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re ; M; ff i .i : I ! I I ..l L ( 1 1 I THE 1952 CACTU CHARLES H. PISTOR. Editor-in-Chief EUGENE P. MYRICK, Associate Editor JULIE LOCKMAN, Editorial Assistant GAL NEWTON, Business Director FRANKIE MAE WELBORN. Production Manager MARGUERITE FREEMAN. Assistant Production J. P. CROWE, Colm I ' ll. t. graphs (). V. KOEN STUDIOS. Portrait RONALD KNAUS. Plmu.eraphv i: l. M: ION. I ' holo iaphy WAI.I.AI ' F. KNOKAVIM, COMPANY. Kncravc, GULF PUBLISHING C:oMl ' NV. I ' .inifrs PUBLISHED BY TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATION: THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS. AUSTIN, TEXAS ONTENTS UNIVERSITY Administration Student ( iovemment Publications ( iraduates Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen ATHLETICS Intercollegiate Intramurals LIMELIGHT ACTIVITIES Fraternities Sororities Military Honoraries Features Fine Arts Dorms and Co-Ops Clubs Medical School FOREWORD Every year thousands of students pass through our 40 Acres, living and enjoying collegiate days which will remain among their very happiest memories in years to come. Our enrollment, like that of all universities, has felt the deep scar of war and world discontent. The incoming stream of freshmen, cut short by military requirements, could not possibly equal the exodus of veterans and graduates and enlisting upperclassmen and at times a noticeable lethargy settled over our great campus. But even so, in retrospect we see that this has been one of our finest and proudest years. And we soon learned how very impossible it was for us to capture completely the happi- ness and gratefulness of 12,000 students. If, in the many years distant, your enjoyment of the CACTUS increases as your memory of now familiar scenes and faces fade, then it will have served its first purpose for the yearbook differs from other publications in that the immediate objective is the distant future. If you have thrilled to your collegiate days aqua- planed on Lake Austin, picnicked at New Braunfels and Bull Creek, danced at the Country Club or the Tower, cheered for the Longhorns, griped at the quizzes, and in general had more fun than you ' ve ever had before then maybe the vast treasurehouse of memories within these pages will bring a smile back again when you recall your days at ole UT. GOVERNOR ALLAN SHIVERS PAGE 10 + i C 3jD W3e ? fe 5 n J toi- ' o i3 io e f S i : 0 c-i,. J -On ' e ' ' Oly, ee ' fl J %?. 5 e el L ift t ' tfte ifl . 1 J ' 0 R PAOE 11 Left to right: ROCKWELL, DARDEN, SEALY, VOYLES, PAINTER, WOODWARD, HART, WARREN, GATES, SWENSON, TOBIN. BOARD OF REGENTS Chairman D. K. WOODWARD, JR. Vice-Chairman DAVID M. WARREN WILLIAM E. DARDEN, Waco A. M. G. SWENSON, Stamford L. S. GATES, Center MRS. EDGAR TOBIN, San Antonio JAMES W. ROCKWELL, Houston CLAUDE W. VOYLES, Austin TOM SEALY, Midland PAGE 12 DEVELOPMENT BOARD Director Assistant Director HULON W. BLACK EDWARD W. SMITH BOARD GEORGE P. HILL, Chairman, Fort Worth J. R. PARTEN, Houston HINES H. BAKER, Houston ROBERT W. STAYTON, Austin L. H. CULLUM, Wichita Falls ROGER J. WILLIAMS, Austin J. A. ELKINS, Houston JAMES RALPH WOOD, Dallas JAMES P. HART, Austin ANGUS G. WYNNE, Dallas and Longview The University of Texas Development Board is designed to bridge a broad gap in the financing of a constantly expanding University program. It is composed of ten members, four of whom are named by the Executive Council of the Ex-Students ' Association and three by the Board of Regents. By invitation of these two establishing bodies, two members are elected by and from the general faculty. Each of these nine members i s named for a term of six years and is eligible for reappointment. The Chancellor of the University is a member ex officio. The purpose of the Board, stated simply, is to survey the needs of the University, to determine which of these needs will not be supplied either by appropriation by the Legislature or by income from the endowment, known as the Permanent University Fund, and to endeavor to finance these latter needs with funds from other sources. The Development Board was organized to meet the well-recognized need for an official agency to formulate and direct the efforts toward acquisition of gifts and endowments and to furnish consultative service to prospective donors. After a long period of planning, the Board was organized in May, 1938. The Director assumed his duties and opened the Board ' s office in December, 1939. The program got fully under way early in 1940. With direct responsibility to the Board of Regents, the Development Board works in close collaboration with the office of the Chancellor of the University, the other administrative offices, the ex-student gioup and the faculty, and is part and parcel of the University official family. The Board elects its own officers and names its staff. Its members serve without pay and without reimbursement of expenses incurred in attendance upon meetings or otherwise. Among the basic policies promulgated by the Board and approved by the Board of Regents are these: 1. The pursuance of a continuous, sustained effort toward the acquisition of gifts and endowments through a program of information and education without the use of what are commonly known as high-pressure methods. 2. The determination, with the collaboration and approval of the Board of Regents and the Administration, of the major needs of the University which it is hoped the efforts of the Board will fill. 3. The coordination of all gift-getting efforts of the University and the encouraging of the friends of the University, whether individuals, corporations, philanthropic foundations, or others, to channel their activities in this field thr ough the board and its agencies. , Left to right: STAYTON, SMITH, WOOD, HART, HILL, BAKER, BLACK, WYNNE. CARROLL D. SIMMONS V ice-Chancellor for Business and Finance Because of a long and very personal friendship with the late President Benedict, Mr. Simmons takes particular pleasure in the new building dedicated to Benedict ' s memory. That new build- ing program is a big job but that ' s a big man handling it. JAMES C. DOLLEY Vice-President, Main University Ah, hah! Could that be the vice-president of The University of Texas. The candid camera proves Dr. Dolley can relax as humanly as anyone else while he picks the flaws in the Wall Street Journal. I ADMINISTRATION - C. R. CRANBERRY Assistant to the Chancellor Mr. Cranberry and son Larry take time out from other sports to display one of the world ' s finest collections of arrowheads. Deeply interested in student affairs and progress, his sponsorship of Silver Spurs has contributed greatly to that group ' s growth. CHARLES H. SPARENBERG Auditor Effervescent Charlie relaxes with family Lucile, Susan, and Russ in their beautiful Vista Lane home. Watch that book technique closely, kids that ' s how poppa got to be a big wheel. FADE 14 HENRY Y. McCOWN Registrar and Dean of Admissions Pictured in front of his beautiful new home, genial Capt. McCown recalls a few of his salty tales while displaying an old sailing lamp from Gitmo, Cuba. His oldest son, Ted, is now serving as an ensign in Pacific waters. ' I tints mt list S Strut LEWIS LINDAHL Bursar Son Gary prepares to demonstrate to dad that his abilities as a flyfisherman are superior. We ' ll bet the whole family was glad to see a typical pose not at the safe door right? tow " ) 1 ARNO NOWOTNY Dean of Student Life Dean Shorty ' s dynamic interest in student affairs and tales of his days as UT ' s head cheerleader have kept him one of the perennial campus fa- vorites. The big grin is to fool you into thinking he ' s a successful deerslayer. DOROTHY GEBAUER Dean of Women The real southern lady, Miss Gebauer, remains uppermost in the hearts of UT coeds. Texy the cat thinks all this bail throwing for the camera is a lot of nonsense. And Butch admits it ' s lots of extra work. JACK HOLLAND Dean of Men Dean Jack sets out to prove to young ' uns Barbara, Darwin, and Jeffrey that the old story about " the only way a turtle makes progress is with his neck out " is true. And in his job, Jack wonders where all this fits in between the Greeks and Independents. CHARLES T. CLARK Director, Office of Non-Academic Personnel Another of the young and favorite administrative officials is Chuck Clark, here pictured trying to tame Buzz for the camera . . . looks as though Buzz and not-pictured daughter, Mary, would be enough besides all the professional work which Chuck handles everyday. PAGE 15 WILLIAM D. BLUNK Assistant to the Dean of Student Life The camera catches Dean Blank as he proudly records the progress of talented sons David and Dan. In addition to his day-unto-night job of governing extra curricular activities, he has re- cently won a citation for the most number of hours spent judging beauty contests. How about that, Mrs. Blunk? CARL V. BREDT Associate Dean of Student Life Another of the most popular officials, Carl ' s pa- tience in handling difficult student-housemother problems has paid off much good-will. He ' s mighty proud of Pat and Tex, who really deserve the credit for Carl ' s fine reputation as a hunter. He also referees many of the local basketball and baseball games for Austin High. : MARGARET PECK Assistant Dean of Women One of the indispensable assistants in the dean ' s office is Miss Peck. The camera apologizes for its poor ability to capture her wonderful personality which has made her a favorite, particularly with the Panhellenic Council. PEARL B. WALKER Assistant to the Dean of Women And here ' s our faithful Social Calendar OKer, taking a moment off from preparing the busy schedules of UT partygoers. Miss Walker really pitched into the big job this year since Miss Allison left the 40 Acres. JESSE EARL ANDERSON Assistant to the Dean of Women Likeable Miss Anderson pulls a McCarthy on us while stopping long enough to pose. The CAC- TUS is especially indebted for the time and work spent in helping to select the Outstanding Stu- dents and Bluebonnet Belles this year. Thanks a lot, Miss Anderson. 7 PACE 16 ttffc. wrtfl A Hn I iiimi i into. W nJ PAUL L. WHITE Director of the Student Health Center Dr. White trades the identifying white coat for a pair of GI ' s as he prepares to get that bed in shape. Now if everyone would feel as relaxed in front of the camera, what an easy job we ' d have. L. L. CLICK Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Click reviews local Austin events while relaxing in his library. He is associate dean of the largest college in the University. CHARLES W. ROBERTS, JR. Director, University Veterans ' Advisory Service Coordinator of Religious Activities Charlie takes time out from his four-fold activi- ties to re-coordinate the clock which 21-month old Diane disjointed. Besides being general handyman and inspiration to his proud family, Charlie also finds time to serve as MICA ' s advisor. JOE D. FARRAR Director, Student Employment Bureau Dale and Tooter come to poppa with their problems . . . and solving them is no problem after helping to place UT ' s graduates in posi- tions the country over. nits rill- U.- ALEXANDER MOFFITT University Librarian And patient Mr. Moffitt gets a terrific chuckle out of, " OK, Mr. Moffitt, how about telling us the first time you forgot your wife ' s anniver- sary. " He was probably thinking of those 990,- 617 volumes he ' s in charge of. PAGE 17 HELEN M. FLINN Assistant Dean of Women Miss Flinn joined Dean Gebauer ' s staff this year to co-ordinate and aid the dormitory ad- visors. Here she relaxes for the moment at her beautiful Lake Austin lodge. C. P. BONNER Dean, College of Arts and Sciences When it comes to the rights and wrongs of organs, you ' d better consult the expert who was here caught while tuning up the Cethseman Lutheran Church ' s fine organ. And as our pho- tographer learned, maneuvering in the 24-inch space between pipes is no easy trick unless you ' re built right in the right places. WILLIS RAYMOND WOOLRICH Dean, College of Engineering Dean Woolrich and granddaughter, Jo, have a big chuckle over the Theory of Hydrodynamics. Careful there, Jo, don ' t let him talk you into that engineering field; it ' s full of men! WILLIAM R. SPRIEGEL Dean, College of Business Administration What pose could be more typical for the popular after-dinner speaker, Bill Spriegel? Between his administrative duties and teaching, Dean Spriegel still manages to write texts in his field of management and to make several public ad- dresses each month. H l HARWELL HAMILTON HARRIS Director, School of Architecture Hah! Another one of those you-take-the-picture- while-I-take-the-picture shots. But Mr. Harris is no novice those films will be used for instruc- tional purposes in his design classes. LAURENCE D. HASKEW Dean, College of Education Setting an admirable example. Dean Haskew finds time from his rugged administrative sched- ule to teach Sunday School regularly. Here we peek in on his Bible Class at the University Methodist Church. PAGE 18 JAMES R. D. EDDY Dean, Division of Extension Mr. Eddy won ' t try to kid you he doesn ' t really build barbecue pits, work in his woodshop, and replace radio condensers while in a white shirt and tie. But he was just about to start a trip to Dallas this day, so we excused him from changing into his more natural working garb. ) ' into ALBERT PERLEY BROGAN Dean, Graduate School In copping with a broken leg, Dean Brogan soon learned to just take life easy with a good book. Since he ' s now " up and around " the prescription must have paid off. HENRY M. BURLAGE Dean, College of Pharmacy Uh, oh! Dean Burlage will shoot us for picturing his prize Welsh corgi with her ears down. The Dean ' s show dogs provide an interesting hobby for him as well as being wonderful pets. E. WILLIAM DOTY Dean, College of Fine Arts Ruth, Bill, Martha, and wife Elinor gather round for a bit of good old-fashioned fun and harmony. And who wouldn ' t expect excellent singing from such a talented group! ROBERT R. DOUGLASS Director, Graduate School of Library Science Mr. Douglass is at the helm of one of the only schools of Library Science in the nation. Here the camera catches him in a not-so-busy moment at home. PAUL J. THOMPSON Director, School of Journalism Looks as though Mr. Thompson has just finished giving the new Journalism building a quick once- over. Just think, if those transformers had come in, we could have all moved in March. PAGE KEETON Dean, School of Law I rfl) ' W in) ' " apt Well, when you ' ve got one of the greatest legal minds, it ' s probably OK to " exercise " with a power-mower. Anyway, the pose was good enough to get that genial Keeton grin. PACE 19 EX-STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION BYRON SKELTON President PAUL TRACY, JOHN A. McCURDY, Executive Secretary The Ex-Students ' Association is dedicated to a program of service to the University and to maintaining the ties that bind ex-students to each other and to the University. As a basis for its work it maintains files of all former students. These records cover the entire life span of ex-students and graduates and are used by all departments of the University, as well as by ex-students and student organizations. The character of its program activities make the Association an important public relations unit of the University. The Alcalde, University of Texas alumni magazine, is published monthly during the long session and constitutes an important medium of information. Texas-Ex Clubs are sponsored in all major towns and cities in the state and over the nation. The March Second tradition is an outgrowth of Association activity. The Annual Round-Up was started by the Association in 1930 as an occasion to bring exes, dads and mothers, and friends of the University back to the campus. It also furnishes a fine opportunity for cooperative effort between faculty, students and ex-students. The Association continues to assist in securing gifts, both large and small, for the University. This activity has resulted in the establishment of a number of loan and scholarship funds and a program of Annual Giving through which each ex is encouraged to make some gift to the University each year. PAGE 20 IN MEMORIAM Faculty Thomas E. Allday Edgar F. Bennett Colonel Frederic Allison Henney Edmund T. Miller Thad Weed Riker Students Margaret Virginia Endrcss Ross Johnson Douglas J. Kinser Joan Violet Shaw PAGE 21 PERRY DiVlb H i:A . ' CCUSOYS -Wi VJ- ' :.. fd.V VT y G%, ' .1Ttfi STt eCH? AXMSt CfSATC CXAHPICN PHi ,M .YOUR STUDENT PRtSIOEN ' 4 M;E -cur CHitr .USMCL JULIE LOCKMAN CCTUS tctroe H - " STUDENT GOVERNMENT AND STUDENT PUBLICATIONS STUDENT ASSOCIATION WALES MADDEN President The function of the Student Association is to provide a medium of expression for the opinions of the student body. The president serves as the presiding officer of the Student Assembly, as chairman of the Board of Directors of the Texas Union, and as a member of the Board of Directors of Texas Student Publications. In addition to succeeding to the presidency in case of emergency, the vice- president acts as chairman of all financial and appropriations committees of the Association and as chairman of the Social Calendar Committee. It is the secretary who compiles the yearbook of the Association and who performs numerous other duties of a secretarial nature. Wales Madden resigned in February and Wilson Foreman took over the duties of president. Cesare J. Galli was elected as the vice-president by the Assembly. WILSON FOREMAN Vice-President JEAN WESLEY Secretary FACE 24 STUDENT ASSEMBLY The Student Assembly is the legislative branch of the Student Association. The Assembly appoints committees to do research in many of the student activities. The three most active committees appointed this year are the International Council, the Grievance Committee, and the Forum Speakers Committee. Charles M. Berkey Donna J. Cameron Arts and Sciences Margaret V. Endress Gayle Garth William H. Hallman Sidney J. Siegel William J. Wright Business Administration Allan S. Quinn Stanley D. Rosenberg Adolph B. Simon Otho L. Crawford James W. Crow Jean Marie Edge Education Donna J. Cameron Otho L. Crawford Engineering James W. Crow Vernon L. Helmke Walter E. Tedford Fine Arts Jean Marie Edge Charlesa J. Wolfe Graduate Matti S. Al-Aish Charles M. Berkey Jerry R. Tucker Law Cesare J. Galli, Jr. Jesse K. Taylor Pharmacy Edward L. Hiller Margaret V. Endress Cesare J. Galli Gayle Garth William H. Hallman Vernon L. Helmke Edward L. Hiller Allen S. Quinn Stanley D. Rosenberg Sidney J. Siegel Jerry Y. Tucker Charlesa J. Wolfe William J. Wright PAGE 25 STUDENT COURT The Student Court is the students ' guarantee that the constitution will be respected by their elected representatives. The Court interprets the constitution, examines the books of campus organizations, decides on disputed elections, and can impel student officials to carry out the duties of their respective offices to the fullest extent. The Chief Justice also appoints the Election Commission. Chief Justice MORGAN COPELAND Associate Justices DOROTHY CAROLYN BUSCH MARGARET A. CROSBY JAMES A. LEONARD RUSH MOODY Dorothy Carolyn Busch Margaret A. Crosby James A. Leonard Rush Moody PAGE 26 TEXAS UNION Director C. C. JITTER NOLAN BOARD OF DIRECTORS Student Members WALES MADDEN, Chairman WILLIAM PARKER WILSON FOREMAN SIDNEY J. SIEGEL JOE BOB BETTIS JEAN WESLEY Ex-Student Members HERMAN JONES JOHN McCuRDY Faculty Members WILLIAM DAVID BLUNK DOROTHY GEBAUER C. C. JITTER NOLAN The Union Board has the entire responsibility for the supervision of the Union and all its activities. This includes all social, recreational, and eating facili- ties which are provided for the students ' benefit. Left to Right: BETTIS, WESLEY, McCURDY, BLUNK, FOREMAN, GEBAUER, SIEGEL, PARKER, NOLAN. PAGE 27 TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC. BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS WALES MADDEN CAL NEWTON HARRELL LEE JACK HOLLAND FACULTY MEMBERS CAL NEWTON,, Business Director of Student Publications HARRELL LEE,, Editorial Director of Student Publications THOMAS ANDREW ROUSSE, Professor of Speech DEWITT C. REDDICK, Professor of Journalism GRANVILLE PRICE, Associate Professor of Journalism OLIN E. HINKLE, Associate Professor of Journalism JACK HOLLAND, Dean of Men R. GOMMEL ROESSNER, Associate Professor of Architecture STUDENT MEMBERS WALES MADDEN, President of Student Association, Chairman of Board of Student Publications CHARLES PISTOR, Editor of The Cactus Russ KERSTEN, Editor of The Daily Texan ROWLAND WILSON, Editor of the Texas Ranger GERALD BRANDA, Assembly Representative DONNA CAMERON, Assembly Representative ROBERT A. GUDE, Assembly Representative THOMAS A. ROUSSE OLIN E. HINKLE CHARLES PISTOR DEWITT C. REDDICK ROWLAND WILSON GRANVILLE PRICE RUSS KERSTEN R. GOMMEL ROESSNER DONNA CAMERON GERALD BRANDA ROBERT A. GUDE PACE 28 TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC. BUSINESS STAFF Business Director . Editorial Director . Cactus Production Manager Office Manager Circulation Manager . Bookkeeper .... Cashier, Classified Manager Cactus Studio Receptionist Office Assistant Assistant Bookkeeper . Advertising Manager . Mail Clerks .... Switchboard Operator . Reference Department . GAL NEWTON HARRELL LEE FRANKIE MAE WELBORN MARY ARNOLD KENNETH ROBERTS CHARLES CHURCH MARGUERITE MIRAGLIA MARGUERITE FREEMAN DONNA MIRAGLIA Jo SLOAN MARY MARGARET FRAZIER GEORGE MOORE, THOMAS MAY, BOB CAMPBELL MARGUERITE BASQUETTE ELVA HILL MARY MARGARET FRAZIER FRANKIE MAE WELBORN ADVERTISING SALESMEN Forrest Ainsworth, Robert Fred Barling, Tom K. Barton, Jerry Ed Bishop, Hal Copeland, Paul Danner, John Houston De Priest, John Howard Fer- guson, Alton E. Ford, William Knight Foster, Patteann Hargis, James Lamar Hart, Walter A. Hogan, John Allen Kromas, Betty McBrayer, Charles Don- ald Marth, Robert Nash Pierce, Lem Porter, Gerald Rafshoon, Evelyn Barber Rubenstein, Sidney Siegel. MARY ARNOLD CHARLES CHURCH MARGUERITE FREEMAN JO SLOAN KENNETH ROBERTS MARGUERITE MIRAGLIA DONNA MIRAGLIA PAOE 29 THE 1952 CACTUS CHARLES PISTOR Editor-in-Chief GENE MYRICK Associate Editor JULIE LOCKMAN Editorial Assistant CHARLES PISTOR, Editor-in-Chief GENE MYRICK, Associate Editor SECTION EDITORS JULIE LOCKMAN, Editorial Assistant Administration Clubs . . . Dorms and Co-Ops Features . Fine Arts Fraternities Honor aries Index ... Layout ... Men ' s Intramurals Military . Photographer . Publications . Service Sororities Student Government Women ' s Intramurals ANGELICA STRASSMANN FRANCES SMITH JOYCE MILTON CHARLES RUSSELL CAROLYN WOODRUFF ROBERT H. WALKER SHIRLEY VAN WORMER JOANNA GENTRY DON LAWLER SIDNEY A. MARTELL SIDNEY A. MARTELL DAVID S. SILVERS RONALD KNAUS SARAH JANE WEEKS BESSIE MEEK JEAN KELLNER JANET JACOBS ELOISE MOORE PACE 30 THE 1952 CACTUS In every detail of the 1952 Cactus we have endeavored to present the yearbook exactly as the student body would edit it color predominates from the opening pages through the classes, limelight, and Greek sections; special effort was made to " dress up " the administration and class sections; the 1952 Belles are presented in vivid color; main divisions carry the theme of the Tower in black and white photography framed by color; and the theme again stands out boldly on an attractive blue and gold color. New layouts for the athletic section were designed to be striking. The subdivision pages were carefully planned to lend boldness and characterizations to the introduced sections. The Staff has worked long and hard to produce this collection of memories for you. Gene and Julie have been invaluable in performing their jobs to perfection and in keeping the staff running smoothly. The business staff, and especially Frankie Welborn, our production manager, have been graciously patient in advising and in correcting the faux pas of inexperience. We hope that you will approve of our efforts and that the 1952 Cactus will afford you many pleasurable days both now and in the future. ASSISTANT SECTION Administration Athletics Clubs .... Dorms and Co-Ops Fine Arts . Fraternities Honoraries Index .... Men ' s Intramural Military Service Sororities . Women ' s Intramurals EDITORS MARY ROSE BRADY JOHN A. KROMAS PAUL GREGORY JOYCE ANN KRENEK MARY ELIZABETH BYNUM BETTY HEROLD KENNETH E. EASTRIDGE RICHARD E. CURRY CAROLYN CULBERT ANN VENABLE JAMES F. GILBERT CLAIRE HIETT KAY MCKNIGHT CAROL HENDERSON STAFF ASSISTANTS Claude Allen Janice Bourdan Sally Capps Joan Drilling Jane Gautrcaux Pat Grogan Marilyn McVey Pat Martin Charles Ransdell Suzanne Sachs Wilma Sandel Top Row: CATER, GENTRY, GREG- ORY, JACOBS. Second Row: KELLNER, LAWLER, MARTELL, MEEK, MILTON, MOORE. Third Row: RUSSELL, SILVERS, SMITH, STRASSMANN, VAN WORMER, WALKER, WEEKS, WOODRUFF. PAOE 31 THE DAILY TEXAN Spring Russ KERSTEN BRAD BYERS MILDRED KLESEL MARJORIE CLAPP KEN TOOLEY . BETTY SEGAL . KEN GOMPERTZ JEFF HANCOCK JOE SCHOTT JOHNNIE HUMAN VERNON LEE . STAFF Editor Managing Editor Editorial Assistant News Editor Sports Editor Assistant Sports Editor . Society Editor . Amusements Editor Intramurals Co-Ordinator Exchange Editor Religious News Editor . Photographer Fall Russ KERSTEN BRAD BYERS MILDRED KLESEL Jo ANN DICKERSON AL WARD ORLAND SIMS BETTY SEGAL KEN GOMPERTZ JAMES D. MONTGOMERY JOE SCHOTT JOHNNIE HUMAN RONALD KNAUS RUSS KERSTEN, Editor-in-Chief TEXAN DAY EDITORS BRAD BYERS, Managing Editor Fall Claude Mounce Murdoch Darsey Johnnie Human Kelly Crozier Flo Cox Wayland Pilcher Spring Flo Cox Dorothy Campbell Johnnie Human Wayland Pilcher Claude Mounce Joel Kirkpatrick Anne Chambers TEXAN NIGHT EDITORS Fall Spring Anne Chambers Dorothy Campbell Robert W. Kenny Jim Cockrum Gene Dow Jo Ann Dickerson Bobby Newlin Gene Erlich Murdoch Darsey Barbara Rubenstein PAOE 32 THE DAILY TEXAN Under the new setup of divided authority between Editor and Managing Edito r, The Daily Texan strove to attain greater objectivity in its news coverage while pursuing an editorial course which lay closer to the thinking and needs of the students. Less frequent were the all-out crusades of some past years; in their place were more carefully calculated editorials which commended and gently guided as often as they lambasted, and a news policy which conscientiously reported the activities, large and small, of the student body and faculty. The economic pinch of decreased advertising revenue made necessary the smallest issues of recent years averaging about six pages per issue and thus called for a greater stress on brevity in news writing. In general, the 1951-1952 Texans seemed to have satisfied and pleased the majority of readers and contributors. STAFF ASSISTANTS Assistant Night Editors James Eager Peggy Lord William E. Morgan Phyllis Nibling Greta Nissen Robert N. Pierce Lem Porter Harold Warford Night Society Editors Sally Fielding Alice J. Fisher Ruth Hendler Gitta Lockenvitz Peggy Lord Martha McCarty Elizabeth McCary Marianne Morris Bettye Rawland M. Lucille Robertson Night Sports Editors Samuel Blair Gene Ehrlich Robert Halford Jeffery Hancock James D. Montgomery Joseph Mosby Howard Page Bettye Rawland Orland Sims Albert Ward Night Amusements Editors Carolyn Busch Nancy Conroy James Eager Peggy Lord William McReynolds Phyllis Nibling Robert N. Pierce Carlton Spring Jerry Wilson Copy readers Pat Bomar Carol Crenshaw James Dodd Philip Hall Bascom Nelson Gerald Rafshoon Helen Schafer Thomas V. Thompson Nancy Torrance Alan R. Williams Richard Williams Top Row: BREWER, CAMPBELL, CHAMBERS. Second ROOJ: CLAPP, COX, CROZIER, DARSEY, DICKERSON, DOW. Third Row: GOMPERTZ, HANCOCK, HUMAN, KELLY, KENNY, KIRKPATRICK, KLESEL, LEE. Fourth Row: MOUNCE, NEWLIN, PILCHER, RUBENSTEIN, SCHOTT, SEGAL, TOOLEY, WARD. FACE 33 TEXAS RANGER ROWLAND WILSON, Editor-in-Chief STAFF Editor Associate Editor Managing Editor Feature Editor Fiction Editor . Music Editor Art Director Art Editors Cartoon Editor Wittes ROWLAND WILSON BOBBY JONES ANN COURTER BARBARA RUBEN STEIN JENNILU KELLY DOROTHY CAMPBELL HARVEY SCHMIDT ROBERT BENTON CHARLES W. NELSON JOHN FRAZER Scrivener Count . JIM COCKRUM CHARLES JOSLIN Jo ANN DICKERSON MARTYN DE BEAUMONT BOBBY JONES, Associate Editor PACE 34 TEXAS RANGER The Ranger, under Rowland Wilson ' s guiding hand was filled this year with work by many talented and industrious students, and included productions varying from Rowland ' s usual Hairy Ranger to several articles written by English Count Martyn de Beaumont. Usually the first thing noticed about Rangers have been the covers, and this year they have been adorned with all sorts of things checks, stripes, poems, and University sweethearts. Two particularly unique covers were the " Man With the Hoe " on the November issue which was dedicated exclusively to our gentlemen farmers at College Station, and the richly gold- checked February issue which was in honor of spring in Austin. Always filled with pictures of beautiful gals, the Ranger scored a " first " this year by initiating in October the " Most Beautiful Pledge Contest, " which was, incidentally, the first beauty contest of the year. The emphasis of the Ranger was placed upon sheer humor instead of the usual exposes of past years. Conspiring with Wilson in the production of the 1951-1952 Ranger were Bobby Jones, Associate Editor; and Ann Courter, Managing Editor. JOSLIN KELLY BENTON RUBENSTEIN DE BEAUMONT TEXAS LAW REVIEW EDITORIAL STAFF Sitting: YOUNG, WRIGHT, HAZLEWOOD. Standing: BLACK, SCHILLER, MEYERS, SALEH, OWSLEY, STOOL, CHURCHILL. Editor-in-Chief Comment Editor Note Editor Legislation Editor . Book Review Editor Associate Editors . Associate Note Editors Faculty Advisor HARRY K. WRIGHT JACK C. HAZLEWOOD HAROLD W. YOUNG LEWIS A. SCHILLER RICHARD T. CHURCHILL MILLER W. MEREDITH ALVIN M. OWSLEY, JR. THOMAS B. BLACK JAMES R. MEYERS JOHNNY SALEH RICHARD L. STONE JOSEPH M. STOOL WILLIAM F. FRITZ EDITORIAL BOARD Thomas G. Gee Jerome H. Parker, Jr. Eugene Golden Raymond T. R. Tatum David J. Kreager, Jr. Robert E. Thornton Edward P. Woodruff, Jr. CANDIDATES FOR THE EDITORIAL BOARD Willie B. Allen, Jr. Daniel C. Arnold Robert E. Barnes Sloan Blair, Jr. Robert L. Blumenthal Marion O. Boner James W. Bowman Milas C. Bradford, Jr. William M. Cotton Lawrence M. Coughlin B. Jean Dalby James A. Doherty Donald Eastland Fletcher H. Etheridge Edward R. Finck, Jr. W. St. John Garwood, Jr. Robert K. German Natalie F. Hegdal Harry W. Hugly Jerry W. LeMond Jerry F. Lyons Andrew K. McColpin Robert D. McGee Jackie L. McMicken Joseph D. Meroney Tom Rush Moody, Jr. Robert E. Moore Carl G. Mueller, Jr. D. Dean Patton Carl R. Runge, Jr. Billy Don St. Clair Robert L. Steely James Donald Stillwell Alfred H. Summers Charlotte A. Tonroy Harry B. Townsley, Jr. James Peter Williams J. Charles Zbranek Front Row: Gee, LeMond, Meyers, Young, Wright, Saleh, Schiller, Stool, Churchill, Hazlewood. Second Row: Black, Owsley, St. Clair, Dalby, Tatum, Hegdal, Blair, Garwood, Boner, Moore. Third Row: Arnold, Patton, Eastland, Kreager, Steely, Stillwell, Hugly, Etheridge, Williams. Fourth Row: Barnes, Meroney, Finck, Golden, Woodruff, Mueller, Tonroy. PAGE 36 TH I , GRADUATES AND SENIORS ADAMS, ROZWELL SAM, Daisetta Advertising, Marketing ASHWORTH, EDWIN THOMAS, Victoria Geol ogy, KA. I1AE, American Association of Petroleum Geologists BAILFA " , ROYCE HERBIE, Jacksonville Finance. AK , BSU, Young Republicans, Assembly, American Finance Association, Graduate Club BALDWIN, CLARENCE J., JR., San Antonio Electrical Engineering, A fi, +HS, HKN, TBH, AIEE, Wesley Foundation BENSON, BEVERLY LOUISE, Galveston Educational Psychology, X BERKEY, CHARLES M.. San Antonio Industrial Management, 4 FA, SIE, Assembly, Cowboys, Student Council BREWER. OLAN RAY, Mt. Vernon Journalism, SAX, MICA, Hogg Debate, Cowboys, Daily Texan, Theleme BROWN, RODNEY L., Tomball Accounting, BA , AFROTC, Arnold Air Society BROWN, WILLIAM ANDERSON, Corpus Christi Chemistry, TKE BUCY, J. FRED, JR., Brownfield Physics BUTTERY, DOROTHY ALICE. San Angelo Zoology, Bacteriology, Cap and Gown, Presbyterian Student League BYERS, BRAD, Kilgore Journalsm, SAX, 1 ' exan Managing Editor, A Cappella Choir, Grassroots Press Club, Goodfellow CLARK, BURL LYNN, JR., Baytown Geology COOK, HAZEL GAECKLER, Belton Bacteriology COOKE, CLAUDE E., JR., Kilgore Physics CRAWFORD, OTHO L., Grand Prairie Educational Psychology, AKA, X, Theleme Co-Op CRAWFORD, ROBERT FIELDS, Austin Zoology, 4 2K DAVIS, MORGAN J., JR., Houston Geology, AKE DAVIS, WATERS SMITH, League City Journalism, B0II, SAX, Daily Texan, Teaching Fellowship in Journalism DIAZ-RISA, IGNACIO, Del Rio Educational Psychology, Alba Club, American Speech and Hearing Association DIBRELL, RAYMOND ALLEN, JR., Weslaco Pure Mathematics DICKSON, JOHN B., Longview History, Anthropology, Westminster Student Fellowship, Curtain Club DISMUKES. BARCLAY WOODARD, Woodville Psychology, S t E EASLEY, DAVID LEIGH, McComb, Miss. Psychology, X FEDDERSEN, WILLIAM ELTON, LaMarque Experimental Psychology, X, Graduate Assistant FERNANDEZ, MARIA, Havana, Cuba Spanish, Newman Club, International Club FORRESTER, JOHN STANLEY, New York, N. Y. Chemistry FRANCIS. JAMES ORVAL, Texico, N. Mex. Chemical Engineciing, SX, AIChE, American Chemical Society FREEZIA. CHARLES A., Commerce Architectural Engineering, 2N, Ramshorn, AAAE. FRENCH, JIMMY KARAL, Hamlin Pure Mathematics GAMBLE, ROGER LAWSON, Louisville, Ga. Physics GLAZE. KATHLEEN ADELE. Austin Commercial Education, AOII, ITA9, Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Graduate Club PACE 40 GOODRUM, BILLY REU, Albuquerque, N. Mex. Accounting, BSU GOUNILI, ABOLHASSAN, Tehran, Iraq Education, Foreign Students Club GUELICH. RICHARD HUGO, Snyder Economics, ATQ, A Q HALLFORD, BEN RAY, Dallas Electrical Engineering, IRE HAYNES, STEWART, JR.. Port Arthur Chemical Engineering, SXE, MICA, AIChE, American Chemical Society HONEYCUTT, JERRY M., Hawkins Chemistry, A2 , A Q, American Chemical Society JAGODA, SAMUEL, Fort Worth Zoology, Research, EAE JENTSEH, RALPH MARVIN, Flcrrsville Accounting, AZFI JONES, ROBERT A., Alice Marketing, Z E KATZ, FENTON S., El Paso Music Education, i MA, Symphonic Band, ROTC, University Symphony Orchestra, Madrigal Society KIRKLEY, JOANNE, Austin Nutrition KOCATAS, M. BABUR, Turkey Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Turkish Club, International Council, Thelemc KRAUSE, ERWIN K., San Antonio Geology, ITE, 4 H2, American Association of Petroleum Geologist, Fault- Finders, MICA, Sa n Antonio Club, Intramurals KWONG, PAK CHU, Hong Kong, China Architecture LAKE, JOHN WOOD, Rosebud Social Welfare, American Association of Economic Entomology, Texas Academy of Science, Student Association of Social Workers LING, T. DAVID, Austin Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Mathematics, A4 Q, BK, ZFE, 23, TBII, AIChE. AIME, Chinese Student Association, Cowboys, Ramshorn, International Council, Theleme LOVE, MARY MARGARET, Dalhart Social Work, A , NAX , Panhandle Club, Bar Association, Student Social Workers Association, International Council, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee LYBARGER, DAVID DEAN, Beaumont Petroleum Engineering, TBII, ZFE, Oak Grove, Texas Petroleum Research Committee, AIME. Ramshorn, Inter-Club Athletic Association, Inter-Co-Op Council, Southeast Texas Club McFALL, CLINTON CAREW, San Antonio Geology, IIKA, ZI ' E, Silver Spurs, Christian Science Organization McMAKIN, LAWRENCE E., Houston Chemical Engineering, K, AIChE MALLAN, JEAN, Austin Zoology MANGER, FERDINAND H., St. Louis, Mo. Architecture, American Institute of Architects MILLS, MARGARET, Caldwell Music, ZAI MILSTEAD, WILLIAM W., Houston Zoology MORRIS, NORMA JEAN, Fort Worth English, AXS2, Bow and Arrow, Sidney Lanier, Disciples Student Fellowship MOUTON, JACKSON CHARLES, JR., Beaumont Industrial Management, KA, ASHVE, ASME, Ramshorn MURRAY, JOHN OWEN, San Antonio Business Statistics, American Statistical Association NEWMAN, ARTHUR ORIN, JR., Brownwood Chemical Engineering, AZ f , KK , TBH, OXE, Ramshorn, Long- horn Band, AIChE NEWTON, CLARENCE JONATHAN, Edinburg Physics, 4 BK, ZI12, 12, American Physical Society OLIVARD, LOIS CLAIRE, Mesquite History, T B, AAA, BK, Orange Jackets, UTSA Council, Bow and Arrow, Westminster Student Fellowship, Upperclass Advisor OZULU, MEHMET, Turkey Electrical Engineering PARSONS, ELIZABETH, Dallas Home Economics, ON, T B PAGE 41 PF.RRY. ROBERT HOOD. JR., Waco Chemistry, i AT, Ii, American Chemical Society PICKETT. JOHN ROBERT, Kenedy English, K p ' . ' v TT.IFF, ROBERT H., JR., Colorado City .. Law. Acacia RAY NORWIN GEXE, Dallas Psychology, TA . H1. lAII. Hillel RED, WILLIAM S., Houston Latin-American Studies, l.runininrs. Fi.uivn I rade Club, Graduate Club, Nuevo Laredo Club REIERSON. CURTIS CALVIN, Waco Business Administration and Economics ROBERTS, I. CLAUDE, Huntsvillr History, -t-AO, TllA ROBINETT, RICHARD LEE, Amarillo Public Administration and Law. ' f ' K ' l ' , Panhandle Club Rusk, Pro-Law Society RUIZ, EUGENIA D ' ACOSTA, Puerto Rico Social Work, Student Association of the School of Social Work, Texas Soc Welfare, Texas Society of Mental Hygiene, American Association of Social Workers RUTLEDGE, ERNESTINE ANN, Mexia English SANDBERG, MAXINE S., Texarkana, Ark. History SCHIER, T. KEITH, Houston Finance, SAIT, BBA SIMMONS. HAROLD C., Austin Economics, t BK SMYER, JOE PATE, Jourdanton History, Government, Acacia, A0 STANDLEE, ROBERT GRAVES, Fort Worth Accounting, BA ' i ' STOKES, RUSSELL A., Preston, Miss. Pure Mathematics STREETMAN, JOHN ROBERT, Austin Physical Chemistry, BSU, University Chess Club SUMRALL, CARROLL B., JR., San Antonio Physical Education, S E, PEM Club SWEENEY, ROBERT BOYCE, San Antonio Accounting, EPS, IE, ASH, San Antonio Club TAYLOR, BARBARA JAYNE, Eagle Lake Education, A S2, 1TA TEKELI, CANDAS S., Turkey Mechanical Engineering, Turkish Club, ASHVE, IRE THOMPSON, SOPHUS A., Dallas Civil Engineering TUCKER, JERRY REED, Beaumont Educational Administration, IV Assembly TURER, M. OZCAN, Izmir, Turkey Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Turkish Club URAY, FIKRET, Istanbul, Turkey Mechanical Engineering, ANA, Turkish Club, ASHVE WALCOWICH. BOBBY LEE, San Antonio Advertising, AA, Varsity Golf, T Association WALLACE, JAMES LAWRENCE, Houston Accounting and Personnel Management, A Cappella Choir WARD, STANLEY HERBERT, Alberta, Canada Chemical Engineering, $AT, J2XE WILDER, CHARLES, Hereford Chemistry WILLIS, JAMES FREDERICK, Victoria Economics WILSON, LOWELL CLARK, Huntsville Government, nr.M, A Q YEAGER, MARIAN RUTH, San Antonio Music Education, SAI, IIKA PAOE 42 ; A AARDAL. OLIVER JOHN, Amarillo Accounting, HA ABEL, MARGARET ELLEN, Riesel Chemistry, I2II, Pierian, American Chemical Society ADAMS, FRANCES, Rails Art ADAMS, JIMMY B., Corpus Christi Geology, KA, Fault Finders ADAMS, NELLIE JO, Jewell English, KAll. Bluestockings, Spooks, Pierian AGNEW, BOB G., Ballinger Petroleum Engineering, FA, AIME AGNEW, EMILY ANN, Auslin English, AAA, Pierian, Women Voters ALBRECHT, STEVE M., Edinburg Engineering Route to Business Administration, Mariners Club, Scabbard and Blade, NROTC ALCORN, CHARLES WILLIAM, JR., Housion Geology, KS AL-HIMYDRY, JAFAR S. H., Baghdad, Iraq Mechanical Engineering ALLEN, FRANK CAMPBELL, Corpus Christi Personnel Management, KA, YMCA ALLEN, LQY F., Jacksboro Petroleum Engineering, AIME ALLEN, NANCY SUE, Corpus Chrisli Government, F i B, Women Voters, Young Republicans ALLEN, NEIL T., JR., Auslin Sociology, Curtain Club, Steer Here, Rally Committee AL-QAYSI, HAMEED, Basrah, Iraq Economics, Arab Students ' Association ANDER, LLOYD J., Round Top Elementary ' Education, South Central Texas Club ANDERSON, CARROLL OLIVER, Austin Engineering Route to Business Administration, Society for the Advancement of Management, Longhorn Band ANDERSON, HENRY ALVAH, JR., San Antonio Radio Broadcasting, A iB, Radio House, Radio Guild, MICA, Campus Guild ANDERSON, JOHN LOUIS, Jourdanton Accounting, AK , BA , MICA ANDERSON, MARILYN NIEL, Corpus Christi Home Economics, r IB, Home Economics Club, Women Voters ANDERSON, WILLIAM LESLIE, Burleson Pharmacy, TPhA, APhA. ANGUISH, ERNEST WALTER, JR., Midland Business Administration, Geology, AK k, AIME, Fault Finders ARANT, CHARLOTTE, Greenville Plan II, AAH, Sidney Lanier, Women Voters, BSU ARMSTRONG, ALICE JOAN, San Antonio Clothing, Textile Costume Design, XO, Charm Committee, Newman Club, Home Economics Club ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM DONALD, Lubbock Finance, A$Q, AK 1 ! ' , I K, American Finance Society, Rally Committee ARONSON, JEANNE, Waco Sociology, A E, Hillel, Cap and Gown ARRANT, RAY COLEMAN, Hico Accounting ARTERBURN, HAROLD EUGENE, Fort Worth Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS ATKINS, BILLY J., Temple Psychology, X AUSTIN, GENE MARION, Tyler Geology AUSTIN, MARGARET ANNE, Dallas Plan II, AAA, 1AII, Sidney Lanier, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor AUTRY, DOROTHY OLIVE, Dallas Education, English, F4-B, Z H, Speech Club, Canterbury Club, Dallas Club PAGE 43 BABITZKE, ERNEST H., Canadian Petroleum Engineering, A fi, AIME BAILEY, JAMIE LEE, Freeport Home Economics, Teacher Education, 11A6, ON, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown BAIN, EVA LOIS, Kenedy Home Economics. Teacher Education, Home Economics Club, BSU, Upperclass Advisor, Cap and Gown BAIRD, NIVEN JAMES, Houston Personnel Management, SK, AK , Varsity Swimming BAKER, VIRGINIA, Houston Elementary- Education, ACE, House Chairmen ' s Council, Girls Glee Club, WICA BALE, RICHARD H., Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering BALL, LEWIS EDWIN, Huntsville Finance, I KZ, A f S2, American Finance Association BALL, WILBUR A., Berclair Education BALLARD, RICHARD LEWIS, Crowell Bacteriology BANKS, ROBERT L., Cairo, 111. Accounting BANNER, BARBARA JEAN, El Paso English, XO, Bluestockings, Cap and Gown, ACE, Upperclass Advisor BANSPACH, EUGENE FRED, JR., San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ASME BARNS, IRMA LEE, Pampa Business Administration BARNS, LEWIS WAYNE, Pampa Mechanical Engineering, Panhandle Club, ASME, ASHVE, Intramurals BARTELS, HELENE A., Taft Bacteriology, Al ' A, Westminster Student Fellowship, Inter- Varsity Student Fellowship, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board BAXTER, RALPH MARCUS, Kenedy Civil Engineering, ASCE BEAIRD, PATRICK STOKLEY, Dallas Geology, K2 BEAL, VAUDINE, Baytown Philosophy, A Cappella Choir, Wesley Foundation BECKER, JOHN GREENLEAF, JR.. San Angelo Business Administration, A 1 !2, NAXIT, Assembly, West Texas Club, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, Disciples Student Fellowship BECKER, MARY JOAN, San Antonio Elementary Education, AXO, ACE, San Antonio Club, Newman Club, Women Voters, Reagan BEHN, EUGENE ALBERT, Beaumont Chemical Engineering, AIChE BEHN, ROBERT ALAN. Beaumont Chemical Engineering, 12XE, AIChE BELL, CAROLYN, Houston Spanish, A$, 2AIT, Pierian, Women Voters, BSU, Bow and Arrow . BELL, CHARLES DOUGLAS, Dallas Zoology, Pre-Medical BELL, JOE M., Longview Business Administration, I E, East Texas Club BELLOWS, BETTY, Arlington Chemistry, Cap and Gown BENGTSON, HARRY LENOX, JR., Austin Banking and Finance, AK , Varsity Baseball, T Association BENSON, MARJORIE ANN, Corpus Christi Home Economics, A AIT, Home Economics Club, Westminster Student Fellowship BERGLUND, LOIS LILLIAN, Houston Music, WICA, Lutheran Student Association, Cap and Gown, University Singers BERKMAN, JANET LU, Austin Child Development, AAA, Home Economics Club, Women Voters, Austin Club, ACE, Steer Here BERRY, PEGGY RUTH, Paris Home Economics, Teacher Education, Cap and Gown. Home Economics Club BIDDY. NETTIE ANN, Fredericksburg Physical Education PAGE 44 BIGGS, JAMES BRYAN, Amarillo Economics, IK V I BILBREY, DON G., Wichita Falls IVitiileum Engineering, -I ' K BINTLIFF, C. McCLURE, Houston Business Administration, IN, Cowboys, Head Yell Leader BITSIS, NICK C., San Antonio Accounting, BA , MICA BLISS, FRANCES CLAIRE, Austin Business Administration, A4 BLUDWORTH, CHARLES ESTILL. San Angelo Zoology, AKE, i ' HI, AKA, Varsity Tennis, T Association, NROTC, Friars, Distinmiished Military Student Atlanta BLUESTEIN, ED, JR., Atlan Business Administration, Plan I, OS BLUMENTRITT, ROSS BRUCE, Houston Business Administration, HM ' , AM2, tXH, Wesley Foundation, T Association BOHLMANN, ORA MONA, Schulenburg Home Economics, Teacher Education, AXSi, South Central Texas Club, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Women Voters BOLDRICK, SAMUEL NEILL, JR., Fort Worth Economics, KS BOLLINGER, BETTY YOLANDE, Alice Business Administration, AZ, BBA, Newman Club BOLTON, JULIA-ALVA, Dallas Spanish, Curtain Club, Eulenspeigelverein BOND, RAYMOND EARL, Pasadena Electrical Engineering, AIEE BONNEY, H. JERRY, San Antonio Personnel Management, ZAE BOOTH, BETTY ANDERSON, Shelbyville Music Education, 2AI, Glee Club, University Singers, Opera Workshop BOSSOM, EDWARD G., Harlingen Finance, American Finance Association BOSWELL, SAM PENN, San Bcnito Accounting, BA , 4 HJ;, ATA BOSWELL, VIVIENNE E., Fort Worth BOWERS, JANET, Seguin Education, XS2 Business Administration, AAA, IE, AAA, Cap and Gown BOWMAN, CHARLES RICHARD, Marfa Physics BOYCE, THOMAS H., JR., Donna Mechanical Engineering, Rio Grande Valley Club BOYD, AUSTIN WALKER, Eureka Chemistry BOYD, CRAWFORD FRANKLIN, Glen Flora Business Administration, TLOK, Tejas Club, Wesley Foundation BOYD, FRANCES, Glen Flora Physical Education, A All, PEM, Women Voters BOYD, GINGER, Tyler Applied Art, AT, Art Students Association, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Grievance Committee BRADEN, WALTER ANTHONY, JR., Nada Government BRADY, BETTY JANE, Amarillo Elementary Education, AAII, ACE BRANDA, GERALD E., Port Arthur Architecture. AXA, Newman Club, Assembly, ASME, Publications Board BRELSFORD, WILLIAM MOORE, Tyler Petroleum Geology BRENTS, WALKER ALLEN, JR., Fort Worth Foreign Lancuaijes, AXA, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, Czech Club, Young Republican Club, Eulenspeigelverein BREWER, ROBERT PAINE, San Antonio Geology, f A0, Wesley Foundation BRICKHOUSE, J. EARL, Beaumont Zoology ?952 PAGE 45 BRIENT, SAMUEL JOHN, El Paso Physics, BSU, AIEE BRIGGS, TOMMIE RUTH, Paducah Education, ZTA BRITSCH, MARJORIE ANN, Hondo Secretarial, BBA, Lutheran Student Association BROCK, HARRY JOE, Olney Applied Art, Wesley Foundation BROUSSARD, RICHARD JULES, Beaumont Industrial Management. XX, Af0 BROWN, EDWARD JAMES, San Antonio Civil Engineering, ASCE, Swimming BROWN, MARION LOUISE, Oakland, Calif. French, WICA BROWN, ROBERT STOREY, Newgulf Chemistry, A3 S?, Westminster Student Fellowship BROWN, ROYCE NOLAN, Fredericksburg Mechanical Engineering, FITS, TBII, ASME, MICA, Lutheran Student Association BROWN, SARA LYNETTE, San Benito Bacteriology, iAII. Westminster Student Fellowship, Touche BROWNING, DAVID G., JR., Dallas Business Administration, X, Varsity Swimming, T Association BRUCE, DAN A., Tyler Transportation, 4 KS, Cowboys, International Council, Student -Faculty Relations Committee, Grievance Committee BRUNER, GORDON CARL, Fort Worth Government, A S2, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society BRYSON, HORACE E., Corsicana Business Administration, ASH BUCEK, HELEN LANELLE, Schulenburg Home Economics, Teacher Education, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Sidney Lanier, South Central Texas Club, Glee Club,, Strike and Spare, University Symphonic Band BUDD, OTIS TOM, San Antonio Physical Education, PEM, T Association BULLEN, JEANNE, Houston Home Economics, AAII, ON, Sidney Lanier, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown BULLOCK, MALCOLM D., Dallas Finance, AKE, ROTC BULLOCK, NEDDIE JANE, Bryan Art Education, 118 , Pierian BUNTON, KATHERYN LEIGH, Maria Pure Mathematics, KKf, West Texas Club BURCH, PHOEBE CAROLE, Austin Home Economics Plan I, AXS2, Cap and Gown, Tumle, Orchesis BURKHALTER, BETTY BEA, Amarillo Plan II, KA0, Pierian, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee BURKS, JOHN CLINT, Austin Civil Engineering, Westminster Student Fellowship BURSON, JAMES E., Houston Architectural Engineering, A4 2, Longhorn Band BURTON, JOE D., Corpus Christi Civil Engineering, OX, ASCE BUSBY, ROY A., Dilley Marketing BUSCH, D. CAROLYN, Baytown Journalism, f B, Student Court, Orange Jackets, Assembly, Daily Texan, Women Voters, Sidney Lanier, Round-Up BUTCHERS, BARBARA ANN, Falls Church, Va. Personnel Management, TIE, BBA BYARS, HARRY GENE, Fort Worth Chemical Engineering, MICA, AIChE, Wesley Foundation BYERLEY, LEON GEDDIS, JR., Midland Geology, X, AIME, Fault Finders BYERS, CARL R., Austin Real Estate and Insurance BYERS, RONALD JEROME, Austin Geology PAGE 46 CARRINGTON, PAUL DzWITT, Dallas Eonomics, AKE, Cowboys, Scholastic Integrity Committee, Discipline Committee CARROLL, JAMES W., Baytown Industrial Engineering CARTER, TAMES EDWARD, Pharr Philosophy, f H2:, Wesley Foundation CARTER, WELDON H., Dallas Romance Languages, AH2 CARVAJAL, JOHN LOREN, El Paso Chemical Engineering, AXA, AIChE, Scabbard and Blade, NROTC CASTRO, RUBEN, San Antonio Pharmacy, APhA, TPhA CATER, PATSY JOAN, Baytown Music, AXS2, M iE, Panhellenic Council, Assembly, Sweetheart Nominee, Cactus, Orange Jackets, Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Sidney Lanier, Newman Club, Army Sponsor, Co-Ed Assembly CELAYA, MARIA DEL CARMEN, Brownsville English, XQ, Sidney Lanier CHADWELL, NANCY ANN, San Antonio Elementary Education, AAA CHAI, HI-CHANG, Seoul, Korea Mechanical Engineering CHAMBERS, ANNE, Corpus Christi Economics, 92 i , Mortar Board, Great Issues Course, Daily Texan, Canterbury Club, International Council, Orange Jackets, Varsity Debate, World Relatedness Commission CHAPMAN, HENRY ALVAN, Dallas History, K CHAPMAN, MILDRED SUE, San Antonio Home Economics, Child Development, AT, Home Economics Club, Swing and Turn CHARLIER, JUNE ELLEN, Austin English, AP CHESNICK, SALLY ANN, Victoria Business Administration, A E, DBA, ZIE, Upperclass Advisor, Mortar Board CHESTER, DANIEL ALLENBY, Austin Zoology, ITKA, Lutheran Student Association CHRISTIE, WILLIAM PRESTON, JR., Dallas Marketing, SN, Dallas Club CISNEROS, LUCILA MINERVA, Brownsville Spanish, 2AII, Westminster Student Fellowship CLARK, JAMES TRACY, Houston Business Administration CLARK, SHIRLEY BURKE, Wichita Falls Spanish, KKT BYNUM, SUZANNE ELIZABETH, Baytown Home Economics, Interior Decoration, A ' l 1 , Newman Club. Home Economics Club, Tri-C ' ity Club CAIN, CHARLES RAYMOND, Hallsvillr Zoology CALDWELL, MARGARET ANNE, La Feria Music Education, ATX LAI. University Sinircrs, Poona, Rio Grande Valley Club CAMERON, ELIZABETH ANN, San Antonio Interior Decoration CAMPBELL, HARVEY A., Tyler Chemical Engineering, TBII, QXE, AT, MICA, Newman Club, AIChE, Ramshorn CAMPBELL, JANE, Nixon Education, AAFI, South Central Texas Club, Women Voters CANTU, EMILIO, JR., San Antonio Architectural Engineering, AAAE, Ramshorn CANTU, ERASMO, San Antonio Architectural Engineering, AAAE. Ramshorn CARDIFF, HAL VICTOR, Katy Architectural Engineering, AAAE CARLSON, BARBARA ANN, Pampa Elementary Education, AXQ, ACE, Reagan. Women Voter CARMAN, DELORES, Houston Physical Education, AXS2 PEM Club. Strike and Spare, UTSA, Houston Club CARR, SELIG H., San Antonio Business Administration, 1AM. Silvt-i Spins. Vsemblv CLIFT. ROBERT I., Austin Industrial Management, A+0. AH . AIChE, ASME, American Management Association. American Finance Association CLIMER, JAMES DONALD, Lampasas Drama, Curtain Club COBB, SANDRA RHEA, San Antonio Home Economics, AX9, ON, Women Voters, Talent Committee, Tumle COFFEY, DORIS JENELLE, Austin English COLBOURNE, RICHARD KAY, Morocco, Ind. Business Administration, ZN COLE, MARGARET EVELYN, Roscoe Plan II, Women Voters, Glee Cl ub, Curtain Club, Uppcrclass Advisor COLE, SAMUEL WARREN, JR., Beggs, Okla. Engineering Route to Business Administration, MICA, Society for Advancement of Management COLLINS, MARTHA JANE, Houston Art Education, AXS2, Spooks COLLINS, PEGGY JOANNE, San Antonio Elementary Education, ITA9, Cap and Gown, Westminster Student Fellowship, ACE, Bluestockincs COLLINS, THOMAS J., San Antonio Radio Broadcasting, Radio Guild COLQUITT, JAMES ALFRED, Waskom Education, MICA CONERLY. MARYO, San Angelo Elementary Education, AXS7 CONLON, DONNA, Beverly Hills, Calif. Sociology, Tee Club, Newman Club COOK, CAROL, Houston Radio Broadcasting, AZ, Forensica, Radio Guild, Panhellenic COONS, WILLIAM RAY, JR., Victoria Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Newman Club, Mariners Club, NROTC CORONADO, JOSE RICARDO, Benavides Pre-Medical COROVINIS, LOLA, Victoria Sociology, Radio Workshop, VICA, Cap and Gown, Spooks CORRIGAN, MARY ALYCE, Laredo Elementary Education, AX2, Newman Club, Laredo Club Forty Acres Follies COSTLEY, F. ANNETTE, Baytown English, T B, Women Voters, Wesley Foundation COUFAL, JERRY LUMIR, Fayetteville Mechanical Engineering, MICA, South Central Texas Club, ASME, ASHVE, Czech Club COURTER, VIRGINIA ANN, Fort Worth Journalism, AFA, 64 , Mortar Board, Sidney Lanier, Daily Texan, Texas Ranger, Cap and Gown Council, University Symphony, T.D.N.A., Interchip Winner COWDEN, ALMA FAYE, Midland English, KKT, Ashbel, Cap and Gown COWDEN, MARYLEE, Midland English, KKF, Ashbel COX, BOB EDGAR, Beeville Drama Education, Forty Acre Follies, Curtain Club, Westminster Student Fellowship COX, JAMES W., Austin Engineering, Structural Design COX, KEITH, Austin Accounting, BA4% A fi, Lutheran Student Association, Union Music Committee COX, VIRGIL TRUETT, Dallas Accounting, BA CRAHAN, JOHN BYRON, JR., Baytown Social Science, English CRAIG, A. JOANN, Arlington English CRAIN, MARVIN G.. Dallas Petroleum Engineering, AIME CRAWFORD, JOHN DUNLAP, Dallas Business Administration, ARE, Varsity Swimming, All-American 1951, T Association CREE, WILLIAM RICHARD, Pampa Geology, G3v PAGE 48 CRITKS, CAROLYN, Houston Elementary Education, ZTA, ACE, Canterbury Club CROQM, SAM GASTON, Houston V . " iinting, A MJ, Cowbms MOMMUM Club, Freshman ( hinitation (lotinril CROSBY, MARGY, Del Rio Zoology, IIB , Tee Club, YWCA, International Council CROW, JAMES WALTER, Austin Architecture, AE , Austin Club CROW, JOHN T., Muleshoe Business Administration, Acacia, ROTC CULPEPPER, R. C., Austin Pharmacy CUNNINGHAM, CHARLES EDDY, Fort Worth Engineering Route to Business Administration, AKK, Arnold Air Society CUNNINGHAM, GLORIA ANN, Dallas Elementary Education, AOIT, ACE CUNNINGHAM. RICHARD GEORGE, Amarillo Civil Engineering, K , ASCE CURTIS, IRMA DEANE, San Antonio English, Cap and Gown CUSENBARY, CHARLES LEE, Sonora Economics, ATA DALBY, B. JEAN, Austin Law, AAH, KBH, ASP, IIIA, A8, Mortar Board. Oian e Jackets, Varsity Debate, Forensica, Oratorical Association. Sidney Lanier, Women Voters, Co-Ed Assembly. University Bar ASMX union. Associate Justice, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Goodfellmv, Texas Law Review, .Quizmaster D ' ARCY. DONNA LOUISE, Stcphenville Business Administration, BBA, Q, Methodist Youth Fellowship DAVILA, LOUIS SANTOS, San Antonio Pharmacy, Newman Club, TPhA, APhA DAVIS, JOHN ALBERT, Dallas English, A 2, Dallas Club, Mariners Club, NROTC DAVIS. PATRICIA ANN, Houston English, Bluestockings, Bluebonnet Belle Semi-Finalist DAVIS, VIRGINIA, Port Arthur Home Economics, Xfl, Home Economics Club, Panhelienic, Women Voters DAWSON, CHLOE T., Lubbock Music Education, M E, University Singers, Cap and Gown DEBNAM, J. DIANE, Sao Paulo, Brazil History, Women Voters, Westminster Student Fellowship, YWCA, Sidney Lanier DECHMAN, JANIS MARIE, Fort Worth Home Economics, Teacher Education, AZ, Home Economics Club DEES. CHARLES F.. Tyler Public Accounting, H2, BA DEFFEBACH. BILL TOM, Snyder Accounting, KA, ALII DE LEON. ELISA. Mercedes Bacteriology, Cap and Gown, Newman Club, WICA, YMCA, Women Voters, Society of American Bacteriologists DELGADILLO, JOSE LUIS, El Paso Architectural Engineering, AAAE DENMAN, TOMMY JOY, Tyler Health, Physical Education, Recreation, A K, UTSA, Tumle, Poona, PEM Club, WICA, Co-Ed Assembly, Upperclass Advisor DENNIS. DON EARL, Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, HKN, AIEE DESAVINO, WILLIAM A., Austin Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS, American Rocket Society DEUTSCH, ELLEN ELIZABETH, Laredo Spanish, AE , Laredo Club DEVERTER. PAUL LOGAN. Bavtown Mechanical Engineering, K , A " t O, ASME, ROTC, Rangers DISHROON. CARR PRITCHETT, Houston Geology, 2N, AIME, Fault Finders DOBBS. MARY KATHREEN, Fort Worth Geology, AZ, Fault Finders, Westminster Student Fellowship, Swing and Turn DOCKERY. JAMES RANDEL, Vernon Government, History, K , Silver Spurs, Goodfellow, Rally Committee 1952 PAGE 49 DODSON, WILFORD TED, Electra rht-mical Engineering. AIChE DONIGAN. MARILYN RUTH, Corpus Christ! Languages. UTSA. Racket Club DOWELL, CAROLINE, McKinney Education, Al " , YWCA, Canter Club DOYLE. WILLIAM M., JR., San Antonio Geolosy, TE, PBI ' , Fault Finders DUERSON, SHALMIR ANN, Harlingen Education, Social Science, ZTA, Reagan DUMAS, CORNELIA V., San Antonio History, IIB DUNCAN, J. DONALD, Coleman Architecture, tKT. Disciples Student Fellowship DUNHAM, FRANK GEORGE, JR., Fort Worth English. KA, Varsity Track, Assembly, Interfraternity Council DUNN, PATRICIA C., Corpus Christ! ie Economics, ACE, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club DURKEE, ROBERT R., JR., Houston Petroleum Engineering, KZ, AIME, Ramshorn DYER, TAMES ARTHUR, Dallas Physics, TKE, A fi, 2112 DYER, IOHN T., Tyler Zoology, MICA DZIERZANOWSKI, FRANK LEON, Rosenberg Physical Education, PEM, AFROTC, Newman Club EADS, RAYNICE, Uvalde Accounting, ZTA EARLY, SARAH JEANNINE, Louisville, Ky. Spanish, XS3 EASLEY, DONALD R., Austin Business Administration, MICA EASLEY, MARGARET, Victoria Business Administration EBLEN, EARL DOOLEN, Slaton Pharmacy, PX EDWARDS, MARY, Austin English, ZTA EDWARDS, ROBERT WILLIAM, II, LaGrange, 111. Chemistry, " EGGER, LAURA NORINE, Dallas Interior Design, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee EHMAN, DAKOTA ANN, Houston Bacteriology, AAH EHRLICH, GENE REGINALD, Follett Journalism, AX, Daily Texan EICHLER, LUCILLE HELEN, Brenham Home Economics, Teacher Education, AAH, Home Economics Club, Lutheran Student Association EISEN, NATALIE CECILE, Beaumont Business Administration, DBA, A f E, Hillel ELIZONDO, CONCEPCION, McAllen Pharmacy, KE, TPhA, APhA, Newman Club ELLIS, ROBERT LEE, Springfield, Mo. Pharmacy, TPhA, APhA, Wesley Foundation ELLIS, WESLEY, JR., San Antonio Prc-Medical, Varsity Golf, T Association EMGE, LEONARD EDWARD, San Antonio Chemical Engineering, TBU, OXE, AIChE, Ramshorn, Newman Club EMSWILER, JOHN DIXON, Austin Education, Canterbury Club ENDRESS, MARGARET VIRGINIA, Fort Worth Physics, XSi, Mortar Board, Cap and Gown, Westminster Student Fellowship, Ashbel, Outstanding Student EPPES, BILL GORTON, Lubbock Architectural Engineering, TBII, .XE, KME, AAAE, NROTC, Ramshorn, Mariners PAGE 50 F 1TER, RAYMOND LEWIS, Austin ( :hrinistry. Wesley Foundation EVANS, CATHERINE DOWER, Houston Applied Art, AAII, Art Students Association, Curtain Club, Orchesis. UTSA, Canterbury Club, Houston Club, Women Voters, C,.t i and (.imn Charm Committee EVANS, WESLEY DEAN, Knickerbockn Music Education, F4 B, M IE. Sidney Lanier EVANS, WINIFRED A., Austin Theory, Music, WICA, Canterbury Club EVERETT, JANE ELIZABETH, Tyler English, IIB4 1 , Pierian EWING, BARBARA ANN, Mercedes Elementary Education, AF, Panhellenic Council EWING, ROBERT LEON, Little Rock, Ar Pre-Mediral FAIL, WILLIAM MORGAN, Grand Saline History FAIRBANKS, JOYCE, Pasadena Home Economics, Clothing and Textile, AZ, Canterbury Club, Home Economics Club FALKENBERG, DOROTHY MARIE, Fort Worth Interior Decoration, ZTA, YWCA FARLEY, JAMES FREDERICK, San Angelo Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE, Ramshorn FARRAR, SIDNEY CLIFTON, JR., Fort Worth Insurance, American Finance Association FASEL, DOLORES GWENDOLYN, Johnson City History, 4M, BSU, Cap and Gown, Women Voters FAULK, PATRICIA RUTH, Brownsville Home Economics, Child Development, ON, ACE, Wesley Foundation, Glee Club, Home Economics Club, Rio Grande Valley Club, Upperclass Advisor FAWCETT, ROBERT EARL, II, San Antonio Business Administration, KZ FERGUSON, DAVID MILTON, San Benito Piano, Applied Music, i MA FERGUSON, JEAN, Brownwood Education, AZ, Cap and Gown, YWCA FIELDING, SALLY, Dallas Journalism, AF FISH, JOHN WARREN, JR., Beaumont Chemical Engineering, OXE, TB1T, MICA, AIChE, Southeast Texas Club FISHER, ALICE JEAN, San Antonio Journalism, Daily Texan, Cap and Gown FISHER, ANN, Wichita Falls History FISHER, GENE JORDAN, Beaumont Chemi: try, AT FISHER, PAUL WAYMON, Dublin Civil Engineering, ASCE FISKE, JANIE LOUISE, Lockhart Home Economics, Teacher Education, AXS2, Turtle Club, Home Economics Club FITZGERALD, NANCY FLOREA, Austin Music Education, KA6, University Singers, NROTC Sponsor FLEMING, GENE BRANCH, Mt. Vernpn Business Administration, KA, A1IT, Cowboys, Varsity Football, T Association FLEMING, MARY LEE, Crosby English, ATA, ITA6, I BK, Bluestockings, Sidney Lanier, Swing and Turn, Wesley Foundation, YWCA, Women Voters, Cap and Gown FOOTE. WILLIAM RICHARD, Memphis, Tenn. Electrical Engineering, K, Canterbury Club FORD, ALTON E., Austin English, A B, AAZ, X, Daily Texan FORDTRAN, JOHN SATTERFIELD, Stockdale Pre-Medical, FA, AEA, H2 FORDTRAN, ROBERT LEE, Bishop Pharmacy, APhA, TPhA FOREHAND, SHIRLEY ANN, Athens Health and Physical Education, IU9, PEM Club, Poona Club, Strike and Spare 1952 PAGE 51 FORMAN, JAMES TORREY, Henderson Zoology, IAE FORTSON, KAY, Fort Worth English, IIB FOSTER, RALPH E., Corpus Christi Industrial Management, AK+, American Statistical Association. MICA FOUNTAIN, LEE S., San Antonio (,.-,)i,iv. ATO FRALEY, CAROLYN RAE, San Antonio Sociology, AEfr, Strike and Spare, Women Voters FRAZIER, FRANK ALBERT, Corpus Christi Business Administration, A- II FRIEDLANDER, ALFRED LAWRENCE, Tyler Business Administration, 1AM FRIEDMAN, EILEEN GAY, Houston Drama. AEf. Forensica, Radio Guild, Charm Committee. Cap and Gown Council FRISBY CLINTON D., McAllen Electrical Engineering, HKN, AIEE, Mariners FRNKA, HOPE, Garwood Business Administration, ZTA, Spooks, Pierian, Newman Club FRONEBERGER, JAMES C., Sulphur Springs Civil Engineering, XE, ASCE FUCHS, MILDRED LORRAINE, Pflugervilk- Education, WICA, Spooks, University Singers, Lutheran Student Association, Cap and Gown FULENWIDER, JERRY, Uvalde Pharmacy, X f , TPhA, APhA GALLAGHER, WAYNE HARRISON, Voth Management, 6H GANDY, LOYS MARIE, San Angelo Spanish, KA6, 1AII, YWCA GANO, HOWARD HUGHES, Houston English, ATO, Freshman Basketball GARSEE, SPENCER B., Port Arthur Industrial Management, 2 1E GARZA, ANASTACIO G., Laredo Accounting GASKIN, HERBERT LEE, JR., Austin Civil Engineering, A4 2, H, XE, ASCE, NROTC, GATLIN, EDWARD HERBERT, JR., Athens Business Administration, X f GAYER, LOUISE, San Angelo Zoology, Al ' , Cap and Gown, German Club, BSU GEHR, NANCY RENAIR, Alexandria, La. Business Administration, AE i , Strike and Spare, Women Voters, Hillel GERMAN, ROBERT KENNETH, Dallas Law, ATA, -[ " A . HS, IISA, BK, KK , Cowboys GERSON, CHARLES IRVIN, Galveston Business Administration, AEII GHAZALA, EMILE B., Mosui, Iraq Electrical Engineering, AIEE, MICA, TLOK, Newman Club, Arab Student Association GIESEKE, ALICE ELAINE, Beaumont Home Economics, AAA, Southeast Texas Club, Women Voters, Glamazons GILES, FLEETWOOD, Austin Education, Wesley Foundation GILMORE, WILLIS HENDERSON, JR., Midland Petroleum Engineering, ZAE, [ HE GILSTRAP, ANITA JOYCE, George West Organ, M f E, AAA, Glee Club, Sidney Lanier, University Singers, Wesley Foundation GIST, LOYD GRADY, Carthage Accounting, A!I1 GIVAN, MARY ELIZABETH, Dimmitt Psychology, Women Voters, Upperclass Advisor, Disciples Student Fellowship, Panhandle Club " PACE 52 GLASS, BEN M., Atlantic Elementary Education, BSU, Intramurals GLENN, JEANNETTE, Waco Business Administration, AAII, BBA GODINEZ, RACHEL Y.. Pharr Bacteriology, Newman Club, Alba Club, Rio Grande Valley Club, Upperclass Advisor, Intramurals GODWIN, DEWEY W., Dallas Pharmacy, K , APhA, TPliA GOING, MARY FRANCES, Port Arthur Music Education, ATA, M E, Curtain Club, University Singers, A Cappella Choir GOLDEN, EDWIN HAROLD, Corsicana Business Administration, ZAM GOLDSMITH, CLIFFORD RAY, Dallas Petroleum Engineering, AKE, EFE, AIME, Silver Spurs GOLLIHAR, JOHN DEWEY, Corpus Christ! History GONZALEZ, ORFALINDA GARCIA, Corpus Christi Music Education, 2AI, A Cappella Choir, University Singers, BSU GONZALES, PETE, JR., El Paso Pharmacy, MICA, Newman Club, APhA GOODE. WYETH LEONARD, Snyder Geology, BSU, Fault Finders GORDON, MARTIN WRIGHT, San Antonio Finance, N GOSSETT, ROBERT EDGAR, Houston Economics, ATS3 GRAVES, HELEN CUMMINGS, Houston Government, KKT, IIZA, Ashbel GRAY, D ' WAYNE. Fort Worth Geography, NROTC, Mariners, Buccaneers, Campus Guild, Cliff Dwellers, Fault Finders GRAY, JOAN, Houston Plan II, A ' r. Reagan, Swing and Turn, Glee Club, University Singers, Union Talent Committee GRAY, JOHN WILLIAM, JR., Wichita Falls Pharmacy, TPhA, APhA, Westminster Student Fellowship GRAY, MARTHA ANN, Florence English, AOn, BSU, A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, Williamson County Club, Women Voters GREEN, NANCY ELIZABETH, Houston Sociology, XO, International Council, Upperclass Advisor, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Poona, UTSA, Spooks, Cactus GREENSTREET, ROSS DAVIS, Austin Commercial Art, IrA, Arnold Air Society GREER, ANN WARREN, Dallas Elementary Education, 113$ GREGORY, ROBERT KIRK, McCamey Civil Engineering, AKE, ASCE GRIGGS, BARBARA LOUISE, Corpus Christi Advertising, r B GROSSMAN, ROBERT WILLIAM, Edna Chemistry GUDE, ROBERT A., Corpus Christi Pharmacy, K , APhA, TPhA, Newman Club, Student-Faculty Cabinet, Publications Board, Assembly GULLEY, COLEMAN HARRELL, Austin Engineering Route to Business Administration, Accounting, AFROTC, Disciples Student Fellowship GUNN, RUSSELL WALTER, JR., Kansas City, Mo. Banking and Finance, I ' M GUSTAFSON, CARL MARVIN, San Antonio Physical Education, PEM Club, Varsity Track, T Association, Lutheran Student Association GUY, SUE ANN, Kirbyville Elementary Education, Cap and Gown GWALTNEY, G. RODERICK, Jacksboro Accounting, Tejas Club, BA HAGLER, BETTY FLORENCE. Gilmer Interior Decoration, Home Economics Club, Touche, UTSA 1952 PAGE 53 Ifi- " " ' T f f ' il 1I . K( 1 . I Y1.. Mason Home Economic. 1 -. Teacher Education. Home Econ 111 ,1 Lutheran Student AsMu-iation HALFORD, ROBERT H., Rockwall Journalism, Grassroots Press Club, Texan HALL, DORIS LEE, Roysc City Sociology, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Upperclass Advisor, Bluebonnet Belle, International Council, Forum Speakers Committee, Cap and Gown, Sweetheart Finalist HALL. H. DAN, Dallas Advertising, Art, ' J FA, AA, A O, XH. Rangers. Art Students Association, Curtain Club, Dallas Club, Orange Wings, Wesley Foundation HALLMAN, MARTHA ANN Temple Sociology, AF, Sidney Lanier, Bow and Arrow, Upperclass Advisor HALLMAN, R. SANDY, Menard Architectural Engineering, AAAE. ASCE HALSELL, CHARLES MANESS, San Antonio Aeronautical Engineering, IIT, H, lAeS HAM: BETTY LOU, Austin Home Economics, Teacher Education. AT. ON, IIA9, Reagan, Mortar Board, Home Economics Club, Discipline Committee HAMANDI, MAHMOOD A., Baghdad, Iraq Architectural Engineering, Arab Student Association, AAAE, MICA HAMILTON, ELDONA FRANCES, Laredo English, AOII, Bluestockings, Canter Club, Swing and Turn, Redheads ' Club, Laredo Club HAMMOCK, JESS G., Houston Personnel Management, ATA HAMPTON, JOHN WADE, Wichita Falls Geology, 4 FA, In tra murals, Freshman Orientation, Mariners Club HANCOCK, J. B., Pharr Architecture, NAXII, AIA, Sphinx HANCOCK, JEFFERY MASON, Dublin Journalism HANDLEY, ELIZABETH JOAN, Dallas Bacteriology, Swing and Turn, Cap and Gown, Westminster Student Fellowship HANRETTA, ALLAN GENE, Austin Pharmacy, K , NROTC, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Swimming HARALSON, JOHN CURTIS, Waco Art, Longhorn Band, Texas Boxing Association HARE, OTHELLO OSCAR, JR., Crosby Accounting HARP, PATSY J., Houston Sociology, Houston Club, Stephens Club HARPER, ERNEST LEROY, Corpus Christi Transportation, ANA, BSU, MICA, Student Assistant HARRIS, BERNARD PHILLIP, San Antonio Architecture, AEII, TZA HARRIS, DONALD PENN, Austin Electrical Engineering, 2K, A !!, 4 H2, HKN, Hogg Debating Society, Mariners Club, Longhorn Amateur Radio Club, Austin Club HARRIS, DOROTHY JOANNE, Henderson English, Bluestockings, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Sidney Lanier HARRIS, JOE TOM. Cotulla Physical Education, Silver Spurs, Oak Grove, Arnold Air Society AFROTC, University Co-Op Society HARRIS, WILLIAM EDWARD, Austin Government, Swing and Turn, Folk Dance Group, National Defense 1 ransportation Association, Longhorn Amateur Radio Club HARRISON, BETTY ANN, Wharton Elementary Education, AAII, ACE, Women Voters, Canterbury Club HARRISON, JOHNNY M., Beaumont Business Administration, ATA, BEA, Swing and Turn HARRISON, RAYMOND A., Galveston Zoology, 6S HAWS, BARBARA J., Port Arthur Sociology, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation, Women Voters, Upperclass Advisor HAWORTH, BABS, Houston Plan II, AAII, Orange Jackets, Student Court, Upperclass Advisor Panhellenic, Assembly, Publications Board, Steer Here, Varsity Carnival, Kound-Up, Student-Faculty Committee, Discipline Committee HAYS, MARIE, San Angelo Elementary Education, Cap and Gown, ACE PAGE 54 HEJL, JERRIE ELIZABETH, El Campo Slavonic Languages, Cap and Gown, Czech Club HELLAND, RICHARD ERLING, San Antonio Civil Engineering, Kl, +H2, ASCE, Ramshorn HENDERSON, MARY ELLIOTT, Waelder History, Westminster Student Fellowship, ACE, Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship REMINGTON, BARBARA WINANS, Grcrnville Home Economics, Teacher Ediu.iiiun, AAH, Home Economics Club HENKLE, JAMES W., Garden City Bacteriology HENLEY, ROBERT J., Fort Worth Engineering Route to Business Administration, AXII HENLEY, WILLIAM RICHARD, Fort Worth Industrial Management, AX ' I , Newman Club HENNIGER, VERGINIA LEA, Austin Commercial Teaching, BBA, Lutheran Student Association HENRY, ROBERT PRESTON, Austin Home Economics, Interior Decoration HERTKO, MARTIN J., Joliet, 111. Mathematics, Wesley Foundation HERWECK, JOAN MARIE, San Antonio English, Women Voters, Association of House Chairmen HERZIK, ADOLPH, JR Engle Civil Engineering, South Central Texas Club, ASCE HILL, BARBARA TINKER, Edna Plan II, Law Wives Club, Public Relations Committee, Student-Faculty Committee, WICA, Upperclass Advisor, Wesley Foundation HILL, CHARLES ELLIOTT, Austin Pharmacy HILL, G. ELIZABETH, Baytown English, A fr, Pierian, Glee Club HILLIARD, JAMES HILTON, Dallas Business Administration HILMI, ABDUL KARIM, Basrah, Iraq Chemical Engineering, Arab Student Association, AIChE, MICA HINDS, CLAUDE D., Waco Architectural Engineering, AAAE HINES, EDMUND HOYT, San Antonio Psychology, Intramurals HINES, EDWARD LEE, San Benito Civil Engineering, Tejas Club, TBFI, XE, A 0, Mariners, ASCE KING, MABLE W., Houston Home Economics, Clothing, Textile, and Design, ON, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club HIPPARD, NANCY JEAN, Houston Elementary Education, AAA, Reagan, ACE HODGES, BOBBY W., Stonewall Civil Engineering, XE, MICA, Arnold Air Society, Ramshorn, Distinguished Military Student HOEFGEN, ADELIA, San Antonio Elementary Education, AXS2, San Antonio Club HOGAN, WALTER A.. Hcarne Public Relations, KA, AA2, Air Force Drill Team, Daily Texan HOLLAND, MARGARET JOAN, Seguin Home Economics, Wesley Foundation, Home Economics Club HOLLIDAY, MARY LOU, Galveston Elementary Education, Af , Galveston Club HOLLIS, CHESTER ROLAND, Fort Worth Architecture HOLMGREEN, SHIRLEY ANN, Bryan Aeronautical Engineering, AI ' , AFA, AAF, lAeS HOLT, ARTHUR HENRY, JR., Kountze Radio Broadcasting, -I KT, Radio Guild, Radio Workshop HOLT, ELIZABETH, Gruver Home Economics, Child Development, AZ, ACE l 1952 O P PAGE 55 HOPKINS, HAMMOND V., Sherman Iiusine5 Adminislratlc ' n. AO, Freshman Orientation Council HOPPING, CONNIE WRAY, Littlefield Home Economics. Spooks, WICA. Home Economics Club HORNE, KENNETH LEE, Kilgore Advertising HOUSTON, HELEN GEORGE, Kilgore Business Administration, ZTA HOWARD, JAMES B., Grand Prairie Applied Art. -f XH, Curtain Club, Wesley Foundation. Art Students Association HOWELL, NANCY JANE, Stcphenvillr English, ATA, Curtain Club. BSU HUBBARD, NORMA JEAN, Midland English, ZTA HUBER, LEONARD ELDON, Dallas Business Administration, I KT. Rodeo Association, Mariners Club, Buccaneers HUDGINGS, JOANNE, Houston Elementary Education, ATA, UTSA. Poona, BSU, Swing and Turn, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, ACE HUGGHINS, GORDON LEONARD, Jacksonville Personnel Management, A KM ' HUMAN, JOHNNIE M., Tyler Journalism, ei+, BSU, Daily Texan, YWCA, WICA HUTCHINS, MARY AMELIA, Corpus Christi Home Economics, Teacher Education. AFA, ON, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Assembly HYDE, WILTON ALEXANDER, Vancouver, B. C. Journalism HYMER, NELLIE MARIE, Overton Commercial Teaching, Wesley Foundation, Whitehall Co-Op IRWIN, KATHRYN LOUISE, Amarillo History, KKF ISOM, JOHN E., Austin Business Administration, Longhorn Band, Qi JACKSON, BILL MONROE, Fort Worth Electrical Engmering JACKSON, HOMER H., JR., San Benito Law, AT, Assembly, Student Co-Op Association, Silver Spurs, Panhandle Club JACKSON, PERRY C., Winona Education, MICA, Wesley Foundation JACOBS, JANET JOAN, Laredo English, AE4 , Cap and Gown, Cactus JAKEMAN. WILLIAM K., El Paso Architectural Engineering, XE, Ramshorn, AAAE, ASCE JANICEK. RAYMOND M., Cameron Engineering Route to Business Administration, AK , Society for Advancement of Management JENSEN, SOREN C., JR., Pampa Aeronautical Engineering, IITS, TBII, Newman Club JOHNSON, AUDREY JANE, Dallas Plan II, AF JOHNSON, LOIS NELL, League City Commercial Teaching JOHNSON, MARY GENE, Houston English. F t B, AAA, Sidney Lanier, Women Voters, Bluestockings, Cap and Gown JOHNSON, MAYDEE LUE, Fort Worth Home Economics, AAA, Reagan JOHNSON, ROBERT B., Austin Applied Art, AXA, Intramurals, Wesley Foundation JOHNSON, SARAH EUGENIA, Austin Home Economics, AAA, IIA6, ON, BSU, Home Economics Club JOHNSTON, DICKIE C., Corpus Christi Petroleum Engineering, AIME JONCICH, JANE LEACH, Austin Bacteriology, AF PAGE JONES, BRUCE MILAM, San Antonio Journalism, PA, Daily Texan, Ranger, Canterbury Club JONES, BURTON A., Texarkana Philosophy, Canterbury Club, MICA, Longhorn Band. Philosophy Club TONES, JOHN CULBERTH, JR., LaK.i.. Finance, SX, American Finance Association. Rio (iiande Valley Club TONES, TOM LLOYD, Caldwell Electrical Engineering, AIEE-IRE KAUFMAN, JEAN BEVERLY, San Antonio Home Economics, Child Development, AF, ACE, Steer Here. San Antonio Club KAY, ARLENE R., Galveston Drama, A iE, Sidney Lanier, Curtain Club KAY, MAURICE MARION, JR., Fort Worth Applied Art, ATO KEASLER, JACLYN LUCAS, San Antonio Applied Art, AAII, Cap and Gown, Orange Jackets, Panhellenic, Student Evaluation Commission. Co-Ed Assembly, Canterbury Club, Women Voters, Union Art Exhibit Committee. Reagan, Upperclass Advisor, Cactus, Silver Spur Award KEEL, THOMAS MARTIN, Clarksville Business Administration KENDALL, DON LESLIE, Corpus Christi Physics, BSU, Intramurals, German Club KEPRTA, GEORGE LOUIS, East Bernard Geology, Fault-Finders KERSTEN, EVERETT (RUSS). Cleburne Journalism, SAX, BSU, Daily Texan Editor. Ranger, Grassroots Press Club, Friars KING, JAMES ROBERT, JR., Fort Worth Civil Engineering, XE, TBH, ASCE KING, MARGARET REYNOLDS, San Antonio English, ITB4 1 , Women Voters, San Antonio Club, Cap and Gown KING, TERRY DEBBS, Baytown Management, 24 E, Mariners, Scabbard and Blade, Tri-Cities Club KIRK, PATRICIA MARIE, El Campo English, AAH KITE, KIRK, Mobeetie History KLAUS, EWALD FRELX JR., Baytown Zoology, MICA, Westminster Student Fellowship, YMCA KLESEL, MILDRED, Schulenburg Journalism, AX12, 6Z f , Daily Texan, Orange Jackets, Sidney Lanier, Public Relations Committee, Women Voters, UTSA, South Central Texas Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee KLEYMEYER, RALPH T., JR., Evansville, Ind. Music, Journalism, 23 E, University Singers, Longhorn Band, Cac- tus, Daily Texan, United World Federalists KOEHNE, RICHARD JOHN, Appleton, Wise. Applied Mathematics, Little Campus Association, NROTC KOTZEBUE, ROBERT WILLIAM. JR., San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, NROTC, ASME, ASHVE, Mariners, San Antonio Club KRAUSE. CLARENCE EDWIN, Carmine Pharmacy, APhA, TPhA KUEHNE, HUGO FRANZ, JR., Austin Architecture, X, American Institute of Architecture, Sphinx KUEMPEL, HUBERT L., Pflugerville Physical Education KUTZER, JOHN F., JR., Boerne Plan II, ATA, NROTC KYLE, LEE FRED, Sherman Geology, AIME, NROTC, Southwestern Geological Society, Fault- Finders LABAUVE. KAY LOUISE, Edna Commercial Teaching, Al ' A, BBA, YWCA, Westminster Student Fellowship LACEY, GEORGE WILLIAM, JR., Austin Industrial Engineering, ARE, Interfraternity Council, Cowboys, Freshman Orientation. LAING, RAUL, Melvin Electrical Engineering, AIEE, Alba Club LAIRD, JEANNE MARIE, San Antonio Child Development, AATT, Home Economics Club ol 1352 LiJf PAOE 57 LANE, CLAUD POPE, Marshall Government, S E, Glee Club LANTRIP, PEGGY JOYCE, Van Elementary Education. ACE, Women Voters, Cap Foundation LA RUE JOE T., Athens Business Administration, LAUBE, ROLF VICTOR, Sao Paulo, Brazil Petroleum Engineering, OX, AIME LAVES LEE BLAIR. Fort Worth Business Administration, 1 M LAWS, PEGGY CHARLENE, Austin Speech, XO, Austin Club, Cowboy Minstrels, Forty Acres Follies LEACH, JAMES R., Valley View Pharmacy, K , TPhA LEATHERWOOD. DORALIE. Dublin Business Education. A , BHA. Glee Club LE BRECHT, MARTIN Houston Music Education, Canterbury Club, ROTC Band, Symphonic Band, University Orchestra LEDLOW, JUNE, San Antonio English, AAA, Spooks, Canter Club, Orchesis LEHMANN, JOHN ROGER, Lexington, 111. Civil Engineering. XK, ASCE LEMUS, GEORGE, San Antonio French-Spanish. LAII. San Antonio Club, Newman Club LENINGTON, ALBERT O., Shreveport, La. Advertising, AXA, AAS, Daily Texan, Wesley Foundation LEONARD. JAMES A., JR., Fort Worth Economics, I KT, Silver Spurs, Interfraternity Council, Forum Speakers Committee, Associate Justice LESTER, IRIS PACE, Lubbock Pharmacy, KE, TPhA LESTER, MAX M., JR., Long Beach, Calif. Engineering Route to Business Administration, 4 K , Curtain Club LETTERMANN, CAROLINE LOUISE, Taylor Home Economics, Child Development, Lutheran Student Association Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, W1CA, ACE LEVA, SHELDON R., Houston Psychology, TIE, XI LEWIS, DONNA G., McKinney Nutrition, Cap and Gown LEWIS, JEAN, Waco Mathematics, IIB f , Pierian, Poona LEWIS, JOHN T, Big Spring Mathematics, BSU LICHTY, ALBERT HENRY, JR., Houston Chemical Engineering, S E, AIChE, Ramshorn LIGHT, ELEANOR ROWEEN BELL. St. Joseph, Mo. Drama (Acting), AE4 , Curtain Club, Radio House Workshop LILLY, BETTY JO. Dallas Journalism, XO, Charm Committee, Rally Committee LIPPS, NANCY MARGARET, Temple Music Education, AXS2, University Singers, Glee Club LITTLE, BARBARA TINA, Laredo Elementary Education LOCHTE. CAROLYN. Kerrville Business Administration, AAII, Red Head Club, A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, Westminster Student Fellowship LOFTIS, LLOYD EDWARD. Dallas Management, A4 , AK , ROTC, National Defense Transportation Association LONG, THOMAS WAYNE. Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME, ASHVE LORFING, KENNETH ROY, Schulenburg Chemical Engineering, AIChE, South Central Texas Club LOWE, DAN MOODY, Dallas Advertising, AAS PAGE 58 LUCKENBACH, ANGELA, Bryan Economics, KKT, Spooks, Aqua Carnival Queen Nominee, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist LUKE, CLAUDE EDWARD, Beaumont Chemical Engineering SJXK. TBII, AIChE, MICA, BSU LUNDQUIST, LEE-ROY LEWIS, Garwood Banking and Finance McBRIDE, JIMMY, Realitos Aeronautical Engineering, Newman Club McCARRICK, DOLORES BEVERLY, San Antonio English, AAA, Newman Club MCCARTY, MARTHA JANE Austin Journalism, AOII, 9- , Orange Jackets, Wesley Foundation, Wesley Players, Daily Texan, Women Voters McCARY, THYRA E., Kilgore Advertising, Daily Texan McDANIEL, VIRGINIA ANNE, Galveston Zoology and English, AOII, A Cappella Choir, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation, Young Republicans, Camera Club, Galveston Club !cGEE, JACQUELYN ANNE, Austin English, Education Psychology, WICA, Glamazons, Austin Club, Swing and Turn, BSU, Intramurals McILYAR, WILLIAM KENT, JR., Dallas Business Administration, Pre-Law, f K , A Q, Steer Here McKELLAR. DUNCAN LARRY, Laird Hill Pre-Medical, BSU McLANDRICH. MARY ANN, Alice Business Administration, AF MCMILLAN, MARY JANE, Oakwood English, Cap and Gown McMULLEN, HUGH WELDON, Tyler Civil Engineering, XE, TBII, ASCE McQUISTON, GEORGE A., Corry, Pa. Accounting McQUOWN, ALBERT N., JR.. Austin Electrical Engineering, K2, A f fi, TBII, EKN, HI, IRE McSHAN, SAM HOUSTON, JR., Conroe Zoology and Chemistry, MICA McWHORTER, MARY ANN, Port Arthur Bacteriology, AAA, Panhellenic, Westminster Student Fellowship, Cap and Gown MACHA, ELEANOR S., Bomarton Education, Newman Club, Czech Club MACVEAN. MARGARET ANN, Mercedes Education, Bluestockings MADDEN, WALES, JR., Amarillo Law, IA6, IIZA. HS, 4AA, Friars, Cowboys, Student Association President, Outstanding Student MADDOX. ANN MATHEA, McAllen Applied Art, KA9 MAECKEL, GENE E., Poth Mechanical Engineering, ASME, LSA, MICA MAGEE, GILBERT RAY, Humble Zoology MAHAFFEY, CARROLL JOE, Fort Worth Ceramic Engineering, American Ceramic Society MALANAPHY. JOHN JOSEPH, Houston Electrical Engineering, KT, AIEE, Newman Club MALEY, GERALD ARTHUR, Houston Accounting, AK , Newman Club MALONE, PAUL LEON, Howe Retailing MALONE, WILLIAM JAMES, Austin Engineering Route to Business Administration, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, MARS MALONEY, VIRGINIA LUCILLE, Houston Secretarial Science, AOII, BBA, Cap and Gown, Panhellenic, Religious Emphasis Council, Glee Club, Women Voters, Newman Club MARLOW, MARTHA FRANCES, Austin Radio Broadcasting, AXO, Radio Guild 1352 PAGE 59 t. RONALD i ' li, Fault-Fin MARSH. KEITH ROGERS, Houston 1 Engineering MARSHALL, BARBARA R., Franklin ,1 leaching. BBA. WICA MARSHALL. SABIN WILLIAM, Houston ] ' .!, Faull-Finders MARTELL, SIDNEY ARTHUR, New York, N. Y. Histoix. C,,.x.-Miim-m, AKII. Ililli-1. Arnolil An Socitl) C.irluv, AIRO1C MARTIN. JOSEPH WALLER, Arlington Social Sciences, A IS2 MARTIN, MARTHA ANN. I ' arsuns, Kans. Voice, AAA. JI.M. Opera Workshop, I ' lmriMix Singers, Cap and Gown MARTIN. PATRICIA ANN, Wcslaco Nutrition, ' I ' M. Home Economics Club. Valley Club MARTINEZ, ROY GILBERT, San Antonio History MASSEY, PATSY ANN, Krnc-dy English, A -I ' , Newman Club, Women Voters MATHEWS, JOSEPH P., Brownwood Real Estate, A t . AK+ MATLOCK, ROBERT B., Floresville Architectural Engineering, X , AAAE MAYES, MARY LOUISE, Wallisville Business Administration, AAA, ZIE, BBA, International Council, Women Voters, Curtain Club, WICA, Wesley Foundation MAYNER, JOHN ROBERT, Corpus Christi Architecture MAYS, EDDIE PATILLO, Marshall Accounting MEE, KATHLEEN MARY, Irving English, WICA MELNICK, HAROLD, Dallas Physics MERCER. W. C., Gonzales Pharmacy, TPhA MEREDITH, TROY LEE, Houston Business Administration, AII MERITT, JOHN L., Cleburne Government MERKLEY, IACKIE, Texas City Pharmacy, KE, TPhA, APhA MESERVE. KENNETH ALMER, JR., Dallas Accounting, X , AZII, Pre-Law Society, Dallas Club, Swing and Turn METTS, HAROLD LEON, Security Insurance, Real Estate MEYER, EARL MARTIN, Riesel Chemistry, MICA MEYER, JOAN, Seabrook Applied Art, T4 B, Cap and Gown, YWCA, ACE, Texas Stars MICHALOPULOS, LORENE W., San Angelo Voice, Opera Workshop, University Singers, Glee Club, University Symphony, Upperclass Advisor, Hellenic Club MICHELI, CHARLES ANTHONY, Calumet City, III. Geology MIFFLETON, CORNIE MARIE, Llano Government, rf B. AAA, International Council, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Sidney Lanier, Co-Ed Assembly MILBERGER. JOE FRANK, Waco Architecture, MICA MILLER. GLENN F., Dallas Petroleum Engineering, Ramshorn, AIME MILLER, JIMMY M., Amarillo Chemistry ' PAGE 60 MILLER, OU;A BI.KMCE, Baytown English, Plan II, -MIK, Lutheran Student Association MILLER, PAT CLEBURNE, Dallas Real Estate and Insurance, OX, ROTC, National Defense ' I ransportation Association, Canterbury Club, Great Issues Committee, Young Republican Club MILLER, WILMA JEAN, Houston Pre-Medical, Wesley Foundation MILLION, NELDA, Liberty Music Education, M ' i E, Wesley Foundation. University Singers MILLS, JOHN THOMAS, San Antonio Psychology MILLS, WILLIAM CHARLES, Austin Chemical Engineering, -HIS, L XE, TBII, AIChE, ACS, Rainshorn MILNER, CHARLES P., Austin Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Oak Grove MITCHELL, DONALD EDWARD, El Paso Economics, 63 MODRALL, A. WILLIAM, Austin Architecture, Tejas Club, Westminster Student Fellowship. American Institute of Architecture MOKHTAR, ASAD, Iraq Mechanical Engineering MONDRIK, BEVERLY DANA, Longview Bacteriology and Pre-Medical, Xi . AAA, Women Voters, Canterbury Club, East Texas Club MONTFORT, KENNETH. Graham Petroleum Engineering, AKE, ZTE, TBII MOODY, JANE ELIZABETH, Houston English, KET MOORE, A. D., JR., Beaumont Law, AKE, AA MOORE, BETTY JANE McCARTHY, Monahans Home Economics, XS2 MOORE, HELEN DOLORES, Post Advertising, Shangri La Co-Op MOORE, KENT OAKLEY, San Antonio Geography, A24 MOORE, MARY ELOISE, Austin English, KKT, Steer Here Committee, Ashbel, Cactus, Turtle Club MOORE, PATRICIA MAURINE, Dallas English, ZTA MOORE, ROBERT ALFRED, Dallas Geology MOORE, ROBERT HOWELL, Van Business Administration, JIKA, North East Texas Club MOORE, STEPHEN LOUIS, Commerce Banking and Finance, K ' l ' MORGAN, CHARLES HENRY, Port Arthur Applied Art, ! ! MORRIS, DONALD RAY, Waco Finance, OA, AK , Interfraternity Council MOSS, ROSS, Waxahachie Education MOUNT, MARY ALLYNE, Cryst al City Business Administration, AZ, BBA, Winter Garden Club, BSU, Glee Club MOUNTS, JUNE ELEEN, West Palm Beach, Fla. Journalism, AZ, Orchesis, Forensica MULLINS, JAMES DENNIS, San Benito Industrial Management, ATQ MUNIR, HISHAM A. R., Iraq Architecture, NAXII, T2A, Arab Student Association, MICA, American Institute of Architecture, Tejas Club, Sphinx, Silver Spurs MUNIR, ISAM, Iraq Civil Engineering, Arab Student Association, ASCE MURPH, DABNEY ROUTH, Arlington Education, English, XI- ' 1952 PAOE 61 MURPHY, NORMA LEE, Dallas Home Economics, Child Development, AAII, Women Voters, Newman Club, ACE, Dallas Club, Home Economics Club MURRAY. MARILYN " , Tyler sical Education, KKT, PEM Club MURRAY. WILLIAM O., Dallas Marketing. AL MUSICK, A. L., JR., Tyler Electrical Engineering, TBH, HKN, IRE MYRICK, EUGENE PAYNE, Dallas Accounting. A2II, BA+, BF1, A Q, Cactus Associate Editor, Glee Club, Dallas Club, Round-Up, Property Deposit Scholarship NAGAI, BONNIE MAE. Almeda Secretarial Studies, UTSA, Strike and Spare NAVA, ZACARIAS S., Laredo Government, 2AII NAVRATIL, FRANCES ANN Brenham Elementary Education, ZTA, Women Voters, Lutheran Student As- sociation NEIDHART, HERMAN A., McAllcn Physic? NELSON. B. ELAINE, Amarillo Elementary Education, AT NELSON, DOUGLAS J., Houston Chemistry, ATA, Intramurals NELSON. TIMMY, San Angelo Retailing, NESMITH, PATSY K., Brownwood Sociology, Upperclass Advisor, Women Voters, Orange Jackets, Student-Faculty Relations Committee, Sidney Lanier NEVILL, BOBBY DWANDLE, Quanah Pre-Medical NEWMAN, MYRON H., San Antonio Accounting, BA , San Antonio Club, Luthern Student Association NIBLING, PHYLLIS ALLENA, Sherman Journalism, OS4 , Daily Texan NICHOLS, NANCY JEAN, Luling Bacteriology, AAII, Canter Club NICKERSON, JAMES K., Naco, Ariz. Chemical Engineering, TBII, flXE, AT, IIME NIEDERAUER, LYNELL ANN, Austin Plan II, Upperclass Advisor Club, Cap and Gown, Austin Club NIXON, BOBBIE J., Baytown Accounting, A Cappella Choir NOLLEY, TOE WALTER, Austin Government, USA, NAXII, A6, Foreign Trade Club NORRIS, CECIL CALVIN, Killeen Latin-American Trade, AK NORRIS, HARRY EDWARD, Bay City Management, I ' M, NOWLIN, WADE TAYLOR, Fort Worth Insurance, Real Estate, 4 A9 ODOM, WAYNE CARLTON Jacksonville Plan II, Wesley Foundation, MICA, Varsity Debate OEFFINGER, WILLIAM HENRY, San Antonio Architectural Engineering, f K OGLESBY, EVELYN, San Angelo English, I1IM OKHUYSEN, PABLO LEOPOLDO, Guadalajara, Mex. Physics OLFF, IDA JOAN, Dallas Home Economics, Child Development, 2AT, Home Economics Achievement Award, Co-Ed Assembly, Reagan OLIVER, MARY LANE Bishop English, Bluestockings, Wesley Foundation, A Cappella Choir OPIELA, ALEXANDER DAVID, JR., Falls City Electrical Engineering, TBII, HKN, PH2, AIEE PACE 62 GRAND, NELL, Dallas Fine Arts, II B OSTER, BARBARA MAE, Dallas Music, A4 E, M4 E, Panhellenic, Forensica, Sidney Lanier, Orange Jackets, Women Voters, University Singers, Co-Ed Assembly, Oratorical Association, Disciplinary Committee, International Council OWEN, EMMA JANE, Fort Worth Home Economics, Wesley Foundation, Home Economics Club OWEN, WILLIAM V., Tyler Geology, ATS}, AIME, Newman Club, Southwest Geological Society PACKARD, FRANK ALTON, Dallas Geology, AKE PARISH, WELBY K., Gilmer Government, ROTC, North East Texas Club PARK, JOE WAYNE, Dallas Business Administration, Arnold Air Society PARKER, FRANK, Brownsville Business Administration, KZ, Rio Grande Valley Club, Varsity Football PARKER, WILLIAM W., Somerville Business Administration, - IE. NROTC, Union Board PARLAGRECO, JOSEPH F., Texas City Accounting, Galveston Club, Newman Club, Finance Club PARMA, THOMAS JAMES, La Coste Pharmacy, TPhA, APhA PARNELL. CLAUDE JOHN, JR., Corpus Christ ' Pre-Medical, 2K, AEA PARRISH. PATTY RAY, Galveston English, AAII, Canterbury Club PASSIOS. DOROTHEA IRENE, Fitchburg, Mass. Child Development, Date Bureau Chairman, WICA, Grievance Committee, Swing and Turn PAYNE, TIMMIE S., JR., Austin Chemistry, K PAYNE. ROBERT HOWARD, Grand Saline Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Power Show PEACOCK, RAYMOND HAROLD, Henderson Petroleum Engineering PEARCE, JEANNINE, Marlin Home Economics, Teacher Education, Swing and Turn, Lutheran Student Association, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, WICA PEEBLES. SIME W., JR., Orange Secondary Education PENDLETON, DAVID VAN, Corsicana Geology, MICA PENNINGTON. NANCY JOANNE, Dallas English, Texannes, Charm Committee, Steer Here, Curtain Club, BSU PERRY. THOMAS RAY, Rotan Ceramic Engineering, OTA, $9K, American Ceramic Society, Ramshorn, All-Star Softball Team PERSON, RALPH ERB, Karnes City Plan II, Tejas Club, Westminster Student Fellowship, Varsity Track, T Association PERSONS. JEROME TAD, Quitaque Engineering Route to Business Administration PETERS, JAMES A., Roanoke, Va. Aeronautical Engineering, AT, Mariners Club, TAeS PETERS, MARY ALICE, Yoakum Education, South Central Texas Club, Cap and Gown, Newman Club, NROTC Sponsor, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee PETTIGREW, ROBERT WILLIAM, Wichita Falls Geology, Fault-Finders PETTY, JEWEL ALTON, Austin Petroleum Engineering, MICA, AIME, Ramshorn, BSU Intramurals PHIPPS, JUANITA MARIE, Galveston Bacteriology, M PILON, JACK I., Longview Finance, A1II, American Finance Association PINEDO. SAMUEL F.. Douglas, Ariz. Pharmacy, MICA, TPhA, APhA 1952 PAOE 63 PIRTLE, NORMA ANNE, Pampa Secondary Education, Women Voters Seco PISTOR, CHARLES H., JR., Dallas Personnel Management. Hi. HE, Tejas Club Silver Spurs, Cactus Editor, Upperclass Advisor, NROTC, Westminster Student Fellowship, International Council, YMCA, Goodfellow PLATZER, DALE B., Phillips Transportation and Personnel, -1 K+. AN S PLETTNER, GAIL ANN, Amarillo English, XB, Women Voters PLUXKETT, H. CONNELY, M, xi.o, Mo. Architectural Engineering, AAAE POKLUDA, WESLEY EDWARD, Texas City Physical Education, I E, PEM Cluh, Galveston County Club POLUNSKY. ROBERT I., San Angelo Accounting, SAM, BA , Cactus, NROTC PONCIK, MARY FRANCES, Rogers Elementary Education, ACE, Forty Acres Follies POPE, F. STARR, JR., Corpus Christi Law, A9, 4 H, AA, Cowboys PORTER, MAY MARIE, Conroe Drama Education, AAII, Charm Committee POTEET, WILLIAM S.. Orange Architectural Engineering, AAAE, Ramshorn POWER, PATRICK H., Carrizo Springs Advertising, X t , Newman Club, Winter Garden Club, Student Government lilt POWERS, CARRIE JANE, White Deer Home Economics, ON, Home Economics Club, BSU POWERS, JAMES NORMAN, Dallas Insurance and Finance, AXA, A f !, Dallas Club, Wesley Foundation, Young Republican Club, Arabs Association PRATHER, CHARLES M., Austin Business Administration, MICA, American Finance Association, Swing and Turn, Austin Club PRATT, JOE N., Amarillo Psychology, Pre-Medical PRIDEAUX, JOYCE, Archer City Home Economics, Teacher Education, WICA, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club PRIMEAUX, TED ALLEN, Port Arthur Business Administration, IIKA, Newman Club PRITCHETT, OSCAR DALE, Austin Accounting, AXA, A2II PROBST, JOE E., George West Finance, AK , American Finance Association PROCTOR, MARZIETTE LORENE, Clarksville Commercial Teaching, ATA, Cap and Gown, Glee Club PROTAS, JACOB MEYER, Port Arthur Pharmacy, AEII, +HS, PX PUGH, AUGUST LEO, JR., Galena Park Geology, Fault-Finders, Southwest Geological Society, Intramurals PURVIS, HOWARD D., San Angelo Accounting RAGSDALE, JOAN MARIE, Houston Plan II, IIB , ASP, 1IA6, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, UTSA, Women Voters RAIMOND, BETTY, Harlingen Elementary Education, XS!, ACE RAMSEY. CHARLES MURRY, Mart Mechanical Engineering, ASME, MICA RANSOPHER, PHILIP, Houston Business Administration, B6IT, Interfraternity Council, Track, Basketball, Cultural Entertainment Committee, Cowboys, Assembly, T Association RASBERRY, JAMES M., Marshall Geology REAVES, WILSON A., JR., Corpus Christi Ceramic Engineering, MICA, American Ceramic Society, Intramurals RED, MARY EUGENE, Houston Psychology, KKT Jl PACE 64 r f rr REILY BILL (W. A.), San Antonio Applied Art RELYEA, SPENCER C., Dallas English, ' I ' KS, Varsity Debate, Dallas Club, Pre-Law Society REUTHINGER, HORTENSE, Laredo Music Education, M K, Laredo Club, University Singers, A Cappella Choir, Glee Club REUTHINGER, VIRGINIA LEE, Laredo Zoology, 1 ' I B, Laredo Club, Women Voters RHODES, ARLEN LYNWOOD, Austin History, A4 , Swing and Turn, Austin Club, Intramural RICHERT, EDWARD ROBERT, San Antonio English. AA1, Siin Antonio Club. Newman Club RIGGAN, FAY JEAN, Pearsall Child Development, Glee Club, A Cappella Choir RIVES, JAMES FREDERICK, Brookston Finance, AK , University Singers, American Statistical Association, American Finance Association ROADES, EDGAR EARL, El Campo Marketing ROBERTS, CATHERINE, Tyler Home Economics, Clothing, Textiles, Design, KKT, Ashbel, Home Economics Cluh ROBERTSON. MARY LUCILE, Salado Advertising, XO, Texan, Canterbury Club, Canter Club, Women Voters, YWCA RODGERS, WAYNE ROYCE, Munday Physical Education, 6Z, PEM Club RODMAN, THOMAS EDWARD, Odessa Business Administration, K , A4 2, ASTI, Cowboys, President ' s Cabinet, Free Dance Committee, Book Exchange, Campus Solicitations ROEBUCK, ISAAC FIELD, Graham Petroleum Engineering, KK , Longhorn Band, AIME ROGERS. THOMAS RALPH, Dublin Chemistry, KK , Longhorn Band ROME, JAMES G., Mission Architecture, SN, AIA, Sphinx Club ROSE, ARTHUR WILLIAM, JR., Wills Point Accounting, All ' ROSENBERG, JOYCE, Brady Spanish, 1AII. A- E, Hillel, Cap and Gown, Sidney Lanier, Bluestockings ROSS, ROBERT B., Center Law ROTHSCHILD, DONALD ISADOR, Houston Geology, SA, A f , Fault-Finders, Southwest Geological Society ROWELL. JANICE, Austin Psychology, X RUBENSTEIN. BARBARA, Fort Worth Journalism, 9S i , Daily Texan, Ranger, Hillel, Cap and Gown, Women Voters RUDD, ROBERT S., Amarillo Finance, IIKA, Panhandle Club, American Institute of Finance RUFNER. WANDA MARIE, Fort Worth Elementary Education, Texannes RUGELEY, CORDELIA CATHERINE, Austin Education, Social Science, AAII, TJTSA, Bow and Arrow, Canterbury Club RUIZ, LINDA GLORIA, Edinburg Spanish, Newman Club, Rio Grande Club, " Alba Club RUIZ-VILLARRUBIA. OSVALDO, Puerto Rico Architecture, TEA, Sphinx, Latin-American Club, American Institute of Architects RUNDELL. C. A., JR., Austin Chemical Engineering, KS, T Association, NROTC, Varsity Track RUSS, ALEXANDER M., JR., San Antonio Business Administration, KA RUSSELL. ELDON GANO, West Business Administration, TKE, Varsity Fencing, Christian Science Monitor Club RUSSELL, JIMMIE NORTON, Austin Geology, ex, Fault-Finders 1952 Qfi PAGE 65 RUSSO, JOHN B., Boston, Mass. Architectural Engineering, AAAE, ASCE RUTLEDGE, FRED A., San Antonio Sociology, MICA RYAN, WILL GRANT, Falfurrias Pre-Medical, AEA, BSD SACARIS, JOHNNIE, Houston Pharmacy, K , FA, APhA, TPhA, Longhorn Pharmacist Staff, Tri-Cities Club ST. CLAIR, NORMAN EUGENE, Dallas Mechanical Engineering, ! KT, Silver Spurs, Ramshorn, ASME, ASHVE SALGUERO, EDWARD W., El Paso Architectural Engineering, AXA, AAAE, Swing and Turn SANDERS, HOMER E., Baton Rouge, La. Physics SANDERS, JAMES GERALD, Austin Zoology, Pre-Medical, Student Christian Association SANDERS, MARY ANN, Lufkin Journalism, AXS2, 6E , AAA, Women Voters, Mortar Board, Co-Ed Assembly, Orange Jackets SANDLER, ROBERT MARSHALL, San Antonio Retailing, SAM SANFORD GAVE YVONNE, Austin Journalism, AFA, GS4 , Texannes, Orchesis, Charm Committee, Co-Ed Assembly, Women Voters, Steer Here SANSING. CAROLYN, Spearman Elementary Education, ACE, Cap and Gown, Women Voters f fl = " I " ' SAUNDERS, JAMES L., Amarillo Industrial Psychology, T Association, Tennis Team SCARBOROUGH, LUTHER T., JR., Fort Worth Business Administration, A1II, Cowboys, Basketball, Baseball, T Association SCARBROUGH, MARGARET MONROE, Austin Economics, KKT, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Canter Club, Swing and Turn, French Club, Economics Club, Great Issues Committee, Student- Faculty Committee SCHERABON, EVELYN MARIA, Styria, Austria Physics and Mathematics, WICA, Foreign Student Club SCHMIDT, CHARLES HARVEY, Amarillo Civil Engineering, K , ASCE SCHMIDT, HARVEY LESTER, Brookshire Art, Union Music Committee, AFROTC, Curtain Club, Ranger, Wesley Foundation, University Singers SCHNEIDER, FRANCES EVELYN, Austin English, IlB fr, Pzatlx, NROTC Sponsor, Women Voters, Newman Club, Rally Committee, Cap and Gown Council, Ten Most Beautiful, Sweetheart Finalist, Ranger Cover Girl, Bluebonnet Belle SCHORLEMER, WENDELL CARROLL, Austin Bacteriology SCHROEDER, CHESTER, East Bernard Public Accounting, MICA SCHROEDER, MARTHA LOU, Sinton Education, A4, ITA0, AAA, Wesley Foundation, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board SCHUCHARDT, GLYNN MICHAEL, San Marcos Geology, AIME SCHULTE, GEORGE A., Ysleta Applied Mathematics SCHULTE, HARRY L., Ysleta Accounting, AROTC SCHULZ, CHARLOTTE ANNE, Wichita Falls Government, KKT SCHULZE, ANNIE MARIE, Kyle Commercial Teaching SCHULZE, RUPERT PHILIP, JR., Corpus Christi Finance, AXA, AIII, Student-Faculty Committee SCHWARZ, MILTON DUDLEY, San Antonio English, German, H2, BK. Eulenspiegel Verein, BSU, San Antonio Club, Philosophy Club, Atlantic Union Club SCOTT, ANN KELLY, White Deer English, German, Bluestockings, Eulenspiegel Verein, Linguistics Club, German Conversation Club, Westminster Student Fellowship, Women Voters SCOTT, CECIL A., Baytowti Chemistry ( I PAGE 66 L SCOTT, MARY MARTHA, Jewett Social Sciences SCOTT, PATRICIA, Wharton Art Education, KAH SCOTT, RAWLAND LEON, Gainesville Geology, AKE, AFROTC, Southwestern Geological Society SCURLOCK, JAN, Dallas Plan II, KKT, Student-Faculty Committee, International Club Intramurals, Pierian SEAHOLM, ERNEST MAE, Eagle Lake Plan II, Bluestockings, Sidney Lanier, Cap and Gown SEFTON. PATRICIA JEAN, Pasadena Sociology, UTSA SEGAL, BETTY JOYCE, Dallas Journalism, A E, Daily Texan, Hille! SELVILI, MELIH MEHMET, Turkey Civil Engineering, ASCE, Ramshorn, Curtain Club, Turkish Club SHANEMAN, VICTOR C., Austin Electrical Engineering, KT, TBU, HKN, AIEE SHELLY, JIM F., San Antonio Electrical Engineering, 2N SHERWOOD, BOBBIE GENE, Kilgore Art, AI Orchesis, Women Voters, Art Student Association, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist SHILLING, ALICE VIRGINIA, Sinton Elementary Education, A 4 SHIRES, JACK A., Refugio Engineering Route to Business Administration SHWIFF. MARVIN DAVID, Galveston Finance, AEII, I H2, Cowboys, American Finance Association, Interfraternity Council, Varsity Debate, Athenaeum, Alcaldes SIMMONS, JEANNETTE CHRISTINE. Paris Education, ZTA, Women Voters, YWCA, Cap and Gown SIMON. BEATRICE M., Bay City Speech Education, A E, Speech Club, Curtain Club SIMPSON, BILL E., San Benito Physics, AXA, Cowboys, Arnold Air Society, Head Yell Leader SIMPSON, JOHN EDWIN, Austin Industrial Engineering, AFROTC, Director Public Relations, Society for Advancement Management, Arnold Air Society, Wesley Foundation SIVALLS, MARY MARTHA, Midland Radio, KA9 SKULAN, VERNELL J., Milwaukee, Wis. Journalism, Newman Club, Glee Club, Texan, MICA Sweetheart Nominee SLATER, DUANE D., Kilgore Electrical Engineering SMETANA, JAMES J Lott Mechanical Engineering, MICA, ASME, SAME, Ramshorn, Czech Club, Newman Club, Student-Faculty Committee, Armed Forces Association SMITH, EVA LOU, Madisonville Drama, Curtain Club SMITH, HARLAN E., Houston Geology, N, Fault-Finders, Houston Club, Wrestling Club SMITH, HUGH JAMES, Victoria Economics, A , Arnold Air Society SMITH, JAMES D., Dallas Government SMITH, JOHN WILLIAM, Austin Industrial Engineering, 2AM, EAA SMITH, KATHRYN ANN, Longview Business Administration SMITH, KATHRYN THOMAS, Lancaster Plan II, AXQ, Disciple Student Fellowship SMITH, KAY JUANITA, Bryan Music, AAA, 2AI, University Singers SMITH, LEONARD THOMAS, Harlingen International Trade IIKA, AK , Valley Club, Steer Here f ?52 PAGE 67 SMITH, LURLINE BYRD, Austin Spanish, AI " A, Cactus, Canterbury Club SMITH, M. JEANETTE, Floresville Radio Broadcasting, M Radio Guild, Speech Club, BSU, SMITH, MARTHA NELL, Gainesville Industrial Relations and Personnel Relations, HE, BBA, Cap and Gown SMITH, NORMA DELL, San Antonio Plan II, AXSJ, Disciples Student Fellowship, San Antonio Club SMITH, ROBERT HENRY, Longview Insurance, 92, AK SMITHEY, JOANN, Watertown, S. D. Sociology, Women Voters, Wesley Foundation, Cap and Gown SMYTH, GEORGE WASHINGTON, JR., San Antonio Latin-American Institute, Acacia, Interfraternity Council SNOWDEN, ROLEN DALE, Dallas Architecture, 4 KT SOMMER, MARILYN, Ballinger Chemical Engineering, AAI ' , AIChE, Upperclass Advisor, Cap and Gown, Poona SOWELL. CHARLES, San Antonio Pre-Law, f fi, illl, Cowboys, Football, T Association SPARKS, CATHLEEN LYRA, Taft Sociology, KA9, Ashbel SPARKS, CECIL RAY. San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, TBIT, IITE, ASME, Wesley Foundation SPELL, VIRGINIA B., McAllen English, AAA SPIRES, DALE O., El Paso Civil Engineering, ASCE SQUYRES, WELDON JEFFREY, Tyler Law, AXA, AA, AZII, BA , KK STANALAND, KENNETH, San Antonio Transportation, X, ANA, Rusk, AROTC STARRETT, DOROTHY NELL, Refugio Retailing, ZTA STEELE, BARBARA LEE, Dalhart Home Economics, A I , Spooks, Panhandle, Home Economics Club STEELE, JACK G., Waco Business Administration, Acacia, A f12, Cowboys, Interfraternity Council, Social Calendar Committee, Union Board, Round-Up, Free Dance Committee STEENKEN, GUS ARLIE, Kerrville Pharmacy, K , TPhA, APhA STENDIG, FRIEDA, San Antonio Nutrition, Home Economics Club, WICA, Hillel STEPHENS, CHARLES DRAPER, Eagle Lake Electrical Engineering, KK P, AIEE, Longhorn Band, South Central Texas Club, Newman Club STEPHENS, MARTHA JEAN, Pharr Home Economics, Clothing, Textile and Costume Design, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, Women Voters, Rio Grande Valley Club STEVES, ALLEN ROY, Kerrville Civil Engineering, ASCE STEWART, GENE CONRAD, Dalhart Commercial Art, MICA, Curtain Club STOKES, GWENDOLYN JUNE, Houston Piano, M i E, AAA, Cap and Gown, Orange Jackets, Sidney Lanier, Sophomore Scholarship Cup STOKES, JOHN FRANKLIN, Killeen Pre-Medical, ZK STONE, NOAH WILSON, Post Pharmacy, APhA, TPhA STONE, WILLIAM JESSE JR., Nocona Journalism, AAS, BSU, Swing and Turn STOVALL. JANE H., Muleshoe Bacteriology, Glee Club, Panhandle Club, Westminster Student Fellowship STRASSMANN, ANGELICA, Houston Languages, A , Women Voters, Morta Cactus, Lutheran Student Association, YWCA, Upperclass Advisor, Goodfello , , Languages, A , Women Voters, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Cactus, Lutheran Student Association, Cap and Gown Council, PAGE 68 STRAUCH, ELAINE, San Antonio Psychology, AI , X, Sidney Lanier STREETMAN. BONNIE GREENWOOD, Mineola English, ETA, BSU STRIEBER, JOHANNA, San Antonio Physical Education, AX8, Tec Club, UTSA Council STRIPLING, NANCY RUTH, Austin English, AXU STRUM, STANLEY, Tyler Business Administration, 1AM, H, Intramurals STUBBS, JOHN E., Galveston History STUTTLE, MARCH, Corpus Christ! Music, AAI1, Westminster Student Fellovyship, Sidney Lanier, Women Voters, Glee Club, Opera Workshop, University Singers SULLIVAN, GEORGE HARRIS, Corsicana Chemistry, SAE, 4 H2, AEA, Silver Spurs, Interfraternity Council SULLIVAN, JOHN A.. San Antonio Business Administration, SAE, Newman Club SUTTON, BEN ELLIS, Tyler Business Administration SWEATMAN, DIANE Fort Worth Elementary Education, X2, Spooks, Cap and Gown SWEENEY, HAROLD D., Phillips Mechanical Engineering TABB, DOROTHY JEANETTE PROBST, Austin Home Economics, HAG, ON, Home Economics Club, Upperclass Advisor, Wesley Foundation, Glee Club,, Intramurals TANNEHILL, HELEN B., Dallas Secondary Education, Spanish, AAA, AIT, Westminster Student Fellowship, Bow and Arrow, Cap and Gown, Sidney Lanier TANNOS, JOSEPH THOMAS, Lockhart Chemical Engineering, H2, AT, J2XE, TBII, MICA, Newman Club, AIChE TAYLOR, KATHRYN LEE, San Antonio Government, XS2, Canter Club, San Antonio Club, Freshman Fel- lowship TAYLOR, MARY LOUISE, San Antonio English, XQ, International Council TEMPLETON, PHILLIP FARWELL, San Angelo Business Administration, KS, Arnold Air Society, Rodeo Association TERRY, DAN HALLMAN, Lamesa Architecture, Acacia, American Institute of Architects TERRY, GEORGE WHITE, JR., Beaumont Mathematics THAMAN, JOANNE MARYE, Baytown English, AXQ, Women Voters, Newman Club, Upperclass Advisor THAMES, CLEMENT BEAL, JR.. Hearne Geology, 2 E, AIME, Fault- Finders, NROTC, Speliological Society, Mariners Club THAXTON, HELEN LAURA, Post Business Education, BBA THEOBALT, BETTY ANN, Austin Business Administration, A ATI, BBA, Spooks, Austin Club, Women Voters. Touche, Forensica, Newman Club, Home Town Council, Aqua Belle THOMPSON. F. EDYTHE, Atlantic Beach, Fla. Latin-American History, F4 B THOMSON, MARTHA, Temple Home Economics, KKP THORNTON. LADY GRACELYN, Mart Pharmacy, KE, TPhA, APhA, BSU THURMAN. BARBARA ANN. Austin Business Administration, Education, T I B, BBA, Women Voters, Red- head Club, Cap and Gown, Austin Club. TILICEK, FRANK JOHN, Schulenburg Business Administration, South Central Texas Club TIPTON, AGNES ELIZABETH, Brownsville Elementary Education, I ' f B, Westminster Student Fellowship, ACE. Panhellenic, Rio Grande Valley Club TOBIAS, MARVIN DANIEL, Dallas Advertising, IAM, AA2 f 1952 PAGE 69 TOLAR, ROGER LEE, San Antonio Physical Education, AE, T . 5socialion, Oak Grove, Varsity Swimming TOMME, M. BROWN, JR., Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, IIKA, HZ, TBII, AIEE, IRE TOOLEY, ELWYN KENNETH, Haskell Journalism, OS, Daily Texan TORGERSON, DONALD H., Austin Geology, American Legion, Fault-Finders UAN, ARTHUR FRANK, Beaumont ical Engineering, AIChE TOWER, SHIRLEY JEAN Austin Interior Decoration, AATT, AAF, Spooks, Steer Here, Free Dance, Women Voters, Home Economics Club TREAT, BURNETT DEANE, Austin Engineering Route to Business Administration, AT, Society for Advance- ment of Management, Westminster Student Fellowship TREAT, CAROL LOU, Austin Health and Physical Education, YWCA, Austin Club, Westminster Student Fellowship, PEM TREVINO DOROTHY B., Laredo Education and English, Alba Club, Laredo Club TROTT, GENE ALLEN, Wichita Falls Pharmacy, K , PX, APhA, TPhA TRUAX, DOROTHY ANNE, Fort Worth Art Education, A4 TUCKER, WILLIAM ERIC, Port Arthur Physics, FA, H ffe TUNE, JIM L., Longview Geology, QS TURNER, JACK R., Austin Architecture, AKE, American Institute of Architects, UTSA, ROTC Texas Wrestlers, Austin Club TURNER JANE Post English, Philosophy Club, Ca .q and Gown TURNER, LOVELL M., JR., Dallas Economics, 4FA TURNHAM, ROBERT CREWS, Freer Petroleum Engineering, IIKA, Cowboys, AIME, Ramshorn, Interfraternity Coun- cil, Co-Chairman Sing-Song, Religious Emphasis Steering Committee TUTTLE, GEORGE A., San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, TBII, IIT, ASME, Ramshorn, San Antonio Club, Mariners Club TYSOR, ROBERT CHAN, Dallas Geology UPSHAW, DAVID LEE, Belton Finance, AK , Mariners Club, American Finance Association VAUGHAN, RAYMOND SCOTT, Waco Industrial Relations VELA, ROBERTO, JR., Harlingen Mathematics, Alba, Newman Club VENABLE, VALERIA FRANCES, Temple Mathematics, AZ VICK, GABE THOMAS, Weatherford Business Administration, KT, AK , 4 XH. University Rangers, AROTC VILLAFRANCA, RALPH, Ganado Plan II, Education, MICA, Newman Club VIRAMONTES, JAMES R., Las Cruces, N. Mex. Physical Education, 1 E, PEM Club, T Association, Newman Club, Arnold Air Society VOLCIK, EUGENE CHARLES, Smithville Pharmacy, APhA, TPhA VOLKART, RICHARD D., Harlingen Management, A Q, AK , Rio Grande Valley Club VOORHESS, MARY LOUISE, Houston Pre-Medical, Zoology, AAA, AEA, Cap and Gown, Westminster Student Fellowship WADE, LELA OWENS, Arlington Home Economics, XO, Home Economics Club, Home Economics Council WALKER, BEVERLY ANN, Fort Worth Bacteriology, M, Women Voters, BSU PACE 70 WALKER, DOUGLAS J., Canyon Plan II, Business Administration, MICA, ROTC, Theleme WALKER, GENE COWDEN, Weathcrford Mechanical Engineering, ASME WALKER, JACK WESLEY, Graham Petroleum Engineering, KKM ' , TBII, Longhorn Band, Wesley Foundation WALKER, JERRY G., Cleburne History, " 1 KT. Interfraternity Council, AROTC, Rodeo Association, Westminster Student Fellowship WALKER, ROBERT HOWARD, Dublin English, A Cappella Choir WALLACE. ALLEN C., JR., Corpus Christi Marketing, All! WALLACE, ALTON DALE, Crosbvton Retailing, OH, AK ' I- WALTHALL, EUGENE, JR., Mission Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, Rio Grande Valley Club WARNER, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH, Austin Home Economics, AXS, ON. Westminster Student Fellowship, YWCA, Orange Jackets, Reagan WARREN, C. D., JR., Waco Architecture, Longhorn Band, MICA, Wesley Foundation WARREN, CLEON K., Waco Sociology WARREN, DAVID M., JR., Panhandle Business Administration, KI, Panhandle Club WARREN, SUE, Gilmer Psychology, WICA, Touche, Northeast Texas Club WASH, JAMES CLARK, Lexington, Ky. Architecture, ASCE, Sphinx, American Institute of Architects W ATKINS, MYRTLE LUCILLE, Houston Home Economics, Clothing Design, T IB, Home Economics Club, Charm Committee WATSON, KIMBALL S., Mt. Carmel, 111. Petroleum Engineering, AE, SAME, Cowboys WEBB, HARRY CHARLES, JR., Houston Business Administration, A9, Interfraternity Council, Cowboys, Discipline Committee, Varsity Carnival WEBBER, BEVERLY JUNE, Odessa Secretarial, Af, BBA WEIDMER, RICHARD T., JR., Hallsville Spanish and German, QZ, Eulenspiegel Verein, Steer Here Committee WEINHEIMER, ALVIN FRANCIS, Stonewall Accounting, Newman Club WELHAUSEN, M. JEAN, Yoakum Applied Mathematics, AXQ, Texas Stars. Reagan, Women Voters, South Central Texas Club, Texas Union, Co-Ed Assembly, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board WESLEY, L. JEAN, Austin Government, AAA, AAA, X, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Student Association Secretary WEST, FRANCES GENE, Conroe Commercial Education, r B, BBA WHEAT, JOSIAH, Woodville Law, 24 E, Rusk, Blanket Tax Committee, Forum Speakers Committee, Rally Committee, Varsity Carnival Committee, Associate Justice, Pre-Law Society, Cactus WHIGHAM, WILLIAM RANDALL, McAllen Chemistry, MICA, Longhorn WHITE, DIXIE. Edna Home Economics, ATA, Home Economics Club, Westminster Student Fellowship, Steer Here Committee " L. ' It WHITE, HUGH GILHAM. Abilene Ge F.i Geology and Physics, KA, Aquatic Club, Water Polo, Newman Club, ult-Finders, University Chess Club, Hogg Debate Society WHITE, JOHN THOMAS, Wichita Falls Applied Mathematics WILCOX, JACK B., Dallas Business Administration, Marketing, American Marketing Association WILEY, JOE MORRIS, Austin Psychology. Swimming Team, Glee Club, Athenaeum, Austin Club, MICA, Lon ghorn Band WILKINS. RONALD A., II. Dallas Education, A Q, Swing and Turn, University Rangers, AROTC 1352 PAGE 71 mr mr JTJf fW WILLBORN, MARY, ELAINf, ; Kngliah, Bluestockings Cap and Gown WILLIAMS, BARBARA, San Antonio English AAA. Bluestockings, Curtain Club, WICA Disciples Student Fellowship, Cap and Gown WILLIAMS, ED. PAYNE, Corpus Christi Zoology, KA ' _ .f WILLIAMS, EULINE, Van English, Upperclass Advisor, Bluestockings, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Debate Workshop WILLIAMS, MARY ANN, Knoxville, Tenn. Speech WILLIAMSON HARDY, Kemp Public Accounting, AK WILLIG, LANELLE BROOKS. San Angelo Home Economics, Teacher Education. M, ON, Cactus, Co-Ed Assembly, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Sidney Lanier WILLRODT, ARTHUR JAMES, Columbus Architectural Engineering, AAAE, Newman Club, South Central Texas Club WILSON, CARL W., Denison Business Administration, ATS2, AK-1 ' WILSON, ROWLAND B., Dallas Art, Ranger Editor, Student Publications Board WILSON, WILLIAM C., Corpus Christi Pharmacy. K , APhA, TPhA WILSON, WYNANT STONE, Dallas Petroleum Engineering, T Association, Silver Spurs, Varsity Swimming m WINTER, SHIRLEY LEE, Midland Geology, AZ, Fault-Finders, Westminster Student Fellowship, Sidney Lanier WISE, HARDY S., Fort Worth Business Administration, K 1 WOLFF, RICHARD OLIVER, San Antonio Business Administration, K WOMMACK, LUCY RUTH, Lubbock Secondary Education, AAA, Reagan WOOD, CONSTANCE, Breckenridge Sociology, Touche, Cap and Gown WOOD, EDITH H., Austin Accounting, BA WOOD, JERRY JEAN, Beaumont Home Economics, YMCA, Home Economics Club, BSU, Cap and Gown WOOD, ROBERT HAYDEN, Harlingen Aeronautical Engineering, Acacia, lAeS, Ramshorn WOODALL, FRANK THOMAS, JR., Pasadena Electrical Engineering, A$ WOODSON, THOMAS D., JR., San Antonio Real Estate and Insurance, ZX, Scabbard and Blade WORD, JOYCE CARL, San Antonio Spanish, Xfl WORTZ, EDWARD C., San Antonio Psychology WRIGHT, JOANN, Yoakum Health and Physical Education, WICA, PEM Club, Strike and Spare WRIGHT, R. LORELLE, Kerrville Elementary Education, AAIT, ACE, Canterbury Club, Hill Country Club WYATT, FRANK TAYLOR, Austin Chemistry, ' i ' SK, Tumbling Team, Longhorn Amateur Radio Club YOUNGJOHN, JAMES ROBERT, Hammond, Ind. Marketing, K YOUSIF, ZAGHLOOL YACOUB, Baghdad, Iraq Mechanical Engineering, ASME ZINK, DAVID DANIEL, Austin Journalism, AFROTC ZINKE, ROBERT L., Yoakum Electrical Engineering, f HI, HKN, TBH, AIEE ZLOTNIK, LILLIAN, Brenham Business Administration, AAA. BBA, Cap and Gown, Hillel PAGE 72 V ' ' i nrl .. -. - ?. . . 1 Y " : ' ' - ..