Ralph F. Beeler, Jr., Ronald A. Seelig er, George J. Petrus, Jr., Richard H. Hall, Arnold f. Korenek, Joe P. Palmer, Charles L. Oglesby, Robert A. Mengel, Charles L. Mauch, Dan W. Crofts, Edward L. Day, Howard S. Barksdale, James M. Cornelius, Cyrus A. Reeder, Jr. 1 -v M GREGOR. Page 195 BILLY PAUL POWELL Commander ANN STAACKE Sponsor SQUADRON B FRONT ROW: Walter Elmo Hale, Charles Allen Bankston, Patrick David Lynch, Douglas L. Buchanan, Leslie Alexander Mc- Laren, Richard B. Caruthers, Benny Rex Cooper, Frank E. Brown, Coleman Harrell Gulley, Frank Edgar Brock, Ralph Hugh Carden, Robert Charles Halsell, James T. Darwin, Burke Burkart, Keith A. Allan, Leonard Harold VonDohlen. SECOND ROW: John T. Bates, Leon Booth, Jr., Fred D. Sewell, David H. Hunter, John D. Croslin, Leopold P. Danze, Thur- mond L. Johnson, Raymond E. Sagstetter, Robert J. Perkins, Billy D. Marsh, Wilfred L. Rankine, Sam R. Boone, Albert L. Papidus, Ronald C. Crossman, Frank C. Cooksey. THIRD ROW: Samuel R. Blair, Don W. Goodson, John A. Russell, Dan A. Stultz, Harold S. Lapidus, Richard J. Florence, Glen F. Barnes, Thomas M. Ware, Malcolm W. Barrett, Robert F. Sharpe, James R. Cochran, Harold W. Smith, Jimmie V. Stovall, Billimac C. Bradley. FOURTH ROW: Joe B. Golden, Nigel T. Cox, Charlie E. Mohle, Goodridge V. M. Minton, Robert L. Ellett, Frank J. Dyke, John P. Ebner, Larry B. Hughes, George O. Shurtleff, Blair O. Bennett, Jack E. Hillman, Charles C. Pierce, Herschel O. Wells. FIFTH ROW: James S. Swearingen, William A. Cline, Ralph V. Carson, Lawrence J. Chiappine, Michael A. Carter, Jim R. Pfau, Jay T. Pierce, Joseph W. Howard, Robert D. Wilkes, Frank J. Schmidt, Charles G. Winbery, James P. Oliver, Everett A. Roberts, Ernie W. Tullis. SIXTH ROW: Robert M. Davenport, James R. Dowdy, Don F. Mahaffey, Kong F. Woo, Abe Gutierrez, Lee E. Ricks, Bill W. De- Witt, Robert E. Reynolds, Sidney M. Willhelm, Robert G. Wilson, Roger E. Joseph, Alvin M. Frieden, Arthur P. Peterson. SEVENTH ROW: Dan John Rheiner, Lloyd Sol Kelman, Pat G. Hedgcoxe, Archie H. Heimer, Bobby Gene Lowe, Bruce P. Murphy, Raymond C. Roane, Charles M. Little, Robert T. Daniel, Huard H. Eldridge, Sidney A. Weisblat, Jay F. Powell. - 1 UIVUVJWM I U 1 t 1. : C vi -T , . , , . Page 196 ROBERT L. CARSON Commander SUZETTE D ' AYSON Sponsor SQUADRON C FRONT ROW: Henry Eugene Kerry, William Forrest Trafton, Hubert Holmes Ingraham, George Frederick Molhusen, Samuel Stewart Frazer, Roland Wilburn Hoyt, Robert Eugene Cuthrell, Johnson Andrew Jenkins, Oliver Daffan Hailey, James Lee Greenwood, Blaine Durand Esmond, David Warren Knight, Neal Adolphus Hawthorn, Morton S. Carson, Marvin Vernon Harlow, Jon Wesley House. SECOND ROW: Joseph Holmes Flaig, Carleton Thomas Clowe, Jr., Russell Gardner Sharp, Reuben Henry Brown, Jr., Richard Shield, James Tolivar Craig, Clay Pierce Killough, Charles Raines English, Gary Lee Willis, Robert William Hampton, Robert Eugene German, Charles Raymond Jones, William James Derrick, John Robert Bunn, Jr., William Martin Byrd. THIRD ROW: Benny Frank Johnson, Richard Curtis Lee, Jerry Allen Alspaw, Norman Keith Rollo, Richard Chapman Lowrey, James Russell Hodde, Ernest Lee Crumpacker, Ronald Norman Schaevitz, Manning Bruce Pletz, Don Lee Telkamp, Charles H. Rupe, Tom W. Anthony, Dick B. Miller, James D. Lowry. FOURTH ROW: Don W. Hanley, Donald Rosenfield, Kenneth Susman, William M. Trant, Richard H. James, Jimmie C. Hetherly, Joseph E. Cox, Malcolm L. Mazow, Sam Crowther, Kenneth L. Koock, Henry A. Dickson, Maury A. Lloyd, Charles C. Kubin, William A. Prewett. FIFTH ROW: Earl A. Minter, Albert Clay Ross, Edward E. Snavely, Fred V. Wolford, Homer B. Olsen, Fred D. McLarry, Arthur I. Ungerman, Wayne Watts, Charles R. Moberly, John P. White, Charles B. Swanner, Jeff M. Neely, Richard H. Cooke. SIXTH ROW: Phillip Sherwood Paul, Louy Elworth Younts, Lawrence Schoenhals, Robert Kay Hale, Jerry D. Keen, Walter P. Wolfram, Harry L. Wood III, Jerry Ross Hamm, Gene Lewis Naegelin, James Edmund White, Sherman Paine Mac- Daniel, Warren Robert Lilly, Lail Hamilton Shaw. SEVENTH ROW: Norberto B. Vasquez, Donald W. Carpenter, Bert A. Lundell, Ted D. Cox, Herman E. Leyh, John R. Howard, Don W. Turner, Robert A. Siegel, Ronald E. Tynes, John H Williams. Ben R. Hammond, Robert E. Fisher. Page 197 FRANK J. MAREK Commander SANDRA MAYFIELD Sponsor SQUADRON D FRONT ROW: William J. Christie, James Chris Miller, William Emerson Ridgeway, John Thomas Pirkle, Tommy Eugene Sanford, Edward John Landry, Tony A. Kazen, Herbert Ostroff, Willis James Rebsch, Miguel Ramiro Garza, Allan L. Rosen, Milton Allen Mendlovitz, Roy C. Newman, Charles D. Brown, William W. Chapman, Charles A. Pilling, Charles Mark Ross. SECOND ROW: Glynn Dell Buie, Robert Adrian Rasmussen, Walter Ross Werlla, Richard F. Kaufman, David Woods Tees, David F. Sweeney, Glen Thomas Williams, Jerald B. Jackson, Henry Curtis Harrell, Philip G. Schimmel, Richard J. London, Richard M. Peacock, Edward N. Shaw, Nicky S. Dieb, Gaylon R. Overton. THIRD ROW: ' Sam E. Murphy, Harold Wayne Pace, Emmit Alton Koelle, Jr., Peter Von Wupperfeld, Robert Don Evans, Charles Lee Walker, Joe David Curtis, Louis Noble Million, Thomas Ronald Kotara, Joe Marshall Adcock, Jack M. Vaught, Franklin D. Bollman, Tom E. Fanning, Eugene Patrick Holden. FOURTH ROW: Walter Wallace Leamons, Charles DeVearle Gray, Harold Theodore Reigle, Lloyd Neil Reitz, Don Paschal DeWalch, E. R. Williams, C. Wayne Turner, James W. Bradford, Jimmy E. Banks, John F. McCrary, Joe B. Bonham, Paul W. Harper, Sanford E. Manning, Robert G. Roden. FIFTH ROW: Max Eric Thornhill, Jon David Swartz, Jerry Lamar Morris, James Daniel Rollins, Walter Wade Holly, Bob Dean Myers, Hubert Smith Ratliff, Jon Hanson Gillespie, Everett E. Culver, Ted C. Hager, Tommy Ray Ward, Albert John N owotny. SIXTH ROW: John Bollard Sisk, Gilbert Muraida Valdez, Leonard William Raif, Tommie Marvin Lee, Gus Franklin Mutscher, Richard August Strecker, Harral Young Peacock, Harvey Henry Diemer, Frederick Louis Johnson, Carroll Noell Rather, Charles Robert Fairchild, John M. Wood. SEVENTH ROW: Sims A. Buckley, David C. Parker, Boyd A. Patton, William J. Collier, Woody C. Barren, Lee R. Nichols, John W. Zant, Billy D. Dean, Tom J. Bibb, Richard Wayne Bateman. Page 198 GILBERT FORD Commander NANCY COUVILLION Sponsor SQUADRON E FRONT ROW: Arthur A. Wisakowsky, Elliott Z. Cohen, William A. Thienes,, Paul M. Kieffer, Frank D. Walker, William D. Wiser, Jr., Harley D. Wright, Leonard M. Johnson, Robert P. Thomas, Preston Moore, Albert F. Muller, Stan S. Studer, Wallace E. McGee, Jack C. Herndon SECOND ROW: Madison S. House, Donald R. Noack, Aaron Saenz, Ernest C. Woods, Ben I. Gomez, James N. Blanton, W. Lamar Evans, George L. Trezise, Elias E. Villarreal, Robert L. Towery, Don H. Musslewhite, Thomas J. Hoyt, Joseph H. Daywood. THIRD ROW: Robert Arthur Anderson, Joseph Atheral Bledsoe, George Alan Shafer, William Edwin Cook, Robert Louis Schlumpf, Joseph Wilbur Wolfe, Marvy Alan Finger, Paul Edward Hansen, Roger Harmon Broach, Robert Townshend Oliver, Robert Ralph Budd, Max L. Tirk. FOURTH ROW: Robert Bigelow, Joseph C. Barrows, Ernest E. Jones, William Aaron Cunningham, Thomas Morgan Hammond, Jr., Karl Edwards Brown, James R. Brooks, George Jefferson Toland, Jerry B. Milan, Robert T. Farrell, Billy W. Andrus, B. B. Don Brown, Maxie L. Bradford. FIFTH ROW: James B. Blanton, John Lockman, Larry W. Anderson, Robert C. Warren, Richard Ellis Esterling, Ben A. Terry, Leslie J. Strieber, Paul R. Brandt, C. W. Schoellkopf, Jon B. Allen, Robert M. McClure, Robert N. Katz. SIXTH ROW: Rufus Hugh Priddy, Bobby Austin Newman, Joseph H. Slider, Clyde Carey Deckard, Jr., Russell Edward Oppen- heim, David H. Williams, Jr., Robert Hal Watkins, Ronald A. Bartlett, William D. Cox, Jr., David H. Thomas II, Bradley Miles. SEVENTH ROW: Clyde Stuart Bell, Gene Padgett Clements, Charles Christopher Springer, Malcolm Russell Gregory, Charlie Cornelious Havens, Bill Pearce Staehely, Roger Lacy Conger, Frank Brittin Clayton, Gibson Milton Davis, Clinton Gerald Adams, Charles B. Scott. . Page 199 JOHN BOYETTE ANDREWS Commander LANELLE LUTZ Sponsor SQUADRON F FRONT ROW: John Boyetle Andrews, Dean Hurst Perry, John Roland Thornhill, Roy Dee Stanford, Dolph B. H. Simon, Newton B. Schwartz, Thomas Matthews Wise, James K. Jones, Louis S. Polsky, Charles C. Streusand,, Ronald A. Patton, Joseph S. Brand, William R. Lancaster. SECOND ROW: Glen Charles Moore, Frank Robert Black, Henry Calderoni Hernandez, Roy Jack McCarroll, William Bradley Washam, William Edward Gonzalez, Leonel Maldonado, James Merkel Stuckey, Elton King, Jr., Fred Haberle, George Michael Thomas, Joe D. Rubesch, Earl C. Richardson. THIRD ROW: Daniel Harry Spoor, Alvin Jerome Franklin, Jack Richard Hill, John Jacob Anderson, Harold Douglas Colwick, Allan Ronald Keown, David Malcolm Smith, James Arthur Loynd, Douglas Joe Dugosh, Thomas Joe Yium, Charles E. Miller, John Clark Caldwell. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Morton Lazarus, Charles Craig Woodso-i, James Lollie Bass, David Brown Barrow, Edgar Lon Pharr, James J. Dorrough, Charles Wayne Johnson, Thomas Elvin Johnson, Wendell B. Worley, Charles Allan Angel, Robert Newton King, Donald Anderson Pugh, James Kenned Skipton. FIFTH ROW: Tom K. Barton, Hernando Piedrahita, William E. Fouts, William B. Hoff, Edward W. Leshikar, David G. Hill, John Robert Coltharp, Labon Leroy Fairall, Stanley W. Blanchard, Jr., Mike E. Douglas, Jerry A. Simpson, Eugene B. Shepherd. SIXTH ROW: Lester Richard Louden, Peter Dunne Bennett, John Robert Gilley, William Weigler, Henry Scott James, Perry Montgomery Giles, Delbert Eugene McCullough, John Charles Procter, Lyndon Paul Holcomb, Lynnwood L. Heasley, James H. Warren, Dewey I. Alspaw, Ed D. Mainous. SEVENTH ROW: Doyle J. Todd, Carl M. Glass, Robert James Whitley, Cecil G. Friend, Alan R. Hunt, John Lynn Harrington, William Ward Leifeste, James Baxter Bennett, Edward L. Mulcahy, Gilbert C. Schutza, Mitchell L. Martin, William O. Breedlove, Charles Royce Hall. Page 200 MARION S. GRIFFITH, JR. Director JEAN GERON Drum Major R.O.T.C. BAND FRONT ROW: Major Warren J. Lane, Marion S. Griffith, Jr. SECOND ROW: Jean Geron, Jim E. Rogers, Keith R. Grimes, John E. Barnes, Rafe H. Cloe, John L. Sanders, Clarke Covington, Cicero C. Crutchfield. THIRD ROW: Ireneo Gutierrez, Jr., Clarence W. Legler, Robert C. Hooper, Donald S. Klett, Franklin Joseph Broz, Frederick Wayne Schumacher. FOURTH ROW: Tom Price, Jr., Charles T. Sutherland, Swen W. Borg, Jr., Robert H. Bohn, Rodney B. Corona, Hugh D. Orr. FIFTH ROW: Robert O. Williams, Jr., Rodger M. Zimmerman, George L. Van Cleave, Bernard S. Smith, Robert B. Chamberlain, Wayne A. Munson. SIXTH ROW: James Carley Orr, Justin R. Young, Leon Musil, Douglas B. Humble, John B. Yows, Richard C. Leech. SEVENTH ROW: Louis J. Michulka, Bobby L. Taylor, Andrew R. Payne, Walton D. Hood, Holmes A. Semken, William N. Yeager. EIGHTH ROW: Carl T. Levander, Kenneth M. Pinson, Melvin R. Blumberg, Paul L. Salzberger, William A. Henry, Byron R. Byars. NINTH ROW: William C. Longford, Jeon E. Rozzell, Harlen A. Winters, Jerry M. Cottingham, James P. Hart, Jr., Valmer Norrod. TENTH ROW: Robert Olin Brooks, William B. Clark. Page 201 WILLIAM D. BRYCE Commander CLAIRE HIETT Sponsor ORANGE WINGS DRILL TEAM FRONT ROW: Sheldon Anisman, Humbolt C. Mandell, Joseph E. Cates, Henry J. Trautwein, Jr., Harold B. Llneberger, Wilton Lock, Jesse R. Garza, Eurshell Danny Langwell, Ira Dolich, Ricardo M. Villarreal. SECOND ROW: Robert Acock, Joel Brand, Donald P. White, Robert Duckworth, David S. Bennett, Harvey E. Roberts, Scott D. Evans, Joaquin Fox, John K. Meyer, Robert E. Goad. THIRD ROW: Tom R. Edwards, William E. Cassady, James P. Phillips, J. Scott Thornton, Ricardo T. Deleon, James Endress, Jerald N. Sigman, Leon G. Halden. FOURTH ROW: Vernon Sanford, Joel Brochstein, Roger L. Leonard, Frank E. Shoup, Stewart Davis, Samuel Drogo, Jimmy Almazan, Elias G. Falcon, Bert M. Fisher. Page 202 LEFT TO RIGHT: Anthony Gerard Brocato, Charles Edward Tay- lor, Harris Jacob Weingarten, John R. Tinsley, Dolph B. H. Simon, Ronald A. Patton. FRONT ROW: Marion S. Griffith, James C. Miller, Robert E. Smith, Anthony G. Brocato, Alfonso M. Garcia, Bryant A. Ficken, Frank E. Brock, Douglas L. Buchanan, Leslie A. McLaren, William F. Trafton, Mike Roberts, Dolph B. H. Simon, William J. Christie, Arthur A. Wesakowsky. SECOND ROW: Julian V. Horwitz, Roger L. Beery, Charles E. Dunn, C. C. Crutchfield, George E. Bode, Oren H. Ellis, Aubrey D. Gearner, Valmer Norrod, Thomas E. Sandford, John E. Redmon, Fred W. Sternenburg, Newton B. Schwartz, Thomas D. Caraway, Henry E. Kerry, Elliott Z. Cohen. Page 203 LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Virginia Lee, Paula Marie Lane, Don! Louise Richardson, Lanelle Ruth Lutz, Nancy Jo Couvillion, Sandra L. Mayfield, Suzette Claire D ' Ayson, Mary Jo Savage, Claire B. Hiett, Ann Staacke. FRONT ROW: Ernest D. Cline, Alfonso M. Garcia, Charles R. English, Ricardo M. Villarreal, Glen T. Williams, Jimmy A. Alma- zan, Henry C. Harrell, Robert F. Duckworth. SECOND ROW: Joseph E. Cates, Henry J. Trautwein, Harry H. Culler, James J. Dorrough, James S. Swearingen, Jr., Thomas W. Anthony. Page 204 Local Shots Joint Parade before Rice-Texas game Federal Inspection, Spring 1953 1 Color guard passing in review W i High noon drill Page 205 R.O.7.G. Local Shots Air Force R.O.T.C. Ball Sponsors being given honorary commissions Orange Wings passing in review Dig that crazy Bulletin Board Page 206 SUMMER CAMP 1953 Jk. I x %t - k r Night life during summer camp isn ' t all work at Randolph AFB Swearing in ceremony nni Standing retreat at Randolph AFB Dr. Wilson visits cadets Carbine instructions at Lackland AFB Page 207 SUMMER CAMP 1953 Checking out equip- ment at March AFB Who said summer camp was hard work? Stomach in! Chest out! at Randolph AFB Getting more calories at Randolph AFB Checking chutes before flight at Randolph AFB Page 208 Student Government and Publications Service Dorms and Co-ops Features C4VM % O O O The Students ' Association is made up of every student in the University. Its function is to provide a media of expression of student opinion, to give student voice to University af- fairs, and to interpret University policies into student action. As well as in other ways, student opinion was manifested this year in the vote for a $1 -increase in the Texas Union fee which failed in an October election a special election con- ducted through the Students ' Association. Student government is patterned on the federal system, with a Constitution which es- tablishes Executive (the elected officials pictured on this page), Legislative (Student Assembly), and Judical (Student Court) departments to con- duct student affairs. The elected President, Vice-President, and Secretary represent the student body on the Union Board of Directors, the Athletic Council, the Co-operative Board of Directors, the Board of Directors of Texas Student Publication, Inc., the Social Calendar Committee and administer the committee and cabinet system under which Student Government operates. JOANN, FRANKLIN, AND FRANKLIN SCOTT SPEARS the student body ' s " first family " AMY JOHNSON secretary Page 210 CHARLES LEE (SONNY) SOWELL vice-president TRAVIS BAIN Engineering ARNOLD BARBAN Business Administration JULIA BEALL Fine Arts CHARLES DAVIS (CHUCK) CABANISS Law JO ANN CALDWELL TOM CLOWE ALBERT COX Fine Arts Business Administration Business Administration RANDY CRAWFORD Graduate ROLAND DAHLIN Arts and Sciences DON DUNCAN Engineering JERRY CARL GILMORE Arts and Sciences BEVERLY BROOKS GOLDSMITH Arts and Sciences JANE ANGELINE HARDWICK Arts and Sciences THOMAS E. LAUGHLIN, JR. DON EDWARD LEGGE ROBERT CLAYTON PAGE Engineering Architecture Pharmacy PATRICIA LOU PERRY BARBARA LEE TERRELL GENE COWDEN WALKER Education Arts and Sciences Graduate The Student Assembly is the legislative branch of student government composed of representatives of every college and department in the University. Blanket- Tax appropriations, the Blood Drive, and Campus Chest annually start in the Assembly, which has been responsi- ble for most of the investigations into bad living condi- tions, malpractices, etc., occurring from time to time on every campus and for starting corrective action in nearly every case on this campus. Hundreds of stu- dents take part in these investigations and corrective measures through their work in student government committees sponsored by the Assembly. Two appointments were made to th e Assembly after two members resigned. Fred O ' Connor took over for Don Duncan, Engineering, and Dan Willson replaced Tom Cheavens, Graduate. LORRAINE ELIZABETH WEST Education EDWIN REINHOLD YORK Law Page 211 TISA Sitting: Cleo McWhorter, Tom- my Rodman, Bob Travis. Standing: Jack Levy, Tommy Thompson, LeRoy Birdwell, Dick Atkin. CIVIL DEFENSE Howard Richards, Tommy Rodman, Barbara Burr, Jim Lovett, Janet Holder, Harry Mass, Tommy Thompson. SPONSORED STUDENTS Betty Ann Thompson, Sue Trigg, Saundra Ruth Altman, Ruth Ann Pojman. BUSINESS RELATIONS Arnold Melvin Barban, Hal W. Atkins, Jr., George Putnam, James Roy Smith, Thomas A. McCampbell, Richard U. Simon, Robert A. Siegel. Page 212 FRESHMAN COUNCI1 SITTING: Joanne Copeland, Marty Phclps, Nancy Peavy, Beverly Klaver, Shirley Cohen, Madalyne Buchman. STANDING: Ray Parabee, Stanley E. Adams, Lloyd E. Hayes. Patricia Tracy, Martha Ergle, Jeanne Wiedeman, Shirley Bay less, Tom Bousquet (standing). INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL COMMITTEE GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: Aida I. Totah, Mary Lillian Blasingame, Helen Jane Pharr, Virginia Ruth Diamond, Diana Marie Dugat, Shirley Ann Nelson, Sally Woods Sparks. SECOND ROW: Timothy Liu, Daniel C. Morgan, Harold W. Newing, Abdel-Kader A. Ayoub, Adalberto A. Viesca, Matti AI-Aish. FRONT ROW: Wallace Bruce Hicks, Norma Jean Arnold, Jenny Jenull, Nelson Green. SECOND ROW: Don Rosenfield, Paul McKean, Otis Rhea Schmidt, Phyllis Ann Green. PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: Bert Cox. SECOND ROW: Jack C. Rothwell, George M. Woodman, Herb Craft, Judy Johnson, Eric S. Greenfield. THIRD ROW: Charles Edward Smith, Jesse Yonge Bigham, Jr., Sarah L. Tubb, Edgar Charles Watkins, James H. Collins. FOURTH ROW: Carol Jeanine Gross, David H. Grafft, Barbara Mann, Ronald M. Jackson, Ralph W. Scott. FIFTH ROW: Stanley E. Adams, Russell R. Reynolds, Bert E. Ray, N. Ruth SmitH, Joe N. Bell. Page 213 FRONT ROW: Mary Dannenbaum, Linda Griffin, Dorothy Jo Daily, Shirley Cohen, Annette Morris, Tom Peterson. SECOND ROW: Jim Keahey, Richard Busby, William Morris, Chestley Woods, Charles McCullum, Vernon Ellegge, Speight Jenkins, David Wright. The student ' s guarantee that the constitution will be respected by their elected representatives, the Student Court interprets the constitution, examines the books of campus organizations, decides on disputed elections, and can impel student officials to carry out the duties of their respective offices to the fullest extent. It is made up of a chief justice and four associate justices, all elected by the student body. The chief justice also appoints the Election Commission and serves as chair- man of the Social Calendar Committee. BILL MARSCHALL chief justice LeROY BIRDWELL PAT KENDALL JO ANN DICKERSON JIM McKEITHAN Page 214 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Director C. C. (JITTER) NOLEN Assistant to the Director . MRS. BRUCE TAYLOR STUDENT MEMBERS Franklin Spears, chairman Amy Johnson, vice-chairman John Anderson Lynn Season Janice Bourdon Virginia Gillett Ed Notestine Ed York EX-STUDENT MEMBERS Herman Jones John McCurdy FACULTY William D. Blunk Dorothy Gebauer William Livingston Willis Pratt Robert Ross The purpose of the Texas Union is to provide each student with the opportunity to complete his education by utilizing his leisure hours in leadership training, community service activities, creative hobby training and economical personal and social recreation. In addition, the Union is the " living room " of the campus and is a geographical focal point of related interest that allows the student, ex-student, faculty, and University Dad to cling to some tangible evidence of Texas University spirit. As a " school of social education " it supple- ments physical education and intellectual study to produce a complete personality. JITTER NOLEN LEFT TO RIGHT: Gebauer, Johnson, Gillett, Ross, Livingston, McCurdy, York, Blunk, Pratt, Anderson, Bourdon, Nolen, Spears. Page 215 UNION ACTIVITIES COUNCIL SITTING: Helen and Nancy Ainsworth, hospitality; Emily Beall, music; Margaret Ann Schmidt and Sue Burks, dance. STANDING: Edwin R. York, faculty-student cabinet; Ivan William Knobler, public relations; John William Anderson, UAC chairman; Madeleine Ann Cobb, UAC secretary; Jan Cobb, forum speakers; Jay Hall, talent. UNION DANCE COMMITTEE UNION FACULTY-STUDENT CABINET SITTING: Margaret A. Schmidt, chairman, M. Sue Burks, chairman, Barbara J. Baird, Nancy M. Helf, Shirley A. Nelson. STANDING: James H. Peoples, James M. Gilliam, Billy R. Stephens, Walter H White, James H. Baggaley, Phillip G. Foote. SEATED: Virginia Tita Gillett, Laurie Klindworth, Priscilla Alden Mullins, Janet Holder, Beverly Jane Williams, Paula Green. STANDING: Edwin R. York, Chairman, Harry A. Nass, Richard N. Cooper, Jim D. Lovett, John B. Henderson, Dick Ricketts, Charles D. (Chuck) Cabaniss. UNION TALENT COMMITTEE SEATED (IN FRONT OF TABLE): Jay Hall, chairman, Zoe Baughman, Sarah Bi SEATED (BEHIND TABLE): Dorothy Burgess, Eleanor Meyer, Nancy Clark, Nagle, Mack Jones, Paula Jacobs. STANDING: John Sanders, George Meyer, Herb Craft, Charles Smith. Page 216 lups. Fred UNION CHARM COMMITTEE UNION MUSIC COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: Betty Kathryn Wood, Dennis Anne Raymer, Neal Roberts, Patricia Ellen Tracy, Georgeanne Allen, Carmel Theresa Dorman, Shirley Beatrice Klein. SECOND ROW: Judy Johnson, chairman, (standing), Sonia Yvonne Powell, Marilyn Virginia Steele, Sue Skelton, Jan James, Vlasta Zobal, Jo Ann Starkey, Joyce Lee Brown. SEATED: Barbara Ruth Schmitt, Emily Beall, chairman, Karen Renee Flowers, Kay Farquhar. STANDING: Nancy Jo Mauck, Charlie AAcTee, Martha Gail Ergle. UNION PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE FORUM SPEAKERS COMMITTEE SITTING: Kendall Bradshaw, Nancy Gay Haston, Mary Nell Enlow, Thelma Dochen. STANDING: Ivan William Knobler, chairman, Sam Neuman, David S. Bennett, William T. Cortelyou. FRONT ROW: Catherine Rogowski, Florence Coffee, Catherine Gail Anderson, Carol Sutherland, Dorothy Jo Daily, Wilheimina Johanna Hicks, Lucy Lee Speaker. SECOND ROW: Jan Cobb, chairman, Clovis Morrisson, chairman, James Gilbert, Ed C. Harrell, Willard R. Green, Joe Ed Shaddock, Brooks Goldsmith. UNION ART COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: Rosalyn Borg, Diane Lee Wilson, Elizabeth Ann Nielsen, Virginia Ruth Diamond, Betty Bell Barker, Florence Ann Stickler. SECOND ROW: Jayne Randolph, Larry R. Burke, Don R. Reimers, Nancy Ann Walker, Marilyn L. Guerguin, Clarence W. Legler. Page 217 SPEARS KENNY WALKER ATKIN McREYNOLDS HILBURN JOSLIN FRAZER GILBERT we. BOARD OF DIRECTORS OLIN ETHMER HINKLE, Associate Professor of Journalism JACK HOLLAND, Dean of Men CALVIN A. NEWTON, Business Director HARRELL ESTES LEE, Editorial Director DEWITT C. REDDICK, Professor of Journalism R. GOMMEL ROESSNER, Associate Professor of Architecture ERNEST A. SHARPE, Associate Professor of Journalism JOHN ARNOLD WALTER, Assistant Professor of English FRANKLIN SCOTT SPEARS, President of the Students ' Association RICHARD T. ATKIN, Assembly Representative GENE COWDEN WALKER, Assembly Representative JAMES FRANKLIN GILBERT, Cactus Editor ROBERT WAYNE KENNY, Daily Texan Editor WILLIAM I. McREYNOLDS, Daily Texan Managing Editor, FALL, 1953 ROBERT RAMEY HILBURN, Daily Texan Managing Editor, SPRING, 1954 CHARLES ALVIN JOSLIN, Ranger Editor, FALL, 1953 JOHN T. FRAZER, Ranger Editor, SPRING, 1954 REDDICK NEWTON HINKLE SHARPE HOLLAND ROESSNER WALTER LEE BUSINESS STAFF Business Director CALVIN A. NEWTON Editorial Director HARRELL E. LEE Assistant Business Director FRANKIE MAE LINDSEY Cactus Production Manager MARGUERITE FREEMAN Office Manager MARY ARNOLD Bookkeeper ROBERT G. STANDLEE Advertising Manager MARY MARGARET FRAZIER Secretary HELEN DANNER Officer Assistants JOE McHALE DARRELL POPE Switchboard Operator CONNIE LOCKWOOD Circulation Manager PEARL GHORMLEY Plant Foreman W. T. HAYS TEXAN ADVERTISING SALESMEN Frederick D. Bunsen, Jr. Norman William Campbell James Russell Coldwater Todd P. Cromwell Paul Danner Peter Martin Dyke Carol Foust RANGER ADVERTISING SALESMEN Raymond Bennett William K. Foster Jerre Kneip William Little Edmund Notestine Gerald M. Rafshoon Donald Rosenfield Mary Alice Morgan STANDLEE FRAZIER LINDSEY GHORMLEY ARNOLD DANNER HAYS LOCKWOOD McHALE Page 219 FREEMAN Jim Gilbert, Editor-in-Chief STAFF Editor JIM GILBERT Associate Editor RICHARD CURRY Editorial Assistant JANICE BOURDON SECTION EDITORS Administration LURA ELLISTON Athletics NEIL NATHAN Clubs BARBARA ROTH Fine Arts DON NOBLE Fraternities JOHN NOTESTINE Honoraries JAMES TAFT Index SALLY BEILKE Men ' s Intramurals CLAUDE ALLEN Military BOBBY MIKS Sororities VIRGINIA HLANAK Student Government JO ANN DICKERSON Women ' s Intramurals . . BARBARA ROTH STAFF ASSISTANTS Ruby Lee Bollard, Lois Bernstein, Marjorie Brod, Joyce Lee Brown, Loyce Lee Brown, Ernestine Glassbrenner, Peggy Pegram, Carol Querolo, Harriett Riddick, Johnny Stuart, Bette Thompson, Ernest Ware, Marriott Wieck- hoff, Barbara Zabolio. Richard Curry, Associate Editor Janice Bourdon, Editorial Assistant Page 220 ASSISTANT SECTION EDITORS Administration MARIAN McCLENDON Athletics JAMES VAN RICHARDS Dormitories and Co-Ops CAROL STRIEBECK Fine Arts KAY EMMONS Fraternities ALFRED WILSON Honoraries SHIRLEY COHEN Index NANCY WALKER BETTY SIMON JO ANN STARKEY VAN HOWARD Men ' s Intramurals BILL CORTELYON Military EARNEST WARE Service LUVERNE MITCHELL Sororities DORIS ANN ELROD Student Government ELEANOR BASSETT Women ' s Intramurals . LILLIE MAE GRAHAM We tried to give the 1954 Cactus a " new look " we hope we succeeded and that this is the biggest and best Cactus yet. This is the first year that the Cactus has been published by the lithographic process offset, instead of by the letterpress method. Offset gave us a little more leeway in design and page make-up, and in the use of color, as, in addition to the opening pages, the six main divisions are in full color. Most of all, we hope that this Cactus accomplished its main job- that of presenting you with a complete history of 1953-54 at the University of Texas. Dickerson Elliston Allen Beilke Hlanak Miks Nathan Noble Notestine Roth Taft Page 221 THE TEXAN The Firsf College Daily in the South ' FALL STAFF SPRING BOB KENNY Editor-in-Chief BOB KENNY BILL McREYNOLDS Managing Editor BOB HILBURN JOE SANDERS Editorial Assistant JIM CLARK RUTH PENDERGRASS . Editorial Research Assistant . . EDGAR WATKINS BOB HILBURN News Editor SHIRLEY STRUM MURRAY FORSVALL . . Sports Editor SAM BLAIR GITTA LOCKENVITZ . . Society Editor HELEN COX DOUG JOHNSON Amusements Editor JACK WALKER LUKE L. PATRENELLA . . Book Editor LUKE L. PATRENELLA SUE SEITZ Wire Editor ARTHUR BERWICK NICK JOHNSON Intramurals Co-ordinator NICK JOHNSON FRANK CRICCHIO Photographers JACK HANKINS JACK HANKINS JERRY CHASTAIN BOB GILES Exchange Editor RICHARD E. BUSBY Picture Editor JIM EAGER PHYLLIS ANN GREEN Feature Editor . JANET RODGERS Bob Kenny, Editor-in-Chief DAY EDITORS Jim Clark Shiree Daniel Pat Dilworth Shirley Strum Tommy Thompson Carolyn Culbert Phyllis Ann Green Joe Schott Edgar Watkins NIGHT EDITORS Jo Ann Dickerson Thorn Hansard Jim Keahey Norris Loeffler Jerry Rafshoon Janet Rodgers Jack Walker Murray Forsvall Ruth Pendergrass Bill McReynolds, Managing Editor, Fall Bob Hilburn, Managing Editor, Spring Page 222 Blair Busby Clark Cox Culbert Daniel Dickerson The Daily Texan started the year with three goals: more comprehensive coverage of world affairs, more complete and accurate presenta- tion of campus news, and intellectual leadership of the campus through an active and balanced editorial policy. The editors were soon to find that they would make the news as well as pre- sent it, with a new composing room to move into, special editions for football week ends, new programs to sponsor, and one unsuccessful chal- lenge of editorial policy in Student Court. In its fifty-fourth year of continuous publi- cation, the Texan held a steady course in pur- suit of these goals and indicated again that in spite of loss of continuity through personnel changes and other minor handicaps, its tradition of service and its intelligent news coverage and editorial policy will keep it at the top of the country ' s best college newspapers. Pendergrass Rafshoon Strum Thompson Watkins SPORTS Mike Quinn Joe Sanders Richard Busby Ike Newman Willie Morris Verne Boatner Russell Tinsley Bernie Brown Ronnie Moskowitz SOCIETY Millicent Huff Rae Wills Gwynn McCullough Rose Janda Darlene Prouse Janey Collins Bettye Rowland AMUSEMENTS Thorn Hansard Luke Leonx Patrenella Richard Busby Beverly Baker Lita Litvin David Grafft Richard Curry GENERAL Jimmie McKinley Nancy McMeans Helen Schafer Phyllis Ann Green David Grafft Griff Singer Sandra Mitchell Will White Carl Burgen Roily Wester Jim Templin J. C. Golden Jean Schwartz Wilma Hartman WIRE J. C. Golden Lou Jean Watkins Jimmie McKinley Jerry Hall Arthur Berwick Page 223 TEXAS RANGE R Charly Joslin, Editor-in-Chief, Fall STAFF FALL SPRING CHARLY JOSLIN Editor-in-Chief JOHN FRAZER JOHN FRAZER Associate Editor JIM WRIGHT JIM WRIGHT Managing Editor STAFF ASSISTANTS JIM ROGERS Humor Editor FRANK CRICCHIO Photographer JACK HANKINS Photographer MARCIA BOYER Illustrator NANCY MASSEY Illustrator WILLIAM BERRY Illustrator PHIL BASHARA Cartoonist NEIL CALDWELL Cartoonist BILL LACY Cartoonist BILL KNIGHT Cartoonist JAMES HALL Witte DAN ROGERS Witte RICHARD E. BUSBY . Witte BOB O ' CONNOR Witte ELROY BODE Fiction RICHARD CURRY Fiction JO ANN DICKERSON Fiction JOHN McDAVID Fiction SAM BLAIR Sports THOM HANSARD Feature BILL McREYNOLDS Feature CAROLYN CULBERT Feature NANCY FREEMAN Researcher NORMA BROCK Researcher HELEN SCHAFER Researcher JIM CLARK Proofreader CALVIN GRAF . Contributor John Frazer, Editor-in-Chief, Spring Jim Wright, Associate Editor Page 224 Phil Bashara Sam Blair Elroy Bode Marcia Boyer Richard Busby Jim Clark Frank Cricchio The jolly old Ranger rollicked through seven issues this year, using up two editors and a host of staffers in the process. Charly Joslin, master humorist, cracked the whip for the first four issues (including the collector ' s item issue that left the name off the magazine). Among the Joslin classics were the contro- versial " Wheels " issue and the popular dating issue. When Charly went north to start making an honest living, Associate Editor John Frazer moved up to the top spot for the spring semester, putting out such sparklers as the cheesecake issue and the Scrungedorker travel parody. Including, as it did, such attractions as campus beauties, convulsively funny stories, side-splitting cartoons, censored jokes, pithy comments by Associate Editor Walrus Jim Wright, and the works of other assorted genii, small wonder that the Ranger is considered the world ' s greatest humor magazine. By the staff, at least. Nancy Massey Thorn Hansard Robert O ' Conor SITTING: Marcia Boyer, Charly Joslin, Jim Wright. RECLINING: Nancy Massey. STANDING: James Hall, Ray Bennett, Dan Rogers, Dorothy Anderson. SITTING: Diana Klotz. TOP ROW: Elroy Bode, John Frazer, Pat Moseley, Jim Rogers. vi. - S , - .... . . . . ..- ' . _ Page 227 HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION Founded: Lafayette College, 1925 Alpha Rho Chapter, 1935 OFFICERS FALL ELWOOD J. PREISS President JOE PAUL TUPIN . . First Vice-President SPRING JOE PAUL TUPIN CHARLES M. MERRILL KENNETH IRA OWENS Second Vice-President JAMES BATTS RIVES, JR. IVAN KNOBLER Secretary WILLIAM C. BROOKS JOE LACKLAND ORR . . Treasurer JERE H. BONE Hal P. Bybee Keith Cox H. L. Gaskin Lee Gilman ADVISORS H. W. Newman C. C. (Jitter) Nolen Arno Nowotny DeWitt Carter Reddick George J. Stephens Gerald Williams MEMBERS George Ashford Armer Jere H. Bone Bill Burson Brooks Don Lee Burson Bob Crowell Cole Jim Michael Cook Bill Austin Copen Don O ' Neal Cox Vincent L. Crixell Billy Gray Ronnie Miller Guinn Herman E. Haenel Leon Gilbert Haldren Frank Thurman Hilton Joe Allen Hoover Hal Lee Hudspeth Ronald Melford Jackson Penn Johnson Ivan Knobler Willie Joe Kostka Bob Kostohoyz John Carl Landa Ben Joseph Leon Max Stanley Levit Harry Jones Logan Buford DeMoville McKinney Charles Merrill Sam Mitchell Henry Edwin Moore Al Clifford Nunn Don Orr James Carley Orr Joe Lackland Orr Ken Ira Owens Carl Allen Parker Bob Hull Pasley Kenneth Morrow Pinson Bill Lee Plummer Elwood J. Preiss Donus Wayne Ricks Charles Irwin Richey James Bafts Rives Raymond C. Roane Lewis Marshall Roch, III Ted Robert Scott Joe Ed Shaddock John A. Smart Dan Cargill Smith, III Joe Tupin Henry Allen Tyler Hugo Alphonse Walter Leo Ken Willis FALL INITIATES Lynn Louis Bourdon, Jr. Jackie Price Bowyer Seth Darraby Breeding, Jr. Charles Robert Busby Cleatis Raymond Carrol John Carrol Chitwood Rudy W. Chromchack Vaydor Frank Cody Walter Lee Colwell William Bernard Dale Charles Madison Davis David Lee Forbes James Richard Hamm Thomas Henry Holman Joseph Calvin Holsonback Samuel W. Kolman Eurshell Danny Langwell Henry A. LaRowe Graham Eugene McCullough Fred Daniel McLeary John Richard McMillan Humboldt Casad Mandell, Donald Oscar Nelson Bernard Wayne Palmer Dean Anderson Poulter Jack Edward Ragsdill Edward Joseph Rashti Madison William Reed, Jr. James Van Richards Benjamin Haskell Schwartz Jr. Wendall N. Spreadbury, Jr. Floyd Grady Stoddard James Clark Terrell George Earnest Ware Earl Francis Warren Patrick T. Withers SPRING PLEDGES William Edward Blachly N. John Blumberg Swen William Borg, Jr. John R. Carpenter Roger Lacy Conger Howard S. Dudley Hilbert Carl Engelhardt Mahmoud M. Faham Emil E. Friberg George Everest Friend Arthur Dan Gleckler John Kirk Gray James Malcolm Harris Larry Allen Hebert Charles Winston King, Jr. Robert Newton King Richard Lipson Maynard Martin William H. McDougal Melton Duane McMasters William Roy Morgan, Jr. Keith F. Nickle Jimmy Dale Price William Dent Simpson John Grigsby Turner John Robert Wills Sam M. Wood, Jr. Page 228 HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION FOR MEN Founded: The University of Texas, 1922 OFFICERS FALL SPRING BILL BARNES HOFF Foreman PRESTON HASTINGS DIAL, JR. LAWRENCE LINDELL SEASON Straw Boss WILLIAM KENT MclLYAR MARSHALL TERRELL CLEGG Horse Wrangler WILLIAM INGO MARSCHALL, JR. JOHN MARK McLAUGHLIN Camp Cook RICHARD CLARK WEBB MEMBERS John Bayette Andrews Douglas Eugene Atwill David Brown Barrow Lawrence Lindell Season Allen Jack Becker LeRoy Birdwell Norman William Black Fredrik Seward Blackmar Gerald Lynn Burton Karl Theodore Butz, Jr. Jim C. Calaway James Dawson Carlton James Milton Cavender Marshall Terrell Clegg Robert Zwinc Clemens Albert Harrington Cox James L. Dalton Perry D. Davis Robert Lee Ball Dewar Preston Hastings Dial, Jr. Lynwood Grayburn Elliot Howell M. Finch Gilbert Ford Max Prince Gardner Charles Genthner William Willard Gibson, Jr. Leslie W. Giddens, Jr. Joe Bob Golden Tony Guerra Bruce Cullen Hallmark Joseph Paul Hammond Juan Hernandez Bill Barnes Hoff John Webb Howell Roily Koppel John Carl Landa James Marvin Leath David Tex Ling Jack N. Little William Ingo Marschall, Jr. Carlton W. Massey William Kent Mcllyar John Mark McLaughlin Henry Houston Moore Philip A. Nelson, Jr. Jack Kenneth Norris Ed Notestine William Albert Penn William Lee Plummer Billy Paul Powell Elwood J. Preiss Alphonso Ragland Philip Ransopher Don F. Reifler Arthur Bernard Riviere Tommy E. Rodman Stanley David Rosenberg Charles Lee Sowell Jack Robson Sowell Mack Stoeltje Thomas V. Thompson Joe Paul Tupin Richard Clark Webb Alberto Yriart SPRING INITIATES Eugene L. Ames, Jr. James Neal Blanton Ronald Lew Bouchier Charles Neuel Brewer Joe Albert Brown Robert Ray Gribble Jack Hartel Jerre Graham Kneip Max Stanley Levit Bill Long John Richard McMillan Charles M. Merrill Howard Dean Moon Jay Clark Nowlin Jess Newton Rayzor, Jr. Richard U. Simon, Jr. Thomas Marion Snow David William Snyder Jimmie Vance Stovall John Paul Tatum Delano Womack Page 229 NATIONAL HONORARY SOCIETY FOR SENIOR WOMEN Founded: Cornell University, 1918 Visor Chapter, 1923 OFFICERS FALL SPRING DOROTHY JANE DURRENBERGER . . . President DOROTHY JANE DURRENBERGER CAROL JEAN WESNER Vice-President CAROL JEAN WESNER DOUGLAS ANN JOHNSON Secretary DOUGLAS ANN JOHNSON MARY ANN MALEY Treasurer MARY ANN MALEY HELEN MARKARET FLINN Sponsor HELEN MARGARET FLINN MRS. WARREN HOLTZMAN Sponsor MRS. WARREN HOLTZMAN HELEN TACKETT Sponsor HELEN TACKETT MEMBERS Angela Caldwell Dorothy Jane Durrenberger Peggy Fulton Virginia Hallum Patricia Hinds Douglas Ann Johnson Diane Lehman Mary Ann Maley Margaret Texanna Petty F. Darlene Prouse Barbara Lee Terrell Ernestelle Kay Tuff Carol Jean Wesner SPRING INITIATES Katherine Buford Barlow Marjorie Janice Bourdon Ann Davis Mary Martine Floyd Sidney Elizaneth Howell Catherine Bunny Jones Kathryn Kelly Patricia Anne Kendall Diana Klotz E. Jane Kneip Jane Gay Maxwell Ruth Pendergrass Patricia Lou Perry Ruth Smith Shirley Elise Strum M. Sue Trigg Betty Kathryn Wood Kathryn Margaret Young Page 230 HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN Founded: The University of Texas, 1924 FALL PEGGY LEE ROWLAND JANE GAY MAXWELL SIDNEY ELIZABETH HOWELL LINDA ELAINE REEVES DOROTHY GEBAUER LETA WALTER GEORGEANNE BEENE OFFICERS SPRING President PEGGY LEE ROWLAND Vice-President JANE GAY MAXWELL Secretary SIDNEY ELIZABETH HOWELL Treasurer LINDA ELAINE REEVES Sponsor DOROTHY GEBAUER Sponsor LETA WALTER Associate Sponsor GEORGEANNE BEENE Helen Ainsworth Nancy Ainsworth Rie Charlotte Booth Marjorie Janice Bourdon Sidney Elizabeth Howell MEMBERS Kathleen Kelley Shirley Jean Klein Diana Klotz Jane Gay Maxwell Ruth Pendergrass Linda Elaine Reeves Peggy Lee Rowland Wilma Agnes Sandel Shirley Elise Strum Betty Ann Thompson Norma Jean Arnold Cecilia Ann Barber Emily Beall Nancye Gaye Burkhart Dorothy Jo Daily Mary Elizabeth Dannenbaum Ann Davis FALL INITIATES Beverly Ann Guinn Jane Angeline Hardwick Mary Jane Inglish Mary Virginia Jenull Ted Lewis Moody Patricia Lou Perry Martha L. Phelps Mary Juan Presson Catherine Antonina Rogowski N. Ruth Smith Ann Louise Sutton M. Sue Trigg Lorraine Elizabeth West Betty Kathryn Wood SPRING INITIATES Joanne Copeland Shirley Englehardt Virginia B. Gillett Nancigail Jordan Betty Keller Mary Margaret Miller Isabelle M. Peck Martha Powell Ruth Lorene Prouse Virginia Kay Stark Page 231 MEN ' S HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION Founded: The University of Texas, 1938 OFFICERS FALL SPRING C. A. RUNDELL, JR President JOE ALLEN OSBORN JOE ALLEN OSBORN Vice-President ELLIOTT ZALMAN COHEN JERRY JAMES WILSON Secretary SAM R. PERRY JOHN MURRAY GREENWOOD, JR. . . Treasurer THOMAS JACKSON HOYT C. READ CRANBERRY Sponsor C. READ GRANBERRY C. C. (JITTER) NOLEN Sponsor C. C. (JITTER) NOLEN DAVID THEOBALD BLACKSTOCK .... Executive Councilman DURWARD GRAY EVANS ELLIOTT ZALMAN COHEN Executive Councilman HOMER HERBERT JACKSON, JR. HOMER HERBERT JACKSON, JR. . Executive Councilman C. A. RUNDELL, JR. MEMBERS Richard Fraine Adair Matti Saleh AI-Aish John William Anderson Richard Thatcher Atkin Richard Buckner Austin Charles Allen Bankston William Gilbreth Barber Claiborne Murray Bell Phillip Miller Bell David Theobald Blackstock William Donald Bonham Anthony Gerard Brocato Robert Daniel Burck William Martin Byrd Robert Lee Carson A. Gregory Catlow William Henry Clark Everett Foy Clement Jamie Hager Clements Carleton Thomas Clowe, Jr. Elliott Zalman Cohen Roland Edmund Dahlin, II Bernard Olter Dow Joe Donald Duncan Daniel Lindsey Durway Durward Gray Evans Kenneth Ray Farabee Richard Franklin Ford Clay W. G. Fulcher George Albert Gage George Pierre Gardere Claude Watson Goldsmith, Jr. John Murray Greenwood, Jr. Troy Lee Hand Douglas Hart James Lamar Hart Julian Victor Horwitz Joe Tipton Housewright Harold Carter Howard Thomas Jackson Hoyt James Theodore Hunt Homer Herbert Jackson, Jr. James Carrol Jones Robert Wayne Kenney Harold Fred Kleinman Edward John Landry William Edward McDonald James Daniel McKeithan William Irvin McReynolds Paul Covey Mohr Preston Moore, Jr. Daniel Croxton Morgan William Weaks Morris Edward Clifford Nott, Jr. Joe Allen Osborn John Marshall Page Sam R. Perry Ralph Erb Person Benjamin Thomas Rhodes, Jr. Jack C. Rothwell, Jr. C. A. Rundell, Jr. Newton Boris Schwartz Adolph B. H. Simon Donald Charles Smith Finis Dean Smith Franklin Scott Spears Daniel Harry Spoor Sterling Wallace Steves Arnold Norman Sweet Jack Quinn Tidwell Robert Stone Timmins Dave Harrell Williams Jerry James Wilson William Emerson Wright Edwin Reinhold York SPRING INITIATES Arnold Melvin Barban William A. Cline Charles Davis Cabaniss Olin Ray Cable David S. Dale Harry Lee Douty Jerry Carl Gilmore Thomas E. Laughlin Charles H. McCollum, III George W. Putnam John Thomas Ratliff Longford H. Sneed Donald Lamar Stone Pat Mitchell Tolar Page 232 I " ' ' h - Page 233 STAFF Housemother MRS. FRANCES SHELTON Counselor BESS ELOISE BREEDEN Counselor PATRICIA ANN COPLEY OFFICERS Chairman of All Campus Advisor Council DIANA KLOTZ President of Andrews MARY F. DAMREL Vice-President NANCY L. SUMMERS Secretary MARY B. SPITZER Treasurer . CATHERINE A. ROGOWSKI ADVISORS E. Ann Bailey Nancy Ann Chilton Mary F. Damrel Joe Anne Ericson Mary A. Gonzales Charlotte A. Gunter Blakely A. Hill Doris C. Miller Georgia N. Nutt Gwendolyn G. Quillian Catherine A. Rogowski Gail A. Schatzman Nancy L. Smith Joan Turner FRONT ROW: Cynthia Rebec- ca Barr, Barbara Joan Tomp- kins, Mary Gonzales, Barbara Ann Day, Gwendolyn Geneva Quillian, Jean Yardas, Janes Ladewig, Mary Lynn Booher, Charlotte Gunter, Joan Turner, Carmen Anton. SECOND ROW: Marilda Ellen Riley, Lois Yvonne Hill, Kath- ryn Marie Bush, Shirley Eliza- beth Yerington, Janet Eliza- beth Cleaves, Jody Ericson, Barbara Ann Benedict, Anna Marie Sitra, Virginia Alice Walker, Nancy Glazner, Mari- lyn LeEllen Smith, Frances Shelton. THIRD ROW: Amanda Lisa Stone, Nancy L. Summers, Son- dra Jo Hampton, Joan H. Leonard, Carolyn Marie Miller, M. Joan Stephen, Gayle Jenk- ins, Lorna Jean Jackson, Bar- bara Joan Andrews, Pat Sue Baker, Diana Epstein. FOURTH ROW: Peggy Alice Dougherty, Helen Frances Gott, Eva Robuck, Gloria Irene Hatcher, Celeste Katherine Curran, Nancy Jay Fiske, Winnie Jane Maclver, Louise Marie Miears, Nancy Lee Smith, Barbara Marcia Roth, Dorothy Jane Anderson, Mary Damrel. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Diane Remschel, L. Beverly Smith, Semi Cronfel, Carol Ann Mc- Bride, Carole Lynne Rousculp, Mary Marjorie Suttle, Donna Marie Green, Barbara DuLaney. SIXTH ROW: Catherine Ro- gowski, D. Carol Cook, Sharon Harvel, Anne Lennee Boone, Gerry Webb, Pat Roscoe, Jo Ann Smith. Page 234 T] ! FRONT ROW: Mollie Coats, Charlene Evans, Mary Nell Enlow, Marjorie Jeannette Hanes, Frances Anne Echols, Barbara Sue Beak ley, Meral Wynell Elkins, Betty Bell Bark- er, Car me I Theresa Dor man, Kay Reading, Ann Wilson, Carol Ann McVey, Maxine Knight Noble, Toni Slaughter, Jean Pinkston, Sarah Deloris Cabaniss, Mary Jo Savage, Margaret Ann Adams. SECOND ROW: Lynn Green, Alice Joyce Reynolds, Julia Katherine Beall, Ruth Smith, Dorothy Ann Payne, Agnes Ann Warren, Gladys Anne Rip- ly, Sylvia Elaine Barum, Jane Witcher, LaNelle Caldwell, Sara Terk, Marjorie Ann Yer- ington, Karolyn Kucera, Tela Longaker, Patsy Ann M i I ler, Sandra Swartz, Joan Mueller. THIRD ROW: Patricia Ann Eason, Dorsea Faye Heidbred- er, Aurelia Theresa Timpte, Joel la McMillan, Jane Kelly, Martha Anne Parker, Joan Mary Pond, Vlasto L. Zobal, Jean E. Wendel, Mary Lea Castleberry, Nancy Jayne Mas- sey, Elizabeth D. Garrett, Jean Dttzler, Mary Zoe Ingerson, Caroline Williams, Barbara Anne Reif Schneider, Patricia Andra Woods. FOURTH ROW: Patricia Ann Gardner, Sara Jean Kay, Betty Carolyn Rhodes, Patricia Joyce Estess, Beverly Ann Dunne, Patricia Mae Sterner s, Virginia Stedham, Betty John Rheu- botham, Helen Marie Elder, Patricia Jane McDonald, Bar- bara Wofford, Lou Jean Las- sen, Jackie Gwen Ward law, Katheryn Louise Davis, Carol Emily McGee, Lu Ann Saage, Ann Gabrielle Dorsey. . -- STAFF Counseling Supervisor JULIA W. RINE Counselor JOHNE ELLIOTT MURPHY Counselor RUTH IRENE JONES OFFICERS President HELEN MARIE ELDER Vice-President CAROL ANN McVEY Secretary ALICE JOYCE REYNOLDS Treasurer MAXINE KNIGHT NOBLE Reporter MARJORIE JEANETTE HANES UPPERCLASS ADVISOR OFFICERS Chairman RUTH SMITH Treasurer . . MAXINE KNIGHT NOBLE ADVISORS Julia Kathrine Beall Thomasine Allene Bynum W. LaNelle Caldwell Katheryn Louise Davis Dorothy Inge Deaver Sara Jean Kay Barbara Jo McKinney Nancy Jayne Massey Patsy Ann Miller Maxine Knight Noble Isabella M. Peck Mary Juan Presson Betty Carolyn Rhodes Tommie Lou Russell Nancy Marie Skiles N. Ruth Smith Marcia F. Waldron Jackie Gwen Wardlaw Mary Jane Witcher Page 235 Q lace FRONT ROW: Dorothy Howard, Sally Louise Wallace, Sonya Ray Clark, Barbara Jo Gray, Lois Inez Mendle, Peggy Joan Triplet!, Shirley Ann Nelson, Shirley Ann Wheat, Sally Woods Sparks, Joyce Elaine Gound, Patricia Prim, Phyllis Jean Cole, Joan B. Dumbauld, Joyce Rienstra, Dot Raney, Shirley L. Dike, Susie Prim. SECOND ROW: Justine Mcjohnson, Jo Mary Walters, Marinell Brooks, Leanne Hart, Barbara Francios, Janie Lewis, Carolyn Sansing, Katherine Hill, Marcia Lee Hagelman, Patricia Maguire, Marion Callery, Sherry Mc- Gauhey, Terry McKenzie, Shirley Marble, Alys Holden, Nancy Lee, Dianne Walker. THIRD ROW: Gretchen Patricia Kuhlmann, Mary Lureen White, Vivianne Elaine Baty, Ruth Ann Bradfield, Cynthia Lee Lankford, Eloise Leila McCarroll, Patricia Deon Matthews, Joanna Conway March, Marilyn Jo Cannon, Sydney Williams, Jeannine Smith, Fredna Anne Schroeder, Martha Agnes Beard, Susan Kirkpatrick, Mary Dring, Diana Marie Dugat, Doris Lee Cain, Mart Rhea May, Dolores Jean Ambrose, Helen Claire Cooley. STAFF Director MARTHA CAVIN HOUSE COUNCIL President LOIS INEZ MENDLE Joan Patricia Bryan Diana Marie Dugat Leanne Hart Alys Mae Holden Shirley Marble Mart Rhea May Peggy Joan Triplett Rita Joyce Wakefield Page 236 STAFF Director MRS. J. M. GRIFFITH Carl C. Aalund George Edward Allen John Bayette Andrews James D. Baker Truman Joe Biggs Charles Robert Billings John Melvin Blackwell Walter B. Bond John Robert Bowmer Sam Charles Bradshaw Charles Neuel Brewer James Alfred Brewer Wyman W. Buchanan William Baynard Calhoun Dougal A. Cameron Robert Lee Carson Joseph Cortez Eddie Joe Daniels James Edward Davis Charles Ray Dollar Glenn Colle Dyer Melvin B. Etheredge Frank Dewayne Finchum Robert Franklyn Flinn Richard Forester Gilbert Ford George Albert Gage Richard Claude Gawlik Joe Bob Golden Herbert William Gray Charlton Wells Hadden Hulen Alphes Hale Billy Harper Harris Richard Coke Hopping MEMBERS Charles Edward Howard Thomas J. Hoyt Johnny Hernandez Donald L. Johnes Rowland Johns Edward Clemens Kelly Roy Kelly Phillip Wesley Kidd Malcom Thomas Kitchens Alex J. Lansford Tommy LeBlue Raymond F. Leggett Boyd Linker Bill Carl Long Davis Milton Love Donald Ray McGraw Donald Edward McLaughlin Charles Machemehl James Lawrence Magill Louis Patrick Mangeniell Carlton W. Massey Richard Bryan Miller Paul C. Mohr Howard Dean Moon Morton Moriarty Thomas Austin Palmer David Paul Parkinson Gerald Ray Peterson Charles Steve Petrovich James Dennis Pierson Fitzhugh Lee Pinkston Clifford Dale Polk Billy Paul Powell Jerry Bob Prewit Billy Quinn Donald F. Reifler James Ottie Richardson George Sidney Robinson Tom Neil Rogers Homer J. Rosser Fred Milam Sounders John E. Schmid Menan Clyde Schriewer Robert Franklin Sexton Fred A. Skidmore Langford H. Sneed David William Snyder Elbert Riddick Spence Melvin Loyd Spence Gilmer Rayborn Spring Tommy Hanson Springer John Paul Tatum Jere William Thompson Patrick Mitchell Tolar Robert Lindley Towery Charles S. Travis Robert Ainsworth Tucker Robert Glen Waggener Charles Oliver Warren Bill Lee Warrick Jimmy Wayne Watson John Fred Weir Bill M. White Robert Wilkes Delano Womack Joe Bert Youngblood Page 237 FRONT ROW: Alice Lee Baird, Barbara Ann Pearson, Jerry Terry, Mary Ann Schlosser, Virginia AAae Cator, Kathleene Jeanette Owen, Rose Marie Vincent, Rose Marie Bengston, Onena Williams, M. Martha Nolen, Elizabeth Jean Gibson, Louise L. Lloyd, Randa Faye Turnley, Margaret Jane Bloom, Zora Belle Wright, Carol Dee Myers, Guadalupe Fernandez. SECOND ROW: Lois Joanne Hamilton, Doris Ann Petrusek, Mary Kathryn Smith, Ethel Wieting, Janice Gail Gray, Betty Jean Bruce, Lucille Ann Blume, Patricia B. Porter, Margaret Jane Hayes, Kathryn O. Bailey, Barbara Jean Stanley, Jean Elizabeth Carpenter, Bettye Jean Bond, Clara Jane Miler, Mary Louise Williams, Jonnie Eliso Mims, Mary Elizabeth Oliphant, Nancy Allen Austin, Pauline Theodora Tompkins. THIRD ROW: Sarah Lee Northington, Samfie Ann Portwood, Mary Ella Saunders, Sally Ann Pierce, Joyce Annette Wood, Georgia Ann Ulrich, Sylvia Ruth Gabert, Barbara Jewell Richards, Sally Yvonne Beilke, Nancy Ann Nichol, Merle Mae Teschner, Jeanette Marcelle Dobie, Ruth LaVerne McNab, Lorraine M. Gustafson, NanVia Remschell, Edna Joan Roelofs, Billie Marie Waggoner, Janet Muriel Stephens, Margaret Louise Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Lee Schwarz, Martha L. Rowntree, Sally Patricia Carr, Joyce Ghastang, Carolyn Lynette Outlaw, Preshia Jane Chauncey, Eveline Irene Bodenstein, Margaret Keefauver, Anne E. Osborne, Tykie Rose Levison. STAFF Director IRENE T. POWERS Assistant CORINNE KAUFMANN Assistant WANDA TURNLEY Dietician KATHLEEN C. HEATON OFFICERS House Chairman KATHLEENE JEANETTE OWEN Vice-Chairman BETTIE JEAN BOND Secretary-Treasurer JONNIE ELLISO MIMS UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Rose Marie Bengston Evelina Irene Bodenstein Guadalupe Fernandez Margaret Jane Hayes Alice Ann Herbst Margaret Louise Anthony Margaret Jane Bloom Viola Grafton Lewis Patricia Louise Lunz Lellah Onys Nix STUDENT RELATIONS Jerry Terry Rose Marie Vincent La Verne Voelkel Zora Belle Wright Patricia Bonneau Porter Mary Kathryn Smith Barbara Jean Stanley Merle Mae Teschner Page 238 Jlittleuela, FRONT ROW: Carol Mauk, Patricia Ellen Tracy, Jill Watson, Jocelyn Wells, Jane Moss, Elizabeth Cato, Marriott Wieckhoff, Ann DeLoach, Patricia Pennington, Mary Jane Carothers, Carolyn Krauskopf, Marcia Lambe, Bobbie Jean Fisher, Shirley Stefka, Vivien Kay Smith, Nita Carroll Knox, Gail Gammage, June Denby, Gwen Dowdle, Betty Shelton Smith, Virginia Ann Wells, Mary Lee Jobes, Edith Cecilia Culpepper. SECOND ROW: Patsy Glee Zoll, Waldine Ann Peterson, Carolyn Barber, Eleanor Ann Cunningham, Carol Goodwin, Oianne Dorothy Belton, Paula Beth McGee, Kay Cowan, Ann Jones, Debbie Harbach, Cathy O ' Donnell, Kay Mondrik, Anne Dare Brown, Shirley Ann Campbell, Gayle Howard Joann Patricia Ferris, Kay Farquhar, Cay Hartman, Mable Grimes, Cara Lee Petty, Carrie Frances Lawlis, Penny Payte, Mary Lillian Blasingame, Wynne Anderson, Elizabeth Juanita Allen. THIRD ROW: Sarita May Rubinsky, Sarah Jane English, Maurine Kay Reufearn, Pauline Protas, Mary Nelda Burns, Janet Ann Liston, Reta Ann Stiteler, Virginia Lou Holstein, Jo Ann Maltsberger, Kay Louise Baxter, Barbara Jo Davidson, Ann Lewis, Anne Snooky Wiliams, Joyce Thompson, Sue Clark, Carol Louann Kidd, Elizabeth Arlene Douglas, Kay Campbell, Margaret Eileen Ruebel, Lynne Collins, Patricia Lentin, Quida Hampton, Wilma Hodge, Irene Lewis, Maurine Merson, Jayne Upton. FOURTH ROW: Mary Sue Pace, Alice Jean Middleton, Sherry Ann Lutz, Ann Gradner Nicholl, Kathryn Ann Esse, Bettie Dane Nash, Lois Jean Feagin, Phyllis Jean Foote, Barbara Ann Dennis, Karen Renee Flowers, Suzanne McNabb, Joan Elizabeth Barber, Linda Jane Davis, Frances Louise Rugeley, Kathryn Richter, Moneta May Speaker, Beverly Guinn, Martha Powell, Emily Beall, LaVerne Clifton, Edwina Dee Marshall, Joan Strauch, Shirley Rae Rylander, Patricia Coyle, June Anne Witter, Nancy Walker, Patricia Bullitt, Joan Woellert, S. Jeanne McDonald. OFFICERS Advisor Chairman BEVERLY ANN GUINN Vice-Chairman SUE CLARK Secretary-Treasurer NORMA JEAN ARNOLD Reporter LORRAINE ELIZABETH WEST STAFF Directors AGNES ELIZABETH HENCHEY JO ANN SCHOOLER HELEN WILLARD Counselor SUE CALHOUN UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Alberta Ann Arledge Norma Jean Arnold Cecilia Ann Barber Emily Beall Sue Clark Opal LaVerne Clifton Beverly Ann Guinn Gay Colbury Jane Angeline Hardwick Mary Virginia Jenull R. Carroll Morris Martha Powell Otis Rhea Schmidt Ann Louise Sutton Florence Marie Thorne Lorraine Elizabeth West Claire Louise Yeagley Page 239 JlaU FRONT ROW: Barbara Barnes, Margaret Edmundson, Esther Baker, Eloise Corrotto, Nelda Garcia, Marlena de Hoyos. SECOND ROW: Zulema de Hoyos, Jan Hilderbrand, Lor- ayne Walker, Alison McElhone, Mrs. Martyn Conrey, Laverne Koza, Polly Pechal, Diana Ca- vazas, Irma Hernandez, Marie Coronado, Rose Richter. THIRD ROW: Yvonne Eys- sautier, Rose Janda, Joanne Barry, Janet Fagan, Sally Os- borne, Earlene Whitt, Eva Baker, Betty Jo Lednicky, Jane Addison, Joan Berkenkamp, Marie Palmer, Delia de Hoyos, Phyllis Craven, Mary Catherine Belluomini. FOURTH ROW: Estella Pans- za, Mary K. Pruitt, Andreina Trevino, Billie Lynn Tucker, Susie Goeman, Estella de la Garza, Barbara Callaway, Mag- dalena Leyendecker, Pat Ra- gone, Bonnie Baird, Magda- lena Benevides, Pat Stevens, Jerry Hatch, Barbara Ganter, Dot Hanchey. STAFF Director Social Director SISTER M. SABINA MRS. MARTYN CONREY OFFICERS Chairman . . . Vice-Chairman Treasurer . LAVERNE MARILYN KOZA PHYLLIS GREEN BONNIE B. BAIRD UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Chairman Advisors GERALDINE LOUISE HATCH PHYLLIS GREEN PHYLLIS MARIE CRAVEN BARBARA ANN CALLAWAY MARY KATHRYN PRUITT BETTY JO LEDNICKY Page 240 FRONT ROW: Jackie P. Bowy- er. Brooks Frazier, Ben Frank- lin, Mark E. Abernathy, Alan E. Fogelberg, Charles H. Rupe, Frank K. Engels, James Clark Carpenter, Jerry C. Gilmore, Harry P. Hewell, Rudy R. Mueller, Thomas M. Hammond, William H. McDougald, George E. Ware, James A. Loynd, Ri- cardo AA. Villarreal, James J. Kent, Lee R. Nichols, Charles I. Bass, C. L. Atkins, J. W. Watson. SECOND ROW: James AA. Germany, William W. Water. ous, Tom R. Edwards, Jimmv L. Coleman, Jim J. Richards, Phillip G, Foote, Jerome Er. sel Dawk ins, Oarrell C, Jew- ett, Norberto B. Vasquez, Romeo Gutierrez Vela, Eddie C. Killian, Clarence E. Gil- more, Charles F. Long, Bobby J, Daffern, Arthur Wayne Fagan, Edward K. Mauser, Dav- id B. Lowther, Robert W. Stafford, B. Jack Miller, Kung Hsing Lee, Julius Olson, THIRD ROW: James L. Neeley, Robert D. Koenig, Ben S. Henry, Pat G. Hedgcoxe, Billy G. Lackland, Jesus B. Kawas, James R. Dike, W. Otho Gil- lean, Floyd J. Travis, Jack D. West, Jerry N. Williams, Louis R. Cupp, Louis P. Bell- view, James O. Mull in. Jer- ry A. Gibson, Russell L. Bingley, George W. Cape, Gerald E. Johnson, Gene Smith, Leo A. Chamber I in, James M. Speer, Harvey Pens- FOURTH ROW: John P. Leslie, Robert J. Montgomery, Ken- neth E. Guyer, Jr., William E. Foster, James A. Ledbetter, Margarito E. Guerra, Reginaldo C. Garza, Robert A. Mengel, Cecil T. Mathews, Morlan C. Shuman, Terence W. Trav- land, Terry J. Wong, Charles C. Chapman, Jr., Earl Bourne, John B. Van Voorhis, John F. Curron III, Robert S. Reed- r I, Gerard W. Webb, Louis Benjamin Houston, Jr., James E. Hendricks, Bob P. Knight, Allan R. Keown, Thomas M. Young. : ; ; s N V N N. ' STAFF Dormitory Supervisor HARRY PAT HEWELL Counselors WILLIAM THOMAS HUTCHINSON RUDY R. MUELLER JERRY C. GILMORE ALAN L. BEAN Switchboard Operators JAMES J. KENT RICHARDO MANUEL VILLARREAL GERALD ELVIN JOHNSON Laundry Agent PAT G. HEDGCOXE COUNCIL President THOMAS MORGAN HAMMOND, JR. Secretary-Treasurer ROBERT JOSEPH MONTGOMERY FLOOR REPRESENTATIVES John Ray Baugh Jimmy Lee Coleman John F. Curran Arthur Wayne Fagan Ben Sherrell Henry Bob P. Knight William Hugh McDougald Robert Joseph Montgomery Robert Stanley Reeder Charles S. Roberts Jimmy Dan Rollins, Jr. James Madison Speer, Jr. Hugh Springfield Page 241 FRONT ROW: Martha Phelps, Mary Jo Eisemann, Johnnie Ruth Harvey. SECOND ROW: Faye Williams, Charlotte Campbell, Etta Haney, Diane Johnson. THIRD ROW: Pat Perry, Ann Davis, Betty Wood, Shirley Strum, Lilla Ellington, Dorothy Jo Daily, Mary Margaret Schmitz. STAFF Director MRS. F. C. McCONNELL Head Resident Counselor NAOMI DUNLAP Food Production and Service Manager ISORA COOKE Assistant to Head Resident Counselor CORA SEYMOUR Office Manager and Bookkeeper LILLIAN JENKS Resident Nurse KATHRYN YONTS Graduate Counselor JULIA ALLISON Graduate Counselor FLORRIE CONWAY Graduate Counselor CAROLINE DOWELL Graduate Counselor SUSAN LOWE Graduate Counselor CHRISTINE HARRIS OFFICERS Chairman BETTY KATHRYN WOOD Vice-Chairman SHIRLEY ELISE STRUM Secretary ANNAZELL ELIZABETH DAVIS Publicity Chairman DOROTHY JO DAILY UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Charlotte Ann Campbell Dorothy Jo Daily Annazell Elizabeth Davis Mary Jo Eisemann Lilla Jean Ellington Etta Frances Haney Johnnie Ruth Harvey Dianne Gayle Johnson Merry Christine McCreless Patricia Lou Perry Martha Louisa Phelps Mary Margaret Schmitz Shirley Elise Strum Mary Margaret Tipton Florence Faye Williams Betty Kathryn Wood Page 242 OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian Historian Reporters FLOYD B. McFARLAND ELINOR D. WARREN DOLORES WILMA SIMMONS DOROTHY ANN DENARD JERRE GRAHAM KNEIP BETTY JEAN KELLER JIM WILSON LOIS RACHAEL WILLS MEMBER CO-OPS MEN Campus Guild James Milton Gilliam Edward John Landry Nickolas O. Johnson Winston Adolph Hoffman Crow ' s Nest Wilson Edwin Southern Robin Ray Ott Eugene Benjamin Russell Oak Grove Eugene Court Bell Jerre Graham Kneip Maurice Clifton Perry Theleme William Lee Plummer William Rose Yost Robert Willard Clark TLOK John Lewis Moncure James Harvey Washington Carl Bowen Davis Twin Pines Thomas Edward Farek Harvey Emil Holub Simon Moya, Jr. WOMEN Halstead House Frances Lane Lester Alice Marilyn Ligon Pearce Marie H. Gorsuch Marcia McGhee Powell House Annie Marie Schulze Barbara Ann Hazelwood Shangri-La Barbara Golson Jean K. Browning Theadorne Dolores Wilma Simmons Morelle McCoy Valhalla Irby Hanna Spring Doris Virginia Bird Whitehall Lois Rachael Wills Patricia Ann McCutcheon Wakonda Barbara Ann Otis Shirley Ann Coffin Page 243 FRONT ROW: Zeagler, Duke Boomer, Martin, N. Johnson G. Mulroy, Hall, Mayes. SECOND ROW: Boyd, Woods Ordner, Garcia, A. Blumberg Ghetzler, Gonzalez, L. John son, Sagsretter, Leard, Thomas Sisk, Horsley. THIRD ROW: Elkins, Garrett Forbis, Sharp, Rathgeber, M Blumberg, Villarreal, Carrasco Womack, Simms, J. Mulroy. FOURTH ROW: McGehee Wood, Hodge, Gilliam, Mey ers, Tutt, Alphin, Schutza Hudson, Vaughn, Schumacher Schell, McDonald, Carmichael FIFTH ROW: Barren, Mc- Kenzie, Waters, Ottmers, Lan- dry, Stewart, Rogers. OFFICERS President EDWARD JOHN LANDRY Kitchen Vice-President CHARLES L. ROGERS House Vice-President DEWEY IVAN ALSPAW Secretary GEORGE ALAN MULROY Treasurer DONALD L. SCHMIDT Parliamentarian ERNEST CALDWELL WOODS Historian-Reporter HENRY NEIL EASLEY Hisham T. Afghani James H. Alphin Dewey Ivan Alspaw Jerry Allen Alspaw Nabhan Zeidan Arafat Charles Garden Banks Woody Criswell Barren Alvin Donald Blumberg Melvin Ronald Blumberg James Bentley Boomer Gary Kent Boyd John Marshall Bratton Robert Jerry Brod Alan Ronald Carmichael Lisimaco Henk Carrasco Marcellus Theriot Coltharp Steve Lee Debnam Evertt John Degenhardt Leon Walter Drews William Strong Duke, Jr. Henry Neil Easley J. C. Elkins Charles Raines English M. R. Frank, III Al M. Garcia James Milton Gilliam, III Van Derman Gonzalez Bobby Dee Hall MEMBERS Jack Morton Hardison Frank Edward Haynes Richard Hernandez, Jr. George Lawrence Hodge Winston Adolph Hoffman Danny Dale Holland Conrad Orville Hopperstead Claude Albert Horsley Gerald Wayne Hudson Leonard Marcus Johnson Nickolas O. Johnson Edward John Landry William V. Leard Leonel Maldonado William Joseph Martin George T. Mayes Wendell Allen McAndrew Patric R. McDonald Richard Vernon McGehee David Earl McKenzie Bill Morgan George Alan Mulroy John Frederick Mulroy George Myers Edwin Darrell Noe Robert T. Ordner Kenneth Ira Owens J. Steve Powell Page 244 Mitchell Cull Ragland Edward R. Rathgeber James Edgar Rodgers Charles L. Rogers Raymond Edward Sagstetter John Albert Schell Donald L. Schmidt Frederick Wayne Schumacher Gilbert Charles Schutza Russell Gardner Sharp Bendy Simms John B. Sisk Don Harold Stewart Bobby Larry Taylor James Herman Thomas William M. Thomas Robert Stephenson Tutt Celestine Reyes Villarreal Houston Russell Wade Bernie Holman Ward Burdette Lee Warner Walter Alfred Wilson Ernest Caldwell Woods Thomas Eugene Wood C. W. Womack, Jr. Bobby Lee Zeagler Glenn Arthur Zoch FRONT ROW: Harris, Me- Knight, Reynolds, Gonrnlei, Travis. SECOND ROW: Hall, J. E. Smith, Halamicek, Knaggs. THIRD ROW: Kendrick, Bell, Gustwick, Tracy, Perry. FOURTH ROW: Boerner, Cogh- lin, C. J. Kvinta, M. H. Smith. FIFTH ROW: Jacaman, Mor- gan, Pfeiffer, Petros, Read. SIXTH ROW: Abernathy, How- ard, Cox, W. D. Kvinta. SEVENTH ROW: Wilson, Shan- non, Larkin. ' I ! OFFICERS President Vice-President Business Manager . Detail Manager . . . Councilman-at-Large MAURICE CLIFTON PERRY JAMES EUGENE PETERSON JERRY THOMAS TOMSU MAX HOWARD SMITH LESLIE EUGENE BELL Bobby F. Abernathy Glenn David Appelt Leslie Eugene Bell William Rolland Bjork Eugene Blackwell, Jr. Joseph Victor Boerner, Jr. Robert Lyle Coghlin John Baker Cox Lawrence John Fagan William Gonzaba Frank William Gonzalez Robert Everett Gustwick Lynn Carl Halamicek Curry W. Hall MEMBERS Bobby Lloyd Harris Harold Carter Howard Arthur Javier Jacaman Walter M. Jarrell John Murray Kendrick John Ryan Knaggs Charles James Kvinta William Davis Kvinta James C. Larkin Jimmy Merkel McCoy Scott Alexander McGall Jimmy E. McKnight Robert C. Morgan Maurice Clifton Perry James Eugene Peterson George Jae Petrus Theo Louis Polasek, Jr. Jesse A. Pfeiffer, Jr. Farrar Kyle Read Ben Lamar Reynolds George S. Robertson, Jr. Shelby Edward Shannon, Jr. Joe Edward Smith Max Howard Smith Jerry Thomas Tomsu Robert Gene Tracy John Preston Travis James Virgil Wilson Page 245 OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer IRA MERRILL GOODRICH BOB DEAN WOOD RUDY W. CHROMCHACK James E. Bailey Glenn Ivan Banfield J. Barrie Blanton Sam R. Boone William C. Brooks W. E. Brown Cleatis R. Carroll Luther L. Childress Rudy W. Chromchack Robert W. Clark Mahmoud M. Faham Thomas D. Felder Ira Merrill Goodrich Robert E. Grimes MEMBERS Don Warren Hagen Paul E. Hassell James E. Hill Francis Con Hoffpauir John Weldon Koenig Charles Edward Largent Robert E. Laster T. David Ling John R. McMillan Thomas G. Moncus Ross Edward Morrow Fred J. Naiser Charles R. Otey William L. Plummer FRONT ROW: Zacarias, School- er, Clark, Scott, Brooks, Car- roll, W. R. Yost, Faham, Boone Zobal. SECOND ROW: Ling, Hoff- pauir, Otey, Childress, R. E. Yost, Preiss, Plummer, Bailey, McMillon. THIRD ROW: Hagen, Hassell, Stahl, Naiser, Grimes, Koe- nig, Laster, Wimberley. FOURTH ROW: Ward, Moncus, Banfield, Goodrich, Largent Morrow, Wood, White. Elwood J. Preiss Thomas Colen Schooler K. Q. Scott Charles F. Stahl Tommy Ray Ward Lloyd A. Wessels Joe Charles White Hickman Howard Wimberley Bob Dean Wood Robert E. Yost William R. Yost Jose Luis Zacarias Arthur Fred Zobal Page 246 FRONT ROW: Blum, H. Lapi- dus, A. Lapidus, Garcia, Moya, Samawi, Baggal, Kaderli, Greenwood. SECOND ROW: Tinsley, Es- quivel, Wehmeyer, Farek, AAak- huli, Cheak, Gassmann, Wil- son, Hughes. THIRD ROW: Sides, Kellogg, Engel, Ling, Harrington, Fisch- er, Metzger, Rodrigues, Cash. OFFICERS President THOMAS EDWARD FAREK Vice-President, Social Chairman JAMES A. WILSON Secretary-Treasurer JOHN MURRAY GREENWOOD, JR. Food-Buyer MALCOME DONALD SIDES Housemanager BERNARDUS J. M. KRAMER Maintainer BILLY DOYLE CHEAK Intramural Manager JOHN RUSSELL TINSLEY Faculty Sponsors JACK HOLLAND R. L. HAYS Mamdouh Bakri Baggal Henry Max Blum Tom J. Brooks Jon Mac Burkhart Bernard Lee Cash, Jr. Billy Doyle Cheak Clinton Allen Citzler Guy Travis Dixon Lars Norlick Engel Filemon V. Esquivel Thomas Edward Farek Edward Gustav Fischer Federico G. Garcia MEMBERS Edwin Anton Gassmann, Jr. David Gosalvez John Murray Greenwood, Jr. James William Harrington, Jr. Harvey Emil Holub Arleigh Bruce Hughes Earnest Malcolm Jordan, Jr. Fredolin James Kaderli Douglas Sheldon Kellogg, Jr. Lester Ray Koether Bernardus J. M. Kramer Albert L. Lapidus Harold S. Lapidus Edward Hugo Ling Elias N. Makhuli Clarence Joseph Metzger Simon Moya, Jr. Walid B. Rabbat George Durwood Robinson Eurico Rodrigues Ahmad Y. Samawi Malcome Donald Sides John Russell Tinsley Fredric John Wehmeyer James A. Wilson Page 247 FRONT ROW: Deauquier, Tre- vino, Collins, Roberts, Jircik, Brown, Zoch, Wright, Craw- ford, Bei Ike, Gorsuch, De- nard, Mitchell, Kress, Senke- vitch, AA. Anderson, Warren. SECOND ROW: McCaleb, Ab- lon, AAacha, Gerbens, Latham, Marion Allen, Eisenhauer, Taylor, Fetter, Schulze, Wig- ginton, Touqan, B. Ander- son, Maly, B. Crippen. THIRD ROW: Jones, Buck Golson, Wills, Ciarlariello, Johnson, Otis, Schwarz, Kel- ler, Graham, SherriU, Gloss- brenner, Pingenof, Spring Klekar. FOURTH ROW: Holcombe, Klopsteck, McCutcheon, King, Gray, Simmons, Edwards, Schott, Haz.ewood, Bo linger, Roche, C. Crtppen. HALSTEAD Alice Marilyn Ligon Co-Ordinator Joan Irene Ablon Roberta Eileen Brennan Beatric e Wilburn Brotzman Celeste Ann Deauquier Esther Felicita Gamarra Patricia Lucille Johnson Shirley Mae Langston Frances Lane Lester June Cldell Lewis Ola Faye Malone Adrienne Joan McCaleb Patricia Ann McCord Olga Flores Trevino Mary Frances Whatley Doris Ruth Wiedenfeld SHANGRI-LA Avery Jean Browning Co-Ordinator Norma Jean Brock Mildred Buck Bonnie Jean Carson Sallie Harrison Fetter Sally Ann Fields Nina Ruth Franks Margaret Geisel Judy Belle Gerbens Barbara Ann GoLson Elsie W. Maas La Venda Latham Alice Theresa McNally Sandra Bernice Mitchell Jackie Ann Morman Ann O ' Connor PEARCE Helen Marie Gorsuch Co-Ordinator Betty Elaine Allen Marion Louise Allen Shirley Jane Crawford Dorothy Ann Denard Rosemary Erna Doring Rose Marie Eisenhauer Shirley Ann Godbold Martha C. Judin Irene F. Kress Marcia Ann McGhee Glenda Lee Mitchell Dorothy Laverne Mozingo Joanne Thompson Salwa Aref Tougan Sarah Frances Watts Johnice Madison Wright THEADORNE Dolores Wilma Simmons Co-Ordinator Melba F. Alsup Donna Jean Barnard Marjorie Kay Beilke Ann Tommy Edwards Barbara Jeanne Ellis Viola Ernestine Glossbrenner Lillie Mae Graham E. Jane Kneip Elvie Lou Luetge Shirley Jean Morrison Eadie Nunley Helen Jean Schott Joyce Carolyn Sherrill Martha Loy Taylor Syble Annette Wigginton Anne Louise Zoch POWELL HOUSE Ann Schulze Co-Ordinator Helene Bolinger Kum Jee Chu Barbara J. Crippen Marie Carlene Crippen Barbara Ann Hazlewood Patricia Elizabeth Jones Eleanor Macha Ana Olivia Medrano lollie Morris Dorothea Irene Passios Eva Persson Cecilia Marie Pingenot Martha Ann Roche Margaret Louise Shores Beity Stevens VALHALLA Irby Hanna Spring Co-Ordinator Bettye Alden Anderson Mary Jane Anderson Doris Virginia Bird M. Carolyn Carter Joyce Juanelle Caskey Nita Sue Drummond Mary Gwendolyn Echterhoff Wanda Fay Frank Sarah Beth Gulledge Sandra Sue Harder Elizabeth Ann Hazard Rosie J. Klekar Sylvia Milady Maly Luba Senkevitch Elinor D. Warren Margaret Anne Welborn WAKONDA Barbara Ann Otis Co-Ordinator Angela Caldwell Dolores Llese Clark Gloria Faith Coffin Shirley Ann Coffin Joyce Coleman Marie Kate Davis Frances Marie Gray Lou Anne Hatter Georgia Lee Johnson Betty Jean Keller Dorothy Sue Leveritt Nafia Ahmad Mansour Ruth Pendergross Mary Katherine Schwarz Nettie Mae Steglich Cora Jennis Tucker WHITEHALL Pat McCutcheon Co-Ordinator Willana O. Blanton Gwendolyn Viola Brown Virginia Ciarlariello Madeline Jane Collins Alejandro Garza-Valdez Ida Alleene Harbison Mary Louise Holcombe Joyce Merrill Jackson Vivian Elizabeth Jircik Eleanor Klopsteck Juanice LaNelle King Rose Preston Lehde Billie Jeannine McKinley Phyllis A. Moore Mary Joyce Pavlik Lydia Rosalva Rios Bette Roberts Doris Janet Rodgers Virginia Corinne Ward Flora Nell Williams Lois Rachel Wills Page 248 : v - I .,: J " - f r- i JL. OFFICERS President WILLIAM C. BROOKS Vice-President MALCOLM RUSSELL GREGORY Secretary CATHERINE C. JONES Treasurer DUNCAN ALLAN LAWSHAE Faculty Sponsor ARCHIE N. JONES MEMBERS Doris Faye Allbright Elizabeth Louise Barr Arturo Enrique Batres Jack Bedford Harold Loyd Biggs Joan Marie Blume Willis Bodine, Jr. Victor Jules Boutroue, Jr. Jamye Lou Box Lorence Larry Bravenec William C. Brooks Beatrice Wilburn Brotzman M. Carolyn Carter Leonard Alvin Chambers Joseph Clyde Clark Vivian Mae Clemens Florence Marie Coffee Robert Crowell Cole V. Elizabeth Coleman Jeanne Ellen Copen Dixie Cundiff Barbara Jo Davidson Jean Orr Dean Dixie Ann Dickson Doris Ann Elrod Donna Finch Elizabeth Ann Flippen Betty Sue Franklin Wanda Gayle Franks Don Gordon Frydell Betty Garrett Carolyn Patricia Gilchriest Naida Lurine Gordon Linda Hale Greathouse Margaret Johanna Gregory Malcolm Russell Gregory James Dietrich Groves Lawrence Kenneth Handley Dorothy June Haws Warren Clayton Hemphill Roy Eugene Henderson Ronald Melford Jackson Karen Jean Johnson Margaret Louise Johnson Thomas Penn Johnson Sarah Elizabeth Johnson Diane Joan Johnston Catherine C. Jones Lynn Jones Byron Lunsford Kidd Jack Clayton Kidd Julia Ann Kinker Duncan Allan Lawshae Robert Lloyd Lightsey Nancy Josephine Mauck Barbara Jean McDuffie Nancy Lee Merrill Charles M. Merrill Beth Ann Miller Louis Noble Million Judith Kalle Moritz Jenona L. Morse Majorie Jane Mugno Ann O ' Conner Austin Almond O ' Dell Donald Howard Oheim James Herbert Peeples Mary Helen Peterson Philip Alan Point Joann Pruitt Ben Warner Ramsey Raymond John Rawson Denzel Edward Reasoner James T. Reaves Noel Fletcher Roebuck Martha Lucile Rowntree Thomas Colen Schooler Janice Elizabeth Schulle Nancy Lee Schwarz Leroy Edward Sebesta D. L. Shuffield Albert Nathen Sikora Karel Lou Sladek Carmen Gladys Smith William W. Smith FRONT ROW: Boutroue, Kidd, Wesson, Gordon, Smothers, Box, Copen, Franks, S. John- son, Elrod, Schwarz, P. Wil- liams, M. L. Johnson, Staun- ton, Staggs, Bodine. SECOND ROW: Brooks, Pru- itt, C. Smith, Kniker, K. John- son, Zant, Franklin, Smulcer, O ' Connor, Gilchriest, David- son, Barr, D. Johnston, Gar- rett, N. Merrill, Blume, Peter- sen, Lawshae. THIRD ROW: Cole, Brotz- man, L. Jones, Sladek, Valen- tine, Mauck, Finch, Allbright, Greathouse, Rowntree, Stein- kamp, B. Jones, Haws, Coffee, Trainer, Morse, Clemens, Speaker, Carter. FOURTH ROW: Chambers, Bravenec, Point, Million, Ba- tres, E. Williams, Witt, W. W. Smith, Biggs, Jackson, Raw- son, Reasoner, Groves, School- er, Oheim. FIFTH ROW: Shuffield, With- er, T. Johnson, M. R. Gregory, er, P. Johnson, R. Gregory, Van Voorhis, Handley, Sikora, Peeples, Clark, White. Etta Jean Smith Peggy Jean Smothers Jeanette Charlene Smulcer Marvin Earl Soward Donald Wick Spafford Lucy Lee Speaker Bobbie Joe Staggs Bobby Ray Stansbury Delores Evelyn Steinkamp Sandra Colleen Staunton Helen Lucille Trainer Suedell Ury Shirley Ann Valentine Fred Theodore Viehweg John Burl Van Voorhis Bob Collier Warren Thomas Marvin Weisinger Billie F. Wesson Joe Charles White Mary Laurie Wier Edwin Ernest W ' ll: ims Patricia Adele Williams Patricia Ann Wilson Charles Gene Winbery Patrick T. Withers Meyer Willis Witt Dorothy Jean Yardas Celia Ann Zant Page 250 FRONT ROW: Bunch, Byrd. SECOND ROW: Van Griethuy- sen, Klein, Wiseman. r OFFICERS President HAROLD LEE KLEIN Vice-President FRANK W. WISEMAN Board of Governors BETTY CAROLYN BUNCH NORAAA DELL DUNLAP, WALTER H. MATHEWS, JEPTHA R. PATTERSON Faculty Advisor JAMES WILLIAM MOLL MEMBERS James Darwin Alexander Carol Jean Avera Barbara Jeanne Baird Nancy Belle Balatow Martin David Balk Arturo Enrique Batres Esther Christine Battle Sue Beakley Donald Jack Bedford Maria Magdalina Benavides June Frances Bennett Elizabeth Bigelow Thomas Alton Blakeley Curtis Ray Bradley Ann Brandenburg James Lee Brennand Mildred Lou Briggs Anne Dare Brown John Thomas Brown Mary Nelda Bruns Betty Carolyn Bunch Virginia Dare Burkes Mary Vajetta Byrd Shirley Ann Campbell Joseph Thomas Caron Johnnie Charles Carroll Jose Casales, Jr. Frank Winkler Cass Rudy W. Chromchak Victoria Ann Chuscoff Merry Louise Coin Marcia Beth Cooper Paul Gibson Crawford Marian Faye Crossley Sandra Lynn Cumbie Mary Damrel Agnes Gertrude David Annazell Elizabeth Davis Suzette Claire D ' Ayson Allidena Dearmond Barbara Diamond June Marie Denby Jimmie Carolyn Downey Orpha LaVerne Drennan Barbara Joan Dresslar Norma Dell Dunlap Wynell Elkins Larry Joe Elliff Geraldine Lee Epstein Davie Lou Ettleman Georgia Christine Fadal Jack Hargrove Farmer James Arvillee Ferguson Anna Rhea Finnell Helen Elaine Fisher Elizabeth Marie Fletcher Bennie Lee Fowler Julia Elizabeth Galbraith Jack Henry Galloway Martha Ann Gliddon James Mack Godwin Mary Frances Going Sheila Dale Golub Lynette Merle Goodman Barbara Jo Gray Shirley Ann Griffith Carol Jeanine Gross Elsie W. Haas Lois Joanne Hamilton Gayle Worth Harlan Paul William Harper John Lynn Harrington David Francis Healy Joe H. Hearne Kathleen Heaton Benson Raimon Helprin Joseph John Hoffman Patrick Hilsman Horrigan Joan Maria Houze Emory Gene Johnson Carolyn Sue Jutzi Eloyce Delene Krachmer Dan F. Kelleher Carol Louann Kidd Marcia Lavonne Kincaid James Albert King Harold Lee Klein Mark Anthony Knolls Christina B. Laney William B. Larsen Marlene I. Leder Arlen Gus Leeder Sandra Rose Levinson Robert Lloyd Lightsey Florence Maydelle Luderus Walter Eliot Maclean Walter H. Mathews Shirley Jean McBride Marian Eames McClendon Patricia Jane McDonald Shirley J. McDonald Hugh Roth Lee McGaw Jimmie G. Meador Jane Alyce Melin Beverly Kaye Middleton Jimmy Byron Morgan Susan Mowery D. Gwenda Mullins Elaine Ruth Nebenzahl Mickie La Verne Newbill S. Joe Park Jeptha R. Patterson Harral Young Peacock Wesley Eugene Price Dorothy Nell Raney Sandra Joyce Rashti Peggy Jean Rowland Barbara Joan Tompkins John Warren Travis Barbara Jean Tuck Janet Lee Turner Theodore Van Griethuysen Manuel Velasquez Virginia Alice Walker Jeri Lynn Walters Elizabeth Ann Wedgeworth James Dale Weir Jack Kenneth Weller Hubert Whitfield, Jr. Jean Whittington Bill Ray Wilson Frank W. Wiseman Patrick T. Withers Katheryn Margaret Young Page 251 FRONT ROW: Kelly, Raines, Brantley, Campos, Crockett, Langford, Buckley. SECOND ROW: Bennett, Buz- bee, Olson, Crutchfield, Herbst, Eagle, Roebuck. President Vice-President . Secretary , Treasurer Faculty Sponsor OFFICERS ELBERT WHITE BENNETT C. C. CRUTCHFIELD, JR. BILL CURTIS LANGFORD JOSEPH HARDIE SLIDER MOTON HAYWOOD CROCKETT, JR. MEMBERS Elbert White Bennett Sims Allen Buckley C. C. Crutchfield, Jr. Charles Thomas Eagle Bill Curtis Langford Isaac Field Roebuck Thomas Ralph Rogers Joseph Hardie Slider PLEDGES Harold Clayton Brantley, Jr. Charles A. Buzbee John L. Campos Thomas Wesley Herbst Jack Carl Kelly Perry Mueller, Jr. Oscar Julius Olson, Jr. Morgan Van Raines James Fowler Reaves Neal Leslie Spelce Page 252 FRONT ROW: Crockett, Ar. ledge, Copen, Gilbert. SECOND ROW: Sutton, Chamb- ers, Micks, Keown, Phillips, Crutchfield, Reaves, C. W. Bennett, Sanders, Wiseman, R. Smith, Cammack, Tinsman, Ormand. THIRD ROW: Campos, Raines, Botello I. Gutierrez, Under- wood, Sames, Ross, Sobotik, Bayouth, Cottingham, Rogers, Morgan, Humble, Langford. FOURTH ROW: Eagle, Barrera, G. Garcia, Olson, Semken, Meredith, Richards, Koenig, R. H. Gutierrez, B. M. Garza, M. W. Garcia, Rademacher, Herbst, Buckley. FIFTH ROW: Haltiner, Lo- zano, M. Garza, Gillean, V. R. Gutierrez, Moritz, Pertain, Crain, Harvey, Evans, Perry, Yows, Slider, Henderson. SIXTH ROW: Lindsey, White, Beasley, B. R. Wilson, Cortez, Chapman, E. W. Bennett, Daf- fern, Peterson, Moye, Bell, Bartlett, Ramsey, Maclean. SEVENTH ROW: Dooley, Me- Guire, Ledbetter, Robertson, Huebel, Kelly, Spelce, Wind- ham, Buzbee, Byars, Young, Kahler. EIGHTH ROW: Brantley, Fore- tich, Harris, Wolf, McDonald, Rozzell, Mason, Mabry, Muel- ler. OFFICERS President First Counselor . . Second Counselor Third Counselor . Fourth Counselor C. C. CRUTCHFIELD, JR. SIMS A. BUCKLEY BILL CURTIS LANGFORD HAROLD C. BRANTLEY, JR. PERRY MUELLER, JR. MEMBERS Hal W. Atkins, Jr. Aiberta Ann Arledge Rogelio Barrera Michael Alfred Bartlett La Noard Murad bayouth Augustus Earl Beasley Carlton Ray Bell Ciois Wells Bennett Elbert White Bennett Robert Candelario tlotello Harold Clayton Brantley Sims A. Buckley Charles A. Buzbee Byron Ross Byars Cecil Cagle Cammack, Jr. John L. Campos Leonard Alvin Chambers Charles Coopwood Chapman Jeanne Ellen Copen Richard Cortez Jerry Marvin Cottingham Ervin Terry Crain Moton Haywood Crockett C. C. Crutchfield, Jr. Bobby Joe Daffern John Dooley Charles Thomas Eagle Billy Rae Evans Richard Brittain Foretich George Garcia Manuel Wicano Garcia Bias Maria Garza Manuel Garza Jacky Paul Gilbert William Otho Gillean Ireneo Gutierrez Randolph Hernandez Gutierrez Vela Romeo Gutierrez Robert George Haltiner Roy Duane Harris James Daniel Harvey Elwood Ray Henderson Thomas Wesley Herbst Wallace Bruce Hicks Robert Curlee Hooper Melvin Ray Huebel Douglas Boez Humble Charles Norman Kahler Jack Carl Kelly Allan Ronald Keown Donald H. Kobe Weldon Koenig Bill Curtis Langford James A. Ledbetter Byron Trent Lindsey Victor Lozano John Edwin Mabry James Harrison McGuire James Mason Walter Eliot MacLean Roy David McDonald Daniel Thomas Meredith Roy Morgan Bradford Wayne Moritz Bill Freeman Morrison Glenn Edward Moye Perry Mueller Charles Wallace Mullin Oscar Julius Olson Jack Wilson Ormand Charles Ray Partain Bob Glenn Perry Merlin Elmo Peterson Robert Earl Phillips Harold John Rademacher Morgan Van Raines Coy Chester Ramsey, Jr. Charles Eugene Reagan James Fowler Reaves James Van Richards Loyd Gordon Robertson Thomas Rogers Albert Clay Ross Jean Ellis Rozzell William James Sames III John Sanders Holmes Alford Semken Joseph Hardie Slider Jerry Neil Smith Ray Burl Smith Robert Harold Sobotik Neal Leslie Spelce Charles Thomas Sutherland Harold Basil Sutton Richard Earl Tinsman Elvin Harlos Underwood Walter Hamilton White Billy Ray Wilson Carroll Wilson Billy Lee Windham Jerry Riley Wiseman Rudolph Joseph Wolf Thomas Michael Young John Ben Yows Merii Qlee FRONT ROW: Fiser, Stanley, Witt, Shuffield, Stoddard, Rowland, Crofts, Moris, Tim- pa. SECOND ROW: Sebesta, Al- verson, Brigman, DuVall, Schla- meus, Ca Id well, Moehring, Lightsey, LeBleu. THIRD ROW: Knopp, Skin- ner, Hubbard, Boutroue, Tay- lor, Keeler, Gregory, Biggs, Hancock, Rutter. OFFICERS President WILLIAM IRVIN McREYNOLDS Vice-President KENNETH PAUL KNOPP Business Manager VAYDEN STANLEY Librarian DANIEL NICHOLAS BAILEY Director . . LEE W. FISER MEMBERS Dan Carl Alverson James H. Ashford Daniel Nicholas Bailey Harold Loyd Biggs Don Chain Black Victor Jules Boutroue, Jr. William Boyd David Keith Brannan George Henry Brigman Allen Jay Britt Neil Caldwell Joseph Elmer Cox Alfred E. Crofts Ralph Deyhle Jean Kyle DuVall Charles Douglass Eddleman Lee W. Fiser Wesley Clark Flinn Jacky Paul Gilbert Paul N. Gregory John Edwin Grifno Roy Duane Harris Gerre E. Hancock William Leonard Herrera Robert Lester Hubbard Gerald Mack Jones Miguel Jordan George Eldridge Keeler Roderick E. Kennedy Kenneth Paul Knopp William Roy Lancaster Tommy R. LeBleu Robert Lloyd Lightsey Octavio Martinez William Irvin McReynolds Charles M. Merrill Paul Alle Moehring Jerry Lamar Morris William T. Odum Philip Alan Point Robert Elliott Pulver James Alford Rose Roger Dean Rowland Clayton Gene Rutter John Louis Sanders Barron Schlameus Leroy Edward Sebesta D. L. Shuffield William Dent Simpson Roy C. Skinner Marvin Earl Soward Vayden Stanley Bobby Ray Stansbury Floyd Grady Stoddard Davis Manning Taylor Sammy Lee Timpa Bob Watson Meyer Willis Witt Chesley Kosub Wood Cary Young Page 254 Quild FRONT ROW: Shores, Damrel, Bead, Lyon, Diamond, Fisher, Quinn, Laney, Tippet!, Tuck, Merlo, Benavides. SECOND ROW: Polunsky, Mul- lins, Jones, Gross, Hailey, Strum, Van Sandt, Knolls, Barr, Lynch, Williams, Kar- bach, Shillito, Dunstan, Mi Donak, Schwarz, Clark, West- brook, Teer. THIRD ROW: Atkins, Lawr- ence, Francis, Thornberry, Roberts, Eggen, White, War- ren, Hoffman, Withers, Batres. OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Sponsor .... OLIVER DAFFAN HAILEY MARY LOU LYNCH JULIA KATHRINE BEALL MARY DAMREL DONALD MANLY WILLIAMS G. Claude Allen Hal W. Atkins, Jr. Cynthia Rebecca Barr Arturo Enrique Batres Julia Kathrine Beall Raymond Arthur Becker Maria Magadalina Benavides Byrda Lynn Bracewell Roger Harmon Broach Margaret Eleanor Clark William David Collins Dorothy Jo Daily Mary Damrel Celeste Ann Deauquier Barbara Diamond Marilee Dunstan Joe Bert Eggen Helen Elaine Fisher MEMBERS Lester Paul Francis John E. Fryman Bob Mac Griffin Carol Jeanine Gross Oliver Daffan Hailey Joe Hoffman Patti Elizabeth Jones Kathleen Emilie Karbach Mark Anthony Knolls Christina Laney Sally Sue Lash Norbert Lawrence Gale McBryde Long Mary Lou Lynch Joan Elizabeth Lyon Ceryl Alexandra McDonald Marianne Merlo D. Gwenda Mullins Robert Polunsky Marilyn Sue Quinn Daniel Carl Roberts Mary Katherine Schwarz Martha Meredith Shillito Margaret Louise Shores Shirley Elise Strum Ed L. Teer S. Gardner Thornberry Patricia Tippett Barbara Jean Tuck Dinah Lee Van Sandt Earl Francis Warren Gerry Webb Alice Mae Westbrook Walter Hamilton White Patrick T. Withers Page 255 FRONT ROW: Karbach, Fund erberg, Klind worth, Clark Hamilton, King, Huff. SECOND ROW: Allen, Gil- more, Cook, Be i Ike, Reagor Wigodsky, Moore, Williams. THIRD ROW: Witt, Tinsman, Barber, Crawford, Wilson, Brimble, Dor f man, Hubbard. OFFICERS President WILLIAM GILBRETH BARBER Vice-President CAROLINE M. BARSH MOORE Secretary-Treasurer DANA JUAN HIERONYMUS Sponsor DONALD MANLY WILLIAMS Claude A. Allen Carl Edward Arnold William Gilbreth Barber Marjorie Kay Beilke Joel M. Blair James Edward Brennan Michael T. Brimble Jim Wheeler Clark James M. Cook E. Lynn Crawford Boyd Irven DeVore, Jr. MEMBERS Samuel Yandell Dorfman Frank Finn, Jr. Dan Loyd Funderberg Jerry Carl Gilmore Lois Joanne Hamilton Donald D. McDonell Hammill James P. J. Hart Harry Pat Hewell Dana Juan Hieronymus Jackson Chandler Hubbard Sandra Lee Huff Kathleen Emilie Karbach Charles Winston King, Jr. Lauretta Klindworth Edward Chester Mainous Caroline M. Barsh Moore John Raymond Reagor Robert Tyre Squyres Richard Earl Tinsman Michael Mashe Wigodsky Charles Julian Wilson Meyer Willis Witt Page 256 . v. MI W _ r % JfcteS f r " a?- - kj ??, s V - ' _ :- ? HBP " H Fall 1953 September " The Eyes of Texas are upon you " at Freshman Orientation. l ' i, Back to Forty Acres Inside Page 258 Registration September 17, 18, 19 A whopping total enrollment of 14,068 Page 259 Left: Everyone wants in the show! Below: Aw, come on. Just this once. Above: If this doesn ' t keep small-pox away, nothing will. Right: The various religious groups come through with a free meal for a righteous cause. Page 260 Right: A little get-together at the boys ' tri-dorms. Below: Even if you don ' t open the things, you must buy them. Above: The Great Issues Committee hawking its wares on the mall really a terrific program. Left: Busy as those first weeks are, there is always time for a good old-fash- ioned hoe down at the Union. Page 261 Gamma Phi Beta Sorority Rush September, 12-17 The Zany Side Angel and three whatnots, top hat and hoop skirt a riverboat, dolls and more dolls, mammies hoopin ' it up, and a bashful canni- bal. Alpha Phi Pi Beta Phi Page 262 Eighteen sororities take care of 594 little girls, amidst cheezie smiles, ut- ter confusion, and quiet moments every now and then. After rush is over, the " how do you do ' s " of pledge lines. Kappa Alpha Theta Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Gamma Pledge Lines Page 263 Fraternity September 8-12 COUNTER-CLOCKWISE: Delta Tau Delta Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Gamma Delta Sigma Alpha Mu Page 264 CLOCKWISE: Chi Phi Phi Delta Theta Sigma Nu Beta Theta Pi Acacia This year at the University thirty fraternities pledged 624 boys. Page 265 COUNTER-CLOCKWISE: Logan Wilson heads receiving line at President ' s Reception. Results of the annual Pi Phi-Phi Delta mud fight. Scene of the crime . . . er, mud at the Phi Delts. Doug Johnson, Campus League President, gives Jim McKeithan the outstanding assemblyman award. Texas vs. Houston . . . and the rains came. CLOCKWISE: Newly elected cheer-leaders New yell-leader being carried out of Gregory The Sigma Nu porter ready to make his annual trek to Dallas for the O. U. game. On to Big " D " ! The band was part of the 4,000 that mobbed Dallas. CLOCKWISE: Election signs on the Mall. " And if elected, I will . . . , " says Jane Hardwick, Assembly hopeful, at Stump Speaking. Then students have their say at the ballot boxes. APO ' s and Orange Jackets tally votes. These serious faces belong to new offi- cers being sworn in. Page 268 -V i COUNTER-CLOCKWISE: Card section at work during half-time activities. Bevo and Silver Spurs lead a pep rally down the Drag. Lines and more lines even for foot- ball tickets. Longhorn band members decorate bus for OU game. Edgar Watkins uses politician ' s grin, handshake for Assembly vote. Page 269 COUNTER-CLOCKWISE: Two of the principals from " Ring Round the Moon. " The sale of these sandwiches and cookies was a big help in the Campus Chest drive. Ladies pool day at the Union. Is this a football game or maybe a bullfight? Presented by the Forum Speak- ers, Bertram Wolfe gave a very enlightening lecture on Commu- nism. CLOCKWISE: Some more of the fine cast from " Ring Round the Moon. " A E Pi groundbreaking ceremonies for their new house. Orange Jackets always catch ' em at dinner. We really turned out for pep rallies this year. Getting ready for a torch- light parade down the drag. MARTIN ' S HUM BAK PLACE The Baylor game week was really a hectic one pep-rallies every night, parades, and just gen- eral carousing around. And the game had everyone sweatin ' it out. Beat Baylor! and we did, 21 to 20. A new tradition at Texas the victory cannon. Page 272 At half-time, Franklin Spears received a copy of the " Eyes of Texas " on its fiftieth anniver- sary from Lewis Johnson. Page 273 ' ,4 I; m$ a lp fev ' rf -v iiv " ' - Cl s 5|5 i . ' -: JH Cheerleaders whooping it up: Dickson and Hodges do a flip at the A M game. Pud at the Baylor rally. Sue can flip, too. We think this is Joe Brown on top. Rex at torchlight parade. Marshall Clegg at A M game. Page 274 Woodgathering for A M bonfire. Rally committee practicing stunt for A M game. Getting ready to let " Bevo " breathe smoke. Freshman band member initiation. One of the Aggie sign contest winners. It ' ll be a long time before A M invades the 40 Acres again. Page 275 Three shots of the Drama Department ' s successful production of " Lilliom. " Girls from Whitehall Co-op fixing up " Santa Claus " for their annual Christmas benefit. Beauty contests can get very tiring, especially for freshmen. Maxine Zimmerman is presented as Aqua Carnival finalist. AQUA CARNIVAL QUEEN Shirley Morrison is crown- ed new Aqua Carnival queen by reigning Jean Jackson. MOST BEAUTIFUL FRESHMAN Richard Schrank presents the top six Kellene Cain, Sheryl McKelvy, Gayle Har- lan, Patricia Pennington, Bentley Coe, and Betty Lee. Kellene Cain was named as most beautiful fresh- Page 277 Football players and friends at the honor ' s reception for the team. The Chi Omega ' s singing their way into a first place in Sing Song. Chi O song-leader Pat Kendall in the midst of happy Chi O ' s. The PiKA ' s were also in good voice as they won first place in the fraternity division of sing song. Talent try-outs in the Union really turned up some good acts. Page 278 " Ugly Man " Bongo Barnhill came through in the Ugly Man Contest. Getting set for Time Staggers On. ISO had a good deal of truth in it this year. A group shot ot the principals from " Hobson ' s Choice. " Some more terrific talent trying out. Page 279 COUNTERCLOCKWISE: The ADS initiation really puts you over er, in, a barrel. A most pleasant task, the judges agreed, in judging Bluebonnet Belles. This is not a Kinsey report it ' s the " Marriage For Moderns " seminar. The APO ' s gleefully got rid of Jitter. Part of the baseball team back home after a successful out-of-town game. 1AI 3 Bennie Lee Fowler and Jim Alexander in a scene from " Country Girl. " Jac Farmer and Christine Fadal turned in a good performance as the director and novice in " Country Girl. " The Drama Department is not all acting as any- one on a crew will be glad to tell you. Gotta Gripe " Tell it to the Grievance Com- mittee. The girls ' dorms served as collecting stations for the refugee clothing drive. GOTTA GRIPE The Cultural Entertainment Committee and the College of Fine Arts presented " The Mikado. " An excellent cast gave a fine performance and made the melodies and lyrics of Gilbert and Sullivan one of the years best programs. Go Western Podner! And sign up here for the Round-Up Beard Contest. COUBOY MINSTRELS COWBOY MINSTRELS CLOCKWISE: Bill Hoff presents a check from the proceeds from the Cowboy Minstrels to their favorite charity. With publicity like this, how could the Cowboys lose? The chorus line from the Cowboys annual show. Learn those lines cowboy edited by Dean Jack, that is. The ringleaders of a conspiracy against the junior senator from Wisconsin. Every year on the Forty Acres a special Texas brand of fun and work takes hold of students and exes alike. Parades, barbecues, dances, Sweethearts, Round-Up Revue everything adds up to Round-Up fever and a good time for everybody. Round-Up is a time for reunions, too. These three had the difficult job of judging floats. Page 284 Dr. T. V. Smith gave the Honors Day address Dr. William Harry Shaw was the first winner of the Scar- brough award for outstanding teaching in freshman and sophomore classes. Cowboys and Orange Jackets served coffee and cookies at the reception follow ing the Honors Day program. The prize for the winning beard in the beard contest was, of all things, an electric razor. There were two western dances going on, one upstairs and one downstairs in the Union. Page 285 BEST ALL-ROUND Phi Delta Theta BEST ALL-ROUND, second place Phi Gamma Delta ' h MOST BEAUTIFUL, second place Alpha Delta Pi MOST BEAUTIFUL Pi Beta Phi BEST SORORITY Alpha Phi BEST SORORITY, second place Kappa Alpha Theta Page 286 BEST FRATERNITY, second place Theta Chi BEST FRATERNITY Beta Theta Pi MOST UNIQUE Delta Tau Delta MOST UNIQUE, second place Kappa Sigma MOST COMICAL Gamma Phi Beta MOST COMICAL, second place Sigma Phi Epsilon Page 287 BEST CLUB, second place Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association MOST EDUCATIONAL Baptist Student Union MOST EDUCATIONAL, second place Newman Club UT Young Democrats Page 288 l- .. Kappa Kappa Gamma Delta Delta Delta Army ROTC Alpha Chi Omega Sigma Chi Page 289 Sigma Nu Phi Mu Page 290 II Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kappa Alpha Page 291 Alpha Gamma Delta Disciples Student Fellowship Theta Xi Alpha Epsilon Pi Page 292 " - - !r r- .? T. L. O. K. Confederate Drill Squad Surely the Relays were never like this. Above: Pat McGinn gives a well-deserved kiss to record- breaking Wes Santee from Kansas State. Left: Texas also had a record-breaking group in the mile relay. Page 293 The Round-Up Revue was a big success, and played to a jam-packed Gregory Gym. These shots of the revue are some of the highlights from the various acts. Page 294 Clockwise: The top five waited with bated breath for the an- nouncement of who was to be Sweetheart for 1954. Barbara Booz, a very charming new Sweet- heart, was left even more breathless after the judges made their announcement. The Sweetheart of the University of Texas for 1954-55 was presented to a cheering Round-Up audience. Jan Garber provided the music for the Round- Up Ball. Page 295 counterclockwise: Election time on the campus and you can hardly see the trees for the signs. Pat Perry came through at Stump Speaking with her bid for secretary. Leroy Birdwell was the Representative Party candidate for president. Over four thousand students voted this year in the elections, which proved to be wild wooly. Page 296 clockwise: Zetas turned out at Stump Speaking in support of Sue Clark. It wouldn ' t be an election without a little music on the mall. Chi O ' s turned out, too. The newly elected president, Jerry Wilson, was given the oath of office by out-going president Franklin Spears at the Student Government Ban- quet. Page 297 clockwise: If the screen could be seen, we ' d see that everybody is watching the McCarthy-Army hearings in the J. B. TV room. One of the interesting exhibits at the Power Show was the Navy ' s model of the atomic sub- marine. Dorothy Gebauer, Dean of Women, received a Fullbright study grant for a year ' s teach- ing and counseling work in the Philippines. Janice Bourdon, new editor of the Cactus, was received at the annual Cactus banquet. The Bluebonnet Belles were presented at the Cactus banquet. Alison, Betty, Joan, Joanne, Sharon five beautiful and charm- ing girls. The Silver Spurs presented the Health Center with a TV set. Give ' til it hurts the bloodiest week on campus. Mr. Whitaker, the grand old man of intramurals at Texas, received a hunting rifle in appreciation of his services to the intramural program. y , }Y i 1 i c. . EDUCATION Varsity Carnival First place in shows went this year to Pi Beta Phi and Kappa Alpha, second place to Alpha Chi Omega and Phi Gamma Delta, and third place to Alpha Phi and Phi Kappa Psi. First place concession went to Kappa Alpha Theta and Beta Theta Pi, and second place to Chi Omega and Phi Delta Theta. Page 300 Punkin Peterson Queen of Varsity Carnival Miss Peterson ' s court was made up of Lynn Lovinggood and Cissy More The Beta ' s took first place in concessions with this fiendish device. Going up, up easy does it boys, presto we ' ve got a Varsity Carnival show. P 9 Page 301 Bennie Lee Fowler, as Titania, and Dave Healy, as Bottom, were a part of a very successful Drama Dept. production of " Midsummer ' s Night Dream. " At " T " Night, the girls ' officers for Women ' s Intramurals were sworn in. Miss Anna Hiss presented awards to the winning girls. This motley bunch must be on a Texan picnic, or some- thing. Page 302 clockwise: General Boatner of 4th Army presented com- missions at the combined commissioning exer- cises in Hogg Auditorium. A bunch of VIP ' s waiting to march in Hogg for com mission ings. Dean Bredt, General Boatner, and Colonel Mc- Gaw, PMS T, seem happy to get rid of the class of 1954. After commissioning, the new gold bars were pinned on by the families of the new officers. The lead-off people at commencement exercises which were held in front of the Main Building. - ' REGENTS-STATE counterw ise: Mr. Colbert, president of the Chrysler Corporation and a Texas Ex, made the commencement address. Not everybody was a doctoral candidate, but there were many just after their BA ' s and BBA ' s. There was a big crowd, and it had been a busy day, so why not take advantage of the benches on the Mall? Most of us were more eager to turn in caps and gowns than we were to check them out. And after they had taken down all the chairs, this school year was all over. Clubs Sororities Fraternities c IV e r n FRONT ROW: McCutcheon, Smothers, Garrison, C. Rogers, Cralle, Penshorn, Ogletree, Me- dina-Lopez, Stanford, Mayes, Caspar, Rangel. SECOND ROW: Wiseman, Buenz, Bigelow, York, Mc- Bride, Terry, Adams, Burns, Britton, Pollard, R. Harris. THIRD ROW: Skapple, Will- hoite, Dutschmann, Hurlberf, Hamblen, Foreman, Strom, Craycroft, Hammond, Bomar, Davis. OFFICERS President Vice-President . . Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsors ROBERT DENNIS GARRISON WILLIAM B. OGLETREE BEN ALAN TERRY FRANK W. BOMAR JAMES J. POLLARD ROBERT SMITH HARRIS Harold Glenn Adams Alexander S. Bennett Charles DeForrest Bigelow Frank W. Bomar Ronald Lew Boucher Lewis H. Briner Earle Vernon Britton, Jr. John Frederick Buenz Ned Hamilton Burns Edward Lee Carpenter Jack Lee Cates Hale L. Coffeen Barry Lippman Cohen Robert P. Cralle John T. Craycroft Roy Arthur Davis, Jr. Charles E. DeWoody J. Donald Duncan Wilburt Charles Dutschmann William Frederick Eldridge Frank E. Falbo Robert A. Foreman Robert Dennis Garrison MEMBERS Lester G. Gaspar William Perry Hamblen III Walter L. Hammond William Maurice Harris Donald Henry Hines Hal E. Hurlbert Billy Wayne Karels Franklin D. Kohutek Charles Calvin Kubin Al Leissner Morris Leon Levy John Edward Lutz Jim A. McBride Roy Jack McCarroll William T. McClelland James E. McCutcheon George Engle Maxwell George T. Mayes Zoilo A. Medina-Lopez Eduardo T. Morales William B. Ogletree Don Orr John Francis Owens Harvy G. Penshorn Jaime Aurelio Perea Robert Loya Prado George Garza Rangel Carl Ester Rogers, Jr. James Harvey Rogers Billy Joe Sellers Rodney Dean Skapple Thomas Charles Smothers Rolen Dale Snowden Adolph Uriegas Sosa Roy Dee Stanford Mack Stoeltje Hubert H. Strom Ben Alan Terry Robert Lee Thomas Adalberto A. Viesca Celestino Villarreal Donald E. Willhoite Jerry R. Wiseman John Wesley York THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERS was founded so all architectural engineering students could group together to discuss pertinent issues with prominent men in the profession. Page 306 FRONT ROW: Weiss, Donley, Ryer, Stone, Croslin. SECOND ROW: Martino, Bur- roughs, Eschenburg, Black, Shield, Fulcher. THIRD ROW: Powers, Linden, Perry, Eleison, Brauckman. OFFICERS p resident PAUL DAVID MARTINO Vice-President FRANK ROBERT BLACK, JR. Secretary JOHN CAMERON DONLEY Treasurer CHESTER MILLEDGE RYER S ponsors . ROBERT LEGRANDE STONE E. JOSEPH WEISS MEMBERS Frank Robert Black, Jr. Alvin John Brauckman Jack Eugene Burroughs John Don Croslin John Cameron Donley Joseph John Eleison Robert Lee Eschenburg Richard Andrew Fulcher Carl Howard Linden Paul David Martino Thomas Ray Perry Edwin Glenn Powers Tom H. Ramsey Rodney August Roques Chester Milledge Ryer Richard Shield Jack O ' Neal Whitley The University of Texas Chapter of the national society extends membership to any student in the Department of Ceramic Engineering. Page 307 FRONT ROW: Snell, Roberson, Neely, Rivette, Mueller, Marek. SECOND ROW: Clark, Bruner, El ledge, Cowan, Seeberger. THIRD ROW: Sharpe, Foster, Cashin, Billings, Hawes. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . DAVID ALLEN SNELL GENE COZART LYNCH G. H. LAMPHLEY DONALD HENRY TRAHAN MEMBERS Wayne Delmas Baker Roy E. Bruner William Paul Carl Jack W. Cashin D. Mason Clark Bobby James Cline Leon Wesley Cowan J. Lawrence Elledge Darwin D. Etheredge Arthur Douglas Foster Dudley D. Hale Joseph Alton Hawes Stanley Grant Hollingsworth G. H. Lamphley Robert Layton, Jr. Gene Cozart Lynch Frank J. Marek Norman Alfred Mueller Jack M. Neely Kerny Antoine Rivette M. Dick Roberson Ali Saif Saadoon Vernon R. Sanford Rudolph Gus Seeberger Eddie Jack Sharpe David Allen Snell Fay Nell Pigott Sproull Donald Henry Trahan Milton Eugene West The purpose of the AMERICAN FINANCE ASSOCIATION is to increase the mem- bers knowledge of finance by providing a common meeting place where mem- bers may discuss current financial activities and hear outstanding speakers on problems of interest to them. Page 308 FRONT ROW: Hartwig, MB- ion, Bahra, Leon, Owen. SECOND ROW: Dunaway. Barnes, Oehlke, Moffitt, B Johnson, Lambert. THIRD ROW: Lightfoot, Kosel, Fogelberg, Holt, Foeh. FOURTH ROW: Kissinger, Black, Dorfman, Leal, R. Wil- son. FIFTH ROW: Kelly, Schrader, Ohlen, Pfluger, Fischer. SIXTH ROW: Krezdorn, Bod- dy, Dykes, Phillips, Latham. OFFICERS Chairman BENJAMIN JOSEPH LEON First Vice-Chairman WILLIAM BYRON KISSINGER Second Vice-Chairman BENNY FRANK JOHNSON Recording Secretary WILLIAM EUGENE ARROWOOD Treasurer LEE WINN BLACK AIEE Counselor ROY R. KREZDORN IRE Counselor . . WILLIAM H. HARTWIG MEMBERS Wayne Mott Adam Rofus Allen, Jr. Jack Clayton Andrews Jack A. Angel William Eugene Arrowood Nassouh H. Bahra Billy J. Barnes Robert Lee Baros Robert Austin Bell Lee Winn Black Paris Edward Baddy Jimmy Douglas Browning Douglas L. Buchanan Samuel Roy Builto David Edward Campbell Robert Edward Cornell Charles Eugene Chick Billy Morris Clayton Willy D. Clayton Ralph B. Cox Dan William Crofts Lee H. Dorfman Patrick Clyde Dougherty Jack Quitman Dunaway Bertram Dykes Joe Bert Eggen Max Engert Dan Lane Everett Donovan George Fischer Adolph William Foeh, Jr. Alan Eugene Fogelberg William E. Gilchrist Robert Ray Gribble Eugene Howard Griffin James Wallace Gunn Robert Bee Hodge, Jr. Robert Clark Holt George Hamilton Hopkins Frank LaRue Ivey Arthur Wayman Ivy Benny Frank Johnson Emory Gene Johnson George Edward Kelly Lloyd Sol Kelman William Byron Kissinger David Warren Knight Harold Frank Kosel Lynwood Curtis Krause Carl Cornelius Lambert Phillip A. Latham Carlos V. Leal Benjamin Joseph Leon Fred Mershon Lightfoot John Harver Lind William Bart Little Alfredo Lopez, Jr. Hershel Ray Lung George Fred Mason, Jr. Robert Marshall McClure Charles David McGinnis Melton Duane McMasters Louis Noble Million Jimmie Charles Mitchell Jerry Frank Moffitt John Harry Mooney, Jr. Buck Arthur Morton William C. Mueller Ralph Tonias Murad William Roland Newton Carl Glover O ' Connor Alvin E. Oehlke Gilbert M. Ohlen Charles Richard Otey William Edison Owen Richard H. Peek Robert Joseph Perkins Robert Douglas Pfluger Walter Martin Phillips John P. Pittman Robert Benson Reynolds Lloyd Dale Ross Frank Joseph Schmidt Carlos Schrader Ted Robert Scott David Harold Shelton H. Clay Sherrod, Jr. Roy Dale Shroyer Ernest Preston Spradlin Ho well Slaton Stephens George Stephenson, Jr. Hubert R. Stewart Clarence Stroope Vernon Ray Sturdivant Don Lee Telkamp David Hildreth Thomas Claude I. Thompson Loren Hudson Vaughn Fred Bitterman Vogt Newton Michael Warzecha Sidney Weisblat Norvin Duane Wells Charles Theodore Werner Clarence Edward Williams Everett Howard Wilson Robert A. Wilson Jack Thomas Wood The joint student branch of the AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGI- NEERS and the INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS has as its main purpose the advancement of the theory and practice of electrical engineering and of the allied arts, sciences and the maintainance of a high professional standing among its members. Page 309 wi tifate fr Mitutia FRONT ROW: G. Smith, Fo- touhi, Gerhardt, W. Tyler, Chokas, Polk, Thienes, Howell, Dyke, Adams, R. Anderson, Attra, Atnipp, Jessen, Power, Roston. SECOND ROW: Moody, J. Smith, Banner, Hunter, Cross- man, Hollis, Joyner, Barker, Hopkins, Gregg, Brown, Po- lasek, Dixon, Hough, Roe- buck. THIRD ROW: Miller, Street- man, Williams, Walker, Wor- zel, Vela, Burns, Holloway, Abernathy, Bice, Sheridan, Elam, Berryman, Burchfield, P. Schmidt. OFFICERS President HARVEY DAVID ATTRA Vice-President HORACE LARUE ATNIPP Recording Secretary BEN MORGAN BURNS Corresponding Secretary VICTOR ROY WILLIAMS Treasurer ROSS EVERETT ANDERSON, JR. Faculty Sponsor FRANK W. JESSEN MEMBERS Bobby F. Abernathy Gilbreth Denton Adams James Carl Anderson Ross Everett Anderson, Jr. Richard Rhoades Armstrong Horace LaRue Atnipp Harvey David Attra John Alan Bailey Ernest Baker Beverley Barrette Banner, Jr. Donald Barron Barker Thomas A. Bay, Jr. Clement C. Berryman Robert J. Bice William Otway Breedlove Jimmy Baldwin Brown Thomas P. Burchfield, Jr. Ben Morgan Burns Mitchell James Chokas John Ellsworth Collins George H. Colvin Leon Raymond Cort Ronald C. Crossman Robert C. Crutchfield William Edwin Dickerson, Philip Blair Dickinson John Elias Diller James Javan Dillon Bryan P. Dixon Peter Maetin Dyke Frank M. Elam Jacques L. Elbel David Scott Ferguson Manuchehr Fotouhi Leroy Gerhardt, Jr. Mahmand Ghadimi-Navai Kirtley J. Gregg, Jr. James Wilson Griffin Bonnie Louis Haynes, Jr. Kenneth Dale Henry Alfred Davis Hollis Edward O ' Neil Holloway William B. Hopkins Elred W. Hough James N. Howell James Waddell Huie Gilpin Hunter Frank W. Jessen L. Dean Jones Hagan Darwin Joyner James Richard Kiker Willie Joe Kostka Kazem Mahdavi Donald L. McAlpin Knox Miller, Jr. Forrest Richard Mitchell William Henry Moody Jay Edward Morgan Charles E. Nemir Donald Howard Oheim Maurice C. Perkins Theo Louis Polasek Robert Roland Polk Harry H. Power John Charles Procter James Hamilton Pruett George S. Robertson Jack Lenon Robinson Issac Field Roebuck J. Paul Roston Calvin Coolidge Saathoff Robert Lee Schmidt Paul Walter Schmidt Ellis Hunter Sheridan Grover Erastus Smith, Jr. Joe Ed Smith M. Reza Spefi Charles Rudolph Spence S. Srini-Vasan Jack Darwin Streetman William A. Thienes Chaunce Olcott Thompson Billy Morris Thomson Can Naci Toktar Floyd J. Tyler Winston Davis Tyler James Michael Vaello Tomas Alejandro Vela Jack Wesley Walker William Thomas Wheeler Victor Roy Williams Howard C. Worzel The AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERS is an organization to promote contact between students interested in the mineral in- dustry. This includes petroleum engineers and geologists. A national organiza- tion, it was founded in 1871. Page 310 A mecan L Civil FRONT ROW: Jones, Nolen, Kirkpatrick, Zavala, Pena, Mal- ki, McDavid, Tyra, Terry, Rangel, Markel. SECOND RpW: Breeding, Gas- par, Anglin, Finley, Eyries, Buell, Oevine. THIRD ROW: Pfeiffer, Graham, Koehl, Perales, Travis, Van Sickle, Thompson, McDuff, Cobb, Woodward, Defrates, Johnson, FOURTH ROW: Gloyna, Brown, Steel, Morgan, Moore, Daw- son, Murphy, Ferguson, Bark- er, Forsythe, Cummings, Rut- land, Meriwether, Stewart, Wren, Leard, Berae. OFFICERS President LEO PAUL TYRA Vice-President DOW C. COBB Secretary JESSE ANTON PFEIFFER, JR. Treasurer DONALD GEORGE McDAVID Faculty Advisor WILLIAM EARL BARKER MEMBERS William Ross Anglin William Earl Barker Robert Vernon Battey Donald Orville Bean Ulf Berge Claude S. Bible, Jr. Charles DeForrest Bigelow Frank W. Bomar William Preston Breeding Thomas Cater Brown Sidney Johnson Buell Ronald Lee Bynes Seymour J. Chiu Ralph Neill Christian Donald Verne Clawson Dow C. Cobb Paul Thomas Cook Jack Ed Cummings Roy Arthur Davis, Jr. Raymond F. Dawson Claude Defrates, Jr. Franklin F. Devine, Jr. Charles E. DeWoody Herman Hugo Druebert Robert Houston Dyer Aarne Erich Eeck James Rayford Evans Phil Moss Ferguson Harry Robert Field John M. Finley John Arnold Focht Eugene V. Forsythe Weldon M. Gomel S. A. Garza Lester G. Caspar Earnest F. Gloyna Robert Albert Graham Carmon Myles Grant Jacques P. Guillery Bishara Hanania Frank Dennis Holzmann Leslie E. Hudson Howard Enoch Johnson Leonard Marcus Johnson Robert Roy Jones Carlos Kirkpatrick Kenneth Francis Koehl Charles Raleigh Kreuz James Emmet Laughlin William V. Leard Guillermo Levy Morris Leon Levy, Jr. Timothy Liang Tong Liu Joseph Kent Longacre Sabri Malki Richard Malone Harry L. Markel Frank Dewey Masch David W. Maxfield Donald George McDavid Donald Pete McDuff George B. Meriwether Jarvis Dale Michie Charles Ray Moncrief Walter Leon Moore Carl William Morgan John Neil Murphy Christy Martin Nolen, Jr. Raul Pena, Jr. Pablo D. Perales Jesse Anton Pfeiffer, Jr. Jimmy Carroll Ragon George Garza Rangel James William Rapp McBurnett Rutland Yehuda Savitzky Tom L. Schneider Robert Howard Smith Thomas Charles Smothers Ernest William Steel Don Harold Stewart Ben Alan Terry Robert Andrew Thompson Wayne Kenneth Travis Leo Paul Tyra Richard Vender Straten Donald Ritchie Van Sickle David Thomas Woodward Robert James Wren Robert Zavala The object of the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS is to afford an op- portunity for civil engineering students to become acquainted and to promote a spirit of congeniality among them by acquainting them with topics of inter- est to civil engineering students. Page 311 MecUamcai FRONT ROW: Rylonder, Silver- stein, Boullibun, Shamblin, R. Mueller, Stoner, Robertson, Crownover, Flaskamper, Jo- seph, Warner. SECOND ROW: Raab, Henry, De Verier, Hedgcoxe, Walton, McGraw, Walther, Zimbelman, Evans, Musch, Milam. THIRD ROW: Gregory, Guinn, R. Bailey, Lackland, Latta, Coleman, Trimble, C. Mueller, Wroth, Shook, King. OFFICERS Chairman JAMES LAIRD WARNER, JR. Vice-Chairman BILLY BERT HAMEL Secretary JAMES DARRAGH CROWNOVER Treasurer BILLY RAY ROBERTSON Honorary Chairman HENRY GRADY RYLANDER Charles Lyle Bailey Robert Fred Bailey William Charles Bender N. John Blumberg Elbert H. Boullioun, Jr. Robert Emery Branson Jack Earl Capps James Russell Coldwater John Martin Cole Joseph F. Coleman James Darragh Crownover Paul Logan DeVerter Donald J. Douglass Jimmy C. Durbin Eugene L. Edwards Lynn Thomas Evans Thomas Edward Farek Raymond Arnold Fetter, Jr. Ray V. Flaskamper MEMBERS Robert Forrest Fletcher Leland Horace Franke Andrew John Freund Clay W. Fulcher Ernest Jack Funk Jose Othon Garcia Donald Peter Gregory Pedro E. Guerra Ronald Miller Guinn Billy Bert Hamel Keith Wesley Harvey Pat G. Hedgcoxe Larry Gene Henry Kenneth Richard Hoffman Conrad Derdeyn Joseph Bobby K. King Ernest L. Kistler, Jr. Kenneth Lee Kotzebue Eugene Leroy Krause Billy Gene Lackland Jack Ray Lacy, Jr. Ralph L. Latta Enoch Roger Lind Herbert B. Martin John Edmund Martin LeRoy McDonald Joe Henry McGraw Robert Kenneth McMordie Ted Mendoza Charlton Joseph Milam Calvin O. Mueller Rudy Rinehart Mueller John Edward Musch AI-Fakhri Mustafa Freddie Joseph Naiser Walter Thomas Nelson Jack Gordon Parker Travis Joe Raab Billy Ray Robertson David Ray Saader James Earle Shamblin Ryan Allen Shook Jack Silverstein John Bollard Sisk Calvin Lil Stoner Richard August Strecker George John Strouhal Marma Duke Taylor Lloyd C. Trimble Dave M. Ussery Milton F. Walther Richard Lee Walton James Laird Warner, Jr. William F. Wroth Frank Arthur Zimbelman The University of Texas Chapter of the national professional organization is open to all mechanical engineering students. By means of speakers and the Power Show, the Society works to create an interest in mechanical engineer- ing among other students, and to encourage a spirit of professionalism among its members. Page 312 FRONT ROW: Nixon, Martin, May fie Id, Coates, Spurger, Brown lee. SECOND ROW: Karbach, Bridges, Garner, Phelps, Stark, Cramer, Collins. OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary . . . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer SANDRA LOU MAYFIELD KAY MARTIN LYNN KUHLMAN ANNE BOSTWICK McCRANIE JUDITH CARTER PHELPS Miriam Ellen Banks Jane Beckham Fay Beth Bridges Jean K. Brownlee Barbara Lee Clements Florence Claire Coates Lynne Collins Marjorie Ann Cramer Bettie M. Dancey Peggy Anne Dunlap Fayetta Mary Gannon Dorothy Sue Garner Marilyn Graves MEMBERS Carol Ann Hall Jane Louise Hardwick Nancy Jean Hollowell Anne Elizabeth Hoyt Martha Jo Karbach Jane Elizabeth Key Martha Ann Knapp Lynn Kuhlman Barbara Ann LeFlore Dottie Long Kay Martin Sandra Lou Mayfield Anne Bostwick McCranie Mary Ann McKahney Annette Morris Schatzie Bernadine Nixon Nancy Wallace Perkins Blanche Pevy Judith Carter Phelps Nancy Reeves Sylvia Sue Spurger Virginia Kae Stark Scottie Gayle Stevenson Augusta Louise Tenney Joan Louise Woellet Founded in 1888, ASHBEL LITERARY SOCIETY was the first literary or dramatic society on the campus. Its members are chosen for interest in good literature and must have a " B " average in English. Page 313 HI FRONT ROW: Prino, Dew, Houston, Graham, S. Giles Quick. SECOND ROW: Johnson, M. Giles, Wood, Inglish. THIRD ROW: Ellington, Mo Creless, F. Williams, Tipton, Dougherty. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor MARION JO PRINO MILDRED BUCK PEGGY L. ANTHONY ROSE MARIE BEALS PHYLISS RICHARDS Peggy L. Anthony Eula Mae Bass Marjory Jenetta Barton Rose Marie Beals Laura Holloway Becker Lois Dorothy Blais Mary Lou Bliss Ann Brandenburg Virginia Ann Bristol Mildred Buck Angela Colvin Dorothy Carol Cook Dana Dew Peggy Alice Dougherty Darby Jean Ehlers Lilla Jean Ellington Barbara Jeanne Ellis MEMBERS Barbara M. Ellis Patricia Ann Erwin Muriel Joy Giles Shirley Mae Giles Marilyn Butler Graham Nancy Irene Houston Mary Jane Inglish Louise Parmele Johnson Marilyn Grogan Jones Shirley Maxine Kaplan Sammye Ann Kuhn Elvie Lou Luetge Olivia Inez Mackenzie Sara Phyllis Maxwell Merry Christine McCreless Barbara Miller Joan Rugeley Moore Shirley Jean Morrison Kathleene Jeanette Owen Marjorie Ann Pressman Marion Jo Prino Rita Frances Quick Quida Jane Rochester Patricia Jean Roscoe Jo Ann Smith Mary Margaret Tipton Granville Harry Wheeler Bobby Lou Whitehead Florence Faye Williams Helene Rose Williams Mary Louise Williams Betty Kathryn Wood Two organizations, the International Kindergarten Union and the National Council of Primary Education, make up the Association for Childhood Educa- tion. Each is organized to promote better educational opportunities for young children. Page 314 COUNCIL President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Boys Enlistment Chairman Girls Enlistment Chairman Social Chairman Workshop Chairman Publicity Missionary Music Education Boys Intramurals Girls Intramurals Sunday School Representative . . Training Union Representative . . WYA Representative Co-op Activities Magazine Representative BENNIE RUTH SMITH ERNEST WOOD POZELLE PHILLIPS JOE HENRY McGRAW JOHN THOMAS BATES MARY HELEN PRITCHETT SHIRLEY CYRUS BILLY GRAY LYNN BRACEWELL DONALD MELTON DONUS WAYNE RICKS OTIS RHEA SCHMIDT ERNIE WINTON TULLIS WANEEN WYRICK CHARLES SWEET LANGFORD SNEED AVA SUE WORD ELWYN GUNN FRED O ' CONNOR The BAPTIST STUDENT UNION provides a full year of activities in retreats, daily devotionals, conventions, and varied social events for all Baptist students on the campus. Page 315 FRONT ROW: Stullken, Fon- taine, Tieken, Newnam, La Four, Jackson, Hagler, Camp- bell. SECOND ROW: Pruett, Shane, Hughes, Hutcheson, Barton, Lewis, Smith, Etheredge. THIRD ROW: Bates, Jentsch, Andrew, Sproull, McDavid, Branham, Schaller, Boyd, Frey- tag. OFFICERS President First Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor . . . MARTHA ANN FONTAINE MARGARET TEXANNA PETTY MARY ANN MOLPUS TAVIA RAE LA FOUR FLORENCE STULLKEN MEMBERS Georganne Allen Laura Sue Andrew Gladys M. Appel Barbara Ann Barfield Margaret Clyde Barton Lois Elizabeth Bates Rose Marie Bengston Ida Terrell Boswell Kathryn Frances Boyd Patricia Ann Branham Norma Jean Brock Shirley Arlene Campbell Marjorie Ann Cramer Nancy Mary Dodge Anne Carolyn Douglass Mary Jane Eckhardt Betty Nan Etheredge Jackie Lea Ewald Martha Ann Fontaine Frances Cornelia Foote Ethlyn Rose Freytag Venis Kathryn Glass Dorothy Nell Hagler Helen Hughes Marion Virginia Hutcheson Betty Joan Jackson Mabel Gertrude Jentsch Marjorie Lois Johnson Janis Joyce Ladewig Tavia Rae La Four Sue Adele Lambert Joan Hodsdon Leonard Viola Grafton Lewis Martha Carolyn McDavid Barbara McKinney Mary Ann Molpus Katherine Dean Newnam Maria Irene Noriega Margaret Texan na Petty Shirley Ann Pruett Angelia Delwyn Pruitt Mary Ann Robinson Gayle Paula Schaaf Mary Jean Schaller Annie Marie Schulze Sandra Norene Shane Ruth Lucile Sims Patsy Jeannine Smith Fay Nell Sproull Nancy Lee Summers Betty Louise Tieken Helen Lucille Trainer Marilyn JeNelle Van Zandt LaVerne Voelkel Jean Walton Joan Dolores Whelan BETA BETA ALPHA is a professional business administration organization. Any woman student registered in the College of Business Administration may be- come a member at the beginning of either the fall or spring semesters. Page 316 FRONT ROW: Wesner, Klein, Daniel, Fulton, Armsworth, Pipkin. SECOND ROW: Flinn, Snider, Van Brunt, Browning, Prouse, Burkhalter. COUNCIL OFFICERS President CAROL JEAN WESNER Vice-President HAZEL MAULTSBY PIPKIN Secretary SALLY JUNE SNIDER Treasurer NALDA VAN BRUNT Reporter MARGARET M. FULTON Sponsor HELEN M. FLINN MEMBERS Cynthia Armsworth Avery Jean Browning Joanne Earlene Burkhalter Frances Shiree Daniel Rosalie Klein Betty Lou Koppel Darlene Prouse Hazel Maultsby Pipkin CAP AND GOWN is open to all senior girls. It is an organization designed to help them bridge the gap between school life and community life. Page 317 FRONT ROW: Woods, Gil more, Lisker, Manning, An derson, Watson, King, Owen Blank. SECOND ROW: Busbee, Stev ens, Stovall, Young, Saund ers, Ramos, Blank, Kostohryz Ebarb. THIRD ROW: Shannon Squyres, Goolsby, Butler Johnson, Bunsen, Cloe. OFFICERS Chief Justice . . . . Associate Justice Clerk Bailiff Advisor . GARY YOUNG NICHOLAS JOHNSON AMBA MANNING PAUL REGENE ROBERTS, JR. ALLEN DAVIS MILLER Catherine Gail Anderson Carl Edward Arnold Thomas Alton Blakeley Walton Porter Bandies Thomas G. Bousquet Charles Harvey Brandberg Frederick D. Bunsen Lloyd Guinn Busbee Leroy Frederic Buss Morris Butler Virgil Eiland Cammack John Thomas Cater Janie M. Cheever Rafe Heath Cloe Edward Elton Crowell Teddy Glendon Ebarb Jerry J. Ford Thomas David Ford Jerry Gilmore Philip Arlen Goolsby James F. Greer Alex Bianquini Guevara Thomas Jefferson Hall Gaither Leonard Hartley William Ernest Heaner Lee Walter Henslee III Richard Ja mes Hoffman Brooks Natt Holman Hugh Morrison Hornsby III MEMBERS Harry Lee Hudspeth Roy Prewett Huff, Jr. Robert Lee Huffman Jimmie Dean Hughes Wayne Allen Jansen Nicholas Johnson Miguel Jordan Roberts Quentin Keith Russell Briscoe King, Jr. Robert L. Kostohryz Dwight Lynodol Lieb Arlyne Shirley Lisker William Sherrod Luttrell Robert Horace Manderson Amba Manning Antonio S. Martinez G. L. Mauzy James Chapman Mays Goodridge V. Morton Minton Henry Leon Owen Fleming George Panos Doyle Emmett Perkinson Franklin Howard Perry Harold L. Phelan Carl Mellock Phillips Paul William Phy Sid Ramos Jerry Mack Rape Rogers Fullerton Reid Paul Regene Roberts, Jr. James Alford Rose W. C. Sanders Richard Carroll Sounders Bob Eric Shannon Michael Sounders Shearn Weston Marshall Sherwood Richard Simon, Jr. Thomas Day Smith Robert John Snow James M. Speer Robert Tyre Squyres Lawrence Edward Steinberg Sidney Lawrence Stevens Jack Stovall Thomas Neilson Thurlow Joel David Toole Lois Irene Watson Milton Eugene West William Leon Whitfield Robert Drake Wilkes William Lawrence Willis John Franklin Winslow Meyer Willis Witt Jack Thomas Wood Ernest Woods Gary Young Page 318 FRONT ROW: Wolfe, Peter- sen, Whitehead, Lash, Palmer, Putnam. SECOND ROW: Guerguin, Barrett, Cralle, Neely, Greg- ory, Tidwell. THIRD ROW: R. Knierim, Tinsman, Brannan, Lutz, An- derson. M.--H t 1 OFFICERS President JOHN EDWARD LUTZ III Vice-President DORIS ELEANOR NEELY Secretary LOLA KAY PALMER Treasurer LYNN CALVERT BARRETT Sponsors MR. AND MRS. W. H. KNIERIM MEMBERS Ross Everett Anderson Lynn Calvert Barrett David Spencer Bennett Lloyd French Bramble William Vincent Brannan Robert Parker Cralle Donald Peter Gregory Marilyn Lee Guerguin Dixon Wade Holman Ruth Louise Knierim Sally Sue Lash John Edward Lutz III Sherron Elaine McGauhey Mary Morgan Doris Eleanor Neely Lola Kay Palmer Mary-Helen Petersen Josephine Gale Posey Elizabeth Idaire Putnam Jane Reber Sally Carol Smith Herbert Leroy Sprague Jack Quinn Tidwell Richard Earl Tinsman Bobby Lou Whitehead Rosalyn Robinson Wolfe The Christian Science Organization provides co-operative cultural and social activity for Christian Scientist students on the campus of the University. Page 319 OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . Helen Ainsworth Nancy Ainsworth Barbara Sue Alpard Martha Jane Arnold Charlotte Ruth Aronson Barbara Jane Banks Marietta Beard Bessie Rae Belcher Mary Lou Bliss Dolores Anne Blumentritt Avery Jean Browning Isabelle Lucie Burrow Angela Caldwell Nancy Ann Chilton Gloria Faith Coffin MEMBERS ANGELA CALDWELL BARBARA LEE TERRELL HELEN CAMPBELL RIDDICK SCHATZIE BERNADINE NIXON Adele Crawford Dorothy Inge Deaver Dorothy Jane Durrenberger Margaret Rochelle Estlack Joe Anne Cecelia Faulk Sallie Harrison Fetter Martha Ann Fountaine Beverly Ann Guinn Marilyn Haley Virginia Hallum Nancy Jean Hollowell Sidney Elizabeth Howell Douglas Ann Johnson Catherine C. Jones Shirley Elaine Kanter Diana Klotz LaVerne Marilyn Koza Diane Lehman Mary Ann Maley Sandra Lou Mayfield Patricia Ann McCutcheon Ida Caldwell McFaddln Sally Ross Nichols Schatzie Bernadine Nixon Judith Carter Phelps Marian Jo Prino F. Darlene Prouse Helen Campbell Riddick Mary Ann Rostrom Peggy Lee Rowland Margaret Ann Schmidt Otis Rhea Schmidt Annie Marie Schulze Nellora Ruth Smith Irby Hanna Spring M. Janet Sutton Barbara Lee Terrell Sylvia Anne Louise Trundle Nalda Van Brunt Sondra Ann Weiss Carol Jean Wesner Sonia Ellen Wolf Composed of the presidents of organizations for women students on the campus, the CO-ED ASSEMBLY is organized to act as a co-ordinating and administrative body for such groups and to encourage interest in their activities. Page 320 Gluk FRONT ROW: AAoal, Strauss, O ' Kruhlik, Janda, Wessels, Krenek, Brown, Fsencik, Ba- rina, G. Bravenec. SECOND ROW: Mynar, Ford, Cerny, Milan, F. Barborak, Migl, A. Barborak, Micek. THIRD ROW: Drozd, Cha- loupka, Nemec, I. Bravenec, Reagor, Moore, Becker, Ziv- ney. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter Faculty Advisors . . . JOHNNY FRANCIS MYNAR GLADYS MAE BRAVENEC ELIZABETH MARIE STRAUSS JOSEPH GEORGE CERNY EDUARD MICEK JAROSLAV ELIAS ZIVNEY Helen Grace Barina Arthur F. Barborak Frank D. Barborak Theodor E. Becker Gladys Mae Bravenec Lorence Larry Bravenec Adrienne Lynnae Brown Joseph George Cerny Edward R. Chaloupka Mary Frances Chupick Jerry Coufal Leonard Joseph Drozd Jerry J. Ford Norman Dwight Frede MEMBERS Ethlyn Rose Fretag Ernest Holubec Gardinia Holubec Rose Eleanor Janda Johnny Bennett Jez Dennis Franklin Juren Jeannette Linda Krenek Charles James Kvinta Sylvia Milady Maly Frank Jerome Marek John Joe Migl Jerry B. Milan Wallace B. Moore Lydia Ann Motal Johnny Francis Mynar Frank James Nemec Edith Marie O ' Kruhlik Frances C. Psencik John R. Reagor Edward James Sarrazin Leroy Edward Sebesta Rudolph Gus Seeberger William Shur Joe Harold Siptak Elizabeth Marie Strauss Marilyn Ida Wessels Founded in 1909, the CZECH CLUB brings together students of Czech origin and their friends interested in the study of the Czech language and culture. Page 321 FRONT ROW: Russell P. Roberson, Mrs. Russell P. Roberson, Mac Roy Rasor, Paul Green Wassenich, Joe Tipton Housewright. SECOND ROW: Sarah Faith Lacy, Betty Ann Anderson, Betty Lou Clay, Eleanor Joyce Evans, Winona Lynn Cornelius, Phyllis Jean Foote, Sally Ann Fields, Clella Jeanane Chilton, Clara Ruth Hooten, Marilyn Ann Hubbard, Gladys Anne Rigsby, Mary Jane Scott, Bette Lodema Harvey, Almarie Trantham, Joann Pruitt, Albert Winslow Brisbin. THIRD ROW: Verna Joyce Kullenberg, Martha Jo Smith, Sally Ann Werst, W. Lanelle Caldwell, Shirley Jean Hopper, Shirley Jean Morrison, Joyce Lee Brown, Loyce Lee Brown, Sara Jean Kay, Angela Caldwell, Nancy Jane Jacobs, Nancy Louise Straiton, Karolyn Kucera, Nancy Ruth Stegman, Carole Wade, Sharon Harvel, Lula Margaret McMillen. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Alton Blakeley, John Jacob Northrop, Jarvis Dale Michie, Roger Lee Tolar, Pat Mitchell Tolar, John Burl Van Voorhis, Billy Glen Montgomery, James D. Rollins, Jr., Texas S. Ward, William Ingo Marschall, Jr., Paul Ramsey, J. Donald Duncan, Eldon Royce Dyer, Larry Louis Stewart, Richard Chapman Lowrey, Joe Paul Tupin, Bishara Hanania, Gordon Aubrey Lowther. FIFTH ROW: Rimon Nicola Masad, Cecil Anson Nix, Henry Lloyd Stover, Sherwin Eugene Hufford, Tom James Fotheringham, George Atkinson Donaldson, Bruce Timothy Miers, Benjamin Kistner Alexander, Robert Lester Hubbard, Joe Howard Cantrell, Robert Stanley Modlin, David Malcolm Crouch, Thomas Henry Holman, Jimmy Thompson, Norman Greg Cornelius, Albert Saba Dahbour, Jon Braswell Ruff, James L. Dalton, Howard William Hudspeth, Harry Lee Hudspeth, Donald Edward Pederson, Eugene Andrew Wadsworth, Phillip Gene Foote. OFFICERS President JOE TIPTON HOUSEWRIGKT Vice-President SARAH JEAN KAY Secretary NANCY LOUISE STRAITON Treasurer BILLY GLEN MONTGOMERY STAFF Director of Student Work and the Texas Bible Chair PAUL GREEN WASSENICH Minister LAWRENCE W. BASH The DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP is the national organization for college and university students belonging to the Disciples of Christ or Christian Church. It was organized in 1946 at Merom, Indiana, to provide Christian fellowship for the approximate 50,000 Disciple students in this country. Now there are groups in thirty-nine states and Canada. Page 322 FRONT ROW: Laves, Nebenzahl, Hieronymus, Cohen, Poborsky, Sicro. SECOND ROW: Fallick, Karchmer, Green, Pittell, Borgenichf, Camp, Gupton. THIRD ROW: Lewis, Pontius, Feigelson, Ginsberg, Copeland. OFFICERS President DANA JUAN HIERONYMUS Vice-President JOANNE COPELAND Secretary SHIRLEY COHEN Treasurer NANCY ANN WREN Faculty Sponsor EMOGENE EMERY Marjorie Kay Beilke Audry Yvette Borgenicht Madalyne Gladys Buchman Joyce Nell Camp Shirley Cohen Joanne Copeland Liana Ljuba Epstein Davie Lou Ettelman Grace Helene Fallick Carol Ann Feigelson Harriet Jayne Fish Beverly Friedlander Bailey Anne Ginsberg MEMBERS Hanna Rebecca Goldman Sheila Dale Golub Yvonne Green Margaret Marilyn Gupton Wilma Annette Hartman Dana Juan Hieronymus Eloyce Delene Karchmer Phyllis Kuperman Sue Adele Lambert Gloria Yvonne Laves Marlene I. Leder Geane Marian Lewis Helene Ann Lips Elizabeth Ann Miller Elaine Ruth Nebenzahl Elizabeth Ann Nielsen Marilyn Ann Pittell Sheila Rae Poborsky Jean Ray Pollock Barbara Ann Pontius Margaret Louise Shores Irene Sicro Nancy Ann Wren Rachel Ann Zoblotsky FORENSICA is an organization for girls who are interested in debate, ex- temporaneous speaking, and dramatic reading. Members are elected after a try-out of three-minute speeches on any subject. Page 323 FRONT ROW: Frank, Wink- ler, S. Klein, Denard, Cald- well, M. Hoyer, W. Hoyer, Rathgeber. SECOND ROW: Senter, Wittig, Zieschang, Sleglich, E. Schmidt, Blais, Kohls, Shoppa. THIRD ROW: Wilde, Helbig, Wohlt, Geisler, Power, Maahs, Schatte, Schumacher, Juren, Fischer. OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Sponsor THOMAS CARL MAAHS GUS FRANKLIN MUTSCHER LOIS DOROTHY BLAIS PAUL WALTER SCHMIDT EDMUND P. FRANK MEMBERS Betty Joyce Ballman Lois Z. Banke Raymond Robert Banke Lois Marie Beals Lois Dorothy Blais Robert Walter Bubolz John A. Bruce Caldwell Dorothy Ann Denard Shirley Jean Dittmar Wilbert Charles Dutschmann Edgar Gustav Fischer Bernard Wayne Geisler Theodore Joachim Helbig Marie G. Hoyer Wilmer A. Hoyer Dennis Franklin Juren Carolyn Sue Jutzi Rosalie Amelia Klein Shirley Beatrice Klein Eleanor Klopsteck Doris Alyme Knippa Robert John Kohls Alvin Oswald Kreigel Martin Edward Luker Thomas Carl Maahs Gus Franklin Mutscher Beverly Joyce Power Robert Charles Proft Edward Richard Rathgeber Gene Edward Riethmeyer Rollins Monard Roth William Albert Schatte E. Ellen Schmidt Paul Walter Schmidt Elroy Schoppa Frederick Wayne Schumacher David Allen Senter Lloyd Shoppa James Edward Steelhammer Val E. Steglich Louise Lavania Wagner Wilford Carl Wilde Jane Ruth Winkler Helen Louise Wittig Emil John Wohlt, Jr. Margaret A. Zieschang Religious, social and educational society. All Lutheran students affiliated with the Synodical Conference are eligible for membership. Page 324 cut -4 , FRONT ROW: Gilmore, Rashti, Cook, Neuman. BACK ROW: Pellerin, Miller, Squyres, McDougald. OFFICERS President ROBERT TYRE SQUYRES Vice-President JAMES MAXWELL COOK Secretary-Treasurer LEWIS NATHAN NAYLOR Parliamentarian CHARLES ROBERTS Faculty Sponsor HOWARD TOWNSEND Billy Custas Booziotis James Maxwell Cook Winston Pettys Crowder Jerry C. Gilmore James P. Hart Harry Richard Havens Robert William Jung MEMBERS Henry Kreissl William Hugh McDougald Gary Evan Miller Jack Morley Lewis Nathan Naylor Sam Neuman Wallace Lionel Pellerin Edward Joseph Rashti John Herbert Ray Charles Roberts Don Roth Michael Condon Shea Robert Tyre Squyres Charles Hamilton Westerlage The James Stephen Hogg Debating Society is a local organization which was founded on the University campus on October 5, 1914. During the year the Society sponsors a men ' s freshman speech contest and a spring banquet. All other activities are in cooperation with the Oratorical Association. Page 325 FRONT ROW: Millican, Barker, Wynne, Jircik, James, Thomp- son, Smith. SECOND ROW: Dorman, Bailey, S. Nichols, Eckert, War- ren, Gustafson, Adams, Soutes. THIRD ROW: Taylor, B. Davis, Miears, Hodges, Chil- ton, Boenig, Horn. FOURTH ROW: Klopsteck, Wofford, Gardner, McCoy, Leohner, Flachmeier. OFFICERS President NANCY ANN CHILTON First Vice-President MORRELLE McCOY Secretary BETTY ANN THOMPSON Treasurer PATRICIA ELLEN HORN Co-sponsors MARGARET ANNE EPPRIGHT RUTH GAUSMAN MILLICAN MEMBERS Margaret Ann Adams Louise Landis Armstrong Gladys Winifred Babcock Elizabeth Ann Bailey Joan Elizabeth Barber Betty Bell Barker Dorothy Louise Bielinski Betty Ruth Bird Cecil Joy Boenig Barbara Renska Booz Joyce Lee Bfown Elizabeth Cady Bess Belle Caldwell Mary Lea Caslleberry Nancy Ann Chilton Barbara Deane Davis Dorothy LaMurriel Davis Allidena Dearmond Dorothy Ann Denard Barbara Stout Dixon Carmel Theresa Dorman Charlene Eckert Margaret Anne Eppright Alice Joy Everett Janet Connor Fitzgerald Patsy Joyce Flachmeier Patricia Ann Gardner Rosalie S. Godfrey Delores Helen Goldstein Carol Anne Goodwin Dorothy Fehlis Greenwood Martha E. Griffith Lorraine Margaret Gustafson Carol Ann Hall Harriet Castle Harris Kathleen Heaton Erma Jean Henry Lady Clyde Hodges Mary Louise Holcombe Patricia Ellen Horn Jan James Vivian Elizabeth Jircik Virginia Anne Kindig Eleanor Klopsteck Carolyn Ruth Kongabel Loys Marie Kozelski Carrie F. Lawlis Lucy Cherie Leohner Beverly Jo McCabe Morel le McCoy Ether Murl McDaniel Eleanor Meyer Louise Marie Miears Ruth Gausman Millican Sallie Beth Moore Clara K. E. Nichols Sally Ross Nichols Doris Ann Petrusek Corrine Elaine Probst Amy H. Purcell Lucy Rathbone Elizabeth Carolyn Reese Phyllis Richards Nancy Ann Ritter Mary Kathryn Salmon Betty Jean Scamardo Marialyce Smith Janet Soules Nancy Louise Straiton Elizabeth Tarpley Martha Loy Taylor Betty Ann Thompson Rose Marie Vincent Grace Anita Vogt Nancy Ann Walker Patricia Ann Warren Barbara Wofford Charlotte Cora Wolcott Diana Jo Wood Lois Virginia Wynne The HOME ECONOMICS CLUB is an organization to promote contact and interest between the student and the many divisions of home economics. Membership is open to all Home Economics students. Page 326 FRONT ROW: Shutts, Banks, Frank, Kimmons, Haynes, Ham- mond, O ' Donnell, Orr, Yium, Flaskamper, Griffin. SECOND ROW: Blalock, Cook- sey, Leanard, Voss, Adcock, Barksdale, Garrison, Lindsey, Schlumpf, Kistlcr, Sheport. THIRD ROW: Dal ley, Halsell, Fenter, Mason, Jenkins, Miner, Simpson, Briggs, Lee, Trezise, Renfro. OFFICERS Chairman Vice-Chairman . Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor DANA LAWTON BLALOCK ERNEST LOSSON KISTLER, JR. BERNARD WILFRED MINER, JR. ROBERT GAYLE VOSS JOSEPH WINTHROP DALLEY Joe Marshall Adcock Jimmy Edward Banks Howard S. Barksdale Alan LaVern Bean Dana Lawton Blalock Edward Miles Briggs Fred Eugene Brown Billy Doyle Cheak Robert Samuel Cobb III James Maxwell Cooksey Rodney Bernard Corona Joseph Winthrop Dalley Felix West Fenter Gertrude Hill Fila Ladislaus John Fila Ray J. Flaskamper M. R. Frank III George E. Garrison MEMBERS Donald Peter Gregory Burlin Moody Griffin Charles M. Halsell Harry Dean Hamilton George Randall Hammond Frank Edward Haynes, Jr. Byron Frederick Hinderer Jack Ronald Jenkins Johnson Andrew Jenkins Thomas Penn Johnson Wylie Mack Kimmons Ernest Losson Kistler, Jr. James B. Kyser Vernon A. Lee Roger L. Leonard, Jr. John Lewis Lindsey Mark Mason Jimmy McBride Jerry Rudolph McKibben Bernard Wilfred Miner, Jr. T. Edgar Mouritsen Thomas John O ' Donnell James Carley Orr James Tris Pollard George Houston Renfro, Jr. Ronald Norman Schaevitz Robert Louis Schlumpf John Lemming Sheport William H. Shutts Johnny Max Simpson Duane Haren Skiles George Leo Trezise Robert Gayle Voss Eugene Andrew Wadsworth Thomas Joe Yium The student branch of the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences was established to provide prospective engineers and scientists with broad opportunities to engage in activities associated with a future in aviation and aeronautics. Page 327 K appa FRONT ROW: Staton, Hatton, Murphy, McCreary, Nrtishin, Greenwood, Woller, Noble. SECOND ROW: Hamm, Page, Krummenacher, Kidwell, Fields, Guerrero, Swaney. THIRD ROW: Bothwell, Green, L. Parker, Summer I in, Bian- chi, Hutchinson. FOURTH ROW: Rieger, Bel- lamy, Taylor, Hull, Brannom, R. Parker, Davila. OFFICERS President Vice-President . . Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisors HOWELL S. McCREARY CHARLES EDWARD TAYLOR JAMES RICHARD KIDWELL MARTIN EHRFRIED BOTHWELL VERNON ALBERT GREEN WALLACE LOUIS GUESS MEMBERS Murlyn Dean Bellamy Vincent Joseph Bianchi Martin Ehrfried Bothwell Dale Baird Brannom Jeff I. Coats Rudolfo Gonzalez Davila John Emerson Davis Donald Olda Ferguson James Perry Fields Vernon Albert Green John Murray Greenwood, Jr. Armando G. Guerrero Wallace Louis Guess Alan Wayne Hamm Winifred Ray Hatton Charles Durwood Hendry Harry Max Hruzek Mark Emly Huff, Jr. Charles Lee Hull William Thomas Hutchinson, Jr. James Richard Kidwell Bruce Crouch Krummenacher Howell S. McCreary William Kent Murphy Arnold Nitishin Mark C. Noble Robert Clayton Page Luther Ray Parker Robert Fulton Parker, Jr. Robert Lewis Rieger Herbert Frederick Schwartz I James Gene Staton Harvey Newell Summerlin Willard Ratcliff Swaney, Jr. Charles Edward Taylor Ben Howard Turner, Jr. William Henry Woller Kappa Psi is a service organization in the College of Pharmacy which emphasizes individual responsibility and initiative among its members. Page 328 CluJt FRONT ROW: Knight, San- dovat, Quiroz. SECOND ROW: Meza, Bena- vides, Resendez, J. Garcia. OFFICERS p resident RICARDO MANUEL VILLARREAL Vice-President BOB P. KNIGHT Recording Secretary MAGDALENA JOSEFINA LEYENDECKER Corresponding Secretary ESTELA DE LA GARZA Treasurer JUAN SANDOVAL Faculty Advisor GEORGE I. SANCHEZ Ignacio Carol Benavides Alberto Cardenas Carlos Castillon Antonio Cavazos Hilario Cavazos Hector Gustavo Cerda Maria de Jesus Coronado Ada Cronfel Argie Mary Cronfel Sarah Cronfel Semiramis Cronfel Stella Cronfel Estela de la Garza David Dovalina Ricardo Floyd MEMBERS Candelario Pedro Garcia Jose Othon Garcia Ricardo H. Garcia Ruben Garcia Reginaldo Cristelo Garza Abe Gutierrez, Jr. Ireneo Gutierrez, Jr. Raul J. Guzman Samuel Idrogo Leopoldo Arnoldo Jimenez Virginia Lee Kazen Bob P. Knight Magdalena Josefina Leyendecker Victor Lozano, Jr. Felipe Luna Gualdalupe Medellin Fernando Pablo Meza Robert O ' Conor, Jr. Raul Pena, Jr. Rafael Quiroz, Jr. Ruben de la Garza Resendez Reynaldo Hector Rodriguez Juan Sandoval Henry Stein David Torres Dorothy B. Trevino Ricardo Manuel Villarreal The Laredo Club was organized to bring together students from the Laredo area. Each year the Club awards a scholarship to a graduating senior of Martin High School. It is the oldest active home town organization on the campus. Page 329 American Pharmaceutical Association OFFICERS President JAMES RICHARD KIDWELL Vice-President WINIFRED RAY HATTON Secretary BARBARA JEAN GASTON Treasurer LUTHER RAY PARKER Vice-Treasurer MARK EMLY HUFF Reporter ALAN WAYNE HAMM Parliamentarian JOSEPH GEORGE COLE Texas Pharmaceutical Association OFFICERS President ROBERT WAYNE SPENCER Vice-President MURLYN DEAN BELLAMY Secretary BETTYE ALDEN ANDERSON Vice-Secretary CHARLOTTE ANN GUNTER Treasurer IRBY HANNA SPRING Vice-Treasurer PATRICIA SUE BAKER Editor SYLVIA ANNE LOUISE TRUNDLE Faculty Advisors WALLACE LOUIS GUESS VERNON ALBERT GREEN Student Government Representative ROBERT CLAYTON PAGE The LONGHORN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION is a combination of the stu- dent branch of the Texas Pharmaceutical Association and the American Pharmaceutical Association. The membership consists of the entire student body in the College of Pharmacy. This organization strives for better programs and more worth while activities in which all Pharmacy students would be interested. FRONT ROW: Bellamy, An- derson, Baker, Gunter, Gas- ton. SECOND ROW: Huff, Hat- ton, Spring, Trundle, Spencer, Parker. THIRD ROW: Kidwell, Hamm, Green, Page, Guess. Page 330 FRONT ROW; R. Thorns, Nau, Steinkamp, Hacker, Hanath, Eckert, Steinbach, L. Gustaf- son. SECOND ROW: Tieken, Kern, Fischer, Haenel, Freeman, Flachmeier, Wolf, Boriack, Boenig. THIRD ROW: Weiss, Kotze- bue, T. Becker, D. Becker, Moehring, Mouritsen, Seiden- sticker. OFFICERS President ROBERT LEE THOMS Secretary BETTY LOUISE TIEKEN Treasurer ERNEST VIRGIL NAU Sponsor CARL E. HACKER MEMBERS Gladys M. Appel Albert Jerry Balusek Donald Austin Becker Harold F. Becker Theodor E. Becker Hilbert Charles Bluhm Joan Marie Blume Lucille Ann Blume Cecil Joy Boenig Gretchen Margaret Bohn Jerry Wilbert Boriack Martin Ehrfried Bothwell Juergen Hans Braun Marjorie Ann Brod Benjamin Roberts Davis Jon Kent Dezelle Dolan Hoye Eargle Stephen Taber Eargle Charlene Eckert Aarne Erich Eeck Joe Bert Eggen Lars Norlick Engel Lembit Enni Howard Floyd Fischer Patsy Joyce Flachmeier Leland Horace Franke Claudette Florine Freeman Harvey Lee Friedel John Henry Gresvik, Jr. John Edwin Grifno Donald F. Gustafson Lorraine Margaret Gustafson Herman E. Haenel Amalia Marian Hanath Harry Lee Henneke Marilyn Lois Johnson Gail Kaufman Byron Frederic Kern Helen Marie Knebel Donald H. Kobe Emmit Alton Koelle, Jr. Kenneth Lee Kotzebue Beverly Gene Lamp Enoch Roger Lind David C. Luan Elvie Lou Luetge Jane Alyce Melin Paul Allen Moehring Bradford Wayne Moritz T. Edgar Mouritsen Ernest Virgil Nau Joyce Elaine Neff Richard Nevermann Arvis E. Noak H. W. Pfennig Ivan R. Olson Benjamin Thomas Rhodes, Jr. Mary Schawe Janice Elizabeth Schulle Calvin Carl Seidensticker Evelyn Marie Slattum Lucy Lee Speaker Joanne Elsie Steinbach Delores Evelyn Steinkamp Carol Barbara Striebeck Peggy Ann Sunday Robert Lee Thorns William Thorns Betty Louise Tieken Grace Anita Vogt Fred Herman Weiss Patricia Jane Wolf Harold L. Zimmermann The Lutheran Student Association, the first in the South, was organized in 1937, to bring together Lutheran students at the University. Page 331 e. A M. y. e. FRpNT ROW: Bailey, Zeagler Dei trick, Prasatik, G. Johnson Zoch, Rape, Estlack, Woicin ski. SECOND ROW: Rodgers Schrank, Fiero, Gray, Ramos Pingenot, Ciarlartello, Cun ningham, Berry. THIRD ROW: Darwin, Deb nam, McLarry, Berg, Hand ley Lane, Kemp, Banner. M.I.C.A. OFFICERS President RICHARD SCHRANK Vice-President DICK J. FIERO Secretary SID RAMOS Treasurer JOHN KIRK GRAY Faculty Sponsor HOYT WILLIAMS EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Ragsdale Warren Bailey Beverley Barratte Banner, Jr. Robert Kenneth Berg Robert J. Berry James T. Darwin Steven L. Debnam Lawrence Kenneth Handley Andrew Jackson Johnson Pat Kemp Donald R. Lane Fred D. McLarry Wesley Milligan Richard Palmer Gene Alan Prim James Edgar Rodgers Bobby Lee Zeagler Glenn Zoch W.I.C.A. OFFICERS President ROCHELLE ESTLACK Vice-President CECILLA M. PINGENOT Secretary GEORGIA L. JOHNSON Treasurer , BARBARA BANKS EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Marilyn Aylor Gladys Bravenec Mary V. Byrd Virginia I. Ciarlariello Ruby Jo Cooksey Jeanne Cunningham Dorothy Deitrick Nora Lynn Gurney Joveta Marie Jones Esther Adeline Olvera Beatrice Annette Pape Beverly Joyce Power Virginia Rae Prasatik Sonya Karren Woicinski M.I.C.A. and W.I.C.A. were organized to promote social and cultural activities among independent students. Membership is open to any student not affiliated with a social fraternity or sorority. Page 332 ew man FRONT ROW: Hatch, Cunning- ham, Joseph, Stevens, Ba- tres, Acosta, Durio, Deauquier, Campbell, T. Kotara, Goeman, Woods, Hanchey, Villarreal. SECOND ROW: Pinedo, O ' Krnhlik, landa, Glvnn, B. Ganter, Palmer, Wessels, Rapstine, Stahl, C. Kotara, Bartz, Parra-Ch, Kintanar. THIRD ROW: Davis, Von Dohlen, Gerting, Reigle, Cor- rea, Pagan, Addison, Pollan, Richter, Curran, Cabaniss, Strum, Hernandez, F. Crixell. FOURTH ROW: Luigs, Mil- narist, Branda, Belluomini, Gray, Hlanak, Baker, Strauch, Lyon, Southern, Kanning, Ma l- donado. FIFTH ROW: J. AAcBride, L. McBride, Zabolio, Tucker, Pritchett, O ' Brien, Camero, V. Crixell, Luedemann, Knopp, Santos. OFFICERS President Vice-President . . . Secretary Treasurer Reporter Director Assistant Director DONALD GORDON PRITCHETT ROBERT ALDRICH FELSMAN SUSIE GOEMAN JAMES CORTLANDT WOODS ROSE ELEANOR JANDA REV. GERARD E. MAGUIRE C. S. P. REV. ROBERT C. BARRETT C. S. P. MEMBERS Jesus V. Acosta Jane Lee Addison Claude Eugene Alblinger Dolores Jean Ambrose Gustavo Anzueto Anthony Augustine, Jr. Jo Ann Austin Alice Lee Baird Bonnie B. Baird Eva Baker Helen Grace Banna Barbara Ann Barnes Ernesto De La Garza Barrera Michael Alfred Bartlett James Lynn Bartz Arturo Enrique Batres Robert Brian Battaglia Catherine Belluomini Joan Mary Berkenkamp Mary Catherine Berthelot Raul Adrian Besteiro, Jr. Carolyn A. Blasdel Walton Porter Bandies Mary Kay Bonneau Donna P. Banner Eddie Verneal Bonner Leon Booth, Jr. Eva Ramona Borrego Gilbert L. Branda Vernon James Broussard George Strother Burke John Charles Burke Douglas Burt Burton Richard Charles Byrd Charles D. Cabaniss Edwin D. Cahill Edward Jesus Camero Shirley Ann Campbell Diana Margot Cavazos Joseph George Cerny James Hugh Clare John C. Coffey, Jr. John Ellsworth Collins Helen Claire Cooley Carlos Correa Phyllis Marie Craven Frank Crixell, Jr. Vincent L. Crixell Phoebe J. Cunningham John F. Curran May Adele Daggett Ernst Michael Davis Robert Lee Davison Joseph Haikel Daywood Celeste Ann Deauquier Louis Henry Deiterman William W. Dewitt, Jr. Louis James Droll Leonard Joseph Drozd Louis Raymond Drozd Rocky Durio Joanne Marie Ellender Arthur B. Elliott James Harry Ellis Charles William Erwin Janet Fagan Herbert J. Fischer James George Fisher Richard Alfred Fitzgerald Patrick Nicholas Flood Fayetta Mary Gannon Barbara Ann Ganter Paul Anthony Ganter Rubin R. Garibay Ronny Joseph George John Henry Gerling Jeanne Marie Gilkiscn Jerome Michael Glynn Susie Goeman Betty L. Gray Phyllis Ann Green Robert Sterling Green Theresa Marie Gustafson Mary Dorothy Hanchey Geraldine Louise Hatch Emanuel Andrus Herbert Frances (Catherine Hembree Agnes Elizabeth Henchey Richard Hermann Henry C. Hernandez Juan Hernandez Janice Ann Hildebrand Samuel Gardner Hinckley III Virginia Lois Hlanak Kenneth Richard Hoffman Sissy Hogan Jaruey Holub Catherine Ellen Homan Harry Max Hruzek William Dahr Jamail Rose Eleanor Janda Chris Jasso Ann Gayle Jenkins Mary Lee Jobes James Wilburn Jordan JaneHe G. Joseph James Richard Kanning James Durkin Kennedy Loretta Ann Kervin Betty Ann Kilday Roman Lucero Kintanar Bob P. Knight Kenneth Paul Knopp Nancy Ann Kochevar Cecilia Joan Kotara Thomas Ronald Kotara LaVerne Marilyn Koza John P. Krebbs Eugene Joseph Krisak Mark Jerome Kubala James Lawrence Kubecka Gretchen Patricia Kuhlmann Nelson L. Kuhlmann, Jr. William Kvinta Martha Patricia Lamb Betty Jo Lednicky Leon Paul Lidiak Raymond Richard Loew Joseph Jasper Lovo! Dudley Tarlton Lowe Anne Marie Luedemann Charles Russell Luigs Jose A. Lyon Leonel Ma I dona do Robert Edward Maloney Amba Eugene Mann George Patrick Mann Crescencia Marin Leon R. Martinez Mart May Carol Ann McBride Jimmy McBride Leola N. McBride Patricia Eloise McGinn Walter Thomas McKay Murphy M. McNulty, Jr. Louis James Michulka John Joe Migl Aristides Millan Fred Miller, Jr. Loren P. Milnarist Velma Rosemary Montague Jack Alonzo Mullins John Frederick Mulroy George Abraham Murad George N. Myers Andrew P. Nebgen Francis Nespo Charles Joseph Ney Donald Ray Noack Maureen Frances O ' Brien Cathy Courtney O ' Donnell Edith Marie O ' Kruhlik Jerry John Opella Dillie Margaret Otto William Michael Otto Marie Elizabeth Palmer Jack Gordon Parker Diego Parra-Ch Joan Perussina Walter Martin Phillips Frank Pinedo Cecilia Marie Pingenot Carlos Enrique Pinto Fernand Poimboeuf Edward Allen Polka Rose Ann Pollan Virginia Rae Prasatik Donald Gordon Pritchett Jimrnte Martin Procell Mary Kathryn Pruitt Carol E. Querolo Patricia Ragone Philip Benard Rapstine John Edwin Redmon Robert Stanley Reeder Leonard James Rehkemper Harold Theodore Reigle Carol Ann Reinhackel Mary Dolores Reuter Terry Eugene Richards Rose Marie Richter Patricia Robinson Jimmy Rogers Catherine A. Rogowski John Thomas Saleh, Jr. Mary Margaret Sample Arcadio C. Santos, Jr. Madelon Sc ha bar urn Patricia Seidenglanz Joseph W. Sessions Shelby Edward Shannon, Jr. Dailie Sharpe Sylvia Ann Simoneaux Anna Marie Sitra Robert Albert Snell Albert Kennedy Solcher Wilson E. Southern J. Douglas Stahl William Bernard Stavinoha William Stavinska Patricia Margaret Stevens Virginia Joan Strauch Richard Joseph Strum Christo Marie Sykes George Sherbourne Sykes Margaret Ann Sykes Ralph Alphonse Tibiletti Aurelia Theresa Timpte Joan Frances Tom Sammy E. Totah Wayne Kenneth Travis Billie Lynn Tucker Alberto Jacinto Varas Edward Velva, Jr. Elias E. Villarreal Leonard Harold Von Dohlen II Marilyn Ida Wessels Joan Dolores Whelan Clementine White Earlene Margaret Whitt Marian Arnold Williams Mary Alice Williams James Cortlandt Woods Ca-olyn Ann YeldeTnan Barbara Jean Zabolio William A. Zaiontz The NEWMAN CLUB, founded in 1908, serves as an organization of service and fellowship for the Catholic students on the University campus. Page 333 FRONT ROW: Williams, Hie- ronymus, Wren, Gilmore, Neu- man, Stoy. SECOND ROW: Miller, Arn- old, Wilson, Squyres, Barber, Davidson. OFFICERS President JOHN W. DAVIDSON Vice-President JERRY C. GILMORE Secretary DANA JEAN H1ERONYMUS Treasurer . SAM NEUMAN MEMBERS Carl Edward Arnold Will G. Barber John W. Davidson Jerry C. Gilmore Dana Jean Hieronymus Gary Evan Miller Sam Neuman Robert J. Squyres H. E. Pat Stoy Don Williams Charles J. Wilson Nancy Ann Wren An advisory-governing organization to promote and encourage student speech and forensic activities on the campus. Membership is composed of the members of five speech societies and the Varsity debate squads. Page 334 FRONT ROW: Ragsdill, Schmidt, J. M. Jones, Welch, Newberry, Quillian, Kneip. SECOND ROW: Alderson, B. J. Alexander, Freeman, Denman, Gray, Sanderson, Mueller, Brace. THIRD ROW: Buice, Caldwell, Davis, F. Baker, Thurman, AAc- millon, Nettles, G. Petersen. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MELBURN ARNOLD SANDERSON ELEANOR JANE KNEIP ANGELA BERNICE CALDWELL CHARLES BOB BILLINGS MEMBERS C. J. Alderson Benjamin Kistner Alexander Betty J. Alexander Frank Kelsey Baker Jimmy Donovan Baker Dallas Wayne Bough Charles Bob Billings D. K. Brace Jimmy Travis Brannan Jim Alfred Brewer Martha Jane Bogar Thomas H. Browne Mary E. Buice Frances Burke Angela Bernice Caldwell William Baynard Calhoun Celestino Rangel Campos Elizabeth Ann Cocreham Mary Hugh Cotley Helen Kathryn Cowan Joan Elizabeth Cox John Baker Cox Kenneth Dean Dabbs Eddie Joe Daniels Bailey E. Dougherty Marie Kate Davis Charlotte Rae Denman Richardo De Leon Richard S. Evins Dick J. Fiero Phyllis Gene Foote Alex Herbert Frantzen Roy Alton Frady Jerry Friesen Claudette Florine Freeman Luis Rene Garibay Barbara Ann Ganter Raymond Donald Glasgow Carl Glass Elizabeth M. Glass Betty Lee Gray Bill Jerome Groogan Jesse Helen Haag Prudy Haley Patsy Ruth Hassman Gloria Irene Hatcher James Donald Henderson Vivian Norman Huie Charles Douglass Herrera Glenn Frank Hoffman Margaret Ann Hunt Clinton Leroy Houy Ernest Edward Jones Joseph Fleming Jones Joveta Marie Jones Thomas A. Jungman Rodney Carlyle Keller Ronald Cecil Keller Eleanor Jane Kneip Boyd Linker Jack Lyle Lynn Wade McCraw Roy Jack McLean John Richard McMillan Russell W. McMurry James M. McVey Jerry Benny Milan Jimmy Milton Miller Carol Mims Meta Louise Mogford Edythe Jane Moody Garland Gene Mueller Frederick Blom Nelson Barry Duncan Nettles Carol Newberry E dith Nunley Russell Leroy Olander Barbara Ann Otis Jimmy Dan Pace Melvin Ray Patterson Hugh Oscar Peebles Betty Lou Pendergraft Kathryn Lee Penick Pat Collier Pennington Donald Eugene Pennock Gerald R. Petersen Paul W. Petersen Walter Arthur Peterson Gwendolyn G. Quillian Charles Hart Pritchett Jack Edward Ragsdill Raymond Clyde Rapp Nancy Grace Rheubotham Wanda Budge Rice Marilyn Jean Rost Mary Ann Rostrom John Aiken Rowan, Jr. Jill M. Rust Melburn Arnold Sanderson Bobbie Nell Schmidt Patricia Anne Sinclair Joe B. Skeen Jack Skelton Ernest Marie Slagle F. Dean Smith David William Snyder Wesley Davidson Strickland Paul Everett Tadlock W. J. Taylor Socorrita Teneyuque Gene Arden Templeton William H. Thurman Joel Douglas Tinker Pat Mitchell Tolar A. Joy Uzzell Phillip Gene Van Cleave Raymond lavern Voigt Merle T. Ward Jimmy Wayne Watson Bitsy Watson Joyzelle W. Welch Roy G. Wilson Marie Antoinette Wise William D. Wiser, Jr. Gerald Edward Woodward Lawrence Charles Zaruba This organization of the Department of Physical and Health Education is open to all students taking courses in health education, physical education, or recrea- tion and to all students preparing to major or minor in any of these fields. Its purpose is to provide professional and social experiences in these fields beyond preparatory training. Page 335 FRONT ROW: Alpard, Bour- don, Bercu, Lemmond, B. Smith, Stillman. SECOND ROW: Cameron, Var- nell, Douglas, Overton, Ray. THIRD ROW: F. Smith, Schwartz, AAyrick, Hodges, Clayton, Pojman, Templeton. OFFICERS President BARBARA SUE ALPARD Vice-President MARJORIE JANICE BOURDON Secretary VIRGINIA LOIS HLANAK Treasurer PATRICIA JANE DILLON Reporter BARBARA BAIM Faculty Sponsor . . JOHN ARNOLD WALTER Barbara Sue Alpard Dorothy Jean Angus Elizabeth Ann Bailey Barbara Baim Barbara Ann Barnes Betsy Catherine Barron Margare t Clyde Barton Marjorie Jenetta Barton Shirley Ann Bayless Beverly Renee Bercu Marilyn Biel Marjorie Janice Bourdon Carita Joan Calkins Patricia L. Cameron Greta Lynn Chodorow Nancy Ann Clayton Patricia Jane Dillon Thelma Doecen Mary Wilmoth Douglas Dilia Jane Elrod Beverly Ann Guinn MEMBERS Diana Gayle Johnson Sally Ann Jordan Sondra Hampton Virginia Lois Hlanak Lady Clyde Hodges Helen Sue Johnson Mary Cym Keasler Jan Lemmond Catherine Ann Logan Barbara Mann Marion Martin Cleo McWhorter Carolyn Marie Miller Nancy Carolyn Myrick Frances Fitzhugh Overton Nancy Yvonne Peavy Phyllis Ann Phillips Ruth Ann Pojman Barbara Rose Ray Betty Joyce Robbins Shirley Wren Roy Nell Beth Sansing Florence Scarborough Jean Marie Schwartz June Knight Shell Roberta Jean Simpson Beverly L ' Vonne Smith Carol Sue Smith Frances June Smith Rosalyn Helen Stillman Nancy Louise Straiten Judy Ann Sugerman Nancy Lee Summers Nancy Lou Temple Betty Jane Templeton M. Sue Trigg Sally Elizabeth Tucker Janice Varnell Nancy Ann Walker Betty V. Watson Sondra Ann Weiss Membership requirements of the REAGAN LITERARY SOCIETY is a B average in English. Founded by the Dean of Women of the University, the purpose of this organization is to discuss outstanding literary contributions. Page 336 FRONT ROW: Daily, Strum, Krupp, Sims, Ericson, Schulze, Goldstein, Beall. SECOND ROW: Pressman, Bruck, Strauss, Ablon, Spitzer, N. Ainsworth, H. Ainsworth, Diamond. THIRD ROW: Rogowski, Schmidt, Phyllis Green, D. Prouse, Keller, Surton, John- son, Steele. OFFICERS President DOROTHY JO DAILY Vice-President MARY MARGARET MILLER Treasurer CATHERINE ANTONINA ROGOWSKI Recording Secretary LAURA HOLLOWAY BECKER Corresponding Secretaries EMILY BEALL, ANN LOUISE SUTTON Faculty Sponsor IONE PETTEY SPEARS Joan Irene Ablon Helen Ainsworth Nancy Ainsworth Betty Elaine Allen Emily Beall Laura Holloway Becker Loretta Agnes Brown Sybil Wray Bruck Dorothy Meade Bruns Gloria Faith Coffin Joann Copeland Dorothy Jo Daily Barbara Diamond Estelle Emily Dooley Mary Jane Eckhardt Joe Anne Ericson MEMBERS Virginia Gillett Shirley Goldstein Paula Green Phyllis Ann Green Carol Adelaide Grimes Charlotte Ann Gunter Joi Hicks Claire Johnson Terrell Charlene Keller Joan Krupp Mary Ann Maley Virginia McDonald Mary Margaret Miller Teddy Moody Marjorie Ann Pressman F. Darlene Prouse Ruth Lorene Prouse Catherine Antonina Rogowski Margaret Ann Schmidt Aileen Rita Schwartz Kathy Schulze Ruth Lucile Sims Elaine Smith Mary B. Spitzer Dorothy A. Steele Nell Steiner Patricia Lorraine Stockton Elizabeth Marie Strauss Shirley Eloise Strum M. Janet Sutton Louise Sutton The SIDNEY LANIER LITERARY SOCIETY is to promote helpful and pleasant as- sociation among members and to establish a student loan fund. Each year it makes a general survey of cultural arts. The requirements for membership is an over-all B average and outstanding work in all Englis h courses. Page 337 FRONT ROW: Cralle, Blomberg, Murphy, Hodges, Turner. SECOND ROW: Bennett, Hiester, Floyd, C. Clark, Renick, Weiler, Gleason, Coffee, Fisher, Votaw, Johnson, Ball, Fraser, B " l ' en, Branran, Fletcher, May, Hill, Schulte, Potts, LeBleu. THIRD ROW: Sims, Grissom, W. Matthews, Stewart, Joseph, McDade, G. Jones, H. R. McGaw, Hutchison, Cornell, Llewellyn, Schafer, Boese, Robertson, Eargle, Linder, Davison, Friberg, Fritcher. FOURTH ROW: Ellis, M. Clark, Volta, Ernst, Prewit, R. Scott, B. Jackson, Gibson, R. Martin, Langford, Schneider, Brown, Lynn, Everett, Hixson, Kanning, Doreck, Kelley, Langley, Spear, Niethamer, DeWalt. FIFTH ROW: T. Shields, Wood, C. Miller, Howard, Lorenz, Lott, Walston, C. Jackson, Abernathy, W. Clayton, J. Marosis, Teague, Billings, Ham, Davis, Dickson, Tennyson, Nixon, Farrar, Schenk, Sotomayor. SIXTH ROW: B. Clayton, Schipplick, Busbey, McCauley, J. Sandefur, Spearman, P. Sandefur, Sigel, Hoffman, Warzecha, Foretich, Schindler, J. Smith, Carpenter, O ' Connor, Funk, Jarvis, Strebeck. SIXTH ROW: Scott, Burkhart, B. Smith, Booth, Prassel, Nance, Lackey, Hummel, Paulette. SEVENTH ROW: Trautwein, White, Mark, Woodward, Keegan, Heard, Kirby, Reistle, Hebert, Chestnut, Max- field, Feit, H. Martin, Neyland, Pape, Spencer, Squibb, Gresham, Prensky, Zehnder, Curran, Rogers. EIGHTH ROW: Person, Schatte, Roush, Anderson, Sherwood, Roberts, Lafrentz, Stubblefield, Gilchrist, Hall, R. Jones, Wiley, B. Miller, Pittman, Williams, Lindsay, Moreland. NINTH ROW: Col. McGaw, Mai. Maxwell, Biskamp, Dick, Bell, Reynolds, Travis, Finley, J. Wilson, Dickinson, Haenel, Allen, Frye, House, Baty, R. Shields, Holzmann. TENTH ROW: Rizzo, Varra, Hofmeister. OFFICERS President CLIFTON LEE HODGES Vice-President N. JOHN BLUMBERG Secretary JOHN NEIL MURPHY Treasurer ROBERT P. CRALLE Faculty Sponsor MAJ. BENJAMIN B. MAXWELL Mark Eugene Abernathy John R. Allen George Green Anderson Billy D. Ball Dayton G. Bateman Roy Samuel Baty Robert A. Bell Raymond A. Bennett Virgil W. Billings William Taylor Biskamp T. A. Blaylock N. John Blum berg Charles Olin Boese, Jr. Roy Campbell Booth William V. Brannan Joseph W. Brooks John N. Brown Billy B. Butlen Robert Frederick Burkart Charles Robert Busbey Edward L. Carpenter Kenneth Mac Carswell Tom Holt Chesnut Charles E. Clark Michael C. Clark Billy Morris Clayton Willy D. Clayton Robert F. Coffee David M. Cornell Robert P. Cralle John Francis Curran Bobby J. Daffern Larry J. Darnall Albert J. Davis Robert Lee Davison James W. DeWalt MEMBERS Ronald K. Dick Travis R. Dickinson Guy Travis Dickson, Jr. Ronald D. Doreck Stephen T. Eargle Billy C. Ellis Allen F. Ernst Dan L. Everett Bobby Clark Farrar Ronald Feit John M, Finley Robert H. Fisher Robert F. Fletcher Gentry L. Floyd Adolph W. Foch Richard Brittain Foretich Hague D. Foster Hugo C. Frank John G. Fraser Emil Edward Friberg Eugene Edward Fritcher Donald W. Frye Richard O. Funk James C. Gauntt Jerry A. Gibson William E. Gilchrist Egan R. Gleason Phillip E. Gratke James C. Gresham David Grissom Herman E. Haenel Robert Earle Hall Jerry D. Ham Allen Burton Heard Emanuel Andrus Hebert Travis D. Hiester Larimer Kenneth Hill Robert B. Hixson Clifton Lee Hodges John L. Hoffman Ludy C. Hofmeister Frank D. Holzmann William C. House Van Hood Howard Jack Lowe Hummel David Blair Hutchison Ben E. Jackson Charles A. Jackson Harold Duane Jarvis Danny B. Johnson Gerald Franklin Jones Robert Lee Jones Conrad Derdeyn Joseph James R. Kanning Curtis Jerome Keegan William C. Kelley Edward Cromartie Kirby James L. Kosub Vernon Lackey, Jr. John Da I ton Lafrentz James M. Langford Robert B. Langley Tommy R. LeBleu Lonnie K. Llewellyn Tommy Norton Linder Ronald Landon Lindsay Wayne E. Lott Richard Lorenz John E. Lutz Larry J. Lynn John N. Marosis Charles John Mankin Robert W. Mark Harry Lee Martin, Jr. James L. Martin Robert D. Martin Curtis Calvin Mason Wilbur Lee Matthews, Jr. David Wesley Maxfield Maj. Benjamin B. Maxwell Robert A. May Francis Ruple McCauley William Arnold McDade Donald G. McDavid Col. Hugh D. McGaw Hugh Roth Lee McGaw Franklin Meador Bobby Jack Miller Charles Warren Miller Dale E. Miller Vance C. Minter Richard L. Moore George Edward Moreland John Neil Murphy Robert Lewis Nance James O. Neyland Richard E. Niethamer Carl Lee Nixon Carl G. O ' Connor Kenneth H. Pape Roy Cleveland Paulette Charles Richard Person Eldridge W. Phillip Charlie Dean Pittman Theo L. Polasek Johnny M. Potts Franz Frederick Prassel Arnold Irvin Prensky Jerry B. Prewit James M. Pryor Carl Ernest Reistle Brink C. Renick Billy G. Reynolds Robert J. Rivera Anthony Louis Rizzo Frank Ernest Roberts Don Adrian Robertson James H. Rogers William Wakefield Roush Pentard William Sandefur Jerry Ray Sandefur Edward E. Schafer William Albert Schatte Franklin Delano Schenk Van H. Schindler August Carl Schipplick George W. Schneider Frank Carl Schulte Eugene F. Scott Robert T. Scott Holmes Semken George A. Shafer John T. Sherwood R. M. Shields Thomas Joseph Shields Edwin M. Sigel James Marion Sims Budje Louis Smith James Marshall Smith Jorge Faustino Sotomayor Harry M. Spear, Jr. James David Spearman Larry Keith Spencer Duke E. Squibb Robert William Stafford Walter Scott Stewart Robert M. Strebeck John Mart Stubblefield Gwynn A. Teague James R. Templeton Ed Joe Tennyson William Brally Trautwein Wayne K. Travis Robert A. Tucker William Turner, Jr. George R. Varra Adrian B. Volta Dean G. Votaw Robert G. Waggener Thomas Melvin Ware Newton M. Warzecha Joel D. Watkins Virgil A. Walston Norman Eugene White John E. Weiler Thomas E. Wiley, Jr. Edward Bennet Williams Joseph E. Wilson Sammy L. Wilson Phillip E. Winston Thomas Farrar Wood Edward Dalton Woodward James T. Young John B. Yows Norbert A. Zehnder The SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS was founded shortly after the first world war, in the belief that a military engineering association is an es- sential adjustment to National Defense. The purpose of the organization is to advance the knowledge in the field of military engineering in the interest of National Defense. Page 338 Genbial FRONT ROW: Janda, Turbeville, Schmidt, R. Johnson, Barker. SECOND ROW: Pavlik, Koenig, P. Bordovsky, Wilier, E. Strauss, Darilek. THIRD ROW: Gustwick, Eason, Hruzek, R. Bordovsky, C. Kvinta, Alblinger. OFFICERS President PAUL K. BORDOVSKY First Vice-President RUBY RUTH JOHNSON Second Vice-President ROBERT EVERETT GUSTWICK Secretary MARY JOYCE PAVLIK Treasurer PATRICIA ANN EASON Sponsors STANLEY BOYSEN WINONA BOYSEN HENRY J. STRAUSS ELIZABETH MARIE STRAUSS Claude Eugene Alblinger Glenn David Appelt Betty Bell Barker Lucille Ann Blume Paul K. Bordovsky Rudolph Lenard Bordovsky Stanley Boysen Winona Boysen Franklin Joseph Broz Jo Ann Darilek Patricia Ann Eason Bobby Gene Eckols Patsy Joyce Flachmeier Robert Everett Gustwick MEMBERS Kenneth Ray Hagan Harry Max Hruzek Melvin Ray Huebel Rose Eleanor Janda Ruby Ruth Johnson Thurmond Lamar Johnson John Weldon Koenig Charles James Kvinta John Frank Kvinta, Jr. William Davis Kvinta Shirley Mae Langston Leon Paul Lidiak Milton Meier Jane Marie Miller Edith Marie O ' Kruhlik Mary Joyce Pavlik Van H. Schindler Margaret Ann Schmidt Henry J. Strauss Elizabeth Marie Strauss Jamey Bryant Terrell Jerry Terrell Thornhill Amalie Jean Traeger Janice Ann Turbeville Marilyn Ida Wessels Edward William Willrodt Patricia Jane Wolf Composed of students from DeWitt, Gonzales, Fayette, Lavaca, and Colorado counties, the South Central Texas Club sponsors a yearly scholarship which is given to a graduating senior from a South Central Texas high school. Page 339 rr - FRONT ROW: DeVillier, Zehn- der, Bateman, Glover, Kipp, Bibb, Allen. SECOND ROW: Gleason, Stahl, Graeber, Moore, Richie, Helm- ke, Leonard. THIRD ROW: Powell, Legge, Speck, Ray, McGee, Reynolds, Barrow. OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Reporter GEORGE RICHIE BERT EDWIN RAY CRAIG ALLEN VERNON LLOYD HELMKE EGAN RAY GLEASON Craig Allen David Brown Barrow Dayton Greer Bateman Robert Sherman Bennett Sumter T. Bibb III Charles Villier DeVillier Egan Ray Gleason Thomas Ryan Glover David Calvert Graeber MEMBERS Vernon Lloyd Helmke Bill Barnes Hoff Robert G. Kipp Don Edward Legge David Lawrence Leonard Dewitt Clinton McGe Charles Thomas Moore Victor Boone Powell Charles Harry Randall Bert Edwin Ray Russell Ronald Reynolds George Richie Dickson Malone Skidmore Don H. Speck Charles Fredic Stahl Norbert Anthony Zehnder, Jr. Honorary and social organization for men in architecture with members chosen for their academic achievements, character, and interest in the profession and the school. Page 340 FRONT ROW: Eason, Lewal- len, Godley, Bourdon, Estlack, E. Moody, J. Wilson, Shifflett. SECOND ROW: Biel, Dannen baum, Fiske, Martin, Varnell, Castaneda, Aylor, J. Thomp- son. THIRD ROW: S. Jordan, S. Thompson, Burkhalter, Ton- roy. May, Beall, Arledge, Wesfbrook. FOURTH ROW: Lane, Inglish, N. Jordan, Howell, Pingenot, Schmidt, Davis. OFFICERS Chief Haunt Vice-Haunt Recorder Haunt . Banker Haunt . . Faculty Sponsor SIDNEY ELIZABETH HOWELL MARY JANE INGLISH MARJORIE JANICE BOURDON MARION MARTIN HELEN JUANITA WINDHAM Alberta Ann Arledge Rosemary Austin Marilyn Julia Aylor Barbara Jane Banks Betty Jo Beaird Emily Beall Marilyn Biel Rie Charlotte Booth Marjorie Janice Bourdon Celia Ann Buchan Joanne Earlene Burkhalter Jo Ann Caldwell Consuelo Dolores Castaneda Nancy Ann Clayton Opal LaVerne Clifton Bettie M. Dancy Mary Elisabeth Dannenbaum Ann Davis Louise Diamond Nancy Joan Earle MEMBERS Billie Beryle Eason Margaret Rochelle Estlack Nancy Jay Fiske Harriett Carter Godley Carolyn Sue Green Sidney Elizabeth Howell Mary Jane Inglish Nancigail Jordan Sally Ann Jordan Mary Maud Lane Jo Betsy Lewallen Marion Martin Mart Rhea May Diane McFarland Barbara Dee McMillan Merry Ann Merritt Gloria Winifred Meyer Patsy Sue Millikan Edythe Jane Moody Teddy Moody Patricia Lou Perry Cecilia Marie Pingenot Linda Gail Potts Margaret Lea Sanderford Otis Rhea Schmidt Sandra Louise Settegast Amelia Eleen Shifflett Scottie Gayle Stevenson Jane Lee Stuart Betty Jane Templeton Joyce Stuart Thompson Sally Ann Thompson Cheryl Joy Tonroy Jayne Upton Janice Varnell Alice Mae Westbrook Jo Ann Wilson Maxine Wilson Dorothy Joan Young A social service organization. An interest in campus activities and a good sense of humor are the requirements for membership in the SPOOKS. Page 341 FRONT ROW: N. Smith, Mc- Faddin, J. Bourdon, Barber, Beklik, S. Clark, Srini-Vasan, Rowland, Clement, Luckett, Yriart, Morgan, Mackenzie, Deaver, Buckley. SECOND ROW: Ritter, W. Smith, Lightfoot, L. Bourdon, A. Davis, Carothers, Hart- man, Skiles, McReynolds, Esse. Cole, Schmidt, Orr. THIRD ROW: Miller, Begley, Lampley, Spears, Barton, B, Davis, Lambe, Robbins, Sut- ton, Samman, Hanania, New- som, Torikoglu. FOURTH ROW: Crowder, J. Clark, Squyres, Riemann, War- ren, Coble, Burkhardt, Cook, H. Dahbour, E. Martin, Ray. FIFTH ROW: Silvus, Elledge, Borrego, Guettler, L. Martin, Larizadeh, Peterson, Eckols. OFFICERS President YWCA ELEANOR FRANCES LUCKETT President YMCA EVERETT FOY CLEMENT Vice-President YWCA DOROTHY INGE DEAVER Vice-President YMCA JACK FRANCIS RITTER Secretary YWCA CECLIA ANN BARBER Secretary YMCA DAVE G. PFEIFFER Treasurer YWCA PEGGY LEE ROWLAND Treasurer YMCA PAUL W. PETERSON STAFF Executive Director of YWCA SALLIE R. NASH General Secretary of YMCA WILLIAM AWALT SMITH Associate Secretary of YMCA HUGH ALTON ECKOLS Office Secretary MRS. SHELBY HEARON FRESHMAN FELLOWSHIP CABINET Lynn Louis Bourdon Nancye Gaye Burkhardt Mary Jane Carothers Jim R. Clark Vernon Elledge Martha Gail Ergle Charlotte Ann Francis Henry D. Jacoby Tom K. Barton Lew Merrel Begley Homzyoun Beklik Richard Borrego Sue Clark Jan Sharon Coble Phyllis Jean Cole Winston Pettys Crowder Patricia Ann Kendall Marcia Jen Lambe Lillian Elise Lightfoot Charles Lester Mackenzie Ralph L. Masters Keith Underwood McCrary Ann Stuart Morgan Patricia Lou Perry Robert F. Silvus Sue Ramsey Smith Elleanor Ann Walker Albert Saba Dahbour Henry Saba Dahbour Barbara Deane Davis Kathryn Ann Esse Glenn Roy Guettler Bishara Hanania Martha Ann Hartman G. H. Lampley UPPERCLASS SPONSORS FOR FRESHMAN FELLOWSHIP Co-Chairmen CARITA JOAN CALKINS ALBERT YRIART Marjorie Janice Bourdon James Michael Cook Roland Edmund Dahlin Jim Buck Huggins Kathleen Kelley Nancy Marie Skiles Donald Ray Warren Ann Elizabeth Wilson CABINET Mohamad Mehde Larizadeh Ed Thomas Martin Lee A. Martin Ida Caldwell McFaddin Bill Irvin McReynolds Thomas Eugene Miller John Herbert Ray Grace Sue Riemann UPPERCLASS COUNCIL Eileen Ethel Buckley Mary Elisabeth Dannenbaum Ann Davis Kenneth Ray Farabee Ida Caldwell McFaddin William Walter Melvin Mack L. Newsom Joseph Lackland Orr Isabelle M. Peck Linda Elain Reeves Ben Lamar Reynolds Otis Rhea Schmidt N. Ruth Smith Donald Ray Warren Betty Joyce Robbins Mouaffag Nouri Samman Franklin Scott Spears Robert Tyre Squyres S. Srini-Vasan H. Janett Sutton Bogos Torikoglu Page 342 OFFICERS President WILLIAM KNIGHT FOSTER Vice-President DAVID McALISTER GOODFELLOW Secretary BETTYE B. DERESE Treasurer BETTY LOUISE TIEKEN Sponsor and Advisor RALPH BURNHAM THOMPSON MEMBERS Robert Amaya Vener Barnes Burba E. Bohannon Tom Franklin Boynton Harry O. Bray Jim Bussey John Francis Capps Bettye B. DeRese William Knight Foster William Paul Fuller Murray Browder Giles David McAlister Goodfellow Forest Hertel Nettie Lou Lindsey Jack M. Mann Eugene Anthony McClintock Sally Ann Nichols Marvin A. Rich Bailey Hill Huff Lucile Ruth Sims John A. Smart Don W. Smith Richard Frank Strickland Betty Louise Tieken Larry John Uzzle Jesse Joe Verdia Mark L. Walraven Bob Dean Wood The STUDENT MARKETING CLUB is affiliated with the American Marketing As- sociation. Its purpose is to promote friendly interests between the faculty and the students, to foster scientific study and research in the field of marketing, to give the student a practical knowledge of marketing and to bring students with the same interests and objectives together. Page 343 TOP ROWt Allison, Season, Belken, Brookshire, Burnett, Calaway, J. Cook. SECOND ROW: R. Cook, Dan- ner, Enni, Gilmore, Gray, Katz, Moore. THIRD ROW: Nichols, Polter, Robertson, St. John, Stuckey, Thorns, Youngblood. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . . . LAWRENCE LINDELL SEASON WILLIAM KIRKLEN BROOKSHIRE ROMEO R. HINOJOSA LESLIE VAUGHAN BELKEN Joe S. Allison Lawrence Lindell Beason Leslie Vaughan Belken William Kirklen Brookshire Hugh. Donald Burnett Jim C. Calaway James Michael Cook Reuben Davies Cook Paul Danner FACULTY Jack Holland W. Page Keeton Howard Townsend William Franklin Young, Jr. MEMBERS Lembit Enni Durward Gray Evans Jerry Carl Gilmore John Kirk Gray Romeo R. Hinojosa Robert Nathan Katz George T. Mayes Fred Jones Moore Ralph Murwin Nettleton Jimmy L. Nichols Dan Carl Polter Robert Nelson Robertson Joe Allan St. John J. W. Stuckey Robert L. Thorns Carey James Youngblood TEJAS is a social organization whose members are elected on the basis of scholarship and integrity. Membership is limited to independent men and to the approval of its members. Page 344 LEFT TO RIGHT: Daniel, Howe, Smith, Cannon, Portwood, Lynch, Rowntree, Strum, Burke, Barron, Pullen, Cooper, Johnston, Wendel. OFFICERS Leaders Secretary Faculty Advisor FRANCES SHIREE DANIEL SHIRLEY ELISE STRUM MARY LOU LYNCH ARNO NOWOTNY Betsy Catherine Barron Mary Lynn Booher Frances Burke Shirley Marquitta Cannon Nancy Gail Cooper Frances Shiree Daniel MEMBERS Jean Ellis Dana Dunbar Howe Patricia Ann Johnston Mary Lou Lynch Sammie Ann Portwood Carole Jeanne Pullen Martha Lucile Rowntree Bonnie Belle Smith Jean Smith Shirley Elise Strum Jean Elizabeth Wendel Patricia Adrea Woods The TEXAS STARS are the first such group organized in the Southwest conference. It is a girl ' s twirling organization which performs at football games, basketball games, pep rallies and parades. Page 345 FRONT ROW: Dorothy Steele, Ann Carter, Rita Faye Dickens, Betty Baker, Cleo Avera, Janette Martin, Charleen Lewis, Connie Powell, Gayle Howard, Jocelyn Wells, Mary Jo Reid, Jim Loynel, Vernon Morgan, Christian Reinertsen, Ear! Bourne, Sharon Young, Bill Leifeste, Ross Morrow, Marvin Harlow, Julius Otson, Hugo Walter, Helen Musick, Mack Musick, Edwina Marshall, Darlene Prouse, Kay Anderson, Nancy Clayton, Mildred Hudgins. SECOND ROW: Thomas M. Hammond, Jr., Elizabeth Buck, Wilma Elizabeth Hodge, Paula McGee, Beatrice Brotzman, Shirley Campbell, Annette Smith, Sue Pace, Sandra Shane, Bette Davis, Preston J. Ttllery, Alan B. Carson, Dwayne W. Walker, Buddy Mulcahy, Richard Cortez, Jeff Henderson, Jeanette K. Owen, Daniel W. Bailey, Jr., Ida Lou Carter, Jim Carter, Hubert Strom, Gayle Pevoteaux, James Washington, Bert Lyle, Victoria Chushcoff. THIRD ROW: Mollie Gee, Sarah Northington, Shirley Coffin, Gloria Coffin, Doris RudeU Bletsch, Joan Stephen, Marjorie Harkrider, Jane Hawkins, Claire Johnson, Betty Caswell, Carol Hamilton, Joe Salterfield, Don PeepSes, Howard Me Adams, Edwin Baldwin, Claude Hunter, John Nyteler, Mary Ella Saunders, Alice Stephen son, Andrew Johnson, Lacy Craig, Jimmy Symons, Fred Goodman, David Snyder, Robert W. Carter, Virginia McDonald, Ed Frost, Bob Breihan. FOURTH ROW: Martha Hartman, Kathy Newnam, Anne Osborn, Martha Rowntree, Jerry B. Walden, Leonard Plummer, Jr., Jim Beaty, Jane Dabney, Carol Cook, Gene A. Hester, Norman L. Jostes, Marvin Dunaway, Morris Hill, Robert Allen, Jose Luis Sanchez, June Haws, Mary Elizabeth Bynum, Carolyn C. Cox, Claude F. Williamson, James Hall, Tommie Lou Russell, Jack Lacy, Bill Martin, Oliver P. Ha i ley, Margaret T. Petty. Ken Pinson, Pat McCutcheon. FIFTH ROW: Carl Lambert, Ruth Prouse, Leonard W. Raif, Gene Langworthy, Rex Montgomery, Thomas Perkins, William Jepp Busch, Duke Squibb, James E. White, John P. White, Russell Weltmer, Dan Gleckler, Dick Mc- Gehee, Alan Carmichael, Frances What ley. Fender Warren, Harris Johnson, C. W. Hall, Jean Hampy, Gardne ' Thornberry, Bart Little, Floyd E. Bennett, Nancy Ains worth, Helen Ainsworth. STAFF Director CLABE WASHINGTON HALL Associate Director and Director of Activities . . BOB BREIHAN OFFICERS President OLIVER DAFFAN HAILEY Vice-President MARGARET TEXANNA PETTY Secretary KATHERINE DEAN NEWNAM Treasurer DAVID WILLIAM SNYDER The WESLEY FOUNDATION is a fellowship of Methodist students and their friends built around common interests and ideals. Page 346 FRONT ROW: Bill A. Cunningham, Claiborne Bell, Jim Cook, Stuart Bell, Charles Figg, Bill Killingsworth, Roger Rowland, Robert Hanson, John Nickel, Winston P. Crowder, Robert N. Robertson, Van Shaw, George R. Stewart, Charles F. Petet. SECOND ROW: Isabelle Peck, Anne Shaw, Eleanor Sanders, Marianne Allert, Lissa Folmar, Pat Siemers, Margaret Keefauver, Shirley Yerington, Anne McCreight, Nita Carroll Knox, Marcia Lambe, Virginia Walker, Betty Ann Thompson, Dorothy Durrenberger, Mildred Janet Sutton, Barbara Neely, Patricia Cox, Louise Sutton, Dana Dew. THIRD ROW: Fred Klaus, Janette Bandy, Martha Powell, Mary Jane Carothers, Cecilia Ann Barber, Nancey Auld, Betty Allen, Eleanor Manuel, Adele Black, Dena Dickey, Ann S. Morgan, Elizabeth Gibson, Mary Nell Enlow, Nancy Scaief. FOURTH ROW: Marion Johnson, Hagan Joyner, Keith F. Nickle, Fred D. McLarry, Eddie Gipson, Bernard Pal mer, Eddie Chew, William C. Buls, Y. K. Joe Sukkar, Jack R. Wright, William Scott Jackson, Ralph H. Carder, Kirk Gray, Larry Lynn, Reuben Cook. FIFTH ROW: Rogers Reid, James R. Moss, Leland J. Allen, Bob Clary, Sam Junkin, Paul D. Jones, James M. Byrom, Wayne Meeks, Paul Noyes, Jim Davis, Keith McCrary, Hector L. Cisneros, Bryan O. Keathley, Sam Woolsey, Ronald Miller Guinn. STAFF Director CHARLES PETET Associate Director ANNE SHAW OFFICERS President C. VAN D. SHAW Vice-President RONALD MILLER GUINN Secretary M. JANET SUTTON Representative to the Board JOANN THOMPSON Treasurer ROBERT NELSON ROBERTSON Century Class President WILLIAM A. CUNNINGHAM Westminster Bible Class President BETTY ELAINE ALLEN Chart and Compass Class President KARLHEINZ F. KUNER Program Commission Chairmen DOROTHY JANE DURRENBURGER ISABELLE M. PECK Enlistment Commission Chairmen TEDDY MOODY WINSTON PETTUS CROWDER Fellowship Commission Chairman FRANCES SHIREE DANIEL Publications Commission Chairman JIM COOK Stewardship Commission Chairman ANN LOUISE SUTTON Service Commission Chairman BETTY ANN THOMPSON Kirk Editor SHIRLEY ELIZABETH YERINGTON Study Secretary EDDIE YOUNG The WESTMINSTER STUDENT FELLOWSHIP was founded on the campus of The University of Texas in November, 1899. Its aim is to meet the religious needs of the Presbyterian students on the campus. ZT " 4 v v - f " " ii f ' I Local Establishment, 1924 77 Chapters National Founding, 1885 FACULTY CHARLOTTE ESTELLE DUBOIS Associate Professor of Music Education LLERENA B. FRIEND Librarian, Texas History Center i. FALL OFFICERS SHIRLEY RUTH AXLINE President EULA MAE BASS First Vice-President . . . BARBARA LYNN MILLER . . Second Vice-President SPRING VIRGINIA LOIS HLANAK KATHLEEN DORIS SCHULZE JO ANN CALDWELL MARJORY JENETTA BARTON . . . Recording Secretary JANICE ANN TURBEVILLE MARGARET CLYDE BARTON Corresponding Secretary . . TERRELL CHARLENE KELLER SALLY KATHRON CAPPS Treasurer MARGARET CLYDE BARTON PLEDGES Delores Jean Ambrose, Houston Mary Elizabeth Anderson, San Angela Joan Anspacher, Dallas Marsha Ann Armour, Fort Worth Alice Lee Baird, Houston Janelle Ernestine Ball, Fort Worth Elizabeth Bigelow, Bruni Kendall Bradshaw, San Antonio Janice Bentley Coe, Houston Jo Ann Deaton, Dallas Elizabeth Ann DeWeese, Aruba, West Indies Mary Gwendolyn Echterhoff, San Antonio Karen Jean Ellis, Mission Carolyn Maree Elmore, Harlingen Doris Ann Elrod, Odessa Verree Zelma Etheredge, Houston Sandra Vee Foote, Orange Willa Jane Frost, Fort Worth Gail Gammage, Orange Ann Homsy, Dallas Judith Gail Johnson, Morton Sidney Darlon Johnson, Houston Barbara Anne Jones, San Antonio Paula Marie Lane, Cleburne p age 350 Barbara J. Lee, Iraan Mary Jo Martin, Fort Worth Sue G. McMacken, Sinton Alice Jean Middleton, Lubbock Ann Doran Morgan, San Antonio Barbara Marie Nigh, Houston Shirley Ann Parr, Lockhart Waldine Ann Peterson, Orange Jacquelyn Pope, Houston Sammie Ann Portwood, Seymour Don! Louise Richardson, Lamesa Marilda Ellen Rlley, Beaumont Sylvia Ann Simoneaux, Houston Mary Lynn Smith, Beaumont Jeanette Charlene Smulcer, Wichita Falls Mary Lee Stiles, Baytown Ann Tamsin Thomas, Sierra Amatepec, Mexico Nancy Ann Walker, Dallas Mary Kate Wendler, Austin Marriott Wieckhoff, Dallas Patricia Ann Williams, Kermit Diana Jo Wood, Austin Barbara Jean Zabolio, Houston Janice Marie Zimmerman, San Antonio TOP ROW: Anderson, Anspacher, Armour, Axline, Bailey, Baird, Ball, Barnes, Barron, M. C. Barton, M. J. Barton, Bass, Beggs, Bigelow, Bohn, Boyd, Bradshaw. SECOND ROW: Branson, Brock, Borum, Caldwell, Capps, Coe, Coleman, Colley, Couvillion, Cowan, D. Cundiff, E. Cundiff, Daniel, DeWeese, Dillon, Echterhoff. THIRD ROW: Ellis, Elmore, D. J. Elrod, D. A. Elrod, Etheredge, Foote, Franklin, Frost, Gammage, Gaston, Gil- chriest, Granath, Gray, Hlanak, H. S. Johnson, J. G. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: S. D. Johnson, B. Jones, Keller, King, Koepke, M. M. Lane, P. M. Lane, Lee, Martin, McGinn, Mc- Macken, C. A. McVey, M. R. McVey, Melin, Middleton, Miller. FIFTH ROW: Moody, Moore, Morgan, Nigh, Noble, Peterson, Pope, Portwood, Powell, Richardson, Ricketts, Riley, Rodgers, Schmidt, Schulze, Simoneaux. SIXTH ROW: Smith, Smulcer, Stiles, Temple, Thomas, Thompson, Turbeville, Walker, Wendler, Wieckhoff, B. Williams, Wood, Voelkel, Yankie, Zabolio, Zimmerman. MEMBERS Shirley Ruth Axline, Clarksville Elizabeth Ann Bailey, Refugio Barbara Ann Barnes, Houston Betsy Catherine Barron, Yoakum Margaret Clyde Barton, Kermit Marjory Jenetta Barton, Kermit Eula Mae Bass, Beaumont Barbara Ann Beggs, Houston Gretchen Margaret Bohn, Austin Margaret Lee Boyd, Uvalde Marilyn Ann Branson, Austin Sybil Wray Bruck, Austin Sylvia Elaine Burum, Houston Jo Ann Caldwell, Austin Sally Kathron Capps, Mason Vedia Elizabeth Coleman, Austin Mary Hugh Colley, Austin Nancy Jane Couvillion, Orange Jimmy Corinne Cowan, Houston Dixie Cundiff, Centerville Emily Ann Cundiff, Centerville Frances Shiree Daniel, Lufkin Patricia Jane Dillon, College Station Margaret Aiken Doane, Bandera Delia Jane Elrod, Odessa Betty Sue Franklin, Kingsbury Barbara Jean Gaston, Wells Carolyn Patricia Gilchriest, Silsbee Mary Jane Granath, Austin Betty Lee Gray, Houston Virginia Lois Hlanak, Baytown Helen Sue Johnson, Fort Worth Margaret Ann Hargrove Jones, Gatesville Terrell Charlene Keller, Del Rio Carolyn Baker King, Corpus Christ! Patricia Lee Koepke, Raymondville Mary Maud Lane, Austin Patricia Eloise McGinn, Houston Carol Ann McVey, Houston Marilyn Ruth McVey, Houston Jane Alyce Melin, Austin Barbara Lynn Miller, McAllen Edythe Jane Moody, Graham Dorothy Glenn Moore, McAllen Maxine Knight Noble, San Antonio Sonia Yvonne Powell, Austin Annelle Ricketts, Austin Yvonne Hartley Rodgers, Houston Bobbie Nell Schmidt, Austin Kathleen Doris Schulze, Austin Nancy Lou Temple, Dallas Sally Ann Thompson, Houston Janice Ann Turbeville, Yoakum Anita Lee Voelkel, Austin Beverly Joy Williams, Baytown Sue Yankie, Silsbee Page 351 i 1905 Local Establishment, 84 Chapters National Founding, 1851 FACULTY LUCILE DE NEVERS WILLIAMS Associate Professor of Romance Languages FALL OFFICERS SPRING SALLY ROSS NICHOLS President CLAIRE LOUISE YEAGLEY NANCY McAFFE HALL Vice-President CLAIRE BELLE HIETT MYRTIS CORNELIA SEALY Recording Secretary JUDITH CLARE HORNING DOROTHY JEAN THOMPSON . . Corresponding Secretary . . JANICE VARNELL CLAIRE BELLE HIETT . . Treasurer DOROTHY JEAN THOMPSON PLEDGES Eloise Allen, McGregor Nancey An Auld, Kerrville Dorothy Elaine Avera, Katy Jean Dennison Baker, San Antonio Marjorie Saxon Barge, Austin Paula Zoe Baughman, Baytown Mary Lillian Blasingame, Wharton Helen Ann Bohn, Austin Frances Patricia Brown, Austin Barbara Ann Browning, Austin Shirley Arlene Campbell, Amarillo Judith Lee Chambers, Beaumont Preshia Jane Chauncey, San Antonio Sally Jean Chote, Austin Peggy Cline, Wharton Nancy Lynn Cunningham, Austin Mary Nell Enlow, Angleton Kay Farquhar, Dallas Helen Elaine Fisher, Dallas Gayle Hartan, Houston Nancy Marilynn Helf, Austin Nancy Irene Houston, Beaumont Renee Huckman, Corpus Christ! Nancy Jane Jacobs, Wichita Falls Ann Celeste Jones, Port Arthur Angela Carol Kegler, Wink Carol Louann Kidd, Brady Nona Janet LeLaurin, San Antonio Lenore Grace Ligon, Houston Alice McCollister, San Antonio Edwina Dee Marshall, Port Arthur Nancy Lee Merrill, Dallas Amelia May Merritt, Arlington Barbara Ann Reifschneider, Houston Mary Lois Riveire, Fort Worth Eva Robuck, Dallas Frances Rugeley, Wharton Gladys Katherine Schade, Columbus Nancy Lee Schwarz, Mercedes Charlene Patricia Scott, Temple Nancy Ruth Scott, Conroe Mariella Smith, Fort Worth Margaret Joan Stephen, Robstown Maurice Pauline Stovall, Kerrville Aurelia Theresa Timpte, Corpus Christ! Cheryl Joy Tonroy, Corpus Christ! Joan Turner, Houston Patricia Ann Webb, Dallas Mary Lynn Willingham, San Antonio Carolyn Ann Yelderman, Rosenberg Page 352 TOP ROW: E. Allen, Auld, Austin, Avera, Baker, Barg?, Barton, Baughman, Blasingame, Boatner, Bohn, Brians, C. A. Brown, F. P. Brown, Browning, Burnett, Busch. SECOND ROW: Campbell, Chambers, Chauncey, Chote, Cline, Coleman, Collins, Cunningham, Dooley, Ehlers, Enlow, Ericson, Erwin, Farquhar, Fisher, Gebhard, Giles. THIRD ROW: Green, Haley, Hall, Hiett, Hodges, Holtzclaw, Horning, Houston, J. D. Jacobs, N. J. Jacobs, Jen- kins, D. G. Johnson, R. R. Johnson, A. C. Jones, M. G. Jones, P. E. Jones, Kegler. FOURTH ROW: Kidd, LeLaurin, Ligon, Little, Maley, Marshall, Martin, McCollister, McCreless, McDaniel, Melburn, Merrill, A. M. Merritt, M. A. Merritt, Monroe, Moore, Neely, Nichols. FIFTH ROW: Overton, Patten, Penick, Ray, Reifschneider, Remschel, Riveire, Rugeley, Sanderford, Savage, Scaief, N. Scott, Schade, Schwarz, Sealy, C. S. Smith, F. J. Smith, M. Smith. SIXTH ROW: Solether, Starkey, Stephen, Stovall, Straiton, Struhall, A. L. Sutton, M. J. Sutton, Thaxton, Thomp- son, Timpte, Tonroy, Turner, Varnell, Webb, Williams, Yeagley, Zemanek. Georganne Allen, Austin Rosemary Austin, Austin Florrie Avant, Dilley Leska Sue Barton, Brady Helene Le Marie Boatner, Fort Sam Houston Audrey Lee Brians, Tyler Carolyn Ann Brown, Austin Mary Frances Burnett, Dumas Carolyn D. Busch, Kerrville Patsy Ann Coleman, Corpus Christ! Janet Ruth Collins, San Antonio Emily Estelle Dooley, Austin Darby Jean Ehlers, San Benito Joe Anne Ericson, Orange Patricia Ann Erwin, San Benito Yvonne Clare Gebhard, Milwaukee, Wis. Muriel Joy Giles, Comfort Patricia Goebel, San Antonio Paula Jeanette Green, Wink Marilyn Haley, Beaumont Nancy McAfee Hall, Fort Worth Claire Belle Hiett, Dallas Lady Clyde Hodges, Sweetwater Marjorie Louise Holtzclaw, Port Arthur MEMBERS Judith Clare Horning, Houston Janet Selmar Jacobs, Houston Gayle Jenkins, H ouston Dianne Gayle Johnson, San Antonio Ruby Ruth Johnson, Gonzales Marilyn Grogan Jones, Dallas Patricia Elizabeth Jones, Sweetwater Rena Ann Kelly, Austin Betty Jane Little, Houston Merry Christine McCreless, San Antonio Marvel Ann McDaniel, Houston Barbara Jean McDuffie, Austin Mary Ann Maley, Houston Monte Sue Martin, Houston Felicia Ann Melburn, Georgetown Mary Ann Merritt, Conroe Carolyn Rose Monroe, Beaumont Joan Moore, Austin Doris Eleanor Neely, Amarillo Sally Ross Nichols, Austin Frances Fitzhugh Overton, Hutto Elizabeth Owens, Austin Carolyn Lucile Patten, Houston Kathryn Lee Penick, Austin Elizabeth Ann Randolf, Fort Worth Barbara Rose Ray, Roswell, N. Mex. Frances Katherine Remschel, Kerrville Margaret Lea Sanderford, Houston Mary Jo Savage, Houston Helen Nancy Scaief, San Benito Myrtis Cornelia Sealy, Bishop Carol Sue Smith, Austin F. June Smith, Weslaco Nancy Ann Solether, Weslaco Jo Ann Starkey, San Antonio Nancy Louise Straiton, Austin Frances Marie Struhall, Austin Ann Louise Sutton, Orange Mildred Janet Sutton, Orange Jane Ann Thaxton, Austin Dorothy Jean Thompson, Waco Janice Varnell, Fort Worth Ann Webb, El Campo Charlotte Alvord Williams, San Marcos Claire Louise Yeagley, Dallas Wanelle Zemanek, Newgulf Page 353 Local Establishment, 1925 40 Chapters National Founding, 1909 FALL OFFICERS SPRING SHIRLEY ELAINE KANTER Dean SYLVIA LYNN COHEN HELENE ROSE WILLIAMS Sub-Dean LOIS ANN FLESH MARCIA SUE FINE Scribe MARCIA LEE SEBEL MARJORIE ANN PRESSMAN Treasurer JUDITH ALINE MEYER PLEDGES Nancy B. Balatow, San Antonio Sandra Arlene Baron, Dallas Suzanne Berliant, Memphis, Tenn. Barbara J. Berry, Tyler Lois Ann Bernstein, Corpus Christ! Davie Lou Ettleman, Kilgore Carol Ann Feigelson, Beaumont Harriett Jayne Fish, San Antonio Marilyn Rita Fisher, Houston Shirley Ann Golden, Odessa Annette Rose Katz, Corpus Christ! Sylvia Rae Kirschner, Oklahoma City, Okla. Phyllis Kuperman, Breckenridge Marcia Lee, Tulsa, Okla. Patricia Jean May, Houston Joan Breta Provus, Amarillo Bernice Rothstein, Atlanta, Ga. Frances Seal, Birmingham, Ala. Betty Ann Simon, Shreveport, La. Page 354 TOP ROW: Ascher, Balatow, Baumohl, Berliant, Bernstein, Berry, Borod, Breitenbach, Cohen, Diamond, Ettleman. SECOND ROW: Felgelson, Fine, Fish, Fisher, Flesh, Golden, Kanter, A. R. Katz, M. Katz, Kirschner. THIRD ROW: Koppel, Kuperman, May, Messmer, Meyer, Pitlick, Pollock, Pressman, Provus, Roth. FOURTH ROW: Rothman, Sack, Schwartz, Seal, Sebel, Sekt, Selber, Simon, Voet, Williams. MEMBERS Joan Ascher, Jackson, Miss. Barbara Lee Baumohl, Houston Emilie Ann Borod, Memphis, Tenn. Nanette Breitenbach, Houston Sylvia Lynn Cohen, Lexington, Miss. Barbara Diamond, Houston Marcia Sue Fine, St. Joseph, Mo. Lois Ann Flesh, Jefferson Shirley Elaine Kanter, Harlingen Maurine Frankel Katz, Greenville, Miss. Betty Lou Koppel, Harlingen Gerry Elaine Messmer, Harlingen Judith Aline Meyer, Bellaire Anta Miriam Pitlick, Marianna, Fla. Jean Ray Pollock, San Antonio Marjorie Ann Pressman, Topeka, Kans. Mildred Ann Robins, Baltimore, Md. Joan Idelle Roth, Dallas Myrna Barbara Rothman, Chicago, III. Pauline Sack, Tyler Aileen Rita Schwartz, Houston Marcia Lee Sebel, Beverly Hills, Calif. Raleigh Joy Sekt, Sioux City, Iowa Suzanne Selber, Shreveport, La. Louise Elizabeth Voet, Borger Helene Rose Williams, Marshall Page 355 Local Establishment, 1940 66 Chapters National Founding, 1904 FACULTY SHIRLEY VAN CLEAVE, Instructor in Music FALL OFFICERS SPRING F. DARLENE PROUSE President F. DARLENE PROUSE DOROTHY LOUISE THORNTON . . . Vice-President . . DOROTHY LOUISE THORNTON ANN RUTH PATRICK Secretary ANN RUTH PATRICK CARMEN GLADYS SMITH Treasurer CARMEN GLADYS SMITH PLEDGES Joanne Abrahamson, Austin Barbara Ann Barfield, New Boston Joan Patricia Bryan, Premont Mary Cerise Cameron, Austin Sally Patricia Carr, Crystal City Carole Janet Chiles, Refugio Bette Sue Davis, Chillicothe Charlotte Octavia Duke, San Antonio Joanne Marie Ellender, Baytown Shirley Margaret Felts, Corpus Christ! Bobbie Joan Fisher, Baytown Mary Dale Gerhardt, San Antonio Donna Marie Green, Houston Phyllis Ann Green, Cuero Nancy Harlene Greer, Fort Worth Marilyn Lee Guerguin, Corpus Christ! Wilfreda Gustafson, Austin Martha Lou Hancock, Gilmer Marjorie Jeannette Hanes, Wink Mary Louise Herrington, Clarksville Elizabeth Ann Holm, Austin Patricia Ann Johnston, Refugio Shirley Ann Lang, Austin Jo Ann Lemmond, Austin Janet Ann Liston, Seguin Shirley Jeanne McDonald, Bryan Meda Margaret Miller, Waco Sandra Ann Miller, Austin Etta Frances Morrell, Houston Barbara E. Moxon, Port Arthur Tharon Jeannette Nelson, Austin Suzanne Oberwetter, Harlingen Frances Janet Osborn, Waxahachie Barbara Ann Pearson, Houston Shirley Loraine Priest, Goldsmith Suzanne Prim, Houston Jo Ann Ramsower, Mathis Jeanette Rose Russell, Casa Piedra Roberta Jean Simpson, Port Arthur Billie Annette Smith, Austin Patsy Jeannie Smith, Bellaire Patricia Lorraine Stockton, San Antonio Margaret Ann Vasek, La Grange Sally Louise Wallace, Dallas Norene Kay Westbrook, San Juan Sydney Williams, Temple Rosalyn Robinson Wolfe, Vernon Jean Annette Woodrum, Huntsville Patsy Glee Zoll, San Antonio Page 356 TOP ROW: Abrahamson, Arick, Barfield, Brassell, Bridges, Bunge, Carr, Carson, Chiles, Crainer, Dodge, Duke, Ellender, Emerine. SECOND ROW: Gerhardt, Godbold, D. Green, P. Green, Greer, Guerguin, Hones, Herrington, Holm, Hoover, Johnston, Joseph, Kuhn, Lang. THIRD ROW: lemmond, Liston, McBrayer, McDonald, Meadows, S. Miller, Molpus, Nelson, Obeigoner, Oberwet- ter, Orand, Patrick, Pearson, Porter. FOURTH ROW: Preble, Priest, Pritchett, Prim, D. Prouse, R. Prouse, Pruitt, Roy, Russell, Schulle, Shelton, Simpson, B. A. Smith, B. L. Smith. FIFTH ROW: C. Smith, P. Smith, Stockton, Stone, Sutherland, Thornton, Vasek, Wakefield, Wallace, Westbroolc, Williams, Wolfe, Woodrum, Zoll. MEMBERS Alyce Lynn Archer, Taft Ann Elaine Arick, Midland Shirley Sue Brassell, Carthage Elsie Jane Bridges, Breckenridge Betty Ruth Bunge, Garwood Bonnie Jean Carson, San Antonio Emma Jean Crainer, Bay City Nancy Mary Dodge, Albany Sally Ann Emerine, Victoria Shirley Ann Godbold, Leaky Lyla Frances Hamner, Austin Mandy Lou Hoover, Vernon Janelle Joseph, Austin Barbara Bordwell Kuhn, Ballinger Betty Ann McBrayer, Austin Macleta Meadows, Corpus Christ! Mary Ann Molpus, Austin Sarita M. Obeigoner, Hallettsville Mary David Orand, Austin Ann Ruth Patrick, Victoria Gloria Dell Porter, Lometa Carolyn Sue Preble, Austin Joyce Ann Pritchett, Austin F. Darlene Prouse, Austin Ruth Lorene Prouse, Austin Joann Pruitt, Austin Shirley Wren Roy, Houston Janice Elizabeth Schulle, Austin Ann Genevieve Shelton, Austin Beverly L ' Vonne Smith, Waco Carmen Gladys Smith, Carrizo Springs Shirley Beth Stone, Corpus Christ! Carol Sutherland, Round Rock Dorothy Louise Thornton, Arlington Page 357 Local establishment, 1941 56 Chapters National Founding, 1897 FACULTY HELEN NORWOOD DEATHE Manager, Men ' s Residence Halls ELIZABETH TARPLEY Professor of Home Economics FALL BESSIE RAE BELCHER . . BEVERLY ANN TONEY . . GLADYS M. APPEL NANCY SUE PATTERSON OFFICERS SPRING President MARTHA EMILY GRIFFITH Vice-President GALE McBRYDE LONG Secretary MARY MARGARET McLEMORE Treasurer . NANCY SUE PATTERSON PLEDGES Lu Ann Allen, Edinburg Nancy Allen Austin, Dallas Carolyn Yvonne Barrier, Port Arthur Dianne Dorothy Belton, San Antonio Virginia Lee Cocke, Austin Janet Evelyn Doles, Austin Doris Elizabeth Arlene Douglas, Dallas Dorothy Mary Hanchey, Houston Nita Carroll Knox, San Angela Sharon Elaine McGaughey, Dallas Mary Margaret McLemore, Paris Marie Elizabeth Palmer, Houston Dorothy Ann Payne, Dallas Margaret Mike Pollard, Houston Myrna Elizabeth Ragsdale, Jacksonville Dennis Anne Raymer, Houston Mary Ella Sounders, Mission Barbara Kerfoot Smyth, Portland Margaret Claire Pollard, Houston Patricia Adele Williams, Austin Page 358 TOP ROW: Appel, Barrier, Belcher, Belton, Burow, Callaway, Clark, Cooper, Douglas. SECOND ROW: Dunstan, Gillespie, Green, Griffith, Hall, Hamilton, Hanchey, House, Knox. THIRD ROW: Long, McCullough, McGauhey, McLemore, Miller, Palmer, Patterson, Payne, Pollard. FOURTH ROW: Ragsdale, Raymer, Rosen, Sounders, Shillito, Smyth, Toney, Wieckhoff, P. Williams. MEMBERS Gladys M. Appel, Brenham Bessie Rae Belcher, Dickinson Isabelle Lucie Burow, Killeen Barbara Ann Callaway, Waco Margaret Eleanor Clark, Texarkana Marcia Beth Cooper, Dallas Marilee Dunstan, Orange Barbara Ann Gillespie, Amarillo Brenda Lou Green, Dallas Martha Emily Griffith, Duncanville Lillian Frances Hall, Houston Shirley Jean Hamilton, Laredo Barbara Worth House, Austin Gale McByrde Long, Birmingham, Ala. Mary Gwyn McCullough, Austin Doris Catherine Miller, Mercedes Nancy Sue Patterson, Dallas Joan Frances Randall, Independence, Kans. Eleanor Constance Rosen, Houston Martha Meredith Shillito, Birmingham, Ala. Beverly Ann Toney, Dallas Jerie Jean Wieckhoff, Dallas Caroline Dean Williams, Birmingham, Ala. Page 359 Local Establishment, 1920 54 Chapters National Founding, 1872 FACULTY MARY KATHERINE DICKSON Special Instructor in History MARY ERNESTINE GOLDMANN Assistant Professor of Home Economics GOLDIE PRINTIS HORTON PORTER Assistant Professor of Mathematics FALL MARY LOU BLISS VAN DIANE JOHANSON . JOAN ELIZABETH LYON . ANN EVELYN WATSON . DOROTHY MEADE BRUNS OFFICERS SPRING President DOROTHY MEADE BRUNS Vice-President ALISON LEE McELHONE Corresponding Secretary . . JO ANN WILSON Recording Secretary LINDA RAY DORRIS Treasurer . LAURA HOLLOWAY BECKER PLEDGES Kathleen Robertson Agnew, San Antonio Carolyn Elaine Andrews, Houston Dorothy Jean Angus, Caracas, Venezuela Barbara Jeanne Baird, Fort Worth Eleanor O ' Neill Bassett, Roswell, N. Mex. Mary Catherine Berthelot, Victoria Anne Bragg, San Antonio Joy K. Brown, McAllen Betty Lu Call, Austin Carolynn Sue Coffey, Victoria Carolyn Corine Cox, Morton Carolyn Ann DeLoach, Dallas June Marie Denby, Fort Worth Gwen Dowdle, Abilene Barbara Dresslar, Dallas Wynelle Elkins, Freeport Jo Ann Faulkner, Austin Virginia Dial Gantt, Beeville Dorothy Nell Hagler, Port Arthur Mary Hawes, Houston Elizabeth Dee Henderson, Houston Virginia Lou Holstein, San Antonio Katherine Louise Johnson, Port Arthur Shirley Beatrice Klein, Tomball Elizabeth Louise Kuebler, Houston Martha Leah Kunkel, Yonkers, N. Y. Vilas Faye Ledbetter, Dallas Nannetta Sue McCarty, Austin Jo Ann Maltsberger, San Antonio Martha Massey, Dallas Joan Yvonne Mueller, Houston Cora Lee Petty, Crockett Ruth Ann Pojman, Austin Martha Ann Reinhardt, El Campo Margaret Ann Rose, Dallas Gayle Paula Schaaf, Texarkana Muriel Elizabeth Shaw, Austin Sheryl L. Sterrett, Dallas Fenella Mary Teplow, Houston Shirley Jean Tompkins, Austin Donna Rosena Vaughn, Dallas Jocelyn Wells, Wellington Maradee White, San Antonio Earlene Margaret Whitt, Las Vegas, Nev. Jo Pat Wickline, Amarillo Patricia Andra Woods, Jefferson Page 360 TOP ROW: Adkins, Agnew, Angus, Armstrong, Babin, Baird, Barr, Bassett, Becker, Berryman, Berthelot, Bliss, Bragg, Bristol, J. Brown, L. Brown, Bruns. SECOND ROW: Burks, Call, Clayton, Coffey, Cox, Denby, DeLoach, Dorris, Dowdle, Dumbauld, Eckhardt, Elkins, Faulkner, Ferguson, Flippin, Gantt, Gardiner. THIRD ROW: Glade, Grimes, Grizzard, Hagler, Henderson, Holstein, Howe, Ives, Johanson, Johnson, R. Klein, S. Klein, Koza, Kuebler, Kunkel, Lamm, Ledbetter. FOURTH ROW: Lyon, Maltsberger, Massey, McCabe, McCarty, McElhone, Mclnerney, McNeill, Meyer, Millikan, Mueller, Orr, Pechal, C. Petty, M. Petty, Pinkston, Pojman. FIFTH ROW: Reinhardt, Riemann, Rochester, Rose, J. Sensing, N. Sansing, Schaaf, Schmidt, Shaw, Sterrett, Shiff- lett, Skyles, Speaker, Spooner, Stamper, Teplow, Tompkins. SIXTH ROW: Vaughn, A. Walker, L. Walker, N. Walker, Waters, Watson, Welder, B. Wells, J. Wells, E. White, M. White, M. D. White, Whitehill, Whitt, Wickline, Wilson, Woods, Wrye. MEMBERS Noeljeanne Adkins, Denison (Catherine Ann Armstrong, Austin Dorothy Louise Babin, Texas City Elizabeth Louise Barr, Newgulf Barbara Sue Beakley, Freeport Laura Holloway Becker, Galveston Frances Eugenia Berryman, Houston Alice Beatrice Bishop, Victoria Mary Lou Bliss, Austin Virginia Ann Bristol, Lampasas Loretta Agnes Brown, Galveston Dorothy Meade Bruns, Seguin Mary Sue Burks, Austin Nancy Ann Clayton, Austin Linda Ray Dorris, Dallas Joan Beverly Dumbauld, Gainesville, Fla. Mary Jane Eckhardt, Austin Carole Lyn Ferguson, McAllen Betty Joan Flippin, Breckenridge Alice Gazelle Gardiner, Austin Mary Hatcher Glade, Wichita Falls Carol Adelaide Grimes, Austin Harriet Sheppard Grizzard, Fort Benning, Ga. Dana Dunbar Howe, San Antonio Peggy Jean Ives, Houston Van Diane Johanson, Brady Rosalie Amelia Klein, Tomball LaVerne Marilyn Koza, Texas City Julia Davene Lamm, Austin Constance C. Lee, Fort Stockton Adanelle Lemonds, Austin Joan Elizabeth Lyon, Waco Beverly Jo McCabe, Victoria Alison Lee McElhone, Las Vegas, Nev. Susan Mclnerney, Austin Lolita Ruth McNeill, Houston Gloria Winifred Meyer, Houston Patsy Sue Millikan, Dallas Anne Carol Orr, Newgulf Pauline Louise Pechal, La Grange Margaret Texanna Petty, Crockett Jean Evelyn Pinkston, Dallas Wanda Ruth Reagan, Houston Grace Sue Riemann, Brownsville O. Jane Rochester, Austin Joy Tynelle Sansing, Spearman Nell Beth Sansing, Higgins Margaret Ann Schmidt, Yoakum Amelia Eleen Shifflett, Austin Mary Lovejoy Skyles, Austin Lucy Lee Speaker, Austin Kathryn Ann Spooner, Dallas Frances G. Stamper, Bellaire Anne Parke Walker, Austin Lorayne G. Walker, Dallas Nancy Jo Walker, Austin Mary Helen Waters, Austin Ann Evelyn Watson, Brownwood Alice Louise Welder, Beeville Barbara Alice Wells, Wellington Elizabeth White, Houston Marianne Dasher White, Houston Marilyn Roberta Whitehill, San Antonio Jo Ann Wilson, McAllen Billie Marie Wrye, Galveston Page 361 Local Establishment, 1904 1 14 Chapters National Establishment, 1895 FALL SCHATZIE BERNADINE NIXON . JOANNE EARLENE BURKHALTER OFFICERS SPRING President KATHERINE BUFORD BARLOW Vice-President PATRICIA ANNE KENDALL JUDITH CARTER PHELPS Secretary VIRGINIA MAY BARKLEY KATHERINE BUFORD BARLOW Chapter Correspondent . . MARTHA SUE HOFFMEYER PATRICIA SUE BARKER . . Treasurer NANCY JEAN GILLETTE PLEDGES Sharon Alexander, Dallas Patsy Jean Alford, Tyler Anne Lennee Boone, Houston Mary Glenn Brawley, Longview Fay Beth Bridges, Arlington Elizabeth Ann Buck, Houston Patricia Ann Bullitt, Houston Leila Downs Clark, Austin Margaret Clark, Dallas Mary Clemens, Dallas Catherine Corder, Burnet Diane DeWitt, Dallas Judith Anne Dipuccio, Lake Jackson Mary Louise Dring, Dallas Eleanor Joyce Evans, Fort Worth Margo Freed, San Antonio Fayetta Mary Gannon, Dallas Martha Carol Hain, Beaumont Mary Rebecca Harrison, Wharton Nancy Gay Hasten, San Antonio Mary Catherine Hitson, Houston Anne Elizabeth Hoyt, Brookfield, Conn. Marilyn Ann Hubbard, Fort Worth Patricia Jane Huey, Houston Mary Elizabeth Hyatt, Port Arthur Shirley Louise Jensen, San Ant onio Beverly Annette Klaver, San Antonio Nancy Ann Kochevar, Fort Bliss Frances Marie LaBarbera, Texas City Jo Betsy Lewallen, Austin Betty Carol Mauk, Houston Jane Marie Miller, Columbus Shirley Anne Miller, Edinburg Phoebe Kay Monroe, Longview Sue Ann Moyers, Ferris Shirley Ann Nelson, Amarillo Sarah Lee Northington, Lampasas Mae Frances Parlagreco, Texas City Patricia Ann Pettway, Tyler Josephine Gale Posey, Lubbock Patricia Prim, Texas City Sally Prince, Houston Neal Roberts, Houston Patricia Jean Roscoe, Odessa Jo Ann Smith, Odessa Patricia Virginia Tyler, San Angela Marcia Faye Waldron, Brownsville Jeanne Ann Wansing, Amarillo Geraldine Webb, Rusk Billie Jo Whiteside, Austin Barbara Wilson, Midland Page 362 TOP ROW: Aerl, Alcorn, Alexander, Alford, Aniol, Arledge, Askew, Atkins, Barber, Berkley, Barlow, Beall, Boger, Boone, Borneman, Boxwell, Boykin, Brawley, Bredlow, Bridges, Brownlee. SECOND ROW: Buck, Bullitt, Burkhalter, Burkhart, Byram, Carter, L. Clark, M. Clark, M. Clemens, S. Clemens, Corder, Culver, Dean, Denman, Dew, DeWitt, Dipuccio, Draper, Dring, Dryden, Eisemann. THIRD ROW: Evans, Ford, Flack, Fly, Flynn, Foster, Fowler, Freed, Gannon, Garner, Gillett, Green, Hardwick, A. Harris, H. Harris, Harrison, Hasten, Hitson, Hoffmeyer, Houston, Hoyt. FOURTH ROW: Hubbard, Huey, Hyatt, Ivey, Kendall, Kerr, Klaver, Kochevar, Lakenmacher, Lash, Lewallen, Logan, Loring, Lutz, Mauk, Mclntosh, Melton, C. Miller, J. Miller, S. Miller, Monroe. FIFTH ROW: Moore, More, Moyers, Murrell, Myrick, Nelson, Newby, Nixon, Northington, Parlagreco, Patrick, Pettway, Pharr, J. Phelps, M. Phelps, Posey, Prim, Prince, Resley, Ritter, Robbins. SIXTH ROW: Roberts, Rydberg, Schmitz, Seeley, J. Smith, S. Smith, Sproles, Stillinger, Stillwagon, Sunkel, Theimer, Vernon, Waldron, Wansing, Warren, Watson, Webb, Wheeler, Whiteside, Wilson, Wright. Rose Mae Aerl, Waco Etoile Margaret Alcorn, Corpus Christ! Elaine Elizabeth Aniol, San Antonio Alberta Ann Arledge, Crockett Annette Katinka Askew, Dallas Laura Louann Atkins, Austin Patricia Sue Barber, Crystal City Virginia May Berkley, Houston Kaiherine Buford Barlow, Austin Peggy Jan Beall, Dallas Betty Jane Boger, Amarillo Jane Ann Borneman, Houston Beverly Jean Boxwell, Amarillo Jo Anne Boykin, Austin Jo Ann Elizabeth Bredlow, Dallas Jean Katherine Brownlee, Madisonville Joanne Earlene Burkhalter, Austin Nancy Gaye Burkhart, Archer City Carrielu Boykin Byram, Austin Margaret Ruth Carter, Edinburg Sara Lu Clemens, Dallas Edwina Lee Culver, Tyler Jean Orr Dean, Sweetwater Charlotte Rae Denman, Tyler Dana Dew, Brownsville Barbara Ann Draper, Austin Ruth Ann Dryden, Anahuac Mary Jo Eisemann, San Antonio Betty Tom Flack, Amarillo MEMBERS Patricia Ann Fly, Uvalde Mary Patricia Flynn, Port Arthur Judith Ford, Dallas Mary J. Foster, Abilene Bennie Lee Fowler, Fort Worth Dorothy Sue Garner, San Antonio Nancy Jean Gillett, Fort Worth Carolyn Sue Green, Houston Jane Louise Hardwick, Longview Ann Harris, Corpus Christ! Harriet Castle Harris, Tyler Wanda Maxine Harris, San Antonio Martha Sue Hoffmeyer, Tyler Belva Irma Hague, Houston Mary Elizabeth Houston, Austin Mary Jo Hullum, Wills Point Frances Lou Ivey, Odessa Patricia Anne Kendall, Austin Barbara Jean Kerr, San Angela June Lakenmacher, Houston Sally Sue Lash, Seagraves Catherine Ann Logan, San Marcos Dorothy Pauletta Loring, San Antonio Lanelle Ruth Lutz, San Antonio Jeanne Carol Mclntosh, Austin Martha Ann Melton, Dallas Carolyn Marie Miller, Raymondville Virginia Moore, Ingram Edith Skene More, Houston Barbara Jean Murrell, Oklahoma City, Okla. Nancy Carolyn Myrick, Jacksonville Beverly Jule Newby, Dallas Schatzie Bernadine Nixon, Lampasas Margaret Herring Patrick, La Grange Patricia Lou Perry, Corpus Christ! Helen Jane Pharr, San Antonio Judith Carter Phelps, San Antonio Martha Louise Phelps, San Antonio Mary Patricia Puig, Laredo Mary Dare Resley, Fort Stockton Nancy Ann Ritter, Austin Betty Joyce Robbins, Longview Joyce Elaine Rydberg, Austin Cynthia Lou Sandahl, Austin Mary Margaret Schmitz, San Antonio Patricia Anne Seeley, Baytown Sawnie Adeline Smith, Edinburg Glenda Ruth Sproles, Fort Worth Shirley Ruth Stillinger, Houston Jo Ann Stillwagon, Houston Margaret Sue Sunkel, Clarksville Jan Ann Theimer, Dallas Gladys Joyce Vernon, Houston Patricia Ann Warren, Brownsville Ann Josephine Watson, Amarillo Jacqueline Wheeler, Fort Worth Barbara Ann Wright, San Antonio Jane Ann Wright, Dallas I 1 Local Establishment, 1911 96 Chapters National Founding, 1888 FACULTY DOROTHY AYRES Administrative Assistant, Office of the Dean, College of Business Administration JO CALDWELL MEYER Secretary, School of Journalism FALL OFFICERS MARIETTA BEARD President SHIRLEY MARGARET LONG Vice-President DOUGLAS ANN JOHNSON Recording Secretary MARGARET MARY FULTON Corresponding Secretary BARBARA CROCKETT . . Treasurer SPRING WILMA AGNES SANDEL RIE CHARLOTTE BOOTH SHARON RAYCIA HILL LOUISE DIAMOND BEVERLY ANN GUINN PLEDGES Carolyn Mae Barber, Beeville Lynn Calvert Barrett, Corpus Christ! Martha Agnes Beard, Hillsboro Roberta Jane Bickham, San Antonio Ida Terrell Boswell, Paris Nancy Jane Bowen, Corpus Christ! Joanne Gail Brittingham, San Antonio Anne Dare Brown, Springfield, Tenn. Patricia Leona Cameron, McKinney Janie Margaret Cheever, San Antonio Florence Marie Coffee, Canyon Celeste Curran, Bryan Barbara Ann Dennis, Port Arthur Diane Derrick, Austin Marjorie Jean Dorris, Fort Worth Sarah Jane English, Dallas Jane Emily Enochs, Dallas Joann Patricia Ferris, Dallas Elizabeth Ann Flippen, Coleman Carol Anne Goodwin, Port Arthur Dona Madrice Gremillion, Austin Mable Elizabeth Grimes, Eastland Marjorie Ann Harkrider, Brady Frances La Nelle Harrison, Beaumont Cay Hartman, Fort Worth Patricia Hoppe, Abilene Charla Lois Howard, Austin Nancy Sheffield Hughes, Austin Dauris Ann Jackson, Beeville Norma June Jackson, Garland Elizabeth Mary Jessen, Austin Sydney Clare Johnson, Dalhart Helen Jane Keetch, Belton Joanne Laneil Lewis, Austin Margaret Ann McKenzie, Houston Barbara Dee McMillan, Midland Iris Luverne Mitchell, Houston Ann Stuart Morgan, College Station Sadie Irene Nugent, Midland Martha Powell, Nacogdoches Mary Katherine Purl, Dallas Margaret Corine Rachal, Fort Stockton Jane Reber, Baytown Nannearle Sanders, Athens Nancy Lynne Shepherd, Lubbock Elizabeth Dickson Thompson, San Antonio Shirley Jean Warren, Bryan Joanne Wertz, Corpus Christ! Carolyn Joe White, Tyler Cheryl White, Roswell, N. Mex. Barbara Elaine Wilson, Medina Joan Louise Woellert, San Antonio Page 364 TOP ROW: Andrew, Await, C. M. Barber, C. A. Barber, Barnes, Barrett, Bates, M. Beard, M. A. Beard, Bickham, Bihn, Booth, Booz, Boswell, Bowen, A. Brown, T. Brown, Burr, Cameron. SECOND ROW: Castleberry, Cheever, Coen, Coffee, Crockett, Curran, Davis, Dennis, Derrick, Ditzler, Dorris, Douglass, Drisdale, Eason, Elliston, English, Enochs, Estill, Ferris. THIRD ROW: Fogleman, Fulton, Gingrich, Goodwin, Green, Gremillion, Grimes, Guinn, Harkrider, Harrison, Hart, Hartman, Hill, Hix, Howard, Ingerson, D. Jackson, N. Jackson, L. Jackson. FOURTH ROW: A. Johnson, D. Johnson, S. Johnson, Keetch, Landry, Leonard, Lewis, Long, Mays, McGee, Mc- Kenzie, McMillan, Mitchell, Morgan, Morris, Moseley, Nugent, Pope, Powell. FIFTH ROW: Purl, Rachal, Ragsdale, Randall, Reber, Roberts, Rogers, A. Sadler, C. Sadler, Sandel, Sanders, Settegast, Sellers, Shepherd, Sherman, Spriggs, Steele, Steinberger, N. Summers. SIXTH ROW: S. Summers, Andrea Szechenyi, Templeton, Thomas, B. Thompson, Thorngren, Tobin, Wainwright, Warren, Wertz, C. J. White, C. White, Whitten, Wiedeman, Williams, B. Wilson, R. Wilson, Woellert, Wood. MEMBERS Laura Sue Andrew, Dallas Grace E. Await, Dallas Cecilia Ann Barber, Beeville Carolyn Helen Barnes, Des Moines, Iowa Lois Bates, San Antonio Marietta Beard, Taft Beverly Elaine Bihn, San Antonio Rie Charlotte Booth, Taylor Barbara Renska Booz, Port Arthur Tommye Lou Brown, El Paso Barbara Eve Burr, Austin Mary Lea Castleberry, Longview Mary Jane Coen, Littlefield Connie Arden Craig, Corpus Christi Barbara Crockett, Port Arthur Katheryn Louise Davis, Port Arthur Marilyn Denman, Lubbock Louise Diamond, Russellville, Ala. Jean Ditzler, Dallas Anne Carolyn Douglass, Austin Sally Ann Drisdale, Del Rio Billie Beryle Eason, Abilene Lura Duff Elliston, Fort Worth Louise Estill, Houston Sue Flippen, Coleman Evelyn Jane Fogleman, Dallas Margaret Mary Fulton, Lake Charles, La. Sandra Kay Gingrich, Seguin Nancy Elizabeth Green, San Antonio Beverly Ann Guinn, Dallas Katherine Ann Hart, North Hatley, Canada Sharon Raycia Hill, Austin Carole Jean Hix, Gatesville Mary Zoe Ingerson, Granbury Lorna Jean Jackson, Garland Amy lone Johnson, San Antonio Douglas Ann Johnson, Dallas Annette Sue Landry, Austin Barbara Ann LeFlore, San Antonio Joan Hodsdon Leonard, San Antonio Shirley Margaret Long, Austin Jo Ann Mays, Dallas Carol Emily McGee, Waxahachie Carolyn Lois Morris, Houston Patricia Gayle Moseley, Dallas Nancy Ann Nichols, Navasota Nancy Ann O ' Brien, Dallas Marilyn Pope, Tyler Sue Ragsdale, Dallas Louise West Randall, Fort Worth Anita Lucille Reed, Dallas Beverly Rae Roberts, Texas City Nancy Jane Rogers, Longview Ann Elizabeth Sadler, Fort Worth Cynthia Sadler, Gatesville Wilma Agnes Sandel, Beeville Frances Scott, Beaumont Eleanor Erie Sellers, Abilene Carol Settegast, Houston Frances Shaller, Canadian Jean Marian Shankle, Muskogee, Okla. Ida Lanette Sherman, Dallas Jo Ann King Spell, McAllen Dorothy Pynor Spriggs, College Station Marilyn Virginia Steele, Austin Kathryn Lewis Steinberger, Midland Nancy Lee Summers, Henderson Sue Summers, Austin Betty Jane Templeton, Houston Mary Ann Thomas, Madisonville Betty Ann Thompson, Borger Sally Jo Thorngren, San Antonio Carolyn Lee Tobin, Ancon, Canal Zone Martha Jane Wainwright, Houston Betty Jean Whitten, Dallas M. Jeanne Wiedeman, Houston Caroline Williams, Dallas Ruth Elinor Wilson, Dallas Peggy Ann Wolff, San Antonio Shirley Jane Wood, Tyler Patricia Ann Youngjohn, Hammond, Ind. Local Establishment, 1938 80 Chapters National Founding, 1873 FACULTY ANNA HISS Director of Physical Training for Women CORA MERRIMAN MARTIN Professor of Elementary Education SHEILA M. O ' GARA Associate Professor of Physical Training for Women FALL OFFICERS DOLORES ANNE BLUMENTRITT . . President MARY JOAN LANSFORD Vice-President CORINNE ELAINE PROBST Recording Secretary . . . HELEN MARIE RAST Corresponding Secretary DOROTHY JEAN LANG . . Treasurer . SPRING MARILYN BIEL MARJORIE JANICE BOURDON CELIA ANN ZANT SHIRLEY ANN TEAGUE DOROTHY JOAN YOUNG PLEDGES Kay Louise Baxter, San Antonio Wanda Jean Blaschke, Odessa Marinell Brooks, Hempstead Susan Brown, Austin Deborah Lou Cooper, Lockhart Jeanne Ellen Copen, Odessa Jane Crawford, Greenville Ada Lois Davidson, Houston Wanda Jean Dull, Houston Gloria Byrne Foy, Dallas Wanda Gayle Franks, Mt. Pleasant Barbara Jean Fry, San Antonio Joyce Anne Goyne, Kilgore Ouida Carolyn Hampton, Naples Kathryn Sue Harris, San Angela Beverly Gail Henson, Austin Patty Sue House, Austin Carolyn Huff, Austin Janet Sue Hutchings, San Antonio Cherry Ann King, Jacksonville Betty Virginia Lee, Austin Lois Ann Mann, Cedar Valley Nancy Josephine Mauck, Princeton, Ind. Anne Louise McCreight, Fort Worth Nancy McMeans, Abilene Eleanor Meyer, Seabrook Elizabeth Ann Miller, Bryan Fransan Naismith, Corpus Christ! Sue Mary Pace, Austin Ann Carlton Pfeil, San Antonio Virginia Kay Reading, Dallas Martha Jeanne Roddy, Realitos Dorothy Jeannette Scott, San Antonio Etta Jean Smith, Baytown Sue Ramsey Smith, Houston Virginia Joan Strauch, San Antonio Mary Rebecca Walker, Fort Stockton Virginia Alice Walker, Dallas Lou Jean Watkins, Kilgore Jean Elizabeth Wendel, Weimar Maxine Wilson, Dallas Page 366 TOP ROW: Adams, Baugh, Baxter, Bayless, Biel, Blaschke, Blumentritt, Bourdon, Brooks, P. Brown, S. Brown, Caldeira, Calkins, Collaway, Catterton. SECOND ROW: N. Cooper, Copen, Crawford, Daggett, Davidson, Douglas, Encke, Fiske, Foy, Franks, Fullerton, Goyne, Hampton, Head, House. THIRD ROW: Huff, Huser, Hutchings, Johnson, King, LaGrone, Lang, Ludwig, Maclver, Mann, AAcCreight, Mil- ler, Mims, Naismith. FOURTH ROW: Neill, Pace, Palmer, Patton, Peavy, Pfeil, Probst, Rast, Reading, Roberts, Roddy, Scarborough, D. Scott, M. Scott. FIFTH ROW: Shields, Simmons, S. Smith, Strauch, Teague, Timpson, M. Walker, V. Walker, Welsh, E. Wilson, M. Wilson, Wynn, Young, Zant. MEMBERS Etheldra Margaret Adams, Selman City Jane Carolyn Baugh, San Antonio Shirley Ann Bayless, Notrees Marilyn Biel, Austin Dolores Anne Blumentritt, Midland Marjorie Janice Bourdon, Houston Prudence Oleta Brown, Amarillo Peggy Caldeira, Mercedes Carita Joan Calkins, Austin Sandra Ann Callaway, Corpus Christ! Jaynet Catterton, Amarillo Nancy Gail Cooper, Midland Mary Adele Daggett, Naturita, Colo. Mary Wilmoth Douglas, Jacksonville Lou Ann Duke, Iowa Park Marylin Encke, Dallas Nancy Jay Fiske, Dallas Sue Ann Fullerton, Taylor Sharon Yvonne Head, Bryan Ruthanne Huser, Joplin, Mo. JoAnn Johnson, Lockhart Joyce Ann Krenek, Taylor Glenda Cay LaGrone, San Antonio Dorothy Jean Lang, Mercedes Mary Joan Lansford, Snyder Martha Ann Lasseter, Austin Patricia Ann Ludwig, Austin Winnie Jane Maclver, Dallas Carol Mims, Marshall Nancy Neill, Son ora Nancy Lee Palmer, Pipestone, Minn. Martha Ann Patton, Borger Isabelle M. Peck, Streator, III. Nancy Yvonne Peavy, Austin Corinne Elaine Probst, George West Helen Marie Rast, Kilgore JoAnn Roberts, Austin Dade Ann Ross, Del Rio Florence Scarborough, San Antonio Mary Jane Scott, Coleman Nancy K. Shields, Roscoe Barbara Jean Simmons, San Antonio Shirley Ann Teague, Slaton Helen Louise Timpson, San Antonio Melba Welsh, Corpus Christ! Elizabeth Ann Wilson, Fort Worth Jean A. Wynn, Austin Dorothy Joan Young, Houston Celia Ann Zant, Odessa Page 367 Local Establishment, 1934 22 Chapters National Founding, 1917 .. FALL OFFICERS SPRING CHARLOTTE RUTH ARONSON . . President MADALYNE GLADYS BUCHMAN REVA LEE SIEGEL Vice-President SHIRLEY COHEN HELENE ANN LIPS Recording Secretary HELENE ANN LIPS JOAN KRUPP Corresponding Secretary . . LILLIAN RAE ORNISH DELORES HELEN GOLDSTEIN . Treasurer . . DELORES HELEN GOLDSTEIN PLEDGES Audrey Yvette Borgenicht, Memphis, Tenn. Elaine Audrey Domb, Dallas Annette Melva Einhorn, Dallas Wilma Carol Freeman, Chicago, III. Hanna Rebecca Goldman, Dallas Sheila Dale Golub, Houston Sharlene Goltzman, Corpus Christ! Jeanette Rita Goodman, Dallas Joyce Molly Gray, Birmingham, Ala. Yvonne Green, Fort Worth Selma Louise Herman, Winters Jackie Hermine Jacobs, Orange Celia Estelle Kirsh, Tulsa, Okla. Irene Sheila Lewis, Houston Maureen Harriet Merson, Houston Norma Doris Muroff, Lafayette, La. Selma Betty Natkin, Fort Worth Marilyn Ann Pittell, Hutchinson, Kans. Doris Lee Polunsky, San Antonio Pauline Protas, Port Arthur Henrietta Rice, Denver, Colo. Joan Frances Robinson, Lufkin Janyce Elaine Rothstein, Denver, Colo. Sonya Bluma Sandier, Fort Worth Betty Gaye Sheinberg, Dallas Irene Sicro, Atlanta, Ga. Libby Skalovsky, Oklahoma City, Okla. Marilyn Werbner, San Antonio Page 368 TOP ROW: Adel, Aronson, Benson, Berger, Blaft, Borgenicht, Buchman, Cohen, Domb, Einhorn, Fallick, Far- gotstein, Friedlander. SECOND ROW: Goldberg, Goldman, D. Goldstein, S. Goldstein, Goltzman, Goodman, Gray, Green, Heilbron, Herman, Jacobs, Kaplan, C. Kirsh. THIRD ROW: E. Kirsh, Krupp, Laves, G. Lewis, I. Lewis, Lips, Merson, Muroff, Ornish, Pittell, Poborsky, Polun- sky, Protas. FOURTH ROW: Rice, Ripps, Robinson, Rothstein, Rubin, Sandier, Sheinberg, Sicro, Siegel, Skalovsky, Wagner, Werbner, Zoblotsky. MEMBERS Natalie Joan Adel, Dallas Charlotte Ruth Aronson, Waco Ruth Joy Benson, Dallas Rosalyn Joyce Berger, Mobile, Ala. Marilyn Claire Blatt, Dallas Madalyne Gladys Buchman, Mobile, Ala. Shirley Cohen, Dallas Oracle Helen Fallick, San Antonio Annette Abra Fargofstein, Galveston Beverly Friedlander, Mobile, Ala. Susan Lynn Goldberg, San Antonio Delores Helen Goldstein, Beaumont Shirley Rosalyn Goldstein, Dallas Shirley Ann Heilbron, Dallas Sandra Beth Kaplan, Wichita, Kans. Eileen Lois Kirsh, Harlingen Joan Krupp, Houston Gloria Yvonne Laves, Fort Worth Geane Marian Lewis, Houston Helene Ann Lips, Mobile, Ala. Lillian Rae Ornish, Dallas Sheila Rae Poborsky, Houston Phyllis Ripps, Mobile, Ala. Natalie Diane Rubin, Dallas Reva Lee Siegel, Houston Roanne Wagner, Houston Rachel Ann Zoblotsky, Picher, Okla. Page 369 Local Establishment, 1924 80 Chapters National Founding, 1902 FACULTY ANN KAY HARRINGTON Teaching Fellow in English FALL OFFICERS SPRING ANN COLLETTE President ANN COLLETTE KATHERINE DEAN NEWNAM . . Vice-President KATHERINE DEAN NEWNAM SARA PHYLLIS MAXWELL R S cording Secretary SARA PHYLLIS AAAXWELL SAMMYE ANN KUHN Corresponding Secretary . . SAMMYE ANN KUHN ANN KAY HARRINGTON . . Treasurer . ANN KAY HARRINGTON PLEDGES Nona Ann Amundson, Austin Amber LeMerle Bernard, Houston Joan Frances Berry, Austin Frances Carolyn Biggs, Austin Mary Frances Blomquist, Austin Martha Jane Bogar, Houston Shirley Gayle Brown, Three Rivers Leona Fae Callahan, Austin Leora May Callahan, Austin Joyce Nell Camp, Austin Virginia Mae Cator, Gruver Patsy Ann Chivers, Phillips Sally Reed Cockrell, Houston Dorothy Susan Deitrick, Houston Lois Jean Feagin, Conroe Phyllis Jean Foote, Port Arthur Gwendolyn Milliard, Houston Jane Holmes, Dallas Susan Homsy, Dallas Nancy Virginia Home, Houston Marjorie Lois Johnson, Austin Carolyn Sue Jutzi, Houston Nancy Jane Krasowski, Winnsboro Meta Louise Mogford, Uvalde Charlotte Jean Moore, Austin Pauline Rex Nieman, London, England Barbara Piper, Rosebud Jerry Jean Power, Fort Worth Carol Ann Reinhackel, Austin Mary Ann Robinson, Angleton Mary Ann Schlosser, Houston Fredna Anne Schroeder Shirley Ann Steinbomer, San Antonio Katherine Rose Viscardi, Austin Diane Lee Wilson, Austin Page 370 TOP ROW: Abrego, Anderson, Anton, A. Bernard, B. Bernard, Berry, Biggs, Blomquist, Bogar, P. Brown, S. Brown, Bunch, Bunge, L. F. Callahan, L. M. Callahan, Camp. SECOND ROW: Cator, Chivers, Cockrell, Colletle, Copeland, Davis, de Rese, Durrenberger, Fairlee, Feagin, Green, Harris, Henry, Homsy, Home, Jutzi. THIRD ROW: Krasowski, Kuhn, Lynch, Maxwell, McManus, McMillen, Mechura, Mogford, Moore, Newnam, Peagler, Penney, Pollock, Prosser, Redd, Reinhackel. FOURTH ROW: Reynolds, Robinson, Schlosser, Schroecfer, Sheldon, Steinbomer, Tompkins, Viscardi, Waddill, Warner, Wilde, Wilson, Worthington, Wren, M. Yerington, S. Yerington. MEMBERS Sara Ann Abrego, Houston Roberta Mae Anderson, San Antonio Carmon Marie Anton, Dallas Betty Jo Bernard, Houston Gillis Anne Bienvenu, Opelousas, La. Carole Ann Billingsley, Houston Patricia Brown, Itasca Betty Carolyn Bunch, Austin Marjorie Ann Bunge, El Campo Joanne Elizabeth Cochran, San Antonio Ann Collette, Houston Mary Dee Cooper, Houston Joanne Copeland, Winnsboro Patricia Lee Davis, Austin Bettye B. de Rese, Port Arthur Dorothy Jane Durrenberger, Houston Jane Alice Fairlee, Austin Marianna Forrest, Houston Louise Green, San Antonio Ann Kay Harrington, Terrell Anita Joyce Harris, Phillips Florence Evelyn Henry, San Antonio Sammye Ann Kuhn, Houston Barbara Leonard, Fort Worth Mary Lou Lynch, San Antonio Sara Phyllis Maxwell, San Antonio Jan Iris McManus, Beaumont Lula Margaret McMillen, Amarillo Sandra Mary Mechura, Houston Katherine Dean Newnam, San Antonio Barbara Joan Peagler, Houston W. Dianne Penney, Houston Jo Ann Pollock, Houston Jeannine Prosser, Conroe Elizabeth Ann Redd, Houston Alice Joyce Reynolds, Houston Barbara Ann Sheldon, Houston Barbara Joan Tompkins, Athens Cora Jennis Tucker, Port Arthur Mary Carolyn Ussery, Austin Betty Jo Waddill, Conroe Joan Marie Warner, Austin Mary Frances Watkins, Nocona Margaret Elizabeth Wilde, Austin Sue Ann Worthington, Dallas Nancy Ann Wren, Houston Majorie Ann Yerington, Fort Worth Shirley Elizabeth Yerington, Fort Worth Page 371 1922 Local Establishment, 64 Chapters National Founding, 1874 FACULTY LORENA BAKER, Librarian III, Loan Desk HARRIET BLACKSTOCK, Senior Clerk, Physical Training for Women ANN HILL, Reference Librarian LORA LEE PEDERSON, Director of Graduate School of Social Work JOANNE OLIVARD, Research Scientist I, Biochemical Institute FALL OFFICERS JOE ANNE CECELIA FAULK . . President BARBARA JANE SMITH Vice-President BETTY JEAN SCAMARDO . . . Recording Secretary . . . HARRIET KAY BAKER Corresponding Secretary MARY ELIZABETH BYNUM . . Treasurer . SPRING BARBARA JANE SMITH EUNICE PAT WALES HARRIET KAY BAKER JO ANNE BURROUGHS LETA ANN PATE PLEDGES Elizabeth Juanita Allen, Houston Bettye Sue Bettis, Stephenville Nola Grace Boyd, Rankin Sue Brinkman, Missouri City Mary Jane Carothers, Marinna, Ark. Barbara Deane Davis, Houston Allidena Dearmond, Bay City Virginia Ruth Diamond, Houston Karen Renee Flowers, Dallas Nancy Jane Freeman, Lufkin Mary Frances Hodge, Fort Worth Evelyn Gayle Howard, Dallas Marcia Lavonne Kincaid, Crowell J. Joy Lindsey, Borger Nettie Lou Lindsey, Borger Shirley Josephine Marble, Vicksburg, Miss. Patricia Deon Matthews, Tyler Patricia Ann McClennan, Austin Anita June McKay, Baytown Beth Ann Miller, Austin Shirley Jo Needham, Austin Flo Ann Noack, Houston Dillie Margaret Otto, Weslaco Paula Elaine Pedigo, Strawn Betty Lou Pendergraft, Houston Dolores Ruiz, Houston Videlle Rux, Dallas Barbara Ruth Schmitt, Houston Cynthia Winters Sloat, Houston Bonnie Belle Smith, Crockett Marilyn Leelen Smith, Fort Worth Moneta May Speaker, Dallas Sandra Mary Stout, San Antonio Betty Joanne Wallace, Houston Donna Wynell Weatherred, Pampa Dorothy Aloise Whitty, Houston Page 372 TOP ROW: Allen, Arisco, Armsworth, Bailey, Baker, Barton, Beall, Brinkman, Burroughs, Bynum, Caldwell, Carothers, Crawford, Curtis. SECOND ROW: Damon, Dearmond, Diamond, Faulk, Freeman, Hicks, Hodge, Howard, Hughes, Hunt, Jacobs, Jones, Joseph, Kelly. THIRD ROW: Kincaid, Lembke, N. Lindsey, Lundgren, Matthews, McKay, Miller, Noack, Otto, Palmer, L. Pate, M. Pate, Pendergraft, Purcell. FOURTH ROW: Ruiz, Rux, Scamardo, Sewell, Shafer, Sloat, B. J. Smith, B. B. Smith, M. Smith, Speaker, Stone, Stout, Swales. FIFTH ROW: Taylor, Terrell, Thompson, Tieken, Tipton, Tuck, Wales, Wallace, Waters, Weatherred, Whitty, Woodland, Woolard. MEMBERS Viola Marie Arisco, Port Arthur Cynthia Armsworth, San Antonio Marilyn Bailey, Houston Harriet Kay Baker, Dallas Earlene Barton, Longview Julia Katherine Beall, Crockett Jo Anne Burroughs, Dallas Mary Elizabeth Bynum, Galveston Diane Ethel Byrnes, Rockford, III. Angelia Caldwell, Houston Adele Crawford, Crockett Norma Jean Curtis, Aransas Pass Ann Damon, Bartlesville, Okla. Joe Anne Cecelia Faulk, San Antonio Nancy B. Heinen, Bellaire Wilhelmine Johanna Hicks, Austin Margaret Frances Hughes, Houston Barbara Ann Hunt, Garland Joyce Jacobs, Big Lake Patricia Ann Jones, Waco Diana Lee Joseph, Austin Jane Magdalyn Kelly, Rock Rapids, Iowa Carol Ann Lembke, San Antonio Jo Ann M. Lundgren, Elgin Joan Luella Noyes, San Antonio Lola Kathryn Palmer, Baytown Leta Ann Pate, Fort Worth Mary Ann Pate, Refugio Amy H. Purcell, Navasota Betty Jean Scamardo, Hearne Cordelia O. Sewell, Austin Mary Ogden Schultz, Houston Joyce Elliot Shafer, Mertzon Barbara Jane Smith, Crockett Martha Marie Stone, Midland Sharon Louise Swales, San Antonio Betty Jo Taylor, Dallas Barbara Lee Terrell, Stephenville Mae Frances Thompson, Atlantic Beach, Fla. Betty Louise Tieken, Austin Mary Margaret Tipton, Brownsville Barbara Jean Tuck, Austin Eunice Pat Wales, Houston Barbara Fern Waters, Alice Charrnion J. Woodland, Austin Bette C. Woods, Austin Emily Jo Woolard, Beaumont Page 373 Local Establishiment, 1904 79 Chapters National Founding, 1870 FACULTY MARY SNYDER KIRKPATRICK, Librarian III HILDA F. ROSENE, Associate Professor of Zoology FALL OFFICERS SPRING DIANE LEHMAN President SANDRA LOU MAYFIELD ELEANOR FRANCES LUCKETT. Vice-President MARY MARTINE FLOYD PATRICIA HINDS Corresponding Secretary . . . SHERYL ANN McKELVY DONNA JO NENSTIEL Recording Secretary LYNNE LOVINGGOOD MARJORIE ANN CRAMER . . Treasurer . , SARAH ANN BIVINS PLEDGES Ann Binford Arney, Corpus Christ! Patty Dianne Ashby, Dallas Anne Van Zandt Attwell, Corpus Christ! Celia Ann Buchan, Houston Barbara Dell Burke, Waco Lillie Kayser Butler, Houston Bethenia Anne Clifford, Amarillo Florence Clare Coates, Austin Lynne Collins, San Antonio Angela Colvin, Fort Worth Betty Jane Cox, Abilene Carolyn Kay Crockett, Wichita Falls Nancy Lou Davis, Fort Worth Suzette Claire D ' Ayson, Winona Virginia Easterling, Beaumont Martha Hart Edmonson, Beaumont Dorothy Jean Evans, Fort Worth Jerry Dene Gano, Denver, Colo. Helen Carol Hamilton, Amarillo Ann Hardwicke, Austin Catherine Ellen Homan, El Paso Mary Walton Johnson, Austin Kathy Wood Jones, San Antonio Mary Kay Kilburn, El Paso Josephine Klotz, Austin Monica Gretchen Klumpp, Austin Nancy Lowrance, Houston Diane McFarland, Fort Worth Ida Miller, Amarillo Suzanne Mobley, Wichita Falls Madeline Roberta Moore, Houston Ann Gardner Nicholl, Houston Cathy Courtney O ' Donnell, Houston Betty Corinne Olle, Austin Patricia Pennington, Houston Joan Perussina, Galveston Ann Richards, Fort Worth Karel Lou Sladek, Austin Betty Shelton Smith, Corpus Christi Sally Woods Sparks, Amarillo Maidie Spencer, San Antonio Susanne Stedman, Beaumont Melissa Gail Strock, Dallas Margaret Anne Sykes, Galveston Janet Elizabeth Taylor, Fort Worth LaDonna Marie Taylor, Wichita Falls Rebecca Elizabeth Thomas, Kerrville Jayne Upton, Dallas Sally Ann Werst, Fort Worth Margaret Ann Wright, San Antonio Judy Lupton Woodson, Fort Worth Page 374 TOP ROW: Arney, Arnold, Attwell, Beaird, Bintliff, Bivins, Blair, Box, Buchan, Bumiller, Burke, Butler, Cain, Caswell, Chipman, Clifford, Cloud, Coates, Coffman, Colbury. SECOND ROW: Collins, Colvin, Cramer, Crockett, Culbert, Davis, Dawson, D ' Ayson, Deal, De Loach, Easterling, Edmonson, Engelhardt, Etchison, Evans, Floyd, Frederick, Gillett, Gray. THIRD ROW: Greathouse, Hamilton, Hardwicke, Hinds, Hitt, Hogan, Holt, Homan, Howell, Hulse, M. Johnson, S. Johnson, Jones, Kilburn, Klumpp, Kyle, Lehman, Lovinggood, Lowrance. FOURTH ROW: Luckett, Maness, Mangum, Mayfield, McDonough, McFarland, McKelvy, McLain, I. Miller, M. Miller, Mobley, M. J. Moore, M. R. Moore, Morgan, Morris, Mullins, Murphy, Nenstiel, Nicholl. FIFTH ROW: O ' Donnell, B. Olle, Pennington, Quinn, Redditt, Reese, Rhodes, Richards, Riddick, Rupp, Sanborn, Sanders, Sandifer, Schabarum, Sikes, Simmons, Smith, Sparks, Spurger. SIXTH ROW: Stedman, Strock, Stuart, C. Sykes, M. Sykes, Szilagyi, J. Taylor, L. Taylor, Thomas, Tippett, Upton, Watson, Werst, White, Wier, Williams, Wingate, Wise. Woodson. Barbara Lu Archer, Houston Carole Arnold, Dallas Betty Jo Beaird, Houston Ann Benbow, Austin Beverly Bintliff, Houston Sarah Ann Bivins, Amarillo Rosamond Blair, Fort Worth Barbara Bobbitt, Houston Jo Ann Box, Corpus Christ! Mary Elizabeth Bumiller, Cincinnati, Ohio Claudette Cain, Dallas Mary Claire Caswell, Austin Elizabeth Ann Chipman, Mount Pleasant Joan Cloud, Beaumont Shirley Belle Coffman, Fort Worth Gay Colbury, Houston Marjorie Ann Cramer, Midland Carolyn June Culbert, Gatesville Jane Dawson, New Richmond, Ohio Elise Hall Deal, Amarillo Jo Ann De Loach, Tyler Robbie Dell Denney, Wichita Falls Patricia Dilworth, San Antonio Shirley Ann Engelhardt, Corpus Christ! Barbara Katherine Etchison, Houston Mary Martine Floyd, Naples Alice Frederick, Fort Worth Ruth Fulcher, Longview Virginia Bernice Gillett, Canutillo Alison Gray, Austin MEMBERS Linda Hale Greathouse, Fort Worth Patricia Hinds, Houston Shirley Margaret Hitt, Wichita Falls Lysabeth Ann Hogan, Port Arthur Carolyn Hall Holt, San Angela Margaret Safford Howell, El Paso Macie Anne Hulse, El Paso Sue Johnson, Midland Kathleen Emilie Karbach, New Braunfels Lauretta Klindworth, Dallas Maxine Lucia Kyle, Houston Diane Lehman, Houston Lynne Lovinggood, Dallas Eleanor Frances Luckett, New Braunfels Marilyn Knox Lyles, Austin Mary Ann Maness, Beaumont Margaret Mangum, Wichita Falls Marian Marley, Austin Millicent Ehrmann Mason, Bellaire Sandra Lou Mayfield, Waco Nancy Ann McDonough, Galveston Sheryl Ann McKelvy, Houston Patricia Ruth McLain, Dallas Mary Margaret Miller, Dallas Mary Jane Moore, Wichita Falls Mary Morgan, Beaumont Jo Alice Morris, Amarillo Priscilla Alden Mullins, Amarillo Marian Brown Murphy, San Antonio Donna Jo Nenstiel, Pampa Margaret Ann Olle, Austin Ann Playter, Houston Nancy Ellen Quinn, Dallas Barbara Ann Redditt, San Antonio Zoe Ann Reese, Waco Betty Carolyn Rhodes, Abilene Helen Campbell Riddick, Houston Rozanne Gloria Ritch, San Antonio Louise Ann Rupp, Falfurrias Sue Anne Sanborn, McAllen Deloria Nan Sanders, Waco Laura Seay Sandifer, Fort Worth Madelon Kathryn Schabarum, Midland Sylvia Sikes, Dallas Margaret Simmons, Midland Sylvia Sue Spurger, Mount Pleasant Jane L. Stuart, Midland Bonnie May Swem, Newgulf Christa Marie Sykes, Galveston Elisabeth Szilagyi, San Antonio Patricia Tippett, San Angela Marietta Collier Watson, Tyler Carolyn Jean White, Dallas Elinor Joan Wier, Houston Marian Arnold Williams, Galveston Janet Lee Wingate, Beaumont Ann Elizabeth Wise, Houston Jane Michaux York, Houston lola Ann Zuehl, Seguin Local Establishment, 1902 82 Chapters National Founding, 1870 FACULTY EDITH CLARKE, Professor of Electrical Engineering MARCELLE LIVELY HAMER, Librarian II, Reference Assistant, Texas History Center MARGARET PECK, Assistant Dean of Women LUCY RATHBONE, Professor of Home Economics KATHERINE ANDREWS SEARCY, Librarian II, Periodicals FALL OFFICERS MARTHA JANE ARNOLD ---- President ---- DIANE HIERHOLZER ........ Vice-President NANCY DICKENS REEVES . . . Secretary ---- MARGARET ANNE DUNLAP . Treasurer . SPRING JANE GAY MAXWELL ANN DAVIS SCOTTIE GAYLE STEVENSON MARION REBECCA SEVIER PLEDGES Judith Constance Anderson, Eagle Lake Sara Ward Billups, Conroe Gladys Randolph Bondurant, San Antonio Mary Kay Bonneau, McAllen Sallie Ann Bradford, Tyler Sandra Jane Brown, Shreveport, La. Barbara Burgher, Dallas Elizabeth Ann Burgin, Lyndon, Ky. Janyce Bynum, Palestine Kellene Cain, Corpus Christ! Emily Anne Cameron, San Antonio Michael Nell Craine, Dallas Betsy Lucille Cullum, Dallas Janet Daniels, Rocky River, Ohio Nancy Lee Davis, Waco Diana Marie Dugat, Beeville Febe Forster, Roswell, N. Mex. Charlotte Ann Francis, Austin Helen Virginia (Zena) Grissom, Eastland Joan Hamblen, Houston Katherine Gordon Harrison, Austin Joan Rebecca Hertz, Tyler Paula Kenny Jacobs, Kingsville Margaret Elizabeth King, San Antonio Jo Ellen Larkin, New Braunfels Barbara Mann, Marshall Page 376 Nancy Clemens Matkin, El Paso Rose Ann McLellan, Houston Annette Morris, Hillsboro Patricia Ruth Nail, Waco Jane Hardin Neely, Amarillo Camille Newberry, Austin Katherine DeLay Newman, Fort Worth Mary Corine Oliver, San Antonio Mary Ella Ownby, Dallas Nancy Wallace Perkins, Dallas Paula Wanda Powers, Abilene Lucille Conyers Prichard, Houston Mackie Langham Ramsay, San Marcos Bobby Jean Ray, Houston Barbara Burnette Roane, Rosenberg Catherine Ann Roberts, Victoria JoAnne Rote, San Antonio Mary Cynthia Russ, San Antonio Shirley Suzanne Schmid, Fort Worth Margaret Elizabeth Smith, San Angela Frances Gibson Spires, San Antonio Elleanor Ann Walker, Dallas Martha Neale Wilkerson, Houston Patricia Ann Woodson, Austin Jane Zimmer, Houston TOP ROW: D. Anderson, J. Anderson, Arnold, Atkinson, Bollard, Bander, Bates, Beavers, Billups, Bondurant, Bonneau, Bradford, R. Brown, S. Brown, Burgher, Burgin, Bynum. SECOND ROW: Cain, Cameron, Cecil, Grain, Cullom, Cutbirth, Davenport, A. Davis, N. Davis, Dugat, M. Dun- lap, Eckhardt, Elliott, Forster, Francis, Grant, Graves. THIRD ROW: Grissom, Gurley, Hamblen, Hardwick, Harrison, Hastings, Hertz, Hierholzer, Jacobs, Johnson, Jones, Kennard, King, Kuhlman, Larkin, Lawhon, Lightfoot. FOURTH ROW: A. Magruder, E. Magruder, Mann, Manuel, Martin, Malkin, Maxwell, McLellan, McNeill. Morris, Nail, Neason, Neely, Camille Newberry, Carole Newberry, Newman, Oldham, Oliver. FIFTH ROW: Ownby, Perkins, Perry, Petersen, Phillips, Potts, Powers, Prichard, Ramsay, Ray, Reeder, Reeves, Roane, Roberts, Rogers, Rubey, Russ, Sounders. SIXTH ROW: Schmid, Settegast, Sevier, Shell, M. Smith, Snider, Sp ires, Stevenson, Swain, Thomas, Thomason, Walker, Watkins, Wessels, Williams, Williamson, Wolf, Woodson. Dianne Anderson, Midland Martha Jane Arnold, Houston Norma Jane Atkinson, Abilene Barbara Bollard, San Antonio Norma Joyce Bander, Longview Elizabeth Anne Bates, Dallas Margaretta Elizabeth Beavers, Fort Worth Margaret Helen Brown, Lubbock Ruth Isabelle Brown, Fort Worth Jane Gray Catto, Waco Jean Cecil, Paris Marie Collonge, Dickinson Lois Kingsley Grain, Austin Sandra Ann Cutbirth, Houston Shirley Katheryn Davenport, Abilene Ann Davis, Sherman Margaret Anne Dunlap, Dallas Patricia Dunlap, Dallas Vera Sue Eckhardt, Houston Alethea Lou Elliott, Temple Ellanor Ann Fondren, Houston Gloria Ann Goldstow, Houston Kathleen Windley Grant, Baytown Marilyn Graves, Houston MEMBERS Anna Jean Gurley, Dallas Jane Angeline Hardwick, Dallas Sue Anne Hastings, Houston Diane Hierholzer, San Antonio Josephine Johnson, Fort Worth Phyllis Ann Jones, Fort Worth Katheryn Lillian Kennard, Houston Lynn Kuhlman, Waco Vivian Pauline Lawhon, Ma rfa Lillian Elise Lightfoot, Houston Gracie Delane Long, Austin Alice Jean Magruder, Victoria Eleanor Warren Magruder, San Antonio Eleanor Manuel, Austin Marion Martin, Houston Jane Gay Maxwell, Houston Jean McGregor, El Paso Ann Millicent McNeill, Austin Athalie North Moore, Paris Dorothy Joann Neason, Huntsville Carole Newberry, Austin Verbie Bess Oldham, Lubbock Annabelle Perry, Bryan Mary Goree Petersen, Houston Phyllis Ann Phillips, Levelland Linda Gail Potts, Fort Worth Ann Louise Reeder, Amarillo Nancy Dickens Reeves, Dallas Shirley Ann Rogers, San Marcos Peggy Lee Rowland, Tulsa, Okla. Elizabeth Stuart Rubey, Houston Sally Ann Sounders, Roswell, N. M. Sandra Louise Settegast, Houston Marion Rebecca Sevier, Midland June Knight Shell, Wichita Falls Susan Etta Smith, Kingsville Sally June Snider, Dallas Scottie Gayle Stevenson, Austin Mary Elizabeth Swain, Dallas Elizabeth Ann Thomas, Mount Pleasant Helen Louise Thomason, Wichita Falls Mary Lou Watkins, Houston Betty Virginia Watson, Brownsville Marguerite Wessels, Tyler Mary Laurie Wier, Beaumont Anne Kerbey Williams, Austin Nancy Ellen Williamson, San Antonio Sonia Ellen Wolf, Temple Page 377 Local Establishment, 1913 70 Chapters National Founding, 1852 FACULTY LOUISE LANDIS ARMSTRONG, Assistant Professor of Home Economics ESTER JANE WOOD HALL, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Administration LOIS BAIRD TRICE, Instructor in English FALL OFFICERS SPRING BARBARA ANN SCHUCHERT . . President GLYNDA JO GAEDKE RUTH LUCILE SIMS Vice-President GWENDOLYN GENEVA QUILLIAN HENRIETTA LOUISE MILLER . . Recording Secretary FRANCES CORNELIA FOOTE RENA DON McDONELL Corresponding Secretary . . ELLEN LEA WILSON CAROLYN JANE MORRIS . Treasurer . CAROL JEAN MILLICAN PLEDGES Bonnie Ruth Adams, El Paso Helen Ruth Beaver, Victoria Sally Yvonne Beilke, Ottumwa, Iowa Jacqueline Aileen Clay, Houston Carolyn Crawford, Houston Barbara Ann Day, Marlin Donna Marguerite Finch, Center Point Claudette Florine Freeman, Galveston Carrolyn Sue Goulding, Fort Worth Margaret Jane Hayes, George West Bobbie Jean House, Rotan Charlotte Lynne Hufstetler, Bergstrom Village Janie Ellis Lewis, Coronado, Calif. Loquita Ann McNeel, Odessa Norma Mills, San Antonio Mary Helen Peterson, San Antonio Shirley Ann Pruett, Houston Sandra Colleen Stounton, Wichita, Kans. Pauline Theodora Tompkins, Houston Ellen Lea Wilson, Walnut Springs Ann Worthington, Austin Page 378 TOP ROW: Adams, Anthony, Beaver, Beilke, Boyd, Clay, A. Crawford, Davis. SECOND ROW: Day, Fella, Finch, Foote, Freeman, Gaedke, Goulding, Hayes, House. THIRD ROW: Hufstetler, Hunt, Hunter, Lewis, McDonell, Miller, Millican, Morris, Pruett. FOURTH ROW: Quillian, Remele, Schuchert, Sellers, Sims, Tompkins, Veatch, Wilson, Worthington. MEMBERS Katherine Mary Anthony, Houston Lura Allyne B. Boswell, Austin Kathryn Frances Boyd, Austin Artie Jeanette Crawford, Austin Nancy Jane Davis, Freeport Marilyn Mays Fella, San Antonio Frances Cornelia Foote, Turnerville Glynda Jo Gaedke, Lampasas Martha Ann Gliddon, Johnson City Margaret Ann Hunt, Victoria Emma Lu Hunter, Houston Rena Don McDonell, Austin Henrietta Louise Miller, Bay City Carol Jean Millican, San Saba Carolyn Jane Morris, Longview Joanne Melton Nuhn, Austin Gwendolyn Geneva Quillian, Waco Anna Lou Russel Remele, Austin Barbara Ann Schuchert, San Antonio Laura Ann Sellers, Port Arthur Ruth Lucile Sims, Austin Charlotte Ellen Veatch, Pasadena Page 379 Local Establishment, 1902 99 Chapters National Founding, 1867 FALL NALDA VAN BRUNT . . . VIRGINIA ANN BOBERG OFFICERS SPRING President VIRGINIA ANN BOBERG Vice-President . . MARTHANNE HODGES BETTIE M. DANCY Recording Secretary JUNE CAROL HENDERSON ANN LEE SUGGS Corresponding Secretary . SALLIE NEALE MARTHA ANN KNAPP . . . Treasurer NANCY MAXINE JENKINS PLEDGES Marion Elizabeth Bailey, Baton Rouge Miriam Ellen Banks, Houston Betty Barwise, Fort Worth Adele Black, Austin Katherine Jean Campbell, Temple Tonia Cannon, Jacksonville Kay Kimbell Carter, Fort Worth Judith Elizabeth Clark, Dallas Jeanne Cooper Davis, Dallas Hallie Ball Dewar, San Antonio Marianne Dittman, Houston Patricia Downs, San Antonio Margaret Cecile Edmundson, Houston Mary Anne Finck, San Antonio Sue Giesecke, San Antonio Joanne Harrell, Texas City Sally Harris, Dallas Katherine Hart, Austin Lucy Beth Haynie, Abilene Allison Holmgreen, San Antonio Helen Guenther James, San Antonio Loretta Ann Kervin, Dallas Mary Hale Lovett, Houston Marjorie Jane Mathes, Arlington Page 380 Nancy Wright Matthews, Dallas Mary Clements Maynard, Bastrop Carolyn D. McConnell, Jacksboro Rosetta Ann McGregor, Houston Carolyn Middleton, San Antonio Ton! Jean Murph, Dallas June Jackson Neel, Corpus Christ! Peggy Anne Pattillo, Abilene Patricia Elizabeth Pawkett, San Antonio Rita Courtland Roberdeau, Houston Marinda French Robertson, Abilene Patricia Robinson, Austin Kay Frances Rogers, Dallas Margaret Eileen Ruebel, Dallas Sandra Ethel Schwartz, El Paso Patricia Seidenglanz, Dallas Annis Jeannette Singleton, Dallas Joanne Cahil l Steves, San Antonio Sallie Dorman Tucker, El Paso Zillah Mae Turman, Fort Worth Janet Lee Turner, San Angela Dianne Louise Warner, Wayne, Penn. Mary Alice Williams, Victoria Nancy Lee Woods, Dallas TOP ROW: Allen, Anderson, Bailey, Banks, Barrow, Black, Blanks, Boyd, Buckley, Campbell, Capps, Clements, Cummings, Dancy, J. Davis, Dewar. SECOND ROW: Dickson, Dittman, Edmundson, Edge, Ewald, Fisher, Francisco, Freeman, Giesecke, Garland, Godley, Gosnell, Greer, Harrell, Harris. THIRD ROW: Haynie, Herndon, Heusinger, D. Hill, E. Hill, Hodges, Holmgreen, Howard, Howell, James, Jen- kins, Jopling, Jordan, Kervin, Knapp. FOURTH ROW: Kongabel, Long, Longaker, Lovett, Mason, Matthews, Mathes, Mayo, McCart, McConnell, Mc- Faddin, McGregor, Middleton, Miller, N. Moody. FIFTH ROW: T. Moody, Murph, S. Neale, Nowlin, Oglesby, Pattillo, Pawkett, Roberdeau, L. Robertson, Robin- son, Ruebel, Rust, Anja M. Selenius, Settegast, Simpson. SIXTH ROW: Smither, Studdert, Suggs, Trammell, Turman, Turner, Van Brunt, Warner, Wells, B. West, L West, M. Williams, Woods, Wynne, Zimmerman. MEMBERS Edith Gibson Allen, Calvert Catherine Jane Anderson, Calvert Emma Leigh Ansley, San Antonio Ann Austin, Centerville, Iowa Sidney Harmon Barrow, Shreveport, La. Dorothy Gay Blanks, San Angela Virginia Ann Boberg, Dallas Emily Simmons Boyd, Houston Nan Carolyn Bray, Austin Eileen Ethel Buckley, Houston Charlene Capps, Brownwood Mary Virginia Carr, Lubbock Helen Jane Carter, Dallas Barbara Lee Clements, Houston Selbia Chalke Cullum, Dallas Katherine Cummings, Houston Bettie M. Dancy, Orange Katherine Elizabeth Davis, Dallas Marion Lynn Dickson, Houston Genevieve Louise Dumas, San Antonio Jean Marie Edge, Bryan Jaqueline Lea Ewald, Midland Carolyn Carter Fischer, San Antonio Elizabeth Ann Fisher, Dallas Katherine Flythe, Dallas Elizabeth Terry Francisco, Houston Diana Joan Freeman, Houston Ann Garland, Brownsville Harriett Carter Godley, Houston Judith Adams Gosnell, San Antonio Eleanor Katherine Greer, Denver, Colo. June Carol Henderson, Lufkin Ruth Elizabeth Herndon, Houston Anna Louise Heusinger, San Antonio Dianne Hill, Smithville Eugenia Webb Hill, Austin Marthanne Hodges, Paris Nancy Jane Holmes, Lubbock Julia Margaret Howard, Burbank, Calif. Sidney Elizabeth Howell, Bryan Mary Jane Inglish, Dallas Nancy Maxine Jenkins, Rotan Joan Jopling, Paris Frances Owen Jordan, San Antonio Rosa Drane Kendall, Waco Jane Elizabeth Key, Dallas Martha Ann Knapp, Weslaco Carolyn Ruth Kongabel, Houston Ann Page Lacey, San Antonio Margery Sue Lainhart, Dallas Fanelle Barclay Logue, Houston Dorothy Pearl Long, Mineola Cecelia Alford Longaker, Dallas Anne Marie Mason, Mexia Betty Claire Mayo, Houston Alice Roberta McCart, Fort Worth Ida Caldwell McFaddin, Beaumont Mary Ann McHaney, San Antonio Sara McNeel, San Antonio Cynthia Colgin Miller, Waco Mary Mills, Austin Nancy Paxton Moody, Austin Ted Lewis Moody, Houston Maria Ann Morgan, Plum Mary Ellen Neale, Dallas Sallie Neale, Dallas Margaret Ann Nowlin, Dallas Madeline Lyn Oglesby, Austin Gail Bruton Orand, Dallas Foree Peterson, Marlin Ruth M. Riddick, Morrilton, Ark. Lorene Robertson, San Angela Shirley Ann Rust, Texas City Mary Ann Settegast, Houston Dianne Simpson, Little Rock, Ark. Patricia Ann Sinclair, San Antonio Mary Sue Smither, Huntsville Ann Staacke, Houston Sara Aileen Stuart, Bishop Elizabeth Hoyt Studdert, Midland Ann Lee Suggs, Dallas Cathey Sue Trammell, Houston Nalda Van Brunt, San Antonio Anne Parsons Wells, Dallas Betty Ann West, Houston Lorraine Elizabeth West, Breckenridge Grace Denney Williams, Galveston Charlotte Frances Wynne, Wills Point Maxine Gail Zimmerman, Big Wells Local Establishment, 1938 29 Chapters National Founding, 1917 FALL OFFICERS SPRING SONDRA ANN WEISS President JEAN AAARIE SCHWARTZ LIBBY ANN ARONSTEIN Vice-President SANDRA JOY SUGARMAN LOIS CHARLENE ROSENTHAL . . . Recording Secretary THELMA ANN DOCHEN BEVERLY RENEE BERCU Corresponding Secretary . . . JUNE CAROLE ROSENBERG JEAN MARIE SCHWARTZ . . Treasurer . TERRY ANN AARONSON PLEDGES Marcia Gae Aaron, Dallas Saundra Ruth Altman, St. Louis, Mo. Merle Belz, Memphis, Tenn. Cheri Lee Bender, Houston Rosalyn T. Borg, Tulsa, Okla. Sandra Sue Cinnamon, Kansas City, Mo Merry Louise Coin, Sinton Janice Sue Deutsch, Springfield, Mo. Geraldine Lee Epstein, Houston Liana Ljuba Epstein, Temple Shirley Rae Epstein, Houston Ann Feinstein, Little Rock, Ark. Rosalind Finkelstein, Nashville, Tenn. Joyce Frankfurt, Dallas Sandra Freedman; Dallas Cynthia Rae Freeman, Houston Frances Lee Friedman, Houston Bailey Anne Ginsberg, Houston Helaine Relda Goldstein, Houston Patricia Ann Golob, Waco Lynette Merle Goodman, Clayton, Mo. Cyvia Rose Grossberg, Houston Marillyn Gladys Hersh, Wichita, Kans. Roslind Ann Jacobs, Louisville, Ky. Helen Louise Karren, San Antonio Becky Jean Kaufman, Memphis, Tenn. Marlene I. Leder, Houston Sondra Joan Lehman, Dallas Shirley Rae Levey, Omaha, Nebr. Sandra Rose Levinson, Knoxville, Tenn. Arlyne Shirley Lisker, Elmer, N. J. Sandra Ruth Melnick, Denver, Colo. Carole Jeanne Pullen, San Antonio Sandra Joyce Rashti, Fort Worth Sara J. Rashti, Fort Worth Sara Ida Reiswerg, Galveston Barbara Elaine Rosenblum, Houston Joan Claire Sampson, Beaumont Beverle Ann Schwartzman, Philadelphia, Pa. Faith Miriam Smolens, Baytown Barbara Jean Walensky, Dallas Page 382 TOP ROW: Aaronson, Alpard, Aronstein, Allman, Bairn, Belz, Bercu, Borg, Cinnamon, Coin, Chodorow, Davis, Deutsch, Dochen, S. Epstein, G. Epstein. SECOND ROW: Feinstein, Finkelstein, Freeman, Freedman, Friedman, Ginsberg, Golob, Golden, Goldstein, Goltzman, Goodman, Grossberg, Hersh, Jacobs, Karren. THIRD ROW: Kaufman, Leder, Lehman, Levey, Levinson, Lichtenstein, Lisker, Lubel, Melnick, Nebenzahl, Pollen, Sandra Rashti, Sara Rashti, Reiswerg, Rosenberg. FOURTH ROW: Rosenblum, J. Rosenthal, L. Rosenthal, Rudberg, Sampson, Schwartz, Schwartzman, Smolens, Stillman, S. Sugarman, J. Sugarman, Walensky, Wertheimer, Weiss, Weitzman. MEMBERS Terry Ann Aaronson, Tulsa, Okla. Barbara Sue Alpard, Wharton Libby Ann Aronstein, San Antonio Barbara D. Baim, Pine Bluff, Ark. Beverly Renee Bercu, Dallas Greta Lynn Chodorow, Waco Doris Davis, Memphis, Tenn. Thelma Ann Dochen, Austin Norene Harriet Golden, Corsicana Barbara Esther Goltzman, Victoria Rachel Lichtenstein, Kaufman Roslyn Carol Lubel, New Orleans, La. Elaine Ruth Nebenzahl, San Antonio June Carole Rosenberg, El Paso Jeanne Lee Rosenthal, Dallas Lois Charlene Rosenthal, Houston Carolyn Frances Rudberg, Dallas Jean Marie Schwartz, Schulenburg Juanita Elaine Silberstein, Austin Rosalyn Helen Stillman, Nashville, Tenn. Judith Ann Sugarman, San Antonio Sandra Joy Sugarman, San Antonio Sondra Ann Weiss, Wichita Falls Suzanne Mildred Weitzman, Dallas Ruth Jean Wertheimer, Houston Page 383 Local Establishment, 1906 90 Chapters National Founding, 1898 r FACULTY MARY MARGARET GLASSCOCK FRAZIER, Ad- vertising Manager, Texas Student Publication, Inc. MARJORIE DAVISSON PARKER, Special Instruc- tor in Speech FALL VIRGINIA HALLUM JOAN CHAUDOIN AUDREY JANE WIGGINS OFFICERS SPRING President NINA ELEANOR PUGH Vice-President NANCIGAIL JORDAN Recording Secretary ALICE MAE WESTBROOK BEVERLY JANE WILLIAMS . . . Corresponding Secretary . . . MARGARET SUE TRIGG MARGARET SUE TRIGG Treasurer . . CLEO WARREN McWHORTER PLEDGES Ann Arthur, Kingsville Ann Jeanneane Austin, Dallas Rhoda Ann Barrier, Dallas Vivian Elaine Baty, Newgulf Beverly Blair, Harlingen Betty Helen Boyett, Austin Shirley Browder, Uvalde Exsa Diane Carter, Fort Worth Ann Janice Clark, Lockhart Martha Cloyes, Pittsburg Elizabeth Ann Cocreham, Trinity Patricia Anne Coyle, Houston Lallie Ann Crawford, Galveston Eleanor Ann Cunningham, Brownsville Carole June Foust, Austin Barbee Frazier, Austin Carol Jeanine Gross, Temple Luella Ruth Haupt, Bryan Cynthia Mavis Heath, Austin Elizabeth Henning, Abilene Sandra Christine Holden, McAllen Martha Jo Humphrey, Austin Roberta Estelle Johnson, Bryan Cynthia Lee Lankford, Cleburne Carrie Frances Lawlis, Abilene Shirley Jean Lee, El Paso Anne Marie Luedemann, San Antonio Mart Rhea May, Port Arthur Noel Janet McArdle, Corpus Christi Eloise McCarroll, Rusk Mary Ann McKinney, Nacogdoches Barbara Lee Miller, Bryan Margaret Ann Mitchell, Brownsville Bettie Dane Nash, Temple Nancy Ann Nichol, San Antonio Jane Ellen Nicholson, Austin Edna Darden Noel, Austin Blanche Wafer Peavy, Lufkin True Sandlin, Mount Pleasant Sandra Shinn, Victoria Sally Carol Smith, Houston Esther Watson Spaulding, Fort Worth Joanne Elsie Steinbach, Brenham Reta Ann Stiteler, Bryan Mary Marjorie Suttle, Dallas Augusta Louise Tenney, Austin Sarah Lillian Tubb, Dallas Anna Mary Tucker, Nacogdoches Helen Warren Tutt, Dallas Aileen Marie Williams, Seguin Page 384 TOP ROW: Akin, Arnold, Arthur, Austin, Barrier, Baty, C. Bauknight, Blair, Blake, Blanchard, Blanton, Bowlby, Boyett, Browder, Carter, Chambers, Chaudoin, Chupick, A. Clark, S. Clark, Cloyes. SECOND ROW: Coble, Collins, Coyle, Crawford, Crews, Cunningham, Dabney, Dilworth, Dunnam, Earle, Fea- ris, Ferguson, Fischer, Foley, Foust, Frazier, Gorges, Gross, Hall, Hallum, Hampton. THIRD ROW: Hampy, Hardy, Haupt, Heath, Henning, Holden, Hopkins, Humphrey, Jenull, Johnson, N. Jordan, S. Jordan, Keasler, Kelley, Kirkpatrick, Kucera, Lankford, Lauhon, Lawlis, Lively, Lockett. FOURTH ROW: Lockman, Luedemann, Martin, May, McArdle, McBride, McCarroll, McCranie, McCullough, Mc- Kinney, McLeod, McWhorter, B. Miller, N. A. Miller, N. S. Miller, J. Mitchell, M. Mitchell, A. Morris, R. Morris, Nash, Nichol. FIFTH ROW: Nicholson, Noel, Parks, Peavy, Peden, Preston, Pugh, Renfrew, Rienstra, Robson, Sample, Sanders, Sandlin, Schade, Schulze, Shinn, Smith, Spaulding, Stark, Steinbach, Stevens. SIXTH ROW: Stiteler, Stone, Suttle, Tenney, H. Thompson, M. Thompson, Traeger, Trigg, Tubb, A. Tucker, S. Tucker, E. Tutt, H. Tutt, Upchurch, Walton, Warren, Weaver, Wesner, Wiggins, B. Williams. Elizabeth Sears Akin, Houston Norma Jean Arnold, Bellaire Barbara Bauknight, Ganado Carol Sue Bauknight, Ganado Betty Blake, Groesbeck Mary (Catherine Blanchard, Austin Catherine Carol Blanton, Temple Etta Kathryn Bowlby, Dallas Sondra Kay Cathey, Abilene Nancy Clarise Chambers, Santiago, Chile Joan Chaudoin, Harlingen Mary Frances Chupick, Temple Sue Clark, Dallas Jane Sharon Coble, Amarillo Claudia Anne Collins, Tyler Sally Lyle Colvin, Harlingen Mary Deen Compton, Dallas Betty Lou Crews, Pittsburg Patsy Ruth Dabney, Rogers Bonnie Sue Dilworth, San Antonio Mary Ann Dunnam, Fostoria Nell Katheryn Dyer, Brenham Nancy Joan Earle, Houston Diane Adele Fearis, San Antonio Janet Ferguson, Cisco Betty Jo Fischer, Corpus Christ! Joeene Nan Foley, Fort Worth Kay Martha Gorges, Harlingen MEMBERS Carol Anne Hall, El Campo Virginia Hallum, Brownwood Sondra Jo Hampton, Fort Worth Yvonne Jean Hampy, Houston Margie Lynn Hardy, Madisonville Martha Anne Hopkins, Pampa Mary Virginia Jenull, Dallas Nancigail Jordan, San Antonio Sally Ann Jordan, Houston Mary Cym Keasler, Harlingen Kathleen Kelley, San Antonio Elizabeth Susan Kirkpatrick, Hillsboro Karolyn Kucera, Dallas Carol Anne Lauhon, Tulsa, Okla. Shirley Ann Lively, Dallas Hester Elizabeth Lockett, Brenham Carol Ann Lockman, Fort Worth Shirley Jean McBride, Tyler Anne Bostwick McCranie, Nacogdoches Jean McCullough, Bryan Julia Ann McLeod, Bastrop Cleo Warren McWhorter, Taylor Lysbeth Ann Martin, San Antonio Nancy Ann Miller, Barstow Norma Sterling Miller, Houston Jerry Jo Mitchell, Wills Point Ann Morris, Harlingen Ruth Carroll Morris, Dallas Martha Jean Parks, Houston Margaret Adelle Peden, Lufkin Eleanor Preston, Newgulf Nina Eleanor Pugh, logo Mary Jane Renfrew, Corpus Christ! Joyce Rienstra, Nederland Mary Lucy Robson, La Grange Mary Margaret Sample, Pecos Jan Sanders, Pampa Jane Marie Schade, Edna Shirley Schulze, Corpus Christ! Virginia Kae Stark, San Antonio Nancy Anne Stevens, College Station Patricia Marie Stone, Oklahoma City, Okla. Helen Elizabeth Thompson, Dallas Marilyn Diane Thompson, Beaumont Amalie Jean Traeger, Gonzales Margaret Sue Trigg, Lockhart Sally Elizabeth Tucker, Nacogdoches Ernestelle Kay Tutt, Dallas Armour Upchurch, Austin Jean Walton, Bryan Agnes Ann Warren, Waco Margaret Adrienne Weaver, Dallas Carol Jean Wesner, Brownwood Alice Mae Westbrook, Hearne Audrey Jane Wiggins, Waco Beverly Jane Williams, Tyler TOP ROW: Alpard, Aronson, Axline, Berryman, Buchman, Calkins, Callaway, Crawford. SECOND ROW: Diamond, Fly, Godbold, Hardwlck, Hunt, Johnson, Kelly, Koppel. THIRD ROW: Long, Lynch, Mayfield, Miller, Millikan, Maley, Molpus, Moody, Palmer. FOURTH ROW: Phelps, Rosen, Schulze, Schwartz, Stevenson, Summers, Tutt, Veatch, Yeagley. OFFICERS President ADELE CRAWFORD Vice-President NANCY PAXTON MOODY Secretary MARY ANN MALEY Treasurer FRANCES BERRYMAN SORORITY SENIORS JUNIORS Alpha Chi Omega SHIRLEY RUTH AXLINE KATHLEEN DORIS SCHULZE Alpha Delta Pi MARY ANN MALEY CLAIRE LOUISE YEAGLEY Alpha Epsilon Phi BETTY LOU KOPPEL BARBARA DIAMOND Alpha Gamma Delta . . . SHIRLEY ANN GODBOLD MARY ANN MOLPUS Alpha Omicron Pi ELEANORE CONSTANCE ROSEN . GALE McBRYDE LONG Alpha Phi FRANCES BERRYMAN PATSY SUE MILLIKAN Chi Omega PATRICIA ANN FLY MARTHA LOUISE PHELPS Delta Delta Delta AMY IONE JOHNSON NANCY LEE SUMMERS Delta Gamma CARITA JOAN CALKINS SANDRA CALLAWAY Delta Phi Epsilon CHARLOTTE RUTH ARONSON . . . MADALYNE GLADYS BUCHMAN Delta Zeta BARBARA LEONARD MARY LOU LYNCH Gamma Phi Beta ADELE CRAWFORD LOLA KATHRYN PALMER Kappa Alpha Theta SANDRA LOU MAYFIELD MARY MARGARET MILLER Kappa Kappa Gamma . SCOTTIE GAYLE STEVENSON JANE ANGELINE HARDWICK Phi Mu MARGARET ANN HUNT CHARLOTTE ELLEN VEATCH Pi Beta Phi NANCY PAXTON MOODY JANE ELIZABETH KEY Sigma Delta Tau BARBARA SUE ALPARD JEAN MARIE SCHWARTZ Zeta Tau Alpha ERNESTELLE KAY TUTT KATHLEEN KELLY Page 386 Page 387 Local Establishment, 1916 50 Chapters National Founding, 1904 FACULTY HENRY MATTHEW BURLAGE, Dean, College of Pharmacy KARL M. DALLENBACH, Chairman of the Department of Psychology RAY NELSON HASKELL, Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics and Astronomy WAYNE A. HOLTZMAN, Assistant Professor of Psychology HUBERT B. JONES, Assistant Professor of Marketing HARRY L. KENT, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering LEONARDT F. KREISLE, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering EDWARD KARL McGINNIS, Professor of Business Law and Real Estate ARLIE RAY McTEE, Lecturer in Journalism THOMAS A. ROUSSE, Chairman, Department of Speech JACK ADDISON SCANLAN, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering ROBERT DEAN SLONNEGER, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering EVERETT GRANT SMITH, Professor of Marketing FALL OFFICERS JACK QUINN TIDWELL Venerable Dean BILLY J. McADAMS Senior Dean . . . FRANKLIN DERRY CRUTCHFIELD Secretary DON WALLACE DAVIS Treasurer THOMAS WILLMUR TAYLOR . .Junior Dean . SPRING .CHARLES E. NEMIR .BILLY J. McADAMS .FRANKLIN DERRY CRUTCHFIELD . DON WALLACE DAVIS .CREIGHTON NEIL WHITE PLEDGES Marvin Lee Baer, Pampa Joseph Beckton Biggs, Austin Robert Emery Branson, Amarillo Robert Rinfred Childs, Jacksonville Walter Lee Colwell, Pampa Dan Loyd Funderberg, McAllen Joe Earl Hawkins, Pampa Ben Sherrell Henry, Texarkana Hal H. Hervey, Abilene Jon Russell Hornaday, Arlington, Va. Robert Alan Hunt, Houston Jerry Mack Hyde, Tyler Donald Stuart Klett, Corpus Christ! Robert Kostohryz, West Curtis Linn Mason, Corpus Christ! Charles Lee Mauch, Gregory Guy Hugh McDaniels, Houston O. L. Moore, McAllen Don Hillin Nelson, Pampa F. G. Panes, Texarkana Robert Hull Paslay, Dallas Lindsay Flynt Phillips, Leesville, La. James Thomas Powell, Austin Charles Mack Sansing, Higgins John Lincoln Wicliffe Surber, Jr., San Antonio Floyd John Travis, White Deer Herman Ray Van Sickle, Pampa Wayne C. Warren, Midland Marvin Watson, Texarkana Charles Hamilton Westerlage III, LaMarque John Robert Wills, Pampa Rodger Max Zimmerman, San Marcos Page 388 TOP ROW: Abouhalkah, Boer, Biggs, Branson, Campbell, Carruth, Childs, Cogburn, Colwell, Crutchfield, Davis, Dean. SECOND ROW: Donaldson, Ferguson, Funderberg, Giles, Hawkins, Henry, Hervey, Hicks, Hornaday, Hunt, Hyde, Klett. THIRD ROW: Kostohryz, Maloan, Mauch, McAdoms, H. Moore, O. Moore, Nelson, Nemir, Peterson, Phillips, Primm, Ratliff. FOURTH ROW: Reigle, Sansing, N. Saurez, Steel, Surber, Tidwell, Van Sickle, M. Watson, Weatherred, White, Williams, F. Zimmerman, R. Zimmerman. MEMBERS Tamin All Abouhalkah, Tripoli, Lebanon William Ross Anglin, Austin William Rex Campbell, Pampa Lloyd Brent Carruth, Pampq Edmund Lewis Cogburn, Shrewsbury, Mass. Franklin Derry Crutchfield, Abilene Stephen Harris Dalrymple, Austin Don Wallace Davis, Dallas Eugene Alan Dean, Austin George Atkinson Donaldson, Houston Lee H. Dorfman, Scarsdale, N. Y. David Scott Ferguson, McAllen Richard Curry Giles, Austin Fletcher S. Hicks, San Antonio Walter Thomas Maloan, Tyler Billy J. McAdams, Cleveland Clifford R. McTee, Austin Henry Houston Moore, Austin Charles E. Nemir, Austin Edward Dowell Peterson, Elgin Thomas Chase Primm, Fort Worth Hubert Smith Ratliff, Colorado City Harold Theodore Reigle, Fort Worth John Leonard Steel, San Antonio Norman V. Suarez, Austin Pete M. Suarez, Austin Thomas Willmur Taylor, Austin Jack Quinn Tidwell, Abilene Stanley G. Watson, Dallas Jackie Gene Weatherred, Pampa Creighton Neil White, Colorado City Thomas Newton Williams, Texarkana Frank William Zimmerman, San Marcos Page 389 Local Establishment, 1939 63 Chapters National Founding, 1913 FALL OFFICERS ARNOLD NORMAN SWEET Master HOWARD STANLEY FEFFER Lieutenant Master MOISE ARNOLD AXELROD Scribe EUGENE ZALE Exchequer SPRING MOISE ARNOLD AXELROD RICHARD LEE BERGER RICHARD MALCOLM JACOBS EUGENE ZALE PLEDGES Stanley Martin Abramson, Dallas Charles Alfred Bachrack, Houston Jules J. Diamond, Taylor Jerome Stephen Elkins, Beaumont Alvin Jerome Franklin, Memphis, Tenn. Gayle Elliot Gerson, Houston Ralph Kelman, Dallas Lawrence Erwin Klein, Dallas Jerry Jerome Kriss, Dallas Leonard David Levine, Harlingen Arthur Irwin Lubel, Houston Milton Manis, Memphis, Tenn. Shelton Mitelman, Houston Milford Mitchell Myers, Houston Lester Irvin Paine, Bay City Robert Yale Planto, San Antonio Louis Irving Reichman, Dallas Lionel Earl Samuelson, Houston Phil Schimmel, Springfield, Mass. Kenneth Susman, Dallas Ivan Lewis Weiss, Beaumont Page 390 TOP ROW: Axelrod, Brand, Cohen, P. Diamond, Dow, Eidelberg, Elkins, Feffer, Fradkin, Freling, Goldstein, Greenberg, Greenfield. SECOND ROW: Jacobs, G. Kaplan, J. Kaplan, Krams, Kriss, Krovetz, Labowitz, Lipnick, Mants, Mark, Moran, Myers, Planto. THIRD ROW: Reichman, Reichstein, Rosen, Ross, Schaffer, Seibel, Stillman, A. Susman, K. Susman, Sweet, Un- german, !. Weiss, Zoblotsky. MEMBERS Clarence Allen Abramson, Dallas Moise Arnold Axelrod, Houston Richard Melvin Berezin, Houston Richard Lee Berger, Dallas Norman William Black, Houston Joseph Stuart Brand, Waco Barry Lippman Cohen, McAllen Paul Marker Diamond, Port Arthur Bernard Olter Dow, Houston Milton Edward Eidelberg, Corpus Christ! Howard Stanley Feffer, Dallas Larry Irving Fradkin, Galveston Richard Allen Freling, Fort Worth Barton Alan Closer, Dallas Arthur Morton Gochman, San Antonio Ronald Nathan Goldstein, Austin Jay Morton Goltz, Tulsa, Okla. Ronald David Greenberg, San Antonio Bennet E. Greenfield, Governors Island, N. Y. Albert John Hayek, Dallas Edward Franklin Hecht, Galveston Richard Malcolm Jacobs, Houston George Willard Kaplan, Beaumont Jerald Marvin Kaplan, Houston Sidney Warren Krams, Corpus Christi Charles Krovetz, Galveston Harris Bernard Labowitz, Galveston Elton Stanley Lipnick, Galveston Edward Lusky, Fort Worth Robert Willard Mark, Dallas Sidney Stewart Moran, Tulsa, Okla. Louis S. Polsky, Muscatine, Iowa William Morris Ravkind, Dallas Abe Aaron Reichstein, Galveston Jerome Robert Rose, Houston Allen Leon Rosen, Lubbock Charles Mark Ross, Dallas Donald Haskell Schaffer, Dallas Leonard Isaac Seibel, Galveston Israel Sheinberg, Fort Worth Edwin Michael Sigel, Dallas Jacob Ha rris Stillman, San Antonio Ari Jonas Susman, Dallas Arnold Norman Sweet, Dallas Arthur Irvin Ungerman, Dallas Murrey Warman, Bronx, N. Y. Herbert, David Weiss, Queens, N. Y. Eugene Zale, Dallas Morris Isadore Zoblotsky, Taylor Page 391 Local Establishment, 1897 1 17 Chapters National Founding, 1865 FACULTY EDWARD GARLAND FLETCHER, Associate Professor of English PAGE KEETON, Dean, School of Law H. M. MacDONALD, Associate Professor of Government FRANK WARDLAW, Director, University of Texas Press LOGAN WILSON, President, University of Texas FALL OFFICERS DAN HENRY WILLSON Worthy Master RICHARD FRANKLIN BERGNER Worthy Chaplain CHARLES ELLIS LANTER Worthy Scribe MILES DAVIS WILSON Worthy Keeper of Exchequer SPRING DAN HENRY WILLSON JAMES BYARS CARTER JAMES THOMAS WARI MILES DAVIS WILSON PLEDGES Stanley Edward Adams, San Angela Robert Lynn Berry, Fort Worth Walter Ernest Boyd, Houston John Thomas Cater, San Antonio Marshall K. Dougherty, Palestine Charles Eugene Fair, Dallas Hubert Banner Herren, Houston William Slatin Hill, Ganado Jack Eugene Hillman, Houston William Albert Holmes, Nixon Robert Curlee Hooper, Austin L. Dean Jones, Stephenville Richard Rodgers Igau, Houston Edward Durron Johnson, Houston Alonzo Leonard Lacey, Corpus Christ! Jerry Dean Lilley, Denison G. A. Northcott McFaddin, Beaumont C. A. Searcy Miller, Dallas Howard Dean Moon, Houston David Weary Moore, Corpus Christ! Samuel Burton Paternostro, Dallas Paul William Phy, Stamford Jake Alvin Price, Jr., San Angela William G. Priest, San Antonio Richard Curran Ridge, Houston Richard Oliver Roever, Houston Richard Anthony Russell, San Angela George Henry Sauer, Houston Charles Warren Sherrard, Denison Leon Louis Smith, Jr., Mineral Wells Robert Ted Smith, Corpus Christ! Bismark Adair Steinhagen, Beaumont John William Waltrip, Beaumont Alfred Wyatt Weathers, Jr., Snyder Alan Gatewood Wenger, San Antonio John Hamilton Wilkerson, Houston Montrose Madison Wolf, Houston Page 392 . C3P j -4 . Xw : .n i TOP ROW: Adams, Alexander, Balcom, Benesch, Bergner, Bernard, Berry, Borchers, Boyd, Carlton, Carter, Crumpacker. SECOND ROW: Dougherty, Fellbaum, Fish, Herren, Hill, Hillman, Holmes, Howell, Igau, E. Johnson, Jones, Kirksey. THIRD ROW: Lacey, Lanter, Lilley, London, J. Lottrell, W. Luttrell, Marschall, Nickel, Price, Roberts, Roever, Row- land, Russell. FOURTH ROW: Sherrard, R. Smith, Spear, Steinhagen, Taylor, Ward r Weathers, Wenger, Willson, J. Wilson, M. Wilson, Wolf, Womack. MEMBERS Garland Karl Alexander, Fort Worth Barrie Thomas Balcom, Dallas Thomas Richard Benesch, Amarillo Richard Franklin Bergner, Dallas Donald Ray Bernard, Houston Marion Jack Borchers, Yoakum James Dawson Carlton, Houston James Byars Carter, San Angelo John Calvin Grain, Jr., Dallas Ernest Lee Crumpacker, Jr., Houston Ernest Spindle Fellbaum, Austin Laurens Brainerd Fish, Jr., Houston Julian Howard Hayden, Dallas Tommy Forrest Howell, Anson John Gary Johnson, Tyler William Franklin Jones, Jr., Marshall Thomas David Kirksey, San Antonio Charles Ellis Lanter, Fort Worth Richard Underwood Lea, Orange Richard Jay London, Winters John Martin Luttrell, Houston William Sherrod Luttrell, Houston Don Finley Mahaffey, Houston William Ingo Marschall, Jr., San Angelo Dudley Davis McCalla, Austin Robert Arlen Nickel, San Angelo Frank McCoy Roberts, San Antonio Robert Adrian Rowland, Houston Harry Morgan Spear, Jr., San Antonio Elbert Brownrigg Taylor, Beaumont Joe H. Trickey, Fort Worth James Thomas Ward, Austin John Albert Wild, Austin Dan Henry Willson, Mt. Pleasant Everett Howard Wilson, Houston Joseph Edwards Wilson, Denison Miles Davis Wilson, Denison Rupert Stanton Wolfrom, Austin Richard Orville Womack, Marshall Page 393 r Local Establishment, 1886 99 Chapters National Founding, 1839 FACULTY HARRY H. POWER, Professor of Petroleum Engineering : ' - : FALL OFFICERS SPRING WILLIAM GILBRETH BARBER . . . President WILLIAM GILBRETH BARBER LEROY BIRDWELL, JR Vice-President LEROY BIRDWELL, JR. ROBERT GRIFFITH GREER Recording Secretary ROBERT GRIFFITH GREER JACK C. ROTHWELL, JR Corresponding Secretary JACK C. ROTHWELL, JR. GEORGE MARSHALL MINOT . . Treasurer . . GEORGE MARSHALL MINOT PLEDGES Edward Allen Aldous, Kerrville Jon Barry Allen, Austin John Edmund Ashby, Jr., Dallas Joseph Niles Bell, Palestine Roy Campbell Booth, Taylor David Ray Brandon, Fort Worth Charles Allen Brooks, Brownsville Bert Edwin Brown, Jr., Mercedes Robert Littlefield Buford, Jr., Austin Michael Arthur Carter, Palestine William Emmett Cassady, San Antonio Don Danvers, San Antonio Eugene Lyle Dechant, Lamesa John Robert Gilley, Tyler Lan Lemuel Hewlett III, Lockhart Samuel Stephenson Victor Hill, Dallas Levi Lee Kidd, Tyler Paul Flavian McKean, Denver, Colo. Kenneth Hugo Pape, Seguin Charles Scott Parker, San Antonio Marshall Hylon Pengra, Tyler Townes Garrett Pressler, Houston Lewis Bassett Ransopher, Houston Carl Ernest Reistle III, Houston George William Schneider, Jr., New Orleans, La. Ralph William Scott, Jr., St. Joseph, Mo. William Agee Seale, Alice Jack Wade Stevens, Portland, Oreg. Ross William Vick, Jr., Austin E. R. Williams, Jr., Palestine William Feathergale Wilson, San Antonio Page 394 r EL i fej i ml TOP ROW: Aldous, J. Allen, Ashby, Atkin, Bailey, Barber, Bell, Birdwell, G. Blackmar, Blanchard, Booth, D. Brandon, Brooks, Brown, Buford, Carruth. SECOND ROW: Carter, Cassady, Collins, Cox, Grossman, Danvers, Dapper, Davenport, Dean, Dechant, Dyer, Evans, Fisher, Fletcher, Gaddis, Greer. THIRD ROW: Hall, Hewlett, Hill, Hitt, Johnson, Longford, Lilly, MacDaniel, McKean, Munn, Nelson, Rape, Parker, Pfau, Phair, Pressler. FOURTH ROW: L. Ransopher, Reistle, Schneider, Scott, Seale, Stevens, Stone, Taylor, Templeton, Thomson, Vick, Warren, Williams, Willke, Woodman. MEMBERS Max Dee Allen, Austin Charles DeLoss Atchison, Houston Richard Thatcher Atkin, Georgetown Daniel Nicholas Bailey III, Dallas William Gilbreth Barber, Lockhart Gene Carroll Bartholomew, Brownwood LeRoy Birdwell, Jr., San Antonio Fredrik Seward Blackmar III, Luling Guy Elliot Blackmar, Luling Stanley W. Blanchard, San Antonio Jack Lee Brandon, Austin Robert Bruce Carruth, Austin George Gilmore Cissel, Memphis, Tenn. Eugene Wallace Collins, Austin Albert Harrington Cox, Jr., Austin Arthur Searles Cramer, Jr., Houston Ronald Charles Grossman, Dallas Thomas Anthony Cullinan, Dallas Douglas Shultz Dapper, Waco John Nigel Davenport, Houston Billy Don Dean, Sherman Cromwell Adair Dyer, Jr., Dallas John Sidney Evans, Jr., Amarlllo Ralph Emerson Fair, Jr., San Antonio Robert Evan Fisher, Austin Paul Brent Fletcher, Bonham John Marshall Gaddis, San Antonio Bob Meyer Gerdes, Corpus Christ! Robert Griffith Greer, Houston Arthur Bryan Hall, Houston Richard S. Hitt, Dallas William Emmett Johnson, Kansas City, Mo. Brian Fredrick Laffan, Tampico, Mex. James Monroe Longford, El Paso Warren Robert Lilly, Dallas William Mosse Linden, Denison Sherman Paine MacDaniel, San Antonio James Abney McMullen III, Fort Worth George Marshall Minot, Dallas Glenn Charles Moore, Lockhart Robert John Munn, Jr., Dallas Thomas Edward Nelson, Jr., Round Rock Robert A. Overton, Memphis, Tenn. James Robertson Pfau, Houston Bradley Clyde Phair, Jr., Houston Phillip Ransopher, Houston Jack C. Rothwell, Jr., San Antonio Fred Flinn Simmons, Houston Walter Kirke Smith, Dallas Samuel Vaughan Stone, Georgetown Leon Glenn Taylor, Tyler James Richard Templeton, Houston John R. Thomson, Mexico City, D. F. William Franklin Turner, Kilgore Richard Walton, Dallas James Howard Warren, Tyler Julian Loeffler Willke, Jr., San Antonio George Merrill Woodman, Dallas Page 395 o Local Establishment, 1892 33 Chapters National Founding, 1824 FACULTY VENTON LEVY DOUGHTIE, Professor of Mechanical Engineering CHARLES ELMER ROWE, Professor of Drawing OSCAR BROWN WILLIAMS, Professor of Bacteriology FALL WALTER HENRY MENGDEN . WILLIAM JOE GRAVES NORMAN SAMUEL BANTA . FREDERICK RICHARD JONES OFFICERS SPRING Alpha WILBUR ELLIHUE SPRAGUE Beta RICHARD LOUIS SCROGGINS Gamma FRANK LAFAYETTE PLEMONS Delta . . FREDERICK RICHARD JONES PLEDGES Bruce Barton Bybee, Hereford Walter Dewey Campbell, Houston William Dawson Carter, Houston Wayland Thomas Crawford, Galveston Lew Wallace Davenport, Uvalde James Bradshaw Earthman, III, Houston Arthur Beverly Elliott, Victoria Charles Robert Fairchild, Austin Thomas Arnold Garner, Austin Marvin Lenis Gilbert, Uvalde Vaughan E. Gray, Port Lavaca Robert Edward Hall, Galveston James Malcolm Harris, Austin Jack David Hicks, Lufkin Agil Earl Hodges, Abilene Gerald Hoyt Holder, Lufkin Sanford Edward Manning, Houston James Curtis Pugh, Austin George Merritt Richmond, San Antonio Charles Sumner Roberts, Dallas Joseph Robert Schneider, George West James Kennedy Skipton, Houston Hugh Weslen Springfield, Dallas Robert Christian Townsend, Houston Robert Louis White, Texas City Page 396 TOP ROW: Anderson, Ball, Banta, Bybee, Byrd, Campbell, Carr, Carson, Carter, Cox, Craw- ford, Davenport. SECOND ROW: Earthman, Elliott, Fairchild, Fulkerson, Garner, Gilbert, Graves, Gray, Hall, Hodges, Hoffie, Holder. THIRD ROW: Jones, Karpos, Kieffer, Leary, McConn, Manning, Mengden, Moss, Pellerin, Ple- mons, Power, Richmond. FOURTH ROW: Roberts, Schneider, Scroggins, Skipton, Sprague, Springfield, Stuart, Studdard, Townsend, B. White, Williamson. MEMBERS Henry Monroe Anderson, Houston Teddy Frank Ball, Denison Norman Samuel Banta, Beaumont William Martin Byrd, San Antonio Vernon Neil Caldwell, Newgulf John Daniel Carr, Austin Ralph Vaughn Carson, Houston David Michael Cox, Houston John Carl Donovan, Houston Perry John Fulkerson, Dallas William Joe Graves, Uvalde Walter Paul Hoffie, Houston Frederick Richard Jones, Texas City George Toney Karpos, Uvalde Paul Mattocks Kieffer, Longview Terrance Ross Leary, San Antonio James Donald Llewellyn, Fort Worth Thomas Peter McConn, Houston Walter Henry Mengden, Houston Philemon Pete Moss, Houston Wallace Lionel Pellerin, Galveston Frank Lafayette Plemons, Wichita Falls Patrick Henry Power, Carrizo Springs Richard Louis Scroggins, Brownsville Wilbur Ellihue Sprague, Houston Billie Frank Stuart, Beeville Kenneth Earl Studdard, Brownwood Bob Jon White, Dallas Don Beasley Williamson, Athens Page 397 FALL Local Establishment, 1907 41 Chapters National Founding, 1890 FACULTY COVER CONNER EMERSON, Football Line Coach WARREN GRAHAM FRENCH, Teaching Fellow in English GEORGE VINCENT GENTRY, Professor of Philosophy WILLIAM PATTON GLADE, Teaching Fellow in Economics OFFICERS SPRING WILLIAM ALDEN WEEKS " A " ROBERT HOWARD KINSEY PHILIP EDWARD ISETT " B " JACK CHANDLER CLARK CLARENCE NEAL STEVENSON " C " THOMAS NEILSON THURLOW FRANK LEE GRAVES, JR " D " FRANK LEE GRAVES, JR. JACK CHANDLER CLARK . . " E " ROBERT JAMES REYES PLEDGES Maurice Brown Bennett, Crawford John C. Coffey, Jr., Wichita Falls John Lynn Harrington, Sherman John Carlos Herrera, Jr., Harlingen Wallace B. Hicks, Wichita Falls Brooks Natt Holman, Bowman, N. Dak. Neff S. Limon, San Antonio Robert James Reyes, San Antonio Michael Alan Wiley, Dallas Roger Young, Galveston Page 398 TOP ROW: Clark, Coffey, de la Rosa, Graves, Isett, Kinsey, Klotz. SECOND ROW: Limon, Marabella, Pittman, Reyes, Stevenson, Weeks, Wiley. MEMBERS John M. Castro, San Antonio Jack Chandler Clark, Brownwood H. Jerry de la Rosa, San Antonio Frank Lee Graves, Jr., Eagle Lake Philip Edward Isett, Brownwood Robert Howard Kinsey, San Antonio Layton A. B. Klotz, Premont Nunzio Joseph Marabella, Galveston John Prentiss Pittman, Bryan Clarence Neal Stevenson, Kenedy Thomas Neilson Thurlow, Dallas William Alden Weeks, Austin Sam Y. Zamrik, Damascus, Syria Page 399 4 Local Establishment, 1913 51 Chapters National Founding, 1844 FACULTY DANA X. BIBLE, Athletic Director of Intercollegiate Athletics THOMAS PERRIN HARRISON, Professor of English FALL JOHN JERRY McCORKLE OFFICERS . Housemanager SPRING .OLIN RAY CABLE, JR. PLEDGES Henry Culberson Amos, Jr., Denton Raymond Anderson, Austin Reece Brooks Anderson, Houston Tom Wayne Anthony, Sherman James Donovan Baker, Houston Malcolm Webb Barrett, Anthony Ronald Anthony Bartlett, Austin Charles Richard Bass, Fort Worth Carl Richard Benz, Houston Richard Hugh Bishop, Houston Gilbert William Blumberg, Seguin William Leon Bond, Jr., Groesbeck Walter B. Bond, Dallas Jim Edward Boykin, Abilene Dunbar Newell Chambers, Houston William Parrish Clark, Lockhart Norman Grey Cornelius, Fort Worth Wendell Jackson Cox, Tampico, Mex. Jack Kenneth Dempsey, Temple Royce Allison Drake, Austin Tommy Kenneth Estes, Abilene Gordon M. Griffin, Austin Richard Don Harden, El Paso Hyman Lee Harvard, Corpus Christ! Fred Haberle, Jacksonville Lucius George Hill, Austin Karl Fred Kamrath, Jr., Houston Harry Warner Merritt, Jr., Houston Ewell Allen Nelson, Brownwood Thomas Michael O ' Brien, San Antonio Raymond Wilson Oeland, Houston Donald Edward Pederson, Houston James Alfred Rose, Abilene James H. Russell, Jr., Denton Eric Dressen Sitzenstatter, Dallas John Perry Stobaugh, Weatherford Jerry Earl Turner, Abilene Van Nicholas Williams, Houston William Howell Wood, Austin Ben Jones Woodson, Brownwood John David Wright, Houston Page 400 TOP ROW: Amos, R. B. Anderson, Anthony, Barrett, Bartlett, Benz, Bishop, Blanchard, Blanton, A. L. Bond, Boykin, Brigham. SECOND ROW: Cable, Caldwell, Clark, Cornelius, Cox, Dewar, DuVall, Estes, Ferguson, Gearner, Golden, Griffin. THIRD ROW: Harvard, Haynes, Hoyt, Hunter, James, Jewell, McCollum, Mcllyar, Nelson, Oeland, Pederson, Powell, Rhodes. FOURTH ROW: Rose, Russell, Stobaugh, Stoeltje, J. Swearingen, W. Swearingen, Tyler, J. White, J. Williams, Wilson, Wood, Wright, York. MEMBERS Joe Raymond Allen, Jr., Roswell, N. Mex. Richard Rhoades Armstrong, Roswell, N. Mex. Richard Buckner Austin, Garland Ralph Frederick Beeler, Houston William Dana Bible, Austin Lawrence Phil Blanchard, Austin James Neal Blanton, Houston Ben Madison Brigham, Austin Olin Ray Cable, Beaumont Josef Caldwell, Garland Martin Hester Chaney, Austin Lamont Martin Cochran, New York, N. Y. Robert Lee Ball Dewar, San Antonio Travis Ray Dickinson, Odessa Jean Kyle DuVall, Dallas William Harold Ferguson, Graham Aubrey Douglas Gearner, Dallas Joe Bob Golden, Vernon Charlton Wells Hadden, Houston Thad Harold Harden, El Paso William McGregor Harris, Houston James Donald Haynes, Odessa William Barnes Hoff, Austin Thomas Jackson Hoyt, Fort Worth Gilpin Hunter, Dallas Hubert Holmes Ingraham, Austin Henry Scott James, Houston Frank Randall Jewell, Liberty, N. Y. Robert Paul Landes, Houston Donald Ray McGraw, Abilene Charles Holmes McCollum III, Fort Worth John Jerry McCorkle, Port Arthur Henry Young McCown, Jr., Austin Donald Charles Mcllyar, Dallas John Mark Mclaughlin, Snyder Donn Stewart Noland, Abilene Edward Clifford Nott, Jr., Abilene John Marshall Page, Austin Bruce Parker Pike, Fort Worth Jay Frank Powell, San Antonio James Hamilton Pruett, El Paso Benjamin Thomas Rhodes, Jr., Granfills Gap Murphy Townsend Scurry, Houston James Samuel Swearingen, Jr., Austin Robert Lee Swearingen, Austin William Scott Swearingen, Austin Mack Stoeltje, Beaumont John Harrison Tyler, Austin James Phelps White, III, Roswell, N. Mex. Robert Benson White, Baytown John H. Williams, Pecos Jerry James Wilson, Abilene Joseph Wilbur Wolfe, Sherman Charles Craig Woodson, Brownwood George Arthur Yonge, Abilene Thomas O. York, Pittsburg, Pa. Page 401 Local Establishment, 1907 70 Chapters National Founding, 1899 FALL HUBERT R. STEWART, JR. TED HENRY DUSEK ARTURO DANIEL TORRES . JOHN SHRIGLEY CRON . OFFICERS SPRING President HUBERT R. STEWART, JR. Vice-President TED HENRY DUSEK Secretary ARTURO DANIEL TORRES Treasurer DON LEE RICHARDSON PLEDGES Collie Bryan Appling, Kingsbury Charles Robert Carr, Fort Worth Antonio Cavozos, Laredo Jay D. Davis, Austin Don Carter Downing, Austin William Walter Fey, Seguin Frank Edward Luksa, Georgetown John Lynn Harrington, Sherman W. J. Mechura, Houston Joe Kinney Murchison, Austin Robert Lee Shipp, Fort Worth Waldon Smith, San Antonio Golden Duane Youngblood, Refugio Page 402 TOP ROW: Appling, Arze, Bighorn, Breeding, Carr, Chitwood, Cron, Day, Davis, Dusek, Eargle. SECOND ROW: Fey, Freeman, Froebel, Goodnight, Gouse, Halecky, Hall, Heitler, James, Jones, Kelly. THIRD ROW: Kubin, Luksa, Madison, Mathews, Mechura, McCracken, Michulka, Moore, Murray, Richardson. FOURTH ROW: Shipp, Singleton, Stegall, Stewart, Stischar, Thruston, Torres, Upton, Walker, Wester. MEMBERS George B. Arze, Cohabamba, Bolivia Jesse Leonard Bain, Jr., Waco Jesse Yonge Bigham, Jr., Houston Seth Darnaby Breeding, Jr., Austin John Carroll Chitwood, Jr., Austin John Shrigley Cron, Rockport Howard Day, Dallas Ted Henry Dusek, Dallas Stephen Taber Eargle, Austin Donald Olda Ferguson, Corpus Christ! Charles David Freeman, Dallas Charles Froebel, Brenham Ronald Ray Goodnight, Dallas Fred M. Gouse, Jr., Dallas Andrew Halecky, Jr., Yonkers, N. Y. Richard Henry Hall, Wichita Falls John E. Heitler, Indianapolis, Ind. Jerry Honeycutt, New Orleans, La. Donald Marvin James, Port Arthur Charles Hall Jones, III, Austin James O. Kelly, Houston Charles Calvin Kubin, Houston Edsin Lewis Madison, Dallas Joseph Pickney Mathews, Brownwood Richard E. McCracken, McAllen Louis Michulka, Wharton Wallace Brick Moore, Dallas Robert Arthur Murray, Dallas John T. Pirkle, Houston Chester M. Pittsford, Jr., Austin W. A. Plummer, Bandera Don Lee Richardson, Austin Billy Raymond Shelton, San Marino, Calif. Neil Singleton, Austin John William Stegall, Beaumont Hubert R. Stewart, Jr., Port Arthur Walt M. Stischer, San Antonio Arthur LeRoy Thruston, San Angelo Arturo Daniel Torres, McAllen Burl Dean Upton, Kermit Harlan E. Walker, Dallas Roily E. Wester, Austin Page 403 Local Establishment, 1904 82 Chapters National Founding, 1859 OFFICERS FALL HOWELL M. FINCH President . . . JOHN BALLARD BENNETT Vice-President DAVE HARRELL WILLIAMS Secretary JOHN THOMAS EUBANK . . Treasurer SPRING DAVID HARRELL WILLIAMS ROLAND EDMUND DAHLIN, JACK NEWELL LITTLE JOHN THOMAS EUBANK PLEDGES John D. Ayres, Navasota Fred W. Baccus, Dallas John Alfred Bailey, Clyde Clyde Stuart Bell, Paris William Toffen Cortelyou, Dallas Thomas Leroy Davis, Dallas Wayne Garner Dotson, Beaumont Robert Warren Ferrell, Bellaire John Warren Gary, San Marcos Robert W. Gilliam, Austin Walter Thad Gilliam, Austin Robert Herrin, Houston William Michael Higgins, Austin Barney H. Hilburn, Austin Samuel F. Hurt, Odessa Henry D. Jacoby, Dallas John A. Jones, San Antonio Darrell K. Jones, Austin Robert Q. Keith, Beaumont Bill P. King, Waco Richard Lawler, Houston Hugh Mack Lynn, Austin Larry Lynn, Midland Roy Jack McCarroll, Jacksonville Frank T. Nagle, Austin Fred S. Nagle, Austin L. Mac Newsom, Denison Jan Schuyler Roush, Houston Robert M. Rucker, Dallas Eugene B. Shepherd, Houston Ottis B. Shepherd, San Antonio Corrie Handler Smith, San Marcos John Thomas Stuart, Dallas Donald B. Swaty, Houston George S. Sykes, Galveston Charles Terry Taylor, Huntsville Bobby Carroll Traeger, Seguin Kenney Reese Voelkel, Houston Bass C. Wallace, Houston Thomas H. Weed, Beaumont Bobby W. White, Brownwood John Winslow, Houston Page 404 FRONT ROW: Agnew, Alter, Ayres, Bailey, C. S. Bell, Bennett, Blackstock, Bonham, Brodnax, Byrd, Cortelyou, T. Davis, Dotson, Duggan, Eastridge. SECOND ROW: Eckert, Ferrell, Finch, Gary, Glidden, Gonsoulin, Hand, Herrin, Higgins, Hilburn, Housewright, Immel, Jacoby, Johns, Keith. THIRD ROW: Keathley, King, Laughlin, Lawler, L. Lynn, H. Lynn, Marr, McCarroll, McCauley, Mohr, Mower, Morris, F. T. Nagle, F. S. Nagle. FOURTH ROW: Newsom, Nowotny, Ogden, Pfeiffer, Pierce, A. Ragland, Roush, Rucker, P. Sansom, R. Sansom, Schmucker, E. Shepherd, Showalter, Staehely. FIFTH ROW: Stovall, Sykes, Taylor, league, Tighe, Voelkel, Walker, Weed, Werkenthin, White, Williams, Wins- low, York, Youmans. MEMBERS Hall Wayne Agnew, Austin David Ritner Alter, Austin Claiborne Murray Bell, Paris John Bollard Bennett, Weslaco David T. Blackstock, Houston William Don Bonham, Navasota John Robert Brodnax, Houston James Martin Byrd, Nacogdoches Mack Bailey Cawthron, Austin Jerry Terrell Chandler, Corpus Christ! Albert Ernest Cudlipp, Lufkin Roland Edmund Dahlin, II, Dallas Joe Elliott Davis, Beaumont Wayne Englehardt Dear, Austin Harold Raymond DeMoss, Dallas Fitzhugh Lee Duggan, Houston Kenneth Eugene Eastridge, Houston Travis Allen Eckert, Austin John Thomas Eubank, Houston Howell M. Finch, Austin James Stuart Fuller, Port Arthur John Bryan Glidden, Houston Dewey Jude Gonsoulin, Austin Troy Lee Hand, Vernon Thomas Marum Hatfield, San Antonio Joe Tipton Housewright, San Benito John Lewis Im mel, Corpus Christ! Bryan O ' Neill Keathley, Houston William Joseph Laughlin, Houston Jack Newell Little, Big Spring William Lewis Marr, Galveston Francis Ruple McCauley, Houston Francis Leo McNamara, Austin Paul C. Mohr, Scottsbluff, Nebr. William W. Morris, Yazoo City, Miss. Lowell Kendall Mower, Houston George Edward Nowotny, New Braunfels Oral Wayne Ogden, Sonora William Albert Penn, Austin David G. Pfeiffer, Dallas Jay Terry Pierce, Austin James Bland Pope, Austin Alfonso Ragland, Dallas Cruger Smith Ragland, Dallas Robert Adrian Rasmussen, Kerrville Henry Gorman Ritchie, Taft Curtis Bush Roberts, Beaumont William Wakefield Roush, Houston Paul W. Sansom, San Antonio Robert Kennon Sansom, San Antonio Larry Alan Schmucker, Houston George Wallace Showalter, Austin Edward Robert Simmen, Galveston William Pearce Staehely, Austin Jimmie Vance Stovall, San Antonio Gwynn A. Teague, Brownwood Charles Louis Tighe, Houston William A. Walker, Beaumont James Michael Welch, Corpus Christ! Conrad P. Werkenthin, Austin Dave Harrell Williams, Austin John P. Wymer, Houston Howard Leslie York, Waco Joe Edward Youmans, Beaumont Page 405 Local Establishment, 1949 80 Chapters National Founding, 1834 FACULTY KARL M. DALLENBACH, Distinguished Professor of Psychology GOLDWIN GOLDSMITH, Professor of Architecture CHARLES HOMER HOLZWARTH, Special Instructor in Germanic Languages R. GOMMEL ROESSNER, Associate Professor of Architecture FALL DUNCAN ALLEN LAWSHAE . HAROLD DOUGLAS COLWICK OFFICERS SPRING President DUNCAN ALLEN LAWSHAE Vice-President , HAROLD DOUGLAS COLWICK HUGH OSCAR PEEBLES, JR Recording Secretary HUGH OSCAR PEEBLES, JR. JOHN E. FRYMAN Corresponding Secretary JOHN E. FRYMAN RICHARD FRAINE ADAIR . Treasurer , RICHARD FRAINE ADAIR PLEDGES William Roderick Bagby, Dallas Frank Ashbury Barbee, Wichita Falls Wallace Granville Bragg, Chillicothe Michael Champ Clark, Wichita Falls Bobby Dalton Crawford, Wink Harry Anderson Douthit, Jr., Raymondville Walter Edward Evans, Dallas Emil Edwards Friberg, Wichita Falls George Everest Friend, Amarillo William Donald Frierson, McCamey Charles Alvis Gunter, San Angela Eitel Hugh Hahn, Brady Robert Scott Hammond, Fort Worth Charles Eugene Hutsel, Katy Vernon Murray Jordan, Brady Robert Alston Langhorne, Dalhart Jerry Glenn Lewis, Wichita Falls William Childress Montgomery, Houston Eddie Wayne Pace, San Angela Robert Edward Patton, Jr., Bellaire Robert Allen Pratt, San Angela William Glenhelm Robinson, Dallas John Grigsby Turner, Fort Worth William Lamond Turner, Brady John Fredreich Wengert, Fort Worth Jack Dennis West, Fort Worth Page 406 TOP ROW: Adair, Atkinson, Bain, Baker, Blair, Bragg, Clark, Colwick, Crawford, DeStefano, A. Douthit. SECOND ROW: H. Douthit, Friberg, W. Frierson, J. Frierson, Frydell, Furr, Gunter, Hahn, Harrell, Jackson, Lang- home. THIRD ROW: Lawshae, McCutcheon, McGinnis, Merrill, Montgomery, Pace, Patton, Peeples, Pratt, Reed. FOURTH ROW: Schneider, Shamblin, Shepherd, Smith, Spelce, Stone, Tees, W. Turner, J. Turner, Wengert. MEMBERS Ri chard Fraine Adair, Havana, Cuba Harold O ' Hanlon Atkinson, Midland Travis Whitsett Bain, II, Lubbock Robert Paul Baker, Freeport Alan Curtin Blair, Houston Thomas Adrian Blaylock, Dallas Harold Douglas Colwick, Dickinson Martin Joseph DeStefano, Hearne Allie Durrell Douthit, Raymondville John Edward Frierson, McCamey Don Gordon Frydell, Austin John E. Fryman, Dallas Richard Allan Furr, McCamey Thomas Clark Gerber, New Braunfels Bradley Lee Gibbs, Houston Edward Charles Harrell, Canyon Homer Herbert Jackson, Jr., San Antonio Duncan Allen Lawshae, Maracaibo, Venezuela James Edward McCutcheon, San Antonio Charles David McGinnis, Katy Charles Morgan Merrill, Dallas Hugh Oscar Peebles, Jr., Kountze James Herbert Peeples, Amarillo Carroll Lynn Reed, Big Spring Tom L. Schneider, San Antonio James Earle Shamblin, San Antonio Richard Earl Shepherd, Bellaire Dan Cargill Smith, III, Houston Neal Leslie Spelce, Marshall Donald Lamar Stone, Jacksonville David Woods Tees, New Braunfels Page 407 A Local Establishment, 1883 76 Chapters National Founding, 1865 FACULTY ROBERT ADGER LAW Professor of English CLYDE LITTLEFIELD, Head Track and Cross Country Coach DANIEL ALLEN PENICK, Professor of Classical Languages; Tennis Coach OFFICERS FALL EMORY CHAPMAN THOMPSON I MARVIN M. STETLER II PHILIP A. NELSON, JR Ill WYMAN RAY GILLIAM . . IV SPRING EMORY CHAPMAN THOMPSON MARVIN M. STETLER PHILIP A. NELSON WYMAN RAY GILLIAM PLEDGES I Clem Kirby Best, Jr., Houston Lester Carl Boone, Odessa Fred W. Catterall, III, Austin William Earl Chapman, Midland Charles Garland Collins, Wichita Falls Charles Dishman, Bryan Vernon Elledge, Houston Charles Fraser, Austin Jon Hanson Gillespie, Sherman Larry Godfrey, Wichita Falls Archer Leland Gwinn, Shreveport, La. Thomas Webb Hardin, Victoria Lee Walter Henslee, III, Galveston Jesse Horner, Edinburg Charles Albert Jackson, Borger Charles Lester Mackenzie, Houston Daniel Thomas Manget, III, New Orleans, La. Charles Ellis McCullough, Austin Page 408 John Hoffman Moore, Mt. Vernon J. Robert Musselwhite, Houston Bruce Arlen Newmann, Hearne Allyn Smith Patrick, Dallas J. W. Patten, Sweetwater Louis Edward Pauls, Galveston Robert Dupree Peterson, Jr., Marlin Thomas Hill Peterson, Marlin Gerald Swetnam Pierce, Ardmore, Okla. Richard David Richardson, Wichita Falls Joe Faltin Thomas, Houston Wash Bryan Trammell, Jr., Houston Jack M. Vaught, Comanche Vernon Ray Wattinger, Austin Emil John Wohlt, Jr., Houston Richard Marvin Womack, Austin Chesley Kosub Wood, Galveston TOP ROW: Allen, Arnett, H. Atkins, G. Atkins, Barnhill, Beckham, Beery, Best, Boone, Burnette, Catterall, Chand- ler, Chapman, Chatham. SECOND ROW: C. M. Christensen, Cline, Collins, Davis, Dobbins, Duncan, Elledge, Estes, Ferguson, Flanders, Fraser, French, H. Gillespie, Godfrey. THIRD ROW: Gwinn, Halsell, Henslee, Holloway, Horner, Huff, C. Jackson, J. Jackson, Keeler, Longford, Lewis, Manget, McCullough, McNeel. FOURTH ROW: Minniece, Moore, Musslewhite, J. Nelson, P. Nelson, Newmonn, Patrick, Patten, R. Peterson, T. Peterson, Putnam, Reynolds, Richardson, Sandefur. FIFTH ROW: Shoup, Silvus, Tabor, Thompson, Thomas, Trammell, Westling, Winkelman, Wohlt, D. Womack, R. Womack, Wood, Yarborough. MEMBERS John Rector Allen, Austin Charles Don Arnett, Dallas George Pope Atkins, Austin Hal W. Atkins, San Antonio David Blake Barnhill, Austin Beverly Welford Beckham, Robstown Roger Lewis Beery, San Antonio William McLean Bell, Llano George Henry Brigman, Uvalde Carl W. Burnette, La Follette, Tenn. Seth Charles Burnitt, Calvert Dan Dean Chandler, Whitehaven, Tenn. Dudley Aldridge Chatham, San Antonio Charles March Christensen, Barrington, III. Christian Lauriths Christensen, Barrington, I John Victor Cline, Bellaire Irwin Weldon Coleman, Jr., Jackson, Miss. Stanley Kent Davis, Amarillo George Moye Dobbins, Austin Lloyd Justin Duncan, San Antonio John L. Estes, Waxahachie Arthur James Ferguson, Shreveport, La. William Royal Flanders, Houston Joseph Jordan French, Jr., Shreveport, La. Harold Reese Gillespie, Sherman Wyman Ray Gilliam, Austin Robert Charles Halsell, Bryan Walter A. Hogan, Houston Harold Deen Holloway, Fort Worth Patton C. Hudson, Hearne Roy Prewett Huff, Jr., San Antonio Frank LaRue Ivey, Fort Worth James Forbes Jackson, Jr., Laredo George Eldridge Keeler, Cleburne Gerald Talmadge Longford, Houston Glen William Lewis, San Angela William J. Lipscomb, Fort Worth Gordon Lewellyn, Austin Tynus William McNeel, Hearne John Gresham Minniece, Marfa John Keith Nelson, Wichita Falls Philip A. Nelson, Jr., Austin Jack K. Norris, Austin George Putnam, Fort Worth Joseph Daniel Reynolds, Arlington Jerry Ray Sanderfur, Mt. Pleasant Joseph Wright Sentell, Snyder Marvin F. Sentell, Snyder Francis Elliott Shoup, Dallas Robert Frederick Silvus, Austin Franklin Scott Spears, Austin Joseph A. Staples, III, Houston Marvin M. Stetler, Dallas Charles Tabor, Chillicothe Davis M. Taylor, Corpus Christ! Emory Chapman Thompson, Austin Robert Lynn Batts Tobin, San Antonio Eddie H. Wrestling, Austin Bob Charles Winkelman, Austin David Ray Womack, Jr., Austin Richard Warren Yarborough, Austin Page 409 Local Establishment, 1884 125 Chapters National Founding, 1869 FACULTY HENRY WILSON CHAPMAN, Instructor in Physical Training for Men; Swimming Coach ERNEST R. HARDIN, Assistant Professor of Speech FRANK HALLAM LYELL, Associate Professor of English JAMES J. POLLARD, Professor of Architectural Engineering EDWIN BOOTH PRICE, Head Football Coach JACK GREER TAYLOR, Assistant Professor of Investments; Endowment officer OFFICERS FALL KIRK VANDERVOORT ............ Grand Master . . . ROBERT CLEMONS ............... Grand Procurator JOE E. RUSSO . . Grand Scribe . SPRING ROBERT DANIEL BURCK ROBERT LEE CARSON THURMAN ALEX VAUGHT RICHARD LACY BOURLAND . . Grand Treasurer . RICHARD LACY BOURLAND PLEDGES Kirby Attwell, Houston Eddie E. Blair, Fort Worth Maxie Lee Bradford, Fort Worth George Stubblefieid Bruce, Houston Frank Kell Cahoon, Wichita Falls Louis Denson Cobb, Tyler John Devin Cochran, Bonham Jasper Brown Cutbirth, Houston Harold George Daniels, Abilene Larry Joe Darnall, Dallas William Young Duggan, Leander Samuel Thomas DuLaney, Dallas Gordon H. Earhart, Houston Dave Ross Fennekohl, Houston Keene W. Ferguson, Houston Sammy Antone Giammalva, Houston George Richard Grainger, Tyler Mac Griffin, Houston Paul Robert Hamilton, Houston David Wightman Hatchett, Houston John Martindale Heaner, Brownsville Travis Dade Hiester, San Antonio Joe Jaworski, Houston Page 410 William Clingman Jennings, Fort Worth Joe Kelley Johnson, Fort Worth Royce Richard Kilday, Richmond Donald Joseph Malouf, Dallas Earle Plain Martin, Houston William Arnold McDade, Wharton Dale Ellis Miller, Houston Vance Cecil Minter, Fort Worth Clifton Howington Morris, Fort Worth James Milton Pryor, Houston Raymond John Rawson, Houston Bruce Biggs Robertson, San Antonio Larry Sikes, Dallas Webb McCann Sowden, Dallas Donald Wick Spafford, Houston George McCullough Thompson, Houston Robert Barnes Thornton, San Antonio Edward Richard Volz, San Angela Perry Waughtal, Houston Robert Harral Whilden, Houston Merrill Whitehead, Houston Gary Wade Woehrmann, Houston TOP ROW: Adams, Alcorn, Attwell, Barnhart, S. Bibb, T. Bibb, Blair, Boldrick, Bourland, Boyd, Bradford, Brooks, Bruce, Burck, Carson, Catlow. SECOND ROW: demons, Cline, Cobb, Cochran, Colby, Coulter, Cox, Cravens, Cutbirth, Daniels, Darnall, J. Davis, T. Davis, Duggan, J. DuLaney, S. DuLaney. THIRD ROW: Durkee, Fennekohl, Grainger, Hamblen, P. Hamilton, Harris, Heaner, Hiester, Hoover, Hotmann, Jackson, Jennings, Johnson, Jones, Keller, Kilday. FOURTH ROW: Lovejoy, Malouf, Martin, Maxwell, McDade, McDonnold, Meek, D. Miller, R. Miller, Minter, Moore, H. Morris, C. Morris, Moyer, Orr, Penniman. FIFTH ROW: Petrie, Pierce, Porter, Purse, Rankine, Rawson, Richardson, Roberts, B. Robertson, R. Robertson, C. Rundell, J. Rundell, J. Russo, Sharpe, Sowden. SIXTH ROW: Spafford, Stofer, Thompson, Thornton, Toler, Vandervoort, Vaught, Volz, Weber, Whilden, White, Whitehead, Winston, Woehrmann, Walter. Alexander Adams, Houston George Avery Alcorn, Houston Robert Lenoir Applewhite, Rosenberg Donald Lee Barnhart, Fort Worth Sumter T. Bibb, Fort Worth Tom James Bibb, Fort Worth Neill Boldrick, Fort Worth Richard Lacy Bourland, Fort Worth Charles S. Boyd, Houston Lewis E. Brooks, Corpus Christ! George Evans Brown, Austin Jack Bunn, Tyler Robert Daniel Burck, Austin Robert Lee Carson, Fort Worth Alfred Gregory Catlow, Oklahoma City, Okla. Robert demons, Houston William A. Cline, Wharton John Rogers Colby, Oklahoma City, Okla. Ashton Baker Coulter, Houston R. Earl Cox, Fort Worth James Rorick Cravens, Houston David S. Dale, Houston James Allen Davis, Fort Worth Tommy Wessendorff Davis, Richmond John Byers DuLaney, Dallas Jack B. Durkee, Houston George D. Gardere, Dallas MEMBERS William Perry Hamblen, Houston Sam C. Hamilton, Houston William M. Harris, Austin Robert J. Hewitt, Victoria Cameron Lee Hoover, Waco William A. Hotmann, Breckenridge Ford Hubbard, Houston Kelly Jackson, San Antonio Thomas Earl Jones, Sulphur Springs Henry Keller, Fort Worth Donald Edward Krause, San Antonio Carl E. Lee, Houston Charles Milby Little, Fort Worth Bill Carl Long, Mlneola Joe Bernard Lovejoy, Fort Worth J. William Maxwell, Dallas Donald W. Meek, Houston Richard Bryan Miller, Cleburne Muckleroy McDonnold, San Antonio Preston Moore, Houston Hunter Morris, Temple J. Hudson Moyer, Amarillo George M. Newman, Waco Joseph Lackland Orr, Fort Worth Edgar Erwin Penniman, Dallas Robert L. Petrie, Jr., Fort Worth Page 411 Charles Curry Pierce, Dallas Patrick John Porter, London, England James Anderson Purse, Dallas Wilfred Lee Rankine, Austin David Seney Richardson, Galveston Everett Allen Roberts, Fort Worth Roland Rock Robertson, Tyler Gladstone McLendon Rowe, Dallas C. A. Rundell, Austin John Lee Rundell, Austin Ben John Russo, Houston Joe E. Russo, Houston Robert F. Sharpe, Dallas Hamp Smead, Longview Preston Austin Stofer, Victoria Tommy H. Toler, Austin Kirk Vandervoort, Houston Thurman Ale x Vaught, Fort Worth David Robert Webb, Dallas Donald Eugene Weber, Austin Howard Werzel, Silver City, Colo. Randy Frederick Wheless, Houston Bill M. White, San Antonio William D. Winston, Lufkin Robert Carl Walter, Bishop James Franklin Wood, Waco Local Establishment, 1917 144 Chapters National Founding, 1909 FACULTY CURTISS JACKSON ALDERSON, Assistant Professor of Physical and Health Education ROBBIN COLYER ANDERSON Professor of Chemistry SCOTT GAINES Attoney for University Lands ROBERT GEORGE GORDON Director, Veterans Advisory Service OFFICERS FALL SPRING ROY BRENT FISHER High Alpha ROY BRENT FISHER THOAAAS EDWARD LAUGHLIN, JR. . . High Beta THOMAS EDWARD LAUGHLIN, JR MURRAY LAWRENCE FORSVALL High Gamma MURRAY LAWRENCE FORSVALL LESLIE JOHN STRIEBER High Tau LESLIE JOHN STRIEBER PLEDGES William Marcellus Anderson, III, Dallas Richard Earl Black, Austin Joe A. Bledsoe, McGregor Gilbert Seay Brown, Dallas Burton A. Browning, Austin Donald Lee Burson, Houston Gene Padgett Clements, McGregor John Miller Copeland, Corsicana Selman Perry Cowan, Temple Edward Elton Crowell, Dallas William Frederick Eldridge, Kerrville Michael Fisher, Refugio Gerald M. Fuller, LaMarque William Henry Funk, San Antonio Rudy Gomez, San Antonio Paul Eugene Harper, Alvin William Thomas Haskell, Jr., San Antonio Robert Garlin Head, Tyler Page 412 Allen Burton Heard, Dallas Ronald Melford Jackson, Houston Louis James Jones, San Antonio Kay Neal Kinzie, San Antonio David Hartwell Kuester, Houston Clinton M. Lanier, Tyler Jimmie Charles Mitchell, Lancaster John Coble Murray, San Antonio Jon Theodore Oden, Amarillo Fred Thomas Porter, Dallas William Erskin Raynes, Pittsburg Robert Eugene Reynolds, Dallas Don Philip Speers, Houston Max Lee Tirk, Smackover, Ark. Leonard Harold Von Dohlen, III, Goliad Billy Bob Watson, Big Spring William Harold Whited, Austin TOP ROW: Anderson, F. Baker, Black, Bledsoe, Booth, Bridges, Browning, Burleson, Clements, Cockrell, Collins, Conger, Copeland, Cowen. SECOND ROW: Crowell, Eargle, Eldridge, M. Fisher, R. Fisher, Frazer, Funk, Hanley, Harper, Haskell, Heard, Hoff, Huitt, Jackson. THIRD ROW: Jones, Kuester, Lanier, Laughlin, McCullough, McDaniel, Milstead, Mitchell, Mohler, AAurff, Mur- ray, Musson, R. Oden, Onhaizer. FOURTH ROW: Parker, Preston, Redmon, Reynolds, Schwarzbach, Searcy, A. Smith, G. Smith, Speers, Strieber, Tirk, Travis, Von Dohlen, Watson, Witten. MEMBERS Frank K. Baker, Fort Stockton Hugh Lee Baker, Crosby Leon Booth, Baltimore, Md. Ronald Wayne Bridges, Corpus Christ! James Bernard Burleson, Dallas Herbert Leland Clancy, San Antonio John Harrison Cockrell, Cleburne Lucien Hunter Collins, San Antonio Roger Lacy Conger, Waco Dolan Hoye Eargle, Austin Roy Brent Fisher, Corpus Christi Murray Lawrence Forsvall, Austin Samuel Stewart Frazer, Baytown Thomas Wesley Galbraith, Dallas Walter Guttman, Jr., Austin Donald Wayne Hanley, Corpus Christi Charles Gohment Hoff, Cotulla James Frederick Huitt, Bay City Thomas Edward Laughlin, Jr., Baytown Willis Howell McCullough, Waco Roddy David McDaniel, Austin Robert Edward Milstead, Houston Michael Phillip Mohler, Mexico, D. F. Samuel Thornton Murff, Corpus Christi Harry Edward Musson, Austin Richard Lee Oden, Amarillo Jerry E. Onhaizer, El Paso William Dorsey Parker, Houston Samuel Rutherford Perry, Rockdale Allan Kerry Preston, Houston John Edwin Redmon, Cleburne Bernard Edward Schwarzbach, El Paso Fred Porter Searcy, San Antonio Allan Montague Smith, San Antonio Gary Rolla Smith, Breckenridge Leslie John Strieber, San Antonio Robert Falligant Travis, San Antonio Robert Earl Welch, Raymondville James Melton Witten, San Antonio Page 413 A r e Local Establishment, 1883 1 14 Chapters National Founding, 1848 FACULTY EUGENE CAMPBELL BARKER Professor Emeritus of History THOMAS MABRY CRANFILL Associate Professor of English CHARLES TILFORD McCORMICK Distinguished Professor of Law ROBERT WELDON STAYTON Distinguished Professor of Law n FALL WARREN WARE SHIPMAN, JAMES EARL GIST DIXON WADE HOLMAN . . OSCAR FREER JONES, III . OFFICERS SPRING President JAMES EARL GIST Warden MIKE HENRY ROBERTS Secretary PATRICK JOSEPH KAIN Treasurer OSCAR FREER JONES, III PLEDGES Carl Eugene Andrews, Dallas George R. Bolin, Houston James Curtis Boyce, Amarillo Byron Gray Crocker, Brady Jack Randall Davis, Dallas James Marion Dunnam, Houston Walter Lenoir Foxworth II, Dallas William Russell Goff, Dallas Ronald William Gribble, Dallas Charles Douglass Herrera, El Paso Ben Curtiss Ivey, Jr., Denton Bob Clark James, Borger Russell Lionel Martin, Jr. Mt. Pleasant Earl M. Mathews, Taylor Richard Len Mewhinney, Holland Robert Wilkerson Patteson, Midland Doyle Emmett Perkinson, White Oak Kent Malone Pritchard, Jr., Houston William Bryant Stevens, Austin Gifford Touchstone, Dallas Don Warren Turner, Borger Harvey McLean Williams, Jr., San Angela Marcus Edgar Young, San Angela Page 414 TOP ROW: Alford, Barnes, Blackwell, Boyce, Bray, Burgher, Crocker, J. Davis, R. Davis, Dingwall, Duncan, Dunnam. SECOND ROW: Flaig, Foxworth, Gist, Goff, Gribble, Herrera, C. Hightower, M. Hightower, Holman, Horn, How- ell, Huff. THIRD ROW: James, Jones, Luhnow, Mann, Martin, Mewhinney, Nowlin, Patterson, Perkinson, Prichard, Ray- zor, Roberts. FOURTH ROW: Roche, Schneider, D. Shelmire, W. Shelmire, Shipman, Snow, Stevens, B. Taylor, Thomas, Turner, Williams, Wynne. MEMBERS Jess Burks Alford, Jr., Paris James Edwin Barnes, Ponca City, Okla. James Andrew Bertron, Austin John Melvin Blackwell, Beaumont H. O. Bray, Cisco David William Burgher, Dallas John Richard Butler, Dallas Whitfield Harral Clark, Dallas William Henry Clark, Dallas Richard Hugh Davis, Waco Donald Colin Dingwall, Austin Daniel Peter Doyle, Jr., Galveston William Lamar Doyle, Galveston Rufus Higginbotham Duncan, Waco Joseph Holmes Flaig, Jr., Dallas William Lockhart Garwood, Austin William Willard Gibson, Jr., Amarillo Robert Wentworth Gilstrap, Austin James Earl Gist, Carthage Louis Vosburg Hall, San Angelo Larry Reid Hensarling, Hous ton Charles Henry Hightower, Jr., Dallas Maxwell Lee Hightower, Mt. Pleasant Dixon Wade Holman, Fort Worth John Martin Hopper, Austin David Niswonger Horn, Dayton, Ohio John Webb Howell III, Bryan Mark Emly Huff, Jr., Wichita Falls Oscar Freer Jones III, Waco Patrick Joseph Kain, Dallas Fred Volker Luhnow, Jr., Dallas Jack Matthewson Mann, Marshall John Gibbs Meador, Jr., Houston Bernard Wilfred Miner, Jr., Fort Worth Jay Clark Nowlin, Fort Worth Louis Burr Paine, Jr., Houston Roger H. Porter, Jr., Austin Jess Newton Rayzor, Jr., Houston Mike Henry Roberts, San Angelo John David Roche, Austin Jules Edward Schneider, Jr., Dallas David Sutton Shelmire, Dallas William Overton Shelmire, Dallas Warren Ware Shipman III, Fort Worth Josephus Murray Smith, Austin Corbin Lee Snow, Jr., Marshall Allen Taylor, Dallas Roy LeGrand Taylor, Jr., Houston John Jay Thomas, Kerrville John Nathaniel Touchstone, Dallas Richard Clark Webb, Houston Gordon Russell Wynne, Jr., Wills Point Page 415 Local Establishment, 1883 81 Chapters National Founding, 1848 FACULTY FREDERIC DUNCALF, JR. Professor Emeritus of History HOWARD CLIFFORD GILSTRAP Assistant Football Coach WILLIAM SAMUEL LIVINGSTON Assistant Professor of Government GERALD M. STAFFORD Assistant Professor of Geology BERRY M. WHITAKER Director, Intramural Athletics for Men FALL JOSEPH PAUL HAMMOND MILBURN E. NUTT . OFFICERS SPRING President JOSEPH PAUL HAMMOND Treasurer MILBURN E. NUTT JACK ROBSON SOWELL Recording Secretary JACK ROBSON SOWELL MARSHALL TERRELL CLEGG Corresponding Secretary MARSHALL TERRELL CLEGG PAT SWEARINGEN CHUMNEY . . Historian . . PAT SWEARINGEN CHUMNEY PLEDGES Lloyd Elvin Arnold, Austin Carson Alfred Bailey, Dallas George William Berry, Lubbock Robert Herbert Bohn, Austin Edwards Barham Bratton, Austin William Kendall Bryant, San Antonio William Wesley Buller, Newgulf Leroy Fredric Buss, Weslaco Henry Lee Caldwell, Abilene John Clayton Calhoun, Jr., Hempstead David Stubbs Christian, San Antonio James Russell Cochran, Wichita Falls Timothy Higgins Cornwall, Midland Raymond Wilson Cozby, Grand Saline Robert McCall Davenport, Abilene Bill Erskine, Midland Carl Robert Eschenburg, Floresville Ted C. Hager, San Antonio Lloyd LeRoy Hayes, Port Arthur Page 416 Charles Raymond Jones, San Angela James Durkin Kennedy, Dallas Roy Edwin Kimsey, Jr., Midland Jon Bedford Kirk, Beaumont Richard Chapman Lowrey, Lubbock Thomas Albert McMann, Weslaco Robert M. Payne, Jr., Austin Harold L. Phelan, Levelland Manning Bruce Pletz, San Antonio James Franklin Roddie, Brady David Addison Rogers, Weslaco John Reeves Rudder, Brady John Chesley Taylor, McAllen Lloyd G. Thompson, Port Arthur John William Tottenhan, Fort Worth Virgil Alfred Walston, Jr., Midland Charles Alan Worthen, Midland Joe B. Youngblood, Abilene TOP ROW: Arnold, Bailey, Beck, Berry, Blalock, R. Bohn, S. Bohn, Bowes, Braly, Browning, Bruce, C. Brumley, H. Brumley, Bryant, Buenz, Buller. SECOND ROW: Burton, Buss, Caldwell, Christian, Chumney, Clegg, Cochran, Coffee, Cornwall, Cozby, Crow- trier, Davenport, Derrick, Dial, Edwards, Ellington. THIRD ROW: Ellis, Erskine, Farabee, B. Fowler, R. Fowler, Fuller, Gardner, Glover, Goehringer, Greenfield, Hager, B. Hammond, J. Hammond, Harris, Hayes. FOURTH ROW: Hemphill, Henderson, Hughes, Hunt, lies, Jones, Kennedy, Kimsey, Kirk, Legge, Little, Lowrey, McCampbell, MacGregor, Mighell. FIFTH ROW: Miller, Osborn, Parker, Payne, Phelan, Pletz, Ratliff, Rhea, Roddie, Rogers, Rudder, Shaw, D. Smith, J. Smith, J. Sowell. SIXTH ROW: Tatum, A. Taylor, C. Taylor, J. Taylor, J. Thompson, Thurmond, Toland, Voyles, Walston, West, W. Wilson, Wolford, Woody, Worthen, Wright. MEMBERS Robert Edwin Adams, Houston Ray Carl Arnhold, Jr., Wichita Falls Charles Edward Baer, Seguin William Charles Baker, Kerrville Francis Leroy Beck, Corpus Christ! James Augustus Blalock, Jr., Port Arthur Skip H. E. Bohn, Austin Harrison Nesbit Bowes, Highland Park, II Dudley Q. Braly, Brady Charles Neuel Brewer, Lubbock Robert Lee Browning, Corpus Christ! Carey Carlton Bruce, Beaumont Carl Ray Brumley, Austin Harold W. Brumley, Austin John Frederick Buenz, San Antonio Charles Nesom Burt, Jr., Dallas Gerald Lynn Burton, Beaumont James Scott Byerly, Madisonville Pat Swearingen Chumney, San Antonio Marshall Terrell Clegg, San Antonio Robert F. Coffee, Dallas Ed T. Coughlin, Corpus Christ! Sam Crowther, San Angela William James Derrick, El Paso Preston Hastings Dial, Jr., San Antonio Lum Caswell Edwards, Beaumont Alvin William Ellington, Jr., San Angela Charles William Ellis, Port Arthur Robert Lee Eschenburg, Floresville Kenneth Ray Farabee, Wichita Falls Warren L. Farris, McAllen Bradley Allison Fowler, Austin Robert Penn Fowler, Austin Charles Duncan Fraser, Dallas Ross Thurber Frick, Floresville Tommy Mason Fuller, Austin Max Prince Gardner, San Antonio Tom Ryan Glover, Oklahoma City, Okla. Charles Warren Goehringer, San Antonio Eric Storrie Greenfield, Venice, Fla. Ben R. Hammond, San Antonio Joseph Paul Hammond, El Paso Bill Paul Harris, Corpus Christ! Edward Phelps Helvenston, Dallas Warren Clayton Hemphill, San Angela Simon Wood Henderson, Lufkin Benny Harry Hughes, Beaumont James Theodore Hunt, Sonora Larry Gene lies, Beaumont Philip Wesley Kidd, Houston Don Edward Legge, Austin Jack Merville Little, Dallas Gregor Carmichael MacGregor, Dallas Thomas Atlee McCampbell, Corpus Christi Donald Ray Mighell, Dallas Judd Miller, Jr., Austin Milburn E. Nutt, Wichita Falls Joe Allen Osborn, Friona David Connell Parker, Austin Thomas Ray Perry, Rotan John Glenn Pew, Dallas Jack McGregor Ransom, San Angela John Thomas Ratliff, Sonora Bruce Luna Rhea, Dallas James Marvin Scurlock, Dallas Roy Datus Sharp, Jr., Madisonville Harry Reid Sharpless, Jr., Port Arthur Lail Hamilton Shaw, Dallas Donald C. Smith, Kerrville James Roy Smith, Port Arthur Charles Lee Sowell, San Antonio Jack Robson Sowell, San Antonio John Paul Tatum, Lubbock Albert Scott Taylor, McAllen Charles Edward Taylor, El Campo Robert Thomas, Beaumont Jere William Thompson, Dallas George Murat Thurmond, Del Rio Robert Stone Timmins, Dallas George Jefferson Toland, Jr., Brownsville Oren Harold Tomlinson, Houston William Eric Tucker, Port Arthur Charles John Turner, Dallas Richard Vender Straton, San Antonio Jack Wendell Voyles, Austin Charles Stuart Wallace, Jr., Houston Ben Britain West, Pecos Graham Wilson, Austin Worley Wilson, Madisonville Fred Vanderwerth Wolford, Port Arthur Delano Womack, Austin Robert Wood, Houston Gary Price Woody, San Antonio John Buel Wright, San Antonio Local Establishment, 1904 58 Chapters National Founding, 1853 FACULTY HULON WITHERSPOON BLACK, Director University Development Board WILLARD HUGHES BRENTLINGER, Assistant Professor of Psychology HOMER VINCENT CRAIG, Professor of Mathematics EDWARD EVERETT HALE, Professor of Economics JOSEPH LINDSEY HENDERSON, Professor Emeritus of Secondary Education GUS M. HODGES, Professor of Law CALEB PERRY PATTERSON, Professor of Government JAMES ROBERT ROACH, Assistant Professor of Government OLIVER DOUGLAS WEEKS, Professor of Government MARION KENNETH WOODWARD, Professor of Law OFFICERS FALL WILLIAM KENT MclLYAR, JR ....... G. P LOUIS ROBERT EDDINS, JR ......... V. G. P JOHN WEIR NOTESTINE .......... A. G FREDERICK ALLEN SAIED . B. G. SPRING EDWIN REINHOLD YORK, JR. ALFRED LOUIS RUEBEL, II JOHN WEIR NOTESTINE EDMUND TAYLOR MORRIS, JR. PLEDGES Louis Meredith Bradshaw, Austin John Charles Chambers, Houston Charles Walton Dietz, Fort Worth William Sam Dunn, Amarillo Jerry Melvin Dwight, Amarillo Frank Jeff Dyke, Jr., Austin Richard Burt Dyke, Austin Irvin Atwood Ebaugh, Jr., Austin Robert Leonard Ellett, Austin Robert Charles Floyd, Midland Leslie Leon Gage, Austin William John Gerron, Brady James Earl Gill, El Paso Frank Leland Glass, Sweetwater Jon Wesley House, Midland Robert Edward Hughes, Sherman Clint Hurt, Odessa Eugene Michael Kouri, Sweetwater Leonard Phillip Lawes, Houston Benis Glen Lee, Corpus Christ! Maury Allen Lloyd, Austin Carl Edwin Locke, Fort Worth Bobby Joe Miks, Wichita Falls Donald Howard Oheim, Amarillo William H. Pool, Jr., Albany Roan Harwood Puett, Longview Virgil Sullivan Rabb, Austin George Patrick Rambo, Jr., Fort Worth Howard Newton Richards, Austin James Ottie Richardson, Dallas Joe William Rogers, Fort Worth John Ross, Austin Edward Eugene Schafer, Midland Jack E. Shriver, Austin Stanley Sawyer Studer, Austin Richard Joseph Thomson, Houston Billy Newton Walker, Cleveland Joe Lawther Warren, Dallas Gordon Kenneth Wersebe, Austin James Fletcher Wright, Dallas John William Zant, Midland Page 418 TOP ROW: Allen, Atwill, Bennett, Billings, Bradshaw, Carlton, Chambers, Cooke, Curtis, Dietz, Dockery, Douglass, Dunn, Durso, Dwight. SECOND ROW: Ebaugh, Eddins, Elliott, Floyd, Ford, Gage, Gerron, Gill, Gilliam, Glass, Hampton, Henderson, Holcomb, House, Hughes. THIRD ROW: Hurt, Kouri, Lloyd, Locke, Mcllyar, McLaurin, Mills, Morris, J. Notestine, Oheim, Overton, Prid- dy, Puett, Rabb. FOURTH ROW: Richards, Richardson, Ricketts, Robertson, Rodman, Rogers, Ross, Ruebel, Ryan, Saied, E. Sand- ers, C. Sanders, Schafer, Sharpe. FIFTH ROW: Shriver, Smith, Steinberger, Studer, Thomson, Walker, Walters, Warren, Weeks, Wersebe, White, Wright, York, Zant. Jimmy Lon Albright, Amarillo Arthur Malachi Allen, III, Dallas Douglas Eugene Atwill, Midland Raymond Ayers Bennett, Amarillo Robert Mason Billings, Jr., New Braunfels John David Carlton, Borger Jamie Hagar Clements, Crockett Jacob Riley Colvin, Bonham William Peyton Cooke, Amarillo Thomas Atkinson Curtis, Amarillo William Dee Dockery, Jr., Austin John Patrick Douglass, Midland Sam Martin Durso, Port Arthur Louis Robert Eddins, Jr., Fort Worth Lynwood Grayburn Elliott, Austin Gilbert Ford, Amarillo Clay Wayland Gordon Fulcher, Wichita Falls Henry Lamar Gilliam, Athens Robert Fonda Gribble, Austin Morris Jackson Hampton, Naples MEMBERS John Burns Henderson, Jr., Cameron Vernon Hill, Jr., Austin Richard Huff Hodges, Austin James Myron Holcomb, Crane Charles Edmond Holloway, Dallas John Bethel Juvenal, Vernon William Monroe Kerr, Midland William Kent Mcllyar, Jr., Dallas James Daniel McKeithan, Austin Raymond Lee McKim, Midland Lauchlin Arthur McLaurin, Austin Roy Scott Mills, Amarillo Edmund Taylor Morris, Jr., Austin Jeff Monroe Neely, Jr., Amarillo John Weir Notestine, Amarillo Wilbur Edmund Notestine, Amarillo Gaylon Royce Overton, Borger Nelson Holt Priddy, Stanton Richard Dugan Ricketts, Austin Sterling Clark Robertson, Salado Thomas Edward Rodman, Odessa Alfred Louis Ruebel, II, Dallas William Kenny Ryan, Fort Worth Frederick Allen Saied, Wellington Charlie Eugene Sanders, Wichita Falls Elic Garland Sanders, Amarillo George Linsey Shannon, Amarillo Eddie Jack Sharpe, Shidler, Okla. Paul Dale Smith, Midland John Clinton Steinberger, Midland Wilton Rodger Stone, Dallas Charles Warren VanCleve, Muncie, Ind. Samuel Joseph Vickers, Fort Worth John Andrew Waller, Jr., Austin Joe Paul Walters, El Paso Julien Devereux Weeks, Austin Theodore Phelps White, Roswell, N. Mex. Sam Love Wilson, Amarillo Edwin Reinhold York, Austin Page 419 4 Local Establishment, 1941 44 Chapters National Founding, 1850 FACULTY STANLEY A. ARBINGAST Associate Professor of Resources L. L. CLICK, Associate Dean College of Arts and Sciences ROBERT CRAWFORD COTNER Assistant Professor of History DR. JOHN A. CROCKETT, Physician Student Health Center COLLIER READ CRANBERRY Professor of Electrical Engineering CALVIN CLEAVE NOLEN Director, Texas Union ARNO NOWOTNY Dean of Student Life OFFICERS FALL ANTHONY GERARD BROCATO Alpha JOHN POWERS DICKENS Beta . JERALD DION COPELAND Sigma RAYMOND MARVIN FALCON . . Tau . SPRING RONALD LEW BOUCHIER CLARENCE JOSEPH LeBLANC JOSEPH ROLAND FULTON CAROL STONER VANCE PLEDGES William Rayfield Baldwin, Bellaire Joseph Albert Barzilla, Houston Richard Cooper, San Antonio Labon Leroy Fairall, San Antonio Paul L. Ferguson, Houston Jesse Hurt Garrett, Houston Rex Hodges, Austin George Baker Meyer, Houston Robert T. Oliver, Surfside, Calif. Lester Barry Palmer, Austin Jack Rudolph, San Antonio John Clarke Sanders, Houston Joe Keith Stephens, Smithville William Elmer Walker, Jr., Austin Donald Edwards Whitley, Fort Worth Page 420 TOP ROW: Argue, Baldwin, Barzilla, Boriack, Brill, Brocato, Brown, Cobb. SECOND ROW: Copeland, Davies, Dickens, Fairall, Falcon, Frost, Hall, Hallmark, Hodges. THIRD ROW: Hunt, Jackson, Mainous, Matthews, Meyer, McMurry, Miles, Minton, Nicholson. FOURTH ROW: Oliver, Palmer, Roberts, Sanders, T. Smith, Stahl, Vance, Walker, Whitley. MEMBERS Marshall Patton Anderson, Houston Douglas William Argue, Bellaire William Panned A cock, Fort Worth Herbert Lionel Blomquist, Austin Jerry Wilbert Boriack, Bellville Ronald Lew Bouchier, Post James Edward Brill, Houston Anthony Gerard Brocato, Beaumont Thomas Cater Brown, San Antonio Bill Barry Sullen, Houston Jan Maurice Cobb, Austin Jerald Dion Copeland, Austin Thomas Edward Davies, Houston John Powers Dickens, Marlin Ralph Waldo Dickerson, Houston Raymond Marvin Falcon, Fort Worth Donald Earl Fletcher, Amarillo Robert Odell Franklin, McKinney Ed Frost, Beaumont Joseph Roland Fulton, Luling Jay Hall, Houston Bruce Cullen Hallmark, Dalhart John Cleveland Herndon, Houston John Lee Hubby, Austin Glenn Curtis Hunt, Jr., San Antonio Joe L. Jackson, Gatesville Clarence Joseph LeBlanc, Beaumont Charles Newton Lunsford, Center Edward Chester Mainous, Houston Hugh Tannehill Matthews, Austin Russell W. McMurry, Austin Bradley Miles, San Angela John Carroll Miller, Austin Goodridge Venable Morton Minton, Fort Worth William Fred Moeller, San Marcos Louis Richard Nicholson, San Benito William Drew Perkins, Huntsville Bennett James Roberts, Houston Joe Dick Ruberch, Houston Charles Smith, Austin Tracy Fritz Smith, Big Spring Charles Frederic Stahl, Dallas Carol Stoner Vance, Houston Robert Yeates Wheeler, Tilden Martin Alexander Wiginton, Austin Page 421 Local Establishment, 1943 70 Chapters National Founding, 1906 FACULTY GARLAND HAMPTON CANNON, JR. Teaching Fellow in English ROY R. KREZDORN, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering OFFICERS FALL JAMES KETTLER JAYNES President . . . JOE DONALD DUNCAN Vice-President GERALD PIROT DOKE Secretary . . . JOSEPH C. GOULDEN . . Treasurer SPRING JAMES KETTLER JAYNES JOE DONALD DUNCAN GERALD PIROT DOKE JOSEPH C. GOULDEN PLEDGES Joseph Frederick Anderson, Austin Donald Chain Black, Jr., Clarksville Robert Arthur Boberg, Dallas Allen Jay Britt, Shreveport, La. Paul A. Clinkscales, San Antonio Rafe Heath Cloe, Breckenridge Rodney Bernard Corona, Galveston James Vanderburgh Endress, Langley Air Force Base, Va. Sam Don Ladymon, Paris William Sanders McGarrahan, Overton Kenneth Roy Phillips, Plainview Leon Arthur Whitney, Amarillo Page 422 lilk TOP ROW: Adam, J. W. Anderson, Bartos, Beck, Black, Bollman, Britt, Gaboon. SECOND ROW: Carrsey, Chatman, Clinkscales, Cloe, Corona, Cricchio, Doke, Duncan. THIRD ROW: Endress, Fryar, Goulden, Hale, Jaynes, Ladymon, Lentschke, Lovett. FOURTH ROW: Maloney, Nass, Phillips, Stokes, Trahan, Whitney, W. Williams, Wood. MEMBERS Wayne Mott Adam, Houston John William Anderson, Austin Donald Eugene Bartos, Waco Robert Byron Beck, Anson Franklin D. Bollman, Clarksville James Victor Boyd, El Paso John Edward Cahoon, Houston J. Ben Carrsey, Houston Phil K. Chatman, Dallas Frank Edward Cricchio, Port Arthur Gerald Pirot Doke, Dallas Joe Donald Duncan, Coleman John Edmond Eliason, San Juan Homer Godsey Ellis, Paris Anthony Carlyle Fryar, Plainview Joseph C. Goulden, Marshall Dudley Durward Hale, New York, N. Y. James Kettler Jaynes, Lodi Ernest Waddell Lentschke, Houston Jim Dick Lovett, Clarksville Francis James Maloney, Shrewsbury, Mass. Harry Anthony Nass, San Antonio Perry Kay Odell, El Paso Bennett Stokes, Corsicana David Leland Swain, Buffalo, N. Y. Donald Henry Trahan, Houston Coley Jerald Williams, Houston Victor Roy Williams, El Paso John Walter Wood, Albany Page 423 Local Establishment, 1920 26 Chapters National Founding, 1909 OFFICERS FALL SPRING ELLIOTT ZALMAN COHEN President NEIL NEWTON NATHAN RONALD JOSEPH HAUSER Vice-President RONALD JOSEPH HAUSER NEIL NEWTON NATHAN Recording Secretary SEINWILL LOUIS GREENBERG HAROLD MARVIN EISEN Corresponding Secretary HAROLD ISADORE ZWEIG JOHN CARL LANDA . . Treasurer JOHN CARL LANDA PLEDGES Melvin Aardvark Anisman, Pampa Stephen Zackory Brown, Tyler Marvin Allen Denowitz, Longview Leonard Marion Englander, Waco Melvyn Fenson, Roswell, N. M. Marvin Allen Finger, Houston James Martin Franks, Tyler Louis Freedman, Houston Harold Leon Kaminsky, Houston Gerald Fenton Klein, Beaumont Jack Mose Levy, Waco Russell Edward Oppenheim, San Antonio Alan Maury Rauch, Houston Herman Rose, Waxahachie Richard Allen Rudy, Houston Benjamin Haskell Schwartz, Sherman Morton Bennett Seline, Houston Joseph Shade, Temple Gerald Norton Sigman, Denver, Colo. Lawrence Edward Steinberg, Fort Worth Harry Herbert Levy, III, Galveston Phillip Sarason Wolf, Corpus Christ! Page 424 TOP ROW: Abramson, Anisman, Becker, Brand, Brochstein, Brown, Cohen, Denowitz, Dolich, Eisen, Englander, Engle. SECOND ROW: Franks, Freedman, Friedlander, Gerson, Greenberg, R. I. Mauser, R. J. Mauser, M. B. Kaminsky, Klein, Kornfeld, Landa, Levit. THIRD ROW: H. Levy, J. Levy, Ludwig, Markey, Mazow, Mendlovitz, Nathan, Oppenheim, Prensky, Rafshoon, Rauch, Rose, Rosenfield. FOURTH ROW: Rosmarln, Schwartz, Seline, Shade, Sherman, Sigman, Silverberg, Simon, Steinberg, Streusand, Totz, Wells, Zweig. MEMBERS Morrie Kaplan Abramson, Houston Allan Jack Becker, Houston Joel Stanley Brand, Houston Joel Brochstein, Houston Elliott Zalman Cohen, Houston Ira Jules Dolich, Victoria Harold Marvin Eisen, Beaumont Earl Jay Engle, Austin Jack Friedlander, Houston Ronnie Gene Gerson, Houston Seinwill Louis Greenberg, Beaumont Robert Ivan Hauser, Houston Ronald Joseph Hauser, Houston Donald Charles Horwitz, Albuquerque, N. M. Marvin Bryon Kaminsky, Houston Julian Potash Kornfeld, Lubbock John Carl Landa, Houston Max Stanley Levit, Houston Harvey Allen Ludwig, Cleveland, Ohio Benton Walter Markey, San Antonio Malcolm Lowell Mazow, Houston Milton Allen Mendlovitz, Sequin Neil Newton Nathan, Galveston Arnold Irvin Prensky, Houston Gerald Monroe Rafshoon, San Antonio Donald Rosenfield, Houston Larry Melvin Rosmarin, Houston Stanley Alan Sherman, Sioux City, Iowa Maxel Burton Silverberg, Corsicana Adolph Bertram Hirst Simon, Austin Charles Lee Streusand, Bellaire Jon David Totz, Gonzales Richard Allan Wells, Galveston Harold Isadore Zweig, San Antonio Page 425 Local Establishment, 1947 64 Chapters National Founding, 1873 1 FACULTY JOE ALFRED ADAMCIK Teaching Fellow in Chemistry FREDERICK JOSEPH ADAMS Professor of Educational Psychology HUBERT ALDINE BRANDENBURG Teaching Fellow in Romance Languages FRANKLIN LANIER COX Professor of Business Law BOYER GONZALES, JR. Associate Professor of Art OFFICERS FALL SPRING WILLIAM CARD MEREDITH President JAMES H. HINGST JOHN ROBERT CROMACK Vice-President LEON GILBERT HALDEN, JR. LEON GILBERT HALDEN, JR Secretary DON LEE ISENBERG WILLIAM RICHARD POTTER Treasurer THOMAS LEE DAHL JAMES R. BURCH . . Sentinel WILLIAM RICHARD POTTER PLEDGES George Ashford Armer, Jr., Baytown Anthony Augustine, Jr., Beaumont Alex Caragonne, Houston Marvin Bernard Cook, San Antonio Joe Carl Coulter, Houston Bill Warren DeWitt, Alvin Ernest Joseph Domm, Jr., Houston Charles Henry Duecker, Dallas Paul Adolph Foerster, Sutherland Springs Robert Sterling Germany, Houston David Grissom, Dallas James Dietrich Groves, Dallas Jack Gladstone Hankins, Jr., Lawton, Okla. Kenneth Ronald House, McCamey Kenneth Howell Johnson, Houston Patrick Samuel Kaufman, Weslaco James Robert Kelley, Temple James Julius Killough, Vernon Charles Winston King, Jr., Houston George P. Kirkpatrick, Jr., Beaumont Ford Lee Lockett, Brownsville Jerry Benny Mi lan, Fort Worth Frank O. Osmon, Jr., San Antonio Arthur Paul Peterson, Dallas Rogers Anthony Reifel, Houston Fred D. Reynolds, San Antonio N. Lloyd Scurlock, Fort Worth Harry Skipsey, II, Mexico, D. F. James Marshall Smith, Midland Royce Dale Wheeler, Houston Donald Williams, LaGrange Page 426 TOP ROW: Armer, Bell, Bousquet, Burch, Caragonne, Cassell, Caton, Cromack. SECOND ROW: Dill, Domm, Duecker, Foerster, Germany, Geyer, Groves, Harkrider. THIRD ROW: House, Isenberg, Kaufman, Kelley, Kemp, King, Kirkpatrick, Lockett, Loth. FOURTH ROW: Manganiello, Meredith, Osmon, Potter, Reifel, Scurlock, Skipsey, Spoor, Wheeler. MEMBERS Charles Larry Bell, Paris Thomas G. Bousquet, Houston James R. Burch, Bellaire Alan Joseph Cassell, Newark, N. J. Robert Stanley Caton, Houston John Robert Cromack, Austin Whit Clark Dill, Houston Walter Louis Geyer, Jr., San Antonio Leon Gilbert Halden, Jr., Houston Robert Elmo Harkrider, Jr., Temple James H. Hingst, San Antonio Don Lee Isenberg, Humble William Franklin Kemp, Austin Curtis Wilmond Lambert, Austin Helmut Martin Loth, San Antonio Karl Archer Maley, Houston Louis Patrick Manganiello, Jersey City, N. Y. William Gard Meredith, Brownsville William Richard Potter, Austin Thomas Day Smith, Winters Daniel H. Spoor, Houston Joseph Walter Stevens, Jr., Austin David Hildreth Thomas, II, Austin Robert Allen Walker, Brownsville Page 427 Local Establishment, 1920 109 Chapters National Founding, 1868 FACULTY GEORGE W. HOFFAAAN Associate Professor of Geography OFFICERS FALL SPRING BYRON MORRIS McKNIGHT S. M. C LEROY WILLIAM TAYLOR ROBERT KING CORNELL I. M. C HOWARD GLAZBROOK, I HOWARD GLAZBROOK, III S. C ROSS LEE MEYER JAMES HUBERT COLLINS . , TH. C. ALLEN BRITT ADKINS PLEDGES James H. Baggaley, Dallas Bodie David Beddingfield, Houston Walton Porter Bondies, Dallas Gerald Rhea Brooks, Dallas Richard Oscar Busby, Dayton Vernon Lyle Caddell, Dallas James Richard Colder, San Antonio Walter Campbell, Houston Lee Carpenter, Austin Joe Neal Carroll, Troy Leo A. Chamberlain, Jr., Dallas Frank Britten Clayton, El Paso R. Temple Dickson, Sweetwater Tom Rogers Edwards, Knox City Scott D. Evans, Austin Jerry Max Gross, Amarillo Robert Earle Hall, Dallas Larry D. Haskew, Jr., Austin William James Hill, Houston William Edward Hornbuckle, III, Huntsville Jim Buck Huggins, Dallas Fredrick Raymond Jenkins, Carthage Harry Ray Kramp, Houston Allen Clement Locklin, Corpus Christ! Phillip Irving McConnell, Houston Roy Preston Nelson, Jr., Port Arthur George Franklin Newsom, Laredo Richard Dean Odom, Corpus Christ! Jerry Lee Peterson, Tulsa, Okla. Jack Edward Ragsdale, Austin Donald Howell Roberson, Plainview Norman Keith Rollo, Huntsville Peter Robert Rose, Austin Gene Edward Russell, Austin Charles Eugene Russo, Houston Richard Franklin Stovall, Floydada Daniel A. Stultz, Houston Thomas Gage Tarrant, Houston Sammy Lee Timpa, Dallas Terry Mac Tirado, Austin Bonner Frederick Torres, Houston Oakley Cope Townsend, Austin L. Alvis Vandygriff, Austin Frederick Thomas Wachendorfer, Houston James Lucian Wilborn, Austin Noel Cameron Woolverton, Palestine Dan Russ Young, Austin Page 428 TOP ROW: Adkins, Bondies, Brooks, Busby, Caddell, Clayton, Collins, Cornell, Dickson, Edwards, R. Evans, S. Evans, Freeman, Glazbrook. SECOND ROW: Guthrie, J. Hall, R. Hall, Haskew, H. Hill, W. Hill, Hornbuckle, Huggins, James, King, Kramp, Lann, Locklin, Meyer. THIRD ROW: Morgan, Nelson, Newsom, Odom, Rabke, Rivette, Roberson, Rose, Russo, Scheig, J. Singleton, S. Singleton, Stephens, Stoalabarger, Stovall. FOURTH ROW: Stultz, Tarrant, Templin, Terrill, Tirado, Torres, Townsend, Vandygriff, Wachendorfer, Walters, Watkins, Wilborn, Wilcox, Young, Zivley. MEMBERS Allan Britt Adkins, Amarillo Stuart Benson, Abilene Sidney Johnson Buell, Austin Thomas Henry Cheavens, Dallas James Hubert Collins, Amarillo Robert King Cornell, San Antonio Robert Don Evans, Houston John Thatcher Frazer, Longview Alvin Lee Freeman, San Antonio Frank Atwood Gibson, Austin Howard Glazbrook, III, Alice James Francis Greer, Waco Aubrey Elton Guthrie, II, Floydada James Albert Hall, Gladewater Herbert Wheeler Hill, San Antonio Gerald Ray James, Dallas Marvin Earl King, Houston Morris Jerome Lann, Austin Byron Morris McKnight, Lubbock Ross Lee Meyer, Dallas Charles Rice Morgan, Plainview Donald Jay Pichinson, Austin Charles Austin Primer, Austin Raymond Franklin Rabke, Jr., Dallas James LeGrande Read, Jr., Houston Patrick Hardy Reagan, Hye Kerny Antonie Rivette, Beaumont Edward Earle Scheig, San Antonio Melbert Dowlin Schwarz, Dallas John Bennett Singleton, Jr., Houston Samuel F. Singleton, Jr., O ' Donnell John B. Stephens, Abilene Tom C. Stoalabarger, Amarillo Leroy William Taylor, Houston James Curtis Templin, College Station Robert Kennedy Terrill, La Verne, Calif. Horace Lee Walters, Houston Edgar Charles Watkins, San Antonio Thomas George Wilcox, Eagle Lake George Andrew Zivley, Austin Page 429 Local Establishment, 1884 136 Chapters National Founding, 1856 FACULTY HARRELL ESTES LEE, Associate Professor of Journalism JOHN WOOLFORD McFARLAND, Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction EVERETT GRANT SMITH Professor of Marketing JERRE STOCKTON WILLIAMS Professor of Law DUDLEY K. WOODWARD, JR. Board of Regents OFFICERS FALL JAMES MILTON CAVENDER ..... Eminent Archon ....... EUGENE L. AMES ............. Eminent Deputy Archon ROBERT L. ABBOTT ........... Eminent Recorder ..... HARRY LEE DOUTY . . Treasurer . SPRING THOMAS HEARD WHARTON, JR. RICHARD MENEFEE PEACOCK EUGENE EDGE HARRY LEE DOUTY PLEDGES William Henry Black, Midland T. Coe Branch, Sullivan City Don Brown, Omaha Charles Rebstock Gregg, Houston Robert William Hampton, Conroe Hugh Montgomery Hawthorne, Conroe Reagan T. Houston, San Antonio Jim Dean Hughes, Vernon Weldon M. Johnson, Fort Worth William Gordon Kiblinger, Dallas John Moore Killian, San Antonio Charles Royce Maberly, Corpus Christi Richard Ronald Nevitt, San Antonio Michael Hill O ' Brien, Houston Thomas E. Pullman, San Angela George Leslie Ryan, Victoria Carl Wilson Shirley, Houston Frank A. Tompkins, Corpus Christi John Pat Williams, San Antonio George M. Williamson, Jacksonville Harry Lee Wood, Corpus Christi Neil Greg Yows, Borger Page 430 TOP ROW: Abbott, Adkins, Ames, D. Black, W. Black, A. Borchardt, D. Borchardt, Brown, Carsey, Cavender, Cortes, Crittenden. SECOND ROW: DeWalch, Douty, Edge, Greer, Gregg, Hail, Hampton, Harrell, Hart, Hawthorne, J. Herlocker, Houston. THIRD ROW: Hoy, Johnson, Kiblinger, Ledbetter, Lewis, Nevitt, Oliver, Pullman, Ritter, G. Roberts, J. Roberts, Rowan. FOURTH ROW: Shirley, Simmons, D. Squibb, J. Squibb, Sullivan, Tompkins, Williams, Williamson, Wood, Yows, Zimmerman. MEMBERS Robert L. Abbott, Decatur, III. James Marshall Adkins, Chicago, III. Eugene L. Ames, Jr., San Antonio Carl Mahan Barnhart, Refugio Dan Prescott Black, Midland Asa Bland, Midland Alvin Lee Borchardt, Vernon Newman Carl Boxwell, Amarillo Robert Gordon Brelsford, Tyler Robert Coulson Carsey, Houston James Milton Cavender, San Antonio William Whitfield Chapman, Memphis, Tenn. Elbert Joseph Coffman, Fort Worth George Hammett Colvin, Fort Worth Thomas Leighton Cook, Sweetwater Earl Edwin Cortes, Houston William Thomas Crittenden, Detroit Don P. DeWalch, Houston Harry Lee Douty, Memphis, Tenn. Eugene Edge, Bryan William Davis Felder, Dallas George Edgar Fischer, San Antonio Curtis Joseph Gilmore, Lakewood, Colo. Marcus Reed Gilmore, Midland Edwin S. Greer, Dallas Paul MacDonald Green, San Antonio Thomas Lynch Hail, Houston James Ernest Hammond, El Paso Marshall Allen Harrell, San Antonio Douglas Hart, San Antonio John Robert Herlocker, Greenville Joseph Madison Herlocker, Greenville Robert Hilary Hoy, El Paso James Pat Jones, Houston Abbe A. Ledbetter, Houston Andrew Jackson Lewis, San Antonio Gordon McGee, Austin Rupert Kingsley McHenry, Houston George Henry Millard, Henderson Charles Lewis Million, Wichita Falls Charles Sydnor Oden, Houston Robert Lee Oliver, San Antonio Richard Menefee Peacock, San Antonio Marshall Bookman Peters, Bryan Robert Newell Rader, Houston Jack F. Ritter, Austin John H. Roberts, Dallas Gordon Phil Roberts, Tyler John Malcom Robertson, Dallas Thomas Windsor Rowan, Karnes City William Blair Scott, Houston Robert Henry Scale, Austin John Harrison Seale, Bellville Cecil Gray Sellers, Memphis, Tenn. Craig Barrow Simmons, Memphis, Tenn. Duke Edward Squibb, Austin John Donald Squibb, Austin Joe Stanley Stephen, Eastland John F. Sullivan, Houston Roger Lee Tolar, San Antonio Robert Powell Thomas, San Antonio Ronnie Eugene Tynes, Houston Thomas Heard Wharton, Houston Joe Zimmerman, San Antonio Page 431 Local Establishment, 1922 48 Chapters National Founding, 1909 FACULTY AARON SCHAFFER, Professor of Romance Languages ALAN SCOTT, Associate Professor of Journalism OFFICERS FALL STANLEY DAVID ROSENBERG Prior ARNOLD MELVIN BARBAN Exchequer SHELDON ANISMAN . . Recorder . SPRING STANLEY DAVID ROSENBERG ARNOLD MELVIN BARBAN SHELDON ANISMAN PLEDGES Jarrell H. Antweil, Texarkana Ted David Barr, St. Louis, Mo. William Jonas Bindler, Tyler Sam Y. Dorfman, Jr., Longview Philip Malkin Engelberg, Memphis, Tenn. Marty Allen Fenberg, Amarillo Maynard Jack Ginsburg, Springfield, Mo. Norman Maurice Goldsmith, Tyler Hal Leslie Green, Corpus Christ! Gary R. Gurwitz, Three Rivers Bernard Katz, El Paso Julian Robert Levine, Amarillo Stanley Jerome Levinson, Longview Clifton Murray Lipman, Memphis, Tenn. Daniel P. Norman, Austin David Henry Rubin, Fort Worth Stanley Lee Shwarts, Dallas Tommy Spigel, Dallas Pacey Lee Wohlner, Fremont, Nebr William Howard Wolf, McCamey Page 432 TOP ROW: Anisman, Antweil, Balk, Barban, Barr, Barshop, Bindler, Brown, Efron, Engelberg, Fenberg, Frapart. SECOND ROW: Frieden, Ginsburg, Glazer, Goodfriend, Goodman, Green, Gurwitz, Jacobs, Katz, Knolls, Le- vine, Levinson. THIRD ROW: Lipman, Mensch, Nathan, Norman, Penner, Perlman, Perry, Rakoover, Rosenberg, Rubenstein, Rubin, Saikin. FOURTH ROW: Salzberger, Shwarts, Sikora, Simon, Skibell, Solomon, Spigel, Waisman, Williams, Wohlner, Wolf, Zax, Zodin. MEMBERS Sheldon Anisman, Memphis Martin David Balk, Tyler Arnold Melvin Barban, San Antonio Jerry Ronald Barshop, Dallas Samuel Kay Bergman, Wichita, Kans. Stewart Alan Bonnett, Dallas Bernie Gurston Brown, Little Rock, Ark. Jack Aaron Efron, San Antonio Charley B. Feldman, Harlingen Lewis Samuel Frapart, Tyler Alvin Martin Frieden, Austin Morton Allen Glazer, Fort Worth Barry Howard Goodfriend, Corpus Christ! Harold Goodman, Dallas Julian Victor Horwitz, El Paso Howard Jacobs, Austin Harris Lee Keller, Baytown Harold Fred Kleinman, McCamey Mark Anthony Knolls, Columbus, Ohio Sherman Allen Kusin, Texarkana Jack Lowell Lapin, Houston Walter Howard Mensch, Brooklyn, N. Y. Howard Gerald Nathan, Dallas Aaron Saul Pearlman, Houston Morris Bernard Penner, San Antonio Martin Perlman, Houston Jay Harry Perry, Tulsa, Okla. Mark H. Rakoover, Fort Worth Morty Samuel Ravkind, Dallas Donald I. Riefler, St. Louis, Mo. Stanley David Rosenberg, San Antonio David Ochs Rubenstein, Shreveport, La. Stanley Bryon Saikin, Artesia, N. Mex. Paul Louis Salzberger, Dallas Robert Eugene Schwartz, Houston Sander Wolff Shapiro, Houston Robert Anton Siegel, San Antonio Albert Nathen Sikora, Corpus Christ! Richard U. Simon, Jr., Fort Worth Bernard Frank Skibell, Lubbock Ralph Bennett Solomon, Abilene Charles F. Sugarman, San Antonio Jerry Waisman, Brownwood Harris Jacob Weingarten, Houston Jerome Stanley Wilkenfeld, Houston Walter Williams, Tyler Robert B. Zax, Houston Hal Myron Zimmerman, Antlers, Okla. Gerald Bernard Zodin, Big Spring Page 433 Local Establishment, 1884 120 Chapters National Founding, 1855 FACULTY ALBERT EVERET COOPER Professor of Mathematics STANLEY PHISTER FINCH Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering JOSEPH P. GLEASON, Assistant Professor of Air Science and Tactics HUGH LYON McMATH Professor of Architecture OFFICERS FALL JOE DAVIS FOSTER Consul . . . ELLIOTT AIKEN CHAMBERLAIN Pro-Consul HENRY CLAY DETHLOFF Annotator ROBERT MIGUEL MOREMAN . Quaestor SPRING ROBERT LEWIS RIEGER MURRAY TARKINGTON ALEX LLOYD VINSON ROBERT MIGUEL MOREMAN PLEDGES William Mays Acker, Beaumont Erwin Ahrens, Houston Douglas M. Baker, Belleville, III. Kenneth L. Carsey, Jr., Houston Alan Barrow Carson, Fort Worth Edward Charles Chamberlain, Corpus Christ! Robert Blaine Chamberlain, Corpus Christ! Joseph Clyde Clark, Wynnewood, Pa. Gene Paul Conrad, Harlingen Robert Dean Coulter, Corpus Christ! Robert Floyd Duckworth, Dallas Dale Bowles Dudley, Corpus Christ! Richard Ellis Esterling, Corpus Christ! Dee Finch, San Antonio Richard John Florence, LaPorte Max Young Harris, San Benito Richard King Harrison, Waco Howard Mack Hill, Houston David Homer Humphrey, Midland James Louis Johnson, Garland Edward Cromartie Kirby, San Antonio Davis M. Love, Denver, Colo. Donald Lewis Martin, Edinburg Graham Eugene McCullough, Harlingen Daniel Brennan Meyer, Jefferson John Kampmann Meyer, San Antonio Vaughan H. Mitchell, San Antonio Richard Lewis Moore, McAllen Morton W. Moriarty, Dallas Joe Allen Pinson, San Antonio Billy Quinn, San Antonio Dan John Rheiner, Jr., San Antonio Lee Edward Ricks, Pleasanton Albert Lee Riley, Waco Carl John Rosenquist, Austin Don Baker Sheffield, Rio Hondo John Tristan! Sherwood, Beaumont James Marion Sims, Jr., San Antonio David Crim Smith, Dallas Tommy Marion Snow, Terrell Robert Simeon Travis, Fort Worth Bill Lee Warrick, San Angela Michael Gordon Wright, Tulsa, Okla. Page 434 TOP ROW: Acker, Allen, Anderson, Baker, Blackwell, Brusenhan, Caldwell, Callaway, Carsey, Carson, E. A. Chamberlian, R. Chamberlain, Chancellor, Clark, Clowe, Coulter. SECOND ROW: Dethloff, Dickey, Dudley, Durbin, Fears, Ferris, Field, Finch, Florence, Foster, Frasch, Gibbon, Gibson, Gregorcyk, Guenther, Halliburton. THIRD ROW: Hansen, Harris, Hill, Huffman, Humphrey, Jackson, J. Johnson, N. Johnson, Kirby, Krist, McRae, Martin, Maurin, McPherson, J. K. Meyer, Mitchell. FOURTH ROW: Moffitt, Moreman, Mueller, Murphy, Nelson, Owens, Perkins, Pinson, Pitchford, Prewett, Pulver, Rheiner, Ricks, Rieger, F. Sewell. FIFTH ROW: Sheffield, Sherwood, Skeen, D. Smith, Springer, Tarkington, Terry, Thompson, Travis, Turley, White, Wilder, Willard, Wiser, Wright. MEMBERS Thomas Scott Allen, Beaumont Hershel Wayne Anderson, Temple Edwin Hearst Blackwell, Dallas Harry H. Brusenhan, San Antonio Patton Howell Caldwell, Jr., Houston Wesley Monroe Callaway, Jr., Beaumont Elliott Aiken Chamberlain, Austin Johnson Camden Chancellor, Midland Carleton Thomas Clowe, Jr., Dallas Todd Pettigrew Cromwell, Houston Robert Eugene Cuthrell, Pleasanton Henry Clay Dethloff, Natchitoches, La. Billy Melvin Dickey, Palestine James Cornelius Durbin, Kilgore John Huey Fears, Beaumont Neal Ward Ferris, Beaumont Harry Robert Field, Temple Joe Davis Foster, Center John Henry Frasch, Dallas Karl Malcolm Gibbon, Jr., Harlingen Sidney Joseph Gibson, Dallas Joe Lewis Gregorcyk, Refugio Jack Egon Guenther, San Antonio Grover Cleveland Halliburton, Orange Fred Wild Hansen, El Paso William Robert Hoge, Jr., Dallas Robert James Huffman, Dallas Tommy Hayes Jackson, Baton Rouge, La. John Wesley Jarrett, Jonesboro, Ark. Norval Keith Johnson, Houston Clark Ingram Kleinschmidt, El Paso David Warren Knight, Dallas Stanley Jack Krist, Midland Joe Toland Maurin, Rio Hondo James Robert McDermott, Sonora Page Wallace Edward McGee, San Antonio Robert Dean McPherson, Pampa Robert Francis McRae, Brockton, Mass. James Smith Miles, Taylor Jerrell Frank Moffitt, Dallas Robert Miguel Moreman, Beaumont Charles Paul Mueller, Jr., San Antonio John Neil Murphy, Harlingen Walter Thomas Nelson, Kilgore Monroe Northrup, Houston James William Owens, Tulsa, Okla. Clay Kemper Perkins, Austin William Arnold Pitchford, El Paso William Adrian Prewett, San Antonio George Peyton Prewitt, Jr., Taylor Robert Elliot Pulver, Harlingen Robert Lewis Rieger, Baton Rouge, La. Bryant Pearce Seay, Jr., Houston Fredrick Dana Sewell, Austin George Barnard Sewell, Austin Joe Bailey Skeen, Overton Benja min Henry Skyles, Waco David Malcolm Smith, San Angela Robert Hadley Smith, Austin Charles Christopher Springer, III, Houston Murray Tarkington, Cuero Ben Alan Terry, Corpus Christi Robert Andrew Thompson, III, San Antonio Edward Wilton Turley, Jr., Beaumont Alex Lloyd Vinson, Harlingen Emory Landrum White, Jr., Anthony Ross Gilbert Wilder, Jr., Beaumont Nevin I. Willard, Corsicana William Dewey Wiser, Jr., Piano 435 Local Establishment, 1883 121 Chapters National Founding, 1869 FACULTY MALCOLM YOUNG COLBY Professor of Physics HENRY GORDON DAMON Associate Professor of Geology GEORGE HOMER FANCHER Professor of Petroleum Engineering ARCHIE N. JONES Professor of Music Education RALPH BURNHAM THOMPSON Associate Professor of Marketing FALL KARL THEODORE BUTZ CURTIS BRUCE BROOKS EDWARD RANDALL HUDSON, JR. . EARL JOHNSON NESBITT . OFFICERS Eminent Commander . . Lieutenant Commander Recorder Housemanager SPRING ALBERT WOODRESS BISHOP THOMAS PRESSLEY NICKY SABA DIEB, JR. EARL JOHNSON NESBITT PLEDGES Charles Allan Angel, McKinney Charles Lee Bass, Nacogdoches Jimmie John Bell, Abilene Virgil Weldon Billings, Cleburne James Curtiss Cline, Corpus Christ! Robert T. Daniel, Mission Gibson Milton Davis, Fort Worth Nicky Saba Dieb, Jr., Fort Worth Melvin Joseph Dodd, Fort Worth John Taylor Fitzgerald, Dallas Ronald Lorrimer Graner, Fort Worth James Dawson Green, Sonora George Robert Gunther, San Angela Cole A. Ham, Dallas Anthony Brock Hamilton, Wharton George Anderson Harral, San Angela Dick Doyle Hastings, Denton Charles Henry Karnes, Irving Jack Eberly Mackey, Jr., Sonora Mitchell Louis Martin, Parsons, Kans. Michael Martinez, Fort Worth Stephen Matthews, Fort Worth Joe Lee Neal, Tyler August F. Pacharzina, Austin James Kent Parker, Grapeland Charles Robert Paty, Houston William Ralph Paty, Houston Charles Francis Potter, Jr., Tyler Bobby Earl Ray, Corpus Christ! Gordon Parker Ross, Tulsa, Okla. Hubert Edward Rossy, Jr., Austin Barclay Ryerson Ryall, Fort Worth Corr Robert Service, Colorado Springs, Colo. Edward Dantzler Slaughter, Jr., Houston John Richard Vaughan, Jr., Austin Joseph Melching Wanenmacher, Tulsa, Okla. Bob Collier Warren, Dallas Donald Elbert Weber, Jacksboro Thomas Nelson Wimberly, McAllen William Parker Wright, Abilene Verne Richard Wright, Dallas Page 436 TOP ROW: Angel, Appling, Bass, Billings, A. Bishop, W. Bishop, Brooks, Botz, Clark, Cline, Dodd, Dolley. SECOND ROW: Fisher, Fitzgerald, Giddens, Giles, Graner, Green, Hamilton, Hartel, Hastings, Herrmann, Hud- son, Karnes, Mackey. THIRD ROW: Martin, Martinez, Miller, Nesbitt, Pacharzina, Parker, C. Paty, W. Paty, Potter, Pressly, Rattikin, Ray, Riviere. FOURTH ROW: Roberts, Ross, Rossy, Ryall, Service, Stewart, Tandy, Thompson, Trout, Vaughan, Wanenmacher, Ward, Wimberly. MEMBERS Floyd Edward Appling, Jr., El Campo Albert Woodress Bishop, Fort Stockton Walter Fawver Bishop, Tampico, III. Curtis Bruce Brooks, San Antonio Karl Theodore Butz, Jr., Fort Stockton Jim Martin Clark, Pleasanton Carlet on Cranor, San Antonio Jeff Davis, El Dorado, Ark. Robert David Dolley, Coral Gables, Fla. William Sikes Dondlinger, Mission Blake Vincent Fisher, Houston Leslie W. Giddens, Jr., Austin Ralph Emerson Giles, Fort Worth Arthur Jack Hartel, Liberty Paul John Herrmann, Jr., El Campo Edward Randall Hudson, Jr., Fort Worth Talbert Natt Jones, Tyler Jerry Martin Mattox, Beaumont James Chris Miller, Dallas John Southall Myrick, Munster Kenneth Nichols, Midland Earl Johnson Nesbitt, Jr., Hempstead, N. Y. Thomas A. Pressly, Jr., San Antonio William Jack Rattikin, Fort Worth Arthur Bernard Riviere, Houston Jerry Hugh Roberts, Tyler Edward Henry Stewart, Jacksboro William A. Smith, Houston Kerry Sherard Tandy, Ozona Thomas Van Thompson, Fort Worth William Horace Thurman, Fort Worth William Walter Trout, Lufkin Percy Thomas Wallace, Beaumont Harry Nathan Ward, Jr., Fort Worth Page 437 Local Establishment, 1930 123 Chapters National Founding, 1902 OFFICERS FALL SPRING CHARLES ALLEN BANKSTON President THOMAS A. THOMAS WILLIAM KNIGHT FOSTER, JR Vice-President WILLIAM DELF BRYCE THOMAS LESLIE VANNAMAN Secretary WILBUR HERBERT GRIEST ROBERT G. KIPP Treasurer . WERNER G. ROHM PLEDGES Albert Morris Albright, Port Arthur Ronald Manaud Allen, Dallas Charles Houston Alworth, Conroe Joseph Burleson Bonham, III, Port Arthur Henry Grant Bray, Austin William Patrick Butler, Hooks Warren Pinkney Cash, Houston Dal Royce Christensen, Austin Charles Kenneth Conley, Kilgore James Earl Cunningham, Cleveland, Ohio Harvey Henry Diemer, Midland Clifford Arthur Eastwood, San Antonio Richard Foerster, Dallas Phillip Gene Foote, Port Arthur Norman Dwight Frede, La Grange James Joseph Gaffney, Dallas Malcolm Russell Gregory, Austin John Clifton Grey, Tyler Hulen Alphes Hale, Fort Worth Don A. Hart, Austin Stan Hayword Henderson, Houston Ronald Joseph Herrmann, San Antonio Charles Wayne Johnson, Port Arthur Frederick Louis Johnson, Port Arthur Roger E. Joseph, Austin Wayne Edgar Lott, Houston Gary Gene Martin, Austin Sidney E. McCorory, Jr., Houston William Ronny McElyea, Stephenville Fred A. Meyers, Houston Stanley Eugene Miller, Austin Victor Lee Morris, Houston Hal Brock Perry, Port Arthur Phillip Wayne Priestley, Mexico City, D. F. John Augsburger Sheldon, Houston Charles Gene Winbery, Houston Page 438 TOP ROW: Albright, Allen, Alworth, Amuny, C. Bankston, M. Bell, Bond, Bonham, Bray, Brooks, Bryce, Butler, Cash, Christensen, Conley. SECOND ROW: Craft, Crawford, Cunningham, C. Davis, P. Davis, Dickard, Dismukes, Doctorman, Eastwood, Ellender, Estes, Ferguson, Foote, Foster, Frede. THIRD ROW: Gaffney, Gibboney, B. Goldsmith, Gregory, Griest, Grimes, H. Hale, W. Hale, Herrmann, Hughes, Ingerton, C. Johnson, F. Johnson, G. Johnson, Joseph. FOURTH ROW: J. Kipp, R. Kipp, Klippi, Lott, McCanlies, McElyea, Meyers, Miller, Morris, Morrison, Osborne, Priestley, Robison, Rogstad. FIFTH ROW: Rohm, Ruff, Shawell, Sheldon, Sikes, Smith, Speer, Sumrall, Vannaman, Waggener, Winbery, Wise, Wolf, Wright. Gary Milton Alders, Freeport Ronald Alex Amuny, Port Arthur Charles Allen Bankston, Port Arthur Milton L. Bankston, Port Arthur Arthur Baker Bell, Kerrville Marion Wayne Bell, Midland Egbert Hal Bogardus, McAllen William Howard Bond, Jr., Tulsa, Okla. Joseph Tedd Brooks, Mercedes Michael Stuart Brunner, Midland William Delf Bryce, Dallas William Walter Cantrell, Austin John Martin Cole, Houston Robert Lester Cole, Houston Herbert M. Craft, Dallas John Lacy Crawford, Palacios Creswell Dean Davis, Denton Perry Dupree Davis, Jr., San Antonio Paul Franklin Dickard, Jr., Waco Barclay Woodard Dismukes, Woodville William Owen Doctorman, Texarkana Thomas Joseph Ellender, Port Arthur MEMBERS Jack Homer Estes, Houston Jack Henson Ferguson, Jr., Hamilton William Knight Foster, Jr., Dallas Richard Beaver Gibboney, Austin Beverly Brooks Goldsmith, Austin Claude Watson Goldsmith, Jr., Port Arthur Wilbur Herbert Griest, Jr., Pasadena, Calif. Keith Russell Grimes, Austin 0ltQh Walter Elmo Hale, Houston Lynn D. Hughes, Justin Robert Richard Ingerton, El Paso Gerald Elvin Johnson, Noc ona John Theodore Kipp, Corpus Christ! Robert G. Kipp, Corpus Christi Vernon John Klippi, Dallas Duane Eugene Landry, Austin Claud Pope Lane, Marshall Charles Donald Marth, Dallas Paul David Martina, Irving John Michael McCanlies, Jourdanton George William McKinney, Jr., Kerrville Clovis Clyde Morrison, Jr., Port Arthur Dee S. Osborne, Amarillo John P. Rbbbins, Houston James Thomas Robison, III, Houston John M. Rogstad, George West Werner G. Rohm, Farmingdale, N. J. John William Ruddock, Houston Bailey Hill Ruff, Dallas Randall Steele Shawell, Houston Charles Thomas Sikes, Austin Robert Edward Smith, San Antonio Tresavant Gill Speer, Houston Harvey Newell Summerlin, Del Rio Carroll Burleson Sumrall, San Antonio Clement Beat Thames, Jr., Hearne Thomas Leslie Vannaman, Midland Robert Glenn Waggener, Dixon, Ky. Robert Hamilton Walls, San Antonio Larry Clay Willimack, Austin Thomas Matthews Wise, Orange Frank Elmer Wolf, Dallas James Luther Wright, Texarkana Page 439 Local Establishment, 1928 28 Chapters National Founding, 1910 FALL LARRY BERNSTEIN MOSES HAFKIN GOLDBERG KENNETH G. KEMPLER MARVIN W. BARENBLAT . OFFICERS SPRING Consul LARRY BERNSTEIN Vice-Consul MOSES HAFKIN GOLDBERG Scribe KENNETH G. KEMPLER Quaester MARVIN W. BARENBLAT PLEDGES Samuel Chaskin, Houston Harold Paul Glasser, Dallas Harvey Stanley Golob, Waco Edward Manuel Halfant, Galveston Mortimer Robert Joachim, Dallas Jack Daniel Kahn, Victoria Henry Kreissl, San Antonio Marvin Theodore Leiman, Dallas George Meyer Lipshy, Houston Edward Meinstein, Waco Gary Evan Miller, Houston Edward Joseph Rashti, Fort Worth Jay Donald Roth, Houston Ronald W. Schaevitz, Waco Meyer Smolensky, Houston Ephriam Stavorowski, Laredo Burton Suprun, San Antonio Edward Phillip Sutkin, San Antonio Page 440 TOP ROW: Barenblat, Baruch, Bernstein, Block, M. Chiskin, S. Chaskin, Friedman, Glasser. SECOND ROW: Goldberg, Golob, Greenfield, Halfant, Joachim, Kahn, Kaplan, Kempler. THIRD ROW: Knobler, Kreissl, Leiman, Levy, Meinstein, Miller, Neuman, Rashti. FOURTH ROW: Roth, Schaevitz, Smolensk , Stavorowski, Suprun, Sutkin, Turk, Williams. MEMBERS Marvin W. Barenblat, San Antonio Robert Baruch, Galveston Larry Bernstein, Baytown Ephriam Lester Block, Laredo Meyer Chaskin, Houston Arthur Stuart Friedman, Dallas Moses Hafkin Goldberg, Laredo Leslie Lohr Greenfield, Houston Elliott Robert Kaplan, Houston Kenneth G. Kempler, San Antonio Ivan William Knobler, Houston Harold Erwin Levy, Galveston Sam Neuman, Austin Norwin Gene Ray, Dallas Jack Turk, Houston Richard Abe Williams, La Grange Page 441 m . . - , ..... ._ {1 . :,,;,.-; " ; m, I m Local Establishment, 1951 102 Chapters National Founding, 1899 FACULTY RINALDO A. BACON Professor of Mechanical Engineering ROBERT LEE SUTHERLAND Professor of Sociology OFFICERS FALL SPRING ALBERT WINSLOW BRISBIN Prytanis ALBERT WINSLOW BRISBIN JOSEPH ELO, JR Epiprytanis JOSEPH ELO, JR. DON R. REIMERS Grammateus DON R. REIMERS ROBERT T. KOESTER Crysophylos ROBERT T. KOESTER PLEDGES Thomas Calhoun Chalmers, Jr., Bastrop Edward Sparks Connell, Staten Island, N. Y. David Malcolm Crouch, Devine Donald Arthur Dechman, Fort Worth Richard Economy, San Antonio Jerry L. Fruit, Houston James Wallace Gunn, San Antonio Jack David Klingeman, Devine Joseph Louis Longoria, Houston James Holland McGuirt, Houston David Ernest Mead, Fort Worth Hubert Augustus Morgan, Beaumont Carroll D. Myers, Jr., San Antonio G. Ruben Rivero, Caracas, Venezuela Murray Cecil Smith, Austin Edwin Dea Stephenson, Fort Worth August F. Wilson, San Antonio Bill Ray Wilson, Fort Worth Phillip E. Winston, Austin Page 442 TOP ROW: Barker, Brisbin, Browne, Cornell, Crouch, Dechman, R. Economy, T. Economy, Fruit. SECOND ROW: Gooding, Gonn, Jones, Klingeman, Koester, Longoria, Mead, McGuirt, Moore. THIRD ROW: Morgan, Myers, Powell, Reimers, Rivero, Stephenson, A. Wilson, B. Wilson, Winston. MEMBERS Donald Barren Barker, Austin Albert Winslow Brisbin, San Antonio Thomas H. Browne, San Antonio James Arthur Dyer, Dallas Dalmon T. Economy, San Antonio Joseph Elo, Jr., San Antonio Jack Fleet Gooding, Amarillo Robert Neuton Jones, San Antonio Robert T. Koester, San Antonio Richard Vernon Moore, La Marque Victor Boone Powell, San Antonio Don R. Reimers, Dallas Page 443 Local Establishment, 1951 1 10 Chapters National Founding, 1856 OFFICERS FALL JOHN MARK TOWNLEY President . . . EGAN RAY GLEASON Vice-President BRUCE EDWARD JONES Secretary . . . CECIL EUGENE WHITE . . Treasurer SPRING JOHN MARK TOWNLEY EGAN RAY GLEASON BRUCE EDWARD JONES CECIL EUGENE WHITE PLEDGES Walter Harold Burton, Austin Dean Lynn Callender, Ashtabula, Ohio James Arthur Conner, Austin Ira Sam Houston, Austin Jack Marvin Jackson, Austin Page 444 1 TOP ROW: Allan, Bice, Burton, Callender, Castner, Conner. SECOND ROW: Craycroft, Eanes, Gleason, Houston, Jackson, Jones. THIRD ROW: Little, Page, Richie, Russell, Townley, Vaughan. MEMBERS Keith Alexander Allan, Dallas Robert J. Bice, Dallas Willis Hunt Castner, Midland John Thomas Craycroft, Dallas Robert Zempter Eanes, Galveston Egan Ray Gleason, Shreveport, La. Bruce Edward Jones, Dallas Richard Francis Little, Dallas Martin Edward Luker, Belton Nusuh Malas, Damascus, Syria Robert Clayton Page, Dallas George Robert Richie, Princeton, Ky. Jimmie Norton Russell, Austin John Mark Townley, Oklahoma City, Okla. Joe Earl Vaughan, Bowie Cecil Eugene White, Houston Page 445 Local Establishment, 1913 52 Chapters National Founding, 1864 FACULTY LEO GUY BLACKSTOCK Professor of Business Law LEE WILSON FISER Assistant Professor of Voice JOHN MALCOLM FORSMAN Assistant Professor of English ARCHIE WAUGH STRAITON Professor of Electrical Engineering OFFICERS FALL BOBBY JAMES CLINE CHARLES THOMAS MOORE CARL PASCHETAG JAMES LAMAR HART . President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . SPRING CHARLES THOMAS MOORE JAMES LAMAR HART BYRON PARKER YORK, JR. WILTON IRA JONES PLEDGES William James Aldrich, Midland Donald Leaman Barton, Texarkana, Ark. Richard James Brando, Port Arthur Don Neil Dale, Lufkin Donald Lester DeCordova, Beaumont Jon Kent Dezelle, Beaumont William Lynn Durham, Lufkin Walter E. Embree, Houston Ronny Joseph George, Tyler Jacky Paul Gilbert, Memphis Jim Bob Griffin, Lufkin Robert Kay Hale, Plainview Albert Myles Hancock, Wichita Falls Lynnwood Lyle Heasley, Wink W. C. Herricks, Wink Billy Scott Hickey, Dallas Barney LaRocque Johnson, Alice Curtis Jerome Keegan, Dallas Urban J. D. Leavitt, Taylor James Dixon Lowry, Hereford Bill McMurray, Harlingen Shelton Byron Mendel, Denver, Colo. Frederick Boggs Moore, Longview Walter Kleas Rainbolt, Lafayette, La. Jack Roach, Lufkin Louie Max Roach, Galena Park Raymond Fred Schneider, Tyler Harold Cornell Waggonner, Tyler Lloyd Richard Watkeys, Port Arthur Clay Lynn West, Longview John Scott Westmoreland, Dallas Page 446 TOP ROW: Aldrich, Benson, Black, Brando, Brown, Cline, Cornelius, Crager, Dale, DeCordova, Dezelle, Feibelman. SECOND ROW: French, Garey, George, Gilbert, Green, Griffin, Hancock, Hand, Hannan, Hart, H. Heasley, L. Heasley. THIRD ROW: Herricks, Hickey, Johnson, Johnston, H. Jones, W. Jones, Keegan, Mendel, C. Moore, F. Moore, Paschetag, Rainbolt. FOURTH ROW: Roden, Rucker, Schneider, Tankersley, Waggonner, Watkeys, Watson, West, Westmoreland, Wil- liams, York. MEMBERS Dan Austin Badwey, Harlingen Eric Baker Becker, Dallas William Marvin Benson, Jr., Alice Clayton Ben Black, Houston Anthony Wayne Brown, Harlingen John Barnes Chance, Beaumont Bobby James Cline, Floydada Lee Coleman Coolidge, Dallas James Milton Cornelius, New Braunfels Minor Beckett Crager, Beaumont Samuel James Day, Koppel James Alan Feibelman, Houston Richard Franklin Ford, Dallas Donald Dee French, San Antonio Alan Jack Garey, Brady John Edward Gay, George West Nelson Noble Green, Longview George William Hand, Wichita Falls John Roscoe Hannan, Jr., Beaumont James Lamar Hart, Beaumont Hollys D. Heasley, Wink Roy E. Johnston, Lufkin H. Grady Jones, Jr., Kilgore Wilton Ira Jones, Kilgore Harry H. Lee, Beaumont William Donald Long, Austin Lawrence Edward Martin, Jr., Dallas Charles Thomas Moore, Crockett Carl Paschetag, Beaumont Levis William Pennock, Austin Robert Glenn Roden, Dallas Max Ramon Rucker, Lufkin Percy Lee Smith, Beaumont James Ernest Suehs, Beaumont E. L. Tankersley, Mertzon Stanley Gene Watson, Dallas Robert Oddy Williams, Beaumont Byron Parker York, Jr., Houston Page 447 I TOP ROW: Adkins, Ames, Atwill, Barber, Becker, Brill, Brisbin, Burton, Byrd, Carlton, Carruth, Cavender. SECOND ROW: Craycroft, Clowe, Doctorman, Duncan, Dusek, Estes, Freeman, Garey, Giddens, Goldsmith, Green, Guthrie. THIRD ROW: Halden, Hallmark, Herren, Hicks, Jackson, Jones, Kinsey, Knobler, Landa, Laughlin, Marschall, Mcllyar. FOURTH ROW: Moore, Morris, Murff, Neuman, Pellerin, Perlman, Primm, Ratliff, Russo, Simon, Smith, Snow. FIFTH ROW: Spoor, Swearingen, Sweet, Thompson, Ward, Webb, Weeks, Wilder, Williams. OFFICERS FRATERNITY SENIORS JUNIORS Acacia FLETCHER S. HICKS THOMAS CHASE PRIMM Alpha Epsilon Pi ARNOLD NORMAN SWEET WILLIAM MORRIS RAVKIND Alpha Tau Omega WILLIAM INGO MARSCHALL HUBERT BONNER HERREN Beta Theta Pi WILLIAM GILBRETH BARBER ROBERT BRUCE CARRUTH Chi Phi WILLIAM MARTIN BYRD WALLACE LIONEL PELLERIN Delta Chi WILLIAM ALDEN WEEKS ROBERT HOWARD KINSEY Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . WILLIAM KENT MclLYAR ROBERT LEE SWEARINGEN Delta Sigma Phi TED HENRY DUSEK CHARLES DAVID FREEMAN Delta Tau Delta DAVE HARRELL WILLIAMS WILLIAM W. MORRIS Delta Upsilon DAN CARGILL SMITH, III HOMER HERBERT JACKSON, JR. Kappa Alpha EMORY CHAPMAN THOMPSON .... JOHN LANCASTER ESTES Kappa Sigma JOE E. RUSSO DAVID S. DALE Lambda Chi Alpha THOMAS EDWARD LAUGHLIN SAMUEL THORNTON MURFF Phi Delta Theta RICHARD CLARK WEBB CORBIN LEE SNOW Phi Gamma Delta GERALD LYNN BURTON JOHN THOMAS RATLIFF Phi Kappa Psi DOUGLAS EUGENE ATWILL JOHN DAVID CARLTON Phi Kappa Sigma BRUCE CULLEN HALLMARK JAMES EDWARD BRILL Phi Kappa Tau JOE DONALD DUNCAN HOMER GOOSEY ELLIS Phi Sigma Delta ALLAN JACK BECKER JOHN CARL LANDA Phi Sigma Kappa DANIEL H. SPOOR LEON GILBERT HALDEN, JR. Pi Kappa Alpha AUBREY ELTON GUTHRIE ALLAN BRITT ADKINS Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . JAMES MILTON CAVENDER EUGENE L. AMES, JR. Sigma Alpha Mu MARTIN PERLMAN RICHARD U. SIMON, JR. Sigma Chi CARLETON THOMAS CLOWE ROSS GILBERT WILDER, JR. Sigma Nu LESLIE W. GIDDENS, JR HARRY NATHAN WARD, JR. Sigma Phi Epsilon WILLIAM OWEN DOCTORMAN BEVERLY BROOKS GOLDSMITH Tau Delta Phi SAM NEUMAN IVAN KNOBLER Tau Kappa Epsilon ALBERT WINSLOW BRISBIN RICHARD VERNON MOORE Theta Chi JOHN THOMAS CRAYCROFT BRUCE EDWARD JONES Theta Xi . NELSON NOBLE GREEN ALAN JACK GAREY JAMES THEODORE HUNT President ROBERT ZWINC CLEMONS Vice-President SAM R. PERRY Secretary ELLIOTT ZALMAN COHEN Treasurer Page 448 Intercollegiate Athletics Intramurals o T ASSOCIATION TOP ROW: Andrews, Babb, Bible, Billings, Bonham, Brewer, Cameron, Cantu, Carlton, R. Carson, Delaney. SECOND ROW: Eckert, Foerster, G. Ford, Gage, Golden, Madden, Hall, Harlow, Hernandez, Hoffman, Hoyt. THIRD ROW: Johnson, D. Jone s, Kazen, Kelley, Kelly, Lansford, Manganiello, Massey, McDonald, McMurry, Miller. FOURTH ROW: Mohr, Moon, Neighbors, Penn, Petrovich, Pierson, Pinkston, Polk, Powell, Pullen, Quinn. FIFTH ROW: Rogers, Rosser, Roye, Sounders, Simcik, D. Smith, J. Smith, Sneed, Spence, Spring, Springer. SIXTH ROW: Tatum, Thompson, Thomas, P. Tolar, R. Tolar, Towery, Waggener, White, Womack, Youngblood, Yriart. MEMBERS John B. Andrews James F. Babb David Barrow Don R. Barton Stuart Benson William D. Bible Randolph Biesenbach Charles R. Billings William D. Bonham Joseph Philip Branch Charles N. Brewer John Robert Brodnax Otis T. Budd Dougal Alexander Cameron Inocensio Cantu James D. Carlton Joe Stuart Carson Robert Lee Carson, Jr. Don W. Cunningham Wayne Edward Delaney Travis Allen Eckert Robert T. Eschenburg Robert F. Flinn Richard T. Foerster Gilbert Ford Richard Franklin Ford George A. Gage Charles W. Genthner Joe Bob Golden Lawrence M. Graham, Jr. Herbert William Gray Charlton W. Madden Louis V. Hall Kenneth W. Harlow Bill Paul Harris Juan Hernandez William B. Hoff Glenn F. Hoffman Thomas J. Hoyt Hubert H. Ingraham John W. Johnson Donald L. Jones James Carroll Jones O. F. Jones, III Anthony Kazen Edward C. Kelley Roy Ernest Kelly Malcolm T. Kitchens Sherman Kusin Alex J. Lansford James Marvin Leath Boyd Linker William C. Long Louis Manganiello Carlton Massey Carl H. Mayes William E. McDonald Donald R. McGrew John William McMurry William O. Milburn Don K. Miller Paul Covey Mohr Howard D. Moon Don J. Neighbors Ralph Nettleton Walter Eugene Oden Jimmy Dan Pace James A. Pakenham David Paul Parkinson William Albert Penn Ralph W. Person Charles Petrovich James D. Pierson Fitzhugh Lee Pinkston Clifford D. Polk Billy P. Powell Edwin Charles Price Joel Herbert Pullen Billy Quinn Alphonse Ragland, III Bobby Ray Raley Philip Ransopher Arthur Bernard Riviere M. Richard Roberson George S. Robinson Tom N. Rogers Homer Jimmie Rosser W. Payne Roye C. A. Rundell, Jr. Fredric M. Sounders Ben Gerald Scallorn Menan C. Schriewer Chester Simcik Finis Dean Smith Jessie L. Smith Thomas M. Snow Charles L. Sowell Longford J. Sneed Elbert R. Spence Gilmer R. Spring Thomas H. Springer Buddy Bob Stevenson Stanley S. Studer John P. Tatum Charles A. Thomas Jere W. Thompson Robert S. Timmins Patrick M. Tolar Roger Lee Tolar Robert L. Towery Robert G. Waggener Bill M. White Martin A. Wiginton Joe Wiley T. A. Delano Womack Thomas J. Yium Joe B. Youngblood Leighton Keith Younger Alberto Yriart Page 449 SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE 1953 FOOTBAIL CO-CHAMPIONS Texas 7 Texas 41 Texas 28 Texas 14 Texas 16 Texas 13 Texas 16 Texas 21 Texas 13 Texas 21 LSU 20 Villanova 12 Houston 7 O. U. 19 Arkansas 7 Rice 18 SMU 7 Baylor 20 TCU 3 A M 12 Ray Morrison (left), presents the Alonzo Stagg Award to Dana X. Bible, Athletic Director. The Award is made annually for outstanding services " in the advancement of the best interests " of football. Mr. Bible also was recently named to the Football Hall of Fame. Page 451 1953 FOOTBALL ED PRICE, Head Football Coach LETTERMEN SENIORS John B. (Bunny) Andrews, William D. Bible, Joseph Philip Branch, Dougal Alexander Cameron, John W. (Bull) John- son, Carlton Massey, Charles Petrovich, Clifford D. Polk, Gilmer R. Spring, Bill M. White. JUNIORS Robert F. Flinn, Edward C. Kelley, Malcolm T. Kitchens, Alex T. (Buck) Lansford, Donald R. McGraw, John William (Jack) McMurry, Don Kirby Miller, Howard D. Moon, David Paul Parkinson, Billy Quinn, Homer Jimmie Rosser, Leighton Keith Younger. SOPHOMORES Charles N. Brewer, Herbert William Gray, Donald L. Jones, William C. Long, George S. Robinson, Menan C. Schriewer, Chester Simcik, Longford H. Sneed, John P. Tatum, Patrick M. Tolar, T. A. Delano Womack, Joe B. Youngblood. MANAGERIAL AWARDS Jere Thompson, senior manager Simon Henderson, junior manager RESERVE AWARDS Carl Aalund, Walter Bond, Kenneth Cook, Jim Davis, Wayne Delaney, Glen Dyer, Frank Finchum, Dick Gawlik, Kenneth Harlow, Billy Harris, Dick Hopping, Lawrence Kalmus, Dick Miller, James Pierson, Robert (Bo) Sexton, Fred Skidmore, Charles Travis, Bob Tucker, Jimmy Watson, Fred Weir. Left to Right: Backfield Coach Eck Curtis, Assistant Coach Buddy Jung- michel, Line Coach Grover (Ox) Emerson, Assistant Coach Bully Gilstrap, End Coach Bill Dubose. Page 452 CO-CHAMPIONS REVIEW OF 1953 FOOTBALL SEASON The University of Texas Longhorns started out the year in a rather unusual manner. For the first time since 1938 the Steers dropped an opening game. So thoroughly were the Longhorns beaten by LSU that many fans gave up on the team before the wonder man Ed Price had a chance. Loaded with a squad that had lost such name stars as Sewell, Jones, and Dawson, Coach Price was faced with the task of building a team around un-tried sophomores. Coming back to Austin after their opening defeat, the Steers got back into winning ways by defeating the Villa- nova Wildcats, 41-12. It was in this game that the sopho- mores started to roll, and they were never stopped until the final whistle. The University of Houston Cougars came rolling into town, and after building up a first half lead, fell before the Steer onslaught, 28-7. Then came the Sooner from Oklahoma. It was just a case of too much experience. The sopho- mores did Coach Price and his assistants proud, but there was just too much experience and depth, and too much Gene Calumne and Tom Carroll. After putting up a gal- lant fight, Texas fell before the Sooner, 19-14. The Steers opened the SWC race by beating a strong Arkansas ball club in Fayetteville, 16-7. It didn ' t make much difference that this was the Hogs ' Home-coming. In a game long to be remembered, the Rice Owls, on a last minute desperation pass, took the Steers into camp, 18-13. Still very much in the conference race the Steers gave the Mustangs a sound lesson in football to beat SMU, 16-7. Then came Baylor. The season could have ended for the Longhorns with this game. Ranked number three in the nation, the Baylor Bears were beaten by a sophomore team that had finally come of age. Each man that contributed to the win, was a sophomore, and at last the patient coaching of Ed Price had paid off. Following the Baylor game the Longhorns took con- secutive wins over the Frogs of TCU, and the Aggies from College Station. Although winding up in a tie for the Con- ference championship, the Texas Longhorns branded them- selves a team to watch in the future. 1953 FOOTBALL CAPTAINS LEFT TO RIGHT: Carlton Massey, Bunny Andrews, Gilmer Spring. FRONT ROW: Leighton Younger, Howard Moon, Charles Travis, Dougal Cameron, Chester Simcik, Ed Kelley, Herbert Gray, Bunny Andrews, Buddy Calhoun, Jack McMurry, Charles Brewer, Billy Quinn, Bo Sexton. SECOND ROW: James Pierson, Don McGraw, Gilmer Spring, Clifford Polk, Bill White, Bill Bible, Bill Long, Paul Parkinson, Wayne Delaney, Tommy Cadenhead, Bob Wilkes, Jim Rosser, Dick Miller, Fred Weir, Jim Davis. THIRD ROW: Charles Machemehl, Carlton Massey, Glen Dyer, Menan Schriewer, Ken Harlow, Gerald Peterson, Stan Studer, George Allen, Kirby Miller, Johnny Tatum, Malcolm Kitchens, Frank Finchum, Walter Bond, Billy Harris, Delano Womack. FOURTH ROW: Don Jones, Harry Burke, Phil Branch, Charles Petrovich, Kenneth Cook, Carl Aalund, Lawrence Kalmus, Bob Tucker, Fred Skidmore, Pat Tolar, Buck Lansford, George Robinson, Ken Anglin, Joe Young- blood, Jim Watson, Bull Johnson, Melvin Spence, Tiny Ethredge, Bob Flinn, Dick Hopping, Dick Gawlik. CARLTON AAASSEY, 6 ' 4 " , 195-pound senior from Rockwall was an almost unanimous choice for Ail-American honors this year. He was named to the first team by the United Press, INS, NBA, and LOOK magazine (Grantland Rice). Massey was also select- ed to the National Broadcasting Company ' s first team and to the Associated Press ' second team. He was chosen for All-South- west Conference teams and on all opponent teams. In addition, he received the Jack Spalding Award for being the outstand- ing lineman in the annual Shrine East-West game. Massey also played in the Hula Bowl game. mjjSi % ji - ' ' ' .. " ' ' " ' ; ' . ' : - ' " " CtHyv? . " . ' ' ' ,- " ' ' v--V = - -?. :-. tm. GILMER SPRING, Senior end from Lufkin PHIL BRANCH, Senior guard from Gaston HERB GRAY, Sophomore tackle from Baytown Page 455 x m is Quinn sweeps left end as quarterback Andrews looks on. LSU TAKES STEERS IN 20-7 TRIMMING An LSU squad displaying mid-season form, was helped by early season jitters on the part of Longhorn backs, as the Tigers from the Bayou country took a 20-7 victory over the Steers, who suffered their first defeat in an opening game since 1938. So completely were the Longhorns out-played that their lone score was marked up with only three minutes and 22 seconds remaining in the game. Dougal Cameron, the senior fullback from San Saba plunged over from the four to mark up the only Texas tally of the game. The partisan crowd of 45,000 watched LSU quarterback Al Doggett complete his first six aerials and an over-all record of seven-for-ten and 100 yards, as he directed the Tiger offensive with great mastery. Doggett was not alone in offense for the Tigers. Fullback Jerry Marchand, one of the outstanding backs, swept the Texas ends for repeated long gains. When Doggett wasn ' t passing for yardage or Marchand wasn ' t going around the ends. Char- CHARLES PETROVICH, tackle HOWARD MOON caught five passes STATISTICS Texas LSU First Downs 14 14 Net Yards Rushing 58 173 Passing Yardage 96 106 Passes Attempted 21 12 Passes Completed 8 9 Passes Intercepted By 3 1 Punts 3 4 Fumbles 4 2 Yards Penalized 40 90 Page 456 ley Oakley and George Brancato were splitting the Steer line. In the net yards rushing the statistics told the tale. LSU picked up 173 yards on the ground to only 58 for the Horns. In the air the Tigers earned 106 yards, compared to 96 for the Longhorns. Everything Texas tried turned to LSU breaks. Bunny Andrews, Longhorn quarterback, found his pass-receivers continually out-in-the open, but little could be done, as time and time again passes slipped through the intended receivers hands. LSU got their first touchdown when Andrews, calling a long-count play, moved before he had the ball. The loose pigskin was recovered on the Texas 18, and from there three plays later March- and scored. Cliff Stringfield converted and the Longhorns were behind 7-0. The biggest threat on the part of the Longhorns occurred in the third quarter. Delano Womack in- tercepted a Doggett aerial on the Texas 40-yard line and returned it to the LSU 29. Doggett, the last man between Womack and the end zone made the saving tackle. From here the Steer attack fizzled. Junior end Howard Moon was about the only bright spot in the Steer attack. Moon caught five passes from Andrews and was a thorn in the side of LSU all day. ED KELLEY, back Billy Quinn again making like a bird as he hurdles two Villanova tacklers. HEAT AND STEERS RIP WILDCATS, 41-12 The Longhorns got back into friendly territory and found Old Man Sun giving a hot assist, as the Steers swamped the Wildcats from Villanova 41-12 in Memorial Stadium. As the game pro- gressed and the sun got hotter; the Villanova players seemed to wilt, while the hotter the sun, the hotter the offense for the Steers. Villanova took a 6-0 lead with only 6:55 minutes gone in the game. Bunny Andrews and the first stringers hadn ' t made a first down in the two times they had had control of the ball. At this point the second stringers took over and Charlie Brewer crashed over on a quarterback sneak from the four and Don Jones converted to give the Longhorns a lead they never relinquished. The Wildcats offensive built around All-Amer- ican Gene Filipski couldn ' t move against the Steer line anchored by Howard Moon, Herb Gray, and Don Jones. The Longhorns tallied again the next time they got the ball. Dougal Cameron, Billy JACK McMURRY, Center BILLY QUINN Sparked Steer running game STATISTICS TEXAS VILLANOVA First Downs 13 13 Rushing Yardage ...271 137 Passing Yardage ... 88 144 Passes Attempted 8 22 Passes Completed . . 4 8 Own Passes Intercepted 2 Punts 6 9 Punting Average ...36.7 31.8 Fumbles Lost 2 3 Yards Penalized 109 66 Page 457 Quinn, and Delano Womack alternated to move the ball 90 yards in ten plays. From the five Wom- ack circled right end untouched for the score on fourth down. Before the half, Paul Parkinson recovered a Villanova fumble on the Wildcat seven and Dou- gal Cameron covered the necessary seven yards in two carries. Phil Branch coverted and Texas led 28-6 with 6:58 minutes left to play in the second quarter. In the second half the heat and the Texas backs broke the game into a rout. During one stretch of seven plays in the third period four Villanova players were injured. Texas punt re- turners had a long time to pull hond-offs which resulted in long returns. Coach Ed Price suited up 50 players and used them all, while Villanova Coach Art Raima had only 36 men that he could play. One outstanding player on each team didn ' t even suit out for the game Carlton Massey of the Longhorns and Ben Addiego of the Wildcats. Before the game was over Bill Long, Delano Womack, Glen Dyer, Dougal Cameron, and Char- lie Brewer had all tallied for the Steers. LANGFORD SNEED, tackle Bill Long circles Cougar end as Joe Youngblood comes in for the block. LONGHORN COMEBACK BLASTS COUGARS, 28-7 It seems that Ole ' Sol and the Longhorn foot- ball fortunes go hand in hand in the first half, the well-coached University of Houston Cougars played the Steers off their feet in rain-soaked Memorial Stadium. Some 30,000 fans were beginning to wonder as the teams took the field for the third quar ' er, if the young Cougars were going to up- set the Steer applecart. Six times the Horns fumbled and the alert Cou- gars recovered five. At the end of the first half the Houston team owned a 7-0 lead, but as the second half started out came Ole ' Man Sol and out came the mighty Texas grid machine. Herb Gray tackled Sammy McWhirter in the end zone to make the score Houston 7 Texas 2. Then came a hectic third quarter. Jack Patterson attempting to punt was dropped on the 19 by All- PAT TOLAR, back BUCK LANSFORD outstanding defensive man STATISTICS TEXAS HOUSTON First Downs 11 6 Rushing Yardage 142 61 Passing Yardage 45 50 Passes Attempted .... 7 13 Passes Completed .... 2 7 Own Passes Intercepted 1 Punts 6 8 Punting Average ....41.0 34.8 Fumbles Lost 5 3 Yards Penalized 50 86 Page 458 American Carlton Massey. From here the Steers scored in four plays. Dougal Cameron smashed through left tackle for the last five yards to score. Buck Lansford tackled Billy Poison as he at- tempted a line-plunge, and again it was Massey who recovered. Fifteen seconds after the first touch- down, the Longhorns tallied again. Bunny Andrews passed to Gilmer Spring, all alone in the end zone, for the tally. Branch added the one-point and Texas led 15-7. Texas couldn ' t be stopped. Joe Youngblood climaxed a 46-yard advance by going over from the two. Youngblood also added the extra point and the Steers led 22-7 with 3:30 minutes left. The last Texas tally was chalked up by Paul Parkinson who hit center from the one to finish the scoring. The Houston backs were unable to move against the forward wall of Texas. Gilmer Spring and Carlton Massey gave passers no time to spot their receivers, and Lansford, Gray and Charles Petro- vich kept the middle bottled up tight. DON McGRAW, guard Ed Kelley picks up first down around the Oklahoma end. OKLAHOMA DROPS STEERS 19-14 Oklahoma ' s grid machine found a few snares in the works but after adding a little oil in the dashing feet of Gene Calame and Tom Carroll, chugged on to a 19-14 victory over the Longhorns in the Cotton Bowl at Dallas. The game wasn ' t as close as the score. The Sooners built up a 19-0 lead and held the Steers scoreless until just 6:14 minutes were left in the game. The last Longhorn score was an outright gift by Bud Wilkerson. Bunny Andrews just couldn ' t go and neither could the rest of the Longhorn team. Paced by J. D. Roberts, the Oklahoma line refused to be broken, and Texas backs could never get that one block that they needed. In the case of Gene Calame and Oklahoma, it was a different story. Calame taught Texas the way the split-T should be used , and ran the basic option play to perfection. Tom Carroll, a junior who didn ' t even letter last year, was the game ' s leading ground gainer with 69 yards in 10 attempts. He tallied the last Sooner touchdown on a 48- yard scamper around the Steers right end on a split-T option play. The only bright spot in the Longhorn offense was Brewer ' s passing. He threw nine passes and completed six times for 95 yards and one touchdown. That touchdown was made when Brewer found Delano Womack in the end zone. A break set up the first Oklahoma score. Carroll intercepted an attempted lateral from Dougal Com- eron to Billy Quinn on the Texas 25. Larry Grigg and Calame alternated in bringing the ball down to the one where Grigg went over for the score. The Sooners struck again eight minutes deep in the second quarter when Green took a Cameron punt on his own 20, was almost stopped on the 25, but broke clear and picking up blockers all over the field, raced down the right sidelines for the score. After the Texas score late in the fourth quarter, Calame gave the ball to the Longhorns on the Soon- er three when he tried to run on a fourth down. Ed Kelley raced around right end for two yards and the score. Phil Branch made the extra point and the final score read OU 19, Texas 14. JIM ROSSER, guard CHARLES BREWER completed six passes including one touchdown toss DON JONES, end STATISTICS TEXAS First Downs 12 Rushing Yardage ...117 Passing Yardage ...107 Passes Attempted .. 12 Passes Completed . . 7 Own Passes Intercepted Punts 7 Punting Average . . .31.3 Fumbles Lost 4 Yards Penalized .... 38 Page 459 OKLAHOMA 12 220 13 7 2 2 4 40 1 78 Chester Simcik scampers through Razorback line. STEERS DEFEAT HOGS IN SWC OPENER, 16-7 Not Home-coming, a Diamond Jubilee, Dad ' s Day, nor All-American Lamar AAcHan, could stop the Longhorns, as they opened the Southwest Con- ference race with a 16-7 win over the Porkers be- fore a Home-coming crowd of 20,000 at Fayette- ville. The Hogs were keyed to a high pitch and in the first quarter drove down within the Steers 20- yard line three times, but each time the hard charging Longhorns stiffened the hold. In the sec- ond quarter it was a different story. Texas scored all of its points in the second quarter, with Delano Womack scoring the first TD on a 30-yard pass from quarterback Bunny Andrews. The sensational quarterback Charlie Brewer directed the team down to the thirty. Brewer ripped off 39 yards in two straight off-tackle keep plays, and then Ed Kelley picked up 12 yards off right tackle. JOE YOUNGBLOOD, back BUNNY ANDREWS sparked Texas ' two TD ' s STATISTICS TEXAS ARKANSAS First Downs 15 10 Rushing Yardage ...239 146 Passing Yardage .... 102 17 Passes Attempted ... 12 18 Passes Completed ... 8 5 Passes Intercepted . . 2 Punts 3 5 Punting Average . . .35.4 29.8 Fumbles Lost 3 2 Yards Penalized . . 61 70 Page 460 With Andrews directing the second team, Robin- son and Cameron alternated hitting the fast-weak- ening Arkansas line until Robinson went over from the four. Branch added the extra point and the count rose to 14-0. The Longhorns kicked off to the Hogs again, and in four plays they had two more points. Arkansas tailback Ralph Troilett tried to punt from his own 20. Center Leighton Younger blocked the punt and the ball rolled out of the end zone for two points. Arkansas got its only tally in the fourth quarter as the great tailback, McHan, who was the first draft choice of the Chicago Cardinals, climaxed a 32-yard drive by crushing over the left tackle for three yards and a touchdown. The touchdown was set up by Cameron ' s wobbly 17-yard punt off the side of his toe. Co-captain Bunny Andrews was great for the Longhorns. Taking over in the second quarter when the Steer offense was bogged down, Andrews mixed his plays beautifully. Faking passes and sending Kelley, Long, Robinson, and Cameron through the line, he kept the Arkansas defense off- guard throughout the entire game. CLIFFORD POLK, tackle The story of the Rice game. DESPERATION PASS WINS FOR RICE, 18-13 Leroy Fenstemaker took the ball from center and faded back to pass. On the Scoreboard clock the remaining 55 seconds looked like the longest in the world. Fenstemaker, as cool as ice, looked his field over. He cocked his arm as he saw Dickie Moegle breaking in the clear. The pass to Moegle never came off, as he was picked up by Steer de- fenders. The Longhorn line was charging, Fenste- maker had to pass. Spotting end Dan Hart in the end zone he let fly. The rest is history. Hart leaped high into the air with two Long- horn defenders around his neck, caught the ball, and fell tumbling into the end zone. With his tum- ble, also went tumbling the hopes of the Long- horns for a post-season bowl game. Texas had already given the Owls two inten- tional safeties and was holding grimly to a mar- gin when quarterback Fenstemaker hit Hart with the winning tally. CHESTER SIMCIK, back KIRBY MILLER defensive ace of the day STATISTICS TEXAS First Downs 7 Rushing Yardage 93 Koose Johnson, pile-driving Rice fullback, should rightfully have scored the winning touchdown and received the credit, for the All-American fullback did everything except sell tickets. Johnson gained 264 yards compared to 282 for the entire Texas team. Some 48,000 fans watched as Texas took a 7-6 lead into the dressing room at halftime. In the third quarter, a pass from Brewer to end Menan Schriewer gave the Steers a 13-7 lead. The fourth quarter saw the Owls offense move down into Texas territory time and time again, only to be denied a score. Finally with 5:10 min- utes left in the game Pat Tolar fell in the end zone to give the Owls the first of two safeties. With 1:44 left, Tolar was forced to give the Owls the second two points on a platter, when he again was nailed in the end zone. Fenstemaker then hit Hart with the winning tally. Outstanding in the line play for the Steers was big Kirby Miller who recovered from a broken hand earlier in the year to wreck havoc among Rice backs. LEIGHTON YOUNGER, center Passing Yardage 69 Passes Attempted 12 Passes Completed 4 Passes Intercepted by . . 