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Ill - Beth Osbum, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Betty Bruce Bauman, ASSOCIATE EDITOR te Mae Welbom, PRODUCTION MANAGER JACK PORTERFIELD, Artist J. P. CROWE, Color Photography O. V. KOEN STUDIOS, Portraits NOLAN BORDEN, Photography HERMANN ROMEIKE, Photography WALLACE ENGRAVING COMPANY, Engravers GULF PUBLISHING COMPANY, Printers Published by Texas Student Publications, Inc. The University of Texas, Austin, Texas Another year in our college careers has come and gone. It is traditionally the purpose of the Cactus to serve as a permanent collection of words and pictures that will remind students of these years at The University of Texas. As you glance through the pages of this 1951 edition of the Cactus you will live again many of the happy days you spent here. The emphasis is on you, the student your school, your campus activities, your athletics program, and your recreational pursuits. It is the wish of the 1951 Cactus Staff that you will find all these phases of your college life faithfully and pleasantly presented here and that you will enjoy this annual to the fullest extent. 4 r m m Limelight Organizations Administration Student Government Military Honoraries and Service Groups Clubs Religious Groups Sororities Fraternities Dorms and Co-ops Athletics Intercollegiate Intramurals Schools and Colleges Graduate Architecture Arts and Sciences Business Administration Education Engineering Fine Arts Journalism Law Library School Pharmacy Medical School Advertising Index TO THE INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS In dedicating the 1951 Cactus to foreign o y o students on our campus, we hope to express our gratitude for the valuable lessons in understanding which international students are teaching to us. Through living and working with students from foreign lands, the American students will more quickly realize the day of international cooperation and world peace. International students are contributing a large part toward making the University a cosmopolitan community. Representing 59 countries, over three hundred fifty students from every continent in the world have come to Texas to study, work, play and to associate ideas, custo ms, and opinions with the American students. Their industry and interest have been both a contribution and an inspiration to those people associated with them. Banding together, the international students have joined in the Asiatic Club, the Arab Student Association, Latin-American Union, the Turkish Club, Chinese Student Association and the Commonwealth Club. International students enter the University as Displaced Persons, Exchange Students, are sent by their own governments, or are private students studying on their own funds. The University aids the foreign students by having a Displaced Students Committee which handles the arrangements for bringing dis- placed persons to the campus for study. There are special classes set up to accommodate students whose English is not proficient enough for them to comprehend all the vocabulary used in regular class work. An International Students ' Office has been provided by the University under the direction of Dean J. W. Neal to work with the foreign students. The " Y " maintains a World Relatedness Commission for the foreign stu- dents to give them the opportunity to learn more about America and for them to contribute their ideas and customs to the American students. Possibly one of the most important lessons American students have learned from our foreign neighbors is a sense of responsibility. Not only is financial help given to the less fortunate students, but Americans have helped to provide recreation, entertainment, and help in displaying as true a picture as possible of " the American way of life " to the fellow students from overseas. Also the American students realize there are more jobs to be done and larger goals to be accomplished in future years. PAGE 9 Activities of foreign students at the University: Classes . . . Social functions . . . Labs . . . Study . . . and Recreation Costandy Boury, our model, has made an outstanding record during his four years at the University of Texas. A Mechanical Engineering student from Jaffa, Palestine, " Chico " has taken this big university in his stride. His scholastic achievements and his fine character have won him the admiration and friendship of large numbers of students. Those who know " Chico " and others like him feel that university students, privileged to have foreign stu- dents in their midst, have had an important opportunity to learn valuable lessons in understanding and coopera- tion from their friends from other lands. We hope that those lessons will not be forgotten and that we may go on with greater insight to do our part in hastening the day of world peace. THE OFFICE OF 212 R A D M I N I S T R A T I O N PAGE 11 Governor Alan Skivers PACE 12 President T. S. Painter PACE 13 Left to right: ROCKWELL, DARDEN, SEALY, VOYLES, PAINTER, WOODWARD, HART, WARREN, DATES, SWENSON, TOBIN. BOARD OF REGENTS Chairman . Vice -Chair man . D. K. WOODWARD, JR. DAVID M. WARREN JAMES P. HART, CHANCELLOR WILLIAM E. DARDEN, Waco L. S. GATES, Center JAMES W. ROCKWELL, Houston TOM SEALY, Midland A. M. G. SWENSON, Stamford MRS. EDGAR TOBIN, San Antonio CLAUDE W. VOYLES, Austin Associate Justice James P. Hart of the Supreme Court of Texas became the first Chancellor of the University November 15, 1950. As Chancellor he is the top administrative officer for the University and all its branches. Justice Hart has served on the Supreme Court since 1947. He is an honor graduate of the University, an honor graduate of Harvard Uni- versity Law School. He has engaged in private practice of law, is a former Travis County district attorney, former special district judge and former Texas assistant attorney general. His appointment has returned him officially to a campus where as an undergraduate he majored in history, government and economics, won election to Phi Beta Kappa, was graduated with the highest grades in the Class of 1925, engaged in debate, and plaved on the varsity football squad. PAGE 14 JAMES C. DOLLEY V ice-President, Main University CARROLL D. SIMMONS Vice-Chancellor for Business and Finance C. READ CRANBERRY Assistant to the Chancellor ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICIALS THOMAS HALL SHELBY Dean, Division of Extension HENRY Y. McCOWN Registrar and Dean of Admissions CHARLES H. SPARENBERG Auditor CARL LEWIS LINDAHL Bursar DEAN OF WOMEN DOROTHY GEBAUER Dean of Women Miss Gebaucr, a true Southern lady born in Kentucky, attended Columbia and Oxford Universities. She was assistant dean of women here at the University for fifteen years until February, 1938, when she was made dean. JESSE EARL ANDERSON Assistant Dean of Women Miss Anderson has been with the Dean ' s office for three years. Her duties include working with the Co-Ed Assembly, House Chairmen of Women ' s Residences, Cap and Gown, Wica, and the Orientation Council. PEARL B. WALKER Assistant Dean of Women In September of 1950, Mrs. Walker accepted a position with the University as Assistant Dean of Women replacing Ann Caswell Allison. Other than her regular services as receptionist in the Dean ' s office, she is registrar of the Social Calendar Committee. MARGARET PECK Assistant Dean of Women Before becoming Assistant Dean of Women in 1943, Miss Peck was the Social Director of Women ' s Dormitories. She has been the sponsor of Panhellenic Council from the Student Life Staff since 1944. Miss Peck also assists with women ' s housing. PAGE 16 I DEAN OF MEN JACK HOLLAND, Dean of Men Succeeding Dr. Charles V. Durham, Dean Holland took over as Dean of Men in 1948. He received his B.A. from The Uni- versity of Texas in 1936, and served as assistant cashier in the Bursar ' s Office from 1937 to 1943, where he was in charge of student loans. Dean Holland is a staunch believer in extra curricular ac- tivities for students, as a means of developing personality, and the ability to lead or to follow, as well as to co-operate with others. ibrttynfi. Win, and WILLIAM D. BLUNK, Assistant Dean of Men Dean Blunk ' s main interests lie in the committee work he does with the