-.:. . JUNIORS SECOND-YEAR LAWS Blumenthal, Robert Louis, Houston Cook, Jake C., Fort Worth Driver, R. Temple, Wichita Falls Eastl.ind, Donald, Hillsboro Finck, Edward Reinhold, Jr., San Antonio Garth, Gayle, Houston Kinsel, Jay Frank, Beaumont Lyons, Terry Frank, Amarillo McClure, Don L., Abilene Randall, Risher, Galveston Read, James LeGrand, Houston Reagan, Patrick H., Hyc Robertson, James Wharton, Colorado City Underwood, Jack L-e, El Paso FIRST-YEAR LAWS Clements, Jamie Hager, Crockett Conti, Katherine Wilhclmine, Victoria Curtis, Harold F., Greenville Donovan, John C., Houston Evans, John Sidney, Jr., Amarillo Foreman, Wilson F., Edinburg Fulmer, Kenneth, Nacogdoches Gonsoulin, Dewey Judc, Houston Hughes, William Lee, Jr., Arlington Jackson, Edmond Penn, San Antonio Kleinman, Harold F., McCamey Lemon, Robert Dell, Booker McCrum, Everett S., Brownwood McLaughlin, John Mark, Snyder McMeans, Walter Sheppard, Houston McMillen, John Lee, Amarillo Malooly, Gilbert Elias, El Paso Mighell, Kenneth John, Dallas Moore, Fred Jones, Bells Moore, Robert Holliday, Los Angeles, Calif. Orr, Joseph Lackland, Fort Worth Pakenham, James A., Longview Shivers, Linward Paul, Carthage Spears, Franklin Scott, San Antonio Walker, Carlos Richard, Luling York, Edwin Reinhold, Austin Zbranek, J. C., Daisetta JUNIORS Adams, Flo Nell, Beaumont Adams. Marion Teresa, Corpus Christi Al-Bakri, Abdul Razzak, Baghdad, Iraq Alberts, Betty Lou, San Antonio Albrecht, Clarence A., Goliad Albritton, Martha Ann, Jacksonville Aldridge, Frances Harrison, Austin Alexander, Mary Kimball, Houston Alexander, Patricia Lou, Waco Al-Fakhri, Ali H., Basrah, Iraq Alford, Bobby R., Tyler Ali, Sahib H., Baghdad, Iraq Allen, Bernadette M., Edna Allen, Mary Margaret, Fort Worth Allen, Nelson P., Borger Al-Najjar, Mahdi Ali, Nasiriyah, Iraq Al-Salih, H. Ali, Baghdad, Iraq Amsler, Jean, Hempstead Anderson, Gelya, Bellaire PAGE 76 Anderson, Nancy Ellen, Houston Anderson, Roger D., Velasco Anglin, William Ross, Austin Anthony, Margaret L., Houston Armstrong, Charlene, Odessa Armstrong, Robert Lajidis, Austin Arthur, Jennie Ann, Pecos Arze, George B., Cochabamba, Bolivia Ashby, Franklin A., Houston Ash-Shahabi, Jabbar A., Baghdad, Iraq Atnipp, Horace L., Ballinger Atnipp, Sallyne McGahey, Ballinger Austin, Richard B., Dallas Averitt, Lawrence Foster, Hebbronville Bachemin, Dorothea Elizabeth, Houston Bailey, Richard, Sterling City Baker, Billy D., Breckenridge Baker, Lamar Robertson, Jr., Harlingen Baker, Marilyn Janice, Shreveport, La. Baker, Mary Louise, Fort Worth Baker, Thelma Louise, Houston Baldridge, Joseph Filmore, Jr., Fort Worth Banker, Patricia, San Antonio Barber, Monty Clyde, Austin Barker, Donald B., Austin Barrett, Ellwood Talmage, Madisonville Barrett, June Iris, Houston Barry, Joanne, Beaumont Bcals, Rose Marie, Borger Bean, Mozelle, Grand Prairie Beard, Marietta, Taft Beatty, Barbara, San Antonio Beaver, Margaretta E., Fort Worth Belfi, Charles Allen, San Antonio Bell, Philip Miller, Dallas Bentsen, Betty Ellen, Mission Berger, Theodore J., San Antonio Berry, Thomas Robert, Huntsville Berryhill, Kenneth Alvin, Corsicana Bishop, Barry Louis, Chevy Chase, Md. Bixler, Nelva Joy, Burnet Black, Beverly Jean, College Station Black, Milton England, Houston Blades, Bonnie Lynnette, Houston Blatt, Kenneth, Longview Block, Ephraim Lester, Laredo Blohm, Erich B., Floresville Blue, Clarence Theo, Rankin Boedeker, Paula, Bowie Boehl, Gwendolyn Verne, Cuero Boggus, Jo Ann, Austin Boguskie, Janis, Hearne Bone, Bobbie Dawn, Austin Boyer, Marcia June, Fort Worth Boyles, Jimmy Glenn, Munday Bradley, James J., Katy Brady, Mary Rose, Austin Brannen, Hersch S., Houston Brass, David O ' Neil, Austin Briner, Lewis H., Benton, Ark. r r PAGE 77 Brocato, Anthony G., Beaumont Brackenbrough, John L., Waco Brown, Barbara Jean, Three Rivers Brown, Billy Joe, Mount Pleasant Brown, Oran Donald, Cleburne Brown, Roy Allyn, Newgulf . Broyhill, Kent Ina, Dallas Bruckner, Anna Ruth, Amarillo Brumley, Carl Ray, Austin Bryan, Grace Ann, San Angelo Buchner, Wilma Lorene, Gainesville Burleigh, Patricia Louise, Austin Burnette, Carl W., LaFollette, Tenn. Burnitt, Seth Charles, Calvert Burns, Ben Morgan, Goliad Byrd, William Martin, San Antonio Camp, Mary Jacquelyn, Austin Campbell, Dorothy, Rockport Cantu, Robert G., Jr., San Antonio Cardenas, Joe M., McAllen Cardwell, Elizabeth Lell, Lockhart Carroll, Ben Jack, Rockwood Carsey, Robert C., Jr., Houston Carson, Bonnie Jean, San Antonio Carson, Morton S., Houston Casey, Doris Corine, Corpus Christi Cassell, Dwight E., Dallas Cater, Nancy Lee, New Braunfcls Cauthen, Carolyn, Temple Chandler, Huel Homer, Port Arthur Chanslor, William A., Houston Christie, Shirley Lee, Wharton Choat, Jack, Dallas Clareys, Jean Emily, McAllen Claiborne, Marilyn Elizabeth, Charlotte Clark, Annetta Joyce, Austin Clark, Geraldine, Del Rio Clary, John Alfred, Turnerville Clements, Q. Coleen, McGregor Cline, Bobby James, Floydada Clore, Elizabeth Ann, Mercedes Cochran, Lamont Martin, Jr., Seattle, Wash. Cocke, Catherine, San Antonio Coe, Sue Marlene, Kilgore Coles, Roy Davis, Colorado City Collier, Peggy, Dallas Collonge, Marie, Dickinson Colvin, George H., Fort Worth Cook, Ruth Annette, Atlanta Cooksey, James Maxwell, Mullin Cooney, William B., Lufkin Corder, Dorothy, Burnet Cornett, Mickey D., Silverton Courtney, Albert Kenneth, Wills Point Couvillion, Nancy Jane, Orange Cox, Carolyn Ann, Fort Worth Cox, Flo, Odessa Cox, Patricia, Beeville Craig, Connie Arden, Corpus Christi Crainer, Emma Jean, Bay City Cralle, Robert P., Dallas Crawford, Bonnie Jo, Dallas Craycroft, Jack, Dallas Crittenden, Nora Alice, La Porte Crocker, Rita Joan, Brady PACK 78 Crofts, Carolyn, Cisco Cromwell, F. Rhca, Jr., Taylor Crow, Joanna Ruth, Bay City Crowley, George Allen, Fort Worth Czimskey, Monroe Leon, Elgin Davidson, Doris Marie, Houston Davis, Carolyn Glynne, Sweetwater Davis, Donna Evelyn, Huntsville Davis, Frances Starr, Nacogdoches Davis, John Howard, Houston Davis, John Powell, Marquez Davis, Richard L., Abilene DeMoss, Edward Eugene, Dallas Denney, Robbie Dell, Wichita Falls DeRese, Betty Bel, Port Arthur Dickerson, Carolyn, Midland Dickerson, Roy, Jr., Mineola Dishongh, Charles Ray, Cleveland Dodd, James Weldon, Fort Worth Dodson, Dale R., Electra Dodson, Horace Leon Jr., Dallas Doggett, Mary Claire, Dallas Donada, Maria Nieves, Corpus Christi Dorn, Othclia Jerry, Tyler Dorset, Carolyn Bird, Sherman Doughtie, Venton L., Jr., Austin Drye, Anne Elizabeth, New York, N. Y. DuBose, Mary Lynn, Wichita Falls Dudgeon, Johnnie, San Antonio Dukes, Nina Merle, Brenham Dunagan, Eddie D., Waco Duncan, Hadden, McGregor Dungan, David Summers, Wichita Falls Eager, James L., Amarillo Early, Cassie Ann, Wharton Easterwood, Roy, Jr., Temple Eckles, Joan, San Antonio Edwards, Annette, Beaumont Edwards, Mary Ann, Georgetown Ehlers, Jo Ann, New Braunfels Eklund, Curtis E., Austin Elbert, Janice Louise, Wichita Falls Elkins, JoAnn, Waco Elliott, Lynwood Grayburn, Austin Ellison, Oliver Perkins, Jr., Silsbce Epstein, Isaac, Laredo Erwin, Betty, McKinney Eschberger, Clara Kaye, Alice Esgen, Barbara, San Antonio Evans, Ruth Ann, Cleveland, Ohio Ewing, Dwight S., Corpus Christi Falk, Edith Joyce, Corpus Christi Farabee, James M., Wichita Falls Farb, Dvora, Houston Farek, Margery, Schulenberg Fink, Norma, San Antonio Fischer, Betty Jo, Corpus Christi Fisher, Roy Brent, Corpus Christi Fitch, Shirley Corinne, San Antonio Fletcher, Donald E., Amarillo Fletcher, Edith Louise, Austin Ford, Richard Franklin, Dallas Forgotson, Edward, Shreveport, La. Forman, Doris May, Galveston Forsvall, Murray L., Austin PAGE 79 Foster, Elaine, Austin Fountain, Altus Dean, Tyler Fox, Bobby Jane, Petersburg Frankel, Florence G., Galveston Frick, Ross T., Floresville Friedman, Marcia Ethel, Texarkana Fritsche, Carl Craighead, Alexandria, Va. Gallatin, Albert Reeves, San Antonio Ganim, Janis Sue, Shreveport, La. Gartner, Jeneane M., Houston Genecov, Edward Ray, Dallas Gentry, Joanna, Tyler George, William David, Irving Germany, James Myron, Brownwood Gerson, Daina, Odessa Gibbs, June Carole, Pearsall Gibson, Frank Atwood, Austin Gilbreath, Frances Eileen, San Antonio Gilmore, Edward Morriss, Jr., Galveston Glass, Mary Morgan, Marlin II ' ft Glover, Joe Marbury, San Antonio Goldberg, Harold Stanley, Tyler Goldsmith, Claude W., Jr., Port Arthur Golman, Larry Elton, Dallas Gomez, Elsie Gloria, Mexico, D. F. Goode, Thomas Lee, Austin Gorman, Jack Strcety, Snyder Gosalvez, Carmen, Falfurrias Grainge, Robert F., San Antonio Gray, Jack Allan, Arlington Gray, Mary Ann, Beaumont Green, James Ray, Hawkins Greenfield, Leslie Lohr, Houston Grey, Dorothy Lee, Cristobal, Canal Zone Griffins, Jeannine, Vernon Guest, Ann Katherine, Fort Worth Guidry, Barbara Ray, Corpus Christi Guin, Margaret J. Whatley, Abilene Gustafson, Clifford L., San Antonio Gwinner, Maurice D., Austin Halford, Drew, Rockwall Hallen, Eric A., Oslo, Norway Halliday, Eleanor P., Rio Verde, Mexico Hallman, William Hughes, Olney Hamilton, Charles A., Fort Worth Hamm, Alan W., Colorado City Hamner, Rosemary Monroe, Houston Hampton, Marilyn Faynette, Dallas Hampton, Morris Jackson, Naples Hand, Donald J., Harlingen Hankal, Robert Leonard, Weslaco Hanna, Frank George, Tyler Hanna, John Paul, Breckenridge Haralson, Mary Bain, Houston Harbison, Alice Louise, Hebbronville Hardy, Mavis Lee, Houston Hargrove, William Robert, Freeport Harkins, Vincent Lee, Pasadena Harkleroad, Mary Emily, Amarillo Harrington, Ann Kay, Terrell Harris, Eleanor Elizabeth, Austin Harris, James Robert, Coleman Harris, Jean Morgan, Henderson Hartley, Jean Carol, Riverside, 111. Harvey, Carolyn Jean, San Antonio PACE 80 H . Hoffpauir, Francis C., Port Arthur Hogan, Anne, Houston Hohertz, Daryle Albert, Big Spring Holcomb, Glcnda Jane, Odessa Holland, Donald Gene, San Angelo Hollingsworth, James Louis, Fort Worth Hooper, Dick Olton Horn, Jimmy, Lufkin Horrigan, Patrick H., Austin Horwitz, Julian Victor, El Paso Houston, Reagan R., San Antonio Howard, William John, San Antonio Huffman, Charles Wayne, Longview Hull, Charles Lee, Decatur Hullum, Mary Jo, Wills Point Humrickhouse, Ralph R., Marshall Hunt, Ernest Lloyd, Clarendon Hunt, James Theodore, Sondra Hunt, Kathleen, San Antonio Hurwitz, Beverly, Lawrence. Kan. Huser, Laverne Carl, Schulenburg Hutchinson, Martha, Beaumont Hyltin, Jo Ann, Austin Inabnet, Carol, Galveston Isham, Robert Owen, Jr., Fort Worth Ivey, Mary Louise, Denton Jackson, Robert W., Beaumont Jackson, Waco, Little Rock, Ark. James, Jerry, Breckenridge Jenness, Tomadell, Cameron Jindrich, Warren J., San Antonio Johnson, Carolyn Hope, Kerrville Johnston, Roy E., Lufkin Jones, Barbara Lou, Edcouch Jones, Bill, Longview Jones, H. Grady, Kilgore Jones, Jack Greenwood, Houston Jones, L. Louise, Fort Worth Jones, Oscar Freer, Waco Jordan, John F., Mineola Jordan, Joy, McFaddin Joseph, Marlene Louise, Taylor Josephson, Sandra Jean, Snyder Joslin, Charles Alvin, Kansas City, Mo. Jourdan, Betty Inez, Alvin Kallina, James D., Garwood PACE 81 Harwell, Freeda Alene, Colorado City Hassen, Nabeela, Haskell Hatton, Winifred Ray, Ranger Haupt, Arrenia Julia, Bryan Hawley, Edwina Jeanne, Austin Haynie, Tom P., Hearne Hendlcr, Ruth Vinn, Temple Henkel, Martha, Austin Henley, Robert D., San Antonio Henslee, Laretha Sue, Wolfe City Herron, Wendell L., Dallas Hicks, James Roland, Tyler Hickson, Edwin Wayne, Big Spring Hildreth, Albert D., Jr., Houston Hill, Marian Christine, Fort Worth Hill, Marjorie Lynn, Bartlett Hilton, Gene R., Lamesa Hilyard, Orrin L., Fort Worth Hodges, Mary Elma, Bastrop Hoff, Bill B., Austin Kantcr, Shirley, Harlingen Karotkin, Leonard, Jr., Austin Kassanoff, Arnold H., El Paso Kebelman, Gretchen, Weatherford Keller, Helen Elizabeth, Del Rio Kellerman, Francine V., Mercedes Kelley, Arnold Dwain, Austin Kellner, Evelyn Jean, San Antonio Kelly, Alice Leona, Sylacauga, Ala. Kelly, Jack C., El Paso Kelly, Jerrold, Rock Rapids, Iowa Kemble, Robert Lloyd, McAllen Kemp, Kenneth Howard, Corpus Christ! Kenny, Robert Wayne, Stephenville Kessler, Fred B., Houston Kidd, Barbara, Tyler King, Mary Ellen, Austin Kinney, Ben Jack, Austin Kiper, Charlotte, Austin Kipp, John Theodore, Corpus Christi Kirkland, Charles Patrick, Edmond, Okla. Klotz, Layton A. B., Fremont Knagge, Albert U., Jr., Cotulla Knotts, Mary E., Huntsville Kosberg, Dolores Jean, Waco Kost, Harold Stanley, San Antonio Kothmann, Bette Carole, San Antonio Kreager, Dorothy Jane, San Angelo Kreimerman, Martin C., Mexico City, D. F. Kreuz, Charles R., Lockhart Krochman, Ann Louise, Dallas Kull, Freida, Texarkana Kusin, Gloria Celeste, Texarkana Lambert, Carl C., San Antonio Larnm, Loretta Maureen, San Antonio Lane, Samuel Hartman, Jr., Austin Lauderdale, James H., Mercedes Lawhon, Polly, Marfa Lawshae, Duncan Allen, Maracaibo, Venezuela Leal, Yolanda, Mercedes Leard, William V., Gilmer Lee, Leo Charles, Austin Lee, H. Louis, Jr., Dallas Lennon, Betty Dean, Cisco Levine, Charlene, Wichita Falls Levy, Harriet, Galveston Levy, Morris Leon, Jr., Corpus Christi Lichtenstein, Morris, Corpus Christi Life, Kaletah, Athens Livzza, Frank J., Houston Lively, Franklin T., Abilene Lockman, Julie, Austin Long, Gracie Delene, Austin Long, William Donald, Houston Lotief, Rudolph A., Rotan Loveless, Glenda Willadeen, Eden Loveless, Mary Grace, Eden Lowell, Philip S., Phoenix, Ariz. Lunz, James H., Hebbronville Luter, Geraldine, San Antonio McCall, Verner H., Jr., Houston McCalla, Dudley Davis, Austin McCleskey, Bob Allen, Freer McClure, William Park, La Pryor McCollum, Donald E., McAllen PAGE 82 H McConncll, John Ewart, Houston McCuc, Kemper Warren, Amarillo McDcrmott, M. Madclaine, Lufkin McDonald, Malcolm Dwain, Port Arthur McDonough, Gail, San Antonio McFarland, Leva La Rue, Anson McGee, Lou, Austin McGee, Wallace Edward, San Antonio McGrew, Lloyd D., Cisco McKnight, Kay, Yoakum McNeill, Ann Millicent, Austin McTee, Arline Denny, Austin MacRae, Gloria D. E., Calgary, Canada Mahoney, Carroll Jack, Dallas Malone, Alice, Houston Mangeniello, Louis Patrick, Jersey City, N. J. Marcovitch, Marlene Ethel, Wharton Marino, Daniel, Jr., Tunja, Colombia Martin, Patricia, San Antonio Marline , Roel, San Juan Mathis, Jack C., Brenham Mathison, Mary Jo, Lampasas Matusevich Steve, Jr., Fort Worth Maxwell, Hazel Annette, San Antonio May, James W., Austin Mayfield Cecil Curtis, San Antonio Mays, Barbara, San Antonio Medina, Zoilo, Tunja, Colombia Meek, Bessie, Dallas Mendlc, Lois Inez, Galveston Meredith, Barbara, Dallas Messer, Sally, Lincoln, Nebr. Miles, Sammye Jo, Conroe Mileur, Max Edward, Amarillo Miller, James Edward, Barstow Miller, Marvin, San Antonio Miller, Patricia Marie, Pampa Million, Charles Lewis, Wichita Falls Mills, Roy Scott, Amarillo Milstead, Robert E., Houston Milton, Joyce, Austin Miner, Bernard W., Fort Worth Mitchell, Nicholas P., Greenville, S. C. Monroe, Harvey Norvell, Pelham Manor, N. Y. Montgomery, Rex, Avinger Moore, Dorothy Anne, Crockett Moore, Henry Houston, Austin Moore, John C., Amarillo Moore, Martha Matilda, Houston Moore, Preston, Houston Moore, Randy G., Omaha Moorman, Frances Marie, Longview Moran, Sidney Stuart, Tulsa, Okla. Morey, Thomas J., Austin Morgan, Celia A., Beaumont Morgan, Daniel Croxton, Angleton Morgan, Wanagene Rita, Corpus Christi Morris, Marianne, Fort Worth Morrison, Juanita Jane, Moran Morrisson, Virginia Lee, Port Arthur Moskowitz, Dolly Ruth, Baytown Mosle, Margaret, Houston Mosley, Marilyn, Fort Worth Moxom, Mara Kay, Kilgore Murad, John L., Tyler PAGE 83 Musil, Lillie, Stamford Mutar, Abdul Wahah, Hachtha, Iraq Neal, Harry G., Gainesville Neblett, Charles, Stephenville Neely, Doris Eleanor, Amarillo Neff, William Richard, Port Arthur Neill, Jane Elizabeth, Sonora Nelson, Irvin Harris, Amarillo Nelson, Margie Lu, Sweetwater Nichols, Ken R., Midland Nichols, Martha Ann, Beeville Nichols, Virginia, Robstown Nissen, Greta, San Antonio Nixon, Linda, San Antonio Noe, Edwin D., Fort Worth Nordyke, Paul William, Bay City Norman, Leola May, Weslaco Norman, Peggy, Arlington Noster, Marian Fay, New Braunfels Oden, Richard Lee, Pampa Ogden, O. Wayne, Sonora Olson, Nancy Dray, Houston Orynski, Julia I., Dallas Pace, Donna Mae, Greenville Parker, Yvonne, Temple Parsons, Betty Jean, Sweeny Patrick, Roy Coleman, Jr., McAllen Patton, Ronald A., Menard Payne, Millard Gordon, Houston Pegram, Peggy, Austin Pells, Betty Lee, Denver, Colo. Peoples, Roberta Frances, Fort Worth Percefull, Virginia Ann, Selfridge Air Base, Mich. Perlitz, Jerry, Austin Perner, Raymond G., San Antonio Petty, Glenn Royce, Longview Peyton, George Bailey, San Antonio Pitchford, Norma Louise, El Paso Pitchford, William Arnold, El Paso Pittsford, Chester M., Austin Playter, Ann, Houston Poland, Helen Lee, Jacksonville Polunsky, Robert Alan, San Antonio Poneleit, Josephine, Harlingen Pooley, Elliott Earl, Houston Price, Edith Marie, Weslaco Prince, Audry June, Austin Prosser, Shirley Joe, Conroe Pruett, Wilford R., Seminole Pryor, Patricia Joyce, Midland Pugh, George Edwin, Sherman Quinn, Allan, Las Piedras, Venezuela Ramsower, Gracie, Mathis Rand, Phyllis, Jacksonville Ray, Donald Lee, Kilgore Rayson, Jack Henry, Gonzales Reagan, Patrick Ned, Dallas Reed, Evelyn Shelby, Austin Rees, Charles Bert, San Antonio Rembold, Jean, Junction Renner, Jerry Lee, Austin Renshaw, Ralph Raymond, Jr., Palestine Rich, Marvin A., Houston Richardson, William Lee, Baytown Rieder, Robert Auten, Honolulu, T. H. PACE 84 T Riley, Mary Jo, Temple Ristig, James P., Jr., Orlando, Fla. Ritchie, Henry Gorman, Jr., Taft Riviere, Arthur Bernard, McQueeney Roberts, Caroline, Lufkin Roberts, Shirley Paulette, San Antonio Robertson, Betty Catherine, Baytown Robertson, Billy Ray, Baytown Robertson, H. Grady, Jr., Port Neches Robertson, John Robert, San Antonio Robinson, Frank Kec, Lamesa Rogers, Reginald W., Wichita Falls Rogers, Sue, Houston Rollins, Yvonne, Houston Rosborough, Ann, Tyler Rosen, Richard Julian, El Paso Rosenberg, Stanley David, San Antonio Royall, Margaret Jean, Washington, D.C. Rubenstein, David Ochs, Shreveport, La. Ruebel, Alfred Louis, Dallas Runnebcrg, Anita D., Crosby Rupe, Marilyn Joan, San Antonio Russell, Charles Arthur, Ladonia Russell, Dolores Antoinette, Kilgore Russell, Joan, Kilgore Rutherford, Gene Rankin, Dallas Sadler, Ann Lynn, Tyler Sadler, Marilyn Yvonne, Little Rock, Ark. Sanders, Jo Ann Claire, Orange Sarrafian, George Philip, Dallas Schaded, Maurice J., Paducah Scharfenberg, Sylvia Sue, Fort Worth Schiwetz, Patricia Ann, Houston Schlemmer, Robert Milton, Buffalo, N. Y. Schmal, Hermann, Munich, Germany Schmidt, Patty Ann, Taft Schneider, Charles Walter, Jr., San Antonio Schulle, Janice E., Austin Schwartz, Robert Eugene, Houston Scale, John H., Bellville Sellman, Nancy Claire, San Saba Serber, Ina Adele, San Antonio Sewell, George B., McAllen Shanken, Martin Lewis, Laredo Shapiro, Marvin E., Terrell Sharp, Dudley C., Jr., Houston Sharpless, Harry Reid, III, Port Arthur Shelton, William T., Mineral Wells Shields, Mary Sue, Victoria Shlipak, Louis, Galveston Skibell, Carl Albert, Dallas Skinner, Jerral V., Kerrville Slade, James Bruton, Amarillo Smead, Hamp, Longview Smith, Bobby Neil, Haskell Smith, Charles E., Houston Smith, Eugene T., Jr., San Antonio Smith, Evelyn Lianne, Mineral Wells Smith, Frances, Robstown Smith, Judith Wade, Pampa Smith, Patricia Joan, Kilgore Smith, William J., Edgewood Snively Gordon J., Houston Sone, Rosemary, Corpus Christ! Spear, Mary Helen, Rio Hondo PACE 85 Spring, Cordelia Jane, Houston Stanger, Billy Joe, Baytown Starkey, Jimmy W., Tyler Stein, Pablo, Cochabamba, Bolivia Stelly, Edward James, Port Arthur Stephens, Lotha Ann, Pasadena Stevenson, Joan Catherine, San Antonio Stevenson, Thomas A., Fort Worth Stewart, Don Harold, Gilmer Stillinger, Jack C., Houston Stischer, Walter M., San Antonio Stockton, John R., Jr., Austin Stone, H. Donald, Jr., Uniontown, Pa. Stout, John L., Austin Strauss, Andries M., Corpus Christ! Stubblefield, Hal, Dallas Studdard, Don Edward, Brownwood Suhler, William Charles, Luling Sullivan, Mary Ann, Kilgore Swann, Sue, Port Neches Swisher, Alma Allen, El Paso Talamas, Edward John, Laredo Tate, Martha Ann, Waverly, Tenn. Taylor, Joan, Beaumont Taylor, Robert Kinder, Blanco Teague, Nancy, Snyder Temple, Nancy Lou, Dallas Thienes, William A., St. Cloud, Minn. Thomas, Robert L., Beaumont Thompson, Charles Ernest, Jr., Edinburg Thompson, Chaunce O., Breckenridge Thornton, Dorothy Louise, Arlington Thurman, Ann R., Austin Tichenor, McHenry Taylor, Harlingen Tieken, Betty Louise, Austin Tieman, Robert Edward, Austin Timmins, Varney Holland, Jr., Elysian Fields Tippit, Albert S., San Benito Tompkins, Carolyn Jean, Corpus Christ! Tooke, Merle P., Humble Torn, Patricia Ann, Taylor Toubin, Jimmy L., Brenham Tyrrell, Jeanne, Beaumont Ungerer, Billie Grace, Flatonia Untermeyer, Katherine, Columbus Vagtborg, Phyllis, San Antonio Vander Straten, Richard, San Antonio Van Hoy, A. Conner, Eastland Van Meter, E. G., Jr., Irving Van Wormer, Shirley L., Houston Varney, Shirley Ann, Overton Vaughan, Joe Earl, Bowie Voigt, Elaine Marie, New Braunfels Voss, Robert G., Fort Worth Waddell, Norma, Corpus Christi Wade, Joy Ellowyn, Austin Wade, Paul Richard, San Antonio Wainwright, Revill Ann, Houston Walden, Kyle Ward, Beaumont Walker, Robert Harding, Dallas Walker, Shirley Jean, Austin Wallace, Ralph Elois, Jr., Bro wnwood Walser, Dorothy Ann, Temple . PAGE 86 Walsh, Edward Joseph, Jr., Galveston Walter, Betty Lynn, Houston Ward, Carol Elizabeth, Pharr Ward, James Thomas, Jr., Austin Warlen, Wesley M., Jr., Dallas Warmack, Wallace O., Texarkana Warren, James Howard, Tyler Warren, Thomas Gastrell, Waco Watkins, William Edward, Dallas Watson, Ann Evelyn, Brownwood Watson, Robert Lee, Jr., Rio Grande City Watson, Walter Weakley, Jr., Brownwood Weaver, Eldridge Virgil, III, Tulsa, Okla. Webb, Helen Annette, Fort Worth Weeks, Sarah Jane, Austin Wells, Zack Martin, Jr., Freer Welsh, Melba, Corpus Christ! Wengcr, Paul Cedric, Jr., San Antonio Wertheimer, Ruth Jean, Houston West, Bettye Jo, Fort Worth fir mm West, Samuel A., Joshua Wheat, Richard Allyn, Houston Wheeler, Janet, Austin Wheeler, William Thomas, Fort Worth Whitesides, Charles Early, Frankston Whitlock, Bryson L., Mercedes Whitson, Marilyn Irene, Fort Worth Wiggen, Gene R., Baytown Wiggins, Jane, Waco Wiley, Donald Field, Wichita Falls Wiley, Mary Margaret, Austin Williams, Alan Regan, Jr., Houston Williams, Ann Willette, Houston Williams, Ann Willson, Houston Williams, Arthur Branch, Jr., San Antonio Williams, Elma Dean, Baytown Williams, G. Janelle, New Braunfels Williams, Robert Rogers, Jefferson Wilson, Gloria Jean, Corpus Christi Wilson, James Alan, Lyford Winslow, Jayne Louise, Houston Winston, William, Lufkin Wisakowsky, Arthur Andrew, Texarkana Witt, Junelle, Plainview Witten, James M., San Antonio Wolens, Bette Lou, Corsicana Wolter, Robert Carl, Bishop Womack, Jimmie Frank, Jefferson Wood, Lillian Aline, Corpus Christi Woods, Seborn Enloe, Kirbyville Wren, Elden B., Weslaco Wright, Bee B., Amarillo Wright, Nelda Frances, Henderson Wraye, Kay Lcc, San Antonio Wylie, John Richard, Albany York, Cindy Marie, Houston York, Jo Anne, San Antonio Youmans, Barbara Jean, Beaumont Young, Mary Cathryn, San Antonio Young, Mason Parham, Lufkin Youngblood, Newton Crawford, Austin Zobal, Arthur Fred, Catarina PACE 87 lff f te SOPHOMORES Abrego, Sara Ann, Houston Adams, George R., Alice Adams, Johnnie Lee, Beaumont Adams, Shirley Janice, Childrcss Aldrich, M. Suzanne, Houston .Irxander, Hugh E., Beaumont Al-Habib, Mahmud M., Basrah, Iraq Allan, Keith Alexander, Dallas _jH Allen, Barbara, Waco Allen, Emily Jean, Houston I IK t Anderegg, Corwin L., Fredericksburg Anderson, John William, Fort Worth Anderson, Kenneth Dayle, Manor Anderson, Shirley June, Des Moines, Iowa Andricks, Dee Ann, San Antonio ndrus, Mary Jean, Alice Arisco, Viola Marie, Port Arthur Armsworth, Cynthia, San Antonio Aten, Betty Jean, Austin Ater, Bill F., Bertram JB . Atkin, Richard T., Georgetown Avery, R. Celeste, Brookshire Await, Grace Elizabeth, Dallas Axline, Shirley, Clarksville Baccus, Earlane, Dallas Bagelman, Joan, Port Arthur Bailey, Jane M., Port Arthur Bailey, Thomas O., Dal las Baillio, Barbara, Victoria Bain, Barbara, Pine Bluff, Ark Baker, Robert Paul, Freeport Bander, Norma Joyce, Longview Bankston, Charles Allen, Port Arthur Barker, Patricia Sue, Crystal City Barling, Robert F., Galveston Barnett, Joy, Burnet Barr, Elizabeth Louise, Newgulf Barr, Robert Joseph, Houston Barshop, Doris Jean, San Antonio Barshop, Jerry R., Dallas Bates, Lois Elizabeth, San Antonio Beall, Peggy Jan, Dallas Becker, Eric Baker, III, Dallas Berry, Roger Lewis, San Antonio Belcher, Bessie Rae, Dickinson Bell, Claiborne Murry, Paris Berman, Faye, Birmingham, Ala. Berry, Barbara Ann, Houston Berryman, Frances Eugenia, Houston Berwald, Elissa Joyce, Dallas Bezoni, Beverly, Tyler Bickley, Laura Allyne, San Antonio Bigham, Jess Y. Jr., Houston Biggs, Ray Coker, Boling Bihn, Beverly Elaine, San Antonio FJE X) Bills, Betty Madge, Bccville Billings, Robert Mason, Jr., New Braunfels Birdwcll, Leroy, San Antonio Bittick, Marshall, Jr., Brownwood Blake, Betty, Groesbeck Blanks, Dorothy Gay, San Angelo Blatt, Marilyn C., Dallas Bliss, Mary Lou, Austin Blue, Merry Tom, San Antonio Boese, Charles Olin, Jr., Fort Worth Booth, Leon, Jr., Shreveport, La. Bosley, Alonzo Wilson, Galveston Bothwell, Martin Ehrfried, Harlingen Bowdry, William Perrin, III, Dallas Bowen, Charles Lee, Waco Boyd, Kathryn F., Austin Bradner, Jane Anna, Galveston Brelsford, Nancy Virginia, Houston Brewer, Tom B., Fort Worth Bridges, Elsie Jane, Breckenridge Brite, Jerome Templeton, Pleasanton Brock, Frank E., Houston Brook, Edward M., San Antonio Brookner, Jo Ann, Beaumont Brooks, Ara Virginia, Houston Brooks, Norma Ruth, Houston Brown, Anthony Wayne, Harlingen Brown, Charles Dumon, Austin Brownlee, Jean K., Madisonville Brubaker, Ellen, Austin Bruce, Carey Carlton, Jr., Beaumont Brumble, Elmer Oliver, III, Lufkin Buck, Mildred, Burton Burkhalter, Joanne, Austin Burks, Mary Sue, Austin Burns, Ned Hamilton, Texarkana Burow, Isabella Lucie, Killeen Burrell, Jimmy L., Beaumont Busch, Mary Carol, Kerrville Byrnes, Howard Parnell, Jr., Palestine Cabra, Ennio A., Papayan, Colombia Cadenhead, Walter J., Brownwood Caldwell, Angela, Houston Capps, Sally Kathron, Mason Garden, Weldon E., Austin Carlton, James D., Houston Carson, Ralph Vaughn, Jr., Houston Castner, Willis Hunt, Midland Catterton, Jaynet, Amarillo Cecil, Jean, Paris Chancellor, Johnson Camden, Midland Charpentier, M. Norvell, Nordheim Chaskin, Meyer, Houston Chaudoin, Joan, Harlingen Cheatham, Cynthia Ann, Kingsville 1954 PAGE 91 r r r r b, Ann, Dallas |ton, Nancy Ann, Port Lavaca Chumncy, Pat Swearingen, San Antonio Chupirk, Mary Frances, Fayetteville Clark, Jack Chandler, Brownwood ; TClark, Kaye Love, Weslaco Clements, Carveth Clinton, Brownwood Clemens, Garland Franklin, Brownwood Closs, Florence Ladell, Calvert Cohen, Elliott Zalman, Houston Coker, Leon J., Naples Cole, John Martin, Houston Collenback, William George, Austin Collette, Ann, Houston Conlon, John L., San Antonio mti, Joseph Louis, Victoria Cooper, Benny Rex, McLean Cortes, Earl Edwin, Houston Crabtree, Nancy, Dallas Craft, Herbert M., Dallas Crawford, Adele, Crockett Crawford, Artie Jeannette, Austin Crawford, Nancy H., Austin Crockett, Barbara, Port Arthur Cromwell, Mary Anne, Taylor Culbertson, Jacquelyn, Vernon Culver, Barbara Jeanette, Longview Culver, Edwina, Tyler Culver, Joe Howard, Austin Curry, Alfred Foy, III, Fort Worth Curry, Richard Earl, Waxahachie Curtis, Norma Jean, Aransas Pass Cyrus, Carol, Austin Dabney, Patsy Ruth, Rogers Damon, Ann, Bartlesville, Okla. Dancy, Bettie, Orange Daniel, F. Shiree, Lufkin Danziger, Nancy Beth, Corpus Christi Davis, Marie, Itasca Davis, Nat H., Conroe Dean, Jean, Sweetwater Deane, Granville Mitchell, Jr., Houston Deals, C. Gordon, Houston Deaver, Dorothy Inge, Memphis Dewar, Robert Lee Ball, San Antonio Diamond, Louise, Russellville, Ala. Dickinson, Dale Flint, Galveston Dillon, Patricia Jane, College Station Dilworth, Bonnie, San Antonio Dixon, Jerald D., Iraan Doane, Margaret Aiken 5 Bandera Dobyns, H. L., Austin Doiron, Dolly Dolores, Beaumont Dold, Robert B., Poteet Donan, Elizabeth Ann, Port Arthur PAOE92 Dondlinger, William S., Mission Donn, Peggy, Austin Dorris, Linda, Dallas Dow, Bernard Oltcn, Houston Duggan Noelic Anne, Houston Duncan, Lloyd J., San Antonio Dunagan, Bonnie Delphene, Waco Durrenbergcr, Dorothy, Houston Durrenbcrger, Laura Sue, Georgetown Dutton, Lendon Dale, Indian Gap Dyke, Virginia Parchman, Marshall Eagle, Charles T., Jr., Beaumont Early, Nancy Joan, Houston Easley, Johanna Katherine, McComb, Miss. Easley, Virginia Sue, San Antonio Edge, Jean Marie, Bryan Edwards, Luni C., Jr., Beaumont Ehlers, Darby Jean, San Benito Edelberg, Milton Edward, Corpus Christi Ellis, John Wilson, Beaumont Ermis, LeRoy Charles, Austin Erwin, Ann B., Dallas Esmond, Elaine Durand, Austin Estes, John Lancaster, Waxahachie Evans, Patricia Anne, Houston Faetche, Al, Wharton Falcon, Raymond Marvin, Fort Worth Faulk , Joe Anne Cecelia, San Antonio Feld, Mose Martin, Jr., Houston Fella, James Weldon, Clemville Fendley, Francis Tarrant, Jr., Houston Fendley, Harrison D., Corsicana Ferguson, Arthur J., Shreveport, La. Ferguson, William Harold, Graham Ferrell, F. Clinton, Sweetwater Ficken, Bryant A., Corpus Christi Finch, Kenneth P., San Antonio Flack, Betty Tom, Amarillo Flato, Olivia June, San Antonio Flippin, Betty Joan, Breckenridge Fondren, Ellanor Ann, Houston Fontaine, Martha Ann, Selman City Foreman, Carolyn, Port Arthur Forrest, Marianna, Houston Fowler, Lenora Grace, Childress Franklin, Terrell Glenn, Beaumont Franklin, William F., Laketon Freling, Richard A., Fort Worth Freytag, Ethlyn Rose, Shiner Froebel, Charles, Brenham Fryar, Anthony Carlyle, Paris Fulcher, Clay W.G., Wichita Falls Fulcher, Ruth, Austin Gann, Marilyn, Trinity Gardiner, Alice Gazelle, Austin PAGE 93 Gardner, Cynthia K., Fort Hood Gaston, Barbara Jean, Wells Gearner, Aubrey Douglas, Jr., Dallas Geller, Golda Claire, Houston Gerber, Thomas Clark, New Braunfels Gerron, Jim Reed, Odessa Gilbert, James F., San Benito Gilmore, Nancy Lee, Newgulf Gist, James Earl, Carthage Glade, Mary Hatcher, Wichita Falls Graham, Marilyn Butler, Galveston Grandstaff, Kathryn, West Columbia Graves, Katheryne, Columbus Gray, Betty, Houston Gregory, Paul N., Groesbeck Grieder, Paul Martin, Austin Hailey, Oliver D., Jr., Borger Haley, J. Evetts, Canyon Haley, Marilyn, Beaumont Hall, Carol Anne, El Campo mr : .. Hall, Clifford H., Jr., Austin Hall, E. Jay, Houston Hall, Nancy McAfee, Fort Worth Hallmark, Bruce C., Dalhart Hallum, Virginia, Brownwood Halsell, Robert Charles, Bryan Hansen, Fred W., Borger Harden, Thad Harold, El Paso Hardwick, Jane Louise, Longview Harmon, Ida Pauline, Italy Harris, Lynn, Houston Harris, Mary F., San Angelo Harrison, Bobbie Anne,Amarillo Hash, Samuel, Rockport Hawkins, Sam W., Kirbyville Haynes, Harriot, Port Arthur Haynie, Josephine Kathryn, Elgin Hays, George Vincent, Austin Hearne, William Blaisdell, Seagraves Hedgcoxe, Pat Garner, Allen Henson, Mary Claudene, Houston Herlocker, Joseph Madison, Greenville Hewitt, Patricia Jean, Houston Hilburn, Robert B., Plainview Hill, Blakely Ann, lago Hill, Don, Dallas Hill, James Donald, Amarillo Hill, Paul Stevens, San Benito Hinds, Patricia, Nacogdoches Hinton, Sarah Helen, Bay City Hitt, Shirley, Wichita Falls Hodges, Lady Clyde, Sweetwater Hogan, Irene Patricia, Breckenridge Hoge, William Robert, Jr., Dallas Hogg, Jennie, Monahans PAGE 94 I Holcomb, James Myron, Crane Holland, Billy D., Winters Hi. Hi .n, Mary Jo, Mathis Holmes, J. Fred, Nixon Holtzclaw, Marjorie Louise, Port Arthur Hoover, Mandy Lou, Vernon Hoppenstein, Naomi Jean, Waco Hornaday, William Deming, Arlington, Va. Horwitz, Donald Charles, Albuquerque, N. M. House, William Charles, La Pryor Housewright, Tipton, San Benito Hubbard, Frances Marilyn, Ozona Hughlett, Betty Jean, Austin Huitt, James Frederick, Bay City Hunter, Mary Martha, Palestine , Larry Gene, Beaumont Iverson, Patsy Ann, Fort Worth Ives, Peggy Jean, Houston Ivey, Frances, Odessa Jackson, Jo Ann, Orange Jackson, J. L., Austin Jarmon, Alice Lynn, Elgin Jary, Nancy Joan, Fort Worth Jenkins, Johnson Andrew, Melvin Jenkins, Nancy Maxine, Rotan Jircik, Vivian Elizabeth, Cleveland Johnson, Amy lone, San Antonio Johnson, Benny Frank, Del Rio Johnson, Douglas Ann, Dallas Johnson, Helen Sue, Fort Worth Johnson, Louise Parmele, Austin Jones, Carol Fuller, Austin Jones, Charles Eric, Mineral Wells Jones, Phyllis Ann, Fort Worth Jones, Ronald R., Quanah Jones, R. Ray, San Antonio Jordan, D. Wylie, Brady Kahlich, Colleen, Weimar Kamisar, Helen Louise, Borger Kelley, Barbara Kay, Austin Kelly, Betty L., Kerrville Kemble, Stephen A., Orange Kemp, William Franklin, Austin Kerr, Barbara Jean, San Angelo Kerry, Henry Eugene, Longyiew Kidwell, James R., Corpus Christi Kinnamon, Keneth, Dallas Klapper, Jan, Tulsa, Okla. Klein, Rosalie Amelia, Tomball Klein, Shirley Jean, Houston Kogut, Thelma, Galveston Kolmen, Isyador Abe, Brownsville Koppel, Betty, Harlingen Kovach, Margaret Ban, Odessa Knapp, Martha Ann, Weslaco Knaus, Ronald Reeves, Jackson { W54 PAGE 95 Knobler, Ivan William, Houston Krenek, Joyce Ann, Taylor Kubin, Charles Calvin, Houston Kuhlraann. Gretchen Patricia, Kerrville Kuhn, Sammye Ann, Houston Kusin, Sherman Allen, Texai kana Ladon, Elizabeth, San Antonio LaFour, Tavia Rae, Wallisville Lambert, Betty Jean, San Saba Lamp, Floyd Ray, Bellville Lang, Dorothy Jean, Mercedes Langford, Ted L., Del Rio Langston, Mary K., Mont Belvieu Lanier, William Harry, Lockhart Lansford, Mary Joan, Kilgore Lanter, Charles E., Fort Worth Lappe, Travis Leon, Seagraves Lasseter, Charles Erwin, Velasco Latham, Phillip Allison, Beaumont Latham, Swanne, Taylor Latson, Billy F., Fort Worth Lauterstein, George Israel, La Grange Lawrence, Barbara J., Fort Worth Lee, Janice Kniker, Austin Lee, Vernon A., San Antonio Leeah, George Andrew, Gonzales Lehman, Diane, Houston Leonard Barbara, Fort Worth Leonard, H. Jack, Clarksville Levell, Harold Gene, Kemp Levy, Connie, Waco Levy, Marian, San Antonio Lindgren, Helen, La Grange Pk., 111. Lindsey, Christine Ann, Lamesa Linegar, Diann, San Antonio Lippmann, Adele, Texas City Lirette, William L., Baytown Livingston, Penn Van, Austin Locklin, Allen C., Corpus Christi Loeffler, Norris Dean, Sonora London, Richard J., Winters Long, Barbara, Houston Long, Shirley Margaret, Austin Lord, Peggy, Cheapside Luckett, Eleanor Frances, New Braunfels Lundigren, JoAnn Marie, Elgin McAdams, Billy James, Cleveland McCart, Alice Roberta, Fort Worth McCullough, Gwyn, Austin McCullough, Norma Frances, Hico McDaniel, Roddy D., Austin McDonald, Katheryne Bond, Fort Worth McDonell, Rena Don, Austin McDonnold, Muckleroy, Jr., San Antonio McElreath, A. Jean, Houston McEntire, Anita Marlene, McGregor McKnight, Sam A., San Angelo McKinney, George William, Jr., Kerrville PAGE 96 Meyer, Daniel, Jefferson Meyer, Gloria Winifred, Houston Miller, Bruce B., Victoria Miller, Kennard Dwain, Wharton Miller, Patsy Ann, La Pryor Mills, Martha Jane, Fort Worth Minsky, Donald, Dallas Mitchell, Mary Lea, Abilene Mitchell, Patrick Elizabeth, Brownsville Moak, Carol Louise, Port Arthur Molhusen, George Frederick, Longview Moncrief, Robert, Houston Montgomery, Hal Edwin, El Campo Moody, Jane, Graham Moore, Charles Thomas, Crockett Moore, Glen Charles, Dale Moore, Henry Trumbull, Jr., Los Angeles, Calif. Moore, Virginia, Ingram Morgan, Mary, Beaumont Morgenroth, Harley J., Yorktown Morrell, Etta Frances, Houston Morris, Claire, Odessa Moseley, Rita Jane, Fort Worth Mottley, Carol, Houston Moxon, Mary Ann, Port Arthur Mulcahy, Joan Venice, Center Point Murray, David M., Arlington Myers, Rex Ray, Jr., La Feria Napier, Betty, College Station Nebenzahl, Elaine Ruth, San Antonio Nelson, Carolyn Jane, Olney Nelson, Walter Thomas, Kilgore Nemir, Charles E., Austin Nemmer, Richard Barfield, Waco Newlin, Bobby Jean, Sinton Newman, Kathrynan, Lake Jackson Newnam, Katherine Dean, San Antonio Ney, Charles Joseph, Hondo McKinney, Janet Lee, Baytown McMillen, Lula Margaret, Amarillo McNeel, Sara, San Antonio MoNcill, Lolita Ruth, Houston McVey, Marilyn Ruth, Houston Maley, Mary Ann, Houston Marino, Gencvieve Ann, Houston Marschall, William Ingo, San Angelo Martoy, Jo Anne, Port Arthur Martin, Emily Louise, Dallas Martinez, John P., Penitas Mason, Wilma Jean, Longview Matthews, Jackie, Cleveland Maxwell, Sara Phyllis, San Antonio Meador, John G., Jr., Houston Mecklenburg, William G., Newgulf Meisler, Judith D., Houston Melin, Jane Alyce, Austin Meredith, William G., Brownsville Messmer, Gerry Elaine, Harlingen ' M L H r4 v? Nichols, Fred J., Jacksboro Nichols, Nancy Ann, Navasota Nichols, Sally Ross, Luling Nickerson, Lois Elva, Corpus Christi Nixon, Mary Bernadine, Lampasas N ' ott, Edward Clifford, Jr., Abilene Nowotny, JoAnn, Alexandria, Va. Obelgoner, SaRita, Hallettsville O ' Dell, Austin Almond, Jr., Olney Odcn, Charles Sydnor, Houston :, John H., San Augustine O ' Krunlik, Edith Marie, Moulton Oliphint, Jorga Bernicr, Houston Olson, O. Julius, Corpus Christi Orr, Anne Carol, Newgulf Osborn, Joe Allen, Friona Pace, Liligene Ella, Houston Page, Robert C., Dallas Page, Stafford M., Fort Worth Painter, Jack M., Corpus Christi r - ' n O r Pape, Martin D., Victoria Pate, Mary Ann, Refugio Paton, Patricia Agnes, Houston Patton, Leta, Waco Pena, Rolando Mario, Mission Pcnnington, Pat Collins, Woodville Perry, Dean H., Dallas Petersen, Paul W., Dallas Peterson, Tommy L., Sinton Petrie, Robert L., Jr., Fort Worth Petty, Margaret T., Crockett Phelps, Judith Carter, San Antonio Pilgrim, Hal W., Fort Worth Pirkle, Gyale C , Comanche Poetter, Dianne, Yorktown Pollock, JoAnn, Houston Pontins, Barbara Ann, Borger Porter, Lynn, Ann, San Antonio Portwood, Ralph Leon, Lubbcck Prino, Marian Jo, Galveston Prouse, F. Darlene, Austin Purcell, Amy, Navasota Purvis, Patricia Jeannette, Texas City Rachofsky, Joan, Denver, Colo. Raimond, Von H. A., Houston Raine, Michael Bennett, Amarillo Ramage, William Joel, Dallas Ramos, Sid, Beaumont Randolph, Elizabeth Ann, Fort Worth Rangel, George Garza, San Antoriio Rast, Helen, Kilgore Rawland, Bettye, Cleburne Rawlings, Dixie Faye, Houston Reagan, Richard Bartlett, Marlin Redmon, John Edwin, Cleburne Reed, Anita, Dallas Rehkemper, Leonard James, Dallas Reid, Carolyn Ann, Bryan K !(8 Rugeley, Joan, Austin Saikin, Stanley B., Artesia, N. M. Sanguily, Kitty, Houston Sanguinst, Barbara Ann, Fort Worth Scamardo, Betty Jean, Hearne Schaefer, Dixie May, San Antonio Scheffler, Barbara Lynn, Nordheim Schmidt, Ida Louise, Claude Schmidt, Margaret Ann, Yoakum Schmidt, Otis Rhea, Texas City Schneider, Nancy Elaine, San Antonio Schuchert, Barbara Ann, San Antonio Schulze, Shirley, Corpus Christi Schwartz, Aileen Rita, Houston Scott, Dora Belle, Buna Scott, William Blair, Jr., Houston Scrutchin, Doris Lee, Llano Sheerin, Patricia Ann, Dallas Sheldon, Nancy Ann, Dallas Sherman, Lanette, Dallas Shirley, Michael, Tyler Silvers, David Sterling, Houston Sims, Ruth Lucille, Austin Sims, Shirley Ann, Port Arthur Skibell, Bernard Frank, Lubbock Slatten, Judy, Beaumont Slattum, Evelyn Marian, Bay City Slaybaugh, Gwen Ann, Port Neches Smith, Bette, Abilene Smith, Beverly L ' Vonne, Austin Smith, Charles Everett, Athens Smith, David Rae, San Antonio Smith, Donald C., Kerrville Smith, Joan Lynn, Corpus Christi Smith, Joseph N., San Diego, Calif. Smith, Lorna, Mexia Smith, Natalie, Richmond Smith, Robert Lee, Kilgore Reynolds, C. W. Jr., Beeville Rice, Charles V., Galveston Richie, George R., Princeton, Ky. Riley, Fred Whitcomb, San Antonio Riser, Martha Jane, Newgulf Robertson, Lorene, San Angelo Robinson, Thomas Wesley, Port Arthur Rochester, Quida Jane, Austin Rogers, Carl E., Jr., Corsicana Ragstad, John M., George West Roof, John (Nick) Nicholas, Cleburne Rork, Hubert, Rockport Ross, Dade Ann, Del Rio Ross, James Raye, Rockwall Ross, Mary Jule, Fort Smith, Ark. Rosser, Mary Beth, Graham Roth, Maximo, Beni, Bolivia Rowe, Linda Ruth, Beaumont Rowland, Robert Adrian, Houston Royall, Barbara Ann, Washington, D.C. PAGE 99 Smith, Stephen Drew, Austin Smyth, Beth, Houston Snavely, Carol Lee, Harlingen Spencer, Don C., Houston Spring, Irby Hanna, Luling Solether, Nancy Ann, Weslaco Sowell, Martha Jane, Cleburne Stahl, Charles F., Dallas Stanard, Sam Renick, San Antonio Stanford, Betty Carolyn, Livingston Steffey, David Frank, Cisco Steinberger, John C., Midland Stephen, Ernest Carroll, Sonora Stephen, Joe Stanley, Eastland Stephenscn, Vida M., Anahuac Steves, Nancy B., San Antonio Stevenson, James Charles, Aransas Pass Stewart, Donald Loy, Corsicana Stokes, Bennett, Corsicana Stone, Shirley Beth, Corpus Christi Streusand, Charles Lee, Houston Studdert, Elizabeth Hoyt, Midland Sugerman, Charles, San Antonio Suhn, Dee Ann, Houston Surles, Robert Leslie, Houston Su-tton, Janet, Orange Swales, Sharon Louise, San Antonio Swaney, Willard R., Ranger Sweet, Arnold Norman, Dallas Swenson, Thomas Frederick, Taylor Tabor, H. Charles, Chillicothe Tankersley, E. L., Jr., Mertzon Tankersley, George Beal, Harlingen Tapman, Thomas, Rosebud Tarkington, Murray, Cuero Tate, Margaret Ann, Comanche Taylor, Betty J., Dallas Taylor, Martha Loy, Robert Lee Teague, Russell, Fort Worth Terrell, Barbara Lee, Stephenville Thomas, David Hildreth, Randolph Field Thompson, Jere William, Dallas Thompson, Joanne, Dallas Thompson, Mae Frances, Atlantic Beach, Fla. Thompson, Sherman Allan, Dallas Timmerman, Elizabeth Ann, Wharton Timpson, Helen Louise, San Antonio Todd, Chloma Clarice, Brady Tonn, Elsworth, Brenham Travis, Wayne Kenneth, San Antonio Trout, William W., Lufkin Trickey, Joe, Fort Worth Troutz, Eugene Harry, San Antonio Turner, Ben Howard, Jr., Port Arthur Tutt, E. Kay, Dallas Ungerman, Sora Lei, Dallas Upton, Jake E., Pearsall Ussery, Mary Carolyn, Austin Van Brunt, Nalda, San Antonio A3 E 100 r r r r ' ancc, John A., Jr., Anahuac Vernon, Gladys Joyce, He u ill uston o ft p r jiH V Voclkcl, La Verne, Houston Waggener, Robert Glenn, Dixon, Ky. Walker, Edwin Link, Jr., Houston Walker, Johana A., Pasadena Warburton, Stanley Day, Freer Watson, Marietta, Tyler Webber, Barbara Joan, Wharton Webber, Janilyn Sue, Odessa Weiner, Lawrence, San Antonio Weingarten, Harris, Houston Weiss, Fred H., San Antonio Welch, James Michael, Corpus Christ! Wesncr, Carol Jean, Brownwood Wessells, Marguerite, Tyler Wheeler, Elsie M., Austin White, Carolyn Jean, Dallas White, Marianne Dasher, Houston Whiteker, M. Carman, Lake Jackson Whitley, Ennis Marie, Madisonville Whittlesey, Ardis Blanchard, Jasper Wier, Nancy, Brownfield Williams, Beverly Jane, Tyler Williams, Caroline Dean, Birmingham, Ala. Williams, Helene Rose, Marshall Williams, Robert O., Jr., Beaumont Williams, Walter, Tyler Williams, Willis Lee, San Angelo Williford, Robert Don, Hillsboro Wilson, Barbara June, Borger Wilson, Everett H., Houston Wilson, Jerry James, Abilene Wilson, Joe E., Denison Wilson, Miles Davis, Denison Winebrener, Edna Joyce, Newgulf Winkler, Barbara Caroline, Upper Montclair, N. J. Winsett, Mary, Amarillo Winship, Vira LaDelle, Corpus Christi Wise, Thomas M., Houston Withers, Fred John, Fort Worth Wolf, Sonia Ellen, Temple Wolff, Peggy Ann, San Antonio Wolff, Robert S., San Antonio Wolfrom, Stanton, Austin Woltering, Marilyn Ethel, San Antonio Womack, Richard Orville, Marshall Wood, John Brent, Midland Worthey, Ardeth Marie, Elgin Wright, Alma Claire, Lufkin Yelderman, James Julius, Columbus York, Jane Michaux, Houston York, Thomas Oliver, Childersburg, Ala. Young, Jacqueline, La Grange Zax, Robert B., Houston Zehnder, Norbert A., Jr., Fort Worth Zeller, Patricia Joyce, Richmond Zemanek, Wanelle M., Newgulf Zobal, Vlasta Louise, Catarina PAGE 101 " 1 TFT FRESHMEN Ablon, Joan, Dallas Abrains, Doris Lynne, Brookhaven, Miss. Acosta, Pete Rodriquez, Crystal City Adams, Norman D., Houston Adkins, Noel Jean, Denison Al-Alawy, Hummady Mutlak, Iraq Alcorn, George Avery, Houston Allen, Claude, Bellville Allen, J. Barry, Lubbock Allen, Robert Edward, Longview Allison, Arthur Polk, Kerrville Alphin, James H., Rosenberg Ames, Eugene L., Jr., San Antonio Anderson, Berta Myrlene, San Antonio Anderson, Mary Jane, Hutto Anderson, Roberta, San Antonio Anisman, Sheldon, Memphis Appling, Floyd Edward, Jr., El Campo Armstrong, Richard R., Roswell, N. M. Askew, Annette Katinka, Dallas Atchison, Charlcne, Houston Atkins, Hal W., San Antonio Arant, Florrie, Dilley Bailey, Nancy, Dallas Baker, Hugh Lee, Crosby Baldwin, Marilyn Jeanne, Houston Barkley, Fred Charles, Austin Barkley, Virginia, Houston Barlow, {Catherine, Austin Barnhart, Donald, Fort Worth Barron, Elizabeth Ann, Waco Barry, Eileen C., San Angelo Barton, Earlene, Longview Barton, Leska Sue, Brady Barton, Margaret, Kermit Barton, Marjory Jenetta, Kermit Barton, Tom K., Meridian Bartos, Donald Eugene, Waco Baskin, William Gresham, Austin Baty, Ben, Houston Bauer, Fred, Alexandria, Va. Beal, Priscilla, Midland Bean, Arthurene, Beaumont Becker, Laura Holloway, Galveston Beeler, Ralph Frederick, Jr., Houston Beggs, Barbara, Houston Bell, Betsy Ann, Orange Bennett, Floyd E., Dawson Bennett, Raymond D., Beaumont Berry, John L., Big Spring Bibb, Kenneth C., San Antonio Biel, Marilyn, Austin Billingsley, Carole Anne, Odessa Bishop, Emerson Edward, Terrell Blackburn, James Arthur, Wink Blackman, Martha L., Granger Blankenship, Ronald, Fort Worth Block, Lee Sampson, Del Rio Bodie, Merry Davellyn, Snyder Bohn, Gretchen, Austin PACE 104 Bohn, Skippy H. E., Austin Boles, Pete Armour, Jr., Fort Worth Boner, Donald Stephen, Austin Bonhani, Talmadge M., Bonham Bonner, John Robert, San Antonio Bennett, Muriel Suzanne, Dallas Boone, Barbara Anne, Waco Booth, Charlotte, Taylor Borchardt, Alvin Lee, Jr., Vernon Bourdon, Marjorie Janire, Hous in rviiiuinu Bourland, Richard Lacy, Fort Worth Bowen, Richard Thomas, Dallas Bowes, Harrison Nesbitt, Highland Park, ] Boyd, Evelyn Marie, Port Arthur Brandenberger, Jen-Doell, Mason Brantlcy, Harold C., Jr., La Pryor Brasfield, Earl Norman, Austin Braunholz, Charlotte Mae, San Antonio Breazeale, Jimmy Levan, Poteet Brinkoeter, Ronald, Austin Britton, Helen, Colorado City Brookshire, William K., Aransas Pass Brown, Joe A., Lampasas Brown, John Thomas, Jr., Skokie, 111. Brown, Mackie Ncal, Abilene Brumley, Harold W., Austin Buckingham, Robert Bruce, Jacksonville Buckley, Sims A., Lockhart Bunch, Joe Thomas, Austin Bunge, Marjorie Ann, El Campo Burkhardt, Nancye, Archer City Butler, Nell, Austin Bynum, Mary Elizabeth, Houston Byrd, James Martin, Nacogdoches Cahill, Wilbur Patrick, San Angelo Cahoon, John Edward, Jr., Houston Caldwell, LaNelle, Childress Caldwell, Leland Courtney, Austin Caldwell, Patton Howell, Houston Cammack, Virgil Eiland, Houston Campion, James E., Austin Canon, Robert Everett, Odessa Capello, Mercedes Mary, Lockhart Caperton, Diane, Crystal City Capps, Charlene, Brownwood Carlton, John David, Borger Carothers, Johanna Margaret, Austin Carter, James F., Childress Carter, M. Carolyn, Dallas Carter, Margaret, Edinburg Caruthers, Carol, Pine BlufT, Ark. Casto, David D., Millett Castro, Raul, Jr., Brownsville Callow, Gregory, Houston Cervenka, Dolores, Abbott Champion, Ignacio, Jr., Mercedes Chapman, Charles Coopwood, Lockhart Chapman, Johanna Rca, Cisco Chance, John Barney, Beaumont Cheek, Carol Faye, Austin f ?955 PAGE 105 Chenault, Wincie Marie, Austin Chidgcy, Cecile Ray, San Antonio Chipman, Elizabeth Ann, Mt. Pleasant Christensen, Charles M., Harrington, 111. Clark, Marlene J., Galveston Clark, Mary Lou, Center Clayton, Philip Morgan, Fort Worth Cleere, Patricia Lynne, Houston Clemens, Sara Lu, Dallas Clifton, Bette Josephine, Cline, John Victor, Houston Clowe, C. Tom., Dallas Coats, Mollie, Harlingen Cochran, John Devin, Bonham Coe, Carolyn Ann, Lubbock Cohen, Inna Jean, Nashville, Tenn. Cohen, Maxine, El Paso Cohen, Phyllis R., Shreveport, La. Cohen, Sylvia Lynn, Lexington, Miss. Cole, James Thomas, Brownwood Coleman, Irwin Weldon, Jr., Jackson, Miss. Colwick, Harold Douglas, Dickinson Comer, John Keith, Vernon Cone, Peggy Joan, Gonzales Connelly, Larry, Houston Cook, Jimmie Carolyn, Midland Cooper, Bette Joy, Memphis, Tenn. Copcland, Jerry, Austin Corenbleth, Sara Janet, Dallas Cowan, David Douglas, Dallas Cowan, J. Corinne, Houston Cowan, Vcnita Rae, Pampa Cowser, Rosemary, Center Crager, Minor Beckett, Beaumont Cramer, Marjorie Ann, Midland Crawford, Shirley Ann, Houston Cross, Frank Warren, Austin Gulp, Joe Ray, Plainview Cummins, Ben Milton, Taft Cutbirth, Sandra Ann, Houston Daily, Dorothy Jo, Simonton Dale, David S., Houston Dalehite, Laura Foster, San Antonio Damrel, Mary, Beaumont Dannheim, Juanell, Mason Darter, Betty Jean, Austin Davis, Annazell Elizabeth, San Antonio Davis, Charles E., Linden Davis, Mary Sewall, San Antonio Day, William Howard, Dallas Dewberry, Billy Floyd, Plainview DeWitt, William W., Alvin Dickinson, Travis Kay, Odessa Dimand, Carolyn Jewell, Memphis, Tenn. Dishongh, Fred, Cleveland Dobey, Nancy JoAnn, Park Ridge, 111. Doctormon, William Owen, Texarkana Donoghue, Lucy Ann, Houston Dooley, John Walter, Austin Dosher, William Carroll, Waco PAGE 106 ft Doty, Robert D., Houston Dougherty, Peggy Alice, Dallas Douty, Harry Lee, Memphis, Tenn. Dovalina, David, Laredo Drew, Marcia Lou, Houston Droll, Louis J., Austin Drummond, Donald Ryan, Midland Dumas, Genevieve Louise, San Antonio Dunn, Alice Elizabeth, Houston Dunnam, Mary Ann, Fostoria n, Jimmy C., Kilgore Durso, Sam Martin, Port Arthur Eancs, Robert Zempter, Galveston Early, Thomas R., Stinnett Easley, Henry Neil, McComb, Miss. V . Elliott, Alethea Lou, Temple Ellis, Doris, Dallas Emerine, Sally Anne, Victoria Erwin, Jackie, Dallas Etheredge, B. Nan, Austin Evans, Lynn Thomas, Austin Ewing, Jayne Ellen, Lincoln, Ncbr. Eyssautier, Yvonne, Mexico, D.F. Fabricant, Sybel, Denver, Colo. Fadal, Christine, Waco Fair, Ralph Emerson, Boerne Farrington, Susan Alice, Houston Farrow, Sam, Temple Featherston, Bill R., Kerrville Feigle, Marilyn Jane, Houston Fenton, Barbara, San Antonio Ferguson, David Scott, McAllen Finkelstein, Louise Dean, Hutchinson, Kan. Fischer, George E., San Antonio Fitchett, Frances, Orange Flandery, Tommy, South Coffeyville, Okla. Flippen, Sue, Coleman Floyd, Martina, Naples Fly, Patricia Ann, Crystal City Foerster, Richard T., Dallas Ford, Judith, Dallas Fortin, Diane Lillian, Windham, Maine Foust, Margaret, Austin Fowler, Robert Penn, Austin Frapart, Lewis Samuel, Tyler Frazier, J. Brooks, Freer Freefield, Beverly Joan, Oklahoma City, Okla. Friedman, Joyce Frances, El Paso Friedman, Rose Margot, Dallas Fryman, John E., Dallas Fulkerson, Perry John, Dallas Fullerton, Sue Ann, Taylor Fulton, John Stuart, Gallup, N. Mex. Funkhouser James Hammond, Abilene Gage, George A., Cotulla Eccles, Terrance E., Houston Eckhardt, Sue, Houston Edge, Eugene, Bryan Eisen, Harold M., Beaumont Eisenhauer, Norma Lee, San Antonio C ft PACE 107 Galbraith, Julia, Abilene Gallaway, Patricia Ann, Dallas Gamble, E. Jean, Moultrie, Ga. Garcia, D. Miriam, Kingsville Gardere, Edward C., Dallas Garcy, Alan Jack, Brady 3ault, Joe P., Austin , Patricia Joan, San Antonio orge, Mike, Fort Worth Gerhard, Irene, Palacios lli, Jean, Galves Jideon, Patty, Austin liese, Betty Ann, LaGrange Gilbert, Anita Joan, Laredo Gilbert, Jennie, Austin Giles, Richard C., Austin Ciller, Aylene, Dallas Gilmore , Reed, Midland Gist, Dan Ray, Nocona Glazer, Morton Allen, Fort Worth Glidden, John B., Houston Goebel, Patricia, San Antonio Goldberg, Emily June, Houston Goldsmith, Richard Elsinger, San Antonio Goldstein, Louise, Dallas Goldston, Gloria Ann, Houston Goode, Betty Jean, Austin Goodfriend, Barry H., Corpus Christi Gordon, Clyde H., Longview Graber, Carol, Memphis,Tenn. Gray, James, Shreveport, La. Gray, John Kirk, Austin Greathouse, Linda Hale, Fort Worth Greco, Mary Dolores, San Antonio Gredke, Glynda Jo, Lampasas Green, Paul McDonald, San Antonio Greene, Carole Janet, Dallas Greenfield, Bennett, Governors Island, N. Y. Greer, Robert Griffith, Houston Grenader, Pearl, Houston Gribble, Robert Fonda, Austin Gribble, Robert Ray, Dallas Grimes, Carol A., Austin Gripon, Ruth Ann, Lampasas Grizzard, Harriet, Fort Benning, Ga. Grogan, Patricia Ann, Conroe Groner, Hinda Lois, Baytown Grossman, Jacquelyn Lu, Kansas City, Mo. Guez, Betty, El Paso Guinn, Patricia Ann, Dallas Gunderson, Joan Adair, Fort Worth Gunter, Charlotte, Aransas Pass Guthrie, Audrey Elton, Floydada Guttman, Walter, Jr., Austin Guyer, Kenneth Eugene, Jr., Panhandle Hass, Melvin R., Fort Worth Hagan, Helen Patrick, San Angelo Haley, Mary Alicia, San Antonio Hamilton, Oscar Carl, Jr., San Benito Hancock, Gerrc Edward, Lubbock Harris, Janet, Dallas Harris, Rivian, San Antonio PAGE 108 Hoffman, Sue Margaret, San Antonio Holcomb, Dixie, Temple Holcombe, Margie Jo, Ingram Hoppe, Gloria F., Austin Hopson, Ernest Lewis, Sinton Horn, Barbara Gail, San Antonio Horning, Judith Clare, Fort Sam Houston Howell, Sidney Elizabeth, Bryan Huffman, Robert James, Dallas Hughes, Charles L., Atlanta Hull, Molly Davenport, Dccatur Hulse, Macie Anne, El Paso Humrickhouse, Ann Louise, Marshall Hunt, H. James, Henderson Huvar, William Edward, Garwood Immel, John, Corpus Christi Ingerson, Mary Zoe, Granbury Inglish, Mary Jane, Dallas Ingwcrsen, Sonya Anne, Port Arthur Irby, Shirley, Corpus Christi Isett, Philip Edward, Brownwood Jackson, Gertrude Elizabeth (Bettye),Pampa Jackson, James F., Jr., Laredo Jackson, Tommy Hayes, Baton Rouge, La. Jacobs, Gloria Virginia, Freeport Jacobs, Howard, Houston James, Dana C., Houston Jenkins, Paul Bruce, Ballinger Johnson, Jamie Sue, Dexter, N. M. Johnson, Ruby Ruth, Gonzales Johnson, Sue, Midland Jones, Catharine, Austin Jones, Charles Hal, Austin Jones, James Pat, Houston Jones, Joseph F., Austin Jordan, Sally Ann, Houston Juvenal, John Bethel, Vernon Kahn, Sandra Jeanne, Cairo, 111. Kaiser, Pamela Prunier, Dallas Kaplan, James, Sioux City, Iowa Harrison, Janice Ruth, Benavidcs Harvey, Karl, Baton Rouge, La. Hayes, H. Donal, Brownwood Haynes, James Donald, Odessa Heinen, Nancy Blanton, Houston Hello, Dorothy Jean, Austin Hemphill, Warren Clayton, San Angelo Henderson, June Carol, Lufkin Herbst, Thomas Wesley, Jasper Herold, Betty Lawham, Shreveport, La. Herrera, William Leonard, El Paso Herrmann, Paul John, Jr., El Campo Hewell, Harry Pat, Nixon Hickerson, Ann C., College Station Hiett, Claire Belle, Dallas Hill, Eugenia Webb, Austin Hilton, Francys Virginia, Longview Hilton, Frank Thurman, Longview Hitt, Richard, Lubbock Hoffman, Frances Lorina, San Antonio j ?955 PAOE 109 Keeler, George Eldridge, Cleburne Keller, Henry, Fort Worth King, Marvin Earl, Houston Kirsh, Celia Estelle, Tulsa, Okla. Kline, Sara Jo, Houston Kolb, George, San Antonio Kongabel, Carolyn Ruth, Houston Kornfeld, Julian, Lubbock Krog, Constance, Fort Worth Krueger, Carol Ann, Austin Krummenacher, Bruce, Dallas Krupp, Joan, Houston Kubala, Mark Jerome, East Bernard Kuhlman, Lynn, Waco Kuhlmann, N. L., Jr., Kerrville Lacy, Jack R., Henderson Lakenmacher, Dan W., Houston Lambert, Stewart Birtrum, Tomball Langford, Bill Curtis, Jean Lanier, Rowena, Austin Laughlin, Thomas E., Jr., Baytown Lauterstein, Minnie Bertha, Weimar Leach, Billy L., Henderson LeFlore, Barbara Ann, San Antonio Lehr, Edwin E., Baytown Leiman, Marian Charlotta, Dallas Leon, Grace Katherine, Tulsa, Okla. Leonard, Billy G., Clarksville Leonard, Kay Suzanne, Fort Collins, Colo. Leslie, Shelton Eugene, Dallas Lewis, Kenneth David, Dallas Lightfoot, Lillian Elise, Houston Linden, Richard Allen, Austin Lipnick, Elton Stanley, Galveston Liston, Patricia Glenn, San Antonio Little, Betty Jane, Houston Little, Richard F., Dallas Litz, Bill H., Victoria Lloyd, Lynn Elizabeth, Houston Lockett, Hester Elizabeth, Brenham Lollar, Benita G., Corpus Christi Long, Gale McBride, Birmingham, Ala. Love, Gloria, Dallas Lucksinger, Frances Jean, Austin Luhn, George Milton, Jr., San Antonio Lunz, Patricia Louise, Hebbronville Luttrell, William Sherrod, Houston Lyons, Kenneth Wayne, Houston McBee, George Wilson, Eastland McCabe, Beverly jo, Victoria McCage, Travis Ray, Crawford McCowen, Marjorie, Campbellton McCracken, Jane Ann, Austin McCullough, Jean, Bryan McDaniel, Clinton, Big Spring McDavid, Donald George, Houston McDonald, John R., Houston McGee, Carol Emily, Waxahachie McGehee, Richard, Abilene McGinn, Patricia Eloise, Houston PACE 110 McGough, Lorna Elaine, Dcvine McGraw, Joe Henry, Jasper McKnight, Ann, Beaumont MeNcel, Tynus William, Hearne McWhorter, Clco, Taylor MacCracken, Nell Elizabeth, Washington, D. C. Mack, Patricia C., San Benito Maedgen, Lanny Joe, Ballinger Manning, Amba, Austin Markey, Benton, San Antonio Marr, William Louis, Galveston Martin, Bethann, Rockwall Massey, Nancy Jayne, Childress Matney, Vaughn Dean, Lipan Maultsby, Billie R., San Saba Maxwell, Jane Gay, Houston Mayes, Charles, Calallen Mayfield, Rachel, Del Rio Mayfield, Sandra Lou, Waco Mays, Jo Ann, Dallas Mays, Marilyn, San Antonio Meadows, John Elmer, Poteet Meagher, Leslie Ross, Beaumont Merson, Rhita, Houston Metzger, Emma Belle, Brownsville Miller, Doris, San Antonio Miller, Douglas M., Leander Miller, Joe Marvin, Dallas Miller, Judd, Jr., Austin Mills, Norma Lee, San Antonio Milner, Mack demons, Houston Miteff, Meto, Fort Worth Montalbano, Frank J., Houston Moore, Athalie North, Paris Moore, Mary Lou, Brownsville Morgan, Ann, Fort Worth Morman, Jackie Ann, Roscoe Morris, Betty Ann, Henderson Morschauser, Carl Eugene, Fort Worth Muckleroy, Bette Loise, Buna Mugford, Myrna Cornell, Houston Munn, Robert John, Jr., Dallas Munves, Lois Nanette, Dallas Murray, William P., Corpus Christi Mutchnick, Marshe, Mobile, Ala. Myrick, John Southall, Muenster Nass, Harry A., San Antonio Nau, Ernest Virgil, LaMarque Navarro, Joseph Roxie, McKinney Neale, Sara Ellen, Dallas Neely, Jeff Monroe, Jr., Amarillo Neill, Sherroll A., Tyler Nelson, Philip A., Austin Neuman, Sam, San Saba Newman, George M., Waco Newberry, Carole, Austin Nielsen, D. Ford, Lytton, Iowa Nivin, Joyce, Meridian Noble, Don, Brownfield Noble, Mark C., San Antonio Noble, Maxine Knight, San Antonio 1955 PAGE 111 Stewart, Abilene Nowlin, Jay Clark, Fort Worth Nowotny, George Edward, Jr., New Br Nutt, Georgia Nell, Dallas Nutt, Milburn Ellis, Wichita Falls O ' Brien, Nancy Ann, Dallas Odiorre, Jackie R., Johnson City Oldham, Charles William, Dallas Oliver, Ea ia Marie, Belton Oliver, Robert Lee, San Antonio Oppc-nhcim, Mae, Jackson, Miss. Overton, Frances F., Hutto Owen, K. Jeanette, Fort Worth Page, John Marshall, Austin Pantaze, Aleck James, Dallas R, c Parker, Robert F., Jr., Telco Parker, William D., Jr., Houston Parks, Martha Jean, Houston Passwaters, Peggy Jean, San Antonio Patterson, Nancy Sue, Dallas Peagler, Barbara Joan, Lima, Peru Peddie, Julie, Houston Peel, Annie Arnold, Conroe Peevey, June Elizabeth, Houston Pellerin, Wallace Lionel, Galveston Penney, W. Diane, Houston Perrine, Burton V., Laredo Pescor, Anne, Dallas Peters, Marshall Bookman, Bryan Petesch, Donald Anthony, Lubbock Petraitis, Martha Clare, San Antonio Phair, Bradley Clyde, Jr., Houston Pharo, Tom, Weatherford Pike, Bruce, Fort Worth Pinson, Kenneth, Comanche Powers, Barbara Jean, Corsicana Preble, Carolyn, Austin Preiss, Elwood J., New Braunfels Presson, Mary Juan, Dallas Prinzing, Glen S amuel, Bay City Pugh, Nina Eleanor, lago Pullman, Mozelle, Eastland Putnam, Earl Eugene, Jr., Austin Quillian, Gwendolyn Geneva, Waco Ragsdale, Sue, Dallas Raif, Leonard William, Houston Rakoover, Mark H., Fort Worth Rankine, Shirley, Austin Ransom, Jack M., San Angelo Rattikin, William Jackson, Fort Worth Rountree, Sara Elaine, Gilmer Ray, Julia Janice, Austin Ray, Lloyd Glynn, Pecos Ray, Lucille M., Galveston Ray, Robert Cleve, Waskom Reagan, Wanda Ruth, Houston Reaves, Emily Moore, Houston Reed, Barbara Ann, Dallas Reeves, B. Pat, McLean Reeves, Elaine, Dallas Kciinrrs, Don Ray, Dallas Renfroc, Martha, Sonora Renfrew, Carolyn, Houston Rieger, R. Lewis, Baton Rouge, La. Riemann, Grace Sue, Brownsville Riggins, Robert Ralph, El Paso Rigney, Jane Tatum, Birmingham, Ala. Ritter, Jack Francis, Jr., Austin [ Roberts, Charles Edward, Raymondville Roberts, Helen Margaret, Dallas Roberts, John H., Dallas Roberts, Martha Lea, Rockport Robertson, Julie Ann, San Francisco, Calif. Robinowitz, Mona Ray, Houston Rogers, Dolores, Houston Rogers, Jim E., Texarkana Rogers, L. Tom, Dallas Roth, Marlene Patsy, Houston Routh, Bill I., Waco Rubenstein, Evelyn, Laredo Russo, Joe E., Houston Rust, Robert H., Del Rio Sachs, Joanne, Greenville, Miss. Sachs, Suzanne, Waco Saied, Frederick Allen, Wellington Sample, Julia, San Antonio Sanborn, Sue Anne, McAllen Sandel, Wilma, Beeville Sansing, Nell Beth, Higgins Sansing, Tynelle, Spearman Sauer, George Henry, Houston Sauermilch, Merle Raye, Houston Schafer, Helen Rose Marie, Houston Schlemeyer, Frieda Jo, Azle Schmidt, Vera, Claude Schmitz, Mary Margaret, San Antonio Schneider, Tom L., San Antonio Schumann, Leland H., New Braunfels Schwab, Robert Rudolph, Beaumont Schwartz, Diane, Schulenburg Schwarzback, Robert Travis, El Paso Scott, Frances, Beaumont Scott, Mary Jane, Coleman Scott, Richard Hugh, Fort Worth Scurry, Murphy T., Houston Sealy, Myrtis Cornelia, Bishop Seay, Bryant Pearce, Jr., Houston Seibel, Leonard Isaac, Galveston Seigle, Sondra, Tyler Seitz, Russell Layton, San Angelo Sekt, Raleigh Joy, Sioux City, Iowa Seligman, Gerald N., Amarillo ' Sentell, Joe W., Snyder Shafer, Joyce Elliott, Mertzon Shapiro, C. J. Cliff, Houston Shapiro, Marilyn Sue, Dallas Sharp, Roy D., Jr., Madisonville Sheldon, Barbara Ann, Houston Shields, Nancy K., Roscoe Shocket, Marjorie Ann, Little Rock, Ark. t 1355 FADE 113 Shores, Margaret Louise, Dallas Sickles, William Smith, Dallas Simmons, Craig B., Memphis, Tenn. Skinner, Jack W., Denver, Colo. Slavik, Frank Henry, Jr., Corpus Christi Slider, Joseph H., Comanche Smith, Barbara Jane, Crockett Smith, Cyril J., Houston Smith, Elaine Faye, Laramie, Wyo. Smith, Margaret Gail, Austin Smith, Percy Lee, Beaumont Smith, Ruth, Childress Smith, Tracy Fritz, Big Spring Smith, Walter Kirke, Dallas Smith, Wayne Douglas, Kerrville Snyder, Frank Davis, Marshall Sotomayor, Jorge Faustino, Santurce, Puerto Rico Sparkman, Claude Darrell, Johnson C ity Speaker, Lucy Lee, Austin Speed, Carol, Sayre, Okla. I Spragins, Sylvia, Wichita Falls Springer, Charles C., Houston Squyers, Robert J., Tyler Stark, Philip Mayes, Austin Stcarnes, Don, Dallas Stephenson, George, Jr., Houston Stevenson, Scottie Gayle, Austin Stevens, Nancy Anne, College Station Stewart, Jackie Dale, Rankin Stillman, Jacob Harris, San Antonio Stofer, Preston Austin, Victoria Stone, Samuel Vaughan, Georgetown Stobaugh, John Perry, Weatherford Strauss, Elizabeth Marie, Austin Strieber, Leslie John, San Antonio Strum, Shirley Elise, Tyler Struve, Frida Ellen, Campbellton Suggs, Ann Lee, Dallas Sunkel, Margaret Sue, Clarksville Swearingen, James Samuel, Jr., Austin Sweet, Martha Gene, Geneva Taber, Cecil E., Corpus Christi Talerico, Grazia A., Pittsburgh, Pa. Taylor, Blanche Lavon, Sonora Taylor, Byna, Houston Taylor, Vernon M., Cherokee Tcer, Edward, Bryan Thomas, John Jay, Jr., Kerrville Thomason, Mary Bess, Austin Thompson, Betty Ann, Borger Thompson, Dorothy Jean, Waco Thompson, Richard Dean, Austin Thornhill, Max, Cuero Thurman, William H., Fort Worth Timmons, William Milton, Conroe Tiner, Thomas Dwayne, Dallas Tiras, Molly Ann, Houston Tomlinson, Glen C., Guymon, Okla. Toole, Joel David, Palestine Townsend, Barbara Ellen, Thibodaux, La. Travland, Terence W., Sweetwater Trigg, Margaret Sue, Lockhart Tullis, Ernie Winton, Weatherford PAGE 114 Tupin, Joe Paul, Comanche Ungerman, Rowena Mae, Tulsa, Okla. Upton, James Ernest, Llano Vanston, Margaret Ann, Dallas Varley, Darlcne, Dallas Varnell, Janice, Fort Worth Vaught, Thurman Alex, Fort Worth Victory, Harry, Houston Vogel, Freda Lee, Dallas Voitle, Alfred S., Bay City Vratis, Christine, Beaumont Wallace, Tom, Beaumont Wardlaw, Jackie Gwen, Sonora Warix, JoAnn, Fort Worth Warren, Elinor D., Freeport Waters, Barbara F., Winnsboro Weathers, Alfred W., Jr., Snyder Weed, William Franklin, Beaumont Weiss, Sondra Ann, Wichita Falls Weksler, Lois Ann, Amarillo Welch, Helen Arden, Elgin Wells, Barbara Alice, Wellington West, Betty Ann, Houston Westbrook, Alice Mae, Hearne White, Cecil (Gene), Houston White, Emory L., Jr., Anthony Whitecotton, Charlie, Queen City Wieckhoff, Jerie Jean, Dallas Wilkcnfeld, Jerome S., Houston Wilkinson, Kenyon Franklin, San Antonio Willey, Sylvia, San Antonio Williams, Ann Q., Galveston Williams, Anne Kerbey, Austin Williams, Dave Harrell, Austin Williams, Marian Arnold, Galveston Williamson, Claude F., Henderson Williamson, Lou Ann, Bonham Wisakowsky, Joyce, Texarkana Wisenbaker, Harvey M., Port Arthur Witcher, Mary Jane, Childress Wohlt, E. J., Houston Womack, David Ray, Austin Wood, Betty Kathryn, San Augustine Wood, James F., Waco Wood, Sam M., Navasota Woodland, R. Joyce, Port Lavaca Woodman, George Merrill, Dallas Woods, Patricia, Taylor Woodson, Charles Craig, Brownwood Wright, Barbara Ann, San Antonio Wright, Betty Jane, San Antonio Wright, Jack R., Midland Wright, Willie N., Jr., Big Lake Young, Jo Ann, Port Arthur Young, Suzanne, Midland Youngblood, Nina Patricia, Bishop Zak, Evelyn, Taylor Zeligson, Carol Ruth, Tulsa, Okla. Zink, Mary E., Dallas Zoch, Patricia, Corpus Christi Zodin, Gerald, Big Spring Zuehl, lola Ann, Seguin Zweig, Harold Isadore, San Antonio PAGE 115 Clockwise: Students mingle outside of Gregory while waiting to have their E-Tax pictures taken. The first decision to make while standing in line is to buy the Blanket Tax and the Cactus. Did you? Moving through the lines seems long and tedious at times but it only happens once each semester. " You ' re very lucky, my friend, for there is only one more card for that section. " People, poles and profanity it looks like a convention. Clockwise: Cactus-Hopeful Julie Lockman sways the audience at stump-speaking with her sincere and forceful appeal. Well, there seemed to be no doubt but that the Week ' s delegation was there t o support Sarah Jane. That ' s what he said, mister: " The clique and inde- pendents can go down the drain. " And he won on that positiveness, too. You didn ' t think a little rain would drown the spirits of the faithful backers, did you? The parade must go on. Ralph Person, Student Party candidate, pledges his abilities to the faithful performance of the vice- president ' s job. I Clockwise: More scenes of the politicing along the mall. The Great White Shaft surveys another one of the many hubbubs of election time with a sort of understanding complaisance. Texan contestants Ken Gompertz and Anne Chambers exchange a few words of advice. The crowd gathered thick and fast in the Union to watch the official results. Perry Davis backers break out with a little enter- tainment designed to pull in the votes. n j Clockwise: The polls remained busy taking care of the record vote cast in the spring elections. Cactus candidate Myrick settles down to good ole grassroots on the mall. The tension was terrific and candidates ' friends hawked the tally keepers and score counters. The Art and Sciences box does a big business further proof of the fine turnout at the polls. Presidential candidates Galli and Davis have evidently anticipated D-Day (Doom ' s Day). Graduation Swing-Out. and President Painter re- ceives the one millionth book for the Library from Regent Woodward. Commissioning exercises were held the Saturday morning of Graduation for all R.O.T.C. groups. Robert Gene Farris was handed his commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Army by Lieutenant General William M. Hoge. Rear Admiral T. G. W. Settle hands William Richard Henley his com- mission as Second Lieu- tenant in the Marine Corps and congratu lates Charles Estill Bludworth on receiving his commis- sion as Ensign in the Navy. Congratulations and a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force are given to Leonard Howard Clark by Major General Walter E. Todd. ion and Painter rt- fair (ran j raid, 1 Saturday diution for wpi. million as ' tenant in Lieutenant iVtHoe. H ..:.: nd lieu- Marine tntulatti Uwortli r ,. ' ,, TH LETI T ASSOCIATION John Adams Joe Arnold Joe Ben Ashby David Barrow Don Barton Jack Barton Harry Bengtson Randolph Biesenbach Charles Dean Bigham Leon Black Milton Black Charles Bludworth Phil Branch David Browning Otis Budd Joe S. Carson George Cobb John Crawford Don Cunningham June Davis Gib Dawson Bobby Dillon James Dowies Wesley Ellis Robert Eschenburg Joe Ed Falk Gene Fleming Richard Ford Charles Genthner Bill Georges Bernard Gerhardt Eddie Gilbert Carl M. Gustafson Tom Hamilton James G. Hand Bill Harris John Richard Harris Hub Ingraham Carroll T. Jones Morris D. Johnson Tony Kasen Don Klein Ed Kneuper James Lansford Bill McDonald Raymond J. Marek Chkrles M. Meeks Don Menasco Bill Milburn Cecil A. Morgan Clinton R. Nettleton Julian Oates Richard Ochoa Jim Dan Pace Claude Daniel Page James A. Pakenham Charles B. Parker William A. Penn Charles Petrovich Clifford Polk Edwin C. Price Glen Price Ted Price Ben H. Procter Alphonso Ragland Bob Raley Phil Ransopher Hugh Reeder Arthur B. Riviere Floyd R. Rogers C. A. Rundell Joe Neal Runnels James L. Saunders George A. Scaling Ben G. Scallorn Luther Scarborough J. T. Seaholm Harry Sewell Charles Sowell Gilmer Spring Carl Tom Stolhandske Stan Studer Jack E. Tolar Roger L. Tolar Bryon Townsend James R. Viramontes Gene Vykukal Bobby L. Walcowich John Daniel Watson Paul Williams Bill Wilson Wynant S. Wilson Ray O. Womack Top Row: Arnold, Ashby. D. Barton. J. Barton, Bengtson, Biesenbach, M. E. Black, M. L. Black, Bludworth. Blumentritt, Branch. Second Row: Browning. Budd. Carson. Cobb, Crawford. Cunningham. Dawson. Dillon. Dowies, Ellis. Eschenburg. Third Row: Falk, Fleming, Ford, Genthner, Gerhardt, Gilbert, Gustafson, Hand. B. Harris. J. Harris, Ingraham. Fourth Row: Johnson, Jones, Kazen, Klein, Lansford, McDonald, Marek, Meeks, Menasco, Milburn, Morgan. Fifth Row: Nettleton, Oates, Ochoa. Pakenham, Parker, Penn. Petrovich. Polk, G. Price, T. Price, Procter. Sixth Row: Raley, Ransopher, Reeder, Riviere, Rogers, Rundell, Saunders, Scaling, Scallorn. Scarborough, Sowell. Seventh Row: Spring. Stollhandske, Studer, J. Tolar, R. Tolar, Viramontes, Vykukal, Walcowich, Williams, Wilson, Womack. PAGE 121 1951 FOOTBALL Texas began the 1951 season with a new look a new head coach in Ed Price and a new formation in the Split-T. Price ' s inauguration of the Split-T met with split success over the season route seven victories and three losses. Each of the losses broke long-standing Longhorn successes over Arkansas, Baylor and Texas A M. Arkansas had not defeated Texas since 1938, Baylor since 1938, and A M since 1939. The Steers started in fine fashion, rumbling through tough pre-season foes Kentucky, Purdue, and North Carolina, then sailing past Oklahoma to end the Sooners ' three-year mastery over them. They hit a snag against Arkansas, then resumed the trail by nudging Rice and SMU. Baylor stung them for their second Conference loss, but the resilient Longhorns bounced back to take eventual champ TCU and preserve an outside chance for a tie for first. Rumors circulated that Texas had the inside lane for an Orange Bowl berth should they brand A M but the Aggies had too much that Thanksgiving Day and applied Texas ' third loss. The new Split-T met with general approval among supporters. The formation ' s spectacular pitchouts and spread alignment gave elusive halfbacks Gib Dawson and Don Barton the running room they needed, and long runs again became a feature of Longhorn teams. Price ' s chief drawback seemed to be his lack of an outstanding passer. Dan Page came along fast in the season ' s latter stages but in the early games, passing was conspicuous for its absence. In the Purdue and SMU games, the Steers gained nothing through the air. Another factor was a shortage of capable reserves from tackle to tackle. The limited supply of first-rate forwards forced many of the veteran linemen into tiring double-duty. A bright spot was the work of the defensive secondary, which became a potent offensive weapon as the season progressed. As the season passed the midway mark, the defenders had done the unusual of intercepting more passes than Texas tossers had completed. Components of the " anti-aircraft platoon " were Bobby Dillon, June Davis, Bob Raley, Don Cunningham, and Don Menasco. Other high points was the great double-duty play of Harley Sewell, Tom Stolhandske and Don Barton, the impressive varsity debuts of sophomores J. T. Seaholm and Gilmer Spring, the surprise showing of former substitute fullback Dick Ochoa, and the sparkling running of Gib Dawson. Brightest of all, perhaps, was the fans ' support of the team, and their toleration of the inevitable loss factor of the game. ED PRICE, Head Coach Coaching Stag: FRANK MEDINA (trainer), OX EMERSON, BULLY GILSTRAP, BILL DuBOSE, BUDDY JUNGMICHEL, ECK CURTIS, J. T. KING, ED PRICE. PAGE 122 BOBBY DILLON, senior, halfback, JUNE DAVIS, senior, guard, co-captain FOOTBALL LETTERMEN John Q. Adams Don R. Barton Jack L. Barton Joseph Phillip Branch Don W. Cunningham June Davis Gilbert H. Dawson Bobby Dan Dillon Gene B. Fleming Charles W. Genthner Bill Georges Hubert H. Ingraham James Carroll Jones James A. Lansford WiHiam E. McDonald Carl H. Mayes Don D. Menasco William O. Milburn Richard F. Ochoa Jimmy D. Pace Claude Daniel Page Charles Petrovich Clifford D. Polk Glen H. Price Bobby R. Raley Hugh S. Reeder Julius T. Seaholm Harley E. Sewell Charles L. Sowell Gilmer R. Spring Carl T. Stolhandske Stanley S. Studer F. Byron Townsend Paul N. Williams William D. Wilson RESERVE LETTERMEN John B. Andrews William B. Calhoun James Marvin Leath Charles E. Taylor William D. Bible William A. Chanslor John B. Naylor William F. Trafton James H. Brooks John W. Johnson Finis Dean Smith Bill M. White Joe B. Ashby, Senior Manager Award Tony Kazer, Junior Manager Award Gene W. Thompson, Sophomore Manager Award Front Row: Paul Williams, Bobby Patrick, Bill Bible, S. M. Meeks, Bunny Andrews, Bill Chanslor, Bob Raley, Bobby Dillon, Don Barton, Gib Dawson, Dean Smith, Jimmy Dan Pace, Buddy Calhoun, Dan Page, Glen Price. ' smith, Jimmy IJan race, cuuay v_ amoun, uan rage, oien nice. Second Row: Tom Stolhandske, Bob Honneycutt, Don Menasco, Bryon Townsend, Bull Johnson, Bill McDonald, Bill Harris, Sonny Sowell, Carl Mayes, Joe McDonald, Stan Studer, Don Cunningham, James C. (T) Jones, Howard Brooks, Bill Tralton, Bill Wilson. Third Row: Hugh Reeder, James Pierson, Douglas Dawkins, Jack Barton, Bill Georges, Charles Petrovich, Gilmer Spring, Donny Smith, Gene Fleming, Bill White, Jack McMurray, Walter Bond, Harley Sewell, Richard Ochoa, J. T. Seaholm, June Davis. Fourth Row: Pete Gardere, Phil Branch, Bill Milburn, John Naylor, Charles Genthner, Hub Ingraham, Marvin Leath, Clifford Polk, John Adams, Carroll Heston, David Mays, Jim Lansford, Charley Taylor, Larry Fagan, James Gist. PAGE 123 ALL-AMERICAN BOBBY DILLON was an almost unanimous choice for All- American honors this year. The Texas safety man was selected for the second year by Associated Press. Other teams on which he appeared were the New York News, NBA. LOOK magazine (Grantland Rice), and the Foot- ball Writers Weekly. He was named on all Southwest Conference teams and all opponent teams. ALL-SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE PAUL WILLIAMS, senior end, was selected for Ail-American honors by the New York News and the Football Writers Weekly. He was named to the Associated Press All-Southwest Conference team. This team is selected by vote of the coaches of the Southwest Conference. HARLEY SEWELL, junior guard, was selected to the All-Southwest Conference teams by both United Press and Associated Press. GIB DAWSON, junior halfback, was selected for All-Southwest Conference honors by both United Press and the Associated Press. PAGE 124 The Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC units in mass formation at Baylor game. The team is introduced and promises to " win that game! ' Cowboys lead the torch parade before the rally. DIANE SANDERS, vivacious yell leader Bobby Dillon, Co-Captain, talks with Coach Ed Price. WEATHER HOT! THE DA TEXAN FOOTBALL SCORES INSIDE AUSTIN, TEXAS, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1951 STEERS ROMP ON KENTUCKY BLUE GRASS 7-6 Parilli ' s Passing Outweighed By Texas Goal-Line Defense The Longhorns drew a formidable hurdle for their opening clash: Ken- tucky, still brash and cocky from its conquest of Oklahoma in the 1951 Sugar Bowl. In sweltering weather, Texas struck quick and fast on the good right arm of Quarterback T. Jones and welcome receiver Don Barton. A 14-yard toss did the damage in the first quarter and Halfback Gib Dawson added the extra point which was to prove the eventual margin of victory. The visiting Wildcats found that green grass provides as firm a toehold as blue and with head engineer Vito " Babe Parilli " supplying the fuel and guidance, marched aerial-wise all over Memorial Stadium, except past the double stripe. End Paul Williams, playing like the setting was College Station, spent most of his playing time in the Wild- cat backfield, particularly draped over Parilli. The half ended still 7-0. Following the intermission, Kentucky reacted to Coach Paul Bryant ' s stimulus, and with Parilli chunking and Leskovar chugging, marched 83 yards for a counter the first time they got the ball. Harley Sewell and Jack Barton blocked the extra-point try and with Williams playing one of Memorial Stadium ' s greatest defensive games, weathered Parilli ' s aerial artistry to preserve their record of never having lost a home-opener. UT UK First Downs 8 21 Yards Rushing .... 169 145 Yards Passing 52 142 Total Net Gain 221 287 Passes Attempted . . 11 33 Passes Completed . . 3 18 Intercepted By .... 3 2 Number of Punts . . 8 4 Punting Average . . . .... 39.5 34 Fumbles Lost .... 2 3 Penalties 11 2 Yards Penalized . . . ....110 10 SCORE BY PERIODS KENTUCKY .006 6 TEXAS .700 7 Don Barton, back, runs for the only Longhorn touchdown. Tom Stolhandske, Texas end, makes a circus catch in the midst of three Kentucky Wildcats. DAN PAGE, senior, quarterback DON MENASCO, senior, end WEATHER FAIR WINDY FOOTBALL SCORES INSIDE LAFAYETTE, IND., SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1951 U. T. PRESSURE-COOKS BOILERMAKERS 14-0 Fumbles, Steer Ground Plays Defeat Purdue Rolling in the plush acclaim the Kentucky victory earned them, the Longhorns took their No. 2 national ranking to Lafayette, Indiana, for an intersectional tilt with the ever-strong Purdue Boilermakers. A cold wind and a hot bunch of Boilermakers greeted them. It was a case of Purdue running and passing against Steer running. The teams fought on even terms throughout, but ; Texas got the touchdowns and an uncommon proportion of the breaks to add a 14-0 layer to their victory- streak. A sign of coming times was Texas ' shallow air attack. Coach Ed Price ' s charges attempted only three passes, all incomplete. Purdue ' s junior passer Dale Samuels kept aerial art alive in the game, but fumbles blunted all too j many of his attempts to produce points. Texas recovered six Purdue fumbles, and intercepted four of Samuels ' throws. Still green around the edges of their new Split-T offense, the Long- horns also fumbled six times, losing four of them. Halfback Gib Dawson produced all Texas points, scoring twice on pitch- outs from Jones, then added the extra points. Paul Williams again anchored Steer defenses, stopping all that came his way and pouncing on three Purdue fumbles to win national mention for the second straight week. Jones led the rushing game from his man-under slot and Jack Barton and Williams played great defensive games. UT Purdue First Downs 10 10 Rushing Yardage . . ....215 144 Passing Yardage . . . .... 114 Passes Attempted . . .... 3 22 Passes Completed . . .... 12 Passes Intercepted . 4 1 Punts 6 3 Fumbles Lost 4 6 Yards Penalized . . . 85 45 SCORE BY PERIODS TEXAS 770 014 PURDUE 000 Dawson (47) moves around right end after taking a pitchout from T Jones. Dawson scored. Gib Dawson, star of Purdue game, is stopped after a short gain. GENE FLEMING, senior, guard BYRON TOWNSEND, senior, fullback WEATHER CLOUDY jhtufctg FOOTBALL SCORES INSIDE AUSTIN, TEXAS, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1951 STEERS FINER THAN NORTH CAROLINA 45-20 Split T Clicks as Texas Plasters Tarheels The weather-conscious North Caro- lina Tarheels found themselves in the center of an Orange and White Texas norther in their second visit to Memorial Stadium and, when the winds died, were wrapped around the 20 end of a 45-20 score. Halfback Gib Dawson found his elusive stride and paired with fullback Dick Ochoa and a host of substitutes to grind out 442 yards aground. Daw- son scored the game ' s first touchdown on a short pass from T. Jones, then added the day ' s top thrill with a 56- yard paydirt scamper. He gained 144 yards for the day. Ochoa, subbing for injured Byron Townsend, took his hero post early, contributing 122 yards and a bullish 48-yard touchdown run. The Tarheels led in the first quar- ter, 7-6, as Dick Weiss matched Daw- son ' s early touchdown and Abie Wil- liams added the single-pointer where Dawson failed. The lead was short, however, as the Steers marched long and far for three second period touch- downs, while the line stalwarts, led by Harley Sewell, Tom Stolhandske, and Bill Wilson held North Carolina scoreless. The Tarheels ushered out their passing game in the second half and Frank Wissman lifted the crowd from their seats with touchdown tosses of 46 and 48 yards. Texas ' secondary, which was rapidly assuming the name of " the anti-aircraft platoon, " punc- tured much of Wissman ' s threat by snaring four well-meant tosses. Long- horn reserves, spotted with a few key veterans, racked up three scores in the second half to provide a safe margin. T. Jones, Dean Smith, Jimmy Pace, and Carl Mayes were the producers. Following the game, Carolina Coach Carl Snavely managed to sum up Dawson in one word, " humdinger, " but needed more to describe Texas heat. N. C. Texas First Downs . 16 16 Rushing Average .103 411 Passing Yardage .179 31 Passes Attempted . 25 5 Passes Completed . 13 3 Own Passes Intercepted. . 4 1 Punts . 4 6 Punting Average . 41 34.2 Fumbles Lost . 2 2 Yards Penalized . 54 97 SCORE BY PERIODS NORTH CAROLINA 7 6 7 20 TEXAS 6 18 7 14 45 Don Barton skirts his left end for nine yards after taking pitchout from T. Jones. JOHN ADAMS, senior, end DON BARTON, senior, halfback Dick Ochoa, after ripping through the North Carolina defen- sive formation, heads for pay dirt. WEATHER MILD Dallas fftoriwrg ,; .!.. Afnl II, !Si:[, FOOTBALL SCORES INSIDE DALLAS, TEXAS, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1951 TEXAS HITS SOONERS WITH THE MOSTEST, 9-7 Cotton Bowl Jinx Ended By Split T Victory Scoring all their points in the first quarter, the Longhorns crushed the most imposing of all their jinxes, the Cotton Bowl hex, and ended Okla- homa ' s three-year mastery over them. Coach Ed Price ' s Split T did what his predecessor ' s straight T couldn ' t do in three long years outscore the Sooner Split T. Almost as sweet was the taste of victory in the Dallas Stadium, where the Steers hadn ' t won in their last six attempts. Something new and something old in the way of heroes livened the tussle. Bobby Dillon, an old-timer to the limelight, tackled Frank Silva in the Sooner end zone for a two-point safety that was the margin of victory. Long-time reserve halfback Carl Mayes moved up from the " also ran " group as he paced all runners with 102 yards rushing and scored Texas ' only touchdown. Mayes started after regular Gib Dawson did not play as his father suffered a fatal heart attack shortly before the game. Oklahoma ' s all- American tackle, Jim Weatherall, was hard to handle for Texas blockers, messing up several Steer thrusts with his jarring tackles. Their chief running threat, halfback Billy Vessels, was injured early in the game. T Jones moved ahead of Dan Page in the quarterback race, playing one of his greatest games. He was later named to OU ' s all-opponent team. This was the Longhorns ' sweetest triumph. Seated among t he capacity crowd of 76,000 were some 10,000 UT students, who eyed Oklahoma ' s goal posts at regular intervals as the game progressed. But after the final whistle, a group of TCU students beat the Longhorn rooters to them. First Downs Texas 11 Okla. 10 Rushing Yardage . . . . . 212 170 Passing Yardage . . . ... 29 1 Passes Attempted . . 3 9 Passes Completed . 2 2 Passes Intercepted . 2 Punts 9 7 Punting Average . . . 37 39 8 Fumbles Lost 1 Yards Penalized . . . .... 82 5 SCORE BY TEXAS PERIODS .900 9 OKLAHOMA .... .070 7 Texas tore one goal post down before the end of the game as Paul Williams knocked Crowder into it just after Crowder handed the ball off to Vessels. BILL MILBURN, senior, tackle JIM LANSFORD, senior, ttuklc T Jones plunges through the O.U. line for five yards WEATHER MILD ARKANSAS?! It TRAVELING SINCE 1894 RAVEIER UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS FAYETTEVILLE FOOTBALL SCORES INSIDE FAYETTEVILLE, ARK., SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1951 OL ' RAZORBACKS CUT IN; HOG 16-14 WIN Twelve-Year Drouth Ends for Arkansas For twelve long years the Arkansas Razorbacks had yielded to Texas on the gridiron. Arkansas ' governor Sid McMath and school president Lewis W. Jones took official steps to water the drouth with their joint declaration of " Beat Texas Week. " A brawny set of Razorback gridders responded to the cry, tumbling the Long- horns 16-14 before a delirious Fayetteville crowd. A two-yard field goal by senior end Pat Sumerall was the difference. Arkansas scored first after grabbing a first period Steer fumble. Halfback Buddy Sutton ' s 13-yard off- tackle surge did the damage. Texas came back early in the second quarter to move ahead 7-6. Gib Dawson, who had missed most of the week ' s prac- tice to attend his father ' s funeral in Ari- zona, flashed 78 thrilling yards to set Texas even, then booted the extra point that sent them ahead. Arkansas ' fine sophomore quarterback Lamar McHan then put on a terrific show for the home folk, mixing in dangerous, last-minute pitchouts with sound running and effective passing to keep his team apace with the " Beat " theme of the occa- sion. Speedy half back Jack Troxell fur- nished 40 of the 60 yards in the hosts ' second payoff drive. Another thrust moved 67 yards to Texas ' one, where the Steers held three downs, then bowed to Sumer- all ' s field goal. Behind 16-7 in the third period, the Longhorns fashioned a last-period scoring drive climaxed by Dan Page ' s 14-yard pass to end Tom Stolhandske, but that was their last. Line standouts for Texas were old- faithfuls Harley Sewell and Tom Stol- handske, while Dawson was " the boy " of the backfield. Greatest single factor in Arkansas ' vic- tory was their bulky, rock-ribbed line, which was lead by the great double-duty center Bob Griffin. Texas Ark. First Downs 4 15 Rushing Yardage .... 173 173 Passing Yardage 7 55 Passes Attempted .... 12 14 Passes Completed .... 1 5 Passes Intercepted . . . 1 Punts 10 10 Punting Average 38.9 38.2 Fumbles Lost 2 2 Yards Penalized 45 45 SCORE BY PERIODS TEXAS ..700 7 14 ARKANSAS ..637 016 Don Barton makes a first down as he sprints to the Arkansas six-yard line. DON CUNNINGHAM, senior, guard pre-s don. pro SB A out dan lie phut - ' ' CARL MAYES, senior, halfback A pile-up in the Arkansas game. n WEATHER WARM THE DA TEXAN FOOTBALL SCORES INSIDE AUSTIN, TEXAS, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1951 LONGHORNS GOBBLE FEATHERED RICE 14-6 Texas Unleashes Passing Attack to Smother Owls With Texas on the rebound and Rice ' s sophomorish Owls out to disprove their pre-season relegation to the second divi- sion, Texas ' home conference-opener proved a fine show for the 50,000 Memorial Stadium turnout. A bright Longhorn passing attack came out of its cocoon to shade the visitors at their own game, 14-6. Rice had the league ' s top aerial combine in sophomore passer Dan Drake and future all-American end Bill Howton. Though playing little of the game due to an injury, Drake almost broke the match wide open in the first period with a tremendous 50-yard heave to Howton, who was clear around the five. The able wingman juggled the ball momentarily, then dropped it as he stepped over the goal. Rice led at the half, however, 6-0, on the strength of Teddy Riggs ' consistent plunging. Held at bay in the first half, Texas ' offense broke out its aerial game in the second half for 14 points and the game. Dan Page led the aerial game, mixing in his tosses with those of halfbacks Don Barton and Gib Dawson. Barton hit Dawson with an eight-yard toss for Texas ' first score in the third quarter, and Dawson booted the point to give the Steers a one-point lead. Sub half- back Jimmy Pace added a TD in the final quarter with a one-yard plunge to ice the game. Dawson again paced the Longhorn attack with 122 yards rushing. Barton played double-duty, handling both assign- ments well. In the line, Tom Stolhandske shone with some of his great, timely catches. June Davis and Sewell led the defensive platoon. Rice Texas First Downs 9 20 Rushing Yardage 125 272 Passing Yardage 22 106 Passes Attempted 14 16 Passes Completed 2 7 Passes Intercepted (Own) .... 2 1 Punts 11 7 Punting Average 38.2 32.6 Fumbles Lost 1 4 Yards Penalized 20 49 Yards Lost Rushing 39 33 Fumbles 3 5 Punt Return Average 19 92 Kickoff Return Yardage 18 41 Total Yardage Rushing 164 305 SCORE BY PERIODS RICE 6 06 TEXAS 7 7 14 Halfback Pace scores to give Texas six points and the game. BJLL WILSON, senior, tackle BOB RALEY, senior, fullback WEATHER COLD (Eamptta Published Semi-Weekly by SMU Students ' Publishing Company FOOTBALL SCORES INSIDE DALLAS, TEXAS, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1951 SMU LESSON NOT TAUGHT BY ROTE; 20-13 Texas ' Air-Tight Defense And Ground Attack Beats SMU A Dallas crowd of 72,000 braved the chilly Cotton Bowl air to witness what was billed as another " Fred Benners Day. " Instead they saw a great Longhorn sec- ondary quick-freeze the famed Pony tosser out of afternoon stardom, then give the floor to a tremendous Texas rushing attack. A seeming mishap turned out otherwise. Fullback Byron Townsend was injured on the opening kickoff, but his replacement Dick Ochoa thundered up and down the turf for 137 yards to lead Texas to a 20-13 triumph. Benners appeared only briefly after Steer defenders intercepted two of his six first quarter tosses, and never displayed his usual finesse. The Steers bunched all their touch- downs into the first 20 minutes, Dawson providing the first with a 24-yard slant off tackle. Secondary defender Bob Raley intercepted a Benners ' toss and returned it 61 yards for the second, and Barton added the third on a three-yard lunge. Texas led 20-13 at the half as June Davis, Bobby Dillon, Bill Wilson, and Bill Georges led the Steers ' staunch defense. SMU got back in the game in the second half, coupling Val Joe Wa lker ' s Jerry Norton rips over right tackle for a first down for SMU. 92-yard punt return and Rusty Russell ' s scoring toss to Benton Musselwhite for their 13 points. Led by Ochoa, Texas ' ground game was a constant scoring threat, but failed in its yardage-eating efforts to widen the margin. Texas gained nothing through the air. Texas 5MU First Downs . 11 7 Rushing Yardage . ..237 65 Passing Yardage . . . 58 Passes Attempted . .. 5 23 Passes Completed .. 7 Passes Intercepted .. 5 1 Punts 7 9 Punting Average. . .. 35 38 Fumbles Lost . . . . 4 Yards Penalized . .. 70 10 SCORE BY PERIODS TEXAS ... 13 700 20 SMU . . 13 -13 TOM STOLHANDSKE, ju BILL GEORGES, junior, end Don Barton scores Texas ' third touchdown. PAGE 132 WEATHER COOL THE DA TEXAN FOOTBALL SCORES INSIDE AUSTIN, TEXAS, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1951 BAYLOR ' S 18 MORE THAN STEERS ' 6 WILL BEAR Isbell ' s Magic Defeats Texas After 72 Years Dad ' s Day at the University and 55,000 graced Memorial Stadium to see the Longhorns fumble themselves away from a 6-0 halftime lead to ab- sorb their second Conference loss, 18-6. With the Longhorns well-drilled in anticipation of an all-out aerial game from Baylor ' s all-American quarter- back Larry Isbell, the cagy man-under stayed aground to cross-up the defenses. Still, Texas was making a game of it, and may well have ended topside had it not been for losing the ball five times on fumbles. Baylor ' s ball-tackling tactics were led by its great guard Bill Athey, a standout on defense all afternoon. Texas scored first on a 15-yard run- ning pass from halfback Don Barton to end Tom Stolhandske in the fading minutes of the first half. Baylor then came back on the strong legs of half- backs Don Carpenter and Jerry Goody and the ball-handling wizardry of Larry Isbell to score 16 points in the first 19 minutes of the second half. Texas, meantime, was steaming up consistent threats with the running of Barton and Dawson, but telltale fum- bles erased these before they matured. The two-way battle for quarterback continued, with Jones and Page still di- viding time, though the latter started. Harley Sewell brought back memories of Texas ' long line of past defensive greats with one of his better per- formances. Baylor Texas First Downs 15 12 Yards Rushing 208 166 Yards Passing 59 47 Passes Attempted 13 6 Passes Completed 8 3 Own Passes Intercepted.. 1 Punts 5 5 Punting Average 42.4 32.2 Fumbles Lost 1 5 Yards Penalized 25 13 SCORE BY PERIODS TEXAS 6 06 BAYLOR . . 6 12 18 Don Barton has plenty of interference as he gallops off a long run for Texas. Gib Dawson starts off on a nice gain for the Longhorns. JAMES CARROLL (T) JONES, junior, quarterback BILL McDONALD, junior, center WEATHER WINDY Jtoutai; ramcan-Sfafemnan FOOTBALL SCORES INSIDE AUSTIN, TEXAS, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1951 HORNS LEAP FROG TCU; CROAK ' EM 32-21 Steer Passing Attack Turns Back Frogs Countless times in the past, TCU had spilled Texas chances for the Conference championship, or credita- ble season records with their annual " upset " of the Steers. The shoe had traded feet this season, with the Frogs owning a perfect league record of three won, none lost. Texas, on the other hand had two losses and two victories. TCU Coach " Dutch " Meyer had his usual open date before the clash, but this time it didn ' t work as the Longhorns played their soundest football of the year for a 32-21 triumph. Passing, that element which Texas supposedly did not have, did the trick. Texas scored first on Barton ' s three- yard drive, then went behind 14-7 as the Frog ' s ace sophomore quarterback led them back. A fluke pass shortly before the half sent the game into a tie. Dan Page tossed to end Gilmer Spring who vied with two Frog de- fenders for the ball. It bounced some ten yards away and into the eager arms of Jimmy Pace, who went over standing up for Texas ' second score. On the second play of the second half, Page found Dawson with one of his tosses and the speedy halfback skittered 35 yards to send Texas into a lead it never relaxed. Guard Harley Sewell capped an- other fine performance by scoring the next touchdown, recovering Page ' s goal-line fumble to end a 97-yard drive. Barton added the final counter on a 20-yard jaunt. TCU racked up another TD in the fading minutes to make the margin respectable. Texas ' " anti-aircraft " platoon earned defensive plaudits with five interceptions. The most welcome fac- tor of the game to Texas fans was the Steers ' surprising passing attack which netted 190 yards. A TCU defender puts a first-class tackle on Dawson. JIMMY PACE, junior, halfback TCU Texas First Downs 15 14 Yards Rushing 93 204 Yards Passing 200 190 Passes Attempted 33 9 Passes Completed 18 7 Own Passes Intercepted. 5 1 Punts 7 4 Punting Average 32.9 37 Fumbles 2 Yards Penalized 27 77 SCORE BY PERIODS TCU 14 7 21 TEXAS 7 7 12 6 32 RICHARD OCHOA, junior, fullback Horned Frogs were determined that Don Barton would get nowhere on this play. WEATHER GLOOMY The Battalion PI ' BUSIiro DMI.Y l THE l TrRF.ST OF A CREATFR AS-V COI.I.F.Ci: FOOTBALL SCORES INSIDE COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1951 AGGIES FINALLY DIE ' N DO; SCRAPE BY 22-21 Field Goal Helps Farmers Break Jinx The Aggies were unhappy. The year that was supposed to have been theirs saw them entering their final game without a Conference victory. But in the fleeting minutes of Thanksgiving afternoon, they had themselves a successful season a 22-21 triumph over arch-rival Texas. Kyle Field creaked on its aging sup- ports as 45,000 onlookers moved from seat to feet throughout the contest. The game started off spectacularly enough with the Aggies ' ace back Bob Smith being taken off the field with injuries after the opening kickoff. Glenn Lippman moved into his spot and scarcely three minutes later, A M had seven points, Billy Tidwell scoring from some 20 yards out. Less than two minutes later, Dawson galloped 65 yards with a lateral from Ochoa, added the extra point and the game was in a knot. A 67-yard pass from Dan Page to Gilmer Spring set the stage for Ochoa ' s short scoring lunge in the second quar- ter and put Texas ahead 14-7 at the half. Things happened fast in the third quarter. Lippman and Yale Lary ran like men possessed behind good block- ing, and A M added 12 points to their total. Then Darrow Hooper toed a field goal through the uprights for a 22-14 margin. Page ' s passing and Dawson ' s run- ning produced another Texas marker in the final period but the Longhorns ' determined bid fell a point shy at the final gun. Tempers broke in the fading min- utes and a tense situation was lifted after the final whistle by Aggie Cadet f reshmen who shouldered the players off the field in opposite directions. It was the first A M victory over Texas since 1939 and ranks as one of the more thrilling games in the long series. Texas A M First Downs .. 15 18 Yards Rushing ..281 375 Passes Attempted .... . . 8 8 Passes Completed .... . . 4 4 Yards Passing ..150 90 Passes Intercepted by. . . 1 2 Punts .. 4 5 Punting Average .. 40 41 Fumbles Lost .. 1 2 Yards Penalized ..100 40 SCORE BY PERIODS TEXAS 7 7 7 21 A M 7 15 22 JACK BARTON, junior, center A pile-up as Texas scores. HUGH REEDER, junior, centei Don Barton by-passes a would-be Aggie tackier. CHARLIE PETROVICH sophomore, tackle J. T. SEAHOLM, sophomore, tackle . CLIFFORD POLK sophomore, guard GLENN PRICE junior, fullback CHARLES SOWELL junior, guard CHARLES GENTHNER, junior, tackle PHIL BRANCH, junior, fullback STAN STUDER, sophomore, guard GILMER SPRING, sophomore, end HUB INGRAH AM, sophomore, end r , ft ' v?4j - ' ur - ' 1 ' ' t.- .- - " v. t " $ ' - - ki_iOu; FRESHMAN FOOTBALL The Texas Yearlings won three out of five games played and included in their victories a win over the A M Fish. Outstanding freshmen players were Tommy Salmon, Kenneth Harlow, Billy Quinn, Malcolm Kitchens, Richard Miller, Buck Lansford, Chester Simick. George Tucker. Texas 7 Texas 13 Texas 13 Texas 34 Texas 27 SEASON Baylor Cubs 25 Rice Owlets 7 SMU Colts 28 TCUWogs 14 A M Fish 13 Kenneth W. Anglin Oliver E. Bradshaw Ben L. Broyler W. Harry Burke Ferdinand J. Burket Glendon F. Bushong Stanley M. Carney William A. Cline Wayne E. Delaney Glen C. Dyer Alvin W. Ellington Frank D. Finchum Robert F. Flinn Richard C. Gawlik Lawrence M. Graham William B. Green LETTERMEN M. Dean Groner Kenneth W. Harlow Billy H. Harris Richard C. Hopping Ernest Lewis Hopson Billy C. Jones Lawrence J. Kalmus Edward C. Kelley Malcolm T. Kitchens Alex J. Lansford James R. Matthews Dan K. Miller James F. Miller Richard B. Miller Howard D. Moon George M. Newman David P. Parkinson Bill E. Ferryman Billy Quinn H. Jimmie Rosser James G. Samuelson Charles E. Schreiwer Chester L. Simcik Garry V. D. Smith Fred A. Skidmore R. Vincent Tate D. Jackson Taylor George A. Tucker Lonnie C. Weir Richard A. Willding Leighton Younger Williston Symonds, Freshman Manager Award Simon Henderson, Freshman Manager Award t-iont Row: Bobby Jameson, Alvin Ellington, Sonny Jones, Dickie Miller, Dick Willding, Ken Roberts, Joe Sloan, Bill Simmonds (Mgr.), Bill Ferryman, Jimmy Miller, Elvin Hill, Bob Gilstrap, Paul Green, Larry Graham, Ben Broyles. -and Rom: Marshall Hughes (Asst. Coach), Garry Smith, Mark Freeman, Harry Burke, Jim Rosser, Tommy Jungman, Lewis Hopson, Chester Simcik, Oliver Bradshaw, James Black burn, Kenneth Anglin, George Newman. Ferdy Burket, Malcolm Kitchens, Paul Parkinson, Bill Harris, Major John F. Hagan (Asst. Coach). ird Row: Ox Emerson (Coach), Stan Carney, Buck Lansford, Tamez Pascuale, Eddie Horton, Fred Skidmore, Glendon Bushong, Dean Groves, Billy Quinn, Rayborn Matthews, Don Miller, Frank Finchum, Bill Cline, Tommy Jackman, Ike Rau, Jim Samuelson, Peppy Blount (Asst. Coach). urth Row: Bill Mims, Charle_s Schreiwer, Leighton Younger, Jack Taylor, Lonnie Weir, Wayne Delaney. Ed Kelley, Dickie Hopping, Bob Flinn, Moose Kalmus. Vincent Tate, Bill Green. Howard Moon, Kenneth Harlow, Glen Dyer, Dick Gawlik, Marion Frazier. PAOF 139 Sec MARSHALL HUGHES, assistant coach SLUE HULL, head coach 1952 BASKETBALL Responding to the beat of Southwest football, Conference cage play bounced along with the best of grid rhythms, with inconsistency and upsets the nuclear themes. Texas was certainly no exception, but despite all confusion, the race ended as gen- erally forecast, TCU first and Texas second. Below these top two places, team finishes formed a mire of wrecked predictions. Texas finished the season with an 8-4 Conference record, behind TCU ' s 11-1 mark, and added a feather when they became the second highest-scoring team in University history over the full season route, second only to the 1947 squad. In directing the Steers to the runner-up spot, new coach Thurman Hull did all that was expected of him in his first season. He also freely credited assistant Marshall Hughes with a large hand in the team ' s success. Contrary to the 1951 team, Hull ' s Longhorns were knee-deep in reserve strength, his big problem seemingly to select a starting five which would be most effective against various opponents. The problem was not always a happy one. Though he had four top guards in Jimmy Viramontes, Cecil Morgan, George Scaling, and Leon Black, no pair of these always had the combined talents necessary for decisive point margins. Each had his strong and weak points, each was alternately effective or not. Another tender spot was at center. Ted Price hit a scoring slump after a fast early-season start. Don Klein, the captain, generally had to guard the opponents ' top scorer and frequently fouled out. The forward spots, on the other hand, were well-manned by James Dowies, and sophomores Gib Ford and Billy Powell. Dowies paced the team in seasonal and confer- ence scoring. Ford and Powell were ever-reliable heroes of the backboard and hustle. After dropping their season opener to TCU, the Steers settled down and battled toe-to-toe with the favored Frogs for the circuit crown. They won their next six Confer- ence games to remain in a continual tie with the Christians for the loop lead. Victims were SMU twice, Arkansas, Rice, A M, and Baylor. Sandwiched in was Texas ' second triumph of the year over Oklahoma. Then Baylor stopped them, 71-59 at Waco, and TCU took a half -game lead. Next came the big one, TCU at Austin, and here Texas couldn ' t hold to a half-time lead and went down and out, 54-47. Rebounding for victories over A M and Rice, the Longhorns then bowed to a last-second field goal and Arkansas at Fayetteville won 45-44, to end the season with a creditable 8-4 record. Dowies was named to the all-Conference first team and Scaling to the second. Don Klein, Captain James Dowies Jimmy Viramontes LETTERMEN Ted Price Leon Black Cecil Morgan George Scaling Gib Ford Billy Powell RESERVE LETTERMEN Dick Harris Luther Scarborough Carroll Minor Senior Managerial Award: O. F. Jones FRESHMEN NUMERALS Sam Bradshaw Arthur Stewart Dimitry Vergun George Gage Doug Hart Jim Magill Robin Gribble Phillip Kidd Casey Wise Don Scallorn James Robison Freshmen Managerial Award: John Lowery Front Row: Lee Erwin, assistant manager; Glen Moore, Cecil Morgan, Jimmy VJramontes. Leon Black, Carroll Minor, George Scaling, Max Smith, O. F. Jones. Second Row: Marshall Hughes, James Dowies, Gilbert Ford, Ted Price, Don Klein, Billy Powell, Dick Harris, Joe Cortez, Thurman (Slue) Hull. PAGE 140 PRE-CONFERENCE SEASON Breathing experience out its gills, the Longhorn basketball team entered the season with seven lettermen from the 1951 tri-champion team and a new head coach in Thurman (Slue) Hull, who succeeded the retired Jack Gray. Only Frank Womack and Joe Ed Falk were missing from the preceding squad. Taking a cue from the football team, the Steers opened their season with a victory over the green Oklahoma Sooners at Norman to end the Big Red ' s cage mastery over Texas teams that stretched back to 1948. Returning to the home court, the Longhorns began a four-game series against lesser opponents which enabled them to stack up a five-game winning streak before testing Louisiana ' s best, Tulane and LSU. Texas swept through its two games with North Texas State, humbled East Texas State, then wound up the thin links of its schedule with an easy smashing of Sam Houston State. The O range boarded a Louisiana-bound train with a string of five straight victories. At the first stop, Baton Rouge, they held only the frayed ends after a 6-9 sophomore named Bob Pettit led LSU to a 59-55 triumph with 30 points. One night later, at New Orleans, Tulane ' s quintet followed suit with a 78-64 tumbling, the most decisive loss dealt the Longhorns over the whole season. Travel-weary, Texas returned home only to drop its third straight to visiting Murray State of Kentucky. An after-game free throw was the 64-63 difference. Over the Christmas holidays, Texas snatched third place in the SWC Tournament at Dallas, defeating SMU 58-42, and Vanderbiit, 65-49, but dropping one to Texas A M, 52-51. A big element in the holiday tourney was sophomore Gib Ford ' s starter- debut in the Vanderbiit game. Witnesses contend that the Steers played their finest game of the season in the Vandy clash, with Ford playing the entire game. Ford was later to become Texas ' most reliable hero in Conference play. James Dowies and Ted Price earned spots on the all-Tournament team and Texas wound up pre-season play with an 8-4 won-lost record. DON KLEIN, senior, captain Things got a little rough in tht N.T.S.C. game. TEXAS LOSES CONFERENCE OPENER TO T C U TEXAS 43 TCU 52 The Longhorns picked the wrong night and the wrong opponent for their opening Conference clash. Nothing they attempted seemed to go well at Fort Worth and the TCU Frogs, with every starter back from 1951, erased Texas ' early lead of 5-2 to win going away, 52-43. Harvey Fromme and George McCleod shot TCU to a 17-9 lead in the first period as they made all the Frogs ' 17 points. After the initial spree, there was no rest for the Longhorns, who struggled vainly against the fast-breaking Frog offense. TCU slowed the pace in the last seven minutes to preserve a comfortable lead and Texas players were ineffec- tive against the tactics. McCleod led all scorers with 22 points, while Dowies and Scaling divided honors for the Orange with 1 1 apiece. The game propelled TCU to an early lead in the race. They had defeated SMU earlier in the week. TEXAS 42 SMU 31 With old reliables George Scaling and Jim Dowies leading the way, the Longhorns made their home Conference debut a successful one, as they survived the efforts of SMU ' s ever-dangerous sharpshooters, 42-31. It was the lowest point-production for either team that season. Shots went everywhere but in, but they dropped in more frequently for the Steers to enable them to rejoin the victory trail. Texas led all the way in the contest except for a brief Pony spurt in the third period. The score by quarters went 12-9, 17-15, and 33-29 to indicate the slowness of the game. Sophomores Billy Powell and Gib Ford were important cogs in the Steer attack as they continually swept the boards from the height-handicapped Mustangs. Scaling led the scoring with 15 points, 9 of them on free throws. Dowies got 13 to take the seasonal scoring lead from Ted Price, a lead which he never relaxed. Derrel Murphy was high for SMU with 10. TEXAS 62 ARKANSAS 51 Deprived of their 7 -foot scoring ace, Toar Hester, the Arkansas Razorbacks put up a stiff scrap early in January at Gregory Gym before bowing to the Longhorns, 62-51. It was the second Southwest Con- ference victory for the Steers after their defeat by TCU and was their first triumph over the Porkers in Greg- ory since 1947. Sophomore Billy Powell proved to be the sensation of the night for Texas, picking up where center Ted Price left off. Powell, entering play in the second quarter, made 16 points tieing mate James Dowies for scoring honors of the night. Texas jumped to an early lead and held on throughout the first half de- spite the inspired Arkansas efforts. In the third frame, the invaders pulled into a brief 34-33 lead their only lead of the game but goals by Powell and Dowies put Texas back into command, and a semi-freeze during the final min- utes iced the game. Ted Price takes a rebound in the Rice game. JAMES DOWIES, senior JIMMY VIRAMONTES, senior PACE 142 LONGHORNS WIN THIRD, FOURTH AND FIFTH GAMES TEXAS 60 RICE 53 Journeying to Houston for their first clash with Rice ' s young quintet, the Longhorns overcame early game futility and a 9-point Owl lead to go on to their third straight Conference triumph, 60-53. A last-quarter Texas freeze, which lasted almost nine minutes and held the Owls scoreless five of those, was the preserving factor of Texas ' hard-earned lead, which came from a furious third quarter spurt led by Ted Price. Price came out of a scor- ing slump to roll in 17 points, the same number made by Scaling. Snappy little Jimmy Viramontes fairly took charge of the court in the last half with his fine dribbling and slight-of-hand passing melting Owl defenses. Rice ' s great sophomore center, 6-6 Gene Schwinger, netted 16 points, more than half his team ' s total, to lead all scorers. Owl comeback hopes were shattered in the last quarter when their frantic attempts to break the Steers ' freeze netted excessive fouls for their two long-shot artists, Maurice Teague, and Leonard Childs. TEXAS 51 A M 40 Playing some of their best ball of the season, the Longhorns routed Texas A M 51-40 to move into a tie with TCU for first place. The Frogs were dropping their only Conference game to Arkansas ' erratic Razorbacks while Texas was downing the Aggies. Jim Dowies tossed in 19 points to lead UT ' s offense, but yielded scoring honors to Walt Davis of the Cadets, who tallied 20. The game started slowly, with A M using its " ball control " tactics, but the Steers broke loose in the third quarter to pull away from the Aggies by 10 points. Texas then put the ball in a semi- freeze for most of the final period. The ' Horns ' victory partially atoned a non-Con- ference loss to the Ags in the Christmas tournament in Dallas. TEXAS 58 BAYLOR 46 Slowing the antics of famed Ralph Johnson to a walk, Texas rode the accurate shooting of James Dowies into the Southwest Conference lead with a 58-46 lacing of the Baylor Bears in Gregory Gym. Dowies, playing an aggressive, driving game, poured in 22 points in one of his best collegiate games. The mighty Johnson could account for but nine, his lowest total in Conference play to date. Don Klein and Gib Ford were the lads that slapped the damper on Johnson, with an air-tight defense that the Baylor ace found impregnable except for a brief lapse in the third period. The Steers led throughout the ball game and piled up a 30-19 advantage at intermission. It was their fifth SWC victory against a single loss. TED PRICE, senior CECIL MORGAN, junior George Scaling jumps with A M for the ball. PAGE 143 TEXAS PULLS AHEAD, THEN LOSES TWO GAMES TEXAS 57 SMU 49 Dallas, graveyard of many University athletic hopes, be- came the Longhorns ' spring- board to a short-lived half- game lead over TCU in the cage race when they battled back from a lethargic first period to overcome SMU, 57-49. TCU was idle that night, but came back the following day to tie the race up again with a victory over Rice. After being behind 14-10 at the end of the opening period, Texas pared the Pony lead to 26-25 at halftirne, then rode the elongated frame of 6-8 center Ted Price to their sixth straight Conference triumph. Price had one of his finest nights, leading all scorers with 19 points and reaping a miser ' s share of rebounds. Regulars Gib Ford and Don Klein drew excessive fouls early in the last period, but SMU ' s active pivot man followed suit later, and last half play remained in Texas ' favor. Forward Jack Kastman was high for Mustang scorers with 15. SMU was handicapped by the loss of high-scoring Derrel Murphy at mid-term. TEXAS 59 BAYLOR 71 Pulling one of the top upsets of the season, a hopped-up bunch of Baylor Bears throttled com- pletely the Longhorn machine and emerged with a 71-59 victory in Waco. Ralph Johnson, who was stopped cold in his first tangle with Texas this year, broke loose for a 22- point effort, followed by stocky Howard Hovde ' s 15. Two Texas goals in the opening minutes put Baylor behind 4-0, but afterwards the game was all Baptist. They piled up a 19-7 margin at the end of the first frame, made it 36-27 at half time, and 51-43 at the end of the third quarter. James Dowies played his usually productive game for Texas, kicking in 1 3 points, but as a whole, the Steers were badly out-jumped and out-shot. Four Texas men, Dowies, Don Klein, Billy Powell, and Leon Black, left the contest with five fouls. The loss knocked Texas from the Southwest Con- ference lead and left them with a 6-2 record for the season. TEXAS 47 TCU 54 TCU needed all their potent basketball savvy in Gregory Gym to whip the Longhorns, 54-47, and remain atop the Conference heap. In the second quarter, Texas began i drive that had the 7500 fans on edge, pulling up from a 14-9 deficit to take the halftime break on the long side of a 30-25 count. Big George McLeod was plagued throughout the game by foul trouble, but still led the Frogs with a 14-point attack. Next for the victors came Ted Reynolds with 11 and James Knox, 10. Defensive ace Don Klein surprised with 10 points, mostly on long shots, while Gib Ford led Texas with 12. McLeod was removed midway in the first quarter when he accrued his third foul, but came back in the second half to lead the victory driv; of TCU. Leon Black, little substitute guard for the Steers, was the outstanding Moorman of both teams. The triumph virtually gave the crown to the Toads, and left Texas a game and half behind. BILLY POWELL, sophomore GILBERT FORD, sophomore George Scaling reaches for rebound in A M game. PAGE 144 TEXAS WINS TWO TO TAKE SECOND PLACE TEXAS 38 A M 34 The Longhorns found tall obstacles in A M ' s ball-control methods and the twelfth man taunts at College Station ' s DeWare Field House, but sur- passed both with a bit of last-minute stalling of their own to cop their second victory from the Aggies, 38-34. A 17-point third period outburst, uncommon for A M opponents, enabled Texas to slip into striking distance at the end of the period. Scaling and the Ags ' terrific center Walt Davis matched in the final period and the knot was tied at 34-34 with two min- utes remaining. Ted Price then tipped one in to send Texas ahead, and the Longhorn freeze stopped all scoring till Scaling broke through for a layup with 1 7 seconds left to ice up the game. Davis sank 15 markers to lead all scorers, while Scaling was tops for Texas with 13. TEXAS 54 RICE 48 Led by Gib Ford, sophomore " find " of the year, Texas cuffed the Rice Owls 54-48, in the last home appearance of the season for the Steers. Ford exe- cuted his fadeaway jump shot on only six occasions, but four of them swished through the nets. High scorer for the night was Rice soph Gene Schwinger, who meshed 1 6 points. It was the last Gregory appearance for seniors Luther Scarborough, Dick Harris, Jimmy Vira- montes, Captain Don Klein, and Jim Dowies. Rice led at halftime by a single point, but the Longhorns turned on the steam in their favorite period the third to pull in front by 10 points, then stall out a victory. Ford, as sure-fingered a sophomore as Gregory Gym saw all year, consistently swiped rebounds from taller and more suitably placed opponents. It ' s anybody ' s ball in the TCU game. TEXAS 43 ARKANSAS 45 It was " Pressley Askew Night " at Fayetteville, Arkansas, and the partisan crowd rallied to pay tribute to outgoing University of Arkansas ' basketball coach and, perchance, witness a possi- ble Razorback upset of Texas, which had already clinched second place in final standings. A fiery sophomore named Tyron Lewis furnished a happy ending to the night ' s festivities when he launched a desperation 55-foot set shot which split the cords shortly after the buzzer and gave the home team a 45-43 victory over Texas. Lewis ' last-ditch shot also totaled his output for the night at 19 points, high for players of both teams. Appropriately enough, seniors James Dowies and Don Klein led the Steers ' losing cause with 15 and 13 points respectively. Klein went on one of his rare scoring sprees, and his game ' s total -was his highest of the season. The loss ended the Longhorns ' Con- ference record at 8-4. LEON BLACK, junior PACE 145 GEORGE SCALING, junior HANK CHAPMAN, coach DAVID (Skippy) BROWNING, senior 1952 SWIMMING LETTERMEN Bobby Brodnax David (Skippy) Browning William Hoff Thomas (Buddy) Hoyt Edward Humphreys Louis Manganiello Alphonse Ragland Michael Shirley Robert Timmins Roger Tolar Joe Wiley Wynant Wilson Albert Yriart QUALIFIED LETTERMEN Arthur Batson Milton Black Bert Helm Thomas Johnson Charles Perott ROGER TOLAR, senior WYNANT WILSON, senior JOE WILEY, senior ALPHONSE RAGLAND, junior LOUIS MANGANIELLO, junior 1952 SWIMMING Under the able direction of Hank Chapman, swim- ming coach, the University tankers romped to their 19th Southwest Conference Championship in 21 years. In pre-season preliminary competition the Steers downed a stubborn SMU team 44-40. The Steers were in turn defeated by the Oklahoma team 49-35, but not before a new pool record was set. The 440-yard relay team composed of Lou Manganiello, Wynant Wilson, Roger Tolar, and Bill Hoff, set the record at 3:41.5. The Steers then traveled to College Station where they quickly clamped a lid on the Aggie Tankmen by taking a 59-25 triumph. The Longhorn swimming team climaxed its series of dual meets with a 53-41 trouncing over Northwestern Louisiana State. Most of the men in this contest were Texas reserves. At the 21st Annual Southwest Conference Swimming and Diving Meet, the Longhorns gathered 1 35 points to cop the S. W. C. crown over their nearest competitor by 18 points. SMU placed second with 117 points while the Texas Aggies came in last with 72 points. The most outstanding swimmers for Texas were Skippy Browning who almost automatically took first in diving and Wynant Wilson, Steer co-captain, who notched his customary victory in the 100-yard free style. The most outstanding swimmer of the day, how- ever, was SMU ' s George McMillion who smashed both 100- and 200-yard backstroke records. The 100 was done in 1:02.3 and the 200 in 2:20.5. McMillion was the high point man of the meet with 19 points. In the N. C. A. A. Swimming Meet at Princeton, N. J., Skippy Browning, Texas ' ace diver, showed out- standing form in copping first ' s in both the one- and three-meter diving championships. The nearest com- petitor to Skippy was an Ohio State boy who was 60 points behind. In the A. A. V. Meet, Browning scored a perfect record to cop the diving title. l.]) K1) HIMI ' HKKYS. junini SOPHOMORES Front Ron-: ALBERTO YRIART. BOBBY BRODNAX. Second Ron: ROBERT TIMMI.XS, THOMAS HOYT, MICHAEL SHIRLEY. Front Row: Skippy Browning, Joe Wiley, Bobby Brodnax. Second Row: Lou Manganiello. Floyd Duncan. Buddy Hoyt, Mike Shirley, Charlie Perrott, Alberto Yriart, Bert Helms. Third Row: Bill Holf. Roger Tolar, Milton Black, Johnny Crawford (Capt.), Henry Moore, Fonse Ragland, Niven Baird, Hiram Johnson. Fount: Row: Arthur Batson, George Anderson, Ed Mack, George Whitworth, Bob Smith, Eddie Humphreys, Cruger Ragland. Marvin Rich (Manager), Hank Chapman (Coach). PAOE 147 BIBB FALK, coach 1952 BASEBALL When the 1952 baseball season started Bibb Falk was faced with the prospect of building a team from three lettermen and only one pitcher with any experience and a very small squad. The Longhorns were given a chance for fourth place but Falk took his small squad and won the Southwest Conference Championship and defeated Arizona for the regional championship and the chance to play in the NCAA meet at Omaha. At the National Meet they were defeated by Penn State in the first round, won over Oregon State in the second round and were eliminated finally by Holy Cross. In pre-season games Texas lost two games to Baylor and then defeated the 1951 National Champions, Oklahoma. In the Conference race Texas had a bitter struggle at first because of the lack of an all-around pitching staff but won the crown with a 11-4 record. It is title number thirty for the Longhorn baseball teams. They have tied for two more. Texas met Arizona here June 5-7. The first game was rained out and a double header was played on Friday. Verdine pitched for the Longhorns in the first game until the middle of the eighth inning when he asked to be relieved and Roberson finished the game which Texas won 3-1. Scarborough pitched the second game which Texas lost 1-0. Hard-hitting Jenney ' s home run was the difference. Senior right-hander Dick Roberson started for the Longhorns on Saturday in the third and final game of the series and pitched magnificently until the eighth when he tired with two down and Frank Brock, sophomore, was sent in to relieve him. Texas led 13-4 at the time and the four runs that came in in the eighth and ninth didn ' t upset the Steers but Falk put in Scarborough in the ninth with two down and runners on first and second. Scarborough retired the last batter and Texas won 13-8. In the NCAA meet in Omaha, June 12-17 Texas met Penn State in the opening game of the series and was defeated 5-3 with Scar- borough pitching. Texas won their second round loser ' s bracket con- test over Oregon State, 10-1, by virtue of Roberson ' s six-hit pitching and some heavy hitting in the late innings. The third game was won by Holy Cross 2-1. Verdine started for Texas but was relieved in the eighth by Scarborough. Front Row: SPRADLIN, BIESENBACH, BEN ' GTSON, ROBERSON, ECKERT, TOWERY, PACE. Second Row: HUSER, GUSTAFSON, KELLY, VERDINE, SCARBOROUGH, MOHR, TANNER, FALK. PAGE 148 NON-CONFERENCE GAMES TEXAS 5 Baylor 8 Baylor ' s boisterous Bears exploded for two big innings Saturday, March 15, at Clark Field, to spoil Texas ' 1952 season opener, 8-5. The game marked the first time in 15 years that the Longhorns had lost to Baylor on Clark Field. Texas outhit the Bruins 10-6 but had trouble producing in the clutch, leaving twelve men stranded on base. Short- stop Joe Tanner had a perfect day with five singles for five times at bat. The Longhorns paraded a trio of hurlers to the mound, working each three innings. Riley Verdine opened the game and was succeeded by Richard Roberson in the fourth. Luther Scarborough came in in the seventh, allowing only two hits and one run in his three inning stint. TEXAS 5 Baylor 6 The Bears handed the Longhorns their second loss of the season Tuesday, March 18, at Waco on a soggy field. A high south wind also helped make the game more diffi- cult. Texas batters socked out 10 base hits and several wallops should have been extra base blows but the Baylor park has no fence and hardrunning Bear outfielders pulled down drives in excess of 350 feet for long outs. Verdine started for the Longhorns and pitched six innings receiving credit for the loss. He was relieved by Dick Roberson. Jackie Reid was the winning pitcher for Baylor. TEXAS 13 Oklahoma 4 The Longhorns won their first game of the season at Clark Field, Friday, March 21, overpowering the Okla- homa Sooners, last year ' s national champions, 13-4. The outcome never was in doubt as the Steers jammed across three runs in the first inning, three more in the fourth, and climaxed activities with a five-run spurt in the eighth. Luther Scarborough hurled five innings for Texas and gave up but one run and three hits. He fanned four and walked only two. Frank Brock pitched the last four innings and did a creditable job, allowing only four hits. Cliff Gustafson, dependable second baseman, was lost for the season when his leg was broken in the sixth inning. TEXAS 15 Oklahoma 4 The Longhorns trounced Oklahoma for the second time Saturday, March 22, 15-4. The Steers 15 runs were gar- nered on the strength of just nine base hits, seven of which were extra-base blows. Shortstop Joe Tanner knocked in six runs with a double and a home run. Verdine was relieved by Roberson in the sixth inning. TEXAS 10 Hardin Simmons 4 Texas met the Hardin Simmons nine at Clark Field on March 25, and defeated them 10-4. Falk used two pitchers. Roberson started and was relieved at the end of the seventh inning by Luther Scarborough. Roberson retired the first 13 men to face him. Texas scored one or more runs every inning from the fourth through the eighth. Roberson was the leading hitter for Texas with two singles, a double, and a walk in four trips to the plate. TEXAS 5 Minnesota Continued good pitching, rain, and Minnesota errors enabled the Longhorns to defeat the Golden Gophers 5-0 at Clark Field, Wednesday, March 26. Southpaw Riley LUTHER SCARBOROUGH RONALD SPRADLJN Verdine gave the Gophers o nly one hit in the short five inning contest. The Longhorns scored one run in each of the first three innings and two in the fifth. The game was halted before the sixth inning began and after several minutes of steady rain the game was called. The second game of the series was postponed because of rain. TEXAS 13 Sam Houston State 3 The Longhorns capitalized on some bad fielding by the Bearkats to hand them a 13-3 licking Tuesday afternoon, April 15, at Clark Field. The Sam Houston team com- mitted a total of six errors. Red Adams started for Texas and was relieved in the sixth by Roberson. Harry Bengtson and Jimmy Dan Pace led the Longhorn offensive with three hits each. LETTERMEN Harry Bengtson Randy Biesenbach Travis Eckert Clifford Gustafson Roy Kelly Paul Mohr Gene Oden Jimmy Dan Pace Richard Roberson Luther Scarborough Ronald Spradlin Joe Tanner Robert Towery Riley Verdine RESERVE LETTERMEN John Adams Kenneth Horton Laverne Huser, senior managerial award TEXAS AT BAT RILEY VERDINE JOE TANNER PACE 149 RICHARD ROBERSON Texas safe at second. HARRY BENGTSON TEXAS 5 SMU 2 The Longhorns opened their Southwest Conference baseball season with a victory over SMU, 5-2, in Dallas, March 28, by taking advantage of a misjudged fly ball and two great defensive plays. With two away in the fifth and runners on first and second Oden lifted a long fly to outfielder Ken Williams who lost the ball in the sun. It dropped between his hands for a costly two-run double, giving Texas a never-relinquished lead. Scarborough pitched all nine innings. Oden, Kelly, and Tanner each got hits to lead Texas eight-hit attack. TEXAS 2 SMU 5 The Ponies evened the count the next day with an exact reversal of the score, 5-2. It was the first victory f or SMU over Texas since 1942. Hollis Morton was effective for the Ponies all the way, limiting the Steers to four hits. Three walks off relief pitcher Roberson, who took over for Riley Verdine, and a ringing double to left center field by Neil Neilson, broke a two-two tie in the seventh and cost Roberson his first loss of the season. TEXAS 6 Rice 5 Luther Scarborough survived a wobbly first inning to pitch the Longhorns to a 6-5 victory over the Rice Owls at Clark Field, Tuesday, April 1. This brought the Texas record to two victories and one loss. The first four Owls to face Scar- borough produced the same number of runs. Scarborough then tightened up and allowed only four hits and one run for the remainder of the game. He gave up five bases on balls and sent nine Owls back to the dugout via the strikeout route. The Steers jumped on Joe Wylie for two runs in the second and three more in the fourth. Eckert singled Oden home in the seventh with what proved to be the deciding tally, as Rice scored one run in the eighth. TEXAS 2 TCU 1 The Longhorns took advantage of a pair of unearned runs to edge TCU, 2-1, in Fort Worth Saturday, April 5, and thereby took over the lead in the Southwest Conference baseball race. Luther Scar- borough and Norris Graves of the Frogs tangled in a fine pitching duel. Scar- borough blanked the Frogs after the first inning and, but for a couple of fielding miscues at critical points, Graves would have had a shutout all the way. The vic- tory gave Texas a 3-1 record. TEXAS 8 A M 13 The Aggies and Texas ' errors brought the Longhorns a loss that dropped them from the league lead. The game was played at College Station April 8, and the Aggies won 13-8. After trailing by as much as 7-3 in the early innings the Longhorns came back to take an 8-7 lead in the seventh inning. But the roof fell in on the Steers in the eighth when a weird combination of errors, hits, walks, and a wild pitch brought in six Aggie runs. Verdine was relieved by Scarborough in the fourth inning. Roberson came in in the eighth. TRAVIS ECKERT PAOE 150 TEXAS 3 Baylor 2 Texas jumped into undisputed possession of the Southwest Conference baseball lead Friday afternoon, April 19, at Clark Field with a 3-2 victory over Baylor. The second match slated for Saturday was rained out. A sharp single down the left field line off the club of Jimmy Dan Pace, Longhorn third baseman, drove home Harry Bengtson from second with what proved to be the winning run. Luther Scarborough spread eight hits among the Bears and set the invaders down in order the last two innings. TEXAS 13 Rice 8 Longhorn diamond hopes soared higher as the Orange defeated the Rice Owls Friday, April 25, in Houston. Texas ' record was then 5-2. Scarborough won his fifth Conference contest as he went the distance in the 13-8 slugfest. The Steers jumped off to a three-run lead in the top of the first only to see the lead erased in the bottom half of the inning as Rice scored five runs. Texas moved ahead for good in the third on Spradlin ' s triple and Eckert ' s hit. The Steers scored three more runs in the fifth, three in the seventh and one in the ninth. GENE ODEN TEXAS 7 Rice 3 Riley Verdine became the second Long- horn pitcher to win a Conference game when he gave up eight hits in defeating the Rice Owls Saturday, April 26, in Hous- ton by the score of 7-3. Pace knocked in two runs and got four hits in leading the Steers to their Saturday victory. In the third Texas scored two runs on Bengtson ' s single, Verdine ' s sacrifice, and singles by Pace, Towery and Tanner. Rice tied the score in the third. Texas scored again in the fourth and Rice tied again in the fifth 3-3. In the seventh inning Texas garnered six hits for four runs ending the scoring. TEXAS 6 SMU 3 Tight infield support enabled Scarbor- ough to win his second Conference game in four days Monday, April 28, as the Longhorns outscored SMU 6-3. Three double plays and heady defense all the way around helped Scarborough over the hump. The Mustangs got ten hits but made their hits good for runs only twice. TEXAS 17 Baylor 3 The Steers won the first of a double- header with the Bears in Waco on Friday, May 2, by the score of 17-3. Scarborough pitched for his seventh Conference victory. It was a tight battle through five innings but in the sixth Texas broke loose with ten big runs. Each Longhorn scored at least once during the frame. Out on an attempted return to second. ROBERT TOWERY PAUL MOHR PAGE 151 II . CLIFFORD GUSTAFSON RANDY BIESENBACH TEXAS 5 BAYLOR 9 In the nightcap of the double header played Fri- day, May 2, in Waco, the Bears defeated Texas 9-5 but the Longhorns still retained possession of first place in the Southwest Conference race. Riley Verdine started for Texas but was replaced by Roberson in the second. The Bears took a 9-1 lead and the issue seemed settled until the