1 Punts 5 Punting Average ....39.6 Fumbles Lost 1 Penalties 12 Page 461 RICE 19 162 182 26 11 7 28.2 2 5 Delano Womack smashes over from the three for Horns first TD. TEXAS TRIMS MUSTANGS, 16-7 There is a saying that good sound football can ' t be beat. The Texas Longhorns put the saying to the test in the second half of their ball game with SMU, and wound up with a 16-7 victory to stay very much in the running for the SWC champion- ship. Trailing by 7-5 at halftime, the Steers parlayed crushing, bruising football, with great defensive play to defeat the Mustangs before 51,000 rabid fans in the Cotton Bowl at Dallas. Ends Carlton Massey and Gilmer Spring combined with sopho- more guard Herb Gray in leading the forward wall of the Longhorns. Mainstay of the Texas ground attack was Dougal Cameron. Playing perhaps his best game of the year, the San Saba senior, ground out 54 yards on 1 1 carries to walk away with hon- ors in that department. So effective was the bull-like plunges of Cam- BILL WHITE, back DOUGAL CAMERON his best performance of the season STATISTICS TEXAS SMU First Downs 10 14 Rushing Yardage 144 61 Passing Yardage 71 125 Passes Attempted 5 4 Passes Intercepted 4 3 Punts 4 4 Punting Average 36.4 34.5 Fumbles Lost 1 2 Yards Penalized 45 43 Page 462 eron over the middle of the SMU line, that early in the third quarter, Don (Tiny) Gross, SMU ' s great line-man was carried off the field from the punish- ment he had taken trying to stop Cameron. In the second quarter after a pass interference ruling had helped them, the Longhorns took pos- session on the SMU 24. Af ter grinding out yardage, Brewer fired a jump pass to Massey carrying the ball to the ten. Womack and Cameron ground out yardage to the four, and then Womack, going over right tackle, vaulted into the end zone. SMU took the Longhorn kick-off and went 70 yards in eleven plays to rack up a tally for the Methodist eleven. Jerry Norton took a pass from Duane Nutt for the score. Sammy Stollenwerck con- verted and the Ponies had a 7-6 halftime lead. Early in the third quarter, Cameron carried over from the three to give the Steers a lead they never gave up. In the fourth quarter when the Texas attack bogged down on the SMU 3. Phil Branch calmly booted one through the uprights to make the final score read, Texas 16, SMU 7. BULL JOHNSON, guard Massey ' s block of point after touchdown spells Baylor defeat. TEXAS SPIRIT 21, BAYLOR BEARS 20 Webster defines spirit as an intangible asset. Texas students define spirit as mid-night pep rallies and the burning of red candles. The University of Texas football team defines spirit as the going into a game with unbeatable Baylor, the number three team in the nation, as anywhere from seven to fourteen point underdog, and in the greatest game seen at Memorial Stadium in years, defeating Bay- lor 21-20 before 65,000 screaming fans. Phil Branch made all three conversions for the difference. And then there was Carlton Massey ' s block of James Ray Smith ' s try for the extra point after the first Baylor touchdown, Charlie Brewer ' s pin-point passing, his beautiful ball-faking; the BILL LONG, back JOHNNY TATUM played great line game for Steers STATISTICS TEXAS BAYLOR First Downs 19 14 Rushing Yardage 216 203 Passing Yardage 93 111 Passes Attempted 14 15 Passes Completed 6 8 Passes Intercepted By . . 2 Punts 4 i Punt Avera ge 40 34 Fumbles Lost 2 4 Yards Penalized 50 35 Page 463 great line play of Herb Gray, Longford Sneed, Buck Lansford, Gilmer Spring, and Johnny Tatum and the great ball carrying of Dougal Cameron, Ed Kel- ley, and Delano Womack. The " Fearsome Foursome " of Baylor had some great moments, but the hard-charging Steer for- ward wall caused fumbles. Two Texas touchdowns were set up by Baylor fumbles in Bruin territory, and the third came after Ed Kelley ' s pass intercep- tion. Dougal Cameron scored once from the four, and the great sophomore from Austin, Delano Womack, tallied twice for the Longhorns. During the entire fourth quarter, the stands were silent every time Baylor had the ball. Led by the great Cotton Davidson, every offensive move by the Bruins was a threat to go all the way. It will be a long time before the Tower ' s Orange will glow so brightly. BILL BIBLE, back A desperate grab fails to stop Schriewer from scoring. ANDREWS SPARKS TEXAS TO WIN OVER TCU, 13-3 A fired-up bunch of TCU Horned Frogs almost upset the Longhorn applecart, but Co-captain Bun- ny Andrews came off the bench to fire a 48-yard pass to end Menan Schriewer to start Texas on the glory road again. At the half, the score stood 3-0 in favor of the Frogs thanks to a six-yard field goal from the toe of Ray McKown, the Frogs great all-duty back. The score stood the same for the entire third quarter, and the 34,000 in the stands started to buzz about the up-set in the making. The Longhorn team mov- ed well on several occasions before it finally got a tally chalked up on the board. They were hurt by three lost fumbles and two intercepted PAUL PARKINSON, end MENAN SCHRIEWER caught game deciding pass STATISTICS TEXAS TCU First Downs 19 10 Net Yards Rushing 248 80 Passing Yardage 97 80 Passes Attempted 15 32 Passes Completed 5 9 Passes Intercepted by .... 2 1 Punts 35 38.2 Fumbles 3 1 Penalties .34 19 Page 464 passes. Sophomore quarterback Charlie Brewer had his first bad day at the helm. Brewer was very effec- tive with his ball-handling and play calling, but his brilliant passing was not up to par. Most of the blame cannot be put on Brewer, for time and time again, receivers out in the open let passes slip from their hands with a touchdown a cer- tainty. The second team under the direction of Bunny Andrews, was in the ball gome during the third quarter, and soon started to move. The tally came when Schriewer took the pass for the tally. Not content with a four point lead, the Steers promptly tallied again. Dougal Cameron, who went for 84 yards against a staunch Froggie forward wall, cracked over from the four. A pass from Brewer to Womack set up the tally. Kirby Miller, Phil Branch, Gilmer Spring, John- ny Tatum, Buck Lansford, and Longford Sneed all turned in fine performance. BOB FLINN, guard W Ll ' " " B w f flf rf - " DX W w w Everyone ' s up in the air over this pass. STEERS END SEASON WITH 21-12 WIN OVER AGGIES End Gilmer Spring played brilliant football in his last game to spark the Longhorns to a 21-12 victory over the Texas Aggies at College Station. Playing all over the field, Spring time and again broke through the Aggie defense to throw Don Ellis for long losses before he could find an open receiver. But it was one play which most thrilled Texas fans at College Station. With the ball on the 42, Charlie Brewer spotted Spring and threw. Blanketed by Aggies defenders Joe Boring and Don Ellis, Spring jumped and, taking the ball from the two defenders, fell into the end zone for the tally. Bob Easley scored the first Farmer marker in the middle of the second quarter to make the score read 7-6. Carlton Massey snagged a 26-yard toss from Brewer while Boring and Ellis once again tried to defend. This pass carried to the Aggie 10 and Delano Womack smashed over from the four two plays later. Brewer scored the final Texas touchdown on a quarterback sneak to finish an 80 yard march from the second-half kickoff. Womack covered most of the ground on this march with runs of 9, 11, and 35 yards. Dougal Cameron, playing his final game for the Orange and White, ripped off 69 yards and kicked three times for a 62-yard average. MALCOLM KITCHENS, end DELANO WOMACK day ' s leading ground-gainer GEORGE ROBINSON, back STATISTICS TEXAS A M First Downs 15 14 Net Yards Rushing 241 213 Passing Yardage 89 70 Passes Attempted 5 10 Passes Completed 3 6 Passes Intercepted By .... Punts 4 6 Fumbles 5 4 Yards Penalized . .64 35 Page 465 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL The Yearlings had a good team in the ' 54 Southwest Conference football circle but so did the other conference squads. Ed Kelley ' s charges finished with a season record of one win and four losses. Two freshmen look like starting prospects for the Orange Avalanche next season. Guard Ben Woodson, a converted tackle, played first string during spring train- ing. Another Yearling guard, Vernon Person, did not participate in spring training but shows signs of seeing a lot af action on next year ' s firing line. Half-backs seemed to dominate the outstanding frosh player list. Tommy Albright, Fred Ernst, Edward Hawkins, and Jack Placke were all shining half-backs. Full-back Don Maroney also looks like a boy with future on the Varsity squad. Other names to watch for on forthcoming Longhorn rosters are the three ends Allen Ernst, Mike Trant, and Morton Moriarty who were very out- standing in freshman line play from the end slot. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SCORES Texas 7 Baylor 21 Texas Rice 23 Texas 9 SMU 7 Texas 6 . . TCU 10 COACH ED KELLEY Texas 13 . . A M 14 FRESHMAN NUMERAL AWARDS Norman R. Adams, Tommy Albright, James Atwood, Oren Buckellew, Charles A. Baker, Don Bunn, Roy Chap- man, Dick Cooke, George Davis, Allen Ernst, Fred Ernst, Raymond Glasgow, Edward Hawkins, Jack Hennig, Dick Lowrey, Herschel Lyle, John McCrary, Don Maroney, Jerry Martin, Morton Moriarty, Cornelius Orr, Gerald Orton, Vernon Person, Jackie Placke, Budje Smith, Michael Trant, Jerry Turner, Larry Ward, Herschel Wells, Ben Woodson. Managerial Awards: Tim Cornwall and John Hewlett. FRONT ROW: Bob McBride, Burnet Warren, Trant, Bunn, Smith, Placke, Maroney, McCrary, Raymond Cobb. SECOND ROW: Cornwall, Bill Walker, Tom Nourse, Mike Wright, Davis, Atwood, Ward, Person, Martin, Rob- ert Rourke, Hewlett. THIRD ROW: Lowrey, Albright, Wells, Bobby Farrell, Hennig, Hawkins, Lyle, Arnold Brack, F. Ernst, Orton, Orr, Marvin Leatch, Assistant Coach. FOURTH ROW: Kelley, Cooke, Buckellew, Moriarty, Glasgow, Turner, Adams, Woodson, Baker, Mike Higgins, Chapman. Page 466 CHEERLEADERS Marshall Clegg, head yell leader Joe Brown Pud Payne Jimmy Dickson Left to right: Hodges, Ragsdale, Clegg, Payne, Little, Dudley Dale Dudley Rex Hodges Sue Ragsdale Jack Little Page 467 1953 CROSS COUNTRY The Longhorn cross-country team came within two points this year of dethroning the harrier conference champs, Texas A M. The Aggies edged the Texas team 31 to 32 in the conference meet. In the overall season the Orange and White copped five meets in their eight starts. Texas opened with a victory over SMU, TCU, and North Texas State College early in October. After losing the two following two and a half mile events the Longhorns won four meets straight. Two of these victories came over a six team field. Texas took first over Howard Payne, Abilene Chris- tian College, Hardin-Simmons, Victoria, and North Texas once at Brownwood and again in Austin. The other first places came over SMU, TCU, and North Texas again and over conference champs, A M. The only two losses besides the conference clash were to A M, and an array of stars from Oklahoma, Oklahoma A M, and Kansas. The Kansas and Oklahoma University harriers took first and second over Texas. The meet individual winner was " Mr. Mile, " Wes Santee. White Rock Lake, Dallas, was the site of the ' 53 cross-country conference meet. It was a windy and warm day. James Blain, ' 52 conference champ from Texas A M, crossed the finish line first in 12 minutes and 35 seconds. Only a yard behind was the Longhorns ' Inocensio Cantu, time: 12:36. Elbert Spence was fourth; Tom Rogers, fifth; Don Neighbors, seventh; Hulen Hale, fourteenth; seventeenth was Dick Foerster; and last across for U. of T. was Harold Adams. SMU and Arkansas tied for third with 84 points apiece. TCU finished last with 116 points. Inocensio Cantu Don Neighbors Harold Adams Bob Buchanan George Foerster LETTERMEN RESERVE LETTERMEN Hulen Hale FRESHMAN LETTERMEN John Sensing Tom Rogers Elbert Spence Dick Foerster C. M. Hester Melvin Light FRONT ROW: Dick Foerster, Tom Rogers, Elbert Spence. SECOND ROW: Don Neighbors, Hulen Hale, Coach, T. J. Froggy Lovvorn, James Caruthers, Inocensio Cantu. Page 468 THURMAN B. HULL, Head Coach 1954 BASKETBALL CO-CHAMPIONS The Texas Longhorns opened their 1954 SWC cage season by winning an important road game against TCU by a 54-47 margin at Fort Worth. This victory was to set the Horns well on their way to a five-game conference winning streak. For their next victim, the Longhorns chose the Arkansas Razor- backs, scalping same with a 64-61 score in Gregory Gym. Next, the Steers squeezed by Texas A M 49-46. The pesky Aggies kept Texas behind during the major portion of the low scoring game until the Horns got wise and began edging ahead. The big victory of the season was Texas ' win over Rice in which the Orange and White wracked a 74-66 decision against the Owls before 8,000 fans in Gregory Gym. SMU was stunned next by a 75-69 score after the Longhorns sent 23 of 60 field goals whipping through the nets for a 43-per-cent average. The old black magic jinx cast by Baylor held Texas on the wrong end of a 67-63 sum-up in the Bears ' home den. Rice then beat Texas 61-51 to gain revenge for the previous loss. Fourteen Longhorns saw ac- tion when Texas dropped Texas A M for the second time 66-49. An old score was evened as tempers flared in the nights activity that saw Texas smash Baylor 78-63 at Austin. A grand-slam total of 61 fouls went down in the scorer ' s book in compliance with the rough tactics that were constantly oc- curring. Averaging a stunning 61 per-cent snooting in the first half, SMU ' s Ponies literally galloped away with a 90-63 victory in their saddlebags. A trip to Fayetteville sent new hope surging through the Texas five as they walloped Arkansas 67-57 before an overflow crowd of Razorback fans. This victory found Texas in a deadlock with Rice for the title, and the two teams stayed even to the end of the season. Texas hoped to jump ahead by downing TCU 68-59, but Rice stuck in the win column also. Texas got its share of the title but lost to the Owls in the playoff to represent the Southwest Conference in the national tourney. LETTERMEN Wayman Buchanan Gib Ford Philip Kidd Billy Powell Sam Bradshaw George Gage Charles Warren RESERVE LETTERMEN Bill Warrick MANAGERIAL AWARDS Jim Richardson Fred Sounders John Schmid Bob Waggener Charles Howard Arthur Stewart MARSHALL HUGHES, Assistant Coach Philip Nelson, Senior Manager Ray Frady, Junior Manager FRONT ROW: Hughes, Waggener, Richardson, Ford, Powell, Sounders, Hull. SECOND ROW: Nelson, Kidd, Schmid, Buchanan, Warren, Frank Medina, Trainer. Page 469 NON-CONFERENCE BASKETBALL SEASON Slue Hull ' s Texas Longhorns opened the 1953-54 season against Okla- homa A M, but the Sooner Aggies converted a final period rally into a 54-37 win at Stillwater. The Steers in their premiere performance had dif- ficulty in finding the hoop while Coach Hank Iba ' s quintet encountered no trouble at all in hitting from the floor. Next, the Orange and White men opened to a home crowd in Gregory Gym by smashing Lamar Tech of Beaumont 81-61. During the first quarter the lead switched three times and the score was notched at even twice. A third period scoring burst saw Texas mass together 26 points to the Cardinals 9, and from then on Lamar Tech was left trailing. This was the first time since 1950 that Texas had reached as many as 81 points and was largely due to the combined scoring efforts of Fred Sounders, Billy Powell, and Bob Waggener. Journeying to Gregory Gym for a return bout, Oklahoma ' s Aggies es- caped defeat by two points as the Horn ' s lost a valiant 62-60 struggle. Texas led by one slim point with 20 seconds remaining in the final stanza but forward Tom Tuller sent one sailing through the net from 20 feet out to push the Aggies in front. The loss broke an eleven-game home court winning streak, but the Longhorns displayed some of the form that was to later prove a big threat to Southwest Conference title wishers. Bouncing back into the win column, the Texas squad gained their sec- ond victory of the season by downing the University of Houston 68-64 at Austin. The Longhorns opened fast and furiously as they hi t a torrid 52 per cent shooting average in the first half, but the Cougars later began to connect with some bulls-eye outside firing to chime in a 48-47 lead at the three quarter mark. The Gregory Gym hosts, however, soon recovered the earlier form and paced ahead to the final gun. An out-of-state tour found the Texas five at Pittsburg where they ran up against a high flying Duquesne team and came out on the wrong end of a 71-58 score. The Longhorns were able to cash in on only 3 of 22 field goal shots in the first period. In Madison Square Garden, the Horns had much better luck and knocked off Manhattan College of New York 62-56. Led by Fred Sounders, Gib Ford, and Billy Powell, the Austin group took an early lead which it never relinquished. Down in Houston, with just 25 seconds to play, lanky Fred (Goose) Sounders sank two foul shots to set up a second u ' 6 To Ct0 c y Ver J U f Bal| et at the TCU H 80-79. Sounders reached an individual scoring mark of 28 points as the lead changed hands 1 1 times during t h e pressure- packed performance. Texas spilled Texas Tech in a charity clash for the March of Dimes by a 64-56 margin later in the season. Jim Rich- ardson jumped into the limelight for the Orange and White by latching onto 18 markers and keeping the Longhorns afire during the final stretch. Billy Powell and Philip Kidd were other big factors in keeping the Texas nets busy aft- er Tech went into a full court press. The Horns entered the SWC tourna- ment in Houston with very high hopes and lost only to Rice over the holidays after de- feating Alabama and Arkansas with respec- tive scores of 72-52 and 66-65. Team Rice . . . TEXAS . SMU . . . Arkansas Baylor . TCU A M . GIB FORD, Co-Captain FINAL STANDINGS W L Pet. Pts. Op. 9 3 .750 864 738 9 3 .750 772 735 6 6 .500 938 828 6 6 .500 777 776 6 6 .500 757 987 5 7 .417 769 780 1 11 .083 644 835 game. Page 470 TEXAS 54 - TCU 47 The Texas Longhorns knocked the lid off the 1953-54 cage season in proper fashion as they downed TCU, defending SWC champions. After a poor first half, the Steers came to life in the third quarter to take a quick lead and never relinquished it for the remainder of the contest. In that action- packed third quarter, Texas players scored more points than they had in the entire first half. TCU threatened to catch the Horns during the final period, but fine defensive play by Texas squelched the rally before it could mount. Bob Waggener, 6 ' 7 " forward, received much credit for his defensive performance during the eve- ning. Bob held high scoring Henry Ohlen of the Frogs to a mere eight points. Fred (Goose) Sounders led the Orange and White offensive attack with 16 points 14 from the field and two from the free throw line. Co-captains Gib Ford and Billy Powell each contributed 1 1 points towards the Texas cause. TEXAS 49 - TEXAS A M 46 Playing one of their most ragged games for three and a half quarters. Texas finally found themselves long enough to defeat their age old rivals from College Station. A partisan crowd of Aggie fans howled with delight as A M held con- trol of the game most of the time despite the fact that two of their starters had quit the team the day before. It was a see-saw battle all the way, with the losers in the lead most of the time. Finally mid- way in the fourth stanza, Bob Waggener ' s tip-in put Texas ahead 42-40 and the Aggies never were able to touch the Horns from then on. The Steers had a poor night from the field, hitting only 15 of 54 attempts for a 28 per cent average. A M hit 15 of 40 for a 37.5 average. Billy Powell once again led the Texas scorers with 14 points. Bob Waggener and Fred Sounders followed closely with 12 points a piece. TEXAS 64 - ARKANSAS 61 Sharpshooting on the part of the Texas quintet, plus some fine defensive play on the part of Coach Slue Hull ' s boys accounted for the sec- ond straight SWC victory for the Long- horns. It was a wild tussle all the way with the game at times resembling a wrestling match rather than a basket- ball contest. Texas took an early lead, but the Razorbacks from Fayetteville wore away at the lead until they pulled within two points of the Steers in the fourth. However, Billy Powell dropped through two gratus tosses to put his team out of danger for the remainder of the contest. Superior height paid off for Texas al- though they lost the services of center Fred Sounders who fouled out of the game midway in the final period. The Steers also were hot in the shooting de- partment as they bucketed 21 of 46 shots from the field for a 46 average. Arkansas on the other hand was able to hit only 32 per cent. Red-head Billy Powell paced the Horn scoring parade with 19 points. Fred Sounders bucketed 17 points before fouling out. Longhorns try for two points. JIM RICHARDSON Page 471 PHILIP KIDD Gib Ford (No. 31) played an important role against Rice. TEXAS 74 - RICE 66 The largest crowd to witness a home game during the regular season swarmed into Gregory Gym to watch the Longhorns come to life in the third quarter and go on to defeat Rice Owls for their fourth straight SWC win. The fans likewise came to life in that quarter as they began to yell for the Steers to overcome the Owl lead. Rice held a ten-point lead, 57-47, with slightly more than 13 minutes remaining in the game, but from then on it was just a matter of time as to when the Horns would catch Rice, as Texas scored 27 points to Rice ' s nine for the remainder of the game. Offensive strategy paid off for Texas when Coach Slue Hull moved forward Billy Powell into the post position early in the final stanza. Gene Schwinger, Rice ' s scoring ace, likewise moved to guard 6 ' 7 " Fred Sounders who had moved out of the post. Powell took advantage of this move as he bucketed 11 of the last 14 points that Texas scored during the evening. A great deal of credit goes to the four men who guarded Schwinger during the evening. Bob Waggener and Jim Richardson each fouled out of the game doing so. Co-captain Gib Ford, field general for the Steers, gave an outstanding per- formance as his ball-hawking and shoot- ing played an important role in the Texas victory. Fred Sounders was hot with his hook shot and led the evening ' s scorers with 26 points, just two ahead of Schwinger. Ford bucketed 14 points. TEXAS 75 - SMU 69 The high flying Texas Longhorns made it five in a row as they dumped the sharp-shooting Mustangs from Dallas, thus leaving the Horns in undisputed lead in the SWC race. The Mustangs grabbed an early lead and held on to it throughout the first fifteen minutes as the initial quarter ended 17-13, in SMU ' s favor. However, Texas ' marksmanship paid off later as the Orange shooters set a torrid pace the remainder of the contest, sinking 26 of 60 field goal attempts for a 43 per cent average. SMU on the other hand hit 21 of 56 shots for a 38 percent average. Once more it was " Goose " Sounders who paced the Steers to their victory. Fred continued sinking his famous hook and, at the end of the contest, had 18 points to his credit, high for the evening. Two guards, Philip Kidd and John Schmid, gave good accounts for themselves as they bucketed 13 and 11 points respectively. SMU threatened in the final stanza when they tied the score 58 all, but Kidd and Bob Waggener combined for five points, putting the Steers out in front for good. Art Barnes led the Mustang cause with 16 points. TEXAS 63 - BAYLOR 67 For the third straight year, the Baylor Bears put the jinx on Texas in the Bruin home court and de- feated the Longhorns. The loss left the Steers with a 5-1 conference record, still tops in the SWC. Free throws paid off for the Bears as they tossed an un- believable 31 of 39 gratus tosses. Murray Baily was the big gun for the victors with 21 points. How- ever, he managed to sink only three field goals, the re- maining 15 points came via the free throw route. The Steers took an early lead and held on to it throughout the first half, although the lead began to dwindle gradually during the second quarter. In the third quarter, Bob Waggener fouled out of the game and Baylor hit six field goals and nine free throws to take a 47-45 lead. In that hectic third period the lead changed hands four times and the score was tied four times. Texas continued to press the Bears during the final quarter, but the Bruins matched the Horns point for point to maintain their lead. Fred Sounders hit 16 points, while Bob Waggener and Billy Powell were runners-up in the scoring department with 13 apiece. Page 472 TEXAS 51 - RICE 61 The February skid-row jinx that has plagued Texas teams in recent years once more hit the Longhorns as they dropped their second straight SWC tilt, this time to the Rice Owls. The Owls went over six minutes without scoring a field goal, then staged a great come- back to defeat the Steers. The close defensive play of Texas had the Owls bottled up during the early part of the game, but the longhorns had to ease the pressure later on under the threat of increasing fouls. Rice outscored Texas one point in each of the first three periods, but then exploded in the final stanza as Philip Kidd, Billy Powell and Bob Waggener, all starters, fouled out of the game. Texas came within two points of the Owls in the fourth period, mainly on the far-out shooting of Kidd. However, they never could catch Rice as their three starters fouled out. Fred Sounders continued to pace the Texas scoring as he collected ten from the field and eight from the free throw line for an evening ' s total of 18. Powell was next with 1 1 points. Rice ' s scoring ace Gene Schwinger led his team with 24 points. Guard Monty Robicheaux helped the Owls with his fine defensive play. TEXAS 66 - A M 49 Despite the fact that two starters were sidelined with a virus infection and saw limited action, the Texas Longhorns went on to clobber their ancient rivals, Texas A M, before a crowd of 6,000 at Greg- ory Gym. " Jumping Jim " Richardson and his 23 points paced the Steers attack. The game got underway after a chorus of " The Farmer in the Dell. " Texas took the lead 5-4 about five minutes deep in the initial period and was never threatened for the remainder of the game. The Steers led 30-17 at half time and 50-32 at the close of the third quarter. Gib Ford and Fred Sound- ers both saw limited action due to virus infections which plagued the boys for several days. Billy Powell aided the Texas cause with 14 points and his ball- stealing antics. Coach Slue Hull used 14 men in the one-sided contest. The inexperienced subs saw plenty of action in the last quarter as they did plenty of shooting and attempted a freeze in the closing minutes. The only real bright spot in the Aggie game was the outstanding playing of forward James Addison who contributed 26 points to the Aggie cause, high for any player. TEXAS 78 - BAYLOR 63 In a game which at times resembled a boxing match rather than a basketball game, the Steers clobbered (both scorewise and physically) the Baylor Bears, thus avenging a defeat which the Bruins hand- ed the Horns earlier in the season. When they weren ' t engaged in some sparing bout the Steers were pour- ing the ball through the basket, hitting an amazing 48 per cent of their shots, and working gracefully on their floor game. Co-captain Billy Powell played one of his best games this season. The red-head from the Alamo City dunked 17 points the first half and collected about one-third of the Texas rebounds. He finished the game with a total of 22. " Goose " Sounders once more had his famous hook shot working as he bucketed 17 points for the evening. The rough and tumble tactics st arted in the first period when Sound- ers went up for the ball and came down with a pair of Bruins tangled up with him. Jump ball was called. Later Bob Waggener sustained a right jab to the nose. Again jump ball was called. Seconds later Baylor guard Ken Morgan was carried from the game after hitting the floor for a count of more than 10! After this the game was a free-for-all. Sixty-one fouls were called. The game also marked the entrance of Sounders to the elite " 300 " Club. Fred had 298 points going into the game. He is the seventh player in Texas history to enter such portals. Gib Ford was the brightest spot defensive-wise as he continued his ball stealing tactics, proving to be quite a thorn in the Bruin ' s side. JOHN SCHMID FRED SAUNDERS I Bob Waggener shoots. Page 473 Bob Waggener gets one away in the A M game. WAYMAN BUCHANAN BILLY POWELL, Co-Captain TEXAS 63 - SMU 90 The Longhorns just seemed to pick the wrong night and the wrong place to meet SMU. The Mus- tangs couldn ' t do anything wrong the entire evening as they hit 16 of 26 field goal attempts in the first half and built up a fat 55-31 lead. During the first half the Horns hit only 8 of 35 field goal attempts for a 22 per cent average. Every starter on the Mustang lineup hit over 10 points and Derrell Murphy with his deadly jump shot was high with 24 points. Despite the loss, Texas still remained tied with Rice for the SWC lead as the Owls were losing an overtime contest to Baylor. Tempers were once again boiling over. Sixty-five fouls were called during the evening and three Texans Richardson, Schmid, and Sounders went out via the foul route. Ronnie Morris, Mustang guard, was ordered from the game in the third period after throwing a shoulder block into Billy Powell as he drove for a shot. Powell con- tinued his scoring spree as he poured through 20 points, eight from the field and 12 from the free throw line. Schmid followed with 1 1 points. TEXAS 65 - ARKANSAS 57 Displaying a great performance of clutch-playing on a foreign court, the Steers kept their share of the SWC leadership by downing the Razorbacks in a real thriller. It was a team victory all the way with the latter part of the game seeing four Texas reserves come off the bench to fill in after starters Powell, Waggener, and Sounders fouled out of the game. Coach Slue Hull ' s part-regular, part-substitute lineup of Richardson, Kidd, Ford, Schmid, and Charles Warren successfully stalled away the fading minutes of the contest and matched the Hogs point for point. Sub Jim Richardson dunked 14 points through the hoop to share scoring honors with teammate Billy Powell. John Schmid and Philip Kidd followed with 11 and 10 points respectively. Neither team looked in great form during the first half which saw the lead change hands 14 times before Ar- kansas finally led 24-21 at halftime. The Steers caught up 28-all and went ahead for good on field goals by Ford and Schmid. TEXAS 68 - TCU 59 Texas ended the 1953-54 SWC cage season in proper fashion by defeating TCU, but it wasn ' t an easy struggle as the Horns almost blew the game in the third period. The vic- tory enabled the Steers to remain in a first-place tie with Rice for the Conference title. With " Goose " Sounders providing the scoring punch in the first quarter and Billy Powell in the second stanza, Texas took a decisive 41-28 lead at halftime. Gib Ford, the Steers ' Floor General, displayed his usual fine brand of play while leading Texas from the floor. It was his return to the game in the third period which kept TCU from catch- ing the Orange. During the game the score of the Rice-SMU game was an- nounced periodically as a Rice loss would have meant an undisputed claim to SWC title by Texas. As it was, the victories by both Texas and Rice forced a three-game play off to determine which team would represent the SWC in the NCAA Tournament. Sounders ' 23 points and Powell ' s 16 were high for the Steers. Charles Brown of the Frogs dumped through 26 points for individual high scoring honors for the evening. Page 474 1954 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL FRESHMAN AWARDS Mack Burk David Clary Tommy Estes William Groogan Norman Hooten William Jennings Peter Kirkpatrick Frank Nagle Fred Nagle Ellis Olmstead Nelson Stubblefield Joel Tinker Managerial Award: Steve Eargle SCORES YEARLINGS YEARLINGS YEARLINGS YEARLINGS YEARLINGS YEARLINGS 57 67 73 72 48 71 Victoria College San Angela Schreiner Lon Morris A M Rice 42 YEARLINGS 71 50 YEARLINGS 59 53 YEARLINGS 67 73 YEARLINGS 58 65 YEARLINGS 84 63 YEARLINGS 58 Arlington State 57 Baylor 64 Rice 63 A M 43 Baylor 67 Wharton County 44 The Freshman Basketball team came through a very good season with a record of nine wins and three losses. There were enough outstanding players to give promise of easing the loss by graduation to the varsity. Norman Elwyn Hooten, Ellis Olmstead, and William Groogan were among the freshman leaders. I FRONT ROW: Hooten, Groogan, Burk, Olmstead, Fred Nagle, Frank Nagle, Tinker. SECOND ROW: Eargle, Clary, Stubblefield, Jennings, Estes, Marshall Hughes, Coach. Page 475 1954 SWIMMING BOBBY TIMMINS, Captain HANK CHAPMAN, Coach The Longhorn tankers finished in the number two slot for the second straight year to a strong S.M.U. squad in the Southwest Conference Meet. They finished the regular season with a record of three victories and two defeats in dual meets and a second place in the season opener, the Southwest Conference Relays. The S.M.U. jinx was applied early in the season to Texas and the Long horns never were able to over come it. Texas finished in the second spot under the Ponies in the Southwest Con- ference Relays, in their dual meet, and in the regular conference meet. The Longhorns finished their dual meet competition with a record of three wins and two losses. Texas downed Texas A M, Texas Tech and Northwestern Louisiana State. The scores were 56 to 26, 68 to 15, and 54 to 30 respectively. Besides the loss to S.M.U., the only other team to stop the Orange and White was the Oklahoma Sooners powerful squad. A clean sweep of the first places in a meet oc- curred only once. Texas Tech failed to gain one first spot in their dual meet in the Longhorn pool. The sweep was highlighted by one unusual incident. All- American diver Bob Brodnax and Richard Lawler, Texas ' number two diver, took first and second in the 50-yard free style event. The following week the same thing almost occurred again. Against Northwestern the Longhorn tankers took seven out of ten events. One of the most outstanding Longhorns was Charlton Madden. In the three meets he took five first places. He won the 220-yard free style, and the 440-yard free style in the A M and Tech meets. Against Northwestern he won the 440-yard event. Against Oklahoma the Texas squad was held to only two first places. Bob Brodnax and Pat Patterson won the three meter diving and 100-yard free style respectively. The final tally was 6) points for the Sooners and 23 for the Long- horns. The Ponies followed up the defeat a month later to drop the T.U. tankers 47 to 31. The week following the defeat at the hands of S.M.U. Texas fell short of a Southwest Conference crown by nine points when the Ponies again edged them out, 140 to 131 . Madden was the top scorer for the meet. He compiled 21 points. He won the 440-yard free style and smashed his own conference record in the 1500- meter race. Brodnax and Lawler, the consistent one, two diving team, took first and second in both the one meter and the three meter diving events. The final event on the T.U. swimming calendar was the NCAA Meet at Syracuse New York. Brodnax and Lawler represented the Longhorn squad. Brodnax placed second in the meet by copping second in the three meter diving and fourth in the one meter. Thus he became a three time All- American. Lawler, a sophomore, finished with an overall twelfth in his first national meet. f f f FRONT ROW: Bob Fowler, Larry Schmucker, Richard Lawler, Louis Million, Dick Giles, David Shelmire. SECOND ROW: Charlton Hadden, Alberto Yriart, James Baker, Bobby Timmins, Buddy Hoyt, Hank Chapman. THIRD ROW: Marvin Rich (Mgr.), Walter Nolan, Pat Patterson, Hiram Johnson, Brad Fowler, Robert Bell, Bruce Motheral, Kemper Perkins. Page 476 BOBBY BRODNAX RICHARD LAWLER JAMES BAKER LETTERMEN James Baker Richard Lawler Robert Bell Louis Manganiello Bobby Brodnax Pat Patterson Charlton Madden Bobby Timmins Thomas Hoyt Albert Yriart RESERVE LETTERMEN Les Giddens Kemper Perkins Thomas Johnson Larry Schmucker Louis Million David Shelmire Walter Nolan Jay Wade MANAGERIAL AWARD C. W. Schoelkopf FRESHMAN AWARDS Reece Anderson Carl Benz James Dickson Edmund Johnson Edward Johnson Sanford Manning Gilbert Mendinilla Joe Neal Don Patton Kenneth Voelkel John Wengert THOMAS HOYT ALBERT YRIART LOUIS MANGANIELLO PAT PATTERSON CHARLTON HADDEN 1954 BASEBALl The Longhorns won their thirtieth baseball cham- pionship in thirty-nine years but for the first time in eight years Bibb Folk ' s baseballers missed getting into the NCAA playoffs at Omaha. Texas dropped two out of three games to the Oklahoma Aggies in the District Six championship playoff here May 31 -June 2. It was an odd season with Texas losing the opening game to Oklahoma U. and then playing the second game to a 5-5 tie that was called at the end of 12 innings. The Steers then split a two-game series with Minnesota; Minnesota taking the first and Texas the sec- ond. In conference play Texas lost a game to last place Rice and one to Baylor. The Longhorns and the Bears played to a tie in Waco and it was thought for awhile that the tie might have to be played off but the Baylor Southwest Conference representative found a rule count- ing ties as half game won, half lost which placed Texas in the position of having cinched the title. The rule was changed in May so that in the future tie games affecting the title will have to be played off. However, as Baylor lost another game before the end of the season Texas held clear title to the championship under either rule. Four seniors Bob Towery, Paul Mohr, Frank Brock, and Travis Eckert closed out their college careers. BIBB FALK, Coach DAN WATSON, Assistant Coach SCHOOL TEXAS Baylor TCU ' A M SMU Rice FINAL TEAM STANDINGS GAMES WON LOST TIED 13 10 15 15 14 11 14 2 5 7 7 7 12 PCT. .808 .633 .533 .500 .364 .143 NCAA DISTRICT SIX PLAYOFF Texas met the Oklahoma Aggies May 31 at Clark Field for the first game of the District Six playoff and lost 7-6. The Aggies won on a ninth inning homer with one on. Boyd Linker was relieved in the eighth inning by Tom Jungman who was credited with the loss. The second game was played the next night at Disch field and Texas won 6-3 with Don Reifler receiving credit for the win. The third and final game was played at Clark Field and the Longhorns were the losers in a fantastic 16-12 game. The men in Orange had plenty of spirit but not quite enough hitting power and not enough depth in the pitching de- partment. Tom Jungman was the losing pitcher though he left the game in the third inning. Relief pitchers were Clinton Irby, Donnie Keller and Martin Wiginton. FRONT ROW: Tommy LeBlue, Don Reifler, Steele McKinney, Travis Eckert, Robert Towery, Eddie Joe Daniels, Richard Webb. SECOND ROW: Tommy Yium, manager; Clinton Houy, assistant trainer; Conrad Werkenthin, Frank Brock, Paul Mohr, Tommy Snow, Boyd Linker, Dan Watson, Bibb Folk. NK9BaMCMI Page 478 CHAMPIONS TEXAS 9 - OKLAHOMA 8 Texas got their 1954 baseball season off to a good start with a 9-8 victory over the Oklahoma Sooners March 19 at Clark Field. The game was highlighted by a three-run homerun in the seventh inning by Steele McKinney. Boyd Linker went seven innings for the Steers and gained credit for the victory. He was replaced by Tommy Jungman. Larry Foley went the distance for the losers. Brock, Snow, Linker, and Mohr each collected two hits for the Steer cause. TEXAS 5 - OKLAHOMA 5 The next day the Steers and the Sooners baltled to a 12- inning draw with the game being called because of darkness. The visitors from Norman had good opportunities to score in the llth and 12th innings when they had the bases loaded; however, Texas pitching was sharp and the Sooners failed to score. Texas used a quartet of pitchers in Don Reifler, Martin Wiginton, Jim Brewer, and Clinton Irby. In addition Wiginton collected a single and a double while batting in three runs for the Horns. Travis Eckert and Steele McKinney each boomed out triples. TEXAS 4 - MINNESOTA 11 Ail-American footballer Paul Giel was the first of two Gopher pitchers that held the Steers to but four hits as Minnesota routed Texas, 11-4, here March 22 The only bright spots in the Texas game were Travis Eckert s home run and Tommy Snow ' s triple. On the other hand it was the Gopher power that spelled doom for the Orange and White. Minnesota pounded out 12 safeties including five extra bases knocks. TEXAS 8 - MINNESOTA 1 The Steers played one of their better pre-conference games the next day as they blasted the Gophers 8-1 behind the fine hurling of Don Reifler. Although he allowed bingles Reifler scattered them well and was tough in 1 clutches. Travis Eckert blasted a home run and a single to lead the 10-hit Longhorn attack. Tommy Snow and Eddie Joe Daniels each collected two hits. This marked the first time during the season that the Horns had played errorless ball. TEXAS 3 - SUL ROSS 4 An eleventh inning rally by Texas was promptly cut short by Sul Ross pitcher Doyle Stout as the Longhorns fell to the Lobos by a 4-3 count April 5 at Clark Field. This was the second loss suffered at the hands of non-conference schools. It was a rather drab afternoon with pitchers and fielders getting most of the attention. The Texas batters were able to get only four safeties off the offerings of three Lobo hurlers. Sul Ross won the game in the top of the eleventh on a walk, error, and a single off the shortstop ' s knee. TEXAS 10 - NEBRASKA 5 Lefty Bob Davison made his collegiate baseball debut a sparkling one, defeating the Nebraska Cornhuskers 10-5, in the first game of a double-header at Clark Field April 15. Besides pitching five steady innings, in relief to gain the win, he contributed two hits to a 13-hit Texas cause. TEXAS - NEBRASKA 4 In the second game of the double-header Nebraska ' s Fran Hoffmeier put the shackles on Texas and shut out the Steers for the first time since 1952, winning 4-0. Only Bob Towery, Paul Mohr, and Joe Youngblood could hit the southpaw sinker-specialist. Don Reifler went the route for Texas, yielding five hits and all four runs in the first, then setting the visitors down hitless for the remainder of the abbreviated seven-inning tilt. TEXAS 1 - SAM HOUSTON STATE Pitcher Boyd Linker proved to be the master of the Bearkats as he tossed his second straight two-hitter of the season while winning his fifth game against no losses. Linker had to rely on Tommy Snow for the batting power to win the game from Sam Houston State 1-0 on April 20 at Clark Field. LETTERMEN Frank Edgar Brock Eddie Joe Daniels Travis Allen Eckert Tommy Robbins LeBleu Boyd Linker William Steele McKinney Paul Covey Mohr Donald Israel Reifler Tommy Marion Snow Robert L. Towery Richard C. Webb Conrad P. Werkenthin Martin A. Wiginton MARTIN WIGINTON RESERVE AWARD James Alfred Brewer John Dudley Watson Thomas A. Jungman Joe B. Youngblood Ronald Cecil Keller SENIOR MANAGERIAL AWARD Thomas Joe Yium JUNIOR MANAGERIAL AWARD Billy Ray Dickerson SOPHOMORE MANAGERIAL AWARD David Forbes Page 479 RICHARD C. WEBB TOMMY SNOW TRAVIS ECKERT TEXAS 15 - BAYLOR 10 It just wasn ' t a day for pitchers! A total of four Texas pitchers saw action in the three hour marathon which found the Steers collecting 17 hits while Baylor banged out 1 1 in the opening conference game here March 26. All four of the Steer pitchers went to the mound in the fourth inning which found Baylor scoring six runs to go ahead 10-7. However, the Longhorns went ahead in the sixth 11-10 and on to win 15-10. TEXAS 12 - BAYLOR 4 For the second straight day Texas batters clobbered Baylor pitchers this time with 13 hits, 12 runs and another SWC victory. The big Horn uprising came in the sixth inning when the Steers tallied six times as 1 1 men came to the plate with four hits, two errors and two walks. Paul Mohr was the big gun for the Steers with three doubles in four trips to the plate. Travis Eckert collected two for four including a circuit clout. Frank Brock and Eddie Joe Daniels each got two hits. Don Reifler scattered nine Baylor hits effectively in going the distance for Texas. TEXAS 3 - RICE 8 Bobby Leggett continued his mastery over the Longhorns as he tossed a six-hitter in a Rice victory 8-3, March 31 at Houston. This was the first Rice victory over Texas in Houston in the past 14 years. The defeat dropped the Steers to a 2-1 conference mark. In addition to the mere six hits allowed, Rice committed only one error which allowed a run to score. Rice banged out eight hits, three being of the extra base variety, and also took advantage of four Texas errors in gaining the Owls first SWC victory of the season. ROBERT TOWERY Page 480 TEXAS 3 - RICE 2 Tommy Jungman ' s pinch-hit double in the ninth inning drove in two runs that gave the Steers revenge the next day and a 3-2 victory over Rice Institute. The victory left the Horns with a 3-1 conference mark. The Owls threatened to tie up the game in the last of the ninth. However, Texas ace, Boyd Linker, the winning pitcher, struck out the last two batters both times with the bases loaded. TEXAS 3 - TCU 2 Travis Eckert ' s big bat boomed Texas to a 3-2 win over the TCU Frogs April 9 at Clark Field. Eckert blasted a two-run home run in the fifth which proved to be the decisive measure in the game. In addition he also collected a single and a double. Equally effective was pitcher Boyd Linker who pitched a 6-hit game and struck out 7 Froggies. This marked the first time in the season where Linker went the distance. TEXAS 13 - TCU 3 Paced by the combined talents of first sacker Paul Mohr and pitcher Don Reifler, the Orange and White pounded a decisive 13-3 over TCU the next day, thus giving them a decisive hold on first place in the SWC. Mohr with a home run and single drove in four big runs to lead the Steers in the batting department. Steele McKinney also contributed to the Texas cause with a double, two singles, and two RBI ' s. Reifler upped his record to 4-0 with his seven inning performance. The fourth proved to be the big inning for the Horns as they collected five runs on two walks, a sacrifice, a hit batsman, two singles, and a missed fly ball by an outfielder. TEXAS 6 - A M 2 A proposed intentional-walk turned into a three-run round tripper as big Paul Mohr once more paced the Horns to another SWC victory, this time over the Aggies at College Station, 6-2, on April 13. After Aggie pitcher Jerry Nelson had tossed three straight balls to Mohr, the big first sacker laid the wood to the fourth pitch and set it sailing over the center field fence. Scoring ahead of Mohr was Travis Eckert who doubled and Jim Brewer who walked. The big man for Texas, however, was pitcher Boyd Linker who allowed but two hits and struck out 10 Aggies while going the distance. Tommy Snow also gained recognition with his circuit clout in the third inning. DONALD REIFLER EDDIE JOE DANIELS, TOMMY LEBLUE - Safe! WILLIAM STEELE McKINNEY FRANK BROCK TEWi TEXAS 1 - SMU Once more pitching took the spotlight over hitting and once more it was crafty Boyd Linker who starred for the Steers. The ace of the Texas hurling staff chalked up his second straight shutout, allowing only three hits, three walks, and nine strike outs against SMU April 24 at Austin. Linker had won his previous two games on two-hitters. Travis Eckert started the Steers lone run going in the second stanza with a booming triple to right, added by erratic SMU fielding. Paul Mohr followed with a ground-out to second base, but Eckert scored on the play. Thus ended the day ' s scoring. SMU pitching was also effective as Mustang hurler Tommy Bowers allowed only six hits, two of them going to Bob Towery one a double and the other a single. Burt Wallace got two of the three hits given up by Linker. errors, 7 doubles, and 2 half hours of baseball The Horns were behind shoved ahead. However, of the final stanza. The a Big State game which received credit for a half TEXAS 13 - BAYLOR 13 In a game highlighted by 22 walks, 26 runs, 7 home runs, Texas and Baylor ended three and a pandemonium in a 13-13 tie in Waco on April 27. all the way until the final inning when they finally the Bears promptly tied the game up in their half game was called after this inning to make way for followed. Since the game ended in a tie, each team game won and half game lost under an old rule. TEXAS 6 - RICE Timely pitching by lefty Don Reifler and good hitting by Tommy Snow accounted for a 6-0 win over the Rice Owls and their pitcher Bobby Leggett, who up until this game had a perfect record over the Steers for the past two years. While he had been beaten by other clubs, Texas never could beat him until this game. Reifler displayed his best form all season as he allowed but three hits, two of the infield variety in the game played at Clark Field April 30. Snow led the hitting parade with three for four and two RBI ' s. The victory left Texas in a commanding lead for the SWC championship. Get a hit! Score 0-0. Final 1-0 Texas. CONRAD P. WERKENTHIN TEXAS 6 - T.C.U. 3 Held to three unearned runs for seven innings, Texas finally broke through Tommy Hill for one in the eighth and then added two more in the ninth under its own power for a 6-3 victory over T.C.U. on May 3 in Fort Worth. It was the fifth win for Boyd Linker who gave up seven hits. TEXAS 3 - A M 2 A tight pitchers feud for seven frames degenerated into a baseball surprise package at Clark Field on May 6 as Texas ' Steers squeezed past the Aggies, 3-2. Texas ' Eddie Joe Daniels, on third with a triple, flashed across the platter on a wild pitch in the eighth, snapping a 2-2 deadlock. Ronnie Keller, Steer reliefer threw only one pitch to win the game. He came in in the eighth for Reifler and was relieved by Martin Wiginton after he yielded to a pinch hitter. Pitcher Linker beats out Pony runner. TEXAS 4 - A M 5 The Aggies added a sour note to Uncle Billy Disch Day at Clark Field the next day as they downed the Steers 5-4 on a grand-slam home run by Joe Hardgrove. The Steers were never able to catch the Aggies though they got runs in the fourth, fifth and seventh innings and had the winning runs on in the ninth. The final two games with SMU were canc elled due in part to bad weather and to the fact that Texas had already won the title. BOYD LINKER PAUL MOHR Page 483 LEFT TO RIGHT: Captain Paul Conrad, Coach Jack Trench, and Centerfielder Marvin Dunaway. FRESHMAN AWARDS James C. Adams Donnie S. Akins Douglas M. Baker Mack Edwin Burk John H. Coates Gene Paul Conrad Marvin R. Dunaway Doyle T. Greeson Gary Reagan Gurwitz Samuel M. Jimerson Johnny N. Lowry Charlie E. Noble S. E. Nolley Donald E. Peeples John M. Sobieski FRESHMAN BASEBALL The Yearling baseball team, with Jack Trench as coach, had a very successful year winning five and losing two games. Prospects for a good varsity season next year are even brighter after the showing of a number of the fresh- man players during the season. James Adams ' hitting and Marvin Dunaway ' s fielding were bright spots in every game and Pitchers John Coates, Gary Gurwitz, and Don Peeples, will give Bibb Folk plenty to select from next year. SEASON ' S RESULTS YEARLINGS 7 Austin Maroons 2 YEARLINGS 8 Austin Maroons 4 YEARLINGS 4 Baylor Cubs 6 YEARLINGS 7 Rice Owlets 10 YEARLINGS 3 A M Fish 2 YEARLINGS 7 Baylor Cubs 1 YEARLINGS 17 San Angelo J. C. 2 FRESHMAN MANAGERIAL AWARD Clay R. Gault J. FRANK DAUGHERTY ROBERT H. WHILDEN FRESHMAN TRACK Texas ' chances of repeating as Southwest Conference Champions in 1955 were greatly improved by the good showing of the freshman trackmen. Speedster J. Frank Dougherty who ran several 9.5 100- yard dashes during the season will help ease the loss of Charlie Thomas. Another dash star was the flashy sprinter, Bobby Whilden, who in the final meet won the 100-yard dash in 9.6, the 220 in 21.0 and anchored the 440-yard relay team to a 1 5 yard win. In their first meet on March 16 at Houston the Yearlings took five first places to run up 65 points to A M ' s 63 and the Houston Cougars ' 28. On April 2-3 the freshmen entered the Junior College- Freshman Division of the Texas Relays and J. Frank Dougherty tied the record of 9.6 in the 100-yard dash. The 440 relay team tied the record set by Texas in 1941. On April 7 the freshman dashmen took part in a triangular meet with SMU and Baylor and swept the track events running up 110 points. But on April 10 the Owlets rolled up 59 points to take a triangular meet with Texas and A M. Texas took five firsts but Rice ' s seconds and thirds made the difference and left the Yearlings just 43 points. In the final meet J. Frank Dougherty was out with a pulled leg muscle and Bobby Whilden ' s iron man attempt was not quite enough as the Owlets again de- feated the Yearlings 67-65 ' j. Malcolm W. Barrett William Donald Bunn J. Frank Dougherty Donald Lee Davis Harry Anderson Douthit George Frederick Foerster Frank Leland Glass Clarence Weldon Glasscock FRESHMAN Robert Allan Hanson C. M. Hester, Jr. Bob Clark James Roy Edward Kimsey Arnold Kovenek James Charles Larkin Robert Charles Larson Bobby Austin Newman AWARDS Cornelius Louis Orr Jack Powell Stovall Jack E. Ragsdill Raymond Laverne Voigt Ross Dean Roberts Robert Harral Whilden George William Schneider, Jr. Andy Howard White John Sensenig III E. R. Williams Shelby Edward Shannon FRESHMAN MANAGERIAL AWARDS Bobby D. Hall Ralph Tex Pease Page 484 1954 TRACK CHAMPIONS The Texas Longhorn cinder squad again sits on the South- west Conference track throne after three lean years when the Aggies reigned. The squad won six firsts in the meet held at Baylor University in Waco. During the year the squad broke not only at least a record a meet but the big one, the world ' s record in the 440- yard relay. Dean Smith, Jerry Prewit, Alvin Frieden, and Charley Thomas brought Coach Clyde Littlefield ' s dream to reality. The squad started pointing toward the Conference crown when they stole the Border Olympics from the defending cham- pion, Texas A M. At Odessa, the Longhorns again spiked the A M squad to come out victor in the West Texas Relays. They led the Aggies and the other Southwest Conference schools through all the season meets with new records in both the track and field events. A M surprised U. of T. once in a dual meet when they eased past the Longhorns by 1 V4 points. Before Texas finished the season the team rewrote records in six events. They reigned supreme in the dashes, blasting records in the 100-yard dash, 220-yard dash, 440-yard relay, and the 880-yard relay. The Orange and White also set new marks in the 880-yard run and the high jump. Texas is again the champion in the Southwest Conference track circle. Dean Smith, Coach Clyde Littlefield, Charles Thomas George E. Auld James F. Babb Charles R. Billings Inocensio Cantu James D. Carlton Robert L. Carson James M. Caruthers Henry A. Dickson Richard T. Foerster Alvin M. Frieden Hulen A. Hale Glen F. Hoffman LETTERMEN Jerry Wade House Don Neighbors John E. Novey Thomas A. Palmer Jerry Bob Prewit Charles Renfroe Harold G. Adams David H. Bashford Wayne E. Delaney Kenneth W. Farrow RESERVE LETTERMEN Robert W. Gilstrap Jerre G. Kneip William A. Prewett Tom N. Rogers Dean Smith Longford Sneed Elbert R. Spence Charles A. Thomas Jon David Totz John W. Ruddock Charles S. Travis C. Early Whitesides SENIOR MANAGERIAL AWARD - Kenneth Dabbs JUNIOR MANAGERIAL AWARD - Conrad Joseph FRONT ROW: Glenn Hoffman, Austin Palmer, George Auld, Jerry Prewit, Dean Smith, Charles Thomas, Alvin Frieden, Hulen Hale, Jerry House, Bob Billings, James Babb, Trainer Frank Medina. SECOND ROW: Assistant Coach Froggy Lovvorn, John Ruddock, James Caruthers, Jerry Kneip, Charles Renfroe, Wayne Delaney, Jon Totz, Jim Carlton, Robert Carson, Inocensio Cantu. THIRD ROW: Manager Kenneth Dabbs, C. Early Whitesides, Don Neighbors, Tom Rogers, Elbert Spence, Bobby Gilstrap, John Novey, Kenneth Farrow, Dick Foerster, William Prewett, Head Coach Clyde Littlefield. Page 485 JERRY PREWIT INOCENSIO CANTU GEORGE AULD DUAL MEETS, ETC. Texas cindermen boomed through their dual, triangular, and quadrangu- lar meets with a record of 5 and 1. The lone loss was to Texas A M by one and a half points. In the first meet Texas scored 671 6 points to A M ' s 585 6 and the University of Houston ' s 44. The Longhorns stretched the win streak to two in a row by besting the field in a four-way meet with 82 1 2 points. ACC was the runner-up scoring 37 1 2 points, followed by Southwest Texas State College with 28, and last was Howard Payne, 26 points. Making it three in a row was the victory of the Orange and White over SMU and Baylor. Texas had 98 1 2 points; SMU, 46; and Baylor, 241 2. The Aggies finally stopped the hot Texas cindermen with 72 1 2 points to the Longhorns ' 71. Rice was third in the meet with 26 1 2 points. The final meet for Texas before the Southwest Conference Meet in Waco was a dual meet with Rice and an easy win. The Orange and White compiled 95 points to the Owls ' 41. BORDER OLYMPICS Texas thinly-clads opened the ' 54 cinder season with a booming victory in the Border Olympics. It was the first time Texas had beaten A M at Laredo since 1949. The Longhorns had 62 points to the rival Aggies 43. It was the start of their record breaking year and they re-wrote the meet record in three events. The team of Dean Smith, Robert Carson, Alvin Frieden, and Charlie Thomas set the 440-yard relay record at 41.4 seconds. Dick Foerster, the long legged Texas distance man, set a new record in the 880 at 1:53.7. Bob Billings set the third record in his specialty, the high jump. He eased over the cross bar at 6-7 5 8. Besides erasing three records the Longhorns also won four other firsts. The 100-yard and 220-yard dash, the broad jump, and the mile relay medals for first place were captured by the Orange and White cindermen. In the dashes Thomas and Smith seemed to corner the market. In the 100, Thomas was first with Smith breathing down his neck in 9.6. Smith had his revenge in the 220 though. Smith took top honors in 21 flat with Thomas coming in second. Jerry House, U. of T. broad jumper, out jumped the rest of the field by one foot to easily cop a win. His leap was 23 feet, 7 inches. The climax to the Texas victory was a win in the mile relay. James Carlton, James Caruthers, Tom Rogers, and Forester won the event in 3:18.3. WEST TEXAS RELAYS Texas copped their second straight big season meet when they took the laurels in the West Texas Relays at Odessa. The Longhorns won easily with five firsts. The Orange and White chalked up three new meet records before the relays were over. Two of them were sprint relay records and one a field record. The company of Smith, Prewit, Frieden, and Thomas set a new record in the 400-yard relay and the 880-yard relay. They won them in 41.2 and T:25.9 respectively. Bob Billings easily set a new high jump record of 6-7, one inch over the old record. The 100-yard dash was an Orange and White double victory. It was a tie between Smith and Frieden in 9.9 The mile-relay was the only upset for Texas. They finished in the number three slot behind SMU and the University of Houston. DRAKE RELAYS The Longhorn cindermen copped four crowns at the 41st annual Drake Relays. They took three sprint events and top honors in the high jump. It was the best showing Texas had made in many a year at Drake. The only day that over shadowed this year ' s victories was when the Orange and White took not only all four relays but Frank Guess won the javelin. Texas had no trouble in taking the 440-yard and 880-yard relay titles. The winning times were 41.5 and 1:25.0 (a new meet record) respec- tively. Dean Smith became the second Longhorn to win the century dash at the Relays. He whipped NCAA champion Willie Williams of Illinois in 9.7. Bob Billings took the only other individual Orange win when he took the high jump with ease. Last year he was the co-winner in the event. CHARLES THOAAAS RICHARD FOERSTER Page 486 TOM ROGERS ELBERT SPENCE DON NEIGHBORS JAMES CARUTHERS KANSAS RELAYS The Texas 440-yard relay team finally fulfilled Coach Clyde Littlefield ' s dream of setting a world ' s record. A 40.3 was clicked off at the Kansas Relays by Dean Smith, Jerry Prewit, Alvin Frieden, and Charlie Thomas. The new world ' s record is two tenths of a second under the old record held by USC. It was set in 1938. One press box timer caught Thomas in 8.6 for the last 100 yards of his anchor leg. Before the Longhorns left the relays they had also won three more firsts. They copped the 880-yard relay, the 100-yard dash (first, second, and third places), and Bob Billings tied with Kansas ' Leon Wells for top honors in the high jump. The 880-yard relay was run by the same world champion squad of the 440-yard relay. In the 100-yard dash it looked like a blur of Orange and White as Smith, who got off to a perfect start, edged out Frieden and Thomas in the century event. The winning time: 9.6. " Mr. Mile, " Wes Santee, also brought the crowd to their feet in his attempt to break a four-minute mile. He ran the second fastest time in his career of 4:03.1. USC MEET Dallas was the chosen site of the quadrangular meet between Texas, Texas A M, SMU, and USC. Over 8,000 fans gathered to watch the national champions, USC, and the best in the Southwest in a meet of champions. Dean Smith led the field of stars with a startling 9.3 100-yard dash with the wind. Charley Thomas blazed to a 20.5 victory in the 220 and the 440-yard relay world record holding Texas squad turned in a time of 40.8. Longhorns Dick Foerster and Jerry House also added their firsts in the 880-yard run and the broad jump respectively. The high point of the meet was the 6-9 1 4 high jump of USC ' s Ernie Shelton. He tried three times un- successfully for a new world ' s record. USC won the over all title compiling 74 1 2 points. Texas piled up a surprising 50 for second followed by Texas A M with 34 1 2 points. Last was SMU with 16 points. LOS ANGELES COLISEUM Texas ' Dean Smith exploded into a two-yard lead over the field and never let up until he snapped the tape in 9.6 in the 100-yard dash at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum May 21. The Longhorn sprinter finished in front of former Seton Hall star Andy Stanfield who won the Olympic 200 meters in 1952. A 440-yard relay jinx that has plagued The University of Texas team for years, popped up again as the Longhorn squad composed of Dean Smith, Jerry Prewit, Alvin Frieden, and Charlie Thomas was beaten by a speedy Southern California quartet after a faulty baton exchange on the final curve. Southern California also beat Texas out in the 880. CALIFORNIA RELAYS The lightning University of Texas 440-yard relay team tied the world record at 40.5 seconds, chopped two-tenths off their own California Relays record, and gained sweet revenge over Southern California to make the day complete at Modesto on May 24. Dean Smith, Jerry Prewit, Alvin Frieden, and Charlie Thomas did the honors stopping the clock ahead of the Trojans who had dealt Texas their only defeat of the year only a day before at Los Angeles. The Californians came back in the 880-yard relay to place first in front of the Longhorns who were second. The time in this event was 1:24.5. Dean Smith was the anchor man for the Texans but could not pick up Southern California ' s Jim lea who drew away to win by some four yards. HULEN A. HALE JON TOTZ Page 487 ALVIN FRIEDEN JAMES F. BABB JERRY HOUSE THOMAS A. PALMER EVENT 120- Yard High Hurdles 100- Yard Dash 4-Mile Relay Jerry Thompson Open Mile 440-Yard Relay 2-Mile Relay 880-Yard Relay Sprint Medley Relay Distance Medley Relay 3,000 Meter Run One-Mile Relay Shot Put High Jump Discus Pole Vault Broad Jump Javelin Denotes new meet record Denotes new world record LANGFORD SNEED SUMMARY WINNER TIME Biberstein, Kansas 14.5 Smith, TEXAS 9.6 Kansas 17:15.6 Squires, Notre Dame 4:14.2 TEXAS 40.8 Kansas 7:34.1 TEXAS 1:24.8 Kansas 3:20.2 Oklahoma A M 10.12.6 Geller, Oklahoma A M 8:43.1 TEXAS 3:17.1 Gross, Texas A M 52-8 1 2 Holding, East Tex. State 6-7 3 4 Van Dee, Oklahoma 159-3 Harrington Notre Dame 14-1 Bennett, Marquette 25-8 1 2 Sneegas, Kansas 189-4 TEXAS RELAYS Texas ' winged-footed dash men led in the capture of the 27th Texas Relay crown from the defending cham- pion, Texas A M, and set two new relay records. Wes Santee and team, the Kansas Jayhawks, also figured in the show stealing as they broke a meet record and a world ' s record. Both Texas and Kansas were fighting down the line for glory as each squad won not only two records apiece but three relay titles. Texas won the 440-yard relay and the 880-yard relay with record breaking times. The Longhorn cindermen also copped the mile-relay title as they nosed out SMU for the honor. The long-legged Kansans broke a world ' s record in the sprint medley relay to open the meet on Friday. The following day Santee and his company won the four-mile relay and set a new meet record in the two-mile relay. In the 100-yard dash it looked as though Texas had cornered the market on sprinters as they finished Orange and white one, two, three. Dean Smith led the way across the finish line with a 9.6 time. On his heels were Charles Thomas and Alvin Frieden, who finished second and third respectively. One more record fell before the colorful meet came to an end. John Bennett, the tiny NCAA cham- pion from Marquette, broke the 13-year-old relay broad jump record. The old record was bested by an inch and a half with his leap of 25 feet and 8 1 2 inches. Possibly the most breath taking event of the day WOE the mile-relay. It was run against time and run in two heats. SMU won the first heat and it seemed almost im- possible for Texas to better the time. But the Longhorns blazed to a 3:17.1 winning time to nose out the Mustangs by a hair of time on the judges ' stop watches. It also was the best time the squad had run to that time. Long after the final man in the mile-relay had crossed the finish line the crowd remained in their seats. All eyes were trained across the field on Jim Harrington of Notre Dame at the pole vaulting pit. The cross bar was at 14-1 and over it he sailed with ease. He tried for the new record of 14-4 and cleared it easily once but hit it coming down with his arm. The crowd stayed and twice more he failed. A stirring climax to a stirring meet. Texas reigned as the 27th Texas Relays ' unofficial team champion with 1061 5 points. Kansas was second with 78, followed by Oklahoma with 54, Oklahoma A M with 46, and Texas A M with 44. DEAN SMITH CHARLES R. BILLINGS Page 488 SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET Texas copped the Southwest Conference track crown in Waco after tasting three years of defeat. The Longhorns won the ' 54 throne easily by out scoring the second place Aggies, 953 4 to 547 12. The Orange and White cinder- men placed in every event except the high hurdles. The word " Texas " could easily describe the 100 and 220-yard dashes. In both events U. of T. finished 1, 2, 3, 4. Tying his own record in the 100 was Dean Smith, 9.5. Close behind in the century dash were Alvin Frieden, Charles Thomas, and Jerry Prewit. In 21.1 Thomas won the 220, Smith ran in the number two spot, followed by Frieden and Prewif. The 440-yard relay team from Texas ran a record matching 41.1 to easily take first. The team of Smith, Prewit, Frieden, and Thomas beat second place Baylor by seven yards. Tom Rogers, 880-yard dash defending champ, and SMU ' s David Weaver ran one of the most torrid races of the day. Weaver set a fiery pace the whole way and had a five-yard lead through the final turn be- fore Rogers overcame him to set a new record of 1:52.1. The lone Texas victory in field events was Bob Billings ' winning form in the high jump. He eased over the cross bar at 6-6. The Longhorn cinder team copped their last first in the 2-mile run when Elbert Spence won out over SMU ' s Lenroy Lowe and teammate Inocensio Cantu. Lowe and Cantu finished in the same order. A climax to the thrill-an-event meet was the SMU- Texas battle for first in the mile relay. Robert Carson opened the event for the Longhorns with a 49.1 and gave the baton over to Jim Caruthers with a five-yard lead over SMU ' s Bobby Crooks. He held a three-yard advantage with a 49.1 and George Auld clipped off a 48.1 but fell a little behind as the Mustang ' s Weaver ran a blistering 47.7. The anchor lap was a dual between Don Morton, SMU, and Dick Foerster. The Pony sophomore started two- yards behind but turned it on in the back stretch to edge Foerster by four yards. Morton ran a 47.6; Foerster 48.1. EVENT 440-Yard Relay 440-Yard Dash 1-Mile Run 100-Yard Dash 120-Yard High Hurdles 220-Yard Dash 2-Mile Run 220-Yard Low Hurdles Mile Relay 880-Yard Run Javelin Shot Put High Jump Pole Vault Broad Jump Ties Conference Record New Conference Record SUMMARY WINNER TIME TEXAS 41.1 Morton, SMU 48.0 Blaine, Texas A M 4:17.5 Smith, TEXAS 9.5 Curtis, TCU 14.5 Thomas, TEXAS 21.1 Spence, TEXAS 9:28.9 Herod, Baylor 23.5 SMU 3:13.9 Rogers, TEXAS 1:52.1 Ritchey, TCU 199-41 2 Gross, Te xas A M 52-7 8 Billings, TEXAS 6-6 James, Rice 13-5 Vickery, Baylor 24-0 ROBERT CARSON GLENN HOFFMAN JAMES D. CARLTON JOHN E. NOVEY CHARLES RENFROE HENRY A. DICKSON Page 489 1954 TENNIS Texas netlers made it seven Southwest Conference crowns in a row with a perfect match record. The Longhorns went undefeated on the conference trail. They scored 30 points out of a possible 30 points. The Steers proved they were champs by sweeping the conference meet in doubles and singles. Johnny Hernandez and Tommy Springer, the ' 53 champions, downed Rice ' s Dale Miller and Robin Robinson, 2-6, 6-4, 6-0, 6-3. Hernandez dropped teammate Springer in singles 8-6, 6-1, 6-1. Texas whipped through their non-conference matches with a record of 5 wins and 1 loss. The lone defeat was at the hands of NCAA champions, Tulane. They opened their matches with a 6-0 victory over East Texas State. The Steers lost the following match to Tulane, 5-0. The Longhorns then started a four non- conference match winning streak when they blasted Central State of Oklahoma, 7-0. St. Mary ' s College was the next to fall before the rambling Texas squad, 7-0. The University of Houston took one match from the Orange and White before being bested 5-1. A 6-0 score over Oklahoma rounded out non-conference tennis play for the Longhorns. SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET SINGLES: Wilmer Allison, assistant coach and D. A. Penick, coach. Winner: Johnny Hernandez, Texas (8-6) (6-1) (6-1 Runner-Up: Tommy Springer, Texas DOUBLES: Winner: Johnny Hernandez and Tommy Springer, Texas (2-6) (6-4) (6-0) (6-3) Runner-Up: Dale Miller and Robin Robinson, Rice James Neal Blanton Harrison N. Bowes Eddie W. Chew Allan Keith Graham LETTERMEN Juan (Johnny) Hernandez James Hamilton Pruett RESERVE LETTERMEN Thomas A. McCampbell Jimmie V. Stovall SENIOR MANAGERIAL AWARD - Larry Godfrey Thomas H. Springer David W. Snyder Eddie W. Wong FINAL STANDINGS WON LOST Samuel Yandell Dorfman Samuel Giammalua Eitel Hugh Hahn Wendell Royce Hill FRESHMAN AWARDS Vernon Murray Jordan Karl Fred Kamrath Larry Dean Littlefield TEXAS Rice SMU TCU A M Baylor William Childress Montgomery Charles Eugene Russo James Terrell Townsend 30 22 19 11 8 8 11 19 22 30 FRONT ROW: Neal Blanton, Harrison N. Bowes, D. A. Penick, David Snyder, Johnny Hernandez. SECOND ROW: Wilmer Allison, Jim Pruett, Tommy Springer, Larry Godfrey, manager. Page 490 CHAMPIONS TEXAS 6 - TEXAS A M Texas defeated their arch rival, Texas A M, 6-0. Opening the stomp was Hernandez over Ronnie Wolff, 6-0, 6-3. Springer smashed Bill Ashburn, 6-1, 6-3. Snyder dumped Bob Kerr, 6-1, 6-3. Blanton closed out the single matches with a 6-4, 6-3 win over Frank Holbrook. Her- nandez and Springer teamed to take the number one double match easily over Wolff and Ashburn, 6-1, 6-2. Snyder and Blanton closed out the grand slam by taking Kerr and Holbrook, 6-1, 6-3. TEXAS 6 - RICE Texas netters opened the ' 54 conference race by trouncing the Rice Owls, 6-0. Dale Miller gave Hernandez a fight before the Texas netter edged him, 8-6, 7-5. Springer clipped Robin Robinson, 6-3, 6-4. Snyder dropped Rollin Russell, 7-5, 6-2. Bowes defeated John Zimmerman, 6-2, 6-1, in the number four singles match. Doubles were a lot easier for the Longhorns. Hernandez and Springer defeated Miller and Robinson, 6-1, 6-3. In the number two match Snyder and Bowes lost the day ' s only set to Russell and Zimmerman, 6-1, 2-6, 6-2. TEXAS 6 - BAYLOR Waco was the sight of the Texas stampede over the Bruins, 6-0. Hernandez opened the matches by taking Larry Goldbeck, 6-1, 6-0. John Ingouf fell victim to Spring- er, 6-1, 6-0. Snyder then blasted Sonny Richbourg, 6-0, 6-0. Pruett dumped Nash Love, 6-1, 6-1. The word " Long- horns " would explain the doubles matches. Hernandez and Springer dropped Goldbeck and Ingouf, 6-1, 6-0. Snyder and Pruett followed suit by trouncing Richbourg and Love, 6-0, 6-0. TEXAS 6 - TCU Rain drove the Longhorns and TCU to Gregory Gym where the Frogs were thoroughly defeated. Hernandez blasted Don Hardin, 6-0, 6-0. Springer followed up by dumping Lewis Gillespie, 6-1, 6-1. Snyder dropped Charles Gordon, 6-0, 6-0. Blanton was the only Longhorn to lose a set. He beat Ken Morton, 6-3, 4-6, 6-4. Hernandez and Springer led the way in doubles when they defeated Hardin and Gillespie, 6-4, 6-0. Snyder and Blanton followed the example in the number two match by defeating Gordon and Morton, 6-2, 6-2. TEXAS 6 - SMU Texas cinched the Southwest Conference title in tennis by shutting out SMU, 6-0. Hernandez downed Bob Wertheimer, 6-0, 6-3; Springer dropped Walton Miller, 6-3, 6-0; Snyder defeated Dick Davis, 6-0, 6-1; and Bowes came from behind to drop Jack Adams, 3-6, 6-2, 6-3. Doubles were no trouble to the Longhorns either. Hernandez and Springer teamed to blast Miller and Davis, 6-3, 6-1; and Snyder and Bowes defeated Wertheimer and Adams, 6-3, 6-1. JOHNNY HERNANDEZ THOMAS H. SPRINGER HARRISON N. BOWES DAVID W. SNYDER JAMES H. PRUETT JAMES NEAL BLANTON Page 491 1954 GOLF CHAMPIONS HARVEY PENICK, Coach The 1954 Texas links squad again sat on the Southwest Conference golf throne after having to play second fiddle to SMU last season. The Longhorns scored 28 points out of a possible 36 to take the crown. In the Southwest Conference individual championship, Texas ' Joe Golden took the crown with a 2-under par 278 total. He edged teammate Roane Puett by a single stroke. Golden had round scores of 68, 69, 71, and 70 to win the coveted champion- ship. The team was composed of Lee Pinkston, captain, Ray Leggett, Joe Golden, and Roane Puett. Lee Pinkston was the winner of the Massingale Trophy for the third straight year. This award is given to the holder of the lowest score in team qualifying matches. CONFERENCE STANDINGS WON LOST TEXAS 28 8 SMU 25 11 Baylor TCU 23 ' 2 17 ' 2 12 ' 2 18 ' 2 A M 14 22 Arkansas 13 ' 2 22 Vi Rice 4tt 31V2 LETTERMEN Joe Bob Golden Raymond Leggett Davis Love Lee Pinkston Roane Puett Theodore (Teddy) White MATCH SCORES Texas 6 A M Texas 6 Rice Texas 3 Arkansas 3 Texas 5 ' 2 SMU Vi Texas 4 Baylor 2 Texas 3 ' 2 TCU 2Vi FRESHMAN AWARDS Kirby Attwell Don Danvers, Jr. Vince Cecil Minter Marshall Hylon Pengra FRONT ROW: Raymond Leggett, Lee Pinkston, Davis Love. SECOND ROW: Roane Puett, Teddy White, Joe Bob Golden. JOE BOB GOLDEN, Champion Page 492 FENCING In their first competition in the AFLA prep three weapon meet at A M March 13th, Larry Anderson and Tommy O ' Donnell advanced to the semi-final round of foil competition before being eliminated. Anderson returned to place third in epee, and in saber, O ' Donnell tied for first and Tommy Ashcraft placed third. The following week-end on March 20th in the AFLA novice meet at Houston, Jimmie Parker placed second, David Campbell fourth, and Bill Routh sixth in foil. Parker won second in epee and Campbell was sixth. Then Texas swept the sabor bouts with Parker winning first, Ashcraft third and O ' Donnell sixth. On March 27 at Houston in the Open Foil meet, Texas won first place in both club and college divisions. Texas upset the Galveston team which had won the championship for 13 years in a row. The Texas " B " team defeated the Aggies who had always been runner-up to Galveston. In the individual matches Bill Routh and Bing Davis were not eliminated until the semi-final round. Texas finished its pre-season competition in a dual meet with A M at Austin, April 3rd. Texas edged the Aggies 14-15, beating them for the first time in 5 years. David Campbell and Jimmie Parker paced the foil team, and Tommy Ashcraft and Tommy O ' Donnell added the final victories in saber. LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Roger L. Scarborough, James Stevenson. SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE Handicapped by only one returning letterman, the Longhorns could not compete with the seasoned Aggies as A M won the team championship for the second year in a row at Houston, May 8th. The young team managed to edge an unusually powerful Rice team for second place. Texas ' brilliant but erratic foil team, undefeated all year, was beaten by A M 6 matches to 3, but found the range and blasted Rice 7-2. Captain Jimmie Parker started slowly against the Aggies and then whitewashed the Owls 3-0 to win individual first place with an over all score of 7-2. The Longhorns could win only 3 matches from the undefeated Aggies epee team, and then Rice edged Texas 5-4. Only David Campbell managed to grab an honor for Texas by winning individual second place in this weapon. In the final bouts of saber, Rice unexpectedly upset the Aggies 7-2 and Texas 6-3. Texas in its last team match against A M needed 3 wins to edge Rice. Tommy O ' Donnell, Tommy Ashcraft, and Larry Anderson won four matches and backed into second place with 34 wins to the Aggies ' 42 and Rice ' s 32. FOIL David E. Ca mpbell Ernst M. Davis Jimmie C. Parker Fred Flinn Simmons LETTERMEN EPEE Larry M. Anderson David E. Campbell Jimmie C. Parker Fred Flinn Simmons RESERVE LETTERMAN Bill Irven Routh (Foil) SABER Larry W. Anderson Tommy Lee Ashcraft Thomas J. O ' Donnell Jimmie C. Parker Coaches Assistant Coach Manager J. ROGER L. SCARBOROUGH THOMAS EDWARD BARLOW JAMES STEVENSON RICHARD LEE DICKSON LEFT TO RIGHT: Thomas J. O ' Donnell, David E. Campbell, Fred Flynn Simmons, Tommy Lee Ashcraft, Bill Irven Routh, Jimmie C. Parker, Larry M. Anderson, Ernst M. Davis, Richard Lee Dickson. Page 493 U TS AM EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE LEFT TO RIGHT: Dave Alter, Executive Secretary; Eric Greenfield, President; Albert Rooker, 1st Vice-President; Albert Cox, 2nd Vice-President. HANDBALL CLUB FRONT ROW: Albert H. Cox, Dwain McDonald. BACK ROW: Bill Bonham, Jack Davis, Bill Fritts, John Evans. TABLE TENNIS CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Van Zant, Chucin Lee, Lamar Evans, Alfred Cho, Louis Roach, Allen Inks, Edward Gangi. GYMNASTICS CLUB FRONT ROW: James Dickson, Darrell Jones, Sidney Soukup, Richie Brandt, Harry Douthit. BACK ROW: John Anderson, Jim Hetherly, Harley Clark, Jerry Milan, Julian Kornfeld, Bill Miller. r $ r ?v. WRESTLING CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Riess, Melvin Blumberg, Fred Sewell, George Sewell, Buck Bonner, Richard Foretich, Meyer Witt. SOFTBALL CLUB FRONT ROW: James Ross, James Byerly, John Wright, Jim Rogers, Ed Luskey, Jerry Tomsu, Werner Rohm. BACK ROW: George Petrus, Joe Foster, C. B. Sumrall, Kenyan Conoley, Ross Vick, William Bond, A. A. Sonny Rooker. Page 494 WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL MANAGERS FRONT ROW: Barbara Ann Callaway, Carole Lyn Ferguson, Rosemary Austin, Mary Margaret Schmitz, Carole Newberry, Gwendolyn Geneva Quillian. SECOND ROW: Mamie Pipkin (Assistant Director), Eleanor Preston, Phyllis Green, Mary Frances Watkins, Waneen Wyrick, Betty Ruth Bunge, Betty J. Winborn. THIRD ROW: Lydia Ann Motal, Mary Ogden Schultz, Patricia Anne Sinclair, Nancy Ellen Quinn, Ruth Elinor Wilson, Joyce Coleman. INTRAMURAL SPORTS RESULTS 1953-1954 WINNERS First Place Second Place Third Place First Place Second Place Third Place Fourth Place CHI OMEGA ALPHA CHI OMEGA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA HONORABLE MENTIONS DELTA ZETA KAPPA ALPHA THETA PI BETA PHI ZETA TAU ALPHA PARTICIPATION AWARD WINNERS ALPHA CHI OMEGA DELTA ZETA ALPHA OMICRON PI GAMMA PHI BETA CHI OMEGA KAPPA ALPHA THETA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Best Manager Award KAPPA ALPHA THETA Page 496 ORANGE BRACKET TOUCH FOOTBALL WHITE BRACKET WINNERS: KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA FRONT ROW: Sara Billups, Kay Roberts, Sue Eckhardt, Joan Neason, Grace Long, Scottie Gail Stevenson. SECOND ROW: Judith Anderson, Sally Snider, Carole Newberry, Marilyn Graves, Lois Crain, Elleanor Fondren, Helen Thomason, Nancy Reeves, Barbara Roane. RUNNERS-UP: ALPHA CHI OMEGA THIRD ROW: Betty Gray, Jane Moody, Mary Hugh Colley, Barbara Lynn Miller, Barbara Beggs, Sally Ann Thompson, Barbara Jones, Margaret Barton, Sidney Johnson, Sue McMacken, Ann Morgan, Zelma Etheridge. WINNERS: DELTA GAMMA FRONT ROW: Jo Ann Roberts, Sue Ann Follerton, Carol Mims, Jane Neill, Nancy Jay Fiske, Peggy Caldiera. SECOND ROW: Marinell Brooks, Mary Wilmouth Douglas, Florence Scarbrough, Jeannette Scott, Mary Rebecca Walker, Martha Jeanne Roddy. RUNNERS-UP: KAPPA ALPHA THETA THIRD ROW: Lynne Collins, Kathleen Emilie Karback, Judy Lupton Woodson, Diane McFarland, (Catherine Ann Richards, Sheryl Ann McKelvy, Dorothy Jean Evans, Margili Sykes, I. Ann Zuehl. DECK TENNIS DOUBLES LEFT TO RIGHT: (Runner-Up) Jane Borneman, Pat Berry, Chi Omega; (Winners) Camile Newberry, Carole Newberry, Kappa Kappa Gamma. SWIMMING WHITE BRACKET ,. 4 WINNERS-TIE: CHI OMEGA FRONT ROW: Annette Katinka Askew, Beverly Jule Newby, Cynthia Lou Sandahl, Judith Ford, Betty Carol Mauk, Carolyn Sue Green. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Ann Hubbard, Mary Louise Dring, Shirley Ann Stillinger, Mary Jo Eisemann, Harriett Castle Harris. WINNERS-TIE: PI BETA PHI FRONT ROW: Sidney Elizabeth Howell, Peggy Anne Pattillo, Harriett Carter Godley, Eleanor Katherine Greer, Marion Elizabeth Bailey. SECOND ROW: Nancy Paxton Moody, Mary Ann Settegast, Emma Leigh Ansley, Patricia Anne Sinclair, Nan C. Bray. WINNERS: DELTA DELTA DELTA FRONT ROW: Carol Settegast, Diane Derrick, Wilma Agnes Sandel, Sarah Jane English, Ruth Elinor Wilson, Margaret Ann McKenzie, Rie Charlott Booth. WINNERS: ALPHA CHI OMEGA SECOND ROW: Barbara Ann Beggs, Mary Kate Wendler, Sally Ann Thompson, Mary Elizabeth Anderson, Verree Zelma Etheredge. Page 497 ORANGE BRACKET BASKETBALL WHITE BRACKET WINNERS: DELTA ZETA FRONT ROW: Phyllis Foote, Carole Billingsley, Barbara Leonard, Lois Jean Feagin, Meta Mogford. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Jutzi, Florence Henry, Jennis Tuck- er, Ann Collette, Virginia Carter, Pat Brown. RUNNERS-UP: KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA THIRD ROW: Pat Woodson, Camile Newberry, Seattle Gail Stevenson, Sue Eckhart, Carole Newberry, Kay Bon- neau. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Reeves, Elleanor Fondren, Helen Thomason, Sally Snider, Sara Billups, Lucille Pritchard. WINNERS: BAPTIST STUDENT UNION FRONT ROW: Helen Elder, Patsy Miller, Sonia Clark, Joy Uzzle. SECOND ROW: Pat McDonald, Barbara McKinney, Nancy Lee. RUNNERS-UP: ALPHA DELTA PI THIRD ROW: Rosemary Austin, Frances Rugeley, Helen Bohn, Patsy Coleman, Nancy Jacobs, Yvonne Gebhard, Frances Struhall. ORANGE BRACKET VOLLEYBALL WHITE BRACKET RUNNERS-UP: DELTA ZETA FRONT ROW: Lois Jean Feagin, Jan McManus, Dorothy Dur- renberger, Virginia Cator. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Foote, Carole Billingsley, Meta Mog- ford, C. Jennis Tucker, Marianna Forrest. WINNERS: ALPHA CHI OMEGA THIRD ROW: Betty Gray, Mary Hugh Colley, Zelma Etheridge, Barbara Nigh, Sue Yankie, Sylvia Burum, Barbara Beggs, Jane Moody. RUNNERS-UP: ALPHA GAMMA DELTA FRONT ROW: Jo Mary Walters, Barbara Moxon, Jo Ann Abrahamson, Betty Bunge. SECOND ROW: Joyce Pritchett, Tharon Nelson, Bobbie Fischer, Jeanine Smith. WINNERS: LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION THIRD ROW: Lucille Blum, Melrose Knebel, Elvie Lou Luetge, Bobbi Schroeder. FOURTH ROW: Marie Davis (Referee), Pat Wolf, Charlene Eckert, Patsy- Flachmer, LaVerne Voelkel, Claudette Freeman, Joyce Coleman (Referee). Page 498 GOLF LEFT TO RIGHT: (Third Place) Sallie Fetter, CO-OPS; (First Place) C. Jennis Tucker, DELTA ZETA; (Fourth Place) Helen Thomason, KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA; (Second Place) Barbara A. Beggs, ALPHA CHI OMEGA. POSTURE Dauris Jackson, AAA (Winner), Barbara Waters, T t B (Winner), Martha Cloyes, ZTA (Winner), Bobbie Schmidt, AXQ (Runner-Up), Jane Reber, AAA (Runner-Up), Sonia Wolf, KKG (Runner-Up). SHUFFLEBOARD DOUBLES FRONT ROW: (Runners-up) Patricia M. Stone, Bonnie Sue Dillworth, ZETA TAU ALPHA. SECOND ROW: (Winners) June K. Shell, Betty Virginia Watson, KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA. TENNIS DOUBLES LEFT TO RIGHT: (Winners) Betty Lee Gray, Patricia Lee Koepke; ALPHA CHI OMEGA; (Runners-Up) Katherine Gordon Harrison, Jane Zimmer, KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA. Page 499 SOFTBALL ORANGE BRACKET RUNNERS-UP: CO-OPS FRONT ROW: Frances L. Lester, Shirley Mae Langston, Joyce Coleman, Marie Davis. SECOND ROW: Norma J. Brock, Patsy R. Hassman, Mary Frances Whatley, Janet Holder. WINNERS: DELTA ZETA THIRD ROW: Meta Mogford, Marianna Forrest, Carole Billingsley, Lois Jean Feagin, Cora Jennis Tucker. FOURTH ROW: Susan Homsy, Mary Frances Watkins, Florence Henry, Virginia Cator, Carol Ann Rein- hackel. SOFTBALL WHITE BRACKET WINNERS: PI BETA PHI FRONT ROW: Pat Robinson, Patricia Sinclair, Virginia Boberg, Carol Henderson, Margaret Nolin. SECOND ROW: Rosetta McGregor, Emma Leigh Ansley, June Neel, Peggy Anne Pattillo, Mar- thanne Hodges. RUNNERS-UP: ALPHA PHI THIRD ROW: Carol Grimes, Jo Pat Wickline, Patsy Sue Millikan, Barbara Bassett, Dorothy Angus. FOURTH ROW: Jody Maltsberger, Joan Mueller, Carol Tidwell, Shirley Thompkins, Ruth Ann Pojman. FENCING WINNER: BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Waneen Wyrick RUNNER-UP: BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Priscilla Walker BADMINTON DOUBLES LEFT TO RIGHT: (Winners) Mary Hugh Colley, Betty Gray, ALPHA CHI OMEGA; (Runners-Up) Marie Davis, Joyce Coleman, CO-OPS. Page 500 WHITE BRACKET BOWLING ORANGE BRACKET 1ST PLACE: KAPPA ALPHA THETA FRONT ROW: Sheryl Ann McKelvy, Barbara Kathryn Etchison, Diane McFar- land, Marietta Collier Watson, Anne Elizabeth Wise. 4TH PLACE: ALPHA OMICRON PI SECOND ROW: Eleanor C. Rosen, Frances Hall, Lu Ann Allen, Martha Mere- dith Shillito, Ann Barker. 2ND PLACE: ZETA TAD ALPHA THIRD ROW: Sally E. Tucker, Mary Virginia Jenull, Carroll Morris, Martha Jean Parks. 3RD PLACE: DELTA GAMMA FOURTH ROW: Frances Ann Naismith, Virginia Walker, Jo Ann Roberts, Jaynet Catterton, Mary Rebecca Walker. 2ND PLACE: GAMMA PHI BETA FRONT ROW: Jo Ann Burroughs, Betty Lou Pendergraft, Cynthia Armsworth, Barbara Schmitt, Betty Bettis. 1ST PLACE: DELTA ZETA SECOND ROW: C. Jennis Tucker, Florence Evelyn Henry, Mary Frances Wat- kins, Alice Joyce Reynolds, Carole Anne Billingsley. 4TH PLACE: CHI OMEGA THIRD ROW: Lanelle Lutz, Jan Theimer, Shirley Stillenger, Carolyn Green, Jane Ann Borneman. 