students, but he never misses a football, baseball, or basketball game. Coming to the University in 1948. the dean is faculty committee chairman of loans and scholarships, orientation processes, and general stu- dent organization. He is the faculty sponsor for such groups as the Rally Committee. Union Board, Campus League of Women Voters, and Mica. CHARLES CLARK, Director of Non-Academic Personnel During his undergraduate days. Mr. Clark was a Friar, president of Alpha Phi Omega, and a member of Delta Upsilon. Positions he has held on the staff at the Uni- versity include assistant dean of men and director of the student employment agency. Some students come for advice and others just to chat, but no matter what the reason, they are always welcome in Dean Holland ' s office. PAGE 17 DEAN OF STUDENT LIFE ARNO NOWOTNY Dean of Student Life Arno Nowotny, whose name appears in Who ' s Who in America and Who ' s Who in American Education, is the Dean of Student Life affectionately called Dean " Shorty " by University students. He is faculty advisor for Friars, Cowboys, and Phi Eta Sigma, and is the national president of Alpha Phi Omega as well as a member of the National Executive Board of Phi Eta Sigma. CARL V. BREDT Assistant Dean of Student Life, Director of the Veterans ' Advisory Service Carl V. Bredt, who was associated with the University first in 1935, has served as Assistant Dean of Student Life since 1948. He is also director of the Veterans ' Advisory Service and is in charge of men ' s dormitories and approved boarding houses. A unique activity for a dean, Mr. Bredt officiates at Southwest Conference football and basketball games. JOE D. FARRAR Director, University Employment Service Joe D. Farrar became head of the University Em- ployment Service in June, 1950, after having served as a psychologist-counselor with the Testing and Guidance Center. Previously, he was dean of men at Arkansas State College and a member of the voca- tional education department at Stephens College. ROBERT GEORGE GORDON Assistant Dean of Men, Director of the University Veterans 3 Advisory Service, Coordinator of Religious Activities Robert George Gordon, Assistant Dean of Men, is the Director of the University Veterans ' Advisory Service and Coordinator of Religious Activities. He is also faculty chairman of the Faculty-Student Cabi- net. Dean Gordon does a considerable amount of lec- turing for student and civic groups, but is fond of sports as well as his favorite pastime, public address. PACE 18 PE EX-STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION BYRON SKELTON President JOHN A. McCURDY Secretary The Ex-Students ' Association is a service organization whose purpose is to establish a stronger relationship between the University and its alumni. This organization engages in various worthwhile activities such as the publishing of a monthly magazine, The Alcade, in the interests of the ex-students. A permanent file including names and information regarding all ex-students is maintained in the Association office, and it is at the disposal of the University staff, students, organizations, and publications. In an attempt to bring those people who have previously had connections with the University back to the campus, the Ex-Students ' Association sponsors " Dad ' s Day " in the fall and " Round-Up " each spring. The organization also takes part in a Union Building program which has resulted in the erection of Gregory Gymnasium, Hogg Auditorium, the Women ' s Gymnasium, and the Texas Union. The most recent project of the asociation is an annual " giving " program which encourages each former student to donate something to the University every year. PAGE 19 In the summer of 1950, the new Student Health Center at 24th and Wichita Streets was completed. In- side the four-and-one-half story building can be found $1,600,000 worth of modern facilities to give students complete medical and hos- pital care. The staff at the hospital numbers over 100 persons, includ- ing eleven part-time and eight full- time physicians. Dr. George M. Decherd served as director of the health service from 1946 until his death in March, 1951. He was succeeded by Dr. Paul L. White. Among the feature attractions of the building are an outside sun deck for ambulatory patients, an emergency room for ambulance cases, a pharmacy, and complete technical equipment. A student movement for better health services, which began in 1936, played a large part in getting the center built. That year a group of pre-medical students handed to the Board of Regents a petition bearing 3,771 students ' names. The petition, circulated during an epi- demic of mumps, measles, influenza and scarlet fever in Austin, asked the board to build a hospital on the campus. But the epidemic died, and so did the students ' proposal. In 1941, then Univ ersity President Homer Rainey, members of the faculty and several students secured passage of a student hospital bill in the House of Representatives by sending a special committee to that body. The Regents okayed construction in October, 1941. World War II came along, however, and con- struction was delayed until 1949. It) . East Entrance, University Health Center Dr. George M. Decherd, Director Operating Room i PAGE 20 " Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make ye free. " This statement, the purpose of the University, is carved in the Main Building just below the location where the largest portion of the general library is housed. The fine collection of books found within asserts the earnest endeavor of our school to fulfill the promise of the inscription. The general li- brary, a customary workshop of the faculty and student body, was begun in 1933 and com- pleted in 1937. In 1939 it was given its present name, the Mirabeau B. Lamar Library. The general library at the University is the largest in the South, ranking thirteenth among colleges in the United States. The books in this collec- tion of more than 950,000 vol- umes may be found not only in the Main Library, but also in small departmental collections which are scattered to every corner of the Forty Acres. In- conspicuous and yet indispen- sable, they are prepared to serve special groups of Univer- sity students. Few, if any, ever have reason to consult books in all the library ' s 25 units. Alexander Moffit, University Librarian Rare Books Collection Architecture Library ' PAGE 21 IN MEMORIAM FACULTY AND STAFF Charles Flinn Arrowood George Michael Decherd, Jr. Clarence Truman Gray Charles Wilson Hackett Anna W. Janzen D. W. McCavick Walter Hiram McNeill Hans Tufts Parlin Helen Jeanne Plummer STUDENTS Marion M. Landress Albrecht ]. T. Casey Raul Chavez Edward B. Johnson, Jr. Charles Shelton McClesky Marvin Jennings Peek Lucian Albert Pinkston, Jr. (Medical) Harry Julius Rosenstein J ii PAGE 22 S T U D E N T G O V E R N M E N T PACE 23 Mary Pat Dovvell and Colette Kohler start the tedious process of counting votes. . . . and on into the night the counting continues. Bush beaters lost no time in shouting the qualifications of their candidates. The Alpha Phi Omegas see that everything is " straight " at the polls. . . . That ' s the funniest one I ' ve heard since the last assembly meeting. PACE 24 STUDENT ASSOCIATION LLOYD HAND President STERLING STEVES V ice-President JANE CARLISLE Secretary The Student Association provides the medium of expression for the opinions of the student body. The presi- dent serves as the presiding officer of the Student Assembly and the chairman of the Board of Directors of Texas Student Publications. In case of emergency or resignation, the president is succeeded by the vice-president. The vice- president is chairman of all financial and appropriation committees of the Association and chairman of the Social Calendar committee. The compiling of the yearbook of the Association and other secretarial duties are performed by the secretary. This year Sterling Steves was appointed vice-president after David Raincy ' s resignation. The Student Cabinet, a new committee, has been formed to advise and discuss problems with Lloyd Hand. No voting is done. CABINET LLOYD HAND. Chairman JANE CARLISLE, Secretary JOHN FUSSELL, Religious Activities LARRY CROOKE, Student Business Relations