last inning when five hits and a walk brought the Steers four runs. Then with two out Mohr stabbed a liner into right field. Royce Boren had to leap high at the last second to grab it and end the game. TEXAS 7 TCU 2 The Steers defeated TCU ' s erratic ace Knobby Graves in the first of a two game series with TCU at Clark Field, May 9, 7-2. Scarborough pitched for the Steers, giving up seven hits in registering his eighth league triumph. The Longhorns weath- ered a two-run TCU first inning to make use of 9 hits and 6 TCU errors for seven runs. Texas scored once in the first, once in the third, and went ahead with a run in the fifth. Then runs in both seventh and eighth gave Texas a 7-2 victory. O.U. ' s out at second. TEXAS 21 TCU 6 The Texas Longhorns won the Southwest Con- ference Championship with their defeat of the Frogs in the second game of their two-game series at Clark Field on Saturday, May 3. The Steers swamped TCU Saturday with 21-6 score. Right- hander Roberson started on the mound for the Longhorns and received credit as winning pitcher. He was followed to the mound by John Adams in the fourth inning and southpaw Verdine in the eighth. Texas got off to a flying start in the first inning with six runs on two hits and three errors. TEXAS 5 A M Scarborough pitched an eight-hit shutout game against the Aggies at Clark Field on Thursday, May 15, to defeat them 5-0. The Cadets out hit the Longhorns 8-6, but Scarborough was double tough when the need arose, striking out eight and leaving 12 Aggies stranded on the basepaths. An alert Texas inner defense manufactured three timely double plays and continually cut down lead runners to snuff out rallies. TEXAS 2 A M 3 Texas ended Conference play on a sour note Friday, May 16, by dropping the final game to A M. 3-2, at Clark Field. The Aggie victory was their first on Clark Field since 1943 and was due for the most part to pitcher Bob Tankersley and third baseman Jerry Lastelick. Roberson pitched for the Steers. The score was tied in the fourth. The winning run came in the sixth after two were out as Ogletree raced home from first on Lastelick ' s line double to deep left field. Roberson gave up only six hits while striking out five. PAGE 152 TEAM TEXAS Baylor SMU Rice TCU A M TEAM TEXAS Baylor TCU SMU A M Rice SEASON STANDINGS w L R OR PCX. 16 6 175 92 .727 16 8 156 144 .667 15 11 167 118 .577 12 13 159 136 .480 11 13 136 153 .458 10 19 159 243 .345 CONFERENCE STANDINGS W L R OR PCT. 11 4 109 63 .733 9 6 90 87 .600 8 7 91 92 .533 6 9 78 69 .400 6 9 75 110 .400 5 10 73 95 .333 JIMMY DAN PACE ROY KELLY AVG. AB R PLAYER Jimmy Dan Pace Joe Tanner Roy Kelly Travis Eckert Robert Towery Harry Bengtson Randy Biesenbach Gene Oden Ronald Spradlin Paul Mohr Luther Scarborough Frank Brock Richard Roberson Bill Newberry John Adams Riley Verdine Kenneth Horton PITCHER Luther Scarborough Riley Verdine Richard Roberson John Adams SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE STATISTICS Batting: Larry Isbell, Baylor, .431 ; Jimmy Dan Pace, TEXAS, .405; Dave Devine, Rice, .370; Tom Ballinger, SMU, .365; Joe Tanner, TEXAS, .365. Runs: Harry Davis, Baylor, 18; Travis Eckert, TEXAS, 16; Ty Newton, Baylor, 16. Hits: Mickey Sullivan, Baylor, 24; Joe Tanner, TEXAS, 23; Harry Davis, Baylor, 23. Bases: Bobby Farmer, A M, 37; Joe Tanner, TEXAS, 36; Larry Isbell, Baylor, 35. RBI: Roy Kelly, TEXAS, 15; Neil Neilsen, SMU, 15; Bobby Farmer, A M, 15; Larry Isbell, Baylor, 14; Fred Freeman, SMU, 14. Doubles: Mickey Sullivan, Baylor, 6; Parke Davis, Rice, 5; Ty Newton, Baylor, 5. Triples: Joe Tanner, TEXAS, 4; Joe Whitley, SMU, 3; Charles Galey, SMU, 3. Home Runs: Bobby Farmer, A M, 5; Travis Eckert, TEXAS, 3; Larry Isbell, Baylor, 3; Doyle Beard, Rice, 2; David Britt, A M, 2 ; Charles Galey, SMU, 2. Stolen Bases: Robert Towery, TEXAS, 7; Joe Wylie, Rice, 6; Yale Lary, A M, 5 ; Joe Tanner, TEXAS, 5. Walks: Travis Eckert, TEXAS, 17; Bill Frick, TCU, 17; Ty Newton, Baylor, 15. Pitching: Luther Scarborough, TEXAS, 9-1; Norris Graves, TCU, 6-3. Team Batting: Baylor, .292 ; TEXAS, .280. Team Fielding: Baylor, .957 ; TEXAS, .956. LONGHORN CONFERENCE AVERAGES BATTING H TB 2B 3B HR SH SB BB HB RBI SO .405 42 11 17 19 2 2 2 13 4 9 6 .365 63 15 23 36 2 4 1 5 7 1 10 2 .308 65 8 20 23 3 1 3 15 3 .283 53 13 15 27 1 1 3 3 17 14 15 .258 31 11 8 9 1 3 7 11 9 .250 48 15 12 16 2 1 2 2 4 2 10 .238 21 3 5 8 3 2 1 2 3 .235 34 8 8 12 2 1 7 4 4 .231 26 8 6 8 1 2 1 10 3 6 3 .219 64 5 14 16 2 5 9 7 .200 30 5 6 9 1 2 6 1 10 2 1.000 1 1 1 1 .500 8 3 4 6 2 1 2 1 4 1 .500 2 1 1 .0 .500 2 1 1 1 1 1 .250 8 1 1 1 1 1 .077 13 2 1 1 2 2 PITCHING SCORE INNS. AB R H SH BB HB SO WP OWN OPP. WON LOST COM. GAME 635$ 328 30 80 5 34 4 67 4 72 38 9 1 9 21 3 88 17 27 17 11 46 33 1 1 1 20 72 14 17 22 2 10 38 36 1 2 1 4 13 3 4 9 2 00 A long, quick throw saves a double. PAGE 153 1952 TRACK A M came back strong again this year to take the South- west Conference track championship. The Aggies scored 93J 2 points. Texas was second with 70 2, SMU third with 54 points. Arkansas placed fourth with 20 points, Rice had 18, Baylor 7, and TCU 6 2 . In the dual and triangular meets during the season the Aggies held the controlling number of points. In a meet at College Station on March 15 between A M, Rice, and Texas, A M took ten firsts and twelve seconds to completely dominate the meet. The total score for the Aggies was 101 while the Longhorns totaled 58 points and Rice 11. On March 22 at Houston the same three met again with similar results. A M scored 104% points with ten firsts and plenty of depth in seconds, thirds, and fourths. Texas scored 53% points and Rice 13. In a dual meet with A M at Corpus Christi on April 12 the Longhorns again had to be content with a poor second place. CLYDE LITTLEFIELD, coach Don Barton Jim Brownhill Otis Budd Chester E. Bradley James D. Carlton Robert L. Carson Joe Carson Robert Eschenburg Morris D. Johnson LETTERMEN Donald L. Klein Carl H. Mayes William O. Milburn Ralph E. Person Joe N. Runnels Dean Smith Charles A. Thomas William Vails RESERVE LETTERMEN Carl M. Gustafson Allen P. Killam Patrick L. Odell Ben G. Scallorn Charles Early Whitesides Ray Womack Philip Ransopher Bobby Ray Raley C. A. Rundell, Jr. Tony Kazen, senior manager Payne Roye, assistant manager Front Row: Frank Medina, trainer; Chester Bradley, Bob Eschenburg, Ralph Person, C. A. Rundell, Red Mays, Don Klein, Morris Johnson, Carl Gustafson, Tony Kazen. Second Row: Clyde Littlefield, Charles Thomas, Bill Milburn, Otis Budd, Early Whitesides, Gerald Scallorn, William Vails, Joe Carson, Pat Odell, T. J. Lovvorn, assistant coach. Third Row: Jim Biownhill, Dean Smith, Allen Killam, Phil Ransopher, Ray Womack, Jim Carlton, Robert Carson, Joe Runnels. BORDER OLYMPICS The Texas Longhorn track team fell short in their early bid for cinder honors as the ever-powerful Aggies amassed 60 points to capture team honors in Laredo ' s Border Olympics held Saturday, March 9. Texas and Oklahoma A M tied for second place with 40 points apiece. Sophomore sprinters Charlie Thomas and Dean Smith paced the field in the dashes and the 440-yard relay. Smith was clocked at 9.5 in the century with Thomas finishing second. Thomas won the 220 in 21.4 as Longhorns Carl Mayes and Jim Brownhill crossed the line third and fourth respectively. The same foursome set a new meet record in the sprint relay, requiring 41.9 seconds to travel the route. Willie Vails, performing for the first time as a Longhorn, treated his home town backers to an upset victory over SMU ' s Val Joe Walker in the 120-yard high hurdles at 14.5. He also took third in the 220-yard lows behind team mate Ralph Person who was timed at 23.4. CARL MAYES WEST TEXAS RELAYS Texas 16-man track team ran and jumped its way to its third straight West Texas Relays victory Saturday, March 29, at Odessa, piling up 38 2 points to runner-up SMU ' s 21. Baylor was third. Joe Carson was the surprise of the meet with a high jump of 6 feet, one inch, upsetting the favored Texas ' Ray Womack and TCU ' s J. Bryan Kilpatrick. Womack took third place in the broad jump with 22 feet, 4 inches behind teammate Morris Johnson ' s winning jump of 23-1. Jerry Norton of SMU was second. The Steer quartet of Dean Smith, Carl Mayes, Jim Brownhill and Charlie Thomas rushed to triumphs in the 440 and 880-yard relays, posting the exceptional time of 41.5 in the 440. SMU ' s Val Joe Walker defeated Texas ' Willie Vail with a time of 14.1 in the 120-yard high hurdles. Baylor ' s sprint medley relay foursome shaded the Steer entry to prevent a Texas sweep of the relay events. Robert Carson, Carl Gustafson, Jim Carlton, and Bob Eschenburg gave Texas the other relay ribbon with a 3 : 25 mile relay. Charlie Thomas sped to a 9.6 victory in the century. KANSAS RELAYS Texas tied the 880-yard relay record at the Kansas Relays held in Lawrence on April 19. New records were established by Kansas in the four-mile relay and Okla- homa in the one-mile. Texas, with Dean Smith, Carl Mayes, Jim Brownhill, and Charles Thomas carrying the baton, was clocked at a record-equalling 1 :25.2 in the 880. Thane Baker of Kansas State upset Dean Smith of Texas in the 100-yard dash with a time of 9.5. Thomas was third. Texas won the 440-yard relay in 41.0 with Smith, Mayes, Ralph Person, and Thomas running. TRIANGULAR MEET WITH USC AND A M Texas gave its usual dazzling spring performance in the Los Angeles Coliseum Saturday, April 26 but had to yield team honors to the better-balanced track and field squads of Southern California and Texas A M. The host Trojans captured the meet with surprising ease, grabbing 78 points to runner-up A M ' s 60. The Longhorns trailed with 32. Despite the soggy condition of the cinders, the Texas 440-yard relay team of Smith, Mayes, Brownhill, and Thomas flashed to victory with a swift 41.3 clocking. Smith and Thomas gave the Steers first place points in their specialities the 100 and the 220. Smith led Thomas and Mayes to the tape to capture the century in the time of 9.9 while Thomas registered a 21.5 triumph in the furlong. NCAA champion Jack Davis of USC bested Texas ' Willie Vails in the high hurdles in 14.8 and then edged Longhorn Ralph Person in the low hurdles with a 23.1. JIM BROWNHILL WILLIAM MILBURN PAGE 155 CHARLES THOMAS DON KLEIN - DON BARTON LOS ANGELES COLISEUM RELAYS Slow baton passing for the first time this year and a fast Manhattan team defeated Texas in the 440-yard relay in a dazzling chase in the Los Angeles Coliseum Relays May 16. The time was a record breaking 40.7. The Texas team was composed of Dean Smith, Carl Mayes, Jim Brownhill, and Charles Thomas. In the 880-yard baton event, Texas could manage but fourth, utilizing the same crew, except for Brownhill, who was replaced by Ralph Person. Manhattan also won this event in the fast time of 1 : 24.4. USC and UCLA finished ahead of Texas. Dean Smith placed second in the 100-meter sprint, running against the nation ' s best. Arthur Bragg from Morgan State won the event in 10.5, some two-tenths of a second off the Olympic record. Smith was less than a yard behind Bragg at the tape. CALIFORNIA RELAYS The crack Texas 440-yard relay team shaved two-tenths of a second off their own California Relays record May 17 at Modesto. The Longhorns were clocked in 40.7, just two-tenths of a second off the world record of 40.5. The Longhorn foursome was composed of Dean Smith, Carl Mayes, Jim Brownhill, and Charles Thomas. Texas finished second in the 880-yard relay but was disqualified when Person cut in too soon and bumped into USC ' s Jack Davis in the battle for the pole position. The Trojans won the event in 1:24.3. Smith missed out on a bid for the 100-yard dash when he was disqualified for two breaks. The event was won by Jim Gathers, Air Force representative. RALPH PERSON MORRIS JOHNSON Three Texas sprinters reached the 100-yard Texas Relays dash finals hut only Dean Smith (second from right) placed. Smith took first in 10 flat. Other Longhorns in the picture are Charlie Thomas (left) and Carl Mayes. PAGE 156 TWENTY-FIFTH ANNUAL TEXAS RELAYS One of the greatest groups of trackmen ever to appear in the Texas Relays turned in performances to match their talents as the Memorial Stadium cinder carnival wheeled through its Silver Anniversary Friday and Saturday, April 4-5. Eight new records were set, tied or initiated by the University and College field. Texas A M captured unofficial team honors with 3T 3 points followed by Oklahoma with 30 points, Texas with 26, and Kansas with 20. As expected the host Longhorns were in a class by themselves in the sprints and sprint relays. Led by Charles Thomas, Texas dashmen figured in three of the nine record performances. Dean Smith, Carl Mayes, Jim Brownhill, and Thomas sped to a 41.2 record in the 440-relay and tied the 880-relay mark with a 1:25.6 clocking. Both were the fastest times in the nation to that date. Thomas won the 200-meter dash, a new event, in 20.3. Probably the most outstanding relay event of the meet was the finale, the mile relay. On the strength of a terrific third lap by giant John Dewitt, the Aggies held a two-yard lead going into the final round. Oklahoma ' s great freshman, J. W. Mashburn, passed A M ' s James Baker on the first turn and withstood Baker ' s stretch drive to win by two yards. Oklahoma ' s time was 3:13.1 which shaved more than a second off the old record. An official then ruled that Mashburn had cut in too fast when he passed Baker and the Sooners were disqualified. A M ' s second place time of 3:13.5 was still good for a new record. The Rev. Bob Richards soared to a 14 feet, 8 inches in the pole vault for one of the many field event thrills. Though the vault was sub-par for Richards, it was one foot better than any of the marks set by the other vaulters. Elsewhere in the field Darrow Hooper of Texas A M was pushing the shot around with the greatest consistency of his career. His best toss, 54 feet, 73 4 inches, was his all-time best. He also won the discus, repeating his 1951 double-victory. The high-jump field measured up to advance notices with four jumpers clearing the 6-6 mark. Navy ' s Jack Razetto, former Relay ' s record holder, went out at 6-7, leaving Oklahoma ' s Dick Jones, Aggie Walt Davis, and East Texas State ' s Charles Holding. Jones went out at 6-8 and Davis followed at 6-9, leaving Holding the victor and co-holder of the 6-9 record. Davis set the mark last year. A tremendous leap of 25 feet, 2 l s inches by Oklahoma ' s Neville Price supplied a surprise in the broad jump which was prelabeled one of the weaker events. Ronald Haynes, representing the Navy Olympics team, and Javier Monies of Texas Western added good times in the 5,000 meter and 1,500 meter runs to retain the Relay ' s all-around class. Haynes clocked a 15 minute, 24 second 5,000 meter and Monies was 3 minutes, 52.6 seconds in the shorter run. Kansas, always a strenglh in Ihe longer relays, posled a new record in ihe distance medley relay, though failing in their ihreat to North Texas ' world record of 1938. Bob Devinney, Art Dalzell, Wes Santee, and Herb Semper were clocked in 10:06.0, almost six seconds better than Texas ' 1947 record. Lloyd Koby replaced Bob Devinney on ihe foursome and ihe Jayhawks look the long four-mile relay with Semper running his mile lap under 4:18 for the second time. Oklahoma set a new time in the two-mile baton chase with 7:41.8 race by Ronald Smith, Jim Wilkinson, George McCormick, and Don Crabtree. The Sooners also captured the sprint medley relay in 3 minutes, 28.6 seconds. A brisk headwind slowed ihe 100-yard dash and 120-yard high hurdles limes. Dean Smith ran the century in 10 flat. SMU ' s Val Joe Walker continued his hex over Texas ' Willie Vails with a Iwo-yard edge in ihe high hurdles. His lime was 14.5. Texas ' meteoric sophomore, Charles Thomas of Fostoria, was selected ihe oulstanding athlete in the Silver Anniversary Relays. Thomas turned in some amazing feats in the two-day meel. Looming largest among his deeds was the 20.3 seconds he used to Iravel 200 meters. This was only 1 10 of a second off Mel Pallon ' s world mark. The Olympic record is 20.7. Thomas ran anchor legs on ihe record-setting sprint relay teams, and ihen took fifth in the 100-yard dash. EVENT 120-Yard High Hurdles 100-Yard Dash Javelin Throw Broad Jump Shol Pul Pole Vaull High Jump Discus Throw Dislance Medley Relay 440- Yard Relay 880-Yard Relay Mile Relay Two-Mile Relay Four-Mile Relay Sprint Medley Relay STATISTICS WINNER Walker, SMU Smilh, Texas Faulkner, ACC Price, Oklahoma Hooper, Texas A M Pary, Oklahoma A M Holding, Easl Texas Hooper, Texas A M Kansas Texas Texas Texas A M Oklahoma Kansas Oklahoma OPEN EVENTS 200-Meler Dash 5,000-Meler Run Jerry Thompson, 1,500-Meter Run Thomas, Texas Haynes, Navy Olympics Monies, Texas Western TIME 14.5 lOflal 207 ft. 63 4 in. 25 ft. 2 8 in. 54 ft. 7?4 in. 13 ft. 6 in. 6 ft. 9 in. 157 ft. 8 in. 10.06 41.2 1:25.6 3:13.5 7:41.8 17:21.2 28.6 20.3 15:24.0 3:52.6 BOB ESCHENBURG WILLIAM VALLS DEAN SMITH OTIS BUDD JOE RUNNELS JOE CARSON SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET Walt Davis of A M high jumped a remarkable six feet 10J 2 inches, one-half inch shy of the world ' s record, to highlight the Aggies ' romp to their fifth track championship in six years. The meet was held May 9-10 in Dallas. Texas was second. A M scored a total of 93J 2 points, several shy of their record 114J 2 of last year. Texas was second with 70J 2 and SMU placed third with 54. Arkansas was fourth with 20 while Rice had 18, Baylor 7 and TCU 6 2. Longhorns Charles Thomas, Dean Smith and Ralph Person lived up to their season-long reputation with a trio of wind-aided record performances. Person lowered Aggie Bob Hall ' s 1949 low hurdle mark by three-tenths of a second with a 22.5 race, beating A M ' s Bobby Ragsdale by four feet. Thomas brisked the 220 in 20.4 to lower Longhorn Chink Wallender ' s 1935 time of 20.5 and Smith edged Thomas in the 100 to grab a share of the 9.5 record. A M ' s Darrow Hooper failed to deliver his predicted shot put record but sailed the discus 1 70 feet in Friday ' s preliminaries for a new record. Thomas also anchored Texas ' victorious sprint relay team to total 11 J a points, high for the meet. Steer Co-Captain Carl Mayes, though he failed to win an event, was a noteworthy hero in Texas determined title bid. He grabbed fourth places in the sprints, ran a strong leg on the sprint relay, and an even greater leg on the Long- horns ' third place mile relay, his first trial at the 440 race. SUMMARY 440-YARD RELAY: 1. Texas (Dean Smith, Carl Mayes, Jim Brownhill, Charlie Thomas); 2. SMU; 3. Rice; 4. Baylor; 5. Texas A M. Time: 41.9. MILE RUN: 1. Rick Heber, Arkansas; 2. James Elaine, Texas A M; 3. Dale Derouen, Texas A M; 4. Otis Budd, Texas; 5. Ed Richardson, SMU. Time: 4:26.8. JAVELIN THROW: 1. Pat Knight, SMU, 194 feet 4 2 inches; 2. Pete Mayeaux, Texas A M, 177-10 2; 3. Wesley Ritchey, TCU, 176-3 8 ; 4. Frank Delferes, Rice, 175-5 s; 5. Don Klein, Texas. SHOT-PUT: 1. Darrow Hooper, Texas A M, 53 feet 7J4 inches; 2. Bill Forester. SMU 49-954; 3. Bob Pratt, Texas A M, 49-9 % ; 4. Bill Milburn, Texas, 47-%; 5. Ronnie Berger, Rice, 45-7 s. 440-YARD DASH: 1. John Dewitt, Texas A M; 2. James Baker, Texas A M ; 3. Bobby Crooks, SMU ; 4. Bob Mays, Texas A M ; 5. Bob Eschenburg, Texas. Time : 49.8. 100-YARD DASH: 1. Dean Smith, Texas; 2. Charlie Thomas, Texas; 3. Buddy Goode, SMU; 4. Carl Mayes, Texas; 5. Jack Troxell, Arkansas. Time: 9.5. (Tied record set by Fred Wolcott, Rice, in 1939 and tied by Allen Lawler, Texas, and Bill Martineson, Baylor, in 1946, and Perry Samuels, Texas, in 1949.) 1 20- YARD HIGH HURDLES : 1 . Val Joe Walker, SMU ; 2. Willie Vails, Texas ; 3. Paul Leming, Texas A M; 4. Glenn Blake, Texas A M; 5. Jack Schluening, Baylor. Time: 14.1. 880-YARD RUN: 1. John Garmany, Texas A M; 2. Ed. Wilmsen, Texas A M; 3. Rick Heber Arkansas; 4. James Terry, Texas A M; 5. James Elaine, Texas A M. Time: 1 : 59.6. DISCUS THROW: 1. Darrow Hooper, Texas A M, 170 feet (new record; old record 163 fe.-t 2 4 inches, set by Jack Hughes, Texas, in 1940) ; 2. Bill Forester, SMU, 143-8 2 ; 3. Bob Pratt, Texas A M, 142-11; 4. Bill Millburn, Texas, 134-11 2; 5. Rodney Williams, SMU, 134-7%. 220-YARD DASH: 1. Charles Thomas, Texas; 2. Buddy Goode, SMU; 3. Dean Smith, Texas: 4. Carl Mayes, Texas; 5. Jim Brownhill, Texas. Time: 20.4. (New record; old record 20.5 set by Harvey Wallender, Texas, in 1935.) TWO-MILE RUN: 1. Leroy Lowe, SMU; 2. Temple Brown, Arkansas; 3. James Bean, Arkansas; 4. Charles Hudgens, Texas A M; 5. Chester Bradley, Texas. Time: 9:46.5. BROAD JUMP: 1. Bobby Ragsdale, Texas A M, 22 feet 3% inches; 2. Morris Johnson, Texas, 22-H; 3. Don Barton, Texas, 21-1154; 4. William Henry, Texas A M, 21-9 2 ; 5. James Beavers, Rice, 21-6 2. 220- YARD LOW HURDLES: 1. Ralph Person, Texas; 2. Bobby Ragsdale, Texas A M; 3. Bill Bless, Texas A M; 4. Grayford Donaldson, Baylor; 5. Gerald Scallorn, Texas. Time: 22.5. (New record; old record 22.8, set by Bob Hall, Texas A M, in 1949.) MILE RELAY: 1. Texas A M (Bob Mays, Bob Schaeffer, Gerald Stull, John DeWitt) ; 2. Rice; 3. Texas; 4. SMU; 5. Arkansas. Time: 3:24.2. POLE VAULT: 1. Tie among Don Graves, Texas A M; Jack Hooker, SMU; Joe Runnels, Texas ; Dick Bernet, SMU ; 1 2 feet 5 inches. Tie between James Earle, Texas A M, and Charles Maples, SMU, 1 1 feet 6 inches. HIGH JUMP: 1. Walter Davis, Texas A M, 6 feet 10 2 inches (new record; old record 6 feet 8Ys inches set by Bob Walters, Texas, in 1950) ; 2. Tie between Don Graves, Texas A M, and Bryan Kilpatrick, TCU, 6 feet 5 inches; 3. Tie among Ray Womack, Don Klein, Phil Ransopher, and Joe Carson, all of Texas, 6 feet 1 inch. FADE 158 1951 CROSS COUNTRY Coach Clyde Littlefield ' s Longhorn cross country team came in third behind Arkansas and A M for the second straight year. The conference meet was held at Fayetteville, Ark., November 19. James Elaine of A M finished the 2.3-mile run first in the time of 12 minutes, 27.5 seconds. Arkansas scored 31 points, A M 34, Texas 73 and SMU 83. Baylor, TCU, and Rice did not compete. C. A. Rundell, only Longhorn to finish in the top ten, came in eighth. LETTERMAN C. A. Rundell RESERVE LETTERMEN Otis Budd Chester Bradley Lincoln Jeanes Allan Page Killam Patrick Odell Charles Early Whitesides Front Row: Otis Budd, Bobby Riess, C. A. Rundell, Early Whitesides, Chester Bradley. Second Row: J. T. Loworn (assistant coach), Allan Killam, Lincoln Jeanes, Jim Carlton, Pat Odell, Clyde Littlefield (coach). PAGE 159 1952 TENNIS D. A. PENICK, coach WILMER ALLISON, assistant INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONSHIPS SINGLES Winner: R. G. DeBerry, A M (9-7) (6-4) (6-3) Runner- Up: Julian Gates, Texas For the fifth consecutive year the Texas Longhorns ended up with the Southwest Conference tennis championship. The team had a very good year making 27 points out of a possible 30. In the Southwest Conference tennis tournament held in Dallas, May 9-10, R. G. DeBerry of Texas A M defeated Julian Gates of Texas for the singles championship and Julian Gates and Bill Harris of Texas defeated Charles Bludworth and James Saunders, Texas, for the doubles championship. TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Team Poss.Pts. TEXAS 30 A M 30 Rice 24 Baylor 24 SMU 30 TCU . ..30 Won Lost Pet. 27 3 .900 24 6 .800 11 13 .458 8 16 .333 9 21 .300 5 25 .167 Charles Bludworth Bill Bonham Bernard Gerhardt LETTERMEN Dick Smith Bill Harris Julian Gates James Saunders DOUBLES Winners: Julian Gates and Bill Harris, Texas (6-0) 6-4) 6-4) Runners-Up: Charles Bludworth and James Saunders, Texas RESERVE LETTERMEN Joe Pullen Fred Gene St. John Allan St. John Sherman Kusin and Gerald Silber, managerial awards. Front Row: Allison Bludworth Gerhardt Penick Second Row: Bonham Smith Saunders Kusin id yea aria BILL HARRIS BILL BONHAM NON-CONFERENCE MATCHES Texas netters had an undefeated season with non-conference foes. The season was opened with the Southwest Texas net squad on Penick Courts on Saturday, March 22. The SWTC Bobcats won only eight games out of 17 sets as the Steers com- pletely blanked them in six singles and three doubles matches. Later in the season the Longhorns again defeated SWTC with 13 matches won and none lost. The University of Houston took some of the sparkle out of the season record with a well-earned 3-3 tie on March 29 at Penick Courts. The Longhorns were able to salvage a split by sweeping the two doubles matches. Highlight of the non-conference season was the meet with Miami. The Texas netters snapped Miami University ' s non- losing streak at 57 April 30 on Penick Courts. It was the Hurricane ' s first defeat in four years. Three singles and one doubles triumphs went to the inspired Longhorns as they squeezed by the Florida crew for a 4-3 victory. SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE GAMES TEXAS 6 TCU Texas blasted TCU in the opening Conference game by taking four singles and two doubles. The Frogs wilted without taking a set. Julian Oates won over Charles Ludwig; Bill Harris over James Wilson ; Charles Bludworth over Bob Cornell ; and Bernard Gerhardt over Virgil Baker. In the doubles Oates and Harris defeated Ludwig and Wilson and Bludworth and Gerhardt trounced Cornell and Baker. TEXAS 6 RICE Texas then crushed Rice to run its string of consecutive tri- umphs in Conference matches to 12 without a defeat. Oates defeated Roger Young; Harris defeated Bill Fithian; Bludworth overcame Compton Rees. Oates and Harris smothered Young and Robinson, and Bludworth and Gerhardt defeated Rees and Fithian. TEXAS 4 A M 2 The Longhorns grabbed a decisive lead going into the home stretch of the Conference chase when they defeated the Aggies 4-2 at College Station. Oates and Bludworth won their singles matches over R. G. DeBerry and Tom West. But Harris lost to Gene Letsos and Gerhardt lost to Royce Tate. In the doubles Oates and Harris blasted Tate and Letsos and the Gerhardt- Bludworth tandem defeated DeBerry and West. TEXAS 6 BAYLOR Texas moved six strides forward in defense of its Conference tennis title with the defeat of Baylor in Waco. Oates had a little trouble with David Telford but the other singles victories were easy. Harris defeated Jim Leneveu; Bludworth, Dan Waggoner, and Gerhardt, Bill Bradley. Oates and Harris defeated Telford and Leneveu and Bludworth and Gerhardt defeated Waggoner and Bradley. TEXAS 5 SMU 1 The Longhorns won the championship again when they defeated the Mustangs 5-1 at Penick Courts. Oates breezed through Dan Stansbury of SMU while Harris dropped a decision to Walton Miller. Bludworth defeated Rod Williams and Ger- hardt defeated John Boggs. Oates and Harris defeated Stansbury and Miller in one doubles tilt and Bludworth and Gerhardt defeated Williams and Boggs in the finale. ,5 4 CHARLES BLUDWORTH JULIAN OATES JAMES SAUNDERS DICK SMITH BERNARD GERHARDT THOMAS HIGHT COACHES Thomas Hight Ed Barlow 1952 FENCING The University of Texas fencing team had to be content with individual honors at the conference meet at A M on May 2. In foil, Jimmie Parker and Glynn Gartman won second and fourth, respectively. Jimmie Cochran took second and Roger Scarborough was fifth in epee. Team captain Scarborough defeated the tri-weapon champion of A M and also runner-up French of Rice but still placed third in sabre. A M dethroned Texas to win the team championship. Rice placed second and Texas, third. Foil Glynn Gartman Jimmie Parker Pete Wagner Fred Withers LETTERMEN Epee James Cochran Jimmie Parker Roger Scarborough Sabre Jerry Jerrell Roger Scarborough Pete Wagner Standing: JAMES COCHRAN, JIMMIE PARKER, ROGER SCARBOROUGH. Seated: JOHN E. MITCHELL, PETE WAGNER, GLYNN GARTMAN, JERRY JARRELL. PAGE 162 1952 GOLF The Longhorns won their fourth consecutive Southwest Conference golf championship with a score of 29 2 matches out of the possible 36. Wesley Ellis, the Steers ' number two golfer, won the Conference individual championship at the Southwest Conference meet in Dallas, May 9-10, with a 72-hole score of 294. Ellis wound up eleven strokes ahead of second-place Don Addington of SMU. Lee Pinkston of Texas was third and Longhorns Bobby Moncrief and Fred Blackmar tied for fourth place. The Texas team was composed of Lee Pinkston, Wesley Ellis, Bobby Moncrief, Bernard Riviere, Joe Bob Golden, and Fred Blackmar who finished in that order in the qualifying matches. Lee Pinkston with a score of 291, 11 strokes over par for the 72 holes, won individual honors and the Massingale Trophy. Wesley Ellis was second with 294. LETTERMEN Fred Blackmar Wesley Ellis Joe Bob Golden Bobby Moncrief Lee Pinkston Bernard Riviere HARVEY PENICK, coach CONFERENCE STANDINGS SCORES Texas 6 Baylor Texas 6 SMU Texas 3 2 TCU 2 l 2 Texas 6 Arkansas Texas 3 2 Rice 2 2 Texas 4 2 A M 1 2 W TEXAS 29 2 SMU 24 Rice 20 2 A M 19 Baylor 15 a TCU 13 Arkansas 4 j L Pet. 6 2 12 .819 .667 15 2 17 .569 .528 20 2 23 .431 .361 31 2 .125 Lett to right: PINKSTON MONCRIEF GOLDEN BLACKMAR RIVIERE ELLIS m m - - , m : . Ute I INTRAMURALS SENIOR MANAGERS I JOHNNY HAMPTON, CARROL COLLINS, PAUL MARTINO MEN ' S INTRAMURALS The 1951-52 intramural sports year ended with the annual Pow Wow, May 16th. Awards to organizations and individuals were presented. The Frank Evins Memorial Sportsmanship Trophy went to C. B. Sumrall, Sigma Phi Epsilon. The Cowboy Sportsmanship Trophy went to Phi Delta Theta and the W. M. (Bill) Johnson Sportsmanship Tro- phy was presented to Moneyhon Housecats. The three Senior Intramural Managers for the year were presented with varsity T sweaters. They were Carroll Col- lins, John Hampton, and Paul Martino. Kappa Sigma won the Ail-Year Trophy in the Fraternity Division. Phi Gamma Delta was second, Delta Kappa Ep- silon third, Delta Tau Delta fourth, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon was fifth. The Mica Division All- Year Trophy went to the Blom- quist Swedes. Moneyhon Housecats were second, the Whitis Wildcats third, the Manic Depressives, fourth, Brunette House, fifth. Oak Grove ' s balanced sports program gave it the Club Division All- Year Trophy over Air ROTC, Campus Guild was third, Theleme Co-Op fourth, Mariners Club, fifth. Newman Club won the Church Division All-Year Tro- phy, besting Baptist Student Union. Wesley Foundation came in third with University Christian Church fourth and Westminster fifth. Fraternity Divisions Best All-Round Athlete for the year was Edwin Palmer Gumming. Richard Johnson was second, Ben Procter third, William H. Clark fourth and C. Anthony Buckley fifth. Top Athlete in the Mica Division was Jimmy Babb. Jim Gerron was second, Don Elliott third, Leo Pugh fourth, and Jim Henkle, fifth. Walter Shur was named the Church Division ' s top Athlete. FM! fclJ- Da JUNIOR MANAGERS TROPHY WINNERS Front Row: Aubrey Gearner, Delta Kappa Epsilon; Madison Weaver, Delta Tau Delta; Gregory Callow, Kappa Sigma. Second Row: Alan Bean, Delta Kappa Epsilon; Jim Gray, Oak Grove; Jack Rankin, Phi Psi. Front Row: James McBride, Newman Club; Leo Pugh, Blomquist Swedes; David Lybarger, Oak Grove; James McAnelly, Kappa Sigma. Second Row: George Sturch, Baptist Student Union; Bill Gibson, Moneyhan Housecats; Bobby Hodges, Air Force ROTC; Kenneth Mighill, Phi Gamma. PAGE 166 TOUCH FOOTBALL CHAMPION: SIGMA PHI EPSILON Front Row: Charlie Bankston, Wesley Poklunda, Brooks Goldsmith, C. B. Sumrall. Back Row: Bob Wagner, Spencer Garcee, Gary Alders, Bill Adams, Bill Foerster, Granville Deane. CLASS B CHAMPION: DELTA TAU DELTA Front Row: Buddy McCauley, Cruger Ragland, Jack Glidden, Dick Williamson, Paul Buckley. Back Row: Conrad Werkenthin, Howell Finch, William Penn, Wayne Ogden. RUNNER-UP: OAK GROVE Front Row: Bob Allison, Joe Harris, Joe Minor, Jerry Tomsu, Bill Slater, Chester Karger. Back Row: Max Smith, George Gage, John Cox, Jack Tolar, Tom Lasater, Charles Milner. RUNNER-UP: WESLEY FOUNDATION Front Row: Harry Kiely, Bill Lcngham, Raymond Maner. Back Row: Bob Pettigrew, C. D. Warren, John I.owry, Bobby Barnes BOWLING CHAMPION: DELTA TAU DELTA Jim Fuller, Sam Groom, George Nowotny, Jim Gebhardt, Rush Moody. PAOE 167 BASKETBALL CLASS A CHAMPION: BSU Front Row: Russ Kersten, Ed Russell, Hilton Hillard. Second Row: Ray King, Monty Boyd, George Sturch, Jimmy Cheek, C. A. Barnes. CLASS B CHAMPION: AIR FORCE ROTC Front Row: Joe W. Webb, Bob Raley, Tom Stolhandske, Charles Kubin. Second Row: Al T. Stone, Meto Miteff, Jack C. Morrison, Bobby W. Hodges (Mgr). RUNNER-UP: BLOMQUIST SWEDES Front Row: Leo Pugh, Ben Turner, Kenneth Maroney, Bob Crossland. Second Row: Rudy Danowski, Tom Brewer, Jim Gerron. RUNNER-UP: SIGMA AL PHA EPSILON Front Row: Reagan Houston, Bookman Peters, Randy Moore, George Millard, George Fischer. Second Row: Reed Gilmore, Alvin Borchardt, Bill Chapman, Cecil Sellers, Paul Green. GOLF SINGLES BOB LONG, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Winner MURRAY FORSVALL, Lambda Chi Alpha, Runner-up PACE 168 SOFTBALL CLASS A CLASS B CHAMPIONS: SIGMA PHI EPSILON Front Row: Ted Price, J. Cole, P. Rynls, William Adams, B. Waggoner, J. B. Ashby. Second Row: C. B. Sumrall, C. Bankston, Jimmy Viramontes, R. Shawell, W. Rohn, Gib Dawson. CHAMPIONS: DELTA TAU DELTA Front Row: W. Sattershite, Mike Welch, J. J. Gerhardt, J. Laughlin, Jim Fuller. Second Rom: D. Gonsoulin, R. Mickey, C. Roberts, T. Moody, A. Lamb. ilCim. RUNNERS-UP: NEWMAN CLUB Front Row: B. Huff, C. Kventa, V. Bianchi, B. Fagan, B. Pettigrew, Leo Pugh. Second Row: Jim Dillon, K. Conoley, F. Smith, R. Villafranca, L. Coughlin. RUNNERS-UP: WSF Front Row: Bobby Jameson, John Clary, Bill Johnson, Bill Rankin, Rueben Cook, Bill Breeding. Second Row: Charles Mankin, Howard Hudspeth, Robert Shepperson, Ronald Doreck, Calvin Koomey, Fred Klaus. SWIMMING CO-CHAMPIONS: DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Front Row: Charles White, Tony Buckley, L. M. Cochran. Second Row: Fred Beeler, Bill Graber, Jack Deavers. CO-CHAMPIONS: DELTA TAU DELTA Front Row: Dave Williams. Sam Groom, Fonse Ragland, Cruger Ragland. Second Row: Richard Walker, Michael Raine, John Wymer, Robert Jackson. PAGE 169 SOCCER VOLLEY BALL WINNER: KAPPA SIGMA Front Row: Palmer Cummings, Bob Moncrief. Bill Christie, Carl Lee, Wesley Johnson, John Lipscomb. Second Row: John Poindexter, Dick Folff, Jim Foye, Chuck Alcorn, Randy Wheeless, Buddy Stenzil, Jira McAnelly, Mickey O ' Connor. WINNER: KAPPA SIGMA Front Row: Pat Beaird, John Lipscomb, Buddy Stenzil. Second Row: Jay Garth, Ford Hubbard, Chuck Alcorn, Baxter Adams. RUNNER-UP: ASA Front Row: Mahdi Najar, Isam Munir, Alex Shasha, Muhmud Habil, Nabih Ramadan. Second Row: Hisham Munir, Ali Al-Fakhri, Salem Al-Fakhri, Sahib AH Saied, Isam Zamrad. RUNNER-UP: CAMPUS GUILD Front Row: Johnny Novosad, Harvey Summers, Ted Maldonado, Jabbar Ash Shahabi. Second Row: Don Yeazel, Juan Diaz, Herberto Pena, Jack McMaster. BADMINTON 9 WINNERS: Walter Shurr, Murray Smith PAGE 170 TRACK CHAMPIONS: KAPPA SIGMA Front Row: Muckleroy McDonald, Richard Courland, Bruce Miller, Larry Connally. Second Row: Albert Faetche, Michael R. O ' Conner, Charles Boyd. RUNNERS-UP: BLOMQU1ST SWEDES Front Row: Don Elliott, Jimmy Babb, Jim Henkle, Fred Ferguson, George Molhusen. Second Row: Jim Gerron, Howard Dye. HORSESHOE SINGLES TABLE TENNIS Warren Reese, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Champion Virgil Harvey, Campus Guild, Runner-up Alfred Cho, Chinese Student Association, Runner-up Walter Shur, Hillel Foun dation, Champion SQUASH FENCING Risher Randall, Air Force ROTC, Winner James Graves, ASCE, Runner-up Dennis Buchanan, Independent, Runner-up Timothy Liu, Chinese Student Association, Winner PAGE 171 TENNIS DOUBLES CLASS A CLASS B Louise Vuillemin, Don Tatum, OAK GROVE, Champions CLASS A Palmer Cummings, George Newman, KAPPA SIGMA, Runners-up David Lybarger, John Knaggs, OAK GROVE, Champions TENNIS SINGLES Robert Bloxham, Clarence Wible, MANIC DEPRESSIVES, Runners-up CLASS B Gene St. John, Wesley, Champion Harrison Bowes, PHI GAMMA DELTA, Runner-up GOLF DOUBLES John Knaggs, Champion John Fortran, Runner-up George McCall, R. Dewar, DELTA KAPPA EPSILON, Runners-up Dick Whetzle, M. Kelly, INDEPENDENTS, Winners PAGE 172 HANDBALL DOUBLES CLASS A CLASS B Richard Johnson, Bill Harris, DELTA KAPPA EPSILON, Champions CLASS A Guillermo Freytag, Lloyd Hampton, INDEPENDENT, Runners-up Dick Williamson, Travis Eckert, DELTA TAU DELTA, Champions HANDBALL SINGLES Arthur Gweif, L. R. Vern, LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION, Runners-up CLASS B Ray Garza, AIR FORCE ROTC, Champion Lloyd Hampton, INDEPENDENT, Runner-up Larry Coughlin, NEWMAN CLUB, Runner-up Ben Procter, DELTA KAPPA EPSILON, Champion WATER POLO CHAMPIONS: DELTA TAU DELTA Front Row: Madison Claude Weaver, Cruger Ragland, Robert McGee, Robert Masmussen. Second Row: George Penn, Richard Carlos Walker, John Wymer, Mike Raine, Gardner Thomas. PAGE 173 128 Lb. Class 136 Lb. Class PENN WAYNE ESTES LIVINGSTON Sigma Alpha Phi Kappa Psi Epsilon 145 Lb. Class GEORGE SEWELL 155 Lb. Class RISHER RANDALL Phi Delta Theta 721 Lb. Class HUEL CHANDLER Lambda Chi Alpha 765 Lb. Class PETER NICHOLS Independent 175 Lb. Class JAMES YOUNGJOHN Phi Kappa Psi 191 Lb. Class MORRISS GILMORE Heavyweight SID KACIR Oak Grove WRESTLING RUNNERS-UP 121 Lb. Class 128 Lb. Class JAMES B. B. SHAMBLIN GOLDSMITH Delta Upsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon 136 Lb. Class KEN BIBB Kappa Alpha 145 Lb. Class L. F. BONNER Sigma Chi 155 Lb. Class TONEY BUCKELL Delta Kappa Epsilon PAGE 174 765 Lb. Class ROBERT BAUMAN Phi Delta Theta 775 Lb. Class ERIC GREENFIELD Phi Gamma Delta 191 Lb. Class MACK STOELTJE Delta Kappa Epsilon Heavyweight Clast ROBERT CLARK Theleme WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS INTRAMURAL MANAGERS Front Row: Cordelia Jane Sprong, CO; Ann Adelin Bowles, AGO; Carolyn Cauthen, AP; Carolyn Lee Fraley, AEP; Sharlene Barbara Gerrick, SDT; Rita Lauda Sheppard, Powell House Co-op. Second Row: Cynthia Armsworth, Grace; Irma Gloria Saldivar, WICA; Helen Louise Timpson, DG; Edith Marie Price, Grace; Mary Frances Atkins, Wesley; Virginia Lee Reuthinger, GPB. Third Row: Kathryn Louise Irwin, KKG; Yvonne Brown, KAT; Kathryn Frances Boyd, ADP; Bonnie Lea Southwell, BSU; Patricia Joyce Zeller, AGD. Fourth Row: Beverly Ann Toney, APO; Barbara Esgen, PBP; Joan Catherine Stevenson, AP; Nancy Ann Chadwell, DDD; Beverly Jean Black, ZTA. First Place . Second Place Third Place First Place . Second Place Third Place Fourth Place First Place . Second Place Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place . First Place . Second Place Third Place Intramural Sports Results 1951-1952 WINNERS ALPHA CHI OMEGA DELTA DELTA DELTA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA HONORABLE MENTION CHI OMEGA ZETA TAU ALPHA Pi BETA PHI ALPHA DELTA Pi PARTICIPATION AWARD WINNERS DELTA DELTA DELTA ALPHA CHI OMEGA, KAPPA ALPHA THETA ZETA TAU ALPHA ALPHA OMICRON Pi GAMMA PHI BETA BEST MANAGER AWARD DELTA DELTA DELTA ALPHA CHI OMEGA ZETA TAU ALPHA PAOE 175 B ' TOUCH FOOTBALL ORANGE BRACKET RUNNER-UP: KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Front Row: Scottie Gayle Stevenson, Nancy Lee Boxwell. Marilyn Murray, Mary Eugene Red, Joan M. Lander, Janet Cairno Zerr, Carole Newberry, Peggy Lee Rowland. Second Row: Jan Scurlock, Nancy Dickens Reeves, Claire Ownby, Charlotte Ann Schulze, Gracie Delene Long, Kathryn Louise Irwin, Vera Sue Echardt, Sue Anne Hastings. WINNER: ALPHA DELTA Pi Third Row: Rosemary Austin, Patricia Marie Kirk, Yvonne Clark Gebhard. Nancy Jean Nichols, Betty Ann Theobalt. Julia Isabella Orynski, Jo Ann Nowotny, Virginia Beth Taylor, Rita Nell Bearden, Jenny Wren Gilbert. Fourth Row: Mary Ann Maley, Gladys Janelle Williams, Patricia Banker. 1 WHITE BRACKET RUNNER-UP: ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Front Row: Julia Janice Ray, Frances Jean Lucksinger, Betty Katherine Dossey, Patty Jane Chastain, Dorothy Louise Thornton, Kay Louise LaBauve, Jen-Doell Bradenberger, Patricia Joyce Zeller, Joan Haag. WINNER: DELTA ZETA Second Row: Marilyn Jean Warner, Aria Deane Craven, Elizabeth Anne Kirby, Patricia Jean Hewitt, Sarah Nell Green, Jo Ann Pollock, Barbara Ann Berry. Third Row: Barbara Leonard, Carole Anne Villingsley, Ann Collette, Marianna Forrest, Susan Alice Farrington, Elizabeth Holt, Elsie W. Wheeler. SWIMMING ORANGE BRACKET RUNNER-UP: Pi BETA PHI Front Row: Evelyn Oglesby, Clare Elizabeth Masterson, Nancy Paxton Moody, Martha Ann Knapp, Barbara Eagen. Second Row: Genevieve Louise Sumas, Laura Ballinger Randall, Virginia Anne Montgomery, Gayle Garth, F. Nell Orand. WINNER: CHI OMEGA Third Row: Cordelia Jane Sprang, Beverly Jean Bezoni, Jo Ann Stillwagon, Sylvie Sue Scharfenberg, Frances Eileen Gilbreath. Fourth Row: Dabney Routh Murph, Mary Bernadine Nixon, Barbara A. Sanguinett, Cynthia Lou Sandahl, Dana C. James. WHITE BRACKET RUNNER-UP: ALPHA DELTA Pi Front Row: Mary Ann Maley, Gladys Janelle Williams, Mildred Janet Sutton, Kathryn Lee Penick. Second Row: Nancy Myrle Wier, Jeanette Glenn, Claire Belle Hiett, Jo Ann Nowotny, Rosemary Austin. WINNER: ALPHA CHI OMEGA Third Row: Margaret Ann Hargrove, Claire N. Mendive, Doris Jean Gove, Evelyn Frances Lorbeer, Charlotte Williams (ADP) . Fourth Row: Donna Conlon, Sally Kathron Capps, Delores Eunice Carman, Barbara Ann Beggs, Ann Adelin ' Bowles. PAGE 176 BASKETBALL Pirn I taiajn in Font WHITE BRACKET Runners-up: ALPHA PHI Front Row: Rosalie Amelia Klein, Joy Tynelle Sansing, Con- stance Carolyn Krog, Sue Margaret Hoffman, Beverly Jo McCabe. Second Row: Carol Anne Inabnet, Patricia Cox, Ann Arm- strong, Joan Catherine Stevenson, Patricia Jane Grizzard. Winners: ZETA TAU ALPHA Third Row: Clare Kaye Eschberger, Carter Arthur, Mary Katherine Brand, Judy Sample, Gertrude Charlene Atch- inson, Delores Rogers, Earlane Baccus, Jean Black. ORANGE BRACKET Runners-up: ALPHA CHI OMEGA Front Row: Diane Virginia Poetter, Patricia Merle Pharr, Aileen Jean McElreath, Johanna Lou Strieber. Second Row: Shirle Lucille Turek, Kathryn Thomas Smith, Donna Conlon, Ann Adelin Bowles, Delores Eunice Carman. Winners: ZETA TAU ALPHA Third Row: Billie Bert Tucker, Betty Lynn Walter, Carol Mott- ley, Raynice Eads, Mary Robertson, Maji Merle Hanna, Barbara Bauknight, Jennie Ann Arthur. VOLLEY BALL .tan. WHITE BRACKET Winners: DELTA ZETA Front Row: Carole Anne Billingsley, Dorothy Jane Durrenber- ger, Mary Frances Watkins, Susan Alice Farrington, Geral- dine Barbara Steubing, Elsie Wheeler, Barbara Jean Brown, Marianna Forrest. Runners-up: DELTA DELTA DELTA Second Row: Donnell Joan Webb, Nancy A. Chadwell, Jayne Louise Winslow, Jane Miller Bailey, Judith Jule Ehman, Beverly Elaine Bihn, Martha Ann Rosborough, Wilma Agnes Sandel. ORANGE BRACKET Runners-up: ALPHA CHI OMEGA Front Row: Johanna Lou Strieber, Kathryn Thomas Smith, Sandra Rhea Cobb, Norma Lee Eisenhauer. Second Row: Helen Sue Wilson, Delores Eunice Carman, Aileen Jean McElreath, Eula Mae Bass, Ora Mona Bohlmann, Marjorie Barton, Ann Adelin Bowles. Winners: ALPHA CHI OMEGA Third Row: Gretchen M. Bohn, Donna Sue Conlon, Betty Lee Gray, Barbara Ann Beggs, Sally Kathron Capps, Ellen Yeager, Jerry Lee Renner, Ann Willette Williams, Vedia Elizabeth Coleman. PAOE 177 ARCHERY TABLE TENNIS SINGLES Winner: WESTMINSTER STUDENT FELLOWSHIP, Helen B. Tannehill Runner-up: DELTA GAMMA, Jane Elizabeth Neill Runner-up: ALPHA DELTA Pi; Nancy McGee Hall Winner: ALPHA GAMMA DELTA; Margaret Caldwell DECK TENNIS DOUBLES Winner: ALPHA DELTA Pi; Betty Ann Theoblat Runner-up: ALPHA CHI OMEGA; Joan Etheridge, Ann Adelin Bowles; Virginia Beth Taylor (AD Pi) BADMINTON SINGLES Winner: ALPHA CHI OMEGA ; Betty Lee Gray Runner-up: KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA; Eleanor Elizabeth Harris BOWLING Winner: GAMMA PHI BETA; Joan Luella Noyes, JoAnne Burroughs, Cynthia Armsworth, Gwynn Moss, Myrtle Lucille Watkins. PAGE 1 78 FENCING TENNIS SINGLES [fi GOLF f Betty Lee Gray, ALPHA CHI OMEGA, Winner Mary Margaret Schmitz, CHI OMEGA, Runner-up Margaret Ann Crosby, Pi BETA PHI, Runner-up Johanna Lou Strieber, ALPHA CHI OMEGA, Winner SHUFFLEBOARD DOUBLES Carole Newberry, KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA, Runner-up Irma Gloria Salvidar, WICA, Winner POSTURE Betty Louise Ticken, GPB ; Carol Louise Moak, DDD ; Martha Virginia Moore, CO; Runners-up Dora Belle Scott, ZTA ; Sonia Ellen Wolf, KKG ; Jo Ann Hyltin, DG, Winners Runner-up: ALPHA PHI Diann Ruth Linegar, Dorothy Mae Schaefer Winner: DELTA DELTA DELTA Beth Smyth, Mary Louise Baker PAOE 179 SOFTBALL SOFTBALL WHITE BRACKET Winners: Pi BETA PHI Front Row: Alice Roberta McCart, Paula Janelle Hicks, Ann Moss Calhoun, Barbara Ann Kidd, J. Carol Henderson, Ann Wills, Mary Ann Elliot, Margaret Ann Crosby, Gail Elizabeth Campbell. Runner-up: DELTA DELTA DELTA Second Row: Beverly Smyth, Nancy Ann Chadwell, Yvonne Sherman, Shirley Jean Anderson, Lucy Ruth Wommack, Loretta Jean Wesley, Sonya Anne Ingwerson, Mary Louise Holt, Shirley Joan Nordyke, Carol Emily McGee. ORANGE BRACKET Runner-up: BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Front Row: Thomasine Allen Bynum, Jo Goosby McCoubrey, Rita Sheppard, Martha F. Behrens, Caroline Schwartz, Jerry J. Wood, Bonnie Lea South- well, Marcia June Boyer, Betty Jean Ferguson, Opal LaVerne Clifton. Winner: ALPHA CHI OMEGA Second Row: Vedia Elizabeth Coleman, Margaret C. Barton, Roberta F. Peoples, Barbara Lynn Schefler, Barbara Ann Beggs, Margaret Ann Har- grove, Barbara Lynn Miller, Dianne Virginia Peotter, Sandra Rhea Cobb, Aileen Jean McElreath, Delores Eunice Carman, Betty Lee Gray. TENNIS DOUBLES BADMINTON DOUBLES Barbara Lynn Miller, Betty Lee Gray, ALPHA CHI OMEGA, Runners-up Shirley June Anderson, Donnell Joan Webb, DELTA DELTA DELTA, Winners Ann Adelia Bowles, ALPHA CHI OMEGA, Winner Betty Gray (far right) Rosemary Sone, Angela B. Caldwell, GAMMA PHI BETA, Runners-up PAUE 180 U. T. S. A. LtaSontl. RobtitaF. ! Ann Hit- U. T. S. A. COUNCIL Front Row: Georgeann Beene, Mildred Klesel, Joan Webb, Joan Marie Ragsdale, Mary Patricia Dowell, Johanna Strieber, Elnora Noack. Second Row: Onah Astin Barwise. Eleanor Elizabeth Harris. Frances Winters. Delores Eunice Carman. Third Row: Shiela O ' Gara, Anna Marie Lassberg, Margaret Ann Crosby, Mary Eloise Moore, Tommy Joy Denman, Shirley Ann Forehand, Anna Hiss, Helen Tannehill. OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter Members-at-Large JOAN MARIE RAGSDALE MARY PATRICIA DOWELL JOHANNA STRIEBER GEORGEANN BEENE MILDRE D KLESEL JOAN WEBB ELNORA NOACK CLUBS AND LEADERS Bow and Arrow Canter Orchesis Poona . Racket Strike and Spare Tee Touche Tumble Turtle HELEN TANNEHILL FRANCES WINTERS MARY JANE BRANDHORST SHIRLEY ANN FOREHAND ELEANOR ELIZABETH HARRIS DELORES EUNICE CARMAN MARGARET ANN CROSBY ONAH ASTIN BARWISE TOMMY JOY DENMAN MARY ELOISE MOORE PAGE 181 CANTER Front Row: Margaret Frances Ogden, Isabelle Lucie Burow, June Ledlow, Shirley Corinne Fitch, Betty Ann Harrison, Arvilla Taylor. Second Row: Louise M. Teixeira (Sponsor), Suzanne Catherine Waters, Maxine Knight Noble, Rita Gwyn Pettigrew, Shir- ley Jean Hagens, Sarah Joan Roehr, Mary Lucille Robert- son, Virginia Virtue (Sponsor). Third Row: Caroline Dowell, Frances Jane Winters, Ann Orr, Eldona Hamilton. POONA Front Row: Mary Elda Dreyer, Meg Dunbar, Alys Rae Boker, Cordelia Jane Sprong, Muriel Lucile Stubbs, Joanne Hudgings, Judith Carter Phelps. Second Row: Peggy Vilbig (Sponsor), Edith Marie Price, Shir- ley Ann Forehand, Jo Ann Crow, Jean Lewis, Angela Bernice Caldwell, Tommy Joy Denman, Barbara Kendall, Nancy Eliot Keith. BOW AND ARROW Front Row: Mary Lauretta Binkley, Carolyn Bell, Carolyn Jean Thompkins, Aria Deane Craven. Second Row: Patty Gill Gideon, Marianne Morris, Jane Eliza- beth Neill, Mamie Lou Pipkin (Sponsor). Third Row: Cordelia Catherine Rugeley, Nancy Hanie Craw- ford, Paula Jean Bushong, Berry Jo West, Helen B. Tannehill. ORCHESIS Front Row: Bobbie Gene Sherwood, Norma Ruth Brooks, Mary A. Wofford, Byna Lucile Taylor, Vera Sue Eckhardt. Second Row: Betty Ann Bowman (Sponsor), Lucile M. Ray, Dorothy Gay Blanks, Peggy Joan Pegram, Elizabeth Hoyt Studdert. Third Row: Nancy Blanton Heinen, Anna Maria Lassberg, Mary Carver, Mary Ann Richardson, Mary Jane Brandhorst. RACKET Front Row: Anne Elizabeth Drye, Eleanor Elizabeth Harris, Carole Newberry, Thelma Kogut, Georgeann Beene, Mar- garet Elizabeth Merchant, Mary Catherine Harris, Peggy Lee Rowland, Ruth Pate, Judy Ford, Shirley June Ander- son, Ruth Fulcher. Second Row: Jean Kathryn Brownlee, Donnell Joan Webb, Nancy Ann Chadwell, Jennie Ann Arthur. Third Row: Mary Margaret Schmidt, Lilly Musil, Sarah Jane Weeks. Fourth Row: Betty Lee Gray, Carita Joan Calkins, Rosemary Sone. PAOE 182 19 STRIKE AND SPARE Front Row: Helen LaNelle Bucek, Margery Ethel Farek, Louise Dean Finklestein, Bonnie Mae Nagai, Cynthia Armsworth, Mary Frances Watkins, Nancy Renair Gehr, Geraldine Barbara Steubing. Second Row: Barbara Marge Sackett, Jody Stancliff, Ilene Swidler, Gail McDonough, Estelle Yvonne Rollins, Betty Cotter, Jo Anne Burroughs, Virginia Ann Percefull, Shirley Ann Forehand, Jo Ann Wright. Third Row: E. Jean Kellner, Delores Eunice Carman, Marilyn Joan Coleman, Carolyn Lee Fraley, Barbara Mayes, Betty Lee Pells, Jean Haag, Ann Colette, Susan Alice Farrington, Leta I nice Walter (Sponsor). TEE Jane Ann Borneman, Claire N. Mendive, Donna Conlan, Wai- dean Robichaux (Sponsor), Mary Ann Maley, Margaret Ann Crosby, Johanna Strieber, Shirley Lucille Turek. TOUCHE Onah Astin Barwise, Betty Jean Ferguson, Mary Anne Smith, Mozell Hampton, Jerry James, Barbara Meridith, Minerva Hobart, Sara Lynette Brown, Connie Wood, Sue Warren, Mary Margaret Scott, Helen Windham (Sponsor). TUMLE Front Row: Barbara Kay Kelley, Sandra Rhea Cobb, Phoebe Carol Burch, Tommy Joy Denman, Betty Jean Ferguson, Dorothy Sue Pinkerton, Sandra Hilda Seigle, Angela Ber- nice Caldwell, Elnora Noack, Margaret Ann Margrove, Ida Lanette Sherman, Sue Ragsdale, Patricia Carol Kelly, Suzanne Oberwetter. Second Row: Adele Crawford, Sandra Jeanne Kahn, Patty Taylor, Gretchen Bohn, Charmion Jean Woodland, Carolyn Cauthen. Third Row: Joan Lynn Porter, Lorna Smith, Elizabeth Cole- man, Nancy Pray Olson. Fourth Row: Doris Jean Gove, Suzzanne Wright. Center: Helen Windham (Sponsor). TURTLE Front Row: Annette Katinka Ashew, Mary Bernadine Nixon, Gwendolyn Marie Glynn, Gretchen Bohn, Judith Ford, Ann McKnight, Virginia Parchman Dyke, Joan Elaine Blodgett. Second Row: Evelyn Frances Lorb eer, Jo Ann Nowotny, Chris- tine Marel Chilton, Louise VanAnden Mitchell, Rie Char- lotte Booth, Martha Jane Arnold. Third Row: Edythe Thompson, Patricia Jean Sefton, Virginia Anne Montgomery, Margaret Ann Hargrove, Barbara Esgen, Laura Balinger Randall, Carlo Jo Cocke, Mary Eloise Moore. Fourth Row: Eleanor Jane Kneip, June Carole Gibbs, Sonya Anne Ingwerson, Beverly Jean Bezoni, Sonia Ellen Wolf, Gretchen Berkey, Mary Robin Corwin, Jan Ann Schoon- mager (Sponsor). MIXED VOLLEYBALL CO-RECREATION MIXED TABLE TENNIS Runner-up: WESLEY Front Row: Martha Lou Taylor, Elnora J. Noack, Patricia A. McCutcheon. Second Row: Crawford F. Boyd, John W. Nelson, Wayne Carlton Odom. MIXED VOLLEYBALL U ' inner: NEWMAN Lorene Adiel Griffin, Toros Victor Manikian MIXED SOFTBALL Winner: WESLEY Fred Gene St. John, Patty Taylor, Eleanor Jane Kneip, John Walter Hall. MIXED TABLE TENNIS Winner: BSU II Margaret Elizabeth Merchant, Bonnie Bea Southwell, Jo Goosby McCoubrey, Berry Jean Ferguson, Marcia June Boyer, Billy Owen Gilmore, Sylvester Lee Mathews. Not shown: Welby Kenneth Parish, Will Douglas Chapman MIXED BADMINTON Runner-up: Martha Lou Schroeder, John Walter Hall. Winner: KAPPA ALPHA THETA Ruth Fulcher, Donald Marvin Anderson Runner-up: GRACE HALL Edith Marie Price, Johnny Hernandez PAGE 184 -S a ft -tOW ' " ' -:r : ..,. . - ' i - 1 ' Mi j... . Ellie Luckett SWEETHEART OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS ,: s . luebonnet lies ! ' - " ; ' r SWEETHEART Katherine Grandstaff Virginia Nichols PAGE 192 FINALISTS Greta Nissen Dora Belle Scott PAGE 193 weetneart lomineeS Charlotte Carlisle Pat Cox Bettie Dancy Carolyn Davis Pat Davis Noelie Duggan Sue Easley Pat Foltnar Sue Henslee Joan Hierholzer Pat Hinds Jane Holcomb Jo Ann Hyltin Amy Johnson Connie Nelson Ann Robinett Linda Rowe Diane " Poochie " Sanders Pat Torn Jean Wedey Connie Nelson elle Jane Holcomh Pat Davis Patricia Evans PACE 195 Charlotte Carlisle elle Julie Lockman Lynne Lovingood Kathryn Grandstaff PAGE 196 Bettie Dancy Ellie Luckett elle Rachel Godinez Joan Chaudoin PAGE 197 Betty Jo Arnett elle Diane Sweatman li6t3 Bobbie Sherwood Pauline Cohn PAGE 198 Peggy Beall elle I l 16 16 Gina Nichols Shirley Tower Barbara Paul PAGE 199 BLUEBONNET BELLE NOMINEES Betty Frances Anderson Gelya Anderson Mary Jane Anderson Betty Jo Arnett Mary Louise Baker June Iris Barrett Peggy Jan Beall Marietta Beard Frances Berryman Laura Bickley Jane Anne Bradner Mary Katherine Brand Mary Jacquelyn Camp Charlotte Carlisle Clara Patricia Ann Carter Joan Chaudion Ann Chipman Pauline Cohn Nancy Couvillion Bettie Dancy Patricia Davis Ann Donoghue Mary Ann Edwards Jacquelyn Erwin Patricia Evans Norma Fink Olivia June Flato Peggy Fulton Barbara Gaston Rachel Godinez Katherin Grandstaff Margie Guin Jo Ann Guynes Betty Ham Sarah Hamilton Marilyn F. Hampton Mary Harklerood Sue L. Henslee Betty Herold Claire Hiett Pat Hinds Jane Holcomb Jeanie Hughlett Jo Ann Hyltin Joan Jaworski Maxine Jerkins Amy Johnson Joan Kaufman Barbara Kelly Betty Kelly Juanice King Mildred Klesel Joyce Ann Krenek Kera Laney Peggy Laws Connie Levy Julie Lockman Lynn Lovingood Ellie Luckett Frances McCullough Sylvia C. Macrides Clare Masterson Hazel Annette Maxwell Bessie Meek Carolyn Anne Melton Doris Miller Carolyn A. Munday Lillie Musil Carol Nash Connie Nelson Virginia Nichols Linda Nixon Nancy Ann O ' Brien Barbara Paul Mary Alice Peters Pauline Pierce Olivette Preston Ann Rankin Virginia Lee Reuthinger Catherine Roberts Ann Robinett Sara Sample Pat Sandlin Frances Schneider Dora Belle Scott Lanette Sherman Bobbie Sherwood Kay Smith Beverly Smyth Martha Stephen Diane Sweatman Alma Swisher Patricia Ann Torn Shirley Tower Johana Walker M. Jean Welhausen Peggy Wolff Patsy Zoch Bluebonnet Belle Semi-Finalists PACE 200 lllli CACTUS CHARLES PISTOR. Editor-m-Chtel THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AUSTIN TEXAS GENE MYRICK. Associate Editor JULIE LOCKMAN. Editorial Assistant To the Student Body: You have just finished reading the Limelight Section of your 1952 CACTUS. It contains all of the honor winners for this year, as selected by the newly organized Selection Committee. We sincerely hope that you approve of the representation just reviewed. As in any system which is untried and untested, there are errors and omis- sions of which we are acutely aware. To those who were unjustly overlooked, we offer our sincere apologies. To those who have been selected, hearty congratulations! Your honor is among the finest at The University, and you are justifiably proud. 1952 marked the first time that the responsibility and honor of selecting the award winners the Belles, Belle Finalists, Outstanding Students and Goodfellows has been lifted from the editors. The committee system of selection was incorp- orated into the Texas Student Publications handbook in the early part of the summer of 1951. According to the stated rules, standing committees carefully consider and choose the people whom you have just seen featured. A seven-man committee met to choose the Outstanding Students and the Goodfellows. From a list of over 250, the top twenty students were honored as Outstanding Students and the next fifty-four in line were selected as Goodfellows. In general, this same plan was followed in selecting the Belles. Some 15 people interviewed all of the applicants and then chose the top sixty. These semi- finalists were presented at Round-up. The sixty were then interviewed and judged a second time by Dean Carl Bredt, Miss Jesse Anderson, Bill Nichols, Gene Myrick, and myself. We attempted to take the top twenty-five girls as decided by the scores of the five judges. From this list the top five girls became the Belles and the next twenty, the runners-up or Bluebonnet Belle Finalists. Undoubtedly there will be criticisms along with the approvals for this new system. And such criticisms are only just and often deserving. However, I do know that the committee worked earnestly and patiently and I wish to personally thank all of them again for the time and energies which they donated. Whether this method of selection is fair, whether the system can be profitably modified, or whether it is to remain at all depends upon the rejection by or the approval of the student body. Again, hearty congratulations at your University. to those of you who have done such fine work Sincerely yours Charles Pistor GEORGEANN BEENE President, Orange Jackets; Co-Ed Assembly Council; Treas- urer, UTSA; Chi Omega ROBERT L. BLUMENTHAL President, IFC; Phi Delta Phi; Chancellors; Friars; Cowboys; Phi Sigma Delta OUTSTANDING STUDENTS WALES MADDEN President, Student Association; Abbot, Friars; Ex-Foreman, Cowboys; Vice-President, Phi Delta Theta MARGARET ENDRESS Phi Beta Kappa; A. S. Assemblyman; Westminster Student Fellowship; Treasurer, Cap and Gown; International Council; Chi Omega PAGE 202 1 RANDEL DOCKERY Chairman, Rally Committee, Executive Councilman, Silver Spurs; Vice-President, Phi Kappa Psi . ' :.- j ....- " ..- d ' h ' l- : i ., i j . ' . . tf j ] m mm j mmw WILSON FOREMAN President, Vice-President, Students Association; MICA Execu- tive Council; Silver Spurs; Friars; Tejas Club OUTSTANDING STUDENTS JOAN RAGSDALE President, UTSA ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Mortar Board ; Dad ' s Day Award ; Pi Beta Phi JOE TOM HARRIS President, Silver Spurs; Cadet Lt. Col. Air Force ROTC; Distinguished Military Student; Vice-President, Oak Grove PAGE 203 MARY PAT DOWELL President, YWCA; Vice-President, UTSA; Mortar Board; Co-Chairman, Campus Chest; Vice-President, Chi Omega ANN RANKIN President, Mortar Board; Wesley Foundation; House Chair- man of Powell House; Alpha Gamma Delta OUTSTANDING STUDENTS DON KLEIN Captain, Basketball Team; President, T Association; Friars; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Cowboys HARRY WEBB Chairman, Varsity Carnival; Cowboys; Distinguished Military- Student; President of Phi Delta Theta PAGE 204 MATTI AL-AISH Graduate School Assemblyman ; Executive Councilman, Silver Spurs; International Council; Foreign Student JACKIE KEASLER President, Cap and Gown; Co-Ed Assembly; Reagan Literary Society; Orange Jackets; Silver Spur Award as Outstanding Senior Girl; Alpha Delta Pi OUTSTANDING STUDENTS XL-. JEAN WELHAUSEN President, Texas Stars; President, Co-Ed Assembly; Union Directorate; Mortar Board; Alpha Chi Omega FRANCES SCHNEIDER Sweetheart; Bluebonnet Belle; Ten Most Beautiful; Vice- President, Cap and Gown ; Pi Beta Phi PAGE 205 RUSS KERSTEN Appointed Editor of The Daily Texan; Friar, Intramurals; BSU JEAN WESLEY Secretary of the Students Association; Mortar Board; Orange Jackets; Delta Delta Delta OUTSTANDING STUDENTS BILL MEREDITH Attorney General; Friars; Chancellors; Phi Delta Phi; Cow- boys; Lambda Chi Alpha HAROLD YOUNG President, Phi Delta Phi; Chancellors; Attorney General; Texas Law Review; Sigma Chi PAGE 206 RUTH HENDLER PAT MINES FRANKLIN SPEARS GOODFELLOWS BILL PARKER SHELBY REED MOLLY MOFFETT PACE 207 ANN ROSBOROUGH JOE WHEAT BOB GERMAN GOODFELLOWS BARBARA OSTER BOB WALKER JAMIE CLEMENTS PAGE 208 J BESSIE MEEK GEORGE SCALING GOODFELLOWS 1 ARLENE KAY HOWDY CLARK GEORGE LACEY BOB TURNHAM PAOR 209 .. BILL SIMPSON RON WILKINS SARAH JANE WEEKS GOODFELLOWS DARRELL WILLIAMS BOBBY JONES MABLE KING PACE 210 SIDNEY SIEGEL REED QUILLIAM CHARLES SOWELL GOODFELLOWS JODY HOLLON . - RALPH PERSON KIM WATSON PAOE 211 HENRY BRASWELL BRAD BYERS i e. CAROLYN BUSCH GOODFELLOWS SKIPPY BROWNING JERRY WOHLFORD ANN COURTER PAOE 212 BILL NICHOLS GEORGE SULLIVAN JULIE LOCKMAN GOODFELLOWS MILDRED KLESEL STAN ROSENBERG DON EASTLAND PAOE 213 PAT COX DAVID LING GOODFELLOWS KAY TUTT HARRY K. WRIGHT RUSH MOODY PAGE 214 MORGAN COPELAND GLENN BROOKS BOB ARMSTRONG GOODFELLOWS ANNE CHAMBERS PAT HINDS SAM GROOM PACE 215 Clockwise: The visiting Sweethearts from TCU, Rice, Baylor, A M, Arkansas and SMU present a quintet of Beauty matching our very own Big 5. " Not REALLY! Oh, it just couldn ' t be. " Ah, but it is, Ellie. Minutes later, our new Sweetheart regains her com- posure and returns to supremely sweet Ellie Luckett. Madden shows a visiting dignitary while Ellie displays the secrets of winning to bystanders. Charlie Roberts gives approval. Our Beautiful 1951 Sweetheart, Frances, joins Gina, Ellie, Gretta, Dora Belle, and Kathryn for a quick pose before the grand presentation. Clockwise: t The Mealy Mouth Four spices up the Revue meal. The Chorus watches demonstrative pair. Arlene Kay is serenaded by a ladder-grouped quintet. The Toeses topped higher than noses, we supposes. That ' s my dorm says Arlene Kay. Counterclockwise: Mr. L. T. Bellmont crowns sweetheart Frances Schneider Queen of the Texas Relays. Barbeque, served by Alpha Phi Omega, really tasted good after a couple of hours of the parade. Of course, ranch-style music was furnished by the Fiji Ramblers. The Round-Up Square Dance stepped along to a record attendance. If you think judging the parade entries was easy, just take a look at the judges ' faces. Clockwise: Coach Littlefield presented Mr. Bellmont with a plaque commemorating his great contribution to the Southwest Conference. Roping sawhorses by the Union provided would-be Hopalongs with good entertainment and a chance at free barbeque tickets. The crowd seemed to cluster around the coffee urns at the Honor ' s Day Reception. Yes a president, a chancellor and a governor greeted honorees and their parents. Governor Allen Shivers charged the honor stu- dents to strive for higher goals. m m i $ Top Seat Tramway gave the runner-up in the fraternity class. The Kappa ' s Pinocchio took second place in most unique. A. T. O. won first place in the fraternity division with its merry-go-round. Runner-up sorority division Old Woman in a Shoe by Zeta Tau Alpha. Theta rolled along to the best sorority entry with Raggedy Ann and Andy. Beta ' s Golden Dragon was second best all-around. Gamma Phi Beta ' s skunk " smelled " its way to the most comical award. Red Sails of S. A. E. came in as second most beautiful. Phi Gamma Delta presented the parade with the organ grinder and his monkey and captured top parade honors as best-all-around. li WO , parade The Delta Gamma ' s duck and brood quacked off with the second most comical award. Insuring Peace captured the most educa- tional cup for the Air Force R. O. T. C. The Bible was beautifully displayed by D. S. F. and W. S. F. jointly. Second best club float was won by B. S. U. ' s Littlest Angel. A. I. M. E. ' s jack knife rig placed second most educational. Judged most beautiful float of all was Pi Beta Phi ' s Bo Peep. Delta Zeta ' s Dutch boy and girl revolved into first place most unique. " Latin America " and the Latin-American Club won best club entry. The tower and map of Texas were pre- sented by Kappa Sigma. The Tri-Delts previewed the Easter Parade. The Army R. O. T. C. displays the plush life after graduation. Hansel and Gretel by Pi K. A. These human puppets by S. A. M. man- aged to dance through the whole show. Chi Omega sent its laughing mammy down the avenues. Democrat or Republican? The Theta Chi ' s didn ' t know either. Acacia exhibited the birth of a new age. Cinderella ' s pumpkin was designed by Alpha Gamma Delta. Sylvester and Tweetie Pie both look startled for the Lambda Chi ' s. Delta Chi with Pogo seemed to come straight from the comics. Lutheran Students portrayed " Confusion " with the Cross emerging victor. Kappa Psi gave us a new touch to an old trade mark. y, man- ic . bttaChi ' i nt S ( - tad br to coot loan Little Abner screams a protest for Chi Phi. Golden Dekes rowed their gondola along the parade way. The Phi Delts had the longest float with their 80 foot dragon. This sad little bear came out of the forest for the Tau Kappa Epsilon. Delta Sigma Phi choo-chooed their Nosmo- King Express. Chancellor Hart waved from the Sigma Chi float. Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater by A. D. Pi looked like this before someone burned it. A. Chi O. also went the bug route. Does this really look like a country lawyer? The humorous K. A. ' s slammed the Betas with a model of the latter ' s house. How about a Dutch windmill by Sigma Nu? Left to Right: Phi Sigma Kappa brought back their version of " Red Silk Stockings and Green Perfume. " The melodic calliope won applause for Theta Xi. Cho Cho on paint that smokestack black. Delta Gamma ' s begin to look worried as their float nears comple- tion. The Zeta ' s place their first roses on the frames. Mica ' s tower didn ' t last too long under the parade strain. Easter message was pre- viewed by the Newman Club. Phi Mu presents the past and present female. It was only twelve hours until parade time and the Sigma Chi ' s were only this far. The Phi Kappa Sigma showboat paddles the Avenue in record time. v I - ' ti s -. ' R P i " 5 , ; . ' , ' TS. U .. 1 ' . ' . ' ; -- ; ; v ; ::.: . : ' SORORITIES AND FRATERNITIES INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL To ? Row: Baccus, Barber, Barker, Black, Blumenthal, Bruce, Brunson, Butz, Clark, Clements. Second Row: demons, Cohen, Collins, Craycroft, Crowley, Daughterly, Eliason, Folwell, Franklin, Fulcher. , , , , , Third Row: Goldsmith, Golman, Green, Haden, Hammond, Hunt, Jackson, Jarrell, Kleinman, Kreimerman. Fourth Row: Lacey, Lawrence, Lirette, McKaughan, Meredith, Mickey, Moore, Nott, Parker, Penn. Fifth Row: Perkins, Quinn, Richie, Riviere, Shwiff, Smyth, Spears, Spoor, Stcele, Strong. Sixth Row: Stuart, Sullivan, Surles, Thomas, Todd, Toubin, Turnham, J. Walker, R. Walker, Webb, Whiteford OFFICERS I President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ROBERT Louis BLUMENTHAL GEORGE WILLIAM LACEY JAMIE HAGER CLEMENTS HOMER HERBERT JACKSON, JR. Acacia Alpha Epsilon Pi . Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi . Chi Phi . Delta Chi Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Sigma Phi . Delta Tau Delta . Delta Upsilon Kappa Alpha . Kappa Sigma . Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta . Phi Gamma Delta . Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Sigma . Phi Kappa Tau Phi Sigma Delta . Phi Sigma Kappa . Pi Kappa Alpha . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu . Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Tau Delta Phi Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Chi Theta Xi . MEMBERS Seniors JACK GRAHAM STEELE MARVIN DAVID SHWIFF WILLIAM DOUGLAS HADEN, II HOWARD JOHN CLARK, JR. . THEODORE DAVIS WHITEFORD ALDEN WEEKS EUGENE LEE GREEN RICHARD E. MCKAUGHAN, JR. ROBERT GORDON MICKEY . HENRY LEE BACCUS KELLEY EDWARD LAWRENCE PRESTON MOORE, JR. MILLER WILLIAM MEREDITH Juniors GEORGE W. SMYTH, JR. NORMAN WILLIAM BLACK CHARLES HENRY FOLWELL WILLIAM GILBRETH BARBER ROBERT LESLIE SURLES GEORGE McDADE EDWARD CLIFFORD NOTT, JR. DAVID RUTHERFORD THOMAS WILLIAM ALBERT PENN WILLIAM L. LIRETTE FRANKLIN SCOTT SPEARS ROBERT EWING CLEMONS WALTER MARLAND JARRELL, JR. HARRY CHARLES WEBB, JR ROBERT HARDING WALKER JOSEPH PAUL HAMMOND JAMES THEODORE HUNT GEORGE ALLEN CROWLEY CLAY W. G. FULCHER WILLIAM DREWS PERKINS DAN ABBOT BRUCE JERRY G. WALKER JOHN EDMUND ELIASON ALLEN JACK BECKER ELLIOTT ZALMAN COHEN DANIEL HARRY SPOOR ROBERT CREWS TURNHAM GEORGE HARRIS SULLIVAN . LARRY ELTON GOLMAN RALPH HOWARD DAUGHERTY, JR. ARTHUR BERNARD RIVIERE, JR. . CLAUDE WATSON GOLDSMITH, JR. MARTIN C. KRIEMERMAN JIMMY LLOYD TOUBIN GUERRY M. STRONG DONALD BARRON BARKER GEORGE ROBERT RICHIE JOHN T. CRAYCROFT JOHN FRANK COLLINS, JR ALLAN SHRADER QUINN EU GENE ALLAN TODD RICHARD ANDREWS STUART WILLIAM FREDERICK FRANKLIN HAROLD FRED KLEINMAN HOWARD E. BRUNSON KARL THEODORE BUTZ, JR. WILLIAM WEBSTER PARKER PAGE 226 PANHELLENIC OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sorority Alpha Chi Omega . Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Phi . ' . Chi Omega Delta Gamma Delta Delta Delta . Delta Phi Epsilon . Delta Zeta Gamma Phi Beta . Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Kappa Gamma PhiMu . Pi Beta Phi Sigma Delta Tau . Zeta Tau Alpha Senior PATSY JOAN CATER JUANITA OLIVETTE PRESTON RUTH VINN HENDLER . BETTY MCBRAYER .... SHIRLEY VIRGINIA REICHERT FRANCES SMITH .... VIRGINIA DAVIS .... BARBARA ANN EWING . MARY ANN MCWHORTER . BARBARA MAE OSTER . DOROTHEA ELIZABETH BACHEM;N AGNES ELIZABETH TIPTON PATSY ANN PATTERSON BESSIE MEEK BARBARA MAYS .... MARTHA ANN GRISWOLD SANDRA JEAN JOSEPHSON . MARGARET ANN McNEiL BARBARA MAE OSTER BESSIE MEEK MARGARET ANN McNEiL BETTY McBRAYER Junior LORETTA MAUREEN LAMM JOANNA GENTRY SONDRA LEE LOTMAN JENNIE HOGG MARTHA ANN TATE PEGGY JEAN IVES CYNTHIA Lou SANDAHL MAURINE ELIZABETH MITCHELL BETH SMYTH DORIS MAX NORMAN DOROTHY DURRENBURGER FRANCES KENDALL ATKINS DIANE LEHMAN MARTHA MOORE JOSEPHINE PONELIET MARY MILLS NORMA FINK KAY TUTT i, . N.. ' Mr A Top Row: ATKINS, BACHEMIN, CATER, DAVIS, DURRENBURGER, EWING, FINK, NORMAN, GENTRY. Second Row: GRISWOLD, HENDLER, HOGG, IVES, JOSEPHSON, LAMM, LEHMAN, LOTMAN, McBRAYER. Third Row: McNEiL, McWHORTER, MAYS, MEEK, MILLS, MITCHELL, MOORE, OSTER, PATTERSON. Fourth Row: PONELIET, PRESTON, REICHERT, SANDAHL, SMITH, SMYTH, TATE, TIPTON, TUTT. PAGE 227 Top Row: Anglin, Bigham, Chapman, Cogburn. Second Row: Cross, Crow, Davis, C. Dishongh. Third Row: F. Dishongh, Ferguson, Giles, Hausler. Fourth Row: Irion, Jackson, Lively, McAdams, McClure. MEMBERS William Ross Anglin, Austin John Thomas Crow, Muleshoe Edmund Lewis Cogburn, Edinburg Charles Ray Dishongh, Cleveland Edwin Lowell Hausler, Jr., Kerrville Jack Eldridge Irion, El Paso Joseph M. Jackson, Houston Billy James McAdams, Cleveland Donald Lee McClure, Abilene George Granger MacDonald, Galveston Henry Houston Moore, Austin Charles Edwards Nemir, Austin Stanley Theo Parker, Austin 4 Robert Harry Ratliff, Colorado City James Francis Rogers, Palacios Joe Pate Smyer, Jourdanton George W. Smyth, Jr., San Antonio Norman Stuart Spencer, Jr., Snyder Jack Graham Steele, Waco Peter M. Suarez, Austin Dan Hallman Terry, Lamesa William Culwell Thomas, Chula Vista, Calif. Lloyd Carmichael Williams, Texarkana Robert Hayden Wood, Harlingen John Richard Wylie, Albany PACE 228 FACULTY H. M. BURLAGE, Dean of the College of Pharmacy KARL M. DALLENBACH, Professor of Psychology WILLIAM A. FELSINO, Professor of Chemistry R. N. HASKELL, Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics WAYNE H. HOLTZMAN, Associate Professor of Psychology HUBERT B. JONES, Assistant Professor of Marketing HARRY L. KENT, JR., Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering LEONARDT FERDINAND KREISLE, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering EDWARD E. McGiNNis, Professor of Business Law and Real Estate ARLIE R. McTEE, Lecturer in Journalism THOMAS A. ROUSSE, Professor of Speech JACK A. SCANLAN, Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering ROBERT D. SLONNEGER, Instructor in Mechanical Engineering EVERETT G. SMITH, Professor of Marketing ERNEST STUHR, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Fall GEORGE W. SMYTH, JR. CHARLES RAY DISHONOR JOSEPH M. JACKSON . WILLIAM Ross ANGLIN OFFICERS Venerable Dean Senior Dean Secretary Treasurer Spring NORMAN STUART SPENCER WILLIAM Ross ANGLIN EDWIN LOWELL HAUSLER JACK QUINN TIDWELL Jesse Y. Bigham, Jr., Houston Buck Christian Brown, Austin Thomas William Buckley, Austin Charles Coopwood Chapman, Lockhart Frank Warren Cross, Austin Richard Lyle Davis, El Paso PLEDGES Fred Thompson Dishongh, Cleveland David Scott Ferguson, McAllen Richard Curry Giles, Austin Franklin Truett Lively, Abilene Clifford Ray McTee, Waco John Russell Mackey, Austin Jack Campbell Mathis, Houston Dennis Eugene Newport, McAllen Hubert Smith Ratliff, Colorado City Jack Andrew Shires, Refugio Jack Quinn Tidwell, Abilene William Jernigan Whitis, Austin Top Row: MacDonald, McTee, Mackey, Mathis. Second Row: Moore, Nemir, H. Ratliff, R. Ratliff. Third Row: Rogers, Shires, Smyer, Smyth. FourthRow: Steele, Terry, Tidwell, Wood, Wylie. To ) flow: Abbott, Allen, Arnett, Axline, M. C. Barton. M. J. Barton, Bass. Second Row: Becker, Beggs, Bohlmann, Bohn, Bowles, Burch, Caldwell. Third Row: Capps, Carlson, Carman, Carter, Cater, Cobb, Collins. Fourth Row: Conerly, Conlon, Cook, Cowan, Crow, Da Camara, Daniel, Dillon. Fifth Row: Doane, Eakins, Eisenhauer, Ethridge, Fenton, Ferguson, Fiske, Gove. Sixth Row: Gray, Hagan, Hargrove, Hoefgen, Jackson, Johnson, B. Jones, J. Jones. Shirley Ruth Axline, Clarksville Mary Joan Becker, San Antonio Ora Mona Bohlmann, Schulenburg Ann Adelia Bowles, Houston Phoebe Carol Burch, Austin Mary Jean Bush, San Antonio Barbara Ann Carlson, Pampa Delores Eunice Carman, Houston Margi Ellen Carter, Midland Patsy Joan Cater, Baytown Sandra Rhea Cobb, San Antonio Martha Jane Collins, Houston Maryo Conerly, San Angelo Donna Sue Conlon, Beverly Hills, Calif. Patricia Ann Cook, Houston Nancy Jane Couvillion, Orange Jo Ann Crow, Austin Patricia Lou Da Camara, Laredo Frances Shiree Daniel, Lufkin Patricia Jane Dillon, College Station Margaret Aiken Doane, Bandera MEMBERS Joan Ethridge, Dallas Molly Ann Ferguson, San Antonio Janie Louise Fiske, Celina, Tenn. Betty Lee Gray, Houston Margaret Ann Hargrove, Houston Adelia Hoefgen, San Antonio Helen Sue Johnson, Fort Worth Julia Watson Jones, Laredo Evelyn Jean Kellner, San Antonio Lucianne Knight, Austin Dorothy Jane Kreager, San Angelo Loretta Maureen Lamm, San Antonio Nancy Margaret Lipps, Temple Evelyn Frances Lorbeer, Beaumont Harriet Marian Lynn, Austin Aileen Jean McElreath, Houston Kay McKnight, Yoakum Marilyn Ruth McVey, Houston Martha Frances Marlow, Austin Diana Lee Mason, Dallas Jane Alyce Melin, Austin Claire Mendive, Caracas, Venezuela Marianne Morris, Fort Worth Norma Jean Morris, Fort Worth Gladys Marian Pharr, Austin Dianne Virginia Poetter, Yorktown Jerry Lee Renner, Austin Martha Christina Rosenquist, Austin Mary Ann Sanders, Lufkin Patricia Ann Sheerin, Dallas Kathryn Thomas Smith, Lancaster Norma Dell Smith, San Antonio Alpha Brownie Stacy, Austin Johanna Strieber, San Antonio Nancy Ruth Stripling, Austin Nancy Lou Temple, Dallas Joanne Marye Thaman, Baytown Shirley Lucille Turek, Yorktown Virginia Elizabeth Warner, Austin Mildred Jean Welhausen, Yoakum Ann Willette Williams, Houston Dixie Lee Williams. Baytown PAGE 230 FACULTY JACQUELINE T. COURTNEY, Instructor in Home Economics CHARLOTTE ESTELLE DUBOIS, Professor of Music LLERENA B. FRIEND, Librarian in Barker Texas Historial Library WALDEAN ROBICHAUS, Instructor in Physical Training for Women Fall JOAN ETHRIDGE VIRGINIA ELIZABETH WARNER Jo ANN CROW MA Y JOAN BECKER ADELIA HOEFGEN . NORMA DELL SMITH OFFICERS President .... First Vice-President Second Vice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . lit Spring MARIANNE MORRIS EVELYN JEAN KELLNER ANN WILLETTE WILLIAMS NANCY Lou TEMPLE MARILYN RUTH McVEY DIANE VIRGINIA POETTER Margaret Ann Abbott, San Antonio Mary Margaret Allen, Fort Worth Betty Jo Arnett, San Antonio Marilyn Jean Baldwin, Bellaire Margaret Clyde Barton, Kermit Marjory Jeanetta Barton, Kermit Eula Mae Bass, Beaumont Barbara Beggs, Houston Gretchen Bohn, Austin Jo Ann Caldwell, Austin Sally Kathron Capps, Mason Venita Rae Cowan, Pampa Dixie CundifF, Centerville Jane Kennedy Dodson. San Antonio PLEDGES Carol Ann Eakins, San Antonio Norma Lee Eisenhauer, San Antonio Barbara Fenton, San Antonio Doris Jean Gove, Austin Helen Pat Hagan, San Angelo Bettye Jackson, Pampa Barbara Lou Jones, Edcouch Mildred Marie Klesel, Schulenburg Bleue Kyburz, Beaumont Mary Kathryn Langston, Mont Belvieu Patricia Eloise McGinn, Houston Barbara Lynn Miller, McAIlen Theresa Graham Mosley, Austin -ndMl H HBflll Maxine Knight Noble, San Antonio June Elizabeth Peevey, Houston Roberta Frances Peoples, Fort Worth Patricia Merle Pharr, Austin Helen M. Roberts, Dallas Yvonne Rogers, Houston Weldeen Joy Sanders, San Antonio Merle Raye Sauermilch, Houston Martha Jane Sowell, Cleburne Byna Taylor, Houston Betty Anne Williams, Baytown Maryon Patricia Woods, Taylor Sue Yankie, Silsbee Ellen Yeager, Houston Top Row: Kellner, Klesel, Knight, Kreager, Kyburz, Lamm, Lipps. Second Row. Lorbeer, Lynn, McElreath, McGinn, McKnight, McVey, Marlow. Third Row: Mason, Melin, Mendive, M. Morris, N. Morris, Noble, Peevey. Fourth Row: Peoples, G. Pharr, P. Pharr, Poetter, Renner, Rosenquist, M. Sanders, W. Sanders. Fifth Row: Sauermilch, Sheerin, K. Smith, N. Smith, Strieber, S tripling, Taylor, Temple. Sixth Row: Thaman, Turek, Warner, Welhausen, A. Williams, B. Williams, Woods, Yankie. Top Row: Adams, G. Allen, M. Allen, Arant, Avant, Austin, Banker, Barton. Second Row: Bearden, Benson, Boonc, Boyd, Bradner, Brady, Brandhorst, Bruckner. Third Row: Bullen, Busch, A. Clark, K. Clark, Cleere, Cromwell, Dalby, Davis. Fourth Row: Doggett, B. Ehlers, J. Ehlers, Ehman, Eichler, Evans, Freeman, French, Gebhard. Fifth Row: Gentry, Gilbert, Giles, Gilmore, Glenn, Goebel, Gordon, Grogan, Haley. Sixth Row: Hall, Harrison, Haworth, Henington, Hiett, Hill, Hodges, Holtzclaw, Horning. Seventh Row: Hughes, Humrickhouse, Hunt, Jarmon, Johnson, C. Jones, F. Jones, Keasler, Kirk. Flo Nell Adams, Beaumont Mary Alice Allen, Fort Worth Charlotte Arant, Greenville Patricia Banker, San Antonio Rita Nell Bearden, Austin Marjorie Ann Benson, Corpus Christi Frances Boyd, Glen Flora Jane Anne Bradner, Galveston Betty Jane Brady, Amarillo Mary Jane Brandhorst, Beaumont Jeanne Merilyn Bullen, Houston Jane Campbell, Nixon Kaye Love Clark, Weslaco Carolyn Glynne Davis, Sweetwater Mary Claire Doggett, Dallas Kathleen Elizabeth Duncan, Galveston Jo Ann Ehlers, New Braunfels Dakota Ann Ehman, Houston Lucille Helen Eichler, Brenham Catherine Dower Evans, Houston Barbara Sue Freeman, Austin Virginia Lee French, San Antonio Joanna Gentry, Tyler Muriel Joy Giles, Comfort Nancy Lee Gilmore, Newgulf Jeanette Glenn, Waco Marilyn Haley, Beaumont MEMBERS Betty Ann Harrison, Wharton Barbara Jane Haworth, Houston Barbara Winans Henington, Greenville Marjorie Hill, Bartlett Lady Clyde Hodges, Sweetwater Marjorie Louise Holtzclaw, Port Arthur Elizabeth Ann Hughes, Austin Kathleen Chloe Hunt, San Antonio Alice Lynn Jarmon, Elgin Florence Mozelle Jones, Sweetwater Jaclyn Lucas Keasler, San Antonio Patricia Marie Kirk, El Campo Jeanne Marie Laird, San Antonio Barbara Josephine Lawrence, Fort Worth Carolyn Lochte, Kerrville Susan Jane McBride, Austin Mary Ann Maley, Houston Patricia Ann Martin, San Antonio Jo Anne Martoy, Port Arthur Hazel Orlean Maultsby, Austin Juanita Dee Morrow, Houston Marilyn Mosley, Fort Worth Norrna Lee Murphy, Dallas Nancy Jean Nichols, Luling Sally Ross Nichols, Luling Nancy Pray Olson, Houston PAGE 232 Julia Isabella Orynski, Dallas Patty Ray Parrish, Galveston Patricia Agnes Paton, Houston Nancy Irene Patterson, Texarkana May Marie Porter, Conroe Juanita Olivette Preston, Houston Elizabeth Ann Randolph, Fort Worth Sue Agnes Rogers, Houston Cordelia Catherine Rugeley, Austin Joan Dee Rugeley, Austin Sara Catherine Sample, Pecos Patricia Loee Sandlin, Anahuac Mary Ellen Sladczyk, Port Arthur Eva Lou Smith, Madisonville Marilyn March Stuttle, Corpus Christi Virginia Beth Taylor, Austin Marilyn Terry, Corpus Christi Betty Ann Theobalt, Austin Shirley Jean Tower, Austin Ennis Marie Whitley, Madisonville Nancy Myrle Wier, Brownfield Mary Margaret Wiley, Austin Gladys Janelle Williams, New Braunfels Edna Joyce Winebrener, Newgulf Ardeth M. Worthey, Elgin Rose Lorelle Wright, Kerrville Wanelle Merle Zemanek, Newgulf FACULTY LUCILLE WILLIAMS, Professor of Romance Languages Fall SHIRLEY JEAN TOWER BARBARA JANE HAWORTH PATRICIA MARIE KIRK DAKOTA ANN EHMAN . . PATTY RAY PARRISH OFFICERS President . . . . Vice-President . Recording Secretary Treasurer . . . . Corresponding Secretary Spring JUANITA OLIVETTE PRESTON ELIZABETH ANN RANDOLPH PATTY RAY PARRISH KATHLEEN CHLOE HUNT LADY CLYDE HODGES Georganne Allen, Austin Rosemary Austin, Austin Florrie Avant, Dilly Leska Sue Barton, Brady Barbara Anne Boone, Waco Anne Ruth Bruckner, Amarillo Mary Carol Busch, Kerrville Annetta Joyce Clark, Austin Patricia Lynne Cleere, Houston Mary Anne Cromwell, Taylor B. Jean Dalby, Austin Darby Jean Ehlers, San Benito Yvonne Clare Gebhard, Milwaukee, Wis. Jennie Wren Gilbert, Austin Patricia A. Goebel, San Antonio Gloria Kathleen Gordon, Beeville Patricia Ann Grogan, Conroe PLEDGES Nancy McAfee Hall, Fort Worth Claire Bell Hiett, Dallas Judith Clare Horning, San Antonio Ann Louise Humrickhouse, Marshall Emma Dean Jenkins, Weatherford Ruby Ruth Johnson, Gonzales Catherine Jones, Austin Lorena Ann Kelly, Austin Patricia Glenn Liston. San Antonio Betty Jane Little, Houston Gloria Love, Dallas Merry Christine McCreless, San Antonio Molly J. Moffett v Overton Mara Kay Moxom, Kilgore Doris Eleanor Neely, Amarillo Jo Ann Nowotny, College Station Frances Fitzhugh Overton, Hutto 1 ' orth tin aunffk Elizabeth Ann Owens, Austin Norma Parker, San Antonio Kathrine Lee Penick, Austin Sara Elaine Rountree, Gilmer Margaret Lea Sanderford, Houston Myrtis Cornelia Sealy, Bishop Carol Sue Smith, Austin Nancy Ann Solether, Weslaco Carol Speed, Sayre, Oklahoma Mildred Janet Sutton, Orange Dorthy Jean Thompson, Waco Chloma Clarice Todd, Brady Janice Varnell, Fort Worth Norma Jeanne Waddell, Corpus Christi Ann Qualtrough Williams, Galveston Charlotte Alvard Williams, San Marcos Barbara J. Wilson, Borger Top Row: Laird, Lawrence, Liston, Little, Lochte, Love, McCreless, Maley. Second Row: Martin, Martoy, Maultsby, Mosley, Moxom, Murphy, Neely, N. Nichols. Third Row: S. Nichols, Nowotny, Olson, Orynski, Overton, Parrish, Paton, Patterson. Fourth Row: Penick, Porter, Preston, Randolph, Rogers, Rountree, C. Ruge ley, J. Rugeley, Sample. Fifth Row: Sealy, Sladczyk, C. Smith, E. Smith, Solether, Speed, Stuttle, Sutton, Taylor. Sixth Row: Terry, Theobalt, Thompson, Todd, Tower, Varnell, Waddell, Whitley, Wier. Seventh Row: Wiley, A. Williams, C. Williams, G. Williams, Wilson, Winebrener, Worthey, Wright, Zemanek. Top Row: Alberts, Baras, Berwald, B. Brand, P. Brand, Cohen. Second Row: Coleman, Collins, Corenblcth, Daily Davidson, Deutsch. Third Row: Fine, Flesh, Fraley, Frenkel, Friedman, Gamm, Gehr. Fourth Row: Gerson, Graber, Grossman, Hendler, Jacobs, Kamisar, Kanter. MEMBERS Betty Louise Alberts, San Antonio Elissa Joyce Berwald, Dallas Beverly Renee Brand, Tulsa, Okla. Marilyn Joan Coleman, Dallas Maxine Sagor Collins, Waco Blanche Davidson, Houston Ellen Elizabeth Deutsch, Laredo Marcia Sue Fine, St. Joseph, Mo. Carolyn Rae Fraley, San Antonio Eileen Gay Friedman, Houston Janis Sue Gamm, Shreveport, La. Nancy Renair Gehr, Alexandria, La. Daina Hildreth Gerson, Odessa Ruth Vinn Hendler, Temple Janet Joan Jacobs, Laredo Eleanor Ann Kamen, Athens Helen Louise Kamisar, Borger Shirley Elaine Kanter, Sedalia, Mo. Barbara Ann Keller, El Paso Betty Lou Koppel, Harlingen Dolores Joan Kosberg, Waco Connie Bailie Levy, Waco Joan Bette Levy, Dallas Sondra Lee Lotman, Lincoln, Neb. Gerry Elaine Messmer, Harlingen Suzanna Neustadt, San Antonio Aileen Rita Schwartz, Houston Helene Rose Williams, Marshall PAGE 234 Fall DAINA HILDRETH GERSON DOLORES JOAN KOSBERG BEVERLY RENEE BRAND NANCY RENAIR GEHR OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . PLEDGES Barbara Lee Baumohl, Houston Barbara Charlene Baras, Houston Patricia Terri Brand, Laredo Sylvia Lynn Cohen, Lexington, Miss. Sara Janet Corenbleth, Dallas Dorothy Jo Daily, Simonton Lois Ann Flesh, Jefferson Florence Gertrude Frenkel, Galveston Harriet Ann Friedson, Fort Worth Carol Graber, Memphis, Tenn. Jacquelyn Lu Grossman, Kansas City, Mo. Sara Jo Kline, Houston Grace Katherine Leon, Tulsa, Okla. Harriet Ann Levy, Galveston Inge Joan Lubasch, Port Arthur Spring DAINA HILDRETH GERSON DOLORES JOAN KOSBERG BEVERLY RENEE BRAND NANCY RENAIR GEHR Sally Messer, Lincoln, Nebr. Samylu M. Michelson, Gonzales Pauline Frieda Pierce, Dallas Cecile Rose, Wills Point Joanne Sachs, Greenville, Miss. Suzanne Bert Sachs, Waco Shirley Jean Schocnbrun, Tyler Jocelyn Ruth Schwartz, Houston Sondra Hilda Seigle, Tyler Raleigh Joy Sekt, Sioux City, Iowa Iris C. Simon, Victoria Shirley Elise Strum, Tyler Emily Fachon Winner, Houston Charlesa Joan Wolfe, Dallas Carol Ruth Zeligson, Tulsa, Okla. o f l J k " fc. Top Row: Keller, Kline, Koppel, Kosberg, Leon, C. Levy. Second Row: H. Levy, J. Levy, Lotman, Lubasch, Messer, Messmer. Third Row: Michelson, Neustadt, Pierce, Rose, J. Sachs, S. Sachs, Schocnbrun. Fourth Row: Schwartz, Seigle, Sekt, Strum, Williams, Winner, Zeligson. Top Row: Abramson, Altman, Axelrad, Bergcr, Brand. Second Row: Bronstein, Brook, Burk, Cott, Dow. Third Row: Eidelberg, Feffer, Feldman, Frcling, Derrick. Fourth Row: Gerson, Goldberg, Goltz, Greenfield, Harris. MEMBERS Clarence Allen Abramson, Dallas Sigmund Elton Altman, Dallas Lewis Battist, New York, N. Y. Joe Harvey Berman, Colorado City Norman William Black, Houston Joseph Stuart Brand, Waco Edward Miles Brook, San Antonio Barry Lippman Cohen, San Antonio Stanley Marvin Cohen, Clarksdale, Miss. Barry Leonard Cott, Corpus Christi Bernard Olter Dow, Houston Dan Edward Ellis, Waco Howard Stanley Feffer, Dallas Richard Alan Freling, Fort Worth Charles Irvin Gerson, Galveston Donald Wayne Ciller, Dallas Louis Harvey Glazer, Dallas Harold Stanley Goldberg, Tyler Jay Morton Goltz, Tulsa, Okla. Donald Leon Gould, Tulsa, Okla. Marvin Hymen Greenberg, Dallas Bernard Phillip Harris, San Antonio Myron Hauscr, Galveston Maurice Sweet Kolodetsky, Galveston Robert Korngold, New York, N. Y. Harold Stanley Kost, San Antonio Charles Krovetz, Galveston Leon Max Lampert, San Antonio Sidney Arthur Martell, New York, N. Y. Irwin Don Meyers, El Campo Louis Sanford Polsky, Muscatine, Iowa Robert Alan Polunsky, San Antonio Donald Louis Prager, Fort Worth Marvin Jay Prager, Fort Worth Jacob Meyer Protas, Port Arthur Howard Rauch, New York, N. Y. Abraham Arrow Reichstein, Galveston Allen Leon Rosen, Lubbock Newton Bovis Schwartz, Houston Henry A. Sellinger, Houston Israel Sheinberg, Fort Worth Louis Shlipak, Galveston Marvin David Shwiff, Galveston Marvin Meyer Sigel, Dallas Arnold Norman Sweet, Dallas Lawrence Weimer, San Antonio Herbert Weiss, New York, N. Y. Eugene Zale, Dallas Alfred Zobel, Dallas PAOE 236 FACULTY MARTIN M. STAENBERG, Instructor in Government Louis OSSINSKY, Teaching Fellow in Music Fall MYRON HAUSER . JAY MORTON GOLTZ . HAROLD STANLEY KOST ISRAEL SHEINBERG OFFICERS Master Lt. Master Scribe Exchequer Spring NORMAN WILLIAM BLACK JAY MORTON GOLTZ ROBERT ALAN POLUNSKY CLARENCE ALLEN ABRAMSON PLEDGES Moise Arnold Axelrad, Houston Richard Lee Berger, Dallas Julian Bronstein, Galveston Lawrence Ramon Burk, Dallas Paul Marker Diamond, Port Arthur Milton Edward Eidelberg, Corpus Christi Larry Wayne Feldman, Dallas Albert Gerrick, Pharr Bennett E. Greenfield. Governor ' s Island, N. Y. Harry Benard Labowitz, Galveston Elton Stanley Lipnick, Galveston George Rankin Milner, Dallas Donald Minsky, Dallas Sidney Stuart Moran, Tulsa, Okla. Lou Samuel Ravkind, Dallas Stanley Murray Schreiber, Galveston Leonard Isaac Seibel, Galveston Jacob Harris Stillman, San Antonio Top Row: Hauser, Kolodetsky, Kost, Krovetz, Lampert. Second Row: Lipnick, Martell, Minsky, Moran, Polsky. Third Row: Polunsky, Protas, Reichstein, Rosen, Seibel. Fourth Row: Sheinberg, Shlipak, Shwiff, Stillman, Sweet, Weiner. TO I ?o : Bodden, Boonc, Bridges, Caldwell, Ca- ruthers, Chastain. Second Row: Cook, Courier, Cox, Dickson, Dossey, Emerine. Third Row: Evans, Fleming, Going, Haag, Harrison, Harvey. Fourth Row: Hassen, Hogg, Hoover, Horton, Howell, Hubbard. Fifth Row: Hudgings, Hughlett, Hut chins, Jones, LaBauve MEMBERS Mary Virginia Bodden, Galveston Elsie Jane Bridges, Breckenridge Margaret Anne Caldwell, La Feria Helen Ann Carroll, Bryan Patty Jane Chastain, Austin Virginia Ann Courier, Fort Worth Flozelle Cox, Odessa Stella Jane Dickson, Austin Ruth Ann Evans, Cleveland, Ohio Mary Lee Fleming, Crosby Mary Frances Going, Port Arthur Joan Grace Haag, Austin Johnny Mozelle Harrison, Beaumont Nabeela Hassen, Haskell Jennie Hogg, Monahans Nancy Jane Howell, Stephenville Frances Marilyn Hubbard, Ozona Joanne Hudgings, Houston Betty Jean Hughlett, Austin Mary Amelia Hutchins, Corpus Christi Grace L. Johnston, Austin Joyce Florida Jones, Tallahassee, Fla. Kay Louise LaBauve, Edna Frances Jean Lucksinger, Austin Ruth Marguerite Lundelius, Austin Betty Ann McBrayer, Austin Opal Jackie Matthews, Cleveland Oma Claire Morris, Odessa Mary Ann Moxon, Port Arthur Margaret SaRita Obelgoner, Hallettsville Betty Jean Parsons, Sweeny Winona Perkins, Longview Frances Darlene Prouse, Austin Shirley Jeanne Riley, Odessa Anita Darlene Runneberg, Crosby Gaye Yvonne Sanford, Austin Beryl Mae Shuttlesworth, Austin Gwen Ann Slaybaugh, Port Neches Beverly L ' Vonne Smith, Austin Lurline Byrd Smith, Austin Betty Carolyn Stanford, Livingston Trudy Victoria Thaxton, Mason Clementine White, Victoria Dixie Ann White, Edna Junelle Pearl Witt, Plainview Patricia Joyce Zeller, Richmond PAOE 238 OFFICERS Fall GAVE YVONNE SANFORD . BETTY JEAN PARSONS ANITA DARLENE RUNNEBERG VIRGINIA ANN COURTER . KAY LOUISE LABAUVE JOANNE HUDGINGS President First V ice-President . Second Vice-President, Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Spring VIRGINIA ANN COURTER MARGARET ANNE CALDWELL ANITA DARLENE RUNNEBERG OPAL JACKIE MATTHEWS KAY LOUISE LABAUVE NABEELA HASSEN PLEDGES B i Alice Lynn Archer, Taft Joyce Bernice Blackburn, Mulcshoc Dorothy H. Boone, Junction Jen-Doell Brandenberger, Mason Bobbie Dawn Bone, Austin Bonnie Jean Carson, San Antonio Carol Caruthers, Pine Bluff, Ark. Jimmie Carolyn Cook, Houston Emma Jean Craener, Bay City Betty Katherine Dossey, Cotulla Sally Anne Emerine, Victoria Gretchen Jeanne Gleason, Kerrville Carolyn Jean Harvey, San Antonio Mandy Lou Hoover, Vernon Marietta Marion Horton, Edens, N. Y. Emma Belle Metzger, Brownsville Martha Jane Mills, Fort Worth Margie Lee Olle, Austin Betty Jo Parkinson, Austin Carolyn Sue Preble, Austin Julia Janice Ray, Austin Dorothy Louise Thornton, Arlington Geneva Joyce Williams, Austin Top Row: Lucksinger, Lundelius, McBrayer, Matthews, Mills, Morris. Second Row: Moxon, Obelgoner, Olle, Parkinson, Parsons, Perkins. Third Row: Prouse, Ray, Riley, Runneberg, Sanford, Shuttlesworth. Fourth Row: Slaybaugh, B. Smith, L. Smith, Stan- ford, Thaxton. Fifth Row: Thornton, C. White, D. White, Witt, Zcller. Top Row: Belcher, Bornefeld, Burow, Cannon. Second Row: Cavileer, Chandler, Cunningham, David son. Third Row. Erwin, Ewing, Flint, Frost. Fourth Row: Gravell, Gray, Grey, Hamilton. MEMBERS Gloria Elaine Bornefeld, Gatun, Canal Zone Carol Lou Rena Cannon, Edinburg Gloria Ann Cunningham, Dallas Pauline Evon Davidson, Houston Shirley Ann Flint, Houston Joan Elizabeth Gravell, Havana, Cuba Martha Ann Gray, Florence Eldona Frances Hamilton, Laredo Alice Leona Kelly, Sylacauga, Ala. Donna Jeanne LaBounty, San Juan Martha Jane McCarty, Austin Mary Gwyn McCullough, Austin Virginia Lucille Maloney, Houston Alicemarie Marguerite Meyer, Chicago, 111. Veronica E. Morel, San Antonio Betty Jean Payne, San Antonio Shirley Virginia Reichert, San Juan May Ina Scherff, Stockham, Nebr. Martha Meredith Shillito, Birmingham, Ala. Martha Ann Tate, Waverly, Tenn. Beverly Ann Toney, Dallas Merle Paunee Tooke, Humble PAOE 240 FACULTY HELEN NORWOOD DEATHE, Director of Men ' s Dormitories ELIZABETH TARPLEY, Professor of Home Economics Fall VIRGINIA LUCILLE MALONEY BETTY JEAN PAYNE ELDONA FRANCES HAMILTON GLORIA ANN CUNNINGHAM MARTHA ANN GRAY OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Spring VIRGINIA LUCILLE MALONEY BETTY JEAN PAYNE ELDONA FRANCES HAMILTON GLORIA ANN CUNNINGHAM MARTHA ANN GRAY PLEDGES Gladys M. Appel, Brenham Bessie Rae Belcher, Dickinson Isabelle Lucie Burow, Killeen Jacquelyn Ann Cavileer, Austin Margaret Ann Chandler, San Antonio Jackie Lois Erwin, Dallas Jamee Ellen Ewing, Lincoln, Nebr. Barbara Ann Frost, Austin Dorothy Lee Grey, Austin Dorothy Jean Hello, Austin Barbara W. House, Austin Patricia Ann Howe, Austin Gale McBryde Long, Birmingham, Ala. Jane Ann McCracken, Austin Bethann Martin, Rockwall Nancy Sue Patterson, Dallas Lynn Ann Porter, San Antonio Joan F. Randall, Syracuse, N. Y. Grazia Talerico, Pittsburgh, Pa. Caroline Dean Williams, Birmingham, Ala. Top Row: Kelly, LaBounty, Long, McCarty. Second Row: McCracken, McCullough, Maloney, Morel. Third Row: Patterson, Payne, Porter, Reichert. Fourth Row: Shillito, Tate, Toney, Tooke, Williams. Top Row: Adkins, Anderson, Armstrong, Barr, Becker, Bell, Berryman. Second Row: Bexley, F. Bliss, M. Bliss, Bruns, Burks, Bynum, Cater. Third Row: Cauthen, Clifton, Cox, Crow, Culbertson, Dobey, Flippin. Fourth Row: Gardiner, Gayle, Glade, Glynn, Gordon, Greco, Griffitts. l- ' ifth Row: Grimes, Grizzard, Hill, Hoffman, Hogan, Holliday, Howe. Sixth Row: Inabnet, Ives, Joseph, Klein, Krog, Kuhl- mann, Leatherwood. MEMBERS Gelya Anderson, Bellaire Carolyn Bell, Houston Frances Eugenia Berryman, Houston Louan Bexley, Temple Frances Claire Bliss, Austin Mary Lou Bliss, Austin Mary Sue Burks, Austin Susanne Elizabeth Bynum, Baytown Donna Jeannine Cameron, Meridian Nancy Lee Cater, New Braunfels Carolyn Cauthen, Temple Adelaide Bassett Clements, Temple Patricia Ann Cox, Beeville Johnna Ruth Crow, Bay City Jacquelyn Culbertson, Vernon Alice Gazelle Gardiner, Austin Mary Hatcher Glade, Wichita Falls Carolyn Sue Gordon, Dallas J. Jeannine Griffitts, Vernon Grace Elizabeth Hill, Baytown Mary Lou Holliday, Galvest on Peggy Jean Ives, Houston Annette L. Kennedy, San Antonio Jo Ellen Knight, Austin Doralie Leatherwood, Dublin Helen Genevieve Lindgren, La Grange Park, 111. Diann Ruth Linegar, San Antonio Mary Margaret Love, Dalhart Leva La Rue McFarland, Anson Lolita Ruth McNeill, Houston Patsy Ann Massey, Kenedy Gloria Winifred Meyer, Houston Virginia Lee Morrisson, Port Arthur Martha Ann Nichols, Beeville Greta Elizabeth Nissen, San Antonio Anne Carol Orr, Newgulf Margaret Texanna Petty, Crockett Margaret Jean Royall, Washington, D. C. Dixie May Schaefer, San Antonio Alice Virginia Shilling, Sinton Margaret Ann Schmidt, Yoakum Martha Lou Schroeder, Sinton Frances Smith, Robstown Jo Ann Stancliff, Houston Barbara Lee Steele, Dalhart Joan Catherine Stevenson, San Antonio Angelica G. Strassmann, Houston Dorothy Anne Truax, Fort Worth Shirley Louise Van Wormer, Houston Johana A. Walker, Pasadena Mary Helen Waters, Austin Frances lone Webb, Austin Marianne Dasher White, Houston Helen Carolyn Woodruff, Houston PAGE 242 I FACULTY MARY ERNESTINE GOLDMAN, Assistant Professor of Home Economics GOLDIE P. HORTON PORTER, Assistant Professor of Pure Mathematics MARY PUFFER YORK, Instructor in Home Economics Fall SHIRLEY LOUISE VAN WORMER ANGELICA G. STRASSMANN , VIRGINIA LEE MORRISSON ADELAIDE BASSETT CLEMENTS PATSY ANN MASSEY . MARY Lou BLISS . OFFICERS President First V ice-President Second Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Spring FRANCES SMITH GRETA ELIZABETH NISSEN SHIRLEY LOUISE VAN WORMER CAROLYN SUE GORDON DIANN RUTH LINEGAR VIRGINIA LEE MORRISSON PLEDGES Noel Jean Adkins, Denison Katherine Ann Armstrong, Austin Elizabeth Louise Barr, Newgulf Laura Holoway Becker, Galveston Dorothy Meade Bruns, Seguin Bette J. Clifton, Haskell Delores Derrick, Austin Nancy Joann Dobey, Park Ridge, 111. Carole Lynn Ferguson, McAllen Betty Joan Flippin, Breckenridge Patricia Joan Gayle, San Antonio Gwendolyn M. Glynn, Austin Mary Delores Greco, San Antonio Carol A. Grimes, Austin Harriet S. Grizzard, Fort Benning, Ga. Sue Margaret Hoffman, San Antonio Irene Patricia Hogan, Breckenridge Dana Dunbar Howe, San Antonio Carol A. Inabnet, Galveston Marlene Louise Joseph, Taylor Rosalie Amelia Klein, Tomball Constance C. Krog, Fort Worth Gretchen Patricia Kuhlmann, Kerrville Constance C. Lee, Fort Stockton Joan Elizabeth Lyon, Dallas Beverly Jo McCabe, Victoria Louise Mitchell, New Canaan, Conn. Mary Jane Munson, Angleton Mary Alice Patterson, San Antonio Wanda Ruth Reagan, Houston Ouida Jane Rochester, Austin Katherine E. Sanguily, Houston Joy Tynelle Sansing, Spearman Nell Beth Sansing, Higgins Lucy Lee Speaker, Austin Kathryn Ann Spooner, Dallas Mary Bess Thomason, Austin Martha Warren, Corpus Christi Ann E. Watson, Brownwood Barbara A. Wells, Wellington Jackie R. Young, Austin Top Row: Lindgren, Linegar, Love, McCabe, McFar- land, McNeill, Massey. Second Row: Meyer, Morrisson, Nichols, Nissen, Orr, Petty, Reagan. Third Row: Rochester, Royall, Sanguily, J. Sansing, N. Sansing, Schaefer, Schmidt. Fourth Row: Schroeder, Shilling, Smith, Speaker, Spooner, S tancliff, Steele. I ' ifth Row: Stevenson, Strassmann, Thomason, Truax, Van Wormer, Walker, Warren. Sixth Row: Watson, Webb, Wells, White, Woodruff, Young. To ) Row: Abbott, Aiken, Alexander, Amberson, Arnold, Bailey. Second Row: Barber, Carlton, Esmond, Folwell, Foun- tain, Francisco. Third Row: Fulmer, Gano, Giesecke, Guelich, Guest. Fourth Row: Haden, Hall, liams, Kay, Lanter, Latson. Fifth Row: London, Lottman, W. Luttrell, McCalla, McFarland. MEMBERS David Scott Aiken, Brownsville Garland Karl Alexander, Fort Worth Karl Gene Arnold, Corpus Christi William Gustavous Bailey, Amarillo Francis Scott Baldwin, Marshall Monty Clyde Barber, Austin James Dawson Carlton, Houston Noah Lee Davis, Jr., Amarillo Charles Henry Folwell, Houston George Carl Francisco, Houston Howard Hughes Gano, Houston Adolph Hartung Giesecke, San Antonio Robert Edgar Gossett, Houston Richard Hugo Guelich, Snyder Harrell Sansom Hayden, Dallas William Franklin Jones, Marshall Maurice Marion Kay, Jr., Fort Worth Charles Ellis Lanter, Fort Worth David Stuart Lawrence, Houston Richard J. London, Winters Dudley Davis McCalla, Austin Maurice Stevens McFarland, Corpus Christi William Gordon McGee, DeKalb Vern Voorhees McGrew, Snyder William Ingo Marschall, San Angelo James Dennis Mullins, San Benito William Joseph Owen, Tyler Hal W. Pilgrim, Fort Worth Phil Moore Pitzer, Breckenridge William Henslee Powell, Jr., Amarillo Robert Adrian Rowland, Houston Morton Stephen Seymour, Houston George Frank Shofner, Nacogdoches John L. Shudde, Houston Donald Joseph Stanley, Dallas Loree Dean Svadlenak, Austin Joseph Trickey, Fort Worth Ben Herman Ward, Jr., Houston James David Webb, Big Spring Paul Cedric Wenger, Jr., San Antonio Robert Clark White, Fort Worth John A. Wild, Austin Carl Walton Wilson, Denison R. Stanton Wolfrom, Austin Richard Orville Wommack, Marshall Mason Parham Young, Lufkin P OE 244 FACULTY EDWARD GARLAND FLETCHER, Associate Professor of English W. PAGE KEETON, Dean of the School of Law H. MALCOLM MACDONALD, Associate Professor of Government A Fall WILLIAM HENSLEE POWELL, JR. ROBERT EDGAR GOSSETT MONTY CLYDE BARBER . JAMES DENNIS MULLINS OFFICERS Worthy Master .... Worthy Chaplain Worthy Scribe .... Worthy Keeper of Exchequer Spring WILLIAM HENSLEE POWELL, JR. CARL WALTON WILSON WILLIAM INGO MARSCHALL JAMES DENNIS MULLINS PLEDGES Sammy Lee Abbott, San Angelo Joe H. Amberson, San Antonio Marion Jack Borchers, Yoakum Frank Elwood Brown, Houston Blaine Durand Esmond, Austin Lee Stanley Fountain, San Antonio Kenneth Lamar Fulmer, Nacogdoches Joe Jefferson Guest, Fort Worth William Douglas Haden, II, Houston William T. Hall, III, Marshall Barren liams, Houston Billy F. Latson, Fort Worth John Detering Lottman, Houston John Martin Luttrell, Houston William Sherrod Luttrell, Houston Lytt Wommack Mahone, Marshall Robert Arlen Nickel, San Angelo George Henry Sauer, Houston Dudley Crawford Sharp, Jr., Houston Harry Morgan Spear, Jr., San Antonio Lawrence Van Taylor, San Angelo Alfred Wyatt Weathers, Snyder Walter Edward Williamson, San Antonio Everett Howard Wilson, Houston Joe Edwards Wilson, Denison Miles Davis Wilson, Denison Willett Wilson, III, Houston Top Row: McGrew, Mahone, Marschall, Mullins, Nickel, Owen. Second Row: Pilgrim, Powell, Rowland, Sauer, Sharp, Shudde. Third Row: Stanley, Svadlenak, Taylor, Trickey, Ward, Weathers. Fourth Row: Webb, Wenger, White, Wild, G. Wilson, E. Wilson. Fifth Row: J. Wilson, M. Wilson, Wolfrom, Wornack, Young. Top Row: Atkin, Bailey, Barber, Birdwcll. Second Row: Black, Boese, Grossman, Dejernett. Third Row: Ealy, Evans, Fair, Gowan. Fourth Row: Greer, G. Harwood, Hensley, Hill, Hitt. MEMBERS Richard Thatcher Atkin, Georgetown William Gilbreth Barber, Lockhart LeRoy Birdwell, San Antonio Fredrik Seward Blackmar, III, Luling Charles Olin Boese, Jr., Fort Worth Jack Lee Brandon, Fort Worth Charles Galloway Calhoun, Jr., Tyler Howard John Clark, III, Corpus Christi Erwin Yandell Cottingham, Jr., Houston Albert Harrington Cox, Jr., Austin Ronald Charles Grossman, Dallas Waters Smith Davis, III, League City William Worsham Dejernett, Dallas Robert Orrin Dowlen, Houston Cromwell Adair Dyer, Jr., Dallas Miles Lamar Ealy, Jr., Austin Middleton Shirley English, San Antonio Bob Meyer Gerdes, Corpus Christi Gordon Baker Harwood, Jr., Corpus Christi Russell McChesney Harwood, Brownsville Jack Hensley, Lubbock Ripley Harold Hunter, Palestine Lincoln Douglas Jeanes, Dallas William Emmett Johnson, Kansas City, Mo. Baker Parrish Jones, Houston Linden Earl Jones, Austin Robert Burnett Lee, Austin Warren Robert Lilly, Dallas William Mosse Linden, Denison James Wilson McCartney, Fort Worth James Abney McMullen, III, Fort Worth Phillip Ransopher, Houston Cone C. Rice, Tyler Anthony Keith Robertson, Houston James Richard Templeton, Houston William Harold Turpin, Sweetwater James Howard Warren, Tyler PAGE 246 FACULTY H. H. POWERS, Professor of Petroleum Engineering Fall ROBERT BURNETT LEE JAMES ABNEY McMuLLEN GORDON BAKER HARWOOD EDWIN YANDELL COTTINGHAM HOWARD JOHN CLARK, III OFFICERS President . . . . Vice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Spring ROBERT BURNETT LEE C. GALLOWAY CALHOUN, JR. GORDON BAKER HARWOOD EDWIN YANDELL COTTINGHAM HOWARD JOHN CLARK, III PLEDGES Charles DeLoss Atchison, Jr., Houston Daniel Nicholas Bailey, Dallas Gene Carroll Bartholemew, Brownwood John Robert Bell, Palestine Thomas Eugene Black, Wichita, Kan. Robert Bruce Carruth, Austin Thomas Anthony Cullinan, Dallas Douglas Sultz Dapper, Waco John Sidney Evans, Jr., Amarillo Ralph Emerson Fair, Jr., Boerne Paul Brent Fletcher, Bonham John Richard Gowan, Dallas Robert Griffith Greer, Dallas Bruce Michael Harrington, Houston Ernest Cornelius Haynes, Jr., Houston James Donald Hill, Amarillo Richard Smith Hitt, Jr., Lubbock James Henry Lauderdale, Mercedes Robert Winston Loewe, Dallas Frank Longoria, Jr., Brownsville Kenneth Burns Martin, Jr., Fort Worth Mack demons Milner, Jr., Houston George Marshall Minot, Dallas Glen Charles Moore, Dale Robert John Munn, Jr., Dallas Bradley Clyde Phair, Jr., Houston Roane Harwood Puett, Midland Joe Tschudy Romine, Fort Worth Luther Bell Smith, III, Tyler Walter Kinke Smith, Dallas Samuel Vaughn Stone, Georgetown Leon Glenn Taylor, Tyler Roman Sterling Waldron, III, Corpus Christi George LeRoy Wight, San Antonio George Merrill Woodman, Dallas Top Row: Hunter, Johnson, Lauderdale, Milner. Second Row: Moore, Munn, Phair, Rice. Third Row: Robertson, L. Smith, W. Smith, Stone, Taylor. Fourth Row: Templeton, Turpin, Waldron, Warren, Woodman. Top Row: Aldrich, Armstrong, Askew, Barker, Bark- ley, Barlow, Brail. Second Row: Beene, Bezoni, Bowers, Brady, Brownlee, Burkhalter, Caperton. Third Row: Carter, Chidgey, Clemens, Collier, B. Culver, E. Culver, D ' Arcy, Davis. Fourth Row: Dean, Denton, Dowell, Dryden, Early, Endress, J. Evans, P. Evans. Fifth Row: Fitch, Flack, Fly, Ford, Gilbreath, Grand- staff, Gray, Green. Sixth Row: Guin, Hamilton, Hardwick, Hardy, Harris, Henkel, Howard, Howell. Sue Aldrich, Houston Alice Joan Armstrong, San Antonio Patricia Sue Barker, Crystal City Virginia May Barkley, Houston Peggy Jan Beall, Dallas Georgeann Beene, Port Arthur Mary Lynn Bell, Amarillo Alys Rae Boker, Dallas Janet M. Bowers, Seguin Mary Rose Brady, Austin Jean Kathryn Brownlee, Madisonville Jean Maurine Buesing, San Benito Hallie Jo Byers, Weatherford Mary Ann Caldwell, Houston Carmelita Celaya, Brownsville Catherine Mildred Chambers, Grand Prairie Margaret Earle Collier, Jasper Barbara Jeanette Culver, Longview Virginia Davis, Port Arthur Jean Orr Dean, Sweetwater Mary Patricia Dowell, Austin Ruth Ann Dryden, Anahuac Sara Jeannine Early, Austin Margaret Virginia Endress, Fort Worth Jewel Ruth Evans, Fort Worth MEMBERS Patricia Ann Evans, Houston Shirley Corinne Fitch, San Antonio Frances Eileen Gilbreath, San Antonio Olive Kathryn Grandstaff, West Columbia Nancy Elizabeth Green, Houston Margaret Whatley Guin, Abilene Jane Louise Hardwick, Longview Mavis Lee Hardy, Houston Carol Lynn Harris, Houston Martha Jane Henkel, Austin Patsy Sue Hill, Fort Worth Josephine Houston Howard, Pleasanton Kathleen Howell, Austin Mary Jo Hullum, Wills Point Joan Johnson, Kilgore Virginia McNeil Jung, Spur Barbara Jean Kerr, San Angelo Patricia Darling Klaver, San Antonio Peggy Martha Knight, San Antonio Peggy Charlene Laws, Austin Betty Jo Lilly, Dallas Norma Frances McCullough, Hico Beverly Dana Mondrik, Longview Dabney Ruth Murph, Arlington Virginia Nichols, Robstown Gail Ann Plettner, Amarillo Mary Elizabeth Pollard, Tyler Mary Patricia Puig, Laredo Betty Cleo Raimond, Harlingcn Dottie Glendale Richter, Laredo Shirley Paulette Roberts, San Antonio Mary Lucile Robertson, Salado Mary Beth Rosser, Graham Cynthia Lou Sandahl, Austin Sylvia Sue Scharfenberg, Fort Worth Ann Shriver, Austin Cordelia Jane Sprong, Houston Jo Ann Stillwagon, Houston Diane Sweatman, Fort Worth Kathryn Lee Taylor, San Antonio Mary Lou Taylor, San Antonio Cynthia Ann Terrell, Austin Susan Lane Tiner, San Antonio Gladys Joyce Vernon, Houston Lela Owens Wade, Arlington Lois Louise White, Albany Lillian Aline Wood, Corpus Christi Joyce Carl Word, San Antonio PAGE 248 FACULTY- ANN LANGSTON HODGE, Teaching Fellow in English MARY PAYLICK, Instructor in Physical Education JOE ANN WHITMIRE, Instructor in Speech ANN WILKINS YOUNG, Social Science Research Associate Fall DlANNE SWEATMAN MARY PATRICIA DOWELL ALICE JOAN ARMSTRONG PEGGY CHARLENE LAWS MARGARET VIRGINIA ENDRESS OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . Spring GEORGEANN BEENE MARY PATRICIA PUIG CORDELIA JANE SPRONG VIRGINIA NICHOLS MARGARET EARLE COLLIER Annette Katinka Askew, Dallas Katherine Barlow, Austin Beverly Jean Bezoni, Tyler Jo Ann Elizabeth Bredlow, Dallas Joanne Earlene Burkhalter, Austin Mary Louise Campbell, Dallas Diane Caperton, Crystal City Margaret Ruth Carter, Edinburg Cecile Rae Chidgey, San Antonio Sara Lu Clemens, Dallas Edwina Lee Culver, Tyler Donna Louise D ' Arcy, Stephenville Marellyn Denton,Waco Judith Jeanne Egan, Dallas Betty Tom Flack, Amarillo Patricia Ann Fly, Crystal City Judith Ford, Dallas Mary Ann Gray, Beaumont PLEDGES Ann McGivney Hamilton, Galveston Belva Irma Hogue, Houston Dana Constance James, Houston Emilia Joyce Jordan, McFaddin Mary Ellen Kallander, Eagle Pass Patricia Ann Kendall, Austin Swanee Latham, Taylor Lanelle Ruth Lutz, San Antonio Merle McDermott, Dallas Anne McGannon, Longview Martha Anne Melton, Dallas Rebecca Ann Morgan, Fort Worth Mary Lou Moore, Brownsville Martha Virginia Moore, Hunt Betty Ann Morris, Henderson Bette Loise Muckleroy, Buna Myrna Corinne Mugford, Houston Beverly Jule Newby, Dallas Mary Bernadine Nixon, Lampasas Judith Phelps, San Antonio Barbara Ann Reed, Dallas Joyce Elaine Rydburg, Austin Barbara Ann Sanguinet, Fort Worth Mary Margaret Schmitz, San Antonio Nancy Elaine Schneider, San Antonio Barbara Jean Squibb, Dallas Margaret Sue Sunkel, Clarksville Joan Carlton Taylor, Beaumont Tommie Tod Thomas, Austin Lois Renee Thrasher, Longview Ann Josephine Watson, Amarillo Sylvia Willey, San Antonio Barbara Ann Wright, San Antonio Betty Jane Wright, San Antonio Top Row: Hullum, James, Johnson, Jordan, Kendall, Kerr, Knight. Second Row: Latham, Laws, Lutz, McCullough, Mon- drik, M. L. Moore, Morris, Muckleroy. Third Row: Mugford, Murph, Nichols, Nixon, Phelps, Plettner, Puig, Raimond. Fourth Row: Reed, Roberts, Robertson, Rosser, Ryd- berg, Sandahl, Sanguinet, Scharfenberg. Fifth Row: Schmitz, Schneider, Sprong, Sunkel, Sweat- man, J. Taylor, K. Taylor, M. Taylor. Sixth Row: Vernon, Wade, White, Willey, Wood, Word, B. A. Wright, B. J. Wright. Top Row: Alexander, Anderson, Byrd, Cantwell, Carr. Second Row: Carson, Bloyd, Couch, Donovan, Fendley. Third Row: Fulenwider, Fulkerson, Gatlin, Henderson, Hoffie. Fourth Row: Karpos, Kelliher, Knaggs, LaRue, Lassberg. MEMBERS Willis Washington Barton, Jr., Garrison William Martin Byrd, San Antonio William C. Cantwell, Menard John Daniel Carr, Austin Ralph Vaughn Carson, Houston William Preston Cloyd, Jr., Houston Reed Collins, Big Spring John Wesley Davidson, Wichita Falls John Carl Donovan, Houston Jerry Fulenwider, Uvalde Edward Herbert Gatlin, Jr., Athens Robert Wilkin Gerrard, Houston Frank Hutchins Gregg, Austin William Everett Hart, Athens Jackie Hollis Henderson, Houston George Toney Karpos, Uvalde Jay Frank Kinsel, Beaumont Albert Urbahn Knaggs, Cotulla Joe Thomas LaRue, Athens Hilmar John Lassberg, Austin James Donald Llewellyn, Fort Worth John Ewart McConnell, Houston Robert Baylor Matlock, Floresville James Grant Meador, Jacksonville Carl Crawford Mengden, Houston Kenneth Aimer Meserve, Jr., Dallas Philemon Peter Moss, Houston Symmes Chadwick Oliver, Kerrville Patrick Henry Power, Carrizo Springs Thomas Schneider, Austin Jimmy Ray Smith, Big Spring Robert Leslie Surles, Houston Lewis Taber Sweet, Jr., Dallas Bobby Jack Tanner, Grand Prairie Walter Weakley Watson, Jr., Brownwood Richard Allyn Wheat, Houston Theodore Davis Whiteford, Houston PAGE 250 FACULTY VENTON L. DOUGHTIE, Chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering CHARLES ELMER ROWE, Professor of Drawing OS CAR BROWN WILLIAMS, Chairman of the Department of Bacteriology Fall WILLIAM MARTIN BYRD . PHILEMON PETER Moss . JERRY FULENWIDER . ROBERT WILKIN GERRARD WILLIAM PRESTON CLOYD, JR. JOHN CARL DONOVAN OFFICERS Alpha . Beta Gamma Delta . Epsilon Zeta Spring THEODORE DAVIS WHITEFORD ROBERT BAYLOR MATLOCK JOE THOMAS LARUE JERRY FULENWIDER JOHN EWART McCoNNELL WALTER WEAKLEY WATSON, JR. PLEDGES Tom Irvin Alexander, Houston Henry Monroe Anderson, Houston Cecil Redding Couch, Jr., Dallas Francis Tarrant Fendley, Jr., Houston Perry John Fulkerson, Dallas William Joe Graves, Uvalde Walter Paul Hoffie, Houston Fredrick Richard Jones, Texas City Thomas George Kelliher, Jr., Houston Thomas Peter McConn, Houston Edward Munn O ' Dell, Dallas Wallace Lionel Pellerin, Galveston Michael Arlen Reid, Houston Charles Everett Smith, Athens Charles Robert Smith, Rotan James N. Suttles, Houston Bob Jon White, Dallas Top Row: Llewellyn, McConn, McConnell, Matlock, Meserve. Second Row: Moss, O ' Dell, Pellerin, Power, Reid. Third Row: C. E. Smith, C. R. Smith, Surles, Suttles, Sweet. Fourth Row: Tanner, Watson, Wheat, White, White- ford. ll H To {ou;: Adams, Agnew, Anderson, Andricks, Await, Bailey, Baker. Second Row: Bates, Beatty, Beall, Beard, Berkman, Bihn, Bills. Third Row. Blades, Boguskie, Bonnet, Booth, Brooks, Burr, Chadwell. Fourth Row: Corwin, Craig, Crockett, Davis, Dia- mond, Easley, Flippen. Fifth Row: Freund, Galloway, Garrison, Gieseke, Gray, Guest, Harrison, Hartley. Sixth Row: Harwell, Hippard, Hoffman, Ingerson, Ingwersan, Jenness, A. Johnson, D. Johnson. - MEMBERS Marion Teresa Adams, Corpus Christ! Emily Ann Agnew, Austin Grace Elizabeth Await, Dallas Jane Miller Bailey, Port Arthur Mary Louise Baker, Fort Worth Lois Elizabeth Bates, San Antonio Martha Ann Beall, Jacksonville Frances Ruth Bell, Houston Janet Lu Berkman, Austin Betty Madge Bills, Beeville Bonnie Lynnette Blades, Houston Elizabeth Hamilton Bonnet, San Antonio Vivienne Boswell, Fort Worth Norma Ruth Brooks, Houston Nancy Ann Chadwell, San Antonio Connie Arden Craig, Corpus Christi Frances Starr Davis, Nacogdoches Sue Virginia Easley, San Antonio Jane Flinn, Cameron Patricia Love Folmar, Austin Mary Antoinette Freund, Austin Margaret Mary Fulton, Lake Charles, La. Jacqueline Garrison, Fort Worth Alice Elaine Gieseke, Beaumont Marcia Gray, San Antonio Ann Kathcrine Guest, Fort Worth Elaine Elizabeth Harrell, San Antonio Jean Carol Hartley, Riverside, 111. Elizabeth Louise Henderson, Lufkin Nancy Jean Hippard, Houston Mary Margaret Hogg, Dallas Tomadell Jenness, Cameron Amy lone Johnson, San Antonio Douglas Ann Johnson, Dallas Marcia Elinor Johnson, Houston Maydee Lue Johnson, Fort Worth Doris Louise Koppen, Fort Worth Faye June Ledlow, San Antonio Shirley Margaret Long, Austin Delores McCarrick, San Antonio Mary Ann McWhorter, Port Arthur Martha Ann Martin, Parsons, Kan. Carol Louise Moak, Port Arthur Rose Marie Morris, Dallas Lois Diane Moyer, La Marque Nancy Ann Nichols, Navasota Ethel Elizabeth O ' Bannon, College Station Marylyn Perkins, Rusk Bettye Rawland, Cleburne Anita Reed, Dallas Caroline Roberts, Lufkin Martha Ann Rosborough, Tyler Jo Ann Sanders, Orange Dorothy Gene Smith, El Paso Kay Juanita Smith, Bryan Beth Smyth, Houston Beverly Smyth, Houston Virginia Browning Spell, McAllen Mary Ann Thurman, Fort Worth Donnell Joan Webb, Fort Worth Loretta Jean Wesley, Austin Ann Wilson Williams, Houston Ruth Andrelle Williamson, Austin Jayne Louise Winslow, Houston Peggy Wolff, San Antonio Lucy Ruth Wommack, Lubbock Ann Lourine Woodruff, Austin Alma Claire Wright, Lufkin Barbara Youmans, Beaumont PAGE 252 FACULTY DOROTHY AYRES, Administrative Assistant, College of Business Administration Fall BEVERLY SMYTH MARY ANTOINETTE FREUND DON NELL JOAN WEBB MARCIA ELINOR JOHNSON VIRGINIA BROWNING SPELL MARTHA ANN ROSBOROUGH Shirley Jane Anderson, Des Moines, Iowa Dee Ann Andricks, San Antonio Marietta Beard, Taft Barbara Beatty, San Antonio Beverly Elaine Bihn, San Antonio Janis Lillian Boguskie, Hearne Rie Charlotte Booth, Taylor Barbara Eve Burr, Austin Dorothy Mae Campbell, Dallas Mary Robin Corwin, Austin Janie Crawford, Little Rock, Ark. Barbara Crockett, Port Arthur Louise Diamond, Russellville, Ala. Judith Jule Ehman, Houston Carol Ann Fischer, Cuero Sue Flippen, Coleman Nan Carolyn Fussell, Bryan OFFICERS President .... First V ice-President . Second V ice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer .... PLEDGES Patricia Ann Galloway, Dallas Sandra Kay Gingrich, Seguin Bobbie Ann Harrison, Amarillo Freeda Alene Harwell, Colorado City Frances Lorina Hoffman, San Antonio Mary Louise Holt, Waco Mary Zoe Ingerson, Chevy Chase, Md. Sonya Ann Ingwersan, Port Arthur Barbara Ann LeFlore, San Antonio Lynn Elizabeth Lloyd, Houston Loretta Louise Lowry, Austin Jo Ann Mays, Dallas Carol Emily (Teddy) McGee, Waxahachie Marion Frances Moberly, Corpus Christi Shirley Joan Nordyke, Bay City Nancy Ann O ' Brien, Dallas Marily n Pope, Tyler Spring BETH SMYTH AMY IONE JOHNSON CAROL L. MOAK ANN ROSBOROUGH FRANCES STARR DAVIS TOMADELL JENNESS Sue Ragsdale, Dallas Emily Moore Reaves, Houston Carolyn Ann Reid, Bryan Joan Kay Russell, Kilgore Cynthia Sadler, Gatesville Wilma Agnes Sandel, Beeville Frances Scott, Beaumont Frances Pauline Shaller, Canadian Ida Lanette Sherman, Dallas Joann King Spell, McAllen Dorothy P. Spriggs, College Station Betty Ann Thompson, Borger Phyllis Maurine Vagtborg, San Antonio Donna Mae Williamson, Austin Barbara Caroline Winkler, Upper Montclair, N. J. Top Row: Maydee Johnson, Koppen, Ledlow, LeFlore, Lloyd, Long, Lowry. Second Row: McGee, McWhorter, Mays, Moak, Nichols, O ' Bannon, O ' Brien. Third Row: Ragsdale, Rawland, Reaves, Reed, Reid, Roberts, Rosborough. Fourth Row: Russell, Sadler, Sandel, Sanders, Scott, Sherman, Smith. Fifth Row: Beth Smyth, Beverly Smyth, Spell, Thomp- son, Thurman, Vagtborg, Wesley, Williams. Sixth Row: R. Williamson, Winkler, Winslow, Wolff, Wommack, Woodruff, Wright, Youmans. Top Row: Anderson, Andrus, Beal, Bicl, Blomberg, Blue, Bourdon. Second Row: Boyd, Calkins, Catterton, Chapman, Charlier, Claiborne, Coe. Third Row: Collins, Corder, Crabtree, Crawford, Cul- lum, Dalehite, Davidson. Fourth Row: Dowell, Ewing, Fielding, Fullerton, Gann, Gardner, Goodman. Fifth Row: Gray, Gregg, Guthrie, Guynes, M. A. Hall- man, Ham, Hampton. Sixth Row: Harkleroad, Henry, Hickerson, Holmgreen, Huser, Hyltin. fl Mary Jean Andrus, Alice Katherine Elaine Blomberg, Dallas Merry Tom Blue, San Antonio Dolores Blumentritt, Houston Virginia Boyd, Tyler Mildred Sue Chapman, San Antonio June Ellen Charlier, Austin Sue Marlene Coe, Kilgore Louella Alice Collins, Dallas Virginia Dalehite, Houston Doris Marie Davidson, Houston Evelyn Dean, Plainview Caroline Dowell, McKinney Barbara Ann Ewing, Mercedes Sally Fielding, Dallas Louise Gayer, San Angelo Joan Gray, Houston Mary Evelyn Gregg, Kyle Mary Shirley Groseclose, San Angelo Frances Mary Guthrie, Houston MEMBERS Joe Ann Guynes, Houston Martha Ann Hallman, Temple Betty Lou Ham, Austin Marilyn Faynette Hampton, Dallas Mary Frances Henry, Texarkana Shirley Ann Holmgreen, Bryan Ruthanne Huser, Joplin, Mo. Jo Ann Hyltin, Austin Mary Lu Joynes, Waco Joan Beverly Kaufman, San Antonio Charlotte Kiper, Austin Joyce Ann Krenek, Taylor Elizabeth Ladon, San Antonio Carol Amelia Lang, Jacksonville Dorothy Jean Lang, Mercedes Janet Lee, Austin Mary Ann McLandrich, Alice Maurine Elizabeth Mitchell, San Antonio Betty L. Napier, College Station Jean Anne Neal, Austin Jane Elizabeth Neill, Sonora Barbara Elaine Nelson, Amarillo Mary Claire Noble, Houston Vivian Dolores Orr, Kerrville Elizabeth Ann Pratt, San Antonio Marion Jo Prino, Galveston Dolores Antoinette Russell, Kilgore Bobbie Gene Sherwood, Kilgore Jeanette Smith, Floresville Carolyn Elizabeth Spearman, San Antonio Lucy Elaine Strauch, San Antonio Helen Louise Timpson, San Antonio Revill Ann Wainwright, Houston Beverly June Webber, Odessa Yvonne Williamson, Terrell Frances Jane Winters, San Antonio Margie Jayne Word, Austin PAOE 254 FACULTY FRANCES H. CRAWFORD, Assistant Professor of Physical Training for Women LEAH JONES GREGG, Assistant Professor of Physical Training for Women ANNA Hiss, Director of Physical Training for Women CORA MERRIMAN MARTIN, Professor of Elementary Education SHEILA MAY O ' GARA, Assistant Professor of Physical Training for Women Fall JOAN BEVERLY KAUFMAN SUE MARLENE COE . MARILYN FAYNETTE HAMPTON MARGIE JAYNE WORD OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring CAROLINE DOWELL ELIZABETH LADON REVILL ANN WAIN WRIGHT DORIS MARIE DAVIDSON 6 I Nancy Ellen Anderson, Houston Priscilla Beal, Midland Gretchen Berkey, San Antonio Marilyn Biel, Austin Marjorie Janice Bourdon, Houston Carolyn Ruth Bralton, Del Rio Carita Joan Calkins, Austin Jaynet Catterton, Amarillo Marilyn Eliza Claiborne, Charlotte Dorothy Corder, Burnet Nancy Crabtree, Dallas Nancy H. Crawford, Austin Norrna Jean Crow, San Antonio Conoly Cullum, Dallas Sue Ann Fullerton, Taylor PLEDGES Marilyn Gann, Trinity Cynthia Gardner, Fort Worth Patsy Jean Goodman, San Antonio Jo Ann Guisinger, Dallas Joy Guyton, Midland Martha Janice Hallman, Tyler Mary Emily Harkleroad, Amarillo Mary Lee Harris, Fort Worth Ann Hickerson, College Station Colleen Kahlich, Weimar Suzanne Kerr, Austin Ellen Ann Korth, San Antonio Carol Krueger, Austin Mary Joan Lansford, Kilgore Anna Maria Lassberg, Austin Janet Lee McKinney, Baytown Emily Louise Martin, Dallas Norma Anne Pirtle, Pampa Barbara Jean Powers, Corsicana Helen Rast, Kilgore Marshalyn Roach, Alice Dade Ann Ross, Del Rio Mary Evelyn Rubarth, Austin Mary Jane Scott, Coleman Nancy K. Shields, Roscoe Nancy Teague, Snyder Janilyn Sue Webber, Odessa Melba Welsh, Corpus Christi Suzanne Wright, Encino Jean Alice Wynn, Austin Top Row: Joynes, Kahlich, Kaufman, Kiper, Korth, Krenek, Krueger. Second Row: Ladon, D. Lang, Lansford, Lassberg, Lee, McKinney, McLandrich. Third Row: Martin, Mitchell, Napier, Neill, Nelson, Orr, Pirtle. Fourth Row: Powers, Pratt, Prino, Rast, Ross, Russell, Scott. Fifth Row: Sherwood, Shields, Smith, Strauch, Teague, Timpson. Sixth Row: Wainwright, B. Webber, Welsh, Winters, Word, Wright. Y . ' 1 i i immt m f r " Top floai: Allen, Armstrong, Austin, Bailey, Bceler, Bosley. Second Row: Bullock, Carrington, M. Chancy, Cochran, Cunningham, M. Davis. Third Row: Dewar, Dickinson, Ferguson, Gambrell, Gearner, Gerber. Fourth Row: Gilbert, Goldsmith, Graber, Green, P. Gregory, R. Gregory. Fifth Row: Harden, Haynes, Hill, Hoff, Hoyt, Johnson. George Nelson Allen, Jr., Houston Richard Buckner Austin, Dallas Frank Rose Bailey, Jr., Essex Falls, N. J. Lawrence Phil Blanchard, Austin Charles Estill Bludworth, San Angelo Lon Wilson Bosley, Galveston Charles Anthony Buckley, San Antonio Malcolm Dua ' ne Bullock, Dallas Robert J. Bushick, San Antonio Josef Caldwell, Garland Clifford Gene Campbell, Nacogdoches Paul DeWitt Carrington, Dallas Martin Hester Chancy, Austin Richard Lowry Chancy, Austin Lament Martin Cochran, Seattle, Wash. John Dunlap Crawford, Dallas Charles Eddy Cunningham, Fort Worth Tom Lorenzo Dennis, Port Arthur Royce Weldon Faulkner, Austin William Harold Ferguson, Graham John William Gainer, Jr., Austin Aubrey Douglas Gearner, Jr., Dallas Frederick Leake Gerlach, Abilene Al H. German, Midland Edwin Fischer Gilbert, Austin MEMBERS Clifford Ray Goldsmith, Dallas William James Graber, III, Beaumont Eugene Lee Green, Dallas Robert Kirk Gregory, McCamey William Carter Grinstead, Jr., Houston Thad Harold Harden, El Paso William McGregor Harris, Houston William Barnes Hoff, Jr., Austin Elbert Hooper, Jr., Austin Thomas Jackson Hoyt, Fort Worth Hubert Holmes Ingraham, Jr., Abilene Richard James Vaughan Johnson, Houston Thomas McKinley Johnson, Jr., Del Rio Charles Cleveland Kinney, Austin George William Lacey, Jr., Austin Robert Paul Landes, Houston George Sidney McCall, Austin John Jerry McCorkle, Port Arthur John Mark McLaughlin, Snyder William Otto Milburn. Austin Kenneth Lee Montford, Graham Adolphus Donald Moore, Jr., Beaumont Edward Clifford Nott, Jr., Abilene John Ford Oglesb y, Mertzon Frank Alton Packard, Dallas Henry Albert Perry, Dallas Paul Wayne Peterson, Dallas Ben Hamille Procter, Austin James Horton Pruett, El Paso Nolan Queen, Jr., Weatherford Rawland Leon Scott, Gainesville Charles Van Dyke Shaw, Austin Johnny Wilbur Shriver, Austin David Harry Stephens, Austin Sterling Wallace Steves, Baytown Mack Stoeltje, Beaumont William Scott Swearingen, Austin Jack Rice Turner, Austin John Harrison Tyler, Austin Samuel Henry Vester, Jr., Port Arthur Charles Fisher White, Baytown Peter Nelson Wiggins, III, Dallas Frank Holland Williams, Jr., San Antonio Jerry James Wilson, Abilene Wynant Stone Wilson, Dallas Harry Kiesler Wright, Houston Thomas Oliver York, Childersburg, Ala. PAGE 2S6 FACULTY DANA X. BIBLE, Athletic Director THOMAS PERRIN HARRISON, Professor of English Fall CLIFFORD RAY GOLDSMITH OFFICER House-manager Spring FRANK ALTON PACKARD PLEDGES Richard Rhoades Armstrong, Roswell, N. M. Alan LaVern Bean, Fort Worth Ralph Frederick Beeler, Jr., Houston William Dana Bible, Austin William Baynard Calhoun, Jr., Grand Prairie Morgan Jefferson Davis, Jr., Houston Neal Davis, Jr., Houston Jack D. Deaver, Houston Robert Lee Dewar, San Antonio Travis Ray Dickinson, Odessa Ewing Kalteyer Evans, San Antonio Thomas Ross Gambrell, Lockhart George Willard Gearner, Dallas Charles Warren Genthner, Dallas Thomas Clark Gerber, New Braunfels Philip Gordon Gregory, McCamey Charlton Wells Hadden, Houston James Donald Haynes, Odessa Paul Stevens Hill, Jr., San Benito Gilpin Hunter, Dallas Don MacGraw, Abilene Robert K. MacMordie, Fort Worth Donn Stewart Noland, Abilene John M. Page, Austin Albert Wesly Parker, Houston Bruce Parker Pike, Fort Worth Murphy Townsend Scurry, Houston James Samuel Swearingen, Jr., Austin Robert Benson White, Baytown Tom Finley