3RD PLACE: PI BETA PHI (NOT PICTURED) TABLE TENNIS SINGLES LEFT TO RIGHT: (Runner-Up) Nancy McAfee Hall, ALPHA DELTA PI; (Winner) Shirley Ruth Sternberg, HILLEL. ARCHERY LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Margaret Miller KA0 (First); Beverly Bihn AAA; Cecilia Longaker IIB 1 ; Margy Wright KA(- (Second); Mary Oliver KKG. Not pictured: Carolyn Patten AAII BADMINTON SINGLES LEFT TO RIGHT: (Runner-Up) Jane Zimmer, KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA; (Winner) Betty L. G ray, ALPHA CHI OMEGA. TENNIS SINGLES RUNNER-UP: ALPHA CHI OMEGA, Betty L. Gray. WINNER: CHI OMEGA, Mary Margaret Schmitz. Page 501 U.T.S.A. COUNCIL FRONT ROW: Bernadine Nixon, Cynthia Armsworth, Sonia Wolf. SECOND ROW: Jane Kneip, Carole Newberry. THIRD ROW: Isabelle Burow, Peggy Rowland. FOURTH ROW: Judy Phelps, Martha Taylor. FIFTH ROW: Charlotte Booth, Sally Fetter. SIXTH ROW: Rowena Kimmey, Leta Pate SEVENTH ROW: Anna Kiss, Mary Rostrom, Helen Ainsworth, Nancy Ainsworth, Betty Gray. COUNCIL President SONIA WOLF Vice-President CYNTHIA ARMSWORTH Secretary SCHATZIE NIXON Treasurer CAROLE NEWBERRY Members-at-Large JANE KNEIP PEGGY ROWLAND Advisor . . ANNA HISS CLUB Bow and Arrow Canter Poona Racket Strike and Spare Tee louche Triggerettes Tumle Turtle CLUB LEADERS AND SPONSORS LEADER MARY MILLER ISABELLE BUROW JUDITH PHELPS BETTY GRAY MARY ROSTROM SALLIE FETTER BETH YORKE LETA ANN PATE MARTHA TAYLOR CHARLOTTE BOOTH SPONSOR DOROTHY THOMPSON BETTY THOMPSON VIRGINIA VIRTUE CAROLYN WILLIAMS SHIELA O ' GARA EDDIE JOCONNELL LETA WALTER HELEN WINDHAM FRANCES McNEELY CARRIE LEE WARREN MARY E. RISLEY Page 502 TURTLE CLUB CANTER CLUB FRONT ROW: Dorothy Whitty, Mary Hugh Colley, Rosemary Austin, Bobbie Neel Schmidt, Cheryl Tonroy, Barbara Richards, Barbara Peagler, Dee Croft, Helen Katherine Cowan, Judith Anderson, Joan Hertz, Barbara Aurelia Tempte, Birdie Mathews, Nancy McDonough. SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Wathins, Peggy Patillo, Cynthia Sloat, Penny Pender- graft, Angela Caldwell, Carolyn Middleton, Mary Maynard, Shirley Valentine, Meta Mogford, Sandra Cambie, Shirley More, Sybil Bruch, Louanne Atkins, Shirley Rogers. THIRD ROW: Margaret Mangum, Barbara Kennedy, Gayle Anderson, Gail Brit- tingham, Celia Buchan, Sandra Stout, Marion Bailey, Kay Butler, Helen Ann Bohn, Mary Jane Granath, Barbara Lee, Mary E. Risley, Charlotte Booth, Jane Kneip, Shirley Stillinger, Sally Snider, Fanelle Logue, Ann Richards, Phyllis Hoff, Phyllis Foote, Margili Syres, Eleanor Preston, Jane Cleever, Mary Elizabeth Risley, Sponsor. FRONT ROW: Nancy Moody, Suzette D ' Ayson, JoAnn Fawlkner, Kay Emmons, Virginia Virtue, Elizabeth Ann Orman, Joan Eggers, Ann Orr. SECOND ROW: Elice Lightfoot, Isabelle Burow, Margaret Keefauver, Nancy Neill, Virginia Virtue, Sponsor. POONA TUMLE FRONT ROW: Edith Nunley, Catherine Rogowski, Cynthia Armsworth, Wanda Rice, Carolyn Williams, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Moley, Ernestine Glossbrenner, Frances Montfoot, Mary Katherine Purl. THIRD ROW: Rebecca Walker, Wilhelmena Carter, Patricia Seeley, Joyce Cole- man, Marie Davis. FRONT ROW: C. Lee Warren, Sponsor, Camille Newberry, Gloria Coffin, Martha L. Taylor, Sybil Bruck, Sandy Settegast. SECOND ROW: Shirley Coffin, Shirley Lang, Jo Veta Jones, Sonya Stenzel, Linda Krenek, Joy VanZandt, Joan Scott, Ann Hunt. STRIKE AND SPARE FRONT ROW: Deje Dailey, Lois Ann Flesh, Joan Provus, Helaine Goldstein, Lois Bernstein, Maureen Merson, Betty Sheinbeg. SECOND ROW: JoAnn Burroughs, Wilma Sandel, Baily Ginsberg, Geri Epstein, Shirley Golden, Dottie Polunsky, Sharlene Goltzman, Irene Lewis, Carolyn Andrews. THIRD ROW: Dottie Whirry, Eddie Jo Cornell, Sponsor, Martha Brouse, Helen Schafer, Joyce Reynolds, Pat Estess, Betty Rheubotham, Mary Rostrom, Nancy Rheubotham, Penny Pendergraft. BOW AND ARROW TOUCHE FRONT ROW: Peggy Anthony, Eileen Buckley, Jerry Hatch, Tela Longaker, Carleen Harper. SECOND ROW: Jo Ann Smith, Phyllis Green, Marion Sowell, Dorothy Thompson, Victoria Chushcoff, Nancy Ains worth. THIRD ROW: Mary Miller, Barbara Barnes, Dot Anderson, Mary Margaret Tipton, Cordelia Rugeley, Eugenia Hill. FRONT ROW: Helen Ainsworth, Eleanor Gree, Scottie Stevenson, Beth Yorke. SECOND ROW: Margo Frazier, Helen Thomason, Dee Dee Knapp, Rozanne Ritch, Carole Newberry, Kathy Kelley, Mozelle Hampton, Helen Windham. TEE FRONT TO BACK: Sue Morse, Pat Goodwin, June Lewis, JoMary Walter, Jane Farguhar. BACK ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Leta Walter, Ann Hoyt, Gretchen Wendelborn, Emily Beall, Martha Hopkins, Sallie Fetter. TRIGGERETTES RACKET T O PL w m i FRONT ROW: Betty Davis, Shirley Cannon, Mariella Smith, Kitty Smith. SECOND ROW: Leta Ann Pate, Joan Dumbald, Mary Willingham, Barbara Ballard, Joyce Bander. THIRD ROW: Frances McNeely, Claudette Freeman, Janet Hutchings, Nancy Chambers, Suszanne Weaver, Sgt. E. D. Cline. FRONT ROW: Kitty Harrison, Kay Bonneau, Cynthia Heath, Mary Thompson, Alice Holden, Jean Brownlee. SECOND ROW: Sally Chore, Mary Margaret Schmitz, Helen Thomason, Carole Newberry, Elizabeth Glass, Mary Rebecca Walker, Videlle Rux, Prudence Brown, Martha Roddy. THIRD ROW: Nancy Quinn, Pat Sinclair, Mary Hugh Colley, Eleanor Manual. FOURTH ROW: Paddy Koepke, Betty Gray, Shiela O ' Gara. Page 504 CO-RECREATION WINNERS: DELTA ZETA MIXED SOFTBALL FRONT ROW: C. Jennis Tucker, Virginia Cator, Carole Ann Billingsley, Phyllis Jean Foote, Meta Louise Mogford, Arno Nowotny. (Dean of Student Life). SECOND ROW: George Petrus, Max Smith, Larry Fagin, Jerry Tomju. RUNNERS-UP: B.S.U. FRONT ROW: Waneen Wyrick, Elizabeth M. Glass, Laverne Clifton. Carole Newberry, Helen Thomason. SECOND ROW: Fred O ' Conner, Ben Glass, David McGlamery, Clarenca Yarbrough. WINNERS: KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA LEFT TO RIGHT: Philip Ransopher, Helen Louise Thomason, James Howard Warren, Carole Newberry, Guy Elliott Blackmar, Ellanor Ann Fondren. MIXED VOLLEYBALL RUNNERS-UP: WESLEY FOUNDATION FRONT ROW: Barbara Pootius, Sarah Stamps, Madelyn Robichauz. SECOND ROW: Douglas Tinker, Charles Dawson, Alan Carmichael. MIXED TENNIS FRONT ROW: (Winners) Cyn- thia Heath, Carl Lambert ZETA TAU ALPHA. SECOND ROW: (Runners-Up) John Miller, Mary Margaret Schmitz CHI OMEGA. MIXED TABLE TENNIS RUNNERS-UP: HILLEL LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirley Sternberg, Alfred C. F. Cho. WINNERS: CHINESE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION LEFT TO RIGHT: Samuel Liu, Ming-Yu Wang Chu. MIXED BOWLING FRONT ROW: (RUNNERS-UP) Archie Heimer, Cynthia Armsworth, Anne Burroughs, Leslie Dedeke GAMMA PHI BETA. SECOND ROW: (WINNERS) Clyde Elbert Milstead, Carole Billingsley. Joyce Reynolds, Milton Molhusen DELTA ZETA. MIXED BADMINTON LEFT TO RIGHT: (RUNNERS-UP) James Buchmeyer, Edith Nunley, Co-Ops; (WINNERS) Betty Lee Gray. James Richard Calder. ALPHA CHI OMEGA Page 505 MEN ' S 1NTRAMURAIS At the annual spring Row Wow, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Oak Grove, and the McCracken Mullets were named winners of the all-year trophies. The runners-up were Kappa Sigma, Brunette House, and AIME. Winners of the Sportsmanship Trophies were Charles Lynch, the Frank Evins Trophy; Sigma Alpha Mu, the Bill Johnson Sportsmanship Trophy; and Theleme, the Cowboys Sportsmanship Trophy. The best all-around intramural athletes were named as Bill Bonham, Delta Tau Delta, Fraternity Division; W. Carroll Wilson, McCracken Mullets, Independent Division; and Max Smith, Oak Grove, Club Division. Jerry Johnson, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Robert Baruck, Tau Delta Phi; and Charles McCollum, Delta Kappa Epsilon were named as Senior Managers for the 1954-55 year. This year ' s Senior Managers are David Alter, Delta Tau Delta; Jack Rattikin, Sigmu Nu; and Richard Adair, Delta Upsilon. SENIOR MANAGERS David Alter, Delta Tau Delta; Jack Rattikin, Sigma Nu; Richard Adair, Delta Upsilon. JUNIOR MANAGERS SITTING: George Petrus, Harry Ward, Dick Furr, Robert Baruck. STANDING: Charles McCollum, David McGin- nis, Neal Murphy, Gerald Johnson. TROPHY WINNERS FRONT ROW: (Winners) Doug Hart, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Fraternity Division; Dwain Mc- Donald, McCracken, Independent Division; Joe Ed Smith, Oak Grove, Club Division. BACK ROW: (Runners-Up) Charles Pierce, Kappa Sigma, Fraternity Division; Charles Lynch, Brunette House, Independent Division; John Diller, AIME, Club Division. SPORTSMANSHIP TROPHY WINNERS Charles Lynch, Brunette House, Frank Evins Sportsmanship Trophy; Charles Stahl, Theleme, Cowboys Sportsmanship Trophy; Howard Jacobs, Sigma Alpha Mu, Wm. (Bill) Johnson Sportsmanship Trophy. Page 506 CLASS A TENNIS SINGLES RUNNER-UP: Eddie Wong, CSA. CHAMP: Neal Blanton, DELTA KAPPA EPSILON. TENNIS DOUBLES CLASS A CHAMPION: Carl Lambert, John MacMillian, AIEE. CLASS A RUNNER-UP: Don Arnett, Franklin Spears, KAPPA ALPHA. BOWLING CLASS B CHAMP: Carl Lambert, AIEE. RUNNER-UP: Franklin Spears, KAPPA ALPHA. CLASS B CHAMPION: Max Smith, John Knaggs, OAK GROVE. CHAMPS CAMPUS GUILD FRONT ROW: R. Sharp, P. McDonald. SECOND ROW: A. Carmichael, L. Johnson, B. Scott. Page 507 DELTA TAU DELTA RUNNER-UP FRONT ROW: Jim Fuller, Roy Jack McCarrol. SECOND ROW: Curtis Roberts, Howard York, George Nowotny. CLASS A TOUCH FOOTBALL OAK GROVE CHAMPS FRONT ROW: G. Appelt, J. Cox, M. Smith, H. Howard. SECOND ROW: J. Tomsu, J. Knaggs, J. Larkin, R. Gonzalez, C. Perry, J. Travis, L. Halamicek. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON RUNNER-UP FRONT ROW: G. Millard, R. Tynes, L. Douty, P. Green. SECOND ROW: P. Jones, R. Gilmore, R. Tolar, B. Chap- man, B. Scott, R. Gregg. TABLE TENNIS RUNNER-UP: Walid Sami, ABAZA. CHAMP: Bill Bonham, DELTA TAU DELTA. CLASS A VOLLEYBALL DELTA TAU DELTA CHAMPS FRONT ROW: T. Eckert, B. Voekel, J. Davis. SECOND ROW: B. Bonham, C. Roberts, B. Penn, C. Werkenthin. Page 508 OAK GROVE RUNNER-UP FRONT ROW: J. Tomsu, L. Halamicek, M. C. Perry, J. Knaggs. SECOND ROW: J. McCoy, J. Cox, G. Petrus, M. Smith. CLASS B TOUCH FOOTBALL KAPPA SIGMA CHAMPS FRONT ROW: M. Vandervoot, G. Bruce, T. Heister, J. Dulaney, J. Durkee, B. Bourland. SECOND ROW: W. Johnson, D. Volz, B. Sharpe, M. Rowe. B. Thornton, R. Rawson, F. Burck, B. Applewhite, D. Fennekohl. OAK GROVE RUNNER-UP FRONT ROW: J. McCoy, B. Kvinta, G. Perrus, K. Read, S. Shannon, G. Blackwell, J. Pfeiff. SECOND ROW: R. Gustwick, J. Smith, B. Reynolds, J. Boerner, C. Hall, F. Gonzalez, R. Gonzalez, L. Bell, R. Morgan, B. Harris. SQUASH CHAMPION: Joe Davis, DELTA TAU DELTA. RUNNER-UP: Abe Kellner, HILLEL. CLASS B VOLLEYBALL DELTA TAU DELTA CHAMPS FRONT ROW: G. Teague, L. Schmucker, J. Immel. BACK ROW: J. Glidden, B. Brodnax, J. Wymer. Page 509 BETA THETA PI RUNNER-UP FRONT ROW: Edgar Fischer, Lester Koether, Harold O ' Dell. SECOND ROW: Clinton Citzler, Edwin Gassman, J. Rus- sel Tinsley. SOFTBALL - CLASS A CHAMPIONS - BETA THETA PI FRONT ROW: Nick Bailey, Colbert Glenn, Ken Pape, Jim Templeton. BACK ROW: Phil Ronsopher, Ross Vick, Fred Blackmar, Jim Pfau, Jim Warren. RUNNER-UPS - PEM CLUB FRONT ROW: Don Barton, James McVey, Coleman Bailey, Bunny Andrews, Pat Patterson, Pat C. Pennington. BACK ROW: Bill Thurman, Hugh Peebles, Joe Corley, Barry Nettles, Bill Herron, Bob Jameson. HORSE SHOES GOLF SINGLES CHAMPION: Walter Nolan, Mariners. CHAMPION: Roane Puett, Phi Kappa Psi. RUNNER-UP: Kirby Atwell, Kappa Sigma. CHAMPION - KAPPA SIGMA FRONT ROW: Charles Boyd, Bob Thornton, Bridge McDonnald, Joe Russo, Carl Lee. BACK ROW: Dick Bourland, Bill Long, Pete Gardere, Larry Sikes, Don Spafford. RUNNERS-UP - SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Doug Hart, Toby Yawles, Charles R. Gregg, Pat Jones, Ronnie Tynes. Page 510 SOFTBALL - CLASS B CHAMPIONS - PHI GAMMA DELTA FRONT ROW: Carl Brumley, Harold Brumley, Harry Sharpless, Robert L. Browning, Julio La Guarta. BACK ROW: Charles Frazier, Wilson Coyley, Ed Adams, Jack Sowell, Bill Shafer. RUNNERS-UP - BRACKENRIDGE FRONT ROW: Gene Pope, Haldean Shaw, Louis Hamilton, Dan Nobles, Earl Mickey, Rex Hawell. BACK ROW: Ronald Jones, Bill Whitter, Buddy Vagas, Glen Pierce, Tom Blakely, Bobby McClendon, Frank Russo. CLASS A HANDBALL SINGLES CLASS B CHAMPION: Jack W. Davis, Moneyhon. RUNNER-UP: Dick Roberson, Austin Club. CHAMPION: Bill Fritts, Heritics. RUNNER-UP: John S. Evans, Beta Theta Pi. WATER POLO CHAMPIONS PHI GAMMA DELTA FRONT ROW: Warren Hemphill, Robert L. Wood, Bob Bohn, Bill Erskine, Harry Sharpless. BACK ROW: Sam Crowther, Bob Fowler, Jack Voyles, Jack Little, Bill Deruck, John Tottenham. RUNNERS-UP - OAK GROVE FRONT ROW: Scott McGall, George Petrus, John Cox, Max Smith, Ben Reynolds. BACK ROW: Clem Perry, George Robenson, Frank Gonzales, Bob Gustwick, Bob Coughlin, John Knaggs. Page 511 BASKETBALL - CLASS A CHAMPIONS - BRUNETTE HOUSE FRONT ROW: Ralph Christiansen, Arthur Bell, Charles Lynch, Nelson Stubblefield. BACK ROW: Elton Cox, David Rillings, Bobby Green, Gaither Hartley. RUNNERS-UP - SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON FRONT ROW: Marshall Harrell, Pat Jones. BACK ROW: Ronnie Tynes, Lee Douty, Tom Wharton, Doug Hart. BADMINTON SINGLES CHAMPION: James R. Colder. SWIMMING CHAMPION - PHI GAMMA DELTA FRONT ROW: Skippy Bohn, Bob Wood, Graham Wilson. BACK ROW: Harry Sharpless, Bob Fowler, Ray Kimsey, Neson Burt. RUNNERS-UP - DELTA TAU DELTA FRONT ROW: John Jacoby, Mack Lynn, Larry Lynn. BACK ROW: David Williams, John Wymer, Fred Nagle. Page 512 BASKETBALL - CLASS B I A I l Iw VI Mi ' W i i m - ' HAITk. CHAMPIONS - MARINERS FRONT ROW: D. J. Wajek, Ben Baty. BACK ROW: Eugene Russell, Paul Jones, Carl Aalund, Clif- ford Youngblood, James Kachtick. RUNNERS-UP - BETA THETA PI Tom Cluuinan, Bradley Phair, Bob Fischer, Glen Moore, Jim Pfau. GOLF D OUBLES RUNNERS-UP: Lambda Chi Alpha - Dick Oden (Not pictured), and Walter Guttman. CHAMPIONS: Sigma Alpha Mu - Jerry Wais- man, and Robert Siegel. CLASS A HANDBALL DOUBLES CLASS B LEFT TO RIGHT: CHAMPIONS: James Scurlock and Marshall Clegg. RUNNERS-UP: Preston Tillery and Kenneth Gene Patton. CHAMPS: Dick Robertson, Ed Lynn. RUNNERS-UP: Burt Cox, Charles Atchison, Beta Theta Pi. Page 513 WRESTLING 147 LB. CLASS C. A. Rundell, Kappa Sigma, Champion Lindsay Phillips, Mariners, Runner-up ' 137 LB. CLASS John Strieber, Lambda Chi Alpha, Runner-up Don Mcllyar, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Champion 191 CLASS John Copeland, Champion UNLIMITED CLASS Ben Woodwon, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Champion Dick Lipson, Theleme, Runner-up 123 LB. CLASS Maya Simon, Twin Pines, Runner-up John Stobaugh, Champion 177 LB. CLASS Richard Foretich, Robinson Rebels, Champion Robert L. Coughlin, Oak Grove, Runner-up 130 LB. CLASS Melvin Blumberg, Campus Guild, Champion Herbert Johnson, Runner-up 157 LB. CLASS Robert Coffee, Phi Gamma Delta, Champion George Sewell, Sigma Chi, Runner-up 167 LB. CLASS David Sweeney, Runner-up Rufus Duncan, Phi Delta Theta, Champion 6 Page 515 -A- NAME INDEX PAGES NAME PAGES NAME NAME PAGES Aalund, Carl Viggo 186, 237, 453, 513 Aalund, Leo R 29 Aaron, Marc la Cae 382 Aaronson, Terry Ann 78, 383 Abbott, Robert L 431 Abdennour, Samir J 1 24 Abel, Donald Ray 92, 124 Abernathy, Bobby F 245, 310 Abernathy, George E 191 Abernathy, Mark Eugene .78, 241, 338 Abernathy, Robert Briggs 64 Ablon, Joan Irene 64, 248, 337 Abouhalkah, Tam in All 26, 389 Abrahamson, Joanne 356, 498 Abramson, Clarence Allen 391 Abramson, Morris Kaplan ....78, 425 Abramson, Stanley Martin 390 Abrego, Sara Ann 29, 123, 371 ACACIA 388, 389 A CAPPELLA CHOIR 250 Acker, William Mays 434 Acock, Robert H., Jr 202 Acord, Herbert Kent, Jr 78, 174 Acosta, Jesus 29, 333 Adair, Billy Roy 175 Adair, Richard Fraine ..64, 176, 232, 407, 506 Adam, Sheila 92 Adam, Wayne Mott 78, 186, 309, 423 Adamcik, Joe Alfred 426 Adams, Alexander 29, 411 Adams, Bonnie Ruth 92, 378 Adams, Byron Raymond 92, 188 Adams, Clinton Gerald 92, 199 Adams, Etheldra Margaret ...29, 143, 367 Adams, Fredrick Joseph 426 Adams, Gilbreth Denton 29, 310 Adams, Harold Glenn ...29, 306, 485 Adams, James Carroll . .92, 176, 478 Adams, Jimmy Lee 92 Adams, Joyce Dale 92 Adams, Margaret Ann ..29, 122, 126, 235, 326 Adams, Norman Reese 466 Adams, Robert Edwin 177, 417 Adams, Stanley Edward 92, 392 Adams, Walter Dickson 1 29 Adams, Willard Earl Ill Adcock, Joe Marshall, Jr. .64, 198, 327 Addison, Jane Lee 92, 240, 333 Adel, Natalie Jean 369 Adkins, Allan Britt .78, 124, 429, 448 Adkins, James Marshall 64, 130, 184, 431 Adkins, Maurice 21 Adkins, Noeljeanne 64, 143, 361 Adk ins, Winston Lamar 1 27 Adler, Shmuel 128, 135 ADMINISTRATION 9-22 Aerl, Rose Mae 78, 363 Afghani, Hisham Taher 244 Agnew, Hall Wayne 405 Agnew, Kathleen Robertson . .92, 360 Aguero, Jesus Thomas 92 Ahrens, Erwin 92, 434 Aikman, W. M 114 Ainsworth, Helen 231, 320, 337 346, 502, 504 Ainsworth, Nancy 231, 320, 337 346, 502, 504 AIR FORCE ROTC 191-208 Akin, Elizabeth Sears 78, 385 Akins, Donnie S 478 Akridge, Albert Neal 64 AI-Aish, Matti Saleh 232 AI-Alawy, Hummady Mutlak 29 Alaniva, Beverly Ruth 116 Albers, Carl Clarence 129 Alberson, Dan Carl 254 Alblinger, Claude Eugene ...29, 333, Albrecht, Frances Elizabeth 92 Albright, Albert Morris 92, 438 Albright, Jimmy Lon 419 Albright, Thomas Philip ....173, 466 Alcorn, Etoile Margaret 363 Alcorn, George Avery 64, 411 Alders, Gary Milton 439 Alderson, Curtis Jackson ....335, 412 Aldous, Edward Allen 78 394 Aldrich, William James . .92, 124, 446 Alegria, Adelina 78 Alexander, Benjamin Kistner .. 124 322, 335 Alexander, Betty J 335 Alexander, Garland Karl 393 Alexander, Herbert Lloyd, Jr 29 Alexander, Jack Morris 78 Alexander, James Darwin ...29, 163 251 Alexander, Sharon 143, 156, 362 Alexander, Travis Wayne 78 Alford, Jess Burks, Jr 4)5 Alford, Patsy Jean 64 362 AI-Habib, Mahmud M 26 Allan, Keith Alexander 196, 445 Allbright, Doris Faye 26, 250 Allen, Arthur Malachi, III 419 Allen, Betty Elaine .29, 248, 337, 347 Allen, Claude A 256 Allen, Cody Ray 78 Allen, Craig 340 Allen, Edith Gibson 381 Allen, Elizabeth Juanita .92, 239, 372 Allen, Eloise 92 352 Allen, G. Claude 64, 220, 255 Allen, Georganne 217, 316, 353 Allen, George Carson, Jr. . . .92, 177 Allen, George Edward 237, 453 Allen, Joe Raymond, Jr 186, 401 Allen, John Rector ..29, 173, 338, 409 Allen, Jon Barry 199, 394 Allen, Leland J 134, 347 Allen, Lu Ann 358, 501 Allen, Marion Louise 92, 248 Allen, Max Dee 395 Allen, Robert Edward 346 Allen, Ronald Manuad 92, 438 Allen, Rufus, Jr 309 Allen, Thomas Scott ...111, 124, 435 Allert, Marianne 347 Allison, Joe S 64, 344 Allison, Julia Beth 134, 242 Allison, Lawrence Webb 92 Allison, Travis Allen 92, 124 Allison, Wilmer 490 Allred, John B 114 Almaraz, Ana Sylvia 92 Almazan, Jimmy 92, 202, 204 AI-Najjar, Mahdi AM 26 Alpard, Barbara Sue . . . .336, 383, 386 ALPHA CHI OMEGA 350, 351 ALPHA DELTA PI 352, 353 ALPHA DELTA SIGMA 110 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA .. ..Ill ALPHA EPSILON PHI 354, 355 ALPHA EPSILON PI 390, 391 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 356, 357 ALPHA KAPPA PSI ... . 112 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA .. .113 ALPHA OMICRON PI 358 359 ALPHA PHI 360 361 ALPHA PHI OMEGA 228 ALPHA TAD OMEGA 392, 393 Alphin, James H 244 Alspaw, Dewey Ivan 200, 244 Alspaw, Jerry Allen 197, 244 Alsup, Melba Faye 92, 248 Alter, David Ritner ...179, 405 494 506 Altman, Saundra Ruth ..78, 212, 382 Alvarez, Roy Rodriguez, Jr. ..29, 180 Alverson, Dan Carl 92 Alworth, Charles Houston . . . .92, 438 Amaya, Robert Richard ..64, 112, 343 Ambrose, Dolores Jean ..92, 236, 333 Amelang, Karl John . 124 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERS ..306 AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY 307 AMERICAN FINANCE ASSOCIATION 308 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS . ...309 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERS ..310 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS . . 311 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS 312 Ames, Eugene L., Jr 64, 229 431, 448 Amoozegar, Hooshang 26 Amos, Henry Culberson, Jr. .186, 400 Amstead, Billy Howard 128 Amundson, Nona Ann 92, 370 Amuny, Ronald Alex 124, 439 Anderson, Bertha Elizabeth 92 Anderson, Betty Ann 322 Anderson, Bettye Alden 248 Anderson, Catherine Gail . . . .217, 318 Anderson, Catherine Jane 281 Anderson, Dianne 78, 377 Anderson, Dorothy Jane ....78, 225 234, 504 Anderson, Frances Gayle . . . .92, 503 Anderson, George Green ....172, 338 Anderson, Henry Monroe 397 Anderson, Hershel Wayne ....64, 435 Anderson, James Carl 310 Anderson, Joe White 64 Anderson, John Eldon 124, 172 Anderson, John Jacob 200 Anderson, John William .29, 112 120 134, 159, 176, 215, 232, 423, 494 Anderson, Joseph Frederick 422 Anderson, Judith Constance . .64, 376 497, 503 Anderson, Kay 346 Anderson, Kenneth Dayle 29 Anderson, Larry Wayne ...124, 199 493 Anderson, Marshall Patton 421 Anderson, Mary Elizabeth ...92, 350, 497 Anderson, Mary Jane 29, 248 Anderson, Nancy Jane 92, 113 Anderson, Patsy Ann 78 Anderson, Raymond Hugh 400 Anderson, Reece Brooks .92, 400, 477 Anderson, Robbin Colyer 412 Anderson, Robert Arthur 64, 199 Anderson, Roberta Mae 371 Anderson, Ross Everett, Jr. ..29, 310, 319 Anderson, Thomas Wynn 125 Anderson, William Marcellus, III .124, 412 Anderson, Wynne 239 Andis, Bill 118 Andress, Ottie Levaughn ....64, 177 Andrew, Laura Sue 29, 316, -365 Andrews, Barbara Joan 78, 234 Andrews, Carl Eugene 414 Andrews, Carolyn Elaine . . 360 503 ANDREWS DORMITORY 234 Andrews, Jack Clayton 309 Andrews, John Boyette (Bunny) . .200 229, 237, 449, 452, 453, 460, 510 Andrus, Billy Wayne 78, 199 Andrus, Jack Loran 176 Angel, Charles Allan 200, 436 Angel, Jack A 309 Anglin, Kenneth W 453 Anglin, William Ross ..117, 135, 311, 389 Angman, Berndt Gerard 127 Angus, Dorothy Jean . .64, 336, 360, 500 Aniol, Elaine Elizabeth 78, 363 Anisman, Melvin Aardvark 424 Anisman, Sheldon ..64, 130, 202, 433 Ansley, Emma Leigh (Teeta) ..38, 497, 500 Anspacher, Joan 350 Anthony, Kathertne Mary 378 Anthony, Margaret Louise ...29, 238, 314, 504 Anthony, Thomas Wayne ....92, 197, 204, 400 Antoine, Josephine 131 Anton, Carmon Marie 234, 371 Antweil, Jarrell H 432 Anzueto, Gustavo 333 Apgood, Joseph Wenzel 114 Appel, Gladys M. ..29, 316, 331, 359 Appelt, Glenn David ...245, 339, 508 Applewhite, Robert Lenoir ..411, 509 Appling, Collie Bryan 92, 402 Appling, David Love 124, 177 Appling, Floyd Edward, Jr. . .64, 437 Arafat, Nabhan Zeidan 244 Arbingast, Stanley A 420 Archer, Alyce Lynn 357 Archer, Barbara Lu 375 Argue, Douglas William ....180, 421 Arick, Ann Elaine 78 357 Arisco, Viola Marie 29, 122 373 Arledge, Alberta Ann 239, 253, 341, 363 Armendariz, Regina Iris 64 Armer, George Ashford .78, 228, 426 Armour, Marsha Ann 350 Armstrong, Bob 21 Armstrong, Katherine Ann 361 Armstrong, Kathleen 113, 121 Armstrong, Louise Landis 326 Armstrong, Richard Rhoades .310, 401 Armsworth, Cynthia ...317, 373, 501, 502, 503, 505 ARMY ROTC 169-182 Arnett, Charles Don 409, 507 Arnett, Hubert Ray 175 Arney, Ann Binford 92, 374 Arnhold, Ray 21 Arnhold, Ray Carl, Jr 29, 417 Arnold, Carl Edward ...92, 177, 256 318, 334 Arnold, Lloyd Elvin (Lee), Jr. .92, 416 Arnold, Martha Jane 320, 377 Arnold, Mary 219 Arnold, Norma Jean ....78, 213, 231 239, 385 Arnold, Peggy Joyce 92 Arnold, Ruby Carole 64, 143, 375 Aronowitz, Roslyn 78 Aronson, Charlotte Ruth ...320, 368 369, 386 Aronstein, Libby Ann 383 Arriaga, Alfred 78 Arrowood, William Eugene 309 Arthur, Ann 92, 384 Arthur, Jennie Carter 29 Arthur, William Pierce 92 Arze, George B 403 Ascher, Joan 64, 355 ASHBEL LITERARY SOCIETY 313 Ashburn, Beryl Catherine 26 Ashburne, Jim G 114, 115 Ashby, John Edmund, Jr 92, 394 Ashby, Morris Edward ..112, 114, 177 Ashby, Patricia Dianne 374 Ashby, Richard Harlan Ill Ashcraft, Tommy Lee 493 Ashley, James Harold 92, 254 Askew, Annette Katinka .64, 363, 497 Assil, Tayssir 92 ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION 314 Atchison, Charles DeLoss 395, 513 Atchison, Dick Eric 133 Atchison, Joe Leslie 29, 111 ATHLETICS 449-514 Atkin, Richard Thatcher .29, 123, 180, 212, 218, 232, 395 Atkins, Clifton Lee, Jr 92, 241 Atkins, George Pope . . . .64, Atkins, Hal W., Jr 64, 253, Atkins, Laura Louann Atkinson, Harold O ' Hanlon . Atkinson, Norma Jane Atkinson, Peggy Jean Atnipp, Horace LaRue Attra, Harvey David Attwell, Anne Van Zandt . Attwell, K. V Attwell, Kirby . .. .124, 410, Atwill, Douglas Eugene . . . Atwood, James Wade Augustine, Anthony, Jr. ... Auld, George E Auld, Nancey An 92, Austin, Ann Jeanneane .... Austin, Arlene Faye Austin, Jo Ann Austin, Nancy Allen . . . .92, Austin, Richard Buckner . . . Austin, Rosemary (Speedy) . . ' 353, 496, Avant, Florrie Avera, Carol Jean Avera, Cleo Marie Avera, Dorothy Elaine ...78, Avery, Billie Avery, Ruby Celeste Averyt, Elmore McCall, Jr. . . Await, Grace Elizabeth Axelrad, Moise Arnold Axline, Shirley Ruth 29, Aycock, Joe Keith Aycock, William Pannill Ayres, Dorothy Ayers, John D Aylor, Marilyn Julia . . . .92, -B- PAGES 186, 409 110, 212, 255, 409 .363, 503 . . 78, 407 . .78, 377 64 310 . .29, 310 ..92, 374 21 491, 510 .64, 229, 419, 448 . 1 76, 466 .333, 426 .485, 486 347, 352 ..92, 384 92 .113, 333 238, 358 .29, 195, 232, 401 .64, 341, 498, 503 353 ..92, 251 .92, 346 113, 352 78 29 78 . . 29, 365 .111, 391 351, 386 78 421 115, 364 .30, 404 332, 341 Babb, James F 449, 485, 488 Babcock, Gladys Winifred 326 Babin, Dorothy Louise 361 Baccus, Fred W 404 Bachrack, Charles Alfred 390 Bacon, Charles Finley, Jr 92 Bacon, Rinaldo A 128, 442 Badwey, Dan Austin 447 Baer, Charles Edward 177, 417 Baer, Marvin Lee 388 Bagby, William Roderick .92, 184, 406 Baggal, Mamdouh Bakri 247 Baggaley, James Harry 428 Baghdassarian, Athena M 127 Bahra, Nassouh H 309 Bailiff, Monetta Clare Jill 121 Bailey, Carson Alfred 124, 416 Bailey, Charles Lyle 64, 312 Bailey, Daniel Nicholas ....254, 346, 395 Bailey, Elizabeth Ann 234, 326, 336, 351 Bailey, Elizabeth Carolyn 92 Bailey, James Edward 246 Bailey, John Alan 78, 124, 310 Bailey, John Alfred 92, 404 Bailey, Joseph Kenneth 115, 134 Bailey, Kathryn Odean 78, 238 Bailey, Marilyn 373 Bailey, Marion Elizabeth ...380, 497, 503 Bailey, Ragsdale Warren 332 Bailey, Robert Fred, Jr. .128, 135, 312 Bailey, Walton Daniel, Jr 64 Bairn, Barbara D 336, 383 Bain, Bonnie Sue 30 Bain, Henry C 78 Bain, Jesse Leonard, Jr 30, 403 Bain, Roger Downey 30, 178 Bain, Travis Whitsett, II .64, 211, 407 Bain, William Frank 64, 110 Bainkoeter, R. C 176 Baird, Alice Lee ...92, 238, 333, 350 Baird, Barbara Jeanne ...92, 251, 360 Baird, Bonnie B 240, 333 Baker, Betty 346 Baker, Beverly Revelle 64, 223 Baker, Charles Allen 176, 466 Baker, Diane Lavonne 92 Baker, Douglas Martin 92, 179, 434, 478 Baker, Ernest 30, 310 Baker, Ester Melba 240 Baker, Eva Louise 92, 240, 333 Baker, Frank Kelsey ....110, 335, 413 Baker, Harriet Kay 78, 373 Baker, Hines H 20 Baker, Hugh Lee 64, 413 Baker, James Donavan (Bo) .180, 237, 333, 400, 477 Baker, Jean Dennison 64, 352 Baker, Lorena 372 Baker, Patricia Sue ....78, 234, 330 Baker, Robert Paul 64, 407 Baker, Wayne Delmas 308 Baker, William Charles 171, 417 Bakkegard, Benjamin M 125 Balatow, Nancy Belle ..64, 251, 354 Page 516 always first in Scarbrough ' s is first, you ' ll agree, for the wide variety of fashions for every occasion, of styles that are " just right " for Austin and UT. And whatever you need, from a hassock to a hot plate, a book, or a pair of curtains, you ' ll find at Scarbrough ' s. Miss Charlotte Booth, UT coed and member of our College Board , rates a fashion first too, in this formal from our College Shop. college fashions Page 517 NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME Balbaky, Yasin Balcar, Vince Ronald Balcom, Barrie Thomas ..64, 187, Baldridge, Robert Lewis 92, Baldwin, Edward Franklin ..78, Baldwin, Roy Dale Baldwin, William Rayfield . . .92, Balk, Martin David 251, Ball, Billy D 78, Ball, James Howard Ball, Janelle Ernestine 92, Ball, Teddy Frank 78, Ball, Wilbur Allen Ballard, A. L Ballard, Barbara 30, 377, Ballard, Dan Carroll Ballard, Ruby Lee Ballard, Sylvia Ann Ballman, Betty Joyce Balthrop, Billy Harold Balusek, Albert Jerry Bander, Norma Joyce Bandy, Janette Elaine Banfield, Glenn Ivan Banke, Lois Zabel . . . Banke, Raymond Robert Banks, Barbara Jane ....30, 320, Banks, Beth Banks, Charles Gorden Banks, Jimmy Edward ..78, 198, Banks, Miram Ellen 313, Bankston, Charles Allen.. 30, 196, Bankston, Milton Lacy Banner, Beverly Barrette, Jr. .64, 78 .30, 377 64, 122, ..121, Banta, Norman Samuel ..30, BAPTIST STUDENT UNION . . Barban, Arnold Melvin .110, 396 Barbee, Frank Ashbury Barber, Carolyn Mae . Barber, Cecilia Ann . . . 212, 167, 232 .92, .78, 342, .92, Barber, Joan Elizabeth Barber, Patricia Sue Barber, William Gilbreth ... 124, 232, 256, 334. Barborak, Arthur Floyd Barborak, Frank David Barclay, Buford Curtis, Jr. . . Barclay, Burt Hawkins, Jr. . Barclay, Leland Barenblat, Marvin W Barfield, Barbara Ann . . .64, Barge, Marjorie Saxon Barina, Helen Grace ....92, Barker, Betty Bell 92, Barker, Donald Barron ...30, Barker, Eugene Campbell . . . Barker, Patricia Sue Barker, William Earl .... Berkley, Virginia May . . Barksdale, Howard S. ... Barlow, Catherine Buford 239, 231, 347 239, .30, 395, . ' 178, 117, 316, . .92, 321, 217, 326, 310, .117 Barnard, Donna Jean Barnes, A. E Barnes, Alan E Barnes, Barbara Ann .195, 143, 230 . .78, 336, 240, 351, .30, .92, Barnes, Billy J Barnes, Carolyn Helen Barnes, Glen Fitzgerald Barnes, James Edwin ....78, 124, Barnes, John Edward Barnes, Master Sgt. Robert L Barnes, Nellie Marie Barnes, Vener Barnes, William Vernie Barnett, Larry Adrian Barnette, Harry George, Jr. Barney, Dan Duane 30, Barnhart, Carl Mahan Barnhart, Donald Lee Barnhill, David Blake Baromeo, Chase M. . Baron, Sandra Arlene Baros, Robert Lee . . Barr, Cynthia Rebecca . .92, Barr, Elizabeth Louise ..30, 179 ..130, .64 178, 234 131, Barr, Theodore David Barra, Alfred Pete Barrera, Ernesto De La Garza .78, Barrera, Rogelio Barrett, Ellwood Talmage . . Barrett, Lynn Calvert 319, Barrett, Malcolm Webb . 196, 400, Barrett, Marie Whitley ..30, 122, Barrier, Carolyn Yvonne Barrier, Rhoda Ann 92, Barron, Betsy Catherine .64, 126, 345, Barron, Woody Creswell Barrow, David Brown 200, 340, Barrow, Sidney Harman Barrows, Joseph C 92, Barry, Joanne Barshop, Jerry Ronald 30, Barta, John James Bartholomew, Gene Carroll Bartlett, Michael Alfred 253, Bartlett, Ronald Anthony 93, Barton, Donald Leaman .... .124 . .92 393 195 124, 346 ..64 420 433 338 ..92 350 397 ..26 . .21 504 .177 ..92 ..78 324 . .92 331 504 347 .246 324 .324 332, 341 . .64 .244 327 380 232, 439 .439 310, 332 397 .315 211, 433 .406 364 239, 365 326 .363 123, 448 .321 321 . .64 186 135 .441 356 352 333 235, 339 443 .414 . .30 311 .363 327 163, 363 .248 .118 .124 333, 504 309 365 .196 415 ..78 .169 .115 .343 .119 ..92 ..92 181 .431 411 409 .125 .354 .309 255 250, 361 .432 .184 333 .253 . .30 364 478 126 .358 384 336, 351 .198 229, 449 .381 199 .240 433 .171 .395 333 199 .446 Barton, Don Reid 449 Barton, Earlene 64, 373 Barton, Jack Leon 449 Barton, Leska Sue 353 Barton, Margaret Clyde .64, 316, 336, 351, 497 Barton, Marjorie Jenetta .... 64, 1 26, 314, 336 128 .65, 200, 342 65, 423 .93, 195, 333 93, 441, 506 Barton, Millard Vernon Barton, Tom K Bartos, Donald Eugene Bartz, James Lynn .... Baruch, Robert Barwise, Betty 1 43, 1 56, 380 Barzilla, Joseph Albert 175, 420 BASEBALL 478-484 Bashara, Nancy Ann 78 Bashara, Phil 65, 110, 224, 225 Bashara, Richard Edward 93 Bashford, David Howard 176, 485 BASKETBALL 469-475 Baskin, Nancy Jane 93 Baskin, William Gresham 65 Bass, Charles Lee 93, 241, 436 Bass, Charles Richard 400 Bass, Eula Mae 314, 351 Bass, James Lollie 65, 200 Bass, Jerry Alfred 30 Bassetf, Eleanor O ' Neill .93, 221, 360 Bassett, Wayne Alton 78 Batayneh, Nasir 30 Bate, Frank Reginald 30 Bates, W. B 20 Bateman, Dayton Greer .173, 338, 340 Bateman, Richard Wayne ....93, 198 Baten, Wyeth Lee 30 Bates, Elizabeth Ann 65, 377 Bates, John Thomas ....65, 196, 315 Bates, Lois Elizabeth ...30, 316, 365 Batey, Dorothy Marie 30 Batjer, Mildred Cecile 93 Batres, Auturo Enrique ....250, 251, 255, 333 Batson, Arthur Lee 30 Battaglia, Robert Brian 333 Battey, Robert Vernon 93, 311 Battle, Esther Christine 251 Baty, Ben Thomas, Jr 65, 119 Baty, Roy Samuel 338 Baty, Vivianne Elaine ...93, 236, 384 Bauer, Sydney Moore 30, 118 Baugh, Carolyn Jane 78 Baugh, Dallas Wayne 93, 335 Baugh, Jane Carolyn 367 Baugh, John Ray Ill Baughman, Paula Zoe 93, 352 Bauknight, Barbara 385 Bauknight, Carol Sue ...78, 385, 501 Baumgartner, Harold John 1 73 Baumohl, Barbara Lee 355 Baxter, Kay Louise 239, 366 Baxter, Warner Ray 176 Bay, Thomas A., Jr 133, 310 Bayless, Shirley Ann ....78, 336, 367 Bayliss, Garland Erastus 127 Bayouth, LaNoard Murad ....93, 253 Beaird, Betty Jo 78, 341, 375 Beaird, Vernon Clark 124 Beakley, Barbara Sue ..235, 251, 361 Beall, Emily ..78, 217, 231, 239, 337 341, 504 Beall, Julia Katherine .30, 168, 211, 235, 255, 373 Beall, Peggy Jan 30, 143, 363 Beals, Rose Marie 116, 314, 324 Bean, Alan LaVern 241, 327 Bean, Donald Orvilee 311 Beard, Clark 119 Beard, Marietta ....31, 143, 320, 365 Beard, Martha Agnes ...93, 236, 364 Beasley, Augustus Earl 93, 253 Season, Lawrence Lindell .31, 61, 120, 130, 159, 183, 215, 229, 344 Beaty, James Curtis 346 Beaver, Helen Ruth 78, 378 Beavers, Margaretta Elizabeth ....377 Beck, Barbara Loyce 93 Beck, Charles Wesley, II ....130, 184 Beck, Francis Leroy 65, 417 Beck, Robert Byron 78, 423 Becker, Allen Jack ..31, 62, 120, 194, 229, 425, 448 Becker, Donald Austin 331 Becker, Eric Baker 447 Becker, Harold F 331 Becker, Laura Holloway 126, 314, 337, 367 Becker, Raymond Arthur .78, 187, 255 Becker, Theador Ernest . .. 93 124 321, 331 Beckham, Beverly Welford ..180, 409 Beckham, Jane 313 Beddingfield, Bodie David . . . 428 Bedford, Donald Jack 251 Bedford, Jack 250 Bedsole, John Oliver 78 Beecher, Roberta Diane 78 Beeler, Ralph Frederick ....195, 401 Beene, Georgeanne 231 Beery, Roger Lewis ...193, 203, 409 Begeman, Myron Louts 128, 135 Beggs, Barbara Ann ....65, 351, 497, 498, 499 Begley, Lew Merrel 78, 342 Sehrens, Martha Frances 126 Beilke, Marjorie Kay ...248, 256, 323 Beilke, Sally Yvonne ..78, 220, 238, 378 Bekiik, Homzyoun Belcher, Bessie Rae .31, 123, 320, Belken, Leslie Vaughan 65, Bell, Arthur Baker 439, Bell, Carlton Ray 93 Bell, Charles Larry 93, 124 Bell, Claiborne Murray .232, 347, Bell, Clyde Stuart 199, 347 Bell, Eugene Court 78, 124, Bell, Jimmte John Bell, Joseph Niles 93, Bell, Leslie Eugene 245, Bell, Marion Wayne Bell, Philip Miller Bell, Robert Allen 476, Bell, Robert Austin 309, Bell, William McLean Bellamy, Murlyn Dean 328, Bellman, Beatrice Stenberg Belluomini, Mary Catherine .116, Bellview, Louis P Belser, George R Belton, Dianne Dorothy 239, Belz, Merle 113, Benavides, Ignacio Carol Benavides, Louis Almon Benavides, Maria Magdalena .93, 240, 251, Benbow, Ann Bender, Cheri Lee Bender, William Charles Benedict, Barbara Ann 78, Benesch, Thomas Richard Bengston, Rose Marie ...78, 238, Benjamin, Marye Durrum Benjamin, Merle Wilson, Jr Bennett, Alexander Sharp ...117, Bennett, Blair Osmond Bennett, Clois Wells Bennett, David Spencer 93, 217, Bennett, Elbert White 252, Bennett, Floyd Edwin 65, Bennett, Hugh Malcolm Bennett, James Baxter 93, Bennett, John Ballard Bennett, June Francis Bennett, J. M Bennett, Maurice Brown Bennett, Peter Dunne 110, Bennett, Raymond Ayers ...174, 225, 338, Bennett, Raymond D 65, Bennett, Robert Sherman Bennett, Stewart A Benson, Leonard R Benson, Ruth Joy 65, Benson, Stuart 429, Benson, William Marvin, Jr Benz, Carl Richard 93, 400, Bercu, Beverly Renee ..113, 336, Berezin, Richard Melvin Berg, Robert Kenneth ..93, 124, 342 , 359 344 , 512 , 253 , 427 405 , 404 , 243 .436 394 509 .439 .123 477 338 .409 330 .122 240, 333 .241 ..31 358 382 .329 ..93 113, 255 .375 .382 .312 234 .393 316 .136 .129 306 .196 .253 202, 319 253 346 ..65 200 .405 .251 ..20 .398 200 219, 419 184 .340 .195 .128 269 449 .447 477 383 391 184, Bienvenu, Gillis Anne Biesenbach, Randolph Bigelow, Charles DeForrest .177, .117, 306 Bigelow, Elizabeth 78, 251, Bigelow, Robert Myron 65, Biggs, Frances Carolyn 93, Biggs, Harold Loyd ....78, 250, Biggs, Joseph Beckton Biggs, Ray Coker Biggs, Truman Joe Bigham, Jesse Yonge 65, Bihn, Beverly Elaine Bilbrey, Howard Reese Bilderback, Virginia Ray Biles, Maurine Elizabeth Billfaldt, Patricia Joan Billings, Charles Robert 237, 449, 485, Billings, Robert Mason, Jr Billings, Virgil Weldon ..78, 338, Billingsley, Carole Anne ...371, 500, 501, Billups, Sarah . . . .93, 376, 497, Bindler, William Jonas Binford, James B Binford, William Thomas Bingley, Russell Chris 187, Bintliff, Beverly 31, Bird, Betty Ruth 126, Bird, Doris Virginia ....78, 243, Bird, Duryl Smith Birdwell, Leroy, Jr 31, 164, 212, 214, 229, Birkhead, Claude David Bishop, Albert Woodress Bishop, Alice Beatrice Bishop, Richard Hugh 93, Bishop, Walter Fawver 65, Biskamp, William Taylor 31, 133, Bivins, Sarah Ann 126, Bjork, William Rolland 65, Blachly, William Edward 184, Black, Adele 93, 347, Black, Ben Clayton 178, Black, Dan Preston 78, 195, Black, Donald Chain, Jr 254, Black, Frank Robert 31, 200, Black, Hulon Witherspoon ...20, .31 Berge, Ulf Bergen, Lt. (SC) Richard Berger, Richard Lee Berger, Rosalyn Joyce 78, Berger, Theodore Berglund, John Franklin Bergman, Samuel Kay Bergner, Richard Frank 124, Berkenkamp, Joan Mary .65, 240, Berliant, Suzanne Bernard, Amber LeMerle ....93, Bernard, Betty Jo 78, Bernard, Donald Ray 186, Bernsen, Robert Middleton Bernstein, Larry Bernstein, Lois Ann 93, 354, Berry, Barbara J. ..93, 143, 354, Berry, George William 78, Berry, Joan Frances Berry, Robert Jewell 78, Berry, Robert Lynn 65, Berry, Roger Lewis 31, 112, Berry, William A 167, Berryman, Bobby Berryman, Clement Curtis Berryman, Frances Eugenia ...31, Berthelot, Mary Catherine ...93, Bertron, James Andrew Berwick, Arthur Lee 222, Best, Clem Kirby, Jr. ...93, 124, Besteiro, Raul Adrian, Jr 78, BETA ALPHA PSI BETA BETA ALPHA BETA GAMMA SIGMA BETA THETA PI 394, Betancourt, Lionel Charles Bettis, Bettye Sue 372, Betty, Helen Anna 65, Bevil, George Guy 93, Bevil, Lester Fred Bianchi, Vincent Joseph Bibb, Sumter T., Ill 340, Bibb, Tom James . . 198, Bible, Claude S., Jr Bible, Dana Xenophon 401, Bible, William Dana ...31, 401, 452, 453, Bice, Robert J 310, Bickman, Roberta Jane 93, Bidgood, Charles F Biel, Marilyn ..65, 116, 336, 341, Bielenski, Dorothy Louise ...122, 332 .311 .183 .391 369 . .31 .124 .433 393 333 .354 370 371 393 .112 .441 503 503 416 .370 332 392 130 224 .177 .310 361, 386 333, 360 .415 223 408 333 .114 .316 .115 395 ..78 501 136 194 118 328 411 411 .311 451 449, 463 445 364 ..78 367 326 Black, Lee Winn Black, Marion Franklin Black, Norman William 229, Black, Richard Earl 93, 184, Black, William Henry 65, Blackburn, James Arthur Blackman, Harvey E Blackmar, Fredrik Seward, III, .. 395 Blackmar, Guy Elliot ...79, 187, Blackstock, David Theobald ..232, Blackstock, Harriet PAGES ...371 449 135, 311 350 199 370 254 .388 ..31 .237 403 .365 .171 ..31 . .93 ..31 335, 488 .419 436 498, 505 498 .432 . .26 ..31 241 375 326 248 . .65 179, 395 .135 .437 .361 400 437 130, 338 375 245 228 380 447 431 422 307 132, 418 309 ..93 391 412 430 .110 ..65 229, 510 395, 505 405 372 415 407 384 410 256 Blackstock, Leo Guy ........ 114, 446 Blackwell, Edwin H ..... 65, 111, 435 Blackwell, Eugene, Jr ........... 245 Blackwell, John Melvin ....237, Blair, Alan Curtin .......... 79, Blair, Beverly .............. 93, Blair, Eddie Ewell .......... 93, Blair, Joel M ................... Blair, Rosamond ................ 375 Blair, Samuel Rufus ____ 31, 132, 196, 222, 223, 224, 225 Blais, Lois Dorothy ____ 31, 314, 324 Blake, Betty .......... 31, 143, 385 Blake, Robert Merrill ............ 65 Blakeley, Thomas Alton .93, 251, 318, 322, 511 Blalock, Dana Lawton ........ 31, 327 Blalock, James Augustus, Jr. .79, 180, 417 Blanchard, Lawr ence Phil ....64, 401 Blanchard, Mary Katherine ...... 385 Blanchard, Stanley W ...... 200, 395 Blanchette, Gaston Fernand ...... 93 Bland, Asa .................... 431 Blankenship, Joseph ............ 125 Blanks, Dorothy Gay ........ 31, Blanton, Catherine Carol . . . .65, Blanton, James Barrie Blanton, James Donald Blanton, James Neal . . Blanton, Wilanna O. . . Blaschke, Wanda Jean . . Blasdel, Carolyn A, ... Blasingame, Mary Lillian 381 385 199, 246 93 79, 199, 229, 401, 490, 507 93, 248 93, 366 333 ..93, 113, 239, 352 31, 369 Blatt, Marilyn Claire Blaylock, Billy Rex 65, 187 Blaylock, Thomas Adrian ....338, 407 Bledsoe, Joseph Atheral 199, 410 Bletsch, Doris Rudell 346 Bliss, Mary Lou 314, 320, 361 Block, Edwin Hart 135 Block, Ephriam Lester 441 Block, Lee Sampson 65 Blomquist, Herbert Lionel 421 Blomquist, Mary Frances 370 Bloodgood, Elizabeth Ann 31 Bloom, Margaret Jane 65, 238 Bloxham, James Mitchell 79 Bludworth, Joseph Elliott ....93, 124 BLUEBONNET BELLE NOMINEES ..143 BLUEBONNET BELLE FINALISTS 144-145 BLUEBONNET BELLES 146-155 BLUESTOCKINGS 116 Page 518 . ' 58 YEARS DF CONTINUED SERVICE TD THE STUDENTS DF THE UNIVERSITY DF TEXAS co op HE STUDENT. ' S OWN STORf 224G GUADALUPE STREET . AUSTIN Page 519 NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES Blum, Henry Max Blum, Hilbert Charles Blum, Lucille Blumberg, Alvin Donald Blumberg, Gilbert William Blumberg, Melvin Ronald ..154, Blumberg, N. John . ..173, 310, Blume, Joan Marie 250, Blume, Lucille Ann .93, 238, 331, Blumentritt, Dolores Anne ...320, Blunk, William D 15, 21, Boalner, Helene LeMaire ....65, Boatner, La Verne Bobbitt, Barbara Boberg, Robert Arthur Boberg, Virginia Ann 381, Bock, Jean Pool Boddy, Paris Edward Bode, George Elroy 31, 123, 224, Bodenstein, Evelina Irene Bodie, Merry Davellyn 65, Bodine, Willis Ramsey, Jr. ..125, Boenig, Cecil Joy 65, 325, Boerner, Joseph Victor, Jr. . .245, Boese, Charles Olin, Jr 174, Bogar, Martha Jane ....93, 335, Bogardus, Egbert Hal Boger, Betty Jane 65, Bohannon, Burba E 110, Bohn, Arval Wendell Bohn, Gretchen Margaret .65,331 Bohn, Helen Ann . .93, 352, 498, Bohn, Robert Herbert 93, 416, Bohn, Ship H. E 417, Boldrick, S. Neill Bolin, George R Boling, La Nelle Johnson Bolingcr, Helene 31, Bollman, Franklin D. ...79, 198, Bollman, John Meredith Bollman, Thelma Anderson Bomar, Frank W 117, 306, Bompart, Bill Earl Bond, Bettie Jean Bond, Robert Jackson Bond, Walter B. ..178, 237, 400, Bond, William Howard, Jr. ..79, Bond, William Leon, Jr 93, Bondies, Walter Porter .318, 333, Bondurant, Gladys Randolph . .65, Bone, Jere Hepier 79, Boner, C. P Bonham, Joseph Burleson, III ... 198, Bonham, William Donald ...31, 403, 449, 494, Bonneau, Mary Kay ....93, 333, 498, Bonner, Donna Pace 31, Bonner, Eddie Verneal Bonnett, Stewart Alan Bonney, Roger Booher, Mary Lynn 234, Boomer, James Bentley Boone, Anne Lennee ...93, 234, Boone, Lester Carl, Jr 79, Boone, Sam Roy, Jr 93, 196, Booth, Daniel Miller Booth, Leon, Jr 31, 196, 333, Booth, Rie Charlotte ...65, 116, 231, 341, 365, 497, 502, Booth, Roy Campbell 93, 338, Bootler, Mary Lynn Booz, Barbara Renska 76, 326, Booziotis, Billy Custas Borchardt, Alvin Lee 65, Borchers, Marion Jack 65, Bordovsky, Paul K Borg, Rosalyn T Borg, Swen William, Jr. . Borgenicht, Audry Yvette ..31, 331, .363, 497, . ' . ' .26; . . .93, Boriack, Jerry Wilbert Borneman, Jane Ann . Borod, Emilie Anne . . Borrego, Eva Ramona Borrego, Richard .... Bosley, Alonzo Wilson 32, Bosquez, Jesus Ricardo Boswell, Ida Terrell 65, 316, Boswell, Laura Allyne B Botello, Robert Candelario Bothwell, Martin Ehrfried .32,328, Boty, Roy Samuel Bouchier, Ronald Lew ..299, 306, Boullioun, Elbert H., Jr Bourdon, Lynn Louis, Jr. .93, 228, Bourdon, Marjorie Janice . .3, 65, 158, 215, 220, 230, 231, 238 341, Bourland, Richard Lacy ....410, 509, Bourne, Earl 241, Bousquet, Thomas G 79, 318, Boutroue, Victor Jules, Jr. . .93, Bowdry, Tom McCullough Bowen, Avery Wadsworth Bowen, Nancy Jane 65, Bowes, Harrison Nesbit 65, 490, Bowes, Vincent Willis Bowlby, Etta Kathryn 65, .247 .331 .498 .244 .400 244, 494 228, 338 331 339 367 215 353 .223 .375 .422 500 .126 .309 130, 225 .238 131 250 331 509 338 370 .439 363 343 .124 ,351 503 511 512 .411 .414 ..31 248 423 .176 .126 311 ..79 .238 .195 453 188, 439 400 428 376 228 ..14 .93, 438 180, 508 376, 504 333 .333 .433 .175 345 .244 362 408 246 ..79 413 142, 503 174, 394 ..79 143, 365 .325 431 393 .339 382 .228 323, 368 421 500 .355 333 342 184 ..93 364 .378 .253 331 .338 421 .312 342 143, 336, 367 411, 510 346 427 250, 254 ..93 ..93 364 417, 491 .176 385 Bowmer, John Robert Bowyer, Jackie Price ....93, 228, Box, Jamye Lou 32, Box, Jo Ann Boxwell, Beverly Jean 79, Boxwell, Newman Carl Boyce, James Curtis ....93, 188, Boyce, Janic Leah Boyd, Bryan James Boyd, Charles S 411, Boyd, Claude Collins Boyd, Emily Simmons Boyd, Gary Kent 175, Boyd, Jack Raymond Boyd, James Victor, Jr 65, Boyd, Kathry n Frances ..32,316 Boyd, Margaret Lee 79, Boyd, Nola Grace 93, Boyd, Walter Ernest 93, Boyd, William Paxton Boyd, William Boyer, Marcia June 32, 224, Boyett, Elizabeth Helen (Betty) . . Boykin, James Edward ..93, 185, Boykin, Jo Anne 32, Boyle, Robert Bray Boynton, Thomas Franklin .32, 110, Boysen, Helen Boysen, Stanley Boysen, Winona Brabham, Shirley Ann Brace, David Kingsley Bracewell, Byrda Lynn 255, Brack, Arnold Braden, Patrick O ' Conner Bradfield, Ruth Ann 93, Bradford, David George Bradford, James Walter Bradford, Maxie Lee 199, Bradford, Sadie Ann 143, Bradley, Billimac Coleman Bradley, Curtis Ray 93, Bradley, James Jean 32, Bradley, Wanda Smith 32, Bradshaw, Benjamin Spencer .... Bradshaw, Kendall 143, 217, Bradshaw, Louis Meredith Bradshaw, Sam Charles 237, Brady, Esther Andrea Brady, Lurline Brady, Mary Rose Braeuer, Harry Lee Bragg, Anne Bragg, Wallace Granville .93, 185, Braly, Dudley Q 79, 175, Bramble, Lloyd French Branch, Joseph Philip 449, 453, Branch, Lyle Floyd Branch, Thomas Coe Brand, Joel Stanley ....79, 202, Brand, Joseph Stuart 119, 200, Branda, Gilbert L 32, Branda, Richard James Brandberg, Charles Harvey ..176, Brandenburg, Ann 251, Brandenburg, Hubert Aldine . . . Brandon, David Ray Brandon, Frank Gordon Brandon, Jack Lee . . . Brandt, Paul R Branham, Patricia Ann Brannan, David Keith Brannan, James Travis Brannan, William Vincent ..174, 199, 79, .93, 186, Brannom, Dale Baird ....32, Branson, Robert Errory . .79, Brantley, Harold Cloyton, Jr. Brasfield, Earl Norman . Brasfield, Jorita Brassell, Shirley Sue .... Bratton, Edwards Barham Bratton, John Marshall Brauckman, Alvin John Braulick, Wilfred James Braun, Juergen Hans Bravenec, Gladys Mae . . . .65, Bravenec, Lorence Larry . . . Brawley, Mary Glenn Bray, Henry Grant .... Bray, H. O Bray, Nan Carolyn .... Breazeale, Jimmy Levan . . Bredlow, Jo Ann Elizabeth Bredt, Carl V Bredthauer, Eugene Charles Breeden, Bess Eloise Breeding, Seth Darnaby, Jr. Breeding, William Preston ..195, Breed love, Tom Ed Breedlove, William Otway ..79, 129, 312. 252, ' ..32, ..124, 321 93, 250, .93 110, 343, 381, .65, .32, Breihan, Robert Breitenbach, Nanette Brelsford, Robert Gordon Brennan, James Edward Brennan, Roberta Eileen Brennand, James Lee Brenflingler, Willard Hughes . . . Brewer, Charles Neuel 229, 417, 449, 452, 453, Brewer, Guy William .237 241 250 .375 363 .431 414 .113 . .65 510 . .26 .381 244 ..93 423 , 378 351 372 392 .110 .254 225 .93, 384 400 363 .26 , 343 .126 .339 .339 . .65 .335 315 .466 .128 236 . .93 .198 410 376 .196 251 123 126 . .65 350 .418 469 ..93 .126 .126 .111 .360 406 417 .319 452, 455 .188 .430 425 195, 391 333 .446 318 314 .426 .394 . .93 .395 494 316 254 .335 319, 338 328 388 .65, 253 ..65 131 357 ,416 .244 .307 .135 .331 ,332 124, 321 362 .438 415 497 363 ..15 .179 .234 228, 405 311 ..32 200, 310 .346 .355 .431 .256 .248 .251 .418 237, 459 .93 Brewer, James Alfred 177, 237, 335, 479 Brewster, William, Jr 188 Brians, Audrey Lee 65, 353 Bridges, Elsie Jane 32, 116, 357 Bridges, Fay Beth ..65,126,313,362 Bridges, John Roby 65, 172 Bridges, Ronald Wayne 187,413 Briggs, Edward Miles 327 Briggs, Mildred Lou 94, 251 Brigham, Ben Madison, Jr. ...32, 401 Brigman, George Henry ....254, 409 Brill, James Edward 65, 421, 448 Brimble, Michael T 256 Briner, Lewis H 306 Brinkman, Sue 94, 372 Brisbin, Albert Winslow 32, 322 443 448 Briscoe, Gerald Allan 130,171 Briston, Virginia Ann ....79,314,361 Britt, Allen Jay 94, 180, 254, 422 Brittingham, Joanne Gail ....364, 503 Britton, Earle Vernon, Jr 306 Broach, Roger Harmon ...94,199,255 Brocato, Anthony Gerard . . . .64, 130, 192, 203, 232, 421 Brochstein, Joel 202, 425 Brock, Arnold Wayne 195 Brock, Frank Edgar ...196, 203, 479, 482 Brock, Norma Jean 224, 248, 316, 500 Brock, W. A 191 Brod, Mariorie Ann 94, 331 Brod, Robert Jerry 244 Brodnax, John Robert, Jr. ..130, 194, 405, 449, 477, 509 Brogan, A. P 19 Brogdon, Dewey Robert 26 Bromberg, Menashe 128 Bronson, Marilyn Ann 142, 143, 165, 351 Brooke, John Rutter 65 Brooks, Bill Burson 228 Brooks, Charles Allan 94, 394 Brooks, Curtis Bruce 437 Brooks, Frederick Emerson 135 Brooks, Gerald Rhea 94, 428 Brooks, Glen Ellis, Jr 120 Brooks, James Reginald 199 Brooks, Joseph Tedd 439 Brooks, Joseph Wilds 338 Brooks, Kenneth Lee 65 Brooks, Lewis E 65, 411 Brooks, Marinell 236, 366, 497 Brooks, Robert Olin 94 Brooks, Tom J 32, 247 Brooks, William C 32, 246, 250 Brookshire, Elizabeth May 122 Brookshire, William Kirklen ..65, 119, 344 Brotzman, Beatrice Wilbern ....248, 250, 346 Brouse, Martha Ann 79, 503 B.o.s.a.o, cmestine Eloise ' J2 Broussard, Vernon James . . . .65, 333 Browder, Shirley 384 Brown, Adriene Lynnae 321 Brown, Anne Dare . .94, 239, 251, 364 Brown, Anthony Wayne 32, 447 Brown, B. Don 199, 430 Brown, Barbara Jean 126 Brown, Bernie Gursfon 223, 433 Brown, Bert Edwin, Jr 65, 394 Brown, Bessie L 126 Brown, Billy Joe 115 Brown, Carolyn Ann 79, 353 Brown, Charles Dumon Brown, Frances Patricia . Brown, Frank Elwood . . Brown, Fred Eugene . . . Brown, George Backus . Brown, George Evans . . Brown, Gilbert Seay . . . Brown, Gilford Lee .... Brown, Gwendolyn Viola Brown, Howard Earl . . . Brown, James Brown, Jimmy Baldwin Brown, Joe Albert . . . Brown, John Nicholas 198 352 196 .32, 327 123 411 412 176 122, 248 128 172 32, 310 229, 467 .94, 173, 181, 338 .251 Brown, John Thomas Brown, Joy Kathryn 94, 360 Brown, Joyce Elaine 65 Brown, Joyce Lee ..65, 217, 322, 326 Brown, Karl Edwards 199 Brown, Loretta Agnes 337, 361 Brown, Loyce Lee 65, 322 Brown, Lyle Clarence 127 Brown, Margaret Helen 26, 377 Brown, Mary Susan 366 Brown, Melvin Vanoy 65 Brown, Patricia 65, 371, 498 Brown, Prudence Oleta . .65, 367, 504 Brown, Reuben Henry, Jr 197 Brown, Robert Craig 191 Brown, Rodney Lee 115 Brown, Ruth Isabella 377 Brown, Sam Jesse 134 Brown, Sandra Jane 376 Brown, Sandra Lanelle 94 Brown, Shirley Gayle 79, 370 Brown, Stephen Zachary 424 Brown, Thomas Cater ...32, 311, 421 Brown, Tommye Lou 365 Brown, W. E 246 Browne, Thomas H 65, 335, 443 Browning, Avery Jean ..248, 317, 320 Browning, Barbara Ann ..94, 113, 352 Browning, Burton Allen .79, 172, 412 Browning, Jean K 159, 243 Browning, James Douglas ...79, 188, 309 Browning, John Miller 94, 186 Browning, Robert Lee ...65, 417, 511 Brownlee, Jean Katherine ....32, 313, 363, 504 Brownlow, William Jackson 188 Broz, Franklin Joseph 94, 339 Brubaker, Ellen 32, 136 Bruce, Betty Jean 94, 238, 509 Bruce, Carey Carlton, Jr 417 Bruce, George Stubblefield 410 Bruck, Sybil Wray ..79, 337, 351, 503 Brumley, Carl Ray 32, 417, 511 Brumley, Harold W 65, 417, 511 Bruner, Roy E 32, 308 Brunner, Michael Stuart 176 Bruns, Dorothy Meade 337, 361 Bruns, Mary Nelda 94, 239, 251 Brunson, Wallace Edward 133 Brusenhan, Harry Hammet ...79, 435 Bryan, Joan Patricia ....94, 236, 356 Bryant, Frank Grant 117 Bryant, William Kendal ....176, 416 Bryce, William Delf ....130, 202, 439 Bubolz, Robert Walter 324 Buchan, Celia Ann 94, 113, 341, 374, 503 Buchanan, Douglas L. ..196, 203, 309 Buchanan, John W., Jr 32 Buchanan, Wayman White ..179, 237, 469, 474 Buchman, Madalyne Gladys .323, 369, 386 Buchmeyer, Jerry Lynn 65 Buck, Elizabeth Ann ....65, 346, 362 Buck, Mildred 32, 248, 314 Buckellew, Cleveland Oren ..175, 466 Buckholdt, Robert Alan 123 Buckingham, Robert Bruce 65 Buckley, Eileen Ethel ...79, 342, 381, 504 Buckley, Sims Allen ...198, 252, 253 Buckner, Robert Crim 188 Budd, Otis Tom 449 Budd, Robert Ralph 199 Buell, Sidney Johnson 311, 429 Bueno-Salazar, Rafael 79 Buenz, John Frederick 306, 417 Buford, Robert Littlefield 94, 394 Buice, Mary Evelyn 126, 335 Buie, Glynn Dell 198 Builto, Samuel Roy 309 Bullen, Bill Barry 173, 338, 421 Buller, William Wesley 79, 416 Bullion, James Shelburne, Jr 115 Bullitt, Patricia Ann 239, 362 Bullock, Sharon Swales 126 Buls, William Choice 347 Bumiller, Mary Elizabeth 375 Bunch, Betty Carolyn 251, 371 Bunge, Betty Ruth 357, 496, 498 Bunge, Marjorie Ann 65, 371 Bunn, John Robert, Jr 197, 411 Bunn, William Donald 466, 478 Bunsen, Frederick Daniel, Jr. .94, 110, 219, 318 Burch, James Reginald (Pete) Jr. .32, 427 Burchard, William Frank 79, 187 Burchfield, Thomas Powell, Jr. ...310 Burck, Robert Daniel ..232, 410, 411 Burdine, J. Alton 127 Burer, Walter C 114 Surge, Wanda Belle 66 Burgen, Carl Gebhard ..79, 178, 223 Burgess, Dorothy Ann 143, 154 Burgher, Barbara 376 Burgher, David William 415 Burgin, Elizabeth Ann 376 Burk, Mack Edwin ..94, 176, 475, 478 Burkart, Burke 32, 196 Burkart, Robert Frederick ..124, 173, 338 . .94, 374 .335, 345 333 333 ..94, 217 .175, 453 Burke, Barbara Dell . . Burke, Frances M Burke, George Strother Burke, John Charles . Burke, Larry Russell . Burke, Wade Harry . . Burkes, Virginia Dare 94, 251 Burkhalter, Joanne Earlene ..33, 122, 317, 341, 363 Burkhardt, James Richard 33 Burkhart, Jon Mac 247 Burkhart, Nancye Gaye .231, 342, 363 Burkholder, Lee Harris 94 Burks, Alford Jess, Jr 195 Burkes, Mary Sue 33, 361 Burlage, Henry Matthew ....129, 388 Burleigh, Patricia Louise 123 Burleson, Charles Henry 79 Burleson, James Bernard .66, 172, 413 Burleson, James M., Jr 1 30 Burling, Jerome Benton 115 Burnett, Bobby Moore 66 Burnett, Hugh Donald 344 Burnett, Mary Francis 33, 353 Burnette, Carl W 409 Burnham, Barbara Estelle 66 Burnitt, Seth Charles 409 Burns, Ben Morgan 310 Burns, Ned Hamilton ...33, 117, 135, 306 Burns, Simon Pierce ..124, 186, 189 Burr, Barbara Eve 33, 212, 365 Page 520 More than 97% of Austin ' s Homes Cook with Gas! It ' s FASTER . . . BETTER ... CHEAPER . . . it ' s MODERN! Wnien HELPING BUILD THE GREAT SOUTHWEST 422 CONGRESS AVENUE AUSTIN, TEXAS The Bank of Personal Service Fidelity State Bank Congress at 9th flustin, Texas flsk About Our Drive-Up Deposit Service Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. U. S. Government Depository for more than years . . The Leading Furniture Store in the Central Texas Area Page 521 NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES , Burroughs, Jo Anne Burrow, Isabelle Lucie Burridge, Earl Fred 1 75 Burroughs, Jack Eugene 307 .66, 373, 501, 503, 505 .33, 320, 359, 502, 503 Burrows, William Earl 118 Burson, Donald Lee ....79, 228, 412 Burt, Charles Nesom, Jr 417 Burton, Douglas Burt 66, 333 Burton, Gerald Lynn ...299, 417, 448 Burton, Walter Harold ..94, 124, 444 Burton, William Joe L 94 Burton, William Leon 33 Burum, Sylvia Elaine ...79, 235, 351, 498 Busbee, Lloyd Guinn 318 Busbey, Charles Robert ..66, 173, 228, 338 Busby, Richard Edward, III. ..33, 132, 222, 223, 224, 225 Busby, Richard Oscar 94, 428 Busch, D. Carolyn 33, 353 Busch, William Jepp 79, 346 Buse, William Ruble, Jr 33, 118 Bush, Kathryn Marie 94, 234 Buss, Leroy Fredric 94, 318, 416 Bussey, James Leon 119 Bustin, Sara Beth 94 Butler, John Richard 415 Butler, Lillie Kayser (Kay) ..94, 374, 503 Butler, Morris L 318 Butler, Nell 66 Butler, William Patrick 438 Butz, Karl Theodore, Jr. ...187, 229, 437 Buzbee, Charles A 66, 252, 253 Byars, Byron Ross, Jr 94, 253 Bybee, Bruce Barton 79, 396 Bybee, Hal P 228 Bybel, Edward John 33 Byerly, James Scott 417, 494 Byers, Patsy Ellen 66 Bynes, Ronald Lee 311 Bynum, Janyce 94, 376 Bynum, Mary Elizabeth ..66, 246, 373 Bynum, Thomasine Allene 235 Byram, Carrielu Boykin 33, 363 Byram, R. W 21 Byrd, James Martin 33, 405 Byrd, Mary Vajetta 251, 332 Byrd, Richard Charles 333 Byrd, William Martin ..33, 197, 232, 397, 448 Byrnes, Diane Ethel 373 Byrnes, H. P 21 Byrom, James Milton 347 -c- Cabaniss, Charles Davis 64, 163, 211, 216, 232, 233 Cabaniss, Sarah Deloris ..33, 116, 235 Cable, Olin Ray, Jr. ..124, 184, 232, 401 CACTUS, THE 220, 221 Caddell, Vernon Lyle 428 Cade, Nathan Lee 79 Cadenhead, C. H 114 Cadenhead, Thomas L 178, 453 Cady, Elizabeth 326 Cahill, Edwin D 333 Cahoon, Frank Kell 173, 410 Cahoon, John Edward, Jr. ...66, 188, 423 Cain, Claudette 375 Cain, Doris Lee 94, 236 Cain, Kellene 94, 143, 376 Cain, Para Lee 66, 131, 143 Calaway, Jim C 229, 344 Caldeira, Peggy 367, 497 Calder, James Richard . .94, 428, 505, 512 Caldwell, Angela Bernice ...33, 126, 167, 230, 248, 320, 322, 335, 373, 503 Caldwell, Bess Belle 326 Caldwell, Golda Elizabeth 126 Caldwell, Henry Lee 187, 416 Caldwell, Jo Ann 211,341,351 Caldwell, John A. Bruce 324 Caldwell, John Clark 200 Caldwell, Josef 401 Caldwell, Lee 94 Caldwell, Patton Howell, Jr. ..66, 435 Caldwell, Malvin Keith 115 Caldwell, Vernon Neil ..224,254,397 Caldwell, W. LaNelle 66, 235, 322 Calhoun, Gloria Mae 79 Calhoun, John Clayton 416 Calhoun, Sue 239 Calhoun, William Baynard ..237, 335, 453 Calk, Jerald L 66 Calkins, Carita Joan ..66, 336, 342, 367, 386 Calkins, Howard Andrew 127 Call, Betty Lu 66, 360 Callahan, Leona Fae 370 Callahan, Leora May 370 Callaway, Barbara Ann ..79, 240, 359, 496 Callaway, Sandra Ann ..33, 367, 386 Callaway, Wesley Monroe, Jr 79, 124, 435 Callender, Dean Lynn 444 Callery, Charles Hylfon, Jr 66 Callery, Clara Marion H 94, 236 Camero, Edward Jesus 333 Cameron, Dougal Alexander ....178, 237, 449, 452, 453, 462 Cameron, Elizabeth Ann 26 Cameron, Emily Anne 376 Cameron, Mary Cerise 94, 356 Cameron, Patricia Leona .79, 336, 364 Cammack, Cecil Cagle, Jr. ..177, 253 Cammack, Virgin Eiland 318 Camp, Joyce Nell 94, 323, 370 Campbell, Charlotte Ann ....33, 242 Campbell, David Edward ...309, 493 Campbell, Donald M 33 Campbell, Katherine Jean . . .94, 239, 380 Campbell, Lois Ann 126 Campbell, Norman William ..66, 110, 219 Campbell, Richard 176 Campbell, Robert Ware 33 ..94, 239, 251, 333 Campbell, Shirley Ann Campbell, Shirley Arlene Campbell, Walter Dewey 66, 346, 352 .94, 396, 428 .79, 389 94 335 252, 253 ..244 Carpenter, Bruce Warner Carpenter, Donald Wilson Carpenter, Edward Lee . . Carpenter, James Clark . . Carpenter, Jean Elisabeth Campbell, William Rex . . Campi, Raymond Charles Campos, Celestine Range! Campos, John L CAMPUS GUILD Canales, Horacio 118 Canizard, Pete C 94 Cannon, Marilyn Jo 236 Cannon, Shirley Marquitta ..66, 177, 345, 504 Cannon, Tonia 380 Cantrell, Joe Howard 33, 322 Cantrell, William Walter 439 Cantu, Inocensio 449, 485, 486 Cantu, Julian, Jr 94 CAP AND GOWN 317 Cape, George William ..94, 188, 241 Capps, Charlene 66, 381 Capps, Jack Earl 312 Capps, John Francis 343 Capps, Mary Clyde 94, 113 Capps, Sally Katron 33, 351 Caragonne, Alex 426 Caraway, Thomas Dale ..33, 195, 203 Carder, Ralph Hugh 196, 347 Carden, Weldon E 33, 119 Cardenas, Alberto 329 Carl, William Paul 134, 308 Carlson, William Grant 94, 180 Carlton, James Dawson .33, 130, 229, 393, 449, 485, 489 Carlton, John David ...184, 419, 448 Carmichael, Alan Ronald ....33, 130, 170, 244, 346, 505, 507 Carnell, Robert Edward 309 Caron, Joseph Thomas 251 CAROTHERS DORMITORY 235 Carothers, Mary Jane ..94, 239, 342, 347, 372 195 .. .79, 197 .173, 306, 338 .. .94, 241 . .33, 116, 238 Carpenter, John R 228 Carpenter, Lee 428 Carr, Barbara Lenore 66 Carr, Charles Robert 94, 402 Carr, John Daniel 397 Carr, Mary Virginia 381 Carr, Sally Patricia 94, 238, 356 Carr, Theodore, Jr 33 Carrasco, Lisimaco Henk 244 Carrell, Joe Ferris, Jr 94 Carrell, Theresa 126 Carrol, Cleatis Raymond .94, 228, 246 Carroll, Gay 114 Carroll, Joe Neal 428 188 .251 .173 ..66 389 183, 448 423 ..79 431 434 357 ..33 .449 .197 397 197, 489 .338 346 384 .381 346 .118 393 346 185 380 131, 250 363 394 Carroll, Joe Speed 124, Carroll, Johnnie Charles Carron, John Francis Carrothers, Caroline Lee Carruth, Lloyd Brent ....79, 187, Carruth, Robert Bruce ..33, 111, 185, 189, 395, Carsey, J. Ben, Jr 79, Carsey, Kenneth L., Jr Carsey, Robert Coulson 33, Carson, Alan Barrow ....66, 346, Carson, Bonnie Jean 248, Carson, Joel L Carson, Joe Stuart Carson, Morton S Carson, Ralph Vaughn ..34, 196, Carson, Robert Lee, Jr. ..34, 195, 232, 237, 410, 411, 449, 485, Carswell, Kenneth Mac Carter, Ann 94, Carter, Excsa Diane 94, Carter, Helen Jane Carter, Ida Lou Carter, J. C Carter, James Byars Ill, Carter, James Fletcher 66, Carter, John Browning 94, Carter, Kay Kimbell Carter, M. Carolyn ....66, 113, 143, 248, Carter, Margaret Ruth 34, Carter, Michael Arthur . .94, 196, Carter, Robert Wesley 34, Carter, William Dawson Carter, Virginia Carter, Wilhelmena Carter, William Junius Cartwright, Charles Nelson Caruthers, James M 34, 485, Caruthers, Richard B 34, Carver, Mary Casales, Jose, Jr Cash, Bernard Lee, Jr Cash, Warren Pinkney 94, Caskey, Eugene M Caskey, Joyce Juanelle 66, Cass, Frank Winkler Cassady, William Emmett . . .94, Cassell, Alan Joseph 34, Cassell, Robert Edward Castaneda, Consuelo Dolores . .34, Castillo, Jose Gomez, Jr Castillon, Carlos Castleberry, Mary Lea . .66, 235, .34, Castner, Willis Hunt . Castro, John M Caswell, Betty Caswell, Mary Claire 113, Caswell, Velma Nancy Cater, John Thomas 318, Cates, Jack Lee ...34, 117, 135, Cates, Joseph E 202, Cathey, Sondra Kay 1 43, Callow, Alfred Gregory ...195, Cato, Lillian Elizabeth 94, Caton, Robert Stanley Cator, Virginia Mae ....94, 238, 498, 500, Catterall, Frederick William 134, Catterton, Jaynet 367, Catto, Jane Gray Caudle, Jim Bob Cavazos, Antonio, Jr. ...94, 329, Cavazos, Diana Margot . .66, 240, Cavazos, Hilaro Cave, Kenneth Patrick Cavender, James Milton ...195, 431, Cavin, Martha Cavness, C. H Cavness, Leslie Ward Cawthron, Mack Bailey Cecil, Jean 34, Carda, Hector Gustavo Cerny, Joseph Georges ..66, 321, Cervenka, Norman Louis Chalmers, Thomas Calhoun, Jr. . Chaloupka, Edward R Chamber, Dunbar Newell Chamberlain, Edward Charles . . . Chamberlain, Elliott Aiken Chamberlain, Robert Blaine ..79, Chamberlaine, Richard H Chamberlin, Leo Anderson ...94, 188, 241, Chambers, Jimmy Ray Chambers John Charles 66, Chambers, Judith Lee 94, Chambers, Leonard Alvin . . .79, Chambers, Nancy Clarise , . .94, Chance, John Barnes Chancellor, Johnson Camden .34, CHANCERY CLUB Chandler, Allen Donald, Jr. 130 Chandler, Burton Bryant Chandler, Dan Dean 184, Chandler, Jerry Terrell Chaney, Martin Hester 184, Chapman, Charles Coopwood, Jr. 241, Chapman, Henry Wilson ....410, Chapman, Margaret E Chapman, Roy Henry 176, Chapman, William Earl 66, Chapman, William Whitfield .34, 431, Chappell, George Dwight Chaskin, Meyer 34, 176, Chaskin, Samuel 172, Chastain, Jerry Lee 194, Chatham, Donald Gene Chatham, Dudley Aldridge Chatman, Phil K 34, Chatwin, Kenneth Alvin Chaudoin, Jean ...34, 143, 171, Chauncey, Preshia Jane . .94, 238, Cheak, Billy Doyle 79, 247, Cheavens, Thomas Henry Cheever, Janie Margaret .318,364 Chesnuf, Thomas Holt ..94, 173, Chew, Eddie Wade 124, 347, CHI EPSILON CHI OMEGA 362, Chiappine, Lawrence John, Jr. . . Chick, Charles Eugene 184, Childers, Raymon Cullen Childress, Luther Lee Childs, Robert R 94, Chiles, Carole Janet 66, Chiles, Dwight Chilton, Clella Jeanane Chilton, Nancy Ann .34, 234, 320, Chinn, James 346 .396 .498 .503 .128 .177 487 196 .116 .251 .247 438 .129 248 .251 202, 394 427 . .66 341 . .94 .329 326, 365 445 .399 .346 375 ..79 392 306 204 385 232, 411 239 .427 370, 505 . . 26, 408 501 .377 . .94 402 333 .329 . .94 229, 448 .236 .114 .178 .405 377 .329 333 .188 .442 .321 .400 .434 .435 434 ..79 124, 428 .178 418 352 250, 253 385, 504 .447 110, 435 .318 .34, 171 .115 409 .405 401 .66, 253 476 .126 466 408 198, 508 . .66 441 440 222 .124 .409 423 . .94 385 352 327 .429 ,503 338 490 .117 363 .196 309 . .94 .246 388 356 .118 .322 326 117 Chionsini, Alexander Emit 94 Chipman, Elizabeth Ann ....142, 375 Chitwood, John Carroll .34, 228, 403 Chiu, Seymour Shin-Moh ....26, 117, 311 Chivers, Patsy Ann 79, 370 Cho, Alfred 494, 505 Chodorow, Greta Lynn ....336, 383 Chojnacki, Edna Joyce Winebrener .34 Chokas, Mitchell James 34, 310 Chote, Sally Jean 94, 352, 504 Christ, Vincent Bernard 129 Christensen, Charles March Christensen, Christian Lauriths . .177, 409 409 438 416 126 .26 311 Christensen, Dal Royce Christian, David Stubbs Christian, Ivella James Christian, Nancy Christian, Ralph Neil . . CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION 319 Christian, Silsbee Ann 94 Christie, William J 198, 203 Christopher, James 124 Christopher, Sarah Elizabeth 66 Chromchack, Rudy W. .228, 246,251 Chu, Bark Ho 118 Chu, Kum Lee 248 Chu, Ming-Yu Wang 505 Chumney, Pat Swearingen ....34, 417 Chunlea, Wesley S 127 Chupick, Mary Francis ..43, 143, 321, 385 Chuscoff, Victoria Ann ..94, 251, 346, 504 Chute, Aaron Hamilton 115 Ciarlarlello, Virginia llene ..248, 332 Cinnamon, Sandra Sue 382 Cisneros, Hector Lionel 347 Cissel, George Gilmore 395 Citzler, Clinton Allen 247, 509 Clabaugh, Stephen Edmund 133 Clancy, Herbert Leland 413 Clare, James Hugh 94, 333 Clark, Ann Janice 95, 384 Clark, Charles Edward 174, 338 Clark, Charles T 17, 120 Clark, dell C 66 Clark, Dolores Llese 95, 248 Clark, Esma Beth 121 Clark, Harley 494 Clark, Jack Chandler 34, 399 Clark, James Leaton 95 Clark, Jim Martin 437 Clark, Jimmy Ray ..66, 132, 222, 223, 224, 225 Clark, Jim Wheeler 256 Clark, John Walter 124, 195 Clark, Joseph Clyde ....95, 124, 250, 434 Clark, Judith Elizabeth 380 Clark, Leila Downs 362 Clark, Margaret 362 Clark, Margaret Eleanor 79, 113, 255, 359 Clark, Michael Champ ..95, 174, 338, 406 Clark, Nancy Jo 95 Clark, Robert L 176 Clark, Robert Wil lard 243, 246 Clark, Sonya Ray 95, 236, 498 Clark, Sue ....79, 167, 239, 342, 385 Clark, William Henry 232, 415 Clark, William Parrish ..95, 124, 179, 400 Clark, Whitfield Harral 415 Clarke, Edith 135, 376 Clary, Bob 347 Clary, David Robert 95, 475 Clawson, Donald Verne 311 Clay, Betty Lou 322 Clay, Jacqueline Aileen 95, 378 Claybrook, James Russell 124 Clayton, Billy Morris ...66, 174, 309, 338 Clayton, Chester Arthur 114 Clayton, Frank Brittin ..79, 199, 428 Clayton, Nancy Ann ....66, 336, 341, 346, 361 Clayton, Philip Morgan 66, 130, 179, 181 Clayton, Willy Dorris ..66, 174, 309, 338 Cleave, Shirley Van 121, 356 Cleaves, Janet Elizabeth 234 Clegg, Marshall Terrell ..34, 166, 229, 417, 467, 513 Clemens, Mary 362 Clemens, Sara Lu 116, 336 Clemens, Vivian Mae 250 Clement, Everett Foy ..120, 232, 342 Clements, Arthur Morgan 95 Clements, Barbara Lee ..79, 313, 381 Clements, Gene Padgett .79, 199, 412 Clements, Jamie Hager .127, 232, 419 demons, Robert Zwinc .34, 229, 410, 411, 448 Clendenen, James Richard )24 Cleveland, Clark M 135 Click, Lloyd Loring 18, 420 Clifford, Bethenia Anne 95, 374 Clifton, Opal LaVerne ..239, 341, 505 Cline, Bobby James ....34, 308, 447 Cline, Ernest D 191, 204, 504 Cline, James Curtiss 95, 179, 436 Cline, John Victor 66, 409 Cline, Peggy 95, 352 Cline, William Aldridge, Jr. ..21, 66, 130, 196, 232, 411 Page 522 UNIVERSITY STUDENTS CHECKING OUT AT THE POPULAR 24TH STREET HASH - KARRY Grocery and Market Patterson- Jones COMPANY Real Estate Loans Insurance Property Management 8-8563 123 W. 7th HEM PHI US 109 E. 21st Street 2501 Guadalupe 2244 Guadalupe Longhorn Cleaners Your Conveniently Located Texas State Bank ON Tuxedos for fient THE DRAG ALL SIZES AND TYPES 2538 Guadalupe 6-3847 MEMBER FEDERflL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Page 523 NAME Clinkscales, Paul Alvin ..79, 176, 422 Cloe, Rafe Heath ................ 422 Cloud, Byron Leslie .............. 66 Cloud, Joan .................... 375 Clowe, Carleton Thomas, Jr. ... 110 197, 211, 232, 435, 448 Cloyes, Martha ............. 384 499 Clutts, Alva M ................. 115 Coates, Florence Clare ...... 313, 374 Coates, John H ............. 478 Coats, Jeff 1 ................... 328 Coats, Mollie D ............. 66, 235 Cobb, Dow C .................. 311 Cobb, Jan Maurice ..... 66, 217, 421 Cobb, Louis Denson ............. 410 Cobb, Madeleine Ann Cobb, Milton Curtis Cobb, Robert Samuel II PAGES NAME PAGES NAME Conger, Roger Lacy ....79, 199, 228, 413 Conley, Charles Kenneth 95, 438 Connell, Eddie Jo 502, 503 Connell, Edward Sparks 66, 442 Conner, Darlene Marie 95 Conner, James Arthur 95, 444 Conrad, Gene Paul ....434, 478, 484 Conradt, Lefha A 126 Conrey, Mrs. Martyn 240 Conway, Florrie Jewell 242 Cook, C. Jan 79 Cook, Dorothy Carol ...95, 234, 314 346 Cook, Harlan Cullen, Jr 66 Cook, James Michael ...66 167 228 238, 256, 325, 344, 347 PAGES NAME 34 95 .128, 135, 466 127 342, 385 Cobb, Raymond Cobb, Timothy Buckley Coble, Jan Sharon .......... , Cochran, James Russell ..95, 196, 416 Cochran, Joanne Elizabeth ....... 371 Cochran, John Devin ........ 66, 410 Cochran, Lament Martin ......... 401 Cocke, Virginia Lee ......... 95, 385 Cockrell, John Harrison ..66, 195, 413 Cockrell, Sally Reed ........ 95, 370 Cocreham, Elizabeth Ann ....335, 384 Cody, Vaydor Frank ........ 66, 228 Coe, Janice Bentley ............ 350 Coe, William Douglas . 34 CO-ED ASSEMBLY .......... ' . ' . ' . ' .320 Coen, Mary Jane ............ 66, 365 Coffee, Florence Marie ..79, 217, 250, 364 Coffee, Robert Franklin ..... 66, 110 178, 338, 417 Coffeen, Hale L ................. 306 Coffey, Carolyn Sue ........ 95, 360 Coffey, John C., Jr ..... 95, 180, 333 398 .248, 320, 346, 347, 503 Coffin, Shirley Ann ..243, 248 346 503 Coffman, Elbert Joseph .......... 431 Coffman, Shirley Belle .......... 375 Cogburn, Edmund Lewis ....127, 389 Coghlin, Robert Lyle ........ 34, 245 Cohen, Barry Lippman . .34, 306 391 Cohen, Elliott Zalman ..34, 160 199 203, 232, 424, 425, 448 Cohen, Shirley .79, 168, 221, 323, 369 Cohen, Stanley Marvin ........... 66 Cohen, Sylvia Lynn .......... 66, 355 Coin, Merry Louise ...... 95, 251 382 Colbury, Gay Colby, John Rogers Colby, Malcolm Young Coldwater, James Russell Coffin, Gloria Faith Cole, Dwight Lane Cole, Johnny Clayton . . Cole, John Martin Cole, Joseph George . . . Cole, Lee Ann Cole, Maurice Wayne, Jr. Cole, Phyllis Jean Cole, Robert Lester 79, 239, 375 .181, 411 436 .95, 110, 219, 312 66 95 312, 439 330 95 .95, 188 .95, 236, 342 . .439 Cole, Robert Crowell ..186, 228, 250 Coleman, Cyrus Billie 95, 195 Coleman, Harold Stewart 114 Coleman, Irwin Weldon 409 Coleman, Jimmy Lee 95, 241 Coleman, Joseph F ! .312 Coleman, Joyce 248, 496, 498 500, 503 Coleman, Lee Wallace 195 Coleman, Patsy Ann ....79, 353, 498 Coleman, Vedia Elizabeth ...35, 250, Collenback, William George 35 Collette, Ann 66, 370, 371, 498 Colley, Mary Hugh ....79, 335, 351 497, 498, 500, 503, 504 Collier, James Eugene 79 Collier, William John 198 Collins, Charles Garland 79, 408 Collins, Claudia Anne 35, 385 Collins, Eugene Wallace 395 Collins, Frances Allen 35 Collins, James Hubert 429 Collins Janet Ruth 353 Collins, Janey 223 Collins, John Ellsworth 310, 333 Collins, John Michael 187 Collins, Lucien Hunter 178 413 Collins, Lynne ....239, 313, 374, 497 Collins, Madeline Jane 248 Collins, Robert Seburn, Jr. ...66, 110 Collins, William David 110, 255 Collonge, Marie 377 Coloma, Juan Enrique 95, 124 Coltharp, John Robert 124, 200 Coltharp, Marcellus Theriot .130 187 189, 244 Colvin, Angela 314, 374 Colvin, George Hammett ....310, 431 Colvin, Jacob Riley 35, 419 Colvin, Sally Lyle 385 Colwell, Walter Lee ...95, 124, 228 388 Colwick, Harold Douglas ....66, 200 407 Compton, Mary Dean 66, 385 Comsfock, Judith Reeves 35 Cook, Katherine .... ' ..... ' . 126 Cook, Kenneth Earl 175, 453 Cook, Mervin Bernard 426 Cook, Paul Thomas 311 Cook, Reuben Davies 344, 347 Cook, Thomas Leighton 431 Cook, William Edwin 199 Cooke, Claude E 26 Cooke, Isora 242 Cooke, Richard Hugh 197, 466 Cooke, William Peyton 188, 419 Cooksey, Frank Cloud 66, 196 Cooksey, James Glynn 79 Cooksey, James Maxwell ...135, 327 Cooksey, Ruby Jo 332 Cooley, Helen Claire 95, 236, 333 Coolidge, Lee Coleman Cooper, Benny Rex . . Cooper, Deborah Lou Cooper, Marcia Beth . Cooper, Mary Dee . . . Cooper, Nancy Gail . . , , 447 35, 196 366 251, 359 371 79, 143, 345, 367 ....216, 420 95 79, 111, 421 Cooper, Richard N. . Cooper, Sandra B. Copeland, Jerald Dion ..n, m, , i Copeland, Joanne ..79, 113, 231 323 337, 371 Copeland, John Miller Copen, Bill Austin . . . Copen, Jeanne Ellen . Copley, Patricia Ann . Corbello, Patricia Anne Corder, Catherine .... Corder, Geneva Cornell, David M Cornelius, James Milton .. Cornelius, Norman Greg . Cornelius, Winona Lynn . . Cornell, David Mayo Cornell, Gordon Luther . . Cornell, Robert King Cornwall, Timothy Higgins .66, 154, 412 35, 228 95, 250, 253, 366 116, 234 66 .66, 180, 362 126 174 195, 447 322, 400 95, 322 95, 338 1 73 .35, 429 .95, 176, 416, 466 Corona, Rodney Bernard .95, 327, 422 Coronado, Maria de Jesus ..240, 329 Correa, Carlos 333 Corrotto, Eloise Ann 240 Cort, Leon Raymond 310 Cortelyou, William Totten 79 124 172, 217, 221, 404 Cortes, Earl Edwin 195, 431 Cortez, Herman Glenn 79, 176 Cortez, Joseph 180 237 Cortez, Richard 66, 253 - 346 Cotner, Robert Crawford 420 Cottingham, Jerry Marvin 253 Coufal, Jerry 321 Coughlin, Ed T 180 417 Coughlin, Robert L 154, 511 Coulter, Ashton Baker 79, 411 Coulter, Joe Carl ' .426 Coulter, Robert Dean ' . ' . ' . .434 Courter, Robert Wayne 95 Couvillion, Nancy Jane .199, 204, 351 Cowan, David Douglas 66 Cowan, Helen Kathryn ....113 239 335, 503 Cowan, Jimmy Corinne 66, 351 Cowan, Leon Wesley 308 Cowan, Selman Perry 95, 412 Cowles, Jimmy Edgar ' ..188 Cox, Albert Harrington, Jr. ..35 134 158, 211, 229, 395, 494, 513 Cox, Alonzo Bettis 115 Cox, Betty Jane 374 Cox, Billie Jean 95 Cox, Carolyn Corine ....95, 346, 360 Cox, David Michael 397 Cox, Donald O ' Neal ' . .228 Cox, Elton 512 Cox, Franklin Lanier ....17, 114, 426 Cox, Harbord L 66 Cox, Helen Ruth ..35, 136, 222 223 Cox, J. William .. Cox, Joan Elizabeth Cox, John Baker . . Cox, Joseph Elmer . Cox, Keith Cox, Neil Darrel Cox, Nigel Truman .... Cox, Patricia Cox, R. Earl Cox, Ralph B Cox, Ted Donald Cox, Wendell Jackson . Cox, William David, Jr. Coyle, Patricia Anne . . Cozby, Raymond Wilson Crabb, Don Lee Crabb, Helen Margaret . 508 ....... 95, " 335 ..245, 335, 511 197, 254 228 135 95, 196 347 66, 411 309 197 . .188, 400 ..80, 199 ..239, 384 416 95 Ill .95, 378 406 378 67 124 .80, 256 .95, 366 95 178, 439 .95, 384 251 211 Craft, Herbert M 66, 439 Craft, Jim Berl 79 Crager, Minor Beckett 66, 447 Craig, Connie Arden 365 Craig, Homer Vincent 418 Craig, James Tolivar 197 Craig, Lacy 346 Craig, Paul Crim 67 Crain, Cullen Malone 135 Crain, Lois 497 Crain, Ervin Terry 253 Crain, Forest B 191 Crain, John Calvin, Jr 393 Crain, Lois Kingsley 80, 377 Crainer, Emma Jean 35 357 Cralle, Robert Parker ...35, 136 172 306, 319, 338 Cramer, Arthur Searles, Jr. ..175, 395 Cramer, Mariorie Ann ..67, 313, 375 Crane, Michael Nell 95, 376 Cranfill, Thomas Marby ....116, 414 Cranor, Forrest Carleton 437 Cranston, Patsy Lou 26, 136 Craven, Phyllis Marie 240, 333 Cravens, James Ronch, Jr 411 Crawford, Adele ..35, 143, 320 373 386 Crawford, Artie Jeanette Crawford, Bobby Dalton Crawford, Carolyn Crawford, Dauna Ruth Crawford, David Brown Crawford, Ewin Lynn . . Crawford, Jane Crawford, John A Crawford, John Lacy . . . Crawford, Lallie Ann . . Crawford, Paul Gibson . Crawford, Randy Crawford, Shirley Jane 95 248 Crawford, Waylen Thomas . . .95 ' 396 Craycroft, John Thomas 35 306 445, 448 Crews, Betty Lou 35, 385 Cricchio, Frank Edward ....80 194 222, 224, 225, 423 Crippen, Barbara J 248 Crittenden, William Thomas ..67, 431 Crixell, Frank, Jr 333 Crixell, Vincent L 124, 228 Crocker, Byron Gray 95 414 Crockett, Barbara ..35, 122, 126, 365 Crockett, Carolyn Kay 67, 374 Crockett, John A 420 Crockett, Moton Haywood, Jr. ...253 Croft, Audrey Ann 95, 254, 503 Crofts, Dan William ... 80 195 309 Crofts, Pat 67 Cromack, John Robert 427 Cromwell, Todd Pettigrew ..219, 435 Cron, John Shrigley 35, 403 Cronfel, Ada 329 Cronfel, Argie Mary 329 Cronfel, Sarah 329 Cronfel, Semiramis 95, 234, 329 Cronfel, Stella ' .329 Cronin, John Bertram 80 Crosby, Margaret Ann 126 Croslin, John Donald ....80, 196, 307 Crossley, Marian Fave 80, 251 Crossman, Ronald Charles ..67 196 310, 395 Crouch, David Malcolm .95, 322, 442 Crowder, Winston Pettus ....80, 325 342 Crowell, Edward Elton ..80, 318, 412 Crownover, James Darragh ..35, 312 Crowther, Sam ....67, 197, 417, 511 Crum, Larry Lee 35, 134 Crumpacker, Ernest Lee, Jr. ..197, 393 Crutchfield, C. C., Jr. ..203, 252, 253 Crutchfield, Edgar Burns ....67, 179 Crutchfield, Franklin Derry 80 184 389 Crutchfield, Robert C 310 Cudd, Dewitt William 35 Cudlipp, Albert Ernest 405 Culbert, Carolyn June . .136, 222, 223 224, 375 Culler, Harry Hillus, Jr. .80, 195, 204 Cullinan, Thomas Anthony 395 Cullum, Betsy Lucille ... Cullum, L. H. ... Cullum, Selbia Chalke . . . Culpepper, Edith Cecelia Culver, Charles David ... Culver, Edwina Lee ., Culver, Everett E 95, 124, Cu Iver, Nova M 1 34 Cumbie, Sandra Lynn ....95, 251, 503 Cummingham, Don W. Cummings, Jack Ed. . . .376 . .20 .381 239 ..95 . . 35, 363 ' " 198 .95, .... 449 .35, 117, 135, 311 Cummings, Katherine 381 Cummings, Robert Dale 124 Cummins, Ben Milton 67 Cundiff, Dixie 35, 131, 250, 351 Cundiff, Ellsworth James II 80 Cundiff, Emily Ann 351 Cunningham, Eleanor Ann ...95, 239, Cunningham, James David Cunningham, James Earl . Cunningham, James Kirby Cunningham, Jeanne Louise Cunningham, Nancy Lynn . . . Cunningham, Suzette Straker 384 67 ..95, 124, 438 " . ' . ' . ' . ' . 332 .95, 352 95 Cunningham, William Aaron 135, Cunningham, Zella M Cupp, Louis R Curran, Celeste Katherine Curran, John Francis . .95, Curry, Gene Watson Curry, Keys Alexander Curry, Richard Earl . .3, 35, CURTAIN CLUB Curtis, Joe David Curtis, Norma Jean Curtis, Paul S ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .. Curtis, Thomas Atkinson Cufbirth, Jasper Brown ..21 Cutbirth, Sandra Ann Cutbrith, William Murrya Cutrell, Robert Eugene .... Cyrus, Shirley May CZECH CLUB . PAGES 120, 199, 347 35 241 .234, 364 111, 241, 333, 338 35 .95, 188 132, 220, 223, 224 251 .95, 198 373 119 419 95, 410 .67, 377 80 197, 435 .80, 315 321 -D- Dabanlis, Catherine Dabbs, Kenneth Dean 335, Dabney, Jane 95 Dabney, Patsy Ruth ... .35 116 ' DAD S ' ASSOCIATION ' Daffern, Bobby Joe .95, 241, 253, Daggett, Mary Adele ...67, 333, Dahbour, Albert Saba 322, Dahbour, Henry Saba Dahlin, Roland Edmund, II ..124 193, 211, 232, Daily, Dorothy Jo 67, 217 242, 255, 337, Daily, Richard Lee . . DAILY TEXAN 222 ' Dale, David S 229, 232 411. Dale, Don Neil 95, Dale, William Bernard 95 ' Dallenbach, Karl M 388 ' Dalley, Joseph Winthrop .... 128 - Dalrymple, Stephen Harris Dalton, James L 229, Damon, Ann 35, ' Damon, Henry Gordon Damrel, Mary 67, 234, 251 Dancy, Bettie M 35, 313, 341 Danford, Roy, Jr 80, Daniel, Ernest Harold ' Daniel, Frances Shiree ..35, 143 223, 317, 345, 347 Daniel, James Clifton Daniel, Robert Glenn Daniel, Robert T. 196 Daniel, Wendell Butler Daniels, Eddie Joe ....237, 335, Daniels, Harold George Daniels, Janet ............. Dannenbaum, Mary Elizabeth 231, 341 Danner, Helen ................ Danner, Paul .......... 36, 219, Danvers, Don ...... 95, 173, 394 Danze, Leopold Peter ......... . Dapper, Douglas Shultz ......... Darby, Marvin Gordon . . . Darilek, JoAnn .......... Darnall, Larry Joe ........ Darragh, Hebert Darsey, Kenneth L., Jr. ... Darwin, James Thomas . . . Daugherty, Bailey E ...... Daugherty, J. Frank ...... Davenport, John Nigel . . . Davenport, Lew Wallace Davenport, Robert McCall . Davenport, Shirley Katheryn Davenport, William H ..... David, Agnes Gertrude ... Davidson, Ada Lois . . Davidson, Barbara Jo . Davidson, John Wesley Davidson, Robert Lee Davies, Donald Carroll Davies, Thomas Edward Davies, Thomas Henry Davila, Rudolfo Gonzales ..... .. Davis, Albert Joseph .... 174 Davis, Ann . .67, 167, 230, 231 342, Davis, Annazell Elizabeth 67 242, Davis, Barbara Deane ..95, 326, .67, 338, .196, ..67, ..95, .196, 95, .95, 239, .67, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Benjamin Roberts Bette Sue 96 Betty George . Bill Joe Carl Bowen Charles Edward, II C. K Charles Madison . . . Creswell Dean D. Jeanette Don Morris Don Wallace , Donald Floyd Donald Lee Doris Dorothy LaMurriel . . Ernst Michael . . .67, George Arthur .... 346 . .36, ..96, 333, . .96, ..80 485 346 385 ..22 338 367 342 .342 164, 238 231, ' , 503 .195 223 448 446 228 406 327 .389 322 373 .436 255 381 179 ..95 222, . 351 ..95 ..36 436 .125 479, 481 .410 .376 .113, , 342 .219 344 , 491 .196 .395 ..26 339 410 ..80 .434 332 .335 .478 395 396 416 .377 .191 .251 366 250 .334 .338 .174 421 ..95 .328 338 341, 377 116, 251 342, 372 .331 356 .504 ..36 .243 111 ..22 228 .439 ..96 .195 389 .124 .478 .383 326 493 466 Page 524 Our New Building Is Designed to: Anticipate your every banking need Ease your parking problems with 30 minutes free parking Also four drive-in tellers to serve you BANK THC AHIPICAN WAY The AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Member: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Capita and Surplus $3,500,000 of A us fin Page 525 NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME Davis, Gibson Milton ...96, 199, 436 Davis, Jack Randall 414, 494 Davis, James A 22 Davis, James Alan 67, 188, 411 Davis, James Burton 80, 132, 176, 237 Davis, Jay D 96, 402 Davis, Jeanne Cooper 96, 380 Davis, Jeff 437 Davis, Jim 453 Davis, Jimmie Joe 80, 124, 347 Davis, Joe Elliott, Jr. ..124, 188, 405, 508, 509 Davis, John Emerson 328 Davis, Joyce Lorayne 26 Davis, (Catherine Elizabeth ..116, 381 Davis, Katheryn Louise 36, 143, 235, 365 Davis, Lee 1 75 Davis, Linda Jane 96, 239 Davis, Malcolm Belah 96, 124 Davis, Marie Kate 36, 248, 335, 498, 500, 503 Davis, Milton Harding 36 Davis, Nancy Jane 80, 378 Davis, Nancy Lee 96, 376 Davis, Nancy Lou 80, 374 Davis, Norris G 1 32 Davis, Patricia Lee 371 Davis, Perry Dupree, Jr 229, 439 Davis, Richard Hugh 185, 415 Davis, Richard W 176 Davis, Robert Carl 96 Davis, Ronnie L 80 Davis, Roy Arthur, Jr. ...36, 306, 311 Davis, Stanley Kent 80, 409 Davis, Stewart Leonard 202 Davis, Thomas Leroy 404 Davis, Tommy Wessendorff 411 Davison, Robert Lee 80, 124, 174, 333 Dawe, Jessamon 1 26, 1 36 Dawkins, Jerome Ersel 80, 241 Dawson, Charles 505 Dawson, Irving Owen 127 Dawson, Jane Calvert 375 Dawson, John M 96, 179 Dawson, Raymond Fillmore ..117, 311 Day, Barbara Ann 96, 234, 378 Day, Edward Leroy 195 Day, Howard 67, 403 Day, James Milton 36, 130, 171 Day, Ruth 1 26 Day, Samuel James 447 Day, W. Howard 1 75 Day, Wilburn Leigh 80 D ' Ayson, Suzette Claire .67, 154, 143, 197, 204, 251, 374, 503 Daywood, Joseph Haikel ....199, 333 Deahl, Charles James 36 Deal, Elise Hall 80, 375 Dean, Billy Don 198, 395 Dean, Eugene Alan 389 Dean, Jean Orr 250, 363 Dean, Mattie Evelyn 121 Dear, Wayne Englehardt ....188, 405 Dearmond, Allidena 251, 326, 372 Deathe, Helen Norwood 358 Deatherage, Martha Martin 131 Deaton, Bobby Charles 96 Deaton, Jo Ann 350 Deauquier, Celeste Ann 248, 255, 333 Deavers, Dorothy Inge 143, 235, 320, 342 Debenport, Don 96 Debnam, Steve Lee 244, 332 Dechant, Eugene Lyle 67, 394 Dechard, Milton Edmund .67, 112, 180 Dechman, Donald Arthur ....124, 442 Deckard, Clyde Carey, Jr 199 DeCordova, Donald Lester ....80, 446 Dedeke, Leslie Alfred, Jr. 67, 188, 505 Def rates, Clyde, Jr 36, 311 Degenhardt, Everett John 244 de Hoyos, Delia Emma 240 de Hoyos, Marlena Leficia 240 de Hoyos, Zulema 240 Deihl, William Howard 125 Deiterman, Louis Henry 333 Deitrick, Dorothy Susan 332, 370 De La Cruz, Gilbert 36 DeLaFosse, Jannette Pauline 96 Delaney, Wayne Edward ...111, 449, 453, 485 de la Rosa, H. Jerry 399 De Las Casas Piedra, Salvador ....96 Deleon, Ricardo Tomas 202, 335 Delgado, Jaime Nabor 36, 129 DeLoach, Carolyn Ann ...96, 239, 360 DELTA CHI 398, 399 DELTA DELTA DELTA 364, 365 DELTA GAMMA 366, 367 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON ....400 401 DELTA NU ALPHA 118 DELTA PHI EPSILON 368, 369 DELTA SIGMA PHI 402, 403 DELTA SIGMA PI 119 DELTA TAU DELTA 404, 405 DELTA UPSILON 406, 407 DELTA ZETA 370, 371 DeMoss, Harold Raymond 405 Dempsey, Jack Kenneth 400 Denard, Dorothy Ann 243, 248, 324, 326 Denby, June Marie ....239, 251, 360 Denman, Charlotte Rae ..36, 335, 363 Denman, Marilyn Ida 365 Denney, Bobbie Dell 375 Dennis, Barbara Ann ....96, 239, 364 Denowitz, Marvin Allen .96, 172, 424 Demon, Prince Edward 96, 172 Depew, Don Bradley 67 Depuglio, Patricia Jo 96 DeRese, Bettye 36, 343, 371 Derrick, Bertram William 96, 176 Derrick, Diane 96, 364, 497 Derrick, William James ..80, 197, 417 Derrington, Oscar, Jr 96 DeStefano, Martin Joseph ....36, 407 Dethloff, Henry Clay ...80, 185, 435 Deutsch, Janice Sue 96, 388 DEVELOPMENT BOARD 20 Deveny, Robert Lewis 183 DeVerter, Paul Logan, II 36, 312 DeVillier, Charles Villier 340 Devin, Gena Mac 67 Devine, Franklin French, Jr 311 Devine, Patricia 36 Deviney, Marvin Lee, Jr 26 DeVore, Boyd Irven, Jr 256 Dew, Dana 314, 347, 363 DeWalch, Don Paschal 198, 431 DeWalt, James Willis ...96, 174, 338 Dewar, Hallie Ball 96, 380 Dewar, Robert Lee Ball 67, 184, 229, 401 DeWeese, Elizabeth Ann 350 DeWitt, Diane 96, 362 DeWitt, Lanny Norman 175 DeWitt, William Warren, Jr. ..67, 112, 196, 333, 426 DeWoody, Charles E 306, 311 Deyhle, Ralph 254 Dezelle, Jon Kent 96, 331, 446 Dial, Preston Hastings, Jr. 36, 229, 417 Diamond, Barbara 80, 251, 255 337, 355, 386 Diamond, Jules J 390 Diamond, Louise 143, 341, 365 Diamond, Paul Marker 391 Diamond, Virginia Ruth 96, 113, 217, 372 Dick, Ronald Keith 171, 338 Dickard, Paul Franklin, Jr. 36, 195, 439 Dickens, John Powers 36, 421 Dickens, Rita Faye 67, 346 Dickerson, Billy Ray 67, 479 Dickerson, Jo Ann 36, 136, 165, 214, 220, 222, 223, 224, 225 Dickerson, Robert Waldo (Buster) .176, 421 Dickerson, William Edwin, II ....310 Dickey, Billy Melvin 80, 435 Dickey, Dena Lee 114, 347 Dickinson, Philip Blair 310 Dickinson, Travis Ray Dickson, Dixie Ann Dickson, Guy Travis, Jr. Dickson, Henry Austin . Dickson, James Fagan . . 130, 170, 338, 401 80, 250 173, 338 80, 197, 485, 489 96, 467, 477, 494 80, 381 360 428 80, 493 80, 198, 436 . . . . 198, 438 169 133 36, 418 36, 241 .96, 236 Dickson, Marion Lynn . . Dickson, Mary Katherine Dickson, R. Temple .... Dickson, Richard Lee . . . Dieb, Nicky Saba, Jr. . . Diemer, Harvey Henry . . Diesem, Walter Franklin Dietrich, John William . Dietz, Charles Walton . . Dike, James Ray, Jr. ... Dike, Shirley Leon Dill, Whit Clark 427 Dillard, Joe Wood 80 Dillen, Virginia Anne 96 Diller, John Elias 80, 310, 506 Dillon, James Javan 310 Dillon, Patricia Jane ....36, 336, 351 Dilworth, Bonnie Sue 385, 499 Dilworth, Patricia .116, 136, 222, 375 Dingwall, Donald Colin 36, 415 Dipuccio, Judith Anne 80, 362 DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP .322 Dishman, Harry Charles 96, 408 Dismukes, Barclay Woodward ....439 Dittert, J. Lee 21 Dittman, Marianne 80, 380 Dittmar, Shirley Jean 324 Ditzler, Wanda Joan ....80, 235, 365 Dixon, Barbara Stout 326 Dixon, Bryan Monroe 310 Dixon, Guy Travis 247 Dixon, Irene 126 Dixon, James Peebles 96 Doane, Margaret Aiken 351 Dobbins, George Moye 409 Dobie, Jeanette Marcelle .96, 113, 238 Dobyns, Adalu 96 Dochen, Thelma Ann ...80, 113, 217, 336, 383 Dockery, William Dee, Jr. ...67, 178, 419 Doctorman, William Owen ..439, 448 Dodd, Melvin Joseph 436 Dodge, Nancy Mary ....80, 316, 357 Dodge, Wilson Thomas 118 Dodson, Thomas Hal 67 Doerge, Robert F 129 Doering, Rosemary Erna 36 Doherty, Larry N 179 Dolron, Dolly Dolores 36 Doke, Gerald Pirot 80, 423 Dolan, Edward Howard, Jr 67 Doles, Janet Evelyn 96, 358 Dolich, Ira Jules 80, 202, 425 Dollar, Charles Ray 237 Dollarhide, Thomas . ..119 Dolley, Robert David, Jr 67, 184, 437 Domb, Elaine Audrey 368 Domm, Ernest Joseph, Jr. ...178, 426 Donahoe, Charles William 96 Donaldson, Annette 80 Donaldson, George Atkinson .322,389 Dondlinger, William Spikes ...36, 437 Donley, John Cameron 36, 135, 165, 307 Donnell, Robert Evans 67 Donohoe, Donald M 173 Donovan, John Carl 397 Dooley, Emily Estelle ..80, 113, 337, 353 Dooley John Water 253 Doores, Richard Allen 80, 124 Doreck, Ronald Duffard 173, 338 Dorfman, Lee H 309, 389 Dorfman, Samuel Yandell ...96, 185, 256, 432, 490 Doring, Rosemary Erna 248 Dorman, Carmel Theresa ....67, 217, 235, 326 Dornberger, Werner W 117 Dorris, Linda Ray 36, 361 Dorris, Marjorie Jean 80, 364 Dorrough, James Jackson ....200, 204 Dorsey, Ann Gabrielle ..67, 116, 235 Dotson, Wayne Garner 404 Dougherty, Marshall K. ..96, 124, 392 Dougherty, Patrick Clyde 173, 309 Dougherty, Peggy Alice .67, 234, 314 Doughtie, Venton Levy .128, 135, 396 Douglas, Doris Elizabeth Arlene .239, 358 Douglas, Mary Wilmoth 336, 367, 497 Douglas, Michael E 67, 174, 200 Douglass, Anne Carolyn .80, 316, 365 Douglass, Donald J 37, 128, 130, 135, 312 Douglass, John Patrick 419 Douglass, Robert Raymond 18 Douthit, Allie Durell ....80, 124, 407 Douthit, Harry Anderson, Jr 406, 478, 494 Douty, Harry Lee ..232, 431, 508, 512 Dovalina, David 329 Dow, Bernard Olter ....37, 123, 232, 391 Dow, Robert Leland 124, 184 Dowdle, Gwen 96, 239, 360 Dowdy, James Randolph ....80, 196 Dowell, Caroline 126, 127, 242 Dowlen, George Eulace 80 Downey, Jimmie Carolyn 80, 251 Downing, Barbara Colleen 67 Downing, Don Carter 96, 402 Downs, Patricia 380 Downs, Raymond 178 Doyle, Daniel Perer 415 Doyle, Robert Emmett 37 Doyle, William Lamar 175, 415 Drake, Charles Wesley 37 Drake, Don Allen 96 Drake, Kathleen Virginia 67 Drake, Royce Allison 400 Draper, Barbara Ann 363 Drennan, Orpha LaVerne 251 Dresslar, Barbara Joan Drews, Leon Walter Dring, Mary Louise . .96, 251, 360 244 96, 113, 236, 362, 497 67, 365 96 333 321, 333 Drisdale, Sally Ann .... Driska, Robert Sutton . Droll, Louis James .... Drozd, Leonard Joseph . Drozd, Louis Raymond .333 Druebert, Herman Hugo 311 Drummond, Donald Ryan 67 Drummond, Malcolm Duane 67 Drummond, Nita Sue 67, 248 Drumwright, Charles McNeill 26 Dryden, Ruth Ann 363 DuBois, Charlotte Estelle ...131, 350 Dubose, Charlie Pat DuBose, R. T. Duckworth, Robert Floyd Duderstadt, Douglas Worth Dudley, Dale Bowles . .96, 37, 1 85, 1 89 118 .96, 202, 204, 434 .124, 186 180, 434, 467 228 ..96, 426 119 .236, 376 405 96, 410 Dudley, Howard S Duecker, Charles Henry Dugas, Louis, Jr Dugat, Diana Marie ... Duggan, Fitzhugh Lee . Duggan, William Young Dugger, Ronnie 120, 127 Dugosh, Douglas Joe 200 Duke, Charlotte Octavia 356 Duke, Lou Ann 367 Duke, William Strong, Jr 244 Dulaney, Eleanor Barbara ....80, 234 Dulaney, John Byers 411, 509 DuLaney, Samuel Thomas 410 Dull, Wanda Jean 366 Dumas, Genevieve Louise 381 Dumbould, Joan Beverly ...236, 361, 504 Dunaway, Jack Quitman 309 Dunaway, Marvin Ray ..96, 124, 185, 346, 478, 484 Dunbar, A 178 Duncalf, Frederic 416 Duncan, Joe Donald ..211, 232, 306, 322, 423, 448 Duncan, Lloyd Justin 195, 409 . . . 80, . . .67, Duncan, Robert Lester Duncan, Rufus Higginbotham Dunlap, Margaret Ann ..67, Dunlap, Naomi Dunlap, Norma Dell Dunlap, Patricia Dunn, Charles 37, 130, Dunn, J. D Dunn, William Sam Dunnam, Mary Ann Dunne, Beverly Ann Dunstan, Marilee .... Durbin, Jimmy C. ... Durham, William Lynn Durio, John R Durkes, Jack B Durrenberger, Dorothy Jane 143, 159, 230, 320, 347 Durso, Sam Martin Durway, Daniel Lindsey . . . Dusek, Ted Henry 37, Dutschmann, Wilburt Charles DuVall, Jean Kyle (Tony) . . . Duverny, Fred P Dwight, Jerry Melvin Dyer, Cromwell Adair, Jr. . Dyer, Eldon Royce .67, 111, Dyer, Glenn Colle Dyer, James Arthur Dyer, Nell Katheryn Dyer, Robert Houston Dyke, Frank Jeff ... Dyke, Peter Martin . Dykes, Bertram .135, PAGES 112 ....154, 415 313, 377 242 .113, 251 377 192, 203 1 34 ..96, 418 385, 414 235 255, 359 312, 435 446 . .67, 333 .411, 509 .37, 126i, , 371, 498 ..67, 419 232 403, 448 . 306, 324 .80, 254, 401 183 418 395 124, 322 .237, 453 443 385 311 .196, 4!8 219, 310 309 -E- Eades, James Francis Eager, James Leslie 1 32 Eagle, Charles Thomas, Jr. ..37, 252 Eakins, Jones Richard Eanes, Robert Zempter ..67, 111 Eargle, Dolan Hoye 331 341 233, ..96, Eargle, Stephen Taber ..331, 338, Earhart, Gordon H Earle, Nancy Joan ..37, 116, 341 Earthman, James Bradshaw III Easley, James Neil Easley, Henry Neil Eason, Billie Beryle .80, 143 Eason, Patricia Ann . . . .96, Easterling, Virginia Estridge, Kenneth Eugene . . Eastwood, Clifford Arthur . Eaton, Marquis G Eaton, Robert Charles Eaton, Wentworth Guy .... Ebard, Teddy Glendon Ebaugh, Irvin Atwood, Jr. . Ebner, John Pruett Echols, Frances Anne Echterhoff, Mary Gwendolyn Eckert, Charlene . .67, 326, Eckert, Travis Allen ....37, 479, Eckhardt, Carl John .... 14, Eckhardt, Mary Jane ..113, . .96, ' . ' .96, .80, 124, ' . .80 ' , .67, 248, 331, 405, 480, 128, 316, Eckhardt, Vera Sue 67, 377, 118, 188 Eckhoff, Earl LeRoy 37, Eckols, Bobby Gene ....80, Eckols, Hugh Alton Economy, Dalmon T Economy, Richard Eddins, Doris Ethyl 67 Eddins, Louis Robert, Jr 177, Eddleman, Charles Douglass ..96 Edgar, Jeraldine Louella Edge, Eugene ....67, 111, 184, Edge, Jean Marie 37, 143, Edmonson, Martha Hart 80, Edmundson, Margaret Cecile .96, . .37 222 125, , 253 ..96 445 413 403, 475 .410 , 385 .67, 396 .80 244 , 365 339 374 .405 438 .114 172 . .80 318 111, 418 .196 235 116, 350 498 449, 508 135 337, 361 497, 498 119 339 .342 .443 .442 143 419 254 130, 96, . . .26, Edner, Lewis Edwards, Ann Thomas Edwards, Annette .... Edwards, Eugene L. Edwards, John Charles Edwards, Lum C., Jr. . Edwards, Tom Rogers ..80, 202, Eeck, Aarne Erich 135, 311, Efron, Jack Aaron 67, Eggen, Joe Bert ....67, 255, 309, Eggers, Evelyn Joan 80, Eggleston, Jesse Elliott, Jr Ehlers, Darby Jean 37, 314, Ehlert, Harry Cern Eidelberg, Milton Edward ....37, Eikel, Harvey Andrew 96, Einhorn, Annette Melva ..96, 143, Eisemann, Mary Jo ....80, 242, Eisen, Harold Marvin . .67, 424, Eisenhauer, Rose Marie Eklund, Gilbert Willard 37, Elam, Frank McGhee Elbel, Jacques Lee Elder, Helen Marie 235, 43! 381 374 240, 380 169 248 116 .312 .195 177 241, 428 331 433 331 503 ..96 353 . .96 391 188 368 363, 497 425 .248 111 .310 .310 498 Page 526 Contemplating the purchase of supplies and equipment for after-graduation use are Bob Cole, engineering student, and Daryle Hohertz, architecture student, at the MILLER Blue Print Company. 1 111 I rp SOUTHLRRD SIZED ICE ICE PARTY ICE REGULAR DELIVERY SERVICE There is no substitute for ICE 901 RED RIVER 2-3151 GLAMOUR ICE ICE PUNCH BOWLS WWWWL - flBRRISOn-IMSOn-PERRSOn- REAL ESTATE. RENTALS. INSURANCE Page 527 NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME Eldridge, Huard Hargis 196 Eldridge, John Paul 96 Eldridge, William Frederick ..67, 306, Eleison, Joseph John 307 Eliason, John Edmund . 423 Elkins, J. C 244 Elkins, Jerome Stephen 390 Elkins, Wynell 235, 251, 360 Elledge, J. Lawrence ....26, 114, 308 Elledge, Vernon 96, 342, 408 Ellender, Joanne Marie 333, 356 Ellender, Thomas Joseph ....37, 439 Ellen, Robert Leonard 196, 418 Elliff, Larry Joe 251 Ellington, Alvin William, Jr. .67, 417 Ellington, Lilla Jean ....37, 314, 342 Elliott, Alethea Lou 67 377 Elliott, Arthur B 67, 333, 396 Elliott, Jay Aubrey 96 Elliott, Lynwood Grayburn ..64, 229 419 Ellis, Barbara Jeanne 248, 314 Ellis, Barbara M 37, 314 Ellis, Billy Carol 80, 174, 338 Ellis, Charles William ...80, 124, 417 Ellis, Homer Godsey 423, 448 Ellis, James Harry 333 Ellis, John Wilson 64 Ellis, Karen Jean 80, 345 350 Ellis, Oren Henry, Jr. ..37, 111 130 192, 203 Ellis, Robert Ben 80 Ellison, Oliver Perkins, Jr 37 Elliston, Lura Duff ..67, 116, 220, 365 Elmore, Carolyn Ma ree 96 350 Elo, Joseph, Jr 179 443 Elrod, Delia Jane 80, 336 351 Elrod, Doris Ann ..96, 221, 250, 350 Elsass, J. Frank 125 Embree, Walter E 80, 446 Emerine, Sally Anne ....67, 174, 357 Emerson, Cover Conner ....120, 398 Emery, Emogene 323 Emmons, Kay Maxine ..96, 221, 503 Encke, Marylin 37, 367 Enderlin, Florine Ann . ' ..37 Endress, James Vendenburgh ....96, 202, 422 Engel, Lars Norlick 247, 331 Engelberg, Philip Malkin ... 