BOB BLUMENTHAL, Union Activities KLEBER MILLER. Attorney General WALES MADDEN. Student Foreign Relations JIM LEWIS. Scholastic Standards RAY PEELER, Seasonal Activities JACK KENNEY, Public Relations Blumcnthal, Carlisle, Hand, Peeler, Madden, Miller PACE 25 STUDENT ASSEMBLY The Student Assembly is the legislative branch of the Student ' s Association. Committees are formed to do research in the many phases of student activities. Among the many active committees appointed this year are the International Council, the Grievance Committee, and the Forum Speakers Committee. ARTS AND SCIENCES: David Bennett Leo Donovan Fred Kessler Gordon Llewellyn Sally See BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: Phil Ransopher Tommy Rodman Newton Schwartz EDUCATION: Ann Rankin Barbara Striegler ENGINEERING: Lee Alderdice Gerald Branda John Becker FINE ARTS: Pat Hines Peggy Whitesides GRADUATE: Buck Bradley Sam Brewer LAW: Charles Robinson Don Quinn PHARMACY: Bob Gude Jack Pippin The Assembly Hard at work PAOE 26 STUDENT COURT HARRY WEBB. CHIEF JUSTICE ROLLIE KOPPEL, BABS HAWORTH. JODY EDMONDSON. MORGAN COPELAND. The Student Court guarantees the student body that the Constitution will be adhered to by the elected representatives. The Court interprets the Constitution, decides disputed elections, and can compel student officials to carry out the duties of their offices. The Election Commission is appointed by the Chief Justice. The main action of the Student Court this year was disciplinary action upon the violators of the blanket tax rules. The Attorney General, appointed by the President of the Students ' Association, serves as prose- cuting attorney representing the Student ' s Association in the Student Court, approves validation of petitions for initiative or referendum, is liaison between the Student Grievance Committee and the President ' s Cabinet, and is legal advisor to the President. KLEBER MILLER. Attorney General PACE 27 k The Rally Committee worked out the many interesting card stunts put on by the students at the half-time of football games. STUDENT-FACULTY COMMITTEE Front Row: Jan Scurlock, Sue KaufT- man, Flozelle Jones. Sally Chesnick. Second Roic: Robert Grainge. Shir- ley Klein, Betty Jo Miller. Third Row: Jack Morley, Phil Schulze. Berny Smith, Ed Notestine. Fourth Row: Robert Blumenthal. CULTURAL ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Front Ro:v: Paul Hickfang, Archie Jones. Efram Kurtz (Faculty Advisor and conductor of Houston Symphony), Charlotte Tonroy (Committee chairman). Standing: Phil Ranspher, Jim Buzbee. FREE DANCE COMMITTEE Front Row: John Selman, Jean Welhausen, Joan Becker, Charlene Bruth. Second Row: Garrie Bray, Ronnie West, Virginia Maloney. Ed Notestine, Jinnie Lusk, Perry GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE Ed Dykes, Ann McNeil, Jack Steele, Tom Pollard (chairman) , Charles Sanders, Patty Parser, Fred Kessler. EMPLOYMENT SERVICE COMMITTEE Paul Danner (chairman), Vernon Stewart. John Davidson. Clyde Hoyt, Jr., Joe D. Farrar, Mary Alice Peters, Louise Freedman. INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL Front Ron : Connie Miffleton, Jody Edmondson. Anne Chambers. Second Ron-: Doris Hall, Gloria Mac- Rae. Third Ron: David Ling, Balrir Koca- tas. Clyde Hoyt. Jr. . Guillernn Padolina. STEER HERE COMMITTEE Front Row: Charlie Roberts, Charlene Fruth, Nancy Moody, Kent Mcllyar. Tom Reid, Betty Koppel, Jo Ann Brookner. Second Row: Ed Notestine, Sabin Marshall, Hope Schoppel. Ginny Badden, George Tail. Third Row: Dick Stuart, George Gowans, Harris Weingarten. Sarah Jane Weeks, Eloise Moore, Amy Johnson, Norris Goodfriend. FORUM SPEAKERS COMMITTEE Lucianne Knight, Frank Ashby, Sue Kowalski, Tommy West, Ethel Forman. Jamie Clements, Lucita Darden. PACK 29 TEXAS INTERSCHOLASTIC STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Jean Wesley, Tommy Rodman, Beverly Potthoff, Charlotte Tonroy. Robert Duke, Betty Bruce Bauman, Flozelle Jones, Jim Tucker. Sally See. Harry- Webb. PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE Tom Reid, Louise Freedman, Newton Schwartz. Virgil Cassel. Mark Lewis. Gei.rtre ' lait (Chairman), Tommy Rodman. Bill Boyd, Selig Carr. Gordon Llewellyn. CHARLIE ROBINSON, SPRING- APPOINTED STUDENT VICE- PRESIDENT. CLIQUE STEERING COMMITTEE Buddy Berry, Robert Blumenthal. George Tail, Bob Wheeler. Bill Clark. Jim Lewis, Leland Hodges. INDEPENDENTS ' COMMITTEE Front Ro;r: Matti AI-Aish, Zske Zbranek. Beverly Potthoff, Ray Yairitu. Standing: Jake Bettis, Bruce Bush. riLin. ' .(Mi Secretarial candidate Jean Wesley and friends get ready for the Stump Speaking Parade. Election Commission: Larry Crooke, Jerry Wohlford, Dena Fai Mayers, and Betty Lou Ham. At the polls. Haworth supporters look thoughtful during Stump Speaking. " May I see your auditor ' s receipt? " PAGE 31 TEXAS UNION The Texas Union strives within the limits set by facilities and budget to meet the leisure time needs of all the students ; the activities and programs planned by the Union Staff are done so at the request of mem- bers of the student body and the Union committees. In addition to the Commons, Chuck Wagon, and Fountain Room, more than three thousand people take advantage of Union activities each day. An average week finds over ninety committes and organi- zations meeting in the Union. Plans have been under way for three years to expand the present building to meet the needs of the student body. BROCK PIERCE Director JANE CARLISLE, JACK. STEELE, BROCK PIERCE, JOHN McCURDY, LLOYD HAND, WILLIAM BLUNK, REGINA PRIKRYL, RAY PEELER. PAGE 32 31 m IflPH , -v. r ;v ' i: r?- = - . r ' ysT ' 5 " ' - ,. . ... - ' ,- 7; f ; ' . .; r , v p Sweetheart of The University of Texas MARY ESTHER HASKELL r I r Kathleen filler Sweett, Sweetheart Finalist iS .- If " Sweetheart Finalist I . ' June Sweetheart Finalist Sweetheart Nominees Jeannine Booth Gail Campbell Charlotte Carlisle Patsy Cater Cynthia Chamberlain Lee Childs Nancy Couvillion Shalmir Duerson Mary Ann Edwards Doris Hall Ruth Hancock Jo Ann Hyltin Lucianne Knight Claire Masterson Claire Mendive Virginia Nichols Greta Nissen Betty Potter Joan Ragsdale Jan Scurlock i Bluebonnet Belle Belle v res i Bluebonnet Belle Wuebonnef 8e e Bluebonnet Belle r ?;:%; (jnte $44 Bluebonn Rachael Godinez Bobby e Jones BLUEBONNET BELLE FINALISTS Alicemarie Meyers Gelya Anderson PAGE 47 L Dorothy Weiss Nancy Couvillon BLUEBONNET BELLE FINALISTS Kathleen Miller Alma Faye Cowden PAGE 48 Sally Sadler Regina Prikryl BLUEBONNET BELLE FINALISTS Cookie Williams Bobbie Gene Sherwood PAGE 49 Bessie Meek Connie Nelson BLUEBONNET BELLE FINALISTS Lee Childs Sara Sample PAGE 50 Mary Ann Tucker Eleanor Luckett BLUEBONNET BELLE FINALISTS Pat Torn Ann Dwaskin PAOE 51 BLUEBONNET BELLE NOMINEES Dorothy Maria Alam Betty Frances Anderson Gelya Anderson Alice Joan Armstrong Bobby Jane Atchlcy Melva Jean Ball Martha Lou Barker Frances Berryman Rita Marie Bird Cherry Blair Ora Mona Bohlmann June Boysen Jane Anna Bradner Joan Briggs Ann Bruce Emily Alma Burt Gail Campbell Charlotte Elizabeth Carlisle Catherine Chambers Josie E. Champion Lee Childs Alice Joyce Clements Jeanne Closuit Jane Cloyes Marilyn Joan Colcman Maria Coronado Nancy Couvillion Alma Faye Cowden Ada Crontel Billie Jean Dalby Rita Davidson Patricia Ann Davis Lillian Mary Douthit Shalmir Duerson Noelie Duggan Frances Dulak Ann Dwoskin Mary Ann Edwards Concepion Elizondo Pola M. Ellis Jean Falkstein Elaine Foster Angelita Flores Gloria Ann Foitik Patricia Forbes Gloria Ann Frericks Charlene Jo Fruth Shelley Furr Louise Gayer Rachel Yolanda Godincz Kathryn Grandstaff Helen Graves Mary Carole Groce Doris Hall Betty Ham Ruth Hancock Mary Esther Haskell Ann Hefner Sue Henslee Joan Hierholzer Ann Blanton Hill Theresa Ann Holtz Mary Jean Hopkins Kathleen Howell Lillian Lois Hoyer Joan Jester Minerva Johnson Nancy Ruth Johnson Bobbye Jones Beverly Judson Martha Keller Martha Gene Kiel Jill King Lucianne Knight Suzanne Kowalski Dorothy Ann Labaj Jo Ann Latham Janet Lee Betty Dean Lennon Connie Levy Julie Lockman Chlotilde Loper Margaret Love Angela Luckenbach Eleanor Frances Luckett June McCarthy Anne McGuire Lulu Margaret McMillen Elizabeth Ann Mason Hazel Annette Maxwell Bessie Meek Claire Mendive Alicemarie Meyer Gloria Meyer Kathleen Priscilla Miller Lillie Musil Connie Nelson Virginia Nichols Greta Elizabeth Nissen Linda Nixon Lorna Owens Patricia Pigman Kathryn Poth Betty Ann Potter Beverly Potthoff Regina Prikryl Sarah Sadler Sara Catherine Sample Gaye Yvonne Sanford Dorothy Jean Sansing Ellen Ann Saylors Frances Schneider Shirley Schneider Sue Schroeder Dora Belle Scott Jan Scurlock Marilyn Lewis Shaw Bobbie Gene Sherwood Peggy Ann Shudde Sidney Siegel Betty R. Smith Margaret Sue Sommers Frances Stewart Barbara Surman Diana Sweatman Ellen Thomas June Ann Tolar Jerry Tolbert Patricia Ann Torn C. Virginia Townsend Mary Ann Tucker Dorothy Weiss Jean Welhausen Betty Ward Wheless Ann Williams Claire N. Williams Clara Bow Williams Cookie Williams Evelyn Gary Willman Jo Ann Woodham Laura Woods PAGE 52 Ronnie Dugger International Fellowship OUTSTANDING STUDENTS Rache President of Mortar Board; Orange Jackets; Co-Chairman of Freshman Sponsors; Y; Whitehall Co-Op Kleber Millet PAOE 53 Cowboys; Friars Lloyd Hand President of the Students ' Association; Interfraternity Coun- cil; Cowboys; Vice-President, Rusk Literary Society. Wales Madden Foreman of the Cowboys; President, Interfraternity Council; Friars. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS Mary Ann Tucker Mortar Board ; Orange Jackets ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Delta Sigma Rho; President, Delta Delta Delta; Varsity Debate Squad; Secretary, Oratorical Association; Co-Ed Assembly; Cap and Gown. Joan Ragsdale President, Orange Jackets; President, Campus League of Women Voters; Secretary, UTSA; Turtle Club; Upperclass Advisor; Pi Beta Phi; Oratorical Association; Forensica. PAOE 54 Sterling Steves Vice-President of the Students ' Association; Friars; Silver Spurs; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Regina Prikryl President, Wica; Orange Jackets; Mica Sweetheart; Czech Club; Sweetheart Finalist. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS Mary Ann Beaumier Orange Jackets, Secretary; Co-Ed Assembly, Vice-President; Alpha Chi Omega, President; Campus League of Women Voters, President; Theta Sigma Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Daily Texan, Night Editor. Frank Womack Basketball ; Baseball ; T Association ; Cowboys ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PAOE 55 Bobby Dillon All-Conference Football; Track; T Association; Cowboys. Mike Wheeler President, Panhellenic Council; Cap and Gown; Co-Ed Assembly; Theta Sigma Phi; Delta Gamma; Campus League of Women Voters. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS Rollie Koppel Chief Justice of the Student Court; Honor Law Student; Cowboys; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Chancellors. Charles Baker President, Curtain Club; Author and Director of " Hipsy Boo " ; Outstanding Drama Student. PAOE56 Ben Procter Two-year Letterman, Football; T Association; Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Phi Beta Kappa. Jane Carlisle Secretary of the Students ' Association; Board of Directors, Texas Union; Social Calendar Committee, Chi Omega. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS Sally See President, Cap and Gown; Student Assembly; Co-Ed Assem- bly; Orange Jackets; UTSA Council; Disciplinary Council; Home Economics Club; Delta Delta Delta. Mac Bintliff Head Yell Leader, Chairman, Southwest Conference Sports- manship Committee; Cowboys; Sigma Nu. PAGE 57 Mickey Little Dclbert Stephens GOODFELLOWS Ann Rankin Randel Dockery PAGE 58 - Ann McNeil Ray Peeler GOODFELLOWS Jackie F arris Jones Bill Bridges PAGE 59 Zeke Zbranek Claire Gompertz GOODFELLOWS Tom Pollard Bob Blumenthal PAGE 60 Frances Leverett Eddie Gilbert GOODFELLOWS Ray Yarritu Mary Hart Hamlett PACE 61 r Babs Haworth Angle Strassmann GOODFELLOWS ' Bill Simpson Ralph Flores PAGE 62 Earl Caldwell Lee Alder dice GOODFELLOWS Margaret Sue Sommers Skippy Browning PACE 63 Phil Ransopher Paul Hickfang GOODFELLOWS Louise Freedman Ralph Person PACE 64 Charles Trimble Pat Cummins GOODFELLOWS Danny Bruce Newton Schwartz PAGE 65 Lois Tisdale Bubba Shands GOODFELLOWS Charles Pistor George Gilkerson FADE 66 V Patty McCarthy Ed Thiele GOODFELLOWS Charles Lewis Bill Penn PAOE 67 Joan Threadgill Earnest Langley GOODFELLOWS Rowland Wilson Charles Robinson PAGE 68 Time dragged by ... ... as five lovely ladies awaited the " big news. " But after that final touch . . . . . . the judges said, " Mary Esther, you ' re the one! " Then came congratulations. PAGE 69 The Phi Gams ' cowboy was judged the Best Fraternity float. The Theta gingham dog and calico cat stole the show as Best All-Around in ' 51. Gray and Cherry topped the SX ' s Most Educational float. Spectators gaped as Tri-Delt pickaninnies grinned at them from a huge slice of watermelon. The gigantic ATO cowboy headed straight for the Most Unique trophy. All the children loved the ADPi float. PACE 70 The prize winning Lutheran Student Association float. The Delta Sig float drove straight for the second Best Ail-Around Trophy. " Cute as pie " was the Chi Omega Rocking Horse. Petroleum Research in Texas was the theme of the AIME float. Most comical? Why, the Phi Kap " Still on the Hill, " of course. " Yosemite Sam " kept the crowds laughing and won TKE a trophy for second most comical float. PAGE 71 Dignitaries at one of the ex-student luncheons during the Round-Up weekend. During the Honors Day program students with outstand- ing scholastic records were recognized. The Union patio during the coffee hour. Students moved indoors to eat their Round-Up barbecue. Hundreds " do-se-doed " at an old fashioned square dance. Coming on to the field for Texas Relay festivities were the visiting sweethearts and our own Big Five. Relays Queen Jackie Farris Jones presented trophies to the winners of the various track events. The visiting sweethearts from other Southwest Confer- ence schools were introduced to the relays spectators. The Big Five view the relay events, The Belts ' impressive float was a coach in a bottle. This float had a tale to tell. The Kappa float was a " lot of bull. " The Phi Belts injected a serious note into the parade with their U.N. float. The Delta Gamma float was a favorite with the younger spectators. Theta Xi ' s brought a furry kitty to the parade. PAGE 74 The Pickaninny ' s Dream by Phi Psi. Spectators got an eyeful of campus cuties aboard the T Association Esquire Express. Roses from Alpha Phi. The Chi Phi ' s pan the " drys. " An honor guard for Chancellor Hart. The trials of a student wife know- ingly portrayed by the University Co- Wed Club. PJE 75 ; _ The laughing Alpha Chi clown. Senator Letanc ' s Futurol float was one of the biggest laugh getters of the afternoon. Good old barbershop harmony. A touch of Mexico with the ZTA toreador. Tom got unexpected showers of ashes on the SPE. Are they serious r PACE 76 New Chancellors were presented during the parade. Mortar Boards rode too. The Sigma Nu ' s fiery dragon. The Kappa Sigs brought Law West of the Pecos to life. Turkish Students made a timely appeal for blood donations for wounded in Korea. The Rose of Delta Sigma Pi, Miss Betty Potter. PAD. 77 Leslie Ann and June rode by in shiny convertibles. Following close behind were the Orange Jackets. Alicemarie Meyers topped the A O Pi Garden float. " Thanks for the lovely corsage, " says Greta Nissen atop the Beta telephone. The Pi Phi Red Shoes. PAGE 78 Here come Frances and Mary Esther. The colorful Delta Zeta Hawaiian Holiday. Charlotte Tonroy, " Portia " of Law School. Chi Phis pan Army induction centers. Littlefield Fountain was copied by the A E P ' s. PAGE 79 Dean Jack Holland presents the Mike Flynn Citizenship Award to Joe Bruce Cun- ningham, the trophy given annually to a male student selected by a committee of three faculty and two student members, is the highest individual honor awarded at the University, and is presented to the person who most exemplifies the late Mike Flynn. PAGE 80 TT COL. MAYBIN A. WILSON, Professor of Military Science and Tactics ARMY R. O. T. C. The Department of Military Science and Tactics was established in July, 1947, under the guidance of Colonel Maybin H. Wilson as Professor of Military Science and Tactics. Consisting of four technical service units Corps of Engineers, Quartermaster