Willison, Palestine Charles Craig Woodson, Brownwood George Arthur Yonge, Abilene Top Row: Lacey, Landes, McCorkle, McLaughlin, Montfort, Moore. Second Row: Noland, Nott, Packard, Page, Parker, Petersen. Third R ow: Pike, Pruett, Queen, Scott, Scurry, Shaw. Fourth Row: Stoeltje, J. Swearingen, Turner, Vester, Willison, J. Wilson. Fifth Row: W. Wilson, Woodson, Wright, Yonge, York. Top Row: Abrams, J. Aronson, Bagelman, Herman, Blatt, Chesnick. Second Row: Clark, I. Cohen, M. Cohen, Danziger, Dimand, Donn. Third Row: Drilling, Eisen, Fabricant, Farb, Finkel- stein, Forman. Fourth Row: J. Friedman, R. Friedman, Geller, Gil- bert, Ciller, L. Goldstein. Fifth Row: Grenader, Guez, Harris, Hoppenstein, Jacobs, Kirsh. MEMBERS Benita Ablin, Dallas Jeanne Louise Aronson, Waco Faye Berman, Birmingham, Ala. Marilyn Claire Blatt, Dallas Sally Ann Chesnick, Victoria Pauline Cohn, Port Arthur Nancy Beth Danziger, Corpus Christi Natalie Cecile Eisen, Beaumont Doris May Forman, Galveston Golda C. Geller, Houston Martha Lee Harelik, Hamilton Naomi Jean Hoppenstein, Waco Renee Elaine Horwitz, Port Arthur Eleanor Jean Jacobs, Stafford Arlene R. Kay, Galveston Adele Li ppmann, Texas City Marlene Etnei Marcovitch, Wharton Barbara M. Oster, Dallas Betty Lee Pells, Denver, Colo. Helen Rachofsky, Dallas Helen E. Rosenberg, El Paso Joyce Rae Rosenberg, Brady Phyllis Louise Rosenberg, El Paso Lorraine Sanov, Gladewater Betty Joyce Segal, Dallas Sidney Jean Siegel, Paris Beatrice M. Simon, Bay City Natalie Smith, Richmond Sora Lei Ungerman, Dallas Irene Wyde, Port Arthur PACE 258 Fall PHYLLIS LOUISE ROSENBERG JOYCE RAE ROSENBERG NATALIE CECILE EISEN . DORIS MAY FORMAN OFFICERS Regina . Vice-Regina Secretary Treasurer Spring PHYLLIS LOUISE ROSENBERG JOYCE RAE ROSENBERG NATALIE CECILE EISEN DORIS MAY FORMAN PLEDGES Doris Lynne Abrams, Brookhaven, Miss. Charlotte Ruth Aronson, Waco Joan Bagelman, Port Arthur Ruth Joy Benson, Dallas Marlene Joy Clark, Galveston I ram Jean Cohen, Nashville, Tenn. Maxine Cohen, El Paso Carolyn Jewell Dimand, Memphis, Tenn. Peggy Ellen Donn, Austin Joan Drilling, Dallas Dvora Farb, Texas City Sybil Fabricant, Denver, Colo. Louise Dean Finkelstein, Hutchinson, Kan. Annette Abra Fargotstein, Galveston Joyce Frances Friedman, El Paso Rose Margot Friedman, Dallas Carole Serene Gilbert, Dallas Aylene Ciller, Dallas Elsie Goldfine, Orange Louise Goldstein, Dallas Shirley Rosilyn Goldstein, Dallas Hannah Goren, Dallas Pearl Grenader, Houston Betty Guez, El Paso Janet Sue Harris, Dallas Mariam Heifetz, Corpus Christi Sandra Ellen Holtzman, Brownsville Celia Estelle Kirsh, Tulsa, Okla. Jan Klapper, Tulsa, Okla. Joan Krupp, Houston Marian Charlotte Leiman, Dallas Shirley Elaine Lynn, Waco Rhita Marlene Merson, Houston Doris Miller, San Antonio Dolly Ruth Moskowitz, Baytown Lois Nanette Munves, Dallas Marshe Mutchnick, Mobile, Ala. Mona Ray Robinowitz, Houston Renee Romick, Dallas Monica Segal, Houston Marilyn Sue Shapiro, Dallas Marjorie Ann Shocket, Little Rock, Ark. Reva Lee Siegel, Houston Elaine Faye Smith, Laramie, Wyo. Molly Ann Tiras, Houston Rowena Mae Ungerman, Tulsa, Okla. Eleanor Ruth Waldman, Houston Margie Bea Zablotsky, Taylor Top Row: Klapper, Krupp, Leiman, Lippmann, Lynn, Marcovitch. Second Row: Merson, Miller, Moskowitz, Munves, Mutchnick, Oster. Third Row: Pells, Rachofsky, Robinowitz, Romick, H. Rosenberg, J. Rosenberg. Fourth Row: P. Rosenberg, B. Segal, Shapiro, Shocket, R. Siegel, Simon. Fifth Row: E. Smith, N. Smith, Tiras, R. Ungerman, S. Ungerman, Wyde. Top Row: Bain, Bowdry, Brewster, Casto, E. Collins. Second Row: J. Collins, Crow, J. Davis, N. Davis, Dold. Third Row: Dusck, Ferguson, Froebel, Gouse, Henley, Hilyard. Fourth Row: Ingram, Johnson, Jones, Kirkland, Lane, Linden. Jesse Leonard Bain, Jr., Waco William Perrin Bowdry, III, Dallas Earldean Martin Collins, Fort Worth Jodean Thornton Collins, Fort Worth James Walter Crow, Austin John Powell Davis, Marquez Bill Morrow Fairchild, Austin Donald Olda Ferguson, Pleasanton Fred M. Gouse, Jr., Dallas Tom Herbert Green, Maple Heights , Ohio William Richard Henley, Fort Worth Orrin Lionel Hilyard, Fort Worth William Chesley Hughes, Austin Jack William Ingram, Jr., Arlington John Buford Johnson, Fort Worth Charles Hal Jones, III, Austin Samuel Hartman Lane, Jr., Austin Lloyd Edward Loftis, Dallas Bob Eugene McCarley, Denison Bob Allen McCleskey, Seven Sisters MEMBERS Richard Eugene McCracken, Pasadena, Calif. Richard E. McKaughan, Jr., Houston Joseph Pinkney Mathews, Brownwood James Waddell May, Austin Kent Oakley Moore, San Antonio William Otis Murray, Dallas Arthur Orin Newman, Jr., Brownwood John Thomas Pirkle, Houston Chester Matthews Pittsford, Austin Carl Hampton Quebedeaux, Conroe Patrick Ned Reagan, Dallas Franklin Benjamin Skrivanek, Houston Hugh James Smith, Victoria Hubert Richardson Stewart, Jr., Port Arthur Walt M. Stischer, San Antonio David Rutherford Thomas, Denison Tom Louis Tyler, Austin Don Roger Wenig, Lamesa Frank Thomas Woodall, Jr., Pasadena PAGE 260 FACULTY JOHN COATES, Instructor in Business Law ARTHUR H. DEEM, Professor of Geology JAMES C. HARVEY, Teaching Fellow in History ANDREW J. McCROCKLiN, JR., Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering EDWARD TABORSKY, Professor of Government HARRY ULLUM, Teaching Fellow in Speech Fall DAVID R. THOMAS . JAMES WALTER CROW . ORRIN LIONEL HILYARD JOSEPH PINKNEY MATHEWS OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring DAVID R. THOMAS JAMES WALTER CROW ORRIN LIONEL HILYARD JOSEPH PINKNEY MATHEWS PLEDGES William Brewster, Jr., Austin John Thomas Brown, Skokie, 111. David D. Casto, Millett Nat H. Davis, Conroe Robert Bettis Dold, Poteet Gene Doring, Dallas Ted Henry Dusek, Dallas E. Charles Froebel, Brenham Charles Patrick Kirkland, Edmond, Okla. Richard Allen Linden, Austin Wayne Wallace McConnel, Dallas Paul Laurence McDill, Palestine Jack Fowler Noble, Sherman William Alexander Plummer, San Antonio John Laidley Strayhorn, Tulsa, Okla. Kenyon F. Wilkinson, San Antonio Top Row: Loftis, McCarley, McCleskey, McCracken, Mathews. Second Row: May, Moore, Murray, Newman, Noble, Pittsford. Third Row: Plummer, Reagan, Skrivanek, Smith, Stewart, Stischer. Fourth Row: Strayhorn, Thomas, Tyler, Wenig, Wilk- inson, Woodall. Top Row. Abercrombie, E. Agnew, H. Agnew, Alter, Baskin, Bell, Bennett. Second Row: Blackstock, Boswell, Brodnax, Buckley, Byrd, Cawthron, Chandler. Third Row: Collins, Groom, Culver, Cusenbary, East- land, Eastridge, Eckert. Fourth Row: Finch, Gerhardt, German, Glidden, Gonsoulin, Goodman, Hammock. Fifth Row: Housewright, Immel, Jackson, Jamar, Kutz r, A. Lamb, T. Lamb, Ledbetter. Edwin Lewis Agnew, Dallas Hall Wayne Agnew, Austin Claiborne Murray Bell, Paris John Ballard Bennett, Weslaco David Theobalt Blackstock, Austin William Donald Bonham, Navasota Sam Penn Boswell, San Benito Bunch King Brittain, Austin John Robert Brodnax, Houston Paul Anthony Buckley, Austin William Weldon Byrd, Nacogdoches Bailey Mack Cawthron, Austin Jerry Terrill Chandler, Austin Carroll Wright Collins, Fort Worth Samuel Gaston Groom, Houston Joe Howard Culver, Austin Charles Lee Cusenbary, Sonora Donald Eastland, Hillsboro Kenneth Eugene Eastridge, Houston John Sanford Edwards, Arlington MEMBERS Howell Mallory Finch, Austin James Stuart Fuller, Port Arthur Robert Kenneth German, Dallas Jess Grimes Hammock, Jr., Houston Joe Bob Jamar, Fort Worth John Francis Kutzer, Jr., Boerne Arthur V. Lamb, Houston William Burton Larsen, Natchitoches, La. Frank Beverly Lloyd, Alice Robert David McGee, Waxahachie Robert Gordon Mickey, Austin Paul Covey Mohr, Scottsbluff, Neb. Tom Rush Moody, Houston Henry Trumbill Moore, Los Angeles, Calif. Douglas Johnson Nelson, Houston Richard Gar-field Nemmer, Waco Oral Wayne Ogden, Sonora George Marion Penn, Hillsboro William Albert Penn, Austin Robert C. Pope, Washington, D. C. Alphonso Ragland, III, Dallas Cruger Smith Ragland, Dallas Michael Bennett Raine, Amarillo Henry Gorman Ritchie, Taft Daniel Richard Rogers, Dalhart John Lawton Stone, San Juan Wesley Randall Strahan, Lamesa Gwynn Alvin Teague, Brownwood Gardner Thomas, Jr., Brownwood Harry Negus Thomas, Brownwood Murph Napoleon Thorp, Big Spring Carlos Richard Walker, Luling Claude Madison Weaver, II, Waco James Michael Welch, Corpus Christi Conrad Plitt Werkenthin, Austin David Harrell Williams, Austin Richard Peter Williamson, Galveston PAGE 262 FACULTY JENT WHEELER KENNAN, Guest Professor of Composition WILLIAM W. NEWCOMB, JR., Instructor in Anthropology Fall ROBERT GORDON MICKEY . ROBERT KENNETH GERMAN TOM RUSH MOODY WILLIAM DONALD BONHAM OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring P. RICHARD WILLIAMSON, III DONALD EASTLAND HENRY T. MOORE, JR. WILLIAM DONALD BONHAM e Charles Terry Abercrombie, Dublin David Ritner Alter, Kapaa Kavai, Hawaii William G. Baskin, Austin James Martin Byrd, Nacogdoches Roland Edmund Dahlin, Dallas Wayne Engelhardt Dear, Austin Travis Allan Eckert, Austin James Eastman Gerhardt, San Antonio John Bryan Glidden, Houston Dewey Jude Gonsoulin, Houston Owen Dale Goodman, Dallas Robert Taylor Herrin, Houston PLEDGES Joe Tipton Housewright, San Benito John Lewis Immel, Corpus Christi Robert William Jackson, Beaumont Thomas Patrick Lamb, Houston William Joseph Laughlin, Houston Melvin Newman Ledbetter, Waco Jack N. Little, Big Spring Francis Ruple McCauley, Houston William Louis Marr, Galveston Harry Lee Martin, Jr., Houston George Edward Nowotny, Jr., New Braunfels David A. Owen, Athens Brian Alvin Perkins, Fort Worth David Graham Pfeiffer, Dallas Robert Adrian Rasmussen, Kerrville Curtis Bush Roberts, Beaumont William Weldon Satterwhite, Lamesa H. Gilson Scurlock, Dallas Edward Robert Simmen, Galveston Wendell Lee Strahan, Lamesa John Panhorst Wymer, Houston Howard Leslie York, Waco Top Row: McCauley, Marr, Martin, Mickey, Mohr, Moody, Moore. Second Row: Nemmer, Nowotny, Ogden, Owen, W. Penn, G. Penn, A. Ragland. Third Row: C. Ragland, Raine, Ritchie, Roberts, Rogers, Scurlock, Simmen. Fourth Row: Stone, W. L. Strahan, W. R. Strahan, Teague, G. Thomas, H. Thomas, Thorp. Fifth Row: Walker, Weaver, Welch, Werkenthin, Wil- liams, Williamson, Wymer, York. Top Row: Adair, Baccus, R. Baker, Bellah. Second Row: Bishop, Blackburn, Buffler, Colwick. Third Row: DeStefano, Dow, Edminston, Gilmer. Fourth Row: Hargrove, Holubec, Jackson. MEMBERS Henry Lee Baccus, Piano Max Bellah, Canyon Martin Joseph DeStefano, Hearne Melvin Gene Dow, Wink David Crockett Edmiston, Lufkin Charles Eugene Gilmer, Gainesville William Robert Hargrove, Freeport Cleo James Holubec, LaGrange Homer Herbert Jackson, Jr., San Antonio Duncan Allen Lawshae, Maracaibo, Venezuela William Lum Lirette, Baytown James Royal Lusk, Waco William George Mecklenburg, Newgulf William Edwards Morgan, Jr., Laredo Hugh Oscar Peebles, Kountze James Alvin Peters, Roanoke, Va. Jackson Gershom Pinkerton, Junction James Earle Shamblin, San Antonio James Crosby Stevens, Tyler John Robert Stockton, Jr., Austin Kenneth Jackson Thornton, Haskell George Claude Villarreal, Laredo Sergio Isidore Villarreal, Laredo PAOE 264 DELTA UPSILON FACULTY W. H. BROWNFIELD, Instructor in Psychology KARL M. DALLENBACH, Instructor in Psychology CHARLES H. HOLZWARTH, Instructor in Germanic Languages PARKER C. FIELDER, Assistant Law Professor THAD WEED RIKER, Professor of European History ROLAND G. ROESSNER, Instructor in Architecture P. J. PICCARD, Instructor in Government HARRY SKINNER, Instructor in Civil Engineering A. P. WINSTON, Instructor in Marketing Fall MELVIN GENE Dow . JOHN ROBERT STOCKTON WILLIAM LUM LIRETTE . KENNETH JACKSON THORNTON OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring HENRY LEE BACCUS JAMES CROSBY STEVENS WILLIAM LUM LIRETTE WILLIAM ROBERT HARGROVE Richard Fraine Adair, Havana, Cuba Peter Anthony Baker, San Antonio Robert Paul Baker, Freeport Donald Mac Bishop, Dalhart James Arthur Blackburn, Wink Charles Rogers Buffler, Austin PLEDGES Harold Douglas Colwick, Dickinson Don Gordon Frydell, Austin Ralph Edward Haygood, Texas City Charles Eric Jones, Austin Walter Herman Mathews, Dalhart Jerry Frank Moffitt, Dallas Irvin Harris Nelson, Amarillo Robert O ' Conor, Laredo James H. Peeples, Amarillo Tom Lythe Schneider, San Antonio Allen Louis Stilley, Freeport John Ray Winder, Gainesville Top Row: Jones, Lawshae, Lirette, Lusk. Second Row: Mecklenburg, Morgan, Nelson, Peebles. Third Row: Peeples, Peters, Schneider, Shamblin. Fourth Row: Stockton, S. Villarreal, Winder. Top Row: Abrego, Andercon, Bachemin, Baillio. Berry Billingsley. Second Row: Brooks, Brown, Bunch, Burleigh, Camp Claeys. Third Row: Collette, Cook, Craven, Crawford Dech- man, Dobbs. Fourth Row: Dreyer, Durrenberger, Eastman, Edwards, Fairbanks, Farrington. Fifth Row: Feigle, Flato, Fletcher, Forrest, Goode Harrington. Sara Ann Abrego, Houston Dorothea Elizabeth Bachemin, Houston Marilyn Janice Baker, Shreveport, La. Barbara Ann Berry, Houston Betty Yolande Bellinger, Alice Ara Virginia Brooks, Houston Patricia Louise Burleigh, Austin Mary Jacquelyn Camp, Austin Dorothy Jean Campbell, Rockport Jean Emily Claeys, McAllen Ann Collette, Houston Carol Cook, Houston Janis Marie Dechman, Fort Worth Mary Kathreen Dobbs, Fort Worth Mary Elda Dreyer, Houston Dorothy Jane Durrenberger, Houston Martha Ann Eastman, Port Arthur Mary Ann Edwards, Georgetown Eula Bernice Faulk, San Antonio Olivia June Flato, San Antonio Edith Louise Fletcher, Austin Marianna Forrest, Houston Sarah Nell Green, Dallas Frances Marion Haney, Tahoka Ann Kay Harrington, Terrell Patricia Jean Hewitt, Houston Elizabeth Holt, Gruver Helen Joyce Kinney, Austin Sammye Ann Kuhn, Houston Barbara Leonard, Fort Worth Frances Marie LeMond. Austin Lula Margaret McMillen, Amarillo Hazel Annette Maxwell, San Antonio Sara Phyllis Maxwell, San Antonio Jackie Merkley, Texas City June Eleen Mounts, Austin Katherine Dean Newnam, San Antonio Jo Ann Pollock, Houston Shirley Jo Prosser, Conroe Grace Ernestine Ramsower, Mathis Carmen Dolores Saldivar, Dallas Patty Ann Schmidt, Taft Lotha Ann Stephens, Pasadena Valeria Venable, Temple Margaret Elizabeth Wilde, Austin Vira LaDelle Winship, Corpus Christi Shirley Lee Winter, Midland PAGE 266 Fall SHIRLEY LEE WINTE R DOROTHEA BACHEMIN ANNETTE MAXWELL . CAROL COOK .... MARY JACQUELYN CAMP . JACKIE MERKLEY PATRICIA LOUISE BURLEIGH OFFICERS President .... First V ice-President Second V ice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... Historian . Roberta Mae Anderson, San Antonio Barbara Baillio, Victoria Gillis Anne Bienvenu, Opelousas, La. Carole Anne Billingsley, Odessa Barbara Jean Brown, Three Rivers Betty Carolyn Bunch, Austin Deane Aria Craven, Austin Shirley Ann Crawford, Houston Patsy Lee Dillard, Austin Joyce Fairbanks, Pasadena Susan Alice Farrington, Houston Marilyn Jane Feigle, Houston Betty Jean Goode, Austin Davia Hewlett Hawes, Houston Patricia Anne Horkan, Beaumont PLEDGES Spring SHIRLEY LEE WINTER DOROTHEA BACHEMIN ANNETTE MAXWELL CAROL COOK MARY JACQUELYN CAMP JACKIE MERKLEY PATRICIA LOUISE BURLEIGH Elizabeth Anne Kirby, Amarillo Mary Lou Lynch, Bandera Marian Fay Noster, New Braunfels Barbara Joan Peagler, Houston Wayne Dianne Penney, Houston Virginia Ann Percefull, San Antonio Elizabeth Ann Redd, Houston Barbara Ann Sheldon, Houston Geraldine Barbara Steubing, San Antonio Frida Ellen Struve, Campbellton Mary Carolyn Ussery, Austin Jo Ann Warix, Fort Worth Marilyn Jean Warner, Austin Elsie M. Wheeler, Austin Top Row: Hewitt, Holt, Kinney, Kirby, Kuhn, Le- Mond. Second Row: Leonard, Lynch, McMillen, H. Maxwell, S. Maxwell, Merkley. Third Row: Mounts, Newman, Noster, Peagler, Perce- full, Pollock. Fourth Row: Prosser, Ramsower, Saldivar, Schmidt, Sheldon, Stephens. Fifth Row: Steubing, Ussery, Warner, Wheeler, Wilde, Winship, Winter. m lit I Top Row: B. Anderson, M. Anderson, Arisco, Atkins, Autry, Barrett. Second Row: Beall, Boggus, Boyd, Bynum, Caldwell, Carlisle. Third Row: Christie, Clore, Cobb, Costley, Crawford, Crockett. Fourth Row: Damon, Davis, Donan, Dunn, Early, Evans. Fifth Row: Faulk, Fortin, Foster, Gott, Griggs, Haley, Haralson. MEMBERS Marilyn Niel Anderson, Corpus Christi Viola Marie Arisco, Port Arthur Frances Kendall Atkins, Highlands Dorothy Olive Autry, Dallas June Iris Barrett, Houston Evelyn Corinne Beall, Austin Jo Ann Boggus, Austin Dorothy Carolyn Busch, Baytown Angela Bernice Caldwell, Houston Charlotte Elizabeth Carlisle, Kansas City, Mo. Shirley Lee Christie, Wharton Elizabeth Ann Clore, Mercedes Dolores Cecelia Cobb, Hillsboro Madeline Ann Cobb, Hillsboro Flora Annette Costley, Baytown Adele Crawford, Crockett Ann Damon, Bartlesville, Okla. Lillie Marie Daniel, Granger Wesley Jean Evans, Knickerbocker Jo Anne Cecelia Faulk, San Antonio Elaine Foster, Austin Barbara Louise Griggs, Corpus Christi Mary Bain Haralson, Houston Patricia Joan Harp, Houston Dorothy Jean Harris, Henderson Mary Gene Johnson, Houston Patricia Ann Jones, Waco Diana Lee Joseph, Austin Joan Kathleen Mclntyre, Austin Joan Meyer, Seabrook Cornie Marie Miffleton, Llano Betty Jo Mills, Taft Audry June Prince, Austin Patricia Ann Purser, Houston Dixie Faye Rawlings, Houston Virginia Lee Reuthinger, Laredo Barbara Claire Roberts, San Angelo Rosemary Sone, Corpus Christi Sarah Stone, Nocona Sharon Louise Swales, San Antonio Barbara Lee Terrell, Stephenville Florence Edythe Thompson, Atlantic Beach, Fla. Mae Frances Thompson, Atlantic Beach, Fla. Barbara Ann Thurman, Austin Betty Louise Tieken, Austin Agnes Elizabeth Tipton, Brownsville Mary Jane Turner, San Antonio Myrtle Lucille Watkins, Houston Bettye Jo West, Fort Worth Marilyn Whitson, Fort Worth Charmion J. Woodland, Austin Bette Claire Woods, Austin PAOE 268 FACULTY LORENA BAKER, Librarian III HARRIET BLACKSTOCK, Physical Training for Women JANE KERR CHRISTIANSEN, Librarian File Clerk ANN HILL, Reference Librarian LORA LEE PEDERSON, Director of School of Social Work Fall CORNIE MARIE MIFFLETON CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH CARLISLE MARY BAIN HARALSON MARY GENE JOHNSON SHIRLEY LEE CHRISTIE OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Spring MARY BAIN HARALSON BETTE C. WOODS BARBARA LEE TERRELL ANN DAMON MAE FRANCES THOMPSON Nancy Sue Allen, Corpus Christi Berta Myrlene Anderson, San Antonio Cynthia Aimsworth, San Antonio Marilyn Bailey, Houston Elizabeth Ann Barren, Waco Eileen Colette Barry, San Angelo Earlene Barton, Longview Evelyn Marie Boyd, Port Arthur Jo Ann Burroughs, Dallas Mary Elizabeth Bynum, Houston Frances Wayne Crockett, San Antonio Mary Sewall Davis, San Antonio Elizabeth Ann Donan, Port Arthur PLEDGES Alice Elizabeth Dunn, Houston Cassie Ann Early, Wharton Diane Lillian Fortin, Windham, Maine Helen Frances Gott, Brownsville Mary Alicia Haley, San Antonio Mary Florine Harris, San Angelo Nancy Blanton Heinen, Houston Ann Krockman, Dallas Barbara Le Mare, Summit, N. J. Nell Elizabeth MacCracken, Washington, D. C. Dorothy Anne Moore, Crockett Gwendolyn Pearl Moos, Austin Joan Luella Noyes, San Antonio Lola Kathryn Palmer, Baytown Mary Ann Pate, Refugio Amy Harrell Purcell, Navasota Betty Jean Scamardo, Hearne Joyce Elliott Shafer, Mertzon Barbara Jane Smith, Crockett Jane Gilbert Smith, Timpson Betty Jo Taylor, Dallas Helen Laura Thaxton, Post Jo Ann Young, Port Arthur Suzanne Young, Midland Top Row: Harp, M. Harris, Heinen, Johnson, Jones, Joseph. Second Row: MacCracken, Miffleton, Moore, Palmer, Prince, Purcell. Third Row: Rawlings, Reuthinger, Scamardo, B. Smith, J. Smith, Sone. Fourth Row: Stone, Swales, Terrell, F. Thompson, M. Thompson, Thurman, Tieken. Fifth Row: Tipton, Turner, Watkins, West, Woodland, J. Young, S. Young. To Row: J. Adams, L. Adams, Allen, Arnctt, Ashin- hurst, Ashworth. Second Row: Barren, Beery, Bibb, Brigman, Burnette, Burnitt, Chandler. Third Row: Caswell, Cawood, Cline, Coleman, Def- febach, Ditto, Duncan. Fourth Row: Dunham, Dupuy, Estes, A. Ferguson, J. Ferguson, Finck, Fleming. Fifth Row: Forgotson, Gilliam, Gorman, Gowans, Grainge, Guthrie, A. Hall. Leroy Money Adams, Arlington, Va. Jimmy B. Adams, Corpus Christi William Bryan Allmon, Sherman Charles Don Arnett, Dallas Felix Ashinhurst, Henrietta Edwin Thomas Ashworth, Victoria, Va. Roger Lewis Beery, San Antonio Edmund Frederic BenchofT, Menard Robert Sherman Bennett, McAllen George Henry Brigman, Uvalde William Carl Bullard, Houston Nathan Nelson Burlingham, Fort Worth Seth Charles Burnitt, Calvert Kenneth K. Caswell, Jr., Austin Jack Earl Cawood, McAllen Dan Dean Chandler, Whitehaven, Tenn. Bill Tom Deffebach, Snyder George Moye Dobbins, Austin Frank George Dunham, Jr., Fort Worth Howard Richard Dupuy, Dallas MEMBERS John Lancaster Estes, Waxahachie Arthur James Ferguson, Shreveport, La. John Howard Ferguson, San Antonio Edward Reinhold Finck, Jr., San Antonio Gene Branch Fleming, Mt. Vernon Edward Forgotson, Shreveport, La. Wyman Ray Gilliam, Austin Jack Streety Gorman, Snyder George Keith Gowans, Austin Robert F. Grainge, San Antonio Alvin Owsley Hall, Wichita Falls Rupert Plaster Hall, Sinton Robert Charles Halsell, Bryan Loren Que Hanson, Sioux Falls, N. D. Charles P. Harris, Tunica, Miss. Merton King, St. Louis, Mo. Kelly Edward Lawrence II, Big Spring Monte J. Lawrence, Sherman Clyde Rabb Littlefield, Austin Gordon Lee Llewellyn, Fort Worth Verner Hudson McCall, Jr., Houston Ritzy C. McCord, Beeville Abe M. Mays, Jr., Atlanta David W. Moss, Dallas John Webster Naylor, Fort Worth Philip A. Nelson, Austin Claude Riney, Jr., Houston Frank Richardson Robertson, Jr., San Antonio Alexander McClure Russ, San Antonio Charles Aubrey Smith, Jr., Austin Franklin Scott Spears, San Antonio Shelby Curlee Stanley, Jr., San Antonio Joseph Addison Staples III, Houston Charles Ray Sturman, Jasper Emory Chapman Thompson, Austin James Reagan Vague, Wichita Falls Kenneth Merle Waltrip, Fort Worth Hugh Gilham White, III, Abilene Edmund Payne Williams, III, Corpus Christi Richard Warren Yarborough, Austin t ( PAGE 270 FACULTY JOHN F. HAGAN, JR., Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics ROBERT ADGER LAW, Professor of English CLYDE LITTLEFIELD., Head Track and Cross Country Coach DANIEL ALLEN PENICK, Professor of Classical Languages and Tennis Coach Fall GORDON LEE LLEWELLYN . MONTE JAMES LAWRENCE . SHELBY CURLEE STANLEY, JR. CLAUDE RINEY, JR. OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Spring MONTE JAMES LAWRENCE FRANKLIN SCOTT SPEARS SHELBY CURLEE STANLEY, JR. CLAUDE RINEY, JR. PLEDGES Frank Campbell Allen, Corpus Christ! George Pope Atkins, Austin David Blake Barnhill, Austin Julian Mike Barren, Jr., Bryan John Sam Basset, San Antonio Kenneth Cole Bibb, San Antonio Thomas Andrew Bradley,Wichita Falls Carl Wilson Burnette, La Follette, Tenn. Charles M. Christensen, Barrington.Ill. John Victor Cline, Houston Irwin Weldon Coleman, Jr., Jackson, Miss. James Charles Ditto, Arlington Lloyd Justin Duncan, San Antonio Robert Guy Guthrie, Fort Worth George Mathis Harwell, Jr., Dallas Walter A. Hogan, Hearne William Deming Hornaday, Arlington, Va. Patton C. Hudson, Hearne Roy Prewett Huff, Jr., San Antonio James F. Jackson, Jr., Laredo Robert Allen Johns, Austin George Eldridge Keeler, Cleburne Robert Allen Lane, Cleburne Kenneth Willard Larimore, Mason William James Lipscomb, Fort Worth Tynus William McNeel, Edna William Calvin Mickler, San Antonio Pat Henry Poe, Dallas Charles William Ransdell, Dallas Richard Bartlett Reagan, Marlin Joseph Wright Sentell, Snyder Marvin F. Sentell, Snyder Francis Elliot Shoup, Dallas Robert F. Silvus, Austin Bobby Neil Smith, Haskell William John Southwell, McAllen Horace Charles Tabor, Chillicothe Davis Manning Taylor, Corpus Christi Robert Lynn Batts Tobin, San Antonio Vernon Ray Wattinger, Austin Glenn Douglas West, Fort Worth David Ray Womack, Austin Top Row: Halsell, Hanson, Harris, Harwell, Hogan, Hornaday. Second Row: Jackson, Keeler, King, Lawrence, Lips- comb, Littlcfield, Llewellyn. Third Row: McCall, McNeel, Mays, Nelson, Poe, Reagan, Russ. Fourth Row: J. Sentell, M. Sentell, Silvus, C. Smith, Spears, Stanley, Tabor. Fifth Row: Thompson, Waltrip, West, White, Wil- liams, Womack, Yarborough. Top Row: Adams, Allen, Amsler, Bcnbow, Benton, Brown, Burkhalter, Gavin. Second Row: Chilton, Chipman, Cox, Cramer, Cul- bert, DeLoach, Denney, Dickerson. Third Row: DuBose, Dyke, FitzGerald, Floyd, Follcy, Fulcher, Gandy, Gideon. Fourth Row: Grafe, Greathouse, Greene, Gunderson, Hall, Hartshorn, Hays, M. C. Hill. Fifth Row: M. E. Hill, Hinds, Hitt, Hulse, Ivey, Jary, Johnson, Judson. Sixth Row: Lehman, Link, Lovinggood, Luckett, Mc- Alister, McCarty, McDonald, McLain, Maddox. Nellie Jo Adams, Jewett Jean Amsler, Hempstead Loey Baird Bass, Kilgore Marjorie Ann Benton, San Antonio Del Rose Birdsong, Tyler Yvonne Brown, San Antonio Betty Bea Burkhalter, Amarillo Claudette Cain, Dallas Betsy Calhoun, Houston Patricia Elizabeth Gavin, Galveston Joy Chapoton, Galveston Christine Mary Chilton, Dallas Carolyn Ann Cox, Fort Worth Robbie Dell Denney, Wichita Falls Carolyn Dickerson, Midland " " Nancy Sue Dill, San Antonio Virginia Parchman Dyke, Marshall Nancy Florea FitzGerald, Austin Frances Elaine Folley, Amarillo Ruth Fulcher, Austin Loys Marie Gandy, San Angelo Mary Elizabeth Grafe, Dallas Shelley Furr Hall, Lubbock MEMBERS Marilyn Toy Harding, Dallas Marian Christine Hill, Fort Worth Patricia Hinds, Nacogdoches Marian Hutchinson, Houston Mary Louise Ivey, Denton Nancy Joan Jary, Fort Worth Beverly Jean Judson, San Antonio Diane Lehman, Houston Sarah Lew Link, Midland Eleanor Frances Luckett, New Braunfels Sara Ann McAlister, Nacogdoches Martha Sue McCarty, Corpus Christ! Dora McDonald, Alice Patricia Ruth McLain, Dallas Ann Mathea Maddox, McAllen Ann Park Mayfield, Waco Laura Merchant, Dallas Frances Boyce Miller, Amarillo Patricia Marie Miller, Pampa Mary Morgan, Beaumont Margaret Mosle, Houston Carolyn Ann Neal, Birmingham, Mich. Patsy Ann Patteson, Midland Norma Louise Pitchford, El Paso Marion Adair Ramsey, Goliad Barbara Ann Redditt, Lufkin Nancy Jo Rees, Center Point Pauline Elizabeth Renick, San Antonio Leslie Ann Robinett, Fort Worth Patricia Scott, Wharton Anabel Shotts, Fort Worth Jeta Dell Simons, Tyler Mary Martha Sivalls, Midland Carolyn Ann Smith, San Antonio Patricia Joan Smith, Kilgore Cathleen Lyra Sparks, Taft Judith Reid Stewart, Fort Worth Sidney Stinnett, Amarillo Maybelle Winona Trent, Roswell, N. M. Marietta Collier Watson, Tyler Marian West, Houston Norma Jeanne Wilson, Galveston Bee B. Wright Amarillo Jane Michaux York, Houston PAGE 272 FACULTY MARY S. KIRKPATRICK, Education Librarian HILDA F. ROSENE, Associate Professor of Physiology DORIS MARGARET VILBIG, Instructor in Physical Training Fall MARY MARTHA SIVALLS PATRICIA ELIZABETH GAVIN CAROLYN DICKERSON . NORMA JEANNE WILSON MAYBELLE WINONA TRENT OFFICERS President V ice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Spring ANN PARK MAYFIELD LESLIE ANN ROBIN ETT VIRGINIA PARCHMAN DYKE PATRICIA RUTH McLAiN CAROLYN ANN SMITH Ifl Barbara Allen, Waco Ann Benbow, Austin Elizabeth Ann Chipman, Mount Pleasant Marjorie Ann Cramer, Midland Carolyn June Culbert, Gatesville Jo Ann DeLoach, Tyler Mary Lynn DuBose, Wichita Falls Betty Pace Elizardi, Houston Mary Martine Floyd, Naples Eloise Frame, Houston Anne Blair Furman, Corpus Christi Patty Gill Gideon, Austin Linda Hale Greathouse, Fort Worth Carole Janet Greene, Dallas Joan Adair Gunderson, Fort Worth Shirley Jean Hartshorn, Fort Worth Virginia Pauline Hays, Dallas PLEDGES Mary Elizabeth Hill, San Antonio Shirley Margaret Hitt, Wichita Falls Macie Anne Hulse, El Paso Sue Johnson, Midland Julienne Right, Houston Lynne Lovinggood, Dallas Rita McDonough, Galveston Marian Marley, Austin Sandra Lou Mayfield, Waco Donna Jo Nenstiel, Pampa Mary Jane Peek, Galveston Ann Playter, Houston Carolyn Louise Renfrew, Houston Ann Riddick, Houston Nancy Romine, Fort Worth Louise Rupp, Falfurrias Sue Anne Sanborn, McAllen Doloria Nan Sanders, Waco Laura Seay Sandifer, Fort Worth Mary Sue Shields, Victoria Judy Slatten, Beaumont Carolyn Smith, Austin Julia Alice Stampp, Waco Bonnie May Swem, New Gulf Cecil Easley Taber, Corpus Christi Ann Venable, Amarillo Carolyn Jean White, Dallas Ouida Jo Wilkerson, Port Neches Marian Arnold Williams, Galveston Mary Winsett, Amarillo Kay Lee Wrage, San Antonio Patricia Lewis Zoch, Corpus Christi lola Ann Zuehl, Seguin Top Row: Marley, A. Mayfield, S. Mayfield, F. Miller, P. Miller, Morgan, Mosle, Nenstiel. Second Row: Patteson, Peek, Pitchford, Playter, Red- ditt, Rees, Renfrew, Renick. Third Row: Riddick, Romine, Rupp, Sanborn, San- ders, Sandifer, Scott, Shields. Fourth Row: Shotts, Sivalls, Slatten, C. Smith, C. A. Smith, P. Smith, Sparks, Stampp. Fifth Row: Stewart, Stinnett, Swem, Taber, Trent, Venable, Watson, West, White. Sixth Row: Wilkerson, Williams, Wilson, Winsett, Wrage, Wright, York, Zoch, Zuehl. Top Row: Arnold, Bates, Beavers, Bentsen, Brass, Bun- ton, Cameron. Second Row: Cecil, Cheatham, Clark, Cocke, Collier, J. Collonge, M. Collonge. Third Row: Corrin, A. Cowden, M. Cowden, Cutbirth, DeShong, Donoghue, Dorset. Fourth Row: Dunlap, Eckhardt, Elbert, A. Erwin, B. Erwin, Fisher, Fondren. Fifth Row: Ford, Goldston, Hamblen, Harris, D. Hier- holzer, J. Hierholzer, Hollamon, Ingrum. Sixth Row: Irwin, P. Jones, L. Jones, Kethley, Knotts, Kuhlman, Lander, Lawhon. Alana June Abbey, San Antonio Betty Ellen Bentsen, Mission Barbara B. Brass, Wilmore, Kan. Betty Lucile Brewer, San Antonio Jean Brown, Dallas Katheryn Leigh Bunion, Marfa Margaret Byrd, Winter Haven Cynthia Ann Cheatham, Kingsville Shirley Burke Clark, Wichita Falls Peggy Collier, Dallas Joan Collonge, Dickinson Jane Carol Corrin, San Antonio Alma Faye Cowden, Midland Marylee Cowden, Midland Bettye Lee DeShong, Wichita Falls Carolyn Bird Dorset, Sherman Janice Louise Elbert, Wichita Falls Betty Erwin, McKinney Alice Ann Fisher, Wichita Falls Ellanor Ann Fondren, Houston Mary Ellen Ford, Amarillo Helen Cummings Graves, Houston Martha Ann Hamblen, Houston Eleanor Elizabeth Harris, Austin MEMBERS Sue Hastings, Houston Joan Hierholzer, San Antonio Elizabeth Erskine Hollamon, Seguin Ann Bradford Ingrum, San Antonio Kathryn Louise Irwin, Amarillo Julianne Johnson, Fort Worth Leah Louise Jones, Fort Worth Phyllis Ann Jones, Fort Worth Kennon Kethley, McAllen Mary English Knotts, Huntsville Betty Marjorie Lain, Galveston Shirley Ruth Leach, Abilene Barbara J. Long, Houston Gracie Delene Long, Austin Angela Luckenbach, Bryan Elizabeth Thornton McConnell, Tulsa, Okla. Katheryne Bond McDonald, Fort Worth Ann Millicent McNeill, Austin Bessie Meek, Dallas Lucille Mellinger, Houston Jane Elizabeth Moody, Houston Martha Matilda Moore, Houston Mary Eloise Moore, Austin Carolyn Ann Munday, Amarillo Martha Munday, Amarillo Marilyn Murray, Tyler Merlyn Myers, Dallas Linda Worthington Nixon, San Antonio Sarah Lee Norman, Lockhart Claire Ownby, Dallas Liligene Ella Pace, Houston Patricia Joyce Pryor, Midland Mary Eugene Red, Houston Catherine Roberts, Tyler Gladys Maxine Rudolph, Fort Worth Margaret Monroe Scarbrough, Austin Charlotte Ann Schulz, Wichita Falls Jan Scurlock, Dallas Diane Shipman, Austin Karen Thatcher, Amarillo Edna Martha Thomson, Temple Jessica Brooks Turpin, Midland Barbara Ann York, Midland Kathryn Young, San Antonio Shirley Ann Young, Monterrey, Mexico Janet Cairns Zerr, Corpus Christi it I e PAGE 274 FACULTY EDITH CLARKE, Professor of Electrical Engineering MARCELLE HAMER, Assistant in Texas Collection LUCY WHITESIDE HANKS, Instructor in Home Economics ELIZABETH LONG, Pianist, Physical Training for Women MARGARET PECK, Assistant Dean of Women LUCY RATHBONE, Professor of Home Economics KATHERINE ANDREWS SEARCY, General Library Assistant Fall CLAIRE OWNBY MERLYN MYERS . BETTY LUCILE BREWER MARYLEE COWDEN Martha Jane Arnold, Houston Norma Joyce Bander, Longview Elizabeth Ann Bates, Dallas Margaretta Elizabeth Beavers, Fort Worth Nancy Lee Boxwell, Amarillo Mary Jane Broughton, Odessa Mary Jane Cameron, San Antonio Jean Cecil, Paris Catharine Hackett Cocke, San Antonio Marie Collonge, Dickinson Sandra Ann Cutbirth, Houston Lucy Ann Donoghue, Houston Margaret Ann Dunlap, Dallas Vera Sue Eckhardt, Houston Aletha Lou Elliott, Temple Sally Hall English, Dallas OFFICERS President . V ice-President Recording Secretary Treasurer . PLEDGES Ann B. Erwin, Dallas Gloria Ann Goldston, Houston Diane Hierholzer, San Antonio Randa Lee Kerr, Houston Lynn Kuhlman, Waco Joan Moore Lander, Houston Vivian Pauline Lawhon, Marfa Kaletha Jacqueline Life, Athens Lillian Elise Lightfoot, Houston Jane Gay Maxwell, Houston Trellis June Meetz, Amarillo Athalie North Moore, Paris Carole Newberry, Austin Elizabeth Adams Noble, Yonkers, N. Y. Julie Catherine Peddie, Houston Spring MERLYN MYERS BETTY BREWER KAREN THATCHER PATRICIA J. PRYOR Frances Evelyn Picton, Port Arthur Jean Powell, Austin Nancy Dickins Reeves, Dallas Peggy Lee Rowland, Tulsa, Okla. Nancy Ann Sheldon, Dallas Bette JoAnne Smith, Abilene Sylvia Spragins, Wichita Falls Scottie Gayle Stevenson, Austin Elizabeth Ann Stieren, San Antonio Gretchen Tannhouser, Houston Carolyn Jean Tompkins, Corpus Christi Jane Totten, Sherman Marguerite Wessels, Tyler Anne Kirby Williams, Austin Sonia Ellen Wolf, Temple Top Row: Leach, Life, Lightfoot, B. Long, G. Long, Luckenbach, McConnell. Second Row: McDonald, McNeill, Maxwell, Meek, Mellinger, Moody, A. Moore. Third Row: M. M. Moore, M. E. Moore, C. Munday, Murray, Myers, Newberry, Nixon. Fourth Row: Norman, Pace, Peddie, Pryor, Red, Roberts, Rudolph. Fifth Row: Scarbrough, Schulz, Scurlock, Sheldon, Smith, Spragins, Stevenson, Thatcher. Sixth Row: Thomson, Tompkins, Wessels, Wolf, York, K. Young, S. Young, Zerr. Top Row: A. Adams, N. Adams, C. Alcorn, G. Alcorn, Baldridge, Barnhart, Bcaird, Bibb. Second Row: Boldrick, Bourland, Boyd, Brocken- brough, Buckley, Callow, Choice, Clemons. Third Row: Cline, Cobb, W. Cocke, L. Connelly, T. Connelly, Cook, Cravens, Dale. Fourth Row: O. Davis, deGraffenried, Draper, Durkee, Faetche, Fawcett, Fooshee, Frye. Fifth Row: E. Gardere, Glover, Griffin, Gross, Hamil- ton, Helland, Hopkins. Alexander Adams, Houston George Baxter Adams, Waco Charles William Alcorn, Jr., Houston John Edwin Bailey, Austin James Raymond Barker, Jr., Houston Patrick Stokley Beaird, Dallas Sumter Turner Bibb, III, Fort Worth Samuel Neill Boldrick, Jr., Fort Worth Frank Loos Bond, Sonora John Lackland Brockenbrough,Waco George Evans Brown, San Angelo Hubert L. Brown, Fort Worth Robert Daniel Burck, Austin Alfred Townes Carleton, Houston Robert Lee Carson, Jr., Fort Worth Alfred Gregory Callow, Houston William Jack Christie, Wharton Roberl Ewing Clemons, Houston George W. Cobb, Houston James Robert Cocke, Harlingen William Hill Cocke, Jr., Harlingen Thomas John Cook, El Paso John Robert Corley, III, Corsicana Edwin Palmer Gumming, Houslon Tommy WessendorfT Davis, Richmond Dixon deGraffenried, Marlin Robert Elliot Draper, Dallas Robert Rosswell Durkee, Jr., Houston James Mason Dyer, Corsicana Albert Faetche, Jr., Wharton Roberl Earl Fawcelt, Jr., San Antonio William Preston Fergus, Jr., Tyler MEMBERS Henry Rugeley Ferguson, Houston John Dale Fooshee, Houston Ben Johnson Fortson, Fort Worth David Frame, Jr., Houston James Thomas Frye, Dallas Jack Ervin Fuqua, Amarillo George Pierre Gardere, Dallas John Duel Glass, Jr., Tyler Joe Marbury Glover, San Anlonio Edwin Pace Griffin, Houslon Richard Harrison Gross, Corpus Chrisli Jack Raymond Hall, Auslin Sam C. Hamilton, Houston Richard Erling Helland, San Antonio Ford Hubbard, Jr., Houston Edward Lee Humphreys, III, Waco Wesley Stephen Johnson, Richmond Thomas Monroe Leach, Austin John Clayton Lipscomb, Houston Willis James McAnelly, Houston Lawrence E. McMakin, Jr., Houston Donald Wright Meek, Houston Sampson Oliver Miller, Austin Dan Jackson Mizell, Kaufman Robert Thomas Moncrief, Houston George William Montague, Fort Worth Preston Moore, Jr., Houslon J. Hudson Moyer, Amarillo W. F. Mullen, Gonzales William Bohning Newberry, Forl Worlh Julian Winchell (Dales, Waco Kennelh W. O ' Connor, Houston Joseph Lackland Orr, Fort Worth Leonard Bollon Oullar, Jr., Wharton James Austin Pakenham, Longview Frank Parker, Brownsville Robert L. Petrie, Jr., Forl Worth John Bralley Poindextcr, III, Dallas James Anderson Purse, Dallas James Hambrick Reynolds, Tyler David R. Richards, Waco Howard Vance Rose, Jr., Fort Worth Arch H. Rowan, Jr., Forl Worlh C. A. Rundell, Jr., Auslin George Arnold Scaling, Fo rl Worth Ned Vaughan Scolt, Jr., Houston Edward Nesbitt Shaw, Jr., Houston Dwight Marshall Simmons, Dallas Calvin Littrel Simpson, Beaumonl Hamp Smead, Longview Harvey William Smith, Houston Clarence Charles Stenzel, Forl Worth Phillip Farwell Templeton, San Angelo Sluart Edward Templeton, San Angelo McHenry Taylor Tichenor, Harlingen Sam Joseph Vaughan, Fort Worth Thomas Gaetrell Warren, Waco Randoph Fredrick Wheless, Houslon Hardy Sherwood Wise, Forl Worlh Richard Oliver Wolff, San Antonio Robert Eldon Young, Houston Robert Kemper Zander, San Antonio FADE 276 FACULTY HENRY CHAPMAN, Head Swimming Coach WILLIAM E. DARDEN, Board of Regents ERNEST RANDOLPH HARDIN, Assistant Professor of Speech JAMES PINCKNEY HART, Chancellor of The University of Texas STUART A. MACCORKLE, Professor of Government EDWIN BOOTH PRICE, Head Football Coach HARRY HUNT RANSOM, Professor of English JAMES W. ROCKWELL, Board of Regents JACK GREER TAYLOR, Investment Officer Fall CHARLES WILLIAM ALCORN CLARENCE CHARLES STENZEL PRESTON MOORE, JR. RICHARD OLIVER WOLFF OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary " Treasurer Spring CLARENCE CHARLES STENZEL PRESTON MOORE, JR. ALBERT FAETCHE, JR. RICHARD OLIVER WOLFF Norman D. Adams, Houston George Avery Alcorn, Houston Joseph Filmore Baldridge, Jr., Fort Worth Donald Lee Barnhart, Fort Worth Richard Lacy Bourland, Fort Worth Charles Simmon Boyd, Houston Lon Martin Buckley, Dallas Eddie O. Choice, III, Dallas William Aldridge Cline, Wharton Clark Townsend Collins, Waco Larry Connelly, Houston Thomas Hoenig Connelly, Houston R. Earl Cox, Fort Worth James Rorick Cravens, Houston David Shelby Dale, Houston PLEDGES Odie Richard Seagraves Davis, Houston Donald James Douglas, Corpus Christi David Reynolds Engleman, Fort Worth Edward Collier Gardere, Dallas Jay Edgar Garth, Houston Tim Lawrence Guthrie, Dallas Cameron Lee Hoover, Waco William Franklin Hopkins, Jr., Fort Worth Kelly O. Jackson, San Antonio Henry Keller, Fort Worth Carl Edward Lee, Houston Jerry Lynn Lester, Marshall Bill Haywood Litz, Victoria Muckleroy McDonnold, Jr., San Antonio Bruce Barnett Miller, Victoria George Martin Newman, Waco Michael Raymond O ' Connor, Houston Joe H. Patterson, Victoria Edgar Erwin Penniman, Dallas William Farrar Pipes, San Antonio James Leon Powell, San Angelo David Seney Richardson, Galveston Joe E. Russo, Houston Robert Milton Schlemmer, Buffalo, N. Y. Preston Austin Stofer, Victoria Williston Brandreth Symonds, Houston Thurman Alex Vaught, Fort Worth David Robert Webb, Jr., Dallas William Winston, Lufkin Robert Carl Wolter, Bishop James Franklin Wood, Waco . Vortk . forth An?tlo Anjtlo Top Row: Keller, Lester, Litz, McAnelly, McDonnold, McMakin, B. Miller, S. Miller. Second Row: Mizell, Moncrief, Moore, Mullen, New- berry, Newman, Orr, Pakenham. Third Row: Parker, Patterson, Petrie, Powell, Purse, Russo, Schlemmer, Scott. Fourth Row: Simmons, Simpson, Smead, Stofer, Symonds, P. Templeton, Vaught. Fifth Row: Warren, Winston, Wise, Wolff, Wolter, Wood, Young. itf , Top Row: Andrews, Bass, Billingsley, Blankenship, Bonner, Booth. Second Row: Brents, Campion, Carvajal, Chandler, Collenback, Curry, Curtis. Third Row: Faulk, Fielden, Fisher, Forsvall, Frazer, Gildon, Grieder. Fourth Row: Guttman, Guy, Haddad, Hamilton, Henley, Hoff, Huitt. Fifth Row: Jarrell, C. Jennings, Johnson, Kern, Klingler, Lakenmacher, Laughlin. Robert Preston Andrews, Fort Worth Jerry Alfred Bass, Port Arthur Bruce Alder Billingsley, San Antonio Leon Booth, Jr., Shreveport, La. Walker Allen Brents, Fort Worth John Loren Carvajal, El Paso Huel Homer Chandler, Jr., San Antonio Herbert Leland Clancy, San Antonio Alfred Foy Curry, III, Fort Worth Harold F. Curtis, Greenville Carl U. Daniels, Jr., Tulsa, Okla. William Abney Faulk, Brownsville Roy Brent Fisher, Corpus Christi Murray Lawrence Forsvall, Austin S. Stewart Frazer, Baytown Minard H. Gildon, Monahans Paul Martin Grieder, Austin Walter Guttman, Jr., Austin Talmadge Monroe Guy, San Antonio MEMBERS Robert D. Henley, San Antonio James Frederick Huitt, Bay City Walter Marland Jarrell, Jr., Houston C. Arden Jennings, McAllen T. Warren Jennings, San Antonio Robert Boone Johnson, Austin James David Krause, San Antonio Eugene LaRue Klingler, Jr., Austin Victor Eugene Lanfear, Jr., Corpus Christi Joseph L. Lehner, San Antonio Miller William Meredith, Corpus Christi Philip C. Mounger, Bellaire Robert Eugene Muhm, Laredo Frederick Noble, San Antonio Richard F. Ochoa, Laredo Clyde M. Pope, McAllen James Norman Powers, Dallas Oscar Dale Pritchett, Austin Ronald Russell Reynolds, San Antonio Dee Hughes Richardson, Jacksonville Hugh William Rieck, Austin Cecil Charles Rix, Port Arthur John Robert Robertson, San Antonio Rupert Phillip Schulze, Corpus Christi Bernard E. Schwarzbach, Jr., El Paso Lawrence B. Scott, El Paso John Bass Selman, Rockdale Billy Earnest Simpson, San Benito Weldon Jeffry Squyres, Tyler Jack Arthur Stehling, Fredericksburg John Lee Stout, Austin Ira Edward Telotte, San Antonio John Behner Valerius, Shreveport, La. Willard Henry Wells, Lufkin Bryson L. Whitlock, Mercedes Grady Emett Williams, Rockdale Wallace I. Youngs, Dallas PAGE 278 FACULTY CURTIS JACKSON ALDERSON, Instructor in Physical Education ROBBIN COLYER ANDERSON, Chairman, Department of Chemistry SIGURD NEAL EKDAHL, Instructor in Physical Education JAMES ANDERSON FITZGERALD, Consulting Dean of College of Business Administration SCOTT GAINES, Attorney for University Lands GEORGE E. HURT, Director, Longhorn Band STANLEY TURNER, Instructor in Economics Fall JOHN BASS SELMAN ROBERT BOONE JOHNSON EUGENE LAR.UE KLINGLER ROBERT EUGENE MUHM OFFICERS High Alpha High Beta High Gamma High Tau . Spring ROBERT EUGENE MUHM BRUCE ALDER BILLINGSLEY ROY BRENT FISHER FREDERICK NOBLE mm a Ronald Blankenship, Fort Worth John Robert Bonner, San Antonio James E. Campion, Austin William George Collenback, Austin Bruce C. Fielden, San Antonio Joe Drahn Foster, Waco Maynard Joseph Haddad, El Paso Oscar Caul Hamilton, Jr., San Benito Charles G. Hoff, Jr., Cotulla Charles W. Kern, San Antonio PLEDGES Dan W. Lakenmacher, Houston Thomas E. Laughlin, Baytown Howell McCullough, Waco Roddy D. McDaniel, Austin Charles T. Mayes, Calallen Thomas Maxey Mayo, Dallas P. Wayland Moody, San Antonio Rex C. Mounger, San Antonio Stafford M. Page, Fort Worth William D. Parker, Houston Sam R. Perry, Rockdale Raymond Arnold Post, Jr., Pickton Allen Kerry Preston, Houston Robert K. Ragland, San Antonio John Edwin Redmon, Cleburne Robert T. Schwarzbach, El Paso Dennis C. Scroggin, Helotes John L. Strieber, San Antonio James M. Witten, San Antonio dsonnle 1 km i Antonio puiChristi ..HPaso Top Row: Lehner, Mayes, McDaniel, Meredith, Moody, R. Mounger. Second Row: Muhm, Ochoa, Page, Parker, Perry, Powers. Third Row: Pritchett, Ragland, Redmon, Richardson, Rieck, Rix, Robertson. Fourth Row: R. Schwarzbach, Schulze, Scroggin, Selman, Simpson, Stehling, Stout. Fifth Row: Strieber, Telotte, Valerius, Wells, Whit- lock, Witten, Youngs. T ficlsburj tonio (port, La. Top Row: Alford, Armstrong, Arnold, Bauman, Brewer. Second Row: Chatfield, Clark, Coleman, Copeland, Flaig. Third Row: Gibson, Gilstrap, Goble, Gregory, Harris, Hensarling. Fourth Row: Holman, Hopkins, Hopper, J. Howell, Huff Inge. MEMBERS Neyland Foster Allen, Fort Worth Robert Landis Armstrong, Austin Daniel Calmes Arnold, Houston Robert Edward Lee Batts, Jr., Fort Worth Robert Warren Bauman, Amarillo Robert Paine Brewer, III, San Antonio Benjamin Rucker Briggs, Dallas Charles Kelton Chatfield, Dallas William Henry Clark, Dallas Hal Elbert Copeland, Jr., San Antonio Jack Edwin Farmer, Houston Joseph Holmes Flaig, Jr., Dallas William Willard Gibson, Jr., Amarillo James Earl Gist, Carthage Robert McMillan Goble, Sherman Charles Hardy Gregory, III, Galveston Louis Vosburg Hall, San Angelo William Brantly Harris, Galveston Hammond Warfield Hopkins, Sherman John Martin Hopper, Austin John Webb Howell, III, Bryan Guy Warren Hughes, San Antonio Robert Paul Inge, Dallas Oscar Freer Jones, III, Waco Horace Broome Kelton, San Angelo Olin Clifton Lancaster, Jr., Dallas Lewis Norman Little, San Angelo Wales Hendrix Madden, Jr., Amarillo Charles Thomas May, Jr., Van Sidney Smith McClendon, III, Houston Frank Starr McGee, Jr., Marshall John Gibbs Meador, Jr., Houston Johann Ludwig Mosle, Jr., Houston Wade Taylor Nowlin, Fort Worth Frank Starr Pope, Jr., Corpus Christi Roger Hons Porter, Jr., Austin Peter Clement Quoyeser, Fort Worth Risher Randall, Galveston Mike Henry Roberts, San Angelo William Overton Shelmire, Dallas James Martin Shelton, Jr., Fort Worth Warren Ware Shipman, III, Fort Worth Josephus Murray Smith, Austin Jack Randolph Swain, Dallas Roy LeGrand Taylor, Jr., Dallas John Nathaniel Touchstone, Dallas James Benjamin Walker, Dallas Robert Harding Walker, Dallas Harry Charles Webb, Jr., Houston John William Worsham, Houston Gordon Russell Wynne, Jr., Wills Point PAGE 280 FACULTY EUGENE CAMPBELL BARKER, Professor of American History THOMAS MABRY CRANFILL, Assistant Professor of English EDMOND THORNTON MILLER, Professor of Economics ROBERT WELDON STAYTON, Professor of Law CHARLES T. McCoRMiCK, Professor of Law Fall JOHN WILLIAM WORSHAM ROBERT McMiLLAN GOBLE . WILLIAM OVERTON SHELMIRE CHARLES KELTON CHATFIELD OFFICERS President Warden . Secretary Treasurer Spring HARRY CHARLES WEBB WALES HENDRIX MADDEN WADE TAYLOR NOWLIN CHARLES KELTON CHATFIELD PLEDGES Jess Burks Alford, Jr., Paris Dabney Wharton Coleman, Austin Robert Wentworth Gilstrap, Austin Larry Reid Hensarling, Houston Dixon Wade Holman, Jr., Fort Worth Douglas Wister Howell, Jr., Bryan Mark Emily Huff, Jr., Wichita Falls Bernard Willford Miner, Jr., Fort Worth Jay Clark Nowlin, Fort Worth Jess Newton Rayzor, Jr., Houston John David Roche, Austin John Jay Thomas, Jr., Kerrville Richard Clark Webb, Houston Top Row: Jones, Kelton, Madden, May, Meador. Second Row: Miner, Mosle, J. Nowlin, W. Nowlin, Pope. Third Row: Quoyeser, Randall, Rayzor, Roberts, Roche, Shelmire. Fourth Row: Thomas, Touchstone, R. Walker, H. Webb, R. Webb, Worsham. Top Row: Agnew, Alexander, Arnhold, Baker, Bohn, Bowes. Second Row: Brown, Bruce, C. Brumley, H. Brumley, Bunch, Burton. Third Row: Byerly, Chumney, Edwards, Ellis, Fail, Fordtran. Fourth Row: Fowler, Frick, Fritsche, Godwin, Green- field, Greenstreet. Fifth Row: Hall, Hampton, Haynie, Hemphill, Hunt. Robert Gilbert Agnew, Ballinger Hugh Elbert Alexander, Beaumont George Billy Anderson, Fischer ' s Store Charles Moorman Berkey, San Antonio Howard Lee Brainin, Houston William Benjamin Brown,Waller Carl Ray Brumley, Austin Joe Stuart Carson, Corpus Christi Pat Swearingen Chumney, San Antonio Marshall Terrell Clegg, San Antonio Murphy Leon Dalton, Dallas Lovel Ervin Davis, Jr., Austin John Wilson Ellis, Beaumont Robert Lee Eshenberg, II, Floresville William Morgan Fail, Jr., Grand Saline Robert Gene Farris, McAllen Warren Lee Farris, McAllen John Satterfield Fordtran, Stockdale Zacharia Thomas Fortescue, III, Port Arthur Ross Thurber Frick, Floresville Carl Craighead Fritsche, Alexandria, Va. Max Prince Gardner, San Antonio Jerry Dan Godwin, Beaumont Ross Davis Greenstreet, Austin Maury Dave Guin, Abilene MEMBERS Homer Dan Hall, Dallas Joseph Paul Hammond, El Paso John Wade Hampton, Wichita Falls Tom P. Haynie, Hearne Frank N. Hervey, Jr., Tulsa, Okla. James Theodore Hunt, Sonora Bruce Milam Jones, San Antonio Henry Eugene Kerry, Longview Ben Jack Kinney, Austin Robert Shain McCaig, Dallas Gregor Carmichael MacGregor, Dallas Carl Hazen Mayes, Pampa Kenneth John Mighell, Dallas Knox Miller, Jr., San Antonio John Keith Mitchell, San Antonio James Taliaferro Montgomery, Wichita Falls Leslie Millard Moor, Jr., Beaumont William Richard Neff, Port Arthur Robert Henlee Northington, Ballinger Charles Bryden Parker, San Antonio Fred William Patterson, Decatur Thomas Ray Perry, Rotan John Glenn Pew, Dallas Robert Winthrop Pratt, Helotcs Robert Roy Raley, Bowie Fred Witc omb Riley, Jr., San Antonio Charles Nelson Roddy, Corpus Christi Henry James Ruel, Jefferson, Wis. James M. Scurlock, Dallas Henry Warren Sebasta, Bastrop Harry Reid Sharpless, Jr., Port Arthur David Madison Smith, El Paso Donald Charles Smith, Kerrville Charles Lee Sowell, San Antonio Jack Robson Sowell, San Antonio Donald Carson Spencer, Houston George Talbot Stevens, Port Arthur Andries Menzo Strauss, Corpus Christi William Jerome Sullivan, Dallas Lewis Thomas Tarver, Temple Charles Edward Taylor, El Campo Jere William Thompson, Dallas Thomas Conrad Tips, Seguin Robert Stone Timmins, Dallas William Eric Tucker, Port Arthur Lovell Metcalf Turner, Dallas Basil Eugene Walker, Jr., Amarillo Robert Marr Wessely, San Antonio Edward Jones Williams, Houston James Albert Wood, Galena Park PAGE 282 I FACULTY RICHARD HENRY BALLINGER, Assistant Professor of English FREDRICK DUNCALF, JR., Professor of History WILLIAM BRUNER CAMPBELL, Instructor of History HOWARD CLIFFORD GILSTRAP, Assistant Football Coach ROSCOE GUERNSEY, JR., Assistant Professor of English GERALD M. STAFFORD, Assistant Professor of Geology BERRY M. WHITTAKER, Director of Men ' s Intramurals Fall CHARLES N. RODDY . HARRY R. SHARPLESS, JR. ROBERT W. PRATT FRED W. PATTERSON . JOHN S. FORDTRAN George Harry Powell Anderson, Olrnito Ray Carl Arnhold, Wichita Falls Charles Edward Baer, Seguin William Charles Baker, Port Arthur H. E. Bohn, Austin Harrison Nesbit Bowes, Highland Park, 111. Joseph Phil Branch, Selman City Roy Allyn Brown, Newgulf Gary Carlton Bruce, Jr., Beaumont Harold Wayne Brumley, Austin Joe Thomas Bunch, Austin Charles Nesom Burt, Dallas Gerald Lynn Burton, Beaumont James Scott Byerly, Madisonville OFFICERS President Recording Secretary Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Historian PLEDGES Edward T. Coughlin, Corpus Christi William Carroll Dosher, Waco Lum C. Edwards, Beaumont Robert Penn Fowler, Austin Thomas Mason Fuller, Austin Charles Warren Goehringer, San Antonio Eric Storrie Greenfield, Venice, Fla. Ben Rigsby Hammond, San Antonio William Paul Harris, Corpus Christi George L. Hawkins, Beaumont Warren Clayton Hemphill, San Angelo Simon Wood Henderson, Lufkin Larry Gene lies, Beaumont George H. Kolb, San Antonio Spring CHARLES N. RODDY HARRY R. SHARPLESS, JR. ROBERT W. PRATT FRED W. PATTERSON JOHN S. FORDTRAN Thomas Atlee McCampbell, Corpus Christi Judd Miller, Jr., Austin Milburn Ellis Nutt, Wichita Falls Joe Allen Osborn, Friona Jack McGregor Ransom, San Angelo Robert William Shafer, Austin Roy Datus Sharp, Jr., Madisonville Albert Scott Taylor, McAllen Robert Lee Thomas, Beaumont Oren Harold Tomlinson, Jr., Houston Richard Vander Straten, San Antonio Charles Stuart Wallace, Houston John McCleave Watts, San Antonio Richard Allen Willding, Dallas Top Row: lies, Jones, Kerry, Kinney, Kolb, McCaig. Second Row: MacGregor, Mighell, J. Miller, Neff, Nutt, Patterson. Third Row: Perry, Ransom, Riley, Sharp, Sharpless, D. C. Smith. Fourth Row: Spencer, Strauss, Sullivan, Tarver, Thompson, Tips. Fifth Row: Tucker, Turner, Vander Straten, Walker, Wood. 7 o Row: Atwell, Baldwin, Biggcrs, Biggs, Billings, Bishop, Blumentritt, Carlton. Second Row: Chapman, Clements, Coker, Colville, Colvin, Crowley, R. Cunningham, Curtis. Third Row: Derrick, Doche, J. Dockery, W. Dockcry, Duffy, Eddins, Edwards, Elliott. Fourth Row: Fitz-Gerald, Ford, Fulcher, Gilliam, Gribble, Haley, Hampton, Hand. Fifth Row: Hickman, Hodges, Holloway, Howard, Juvenal, Kelly, Lambert, Laws. MEMBERS Peter Weldon Baldwin, Dallas Robert C. Bennett, Austin Julian Lawson Biggers, Commerce James Bryan Biggs, Amarillo Barry Louis Bishop, Chevy Chase, Md. Ross Bruce Blumentritt, Houston Henry Alvan Chapman, Dallas Jamie Hagar Clements, Crockett Jacob Riley Colvin, Savoy George Allen Crowley, Fort Worth Richard George Cunningham, Amarillo Thomas Atkinson Curtis, Amarillo George Erwin Derrick, Austin James Randel Dockery, Vernon Austin Richard Duffy, Houston Louis Robert Eddins, Jr., Fort Worth Robert William Edwards, II, La Grange, 111. Lynwood Grayburn Elliott, Austin Clay Wayland Gordon Fulcher, Wichita Falls Gilbert Ford, Amarillo Henry Lamar Gilliam, Athens Morris Jackson Hampton, Naples Lloyd Nelson Hand, Houston Vernon Barnes Hill, Mission Richard Huff Hodges, Austin Charles Edmund Holloway, Dallas William John Howard, San Antonio Jerrold Joseph Kelly, Rock Rapids, Iowa Penn Van Rensselaer Livingston, Austin Richard Franklin Love, Dallas Jerry Frank Lyons, Amarillo William Kent Mcllyar, Jr., Dallas James Daniel McKeithan, Austin Carroll Jack Mahoney, Dallas Paul James Mansfield, Dallas James Edward Miller, Barstow Stephen Louis Moore, Jr., Commerce Wilbur Edmund Notestine, Amarillo Dale Brickey Platzer, Phillips Nelson Holt Priddy, Stanton William Rowell Putnam, Fort Worth Jack Gilbert Rankin, Dallas Richard Lee Robinett, Amarillo Thomas Edward Rodman, Odessa Alfred Louis Ruebel, Dallas Charles Eugene Sanders, Wichita Falls Charles Harvey Schmidt, Amarillo John Clinton Steinberger, Midland Newton J. Steele, Vernon Albert Sydney Tippit, San Benito Samuel Joseph Vickers, Jr., Fort Worth John Andrew Waller, Austin Wesley M. Warlen, Jr., Dallas William Thomas Wheeler, Fort Worth Hugh Darrell Williams, Dallas Edwin Reinhold York, Austin James Robert Youngjohn, Hammond, Ind. PAGE 284 I FACULTY HULON W. BLACK, Director of University Development Board WILLARD HUGHES BRENTLINOER, Assistant Professor of Psychology HOMER VINCENT CRAIG, Professor of Applied Mathematics and Astronomy EDWARD EVERETT HALE, Professor of Economics JOSEPH LINDSAY HENDERSON, Professor Emeritus of Education Gus MACEY HODGES, Professor of Law LYLE HARRIS KENDALL, Instructor in English CALEB PERRY PATTERSON, Professor of Government JAMES ROBERT ROACH, Assistant Professor of Government OLIVER DOUGLAS WEEKS, Professor of Government MARION KENNETH WOODWARD, Professor of Law OFFICERS Fall JAMIE HAGAR CLEMENTS G.P. WILBUR EDMUND NOTESTINE .... V.G.P. ALFRED Louis RUEBEL E.G. STEPHEN Louis MOORE, JR P.P. HENRY LAMAR GILLIAM A.G. RICHARD GEORGE CUNNINGHAM S.G. Spring THOMAS EDWARD RODMAN JAMES RANDEL DOCKERY JACK GILBERT RANKIN JOHN ANDREW WALLER HENRY LAMAR GILLIAM RICHARD GEORGE CUNNINGHAM Arthur Malachi Allen, III, Dallas Douglas Eugene Atwill, Midland Robert Mason Billings, Jr., New Braunfels William Albert Bateman, Amarillo Dennis Vance Buchanan, Fort Worth John David Carlton, Borger Howard Eugene Colville, Amarillo Leon Jackson Coker, Maples William Aaron Cunningham, Jr., Austin Frederick Leon Doche, Amarillo William Dee Dockery, Jr., Austin Sam Martin Durso, Port Arthur James Fitz-Gerald, Midland Jean Geron, Dallas PLEDGES Robert Fonda Gribble, Austin James Evetts Haley, Canyon T. Landrum Hickman, Austin James Myron Holcomb, Crane John Bethel Juvenal, Vernon Louis Clark Jones, Fort Worth Stewart Birthram Lambert, Tomball Thomas Carlyle Laws, Jr., Austin Lauchlin Arthur McLaurin, Austin Roy Scott Mills, Amarillo Jeff Monroe Neely, Jr., Amarillo Charles Wilham Oldham, Dallas Gaylon Royce Overton, Borger Frank Clark Pendleton, Pecos Henry Arlin Price, Jr., Borger Alvin Dale Richerson, Pampa William Kenny Ryan, Fort Worth Frederick Allen Saied, Wellington George Lindsay Shannon, Amarillo Buford Glyn Slay, Harlingen P. D. Smith, Midland Wilton Roger Stone, Dallas John Frank Taylor, Amarillo Alfred Albert Thorn, Wichita Falls Bernard Eric Waghorne, Wichita Falls Brandon Neville Wilcox, Freeport Fred John Withers, Fort Worth Top Row: Livingston, Love, Lyons, Mahoney, Mans- field, Mcllyar, McLaurin, Miller. Second Row: Mills, Moore, Neely, Oldham, Overton, Platzer, Price, Priddy. Third Row: Rankin, Robinett, Rodman, Ruebel, Ryan, Saied, Sanders, Schmidt. Fourth Row: Shannon, Slay, Steele, Steinberger, Tay- lor, Thorn, Tippit, Vickers. Fifth Row: Waghorne, Warlen, Wheeler, Wilcox, Wil- liams, Youngjohn, York. Top Row: Armstrong, Ball, Berry, Boyles, Brill. Second Row: Brocato, Brown, Bruce, Bryce, Collum. Third Row: Dickens, Fletcher, Franklin, Frost, Hall, Hallmark. Fourth Row: Hicks, Hubby, Jackson, Jones, Lunsford, McMurry. MEMBERS William Donald Armstrong, Lubbock Douglas William Argus , Houston Lewis Edwin Ball, II, Huntsville Thomas Robert Berry, Huntsville Anthony G. Brocato, Beaumont Thomas Cater Brown, San Antonio Dan Abbott Bruce, Tyler James Meredith Buzbee, Mineral Wells Joseph Burton Dibrell, Coleman John Powers Dickens, Marlin Donald Earl Fletcher, Amarillo Robert Odell Franklin, McKinney Edward Everett Frost, Beaumont Bruce Cullen Hallmark, Dalhart Neal Adolphas Hawthorne, Carthage Carl F. Hereford, Austin John Lee Hubby, Austin Frank Lytton Hufsmith, Palestine J. L. Jackson, Austin Robert Clark Jones, San Antonio Sam A. Lunsford, Center Albert Newton McQuown, II, Austin Max Edward Mileur, Amarillo John Carroll Miller, Houston William Fred Moeller, San Marcos Robert Vaughn Moise, Houston William Henry Oeffinger, San Antonio Warren Young Pennington, Woodville William Drew Perkins, Huntsville John Robert Pickett, Kenedy Ras Redwine, Austin Spencer Cone Relyea, III, Dallas Joe Dick Rubesch, Houston Gene Rankin Rutherford, Dallas Charles Edward Smith, Houston Charles Fredric Stahl, Dallas Jack Clifford Stillinger, Houston Van Ness Tanner, Memphis, Tenn. Robert Yeates Wheeler, Tilden Martin Alexander Wiginton, Austin PAGE 286 FACULTY STANLEY ARBINGAUST, Professor of Economic Geography L. L. CLICK, Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences ROBERT COTNER, Professor of History DR. JOHN A. CROCKETT, Physician Health Service C. READ CRANBERRY, Assistant to the Chancellor CLEAVE JITTER NOLEN, Director of Texas Union ARNO NOWOTNY, Dean of Student Life Fall EDWARD EVERETT FROST . JACK CLIFFORD STILLINGER ALBERT NEWTON McQuowN, II LEWIS EDWIN BALL, II OFFICERS Alpha . Beta Sigma Tau Spring WILLIAM DREW PERKINS ALBERT NEWTON McQuowN, II WILLIAM DONALD ARMSTRONG LEWIS EDWIN BALL, II Benjamin T. C. Baty, Houston Lionel H. Bloomquist, Austin Ronald L. Boucher, Post James G. Boyles, Munday James Edward Brill, Houston William Delf Bryce, Austin Jimmy H. Collum, Tyler Gerald D. Copeland, Austin PLEDGES Samuel Edward Culotta, Beaumont Claude Edgar Dabard, Dallas E. Jay Hall, Houston James Roland Hicks, Tyler Maury A. Lloyd, Austin Charles N. Lunsford, Center Russell W. McMurry, Austin James D. Pace, Kenedy Patrick C. Pennington, Woodville Wellington O. Rothwell, Dallas Donald W. Scallorn, Austin W. Aimer Smith, Austin Tracy Fritz Smith, Big Spring Paul Richard Wade, San Antonio G. Terry Ward, Austin Top Row: McQuown, Mileur, Moeller, Moise, Oeffinger. Second Row: P. Pennington, W. Pennington, Pickett, Relyea, Rothwell. Third Row: Rubesch, Rutherford, W. Smith, C. Smith, T. Smith. Fourth Row: Stahl, Stillinger, Tanner, Wade, Ward, Wiginton. Top Row: Anderson, Bartos, Broyhill, Duncan. Second Row: Eliason, Foshec, Fryar, Hale. Third Row: Huber, Keith, Leonard, Lovett. Fourth Row: Malanaphy, J. Miller, Murad. MEMBERS John William Anderson, Fort Worth Donald Eugene Bartos, Waco Kent Ira Broyhill, Dallas Joe Donald Duncan, Coleman John Edmund Eliason, Zion, 111. Anthony Carlyle Fryar, Paris Leonard Eldon Huber, Dallas Lewis Stone Keith, Big Spring James Aloysius Leonard, Fort Worth Pat Guise Noel, Galveston James Leonard Paulk, Verona, Miss. Clifton Howard Peiper, San Antonio Norman Eugene St. Glair, Dallas George Philip Sarrafian, Dallas William Lafayette Sellers, Port Arthur Rolen Dale Snowden, Dallas Edwin Lawrence Spenrath, Austin David Leland Swain, Buffalo, N. Y. Basil Henry Taylor, Fort ' Worth Donald Henry Trahan, Houston Terry Oliver Trowbridge, Rome, N. Y. Gabe Thomas Vick, Weatherford Jerry Goldsmith Walker, Cleburne Eldridge Virgil Weaver, Tulsa, Okla. PAGE 288 FACULTY JIM PAULK, Teaching Fellow 1 Fall NORMAN EUGENE ST. CLAIR LEONARD ELDON HUBER JOE DONALD DUNCAN . JOHN WILLIAM ANDERSON . OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring NORMAN EUGENE ST. CLAIR LEONARD ELDON HUBER JOE DONALD DUNCAN JOHN WILLIAM ANDERSON M PLEDGES Frank Ludwig Bender, Jr., Houston Franklin D. Bollman, Clarksville Jim Bob Brown, Graford Stanley Dean Foshee, Tyler Dudley Durward Hale, Washington, D. C. Nelson Lawrence Kuhlmann, Jr., Kerrville Jim Dick Lovett, Clarksville John James Malanaphy, Houston Frank James Maloney, Worchester, Mass. Joe Marvin Miller, Dallas Robert Albert Miller, San Antonio John Louis Murad, Tyler Harry A. Nass, San Antonio Robert Hull Paslay, Dallas Eugene E. Reed, Tyler Charles Teddy Shaw, San Antonio Stanley Paul Strickland, Fort Worth Top Row: Nass, Noel, Paslay, Reed. Second Row: Sarrafian, Shaw, Snowden, St. Clair. Third Row: Swain, Taylor, Trahan, Trowbridge. Fourth Row: Vick, Walker, Weaver. mr Top Row: Bickley, Birdwell, Boehl, Boyd. Second Row: Cline, Cotter, Cowser, Crawford. Third Row: Fasel, Fowler, Gaedke, Gibson. Fourth Row: Jones, McDoncll, McDonough, Martin. MEMBERS Barbara JoAnn Beard, Austin Laura Allyne Bickley, San Antonio Katheryn Frances Boyd, Austin Margie Amy Clinger, Austin Shirley Brown Colbath, Austin Artie Jeannette Crawford, Austin Dolores Gwendolyn Fasel, Johnson City Patricia Jean Gibson, San Antonio Gail McDonough, San Antonio Patricia Ann Martin, Weslaco Barbara Mays, San Antonio Josephine Perkins Myler, San Antonio Lois Elva Nickerson, Corpus Christi Margaret Marie Page, Binghamton, N. Y. Helen Ruth Pate, Fort Worth Juanita Marie Phipps, Galveston Josephine Julianna Poneleit, Harlingen Yvonne Estelle Rollins, Houston Barbara Ann Schuchert, San Antonio Ruth Lucile Sims, Austin Barbara Lise Smith, Kansas City, Mo. Nancy Belle Steves, San Antonio Martha Elizabeth Thomas, Dallas Beverly Ann Walker, Fort Worth Lanelle Brooks Willig, San Angelo PAGE 290 FACULTY LOUISE LANDIS ARMSTRONG, Assistant Professor of Home Economics ESTHER JANE HALL, Instructor in Pharmacy Lois BAIRD TRICE, Instructor in English Fall PATRICIA JEAN GIBSON LANELLE BROOKS WILLIG Lois ELVA NICKERSON BARBARA MAYS OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring YVONNE ESTELLE ROLLINS BARBARA MAYS ARTIE JEANETTE CRAWFORD ALLIE RUTH JONES PLEDGES Barbara Anne Birdwell, College Station Gwendolyn Verne Boehl, Cuero Barbara June Cline, Austin Margaret Elizabeth Cotter, San Antonio Rosemary Cowser, Center Lenora Grace Fowler, Childress Glynda Jo Gaedke, Lampasas Allic Ruth Jones, Gatesville Rena Don McDonell, Austin Lorna Elaine McGough, Devine Marilyn Mays, San Antonio Jo Anne Melton Nuhn, Austin Gwendolyn Geneva Quillian, West Patricia Jo Tidwell, Austin Top Row: B. Mays, M. Mays, Nickerson, Nuhn. Second Row: Pate, Page, Phipps, Poneleit. Third Row: Quillian, Rollins, Schuchert, Sims. Fourth Row: Steves, Thomas, Walker, Willig. Top Row: Blumcnthal, E. Cohen, Cohn, Eisen. Second Row: Feld, Goldsmith, R. I. Hauser, R. J. Hauser. Third Row: Horwitz, J. Kaplan, Karotkin, Kornfeld, Landa. MEMBERS Jerry Edwin Battelstein, Houston Allen Jack Becker, Houston Robert Louis Blumenthal, Houston Larry Weiss Buck, Houston Gene Edberne Burke, Houston Elliott Zalman Cohen, Houston Malcolm Hugh Cohen, San Antonio Maurice Daniel Cohn, Harlingen Mose Martin Feld, Jr., Houston Max Aaron Friedman, Houston Donald Charles Horwitz, Albuquerque, N. Mex. Marvin Kaplan, Houston Leonard Karotkin, Jr., Austin Sanford Irwin Lack, Houston Milton Allen Mendlovitz, Houston Stuart Robbin, New York, N. Y. Herbert Simon Rosenthal, Dallas Donald Isador Rothschild, Houston Maxel Burton Silverberg, Corsicana David Sterling Silvers, Houston Adolph Bertram Hirst Simon, Austin Charles Lee Streusand, Houston William Stuart Tarnopol, Houston Louis Jacob Vener, Hobbs, N. Mex. Richard Allan Wells, Galveston Robert Seymour Wolff, San Antonio PAGE 292 L GENE EDBERNE BURKE . HERBERT SIMON ROSENTHAL ELLIOTT ZALMAN COHEN MAX AARON FRIEDMAN OFFICERS Master Prater . Vice-Master Prater Secretary . Treasurer Spring HERBERT SIMON ROSENTHAL CHARLES LEE STREUSAND ADOLPH BERTRAM SIMON WILLIAM STUART TARNOPOL PLEDGES Harold Marvin Eisen, Beaumont Earl Jay Engle, Austin Jack Friedlander, Houston Richard Elsinger Goldsmith, San Antonio Ronald Joseph Hauser, Houston Robert Ivan Hauser, Houston James Harlan Kaplan, Sioux City, Iowa Julian Potash Kornfeld, Lubbock John Carl Landa, Houston George Isreal Lauterstein, LaGrange Benton Walter Markey, San Antonio Gerald Monroe Rafshoon, Austin Donald Rosenfield, Houston Larry Melvin Rosmarin, Houston Clifford Jay Shapiro, Houston Harry Aaron Zuber, Houston Harold Isador Zweig, San Antonio Top Row: Lauterstein, Markey, Mendlovitz, Rafshoon. Second Row: Rosenfield, Rothschild, Shapiro, Silver- berg, Silvers. Third Row: Streusand, Tarnopol, Vener, Wolff, Zweig. Top Row: Askew, Baird, Briscoe, Burch. Second Row. Cheshier, Cox, Cromack, J. Davis. Third Row: Ficken, Gaines, Hadden, D. Harris. Fourth Row: J. Harris, Hays, Hingst, Holland. MEMBERS Bobby Gene Askew, Harlingen Niven James Baird, Houston William Bradford Briscoe, Houston Lee Baine Cheshier, Jr., Lancaster Kenyon E. Clonts, Knox City Wayne Edward Cox, Wichita, Kan, Robert Fields Crawford, Austin Hal S. Davis, Austin John Howard Davis, Houston Lloyd Kenyon Elliott. Austin Donald E. Giovanetti, Austin Arthur Roby Hadden, Fort Stockton Donald Penn Harris, Austin James Robert Harris, Coleman George Vincent Hays, Austin James Harold Hingst, San Antonio Donald Gene Holland, San Angelo Jack Trammell Ingram, Denison Louis Patrick Manganiello, Jersey City, N. J. John C. Moore, Amarillo Claude John Parnell, Jr., Corpus Christi James Merrill Patton, Amarillo Jimmie Sturgis Payne, Jr., Austin Ward Edward Smith, Kerrville Daniel Harry Spoor, Houston Vernon James Stewart, Wichita Falls John Franklin Stokes, Killeen David Hildreth Thomas, Randolph Field Eugene Allan Todd, Brownsville Kyle Edward Wilson, Alvin Frank Taylor Wyatt, Austin PAOP. 294 FACULTY FREDERICK JOSEPH ADAMS, Professor of Educational Psychology FRANKLIN LANIER Cox, Associate Professor of Business Law BOYER GONZALES, JR., Assistant Professor of Art i ' Fall CLAUDE JOHN PARNELL, JR. JACK TRAMMELL INGRAM KYLE EDWARD WILSON . JIMMIE STURGIS PAYNE . OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring EUGENE ALLAN TODD DANIEL HARRY SPOOR DAVID HILDRETH THOMAS JAMES MERRILL PATTON PLEDGES Martin Luther Anderson, Jr., Austin Pete Burch, Bellaire John Robert Cromack, Austin Bryant A. Ficken, Corpus Christi John Reyburn Gaines, Jr., Austin Kenneth Howard Kemp, Corpus Christi William Franklin Kemp, Austin William Richard Potter, Austin Francis Howard Singleton, Corpus Christi I Top Row: Ingram, K. Kemp, W. Kemp, Manganiello. Second Row: Moore, Parnell, Patton, Payne. Third Row: Potter, Singleton, Smith, Spoor. Fourth Row: Stokes, Thomas, Wilson, Wyatt. Top Row: Alexander, Allen, T. Baker, Barcus, Blanks, Brelsford, Bullock. Second Row: Campbell, Capps, Cheavens, Cook, Crocker, Crosby, Curtis. Third Row: Dancy, Drye, C. Dumas, G. Dumas, Dun- bar, Du Priest, Edge. Fourth Row: Edmund son, Elliott, Esgen, Everett, Field, Fitch, Fortson. Fifth Row: Garth, Glass, A. Greer, E. Greer, Griswold, Hall. Sixth Row: Henderson, Hill, Hobart, Hogan, Hopkins, Howell. . I MEMBERS Sarah Jane Allen, Corpus Christi Mary Kimball Alexander, Houston Thelma Louise Baker, Houston Shirley Baker, Houston Mary Barcus, Fort Worth Olive Beaton, Fort Worth Virginia Ann Boberg, Dallas Neddie Jane Bullock, Bryan Ann Moss Calhoun, San Antonio Katherine M. Callaway, Dallas Gail Elizabeth Campbell, Temple Ann Cheavens, Dallas Shirley Ann Cooper, Midland Rita Joan Crocker, Brady Margaret Ann Crosby, Del Rio Nancylu Crosthwait, Waco Bettie Morrow Dancy, Orange Cornelia Vaughan Dumas, San Antonio Martha Jeanne Du Priest, Bryan Marilyn Jean Dysart, Havana, Cuba Jean Marie Edge, Bryan Mary Lou Edmundson, Houston Mary Ann Elliott, Temple Irene Sue Elmore, McAllen Barbara Esgen, San Antonio Jane Elizabeth Everett, Tyler Coralee Fain, Brownwood Elizabeth McLean Field, Austin Florence Elizabeth Fitch, Eagle Pass Shirley E. Fleming, Dallas Kay Flippen, Dallas Kay Fortson, Fort Worth Gayle Garth, Houston Barbara Berenice Gibbon, Harlingen Ann Warren Greer, Dallas Roy Neilyn Griggs, Amarillo Martha Ann Griswold, Houston Gail Thornton Hall, San Antonio Serena Louise Harding, San Antonio Minerva Hobart, Pampa Kathrine Ann Hogan, San Antonio Carol Bushnell Hopkins, Houston Joan Kay Holloway, Fort Worth Nancy Lou James, Tyler Barbara Ann Kendall, San Antonio Margaret Reynolds King, San Antonio Margaret Ban Kovach, Odessa Margaret Helen Kyle, Beaumont Jean Lewis, Waco Kathleen Yvonne Lyle, Bay City Mae Madelaine McDermott, Lufkin Ann McSween, San Antonio Alice Malone, Houston Clare Elizabeth Masterson, Houston Mary Mills, Austin Karen Vilenda Mortensen, Fort Worth Carol C. Nash, Waco Mary Ellen Neale, Dallas Con stance Nelson, San Antonio Nancy Nye, Houston Evelyn Oglesby, San Angelo Frances Nell Orand, Dallas Theresa Kathryn Peninger, Austin Margaret F. Penniman, Dallas Force Peterson, Marlin Tany Thompson Pollard, Houston Joan Marie Ragsdale, Houston Evelyn Shelby Reed, Austin Lorene Robertson, San Angelo Joan Ruth Rupel, Bryan Marilyn Yvonne Sadler, Little Rock, Ark. Frances Evelyn Schneider, Austin Mary Margaret Scott, Paris Joanne Shackelford, Corpus Christi Mary Turner Shear, Alice Mary Anne Smith, Hunt Jonilu Swearingen, Austin Ellen Clare Todd, San Antonio Suzanne Catherine Waters, Weslaco Janet Wheeler, Austin PAOE 296 FACULTY CAROLYN JANE MATTHEWS BUTLER, Teaching Fellow in Romance Languages DOROTHY BLACKMAR TAYLOR, Instructor in Romance Languages Fall MARGARET ANN CROSBY SHIRLEY BAKER MARY TURNER SHEAR . JOAN MARIE RAGSDALE RITA JOAN CROCKER OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . Spring SARAH JANE ALLEN ELLEN CLARE TODD MARGARET PENNIMAN BARBARA KENDALL SHIRLEY FLEMING Alice Guion Ardrey, Dallas Margaret Cavendich Bentinck, Dallas Dorothy Gay Blanks, San Angelo Nancy Virginia Brelsford, Houston Charlene Capps, Brownwood Jane Helen Carter, Dallas Gloria Ann Chamness, Dallas Carla Jo Cocke, Austin Ruth Annetta Cook, Atlanta Anne Louise Curtis, Brady Anne Elizabeth Drye, New York N. Y. Genevieve Louise Dumas, San Antonio Megan Malcolm Dunbar, San Antonio Mary Sue Edwards, Dallas Florence Neal Fooshee, Dallas Ann Garland, Eagle Pass Mary Morgan Glass, Marlin PLEDGES Eleanor Katherine Greer, Dallas Ann Gaines Hawley, Texarkana June Carol Henderson, Lufkin Paula Janelle Hicks, Waco Eugenia Webb Hill, Austin Sidney Elizabeth Howell, Bryan Mary Jane Inglish, Dallas Nancy Maxine Jenkins, Rotan Nancy Ruth Jones, Wichita Falls Phyllis Keese, Dallas Carolyn Ruth Kongabel, Houston Barbara Ann Kidd, Tyler Martha Ann Knapp, Weslaco Alice Roberta McCart, Fort Worth Marjorie McGown, Boerne Ann McKnight, Beaumont Sara McNeel, San Antonio Betty Ann Menefee, San Antonio Virginia Anne Montgomery, Short Hills, N. J. Nancy Paxton Moody, Austin Sara Ellen Neale, Dallas Leta McLendon Patton, Waco Laura Ballinger Randall, Galvcston Mary Jule Ross, Fort Smith, Ark. Sara Jane Sommerville, Wichita Falls Elizabeth Hoyt Studdert, Midland Ann Lee Suggs, Dallas Sara Elizabeth Swift, Cameron Jeanne Ross Tyrrell, Beaumont Nalda Van Brunt, San Antonio Margaret Ann Vanston, Dallas Ann Parsons Wells, Dallas Betty Ann West, Houston Top Row: Inglish, Jenkins, Kendall, Kidd, King, Knapp, Kongabel. Second Row: Kovach, Lewis, Malone, Masterson, McCart, McDermott, McKnight. Third Row: McNeel, Menefee, Nash, S. Neale, Oglesby, Grand, Patton. Fourth Row: Peterson, Ragsdale, Reed, Robertson, Ross, Rupel. Fifth Row: Sadler, Schneider, Shear, Smith, Studdert, Suggs. Sixth Row: Todd, Tyrrell, VanBrunt, Vanston, West, Wheeler. Top Row: Benish, Bowers, Brown, Chester, Dabbs. Second Row: Dodson, Dudgeon, Duke, Faber, Flagg. Third Row: Frazer, Gibson, Guthrie, Hankal, Hill, Hines. Fourth Row: Jindrich, Kendrick, King, Lann, McFall, McKnight. MEMBERS Andy Boyd Anderson, Houston William Lee Bowers, Jr., Houston Thomas Henry Cheavens, Dallas Daniel Allenby Chester, Austin Horace Leon Dodson, Jr., Dallas Johnnie J. Dudgeon, San Antonio Robert Charles Duke, Houston Curt Moritz Faber, Houston Kenneth Paul Flagg, Houston John Thatcher Frazer, Longview Frank Atwood Gibson, Austin Herbert Wheeler Hill, San Antonio Mainer Patrick Hines, Corpus Christi Warren Joseph Jindrich, San Antonio Frank Erwin Kendrick, Jr., Dallas Morris Jerome Lann, Austin Clinton Carew McFall, San Antonio Raymond Joe Marek, Dallas Robert Howell Moore, Van David Morris Murray, Arlington Carroll Guinn Nanney, Austin George Ellis Norwood, Amarillo Thomas J. Oakes, Austin John Ernest Overall, Georgetown Samuel Ray Parrish, Jr., Dallas Milton Harman Parrott, Waco Paul Wesley Pigue, Jr., Houston Theodore Allen Primeaux, Port Arthur James LeGrande Read, Houston Richard Lee Rice, Austin John Preston Ritchie, Miner al Wells Robert Lewis Roberts, Houston Ray Drayton Robertson, Taylor Robert Sherman Rudd, Amarillo Melbert Dowlen Schwarz, Dallas Leonard Thomas Smith, Harlingen George Morris Spalding, Dallas Billy Thomas Spero, Terrell Phillip Marion Stevenson, Houston Richard Andrews Stuart, Greenville Leroy William Taylor, Jr., Houston Vernon Marshall Taylor, Cherokee Harold Ira Thomas, Biloxi, Miss. Marion Brown Tomme, Jr., Fort Worth Robert Crews, Turnham, Freer Jerit Neal Wohlford, San Angelo PAGE 298 FACULTY L. THEO. BELLMONT, Director of Physical Training for Men GEORGE WALTER HOFFMAN, Associate Professor of Geography Fall SAMUEL RAY PARRISH DANIEL ALLENBY CHESTER WARREN JOSEPH JINDRICH BILLY THOMAS SPERO OFFICERS S.M.C. . I.M.C. . S.C. . . Th.C. Spring MARION BROWN TOMME, JR. LEROY WILLIAM TAYLOR, JR. FRANK ERWIN KENDRICK, JR. ROBERT HOWELL MOORE PLEDGES I George Robert Adams, Alice Anthony Andrew Benish, Jr., Austin Victor Ard Brown, Dallas Kenneth Dean Dabbs, Freer John Walter Dooley, Austin J. Brooks Frazier, Freer Aubrey Elton Guthrie, Floydada James Kenneth Hall, Edinburg Robert Leonard Hankal, Weslaco Marvin Earl King, Austin Claude Trumman Mclntosh, Jr., Arlington Byron Morris McKnight, Lubbock John Lee McMillen, Amarillo Raymond Franklin Rabke, Jr., Dallas Von Raimond, Houston Patrick Hardy Reagan, Hye Samuel F. Singleton, O ' Donnell Jerry Leo Suggs, Abilene Horace Lee Walters, Houston John D. Watson, Austin Top Row: McMillen, Moore, Murray, Norwood, Parrish. Second Row: Primeaux, Read, Reagan, Rice, Rob- ertson. Third Row: Rudd, Schwarz, Smith, Spero, Suggs. Fourth Row: L. Taylor, V. Taylor, Thomas, Tomme, Turnham, Wohlford. Top Row: Adkins, Ames, Ashby, Black, Bonney, Borchardt. Second Row: Brelsford, Carsey, Cavender, Cockc, Collie, Mrs. T. L. Collier, Colvin. Third Row: Cook, Cortes, Doty, Douty, DuBose, Edge, Estes. Fourth Row: Fischer, Forman, Franklin, M. Gilmore, W. Gilmore, Green, D. Hart. Fifth Row: Henderson, Herlocker, Hildreth, Houston, Jackson, J. G. Jones, J. P. Jones. MEMBERS Franklin Antrim Ashby, Jr., Houston Edward Alva Barrett, San Antonio Milton England Black, Houston Herbert Jerry Bonney, San Antonio Robert Skeen Braden, Amarillo Robert Coulson Carsey, Jr., Houston William Byrd Cavender, San Antonio James Milton Cavender, San Antonio Bartlett Cocke, III, San Antonio Elbert Joseph Coffman, Fort Worth Daniel Lane Collie, Dallas Thomas Leighton Cook, Sweetwater Earl Edwin Cortes, Houston Robert Nelson Crye, El Paso William Walter Dean, Jr., Athens Sidney Paul DuBose, San Antonio Wayne Shelton Estes, Cleveland, Ohio Andre Calvert Ferish, Houston James Torrey Forman, Henderson William Frederick Franklin, Amarillo Lynn Coleman Frederick, Fort Worth Willis Henderson Gilmore, Jr.,Midland Thomas Maxey Hart, Jr., San Antonio John Henderson, Lufkin Albert D. Hildreth, Houston Edmond Penn Jackson, San Antonio David Lawerence Lacy, Dallas Andrew Jackson Lewis, San Antonio William Robert Long, III, Austin Franklin Clay McGaughy, San Antonio Temple Harris McGregor, Houston William John Meyer, Jr., Bancroft.Nebr. Charles Lewis Million, Wichita Falls Nicholas Pendleton Mitchell, Greenville, S. C. Randy Grady Moore, Omaha William Neff Patman, Texarkana Gerald Michael Perlitz, Austin Michael J. Peterson, Jr., Houston George Bailey Peyton, San Antonio Benjamin Franklin Pitman, San Antonio James Heath Rawles, Dallas Warren A. Rees, Jr., Centerpoint John Malcolm Robertson, Dallas William Blair Scott, Jr., Houston John Harrison Scale, Bellville Robert Henry Scale, II, Bryan Cecil Grey Sellers, Memphis, Tenn. William Joe Smith, Edgewood Halmond Keisen Stanfield, Amarillo Joe Stanley Stephen, Eastland George Harris Sullivan, Corsicana John Agustin Sullivan, San Antonio Robert Powell Thomas, III, San Antonio Roger Lee Tolar, San Antonio Jack Lee Underwood, El Paso Howard Van Zandt, Houston Cyrus Henry Wagner, Austin Joe Dudgeon Walker, Jr., Houston Kimball Stuart Watson, Mt. Carmel, 111. Lyman Watson Webb, San Antonio Jim Parks Wesson, Memphis, Tenn. Joe Carroll Williams, Waco PAGE 300 FACULTY HARRELL E. LEE, Associate Professor of Journalism J. WOOLFORD MCFARLAND, Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction EVERETT GRANT SMITH, Professor of Marketing S. S. WILLIAMS, Instructor of Law DUDLEY K. WOODWARD, Chairman of Board of Regents Fall FRANKLIN ANTRIM ASHBY BARTLETT COCKE, III JACK LEE UNDERWOOD ALBERT D. HILDRETH OFFICERS Eminent Archon Eminent Deputy Archon Eminent Recorder . Eminent Treasurer Spring WARREN A. REES, JR. BARTLETT COCKE, III THOMAS LEIGHTON COOK DANIEL LANE COLLIE James Marshall Adkins, Chicago, 111. Eugene L. Ames, Jr., San Antonio Edward Morgan Bennett, Dallas Alvin Lee Borchardt, Vernon Newman Earl Boxwell, Amarillo Robert Gordon Brelsford, Tyler George Hammett Colvin, Fort Worth Robert Dupre Doty, Houston Harry Lee Douty, Memphis,Tenn. PLEDGES Eugene Edge III, Bryan George Edgar Fischer, San Antonio Marquis Reed Gilmore, Midland Paul Green, San Antonio William Harris, Wichita Falls Douglas Hart, San Antonio Joseph Madison Herlocker, Greenville Reagan Traweek Houston, Jr., San Antonio Jack Greenwood Jones, Houston James Pat Jones, Houston Charles Sydnor Oden, Houston Robert Lee Oliver, San Antonio Marshall Bookman Peters, Bryan John Francis Ritter, Jr., Austin John Herbert Roberts, Dallas H. James Rosser, Cleburne Craig Barrow Simmons, Memphis,Tenn. John Francis Sullivan, Houston Robert Daniel Winn, Dallas n ft. ID PI Top Row: Lacy, Lewis, McGaughy, Million, Moore, Oden. Second Row: Oliver, Patman, Perlitz, Peters, Peyton, Pitman, Rawles. Third Row: Rees, Ritter, Roberts, Scott, J. Scale, Sellers, Simmons. Fourth Row: Smith, Stanfield, Stephen, G. Sullivan. J. A. Sullivan, J. F. Sullivan, Thomas. Fifth Row: Tolar, Underwood, Van Zandt, Watson, Webb, Wesson, Williams. Top Row: Alterman, Anisman, Antweil, Balk, Barban, Barshop. Second Row: Berger, Bennett, Carr, Feldman, Frapart, Friedlandcr. Third Row: Friedman, Genecov, Glazer, Golden, Gol- man, Goodfriend. Fourth Row: Hoffman, Horwitz, Jacobs, Kassanoff, Katz. Fifth Row: H. Keller, R. Keller, Kessler, Kleinman, Kusin. MEMBERS Joe David Antweil, Fort Worth Martin David Balk, Tyler Heinz Berger, Austin Stewart A. Bonnett, Dallas Archie Broodo, Dallas Selig H. Carr, San Antonio Stanley R. Chodorow, Waco Charles B. Feldman, Harlingen Hubert S. Finklestein, Pampa Alfred Lawrence Friedlander, Tyler Karl M. Friedman, El Paso Edward Ray Genecov, Dallas Edwin Harold Golden, Corsicana Larry Elton Golman, Dallas Samuel Elliot Hoffman, Dallas Joseph Ronald Horowitz, Jackson, Miss. Arnold H. Kassanoff, El Paso Eugene S. Katz, Tyler Fred B. Kessler, Houston Harold Fred Kleinman, McCamey Lee Blair Laves, Fort Worth Richard Howard Parker, Austin Aaron Saul Pearlman, Houston Martin Perlman, Houston Robert I. Polunsky, San Angelo Jack Rich, Houston Richard Julian Rosen, El Paso Stanley David Rosenberg, San Antonio Jimmy Rosenbloom, Shreveport, La. David Ochs Rubenstein, Shreveport, La. Stanley B. Saikin, Artesia, N. Mex. Robert Marshall Sandier, San Antonio Robert Eugene Schwartz, Houston Marvin E. Shapiro, Terrell Gerald Paul Silber, San Antonio Joseph Meyer Singerman, New Orleans, La. Bernard Frank Skibell, Lubbock Carl Albert Skibell, Dallas Stanley Strum, Tyler Charles E. Sugerman, San Antonio Marvin Daniel Tobias, Dallas Harris Jacob Weingarten, Houston Robert B. Zax, Houston P CF. 302 FACULTY RICHARD FINKI.F.STKIN, Teaching I : ellou in Bacteriology AARON SCHAEFFER, Professor o Romance Languages ALAN S OTT, Assistant Professor of Journalism Fall ALFRED L. FRIEDLANDER ARNOLD H. KASSANOFF ROBERT I. POLUNSKY OFFICERS Prior . Recorder Exchequer . Spring ALFRED L. FRIEDLANDER ARNOLD H. KASSANOFF HARRIS J. WEINGARTEN PLEDGES William Emmanuel Alterman, San Antonio Sheldon Anisman, Memphis Jerome Alan Bader, Clayton, Missouri Arnold Melvin Barban, San Antonio Jerry R. Barshop, Dallas Lewis Samuel Frapart, Tyler Morton Allen Glazer, Fort Worth Barry Howard Goodfriend, Corpus Christi Julian V. Horwitz, El Paso Howard Jacobs, Houston Harris Lee Keller, Baytown Robert M. Keller, El Paso Sherman Allen Kusin, Texarkana Howard William Marker, Tyler Mark H. Rakoover, Fort Worth Don Reifler, Clayton, Mo. Gerald Shur, New York, N. Y. Stanley Lee Shwarts, Dallas Richard U. Simon, Jr., Fort Worth Sanford Eugene Smith, Houston Jerome S. Wilkenfeld, Houston Walter Williams, Tyler Gerald Bernard Zodin, Big Spring Top Row: Laves, Parker, Pearlman, Perlman, Polun- sky, Rakoover. Second Row: Rich, Rosen, Rosenberg, Rubenstein, S.n ' kin, Sandier. Third Row: Schwartz, Shapiro, Shur, Silber, Simon, Singerman. Fourth Row: B. Skibell, C. Skibell, Smith, Sugerman, Tobias. Fifth Row: Weingarten, Wilkenfeld, Williams, Zax, Zodin. Top Row: Askew, Baker, Brite, Brown, Browning, Brunson. Second Row: Byerley, Caldwell, Canon, Chancellor, Clowe, Craig. Third Row: Cromwell, Cuthrell, Daugherty, Ehres- man, Eldridge, Elliott, Fairchild. Fourth Row: Flanders, Foster, Francis, Gallatin, Hal- liburton, Hansen, Harvey. Fifth Row: Hoge, Huffman, Jackson, Jones, Kemble, Kuehne, Leslie. Gary Garrison Askew, Dallas Sloan B. Blair, Jr., Fort Worth Jerome Templeton Brite, Pleasanton Charles William Brown, Temple David Gregg Browning, Jr., Dallas Howard Elridge Brunson, Baytown Leon Geddis Byerley, Jr., Midland Johnson Camden Chancellor, Midland Gordon A. Craig, Houston Frank Rhea Cromwell, Jr., Taylor Robert Eugene Cuthrell, Pleasanton Ralph Howard Daugherty, Jr., Rankin Frank Gerald Edmiston, Crockett Charles McRae Eldridge, Mercedes George Washington Elliott, III, Austin Arthur Lee Forbes, III, Houston Joe Davis Foster, Center James Orval Francis, Texico, N. M. Albert Reeves Gallatin, San Antonio Robert Norvell Graham, Del Rio Fred W. Hansen, Borger MEMBERS Robert Hendricks, Burlington, Colo. William Robert Hoge, Jr., Carrollton George William Johnston, Jr., Bloomington, 111. John Culberth Jones, Jr., La Feria Stephen Allen Kemble, Orange Clark Ingram Kleinschmidt, El Paso Hugo Franz Kuehne, Austin Dudly Moran Kuykendall, Temple William Blair McCarter, Houston John Scott McDonald, Pipe Creek Wallace Edward McGee, San Antonio Thomas Reynolds Metcalfe, Odessa Samuel Thomas Middleton, El Paso James Smith Miles, Taylor Robert Miguel Moreman, Beaumont John Owen Murray, San Antonio Charles Wambaugh Nelson, Austin Monroe Northrop, Houston James William Owens, Tulsa, Okla. Sydney Amis Padgett, Jr., San Antonio John Walthall Pancoast, Jr., San Antonio Donald Gene Perwein, Sherman Oaks, Cal. Don Warren Powers, Abilene George Peyton Prewitt, Taylor George Dewey Reeves, San Antonio James Alexander Rickard, Kingsville George Barnard Sewell, Me Allen Clough Shelton, III, Dallas Michael Shirley, Tyler Robert Hadley Smith, Austin Robert Kenneth Steer, Mercedes Walter William Stein, Jr., Laredo Charles Ernest Thompson, Jr., Edinburg Robert Andrew Thompson, III, San Antonio Elmore Rual Torn, Austin Billy Franklin Vaughn, Lufkin Kyle Ward Walden, Beaumont William Floyd West, Wichita Falls Thomas D. Woodson, San Antonio Harold Workman Young, Charleston, W. Va. PAOE 304 ft FACULTY D. A. CARSTARPHEN, Instructor in English ALBERT EVERETT COOPER, Professor of Applied Mathematics STANLEY PHISTER FINCH, Professor of Civil Engineering HUGH LYON McMATH, Professor of Architecture JOHN A. RYAN, Instructor in Marketing Fall JOHN PANCOAST . GEORGE JOHNSTON ROBERT CUTHRELL WILLIAM WEST OFFICERS Consul Pro-Consul Annotator Quaestor Spring HOWARD E. BRUNSON CHARLES E. THOMPSON JOE D. FOSTER DON W. POWERS Malcom Dee Bailey, Dallas Lamar Robertson Baker, Jr., Harlingen Edward M. Bennett, Dallas Edwin Hearst Blackwell, Dallas Louis Franklin Bonner, Jr., Houston Sam Charles Bradshaw, Kilgore David Harlan Bridges, Dallas Clyde Lemuel Brothers, Jr., San Antonio John Bullington, Houston Patton Howell Caldwell, Houston Robert Everett Canon, Odessa Elliott Aiken Chamberlain, Austin Carlton Thomas Clowe, Dallas William Eduard Borsch, Lynwood,Calif. Joe Britt Ehresman, McAllen William Douglas Fairchild, San Antonio Bobby Harold Falkenberry, Orange PLEDGES Hugh Townsend Field, Temple Thomas J. Flanders, Oklahoma Karl Malcolm Gibbon, Jr., Harlingen Grover C. Halliburton, Orange Karl Eikel Harvey, Baton Rouge, La. Robert James Huffman, Dallas Tommy Hayes Jackson, Baton Rouge, La. Charles Fisher Coffin Ladd, Jr., Cuero Shelton Eugene Leslie, Dallas Sam Alan McKnight, San Angelo Jerry Frank Moffitt, Dallas Walter Thomas Nelson, Kilgore John David Newbolt, Kilgore J. Selby Peter, San Antonio William Arnold Pitchford, El Paso Robert Lewis Rieger, Baton Rouge, La. Robert Ralph Riggins, El Paso Richard E. Schleicher, Dallas Bryant Pearce Seay, Jr., Houston John A. Sheffield, Jr., Houston Lutcher Blades Simmons, Orange Ben Henry Skyles, Des Moines, Iowa Philip Kemball Smith, New Orleans, La. Jack Standard, Temple Murray Tarkington, Cuero Ben Alan Terry, Corpus Christi Tommy V. Thompson, Fort Worth Lucien Minor Warner, Houston William Franklin Weed, Beaumont Emory L. White, Jr., Anthony Ross Gilbert Wilder, Beaumont William Dewey Wiser, Jr., Piano OakCal inbwg Jan Antonio W.Va. Top Row: McDonald, McGee, McKnight, Metcalfe, Middleton, Moreman. Second Row: Murray, Nelson, Northrop, Owens, Pan- coast, Pitchford. Third Row: Powers, Rieger, Seay, Sewell, Shelton, Shirley, Simmons. Fourth Row: P. Smith, R. Smith, Stein, Tarkington, Terry, C. Thompson, R. Thompson. Fifth Row: Torn, Vaughn, Walden, Weed, White, Woodson, Young. Top Row: Alpard, Aronstein, Bain, Brookner. Second Row: Cooper, Davidson, Ely, Fink. Third Row: Freefield, Friedman, Gartner, Gerrick. Fourth Row: Goldberg, Gompertz, Hamovit, Horn. MEMBERS Jo Ann Brookner, Beaumont Rita Maxine Davidson, Marvell, Ark. Norma Lee Fink, San Antonio Marcia Ethel Friedman, Texarkana Jeneane M. Gartner, Houston Sharlene Barbara Gerrick, Brownsville Clare Frances Gompertz, Houston Cherill Adele Joseph, Houston Sandra Jean Josephson, Snyder Gloria Celeste Kusin, Texarkana Charlene Annette Levine, Wichita Falls Marian Joyce Levy, San Antonio Ida Joan Olff, Dallas Joan Adele Rachofsky, Denver, Colo. Ruth Jean Wertheimer, Houston Bette Lou Wolens, Corsicana PAGE 306 Fall IDA JOAN OLFF . CLARE FRANCES GOMPERTZ . SHARLENE BARBARA GERRICK NORM A LEE FINK SANDRA JEAN JOSEPHSON OFFICERS President Vice-President Second Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring RUTH JEAN WERTHEIMER JENEANE M. GARTNER CHERILL ADELE JOSEPH RAE LITCHENSTEIN MARIAN JOYCE LEVY PLEDGES i k Sharla Ruth Aaron, Dallas Barbara Sue Alpard, Wharton Libby Ann Aronstein, San Antonio Barbara Bain, Pine Bluff, Ark. Marlene Claire Becker, Houston Muriel Bonnett, Dallas Betty Joy Cooper, Memphis, Tenn. Marilyn Moffett Ely, Dallas Beverly Joan Freefield, Oklahoma City, Okla. Emily June Goldberg, Houston Sheila Iris Hamovit, Houston Arlene Odette Henry, Austin Barbara Gail Horn, San Antonio Minnie Bertha Lauterstein, Weimar Harriet Beth Lavine, San Antonio Elaine Ruth Nebenzahl, San Antonio Mae Oppenheim, Jackson, Miss. Lois Charlene Rosenthal, Houston Marlene Patsy Roth, Houston Diane Schwartz, Schulenburg Freda Lee Vogel, Dallas Sondra Ann Weiss, Wichita Falls Lois Ann Weksler, Amarillo Top Row: Kusin, Joseph, Josephson, Lauterstein. Second Row: Levine, Levy, Nebenzahl, Olff. Third Row: Oppenheim, Rachofsky, Roth, Schwartz. Fourth Row: Vogel, Weiss, Weksler, Wertheimer, Wolens. Top Row: Alderdice, Appling, Barker, Bintliff, Brooks, Broussard. Second Row. Butz, Carrell, Carter, Chanslor, Christie, Clark. Third Row: Colbourne, Cooney, Davis, Dishroon, Dolley, Dondlinger. Fourth Row: Fisher, Franklin, Freezia, Funkhouser, Giddens. Fifth Row: Gordon, Gwinner, Hallman, Hays, Herrmann. MEMBERS Lee Edward Alderdice, Austin William Earl Barker, Austin Chester McClure Bintliff, Houston Curtis Bruce Brooks, San Antonio Gene Kay Bruce, Houston Karl Theodore Butz, Jr., Fort Stockton Bobby Joe Carrell, Dallas Shelby Henry Carter, Harlingcn William Alfred Chanslor, Houston William Preston Christie, Dallas Richard Kay Colbourne, Morrocco, Ind. William Bernard Cooney, Lufkin Gerald Anthony Cox, San Antonio Jeff Davis, Jr., El Dorado, Ark. Carr Pritchett Dishroon, Houston Donald Austin Edwards, Austin Blake Vincent Fisher, Houston Terrell Glenn Franklin, Beaumont Charles Arnold Freezia, Commerce Leslie Wiley Giddens, Austin Martin Wright Gordon, San Antonio Maurice Dolan Gwinner, Austin William Hughes Hallman, Olney Jack Hayden Hollister, Beaumont Harry Walter Hugly, Houston Lenox Claxton Jenkins, Dallas Tolbert Nat Jones, Jr., Tyler James Douglas Kallina, Garwood Kenneth Roy Nichols, Midland Edgar Foy Norton, Midland Robert Padon, Houston Arthur Bernard Riviere, Jr. Thomas Wesley Robinson, Port Arthur James Gus Rome, Mission James Edwin Shelly, San Antonio Harlan Edward Smith, Houston Gene Merwin Teas, Houston Giles Robert Thomas, Fort Worth William Horace Thurman, Fort Worth William Walter Trout, Jr., Lufkin Jerry Reed Tucker, Beaumont PAGE 308 FACULTY DONALD M. CASTLEBURY, Assistant Professor of Government MALCOLM YOUNG COLBY, Professor of Physics HENRY GORDON DAMON, Associate Professor of Physics GEORGE HOMER FANCHER, Professor of Petroleum Engineering ARCHIE N. JONES, Professor of Music Education EUGENE PAUL SCHOCH, Professor of Chemical Engineering Fall CHESTER McCLURE BINTLIFF JAMES Gus ROME . HARRY WALTER HUGLY LENOX CLAXTON JENKINS . OFFICERS Eminent Commander Lieutenant-Commander Recorder . . . . Housemanaser . Spring RICHARD KAY COLBOURNE WILLIAM HUGHES HALLMAN MAURICE DOLAN GWINNER LENOX CLAXTON JENKINS PLEDGES i Floyd Edward Appling, Jr., El Campo Richard Jules Broussard, Beaumont Jim Martin Clark, Pleasanton Robert David Dolley, Coral Gables, Fla. William Spikes Dondlinger, Mission James Hammond Funkhouser, Abilene Gary Ronald Hague, Fort Worth Don Blake Hays, Austin Paul John Herrmann, Jr., El Campo Billy Edward Huvar, Garwood Thomas Cabler Lockhart, Beaumont Leslie Ross Meagher, Beaumont Meto Miteff, Fort Worth William Pete Murray, Corpus Christi John Southall Myrick, Muenster William Jackson Rattikin, Fort Worth Jerry Hugh Roberts, Beaumont Richard Hugh Scott, Fort Worth John Washburn Skinner, Aurora, Colo. Gene William Snell, Houston Harry Clopton Victery, Houston Percy Thomas Wallace, Beaumont Harvey Maurice Wisenbaker, Jr., Port Arthur Top Row: Hollister, Hugly, Huvar, Jenkins, Jones, Kallina Kallina. Second Row: Meagher, Miteff, Murray, Myrick, Nichols, Rattikin. Third Row: Riviere, Roberts, Robinson, Rome, Scott, Shelly. Fourth Row: Skinner, Smith, Teas, Thomas, Thurman. Fifth Row: Trout, Tucker, Victery, Wallace, Wisen- baker. Top Row: Abbey, Adams, Aldecn, Alders, Bankston, Bell. Second Row: Blanton, Brooks, Brunner, J. Cole, R. Cole, Craft. Third Row: Darwin, Davis, Dean, Dismukes, Doc- torman, Doughtie. Fourth Row: Estes, Ferguson, Foster, Garsee, B. Gold- smith, C. Goldsmith. Fifth Row: M. Goldsmith, Gunn, Hale, Jackson, C. Johnson. MEMBERS William Carl Abbey, Dallas William Reubin Adams, Houston Lennart George Aldeen, Rockford, 111. Gary Milton Alders, Freeport Joseph Ben Ashby, Dallas Charles Allen Bankston, Port Arthur Joe Milton Bell, Longview Jack Donald Blanton, Port Arthur Kelton Lamar Brewer, Gladewater Joseph Ted Brooks, Mercedes John Martin Cole, Houston Robert Lester Cole, Houston Herbert Rollyn Darwin, Fort Worth Perry Dupree Davis, Jr., San Antonio Granville Mitchel Dean, Houston Paul Franklin Dickard, Waco Barclay Woodard Dismukes, Woodville Venton L. Doughtie, Austin Jack Homer Estes, Houston Jack Henson Ferguson, Hamilton William Knight Foster, Dallas Spencer B. Garsee, Port Arthur Claude Watson Goldsmith, Port Arthur Marcus Hale Goldsmith, Austin Russel Walter Gunn, Jr., Kansas City,Mo. Franklin John Halbert, Odessa Billy Ray Jackson, Houston Marion Johnson, Austin Robert Anderson Jones, Alice Terry Debbs King, Baytown John Theadore Kipp, Corpus Christi Billy L. Kuykendall, Longview Claud Pope Lane, III, Marshall Charles Robert Leggott, Amarillo Albert Henry Lichty, Jr., Houston John Leslie Lowery, Port Arthur George William McKinney, Austin Charles Donald Marth, Dallas Paul David Martino, Irving Don Dean Menasco, Longview Charles Henry Morgan, Port Arthur Harry Edward Norris, Bay City William Webster Parker, Somerville James William Parmley, San Antonio Wesley E. Pokluda, Texas City Gene Allen Ratliff, Ganado John Purdy Robbins, Houston Fred E. Ryals, Austin Randal Steele Shawell, Houston Robert Edward Smith, San Antonio Gordon Jarrett Snively, Houston Harvey Newell Summerlin, Del Rio Carroll Burleson Sumrall, San Antonio Thomas Apostolos Thomas, Port Arthur James R. Viramontes, Las Graces, N. M. Josiah Wheat, Woodville Richard James Winningham, Amarillo Phillip Douglas Woodruff, Jr., Houston PAGE 310 Fall SPENCER B. GARSEE JOSIAH WHEAT WESLEY E. POKLUDA JACK HENSON FERGUSON OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer PLEDGES Michael Stuart Brunner, Midland Herbert H. Craft, Dallas John Lacy Crawford, Palacios William Owen Doctorman, Texarkana Richard Beaver Gibbony, Austin Beverly Brooks Goldsmith, Austin Arthur Dale Griffin, Dallas Walter Elmo Hale, Houston Robert Richard Ingerton, Amarillo Clyde Taylor Johnson, Dallas Jerry Dean Kelly, Dallas Duane Eugene Landry, Austin J. Don Lyles, Bluegrove Orison Fleming McDonald II, Wichita Falls Spring JOHN THEADORE KIPP JACK HOMER ESTES JACK DONALD BLANTON JACK HENSON FERGUSON Henry Simpson Moore, Houston Paul William Nordyke, Bay City Edwin Charles Price, Cincinnati, Ohio Werner G. Rohn, Farmingdale, N. Y. Bailey Hill Ruff, Dallas Cyril J. Smith, Houston Frank Davis Snyder, Marshall Rod Albert Stewart, Austin Clement Thames, Hearne Walter Dudley Thomson, El Paso Robert G. Waggener, Dixon, Ky. Lauren B. Wahlquist, Dallas Stanley Day Warburton, Freer Thomas Matthews Wise, Houston Top Row: Jones, King, Kipp, Kuykendall, Lane, Leggott. Second Row: Lichty, McKinney, Martino, Nordyke, Norris, Parker. Third Row: Pokluda, Ruff, Shawell, C. Smith, R. Smith, Snively. Fourth Row: Snyder, Summerlin, Sumrall, Thames, Waggener, Wahlquist. Fifth Row: Warburton, Wheat, Winningham, Wise, Woodruff. - To ) flom: Blatt, Block, Carson, Chaskin. Second Row. Chasnoff, Epstein, Freed, Golden. Third Row. Goodman, Greenfield, Greenspan, Knobler. MEMBERS Benjamin Harris Biderman, Grand Prairie Morton S. Carson, Houston Meyer Chaskin, Houston George G. Edwards, Scranton, Penn. Stanley Freed, Laredo Martin Gal, Unionville, Ohio Stanley G. Gold, Dallas Eugene Golden, Velasco Harry Goodman, Lampasas Abraham Greenspan, Brownsville Ivan William Knobler, Houston Martin C. Kreimerman, Mexico City, D. F. Leslie Low, Budapest, Hungary Marvin Miller, San Antonio Gerald Richbook, Temple William R. Sands, Dallas Lewis A. Schiller, Houston Filmore M. Sondock, Houston Joseph M. Stool, Del Rio Jimmy L. Toubin, Brenham Alvin Howard Weiss, San Antonio I m PACE 312 FACULTY LESLIE Low, Teaching Fellow in Applied Mathematics and Astronomy and in Chemistry ALEXANDER HART SACTON, Associate Professor of English Fall MARVIN MILLER MARTIN C. KREIMERMAN MEYER CHASKIN JIMMY L. TOUBIN STANLEY FREED . OFFICERS Spring Consul JIMMY L. TOUBIN Vice-Consul ABRAHAM GREENSPAN Scribe MEYER CHASKIN Quaestor ISAAC EPSTEIN Gustos JOSEPH CHASNOFF Ted Manfred Bernstein, Dallas Kenneth Blatt, Longview Ephram Lester Block, Laredo Saul Isaac Drobnies, Dallas Joseph Chasnoff, Houston Isaac Epstein, Laredo Jerry Fair, Dallas PLEDGES Moses Hafkin Goldberg, Laredo Leslie Lohr Greenfield, Houston Armand L. Kapp, San Antonio Isador Abe Kolmen, Brownsville Harold Erwin Levy, Galveston Sam Neuman, San Saba Arnold Nitishin, Laredo Norwin Gene Ray, Dallas Meyer Reiswerg, Galveston Ralph Rosenbaum, Dallas Martin Lewis Shanken, Laredo Richard Whitman, Mission Richard A. Williams, La Grange Top Row: Kolmen, Kreimerman, Levy, Miller. Second Row: Neuman, Ray, Sands, Shanken. Third Row: Toubin, Weiss, Williams. Top Row: Bargman, Barker, Biehl. Second Row: Brisbin, Brown, Cash. Third Row: Dyer, Helmke, Hohertz. MEMBERS William Joseph Anderson, Dallas Phillip Edward Bargman, Houston Donald Barren Barker, Austin Don Howard Biehl, Houston Albert Winslow Brisbin, San Antonio William Anderson Brown, Corpus Christi James Arthur Dyer, Dallas Vernon L. Helmke, San Antonio Russell J. Hinote, San Antonio Gilbert Elias Malooly, El Paso Howard Franklin Payton, Austin Bert Edwin Ray, Austin Eldon Gano Russell, West Charles R. Shirley, Denison Eugene T. Smith, Jr., Austin Guerry M. Strong, Austin Jesse Milton Wilson, Jr., Port Arthur ( i 314 FACULTY RENALDO A. BACON, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering JOE D. FARRAR, Director of University Employment Service ROBERT LEE SUTHERLAND, Professor of Sociology; Director of Hogg Foundation for Mental Hygiene Fall DONALD B. BARKER . VERNON L. HELMKE DON H. BIEHL . EUGENE T. SMITH, JR. OFFICERS Prytanis . Epi-Prytanis Grammateus Crysophylos Spring DONALD B. BARKER VERNON L. HELMKE DON H. BIEHL EUGENE T. SMITH, JR. PLEDGES Jarvis G. Cash, Austin Lester Dewain Fiebig, Harlingen Daryle Albert Honnertz, Big Spring John A. Kromas, Waco George Andrew Leeah, Gonzales Rudolph A. Lotief, Rotan James Darl Hunter, Dallas Top Row: Leeah, Lotie, Malooly. Second Row: Payton, Ray, Russell. Third Row: Smith, Strong, Wilson. Top Row: Allan, Allen, Bice. Second Row: Brainerd, Burton, Castner. Third Row: Craycroft, George, Jansky. MEMBERS Keith Alexander Allan, Dallas Nelson P. Allen, Borger Robert J. Bice, Dallas William Francis Brainerd, Amarillo Joe D. Burton, Corpus Christi Willis Hunt Castner, Midland John T. Craycroft, Dallas Anton Emil Jansky, Lawrenceville, N. J. Rolf Victor Laube, Sao Paulo, Brazil William J. Lesko, Jackson Heights, N. Y. Martin Edward Luker, Copperas Cove Garrett Glair McCandless, Rochester, N. Y. Pat Cleburne Miller, Dallas Frank Richard Pernay, Fort Worth Arnold Edward Peter, Jr., Mercedes George Robert Richie, Princeton, Ky. Robert Bradford Wightman, Glen Rock, N. J. I ' M. i 316 FACULTY FED G. MAGNESS, Assistant Professor of Air Science and Tactics Fall JOHN T. CRAYCROFT JOE D. BURTON WILLIAM J. LESKO MARTIN E. LUKER OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Spring JOHN T. CRAYCROFT JOE D. BURTON WILLIS HUNT CASTNER NELSON P. ALLEN PLEDGES Mike George, Fort Worth Top Row: Laube, Lesko, Luker. Second Row: McCandless, Miller, Pernay. Third Row: Peter, Richie, Wightman. Top Row: Barber, Barkley, Barr, Becker, Bennett, Bice. Second Row: Bluestein, Brannen, Brown, Chance, Cline, Collins. Third Row: Crager, Cree, Cummings, Deals, Droll, Ford, Gallagher. Fourth Row: Gilmore, Gray, Harris, Harrison, Horn, Howard, Isom. Fifth Row: Johnston, Jones, Long, Martin, McMullen, Miller, Mitchell. MEMBERS David Avery, Longview Jerry Dale Barber, Pampa Edwin Alexander Bluestein, Jr., Atlanta Herschel Sampson Brannen, Jr., Houston John Frank Collins, Jr., Eastland Morgan Lee Copeland, Brownfield William Richard Cree, Pampa Samuel James Day, Kopperl Richard Franklin Ford, Dallas Wayne Harrison Gallagher, Honey Island Edward Morriss Gilmore, Jr., Galveston Raymond A. Harrison, Galveston James Lamar Hart, Beaumont William Elray Howard, Jr., Beaumont John Earl Isom, Austin Roy Edens Johnston, Lufkin Henry Grady Jones, Jr., Kilgorc Bobby Lawrence, Jr., Harlingen William Donald Long, Houston Franklin Davis McMullen, Jr., Austin Lawrence Edward Martin, Jr., Dallas Donald Edward Mitchell, El Paso John Beverly Moon, Dallas Charles Thomas Moore, Crockett Robert Holiday Moore, Los Angeles, Cali f. Donald Ray Morris, Waco William Reed Quilliam, IV, Beaumont Allan Shrader Quinn, Las Piedras, Venezuela Gilbert Ephraim Robertson, Jr., Dallas Wayne Royce Rodgers, Munday Max Ramon Rucker, Lufkin Charles Bert Russell, Turkey Richard LeRoy Scheig, Pampa Walter John Shudde, Jr., Millarae, Calif. James Bruton Slade, Amarillo Robert Henry Smith, Longview William Clinton Swain, Jr., Bayton Ewel Lake Tankersley, Jr., Mertzon E. Kenneth Tooley, Haskell James Lewis Tune, Jr., Longview Anderson Conner Van Hoy, Eastland Roy Lawayne Van Winkle, Childress Robert Lee Walker, Chicago, 111. Alton Dale Wallace, Crosbyton Richard Thomas Weidmer, Jr., Hallsville Arthur Branch Williams, Jr., San Antonio R I n PAGE 318 FACULTY LEO GUY BLACKSTOCK, Professor of Business Law JOHN MALCOLM FORSMAN, Assistant Professor of English ARCHIE WAUOH STRAITON, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Fall GILBERT EPHRAIM ROBERTSON, JR. WILLIAM DONALD LONG DONALD EDWARD MITCHELL WAYNE HARRISON GALLAGHER . OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Spring EDWIN ALEXANDER BLUESTEIN, JR. DONALD RAY MORRIS WILLIAM DONALD LONG WILLIAM ELRAY HOWARD, JR. Robert Joseph Barr, Houston Fred Charles Barkley, Jr., Austin Eric Baker Becker, III, Dallas Raymond D. Bennett, Beaumont Joe Grady Bice, Tyler Anthony Wayne Brown, Harlingen John Barnes Chance, Beaumont Bobby James Cline, Floydada Minor Beckett Crager, Beaumont PLEDGES Robert M. Cummings, Austin C. Gordan Deals, Houston Louis James Droll, Austin Jack Kenneth Fondren, Corpus Christi John Kirk Gray, Austin William Thomas Harris, Dallas James Hen ' ry Horn, Lufkin Kennard Dwain Miller, Wharton John Bettis Morclock, Galvcston Max Darrell Murray, Sonora Donald Lee Ray, Kilgore Rex Ray Rhone, Crockett Jeff Carter Singleton, Lufkin Frank Henry Slavik, Jr., Corpus Christi Percy Lee Smith, Beaumont Robert Lee Smith, Kilgore Stanley Gene Watson, Dallas Robert Oddy Williams, Jr., Beaumont Top Row: Moon, C. Moore, R. Moore, Morelock, Morris, Murray. Second Row: Quilliam, Quinn, Ray, Rhone, Rodgers, Rucker. Third Row: Russell, Scheig, Shudde, Singleton, Slade, Slavik. Fourth Row: P. Smith, R. H. Smith, R. L. Smith, Swain, Tankersley, Tooley, Tune. Fifth Row: Van Hoy, Walker, Wallace, Watson, Weid- mer, A. Williams, R. Williams. J Top Row: Adams, J. A. Arthur, J. C. Arthur, Atchi- son, Baccus, Bailey, Bauknight, Bell. Second Row: Black, Blake, Boedeker, Briggs, Brown, Buchanan, Cardwell, Chaudoin. Third Row: Chupick, Clark, Crites, Dabney, Dilworth, Doiron, Duerson, Duggan. Fourth Row: Dunnam, Eads, Earle, Edwards, Esch- berger, Falkenberg, Fischer, Fitchett. Fifth Row: Foust, C. Hall, Hallum, Hamner, Hanna, Harris, Harwood. Sixth Row: Haupt, Herold, Herring, Holcomb, Hollon, Houston, Hubbard. Seventh Row: Huth, Irby, Iverson, J. A. Jackson, B. Jordan, A. Jordan, Kebelman. A. MEMBERS Johnnie Lee Adams, Beaumont Mary Ann Alexander, Fort Worth Jenne Carter Arthur, Beaumont Jennie Ann Arthur, Pecos Earlane Baccus, Dallas Beverly Jean Black, Bryan Betty Blake, Grosebeck Mary Katherine Brand, West Columbia Tommie Ruth Briggs, Paducah Charlotte M. Brown, Fort Worth Jane C. Buchanan, Stephenville Elizabeth Lell Cardwell, Lockhart Joan Chaudoin, Harlingen Mary Frances Chupick, Fayetteville Carolyn Louise Crites, Houston Bonnie Sue Dilworth, San Antonio Shalmir Ann Duerson, Harlingen Noelie Anne Duggan, Houston Raynice Eads, Uvalde Nancy Joan Earle, Houston Mary Edwards, Austin Clara Kaye Eschberger, Alice Dorothy Marie Falkenberg, Fort Worth Betty Jo Fischer, Corpus Christi Kathleen M. Haden, Austin Carol Ann Hall, El Campo Virginia Hallum, Brownwood Rosemary Monroe Hamner, Houston Marji Merle Hanna, Dallas Arrenia Julia Haupt, Bryan Helen Elaine Herring, Austin Glenda Jane Holcomb, Odessa Mary Jo Hollon, Mathis Norma Jean Hubbard, Midland Patsy Ann Iverson, Fort Worth Jean Ernestine Jackson, Houston Jo Ann Jackson, Orange Gretchen Kebelman, Weatherford Jean B. Kennedy, Bryan Betty Sue Kipp, San Antonio Geraldine Luter, San Antonio Madeleine May McAfee, Mercedes Anita Marlene McEntire, McGregor Margaret Ann McNeil, Silsbee Arline Denny McTee, Austin Janet B. Martin, Mount Pleasant Patricia Maurine Moore, Dallas Carol Mottley, Houston Frances Ann Navratil, Brenham M. Jane Oberle, Port Arthur Ann Louise O ' Quinn, Lufkin Lucile Dupree Pool, Victoria Virginia Price, Alice Shirley Rankine, Austin Mary Elizabeth Robertson, Dallas Linda R. Rowe, Beaumont Patricia Ann Schiwetz, Houston Shirley Schulze, Corpus Christi Dora Belle Scott, Buna Jeannette Christine Simmons, Paris Bettie Margaret Smith, Lohn Joan Lynn Smith, Corpus Christi Dorothy N. Starrett, Refugio Margaret A. Tate, Comanche Patricia Ann Torn, Taylor Virginia Townsend, Austin Billie Bert Tucker, Houston Ernestelle Kay Tutt, Dallas Dorothy Ann Walser, Temple Sarah Jane Weeks, Austin Carol Jean Wesner, Brownwood Ruth Joan White, Harlingen Betty Jean Wilder, Beaumont Cindy Marie York, Houston Mary Cathryn Young, San Antonio PACE 320 FACULTY GARY SOUTHERN BOLIN, Instructor in Music MARJORIE DAVISSON PARKER, Instructor in Speech . Fall RAYNICE EADS .... MARGARET ANN McNEiL JEAN ERNESTINE JACKSON MARY ELIZABETH ROBERTSON PATRICIA MAURINE MOORE OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Spring JANE C. BUCHANAN ERNESTELLE KAY TUTT JEAN ERNESTINE JACKSON DOROTHY M. FALKENBERG GRETCHEN KEBELMAN i r ft ml 4 Gertrude Charlene Atchison, Houston Nancy Jane Bailey, Dallas Barbara Bauknight, Austin Betsy Ann Bell, Orange Paula Boedeker, Bowie Betty Ethel Byrom, Brenham Winona Carole Casselman, Midland Ava Clere Christian, Kilgore Nancy Lou Clark, Ramondville Mary Deen Compton, Dallas Betty Lou Crews, Pittsburg Patsy Ruth Dabney, Rogers Dolly Dolores Doiron, Beaumont Mary Ann Dunnam, Fostoria Frances Fitchett, Orange Margaret Ann Foust, Austin Marilyn Mae Gardner, Bandera Betty Mae Hall, Fort Worth PLEDGES Mary Catherine Harris, Austin Lucile Hollingsworth Harwood, Sinton Betty Lanham Herold, Shreveport, La. Helen George Houston, Kilgore Jean Huth, San Antonio Shirley Jane Irby, Corpus Christi Joanie Jaworski, Houston Barbara Jean Jordan, San Antonio A. Sally Jordan, Houston Kathleen Kelley, San Antonio Ann Laughlin, Houston Hester Elizabeth Lockett, Brenham Benita Geo Lollar, Corpus Christi Jean McCullough, Bryan Cleo Warren McWhorter, Taylor Nancy Kate Parker, Hemphill Martha Jean Parks, Houston TJ Georgia B. Parr, Corpus Christi Mary Carolyn Prue, Bandera Nina Eleanor Pugh, lago Dolores Rogers, Houston Julia Carolyn Sample, San Antonio Mary Margaret Sample, Pecos Judith Wade Smith, Pampa Nancy Anne Stevens, College Station Mary Ann Sullivan, Laird Hill Marilyn Diane Thompson, Beaumont Margaret Sue Trigg, Lockhart Sally Elizabeth Tucker, Nacogdoches Betty Lynn Walter, Houston Helen Annette Webb, Fort Worth Alice Mae Westbrook, Hearne Audrey Jane Wiggins, Waco Beverly Jane Williams, Tyler Jacquelin Clymer Wren, Fort Worth Top Row: Kipp, Laughlin, Lockett, Lollar, Luter, McCullough, McEntire, McNeil. Second Row: McTee, McWhorter, Martin, Moore, Mottley, Navratil, Parker, Parks. Third Row: Pool, Pugh, Rankine, Robertson, Rogers, Rowe, J. Sample, Schiwetz. Fourth Row: Schulze, Scott, Simmons, B. Smith, J. L. Smith, J. W. Smith, Starrett, Stevens. Fifth Row: Sullivan, Tate, Thompson, Torn, Town- send, Trigg, B. Tucker. Sixth Row: Tutt, Walser, Walter, Webb, Weeks, Wesner, Westbrook. Seventh Row: White, Wiggins, Wilder, Williams, Wren, York, Young. L ' V MILITARY COLONEL FREDERIC A. HENNEY Professor of Military Science and Tactics ARMY R.O.T.C. The Department of Military Science and Tactics was established in July of 1947. Since 1947, the Depart- ment has grown from 126 cadets to a strength of 653 cadets. Under the guidance of Colonel F. A. Henney, Pro- fessor of Military Science and Tactics, the ROTC pro- gram offers the opportunity of a Reserve Commission or an Officer ' s career in the Regular Army, as well as the opportunity for the development of leadership necessary in civilian life. The Department consists of four technical service units Corps of Engineers, Quartermaster Corps, Trans- portation Corps, and the Military Police Corps. Grad- uates from the Department are now serving their country in every theater that finds the troops of the United States. STAFF Front Row: Lt. Col. Vetnon Hammonds, MFC, Col. Fredric A. Henney, CE, Lt. Col. Walter F. Diesen, QMC. Second Row: Maj. James E. Neely, TC, Mai. Duane W. Ackerson, CE, Mai. Tames C. Shoultz, MFC. Third Row: Joseph J. Kohari, CWO, Marvin Brethouwer, WOJG, Maj. John F. Hagan, Jr., TC. Front Row: M Sgt. John H. Millsapps, M Sgt. William D. Millner, M Sgt. Loy X. Bayliff. Second Row: M Sgt. Hugh P. Yarber, M Sgt. Joseph R. Griebel, Sgt. Dale W. Hilton. Third Row: M Sgt. Herman E. Shugart, M Sgt. James A. Coffman, Sgt. Thomas F. Matthews. Fourth Row: M Sgt. Marvin Seitz, M Sgt. Harry B. Hopkins. PAGE 324 ARMY R.O.T.C. CADET COLONEL CHARLES MORGAN Commander of the Cadet Corps JANE HOLCOMB Regimental Sponsor CADET COLONEL RONALD WILKINS Commander of the Cadet Corps REGIMENTAL STAFF j. . Left to Right: CADET MAJOR PAT C. MILLER, CADET MAJOR WILLIAM W. SPURLOCK, CADET MAJOR JOEL KIRKPATRICK, CADET MAJOR NAT HARRIS, CADET MAJOR TOM D. WOODSON, JR., CADET SGT. CHAUNCE THOMPSON, CADET SGT. WILLIAM D. WEBB. PACE 325 ARMY R.O.T.C. FIRST BATTALION STAFF Front Row: Cadet Lt. Col. Jack Choat, Sue Henslee, sponsor; Cadet Major Al German. Second Row: Cadet Captain Richard Winborne. Cadet Captain Frank Moody, Cadet Captain Bob Pratt, Cadet Captain Johnny Mitchell. Cadet Captain Dixon DeGraffenreid. SECOND BATTALION STAFF Front Ron-: Cadet Lt. Col. Lawrence E. Walton, Virginia Barkley, sponsor; Cadet Major Guy Huskerson. Second Row: Cadet Captain Joe M. Badt, Cadet Captain Lowell Wilson. Cadet Captain William D. Blanks, Cadet Captain Robert B. Carmichael, Cadet Captain Weldon H. Carter. Cad Cad to! Hoi SPONSORS Lefl to Right: PAT FOLMAR, Company B; JANIE BOOTHE, Company C; FRANCES McCULLOUGH. Company E; SUE HENSLEE, First Battalion; JANE HOLCOMB, Regimental Colonel; VIRGINIA BARKLEY, Second Battalion; CHARLOTTE CARLISLE, Company D; SONDRA LOTMAN, Company G; ANN GARRISON, Company A. PAGE 326 ARMY R.O.T.C. Rangers STAFF Cadet Captain Charles A. Tom, Commanding Officer Cadet 1st. Lt. Gora Elden Elzworth, Executive Officer Ist Sgt. Jerry Don Rackley Honorary Cadet Captain Betty L. Kelly Left to Right: CADET CAPTAIN CHARLES A. TOM, BETTY L. KELLY, SPONSOR; CADET FIRST LT. GORA ELDEN ELZWORTH. l-ii ' iii Row: Charles A. Tom, Betty L. Kelly, Gora Elden Elzworth. Second Row: George Rayford Vavra, William Edward Harris, Robert Parker Cralle, Robert Luther Ballard, Robert Fred Barling, Fred Marcus Adlam, Rufus James Adcock, Ludy Carl Hofmeister, Robert M. Kitchner. Third Row: Terry Trowbridge, Jack Allan Gray, Vernon Barnes Hill, Jr., LeRoy Birdwell, Jr., Billy G. Leonard, James F. Gilbert, James F. Mabry, III, John Russell Mackey, B. Brooks Goldsmith. Fourth Row: George Edwin Pugh, Thomas John McKay, Eugene Milton Allen, Roger H. Porter, Jr., Charley B. Feldman, Bill G. Reynolds, Jack Leonard, Claude A. Burrows, Joe W. Brooks. Fifth Row: Joe Louis Conti, Paul Logan DeVerter, II, John William Shaver, Jr., Robert Auten Rieder, Clifton Lee Hodges, Anthony Newton Stout, Paul Stevens Hill, John Edward McBride, Jerry Don Rackley. P OE 327 ARMY R.O.T.C. C ompany A Left lo Right: CADET CAPTAIN SIDNEY D. FARRAR, ANN GARRISON, Sponsor; CADET FIRST LT. JESS L. BAIN. CORPS OF ENGINEERS Cadet Captain Sidney D. Farrar, Commanding Officer Cadet 1st Lt. Jess L. Bain, Company Executive Cadet 1st Lt. Albert T. Saffold, Platoon Leader Cadet 1st Lt. Kenneth W. Haun, Platoon Leader Cadet 1st Lt. Charles W. Genthner, Platoon Leader Honorary Cadet Captain Ann Garrison, Sponsor Front Row: Sidney D. Farrar, Ann Garrison, Jess L. Bain. Second Row: Jesus I. Garcia, Mitchell James Chokas, Robert W. Roberts, Don L. Copeland, Kinder M. Chambers, Richard Vander Straten, Gene R. Wiggen, William T. Wheeler, William T. Welch, Wilson Windle, Albert T. Saffold. Third Row: Raul Castro, Jr., Carl Eugene Morschauser, Thomas Yium, Dolan Hoye Eargle, Jr., Norbert Anthony Zehnder, Jr., Robert R. Riggins, Sumter T. Bibb, Don Gordon Frydell, William Douglas Fairchild, Reuben Davies Cook. Fourth Row: Kimball Stuart Watson, Joe Edwards Wilson, Shelton Eugene Leslie, Leslie Clint Wright, Carl Edward Lee, Ronnie Lewis Bouchier, Oliver Perkins Ellison, Jr., Ray C. Arnhold, Jr., Gerald Blount Pratt, Dayton Greer Bateman. l- ' iftk Row: Fred William Stolte, Gwynn Arvin Teague, Herman Emil Haenel, William Marvin Price, William David George, Jimmy Carroll Ragon, John P. Dieter, Douglas R. Stocks, Jr., Roy A. Brown, David M. Tate. Sixth Row: Edgar Alton Wright, John Mallory Finley, Tommy Lee Ashcraft, Bob Isaac Vancil, William Joseph Benton, Robert F. Fletcher, Eugene T. Smith, N. John Blumburg, James Hammond Funkhouser, William Charles House. Seventh Row: Harold Gene Doering, Wayne Kenneth Travis, David Wesley Maxfield, James Forbes Jackson, Minard Heston Gildon, Robert Albert Graham, Ellwood Talmage Barrett, Charles Edward Smith, James M. Holcomb, David Rae Smith. Eighth Row: Martin Lewis Shanken, William John Southwell, H. L. Dobyns, Donald B. Barker, Thomas R. Berry, Thomas M. Anderson, Charles J. Huckabee, Robert G. Waggener, James R. Vague, Dimitry Vergun, Marvin J. Clanton. Ninth Row: Kenneth W. Haun, Charles W. Genthner, Charles R. Kruez. PWE 328 ARMY R.O.T.C. Company B QUARTERMASTER CORPS Cadet Captain Wilbur A. Foster, Commanding Officer Cadet 1st Lt. George E. Derrick, Company Executive Cadet 1st Lt. Hoyt D. Craig, Platoon Leader Cadet 1st Lt. Douglas J. Walker, Platoon Leader Cadet William C. Thomas, Platoon Leader Cadet 1st Lt. Russell J. Hinote, Platoon Leader Honorary Cadet Captain Patricia L. Folmar, Sponsor Left to Right: CADET CAPTAIN WILBUR A. FOSTER, PATRICIA L. FOLMAR, Sponsor; CADET 1ST LT. GEORGE E. DERRICK. Front Row: Wilbur A. Foster, Patricia L. Folma?, r jeorge E. Derrick. Second Row: Mario Hector Cisneros, Felix E. Salinas, Nunzio J. Marabella, Charles H. Callery. Robert M. Iglehart. Bill Turner. Edgar Roades. Ricardo Garcia, Jr., Robert F. Silvus, Alfred Zobel. Third Row: William S. Norris, S. Edward Culottt, Al R. Leissner, Murray L. Forsvall. Wesley F. Milligan. B. H. Timmins, Jr., Edward H. Merrick, Mark J. Kubala, Ward E. Smith, Roger E. Sweeny. . Fourth Row: H. Leon Dodson, Jr., Billy L. Leach, Kenneth Lee Smith, James F. Wood. Chester C. Sadler, Daniel B. Meyer, Robert B. Buckingham, William G. Meredith, Bob W. Davis, William C. Thomas. Fifth Row: Crawford Franklin Boyd, Jesse Yonge Bigham, Jr., Ace Werkenthin, David Sterling Silvers, Edward M. O ' Dell, Gene R. Hilton, Calvin Koomey, Rolando A. Ganza, Robert C. Seidler, Ronald L. Stukins. Sixth Row: Marvin Blackstoae, James C. Day, C. D. Van Shaw, Stanley D. Warburton. Lewis Hopson, H. Ray Arnett, Bill Collenback, Maurice D ' Aria, John Oglesbee, Douglas J. Walker. Seventh Row: Divid H. Stephens, Edward C. Gardere, Billy H. Harris, Dennis Scroggin, John Anderson, J. Roland Jones, Kelly O. Jackson, Donald M. Bishop, James G. Samuelson, James N. Willeford. Eighth Row: Robert H. Walker, Randy G. Moore, William B. Green, William H. Stuns. Richard F. Adair, John Ray Winder, Charles G. 11. .11 ' . Luther G. Knebel, Jimmie L. Magill, John A. Clary. inth Row: James L. Hollingsworth, Durward J. Taylor, Larry Fagan, Giles M. Whitten, David M. Smith, Robert A. Rowland, Harris L. Keller, George W. Miller, Peter W. Nichols. Tenth Row: Jerome T. Persons, Robert H. Smith, Carl S. Ferguson, Bruce H. Rhiddlehoover, Robert G. Farris, Wesley C. Flinn. PACE 329 =a5a ARMY R.O.T.C Company C Left to Right: CADET CAPTAIN HOWARD TANNER, JANIE BOOTHE, Sponsor; CADET 1ST LT. JOHN C. MURPHY. QUARTERMASTER CORPS Cadet Captain Howard Tanner, Commanding Officer Cadet 1 st Lt. John C. Murphy, Company Executive Cadet 1st Lt. Ross Bruce Blumentritt, Platoon Leader Cadet 1st Lt. Virgil T. Cox, Platoon Leader Cadet 1st Lt. Ralph Villafranca, Platoon Leader Cadet 1st Lt. Fred W. Patterson, Platoon Leader Honorary Cadet Captain Janie Boothe, Sponsor Cak Cxi I Front Row: Howard Tanner, Janie Boothe, John C. Murphy. Second Row: Gus W. Hahn, Junior K. Bright, Robert W. Clark, James D. White, James B. Howard. Ralph Villafranca, Richard K. Rouse, Virgil T. Cox, Oscar D. Pritchett, Ross Bruce Blumentritt. Third Row: William G. Montgomery, Sam R. Stanard, Jerry E. Battelstein, George M. Woodman. Jerry D. Copeland. Rudy C. Troike, Charles R. Lind, Jack M. Painter, DomJd H Trahan, Niles B. Winter. Fourth Row: Jeffery M. Hancock, Leslie L. Greenfield, W. E. Burks, Buddy Williams. Murray Tarkington. Daniel C. Morgan, Travis A. Eckert, John T. Frazer, Frank D. Finchum, Larry W. Buck. Filth Row: George L. Britton, John R. Snoeberger, Robert M. Moreman, Robert L. Kostohryz. Jaime N. Delsado, John W. Johnson, Minor B. Crager, Warren D. Spalding, Henry Jay Neumann, H. Dan Hall. Sixth Row: James M. Witten, John N. Roof, Jimmy L. Burrell, Howard Day, Alan R. Carmichael, William D. Greene. Walter P. Armstrong, Charles S. Boyd, Meyer Chiskin. Fred W. Patterson. Seventh Row: Tom Kaufman, Jacob S. Floyd, George A. Tucker, Charles R. Marshall, Wade H. Bucke. Charles Tabor, Walter M. Boyd, Jim P. Wesson, Charles S. Petrovich, Gabe T. Vick. Eighth Row: Bill M. Harris, Robert E. Milstead, Josef Caldwell, Ben L. Broyles, Robert O. Williams. Glen C. Dyer, R. H. Hodges. J. Marvin Leath, Albert Wesly Parker, Pat G. Noel, Bruce Billingsiey. Ninth Row: G. Cody Bradshaw, B. Jack Carroll. PACE 330 :c ARMY R.O.T.C. Company D TRANSPORTATION CORPS Cadet Captain Kenneth, Stanaland, Commanding Officer Cadet 1st Lt. John W. Worsham, Executive Officer Cadet 1st Lt. William- -Harris, Platoon Leader Cadet 1st Lt. Claude D. Neeley, Platoon Leader Cadet 1st Lt. William B. Larsen. Platoon Leader Honorary Cadet Captain Charlotte Carlisle, Sponsor Left to Right: CADET CAPTAIN KENNETH STANALAND, CHARLOTTE CAR- LISLE, SPONSOR; CADET FIRST LT. JOHN W. WORSHAM. - Front Row: Kenneth Stanaland, Charlotte Carlisle, John W. Worsham. Second Row: James M. Dyer, Jr., John T. Crow, John R. Corley, Carlos R. Walker, James C. Alley, Carl W. Wilson, Mason P. Young, Robert L. Brown, William E. Harris, William B. Larsen. Third Row: J. Tipton Housewright, Robert White, Sam Ragland, Boyd Linker, Bernard Ward, Jerry Evans, Austin T. Glover, Jr., Lewis N. Little, Leopoldo G. Perez, Don Barton, Richard J. Winningham. Fourth Row: Julian W. Dates, Joseph P. Hammond. Robert W. Gilstrap, Robert K. Taylor, Jr., Robert L. Smith, Mike Shirley, Mickey N. Manos, John R. Wylie, Robert W. Spencer, Harry L. Campbell. Fifth Row: Joe A. Stewart Dwight E. Cassell, Harvey W. Smith, Darwin D. Etheredge, Richard L. Oden, Jimmie C. Parker, Robert H. Scale, M. Dudley Schwarz, R. L. Smith, George W. McKinney, E. Leroy Harper, John S. Fulton, Hubert O. Tamez, Bill S. Gattis. Sixth Row: George Carver, Jack T. Ingram, William D. Wilson, Frank D. Steffey, Carl Mayes, James D. Hill, Hammond Hopkins, C. Galloway Calhoun, Robert K. Ragland, Edward Heard, Don D. Menasco. PAGE 331 ARMY R.O.T.C. Company E Left to Right: CADET CAPTAIN BEN F. MEEK, FRANCES McCULLOUGH, SPONSOR; CADET FIRST LT. EARLDEAN M. COLLINS. TRANSPORTATION CORPS Cadet Captain Ben F. Meek, Commanding Officer Cadet 1st Lt. Earldean M. Collins, Executive Officer Cadet 1st Lt. Lloyd E. Loftis, Platoon Leader Cadet 1st Lt. Walter L. Knapp, Platoon Leader Cadet 1st Lt. Alejandro J. Duran, Platoon Leader Honorary Cadet Captain Frances McCullough, Sponsor Cak Cxk Cadi Cadi H Front Row: Ben F. Meek, Frances McCullough, Earldean M. Collins. Second Row: Doyd D. O ' Neal, Alejandro Duran, Jr., Louis C. Jones. Third Row: Adolph H. Giesecke, Jr., Lloyd E. Loftis, John A. Vance, Jr., Monte M. Belew, Jim Rosser, William P. Harris, Stanley B. Saikin, Tommy C. Lee, Jarrett Hudnall, Jerry L. Anderson. Fourth Row: Charles A. Hamilton, Joseph C. Buckman, Dan E. Glazer, Floyd Rogers, Jr., Kenneth Creel, Philip E. Sanders, David B. Barnhill, Morris E. Ashby, Harold L. Warford, W. L. Knapp. Fifth Row: J Glenn Rosson, Robert R. Williams, James R. Ross, Rex R. Myers, Jr., Allen P. Killam, William Thomas Binford, Tom Wallace, Robert E. Schwartz, W. E. Grace, Jim K. Knott. Sixth Row: David O. Rubenstein, Louis R. Towery, Jack H. Hollister, Robert A. Walker, Ed R. Carper, Alex John Lansford, Joe Harry McDonald, William D. Bouldin, Fenton S. Katz, Jimmie G. Meador. Seventh Row: Fred Snipes, William D. Bible, Elwood J. Preiss, Ferdie J. Burket, Bryon Townsend, Bob Flinn, Leon Docke, Paul Mohr, J. Camden Chan- cellor, J. V. Wilson. Eighth Row: Edward Brown, Charles S. Oden, June Davis, Troy Lee Hand, Carlton Massey, Lawrence Kalmus, Dick Hopping, Dick Gowlik, Arthur V. Lamb, Jimmie F. Womack, Thomas A. Stevenson. PAOE 332 ARMY R.O.T.C. Company F MILITARY POLICE CORPS Cadet Captain James D. Smith, Commanding Officer Cadet 1st Lt. William L. Hughes, Executive Officer Cadet 1st Lt. George W. Elliott, Platoon Lead er Cadet 1st Lt. Jack S. Gorman, Platoon Leader Cadet 1st Lt. Morris T. Harris, Platoon Leader Honorary Cadet Captain Marilyn Hampton, Sponsor Left to Right: CADET CAPTAIN JAMES D. SMITH, MARILYN HAMPTON, SPONSOR; CADET FIRST LT. WILLIAM L. HUGHES. Front Row: James D. Smith, Marilyn Hampton, William L. Hughes. Second Row: Harold F. Curtis, Walter A. Braden, Welby K. Parish, George W. Elliott, Robert S. McCaig, Jerry G. Walker, Don Shea, Morris Harris, Charles D. Bell, Jack J. Gorman. Third Row: Wayne P. Sturdivant, T. M. Graham, N. M. Morris, Billy J. Roark, John C. Steinberger, Jim Fitz-Gerald, Jack L. Barton, James H. Brooks, Charles E. Lynch, Don D. Jaynes. Fourth Row: Don Masters, William D. Bonham, Phil Clayton, Norman Darras, Bill McDonald, U. S. Clanton, Richard J. Hatch, Herman R. Campbell, Louis Lee, James E. White. Fifth Row: C. G. Leooold, Billy Quinn, Jim Bob Brown, Benton Markey, Carl Skibell, Charles E. Schwarz, David P. Parkinson, Gene Kelton, W. E. Watkins, Peter D. Polland. Sixth Row: J. V. Redick, Joseph Singerman, James D. McKeithan, James C. Ditto, Bobby Neil Smith, Robert L. Sturrock, Kenneth C. Keener, Tom A. Brown, Heuberto J. Porras. Seventh Row: Edward E. DeMoss, Maurice D. Gevinnes, Tom Kirksey, Dave Alter, Dan J. Mizell, Nick Mitchell, Lubert L. Fortenot, Fouad K. Aide, Joe B. Shelton, Eddie O. Pennel. P OE 333 Left to Right: CADET CAPTAIN ALVIN O. HALL, SONDRA LEE LOTMAN, Sponsor; CADET 1ST LT. WILLIAM F. WEST. ARMY R.O.T.C. Company G MILITARY POLICE CORPS Cadet Captain Alvin O. Hall, Commanding Officer Cadet 1st Lt. William W. West, Executive Officer Cadet 1st Lt. Richard H. Fielder, Platoon Leader Cadet 1st Lt. Milton J. Lehman, Platoon Leader Cadet 1st Lt. Jack E. Young, Platoon Leader Honorary Cadet Captain Sondra Lee Lotman, Sponsor Fronl Row: Alvin O. Hall. Sondra Lee Lotman. William F. West. Second Row: Milton J. Lehman, Jerome B. Burling, Louis J. Vener, Richard H. Fielder, Jack E. Young, James W. Paumley, Donald E. Craft, Robert W. Reid, E. K. Torn, Frederick A. roeh, Jr. Third Row: Fred M. Gouse, H. S. Reed. E. T. Coughlin, Ricardo Garcia, James Cook, Abraham Greenspan, Joseph W. Semtell, Guenther K. Maenius, John S. McCord, Hubert Sheldon Finkelstem. Fourth Row: Roy C. Engelke. Marvin F. Sentell, John Dickens, Walker Metcalf, Thomas K. Holdsworth. Lloyd Longmire, John M. Kinney, Dsyador A. Kolmen, LeMoin Patrick, Richard McCarthy. Fifth Row: Samuel A. West, Kenneth I. Owens, Monte W. Anthony, Fred Spitta, William H. Litz, Charles B. Shelby, Marvin E. King, Richard A. Wells, Herbert Clancy. Kobert Cornell. Sixth Row: Robert P. Curtis, John R. Robertson, Joe R. Culp, Dewey