432 Engelhardt, Hilbert Carl .80, 178 228 Engelhardt, Shirley Ann .67, 231, 375 Engelman, Charles Edward 96 Engels, Frank Kasper 172, 241 Engert, Max 309 Englander, Leonard Marion ..96, 424 Engle, Earl Jay 425 English, Charles Raines .197, 204, 244 English, Gayle Earle 67 English, Nola Jean Sowell 37 English, Sarah Jane ....96, 164, 239 364, 497 Enlow, Jack Frank 96, 178 Enlow, Mary Nell 96, 217, 235 347, 352 Enmon, W. C 96 Enni, Lembit 33] , 344 Enochs, Jane Emily 364 Eppes, Bill Gorton 117 Eppright, Margaret Anne 326 Epstein, Geraldine Lee .251, 382, 503 Epstein, Liana L. ..143, 234, 323, 382 Epstein, Shirley Rae 382 Ergle, Martha Gail 96, 217, 342 Ericson, Joe Anne . .67, 234, 337, 353 Ernst, Allen Fred ..124, 174, 338, 466 Ernst, Fred Loell 176, 466 Erskine, Bill 177, 416 Erwin, Charles William 333 Erwin, Patricia Ann 314, 353 Erwin, Robert Hugh ....37, 112, 114, Escamilla, Andres 96 Eschenburg, Carl Robert 416 Eschenburg, Robert Lee ....307 417 449 Esmond, Blaine Durand 197 Esquivel, Filemon V 247 Esse, Kathryn Ann 96, 239, 342 Esterling, Richard Ellis ..80, 199, 434 Estes, Jack Homer 439 Estes, James Eugene 119 Estes, John L 64, 409, 448 Estes, Tommy Kenneth 400, 475 Estess, Patricia Joyce 235, 503 Estill, Joe Jefferson 81 Estill, Louise 365 Estill, Mary Louise 37 Estlack, Margaret Rochelle ..320, 332 341 Etchison, Barbara Kathryn ...81 11 3 375, 501 Etheredge, Betty Nan 67, 316 Etheredge, Boyd Franklin 96 Etheredge, Darwin D 308 Etheredge, Melvin B 237, 453 Etheredge, Zelma Verree ...97 350 497, 498 Ettelman, Davie Lou ....97, 251, 323 334 Eubank, John Thomas 405 Evans, Billy Ray 253 Evans, Charlene 235 Evans, Derro George 97 Evans, Dorothy Jean ... .97, 374, 497 Evans, Durward Gray 232, 344 Evans, Eleanor Joyce ...81, 322, 362 Evans, Glenda R 81 Evans, James Rayford . Evans, John Sidney, Jr. Evans, Kenneth Wayne Evans, Lamar Evans, Lynn Thomas . Evans, Robert Don . . Evans, Scott D Evans, Thomas J. ... Evans, Walter Edward Evans, Walter Lamar . Everett, Alice Joy . . . Everett, Dan Lane Everett, Olivero R. . . Everhard, Clay Pharr Evins, Richard S Ewald, Jacqueline Lea Ewing, Ben B EX-STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION Eyssautier, Yvonne .26, 494, .81, . .97, .174, .67, 198, 202, .si] 309, 124, .81, 316, .311 395, 511 ..97 .494 312 429 428 .176 406 .199 .326 338 129 . .97 .335 381 .117 ..21 240 p _ Fadal, Georgia Christine ....68, 143, 251 Faddin, Ida Caldwell 342 Fagan, Arthur Wayne 241 Fagan, Janet Alice 97, 240, 333 Fagan, Lawrence John 245, 505 Fagan, Marilyn Jean 68 Faham, Adnan 81 Faham, Hisham 81 Faham, Mahmoud M 81, 228, 246 Fair, Charles Eugene 392 Fair, Ralph Emerson, Jr 395 Fairall, Labon Leroy ....97, 200, 420 Fairchild, Charles Robert .97, 198, 396 Fairey, Robert 127 Fairlee, Jane Alice 81, 371 Fairlee, Robert 191 Falbo, Frank Ed 306 Falcon, Elias Garcia 202 Falcon, Raymond Marvin 37, 421 Falk, Edith Joyce 126 Falk, George Harold 97, 187 Falke, Fred Ernest, Jr 185 Fallick Grace Helene 323, 369 Faltin, August Charles 175 Fancher George Homer 436 Fanning, Thomas Eugene 198 Farabee, Kenneth Ray ..232, 342, 417 Farek, Thomas Edward . 37 243 247 312 Fargotstein, Annette Abra 369 Faris, Charles Wilson 178 Fariss, Ira W 68 Farmer, Hugh Monroe 117 farmer. Jack Hargrave 37, 251 Farmer, Ruble Paul, Jr 37 Farnsworth, Carl Leon 68 Farquhar, Jane 504 Farquhar, Kay 97, 217, 239, 352 Farr, David Jerrell 81, 178 Farrar, Bobby Clark 173, 338 Farrell, Robert Terrence ....199, 466 Farris, Warren L 417 Farrow, Kenneth 485 Faulk, Joe Anne Cecelia .38, 320, 373 Faulkner, Gene Lloyc 97 Faulkner, Jo Ann 360, 503 Faust, Henry Joseph ' 97 Feagin, Lois Jean ..97, 239, 370, 498 500 Feagin, Michael Dan 68 Fearis, Diane Adele 81, 385 Fears, Clots D 81 Fears, John Huey . . .435 Feaster, Bobby Grant . 97 FEATURES ' .257-304 Feffer, Howard Stanley 391 Feibefman, James Alan 447 Feigelson, Carol Ann ...97, 323 354 Feinstein, Ann 97, 382 Feit, Ronald ... ' .338 Fe ' der, Thomas Dewey 246 Felder, William Davis ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .43] Fe!dman, Charles B 171 433 Fella, James Weldon 38 Fella, Marilyn Mays ....68, 122, 378 Fellbaum, Ernest Spindle 393 Felsing, William August ....185, 189 Felts, Shirley Margaret 356 Fenberg, Marty Allen 97 432 Fendley, Harrison Douglas 38 - 123 Fennekohl, Dave Ross ..81, 195, 410 509 Fenson, Melvyn 424 Fenter, Felix West .135, 327 Ferguson, Arthur James 38, 409 Ferguson, Carole Lyn ...68, 361, 496 Ferguson, David Scott . .68, 310, 389 Ferguson, Donald Olda 328, 403 Ferguson, Ernest Fred, Jr 68 Ferguson, Jack Henson, Jr 439 Ferguson, James Arville 97, 251 Ferguson, Janet 68, 385 Ferguson, Keene W 410 Ferguson, Paul Lehr 68, 420 Ferguson, Phil Moss ...117 135 311 Ferguson, William Harold ...38 184 40 1 ' Fernandez, Guadalupe Monsalvo ..238 Ferrell, Robert Warren 68, 404 Ferris, Joann Patricia . .97, 239, 364 Ferris, Neal Ward 125 ' 435 Fetter, Raymond Arnold, Jr. ...!.312 Fetter, Sallie Harrison ....248 320 499, 502, 504 Fey, William Walter 81, 402 Fhadimi-Navai, Mahmand 310 Ficken, Bryant A 38, 195, 203 Fiegel, Harry John 185 Field, Harry Robert 435 Fields, James Perry 129, 328 Fields, Sally Ann 248, 322 Fiels, Harry Robert 311 Fiero, Dick J 332, 335 Figg, Charles 347 Fila, Gertrude Hill 327 Fila, Ladislaus John 327 Finch, Dee 434 Finch, Donna Marguerite 97, 250, 378 Finch, Howell M 229, 405 Finch, Kenneth Pressly 38, 130, 183, 188 Finchum, Frank Dewayne ...130, 175 237, 453 Finck, Mary Anne 380 FINE ARTS 249, 256 Fine, Marcia Sue 38, 355 Finger, Marvin Alan ....174, 199, 424 Finkelstein, Rosalind 382 Finley, John Mallory 38, 173 311, 338 Finley, Judge Dinsmore 133 Finley, Laura Jane 97 Finn, Frank, Jr 256 Finnell, Anna Rhea 97, 251 Fiorelli, Edward Theodore 125 Fischer, Betty Jo 38, 385 Fischer, Carolyn Carter 381 Fischer, Donovan George 38, 135, 309 Fischer, Edgar Gustav 175, 247 324, 509 Fischer, Elaine 81 Fischer, George Edgar 431 Fischer, Gray Duane 81 Fischer, Herbert James 333 Fischer, Howard Floyd 176, 331 Fiser, Lee Wilson 254, 446 Fish, Francine 97 Fish, Harriet Jayne 81, 323, 354 Fish, Laurens Brainerd, Jr. . . .68, 393 Fisher, Bert Melvin 97, 202 Fisher, Beverly Ann 38 Fisher, Blake Vincent 437 Fisher, Bobbie Joan . . . .97, 239, 356 Fisher, Edwin E 68 Fisher, Elizabeth Ann 381 Fisher, Gary Duane 1 84 Fisher, Helen Elaine ...251, 255, 352 Fisher, James George, Jr. 97, 179, 333 Fisher Marilyn Rita 97, 354 Fisher, Michael 412 Fisher, Robert Evan 81, 197 395 Fisher, Robert Hall 68, 175, 338 Fisher Roy Brent 413 Fiske, Nancy Jay ..234, 341, 367, 497 Fitch, Walter Oran, III 68, 179 Fitch, William Evans 38 Fitzgerald, David Cantrell 97 Fitzgerald, James Anderson 134 Fitzgerald, Janet Conner ....122, 326 Fitzgerald, John Taylor 436 Fitzgerald, Richard Alfred ...38, 333 Fitzgerald, Robert Eugene 119 Fitzpatrick, Yvonne 97 Flachmeirer, Patsy Joyce ...326, 331 339, 498 Flack, Betty Tom 363 Flaig, Joseph Holmes, Jr. ...197, 415 Flanders, William Royal 68, 409 Flaskamper, Ray 312, 327 Fleck, L. H 114 Fleming, William Harvey 38 Flesh, Lois Ann 355, 503 Fletcher, Ather Odell 68 Fletcher, Donald Earl 421 Fletcher, Edward Garland 392 Fletcher, Elizabeth Marie 251 Fletcher, Paul Brent 395 Fletcher, Robert Forrest ....173, 178 312, 338 Flinn, Helen Margaret 16, 113 230, 317 Flinn, Robert Franklin 237 449 452, 453, 464 Flinn, Wesley Clark ....125, 175, 254 Flippen, Elizabeth Ann 250, 364 Flippen, Sue 365 Flippin, Betty Joan 38, 361 Flood, Patrick Nicholas 118, 333 Florence, Richard John . .97, 196, 434 Flowers, Karen Renee ..97, 113, 217 239, 372 Floyd, Gentry Lee 173, 338 Floyd, Mary Martine 142, 143 230, 375 Floyd, Ricardo 329 Floyd, Robert Charles 81, 418 Fly, Patricia Ann 68, 363, 386 Flynn, Mary Patricia 81, 363 Flynn, Patrick Allen 127 Flynt, William Edward 38 Flythe, Katherine 381 Foch, Adolph W 309 338 Focht, John Arnold 117, 135 Foerster, George Frederic ...186, 478 Foerster, Paul Adolph ...68, 184, 426 Foerster, Richard 68, 438, 489 Fogelberg, Alan Eugene 68, 124 193, 241, 309 Fogleman, Evelyn Jane 81, 365 Foley, Joeene Nan 38, 116, 385 Folmar, Laura Lissa 347 PAGES NAME PAGES Fondren, Ellanor Ann .... 377 497 498, 505 Fong, Florence 81 Font, Hector 33 Fontaine, Martha Ann 38 134 316, 320 Fonville, Tazh Taylin 97 FOOTBALL 450-466 Foote, Frances Cornelia ..81, 316, 378 Foote, M. Josephine 68 Foote, Phillip Gene .97, 241, 322, 438 Foote, Phyllis Jean ....239 322, 335 370, 498, 503 Foote Sandra Vee 97, 350 Forbes, David Lee . .68, 134, 228, 479 Forbus, James Edward 38, ' 125 Ford, Gilbert (Gib) 38, 165, 199, 229 237, 419, 449, 469 470 Ford, Jerry J 318, 321 Ford, Judith 68, 363, 497 Ford, Richard Franklin 194, ' 232, 447, 449 Ford, Thomas David 3)8 Foreman, Carolyn 123 Forman, Etha R ... 27 Foreman, Robert Arnold . . 306 FORENSICA 323 Forester, Richard 237, 449 Foretich, Richard Brittain ....81 ' l54 174, 253, 338, 494 Forrest, Marianna 371, 498, 500 Forsman, John Malcolm 446 Forster, Febe 81, 376 Fort, James Travis 115 Forsvall, Murray Lawrence 38 132 175, 222, 223, 413 Forsythe, Eugene V 311 Fortune, William Walter 97, 176 Foster, Arthur Douglas 26, 308 Foster, Hague Doyen 124, 338 Foster, Joe Davis 435, 494 Foster, Mary J 68, 363 Foster, William Edward, Jr. ..68 111 241 Foster, William Knight ..38, 110 219 343, 439 Foster, William Lester 183, 189 Fotheringham, Tom James 322 Fotouhi, Manchehr 310 Fournier, Henry Raymond 97 Foust, Carol June 97, 219, 384 Fouts, William Eugene 200 Fowler, Bennie Lee 251 363 Fowler, Bradley A 81, 184, 476 Fowler, Jerry Lynn 97 Fowler, Robert Penn ....68 185 417 476, 511, 512 Fowler, Ruth 97 Fox, Joaquin 124, 202 Fox, Nelia 126, 134 Foxworth, Walter Lenoir, II ..97, 124, Foy, Gloria Byrne 97, 366 Fradkin, Larry Irving ....81, 124, 391 Frady, Ray Alton 179, 335, 469 Francis, Charlotte Ann 342 376 Francis, Lester Paul 97, 255 Francois, Barbara 236 Francisco, Elizabeth Terry 381 Frank, Ben W 81 Frank, Edmund P 324 Frank, Hugo Carl 97, 175 338 Frank, M. P., Ill ..38, 128, 135, 244, Frank, Wanda Fay 68, 248 Franke, Leland Horace 312, 331 Frankfurt, Joyce 382 Franklin, Alvin Jerome ....200, 390 Franklin, Ben B 68, 241 Franklin, Betty Sue 250, 351 Franklin, Robert Odell 38, 421 Franklin, William Edward (Ted) ...81 Franks, James Martin ....97, 172, 424 Franks, Nina Ruth 97, 248 Franks, Wanda Gayle ...97, 250, 366 Frankum, Ronald Bruce 97 Frantz Dalies Ehrhardt 125 Frantz, Joe B 132 Frantzen, Alex Herbert 335 Frapart, Lewis Samuel 68, 433 Fraser, John Gibb 166, 174, 338 Frasier, Charles 408 417 FRATERNITIES 387-448 Frazer, John Thatcher ..166, 176, 218 224, 225, 429 Frazer, Merrell, Jr 97 Frazer, Samuel Stewart 197, 413 Frazier, Barbee 97, 384 Frazier, Charles Edward 511 Frazier, Earnest 1 112 Frazier, George Thomas ....110, 119 Frazier, James Robert 81 Frazier, J. Brooks 68, 241 Frazier, Margaret Ann 97 Frazier, Margo 504 Frazier, Mary Margaret .136, 219, 384 Frede, Norman Dwight ....179, 321 438 Frederick, Alice 375 Freed, Margo 97, 362 Freedman, Louis 184, 424 Freedman, Sandra 97, 382 Free ' and, Alma Moore 126 Freeland, Lavina B 121 Freeman, Alvin Lee 81, 112, 429 Freeman, Barbara Sue 123 Freeman, Charles David ....403, 448 Freeman, Claudette Florine 97 331 335, 378, 498, 504 Page 528 The Capital National Bank n Austin OFFICERS Chairman of the Board E. P. CRAVENS President HOWARD T. COX Vice Presidents W. C. KENNEDY WALTER BOHN JOHN S. BURNS R. M. (BOB) KINNAN Vice President and Cashier LEON KUHN Vice President and Trust Officers RAYMOND R. TODD Assistant Vice Presidents WILFORD NORMAN ROY B. STEWART J. W HAWKINS WALTER BREMOND III Assistant Cashiers F. M. DuBOSE L. L. LUNDELL ALDON V. DANCAK MISS MADIE MACKEN LEWIS E. BRACY, JAMES B. CHELF OSCAR B. WEST ELROY SPREEN RAY HUDSON JR. Assistant Trust Officer B. J. CLARK Auditor JOHN A. REHM DIRECTORS E. P. CRAVENS, Chairman of the Board WALTER BOHN Executive Partner Bohn Bros. HERMAN BROWN President, Brown Root, Inc. EDWARD CLARK Looney, Clark Moorhead, Attorneys HOWARD T. COX President THEO. P. DAVIS Executive Partner Nelson Davis Son HERMAN F. HEEP Oil Producer H. M. HOUSTON President, John Bremond Co. GUITON MORGAN Gen. Mgr., Austin Concrete Works, Inc. JAMES P. NASH Nash Windfohr Oil Company Nash Gasoline Company Z. T. SCOTT Physician GEORGE E. SHELLEY Attorney f. W. STERNENBERG President, Kuntz-Sternenberg Lumber Co RAYMOND R. TODD Vice-President and Trust Officer flUSTIN ' S MOST COMPLETE DRIVE-IN BflNK Capital and Surplus $3,500,000.00 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY SERVING TEXANS SINCE 1896 AUSTIN BROWNWCOD WICHITA FALLS of the Southwest 611 CONGRESS Jrieud Page 529 NAME PAGES NAME PAGES Freeman, Cynthia Rae Freeman, Diana Joan 81, Freeman, Marguerite 3, Freeman, Nancy Jane ... .81, 224, Freeman, Wilma Carol Freeling, Richard Allen ..38, 114, French, Donald Dee French, Joseph Jordan, Jr French, Warren Grahma FRESHMEN 91 Freund, Andrew John Freytag, Ethlyn Rose ....38, 316, FRIARS Friberg, Emil Edwards 97, 228, 338, Frick, Ross Thurber . Friedel, Harvey Lee . Frieden, Alvin Martin 111, 188, 81, 196, 485, .81, 323, Fried lander, Beverly Friedlander, Jack 81, Friedman, Arthur Stuart Friedman, Frances Lee 81, Friend, Cecil Grady Friend, George Everest ..97, 228, . .97, .173, Friend, Llerena B Frierson, William Donald Frierson, John Edward . Friesen, Jerry Fritcher, Eugene Edward Fritts, Bill Edward 494, Froebel, Ed Charles 68, Frost, Edward Everette .120, 346, Frost, Willa Jane Fruit, Jerry L Fry, Barbara Jean Fryar, Anthony Carlyle Frydell, Don Gordon 68, 250, Frye, Donald W 74, Fryman, John E. ...68, 110, 255, Fulcher, Clay Wayland Gordon . . 188, 232, 312, Fulcher, Richard Andrew Fulcher, Ruth Fulkerson, Perry John Fuller, Gerald Maxwell 97, Fuller, James Stuart 405, Fuller, Tommy Mason Fuller, William Paul 38, Fullerton, Sue Ann 367, Fulton, John Stuart 68, Fulton, Joseph Roland 68, Fulton, Margaret Mary 38, 230, 317, Funderberg, Dan Loyd . .97, 256, Funk, Ernest Jack 38, Funk, Richard Olney 174, Funk, William Henry Furr, Richard Allan 68, 407, 382 381 219 372 .368 391 .447 .409 .398 -108 .312 321 .120 173, 426 417 331 433, 487 369 425 .441 382 .200 124, 406 .350 406 .407 .335 338 511 403 421 .350 .442 .366 .423 407 338 407 130, 419 .307 .375 .397 412 507 .417 343 497 177 421 123, 365 388 312 338 .412 506 -G- Gabert, Sylvia Ruth . ...97, 238 Gaddis, John Marshall ..81, 179, 395 Gaedke, Glynda Jo 68, 378 Gaffney, James Joseph 81, 438 Gafford, Burns Newman 135 Gage, George Albert ..232, 237, 449, 469 Gage, Leslie Leon 418 Gaines, Scott 412 Galbraith, Julia Elizabeth (Judy) ..68, 251 Galbraith, Thomas Wesley 413 Galloway, Jack Henry 251 Gamarra, Esther Felicita 248 Gamble, Asa B., Jr 97 Gamel, Weldon M 311 GAMMA DELTA 324 GAMMA PHI BETA 372, 373 Gammage, Gail 97, 239, 350 Gangi, Edward 494 Gann, Marilyn 116 Gannon, Fayetta Mary ..68, 313, 333, 362 Gano, Jerry Dene 374 Ganter, Barbara Ann . . . 240, 333, 335 Ganter, Paul Anthony 112, 133 Gantt, Virginia Dial 97, 360 Garcia, Al M., Jr 38, 193, 203, 204, 244 Garcia, Alma Lydia 39 Garcia, Amado 39 Garcia, Candelario Pedro 329 Garcia, Pederico G 39, 129, 247 Garcia, George 253 Garcia, Joe Phil 81 Garcia, Jorge Alfonso 81 Garcia, Jose Othon 312, 329 Garcia, Manuel Wicano 253 Garcia, Nelda Lilia 240 Garcia, Ricardo H 171, 329 Garcia, Ruben 1 80, 329 Gardere, George Pierre ....232, 411, 510 Gardiner, Alice Gazelle 39, 361 Gardner, Max Prince 229, 417 Gardner, Pat Henry 127 Gardner, Patricia Ann ...68, 235, 326 Garey, Alan Jack 68, 447, 448 Garibay, Luis Rene 335 Garibay, Rubin Casarez 26, 333 Garland, Ann 68, 381 Garner, Dorothy Sue 313, 363 Garner, Thomas Arnold 396 Garrett, Claude Harmon, III ..97, 186 Garrett, Clyde C Garrett, Elizabeth Doiron ...68, Garrett, Jerry Garrett, Jesse Hurt Garrison, George Edwin Garrison, Robert Dennis, Jr. ..39, Garrison, Scott W., Jr Garrison, Shlrling Dale Garrison, William Scott, Jr Garwood, William Lockhart Gary, James Warren Garza-Valdez, Alejandra Garza, Bias Maria 97, Garza, Estela de la 240, Garza, Jesse R Garza, Manuel, Jr. ..39, 125, 175, Garza, Omar Garza, Oswaldo Garza, Ramiro Miguel Garza, Reginaldo Cristelo ...241, Garza, S. A Gaskin, H. L Caspar, Lester G 39, 306, Gassmann, Edwin Anton, Jr. Gaston, Barbara Jean ..39, 143, 156, 330, Gault, Clay Roger 97, Gauntt, James Clarence 81, Gavenda, John David Gawlik, Richard Claude ....177, Gay, John Edward Gearner, Aubrey Douglas, Jr. 193, 203, Gebauer, Dorothy Louise .... 16, 215, Gebhard, Yvonne Clare ....353, Gee, Mollie Susan Geiger, Paul Frank Geisel, Margaret Geisler, Bernard Wayne .68, 112, Genthner, Charles W 229, Gentry, George Vincent Gentry, Joanna George, Claude S George, Ronny Joseph 333, George, William David 39, Gerbens, Judy Belle 68, Gerber, Thomas Clark Gerdes, Bob Meyer Gerhardt, Leroy, Jr Gerhardt, Mary Dale 68, Gerling, John Henry German, Robert Eugene Germany, James M Germany, Robert Sterling . . . .97, Gerrick, Sharlene Barbara Gerron, William John 178, Gerson, Gayle Elliot Gerson, Ronny Gene 81, Geyer, Walter Louis 81, Ghadimi-Navai, Mahmoud Ghastang, Joyce Gholson, Marvin Eugene ...114, Ghormley, Pearl Giammalva, Samuel Antone . . . 410. Gibbon, Karl Malcolm, Jr 68, Gibboney, Richard Beaver Gibbs, Bradley Lee Gibbs, William Royal Gibson, Elizabeth Jean ..97, 238, Gibson, Frank Atwood Gibson, Jerry Albert ..173, 241, Gibson, Sidney Joseph 180, Gibson, Willliam Willard, Jr. ... Giddens, Leslie Wiley, Jr. ..39, 229, 437, 448, 476 Gidley, William Francis Giese, Betty Ann Giesecke, Sue 81, Giffin, Lynda Lee Gilbert, Jacky Paul 81, 253, Gilbert, James Franklin ..3, 39, 217, 218, Gilbert, Marvin Lenis 68, Gilbreath, John Stovall Gilchriest, Carolyn Patricia ..81, Gilchrist, William E 68, 174, 314, . .26, ..97, 134, ' 389, Giles, Muriel Joy 39, Giles, Murry Browder Giles, Perry Montgomery . . Giles, Ralph Emerson Giles, Richard Curry ..68, Giles, Robert Clyde Giles, Shirley Cartwright . . Gilkison, Jeanne Marie .... Gill, Eugene Gill, James Earl 97, Gill, Samuel Lafayette Gillean, William Otho, Jr. . Gillespie, Barbara Ann 81, Gillespie, Harold Reese, Jr. ..26, Gillespie, Jon Hanson 198, Gillett, Jimmie Douglas Gillett, Nancy Jean Gillett, Virginia Bernice (Tita) ... 168, 215, 216, 231, 337, Gilley, John Robert 200, Gilliam, Henry Lamar . .81 235, 250 .117 .420 .327 306 . .81 . .68 .119 .415 .404 .248 253 329 .202 253 ..81 . .81 .198 329 .311 .228 311 247, 509 153, 351 478 338 . .39 237, 453 .447 .39, 401 113, 231 498 .346 ..39 .248 324 449 .398 .126 .134 446 135 248 .407 .395 .310 356 .333 197 .241 426 .123 418 .390 425 427 ..26 .238 134, 191 .219 175, 490 435 .439 .407 .124 347 .429 338 435 229, 415 188, 477 .129 ..39 380 . .97 254, 446 178, 220 396 ..97 250, 351 309, 338 353 343 200 .437 195, 476 .222 314 .333 .169 418 ..97 241, 253 359 409 408 ..97 .363 113, 375 394 .419 184, 172, 118, .97, 334 431 .415, 323, NAME Gilliam, James Milton, 111 . Gilliam, Robert Wilson .... Gilliam, Walter Thad Gilliam, Wyman Ray Gilman, Lee Gilmore, Billy Owen Gilmore, Clarence Edgar . . Gilmore, Curtis Joseph Gilmore, Jerry Carl . . . .68, 232, 241, 256, 318, 325 Gilmore, Marquis Reed . .68, Gilstrap, Howard Clifford . , Gilstrap, Robert Wentworth Ginsberg, Bailey Anne . .97, Ginsburg, Maynard Jack . . . .97, Gingrich, Sandra Kay 68, Gipson, Eddie M 97, Gist, James Earl 177, Gjerstad, Gunnar Glade, Mary Hatcher 39, Glade, William Patton Glaser, Barton Alan Glasgow, Raymond Donald .335, Glass, Ben Glass, Carl Melville 81, 200, Glass, Elizabeth Merchant ..126, 398, 504, Glass, Frank Leland 97, 418, Glass, Venis Kathryn 39, Glasscock, Clarence Weldon ..97, Glasser, Harold Paul Glaze, Kathleen Adele 26, Glazer, Morton Allen ...68, 110, Glazner, Nancy 81, Gleason, Egan Ray . ..173, 340, Gleason, Joseph P Gleckler, Arthur Dan .98, 124, 228, Glenewinkel, Martha Nell Glenn, Barbara Gayle Glenn, Colbert J Glenn, Joe M Click, Claris Glidden, John Bryam 405, Gliddon, Martha Ann 251, Gliddon, Barbara Richards Gliddon, Reverdy T Gloff, Doris Jean Glossbrenner, Ernestine Viola . . . 248, Glover, Tom Ryan 68, 340, Glover, Thomas Hale Gloyna, Earnest F 117, Glynn, Jerome Michael Goad, Robert E., Jr 98, Gochman, Arthur Morton Godbold, Shirley Ann ..81, 248, PAGES ' 7, 243, 244 404 404 409 .228 . .39 241 .431 211, 344 508 .416 485 382, 503 432 365 347 415 .129 361 .398 .391 466 .505 335 335, 505 478 316 178, 478 .440 126 433 234 338, 445 . 191 178, 346 .115 ..98 .510 ..68 .116 509 378 ..16 .127 .126 .39, 503 417 .129 311 .333 202 .391 357, NAME PAGES 163-168 .68, 433 443 98, 346 419 98, 368 ..251, 382 Godfrey, Lawrence M. ..81, 124, Godfrey, Rosalie S Godley, Harriett Carter 81, 381, Godwin, James Mack Goebel, Patricia Goehringer, Charles Warren Goeman, Susie 240, Goff, E. Wayne Goff, William Russell 186, Going, Mary Frances Gold, Vander Guynn Goldberg, Susan Lynn Goldberg, Moses Hafkin Golden, Charles Norton Golden, Joe Bob, Jr. ..39, 196, 237, 401, 449, Golden, Norene Harriet 68, Golden, Shirley Ann 354, Goldman, Hanna Rebecca ...323, Goldmann, Mary Ernestine Goldsmith, Beverly Brooks ..68, 211, 217, 439, Goldsmith, Claude Watson, Jr. . . Goldsmith, Goldwin Goldsmith, Norman Maurice .... Goldson, Barbara Ann 243, Goldstein, Delores Helen . .326, Goldstein, Helaine Relda ....98, Goldstein, Ronald Nathan .... Goldstein, Shirley Rosalyn ..68, Goldston, Gloria Ann GOLF Goltz, Jay Morton 187, Goltzman, Barbara Esther ....81, Goltzman, Sharlene ....98, 368, Golob, Harvey Stanley Golob, Patricia Ann 98, Golub, Sheila Dale .96, 251, 323, Gomez, Ben Isaias, Jr 125, Gomez, Rudy Gomez, Ruth Lita Gonsoulin, Dewey Jude .39, 180, Gonzaba, William 81, Gonzales, Boyer, Jr Gonzales, Frank Gonzales, Lucila Margarita Gonzales, Mary A Gonzalez, Frank William ....81, 124, 245, Gonzalez, Valdemar 179, Gonzalez, William Edward 386 408, 490 .326 341, 497 .251 .353 .417 333 ..98 414 .251 ..98 .369 .441 ..98 229, 492 383 503 368 .360 178, 448 232, 439 .406 .432 248 368, 369 382, 503 .391 337, 369 .377 .492 391 383 503 .440 382 368 199 .412 ..81 405 245 .426 .511 ..39 .234 111, 509 244 .200 Gooch, J. A ..................... 20 Goodale, Doris Jean ........... 123 Goodfellow, David McAlister ....39, 119, 343 GOODFELLOWS Goodfriend, Barry Howard Gooding, Jack Fleet Goodman, Fred Malcolm Goodman, Harold Goodman, Jeanette Rita . Goodman, Lynette Merle ...., Goodnight, Ronald Ray ...... 39, 403 Goodrich, Ira Merrill (Red) ...... 246 Goodroe, Patricia Lucille ......... 81 Goodrum, Moulton Alan, Jr ..... 124 Goodson, Donald Whitsitt ....... 196 Goodwin, Carol Anne . .98, 239, 326 364 Goodwin, James Cordan ......... 98 Goodwin, Joel Basil ............ 98 Goodwin, Patricia Ann ....... 98, 504 Goolsby, Philip Arlen .......... 318 Gordon, Naida Lurine ........... 250 Gordon, Robert George ......... 412 Gorges, Kay Martha ........ 81, 385 Gorsuch, Helen Marie ..121, 243, 248 Gosalvez, David ................ 247 Gosnell, Judith Adams .......... 381 Gotcher, Ace Donald ............ 175 Gott, Helen Frances ............ 234 Goulden, Joseph C ......... 223, 423 Goulding, Carrolyn Sue ......... 378 Gound, Joyce Elaine ........ 98, 236 Gouse, Fred M., Jr .............. 403 Goyne, Joyce Anne ......... 68, 366 GRACE HALL .................. 236 GRADUATES ................. 26-28 Graeber, David Calvert .......... 340 Graf, Calvin R .............. 39, 224 Grafft, David Hunter ........ 39, 223 Graham, Allan Keith ............ 490 Graham, Lawrence Melvin, Jr ..... 449 Graham, Lillie Mae ...... 98, 221, 248 Graham, Marilyn Butler ..39, 126, 314 Graham, Robert Albert .117, 135, 311 Grainger, George Richard ....98, 410 Gramer, Marjorie Ann .......... 316 Granath, Mary Jane Cranberry, Collier Read Graner, Ronald Lorrimer Granger, Andrew Baker Grant, Carmon Myles Grant, Jimmie Harlan Grant, Kathleen Windley ........ 377 Grant, Winston Barton ........... 98 Grassl, Al Joseph, Jr ............ 124 Gratke, Phillip Eugene ...... 68, 338 Graves, Frank Lee, Jr ....... 68, 399 Graves, Marilyn ...39, 313, 377, 497 Graves, William Joe ...195, 396, 397 Gray, Alison ................... 375 Gray, Barbara Jo ...98, 113, 236, 251 Gray, Betty Lee ...39, 333, 335, 351, 497, 498, 499, 500, 501, 502, 504, 505 Gray, Billy Richard ..... 27, 228, 315 Gray, Charles DeVearle ...... 81, 198 Gray, Daniel Hulet ............... 98 Gray, Frances Marie ......... 98, 248 Gray, George Fleming, Jr ....... 124 Gray, Herbert William ..... 237, 449, 452, 453, 455 Gray, Janis Gale ............ 81, 238 Gray, Joan .................... 116 Gray, John Clifton .............. 81 Gray, John Kirk ..228, 332, 344, 347 Gray, Joyce Molly .......... 98, 368 Gray, M. Alison ................ 113 Gray, Nina Doris ................ 68 Gray, Vaughan Elvis ........ 68, 396 Grazbrook, Howard ............ 429 Greathouse, Linda Hale ..... 250, 375 Green, Anita Lynn .............. 131 351, 503 135, 420 81, 436 98 311 Ill Green, Brenda Lou . . Green, Carolyn Sue . . Green, Donna Marie . . Green, Dorothy Louise 359 81, 341, 363, 497, 501 .98, 234, 356 81, 113, 235, 371 Green, Frank Clifford 186 Green, Gerald Neil 39 Green, Hal Leslie 98, 432 Green, James Dawson 436 Green, Nancy Elizabeth 113, 365 Green, Nelson Noble ..68, 213, 447, 448 Green, Paul MacDonald 431, 508 Green, Paula Jeannette ..81, 216, 337, 353 Green, Phyllis Ann 68, 135, 213, 222, 223, 240, 333, 337, 356, 496, 504 Green, Robert Sterling ..98, 333, 512 Green, Sharon E 184 Green, Vernon Albert ..129, 328, 330 Green, Wallace Louis 129 Green, Willard Russell 217 Green, Yvonne 143, 323, 368 Greenberg, Ronald David ....81, 124, 184, 391 Greenberg, Seinwill Louis ...81, 119, 124, 424, 425 Greene, William Donald 119 Greenfield, Bennett E. ..68, 118, 391 Greenfield, Eric Storrie Greenfield, Leslie Lohr . . . Greenwood, Dorothy Fehlis Greenwood, James Lee . . . Greenwood, John Carl, Jr. . .68, 185, 417, 494 . .40, 441 ..122, 326 ..40, 197 . .112 Page 530 Hotel STEPHEN F. AUSTIN Whether your visit to Texas ' capital be business or pleasure, make Hotel Stephen F. Austin your headquarters. Football fans, tourists and businessmen alike prefer the Stephen F. ' s modern air conditioned rooms, central location and fine food. A special feature of the hotel is radio and television in guests rooms . . .at Hotel Stephen F. Austin AFMUATIO NATIONAL MOTHJ AUIAMA MOttl AOM.HAI SfuMES Moe. ' t MOTfl THOMAS JIlrlHiON |..m.-,(, OlSIIKf 01 COIUMIIA HOTEL WASHINGTON Waih.ngio INDIANA MOTEl ClAVPOOl I ' d -3 ' iF: 1 i tOUIHANA JUNG HOTEl N OrlfOfll HOUl OfSOTO ii,. O.I. on, NMUIO MOTEl PAXTON 0 " -8 NfW MIXICO cOId ClO iS Clc.:i (OJfH CAIOIINA nOfCl W OI MAMMON Cftl ib.4 WHM XOKl Stt ' nCN r AUSTIN A.ii.n HOTEl EDSON teaw ienf HOT!l (HOWNWOOO I. s.-, void iOTtl BAKf Oollfti NOTClTlAViS DoIKi MOTtl COHTIZ (I ' -.-.5 MOTH luCCANEC Ohruon -OT(l CAIVEZ Gl- ioi% hOltl J!AN lAdTIf Gol.oioo COSONADO COURTS Colvenon , IPAV.AB COuT Gelvctie MOTft CAVA:IE Cl riiot MOTEl PlAZ lerVdo MOTEl IU6SOCK utti-. MC1EI fAilS Mrl.n MCTEl CACTUS Son Angtlo HOTEl WENCE8 -.- A- -- 3 ANCE1ES COU TS Son o VIICIMA HOTEl MOUNTAIN IAKE ... Me u nl l.A toV MOTEl MONTlCEUO Norfolk WHATEVER your plans for the future, a good banking connection O t can help you fulfill them. i Establish that connection now at Vll IOV1I, B1YK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Page 531 NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES Greenwood, John Murray, Jr 40, 232, 247, 328 Greenwood, Wilma Jean 98 Greer, Donald Webb 81 Greer, Edwin Smoot, Jr 82, 431 Greer, Eleanor Katharine ...381, 497, 504 Greer, James Francis ..112, 318, 429 Greer, Nancy Harlene 356 Greer, Robert Griffith 68, 395 Greer, Thomas Vernon 127 Greeson, Doyle T 478 Gregg, Charles R. .124, 430, 508, 510 Gregg, Kirtley Jameson, Jr 310 Gregorcyk, Joe Lewis 134, 435 Gregory, Charles Hardy 123 Gregory, Donald Peter ..68, 312, 319 327 Gregory, Malcolm Russell ..199, 250, 438 Gregory, Margaret Johanna ..126, 250 Gregory, Paul N 40, 254 Gremillion, Dona Madrice 364 Gresham, James Collin 173, 338 Gresvik, John H., Jr 195, 331 Greve, William Francis 98, 186 Grey, John Clifton 438 Gribble, Roberta Fonda .124, 185, 419 Gribble, Robert Ray 229, 309 Gribble, Ronald William 414 Griep, Robert John Ill Griest, Wilbur Herbert, Jr. ...68, 439 Griffey, Mina Mae 82 Griffin, Bob Mac 255, 410 Griffin, Burlin Moody 327 Griffin, Charles Kyle 179 Griffin, Eugene Howard 309 Griffin, Gordon M 98, 400 Griffin, James Aubrey 98, 195 Griffin, James Wilson ..82, 195, 310 Griffin, Jim Bob 446 Griffin, Melvin Kenneth 112 Griffin, Robert Statham Ill Griffin, William 127 Griffith, Martha Emily 326, 359 Griffith, Marion Sherman, Jr 130, 203 Griffith, Shirley Ann 251 Grifno, John Edwin ....68, 254, 331 Grimes, Carol Adelaide .337, 361, 500 Grimes, Keith Russell 124, 439 Grimes, Mable Elizabeth .98, 239, 364 Grimes, Robert Earl 175, 246 Grimes, Terrance Franklin 98 Grindle, Shirley Lee 82 Grinnalds, Brantley C 183 Grisham, Robert Walton 69, 112 Grissom, David ...124, 174, 338, 426 Grissom, Helen Virginia Zena ...82, 376 Grissom, John L 82 Grizzard, Harriet Sheppard 361 Groogan, William Jerome ...335, 475 Groos, John Robert, Jr 98 Gross, Carol J eanine ...69, 251, 255, 384 Gross, Jerry Max 428 Grossberg, Cyvia Rose 382 Grossman, David L 98 Grover, Martha Carolyn 98 Groves, James Dietrich 250, 426 Grumbles, Janis Florene 98 Grumbles, Marcus Alvin, Jr 124 Guenther, Jack Egon ....69, 179, 435 Guerguin, Marilyn Lee ..69, 131, 217, 319, 356 Guerra, Margarito Ernesto 241 Guerra Martinez, Pedro Evaristo ..40, 312 Guerra, Tony 229 Guerrero, Armando G. ..40, 129, 328 Guerrero, Billie Ann 40 Guerrero, Jesse Gonzales 40 Guess, Wallace Louis 328, 330 Guettler, Glenn Roy 342 Guevara, Alex Bianquini 318 Guillery, Jacques P 311 Guinn, Beverly Ann ..113, 231, 239, 320, 336, 365 Guinn, Patricia Ann 69, 143 Guinn, Ronald Miller ..40, 228, 312, 347 Gulledge, Sarah Beth 248 Gulley, Coleman Harrell 196 Gulley, John P., Jr 172 Gummelt, Garry Lamar 40, 114 Gunn, Elwyn 315 Gunn, James Wallace ..69, 309, 442 Gunter, Charles Alvis 406 Gunter, Charlotte Anne 69, 234, 330, 337 Gunther, George Robert 436 Gupton, Margaret Marilyn ....82, 323 Gurley, Anna Jean 82, 377 Gurney, Nora Lynn 332 Gurwitz, Gary Reagan ..98, 432, 478 Gustafson, Donald F 331 Gustafson, Lorraine Margaret . . . .40, 122, 126, 238, 326, 331 Gustafson, Theresa Marie 333 Gustafson, Wilfreda 356 Gustwick, Robert Everett ..124, 245, 339, 509, 511 Guszak, Frank James 40 Gurhrie, Aubrey Elton, II ...69, 429, 448 Guthrie, Bradford Raymond 98 Gutierrez, Abe 98, 196, 329 Gutierrez, Ireneo 253, 329 Gutierrez, Vela Romeo 98, 253 Gutierrez, Rudolph Hernandez ...253 Guttman, Walter, Jr 413, 513 Guyer, Kenneth Eugene, Jr. ..69, 111, 241 Guzman, Javier William 98 Guzman, Raul J 329 Guzman, Robert Jesse 175 Gwinn, Archer Leland ..82, 177, 408 -H - Haag, Jessie Helen 126, 335 Haas, Elsie W 40, 126, 251 Haberle, Fred 200, 400 Madden, Charlton Wells ...237, 401, 449, 476, 477 Haenel, Herman Emil ..40, 117, 130, 135, 171, 228, 331, 338 Hagan, Kenneth Ray 339 Hagelman, Marcia Lee 98, 236 Hagen, Don Warren 246 Hager, Ted C 82, 198, 416 Hagler, Dorothy Nell ...82, 316, 360 Hahn, Eitel Hugh 98, 406, 490 Hail, Thomas Lynch 431 Hailey, Oliver Daffan, Jr 40, 163, 197, 255, 346 Hain, Martha Carol 362 Halamicek, Lynn Carl 245, 508 Halbert, Horace Burnard Ill Halbouty, Thomas Joseph 40 Halden, Kathleen Mary 121 Halden, Leon Gilbert, Jr 82, 202, 228, 427, 448 Hale, Dudley Durward, Jr. ..195, 308, 423 Hale, Edward Everett 418 Hale, Hulen Alphes 82, 237, 438, 485, 487 Hale, llene Louise 98 Hale, Manza Lewis 40 Hale, Robert Kay 82, 197, 446 Hale, Walter Elmo 196, 439 Halecky, Andrew, Jr 403 Haley, George Kirby 130, 188 Haley, Marilyn 40, 116, 123, 320, 353 Haley, Prudy 82, 335 Halfant, Edward Manuel 440 Hall, Arthur Bryan 98, 395 Hall, Bobby Dee 244, 478 Hall, Carol Anne ..40, 313, 326, 385 Hall, Charles Royce 200 Hall, Clabe Washington 346 Hall, Curry W 40, 245, 509 Hall, Esther Jane Wood 129, 378 Hall, Ernest James (Jay) 421 Hall, James 346 Hall, James Albert ..69, 224, 225, 429 Hall, James Loyd 82 Hall, Jerry Frank 82, 223 Hall, John Everett 82, 172 Hall, Lilliam Frances 82, 359 Hall, Louis Vosburg 415, 449 Hall, Nancy McAfee 40, 353, 501 Hall, Patrick Burney 64 Hall, Richard Henry 69, 195, 403 Hall, Robert E 173 Hall, Robert Earle 338, 428 Hall, Robert Edward 98, 396 Hall, Thomas Jefferson 318 Halliburton, Grover Cleveland ....435 Hallman, Grady Lamar 123 Hallmark, Bruce Cullen 229, 421, 448 Hallmark, John Sayers 98 Ha Hum, Vernon Aubrey 69 Hallum, Virginia ..40, 230, 320, 385 Halsell, Charles Maness 135, 327 Halsell, Robert Charles ..40, 196, 409 H ALSTEAD CO-OP 248 Haltiner, Robert George ...125, 176, 253 Ham, Cole A 436 Ham, Jerry Don 173, 338 Ham, Vada Marie 98 Hamblen, Joan 376 Hamblen, William Perry, III ..40, 176, 306, 411 Hamed, Mahmoud A 1 24 Hamel, Billy Bert 312 Hamer, Marcelle Lively 376 Hamilton, Anthony Brock 98, 180, 436 Hamilton, Harry Dean ..187, 189, 327 Hamilton, Helen Carol . .82, 346, 374 Hamilton, John Reed 82 Hamilton, Lois Joanne .238, 251, 256 Hamilton, Oscar Carl Jr 188 Hamilton, Paul Bunker 40 Hamilton, Paul Robert 195, 410 Hamilton, Sam C., Jr 195, 411 Hamilton, Shirley Jean 82, 359 Hamlett, John William 98, 177 Hamm, Alan Wayne ....40, 328, 330 Hamm, James Richard ...40, 134, 228 Hamm, Jerry Ross 197 Hammans, Thomas Gaylon 98 Hammer, Edwin King 82 Hammill, Donald Douglas 256 Hammond, Ben R., Jr. ..69, 197, 417 Hammond, George Randall ..82, 195, 327 Hammond, James Ernest 431 Hammond, Joseph Paul 178, 229 Hammond, Robert Scott 98, 406 Hammond, Thomas Morgan, Jr. ..199, 241, 346 Hammond, Walter L 40, 306 Hammonds, Thomas C 82 Hammonds, Vernon 169 Hamner, Lyla Frances 357 Hampton, John W 22 Hampton, Morris Jackson 419 Hampton, Mozelle 40, 504 Hampton, Ouida Carolyn ....98, 239, 366 Hampton, Robert William ..98, 197, 430 Hampton, Sondra Jo ...82, 113, 234, 336, 385 Hampy, Yvonne Jean ...82, 346, 385 Hanania, Bishara ..69, 311, 322, 342 Hanania, Rose Marie 40 Hanath, Amalia Marian 331 Hanchey, Mary Dorothy 98, 240, 333, 358 Hancock, Albert Myles 98, 446 Hancock, Gerre Edward ....125, 254 Hancock, Martha Lou 98, 356 Hand, George William 69, 447 Hand, Troy Lee ..40, 119, 177, 232, 405 Handler, C. Smith 195 Handley, Lawrence Kenneth .250, 332 Handorf, E. Richard 69 Handy, Thomas 127 Hanes, Marjorie Jeannette ...82, 235, 356 Haney, Etta Frances 40, 242 Hankerson, James A 127 Hankins, Jack Gladstone, Jr 222, 224, 426 Hanks, Mary Kay 121 Hanley, Don Wayne 82, 197, 413 Hannan, David Gerard 174 Hannan, John Roscoe, Jr 447 Hansard, Thomas Carlton ....41, 132, 222, 223, 224, 225 Hansen, Fred Wild 41, 111, 435 Hansen, Paul Edward 98, 199 Hanson, Robert Allan 478 Harbach, Deborah Maxwell . . .98, 239 Harbison, Ida Alleene 248 Harden, Richard Don 400 Harden, Thad Harold 130, 401 Harder, Sandra Sue 248 Harder, Verna M 131 Hardin, Ernest R 410 Hardin, Grace Ann 127 Hardin, John Austin, Jr 188 Hardin, Thomas Webb 408 Hardison, Jack Morton 98, 244 Hardman, William Carroll, Jr. ...178 Hardwick, Jane Angeline ...82, 211, 231, 239, 377, 386 Hardwick, Jane Louise 41, 121, 313, 363 Hardwicke, Ann 374 Hardy, Margie Lynn 41, 385 Hardy, Melvin M 173 Ha rkrider, Marjorie Ann .98, 346, 364 Harkrider, Robert Elmo 69, 427 Harlan, Gayle Worth ..143, 156, 251, 352 Harlow, Kenneth Wagner ...449, 453 Harlow, Marvin Vernon, Jr. . 197, 346 Harlow, Thomas Randall 98 Harmon, Ida Pauline 41 Harper, Garleen 98, 504 Harper, Paul Eugene 412 Harper, Paul William 198, 251 Harral, George Anderson 436 Harrell, Edward Charles 82, 177, 217, 407 Harrell, Henry Curtis, Jr. ... 198, 204 Harrell, Joanne 98, 143, 380 Harrell, Marshall Allen 431, 512 Harrington, Ann Kay 370, 371 Harringron, James William, Jr. ..247 Harrington, John Lynn ..98, 200, 251, 398, 402 Harrington, Keith Simon 41 Harris, Anita Joyce 82, 371 Harris, Ann 82, 363 Harris, Bill Paul 417, 449 Harris, Billy Harper ...175, 237, 453 Harris, Bobby Lloyd 245, 509 Harris, Christine B 27, 242 Harris, Clelland Maxwell 195 Harris, Edgar G 82 Harris, Harriett Castle . .69, 326, 363, 497 Harris, Harwell Hamilton 18 Harris, James Malcolm .188, 228, 396 Harris, Kathryn Sue 82, 366 Harris, Max Young 98, 434 Harris, Robert Smith 306 Harris, Robert Woolen 124 Harris, Roy Duane 253, 254 Harris, Sally 98, 380 Harris, Shirley Camille 98 Harris, Tom Patrick 175 Harris, Wanda Maxine 142, 363 Harris, William Maurice 41, 306 Harris, William McGregor 401 Harrison, Frances LaNelle . . . .69, 364 Harrison, Jerry Dean 129 Harrison, Katherine Gordon . .82, 376, 499, 504 Harrison, Marguerite 1 36 Harrison, Mary Rebecca 69, 362 Harrison, Richard King 434 Harrison, Thomas Perrin 401 Hart, Don A 438 Hart, Douglas ....232, 431, 506, 510, 512 Hart, Gerald Lee 124 Hart, James Lamar 232, 447 Hart, James Pinckney ..11, 120, 124, 410 Hart, James Pinckney, Jr. ..124, 256, 325 Hart, Mrs. James Pinckney 123 Hart, Katherine 380 Hart, Katherine Ann 41, 365 Hart, Leanne Elizabeth 236 Hartel, Arthur John 69, 229, 437 Hartle, Helen W 126 Hartless, Arlington Leroy 82 Hartley, Gaither Leonard 318, 512 Hartman, Cay 239, 364 Hartman, Martha Ann ..82, 342, 346 Hartman, Wilma Annette ....98, 223, 323 Hartwig, William Herman 135 Harvard, Hyman Lee 400 Harvel, Sharon 98, 234, 322 Harvey, Addison James 69 Harvey, Bette Lodema 322 Harvey, James Daniel 253 Harvey, Johnnie Ruth 242 Harvey, Keith Wesley 312 Harvey, Olin Wilburn 82, 175 Harville, Joe Lawrence 118 Harwood, Wallace Baker 41 Hasenbeck, Robert John 69 Haskell, Ray Nelson 388 Haskell, William Thomas, Jr 412 Haskew, Laurence Defee .19, 123, 132 Haskew, Larry D., Jr 98, 428 Hasse, Virginia Ann 41 Hassell, Paul Edward 69, 246 Hassman, Patsy Ruth 335, 500 Hastings, Dick Doyle 98, 436 Hastings, Sue Anne 41, 377 Hasten, Nancy Gay 98, 217, 362 Hatch, Geraldine Louise ....41, 240, 333, 504 Hatch, Richard J 180 Hatcher, Gloria Irene 234, 335 Hatchett, David Wightman 410 Hatfield, Thomas Marvin ....82, 405 Hatley, Jan Drue 98 Hatter, Curtis R 127 Hatter, LouAnne 98 248 Hatton, Winifred Ray 41, 328, 330 Haupt, Helen 121 Haupt, Luella Ruth 98, 113, 384 Hauser, Edward K 124, 241 Hauser, Robert Ivan 425 Hauser, Ronald Joseph 424, 425 Havek, Albert John 391 Havens, Charlie Cornelious 199 Havens, Harry Richard ..111, 124, 325 Havens, Olen Hilton 41, 114 Havis, Joe Donald 176 Hawes, Joseph Alton 41, 308 Hawes, Mary 360 Hawkins, Clinton Edward, Jr 98, 195, 466 Hawkins, Joe Earl 98, 388 Hawkins, Mabel Jane 98, 346 Hawkins, Sam W 41 Hawley, Phillip Wayne 194 Haws, Dorothy June 41, 126, 131, 250, 346 Hawthorn Neal Adolphus 197 Hawthorne, Hugh Montgomery, Jr. 430 Hawthorne, James A 169 Hay, Harry Stewart 134 Hayden, Harrell S 115 Hayden, Julian Howard 393 Hayes, Bascom Barry 124, 179 Hayes, Frank Alan 98 Hayes, Lloyd Leroy 164, 180, 416 Hayes, Margaret Jane ..82, 143, 238, 378 Haynes, Bonnie Louis, Jr 310 Haynes, Frank Edward, Jr. . .69, 244, 327 Haynes, James Donald ..69, 180, 401 Haynie, Lucy Beth 98, 380 Hays, John Thomas 185 Hays, R. L 247 Hays, W. T 219 Hazard, Elizabeth Ann 248 Hazard, John Lewis 118 Hazelwood, Barbara Ann . . . .243, 248 Heacock, Mary S 98 Head, Robert Garland 98, 412 Head, Sharon Yvonne 367 Healy, David Francis 251 Heaner, John Martindale 99, 410 Heaner, William Ernest 318 Heard, Allen Burton ....99, 172, 338, 412 Heard, Cecil Jack 82 Hearne, Joe H 251 Hearne, Wendell Eugene 99 Hearon, Mrs. Shirley 342 Heaslet, Gardner H 69 Heasley, Hollys D 447 Heasley, Lynwood Lyle 446 Heath, Cynthia Mavis . .82 , 384, 504, 505 Heaton, Kathleen C 69, 238, 251, 326 Hebert, Emanuel Andrus ...174, 333, 338 Hebert, Larry Allen 99, 187, 228 Hecht, Edward Franklin 391 Hedgcoxe, Henry Thomas ....99, 195 Page 532 WE ARE INDEBTED We are indebted to the classroom where the horizons of chemistry are continuously extended. In turn we are indebted to research, which takes the possibilities of the test tube and comes up with those of commercial value. Also, we are indebted to industry, which backs with dollars these findings of classroom and laboratory. In providing equipment with which industry builds to keep pace with science, Wyatt Metal and Boiler Works has grown into an international organization. It is a privilege to recognize the classroom as part of this opportunity. MANUFACTURERS AND ERECTORS SINCE 1913 Page 533 NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES Hedgcoxe, Pat Garner ..41, 128, 241, Heflin, Bess Heidbreder, Dorsea Faye Heilbron, Shirley Ann 82, Heimer, Archie Hans 41, 196, Heinen, Nancy B Heitler, John Edward 403, Helbig, Theodore Joachim Helf, Nancy Marilynn 99, Helier, Rober, Jr Hellwig, Katharine Carlisle Helmke, Vernon Lloyd ..41, 195, Helprin, Benson Raimon Helton, Bobby Charles Helvenston, Edward Phelps Hembree, Frances Katherine Hemley, Peggy Diane Hemphill, Warren Clayton ...69, 417, Henchey, Agnes Elizabeth ..239, Henderson, Elgie Lee Henderson, Elizabeth Dee Henderson, Elwood Ray .99, 195, Henderson, James Donald ....82, Henderson, Jefferson S., II ..99, Henderson, John Burns, Jr. 216, 38 i, ' 175 124 177, .82 241, .41, .82, 500 Henderson, Joseph Lindsey Henderson, June Carol . . . Henderson, Ross Kennedy, Jr. Henderson, Roy Eugene Henderson, Simon Wood . . . .69, Henderson, Stan Haywood Hendricks, James Elliott .99, Hendricks, Raymond Don . . . Hendrix, Helen Sylvia Hendry, Charles Durwood . . . Henneke, Harry Lee Hennig, Jack Oscar Henning, Elizabeth Henry, Ben Sherrell ....69, Henry, Erma Jean Henry, Florence Evelyn 498, Henry, Fred Mobley, Jr. Henry, James Carl Henry, Kenneth Dale Henry, Larry Gene Henry, William Arthur Hensarling, Larry Reid Henshaw, Richard Charles, Jr Henslee, Lee Walter, II ..99, Hensley, Carl Eugene Hensley, Norval Austin, Jr. . Henson, Beverly Gail Henson, James Howard .... Heny, Joe Samara Herber, Wilfred Earl Herbst, Alice Ann Herbst, Thomas Wesley ..69, Hereford, Charles Ray Herlocker, John Robert Hermann, Richard Herman, Selma Louise Hernandez, Henry Calderoni .41, .41, .82, 318 128, .82, 252, . 82 ' , 200, ..82, 229, 490, 196, 196, 312 .122 .235 369 505 .373 509 .324 352 ..27 ..27 340 .251 ..99 .417 .333 . .69 250, 511 333 . .82 .360 253 335 346 185, 419 .418 500 .41, 134 .250 417, 452 .438 241 ..99 ..99 .328 331 466 384 388 326 371, 501 ..69 .172 310 312 112 .415 .115 408 .179 . .82 .366 135 .129 ..99 238 253 ..99 431 .333 .368 99, Hiester, Travis Dade Hcett, Claire Belle . . .111, .199, ..41, .99, 392, .99, 335, .195, . .69, Hernandez, Irma Delia . . Hernandez, Juan (Johnny) 449, Hernandez, Juan 99, Hernandez, Nivea Hernandez, Richard, Jr. . . Herndon, John Cleveland . Herndon, Ruth Elizabeth . Herren, Hubert Bonner, Jr. Herre ra, Charles Douglass Herrera, John Carlos, Jr. . Herrera, William Leonard . Herricks, W. C Herrin, Robert Taylor Herrington, Mary Louise 99, Herrmann, Paul John, Jr 69, Herrmann, Ronald Joseph Herron, Bill ' . Hersh, Marillyn Gladys 99, Hertel, Forest Wayne Hertz, Joan Rebecca 99, 376, Hervey, Hal H Hess, Joe Ray Hester, C. M 99, Hester, Gene Albert 99, Hetherly, Jimmie Gale ..82, 197, Heusinger, Anna Louise Hewell, Harry Pat 41, 127, 241 Hewett, Patricia Susan Hewitt, Robert J Hewlett, John Thomas (Jackie) . . Hewlett, Lan Lemuel, III (Don) . Hibner, Harlow D Hickey, Billy Scott 179, Hickman, Martha Hicks, Fletcher S. (Pat) .180, 389, Hicks, Jack David Hicks, Joi Hicks, Wallace Bruce ..213, 253, Hicks, Wilhelmine Johanna ..113, Hierholzer, Diane Hieronymus, Dana Juan 41, 323 333 240 237, 491 333 .126 244 421 381 175, 448 180, 414 398 254 .446 .404 356 112, 437 .438 .510 382 .343 503 .388 ..69 478 346 494 .381 167, 256 ..82 .411 .99, 466 .99, 394 .169 446 ..69 448 .396 .337 398 217, 373 .377 256, 334 338, 410 ...69, 143, 202, 204, 353 Higby, Charles A 183 Higgins, Roy LaVerne 41, 125 Higgins, William Michael (Mike) ..99, 176, 404, 466 Hightower, Charles Henry, Jr 415 Hightower, LaVona 126 Hightower, Maxwell Lee ....69, 415 Hilburn, Barney Hines 99, 404 Hilburn, Robert Ramey ..41, 132, 165, 218, 222 Hildebrand, Janice Anne .82, 240, 333 Hill, Ann 372 Hill, Arthur James 41 Hill, Blakely Ann 42, 234 Hill, David Gene 200 Hill, Dianne 69, 381 Hill, Don 42 Hill, Donald Eugene 110, 176 Hill, Edward Mack 69 Hill, Eugenia Webb 69, 381, 504 Hill, George P 20 HILL HALL 237 Hill, Helen Katherine 99, 236 Hill, Herbert Wheeler 429 Hill, Howard Mack 434 Hill, Jack Richard 200 Hill, James E 246 Hill, Julian Miller 42 Hill, Lois Yvonne 99, 234 Hill, Lorimer Kenneth 130, 338 Hill, Lucius George 180, 400 Hill, Morris Reagan 69, 129, 346 Hill, Paul Stephens 180 Hill, Samuel Stephenson Victor ..394 Hill, Sharon Raycia 365 Hill, Sherlene 99 Hill, Vernon Barnes, Jr 127, 130, 180, 419 Hill, Wendall Royce 99, 490 Hill, William James 428 Hill, William Slatin 69, 392 Milliard, Gwendolyn 370 Hillman, Jack Eugene ...82, 196, 392 Hilton, Frank Thurman 228 Hilton, Gene R 172 Hinckley, Samuel Gardner, III ...180, 333 Hinderer, Byron Frederick 327 Hinds, Patricia ....61, 127, 143, 230, 375 Hines, David Roy 1 88 Hines, Donald Henry 306 Hingst, James H 427 Hinkle, James Donald 99 Hinkle, Olin Ethmer 132, 218 Hinkle, Robert Lee 69 Hinojosa, Romeo R 344 Hinton, J. W 69 Hiss, Anna 366, 502 Hite, Alice Jean 99 Hite, Gary Paul 99, 176 Hitson, Mary Catherine 82, 362 Hitt, Richard Smith 395 Hitt, Shirley Margaret 375 Hix, Carole Jean 365 Hixson, Robert Benson 174, 338 Hlanak, Virginia Lois . .69, 166, 220, 333, 336, 351 Hobbs, Joe Ferrell 99 Hodde, James Russell 197 Hodge, George Lowrence ...187, 244 Hodge, Mary Frances 82, 372 Hodge, Robert Bee, Jr 309 Hodge, Wilma Elizabeth 99, 239, 346 Hodges, Agil Earl 396 Hodges, Charles Paul 99 Hodges, Clifton Lee 69, 130, 174, 338 Hodges, Gus M 120, 418 Hodges, Lady Clyde ...42, 122, 326, 336, 353 Hodges, Marthanne 381, 500 Hodges, Rex 420, 467 Hodges, Richard Howard 42 Hodges, Richard Huff 419 Hoehn, Mary Charlotte 116 Hoff, Charles Gohmert, Jr. ..69, 127, 413 Hoff, Phyllis Anne 99, 503 Hoff, William Barnes .220, 229, 340, 401, 449 Hoffie, Walter Paul 397 Hoffman, Ernest A 114 Hoffman, Glenn Frank ..42, 177, 335, 449, 485, 489 Hoffman, George W 428 Hoffman, John Laurence ....173, 338 Hoffman, Joseph John 251, 255 Hoffman, Kenneth Richard ...69, 312, 333 318 243, 244 Hoffman, Richard James . Hoffman, Winston Adolph Hoffmann, John Milton . .99 Hoffmeyer, Martha Sue 363 Hoffpauir, Francis Conwise 246 Hofmeister, Ludy Carl 115, 134, 170, 338 Hogan, Lysabeth Ann ...82, 333, 375 Hogan, Walter A 409 Hoge, William Robert, Jr. ...112, 435 HOGG DEBATING SOCIETY 325 Hogue, Belva Irma 363 Holcomb, James Myron 42, 419 Holcomb, Lyndon Paul ..99, 124, 200 Holcombe, Mary Louise ....248, 326 Holden, Alys Mae 42, 236, 504 Holden, Eugene Patrick 82, 198 Holden, Opal Reaves 42 Holden, Sandra Christine ....99, 384 Holder, Gerald Hoyet 396 Holder, Janet 99, 212, 216, 500 Holguin, Albert Alexander 99 Holitzke, Pat H 118 Holland, Bobby Wendell 174 Holland, Danny Dale 244 Holland, Jack 16, 218, 344 Holland, Jack H 247 Holland, Sidney Murphey, Jr 69, 178 Hollaway, Frances Kuehn 69 Holle, Walter Housley 42 Holliday, Carol 99 Hollingsworth, Stanley Grant ....308 Hollis, Alfred Davis 42, 310 Holloway, Charles Edward 419 Holloway, Edward O ' Neil 310 Holloway, Harold Deen 82, 409 Holloway, Joe Lee 99 Hollowell, Nancy Jean ..42, 126, 313, 320 Hollowell, Samuel Tilden, Jr 186 Holly, Walter Wade 82, 119, 198 Holm, Elizabeth Ann 356 Holman, Betty Nell 69 Holman, Brooks Natt 318, 398 Holman, Dixon J 22 Holman, Dixon Wade 319, 415 Holman, Thomas Henry . .99, 228, 322 Holmes, Jane 99, 370 Holmes, Nancy Jane 381 Holmes, William Albert 69, 392 Holmgreen, Allison 82, 380 Holsomback, Joseph Calvin, Jr. . .69, 112, 228 Holstein, Virginia Lou . .99, 2 39, 360 Holt, Carolyn Hall 82, 375 Holt, Robert Clark 309 Holtzciaw, Marjorie Louise ..42, 353 Holtzman, Mrs. Warren 230 Holtzman, Wayne A 388 Holub, Harvey Emil 99, 243, 247 Holub, Jaruey 333 Holubec, Ernest 321 Holubec, Gardinia 321 Holzmann, Frank Dennis ....311, 338 Holzwarth, Charles Homer 406 Homan, Catherine Ellen .82, 333, 374 Homsy, Ann 350 Homsy, Susan 99, 370, 500 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB 326 Honeycutt, Jerald M 27, 403 Hood, Linnea Suzanne (Sue ..99, 113 HONORARIES 109-136 Hood, Walton Donnie 82, 125 Hook, Robert Herd 124 Hooper, Kay Frances 99 Hooper, Robert Curlee 253, 392 Hooten, Clara Ruth 82, 131, 322 Hooton, Norman Elwyn ..99, 176, 475 Hoover, Cameron Lee 69, 41 1 Hoover, Joseph Allen 228 Hoover, Mandy Lou 42, 357 Hopkins, George Hamilton, Jr. ..309 Hopkins, John Tyus 119 Hopkins, Martha Anne ..69, 385, 504 Hopkins, Norman Thomas 82 Hopkins, William Brodnax 69, 310 Hoppe, Gloria F 69 Hoppe, Patricia 364 Hopper, John Martin 415 Hopper, Lucy Ruth 99 Hopper, Shirley Jean 322 Hopperstead, Conrad Orville .42, 244 Hopping, Richard Coke 237, 453 Hord, Dorothy Lee 69 Horn, David Niswonger 110, 415 Horn, Patricia Ellen 42, 326 Hornaday, Jon Russell 99, 388 Hornbuckle, William Edward, III .99, 428 Home, Nancy Virginia 99, 370 Horner, Jesse Franklin 69, 408 Homer, Jimmy Mac 69 Horning, Judith Clare 69, 353 Hornsby, Hugh Morrison, III .69, 318 Horrigan, Patrick Hilsman 251 Horsley, Claude Albert 69, 244 Horton, Marietta Marion 42 Horton, Marshall Wayne 69 Horton, Thomas Edward 124 Horwitz, Donald Charles 425 Horwitz, Julian Victor .130, 192, 203, 232, 433 Hotmann, William A 82, 195, 411 Hough, Elred W 310 House, Barbara Worth 359 House, Bobbie Jean 82, 378 House, Jerry Wade 485, 488 House, Jon Wesley 82, 197, 418 House, Kenneth Ronald 99, 426 House, Madison Singlton 199 House, Margaret Jeane 69 House, Patty Sue 366 House, William Charles 174, 338 House, William Clyde ...42, 112, 175 Housewright, Joe Tipton ....42, 178, 232, 322, 405 Houston, Ira Sam 444 Houston, Louis Benjamin, Jr 124, 188, 241 Houston, Mary Elizabeth 42, 363 Houston, Nancy Irene ...69, 314, 352 Houston, Regan T., Jr 42, 430 Houston, Sam 82, 178 Houze, Joan Maria Hovey, Lester Eugene Howard, Charla Lois Howard, Charles Edward ...178, Howard, Dorothy Howard, Evelyn Gayle . .99, 239, Howard, Harold Carter ....232, Howard, John Richard Howard, Joseph Ward Howard, Julia Margaret 82, Howard, Van Hook, III 99, 221, Howe, Dand Dunbar 345, Howell, James Noble 135, Howell, John Webb, III ....42, 229, Howell, Margaret Safford ...127, Howell, Phyllis Joyce Howell, Rex Glenn Howell, Sidney Elizabeth ...69, 230, 231, 320, 341, 381, Howell, Tommy Forrest 69, Howy, Clinton Leroy Hoy, Robert Hilary, Jr. ..69, 180, Hoyak, James Henry Hoyer, Marie G Hoyer, Wilmer A Hoyt, Anne Elizabeth ..313, 362, Hoyt, Roland Wilburn 42, Hoyt, Thomas Jackson (Buddy) . 232, 237, 401 , 449, 476, Hruzek, Harry Max .42, 328, 333, Hubbard, Ford, Jr Hubbard, Jackson Chandler ..127, Hubbard, Marilyn Ann . .99, 322, Hubbard, Robert Lester .125, 254, Hubby, John Lee Ill, Huber, John Peter Huckabee, George Leslie 99, Huckman, Renee 82, Hudgins, Mildred Hudson, Catherine Ann 27, Hudson, Edward Randall, Jr. .82, Hudson, Gerald Wayne ....124, Hudson, Leslie E Hduson, Patton C Hudson, Wellborn Royston ...99, Hudspeth, Harry Lee ....82, 124, 318, Hudspeth, Howard William Huebel, Melvin Ray 99, 253, Huey, Patricia Jane 82, Huff, Carolyn 99, Huff, Mark Emly, Jr. . .69, 111, 330, Huff, Millicent Seay 42, 136, Huff, Nancy Ann Huff, Roy Prewett, Jr. ..69, 180, 99, Huff, Sandra Lee Huff, William Franklin Huffman, Devereaux Mailtland .. Huffman, Robert James . .69, 185, Huffman, Robert Lee, Jr Hufford, Sherwin Eugene ____ 99, Hufstetler, Charlotte Lynne Huggins, Jim Buck ...... 83, 238, Hughes, Arleigh Bruce Hughes, Benny Harry ...83, 124, Hughes, Helen .............. 70, Hughes, Jimmie Dean ..99, 124, Hughes, John William Hughes, Larry B Hughes, Lynn D ............. 70, Hughes, Margaret Frances ...83, Hughes, Marshall .......... 469, Hughes, Nancy Sheffield Hughes, Robert Edward ..83, 185, Huitt, James Frederick ...... 42, Huie, James Waddell Huie, Vivian Norman Hull, Charles Lee Hull, James Willis .......... 70, Hull, Thurman B Hullum, Mary Jo Hulse, Macie Anne Humble, Douglas Boez Hummel, Jack Lowe ........ 173, Humphrey, David Homer 83, 180, Humphrey, Martha Jo ........ 99, Humphries, Olin G., Jr Hunt, Anna Lee Hunt, Barbara Ann .......... 70, Hunt, Glenn Curtis, Jr ....... 83, Hunt, James Theodore ..42, 166, 232, 417, Hunt, Margaret Ann ....... 335, 386, Hunt, Robert Alan .......... 200, Hunter, Charles Worth Hunter, Claude Hunter, David Hill Hunter, Emma Lu Hunter, Gilpin ......... 70, 310, Hunter, Mary Martha ........ 42, Hunter, Thomas Rutledge Huntsman, Robert Joe ....... 70, Hurlbert, Hal E., Jr ..... 83, 195, Hurt, Clint ................. 99, Hurt, Samuel f Huse, Earl Christian Huser, Ruthanne ........ 42, 121, Hutchens, Betty Jean Hutchins, Jette Vee .251 .112 .364 237, 469 .236 346, 372 245, 508 .197 .196 381 173, 338 361 310 132, 415 375 ..69 ..99 160, 497 393 .335 431 ..42 .324 .324 504 197 .199, 477 339 .411 256 362, 497 322 421 . .99 177 352 .346 126 437 244 .311 .409 128 228, 322 . 322 339 362 366 328, 415 223 . .99 318, 409 256 . .99 .184 435 .318 322 .378 428 .247 417 316 318, 430 ..83 .196 439 373 475 .364 418 413 .310 .335 ..42 119 .469 .363 .375 .253 338 434 384 .118 ..99 373 421 178, 448 378, 503 388 .99 .346 .196 .378 401 126 .119 180 306 418 .404 ..42 367 ..70 ..83 Page 534 To the Graduating Class of 1954 Congratulations and Good Wishes A Friendly .Suggestion from The Second National Bank In earning your diplomas, you have equipped yourselves with one of the basic ingredients of business and professional success. Congratula- tions and the best of luck in using the education you have received to win a high place in your chosen careers. May we suggest, in the friendliest spirit, that coincidentally with your entrance into a business or profession, you open a savings account at this progressive bank? A savings account contributes to success in many ways. It fosters the habit of thrift which business leaders look for in selecting candidates for responsible positions. Often it provides the cash required to take advantage of the opportunity that leads to lifelong suc- cess and satisfaction. Second National takes special pleasure in serving young business and -professional people, and in watching their accounts keep pace with their progress. MAIN AT RUSK ATIONAL BANK OF HOUSTON CAPITAL AND SURPLUS 15 MILLION Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation DOLLARS TEXAS BITULITHIC CO. PAVING CONTRACTORS Concrete Asphalt Dallas Ft. Worth T J_he Humble Companies and their employees, Humble service stations and Humble dealers extend congratulations and best wishes to every member of the CLASS OF 1954 HUMBLE OIL REFINING COMPANY HUMBLE PIPE LINE COMPANY HUMBLE Page 535 NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES Hutcheon, Marion Virginia ...43, 316 Hutchings, Janet Sue ...99, 366, 504 Hutchison, David Blair ..99, 174, 338 Hutchinson, Leroy 115 Hutchinson, William Thomas, Jr. ..43, 129, 241, 328 Hutsell, Charles Eugene 83, 406 Hyatt, Mary Elizabeth 99, 362 Hyde, Jerry Mack 70, 388 Hyde, Richard Joe 43 Jaachim, Mortimer R. . . Jackson, Anna Margaret Jackson, Ben Edward . . Jackson, Betty Joan .... Jackson, Charles Albert Jackson, Dauris Ann ...100, Jackson, Henry Holman .... Jackson, Homer Herbert, Jr. Jackson, Jack Marvin Jackson, James Forbes, Jr. . .70, .99, 338, 364, 407 .100 .70, Idrogo, Samuel 202, 329 Igau, Richard Rodgers 99, 392 Igo, Frances Virginia 99 lies, Larry Gene 417 Immel, John Lewis 405, 509 Ing, Joe Lee 99 Ingerson, Mary Zoe 70, 235, 365 Ingerton, Robert Richard ....185, 439 Inglish, Mary Jane 70, 142, 231, 314, 341, 381 Ingraham, Hubert Holmes ..197, 401, 449 Ingram, Ronald Frank 187 Inks, Allen 494 INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL SCIENCES 327 INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS 309 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 448 INTRAMURALS 495-514 Ireland, Joe Lewis 124 Irvine, Annie S 123 Isenberg, Don Lee 83, 427 Isett, Philip Edward 185, 399 Ito-Flores, Cruz 83 Ives, Peggy Jean 43, 361 Ivey, Ben Curtis, Jr 99, 177, 414 Ivey, Frances Lou 43, 363 Ivey, Frank LaRue 309, 409 Ivy, Arthur Wayman 1 35, 309 . .83 .131 .338 316 173, 408 499 ..43 .232, 448 444 178, 409 .198 421 ..43 248 .411 153, 365 . .83 .364 124 228, 412 435 347 .245 . .83 506 368 353 373 498 .376 391 .382 ..70 187, 404 .512 .100 ..27 333 478 .175 403 429 380 401 326 .197 .510 240, 339 318 .100 245 .435 .338 .333 410 .423 . .70 ..13 ..43 .333 .428 353 .327 Jackson, Jerald Boyce Jackson, Joe Lewis 83, Jackson, JoAnn Jackson, Joyce Merrill 136, Jackson, Kelly Jackson, Lorna Jean 143, 234, Jackson, Mary Ann Jackson, Norma June . . . Jackson, Richard R. Ill . Jackson, Ronald Melford .111, 195, 250, .186, .100, Jackson, Tommy Hayes Jackson, William Scott Jacman, Arthur Javier Jaco, Adele Bolles Jacobs, Howard 195,433, Jacobs, Jacquelyn Hermine .100, Jacobs, Janet Delmar 83, Jacobs, Joyce 83, Jacobs, Nancy Jane 83, 322, 352, Jacobs, Paula Kenny Jacobs, Richard Malcom 83, Jacobs, Roslind Ann Jacobson, Joseph William Jacoby, Henry Donnan . .83, 124, 342, Jacoby, John Jaffan, Mouhidin Frank Jagirdar, Sayed Hazrat Pasha . . . Jamail, William Dahr ...100, 176, James, Bob Clark 100, 414, James, Dilmus Delano James, Donald Marvin 83, James, Gerald Ray 83, James, Helen Geunther 100, James, Henry Scott . . James, Jan Thornton . James, Richard Hugh Jameson, Bob Janda, Rose Eleanor . . 200, .43, 217, .83, 223, 321, 333, Jansen, Wayne Allen 100, Jarmon, Grady Glenn Jarrell, Walter Marland, Jr. ...43, Jarrett, John Wesley Jarvis, Harold Duane Jasso, Chris Jaworski, Joe 180, Jaynes, James Kettler Jeanes, Mary Alice Jeffers, Leroy Jeffrey, Vera May Jenkins, Ann Gayle Jenkins, Frederick Raymon Jenkins, Gayle 83, 234, Jenkins, Jack Ronald Jenkins, Johnson Andrew ....43, 197 Jenkins, Nancy Maxine ..43, 126, 381 Jenkins, Speight, Jr 124 Jenkins, William John 43 Jenks, Lillian 242 Jennings, Al 110 Jennings, William Clingman 195, 410, 475 Jensen, Daisy Deen 100 Jensen, Hans Clinton 83 Jensen, Shirley Louise 70, 362 J entsch, Mabel Gertrude 70, 316 Jenull, Mary Virginia ...83, 113, 231, 239, 385, 213, 501 Jessen, Elizabeth Mary .100, 113, 364 Jessen, Frank W 310 Jewell, Frank Randall 401 Jewett, Darrell Charles ..70, 124, 241 Jewett, Joan 114 Jez, John Bennett 100, 321 Jez, Johnny Bennett 321 Jimenez, Leopoldo Arnoldo 329 Jimerson, Samuel Midael ....100, 478 Jipp, Jean Paul 173 Jircik, Vivian Elizabeth .126, 248, 326 Joachim, Mortimer Robert 440 Jobes, Mary Lee 100, 239, 333 Joekel, Robert 43 Johanson, Van Diane 361 Johnes, Donald L 237 Johns, John Alden 404 Johns, Lee Jackson 100 Johns, Richard A 27 Johns, Rowland 237 Johnson, Amy lone ....43, 210, 365, 386, 215 Johnson, Andrew Jackson ..332, 346 Johnson, Barney Larocque 446 Johnson, Benny Frank ..135, 197, 309 Johnson, Charles Ray 43 Johnson, Charles Wayne . . . .200, 438 Johnson, Claire 70, 337, 346 Johnson, Danny Bartell 338 Johnson, Dianne Gayle ..83, 242, 336 Johnson, Douglas Ann . .43, 116, 136, 143, 222, 223, 230, 320, 365 Johnson, Edward Durron 100, 392, 477 Johnson, Emory Gene 251, 309 Johnson, Eugene Gustaf 83 Johnson, Francis J 183 Johnson, Frederick Louis 100, 198, 438 Johnson, Georgia Lee ... .83, 248, 332 Johnson, Gerald Elvin (Jemy) . . . .83, 175, 241, 439, 506 Johnson, Harris Lynch 43, 346 Johnson, Helen Sue 336, 351 Johnson, Herbert 1 54 Johnson, Hiram 476 Johnson, Howard Enoch 43, 311 Johnson, James Louis 70, 434 Johnson, Jill 70 Johnson, Jo Ann 367 Johnson, Joe Kelly 175, 410 Johnson, John Gary 393 Johnson, John W. (Bull) ....130, 449, 452, 453, 462 Johnson, Josephine 377 Johnson, Judith Gail 100, 350 Johnson, Judy 217 Johnson, Julian Edison Thomas, Jr. 70 Johnson, Justine Me 100, 236 Johnson, Karen Jean 250 Johnson, Katherine Louise ....83, 360 Johnson, Kenneth Howell 426 Johnson, Lee Murphy 100 Johnson, Leonard Marcus 199, 244, 311 Johnson, Louise Parmele 43, 314 Johnson, Margaret Louise 100, 238, 250 Johnson, Marilyn Lois 331 Johnson, Marion 347 Johnson, Mary Walton 374 Johnson, Nicholas 124, 318 Johnson, Nickolas O. ..222, 243, 244 Johnson, Marjorie Lois 316, 370 Johnson, Noval Keith Ill, 435 Johnson, Patricia Lucille 248 Johnson, Penn 228 Johnson, Roberta Estelle ....100, 384 Johnson, Ruby Ruth ....70, 337, 353 Johnson, Sarah Elizabeth ....83, 250 Johnson, Sidney Darlon 350, 497 Johnson, Sue 375 Johnson, Suzanne 100 Johnson, Sydney Clare ..100, 113, 364 Johnson, Thomas Elvin 200 Johnson, Thomas McKinley, Jr. 43, 477 Johnson, Thomas Penn 83, 185, 250, 327 Johnson, Thurmond Lamar ..196, 339 Johnson, Weldon Moms 83, 430 Johnson, William Emmett 395 Johnson, William Lee 100 Johnston, Diane Joan 250 Johnston, Harriet Jane Haynes ...123 Johnston, Patricia Ann ..83, 345, 356 Johnston, Roy E 447 Jones, Ann Celeste 23, 100, 239, 352 Jones, Archie N 125, 250, 436 Jones, Barbara Anne 350, 497 Jones, Benny Allison 83 Jones, Bruce Edward 445, 448 Jones, Catherine (Bunny) ...131, 230, 250, 320 Jones, Charles Hall, III 403 Jones, Charles Raymond 100, 197, 416 Jones, Cullis Donald 70 Jones, Darrell King ....100, 174, 188, 404, 494 Jones, Donald L. ..449, 452, 453, 459 Jones, Eric Lynn 124 Jones, Ernest Edward 199, 335 Jones, Frederick Richard ....396, 397 Jones, Gerald Franklin .100, 176, 338 Jones, Gerald Mack 254 Jones, Glen Dale 100 Jones, Guy Edward 70 Jones, Herman 215 Jones, H. Grady, Jr 43, 447 Jones, Hubert B 388 Jones, James Carrol ...178, 232, 449 Jones, James Kentm 43, 200 Jones, James Pat 431 Jones, James Robert 70 Jones, Jerene 1 36 Jones, Joseph Fleming 70, 335 Jones, Joveta Marie 70, 332, 335, 503 Jones, Julia Watson 43 Jones, Kathy Wood 374 Jones, Lois Dean 43, 310, 392 Jones, Louis James 412 Jones, Lila Lynn 100 Jones, Lynn 113, 250 Jones, Mae Pauline 100 Jones, Margaret Ann Hargrove ..178, 351 Jones, Marilyn Grogan 314, 353 Jones, Mary Elizabeth 248 Jones, Nan Elizabeth 100 Jones, Nancy Torrance 1 36 Jones, Oscar Freer, III ..64, 415, 449 Jones, Patricia Ann 43, 373 Jones, Patricia Elizabeth ....70, 143, 155, 172, 353 Jones, Paul 513 Jones, Paul D 347 Jones, Phyllis Ann 43, 377 Jones, Robert Claude 132 Jones, Robert Davis 100 Jones, Robert Lee 100, 173, 338 Jones, Robert Newton 176, 443 Jones, Robert Roy 43, 311 Jones, Robert William 172 Jones, Ronald 511 Jones, Ruth Irene 127, 235 Jones, Shirley Lea McBride 43 Jones, Talbert Natt 437 Jones, Thomas Earl 83, 176, 411 Jones, Tony Everett 129 Jones, William Franklin, Fr 393 Jopling, Joan 43, 381 Jordan, Donley Duard 43 Jordan, Ernest Malcolm, Jr 247 Jordan, Frances Owen 70, 381 Jordan, James Wilburn 333 Jordan, Jerry Max 100 70, 254, 318 83, 140, 231, 341, 385 336, 341, 385 Jordan, Vernon Murray 100, 406, 490 Jordan, Virgil James, Jr 70 Joseph, Conrad Derdeyn 83, 174, 312, 338, 485 Joseph, Diana Lee 373 Joseph, Janelle G 83, 333, 357 Joseph, Roger E 83, 196, 438 Joslin, Charles Alvin ...218, 224, 225 Jostes, Norman Lamar 70, 346 Jourdan, Donald Eugene 114 Joyner, Hagan Darwin ..43, 310, 347 Judin, Martha C 248 Jung, Robert William 325 Jungman, Thomas A 335, 479 JUNIORS 63-76 Junkin, Sam McDowell 347 Juren, Dennis Franklin 321, 324 Jutzl, Carolyn Sue 100, 251, 324, 370, 498 Juvenal, John Bethel 70, 419 -K- Kachtick, James 513 Kachtick, James Walter 187, 189 Kaderli, Fredolin James 247 Kahanek, Eugene Edward 118 Kahler, Charles Norman 83, 253 Kahn, Jack Daniel 440 Kain, Patrick Joseph 415 Kalmus, Lawrence Joseph 453 Kaminsky, Harold Leon 424 Kaminsky, Marvin Byron 83, 195, 425 Kamleh, Sadi 124 Kamrath, Karl Fred, Jr 100, 195, 400, 490 Kana, Daniel David 188 Kanning, James Richard 172, 333, 338 Kanter, Shirley Elaine 320, 355 Kaplan, Elliott Robert 441 Kaplan, George Williard ....111, 391 Kaplan, Jerald Marvin 391 Kaplan, Ralph S 191 Kaplan, Sandra Beth 83, 369 Kaplan, Shirley Maxine 314 Kapp, Armand Leon 70 KAPPA ALPHA 408, 409 KAPPA ALPHA THETA 374, 375 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 376, 377 KAPPA KAPPA PSI 252 KAPPA PSI 328 KAPPA SIGMA 410, 41 1 Karbach, Kathleen Emilie ...255, 256, 375, 497 Karbach, Martha Jo 83, 313 Karchmer, Eloyce Delen 100, 251, 323 Karels, Billy Wayne 124, 306 Karnes, Charles Henry 436 Jordan, Miguel Jordan, Nancigail Jordan, Sally Ann Karpe, Dale Howard 83 Karpos, George Toney 1 33, 397 Karren, Helen Louise 100, 382 Karrer, Charlotte Ann 100 Kasiske, Helmut W 44 Katz, Annette Rose 100, 354 Katz, Bernard 100, 432 Katz, Maurine Frankei 83, 355 Katz, Robert Nathan ...127, 199, 344 Kaufman, Becky Jean 100, 382 Kaufman, Gail .331 Kaufman, Patrick Samuel 100, 177, 426 Kaufman, Richard F 198 Kaufmann, Corinne 238 Kavarana, Homi Hiruibhoy 129 Kawas, Jesus B 44, 241 Kawas, Ramses 124 Kay, Sara Jean ....44, 114, 235, 322 Kay, Thomas 1 23 Kazen, Tony A 198, 449 Kazen, Virginia Lee 100, 329 Keahey, James Howard 132, 222, 223 Keasler, Mary Cym 336, 385 Keathley, Bryan O ' Neill ....347, 405 Keefauver, Margaret Fink ....83, 113, 239, 347, 502, 503 Keegan, Curtis Jerome 338, 446 Keeler, George Eldridge ....83, 111, 254, 409 Keeling, Robert Louis 83 Keen, Jerry Doyle 83, 197 Keetch, Helen Jane 100, 364 Keeton, W. Page 344, 392 Kegler, Angela Carol 352 Keith, Robert Quentin 100, 124, 318, 404 Kelfer, Russell L 124 Kelleher, Dan F 100 251 Keller, Betty Jean ..83, 231, 243, 248 Keller, Harris Lee .114, 115, 176, 433 Keller, Henry 70 411 Keller, Rodney Carlyle 335 Keller, Ronald Cecil 335, 479 Keller, Sandra Louise 70 Keller, Terrell Charlene 83, 113 337, 351 Kelley, Ed A 466 Kelley, Edward Clemens ...237, 449, 452, 453 Kelley, James Robert 426 Kelley, Kathleen ..70, 230, 231, 238 385, 386, 504 Kelley, Mary Frances 100 Kelley, William Charles 338 Kellner, Abe 509 Kellogg, Douglas Sheldon, Jr 247 Kelly, George Edward 309 Kelly, Jack Carl ....44, 112, 252, 253 Kelly, James Otis 83, 176, 403 Kelly, Jane Magdalyn 235, 373 Kelly, Lorena Ann 353 Kelly, Roy Ernest 237, 449 Kelman, Lloyd Sol 196, 309 Kelman, Ralph 390 Kemp, James Clinton 100 Kemp, Kenneth Bryant 70 Kemp, Mary Lee 100 Kemp, Patrick S 27, 114, 332 Kemp, William Franklin 44, 112, 134, 427 Kempler, Kenneth G 441 Kendall, Clarence F 83 Kendall, Patricia Anne 168, 214, 230, 342, 363 Kendall, Rosa Drane 381 Kendrick, John Murray .100, 176, 245 Kennard, Kathryn Lillian ....83, 143, 156, 377 Kennedy, Barbara Jean 503 Kennedy, Glen Moore 70 Kennedy, James Durkin 333, 416 Kennedy, Rederick E 254 Kenny, Robert Wayne ..27, 120, 127, 132, 160, 218, 222, 232 Kent, Harry Llewellyn 128, 388 Kent, James J 70, 124, 188, 241 Keown, Allan Ronald 100, 200, 241, 253 Kern, Byron Frederic 70, 331 Kern, Ralph Donald 83 Kerny, Rivette Antoine 308 Kerr, Barbara Jean 44, 363 Kerr, William Monroe 419 Kerry, Henry Eugene 197, 203 Kervin, Loretta Ann ....70, 333, 380 Key, Herbert Spencer 176 Key, Jane Elizabeth ....313, 381, 386 Keys, William Edward 132 Khyle, Joann 131 Kiber, Albert H 83 Kiblinger, William Gordon ...83, 430 Kidd, Byron Lunsford 250 Kidd, Carol Louann 100, 239, 251, 352 Kidd, Jack Clayton 250 Kidd, Levi Lee 394 Kidd, Philip Wesley ...180, 237, 417, 469, 472 Kidwell, James Richard 129, 328, 330 Kieffer, Paul Mattocks 199, 397 Kiker, James Richard 44, 310 Kilburn, Mary Katherine 83, 374 Kilday, Betty Ann 100, 333 Kilday, Royce Richard 100, 410 Killiam, Allen Page 44, 178 Killian, Clarence Eddie, Jr. ...70, 241 Killian, John Moore 430 Killingsworth, William Benton 70, 347 Killough, Clay Pierce 197 Killough, James Julius 187, 426 Page 536 economics BEHIND YOUR CHOICE OP ROCK BITS V HUGHES TOOL COMPANY IITI. THAI WORLD STANDARD OF THE INDUSTRY In oil well drilling, the margin between profit and loss may frequently be the difference in the performance of the rock bits you use. That is why so many operators today select Hughes bits in setting up bit programs for their wells. They know from experience that in established areas they can project drilling costs from the performance of Hughes bits. Let the Hughes representative in the area in which you are operating help you set up the bit program on your next well. He is familiar with the bits that can get you on and off the job in the shortest possible time. Page 537 NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME Kimbrell, Don L ............... Kimmey, Rowena ............. Kimmons, Wylie Mark .......... Kimsey, Roy Edwin 178, 416, 484, Kincaid, Marcia Lavonne 100, 251, Kindig, Virginia Anne ...... 100, King, Bobby Keith ............. King, Carolyn Baker ........... King, Charles Winston, Jr. ..228, King, Cherry Ann ..... 100, 113, King, Elbert Aubrey ........ 188, King, Elton, Jr ............. 100, King, James Albert ............ King, Juanice LaNell ........ 122, King, Lawrence Alonzo ......... King, Lloyd Wendell ........... King, Margaret Elizabeth (Betty) . King, Marvin Earl .......... 112, King, Robert Newton . . .100, 200, King, Russell Briscoe, Jr ...... 70, King, William Parker ....... 100, Kinnamon, Kenneth ............ Kinney, John Mark ............ Kinney, Robert Sturges ......... Kinsey, Robert Howard ...... 83, 399, Kintanar, Roman Lucero ........ Kinzie, Kay Neal .............. Kipp, John Theodore ....... 184, Kipp, Robert G ......... 44, 340, Kirby, Edward Cromartie ...100, 338, KIRBY HALL .................. Kirk, Jon Bedford ...... 100, 177, Kirkpatrick, Carlos .......... 44, Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Susan .236, Kirkpatrick, George P ........ 83, Kirkpatrick, Mary Snyder ....... Kirkpatrick, Peter Baxter ...100, Kirksey, Thomas David ......... Kirschner, Sylvia Rae ........... Kirsh, Celia Estelle .......... 70, Kirsh, Eileen Lois ............ 83, Kiser, George Edward .......... Kissinger, William Byron ....... Kistler, Ernest Losson, Jr. Kitchens, Malcolm Thomas .312, .237, 452, Klapp, William Devereux ....... Klaus, Ewa!d Fred ............. Klaver, Beverly Annette ....100, Klein, Gerald Fenton (Jerry) ..... 172, Klein, Harold Lee ........... 44, Klein, James Herman . Klein, Lawrence Erwin Klein, Rosalie Amelia Klein, Shirley Beatrice .115, 232, .44, 134, 324, 113, 324, Klein, Shirley Jean . . Kleinman, Harold Fred Kleinschmidt, Clark Ingram Klekar, Rosie Josephine 44, Klett, Donald Stuart 100, Kleymeyer, Ralph T., Jr Klindworth, Lauretta ...216, 256, Kline, William Rayford, Jr Klingeman, Jack David Klippi, Vernon John 83, 185, Klopsteck, Eleanor 248, 324, Klotz, Diana 225, 230, 231, ..83, Klotz, Josephine Klotz, Layton A. B. ... Klumpp, Monica Gretchen ...100, Klutts, Norma Jean Knaggs, John Ryan . . . .245, 507, Knapp, Martha Ann 44, 313, Knapp, Virginia Dee Knebel, Helen Marie ...115, 331, Kneip, Eleanor Jane ....70, 126, 248, 335, 502, Kneip, Jerre Graham ..219, 229, Knierim, Ruth Louise Kncerim, W. H Knight, Bill Knight, Bob P 83, 124, 175, 329, Knight, David Warren ..197, 309, Knight, James Otho Knight, Marion Robert Kniker, Julia Ann 100, Knippa, Doris Alyme Knobler, Ivan William ..70, 217, 441, Knolls, Mark Anthony ..83, 251, ..27 .502 .327 512 372 326 .312 .351 256, 426 366 189 200 .251 248 . .83 ..70 100, 376 429 228 318 404 .123 .180 .177 124, 448 .333 .412 439 439 172, 434 .238 416 311 385 426 .374 475 .393 .354 368 369 .134 .309 327 449, 453 .180 .347 362 100, 424 251 .100 .390 317, 361 217, 360 .231 433 .435 248 388 ..27 375 .180 .442 439 326 234, 320 374 .399 374 .100 508, 511 381 .504 498 230, 503 243, 485 .319 .319 .224 241, 333 435 . .44 Kolmen, Samuel W 228 Kongabel, Carolyn Ruth 70, 122, 326, 381 Koock, Kenneth Louis 197 Koomey, Calvin 44, 176 Koppel, Betty Lou ..44, 317, 355, 386 Koppel, Rollins Miller 229 Korenek, Arnold Frank 195, 484 Kornfeld, Julian Potash ..70, 425, 494 Kosel, Harold Frank 309 Kostka, Willie Joe 83, 228, 310 Kostohryz, Robert Lee ..70, 176, 228, 318, 388 Kosub, James Leon 70, 338 Kotara, Cecilia Joan 100, 333 Kotara, Thomas Ronald .101, 198, 333 Kotzebue, Kenneth Lee ..44, 128, 135, 312, Kourl, Eugene Michael 101, Koza, Laverne Marilyn ..44, 240, 333, Kozelski, Loys Marie Kramer, Barnardus J. M Kramp, Harry Ray 101, 188, Krams, Sidney Warren 83, Krasowski, Nancy Jane Krause, Donald Edward .111, 124. Krause, Eugene Leroy Krause, Lynwood Curtis Krauskopf, Carolyn Marie Krebbs, John P Kreisle, Leonardt Ferdinand .128, Kreissl, Henry 325, Krenek, Jeannette Linda ....321, Krenek, Joyce Ann Kress, Irenie F 70, Kretschmar, Adolph Alois Kriegel, Alvin Oswald Kriss, Jerry Jerome 101, Krist, Stanley Jack 83, Kristian, Jerome Krlzak, Eugene Joseph Krog, John Laurence Kronkoshy, Preston Conrad Krovetz, Charles 44, 134, Kruez, Charles Raleigh Krummenacher, Bruce Crouch .70, Krupp, John 337, 368, Kruse, Shirley M Kubala, Mark Jerome ...70, 111, Kubecka, James Lawrence Kubin, Charles Calvin ..44, 130, 306, Kucera, Karolyn 235, 322, Kuebler, Elizabeth Louise ....83, Kuehner, Marvin Ernest 101, Kuester, David Hartwell Kuhlman, Lynn 313, Kuhlmann, Gretchen Patricia .... 236, Kuhlmann, Nelson Lawrence, Jr. . Kuhn, Barbara Borwell 83, Kunh, Sammye Ann . . . .44, 314, Landa, John Carl . . . Landers, A. W. ... Landes, Robert Paul Landrum, Graves . . Landry, Annette Sue Landry, Arthur Eugene Landry, Duane Eugene Lane, Claud Pope . . Lane, Donald Robert Lane, Julia Ann . . . Lane, Mary Maud . . Lane, Paula Marie . . Kullenberg, Verna Joyce Kuner, Karlheinz F Kunkel, Martha Leah 101, Kuperman, Phyllis ....101, 323, Kusin, Sherman Allen ..195, 433, Kvinta, Charles James ..245, 321, Kvinta, John Frank, Jr Kvinta, William Davis 245, 339, Kyle, Maxine Lucia ....70, 121, Kyser, Albert C. . ..128, Kyser, James B. ...27, 128, 135, |_ Knopp, Kenneth Paul ..186, Knowles, Gene Ramsey . . . Knox, Margaret Ann Knox, Morris Salem ... .83, Knox, Nita Carroll .100,239 Kobe, Donald Holm 135, Kobe, Kenneth A Kochevar, Nancy Ann . . 100, Koehl, Kenneth Francis .... Koelle, Emmit Alton, Jr. . . Koenig, John Weldon ..100, 254, Koenig, Robert David Koepke, Patricia Lee . Koester, Robert T. . . . Koether, Lester Ray . . . Ko hls, Roger John . . . Kohutek, Franklin D. 246, 111, , 347 253, 333, .44, 198, 188, 253, 100, 351, .247, .100, ..83 250 .324 228, 448 255, 433 333 . .44 .100 124 , 358 331 .135 362 311 331 189, 339 241 499 .443 509 324 306 La Barbera, Frances Marie Labowitz, Harris Benard Lacey, Alonzo Leonard 101, Lacey, Ann Page Lacey, Larry L Lackey, Nancy Dale 70, Lackey, Vernon, Jr 174, Lackland, Billy Gene 44, 241, Lacy, Christine Hazel Lacy, Jack Ray 70, 312, Lacy, John Edward Lacy, Sarah Faith 101, Lacy, William Malcolm ..44, 110, Ladewig, Janis Joyce ...83, 234, Ladymon, Sammy Don Laffan, Brian Fredrick LaFour, Tavia Rae . . . Lafrentz, John Dalton LaGrone, Glenda Gay 83, La Guarta, Julio Sterling Lainhart, Margery Sue Lakenmacher, June . . Lamb, Martha Patricia LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Lambdim, James C Lambe, Marcia 101, 239 ' , 342, Lambert, Betty Jean Lambert, Carl Cornelius ....309, 505, Lambert, Curtis Wilmond Lambert, Eugene Wasdon, Jr 115, Lambert, Sue Adelae ..101, 316, Lamm, Julia Davene 84, Lamp, Beverly Gene Lampley, G. H 44, 308, Lamour, Alex Lancaster, William Roy 200, . .84, .101, .412, 331 418 320, 361 .326 .247 428 391 .370 411 .312 .309 .239 .333 388 440 503 .367 248 . .44 .324 390 435 ..70 .333 .101 .130 391 .311 328 369 .101 333 .333 197, 403 385 360 124 .412 377 .44, 333 .333 357 370, 371 .322 .347 360 354 449 339 .339 333, 509 143, 375 135 327 .362 .119 392 .381 ..44 111 338 312 .101 346 .117 322 224 316 422 .395 316 .101 367 .511 .381 363 333 413 .191 347 . .44 346, 507 .427 .27, 134 323 361 .331 342 .45 254 Lang, Dorothy Jean Lang, Shirley Ann . Lange, John O. . . Langford, Bill Curtis Langford, Gerald Talmadge Langford, James Monroe Langford, Ted Lee Langhorne, Robert Alston Lang ley, Robert Bui lard Langston, Shirley Mae Langwell, Eurshe Langworthy, Eugene Norton Lanham, Elizabeth Lanier, Clinton M Lanier, Rowena Maurie Lankford, Cynthia Le Lann, Morris Jerome Lansford, Alex John Lansford, Mary Joan Lanter, Charles Ellis Lapidus, Albert Lion Lapidus, Harold Stanley Lapln, Jack Lowell Laquey, Patsy Lee LAREDO CLUB . . Largent, Charles Edward Larizadeh, Mohamad Mehde Larkin, Giles William Larkin, James Charles Larkin, Jo Ellen .... LaRowe, Daisy Elizabeth LaRowe, Henry Adams Larsen, William Burton Larson, Robert Charles Lash, Sally Sue . Lessen, Lou Jean Lasseter, Charles Erwin Lasseter, Martha . Laster, Robert Earl Latham, La Venda Latham, Phillip Al Latta, Claude A. Latta, Ralph Lynn Laughlin, James Emmet Laughlin, Thomas Edwai 211, Laughlin, William Joseph Lauhon, Carol Anne Laves, Gloria Yvonn Law, Robert Adger Lawes, Leonard Phillip Lawler, Don Morgan Lawley, James Robert Lawrence, Barbara J. Lawrence, Norbert Ernest Lawshae, Duncan Allen Lawyer, Harriet Grace Lay, Audrey Loudale Layton, Robert, Jr. Lazarus, Ronald Morton . Lea, Richard Underwood Leach, Jack Gladden Leal, Carlos Valentin Leamons, Walter Wallace Leanard, Roger L., J Leard, William Vaughn Leary, Terrance Ross . . Leath, James Marvin Leavitt, Urban J. D. Lebel, Boggy Gene LeBlanc, Clarence Joseph LeBleu, Tommy Robbins 237 Ledbetter, Abbe A. Ledbetter, James Almus . .70, Ledbetter, Thomas Kent Ledbetter, Vilas Faye Leder, Marlene Ida . . .101, LeDerer, James Frederick Ledingham, Tommy Max Lednicky, Betty Jo Lee, Barbara Jeanr Lee, Benis Glen . Lee, Betty Virginia Lee, Carl Edward Lee, Chucin Lee, Constance C. Lee, Frederick Adrian Lee, E. Gene Lee, Harrell E Lee, Harry H .. .188, 228, 229, 424, 425, 448 101 Lee Nancy Marie 101 236 401 14 365 le 101 ; 439 Lee Vernon A 45 128 135 198, 232, Leeder, Arlen Gus .... 243, 244 439 332 LeFlore, Barbara Ann 313, Leffingwell, William Branch .101, Legge Don Edward 45 211 84 84, 341, 351 193, 204, 350 134, 191 237, 251, 255 Legler, Clarence Willys 101 1 367 ...101, 143, 356, 503 176 84, 252, 253 madge . .84, 409 iroe ... .70, 174, 338, 395 Lehde, Rose Preston Lehman, Diane .45, 143, 230, 320, Lehman, James Reynolds Lehman, Sondra Joan 101 , 2 lehrer, Harry Frederick, Jr Leifente, William Ward Leigeste, Bill 45 Iston 406 rd 338 : . . 248, 339, 500 Leland, Tom W. . . . mny ...202, 228 Norton 346 Lelaurin, Nana Janet 101, Lembke, Carol Ann . 84 115 1 34 s 101 412 ie 70 s ..101, 236, 384 429 Buck) . .237, 449, 452, 453, 458 267 Lentin, Patricia Ann 101, : Lentschke, Ernest Waddell 84, 195, 393 196, 247 ley 196, 247 433 Leon, Benjamin Joseph .... 1 35, 2 Leonard, Barbara 37), 386, 101 . . .329 ard 246 Mehde 342 101 i 101, 175, 245, 484, 508 Leonard, Joan Hodsdon 84, 1 316, Leonard, Kay Suzanne Leonard, Roger Llander : . .84, 376 Leshikar Edward William Jr eth 84 s 101, 228 m 251 Leshikar, T ' Odon Charles s 484 Leslie, John Paul 101, ' 0, 255, 319, 363 235 Levell Harold Gene 45 114 in 45, 112 367 Leveritt, Dorothy Sue 101, : 246 248 m 45, 309 45 Levine, Julian Robert 70, Levine, Leonard David : Levinson, Sandra Rose ..251, 382, : 45, 312 ,et 311 Levit, Max Stanley ...188, 228, 2 ward, Jr 70, 11, 232, 413, 448 Levy, Guillermo 45, seph 405 ... 385 Levy, Harry Hubert, III . ...101, Levy Jack Mose 101 212 ....84, 323, 369 Levy, Morris Leon 306, ' , 408 418 45 . . .84, 404, 476, Lewis, Charleen 84, 1 477 70 . .101, 239, 326, 384 45 Lewis, Geane Marian 84, 323, : nest 255 Lewis Irene Sheila 239 368 ' in . .45, 250, 407 Lewis Janie Ellis 101 236 ; 70 131 115 308 Lewis June Cidell 45 248 ' n 101, 200 ood 393 Lewis Shirley Ann 101, 101 309 ace 198 327 Lewis, Viola Grafton 84, ' , Leyendecker, Magdalena Josef ina . 143, 240, : n ..45, 244, 311 397 . . . 229, 466, 449 Lidlak Leon Paul 333, : 446 173 eph 421 ins ....84, 173, 54, 338, 479, 481 84, 431 Lightfoot, Lillian Elise 142, 1 156 342 377 ' us . .70, 241, 253 nt 101, 124 101, 300 . .101, 251, 302, 323 rick 101 Lightsey, Robert Lloyd ....101, 2 251, I Ligon, Alice Marilyn 243, ' . Aax 115 Lilley Jerry Dean 101 ; 84, 240, 333 Lillie ' Robert Ben 1 70, 350, 503 Lilly Warren Robert 197, ' 418 Limon Neff S 70, C ,. .143, 153, 192, Lind Charles Ray 1 204, 366 ..411, 510 494 361 ad) 45, 116, 126 101 Linden, William Mosse 45, 1 187, : 84, 186 Linder Tommy Norton 173, C . . .132, 218, 219 ... 447 Lindsay, Ronald Landon ..84, 173, : Lindsey, Byron Trent 101, ' A PAGES 241 .354 498 197 .27 384 198 327 251 365 178 340, 417 .186, 492 .101 176, 217 .248 375 .195 382, .118 .200 346 .440 131 306 114 352 373 356 .45 101 361 135 239 423 326 228, 309 498 .340 176 176 234, 365 .70 .202 .124 .84, 200 . .17 134 241 500 119 248 382 432 .390 238 432 229, 425 311 .441 424 424 311 362 431 .239 346 101 124 127 369 409 503 378 406 364 504 101 121 316 .84, 329 197 .27 .383 339 318 126 338 .352 143, 503 309 123 250, 254 248 101 392 184 395 398 175 331 309 17 307 70 135, 395 338 338 253 Page 538 To a GRERTER University L,omplimenti of JGSSG H. JOnCS iniGRGSTS HOUSTON, TEXflS THE ASSURANCE OF DEPENDABLE ELECTRIC POWER IS A PRIME ESSENTIAL FOR The eyes of the nation are on the Texas " Bright Spot " . . . the North, Central and East Texas area served by Texas Power Light Company. Nationally known concerns continue to establish plants here for the manufacture of glass, aluminum, oil field equipment, petro- leum, clothing, furniture, food, automobile tires, steam boiler equipment, lamp parts, and many other essentials. Many existing factories have expanded operations. New employment has been created for thousands of families. Total income has more than doubled in ten years . . . retail sales have almost tripled. Preceding such growth must be an ample supply of dependable electric power, and Texas Power Light Company has always provided the power whenever and wherever it was needed. Today TP L is serving almost twice as many customers as it was ten years ago . . . and supplying almost three times as much electricity. The Company is now engaged in further expanding its facili- ties so that by 1955 its generating capacity will be increased by 347,000 horsepower of electric energy. The TP L Company, through the years, has consistently antici- pated the ever-increasing needs for electric power. It has planned ahead . . . and built ahead ... so that the Texas " Bright Spot " will continue to have ample power for progress. Power Light Company ? Page 539 NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME Lindsey, Frankie Welborn .3, 136, 219 L indsey , J. Joy 372 Lindsey, Jerry D 70 Lindsey, John Lewis 45, 327 Lindsey, Nettie Lou ....45, 343, 372 Linebarger, Donald Loyd 84 Linebarger, Harold Benton 202 Ling, David (Tex) 229, 246 Ling, Edward Hugo 70, 247 Lingston, William S 127 Linker, Boyd .237, 335, 449, 479, 483 Lipman, Clifton Murray 432 Lipnick, Elton Stanley ..71, 114, 391 Lips, Helene Ann 323, 368, 369 Lipscomb, William J 409 Lipshy, George Meyer 440 Lipson, Richard 228 Lisker, Arlyne Shirley ..101, 318, 382 Listen, Janet Ann 239, 356 Little, Betty Jane 71, 353 Little, Bill Robert 71 Little, Charles M 196, 411 Little, Charles Hube rt 71 Little, Jack Merville ...179, 417, 467 511 Little, Jack Newell 167, 229, 405 Little, Richard Francis ...71, 118, 119 445 Linle, Sammy Don 101 Little, Wanda Belle 101 Little, William Bart ..110, 219, 309, 346 Littlefield, Clyde 408, 485 LITTLEFIELD DORMITORY 239 Littlefield, Larry Dean 101, 490 Littlefield, Raymond C 45 Litvin, Lita 223 Liu, Samuel Liang-Chu 45, 505 Liu, Timothy Liang Tong ...124, 311 Lively, James Georgene 71 Lively, Shirley Ann 385 Livingston, Thomas A 169 Livingston, William Samuel ..215, 416 Llewllyn, Gordon Lee 409 Llewellyn, James Donald 397 Llewellyn, Lonnie Kenneth 84 Lloyd, Kenneth Raymon 84 Lloyd, Louise Lilly 71, 238 Lloyd, Maury Allen 197, 418 Lloyd, William Reese 129 Loach, Jo Ann 375 Lochausen, Shirley Ann 84 Lock, Wilton Powell 202 Locke, Carl Edwin 101, 418 Lockenvifz, Brigitta E 22, 223 Lockett, Ford Lee 84, 426 Lockett, Hester Elizabeth .71, 126, 385 Locklin, Allen Clement ..45, 133, 428 Lockman, Carol Ann 71, 385 Lockman, John 84, 199 Lockwood, Connie 219 Lock wood, Lee 13 Lockwood, Vinson Martin 27 Loeffler, Martha L. R 122 Loeffler, Norris Dean ..45, 132, 222, 223 Loew, Raymond Richard 333 Lofgren, Frederick Valentine 129 Lofton, Floyd J., Jr 110 Logan, Catherine Ann 131, 142 336, 363 Logan, Harry Jones, III ....111, 121 228 Logue, Fanelle Barclay 381, 503 London, Richard Jay 198, 393 Lones, Joe Jack 71 Long, Amy Jo 1 36 Long, Ann Sheridan 101 Long, Charles Forrest 101, 241 Long, Dorothy Pearl ....45, 313, 381 Long, Gale McBryde ...71, 225, 359, 386 Long, Gracie Delane 377, 497 Long, Meredith J. D 1 27 Long, Paul Franklin 101 Long, Shirley Margaret 126, 365 Long, William Carl 229, 237, 411, 449, 452, 453, 463, 510 Long, William David .447 Long, Wayne Eggleston 128 Longacre, Joseph Kent 135, 311 Longaker, Cecelia Alford ....84, 235 381, 501, 504 LONGHORN BAND 253 LONGHORN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION 330 Longoria, Joseph Louis 84, 442 Lopez, Alfredo, Jr 309 Lopez, Rudolph Muller 64 Lorenz, Jane Frances 84 Lorenz, Richard 101, 338 Lorong, Dorothy Pauletta 363 Loth, Helmut Martin 427 Lott, Wayne Edgar 338, 438 Lott, William Byron 119 Louden, Lester Richard 200 Love, Davis Milton ....237, 434, 492 Love, Henry Vance 1 87 Lovejoy, Joe Bernard ..84, 124, 186, 411 Lovett, Jim D 212, 216, 423 lovett, Mary Hale 101, 380 Lovinggood, Lynn 142, 375 Lovoi, Joseph Jasper 101, 333 Loworn, Froggy 485 Lowe, Bobby Gene 1 96 Lowe, Dudley Tarlton 333 Lowe, Susan 242 Lowell, Philip S 135 Lower, Milton Dale 45, 123, 127 PAGES Lowrance, Nancy 101, 374 Lowrey, Richard Chapman ..101, 197, 322, 416, 466 Lowry, Carmen 1 26 Lowry, James Dixon 191, 446 Lowry, John Tunstall 71, 111 Low ry, Johnny Harold 178, 484 Lowry, Loretta L 127 Lowther, David Bert 71, 241 Lowther, Gordon Aubrey ....124, 322 Loyd, Herbert M 71, 111, 124 Loynd, James Arthur ...101, 200, 241 Loynel, Jim 346 Loznao, Victor, Jr 253, 329 Luan, David C 331 Lubasch, Inge Joan 129 Lubel, Arthur Irwin 390 Lubel, Roselyn Carol 84, 383 Luckett, Eleanor Frances .45, 342, 375 Lucksinger, Arthur Hudson 84 Luderys, Florence Maydelle 251 Ludwig, Harvey Allen 425 Ludwig, Patricia Ann 84, 367 Ludwig, Rodney Wayne 71 Luedemann, Anne Marie ...101, 333, 384 Luetge, Elvie Lou ..84, 248, 314, 331, 498 Luhnow, Fred Volker, Jr 71, 415 Luker, Martin Edward 324, 445 Lukin, Edward Keith ...114, 115, 134 Luksa, Frank Edward 186, 402 Luna, Felipe 329 Lund, Stuart 45 Lundell, Bert Allen 197 Lundgreen, Jo Ann 46, 126, 373 Lundgren, Emely Ann 71 Lundien, Eric (Bud) 46 Lung, Herschel Ray 309 Lunsford, Char les Newton 421 Lunz, Patricia Louise 71, 238 Lusky, Edward 391, 494 LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION 331 Luttrell, John Martin 71, 393 Luttrell, William Sherrod 318, 393 Lutz, John Edward III ..46, 174, 306, 319, 338 Lutz, Lnelle Ruth 71, 200, 204, 363, 501 Lutz, Sherry Ann 101, 239 Lyda, Carl B 46 Lyell, Frank Hallam 410 Lyle, Bert 346 Lyle, Herschel Howard 466 Lyle, Jack William 335 Lyles, Jesse Don 130, 146, 179 Lyles, Marilyn Knox 375 Lynch, Charles Edgar 506, 512 Lynch, Edmund Clayton 134 Lynch, Gene Cozart 46, 308 Lynch, Mary Lou ..255, 345, 371, 386 Lynch, Patrick David 46, 196 Lynn, Edward Shird ....114, 115, 134 Lynn, Hugh M. Quiston 404, 512 Lynn, Larry J. 84, 338, 347, 484, 512 Lynwood, L. Heasley 200 Lyon, Joan Elizabeth ...71, 255, 361 Lyon, Jose A. . . . " . 333 -M- Maahs, Thomas Carl 46, 177, 324 Maas, Elsie W 248 Mabe, Hugh Prescott, Jr 134 Maberly, Charles Royce 430 Mabry, John Edwin 253 Macaluso, Anthony 127 MacCorkle, Stuart A 127 MacDonald, Sherman Paine .197, 395 MacDonald, H. M 127, 392 MacGregor, Gregor Carmichaei ..176, 417 Macha, Eleanor 248 Machemehl, Charles Albert ..195, 237, 453 Maclver, Winnie Jane ..101, 234, 367 Mackenzie, Charles Lester ..101, 124, 189, 342, 408 Mackenzie, Corkey L 188 Mackenzie, Olivia Inez 314 Mackey, Jack Eberly, Jr 101 436 MacLean, Walter Eliot ..101, 251, 253 MacMillian, John 507 Maddux, James, Jr 71 Maddux, Lora Jean 101 Madison, Edwin Lewis 403 Maedgen, Lanny Joe 71 Magavern, Samuel Donald 84 Magill, James Lawrence 237 Magness, Walter Lee 195 Magnet, Daniel Thomas, III 101 Magruder, Alice Jean 71, 377 Magryder, Eleanor Warren 377 Maguire, Patricia Anne 236 Mahaffey, Don Finley 196, 393 Mahdavi, Kazem 310 Mahmoud, Mahmoud M 27 Mainous, Edward Chester ...84, 200, 256, 421 Maisel, Clare Gompertz 126 Makhuli, Elias N 247 Malas, Nusuh M 445 Maldonado, George 46 Maldonado, LeoneT 200, 244, 333 Maley, Karl Archer 187, 427 Maley, Mary Ann ..46, 116, 165, 230, 320, 337 353, 386, 503 Malik, Joe, Jr 120 Malki, Sabri 71, 311 Maloan, Walter Thomas 46, 389 Malone, Carolyn Jane 136 Malone, Donald Joseph 101 Malone, John Robert 101 Malone, Ola Faye 248 Malone, Richard 311 Maloney, Francis James 423 Maloney, Robert Edward 333 Malouf, Donald Joseph .124, 175, 410 Maltsberger, Jo Ann ..101, 239, 360, 500 Maly, Sylvia Milady ...101, 248, 321 Mandell, Huboldt Casad, Jr 124, 202, 228, 318 Manderson, Robert Horace 318 Maness, Mary Ann 375 Mang, Nelle Oliver 126 Manganiello, Louis Patrick ..46, 237, 427, 449, 477 Manget, Daniel Thomas, III 408 Mangum, Margaret 375 503 Manis, Milton 71, 390 Mankin, Charles John 338 Mann, Amba Eugene 333 Mann, Barbara 336, 376 Mann, George Patrick (Pat) 333 Mann, Jack M 130, 170, 343, 415 Mann, Lois Ann 366 Manning, Amba 71, 318 Manning, Harold Stafford 177 Manning, Sanford Edward ..101, 198, 396, 477 Mansour, Nafia Ahmad 248 Manuel, Eleanor ...71, 347, 377, 504 Manz, Joe Edward 102, 195 Maples, John B., Jr 183 Marabella, Nunzio Joseph ...176, 399 Marble, Shirley Josephine ..236, 372 March, Joanna Conway 236 Marchmann, Joe Voy 71 Marchant, Duane 172 Marek, Frank J 46, 112, 195, 198, 308, 321 Marin, Crescencia 84, 113, 333 Mark, Robert Willard ...174, 338, 391 Markel, Harry L 71, 187, 311 Markey, Benton Walter 71, 425 Marks, Joseph John 112 Marley, Marian 116, 375 Maroney, Don Henry 176, 466 Marosis, John Nick 84, 174, 338 Marr, William Lewis 71, 405 Marschall, William Ingo, Jr. .64, 214, 229, 322, 393, 448 Marsh, Billy Dean 196 Marshall, Charles Rodney 175 Marshall, David Lee 102 Marshall, Edwina Dee 102, 239, 352, 346 Marth, Charles Donald 439 Martin, Bill 346 Martin, Cora Merriman 126, 366 Martin, Donald Louis 71, 434 Martin, Dudley 102 Martin, Earle Plain 71, 410 Martin, Edward Thomas 84, 342 Martin, Gary Gene 438 Martin, Harry L 1 74, 338 Martin, Herbert B 312 Martin, James Lewis 115, 338 Martin, Janette 346 Martin, Jerry Don 466 Martin, John Edmund ...84, 195, 312 Martin, Kay 84, 313 Martin, Lawrence Edward, Jr 447 Martin, Lee Alexis 342 Martin, Leta Janette 71 Martin, Lizabeth Ann 385 Martin, Marion ....84, 336, 341, 377 Martin, Mary Jo 350 Martin, Maynard 228 Martin, Mitchell Louis 200, 436 Martin, Monte Sue 84, 353 Martin, Paul Edward 124 Martin, Robert Devon 174, 338 Martin, Russell Lionel, Jr. ..102, 124, 414 Martin, Wayne Evans Ill Martin, William Floyd 134 Martin, William Joseph 71, 244 Martinez, Antonio S 46, 318 Martinez, Leon R 333 Martinez, Michael 436 Martinez, Noel 179 Martinez, Octavio 254 Martino, Paul David 307, 439 Masad, Rimon Nicola 84, 322 Masch, Frank Dewey 311 Maschek, O. H 114 Mason, Ann Marie 381 Mason, Curtis Calvin 338 Mason, Curtis Linn 388 Mason, George Fred, Jr 46, 309 Mason, James 253 Mason, Mark 327 Mason, Millicent Ehrmann 375 Mason, Wilma Jean 46 Massad, Joy N 180 Massey, Carlton W. ...166, 229, 237, 449, 452 453, 454 Massey, Jack 1 02 Massey, Martha 71, 360 Massey, Nancy Jayne ....3, 46, 143, 224, 225, 235 Massey, Shirley Faye 71 Masters, Leonard 1 27 Masters, Ralph L 342 Mathes, Marjorie Jane 380 Mathew, Cecil T., Jr 71, 241 Mathews, Earl M 414 Mathews, Joseph Pickney 403 Mathews, Monte W 102 Mathews, Nancy Wright 380 Mathews, Walter H 71, 251 Matkin, Nancy Clemens 376 Matlage, Bette Oliver 136 Matlock, Hudson 117, 135 Matson, Jerry Wayne 71, 241 Matthews, Birdie Jean 503 Matthews, H. A 118 Matthews, Hugh Tannehill 421 Matthews, Maebess 115 Matthews, Nancy Wright 84 Matthews, Patricia Deon . . 102 236 372 Matthews, Stephen 436 Matthews, Thomas Rugeley ... 