Corps, Transporta- tion Corps, and the Military Police Corps, the Department is an integral part of the University. The R. O. T. C. program offers the opportunity for a Reserve Commission or an Officer ' s career in the Regular Army, as well as the opportunity for the development of leadership so necessary in the lives of all citizens. The technical services have established local campus chapters of the Society of American Military Engineers, the Army Transportation Association, and the National Quartermaster Fraternity. These afford to the students vital professional contacts essential in future achieve- ments. The Department takes an active interest in all campus activities and is a joint sponsor of the Armed Forces Marching Band, the National Society of Scabbard and Blade, The University of Texas Rangers, and the Military Ball. Lt. Col. Frank E. Hartman. Quartermaster Corps Major Walton O. Threadgill, Corps of Engineers Major Jack S. Tabb, Transportation Corps Major Roger A. Eicher, Military Police Corps Major John F. Hasan, Transportatio n Corps Major James C. Shoultz, Military Police Corps WOJG Joseph J. Kohari, USA M Sgt. Carey L. Rhiddlehoover M Sgt. James A. Coffman, Jr. S.F.C. Marvin Brethouwer S.F.C. Robert S. Whiteaker M nets PAGE 82 in, nspona- 5m the ' in the not of ptersof (Marion t afford ifhieve. Unities nd the Texas ARMY R.O.T.C REGIMENTAL STAFF Cadet Major Delbert Hankins. Cadet Major Arthur Krummell, Cadet Colonel Clarence J. Baldwin, Cadet Lt. Colonel Ralph J. Aniol, Cadet Major John E. Parks, Cadet Major William E. Bridges, Honorary Cadet Colonel Jody Edmondson. SPONSORS AND COLOR GUARD Front Row: Honorary Captain Lois Wynne, Ranger Sponsor; Honorary Captain Bonmbel Bland, Company A Sponsor; Honorary Lt. Colonel Patsy Cater, First Battalion Sponsor; Honorary Colonel Jody Edmondson, Regimental Sponsor; Honorary Lt. Colonel Peggy Bullard, Second Battalion Sponsor; Honorary Captain Charlotte Carlisle, Company C Sponsor; Honorary Captain Marilyn Hampton, Company D Sponsor. Second Row: Cadet Sergeant Charles R. Kreuz, Color Guard; Cadet Master Sergeant Lawrence E. Walton, Color Bearer; Cadet Master Sergeant Ross B. Blumentritt, Color Bearer; Cadet Sergeant Don L. Dickson, Color Guard. (Not in picture Honorary Captain Alicemarie Meyer, Sponsor Company B.) FIRST BATTALION STAFF SECOND BATTALION STAFF Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Patsy Cater, Cadet Lt. Colonel Delmas Lippard, Cadet Major Cadet Major Curtis Mahla. Cadet Captain Edward Bossom, Cadet Lt. Colonel Thomas Spencer Relyea, Cadet Captain Larry Riedel. Camp, Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Peggy Rae Bullard. PAGE 83 ARMY R. O. T. C. Company A CORPS OF ENGINEERS Cadet Captain Benjamin Franklin King, Com- manding Officer Cadet 1st Lt. Robert Ray Gloyna, Company Executive Cadet 1st Lt. Charles Daniel Miller, PLT LDR, 1st PLT Cadet 1st Lt. Paul Waymon Fisher, PLT LDR, 2nd PLT Cadet 1st Lt. Robert Crews Turnham, PLT LDR, 3rd PLT Honorary Cadet Captain Bonnibel Bland, Sponsor COMPANY A CORPS OF ENGINEERS Front Row: William W. Youngblood, Arthur O. Dykes. Jcrald R. Debenport, Eugene F. Greene, Ralph W. Vertrees, Charles E. Decker. Orval P. Littleton. Paul W. Fisher, Benjamin F. King, Bonnibel Bland. Robert R. Gloyna. Charles D. Miller. Robert C. Turnham, Howard H. Ellis, Marion B. Tomme, John C. Chew, Garland F. Dickinson, Sidney D. Farrar, Robert W. Roberts, Oscar F. Anderson, Dolan H. Eargle. Second Row: Buddy J. Choat, Bill B. Bullen, Albert T. Saffold. Martin L. Shanken, William M. Doyle. Willis L. Martin. George R. Vavra. Richard L. Winborn, Jesus I. Garcia, Charles E. Smith, Fred W. Stolte. William J. Evans, William R. Taylor, James J. Smetana, David R. Smith. Irwin Selig, Eugene R. Wiggen, Charles A. Grell, Milton R. Grell. George R. Blitch. Third Row: William T. Welch, Kimball S. Watson, James R. Vague, Jesse L. Bain. Nat Harris. Charles W. Genthner. Donald Walker. Joe Conti. Harold G. Dcering, William C. House, Louis R. Eddins. William T. Wheeler, Barry Mason. Kenneth W. Haun. James R. Templeton, Donald H. Baron, Douglas Anderson, Clyde Littlefield, Robert W. Pratt. Edgar A. Wright. PACE 84 fc ARMY R O. T. C. Company B QUARTERMASTER CORPS Cadet Captain George Frank Shofner, Jr., Com- manding Officer Cadet 1st Lt. William George Hay, Company Executive Cadet 1st Lt. Raymond Joe Marek, PLT LDR, 1st PLT Cadet 1st Lt. Donald Edward Liles, PLT LDR, 2nd PLT Cadet 1st Lt. John Walter Hall, PLT LDR, 3rd PLT Honorary Cadet Captain Alicemarie Meyer, Sponsor m m- COMPANY B QUARTERMASTER CORPS First Row: Donald E. Liles, Ray E. Smith, Gene S. Woods, Horace L. Dodson, Roger E. Sweeny, Felix E. Salinas, George E. Derrick, Edgar E. Roades, Nicos E Styllianou, Enrique Uribe, Hector R. Cisneros, Rex L. Edwards, Murray L. Forsvall, Thomas L. Douvry, Douglas J. Walker. Second Roiv: Herbert C. Milikien, Goldye E. Levi, George W. Willis, Fred L. Johnson, Donald E. Deal, Bob B. Hallmark, David L. Jordan, Nathaniel Gibbs Melvin M. Jochec, Henry Gilliam, George F. Shofner, Alicemarie Meyer, W. George Hay, James E. Miller, Ray J. Marek, John W. Hall, Frank J. Kana Aubrey L. Waters, Luis R. Garibay, Robert J. Pyatt, Orrin L. Hilyard, Larry W. Buck. Third Row: H. Dan Hall, W. Culwell Thomas, Denny O. Ingram, Billy R. Adair, Wesley C. Flinn, James B. Howard, Meyer Chaskin. Bruce H. Rhiddlehoover Ward W. Smith, Howard Tanner, Thomas D. Woodson, Virgil T. Cox, John C. Murphy, Russell J. Hinote, James M. Witten, Richard O. Wolff, Donald H Traham, Edmund T. Morris, Roberto Vela, Sigmund E. Altman. Fourth Row: Charles H. Morgan, Warren L. Farris, James H. Willeford, David H. Stephens, George L. Britton, William G. Mont gomery, Robert F. Anderson Travis Echert, Peter W. Nichols, Charles K. Sanders, Juan M. Diaz, Robert G. Farris, Oscar D. Pritchett, William M. Harris, Conrad W. Werkenthin Martin A. Wiginton, Milton E. Black. Fifth Row: Charles J. Peske, John T. Frazer, Giles M. Whitten, Jeffrey N. Hancock. Charley B. Feldman, Jerome T. Persons. Gerald L. Stone. Dixon DeGraf- fenried, French S. Tarkington, Fred W. Patterson, Gus W. Hahn, Pat G. Noel, Gabe T. Vick, Wilbur A. Foster, Earl E. Armstrong, David M. Smith, Don L. Richardson. 85 ARMY R.O.T.C. Company C TRANSPORTATION CORPS Cadet Captain Leonard Franklin McLaughlin, Commanding Officer Cadet 1st Lt. Harold Rowe Ray, Company Executive Cadet 1st Lt. Donald Austin Kirkpatrick, PLT LDR, 1st PLT Cadet 1st Lt. John William Martin, PLT LDR, 2nd PLT Cadet 1st Lt. Everett Wayne Rackley, PLT LDR, 3rd PLT Honorary Cadet Captain Charlotte Carlisle, Sponsor COMPANY C TRANSPORTATION CORPS Front Row: William Richard Norred, Charles L. Smith, Fred L. Speck, William M. Brown, William B. Briscoe, J. D. Dunn, C. Brice Robinson, Lee R. Dicker- son, Pat M. Baskin. Carroll W. Conn. Second Ron-: Frank C. Allen, James A. Wood, Henry R. Ferguson, Donald M. Headen, John D. Riggs, Buster L. McGregor, Everett W. Rackley. Leonard F. McLaughlin, Charlotte Carlisle, D. A. Kirkpatrick, John W. Martin, Harold R. Ray, James H. Connor, Ralph J. Norris, John E. Hearn. Lawrence J. Finklea, Valentine E. Revera, Jerry Don Rackley. Third Row: Joel B. Kirkpatrick. Doyd D. O ' Neal, John R. Wylie, Louis C. Jones, Harvy W. Smith, Sam N. Boldrick, Odie K. Creel, Louis R. Towery. Melbert D. Schwarz, Carrie E. Bray, Joe M. Badt, James M. Dyer, Stanley B. Saikin, Pat C. Miller, Lloyd E. Loftis, Giesecke, Robert G. Cantu, Robert M. Kitchner, Alejandro Duran. . , . . Johnson C. Chancellor, Adolph H. Fourth Row: Allen D. Chandler, William D. Webb, Leopoldo G. Perez. Weldon H. Carter, Richard J. Winningham, Arthur V. Lamb, James K. Knott, Carlos R. Walker, Benny Joe McGough, Hammond W. Hopkins, William T. Binford, Walter L. Knapp, Tommy Jack Moore, John Robert Corley. Kenneth Stanaland, Charles E. Yager, Fredric S. Strelitz, Philip Sanders. Filth Row John W Worsham William E. Harris, Edward C. Brown, Edmund D. Looney, Allen P. Kill. mi. William B. Larsen, Paul C. Mohr. Howard J. Clark Newton M. Shank, William D. Blanks, Carl W. Wilson, William D. Bible, Jimmie G. Meador, Ben F. Meek, John T. Crow, Charles A. Tom, Eddie H. Cadwallader, Lewis N. Little, Jack F. Hall, Marvin D. Love. PAGE 86 ARMY R. O. T. C. Company D MILITARY POLICE CORPS Cadet Captain William