J. Gonsoulin, Edward G. Mugford, Jr., Thomas Joe Pierce, Carlos C. Smith, Charles S. Caldwell. Edwin D. Nae. James h. Lunz. Seventh Row: G. M. Harwell. W. J. McAnelly, E. D. Looney, Edmund L. Cogburn, J. Don Haynes, Harvey B. Goodwin, Bernard E. Gerhardt, Hugh Farrell. PAGE 334 I ARMY R.O.T.C. RIFLE TEAM Kneeling Silling: S. E. Leslie, Dan J. Mizell, J e M. Glover, Joe T. Pierce, Charles A. Hamilton, P. M. Clayton, Jess L. Bain, Louis Lee, Edward Watkins, Tom Stevenson. Standing: M Sgt. Harry B. Hupkins. D. J. Gonsoulin, Thomas J. McKay. Donald Masters. Eugene T. Smith. L. E. Loftis, C. A. Burrows. W. T. Travis. H. D. Craig, Joseph C. Buckmnn. " DISTINGUISHED MILITARY STUDENTS Front Raw: Tom D. Woodson, Jr., Robert B. Carmichael, Albert T. Saffold, Pat Cleburnc Miller, William W. Spurlock, William C. Thomas, Guy M. Huskerson, Jr.. Lowell C. Wilson, George E. Derrick, Sidney D. Farrar. Second Row: K. W. Haun, R. W. Pratt, R. L. Winborn, Virgil T. Cox, J. Camden Chancellor, Lloyd E. Loftis, Jess L. Bain, William L. Hughes, William E. Harris, J. Keith Mitchell, Howard Tanner. Third Rote: Charles Morgan, Hoyt D. Craig, Jack Choat, Richard H. Fielder, Joe M. Badt. Wilbur A. Foster, Joel Kirkpatrick William F West William D. Fairchild, David O. Rubenstein. Fourth Row: Ben F. Meek, Ronald A. Wilkins, Charles W. Genthner, James D. Smith, Charles A. Tom, Nat Harris, Alvin O. Hall, Weldon H. Carter, Dixon de Graffenried, Donald B. Barker. PAGE 335 Top to Bottom: ROTC units in review with their sponsors. Texas Independence Day cele- bration was punctuated by ROTC guns. The crowd ' s attention was di- vided between the speaker and other attractions. Top to Bottom: Jane Holcomb and Charlie Morgan stand at attention as reviewers pass by. Jane Holcomb and Marilyn Hampton, Army nominees, are escorted to the stage. The Military Ball attracted many of the school ' s ROTC students. " Big Brass " view the parading students in the comfort of their overcoats. Mass review of all ROTC units is watched by football spectators. NAVY R.O.T.C. ROBERT A. KNAPP, CAPTAIN, USN Professor of Naval Science The Naval Reserve Officer ' s Training Corps at the University was established in 1940 and turned out hundreds of officers who saw service during World War II. Many former students are now fighting in the Korean theater. The Navy offers two programs to the colrege student. The Contract program consists of one required Naval Science course each year. The graduate receives a commission in the Naval Reserve. Applicants are screened by the Professor of Naval Science. Regular students are selected by means of a nationwide competitive examination and receive a Navy scholarship consisting of books, tuition, fees and an allowance of $600 per year. They take a cruise each summer and agree to serve two years of active duty upon their commission in the Regular Navy. Students in either program are deferred from Selective Service. On the following pages are pictured the men of the Texas unit, at work and at play. Their activities range from the precision drilling of the Buccaneers and the high scoring rifle team to the informality of Officer-Midshipmen football games. Pictures alone cannot show the entire scope of the Navy. It is many things to many people and probably in that diversity lies its greatness. PJE 338 NAVY R. O. T. C. Members of this year ' s NROTC Midshipmen class pass in re- view during the final parade of an eight-week summer training session designed to teach them what it takes to make a Marine Officer. These men, upon grad- uation from college, will re- ceive commissions in the Marine Corps. Two Texas Midshipmen learn many new uses for rope while training aboard the heavy cruiser USS Newport News. The one on the left is Charles E. Bludworth, and on the right is Roscoe H. Canon, Jr. Midshipman first class Thomas C. Wilson works with a sextant as a part of his training in navigation aboard the cruiser USS Newport News during a midshipman ' s practice cruise. FIRST CLASSMEN ' -V Front Row: Clinton P. Frisby, Teodosio Maldonado, Roy L. Van Winkle, John F. Kutzer, Morris D. Johnson, Richard L. Chaney, Charles E. Bludworth, Willis H. Gilmore, Sam P. Boswell, Robert B. Bose, Clement B. Thames, Jr., Henry J. Rech, George A. Tuttle. Second Row: Victor Shelton Perkins, Roscoe Hartt Canon, Jr., W. C. Swadley, William R. Brown, William W. Parker, J. P. Baur, J. C. Zbranek, Thomas O. Wilson, Robert E. Post, Jr., William R. Henley, James K. Martin, Charles Eugene McKissack, Edwin F. Gilbert. Third Row: D ' Wayne Gray, Richard Lee McVay, Don Dewitt Terry, Claude E. Mounce, John Wade Hampton, Jr., Kenneth John Mighell, Charles H. Pistor. Sam Gaston Groom, Joe T. Tannos, Charles P. Harris, James Leon Powell. Oscar Speed. Jr., John Walthall Pancoast, Jr., Lawrence B. Scott. Fourth Row: Harold Thomas Corning, Leonard Eldon Huber, Walter Egon Herbst, Bill Gorton Eppe_s, Donald Penn Harris, Lee W. Rehmeyer, Joseph Albert Bracken, Jack Lee Underwood, Richard John Koehne, Carlton James Spring, Robert William Kotzebue, Jr., James Arthur Schriner, John Albert Davis. Fifth Row: Donald Lee Klein, Edward W. Wilson, J. Richard Harris, Marion Johnson, J. Lee Dittert, Jr., Hardy P. Mizell, William E. Blumberg, George Harris Sullivan, Donald A. Gilley, Alex H. Halff, Elbert Hooper, Steve M. Albrecht, Edward L. Hines. PAGE 339 NAVY R. O. T. C. SECOND CLASSMEN Front Row: Jack Quitman Dunaway, Wylie Mack Kii M. Perrott, George N. Allen, Jr. M. P. Frank. James Otis Royder, Curt M. Faber, Carl G. Eaton, Thomas Rocha, Charles Second Row: Robert K. Bryant, Dean C. Johnson, Charles R. Fagg, H. Darrell Williams, Robert Harding Walker, Carroll Wright Collins, Robert Lan- dis Armstrong, Jerry Dan Godwin. Third Row: Pete M. Saurez. Venton L. Doughtie, Warren E. Loper, E. Deck Yoes, James S. Bullion, Hubert R. Stewert, Jr., A. Winslow Brisbin, W. Carter Grinstead, Donald G. Perwein, Robert F. Grainge. Fourth Row: Joe Harrell Jones, John L. Shudde, Andrew J. Freund, Harrell S. Hayden, William A. Petry, Siras D. Browning, Donald J. Douglass, William R. Nefl, Frank Logan. Midshipmen man a bulldozer during summer camp. Second Classmen pose before en- tering a flying boat at Pensacola during summer cruise. PAGE 340 NAVY R. O. T. C Brushing up on his deck swabbing technique is Midshipman, third class, Clay W. Fulcher. Fulcher took part in a six-week training cruise aboard the destroyer USS Gearing in the At- lantic last summer. NROTC Midshipman Lawrence L. Season ap- plies some polish to a hatch opening aboard the battleship USS Wisconsin during a midshipman practice cruise in the Caribbean. THIRD CLASSMEN Front Rou : J. Alan St. John, Edward Everett Benton, Jr., John T. Kipp, Clyde A. Mounce, Charles L. Sowell, Thomas J. Morey, Alan L. Bean, Jimmy A. Davis, Johnny Louis Mock, James K. McKinney, John Pittman, Thomas H. Ramsey, Karl T. Butz. Second Row: Richard Spotswood Robertson, Cone Carroll Rice, Jr., Kenneth P. Finch, Max Darrell Murray, Thomas Oliver York, Charles Wesley Beck, John Jerry McCorkle, William Franklin Kemp, Roddy David McDaniel, Wallace Irving Youngs, Kenneth Gene Patton, Ted L. Langford, Jere William Thompson. Third Row: William David Collins, Franklin Scott Spears, Franklin Magill Jones, Harold Glenn Adams, Alonzo Wilson Bosley, Samuel Tilden Hollo- well, Jr., Thomas Frederick Swenson, Ralph Dewitt Anderson, Robert G. Tracy, William August Felsing, Jr., Robert Crim Buckner, Ted Dusek, Tom Watt Gregory. Fourth Row: Edward Clifford Nott, Clay W. G. Fulcher, Jim H. Pruett, Martin H. Chaney, Allen G. Pittman, David H. Brune, Emory C. Thompson, Max H. Smith, Ralph B. Johnson, Dudley D. McCalla, Bob D. Wood, Lamont M. Cochran, Jr., John N. Harrison. Fifth Row: Olin Clifton Lancaster, Jr., John Webb Howell, Robert Earl Laster, John Webster Naylor, Robert Geis Freund, Leslie Giddens, Jr., Fredrik Seward Blackman. Jay Morton Goltz, Howell Mallory Finch, Lawrence Lindell Beason, Fred John Withers, Robert Andrew Thompson, Charles . Nesom Burt, Joseph Newton Smith. PAGE 341 NAVY R. O. T. C COMPANY A William Brown, Commanding Officer COMPANY B Edwin Gilbert, Commanding Officer Clare Masterson, Sponsor COMPANY C Jack L. Underwood, Commanding Officer Elizabeth Ladon, Sponsor FOURTH CLASSMEN Front Row: Richard Rhoades Armstrong, Alfred Peter Barra, Charlton Wells Hadden, Joe Ed Smith, Sol Bertram Weil, George N. Stephenson, Robert W. Sadler, George M. Minot, Robert William Shafer, Erwin Hugo Simon, Marccllus T. Coltharp, Luther Bell Smith, Eugene Edge, John David Carlton. Philip Edward Isett. William Charles Baker. Tommy hayes Jackson, Robert Everett Canon. Second Row: Edward Robert Simmen, Williston Brandreth Symonds, John Franklin Taylor, John Carl Landa. Joe Jack Lpnes, John Gates Mothershead, David Bryant McKinnon, Jay Clark Nowlin, Ronald Wayne Bridges, Billy Rex Blaylock, Charlie Pat DuBose, William Brewster, Preston Conrad Kronkosky, Bruce B. Miller, Gaylon Royce Over ton, Bob Jon White, William Harold Ferguson, Howard Leslie York. Third Row: Hunter Mason Morris, George Kirby Haley, Mark H. Rakoover, Pat Henry Poe, Bob Ray Cox, Fred Ernest Falke, Jr.. Robert Richard Ingerton, Charles Lemly Rogers, Bryan Hunter Baas, Walter Thomas Nelson, Charles Weaver Reynolds, Carl Hampton Quebedeaux, Marshall Bookman Peters, John Lancaster Estes, Gerald Lynn Burton, James William Owens, Joe Tschudy Romine, Jess Newton Rayzor. Fourth Row: John Laidley Strayhorn, James Thompson Pledger, Jr., Glen Samuel Prinzing, Robert James Huffman, Wilbur Patrick Cahill, Douglas Shultz Dapper, Wesley Eli Bode, Van A. Brown, Jack Steven Pfeiffer, Donald Ray Smith, Lloyd F. Johnson, James Richard Wright. Tom L. Schneider, Edmund Waller Melvin, Robert Fonda Gribble, John Edward Gay, David Read Richards, Lawrence Phillip Busick. Fifth Row: John Michael Collins, Ernest Lloyd Hunt, Lauchlin Arthur McLaurin, Charles Olin Boese, Jr., Samuel Roscoe Newsom, Douglas Hart, John Edward Cahoon Robert David policy, Oscar Carl Hamilton, Jr., Robert John Munn, Jr., Robert Lee Ball Dewar, Jerald Dean Dixon, Hall Wayne Agnew, Harry Dean Hamilton, D. Ford Nielsen, David Lee Tanner, Robert Penn Fowler, Peter Anthony Baker. Sixth Row: Hal Wilson Pilgrim, Charles Ralph Henson, Leslie Alfred Dedeke, Jr., George Edward Nowotny, Jr., Bill Irven Routh, William Richard Potter, Jack Francis Ritter, Jr., Charles Aubra Buzbee, Raymond D. Bennett, Roane Harwood Puett, Patrick Alonzo Tillery, William Theodore Read, John Thomas Hays, William Waller Melvin, David Ray Womack, Dan Dean Chandler, Bill B. Hoff. PAGE 342 BUCCANEERS CRACK DRILL TEAM OF NAVY R.O.T.C. PAGE 343 NAVY R. O. T. C. SPONSORS Left to Right: Dora Belle Scott, Louise Pitchford, Elizabeth Ladon, Clare Masterson, Jo Ann Hyltin. MIDSHIPMAN OFFICERS Ftont Row: Gilbert, Masterson, Albrecht, Scott, E. W. Wilson, Brown. Second Row: Spring, Ladon, Hines, Zebranek, Boswell, Blud- worth, Hyltin, Baur, Canon, Eppes, Mighell. Third Row: Hardin, Brackett, Allmon, Van Winkle, Frisby, Johnson, Coons. Fourth Row: Mizell, Upshaw, Underwood, Pitchford, Harris, Swadley. RIFLE TEAM Instructor: Sgt. Ryals. Front Row: Fulcher, Corning, Cochran, L. B. Smith, Melvin, Estes, D. R. Smith, Pistor. Second Row: Barra, May, Owens, Scott, Quebedeaux, Hunt, Lones, Fagg. Clockwise: Mrs. McKesson tells Captain Knapp that she ' s really enjoying the party. George Sullivan, Ellie Luckett, Betsy Bell and escort enter the stage for the big announcement. It looks as if somebody came to the Military Ball in a uniform. Woops! There goes the spike in the punch! Ellie has just been crowned queen of the Military Ball, as Sully sublimely shows. AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. COL. E. E. McKESSON Professor of Air Science and Tactics The Air Force Reserve Officers ' Training Corps pro- gram was established at The University of Texas in July, 1947, and is operated under the Department of Air Science and Tactics. This program provides University students the opportunity of receiving excellent training in leadership and Air Science and Tactics which affords them the privilege of serving their country in the capacity of a Commissioned Officer in the Regular Air Force, the Air Force Reserves, or Air National Guard Units. Air Force ROTC courses supplement elective courses in the major fields pursued by the student and are given aca- demic credit toward degrees offered by the University. FACULTY Front Row: Col. E. E. McKesson, Maj. Frank L. Winship, Maj. Ira F. Ferguson, Lt. Col. George E. Bartling. Second Row: Capt. Farley E. Peebles, Capt. Frank B. Grain, Capt. Warren J. Lane, Capt. John W. Taylor. Third Row: Capt. Ernest G. Reeves, Capt. Joseph P. Gleason, Capt. Marvin E. Gholson, Capt. David H. Shelton. Front Row: M Sgt. Ernest Lee Lanier. M Set. Robert Fairlee, M Sgt. Richard O. Davis, M Sgt. Edwin G. Rund. Second Row: M Sgt. Warren S. Quinn, M Sgt. Paul Peters, M Sgt. Joseph J. Rollins. Third Row: M Sgt. Ray B. Oldham, M Sgt. William A. Tatom, T Sgt. William J. Calen, M Sgt. John W. Doyal. PACE 346 Cadet Col. John E. Simpson AIR FORCE R.O.T.C WING STAFF Cadet Lt. Col. Eugene A. Todd Honorary Cadet Col. Mary Esther Haskell Cadet Major Jack E. Irion Cadet Major James D. Alexander Cadet Major Gordon T. Llewellyn Cadet Major Stanley D. Rosenberg Cadet Major David D. Zink II Cadet Major Bobby W. Hodges Cadet Lt. Col. James R. Viramontes Cadet Lt. Col. Gordon C. Bruner Cadet Lt. Col. Joe T. Harris AIR FORCE R.O.T.C GROUP I STAFF Cadet Major Omar W. Peters, Jr. Cadet Major Billy J. Brown GROUP II STAFF GROUP III STAFF Honorary Cadet Lt. Col. Shalmir Duerson Honorary Cadet Lt. Col. Gina Nichols Cadet Major Rodney L. Brown Honorary Cadet Lt. Col. Janet Lee AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. Band Cadet Major Malcolm D. Bullock Cadet Capt. William S. Swearingen Cadet 1st Lt. Tipton M. Murrell Cadet 1st Lt. Martin LeBrecht Honorary Cadet Major Ellie Luckett Nichols Front Row: Malcolm D. Bullock, Lt. James R. Gray, Gene Gpar, Gary Eddins, John Davidson, Alfredo Gutierrez, Jr., Thomas R. Moser, Garland F. demons, John Cline, Marshall Simmons, Hilliard B. Smith, Tom Fairey, Bill Elkins, C. C. Crutchfield, Donald G. McDavid, Jim E. Rogers, Robert J. Bice, Leonard M. Johnson, Sherman A. Kusin, Honorary Cadet Major F.llie Luckett, Major Ped G. Magness. Second Row: Bob R. Hudson, Charles T. Eagle. Jr., Harold Rademacher, Ruben Cantu. Keith A. Allan. Sidney C. Stewart, William Jobes, Martin LeBrecht, William Lewis Morgan, Jack Hampton, Jim E. Smith, Blaine D. Esmond, Jerry Barshop, Marion Griffith, William S. Swearingen. Third Row: James T. Darwin, Jr., Hugo A. Walter, George A. Shafer, John B. Juvenal. William O. Doctorman, Joe Tupin, J. C. Rudellat, Kenneth M. Pinson, Robert L. Watson, Robert L. Ewing, Leonard H. Clark, Walter Ross Werlla, David S. Ferguson, Frank J. Montalbano. Fourth Row: Robert G. Haltmer, Louis G. Neumann, Claude Goldsmith, Joseph R. Navarro. Pat C. Hudson, M. Van Raines, Carl A. Moore. Edward H. Ling, Joseph Slider, Phillip G. Gregory, William C. Suhler, Robert L. Watson. Fifth Row: Tipton M. Murrell, Alfred L. Ruebel, T. D. Smith, David Barrow. Stxth Row: Valmer Norrod, William J. M. Thomas, Kenneth E. Guyer, Jr., Harold C Brailtley, William S. Sickles, Ronald R. Knaus. PASE 349 AIR FORCE R.O.T.C Squadron A Cadet Major Alton G. Bohn Cadet Capt. Edward L. Humphreys III Cadet 1st Lt. Louis A. Hempel Honorary Cadet Major Doug Johnson FLIGHT I Front Row: Alton G. Bohn, Seferino Hernandez, Mack B. Cawthron, Don McClintock, Simon W. Henderson, Richard B. Gibboney, James A. Harriss, Charles E. Hare, Charles R. Atkinson, William J. Malone. Second Ron:: William C. Cantwelj Harry R. Sharpless, Jr., Tommy W. Jackman, Joe D. Foster. Dan Ray Gist, G. Terry Ward, Dick T. Foerster, Robert Preston Andrews, Arthur Branch Williams, Jr. Third Row: Gerald B. Ray, Robert E. Gylling, Maury A. Lloyd, Floyd E. Bennett, Richard C. Giles. William E. Gilchrist, Louy E. Younts, Robert R. Gribble, Bill M. White. Fourth Row: Arthur R. Parsons, Marquis Reed Gilmore, Maynard Joseph Haddad. Don Kirby Miller, Charlie Boyce Whitecotton, Harris J. Weingarten, Billy Paul Powell, John C. Donovan, Joseph Chasnoff. PAGE 350 FLIGHT II Front Row: Edward Lee Humphreys, William Milton Timmons, James Edward Brill, James Harlan Kaplan, Oliver Edward Bradshaw, Glen Henry Price, William A. Berry, Richard D. Thompson, F. Tarrant Fendley, Jr., Horace Tharp Mann. Second Row: Harry Lee Martin, Jr., Harold Douglas Colwick, Joel Herbert Pullen. William Leonard Herrera, Robert Nathan Katz, Irwin Weldon Coleman, Travis Ray McCagc, Jerome Stanley Wilkenfeld, Charles L. Borskey. Third Row: Robert Lee Steely, Edwin R. Jordan, Donato Rodriguez, Jr.. Frank David Wiley, Robert D. Doty, George E. Fischer, Donald R. McGraw, Joseph P. Branch, George A. Scaling. Fourth Row: Cecil Anderson Morgan, Gerre Edward Hancock, Tommy Wessendorff Davis, William F. Hopkins. Jr.. Emery L. White, Jr.. Joel D. Toole, Larry Gene lies, Raymond R. Paimer, Jr., Edmund F. BenchofF, John G. Becker. FLIGHT III Front Row: Louis Arthur Hempel, Jr., Franklin Clay McGaughy, Max Eric Thornhill, John M. Rogstad, Leroy E. Jackson, Wayne W. McConnell, Claude F. Williamson, William Sylvanus Brown, Joe Don Minor, Pat Henry Gardner. Second Row: William Edward Rigsby, Ed O. Choice, Richard U. Simon, Alvin W. Ellington, Gib H. Dawson, Noel F. Roebuck, Lyn C. Smith, Howard D. Moon, Miles L. Faly, Vernon R. Sage. Third Row: John Clark Connolly, Daniel Nicholas Bailev. Charles Calvin Kubin. Patton Howell Caldwell, Bobby Ray Raley, Dan A. Langford, Lonnie C. Row: John Clark Connolly, Daniel Nicholas Bailey, Weir, Tommy V. Thompson, Henry Edward Castro. Fourth Row: Pete Rodriguez Acosta, Arthur James Ferguson. Charles Prentiss Gilbreath. Walter Burnis Bond, Ernest Jay Hall, Monroe Norwell Charpentier, Carl Thomas Stolhundske, Benis Glen Lee, William Carroll Dosher, Alfons Lee Broz. PAOE 351 AIR FORCE R.O.T.C Squadron B Cadet Major Billy S. Goodson Cadet Capt. Lemuel E. Porter Cadet 1st Lt. Kenneth D. Henry Honorary Cadet Major JoAnn Bredlow Front Row: Billy S. Goodson, Kline Daniel Busbee, Jr., Julian P. Kornfeld, Russell G. Sharp, Donald Laurence Conwelly, William Forrest Trafton, Richard Abe Williams, Walter Elmo Hale, Gonzalo Campos, Santiago Lira, Jr. Second Row: John T. Pirkle, Pascual Tamez, William Franklin Weed Jr., Thomas C. Tips, Charles Craig Woodson, George H. Sauer, Thomas H. Connelly, Thomas Wesley Robinson, Donald J. Neighbors, John S. Snedeker. Third Row: Ignacio Champion, Jr., James L. Greenwood, Roddy R. Rogers, Charles R. Morgan, John R. Knaggs, Robert F. Parker, Ralph E. Fair, Kenneth D. Lewis, Charles D. Bigham. Jack N. Little. Fourth Row: Joe Wayne Webb, Burton Vincent Perrine, Jerome Alan Bader, Dixon Wade Holman, William Earl Baldwin, Wallace Edward McGee, Robert Arthur Anderson, Robert Vincent Tate, Kenneth Kennedy Caswell, Jr., Howard Jacobs. PAGE 352 FLIGHT II Front Row: Lemuel Edmund Porter, Dale Bernarr Petty, Jimmy Dan Pace, Carlos F. Diaz, Harold M. Eisen, Adolfo R. Cuellar, Alvin Lee Borchardt, Robert M. Lewis, Posey Bryan Smiser, Jr. Second Row: Meto MitefF, W. Blair Scott, Jr., Edgar Eugene Sanders, D. James Talley, Grover Cleveland Halliburton, William Douglas Haden, II, Frank Davis McMullen, Charles Warren Goehringer, Thomas Ross Gambrell. Third Row: Robert Lindley Towery, Jack Wayne Rawson, Gerald Anthony Cox, Alfred Gregory Callow, James Roy Weiershausen v Robert Hamilton Walls, Philip A. Nelson, Judd Miller, Jr.. Lovell Erwin Davis, Jr. Fourth Row: Hugh Morrison Hornsby, Clyde Howard Gordon, Franklin Donald Keller, Marvin Kenzie Harthcock, Bernard Frank Skibell, James Robert Mc- Dermott, Leighton Keith Younger, William Preston Cloyd, Robert Louis Zinke. FLIGHT III Front Row: Kenneth Dale Henry, Harold Erwin Levy, Milton Allen Mendlovitz, Martin Joseph De Stefano, Fred Eugene Grimm, George Arthur Yonge, Don Blake Hays, Thomas Adolph Jungman, James Howard Keahey, Pedro A. DeLeon, John A. Sullivan. Second Row: John Kirk Gray, Craig Barrow Simmons, Albert Scott Taylor, Robert Daniel Burck, William D. Winston, Patrick O ' Bannon McShane. Gerald Paul D ' Arcy, Everett Howard Wilson, George S. Robertson, Harold G. O ' Dell, Joe C. Williams. Third Row: William D. Parker, Jr., Eugene L. Ames, Jr., Robert A. Nickel, Herbert E. Hargis, Clifford J. Shapiro, Earl Cox, Jr., George R. Whitworth, Preston Moore, Henry Kerry, Kenneth F. Wells, Robert De La Cruz. Fourth Row: Dave M. Ussery, Wesley S. Johnson, Jerry A. Hall, George F. Molhusen, Wallace L. Pellerin, David R. Butler, Jay E. Garth, Robert M. Sisk, Claiborne M. Bell, Bob D. Woodall, Sam O. Miller PAGE 353 AIR FORCE R.O.T.C Squadron C Cadet Major Eugene L. Green Cadet Capt. T. George Miller Cadet 1st Lt. George T. Karpos Honorary Cadet Major Jean Wynn FLIGHT Front Row: Eugene Lee Green, Frank William Zimmerman, Jr., Richard Clark Webb, George Haze Kolb, Hershel Wayne Anderson, Tommy Jack Flanders, Larry Reid Hensarling, Donn Stewart Noland, Richard Julian Rosen, Phillip Farwell Templeton. Second Row: Edward Morgan Bennett, Robert Charles Halsell, Bobby Cleve Ray, Richard Roy Sanders, Delayne Rudy Gustafson, Ronny Joe May, Allen Leon Rosen, Leslie Eugene Bell, William Warren Dewitt, Charles Aubrey Smith. Third Row: Ronald Cecil Keller, Louis Polsky, Sixto Velasquez Nino, Robert Taylor Herrin, Edmund Richard Handorf, L. Cecil Holder, Randolph F. Wheless, Tommy M. Snow, Donald W. Meek, Richard Elton Rayburn. Fourth Row: Terry Ellis Medford, Ed Frank Bayouth, James Alan Feibelman, Kenneth Graham, James R. Cravens, Sam L. Farrow, Laurens B. Fish, Jr., William Vails, Douglas W. Howell, Cecil G. Sellers. PAGE 354 FLIGHT II Front Row: Theodore G. Miller, Gerald M. Rafshoon, Robert Neal Alexander, Ronald Charles Grossman, Joe D. Rubesch, Frank T. Hilton, Jackie D. Stewart, Julian W. Burtis, Middleton S. English. Harry C. Webb. Second Row: Max Earl Taylor, Thomas E. Breedlove, Moise Arnold Axelrad, Donald Wayne Ciller, Richard Blair Gemmer. Cruger Smith Ragland, Charles Early Whitesides. Howard William Hudspeth, Peter Dunne Bennett. Jack E. Featherston. Third Row: Jesse L. Smith, Richard A. Freling, O. Richard Seagraves Davis, John Ewart McConnell, Don A. Hart, William C. Ward, William K. Brookshire, Neal A. Hawthorn, R. Fred Beeler, Felix Ashinhurst. Fourth Row: John L. Berry. Marion J. Borchers. Jimmy C. Durbin, William R. Adams, Raymond A. Post, David H. Thomas. Bernard O. Dow, Leroy J. Kubelka. William E. Banks. Robert M. Goble, Jesus F. Valdez. FLIGHT III Front Row: George Toney Karpos. Johnny Hernandez, Robert O ' Conor, Kenneth Neal Sayer, William Knight Foster, Johnny Burk, William Preston Breeding, Jeff C. Singleton. Arnold Melvin Barban, Gerald Paul Silber. Second Row: Jack C. Kidd. William Sherrod Luttrell, Ray Datus Sharp, Jr., D. Stuirt Lawrence, Bryant Pearce Seay, John Allen Watson, Newton Schwartz, Robert Lewis Rieget, Tom M. Leach. Tom Rovello, Jr. Third Row: Richard S. Hitt, Sanford E. Smith, Richard E. Goldsmith, William D. Ridley. Leonard W. Rait, William A. Cline, Jim Pufal, Joe B. Golden, Kenneth B. Martin, Bobby H. Faulkenberry. Fourth Row: James Richard Burkhardt, Richard Winton Smith. Robert William Calloway, Earl Norman Brasfield, Richard Edward Schleicher, Christy Martin Nolen, Albert John Nowotny, L. J. Burks. Charles Edward Schriewer, Elmer Oliver Brurohle. III. PAO 355 Some of the prettiest girls at the University are AFROTC Sponsors. They were presented their commis- sions as honorary cadet officers by Col. E. E. McKesson, Dorothy Ge- bauer, Dean of Women; Lt. Col. George Bartling, and Major Ira Fergason. Above: Honorary Cadet Col. Mary Esther Haskell, Cadet Lt. Col. Eugene Todd and Cadet Major James Alexander pass in Review. The AFROTC is a big partici- pant in the University ' s intramural sports program. The Air Force teams often end up in the play-offs and this year the team won the Class B Basketball Championship. The gentlemen in the unique uni- forms are the cadet officers and members of the permanent staff. These two teams played in the " Bloody Brass Bowl " during the U.T. Blood Drive. f- J AIR FORCE R. O. T. C. Squadron D Cadet Major Carl R. Robertson Cadet Capt. Richard F. Ochoa Cadet 1st Lt. Robert C. Holt Honorary Cadet Major Amy Johnson FLIGHT I Front Row: Carl Reeves Robertson, Richard Joseph Whetzle, Bill F. Foster, Chester Lee Simcik, Richard Hernandez, John Richard Gowan, Jorge F. Soto- mayor, Edwin E. Fisher, Paul A. Buckley, James Weber. Second Row: Frank Leon Dzierzanowski, Gene Lewis Naegelin, Jerry Thomas Schwartz, Robert Edward Allen, Henry Alexander Adams, Harrison Nesbit Bowes, Tommy Lloyd Pyeatt, Dan William Lakenmacher, George Richard Stewart, Jackson Chandler Hubbard. Third Row: Randolph Biesenbach, Earl Jay Engle, Robert Zempter Eanes, Richard Lee Berger, Norman DeGraaf Adams, Jr., George Robert Adams, Maurice Clark Hans, Larry Pope Megason, Arthur Roby Hadden. Allen Kemble. Richard Lacy Bourland, Martin David Balk, Eugene Fourth Row: Marshall Terrell Clegg, Oliver D. Hailey, Thomas M. Fuller, Stephen Records, Henry Neil Easley, Percy Lee Smith, Jack Washburn Skinner. PAGE 358 Front Row: Richard Frank Ochoa, Jim Martin Clark, Glen Cleo Tomlinson, John Jay Thomas, Jr., Kenneth Willard Horton, Leslie Alexander McLaren, Joe Otis Sims, Fred Whitcomb Riley, Richard Underwood Lea, Manuel Narciso Garza. Second Row: Manuel Mora Medrano, William J. Whitis, Benny M. Hill, Harry Eugene Hendricks, Adolph I. Ramon, Julian M. Barron, Dana F. Schonfeld, Ivan W. Knobler. Third Row: Neil Darrel Cox, Thomas Eugene Black. Benny Pat Reeves, William Terry Tschirhart, Donald Lee Barnhart, Murphy Townsend Scurry, Ernest Fredrick Tresselt, Elliott Zalman Cohen, Joe Thomas La Rue. Fourth Row: Max P. Gardner, George A. Gage, Joel L. Carson, T. W. Moak, Worley Wilson, E. P. Jackson, Harold I. Zweig, Claude D. Sparkman, Kirk Kite, Carl U. Daniels. FLIGHT III Front Row: Robert C. Holt, Jack C. Clark, Morton S. Carson, Joe V. Boerner, James A. Kilcrease, James M. McVey, Harold L. Corbitt I. R Canion L. J. Strieber, D. M. Kuykendall. Second Row: Floyd B. McFarland, Jose Adan Trevino, Frank Elliott Shoup, Jack M. Ransom, Walter Guttman, Sam Stewart Frazer, Pat G. Hedgcoxe, Benny R. Cooper, Carroll Jack Mahoney. Third Row: Buddy Bob Stevenson, John Franklyn Mugno, Kendal True Rogers, George Avery Alcorn, Bobby Joe Strickland, Al F. Curry, Tommy H. Ducote, Jack R. Lacy, Charles William Oldham, Robert Burnett Lee. Fourth Row: Clark T. Collins, Billy Frank Strickland, Charles C. Springer, Eugene Frank Farek, Edwaid Herbert Gatlin, Clinton Leroy Houy, Frank Winkler Cass, Joseph Lawrence Lehner, Richard Donald Besley. PAGE 359 AIR FORCE R. O. T. C. Squadron E Cadet Major Hilly M. Jackson Cadet Capt. Joe W. Park Honorary Cadet Major Betty Irwin Cadet 1st Lt. Wesley M. Warlen, Jr. FLIGHT I Front Row: Bill Monroe Jackson, Carroll Lynn Reed, Tom K. Barton, Charles Ashworth Pilling, William Glenn Easley, Richard Francis Little, Bennett Green- field, Robert Albert Miller, Donald Rosenfield, John Bryan Glidden, Yale Gilbert Phillips. Second Row: Andrew Jackson Lewis, Jr., Johnny R. Novosad, William J. Graves, Harrison D. Fendley, William Sam White, Ed L. Teer. Alex Adams, Stanley Maurice Carney, Vaughn Dean Matney, Verner Hudson McCall. Third Row: Timothy Nagle Morrow, Wendell Bailey Worley, Ciough Shelton, III, Jacob Harris Stillman. David Dovalina. William Turner Hall, Ben A. Terry, Clyde L. Brothers, Jr., Ralph Donald Tatum, Donald Charles Horwitz, William H. Powell. Fourth Row: Robert Gibson Hagler, Harry Lee Douty, Lynwood Curtis Krause, Samuel Vaughan Stone, George Philip Sarrafian, Anthony Andrew Benish. Hubert Holiday Strom, Kendall Cole Wise, Milburn Ellis Nutt, Al McAllister, Sid Ramos. PACE 360 FLIGHT II Bfltylnrin Front Row: Joe W. Park, James K. ickerson, Robert L. Oliver, Morton A. Glazer. Robert E. Harkrider. John J. Kregarman, John R. Bonner, Alfred W. Weathers, Tom C. Clowe, Joe H. Amberson. Second Rou-: Ray O. Womack, Henry S. Moore. Jr., David Lowther, Dick A. Winding, Charles T. Mayes, Sammy L. Abbott. John A. Yelvington, John F. Buenz, Charles R. Billings, Robert D. McGee. Third Row: George Milton Luhn, Robert Statham Griffin, Donald Duane Green. Harvey Lee Walker, Fred A. Skidmore, Kenneth Wayne Anglin, William Farrar Pipes, Michael Raymond O ' Connor, Rip Harold Hunter, James Richard McCord. fourth Row. J. U. Ricks, Donald H. Kobe. J. Barry Allen, J. H. Tyler, Charles F. Stahl, Donald Wells Scallorn, Roy E. Kelly, Paul John Herrmann, Jr., Bruce Edward Jones, Dan Q. Broughton. FLIGHT III Front Row: Wesley M. Warlen. Jr., Robert G. Mickey, Bruce W. Matson, James F. Huitt, Don R. Reimers, Bill E. Talley, Martin R. Hawk. Leland C. Caldvvell, James E. SetlifT, James P. Ristig, Jr. Second Row: Gustavo E. Martinez, H. Neil Singleton, Richard B. Caruthers, William J. Knox, William F. Bain, Roger N. Ayres, Howard Glazbrook, James T. Hunt, Thomas C. Chalmers. Billy J. Barnes. Third Row: George E. Moreland, Richard R. Nevitt, Ralph E. Hagood, John W. Hansborough. Jr., Billy Joe Sellars, Garry V. Smith, Robert L. Carson, Joseph Stuart Carson, John Gibbs Meador, Jr. Fourth Row: Joseph Stuart Brand, Jim Floyd Miller, David August Gelfer, John petering Lottman, Nelson L. Kuhlmann, Sam Charles Bradshaw, Arthur Andrew Wisakowsky, Charles Edward Largent, Edward Oliver Russell, David Meason Murray. PAGE 361 AIR FORCE R. O. T. C. Squadron F Cadet Major Bobby G. Askew Cadet Capt. Robert W. Bauman Honorary Cadet Major Ann Robinett Cadet 1st Lt. Larry E. Jones FLIGHT I Front Row: Bobby Gene Askew, Tony A. Kazen, James M. Scurlock, Lawrence D. Ortolani, Don H. Musslewhite, Edward John Landry. Albert Faetche, Clyde Pope, Dan J. Struve. Second Row: Donald Minsky, Arthur Fred Zobal, Benny Frank Johnson, Louis Vosburg Hall, Lee Edward Probst, Frank Robert Black, Edward Holland, Raymond Fioyd Perner, Lyman Webb. Third Row: Leon Booth, Jr., Kent Biffie, CoTeman H. Gulley, James S. Byerly, Lloyd J. Duncan, Henry T. Moore, Charles E. Dunn, Richard F. Ford, Ewell L. Tankersley, Charles E. Taylor. Fourth Row: John P. Wymer, George Bailey Peyton, Vernon L. Helmke, William M. Byrd, Ephralm L. Block, Louis P. Manganiello, Walt M. Stischer, James H. Warren. PAGE 362 Front Row: Robert Warren Bauinan, Roland Palmer Caldwell. Keating Vincenzo Zeppa, John Roland Thornhill, Burke Burkart. Richard Jay London, Mose Martin Feld, Paul Franklin Dickard, Eliseo Rangel. Herschel James Wood. Second Row: Robert Eugene Cuthrell. Jerry Terrill Chandler. Robert L. Petrie, James Gordon Hand. William Alden Weeks, Joe H. Trickey, Monroe Northrop, N. L. Howard. Charles Avon Powell, Charles E. Lanter. Third Row: Jack Robson Sowell. William A. Thienes. Danny A. Burger. Monty C. Barber, George M. Thomas, James Thomas Ward, Gregor C. MacGregor, Fred W. Sternenberg. J. Luis Ramirez, Harvey S. Summers. Fourth Row: James W. Sayer. Leon J. Coker. Lynn D. Vautrain. William Willard Gibson, Jr., Phin A. Washer. Sam E. Murphy. Joe H. Tanner, Roy Newman, Jr., Al M. Garcia, Paul F. Gardner. FLIGHT III Front Row: Larry Elton Jones, Bryant A. Ficken, Ramiro M. Garza, Billy F. Latson, Rodney L. Tislow, Charles C. Fancher, Furman Clinton Ferrell, Gilbert E. Robertson, Walker A. Brents, Jr. Second Row: Tolbert Nat Jones, Jr., Solly Wyatt Cox, Jr., Charles Allen Bankston, Harry L. Schulte. Robert L. Blumenthal, Thomas Matthews Wise, Charlie Eugene Sanders, Ralph Howard Daugherty, Jr., Joe Neal Runnels. Third Row: John Boyetle Andrews, Herb Ostroff, Joseph Holmes Flaig, Roy E. Johnston, James K. Jones, Donald R. Hinton, George K. Gowans, Jerry C. Graff. ' Fourth Row: Mike Henry Roberts, Frank Jerome Marek, Donald Gene Holland. George Elroy Bode, Frank Holland Williams, Clifford Dale Polk, Gene Cozart Lynch, Marion Wayne Bell, Gilbreth Demon Adams. PAGE 363 The combined services Military Ball is the main social event for the Cadets. Frankie Masters and his band played for the Ball which was held in Gregory Gym in March. The highlight of the evening was when Gordon Llewellyn presented Ellie Luckett a bouquet of roses and announced her selection as Queen of the Military Ball. Col. Edgar Glenn, C. O. Third Air Reserve Dis- trict and Col. E. E. McKesson presented Distin- guished Military Citations to twenty-one senior cadets. The combined Army, Navy and Air Force R.O.- T.C. made a splendid showing at the Texas Inde- pendence Day ceremony. The Arnold Air Society is a National Air Force ROTC Honorary and Service organiza- tion. Thirty cadets were initiated by the local chapter this year. The Society was very active in the U. T. Blood Drive. The Cadet Staff Officers had a special week- long course prior to the beginning of the school year. They visited neighboring Air Bases and went through a regular combat briefing at Bergstrom AF Base. The Cadet Officers and Arnold Air Society members act as Honor Guard for Governor Shivers at the flag returning ceremony of the 27th Fighter Wing. AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. Squadron G Cadet Major Theobald Victor Hohle Cadet Capt. Martin Luker Cadet 1st Lt. Garland C. Kirk Honorary Cadet Major Nancy Couvillion FLIGHT I i Front Row: Theobald Victor Hohle, Charles F. Sugerman, Charles F. Bidgood, W. Payne Roye, Lionel Rangel, Clarence Charles Stenzel, Joe J. Minton, Robert H. Scott, Vernon J. Stewart. Second Row: John Edwin Redman, Dolph Simon, Kent Ira Broyhill, Frank Atwood Gibson, James Anderson Purse, L. Money Adams. John Robert Brodnax, Jr., James Martin Shelton, Jr., Al T. Stone. Third Row: Ronald Albert Patton, Tommy Eugene Sanford, Wyman Ray Gilliam, Frank Edgar Brock, William Pannlll Aycock, Carey Carlton Bruce, Jr., Johnson Andrew Jenkins, Hugh James Smith, Edward John Talamas. Fourth Row: James A. Pakenham, Marquis Reed Gilmore, Hugh E. Alexander, Charles E. Lasseter, William G. Barber, Gilbert Ford, Elgean C. Shield, William H. Turpin, Edward N. Shaw, W. Ben Williams. PAGE 366 FLIGHT II Front Row: Martin Edward Luker, Gilberto Perez, Jr., Morris Lichtenstein, Charles Dumon Brown, Richard Buckner Austin, Will Grant Ryan, Robert E. Hendrickson, Richard Orville Womack, Robert Edward Smith, Mack Stoellje, Bobby Jack Tanner. Second Row: John B. Morelock, R. S. Waldron, A. J. Becker. T. J. Hoyt, A. D. Hildreth. Alvin E. Martens. John L. Hubby. Ruben Valdez, Joe S. Heny, Donald C. Holbrook. Third Row: Richard Andrews Stuart, Robert Stone Timmins, William Emirson Ridgeway. Michael Anthony DiGangi, Joe Lawrence Harville, L. James Reh- kemper, Hubert H. Ingraham. Curtis Best Whittington, William Joseph Laughlm, Richard T. Atkin, Guerry M. Strong. FLIGHT III Front Row: Garland C. Kirk, Richard Shield, John B. Sisk, Thomas O. Bailey, Charles E. Holloway. Robert L. Coghlin, Walter R. Taber, William D. Wiser, Jr., Samuel H. Vester, Jr., James M. Blakley. Second Row: Miles Davis Wilson, Stafford M. Page, Robert Powell Thomas, III, Ben Jack Kinney, George Payton Prewitt, Jr., Thomas Reynolds Metcalfe, Harley Delbert Wright, Allen Curtis Chittenden, Filmore Mayer Sondock. Third Row: John Harrison Cockrell. James Milton Cavender, Earl F. Burridge, Fred W. Becker, Roland W. Hoyt, Marvin V. Harlow, Howard E. Brunson, Dewey Ivan Alspaw, Douglas L. Buchanan. Lee S. Fountain, Ralph B. Ratliff. Fourth Row: William Baynard Calhoun, Jack I. Pilon. Riley Verdine, James Earl Gist, C: W. Reynolds. James G. Sears, Robert Kemper Zander, Donald C. Smith. Glen C. Moore, D. Winfred Tyler. PAGE 367 AIR FORCE R. O. T. C Squadron H Cadet Major Stuart E. Templeton Cadet Capt. Sidney A. Martell Cadet 1st Lt. John B. Dalrymple Honorary Cadet FLIGHT I Front Row: Stuart E. Templeton, C. M. Weaver, Emilio F. Gutierrez, Robert O. Isham, Bartlett Cocke. Donald E. Giovannetti. James H. Lauderdale, Wil- liam A. Pitchford, Billy H. Lyon. Second Row: Roy Scott Mills. Jess G. Hammock, Owen D. Goodman. Jack O. Morrison, Harry G. Scurlock, Gene C. Doty, William H. Clark, Cyril L. Rich, Jr., Charles E. Cunningham. Third Row: Donald Joe Hand, Jack Gilbert Rankin, Lutcher B. Simmons, Reginald A. Pattillos, Howard L. Brainin, Joe E. Vaughan, Loren Q. Hanson, Van N. Tanner. PACE 368 FLIGHT II rGittaX Front Row: Sidney Arthur Martcll, P. D. Smith, Richard S. Gaddy, Hollis R. Porcher, William A. Plummer, Jr., Willie Allen Knight, Jr. Second Row: Albert C. Kyser, Vance M. Hendricks, F. W. Feist, Harris J. Taylor, Howard Wong. Third Row: Eugene Golden, Samuel Elliot Hoffman. Tommy Max Ledingham, Arch H. Rowan, Jr., Gene Conrad Stewart. FLIGHT III Front Row: John B. Dalrymple, Dan R. Skinner, William F. Martin, Rawland L. Scott, Leonard Karotkin, Jr., Earl C. Richardson, John Mark McLaughlin. Second Row: Gustin Robert Lieber, Franklin Moore, Laurence Gayle Wright, Ben Gerald Scallorn, Richard Franklin Love, James Donald Stillwell. Third Row: Richard Howard Par ker, James Edwin Forbis, Dabney Wharton Coleman, Wendell Leon Herren, David Ray Jackson, Harold Floyd Wilson. PAOE 369 RIFLE TEAM AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. I I I I I Front Row: Claude F. Williamson, Owen D. Goodman, James H. Lauder- dale, Bobby W. Hodges. Second Row: M Sgt. Ernest L. Lanier, John A. Watson, Harry G. Scurlock, Horace R. Mann, Donald H. Kobe. ORANGE WINGS A - k4t r M -jSfiL Front Rou-: William E. Tucker, William N. Patman, Honorary Cadet Major Ann Ghipman, Johnny F. Splichal, Julian Horwitz. Second Row: John Henderson, Jack Blanton, Kenneth Bibb, John Durio, Rolando Pena, Rudolfo Casas, Robert N. Foote, Richard Bollich, Richard Scott, William Bryce, Clovis A. Keeling, Dudley D. Hale, Anthony Brocato. Third Row: Carl Abbey, Daniel Durway, Willis J. Rebsch, Warren Hemphill. Joseph Ireland, Earl Cortes, Ronald Rekart, Billy Holland, David Campbell, Charles Stalmach, Thomas H. Norman, Charles Howard, Larry B. Wahlquist, Jess Alford. Fourth Row: William I. Wright, Thomas Lamb, Douglas Cowan, Gerald Moffitt, Larry Lacy, Randall Yearwood, Walter A. Hogan, Ralph Garden, Risher Randall, Frank H. Slavik, John T. Brown, Jr., Lee Slaughter, James Swearingen, George T. Sturch, Stewart A. Bonnett. PAOE 370 MILITARY AMATEUR RADIO SERVICE Front Row: Maj. Charles E. Wood, M sgt. Warren S. Quinn, M sgt. Richard O. Davis, H. J. Wood, Robert C. Ray, Willian Second Row: Robert E. Smith, David H. Thomas, Richard Shield, Owen D. Goodman, William J. M. Thomas. Third Row: Manuel N. Garza, Kenneth E. Guyer, Kendall T. Rogers, H. Gibson Scurlock, William J. Malone, Jack Irion. S. Swearin e ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Front Row: Capt. Joseph P. Gleason, Bobby G. Askew, James Weber, Billy E. Simpson, Hugh James Smith, Stanley Rosenberg, John E. Simpson, Eugene Todd. Second Rout: Jodean Collins, Martin Luker, Joe W. Park, Gordon Bruner, John Becker, Alton G. Bohn, Jack Irion. Third Row: Gerald P. Silber, Richard Rosen, Larry E. Jones, Charles Cunningham, John M. McLaughlin, Rodney Brown, Walker Brents, Sidney A. Martell. Fourth Row: Kenneth D. Dunlap, Filmore M. Sondock, Santiago Lira, Tommy Rovello, Manuel N. Garza, Carl Daniels, Joe Tom Harris, Robert P. Andrews. Fi lk Row: Dudley M. Kuykendall, W. Allen Knight, Horace T. Mann, Charles A. Smith, O. W. Peters, William Swearingen, William J. Malone, Tipton Murrell. PAGE 371 ., - HONORARIES AND SERVICE ORGANIZATONS ALPHA EPSILON DELTA V HONORARY PRE-MEDICAL FRATERNITY Founded: University of Alabama, 1926 Texas Alpha Chapter, 1929 Fall JOHN S. FORDTRAN MARY L. VOORHESS RALPH R. RENSHAW, JR. WILL G. RYAN CLAUDE J. PARNELL, JR. DR. JOHN M. CAIRNS . OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . Historian Advisor Spring JOHN S. FORDTRAN MARY L. VOORHESS RALPH R. RENSHAW, JR. WILL G. RYAN CLAUDE J. PARNELL, JR. DR. JOHN M. CAIRNS HONORARY MEMBERS Philip S. Bailey Henry R. Henze Osmond P. Breland T. S. Painter Dana B. Casteel Austin Phelps Oscar B. Williams Giles J. Andrews Charles E. Bludworth Gene E. Burke John F. Collins, Jr. Frank G. Edmiston Elwood J. Eichler John S. Fordtran Billy B. Gee Alfredo Gutierrez, Jr. Thomas W. Harris J. Rodney Hoch Grayce G. Hornung John K. Hrissikopoulos MEMBERS Lincoln D. Jeanes Charles E. Jones Arnold H. Kassanoff Le Roy T. Kern Fred B. Kessler Donald L. Klein Harold S. Kost Beverly D. Mondrik Virginia L. Morrison John F. Noble Claude J. Parnell, Jr. Heribarto A. Pena Jack M. Protas FADE 374 Ralph R. Renshaw, Jr. Marjorie R. Ring Will G. Ryan L. William Schleyse, Jr. Louis Shlipak George H. Sullivan Gardner Thomas, Jr. Harry N. Thomas Mary L. Voorhess Ralph E. Wallace Charles L. Wolf Shao-Chang Yin ALPHA KAPPA PSI HONORARY BUSINESS SOCIETY Founded: New York University, 1904 Texas Alpha Chapter, 1915 Fall ERETT S. McCRUM EDWARD H. NABERHAUS JOHN O. LANGE . RAYMOND JANICEK ALLAN S. QUINN OFFICERS i If " - 1- President . Vice-President m ! 1 reasurer J. Anderson Fitzgerald William R. Spriegel C. Aubrey Smith Charles L. Prather E. Karl McGinnis Fred W. Adovnik John Louis Anderson Gary G. Askew Niven J. Baird William W. Beuhler, .|r. Billy Joe Brown Robert I. Clift James E. Milliard Gilbert A. Adam Neal W. Alexander Keith A. Allan Ernest W. Anguish William Donald Armstrong Harry L. Bengtson, Jr. Clarence Theo Blue Fred A. Coffey, Jr. Robert K. Cornell John T. Crow David S. Dungan James M. Farabee Robert E. Fields John R. Stockton S. M. Woolsey Wilfred Watson Donald T. Beaman Hubert Jones Secretary . Master of Rituals JH ACULTY MEMBERS Louie Walter Gus Hodges Jack Cashin joe B. Frantz Alfred L. Seelye Spring JOHN Louis ANDERSON RICHARD VOLKART DAVID UPSHAW JAMES A. SCHRINER JAMES A. ROBERTS C. Mason Clark Kenneth Cox I. E. McNeill J. E. Roche MEMBERS Ludv C. Ho f mister Joseph Pickney Mathews OUUy V . lAUIJlllMtTl jvja pil -I iv rwiivy -ivi Raymond O. Janicek Donald R. Morris Harry C. Kiely Edward H. Naber Edward J. Landry John O. Lange Richard F. Love Everett S. McCrum Albert P. McKinney Naberhaus Jackson Gershom Pinkerton Allan S. Quinn James A. Roberts Robert Henrv Smith ' Ben E. Sutton J %a ' _ Howard Tanner Richard D. Volkart Basil E. Walker, Jr. Alton D. Wallace Edward J. Walsh. Jr. Harland Weaver ames W. Weber FALL INITIATES Ralph E. Foster, Jr. Gary L. Gummelt Bob B. Hallmark Thomas K. Holdsworth Gordon L. Hugghins James K. Jaynes Freeman Kidwell Donald A. Kirkpatrick Frank Beverly Lloyd Lloyd E. Loftis Gerald A. Maley Joseph John Marks y Malcolm Kenneth Martin Thomas Jay May- John H. Mayfield Pat Cleburne Miller Travis H. Morgan Norman A. Mueller, Jr. Jimmy D. Nelson Cecil Calvin Norris Patrick H. O ' Donnell, Jr. Joe E. Probst Henry J. Rech James Frederick Rives Alfred Louis Ruebel James A. Schriner Clough Shelton, III Lewis H. Sheriff Leonard Thomas Barney H. Timmins David L. Upshaw Gabe T. Vick Jack Wallace Laurin H. Watson James C. Werchan Hardy Williamson Carl W. Wilson Stephen M. Albrecht Edward G. Bossom SPRING INITIATES Robert C. Carpenter Charles M. Prather Leslie Wood ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA HONORARY SCHOLASTIC FRATERNITY FOR FRESHMEN WOMEN Founded: University of Illinois, 1924 Texas Chapter, 1935 Fall PATRICIA HINDS VIRGINIA HALLUM . MARY ANN MALEY E. ELIZABETH O ' BANNON rothy L. Gebauer Sara Ann Abrego Dorothea E. Bachemin Camilla May Berkley Elissa J. Berwald Laura A. Bickley Jacquelyn Culbertson Evelyn M. Dean Jean Marie Edge Beverly A. Fisher Carolyn Foreman Sharlene B. Gerrick OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer LTY MEMBERS Spring SONYA ANN INGWERSKN LINDA ELAINE REEVES MARILYN BIEL ALICE ELAINE SMITH Helen Margaret Flinn MEMBERS irginia Hallum Ann G. Hardin Ann K. Harrington Harriet J. Haynes Patricia Hinds Naomi J. Hoppenstein Connie B. Levy Peggy A. Lord Mary Ann Maley Carol L. Moak . Elizabeth O ' Bannon SPRING INITIATES Barbara S. Alpard Katherine Barlow Margaret C. Barton Laura H. Becker Alice Minna Bernhardt Marilyn Biel Marjorie Janice Bourdon Jo Ann Chapman Catherine Cocke Margaret L. Doughterty Genevieve L. Dumas Patty G. Gideon Pearl Grenader Helen R. Heise Emrna Jean Hudgings Sonya Ann Ingwersen Catherine Jones Patricia A. Kendall Carolyn R. Kongabel Nancy J. Massey Mary Lou Moore Mary Alice Morgan Georgia N. Nutt Ruth Pendergrass Martha C. Petraitis Linda Elaine Reeves Martha L. Renfroe Grace S. Riemann Sue A. Sanborn Vera Mae Schmidt Shirley J. Schoenbrun Alice Elaine Smith Nellora Smith Margaret E. Ann Randolph Joan R. Rupel Ida Louise Schmidt Margaret Ann Schmidt R. Lucile Sims Jo Tidwell Carol J. Wesner Clementine White Tommve Woodland Elizabeth M. Strauss Shirley E. Strum Ann L. Suggs Kay Thomas Nelda Van Brunt Lois Ann Weksler Barbara A. Welhausen Betty N. Williams Marian A. Williams Mavis L. Williams PAOE 376 PHA PHI OMEGA HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION Founded: Lafayette College, 1925 Alpha Rho Chapter, 1935 JERRY N. WOHLFORD SABIN W. MARSHALL ANDY ANDERSON . ELDKN ELSWORTH KENNETH J. Cox . FFICERS President First V ice-President . Second V ice-President Secretary Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS H. P. Bybee Jack Holland Charles T. Clark H. W. Newman H. L. Gaskin Jitter Nolen DeWitt Reddick Andy Anderson Bob L. Armstrong Earnest H. Babitzke John G. Becker Claiborn M. Bell Jim K. Biggs Gordon Ca rl Bruner Meyer Chaskin Howard J. Clark, III Keith K. Cox Kenneth J. Cox Larry Crooke Oliver P. Ellison, Jr. Elden Elsworth Charles William Ewing Fredric W. Feist Wilson F. Foreman Larry E. Golman Thomas L. Goode John A. Haney Donald P. Harris Nat Harris Lee C. Holland Tom M. Hyltin Pickney Johnson, Jr. Albert U. Knaggs Ivan W. Knobler Hilmar J. Lassberg Leo C. Lee Benjamin J. Leon W. Kent Mcllyar John Lee McMillen Sabin W. Marshall Joseph W. Martin Henry H. Moore Spring JERRY N. WOHLFORD JOHN G. BECKER KEITH K. Cox HENRY H. MOORE KENNETH J. Cox Joe A. Osborn Thomas E. Rodman Charles A. Russell William R. Sands Jack A. Stehling Henry Allen Tyler Hugo A. Walter William D. Webb Ronald Agnew Wilkins L. Ken Willis Jerry N. Wohlford Pete R. Acosta Richard F. Adair Fouad K. Aide Charles W. Becker Donald M. Bishop Robert S. Brown John L. Campos Weldon H. Carter William P. Cloyd Pete Cooney Thomas Cullinan PLEDGES John W. Dooley Henry N. Easley Paul S. Ellis Isaac Epstein Blake Vincent Fisher Alton E. Ford Edward R. Genecov Barry H. Goodf riend Leslie L. Greenfield Fred W. Hansen Edwin W. Hickson Walter P. Hoffie Joe L. Ireland Lincoln Douglas Jeanes Donold H. Kobe Robert L. Kostohryz Johnny Tunstall Lowry John R. McDonald Daniel C. Morgan, Jr. Sam Neuman Dwight Ford Nielsen Robert O ' Conor, Jr. James C. Orr Jerry D. Rackley Charlie Schnabel Tom L. Schneider Richard V. Simon, Jr. Early C. Whitesides Walter Williams Willis L. Williams John R. Winder PAOE 377 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION Founded: University of Cincinnati, 1947 Texas Chapter, 1950 Fall BILL S. SIMPSON JAMES W. WEBER . SIDNEY ARTHUR MARTELL HUGH JAMES SMITH EUGENE ALLAN TODD . LEMUEL E. PORTER CAPT. Bobby Gene As I I r Robert W. Bauraan John Greenleaf Becker, Jr. Alton George Bohn Gordon Carl Brune Jodean Thorton Collins Charles Eddy Cunningham Carl U. Daniels, Jr. Eugene Lee Gn Joe Thomas OFFICERS Squadron Commander Executive Officer . Operations Officer . Adjutant Recorder Treasurer . . . Publications Officer Fa iMBERS Bobby Wayne Hodges Larry E. Jones Willie Allen Knight, Jr. Martin Edward Luker John Mark McLaughlin Sidney Arthur Martell Richard Frank Ochoa Lemuel E. Porter David Rosenber fo , BILL E. SIMPSON JAMES W. WEBER SIDNEY ARTHUR MARTELL HUGH JAMES SMITH EUGENE ALLAN TODD LEMUEL E. PORTER CAPT. TOE B. GLEASON Bill E. Simpson John Edwin Simpson Hugh James Smith Phillip F. Templeton Eugene Allan Todd James Raymond Viramont Wesley M. Warlen, Jr. Harry C. Webb, Jr. Tames William Weber Robert Preston Andrews Walker Allen Brents, Jr. Rodney Lee Brown John Carl Donovan Kenneth Dean Dunlar. Manuel N. Garza Billy Staton Goodsor Jack Eldridge Irion LL INITIATES George Toney Karpos Garland Calvin Kirk Dudly Moran Kuykendall ' Santiago Lira Gordon Llewellyn William James Malone Tipton Malone Murrell Wayne Park Omar William Peters, Jr. Clyde Milam Pope Richard Julian Rosen Gerald Paul Silber Charles Aubrey Smith, Jr. Filmore Mayer Sondock William Scott Swearingen Stuart Edward Templeton William Carl Abbey Billy Jean Barnes Edmund Frederic Benchoff Howard Lee Brainin Frederic Warren Feist James Edwin Forbis Donald E. Giovannetti Emilio F. Gutierrez Donald Joe Hand James Robert Harris Vance Malcolm Hendricks PLEDGES Patton C. Hudson Robert Owen Isham, Jr. Billy Monroe Jackson Leonard Karotkin, Jr. James H. Lauderdale Richard Franklin Love Carroll Jack Mahoney Horace Thorp Mann Louis G. Neuman Richard Howard Parker William Alexander Plummer, Jr. Jack Gilbert Rankin Jose Luis Ramirez Tom Rovello, Jr. Alfred Louis Ruebel, II Rawland Leon Scott William Eric Tucker Claude M. Weaver, II Jesus F. Valdez it- PAGE 378 BETA ALPHA PSI HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING FRATERNITY Founded: University of Illinois, 1919 N jkhBV Theta Chapter, 1924 Fall JOHN LANE PECK CHARLES F. DEES GILBERT A. ADAM MANFRED HOLCK, JR. TRUETT V. Cox . SAMUEL M. WOOLSEY, JR. OFFICERS President . . . . V ice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer . . . . Faculty V ice-President . Spring JOHN LANE PECK CHARLES F. DEES GILBERT A. ADAM MANFRED HOLCK, JR. TRUETT V. Cox SAMUEL M. WOOLSEY, JR. FACULTY MEMBERS Jim G. Ashburne Jim L. Bridges George Hillis Newlove C. Aubrey Smith Oliver J. Aardal Gilbert A. Adam J. L. Anderson Richmond Oliver Bennett, Jr. Robert Calvin Bennett Nick C. Bitsis Sam Penn Boswell Rodney L. Brown Jack Franklin Cook Keith K. Cox Truett V. Cox Sam G. Groom, Jr. Glenn A. Welsch John Arch White Samuel M. Woolsey, Jr. Charles T. Zlatkovich MEMBERS Charles F. Dees J. L. Hall Ralph E. Halvorsen Manfred Hoick, Jr. James A. Howard Marjorie M. Jackson Lum Jack Lovette James O. McCarver Randal B. McDonald Hubert L. Menn Kenneth Miller Gene Payne Myrick Myron H. Newman Oscar Nipper Patrick Hosea O ' Donnell, Jr. Oris J. Pastor John Lane Peck Robert I. Polunsky Carl E. Richard Walter V. Scott Charles Lee Smith H. W. Watkins J. Franklin Wolf Edith H. Wood Raymond Joseph Bock Horace Rhea Brock Jerome Benton Burling Alvin E. Burns Robert Orrin Dowlen John Leonard Fairey SPRING INITIATES Billy Reu Goodrum William Anthony Gross Ralph Marvin Jentsch Gabriel Eric Larson Audrey Loudale Lay PAGE 379 Gerald Arthur Maley Shirley Virginia Reichert Robert Boyce Sweeney Wallace Leon Swenson Louie William Walter BETA GAMMA SIGMA National Honorary Business Administration Fraternity Founded: University of Wisconsin, 1913 Alpha of Texas, 1922 OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary-Treasurer . Jim G. Ashburn Joe K. Bailey Aaron H. Chute Kenneth M. Cox James C. Dolley J. Anderson Fitzgerald Richard C. Henshaw Elizabeth Lanham Raymond V. Lesikar E. Karl MrGinnis Daniel C. Arnold Dorothy Ayres James K. Barrett Jim L. Bridges Polly Chenault Shu D. Chwang FACULTY I. E. McNeill Francis May Clark E. Myers G. H. Newlove John Lane Peck Charles L. Prather J. E. Roche C. D. Simmons C. Aubrey Smith Everett G. Smith MEMBERS Maxwell I. Gathings Ruth E. Gold Sarah Harlan L. Dean Hector Alice Mae Holmes John A. McCurdy CLARK E. MYERS DOROTHY AYRES STELLA TRAWEEK William R. Spriegel John R. Stockton Florence M. Stullken Stella Traweek Charls Walker Glenn A. Welsch John Arch White A. P. Winston E. W. Zimmermann Charles T. Zlotkovich Maebess Matthews Hubert Menn Eugene Payne Myrick Edwin W.Olle Charles H. Sparenberg Robert B. Sweeney Edwin E. Weiss Oliver John Aardel Alvin Everett Burns Robert Calvin Bennett Barbara Ann Butchers Jack William Cashin Sally Ann Chesnick Virgil Truett Cox Sam Gaston Groom, Jr. Charles Franklin Dees George E. Deshon George Evan Evans, Jr. SPRING INITIATES Joseph H. Flaig, Jr. Ralph Eugene Halvorsen Jimmie Oliver Hill, Jr. Ralph C. Hook, Jr. Roy Howard Kipp Harold Fred Kleinman Robert Burnett Lee Randal Boyd McDonald Gerald Arthur Maley Mary Louise Mayes Ralph Hain Mengel, II Philip T. Meyers William Gray Montgomery Myron Haas Newman Edwin Herrick Park Charles Marshall Prather Gordon Burleson Puckett Stanley Strum Ralph B. Thompson Carlos Lee Tolleson Harland Weaver Edith Hellen Wood PAGE 380 mt. BLUESTOCKING HONORARY ENGLISH ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN Founded: The University of Texas, 1941 Fall JM.OZELLE JONES EULINE WILLIAMS DOROTHY J. HARRIS MARY LEE FLEMING JOYCE ROSENBERG THOMAS MABRY CRANFILL OFFICERS Presdient . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter . Faculty Sponsor " Jellie Jo Adams Barbara Banner Catherine Jane Clardy Mary Lou Deaton Mary Lee Fleming Anne Barry Goodman Eldona Hamilton MEMBERS Dorothy J. Harris Mary Gene Johnson Flozelle Jones Julie Lockman Margaret Ann MacVean Betty Joyce Miller Mary Lane Oliver SPRING INITIATES Spring EULINE WILLIAMS MARY GENE JOHNSON DOROTHY J. HARRIS MARY LEE FLEMING JOYCE ROSENBERG THOMAS MABRY CRANFH.I, Joyce Rosenberg Kuhn Rowntree Sara L. Rumbo Ernest Mae Seaholm Barbara Ann Williams Euline Williams Frances K. Atkins Sybil Autrey Dorothy Autry Betty Bellows Letricia Bennett Maxine Buc hanan Mary Carver Esther Christenson Coleen Clements Dorothy Helen Cook Flo Cox Donna Davis Patricia A. Davis Starr Davis Anne Diller Annette Edwards Mary Edwards Mary Lee Fleming Mary Ellen Ford Joan Gray Lola Beth Green Nellie Hill Suzanne Kauffman Patricia C. Kelly- Elizabeth Ladon Peggy Joyce Lantrip Phyllis Lombard Bobbye Mays Julia Michael Maurine Mitchell Eloise Moore Norma Jean Morris Nancy Jean Nichols Claire Ownby Jenny L. Porter Elizabeth Pratt Ann Rankin Shelby Reed Dolores Russell Martha Lou Schroed Ann K. Schuler Ann Kelly Scott Muriel Stubbs Betty Sue Swann Nancy Torrance Maida Welch Gloria Wilson Lucy Ruth Wommack Bee Wright PAGE 381 CHI EPSILON NATIONAL HONORARY CIVIL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded: University of Illinois, 1922 Texas Chapter, 1934 OFFICERS Fall JOSEPH E. AARON . EDWARD L. HINES . BILL G. EPPES . JAMES V. FRONEBERGER JAMES ROBERT KING, JR. B. Alexander Robert J. Cummins Ernest E. Howard Mason Lockwood Robert L. Lowry Robert E. Apple E. C. H. Bantel Leland Barclay W. E. Barker Anthony A. Benish Raymond F. Dawson W. W. Dornberger Joseph E. Aaron Alexander Sharpe Bennett Charles K. Chatfield Bill G. Eppes Ray M. Allman Robert S. Braden Kirk Gregory William K. Jakeman Peter Karpa Jesse E. Baldwin i; l jL President Vice-Presldeni Secretary Treasurer . f . -fj. Transit Editor . HONORARY MEMBERS Frank S. Maddox Julian Montgomery Marvin C. Nichols Stanford Wilbur Obe: FACULTY MEMBERS Ben B. Ewing Phil M. Ferguson Carl Fenske Stanley P. Finch John A. Focht Banks McLaurin Hudson L. Matlock MEMBERS James C. Froneberger Herbert L. Gaskin, Jr Frank Hervey, Jr. Edward L. Hines FALL INITIATES Frank W. Keil, Jr. Robert L. Lewis John N. Lipscomb Curtis Mahla Ernest T. Mosley SPRING INITIATE Jose R. Canales Samuel A. Bock PAGE 382 Spring ALEXANDER S. BENNETT HERBERT L. GASKIN, JR. ROBERT S. BRADEN JOHN N. LIPSCOMB MICHAEL R. VOICH W. J. Powell W. E. Simpson Lowber D. Snow Trigg Twitchell Walter L. Moor Carl Morgan Ernest W. Steel Vincent L. Pass J . Neils Thompson A. Anthony Topractsoglou Robert Turpin Bobby Wayne Hodges James Robert King, Jr. John R. Lehmann Hugh W. McMullen William H. Oeffinger Paul C. Pavlides Michael R. Voich Dick Whittington Ted P. Willis John S. McDonald COWBOYS 1ONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION FOR MEN Founded: The University of Texas, 1922 OFFICERS Fall ' " KiMBALL STUART WATSON GEORGE WILLIAM LACEY FRANK STARR POPE, JR. . EDDIE GILBERT . ARNO NOWOTNY George Baxter Adams Lee Edward Alderdice Bob Landis Armstrong Henry Lee Baccus Jack Leon Barton Charles M. Berkey Chester McClure Bintliff Meredith Leon Black Robert Blumenthal Henry Gordon Brasv Olan Ray Brewer V Eor Straivboss Horse Wran Camp Cook . Faculty Advisor F MEMBERS iverett Russ Kersten Ben Jack Kinney Donald Lee Klein George William Lacey Monte Jim Lawrence David (Tex) Ling Wales Hendrix Madden, Jr. Raymond Joe Marek tiller William Meredith Leslie Millard Moor, Jr. ' _;_ , _._: f-j ' " fdmund Notestine William W. Parker Spring HENRY G. BRASWELL CHARLES L. SOWELL BOB L. ARMSTRONG BILL B. HOFF ARNO NOWOTNY Henry Albert Perry Frank Starr Pope, Jr. Philip Ransopher Arthur Bernard Riviere Thomas Edward Rodman Stanley David Rosenberg fcl G 1 ' .ill DQOl JjiUCG iiiit-411 ii. t.i ii i Paul Dewitt Carrington William Albert Penn Marshall T. Clegg Bartlett Cocke, III John Dunlap Crawfo: Lawrence Frank Crooke Sam Gaston Groom George Allen C June Davis Donald Eastlam Gene Branch Fleming Ed Frost Robert Kenneth German Eddie Gilbert Tony Guerra Joseph Paul Hammond Lloyd Nelson Hand John Richard Harris Bill Barnes Hoff Hammond Warfield Hopkins eorge Arnold Scaling Luther Taylor Scarborough Marvin David ShwiiT ill Earnest Simpson Charles Lee Sowell Jack Graham Steele Robert Crews Tumham Kimball Stuart Watson Hariy Charles Webb Ben Alexander Weil Hugh Darrell Williams awrence L. Beason Allen J. Becker Norman W. Black FredrikS. Blackmar, III Ed Bluestein, Jr. Perry D. Davis, Jr. SPRING INITIATES Gilbert Ford William F. Franklin William H. Hallman Bruce C. Hallmark J. Marvin Leath W. Kent Mcllyar J. Mark McLaugh Richard F. Ochoa Alphonso Ragland, 1 1 1 I. Field Roebuck John H. Scale Jerry N. Wohlford DELTA SIGMA PI PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FRATERNITY Founded: New York University, 1907 Beta Kappa Chapter, 1930 Fall TROY LEE MEREDITH . KENNETH P. FLAGG . FRANK ALBERT FRAZIER, JR. BILL TOM DEFFEBACH LOYD GRADY GIST Stanley A. Arbingast Jim G. Ashburne Joseph K. Bailey William Paxton Boyd Jim Lewis Bridges Aaron Hamilton Chute Franklin Lanier Cox James Clay Dolley OFFICERS Head Master Senior Warden Junior Warden Treasurer Secretary FACULTY MEMBERS Vernon N. Ferguson Robert George Jackson James R. Kay Sam Leifeste Raymond V. Lesikar Clark E. Myers Henry T. Owen Spring EUGENE PAYNE MYRICK GENE B. FLEMING GEORGE CRISPIN BARANOWSKI ROBERT JOHN HENLEY RAEBURN HOWELL ARNOLD John Allen Ryan Everett G. Smith Ralph B. Thompson Charls Walker Glenn A. Welsch John Arch White Charles T. Zlatkovich Raeburn Howell Arnold Travis Bowie Austin George Crispin Baranowski Walter Francis Brown Horace Eugene Bryson Otto Paul Burandt James Carroll Calaway Ralph H. Garden William Hill Cocke, Jr. Daniel L. Collie Bill Tom Deffebach Howard R. DuPuy MEMBERS George Willard Eckhart Kenneth P. Flagg Gene B. Fleming Frank Albert Frazier, Jr. Loyd Grady Gist lack Raymond Hall Robert John Henley Wendell Leon Herron Ralph Marvin Jentsch Ward Cornelius McCurtain Carroll Jack Mahoney Melbourne Jack Martin, Jr. Troy Lee Meredith Kenneth A. Meserve, Jr. James Edward Miller Fred J. Moore Eugene Payne Myrick John Lane Peck Jack Irwin Pilon Oscar Dale Pritchett Joe Alan St. John Luther T. Scarborough T. Keith Schier Rupert Philip Schulze Lane T. Sealy John Bass Selman Charles Lee Sowell Weldon J. Squyres Shelby C. Stanley Robert B. Sweeney Leroy W. Taylor Jack L. Underwood Allen Cameron Wallace Wesley M. Warlen, Jr. Edward Bluesteir William L. Bowers, Jr. Weldon E. Garden James T. Gaddy j. Ted Kipp Gabriel E. Larson SPRING INITIATES J. Marvin Leath Richard F. Little Philip A. Nelson Charles W. Ransdell Arthur William Rose Bobby Neil Smith Jack R. Sowell Peter N. Stankowsky J. Russell Teague John A. Vance, Jr. Finley Wayne White James D. White PACE 384 if ETA KAPPA NU HONORARY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING SOCIETY Founded: University of Illinois, 1904 Psi Chapter, 1928 OFFICERS CLARENCE J. BALDWIN EDWARD B. SCHULTZ . EDWARD E. HOGWOOD, JR. ALBERT E. MOON ALEXANDER D. OPIELA, JR. DONALD P. HARRIS President V ice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secrett Bridge Correspondent Treasurer Spring LAWRENCE W. GOODWIN EDWARD E. HOGWOOD, JR. BENJAMIN F. KING VICTOR C. SHANEMAN CHARLES D. ANDERSON ' A. L. MUSICK, JR. i FACULTY Leland L. Antes Frederick E. Brooks, Jr. Edith Clarke Cullen M. Crain Burns N. GafFord C. Read Cranberry William H. Hartwig Roy R. Krezdorn Alfred H. Lagrone Rubin W. Ludwig Andrew J. McCrocklin, Jr. William J. McKune Harold W. Smith Archie W. Straiton Robert W. Warner Willis R. Woolrich Clarence J. Baldwin, Jr. L. William Goodwin Ross W. Hammond MEMBERS GRADUATES Paul Hertel, Jr. Larry L. Huggins Albert E. Moon Thomas H. Thompson Charles D. Tipton Charles E. Von Rosenberg UNDERGRADUATES Charlie D. Anderson Joe C. Covington, Jr. Kenneth J. Cox Don E. Dennis Thomas E. Fairey Clinton D. Frisby Donald P. Harris Edward E. Hogwood, Jr. Benjamin F. King John H. Knight Albert N. McQuown, Jr. A. L. Musick, Jr. Alexander D. Opiela, Jr. Edward B. Schulz Victor C. Shaneman M. Brown Tomme, Jr. Sam M. Weaver Robert L. Zinke PAOI 3fl! FRIARS TO CONFER THE HONOR OF MEMBERSHIP UPON THE TWELVE MOST ELIGIBLE MEN CHOSEN FROM EACH SENIOR CLASS Founded: The University of Texas, 1911 FACULTY MEMBERS Charles Estill Bludworth Robert Louis Blumenthal Ion Braswell nn Ellis Brook I vJ Cj ilson F. Foreman Edward Everette Frost Lloyd Nelson Hand Everette Kersten Donald Lee Kle Wales Hendr Bruce Davis Meador Miller William Meredith Calvin Cleave Nolen Sterling Wallace Steves Marlin Neal Thompson Harry Charles Webb, Jr. Jaromir Charles Zbranek PAGE 386 KAPPA EPSILON HONORARY PHARMACEUTICAL FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Founded: Iowa City, Iowa XI Chapter, 1943 Fall IRIS PACE LESTER . JACKIE MERKLEY . LADY GRACELYN THORNTON BETTY DEAN LENNON . SUSAN HARKRIDER RUTH HAM OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer . Sponsor Faculty Advisor Spring IRIS PACE LESTER JACKIE MERKLEY LADY GRACELYN THORNTON BETTY DEAN LENNON SUSAN HARKRIDER RUTH HAM FACULTY MEMBER Esther Jane Wood MEMBERS Jennie Anne Arthur Bonnie Lorene Evans Concepcion Elizondo Betty Dean Lennon Iris Pace Lester Hazel Orlean Maultsby Jackie Merkley Lorraine Sanov Lady Gracelyn Thornton Sylvia Ann Trundle SPRING INITIATES Jo Anne Chapman Barbara G. Gaston Charlotte A. Gunter Inge J. Lubasch PACE 387 KAPPA KAPPA PSI NATIONAL HONORARY BAND FRATERNITY Founded: Oklahoma A M, 1919 Alpha Tau Chapter, 1940 Fall WALTER EGON HERBST . ISAAC FIELD ROEBUCK, JR. . JACK WESLEY WALKER WALLACE LEON SWENSON . OFFICERS Spring President JACK W. WALKER Vice-President . . . WALLACE LEON SWENSON Secretary . . . . . FLOYD S. WILSON Treasurer . C. C. CRUTCHFIELD FACULTY MEMBER Moton H. Crockett, Jr. MEMBERS David B. Barrow Arthur Orin Newman, Jr. Elbert White Bennett Isaac Field Roebuck, Jr. John Anthony Carona Thomas R. Rogers Leonard H. Clark C. C. Crutchfield, Jr. James T. Darwin, Jr. Billy Dean Davis Bill Gibson Thomas L. Goode Robert G. Haltiner Walter Egon Herbst Marvin L. Siegal Hilliard B. Smith Joe Stanley Stephen William Charles Suhler Wallace Leon Swenson Robert G. Tracy Charles Ernest von Rosenberg Jack Wesley Walker James D. Miller William L. Morgan Floyd Scotty Wilson PACE 388 MORTAR BOARD NATIONAL HONORARY SOCIETY FOR SENIOR WOMEN Founded: Cornell University, 1918 Visor Chapter, 1923 Fall B. ANN RANKIN .... MARTHA Lou SCHRODER . HELENE A. BARTELS . SALLY A. CHESNICK . MARIAN CRAMER .... JOSEPHINE MARGARET CHAPMAN HELEN FLINN OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor . Sponsor . Sponsor . Spring B. ANN RANKIN MARTHA Lou SCHRODER HELENE A. BARTELS SALLY A. CHESNICK MARIAN CRAMER JOSEPHINE MARGARET CHAPMAN HELEN FLINN FACULTY MEMBERS Louise Landis Armstrong Edleen Begg Josephine Margaret Chapman Marian Cramer Ben Carolyn Dunaway Janet Connor Fitzgerald Helene A. Bartels Anne Chambers Sally A. Chesnick Ann V. Courier Mary Patricia Dowell Margaret V. Endress Doris Lee Hall Dorothy Gebauer Ruth Ham Helen Hargrave Anna Hiss Thelma Lockwood Margaret Peck MEMBERS Betty Lou Ham Florence Mozelle Jones Cornie M. Miffleton Joan M. Ragsdale B. Ann Rankin Mary Ann Beaumier Sanders Jean Haynie Peel Lucy Rathbone Joanne Macow Ravel Joan Kuhlman Ryan Helen Tackett Martha Lou Schroder Angelica G. Strassmann Selman A. Waldman M. Jean Welhausen L. Jean Wesley Lanelle Brooks Willig Georgeann Beene Dorothea Bachemin Dishongh Caroline Dowell Martha L. Harelik Jo Ann Hyltin Sue Kauffman Mildred Klesel SPRING INITIATES Julie Lockman Gloria MacRae Bessie Meek Maurine Mitchell Marianne Morris E. Shelby Reed M. Ann Rosborough Dolores A. Russell Virginia Warner Tiemann Billie Grace Ungerer Shirley Van Wormer Sarah Jane Weeks WE 389 MU PHI EPSILON HONORARY MUSIC FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Founded: Metropolitan College of Music, 1903 Mu Theta Chapter, 1941 Fall MARTHA RUTH KELLER GWENDOLYN JUNE STOKES PATSY JOAN CATER - . WESLEY JEAN EVANS . LORENE MlCHALOPULOS MRS. TED BECKER . OFFICERS - " resident . . . . V ice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . . . . Alumnae Advisor . Spring JUNE STOKES LORENE MICHALOPULOS SHIRLEY VAN CLEAVE PEGGY SHUDDE MARY MORGAN MRS. TED BECKER FACULTY MEMBERS Helen Haupt Shirley Lewis Joan Kuhlman Ryan Lois Zabel MEMBERS Mary Frances Adams Anita Carlton Patsy Joan Cater Laura Mae Cullen Wesley Jean Evans La Bonia Shinn Freeland Hettie Page Garwood Anita Joyce Gilstrap Mary Morgan Glass Julia Ann Hagood Martha Ruth Keller Lloyl Doll Martin Lorene W. Michalopulos Nelda Million Barbara M. Oster Hortense Reuthinger Peggy Ann Shudde Gwendolyn June Stokes Gladys V. Taylor Shirley Mae Van Cleave SPRING INITIATES Ruthanne Huser Chloe Dawson Lilly Virginia Link Mary Morgan Lilligene Pace Clementine White Caroline Williams PAGE 390 OMICRON NU NATIONAL HONORARY SOCIETY FOR HOME ECONOMICS STUDENTS Founded: Michigan State College Upsilon Chapter, 1924 OFFICE J President MARY AMELIA HUTCHINS MABEL HING JEANNEBULLEN VIRGINIA ELIZABETH WARNER CAROL ENGEBRETSON ice-President Secretary Treasurer onsor . V Jacqueline Teague Courtn Carol Engebret Janet Connor ri Bess Heflin Spring JAMIE LEE BAILEY MARILYN NIEL ANDERSON PATRICIA R. FAULK MARTHA ANN HASCHKE CAROL ENGEBRETSON , .n Keller Lucy Rathbone Frances M. Spratt Elizabeth Tarpley Jeanie S. Wilmot Katherine Young Marilyn Niel Andersor Jamie Lee Bailey Jeanne Marilyn Bullen Sandra Cobb Janis Marie Dechman Patricia Faulk MEMBERS Betty Lou Ham Martha Ann Haschke Mabel Hing Mary Amelia Hutchins Sara Eugenia Johnson Elizabeth Parsons Carrie Jane Powers Virginia Elizabeth Warner iharlene Stroud Williams anelle Brooks Willig SPRING INITIAT Martha V. Boswell Janie L. Fiske Maydee L. Johnson Donna Jeanne LaBounty Mildred R. Ley Betty J. M. Moore Barbara L. Steele S. Louise Sullivan Marilyn Terry i ORANGE JACKETS HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION Founded: The University of Texas Fall GEOROEANN BEENE BESSIE MEEK . SHELBY REED . SHIRLEY VAN WORMER LOUISE TEXIERA few Dorothea Elizabeth Bachemin Georgeann Beene Dorothy Caroyln Busch Patsy Cater Daina Hildreth Gerson Martha Lee Harelik Barbara Jan Haworth Jackie Keasler Mildred Marie Klesel Delores Kosberg Ann McNeill Bessie Meek OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor . MEMBERS Spring GEORGEANN BEENE BESSIE MEEK SHELBY REED SHIRLEY VAN WORMER LOUISE TEXIERA Patsy Nesmith Barbara Mae Oster Shelby Reed Ann Rosborough Jean Sidney Siegel June Stokes Lee Tinker Billie Grace Ungerer Shirley Van Wormer Virginia Elizabeth Warner Sarah Jane Weeks FALL 1951 INITIATES Sara Ann Abrego Merry Tom Blue Patricia Cox Jackie Culbertson Adele Crawford Sue Easley Edith Faulk Joanna Gentry Virginia Hallum Amy Johnson Betty Lennon Julie Lockman Ellie Luckett Martha McCarty Gloria MacRae Marianne Morris Margaret Petty Kay Tutt Carol Wesner SPRING INITIATES Patricia J. Dillon Patricia Hinds Mary Jody Hollon Mary Louise Ivey Douglas A. Johnson Betty L. Koppel Diane Lehman Peggy A. Lord Mary Ann Maley Hazel O. Maultsby Barbara L. Terrell PAOE 392 HI BETA KAPPA HON( )RARY FRATERNITY FOR MEN AND WOMEN IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Founded: William and Mary College, 1776 Alpha Chapter, 1904 H. M. BURLAGE , CORAL TULLIS HARRY RANSOM OFFICERS President . V ice-President . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Class of June, 1951 Bruce A. Billingsley Patrick A. Flynn Raymond A. George Nancy R. Johnson Zorica S. Koprivnik Shirley Neely Sally W. Otis Maury Soltes Jean Donald Wilson Class of August, 1951 Mary J. McNeill Walter E. Mylecraine Lois C. Olivard Thomas F. Robinson, Jr. Harold C. Simmons Class of January, 1952 Joseph A. Bracket! Florence M. Jones Cornie M. Miffleton Robert G. Packard Spring H. M. BURLAGE CORAL TULLIS HARRY RANSOM Margaret Anne Austin Helene Auguste Bartels Charles Estill Bludworth Ruth C. Woodfin Bryant Barbara Clary Marion Joyce Edelstein Cohn John Carl Donovan Margaret Virginia Endress Molly Ann Ferguson Mary Lee Fleming Elizabeth Joan Handley Stena J. Caldwell Hight Che Ip Lincoln Douglas Jeanes Patricia Carol Kelly Lee Roy Theodore Kern Olga B. Miller Beverly Dana Mondrik John Rodney Murphy Joan Marie Ragsdale Milton Dudley Schwarz Mary Louise Voorhess Lawrence Elrod Walton Class of August, 1952 Mary Carver Perry D. Davis, Jr. Ralph Elois Wallace, Jr. PAGE 393 PHI ETA SIGMA HONORARY SCHOLASTIC FRATERNITY FOR MEN Founded: University of Illinois, 1923 Texas Chapter, 1931 OFFICERS WILLIAM (JILBRETH BARBER WILLIAM EMERSON WRIGHT RIPLEY HAROLD HUNTER FRED WHITCOMB RILEY, JR. BILLY ALBERT PENN CHARLES H. PISTOR, JR. . G enn Ellis Brooks IP President Vice-President ecretary-Treasurer Historian . Junior Advisor Senior Advisor T. S. Paint William Ross Anglin Elmer Ralph Beever David Leo Claybrook Charles F. Dees MEMBERS-AT-LARGE Benny Frank Johnson HONORARY MEMBERS R. L. Sutherland FALL 1950 INITIATES Donovan George Fischer Frank Ervvin Kendrick, Jr. Woodrow Roy Lee, Jr. Keith Rogers Marsh George Wayne Miller George Alexander Murray, Jr. George Philip Sarrafian Joseph Meyer Singerman WILLIAM GILBRETH BARBER WILLIAM EMERSON WRIGHT RIPLEY HAROLD HUNTER FRED WHITCOMB RILEY, JR. BILLY ALBERT PENN CHARLES H. PISTOR. JR. Dave Harrell Williams es P. Hart David Madison Smith John Robert Stockton, George Stephen Weller SPRING 1951 INITIATES John William Anderson Richard Thatcher Atkin William Gilbreth Barber Paul Frazier Bird Leroy Birdwell, Jr. Edward Miles Brook Albert Harrington Cox, Jr. Bernard Olter Dow Cromwell Adair Dyer, Jr. Robert A. Fairey Harrison Douglas Fendley " ohn Thatcher Frazer ames Graber, III ..,. Thad Harold Harden Lorimer Kenneth Hill Richard C. Hogan John Lee Hubby Ripley Harold Hunter John Joe Hyde Harold Stanley Kost Kenneth Lee Kotzebue Urban J. D. Leavitt Lester Louis Levy Allen C. Locklin Edmund D. Looney Carl B. Lyda, Jr. Howell S. McCreary William I. Marschall James Edwin Marshall Charles E. Nemir Edward Clifford Nott, Jr Raymond Russell Palmer Hrriberto A. Pena John Prentiss Pittman Ronald Gene Rekart Fred Whitcomb Riley, Jr. Robert Schindler Stanley Schindler FALL 1951 INITIATES Joseph Weldon Beasley Keith Gates Brown Everett Foy Clement George Michael Decherd James Franklin Gilbert George Clifford Anderson William Augustus Berry Robert Myron Bigelow, Jr. Jorge M. Bilbao Sam Bradshaw Gerald Lynn Burton Charles Hylton Callery, Jr. Chester Arthur Clayton John Victor Cline John Michael Collins Ben Milton Cummins David Shelby Dale Bailey Eugene Daugherty, Jr. Robert Z. Eanes Jose Gonzalaz-Vidal Thomas Vernon Greer Harry Pat Howell Agil Earl Hodges Benny Frank Johnson Charles Eric Jones James Richard Kidwell Milton Dale Lower Robert John Munn, Jr. William Kent Murphy SPRING 1952 INITIATES George Thomas Frazier Thomas Ross Gambrell Richard Elsinger Goldsmith Robert Fonda Gribble Don Arthur Hart, Jr. Douglas Hart Richard Hernandez, Jr. Clifton Lee Hodges, Jr. George Rudolph Kartezenis James Howard Keahey Gordon Paul Kirton Donald Holm Kobe John Carl Landa Duane Eugene Landry Thomas E. Laughlin, Jr. Kung Hsing Lee Carl Theodore Levander Donald George McDavid Muckleroy McDonnold, Jr. Gene Lewis Naegelin Ernest Virgil Nau Sherril Aubrey Neill George Edward Nowotny Charles Richard Otey William Farrar Pipes Dan Earl Polter Louis William Schleuse, Jr. James Earle Shamblin Adolph Bertram Hirst Simon Joseph Addison Staples III Ben Alan Terry Carlos Lee Tolleson Donald Ritchie Van Sickle James Michael Welch Everett H. Wilson Albert Worchel John M. Worrell, Jr. William Emerson Wright Donald Charles Smith Preston James Tillery Jerome Wilkenfeld Dave H. Williams Leonard William Raif Robert Nelson Robertson Jerome Charles Robinson Kendal T. Rogers Charles Joe Stalmach, Jr. Philip Mayes Stark Jacob Harris Stillman Kay Thomas Joel David Toole David Robert Webb, Jr. Bob Jon White Claude Finley Williamson Kendall Cole Wise PAGE 394 PI LAMBDA THETA HONORARY EDUCATION FRATERNITY Founded: University of Missouri, 1912 Psi Chapter, 1926 Fall WINNIE WILKINS . JOY GILLETTE . CARMEN LOWRY PEGGY HASKEL ARNYE D. JOHNSON THELMA BOLLMAN OFFICERS President V ice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer Sponsor .... Spring WINNIE WILKINS JOY GILLETTE CARMEN LOWRY PEGGY HASKEL BETTY Lou HAM THELMA BOLLMAN FACULTY MEMBERS Mary Buice Dorothy Gebauer Sallie Beth Moore Josephine Casey Irene Healy Dorothy Noll Nelia Fox Cora Martin Clara Parker Phyllis Richards Florence Spencer lone Spears Elizabeth Tarpley MEMBERS Mary Charlotte Alexander Mary Alice Arnold Jamie Lee Bailey Elizabeth Barekman Barbara Ann Berman Eugenia Betts Beaumont Theda Kirby Bost Helen Boysen Bessie Lindell Brown Theresa Carrell Bertha Casey Elenora A. Cawthorn Billie Trimble Chandler Margaret E. Chapman Letha Conradt Katherine Cook Frances Crawford Gabriella Day Nina Beth Liles Dobyns Ruth Dunn Mary Dvoracek Jean Granger Felder Frances Meyer Ferguson Shirley Ann Forehand Frances Freese Minna S. Garner Kathleen Glaze Dorothy Greenwood Margaret Holm Gregory Betty Lou Ham Clarice Harsch Charlotte Heyman Helen Hill Mary Amelia Hutchins Annie Igoe Jo Ann James Mary Belle Granger James Gertrude O. Jarvis Eugenia Johnson Marjory Johnston Lillian Kolb Jones Ruth Rhodes Joseph Gladys Lowther Kantz Martha Keller Margaret Kennedy Helen Koch Charlotte Lehman Willie Long Virginia Love Etelka Lynn Esther McClung Mildred Pickle Mayhall Catherine Miller Joyce Milton Adella Niland Ada Maude Owen Lydia Parker Jean Haynie Peel Madlyn Pollan Frances Poston Virginia Price Joan Ragsdale Ann Rankin Mary Margie Simons Maggie Sloan Mary Speaker Jeanette Probst Tabb Mary Ann Tucker Ethel Umstattd Julia Vivian Mary Julia Watson Charlene Williams Bernadine Willingham Lanelle Willig Mary Alice Wood Epsie Young Ruby Barham Helen Bartels Ruth Woodfin Bryant Nancy Chadwell Sister John Marie Davis Patsy Faulk Mary Lee Fleming SPRING INITIATES Mary Frances Going Martha Ann Haschke Marie Hayes Elizabeth Hill Dorothy Cox Kiesler Peggy Knight Virginia Lee Link Jo McCoubrey Josephine Morse Lloyl Doll Martin Elizabeth Parsons Vallie Sue Thompson Carolyn Walther Virginia Warner. PAGE 395 PI TAU SIGMA NATIONAL HONORARY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded: University of Illinois, 1915 Texas Kappa Chapter, 1931 Fall EDWIN HART BLOCK GEORGE A. TUTTLE NORMAN R. COOPER CHARLES M. HALSELL MARVIN ALEX DREWS OFFICERS President . . . . V ice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Spring GEORGE TUTTLE MARVIN DREWS NORMAN COOPER SHIRLEY HOLMGREN ROYCE BROWN Billy Howard Amstead Millard Vernon Barton R. A. Bacon Myron Louis Begeman Leonard R. Benson Howard Earl Brown Joseph W. Dalley Venton Levy Doughtie E. H. Block FACULTY MEMBERS Carl John Eckhardt Wellborn R. Hudson Harry Llewellyn Kent Leonardt F. Kreisle Wayne Long Henry Grady Rylander Jack A. Scanlan Byron Elliott Short MEMBERS Norman Cooper W. H. Shutts Robert Dean Slonneger Horace Eugene Staph Milton John Thompson Burnett Forrest Treat John R. Watt Richard O. Welty Willis Raymond Woolrich Marvin Drews Charles M. Halsell George Tuttle Wilford C. Wilde Jerry Brougher Royce Brown Charles R. Gregg FALL INITIATES Shirley Holmgren Soren C. Jenson Harold Jindrich John Rees William Ruge Cecil Sparks Calvin L. Barker Robert G. Barrick SPRING INITIATES Stewart M. Campbell Hi Chang Chai Raymond F. Perner S. Joe Rohats PACE 396 Fall MARY Lu DEATON CLIFTON A. CHAMBERS, JR BEVERLY LOUISE BENSON . ELSIE MATLI .... CHARLES E. ZIMMER . OTHO LOYD CRAWFORD PSI CHI HONORARY PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY FRATERNITY Founded: Yale University, 1929 Texas Chapter, 1949 OFFICERS President ... Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Membership Chairman Publicity Chairman MARY Lu DEATON CLIFTON A. CHAMBERS, JR BEVERLY LOUISE BENSON BEVERLY LOUISE BENSON CHARLES E. ZIMMER HELEN B. TANNEHILL FACULTY MEMBERS ton E. Bitterman Karl N. Dallenbach Phillip Worchel HONORARY MEMBERS Karl N. Dallenbach Phillip Worchel Norman Abeles Sam J. Abraham Laban L. Ainsworth, Jr. Marvin H. Alisky Billy J. Atkins Jean Bachelor James H. Ball Beverly Louise Benson Travis L. Blackwell Nancy Gaines Burton Clifton A. Chambers, Jr. John Marvin Conatser Farnam Ted Crawford Otho Loyd Crawford Mary Lu Deaton Robert S. Dworkin MEMBERS David L. Easley Pauline M. Foyt Frances Freese Joseph Stanley Hillson Philip Himelstein Dwight L. Hubbart Hubert D. Humphreys Alan G. Krasnoff Bernard Lax Sheldon R. Leva Earl Donald Longenecker James V. McConnell Eugene F. MacCaslin Joseph A. Marin, Jr. Don D. Mitcham Bernard I. Murstein SPRING INITIATES Walter Edward O ' Connell Arthur Z. Orzeck Thomas J. Pierce Percy Carwell Reed Ralph Robinowitz Phillip Roos Janice Rowell Ward E. Smith Elaine L. Strauch Don C. Teas Elizabeth Ann Trimble Shelby L. Walch Jack C. Whitesell Frances I. Wrobel Charles E. Zimmer Beverly R. Brand , Edward S. Fleming Alton E. Ford Kenneth W. Haun George Lassen Joseph W. Martin Alma J. Mullins George H. Rea Helen B. Tannehill Jack E. Tullett Frances Marie Williams Edward C. Wortz PACE 397 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA HONORARY MUSIC ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN Founded: University of Michigan School of Music, 1903 University of Texas, 1951 Fall MARGARET ANN CALDWELL KAY JUANITA SMITH . MARTHA ANN ROSBOROUGH BETTY FRANCES ANDERSON WINONA PERKINS MARGARET HELEN MILLS . MARILYN JOAN RUPE . ORFALINDA G. GONZALEZ . OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Chaplain . Sergeant-at-A rms Editor Reporter . Spring MARTHA ANN ROSBOROUGH YVONNE BRULET Lois BLAIS DIXIE CUNDIFF MARILYN RUPE MARGARET HELEN MILLS MARILYN JOAN RUPE MARTHA MARTIN FACULTY MEMBERS Mary Mylcraine Betty Pulkingham Charlotte Du Bois Verna Harder Janet McGaughey MEMBERS Betty Frances Anderson Lois Dorothy Blais Helen J. Blount Marie Yvonne Brulet Margaret Anne Caldwell Dixie Lee Cundiff Orfalinda G. Gonzalez Lillian Margaret Malec fin Martha Ann Martin Margaret Helen Mills Winona Perkins Betty Carr Pulkingham Martha Ann Rosborough Marilyn Joan Rupe Kay Juanita Smith Marian Ruth Yeager PAOE 398 Fall EVERETT S. KERSTEN CLAUDE VILLARREAL JIM COCKRUM BRUCE ROCHE . C. E. MOUNCE ROBERT C. JONES GRANVILLE PRICE lulon W. Black Norris G. Davis Waters S. Davis, III Joe B. Frantz Laurence D. Olin E. Hinkle SIGMA DELTA CHI 1 HONORARY JOURNALISM FRATERNITY Founded: Depauw University, 1909 University of Texas Chapter, 1913 President Vice-President . E5l| Secreta Treasurer Faculty Advisor William E. Keys Harrell E. Lee Frank M. Midkiff SQh Harry E. Moore Calvin A. Newton Trueman O ' Quinn Spring EVERETT S. KERSTEN CLAUDE VILLARREAL JIM COCKRUM BRUCE ROCHE C. E. MOUNCE ROBERT C. JONES GRANVILLE PRICE Granville Price DeWitt C. Reddick Alan Scott Ernest A. Sharpe Paul J. Thompson Frank B. Wardlaw Jerry E. Bishop Billy O. Boyles Olan R. Brewer Richard E. Bright Bemie J. Burkett Bradley C. Byers James L. Cockrum Harry T. Crozier Alan L. Dabney Murdoch E. Darsey Gene R. Ehrlich Murray L. Forsvall MEMBERS h V j jt Kenneth A. M. Gompertz Tony Guerra William H. Hallman Raymond ' H. Hubban Dean C. Johnson Robert C. Jones Everett S. Kerster Charley G. Kidder Joel B. Kirkpatrick Clifton O. Lawhorne William I. McReynolds Claude E. Mounce com M. Nelson sbby J. Newlin Howard Page Robert N. Pierce Wayland D. Pilcher Bruce W. Roche Orland L. Sims, Jr. Carlton J. Spring William Allen Street Jack M. Swartout Claude Villarreal James E. White PAOF. 399 Fall JOYCE RAE ROSENBERG SHIRLEY A. YOUNG . JEAN GARNETT . CAROLYN BELL . SIGMA DELTA PI HONORARY SPANISH FRATERNITY Founded: University of California, 1919 Zeta Chapter, 1925 OFFICERS President Vice-Presldent Secretary-Treasurer Reporter Spring JOYCE RAE ROSENBERG SHIRLEY A. YOUNG JEAN GARNETT CAROLYN BELL FACULTY MEMBERS Randolph Arnold Haynes Ramon Martinez Lopez George Isidore Sanchez Dorothy Schons Elmer Richard Sims Jefferson Rea Spel Jerry Collins 1 Robert Clarence Stephenson Nina Lee Weisinger Lucile DeNevers Williams Urnbrose P. Winston Pablo Maximiliano Ynsfran ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Frank Wiseman Gelya Anderson Sybil Autrey Carolyn Bell Hersh S. Brannon Barbara B. Brass Lynette Brown Lucila M. Cisneros MEMBERS Nancy Crosthwait Nancy Dwyer Martha Ann Fontaine Lois Gandy Alma L. Garcia Jean Garnett I. Reed Johns Sarah L. Ramirez Herbert L. Restrepo Elnora Richburg Nathan Roland George Lemus Ruth M. Lundelius Leva L. McFarland Roland Nathan Zacarias Nava Sally Otis Mary E. Pipkin Joyce Rae Rosenberg Linda Ruiz Dolores A. Russell Helen B. Tannehill Davis Travis Shirley A. Young PAGE 400 IRAVIS B. AISTIN RALPH E. HALVORSEN BARBARA A. BUTCHERS MURRAY KENNETH Cox DONALD T. BEAMAN SIGMA IOTA EPSELON A 1 IONAI. HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT FRATERNITY Founded: University of Illinois, 1927 Gamma Chapter, 1928 :ph K. Bailey Donald T. Beaman Jim Lewis Bridges Murray Kenneth Cox Nelia Fox Marvin E. Gholson FFICERS President . gke-President Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Advisor FACULTY MEMBER John W. Anderson Mary Jean Andrys Travis B. Austin James King Barrett Charles M. Bcrkey Raymond J. Bock Vivienne E. Boswell Arvel W. Branscum Barbara A. Butchers Sallv Ann Chesnick Elizabeth Lanham Raymond V. Lesikar Ishmael E. McNeill Phillip T. Meyers Edwin W. Mumma Clark E. Myers IL MEMBERS Spring MAXWELL I. GATHINGS O. D. TURNER SALLY ANN CHESNICK JESSE S. HARRIS JOSEPH K. BAILEY E. De Charles K. Dietz Kenneth P. Flagg Martha Ann Fontaine James T. Fort John B. Garrett Maxwell I. Gathings Ralph E. Halvorsen Joseph P. Hammond Jesse S. Harris Edwin H. Park John A. Ryan Louie W. Walter Wilfred H. Watson lenn A. Wclsch Helen F. Hendrick; Sheldon R. Leva Otto E. Linder James B. McClure Everett S. McCrum Mary Louise Mayes Daniel C. Morgan, Jr Charles M. Qualline Raymond R. Palmer Charles H. Pistor Melbert D. Schwarz Robert B. Sweeney Harold I. Thomas Preston J. Tillers Carlos Let Tolleson Othel D. Turner Thomas R. Whiddon. Jr. Glenn R. Young Arthur F. Zobal Lev E. Alderdice Donald E. Casey Calvin C. Chervenka Alfred George Dale Ralph E. Foster James E. Gerhardt SPRING INITIATES Ludy C. Hofmeister James O. Jones Freeman Kidwell Warren J. Lane Ralph H: Mengel Mvron H. Newi: Kurt G. Radtke Fred M. Reiter Charles L. Smith Martha Nell Smith Harry W. Stephenson. Jr SILVER SPURS MEN ' S HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION Founded: The University of Texas, 1938 OFFICERS Fall CHARLES HERMAN PISTOR JOE THOMAS HARRIS PRESTON MOORE . DAVID T. BLACKSTOCK . Matti Saleh Al-Ais Robert B. Allison Franklin Antram Ashby Richard Austin Monty C. Barber Milton E. Black David T. Blackstock Glenn Ellis Brooks William Weldon Byrd Selig H. Carr Howard J. Clark, III William Henry Clark Jamie Hager Clements Morgan L. Copeland Randal J. Dockery MEMBEI Wilson F. Foreman William Frank Foster Kenneth Paul Flagg Claude W. Goldsmith Clifford Ray Goldsmith Donald L. Gould John Greenwood Joe Tom Harris Homer H. Jackson James Carrol Jones Harold F. Kleinman James A. Leonard Bordon Lee Llewellyn C. Carew McFall Kenneth John Michell Sprin JOE THOMAS HARRIS WILLIAM REED QUILLIAB C. CAREW McFALL DAVID T. BLACKSTOCK ert Gorden Mick Thomas Rush Moody Preston Moore Hisham A. R. Munir Charles Herman Pistor William Reed Quilliam Newton B. Schwartz George Morris Spalding N. Eugene St. Glair Clarence Charles Stenzel George H. Sullivan Jack Eldon Tolar Wynant Stone Wilson J. C. Zbranek FALL INITIATES illiam Gilbreth Barber Lee Dittert Clay W. G. Fulcher Harrell Sansom Hayden Fred B. Kessler Paul C. Mohr Fred J. Moore Randolph G. Moore Edward C. Nott Ralph E. Person Allan S. Quinn Carles N. Roddy Donald C. Smith Franklin S. Spears Richard Oliver Wolff William Wright ' SPRING INITIATES Claiborne Murry Bell William Donald Bonham Elliott Zalman Cohen Durward Gray Evans Richard Franklin Ford George Pierce Gardere, Jr. Willis Henderson Gilmore, Jr. Larry Elton Golman William James Graber, IV James Theodore Hunt Ripley Harold Hunter, Jr. C. A. Rundell, Jr. PAGE 2 ' TAU BETA PI HONORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded: Lehigh University, 1885 Alpha Chapter, 1916 Fall Ross WILLIAM HAMMOND ARTHUR ORIN NEWMAN, JR. . CHARLES ERNEST VON ROSENBERG ALBERT EDWARD MOON JOE C. COVINGTON, JR. ... EDWIN HART BLOCK, JR. . OFFICERS President . . . . Vice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer . . . . Cataloger . . . . Spring Ross WILLIAM HAMMOND ARTHUR ORIN NEWMAN, JR. CHARLES ERNEST VON ROSENBERG ALBERT EDWARD MOON THOMAS E. FAIREV EDWIN HART BLOCK, JR. FACULTY ADVISORS Leonardt Ferdinard Kreisle Clark Milton Cleveland William A. Cunningham George Homer Fancher WOMEN ' S BADGE HOLDERS Sula Katherine Carlisle Shirley Ann Holmgreen Edith Clarke FACULTY MEMBERS Leland Lewis Antes Edward Christian Henry Bantel Leland Barclay William Earl Barker Millard Vernon Barton Leonard R. Benson Frederick Emerson Brooks S. Leroy Brown Clark Milton Cleveland Albert Everett Cooper Cullen Malone Grain William A. Cunningham Venton Levy Doughtie Carl John Eckhardt Clarence Jones Baldwin, Jr. Bobby Dean Campbell Lawrence William Goodwin George Homer Fancher Robert P. Felgar Phil Moss Ferguson Robert A. Fisher John Arnold Focht Roscoe Guernsey, Jr. William H. Hartwig William W. Holland Kenneth A. Kobe Leonardt Ferdinard Kreisle Alfred H. LaGrone Jack Lenhart Rubin W. Ludwig Andrew W. McCrocklin. Jr. James Dorr McFarland William James McKune Banks McLaurin Robert Clayton McWherter L. Hudson Matlock Walter L. Moore Leroy T. Oehler Joseph B. Oliphint, Jr. Charles B. Peterson Harold John Plass Harry H. Power Charles Elmer Rowe Henry Grady Rylander Jack A. Scanlan ACTIVE GRADUATES Ross William Hammond Albert Edward Moon Rolf Lehmar Mygdal Arthur Orin Newman, Jr. John Holford Thompson Wilford Carl Wilde Eugene Paul Schoch Byron Elliott Short Harold Wood Smith Horace Eugene Staph Robert L. Stone Archie Waugh Straiton J. Neils Thompson Milton John Thompson Burnett Forrest Treat James W. Turnbow Robert Davis Turpin Robert W. Warner E. Joseph Weiss Willis Raymond Woolrich Charles Ernest von Rosenberg MEMBERS Billy Bob Ashby Edwin Hart Block, Jr. Harvey Anthony Campbell Joe C. Covington, Jr. Louis Victor Donghi Marvin Alex Drews Leonard Edward Emgr Edward Lee Hines Edward Ellis Hogwood. Jr. Frank William Kiel Claude Edward Luke Albert Newton McQuown, Jr. Kenneth Lee Montfort Leslie Millard Moor, Jr. Alexander Davis Opiela, Jr. Edward Ross Schulz Victor Charles Shaneman Joseph Thomas Tannos Marion Brown Tomme, Jr George Augustus Tuttle PAOE 403 TAU SIGMA DELTA HONORARY SOCIETY IN ARCHITECTURE AND ALLIED ARTS Founded: University of Michigan, 1913 Texas Mu Chapter, 1931 Fall BERNARD PHILLIP HARRIS BOBBY GENE MOORE RALPH PERSHING BALL OFFICERS Chapter Master Chapter Scribe Chapter Recorder Spring BERNARD PHILLIP HARRIS BOBBY GENE MOORE RALPH PERSHING BALL FACULTY MEMBERS Nolan E. Barrick Goldwin Goldsmith ' Martin S. Kermacy Hugh L. McMath , Ralph Pershing Ball Sam M. Fitzpatrick Bernard Phillip Harris Robert N. Lavertv Bobby Gene Moore Hisham A. R. Munir Osvaldo Ruiz-Villarrubia Gayle D. Wilhite PAGB404 THETA SIGMA PHI HONORARY PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISM FRATERNITY 1 ( )R WOMEN Founded: University of Washington, 1909 XI Chapter, 1919 Fall VIRGINIA ANN COURTER . MARY ANN BEAUMIER SANDERS JOHNNIE MAE HUMAN . ANNE SEABURY CHAMBERS . CAROLYN ANNE MELTO Marye Durrum Benjamin Mary Margaret Frazier Vera Wood Gillespie Amy Jo Long OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . Archivist Spring VIRGINIA ANN COURTER MARY ANN BEAUMIER SANDERS JOHNNIE MAE HUMAN ANNE SEABURY CHAMBERS CAROLYN ANNE MELTON FACULTY MEMBERS Jo Caldwell Meyer Frankie Mae Welborn Afton T. Wynn Ann Wilkins Young HONORARY MEMBER Marguerite Harrison MEMBERS Anne Violet Bean Mary Cherry Browning Dorothy Carolyn Busch Anne Seabury Chambers Flo Cox Frances Elaine Folley Johnnie Mae Human Mildred Marie Klesel Martha Jane McCarty Carolyn Anne Melton Maurine Elizabeth Mitchell Marianne Morris Phyllis Allena Nibling Greta Elizabeth Nissen Barbara Evelyn Rubenstein Mary Ann Beaumier Sanders Gaye Yvonne Sanford PACE 405 JAROMIR CHARLES (Zeke) ZBRANEK was presented the Mike Flynn Citizenship Award by Judge Olin Culbertson. The award is presented annually to the outstanding male student at the University who best shows the qualities of the late Mike Flynn, a former student leader who was killed in World War II. Zeke has been active in Friars, Silver Spurs, Tejas Club, Pi Sigma Alpha, Student Assembly and Mica besides being an honor student. The annual Swing-Out ceremony found JACKIE KEASLER receiving the Silver Spurs award for the most outstanding girl in the University. Dean Gebauer cited Jackie ' s record as one of the most outstanding ever compiled on the campus, Orange Jackets, Alpha Lambda Delta, Campus League of Women Voters, Upperclass Advisor, Alpha Delta Pi, Honor Day and Faculty Evaluation Committee, Reagan, Canterbur y Club, and the Cactus Staff. Counterclockwise: Peggy, Gina, and Kathleen give with the ChiO talent. Phi Psis engage in chit-chat with a house- full of rushees. And everyone knows that the KAs have risen again! Have a seat on the Pi Phi carpet and let the party begin. Maybe the Phi Kappa Sigmas have a couple of rushees bet on this hand. The scrapbook of AOPi seems to be getting the works. Clockwise: A group of prospects gather on the AEPi porch awaiting the evening ' s entertainment. For some reason the lone smiling Theta appears to be the only one optimistic about rush. AEPhis cram into the doorway to greet their rushees. One of the Fiji combos serenades a rush party. The Zetas had a sardine party that filled the house to the bulging point. Ah, come on men sing to old Chi Phi. " Help Week " didn ' t quite begin in all fraterni- ties this year. Here the Texan staffers watch what ' s supposed to be tomorrow ' s paper. Zeke Zebranek pleads his case for Bill Wright before happy members of the Student Court. Religious Emphasis Week brought to the campus notables such as Dr. Arthur Kinsolving. Hunger satisfied Alpha Delta Sigma ' s pose before the lounge door after dinner. A lovely lassie strings up over a mile of decora- tions for the Circus Dance at the Union. Mica Sweetheart Candidates stroll toward that final counting. Hopefuls begin the Ten Most Beautiful regis- tration. Too bad I have my auditor ' s receipt. The Cowboy Minstrels provided good entertain- ment before being put on probation by closing night. Counterclockwise. Wales Madden received the Dad ' s award for best-all-around boy. The Dad ' s award for the best-all-around girl went to Joan Ragsdale. Another dance is being planned by the Free Dance Committee. Julie Lockman, Jo Gentry, Kay McKnight, and Sally Capps look over a few pictures for the ' 52 Cactus. You can no longer park in no-parking zones on campus unless you want to pay the $5.00 tow fee. Religious Emphasis Week got its start in small meetings. Clockwise: Freddee Phi Gam, outstanding student for three straight years, got bored watching the Powder Bowl Game. Tau Beta Pi has its regular slide-rule class. Prof. Alan Scott presents Will Toughy with an advertising award. Tri-Dorms Christmas Party left several children wide-eyed. The kiddos at Wica ' s party didn ' t mind Santa at all. Swing and Turn promenades once a week for the western folks. Counterclockwise: The crowd gathered by the Union just before the Blood Drive show began. Jitter proudly sells the campus our beauties for a few pints of blood. This man wouldn ' t give his blood for Sue. President Painter gets the drive off to a start with his address. A burlesque of " Take Back Your Mink " was the outstanding event of the day. Barbara " Bloody Mary " Gaston fulfilled her pledge for blood. i Clockwise: Four campus uglies grasp for the Ugly Man trophy. Jitter Nolen politely auctions off deans and stu- dents alike for benefit of the Campus Chest. Those manning the Scoreboard for Ugly Man Contest found that grudge voting frequently occurred. Have a samba with a young lass at the talent show. Whether it was lemon, chocolate, or cherry, it always managed to taste a little peculiar. The Cowboys helped to man the many booths that appeared on campus the day of voting for Ugly Man. ' . Counterclockwise: These eight beauties are part of the Ten Most Beautiful. T. S. O. ' s gorgeous drunk almost stole the show. At least selling cold dogs down there is a new prospect for graduates. Orisorf McDonald and Gina Nichols song blasted a duet in T. S. O. Sorry, Mr. Devil, but all our lines are busy. Allena Tyler gets " her " coat straightened. Clockwise: Ann Chipman has just been named Most Beautiful Freshman by Mica President Bill Nichols. Mary Ann Edwards and her director watch the Follies rehearsal. That last minute pin by chorus girls gets them ready on time. Rachel Godinez whirls for the audience. John and Marsha return skeptical glances at Forty- Acre Follies. The arhopulus touch is presented by " little " Nell. : , Aggie friend watches us from the ADPi lawn,. Delta Gamma ' s Bevo prepares to give thte death blow. AChiO offering how clean can you get? Bevo again smiling for the Pi Phi ' s. Lambda Chi ' s were optimistic with clock watching Bevo. Yummy ! AOPi ' s lollipops add an extra incen- tive for victory. Siegel ' s supporters trounce a victory on the maul. It was these terrible voting decisions that gave us all trouble. The mall is, was, and forever will be a sign-maker ' s paradise. The Publications ' Christmas Party managed to survive several skits by staff members. Jackie Culbertson seemed rather pleased when Orange Jackets tapped her during dinner at S. R. D. Orange Jackets didn ' t have to tickle Jo Gentry when she got the news of her election. TEN LOVELY UUEF.MS KING NEPJTtiME ' S COURTS Ex-queen June Tolar crowned Ann Chipman, queen of the Aqua Carnival. One of Roger Tolar ' s many feats was riding a broom from the roof top down. The pleased judges view Betsy Bell. The candidates lined up after the judging. A pose by A. E. Phi introduced the Christmas cards. ' 1.1 ' ! It m Clockwise: That guy Hope doesn ' t have any woman trouble on this campus! Two stars of " The Bat " pose. Carl Sandburg and J. Frank Dobie ex- change conversation. It ' s not every movie star like Dale Robin- son that gets to embrace Jean Welhausen. The C. E. C. welcomed Arthur Ruben- stein, ft Clockwise: Bobby Jones, Brad Byers, Jim Cochrum and Joel Kirkpatrick harmonize at the Texan party. Good sing- ing, Bobby. And the Jolly Roger flew proudly from the staff of the NROTC headquarters until the custodians managed to haul it down. The unsolved mystery. Texas Independence Day was celebrated in full sound and fury at ceremony in front of the Main Building. The Bluebonnet Belle judging team seemingly ques- tions and admires the little girl who wasn ' t there. Mary Pat Dowell and Joan Ragsdale explain to Student and Faculty leaders the puipose behind Mortar Board ' s Scholastic Integrity campaign. w Clockwise: A group of foreign students practice up for the Inter- national Ball. Irvin Coleman, Most Typical Freshman Boy, prepares to go judge for Ten Most Beautiful contest. The new Experimental Science building got a dedica- tion from Chairman of the Board of Regents, Dudley K. Woodward. Hogg Day Celebration here on the campus produced smiles for both Miss Ima Hogg and President Painter. Main Building ' s Custodian, H. A. Dunn, spent lots of time gathering clothes and books for the less privileged peoples of the world. Counterclockwise: Acacia and date pause long enough to say hello. Two Chinese attend Alpha Tau Omega costume party. Refreshment time at the Kappa Sigma Party. Bill Simpson makes a point at Lambda Chi Gathering. Delt makes a funny. Clockwise: Phi Mu ' s and dates enjoy coffee along with their fun. Alpha Phi ' s forget studies long enough to watch the birdie. This is not cheddar, this is Gamma Phi Beta Cheese. Phi Delta Theta and date enjoy a fall banquet. Swings and umbrellas provide the background for Delta Upsilon formal. Counterclockwise: The Battle begins in earnest when the Kappa ' s and Pi Phi ' s meet in the annual Powder Bowl game. The sleek, white Kappa uniforms show off the precision drill team to our advantage. A few Pi Phi ' s bring up the rear Guard. A front view is much better. And we go back to play and see Kappa Kappa Gamma edge out Pi Beta Phi, 12-6. - Clockwise: Patsy Cater and Alpha Chi Omegas smile over the first place sorority cup at Sing-Song. It takes a good song plus lots of training to win one of the cups. Before their turn came along, fraternities patiently awaited in the balcony of Gregory Gym. The Kappas certainly seem to be open-mouthed at this point. Sam Boswell didn ' t mind accepting the first place fraternity cup for the Deltas. Clockwise: President Painter receives the $5,000 Cabot Educational Grant in Journalism from E. L. Green. This will provide an annual award for a Journalism senior with a high scho- lastic record. Serious-minded Student Party members discuss the new party which was to eventually sweep all of the contested positions. Sonny Sowell pulls a funny for other Cowboys Braswell, Parker, Crawford, Bruce and Armstrong. No, the Romans haven ' t moved to town, it ' s just the Phi Sigma Delta ' s Costume Ball. Jitter Nolan, Director of the union, assumes his more cultured position at the Union ' s Big Circus Party. Dolph Simon and date " hail " some- body. Left to Right: Joel Sanders gives a " chuckle " to those who dressed-up ( ? ) for the Architecture ' s Annual Wind-Up Ball. The cast, composed of archi- tects seems to have been short on girls or did you notice the back row? Burlesque straight from New York ' s own Dirty Annie ' s left the faculty slightly deflated. Howard Parker, chairman of Wind-Up, and Wife Rosie came as left overs from the Ming Dynasty. Mr. Architecture himself, Har- rell Hamilton Harris, head of the school, displayed his newest set of blueprints. Some of Wind-Up ' s participants just went as " People " so says hiding Julie Lockman, second from the left. ] Counterclockwise: Interested University students watch Power Show demonstration. Daily weather chart preparation is shown by aeronautical engineers. Mechanical engineering exhibit attracts a group. Demonstrative group provides entertainment for crowd. Alpha Epsilon Phi " line " introduces next act. Clockwise: Now you see This wheel turns 1000 MPM! Really! The villain prepares to snatch Nellie from Adam Trueheart in Acacia ' s best fraternity show. Backstage can be an awful lot of fun for a lone boy among girls, girls, girls. The " Mellerdramer " returned to the Carnival. If you believe in miracles, the mechanical cow at the Power Show was a point of interest. Phi Psi ' s and Alpha Phi ' s " Whoop " it up before the parade. Veronica Bigmouth certainly should be a Varsity Carnival drawing card. Won ' t you buy a candied apple from Alpha Gamma Delta? We ' re for Claire Hiett for Varsity Carnival Queen. And next we have Carolyn Busch in Gamma Phi ' s booth where they sold the chewiest, pulliest, saltiest taffy in 48 flavors and vanilla. r X7 . .sr- if, L + Dean Jack Holland " Granted " Janet Lee her Varsity Carnival Queenship. Engineers gladly branded Power Show programs. Acacia had its own brand of publicity for their Varsity Carnival show. A couple of imported cuties bedecked cars in the Varsity Carnival Parade as amused bystanders plug Pat McGinn. At least there was nothing subtle about Varsity Carnival advertisements. ' ' in MM DELILAH DEV i Evelyn tells Pete and Charles the water ' s fine for the Senior Day Outing at Barton ' s. Those finger-tasting journalists fix up refresh- ments for the Journalism Open House. Student President Wilson Foreman sets the stage for next year ' s officers at the Student Association Banquet. It must have been something in the soup that caused Dr. Painter to push back from the table. " I do solemnly swear, " says incoming President Rush Moody after receiving the traditional spurs. Clockwise: Cactus Editor Charles Pistor looks rather doubt- ful as associate editor Gene Myrick presents him the gold editors key at the annual Cactus banquet. Joanne, Amy, Ann and Frances pose for their first picture after Editors Myrick and Pistor named them Bluebonnet Belles for 1952. The Turtle Club put their best foot forward at their annual show. The new Journalism Building gets inspected by Interscholastic Leaguers as they invade the campus for the I L P C. The hurdles livened up the track race for the high schoolers. TTO Counterclockwise: " We ' re gonna miss you, T. S., " says Regent Dudley K. Woodward, as President Painter an- nounced his resignation. " Green Eyes " was one of the Turtle Club ' s " eye-catchingest " numbers. Willie Forman recites the year ' s program as the Student ' s Banquet winds up the year. If you need money or want a scholarship, the ladies in Dean Blunk ' s office will fix you up. Mica President Bill Nichols says congratulations to Pat Davis, new Mica Sweetheart as Ex-Sweet- heart Regina Prikryl watches. Clockwise: Pete Quoylsen and Charles Chatfield prepare to dunk Evelyn Oglesby in Barton ' s for Senior Day Picnic publicity. Canter Club ' s best riders pause before another turn at the bar. UTSA night and a chicken dinner were presided over by Joan Ragsdale. Tri-Delt Nancy Chadwell who received the best manager ' s award poses with her sorority ' s trophies. Ann Bowles walked away with individual honors as her sorority Alpha Chi Omega won first place in Women ' s Intramurals. , v 3 ' ' , FINE ARTS A CAPPELLA CHOIR Front Row: Cullen, Reuthinger, C. Smith, McBride, Glaze, Vagtborg, Ziegler, M. Glass, Taylor, Speaker, Stone, Lipps, Gibbs, Riggan, Grandstaff, B. Wilson. Second Row: M. F. Adams, V. Beal, Gonzalez, Hamilton, Ray Wieckhoff, Clark , Bohn, E. Coleman, Heller, Rawlins, Oliver, C. Jones, P. Beal, Kelley, O ' Conor, Lawshae. Third Row: Rowland, FHppen, McDaniel, Gann, Cundiff, Dean, B. Jackson, J. Johnson, M. Adams, D. Rogers, Steinkamp, Laney, Kendall, Pancoast, King, Bartholomew, Hewell. Fourth Row: Baskin, Lenzo, Campbell, K. Smith, Turbyfill, Nelson, Spangler, Harris, Horton, Panos, C. Williams, Bengtson, Wallace, I. Nelson, Strayhorn, Henley. Fifth Row: Brooks, H. Wilson, Hecht, T. Rogers, Rose, Kidd, Gooding, Olson, S. Smith, Thompson, Thorn, Nixon, Calaway, Byers, Schmidt, McClure, York, Flinn. OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer Conductor . Associate Conductor JOSEPH F. LENZO, JR. JAMES WALLACE HORTENSE REUTHINGER WESLEY FLINN ARCHIE N. JONES BENJAMIN M. BAKKEGARD MEMBERS Marion Adams Mary Frances Adams G. C. Bartholomew William G. Baskin Priscilla Beal Vaudine Beal Harriette Bengtson Gretchen Bohn Shirley Brassell Bruce Brooks Brad Byers Jim Calaway Neal Campbell Carolyn Carter Geraldine Clark Elizabeth Coleman Frank Cooksey Albert H. Cox, Jr. Laura Mae Cullen Dixie Cundiff Betty Jean Darter Jean O. Dean Albert Erhard Robert E. Fields Wesley C. Flinn Sue Flippen Marilyn Gann June Carole Gibbs Mary Morgan Glass Kathleen Glaze Mary Frances Going Orfalinda G. Gonzalez Jack Gooding Katherine Grandstaff T. A. Haendschke Jane Hamilton Beverly L. Harris F. Richard Hartgrave Morton R. Hecht Ann Heller Bob Henley Harry P. Hewell Henrie Horton Bettye Jackson L. Jeanine Johnson Lois Nell Johnson Catherine Jones Martha R. Keller Barbara Kelley Patricia A. Kendall Jack C. Kidd Jack King Kera B. Laney D. Allen Lawshae Joseph F. Lenzo, Jr. Nancy Lipps Carl M. Lobitz Shirley McBride William P. McClure Virginia McDaniel James F. Mabry, III Connie Nelson Irvin Nelson Bobbie J. Nixon Robert O ' Conor Austin A. O ' Dell Mary Lane Oliver Ivan Olson Lola Katherine Palmer John W. Pancoast Anastasia Panos Mary Juan Presson Edwina Rawlings J. Janice Ray Hortense Reuthinger Fay Jean Riggan Delores Rogers Tom Rogers Llewellyn Pat Rose Frederick C. Rowland Peter J. Salm Everett Schmidt Janice E. Schulle Carmen G. Smith Elaine F. Smith Kenyard Smith Stephen P. Smith Evelyn R. Spangler Lucy Lee Speaker Delores E. Steinkamp Shirley B. Stone John Strayhorn Gladys V. Taylor Joe Thompson Al Thorn Dick Turbyfill Phyllis Vagtborg James L. Wallace Jerie J. Wiechoff Charlotte A. Williams Barbara J. Wilson Harold F. Wilson T. H. Worthington Edwin York Patricia J. Zeller Saralu S. Ziegler PAOE440 CURTAIN CLUB Fall MILDRED F. BARNES M. PAT HINES MARILLYN P. VENER BILL COOK MUZON LAW OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Advisor BOARD OF DIRECTORS Spring M. PAT HINES HlLD ' vGARDE F. TOMANEK BILL GRAVER MUZON LAW Mary Frances Going Jac Farmer Arlene R. Kay Molly J. Moffett Charles B. Myler Gordon H. Wilkison Betty Lou Alberts Martha Ann Albritton James I . Alexander Catherine G. Anderson Jack A. Ashford Sybil L. Autrey Valgene L. Axelrad Mildred F. Barnes John J. Barta Marian Virginia Becker Barbara A. Herman W. B. Berry Elissa J. Berwald Nevillyn D. Bobo Gwendolyn V. Boehl Ruth P. Bogart Bobbie Dawn Bone . D. Bonno ary Jane Brandhorst I . M Clyde " John Brann Alice E. Bristley William Martin Brooks Ann R. Bruckner Bob A. Buckholdt Joseph C. Buckman Betty C. Bunch Barbara E. Burnham Josef Caldwell Charles H. Callery Lauro Canales Edwin B. Cantrell Johanna M. Carothers Frank W. Cass Tommy C. Chalmers im D. Climer ohn M. Clark [arianna Clore Jane M. Cochran Carolyn Ann Coe 1C I? Irma Jean Cohen Sylvia Lynn Cohen Ralph L. Coleman Billie G. Cook Pat A. Cook Ruth A. Cook William Howard Graver Frank B. Crawford Warren F. Cross M. Conoly Cullum Dorothy Jo Daily Agnes G. David Helen Davies Annazell E. Davis John B. Dent Leon H. Dodson Dan L. Durway Mary Ann Edwards Jacqueline L. Erwin G. Christine Fadal William Jackson Farmer Ann Fears Marcia S. Fine Katherine Marie Fox John T. Frazer Florence G. Frenkel Harriet A. Friedson Jean Cenebach Gal Judy E. Galbraith Jane A. Gautreaux James L. Gavin A. C. Gentry Patricia J. Gibson William Edward Gilchrist Martha A. Gliddon Mary Frances Going Kathryn Grandstaff Winston G. Gray Elsie W. Haas MEMBERS Otto Gus Hahn Charles A. Hamilton Frank R. Harland Mary Lee Harris Rivian Harris Cliff J. Harville Gamile J. Hassen Ann Heller L. Sue Henslee Mainer Pat Hines Bruce Nell Hoerman Joseph J. Hoffman Patrick H. Horrigan Norman Horowitz Donald L. Howard James B. Howard Martha Jean Hunnicutt Joan Johnson Carol C. Jones Carolyn Kaplan Shirley M. Kaplan Arlene R. Kay Jack H. King Beverly J. Kirkland Celia F. Kirsh Harold L. Klein Joan Krupp Carol A. Lang William B, Larsen Claude H. Latson Minnie B. Lauterstein Gracie K. Leon Max M. Lester Eleanor B. Light Melvin Light Norris D. Loeffler Florence M. Luderus Geraldine N. Luter John S. McCord Oscar A. McCracken John R. McDonald William Stewart McGregoi James E. McLarty Arlene D. McTee Sylvia C. Macrides V. Jayne Mansfield Jane A. Melin Uta C. Merzbach Bill B. Milligan Wesley F. Milligan Mary Lea Mitchell Molly I. Moffett Jo Perkins Myler Andre J. Nahmias Elaine R. Nebenzahl Bennie B. Nipper Charles M. Olsen Anastasia C. Panos Joe W. Park Patricia A. Paton Patsy Ann Patteson Barbara A. Pechacek Wallace L. Pellerin Martha C. Petraitis Wesley Eugene Price Phyllis M. Rand Charles W. Ransdell Lucille M. Ray James L. Read Paul D. Retnhardt Edgar S. Reynolds Sarah J. Roelr W. Alton Ruff Leonard I. Seibel Melih M. Selvili Michael Shirley Margaret L. Shores W. S. Sickles Bennie Ruth Smith Eva L. Smith Evelyn L. Smith Posey B. Smiser Helen E. Snook Lucy L. Speaker ck Standard tty Jo Stephens Robert C. Stearns Tom A. Stevenson Gene C. Stewart Shirley E. Strum Frida E. Struve Richard A. Stuart Marilyn L. Tabor Margaret A. Tate Charles G. Taylor Wayne D. Thomas Richard D. Thompson Hildegarde F. Tomanek Elmore R. Torn Rowena M. Ungennan Marillyn P. Vener Jackie G. Wardlaw Aaron O. Wassermann Bert S. Weil Jack T, Wernette Gordon H. Wilkison Barbara A. Wijliams Lawrence David Williams James Virgil Wilson Frank W. Wiseman Charlesa J. Wolfe Betty K. Wood Charmion J. Woodland E. Dedrick Yoes Front Row: MOFFETT, BARNES, VENER. Second Row: MYLER, COOK, LAW, WILKISON, FARMER. GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB Front Row: Herren, Zak, Riggan, Mount, MUM!. Cobb, Gilstrap, Booth, Glaze, Reuthinger, Billingsley. Second Row: Stovall, Clark, Bucek, Youngblood, Thanhouser, Parkington, Stuttle, Proctor, Maxwell, Klein, Stone. Third Row: Leatherwood, Price, Gibbs, Peagler, Skulan, Maley, McGee, Cater, Bliss, Fletcher, Buck. Fall PATSY CATER MARCH STUTTLE ANITA JOYCE GILSTRAP H. ANNETTE MAXWELL VERNELL J. SKULAN PATRICIA R. FAULK . LLOYD K. HERREN . BRUCE A. BILLINGSLEY OFFICERS President V ice-President Historian Librarian Reporter Treasurer Director Accompanist Spring MARCH STUTTLE LILLIE MUSIL ANITA JOYCE GILSTRAP HORTENSE REUTHINGER VERNELL J. SKULAN PATRICIA R. FAULK LLOYD K. HERREN BRUCE A. BILUNGSLEY Celeste R. Avery Cynthia Armsworth Virginia R. Baker Mary Lou Bliss Betty Anderson Booth S. Lynette Brown H. LaNelle Bucek Mildred Buck Barbara E. Carroll Patsy Cater Lucila M. Cisneros Kaye Love Clark Dolores C. Cobb Ann G. Dorsey Patricia R. Faulk Dorothy J. Fender Edith Louise Fletcher MEMBERS Anita Joyce Gilstrap June Carole Gibbs Mary H. Glade Kathleen Glaze Barbara K. Kelley Rosalie A. Klein Doralie Leatherwood Jo Ann M. Lundgren Lou McGee Mary Ann Maley H. Annette Maxwell Mary Allyne Mount Lillie Musil Elizabetha C. Orth Margaret M. Parkington Barbara J. Peagler Edith M. Price Margiette L. Proctor Hortense Reuthinger Fay Jean Riggan Vernell J. Skulan Kathryn A. Spooner Sarah Stone Jane H. Stovall March Stuttle Nancy E. Teague Gretchen Thanhouser Barbara J. Tucker Marilyn E. Weltering Pat Ross Youngblood Evelyn E. Zak Patricia J. Zeller PACE 442 MEN ' S GLEE CLUB OFFICERS President Business Manager Reporter Faculty Sponsor . Accompanist JAMES M. FARABEE JAMES HOWARD WARREN ALAN LANCASTER DABNEY LLOYD HERREN BRUCE ALDER BILLINGSLEY COUNCIL Fred A. Coffey, Jr. Wallace E. Parr David S. Dugan Willis M. Watkins John Ashbrook Bob Baker James J. Bradley George Henry Brigman Jimmy Burrell Claude Cane Carveth Clements Fred A. Coffey, Jr. Edmund Lewis Cogburn Alan Lancaster Dabney J. Donald Duncan John E. Eliason Larry Eliff Virgil Escutia James M. Farabee MEMBERS Anthony Fryar Gus W. Hahn Vincent Harkins Morris S. Johnson George E. Keeler, III Lewis Keith D. Allen Lawshae John Lowry Joe M. Miller Dwight Manny Charles J. Ney Jack Pancoast Wallace E. Parr Allen Kerry Preston Wilford R. Pruetl Donald R. Rowe Francis W. Sayre Martin Schrank Ray Burl Smith Rolen D. Snowden Wilton Stone David Leland Swain Davis M. Taylor James Howard Warren Willis M. Watkins Joe Wiley William Williams James Alan Wilson Front Row: Billingsley, Snowden, Duncan, Dugan, Farabee, Herren. Second Row: Stone. Johnson, Eliff, Baker, Eliason, Ashbrook, Pancoast, Schrank, Ney, Preston, Watkins, Escutia, Pruett, Swaim, Lowry. Third Row: Cogburn, Keith, Manny, Bradley, Wiley, Miller, Fryar, Burrell, Hahn, Reeder, Williams, Harkins, Cane, Warren, Sayre, Keeler, Brigman, Clements. PAGE 443 LONGHORN President . Drum Major Majorettes First Councillor Second Councillor Third Councillor Fourth Councillor Director Advisor I. FIELD ROEBUCK, JR. HAL W. ATKINS DOROTHY I. DEAVER SALLY R. NICHOLS JOHN C. HARALSON JACK W. WALKER FLOYD S. WILSON STANLEY STEPHEN MOTON H. CROCKETT COL. GEORGE E. HURT BAND MEMBERS Winston Lamar Adkins Fred M. Adlam Robert Louis Akery Jack Wallace Akin Kieth Allan Eugene Milton Allen Hal W. Atkins David Brown Barrow William G. Baskin F. W. Becker Leslie Eugene Bell Elbcrt White Bennett William O. Berry Robert J. Bice Emerson Edward Bishop Erich B. Blohm Melvin R. Blumberg Richard Thomas Bowen Harold C. Brantley, Jr. Ronald C. Brinkoeter Hal Wiley Brown Sims A. Buckley Jimmy L. Burrell Charles A. Buzbee Wlater J. Cadenhead John L. Campos Ruben Cantu John A. Carona Charles C. Chapman John Marvin Clark Leonard H. Clark Garland F. demons Carveth C. Clements Jimmy Cole John Lacy Crawford C. C. Crutchfield Joe Ray Gulp James Thomas Darwin Billy D. Davis Donald A. Davis Tommy Dawson Jerald D. Dixon John Walter Dooley Lee H. Dorfman Charles T. Eagle, Jr. William L. Elkins Warren R. Ellis Elaine D. Esmond Eugene Frank Farek Jack E. Featherston L. Thurman Fletcher, Jr. Ed Charles Frobel Theodore Phil Germany Bill Gibson Hugo Rene Gonzales Thomas Lee Goode James Ray Green Roger M. Grossheider Kenneth Eugene Guyer Jr. John William Hague Robert George Haltiner John C. Haralson Robert Hauser Ronald J. Hauser Joseph Owen Hayhurst Robert Marion Hays Morton Robert Hecht Thomas Wesley Herbst Walter Egon Herbst Clifton Lee Hodges Jack William Ingram Jr. Robert Charles Joekel Burton Jones Robert C. Jones Ronald Ross Jones John Bethel Juvenal Jack Carl Kelly Don H. Kobe Bill Curtis Langford Fred Rowland Lefevre Ted Levander Elmo Lopez Roy S. McCrary Donald George McDavid James F. Mabry, III Lanny Joe Maedgen Carl W. Matteck, Jr. John Rushing Mays William G. Mecklenburg Jay Migliori James D. Miller John Moore William Lewis Morgan John Gates Mothershead Bob A. Murray Sam Nauman Harry C. Neal Arthur Orin Newman, Jr. D. Ford Nielsen Fred Joseph O ' Connor Oscar Julius Olson, Jr. Jack W. Ormand Dallon Lenin Permenter Kenneth Pinson James T. Pledger, Jr. Gene Alan Prim Jack Proffer Raymond F. Rabke, Jr. Harold John Rademacher Morgan Van Raines John Wesley Ratliff Ralph Bryan Ratliff Jack Henry Rayson C. W. Reynolds Jimmy Paul Robertson LaFalco Robinson Isaac. Field Roebuck, Jr. Thomas Ralph Rogers Alfred Louis Ruebel Fred Allen Saied Don M. Salyer Kenneth Richard Sandberg Robert Rudolph Schwab David Allen Senter George Alan Shafer Don Tex Shaw Marvin Meyer Sigel Dan R. Skinner Joseph Hardie Slider Hilliard B. Smith James Edwin Smith Ray Burl Smith Joe Stanley Stephen Donald L. Stewart William Charles Suhler Wallace Leon Swenson David Tampke John Russell Tinsley Bob Gene Tracy Joe Paul Tupin Joe Earl Vaughan Charles E. von Rosenberg Jack Wesley Walker Darwin Ray Watson William R. Whigham Cecil Eugene White Giles M. Whitten David C. Wilkinson Robert O. Williams Floyd Scotty Wilson William Jack Wright Bernie Boyd Wuthrich - - RADIO GUILD Front Row: Hailey, Rigney, Weil, Lynch, Polunsky, Collins, Maxwell, Ramsower, Colvin, Reagan, Cook, Messer, Blackburn. Second Row: E. Smith, Crawford, McBride, Pierce, Schwartz, J. Smith, Anderson, Buckman, Greene, Love, Doggett. Third Row: Horwitz, Hamilton, Barker, Haralson, York, Stevenson, Horowitz, Morriss, Timmons. OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor Faculty Sponsor ANNETTE MAXWELL TOM COLLINS GRACE RAMSOWER JACOBS COLVIN R. C. NORRIS THOMAS D. RISHWORTH George Abood Andy B. Anderson Nell Arhopulos Hal W. Atkins Jane Ann Barker Joyce B. Blackburn Bobbie Dawn Bone Julian Bronstein Elmer O. Brumble Joseph C. Buckman Jon M. Buckhart Lorene Cantrell I ram Jean Cohen Thomas J. Collins Jacob R. Colvin Carol Cook Sara Janet Corenbleth Nancy Crabtree Bonnie J. Crawford Mary Claire Doggett Charles E. Dunn MEMBERS George W. Elliott John E. Fryman C. Janet Greene Oliver D. Hailey Charles A. Hamilton Mary B. Haralson Rivian Harris Norman Horowitz Donald C. Horwitz Guy M. Huskerson, Jr. Larry E. Jones Joan Krupp Daniel L. Love Mary Lou Lynch Shirley L. McBride Martha F. Marlow H. Annette Maxwell Sally A. Messer Jimmy Morriss Pauline F. Pierce Mary E. Pollard Robert Allan Polunsky Marilyn Pope Grace E. Ramsower Jo Anne Reagan Jane T. Rigney Marilyn J. Rupe Beverly P. Schwartz Margaret L. Shores M. Martha Sivalls Evelyn L. Smith Jeanette Smith Thomas A. Stevenson Nancy E. Teague Eddie L. Teer William M. Timmons S. Bert Weil Barbara J. Wilson Mary Lou Wylie Howard L. York ( 1 PAOE446 VARSITY DEBATE WOMEN ' S DEBATE WORKSHOP OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Publicity Faculty Sponsors CLARA ANN TAYLOR DOLORES JOAN KOSBERG DOROTHEA ELIZA BACHEMIN SIDNEY JEAN SIEGEL THOMAS ANDREW ROUSSE MARTIN THOMAS TODARO EMOGENE EMERY WOMEN ' S DEBATE WORKSHOP MEMBERS Sara Ann Abrego Dorothea Eliza Bachemin Earlene Barton Charlotte R. Boothe Adeline Camacho Dorothea Dishongh Marilyn J. Feigle Mary Louise Ivey Joanie Jaworski Florence Mozelle Jones Sue Kauffman Dolores Joan Kosberg Amba Manning Pauline F. Pierce Joan M. Ragsdale Dora Belle Scott Sidney Jean Siegel Clara Ann Taylor MEN ' S DEBATE WORKSHOP MEMBERS Richard Atkin William G. Barber Norman William Black Bruce R. Carruth Everett Foy Clement Douglas S. Dapper Perry D. Davis, Jr. John Randolph Deaver Bernard O. Dow Jerry C. Gilmore Richard E. Goldsmith Robert J. Hearon Thomas H. Hight Jackson Chandler Hubbard John L. Hubby John A. Kromas Edward J. Landry Melvin N. Ledbetter Bill LeToole Theodore George Miller James O. Mullin John William Nelson Wayne C. Odom Joe A. Osborn Kerry Preston Spencer C. Relyea Bailey H. Ruff Newton B. Schwartz Adolph B. H. Simon Boyd D. Taylor T. D. Weaver William Emerson Wright The Varsity Debate Squad won eighty percent of debates entered for 1951-1952. For the second straight year the team won the Miami National Invitational Tournament. Bill Wright took first place in Oratory at the Baylor Forensic Tournament. Schwartz and Donovan took first in Missouri Valley Oratory, Bill Wright placed second. The Squad was in a total of ninety inter-collegiate debates during the season. One was an international debate against Cambridge University. Top Row: IVEY, PIERCE, SCOTT, DISHONGH, RAGSDALE, BARTON, KAUFFMAN, ABREGO, C. TAYLOR. Second Row: RELYEA, PRESTON, DEAVER, GILMORE, LETOOLE, DAVIS, SCHWARTZ, DOW. Third Row: ATKIN, LANDRY, B. TAYLOR, CLEMENT, KROMAS. PAGE 447 ANDREWS DORMITORY Front Row: M. Kay Moxom, Chloma C. Todd, Mae Jeanette Oppenheim, Beverly Schwartz, Louise Feit, B. Jean Hornsby, Kay McKnight, Sue Flippen, Barbara A. Boone. Second Row: Blakely Ann Hill, Mary Jo Mathison, Carol L. Moak, Annette Edwards, Nora Alice Crittenden, Joyce Prideaux, Jeannine Pearce, Dorothy Louise Thornton, Irene Louise Gerhard, Julia-Alva Bolton. Third Row: Marziette Lorene Proctor, Besse Mae Meserole, Margery Farek, Doris Lynne Abrams, Glenda Willadeen Loveless, Sammye Jo Miles, Mary Jo Riley, Flora Annette Costley, Ruby Marburger, Jane Ann Barker, Marilyn Sommer, Louise Gayer, Peggy Lantrip. Fourth Row: I. Pauline Harmon, Marian Noster, Jo Ann Ehlers, Nancy Ann Chilton, Martha Jane Riser, Donna Evelyn Davis, Emily J. Allen, Edith Joyce Falk, Helen Frances Gott, Shirley Ann Sims, F. Euline Williams, Mary Pipkin. Fifth Row: M. Stephanie Aden, Anna Ruth Bruckner, Betty Ann Thompson, J. Diane Debnam, Barbara J. Haws, Martha Jean Stephens, Jean B. Kennedy, Jean Morgan Harris. Sixth Row: Patricia A. Paton. Suzanne Cox, Joan Chaudoin, ASlsa Galvin, Patricia Ann Lasater, Barbara Jean Kerr, Helen JSrasek, Marilyn Tabor, Sally Ross Nichols, Frances Shelton, Dorothy J. Harris. STAFF Dormitory Counseling Supervisor Assistant Assistant FRANCES SHELTON PEGGY KING ANNIS SMITH OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer MARILYN SOMMER FLORA ANNETTE COSTLEY NORA ALICE CRITTENDEN ADVISORS Margaret A. Austin Flora Annette Costley Nora Alice Crittenden Jo Ann Ehlers Jean M. Harris Barbara J. Haws Shirley Lebowitz Carol L. Moak Sally R. Nichols Patricia A. Paton Mary E. Pipkin Shirley A. Sims Marilyn Sommer Martha J. Stephens Marie de los A. Velasco Frances Euline Williams PAGE 450 CAROTHERS DORMITORY STAFF Counseling Supervisor Counselor Counselor Counselor JULIA W. RINE NAOMI G. DUNLAP GRACE ANN MALONE DOROTHY WELSH OFFICERS President V ice-President Reporter . PATSY K. NESMITH DIXIE LEE WILLIAMS NANCY Lou TEMPLE UPPERCLASS ADVISOR OFFICERS Chairman T. ALLENE BYNUM Secretary MARY Jo HOLLON Treasurer Lois BRACHER Betty Blake Helen LaNell Bucek Barbara A. Butchers T. Allene Bynum ADVISORS Clara Patricia Ann Carter Sally Ann Chesnick Margaret E. Cole Mary E. Givan Mary Jo Hollon Leva L. McFarland Patsy K. Nesmith Marilyn Terry Front Row: Mary Jo Hollon, Betty Blake, Patricia Ann Sheerin, Mary Ann Maley, E. Elizabeth O ' Bannon, M. Janet Sutton, Elizabeth Ann Donan, Lorna Smith, Ethlyn Rose Freytag, Nancy Jo Armstrong, Dolly R. Moskowitz, Lois Nanette Munves . Second Row: Charlotte Mae Braunholz, Mollie Coats, Norma Waddell, Margaret A. Giese, Betty Anne Williams, Patricia J. Purvis, Shiree F. Daniel, Dianne V. Poctter, Marilyn Terry, Carolyn A. Moore, Reva Lee Siegel. Third Row: Dorothy Inge Deaver, Jean Beard, T. Allene Bynum, Mary K. Langston, Shirley R. Axline, Doris Casey, Betty Jean Scamardo, Lady Clyde Hodges, Barbara Royall, Kathryn Ann Spooner, Rose Margot Friedman, Grace K. Leon. Fourth Row: Nina Eleanor Pugh, Libby Ann Penner, Bettie M. Dancy, Eleanor F. Luckett, Norma Jean Curtis, Wanagene Rita Morgan, Jo Ann Nowotny, Patsy Ann Miller, Jane M. Bailey, Mary Frances Adams, Barbara Ann Le Flore, Sally Ann Chesnick, Barbara Ann Butchers. Fifth Roic: Patsy K. Nesmith, Beverly Jo McCabe, Alice Mae Westbrook, Rosemary Sone, Dorothy Anne Moore, Kay Suzanne Leonard, Carmen G. Smith, V. Sue Easley, Ann G. Dorsey, Ann Kelly Scott, C. Patricia Carter, Judith D. Meisler, Lillian ZIotnik, Dorothy Welsh. PACE 451 GRACE HALL Front Row: Elsie Gloria Gomez, Margaret Frances Ogden, Nan S. Stockton, Dora Beth Stephens, Edith Marie Price, Gloria Jean Shirley June Anderson, Betty A. Morris, M. Bernadine Nixon, Dorothy Jane Kreager, Martha Blackman, Freida Fern Kull, Wilson, Beverly Ann McGivney J. Bezoni, Hamilton. Second Row: Rosalie A. Klein, Nancy J. Jary, Alma C. Wright, Anita H. Gossett, Marion L. Brown, Mary E. Zink. Jean Ghiselli, Joyce J. Jeanes, Margaret Ann Chandler, Mary Jane Peek, Ann Q. Williams, Barbara A. Barth, M. Conoly Cullum, Jackie L. Erwin, Margaret Ann Abbot, Lois Inez Mendle, Jerry James, Nancy J. Conroy, Carol A. Reid, Gretchen P. Kuhlmann. Tk ird Row: Jayme Ellen Ewing, Cynthia Armsworth, Shirley Jean Wellhoff, Beverly Jane Williams, Dotty Autry, Marilyn Pope, Bethann Martin, Arthurene Bean, Lorna Elaine McGough, Anita Joan Gilbert, Bette Carole Kothmann, H. Jeanine Marshall, Roberta M. Anderson, Patricia Lynne Cleere, Josephine Mclnnis, Eleanor Valerie Chew, Martha Janice Hallman, Evelyn Lianne Smith, Martha Clare Petraitis. STAFF Director MARTHA GAVIN HOUSE COUNCIL President Lois I. MENDLE Margaret Ann Abbott Martha J. Hallman Nancy J. Jary Joyce J. Jeanes Dorothy Jane Kreager Bethann Martin M. Jane Peek Nan S. Stockton PAGE 452 KIRBY HALL STAFF Director . Assistant Directors Dietitian . IRENE T. POWERS SHIRLEY HAGENS Luz RIVAS MRS. T. H. HEATON OFFICERS House Chairman . Vice-Chairman Secretary-Treasurer VIRGINIA R. BAKER PATRICIA R. FAULK M. CAROLINA LAQUATRA UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Chairman Secretary Barbara J. Banner Grace Elizabeth Hill Vivian Elizabeth Jircik Nancy A. Nichols MARGARET ELLEN ABEL BARBARA ANN CARLSON Emma Cecil Thigpen Nancy Torrance Jo Ann Tucker Christine I. Williams STUDENT RELATIONS Chairman BILLIE GRACE UNGERER Secretary PATRICIA L. ALEXANDER Lucila M. Cisneros Maxine G. Nickles Marylyn M. Dancy C. Elaine Probst Jo Anne Faulk Mary Ann Williams G. Ann Hardin Front Row: Jonnie Elise Mims, Dolores Blumentritt, Martha V. Hancock, Viv Millo, Emma Cecil Thigpen, Joanne Thompson, Katherine Jo Easley, N Elizabeth Timmerman, Patricia L. Alexander, Kay Anderson, Mary Ann Second Row: Mary Grace Stutts, Patricia Ann Hinze, LaVerne Voelkel, Lou Mary Ann Williams. Shirley Motter, Mary Alice Morean. Eavia Marie Matzke, Barbara S. Camp, Marcia Lou Drew, Gloria Dell Porter, Joan Third Row: Donna Louise English, Ethel Alma McFetridge, Nancy Gore, Shir Anne W. Montgomery, Rose Marie Beals, Margaret Ellen Abel, M. Elm G. Elizabeth Hill. Barbara J. Banner, Jo Ann Tucker, Billie Ruth Mau Jeanne Baldwin, M. Carolina Laquatra. ian Elizabeth Jircik. Margaret L. Anthony, Martha Gene Sweet, Bonnie Joan ancy Torranre, Grazia Talerico, K. Jeanette Owen, June Kindley Hodgson, Pate, Marylyn Dancy, Margaret Ann Heyer. Ann Williamson. Joyce E. Wisakowsky, Frances F. Overton, Mildred R. Ley, Oliver, Elaine Marie Voigt, Lucila M. Cisneros, Betty Jean Lambert, Anna E. M. Proffer. ley J. Hagens, Carolyn P. Fairall, Carolyn H. Johnson, Patricia Louise Lunz, a Hodges, W. Lorene Buchncr, Bonnie J. Crawford, Barbara Ann Carlson, ltsby, Eleanor Patterson Halliday, Celia A. Morgan, Bonnie Jean Carson, Marilyn PAGE 453 LITTLEFIELD DORMITORY Front Row: Patricia Barnes, Pamela P. Kaiser, Muriel Suzanne Bonnett, Phyllis R. Cohen, Mona Ray Robinowitz, Patricia Joan Gayle, Dana D. Howe, Rosemary Cowser, Helen Pat Hagan, Sue Johnson, Dorothy M. Bruns, lola Ann Zuehl, Charlene Capps, Christine Fadal, Margaret Jean Royal), Marilyn Ruth McVey, W. La Nelle Caldwell, Cleo McWhorter, M. Patricia Woods, Sue Ann Fullerton, Maxine K. Noble, Sarah Deloris Cabaniss. Second Row: Nell Beth Sansing. Joan Frances Randall, Mary Elizabeth Bynum. Davia Hewlett Hawes, Barbara Ann Sheldon, Francys Virginia Hilton, Patricia Hinds, Norma Jean Crow, Sandra Kay Gingrich, Sidney Elizabeth Howell, Janle Crawford, Mary Lou Clark, Mary Jane Witcher, Ruth Smith, Lynn Kuhlman, Sandra Lou Mayfield, Ruby Ruth Johnson, Bette Josephine Clifton, Margaret R. Carter. Third Row: Sonya A. Ingwersen, Evelyn M. Boyd, Nina Doris Gray, Mary Zoe Ingerson, P. Anne Pescor, Joan I. Ablon, Leska Sue Barton, Carol Speed, Elsie Goldfine, Lucille M. Ray. Marilyn Mays, Jackie Ann Morman, Vera M. Schmidt, Patricia A. Grogan, Jackie Gwen Wardlaw, Nancy Jayne Massey, Louise Dean Finkelstein, Sandra Jeanne Kahan, Kathleen Kelley, Carolyn Ann Coe. Lanelle Ruth Lutz. Fourth Row: Opal LaVerne Clifton, Ann Heller, Peggy Jean Passwaters, Inge Joan Lubasch, Mary Margaret Carr, Ruth Reagan, Nancy J. Dobey, Toinmie Lou Russell. Hinda Lois Groner, Mary Lou Lynch, Dorothy Durrenberger, Marianna Forrest, Georgia N. Nutt, Barbara Ellen Townsend, Peggy A. Dougherty, M. Janice Bourdon, Doris M. Ellis, E. Ann Barron, Shirley M. Long, Otis Rhea Schmidt. Fifth Row: Virginia Hallum, Jane A. Borneman, Carol J. Wesner, Kathleen C. Hunt, Nancy Jane Bailey, Barbara A. Reed. L. Elaine Reeves, Jill Rust, JoAnne Burroughs, Gail A. Schatzman, Alma J. Currier, Diane L, Fortin, Sylvia R. Witley, Mary A. Haley, Ann Laughlin, Grace Sue Riemann, Nancye G. Burkhardt, Jen-Doell Brandenberger, Harriet S. Grizzard, Gloria A. Eberman, Mary Sue Davis, Geraldine B. Steubing, Helen Willard. STAFF Dormitory Director Counseling Supervisor Counselor . Counselor . Counselor . Dormitory Manager FANNIE W. WHEAT HELEN WILLARD Ru BELIKE FRANCES FREESE JULIA MICHAEL RUTH ANN FEHR ADVISORS Frances E. Berryman Jane A. Borneman Adele Crawford Patricia J. Dillon Dorothy Durrenberger Gloria A. Eberman Marianna Forrest Doris Lee Hall Virginia Hallum Patricia Hinds Kathleen C. Hunt Shirley M. Long Marilyn R. McVey Margaret T. Petty M. Jean Royall Joan R. Rupel Otis Rhea Schmidt Barbara L. Terrell E. Kay Tutt Carol J. Wesner Marianne D. White PAGE 454 NEWMAN HALL STAFF Director Resident Hostess SISTER M. ADELINE MRS. MARTYN CONREY HOUSE COUNCIL President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . JOANNE BARRY RACHEL Y. GODINEZ MARIE V. ARISCO BETTY C. ROBERTSON UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Marie V. Arisco Joanne Barry Rachel Y. Godinez Betty C. Robertson Herlinda Gloria Ruiz Front Row: Nancy O ' Brien, Rachel Y. Godinez, Adela Marta Villarreal, Helen Elizabeth Keller, Margaret L. Dougherty, Mrs. Martyn Conrey, G. Yo- landa Leal, Herlinda Gloria Ruiz, Mary M. Allen, Jean M. Granberry, Alicia Soto, Carley Ann Caris, Susie Goeman. Second Row: Betty Ann Hennessy, Betty Catherine Robertson, Patricia Eloise McGinn, Leola May Norman, Dolores Jean Cervenka, Colleen Kalich, Corine Agnes Lukovich, Yvonne Clementine Eyssautier, Charlene Armstrong, Edda Lia Noriega, Leonor de la Garza, Esther M. Baker, V. Marie Arisco, Joanne Barry. PAGE 455 SCOTTISH RITE DORMITORY Front Rmv: HENDLER, RACHOFSKY, BUCHANAN. Second Row: BAIN, ANDERSON, GRIGGS, KNIGHT, LADON. Third Ron: CARTER. KRENEK, MICHALOPULOS, MATTHEWS. FRALEY. STAFF Director . . . . Head Resident Counselor Resident Counselors . Resident Nurse . Food Production Manager MRS. F. C. McCONNELL VELMA JAEGGLI CHARLOTTE LEHMAN ARDITA MORGAN CORA SEYMOUR BARBARA TAYLOR FRANCES WROBEL NELL PHILLIPS ISORA COOKE HOUSE COUNCIL OFFICERS Chairman . Secretary . Reporter Social Chairman NEILYN GRIGGS MARILYN N. ANDERSON RUTH VINN HENDLER PEGGY M. KNIGHT MEMBERS Charlotte Arant Eva Lois Bain Lois E. Bates Madge B. Bills Maxine Buchanan Margi E. Carter Bernice Faulk Carolyn R. Fraley Joyce Ann Krenek Elizabeth Ladon Joan E. Matthews Lorene W. Michalopulos Joan A. Rachofsky E. Ann Randolph PAGE 456 OAK GROVE CO-OP OFFICERS President Vice-President Business Manager Detail Manager Councilman-at-Large CHARLES P. MILNER CHESTER HENRY KARGER WILLIAM ROY PACE ROBERT BRYAN ALLISON GEORGE SIDNEY KACIR MEMBERS i Robert Bryan Allison Charles Roy Atkinson Leslie Eugene Bell John Hardy Blue Alan Eugene Carmichael George Gloss Robert Lyle Coughlin John Baker Cox Bill Frank Foster George Albert Gage James Mayo Galindo Angel N. Gonzalez Buell James Gray Bobby Lloyd Harris Joe Thomas Harris Joe Lawrence Harville Charles Brinson Howard Kenneth Ray Hubert George Sidney Kacir Chester Henry Karger John Ryan Knaggs W. Allan Knight, Jr. Thomas Jack Lasater David Dean Lybarger Ronny Joe May Charles Porter Milner Joe Don Minor William Roy Pace Maurice Clifton Perry George Seward Robertson, Jr. Watson Payne Roye Elgean C. Shield Richard Shield Robert Milton Sisk Dan Robert Skinner William Parker Slater Max Howard Smith Edward Jerome Svasta Ralph Donald Tatum Jack Eldon Tolar, Jr. Jerry Thomas Tomsu Robert Gene Tracy Louis Allan Vuillemin James Virgil Wilson Don Elme Woodruff Front Row: Roye, Galindo, Grove; Foster, Tomsu, Skinner. Second Row: B. Harris, J. Harris, Slater, Atkinson, Carmichael, Vuillemin. Third Row: Pace, Lybarger, Hubert, Gloss, May. Fourth Row: Karger, Gage, Coughlin, Blue, Gray, Bell. Fifth Row: Gonzalez, R. Shield, Tracy, Harville. Sixth Row: Milner, Svasta, Tatum, Perry, Tolar, Allison. Seventh Row: Knight, Howard, Lasater, Robertson. Eighth Row: Wilson. Cox, Kacir, Woodruff. Smith, E. Shield. PAGE 457 THELEME CO-OP V- A Front Row: Brown, Abraham, Crawford, Clark, Brewer, Swisher, Elliott, Young, Quinn, Zcbal, Morgan, Ling, Walker, Stalmach, Bailey. Second Row: Hoffpauir, Bode, Sturrock, Gervais, L. Naiser, F. Naiser, Matthews, Perner, Clements, Tedford, Probst, Dodd. Third Row: Graves, Preiss, Yost, Rees, Kocatas, Laster, Grimes, Cahill, Pfeiffer, Randolf, Zinke, Faith, Lester. President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS OLAN RAY BREWER DANIEL CROXTON MORGAN ARTHUR FRED ZOBAL Sam J. Abraham William Bruce Bailey Wesley Eli Bode Olan Ray Brewer Oran Donald Brown Wilbur Patrick Cahill Herman Robert Campbell Robert E. Clark Jesse Walter Clements John M. Conatser Otho Loyd Crawford Larry Crooke James Weldon Dodd Lynwood Grayburn Elliott MEMBERS Winston O. Faith James McLaughlin Gervais Marion Alexander Graves Robert Eail Grimes Francis Conwise Hoffpauir Babur M. Kocatas Robert Earl Laster Max M. Lester T. David Ling Jack Matthews Daniel Croxton Morgan, Jr. Freddie Joseph Naiser Lawrence E. Naiser Raymond F. Perner Elbert H. Pfeiffer, Jr. Elwood J. Preiss Joe Emerson Probst J. Lester Quinn David Randolf S. Bert Rees, Jr. Charles Joe Stalmach Robert Lee Sturrock Alma Allen Swisher Walter Edgar Tedford Douglas Walker William Ross Yost Jack Dale Young Elo Emil Zinke Arthur Fred Zobal PAGE 458 TLOK CO-OP OFFICERS President . RAEBURN H. ARNOLD Secretary . MACK F. DAVIS Treasurer JAMES H. MC.CRARY Food Buyer MILES H. HARDY Maintainer COSTANDY BOURY Parliamentarian FRED J. MOORE MEMBERS Raeburn H. Arnold Crawford F. Boyd Costandy Boury Roy A. Busby James C. Calaway Joel L. Carson Mack F. Davis Emile B. Ghazala Clyde H. Gordon Donald T. Gordon Miles H. Hardy Louis A. Hempel, Jr. Robert J. Henley Elmer L. Hensley Dewey J. Hooper Louis E. Kidwell Arthur J. Klein Victor E. Lanfear James H. McCrary Glynn W. McDonald Rosewald McMullen Fred J. Moore Ernest T. Mosley Richard W. Mosley Hatem A. Murad John W. Nelson J. William Nichols Ali R. Nourachi Wayne C. Odom Dan E. Polter Carl R. Robertson Calvin J. Smith John C. Smith L. Truman Smith James H. Washington Charles Willingham Wilson Windle PAGE 459 TWIN PINES CO-OP Front Row: Blaschke, Anderegg, T. Farek, Kilcrease, Blank, Kromas. Second Row: Burkhart, N. Cox, Brooks. Third Row: Delgadillo, E. Farek, Ridley, McFarland. Fourth Row: Morganroth, Proft, Geisler. Fifth Row: Alexander, Lichtenwalter, Freeman, Palmer. Sixth Row: Okhuysen, Kramer. OFFICERS President . Vice-President Food Buyer Treasurer . Fouad K. Aide James Donald Alexander Corwin Lester Anderegg Kenneth Earl Blaschke Tommy Junior Brooks Jon Mac Burkhart Bob Edgar Cox Neil Darrell Cox Jose Luis Delgadillo Harold Gene Doering Lloyd Milton Durst Eugene Frank Farek Thomas Edward Farek Osama F. Paris Clarence Roland Feller Billy Joe Foster Charles Lewis Freeman Burnard Wayne Geisler John Murray Greenwood, Jr. Alexander L. Gregg Nephtali Moltose Gutierrez John Mansel Hudson MEMBERS JAMES DONALD ALEXANDER BOB EDGAR Cox CHARLES LEWIS FREEMAN JOSE Luis DELGADILLO Bruce A. Hughes Thomas H. Jackson James Aubrey Kilcrease, Jr. Bernardus J. M. Kramer John Allen Kromas Glen Dale Lichtenwalter Edward Hugo Ling Floyd Brant McFarland David Bryant McKinnon Elias N. Makhuli John Mansel Harley J. Morganroth Pablo Okhuysen Raymond Russell Palmer Robert Charles Proft William Douglas Ridley- Newton B. Schwartz Erwin Hugo Simon Ronald Lee Stukins Leon Wayne Sula Harry Ragsdale White James Alan Wilson PAGE 460 WOMEN ' S CO-OPS HALSTEAD Co-Ordinator .... HELENE A. BARTELS Athena M. Baghdassarian Helenc A. Bartels Wava Lee Caddenhead Emma G. Castillo Kathryn Sue Desmuke M. Ann Garrison Fern O. Haltom Mozelle Hampton Delia Rae Henry Alice Marilyn Ligon Sylva C. Macrides Ola F. Malone Uta C. Merzbach Jenona L. Morse Ruth C. Rumelt M. Frances Whatley POWELL HOUSE Co-Ordinator .... VIRGINIA LEE HENDRICKS Geraldine Bates Jane M. Blake Diane F. Cocke Johnie M. Cowgill Barbara J. Crippen Dorothy A. Denard Sally Eng Mary Frances Going Virginia Lee Hendricks Jeretta I. Kennedy Mary Helon McCurdy Laura Lou Morris Cleste Norris B. Ann Rankin Sarah J. Roehr Rita L. Sheppard Bette Jo Stephens SHANGRI-LA Co-Ordinator .... DOROTHY A. LABAJ Mildred I. Blanton Agnes G. David Joyce L. Davis Elsie W. Haas Anna C. Jackson Nancy E. Keith Dorothy A. Labaj Gloria D. E. MacRae Frances M. Marosko Zanelle M. Miller Dolores Moore Muriel L. Stubbs Marilyn M. Townsley Jean M. Walker Barbara A. Williams THEADORNE Co-Ordinator .... SUE WORTHINGTON Concepcion Elizondo June Carole Gibbs Laretha Sue Henslee Eleanor Jane Kneip Shirley R. Lawrence Morelle McCoy Anastasia C. Panos Dolores W. Simmons Patricia Lynn Smith Frieda Stending Martha L. Taylor Patty Taylor Lady G. Thornton Sue Worthington VALHALLA Co-Ordinator .... LLOYL DOLL MARTIN Mary Jane Anderson Mary Carolyn Carter Esther Evelyn Christenson Margarita G. Costero Patsy Ruth Harris Gloria Virginia Jacobs Rosie Josephine Klekar Martha Florence Lesikar Jeannine McWhorter Eleanor Stella Macha Lloyl Doll Martin Rachel Mayfield Joyce Milton Irby Hanna Spring Ima Ruth Vaughn Elinor Donely Warren WAKONDA Co-Ordinator KATHRYN V. POTH Mary L. Ashcraft Betty Burney Jean P. Bushong Angela B. Caldwell B. Gayle Davis Betty J. Ferguson Ruth Pendergrass Cecilia M. Pingenot Kathryn V. Poth Marilyn J. Rupe Margaret L. Shores Florence M. Weber Martha Ann Wright WHITEHALL Co-Ordinator .... ALICE LOUISE HARBISON Virginia Ann Arnold Mary Jane Brandhorst Karen Carroll Jeanne Louise Cunningham Lesvia Falcon Joyce Filinger Carmen Gosalvez Katheryne L. Graves Jeanette Hack Alice Louise Harbison Ida A. Harbison Mable Hing Grayce Hornung Nellie Hymer Joyce Jackson Juanice King Peggy Lord Pat McCutcheon Pat Mahfouz Nelda Million Venice Mulcahy Ann Schulze Josie Varias Anne M. Williams Front Row: Lesikar, Costero, Mayfield, Carter, Jacobs, Macha, Davis, J. Bartels, Townsley, Keith, Worthington, Henslee, P. Taylor, Hing, Stephens, Gosalvez, Crippen. Second Row: Spring, McWhorter, Martin, Warren, M ilton, Marosko, Miller, Baghdassarian, Desmuke, Haas, Stubbs, Varias, McCurdy, Blake, Sheppard, Going. Third Row: Labaj, Klekar, Simmons, Panos, Stendig, Kneip, MacRae, David, B. Williams, Rankin, Morris, Hornung, Kennedy. . Fourf i Row: McCoy, Graves, Lord, Burney, Shores, Poth, Wright, Rupe, Schulze, Denard. Hendricks, Hymer, Mulcahy. Fifth Row: Bates, Mahfouz, Carroll, Harbison, Filinger, Weber, Pingenot, Eng, Cunningham, Hack. King. PAGE 461 ALBA CLUB , h ' ront Row: Rangel, Vallejo, Falcon, L. Hernandez, D. Trevino, G Second Row: Ramirez, Cavazos, R. Martinez, R. Pena, C. Garcia, uerra, J. G Ruiz, Gosalv Garcia, G. :z, J. P. Martinez Martinez. P. Hernandez, Saldivar. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor . LUCIANO V. GUERRA PERFECTO HERNANDEZ DOROTHY B. TREVINO ALFRED C. CASTILLO GEORGE I. SANCHEZ MEMBERS Pete R. Acosta Rudolfo Alvarado Jesus C. Barrientos Alfred Benavides Adeline Camacho John L. Campos Horacio Canales Victor Caniagua Ruben Cantu Mercedes M. Capello Alfred C. Castillo Jose M. Cavazos Felix Antonio Daumas Ignacio Diaz-Risa Rodolfo R. Enderle Hector R. Estrada Miguel Estrada J. Lesvia Falcon Angelita Flores Concepcion Garcia Federico G. Garcia J. George Garcia Jesus Z. Garcia Ruben Garcia Jose J. Garza Meme Garza Rachel Y. Godinez Angel N. Gonzales Clariza Gonzales David F. Gonzales Hugo R. Gonzales Pete Gonzales, Jr. Carmen Gosalvez Luciano V. Guerra Alfredo Gutierrez Hector Hererra Leon M. Hernandez Perfecto O. Hernandez Ruben V. Hernandez Charley G. Kidder Raul Laing George J. Levy Elmo Lopez Hector D. Lozano Gustavo Martinez Juan Pablo Martinez Roel Martinez Ricardo J. Molino Arnold D. Ochoa Jose Pena, Jr. Rolando M. Pena Manuel Penez Jose Pinon Aurelio H. Ramirez Lionel Range l Luz E. Rivas Aurora R. Rodriquez Herlinda G. Ruiz Irma G. Saldivar Jose S. Sosa Juan Suceda Edward J. Talamas Socorrita Teneyuque Dorothy B. Trevino J. Adan Trevino Uriel M. Trevino Tinio Valdez Ruben Vallejo Roberto Vela Elizabeth Walls Richard Whitman J. Frank Wolf Founded in 1945, ALBA is designed to promote social and cultural interest among Latin-American groups. These groups have entered into various projects this year in order to carry out this goal. PAOE 464 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor . RAYBURN BLASDELL HALLMAN ROBERT AUSTIN HERRINGTON WILLIAM KIEFFER JAKEMAN LEWIS H. BRINER WERNER W. DORNBERGER Joseph E. Aaron Lawrence F. Averitt Jose L. Basora Alexander S. Bennett Lewis H. Briner Forrest J. Brown Bobby D. Campbell Emilio Cantu, Jr. Erasmo Cantu Hal V. Cardiff Jack L. Gates Hale L. Coffeen A. Joel Gotten Robert P. Cralle Werner W. Dornberger Charles E. De Woody Bill G. Eppes MEMBERS Barry F. Fehlman, Jr. Richard A. Malone Charles A. Frezia George E. Maxwell William D. Garrison Lester Caspar Clyde H. Gordon Rayburn Blasdell Hallman Mahmood A. Hamandi Louis A. Hempel Robert Austin Herrington Claude D. Hinds William Kieffer Jakeman Frank W. Keil, Jr. Sam H. Lane Bill L. Lupher Billy M. McCord Bernard E. McGuill, Jr. Armon E. Mabry Roger H. Miller Marvin L. Naron Dennis L. Osborn Herbert Ostroff Vincent L. Pass V. Shelton Perkins John R. Phenix C. Howard Pieper H. C. Plunkett William S. Poteet Frank R. Robertson, Jr. Gene R. Robertson Gilbert Rodgers Carl E. Rogers Albert Rojas John B. Russo Reynaldo T. Salas Edward W. Salguero Billy J. Sellars Edward J. Surovik Robert E. Tieman David R. Travis Oliver T. Tucker Celestino R. Villarreal Michael R. Voich Truett C. Wagley Woodrow W. Waligore Robert E. Wilson Burt B. Wolf John Wolff, Jr. The AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERS was founded so that all architectural engineering students could group together to discuss pertinent issues with prominent men of their field. Front Row: Russo, Pieper, Hamandi, Rodgers, Jakeman, Briner, Herrington, Hallman, Mabry, Dornberger, Pass, Lupher, Erasmo Cantu, Sellars, Lane, Voich. Second Row: Malone, Cardiff, Emilio Cantu, Salas, Gordon, Cralle, Eppes, Aaron, Fehlman, Frezia, Rojas, Caspar, Keil, Hinds, Coffeen, Salguero. Third Row: Osborn, Poteet, Plunkett, Villarreal, Brown, Averitt, Tieman, Garrison, Cotten, G. Robertson, Tucker, Maxwell, Rogers, Travis, Surovik. PAOE 465 AMERICAN FINANCE ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Public Relations Treasurer . Faculty Sponsor DAVID L. UPSHAW JOHN C. JONES, JR. CHARLES M. PRATHER JAMES FREDERICK RIVES WILLIAM R. PUTNAM CHARLES E. WALKER MEMBERS J. Robert Adamson William D. Armstrong Lewis E. Ball Edward G. Bossom Jim L. Bridges Walter L. Brown William A. Broyles, Jr. Arzy H. Cable, Jr. Robert C. Carpenter Robert I. Clift Jodean T. Collins Sidney C. Farrar, Jr. Robert E. Fields James T. Gaddy George V. Harren, Jr. Layton Dean Hecktor James Allen Johnson John C. Jones, Jr. William F. Kemp Leo C. Lee Lewis McAllister Ward C. McCurtain Robert C. Marshall Louis R. Meroney James Edward Miller William G. Montgomery S. Louis Moore Hale A. Newcomer Jack I. Pilon James Norman Powers Charles M. Prather Joe E. Probst Wilford R. Pruett William R. Putnam James Frederick Rives Robert S. Rudd Joe Alan St. John James A. Schriner Marvin D. Shwiff Julius C. Umland David L. Upshaw Billy F. Vaughn IB n The purpose of the AMERICAN FINANCE ASSOCIATION is to increase the members knowledge of finance by providing a common meeting place where members may discuss current financial activities and hear outstanding speakers on problems of in- terest to them. PAGE 466 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS AND INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS OFFICERS Chairman First Vice-Chairman Second Vice-Chairman Recording Secretary . Treasurer A.I.E.E. Sponsor I.R.E. Sponsor . ALEXANDER D. OPIELA, JR. EDWARD E. HOG WOOD, JR. JOE C. COVINGTON, JR. LEONARD SCHWOBEL CLINTON D. FRISBY W. J. McKuNE H. W. SMITH MEMBERS Calvin W. Adams Sahib H. Ali Charlie Dale Anderson Jack T. Ard Joe E. Armstrong Abdel-Kader Ayoub Gerald H. Bacon, Jr. Nassouh H. Bahra Clarence J. Baldwin, Jr. James Kenner Biggs, Jr. Raymond E. Bond John M. Cairnes David E. Campbell James R. Collier Joe C. Covington, Jr. Kenneth J. Cox Mack F. Davis Don Earl Dennis James C. Ditto John L. Ecker Oliver P. Ellison, Jr. Carl A. Erickson Thomas E . Fairey Winston O. Faith James F. Farley Donovan G. Fischer George J. Freund Clinton D. Frisby William Garner, Jr. Ernile B. Ghazala Ross W. Hammond Donald Penn Harris Paul Hertel Alexander A. J. Hoffman Edward E. Hogwood, Jr. Robert C. Holt Eugene W. House Robert W. Hunke Thomas Howard Jackson Harvey A. Jordan Benjamin F. King William B. Kissinger Layton A. B. Klotz John G. Knight Carl C. Lambert Benjamin J. Leon Frank Logan John J. McCorkle William James McKune John J. Malanaphy James P. Michael Albert E. Moon A. L. Musick, Jr. Edward C. Nott. Jr. John B. O ' Day Alexander D. Opiela, Jr. Byron G. Owen Mehmet Ozulu Walter M. Phillips Wallace G. Pounds Edward R. Schulz Leonard Schwobel Victor C. Shaneman Cecil B. Shelman Charles Draper Stephens William S. Swearingen Thomas H. Thompson Marion Brown Tomme, Jr. Oscar Luis Torres Bob I. Vancil Wallace O. Warmack William Y. Welch Phil D. Woodruff, Jr. Robert L. Zinke Founded in 1907, the main purpose of the student branches of the AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS and the INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS is to introduce the student to the field of electrical engineering and to men in the profession. Front Row: Jackson, Dennis, Musick, Fischer, Bahra, Shaneman. Harris, Covin ton, Schwobel, Lambert, Woodruff, Hogwood, Anderson. Second Row: Tomme, Hoffman, Erickson, Stephens, Leon, Logan, Warmack, Bond, Freund, Klotz, Frisby, Malanaphy, Owen. Third Row: McKune, Biggs, Armstrong, Michael, Cox, Kissinger, Farley, Ghazala, Davis, Torres, Opiela, House, Zinke. PAGE 467 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERS Front Row: Lebeaux, Peterson, Byerley, Hornback, Hoiden. Karpos, Happel. Second Row: Goldsmith, Eads, D. Jones, Walker, Sasser, McCarter, Scott. Third Row: Rovello, Mclntire, Gustavsen, Lybarger, Skidmore, Garnett, H. Brown, Fourth Row: Case, Groesbeck, Sula, Walden, Thames, Molina, Orr, Brois, Huckabay. Fifth Row: Miller, Blomquist, Norred, Allen, Dupree, Burnham, McShane. Sixth Row: Follett, M. Jones, Johnston, Courtney. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsors LEON G. BYERLEY, JR. FRANK S. WARNER W. JESSE HEATH CLYDE V. HORNBACK JACOB M. LEBEAUX CHARLES B. PETERSON MEMBERS Bob G. Agnew Ghalib H. Alani L. Fowler Allen Harry L. Blomquist, Jr. Douglas L. Bostwick Robert P. Brewer John Adam Brois Alfred D. Brown Carl A. Brown Hubert L. Brown Jimmy B. Brown Carl H. Burnham Ben M. Burns Leon G. Byerley, Jr. Edward Morgan Case Kinder M. Chambers Gordon E. Coe Roy Davis Coles, Jr. Robert J. Cook James H. Courtney Marvin G. Grain Clinton P. Crocker Francis Edward Dupree Robert R. Durkee, Jr. James S. Eads Jacques Lee Elbel William Y. Fair Sidney D. Farrar Martin Dewey Follett, Jr. Gene N. Garnett Clifford R. Goldsmith William M. Groesbeck Jack G. Gustavsen Philip E. Happel Leroy C. Harper W. Jesse Heath Gerald Henderson Jim E. Hoiden Clyde V. Hornback Frank H. Hollingsworth Edward O. Holloway Carl E. Huckabay Otis Lee James, Jr. Dickie C. Johnston Dan M. Jones Morris B. Jones George T. Karpos Thomas J. Keating Don M. Lawler Charles B. Leggott Robert P. Lemmons Quon D. Lew David Lybarger William B. McCarter, Jr. McCord Mclntire, Jr. Bishop D. McKendree Joe B. McShane John Collins Miller Ricardo J. Molina Charles Wayne Nance James Clifford Norred Robert M. Orr James F. Patterson Arturo T. Perez Charles B. Peterson Earl E. Putnam, Jr. William F. Reynolds Tommy Rovello, Jr. Dan K. Sartain Floyd E. Sasser, Jr. Glynn M. Schuchardt Ned V. Scott, Jr. Mohamed A. M. Sclim James E. Skidmore Lannon F. Stafford George A. Stovall Clarence W. Stumhoffer Leon W. Sula Clement B. Thames, Jr. James E. Thompson Richard P. Towne Robert C. Turnham Kyle W. Walden Donald Walker Frank S. Warner Elven W. Watkins, Jr. James Floyd Whitley, Jr. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERS is an organization to promote contact between students interested in the mineral industries. This includes petroleum engineers and geologists. A national organization, it was founded in 1871. PAGE 468 AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION Front Row: HERRING, G. TROTT, LENNON, EVANS, ELIZONDO, THORNTON, W. TROTT. Second Row: ALLISON, GONZALES, ROMO, BURKETT, EWING, KAUFMAN, STONE. Third Row: KEY, STEENKEN, GUDE, WILSON, COOKE, NIPPER, JONES, LEWIS. OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsors James E. Abell Robert B. Allison William L. Anderson Jesse Levi Beall Kenneth E. Blaschke William D. Bouldin Henry Logue Byars Donald Bedwell Clifton Frank I. Cooke Charles Edward Davis, II Concepcion Elizondo Bonnie L. Evans C. Bill Ewing Robert L. Fordtran Pete Gonzales, Jr. John Murray Greenwood, Jr. Edwin E. Gregurek Robert A. Gude Paul E. Guill Charlotte Gunter Frances Marion Haney MEMBERS GENE A. TROTT WAYNE E. TROTT FRANCES MARION HANEY JAMES H. HERRING., Ill WILLIAM REESE LLOYD DONALD BURKETT James H. Herring, III Bobby W. Jones H. Grady Jones Jordan W. Kaufman John Roberts Key Leroy D. Klump John G. Koldjeski Betty D. Lennon James W. Lewis Jack R. Nazzal Earl Wayne Nipper Thomas Romo, Jr. Billy Hubert Rork Waldie Wilbert Sonnenburg Gus A. Steenken Noah Wilson Stone Lady Gracelyn Thornton Gene A. Trott Wayne E. Trott William C. Wilson Seborn E. Woods PAGE 469 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Front Row: Travis, Allman, Rodgers, J. R. King, DeGeorge, Shasha, Al-Mashat, Baldwin, Whittington, Herzik, Teineit, Romberg, Aaron, Gee. Second Row: Nelson, Hunter, Hervey, Gaskin, Froneberger, Karpa, Schmal, Windle, Spires, Evans, Benish, Morgan. Third Row. Mines, Chatfield, Garrett, Grant, Rogers, Nicholson, Vandewater, Smith, Lehmann, Shield, Leard. Fourth Row: J. Thompson, Mailman, Gregory, Closs, Burton, Zuniga, Baxter, McMullen, S. Thompson, Canales, J. P. King. Fifth Row: Freytag, Steves, Fischer, Forbes, R. Thompson, Cunningham, Laughlin, Lacy, Stewart, Vela, Fenske. OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor JAMES ROBERT KING, JR. JAMES C. FRONEBERGER CHARLES H. SCHMIDT ROBERT S. BRADEN CARL WILLIAM MORGAN MEMBERS Joseph E. Aaron A. Amir A. Al-Mashat Ray M. Allman W. Ross Anglin Jessie E. Baldwin Earl Ross Barnard Ralph Marcus Baxter Anthony A. Benish Robert S. Braden John C. Branch Eric C. Browne J. Gordon Bryson Joe D. Burton Jose R. Canales Charles K. Chatfield Jerrol Duane Clayton Lewis Edward Clevinger, Jr. C. George Closs Richard George Cunningham Bernard Joseph DeGeorge James P. Evans Carl W. Fenske Joseph F. Fischer, Jr. Arthur L. Forbes Guillermo T. Freytag James Claude Froneberger Jerry Garrett Herbert Lee Gaskin, Jr. Henry Gee Carmon Y. Grant R. Kirk Gregory Rayburn Sandy Hallman Richard Erling Helland Frank Hervey, Jr. Adolph Herzik Edward L. Hines Bobby Wayne Hodges Guy W. Hughes Booyer R. Hunter Peter Karpa Edward A. Keig Frank W. Keil, Jr. James Robert King, Jr. John P. King Ilhan V. Kipeak Kenneth F. Koehl John E. Lacy Bernard James Larvin James Emmet Laughlin William V. Leard John R. Lehmann Robert L. Lewis Guillermo Levy John Naylor Lipscomb Bill L. Lupher John S. McDonald Bernard Emmett McGuill, Jr. Hugh W. McMullen Carl W. Morgan Herbert Andrew Nelson Dewey Thomas Nicholson Christy M. Nolen James H. Reynolds Gilbert Rodgers Thomas Pascal Rogers Walter L. Romberg Hermann Schmal Charles H. Schmidt Charles W. Schneider, Jr. Alexander O. Shasha Bernard H. Shield Edwin M. Smith Dale O. Spires Allen Roy Steves Don Harold Stewart Willard C. Teinert Stuart E. Templeton J. Neils Thompson Robert A. Thompson III Sophos A. Thompson Wayne K. Travis Charles R. Vandewater James G. Vela Dick Whittington Ted P. Willis Wilson Windle Leon D. Wofford, Jr. Alfonso J. Zuniga -i The object of the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS is to afford an opportunity for civil engineering students to become acquainted and to promote a spirit of congeniality among them by acquainting them with topics of interest to civil engineer- ing students. PAGE 470 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS Chairman V ice-Chairman . Secretary Treasurer Honorary Chairman EDWIN H. BLOCK, JR. RAYMOND F. PERNER GERALD W. MCL.EOD GEORGE B. TUTTLE LEONARD F. KREISLE MEMBERS u. Clarence A. Albrecht Richard E. Bailey Eugene Fred Banspack, Jr. Lewis W. Barns John P. Baur Clarence Jo Bitter Edwin Hart Block, Jr. Jerry W. Brougher Royce N. Brown Hi Chang Chai Calvin C. Chervenka William C. Christensen, Jr. Jerry L. Coufal Paul Logan DeVerter, II Marvin Alex Drews Raymond Edward Durden Cecil G. Farrington, Jr. Maurice Lamar Ford Robert Frias John C. Fussell Ben L. Gebhardt, Jr. Andy J. Gillian Owen Dale Goodman Daymen H. Graham Jerry Clinton Graff Charles Robert Gregg Ross W. Hammond Charles P. Harris Donald Marshall Harrison Forest R. Harsh Herman Jack Jenkins Harold G. Jindrich Eugene S. Katz James B. Kennedy John Knobelsdorf Robert W. Kotzebue, Jr. Leonard! F. Kreisle Billy G. Lackland Jack Ray Lacy Juan Laing, Jr. Enoch Roger Lind Thomas Wayne Long Ernest O. Lusk Richard B. McCaslin Gerald W. McLeod Gene E. Maeckel John A. Martin James Donald Matheny James Dill Menefee Daniel Edward Merrill Harvey Vernon Moore, Jr. Edward R. Moren Joe L. Mott Byron G. Owen Galen William Pape Reginald A. Pattillos Robert Howard Payne Hosea Bryan Peel Raymond Floyd Perner James K. Powledge John W. Rees Charles Vastine Rice Herbert W. Roehrig Sebastian J. Rohats Bertha Ross Mary Jo Ross William G. Ruge Danahey Ryan Norman Eugene St. Clair Ed Schneider R. R. Schwab Ned V. Scott, Jr. Kirk R. Shirley Calvin L. Simpson Harry W. Skerritt James J. Sim-tana Cecil R. Sparks W. L. Stuart, Jr. Walter E. Tedford George A. Tuttle Kenneth D. Vanderhider Roy L. Van Winkle K. N. Vaughan Leonard M. Vaught Ernest C. Vogt Gene C. Walker Milton F. Walther Eldridge V. Weaver, III Kenneth Malcolm Webb, Jr. Frederick W. Winkler J. A. Wolfe Zaghlool Y. Yousif By means of speakers and the Power Show, the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS works to create an interest in mechanical engineering among other students, and to encourage a spirit of professionalism among its members. Front Row: SMETANA, GREGG, BITTER, TUTTLE, McLEOD, M. ROSS, KREISLE. B. ROSS, PERNER, BLOCK, POWLEDGE, SKERRITT. Second Row: WINKLER, PATTILLOS, GRAHAM, ROHATS, REES, BARNS, GOODMAN, COUFAL, MENEFEE, McCASLIN, FORD, RUGE, PAPE. PACE 471 ARAB STUDENT ASSOCIATION Front Row: Hamandi, Al-Julili, Totah, Al-Habib, Baghdassarian, Al-Alawy, Desmuke. F. Aide, Trad, H. Munir, Al-Uthman. Second Row: F. Al-Tai, Love, Al-Aish, Dagher, El-Nahry, Hilmi, Sattar, Ayoub, Al-Doory, AI-Qaysi. OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary Treasurer . Reporter . Faculty Sponsor FADHIL AL-TAI ISAM A. R. MUNIR MAHMOOD A. HAMANDI UMAIMA AHMED EL-NAHRY ATHENA BAGHDASSARIAN JOE W. NEAL HONORARY MEMBERS Bayard Dodge Lloyd Hand Herbert Nassour Theophilus S. Painter Christine Tinsley William West MEMBERS Fouad K. Aide Louis B. Aide Matti S. Al-Aish Hummadi M. Al-Alawy Yousef M. Al-Doory Ali H. Al-Fakhri Mahmud M. Al-Habib Jafar S. H. Al-Himyary Sahib Hadi Ali Abdul Razzak Al-Julili Amir A. Al-Mashat Mahdi A. Al-Najjar Hameed A. H. Al-Qaysi Fadhil A. Al-Tai Makboola Al-Tai Hilmi S. Al-Uthman Abdel Kader Ayoub Athena M. Baghdassarian Nassouh H. Bahra Sabiha I. Bassam Pat J. Cater Anis N. Dagher Kathryn Sue Desmuke Umaima Ahmed El-Nahry Hamed H. El-Yousef Emile B. Ghazala Mahmood A. Hamandi John M. Hudson Abdul Karim Hilmi Mary Margaret Love Safari Malki Frances Munir Hisham A. R. Munir Isam A. R. Munir Fawzi S. Said Said S. Said Abdul Razzak Sattar Mohamed A. M. Selim Alexan O. Shasha Aida I. Totah Sherry Trad Zaghlool Y. Yousif The first Arab student group founded in the United States, the ARAB STUDENT ASSOCIATION, promotes goodwill, interest, and understanding of the Arab countries. Membership is open to all Arab students and others who are interested in Arab culture. PAOE 472 ASHBEL LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS President V ice-President Treasurer Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary SARAH LEW LINK MARYLEE COWDEN NANCY JEAN HOLLOWELL E. KAY TUTT BETH SMYTH Mary Ann Alexander Sarah Jane Allen Dee Ann Andricks Martha Ann Beall Marietta Beard Georgeann Beene Alma Faye Cowden Marylee Cowden Ruth A. Cook Barbara Crockett Anne Curtis Patsy Dabney Margaret Virginia Endress Shirley Corinne Fitch Helen Graves Patricia Hinds Nancy Jean Hollowell MEMBERS Mary Holt Douglas Ann Johnson Kathleen Kelley Mary Knotts Ann Laughlin Diane Lehman Sarah Lew Link Julie Lockman Mary Mills Joyce Milton Jane Moody Mary Eloise Moore Patricia Moore Virginia Moore Bernadine Nixon Margaret Penniman Judy Phelps Ann Playter Patricia Pryor Patricia Puig Betty Raimond Laura Randall Catherine Roberts Linda Ruth Rowe Nancy Schneider Bettie Margaret Smith Patricia Smith Beth Smyth Sydney Stinnett Cathleen Sparks Margaret Ann Tate E. Kay Tutt Jane York Founded in 1888, ASHBEL LITERARY SOCIETY was the first literary or dramatic society on the campus. Its members are chosen for interest in good literature and must have a " B " average in English. Front Row: Johnson, Endress, M. Moore, Hollcwell, Fitch, Rowe, Tutt, Smyth, Tate. Second Row: Link, Milton, Lockman. Penniu an, Stinnett, M. Cowden, Allen, Graves, Beard, Alexander. PAOE 473 ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Front Row: Poncik, McWhorter, Feit, G. Williams, P. Martin, Jourdan, P. Knight, Serafy, Zemanck, Poetter, Henderson, Massey. Second Row: Duncan, T. Barnett, Collins, Riley, Lantrip, Banner, Carlson, A. Clark, Harrison, Cunningham. Kaufman, McCullough, M. Clark. Third Row: Milton, Wheat, L. Martin, Hutchinson, Weber, McVey, McCreless, Brady, A. Williams, Morris, Neill, Curtis. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsors VIRGINIA R. BAKER MARY FRANCES PONCIK BARBARA JEAN BANNER JEANNINE MCWHORTER CORA MERRIMAN MARTIN PHYLLIS RICHARDS MEMBERS Marilyn J. Baker Virginia R. Baker Barbara Jean Banner Dalthit Barnett Dana Barnett Twinkle L. Barnett Mary V. Bodden Elizabeth H. Bonnet Theda K. Bost Betty Jane Brady Wilma L. Caldwell Donna J. Cameron Barbara Ann Carlson Nancy A. Chadwell Annetta J. Clark Mary Lou Clark Adelaide B. Clements Mollie D. Coats Peggy Joanne Collins Gloria A. Cunningham Norma Jean Curtis P. Evon Davidson Kathleen E. Duncan Martha A. Eastman Jo Ann Ehlers Louise Feit Glynda Jo Gaedke Betty Ann Harrison Marie Hays Mary Elliott Henderson M. Frances Henry Nancy J. Hippard Elizabeth Holt Martha V. Hutchinson Georgia P. James Allie Ruth Jones Barbara Lou Jones Betty I. Jourdan Joan B. Kaufman Jo Ellen Knight Peggy M. Knight Barbara A. Kurtz Peggy Joyce Lantrip Sarah Lou Link L. Ann London Jo Ann M. Lundgren Lloyl Doll Martin Patricia A. Martin Nancy J. Massey Merry Christine McCreless Mary Gwyn McCullough Kay McKnight Mary Lou McNabb Marilyn Ruth McVey Jeannine McWhorter Joan Meyer Joyce Milton Marjorie C. Morgan Betty A. Morris Jane E. Neill M. Jane Peek Marylyn Perkins Dianne V. Poetter Mary Frances Poncik Kathryn Virginia Poth Betty C. Raimond Mary Jo Riley Sue Rogers Joan D. Rugeley Frieda Rusteberg Sara Sample Carolyn Sansing Helen Serafy Myra L. Summers Billie Grace Ungerer Shirley A. Varney Norma J. Waddell Joy E. Wade Betty Lynn Walter Donnell Joan Webb Florence M. Weber Mary Louise Weideman Richard Allyn Wheat Ann Q. Williams Charlotte A. Williams Gladys Janelle Williams Martha A. Wright Wanelle Zemanck A national organization open to child development majors, elementary education majors, and those interested in children, the ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION meets to dicuss problems of child education. PAGE 474 CAMPUS LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OFFICERS President . V ice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Public Relations Faculty Advisor MARY ANN SANDERS BARBARA HAWORTH ANGELICA G. STRASSMANN ANN ROSBOROUGH DOROTHY CAROLYN BUSCH JANE SCHOONAMAKER MEMBERS . Margaret Ann Abbott Stephanie M. Aden Noel Jean Adkins Georgeann Allen Nancy Allen Barbara S. Alpard Myrlene Anderson Nancy E. Anderson Dee Ann Andricks Frances K. Atkins Patricia S. Barker Marjory J. Barton Eula Mae Bass Lois E. Bates Martha Ann Beall Anne V. Bean Joan Becker Laura H. Becker Georgeann Beene Bessie Belcher Carolyn Bell Marilyn Biel Beverly Bihn Martha Blackman Mary Lou Bliss Nevillyn Dawn Bobo Elizabeth Bonnet Kathryn F. Boyd Marcia J. Boyer Lois E. Bracher Jane A. Bradner Ann R. Bruchner Joanne E. Burkhalter Patricia Burleigh Dorothy Carolyn Busch Mary Bynum Donna J. Cameron Dorothy Campbell Charlotte E. Carlisle Margaret R. Carter Jacquelynn A. Cavileer Kaye L. Clark Patricia L. Cleere Peggy J- Cone Dorothy Corder Margaret Cotter Venita R. Cowan Patricia A. Cox Adele Crawford Artie Crawford Nancy Crawford Barbara Crockett Anne L. Curtis Dorothy J. Daily Mary Damrel Betty M. Dancy Evon Davidson Frances Starr Davis Joy Diane Debnam Louise Diamond Patricia Dillon Nancy Dobey Mary Dunham Sue Easley Annette Edwards Darby Jean Ehlers Cathe Evans Dolores Fasel Betty Tom Flack Mary Lou Fleming Lee Flint Martha Ann Fontaine Barbara Frost Alice Gardiner Sharlene Barbara Gerrick Patty Gideon Pat Goebel Emily Goldburg Martha Ann Gray Carol Graber Annette Greene Pat Grogan Virginia Hallum Rosemary Hamner Barbara Haworth Harriet Haynes Dorothy Hello Joan Henshaw Joan M. Herwick Blakely Hills Patricia Hinds Mary Jo Hollon Nancy Hollowell Marjory Holtzclaw Dana Howe Kathleen Chole Hunt Nancy Jary Mary Johnson Beverly Judson Abee Kelly- Barbara Kerr Kennon Kethley Inez Kimball Rosalie Klein Shirley Klein Sara Kline Mary Knotts Carol Krueger Sammye Ann Kuhn Bleue Kyburg Tavis LaFour Joan Lansford Mary Langston Patricia Ann Lasater Charlotte Leiman Barton Leska Gitta Lockenvitz Julie Lockman Eleanor Luckett Shirley Lynn Lanelle Lutz Martha McCarty Georgie McDonald Ren McDonnell Gail McDonough Leva LaRue McFarland Kay McKnight Mary Ann Maley Emily Martin Joan Mays Ann Mayfield Gloria Winifred Meyer Martha Mills Carol Louise Moak Mary Morgan Virginia Morrisson Dolly Moskowitz Kay Moxom Myrna Mugford Patsy Kylene Nesmith Lois Nickerson Bernadine Nixon Mary Noble Frances Overton Patricia Patton Diane Penney Marylyn Perkins Norma Pirtle Lynn Porter Edith Price Josephine Ponleit Elizabeth Pratt Darlene Prouse Patricia Pryor Gwendolyn Quillian Joan Ragsdale Elizabeth Randolph Shelby Reed Shirley Reichert Sue Rogers Yvonne Rollins Ann Rosborough Martha Christina Rosenquist Barbara Royall Joan Dee Rugeley Joan Russell Joyce Rydberg Joanne Sachs Peggy Sanderford Mary Ann Sanders Merle Sauermilch Betty Scarmado Margaret Ann Schmidt Patty Ann Schmidt Shirley J. Schoenbuen Barbara Ann Schuchert Diane Schwartz Raleigh Sekt Adele Serber Nancy Shields Martha Shillito Elaine F. Smith Carol Speed Nancy B. Steves Angelica G. Strassmann March Stuttle Janet M. Sutton Martha Ann Tate Byna Taylor Barbara Lee Terrell Trudy Thaxton Betty Ann Thompson Beverly Toney Virginia Townsend Barbara Urritia Margaret Vanston Janice Varnell Beverly Walker Marietta Watson Helen Webb Sarah Jane Weeks M. Jean Welhausen Barbara Wells Carol Jean Wesner Marianne Nasher White Marie Whitley Beverly Williams Dee Dee Winters Betty Lou Wolens Carol Zeligson CAMPUS LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS is a college affiliation of the National League of Women Voters. Its purpose is to promote good government by stimulating interest among women through educational programs and voters services. The league is non-partisan. PACE 475 CAP AND GOWN Front Row: KEASLER, SCHNEIDER, KING, GOMPERTZ, SCARBROUGH, ENDRESS. Second Row: STRASSMANN, McWHORTER, ANDERSON, COURTER, FRIEDMAN, RAMSEY. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter . Faculty Sponsor JACLYN LUCAS KEASLER M. ADAIR RAMSEY MARY ANN MCWHORTER MARGARET VIRGINIA ENDRESS VIRGINIA ANN COURTER JESSE EARL ANDERSON MEMBERS-AT-LARGE Jeanne N. Bullen Eileen Gay Friedman Clare F. Gompertz Mable W. King Nancy S. Patterson B. Ann Rankin Margaret M. Scarbrough Frances Evelyn Schneider Angelica G. Strassmann Senior women are eligible to become members in this organization designed to help them bridge the gap between school life and the community life. Annually CAP AND GOWN sponsors Senior Week and swing out among other activities. PACE 476 CO-ED ASSEMBLY OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Reporter Treasurer Faculty Sponsor . M. JEAN WELHAUSEN LANELLE BROOKS WILLIG MARY JANE BRANDHORST MARY ANN BEAUMIER SANDERS SHIRLEY L. VAN WORMER JESSE EARLE ANDERSON COUNCIL MEMBERS Patricia Hinds Tommy Joy Denman Georgeann Beene Dorothea E. Bachemin Betty Lou Ham Cornie Marie Miffleton Virginia Ruth Baker Onah Astin Barwise Georgeann Beene Margaret A. Caldwell Delores Carman Patsy Joan Cater Sally A. Chesnick Virginia Ann Courter Margaret Ann Crosby Darlyn Craig Tommy Joy Denman Raynice Eads Joan Ethridge Shirley Ann Forehand Daina Gerson Patricia J. Gibson Janie Granger Fern O. Haltom Betty Lou Ham Rosalyn Haney Alice L. Harbison MEMBERS Eleanor E. Harris Virginia Lee Hendricks Delia Ray Henry Patricia Hinds Cora Adella Hoffpauir Mary A. Hutchins Nancy Johnson Florence Mozelle Jones Joan B. Kaufman Jaclyn Lucas Keasler Martha R. Keller Delores J. Kosberg Myra Langford Anna M. Lassberg Julie Lockman Theo W. Lueders Virginia L. Maloney Lloyl Doll Martin Cornie Marie Miffleton Mary Eloise Moore Ida Joan Olff Barbara M. Oster Claire Ownby Iris Pace Betty Peck Kathryn V. Poth Beverly Jean Potthoff Joan M. Ragsdale B. Ann Rankin Phyllis L. Rosenberg Mary Ann Beaumier Sanders Gaye Y. Sanford Singa Sellers Mary Martha Sivalls Beverly Smyth Diane Sweatman Helen B. Tannehill Shirley J. Tower Mary Louise Tuey Shirley L. Van Wormer Shirley Lee Winter Dee Dee Winters Jane Marckman Wray Composed of the presidents of organizations for women students on the campus, the CO-ED ASSEMBLY is organized to act as a co-ordinating and administrative body for such groups on the campus, and to encourage interest in their activities. PAGE 477 CZECH CLUB uC l W : Jt - ' . O bbn - Inn Fron Row: STRAUSS, ZIZKA, LESIKAR, JUREN, MUSIL, KOPECEK, CHUPICK, TYROCH, KRENEK, A. OZYMY, MICEK. Second Row: CURRY, MACHA, SMETANA, KLEKAR, CHERVENKA, MALEC, C. OZYMY, ROLBACK, COUFAL. Third Row: DACY, KUBELKA, KVINTA, GONZALEZ, NEMEC, KANAK, MICHALIK, BRENTS, LINNARD. OFFJCERS President V ice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Reporter Faculty Sponsors WILLIAM ROBERT JUREN, JR. JERRY THOMAS KOPECEK LILLIE MUSIL MARY FRANCES CHUPICK EDUARD MICEK ERNEST JOHN ZIZKA James E. Bedrich Walker A. Brents, Jr. Alfons Lee Broz Calvin C. Chervenka Mary Frances Chupick Jerry Lumir Coufal Richard Earl Curry Donald A. Dacy Leonard Joseph Drozd Hugo R. Gonzalez Irene A. Haidusek William Robert Juren, Jr. Marvin Reeves Kanak MEMBERS Rosie Josephine Klekar Jerry Thomas Kopecek Harold F. Kosel Joyce Ann Krenek Mark J. Kubala Leroy J. Kubelka Charles James Kvinta Dorothy Ann Labaj Martha Florence Lesikar Howard W. Linnard Eleanor S. Macha Lillian M. Malec Frank J. Marek Albert Lee Michalik Lillie Musil Frank J. Nemec Albert L. Ozymy Charles L. Ozymy Clement S. Pustejovsky Joseph S. Rolback James Joseph Smetana Elizabeth Marie Strauss Henry Albert Tyroch Johnnie B. Vavrecka Charles V. Wagner Evelyn E. Zak The CZECH CLUB, founded in 1909, brings together students of Czech origin and their friends interested in the study of the Czech language and culture. PAGE 478 DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS President FERN O. HALTOM Vice-PTesident FRED A. COFFEY, JR. Secretary NORMA DELL SMITH Treasurer JOHN LEE McMiLLEN Director of Student Work CLARENCE M. Doss Connie Armstrong Charles W. Arnold Virginia A. Arnold Jack Gage Banner Jane Ann Barker E. L. Barnett Mildred Beall John G. Becker Stuart Benson Robert D. Benton Peggy Ruth Berry Anita Blaylock Pete Boles M. Jack Borchers Sam Penn Boswell M. Dean Bowen M aurine Bridwell C. Bruce Brooks Robert M. Browning Jeanne N. Bullen Sally K. Capps Bruce R. Carruth Joe S. Carson Joel Lee Carson Thomas C. Chalmers Ju-nam Chew Sybil P. Clanton Annetta J. Clark Kaye Love Clark Foy Everett Clement George Cline John L. Cochran Gerald E. Coe Fred A. Coffey, Jr. Robert L. Cole Robert K. Cornell Judy J. Crimm Chloe T. Dawson Elizabeth A. Donan John C. Donley George P. DuBose, Jr. Frances R. Duckworth Donald J. Duncan Roy Easterwood, Jr. Ruth F. Evans Edwin Ferguson Gene Fisher James C. Fronenberger Clay W. G. Fulcher Maxwell I. Gathings Robert K. German Claude Gibbs Bill Gibson James F. Gilbert Mary E. Givan Bob J. Goode Jim R. Gray Ross D. Greenstreet Harrell C. Gulley Edward C. Gullion Fern O. Haltom Carl Hamilton Charles A. Hamilton Harry D. Hamilton Jane Elizabeth Hamilton Raymond Harding Margaret Hargrove Vincent L. Harkins, Jr. Pat Harris DeDe H. Hawes Don H. Hayes Josephine K. Haynie Tom John Hays Pat G. Hedgecoxe Elaine Hendrickson Joe G. Hendrickson Forest Hertel Robert A. Herrington Jeannette T. Higgins Marian C. Hill Ed E. Hogwood, Jr. Joan K. Holloway Pat S. Holloway Herman Holt Jack Holtom Tipton Housewright MEMBERS Bobby R. Hudson Rucl Thomas Hudspeth Carlos E. Janz Alice L. Jarmon Paul B. Jenkins Bill Frank Johnson Franklin Johnson Helen Sue Johnson Jesse E. Justiss, Jr. Ray Kedziora Roy E. Kelly Barbara J. Kerr Freeman Kidwell L. E. Kidwell Guy Kindred Robert L. Kindred Robert J. King Dale L. Kness Jim Kyser Larry Lacy Robert D. Lemon James W. Lewis Lavennia E. Lewis Russell M. Lilly Lois Long Gloria Love Richard F. Love Jack Lum Lovette F. D. McCallom Don W. McLain John Lee McMillen Lula Margaret McMillen Ola F. Malone Raymond J. Marek Bill I. Marschall K. T. Martin Ronny J. May Rachel Mayfield Louis R. Meroney Zanelle Miller Jane E. Moody Cecil A. Morgan Marianne Morris Norma Jean Morris Marilyn Moseley Maxine Murphy Charles Neblett, III Sherroll A. Neill Jitter Nolen Betty O ' Bannon Frances F. Overton Bill R. Pace Howard Page David Parker Lila Anne Parker Betty Jo Parkinson Sam L. Paschal Charles B. Peck Kathryn L. Penick Margaret Pettus Wallace N. Pierce Norma A. Pirtle Lee A. Pitman Glair Porter Leon R. Portwood Gerald B. Pratt Edith Marie Price Ben Procter Frances Puryear Janice J. Ray Hugh S. Reeder Paul D. Reinhardt James P. Robertson Reginald W. Rogers James R. Ross Fred Rymcr Luther T. Scarborough, Jr. Bill Schleuse Joyce E. Shafer Lewis H. Sheriff Roger Small Annis M. Smith Frank R. Smith Gayle Smith Kathryn Smith Norma Dell Smith Thomas D. Smith Mary Nell Snow Bob C. Stearns Thomas Stewart Jo Ann Stillwagon Lorraine A. Stratemann Alice Ann Stuart Harvey Summerlin Martha Surratt Jimmy G. Taft Arvilla Taylor Max E. Taylor Kenneth Thames Bonnie O. Thomas Pat W. Thompson Rhodes Thompson Tommy Van Thompson Pat Tiller Jack E. Tolar, Jr. Roger L. Tolar Carlos Lee Tolleson Joe P. Tupin Carolyn M. Ussery Darlene Varley To Velten Basil E. Walker Richard Wallace James C. Wash Paul G. Wassenich T. D. Weaver Jimmy D. Webb Fred S. Webster, Jr. Rie Webster Jean M. Welhausen Richard Wheat Leslie P. White Barbara A. Williams June Ann Williams William D. Wiser Jo Ann Wright Yvonne Yarbrough Betty Lou York Joe Ed Young Bill Youngblood The DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP is the organized group of University students belonging to the Christian Church. Front Roiv: Wiser, Brooks, J. Hamilton, N. Smith, Murphy, Shafer, Donan, Clanton, Varley, Stuait, Snow, Pratt, Doss. Second Row: Stewart, Bowen, Gibson, V. Arnold, K. Smith, Price, O ' Bannon , K. Clark, L. Parker, E. Hendrickson, J. Hendrickson, Boswell. Third RO-JI: Neblett, Chalmers, Harkins, L. McMillen, Miller, Puryear, J. To lar, Gilbert, May, Gray, Wassenich. Fourth Row: Overton. Penick. Neill, Hargrove, A. Clark, Fisher, Long, R. T hompson, T. Thompson, Morgan, Kelly. Fifth Row: Ray, R. Tolar, J. Lewis, R. Love, Gulley. Easterwood. Housewright, German, Frank Brock. Scarborough, Jenkins. Sixth Row: Hays, J. L. Carson, Coffey, Taft, Hayes, Barnett. Reinhardt. PAGE 479 FORENSICA Front Row: CAMP, KOSBERG, GERSON, HENDLER, FEIGLE, ROUNTREE, GREEN, NOBLE, PERCEFULI.. Second Row: ABREGO, EDWARDS, BACHEMIN, STEPHENS, PACE, PROSSER, BARRY, COLLETTE. OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor DOLORES KOSBERG DOROTHEA BACHEMIN SARA ABREGO DAINA GERSON EMOGENE EMORY Sara Abrego Dorothea Bachemin Eileen Barry Martha Ann Beall Nina Camacho Jacquelyn Camp Ann Collette Carol Cook MEMBERS Mary Ann Edwards Marilyn Feigle Sharlene Gerrick Daina Gerson Sarah Green Ruth Hendler Douglas Ann Johnson Dolores Kosberg Elaine Nebenzahl Maxine Noble Donna Pace Ann Percefull Shirley Jo Prosser Elaine Rountree Lotha Ann Stephens Jo Ann Warix Founded in 1941, FORENSICA is a women ' s speech organization sponsoring an annual public speaking contest for freshmen women. Active in public speaking and debate, FORENSICA elects members after try-outs of three-minute speeches. PAGE 480 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS President V ice-President . Second V ice-President Treasurer Faculty Advisors BETTY Lou HAM MARY FRANCES CHUPICK JANET L. BEOKMAN MABLE WONG HING JACQUELINE COURTNEY FRANCES SPRATT MEMBERS Mary Jean Andrus Jamie Lee Bailey Eva Lois Bain Peggy Ruth Berry Dorothy L. Bielenski Ora Mona Bohlman Elsie Jane Bridges Ann Brightman Lanelle Clyde Brooks Jeane Bullen Barbara Bun Mary Carol Busch Bess Caldwell JoHanna R. Chapman Mildred S. Chapman Nancy A. Chilton Shirley L. Christie Mary Frances Chupick Jacqueline Courtney Edwina Lee Culver Shiree F. Daniel Janice Marie Duckman Frances R. Duckworth Mary Alda Dryer Laura N. Egger Lucille Eichler Carol Engebretson Margaret Eppwright Patsy Ruth Faulk Joyce Fairbanks Louise Dean Finkelstein Rosalie Godfrey Romona Hahn Betty Lou Ham Eleanor E. Harris Bess Heflin Claire Hiett Mable Wong Hing Connie Hopping Margaret Howard Ann Humrickhouse Mary Hutchins Phyllis Ilett Mary Joe Ingerson Alice Jarmon Vivian Jircik Marion Keller Mary Jo Kenny Martha Ann Knapp Rosemary Bruden Kokernot Carolyn Kongabel Joyce Ann Krenek Jean Laird Caroline Louise Letterman Lulu Margaret McMillen Mary Jo Mathison Sallie Beth Moore Lillie Musil Doris Neely Carolyn Nelson Nancy P. Olson Jane Owen Jeannine Pearce Jane Powers Joyce Prideaux Lucy Rathbone Phyllis Richards Marshalyn Roach Barbara A. Royall Patricia A. Sheerin Frances Spratt Barbara L. Steele Frieda Stendig Martha Stephens Sarah Stone Ann M. Sullivan Trudy Thaxon Joan Tyler Lela O. Wade Myrtle Lucile Watkins Bettye Jo West Ennis Marie Whitley Ann Williams Jeanie Wilmot Jerry Woods Evelyn Zak Front Row: OLSON, STENDIG, SHEERIN, HING, DANIEL, JIRCIK, MUSIL, KENNY, NEELY. Second Row: EGGER, STEPHENS, MATHISON, CHILTON, BAIN, FINKELSTEIN, KRENEK, NELSON, WEST, WATKINS, PRIDEAUX, PEARCE. PAGE 481 INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Left to Right: ZUMWALT, GREEN, CULBERTSON, HANDY, M. TAYLOR, OSBORN, LEWIS, C. TAYLOR. OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer Program Chairman Faculty Sponsors . HARRY HANDY GUSTIN R. LIBBER JACQUELYN CULBERTSON JAMES W. LEWIS MARGARET TAYLOR FREDRICK EBY ROBERT M. ADAMS GLEN W. ZUMWALT Robert M. Adams Douglas Barren Helene A. Bartels N. Joy S. Bixler Jacquelyn Culbertson Carol R. Cyrus Joy C. Green Harry L. Handy MEMBERS D. Myrle Hatcher Doris Jane Henderson Mary Elliott Henderson James W. Henkle David R. Jackson James W. Lewis Gustin R. Lieber Jane J. Morrison Ternhiko Nishi Charles R. Osborn Newton Parlson Schocnly Mary Alice Stovall Clifton H. Taylor Margaret C. Taylor Paul R. White Glen W. Zumwalt P The INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP is an inter-denominational student organization whose chief purpose is to strengthen the faith of the Christian student. The group is entirely student led, governed and supported. PAOE 482 KAPPA PSI OFFICERS Regent . JESSE L. BEALL Vice-Regent JAMES C. SARGENT Secretary LLOYD D. McGREW Treasurer SEBORN E. WOODS Faculty Advisor WILLIAM R. LLOYD MEMBERS Robert B Allison Jesse L. Beall Martin E. Bothwell Donald L. Burkett Henry M. Burlage William J. Campbell Bill R. Carter Reed Collins Frank I. Cooke Philip T. Eichelberger Charles W. Ewing Donald O. Ferguson James P. Fields Jerry Fulenwider Rudolph C. Garbor Turner F. Gassaway William Francis Gidley Dewey W. Godwin Vernon A. Green Robert A. Gude Allan G. Hanretta Ernest J. Hanus Winifred R. Hatton James Henry Herring, III Edward L. Hiller Edward N. Jabalie James R. Leach William R. Lloyd Lloyd D. McGrew Imo K. Meyers Marvin R. Moon William R. Neville Jerry E. Nobles John J. Plover Johnnie Sacaris James C. Sargent Charles R. Spangler Gus A. Steenken Charles E. Taylor Gene A. Trott Wayne E. Trott Ben L. Vineyard, Jr. Eugene L. Vykukal Henry A. Wertheimer John T. Williams Ferdinand E. Willmann William C. Wilson, Jr. Seborn E. Woods The purpose of this organization is to serve as an active service organization in the College of Pharmacy, emphasizing individual responsibility and initiative among its members for the common good of all the students in the College of Pharmacy. Front Rom: WILSON, EWING, GODWIN, SACARIS, VYKUKAL, STEENKEN, ALLISON, CAMPBELL. Second Row: GIDLEY, BURKETT, COOKE, W. TROTT, VINEYARD, LEACH, SPANGLER, NEVILLE. Third Row: HILLER, NOBLES, LLOYD, WILLMANN, BURLAGE, CARTER, WOODS, BEALL, HERRING. PAGE 483 LAREDO CLUB Front Row: KIRKPATRICK, PENA, GARCIA, SOTO, J. W. JONES, V. REUTHINGER, H. REUTHINGER, MOORE. Second Row: LEAL, MAST, DE LA GARZA, VILLARREAL, DAVIS, TREVINO, TALAMAS, FLOYD. OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer .... Faculty Sponsor . HORTENSE REUTHINGER CARLOS KIRKPATRICK ALICIA SOTO VIRGINIA LEE REUTHINGER RAUL PENA GEORGE SANCHEZ sr 00 - : - Bonnie Martha Bottenfield Patricia T. Brand Sergio M. Cano Jane Colbert Mary Alyce Corrigan Kimball O. Davis Leonor de la Garza Ellen E. Deutsch Ricardo Floyd Ricardo Garcia, Jr. MEMBERS James K. Jones Julia W. Jones Carlos Kirkpatrick Carlos V. Leal J. W. Mast Leab T. Mauck Robert A. Mauck Mona Moore Simon R. Ortiz Raul Pena, Jr. Mary Pat Puig Socrates Ramirez Hortense Reuthingcr Virginia Lee Reuthinger Evelyn Rubenstein Roberto Salinas Martin L. Shanken Alicia Soto Edward J. Talamas Dorothy B. Trevino Adela Marta Villarreal I The LAREDO CLUB was organized to bring together students from the Laredo area. PAGE 484 LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Counselor DON BIEHL KENNETH KOTZEBUE FLORENCE WEBER Lois BERGLUND BLANCHE A. ROCKNE MEMBERS Leo Aalund Hyden Allen Albert Clarence Albrecht M. G. Alizo Jake Raymond Almond Lloyd John Ander Bernard Anton Anderson Gloria JoNell Anderson James Carl Anderson Mary Jane Anderson Robert Arthur Anderson Ed August Artman, Jr. William Bruce Bailey William Lee Bammel Ellwood Talmage Barrett Norma S. Barrow Francis J. Baughman Alfred E. Becker Herbert D. Beniker Lois Lillian Berglund Don Howard Biehl Lois D. Blais Erich Bruno Blohm Harry Laurentz Blomquist, Jr. Mary Virginia Bodden Gretchen M. Bohn Catherine Rachel Bohl Mary Ann Bollman Martin Ehrfried Bothwell Stanley Boysen Lois Elaine Bracher Hubert A. Brandenburg Wilfred James Braulick John A. Braun Charlotte Mae Braunholz Harold D. Bredthauer Ronald Brinkoeter Jonell Britsch Marjorie Ann Britsch Ralph James Brodd Royce Nolan Brown Wordlyn J. Brueggman Robert Alan Buckholdt Melton William Bulgerin Frederick Burkhardt, Jr. James Richard Burkhardt William Edward Burks Dorothy Campbell Elmo Leroy Carlson Monroe Charpentier Daniel A. Chester Esther Christenson Ann Marie Clement Roy Helmuth Goers William Coons, Jr. Connie Coward Keith K. Cox Kenneth Jackson Cox Nina Merle Dukes Gayle Da vis Hal Davis Bob Deckert Edward DeMoss Frances Dietze Dorothy Ann Denard William DeSavino Carr Dishroon Rosemary Doerinu Leonard Doerpinghaus William Dorsch Robert Dube Fay Beth Duncer Lloyd Milton Durst Ted Henry Dusek Dolan Eargle Chris Bennet Easton Curt Ernest Eckhardt Aarne Erich Eeck Jo Ann Ehlers Elwood Eichler Lucille Helen Eirhler Norma Lee Eisenhaven John Frank Elsass Lembit Enni Elwood Eschberger Robert Ross Espeland William Feddersen Clarence Fell " r Carl Werner Fenske William Fickert William A. Flachmeier John H. Foy Harold Franke Gloria Frerins Charles Froebel Mildred Lorraine Fuchs Elwood Gaus Burnard W. Geisler Gretchen Gen7 Raymond C. Gerhardt Paul F. Gilliland William Grandoschek Arthur G. Greif Robert A. Gremmel William Llovd Gropp Robert M. Gunther Carl Gustafson Clifford L. Gustafson Esther C. Gustafson Fritz S. Gustafson Herman E. Haenel Romona F. Hahn Eric Hallen Ralph Halvorsen Lavonia Hannasch Amalia Hanath James G. Hand Loren Q. Hanson Jo Ann Hart Martha Ann Haschke Jack Ernest Haughn O. H. Haveman, Jr. Robert H. Hein Vernon L. Helmke Virginia Lee Hendricks Joyce M. Hengst Agnes D. Henke Virginia L. Henniger Margaret A. Heyer Lorimer K. Hill Malcolm E. Hoffmann Daryle Hohertz Loretta L. Hoke Albert W. Hoick Manfred Hoick, Jr. Lester C. Holly Shirley E. Hord Bernice Hrncir Beecher Huff Laverne Huser Clifford W. Johnson Marcus Johnson George Johnston. Jr. Frank J. Karaffa Peter Karpa David Kasten Richard G. Keim Lee Roy T. Kern Clarence A. Kiesler Lynette B. Klages Harold Lee Klein Helen Marie Knebel Luther Knebel Ted George Kneten John David Knudson Don Holm Kobe Kenneth L. Kotzebue Robert Kotzebue, Jr. Clarence E. Krause Lynwood C. Krause Bill Kruse Hubert L. Kuempel Larry Lacey Franklin K. Lander Nita Lade wig Dan W. Lakenmacher Floyd R. Lamp John O. Lange Kenneth Larrimore Hattie Lastorica Rolf V. Laube Janice Kniker Lee Robert Edward Lee Edward Louis Lehman Charlotte J. Lehmann Caroline Lettermann Barbara Liesman John Lihani Enoch Roger Lind Otto E. Linder Edward Hugo Ling Kenneth R. Lorfing John D. Lottman Leland B. Luchsinger Theo W. Lueders Lee Roy Lundguist Albert H. Lundstedt Clemens P. Lungwitz Lanelle Ruth Lutz Roddy D. McDaniel Lawrence McMakin, Jr. Gene E. Maeckel Janelle A. Maeckel Guenther K. Maenius Annie A. Maly Roby Lois Marburger Norman A. Martini Anna E. Matzke Carrin F. Mauntz Morris Meier Jane Alyce Melin Hubert L. Menn Daniel E. Merrill Doris Yvonne Messer Herbert W. Meyer Joan Meyer William John Meyer Frank C. Miller Kent Samuel Miller Olga B. Miller Joseph B. Modelski William Fred Moeller Denes Monostory Gwendolyn P. Moos Harley I. Morgenroth Walter G. Mrosko Calvin O. Mueller Jean Mutchler James George Myers Rolf Lehman Mygdal g Dave Daniel Nagel Ernest V. Nau Joyce Elaine Neff William R. Neff Betty M. NerTendorf Bill Neinast Philip A. Nelson Henry Jay Neumann Myron H. Newman Charles Nichols Haldon Nielsen, Jr. Dwight Ford Nielsen Margie Olle Ivan Ronald Olson Jeannine Pearce Harvey Penshorn Frank Richard Pernay Charles Perricone Elbert Pfeiffer ; Jr. Eleanor Pfennig Howard Pieper Bob Post Alfred Priuz Glen Sam Prinzing Albert Quebe Ethylee Raab Kurt Radtke Virgil Rahn John Henry Ravey Jane Redwine Morris Revsell Curtis Reierson Russell Reynolds Benny Rhodes, Jr. Calvin Riedei Billy Roark Clarence Roberts Blanche A. Rockne Robert Roenigk Janice Rowell Phillip Ruud Joyce Rydberg Hashim Safi Robert Scherd Delbert Schlueter Hermann Schmal Everett Schmidt Carroll Schorlemer Ollie Schrank Lerose Schultz Myrtis Sealy Elizabeth Sefcik Doris Shane John Shudde Chester Lee Simcik Use Skipsna Jerry Skrabenek Evelyn Slattum Lee Slaughter, Jr. Richard Sloma Arthur Sobey Richard Sobey Walide Sonnenburg Lucy Lee Speaker Werner Stamer Gus Steenken Joyce Steglich Dolores Steinkamp Geraldine Steubing Tom Stolhandske Fred Stolte Clarence SturnhorTer Robert Tatsch Erna Mae Teinert Bill Terry Ray Thoresen Betty Louise Tieken Kenneth Tiemann Elsworth Tonn Carl Edward Uhlig Billie Grace Ungerer Anita Vehslage LaVerne Voelkel Ernest Vogt Paul Vogt Erwin Walicek Milton Walther Carolyn Walther Florence Weber William Weigler FredWeise Dennis Weisser Shirley Welihoff Rea Wendlandt James Werchan Conrad Werkenthin Loretta Jean Wesley Curtis Whittington Margaret Wilde Mary Ann Williams Ferdinand Wiflmann Robert Carl Wolter Edith Wood Angelyn Wuthrich Bernie Wuthrich Elo Emil Zmke Robert Zinke Charles Zimmer Martha Zuch The LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION was organized in 1937 to bring together Lutheran students at the University. Front Row: Becker, Honniger, Haschke, Ungerer, Speaker, Kotzebue, Biehl, Berglund, O. Miller, Britsch, Fuchs, Rockne, Melin. Second Row: Hahn, Steinkamp, Tieken, Nau, Eargle, Pearce, Karpa, Lettermann, Marburger, Lueders, Schmal, Lamp. PAGE 485 M. I C. A. Front Row: GAGE, SMITH, MILLER, NICHOLS, MARY ESTHER HASKELL, ZBRANEK, MALLIA, PACE. Second Row: PUFAL, FOSTER, BETTIS, WOOLDRIDGE, ROTH, CONLON, FERGUSON, CULLEN, CANTU. Third Row: HARRISON, PATTILLOS, NIELSEN, BAKER, FOREMAN, WELLS, HERRING, SMETANA, DAVIS. OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Sponsors J. WILLIAM NICHOLS, JR. JOE BOB BETTIS FRED JONES MOORE GEORGE W. MILLER WILLIAM DAVID BLUNK CHARLES WILLIAM ROBERTS i- : I-:: B " HtrAi - .trim; i UntI ! LdiaC.( ' EdraD J i ? J. Robert Adamson William D. Baker Joe Bob Bettis Bruce D. Bush Robert G. Cantu, Jr. John L. Conlon Donald K. Cullen Mack F. Davis, Jr. E. Fred Ferguson, Jr. Wilson F. Foreman EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Marvin F. Foster, Jr. George A. Gage James Thad Harrison James H. Herring, III Edward Louis Hiller M. Dwain McDonald Ignatious J. Mallia George Wayne Miller Fred J. Moore J. William Nichols, Jr. D. Ford Nielsen William R. Pace Reginald A. Pattillos Jim Pufal Maximo Roth James J. Smetana Calvin J. Smith Julian A. Wells Clark E. Wooldridge Jaromir Charles Zbranek M.I.C.A. membership is open to any male student not affiliated with a social fraternity. M.I.C.A. has been active for fourteen years and is one of the strongest M.I.C.A. organizations in the nation. PAGE 486 NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Chaplains LARRY COUGHLIN LILLIAN MALEG DONNA MAE PACE ROBERT K. BRYANT FATHER GERARD MAGUIRE FATHER EDWARD PETERS MEMBERS Pete Acosta Marian Teresa Adams Francis H. Aiba Beverlye Ann Allen Charlene Atchison Charles Deloss Atchison Daniel L. Bares James King Barrett Joan Becker Joann Berry Ru Beuke Dorothy Louise Bielinski Marjorie Bieter Carolyn Amelia Blasdal Betty Bellinger Ted Bomba Paul Kasper Bordovsky Mary Rose Brady Walter Anthony Braden, Jr. Condell D. Brazier Anthony Gerald Brocato Robert K. Bryant Joanne Earlene Burkhalter Lelia C. Cachola John Edward Cahoon, Jr. Edwin D. Cahill Harvey A. Campbell Joseph Canales Joe Cardenas Wylma L. Castleberry Patsy Joan Cater Dolores J. Cervenka George Gloss Delores Cobb Madeleine Cobb Barbara T. Combe Pat Cominski Patsy Connelly Ramond Cook Larry Coughlin Jim Cranny Mary Jean Crow Phoebe J. Cunningham Louis S. Davila Kimball Davis William W. DeWitt Maria Nieves Donada Joan Dougan Margaret L. Dougherty Louis J. Droll Tommy H. Ducute John Roscoe Durio Frank Dzierzanowski Virgilio Escutia, Jr. Bill Fagan Barbara Jane Fenton Edward R. Finck Dorothy A. Freytag Ethlyn R. Freytag Robert Keyes Gabrysch Robert Stanley Gant Concepcion Garcia Jesus Z. Garcia Nita Garza Joseph J. George Doris M. Goertz Suzie Golman Rudolph Gomez Salvador Gonzales Mary Dolores Greco Lorene Griffin Robert Frederick Grothous Patricia E. Grunewald Charlotte A. Gunter Ernest Hanus Henry Harbrecht Ann K. Harrington Richard Hatch Ann Heller Edward Hiller Ann H. Hogan Patricia I. Hogan Josephine H. Howard Bernard S. Hruzek Larry L. Huggins Ralph B. Johnson Diana Lee Joseph George R. Kartezeins Helen Elizabeth Keller Thomas G. Kelliher Inez Claire Kimball Richard J. Kinnally Mary Ellen King Arthur J. Klein Mark Kubula Gretchen P. Kuhlman Jill Elizabeth Langfield Ann Laughlin Guadelupe Yolanda Leal Milton Lehman Joe W. Lillard Evelyn F. Lorbeer Florence Ludcrus Corine A. Lukovich Jerry F. Lyons Dolores B. McCarrick Patricia E. McGinn Kay McKnight Eleanor S. Macha Neil F. Magee John J. Malanaphy Lillian Malec F. J. Maloney Virginia Maloney Nunzio J. Marabella Marvin J. Marnock Anthony W. Mays Frank J. Montabano Rosemary Montague Nick Morales, Jr. Robert M. Moreman John S. Myrick Harry Nass Joseph R. Navarro Jack R. Nazzal Gilbert F. Nemec James Edward Newman Nancy Jane Newton Charles J. Ney Martha Ann Nichols Edda Lea Noriega Leala Norman Edwin G. Novak Johnny Novosad Nancy O ' Brien Donna Mae Pace Oris Joseph Pastor Manuel S. Perez Martha C. Petraitis Roy F. Pille Frank Pinedo Cecilia M. Pingenot William J. Plant Anthony J. Principe John Prud ' homme Helen Marie Rast John E. Redman Leonard James Rehkemper Betty C. Robertson Linda Ruiz Theodore H. Runyeon Jalucho J. Salome Mary Margaret Sample Jack F. Sandgathe Betty Jean Scamardo Gail A. Schatzman Barbara Ann Schuchert Walter Scott Joseph W. Sessions James J. Smetana Judith W. Smith Marilyn V. Smith Kathryn Ann Spooner Edward J. Stelly Thomas B. Stimm Robert Strake Elizabeth M. Strauss Frieda Straube Edmond T. Sulkevich Edward John Talamas Violet R. Tagliarini Joseph T. Tannos Joann Thompson Charles A. Tom Alda Totah Adan Trevino Edward Joseph Walsh Bob Washington Mary Elizabeth Welder Barba ra A. Welhausen Jack T. Wernette John B. Wesselman Richard J. Whetzle Hugh G. White Richard A. Willding NEWMAN CLUB, founded in 1908, serves as an organization of service and fellowship for the Catholic students on the University campus. Front Row: Dzierzanowski, Fagan, Novosad, Navarro, Montabano, Acosta, Nemec, Trevino, Kubula, Johnson, Nass, DeWitt, Sulkevich, Aiba, Bryant, Talamas. Second Row: Hruzek, Pinedo, Cardenas, V. Maloney, McKnight, Robertson, Heller, Bielinski. Tagliarini, Donada, Leal, Norman, Keller, Goertz, Sandgathe, Macha, Dougan, Stelly, Malec, Bomba, Davis. Third Row: Father Maguire, F. Maloney, Cook, Cranny, Harbrecht, Klein. Strauss, Kimball. Castleberry, Ruiz, Cervenka, Berry, Petraitis, C. Garcia, D. Cobb, Connelly, King, Lehman, Nazzal, Hiller, Hatch, Pace, Lukovich, Coughlin. Fourth Row: Washington, Droll, Cominski, Welder, O ' Brien, McGinn, Luderus, Beuke, Rast, Spooner, Buter, Nichols, Grunewald, Griffin, George, M. Cobb, Malanaphy, Crow, Golman, Dougherty. PAGE 487 NURSING EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB Front Row: CASTLEBERRY, GENZ, CRAIG, ABRAHAMSON. Second Row: GREENSHIELDS, CHAFFEE, TEODORO, QUILLIN, HILLS. OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor . DARLYN CRAIG BARBARA GREENSHIELDS GRETCHEN G. GENZ WYLMA LOUISE CASTLEBERRY IRENE HEALY MEMBERS Luella Abrahamson Elizabeth M. Breswick Billy Jean Brown Lelia C. Cachola Wylma Louise Castleberry Elizabeth Ann Chaffee Margaret E. Chapman Ann Marie Clement Darlyn Craig Joanne B. Davis Gretchen G. Genz Barbara V. Greenshields Juanita M. Hagler Esther Brown Hills Addy Johnson Jean Martha Kegley Bernice J. Killian Juanita H. Quillin Delta M. Runyon Phyllis I. Schmidt Nancy B. Stanton Ruth Todd Floria Teodoro Concepcion S. Yumul The NURSING EDUCATION MAJORS is an organization composed of women students registered in the School of Nursing on the campus; it is a service, as well as a social organization. PACE 488 PIERIAN LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS President V ice-President, Secretary Treasurer MARY LOUISE IVEY JEAN LEWIS JACQUELYN CULBERTSON JOAN WEBB MEMBERS Nellie Adams Emily Agnew Betty B. Burkhalter Jacquelyn Culbertson Louise Diamond Mary Louise Ivey Jean Lewis Pat Miller Nalda Van Brunt Joan Webb PIERIAN LITERARY SOCIETY is a literary group whose members must have a " B " average in English and a " C " over-all aver- age. The name of the group is adapted from Alexander Pope ' s " Essay on Criticism. " Front Row: DIAMOND, WEBB, MILLER, IVEY. Second Row: LEWIS, VAN BRUNT, AGNEW, ADAMS, BURKHALTER. PAGE 489 REAGAN LITERARY SOCIETY Front Row: LUNDELIUS, JOSEPHSON, GRAY, WELHAUSEN, HYLTIN, RUGELEY, BLAKE, TEMPLE, WERTHEIMER, HARRELL, SPELL. Second Row: RENNER, DAVIS, RUSSELL, MITCHELL, CARLSON, WESNER, FINK, GARTNER, HALLUM. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor . DOLORES RUSSELL VIRGINIA B. SPELL JOAN D. RUGELEY SANDRA J. JOSEPHSON JOHN A. WALTER MEMBERS Mary Alice Allen Joan Becker Betty Blake Charlotte R. Booth Barbara A. Carlson June E. Charlier Annetta J. Clark Kaye Love Clark Pat L. DaCamara Rita M. Davidson Starr Davis Marellyn F. Denton Patricia J. Dillon Margaret A. Doane Caroline Dowell Mary Patricia Dowell Shalmir Ann Duerson Nancy J. Earle Joan Ethridge Norma L. Fink Patricia L. Folmar Barbara S. Freeman Jeneane M. Gartner Joanna Gentry Frances E. Gilbreath Joan Gray Virginia Hallum Betty Lou Ham Rosemary Monroe Hamner Elaine E. Harrell Barbara Haworth Martha J. Henkel Lady Clyde Hodges Jennie Hogg M. Jody Hollon Jo Ann Hyltin Amy I. Johnson Joan Johnson Cherill A. Joseph Sandra J. Josephson Jaclyn L. Keasler Patsy D. Klaver Peggy M. Knight Gloria C. Kusin Elizabeth Ladon Jeanne M. Laird Loretta L. Lowrey Ruth Marguerite Lundelius Aileen Jean McElreath Mary Ann McWhorter Maurine E. Mitchell Jane E. Neill Ida Joan Olpp Marylyn Perkins Elizabeth Ann Pratt E. Ann Randolph Carol A. Reid Jerry L. Renner M. Ann Rosbo rough Joan D. Rugeley Dolores A. Russell Sara Sample I. Lanette Sherman Judith Smith Beverly Smyth Virginia B. Spell Betty C. Stanford Nancy L. Temple Gladys J. Vernon Virginia E. Warner Sarah Jane Weeks M. Jean Welhausen Ruth Jean Wertheimer Carol J. Wesner Mary Margaret Wiley Dixie L. Williams Lucy R. Wommack Barbara Woodson M. Jayne Word Jacqueline Wren With membership requirements a " B " average in English, REAGAN LITERARY SOCIETY was founded by the first Dean of Women of the University. The purpose of the organization is to discuss outstanding literary contribution. PACE 490 RHO CHI OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Historian FRANK H. DANNELLEY RICHARD J . GERTH WILLIAM REESE LLOYD CARL CLARENCE ALBERS Carl Clarence Albers Donald L. Burkett Henry M. Burlage Billy R. Carter Frank H. Dannelley Robert F. Doerge Earl Doolen Eblen Benny Val Ellis Bonnie L. Evans J. C. France Richard J. Gerth MEMBERS William F. Gidley Vernon A. Green Esther Jane Wood Hall Ruth Ham Edward Nasit Jabalie Tony Everett Jones William R. Lloyd Frederick V. Lofgren Van M. Merrill Imo K. Meyer Jose R. Moreno Jacob Meyer Protas Larry Otto Riedel John H. Smith Gene Allen Trott Daniel P. N. Tsao Ben Lynn Vineyard, Jr. Simon P. Votive Henry A. Wertheimer Leon O. Wilken, Jr. Charles O. Wilson RHO CHI, national honorary pharmaceutical fraternity, was founded in 1922. The University chapter was established in 1929. Front Row: EBLEN, MERRILL, JONES, GERTH, DANNELLEY, LLOYD, ALBERS, EVANS, GREEN, CARTER. Second Row: RIEDEL, BURKETT, VOTIVE, LOFGREN, WILSON, WERTHEIMER, JABALIE, MEYER, PROTAS. Third Row: TROTT, TSAO, WILKEN, BURLAGE, SMITH, HALL, VINEYARD, ELLIS. PAGE 491 RUSK LITERARY AND DEBATE SOCIETY OFFICERS President First V ice-President . Second Vice-President Secretary Treasurer JOE WHEAT REUBEN E. WEATHERFORD, JR. JACK B. STRONG CHARLES R. ATKINSON JOSEPH R. MEJERLE MEMBERS Carl E. Abramson Charles R. Atkinson Robert L. Blumenthal William P. Cloyd George A. Crowley William H. Darden Perry D. Davis, Jr. Lynwood G. Elliott Wilson Foreman Reverdy T. Gliddon Lloyd N. Hand Pat H. Hughes G. Sidney Kacir John O. Lange Gordon L. Llewellyn Joseph R. Mejerle Henry A. Price Kenneth Roberts Richard L. Robinett Paul Stafford Jack B. Strong Reuben E. Weatherford, Jr Jim R. Westberry Joe Wheat Ed York PAGE 2 OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor SAN ANTONIO CLUB GEORGE B. TUTTLE Gus W. HAHN MARILYN E. WOLTERING BERRY R. ENGLISH JOSEPH R. GRIEBEL MEMBERS Margaret Ann Abbott Betty Jo Arnett Lois E. Bates Barbara O. Beatty Joan Becker Theodore J. Berger William W. Beuhler, Jr. Beverly E. Bihn J. Robert Bonner Max A. Bowman Herbert L. Clancy, Jr. Robert S. Cobb, III Joseph G. Cole, Jr. Thomas J. Collins John L. Conlon Eugene E. Dabney Bonnie Dilworth Berry R. English Arthur Morton Gochman Gus W. Hahn Wilburn A. Hehs Loretta M. lamm Barbara A. Le Flore George Lemus Merry C. McCreless Walker N. Metcalf Norma L. Mills Maxine G. Nickles Harvey G. Penshorn Lynn A. Porter Yvonne Maria Rowe Norma D. Smith Robert B. Sweeney Wayne K. Travis George A. Tuttle Phyllis M. Vagtborg Fred H. Weiss Marilyn E. Weltering Open to all students from the San Antonio area, this club enables these students to become better acquainted through social and service functions. Front Row: METCALF, DABNEY, MILLS, ROWE, WOLTERING, TUTTLE, LEMUS. Second Row: COLLINS, TRAVIS, CONLON, BEUHLER, WEISS, PENSHORN. PAOE 493 SIDNEY LAMER LITERARY SOCIETY Front Row: AR1SCO, TERRELL, VAN WORMER, IVES, HENDLER, GERSON, DEBNAM, COLEMAN, KAY. Second Rnw: COURTER, FLEMING, STUTTLE, GARDINER, MORRIS, STOKES, HASSEN, NESMITH. OFFICERS President .... Vice-President . Recording Secretary Treasurer .... Corresponding Secretaries Faculty Sponsor SHIRLEY LOUISE VAN WORMER RUTH HENDLER FRANCES KENDALL ATKINS BARBARA TERRELL PATSY KYLENE NESMITH MARGARET AUSTIN IONE SPEARS Charlotte Arant Marie Arisco Frances Kendall Atkins Margaret Austin Lois Bates Evelyn Corinne Beall Elissa Berwald Mary Lou Bliss Mary Rose Brady Helen Le Nelle Bucek D. Carolyn Busch Angela Caldwell Charlotte Elizabeth Carlisle Patsy Joan Cater Sally Ann Chesnick Diane Cocke Marilyn Joan Coleman Virginia Ann Courier Mary Lucile Deaton Diane Debnam Jean Evans Margery E. Farek Mary Lee Fleming MEMBERS Carolyn Foreman Doris May Forman Mary A. Freund Alice Gardiner Daina H. Gerson Joyce Gilstrap Roy Neilyn Griggs Martha Ann Hallman Martha Lee Harelik Dorothy Harris Nabela Hassen Harriot Haynes Ruth Hendler Dolores Marie Hilsher Naomi Hoppenstein Jeanie Hughlett Kathleen Chloe Hunt Peggy Jean Ives Mary Gene Johnson Arlene R. Kay Mildred Marie Klesel Diane Lehman Joan Bette Levy Leva LaRue McFarland Lolita Ruth McNeill Cornie Marie Miffleton Sammye Jo Miles Betty Jo Mills Norma Jean Morris Virginia Lee Morrisson Patsy Kylene Nesmith Margaret Texana Petty Darlene Prouse Harbara Roberts Joyce Rae Rosenberg Phyllis Louise Rosenberg Christina Rosenquist Ernest Mae Seaholm June Stokes Elaine Strauch March Stuttle Helen B. Tannehill Barbara Terrell Pat Torn Shirley Louise Van Wormer SIDNEY LANIER is a literary society which meets to discuss and read outstanding literature. Membership is based on the require- ments of a " B " average over-all and a " B " average in all English courses. PAGE 494 SOUTH CENTRAL TEXAS CLUB OFFICERS President . First V ice-President Second V ice-President Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Sponsors KAY MCKNIGHT BILLIE GRACE UNGERER FRANK MAREK ORA MONA BOHLMANN STANLEY BOYSEN WINONA BOYSEN MEMBERS Bobby Afflerbach Claude E. Alblinger Nancy Jo Armstrong Mary Alice C. Arnold Billy J. Barnes Bob L. Baros Marie A. Benes Kenneth Earl Blaschke Gwendolyn V. Boehl Ora Mona Bohlmann Marion Jack Borchers Otto R. Borchers Paul Kasper Bordovsky Rudy L. Bordovsky William D. Bouldin Stanley Boysen Winona Boysen Bill E. Bridges Richard E. Bright Llane Campbell James O. Chapman M. Norvell Charpentier Mary F. Chupick Donald P. Churchhill Robert O. Cone, Jr. Jerry L. Coufal James Kerr Grain Agnes G. David Jessamon Dawe Frances C. Dietze Lillian M. Douthit Roger M. Dreyer Fay B. Dungen Eugene Frank Farek Margery E. Farek Thomas E. Farek Carol Ann Fischer Dorothy Ann Freytag Ethlyn R. Freytag Lois Jeanette Freytag Bettye J. Frisbie Charles W. Frobese Dora Maria Garcia Betty Ann Giese Edmund A. Giese, Jr. John F. Grant Katheryne L. Graves Elsie W. Haas Adolph Herzik Dolores Marie Hilsher Jerry A. Hilsher Lester C. Holly Cleo James Holubec Bernice Ann Hrncir Harry M. Hruzek Laverne C. Huser Ruby Ruth Johnson Colleen F. Kahlich Edward Kelly Lynette B. Klages Rosie J. Klekar Mildred M. Klesel Joseph A. Kloesel, Jr. Rosemary B. Kokernot Charles J. Kvinta George I. Lauterstein Minnie B. Lauterstein Andrew Lecah Bill Loessin Kenneth Roy Lorfing Theo W. Lueders Gordon Reid McCarty Robert C. McCarty Kay McKnight Lillian Malec Frank J. Marek Wilburn C. Mercer Samylu M. Michelson Billy F. Mullen Patricia Myers William C. Newberry Edwin G. Novak M. Sarita Obelgoner Edith Marie O ' Kruhlik Billy R. Pagel Mary Alice Peters James L. Poth Kathryn V. Poth Jack H. Rayson Walter L. Romberg Margaret Ann Schmidt Diane Schwartz Ernest Mae Seaholm Rudolph G. Seeberger, Jr. John Sheppard Jack Skelton Bob Smith Carlos Smith James Smith Werner Stamer Thomas N. Stell Hank Steigmeyer Billy Frank Strickland Bobby Joe Strickland Leon W. Sula Mildred Surcek Murray Tarkington Barbara J. Taylor Jamie B. Terrell Max E. Thornhill Frank J. Tilicek Billie Grace Ungerer Katherine F. Untermeyer Charles V. Wagner Erwin H. Walicek Jean Welhausen Arthur J. Willrodt Jo Ann Wright Lawrence G. Wright James J. Yelderman Elo E. Zinke Robert L. Zinke Composed of students from DeWitt, Gonzales, Fayette, Lavaca and Colorado counties, the SOUTH CENTRAL TEXAS CLUB sponsors a yearly scholarship given to a graduating senior from a South Central Texas high scho ol. Front Row: S. Boysen, W. Boysen, Schmidt, Blaschke, McKnight, Bohlmann, Ungerer, B. J. Strickland. Second Row: Hilsher, O ' Kruhlik, Haas, Lorfing, Herzik, B. F. Strickland, E. Farek. PAGE 495 SPHINX Front Row: WAGNER, LAVERTY, FITZPATRICK, RUIZ-VILLARRUBIA, MUNIR, ROME. Second Row: HOLLIS, WASH, O ' NEAL, CONGER, WILHITE, MARTIN, DENNEY. Third Roiv: LIGHTFOOT, SMITH, KUEHNE, BALL, MOORE, MIDDLE TON, HELMKE. OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Sponsor ROBERT NEWCOMB LAVERTY S. McCALL FlTzPATRICK JAMES C. WASH OSVALDO RuiZ-VlLLARRUBIA MARTIN S. KERMAGY MEMBERS Ralph P. Ball Tom D. Conger Benjamin P. Denney S. McCall FitzPatrick J. B. Hancock Vernon L. Helmke Chester Roland Hollis, Jr. Hugo Franz Kuehne, Jr. Robert Newcomb Laverty Tommy E. Lemons William M. Lightfoot John Albert Martin Samuel Thomas Middleton Bobby Gene Moore Hisham A. R. Munir W. Tighe O ' Neal James G. Rome Osvaldo Ruiz-Villarrubia Gordon L. Smith, Jr. Cyrus H. Wagner James C. Wash Gayle Dalton Wilhite Lawrence English Wilson If m ! SPHINX is an architectural organization with the purpose of encouraging scholarships and stimulating professional interest in the architectural profession. PAGE 496 SPOOKS OFFICERS Chief Haunt Vice-Haunt .... Recorder Journalistic Haunt Banker Haunt PATRICIA A. Cox SHIRLEY C. FITCH GAIL E. CAMPBELL SUE HENSLEE Nellie J. Adams Nancy J. Bailey Frances Eugenia Berryman Beverly E. Bihn B. Jean Black Nevillyn Dawn Bobo Barbara A. Boone Charlotte Booth Joanne E. Burkhalter Jo Ann Caldwell Gail E. Campbell Lula Corovines Patricia A. Cox Bettie M. Dancy Nancy J. Dobey Nollie A. Duggan Carol Ann Eakins Nancy J. Earle Darby Jean Ehlers Norma Lee Eisenhauer Mary Ann Elliott M. Rochelle Estlack Barbara J. Fenton MEMBERS Shirley C. Fitch Elaine F. Folley Patricia Folmar B. Hope Frnka Mildred L. Fuchs Patricia J. Gayle Yvonne C. Gebhard Nancy E. Green Nancy M. Hall Margaret Ann Hargrove Mary Esther Haskell Martha J. Henkel Sue Henslee Frances Lorina Hoffman Connie W. Hopping Sidney E. Howell Sonja A. Ingwersen Mary Louise Ivey Nancy L. James Sally A. Jordon Evelyn Jean Kellner Eleanor Jane Kneip Shirley R. Lawrence Shirley Long Theo W. Lueders Gloria W. Meyer Janie Naylor Donna J. Nenstiel Martha Ann Nichols Jo Ann Nowotny Frances F. Overton Weldeen Joy Sanders Barbara Sanguinet Dora Belle Scott Mary Margaret Scott Barbara L. Steele Sidney Stinnett Diane Sweatman C. Ann Terrill Janice Varnell Mary Winsett Peggy A. Wolff Helen Carolyn Woodruff Barbara A. Wright Jane M. York Interest and participation in campus activities, and a sense of humor are the requirements for membership in SPOOKS, girls ' social organization. Front Row: DANCY, M. SCOTT, CAMPBELL, COX, FITCH, BERRYMAN, HENSLEE, NICHOLS, GAYLE. Second Row: ELLIOTT, DOBEY, WOODRUFF, SWEATMAN, KNEIP, LAWRENCE, D. SCOTT, BAILEY, JAMES. PACE 497 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Front Row: TERRY, McNEIL, HOLLON, REED, TIPPIT, DOWELL, MILLER, CHAMBERS, WARNER, ROBERTS, VINITA HOPKINS, HYLTIN. Second Row: ROLLER, COX, KELLEY, LITTLE, FLACK, OSBORN, MERRY BLUE, STEARNS, PETTY, ECKOLS. Third Row: WILSON, LASTER, YRIART, SPEARS. OFFICERS President YWCA . President YMCA Vice-President YWCA V ice-President YMCA Secretary Treasurer YWCA . Treasurer YMCA MARY PAT DOWELL THOMAS E. MILLER ANN ROSBOROUGH BERT TIPPITT SHELBY REED AMY JOHNSON FRANKLIN SPEARS Executive Director YWCA General Secretary YMCA Associate Secretary YMCA STAFF SALLIE ROLLER W. A. (BLOCK) SMITH HUGH ECKOLS CABINET Henry Braswell Anne Chambers Mary Pat Dowell Don Eastland Ed Frost Hinda Groner Jody Hollon Joanne Hyltin Amy Johnson Bobby Laster Bill Melvin Thomas E. Miller Shelby Reed Shirley Roberts Ann Rosborough Franklin Spears Don Stearns Bert Tippitt Kathleen Kelley Virginia Warner UPPERCLASS SPONSORS FOR FRESHMAN FELLOWSHIP Henry Braswell Patricia Cox Don Eastland Jody Hollon Bobby Laster Ann McNiell Joe Osborn Margaret Petty Shirley Roberts Marilyn Terry Kay Tutt Jerry Wilson FRESHMAN FELLOWSHIP CABINET John Campos Mary Damrel Betty Tom Flack Hinda Groner Kathleen Kelley B. J. Little Jo Ann Mays Bill Melvin Charles Otey Kenneth Pinson Elaine Reeves Don Stearns UPPERCLASS FELLOWSHIP COUNCIL David Anderson Anne Chambers Bruce Jones Albert Yriart The STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION, founded on this campus over sixty years ago, has as its purpose the building of a fellowship among students. PAOE 498 TEJAS CLUB OFFICERS President GRAY EVANS Vice-President WILLIAM A. MODRALL Business Manager JOHN A. TOLINE Meals Manager TOM WILSON Secretary PHILLIP MILLER BELL William Page Keeton FACULTY Howard William Townsend Jack Holland MEMBERS Phillip Miller Bell Miner Dean Bowen Crawford Boyd Glenn E. Brooks Fred Coffey Kenneth Creel Timmy Ray Cummings Paul Banner Dean Dunlap Gray Evans Wilson F. Foreman Bonnie Frank Galloway G. Roderick Gwaltney Romeo Hinajosa Robert Nathan Katz Robert E. Laster Leo Charles Lee Robert Lemen Andrew Kerr McColpin William A. Modrall James D. Montgomery Fred Jones Moore Hisham Munir Ralph Erb Persons Charles H. Pistor Maximo Roth Charles Schwartz Pablo Stein John A. Toline Tom Wilson J. C. Zbranek TEJAS CLUB is a social organization whose members are elected on the basis of scholarship and integrity. Membership is limited to independent men and to the approval of it s members. Top Row: BELL, BOWEN, BOYD, CUMMINGS, EVANS, FOREMAN, GALLOWAY. Second Row: GWALTNEY, KATZ, LASTER, LEE, McCOLPIN, MODRALL, MOORE Third Row: MUNIR, PERSON, PISTOR, ROTH, STEIN, TOLINE, ZBRANEK. PAGE 499 TEXAS PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION Front Row: CAMP, ELLIS, KEY, LIVELY, SYKES, HIGHSMITH, VALDEZ, EVANS, MERKLEY, THORNTON, LESTER, ELIZONDO. Second Row: GUDE, NIXSON, DAVILA, STEENKEN, ROMO, DUNCAN, MERCER, SACARIS, HERRING, LENNON, LAMP. Third Row: MERRILL, HESTAND, ANDERSON, PINEDO, NORRID, HUGHES, FULENWIDER, FORDTRAN, BEALL, BJORUM. OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary . Vice-Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Sponsor JOHN R. KEY EDWARD L. HILLER EUGENE L. VYKUKAL BETTY DEAN LENNON LLOYD D. McGREW HENRY A. WERTHEIMER MEMBERS Claude Eugene Ablinger William L. Anderson James Raymond Barker, Jr. Jesse L. Beall Wayne W. Berry William Thomas Binford Bernard H. Bjorum William D. Bouldin David Stafford Camp III William Campbell Richard Carder John M. Carson Ruben R. Castro Frank H. Dannelley James E. Davidson Louis Davila W. Carlyle Duncan Philip T. Eichelberger Concepcion Elizondo Robert Lee Ellis John E. Emmitt Charles B. Estes Harold E. Ewald Bill Ewing Bonnie L. Evans Donald O. Ferguson James P. Fields Robert L. Fordtran Gilbert E. Friedson Jerry Fulenwider Rudolph C. Garber Baldemar L. Garza Turner F. Gassaway Marion A. Graves Richard Charles Greenberg John M. Greenwood, Jr. Arnold L. Grimes Robert A. Gude Manza L. Hale James B. Haley Jim H. Herring Howard A. Hestand, Jr. Lillian M. Hielscher Carroll M. Higgins Vaughn A. Highsmith Charles E. Hill Edward L. Hiller Harry M. Hruzek Dale R. Hughes Grady H. Jones, Jr. John R. Key Leroy D. Klump James K. Knott Clarence E. Krause Floyd R. Lamp James R. Leach Betty Dean Lennon Christian G. Leopold, Jr. Iris Pace Lester William H. Lively Newt A. Logan Clemens F. Lungwitz Billie A. McFadin Lloyd D. McGrew Thomas Kirk May Wilburn C. Mercer Jackie Merkley Van M. Merrill Frank E. Miller Kenneth A. Miller Marvin R. Moon Gordon D. Moore Jack O. Morrison Jack R. Nazzal Charles Glenn Nixson Leon D. Norrid Albert Papa Thomas J. Parma Samuel F. Pinedo Robert Charles Proft Jack M. Protas Ebb W. Reeves Thomas Romo, Jr. Herman D. Sabrsula Johnnie Sacaris Donald M. Salyer James C. Sargent John H. Smith Charles R. Spangler Gus A. Steenken Noah Wilson Stone Roy A. Sykes Charlie V. Tarango, Jr. John T. Terrell Edward Earl Thompson Lady G. Thornton Gene A. Trott Robert J. Valdez Eugene C. Volcik Eugene L. Vykukal Oscar R. White Billy W. Williamson Perry C. Williamson Ferdinand E. Willmann William C. Wilson Archie L. Wolfe TEXAS PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION is the Texas branch of a similar national organization and is open to all interested pharmacy students. Organized on this campus in 1948, it helps pharmacists in school and after graduation. PACE 500 TEXAS STARS OFFICERS President Faculty Advisors M. JEAN WELHAUSEN ARNO NOWOTNY AL CHAPMAN MEMBERS Myrlene Anderson Margi E. Carter Shiree Daniels Elizabeth Ann Donan Gloria Fericks Dana D. Howe Joan Meyer Betty J. Payne Sue Vivian Rogers Videll Rux Diane Schwartz Shirley Strum Chloma C. Todd Janilyn S. Webber Helen Arden Welch M. Jean Welhausen The first such group in the Southwest Conference, the colorful TEXAS STARS is a girls ' twirling organization performing at foot- ball games, basketball games, pep rallies and parades. Left to Right: FERICKS, ANDERSON, STRUM, RUX, CARTER, PAYNE, DANIELS, SCHWARTZ, ROGERS, HOWE, TODD, DONAN, WELHAUSEN, MEYER, WEBBER, WELCH. PAOE 501 Left to right: FUCHS, SMITH, HENSLEE, LUEDERS, TEIXEIRA, KNEIP, SPEAR, PASSIOS. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Historian Reporter . Faculty Sponsor THEO LUEDERS ROSE BRUNE MARY ESTHER HASKELL JOYCE JACKSON SHIRLEY LAWRENCE JOHNNIE HUMAN LOUISE TEIXEIRA EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Rose Brune Dolores Consuelo Castaneda Mildred Fuchs Mary Esther Haskell Laretha Sue Henslee Connie Hopping Johnnie Human Joyce Jackson Jane Kneip Shirley Lawrence Theo Lueders Carrin Mauritz Dorothea Passios Irma Saldivar Evelyn Sherabon Patricia Lynn Smith Mary Helen Spear Elizabeth Strauss With membership open to any woman student of the University who has no sorority affiliation, WICA has the promotion of social and cultural activities among independent girls and the co-operation with other groups for the advancement of the aims and the ideas of the University as its goal. PACE 502 WESLEY FOUNDATION STAFF Director Associate Director Activities Director C. W. HALL ROBERT E. LEDBETTER, JR. REVEREND ROBERT BREIHAN COUNCIL President First V ice-President Second V ice-President . Secretary Finance Chairman .... Publicity Chairman Personnel Chairman Worship Chairman .... Recreation Chairman . Social Action Chairman Community Service Chairman . World Relatedness Chairman Drama Commission Chairman . WAYNE C. ODOM JAMES E. CARTER NELDA MILLION MARGARET PETTY CARNEY HAMILTON BARBARA L. STEELE DOROTHY S. PINKERTON LON A. SPEER HARRY C. KIELY GLEN E. BROOKS JESSE W. CLEMENTS RICHARD E. BRIGHT OLIVER D. HAILEY The WESLEY FOUNDATION is a fellowship of Methodist students and their friends built around common interests and ideals. Front Row: John W. Hall, Philip L. Hall, Nancy Torrance, Edena Harris, Bob Harris, Jody Taylor, Barbara Haws, Eula Mae Bass. Mary Ann Dunnam, Dolores Young, Rae Belcher, Jeanette Owen, Mary Elizabeth Bynum, Bill Langham, Fleetwood Giles, Joe Klopfstein, Bobby B. Lassiter. Second Row: John M. Worrell, Harris L. John son, H. A. Walter, Dan Polter, Howard Purvis, Mary Louise Mayes, Dixie Taylor, Darlene Prouse, Charles Belf, Joy Brain, Mary Alice Morgan. Third Row: James E. Carter, Allen Killam, Kathy Newnam, Gus Hahn, Barbara Wells, Nell Sansing, Tavia LaFour, Bonnie Sue Bain, Nelda Million, Jack Walker, Kerry Preston, Jane Blake, Ernest C. Stephen, Duke Taylor, Carney Hamilton. Fourth Raw: Carl Lambert, Harry Kiely, Bill Nelson, Margaret Petty, Peggy Lantrip, Sandra Gingrich, Peggy Dougherty, Evelyn Dean, Mary K. Lang- ston, Janice Bourdon, Mary Lee Fleming, Bill Foster. Filth Row: Elaine Reeves, Mary Juan Presson, Wilma Jean Miller, Pat McCutcheon, Janet Gilstrap, Dorothy Fender, Betty Jane Little, David Dungan, Ed W. Lambert, James H. Washington. Sixth Rou: Allen R. Rundell, Jackie Gwen Wardlaw, Mary Lane Oliver, Ann Bruckner, Hubert Strom, Leonard Raif, Merry McCreless, D. Ford Nielsen, Ralph E. Hagood, Julius Olson. Seventh Row: Stanley Warburton, Jeanette Welty, Jean Welty, Theda Bost, Hi Chang Chai, Preston J. Tillery, Mrs. W. E. Lacy, Jack Lacy, Charlene Henry. Eighth Row: Albert Villareal, Jr., Joe Brock, Robert W. Carter, Howard W. Bost, Marvin Harlow, Rex Montgomery, Bob Brewer, Joy Green. Ninth Row: Oliver Hailey, William W. Beuhler, Jr., Robert Allen, Richard Bright, Floyd Bennett, Bill Ladwig, Phil Baker, Bob Breihan. PAGE 503 WESTMINSTER STUDENT FELLOWSHIP Front Row: ENDRESS, CULBERTSON, GENTRY, LORD, BARTELS. Second Row: TANNEHILL, OLIVARD, WARNER, LEE. Third Row: PERSON, P. BELL, STEELE. Fourth Row: PETET, DRIVER, MODRALL, SHAW, C. BELL. OFFICERS President Vice-Presidenl Secretary Treasurer Representative to the Board Administrative Assistant Enlistment Commission Chairman Fellowship Commission Chairman . Program Commission Chairman Publications Commission Chairman Service Commission Chairman Stewardship Commission Chairman Kirk Editor Century Class President Chart ' n Compass Class President . Westminster Bible Class President . Director Associate Director RALPH ERB PERSON PHILIP BELL VIRGINIA E. WARNER LEO C. LEE JOHN W. ECKHARDT JACQUELYN CULBERTSON HELENE A. BARTELS WILLIAM MODRALL MARGARET V. ENDRESS HELEN B. TANNEHILL Lois C. OLIBARD JOANNA GENTRY PEGGY A. LORD CLAIBORNE M. BELL TIM DRIVER NEWTON J. STEELE CHARLES F. PETET, JR. ANNE SHAW The WESTMINSTER STUDENT FELLOWSHIP was founded on the campus of The University of Texas in November, 1899. Its aim is to meet the religious needs of the Presbyterian students on the campus. PAGE 504 AT GALVESTON SENIOR CLASS OF 1952 ALVAREZ, HERNAN, JR., B.S., M.D., San Antonio AKK, MA ARCHER, JOHN DALE, M.D., San Antonio t X, Osteon BARNES, ELBERT DONALD, M.D., Levelland NIN BARNETT, WILLIAM DAVID, B.A., M.D., Marlin BII, MA BAROS, JAMES ALBERT, M.D., Gonzales NEN, MA BERRY, JOE HANSFORD, B.A., M.D., Austin X BILSING, WILLIAM ALBERT, M.D., College Station NZN BIRDWELL, HENRY VERLON, JR., B.S., M.D., Henderson MEN BISHOP, RAYMOND HOLMES, JR., B.A., M.D., San Antonio P2 BOX, QUELLIN THENARD, M.D., McKinney X BRYAN, HERMAN LAWRENCE, M.D., Ranger P2 BYERS, JEROME LEON, B.S., M.D., Dallas AE CARNES, DAVID MILTON, M.D., Ysleta P CHAMNESS, DANIEL ERNEST, M.D., Galvcston N2N CHANEY, GEORGE WILLIAM, JR., B.A., M.D., Austin AKK CLEARMAN, RALPH EDWARD, M.D., Austin COPELAND, SAM P., JR., B.S., M.D., Fort Worth AKK, MA CORBETT, JOESEPH HERBERT, B.A., M.D., Brownwood I X, AS2A CUELLAR, ARMONDO, M.D., Weslaco AKK, ABA DAVIS, CHARLES ALBERT, M.D., Lytle 0K , AS2A. MA DAWSON, DONALD CLAIR, B.A., M.D., Dallas X DURSO, JOSEPH, B.A., M.D., Port Arthur NSN ESTRADA, WILLIAM JOSEPH, M.D., Galveston -i BII, MA, Student A.M. A. FRASER, DAVID BEN, B.A., M.D., Corpus Christi FRIERSON, JAMES NORWOOD, M.D., McCamey PS GEORGE, WILLIAM KELLEY, B.A., M.D., Leonard un GLENN, WILLIAM ANDERSON, M.D., Tyler P HALDEN. WILLIAM JOSEPH, B.A., M.D., Austin AKK, AS)A, MA HAMILTON, DIXIE GLAZE, JR., B.A., M.D., Houston 6K+ PAOE 506 SENIOR CLASS OF 1952 HARDWICKE, BILLIE RANDOL, B.S., M.D., Fort Worth X HEARE, CHARLES ROBINSON, B.A., M.D., Port Arthur AKK HELLER, SOLOMON, B.A., M.D., El Paso AE HENRY, JAMES WARREN, JR., B.S., M.D., Hearne X, Osteon HODGE, EDGAR B., M.D., Tarrs, Pa. PZ, Ma HOERSTER, DAN JORDAN, M.D., Fredericksburg NZN, AS2A, MA JAMISON, HARWIN BURNETT, M.D., Dallas AKK, Osteon JOACHIM, HAROLD SIDNEY, B.A., M.D., Houston AE JONES, JOHN SID, M.D., McKinney X, MA KEY, JAMES SHIELD, JR., B.A., M.D., Odessa AKK, MA KILGORE, JAMES MARVIN, JR., Texas City X KRAUSE, ROBERT BERNARD, M.D., Bryan N2N KUHN, HERBERT ROY, JR., B.A., M.D., Vernon 4 X, Osteon LAMBRECHT, DANIEL EDWIN, M.D., Cibolo NSN LARSON, ARLAN PHIL, B.S., M.D., Longview NIN LEGETT, MARTIN PAULSEN, B.A., M.D., Galveston AKK LOWRY, JAMES SIDNEY, M.D., Dallas BII, AS2A MARSHALL, MILDRED ROSE, M.D., Arp AEI, MA MASSAD, EUGENE, M.D., Kilgore X MASTERS, BERT ALFRED, M.D., Amarillo PS, MA MICKLE, EDWIN ROGERS, B.S., M.D., Kerrville Bn, MA MINYARD, A. E., B.A., M.D., Austin x McCASH, WRAY BARTON, B.S., M.D., Dallas BII, MA, Student A.M.A. McCLURE, ROBERT ALEXANDER, B.S., M.D., Longview I Bn McKAY, PATRICK HUGH, M.D., San Antonio AKK, MA McSHAN, CHESTER LEE, B.A., M.D., Wichita Falls x NICKLESS, JAMIE JEAN, B.A., B.S., M.D., San Antonio AEI, ASIA, MA NICOL, WILLIAM FREDERICK, M.D., Boyd NZN DATES, JAMES ROSCOE, M.D., Jacksonville AKK PAOE 507 SENIOR CLASS OF 1952 ORRICK, ROBERT JACK, JR., M.D., Beaumont AKK, Ai. ' A, MA, Osteon PAPPAS, PATRICK HENRY, M.D., Dallas PARKER, WADE MALCOLM, M.D., Kirbyville AKK, AQA, MA, Osteon PERIMAN, ROBERT RAY, B.A., M.D., Dallas x PICKARD, MARTHA LEE, B.S., M.D., Fort Worth AEI, MA PRINE, JOHN MILTON, M.D., Richland BH, AS!A, MA, Osteon PRUD ' HOMME, ECK GABRIEL, JR., M.D., Pineland X RACE, CHARLES GEORGE, JR., M.D., Fort Worth X, MA REAGAN, JAMES LAWRENCE, B.S., M.D., Beeville Bn REIFSLAGER, WALTER EDWARD, JR., M.D., Victoria NN, MA RISLEY, THOMAS WARD, M.D., Jacksboro X ROBBERSON, GEORGE WRIGHT JACK, M.D., Dallas f P2, MA SCHULTZ, HERMAN JOSEPH, M.D., Houston AE, AOA, MA SHAPIRO, EDWARD MURAY, B.A., M.D., Houston AE SIMPSON, CHARLES WILLIAM, B.A., M.D., Temple P, ASA, MA SPRING, FLOYD LEE, B.B.A., M.D., Friona X STADLER, EARL WARREN, B.A., M.D., Galveston 1 X STANFORD, JOHN PAUL, JR., B.S., M.D., Houston Bn, Osteon STERNE, THOMAS LESLIE, M.D., Victoria X STEVENS, ALEXANDER CALVITT, B.S., M.D., Austin Bn. Osteon STOUT, WILLIAM WAYNE, B.S., M.D., Amarillo PI VAUGHN, JOHN ROBERT LLOYD, M.D., Waskom BH WAGNER, ROBERT JAMES, M.D., Shi ner N2N, AOA, MA WILSON, CHARLES JOSEPH, B.A., M.D., Galveston AKK, AHA. MA, Student A.M. A., National Executive Council Student A.M. A. WILSON, ROY EDWARD, B.S., M.D., Abilene P2 WINOGRAD, EUGENE, B.A., M.D., Houston AE WOMBLE, JOE DEAN, M.D., Gladewater BII WOODWARD, STANLEY MORTIMER, B.A., M.D., Arlington X, MA PAGE 508 MU DELTA OFFICERS President Vice-President Treasurer Alumni Prefect Student Prefect Secretary DR. CARL A. NAU DR. HYMAN W. PALEY DR. EDGAR J. POTH DR. TRUMAN G. BLOCKER JOHN PRINE MILDRED MARSHALL Dr. William H. Ainsworth Dr. Lufwik Anigstein Dr. Truman G. Blocker Dr. Paul Brindley Dr. Willard R. Cooke Dr. Donald Duncan FACULTY MEMBERS Staff Dr. George A. Emerson Dr. Raymond Gregory Dr. Arild E. Hansen Dr. Titus H. Harris Dr. George R. Herrmann Dr. Clarence S. Livingood Dr. Robert M. Moore Dr. Carl A. Nau Dr. E. J. Poth Dr. R. H. Rigdon Dr. Jack L. Smith Dr. Charles T. Stone RESIDENTS AND INTERNS Dr. Doris Jean Adam Dr. Homer Allen Dr. Arr Nell Boelsche Dr. Frances E. Davis Dr. George Hoffman Dr. Virgil M. Holland Dr. John E. Johnson Dr. Hyman W. Paley Dr. Jack L. Smith Dr. James Clifton Wright, Jr. Hernan Alvarez William D. Barnett James A. Baros Wayne Bingham David Braden Lonnie Burnett Sam P. Copeland Charles A. Davis Henry Dones Glen Drager Frank Dunton Bob Eckert Bill Eggers Bill Estrada ' ' James Ferrero Bob Franklin STUDENTS Robert Guy Bill Halden Burt Hink Edgar Hodge Dan J. Hoerster Sam Hunt Sidney Jones James S. Key Ted Kniker Mildred Marshall Bert A. Masters Wray B. McCash Bill McCormick Patrick H. McKay Edwin R. Mickle Ben Moore Jamie J. Nickless Robert J. Orrick Wade M. Parker Wayne Perrin Martha Lee Pickard John M. Prine Charles Race Walter Reifslager Glenn Roark Jack Robberson Herman Schultz Charles W. Simpson Robert J. Wagner Charles J. Wilson Stanley M. Woodward PAGE 509 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA OFFICERS President CHARLES J. WILSON V ice-President SAM P. COPELAND Secretary ROBERT ROSSMAN Treasurer HYLMAR KARBACH CHARLES J. WILSON To i yjom: Alvarez, Anderson, Barnett, Beavan, Brannon, Burns, Camp, Campbell, Chancy, Chinn, Copeland. Second Row: Cowan, Cuellar, Douglas, Edwards, Flaniken, Floyd, Franklin, Fraser, Glazener, Goote, Grote. Third Row: Halden, Harp, Heare, Jamison, Johnson, Karbach, C. Key, J. Key, Kinney, Klatt, Koester. Fourth Row: Korkmas, H. Lancaster, J. S. Lancaster, Leeves, Leggett, Leonard, Mclver, McKay, McKenna, Maddox, Metz. Fifth Row: Meyer, Nau, Dates, Orrick, Overton, Parker, Paschall, Purnell, Raine, Ritch, Roman. Sixth Rout: Ross, Rossman, Sarles, Short, Smith, Taylor, Turner, Williams, C. Wilson, E. Wilson, Wood. PACE 510 MEMBERS Hernan Alvarez, Jr. Frank Anderson Harry T. Barnes Thomas H. Barnett Reginald A. Beavan William Best Mac Brannen Thomas B. Burns Tom Camp Billy G. Campbell George Chancy Larry Chapman John Chinn Sam Copeland C. P. Cotter Seth Cowan Armando Cuellar Cliff Douglas Rex Edwards Avon Flaniken Ben Floyd Houston Ford Bob Franklin Wilson Fraser Stanton Glazener Hubert Goote Arthur Grote William J. Halden Robert Harp Charles Heare Harwin B. Jamison George Johnson Hylmar Karbach Charles Key James S. Key John Kinney Jack Klatt Herman Koester Fred Korkmas Howard Lancaster Joe Scott Lancaster Edward Leeves Martin Legett Ben Leonard Felix McGivney Robert Gene Mclver Pat McKay John McKenna Ed Maddox George Metz James Meyer Carl Nau, Jr. James Gates Jack Orrick Phil Overton Wade Parker Charles Paschall Howard Purnell David Raine Alden Ritch William Roman Alton Ross Robert Rossman Gene Sarles Richard Short Otto O. Smith Tom Taylor Carl Turner Charles Williams Charles Wilson Emmett Wilson Robert Wood PACE 511 NU SIGMA NU OFFICERS President WILLIAM A. BILSING V ice-President ROBERT J. WAGNER Secretary THOMAS ZION Treasurer HENRY B. RABKE WILLIAM A. BILSING Top Row: Alexander, Anderson, Barnes, Baros, Bilsing, Birdwell, Blackwood, Bolch, Brewer. Second Row. Bulgerin, Bullard, Butler, Castleberry, Chamness, Davis, Durso, Evans, Frueholtz. Third Row: Garrett, Garza, Guy, Hoerster, Hott, Johnson, Krause, Lambrecht, Larson. Fourth Row: Lindsay, Miller, Prewit, Purgason, Rabke, Reifslager, Roberts, Rochelle, Schoettlin. Fifth Row: Snoga, Terrell, Tucker, Tyson, Wagner, Walker, Womack, Zion. PACE 51 2 Bob Alexander Tom Allison Norman Anderson Elbert Barnes James Baros William Bilsing Henry Birdwell William Blackwood Alfred Bolch Jesse Brewer Harold Bulgerin Ray Bullard Jack Butler Victor Castleberry Dan Chamness John C. Davis Walter Dunkleburg Joe Durso John R. Evans Frederick Frueholtz Kelley Garrett Harold Garza Robert Guy Dan Hoerster Nick Hott Sam Johnson Robert Krause Dan Lambrecht Arlan Larson Jim Lindsay John Miller William Nicol Rex Prewit John Purgason Henry Rabke Walter Reifslager Ted Reuss Sidney Richardson Howard Roberts J. B. Rochelle Charles Schoettlin Franklin Schuster Jimmy Snoga John Terrell William Tucker W. S. Tyson Alfred Vogt Robert Wagner John Walker Dan R. Williams James C. Womack William T. Womack Peter Y. Wong Tommie E. Zion PACE 513 PHI BETA PI OFFICERS Archon DAVE BARNETT ViceArchon ' . AL STEVENS Secretary JAMES ROSBOROUGH Treasurer .... ROY MATHIS WILLIAM DAVID BARNETT Top Row: Adams, Antonelli, Barbee, Barnett, Bell, Belser, Borchers, Bruner, Burianek, Cooper. Second Row: Dingwerth, Dones, Emken, Estrada, Fraser, Gage, George, German, Goetz, Hall. Third Row: Hink, Johnson, Jones, Knowles, Liberty, Lockhart, Lowry, Massa, Mathis, McCash. Fourth Row: McClure, McRae, Mickle, B. Moore, W. Moore, Montgomery, Nelson, Nemir, Norman, Pierce. Fifth Row: Prine, Reagan, Reeves, Rosborough, Rumbo, Schulze, Sessums, Smith, Smyth, Snodgrass, Snyder. Sixth Row: Stanford, Stevens, Stork, St. Remain, Vaughan, Weishuhn, Wheeler, White, Womble, Woodard, Wright. PAGE 514 SfJ Kenneth Adams Tom Alexander John Antonelli William Baird Fred Barbee David Barnett George Beck James Bell Robert Belser Warren Binion Charles Borchers Berl M. Bridges C. B. Bruner Julius J. Burianek Robert Chapman Jack Cooper Earl Crenshaw Wallace Davis Frank Dingwerth Henry Dones Roy Emken William Estrada Harold Fain James Ferrero David Fraser Tracy Gage Kelley George Roy German Paul Goetz William Hall Burton Hink MEMBERS Harold Holtman Bob Jarnar Wayne Johnson Mitchell Jones Curtis Jordan Joe Knowles Herbert Liberty Leroy Lockhart James Lowry Thomas Lyles Joseph Massa Lee Roy Mathis Wray McCash Robert McClure Grady McRae Edwin Mickle Ben E. Moore William T. Moore Clifford Montgomery Joseph Nelson Stuart Nemir John Norman Billy Ozier Robert Pierce John Prine Lawrence Reagan John Reeves James Rosborough Noble Rumbo Victor Schulze John Sessums James Smith William Smyth W. T. Snodgrass Wallace Snyder John Stanford Calvin Starnes Al Stevens Werner Stork Chester St. Remain Philip Thomson John Vaughan Francis Weishuhn Jim Wheeler Edward White Tom Williamson PAGE 515 PHI CHI OFFICERS Presiding Senior Presiding Junior Secretary Treasurer STANLEY WOODWARD WAYNE PERRIN CHARLES STEVENS JACK CHANDLER STANLEY WOODWARD Top Row: Allensworth, Archer, Bacon, Bains, Bennett, Berry, Blalock, Boone, Boren. Boring, Box. Second Row: Brahm, Bridges, Browder, Butler, Carroll, Caskey, C. Chamberlain. P. Chamberlain, Chandler, Chunn, Compton. Third Row: Corbett, Crannll, Crews, Cudd, Dawson, DeVito, Dunton, Farley, Forsythe, Giglio, Glass. Fourth Row: Goolsbee, Griffey, Hassis, Hard, Hardin, Hardwick, Harper, Hartel. Harvey, Head, Headrick, Heard. Fifth Row: Henry, Hooks, Hopkins, Horton, Hutchinson, Jackson, D. Jones, N. Jones, Shellie Jones, Sidney Jones, Johnson, Kennady. Sixth Row: Key, Kilgore, King, Kniker, Kuhn, Lambeth, LeBlanc, Lewis, Locke, Loe, Lowery, Lynn. PAGE 516 MEMBERS Dan Allensworth John Archer Dan Bacon L. W. Bains Philip Bennett Joe Berry Jesse Blalock Ted Booner Darrel Boren Billy Boring Quellin Box Richard Brahm Bobby Bridges Albert Browder Milton Butler Don Carroll Charles Caskey Charles Chamberlain Philip Chamberlain Jack Chandler Sam Chunn John Compton Joe Corbett Lee Cranfill Quintious Crews John Cudd Donald Dawson Harvey Dewitt Louis DeVito Bill Disernes Frank Dunton Leroy Farley Ted Forsythe Frank Giglio Tom Glass Bob Goolsbee Earl Griffey Less Haasis Ben Hard John Hardin William Hardwick John Harper Charles Hartel DeWitt Harvey Bill Head Charles Headrick Dick Heard James Henry Chester Hewitt Allen Hooks Walter Hopkins Gene Horton John Hutchinson Bob Jackson Jimmy Jackson Dale Jones Nelson Jones Shellie Jones Sid Jones Cone Johnson Leon Keeble Don Kennady Bill Key James Kilgore John B. King Ted Kniker Herbert Kuhn Charles Lambeth Richard Lane Alvin LeBlanc T. C. Lewis Tom Linstrom John Locke Hardy Loe Don Lowery John R. Lynn Al Marshall Eugene Massad Ottis McClesky Bill McCormick Ansell McDowell Clyde McKinney Adam McNitsky Chester McShan Herbert Melch A. E. Minyard Curtis Morris T. J. O ' Neill James Pedigo Robert Periman Lynn Perkins Wayne Perrin Ray Ferryman Travis Phelps John Ponsford Eck Prud ' homme Charles Race Hubert Radke Wayne Ramsey Tom Randall Ray Redmond L. E. Richey Riley Riddle Stuart Riggs Ernest Rising Tom Risley Bill Robertson Al Robinson Victor Robinson John Rupel V. C. Saied John Saunders Kincy Scott Joe F. Schooler, Jr. Larry Seldon Arthur Sentz Tom Shattenburg Preston Shaw Don Shultz Harry Smalley Jack Smith Allen Spence Jimmy Spidle Lee Spring Earl Stadler Charles Stephens Tom Stern Robert Teague Bob Terrell Bob Trotter John Venable Roy Wagoner Billy Wagnon John Walker George Walmsley Buford Wells Bill Wilks Bobby Williams Charles Wolf Stanely Woodward Tom Wynn Til Zaccaria Top Row: Marshall, Massad, McClasky, McCormick, McDowell, McKinney, McNitsky, McShan, Melch, Minyard, Morris. Second Rout: O ' Neill, Pedigo, Periman, Perkins, Perrin, Phelps, Ponsford, Prud ' homme, Race, Radke, Redmond, Richey. Third Row: Riddle, Riggs, Rising, Risley, Robertson, A. Robinson, V. Robinson, Rupel, Saied, Saunders, Scott, Schooler. Fourth Ro:c: Seldon, Shattenburg, Shaw, Shultz, Smalley, Smith, Spidle, Spring. Stadler, Stephens, Sterne, Teague. Fifth Row: Trotter, Venable, Wagoner, Wagnon, Walker, Walmsley, Wells, Wilks, Williams, Wolf, Woodward, Wynn. PAOE 517 ALPHA EPSILON IOTA MILDRED MARSHALL President .... Vice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... Parliamentarian Jo Anne Ader Sue Boyett Martha Chapman Jaimie Nickless Cochran Etta Colish Caroline Duncan Jean Fairweather Anne Farrell OFFICERS MILDRED MARSHALL ANNE FARRELL JAIMIE NICKLESS COCHRAN MARTHA PICKARD RUTH ZAGER VIRGINIA WELCH MEMBERS Mary Helen Faubion Clotilde Garcia Maxine Heinrich Colette Kohler Frances Martin Mildred Marshall Martha Pickard Maxine Radoff Norma Shultz Helen Steele Jacquiline Terrill Ardel Vietti Marvine Weatherbee Virginia Welsh Ruth Zager Top Row: ADER, COCHRAN, COLISH, FAIRWEATHER, FARRELL. Second Row: FAUBION, GARCIA, MARTIN, MARSHALL, PICKARD. Third Row: RADOFF, SHULTZ, STEELE, VIETTI, WEATHERBEE. PAGE 518 EDWARD SHAPIRO PHI DELTA EPSILON OFFICERS President EDWARD SHAPIRO V ice-President HAROLD CAPLAN Secretary IRA LEVY Treasurer JEROME BYERS Parliamentarian MICHEL STEIN Jack Berler Irwin Berman Stanley Berman Elliot Blumberg Jerome Byers Harold Caplan Freddie Dunn Steve Engel Joel Feigon Aaron Fradkin Armond Goldman Leonard Haber MEMBERS Richard Harris Sherwin Harris Solomon Heller Herbert Jacobson Harold Joachim Gerald Keilson Maurey Kelisky Archie Leder Ira Levy John Mucasey Neil Reznikov Bernard Richmond Norman Rubin Stanley Saikin Melvin Sc hreiber Herman Schultz Edward Shapiro Bernard Sigel Gerry Sobel Michel Stein Jack Stern Milton Wagner Eugene Winograd Top Row: I. BERMAN, S. BERMAN, BLUMBERG, BYERS, CAPLAN. Second Row: ENGEL, GOLDMAN, HABER, HELLER, JOACHIM, KEILSON. Third Row: LEVY, MUCASEY, REZNIKOV, RUBIN, SAIKIN, SCHULTZ. Fourth Row: SHAPIRO, SIGEL, SOBEL, STEIN, STERN, WINOGRAD. PAGE 519 PHI RHO SIGMA OFFICERS President SAMUEL L. HUNT V ice-President RAYMOND R. THOMAS Secretary-Treasurer IRVING M. WATSON Housemanager BENNIE LEBLEU James H. Albright Bob Baker B. B. Barnes Ray Bishop Dave Braden Herman Bryan Manly Bryan Lonnie Burnett John Burns David Games John Carter Ralph Clearman Charles Cobb Bob Eckert Bill Eggers Orie L. Forbis Wally Ford MEMBERS James Frierson Marc Garza Bill Glenn Harry Hageney Harold High Ed Hodge Sam Hunt William Hurst Jim Johnson Charles Keever Lee Roy Kelly Bob Lang John Latham R. A. Lauderdale Bennie LeBleu John Lukowski Dick Mansfield Laurence Martin Bert Masters Ed Mathews Ken McCollum T. E. Miller Stan Mohler Clyde Morgan Elmo Muecke Jack Norman Carl Paige Jack Robberson P. W. Schedler H. E. Schweppe R. C. Sherman A. H. Shields Ted Shields Charles Simpson Neilson Smith Charles Spain Bryan Spires G. R. Stephen Jerry Stephens Bill Stout Ray Thomas E. B. Vogelpohl W. J. Wagner Art Walker Irving Watson Victor Weiss Bill Wheeler Roy Wilson B. P. Wood Top Row: Albright, Baker, Barnes, Bishop, Braden, H. Bryan, J. M. Bryan, Barnett, Carnes, Carter, Clearman. Second Row: Cobb, Eckert, Eggers, Forbes, Frierson, Glenn, Hageney, Hodge, Hunt, Hurst, Johnson. Third Row: Kelly, Lang, Latham, Lauderdale, LeBleu, Lukowski, Martin, Masters, Mathews, McCollum, Mohler. Fourth Row: Morgan, Muecke, Norman, Paige, Robberson, Schedler, Schweppe, Shields, Simpson, Smith, Spain. Filth Row: Spires, Stephen, Stephens, Stout, Thomas, Vogelpohl, Walker, Watson, Weiss, Wheeler, Wilson, Wood. PAOE 520 LONNIE BURNETT OSTEON OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Social Chairman John Antonclli John Archer Bill Barnes Bob Belser Dave Braden Mac Brannon Robert Bridges Lonnie Burnett Bill Campbell Charles Chamberlain Bill Eggers Roy Emken Bob Franklin Roy German Tom Glass Earle Griffey Ben Hard John Hardin MEMBERS Jim Henry Bert Hink Bill Hurst John Hutchinson Jack Jamison Hylmar Karbach Leroy Kelly Charles Key John King Joe Knowles Herbert Kuhn Howard Lancaster Bob Lauderdale Alvin LcBlanc Jerry Leeves Herb Liberty Ed Maddox Ed Mathews Roy Mathis Gene Mclver Herb Melch Jim Meyer Tommie Miller Bill Moore Curtis Morris Carl Nau T. N. O ' Neill Jack Orrick Wade Parker Charles Paschall John Prine Wayne Ramsey John Reeves Bill Roman LONNIE BURNETT BILL HURST DAVID BRADEN BILL EGGERS V. C. Saied Vic Schulze Irving Schweppe John Sessums Al Shields Ted Shields John Stanford . Al Stephens Jerry Stephens Ray Thomas Phil Thompson Bob Trotter Jim Wheeler William Wheeler Charles Williams Emmett Wilson Art Wright Top Row: Archer, Barnes, Belser. Braden, Brannon, Burnett. Campbell, Chamberlain, Eggers, Emken, Floyd. Second Row: Franklin, German, Griffey, Hard, Hardin, Henry, Hink, Hurst, Hutchinson, Jamison, Karbach. Third Row: Kelly, Key, King, Knowles, Kuhn, Lancaster, Lane, Lauderdale, LeBlanc, Leeves, Liberty. Fourth Row: Maddox, Mathews, Mathis, Melch, Meyers, Moore, Morris, Mclver, McKenna, Nau, O ' Neill. Fifth Row: Orrick, Parker, Paschall, Prine, Ramsey, Reeves, Roman, Saied, Schulze, Sessums, Shields. Sixth Row: Stanford, Stephens, Thomas, Trotter, J. Wheeler, W. Wheeler, Williams, Wilson, Wright. PAGE 521 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SCHOOL OF NURSING JONES, WANDA LOIS, B.S., Jacksonville Student Council Representative, ' 49- ' 50; President of Class and Mem- ber of Social Committee, ' 50- ' 51; Social Co-Ordinator, Choral Club, and Nurse ' s Notes Staff, ' 51- ' 52. HOWARD, MARGARET ANN, Pasadena President of Class and Member of Social Committee, ' 49- ' 50; Vice-President of Student Council, ' 50- ' 51; President of Student Council, ' 51- ' 52. MCCARTHY, MARY THERESE, Gaiveston Nurse ' s Notes Staff, ' 49- ' 51; Vice-President of Class, ' 50- ' 51; President of Class, Associate Editor of Nurse ' s Notes, Member oi Social Committee, and Choral Club, ' 51- ' 52. McILROY, JANE, Gatesville Uniform Committee, Nurse ' s Notes Staff, and Honor Students, ' 49- ' 50; Student Council Representative and Nurse ' s Notes Staff, ' 50- ' 51 ; Secretary of Student Council, ' 51- ' 52. MONTGOMERY, MARTHA, B.S., Austin Vi ce-President of Class, ' 49- ' 50; Uniform Committee, Reporter of Class and Student Council Representative, ' 50- ' 51; Choral Club, ' 51- ' 52. PRICE, NANCY ANN, B.S., Corpus Christi Secretary of Class, ' 49- ' 50; Secretary of Student Council, ' 50- ' 51 ; Parliamentarian of Student Council, House Commit- tee, Choral Club, and Nurse ' s Notes Staff, ' 51- ' 52. RADKE, ELEANOR, B.S., Needville Treasurer of Class and Member House Committee, ' 49- ' 50; Secretary of Class and Chairman of Sports Committee, ' 50- ' 51; Chairman of House Committee, Choral Club, and Nurse ' s Notes Staff, ' 51- ' 52. SCHAWE, MARY JEAN, B.S., Seguin Honor Student and Student Council Representative, ' 49- ' 50; Treasurer of Class, Member of House Committee, and President of Lutheran Students Association, ' 50- ' 51; Treasurer of Student Council, Choral Club, Nurse ' s Notes Staff, Chairman of Budget Committee, ' 51- ' 52. SCHOLES, RITA JEAN, Gaiveston Student Council Representative and Nurse ' s Notes Staff, ' 50- ' 51; Vice-President of Class and Choral Club, ' 51- ' 52. SMITH, MARGARET, B.S., Tyler Member of Discipline Committee, ' 49- ' 50; Nurse ' s Notes Staff, ' 50- ' 51; Chairman of Discipline Committee, Treasurer of Class, and Choral Club, ' 51- ' 52. WILLIAMS, MARY, Donie Member of Sports Committee, ' 50- ' 51; Secretary of Class and Member of Discipline Committee, ' 51- ' 52, Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing Education Abrahamson, Luella Chapman, Margaret Elaine Davis, Joanne Kennedy, Margaret Schmidt, Phyllis Irene Todd, Ruth Ellin Valentine, Juanita Hagler PAOE 522 JUNIORS First Row: Ruth Dube, Dime Box; Marian Munster, Galveston; Virginia Eckerman, Houston; Helen Steinbring; Austin; Juanita Bruce, Amarillo; Ethel Killgore, Dallas. Second Row: Doris Peterson, Denver City; Reva Mae Hackney, Gatesville; Nancy Hunt, Waco. JUNIORS First Row: Nell Jean Compton; Helen Sommerfeld, Mosheim. Second Row: Carolyn Miller, Pasadena; Gwendolyn Joyce Weisell, Houston; Dorothy Kuretsch, Waco; Lynn Felder, Brazoria; Sue Hurst, Orange Grove; Ida Smith, Galveston. Third Row: Otila Cordova, La Pryor; Dora Campbell, Texas City; Betty Holt, Angleton; Shirley Griffin, LaCoste ; Roma Pierson, Galveston; Anita Wruck, Damon; Jane Warwick, New Braunfels. PAOF. 523 SCHOOL OF NURSING FRESHMEN CLINICAL GROUP Front Ron-: Lorena Ramos, Alpine; Caroline Stamps, Longview; Suzanne Cook, Dallas; Shirley Jean Long, Safford; Lucy Diane McDowell, Wellington. Second Row: Mary Helen Bernhardt, Port Arthur; Geneva Eads Hand, Uvalde; Beverly Askew. Austin; Ruby Elaine Rodeck, Brenham; Mitze Irene Nuhn, New Braunfels. Third Row: Emily Cornell, Pearsall; Betty Ann Moore, Huntsville; Rosella Bonorden, Port Lavaca. FRESHMEN PRE-CLINICAL GROUP l BB B l B BB HBHB HaBH H BB HHB Bl H Front Row: Mary Lou Morison, Harlingen; Barbara Hartman, Harlingen; Marta Jackson, Premont; Clara Segelquist, Alvin; Sarah Krias, Fort Stockton; Joan Chamberlain, Fort Worth. Second Row: Ellarein Gaubatz, Edna; Glory Schuck, Abilene; Benita Herrera, Edinburg; Fairlee Terrell, San Antonio; Helen Shuren, Port Arthur. Third Row: Imogene Nelson, Conroe; Jessamine Henderson, Sulphur Lake; Jennie Gooch, Galveston: Margaret Calhoun, Fort Stockton; Lenora Slaughter, , Woodsboro. PAGE 524 Scar Take your fashion-cue from Scarbrough ' s College Board . . . " model " coeds, who major in clothes from Scarbrough ' s. Janet Lee Betty McBrayer Lucianne Knight Jean Wesley Mary Freund The Bank of Personal Service Fidelity State Bank Congress at 9th flustin, Texas flsk flbout Our Drive-Up Deposit Service Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. U. S Government Depository ihj of exaA SEniOR nines nu for j y. Write ( ear or l- nceA TEXRS BOOK STORE 2244 Guadalupe Austin, Texas PAGE 525 56 YEARS OF CONTINUED SERVICE TO THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS tatloneru ckoot Su sfewetrvi J rouAenola J JareA portlna {j co op HE STUDENT. ' S OWN STORE PP4B GUADALUPE STREET . AUSTI1V PAGE 526 Serving the University of Texas Southern Union is proud to provide Natural Gas to Texas U, one of the company ' s 195,000 customers in Texas, New Mexico, Colo- rado and Arizona. In Austin and the 53 other cities and communities served by Southern Union schools and universities, hospitals, homes, business and industry all benefit from the use of the all-purpose fuel, clean, dependable, economical Natural Gas. Wnion Ccis HELPING BUILD THE GREAT SOUTHWEST 422 CONGRESS AVENUE AUSTIN K E SUPPLIES FOR ENGINEERS flND flRCHITECTS 108 East Tenth Street Austin, Texas Patterson Jones Company Real Estate Loans Real Estate Rentals Insurance 123 WEST 7TH ST. AUSTIN, TEXAS For the Kind of Evening STUDENTS ENJOY th ounae a 2514 Guadalupe Dancing No Cover Charge ' Austin ' s Oldest - Austin ' s Largest Furniture Store 6TH AND BRflZOS PAGE 527 naafl - AT LNATIONAL H 1 BANK! m dW- i dd _] : _ 4 , . ac 3 The Capital National In Austin Bank AUSTIN ' S MOST COMPLETE DRIVE-IN BANK OFFICERS President WflLTER BREMOND, JR. First Vice President E. P. CRHVENS Vice Presidents WflLTER BOHN W. C. KENNEDY IOHN S. BURNS Vice President and Cashier LEO KUHN Vice President and Trust Officer RAYMOND R. TODD Auditor JOHN REHM Assistant Vice Presidents WILFORD NORMAN ROY B. STEWART I. W. HAWKINS, JR. WALTER BREMOND, III R. M. KINNAN F. M. DuBOSE L. L. LUNDELL ALDON V. DANCflK JOHN W. BODE JAMES B. CHELF Assistant Cashiers OSCAR B. WEST ELROY SPREEN STANLEY TEGGE LEWIS BRACY On leave with the Armed Services DIRECTORS HERMAN BROWN, Chairman President, Brown S Root, Inc. WALTER BOHN Executive Partner Bohn Bros. WALTER BREMOND, JR. President EDWARD CLARK Looney, Clark Moorhead, Attorneys E. P. CRAVENS First Vice President THEO. P. DAVIS Executive Partner Nelson Davis Son HERMAN F. HEEP Oil Producer C. L. (OX) HIGGINS President. C S Sporting Goods Co. H. M. HOUSTON President, John Bremond Co. GUITON MORGAN Gen. Mqr. Austin Concrete Works, Inc. IAS. P. NASH Nash Windfohr Oil Co. Nash Gasoline Co. Z.T. SCOTT Physician GEO. E. SHELLEY Attorney F. W. STERNENBERG President, Kuntz-Sternenberg Lumber Co. RAYMOND R. TODD Vice President Trust Officer Capital and Surplus Two Million Dollars Member F.D.I.C PAGE 528 In Austin, Texas Choose Hotel STEPHEN F. AUSTIN for finer foods . . . for finer accommodations . . . for finer service. flFFILIflTED NftTIONflL HOTELS ALABAMA HOTEL ADMIRAL SEMMES Mobile HOTEL THOMAS JEFFERSON Birmingham DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA HOTEL WASHINGTON Washington INDIANA HOTEL CLAYPOOL --- ---Indianapolis LOUISIANA JUNG HOTEL New Orleans HOTEL DESOTO New Orleans NEBRASKA HOTEL PAXTON -- ---Omaha NEW MEXICO HOTEL CLOVIS ---Clovis SOUTH CAROLINA HOTEL WADE HAMPTON Columbia TEXAS HOTEL STEPHEN F. AUSTIN Austin HOTEL EDSON Beaumont HOTEL BROWNWOOD Brownwood HOTEL BAKER Dallas HOTEL TRAVIS Dallas HOTEL CORTEZ --- -- El Paso HOTEL BUCCANEER Galveston HOTEL GALVEZ Galveston HOTEL JEAN LAFITTE Galveston CORONADO COURTS Galveston MIRAMAR COURT Galveston HOTEL PLAZA Laredo HOTEL LUBBOCK Lubbock HOTEL FALLS - Marlin HOTEL CACTUS San Angelo HOTEL MENGER San Antonio ANGELES COURTS San Antonio VIRGINIA HOTEL MOUNTAIN LAKE MountainLake HOTEL MONTICELLO Norfolk AFFILIATED NATIONAL HOTELS AUSTIN ' S MOST COMPLETE AGENCY FOR REAL ESTATE SERVICE Complete Insurance Protection Prompt and Economical Loans Efficient Property Management HRRRISOn-UUILSOn-PERRSOn 305 West 6th Phone 2-6201 GROCERY flHD mflRKET 100% Quality, Courtesy, and Satisfaction PACE 529 The Rmerican Rational Bank Rustin, Texas Jver 62 LyearA of- ervi Officers E. R. L. WROE, President fl. C. BULL, Vice-President A. G. ADAMS, Vice-President L. D. WILLIAMS, Vice-President BEN M. BRIGHflM, Vice-President and Cashier C. WILLARD HOUSER, Vice-President E. W. ANDERSON, Asst. Vice-President ERSELL C. DUKE, Trust Officer W. W. SHROPSHIRE, Assistant Cashier M. M. MACKEN, Assistant Cashier FRED PENICK, Assistant Cashier E. J. SMITH, JR., Assistant Cashier GEO. MILTON, JR., Assistant Cashier WELDON M. SWENSON, Assistant Cashier D. E. ROGERS, Assistant Cashier ED R. L. WROE, JR., Auditor and Asst. Cashier PHILIP FOSBERG, Assistant Cashier A. G. ADAMS ARTHUR P. BAGBY A. C. BULL W. S. DRAKE, JR. J. E. HARRISON Directors THEO. P. MEYER TOM MILLER J. R. NICHOLS LOUIS NOVY BEN H. POWELL E. R. L. WROE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION PAGE 530 sou SIZED ICE T H L ICE R n D REGULAR DELIVERIES CUBE ICE There is no substitute for ICE 901 RED RIVER 2-3151 Guy L. Wood - Mgr. TEN CONVENIENT CONVENIENT DRUG- STORES ff ll DRUG STORES IN AUSTIN A Fountain Grill in Every Store fr Two University Locations 2324 GUADALUPE 309 EAST 19TH Exclusive COOKIT1G on the Drag for 33 years UJukasch Bros. Cafe Air Cooled 2002 GUflDALUPE PHONE 7-6305 HEM PHI US 2501 Guadalupe 109 E 21st !.! PAGE 531 Ten Times Through The Earth ! The footage drilled by Hughes Rock Bits since the industry ' s first rock bit was introduced by Hughes 43 years ago exceeds 420,000,000 feet more than ten times through the earth. That represents the greatest rock bit drilling experience in the industry! More footage has been drilled with Hughes Rock Bits in more formations, under more varied conditions, than with all other rock bits combined. This rock bit performance experience, coupled with continuous research and the close co-operation of the drilling industry, enables Hughes to design and perfect bits that assure faster hole and more hole per bit! That ' s why Hughes Rock Bits are recognized as the standard of the industry throughout the world. HUGHES TOOL COMPANY ousio mis y WORLD STANDARD Of TH E INDUSTRY HUGHES TxlssL ROCK BITS PAGE 532 The Humble Company joins friends and relatives in extending heartiest congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 1952 May every success attend you HUMBLE HUMBLE OIL REFINING COMPANY Compliments of a Friend Your Conveniently Located Texas State Bank ON THE DRAG MEMBER FEDERflL DEPOSIT INSURflNCE CORPORflTION FEDERflL RESERVE SYSTEM With Best Wishes to the Students. Teachers, and Alumni of the University of Texas MEDICAL, DENTAL, and NURSING BOOKS of ALL PUBLISHERS J. R. Majors Co. 407 N. OLIVE, DALLAS 1 1301 TULANE AVE, NEW ORLEANS 12 108 EDGEWOOD AVE., ATLANTA 3 PAGE 534 PACE 535 erve fl flexible loan service is but one of the many facilities the National Bank of Commerce offers its customers. It exemplifies the adaptability of a great public service institution geared to serve the needs of both large and small. Capital and Surplus $10,000,000 Member Federal Deposit Intumnce Corporation ro viding for the Texas of today . . . planning for the Texas of tomorrow! Shown is o ikeleh of new outdoor type generating station being built in Mc- Lennan County. N OW. . . as a result of a vast expansion program begun in 1946 . . . the Texas Power Light Company can supply more than twice as much elec- tricity to North, Central and East Texas as it could just be- fore World War II. By 1954, an additional 285,000 kilowatts are expected to be on TP L lines . . . again doubling the company ' s supply of electric power. Of this, 5,000 kilowatts will be added to the Gainesville plant in 1952 and 60,000 kilo- watts, in the new plant being built in McLennan county in 1953. Two other plants, still to be located, will increase the TP L power supply by 80,000 kilowatts each in 1954, with an- other 60,000 kilowatts becom- ing available from a private source in Milam County. Thus, TP L continues to plan ahead . . . build ahead . . . for growing Texas ' increasing power needs! TEXAS POWER LIGHT CO. PAGE 536 Your step toward a secure future an account with NATIONAL BANK in Houston MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION To a GRERTER University jesse H. jones HOUSTON. TEXflS PAOE 537 WHEN YOU OPEN your Houston bank account! . . . you will find a cordial welcome at Second National. While serving many of the largest corporations in our area, we find special pleasure in serving young people just entering upon a business or professional career . . . and in watching their accounts keep pace with their progress. 45 Years of Service to the Southwest Stile SECOND MAIN AT RUSK ATIONAL BANK OF HOUSTON CAPITAL AND SURPLUS 15 MILLION DOLLARS __ ____ Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation __ __ __ Except for the engravings used in the ads and in the four-color work ALL OF THE EflGRfiViriGS PRIflTED in THIS YEflR ' S CRCTUS WERE mfiDE-flS-USUflL- BY THE WALLACE 110 East 9th Street ENGRAVING COMPANY flustin, Texas WE WOULD LIKE TO BE YOUR ENGRflVER PAGE 538 A SALUTC from the Galveston Clearing House Association Galveston, Texas Comprising CITY NATIONAL BANK THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK W. L. MOODY COMPANY HUTCHINGS SEALY NATIONAL BANK UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK Members of F.D.I.C. Compliments mODGL DAIRY GALVESTON Model Milk Model Ice Cream COLLEGE inn THE STUDENT ' S OWN Completely flir-Conditioned 10th C GflLVESTON u mil ii i DRUG STORE i exatl Rapid Prescription Service DlflL 5-7419 GflLVESTON Farwell Company urltu Metropole Club PFEIFFER ELECTRIC Inc. ICE CRERm COlTIPfinY Mechanical Contractors - ' Electrical Contractors Dial 5-6661 Where Old Friends Meel Members N.E.C.fl. PLUMBING HEflTING Union Electricians flIR CONDITIONING 42nd and S GALVESTON, Dial 5-5284 151039th 3-1658 Dallas San flntonio TEXAS GflLVESTON GflLVESTON PAGE 539 AFFILIATED NATIONAL HOTELS f G F " v- g ALABAMA HOTEl ADMIRAL SEMMES Mobil HOTEl THOMAS JEFFERSON . . Birmingham DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA HOT EL WASHINGTON Wo.hinglon INDIANA HOTEL ClATPOOL Indianopolit LOUISIANA JUNG HOTEl Nw Or Irani HOTEL DESOTO Nc OHcont NEBRASKA HOTEL PAXTON Omoha NEW MCXICO HOTEl CLOVIS Cloi OKLAHOMA HOTEL AL3RIDGE Wtok SOUTH CAKOLINA HOTEL WADE HAMPTON Columbia KM HOTEl STEFHEN f . AUSTIN Awt HOTCKOSON HOTEL UOWNWOOD HOTCl BAKER oll HOTEl TRAVIS Dallot HOTEl COtTEZ El P.u HOTEl IUCCANEC HOTEl CALVEZ Golvtito HOTEl JEAN LAFITTE G a l.n CO0ONAOO COURTS Calvtil MIRAMAR COURT Galwto HOTEl CAVALIER Cl lo HOTEl PIAZA i ,.d HOTEl LUR.IOCK l.bboik HOTEl fAUS Morlin HOTEl CACTUS Son Ang.l. HOTEl MENCER Son Anlonio ANCEIES COURTS So Anlonw VIRGINIA HOTEl MOUNTAIN IAKE. .Mountain lok. HOTEl MONTICEUO Norfolk WASHINGTON Washington, D. C. Witwer Studio COMMERCIAL flND INDUSTRIAL PHOTOGRAPHY P Photographers of Medical Section L of the Cactus j 1119 Tremont Dial 5-5793 GALVESTON THE UNEEDfl LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS INC. Fast and Economical Service 1902 Market Dial 3-4647 GALVESTON ST. W. v5ate on ion Builders of Your New Hospital Galveston, Texas Mrs. Angela ' s DRILL " flLWflYS fl FRIENDLY WELCOME " 628 14th St. Dial 3-9375 GflLVESTON BAKER Dallas, Tex. Medical Center Barber Shop " Special Attention to Medical Students " 507 8th St. Dial 3-8208 H. A. Barrow, Owner GflLVESTON flLflmo Dry Cleaners fl CLEflNING SERVICE DESIGNED FOR PflRTICULflR PEOPLE 2006 27th St. Dial 3-4841 GflLVESTON PAGE 540 GALVESTON ' S DOMINANT DEPARTMENT STORE At 22nd and Post Office SINCE 1895 AFRIO1D For the week-end and holiday Most Likely to Succeed . . . The Graduate W ears Clothing from RELIABILITY-SINGE 1877 Gcdveston COMPLIMENTS OF Gcdveston fluto Dealer ' s Association GALVESTON PAGE 541 INDEX Name Pages Aardal. Oliver! 43, 379, 380.485 Aaron, Joseph E 382, 465. 470 Aaron, Sharla Ruth 307 Abbey, Alana June 274 Abbey, William Carl 310, 370, 378 Abbott. Margaret Ann . .231, 452, 475, 493 Abbott. Sammy Lee 245. 361 Abel, Margaret Ellen 43,453 Mi, -I,-.. Norman 397 Abell, James E. 469 Abercrombie. Charles Terry 263 Ablin, Benita 258 Ablinger, Claude Eugene 500 Ablon, Joan 104. 