188 Matthews, Wilbur Lee ..102, 173, 338 Matthis, David Raymond 127 Mattox, Jerry Martin 437 Matusevitch, Steve 1 35 Matzke, Anna Elizabeth 71 Mauch, Charles Lee 46, 195, 388 Mauck, Nancy Josephine ...217, 238 250, 366 Mauk, Betty Carol ....102, 239 362 497 Maultsby, Hazel 129, 317 Maurin, Joe Toland 84, 435 Mauritz, Ouida Marie 84 Mauzy, G. L 318 Maxfield, David Wesley 71, 173, 311, 338 Maxwell, Benjamin B 169, 338 Maxwell, George Engle 306 Maxwell, Jane Gay ....71, 113, 142, 143, 164, 231, 377 M axwell, Jay William 176, 411 Maxwell, Sara Phyllis ..314, 370, 371 Maxwell, Walter John 84 May, Francis Barnes 115 May, Mart Rhea ..102, 236, 333, 341, 384 May, Patricia Jean 102, 354 May, Robert Arm and 84, 338 May, Thomas Jesse 114 Mayes, Carl H 449 Mayes, George L 135 Mayes, George Terrell ..46, 117, 244, 306, 344 Mayfield, James Don 102 Mayfield, Sandra Lou ..71, 142, 198, 204, 313, 320, 375, 386 Mayhew, William Leaird, Jr 71 Maynard, Mary Clements ....380, 503 Mayo, Betty Claire 381 Mays, Elizabeth Lockhart 113 Mays, Katherine Margaret ....84, 113 Mays, James Chapman 71, 318 Mays, Jo Ann 71, 143, 365 Mazow, Malcolm Lowell .84, 197, 425 McAdams, Billy James 180, 389 Me Adams, Howard Douglas 346 McAdams, Joe B 176 McAlister, Ruth 126 McAlister, Wayne Hartman 175 McAllister, Al 46 McAllister, Raquel 71 McAlpin, Donald Lee 46, 310 McAndrews, Wendell Allen 244 McAninch, Kenneth Neal 84 McArdle, Noel Janet 84, 384 McArthur, Jackie Nell 84 McBrayer, Betty Ann ..116, 136, 357 McBride, Bob Adell 466 McBride, Carol Ann 46, 333 McBride, James A 46, 102, 306, 327, 333 McBride, Leola 333 McBride, Shirley Jean ...46, 251, 385 McCabe, Beverly Jo 71, 326, 361 McCaleb, Adrienne Joan 248 McCall, Thomas Screven 102 McCalla, Dudley Davis 185, 393 McCampbell, Thomas Atlee ..46, 180, 212, 417, 490 McCanlies, John Michael 439 McCann, Thomas Peter 71 McCarroll, Eloise Leila 102, 236, 384 McCarroll, Roy Jack ..200, 306, 404, 507 McCart, Alice Roberta 46, 381 McCarthy, William J 183 McCarty, Nannetta Sue 102, 360 McCarver, James 114 McCasland, Ardis, Jr 84 McCauley, Francis Ruple ...174, 338, 405 McClelland, William Thomas 306 McClendon, Bobby Joe 102, 51 1 McClendon, Marian Eames ...71, 221, 251 McClennan, Patricia Ann 372 McClinfock, Eugene Anthony ....343 McClure, Robert Marshall ...124, 199, 309 McCollister, Alice 102, 352 McCollough, Delbert Eugene 200 McCollough, Mary G 155 McCollum, Charles Holmes, III ...84, 111, 232, 401, 506 McCollum, Donald Edwin 46 McCollum, Robert Frank, III 124 McCommon, Gen, Jr 102 McConn, Thomas Peter 397 McConnell, Carolyn Desire ..143, 154, 380 Page 540 Building Your Bank Credit Is an Important Step In Building Your Future Make The National Bank of Commerce " the bank for all the people " your bank, too. Complete banking facilities: checking accounts, savings accounts, safe deposit boxes, trust department, auto loans, F.H.A. Title 1 and personal loans. THE NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE -OF HOUSTON- Culf Building, Houston, Trxai " The Bank for All tht People " MEMBER FEOF. RAI. DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION CREDITS Nancy Massey, Art J. P. Crowe, Color Photography, Views Hazel Crowe, Belles, Informal of Sweetheart Koen ' s Studios, Portraits Frank Cricchio, Photography Jerry Chastain, Photography Mike Wiley, Photography Jack Hankins, Photography Gilmore Studios, Portraits of " Big Five " and Betty Lee Newsfoto Publishing Co., Printers Page 541 NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES McConnell, F. C McConnell, Mrs. F. C McConnell, Phillip Irving McConnell, Wayne Wallace McCord, Patricia Ann McCorkle, John Jerry McCormick, Charles Tilford McCorory, Sidney E., Jr McCown, Henry Young McCown, Henry Young, Jr. .188, McCoy, Carolyn Millicent McCoy, Darling Naomi McCoy, Merkel Jimmy McCoy, Morel le 46, 243, McCracken, Pat Jean McCracken, Richard Eugene ..46, McCracken, Shirley Reichert McCranie, Anne Bostwick . McCrary, John Franklin . . . McCrary, Keith Underwood ..46, .313, .198, 342, McCreary, Howell S 129, McCreight, Anne Louise ...102, McCreless, Merry Christine ..71, 314, McCrocklin, Claude N McCrum, Everett Smith ..46, 115, McCullough, Charles Ellis McCullough, Graham Eugene .228, McCullough, Jack Dennis . . . .46, McCullough, Jean McCullough, Mary Gwyn ...136, 223, McCullough, Willis Howell ...71, McCurdy, John Anderson ....21, McCutcheon, James Edward ..71, 306, McCutcheon, Patricia Ann ..243, 300, McDade, William Arnold ...173, McDaniel, Chester Howell McDaniel, Ether Murl McDaniel, Marvel Ann . . , McDaniel, Roddy David . . McDaniels, Guy Hugh McDavid, Donald George . McDavid, John Walter, Jr. McDavid, Martha Carolyn . McDermott, James Robert . . McDonald, Ceryl Alexandra McDonald, Dwain McDonald, Johnny W McDonald, LeRoy McDonald, Leslie Weylon . McDonald, Malcolm Dwain McDonald, Patricia Jane . . McDonald, Patric R McDonald, Roy David McDonald, Shirley Jeanne . .84, .47, 187, .71, 311 , .71 .494, ..71, ' .47, ' 251, .239, McDonald, Thomas Newton . .47, McDonald, Virginia 84, 337, McDonald, William Edward ..232, McDonnell, Rena Don McDonnald, Bridge McDonnold, Muckleroy McDonough, Nancy Ann .71, 375, McDougald, William Hugh ..71, 241, McDuff, Donald Pete ..117, 135, McDuffie, Barbara Jean 250, McElhone, Alison ..84, 140, 143, 240, McElwain, Mary Jane McElyea, William Ronny McFaddin, G. A. Northcott McFaddin, Ida Caldwell 47, 320, 342, McFarland, Diane 102, 341, 497, McFarland, Floyd B 71, 134, McFarland, James Dorr McFall, Scott Alexander 245, McGarrahan, William Sanders .84, McGaughey, Janet Mary McGaughey, Max Gene McGauhey, Sharon Elaine ...71, 319, McGaw, Hugh D 169, McGaw, Hugh Roth Lee ...120, 172, 251, 338 McGee, Carol Emily (Teddy) ..71, 143, 235, 365 McGee, Dewitt Clinton 340 McGee, Gordon 431 McGee, Paula Beth 102, 239, 346 McGee, Wallace Edward 199, 435 McGehee, Richard Vernon ..244, 346 McGhee, Marcia Ann ...84, 113, 243, 248 McGinn, Patricia Eloise . .71, 168, 333, 351 McGinnis, Charles David 84, 124, 309, 407, 506 McGinnis, Edward Earl 115, 388 McGlamery, David Parke 47, 119, 194, 505 McGonagill, Mildred Alice 102 McGraw, Billy Flynn 47 McGraw, Donald Ray ..237, 401, 449, 452, 453, 458 ..14 McGraw, Joe Henry ...71, 186, 312, .242 315 .428 McGraw, John H 128 . . 71 McGraw, Lynn Wade 335 . 248 McGregor, Jean 377 .401 McGregor, Rosetta Ann .102, 380, 500 .414 McGrew, Bill Judson 47 .438 McGuire, James Harrison ...102, 253 ..15 McGuire, Patricia Beth 102 401 McGuirt, James Holland 102, 442 ..84 McHale, Joe 219 .102 McHaney, Mary Ann ..122, 143, 381 .245 McHenry, Rupert Kingsley 431 326 Mcllyar, Don Charles ...84, 154, 187 .102 Mcllyar, William Kent ..229, 419, 448 403 Mclnerney, Susan White 84, 361 114 Mclnnis, Bayliss C 71 385 Mclntosh, Jeanne Carole 363 466 Mclntyre, Joan K 136 102, McKahney, Mary Ann 313 347 McKay, Anita June 102, 372 328 McKay, Walter Thomas 333 347, McKean, Paul Flavian 213, 394 366 McKeithan, James Daniel ...120, 127, 242, 214, 232, 419 353 McKelvy, Sheryl Ann ..84, 113, 141, .102 143, 156, 170, 375, 497, 501 134 McKenzie, David Earl 244 408 McKenzie, Margaret Ann 84, 364, , 434 497 1 30, McKenzie, Terry 236 180 McKeown, Tykie 102,238 .385 McKibben, Jerry Rudolph 84, 327 143, McKim, Raymond Lee 419 359 McKinley, Billie Jeannine 248 413 McKinley, Jimmie Joe 71, 223 115, McKinney, Barbara Jo ..71, 235, 316, 215 498 110, McKinney, Buford De Moville 71, 407 119, 134, 228 248, McKinney, George William, Jr. ...439 346 McKinney, Mary Ann 384 338, McKinney, William Steele ...479, 482 410 McKinnon, Dudley Rogers 84 .125 McKnight, Byron Morris 429 .326 McKnight, Jimmy E 245 353 McKinney, Mary Ann 102 119, McLain, Patricia Ruth 47, 375 413 McLaren, Leslie Alex 47, 118, .388 196, 203 173, McLarry, Fred Daniel 102, 197, 338 332, 347 .224 McLaughlin, Donald Edward 237 316 McLaughlin, John Mark 229, 401 .435 McLaurin, Banks 117 .255 McLaurin, Lauchlin Arthur ...186, 419 506 McLean, Roy Jack 335 .102 McLean, Sterling Robertson 134 .312 McLeary, Fred Daniel 228 185 McLellan, Rose Ann 84, 376 ..47 McLemare, Mary Margaret 71 235, McLemore, Jack Wendell 71 498 McLemore, Joe Ed 85 .244 McLemore, Mary Margaret 358 .253 McLeod, Julia Ann (Judy) ...71, 385 251, McLlyar, Donald Charles 401 356 McMacken, Sue G 350, 497 132, McMann, Thomas Albert 102, 416 176 McManus, Jan Iris 85, 371, 498 346 McMaster, Clifford Franklin 102, 449 124, 188, 189 .378 McMasters, Melton Duane ...228, 309 .510 McMeans, Nancy 85, 223, 366 .411 McMillan, Barbara Dee 341, 364 503 McMillan, Joella 235 228, McMillan, Lemmon Columbus 27 325 McMillen, Lula Margaret .47, 322, 371 311 McMillon, John Richard .71, 228, 229, 353 246, 335 156, McMordie, Robert Kenneth 312 361 McMullen, James Abney, III 395 .120 McMullen, Clements 134 .438 McMurray, Bill 446 .392 McMurray, John William ...449, 452, 116, 453, 457 381 McMurry, Russell W 71, 335, 421 374, McNab, Ruth LaVerne 72, 238 501 McNabb, Suzanne Mary 102, 239 243 McNabb, Winifred L 1 80 .135 McNally, Alice Theresa (Terry) ..143, 51 1 248 422 McNamara, Francis Leo ....187, 405 .131 McNeel, Loquita Ann 102, 378 .102 McNeel, Sara 381 236, McNeel, Tynus William 409 358 McNeely, Mrs. Frances 502, 504 338 McNeil, Margaret Ann 126 Meador, Franklin Dawson ..102, 172, 338 Meador, Jimmie G 251 Meador, John Gibbs, Jr 415 Meadows, David Elmer 102 Meadows, Macleta 47, 357 Meadows, Travis Aaron 102 Mecham, John Lloyd 127 Mechura, Sandra Mary 85, 371 Mechura, Wilbert John, Jr 402 Medairy, Grace Ellen 113 Medellin, Guadalupe 72, 329 Medina, Frank 485 Medina-Lopez, Zoilo A 47, 306 Medrano, Ana Olivia 248 Meek, Donald W 41 1 Meek, William Jasper 72 Meekins, Thomas F 191 Meeks, Charles Tate 176 Meeks, Wayne A 347 Meerscheidt, Philip Alexander ..102, 125 Meier, Milton 339 Meinstein, Edward 440 McNeill, Ann Millicent ..47, 122, 126, 377 McNeill, Lolita Ruth 47, 361 McNulty, Murphy Michael, Jr. .47,333 McPherson, Billy Loren ..72, 119, 180 McPherson, Robert Dean ....64, 435 McRae, Robert Francis 85, 435 McReynolds, William Irvin ..132, 218, 222, 224, 232, 254, 348 McTee, Arlie Ray 388 McTee, Arthur Charles 217 McTee, Clifford R 47, 389 McTee, Elsie Wheeler 47, 136 McVey, Carol Ann 85, 235, 351 McVey, James M 335, 510 McVey, Marilyn Ruth 47, 351 McVey, R. L 114 McWhorter, Cleo Warren 72, 212, 336, 385 Meacham, Billie Oliver 102 Meacham, William Char les 102 Mead, David Ernest 188, 442 Meador, Bettye DeShong 126 Messer, Mae Bess Messmer, Gerry Elaine . . . Metcalf, Walker N Metzger, Clarence Joseph Mewhinney, Richard Len Meyer, Daniel Brennon Meyer, Eleanor Meyer, George Baker . . Meyer, Gloria Winifred . Meyer, Henry Charles . . Meyer, Jo Caldwell Meyer, John Kampmann Meitzen, John Edward 72 Melburn, Felicia Ann ..47, 122, 143, 179, 353 Melin, Jane Alyce 251, 331, 351 Melnick, Sandra Ruth 102, 382 Melton, Donald 315 Melton, Martha Anne 85, 363 Melvin, Edmund Waller 186 Melvin, William Waller 186, 342 Mendel, Eddie Herbert 72 Mendel, Shelton Byron 446 Mendinilla, Gilbert 477 Mendle, Lois Inez 236 Mendlovitz, Milton Allen 198, 425 Mendoza, Ted 312 Mengden, Walter Henry 396, 397 Mengel, Robert Arthur 195, 241 Mensch, Walter Howard 433 MEN ' S GLEE CLUB 254 Mequet, June Alice 113 Meredith, Daniel Thomas 253 Meredith, William Gard .47, 175, 427 Meriwether, George B 31 1 Merlo, Marianne 255 Merrill, Charles Morgan ....72, 228, 229, 250, 254, 407 Merrill, Nancy Lee 85, 250, 352 Merritt, Amelia May 85, 352 Merritt, Harry Warner, Jr 400 Merritf, Merry Ann 85, 241, 353 Merritt, Warren Franklin, Jr 47 Merson, Maureen Hamet ....239, 368, 503 122 ..47, 355 180 247 .102, 184, 414 47, 434 .85, 326, 366 102, 420 ..47, 341, 361 172 136, 364 ....102, 202, 434 Meyer, Judith Aline 355 Meyer, Ross Lee 429 Meyers, Fred A 438 Meza, Fernando Pablo 329 MICA 332 Micek, Eduard 321 Michie, Jarvis Dale .72, 186, 311, 322 Michulka, Louis James ..85, 333, 403 Mickelson, Jill Cornelia 47 Mickey, Earl 511 Middleman, Irving Herbert 102 Middleton, Alice Jean . . 102, 239, 350 Middleton, Beverly Kaye 102, 251 Middleton, Carolyn 102, 380, 503 Midkiff, Frank Morris 1 32 Miears, Louise Marie 234, 326 Mielke, Stanley Myles 175 Miers, Bruce Timothy 102, 322 Miertschin, Charles Leroy 102 Mighell, Donald Ray 85, 417 Migl, John Joe 321, 333 Miks, Bobby Joe 85, 220, 418 Milam, Charlton Joseph 312 Milan, Jerry Benny ...199, 321, 335, 426, 494 Miles, Bradley 85, 199, 421 Miles, James Smith 435 Millan, Aristides 333 Millard, George Henry 431, 508 Millay, Edna St. Vincent 136 Millburn, William 449 Miller, Allen David 127, 318 Miller, Barbara Joan W 47, 314 Miller, Barbara Lee 102, 384 Miller, Barbara Lynn 351, 497 Miller, Beth Ann 102, 250, 372 Miller, Bobby Jack 173, 241, 338 Miller, Carolyn Marie ..85, 336, 363 Miller, C. A. Searcy 392 Miller, Charles Edward 200 Miller, Charles Warren 102, 338 Miller, Clara Jane 72, 238 Miller, Cynthia Colgin 381 Miller, Dale Ellis 338, 410 Miller, Don Kirbv 449, 452 Miller, Doris Catherine 234, 359 Miller, Elizabeth Ann 323, 366 Miller, Fred, Jr 333 Miller, Gary Evan 102, 180, 325, 334, 440 Miller, Henrietta Louise 47, 378 Miller, Ida 72, 374 Miller, James Chris ...198, 203, 437 Miller, Jane Marie 72, 339, 362 Miller, Jimmy Milton 335 Miller, John Carroll 421, 505 Miller, John Grover, Jr 47 Miller, Judd, Jr 72, 417 Miller, Kacey Raeburn 124 Miller, Kennard Dwain 72, 118 Miller, Kirby 453, 461 Miller, Knox, Jr 310 Miller, Mary Margaret ..85, 113, 231, 337, 375, 386, 501, 504 Miller, Max Karlson 85, 188 Miller, Meda Margaret .102, 113, 356 Miller, Melvin L Ill, 124 Miller, Nancy Ann 85, 385 Miller, Norma Sterling 85, 385 Miller, Patsy Ann 47, 235, 498 Miller, Richard Bryan ..72, 197, 237, 411, 453 Miller.Rita Ellen 72 Miller, Robert Wesley 102 Miller, Sandra Ann 102, 356 Miller, Shirley Anne 72, 362 Miller, Stanley Eugene 102, 438 Miller, Thomas Eugene 342 Miller, William Hamilton ...102, 494 Miller, Mrs. William Kay 123 Millican, Carol Jean 72, 378 Mil Mean, Ruth Gausman 326 Milligan, Lowell Robert 176 Milligan, Wesley Forrest, Jr 332 Millikan, Patsy Sue 85, 341, 361, 386, 500 Million, Charles Lewis 431 Million, Louis Noble, Jr. ...198, 250, 309, 476, 477 Mills, George Wilson, Jr 72 Mills, James Henry 175 Mills, Mary 381 Mills, Milton Thomas 102 Mills, Neal 183 Mills, Norma Lee 72, 143, 378 Mills, Roy Scott 419 Mills, Warner E., Jr 127 Milnarist, Loren Paul 333 Milstead, Clyde Elbert 505 Milstead, Robert Edward .47, 119, 413 Milton, Margaret Elizabeth 72 Milton, Richard Dwayne 85 Mims, Carol V. ...85, 335, 367, 497 Mims, Jonnie Eliso 238 Miner, Bernard Wilfred, Jr. ..327, 415 Minniece, John Gresham 409 Minot, George Marshall 186, 395 Minter, Earl Allen 85, 197 Minter, Vance Cecil ...173, 338, 410 Minton, Goodridge Venable Morton . 196, 318, 421 Miser, George William, II 72 Mitchell, Carolyn Milliard 27 Mitchell, Forrest Richard ...135, 310 Mitchell, Fred D., Jr 47 Mitchell, Glenda Lee 113, 248 Mitchell, Iris Luverne ..102, 221, 364 Mitchell, Jerry Jo 72, 385 Mitchell, Jimmie Charles 309, 412 Mitchell, John Howard 72 Mitchell, Margaret Anne 102, 384 Mitchell, Sandra Bernice 72, 136, 223, 248 Mitchell, Sam 228 Mitchell, Vaughan H 85, 434 Mitelman, Shelton 175, 390 Mitton, John Leslie 124 Moberly, Charles Royce 197 Mobler, Michael Phillip 413 Mobley, Suzanne 85, 374 Mod I in, Robert Stanley ..85, 195, 322 Moehring, Paul Allen ...48, 254, 331 Moehring, William Granville 102 Moeller, William Fred 421 Moerke, F. R 110 Moffitt, Franklin Glen, Jr 102 Moffitt, Jerrell Frank 72, 309, 435 Mogford, Meta Louise ..102, 335, 370, 498, 500, 503, 505 Mohle, Charlie Emil 102, 196 Mohler, Duncan Claude 85 Mohler, Michael Phillip 48, 112 Mohr, Paul Covey 178, 232, 237, 405, 449, 479, 483 Molhusen, George Frederick ..48, 197 Molhusen, Milton L 505 Molpus, Mary Ann .72, 316, 357, 386 Moncrief, Charles Ray 311 Moncure, John Lewis 243 Moncus, Thomas Gideon ....102, 246 Mondrik, Katherine Neil 102, 239 Monnier, Jeannette Anice 72 Monroe, Carolyn Rose ...85, 131, 353 Monroe, Phoebe Kay .102, 362 Montague, Velma Rosemary 333 Montemayor, Ruben 102 Montfoot, Mary Frances 503 Montgomery, Billy Glen 85, 322 Montgomery, Elton M 72, 112 Montgomery, Ernest Logo 114 Montgomery, Rex 48, 135, 346 Montgomery, Robert Joseph .85, 110, 124, 241 Montgomery, William Childress ..102, 406, 490 Moody, Edythe Jane ...48, 335, 341, 351, 497, 498 Page 542 NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES Moody, Nancy Paxton .143, 381, 497, Moody, Ted Lewis 85, 231, 347, Moody, William Henry 48, Moon, Howard Den ..229, 237, 449, 452 Mooney, John Albert 102, Mooney, John Harry, Jr Moore, Athalie North Moore, Betty Lou Moore, Caroline M. Barsh ...72, Moore, Charles Douglas Moore, Charles Thomas 340, Moore, Charlotte Jean 102, Moore, David Weary Moore, Dorothy Glenn 72, Moore, Fred Jones Moore, Frederick Boggs .... 102, Moore, Glen Charles ...200, 395, Moore, Harry Estill Moore, Henry Edwin Moore, Henry Houston 229, Moore, Joan Rugeley ..48, 126, Moore, JoAnn Moore, John Hoffman 103, Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo e, Madeline Roberta ...103, e, Martha Virginia ...... 48, e, Mary Jane ............. e, Otha Lee, Jr ....... 103. e, Phyllis A .............. e, Preston, Jr ..... 199, 232, e, Richard Lewis ...... 338, e, Richard Vernon ..... 443, e, Richard William ..... 72, e, Sallie Beth ......... 126, e, Shirley Joan 85, e, Wallace Brick . .103, 321 e, Walter Leon e, Wylene Mae .117 Morales, Eduardo Moran, Sidney Stuart 27, 133, Morcos, Antoine Benoit More, Edith Skene (Cissy) ...85, Moreland, George Edward ..174, Moreland, Malcolm Moreman, Robert Miguel Moreno, Joe R Morgan, Ann Doran 350, Morgan, Ann Stuart 103, 347, Morgan, Ardita Berry Morgan, Carl William 117, Morgan, Celia Ann Morgan, Charles Rice Morgan, Clifford Eugene Morgan, Daniel Croxton, Jr. ... 176, Morgan, Hubert Augustus, Jr. . . 188, Morgan, James Arnold Morgan, Jay Edward Morgan, Jimmy Byron Morgan, Maria Anne Morgan, Mary ....48, 121, 319, Morgan, Mary Alice 127, Morgan, Richard Earle Morgan, Robert C 177, 245, Morgan, Robert Edward Morgan, Robert Irvin ....48, 111, Morgan, Vernon Edward Morgan, William Lewis Morgan, William Roy, Jr. ...228, Moriarty, Morton W 237, Moritz, Bradford Wayne . . . 103, Moritz, Judith Kalle 85, Morley, Jack Morman, Jackie Ann Morrel, Etta Frances Morris, Ann Morris, Annette 103, Morris, Carolyn Jane Morris, Carolyn Lois . . .48, Morris, Charles Brady Morris, Charles Hamilton . . Morris, Clifton Howington . Morris, Edmund Taylor, Jr. Morris, Hunter M 72, Morris, Jerry Lamar ...103, Morris, Jo Alice Morris, Laura Lou (Lollie) . Morris, Mary Ann Morris, Roberta Morris, Ruth Carroll ..103, 239, Morris, Victor Lee 85, Morris, William Weaks ..85, 124, 195, 223, 232, 405, Morrison, Don Robert 103, Morrison, Howard Thomas Morrison, Shirley Jean . . 313, isi. 103, 195, ..72, 188, 198, Morrison, William Freeman Morrisson, Clovis Clyde, Jr. Morrow, Gene Sarazen Morrow, Ross Edward .... .143, 314, " .as, 217, ., 246, .103, Morse, Barbara Sue . Morse, Jenona L Morse, Jesse Lee MORTAR BOARD Morton, Buck Arthur Moseley, Patricia Gayle ..72, 225, Moskowitz, Ronald Delano 386, 503 337, 381 310 392, , 453 124 .309 .377 . .85 256 .102 447 370 .392 351 .344 446 513 .132 .228 389 314, 353 . .48 408 374 363 .375 388 .248 411 434 448 112 326 503 403 311 .103 .306 123, 391 ..27 143, 363 338 .176 .435 .129 497 342, 364 .126 311 .115 .429 .124 .115, 232 .103, 442 .103 .310 .251 .381 375 219 .103 509 ..72 123 .346 .244 253 434. 466 253 250 .325 .248 .356 .385 376 .378 365 .133 ..48 114, 410 419 411 254 .375 .248 .103 .126 385, 501 438 168, 448 176 ..72 248, 322 .253 124, 439 48 124, 346 504 .250 . .48 .230 .309 365 .223 Mosley, Joanne Nolen Moss, James Roland Moss, Jane Alexander ..103, 113, Moss, Philemon Pete Mosteller, Morris David Motal, Lydia Ann 103, 321, Motheral, Richard Bruce Mothershead, Bouldin S Mott, Arthur Robert Mouer, Roy William Mouritsen, T. Edgar 27, Mower, Lowell Kendall Mowery, Susan 103, Moxon, Barbara E 356, Moya, Simon, Jr 243, Moye, Glenn Edward 85, Moyer, J. Hudson 48, Moyers, Sue Ann Mozingo, Dorothy Laverne ..48, Mueller, Calvin O ............. Mueller, Charles Paul ....... 85, Mueller, Edgar Raymond ..... 72, Mueller, Garland Gene ...... 72, Mueller, Joan Yvonne ..85, 143, 360, Mueller, Norman Alfred Jr 112, Mueller, Perry, Jr ....... 85, 252, Mueller, Rudy Rinehart ..... 72, 241, Mueller, William C ............ Mugford, Edward Garrett, Jr. .27, Mugno, Marjorie Jane .......... Mulcahy, Edward Lee (Buddy) . . Muller, Albert F ............... Muller, Robert Franklin ........ Mullin, Charles Wallace, Jr ..... Mullin, James O ............... Mullins, D. Gwenda ........ 251, Mullins, Jack Alonzo ........... Mullins, Priscilla Alden ..72, 216, Mulroy, George Alan Mulroy, John Frederick Mumma, Edwin Wilson Munn, Robert John, Jr Munroe, Cornelia Jean Munson, Milam Stephen Burnaby Murad, George Abraham ...... Murad, Ralph Tonias .......... Murchison, Joe Kinney . Murff, Samuel Thornton Murillo, Nathan ...... Muroff, Norma Doris . . Murph, Toni Jean ..... Murphy, Bruce Potts Murphy, John Neil 185, 244, 185, .103, .413, ' . 1 03 ' , ..85, 173, 181, 338, 435 126, Murphy, Johne Elliott Murphy, Marian Brown Murphy, Patrick Horton Murphy, Sam E Murphy, William Kent ML) PHI EPSILON Murray, John Coble ..103, 174, Murray, Max Darrell 130, Murray, Robert Arthur 72, Murrel, Barbara Jean 48, .48, 129, 48, 128, ' ' 135, Musaliar, Shahal H. Musch, John Edward Musick, Helen Eloise Musick, Jerry Mac Musil, Leon Musslewhite, Don H Musslewhite, Jack Robert Musson, Harry Edward Mustafa, AI-Fakhri Mutscher, Gus Franklin ..48, 179, Myers, Don Dean ... Myers, Carol Dee .... Myers, Carroll D., Jr. , Myers, George N Myers, Milford Mitchell Myers, Williard Eugene Mynar, Johnny Francis Myrick, John Southall Myrick, Nancy Carolyn . .85, 336 Myrick, William J., Jr Myss, Mary . .48, . .72, .244, .103, .124, ..72 .347 239 .397 .103 496 .476 .114 . .48 . 124 327 .405 251 498 247 253 411 .362 126, 248 .312 435 112 335 235, 500 .48, 308 253 128, 312 309 178 .250 200, 346 .199 .195 .253 .241 255 .333 375 244 333 .134 395 .111 .123 .333 .309 402 448 .124 368 380 .196 311, 506 235 .375 .176 198 328 .121 412 184 403 363 . .85 312 .346 .346 ..85 .199 .408 .413 .312 198, 324 .198 238 442 333 390 134 .321 .437 363 .110 .131 Nebenzahl, Elaine Ruth . .48, 323 -N- Naegelin, Gene Lewis 130, 197 Nagle, Frank Taylor ..103, 184, 404, 475 Nagle, Fred Stephen ..103, 184, 404, 475, 512 Nail, Patricia Ruth 103, 376 Naiser, Freddie Joseph ..48, 246, 312 Naismith, Fransan 116, 366, 501 Nance, Robert Lewis ..103, 174, 338 Nash, Bettie Dane 239, 384 Nash, Sallie R 342 Nass, Harry Anthony ...64, 212, 216. 423 Nathan, Howard Gerald 72, 433 Nathan, Neil Newton ..48, 220, 424 Natkin, Selma Betty 368 Nau, Ernest Virgil 72, 331 NAVY ROTC 183-190 Naylor, Lewis Nathan 85, 325 Neal, Joe Lee 436, 477 Neal, Joe West 127 Nealie, Mary Ellen 381 Neale, Sallie 72, 381 Neason, Dorothy JoAnn .72, 377, 497 Nebgen, Andrew P. . . Needham, Shirley Jo 103, Neel, June Jackson 380, Neel Reba Kathleen Neeley, James L Neely, Barbara Neely, Doris Eleanor 319, Neely, Jack M Neely, Jane Hardin 103, Neely, Jeff Monroe, Jr 197, Neely, James E Neff, Joyce Elaine Neighbors, Donald Jackson 485, Neill, Nancy 85, 367, Neill, Sherroll Aubrey Ill, Nelson, Carolyn Jane ...48, 122, Nelson, Don Hillin 103, Nelson, Don Thomas Nelson, Donald Oscar Nelson, Ewell Allen Nelson, Frederick Blom Nelson, John Keith Nelson, Philip A., Jr. ..229, 409, Nelson Raymond Leon Nelson, Richard Harold Nelson, Roy Preston 72, Nelson, Shirley Ann ..103, 113, Nelson, Tharon Jeanette ...103, Nelson, Thomas Edward, Jr. Nelson, Walter Thomas 177, ..48, 312, Nemec, Frank James Nemec, Gilbert F Nemir, Charles E 48, 310, Nenstetl, Donna Jo Nesbitt, Earl Johnson, Jr. ...85, Nespo, Francis Eugene -.72, 114, Nettles, Barry Duncan ..48, 335, Nettleton, Ralph Murwin ....344, Neuberger, John William ....48, Neuenschwander, Donald Wayne Neuman, Sam 72, 217, 325, 441, Nevermann, Richard Neville, William Rust Nevitt, Richard Ronald Newberry, Camille 103, 376, 498, Newberry, Carole ..72, 126, 335, 496, 497, 498, 502, 504, Newbill, Mickie La Verne Newby, Beverly Jule 363, Newlove, George Hillid ....114, NEWMAN CLUB NEWMAN HALL Newman, Bobby Austin .... 103, Newman, David Albert 49, Newman, George Martin Newman, H. W Newman, Ike Newman, Kathertne D Newman, Natalie Newman, Roy C Newmann, Bruce Arlen 185, Newnam, Katherine Dean ...49, 346, 370. Newsom, George Franklin ..103, Newsom, Mack L 85, 342, Newton, Calvin A. .110, 132,218 Newton, William Roland Ney, Charles Joseph Neyland, James Owen ....103, Nichol, Nancy Ann ...103, 238, Nicholl, Ann Gardner ..103, 239, Nichols, Clara K. E Nichols, Clayton Monroe Nichols, Jimmy Louis 85, Nichols, Kenneth . . Nichols, Lee Roy . . Nichols, Nancy Ann Nichols, Sally Ross 198, 49, .49, 143, 326, Nicholson, Jane Ellen Nicholson, Louis Richard Nickel, John Grayson 185, Nickel, Robert Arlen Nickle, Keith F 72, 228, Nielson, Elizabeth Ann 217, Nieman, Pauline Rex Ncethamer, Richard Earl .85, 173, Nigh, Barbara Marie ..103, 350, Nitishin, Arnold 129, Niven, Francis Joseph, Jr Nix, Cecil Anson, Jr. ..103, 124, Nix, Lellah Onys 49, Nixon, Carl Lee 173, Nixon, James M Nixon, M. Bernadine (Schatzie) 143, 153, 313, 320, 363, Noack, Betty Beverly Noack, Donald Ray 199, Noack, Flo Ann 103, Noak, Arvis Earl Noble, Charlie E Noble, J. Don 72, 110, Noble, Mark C 85, 112, Noble, Maxine Knight . .72, 235, Noble, Stanley J Noe, Edwin Darrell Noel, Edna Darden 103, 251, 383 .333 372 500 .134 .241 .347 353 .308 376 419 .169 .331 .449, 487 503 123 126 388 .132 .228 .400 .335 .409 469 .103 .180 428 236, 362 356, 498 103, 395 186, 435 .321 .115 389 .375 193, 437 333 510 449 123 .103 334, 448 .331 .129 .430 497, 503 377, , 505 .251 497 115 .333 .240 199, 484 170 .411 .228 .223 .376 ..85 .198 408 316, 371 428 404 ,219 .309 .333 172, 338 384 374 .326 ..85 344 .437 241 365 320, 353 .384 .421 347 .393 347 323 .370 338 498 328 ..49 322 238 338 .103 .49, 502 .85 333 372 331 484 220 328 351 175 244 384 Nolan, Walter Joseph, Jr. ...85, 187, 476, 477, 510 Noland, Donn Stewart 401 Nolen, Calvin Cleave (Jitter) ...120. 215, 228, 420 Nolen, Christy Martin, Jr. .49, 117, 135, 311 Nolen, Mary Martha 85, 238 Nolley, Betty Neal Williams 123 Nolley, Joe Walter .... ..127 Nolley, S. E 484 Noriega, Maria Irene 316 Norman, Daniel P 103, 432 Norris, Jack Kenneth 229, 409 Norrod, Valmer 49, 203 Northington, Sarah Lee ....103, 113, 238, 346, 362 Northrop, John Jacob 322 Northrop, Monroe 435 Norwood, Darrell Clark 103 Norwood, Janelle 103 Norwood, Robert Edward 124 Notestine, John Weir 220, 419 Notestine, William Edmund .120, 165, 215, 219, 229, 419 Nott, Edward Clifford, Jr. ..130, 183, 232. 401 Nourse, William Thomas 466 Novey, Johnny Edward ..85, 485, 489 Novy, Stanley Dean 103 Nowlin, Jay Clark 72, 186, 229, 415 Nowlin, Margaret Ann ..85, 381, 500 Nowotny, Albert John 198 Nowotny, Arno ...15, 120, 124, 228, 345, 420 Nowotny, George Edward, Jr 72, 133, 405, 507 Noyes, Joan Luce! la 373 Noyes, Paul R 347 Nugent, Sadie Irene 364 Nuhn, Joanne Melton 378 Nunley, Edith Price 49, 248, 335, 503, 505 Nunley, John Parker 72 Nunn, Allen Clifford 49, 228 Nusom, Lon L 118 Nutt, Georgia Nell 72, 126, 234 Nutt, Milburn E 417 Nyfeler, John Vernon 185, 346 -O- OAK GROVE CO-OP Dates, L. S Obelgoner, M. Sarita 49, Oberwetter, Suzanne 72, O ' Brien, Maureen Frances ... 1 16, O ' Brien, Michael Hill O ' Brien, Nancy Ann O ' Brien, Thomas Michael O ' Connor, Ann 248, O ' Connor, Carl Glover ..85, 174, O ' Conor, Robert, Jr 72, O ' Dell, Austin Almond, Jr. . Odell, Perry Kay O ' Dell, Harold Oden, Charles Sydnor Oden, Jon Theodore Oden, Richard Lee Oden, Walter Eugene Odom, George Thomas .... Odom, M. D Odom, Richard Dean O ' Donnell, Cathy Courtney O ' Donnell, Thomas John . . . Odum, William T Oehlke, Alvin E Oeland, Raymond Wilson . . Offutt, Lewis Clinton, Jr. O ' Gara, Shiela M Ogden, Oral Wayne Ogle, Charles Oglesbee, John Henry . . . Oglesby, Charles Lucky . . Oglesby, Madeline Lyn . . Oglestree, William B Oheim, Donald Howard . . 225 ..49 185 413 ..85, 103, 333 .85, 327 Ohlen, Gilbert M O ' Kruhlik, Edith Marie ..49, ..366, ...49, . ' ..49, . ' .85, . . 49, ..49, 310, ..49, 321, Olander, Russel Leroy Oldham, Fay Burnett Oldham, Harold Vance Oldham, Ray Boyd Oldham, Verbie Bess ...72, 121, Oliphant, Mary Elizabeth Oliphant, Robert Edwin Olivard, Joanne Oliver, James Parker 103, Oliver, Mary Corine . . . .103, 376, Oliver, Robert Lee 72, Oliver, Robert Townshend ..199, Olle, Betty Corine 103, Olle, Edwin Werner 115, Olle, Margaret Ann Olm, Kenneth W Olmstead, Ellis Lloyd Olmstead, Ellis Olsen, Homer Buckley Olson, Ivan R Olson, Oscar Julius, Jr 49, 127, 241, 252, 253, Olvera, Esther Adeline .245 ..13 357 356 333 .430 .365 .400 250 309. 338 329 250 .423 .509 .431 412 513 .449 ..85 .119 428 239, 374 195, 493 .254 .309 .400 -.72 502 405 .118 134 .195 381 306 250, 418 309 333, 339 .335 ..49 .175 .191 377 .238 ..72 .372 196 501 431 420 374 120 .375 .134 .103 .475 .197 .331 123, 346 .332 Page 543 .49, .49, NAME Olvera, Richard O ' Malley, Francis J. . . OMICRON NU Onhaizer, Jerry Eugene . . . Opella, Jerry John Oppenheim, Russell Edward Grand, Gail Bruton Orand, Mary David Orand, Rowe Littlefield Orand, Wendell Weldon . . . ORANGE JACKETS . . . ORATORICAL ASSOCIATION Ordner, Robert Thomas .... Orman, Elizabeth Ann Ormand, Jack Wilson . Orme, Carole Elisabeth Ornish, Lillian Rae .... Orr, Anne Carol Orr, Catherine Elizabeth Orr, Cornelius Louis ...176, Orr, Hugh Don 85, Orr, James Carley 72, Orr, Joseph Lackland . .64, Ortolani, Lawrence David . Orton, Gerald Wayne Osborn, Frances Janet Osborn, Joe Allen ..49, 180, Osborn, Laurence Eugene . . Osborne, Anne Eleanor .72, Osborne, Dee S Osborne, Sally Eleanor Osmon, Frank, Jr. ... Oster, Sylvia Simone . Osterloh, Roy Emil ... Ostroff, Herbert Otey, Charles Richard Otey, John Sydney . . Otis, Barbara Ann .... Ott, Robin Ray Ottinger, Joseph Edwin . . . Otto, Dillie Margaret ...85, Otto, William Michael Oualline, Jacquelyn Edwin Outlaw, Carolyn Lynette . . . Overbeck, Ruth Ann Overton, Dorothy LaRue . . . Overton, Frances Fitzhugh . PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME .103, Overton, Gaylon Royce ..72, Overton, Robert A Owen, Henry Leon Owen, Kathleene Jeanette .. Owen, William Edison Owens, Elizabeth Ann Owens, James William Owens, John Francis Owens, Kenneth Ira Owens, Nell Kennedy Owens, Tom Gardner Owens, Tommy Ownby, Mary Ella 103 183 122 413 .174, 333 .199, 424 381 357 103 103 . .231 . .334 . .244 503 125, 253 72 . . 85, 369 361, 503 .103, 113 466, 484 228, 306 228, 327 228, 342, 411 193 .176, 466 356 232, 417 85 238, 346 439 240 124, 426 .103, 113 176 198 246, 309 177 248, 335 .188, 243 103 333, 372 333 103 .103, 238 103 113 .72, 336, 353 198, 419 395 318 .72, 238, 314, 346 .49, 309 353 186, 435 306 228, 244 27 .49, 175 103 .... 376 - P- Pace, Eddie Wayen Pace, Harold Wayne Pace, James Hodge Pace, Jimmy Dan Pace, Mary Sue ...103, 239 Pacharzina, August F Paddock, Harold Edward . . Page, John Marshall .... 185 Page, Lewis Gilbert . Page, Robert Clayton 211, 328, Pain, George Robert .... Paine, Lester Irvin Paine, Louis Burr, Jr Painter, Jack Montgomery Painter, Theophilus Shickel Palm, Rufus Edmonds .... Palmer, Bernard 124, Palmer, Joe P Palmer, John A Palmer, Lester Barry Palmer, Lola Kay 72, Palmer, Marie Elizabeth . . . Palmer, Nancy Lee Palmer, Richard Alan ..103, Palmer, Richard Claude Palmer, Thomas Austin PANHELLENIC Panos, Fleming George Pansza, Estella Pape, Beatrice Annette Pape, Galen W., Jr Pape, Kenneth Hugo . . 103, Park, S. Joe Parkenham, James A Parker, Carl Allen Parker, Charles Scott Parker, David Connell Parker, Farris Adus Parker, Jack Gordon Parker, Jimmie Chote Parker, Li ther R 49, Parker, ft jorie Davisson . . Parker, A .-tha Anne Parker, R. Sim Parker, Ralph Parker, Robert ulton. Jr. . . Parker, William Dorsey, Jr. .103, 406 ..72, 198 1 29 .335, 449 . 346, 366 436 .114, 134 , 232, 401 85 .49, 129, 330, 445 103 .195, 390 415 . . 72, 1 76 124 174 228, 347 195 85 . . 85, 420 131, 319, 373, 386 103, 240, 330, 358 . .72, 367 124, 188 .184, 332 .85, 237, 485, 488 386 .318, 388 240 332 .128, 135 174, 338, 394, 510 251 449 228 103, 394 .198, 417 103 .312, 333 .177, 493 328, 330 384 .103, 235 73 103 . . 73, 328 .73, 413 Parkinson, David Paul ....180, 237 449, 452, 453, 464 Parks, Martha Jean 73, 385, 501 Parlagreco, Mae Frances 362 Parr, Pamela 27, 114 Parr, Shirley Ann 103, 350 Parra-C, Diego 333 Partain, Charles Ray 103, 253 Paschall, John Young 103 Paschetag, Carl 447 Pas lay, Robert Hull 228, 388 Passios, Dorothea Irene 248 Passwater, Peggy Jean 131 Pate, Jerry Eugene 85 Pate, Leta Ann 85, 373, 502, 504 Pate, Mary Ann 49, 373 Paternostro, Samuel Burton 392 Patrenella, Luke Leon ...49, 132, 222, 223 Patrick, Allyn Smith 408 Patrick, Ann Ruth 357 Patrick, Margaret Herring 363 Patten, Carolyn Lucile 353, 501 Patten, J. W 408 Patterson, Caleb Perry 127, 418 Patterson, Edward James, Jr 73 Patterson, Jeptha R 251 Patterson, Melvin Ray 335 Patterson, Jimmy Mac 104 Patterson, Nancy Irene 27 Patterson, Nancy Sue 359 Patterson, Pat 476, 477, 510 Patterson, Robert Wilkerson Jr. .104, 414 Pattillo Peggy Anne . Pattison, Judith Gail . Patton, Boyd Alvin . Patfon, Donald Lee . . Patton, Kenneth Gene PAGES 380, 497, 500 73 85, 198 477 49, 130, 183, 513 .85, 143, 367 110 Patton, Martha Ann . Patton, Murray Spence _ Patton, Robert Edward, jr. . . 104, 406 Patton, Ronald A 49, 200, 203 Patton, William Orland 73 Paty, Charles Robert 436 Paty, William Ralph, Jr 104, 436 Paul, Phillip Sherwood, Jr. ..86, 197 Paulette, Roy Cleveland .86, 173, 338 Pauls, Louis Edward 408 Pavlik, Mary Joyce 50, 248, 339 Pawkett, Patricia Elizabeth ...86 , 380 Payne, Billie Jo 104, 467 Payne, Dorothy Ann 235, 358 Payne Robert M., Jr 21, 104, 416 Payne, Sandra 104 Payte, Penelope Ann 104, 239 Peacock, Harral Young 198, 251 Peacock, Richard Menefee ..198, 431 Peagler, Barbara Joan 371, 503 Peale, William F. . . . 27 PEARCE CO-OP 248 Pearce, Howard Glen 104 Pearce, Thomas E. Pearlman, Aaron Saul Pearson, Barbara Ann Pearson, Nancy Jean . Pease, Ralph Tex Peavy, Blanche Wafer Peavy, Nancy Yvonne Pechal, Pauline Louise Peck, Isabelle M. ... 86 110, 433 238, 356 104 484 384 336, 367 . .86, 240, 361 231, 235, 342, 347, 367 Peck, John Lane 114, 115 Peck, Leigh 136 Peck, Margaret 16, 376 Peden, Margaret Adelle 86, 385 Pederson, Donald Edward 86, 322 Pederson, Lora Lee Pedigo, Paula Elaine .... Peebles, Hugh Oscar, Jr. 372 . .104, 372 .335, 407, 510 309 . .346, 484 ...50, 116 86 ..73, 112, 325, 397 448 PEM CLUB 335 Pena, Raul, Jr 311, 329 Pendergraft, Betty Lou ....104, 335 372, 501 Pendegrass, Ruth 136, 166, 222, 223, 230, 231, 248 Peek, Richard H Peeples, Don Edward . . Pegram, Peggy Joan . . . Peikert, William Joseph Pellerin, Wallace Lionel Pengra, Marshall Hylon Penick, Daniel Allen . Penick, Harvey Penick, Kathryn Lee . Penn, William Albert 394 408 492 .335, 353 229, 405, 449, 508 433 Penner, Morris Bernard Penney, Wayne Diane 73, 371 Penniman, Edgar Erwin 73, 41 1 Pennington, Harry III 73 Pennington, Jo Anne 50 Pennington, Pat Collier 335, 510 Pennington, Patricia ...104, 239, 374 Pennock, Donald Eugene 335 Pennock, Levis William 447 Penshorn, Harvey G 241, 306 Peppard, Helen 126 Pepper, Dorothy Ann 104 Perales, Pablo Domingo, Jr. ..73, 211 Perea, Jamie Aurelio 306 Perkins, Clay Kemper 124, 435, 476, 477 Perkins, Maurice C 310 Perkins, Nancy Wallace 313, 376 Perkins, Robert Joseph ..86, 196, 309 Perkins, Thomas Harold 27 Perkins, Thomas Keeble 27, 346 Perkins, William Drew 421 Perkinson, Doyle Emmett ...175, 318, 414 Perlitz, Patricia Ann ... 86 Pilgrim, Hal W 184 Pilling, Charles Ashworth, Jr 198 Pinedo, Frank 333 Pingenot, Cecilia Maire 73 248 332, 333, 34 1 ' Pinkston, Fitzhugh Lee .237, 449, 492 Pinkston, Jean Evelyn ..86, 235, 361 Pinson, Joe Allen 434 Perlman, Martin 433 448 Perry, Annabelle 73 377 Perry, Bob Glenn 86, 253 Perry, Dean Hurst 50 200 Pinson, Kenneth Morrow ....73, 228 346 Pinto, Carlos Enrique 86, 333 Piper, Barbara LaVelle 104, 370 Pipkin, Hazel Maultsby 50, 317 Pipkin, Mamie Lou 496 Perry, Franklin Howard .. 318 Perry, Hal Brock 438 Perry, Jay Harry ...86, 124, 195, 433 Perry, Maurice Clifton ..50, 243 245 508 Perry, Patricia Lou ....164, 211 230 231, 242, 341, 342, 363, 497 Perry, Samuel Rutherford ..232, 413, 448 Perry, Thomas Ray 307, 417 Perryman, Leslie Ann Robinett ... 50 Person, Charles Richard ....172, 338 Person, Ralph Erb 232, 449 Piraino, Johnny Vincent 50, 112 Pirkle, John Thomas 198, 403 Pistor, Charles Herman, Jr. .. 115 Pitchford, William Arnold . 435 Pitlick, Anta Miriam 73 355 Pittell, Marilyn Ann .... 104, 323, 368 Pittman, Allen Gene 185 Pittman, Bill Carl 86 Person, Vernon Earl 466 Persson, Ewa Naemi Maria ...27, 248 Perussina, Joan 333 374 Pittman, James Stuart, Jr ' 133 Piftman, John Prentiss ..186, 309 399 Pitts, Carol Len 50 Pesnell, Jack Warren 104 Peter, Dee Andricks 28 Pitts Gerald Sweet 50 Peter, John Selby ... 73 Pittsford, Chester M., jr 403 Placke, John Lehmann 466 Peters, Marshall Bookman ....73, 431 Peters, Paul 191 Planto, Robert Yale 104, 390 Playter, Ann 375 Petersen, Mary Helen ...73, 250, 319 378 Petersen, Paul W 335, 342 Peterson, Gerald Ray ... .73, 237, 335 Peterson, Mary Goree 86, 377 Peterson, Arthur Paul 196, 426 Peterson, Edward Dowell ....73, 389 Peterson, Foree 381 Pledger, James Thompson, Jr 187 Plemons, Frank Lafayette ..86 112 396, 397 Pletz, Manning Bruce ..104, 197, 416 Plosky, Louis S 11] Plummer, Leonard Brodnax, Jr. ...73 346 Plummer, Leonard Brodnax, Sr 28 Plummer, Lou Anne ... 86 Peterson, Gerald Lee 428 453 Peterson, James Eugene ....133, 245 Peterson, Merlin Elmo 253 Peterson, Robert Dupree, Jr. . .64, 408 Peterson, Robert Severin 174 Peterson, Thomas Hill 408 Peterson, Tommy Lee 50 Peterson, Waldine Ann 239, 350 Peterson, Walter Arthur 335 Petet, Charles F 347 Plummer, W. A. (Al) . 403 Plummer, William Lee, Jr. . 50 164 228, 229, 243, 246 Poborsky, Sheila Rae . . 104, 323, 369 Point, Philip Alan .... 250 254 Poimboeuf, Fernand . 333 Pojman, Ruth Ann 73, 212, 336 360, 500 Polasek, Theo Louis, Jr 245, 310 338 Polk, Clifford Dale 237, 449, 452 453, 460 Polk, Robert Roland . . . 310 Petrice, Robert L 411 Petrovich, Charles Steve ...237, 449, 452, 453 Petrus, George Joe, Jr 195, 245, 494, 505, 506, 508, 511 Polka, Edward Allen 104, 333 Pollack, Robert Erich .. 124 Petrusek, Doris Ann ....86, 113, 238, 326 Pettus, Beryl Erwin 127 Pollan, Rose Ann 104 333 Pollard James J 117 306 410 Pettway, Patricia Ann 86, 362 Petty, Cora Lee ... 104 239 360 Pollard, James Tris ' ..... ' .327 Pollard, Margaret Claire 73, 358 230, 316, 346, 361 Pettyjohn, Marvin Arnold 104 Pollock, Jean Ray 73, 323, 355 Pollock, Jo Ann 371 Pevoteaux, Greta Gayle ....104, 346 Pevy, Blanche 313 Polsky, Louis S 200, 391 Polter Dan Earl 344 Pew, John Glenn 123, 417 Pfau, James Robertson ..86, 177, 196, 395, 510, 513 Pfeiffer, David G 342 405 Polunsky, Robert ' 255 Pond, Joan Mary 73 235 Ponfins, Barbara Ann ..50, 323, 505 Pontius, Paul Elmer 124 Pool, Dorothy Marie 104 Pfeiffer, Jesse Anton, Jr. ...245, 311 Pfeil, Carlton Ann 86, 366 Pfenny, H. W 331 Pool, William Harmon, Jr. ..86, 112 418 Pope, Darrell Lewis 219 Pfluger, Robert Douglas ....73, 309 Phair, Bradley Clyde, Jr 73, 395, 513 Pharr, Helen Jane 73, 363 Pharr, Edgar Lon 200 Pope, Floyd Eugene 104 Pope, Jacquelyn . . . 350 Phelan, Harold L 318, 416 Phelps, Judith Carter ...50, 313, 320, 363, 502 Phelps, Martha Louise ..86, 231, 242, 363, 386 PHI BETA KAPPA .... 123 Pope, Lewis Eugene 73 Pope, Marilyn .... 365 Porter, Fred Thomas 412 Porter, Gloria Dell 73 357 Porter, Goldie Printis Horton ....360 PHI DELTA THETA 414, 415 PHI ETA SIGMA 124 PHI GAMMA DELTA 416, 417 Porter Patrick John 411 PHI KAPPA PSI .... 418 419 Porter, Roger Hons, Jr. ..50, 171, 415 Portwood, Sammie Ann ....104, 238 245, 350 Posey, Josephine Gale 319, 362 Post John William 104 PHI KAPPA SIGMA . . . 420 421 PHI KAPPA TAU 422 423 PHI MU 378, 379 PHI MU ALPHA 125 PHI SIGMA DELTA ... . 424 425 Potter, Charles Francis, Jr. ..104, 436 Potter William Richard 427 PHI SIGMA KAPPA 426, 427 Phillip, Eldridge W 338 Potts, Johnny M 86, 174, 338 Potts, Linda Gail 341 377 Phillips, Carl Mellock 318 Phillips, James Paul 202 Potts, William Eugene ' 50 Phillips, Jay A 114 Poulter, Dean Anderson 104 228 Powell, Billy Paul 196, 229, 237, 449, 469, 474 Powell, Connie 346 Phillips, Kenneth Roy 104 422 Phillips, Lindsay Flynt 188, 388, 514 Phillips, Phyllis Ann 86, 336, 377 Phillips, Pozelle 73 116 315 POWELL HOUSE 248 Powell, James Thomas, Jr. ..188 189 388 Powell Jay Frank 86 196 401 Phillips, Robert Earl 188 253 Phillips, Walter Martin 309, 333 Phipps, Stanley Crup 195 Powell John Edward ' 104 Phy, Paul William 318, 392 Powell J Steve 244 PI BETA PHI 380 381 Powell, Martha 86, 113, 131, 231, 239, 347, 364 PI KAPPA ALPHA 428, 429 PI LAMBDA THETA 126 PI SIGMA ALPHA ... 127 Powell, Sonia Yvonne .. ..217, 351 Powell, Victor Boone 340, 443 Power, Beverly Joyce 324, 332 Power, Harry H 135, 310, 394 Power, Jerry Jean 104, 370 Power, Patrick Henry 397 PI TAU SIGMA 128 Pichinson, Donald Jay 187 429 Piedrahita, Hernando 200 Pierce, Charles Curry, Jr 86, 196, 411, 506 Pierce, Gerald Swetnam 408 Powers, Dani Dell 104 Pierce, Glen 511 Pierce, Jay Terry 196, 405 Pierce, Sally Ann 113, 238 Powers, Paula Wanda ..104, 113, 376 Pozzi, Anthony Lawrence, Jr. .50, 135 Prado, Robert Lova . . . 73. 306 Pierson, James Dennis ..237, 449, 453 Pike, Bruce Parker . ...401 Page 544 NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES Prasatik, Virginia Rae 332, 333 Prassel, Frederick Franz 174, 338 Prater, Harold Glen 73 Prather, (Catherine Lee 50 PRATHER HALL 241 Prather, Lee Charles 115 Pratt, Gerald Blount 178 Pratt, Robert Allen 406 Pratt, Willii 215 Preble, Carolyn Sue 357 Preiss, Elwood J. ..73, 163, 177, 228, 229, 246 Prensky, Arnold Irvin ..176, 338, 425 Pressler, Townes Garrett ...104, 394 Pressly, Thomas Alexander, Jr. ...64, 437 Pressman, Marjorie Ann ....314, 337, 355 Presson, Mary Juan 73, 231, 235 Preston, Allan Kerry 413 Preston, Eleanor ..86, 385, 496, 503 Prewett, William Adrian ...197, 435, 485 Prewit, Jerry Bob 174, 237, 338, 485, 486 Prewitt, George Peyton, Jr Ill, 123, 435 Prewitt, Patricia Woods 116 Price, Edwin Booth 410 Price, Edwin Charles 449 Price, Jake Alvin, Jr 392 Price, James Grady 132 Price, Jimmy Dale 228 Price, Perry Lewis 73 Price, Tom, Jr 86 Price, Wesley Eugene 251 Prichard, Lucille Conyers 104, 376 Priddy, Nelson Holt 50, 419 Priddy, Rufus Hugh 73, 199 Priest, H. G., Jr 173 Priest, Shirley Loraine 356 Priest, William C 392 Priestley, Phillip Wayne 438 Prim, Gene Alan 332 Prim, Patricia 236, 362 Prim, Suzanne 104, 236, 356 Primer, Charles Austin 429 Primm, Thomas Chase . .86, 179, 389, 448 Prince, Alpha Jo 50, 121 Prince, Sally 104, 362 Prino, Marian Jo ..50, 126, 314, 320 Prinzing, Glen Samuel 73 Pritchard, Kent Malone, Jr 414 Pritchard, Lucille 498 Pritchett, Charles Hart 335 Pritchett, Donald Gordon 333 Pritchett, Joyce Ann 357, 498 Pritchett, Mary Helen 315 Pritchett, Raymond Wade ....86, 177 Pritchett, Robert Morris 86 Probst, Corinne Elaine Quinn, Nancy Ellen 50, 375, 496, 504 Quiroz, Rafael, Jr 329 50, 122, 326, 367 104, 333 86, 200, 310 324 86, 371 Procell, Jimmie Martin Procter, John Charles Proft, Robert Charles Prosser, Jeannine .... Protas, Pauline 104, 239 368 Prouse, F. Darlene .50, 136, 223, 230, 317, 320, 337, 346, 357 Prouse, Ruth Lorene ...86, 113, 231, 337, 346, 357 Provus, Joan Breta 354, 503 Pruet, Carolyn Beth 73 Pruett, James Hamilton ...310, 401, 490 Pruett, Shirley Ann 50, 134, 316, 378 Pruitt, Angelia Delwyn 73, 316 Pruitt, Joann 250, 322, 357 Pruitt, Mary Kathryn 240, 333 Pryor, James Milton 338, 410 Psencik, Frances Catherine 321 Puett, Roan Harwood ..418, 492, 510 Pugh, Donald Anderson 200 Pugh, James Curtis 396 Pugh, Nina Eleanor 73, 385 Puig, Mary Patricia 363 Pullen, Carole Jeanne ..104, 345, 382 Pullen, Joel Herbert 449 Pullman, Thomas Edison 86, 430 Pulver, Robert Elliott 254, 435 Puntenny, Frank Renwick 73 Purcell, Amy 50, 326, 373 Purdy, William Henry 110 Purl, Mary Katherine ..104, 364, 503 Purse, James Anderson, III ..64, 411 Purvine, Beverly Ann 73, 116 Putman, Earl Eugene, Jr 86 Putnam, Elizabeth Idaire ...104, 113, 319 Putnam, George W 73, 212, 232, 409 Pyle, Janell Elizabeth 86 Queen, Curlee Hanz 124 Querolo, Carol Eginia 104, 333 Quick, Rita Frances 86, 314 Quillian, Gwendolyn Geneva ....73, 234, 335, 378, 496 Quin, Edward Dixon 119 Quinn, Billy 237, 434, 449, 452, 453, 457 Quinn, Marilyn Sue 255 Quinn, Mike 223 Raab, Travis Joe Rabb, Virgil Sullivan 73, Rabbat, Walid B Rabke, Raymond Franklin, Jr. . . Rachal, Margaret Corinne ....73, Rackley, Jerry Don 50, Rackley, Ray Allen Rademacher, Harold John ...125, Rader, Earl T Rader, Robert Newell RADIO-TELEVISION GUILD Radney, Hugh Otis Radtke, Kurt Rae, Melinda Jane 104, Rafshoon, Gerald Monroe ...73, 219, 222, 223, Ragland, Alphonso . . . .64, 229, Ragland, Mitchell Cull Ragon, Jimmy Carroll Ragone, Patricia Marie ..104, 240, Ragsdale, Myrna Elizabeth . . 104, Ragsdale, Sue 365, Ragsdill, Jack Edward 104, 335, 428, Rahr, Virginia Raif, Leonard William 198, Railey, Milton James Rainbolt, Walter Kleas ..104, 185, Raines, Morgan Van 252, Rainey, John Crews Rakoover, Mark H 187, Raley, Bobby Ray Ramage, Cecil Hugh Ramage, William Joel Ramahi, Husni Yusuf 73, Rambo, George Patrick, Jr Rambo, Jean Arlene Ramirez, Jose Luis Ramirez, Sally R Ramos, Sid 50, 176, 318, Ramsay, Mackie Langham Ramsey, Ben Warner 51, Ramsey, Coy Chester, Jr 86, Ramsey, John William, Jr Ramsey, Paul Ramsey, Tommy H 186, Ramsower, Jo Ann Randall, Charles Harry Randall, Louise West Randolph, Barbara Jayne Randolph, Elizabeth Ann ..111, Randolph, Windle A 73, Raney, Dorothy Nell ...86, 236, Raney, Gene Arnold Rangel, George Garza ..51, 306, Rankin, Thomas Edwin Rankine, Wilfred Lee 196, Ransom, Jack McGregor Ransom, James H Ranson, Harry H Ransopher, Lewis Bassett ....104, Ransopher, Philip ....229, 395, 505, Rape, Jerry Mack 73, Raper, James Arthur Rapp, James William Rapp, Raymond Clyde 195, Rapstine, Philip Benard ....104, Rashti, Edward Joseph .228, 325, Rashti, Sara Jane 104, 251, Rasmussen, Robert Adrian . . 198, Rasor, Mac Roy Rast, Edward Rast, Helen Marie Rast, Howard Eugene Ratcliff, Douglas Warren Rathbone, Lucy 122, 326, Rather, Carroll Noell Rathgeber, Edward Richard .179, Ratliff, Hubert Smith . . .198, Ratliff, John Thomas ...86, 232, Rattikin, William Jackson, jr. ... 112, 178, 437, Rauch, Alan Maury 86, 187, Raup, William Wagner Ravkind, Morty Samuel Ravkind, William Morris 391, Rawland, Bettye 136, Rawson, Raymond John ....250, Ray, Barbara Rose 86, 336, Ray, Bert Edwin Ray, Bobby Earl 73, Ray, Bobby Jean 86, Ray, Edgar Everett Ray, John Herbert 325, Ray, Lloyd Glynn Ray, Norwin Gene 28, Ray, Robert Cleve 73, Raymer, Dennis Anne 217, Raynes, William Erskin Rayzor, Jess Newton . . 1 87, 229, Read, Farrar Kyle 245, Read, James LeGrande 127, Read, William Theadore Reading, Virginia Kay ..104, 235, .312 418 .247 .124, 429 364 118 .104 253 .169 .431 .255 .104 .115 113 110, 425 405, 449 .244 .311 333 358 467 228, 484 ..73 346 .111 446 253 ..73 433 .449 .104 ..50 124 .418 ..86 .119 .104 332 .376 250 253 .104 .322 307 .356 .340 .365 .217 123, 353 119 251 .104 311 .124 411 .417 .114 .123 394 449, 510 318 ..86 311 335 333 440 382 405 .322 ..52 .367 .124 ..51 376 .198 244, 324 389 417, 448 .73, 506 424 .127 .433 448 223 410, 509 353 .340 436 376 ..51 342 ..73 441 134 358 .412 415 509 429 186 366 Reagan, Charles Eugene ...104, 177, 253 REAGAN LITERARY SOCIETY ....336 Reagan, Parrick Hardy 429 Reagan, Wanda Ruth 361 Reagor, John Raymond 256, 321 Reasoner, Denzel Edward ...104, 250 Reasoner, Jack LeRoy 104 Reaves, James Fowler ..73, 250, 252, 253 Reber, Jane 104, 304, 319, 499 Rebsch, Willis James 198 Redd, Elizabeth Ann 51, 371 Reddick, Dewitt Carter .132, 218, 228 Redditf, Barbara Ann 51, 375 Rederson, Donald Edward 400 Redfearn, Maurine Kay .104, 113, 239 Redfield, James Earl 114 Redford, Emmette S 127 Redmon, John Edwin ..51, 195, 203, 333, 413 Reed, Anita Lucille 51, 116, 365 Reed, Carroll Lynn 73, 407 Reed, Madison William, Jr. ..104, 228 Reed, Robert Edmond 104 Reed, William Rowland 114, 134 Reeder, Ann Louise 377 Reeder, Cyrus A., Jr 195 Reeder, Robert Stanley 241, 333 Reese, Donald Gale 86 Reese, Elizabeth Carolyn ....86, 326 Reese, Hayne Waring 123 Reese, Raymond Randolpy 104 Reese, Zoe Ann 73, 375 Reeves, Ann Taylor 104 Reeves, Dwain 104 Reeves, Linda Elaine ...73, 116, 142, 143, 231, 324 Reeves, Nancy Dickens 313, 377, 497, 498 Refsell, Oliver Morris 127 Rdhkemper, Leonard James ..51, 333 Rehmus, Louis Herbert 51 Reichman, Louis Irving 390 Reichstein, Abe Aaron 391 Reid, Mary Jo 104, 346 Reid, Rogers Fullerton, Jr. ..112, 318, 347 Reifel, Rogers Anthony 86, 426 Reifler, Don Israel 229, 237, 479, 481 Reifschneider, Barbara Anne ....104, 235, 352 Reigle, Harold Theodore 73, 198, 333, 389 Reiley, Edna Joyce 126 Reimers, Don R 73, 217, 443 Reinarz, James Allen 73 Reinertson, Christian Edward ....346 Reinhackel, Carol Ann . .333, 370, 500 Reinhardt, Martha Ann 104, 360 Reistle, Carl Ernest, III 104, 172, 338, 394 Reiswerg, Sara Ida 104, 382 Reitz, Lloyd Neil 198 Remele, Anna Lou Russel 378 Remschel, Frances Katherine ..73, 353 Remschel, Jerre Diane 234 Remschell, Nan Via 238 Renfro, George Houston, Jr 327 Renfroe, Charles 485, 489 Renfrew, Mary Jane 385 Renick, Brink Coleman 174, 338 Renouf, Robert 86 Reper, Ronald R 51 Resendorf, Ruben de la Garza ...329 Resley, Mary Dare 363 Reuland, William B 104 Reuter, Mary Dolores 86, 333 Reyes, Robert James ....73, 180, 398 Reynolds, Alice Joyce ..86, 235, 371, 501, 503, 505 Reynolds, Ben Lamar 171, 179, 245, 342, 509, 511 Reynolds, Billy Gene 173, 338 Reynolds, Charles Weaver 125 Reynolds, Claude Earl 51, 111 Reynolds, Clyde W., Jr 51, 195 Reynolds, Fred D Reynolds, Joseph Daniel Reynolds, Oscar Ashley, Jr Reynolds, Robert Benson . Reynolds, Robert Eugene . Reynolds, Russell Ronald Rhea, Bruce Luna Rheiner, Dan John, Jr. .. ..193, 426 409 112 309 ..73, 124, 196, 412 ..51, 340 417 .104, 176, 196, 434 Rheubotham, Betty John 235, 503 Rheubotham, Nancy Grace ..335, 503 RHO CHI 129 Rhodes, Benjamin T., Jr 51, 130, 183, 232, 331, 401 Rhodes, Betty Carolyn ..73, 143, 235, 375 Rhodes, Kenneth V 86 Rhodes, Olive Lynn 86 Ribar, Fred John 119 Rice, Charles Vastine 51 Rice, David 104 Rice, Donn Thomas 51, 134 Rice, Henrietta 368 Rice, James Kelvin 104 Rice, Otis Thomas 104 Rice, Wanda Budge 51, 335, 503 Rich, Marvin A 51, 343, 476 Richard, Carl Edward 115 Richards, Barbara Jewell ...104, 238, 503 Richards, Howard Newton ..86, 212, 418 Richards, James Van . . .86, 188, 221, 228, 241, 253 Richards, Katherine Ann 73, 134, 374, 497, 503 Richards, Phyliti 314, 326 Richards, Raymond L 86 Richards, Terry Eugene 73, 333 Richardson, David Seney 41 1 Richardson, Don Lm 73, 176, 403 Richardson, Doni Louise ....104. 193, 204, 350 Richardson, Earl C 200 Richardson, James Ottie ....237, 418, 469, 471 Richardson, Richard David 406 Richardson, Samuel Alexander, Jr. .86 Richardson, Swan Edward 86 Richerson, Rae E 28 Richey, Charles Irwin 228 Richie, George 340, 448 Richmond, Brian Keith 105 Richmond, George Merritt ..105, 396 Richter, Katherine Scott ....105, 239 Richter, Rose Marie ...105, 240, 333 Ricker, Prince Rupert 1 79 Ricketts, Annelle 351 Ricketts, Richard Dugan ....185, 216, 419 ..51, 228, 315 .105, 196, 434 86 . .86, 113, 320, 375 Riddick, Ruth M 381 Riddle, Elton Earl 105 Ridge, Richard Curran 392 Ridgeway, William Emerson 198 Ridley, Wade Clark 133 Riefler, Donald 1 433 Rieger, Robert Lewis ...73, 328, 435 Riemann, Grace Sue 342, 361 Rienstra, Joyce 236, 385 Riess, Robert William 51, 494 Riethmeyer, Gene Edward 324 Riggins, Robert Ralph 73 Rigney, Jane Tatum 73 Rigsby, Gladys Anne 322 Rikli, Richard Ben 51 Riley, Albert Lee 434 Riley, Kenneth Holt 124 Riley, Marilda Ellen 74, 234, 350 Riley, Mary Jo 28, 126 Rillings, David 512 Rine, Julia W 235 Rios, Lydia Rosalva 248 Riply, Gladys Anne 235 Ripps, Phyllis 369 Risk, Edward 169 Risley, Mary E 502, 503 Ritch, Rozanne Gloria 375, 504 Ritchie, Henry Gorman 405 Ritter, Jack Francis 74, 104, 188, Ricks, Donus Wayne . . Ricks, Lee Edward, Jr. Riddick, Harriet Alice . Riddick, Helen Campbell Ritter, Nancy Ann 342, 431 86, 113, 143, 326, 363 105, 352 ... 338 Riveire, Mary Lois . . Rivera, Robert James Rivero, G. Ruben 442 Rives, James Baits 86, 228 Rivette, Kerny Antoine ..86, 179, 429 Riviere, Arthur Bernard 51, 229, 437, 449 Rizzo, Louis Anthony 171, 338 Roach, Jack 446 Roach, James R 127, 418 Roach, Louis 494 Roane, Barbara Burnett . . 1 05, 376, 497 Roane, Raymond C 86, 196, 228 Robbins, Betty Joyce ..51, 336, 342, 363 439 ...511 Robbins, John P. Robenson, George Roberdeau, Rita Courtland ..105, 380 Roberson, Donald Howell 428 Roberson, Mach Richard 449, 511 Roberson, Mrs. Russell P 322 Roberson, Russell P 322 Roberts, Bennett James ..74, 180, 421 Roberts, Beverly Rae ....86, 248, 365 Roberts, Buddy June 86 Roberts, Catherine Ann 74, 376 Roberts, Charles Sumner ....325, 396 Roberts, Cornelia Etta ..105, 217, 362 Roberts, Curtis Bush ..405, 507, 508 Roberts, Daniel Carl 105, 255 Roberts, Elizabeth Dolly 86 Roberts, Everett Allen .86, 196, 411 Roberts, Francis W 183 Roberts, Frank Ernest 173, 338 Roberts, Frank McCoy 393 Roberts, Gordon Phil 431 Roberts, Harvey Eugene 202 Roberts, Jerry Hugh 75, 178. 437 Roberts, Jo Ann 367, 497, 501 Roberts, John H 51, 431 Roberts, Kay 497 Roberts, Lynn Sherman 74 Roberts, Mike Henry ..193, 203, 415 Roberts, Paul Regone, Jr 318 Roberts, Ross 105, 484 Roberts, Shirley 126 Roberts, William Edgar 51, 114 Roberts, William Thomas 105 Robertson, Billy Ray 51, 312 Robertson, Bruce Biggs 105, 410 Robertson, Cecil Lee 74 Robertson, Charles 112 Robertson, Don Adrian 181, 338 Page 545 NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME Robertson, George S., Jr. ...245, 310 Robertson, John Malcom 431 Robertson, Lorene 143, 381 Robertson, Loyd Gordon ...105, 124, 253 Robertson, Marinda French 380 Robertson, Richard Spotswood ..130, 183, 513 Robertson, Robert Nelson ...75, 344, 347 Robertson, Roland Rock 51, 41 1 Robertson, Sterling Clark 419 Roberson, Wareen M 51 Robichaux, Madelyn Joy 505 Robins, Mildred Ann 126, 355 Robinson, Charles Brotze 74, 175 Robinson, Frank Kee 51 Robinson, George Ourwood 247 Robinson, George Sidney ..237, 449, 452, 453, 465 Robinson, Harry Edwin, Jr 112 Robinson, Jack Lenon 310 Robinson, Jack Welton 86 Robinson, James Thomas, III ....439 Robinson, ' Joan Frances 86, 368 Robinson, Mary Ann ....86, 316, 370 Robinson, Patricia . .86, 333, 380, 500 Robinson, Rosemarie Lee 51 Robinson, William Glenhelm ....406 Robinson, James Thomas III 439 Robitsek, William Earnest ...105, 124 Robson, Mary Lucy 74, 126, 385 Robuck, Eva 105, 234, 352 Roch, Lewis Marshall II 228 Roche, John David 415 Roche, John Edward 115 Roche, Martha Ann 248 Rochelle, Robert Carter 124 Rochester, Ouida Jane 314, 361 Roddie, James Franklin ....105, 416 Roddy, Martha Jeanne . . 366, 497, 504 Roden, Robert Glenn ...86, 198, 447 Rodgers, Doris Janet ...136, 222, 248 Rodgers, James Edgar ..185, 244, 332 Rodgers, Yvonne Hartley 351 Rodman, Thomas Edward ..212, 229, 419 Rodrigues, Eurico 247 Rodriguez, Reynaldo Hector 329 Roebuck, Isaac Field 252, 310 Roebuck, Noel Fletcher 74, 250 Roelofs, Edna Joan 238 Roessner, R. Gommel 218, 406 Roever, Richard Oliver 392 Rogers, Carl Ester, Jr. ..52, 117, 135, 306 Rogers, Charles L 186, 244 Rogers, Dan Wesley 224, 225 Rogers, David Addison ....105, 186, 416 Rogers, James Harvey 338 Rogers, Jim 224, 225, 494 Rogers, Joe William 418 Rogers, Kay Francis 380 Rogers, Lowell Thompson 74 Rogers, Nancy Jane 52, 365 Rogers, Shirley Ann 52, 377, 503 Rogers, Thomas Pascal ..52, 252, 253 Rogers, Tom Neil . .237, 449, 485, 486 Rogers, Virginia 126 Rogowshi, Catherine Antonina ..217, 231, 234, 333, 337, 503 Rogstad, John M 439 Rohm, Werner G 52, 439, 494 Rollins, Brook Holloway II 105 Rollins, James D., Jr 74, 114 198, 322 Rollo, Norman Keith ...105, 197, 428 Romeroso, Josef ina 1 26 Romotsky, Jerry 124 Roof, John Nicholas 86, 175 Rooker, Albert (Sonny) 494 Roper, Charles Cecil, Jr 105 Roques, Rodney August 307 Roscoe, Patricia Jean ..86, 234, 314, 362 Rose, Herman 105, 172, 424 Rose, James Alford ....254, 318, 400 Rose, Jerome Robert ...391 Rose, Margaret Ann 105, 300 Rose, Peter Robert 428 Roselius, Ronald Reginald 135 Rosen, Allan Lion 198, 391 Rosen, Eleanor Constance ..359, 386, 501 Rosenberg, June Carole 383 Rosenberg, Stanley David ..115, 120, 229, 433 Rosenblum, Barbara Elaine 382 Rosene, Hilda F 374 Rosenfield, Donald 110, 197, 213, 219, 425 Rosenquist, Carl John 434 Rosenthal, Jeanne Lee 383 Rosmarin, Larry Melvin 64 425 Ross, Albert Clay 105, 197, 253 Ross, Charles Mark 198, 391 Ross, Dade Ann 52, 367 Ross, Gordon Parker ..105, 188, 436 Ross, James Raye 52, 178, 494 Ross, John Marvin 74, 186, 418 Ross, Lloyd Dale 309 Ross, Robert 215 Ross, William Hugh 172 Rosser, Jim 177, 237, 449, 452, 453, 459 Rossy, Hubert Edward, Jr 105 175, 436 Rost, Marilynn Jean 105, 335 Roston, J. Paul 310 PAGES Rostrom, Mary Ann ...320, 335, 502, 503 Rota, Carlos Luis 124 Rote, Jo Anne 376 Roten, Robert Wallace 86, 177 Roth, Barbara Marcia ...86, 220, 234 Roth, Jay Donald 325, 440 Roth, Joan Idelle 355 Roth, Rollins Monard 324 Rothman, Myrna Barbara 86, 355 Rothstein, Bernice 354 Rothstein, Janyce Elaine 368 Rothwell, Jack C, Jr 232, 395 Rourke, Robert Otto 105, 466 Rousculp, Carole Lynne .... 105, 234 Roush, Jan Schuyler 404 Roush, William Wakefield ...87, 172, 338, 405 Rousse, Thomas A 388 Routh, Bill Irven 187, 493 Roux, Wilfred Francois, Jr 133 Rovinsky, Reba Helen 105, 113 Rowan, John Aiken, Jr 335 Rowan, Thomas Winder 431 Rowe, Charles Elmer 135, 396 Rowe, Gladstone McLendon .195, 411 Rowell, James Adrian, Jr 52 Rowland, Peggy Ann 143 Rowland, Peggy Jean 251 Rowland, Pegg y Lee ..231, 320, 342, 377, 502 Rowland, Robert Adrian 52, 393 Rowland, Roger Dean ...74, 254, 347 Rowntree, Martha Lucile ...238, 250, 345, 346 Roy, Shirley Wren 87, 336, 357 Royall, Barbara Ann 52 Roye, Watson Payne 449 Rozzell, Jean Ellis 87, 253 Rubenstein, David Ochs .52, 114, 433 Rubesch, Joe Dick 200, 421 Rubey, Elizabeth Stuart 52, 377 Rubin, David Henry 175, 432 Rubin, Natalie Diane 87, 369 Rubinsky, Sarita May 239 Rucker, Max Ramon 447 Rucker, Robert Monroe 105, 404 Rudberg, Carolyn Frances 383 Rudder, John Reeves ..105, 175, 416 Ruddock, John William 439, 485 Rudgely, Frances 352 Rudolph, Jack 420 Rudy, Richard Allen 424 Ruebel, Alfred Louis II 419 Ruebel, Margaret Eileen ...105, 239, 380 Ruff, Bailey Hill 52, 343, 439 Ruff, Jere Johnson 105 Ruff, Jon Braswell 105, 178, 322 Rugeley, Cordelia Catherine 504 Rugeley, Frances Louise ....105, 239, 498 Ruiz, Dolores 105, 372 Ruiz, Mary Herrera 113 Rundell, C. A., Jr 52, 120, 130, 135, 158, 183, 232, 411, 449, 514 Rundell, John Lee 411 Runnels, Judith Gayle 105 Rupe, Charles Henry ..87, 119, 197, 241 Rupp, Louise Ann 375 Rurdell, John Lee 188 Russ, Mary Cynthia 87, 376 Russell, Charles Arthur 52 Russell, Eugene Benjamin ..124, 188, 189, 243, 513 Russell, Gene Edward 428 Russell, James H., Jr 105, 400 Russell, James Norton 133, 445 Russell, Jeanette Rose 356 Russell, John Alvin 87, 196 Russell, Richard Anthony 392 Russell, Tommie Lou ....74, 235, 346 Russo, Ben John 195, 411 Russo, Charles Eugene 428, 490 Russo, Frank Joseph 105, 511 Russo, Joe E 410, 411, 448, 510 Rust, Jill M 335 Rusti, Shirley Ann 87, 381 Rustland, McBurnett 311 Rutter, Clayton Gene 254 Rux, Videlle 74, 372, 504 Ryall, Barclay Ryerson 436 Ryan, George Leslie 430 Ryan, William Kenny 74, 419 Rydberg, Jouce Elaine ..74, 143, 363 Ryer, Chester Milledge 307 Rylander, Henry Geady .128, 135, 312 Rylander, Shirley Rae 105, 239 -S- Saadeh, David Ray 312 Saadoon, Ali Saif 28, 308 Saage, Lu Ann 87, 235 Saathoff, Calvin Coolidge 310 Saathoff, Donald Ray 105, 195 Sabrsula, Betty Jo 87 Sabina, Sister M 240 Sachse, Ernest James 52 Sack, Rannie Pauline 87, 355 Sadler, Ann Elizabeth 87, 365 Sadler, Chester Calhoun 28 Sadler, Cynthia 74, 365 Saenz, Aaron 199 Sagstetter, Raymond Edward .196,244 Said, Fat ' hi Mohammad 124 Saied, Frederick Allen 74, 419 Saikin, Stanley Bryon 52, 433 St. John, Joe Allan 54, 186, 344 St. Roma In, Leonard George 74 Salas, James Bohus 184 Saldana, Raul Counga 87 Sa!divar, Carmen Dolores 52 Saleh, John Thomas, Jr 333 Salhab, Mahammed 124 Salinas, Gay 87 Salmon, Mary Kathryn 326 Salyer, Donald Morgan 52 Salzberger, Paul Louis 87, 433 Samaqi, Ahmad Y 247 Sames, William James III 253 Samman, Mouaffag Nouri 342 Sample, Mary Margaret ..74, 333, 385 Sampson, Joan Claire 105, 382 Samson, Joan N 122 Samuels, Martha 105 Samuelson, Lionel Earl 121, 375 Sanchez, George 1 329 Sanchez, Jose Luis 74, 346 Sanchez-Navarro, Michael 173 Sandahl, Cynthia Lou 363, 497 Sandefur, Jerry Ray 130, 173, 338, 409 Sandefur, Pentard William ..174, 338 Sandel, Mitchell Luther 114, 134 Sandel, Wilma Aghes ..74, 231, 365, 497, 503 Sanderford, Margaret Lea ....74, 341, 353 Sanders, Bevie Truitt 114, 134 Sanders, Charles Richard ..105, 124, 176 Sanders, Charlie Eugene 419 Sander, D. Eleanor 52, 126, 347 Sanders, Deloria Nan 52, 375 Sanders, Elic Garland, Jr 74, 419 Sanders, Hugh Walter 87 Sanders, Jan 74, 385 Sanders, John Clarke ...74, 175, 420 Sanders, John Louis 87, 253, 254 Sanders, John P 112 Sanders, Joseph Linsey .. ..132, 222, 223 Sanders, Nannearle 364 Sanders, W. C 318 Sanderson, Melburn Arnold . .52, 335 Sandifer, Laura Seay 375 Sandier, Sonya Bluma ..105, 113, 368 Sandlin, True Stella 87, 143, 384 Sandoval, Juan 329 Sanford, Tommy Eugene ...198, 203 Sandord, Vernon 110, 202 Sansing, Carolyn 126, 236 Sansing, Charles Mack 388 Sansing, Joy Tynelle 52, 361 Sansing, Nell Beth 52, 336, 361 Sansom, Paul W 405 Sansom, Robert Kennon 405 Santos, Arcadio C., Jr 333 Santos, Frank, Jr 105 Sarrazin, Edward James ....180, 321 Sarver, Phillip Merle 52 Sattar, Abdul Razzak 28 Sattar, Abdus 28 Satterfield, Isaac Joseph 28, 346 Sauer, George Henry 392 Saunders, Frederic Milam ...52, 181, 237, 449, 473 Saunders, Mary Ella 74, 238, 346, 358 Saunders, Richard Carroll 74, 318 Saunders, Sally Ann 377 Savage, Mary Jo 141, 143, 154, 195, 204, 235, 353 Savitzky, Yehuda 311 Sawyer, George Harley 74 Sazon, Mary Lou 74 Sayers, De Etta Love 52 SCABBARD AND BLADE 130 Scaief, Helen Nancy ...87, 143, 347, 353 Scallorn, Ben Gerald 449 Scamardo, Betty Jean ..52, 122, 326, 373 Scanlan, Jack Addison 388 Scanlan, Tracy Allan 87 Scarborough, Feme Ree 105 Scarborough, Florence ..87, 336, 367, 497 Scarborough, J. Roger L 52, 493 Scarbrough, James Joseph 124 Schaaf, Gayle Paula 87, 316, 360 Schabarum, Madelon Kathryn ....87, 333, 375 Schade, Gladys Kathryn 105, 352 Schade, Janet Marie 87, 385 Schaefer, Annette Luella 74, 143 Schaevita, Ronald Norman ..197, 327, 440 Schafer, Edward Eugene ....87, 173, 338, 418 Schafer, Rose Marie Helen ..74, 136, 223, 224, 503 Schaffer, Aaron 432 Schaffer, Donald Haskell ...195, 391 Schaller, Mary Jean 74, 316 Schatte, William Albert 87, 324, 338 Schatzman, Gail Andrea 234 Schawe, Mary 331 Scheig, Edward Earle 74, 429 Schell, John Albert 244 Schellhase, Marion Wallis 52 Schenk, Franklim Delano ...174, 338 Schimmel, Philip G 198, 390 Schindler, Van H. ..87, 174, 338, 339 Schmidt, Paul Walter Schmidt, Robert Lee . Schmitt, Barbara Ruth Schipplick, August Carl 105, 174, 338 Schlameus, Barren 52, 254 Schlosser, Mary Ann ..105, 238, 370 Schlumpf, Robert Louis 130, 199, 327 Schmid, John E 237, 469, 473 Schmid, Shirley Suanne 376 Schmidt, Bobbie Nell ..87, 335, 351, 499, 503 Schmidt, Donald L 128, 244 Schmidt, E. Ellen 324 Schmidt, Frank Joseph 196, 309 Schmidt, Margaret Ann ..52, 116, 320 337, 339, 361 310, 324 133, 135, 310 105, 217, 372, 501 Schmitf, Mozelle Laverne ....105, 113 Schmitz, Mary Margaret ....242, 363, 496, 501, 504, 505 Schmucker, Larry Alan ..87, 405, 476, 477, 509 Schneider, George William, Jr. ..105, 173, 338, 394, 484 Schneider, Ivy Lee 87 Schneider, Jose ph Robert 396 Schneider, Jules Edward, Jr 415 Schneider, Tom L 74, 311, 407 Schobel, Eugene Max 105 Schoch, Eugene Paul 1 35 Schoellkopf, C. W 105, 199, 477 Schoenhals, Lawrence 105, 197 Schooler, Jo Ann 239 Schooler, Thomas Cplen 246, 250 Schooley, Roy Morris 53 Schoppa, Elroy 324 Schott, Helen Jean 248 Schott, Joseph Lawrence 53, 132, 222 Schrader, Carlos 309 Schrank, Richard 332 Schreiber, Melvyn Hirsh 123 Schriewer, Menan Clyde ....181, 237, 449, 452, 453, 464 Schroeder, Fredna Anne ....236, 370 Schuchert, Barbara Ann 378 Schulle, Janice Elizabeth ...53, 250, 331, 357 Schulte, Frank Carl 173, 338 Schultz, Charles Allen 124 Schultz, Mary Ogden 373, 496 Schulze, Annie Marie 243, 248, 316, 320 Schulze, Kathleen Doris 87, 337, 351, 386 Schulze, Shirley 53, 385 Schumacher, Fredrick Wayne .244,324 Schumann, Leland Herbert 177 Schurig, Albert Fredrick 177 Schutza, Gilbert Charles ...200, 244 Schwartz, Aileen Rita ..53, 337, 355 Schwartz, Benjamin Haskell ....105, 124, 175, 228, 424 Schwartz, Herbert Frederick II ..328 Schwartz, Jean Marie ..87, 223, 336, 386 Schwartz, Joanne 74, 136 Schwartz, Newton Boris ...200, 203, 232 Schwartz, Robert Eugene 433 Schwartz, Sandra Ethel 380 Schwartzman, Beverle Ann ..105, 382 Schwarz, Mary Katherine ...248, 255 Schwarz, Nekbert Dowlen 429 Schwarz, Nancy Lee ..105, 113, 238, 250, 352 Schwarzbach, Bernard Edward, Jr. .64, 413 Schweppe, Marvin F 87 Scott, Alan 110, 132, 432 Scott, Barry Bracken 74, 180 Scott, Charlene Patricia 352 Scott, Charles Baker 87, 199 Scott, Dorothy Jeannette ... 105, 366, 497 Scott, E. Eugene 176, 338 Scott, Eugene Patrick 173 Scott, Frances 365 Scott, Joan Louise 105, 503 Scott, K. Q 105, 246 Scott, M. Frances 87 Scott, Mary Jane 74, 322, 367 Scott, Nancy Ruth 105, 352 Scott, Ralph William, Jr 105, 394 Scott, Robert Travis 174, 338 Scott, Ted Robert 228, 309 Scott, William Blair 431 SCOTTISH RITE DORMITORY 242 Scroggins, Richard Louis 87, 396 Scurlock, James Marvin ....178, 417, 513 Scurlock, N. Lloyd 74, 426 Scurry, Murphy Townsend 401 Seal, Frances Ruth 105, 354 Seale, John Harrison 431 Seale, Robert Henry 177, 431 Seale, William Agee 105, 394 Sealy, Myrtis Cornelia 353 Sealy, Tom 13 Searcy, Fred Porter 413 Searcy, Katherine Andrews 376 Sears, Shirley Daye 87 Seate, Jimee Sue 74 Seay, Bryant Pearce, Jr 435 Seay, Mike Michael 172 Sebel, Marcia Lee 355 Sebesta, Leroy Edward 105, 250, 254, 321 Page 546 NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES Seeberger, Rudloph Gus ....53, 112, 308, 321 Seeley, Patricia Anne ...74, 363, 503 Seeliger, Rona ld Alton 195 Seeyle, Alfred E 110 Seibel, Leonard Isasc 74, 391 Seidenglanz, Patricia 333, 380 Seidensticker, Calvin Carl 331 Seitz, Marvin G 169, 181 Seitz, Mary Sue 136, 222 Seitz, Russell Layton 87 Sekt, Raleigh Joy 355 Selber, Suzanne 355 Selenuis, Anja Miriam 143, 381 Self, Carl Lynn 105 Seline, Morton Bennett 176, 424 Sellars, Billy Joe 117, 135, 306 Sellers, Cecil Gray 431 Sellers, Dorothy Joan 87 Sellers, Eleanor Erie 74, 365 Sellers, Laura Ann 378 Selman, Hugh Lee 87 Semken, Holmes Alford 253, 338 SENIORS 29-59 Senkevitch, Luba 74, 248 Senn, Robert Wallace 105, 172 Sensenig, John III 484 Sentell, Joseph Wright 130, 170, 409 Sentell, Marvin F 409 Senter, David Allen 324 Serber, Ina Adele 115 Serim, Cotin Erol 74 Service, Robert Corr 105, 436 Sessions, Joseph W 74, 333 Settegast, Carol 53, 365, 497 Settegast, Mary Ann ...74, 381, 497 Settegast, Sandra Louise ....87, 113, 341, 377, 503 Sevier, Marion Rebecca 377 Sewell, Cordelia Olson 373 Sewell, Frederic Dana ..87, 196, 435, 494 Sewell, George Barnard ....53, 154, 435, 494 Sexton, Robert Franklin .195, 237, 453 Seymour, Cora 242 Shackelford, John Earle, Jr 74 Shaddock, Joe Ed 74, 217, 228 Shade, Joseph 105, 180, 424 Shafer, George Alan 74, 199, 338 Shafer, Joyce Elliott 74, 373 Shaffer, Shyla Mae 105 Shaller, Frances 365 Shamblin, James Earle ..53, 128, 135, 312, 407 Shane, Sandra Norene ..74, 316, 346 SHANGRI-LA CO-OP 248 Shank le, Jean Marian 365 Shannon, Bob Erick 74, 127, 318 Shannon, George Lindsey ..128, 135, 419 Shannon, Shelby Edward, Jr. ...245, 333, 484, 509 Shapiro, Sander Wolf 433 Sharp, Roy Datus, Jr 417, 507 Sharp, Russell Gardner 197, 244 Sharpe, Eddie Jack 308, 419 Sharpe, Ernest Alonzo .110, 132, 218 Sharpe, Robert Franklin 196, 411 Sharpless, Harry Reid, Jr. ..417, 511, 512 Shaw, Anne 347 Shaw, C. Van 347 Shaw, Charles Teddy 105 Shaw, Clyde B 134 Shaw, Edward Nesbit 198 Shaw, Lail Hamilton 87, 197, 417 Shaw, Mary Evelyn 105 Shaw, Muriel Elizabeth 360 Shawell, Randall Steele 439 Shea, Michael Condon 180, 325 Shearn, Michael Saunders 318 Sheffey, Everett Marshall 87 Sheffield, Don Baker 105, 434 Sheffield, Sherrill Jan 74 Sheffield, William Johnaon 129 Sheinberg, Betty Gaye .105, 368, 503 Shelby, Don McCall 176 Sheldon, Barbara Ann 371 Sheldon, John Augsburger ..108, 438 Shell, June Knight .74, 336, 377, 499 Shelley, James Allan 105 She Im ire, David Sutton ....124, 415, 476, 477 Shelmire, William Overton 415 Shelton, Ann Genevieve 87, 357 Shelton, Billy Raymond 403 Shelton, David Harold 134, 309 Shelton, Frances 234 Shephard, James L 22 Shepherd, Charlie B 28 Shepherd, Eugene Byron ..105, 200, 404 Shepherd, Nancy Lynne ....105, 364 Shepherd, Ottis Bryan 104, 404 Shepherd, Richard Earl 74, 407 Sheport, John Lemming 327 Sheridan, Ellis Hunter . 310 Sheriff, Lewis Herschel 115 Sherman, Ida Lanette ...53, 126, 365 Sherman, Stanley Alan 87, 425 Sherrard, Charles Warren ..106, 180, Shield, Richard 197, Shields, Nancy K 74, Shields, Thomas Joseph Shielj, Robert Marion ..53, 174, Shifflett, Amelia Eleen 87, 341, Shillito, Martha Meredith ..255, Shinn, Sandra 87, Shipman, Morgan Enlow ....114, Shipman, W. E Shipman, Warren Ware, III Shipp, Robert Lee Shirley, Carl Wilson, Jr. ...184, Shivers, Allan 10, Shivers, Linward Paul Shlipak, Louis Shofner, Margie Lee Shook, Ryan Allen Shoppa, Lloyd 74, 119, Shores, Margaret Louise ....74, 255, Short, Byron Elliott 128, Shoup, Francis Elliott 202, Showalter, George Wallace ..87, Shriver, Jack E Shroyer, Roy Dale Shuffield, D. L 87, 250, Shugart, Master Sgt. Herman E. . Shuman, Morlan Clarence ...106, Shur, William Shurtleff, George Oliver ...106, Shutts, William Holland 128, Shwarts, Stanley Lee Sias, Jesus Abalos Sickles, William Smith 74, Sicro, Irene 87, 323, Sides, Donald Malcome 87, SIDNEY LANIER LITERARY SOCIETY Siegel, Reva Lee Siegel, Robert Anton ..197, 212, Siegmund, Jane Gay Siegmund, Martin O Siemens, Patricia Mae ..87, 235, Sigel, Edwin Michael 338, SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON ...430, SIGMA ALPHA IOTA SIGMA ALPHA MU 432, SIGMA CHI 434, SIGMA DELTA CHI SIGMA DELTA TAU 382, SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON SIGMA IOTA EPSILON SIGMA NU 436, SIGMA PHI EPSILON 438, Sigman, Gerald Norton Sikes, Charles Thomas 184, Sikes, Larry 410, Sikes, Sylvia 126, Sikora, Albert Nathen ..74, 250, Silberstein, Juanita Elaine ..122, Silva, Jesus Jose SILVER SPURS Silverberg, Maxel Burton ...119, Silverstein, Jack Silvey, Frances Louise Silvus, Robert Frederick ...178, Simcik, Chester Lee ..177, 449, 453, Simmen, Edward Robert ....187, Simons, Barber Jean 74, Simmons, Craig Barrow 74, Simmons, Dolores Wilma . . .53, Simmons, Fred Flinn ..124, 395, Simmons, Margaret 87, Simms, Bendy Simon, Adolph Bertram Hirst . . . 203, 232, Simon, Betty Ann 106, 221, Simon, Maya Simon, Richard, Jr. ...168, 212, 433, Simoneaux, Sylvia Ann ....106, Sherrill, Joyce Carolyn . . Sherrill, William Manning . Sherrod, Henry Clay Sherwood, John Tristani . Sherwood, Weston Marshal 392 .106, 248 ..106, 124 ..135, 309 .124, 338, 434 .. .318 Simpson, Dianne Simpson, Jerry Allen 87, Simpson, Johnny Max Simpson, Marthella Steves Simpson, Roberta Jean ..87, 336, Simpson, William Dent 228, Sims, James Marion ...173, 338, Sims, Joseph Otis Sims, Nelda Gwynn Sims, Ruth Lucile ..53, 134, 316, 343, Sims, Sidney Buell Sinclair, Patricia Anne ....335, 496, 497, 500, Singer, Sidney Griffin ..74, 179, Singh, Daljeet Singleton, Annis Jeanette Singleton, John Bennett, Jr Singleton, Neil Singleton, Samuel F., Jr 74, Siptak, Joe Harold 74, 114, Sisk, John Ballard 128, 135, 244, Sitra, Anna Marie 106, 234, Sitzenstatter, Eric Dresser Skalovsky, Libby 106, Skapple, Rodney Dean 74, Skeen, B. Joe 87, 179, 335, Skelton, Jack Skelton, Sue Helen 106, Skibell, Bernard Frank 53, Skidmore, Dickson Malone 307 367 .338 338 113, 361 359, 501 384 130 .179 .415 .402 430 120 ..53 .123 ..87 .312 324 248, 323 135 409 405 .418 .309 254 .169 241 .321 196 327 .432 .106 110 368 247 .337 .369 433, 513 .106 .106 347 391 431 .131 433 435 .132 383 .133 .134 437 439 .424 439 510 375 433 383 .106 .232 425 .312 . .87 342, 409 452, 461 405 367 431 243, 248 493 375 .244 200, 425 354 .154 318, 448 333, 350 .381 200 .327 ..53 356 254 434 ..74 ..53 337, 378 .125 381, 504 223 .127 .380 .429 .403 429 321 198, 312 333 .400 368 306 435 .335 217 433 .340 Skidmore, Fred A 237, 453 Skiles, Duane Haren 327 Skiles, Nancy Marie 74, 142, 235, 238 Skinner, Bill P 133 Skinner, Roy Clyde 254 Skipsey, Harry 106, 426 Skipton, James Kennedy .87, 200, 396 Skrabanek, Jerome C 53 Skyles, Benjamin Henry 435 Skyles, Mary Lovejoy 361 Sladek, Karel Lou 250, 374 Slagle, Ernest Marie 335 Slattum, Evelyn Marian 53, 331 Slaughter, Bobbie Dan 74, 179 Slaughter, Edward Dantzler, Jr. ..436 Slaughter, Toni 87, 235 Slider, Joseph Hardie . . 199, 252, 253 Slimp, Rita K 74 Sloat, Cynthia Winters .106, 372, 503 Slonneger, Robert Dean ....128, 388 Smart, John A., Jr 53, 119, 228, 343 Smead, Hamp 411 Smith, Allan Montague 413 Smith, Barbara Jane 74, 373 Smith, Bennie Ruth 75, 116, 315 Smith, Betty Shelton ..106, 239, 374 Smith, Beverly L ' vonne .53, 336, 357 Smith, Billie Annette 346, 356 Smith, Bobby Joe 53 Smith, Bonnie Belle ...106, 345, 372 Smith, Budje Louis ...106, 173, 338, 466 Smith, Calvin J 119 Smith, Carmen Gladys ..53, 250, 357 Smith, Carl Sue (Bunny) 336, 353 Smith, C. Aubrey 114, 115 Smith, Charles Edward 421 Smith, Corrie Handler 404 Smith, Dan Cargill III ..87, 184, 228, 407, 448 Smith, David Crim 175, 434 Smith, David Malcolm 200, 435 Smith, David Rae 174 Smith, Don W 53, 119, 343 Smith, Donald Charles 232, 417 Smith, Edgar Lee 28 Smith, Elaine 337 Smith, Etta Jean 106, 250, 366 Smith, Eugene Linscomb 53, 119 Smith, Everett Grant 110, 388 Smith, Finis Dean 232, 335, 449, 485, 488 Smith, Frances June ....87, 336, 353 Smith, Gary Rolla 181, 413 Smith, Geary Lee 87 Smith, Grover Earstus 135, 310 Smith, Harold Gene 106, 241 Smith, Harold Walden 196, 402 Smith, Harold Wood 135 Smith, Horace Franklin, Jr. .106, 124 Smith, Jack Boaz 28 Smith, James Marshall 106, 173, 338, 426 Smith, James Roy 87, 212, 417 Smith, Jerry Neil 124, 125, 253 Smith, Jerry Wayne 87 Smith, Jesse Listen 449 Smith, Jo Ann ...87, 234, 314, 362, 504 Smith, Joe Ed 75, 245, 310, 506 Smith, Sgt. 1st Class Joe W 169 Smith, Josephus Murray 415 Smith, L. Beverly 87, 234 Smith, Lawrence Loyal 53 Smith, Leland 118 Smith, Leon Louis, Jr 75, 392 Smith, Lyle Warren 118 Smith, M. Alice Ill Smith, Manis Dale 106, 175 Smith, Margaret Elizabeth 376 Smith, Marialyce 122, 326 Smith, Mariella 352, 504 Smith, Marilyn LeEllen .106, 234, 372 Smith, Marilyn Viola 75 Smith, Martha Jo 322 Smith, Mary Kathryn 75, 238 Smith, Mary Lynn 350 Smith, Max Howard ...53, 118, 186, 189, 245, 505, 507, 511 Smith, Milton Lyle 119 Smith, Murray Cecil 442 Smith, N. Ruth ...75, 230, 231, 235, 320, 342 Smith, Nancy Ellen 75 Smith, Nancy Lee 75, 234 Smith, Nathan Waverly 106 Smith, Patsy Jeannine ..87, 236, 316, 356, 498 Smith, Paul Dale 419 Smith, Percy Lee 447 Smith, Ray Burl 253 Smith, Robert Edward ..53, 130, 193, 203, 439 Smith, Robert Halley 435 Smith, Robert Howard 311 Smith, Robert Page 115 Smith, Robert Ted 392 Smith, Sally Carol 319, 384 Smith, Sawnie Adeline 53, 363 Smith, Shirley Sue 106 Smith, Stephen Drew 53 Smith, Sue Ransey 106, 342, 366 Smith, Susan Etta 377 Smith, Terry Tanon 75 Smith, Thomas Day 318, 427 Smith, Tracy Fritz 87, 421 Smith, Vivien Kay 106, 239 Smith, Walter Kirke 395 Smith, William Arthur 342 Smith, William Await 437 Smith, William Robert 124 Smith, William Wayne 87, 250 Smither, Mary Sue 75, 381 Smolens, Faith Miriam 382 Smolensky, Meyer Israel 440 Smothers, Peggy Jean 250 Smothers, Thomas Charles ...53, 306, 311 Smulcer, Jeanette Charlene . .87, 250, 350 Smyth, Barbara Kerfoot 106, 358 Snavely, Carol Lee 54 Snavely, Edward Elwood 197 Sneed, Langford H. ...177, 232, 237, 315, 449, 452, 457, 485, 488 Snell, David Allen 308 Snell Hampton Kent 118 Snell, Robert Albert 179, 333 Snider, Sally June 54, 317, 377, 497, 498, 503 Snow, Corbin Lee, Jr 415, 448 Snow, Earl F 114 Snow, Robert John 318 Snow, Thomas Marion .229, 434, 449 Snowden, Rolen Dale 306 Snyder, David William ..87, 178, 229, 237, 335, 346, 490 Synder, Mona Ill Sobieski, John M 484 Sobotik, Robert Harold 106, 253 SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS 338 Solcher, Albert Kennedy 333 Solether, Nancy Ann 54, 353 Solic-Flores, Roberto 28 Solomon, Ralph Bennett 433 Solomovic, lancu 124 Somerford, James Melvin, Jr 75 SOPHOMORES 77-89 Sord, Burnard H 134 Sorrell, J. R 13 Sosa, Adolph Uriegas 306 Sotomayor, Jorge Faustino 338 Soukup, Sidney Joseph 494 Soules, Frances Janet ..122, 126, 326 SOUTH CENTRAL TEXAS CLUB ..339 Southern, Wilson Edwin ...188, 243, 333 Soward, Marvin Earl 250, 254 Sowden, Webb McCann, Jr 106, 124, 186, 410 Sowell, Charles Lee (Sonny) ....210, 229, 417, 449 Sowell, Jack Robson ..64, 229, 417, 511 Sowell, Marion Ann 504 Spacek, Bruce Arnold 106 Spafford, Donald Wick 195, 250, 410, 510 Spann, Robert Louis 106 Sparenberg, Charles Herman ..14, 115 Sparks, Sally Woods ..113, 236, 374 Spaulding, Esther Watson ..106, 384 Speaker, Lucy Lee 75, 131, 217, 250, 331, 361 Speaker, Moneta May 239, 372 Spear, Harry Morgan, Jr. ..173, 338, 393 Spearman, James David 173 Spears, Franklin Scott ..54, 120, 180, 210, 215, 218, 232, 342, 409, 507 Spears, lone Pettey 337 Spears, Jo Ann Hyltin ..54, 126, 210 Speck, Don H. 340 Speer, James Madison, Jr. ..54, 241, 318 Speer, Tresavant Gill 439 Speers, Don Philip 412 Spefi, M. Reza 310 Spelce, Neal Leslie, Jr 87, 252, 253, 407 Spell, JoAnn King 365 Spence, Charles Rudolph ....75, 310 Spence, Elbert Riddick 75, 237, 449, 485, 487 Spence, Melvin Loyd 237, 453 Spencer, Gordon Eugene 106 Spencer, Larry Keith 174, 338 Spencer, Maidie 374 Spencer, Robert Wayne 330 SPHINX CLUB 340 Spicer, Mary H 106 Spigel, Tommy 176, 432 Spires, Frances Gibson 376 Spitzenberger, Ralph Max 75 Spitzer, Mary B. ..113, 121, 234, 337 SPOOKS 341 Spooner, Kathryn Ann 361 Spoor, Daniel Harry ..200, 232, 427, 448 Spotts, Ann Eileen 75 Spradlin, Ernest Preston 309 Sprague, Herbert Leroy 319 Sprague, Wilbur E., Jr. ..87, 396, 397 Spreadbury, Wendall Norman, Jr. .75, 228 Spriegel, William R. ...19, 115, 134 Spriggs, Dorothy Pynor 365 Spring, Gilmer Rayborn 54, 237, 449, 452, 453, 455 Spring, Irby Hanna 54, 243, 248, 320, 330 Springer, Charles Christopher 75, 199, 435 Springer, Lewis Reese 180 Springer, Thomas Hanson ..237, 449, 490 Springfield, Hugh W 106, 396 Page 547 NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES Sproles, Glenda Ruth 87, 363 Sproull, Fay Nell Pigott .54, 308, 316 Spurger, Sylvia Sue 75, 313, 375 Squibb, Duke Edward ..75, 174, 338, 346, 431 Squibb, John Donald 54, 431 Squyres, Robert Tyre ..75, 112, 180, 256, 318, 325, 334, 342 Srini-Vasan, S 54, 310, 342 Staacke, Ann 196, 204, 381 Stadler, Master Sgt. Clifton 169 Staehely, William Pearce ...199, 405 Stafford, Gerald M 416 Stafford, Robert William ...106, 174, 241, 338 Staggs, Bobbie Joe 250 Stagner, Nelson Wavne 75 Stahl, Charles Fredric ..246, 340, 421, 506 Stahl, John Douglas 87, 333 Stamper, Frances G 361 Standlee, Ronald Rhey 75 Stand lee, Robert Graves 219 Stanford, Paul 1 76 Stanford, Roy Dee 117, 200, 306 Stankosky, Peter Nicholas ....54, 119 Stanley, Barbara Jean 238 Stanley, Sandra Jean 106 Stanley, Vayden Foy ....87, 185, 254 Stansbury, Bobby Ray .106, 250, 254 Stanton, Nancy Bernice 54 Stanton, William E 54 Staph, Horace Eugene 128 Staples, Joseph Addison, III ....123, 409 Starkey, Jimmy W 54 Starkey, Jo Ann ..75, 143, 217, 221, 353 Staton, James Gene 328 Staunton, Sandra Colleen ...250, 378 Stavinoha, William Bernard ..129, 333 Stavorouski, Ephriam 440 Stay ton, Robert Weldon 20, 414 Stedham, Virginia Lee 235 Stedmam, Susanne 87, 374 Steel, Ernest William 117, 311 Steel, John Leonard 389 Steele, Dorothy Anne ...75, 337 , 346 Steele, Greta Bonnie 54 Steele, Marilyn Virginia ....87, 142, 217, 365 Steelhammer, James Edward ....324 Steelman, Gloria Geren 121 Steen, William Arthur 106 Stefka, Shirley Anne 106, 239 Stegall, John William 403 Steglich, Nettie Mae 106, 248 Steglich, Val E 324 Stegman, Nancy Ruth 106, 322 Stein, George 117 Stein, Henry 329 Stein, Pablo 123 Steinbach, Frank Ward 75 Steinbach, Joanne Elsie .75, 331, 384 Steinberg, Lawrence Edward .318, 424 Steinberger, John Clinton ...64, 178, 419 Steinberger, Katherine Lewis .54, 365 Steinbomer, Shirley Ann ....87, 370 Steiner, Nell Steinhagen, Bismark Adair Stewart, Larry Louis 106, 322 Stewart, Marc H 106 Stewart, Walter Scott 174, 338 Stickler, Florence Ann 121, 217 Stiles, Mary Lee 350 Still, Lucille Gordon 75 Stilley, Allen Louis 180 Sfillinger, Shirley Ruth 88, 363, 497, 501, 503 Stillman, Jacob Harris 75, 391 Stillman, Rosalyn Helen .88, 336, 383 Stillwagon, Jo Ann 54, 363 Stirling, William Charles 54 Stischer, Walt M 54, 195, 403 Stiteler, Reta Ann 106, 239, 384 Stoalabarger, Tom C 429 Stobaugh, John Perry ...75, 154, 400 Stockton, John Robert 115 Stockton, Patricia Lorraine ..88, 337, 356 Stoddard, Floyd Grady .106, 228, 254 Stodghill, Danald Ray 106 Stoeltje, Mack 54, 229, 306, 401 Stofer, Preston Austin 41 1 Stogner, Robert Lynn 127 Stoker, Jimmy Dean 106 Stokes, Bennett 55, 423 Stone, Amanda Lisa 234 Stone, Donald Lamar ....88, 232, 407 Stone, Martha Marie 88, 373 Stone, Patricia Marie ..142, 385, 499 Stone, Robert LeGrande 1 35, 307 Stone, Samuel Vaughan .75, 179, 395 Stone, Shirley Beth 357 Stone, Wilton Rodger 419 Stoner, Calvin Lil 55, 312 Stout, Anthony Newton 179 Summers, Sue Sumrall, Carroll Burleson ...439, Sunday, Peggy Ann Sunkel, Margaret Sue 55, Suprun, Burton Surber, John Lincoln Wicliffe, Jr. . 106, 179, Susman, Ari Jonas 75, 111, Susman, Kenneth 197, Sutherland, Carol 217, Sutherland, Charles Thomas Sutherland, Robert Lee 124, Sutkin, Edward Philip Suttle, Mary Marjorie Sutton, Ann Louise . . .365 494 .331 363 440 .106, 234, .88, 239, 347, 106, .55, 165, Steinkamp, Delores Evelyn Stenzel, Sonya Stephen, Joe Stanley . Stephen, Margaret Joan 337 106, 180, 392 .75, 250, 331 87, 111, 503 64, 431 ...106, 234, 346, 352 124 106 228 Stephen, Ronald Ray Stephens, Billy Ray Stephens, George J. Stephens, Howell Slaton 309 Stephens, Janet Muriel 106, 238 Stephens, Joe Keith 420 Stephens, John B 178, 429 Stephenson, Alice Nell 54, 346 Stephenson, Edwin Dea .... 106, 442 Stephenson, George, Jr 54, 187, 309 Stephenson, Helen Gail 106 Sternberg, Shirley Ruth 501, 505 Sternenberg, Fred William ..194, 203 Sterrett, Sheryl Louise 106, 360 Stetler, Marvin M 409 Stevens, Betty 248 Stevens, Jack Wade 394 Stevens, Joseph Walter 427 Stevens, Nancy Anne 75, 385 Stevens, Patricia Margaret ..106, 240, 333 Stevens, Sidney Lawrence 318 Stevens, William Bryant 414 Stevenson, Buddy Bob 449 Stevenson, Clarence Neal ...87, 399 Stevenson, James 493 Stevenson, James Charles 54 Stevenson, Robert Wayne 106 Stevenson, Scottie Gayle ....75, 313, 341, 377, 386, 497, 498, 504 Steves, Joanne Cahill 380 Steves, Sterling Wallace 120, 232 Stewart, Arthur 469 Stewart, Don Harold 54, 244, 311 Stewart, Donald Loy 75 Stewart, Edward Henry 437 Stewart, George Richard 347 Stewart, Gus Palmer 88 Stewart, Hubert R 309, 403 Stewart, Inez Lenell 106 Stewart, Jacob Thomas 134 309 312 88 .88, 353, 498 28 .116, 123, 136, Stout, Jack Ben 75 Stout, Sandra Mary 106, 372, 503 Stovall, Jack Powell ...106, 318, 484 Stovall, Jimmie Vance ..88, 124, 196, 405, 490 Stovall, Maurice Pauline 106, 352 Stovall, Richard Franklin ...106, 428 Stover, Henry Lloyd 106, 322 Stoy, Herbert Edward, Jr. (Pat) ..88, 334 Straiten, Archie Waugh ....135, 446 Straiton, Nancy Louise . .88, 322, 326, 336, 353 Strange, Olive Jane 126 Stratton, Donald Howard 118 Strauch, Virginia Joan ....106, 239, 333, 366 Strauss, Elizabeth Marie 75, 143, 321, 337, 339 Strauss, Henry James 339 Strawn, Ernestine 106 Strebeck, Robert M 338 Strecker, Richard Augst ....198, 312 Streetman, Jack Darwin 310 Streusand, Charles Lee ..55, 200, 425 Strickland, Richard Frank ...55, 119, 134, 343 Strickland, Wesley Davidson 335 Striebeck, Carol Barbara ..106, 221, 331 Strieber, Leslie John ..75, 154, 199, 413 Strock, James M 127 Strock, Melissa Gail 88, 374 Strom, Hubert Holiday ..75, 306, 346 Stroope, Clarence Strouhal, George John Strouhal, Helen Marie . Struhall, Frances Marie Strum, Gerald Stanley Strum, Shirley Elise ..., , , 158, 222, 230, 231, 242, 255, 337, 345 Strybos Gabe Williams, Jr 75 Stuart, Bill Frank 55, 397 Stuart, Jane Lee 341, 375 Stuart, John Thomas 404 Stuart, Sara Aileen 381 Stubblefield, John Mart 173, 338 Stubbleficld, Nelson Douglas ...475, 512 Stuckey, James Merkel 106, 200 Stuckey, Jessie William ..55, 119, 344 Studdard, Kenneth Earl 55, 397 Studdert, Elizabeth Hoyt 381 STUDENT ASSEMBLY 211 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION 342 STUDENT COURT 214 STUDENT MARKETING CLUB 343 STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION 210 Studer, Stanley Sawyer ....199, 418, 449, 453 Stullken, Florence Mae 115 Stultz, Daniel Ashby ..106, 196, 428 Sturdivant, Vernon Ray 309 Sturges, Lena Eugenia 122 Sturm, Richard Joseph 333 Suarez, Norman V 389 Suarez, Pete M 389 Suehs, James Ernest III 124, 447 Sugarman, Sandra Joy 383 Sugerman, Charles F 433 Sugerman, Judith Ann ..88, 336, 383 Suggs, Ann Lee 122, 381 Suhler, William Charles 175 Sukkar, Joe 347 Sullivan, John F 431 Sullivan, Walter Brady, Jr 106 Sullivan, William Gera ' d 134 Summerlin, Harvey Newell ..328, 439 Summers, Charles Ernest 55 Summers, Nancy Lee . .88, 143, 234, 316, 336, 365, 386 Sutton, Harold Basin Sutton, Mildred Janet 337, 342, 347, Svendson Carl Olen 88, Swaim, Gary Curtis Swaim, David Leland Swaim, Mary Elizabeth 75, Swales, Sharon Louise Swaney, Willard Ratcliff, Jr. ... 129, Swann, Betty Sue Swann, Lloyd Arthur Swanner, Charles Benjamin .124, Swartz, Jon David 106, Swartz, Sandra 88, Swaty, Donald Bryant Swearingen, James Samuel .196, Swearingen, Robert Lee ....401, Swearingen, William Scott ...55, Sweeney, David Fontaine . . .88, Sweeney, Robert Boyce ....114, Sweet, Arnold Norman 64, 391, Sweet, Charles Edward .116, 136, Swem, Bonnie May ....116, 136, Swenson, A. M. G Swenson, Thomas Frederick ..55, Swenson, Wallace Leon Swidler, Jack Allen Sykes, Christa Marie 55, 333, Sykes, George Sherbourne . . 333, Sykes, Margaret Anne ..75, 333, Symons, Jimmy Joe Szechenyi, Andrea 127, Szilagyi, Elisabeth June 388 391 390 357 .253 442 .440 384 337, 353 253 320, 353 179 .106 .423 377 .373 .55, 328 .123 ..88 197 198 235 .404 204, 401 448 401 154, 198 115 232, 448 315 375 .120 188 .115 ..88 375 404 374 .346 365 .375 .106 ..75, 119, -T- Tabor, Charles 75 Taborsky, Eduard Tackaberry, Allan Gordon Tackett, Helen Tadlock, James Thomas . . . Tadlock, Paul Everett Taft, George James Tandy, Kerry Sherard .... Tankersley, E. L 55, Tanner, David Lee Tanner, Robert Tariea, Sister M Tarkington, Murray 55, 176, Tarnopol, Elissa Berwald ....116, Tarpley, Elizabeth 122, 326, Tarrant, Thomas Gage Tarte, Edward Cartwright T ASSOCIATION Tatum, John Bailey 88, Tatum, John Paul ..88, 229, 237, 449, 452, 453, Tatom, Sgt. William A TAU BETA PI TAU DELTA PHI 440, TAU KAPPA EPSILON 442, Taylor, Albert Scott Taylor, Allen Taylor, Betty Jo ...75, 121, 136, Taylor, Bobby Larry Taylor, Mrs. Bruce Taylor, Charles Edward 55, 130, 167, 194, 203, 328, Taylor, Charles Terry 174, Taylor, Constance Mae . Taylor, Davis Manning . Taylor, Elbert Brownrigg Taylor, Frances Elizabeth Taylor, Jack Greer . . . Taylor, Janet Elizabeth 88, Taylor, John Chesley 124, Taylor, LaDonna Marie 106, Taylor, Leon Glenn Taylor, Leroy William Taylor, Marma Duke Taylor, Martha Loy 55, 248, 502, Taylor, Robert Franklin Taylor, Robert Kinder Taylor, Roy LeGrand, Jr 55, Taylor, Ruth Althea Taylor, Thomas Willmur Taylor, W. J Teague, Gwynn Arvin .173, 338, ....254, .14, 120, Teague, James Russell Teague, Shirley Ann 75, Teague, Weldon Winston ....88, Teas, Eloise Lorraine Teer, Ed L 75, Tees, David Woods 88, 198, TEJAS CLUB Telkamp, Don Lee 75, 197, 409 .127 .175 .230 .106 335 220 .437 447 .187 .169 .126 435 123 358 .428 .124 .449 119 417, 463 .191 .135 441 443 .417 .415 373 .244 .215 129, 417 404 .116 409 .393 .106 410 374 416 374 .395 .429 .312 326, 503 ..55 .118 415 .116 .389 .335 405, 509 .119 367 185 .127 255 407 .344 309 Temple, Larry Eugene 106 Temple, Nancy Lou 336, 351 Temple, Ralph Raymond 75 Templeton, Betty Jane 113, 336, 341, 365 Templeton, Gene Arden 335 Templeton, James R 174, 338, 395, 510 Templin, James Curtis ..88, 223, 429 Teneyuque, Socorro 55, 335 TEN MOST BEAUTIFUL 156 Tenney, Augusta Louise ....88, 313, 384 Tennyson, Ed J 174, 338 Teplow, Fenella Mary 360 Terk, Sara P 88, 235 Terrell, Barbara Lee ....55, 116, 211, 230, 320, 373 Terrell, Jamey Bryant 339 Terrell, James Clark ...106, 124, 228 Terrill, Robert Kennedy 429 Terry, Ben Alan ..117, 135, 199, 306, 311, 435 Terry, Clyde E 55 Terry, Jerry 88, 238 Teschner, Merle Mae .. ..113 238 TEXAS COWBOYS 229 TEXAS RANGER 224 225 TEXAS STARS 345 Thames, Clement Beal, Jr 55, 439 Thannoun, Sabiha 28 Thatcher, Nancy Dee 75 Thaxton, Jane Ann 88, 353 Thaxton, Petronella Margaret . ..107 THEADORNE 248 Theimer, Jan Ann 262, 501 THETA SIGMA PHI 136 THETA CHI 444, 445 THETA XI 446, 447 Thienes, William Albert ..55, 199, 310 Thigpen, Thomas A 173 Thomas, Ann Tamsin 350 Thomas, Charles A 55, 449, 485, 486 Thomas, David Hildrefh 75, 191, 199, 309, 427 Thomas, Elizabeth Ann 377 Thomas, George Michael 200 Thomas, Gloria 88 Thomas, James Herman 244 Thomas, James Lee 75 Thomas, Joe Faltin 107, 175, 408 Thomas, John Jay 415 Thomas, Mary Ann 365 Thomas, Meldon R 107 Thomas, Rebecca Elizabeth ..107, 374 Thomas, Robert Lee (I) 306 Thomas, Robert Lee (II) 417 Thomas, Robert Powell 199, 431 Thomas, William Culwell 115 Thomas, William M 244 Thomason, Helen Louise ...75, 126 497, 498, 499, 504, 505 Thomerson, Jim Edward 107 Thompkins, Shirley 500 Thompson, Betty Ann ..75, 212, 231, 326, 347, 365, 502 Thompson, Billy Morris , .55 Thompson, Chaunce Olcott ..55, 135, 310 Thompson, Claude 1 309 Thompson, Dorothy Jean ....75, 143, 353, 502, 504 Thompson, Elizabeth Dickson ....364 Thompson, Emory Chapman ..56, 183, 409, 448 Thompson, George McCullough ..107, 410 Thompson, Helen Elizabeth 385 Thompson, Helen Louise 377 Thompson, James Roland ...107, 178 Thompson, Jere William . . . .56, 237, 417, 449, 452 Thompson, Jimmy 322 Thompson, J. Neils 117, 135 Thompson, Joann Thompson, Joanne .... Thompson, Joyce Stuart 347 .56, 248 107, 239, 341 416 .56, 373 385 504 135 Thompson, Lloyd G. ... Thompson, Mae Frances Thompson, Marilyn Diane Thompson, Mary 75, Thompson, Milton John ....128, Thompson, Nellie Jane 107 Thompson, Paul J 110, 1 32 Thompson, Ralph Burnham .110, 343, 436 Thompson, Richard Dean 75 Thomson, Richard Joseph ....75, 418 Thompson, Robert Andrew ..311, 435 Thompson, Robert Rudolph 75 Thompson, Sally Ann ..88, 341, 351, 497 Thompson, Thomas Anthony 129 Thompson, Thomas Van ....75, 132, 212, 222, 223, 229, 437 Thorns, Robert Lee 56, 331, 344 Thomson, Billy Morris 310 Thomson, John R 179, 395 Thomson, Randall Dillon 107 Thomson, Richard Joseph Ill Thorn, Donald C 28 Thorn, Margaret Landers 107 Thornberry, S. Gardner . .56, 255, 346 Thorne, Florence Marie 239 Thorngren, Sally Jo 88, 365 Thornhill, Terrell 339 Thornhill, John Roland ..56, 112, 200 Thornhill, Max Eric 56, 198 Page 548 NAME Thornton, Challie Kathryn . Thornton, Dorothy Louise . . Thornton, Joseph Scott Thornton, Robert Barnes . . . 410, Thorp, Murph N., Jr Thurston, Arthur LeRoy Thurston, Wallace Bryan . . Thurlow, Thomas Neilson . . Thurman, William Horace . . Thurmond, George Murat . Tibiletti, Ralph Alphonse . . Tidwell, Carol Tidwell, Jack Quinn ...232, Tieken, Betty Louise ...56, Tighe, Charles Louis Tillery, Preston James ..56, Tillman, Bernice Martindale Timmerman, Dorothy Marie Tnnmerman, Elizabeth Ann Timmins, Robert Stone 417, 449 Timpa, Sammy Lee .... 107, Timpson, Helen Louise .... Timpte, Aurelia Theresa PAGES NAME PAGES NAME PAGES NAME .56, 124, .88, 509, ..88, 124, ' 318, .56, 437 319, 316, 343, 134, Tiner, Thomas Dwayne . . . Tinker, Douglas Tinker, Joel Tinkler, Dwight M Tinsley, John Russell . .56, 203, 223 Tinsman, Richard Earl ..75, 164, , 476, 254, . .75, 235, 352, 475 122, 247 253, Tippett, Patricia Ergeal . .75, 225, Tipton, Mary Margaret ..75, 242, Tirade, Terry Mac 88, 112, ' Tirk, Max Lee 107, 119, Tisdale, Samuel Cicero, Jr Titus, Donald Winston, Jr Tobin, Carolyn Lee 134, Tobin, Mrs. Edgar Tobin, Robert Lynn Batts ....124, Todd, Doyle Jackson 107, Toktar, Can Naci Toland, George Jefferson, Jr. . . 199, Tolar, Pat Mitchell ...232, 237, 335, 449, 452, 453, Tolar, Roger Lee ..322, 431, 449, Toler, Thomas H 88, Tolle, George Keith Tom, Joan Frances . . . Tompkins, Barbara Joan ....75, Tompkins, Frank Augustus . Tompkins, Pauline Theodora 251, 179, 238, ' 107, Tompkins, Shirley Jean Tomlinson, Glen C Tomlinson, Oren Harold Tomsu, Jerry Thomas ..245, 494, Toney, Barbara Ann Tonn, Elsworth Tonroy, Cheryl Joy 107, 341, Toole, Joel David 75, 195, Torikoglu, Bogos Toprac, A. Anthony Torres, Arturo Daniel 75, Torres, Bonner Frederick Torres, David 195, Totah, Sammy E Tottenham, John William ...416, Totz, Jon ....88, 195, 425, 485, Touchstone, Gifford Touchstone, John Nathaniel Tougan, Salwa Aref Towery, Robert Lindley ....199, 449, 479, Townley, John Mark 56, Townsend, Billy Alvin Townsend, Howard 325, Townsend, James Terrell ...107, Townsend, Oakley Cope Townsend, Robert Christian Townsley, Floyd Clifford Tracy, Carol Vivian Tracy, Patricia Ellen ...107, 217, Tracy, Robert Gene Traeger, Amalie Jean ..75, 339, Treeger, Bobby Carroll Trafton, William Forrest .56, 197, Tragerser, Ronald George Trahan, Donald Henry 56, 308, Trainer, Helen Lucile 250, Trammell, Cathey Sue ..56, 122, Trammel, Wash Bryan, Jr. ..107, Trant, William Michael 197, Tranthan, Almarie ..75, 113, 131, Trapani, Betty Lou Trautwein, Henry Page Trautwein, William Brailly ..172, Travis, Charles S 237, 453, Travis, Floyd John 88, 241, Travis, John Preston 245, Travis, John Warren Travis, Robert Falligant ....185, Travis, Robert Simeon Travis, Wayne Kenneth 56, 311, 333, Travland, Terence W 56, Traweek, Stella ..28 357 202 176, 510 .129 403 .176 175, 399 335, ,510 .417 .333 .500 389 331, 373 .405 346, 513 ..75 ..56 ..75 232, 477 428 367 333, 503 ..75 505 .475 .124 194, 509 256, 319 374 314, 504 428 412 . .88 ..88 365 ..13 409 200 310 .88, 417 322, 458 508 411 .185 .333 234, 371 430 107, 378 360 ..75 .417 505, 508 .359 .179 352, 503 318 .342 .117 403 .428 329 .333 511 487 .414 .415 .248 237, 480 445 .107 344 490 .428 .396 .125 .107 239 .245 385 .404 203 .178 175, 423 316 381 408 466 322 .113 .204 338 485 388 508 .251 413 .434 173, 338 241 .115 Traylor, Idris Thea, Jr 180 Treat, Burnett Forest 128 Trevino, Andreina Blanca ....56, 240 Trevino, Blanche Elaine 75 Trevino, Dorothy B 28, 329 Trevino, Olga Flores 248 Trezise, George Leo ..107, 199, 327 Trice, Lois Baird 123, 378 Trickey, Joe H 393 Trigg, M. Sue ....76, 126, 163, 212, 230, 231, 336, 385 Trimble, Lloyd C 128, 312 Triplet!, Peggy Joan 56,