Walter Beuhler, Jr., Commanding Officer Cadet 1st Lt. Le Julius Rosch, Company Execu- tive Cadet 1st Lt. Joe R. Long, PLT LDR, 1st PLT Cadet 1st Lt. Thomas N. Griffith, PLT LDR, 2nd PLT Cadet 1st Lt. Joe Griggs Butler, Jr., PLT LDR, 3rd PLT Honorary Cadet Captain Marilyn Hampton, Sponsor COMPANY D MILITARY POLICE CORPS Front Row: Harry S. Brady, Edmunds E. Travis, Jr., Phillips C. Huck, Lewis S. Keith, Jerry E. Bishop, Billings D. Barnard, Leon M. Hernandez, William W. Beuhler, Marilyn Hampton, Joe R. Long, Thomas N. Griffith, Joe G. Butler, Herbert H. Kobs, Burtis E. Lawrence, Jake C. Cook, Lee J. Rosch, James R. Green, Chaunce O. Thompson. Second Row: Welby K. Parish, Charles E. Schwarz, Joe B. Shelton, B. R. Mabry, Jack S. Gorman, Elmore R. Torn. Gora E. Elzworth, Joseph B. Evins, Fouad K. Aide, Edward J. Williams, Lowell C. Wilson, Robert S. McCaig, Heriberto J. Porras, Billy J. Roark, Joe L. Orr, Frederick A. Foeh, Martin D. Pape, Jacque P. Adoue, Richard J. Hatch. Third Row: Ronald A. Wilkins, James D. Smith, Jerome B. Burling, Thomas Dollarhide, Maurice D. Gwinner, Danny L. Hitt, Joseph J. Rizzo, Edward M. Miller, Leonard J. Drozd, Richard H. Fielder, Joe Cortez, Bernard E. Gerhardt, Louis J. Vener, Jack E. Young, Bryan L. Simms, Ludy C. Hofmeister, Alvin O. Hall, Louis Thomas, James W. Parmley, Roy C. Engelke. Fourth Row: Milton J. Lehman, John E. Stubbs, Duncan A. Lawshae, Herbert S. Finkelstein, Romeo R. Hinojosa, Robert K. Cornell, Paul J. Mansfield, Morris T. Harris, William L. Hughes, John C. Steinberger, Donald F. Shea, Ernest L. Harper, Joe R. Bailey, George W. Elliott. Alfred Laznovsky, Henry S. Groesbeck, William F. West, Herbert L. Clancy, Harold I. Curtis. PAGE 87 ARMY R. O. T. C. RANGER DRILL TEAM From Row: Capt. Buddy J. Choat, Lt. George R. Blitch, Lois Wynne (Sponsor), 1st Sgt. Alvin O. Hall. Second Row: Guidon Bearer Joe B. Shelton, Gora E. Elsworth, Robert S. McCaig, Robert K. Cornell, George W. Elliott. Third Row: Robert G. Cantu, Ludy C. Hofmeister. George R. Vavra, Charles A. Grell. Fourth Row: A. G. Bohn, A. J. Harlow, Marvin D. Love, Milton R. Grell. Fifth Row: H. Saenz, Joe L. Conti, Jack E. Young, W. E. Tucker. Sixth Row: James D. Smith, Gabe T. Vick, Jerry Don Rackley, Duncan A. Lawshae. Seventh Row: Charles A. Tom, Joe M. Badt, Don L. Dickson, William E. Harris. Eighth Row: Right Guide Ronald A. Wilkins. ROTC RIFLE TEAM Front Row: George R. Blitch, Buddy J. Choat, Jack E. Parks, William W. Beuhler, Marion B. Tomme. Second Row: M Sgt. W. C. Altice (Coach), Jesse L. Bain. Charles E. Yeager, Allen D. Chandler, Louis C. Jones, Ranger Sponsor Lois Wynne. PAGE 88 R O T C Queen Mary Esther Haskell. Tripping the light fantastic at the Military Ball. " But I am too having a good time! " Commander Knapp, President Painter, and Colonel Wilson seem to agree on the gravity of the world situation. PACE 89 NAVY R. O. T. C. ROBERT A. KNAPP, CAPTAIN, USN Professor of Naval Science The Naval Reserve Officer ' s Training Corps at the University was established in 1940, and turned out hundreds of officers who saw service during World War II. Many former students are now fighting in the Korean theater. The Navy offers two programs to the college student. The Contract program consists of one required Naval Science course each year, and the graduate receives a commission in the Naval Reserve. Applicants are screened by the Professor of Naval Science. Regular students are selected by means of a nationwide competitive examination, and receive a Navy scholarship consisting of books, tuition, fees, and an allowance of $600 a year. They take a cruise each summer, and agree to serve two years of active duty upon their commission in the Regular Navy. Students in either program are deferred fro m the Selective Service. On the following pages are pictured the men of the Texas unit, at work and at play. Their activities range from the precision drilling of the Buccaneers and the high scoring rifle team to the informality of Officer-Midshipmen football games. But pictures alone cannot show the entire scope of the Navy. It is many things to many people, and probably in that diversity lies its greatness. PAGE 90 NAVY R. O. T. C. FIRST CLASSMEN and are one aval nvc take the heir i the Front Row: Pat Morgan, Herbert Lee Gaskin, John Loven Carvajal, Howard Paul Robinson, Hampton Kent Snell, Richard D. Bass, Albert Newton Mc- Quown, Charles Alexander Barbee, James Lott Lloyd, Donald Vurnell Kaiser. Second Row: Raymond Clyde Thompson, Henry V. Faber, Joe Alfred Adamcik, Terry Debbs King, Frank George Dunham, Walter Lewis Patterson, Werner John Perlitz, Raymond Holt Thornton, Gilbert Austin Adams, Reed Wadefield Mathews, Kenneth Elmer Hill. Third Row: Benny Alfred Younglove, Allan Gene Hanretta, George Handford White, George Hudspeth Gentry, Frederic Porter McCown, Elvyn Everett Hagedorn, O. H. Haveman, George Lafayette Carver, Jesse Embree Nash, Jack Rawlins Day, Charles Clark Blanco, Henry Albert Perry. PAGE 91 NAVY R. O. T. C. A. ' SECOND CLASSMEN Front Row: Clinton D. Frisby John W. Pancoast, Robert E. Martin, T. J. O ' Neill, Gene McKissack, William R. Coons, Charles P. Harris, W. C. Swadley, Edwin F. Gilbert, Lincoln Jeanes, Thomas O. Wilson, Richard L. Chancy, Ross Sterling Johnson, J. C. Zbranek, Frank T. Woodall, Edward Agnew, William B. Allman. Second Row: Leonard R. Scotty, Roscoe H. Canon. John P. Baur, Robert E. Post, Thomas R. Abernathy, Kenneth J. Mighell. Morris D. Johnson, Donald A. Gilley. George H. Sullivan, Sam G. Groom, Sam P. Boswell, V. Shelton Perkins, W. H. Gilmore, Roy L. Van Winkle, James A. Vick. Third Row: Robert I Polunsky, Richard J. Koehne, Carlton Spring, John W. Hampton, Charles E. Bludworth. Henry J. Rech, Jack L. Underwood, William R. Henley, Bill G. Eppes, Richard L. McVay, Joe S. Lancaster, Don D. Terry, C. E. Mounce, Joe T. Tannos, C. B. Thames. Fourth Ron: David L. Upshaw, L. B. Scott, Donald P. Harris, Charles H. Pistor, James A. Hudson, Teo Maldonado, Robert B. Bose, Elbert Hooper, Lee W. Rehmeycr, Maxey Hart, Virgil Sutherland, George Tuttle, Monte Lawrence. Robert Kotzebue, J. Lee Dittert. Fifth Row: Harold Corning, Leonard E. Huber, Hardy Mizell. Steve Albrecht. Edward Wilson William E. Blumberg, Marion Johnson, James A. Srhriner, John Albert Davis, Willard H. Wells, Edward L. Hines, Joseph A. Brackett, William Robert Brown, Joe A. Rice. PAGE 92 ' ' NAVY R. O. T. C. THIRD CLASSMEN Front Rou-: Charles R. Fagg. W ' ylie M. Kimraons, Frank Logan, Donald L. Schmidt, Robert Jamar, Billy R. Yoast, D ' Wayne Gray, John C. Miller, Roger W. Evans, Tom Rocha, Charles M. Perrott. Second Row: Robert K. Bryant, Carroll W. Collins, Jerry D. Godwin, Alan B. Carson, Marcus E. Ciller, Bill Linden, J. P. Houston, John Sandford Edwards, H. E. Ludwig, George N. Allen, Jack Q. Dunaway, Frederick A. Rutledge. Third Row: Donald G. Perwein, Hurbert R. Stewart, Robert H. Walker, Robert F. Grainge, Harrell Hayden, H. Darrell Williams. Jay Hanchette, Howard R. DuPuy, Robert L. Armstrong, James O. Royder. Fourth Row: W. Caiter Grinstead, Joe H. Jones, James L. McAlpin, A. Winslow Brisbin, J. S. Bullion, Siras D. Browning, E Dedrick Yoes Dean C Johnson, Carl G. Eaton, William R. Neff. Fifth Row: Warren E. Loper, John L. Shudde, Gene R. Rutherford, Venton Doughtie, John Freund, Kenneth Willis. John M. Eckhardt James R Harvey Peter M. Suarez, Glenn E. Brooks, William A. Petry. PAGE 93 NAVY R. O. T. C. FOURTH CLASSMEN Front Row: Lloyd Ficklin Johnson, Max D. Murray, Jimmy Artis Davis, Thomas J. Morey, William F. Kemp, Cecil A. Edwards, John Nicholas Harrison, Jay M. Goltz, Johnny L. Mock, Ted Lee Langford, Herman H. Drubert. Second Row: John T. Kipp, Edward E. Benton, Max H. Smith, Roderick D. McDaniel, Charles Wesley Beck, William D. Collins, Robert E. Laster, S. Howard Hinkley, Thomas W. Gregory, L. Thurman Fletcher, William Calvin Mickler, Benjamin T. Rhodes, Thomas H. Ramsey. Third Row: Joe A. St. John, Wilson W. Herndon, Garnett, S. Fox, Charlie E. Sanders, Dudley D. McCalla, Eugene W. Collins, Franklin S. Spears, Robert A. Thompson, C. Van Shaw, Joseph N. Smith, Albert M. Blackman, John P. Pittman, Robert G. Tracy. Fourth Row: J. W. Thompson, Carl R. Brumley, Jay Earl Anderson, Richard S. Robertson, Kenneth P. Finch, Samuel