454 Abood, George 446 Abraham, Sam J 397, 458 Abrahamson, Luella 488 A li i .mi.. Doris Lynne 104, 259, 450 Abramson, Carl E 492 Abramson, Clarence Allen 234 Abrego. Sara Ann 90, 266, 376, 392, 447, 480 A Cappella Choir 440 Acacia 228 Ackerson, Duane W 324 Acosta, Pete Rodriquez 104. 351 . 377, 464. 487 Adair, Richard Fraine 265, 329, 377 Adam, Gilbert A 375, 379 Adams. Alexander 276, 358, 360 Adams, Calvin S 467 Adams. Flo Nell 76. 232 Adams, George Baxter 170, 276. 383 Adams, George H 90, 299, 358 Adams, Gilbreth Denton 363 Adams, Harold Glenn 341 Adams. Jimmy B 43. 270 Adams, John 121, 123, 149 Adams. Johnnie Lee 90, 320 Adams, Leroy Money 270, 366 Adams, Marion Teresa . . .76, 252, 440, 487 Adams, Mary Frances (I) . . .390, 440, 450 Adams. Mary Frances (II) 43 Adams, Nellie Jo . . .43. 272, 381, 489, 497 Adams. Norman DeCrarT, Jr. .104, 277, 358 Adams. Robert M 482 Adams, Rozwel I Sam 40 Adams, Shirley Janice 90 Adams. William Reubin, 167. 169, 310, 355 Adamson. J. Robert 466, 486 Adcock, Rufus James 327 Adeline, Sister M 455 Aden, M. Stephanie 450, 475 Adkins, James Marshall 301 Adkins, Noel Jean 104. 243, 475 Adkins, Winston I , 445 Adlam. Fred Marcus 327. 445 Adovnik. Fred W 375 Afflerbach. Bobby 495 Agnew, Edwin Lewis 362 Agnew, Emily Ann 43. 252, 489 Agnew, Robert Gilbert 43, 262. 282. 342, 468 Aiba, Francis H 387 Aide. Fouad K 333. 377, 460, 472 Aide. Louis B 472 Aiken. David Scott 244 Ainsworth, Forrest 29 Ainsworth. Laban L., Jr 397 Air Force R.O.T.C 346-371 Akery, Robert Louis 445 Akin. Jack Wallace 445 AI-Aish. Matti S 25, 205, 402, 472 Alani, Chalib H 468 Al-Alawy, Hummady Mutlak 104, 472 Alba Club 464 Al-Bakri. Abdul Razzak 76 Albert, Hyden Allen 485 Alberts, Carl Clarence 491 Alberts, Betty Louise 76. 234. 441 Albinger. Claude E 495 Albrecht, Clarence A. 76, 471. 485 Albrecht. Steve M 43, 339, 375 Albritton. Martha Ann 76, 441 Alcorn, Charles William Jr. . .43, 170, 276 Alcorn, George Avery 104, 277. 359 Aldeen, Lennart George 310 Alderdice, Lee Edward 308. 383, 401 Alders. Gary Milton 167, 310 Alderson. Curtis Jackson 279 Al-Doory. Yousef M 472 Aldrich. M. Suzanne 90, 248 Aldridge, Frances Harrison 76 Alexander, Garland Karl 244 Alexander, Hugh E 90. 282. 366 Alexander, James D. 347, 441, 460 Alexander, Mary Ann 320, 473 Alexander, Mary Charlotte 395 Alexander, Mary Kimball 76, 296 Alexander, Neol W 375 Alexander, Patricia Lou 76, 453 Alexander, R. B 382 Alexander, Robert Neal 355 Alexander, Tom [rvin 251 Al-Fakhri, Ali H 76,472 Alford, Bobby R 76 Al ford, Jess Burks, J r 281 , 370 Al-Habib, Mahmud M 90. 472 Al-Himydry. Jafar S. H 43, 472 Ali, Sahib H 76.467, 472 Alisky. Marvin H 397 Alizo, M. C 485 Al-Julili, Abdul Razzak 472 Name Pag " Allan, Keith Alexander 90, 316, 349, 375, 445 Allday, Thomas E 21 Allen, Arthur Malachi, III 285 Allen. Barbara 90, 273 Allen, Bernadette M 76 Allen, Beverlye Ann 487 Allen, Claude Allen, Emily Jean Allen, Eugene Milton Allen, Frank Campbell . Allen, Georganne Allen, George Nelson Jr. Allen. J. Barry Allen, Loy F Allen, Mary Alice Allen, Mary Margaret ... Allen, Nancy Sue Allen, Neil T Allen, Nelson P Allen, Neyland Foster .. Allen, Robert Edward .. Allen, Sarah Jane Allen. Willie B. Jr Alley. James C Allison, Arthur Polk Allison, Robert Bryan .. 31. 104 90, 450 327,445 43 233,475 256. 340 104, 361 43, 468 232, 490 ....76, 231,455 43, 269, 475 43 76, 316 280 ...104, 358,503 296,473 36 331 104 ..167, 402,457, 469, 483 Allman, Ray M 382, 470 Allmon. William Bryan 270 Al-Mashat. A. Amir A 470, 472 Almond, Jake Raymond 485 Al-Najjar. Mahdi Ali 76,472 Alpard. Barbara Sue 307, 376.475 Alnha Chi Omega 230-231 Alpha Delta Pi 232-233 Alpha Epsilon Delta 374 Alpha Epsilon Phi 234-235 Alpha Epsilon Pi 236-237 Alpha Gamma Delta 238-239 Alpha Kappa Psi 375 Alpha Lambda Delta 376 Alpha Omicron Pi 240-241 Alpha Phi 242-243 Alpha Phi Omega 377 Alpha Tau Omega 244-245 Alphin, James H 104 Al-Qaysi. Hameed 43.472 Al-Salih. H. Ali 76 Alspaw. Dewey Ivan 367 AI-Tai. Fadhil A 472 Alter, David Ritner 263, 333 A her man. William Emmanuel 303 Altman, Sigmund Elton 234 Al-Uthman. Hilmi S. 472 Alvarado. Rudolfo 464 Amberson, Joe H 245. 361 American Association of Architectural Engineers 465 American Finance Association 466 American Institute of Electrical Engineers and Institute of Radio Engineers 467 American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers 468 American Pharmaceutical Association, 469 American Society of Civil Engineers 470 American Society of Mechanical Engineers 471 Ame : i. Eugene L. Jr 104, 301. 353 Amsler. Jean 76. 272 Amstead. Billy Howard 396 Andcr. Lloyd J. 43, 485 Anderegg, Corwin Lester 90, 460 Anderson. Andy Boyd 298, 377, 446 Anderson. Bernard Anton 485 Anderson. Berta Myrlene 104. 269. 475, 501 Anderson. Betty Frances 200, 398 Anderson, Carroll Oliver 43 Anderson, Catherine G 441 Anderson, Charlie Dale 385, 467 Anderson. David 498 Anderson, Donald Marvin 184 Anderson. Gelya 76. 200, 242, 400 Anderson. George Billy 282 Anderson. George Clifford 394 Anderson. George Harry Powell 283 Anderson. Gloria JoNell 485 Anderson. Henry Alvah Jr 43 Anderson, Henry Monroe 251 Anderson, Hershel Wayne 354 Anderson, James Carl 485 Anderson, Jerry L 332, 379 Anderson, Jesse Earl 16, 476 Anderson. John Louis 43, 375 Anderson, John M 288, 289. 329 Anderson, John William 90. 394, 401 Anderson. Kay 453 Anderson, Kenneth Dayle 90 Anderson, Marilyn Niel ..43, 268, 391, 456 Anderson, Martin Luther, Jr 293 Anderson, Mary Jane . . . 104, 200, 461. 485 Anderson, Nancy Ellen 77, 255, 475 Anderson, Ralph Dewitt 341 Anderson, Robert Arthur 352, 485 Anderson, Roberta 104, 267, 452 Anderson, Robbin Colyer 279 Anderson, Roger D 77 Anderson, Shirley June 90. 180. 182. 253, 452 Anderson, Thomas M 328 Anderson. William Joseph 314 Anderson, William Leslie ... .43, 469, 500 Name Pa s " Andrews Dormitory 450 Andrews, Giles J 374 Andrews, John Boyette (Bunny) .123, 363 Andrews, Robert Preston 278, 350, 371, 378 Andricks, Dee Ann 90, 253, 473, 495 Andrys, Mary Jean 90, 254, 401, 481 Anglin, Kenneth Wayne 139, 361 Anglin, William Ross 77, 228, 394, 470 Anguish, Ernest Walter, Jr 43, 375 Anisman, Sheldon 104, 303 Antes, Leland Lewis 385, 403 Anthony, Margaret L 77, 453 Anthony. Monte W 334 Antweil, Joe David 302 Appel, Gladys M 241 Apple, Robert E 382 Appling. Floyd Edward, Jr 104, 309 Arab Student ' s Association 472 Arant, Charlotte 43, 232, 456, 497 Arbingast, Stanley A 287, 384 Archer, Alice Lynn 239 Ard, Jack T 467 Ardrey, Alice Guion 297 Argus, Douglas William 286 Arhopulos, Nell 446 Arisco, Viola Marie 90, 268, 455, 494 Armstrong, Alice Joan 43, 248, 249 Armstrong, Ann 177 Armstrong, Charlenc 77, 455 Armstrong, Connie 479 Armstrong, Joe E. 467 Armstrong. Katherine Ann 243 Armstrong, Louise Landis 291, 389 Armstrong, Nancy Jo 450, 495 Armstrong, Richard R 104, 257. 342 Armstrong, Robert Landis 77, 215. 280 340, 377, 383 Armstrong, Walter P 330 Armstrong, William Donald 43, 286, 375,466 Armsworth, Cynthia 90, 175, 178, 183. 269, 447. 452 Army R.O.T.C 324-337 Arnett, Betty Jo 198,200, 231,493 Arnett. Charles Don 270 Arnett, H. Ray 329 Arnhold. Ray Carl 283, 328 Arnold Air Society 378 Arnold. Charles W 479 Arnold. Daniel C 36,280, 380 Arnold, Joe 121 Arnold, Karl Gene 244 Arnold, Martha Jane 183.275 Arnold. Mary 29 Arnold. Mary Alice 395. 495 Arnold, Raeburn Howell 384. 459 Arnold, Virginia Ann 461, 479 Aronson, Charlotte Ruth 259 Aronson, Jeanne 43, 258 Aronstein, Libby Ann 307 Arrant. Ray Coleman 43 Arterburn, Harold Eugene 43 Arthur. Carter 177 Arthur. Jennie Ann ..77, 177. 182. 320, 387 Artman, Ed August, Jr 485 Arze. George B 77 Ashbel Literary Society 473 Ashbrook, John 443 Ashburne. Jim G 379, 380, 384 Ashby, Billy Bob 403 Ashby, Franklin Antram .77, 300, 301, 402 Ashby, Joseph Ben 121. 123, 169, 310 Ashby, Morris E 332 Ashcraft. Mary L 461 Ashcraft. Tommy Lee 328 Ashford. Jack A 441 Ashinhurst. Felix 270, 355 Ash-Shahabi. Jabbar A 77 Ashworth, Edwin Thomas 40,270 Askew, Annette Katinka 104, 183, 249 Askew, Bobby Gene 294, 362, 371, 378 Askew, Gary Garrison 304, 375 Association for Childhood Education .474 Atchison. Charles DeLoss 247. 487 Atchison. Gertrude Charlene 104, 177, 321, 487 Aten, Betty Jean 90 Ater, Bill F. 90 Atkin. Richard T. . . .90, 246, 367, 394, 447 Atkins. Billy J 43, 397 Atkins, Frances Kendall . . .227, 268, 381, 475, 494 Atkins, George Pope 271 Atkins, Hal W 104,444,445,446 Atkins, Mary Frances 175 Atkinson. Charles R 350, 457, 492 Atnipp, Sallyne McCahey 77 Atripp, Horace 1 77 A twill, Douglas Eugene 285 Austin, Gene Marion 43 Austin, Margaret Anne . .43. 393. 450. 494 Austin, Richard B 77, 256, 367, 402 Austin, Rosemary 176, 233 Austin, Travis Bowie 384. 401 Autrey, Sybil 381, 400. 441 Autry. Dorothy Olive ... .43, 268, 381. 452 Avant. Florrie (Niney) 104, 233 Averitt, Lawrence Foster 77, 465 Avery, David 318 Avery, R. Celeste 90, 442 Await, Grace Elizabeth 90,252 Axelrad. Moise Arnold 235, 355 Axelrad. V algene L 441 Axline, Shirley 90, 230, 450 flame Facet Aycock, William Pannill 366 Ayers, Roger N 361 Ayoub, Abdel-Kader 467,472 Ayres, Dorothy 253, 380 B Baas, Bryan Hunter 342 Babb, Jimmy 171 Babitzke, Ernest H 44, 377 Baccus, Earlane 90, 177, 320 Baccus, Henry Lee 226, 264, 265, 383 Bachelor, Jean 397 Bachemin, Dorothea Elizabeth . . .77, 227, 266, 267, 376, 392, 447, 480 Bacon, Gerald H., Jr 467 Bacon, Renaldo A 315, 396 Bader, Jerome Alan 303, 352 Badt, Joe M 326, 335 Baer, Charles Edward 283 Bagelman, Joan 90, 259 Baghdansarian, Athena M 461, 472 Bahra, Nassouh H 467, 472 Bailey, Daniel Nicholas 247, 351 Bailey, Frank Rose, Jr 256 Bailey, Jamie Lee 44, 391, 395, 481 Bailey, Jane M 90, 177, 252, 450 Bailey, John Edwin 276 Bailey, Joseph K 384,380, 401 Bailey, Malcom Dee 305 Bailey, Marilyn 269 Bailey, Nancy 104, 321, 454, 497 Bailey, Richard 77 Bailey, Richard E 471 Bailey, Royce Herbie 40 Bailey, Thomas 90, 367 Bailey, William Bruce 458. 485 Bailey, William Gustavous 244 Baillio, Barbara 90, 267 Bain, Barbara 90, 307 Bain, Bonnie Sue 503 Bain, Eva Lois 44, 456, 481 Bain, Jesse Leonard, Jr 260. 328, 335 Bain, William F 361 Baird, Niven James 44, 147, 294, 375 Baker, Billy D 77 Baker, Esther M 445 Baker. Mines H 13 Baker. Hugh Lee 104 Baker, Lamar Robertson 77, 305 Baker, Lorcna 269 Baker, Marilyn Janice 77, 266, 474 Baker, Mary Louise 77, 179. 200. 252 Baker, Peter Anthony 265. 342 Baker, Phil 503 Baker, Robert Paul 90, 265 Baker, Shirley 296 Baker, Thelma Louise 77, 296 Baker, Virginia 44, 442, 453, 474, 477 Baker, William Charles 283, 342 Baker, William D 486 Baldridge, Joseph Filmore, Jr 77. 277 Baldwin, Clarence, Jr. . .40, 385, 403, 467 Baldwin. Francis Scott 244 Baldwin. Jesse E 382. 470 Baldwin, Marilyn Jeanne 104, 231, 453 Baldwin, Peter Weldon 284 Baldwin, William Earl 352 Bale. Richard H 44 Balk, Martin David 302, 358 Ball, James H. 397 Ball, Lewis Edwin 44, 286,287, 466 Ball. Ralph Pershing 404,496 Ball, Wilbur A 44 Mallard. Richard Lewis 44 Ballard, Robert Luther 327 Bammel. William Lee 485 Band. Walter Burnis 351 Bander, Norma Joyce 90, 275 Banker. Patricia 77, 176, 232 Banks, Robert L 44 Banks. William E 355 Bankston, Charles Allen 90, 167. 169, 310, 363 Banner. Barbara Jean 44, 381, 453, 474 Banner, Jack Cage 479 Banspach, Eugene Fred, Jr 44, 471 Bantel, Edward Christian Henry .382, 403 Baranowski, George Crispin 384 Baras, Barbara Charlene 235 Barban, Arnold Melvin 303,355 Barber. Jerry Dale 318 Barber, Monty Clyde 77, 244, 245, 363. 402 Barber, William Cilbreth . .226, 246, 366, 394, 402, 447 Barclay, Leland 382, 403 Barcus, Mary 296 Barckman, Elizabeth 395 Bares, Daniel L 487 Bargman. Phillip Edward 314 Barham. Ruby 395 Barker, Calvin L 396 Barker, Donald B. . . .77. 314, 315. 328. 335 Barker, Eugene Cambell 281 Barker, James Raymond, Jr 276, 500 Barker, Jane Ann 446, 450, 479 Barker. Patricia Sue 90, 248, 475 Barker, William Earl 308. 382, 403 Barkley, Fred Charles 104. 319 Barkley. Virginia 104. 248, 326 Barl ing, Robert Fred 29, 90, 327 Barlow. Ed 1 2 Barlow, Katherine 104. 249, 376 PAGE 542 Name Pages Barnard, Earl Ross 470 Barnes, Billy Jean 361, 378,495 Barnes, C. A 16 Barnes, Mildred F 441 Barnes, Patricia 454 Barnes, Robert E 36, 167 Barnett, Dalthit 474 Barnett, Dana 474 Barnett, E. L 479 Barnett, Joy 90 Barnett, Twinkle L 474 Barnhart, Donald Lee 104, 277, 359 Barnhill, David Blake 271, 332 Barns, Irma Lee 44 Barns, Lewis Wayne 44, 471 Baros, Bob L 495 Barr, Elizabeth Louise 90, 243 Barr, Robert Joseph 90, 319 Barra, Alfred Peter 342 Barrett, Edward Alva 300 Barrett. Ellwood Talmage 77, 328, 485 Barrett, James King 380. 401, 487 Barrett, June Iris 77. 200, 268 Barrientos, Jesus C 464 Barrick, Nolan E 404 Barrick, Robert C 396 Barron, Douglas 482 Barron, Elizabeth Ann 104, 269, 454 Barron, Julian Mike, Jr 271, 359 Barrow, David B 121, 349, 388, 445 Barrow, Norma S 485 Barry, Eileen Colette 104, 269, 480 Barry, Joanne 77, 455 llarshop. Doris Jean 90 Barshop, Jerry R 90, 303, 349 Barta. John J 441 Bartels, Helene A. .44, 389, 393, 395, 461, 482, 504 Barth, Barbara A 452 Bartholemew, Gene Caroll 247, 440 Bartling, George E 346 Barton, Don 121, 123, 154, 331 Barton, Earlene 104, 269, 447 Barton, Jack L 121, 123.333. 383 Barton, Leska Sue 104. 233. 454, 475 Barton, Margaret 104. 180. 231, 376 Barton, Marjory Jenetta .104, 177, 231, 475 Barton, Millard Vernon 396, 403 Barton, Tom K 29. 104. 360 Barton, Willis Washington, Jr 250 Bartos. Donald Eugene 104, 288 Barwise. Onah Astin 181, 183, 477 Baseball 148-153 Basketball 140-145 Baskin, W : illiam Gresham . .104, 263, 440, 445 Basora. Jose L 465 Basquette, Marguerite 29 Bass, Eula Mae 177, 231, 305, 475 Bass, Jerry Alfred 278 Bass, Loey Baird 272 Bassam, Sabiha 1 472 Basset, John Sam 271 Bateman, Dayton Greer 328 Bateman. William Albert 285 Bates, Alice Ceraldine 461 Bates, Elizabeth Ann 275 Bates, Lois Elizabeth . . .90, 252, 456, 475. 493, 495 Batson, Arthur 146. 147 Battelstein, Jerry Edwin 292, 330 Battist, Lewi 234 Baits. Robert Edward Lee, Jr 230 Baty. Benjamin T.C 104, 287 Bauer. Fred 104 Baughman, Francis J 485 Bauknighl. Barbara 177, 321 Bauman. Robert Warren . . .174. 280, 362. 363, 378 Baumohl. Barbara Lee 235 Baur. John P 339, 471 Baxter, Ralph Marcus 44, 470 Bayliff, Loy N 324 Bayouth. Ed Frank 354 Beaird, Patrick Stokley 44, 170, 276 Beal, Pricilla 104, 255, 440 Beal. Vaudine 44, 440 Beall, Evelyn Corinne 268, 494 Bell, Jesse Levi 469,483,500 Bcall, Martha Ann 252, 473, 475, 480 Beall. Mildred 479 Beal 1. Peggy Jan 90. 199, 200, 248 Beals, Rose Marie 77, 453 I), ' UN. in. Donald T 375. 401 Bean, Alan LaVern 166, 257, 341 Bean, Anne Violet 405, 475 Bean , Arthurene 104, 452 Bean, Mozelle 77 Beard. Barbara JoAnn 290 Beard. Jean 450 Beard, Marietta 77, 253, 473, 200 Bearden. Rita Nell 176, 232 Beasley, Joseph Weldon 394 Season, Lawrence Lindell 341, 383 Beaton, Olive 296 Beatty, Barbara 77. 53,493 Beaumont, Eugenia Belts 395 Beavers, Margaretta Elizabeth ... .77, 275 Beck. Charles Wesley 341, 377 Becker, Alfred E 485 Becker. Allen Jack 292, 367. 383 Becker, Eric Baker. Ill 90, 319 Becker, Frederick W 367, 445 Becker, John Greenleaf, Jr. ..44. 351. 371. 377. 378. 479 Becker. Laura Holloway 104, 243, 376, 475 Becker, Marian Virginia 441 Becker, Marlene Claire 307 Becker, Mary Joan . .44. 230, 231, 487, 493, 490. 475 flame Pages Becker. Mrs. Ted 390 Becler, Ralph Frederick, Jr 257 Bedrich. James E 478 Beeler, Ralph Frederick Jr. .104. 169, 355 Beene, Georgeann .181, 182, 202, 248, 249, 389, 392, 473, 475, 477 Beery, Roger Lewis 270 Beever, Elmer Ralph 394 Begeman, Myron Louis 396 Begg. Edleen 389 Beggs, Barbara 104, 176, 177, 180, 231 Behn, Eugene Albert 44 Behn, Robert Alan 44 Behrens. Martha F 180 Belcher, Bessie Rae 90, 241, 305, 475 Belew, Monte M 332 Belfi, Charles Allen 77,503 Bell. Betsy Ann 104, 321 Bell, Carolyn 44, 182, 242, 400, 475 Bell, Charles Douglas 44, 333 Bell, Claiborne Murry ..90. 262, 353, 377, 402,504 Bell, Frances Ruth 252 Bell, Joe Milton 44, 310 Bell, John Robert 247 Bell, Leslie Eugene 354, 445, 457 Bell, Marion Wayne 363 Bell, Mary Lynn 248 Bell. Philip Miller 77, 499, 504 Bellah, Max 264 Bellmont. L. Theo 299 Bellows. Betty 44, 381 Benavides, Alfred 464 Benbow, Ann 273 Benchoff, Edmund Frederic .270, 351. 378 Bender. Frank Ludwig 289 Benes. Marie A 495 Bengtson, Harriette 440 Bengtson, Harry Lenox, Jr. ..44, 121, 149 Beniker, Herbert D 485 Benish, Anthony Andrew . . .299. 360, 382. 470 Benjamin, Marye Durrum 405 Bennett. Alexander Sharpe 382, 465 Bennett. Edgar F 21 Bennett, Edward Morgan 301, 305, 354 Bennett. Elbert White 388,445 Bennett, Floyd E 104. 350, 503 Bennett, John Ballard 262 Bennett, Letricia 381 Bennett, Peter Dunne 355 Bennett, Raymond D 104, 319, 342 Bennett, Richmond Oliver Jr 379 Bennett, Robert Calvin 284, 379, 380 Bennett, Robert Sherman 270 Benson. Beverly Louise 40. 397 Benson, Leonard R 396, 403 Benson, Marjorie Ann 44, 232 Benson, Ruth Joy 259 Benson, Stuart 479 Bentinck, Margaret Cavendich 297 Benton. Edward Everett, Jr 341 Benton, Marjorie Ann 272 Benlon. Robert 24, 35, 479 Benton, William Joseph 328 Bentsen. Betty Ellen 77, 274 Beokman, Janet L 481 Berger, Heinz 302 Berger, Richard Lee 235. 358 Berger. Theodore J 77. 493 Berglund. Lois Lillian 44. 485 Berkey, Charles M. . .25, 40, 282, 383, 401 Berkey, Gretchen 183, 255 Berkley, Camilla May 376 llri km, in. Janet Lu 44. 252 Berman, Barbara Ann 395, 441 Bcr.nan, Faye 90. 258 Berman, Joe Harvey 234 Bernhardt, Alice Minna 376 Bernstein, Ted Manfred 313 Berry, Barbara Ann 90, 176, 266 Berry, Joann 487 Berry, John L 104, 355 Berry. Peggy Ruth 44,479,481 Berry. Roger Lewis 90 Berry, Thomas Robert 77. 286. 328 Berry. W. B 441 Berry, Wayne W 500 Berry, William A 351, 394 Berry, William O. 445 Berryhill. Kenneth Alvin 77 Berryman, Frances Eugenia . .90, 200, 242, 454, 497 Berwald, Elissa Joyce . . .90, 234. 376, 441, 494 Besley. Richard Donald 359 Beta Alpha Psi 379 Beta Gamma Sigma 380 Beta Thfta Pi 247 Bettis. Joe Bob 27. 486 Beuhler. William W. Jr 375, 493, 503 Beuke, Ru 454. 487 Bextey, Louan 242 Bezoni, Beverly Jean 90, 176, 183, 249, 452 Bibb, Kenneth Cole 104, 174, 271, 370 Bibb, Sumter Turner III 276, 328 Bible, Dana X 257 Bible, William Dana 123,257, 332 Bice, Joe Grady 319 Bice, Robert J 316, 349, 445 Bickley, Laura Allyne ...90, 200. 290. 376 Biddy. Nettie Ann 44 Bidermin, Benjamin Harris 313 Bidgood, Charles F 366 Biehl, Don Howard 314. 315, 485 Biel, Marilyn 104, 255, 376, 475 Bielinski, Dorothy Louise 481, 487 Bienvenu, Gillis Anne 267 Biesenbach. Randolph 121, 149, 358 Bieter, Mayone 487 Mime Pages Biffle. Kent 362 Bigelow, Robert Myron, Jr 394 Biggers, Julian Lawson 284 Bigham, Charles Dean 121 , 352 Bigham. Jesse Yonge, Jr 90, 229, 329 Biggs, James Bryan 45, 284 Biggs, James Kenner, Jr 377, 467 Biggs, Ray Coker 90 Bihn, Beverly Elaine . . .90, 253. 177, 475, 493, 497 Bilbao, Jorge M 394 Bilbrey, Don G 45 Billings. Charles R 361 Billings. Robert Mason Jr 91, 285 Billingsley, Bruce Alder ...278. 279. 330. 393, 443, 442 Billingsley, Carle Anne 104, 177, 267 Bills, Betty Madge 91, 252. 456 Binford. William Thomas 332,500 Binkley, Mary Lauretta 182 Bintliff, Chester McClure 45, 308, 309, 383 Bird, Paul Fr anzier 394 Birdsong, Del Rose 272 Birdwell, Barbara Anne 291 Birdwell, LeRoy Jr 91, 246, 327, 394 Bishop, Barry Louis 77, 284 Bishop, Donald Mac 265, 329, 377 Bishop, Emerson Edward 104, 445 Bishop. Jerry Ed 29. 399 Bitsis. Nick C 45, 379 Bittner, Clarence Jo 471 Bitterman, Morton E 397 Bittnick, Marshall Jr 91 Bixler, Nelva Joy 77. 482 Bjorum, H 500 Black Beverly Jean .77, 175, 177, 320, 497 Black Frank Robert 362 Black, Hulon W 13,285, 399 Black, Milton 121, 146, 147 Black, Milton England 77, 300, 402 Black, Meredith Leon 121, 140, 383 Black, Norman William 226, 234, 383, 447 Black, Thomas B 36 Black, Thomas Eugene 247. 359 Blackburn. James Arthur 104, 139, 265 Blackburn, Joyce Bernice 239, 446 Blackman, Martha L 104,452. 475 Blackmar, Fredrik Seward II 163. 246. 341. 383 Blackstock. David Theobalt 262. 402 Blackstock, Harriet 269 Blackstock, Leo Guy 319 Btackstone, Marvin 329 Blackwell, Edwin Hearst 305 Blackwell, Travis L 397 Blades, Bonnie Lynnette 77, 252 Blair, Samuel 33 Blair, Sloan B.. Jr 36, 304 Blais, Lois Dorothy 398, 485 Blake, Betty 91. 320, 450, 451. 490 Blake, Jane Marea 461, 503 Blakely, James H 367 Blanchard, Lawrence Phil 256 Blankenship, Ronald 104. 279 Blanks, Dorothy Cay 91. 182,297 Blanks, William D 326 Blanton. Jack Donald 310, 370 Blanton, Mildred 1 461 Blaschke, Kenneth Earl 460, 469, 495 Blasdal. Carolyn Amelia 487 Blatt, Kenneth 77. 313 Blatt. Marilyn Claire 91, 258 Blaylock, Anita 479 Blaylock. Billy Rex 342 Bliss, Frances Claire 45, 242 Bliss. Mary Lou 91. 242, 243, 442, 475, 494 Block, Edwin Hart. Jr 396, 403, 471 Block, Ephram Lester 77, 313, 362 Block. Lee Sampson 104 Blodgett. Joan Elaine 183 Blohm. Erich Bruno 77,445, 485 Blomberg, Katherine Elaine 254 Blomquist. Harry Laurentz, Jr. ..287, 468, 485 Blount, Helen J 398 Blount, Peppy 139 Bloxham, Robert 172 Bludworth, Charles Estill ...45. 121. 160, 256, 339, 374, 386. 393 Blue, Clarence Theo 77, 375 Blue. John Hardy 457 Blue. Merry Tom 91, 254, 392 Bluebonnet Belles 187, 191 Bluebonnet Belle Finalists 195. 199 Bluebonnet Belle Nominees 200 Bluestein, Edwin Alexander, Jr. ..45. 318, 319, 383 Bluestockings 481 Blumberg. Melvin R 445 Blumberg, N. John 328 Blumberg. William E 339 Blumenthal, Robert Louis 36, 76, 202. 226, 292, 363, 383, 386, 492 Blumentritt, Dolores 254, 453 Blumentritt, Ross Bruce 45. 284, 330 Blunk, William David 16, 27. 486 Boberg, Virginia Ann 296 Bobo, Ncvillyn Dawn 441, 475. 497 Bock, Raymond Joseph 379, 401 Bock. Samuel A 382 Bodden, Mary Virginia 238, 474, 485 Bode, George Elroy 363 Bode, Wesley Eli 342, 458 Bodie, Merry Davellyn 104 Boedeker, Paula 77, 321 Boehl, Gwendolyn Verne 77, 291, 441, 495 Boerner. Joe V 359 Boese, Charles Olin Jr 91, 246, 342 Bogart, Ruth P 441 Boggus, Jo Ann 77, 268 Nome Pages Boguskie, Janis Lillian 77,253 Bohl, Catherine Rachel 485 Bohlmann, Ora Mona 45, 177, 230, 481, 495 Bohn. Alton C 350. 371, 378 Bonn, Gretchen M 104. 177, 183, 231, 440, 485 Bohn, Skippy H.E 105, 283 Boker, Alys Rae 248 Boldrick, Samuel Neill, Jr 45, 276 Boles, Pete Armour Jr 105, 479 Bollich. Richard 370 Bol linger. Betty Yolande 45, 266, 487 Bollman. Franklin D 289 Boll man, Mary Ann 485 Bollman. Thelma 395 Bolton. Julia-Alva 45, 450 Bomar. Pat 33 Bomba, Ted 487 Bond, Frank Loos 276 Bond. Raymond E 467 Bond, Raymond Earl 45 Bond. Walter 123 Bone. Bobbie Dawn 77, 239, 441, 446 Boner, C. P 18 Boner, Donald Stephen 105 Boner. Marian 36 Bonham. Bill 160 Bonham, Talmadge M 105 Bonham. William Donald . .262, 263, 333, 402 Bonner, John Robert . . .105, 279, 361, 493 Bonner, Louis Franklin Jr 174, 305 Bonnet. Elizabeth Hamilton .252, 474, 475 Bonnett, Muriel Suzanne 105, 307, 434 Bonnett. Stewart A 302, 370 Bonney, Herbert Jerry 45, 300 Bonno, J. D 441 Boone. Barbara Anne . . .105, 233, 450, 497 Boone, Dorothy H 239 Booth, Betty Anderson 45, 442 Booth. Leon Jr 91, 278, 362 Booth. Rie Charlotte ..105. 183, 253, 447, 490, 497 Boothe, Janie 326, 330 Borchardt, Alvin Lee 105, 301, 353 Borchers, Marion Jack . .245. 355, 479, 495 Borchers, Otto Robert 495 Bordovsky, Paul Kasper 487, 495 Bordovsky, Rudy L 495 Bornefeld, Gloria Elaine 240 Borneman, Jane Ann 183, 454 Borskey, Charles L 351 Bose, Robert B 339 Bosley, Alonzo Wilson 91, 256, 341 Bossom. Edward C 45, 375, 466 Bost. Howard W 503 Bost. Theda Kirby 395, 474, 503 Bostwick. Douglas L 468 Boswell. Martha V 391 Boswell, Sam Penn . .45, 262, 339, 379, 479 Boswell. Viviennc E 45, 252, 401 Bothwell, Martin Ehrfried ...91, 483, 485 Bottenfield, Bonnie Martha 484 Boucher. Ronald Lewis 287, 328 Bouldin, William D 332, 469, 495, 500 Bourdon, Marjorie Janice . . .31, 105, 255, 376, 454, 503 Bourland. Richard Lacy 105, 277, 358 Boury, Costandy 459 Bowdry. William Perrin III 91, 260 Bowcn. Charles Lee 91 Bowen, Miner Dean 479. 499 Bowen. Richard Thomas 105, 445 Bowers. Janet M 45, 248 Bowers. William Lee Jr 298 Bowes, Harrison Nesbitt 105, 283, 358 Bowles, Ann Adelia 175, 176, 177, 178, 180,230 Bowman, Betty Ann 182 Bowman, Charles Richard 45 Bowman, James W 36 Bowman, Max A 493 Boxwell, Nancy Lee 176,275 Boxwell, Newman Earl 301 Boyce, Thomas H. Jr 45 Boyd. Austin Walker 45 Boyd. Charles Simmon 171.277. 330 Boyd, Crawford Franklin . . .45, 184, 329, 459, 499 Boyd, Evelyn Marie 105, 269, 454 Boyd, Frances 45, 232 Boyd. Kathryn Frances . .91. 175, 290, 475 Boyd, Virginia 45, 254 Boyd. Walter M 330 Boyd, William Paxton 384 Boyer. Marcia June 77, 180, 475 Boyles, Billy 399 Boylos. James Glenn 77, 287 Boysen, Helen 395 Boysen, Stanley 485, 495 Boysen, Winona 495 Bracher. Lois Elaine 451, 475, 485 Brackenb rough, John L 78 Bracket!, Joseph Albert 339,393 Braden, Robert Skeen 300, 383, 470 Braden, Walter Anthony Jr. . .45, 333, 487 Bradford, Milas C. Jr 36 Bradley, Chester 154, 159 Bradley, James J 77. 443 Bradley, Thomas Andrew 271 Bradner. Jane Anne 91, 200, 232, 475 Bradshaw, Cody C 330 Bradshaw, Oliver Edward 139, 351 Bradshaw, Sam Charles .140, 305, 361, 394 Brady. Betty Jane 45, 232, 474 Brady, Mary Rose 31, 77, 248, 487, 494 Brain, Joy 503 Brainerd, William Francis 316 Brainin, Howard Lee 282, 368,378 Bralton, Carolyn Ruth 255 PAGE 543 Mime Pages Branch, John C 470 Branch, Joseph Phil 123, 283, 351 Branch, Phil 121 Brand, Beverly Renee 234, 235, 397 Brand, Joseph Stuart 234, 361 Brand, Mary Katherine 177, 200, 320 Brand, Patricia Terri 235, 484 Branda, Gerald E 28, 45 Brandenberger, Jen-Doell . .105, 176, 239, 454 Brandenburg, Hubert A 485 Brandhorst, Mary Jane 181, 182, 232, 441, 461 Brandon Jack Lee 246 Brannnm, Clyde John 441 Brannen, Harschel Sampson Jr. ..77, 318, 400 Branscum, Arvel W. 401 Brantley, Harold C. Jr 105, 349,445 Brasfield, Earl Norman 105, 355 llr.i-s. Barbara 11. 274, 400 Brass, Davis O ' Neil 77 Brassell, Shirley 440 Braswell, Henry Gordon 212, 383, 386, 498 Braulick, Wilfred James 485 Braun, John A 485 Braunholz, Charlotte Mae ...105, 450, 485 Brazier, Condell D 487 Breazeale, Jimmy Levan 105 Bredlow, Jo Ann Elizabeth 249, 352 Bredt, Carl V 16 Bredthauer. Harold D 485 Breeding, William Preston 169, 355 Breedlove, Thomas E 355 Breihan, Robert 503 Brelsfotd, Nancy Virginia 297 Brclsford, Robert Gordon 301 Brelsford, William Moore 45 Brentlinger, Willard Hughes 285 Brents, Walker Allen Jr 45, 278. 363, 371, 378. 478 Breswick, Elizabeth M 488 Brethouwer, Marvin 324 Brewer, Betty Lucile 274, 275 Brewer, Kclton Lamar 310 Brewer, Olan Ray 40, 383, 399, 458 Brewer, Robert Paine III 45, 280, 468. 503 Brewer, Tom B 91, 168 Brewster, William Jr 261, 342 Brickhouse, J. Earl 45 Bridges, Bill E 495 Bridges, David Harlan 105 Bridges, Elsie Jane 91, 238, 481 Bridges, Jim Lewis .379, 380, 384, 401, 466 Bridges, Ronald Wayne 342 Bridwell, Maurine 479 Brient, Samuel John 46 Briggs, Benjamin Rucker 280 Briggs, Tommie Ruth 46, 320 Bright, Junior K 330 Bright, Richard E 399, 495, 503 Brightman, Ann 481 Brigman, George Henry 270, 443 Brill, James Edward 286,351 Briner, Lewis H 77. 465 Brinkoeter, Ronald C 105, 445, 485 Briscoe, William Bradford 294 Brisbin. Albert Winslow 314, 340 Bristley, Alice E 441 Brite, Jerome Templeton 91. 304 Britsch Jonell 485 Britsch, Marjorie Ann 46, 485 Brittain. Bunch King 26? Britton, George L 330 Britton, Helen 105 Brocato, Anthony Gerald 78, 286, 370, 487 Brock, Frank Edgar 91,366 Brock, Harry Joe 46 Brock, Horace Rhea 379 Brockenbrough, John Lackland 276 Brodd, Ralph James , 485 Brndnax, John Robert, Jr. . .147, 262. 366 Brogan. Albert Perley 19 Brois, John Adam 468 Bronstein, Julian 235. 446 Broodo, Archie 302 Brook, Edward M 91,234. 394 Brookner, Jo Ann 91 . 306 Brooks, Ara Virginia 91. 266 Brooks, Curtis Bruce 308, 440, 479 Brooks, Frederick E., Jr 385, 403 Brooks, Glenn Ellis . . .215, 386, 394, 402, 499, 503 Brooks, Howard 123 Brooks, James H 123, 333 Brooks, Joe W 327 Brooks, Joseph Ted 310 Brooks, Lanclle Clyde 481 Brooks, Norma Ruth 91, 182. 252 Brooks, Tommy Junior 460 Brooks, William Martin 441 Brookshire, William K 105, 355 Brothers, Clyde Lemuel, Jr. 305. 360 Brougher, Jerry W. 396, 471 Broughton, Dan Q 361 Broughton, Mary Jane 275 Broussard, Richard Jules 46, 309 Brown, Alfred D 468 Brown, Anthony Wayne 91. 319 Brown, Barbara Jean 78, 177, 267 Brown, Bessie Lindell 395 Brown, Billy Jean 488 Brown, Billy Joe 78, 348, 375 Brown, Buck Christian 229 Brown. Carl A 468 Brown, Charles Dumon 91 , 367 Brown, Charles William 304 Brown, Charlotte M 320 Brown, Edward James 46. 332 Brown, Forrest J 465 .Vome Pages Brown, Frank Elwood 245 Brown, George Evans 276 Brown, Hal Wiley 445 Brown, Howard Earl 396 Brown, Hubert L 276. 468 Brown, Jean 274 Brown, Jim Bob 289, 333 Brown, Jimmy B 468 Brown, Joe A 105 Brown, John Thomas Jr 105, 261, 370 Brown, Keith Cates 394 Brown, Mackie Neal 105 Brown, Marion Louise 46, 452 Brown, Oran Donald 78, 458 Brown, Robert L 331 Brown. Robert Storey 46, 377 Brown, Rodney Lee .40, 348, 371, 378, 379 Brown, Roy Allyn 78, 283, 328 Brown, Royce Nolan 46, 47, 396, 485 Brown, S. Leroy 403 Brown. Sara Lynette 46, 183, 400, 442 Brown, Thomas Cater 286 Brown, Tom A 333 Brown, Van A 342 Brown, Victor Ard 297, 299 Brown, Waller Francis 384 Brown, Walter L 466 Brown. William Anderson 40, 314 Brown, William Benjamin 282 Brown, William R 339 Brown, William Sylvanua 351 Brown, Yvonne 175, 272 Browne. Eric C 470 Brownfield. W. H 265 Brownhill, Jim C 154 Browning. David (Skippy) . .46. 121, 146, 147, 212, 304 Browning, Mary Cherry 405 Browning. Robert M 479 Browning, Siras D 340 Brownlee, Jean Kathryn 91, 248 Brownlee, Mary Margaret 182 Broyhill. Kent Ira 78, 288, 366 Broylcr, Ben L 139, 330 Broyles. William A., Jr 466 Broz, Alfons Lee 351, 478 Brubaker, Ellen 91 Bruce, Carey Carlton, Jr 91, 283, 366 Bruce, Dan A 46, 226, 283, 383 Bruce, Gene Kay 308 Bruckner, Anna Ruth ...78, 233, 441, 450, 475, 503 Brueggman, Woedlyn J 485 Brulet. Marie Yvonne 398 Brumble, Elmer Oliver III . . .91, 355, 446 Brumley, Carl Ray 78, 282 Brumley. Harold Wayne 105, 283 Brune, David H 341 Brune, Rose 502 Bruner, Cordon Carl 46, 348, 371, 377, 378 Brunner, Michael Stuart 311 Bruns. Dorothy Meade 243, 254 Brunson. Howard Elridge . . .304, 305, 367 Bryan, Grace Ann 78 Bryant, Robert K 340, 487 Bryant, Ruth Woodfin 393, 395 Bryce, William Delf 287, 370 Bryson, Horace E 46, 384 Bryson, J. Gordon 470 Bucek, Helen LaNelle 46, 183. 442, 451, 494 Buchanan, Dennis Vance 171, 285 Buchanan, Douglas L 367 Buchanan, Jane C 320 Buchanan, Maxine 381, 456 Buchner. Wilma Lorene 78. 458 Buck, Larry Weiss 292, 330 Buck, Mildred 91, 442 Bucke, Wade H 330 Buckell, Toney 174 Buckhart, Jon M 446 Buckholdt, Bob A 441 Buckholdt, Robert Alan 485 Buckingham, Robert Bruce 105, 329 Buckley, Charles Anthony 256 Buckley, Lon Martin 277 Buckley, Paul Anthony 167, 262, 358 Buckley, Sims A 105, 445 Buckley, Thomas William 229 Buckley, Tony 169 Buckman. Joseph C 332, 335, 446 Buckmin, Joseph C 441 Buckner, Robert Crim 341 Bucy, J. Fred, Jr 40 Budd, Otis Tom 46, 121, 154, 159 Buenz, John F 361 Buesing, Jean Maurine 248 Buffler. Charles Rogers 265 Buice, Mary 395 Bulgerin, Melton William 485 Bullard, William Carl 270 Sullen, Jeanne N. . .46, 232, 391, 476, 479, 481 Bullington, John 305 Bullion, James S 340 Bullock, Malcolm Duane 46, 256, 349 Bunch. Betty C 441 Bunch. Betty Carolyn 267 Bunch. Joe Thomas 105, 283 Bunn, Barbara 481 Bunton, Katheryn Leich 46, 274 Burandt, Otto Paul 384 Burch, Phoebe Carol 46, 183, 230 Burch, Pete 295 Burck. Robert Daneil 276, 353 Burger, Danny A 363 Burk, Johnny 355 Burk, Lawrence Ramon 235 Burkart, Burke 363 Burke. Gene Edberne 292, 293, 374 Nome Pages Burke, Harry W 139 Burket, Ferdinand J 139, 332 Burkett, Bernie J 399 Burkett. Donald L 469,483, 491 Burkhaltcr, Betty Bea 46, 272, 489 Burkhalter, Joanne Earlene . .91, 249, 475, 487, 497 Burkhardt, Frederick, Jr 485 Burkhardt, James Richard 355, 485 Burkhardt, Nancye G 105, 454 Burkhart, Jon Mac 460 Burks, John Clint 46 Burks, L. J 355 Burks, Mary Sue 91, 242 Burks, William Edward 330, 485 Burlage, Henry M 19, 229, 483, 491 Burleigh, Patricia Louise 78, 266, 267 Burl ing, Jerome Benton 334, 379 Burlingham, Nathan Nelson 270 Burnette, Carl Wilson 78, 271 Burney, Betty 461 Burnham, Barbara E 441 Burnham. Carl H 468 Burnitt. Seth Charles 78, 270 Burns, Alvin Everett 378, 380 Burns, Ben Morgan 78, 468 Burns, Ned Hamilton 91 Burow, Isabelle Lucie 91, 182, 241 Burr, Barbara Eve 253 Burrell, Jimmy L 91, 445, 330, 443 Burridge. Earl F 367 Burroughs. JoAnne 178, 183, 269. 454 Burrows. Claude A 327, 335 Burson. James E 46 Burt, Charles Nesom 283, 341 Burtis, Julian W 355 Burton. Gerald Lynn 283, 342, 394 Burton, Joe D 46, 316, 317, 470 Burton. Nancy Gaines 397 Busbee. Kline Daniel, Jr. 352 Busby, Roy A 46, 459 Busch. Dorothy Carolyn . . . 26, 33, 46. 212, 268, 392, 405, 475, 494 Busch, Mary Carol 91,233, 481 Bush, Bruce D 486 Bush. Mary Jean 230 Bushick, Robert J 256 Bushong Glendon 139 Bushong, Jean P 461 Bushong. Paula Jean 182 Busick, Lawrence Phillip 342 Butcheis, Barbara Ann ..46, 380, 401, 450. 451 Butler, David R 353 Butler, Nell 105 Buttery, Dorothy Alice 40 Butz. Karl Theodore, Jr. 308. 341 Buzbee. Charles Aubra 342, 445 Buzbee, James Meredith 286 Byars, Harry Gene 46 Byars. Henry Logue 469 Bybee, H. P 377 Byerly, James Scott 283, 362 Byerley. Leon Ceddis, Jr 46, 304, 468 Byers, Bradley C 32, 40, 202, 399, 440 Byers, Carl R 46 Byers, Hallie Joe 248 Byers, Ronald Jerome 46 Bynum, Mary Elizabeth .31, 105, 269, 305. 454, 475 Bynum, Suzanne Elizabeth 47, 242 Bynum, Thomasine Allen ... 180, 451, 540 Byrd, James Martin 105, 263 Byrd, Margaret 274 Byrd, William Martin . . .78, 250, 251, 362 Byrd, William Weldon 262, 402 Byrnes. Howard Parnell. Jr 91 Byrom. Betty Ethel 321 Cabaniss. Sarah Dolores 454 Cable, Arzy H. Jr 466 Cabra, Ennio A 91 Cachola. Lelia C 487, 488 Cactus, The 30, 31 Caddenhead, Wava Lee 461 Cadenhead, Walter J 91, 445 Cahill, Edwin D 487 Cahill, Wilbur Patrick 105. 342,458 Cahoon. John Edward Jr. ... 105, 342, 487 Cain, Charles Raymond 47 Cain, Claudette 272 Cairnes, John M 374, 467 Calaway. James Carroll 384. 440. 459 Caldwell, Angela Bernice ...91, 180. 183. 268, 461, 494 Caldwell, Bess 481 Caldwell, Charles S 334 Caldwell, Jo Ann 231. 497 Caldwell, Josef 256, 330, 441 Caldwell, Leland Courtney 105, 361 Caldwell. Margaret Anne ...47, 178, 238, 398, 477 Caldwell. Mary Ann 248 Caldwell, Patton Howell 105, 305, 351 Caldwell, Roland Palmer 363 Caldwell, Wilma LaNelle ...105, 454, 474 Calen, William J 346 Calhoun, Ann Mos 180. 296 Calhoun, Betsy 272 Calhoun, Charles Galloway, Jr 246, 247, 331 Calhoun, William Baynard, Jr 123, 257, 367 Calkins, Carita Joan 182, 255 Callaway. Katherine M 296 Callery, Charles Hylton, Jr. .329, 394, 441 Calloway, Robert William 355 Name Page Camacho, Adeline 447, 464, 480 Cameron, Donna Jeannine ... .25, 28, 242, 474, 475 Cameron, Elizabeth Ann 47 Cameron, Mary Jane 275 Cammack, Virgil Eiland 105 Camp, Barbara S 453 Camp, David Stafford, III 500 Camp, Mary Jacquelyn 78, 200, 266, 267, 480 Campbell, Bob 29 Campbell, Bobby Dean 403, 465 Campbell, Clifford Gene 256 Campbell, David E 370,467 Campbell, Dorothy Jean . .32, 35, 78, 266. 475, 485 Campbell, Dorothy Mae 253 Campbell, Gail Elizabeth ...180, 296, 497 Campbell, Harry L 331 Campbell, Harvey Anthony . .47, 403, 487 Campbell, Herman Robert 333, 458 Campbell. Jane 47,232 Campbell, Llane 495 Campbell, Mary Louise 249 Campbell, Neal 440 Campbell, William J 483, 500 Campion, James E 105, 279 Campos, Gonzalo 352 Campos, John L 377, 445, 498. 464 Campus League of Women Votert . . . .475 Canales, Horacio 464 Canales, Jose R 382,470 Canales, Joseph 487 Canales, Lauro 441 Cane, Claude 443 Caniagua. Victor 464 Canion, J. R 359 Cannon, Carol LouRena 240 Cano, Sergio M 484 Canon, Robert Everett 105, 342, 305 Canon, Roscoe Hartt, Jr 339 Cantrell. Edwin B 441 Cantrell, Lorene 446 Cantu, Emilio, Jr. 47. 465 Cantu, Erasmo 47, 465 Cantu, Robert C. Jr 78, 486 Cantu, Ruben 349, 445, 464 Cantwell, William C 250, 350 Cap And Gown 476 Capel lo, Mercedes Mary 105, 464 Capcrton, Diane 105, 249 Capps, Charlene 105, 297, 454 Capps, Sally Kathron ....31,91, 176, 177, 231, 479 Garden, Ralph H 370, 384 Garden, Weldon E 91 Cardenas, Joe M 78, 487 Cardiff, Hal Victor 47, 465 Cardwell, Elizabeth Lell 78, 320 Caris, Carley Ann 455 Carleton, Alfred Townes 276 Carlisle, Charlotte Elizabeth ...196. 200, 269, 326, 331, 475, 494 Carlisle, Sula Katherine 403 Carlson, Barbara Ann . .47, 230. 453, 474, 490 Carlson, Elmo Leroy 485 Carlton, Anita 390 Carlton, James Dawson . .91, 154, 159, 244 Carlton, John David 105,285, 342 Carman, Delores Eunice .47, 176, 177, 180, 183, 230, 477 Carmichael, Alan Eugene 457 Carmichael, Alan R 330 Carmichael, Robert B 326, 335 Carney, Stanley Maurice 139, 360 Carona, John A 388,445 Carothers Dormitory 451 Carothers, Johanna Margaret 105, 441 Carpenter. Robert C 375, 466 Carper, Ed R. 332 Carr, John Daniel 250 Carr, Mary Margaret 454 Carr, Selig H 47, 302, 402 Carrell, Bobby Joe 308 Carrell, Theresa 395 Carrington, Paul DeWitt 47, 256, 383 Carroll, Barbara E 442 Carroll, Ben Jack 78, 330 Carroll, Helen Ann 238 Carroll, James W 47 Carroll, Karen 461 Carrulh. Robert Bruce 247, 447, 479 Carsey, Robert Coulson, Jr 78. 300 Carson, Bonnie Jean 78, 239, 453 Carson, Joel Lee 359, 459, 479 Carson, John M 500 Carson, Joseph Stuart 121, 154, 282, 361, 479 Carson, Morton S 78. 313, 359 Carson, Ralph Vaughn, Jr 91,250 Carson, Robert Lee, Jr 154, 276, 361 Carstarphen, D. A 305 Carter, Bill R 483,491 Carter, Clara Patricia Ann 200, 440, 450, 451 Carter, James Edward 47, 503 Carter, James F 105 Carter, Jane Helen 297 Carter, M. Carolyn 105, 461 Carter, Margaret Ruth . .105, 249, 454, 475 Carter, Margi Ellen 230, 501 Carter, Robert W 503 Carter, Shelby Henry 308 Carter, Weldon H. 47, 326, 335, 377 Caruthers, Carol 105, 239 Carvajal, John Loren 47, 278 Carver, George 331 Carver, Mary 182, 381, 393 Case, Edward Morgan 468 PAGE 544 Name Pages Casey, Donald E 401 Casey, Doris Corinc 78, 450 Cash, Jarvis C 315 Cashin. Jack William 375,380 Can, Frank Winkler 359. 441 Cassell, Dwight E 78, 331 Casselman, Winona Carole 321 Castaneda, Dolores Consuela 502 Castelberry, Wylma I, .mi-,- 487, 488 Castelbury, Donald M 309 Castillo, Alfred C 464 Castillo, Emma C 461 Castner. Willis Hunt, III 91, 316, 317 Casto. David D. 105,261 Castro, Henry Edward 351 Castro. Raul, Jr 105. 328 Castro, Ruben R 47, 500 Caswell, Kenneth Kennedy. Jr. ..270, 352 Cater. Nancy Lee 78, 242 Cater, Patsy Joan ... 31 , 47, 227. 230, 390. 392, 442. 472. 477, 487, 494 Gates, Jack L 465 Callow, Alfred Gregory. 105, 166. 276, 353 Catterton, Jaynet 91, 255 Cauthen, Carolyn 78, 175, 183,242 Cavazos, Jose M 464 Cavender. James Milton 300. 367 Cavender, William Byrd 300 Cavileer, Jacquelyn Ann 241, 475 Cavin, Martha 452 Cavin, Patricia Elizabeth 272 Cawood, Jack Earl 270 Cawthorn, Elenora A 395 Cawthron. Bailey Mack 262, 350 Cecil, Jean 91, 275 Celaya, Carmelita 47, 248 Cervenka, Dolores Jean 105. 455, 487 Chadwell. Nancy Ann . .47, 175, 177, 180, 182, 252. 395. 474 Chaffee, Elizabeth Ann 488 Chai, Hi-Chang 47, 396, 471, 503 Chalmers. Thomas C 361. 441, 479 Chimberlain, Elliott Aiken 305 Chambers, Anne Seabury 32, 47. 215. 389. 498 Chambers, Catherine Mildred 248 Chambers, Clifton A., Jr 397 Chambers, Kinder M 328, 468 Chamness, Gloria Ann 297 Champion, Ignacio, Jr 105, 352 Chance, John Barnes 105, 319 Chancellor, Johnson Camden ... .91. 304, 332, 335 Chandler, Billie Trimble 395 Chandler, Dan Dean 270, 342 Chandler, Huel Homer. Jr. ..78. 174, 278 Chandler, Jerry Tcrrill 262, 363 Chandler. Margaret Ann 241, 452 Chaney, Martin Hester 256. 341 Chancy. Richard Lowry 256, 339 Chanslor, William Alfred ...78. 123, 308 Chapman, Charles Coopwood, 105, 229, 445 Chapman, Henry Alvan 47, 284 Chapman, Henry (Hank) W. 146, 147, 276 Chapman, James O 495 Chapman, Jo Anne 376, 387 Chapman, Johanna Rea 105, 481 Chapman, Josephine Margaret 389 Chapman, Margaret E 395, 488 Chapman, Mildred Sue 47, 254, 481 Chapoton, Joy 272 Charlier. June Ellen 47. 254. 490 Charpentier, Monroe Norvell 91, 351, 485. 495 Chaskin. Meyer 91.313.330,377 Chasnoff, Joseph 313, 350 Chastain, Patty Jane 176, 238 Chatfield. Charles Kelton . .280, 382, 470 Ch.iudoin, Joan 91. 197. 200, 320, 450 Cheatham, Cynthia Ann 91, 274 Cheavens, Ann 92, 296 Cheavens, Thomas Henry 298 Cheek, Carol Faye 105 Cheek, Jimmy 168 Chenault, Polly 380 Chenault, Wincie Marie 106 Chervenka, Calvin C 401,471,478 - Cheshier, Lee Baine, Jr 294 Chesnick, Sally Ann . . .47, 258. 380, 389, 401. 450, 451. 477. 484 Chester. Danile Allenby 47. 298. 485 Chew, Eleanor Valerie 452 Chew, Ju-nam 479 Chi Epsilon 382 Chi Omega 248, 249 Chi Phi 250. 251 Chidgey. Cecile Ray 106, 249 Chilton, Christine Mary 183, 272 Chilton, Nancy Ann 92. 450, 481 Chipman, Elizabeth Ann . . .106, 189, 200, 273, 370 Chittendon, Allen Curtis 367 Cho, Alfred 171 Choat, Jack 78. 326,335 Chodorow, Stanley R. 302 Choice, Eddie O., Ill 277, 351 Chokas, Mitchell James 328 Christensen, Charles M 106, 271 Christtnsen, William C., Jr 471 Christenson. Esther Evelyn ..381, 461, 485 Christian, Ava Clere 321 Christiansen, Jane Kerr 269 Christie, Shirley Lee 78. 268, 481 Christie. William Jack 276 Christie. William Preston, Jr 47, 308 Chumney, Pat Swearingen 92, 282 Chupick, Mary Frances 92, 320, 478, 481. 495 Church, Charles 29 Churchhill, Donald P 495 Name Pages Churchill, Richard T 36 Chute, Aaron Hamilton 380. 384 Chwang, Shu D 380 Cisneros, Lucila Minerva, 47, 400, 442, 453 Cisneros, Mario Hector 329 Claeys, Jean Emily 78, 266 Claiborne, Marilyn Elizabeth 78, 255 Clancey, Herbert Leland, Jr. 278, 334, 493 Clanton, Marvin J 328 Clanton, Sybil P 479 Clanton, U. S 333 Clapp, Marjorie 32 Clardy, Catherine Jane 381 Clark, Annetta Joyce, 78, 233, 474, 479, 490 Clark, Buryl Lynn, Jr 40 Clark, C. Mason 357 Clark, Charles T 15, 377 Clark, Howard John, III . . .209, 226, 246. 377. 402 Clark, Jack Chandler 92, 359 Clark, James Tracy 47 Clark, Jim Martin 309, 359 Clark, John Marvin 441. 445 Clark, Kaye Love 92. 232, 442. 475, 479, 490 Clark, Leonard H 349, 388, 445 Clark, Marlene Joy 106. 259 Clark, Mary Lou 106, 454, 474 Clark, Nancy Lou 321 Clark, Robert E 458 Clark, Robert W 330 Clark, Shirley Burke 47. 274 Clark, William Henry 280, 368, 402 Clarke, Edith 275. 385, 403 Clary, Barbara 393 Clary, John Alfred 78, 169,329 Claybrook. David Leo 394 Clayton, Chester Arthur 394 Clayton, Jerrol Duane 470 Clayton. Philip Morgan 106, 333, 335 Cleere, Patricia Lynne ..106, 233. 452, 475 Clegg. Marshall Terrell 282, 358, 383 Clemens, Sara Lu 106, 249 Clement, Ann Marie 485, 488 Clement, Everett Foy 394. 447, 479 Clements, Adelaide Bassett . .242, 243, 474 Clements, Carveth Clinton ...92, 443. 445 Clements, Jamie Hager 76, 208, 226, 284, 402 Clements, Jesse Walter 458, 503 Clements. Q. Colecn 78, 381 demons. Garland Franklin ..92, 349. 445 demons. Robert Ewing 226, 276 Cleveland, Clark Milton 403 Clevinger, Lewis Edward, Jr 470 Click, L. L 17. 287 Clift, Robert 1 48, 375, 466 Clifton, Betty Josephine 106, 243, 454 Clifton, Donald Bedwell 469 Clifton, Opal LaVerne 180, 454 Climer, James Donald 48, 441 Cline, Barbara June 291 Cline, Bobby James 78, 319 Cline, George 479 Cline, John Victor 106, 271, 349, 394 Cline, William Aldridge 139,277, 355 Clinger, Margie Amy 290 Clonts, Kenyon E 294 Clore, Elizabeth Ann 78,268 Clore, Marianna 441 Closs, Florence Ladell 92 Closs, George 457, 470, 487 Clowe, Carlton Thomas 106, 305, 361 Cloyd, William Preston, Jr 250, 353, 377, 492 Clubs 462-504 Coates, John 261 Coats, Mollie 106, 450, 474 Cobb, Dolores Cecelia 268, 442, 487 Cobb, George W 121, 276 Cobb, Madeline Ann 268, 478 Cobb, Robert S.. Ill 493 Cobb. Sandra Rhea 48. 177, 180, 183, 230. 391 Cochran, James 162 Cochran. Jane M 441 Cochran, John Devin 106 Cochran, John L 479 Cochran, Lamont Martin, Jr. .78. 256, 341 Cocke, Bartlett, III 300. 368. 383 Cocke, Carla Jo 183. 297 Cocke, Catharine Hackett 78, 275, 376 Cocke, Diane F 461. 494 Cocke, James Robert 276 Cocke. William Hill, Jr 276. 384 Cockrell. John Harrison 367 Cockrum, James L. 32, 34, 399 Coe, Carolyn Ann 106, 441, 454 Coe, Gerald E 479 Coe, Gordon E 468 Coe, Sue Marlene 78, 254 Co-Ed Assembly 477 Coers, Roy Helmuth 485 Coffeen. Hale L 465 Coffey, Doris Jenelle 48 Coffey, Fred A., Jr 375, 443, 479, 499 Coffman, Elbert Joseph 300 Coffman, James A 342 Cogburn, Edmund Lewis 228, 334, 443 Coghlin, Robert L 367 Cohen, Barry Lippman 234 Cohen, Elliott Zalman . .92, 292, 359, 402 Cohen, Irma Jean 106, 259, 441, 446 Cohen, Malcolm Hugh 292 Cohen, Maxine 106, 259 Cohen, Phyllis R 106,454 Cohen, Sylvia Lynn 106, 235 Cohen, Stanley Marvin 234 Cohn, Marion Joyce Edelstein 393 Cohn, Maurice Daniel 292 Name Pages Cohn, Pauline 198, 200, 258 Coker, Leon Jackson 92, 285, 363 Colbath, Shirley Brown 290 Colbert, Jane 484 Colbourne, Richard Kay 48. 308 Colby, Malcolm Young 309 Cole, James Thomas 106, 445 Cole, John Martin 92. 310 Cole, Joseph G 493 Cole, Margaret Evelyn 48. 451 Cole, Robert Lester 310, 479 Cole, Samuel Warren. Jr 48 Coleman, Dabney Wharton 281, 369 Coleman, Elizabeth 177, 180. 183, 440 Coleman, Irwin Weldon, Jr. .106, 271, 351 Coleman, Marilyn Joan 183, 234. 494 Coleman, Ralph L 441 Coles, Roy Davis, Jr 78, 468 Collenback, William George .92, 279. 329 Collette, Ann 92, 176, 183, 266, 480 Collie, Daniel Lane 300, 384 Collier, James R 467 Collier, Margaret Earle 248 Collier, Peggy 78, 274 Collins, Carroll Wright 166, 262, 340 Collins, Clark Townsend 277, 359 Collins, Earldcan Martin 260, 332 Collins, Jerry 400 Collins, Jodean Thornton 260, 371, 378, 466 Collins, John Frank, Jr 318. 374 Collins. John Michael 342, 394 Collins, Louella Alice 254 Collins, Martha Jane 48. 230 Collins, Maxine Sagor 234 Co llins, Peggy Joanne 48, 474 Collins, Rted 250, 483 Collins, Thomas J 48, 446, 493 Collins. William David 341 Collonge, Joan 274 Col longe, Marie 78, 275 Collum, Jimmy H 287 Colquitt, James Alfred 48 Coltharp, Marcellus T 342 Colville, Howard Eugene 285 Colvin, George Hammett 78, 301 Colvin, Jacob Riley 284, 446 Colwick, Harold Douglas . . .106, 265, 351 Combe, Barbara T 487 Comer, John Keith 106 Cominski. Pat 487 Compton, Mary Deen 321 Conatser, John Marvin 397, 458 Cone, Peggy Joan 106, 475 Cone, Robert O., Jr 495 Conerly, Maryo 48, 230 Conger, Tom D 496 Conlon, Donna Sue .48, 176, 177, 183, 230 Conlon, John L 92, 486, 493 Connelly, Larry 106, 171, 277 Connelly, Patsy 487 Connelly, Thomas H 352 Connolly, John Clark 351 Conradt, Letha 395 Conrey, Mrs. Martyn 455 Conroy, Nancy J 33, 452 Consoulin, D. J 335 Conti, Joseph Louis 92. 327 Conti, Kathcrine Wilhelmine 76 Conwelly, Donald Laurence 352 Cook, Carol 48. 266, 446, 480 Cook, Dorothy Helen 381 Cook, Hazel Gaeckler 40 Cook, Jack Franklin 379 Cook, James 334 Cook, Jake C 76 Cook, Jininii. Carolyn 106, 239 Cook. Katherine 395 Cook. Patricia Ann 230, 441 Cook, Ramond 487 Cook, Reuben Davies 169. 328 Cook. Robert J 468 Cook, Ruth Annette 78. 297, 441, 473 Cook, Thomas John 276 Cook, Thomas Leighton 300 Cooke, Claude E., Jr 40 Cooke, Frank 1 469, 483 Cooke, Isora 456 Cooksey, Frank 440 Cooksey, James Maxwell 78 Cooney, Pete 377 Cooney, William Bernard 78, 308 Coons, William Ray. Jr 48. 485 Cooper, Albert Everett 305. 403 Cooper, Benny Rex 92, 359 Cooper, Bette Joy 106, 307 Cooper, Norman 396 Cooper, Shirley Ann 296 Copeland, Don L 328 Copeland. Hal Elbert, Jr 29, 280 Copeland, Jerald D 106, 287, 330 Copeland, Morgan L 26, 215, 318, 402 Corbitt, Harold L 359 Corder, Dorothy 78, 255, 475 Corenbleth. Sara Janet 106, 235, 446 Corley, John Robert, III 276. 331 Cornell. Robert K 334. 375. 479 Cornett, Mickey D 78 Corning, Harold Thomas 339 Coronado, Jose Ricardo 48 Corovines, Lula 48, 497 Corrigan. Mary Alyce 48, 484 Corrin, Jane Carol 274 Cortes, Earl Edwin 92, 300, 370 Cortez, Joe 140 Corwin, Mary Robin 183, 253 Costero, Margarita G 461 Costley, Flora Annete 48, 268, 450 Cotner, Robert 287 Cott, Barry Leonard 234 Name Pages Gotten, A. Joel 465 Cotter, Margaret Elizabeth 291, 475 Cottingham, Erwin Yandell, Jr 246 Cotton, William M 36 Couch, Cecil Redding, Jr 251 Coufal, Jerry Lumir 48, 471. 478, 495 Coughlin, Edward T. 283. 334 Coughlin, Lawrence M 36, 173, 487 Coughlin, Robert Lyle 457 Courland. Richard 171 Courier, Virginia Ann . . .34, 48, 212, 238, 389, 405, 476, 477, 494 Courtney, Albert Kenneth 78 Courtney, Jacqueline Teague, 231, 397, 481 Courtney, James H 468 Couvillion, Nancy Jane . .78, 200, 230, 364 Covington, Joe C., Jr 385, 403, 467 Cowan, David Douglas 106. 370 Cowan, J. Corinne 106 Cowan, Venita Rae 106, 231 , 475 Coward, Connie 485 Cowboys, The 383 Cowden, Alma Faye 48, 274, 473 Cowden, Marylee 48, 274, 473 Cowgill, JohnieM 461 Cowser, Rosemary 106, 291 , 454 Cox, Albert Harrington, Jr. .246, 394, 440 Cox, Bob Edgar 48, 460 Cox, Bob Ray 342 Cox, Carolyn Ann 78, 272 Cox, Earl, Jr 277, 353 Cox, Flo 32, 78, 238, 381, 405 Cox, Franklin Lanier 384 Cox, Gerald Anthony 308. 353 Cox, James W 48 Cox, John Baker 457 Cox, Keith K 43. 377, 379, 485 Cox, Kenneth Jarkson 375, 377, 385. 467. 485 Cox, Kenneth M 380. 401 Cox, Neil Darrel 359, 460 Cox, Patricia Ann . .78, 177, 214, 242, 392 475, 497. 498 Cox, Solly Wyatt, Jr 363 Cox, Suzanne 450 Cox, Virgil Truett . .48, 330, 335, 379, 380 Cox, Wayne Edward 294 Crabtree, Nancy 92, 255, 446 Craft, Donald E 334 Craft, Herbert 92 Crager, Minor Beckett 106, 319, 330 Crahan, John Byron, Jr 48 Craig, A. JoAnn 48 Craig, Connie Arden 78, 252 Craig, Darlyn 477, 488 Craig. Cordon A 304 Craig, Homer Vincent 285 Craig, Hoyt D 329, 335 Grain, Cullen M 385,403 Crain, Frank B 346 Grain, James Kerr 495 Grain, Marvin C 48, 468 Crainer. Emma Jean 78, 239 Cralle, Robert Parker 78, 327,465 Cramer, Marian 389 Cramer. Marj orie Ann 106, 273 Cranfill. Thomas Mabry 281. 381 Cranny, Jim 487 Craven, Deane Aria 176, 182, 267 Cravens, James Rorick 277, 354 Crawford, Adele 92, 183. 268, 392, 454, 475 Crawford, Artie Jeannette . . . .92, 290, 475 Crawford, Bonnie Jo 78, 446, 453 Crawford, Farnam Ted 397 Crawford, Frances H 255, 395 Crawford, Frank B 441 Crawford, Janie 253, 454 Crawford, John Dunlap 48, 121, 147, 256, 383 Crawford, John Lacy 311, 445 Crawford, Nancy H 92, 182, 255, 475 Crawford, Otho L. 25, 40, 397. 458 Crawford, Robert Fields 40, 294 Crawford, Shirley Ann 106, 267 Craycroft, John T 78, 316 Cree, William Richard 48. 318 Creel. Kenneth 332. 499 Crenshaw, Carol 33 Crews. Betty Lou 321 Crimm, Judy J 479 Crippen, Barbara J 461 Crites, Carolyn 49, 320 Crittenden, Nora Alice 78, 450 Crocker, Clinton P 468 Crocker, Rita Joan 78, 296 Crockett, Barbara 92, 253. 473. 475 Crockett. Frances Wayne 269 Crockett, John A 287 Crockett. Morton H.. Jr 388, 444 Crofts, Carolyn 79 Cromack, John Robert 295 Cromwell. Frank Rhea, Jr 78, 304 Cromwell, Mary Anne 92, 233 Crooke. Lawrence Frank 377. 383. 458 Groom. Sam Caston 49, 167, 169, 215, 262, 339, 379. 380, 383 Crosby, Margaret Ann . . .26, 49. 179, 180, 181, 183, 296, 477 Cross Country 159 Cross. Frank Warren 106, 229, 441 Grossman, Ronald Charles 246. 355 Crosthwait, Nancy 296, 400 Crow, Jo Ann 230 Crow. Johanna Ruth 79, 242 Crow, Mary Jean 487 Crow, Norma Jean 255. 454 Crow, James Walter 49, 260 Crow, John Thomas . .25, 49, 228, 331, 375 Crowley, George Allen 79,226,284, 383, 492 PACE 545 Name Pages Crozier. Harry T 399 Crozier, Kelly 32 Crutrhfield, C. Cohorn, Jr. . .349. 388, 445 Cryc. Robert Nelson 300 Cuellar, Adolfo R 353 Culbert, Carolyn June 31, 273 Culbertson, Jacquelyn . .92, 342, 376, 392, 482,504 Cullen. Donald K 486 Cullen, Laura Mae 390, 440 Cullinan, Thomas Antbony 247, 377 Cullum, Conoly M 255,441, 452 Cullum, L. H 13 Culolta, Samuel Edward 287, 329 Gulp. Joe Ray 106, 334, 445 Culpepper, R. C. 49 Culver, Barbara Jeanette 92, 248 Culver, Edwina 92, 249, 481 Culver, Joe Howard 92, 262 Cumming, Edwin Palmer ...170, 172, 276 Cummings, Robert M 319 Cummings, Timmy Ray 449 Cummins. Ben Milton 106, 394 Cummins. Robert J 382 Cuudiff. Dixie Lee 231, 398, 440 Cunningham, Charles Eddy . .49, 256, 368, 371, 378 Cunningham, Don W 123 Cunningham, Gloria Ann 49, 240, 474 Cunningham, Jeanne Louise 461 Cunningham, Phoebe J 487 Cunningham, Richard George, 49, 285, 470 Cunningham, William Aaron, Jr 285, 386, 403 Currier, Alma J 454 Curry, Alfred Foy, III 92. 278, 359 Curry. Richard Earl 31, 92, 478 Curtain Club 441 Curtis. Anne Louise 297, 473. 475 Curtis. Harold F 76, 278, 333 Curtis, Irma Deane 49 Curtis. Norma Jean 92, 450, 474 Curtis. Robert P 334 Curtis, Thomas Atkinson 284 Cuaenbary, Charles Lee 49. 262 Cutbirth, Sandra Ann 106, 275 Cuthrell, Robert Eugene 303, 363 Cyrus, Carol R 92, 482 Czech Club 478 Czimnkey, Monroe Leon 79 D Dabbs, Kenneth Dean 299 Dabncy, Alan Lancaster 399. 443 Dabn;y, Eugene E 493 Dabncy, Patsy Ruth 92, 321, 473 DaCamera, Patricia Lou 230. 490 Dacy, Donald A. 478 Dagher, Anis N 472 D.-ibl in. Roland Edmund 263 Daily, Dorothy Jo 106, 235, 441, 447 Dalby, B.Jean 36,49 Dale, Alfred George 401 Dale, Shelby David 106.277,394 Dalehite, Laura Foster 106 Dalehite, Virginia 254 Dallenbach. Karl M 229,265, 397 Dalley, Joseph W 396 Dalrymple. John B 368, 369 Dal ton, Murphy Leon 282 Damon, Ann 92, 268, 269 Damon, Henry Gordon 309 Damrel, Mary 106, 475, 498 Dancy. Marylyn M. 453 Dancy, Bcttie Morrow . . .92, 197. 200, 296, 450, 475 Daniel, Frances Shiree . .92. 230, 450, 481. 501 Daniel, Lillie Marie 268 Daniels. Carl U., Jr. . . .278, 359. 371, 378 Dannelley, Frank H 491, 500 Danner, Paul 29, 499 Dannheim, Juanell 106 Danowski, Rudy 168 Danziger, Nancy Beth 92, 258 Dapper, Douglas Shultz 247. 342. 447 D ' Arcy, Donna Louise 49, 249 D ' Arcy, Gerald Paul 353 Darden. William E 12 Darden, William H 277, 492 D ' Aria. Maurice 329 Darras, Norman 333 Darecy, Murdoch 32, 399 Darter, Betty Jean 106, 440 Darwin, Herbert Rollyn 310 Darwin, Jamc Thomas, Jr. . .349, 388, 445 Daughcrty, Bailey Eugene. Jr 394 Daugherty, Ralph Howard, Jr. . . .304, 363 Daumas, Felix Antonio 464 David, Agnes G 441, 461, 495 Davidson, Blanche 234 Davidson, Doris Marie 79, 254, 255 Davidson, James E 500 Davidson, John Wesley 250, 349 Davidson, Pauline Evon 240, 474, 475 Davidson, Rita Maxine 306. 490 Davies. Helen 441 Davila, Louis Santos 487, 500 Davis, Annazcll Elizabeth 106, 441 Davis, Billy Dean 388, 445 Davis. B. Gayle 461, 485 Davis, Bob W 329 Davis, Charles Edward II 106, 469 Davis, Carol yn Cl ynne 79, 232 Davis, Donna Evelyn 79. 381, 450 Davis, Donald A 445 Davis, Frances Starr 79, 252, 253, 475 Davis, Hal S 294. 485 Name Pages Davis, Jimmy A 341 Davis, Joanne B. (Mrs.) 488 Davis, John Albert 49. 339 Davis, John Howard 79, 294 Davis. John Powell 79, 260 Davis, Joyce Lurayne 461 Davis, June 121. 123, 332, 383 Davis, Kimball 484, 487 Davis. Lovell Ervin, Jr 282,353 Davis, Mack F., Jr 459, 467, 486 UavU. Marie 92 Davis. Mary Sewall 106, 269. 454 Davis. Morgan Jefferson, Jr. . .40, 257, 308 Davis. Nat H 92, 261 Davis. Neal, Jr 257 Davis, Noah Lee, Jr 244 Davis. Norris G 399 Davis, Odie Richard Seagraves ..277. 346. 355. 371 Davis. Patricia Ann 49. 195, 200. 381 Davi. Perry Dupree, Jr 214, 310, 383, 447, 492 Davis, Richard Lyle 79, 229 Davis, Sister John Marie 395 Davis, Starr 381, 490 Davis, Tommy Wessendorff 276, 351 Davis, Virginia 49, 227, 248 Davis. Waters Smith, III 40, 246, 399 Dawkins, Douglas 123 Dawe, Jessamon 495 Dawson, Chloe T 49, 479 Dawson. Gib 121. 123, 169, 351 Dawson, Raymond F 382 Dawson, Tommy 445 Day, Gabriel la 395 Day, James C 329 Day, Samuel James 318 Day, Wil liam Howard 106. 330 Dean, Evelyn M 254,376, 503 Dean, Jean Orr 92, 248, 440 Dean, William Walter. Jr 300 Dean, Wayne Engelhardt 263 Deane. Granville Mitchell, Jr.. 92, 167, 310 Deathe, Helen Norwood 241 Deaton. Mary Lucile 381, 397, 494 Deals. C. Gordon 92, 319 Deaver, Dorothy Inge 92, 444. 450 Deaver, Jack D 169, 257 Deaver, John Randolph 447 De Beaumont, Martyn 34, 35 Debnam. Joy Diane 49, 450, 475, 494 Decherd, George Michael 394 Dechman, Janis Marie 49, 266, 391 Deckert. Bob 485 Dedeke. Leslie Alfred, Jr 342 Deen. Arthur H 261 Dees. Charles Franklin . .49, 379, 380, 394 Deffebach, Bill Tom 49, 270, 384 De George, Bernard Joseph 470 DeCraffenreid, Dixon 276, 326. 335 Dejernett, William Worsham 246 De LaCruz, Robert 353 De LaGarza, Lconor 455, 484 Delaney, Wayne E 139 DeLeon, Elisa 49 DeLeon. Pedro A 353 Delgadillo, Jose Luis 49, 460 Delgado, Jaime N. 330 Deloach. Jo Ann 273 Delta Delta Delta 252-253 Delta Gamma 254-255 Delta Kappa Epsilon 256-257 Delta Phi Epsilon 258-259 Delta Sigma Phi 260-261 Delta Sigma Pi 384 Delta Tau Delta 262-263 Delta Upsilon 264-265 Delta Zeta 266-267 DeMoss. Edward Eugene 79, 333, 485 Denard, Dorothy Ann 461, 485 Denman, Tommy Joy 49, 181, 183, 477 Denney, Benjamin P 496 Denney, Robbie Dell 79, 272 Dennis. Don Earl 49, 385. 467 Dennis, Tom Lorenzo 256 Dent, John B 441 Demon, Marellyn F 249, 490 DePriest, John Houston 29 DeRese, Betty Bel 79 Derrick, Delores 243 Derrick, George Erwin 284, 329, 335 Desavino, William A. 49, 485 Deshon. George E 380, 401 DeShong, Bettye Lee 274 Desmuke, Kathryn Sue 461, 472 DeStefano, Martin Joseph 264, 353 Development Board 13 DeVcrtcr, Paul Logan, III 49, 327, 471 Dewar. Robert Lee Ball ..92, 172, 257, 342 Dewberry. Billy Floyd 106 Dewitt. Wil liam Warren 106, 354, 487 DeWoody. Charles E 465 Deutsch, Ellen Elizabeth 49, 234, 484 Diamond, Louise 92, 253, 475, 489 Diamond, Paul Marker 235 Diaz, Carlos F 353 Diaz. Juan 170 Diaz-Risa, Ignacio 40, 464 Dibrell, Joseph Burton 286 Dibrell, Raymond Allen, Jr 40 Dickard, Paul Franklin 310, 363 Dickens, John Powers 286, 334 Dickerson, Carolyn 79. 272, 273 Dickerson, Jo Ann 32, 34. 35 Dickerson, Roy Jr 79 Dickinson. Dale Flint 92 Dickinson, Travis Ray 106, 257 Dickson, John B 40 Dickson. Stella Jane 238 Diesen, Walter F 324 Vame Pages Dieter, John P 328 Dietz, Charles K 401 Dietze, Frances C 485, 495 Digangi, Michael Anthony 367 Dill, Nancy Sue 272 Hi 1 1. n. I. Patsy Lee 267 Dillon, Bobby Dan 121. 123. 124 Dillon, Patricia Jane ...92, 230. 392, 454. 475, 490 Diller, Anne 381 Dilworth. Bonnie Sue 92. 320, 493 Dimand. Carolyn Jewell 106, 259 Disciples Student Fellowship 479 Dishongh. Charles Ray 79, 228, 229 Dishongh, Dorothea Bachmin . . . .389, 447 Dishongh . Fred Thompson 106, 229 Dishroon, Carr Pritchett 49, 308, 485 Dismuke,!. Barclay Wooilard 40, 310 Dittert, Lee J.. Jr 339, 402 Ditto, James Charles 271. 467 Dixon, Jcrald Dean 92, 342, 445 Doane, Margaret Aiken 92, 230. 490 Dobard. Claude Edgar 287 Dobbins, George Moye 270 Dobbs, Mary Kathrecn 49, 266 Dobey. Nancy JoAnn 106. 243. 454, 475. 497 Dobyns. H. L 92, 328 Dobyns, Nina Beta Liles 385 Doche. Frederick Leon 285 Docke, Leon 332 Dockery. James Randel . .49, 203, 284, 402 Dockcry. William Dee, Jr 285 Doctormon. William Owen ..106. 311, 349 Dodd. James Weldon 33. 79, 458 Dodge, Bayard 472 Dodson. Dale R 79 Dodson, Horace Leon. Jr 79. 298, 329 Dodson, Jane Kennedy 231 Dodson, Leon H. 441 Doerge, Robert F 491 Doering, Harold Gene 328, 460 Doering, Rosemary 485 Doerpinghaus, Leonard 485 Doggett, Mary Claire 79, 232, 446 Doherty, James A 36 Doiron. Dolly Dolores 92, 321 Dold. Robert Bettis 92, 260 Dol ley. James Clay 14, 380, 384 Dolley. Robert David 309, 342 Donada. Maria Nieves 79, 487 Donan, Elizabeth Ann 92, 269, 479. 450,501 Dondlinger, William Spikes 93, 309 Donghi, Louis Victor 403 Donley, John C 479 Donn. Peggy Ellen 93.259 Donovan, John Carl 76, 250, 251, 350, 378, 393 Donoghue. Lucy Ann 106, 200, 275 Dooley. John Walter ... 106, 299. 377, 445 Doreck. Ronald 169 Dorf man. Lee H 445 Doring. Gene 261 Dorn. Othelia Jerry 79 Dornberger. Werner William 265, 382. 465 Dorris, Linda 93 Dorsch. William Edward 305, 485 Dorset, Carolyn Bird 79, 274 Dorsey, Ann G 442. 450 Dosher, William Carroll 106. 283, 351 Doss. Clarence M 479 Dossey, Katherine Betty 176, 239 Doty. E. William 19 Doty, Gene C 368 Doty, Robert Dupre 107. 301. 351 Dougan, Joan 487 Dougherty. Peggy Alice 107, 454,503 Dougherty. Margaret L 376. 455, 487 Doughtie, Venton Levy ..79. 251. 310, 340. 396, 403 Douglas. Donald James 277, 340 Douglass. Robert R 19 Douthit. Lilliam M 495 Douty. Harry Lee 107, 301, 360 Dovalina, David 107, 360 Dow, Bernard Olte . .93. 234, 355. 394, 447 Dow. Melvin Gene 32. 264, 255 Dowell, Caroline 50, 182,254. 255. 389, 490 Dowell. Mary Patricia .181, 204, 248. 249. 389. 490. 498 Dowies, James 121, 140 Dowlen. Robert Orrin 246 379 Doyal. John W 346 Doyle. William M., Jr. 50 Draper. Robert Elliot 276 Drew, Marcia Lou 103, 453 Drews, Marvin Alex 396. 403, 471 Dreyer. Mary Elda 182 Dreyer, Roger M ; 495 Drilling. Joan 31. 259 Driver, R. Temple 76. 507 Drobnies. Saul Isaac 313 Droll, Louis James 107, 319, 487 Drozd. Leonard Joseph 478 Drummond, Donald Ryan 107 Drye, Anne Elizabeth 79, 297 Dryden, Ruth Ann 248 Dryer, Mary Elda 266. 481 Dube. Robert 485 Dubois, Charlotte Estelle 231, 398 DuBose, Charlie Pat 342 DuBose, George P., Jr 479 DuBose, Mary Lynn 79, 273 DuBose, Sidney Paul 300 Duckworth, Frances R 479, 481 Ducute, Tommy H 359, 487 Dudgeon, Johnnie J 79, 298 Duerson, Shalmir Ann . .50, 320, 348, 490 flame Pages Duffy, Austin Richard 284 Duggan, Noclie Ann 93, 320, 497 Duke. Robert Charles 298 Dukes. Nina Merle 79. 485 Dumas, Cornelia Vaughan 50, 296 Dumas, Cenevieve Louise . . .107, 297, 376 Dunagan, Bonnie Delphene 93 Dunagan, Eddie D 79 Dunaway, Ben Carolyn 389 Dunaway, Jack Quitman 340 Dunbar, Megan Malcolm 297 Duncan. Floyd 147 Duncan, Hadden 79 Duncan. Joe Donald 50, 288. 289. 443. 479 Duncan. Kathleen Elizabeth 232. 474 Duncan. Lloyd Justin 93.271 362 Duncan, W. Carlyle 500 Dungan. David Summers .79, 375. 443. 503 Dungen. Fay Beth 485. 495 Dunham. Frank George. Jr 50, 270 Dunham. Mary 475 Dunlap. Kenneth Dean 371, 378. 499 Dunlap. Margaret Ann 275 Dunlap, Naomi G 451 Dunn, Alice Elizabeth 107, 269 Dunn. Charles E 362, 446 Dunn, Patricia C 50 Dunn, Ruth 395 I Inn M. im. Mary Ann 107, 305, 321 Dupree, Francis Edward 468 DuPriest. Martha Jeanne 296 Dupuy, Howard Richard 270, 384 Duran, Alejandro, Jr 332 Durden. Raymond Edward 471 Durbin. Jimmy C 107, 355 Durio. John Roscoe 370, 487 Durkee. Robert R., Jr 50. 468 Durrenberger, Dorothy Jane .93, 177, 227. 266. 454 Durrenberger, Laura Sue 93 lini-,.. Sam Martin 107, 285 Durst, Lloyd Milton 460, 485 Durway, Daniel 370, 441 Dusek, Ted Henry 260, 341, 485 Dulton. Lendon Dale 93 Dvoracek, Mary 395 Dworkin, Robert S 397 Dwyer, Nancy 400 Dye, Howard 171 Dyer, Cromwell Adair, Jr 246. 394 Dyer, Glen 139, 330 Dyer, James Arthur 50, 314 Dyer, James Mason, Jr. 276, 331 Dyer, John T 50 Dyke, Virginia Parchman .93, 183, 272. 273 Dyrkee. Robert Rolswell, Jr 276 Dysart. Marilyn Jean 296 Dzierrzanowski, Frank Leon -.50. 358. 487 Eads. Raynice 50, 177, 320, 321.477 Eagen, Barbara 176 Eager, James 1 33, 79 Eagle. Charles T., Jr 93. 349. 445 Eakins. Carol Ann 231. 497 Ealy, Miles Lamar. Jr 246 Eanes, Robert Zempter 107, 358, 394 Eargle. Dolan Hoye, Jr 328. 485 Earle. Nancy Joan 93, 320. 490, 497 Early. Cassie Ann 79. 269 Early. Sarah Jeannine 50, 248 Early, Thomas R 107 Easley. David Leigh 40. 397 Easley. Donald R 50 Easley. Henry Neil 107, 358. 377 Easley, Johanna Katherine 93, 453 Easley. Margaret 50 Easley. Virginia Sue 93, 252. 392. 450. 475 Easley. William Glenn 360 Easterwood. Roy, Jr 79, 479 Eastland. Donald . . .36, 76. 213, 262, 263. 383. 498 Eastman, Martha Ann 266, 474 Easton, Chris Bennet 485 Easlridge, Kenneth Eugene 31, 262 Eaton. Carl G 340 Eberman, Gloria A 454 Eblen, Earl Doolen 50. 491 Eby. Frederick 482 Eccles. Terrance E 107 Echardl. Vera Sue 107. 176, 182. 275 Ecker. John L 467 Eckert. Travis 149. 173, 263. 330 Eckhardt. Carl John 396. 403 Eckhardt. Curt Ernest 4S5 Eckhardt, John W 504 Eckhart. George Willard 384 Eckles. Joan 79 Eckols. Hugh 498 Eddina. Gary 349 Eddins. Louis Robert Jr 284 Eddy. James R. D 18 Edelberg. Milton Edward 93 Edge. Eugene. Ill 107, 301 . 342 Edge. Jean Marie 25. 93, 296, 376 Edminston. David Crockett 264 Edmiston. Frank Gerald 304, 374 Edmundson, Mary Lou 296 Edwards. Annette 79, 381, 450. 475 Edwards, Donald Austin 308 Edwards, George G 313 Edwards, John Sanford 262 Edwards, Lum C. Jr 93, 283 Edwards, Mary 381 Edwards, Mary Ann 50, 79, 200, 266. 320, 441. 480 Edwards. Mary Sue 297 Edwards, Robert William, II 50. 284 PAGE 546 A ' ume Pages Eeck, Arne Erich 485 Egan, Judith Jeanne 249 Egger, Laura N 50, 481 Ehlers, Darby Jean 93, 233, 475, 497 Ehlers. Jo Ann 79, 232, 450, 474, 485 Ehman. Dakota Ann 50,232, 233 Ehman, Judith Jule 177 Ehman, Judith Jule 253 Ehresman, Joe Britt 305 Ehrlich. Gene 33, 50 Ehrlich. Gene R 399 Eichelberger, Philip T 483, 500 Eichler, Elwood J 374, 385 Eichler, Lucille Helen . .50, 232, 481, 485 Eidelberg, Milton Edward 235 Eien, Harold Marvin 107, 293. 353 Eisen, Natalie Cecile 50, 259 Eisei ' .bauer, Norma Lee 107, 177, 231, 485, 497 Ekdahl. Sigurd Neal 279 Eklund. Curtis E 79 Elbe), Jacques Lee 468 Elbert, Janice Louise 79, 274 Eldridge, Charles McRae 304 Eliason, John Edmund 226, 288, 443 Eliff. Larry 443 Elizardi, Betty Pace 273 Elizondo, Concepcion 50, 369. 387. 461,500 Elkins, J. A 13 Elkins, JoAnn 79 Elkins, William L 349, 445 Ellington, Alvin W 139, 351 Elliott, Aletha Lou 107,275 Elliott. Don 171 Elliott, George Washington, HI 304. 333, 1 11. Elliott, Lloyd Kenyon 294 Elliott, Lynwood, Grayburn 79, 284. 458, 492 Elliott, Mary Ann 180, 296, 497 Ellis, Benny Val 491 Ellis, Dan Edward 234 Ellis, Dori. M 107.454 Ellis, John Wilson 93, 282 Ellis, Paul S 377 Ellis, Robert Lee 50, 500 Ellis, Warren R 445 Ellis, Wesley, Jr 50, 121, 163 Ellison, Oliver Perkins Jr 79, 328, 377, 467 Elmore, Irene Sue 296 El-Nahry, Umaisma Ahmed 472 Elsass, John Frank 485 Elsworth, Elden 377 Ely. Marilyn Moffctt 307 El-Yousef, HamedH 472 Elzworth, Cora Elden 327 Emerine Sally Anne 107, 239 Emerson, Ox 139 Emery, Emogene 447, 480 Emge, Leonard Edward 50, 403 Emitt, John E 500 Emswiler, John Dixon 50 Enderle. Rodolfo R 464 Endress, Margaret Virginia 21, 25, 50. 202, 248, 389, 393, 473, 476, 504 Eng. Sally 461 Engebretson, Carol 391, 481 Engelke, Ray C 334 Engle, Earl Jay 293. 358 Engleman, David Reynolds 277 English, Berry R 493 English, Donna Louise 453 English, Middleton Shirley 246, 355 English, Sally Hall 275 Enni. Lembit 485 Eppes, Bil I Gorton 50, 339, 382. 465 Eppwright, Margaret 481 Epstein, Isaac 79, 313, 377 Erhand, Albert 440 Erickson. Carl A 467 Erlich, Gene 32 Ermis, LeRoy Charles 93 Erwin, Ann B 93. 275 Erin. Betty 79.274 Erwin, Jackie Lois 107, 241, 452 Erwin, Lee 140 Eschberger, Clare Kaye 79, 177, 320 Eschberger, Elwood 485 Escutia, Virgillio, Jr 443, 487 Esgen, Barbara 79, 175, 183, 296 Eshenberg, Robert Lee, II . .121, 154, 282 Esmond, Blaine Durand .93, 245, 399, 445 Espeland, Robert Ross 485 Estes, Charles B 500 Estes, Jack Homer 310 Estes, John Lancaster 93, 270, 342 Estes, Wayne Shelton 174, 300 Estlack, M. Rochelle 497 Estrada, Hector R 464 Estrada, Miguel 464 Eta Kappa Nu 385 Etheredge. B. Nan 107 Etheredge, Darwin D 331 Etheridge, Fletcher H. 36 Ethcridge. Joan 178, 230, 477, 490 KH.-I. Raymond Lewis 51 Evans, Bonnie Lorene . .387. 469, 491, 500 Evans, Catherine Dower 51, 232, 475 Evans, Durward Gray 402 Evans, Ewing Kalteyer 257 Evans, George Evan, Jr 380 Evans, Cray 499 Evans, James P 470 Evans, Jerry 331 Evans, Jewel Ruth 248 Evans. John Sidney 76, 246 Evans, Lynn Thomas 107 Evans, Patricia Anne 93, 195, 200. 248 .Vome Pages Evans, Ruth Ann 79, 238 Evans, Ruth F 479 Evans, Wesley Jean 51, 268, 390, 494 Evans, Winifred A 51 Everett, Jane Elizabeth 51, 296 Ewald, Harold E 500 Ewing, Barbara Ann 51, 227, 254 Ewing, Ben B 382 Ewing, Bill 469, 500 Ewing, Charles William 377, 483 Ewing. Dwight S 79 Ewing, James Ellen 107, 241, 452 Ewing, Robert Leon 51, 349 Ex-Students ' Association 20 Eyssautier, Yvonne Clementine ..107, 455 Faber, Curt Moritz 298, 340 Fabricant, Sybil 107, 259 Fadal, G. Christine 107, 441. 454 Factche, Albert 93, 171, 276. 277, 362 Fagan, Bill 487 Fagan. Larry 123, 329 Fagg, Charles R 340 Fail, William Morgan, Jr 51, 282 Fain, Coralee 296 Fair, Jerry 313 Fair, Ralph Emerson 107, 247, 352 Fair, William Y 468 Fairall, Carolyn P 453 Fairbanks, Joyce 51,267, 481 Fairchilil, Bill Morrow 260 Fairchild, William Douglas .305, 328, 335 Fairey, John Leonard 379 Fairey, Robert A 394 Fairey, Thomas E 349, 385, 403, 467 Fairlee. Robert 346 Faith, Winston 458, 467 Falcon, J. Lesvia 461, 464 Falcon, Raymond Marvin 93 Falk, Edith Joyce 79,450 Falke, Fred Ernest 342 Falkenberg. Dorothy Marie 51, 320 Falkenberry. Bobby Harold 305 Faly, Miles L 351 Fancher, Charles C. 363 Fancher, George Homer 309, 403 Farabee. James M 79, 375 .443 Farb. Dvora 79, 259 Farek, Eugene Frank . . .359, 445, 460, 495 Farek, Margery Ethel 79, 183, 450, 494, 495 Farek, Thomas Edward 460, 495 Fargotstein. Annette Abra 259 Farley, James Frederick 51, 467 Farmer, Jack Edwin 280 Farmer, William Jackson 441 Farrar, Joe D 17, 315 Farrar, Sidney Clifton Jr. . . .51, 328. 335. 466. 468 Farrell, Hugh 334 Farrington, Cecil G., Jr 471 Farrington, Susan Alice . . . .107, 176, 177, 183. 267 Farris, Osama F 460 Farris. Robert Gene 282, 329 Farris, Warren Lee 282 Farrow, Sam L 107, 354 Fasel, Dolores Gwendolyn . . .51, 290, 475 Faulk, Edith 392 Faulk, Eula Bernice 266,456 Faulk, Jo Anne Cecelia 93, 268, 453 Faulk, JoeEd 121 Faulk, Patricia Ruth 51, 391, 395, 442 453, 481 Faulk, William Abney 278 Faulkenberry, Bobby H 355 Faulkner, Royce Weldon 256 Fawcett, Robert Earl, Jr 51,276 Fears, Ann 441 Featherston, Bill R 107 Featherston, Jack E 355, 445 Features 116, 120, 406. 437 Feddersen, William 485 Feffer, Howard Stanley 234 Fehlman. Barry F., Jr 465 Fehr, Ruth Ann 454 Feibelman, James Alan 354 Feigle, Marilyn Jane . . .107, 267, 447, 480 Feist, Frederic Warren 369, 377, 378 Feit, Louise 450, 474 Feld. Mose Martin, Jr 93, 292, 363 Fclder, Jean Granger 395 Feldman, Charles B 302,327 Feldman, Larry Wayne 235 Felgar, Robert Pittison 403 Fella, James Weldon 93 Feller, Clarence Roland 460, 485 Felsing, William August, Jr 229, 341 Fencing 162 Fender, Dorothy J 442,503 Fendley, Francis Tarrant, Jr. 93, 251, 351 Fendley, Harrison Douglas . . .93, 360, 394 Fcnske, Carl Werner 382, 485, 470 Fenton, Barbara Jane ...107, 231, 487, 497 Fergus, William Preston 276 Ferguson, Arthur James 93, 270, 351 Ferguson, Betty Jean 180, 183, 461 Ferguson, Carl S 329 Ferguson, Carole Lynn 243 Ferguson, David Milton 51 Ferguson, David Scott 107, 229, 349 Ferguson, Donald Olda 260, 483, 500 Ferguson, Edwin Fred, Jr 479, 486 Ferguson, Frances Meyer 395 Ferguson, Fred 171 Ferguson, Henry Rugeley 276 Ferguson, Ira F 346 Name Pages Ferguson, Jack Henson 310. 311 Ferguson, Jean 51 Ferguson, John Howard 29. 270 Ferguson, Molly Ann 230. 393 Ferguson, Phil Moss 382. 403 Ferguson, William Harold . . .93, 256, 342 Ferguson, Vernon N 384 Fericks, Gloria 501 Perish, Andre Calvert 300 Fernandez, Maria 40 Ferrell, Furman Clinton 93, 363 Ficken, Bryant A. 93, 295. 363 Fickert, William 485 Fiebig. Lester Dewain 315 Field, Elizabeth McLean 296 Field, Hugh Townsend 305 Fielden. Bruce C 279 Fielder, Parker C 265 Fielder, Richard H 334, 335 Fielding, Sally 33,51, 254 Fields, James P 483. 500 Fields, Robert E 375, 440, 466 Fitinger, Joyce Lorraine 461 Finch, Howell Mallory 167, 262, 341 Finch, Kenneth P 93, 341 Finch, Stanley Phister 305, 382 Finchum, Frank D 139, 330 Finck, Edward Reinhold, Jr 36, 76, 270, 487 Fine Arts 438, 447 Fine, Marcia Sue 234. 441 Fink, Norma Lee 79, 200, 306, 490 Finkelstein, Hubert Sheldon 302. 334 Finklestein, Louise Dean . . . 107, 183, 259. 454, 481 Finklestein, Richard 303 Finley, John Mallory 328 Fischer, Betty Jo 79, 320 Fischer, Carol Ann 253. 495 Fischer, Donovan George 394, 467 Fischer, George Edgar ..107, 168, 301, 351 Fischer, Joseph F., Jr 470 Fish, John Warren, Jr 51 Fish, Laurens B., Jr 354 Fisher, Alice Ann 51, 274 Fisher, Alice Jean 33, 51 Fisher, Beverly A 376 Fisher, Blake Vincent 308, 377 Fisher, Edwin E 358 Fisher, Gene Jordan 51, 479 Fisher, Paul Waymon SI Fisher. Robert A 403 Fisher, Roy Brent 79, 278. 279 Fiske, Ja nie Louise 51, 230, 391 Fitch, Florence Elizabeth 296 Fitch, Shirley Corinne 79, 182, 248, 473. 497 Fit. ' lii-it . Frances 107, 321 Fitz-Gerald, James A 279, 285, 333, 375, 380 Fitzgerald, Janet Connor 389, 391 Fitzgerald. Nancy Flores 51, 272 Fitzpatrick, Sam McCall 404, 496 Flachmeier, William A. 485 Flack, Betty Tom 93, 249, 475, 498 Flagg, Kenneth Paul . . .298, 384. 401, 402 Flaig, Joseph Holmes, Jr. . .280, 363, 380 Flanders, Thomas Jack 107, 305, 354 Flato, Olivia June 200. 266 Fleming. Edward S 397 Fleming, Gene Branch . .51. 121, 123, 270. 383, 384 Fleming, Mary Lee .51, 238, 381, 393, 395, 475, 494, 503 Fleming. Shirley E 296 Flesh, Lois Ann 235 Fletcher. Donald Earl 79, 286 Fletcher, Edith Louise 79, 266. 442 Fletcher, Edward Garland 245 Fletcher, L. Thurman, Jr 445 Fletcher, Paul Brent 247 Fletcher, Robert F 328 Flinn, Helen Margaret 17, 376. 389 Flinn, Jane 252 Flinn, Robert F 139, 332 Flinn. Wesley C 329, 440 Flint, Lee 475 Flint, Shirley Ann 240 Flippen. Kay 296 Flippen, Sue 107, 253, 440. 450 Flippin, Betty Joan 93, 243 Flores, Angelita 464 Flow, Dick 170 Floyd, Jacob S 330 Floyd, Mary Marline 107, 273 Floyd. Ricardo 484 Fly, Patricia Ann 107, 249 Flynn, Patrick A 393 Focht, John Arnold 382, 403 Foeh. Frederick A., Jr 334 Foerster, Bill 167 Foerster, Richard T 107, 350 Follett, Martin Dewey, Jr 468 Folley. Frances Elaine 272, 405, 497 Folmar, Patricia Love 252, 326, 329, 490, 497 Folwell, Charles Henry 226. 244 Fondren, Ellanor Ann 93, 274 Fondren, Jack Kenneth 319 Fontaine, Martha Ann . . .93, 400, 401, 475 Fooshee, Florence Neal 297 Fooshee, John Dale 276 Football 122, 139 Football, Freshman 139 Foote, Robert N 370 Foote, William Richard 51 Forbes, Arthur Lee, III 304 ,470 Forbis. James Edwin 369. 378 Ford, Alton E 29. 51, 377, 397 Ford, Gilbert 140, 284, 366. 383 Name Pages Ford, Judith 107, 182, 183, 249 Ford, Mary Ellen 274, 381 Ford, Maurice Lamar 471 Ford, Richard Franklin 79, 121, 318, 362, 402 Fordtran, John Satterfield 51, 282, 283, 374 Fortran, Robert Lee 51, 469, 500 Forehand, Shirley . .51, 181, 183, 395, 477 Foreman, Carolyn 93, 376, 494 Foreman, Wilson F. . .24, 27, 76, 203, 377, 386, 486, 492, 499 Forensica 430 Forgotson, Edward 79, 270 Forman, Doris May 494 Forman, James Torrey 52, 300 Forrest, Marianna . .93, 176, 177, 266, 454 Forrester, John Stanley 40 Forsman, John Malcolm 319 Forsvall, Murray Lawrence ..79, 168, 278, 329, 399 Fort, James T 401 Fortenot, Lubert L 333 Fortescue, Zacharia Thomas 282 Fortin, Diane Lillian 107, 269, 454 Fortran. John 172 Fo rtson, Ben Johnson 276 Fortson, Kay 52, 296 Foshee, Stanley Dean 289 Foster, Billy Joe 460 Foster, Elaine 80, 268 Foster, Joe Davis 304, 305, 350 Foster, Joe Drahn 279 Foster, Marvin F., Jr 486 Foster, Ralph E 52, 375, 401 Foster, Wilbur A 329 335 Foster, William Frank . .358, 402, 457, 503 Foster, William Knight 29, 310, 355 Foust, Margaret Ann 107, 321 Fountain, Altus Dean 80 Fountain, Lee Stanley 52, 245, 367 Fowler, Lenora Grace 93, 291 Fowler, Robert Penn 107, 283, 342 Fox, Bobby Jane 80 Fox, Katherine Marie 441 Fox. Nelia 395, 401 Foy, John H 435 Foye. Jim 170 Foyt. Pauline M 397 Fraley, Carolyn Lee 52, 175, 183, 234, 456 Frame, David, Jr 276 Frame, Eloise 273 France, J. C. 491 Francis, James Orval 40, 304 Francisco, George Carl 244 Frank, M. P. 340 Franke, Harold 485 Franklin, Robert Od ell 286 Franklin, Terrell Glenn 93, 308 Franklin, William Frederick .93, 300, 383 Frantz, Joe B 375, 399 Frapart, Lewis Samuel 107, 303 Frazer, John T. .34, 35, 298, 330, 394, 441 Frazer, Sam Stewart 278, 359 Frazier, Frank Albert 52, 384 Frazier, George Thomas 394 Frazier, J. Brooks 107, 299 Frazier, Mary Margaret 29, 405 Fredrick, Lynn Col man 300 Freed, Stanley 313 Freefield, Beverly Joan 107, 307 Freeland, LaBonia Shinn 390 Freeman, Barbara Sue 232, 490 Freeman, Charles Lewis 460 Freeman, Marguerite 29 Freese, Frances 395, 397, 454 Freezia, Charles Arnold 40, 308, 465 Freidman, Eileen Gay 476 Freling, Richard A. 93, 234. 355 French, Jimmy Karal 40 French, Virginia Lee 232 Frenkel, Florence Gertrude . .80, 235, 441 Freshmen 102, 115 Frerins, Gloria 485 Freund, Andrew J 340 Freund, George J 467 Freund, Mary Antoinette 252, 253, 494 Freund. Robert Gels 341 Freytag, Dorothy Ann 487, 495 Freytag, Ethlyn Rose 93, 450, 487, 495 Freytag, Guillermo T 173, 470 Freytag, Lois Jeanette 495 Friars .386 Frias, Robert 471 Frick. Ross Thurber 80, 282 Friedlander, Alfred Lawrence 52, 302. 303 Friedlander, Jack 293 Friedman, Eileen Gay 52, 234 Friedman, Joyce Frances 107, 259 Friedman, Karl M 302 Friedman, Marcia Ethel 80, 306 Friedman, Max Aaron 292, 293 Friedman, Rose Margot 107, 259, 450 Friedson, Gilbert E 500 Friedson, Harriet Ann 235, 441 Friend, Llerena B 231 Frisbie, Bettye J 495 Frisby, Clinton D 52, 339, 385, 467 Frltsche, Carl Craighead 80, 282 Fritz, William F 36 Frnka, B. Hope 52, 497 Froebel, Ed Charles 93, 260, 445, 485 Frobese, Charles W 495 Froneberger, James C. . . .52, 382, 470, 479 Frost, Barbara Ann 241, 475 Frost. Edward E. . .286, 287, 383, 386, 498 Fryar, Anthony Carlyle 93. 288 , 443 Frydell. Don Cordon 265, 328 Frye. James Thomas 276 Fryman, John E 107. 446 PAOE 547 Name Page Fulcher, Clay VI ayland Cordon . .93, 284. 226, 341. 402, 479 Fulcher. Ruth 93. 182. 184, 272 Fulenwider, Jerry . .52, 250, 251. 483, 500 Fulkerson, Perry John 107. 251 Fuller, James Stuart 167, 169, 262 Fuller. Thomas Mason 283. 358 Fullerton. Sue Ann 107, 255, 454 Fulmer, Kenneth Lamar 76. 245 Fulton, John Stuart 107, 331 Fulton, Margaret Mary 200, 252 Funkhouser. James Hammond 107. 309, 328 Fuqua, Jack Ervin 276 Furman, Anne Blair 273 Fuschs. Mildred Lorraine 52, 485, 497, 502 Fussell. John C 471 Fussell, Nan Carolyn 253 Gabrysch. Robert Keycs 487 Caddy, James T 466 Caddy. Richard S 369 Caedke, Clynds Jo 291, 474 Caelik, Richard C 139 Cafford, Burns N 385 Cage, George Albert ...107. 140, 167. 359, 457, 486 Cague. Ga ry Ronald 309 Gainer. John William. Jr 256 i. HIM-. John Keyburn, Jr 295 Caines, Scott 279 Cal, Jean 441 Gal, Martin 313 Calbraith. Julia E 108. 441 Gallagher, Wayne Harrison 52, 318 Callatin, Albert Reeves 80, 304 Gallaway, Patricia Ann 108 Galindo, James Mayo 457 Galli, Ccsare J.. Jr 25 Galloway, Bonnie Frank 499 Galloway, Patricia Ann 253 Calvin, Ailsa 450 Gamble, E. Jean 108 Gamble, Roger Lawson 40 Cambrcll. Thomas Ross 257, 353,394 Gamm, Janis Sue 80, 234 Gamma I ' hi Beta 268-269 Candy, Loys Marie 52, 272. 400 Cann. Marilyn 93. 255, 440 Gano. Howard Hughes 52, 244 Gant, Robert Stanley 287 i. .in . i. Rolando A 329 Garber, Rudolph C 483, 500 Garcia, Al. M 363 Garcia. Alma L 400 Garcia. Conception 464, 487 Garcia. I . Miriam 108 Garcia, Dora Maria 495 Garcia, Frcderico C 464 Garcia, J. George 464 Garcia, Jesus Z 328, 464. 487 Garcia, Ricardo, Jr 329. 334, 484 Garcia, Ruben ' 464 Cardcrc. Kdward Collier 108. 277. 329 Garclcre, George Pierce, Jr. . .123. 276, 402 Gardiner. Alice Gazelle . .93. 242. 475, 494 Gardner, Cynthia K 94, 255 Gardner, Marilyn Mae 321 Gardner, Max Prince 282, 359 Gardner. Pat Henry 351 Gardner. Paul F 363 Carey, Alan Jack 108 Garland, Ann 297 Garner, Minna S 395 Garner, William, Jr 467 Carnett. Cene N 468 Garnett, Jean 400 Carrelt, Jerry 470 Garrell, John B 401 Garrison, Jacqueline 252 Garrison, M. Ann 326, 328, 461 Garrison. William D 465 Garsee, Spencer B 52. 167, 310 Garth, Jay Edgar 170, 277, 353 Gartman, Clynn 162 Gartner, Jeneane M 80. 306, 490 Garty, Cayle 25. 76, 176, 296 Carwood. Italic Page 390 Garwood, W. St. John. Jr 36 Carza, Anastacio C 52 Carza, Baldcmar 1 500 Carza, Jose J 464 Garza, Manuel Narciso 359, 371, 378 Carza, Nita 487 Garza, Ramiro M. 363 Garza, Ray 173 Caskin, Herbert Lee. Jr. .52. 377. 383, 470 Caspar, Lester 465 Cassaway. Turner F 483, 500 i Barbara Jean 94, 200, 387 Gathings. Maxwell 1 380, 401. 479 Gatlin, Edward Herbert, Jr. ..52. 250. 359 Gattis, Bill S 331 Cault, Joe P 108 Gau, Elwood 485 Caulreaux, Jane A 31, 441 Gavin, James L 441 Gawlik, Dick 139, 332 Cay, John Edward 342 Gayer, Louise 52, 254, 450 Cayle, Patricia Joan 108. 243. 454. 497 Cearner, Aubrey Douglas, Jr. .94, 166. 256 Cearner, George Willard 257 Cebauer, Dorothy L. .15, 27. 376, 389, 395 Cebhard, Yvonne Clare 176, 233, 497 Gebhardt. Ben L., Jr 471 Gee. Billy B 374 Gee. Henry 470 Name Pages Gee. Thomas C 36 Gehr, Nancy Renair 52, 183, 234 Gcisler, Burnard Wayne 460, 485 Celfer, David August 361 Celler, Golda Claire 94, 258 Gemmer, Richard Blair 355 Geneco v, Edward Ray 80, 302. 377 Genther, Charles W r arrcn ...121. 123, 257. 328, 335 Gentry, Joanna . .30, 80, 227, 232, 392, 490 Gentry, A. C 441 Cenz, Cretchen 485, 488 George, Joseph J 487 George, Mike 108,317 George, Raymond A 393 George, William David 80, 328 Georges. Bill 121,123 Cerber. Thomas Clark 94. 257 Gerdes. Bob Meyer 246 Gerhard, Irene Louise 108, 450 Gerhard!. Bernard E 121, 160, 334 Gerhardt, James Eastman 263, 401 Gerhardt, Raymond C 485 Cerlach, Frederick, Leake 256 German, Al H 256. 326 German, Robert Kenneth .36, 52, 208, 263, 262, 383. 479 Germany, James Myron 80 Germany, Theodore Phil 445 Geron, Jean 285 Ccrrard. Robert Wilkin 251 Gcrrick, Albert 235 Cerrick, Sharlene Baibara ..175. 306, 376. 475, 480 Cerron. Jim Reed 94, 168, 171 Cerson. Charles Irvin 52. 234 Gerson, Diana Hildrclh .80. 234. 392. 477, 480, 494 Gerth, Richard J 491 Gervais, Jam es McLaughlin 458 i . !..i .i 1 .1. Emile B 52, 459, 467, 472 Ghiselli, Jean 108, 452 Cholson, Marvin E 346, 401 Gibbon, Barbara Bernice 296 Gibbon. Karl Malcolm, Jr 305 Gibboney, Richard B 311, 350 Gibbs, Claude 479 Cibbs. June Carole ..80. 183. 440. 442, 461 Gibson, Bill 166, 388, 445, 479 Gibson. Frank Atwood 80, 298. 366 Gibson. Patricia Jean 291. 441. 477 Gibson. William Willard, Jr 280. 363 Ciddcns, Leslie Wiley 308, 341 Gideon. Patty Gill.. 108. 182, 273, 376. 475 Gidley. William Francis 483. 491 Giese. Betty Ann 108, 495 Giese. Edmund A., Jr 495 Giese. Margaret A 450 Giesecke. Adolph Hartung 244. 332 Gieseke, Alice Elaine 52, 252 Gilbert. Anita Joan 108 Gilbert, Carole Serene 259 Gilbert. Edwin Fisher . .146, 256, 339. 383 Gilbert, James Franklin . .31. 94, 327. 479 Gilbert. Jennie 108, 233 Cilbreath. Charles Premiss 351 Gilbreath. Frances Eileen 80, 176. 248. 490 Gilchrist. William E 350, 441 Gildon, Minard Heston 278. 328 Giles, Fleetwood 52, 305 Giles, Muriel Joy 232 Giles, Richard C 108. 229. 350 Ciller. Aylene 108, 259 Ciller. Donald Wayne 234. 355 Gillette. Joy 395 Gillespie. Vera Wood 405 Gilley. Donald A 339 Gilliam. Henry Lamar 285 Cilliam. Wyman Ray 270. 366 Gillian. Andy J 471 Gillilaml. Paul F 485 Cillstrap. Robert Wentworth 281 Gilmer. Charles Eugene 264 Gilmore. Edward Morriss, Jr. .80, 174, 318 Gil more. Jerry C 447 Cilmore. Marquis Reed 108, 168. 301, 350, 366 Gilmore. Nancy Lee 94, 232 Cilmore. Willis Henderson, Jr. ..52.300, 339. 402 Cilstrap, Anita Joyce 52. 390, 442. 494 Cil.itrap. Janet 503 Cilstrap. Robert W 139. 331 Gingrich. Sandra Kay 253, 454, 503 Ciovanetti, Donald E 294, 368, 378 Girls ' Glee Club 442 Gist, Dan Ray 108. 350 Gist, James Earl 94, 123, 280. 367 Gist, Loyd Grady 52. 384 Givan. Mary Elizabeth 52, 451, 479 Glade, Mary Hatcher 94,242 442 Glass, Ben M 53 Glass, Mary Morgan 80, 297, 390 Glazbrook. Howard 361 Glaze, Kathleen Adele . .40. 395, 440. 442 Glazer, Dan E 332 Clazer, Louis Harvey 234 Glazer. Morton Allen 108. 303. 361 Gleason. Gretchen Jeanne 239 Gleason. Joseph P 346. 371, 378 Glenn, Jeannette 53. 176, 232 Glidden. John B 108. 263. 360 Gliddon. Martha A 441 Glidilon. Reverdy T. 492 Glover, Austin T., Jr 331 Clover, Joe Marbury 80, 276, 335 Glynn, Gwendolyn Marie 183, 243 Goar, Gene 349 Coble. Roliert M 280, 355 Name Pages Gochman, Arthur Morton 493 Godfrey, Rosalie 481 Codinez, Rachel Y. . .53. 197, 200,455. 464 Godwin, Dewey W 53. 483 Godwin, Jerry Dan 282, 340 Coebel, Patricia A. 108, 233, 475 Goehringer, Charles Warren 283, 353 Goeman, Susie 455 Goertz, Doris M 487 Going, Mary Frances 53, 238, 395, 440, 441, 461 Cold, Ruth E 380 Cold. Stanley G 313 Goldberg, Emily June 108, 307, 475 Goldberg. Harold Stanley 80, 234 Goldberg, Moses Hafkiu 313 Golden, Edwin Harold 53, 302 Golden, Eugene 36, 313,369 Golden. Joe Bob 163.355 Goldfinc. Elsie 259,454 Goldman, Mary Ernestine 243 Goldsmith, Beverly Brooks 167, 174, 311. 327 Goldsmith, Claude Watson 80, 310. 349. 402 Goldsmith, Clifford Ray .53, 257, 402, 468 Goldsmith, Coldwin 404 Goldsmith, Marcus Hale 310 Goldsmith, Richard Elsinger ...108. 293, 355, 394. 447 Goldstein, Louise 108, 259 Goldstein, Shirley Rosilyn 259 Goldston, Gloria Ann 108. 275 Golf 163 Gollihar. John Dcwey 53 Golman. Larry Elton 80. 302, 377, 402 i .nl in. in, Suzie 487 Goltz, Jay Morton 234, 341 Gomez, Elsie Gloria 80, 452 Gomez, Rudolph 487 Gompertz, Clare Frances 306, 476 Gompertz, Kenneth A. M 32, 399 Gonsoulin, Dewey Jude . .76, 169, 263, 334 Gonzales. Clariza 464 Gonzalcs, David F 464 Conzales, Hugo Rene 445. 464, 478 Gonzales, Pete, Jr 53, 464. 469 Conzales, Salvador 487 Gonzalez. Angel N 457, 464 Gonzalez, Orfanlinda C 53, 398. 440 Gonzalez-Vidal, Jose 394 Coode, Betty Jean 108, 267 Coode, Bob J 479 Coode, Thomas Lee 80. 377, 388. 445 Goode. Wyeth Leonard 53 Goodtellows 207-215 Goodfriend, Barry Howard . .108, 303. 377 Cooding. Jack 440 Goodman, Anne Barry 381 Goodman. Harry 313 Goodman. Owen Dale 263, 368, 370. 371. 471 Goodman, Patsy Jean 255 Goodrum. Betty Reu 41, 379 Goodson. Billy Slaton 352, 378 Goodwin. Harvey B 334 Goodwin, Lawrence William 385, 403 Gordon. Carolyn Sue 242 Gordon, Clyde H 108, 353,459,465 Cordon, Donald T 459 Gordon, Gloria Kathleen 233 Cordon. Martin Wright 53, 308 Goren, Hannah 259 Gore, Nancy 453 Gorman, Jack Streety 80, 270, 333 Gorssheider. Roger M 445 Gosalvez, Carmen 80, 461. 464 Cossett, Anita H 452 Gossett, Robert Edgar 53, 244 Gott. Helen Frances 269, 450 Gould. Donald L 234. 402 Gounili. Abolhassan 41 Couse. Fred M., Jr 260, 334 Cove, Doris Jean 176, 183. 231 Cowans. George Keith 270. 363 Cowan, John Richard 246, 358 Graber, Carol 108, 235, 475 Graber, William James, III 169. 256, 394, 402 Grace Hall 452 Grace, W. E 332 Graduates 40-42 Crafe, Mary Elizabeth 272 Graff. Jerry Clinton 471, 363 Graham, Daymen H 471 Graham, Kenneth 354 Graham, Lawrence M 139 Graham. Marilyn Butler 94 Graham. Robert Albert 328 Graham. Robert Norvell 304 Graham. T. M 333 Grainge. Robert F 80, 270. 340 Cranberry. C. Read 14, 287, 385 Cranberry, Jean M 455 Grandoschek. William 485 Grandstaff, Olive Kathryn ...94. 192, 196. 200, 248, 440 Granger, Janie 477 ' . i. mi. Carmon Y 470 Grant. John F 495 Gravell. Joan Elizabeth 240 Craves, Helen Cummings 53, 274, 473 Graves, Katheryne L 94, 461, 495 Craves. Marion Alexander 458, 500 Craves. William Joe 251, 360 Cray. Betty Lee . . .94, 177, 178, 179, 180. 182. 230 Gray, Buell James 166, 457 Cray. D ' Wayne 53. 339 Cray, Jack Allan 80, 327 Name Pages Cray, James R 108, 349, 479 Cray, Joan 53, 254, 381, 490 Cray, John Kirk 108, 319, 353 Gray, John William. Jr S3 Cray. Marcia 252 Gray. Martha Ann 53, 240, 475 Gray, Mary Ann 80, 249 Cray, Nina Doris 454 Cray. Winston 441 Greathouse. Linda Hale 108, 273 Greco, Mary Delores 108, 243 Credke, Glynda Jo 108 Green, Donald Duanc 361 Green, Eugene Lee 226, 354, 378 Green. James Ray 80. 445 Creen, Joy 482, 503 Green. Lola Beth 381 Creen, Nancy Elizabeth 53, 248, 497 Creen, Paul McDonald .108, 139, 168. 301 Green, Sarah Nell 176, 266. 480 Green. Tom Herbert 260 Green. Vernon A 483, 491 Green, William B 139, 329 Greene, Annette 475 Greene, Carole Janet 108, 273, 446 Greene, William D. 330 Greenberg, Marvin Hymen 234 Greenberg. Richard Charles 500 Greenfield, Bennett E 108, 235, 360 Greenfield, Eric Storrie 174, 283 Greenfield, Leslie Lohr . .80. 313, 330, 377 Creenshields. Barbara V 488 Greenspan, Abraham 313, 334 Creenstreet, Ross Davis 53, 282, 479 Greenwood, Dorothy 395 Greenwood, James L 352 Greenwood. John Murray. Jr 402, 460, 469, 500 Greer. Ann Warren 53. 296 Greer, Eleanor Katherine 297 Creer. Robert Griffin 108, 247 Creer, Thomas Vernon 394 Gregg. Alexander L -. 460 Gregg. Charles Robert 396, 471 Gregg, Frank Hutchins 250 Gregg, Leah Jones 255 Gregg. Mary Evelyn 254 Gregory. Charles Hardy. Ill 280 Gregory, Margaret Holm 395 Gregory. Paul N 30,94 Gregory. Philip Cordon 257. 349 Gregory. Robert Kirk 53. 382. 470 Gregory, Tom Watt 341 Gregurek. Edwin E 469 Creif. Arthur C 485 Cremmel. Robert A 485 Grenader. Pearl 108, 259, 376 Grey, Dorothy Lee 80. 241 Cribble. Robert Fonda .108. 285, 342. 394 Cribble, Robert Ray 108. 350 Griebel. Joseph R 324, 493 Grieder. Paul Martin 94 Griffin. Arthur Dale 311 Griffin. Edwin Pace 276 Griffin. Lorene Adeil 184, 487 Griffin, Robert Statham 361 Griffith. Marion 349 Criffitts, J. Jeannine 80, 242 Griggs, Barbara Louise 53. 268 Criggs. Roy Neilyn 296,456. 494 Crimes. Arnold L 500 Grimes. Carol A. 108,243 Crimes. Robert Earl 458 Gimm. Fed Eugene 353 Grinstead. William Carter, Jr. ...256, 340 Gripon. Ruth Ann 108 Criswold. Martha Ann 227. 296 Griz ard. Harriet S 108. 243. 454 Grizzard. Patricia Jane 177 Groesbeck. William M 468 Grogan. Patricia Ann 31, 233. 454, 475 Croner. Hinda Lois 108. 454. 498 Cropp. William Lloyd 485 Groseclose, Mary Shirley 254 Gross, Richard Harrison 276 Cross. William Anthony 379 Grossman, Jacquelyn Lu 108, 235 Grossman, Robert William 53 Crothous, Robert Frederick 487 Groves. M. Dean 139 Crunewald, Patricia E. 487 Cude. Robert A 28, 53, 469, 483. 500 Guelich, Richard Hugo 41, 244 Guernsey, Roscoe, Jr 403 Cuerra. Luciano V 464 Cuerra, Tony 383, 399 Guest. Aim Katherine 80. 252 Guest. Joe Jefferson 245 Guez. Betty 108,259 Cuidry, Barbara Ray 80 Cuill, Paul E 469 Guin. Margaret Whatley 80, 248 Guin. Maury Dave 282 Guinn, Patricia Ann 108 Cuisinger, Jo Ann 255 Gulley. Coleman Harrell 53,326,479 Gullion. Edward C. 479 Gummelt, Gary L 375 Cunerson, Joan Adair 108, 273 Gunn, Russel Walter, Jr 53. 310 Gunter. Charlotte 108, 387, 469, 487 Gunther. Robert M 485 Gustafson. Carl Marvin ..53. 121. 154, 485 Custafson, Clifford, L 80, 149.485 Gustafson. Delayne Rudy 354 I. nit. il., in. Esther C 485 Gustafson, Frit! S 485 Gustavsen. Jack G 468 Guthrie. Aubrey Alton 108, 299 Guthrie. Frances Mary 254 PAGE 548 Name Pages Culhrie, Robert Guy 271 i .in hi i, . Tim Lawrence 277 Gutierrez, Alfredo, Jr 349, 374, 464 Gutierrez. Emilio F 368, 378 Gutierrez, Naphtali Moltose 460 Gunman, Walter 108, 278, 359 Guy, Sue Ann 53 Guy, Tal madge Monroe 278 Guyer, Kenneth Eugene, Jr 108. 349, 371,445 Cuynes. Joe Ann 200, 254 Guyton, Joy 255 Cwaltney. G. Roderick 53, 499 Gweif, Arthur 173 Cwinner, Maurice D 80, 308, 333 Cylling. Robert E. 350 H Haag, Joan Grace 176, 183.238 Haas, Elsie W 441, 461, 495 Hack, Jeanette 461 Haddad. Maynard Joseph 279, 350 ll.i,l,l. -11. Arthur Roby 294. 358 Madden. Charlton Wells 257, 342 Haden, Kathleen M 320 Haden, William Douglas, II .245. 353, 226 Haendschke, T. A 440 Haenel, Herman Emil 328. 485 Hagan. Helen Patrick 108. 231 , 454 Hagan, John F 139,271. 324 Hagens. Shirley J 182, 453 Hagler, Betty Florence 53 Hagler, Juanita M 488 Hagler. Robert Gibson 360 Hagood, Julia Ann 390 Hagood. Ralph E 361, 503 Hague, John William 445 Hahn. Gus Otto 441 Hahn. Gus W 330.443, 493,503 Hahn. Romona F 54, 481, 485 Haidusek. Irene A 478 Hailey. Oliver D., Jr. 94, 358, 446, 503 Halbert. Franklin John 310 Hale, Dudley Durward 289, 370 Hale. Edward Everett 285 Hale. Mania L 500 Hale, Walter Elmo 311, 352 Haley, George Kirby 342 Haley. James B 500 Haley. James Evetts 94. 285 Haley, Marilyn 94. 232 Haley, Mary Alicia 108, 269, 454 Halff. Ale H 339 Hal ford. Drew 80 Halford. Robert H 33. 54 Hall. Alvin Owsley 270 , 334. 335 Hall. Betty Mae 321 Hall. Carol Ann 94, 320 Hall. Clifford H.. Jr 94 Hal I . C. W 503 Hall, Doris Lee 54, 389. 454 Hall. Ernest Jay 94, 287, 351 Hall, Esther Jane Wood 291. 491 Hall. Gail Thornton 296 Hall. Homer Dan 54, 282. 330 Hall. J. L 379 Hall, Jack Raymond 276. 384 Hall, James Kenneth 299 Hall, Jerry A 353 Hall, John Walter 184, 305 Hall. Louis Vosburg 280. 362 Hall. Nancy McAfee 94. 178, 233. 497 Hall. Philip L 33. 305 Hall. Rupert Plaster 270 Hall. Shelley Furr 272 Hall. William T.. Ill 245. 360 Hallen, Eric A 80, 485 Hall ford. Ben Ray 41 Halliburton. Crover Cleveland . . .305. 353 Halliday, Eleanor Patterson 80. 453 Mailman, Martha Ann 54. 254, 494 Hallman. Martha J 255. 452 Hallman. Rayburn Blasdell ..54. 465. 470 Hallman. William Hughes ....25.80. 308. 383. 399 Hallmark. Bob B 375 Hallmark, Bruce Cullen 94. 286. 383 Hallum, Virginia . . .94. 320, 376, 392. 454. 475. 490 Halsell. Charles Maness 54, 396 Halsell. Robert Charles 94, 270. 354 Halstead Co-Op 461 Haltiner. Robert George 349, 388. 445 Haltom. Fern 461. 477. 479 Halversen. Ralph Eugene 379. 380, 401. 485 Ham. Betty Lou 54, 200. 254. 391. 389. 395. 477, 481. 490 Ham, Ruth 387. 389 Hamandi. Mahmood A 54, 465. 472 Hamblen, Martha Ann 274 Hamer, Marcelle 275 Hamilton. Ann McGivney 249. 452 Hamilton. Carl 479 Hamilton, Carney 503 Hamilton, Charles A. 80. 332. 335. 446, 479 Hamilton, Eldona Frances 54. 128, 240. 381 Hamilton, Harry Dean 342. 479 Hamilton, Jane Elizabeth 440. 479 Hamilton, Oscar Carl, Jr. ...108, 279. 342 Hamilton, Sam C 276 Hamilton, Sarah 200 Hamilton, Tom 121 Hamm, Alan W. 80 Hammock. Jess Grimes, Jr. . . .54, 262, 368 Hammond, Ben Rigsby 283 Hammond, Joseph Paul 226, 282, 331, 383, 401 Name Pages Hammond , Ross Wil liam 385, 403. 467. 471 Hammonds, Vernon 324 Hamner, Rosemary Monroe 80, 320, 475, 490 Hamovit, Sheila Iris 307 Hampton, Jack 349 Hampton, John Wade, Jr. 54, 166, 282, 339 Hampton, Lloyd 173 Hampton, Marilyn Faynette .80, 200, 254. 255, 333 Hampton, Morris Jackson 80, 284 Hampton, Mozell 183, 461 Hanath. Amalia 485 Hancock, Gerre Edward 108, 351 Hancock, J. B 54, 496 Hancock, Jeffery Mason . . .32, 33, 54, 330 Hancock. Martha V 453 Hand. Donald Joe 80. 378 Hand, James Cordon 121. 363. 485 Hand, Lloyd Nelson 284, 383, 386, 472, 492 Hand. Troy Lee 332 Handley. Elizabeth Joan 54, 393 Handorf. Edmund Richard 354 Handy, Harry L 482 Haney, Frances Marion 266, 469 Haney, John A 377 Haney. Rosalyn 477 Hankal. Robert Leonard 80.299 Hanks, Lucy Whiteside 275 Hanna, Frank George 80 Hanna. John Paul 80 Hanna. Marji Merle 177, 320 Hannasch, Lavonia 485 Hanretta, Allan Gene 54, 483 Hans. Maurice Clark 358 Hansborough, John W., Jr 361 Hansen, Fred W 94, 304, 377 Hanson. Loren Que 270, 368, 485 Hanus. Ernest J 483, 487 Happel, Philip E 468 Haralson. John Curtis 54, 444, 445 Haralson. Mary Bain 80, 268, 269, 446 Harbison. Alice Louise 80, 461, 477 Harbison. Ida A 461 Harbrecht. Henry 487 Harden. Thad Harold 94, 256, 394 Harder, Vema 398 ll.ii .Mil. Ernest Randolph 277 Hardin. G. Ann 376. 453 Harding, Marilyn Toy 272 Harding, Raymond 479 Harding. Serena Louise 296 Hardwick. Jane Louise 94. 248 Hardy. Mavis Lee 80. 248 Hardy, Miles H 459 Hare, Charles E 350 Hare. Othello Oscar, Jr 54 Harelik. Martha Lee 258, 389, 392, 494 Hargis. Herbert E. 353 Hargis. Patteann 29 Hargrave. Helen 389 Hargrove, Margaret Ann . . .176. 180. 183. 230. 479. 497 Hargrove. William Robert 80. 264. 265 Harkins. Vincent L.. Jr 80. 443. 479 Harkleroad. Mary Emily 80, 200, 255 Harkrider. Robert E 361 Harkrider, Susan 387 Harlan. Sarah 380 Harland. Frank R 441 Harlow, Kenneth 139 Harlow, Marvin V 367. 503 Harmon. Ida Pauline 94, 450 Harp. Patricia Joan 54. 268 Harper, Ernest Leroy 54, 331 Harper, Leroy C 468 Harra. George Rayford 327 Harrell. Elaine Elizabeth 252, 490 Harrell. Lee 28 Harren. George V.. Jr 466 Harrington. Ann Kay 80. 266. 376. 47 Harrington, Bruce Michael 247 Harris. Bernard Phillip 54. 234. 404 Harris. Beverly L 440 Harris. Bobby Lloyd 305. 457 Harris. Carol Lynn 248 Harris. Charles P 270. 339. 471 Harris. Donald Penn ... .54. 294. 339. 377. 385. 467 Harris. Dorothy Jean 261 Harris, Dorothy Joanne . .54. 381. 491. 450 Harris. Edcna 305 Harris. Eleanor Elizabeth ...80. 178. 11. 182, 274. 477. 481 Harris, Harwell Hamilton It Harris, James Robert 80, 294, 378 Harris. Janet Sue 108, 259 Harris, Jean Morgan 80. 450 Harris, Jesse S 401 Harris, Joe Tom 54, 167, 203. 348, 371. 378. 402. 457 Harris, John Richard 339. 383 Harris. Lynn 94 Harris, Mary Catherine 182, 321 Harris, Mary Florine 94. 269 Harris, Mary Lee 255, 441 Harris, Morris 333 Harris, Nat 325. 335. 377 Harris. Patsy Ruth 461. 479 Harris, Richard John 121, 140 Harris, Rivian 108, 441, 446 Harris, Thomas W 374 Harris. William Brantly 280 Harris, William Edward .54, 327, 331, 335 Harris, William Harper 139. 301. 329 Harris, William McGregor ..123. 256. 330 Harris. William P 121. 160, 332 Harris. William Thomas 319 Harrison, Betty Ann 54, 182. 232. 474 Name Pages Harrison, Bobbie Ann 94, 253 Harrison. Donald Marshall 471 Harrison, James Thad 486 Harrison, Janice Ruth 109 Harrison, John N 341 Harrison, Johnny Mozelle 54, 238 Harrison, Marguerite 405 Harrison, Raymond A 54, 318 Harrison, Thomas Perrin 257 Harriss, James A 350 Harsch. Clarice 395 Harsh, Forrest R 471 Hart, Don Arthur, Jr 355, 394 Hart, Douglas 140, 301. 342, 394 Hart, James Lamar 29, 318 Hart, James Pinckney, 10, 13, 277. 386, 394 Hart, Jo Ann 485 Hart, Thomas Maxey, Jr 300 Hart, William Everett 250 Harthcock, Marvin Kenzie 353 Hartgrave, F. Richard 440 Hartley, Jean Carol 80, 252 Hartshoin, Shirley Jean 273 Hartwig, William H 385. 403 Harvey, Carolyn Jean 80. 239 Harvey James C 261 Harvey, Karl Eikel 109, 305 Harvey, Virgil 171 Harville, Cliff J 441 Harville, Joe Lawrence 357, 457 Harwell, Freeda Alene 81, 253 Harwell, George Mathis. Jr 271. 334 Harwood, Gordon Baker 247 Harwood, Lucile Hollingsworth 321 Harwood. Ruasel McChesney 246 Haschke. Martha Ann 391. 395, 485 Hash, Samuel 94 Haskel. Peggy 395 Haskell. Mary Esther 347, 497, 502 Haskell. R. N 229 Haskew, Laurence D 18. 399 Hass, Melvin R 108 Hassen, Camile J. 441 Hassen, Nabeela 81. 238. 494 Hastings, Sue Anne 176. 274 Hatch, Richard 333. 487 Hatcher. D. Myrle 482 Hatton, Winifred R 81, 483 Haughn. Jack Ernest 485 Haun, Kenneth W 335. 397 Haupt, Arrenia Julia 81, 320 Haupt, Helen 390 Hauser. Myron 234 Hauser, Robert Ivan 293, 445 Hauser. Ronald Joseph 293, 445 Hausler, Edwin Lowell, Jr 228. 229 Haveman. O. H.. Jr. 485 Havn, Kenneth W 328 Hawes, Davia. Hewlett 267, 454 Hawes, DcDe H 479 Hawk. Martin R 361 Hawkins. George L 283 Hawkins. Sam W 94 Hawley. Ann Caines 297 Hawley, Edwina Jeanne 81 Haworth, Barbara Jan . . .54, 232, 233. 392. 475. 490 Haws. Barbara J 54. 305. 450 Hawthorne. Neal Adolphas 286. 355 Hayden. Harrell Sansom 244. 340. 402 Hayes, H. Donal 109. 479 Hayes. Marie 395 Haygood, Ralph Edward 265 Hayhurst, Joseph Owen 445 Hnynes, Ernest Cornelius, Jr 247 Haynes, Harriot 94, 376. 475. 494 Haynes. James Donald 109. 257, 334 Haynes, Randolph Arnold 400 Haynes, Stewart, Jr 41 Haynie, Josephine Kathryn 94, 479 Haynie. Tom P 81. 2R2 Hays, Don Blake 309. 353 Hays, George Vincent 94. 294 Hays. John Thomas 342 Hays, Marie 54, 474 Hays, Robert Marion 445 Hays, Tom John 479 Hays, Virginia Paul ine 273 Hazlewood, Jack C 36 Healy. Irene 395 Heard. Edward 331 Hearne. William Blaidsdell 94 Hearon. Robert J 4 7 Heath, W. Jesse 46T Heaton. Mrs. T. H 453 Hecktor, Layton Dean 330. 466 Hecht, Morton Robert 440. 445 Hedgcoxe. Pat Garner 94. 359 Heflin. Besn 391, 431 Hegdal. Natalie F 36 Hehs. Wilburn A 493 Heifetz. Mariam 259 Hein, Robert H 485 Heinen, Nancy Blanton 109. 182. 269 HHse, Helen R 376 Hejl. Jerrie Elizabeth 55 Helland. Richard Erling 55. 276, 470 Heller. Ann 440, 441, 454, 487 Hello. Dorothy Jean 109. 241. 475 Helm. Bert 146. 147 Helmke, Vernon L 25, 314, 315. 362, 485, 496 Hempel, Louis Arthur. Jr 350. 351. 459. 465 Hemphill. Warren Clayton . .109, 283, 370 Henderson, Carol 31 Henderson, Doris Jane 482 Henderson, Elizabeth Louise 252 Henderson, Gerald 468 Henderson, Jackie Hollis 250 Name Pages Hender.on, June Carol 109, 180, 297 Henderson, John 300, 370 Henderson, Joseph Lindsey 285 Henderson, Mary Elliott 55, 474, 482 Henderson, Simon 139, 283, 350 Hendler, Ruth Vinn .33, 81, 207, 227, 234, 456, 480, 494 Hendricks, Harry Eugene 359 Hendricks, Helen F 401 Hendricks, Robert 304 Hendricks, Vance Malcolm 369, 378 Hendricks, Virginia Lee 461, 477, 485 Hendrickson, Elaine 479 Hendrickson, Robert E. 367 Hengst, Joyce M 485 Henington, Barbara Winans 55, 232 Henke, Agnes D 485 Henkel, Martha Jane 81, 248, 490, 497 Henkle, James W 55, 171, 482 Henley, Robert D 81, 278, 440 Henley, Robert J. 55, 384, 459 Henley, William Richard 55, 260, 339 Henney, Frederic Allison 21 Hennessy, Betty Ann 455 Henney, Fredric A 324 Henniger, Virginia L 55, 485 Henry, Arlene Odette 307 Henry, Charlene 503 Henry, Delia Rae 461, 477 Henry, Kenneth Dale 352, 353 Henry, Mary Frances 254, 474 Henry, Robert Preston 55 Hensarling, Larry Reid 281, 354 Henshaw, Joan 475 Henshaw, Richard C 380 Henslee, Sue L 81, 200, 326, 441. 461. 497. 502 Henaley, Elmer L 459 Hensley, Jack 246 Henson. Charles Ralph 342 Henson, Mary Claudene 94 Heny, Joe S 367 Herbst, Thomas Wesley 109, 445 Herbst, Walter Egon 339, 388 Hedgecoxe, Pat G 479 Hereford, Carl F 286 Herlocker, Joseph Madison 94, 301 Hernandez, Johnny 184, 355 Hernandez, Leon M 464 Hernandez, Richard Jr 358, 394 Hernandez, Ruben V 464 Hernandez, Seferino 350 Herold. Betty Lanham . .31. 109, 200, 321 Herren, Lloyd K 442 Herreia, William Leonard 109, 351 Herrerra. Hector 464 Herrin, Robert Taylor 263, 354 Herring. Helen Elaine 320 Herring. James Henry. HI 469, 483, 486, 500 Herrmann, Paul John. Jr. ...109, 309, 361 Herrington, Robert Austin 465, 479 Hertel, Forest 479 Hertel, Paul, Jr 385,467 Hertko, Martin J 55 Hervey. Frank N., Jr 282, 382, 470 Herweck. Joan Marie 55, 475 Herzik. Adolph, Jr. 55, 470, 495 Hestand, Howard A., Jr 500 Heston. Carroll 123 Hewell. Harry Pat 109. 394, 440 Hewitt, Patricia Jean 94, 176, 266 Heyerm, Margaret Ann 453. 485 Heyman. Charlotte 395 Hickerson. Ann 109. 255 Hicks. James Roland 81, 287 Hicks. Paula Janelle 108, 297 Hickman. L. Landrum 285 Hickson, Edwin Wayne 81, 377 Hielscher. Lillian M 500 Hierholzer, Diane 275 Hierholzer, Joan 274 Hiett. Claire Belle 31, 109, 176. 200. 233, 481 Higgins. Carroll M 500 Higgins. Jeanette T 479 Highsmith, Vaughn A 500 Hight. Stena J. Caldwell 393 Hight. Thomas H 162, 447 Hilhurn. Robert B 94 Hildreth, Albert D., Jr. . .81, 300, 301, 367 Hill, Ann 269 Hill. Barbara Tinker 55 Hill. Benny M 359 Hill. Charles Elliott 55, 500 Hill. Blakely Ann 94, 450 Hill. Don 94 Hill. Elva 29 Hill. Eugenia Webb 109, 297 Hill, George P 13 Hill. Grace Elizabeth 55, 242, 453 Hill. Helen 395 Hill. Herbert Wheeler 298 Hill. James Donald 94. 246. 331 Hill. Jimmie Oliver, Jr 380 Hill. Lorimer Kenneth 394,485 Hill. Marian Christine 81. 272, 479 Hill, Mary Elizabeth 273 Hill. Nellie 381 Hill. Patsy Sue 248 Hill. Paul Stevens, Jr 94,257, 327 Hill, Vernon Barnes, Jr 284, 327 Killer, Edward Louis 25, 483, 486, 487, 500 Hilliard, James E 375 Milliard. James Hilton 55, 168 Hills. Blakely 475 Hills. Esther Brown 488 Hillson. Joseph Stanley 397 Hilmi. Abdul Karim 55, 472 Hilsher, Dolores Marie 494, 495 PACE 549 Name Pages Hilsher. Jerry A 495 Hilton. Dale W 324 Hilton, Francys Virginia 454, 109 Hilton. Frank Thurman 109. 355 Hilton. Gene R 81. 329 Hilyard. Orrin L 81. 260. 261 Himelstein, Philip 397 Hinds. Claude D 55,465 Hinds, Patricia 94. 200. 215. 272. 376. 392. 454. 473, 475, 477 Hincs. Edmund Hoyt 55 Hines. Edward Lee ..55. 339, 3S2. 403. 470 Hines. Mainer Patrick 298. 441 Hines. Pat M 207. 441 Hing. Mable Wong 55.210, 391, 461, 476, 481 Hingst, James Harold 294 Hinkle, Olin E 28, 399 Hinojasa, Romeo 499 Hinote, Russell J 314. 329 Hinton, Donald R 363 Hinton, Sarah Helen 94 Hinzc, Patricia Ann 453 Hippard. Nancy Jean 55. 252. 474 Hiss, Anne 181, 255, 389 Hilt, Richard Smith, Jr 109, 247, 355 Hitt. Shirley Margaret 94, 273 Hobart. Minerva 183. 296 Hoch, J. Rodney 374 Hodge, Ann Langston 249 Hodges, Agil Earl 394 Hodges, Bobby Wayne . .55. 166. 168. 347. 370, 378. 382 Hodges. Clifton Lee, Jr 327. 394, 445 Hodges, Cus Macey 285, 375. 386 Hodges. Lady Clyde 94. 232, 233, 450, 490 Hodges, Mary Elma 81. 453 Hodges. Richard Huff 284, 330 Hodgson, June Kindley 453 Hocfgcn, Adelia 55. 230. 231 Hoermna, Bruce Neil 441 Hoff. Charles G., Jr 279. 329 Hoff, William Barnes, Jr ... .81. 147. 256. 342, 383 Hoffie, Walter Paul 251, 377 Hoffman, Alexander A. J 467 Hoffman, Frances Lorina .... 109, 253, 497 Hoffman, George Walter 299 Hoffman, Joseph J 441 Hoffman. Samuel Elliot 302. 369 Hoffman. Sue Margaret 109. 177, 243 Hoffman, Malcolm E 485 Hoffpatiir, Cora Adelia 477 Hoffpauif, Francis Comwise 81, 458 Hofmeister, Lady Carl 327, 375, 401 Hogan, Ann H 81, 487 Hogan, Irene Patricia 94, 243, 487 Hogan, Katherine Ann 296 Hogan, Richard C 394 Hogan, Walter A 29. 55. 271. 370 Hoge, William Robert, Jr 94. 307 Hogg. Jennie 94. 227, 238, 490 Hogg, Mary Margaret 252 Hogue, Belva Irma 249 Hogwood. Edward Ellis. Jr 385. 404. 467. 479 .81. 315. 485 364, 366 435 367 485 Hohertz, Daryle Albert Hohlr. Theobald Victor Hoke. Lorelta L Holbrook. Donald C. .. Hoick. Albert W Hoick, Manfred, Jr 379. 485 Holcomb, Dixie 109 Holcomb, Glenda Jane ..81, 195, 200, 320, 325. 326 Holcomb, James Myron 95, 285. 328 Holcombe, Margie Jo 109 Holden. Jim E 468 Holder. L. Cecil 354 Holdsworlh. Thomas K. 334. 375 Hoi lamon, Elizabeth Erskine ... . 274 Holland. Billy D 95, 370 Holland. Donald Gene 81. 294. 363 Holland. Edward 362 Holland, Jack 15,28 377 499 Holland, Lee C 377 Holland. Margaret Joan 55 Holland. William W 403 Holliday. Mary Lou 55. 242 Hollingsworth, Frank H 468 Hollingsworth, James L 329 Hollingsworth. James Worth 81 Hoi 1 is. Chester Roland 55. 496 Hollister. Jack Hayden 308. 332 Hollon. Mary Jo ...95. 211. 320. 392. 450. 451. 475. 490. 498 Holloway. Charles Edmund 284, 367 Holloivay. Edward 461 Holloway, Joan Kay 296, 479 Holloway, Pat S 479 Hollowell, Nancy 475 Hollowell. Samuel Tilden. Jr 341 Holly. Lester C 485. 495 Holman. Dixon Wade 281. 352 Holmes. Alice Mae 380 Holmes. J. Fred 95 Holmgreen. Shirley Ann .55. 254. 396, 403 Holt. Arthur Henry, Jr 55 Holt. Elizabeth 55. 176. 266. 474 Holt, Herman 479 Holt, Mary Louise 180. 253. 473 Holt. Robert C. 358. 359. 467 Holtom, Jack 479 Holtzclaw, Marjorie Louise . .95. 232. 475 H nl i ni in. Sandra Ellen 259 lloltzman, Wayne H 229 Holubec, Cleo James 264. 495 Holzwarth, Charles H 255 Home Economics Club 481 Honeycutt. Bob 123 Nam Pages Honeycutt, Jerry M 41 Hook, Ralph C.. Jr 380 Hooper, Dick 81 Hooper, Dewey J 459 Hooper, Elbert Jr 256, 339 Hoover, Cameron Lee 277 Hoover, Mandy Lou 95, 239 Hopkins. Carol Bushnell 296 Hopkins. Hammond Warficld ... .56. 280. 331, 383 Hopkins, Harry B 324. 335 Hopkins. William Franklin, Jr. . .277. 351 Hoppe. Gloria F 109 Hoppenstcin, Naomi Jean 95, 253, 376, 494 Hopper. John Martin 280 Hopping, Connie Wary ..56. 481, 497. 502 Hopping. Dick 332 Hopping. Richard C 139 Hopson. Ernest Lewis 109. 139. 329 Horkan. Patricia Anne 267 Horn. Barbara Gail 109. 307 Horn. James Henry 81, 319 Hornaday, William Doming 95, 271 Hornback. Clyde V 468 Home. Kenneth Lee 56 Horning. Judith Clare 109. 233 Hornsby, B. Jean 450 Hornsby. Hugh Morrison 353 Hornung. Grayce G 374. 461 Hord, Shirley E 435 Horowitz, Joseph Ronald 302 Horowitz, Norman 441, 446 Horrigan, Patrick H 81. 441 Horton. Eddie 139 Horton. Henrie 440 Horton. Kenneth Willard 149, 359 Horton, Marietta Marion 239 Ho.witz. Donald Charles 95. 292. 360, 446 Horwitz, Julian Victor 81. 303. 370 Hortritz. Renee Elaine 258 House. Barbara W 241 House. Eugene W 467 House. William Charles 95. 328 Hou.cwright, Joe Tipton 95. 263. 331. 479 Houston. Helen George 56, 321 Houston. Reagan T.. Jr 81. 168. 301 llouy. Clinton Leroy 359 Howard. Charles Brinson 370. 457 Howard. Donald L Howard. Ernest E Howard. James A. Howard, James B Howard, Josephine Houston Howard. Margaret Howard. N. L Howard. William Elray. Jr. Howard. William John Howe, Dana Dunbar Howe. Patricia Ann Howell. Douglas Wister. Jr. Howell. John Webb 111 ... Howell. Kathleen Howel 1. Nancy Jane Howell, Sidney Elizabeth 441 382 379 .56, 330. 441 248. 487 481 363 ....318. 319 81. 284 ....243. 454, 475. 501 241 281. 354 280. 341 248 56. 238 109. 297. 454. 497 367 147. 256. 367 374 ....485. 495 487 ....495.500 170. 276 95. 238 .258. 447 Hoyt, Roland W Hoyt. Thomas Jackson Hrissikopoulos, John K. .. Hrncir. Bernice Hruzek, Bernard S Hru rk, Harry M Hllliliard. Ford Jr Hubbard. Frances Marilyn Hubbard. Jackson Chandler Huhbard. Norma Jean 56, 320 Hubbard. Raymond H 399 Hubbart. Dwight 1 397 Hubby. John Lee 286. 367. 394. 447 Huber. Leonard Eldon . .56. 288, 289. 339 Hubert. Kenneth Ray 457 Huekabay, Carl E. 468 Huckahee, Charles J 328 Hudgings. Emma Jean 376 Hudgins. Joanne 56 238 Mu. In. ,11. Ja .332 Hudson. Bobby R 479 Hudson. John Mansel 460, 472 Hudson. Patton C 271. 378 Hudson. Wellborn R 396 Hudspeth, Howard William 169. 355 Huilspeth. Ruel Thomas 479 Hudson. Pat C 349 Hudson. Boh R. 349 Huff, Beecher ' 435 Huff. Mark Emily. Jr 211 Huff. Roy Prewett. Jr 271 Huffman, Charles Wayne 81 Huffman. Robert James 109. 305. 342 Hufsmith. Frank Lytton 286 Muggins. Gordon Leonard 56. 375 Muggins. Larry L 385, 487 Hughes. Bruce A 460 Hughes. Charles L 109 Hughes. Dale R 500 Hughes. Elizabeth Ann 232 Hughes. Guy Warren 280, 470 Hughes. Marshal 1 139, 140 Hughes, Pat H 492 Hughes. William Chesley 260 Hughes. William Lee. Jr 76. 333. 335 Hughlelt. Betty Jean 95. 200. 238. 494 Hugly, Harry Walter 36. 308. 309 Huitt. James Frederick 95. 278. 361 Hull. Charles Lee 81 Hull. Molly Davenport 109 Hull. Thurman 140 Hullum. Mary Jo 81. 243 Hulse. Macie Anne 109. 273 Human. Johnnie Mae ... .32. 56. 405. 502 Name Pages Humphreys. Edward Lee. Ill ....147,276. 350, 351 Humphreys, Hubert D 397 Humrickhouse, Ann Louise ..109, 233, 481 Humrickhouse. Ralph R 81 Hunke, Robert W 467 Hunnicutt, Martha Jean 441 Hunt, Ernest Lloyd 81, 342 Hunt, H. James 109 Hunt, James Theodore 81, 226. 282. 361. 402 Hunt. Kathleen Chloe . .81. 232, 233. 454, 475, 494 Hunter, Booyer R 470 Hunter, Gilpin 257 Hunter, James Darl 315 Hunter, Mary Martha 95 Hunter, Ripley Harold .246, 361. 394. 402 Hurt. Col. George E 279. 444 Hurwitz, Beverly 81 Huser, Lavcrne Carl 81, 149, 485, 495 Huser, Ruthanne 254, 390 Huskerson, Guy M., Jr 326, 335, 446 Hutchins, Mary Amelia 56. 238, 391, 395, 477, 481 Hutchinson, Marian 272 Hutchinson, Martha V 81. 474 Huth. Jean 321 Huvar. William Edward 109. 309 Hyde. John Joe 394 Hyde. Wilton Alexander 56 Hyltin. Jo Ann 81, 179. 188. 200. 254. 344, 389. 490. 493 Hyltin. Tom M 377 Hymer. Nellie Marie 56, 461 Iglehart, Robert M Igoe, Annie liams. Barren lies, Larry Gene Ilett. Phyllis Immel. John Lewis Inahnet. Carol Anne Inge. Joan Lubasch Inge. Robert Paul Ingerson. Mary Zoe ....109 Ingerton. Robert Richard Ingliiih, Mary Jane Ingraham. Hubert H. ...121 Ingram, Jack Trammell Ingram, Jack William, Jr. Ingrum. Ann Bradford .. Ingwerson. Sonya Anne . 253, 370 In Memoriam Inter fraternity Council Inter-Varsity Christian Fello Intramurals Ip. Che Irhy, Shirley Jane . . Ireland, Joseph Irion. Jack Eldridge Irion, Jack Irwin, Kathryn Louise Isett, Philip Edward Isham, Robert Owen. Jr. ... Isom John Earl Iverson. Patsy Ann Ives. Peggy Jean 95 Ivey. Frances . . . Ivey, Mary Louise 81. ..56 329 395 245 . .95, 283, 351 481 263, 109 ..81, 177. 243 235 280 , 253, 454. 481 311. 342 109, 297 , 123, 256. 367 294. 331 260. 445 275 .109. 180. 183. , 376. 454. 497 21 225 vship ...482 165. 184 393 109. 321 370. 377 228. 378 347. .171 , 175. 176. 275 109,342 ..278. 368. 81 56. 318 95. 320 , 227, 242, 494 95 272, 447, 497, 489, 392 Jabalie, Edward Nasit 491, 483 Jackman, Tommy W 139, 350 Jackson, Anna C 461 Jackson. Bettye 231, 440 Jackson, Billy Monroe 56, 360, 378 Jackson, Billy Ray 310 Jackson, David R 369, 482 Jackson, Edmond Penn 76, 300. 359 Jackson, Gertrude Elizabeth 109 Jackson, Homer Herbert, Jr 56. 264, 226. 402 Jackson, J. L 95. 286 Jackson, James Forbes 109, 271 . 32S Jackson, Jean Ernestine 321. 320 Jackson, Jo Ann 95. 320 Jackson, Joseph M 228. 229 Jackson, Joyce 461. 502 Jackson, Kelly 277. 329 Jackson, Leroy E 351 Jackson, Marjorie M 379 Jackson, Perry C 55 Jackson, Robert George 384 Jackson, Robert William 263 Jackson, Thomas H 460 Jackson. Tommy Hayes 109. 305. 342 Jaekson, Thomas Howard 467 Jackson, Waco 81 Jacobs, Eleanor Jean 258 Jacobs. Gloria Virginia 109. 461 Jacobs. Howard 109. 303. 352 Jacobs. Janet Joan 30, 31. 56, 234 Jaeggli, Velma 456 Jagoda, Samuel 41 Jakeman. William Kieffer ...56, 382. 465 Jamar. Joe Bob 262 James. Dana Constance 109, 176, 249 James, Georgia P. 474 James, Jerry 81. 183. 452 James. Jo Ann 395 James, Mary Belle Granger 395 James. Nancy L 296. 497 Name Pages James, Otis Lee. Jr 468 Jameson, Bobby 139, 169 Janicek. Raymond M 56. 375 Janz. Carlos E 479 Jansky, Anton Emil 316 Jarmon, Alice Lynn 95, 232, 479. 481 Jarrell. Jerry 162 Jarrell. Walter Marland, Jr 226. 278 Jary. Nancy Joan 95, 272, 452. 475 Jarvis. Gertrude 395 Jaworski. Joan 200. 321. 447 Jaynes, Don D 333 Jaynes, James K 375 Jeaues, Joyce J 452 Jeanes, Lincoln Douglas 159,246,374, 377. 393 Jenkins, Emma Dean 233 Jenkins, Herman Jack 471 Jenkins, Johnson Andrew 95, 366 Jenkins, Lenox Claxton 308 Jenkins, Nancy Maxine 95, 297, 200 Jenkins, Paul Bruce 109, 479 Jenness, Tomadell 81. 252, 253 Jennings, C. Arden 278 Jennings. T. Warren 278 Jensen, Soren C., Jr 56, 396 Jentsch, Ralph Marvin 41. 379, 384 Jerrell, Jerry 162 Jindrirh. Harold 396. 471 Jindrich. Warren Joseph 81, 298, 299 Jirasek, Helen 450 Jircik. Vivian Elizabeth 95, 453, 481 Jobes, William 349 Joekel, Robert Charles 445 Johns. I. Reed 400 Johns. Robert Allen 271 Johnson, Addy 488 Johnson, Amy 95, 187, 200, 252, 253, 353, 392, 498, 490 Johnson, Arnye D 395 Johnson, Audrey Jane 56 Johnson, Benny Frank 95, 362. 394 Johnson, Bill Frank 169. 479 Johnson, Carolyn Hope 81, 453 Johnson. Clifford W 435 Johnson, Clyde Taylor 311 Johnson, Dean C 340. 399 Johnson. Douglas Ann . .95, 252, 250, 392, 473. 480 Johnson, Eugenia 395 Johnson. Harris L. Johnson, Helen Sue ... Johnson, Hiram Johnson, James Allen . Johnson, Jamie Sue ... Johnson, Joan Johnson, John Bnford . Johnson, John W Johnson, Julianne Johnson, L. Jeanine . . . Johnson, Leonard M. . . Johnson, Lloyd F Johnson, Lois Neil Johnson, Louise Parmele Johnson, Marcus Johnson, Marcia Elinor Johnson, Marion Johnson, Mary Gene 305 .95. 230, 479 147 466 109 248, 441. 490 260 123,330 275 440 349 342 56. 440 95 485 252. 253 300,339 .56, 268, 269, 381, 4; 5. 494 56. 252. 391 .121, 154, 339. 443 393,477 Johnson, May-dee Lue Johnson, Morris D. Johnson, Nancy R. . . Johnson. Pickney. Jr 377 Johnson, Ralph B 341. 487 Johnson, Richard James Vaughan 256 Johnson. Robert Boone 56, 278, 279 Johnson, KM - 21 Johnson. Ruby Ruth 109. 233, 454, 495 Johnson. Sarah Eugenia 56, 391 Johnson. Sue 109,273, 454 Johnson, Thomas McKinley, Jr. .146, 256 Johnson, Wesley Stephen 276. 353 Johnson, Wesley 170 Johnston, Dickie C 55, 468 Johnston, George William. Jr 304, 305,485 Johnston. Grace L 238 Johnston. .Marjorie 395 Johnston. Roy Edens 81. 318. 363 Joncich. Jane Leach 56 Jones. Allir Ruth 291, 474 Jones, Archie N 309 Jon es, Baker Parriah 246 Jones, Barbara Lou 81. 231 Jones. Bill 81 Jones. Billy C 139 Jones. Bobby W 210,469 Jones, Bruce Edward 361 Jones, Bruce Milam 57, 282. 498 Jones, Burton A 57, 445 Jones, Carol C 441 Jones. Carol Fuller 95 Jones. Catherine 109. 233. 376. 440 Jones. Charlie Eric 95. 265. 374. 394 Jones. Charles Hall. Ill 109, 260 Jones. Dan M. 468 Jones, Florence Mozelle . . .232. 381. 389. 393. 447. 477 Jones, Franklin Meghill 341 Jones, Frederick Richard 251 Jones, Henry Crady 81. 318, 469. 500 Jones, Herman 27 Jones, Hubert B 229. 375 Jones. J. Roland 329 Jones. Jack Greenwood 81. 301 Jones. James Carroll (T) ...121.123.402 Jones. James K 363. 484 Jones. James 401 Jones. James Pat 109, 301 Jones, Joe Harrell 340 PAGE 550 Name Pages Jones, John Culberth, Jr 57, 304. 466 Jones, Joseph F 109 Jones, Joyce Florida 238 Jones. Julia Watson 230, 484 Jones, I . Louise 81 Jones, Larry Elton 363, 371, 378. 362, 416 Jones, Leah Louise 27S Jones. Lillian Kolb 395 Jones. Linden Earl 246 Jones, Louis Clark 285, 332 Jones, Morris B 468 Jones, Nancy Ruth 297 Jones, Oscar Freer, III 81, 140, 280 Jones, Patricia Ann 268 Jones, Phyllis Ann 95,275 Jones, R. Ray 95 Jones, Robert Anderson 41, 300 Jones, Robert Clark 286, 399, 445 Jones, Ronald R 95, 445 Jones, Tolbert Nat. Jr. 308. 363 Jones, Tom Lloyd 57 Jones, Tony Everett 491 Jones, William Franklin 244 Jordan, A. Sally 321 Jordan, Barbara Jean 321 Jordan, D. Wylie 95 Jordan, Edwin R 351 Jordan, Emilia Joyce 249 Jordan, Harvey A 467 Jordan, John F 81 Jordan, Joy 81 Jordan, Sally Ann 109, 497 Joseph, Cherill Adele 306, 490 Joseph, Diana Lee 268, 487 Joseph, Marlene Louise 81, 243 Joseph, Ruth Rhodes 395 Joaephson, Sandra Jean . .81, 227. 306. 490 Joslin, Charles Alvin 34, 35, 81 Jourdan, Betty Inez 81, 474 Joynes, Mary Lu 254 Judson. Beverly Jean 272, 475 Jung. Virginia McNeil 248 Junkman, Thomas Adolph 139, 353 Juniors 74, 87 Juren, William Robert. Jr 478 Justiss. Jesse E.. Jr 479 Juvenal. John Bethel ..109.289 349.445 K Kacir. George Sidney 174. 457. 492 Kahlich. Colleen F 95, 255. 455. 495 Kahn, Sandra Jeanne 109, 183, 454 Kaiser. Pamela Prunier 109. 454 Kallander, Mary Ellen 249 Kallina. James Douglas 81. 308 Kalmus, Lawrence J 139, 332 Kalmus, Moose 139 Kamen, Eleanor Ann 234 Kamisar. Helen Louise 95. 234 Kanak. Marvin Reeves 478 Kanter. Shirley Elaine 82. 234 Kantz, Gladys Loivther 395 Kaplan, Carolyn 441 Kaplan, James Harlan 109, 293, 351 Kaplan, Marvin 292 Kaplan, Shirley M 441 Kapp. Armand L 313 Kappa Alpha 270. 271 Kappa Alpha Theta 272, 273 Kappa Epsilon 387 Kappa Kappa Gamma 274, 275 Kappa Kappa Psi 388 Kappa Psi 483 Kappa Sifma 276. 277 Karger, Chester Henry 107, 457 Karotkin, Leonard, Jr. . .82. 292. 378. 396 Karpa, Peter 382, 470. 4P5 Karpos. George T 250. 354, 378. 468 Kartenzents. George Rudolph . . . .394, 437 KassanofT, Arnold H 82, 302, 374 Kasten, David 485 Katez, Eugene S 302. 471 Katz. Fenton S 41. 332 Katz. Robert Nathan 351. 499 Kauffman, Suzanne 381, 389. 447 Kaufman, Joan Beverly 57, 200, 255, 474, 477 Kaufman. Jordan W 469 Kaufman. Tom 330 Kay. Arlene R. 57.209,258.441.494 Kay. James R 384 Kay. Maurice Marion, Jr 244. 57 Kazen, Tony A 121, 123, 154, 362 Keahey. James Howard 353. 394 Keasler, Jaclyn Lucas . .57, 205. 232, 392, 407, 476, 477, 490 Keating, Thomas J 468 Kebelman, Gretchen 82, 320 Kedziora, Ray 479 Keel. Thomas Martin 57 Kecler, George Eldridge, III 110, 271, 443 Keel ing. Clovis A 370 Keese. Phyllis 297 Kecton. W. Page 19, 245, 499 Kcgley, Jean Martha 488 Kcig, Edward A 470 Keil, Frank W., Jr 382. 465, 470 Keim, Richard G 485 Keith. Lewis Stone 288. 443 Keller. Barbara Ann 234 Keller, Franklin Donald 353 Keller. Harris Lee 303. 329 Keller, Helen Elizabeth 82, 455. 487 Keller, Henry 110. 277 Keller, Marian 397, 481 Keller. Martha Ruth . . .390, 395, 440, 477 Keller, Robert M 303 Keller. Donald Cecil 354 Name Pages Kellerman, Francine V 82 Kelley, Arnold Dwain 82 Kelley, Barbara Kay 95, 183. 200. 440, 442 Kelley, Edward C 139,495 Kelley, Kathleen 321, 454, 473, 498 Kelliher, Thomas George J 251. 487 Kellner, Evelyn Jean 31, 82, 183, 230, 497 Kelly, Alice Leona 82, 240 Kelly, Betty L 95, 200, 231 Kelly, Jack Carl 82. 445 Kelly. Jennilu 34 Kelly, Jerrold Joseph 82, 284 Kelly, Jerry Dean 311 Kelly, Lorena Ann 233 Kelly. Patricia Carol 183, 381. 393 Kelly, Roy E 149, 361, 479 Kelton, Gene 333 Kelton, Horace Broome 280 Kemble, Robert Lloyd 82 Kemble, Stephen Allen 95, 304, 358 Kemp, Kenneth Howard 82, 295 Kemp, William Franklin 95, 295, 341, 466 Kendall. Barbara Ann 296 Kendall, Don Leslie 57 Kendall. Lyle Harris 285 Kendall, Patricia Ann 249, 376, 440 Kendrick, Frank Erwin, Jr 298, 394 Kennan, Kent Wheeler 263 Kennedy, Annette L. 242 Kennedy, James B 471 Kennedy, Jean B 320, 450 Kennedy, Jeretta 1 461 Kennedy, Margaret 395 Kenncr, Kenneth C 333 Kenny, Mary Jo 481 Kenny. Robert Wayne 32, 82 Kent, Harry Llewellyn, Jr 229, 396 Keptra, George Louis 57 Kermacy. Martin S 404, 496 Kern. Charles W 279 Kern. Lee Roy Theodore . . . .374, 393, 485 Kerr. Barbara Jean . .95, 248, 450, 475. 479 Kerr. Randa Lee 275 Kerr. Suzanne 255 Kerry. Henry Eugene 95, 282, 353 Kersten, Everett S. (Russ) 28, 32, 57, 169, 206. 383. 386, 399 Kessler. Fred B 82, 302, 374, 402 Kethley. Kennon 275, 475 Key. John Roberts 469. 500 Keys. William E 399 Kidd. Barbara Ann 82, 180. 297 Kidd. Jack C 355, 440 Kidd. Phillip 140 Kidder. Charley G 399. 464 Kidwell. Freeman 375, 401, 479 Kidwell, James Richard 95, 394 Kidwell. Louis E 459,479 Kiel. Frank William 403 Kiely, Harry C 167. 375, 503 Kiesler, Clarence A 485 Kiesler. Dorothy Cox 395 Kight, Julianne 273 Kilcrease, James Aubrey, Jr 359, 460 Killam, Allen Page 154, 159, 332, 503 KM Han. Bernice J 488 Kimball. In. ' z Claire 475, 487 Kimmons, Wylie Mack 340 Kindred. Guy 479 Kindred. Robert 1 479 King, Benjamin F 385, 467 King. Jack H 440, 441 King, James Robert, Jr. ..57, 382, 470, 479 King. John P 470 King. Juanice LaNell 200. 461 King. Margaret Reynolds 57, 296 King. Mary Ellen 82. 487 King. Marvin Earl 110, 299, 334 King, Merton 270 King. Ray 168 King. Terry Debbs 57. 310 Kinnally, Richard J 487 Kinnamon, Keneth 95 Kinney. Bon Jack 82, 282, 367, 383 Kinney, Charles Cleveland 256 Kinney. Helen Joyce 266 Kinney. John M 334 Kins,-l. Jay Frank 76. 250 Kinser. Douglas J 21 Kipeak. Ilhan V 470 Kiper. Charlotte 82. 254 Kipp. Betty Sue 320 Kipp. John Theodore 82. 310. 341 Kipp. Roy Howard 380 Kirby. Elizabeth Anne 176, 267 Kirby Hall 453 Kirk. Garland Calvin 364, 367, 378 Kirk. Patricia Marie 57, 176, 232 Kirkland, Beverly J 441 Kirkland. Charles Patrick 82, 260 Kirkley. Joanne 41 Kirkpatrick, Carlos 484 Kirkpatrick, Donald A 375 Kirkpatrick, Joel B 32, 325, 335, 399 Kirkpatrick, Mary S 273 Kirksey. Tom 333 Kirsh. Celia Estelle 110, 259, 441 Kirton, Gordon Paul 394 Kissinger. William B 467 Kitchens. Malcolm T 139 Kitchner. Robert M 327 Kite. Kirk 57. 359 Klages. Lynette B. 485. 495 Klapper. Jan 95, 259 Klaus, Ewald Fred, Jr 57, 169 Klaver, Patricia Darling 248, 490 Klein. Arthur J 459. 475. 487 Klein. Donald Lee 121, 140, 154. 204. 339, 374, 383, 386 Klein. Harold Lee 441, 485 Name Pages Klein, Rosalie Amelia . .95, 177, 243, 442, 452, 475 Klein, Shirley Jean 95. 475 Kleinman, Harold Fred .76, 302, 380, 402 Kleinschmidt, Clark Ingram 304 Klekar, Rosie Josephine ... .461, 478, 495 Klescl, Mildred Marie . .32. 57. 181, 200, 213, 389, 392, 405, 494. 495 Kleymeyer, Ralph T., Jr 57 Kline. Sara Jo 110, 235,475 Klingler, Eugene LaRue, Jr 278 Kloescl, Joseph A., Jr 495 Klopfstein. Joe 305 Klotz, Layton A. B 82. 467 Klump, Leroy D 469, 500 Knaggs, Albert Urbahn, Jr. . .82, 250. 377 Knaggs. John Ryan 172. 352. 457 Knapp, Martha Ann 95, 176, 297. 481 Knapp, Robert A 338 Knapp, W. L 332 Knaus, Ronald Reeves 32, 95, 349 Knebel, Helen Marie 485 Knebel, Luther C 329. 485 Kneip, Eleanor Fean 183, 184. 461 . 497, 502 Kness, Dale L 479 Kneten, Ted George 485 Kneuper, Ed 121 Knight, Jo Ellen 242, 474 Knight, John H 385, 467 Knight, Lucianne 230 Knight, Peggy Martha 248, 395, 456, 474, 490 Knight, Willie Allen, Jr 369, 371, 378, 457 Knobelsdorf, John 471 Knobler, Ivan William . .96, 313, 359, 377 Knott, James K 332, 500 Knotts. Mary English . . .82, 275, 473, 475 Knox, William J 361 Knudson, John David 485 Kobe, Donald Holm . .361, 370. 377, 394, 445. 485 Kobe, Kenneth A 403 Kocatas. Babur M 41, 458 Koch. Helen 395 Koehl. Kenneth F 470 Koehne. Richard John 57. 339 Kogut, Thelma 95, 182 Kohari, Joseph J 324 Kokernot, Rosemary Bruden 481, 495 Kolb, George Haze 110,283. 354 Koldjeski. John G 469 Kolmen. Isyador Abe 95, 313. 334 Kolodetsky. Maurice Sweet 234 Kongabel, Carolyn Ruth 110. 297, 376, 481 Koomey, Calvin 169, 329 Kopecek, Jerry Thomas 478 Koppel, Betty Lou 95, 234, 392 Koppen, Doris Louise 252 Koprivnik, Zorica S 393 Kornfcld, Julian Potash 110, 293, 352 Korngold. Robert 234 Korth. Ellen Ann 255 Kosberg, Dolores Jean 82. 234. 392. 447. 477. 480 Kosel. Harold F 478 Kost. Harold Stanley 82, 234, 374, 394 Kostohryz. Robert L 330. 377 Kothmann. Bettte Carole 82. 452 Kotzebue, Kenneth Lee 394. 485 Kotzebue, Robert William Jr. . . .57. 339. 471, 485 Kovach. Margaret Ban 95, 296 Kraffa, Frank J. 485 Kramer. Bernardus J. M 460 Krasnoff. Alan G 397 Krause. Clarence Edwin 57, 485. 500 Krause, Erwin K 41 Krause, James David 278 Krause, Lynwood Curtis 360, 485 Kreager, David J.. Jr 36 Kreager. Dorothy Jane 82, 230, 452 Kregarman, John J 361 Kreimerman. Martin C 82. 313 Kreisle. Leonard! Ferdinand 229. 396. 403 Krenek. Joyce Ann 31.96. 200.254. 456. 478. 481 Kreuz. Charles Raleigh 82. 328 Krezdorn. Roy R 385 Krochman, Ann Louise 82. 269 Krog. Constance Carolyn ...110, 177, 243 Kronkosky. Preston Conrad 342 Kromas, John Allen .29, 31, 315, 447, 460 Krovetz, Charles 234 Krueger, Carol Ann 110, 255, 475 Kruez, Charles R 328 Krummenachcr, Bruce 110 Krupp. Joan 110, 259, 441, 446 Kruse. Bill 485 Kubala, Mark Jerome ..110. 