T. Hollowell, G. P. Gardere, James H. Pruett, Bobby D. Wood, John Jerry McCorkle, James A. Pakenham, Thad H. Harden, Franklin M. Jones, L. J. Weiler. Fifth Row: Robert J. Jay, Neil D. Cox, Ralph D. Anderson, Howell M. Finch, William A. Felsing, Robert C. Buckner, Fredrik S. Blackmar, Robert Freund, John W. Naylor, Cone C. Rice, Bernard Pyron, Karl Butz, Robert D. Kravet, Martin H. Chancy, Clarence A. Rundell. Sixth Row: Alonzo W. Bosley, Alan L. Bean, Joe G. Pannell, Ray H. Kedziora, Clay W. Fulcher, James Amos Wilson, John W. Howell, David H. Brune, Ted H. Dusek, Edward C. Nott, Lamont M. Cochran, Clyde A. Mounce, Thomas O. York, Harold G. Adams. Seventh Row: John M. Wallace, James D. McKinney, Kenneth G. Patton, Ralph B. Johnson, Lawrence L. Beason, Donald L. Smith, Emory C. Thompson, Paul W. Petersen, Leslie W. Gidden, Olin C. Lancaster, Fred J. Withers, William R. barker, Allen Gene Pittman. PAGE 94 NAVY R. O. T. C. MARINERS CLUB Fronf Roa;: James L. Lloyd, Bettie Anderson, Steve M. Albrecht. Second Row: Wilson W. Herndon, Clinton D. Frisby, Charles M. Perron, Roger W. Evans. E. E. Benton, Jr., Thad H. Harden. Third Row: Thomas M. Tuttle, Andrew H. Oerke, D ' Wayne Gray, C. A. Rundell, Charles W. Beck, Allen G. Pittman. Fourth Row: Howard P. Robinson, Ross S. Johnson, Thomas O. York, Cecil A. Edwards, Joseph A. Rice, Richard S. Robertson. Fifth Row: E. C. Nott, Jr., John P. Houston, Franklin M. Jones, Harold C. Adam, Edward W. Wilson, Henry A. Perry, George H. Sullivan. Sixth Row: L. Lee Dittert, Jr., Lamont M. Cochran, Jr., Lawrence L. Season, Jack A. Davis. PACE 95 NAVY R. O. T. C. COLOR GUARD Left to right: Robert Bernard Bose. Lawrence Scott, Richard D. Bass, Richard Lee McVay, Joe Allen Rice RIFLE TEAM Front Row: Joe Bob Jaraar, O. H. Haveman, Lawrence Bertrand Scott, Charles Herman Pistor, Harold Thomas Corning, Charles Reed Fagg. Second Row: Andrew Halvor Oerke, Edwin Fisher Gilbert, John Black, James Brown, Clay Wayland Gordon Fulcher, Joe Allen Rice, Robert Joseph Jay, Ross Sterling Johnson. PAGE 96 Army ROTC boys had as their honor guest Texas beauty Mar- garet Sommers. Inspection. Air Force crewmen worked late to ready their entry for the big Round-Up parade. NROTC bigwigs pose for the camera during a banquet. Spectators were impressed with the Air Force " Then and Now " float. AIR FORCE R. O. T. C. The Air Force Reserve Officers ' Training Corps Program was established at The University of Texas in July, 1947, and is operated under the Department of Air Science and Tactics. This program provides University students the opportunity of receiving excellent training in leadership and Air Science and Tactics which affords them the privilege of serving their country in the capacity of a Commissioned Officer in the Regular Air Force, the Air Force Reserves, or Air National Guard Units. Air Force ROTC courses supplement elective courses in the major fields pursued by the student and are given academic credit toward degrees offered by the University. LT. COL. E. E. McKESSON Professor of Air Science and Tactics FACULTY OFFICERS FACULTY ENLISTED MEN Front Row: Lt. Col. E. E. McKesson, Maj. Terrell M. Upchurch, Maj. George E. Bartling. Second Row: Capt. Fed G. Magness, Capt. John W. Taylor, Capt. Ira F. Ferguson, 1st Lt. David H. Shelton. Front Row: Mi Sgt. Ernest L. Lanier, M Sgt. Richard O. Davis, M Sgt. Warren S. Quinn. Second Row: M Sgt. John W. Doyal, Ti Sgt. Durwood A. Smith, M Sgt. Thomas E. Lawless, M Sgt. Joseph J. Rollins. PAGE 98 mi Tactics. Pponunity tir Science nin? their cerinthe elective jdmt and fd by the COL. ALFRED A. JACKSON, JR. AIR FORCE R O.T. C. WING STAFF Front Row: Cadet Col. Alfred A. Jackson, Jr., Honorary Cadet Col. Mar- gaiet Sue Summers, Cadet Lt. Col. Michael B. Miraglia. Second Row: Cadet Maj. Jean M. Schooley, Cadet Maj. William J. Kelly, Cadet Maj. Lyndon A. Keel. Third Row: Cadet Maj. William M. Lacy, Cadet Maj. John P. Nieman, Cadet Maj. William R. Benbow. STPT r- w r uy GROUP 1 STAFF Cadet Lt. Col. Virgil C. Cassel, Honorary Cadet Lt. Col. Mary Esther Haskell, Cadet Maj. Joe Philip Slack. GROUP 2 STAFF Cadet Lt. Col. J. Lester Quinn. Honorary Cadet Lt. Col. Jackie Farris, Cadet Maj. Roy L. Beckelhymer. PAOE99 AIR FORCE R. O. T. C. SQUADRON A STAFF Front ROIL: Cadet Maj. Billy E. Simpson, Honorary Cadet Maj. Eleanor F. Luckett. Second Row: Cadet Capt. Stillman V. Taylor, Cadet 1st Lt. Lum Jack Lovette. SQUADRON A, FLIGHT 1 Front Row: Gerald K. Smith, Allen Jack Becker, Larry Elton Jones, William W. Gibson, Jerry Lynn Nelms, Charles F. Dees, Kenneth K. Caswell, Ewel L. Tankersly, John Mark McLaughlin, William Lester Ford, Peter J. Wagner, Forrest J. Brown. Second Row: Morris Levy Lichienstein, Paul Anthony Buckley, Carroll Jack Mahoney, Patric Clark Scott, Theodore George Miller, John Henry Pagan, Donald Royce Dearing, Jimmy Bethel Adams, Theobald Victor Hohle, William Creighton Layne. Third Row: Jack Edwin Farmer, Billy Jean Barnes, Joe Carroll Williams, Ralph Howard Daugherty, Carey D. Smith, Gerald A. Cox, Ernest F. Cadenhead, Joe F. Horton, Erwin E. Luark, Henry H. Vollentine. Fourth Row: Alton George Bohn. Edward N. Shaw, Dudley Moran Kuykendall. Earl F. Burridge, Lynwood G. Elliott, Ephraim L. Block, James Dale McClung, Charles L. Borskey, Ralph E. Reiner. PAGE 100 AIR FORCE R. O. T. C SQUADRON A, FLIGHT 2 Front Row: Herbert R. Perry, William W. Spurlock, John K. Scott, Jodean T. Collins, John Henderson, Furman C. Ferrell, Donald R. Hinton, Paul F. Dickard. Charles R. Atkinson, James C. Miller, Jack O. Morrison, Roy G. Martinez, Robert C. Bledsoe. Second Row: Harry Schulte, Robert Powell Thomas, Walter Marland Jarrell, Henry Grady Barrett, John Ballard Sisk, Leon N. Booth. David D. Zink Richard A. Stuart. James M. Vaello, Paul M. Grieder, William E. Rigsby, Salvador N. Borja. Third Roiv: Frank D. Walker, Roland W. Hoyt, William H. Purdy, Richard F. Ochoa, Patrick H. Power, Robert J. Foster, Omar Peters John E Redmon Carl R. Robertson, William E. Tucker, Clarence T. Welborn. Fourth Ro:v: Robert Meyers Snelling, Fred W. Sternenberg, Glen Charles Moore. Gilbert Ford. William Gilberth Barber, Arthur Branch Williams, Sidney Arthur Martell. Jack E. Irion. refcTaj f feHxj ir V ' f L4-kWJ SQUADRON A, FLIGHT 3 Front Rou;: Fred R. Pierson, Marvin V. Harlow, Billy C. Davis, Billy J. Brown, Harvey L. Greenberg, Jerry T. Chandler, Kent H. Biffle, James R. Weiershausen. George T. Karpos, Gerald P. Silber, Albert G. Engelke. Second Row: Ward Cornelius McCurtain, Lemuel Edmund Porter, David Sterling Silvers, Vance Malcolm Hendricks, Robert Alfred Moore, Ben Jack Kinney, Albert Leslie Harris, Ben Gerald Scallorn, Rawland Leon Scott, Kenneth Dale Henry, Henry Edward Casero, William Henry Clark. Mike Henry Roberts. Third Row: Ray O. Womack, Fredric W. Feist, William A. Weeks, Walter M. Stischer, Felix Ashinhurst. Henry H. Saenz, Lembit Enni, David T. Blackstock, Rodney L. Brown, John C. Donovan, LeRoy Barto. PACE 101 AIR FORCE R. O. T. C. 5=== . I SQUADRON B STAFF !aj. Billy O. Harrison, H. Second Roiv: Cadet Capt. John F. Leahy. Cadet 1st Lt. Jerry L. Anderson. Front Ron-: Cadet Maj. Billy O. Harrison, Honorary Cadet Maj. Elaine Foster. SQUADRON B, FLIGHT 1 Front Row: Mason H. Hairston, Gene C. Lynch, Albert U. Knaggs, William E. Seller, Howard H. Hill. Samuel H. Vester, Jerry C. Graff, Joe N " . Runnels, Paul E. Pierson, Ramiro M. Garza, Ronald A. Patton, Alexander M. Russ, Ross D. Greenstreet. Second Row: Horace T. Mann. Peyton D. Cauley. Harry H. Wandry. Billy N. Strong, Curtis B. Whittinglon, Thomas R. Metcalfe. Robert J. Tanner, Robert S. Rudd, John S. Snedeker, Bruce C. Hallmark, William U. Bell, Tommy G. Coker. Third Row: Harold R. Gillespie. Dan Q. Broughton, Wyman Ray Gillam, Sidney E. Pinkston, Stuart E. Templeton, Posey B. Smiser, Drew Wilson. John L. Hubby, Robert P. Andrews, Leslie G. Hearn, Gordon C. Bruner, Elbert B. Taylor. ' " I PAGE 102 AIR FORCE R. O. T. C. SQUADRON B, FLIGHT 2 Front Row: Richard F. Avcry. Frank J. Van Delden, Chester W. Kaiserman. Gordon L. Llewellyn, John B. Valerius, Herbert Ostroff, George D. Roelse, Pat H. Gardner, Harry E. Norris, Howard E. Frieden. Lamar R. Dickerson. Second Row: Lawrence David Ortolani, Owen Dale Goodman, Neil Burton Joyner, Harris Jay Taylor, Ellsworth