329, 478. 487 Kubelka. Lcroy J 355. 478 Kubin, Charles Calvin 96. 168. 351 Kuehne. Hugo Franz, Jr 57, 304. 496 Kuempel, Hubert L 57. 485 Kuhlmann. Gretchen Patricia 96. 243. 452. 487 Kuhlman. Lynn 110. 275. 454 Kuhlmann, Nelson Lawrence, Jr 110. 289. 361 Kuhn, Sammye Ann 96, 266, 475 Kull, Freida Fern 82. 452 Kurtz. Barbara A 474 Kusin, Gloria Celeste 82, 306, 490 Kusin, Sherman Allen . .96, 160. 303. 349 Kutzer. John Francis, Jr 57, 262, 339 Kuykendall. Billy L 310 Kuykendall, Dudly Moran 304, 359. 371. 378 Kvinta, Charles James 478. 495 A ' ome Pages Kwong. Pak Chu 41 Kyburz, Bleue 231. 475 Kyle, Lee Fred 57 Kyle, Margaret Helen 296 Kyser, Albert C. 369 Kyser. Jim 479 Labaj, Dorothy A 461, 478 LaBauvc, Kay Louise 57, 176, 238 LaBounty, Donna Jeanne 240. 391 Labowitz. Harry Benard 235 Lacey, George William, Jr. . .57, 209, 226, 256. 383 Lacey, Larry 485 Lack, Sanford Irwin 292 Lackland, Billy C 471 Lacy, David Lawrence 300 Lacy, Jack Ray 110, 359, 471, 503 Lacy, John E 470 Lacy. Larry 370.479 Ladewig, Nita 485 Ladd. Charles Fisher Coffin, Jr 305 Ladon, Elizabeth 96, 254, 255, 344, 381,456, 490 Ladwig. Bill 503 LaFour, Tavia Rae 96, 475, 503 Lagrone, Alfred H 385, 403 Lain. Betty Marjorie 275 Laing. Juan, Jr. 471 Laing, Raul 57, 464 Laird, Jeanne Marie 57, 232, 481, 490 Lake, John Wood 41 Lakenmacher, Dan William .... 110. 279. 358, 485 Lamb. Arthur V 262, 332 Lamb, Thomas Patrick 263. 370 Lambda Chi Alpha 278 Lambert, Betty Jean 96, 453 Lambert, Carl C 82, 467, 503 Lambert, Ed W 503 Lambert, Stewart Birtrum 110, 285 Lamm, Loretta Maureen .82, 227, 230, 493 Lamp, Floyd Ray 96, 485, 500 Lampert. Leon Max 234 Lancaster, Olin Clifton, Jr 280, 341 Landa, John Carl 293, 342, 394 Lander, Franklin K 485 Lander, Joan Moore 176, 275 Landes, Robert Paul 256 Landry, Duane Eugene 311. 394 Landry, Edward John 362. 375. 447 Lane, Claud Pope, III 58, 310 Lane, Robert Allen 271 Lane, Samuel Hartman, Jr. . .82. 260. 465 Lane, Warren J 34, 401 Laney, Kera B 200, 440 Lanfear, Victor Eugene, Jr 278, 459 Lang, Carol Amelia 254, 441 Lang, Dorothy Jean 96, 254 Langi-, John 485 Langfield, Jill Elizabeth 487 Langford. Bill Curtis 110, 445 Langford, Dan A 351 Langford, Myra 477 Langford, Ted L 96. 341 l.angham. Bill 305 Langston, Mary Kathryn ... .96. 231. 450. 475, 503 Lanham. Elizabeth 380,401 Lanier, Ernest Lee 346, 370 Lanier, Rowena 110 Lanier. William Harry 96 Lann, Morris Jerome 298 Lansford. Alex J. 139 Lansford, Alex John 332 I .1 M - 1 MI .1 . James 121 Lansford. Mary Joan 96, 255. 475 Lanter, Charles Ellis 96. 244, 363 Lantrip. Peggy Joyce 58, 381, 450, 474, 503 Laquatra, M. Carolina 453 Lappe. Travis Leon 96 Laredo Club 484 Largent. Charles Edward 361 I.arimore, Kenneth Willard 271. 485 Larscn, William Burton 262, 331, 441 Larson, Gabriel Eric 379 LaRue, Joe Thomas 58, 250, 251. 359 Larvin. Bernard James 470 Lasater. Patricia Ann 450, 475 Lassberg, Anna Maria . .181, 182, 255, 477 Lassherg, Hilmar John 250, 377 Lassen, George 397 Lasseter. Charles Erwin 96, 366 Lassiter. Bobby B 305 Lasler. Robert Earl . . . .341, 458, 498, 499 Lastorica. Hattie 485 Latham. Phillip Allison 96 Latham, Swanee 96. 249 Latson, Billy F 96. 245, 363 Latson, Claude H 411 Laube, Rolf Victor 58,316,485 Lauderdale, James Henry . . .82, 247. 368. 370, 378 Laughlin, Ann 321, 454. 473, 487 Laughlin, James Emmet 470 Laughlin, Thomas E., Jr 110, 279, 394 Laughlin. William Joseph 263, 367 Lauterstein. George Israel . . .96, 293, 495 Lauterstein. Minnie B. . .110, 307, 441, 495 Laverty, Robert Newcomb 404, 496 Laves, Lee Blair 53, 302 Lavine, Harriet Beth 307 Law, Muzon 441 Law, Robert Adger 271 Lawhon, Vivian Pauline 82, 275 Lawhorne, Cliftnn 399 Lawler. Don 30. 31, 468 PAGE 551 Name Pages :Vome Pages 82. 275 Lawrence. Bobby, Jr 318 Light. Eleanor Roween Bell . 58,441 Lawrence, David Stuart 244. 355 Lightfoot. Lillian Elise ....110. 275 Lawrence, Kelley Edward 226, 270 Lightfoot. William M 496 Lawrence, Monte James 270. 271, 383 Ligon. Alice Marilyn 461 Lawrence, Shirley R 461, 497, 502 Lihani, John 485 Lawry. John 443 Lillard, Joe W 487 Laws, Peggv Charlene ... .58, 200, 248, 249 Lilly. Betty Jo 58, 248 Laws, Thomas Carlyle, Jr 285 Lilly, Chloe T. Dawson 390 Lawshae. Duncan Allen . .82. 264. 440, 443 Lilly. Russell M 479 Lex. Bernard 397 Lillv. Warren Robert 246 Lay, Audrey Loudale 379 Limelight 185-224 Lea, Richard Underwood 359 Lind. Charles R 330 Leach, Billy L 110, 329 Lind. Enoch Roger ....471. 485 Leach, James R 58, 483, 500 Lindahl. Lewis 15 Leach, Shirley Ruth 275 Linden. Richard Allen 110, 260 Linden, William Mosse 246 Leal, Carlos V 484 Linder. Otto E 401.485 Leal. G. Yolanda 82, 455. 487 Linderen. Helen Gcnevieve . 96, 242 Leath. James Marvin 123. 330, 383 Lindsey. Christine Ann 96 Leatherwood, Doralie 58. 242, 442 I.inegar. Diann Ruth ....96, 179. 242, 243 Leavitt, Urban J. D 394 Ling, Edward Hugo 349. 460. 485 Lebeaux. Jacob M 463 Line. Tex David 41, 214. 383, 458 Lebrecht. Martin 58, 349 Link. Sarah Lew 474 Lecah, Andrew 495 Link. Virginia Lee 390. 395 Ledhctter, Melvin Newman 263. 447 Linker. Boyd 331 Ledbetter, Robert E.. Jr 503 Linnanl, Howard W. 478 Ledingham. Tommy Max 369 Lipnick. Elton Stanley 110. 2.15 Ledlow, Faye June 58, 252 Lipps, Nancy Margaret .58. 230. 410 Ledlow, June 182 I.ippmann. Adele 96. 251 Lee, Benis Glen 351 Lipscomb. John Clavton .... 276 Lee, Carl Edward 170. 277, 328 Lipflcomb, John Navlor .... 382. 470 Lee, Constance C 243 I.inscomb, William James ... 271 Lee, Harrell E 29, 301, 399 Lira. Santiago. Jr 352. 371 . 371 Lee. H. Louis, Jr 82 I.irette. William L 96. 226. 261. 265 Lee. Janet 254, 348 T.iston. Patricia Glenn 110.2.13 Lee. Janice Kniker 96, 485 Litchenstein. Rae 30 -i Lee. Kung Hsing 394 Little. Barbara Tina ... 58 Lee, Leo Charles 82, 377, 466, 499, 504 Little. Betty Jane 110. 233. 491. 501 Lee, Louis 333, 335 Littl " . Jack N 26.1. 352 Lee. Robert Burnett 246, 247, 359. 380 little. Lewis Norman 280. 3 1 Lee, Robert Edward 485 Little. Pichard Francis nt. 3 0 Lee. Tommy C 332 Littlefield. Clyde R 159. 270, 271 Lee, Vernon 32, 96 Littl cfifl ' l Dormitory 54 Lee. Woodrow Roy. Jr 394 Litz, William Havwood .... 110. 277, 314 Leeah, George Andrew 96, 315 Liu. Timothy 171 Lcfevre, Fred Rowland 445 Lively. Franklin Truett .... 82. 229 LeFlore, Barbara Ann ..110, 253, 450, 493 Lively. William H 501 Leggott, Charles B 468 Livingston. Penn Van R. ... ..96. 174. 2 " 4 Leggott, Charles Robert 310 I.ivzza. Frank J 8? Lehman, Charlotte J 395, 456. 485 Llewellyn, Gordon Lee 270. 271. 347. Lehman, Diane .96, 227. 272, 392, 473. 494 378 40 4-2 Lehman, Edward Louis 485 T.lewellvn. James Donald ... 250 Lehman, Milton J 334,437 T.lovd. Frank R-vrlv ? . .175 Lehmann. John Roger 58, 382. 470 Hovd. Lvnn Elizabeth lin. 2S1 Lehner. Joseph Lawrence 278, 359 Lloyd. Matirv A 287. 330 Lehr, Edwin E 110 Hovd. William R 413. i " ' Leifeste, Sam 384 I.obitz. Carl M 440 Lciman, Marian Charlotte ... 110, 259, 475 I.ochte. Carolvn 58. 212 Leissner, Al R 329 I.ockenvit ' .. Gitta .33. 475 Le Mare, Barbara 269 I.o-Wtt. H-ter Elizabeth .. 110. 321 Lemen, Robert 499 l.n-khart. Thomis Cjbler . . 301 Lemmens, Robert P 468 F o-Vlii A ' ! " i C 96. 3 " 4 Lemon, Robert Dell 76, 479 Lookman. Julie 30.82. 19 1 ). 201. 213. 381. 389. 392. 47.1. 475. 477 LeMond. Jerry W 36 I.ockn-ood, Mason 3=2 I.ocVwood. Thelma 389 Lemus. George 58. 400. 493 l. ffie r . Norris Dean 96. 441 Lenhart, Jack 403 Loessin. Bill 495 Lenington, Albert 58 Loewe. Robert Winston .... 247 Lennon. Betty Dean .82, 387, 392, 469, 500 I.ofgren. Frederick V 491 Loftis. Llovd Edward .58. 260. 332. Leon, Benjamin J 377, 467 315. 375 Leon, Grace Kathcrinc 110, 235, 450 l.ogan, Frank 340. 467 Leonard, Barbara 96, 176. 266 Logan, Newt A 500 Leonard. Billy G 110. 327 l.ollar. Benin G 110. .121 Leonard, H. Jack 96, 327 Lombard. Phvllis 381 Leonard. James A., Jr 26, 58, 288. 402 London. L. Ann 471 Leonard, Kay Suzanne 110. 450 363 Leopold. Christian G.. Jr 333. 500 Lones. Joe Jack .in Lesikar, Martha Florence 461. 478 Long. Amy Jo 405 Lenikar. Raymond V 380. 384. 401 1 ong. Rirbara 96. 275 Lesko, William J 316. 317 Long. Bob 168 Leslie, Shelton Eugene .110, 305, 328. 335 T.onc Don 319 Lester, Jerry Lynn 277 Long. Gale McBrvde 110. 241 Lester, Max M 58, 441. 458 Long, Gncie Delene ..82. 176. 2-s Letoole. Bill 447 I ong I nil 479 Lettermann. Caroline Louise .51, 481. 485 Long. Shirlev Margaret . .96 . 252. 454. 497 Leva. Sheldon R. 58. 397, 401 5S. 471 Levander. Carl Theodore 394, 445 396 Levell, Harold Gene 96 Long. William Doiald ..82. 31 ' ' . 319 Levine, Charlene Annette 82. 306 I in . William Robert. Ill .. 300. 395 Levy, Connie B 96, 200, 234. 376 Lonprnm. Bill 1 7 444-445 Levy, Harold Erwin 313. 353 334 Levy. Harriet Ann 82, 235 Longoria. Frank. Jr 247 Lew, Joan Bette 234. 494 J.oonev. Edmund D 331. 364 Levy. Lester Louis 394 I.oper. Warren E 340 Levy, Marian Joyce 96, 306 Lopez. Elmo 445. 464 Lon -. Ramon Martinez .... 4 " 0 Lew. Quon D 468 Lorbeer. Evelvn Frances ... 176. 18.1. Lewis, Andrew Jackson 300, 360 230. 4B7 Lewis. Donna G 58 Lord. Peggy A. ..33,96.376 , 392. 461. 504 Lewis, James W 469, 479, 482 Lorfing. Kenneth Roy . .53. 485. 495 Lewis, Jean 58, 296, 489 Lotief. Rudolph A 82. 315 Lewis, John T 58 Lotman, Sondra Lee 227 . 234. 326. 334 Lewis, Kenneth David 110. 352 Lottman. John Detering .... .245. 361. 485 Lewis. Lavennia E 479 Love. Daniel I 446 Lewis. Robert L 382,470 Love. Gloria .110. 233. 479 Lewis, Robert M. 353 ..41. 242. 472 Lewis, Shirley 390 .284. 369. 375. Ley, Mildred R 391. 453 378, 479 Lichtebstein, Morris 82, 367 Love, Virginia 395 Lichtenwalter, Glen Dale 460 Loveless, Glenda Willadeen 82, 456 Lichty, Albert Henry, Jr 58, 310 Loveless. Mary Grace 82 Lieber, Custin Robert 369, 482 Lovett. Jim Dick 289 Liesman. Barbara 485 Lovett. Lum Jack 379, 479 Lovingood, Lynne ... Lovvorn, J. T Low, Leslie Lowe, Dan Moody . .. Lowell, Phillip S. . . . Lower, Milton Dale , Lowery, John Leslie . Lowry, Carmen Lowry, John T Lowry, Loretta Louise Lowry, Robert L. Lowther. David Lyon, Billy H Lozano, Hector D. ... Lubasch, Inge Joan Luchenbach, Angela Luchinger, Leland B Luckett, Ellie 96. 185. 349 Lucksinger, Frances Jean ... Luders, Theo W Luderus. Florence M Ludwig, Rubin W Lueders, Theo W Luhn, George Milton. Jr Luke, Claude Edward Luker, Martin Edward .... ,36, Lukovich, Corine Agneg .. Lundelius, Rulh Marguerite Lundgren, Jo Ann Marie . . Lundguist, Lee Roy Lundstedt. Buddy Lungwitz, Clemens F. .... Lunsford, Charles N Lunsford, Sam A Lunz. James H I .UN . Patricia Louise Lupher, Bill L 1 .11 -k . Ernest O. l.n-k. James Royal Luter, Geraldine N Lutheran Student Association Luttrell, John Martin Luttrell. William Sherrod . Lutz, Lanelle Ruth 249. Lybarger. David ....41. 166, Lyda, Carl B Lyle, Kathleen Yvonne Lyles, J. Don Lynch, Charles E Lynch. Gene Cozart Lynch, Mary Lou Lynn, Etelka Lynn, Harriet Marian Lvnn, Shirley Elaine Lyon, Joan Elizabeth I.vons, Jerry F Lyons, Kenneth Wayne M McAdams. Billy Jame McAfee. Madelaine May McAllister, Sara Ann McAllister, Lewis McAnelly. Willis James, 166. 170, McBee, George Wilson McBrayer. Betty 29. McBride, Jimmy McBride. John Edward McBride. Shirley L McBride. Susan Jane McCabe. Beverly Jo 110.277. McCage, Travis Ray McCaig. Robert Sbain McCall, George Sidney McCall. Verner Hudson. Jr. ..82. McCalla. Dudley Davis 82, MeCallister. Al McCallom. F. D. McCampbell. Thomas Atlee McCandless. Garrett Clair McCarley. Bob Eugene McCarrick. Dolores Beverly McCart. Alice Roberta .... McCarter. William B., Jr. . McCarthy. Richard McCartney. James Wilson McCarty. Gordon Reid McCarty. Martha McCarty, Martha Jane M cCarty, Robert C McCarver, James O McCary, Elizabeth MeCary. Thyra E McCaslin, Richard B McCauley, Francis Ruple McClendon, Sidney Smith, III McCleskey, Bob Allen McClintock. Don McClung. Esther McClure, Donald Lee McClure, James B McClure, William Park McCollum. Donald E McColpin. Andrew Kerr McConn, Thomas Peter McConnel, Wayne Wallace McConnell, Elizabeth Thornton . McConnel!, Mrs. F. C McConnell, James V McConnell, John Ewart . .83. 250, McConnell. Wayne W McCord, Billy M McCord, James Richard McCord. John S McCord, Ritzy C McCorkle. John Jerry 256, Pages ..196, 200, 273 159 313 58 82 394 140. 310 395 167.377 253, 490 382 361 368 464 454, 387 59, 275 485 197. 200, 272, , 392, 450, 475 .110. 176, 238 495, 497 441, 487 385. 403 .477. 502. 485 110. 361 59. 403 .316, 317. 364, 367. 371, 378 455, 487 .238. MO. 490 . .96. 442. 474 59, 485 485 485. 500 287 286 82. 334 110. 453 465, 470 471 264 .82. 320, 441 485 245 .110. 245. 355 454. 475. 485 172, 457, 468 394 296 311 333 363 .267. 446. 454 395 230 259, 475 243 76. 284. 487 110 .33. 272. 59, Name Pages McCormick. Charles T. 281 McCoubrey, Jo Coosby 180, 395 McCowen, Marjorie 110 McCown, Henry Y 14 McCoy, Morelle 4ol McCracken. Jane Ann 110, 241 McCracken, Oscar A 441 McCracken, Richard Eugene 260 McCrary, James H 459 McCrary. Roy S 445 McCreary, Howell S 394 McCrelcss, Merry Christine ..233. 474, 493 McCrocklin, Andrew J., Jr. .261, 385, 403 McCrum, Everett S 76, 375, 401 McCue, Kemper Warren 83 McCullough, Howell 279 McCullough, Jean 110, 321 McCullough, Mary Gwyn 96. 240. 474 McCullough, Norma Frances .96, 200. 248. 326. 332 McCurdy. John A 20, 27, 380 McCurdy. Mary Helen 401 McCurtain, Ward Cornelius 384, 466 McCutcheon. Pat 184, 461,503 McDade, George 226 McDaniel, Clinton 110 McDaniel. Roddy David . .96, 279, 341, 485 McDaniel. Virginia Anne 59. 440 McDavid, Donald George 110, 349. 394, 445 McDermott, James Robert 353 McDermott, Mae Madeline 83, 296 McDermott, Merle 249 McDill, Paul Laurence 261 McDonald. Bill 121, 123. 333 McDonald, Dora 272 McDonald, Georgie 475 McDonald, Glynn W 459 McDonald. Joe 123. 332 McDonald, John R 110, 441 McDonald. John Scott . .304, 377, 382, 470 McDonald, Katheryne Bond 96, 275 McDonald. Malcolm Dwain 83, 486 McDonald, Muckleroy, Jr. 96, 171, 277, 394 McDonald. Orison Fleming, II 311 McDonald. Randal Boyd 379. 380 McDonell, Rena Don 96, 291. 475 McDonough, Gail 83, 183, 290, 475 McDonough, Rita 273 McEl reath, Aileen Jean 96, 177, 180, 230. 490 McElreath. Jean McEntire, Anita Marlene McFadin. Billie A McFall. Clinton Carew . McFarland. Floyd Brant McFarland. J. Woolford McFarland. James Dorr McFarland. Leva LaRue 228 .320 .272 .466 334 .110 238 166 .327 446 .232 450 351 333 255 360 341 .360 .479 .283 .316 .260 487 297 468 .334 .246 .495 475 . 405 .495 .379 ..33 ..59 .471 . 263 .280 . 260 .350 .395 , 223 .401 , 440 ..82 . 499 .251 .261 .275 .456 .397 , 355 .351 .465 .361 , 441 .270 ,467 177 96, 320 500 41,298,402 359, 460 301 403 ..242. 400. 451. 475. 494 McFarland, Maurice Stevens 244 McFetridge, Ethel Alma 453 McGannon, Anne 249 McGa ighy. Franklin Cly 300, 351 McGee, Carol Emily 110. 180.253 McGee, Frank Starr, Jr 280 McGee, Jacquelyn Anne 59 McCee, Lou 83, 442 McGee, Robert David 36, 173. 262, 361 McGee, Wallace Edward 83, 304, 352 McGee, William Gordon 244 McGehee, Richard 110 McGinn. Patricia Eloise .110, 231, 455, 487 McGinnis, E. Karl 375, 380 McCinnis, Edward E 229 McGough. Lorna Elaine 111,291. 452 McGown, Marjorie 297 McGraw, Donald R. 351 McCraw, Joe Henry Ill McGregor. Temple Harris 300 McGregor, William Stewart 441 McCrew, Lloyd D 83, 483. 500 McGrew, Vern Voorhees 244 McGuill, Bernard Emmett, Jr. . . .465. 470 Mcllyar, William Kent, Jr 59. 284. 377. 383 Mclnnis, Josephine 452 Mclntire, McCord, Jr 468 Mclntosh, Claude, Truman, Jr 299 Mclntyre, Joan Kathleen 268 McKaughn, Richard E., Jr 226, 260 McKay. Thomas John 327. 335 McKeithan, James C 333 McKeithan, James Daniel 284, 333 McKellar, Duncan Larry 59 McKendree, Bishop D 468 McKesson, Elmer E. 346 McKinney. Albert P 375 McKinnev, George William, Jr. . .96, 310. 331 McKinney, James K 341 McKinney. Janet Lee 97. 255 McKinnon, David Bryant 342. 460 McKissack, Charles Eugene 339 McKnight, Ann 111. 183.297 McKnight. Byron Morris 299 McKnight. Kay 31, 83, 230. 450, 474, 475, 487, 495 McKnight. Sam Alan 96, 305 McKune. William James . . . .385, 403. 467 McLain, Don W 479 McLain. Patricia Ruth 272. 273 McLandrich, Mary Ann 59, 254 McLarexi, Leslie Alexander 359 McLarty. James E 441 McLaughlin. John Mark 76. 256. 369. 371, 378, 383 McLaurin, Banks 382. 403 McLaurin, Lauchlin Arthur 285. 312 PAGE 552 A ' a jie Pages McLeod. Gerald W. 471 McMakin. Lawrence E., Jr. . .41, 276, 485 McMaster, Jack 170 McMalh, Hugh Lyon 305.404 Me Means. Walter Sheppard 76 McMicken. Jackie L 36 McMillan. Mary Jane 59 McMillen, John Lee 76,299.377,479 McMillen, Lula Margaret 97, 266. 479. 431 McMullen, Franklin Davis. Jr. . . .318, 353 McMullen, Hugh Weldon ....59,382,470 McMullen, James Abney, III 246, 247 McMullen. Rosewald 459 McMurray, Jack 123 McMurray. Russell W 287 McNabb, Mary Lou 474 McNeel. Sara 97.297 McNeel, Tynus William 111.271 McNeil. Margaret Ann 227, 320, 321 McNeill, Ann Millicent ..83. 275, 392. 498 McNeill, Ishmael E 375, 380, 401 McNeill. Lolita Ruth 97. 242, 494 McNeill, Mary J 393 McQuiston, George A 59 McQuown, Albert Newton. Jr 59. 286, 385, 403 McReynolds, William 1 33. 399 McShan. Sam Huston. Jr 59 McShane, Joe B. 468 McShane, O ' Bannon Patrick 353 McSween, Ann 296 McTee, Arline Denny 83. 320, 441 McTee, Arlie R 229 McTee, Clifford Ray 229 McVay, Richard Lee 339 McVey, James M 359 McVey, Marilyn Ruth 31. 97. 230.231. 454. 474 McWherter. Robert Clayton 403 McWhorter. Cleo Warren 111, 321. 454 McWhorter, Jeannine 461, 474 McWhorter, Mary Ann 59. 227. 252. 476. 490 Mabry, Armon E 465 Mabry, James F., Ill 327, 440, 445 MacCaslin, Eugene F. 397 MacCorkle, Stuart Alexander 277 MacCracken, Nell Elizabeth 111.269 MacDonald, George Granger 228 MacDonald. H. Malcolm 245 MacGraw, Don 257 MacCregor, Gregor Carmichael . . .282, 363 Macha, Eleanor Stella ...59, 461, 478, 487 Mack, Ed 147 Mack, Patricia C HI Mackey, John Russell 229, 327 MacMordie. Robert K 257 MacRae, Gloria D. E 83. 389, 392, 461 Macrides, Sylvia C 200. 441. 461 MacVean, Margaret Ann 59, 381 Madden, Wales Hendrix. Jr. . . .24, 27, 28, 59. 202, 280, 281. 383. 386 Maddox, Ann Mathea 59. 272 Maddox, Frank S 382 Maeckel, Gene E 59. 471. 485 Maeckel, Janelle A 485 Maedgen. Lanny Joe Ill, 445 Maenius, Guenther K 334, 485 Magee, Gilbert Ray 59 Magee. Neil F 487 Magill. Jimmie L 140,329 Mngnes, Major Fed G 317, 349 Mahaffey, Carroll Joe 59 Mahfouz, Pat 461 Mahla, Curtis 382 Mahone, Lytt Wommack 245 Mahoney, Carroll Jack 83, 284. 359. 378, 384 Makhuli. Elias N 460 Malanaphy, John J 59, 289, 467, 487 Malec, Lillian Margaret .398, 478, 487. 495 Maldonado. Teodosio 170. 339 Maley. Gerald Arthur . . .59. 375. 379, 380 Maley, Mary Ann . .97, 176, 183, 232, 376. 392, 442, 450, 475 Malik, Joe 386 Malki, Sabri 472 Mallan, Jean 41 Mallia, Ignatious J 486 Mallison, Mally 400 Malone, Alice 83,296 Malone, Grace Ann 451 Malone, Ola F 461, 479 Malone, Paul Leon 59 Malone, Richard A 465 Malone, William James .59, 350, 371, 378 Maloney, Frank James 289, 487 Maloney, Virginia Lucille . . .59, 240. 241. 477, 487 Malooly, Gilbert Elias 76, 314 Maly, Annie A 485 Maner, Raymond 167 Manganiello. Lou . . .83. 146, 147, 294, 362 Manger, Ferdinand H 41 Manikian, Toros Victor 184 Mankin, Charles 169 Mann, Horance Tharp . .351, 370, 371, 378 Manning. Amba Ill, 447 Manny, Dwight 443 Manos, Mickey N 331 Mansfield. Paul James 284 Mansfield, V. Jayne 441 Marabella, Nunzio J 329, 487 Marburger, Roby Lois 450, 485 Marcovitch, Marlene Etnei 83, 258 Marek, Frank Jerome 363, 478, 495 Marek, Raymond Joe . . .121, 298, 383. 479 Marker, Howard William 303 Markey, Benton Walker Ill, 293, 333 Marks, Joseph John 375 Name Pages Marin, Joseph A.. Jr 397 Marino, Daniel, Jr 83 Marino, Genevieve Ann 97 Marley, Marian 273 Marlow. Martha Frances 59, 230, 446 Marnock, Marvin J 487 Maroney, Kenneth 168 Marosko, Frances Marie 461 Marr, Ronald J 60 Marr, William Louis 111. 263 Marschall, William Ingo ... .97, 244. 245, 394. 479 Marsh, Keith Rogers 60, 394 Marshall, Barbara R 60 Marshall, Charles R 330 Marshall, H. Jeanine 452 Marshall, James Edwin 394 Marshall. Robert C 466 Marshall. Sabin William 60, 377 Martell, Sidney A. . . .30, 60. 234, 368.369, 371. 378 Martens, Alvin E. 367 Marth, Charles Donald 29, 310 Martin, Bethann Ill, 241, 452 Martin, Cora Merriman 255, 395. 474 Martin, Emily Louise 97, 255, 475 Martin, Harry Lee. Jr 263, 351 Martin. James K 339 Martin, Janet B 320 Martin, John Albeit 471, 496 Martin. Joseph Waller 60. 377, 397 Martin, Kenneth Burns, Jr 247, 355 Martin, Lawrence Edward, Jr 318 Martin. Lloyd Doll .390. 395, 461. 474, 477 Martin, Malcolm Kenneth 375 Martin, Martha Ann 60, 252, 398 Martin, Melbourne Jack. Jr 384 Martin. Pat 31, 60, 83, 232. 290. 474 Martin. William F 369 Martinez, Gustavo E 361, 464 Martinez, John P 97 Martinez, Juan Pablo 464 Martinez. Roel 83, 464 Martinez. Roy Gilbert 60 Martini, Norman A 485 Martino, Paul David 166, 310 Martoy, Jo Anne 97, 232 Mason, Diana Lee 230 Mason, Wilma Jean 97 Massey, Carl ton 332 Masscy. Nancy Jayne ...111. 376. 454. 474 Massey. Patsy Ann 60, 242, 243 Massmussen, Robert 173 Mast, J. W. 484 Masters, Donald 333, 335 Masterson, Clare Elizabeth .176, 190, 200, 296, 344 Matheny, James Donald 471 Mathews, James R 139 Mathews, Joseph P 60. 260, 261, 375 Mathews, Rayborn 139 Mathews, Walter Herman 265 Mathis, Jack Campbell 83, 229 Mathison, Mary Jo 83, 450, 481 Matlock, L. Hudson 382, 403 Mntlock, Robert Baylor 60, 250, 251 Matney, Vaughn Dean Ill, 260 l it .MI. Bruce W 361 Matteck, Carl W 445 Matthews, Jack 97. 238, 458 Matthews, Joan Ella 456 Matthews, Maebess 380 Matthews, Thomas F 324 Matusevich, Steve, Jr 83 Matzke, Anna E 453, 485 Mauck, Leah T 484 Mauck, Robert A 484 Maultsby, Billie Ruth Ill, 453 Maultsby, Hazel Orlean 232, 387. 392 Mauritz, Carrin F 485. 502 Maxfield, David Wesley 328 Maxwell, George E 465 Maxwell, Hazel Annette 83, 200. 266. 267. 442, 446 Maxwell, Jane Gay Ill, 275 Maxwell, Sara Phyllis 97, 266 May, Charles Thomas. Jr 280 May, Francis 380 May, James Waddell 83, 260 May, Ronny Joe 354, 457, 479 May, Thomas J 375 May, Thomas Kirk 500 Mayes, Barbara 183 Mayes, Carl H 123, 154, 282, 331 Mayes, Charles T Ill, 279. 361 Mayes, Mary Louise 60, 305, 380, 401 Mayfield. Ann Park 272, 273, 475 Mayfield, Cecil Curtis 83 Mayfield. John H 375 Mayfield. Rachel 111. 461,479 Mayfield, Sandra Lou Ill, 273, 454 Mayhall, Mildred Pickle 395 Mayner, John Robert 60 Mayo, Thomas Maxey 279 Mays, Abe M., Jr 270 Mays, Anthony W 487 Mays , Barbara 83,277, 290, 291, 381 Mays, David 123 Mays, Eddie Patrillo 60 Mays. Jo Ann 11. 253, 475, 498 Mays, John Rushing 445 Mays, Marilyn Ill, 291,454 Meador, Bruce Davis 386 Meador, James Grant 250. 332 Meador. John Gibbs, Jr 97. 280. 361 Meadows, John Elmer Ill Meagher, Leslie Ross Ill, 309 Mecklenburg. William George 97. 264. 445 Medford, Terry Ellis 354 Medical Section 505 Name Pages Medina. Zoilo 83 Medrano, Manuel Mora 359 Mee, Kathleen Mary 60 Meek, Ben F 332. 335 Meek. Bessie 30, 31, 83, 200, 209, 227 275, 389, 392 Meek. Donald Wright 276, 354 Meeks, Charles M 121 Mecks. S.M 123 Meetz, Trellis June 275 Megason, Larry Pope 358 Meier, Morris 485 Meisler, Judith D 97, 450 Mejerle, Joseph R 492 Melin, Jane A. 97, 230, 441, 485 Mellinger, Lucille 275 Melnick, Harold 60 Melton, Carolyn Anne 200, 405 Melton, Martha Anne 2V9 Melvin. Edmund Waller 342 Melvin, William Waller 342. 498 Menasco, Don 121, 123, 310, 331 Mendive, Claire N 176, 183, 230 Mcndle, Lois Inez 83, 452 Mendlovitz, Milton Allen 292, 353 Menefee, Betty Ann 297 Mcnefee, James Dill 471 Mengden, Carl Crawford 250 Mengel. Ralph Hain. II 380, 401 Menn, Hubert L 379, 380, 485 Men ' s Debate Workshop 447 Hen ' s Glee Club 443 Mercer, Wilburn C 60, 495. 500 Merchant, Laura 272 Merchant, Margaret Elizabeth 182 Meredith, Barbara 83, 183 Meredith, Miller W 36, 206, 226, 278, 383, 386 Meredith, Troy Lee 60. 384 Meredith, William G 97. 329 Merkley, Jackie ... .60. 266, 267, 387, 500 Meritt, John L 60 Meroney, Joseph D. 36 Meroney, Louis R 466, 479 Merrick, Edward H 329 Merrill, Daniel Edward 471.485 Merrill, Van M 491. 500 Merson, Rhita Ill Merzbach, Uta C 441, 461 Meserole, Besse Mae 450 Meserve, Kenneth Aimer. Jr. .60. 250. 384 Messer, Doris Yvonne 485 Messer, Sally A 83, 235. 446 Messmer, Gerry Elaine 97. 234 Metcalf, Walker 334. 493 Metcalfe. Thomas Reynolds 304. 367 Metis, Harold Leon W Met-.ger, Emma Belle Ill, 239 Meyer, Alicemarie Marguerite 240 Mever, Daniel B 97. 329 Meyer, Earl Martin 60 Meyer, Gloria Winifred ..97, 242, 475, 497 Meyer. Herbert W 485 Meyer. Imo K 483. 491 Meyer, Joan 60, 268. 474. 485. 501 Meyer, Jo Caldwell 405 Meyer, William John. Jr. 300. 485 Meyers, Irwin Don 234 Meyers, James R 36 Meyers, Phillip T 380, 401 MICA 486 Micek. Eduard 478 Michael, James P 467 Michael .Julia 381, 454 Michalik, Albert Lee 478 Michalopulos, Lorene W 60, 390. 456 Micheli. Charles Anthony 60 Michell. Kenneth John 402 Michelson. Samylu M 235. 495 Mickey, Robert Gordon 226, 262, 263. 361. 402 Mickler, William Calvin 271 Middleton, Samuel Thomas 304, 496 Midkiff, Frank M 399 Miffleton, Cornie Marie 60, 268. 269. 389. 393, 477, 494 Mighell, Kenneth John ..76. 166, 282. 339 Migliori. Jay 445 Mike Flynn Award 406 Milberger, Joe Frank 60 Milburn, William Otto .121, 123, 154, 256 Miles, James Smith 304 Miles, Sammye Jo 83, 450. 494 Mileur. Max Edward 83. 286 MilUrd. George 168 Miller. Barbara Lynn 180. 231 Miller. Betty Joyce 381 Miller, Bruce 97, 171, 277. 342 Miller. Catherine 395 Miller, Dan K 139 Mil ler, Dickie 139 Miller, Don Kirby 139, 350 Miller. Doris Ill, 200. 259 Miller. Douglas M Ill Miller, Edmond Thornton 21, 281 Miller, Frances Boyce 272 Miller, Frank C 485 Miller, Frank E 500 Miller, George Wayne 329, 394, 486 Miller, Glenn F 60 Miller, James D 388. 445 Miller. James Edward . . .83, 284, 384. 466 Miller, Jim Floyd 139, 361 Miller. Jimmy M 60 Miller. Joe Marvin 111,289. 443 Miller. John Carroll 286. 468 Miller. Judd. Jr Ill, 283,353 Miller, Kent Samuel 485 Miller. Kenneth A 500 Miller. Kennard Dwain 97, 319, 379 Name Pages Miller. Knox, Jr 282 Miller, Margaret Zanelle 461 Miller, Marvin 83, 313 Miller, Olga Bernice 61, 393, 485 Miller, Pat Cleburne ...61.316.325 335 375. 489 Miller. Patricia Marie 83. 272 Miller, Patsy Ann 97 450 Miller. Richard B 139 Miller, Robert Albert 289 360 Miller. Roger H. 455 Miller, Sampson Oliver 276, 353 Miller, Theodore George 354. 355 447 Miller. Thomas E 498 Miller. Wilma Jean 61. 503 Miller. Zanelle M. . 461 470 Milligan, Bill B ' . ' . ' . ' .... ' .441 Milligan, Wesley F 329, 441 Million, Charles Lewis 83 ' . 300 Million. Nelda 61. 390. 46li 503 Millner, William D 324 Millo, Bonnie Joan 453 Mills, Betty Jo !. ' 268 Mills. John Thomas 61 Mills, Margaret Helen 41, 398 Mills. Martha Jane 97,239 475 !! ' Mary 227 296 473 Mills. Norma Lee m 493 Mills. Roy Scott Mills, Roy Scott ' 285 ' 368 Mills, William Charles ' . .61 Millsapps. John H " 324 Milner, Charles Porter 61. 167, 457 Milner, George Rankin 235 Milner, Mack demons Ill 247 Milton, Joyce 30, 31. 83, 395, 461, ' 47s! 475 Mims. Bill 139 Mims. Jonnie Elise 453 Miner, Bernard Willford, Jr .83, 281 Minor, Carroll . ' ' 140 Minor. Joe Don 167, 3S1, 457 Minot, George Marshall 247, 342 Minsky, Donald 97, 235 362 Minton. Joe J ' .366 Miraglia, Donna |.29 Miraglia, Marguerite 29 Milstead, Robert E 83 ' 330 Milstead. William W ......41 Mitcham, Don D 397 Mitchell. Donald Edward 61. 318. 319 Mitchell. John Keith ..162, 282. 326, 335 Mitchell. Louise Van Anden 183. 243 Mitchell. Mary Lea 97, 441 Mitchell, Maurice Elizabeth 22 7, 254, 381. 389, 405. 490 Mitchell, Nicholas Pendleton 83. 300 333 Mitchell. Patrick Elizabeth 97 Miteff. Meto Ill, 168, 309, 353 Mizell. Dan Jackson 276, 333. 335 Mizell, Haidy P 339 Moak, Carol Louise 97, 179, 252. 253 276. 450. 475 Moak, T. W 359 Moberly, Marion Frances 253 Mock, Johnny Louis 341 Modclski, Joseph B ! ! ! !485 Modrall, William 61, 499. 504 Moeller, William Fred 286, 485 Moffett, Molly J 207, 233, 441 Moffitt, Alexander . ' .... ' . .17 Moffitt. Jerry Frank 265, 305. 370 Mohr, Paul Covey 149. 262, 332, 402 Moise. Robert Vaughn 286 Mokhtar, Asad 61 Molhusen, George Frederick .97, 171, 353 Molino, Ricardo J 464, 468 Moncrief, Robert Thomas 97, 163, 170, 276 Mondrik. Beverly Dana ..61. 248, 374. 393 Monostory, Denes 485 Monroe, Harvey Norvell 83 Montague, George William 276 Montague, Rosemary 437 Mcntalbano. Frank J. Ill, 349. 487 Montford, Kenneth Lee 61, 256, 403 Montgomery, Anne W 453 Montgomery, Hal Edwin 97 Montgomery. James D 32, 33, 499 Montgomery, James Taliaferro 282 Montgomery, Julian 382 Montgomery. Rex 83, 503 Montgomery. Virginia Anne .176, 183, 297 Montgomery, William Gray .330, 380, 466 Moody, Frank 326 Moody, Jane Elizabeth 61, 97, 275, 473. 479 Moody, Nancy Paxton 176 Moody, P. Wayland 279 Moody. Rush Thomas 26, 36, 167. 214. 262, 263. 402 Moon. Albert Edward 385, 403, 467 Moon, Howard D 139, 351 Moon. John Beverly 318 Moon, Marvin R 483, 500 Moor, Leslie Millard, Jr. . . .282, 383. 403 Moor, Walter L. 382 Moore, Adolphus Donald Jr 61. 256 Moore. Athalie North Ill Moore, Betty Jane McCarthy 61. 391 Moore, Bobby Gene 404, 496 Moore. Carl A 349 Moore. Carolyn A 450 Moore, Charles Thomas 97, 318 Moore, Dolores 461 Moore. Dorothy Anne 83, 269, 450 Moore, Franklin 369 Moore, Fred Jones 76, 384, 402. 459, 486. 499 Moore, George 29 Moore, Glen Charles 97, 140, 246, 367 Moore, Gordon D 500 PAGE 553 Name Pages Moore, Harry E 147, 399 Moore, Harvey Vernon Jr 471 Moore, Helen Dolores 61 Moore, Henry Houston 83, 228, 377 Moore. Henry Simpson 311, 361 Moore, Henry Trumbull, Jr 97, 262. 263, 362 Moore, John C 83, 294, 445 Moore, Kent Oakley 61, 260 Moore, Martha Matilda 83, 227, 275 Moore, Martha Virginia 179, 249 Moore, Mary Eloise ..30, 31, 61. 181, 183. 275, 381, 473, 477 Moore, Mary Lou 111,249, 376 Moore, Mona 484 Moore. Patrieia Maurine 61, 321, 473 Moore, Preston Jr 83, 226, 276, 277, 353. 402 Moore, Randolph G. 83, 168, 300. 329, 402 Mooie, Robert Alfred 61 Moore, Robert E. 36 Moore, Robert Holliday 76, 318 Moore, Robert Howell 61, 298,299 Moore, Sallie Beth 395, 481 Moore. Stephen Louis. Jr 61, 284. 285. 466 Moore, Virginia 97, 473 Moore, Walter L 403 Moorman, Frances Marie 83 Moos. Gwendolyn P 485 Mornn. Sidney Stuart 83, 235, 487 Morel, Veronica E 240 Moreland, George E 361 Morelock, John Betlis 319, 367 Moreman, Robert Miguel ...304, 330, 487 Moren. Edward R 471 Moreno, Jose R 491 Morey, Thomas J 83, 341 Morgan, Ann Ill Morgan, Ardita 456 Morgan, Carl William 382. 470 Morgan, Cecil A 83, 121, 140. 351. 453, 479 Morgan, Charles Henry 61. 310, 335 Morgan, Charlca R 352 Morgan, Daniel Croxton, Jr 83, 330, 377, 401, 458 Morgan, Marjorie C 474 Morgan, Mary Alice . . . .97, 272, 376, 390. 453, 475, 503 Morgan. Rebecca Ann 249 Morgan, Travis H 375 Morgan, Wanagene Rita 83, 450 Morgan, William Edward, Jr 33, 264 Morgan, William Lewis 349, 388, 445 Morgenroth, Harley J 97, 460, 485 Morman, Jackie Ann Ill, 454 Morrell, Etta Frances 97 Morris, Betty Ann Ill, 249.452. 474 Morris, Claire 97 Morris, Donald Ray 61, 318, 319, 375 Morris, Hunter Mason 342 Morris, Laura Loy 461 Morris, Marianne . . .33, 83, 182. 230, 231. 389, 392, 405, 479 Morris, Norma Jean 41, 230, 333, 381, 479, 494 Morris. Oma Claire 238 Morris, Rose Marie 252 Morrison, Jack C 168 Morrison, Jack 368. 500 Morrison, Juanita Jane 83, 482 Moiriss, Jimmy 446 Morrison, Virginia Lee 83, 242, 243. 374, 475. 494 Morrow, Juanita Dee 232 Morrow, Timothy Nagle 360 Morschauser, Carl Eugene 111,328 Morse, Jenona L. 461 Morse, Josephine 395 Mortar Board 389 Mortensen, Karen Vilenda 296 Mosby, Joseph 33 Moseley, Marilyn 479 Moseley, Rita Jane 97 Mosel y, Richard W 459 Moser, Thomas R 349 Moskowitz. Dolly Ruth ..83. : " 9, 450. 475 Mosle, Johann Ludwig 280 Mosle, Margaret 83, 272 Mosley, Ernest T 382, 459 Mosley, Marilyn 83. 232 Moaley. Theresa Graham 231 Moss, David W 270 Moss, Gwendolyn Pearl 269 Moss, Philemon Peter 250, 251 Moss, Ross 61 Mott, Joe L 471 Motherhead, John Gate , 342, 445 Motter, Shirley 453 Mottley. Carol 97, 177. 320 Mounce, Claude A 32, 341 Mounce, Claude E 339, 399 Moungcr. Philip C 278 Mounger, Rex. C 279 Mount. Mary Allyne 61, 442 Mounts, June Eleen 61, 266 Mouton, Jackson Charles. Jr 41 Moxom, Mara Kay 83. 233, 450, 475 Moxon, Mary Ann 97, 238 Moyer, J. Hudson 276 Moyer. Loia Diane 252 Mrosko, Walter C 485 Ma Phi Epsilon 390 Muckleroy, Bette Loise Ill, 249 Mueller, Calvin 485 Mueller, Carl C., Jr 36 Mueller, Norman A.. Jr 375 Mugford, Edward G.. Jr 334 Mugford, Myrna Corinne ....111, 249, 475 Name Pages Mugno, John Franklyn 359 Muhm, Robert Eugene 278, 279 Mulcahy, Joan Ve nice 97, 461 Mullen, ' William P 276, 495 Mullin, James 447 Mullins. Alma J 397 Mulliiu, James Dennis 61, 244, 245 Mumma, Edwin W 401 Munilay, Carolyn Ann 200, 275 Munday, Martha 275 Munir. Hisham A. R. . . .61, 402. 404. 472, 496. 499 Munir, Isam A. R 61, 472 Munn, Robert John, Jr. .111, 247, 342, 394 Munson, Mary Jane 243 Munves, Lois Nanette Ill, 259, 450 Murad. Hatem A 459 Murad, John Louis 289 Murph, Dabney Routh 61, 176, 248 Murphy. John C 330 Murphy. John Rodney 393 Murphy, Maxine 479 Murphy. Norma Lee 62, 232 Murphy, Sam E 363 Murphy, William Kent 394 Murray. Bob A 445 Murray. David M 97, 298, 361 Murray, George Alexander 394 Murray. John Owen 41, 304 Murray, Marilyn 62, 176. 275 Murray, Max Darrell 319, 341 Murray, William O 62, 260 Murray. William Pete 111. 309 Murrell. Tipton Malone 349, 371, 378 Murstein. Bernard 1 397 Musick, A. L., Jr 62, 385. 467 Musil, Lilly 84, 182, 200, 442, 478, 481 Musslewhitc, Don H 362 Mutar, Abdul Wahnh 84 Mutchler, Jean 485 Mutchnick, Marahe 111. 259 Myers, Clark E 380. 384. 401 Myers, James George 485 Myers. Marlyn 275 Myers, Patricia 495 Myers, Rex Ray, Jr 97, 332 Mygdal, Raolf Lehmar 403, 485 Mylccrainc, Mary 398 Mylecrainc, Walter E 393 Myler, Charles B 441 Myler, Josephine Perkins 290. 441 Myrick. Eugene Payne 3, 30, 62, 1 19. 379. 380. 384 Myrick. John Sourhall 111. 309. 487 N Nabcrhaus. Edward H 375 Nae. Edwin D 334 Naegelin. Gene Lewis 358. 394 Nagai, Bonnie Mae 62, 183 Nagel. Dave Daniel 485 Nahmias, Andre J 441 Naiser, Freddie Joseph 458 Naiser, Lawrence E 458 Nance, Charles Wayne 468 Nanney. Carroll Guinn 293 Napier. Betty 97, 254 Naron. Marvin 1 465 Nash. Carol C 200. 296 Nass, Harry A 111,289, 487 Nassour. Herbert 472 Nathan. Roland 400 Nauman. Sam 445 Nava, Zacarias S. 62, 400 Navarro, Joseph Roxie Ill, 349. 487 Navratil. Frances Ann 62. 320 Naiy ROTC 338-345 Naylor, Janie 497 Naylor. John B 123 Naylor, John Webster 270. 341 Nazzal. Jack R 469, 487, 500 Neal. Carolyn Ann 272 Neal, Harry G 84. 445 Neal. Jean Anne 254 Neal. Joe W 472 Neale, Mary Ellen 296 Neale, Sara Ellen Ill, 297 Nebenzahl. Elaine R 97, 307, 441. 480 Ncblett, Charles, III 84. 479 Neely, Doris Eleanor 84, 233, 4C1 Neely. James E 324 Neely, Jeff Monroe. Jr Ill, 285 Neely. Shirley 393 Neff, Joyce Elaine 485 Neff, William Richard . . .84, 282. 340. 335 Neffendorf, Betty M 485 Neidhart. Herman A 62 Neighbors. Donald J 352 Neill, Jane Elizabeth 84. 182. 254, 474, 490 Neill. Sherril Aubrey 111. 394, 479 Neinast. Bill 485 Nelson, Barbara Elaine 62, 254 Nelson, Bascom M 33. 399 Nelson, Bill 503 Nelson, Carolyn Jane 97, 481 Nelson. Charles Wambaugh 34, 304 Nelson. Constance 195. 203. 296. 440 Nelson, Douglas Johnson 62, 262 Nelson, Herbert Andrew 470 Nelson, Irvin Harris 84, 265. 440 Nelson, Jimmy D 62. 375 Nelson. John William 447, 459 Nelson. Margie Lu 84 Nelson. Philip A 111. 270. 353,485 Nelson. Walter Thomas 97. 305. 342 Nemcc. Frank J 478 Ncmec. Gilbert F 487 Name Pages Nemir, Charles Edwards 97, 228, 394 Nemmer, Richard Garfield 262 Nenstiel, Donna Jo 273, 497 Neslin, Bobby Jean 97 Nesmith, Patsy Kylene . .62, 392, 450,451 , 475, 494 Nettleton, Clinton R 121 Neuman, Sam Ill, 377 Neumann, Louis G 349, 378 Neumann, Henry Jay 330, 485 Neuatadt, Suzanna 234 Nevill, Bobby D 62 Neville, William R 483 Nevitt, Richard R 361 Newberry, Carol e Ill, 176, 179, 182 Newberry. William Bohning 276 Newberry, William C 495 Newbolt, John David 305 Newby, Beverly Jule 249 Newcomb, William W., Jr 263 Newcomer, Hale A 466 Newlin. Bobby J 32, 399 Newlove, George Hilli 379, 380 Newman. Arthur Orin, Jr 41.388,445 403, 260 Newman Club 487 Newman. George Martin Ill, 139, 172, 277 Newman, H. W 377 Newman Hall 455 Newman, James Edward 487 Newman, Myron Haas 62, 379,380, 401, 485 Newman. Roy. Jr 363 Newnam. Katherine Dean 97, 266, 503 Newport, Dennis Eugene 229 Newsom, Samuel Roscoe 342 Newton, Clarence Jonathan 41 Newton, Calvin A 28, 29, 399 Newton. Nancy Jane 487 Ney. Charles Joseph 97, 443, 481 Neyman, Sam 313 Nibling, Phyllis Allena 33,62, 405 Nichols, Bill 213 Nichols, Charles 485 Nichols, Fred J 98 Nichols, J. William 459.486 Nichols, Ken R 84 Nichols. Martha Ann 84, 487, 497 Nichols, Marvin C 382 Nichols, Nancy Ann 98, 242, 252, 453 Nichols, Nancy Jean ... .62, 176, 253. 381 Nichols, Peter W 174, 329 Nichols. Sally Ross 98, 323, 444, 450 Nichols, Virginia 84, 192, 199. 200. 248. 348 Nicholson, Dcwey Thomas 470 Nickel, Robert Arlen 245, 353 Nickerson. James K. 62. 360 Nickerson. Lois Elva ... .98, 290, 291. 475 Nickles. Maxine C 453, 493 Niederauer, Lynel I Ann 62 Nielsen, Dwight Ford . .111. 342. 377. 445. 485, 486, 503 Nielsen, Haldon, Jr 485 Niland. Adelia 395 Nino, Sixto Velasquez 354 Nipper, Bennie B 441 Nipper, Earl Wayne 469 Nipper. Oscar 379 Niahi. Ternhiko 482 Nissen. Greta Elizabeth . .33. 84. 193. 242. 243. 368. 405 Nitishin, Arnold 313 Nivin, Joyce Ill Nixon. Bobbie J 62. 440 Nixon. Linda Worthington . . .84. 200, 275 Nixon, Mary Bernadine .98, 179. 183, 249. 452, 473. 475 Nixson, Charles Glenn 500 Noack, Elnora 181, 183. 184 Noble, Don Ill Noble, Elizabeth Adams 275 Noble, Frederick 279 Noble, Jack Fowler 261. 374 Noble, Mark C Ill Noble, Mary Claire 254, 475 Noble, Maxine Knight ..111. 231. 454, 480 Noble. Maxine Knight 182 Nobles, Jerry E. 483 Noe, Edwin D 84 Noel. Pat Guise 288, 330 Noland, Donn Stewart 112, 257, 354 Nolen. C. C. (Jitter) 27, 287, 377. 379. 386 Nolen. Christy Martin 355. 470 Noll, Dorothy 395 Nolley, Joe Walter 62 Nordyke. Shirley Joan 180, 253 Nordyke, Paul William 84, 311 Noriega, Edda Lea 455. 487 Norman, Doris Max 227 Norman, Leola May 84, 455, 487 Norman, Peggy 4 Norman, Sarah Lee 275 Norman, Thomaa H 370 Norred, James Clifford 468 Norrid, Leon D 530 Norris, Cecil Calvin 62, 375 Norris, Cleste 461 Norris, Harry Edward 62, 310 Norris, R. C 446 Norris, William S 329 Norrod. Valmcr 349 Northington, Robert Henlee 282 Northrop, Monroe 304; 363 Norton. Edgar Foy 308 Norwood, George Ellis 298 Noster, Marian Fay 84, 267, 450 Notestine. Wilbur Edmund 284, 383 Name Pages Noll, Edward Clifford. Jr . . .98, 226, 256, 341, 394, 402, 467 Nourachi, AM R 459 Novak, Edwin C 487, 495 Novasad. Johnny R 360, 487 Novasad, Johnny 170 Nowlin, Jay Clark 112, 281,342 Nowlin, Wade Taylor 62, 280 Nowotny, Albert John 355 Nowotny, Arno .15, 287, 383, 386, 394, 501 Nowotny. George Edward, Jr. ...112, 263, 342, 394 Nowotny, George 167 Nowotny, Jo Ann 176, 183 Nowotny, Jo Ann 98, 233, 450, 497 Noyes, Joan Luella 269 Noyes, Joan Luella 178 Nuhn, Jo Anne Melton 291 Nursing Education Majors Club 488 Null, Georgia Nell 112,376,454 Null, Milburn Ellis 112, 283, 360 Nye, Nancy 296 O Oak Crave Co-Op 457 Oakes, Thomas J 298 Oates. Julian Winchell .121. 160, 276, 331 Oates, L. S 12 O Bannon, Ethel Elizabeth 252,376. 450, 479 Obelgoner, Margaret Sarita . . .98, 238, 495 Obcrg, Stanford Wilbur 382 Oberle, M. Jane 320 Oberwetter, Suzanne 183 O Brien. Nancy Ann 112, 200, 253, 455, 487 Ochoa, Arnold D 464 Ochoa, Richard Frank .121, 123, 278, 358, 359, 378, 383 O Connell, Walter Edward 397 O ' Conner, Fred Joseph 445 O Connor, Kenneth W 276 O ' Connor, Michael Raymond ...170, 171, 277, 361. O ' Conor, Robert, Jr. ...265, 355, 377, 440 O ' Day, John B 467 O ' Dell, Austin Almond, Jr 98, 440 O ' Dell, Edward Munn 251, 329 O ' Del 1 . Harold C 353 Odell, Patrick L 154, 159, 171 Oden, Charles Sydnor 98, 301, 332 Oden, Gene 149 Oden, Richard Lee 84, 331 Odiorne, Jackie R 112 Odom, Wayne Carlton 62, 184. 305. 447. 459 O Donnell, Patrick Hosea. Jr. ...375, 379 Oeffinger, William Henry 62, 286, 382 Oehler, Leroy T 403 O ' Cara, Shiela May 181,255 Ogden, Margaret Frances 452 Ogden. Oral Wayne 84, 167, 262 Oglesbee, John H 98, 329 Oglesby, Evelyn 62, 176,296 Oglesby, John Ford 256 Okhuyscn. Pablo Lcopoldo 62, 460 O ' Krunlik. Edith Marie 98, 495 Oldham, Charles William . . .112, 285, 359 Oldham, Ray B 346 Olff, Ida Joan 62, 306, 477 Oliphint. Jorga Bernice 98 Oliphint, Joseph B.. Jr 403 Olivard, Lois Claire 41,393,504 Oliver, Eavia Marie 112. 453 Oliver, Mary Lane 62, 381, 440, 50J Oliver, Robert Lee 112, 301,361 Oliver, Symmes Chadnick 250 Olle. Edwin W 380 Olle. Margie Lee 239, 4BS Olpp. Ida Joan 490 Olsen, Charles M 441 Olson. Ivan Ronald 440,485 Olson. Nancy Pray 84, 183, 232, 481 Olson, Oscar Julius. Jr 98. 445. 503 Omicron Nu 391 O ' Neal, Doyd 332 O ' Neal, W. Tighe 496 Opiela, Alexander David. Jr 62. 385. 403, 467 Oppenheim, Mae Jeanette . . .112. 307, 450 O Quinn, Ann Louise 320 O Quinn. Trueman 399 Orand, Frances Nell 63, 176, 296 Orange Jackets 392 Ormand, Jack W 445 Orr. Anne Carol 98, 242 Orr, James C. 377 Orr. Joseph Lackland 76, 276 Orr, Robert M 468 Orr, Vivian Dolores 254 Orth. Elizabeth C 442 Ortiz. Simon R 484 Ortolani, Lawrence D 362 Orjnski. Julia Isabella 84, 176, 232 Orzeck, Arthur Z 397 Osborn, Charles R. 482 Osborn, Dennis L 465 Osborn. Joe Allen . .98, 283, 377, 447, 498 Ossinsky, Louis 235 Oster, Barbara Mac 63. 208, 227, 258. 390, 392, 477 Ostroff, Herbert 363, 465 Otey, Charles Richard 394, 498 Otis, Sally W 393,400 Outlar, Leonard Bolton, Jr 276 Overall, John Ernest 293 Overton, Frances Fit hugh ..112. 233. 453. 475, 479, 497 Overton, Gaylon Roycc 285, 342 PACE 554 Name Pages Owen. Ada Maude 395 Owen, Byron G 467, 471 Owen, David A 263 Owen, Emma Jane 63, 481 Owen, Henry T 384 Owen, K. Jeanette 112, 305, 453 Owen. William Joseph 244 Owen, William V 63 Owens, Elizabeth Ann 233 Owens, James William 304, 342 Owens, Kenneth 1 334 Ownby. Claire 176, 275. 381, 477 Owsley, Alvin M., Jr. 36 Ozulu, Mehmet 41, 467 Ozymy, Albert L 478 Ozymy. Charles L 478 Pace. Bill R 479 Pace. Donna Mae 84. 480, 487 Pace. Iris 477 Pace, Jimmy Dan ..121, 123. 149, 287, 353 Pace. I .i I m. in- Ella 98. 275, 390 Pace. William Roy 457. 486 Packard. Frank Alton 63, 256, 257 Packard. Robert G 393 Padgett. Sydney Amis, Jr 304 Padon, Robert 308 Page, Claude Daniel 121, 123 Page, Howard 33, 399, 479 Page. John Marshal 1 1 12. 257 Page, Margaret Marie 290 Page, Robert C. 98 Page. Stafford M 98. 279. 367 Pagel. Billy R 495 Painter, Jack M 87. 330 Painter, Theophilus S 11, 394, 472 Pakenham, James A 76. 121. 276. 366 Palmer, Lola Kathcrine 269, 440 Palmer. Raymond Russell 394. 351, 401. 460 Pancoast. John Walthall. Jr 304. 305. 339, 440, 443 Panhellenic 227 Panos, Anastasia. C 440, 441, 461 Pantaze, Aleck Jamfs 112 Papa, Albert 500 Papc, Calen William ' ...471 Pape. Martin D 98 Parish. Welby K 63, 333 Park. Edwin Herrick 380. 401 Park. Joe Wayne 63. 360. 361. 371. 378, 441 Parker, Albert Wesly 257, 330 Parker, Bill 207 Parker. Charles Bryden 121, 282 Parker, Clara 395 Parker. David 479 Parker. Frank 63, 276 Parker, Jerome H., Jr. 36 Parker. Jimmie C 162, 331 Parker, Lila Anne 479 Park- r. Lydia 395 Parker, Nancy Kate 321 Parker. Norma 233 Parkei Richard Howard 302, 369. 378 Parker, Robert F., Jr 112, 352 Parker. Stanley Theo 228 Parker. William 27 Parker, William D., Jr 112, 279, 353 Parker, William Webster .63, 310. 339. 333 Parker, Yvonne 84 Parkington, Margaret M 442 Parkinson. Betty Jo 239. 479 Parkinson. David P. 139. 333 Parkinson. Paul 139 Parks. Martha Jean 112, 321 Parlagreco, Kos. F 63 Parma, Thomas James 63. 500 Parmley. James William 310, 334 Parnell. Claude John. Jr 63, 294, 374 Parr, Georgia B 321 Parr. Wallace E 443 Parrish. Patty Ray 63. 232. 233 Parrish. Samuel Ray. Jr 298. 299 Parrott, Milton Harman 298 Parsons, Arthur R 350 Parsons. Betty Jean 84. 238 Parsons. Elizabeth 41, 391. 395 Parten. J. R 13 Paschal. Sam L. 479 Pascuale, Tamez 139 Paaley, Robert Hull 219 Pass, Vincent L 382. 465 Passios, Dorothea Irene 63, 502 Passwater. Peggy Jean 112, 454 Pastor, Oris Joseph 379. 487 Pate, Helen Ruth 182. 290 Pate, Mary Ann 98, 269, 453 Palon. Patricia Agnes 98, 232, 441. 450 Patman, William Neff 300, 370 Patrick, Bobby 123 Patrick. Lemoin 334 Patrick, Roy Coleman. Jr 84 Patterson. Caleb Perry 285 Patterson. Fred William ....282. 283. 330 Patterson. James F 468 Patleroon, Joe H 277 Patterson, Mary Alice 243 Patterson, Nancy Irene 232 Patterson, Nancy Sue 112, 241, 476 Patterson, Patsy Ann 227, 272. 441 Pattillos. Reginald A 368, 471, 486 Patton. D. Dean 36 Patton. James Merrill 294 Patton, Kenneth Gene 341 Patton. Leta McLendon 98, 297 Patton. Patricia 475 Patton, Ronald Albert 84, 366 Name Pages Paul, Barbara 199. 200 Paulk, James Leonard 288 Paylick, Mary 249 Pavlides, Paul C 382 Payne, Betty Jean 240, 241, 501 Payne. Jimmie Sturgis, Jr 63. 294 Payne. Millard F. Cordon 84 Payne. Robert Howard 63. 471 Payton. Howard Franklin 314 Peacock, Raymond Harold 63 Peagler, Barbara Joan 112, 267, 442 Pearce. Jeannine 63, 450, 481, 485 Pearl man, Aaron Saul 302 Pechacek, Barbara A 441 Peck, Betty 477 Peck, Charles B 479 Peck, John Lane 379. 380, 384 Peck. Margaret 16, 275, 389 Peddle. Julie Catherine 112, 275 Pederson, Lora Lee 269 Peebles, Farley E 346 Peebles. Hugh Oscar 264 Peebles, James H 265 Peebles, Sims W.. Jr. 63 Peek. Mary Jane 273, 452, 474 Peel, Annie Arnold 112 Peel . Hoaea Bryan 471 Peel, Jean Haynie 389. 395 Peevey. June Elizabeth 112. 231 Pegram. Peggy Joan 84, 182 Peiffer. Jack Steven 342 Peiper. Clifton Howard 288 Pellerin, Wallace L 112,251. 353 Pells. Betty Lee 84, 183. 258 Per.a, Heribarto A 170, 374,394 Pena, Jose. Jr 464 Pena, Raul. Jr 484 Pena. Rolando Mario 98, 370. 464 Pendergrass. Ruth 376, 461 Pendleton. Frank Clark 285 Pendleton. David Van 63 Penez. Manuel 464 Penick, Daniel Allen 160. 271 Penick, Harvey 163 Penick, Kathryn L 176, 233, 479 Peninger, Theresa Kathryn 296 Penn. George Marion 173, 262 Penn, William A 121, 167. 226. 262, 383. 394 Fennel, Eddie 333 Penner. Libby Ann 450 Penney, W. Diane 112 Penny. Diane 475 Penny, Wayne Dianne 267 Penniman, Edgar Erwin 277 Penniman. Margaret F 296, 473 Pennington, Nancy Joanne 63 Pennington, Patrick C 98, 287 Pennington. Warren Young 286 Penshorn, Harvey 485, 493 Peoples, Roberta Frances 84. 180. 231 Peotter, Dianne Virginia 180 Percefull. Virginia Ann ..84, 183, 267, 480 Perez, Arturo T 468 Perez, Gilberto, Jr 367 Perez, Leopoldo C 331 Perez, Manuel S 487 Perkins, Brian Alvin 263 Perkins, Marylyn 252, 474, 475. 490 Perkins. Victor Shelton 339. 465 Perkins, William Drews 226, 286, 237 Perkins, Winona 238. 398 Perlitz, Gerald Michael 84, 300 Perlman, Martin 320 Permenter, Dallon Lenin 445 Pernay, Frank Richard 316, 485 Perner, Raymond Floyd 362, 396. 458, 471 Perner, Raymond G 84 Perott, Charles 146 Perricone, Charles 485 Perrine, Burton Vincent 112, 352 Perrott. Charles M 147, 340 Perry, Dean H. 98 Perry. Henry Albert 256. 383 Perry, Maurice Clifton 457 Perry. Robert Hood, Jr 42 Perry. Sam R 279 Perry. Thomas Ray 63. 282 Ferryman. Bill E 139 Person. Ralph ..63, 154, 211, 402. 499. 504 Persons, Jerome Tad 63, 329 Perwein. Donald Gene 304. 340 Pescor, Anne P 112, 454 Peter, Arnold Edward. J r 316 Peter. J. Selby 305 Peters, Bookman 168 Peters, James Alvin 63, 264 Peters, Marshall Bookman . .112, 301, 342 Peters, Mary Alice 63, 200, 495 Peters. Omar Williams. Jr. ..348. 371, 378 Peters, Paul 346 Petersen, Paul W 98 Peterson, Charles B. 403, 468 Peterson, Force 296 Peterson. Michael J., Jr 300 Peterson, Paul Wayne 256 Peterson, Tommy L 98 Petesch, Donald Anthony 112 Petet. Charles F., Jr 504 Petraitia, Martha Clare 112, 376, 441, 452. 487 Petrie. Robert L., Jr 98, 276, 363 Petrovich. Charlo 121. 123. 330 Petry. William A 340 Pettigrew. Rita Gwen 182 Pettigrew. Robert William 63. 167 Pettus, Margaret 479 Petty, Dale Bernarr 353 Petty, Glenn Royce 84 Petty. Jewel Alton 63 arne Pages Petty. Margaret Texanna 98, 242, 376, 392. 454, 494. 498, 503 Pew, John Glenn 282 Peyton, George Bailey 84, 300. 362 Pfeiffer, David Graham 263 Pfeiffer, Elbert H., Jr 485 Pfenning, Eleanor 485 Phair, Bradley Clyde. Jr 112, 247 Pharo, Tom 112 Pharr. Gladys Marian 230 Pharr, Patricia Merle 177 Pharr, Patricia Merle 231 Phelps, Judith Carter 98, 249, 473 Phenix, John R 465 Phi Beta Kappa 393 Phi Delta Theta 280, 281 Phi Eta Sigma 394 Phi Gamma Delta 282, 283 Phi Kappa Psi 284, 285 Phi Kappa Sigma 286, 287 Phi Kappa .Tan 288, 289 Phi Hit 290, 291 Phi Sigma Delta 292, 293 Phi Sigma Kappa 294, 295 Phillips. Nell Phillips. Walter M 467 Phillips, Yale Gilbert 360 Phipps. Juanita Marie 63, 290 Pi Beta Phi 296, 297 Pi Kappa Alpha 298, 299 Pi Lambda Theta 395 Pi Tau Sigma 396 Piccard, P. J 265 Picket!. John Robert 42, 286 Picton. Frances Evelyn 275 Pieper, C. Howard 465. 485 Pierce, Pauline Frieda . .200. 235. 446, 447 Pierce, Robert N 29, 33, 399 Pierce, Thomas J. 334. 335, 397 Pierce, Wallace N 479 Pierian 489 Pierson, James 123 Pigue, Paul Wesley, Jr 298 Pike. Bruce Parker 112.257 Pilcher. Wayland D 32, 399 Pilgrim. Hal Wilson 98, 244, 342 Pille. Roy F 487 Pilling. Charles Ashworth 360 Pilon. Jack Irwin 63. 367. 384. 466 Pinedo. Frank 487 Pinedo. Sammucl F 63, 500 Pingenot. Cecilia Marie 461, 487 Pinkerton. Dorothy Sue 183, 503 Pinkerton, Jackson Gershom . . . .264, 375 Pinkston, Lee 163 Pinon, Jose 464 Pinson. Kenneth 112. 349. 445, 498 Pipes. William Farrar 277, 361, 394 Pipkin, Mamie Lee 182 Pipkin. Mary E 400, 450 Pirkle, Cyale C 98 Pirkle, John Thomas 260. 352 Pirtle. Norma Anne 64. 255, 475, 479 Pistor, Charles Herman. Jr. ...28. 30, 64, 339, 394, 401, 402.499 Pitchford. Norma Louise 87, 272, 344 Pitchford. William Arnold . . .84, 305, 368 Pitman, Benjamin Franklin 300 Pitman. Lee A 479 Pittman, Allen G 341 Pittman, John Prentiss 341, 394 Pittsford. Chester Matthews 84, 260 Pitzer, Phil Moore 244 Plant. William J 487 Plass, Harold John 403 Plat er, Dale Brickey 64. 284 Playter, Ann 84, 273, 473 Pledger, James Thompson. Jr. ...342, 445 Plettner. Gail Ann 64, 248 Plover. John J 483 Plummer. William Alexander 261, 369. 378 Plunkett. H. Connely 64. 465 Poe. Pat Henry 271. 342 Poetter. Dianne Virginia . . . .98, 177, 230, 231, 450, 474 Poindexter. John Bralley. Ill 170, 276 Pokluda. Wesley Edward 64, 167. 310, 311 Poland. Helen Lee 84 Polk. Clifford 121. 123,363 Pol Ian. Madlyn 395 Polland. Peter D 333 Pollard. Mary E 248, 446 Pollard, Tany Thompson 296 Pollock, Jo Ann 98, 176. 266 Polsky, Louis Sanford 234, 354 Polter, Dan Earl 305, 394, 459 Polunsky. Robert Al Ian 84, 234, 446 Polunsky. Robert 1 64, 302. 379 Pool. Lucile Dupree 320 Pooley. Elliott Earl 84 Pope. Clyde Milam 278. 362. 378 Pope, Frank Starr, Jr 280 Pope, Marilyn 253, 446, 452 Pope, Robert C 262 Poncik, Mary Frances 64, 474 Ponleit. Josephine 84. 227. 290, 475 Pontins, Barbara Ann 98 Porcher, Hollis R 369 Porras, Heuberto J 333 Porter, Clair 479 Porter, Gloria Dell 453 Porter, Coldie P. Horton 243 Porter, Joan Lynn 183 Porter, Jenny L 381 Porter. Lemuel E. . . .29, 33, 352, 353, 378 Porter, Lynn Ann 98, 241, 475, 493 Porter, May Marie 64, 232 Porter, Roger H.. Jr 280, 327 Porlwood. Ralph Leon 98 Name Pages Port wood , Leon R 479 Post, Raymond Arnold, Jr. 279, 355 Post, Robert E., Jr 485, 339 Poston, Frances 395 Potect. William S 64, 465 Poth, James Leslie 495 Poth, Kathryn Virginia .461, 474, 477. 495 Potter, William Richard 295 34 ' ' Potthoff, Beverly Jean 477 Pounds, Wallace G 457 Powledge, James K 471 Powell. Billy Paul 140 350 Powell. Charles Avon 363 Powell House Co-Operative 461 Powell, James Leon 277, 339 Powell, Jean 275 Powell. W. J ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .3S2 Powell. William Henslee. Jr. 244, 245, 360 Power, Harry H 403 Power, Patrick Henry 64, 250 Powers, Barbara Jean 112 255 Powers, Carrie Jane 64, 391 Powers. Don Warren 304 Powers, Irene T ' . , ' 453 Powers. James Norman 64, 278, 466 Powers, Jane 43] Prager, Marvin Jay ' . ' .234 Prather, Charles L 375 330 Prather. Charles Marshall 64 380. 375, 466 Pratt, tlizabeth Ann . . .254, 381, 475 490 Pratt. Gerald Blount 328, 479 Pratt. James M .. " .. ' 401 Pratt, Joe N ' ]][ " 54 Pratt. Robert Winthrop .282, 283, 326, 335 Preble, Carolyn 112, 239 Preiss. Elwood J H2, 332 458 Presson, Mary Juan 1 12, 440, 503 Preston, Allen Kerry . .279, 443, 447, 503 Preston. Juanita Olivette 200, 233, 227, 232 Prewitt, George Payton, Jr 304, 367 Price, Edith Marie 84, 175, 184, 442, 452, 475, 479 rrice, Edwin Booth 122, 277 Price, Edwin Charles 12l ' 311 Price, Eugene Wesley . ' .441 Price. Glen Henry 121, 123, 351 Price, Granville 28 399 Price, Henry A 285 ' , 492 Price, Ted 140,169 Price, Virginia 320. 395 Price. William Marvin 328 Priddy. Nelson Holt 284 Prideaux, Joyce 64. 450, 481 Prim, Gene Alan 445 Primeaux, Theodore Allen 64, 298 Prince, Audry June 84, 268 Principle, " Anthony J 487 Prino, Marion Jo 98, 254 Prinzing, Glen Samuel 112, 342 ' 485 Pritchett, Oncar Dale 64. 278, 330, 384 Priuz, Alfred 435 Probst. C. Elaine 453 Probst, Joe Emerson 64, 375, 458, 466 Probst, Lee Edward 362 Proft, Robert Charles 460, 500 Proctor, Ben Hamille ...121, 173,256,479 Proctor, Marziette Lorene ... .64, 442, 450 Proffer, Jack 445 Proffer, Joan M 453 Prosser, Shirley Jo 84, 266, 480 Protas, Jacob Meyer .64. 234, 374. 491, 500 Prouse. Frances Darlene . . . .98, 238, 475. 494, 503 Prud ' Homme, John 487 Prue, Mary Carolyn 321 Pruett. Jim H 341 Pruett. Wilford R 84, 443. 466 Pryor. Patricia Joyce . . .84. 275, 473, 475 Psi Chi 397 Publications 28-36 Puckett, Gordon Burleson 380 Puett. Roane Harwood 247. 342 Pufnl. Jim 355 Pugal. Jim 486 Pugh, August Leo. Jr 64 Pugh, George Edwin 84, 327 Pugh, Leo 166. 168. 169 Pugh. Nina Eleanor 112, 321. 450 Puig. Mary Patricia 248. 249, 473, 484 Pulkingham, Betty Carr 398 Pullen. Joel Herbert 160, 351 Pullman, Mozelle 112 Purcell. Amy 93 Purcell. Amy Harrell 269 Purse. James Anderson 276, 366 Purser, Patricia Ann 268 Purvis. Howard D 64, 305 Purvin, Patricia Jeannettc 98, 450 Puryear, Frances 479 Pustejovsky, Clement S 478 Putman, William Rowell 284, 466 Putnam. Earl Eugene, Jr 112,468 Pyeatt, Tommy Lloyd 358 Q Qualline, Charles M. 401 Quebedeaux, Carl Hampton 260, 342 Quebe, Albert 435 Queen, Nolan. Jr 256 Quilliam, William Reed, IV 211, 318, 402 Quillian. Gwendolyn 112, 291, 475 Quillin, Juanita H 488 Quinn. Allan Shrader 25. 84. 318, 375, 402 Ouinn, Billy 139, 333 Quinn. J. Lester 458 Quinn. Warren S 346. 371 Quoyeser, Peter Clement 280 PACE 555 Name Pages Raab, Ethylee 485 Rabke, Raymond Franklin. Jr 299 Rachofsky. Helen 258 Rachofsky, Joan Adele 98. 306. 456 Rackley. Jerry Don 327. 377 Radio Guild 446 Rademacher. Harold John 349. 445 Radtkc, Kurt G 401.485 Rafshoon, Gerald Monroe .29. 33. 293, 355 Ragland, Alphonso. HI 121. 146. 147. 169, 262, 383 Ragland. Cruger Smith 147. 167, 169. 173, 262, 355 Ragland. Robert K 299,331 Ragland. Sam 331 Ragon. Jimmy Carroll 328 Ragsdale, Joan Marie ..64, 181, 203. 296, 389. 393. 395. 447, 475, 477 Rag.dale. Sue 112, 183, 253 Ragstad, John M 99 Rahn. Virgil 485 Raif. Leonard William .112, 355. 394, 503 Raimond. Von H. A. 98, 299 Raine, Michael Bennett . .98, 169, 173, 262 Raines. Morgan Van 349, 445 Rakoover. Mark H 112, 303, 342 Raley, Robert Ray (Bobby) ...121,123. 154, 168. 282, 351 Ramage, William Joe 98 Ramirez, Aurelio H 464 Ramirez, Jose Lus 363, 378 Ramirez, Sarah L 400 Ramirez, Socrates 484 Ramon, Adolph 1 359 Ramos, Sid 98. 360 Ramsey, Charles Murry 64 Ramsey, Marion Adair 272, 476 Ramsey, Thomas H 341 Ramsower, Grace Ernestine . .84, 266, 446 Rand. Phyllis 84, 441 Randall, Joan Frances 241. 454 Randall, Laura Ballinger 176, 183, 297, 473 Randall, Risher ....76, 171, 174, 280, 370 Randolf, David 458 Randolph, Elizabeth Ann . . .98, 232, 376, 456. 475. 490 Rangel, Eliseo 363 Rangel, George Carza 98 Rangel, Lionel 366. 464 Ranger, Texas 34. 35 Rankin, B. Ann ...112. 200, 204. 320, 381, 395, 461. 476.477 Rankin, Jack Gilbert ... 166. 284, 368. 378 Ransdell. Charles William .. . .31. 271 Ransom, Harry Hunt 277 Ransom, Jack McGregor 112, 283, 359 Ransopher. Phillip .64, 121, 154, 246, 383 Rasberry, James M 64 Rasmussen, Robert Adrian 263 Rast. Helen Marie 98. 255. 487 Rathbone, Lucy 275, 389, 391, 481 Ratliff. Gene Allen 310 Ratliff. Hubert Smith 229 Ratliff, John Wesley 445 Ratliff, Ralph Bryan 367. 445 Ratliff. Robert Harry 42, 228 Ratlikin, William Jackson 112, 309 Rau, Ike 139 Rauch, Howard 234 Ravel, Joanne Macow 389 Ravey, John Henry 485 Ravkind, Lou Samuel 235 Rawland, Bettye 33, 98, 252 Rawles, James Heath 300 Rawlings, Dixie Faye 98, 268 Rawlings, Edwina 440 Rawson, Jack Wayne 353 Ray, Bert Edwin 314 Ray. Donald Lee 84,319 Ray, Gerald B 350 Ray, Julia Janice . .112, 176, 239, 440, 479 Ray, Lloyd Clynn 112 Ray, Lucille M 112. 182, 441,454 Ray, Norwin Gene 42, 313 Ray, Robert Cleve 112, 354. 371 Rayburn, Richard Elton 354 Raye. Payne 154 Raymond, Franklin Rabke, Jr 445 Rayson, Jack Henry 84, 445, 494 Rayzor. Jess Newton, Jr 281, 342 Rea, George H 397 Read, James LeGrande 298 Read, Wil 1 iam Theodore 342 Reagan Literary Society 490 Reagan, Jo Anne 446 Reagan, Patrick Hardy 76, 299 Reagan, Patrick Ned 84, 260 Reagan, Richard Bartlett 98 Reagan, Wanda Ruth 112, 243, 454 Reaves, Emily Moore 112, 253 Reaves, Wilson A., Jr 64 Rebsch, Willis J 370 Rech, Henry J 339, 375 Red, Mary Eugene 64, 176, 275 Red. William S 42 Redd, Elizabeth Ann 267 Reddick, DeWitt C 28, 377, 399 Redditt, Barbara Ann 272 Redick, J. V 333 Redmon, John Edwin ... .98. 279, 366, 487 Redwine, Jane 485 Redwine, Ras 286 Reed, Anita 98, 252 Reed, Barbara Ann 112, 249. 454 Reed. Carroll Lynn 360 Reed. Eugene E 289 Name ' ' ;;, ' Reed, Evelyn Shelby . . .84, 207, 296, 381, 389, 392, 475, 498 Reed, H. S 334 Reed, Percy Carwell 397 Reeder, Hugh 121, 123. 479 Rees. Charles Bert 84, 458 Rees, John W 396. 471 Rees, Warren A., Jr 171, 300 Reeves, Benny Pat 112, 359 Reeves, Ebb W 500 Reeves, Elaine 112, 376. 454, 498, 503 Reeves, Ernest G 346 Reeves, George Dewey 304 Reeves, Nancy Dickins 176, 275 Regents, Board Of 12 Rehkemper, Leonard James . .98, 367, 487 Rehmeyer, Lee W 339 Reichert, Shirley Virginia 227, 240, 379, 475 Reichstein. Abraham Arrow 234 Reid, Carol A 452, 490 Reid, Carolyn Ann 98, 253 Reid. Michael Arlen 251 Reid. Robert W 334 Reierson, Curtis Calvin 42, 485 Reiner, Don 303 Reily, Bill (W. A.) 65 Reimers, Don Ray 113, 361 Reinhardt, Paul D 441, 479 Reiswerg, Meyer 313 Reiter, Fred M 401 Rekart. Ronald Gene 370. 394 Relyea, Spencer Cone III ... .65, 286, 447 Rembold, Jean 84 Renfroe, Martha L 113,376 Ren f row, Carolyn Louise 113, 273 Renick. Pauline Elizabeth 272 Renner, Jerry Lee 84, 177, 230, 490 Renshaw. Ralph Raymond, Jr 84, 374 Ress, Nancy Jo 272 Restrepo, Herbert L 400 Reubel, Alfred Louis 285 Reul, Henry James 282 Reuthinger, Hortense 65, 290, 440. 442, 484 Reuthinger, Virginia Lee .65, 175, 200, 484 Reynolds, Bill G 327 Reynolds, C. W., Jr 99, 367, 445 Reynolds, Charles Weaver 342 Reynolds, Edgar S 441 Reynolds, James Hambrick 276, 470 Reynolds, Ronald Russell 278, 485 Reynolds, William F 468 Rhiddlehoover, Bruce H 329 Rho Chi 491 Rhodes, Arlen Lynwood 65 Rhodes, Benny, Jr 485 Rhone, Rex Ray 319 Rice, Charles V 99, 471 Rice. Cone Carroll, Jr 246, 341 Rice, Richard Lee 298 Rich, Cyril L., Jr 368 Rich, Jack 302 Rich, Marvin A 84, 147 Richard, Carl E 379 Richard, James Alexander 304 Richards, David Read 276, 342 Richards, Phyllis 395, 474,481 Richardson, Alvin Dale 285 Richardson, David Seney 277 Richardson, Dee Hughes 278 Richardson, Earl C 369 Richardson, Mary Ann 182 Richardson. William Lee 84 Richbook, Gerald 313 Richhurg. Elnora 400 Richert, Edward Robert 65 Richie, George Robert 99, 316 Richter, Dottie Glendale 248 Ricks. J. U. 361 Riddick, Ann A 273 Ridgeway, William Emirson 367 Ridley, William Douglas 355, 460 Riedel. Calvin 485 Riedel, Larry Otto 491 Rieder, Robert Auten 84, 327 Rieger, Robert Lewis 113, 305. 355 Riemann. Grace Sue 113. 376, 454 Riess, Bobby 159 Riggan, Fay Jean 65. 440, 442 Riggins, Robert Ralph 113, 305, 328 Rigney. Jane Tatum 113, 446 Rigsby, William Edward 351 Riker, Thad Weed 21, 265 Riley, Fred Whitcomb, Jr 99, 282, 359, 394 Riley, Mary Jo 85, 450, 474 Riley, Shirley Jeanne 238 Rine, Julia W 451 Riney. Claude, Jr 271 Ring, Marjorie R 374 Riser. Martha Jane 99, 450 Rishworth, Thomas 446 Ristig. James P.. Jr 85, 361 Ritchie, Henry Gorman, Jr 85, 262 Ritchie, John Preston 298 Ritter, John Francis, Jr 113, 301. 342 Rivas. Luz E. 453, 464 Rives, James Frederick 65, 375, 466 Riviere, Arthur Bernard, Jr. .85, 121. 163, 308, 383 Rix, Cecil Charles 278 Roach, James Robert 285 Roach, Marshalyn 255, 481 Roades, Edgar Earl 65, 329 Roark, Billy J 333, 485 Robbin, Stuart 292 Robbins, John Purdy 310 Roberts, Barbara Claire 268. 494 Roberts, Caroline 85, 252 Name Pages Roberts, Catherine 65. 200. 275, 473 Roberts, Charles Edward 113 Roberts. Charles W., Jr 17, 486 Roberts, Clarence 485 Roberts, Curtis Bush 263 Roberts, Helen M 231 Roberts, J. Claude 42 Roberts, James A 375 Roberts, Jerry Hugh 309 Roberts, John Herbert 113. 301 Roberts, Kenneth 29, 492 Roberts, Martha Lea 113 Roberts, Mike Henry 280, 363 Roberts, Robert Lewis 298 Roberts, Robert W 328 Roberts, Shirley Paulette 85, 248 Robertson, Anthony Keith 246 Robertson, Betty Catherine . .85. 455. 487 Robertson, Billy Ray 85 Robertson, Carl Reeves 358, 459 Robertson, Frank Richardson, Jr. 270. 465 Robertson, Gene R 465 Robertson, George Seward, Jr. ..353, 457 Robertson, Gilbert Ephriam, Jr. .318, 363 Robertson, H. Grady, Jr 85 Robertson, James Wharton 76 Robertson, Jimmy Paul 445, 479 Robertson, John Malcolm 300 Robertson, John Robert 85, 278. 334 Robertson, Julie Ann 113 Robertson, Lorene 99, 296 Robertson. M. Richard 149 Robertson, Mary Elizabeth 320 Robertson, Mary Lucile 33, 65. 177, 182. 248 Robertson, Ray Drayton 298 Robertson, Richard Spotswood 341 Robertson, Robert Nelson 394 Robichaus, Waldean 183. 231 Robinett, Leslie Ann . . .200. 272, 273, 362 Robinett, Richard Lee 42, 284, 492 Robinowitz, Mona Ray 113, 259, 454 Robinowitz, Ralph 397 Robinson, Frank Kee 85 Robinson, James 140 Robinson, Jerome Charles 394 Robinson, LaFalco 445 Robinson, Thomas F. , Jr 393 Robinson, Thomas Wesley . . .99, 308. 352 Rocha, Thomas 340 Roche, Bruce W. 399 Roche, John David 281 Roche, J. E 380 Rochester, Ouida Jane 99, 243 Rockne, Blanche A 485 Rockwell, James W 12, 277 Roddy, Charles Nelson 282. 402 Rodgcrs. Gilbert 465,470 Rodgers. Wayne Royce 65, 318 Rodman, Thomas Edward 65. 284. 377, 383 Rodriguez, Donate, Jr. 351 Rodriquez, Aurura R 464 Roebuck, Isaac Field 65, 383. 388, 444, 445 Roebuck, Noel F 351 Roehr, Sarah Joan 182, 461 Roehrig, Herbert W 471 Roenigk, Robert 485 Roessner, R. Commel 28 Roessner. Roland C 265 Rogers, Carl E., Jr 99,465 Rogers, Charles Lemly 342 Rogers, Daniel Richard 262 Rogers, Dolore 113, 177, 321, 440 Rogers, Floyd R 121, 332 Rogers, James Francis 228 Rogers, Jim E 113. 349 Rogers, Kendal True 359, 371, 394 Rogers, L. Tom 113 Rogers, Reginald W 85, 479 Rogers, Roddy R 352 Rogers, Sue Agnes . .85, 232, 474, 475, 501 Rogers, Thomas Pascal 470 Rogers, Thomas Ralph 65, 388, 445 Rogers. Yvonne 231 Rogstad. John M 99, 351 Rohn, Werner G 169, 311 Rohats, Sebastain J 396, 471 Rojas, Albert 465 Roland, Nathan 400 Rolback, Joseph S 478 Roller, Sallie 498 Rollins, Joseph J 346 Rollins, Yvonne Estelle .85, 183, 290, 475 Romberg, Walter L. 470, 495 Rome, James Gus 65. 308, 496 Romick, Renee 259 Romine, Joe Tschudy 247, 342 Romine, Nancy 273 Romo. Thomas, Jr 469, 500 Roof, John Nichols 99. 330 Roos, Phillip 397 Rork, Billy Hubert 99, 469 Rosborough, Martha Ann . . . .85, 177. 208. 252, 389, 392, 298, 475, 490, 498 Rose. Arthur William, Jr 65 Rose, Cecile 235 Rose, Howard Vance, Jr 276 Rose, Llewellyn Par 440 Rosen, Allen Leon 234, 354 Rosen, Richard Julian 85, 302, 354. 371, 378 Rosenbaum, Ralph 313 Rosenberg, Helen Ester 258 Rosenberg, Joyce Rae 65, 258, 381, 400, 494 Rosenberg, Phyllis Louise . .258. 477, 494 Rosenberg, Stanley David 25, 85, 213, 302, 347, 378, 383 Rosenbloom, Jimmy 302 Rosene, Hilda F 273 Name Pages Rosenneld. Donald 293. 360 Roscnquist, Martha Christina 230, 475, 494 Rosenthal, Herbert Simon 292 Rosenthal, Lois Charlene 307 Rosmarin, Larry Melvin 293 Ross. Bertha 471 Ross. Dade Ann 99, 255 Ross, James Raye 99, 332, 479 Ross, Mary Jule 99, 297 Ross, Robert B 65 Rosser. H. James 139, 301, 332 Rosser, Mary Beth 99, 248 Rosson, J, Glenn 332 Roth, Marlene Patsy 113, 307 Roth, Maximo 99, 486, 499 Rothschild, Donald Isador 65, 292 Rothwell, Wellington 287 Rountree, Sara Elaine 1 12, 233, 480 Rouse. Richard K 330 Rousse, Thomas Andrew 28, 229, 447 Routh, Bill Irven 113, 342 Rovello, Tom, Jr 355, 371, 378. 468 Rowan. Arch J.. Jr 276, 369 Rowe, Charles Elmer 251, 403 Rowe, Donald R 443 Rowe, Linda Ruth 99, 320, 473 Rowe, Maria Yvonne 493 Rowell. Janice 65, 397, 485 Rowland, Frederick C 440 Rowland, Peggy Lee 176, 182, 275 Rowland, Robert Adrian 99. 244, 329 Rowntree, Kuhn 381 Royall, Barbara Ann 99, 450, 475, 481 Royall, Margaret Jean 85. 242, 454 Royder, James Otis 340 Roye, Watson Payne 366, 457 Rubarth, Mary Evelyn 255 Rubenstein, Barbara Evelyn 32, 34, 65, 405 Rubenstein, David Ochs . .85. 302, 332. 335 Rubenstein, Evelyn Barber . .29. 113. 484 Rubesch, Joe Dick 286, 355 Rucker, Max Ramon 318 Rudd. Robert Sherman 65. 298. 466 Rudellat, J. C 349 Rudolph, Gladys Maxine 275 Ruebel, Alfred Louis, II 85, 284, 349, 375, 378. 445 Ruff, Alton W. 441 Ruff, Bailey Hill 311, 447 Rufner, Wanda Marie 65 Ruge, William G 396, 471 Rugeley. Cordelia Catherine .65, 182, 232 Rugeley, Joan Dee . .99, 232, 474, 475, 490 Ruiz, Eugenia D ' Acosta 42 Ruiz, Herlinda Gloria . . .65. 400, 464. 487 Ruiz. Villarrubia Oscaldo 65, 404, 496 Rumbo, Sara L 381 Rumelt, Ruth C 461 Rund. Edwin C 346 Rundell, Allen R 503 Rundcll, C. A.. Jr 65, 121, 154, 159. 276, 402 Runge. Carl R.. Jr 36 Runneberg, Anita Darlene 85, 238 Runnels, Joe Neal 121, 154, 363 Runyeon, Theodore H. 487 Runyon. Delta M 488 Rupe. Marilyn Joan 85, 398, 44, 461 Rupel, Joan Ruth 296, 376, 454 Rupp, Louise 273 Rushong Glendon F 139 Rusk Literary And Debate Society . . .492 Russ, Alexander McClure, Jr 65, 270 Russell, Charles Arthur 30, 85, 377 Russell, Charles Bert 318 Russell. Dolores Antoinette .85. 254, 381. 389, 400, 490 Russell, Edward Oliver 168, 361 Russell, Eldon Gano 65, 314 Russell, Jimmie Norton 65 Russel 1 , Joan Kay 85, 253, 475 Russel I , Tommie Lou 454 Russo, Joe E 113, 277 Russo, John B 66 465 Rust, Jill 454 Rust, Robert H ' . ' .113 Rusteberg, Frieda 474 Rutherford, Gene Rankin 85, 286 Rutledge, Ernestine Ann 42 Rutledge, Fred A 66 Ruud, Phillip 485 Rux, Videll 501 Ryals, Fred E 310 Ryan, Danahey 471 Ryan, Joan Kuhlman 389, 390 Ryan, John Allen 305, 384, 401 Ryan, Will Grant 66, 367, 374 Ryan, William Kenny 285 Ryburg, Joyce Elaine 249, 475, 485 Rylander, Henry Grady 396, 403 Rymer, Fred 479 S Sabrsula, Herman D 500 Sacaris. Johnnie 66, 483. 500 Sachs, Joanne 113. 235. 475 Sachs, Suzanne Bert 31, 113, 235 Sackett, Barbara Marge 183 Sacton, Alexander Hart 313 Sadler, Ann Lynn 85 Sadler, Chester C 329 Sadler, Cynthia 253 Sadler, Marilyn Yvonne 85, 296 Sadler, Robert W. 342 San. Hasim 485 Safford. Albert T 328,335 Sage, Vernon R 351 Said. Fawzi S 472 PACE 556 Name Pages Said, Said S 472 Saied, Frederick Allen 113, 285, 445 Saikin, Stanley B 99, 302, 332 St. Clair, Billy Don 36 St. Clair, Norman Eugene 66, 288, 402, 471 St. John, Fred Gene 160, 172, 184 St. John, Joe Alan 160, 341, 384. 466 Salas, ReynaldoT 465 Saldivar, Carmen Dolores 266 Saldivar, Irma Gloria . .175, 179, 464, 502 Saleh, Johnny 36 Salguero, Edward W 66, 465 Salinas, Felix E. 329 Salinas, Roberto 484 Salm, Peter J 440 Salome, Jalucho J 487 Salyer, Donald M 445, 500 Sample, Julia Carolyn 113, 177, 321 Sample, Mary Margaret 321, 487 Sample, Sara Catherine 200, 232, 474, 490 Samuelson, James G 139, 329 San Antonio Club 493 Sanchez, George Isidore 400, 484 Sanborn, Sue Anne 113, 273, 376 Sandahl, Cynthia Lou 176, 227, 248 Sandberg, Kenneth Richard 445 Sandbert, Maxine S 42 Sandel, Wilma Agnes . . .31, 113, 177, 253 Sanderford, Margaret Lea 233, 475 Sanders, Charles Eugene 284, 363 Sanders, Edgar Eugene 353 Sanders, Home E 66 Sanders, James Gerald 66 Sanders, Jo Ann Claire 85, 252 Sanders, Mary Ann Beaumier . . . .66, 230, 389, 405, 475, 477 Sanders, Philip E 332 Sanders, Richard Roy 354 Sanders. Weldeen Joy 231, 497 Sandgathe, Jack F 487 Sandifer, Laura Seay 273 Sandier, Robert Marshall 66, 302 Sandlin, Patricia Loee 200, 232 Sands, William R 313, 377 Sanford, Gaye Yvonne . . .66, 238, 405, 477 Sanford, Tommy Eugene 366 Sanguily, Katherine E 99, 243 Sanguine!, Barbara Ann .99, 176, 249, 497 Sanov, Lorraine 258, 387 Sansing, Carolyn Spearman 66, 474 Sansing, Joy Tynelle 113, 177,243 Sansing, Nell Beth 113, 243, 454, 503 Sargent, James C 483, 500 Sarrafian, George Philip .85, 288, 360, 394 Sartain, Dan K 468 Sasser, Floyd E., Jr 468 Sattar, Abdul Razzak 472 Satterwhite, William Weldon 263 Sauer, George Henry 113, 245, 352 Saunders, James L 66, 121, 160 Sayer, James W 363 Sayer, Kenneth Neal 355 Sayre, Francis W 443 Scamardo, Betty Jean 99, 269. 450, 475, 487 Scaling, George Arnold 121, 140, 209. 276, 351, 383 Scallorn, Ben Gerald 121, 154, 369 Scallorn, Donald Wells ....140,287,361 Scanlan. Jack A 229, 396, 403 Scarborough, Luther Taylor .66, 121, 140, 149, 383, 384, 479 Scarborough, Roger 162 Scarbrough, Margaret Monroe 66, 275, 476 Schaded, Maurice J 85 Schaefer, Dixie May 99, 242 Schaefer, Dorothy Mae 179 SchaefTer, Aaron 303 Schafer, Rose Marie Helen 33, 113 Scharfenberg, Sylvia Sue 85, 176. 248 Schatzman, Gail A 454, 487 Scheffler, Barbara Lynn 99, 180 Scheig, Richard LeRoy 318 Scherabon, Evelyn Marie 66 Scherff, May Ina 240 Schero, Robert J 485 Schier, T. Keith 42, 384 Schiller, Lewis A 36, 313 Schindler, Robert 394 Schindler, Stanley 394 Schiwetz, Patricia Ann 85, 320 Schleicher, Richard Edward 305, 355 Schlemeyer, Frieda Jo 113 Schlemmer, Robert Milton 85, 277 Schleyse, L. William, Jr. . . .374, 394, 479 Schleuter, Delbert 485 Schmal, Hermann 85, 470, 485 Schmidt, Charles Harvey 66, 284, 470, 499 Schmidt, Everett 440, 485 Schmidt, Ida Louise 99, 376 Schmidt, Margaret Ann 99, 242, 376, 475, 495 Schmidt, Otis Rhea 99, 454 Schmidt, Patty Ann 85, 266, 475 Schmidt, Phyllis 1 488 Schmidt, Vera Mae 113, 376, 454 Schmitz, Mary Margaret 113, 179, 182, 249 Schneider, Charles Walter, Jr . . .85, 470 Schneider, Ed 471 Schneider, Frances Evelyn . .66, 191. 200. 205, 296, 476 Schneider, Nancy Elaine 99, 249, 473 Schneider, Tom Lythe . .113, 265, 342, 377 Schoenbrun, Shirley Jean . . .235, 376, 47S Schoenly, Newton Parlson 482 Schoch, Eugene Paul 309, 403 Schonfeld, Dana F 359 Schons, Dorothy 400 Schoonamaker, Jane 183, 475 Schorlemer, Wendell Carroll 66, 485 Name Pages Schott, Joe 32 Schrabel, Charlie 377 Schrank, Martin 443 Schrank, Ollie 485 Schreiber, Stanley Murray 235 Schriewer, Charles Edward 139. 355 Schriner, James Arthur 339, 375, 466 Schroeder, Chester 66 Schroeder, Martha Lou 66, 184, 242, 381, 389 Schuchardt, Glynn Michael 66, 468 Schuchert, Barbara Ann .99, 290, 475, 487 Schuler, Anne K 381 Schulle, Janice E 85,440 Schulte, George A 66 Schulte, Harry L. 66, 363 Schultz, Lerose 485 Schulz, Charlotte Ann . .66, 176, 275, 461 Schulz, Edward B 385 Schulz, Edward Ross 403, 467 Schulze, Annie Marie 66 Schulze, Rupert Philip, Jr. . .66, 278, 384 Schulze, Shirley 99, 320 Schumann, Leland H 113 Schwab, Robert Rudolph ... 113, 445, 471 Schwartz, Aileen Rita 99, 234 Schwartz, Beverly P 446, 450 Schwartz. Caroline 180 Schwartz, Diane . . .113, 307, 475, 495, 501 Schwartz, Jerry Thomas 358 Schwartz, Jocelyn Ruth 235 Schwartz, Newton Bovis 234, 355, 402, 460, 477 Schwartz, Robert Eugene 85, 302, 332 Schwarz, Charles E 333 Schwarz, Melbert Dowlen 298, 401 Schwarz, Milton Dudley 66, 331. 393 Schwarzbach, Bernard E., Jr 278 Schwarzbach, Robert Travis 113, 279 Schwobel, Leonard 467 Scott, Alan 303, 399 Scott, Ann Kelly 66,381,450 Scott, Cecil A 66 Scott, Dora Belle 99, 179, 193, 200. 320, 344, 447, 497 Scott, Frances 113, 253 Scott, Lawrence B 278, 339 Scott, Mary Jane 113, 255 Scott, Mary Margaret 183, 296, 497 Scott, Mary Martha 67 Scott, Ned Vaughan 276, 468, 471 Scott, Patricia 67, 272 Scott, Rawland Leon 67, 256, 369, 378 Scott, Richard Hugh 113, 309, 370 Scott. Robert H 366 Scott, Walter V 379, 487 Scott, William Blair, Jr. 99, 300, 353 Scottish Rite Dormitory 456 Scurlock, Harry Gibson 263, 368, 370, 371 Scurlock, James M 282, 362 Scurlock, Jan 67, 176, 275 Scurry. Murphy Townsend . .113, 257, 359 Scroggin, Dennis C 279, 329 Scrutchin, Doris Lee 99 Seaholm, Ernest Mae . . .67, 381, 494, 495 Seaholm, Julius T 121, 123 Scale, John Harrison 85, 300, 383 Scale, Robert Henry, II 300, 331 Sealy, Lane T 384 Scaly, Myrtis Cornelia 113, 233, 485 Sealy, Tom 12 Searcy, Katherine Andrews 275 Sears, James G. 367 Seay, Bryant Pearce, Jr 113, 305. 355 Sebasta, Henry Warren 282 Seeberger, Rudolph G., Jr 495 Seelye, Alfred L 375 Sefcik, Elizabeth 485 Sefton, Patricia Jean 67, 183 Segal .Betty Joyce 32, 67, 258 Segal, Monica 259 Seibel, Leonard Isaac 113, 235, 441 Seidler, Robert C 329 Seigle, Sondra Hilda 113, 183, 235 Seitz, Marvin 324 Seitz, Russell 113 Sekt, Raleigh Joy 113, 235, 475 Seligman, Gerald N 113 Selim, Mohamed A. M 468, 472 Sellars, Billy Joe 361, 465 Sellers, Cecil Grey 168,300, 354 Sellers, Singa 447 Sellers, William Lafayette 288 Sellinger, Henry A 234 Sellman, Nancy Claire 85 Selman, John Bass 278, 384 Selvili, Nelih Mehmet 67, 441 Sentell, Joseph Wright 113, 271, 334 Sentcll, Marvin F 271, 334 Senter, David Allen 445 Seniors 43-72 Serafy, Helen 474 Serber, Ina Adele 85, 475 Sessions, Joseph W 487 Setliff, James E 361 Sewell, George Bernard 85, 174, 304 Sewell, Harley E 121, 123 Seymour, Cora 456 Seymour, Morton Stephen 244 Shackelford, Joanne 296 Shafer, George Allan 349, 445 Shafer, Joyce Elliott 113, 269, 479 Shafer, Robert William 283, 342 Shahabi, Ash Jabbar 170 Shaller, Frances Pauline 253 Shamblin, James Earle 174, 264, 394 Shane, Doris 485 Shaneman, Victor Charles 67, 385, 403, 467 Shangri-La 461 Name Pages Shanken, Martin Lewis . .85, 313, 328, 484 Shannon, George Lindsay 285 Shapiro, Clifford Jay 113, 293, 353 Shapiro, Marilyn Sue 113, 259 Shapiro, Marvin E 85, 302 Sharp, Dudley Crawford 85, 245 Sharp, Roy Datus 113, 283 Sharp, Russell G 352 Sharpe, Ernest A 399 Sharpless, Harry Reid, Jr 85, 282, 350 Shasha, Alexander O 470, 472 Shaver, John William, Jr 327 Shaw, Anne 504 Shaw, Charles Teddy 289 Shaw, Charles Van Dyke 256 Shaw, Don Tex 445 Shaw, Edward Nesbitt, Jr 366 Shawell, Randal Steele 310 Shays, Ray Datus, Jr 355 Shea, Don 333 Shear, Mary Turner 296 Sheerin, Patricia Ann . . .99, 230, 450, 481 Sheffield, John A., Jr 305 Sheinberg, Israel 234 Shelby, Charles B 334 Sheldon, Barbara Ann 113, 267, 454 Sheldon, N ancy Ann 99, 275 Shelley, James Edwin 67, 308 Shelman, Cecil B 467 Shelmire, William Overton 280 Shelton, Clough, III 304, 360, 375 Shelton, David H 346 Shelton, Frances 450 Shelton, James Martin, Jr 280, 366 Shelton, Joe B 333 Shelton, William T. 85 Sheppard, Rita L 175, 180, 461 Shepperson, Robert 169 Sherriff, Lewis H 375, 479 Sherman, Ida Lanette 99, 183, 200, 252, 490 Sherman, Yvonne 180 Sherwood, Bobbie Gene 67, 182, 198, 200, 254 Shield, Bernard H 470 Shield, Elgean C 366, 457 Shield, Richard 367, 376, 457 Shields, Mary Sue 85, 273 Shields, Nancy K 113, 255, 475 Shilling, Alice Virginia 67, 242 Shillito, Martha Meredith 240, 475 Shipman, Diane 275 Shipman, Warren Ware, HI 280 Shires, Jack Andrew 67, 229 Shirley, Charles R 314 Shirley, Kirk R 471 Shirley, Michael 99, 147, 304,331, 441 Shivers, Governor Allan 9 Shivers, Linward Paul 76 Shlipak, Louis 85, 234, 374 Shocket, Marjorie Ann 113, 259 Shofner, George Frank 244 Shores, Margaret Louise 114, 441, 446, 461 Short, Byron Elliott 396, 403 Shotts, Anabel 272 Shoultz, James C 324 Shoup, Francis Elliot 271, 359 Shriver, Ann 248 Shriver, Johnny Wilbur 256 Shudde, John L 244, 340, 485 Shudde, Peggy Ann 390 Shudde, Walter John, Jr 318 Shugart, Herman E 324 Shur, Gerald 303 Shurr, Walter 170, 171 Shuttlesworth, Beryl Mae 238 Shutts, W. H 396 Shwarts, Stanley Lee 303 Shwiff, Marvin David 67, 226, 234. 383. 466 Sickles, William Smith 114, 349, 441 Sidney Lanier Literary Society 494 Siegal, Marvin L 388 Siegcl, Reva Lee 259, 540 Siegel, Sidney Jean 25, 27, 29, 211, 258, 392, 447 Sigel, Marvin Meyer 234, 445 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 300, 301 Sigma Alpha Iota 393 Sigma Alpha Mu 302, 303 Sigma Chi 304, 305 Sigma Delta Chi 399 Sigma Delta Tau 306, 307 Sigma Delta Pi 400 Sigma Iota Epsilon 401 Sigma Nu 308, 309 Sigma Phi Epsilon 310, 311 Silber, Gerald Paul 160, 302, 355, 371, 378 Silverberg, Maxel .Burton 292 Silvers, David Sterling 30, 99, 272, 329 Silver Spurs 402 Silver Spur Award 407 Silvus, Robert F 271, 329 Simcik, Chester Lee 139, 358, 485 Simmon, Edward Robert 263, 342 Simmonds, Bill ,...139 Simmons, Carrol ID. 14, 380 Simmons, Craig Barrow 114, 301, 353 Simmons, Dolores W 461 Simmons, Dwight Marshall 276, 349 Simmons, Harold C 42, 393 Simmons, Jeannette Christine 67, 320 Simmons, Lutcher Blades 305, 368 Simon, Adolph Bertram Hirst . . r.25, 292, 366, 394, 447 Simon, Beatrice M 67, 258 Simon, Erwin Hugo 342, 460 Simon, Iris C 235 Simon Richard U., Jr 303, 351, 377 Simon, Jeta Dell 272 Name Pages Simons, Mary Margie ................ 395 Simpson, Billy Earnest ...... 67, 210, 278, 371, 382 Simpson, Calvin Littrel ......... 276, 471 Simpson, John Edwin ____ 67, 347, 371, 378 Sims, Elmer Richard ................ 400 Sims, Joe Otis ...................... 359 Sims, Orland L., Jr ............... 33, 399 Sims, Ruth Lucile ........... 99, 290, 376 Sims, Shirley Ann ............... 99, 450 Singerman, Joseph Meyer . . .302, 333, 394 Singleton, Francis Howard ........... 295 Singleton, H. Neil .................. 351 Singleton, Jeff Carter ......... . .319, 355 Singleton, Samuel F ............. 299 Sisk, John B .................. ] " 367 Sisk, Robert Milton ............. 353 457 Sivalls, Mary Martha ---- 67, 272, 446 ' 477 Skelton, Bryon .................. 20 Skelton, Jack ............... ' 495 Skerritt, Harry W ........... ....... !471 Skibell, Bernard Frank ...... 99 302 353 Skibell, Carl Albert ......... 85, 302 333 Skidmore, Fred A ............... , 39 361 Skidmore, James E ............. 453 Skinner, Dan Robert ........ 369, 445 457 Skinner, Harry ................ . ' ' 265 Skinner, Jerral V ............ " " 35 Skinner, John Washburn . . . .114 ' , ' 309, ' 358 Skipsna, Ilse ........................ 485 Skrabenek, Jerry ................ 435 Skrivanek, Franklin Benjamin ____ " 260 Skulan, Vernell J. . 67 442 Skyles, Ben Henry . Sladczyk, Mary Ellen ....... " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . m Slade, James Bruton ............. 85, 318 Slater, Duane D ................ ' . ' ... ' 67 Slater, William Parker . . jgV 457 Slatten, Judy .............. 99 273 Slattum, Evelyn Marian .. 99 ' 485 Slaughter, Lee, Jr ............. ! isV 485 Slavik, Frank Henry, Jr 114 310 ' q Slay Buford Glyn ' ' . ' . :.:.?SjB Slaybaugh, Gwen Ann ....... 99 238 Slider. Joseph Hardie ....... 114, ' 349] 445 Sloan, Joe ................ ,9 Sloan, Maggie ............ " ' 30 ' ; Sloma, Richard ............. | " Slonneger, Robert Dean ... 229 396 Small, Roger .................. ' .... ' 479 Smead, Hamp ............ 8 5 ' 27fi Smetana, James Joseph ...... 67, 471 478, Sm-,r ' i P T ?8ey p? r! ' an ' Jr ......... 353 ' , 441 Smith, Alice Elaine ...... 376 Sm ' Ih ' R nn K S M ' T ............. . ' . ' . ' 450 479 smith, Barbara Jane ..... 114 2fio Smith, Barbara Use ....... .... 290 Smith, Bette Joanne ....... " " 99 ' 275 Smith, Bettie Margaret ..... .... ' .320] 473 S ! ,h ' ri ' kt 3 L , V nne ..... " 23] . 40 Sm ! h ' ?f N ? " ............ 85,271,333 ! k ' r ! " " ................ 45 . 486 Sm ! ' r C f- ................ 334 -5 smith, Carmen G ....... din -ten Smith, Carol Sue .......... " . ' . " . " " . Smith, Carolyn Ann ......... !!!!! " 272 Smith, Charles Aubrey, Jr. .270, 354, 371 Smith, Charles Edward .... ' .. 8 s! 286. 328 Smith, Charles Everett ........... 99 251 Smith, Charles Lee . . , " 370 ' Smith, Charles Robert Smith, Cyril J ........ . ' . " .V.V.V. ' . ' m. 311 Smith, David Rae ............. 99 gofi Smith, David Madison ....... 282 329 394 Smith, Dick .................. ' _ ' J Q Smith, Donald Charles . .99, 123, 282 ' 367, Smith, Smith, Smith. Smith, Smith, Smith. Smith, Smith, Smith. Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Donald Ray ............. .. Dorothy Gene .. ' " 2 2 Edward W. . . Edwin M .......... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ..... 470 Elaine Faye ..... 114, 259, ' 440, ' 470 Eugene T., Jr ..... 85, 314, 328, 335 Eva Lou .............. 67 23 2, 441 Evelyn Lianne ...85,441,446 452 Everett Grant . . .229, 301, 380, 384 Finis Dean ............... 123, 154 Frances .............. 35, 227 ] 242 Frank R ........... 479 Garry V ................. .139 361 Gayle ........................ 479 Gordon L., Jr .............. jijf, Harlan Edward ........ ...67 308 Harold Ward ............ 335, 403 Harvey William ..... 276 331 467 HilliardB ........... 349, 388 445 Hugh James .67, 260, 366. 371, 378 James D .............. 67,333,335 James Edwin ............. 349, 445 Jane Gilbert ................ ' .269 Jeanette .............. 68, 254, 446 Jesse L. ...................... 355 Jimmy Ray ................. 250 Joan Lynn ................ 99, 320 Joe Ed ....................... 342 John C ..................... ] [459 John H .................. 491, 500 John William ................. 67 Joseph Newton ............ 99, 341 Josephus Murray ............. 280 Judith Wade ...... 85, 321, 487, 490 Kathryn Ann .................. 67 Kathryn Thomas ...... 67, 177, 230 Kay Juanita ...... 67, 200, 252, 398 Kenneth Lee ................. 329 Kenyard ..................... 440 Leonard Thomas ......... 298, 375 L. Truman ................... 459 PAGE 557 Name Pages Smith, Lorna 99, 183, 450 Smith, Lurline Byrd 68, 238 Smith, Luther Bell, III 247,342 Smith, Lyn C 351 Smith, Margaret Gail 114 Smith, Marilyn V 487 Smith, Martha Nell 68, 401 Smith. Mary Anne 183, 296 Smith. Max Howard ....140, 167, 341, 457 Smith, Murray 170 Smith, Natalie 99, 258 Smith, Nellora 376 Smith, Norma Dell 68, 230, 479, 493 Smith. Patricia Joan 85, 272 Smith, Patricia Lynn 461, 502 Smith, Percy Lee 114, 319, 358 Smith, P. D 285, 369 Smith. Philip Kemball 305 Smith. Ray Burl 443, 445 Smith, Richard Winton 355 Smith, Robert Edward 310, 367, 371 Smith, Robert Hadley 304 Smith, Robert Henry 68. 318, 375 Smith. Robert Lee 99, 319, 331 Smith. Ruth Bennie 114, 441, 454 Smith, Sanford Eugene 303, 355 Smith. Stephen Drew 100 Smith. Stephen P 440 Smith. Tracy Fritz 114. 287 Smilh. Thomas D. 349. 479 Smith, W. Aimer 287 Smith, W. A. Block 498 Smith. Walter Kirke 114,246 Smith, Ward Edward 294, 329, 397 Smith, Wayne Douglas 114 Smith. William Joe 85, 300 Smithey. Joann 68 Smyer. Joe Pate 42, 228 Smyth, Beth 100, 179, 227, 252, 473 Smyth, Beverly ....180, 200,252. 477, 490 Smyth. George Washington, Jr. 68. 226. 228 Snavely, Carol Lee 100 Snedeker, John S 352 Snell, Gene William 309 Snipes, Fred 332 Snively. Gordon Jarrett 85. 310 Snoeberger, John R 330 Snook, Helen E 441 Snow, Lowber D 382 Snow. Mnry Nell 479 Snow, Tommy M 354 Snowdcn, Rolen Dale 68. 288, 443 Snyder, Frank Davis 114. 311 Sobey, Arthur 485 Sober. Richard 485 Solcther. Nancy Ann 100, 233 Soltes. Maury 393 Sommer. Marilyn 68. 450 Sommerville, Sara Jane 297 Sondock. Filmorc Mayer 313, 367. 371. 378 Sone, Rosemary ... .85. 180, 182, 268, 450 Sonnenburg, Waldie Wilbert 469, 485 Sophomores 88-101 Sosa. Jose S 464 Solo. Alicia 455. 484 Sotomayor, Jorge Faustino 114. 353 South Central Texas Club 495 Southwell. Bonnie Lea 175. 180 Southwell, William John 271, 328 Sowell, Charles Lee ... .68, 121. 123. 211, 282, 341, 383, 384 Sowell, Jack Robson 282, 363 Sowell. Martha Jane 100,231 Spalding, George Morris 298, 402 Spalding. Warren D 330 Spangler, Charles R 483, 500 Spangler, Evelyn R. 440 Sparcnberg. Charles H 14. 380 Sparkman. Claude Darrel 1 1 14. 357 Sparks. Cathleen Lyra 68, 272, 473 Sparks. Cecil Ray 68, 396, 471 Speaker, Lucy Lee 114, 243, 440, 485 Spear, Harry Morgan, Jr 245 Snear, Mary Helen 85. 502 Spearman, Carolyn Elizabeth 254 Spears, Franklin Scott . .76, 207. 226. 270, 341, 402, 498 Spears, lone 395 Speed, Carol 114, 233. 454, 475 Speed, Oscar, Jr 339 Speer, Lon A 503 Spell, Jefferson Rea 400 Spell. Joann King 253 Spell, Virginia Browning 68, 252. 490 Spencer, Donald Caraon 100. 282 Spencer, Florence 395 Spencer, Norman Stuart. Jr 228 Spencer, Robert W 331 Spenrath. Edwin Lawrence 288 Spero, Billy Thomas 299 Sphinx 496 Spires, Dale O. 68, 470 Spitta, Fred 334 Splichal, Johnny F 370 Spooks 497 Spooner. Kathryn Ann ..243, 442, 450, 487 Spoor, Daniel Harry 294 Spradlin, Ronald 149 Spragins. Sylvia 114, 275 Spratt, Frances M 391. 481 Spriegcl. William R 18, 375, 380 Spriggs, Dorothy P 253 Spring, Carlton James 33, 339. 399 Spring, Gilmer R 121, 123 Spring, Irby Hanna 100, 461 Springer. Charles C 114, 359 Sprong. Cordelia Jane . . .86, 175. 176. 248 Spurlock, William W 325. 335 Squibb. Barbara Jean 249 Squyers, Robert J 114 Name Pages Squayres. Weldon Jeffcry 68, 278, 384 Stacy, Alpha Brownie 230 Staenberg. Martin M 235 Stafford. Lannon F 468 Stafford. Paul 492 Stahl. Charles Fredric 100, 286, 361 Stalmach. Charles Joe 370, 394, 458 Stamer, Werner 485, 495 Stampp, Julia Alice 273 Stanaland, Kenneth 68, 331 Stanard, Sam Renick 100. 330 Stancliff. Jo Ann 183, 242 Standard, Jack 305, 441 Standlee. Robert Craves 42 Stanfield. Halmond Keisen 300 Stanford. Betty Carolyn ....100,238,490 Stanger, Billy Joe 86 Stanley, Donald Joseph 244 Stanley, Shelby Curlee, Jr 271. 384 Stanton, Nancy B. 488 Staph, Horace Eugene 396, 403 Staples, Joseph Addison, HI 270, 394 Stark, Philip Mayes 114, 394 Starkey, Jimmy W 86 Starrett, Dorothy Nell 68, 320 Stayton, Robert Weldon 13, 281 Stearns, Boh C 479 Stearns, Robert C 441, 479 Stearns, Don 114, 498 Steel, Ernest W 382 Steele, Barbara Lee .... 68, 242, 391, 481. 487. 503 Steele, Jack Graham 68, 226, 228. 383 Steele, Newton J 284. 504 Steely, Robert Lee 36. 351 Stcenken. Gus Arlie .68. 469, 483, 485. 500 Steer, Robert Kenneth 304 Stcffey, David Frank 100 Steffey, Frank D 331 Steglich, Joyce 485 Stehling. Jack Arthur 278, 377 Steigmeyer. Hank 495 Stein. Pablo 86. 499 Stein, Walter William. Jr 304 Steinberger. John Clinton . . .100, 214, 333 Steinkamp, Delores E 440. 485 Stell. Thomas N 495 Stelly, Edward James 86, 487 Stendig. Frieda 68, 461, 481 Stenzel, Clarence Charles 170, 276. 366. 402 Stephen. Ernest Carrol 1 100. 503 Stephen, Joe Stanley 100, 300. 388. 444. 445 Stephens, Betty Jo 441 . 461 Stephens, Charles Draper 68, 467 Stephens. David Harry 256, 329 Stephens, Dora Beth 452 Stephens, Lotha Ann 86, 266, 480 Stephens, Martha Jean . . .63. 200. 450. 481 Stephenson. George N 114, 342 Stephenson. Harry W., Jr 401 Stephenson, Robert Clarence 400 Stephenson. Vida M 100 Sterneberg. Fred W 363 Steubing, Geraldino Barbara 177, 1S3. 267, 454. 485 Stevens. George Talbot 232 Stevens, James Crosby 264 Stevens. Nancy Anne 114, 321 Stevenson, Buddy Bob 359 Stevenson, James Charles 100 Stevenson, Joan Catherine 86. 175, 177, 242 Stevenson, Phillip Marion 293 Stevenson, Scottie Gayle 114. 176, 275 Stevenson, Thomas A 86, 332, 335, 441 , 446 Steves, Allen Roy 68, 470 Steves, Nancy Belle 100. 290, 475 Steves, Sterling Wallace 256, 386 Stewart. Arthur 140 Stewart, Don Harold 86. 470 Stewart. Donald Loy 100. 445 Stewart, Gene Conrad 68. 369, 441 Stewart. George Richard 358 Stewart, Hubert Richardson. Jr. .260. 340 Stewart, Jackie Dale 114, 335 Stewart, Joe A 331 Stewart, Judith Reid 272 Stewart. Rod Albert 311 Stewart, Sidney C 349 Stewart, Thomas 479 Stewart, Vernon James 294, 366 Stieren, Elizabeth Ann 275 Stilley, Allen Louis 265 Stillinger, Jack Clifford 286 Stillman, Jacob Harris .114. 235. 360, 394 Stillwagon, Jo Ann 176. 248, 479 Stillwcll. James Donald 36. 369 Stimm. Thomas B 487 Stinnett. Sidney 272. 473. 497 Stischer, Walther M 86, 260. 362 Stobaugh, John Perry 114 Stocks. Douglas R.. Jr. 328 Stockton, John Robert ' , Jr. . .86. 264, 375, 380, 394 Stockton, Nan S 452 Stoeltje. Mack 174, 256, 367 Stofcr, Preston Austin 114, 277 Stokes. Bennett 100 Stokes, Gwendolyn June 68. 390 Stokes, John Franklin 68, 294 Stokes. June 392, 494 Stokes, Russcl I A 42 Stolhandske. Carl Thomas ..121, 123, 168. 351 . 485 Stolte. Fred William 328, 485 Stone, Al T 168. 366 Stone. H. Donald. Jr 86 Name Pages Stone, John Lawton 262 Stone, Noah Wilson 68, 469, 500 Stone, Richard L 36 Stone. Robert L 403 Stone, Samuel Vaughn 114, 247,360 Stone, Sarah 268, 442, 481 Stone. Shirley Beth 100, 440 Stone, William Jesse, Jr 68 Stone, Wilton Roger 285, 443 Stool. Joseph M. 36,313 Stout, Anthony Newton 327 Stout, John Lee 86, 278 Stovall, George A 468 Stovall, Jane H 68, 442 Stovall. Mary Alice 482 Strahan, Wendall Lee 263 Strahan, Wesley Randall 262 Straiton, Archie Waugh 319, 385, 403 Strake. Robert 487 Strassmann, Angelica G 30, 68, 242, 389, 475, 476 Stratemann, Lorraine A 479 Straiten, Richard Vander 283 Straube. Frieda 487 Strauch. Lucy Elaine ... .69, 254. 397, 494 Strauss. Andries Menzo 86, 282 Strauss. Elizabeth Marie ...114, 376, 478, 487, 502 Stayhorn. John Laidley 261. 342, 440 Street. William Allen 399 Streetman, Bonnie Greenwood 69 Streetman. John Robert 42 Streusand. Charles Lee 100,292 Strickland. Billy Frank 359. 495 Strickland. Bobby Joe 359, 495 Strickland. Stanley Paul 289 Streiber. Leslie John 114.279,359 Strieber. Johanna Lou . . .69, 177, 179,181, 183, 230 Stripling. Nancy Ruth 69, 230 Strom, Hubert Holiday 360. 503 Strong, Guerry M . . ' . 314, 367 Strong. Jack B 492 Strum, Shirley Elise 114, 235, 376, 441. 501 Strum. Stanley 69. 302, 380 Struve. Dan J 362 Struve. Frida Ellen 114,267,441 Stuard W. L., Jr 471 Stuart. Alice Ann 479 Stuart. Richard Andrews 298, 367, 441 Stubbicfield, Hal 86 Stubbs. John E 69 Stubbs. Muriel L 331.461 Studdanl. Don Edward 86 Studdert. Elizabeth Hoyt . . . 100. 187, 297 Student Assembly 25 Student Association 24 Student Christian Association 498 Student Court 26 Student Government 22-26 Studer. Stanley S 121, 123 Stuhr. Ernest 229 Stukins. Ronald Lee 329, 460 Stullken. Florence M 380 StumhofTer, Clarence W 468, 485 Sturch. George T 166. 168, 370 Sturdivant, Wayne P 333 Sturman. Charles Ray 270 Sturrock. Robert Lee 333,458 Stuttle. Marilyn March 69, 232. 442, 475, 494 Stutts. Mary Grace 453 Stutts. William H 329 Suarez, Peter M 228, 340 Suceda. Juan 464 Sugerman, Charles F 130, 302, 366 Suggs. Ann Lee 114.297, 376 Suggs. Jerry Leo 299 Suhler. William Charles .86, 349, 388, 445 Suhn, Dee Ann 100 Sula. Leon Wayne 460, 468, 495 Sulkevich. Edmond T 487 Sullivan. George Harris 69, 213, 300, 339. 374, 402 Sullivan, John Agustin 69, 300, 353 Sullivan, John Francis 301 Sullivan, Mary Ann 86, 321, 481 Sullivan. S. Louise 391 Sullivan. William Jerome 282 Sumas. Genevieve Louise 176 Summerlin. Harvey Newell 310, 479 Summers, Alfred H 36 Summers. Harvey S 170, 363 Summers. Myra L 474 Sumrall. Carroll Burleson. Jr. ...42, 167, 169. 310 Sunkel. Margaret Sue 114, 249 Surcek, Mildred 495 Surl es. Robert Lesl ie 100. 226, 250 Surovik, Edward J 465 Surratt. Martha 479 Sutherland. Robert Lee 315, 394 Suttles. James N 251 Sutton. Ben Ellis 69. 375 Sutton, Mildred Janet 100, 176, 233, 450. 475 Svadlenak, Loree Dean 244 Svasta, Edward Jerome 457 Swadley. W. C 339 Swain. David Leland 288, 443 Swain. Jack Randolph 280 Swain. William Clinton. Jr 318 Swales. Sharon Louise 100, 268 Swaney. Willard, R 100 Swann. Betty Sue 86, 381 Swartout. Jack M 399 Swearingen, James Samuel. Jr . .114, 257, 370 Swearingen, Jonilu 296 Name Pages Swearingen, William Scott 256, 371. 378, 467 Sweatman, Diane 69, 198, 200, 248, 477, 497 Sweeney, Harold D 69 Sweeney, Robert Boyce 42, 379, 380, 384, 401, 491 Sweeny, Roger E 329 Swen, Bonnie May 273 Swenson, A. M. G. 12 Swenson, Thomas Frederick 100, 341 Swenson, Wallace Leon 379, 388, 445 Sweet, Arnold Norman 100, 234 Sweet, Lewis Taber, Jr 250 Sweet, Martha Gene 114, 453 Sweetheart Finalists 192-193 Swidler, Hene 183 Swift, Sara Elizabeth 297 Swimming 146, 147 Swisher, Alma Allen 86, 200, 458 Sykes. Hoy A 500 Symonds, Williston Brandreth ..139, 277, 342 T Association 121 Tabb, Dorothy Jeanette Probst 69 Tabb, Jeanette Probst 395 Taber, Cecil Easley 114 273 Taber, Walter R 367 Tabor, H. Charles 100. 271, 330 Tabor, Marilyn L 441, 450 Taborsky, Edward 261 Tackett. Helen 389 Taft, Jimmy G 479 Tagliarini, Violet R 487 Talamas, Edward John 86, 366, 464. 484, 487 Talerico, Grazia A 114 241 453 Talley, Bill E 351 Talley, D. James 353 Tamez, Pascual 352 Tamez, Rubert 331 Tampke, David 445 Tankersley, Ewel Lake. Jr. ..100, 318, 362 Tankersley. George Beal 100 Tannehill. Helen ..69, 181, 182. 397, 400, 477, 494. 504 Tanner, Bobby Jack 250, 367 Tanner, David Lee 342 Tanner, Howard 330, 335. 375 Tanner, Joe H 149, 363 Tanner, Van Ness 286, 368 Tannhouser, Gretehen 275 Tannos, Joseph Thomas . .69, 339, 403. 487 Tapman. Thomas 100 Tarango. Charlie V., Jr 500 Tarkington. Murray 100, 305, 330, 495 Tarnopol, William Stuart 293 Tarplay, Elizabeth 241, 391 Tarver, Lewis Thomas 282 Tale, David M. 328 Tate. Margaret Ann 100, 320. 441. 473 Tale, Martha Ann 86, 227, 240. 475 Tate. Robert Vincent 139. 352 Tatom, William A 346 Tatsch, Robert 485 Tatum, Ralph Donald ...36, 172, 360, 457 Tau Beta Pi 403 Tau Delta Phi 312. 313 Tau Sigma Delta 404 Tau Kappa Epsilon 314-315 Taylor, Albert Scott 283. 353 Taylor. Arvilla 182, 479 Taylor, Basil Henry 288 Taylor, Barbara Jayne 42, 456, 495 Taylor. Betty Jo 100, 269 Taylor. Blanche Lavon 114 Taylor, Boyd D 447 Taylor, Byna 114. 231,475 Taylor, Charles E 123, 282. 362, 483 Taylor, Charles G 441 Taylor. Clara Ann 447 Taylor, Clifton H 482 Taylor. Davis Manning 271, 443 Taylor, Dixie 503 Taylor, Duke 503 Taylor, Durward J 329 Taylor, Gladys V 390, 440 Taylor, Harris J 369 Taylor, Jack 139 Taylor, Jack Greer 277 Taylor, Jackson D 139 Taylor, John Franklin 285, 342 Taylor, Jesse K 25 Taylor, Joan Carlton 86, 249 Taylor. John W 346 Taylor, Kathryn Lee 69, 243 Taylor, Lawrence Van 245 Taylor, Leon Glenn 247, 298, 299, 384 Taylor. Lucile Byna 182 Taylor, Margaret C 482 Taylor, Martha Lou 69. 100. 184, 248, 461 Taylor, Max E 355,479 Taylor, Patty 183, 184, 461 Taylor, Robert Kinder 86, 331 Taylor, Roy LeCrand, Jr 280 Taylor, Vernon Marshall 114. 298 Taylor, Virginia Beth 176, 178, 232 Teague, Gwynn Arvin 262, 328 Teague, Nancy 86, 255, 442, 446 Teague, Russell 100 Teas, Don C. 397 Teas. Gene Merwin 308 Tedford. Walter Edgar 25. 458, 471 Teer, Ed L 114, 360,446 Teinert, Erna Mae 485 Teinert, Willard C 470 Teixeira, Louise M. 182, 392. 502 PAOE 558 Name. Pages Tejas Club 499 Tekeli, Candas S 42 Telotte, Ira Edward 278 Temple, Nancy Lou .86, 230, 231, 451, 490 Templeton, James Richard 246 Templeton, Phillip Farwell 69, 276, 354, 378 Templeton, Stuart Edward 276, 368, 378, 470 Teneyuque, Socorrita 464 Tennis 160, 161 Teodoro, Eloria 488 Terrell. Barbara Lee . . .100, 269, 392, 269, 454, 475. 494 Terrell, Cynthia Ann 248 Terrell, Jamie B 495 Terrell, John T 500 Terrill, C. Ann 497 Terry, Ben Alan 305, 360, 394. 485 Terry, Dan Hallman 69, 228 Terry, Don Dewitt 339 Terry, George White, Jr 69 Terry, Marilyn 232, 391, 450, 451 Texas Law Review 36 Texas Pharmaceutical Association . . . .500 Texas Stars 501 Texas Student Publications, Inc. . .28, 29 Texas Union 27 Thaman. Joanne Marye 69, 230 Thames, Clement B., Jr. .69, 311, 339. 468 Thames, Kenneth 479 Thanhouser, Gretchen 442 Thatcher, Karen 275 Thaxton, Helen Laura 69. 269 Thaxon, Trudy 238. 475. 431 The Daily Texan 32, 33 Theadorne Co-Op 461 T ieleme Co-Op 458 Theobalt, Betty Ann 69, 232 Theobalt, Betty Anne 176, 178 Theta Chi 316, 317 Theta Sigma Phi 405 Theta Xi 318, 319 Thienes, William A 86. 363 Thigpen, Emma Cecil 453 Thorn, Alfred Albert 235 Thomas, Bonnie 479 Thomas, Charles A 154 Thomas. David Hildreth 100. 294, 355, 371 Thomas, David Rutherford . .226. 260, 261 Thomas. Gardner, Jr 173, 262, 374 Thomas, George M 363 Thomas, Giles Robert 303 Thomas. Harold Ira 298, 401 Thomas. Harry Negus 262, 374 Thomas. John Jay. Jr 114. 281. 359 Thomas. Kay 376. 394 Thomas. Martha Elizabeth 290 Thomas. Robert Lee 86, 283 Thomas. Robert Powell, III 300, 367 Thomas. Thomas Apostolos 310 Thomas, Tommie Tod 249 Thomas. Wayne D. 441 Thomas. William Culwell . .228, 329, 335 Thomas. William J. M 349. 371 Thomnson, Mary Bess 114, 243 Thompkins, Carol yn Jean 182 Thompson, Betty Ann . .114, 253, 450, 475 Thompson, Chaunce O 86, 325 Thompson, Charles Ernest. Jr. 86. 304, 305 Thompson, Dorothy Jean 114, 233 Thompson, Edythe 183 Thompson, Edward Earl 500 Thompson, Emory C 270, 341 Thompson, Florence Edythe 69, 268 Thompson, Gene W 123 Thompson, James E 468 Thompson, Jere William ....100, 282, 341 Thompson, J. Neils 332. 403. 470 Thompson, Joanne 100, 453. 487 Thompson, Joe 440 Thompson, John Holford 403 Thompson, Mae Frances 100, 268, 269 Thompson, Marilyn Diane 321 Thompson, Marlin Neal 386 Thompson, Milton John 396, 403 Thompson, Pat W 479 Thompson, Paul J 19, 399 Thompson, Ralph B 380, 384 Thompson, Rhodes 479 Thompson, Richard Dean ...114, 351, 441 Thompson, Robert Andrew, III 304, 341, 470 Thompson, Sherman Allan 100 Thompson, Sophos A 42, 470 Thompson, Thomas II 385. 467 Thompson, Tommy Van .33, 305, 351, 479 Thompson, Vallie Sue 395 Thomson, Edna Martha . . ' . 275 Thomson, Martha 69 Thomson. Walter Dudley 311 Thomsu. Jerry 167 Thorescn, Ray 485 Thorn. Al 440 Thornhill. John Roland 363 Thornhill. Max E 114, 351.495 Thornton, Dorothy Louise 86, 176, 239, 450 Thornton, Kenneth Jackson 264, 265 Thornton, Lady Gracelyn . . .69. 387. 461. 469, 500 Thornton, Robert E 36 Thorp. Murph Napoleon 262 Thrasher, Lois Renee 249 Thurman, Ann R 86 Thurman, Barbara Ann 69, 268 Thurman, Mary Ann 252 Thurman, William Horace 114, 308 Tichcnor, McHenry Taylor 86, 276 Ticken, Betty Louise 179 Name Pages Ticker, George A 139 Tidwell, Jack Quinn 229 Tidwell, Patricia Jo 291, 376 Ticken, Betty Louise 86, 268, 485 Tieman, Robert Edward 86, 465 Tiemann, Kenneth 485 Tiemann, Virginia Warner 389 Tillery, Patrick Alonzo 342, 479 Tillery. Preston James 394. 401. 503 Tillicek, Frank John 69, 495 Timmerman, Elizabeth Ann 100, 453 Timmins, Barney H., Jr 329, 375 Timmins. Robert S tone 147, 282, 367 Timmins, Varney Holland, Jr 86 Timmons, William Milton ..114. 351, 446 Timpson, Helen Louise 100, 175, 254 Tiner, Susan Lane 248 Tiner. Thomas Dwayne 114 Tinker, Lee 392 Tinsley, Christine 472 Tinsley, John Russell 445 Tippit, Albert Sydney 86, 284, 493 Tips, Thomas C. 352 Tips, Thomas Conrad 282 Tipton, Agnes Elizabeth 69. 227. 268 Tipton, Charles D 385 Tirad, Molly Ann 114, 259 Tislow, Rodney L 363 Tlok 459 Tobiao. Marvin Daniel 69. 302 Tobin, Mrs. Edgar 12 Tobin. Robert Lynn Baits 271 Todaro, Martin Thomas 447 Todd, Cloma C 100, 233. 450, 501 Todd. Ellen Clare 296 Todd, Eugene Allan . . .294, 347, 371, 378 Todd. Ruth 488 Tolar, Jack Lldon. Jr 121. 167.402. 457. 479 Tolar. Roger Lee 70, 121, 145. 147. 300, 479 Toline. John A 497 Tolleson, Carlos Lee . . .380. 394. 401. 479 Tom, Charles A 331, 335, 487 Tomanek. Hildegarde F 441 Tomlinson, Glen Cleo 114, 359 Tomlinson, Oren Harold, Jr 283 Tomme, M. Brown, Jr. ..70. 298, 299, 385. 403. 467 Tompkins, Carolyn Jean 86, 275 Tomsu, Jerry Thomas 4 7 Toney. Beverly Ann 175, 240, 475 Tonn. Elsworth 100, 485 Tonroy. Charlotte A 36 Tooke. Merl e Paunee 86, 240 Toole, Joel David 114. 351. 394 Tooley. Elwyn Kenneth 32, 70, 313 Topractsoglou, A. Anthony 382 Torn. Patricia Ann 86, 200. 320. 494 Torn, Elmore Rual 304, 334, 441 Torgerson, Donald H 70 Torian, Arthur Frank 70 Torrance, Nancy 33, 305, 381, 453 Torres, Oscar Luis 467 Totah. Aida 1 472, 4S7 Totten. Jane 275 Toubin. Jimmy L. 86, 313 Touchstone, John Nathaniel 280 Towne, Richard P 468 Name Pages Tucker, Oliver T. ................... 465 Tucker, Sally Elizabeth ............. 321 Tucker, William Eric ...70, 282, 370. 378 Tuey, Mary Louise .................. 477 Tullett, Jack E ..................... 397 Tullis, Ernie Winton ................ 114 Tune, James Lewis. Jr ........... 70, 318 Tupin. Joe P ........... 115, 349,445, 479 Turbyfill, Dick ..................... 440 Turek, Shirley Lucille ..... 177, 183, 230 Turer, M. Ozcan ..................... 42 Turnbow, James W .................. 403 Turner, Ben Howard. Jr ......... 100, 168 Turner, Bill ........................ 329 Turner, Jane ........................ 70 Turner, Jack Rice ............... 70, 256 Turner, Lovell Metcalf .......... 70. 282 Turner, Mary Jane .................. 268 Turner, Stanley .................... 279 Turner, Othel D ..................... 401 Turnham. Robert Crews ..... 70, 209, 298, 383. 468 Turpin. Jeeica Brooks .............. 275 Turpin. Robert Davis ........... 382. 403 Turpin. William Harold ........ 246. 366 Tutt, Ernestelle Kay ..100. 214, 227, 320, 392, 454, 473. 498 Tuttle. George Augustus ---- 70, 339, 396, 403. 471 Tuttle, George B .................... 493 Twin Pines Co-Op ................... 460 Twitchell. Trigg .................... 382 Tyler, D. Winfred ................... 367 Tyler. Henry Allen ................. 377 Tyler, Joan ......................... 431 Tyler. John Harrison ........... 256. 361 Tyler. Tom Louis ................... 260 Tyroch. Henry Albert ............... 478 Tyrrell. Jeanne Ross ............ 86. 297 Tysoe. Robert Chan .................. 70 u Uhlig, Carl Edward ................. 485 Ullum. Harry ....................... 261 Umland. Julius C .................... 466 mstattd. Ethel . U Townsend. Barbara Ellen 114, 454 Tower, Shirley Jean 70, 199. 200, 232. 233, 477 Towery, Louis R. 332 Towery. Robert Lindley 149, 353 Townsend, Bryson 121. 123, 332 Townsend, Howard William 499 Townsend. Virginia 320, 475 Townsley, Harry B., Jr 36 Townsley. Marilyn 461 Tracy. Paul 20 Tracy. Robert Gene ... .341, 388, 445, 457 Track 154. 158 Trad. Sherry 472 Trafton, William Forrest 123. 352 Trahan. Donald Henry 288, 330 Traux, Dorothy Ann 242 Travis, Davis 400 Travis, David R 465 Travland. Teren ce W 114 Travis, W. T 335 Travis, Wayne Kenneth 100. 328, 470, 493 Trawcek, Stella 380 Treat, Burnett Deane 70 Treat, Burnett Forrest 396, 403 Treat, Carol Lou 70 Trent, Maybelle Winona 272, 273 Trcsselt, Ernest Frederick 359 Trevano, Uriel M 464 Trevino. Dorothy B 70, 464, 484 Trevino, Adan 359, 464, 487 Trice, Lois Baird 291 Trickery, Joe H 100, 244, 363 Trigg, Margaret Sue 114, 321 Trimble, Elizabeth Ann 397 Troike. Rudy C 330 Troll, Gene A 70, 469. 483. 491. 500 Trott. Wayne E 469, 483 Trout, William Walter, Jr 100, 308 Troutz, Eugene Harry 100 Trowbridge, Terry Oliver 288, 327 Truax, Dorothy Anne 70 Trundle, Sylvia Ann 387 Tsao, Daniel P. N 491 Tschirhart, William Terry 359 Tucker, Barbara J. 442 Tucker, Billie Bert 177, 320 Tucker, George A 330 Tucker, Jerry Reed 25, 42, 308 Tucker, Jo Ann 453 Tucker, Mary Ann 395 .395 Underwood, Jack Lee 76, 300, 339, 384 Ungerer, Billie Grace . .86, 389. 392, 453, 474. 485. 495 Ungerman, Owena Mae 1 15, 259. 441 Ungerman, Sora Lei 100, 258 Untermeyer, Katherine F 86, 495 Upshaw, David Lee 70, 375, 466 Upton, Jake E 100 Upton, James Ernest 115 Uray, Fikret 42 Urritia, Barbara 475 Ussery, Dave M 353 Ussery. Mary Carolyn 100, 267, 479 Vagtborg, Phyllis Maurinc 86, 253. 440, 493 Vague, James Reagan 270, 328 Valdez, Jesus F 355, 378 Valdez, Robert J 500 Valdez, Kuben 367 Valdez. Tinio 464 Valerius. John Behner . . . : 278 Valhalla Co-Op 461 Vallejo, Ruben 464 Vails. William 154, 354 Van Brunt, Nalda 100, 297, 376, 489 Vance, John A., Jr 101, 332 Vancil, Bob Isaac 328, 467 Van Cleave, Shirley Mae 390 Vanderhider, Kenneth D. 471 Vander Straten, Richard 86. 328 Vandcwater, Charles R 470 Van Hoy, Anderson Conner 86, 318 Van Meter, E. C., Jr 86 Van Shaw, C. D 329 Van Sickle, Donald Ritchie 394 Vanston, Margaret Ann 115, 297, 475 Van Winkle, Roy Lawayne 318, 339 Van Wormer, Shirley Louise ..30, 55. 86. 242, 389, 392, 477, 494 VanZandt, Howard 300 Varias, Josie 461 Varley, Darlene 115,479 Varnell, Janice 115, 233, 475. 497 Varney. Shirley Ann 86, 474 Varsity Debate 447 Vaughan, K. N 471 Vaughan, Raymond Scott 70 Vaughan, Sam Joseph 276 Vaughn, Billy F 304,466 Vaughn, I ni.i Ruth 461 Vaughan, Joe Earl 86, 368. 445 Vaught, Leonard M 471 Vaught. Thurman Alex 115. 277 Vautrain, Lynn D 363 Vavrecka, Johnnie B 478 Vehslage, Anita 485 Vela, James C 470 Vela, Roberto, Jr 70. 464 Velasco, Marie de Los A 450 Velten, Jo 479 Venable, Ann 31. 273 Venablc. Valeria Frances 70. 266 Vener, Louis Jacob 292. 334 Vener, Marillyn P 441 Verdine, Riley 149, 367 Vergun, Dimitry 140, 328 Vern, L. R 173 Vernon, Gladys Joyce 101, 248. 490 Name Pages Vester, Samuel Henry. Jr 256, 367 Vick, Cabc Thomas 70, 288, 330, 375 Vickcrs, Samuel Joseph, Jr 284 Victery, Harry Clopton 115, 309 Vilbig, Doris Margaret 273 Villafranca, Ralph 70, 330 Villareal, Albert, Jr 503 Villarreal, Celestino R 465 Villarreal, George Claude 264, 399 Villarreal, Sergio Isidore 264 Vallerreal, Adcla Marta 455, 484 Vineyard, Ben Lynn, Jr 483, 491 Viramontes, James Raymond .70, 121. 140, 169, 310, 348, 378 Virtue, Virginia 182 Vivian, Julia 395 Voelkel, LaVerne 101, 453, 485 Vogel. Freda Lee 115. 307 Vogt, Ernest C 471. 485 Vogt. Paul 485 Voich. Michael R 382, 465 Voigt, Elaine Marie 86, 453 Volcik, Eugene Charles 70. 500 Volkart, Richard D 70, 375 Von Rosenberg, Charles Ernest 385, 403, 445 Voorhess, Mary Louise 70, 374, 393 Voss, Robert G 86 Votive, Simon P 491 Voyles, Claude W 12 Vratis, Christine 115 Vuillemin, Louis Allan 172, 457 Vykukal. Eugene L 121. 483. 500 W Waddell, Norma Jeanne .86, 233, 450. 474 Wade. Joy Ellowyn 86,474 Wade, Lela Owens 70, 248, 481 Wade. Paul Richard 86, 287 Wagner, Charles V 478. 495 Wagner. Cyrus Henry 300, 496 Wagner, Pete 162 Waggener, Robert Glenn ...101. 311. 32J Waghorne, Bernard Eric 169, 285 Wagley, Tructt C 465 Wahlquist, Lauren B 311. 370 Wainright, Revill Ann 86. 254, 255 Wakonda Co. Op 461 Walch, Shelby L 397 Walcowich. Bobby Lee 42 Walden, Kyle Ward 86, 304, 468 Waldman, Selma A. 389 Waldron. Roman Sterling, III . . .247. 367 Waligore, Woodrow W 465 Walicek, Envin 485. 495 Walker, Basil Eugene, Jr. . .282, 375, 479 Walker, Beverly Ann ... .70, 290, 474, 475 Walker, Carlos Richard 76. 262, 331 Walker, Charles Edward 380. 384. 466 Walker. Douglas J 71, 329, 458.468 Walker, Edwin Link. Jr 101 Walker, Gene Cowden 71, 471 Walker, James Benjamin 280 Walker, Jack Wesley. 71, 388, 444, 445. 503 Walker, Jean M 451 Walker, Jerry Goldsmith. 71, 226, 288, 333 Walker, Johana A 101. 200. 242 Walker, Joe Dugeon. Jr 300 Walker, Harvey Lee 361 Walker. Richard Carlos 173 Walker. Robert A 332 Walker, Robert Harding .30, 86, 208, 226. 280. 340 Walker, Robert Howard 71, 329 Walker, Robert Lee 318 Walker, Shirley Jean 86 Wallace, Allen C., Jr 71. 31 l Wallace, Alton Dale 71, 318. 375 Wallace. Charles Stuart 283 Wallace. Jack 375 Wallace, James Lawrence 42, 440 Wallace, Percy Thomas 309 Wallace, Ralph Elois. Jr. ...86, 374, 393 Wallace, Richard 479 Wallace, Tom 115. 332 Waller, John Andrew 284 Walls, Elizabeth 464 Walls, Robert Hamilton 353 Walser, Dorothy Ann 86. 320 Walsh, Edward Joseph. Jr. . . .87, 375, 487 Walter, Betty Lynn 87. 177, 321 Walter, Hugo A 305. 349, 377 Walter, John A 490 Walter, Leta (nice 183 Walter, Louie William 375, 379, 401 Walters, Horace Lee 299 Walthall, Eugene, Jr 71 Walther, Carolyn 395, 485 Walther, Milton F 471. 485 Walton, Lawrence Elrod 326, 393 Wai trip, Kenneth Merle 270 Warburton, Stanley Day 101, 311. 329, 503 Ward, Albert 32. 33 Ward. Ben Herman, Jr 244 Ward, Bernard 331 Ward, Carol Elizabeth 87 Ward. G. Terry 287, 350 Ward, James Thomas, Jr 87, 363 Ward, Stanley Herbert 42 Ward, William C 355 Wardlaw, Frank H 399 Wardlaw, Jackie Cwen .115, 441, 454, 503 Warford. Harold L 33, 332 Warkins. Myrtle Lucille 71 Warix, JoAnn 115, 267,480 Warlen, Wesley M.. Jr 87, 284, 360, 361, 378, 384 Warmack, Wallace 87, 467 PAGE 559 Hume Pages Warner, Frank S 468 Warner, Lucien Minor 305 Warner, Marilyn Jean 176, 267 Warner. Robert W 385,403 Warner, Virginia Elizabeth . .71. 230, 391, 392, 395, 490. 498. 504 Warren, C. D., Jr 71. 167 Warren, Cleon K 71 Warren, David M.. Jr 71 Warren, Elinor Donely 115, 461 Warren, James Howard . .87, 246. 362, 443 Warren. Martha 243 Warren, Sue 71, 183 Warren, Thomas Gastrell 87, 276 Wash, James Clark 71, 479, 496 Washer, Phin A 363 Washington, Bob 487 Washington, James H. 459. 503 Wassermann, Aaron 441 Waters. Barbara F 115 Waters, Mary Helen 242 Waters, Suzanne Catherine 182, 296 Watkins, Elven W., Jr 468 Watkins, H. W 379 Watkins. Mary Frances 177, 183 Watkins, Myrtle Lucille 178. 268, 481 Watkins, William Edward . . . .87. 333. 335 Watkins, Willis M 443 Watson. Ann Evelyn 87. 243 Watson, Ann Josephine 249 Watson, Darwin Ray 445 Watson, John Allen 355, 370 Watson, John Daniel 121. 299 Watson, Kimball Stuart 71, 211. 300. 328, 383 Watson, Laurin H 375 Watson, Marietta Collier . . .101, 272, 475 Watson, Mary Julia 395 Watson, Robert Lee. Jr 87. 34 Watson, Stanley Gene 319 Watson, Walter Weakley, Jr 87, 250 Watson, Wilfred H 375, 401 Watt. John R 396 Wattinger, Vernon Ray 271 Watts, John McCleave 283 Weatherford, Reuben E.. Jr 492 Weathers, Alfred Wyatt 115. 245. 361 Weaver Claude Madison, II .262, 368, 378 Weaver, Eldrige Virgil 87, 288, 471 Weaver, Harland 375, 380 Weaver, Madison 166, 173 Weaver, Sam M 385 Weaver. T. D 447. 479 Webb, David Robert, Jr. 277, 394 Webb, Donnell Joan ..177, 180, 181, 182, 252, 474 Webb, Frances lone 242 Webb, Harry Charles, Jr. . . .71, 204. 226, 280, 355, 378, 383, 386 Webb, Helen Annette 87, 321,475 Webb, James David 244 Webb, Jimmy D 479 Webb, Joe W 168, 352 Webb, Kenneth Malcolm. Jr 471 Webb. Lyman Watson 300. 362 Webb, Richard Clark 281,354 Webb, William D 325, 377 Webber, Barbara Joan 101 Webber, Beverly June 71, 254 Webber. Janilyn Sue 101, 255, 501 Weber, Florence M 461, 474, 485 Weber, James 358, 371, 375, 378 Webster, Fred S., Jr 479 Webster, Rie 479 Weed, William Franklin . . .115, 305, 352 Weeks, Alden 226 Weeks, Oliver Douglas 285 Weeks, Sarah Jane . .30, 87, 182, 210, 320, 389, 392, 475, 490 Weeks, William Alden 363 Weideman, Mary Louise 474 Weidmer, Richard T., Jr 71, 318 Weiershausen, James Roy 353 Weigler, William 485 Weil. Ben Alexander 383 Weil, Sol Bertram 342, 441. 446 Weiner, Lawrence 101, 234 Weingarten, Harris Jacob ...101. 302, 250 Weinheimer, Alvin Francis 71 Weir. Lonnie C 139. 351 Weisinger, Nina Lee 400 Weiss. Alvin Howard 313 Weiss. E. Joseph 403 Weiss, Edwin E 380 Weiss, Fred H 101,485,493 Weiss. Herbert D 234 Weiss. Sondra Ann 115. 307 Weisser, Dennis 485 Weksler, Lois Ann 115, 307, 376 Wclborn, Frankie Mae 29. 405 Welch, Helen Arden 115,501 Welch, James Michael . .101, 169, 262, 394 Welch, Maida 381 Welch. William T 328, 467 Welder, Mary Elizabeth 487 Welhausen, Barbara A 376, 487 Welhausen, Mildred Jean . . .71. 200, 205, 230, 389, 475, 479, 490, 495, 501 Weller, George Stephen 394 Wellhoff, Shirley Jean 452, 485 Wells, Ann Parsons 297 Wells, Barbara Alice ..115, 243, 475, 503 Wells, Julian A 486 Wells, Kenneth F. 353 Wells, Richard Allan 292, 334 Wells, Willard Henry 278 Wells, Zack Martin, Jr 87 Welsch. Glenn A 379. 380,384,401 Welsh, Dorothy 451 Welsh, Melba 87,255 Name Pages Welly, Jeanette 503 Welty, Richard 396 Wendlandt, Rca 485 Wenger, Paul Cedric, Jr 87, 244 Wenig, Don Roger 260 Werchan. James C 375, 485 Werkenthin, Ace 329 Werkenthin, Conrad Plitt . . .167, 262, 485 Werlla, Walter Ross 349 Wernette, Jack T 441, 487 Wertheimer, Henry A 483, 491 Wertheimer, Ruth Jean 87, 306, 490 Wesley Foundation 503 Wesley, Loretta Jean ... .24, 27, 71, 180, 206, 252, 389, 485 Wesner, Carol Jean . . . .101, 320, 376. 392. 454, 475. 490 Wesselman, John B 487 Wessels, Marguerite 101, 275 Wessely, Robert Marr 282 Wesson, Jim Parks 300, 330 West. Betty Ann 115, 297 West, Bettye Jo 87, 182, 268, 481 West, Frances Gene 71 West, Glenn Douglas 271 West, Marian 272 West. Samuel A 87, 334 West, William Floyd 304, 305, 334, 335,472 Westberry, Jim R 492 Westbrook, Alice Mae 115, 321, 450 Westminster Student Fellowship 504 Whatley. M. Frances 461 Wheat, Fannie W 454 Wheat, Josiah 71, 310, 311, 492 Wheat, Richard Allyn . .87, 250. 474. 479 Wheeler, Elsie M 101,176, 177.269 Wheeler, Janet 87, 296 Wheeler, Robert Yeates 286 Wheeler, William Thomas . . .87, 284, 328 Wheless, Randolph Fredrick 170, 276, 354 Whetzle, Richard Joseph 172, 358, 487 Whiddon, Thomas R., Jr 401 Whigham, William Randall 71, 445 White, Bill M 123. 350 White, Bob Jon 251. 342. 394 White. Cecil Eugene 115. 445 White. Charles Fisher 169, 256 White. Clementine 238, 376, 390 White, Carolyn Jean 101, 273 White, Dixie Ann 71. 238 White, Emory L.. Jr. 115. 305. 351 White, Hugh Gilham, III ... .71, 270, 487 White, Harry Ragsdale 460 White. James D 330 White. James E 333.399 White, John Arch 379,380. 384 White, John Thomas 71 White, Leslie P 479 White, Lois Louise 248 White, Marianne Dasher. 101, 242, 454, 475 White, Oscar R 500 White, Paul L 17 White, Paul R 482 White, Robert Benson 257 White, Robert Clark 244 White, Ruth Joan 320 White. William Sam 360 Whitecotton. Charlie Boyce 115. 350 Whitefore, Theodore Davis 226, 250 Whitehall Co-Op 461 Whiteker, M. Carman 101 Whitcsell, JackC 397 Whitesides, Charles Early 87. 159. 355, 377 Whitis, William Jernigan 229, 359 Whitley, Ennis Marie ..101. 232, 475, 481 Whitley, James Floyd, Jr 468 Whitlock, Bryson L 87, 278 Whitman, Richard 313, 464 Whitmire, Joe Ann 249 Whitson, Marilyn Irene 87, 268 Whitten, Giles M 329,445 Whittington, Curtis Best 367, 485 Whittington, Dick 382, 470 Whittlesey, Ardis Blanchard 101 Whitworth, George R 147. 353 W.I.C.A 502 Wible, Clarence 172 Wieckhoff, Jerie Jean 115, 440 Wier, Nancy Myrle 101, 176, 232 Wiggen, Gene R. 87, 328 Wiggins, Audrey Jane 87, 321 Wiggins, Peter Nelson, HI 256 Wight, George LeRoy 247 Wightman. Robert Bradford 316 Wiginton, Martin Alexander 286 Wilcox. Brandon Neville 285 Wilcox, Jack B 71 Wild. John A 244 Wilde. Margaret 266. 485 Wilde. Wilford Carl 396. 403 Wilder. Betty Jean 320 Wilder, Charles 42 Wilder, Ross Gilbert 305 Wiley, Donald Field 87 Wiley, Frank David 351 Wiley, Joe Morris 71, 146, 147, 443 Wiley, Mary Margaret 87, 232, 490 Wilhite, GayleDalton 404,496 Wilken, Leon O., Jr 491 Wilkenfeld, Jerome Stanley 115, 303, 351, 394 Wilkerson. Ouida Jo 273 Wilkins, Ronald Agnew 71, 210, 325. 335, 377 Wilkins, Winnie 395 Wilkinson, David C 445 Wilkinson. Gordon H 441 Wilkinson. Kenyon Franklin ....115. 261 Name Pages Willard. Helen 454 Willborn, Mary Elaine 72 Willding, Richard Allen 139.283, 361, 487 Willefoid, James N 329 Willey, Sylvia 115. 249 Williams. Alan Regan, Jr 33, 87 Williams. Ann Qualtrough 115, 233, 452, 474 Williams, Ann Willette .87, 230. 177, 481 Williams. Ann Willson 87, 252 Williams, Anne Kerbey 115, 275 Williams, Anne M 461 Williams, Arthur Branch, Jr. 87, 318, 350 Williams, Barbara Ann 72, 381, 441, 461. 479 Williama, Betty Anne 231. 450 Williams, Betty N 376 Williams, Beverly Jane .101, 321, 452, 475 Williams, Caroline Dean 101, 241, 390 Williams, Charlene Stroud 391, 395 Williams, Charlotte Alvard 176. 233. 440.474 Williams, Christine 1 453 Williams, David Harrell.115, 169, 262, 394 Williams, Dixie Lee 230,451, 490 Williams, Edward Jones 282 Williams, Edmund Payne, III 72, 270 Williams, Elma Dean 87 Williams, Frances Euline 72, 381. 450 Williams, Frances Marie 397 Williams, Frank Holland, Jr. . . .256, 363 Williams, Geneva Joyce 239 Williams, Gladys Janelle.87, 176, 232, 474 Williams, Crady Emett 278 Williams. Helene Rose 101. 234 Williams, Hugh Darrel 1.210, 284, 340, 383 Williams, James Peter 36 Williams, Joe Carroll 300, 353 Williams, John T 483 Williams, June Ann 479 Williams, Lawrence David 441 Williams, Lloyd Carmichael 228 Williams. Lucile DeNevers 233, 400 Williams, Marian Arnold ...115,273, 376 Williams, Mary Ann 72, 453, 485 Williams, Mavis L 376 Williams, Oscar Brown 251 Williams, Paul N 121, 123 Williams, Richard Abe 33. 313,352 Williams, Robert Oddy, Jr. 101, 319, 330, 445 Williams, Robert Rogers 87, 332 Williams, Roger J 13 Williams, S. S 301 Williams, W. Ben 366 Williams. Walter 101,303, 377 Williams, William 443 Williams, Willis L 377 Williams, Wills Lee 101 Williamson, Billy W 500 Williamson, Claude Finley 115, 351, 370. 394 Williamson, Donna Mae 253 Williamson, Hardy 72, 375 Williamson, Lou Ann 115, 453 Williamson, Perry C 500 Williamson, Richard Peter ..167, 173, 262 Williamson, Ruth Andrelle 252 Williamson, Walter Edward 245 Williamson, Yvonne 254 Williford, Robert Don 101 Willig, Lanelle Brooks 72, 290, 389, 291, 395 Willingham, Bernadine 395 Willingham, Charles 459 Willingsley, Carole Anne 176 Willis, James Frederick 42 Willis. L. Ken 377 Willis. Ted P 382, 470 Willison, Tom Fibley 257 Willmann, Ferdinand E 483, 485. 500 Willrodt, Arthur James 72,495 Wills, Ann 180 Wilmot, JeanieS 391, 481 Wilson, Barbara June . . 101, 233, 440, 446 Wilson, Carl Walton ... .72. 244, 331, 375 Wilson, Charles 491 Wilson. Edward W 339 Wilson, Everett Howard. 101, 245. 353, 394 Wilson, Floyd Scotty 388. 444, 445 Wilson, Gloria Jean 87, 281, 452 Wilson, Harold Floyd 369, 440 Wilson, Helen Sue 177 Wilson, James Alan 87, 433, 460 Wilson, James Virgil 332.457 Wilson. Jean Donald 393 Wilson, Jerry James 33, 101, 256, 498 Wilson, Jesse Milton, Jr 314 Wilson, Joe Edwards 101, 245, 328 Wilson, Kyle Edward 294 Wilson, Lawrence English 496 Wilson, Lowell Clark 42, 326. 335 Wilson, Miles Davis 101. 245, 367 Wilson, Norma Jeanne 272 Wilson, Robert E 465 Wilson, Rowland B 28, 34, 72 Wilson, Thomas 339, 499 Wilson, Virgil James 441 Wilson, Willett, III 245 Wilson, William C., Jr. .72, 469, 483. 500 Wilson, William D 121, 123, 331 Wilson, Worley 359 Wilson, Wynant Stone 72, 121, 146. 256. 402 Wimcik, Chester 139 Winborn, Richard L 326, 335 Winder, John Ray 265, 329, 377 Windham, Helen 183 Windle, Wilson 328, 459, 470 Nome Paget Winebrcner, Edna Joyce 101, 232 Winkle, Roy L. Van 471 Winkler, Barbara Caroline 101.253 Winkler, Frederick W 471 Winn, Robert Daniel 301 Winner, Emily Fachon 235 Winningham, Richard Jamea 310. 331 Winsett. Mary 101.273, 497 Winship, Frank L 346 Winship, Vira LaDelle 101, 266 Winslow, Jayne Louise 87, 177. 252 Winston. A. P 265. 380 Winston. William D 87, 277. 353 Winter. Nile. B 330 Winter. Shirley Lee 72, 266, 267. 477 Winters, Frances Jane 181, 182, 254. 475. 477 Wisakowsky, Arthur Andrew 87, 361 Wisakowsky, Joyce E 115, 453 Wise. Casey 140 Wise, Hardy Sherwood 72, 276 Wise, Kendall Cole 360, 394 Wise, Thomas Matthews 101 , 31 1 , 363 Wiseman. Frank W 400, 441 Wisenbaker, Harvey Maurice, Jr .115, 309 Wiser. William Dewey. Jr. . .305. 367. 479 Witcher. Mary Jane 115. 454 Withers, Fred John 101. 162, 285, 341 Witley, Sylvia R 454 Witt. Junelle 87. 238 Witten, James M 87, 279, 330 Wofford. Leon D., Jr 470 WoBord, Mary A 182 Wohlford. Jerit Neal . . .212, 298, 377, 383 Wohlt, E. J 115 Wolens. Betty Lou 87, 306, 475 Wolf, Burt B 465 Wolf, Charles L 374 Wol f, J. Franklen 379, 464 Wolf. Sonia Ellen 101, 179, 183, 275 Wolfe, Archie L 500 Wolfe, Charlesa Joan 25, 235. 441 Wolfe, J. A 471 Wolff. John. Jr 465 Wolff, Peggy Ann 101, 200, 252, 497 Wolff. Richard Oliver 72, 276. 402 Wolff. Robert Seymour 101. 292 Wolfrom. R. Stanton 101, 244 Wolter, Robert Carl 87, 277. 485 Weltering. Marilyn Ethel ...101. 442. 493 Womack, David Ray ....115, 154, 271. 342 Womack, Jimmie Frank 87, 332 Womack, Richard Orville . .101, 121. 244. 361. 367 Women ' s Co-Ops 461 Women ' s Debate Workshop 447 Wommack. Lucy Ruth 72, 180. 252. 381. 490 Wong. Howard 369 Wood. Betty Kathryn 115, 441 Wood. Bob D 341 Wood. Charles E. 371 Wood, Constance 72, 183 Wood. Easter Jane 387 Wood. Edith Hellen 72, 379, 380. 485 Wood. Hershel James 363. 371 Wood, James Albert 282 Wood. James Franklin 115.277. 329 Wood. James Ralph 13 Wood. Jerry Jean 72, 180. 481 Wood. John Brent 101 Wood. Leslie 375 Wood. Lillian Aline 87.248 Wood, Mary Alice 395 Wood. Robert Hayden 72. 228 Wood, SamM 115 Woodall. BobD 353 Woodall, Frank Thomas, Jr 72. 260 Woodland. Charmion J 183. 268, 441 Woodland, R. Joyce 115 Woodland, Tommye 376 Woodman, George Merrill . .115, 247. 330 Woodruff. Ann Lourine 252 Woodruff, Don Elme 457 Woodruff, Edward P.. Jr 36 Woodruff, Henlen Carolyn ...30, 242, 497 Woodruff, Phillip Douglas 310, 467 Woods, Bette Claire 268 Woods, Seborn Enloe 87, 469. 483 Woodson. Barbara 490 Woodson, Charles Craig 115. 257. 352 Woodson. Thomas D 72, 304, 325, 335 Woodward. Dudley K 12. 301 Woodward, Marion Kenneth 285 Wooldridge. Clark E 486 Woolrich. Willis Raymond 18. 385. 396. 403 Woolsey, Sam D., Jr 379 Woolsey. Samuel Mitchell 375. 379 Worchel. Albert 394 Worchel. Phillip 397 Word, Joyce Carl 72, 248 Word, Margie Jayne 255,490 Worley. Wendell Bailey 360 Worrell. John M 305. 394 Worsham. John William 280. 331 Worthey. Ardeth Marie 101 . 232 Worthington, Birdie Sue 461 Worthington. T. H 440 Wortz. Edward C 72, 397 Wrage, Kay Lee 87, 273 Wray, Jane Marckman 477 Wren, Elden B 87 Wren, Jacquelin Clymer 321. 490 Wrestling 174 Wright, AlmaC. 101.252, 452 Wright, Barbara Ann 115. 249. 497 Wright, Bee B 87, 272, 381 Wright, Betty Jane 115,249 Wright. Edgar Alton 328 PAOE 560 Name Pages Wright, Harley Delbert 367 Wright, Harry Kiesler 36, 214, 256 Wright, James Richard 115, 342 Wright, Jo Ann 72, 183, 479, 495 Wright, Laurence Cayle 369, 495 Wright, Leslie Clint 328 Wright, Martha Ann 461, 474 Wright, Nelda Frances 87 Wright, RoseLorelle 72,232 Wright, Suzanne 183, 255 Wright, William Emerson 394, 447 Wright, William Jack 25, 370, 445 Wright. Willie N., Jr 115 Wrobel, Frances I 397, 456 Wuthrich, Angelyn 485 Wuthrich, Bernie Boyd 445, 485 Wyatt, Frank Raylor 72. 294 Wyde, Irene 258 Wylie, John Richard 87, 228, 331 Wylie, Mary Lou 446 Wymer, John Panhorst .169, 173, 263, 362 W nn, Afton T 405 Wynn, Jean Alice 255, 354 Wynne, Angus C 13 Wynne, Cordon H 1 1 ... 1 1 280 Yankie, Sue Yarber, Hugh P. .231 .324 Name Pages Yarborough. Richard Warren 270 Yarbrough, Yvonne 479 Yeager, Ellen 177, 231 Yeager, Marian Ruth 42, 398 Yearwood, Randall 370 Yeazel, Don 170 Yelderman, James Julius 101, 495 Yelvington, John A 361 Yin, Shao-Chang 374 Yiura, Thomas 328 Ynsfran, Pablo Maximiliano 400 Yoes, Dedrick E 340. 441 Yonge, George Arthur 257, 353 York, Barbara Ann 275 York, Betty Lou 479 York, Cindy Marie 87, 320 York, Edwin Reinold . . .76, 284, 440, 492 York, Howard Leslie 263, 342. 446 York, Jane Michaux 101, 272, 473 York, Jo Anne 87 York, Mary Puffer 243 York, Thomas Oliver 101, 256, 341 Yost, William Ross 458 Youmans, Barbara Jean 87, 252 Young, Ann Wilkins 249. 405 Young, Dolores 305 Young, Glenn R 401 Young, Harold W 36, 206, 304 Young, Jack Dale 458 Young, Jack E 334 Name Pages Young, Jacqueline R 101, 243 Young, Jo Ann 115, 269 Young, Joe Ed 479 Young, Kathryn 275, 391 Young, Mary Cathryn 87, 320 Young, Mason Parham 87, 244, 331 Young, Robert Eldon 276 Young, Shirley Ann 275, 400 Young, Suzanne 115, 269 Youngblood, Bill 479 Youngblood, Newton Crawford 87 Youngblood, Nina Patricia 115 Youngblood, Pat Ross 442 Younger, Leighton Keith 139, 353 Youngjohn. James Robert 72, 174, 284 Youngs, Wallace Irving 278, 341 Younts, Louy E 350 Yousif, Zaghlool Yacoub 72, 471, 472 Yriart. Albert 147, 498 Yumul, Conception S 488 Zabel, Lois 390 Zablotsky, Margie Bea 259 Zak, Evelyn E 115,442.481 Zale, Eugene 234 Zander, Robert Kemper 276, 367 Zax, Robert B 101, 302 Zehnder, Norbert Anthony, Jr. ...101, 328 Name Pages Zeligson, Carol Ruth 115,235,475 Zeller, Patricia Joyce ..101, 175, 176, 238, 440,442 Zemanek, Wanelle Merle ...101, 232, 474 Zeppa, Keating Vincenzo 363 Zcrr, Janet Cairns 176, 275 Zefo Tau Alpha 320, 321 Ziegler, Saralu S 440 Zimmer, Charles E 397, 485 Zimmerman, E. W 380 Zimmerman, Frank William, Jr 354 Zink, David Daniel 72, 347 Zink, Mary E 115,452 Zinke, Elo Emil 458, 485,495 Zinke, Robert Louis ... .72, 353, 385, 457, 485, 495 Zizka, Ernest John 478 Zlatkovich, Charles T 379, 380, 384 Zlotnik, Lillian 72,450 Zobal, Arthur Fred 87, 234, 329, 362, 401,458 Zobal, Vlasata Louise 101 Zoch, Patricia Lewis 115, 200, 273 Zodin, Gerald Bernard 115, 303 Zuber, Harry Aaron 293 Zubiga, Alfonso J 470 Zuch. Martha 485 Zuehl, lola Ann 115,273,454 Zumwalt. Glen W 482 Zweig, Harold Isador 115, 293, 359 PAGE 561

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