LeFebuer Mitchell, Alfons Lee Broz, John William McMurry, Robert White Flick, James Ronald Harris. Third Row James W. Sayer, James E. Miller. H. Gilson Scurlock. Vernon J. Stewart, Louis P. Manganiello, W. Keith Kromer, Donald G. Holland, Garland C. Kirk, Clyde M. Pope, Edward O. Hendricks. Fourth Row: Gordon R. Wynne, Frank C. Pendleton, F. Dean Smith, John G. Meador, Riley Verdine, Dan A. Lanirfnrd. Richard B. Waite, David M. Murray, Fred J. " Novak, Robert R. Cole. SQUADRON B, FLIGHT 3 Front Ron-- Claude M Weaver. Albert E. Camp, Richard B. Austin, Homer W. Hazell, William B. Cavender. James M. Cavender. Jerry E. Nobles, James M. Blakley, Eugene L. Green, Hollis O. Hall, Heriberto Delcon. Second Row: Robert H. Scott. Linden E. Jones, Johnny V. Piraino, Jimmy F. Kratz, Leon J. Coker, Lewis W. Cutrer, Robert E. Smith, William M. Byrd, Charles E. Taylor, Carl U. Daniels. Third Row: Floyd H. Plueckhahn, Manuel N. Garza, Thomas J. Hoyt, Gene A. RatlifT, Monroe Northrop, James T. Ward, Hugh E. Alexander, Robert A. Mauck, James A. Gregg. Fourth Row: H. James Wood, Walker A. Brents, William Carl Abbey, Billy J. Burton, Charles E. Barber, Richard W. Smith, Waller F. Brown, Lovell E. Davis, Henry D. Lindsley. PACE 103 AIR FORCE R. O. T. C. SQUADRON C STAFF Front Row: Cadet Maj. John Phipps, Honorary Cadet Maj. Janet Lee. Second Row: Cadet Capt. Jack R. Pickle, Cadet 1st Lt. William B. Conine. = === = SQUADRON C, FLIGHT 1 Front Row: William Blair McCarter, W. Payne Roye, Robert P. Van Arsdell, Charles F. Sugerman, Danny Burger, Albert T. Stone, Robert E. Hendrickson, Robert D. McGee, Billy H. Lyon, Jack G. Rankin, Hilry H. Stedman, Wynant S. Wilson. Second Row: Mosee Martin Feld, LeRoy Birdwell, Pat David Lynch, Jack Robson Sowell, Paul Fisher Gardner, Joe Thomas Harris, Charles Eddy Cunningham, Willard Mayo, Arthur Roby Hadden, James Donald Alexander, Robert James. Third Row: Gonzalo Campos, Roy D. Stanford, Tony A. Kazen, Donald C. Smith, Raymond F. Griffin, Roger L. Berry, Robert K. Zander, Wendell L. Herron, Joe H. Tanner, Max E. Mileur, Wayman C. Watkins. Fourth Row: Boyd Ray Collins, Billy Staton Goodson, Aloysius McAllister, Egan R. Gleason, Richard F. Love, Jim H. Warren, Benjamin F. Pitman, George B. Peyton, Edmund L. Cogburn, Myles C. Stewart. PAGE 104 AIR FORCE R. O. T. C SQUADRON C, FLIGHT 2 Front Rom: Billy L. Dillard, George B. Anderson, Lawerence D. Williams, Benny F. Johnson, Howard Wong, Richard Shield, James M. Scurlock, Jimmie O. Hill, Charles A. Bankston, Robert C. Holt, Lawrence E. Niemeyer. Second Row: Delbert L. Stephens, Robert L. Blumenthal, Charles C. Fancher, Richard O. Womack, Jess G. Hammock, Travis F. Harris, Madison S. House, Robert N. De La Cruz, Charles A. Powell, Billy M. Jackson, Carl J. Kohler. Third Row: Wendell B. Worley, Joe B. Wells, George E. Brown, LeRoy Money Adams, Tolbert Nat Jones, George Peyton Prewitt, Edward H. Lorance, Roy D. McCoy, Nick Sacaris. Fourth Row: John G. Becker, Bryan J. McGinnis, Gregor C. MacGregor, Sam E. Murphy, Stewart A. Bonnett, Carle C. Mayhew, Elgean C. Shield, Jerry W. Brougher, James S. Owen. SQUADRON C, FLIGHT 3 Front Row: Warren C. Moore, Middleton S. English, Arthur F. ZobaL Joe H. Amberson, Chester P. Coburn, Tommy Rovello, John G. Pew, Harry C. Webb, Kenneth D. Dunlap, Gene C. Stewart, Noa B. Sislt, Emmett F. Barnes. Second Row: Gary Lamar Gummelt, Joe Thomas LaRue, Aubrey Douglas Gearner, Mack Stoeltje, James Gordon Hand, Johnson Andrew Jenkins, William Baynard Calhoun, Eugene Golden, Billy Flynn McGraw, Bobby Wayne Hodges, Charles Coleman Gregory. Third Row: Stanley D. Rosenberg, Riley R. Miller, Edward J. Landry, James W. Ehl, Vernon L. Helmke, Larry Lacy, Fred E. Brown, Gilberto Perez, Jack C. Hubbard, Meredith J. Long. Fourth Row: John Douglas Summers, John W. Broughton, Allen C. Chittenden, Phillip F. Templeton, David A. Mays, Yale G. Phillips, Melvin K. Griffin, Don W. Berleth, Kirk Kite. PAOE 105 AIR FORCE R O. T. C. SQUADRON D STAFF George H. Ford, Honorary Second Row: Cadet Capt. Thomas Romo, Cadet 1st Lt. Arthur G. Greif. front Row: Cadet Maj. George H. Ford, Honorary Cadet Maj. Billie Louise Luckett. = H- SQUADRON D. FLIGHT 1 Front Row: Robert W. McCoIlum. Gustavo E. Martinez. Joe W. Park, Jesus F. Valdez, Lige E. Balceszak, Tyre L. Flynn, Andre C. Parish, Grady R. Birdsong. James P. Ristig, Santiago Lira, Evert V. Todd, Thomas H. Jackson. Second Row: Richard J. Rosen, Leon G. Colborn, Robert E. C uthrell, Charles F. Bidgood. Jose L. Ramirez, Don H. Musslewhite, Louis V. Hall, William E. Wright, William K. Russell, Victor M. Barnett. Third Row: Solly Wyatt Cox, Edward L. Humphreys, Harvey S. Summers, Dan L. Durway, James R. McCord, Edward D. Bridges, Wesley M. Warlen, Otto R. Borchers, Thomas E. Sparks, Bobby G. Askew, Enrique C. Garcia. Fourth Row: Kenneth Earle Brougher, Stanley S. Studer, Paul L. Whaley, Arthur J. Ferguson, Robert L. Steely, Frank E. Brock, John B. Dalrymple. Samuel R. Blair, Thomas M. Woodward. PAGE 106 AIR FORCE R. O. T. C SQUADRON D, FLIGHT 2 Front Row: Paul A. Hickfang, Dudley D. Hale, Martin E. Luker, Warren W. Shipman, Robert G. Turner, Paul E. Russum, Alphonso Ragland, Ruben Valdez, Jimmy R. Lanfear, Harold S. Davis, Ben E. Sutton. Second Row: Roland P. Caldwell, Enilio F. Gutierrez, James R. McDonald, Allen Harvey Walker, Willie Allen Knight, Philip P. Moss, Robert Warren Bauman. Frank J. Marek, Charles Irvin Gerson. Third Row: Sherman A. Thompson, Joe A. Osborn, Rodney C. Martin, Paul H. Shacklette, Ivan D. Alspaw. Walter A. Hogan, C. Freeman Stallings. Donald J. Hand, Franklin A. Jeffers. Fourth Row: John L. Jackson, Andrew J. Lewis, John M. Robertson, Walter P. Vass. William L. Thompson, William H. Clay, William J. Malone. Richard T. Atkin, Richard P. Springer. SQUADRON D, FLIGHT 3 Front Row: Arnoldo Cantu, Bill E. Thienes, Robert N. Foote, Joe L. Harville, Charles A. Smith, Albert D. Hildreth, Marvin B. Roberts, Paul V. Chancey, Lawrence W. Vance. Second Row: John R. Thornhill, Charles E. Lanter, Philip M. Sondock, Robert B. Ross, John B. Moon, Earl E. Cortes, Edmund F. Benchoff, Leonard N. Karotkin, Charles W. Hack. Third Row: James D. Pierson, Robert L. Coghlin, Roy L. Taylor, James A. Rozzell, Audley D. Gaston, Sampson O. Miller, Johnny F. Splichal, Emile M. Cuenod Fourth Row: Monty C. Barber, Charles W. Dillard, Lee E. Probst, Patrick W. Thompson, Roy C. Newman, Donald C. Holbrook, Joseph L. Lehner. PAGE 107 AIR FORCE R. O. T. C. BAND OFFICERS Front Row: Cadet Maj. Malcolm D. Bullock, Honorary Cadet Maj. Eleanor Luckett, Cadet Capt. William S. Swearingen. Second Row: Cadet 1st Lt. Hoyt D. Craig, Cadet 2nd Lt. Byron R. Buckner, Cadet 1st Lt. John E. Simpson. BAND Front Row: Malcolm D. Bullock. H. D. Craig, Frank R. Black, John W. Davidson, James M. Nash, Martin LeBrecht, Robert B. Sexton, Alfredo Gutierrez, George E. Bode, Eulalio Calderon, Charles Kuinta, Leonard H. Clark, Jack E. Featherston. Second Row: William S. Swearingin, John E. Simpson, Charles G. Eddins, Oliver T. Maxwell, Alfred L. Ruebel, Marvin G. Grain, Albert Faetche, William Powell, Robert G. Haltinas, Elmo Lopez, Julio Hector Calderon, Robert I. Vancil, Lowery T. Fletcher, David B. Barrow, Will G. Ryan, Patton C. Hudson. Third Row: Joseph O. Hayhurst, Burton A. Jones, William B. Hargrove, Robert L. Ewing, Marion S. Griffith, Robert A. Fairey, Robert R. Hudson, Cone C. Rice, William L. Morgan, M. Jackson Hampton, Richard J. London, Blaine D. Esmond, Ricardo G. Rodriguez, Byron R. Buckner, William C. Suhler, Robert M. Galvan, Ernesto Paredes. Fourth Row: Frank C. Moody, Robert A. Murray, Warren B. Ellis, Valmer Norrod, Robert L. Watson, Norman R. Goldberg, Ralph Villafranca, Philip Fugitt, Tom Fairey, William Kaufman, Edwin H. Golden, Fred A. McAllister, Hugo A. Walter, Allen G. Pittman, Ronald R. Knaus. PAGE 108 1 AIR FORCE R. O. T. C. RIFLE TEAM Front Row: Lane T. Sealy, Michael B. Miraglia, Billy L. Dillard. Second Row: Ward G. McCurtain. Bobby W. Hodges, John P. Nieman. M Sgt. Joseph J. Rollins (coach). ORANGE WINGS DRILL TEAM Front Row: Cadet Lt. Col. Michael B. Miraglia, Douglas Johnson, Thomas Romo, Cadet 1st Lt. C. J. Kohler. Second Row: M. N. Garza, Frank C. Pendleton, C. J. Mahoncy, A. L. Ramirez, G. C. Bruner. Third Row: A. G. Bohn, W. M. Stischer, D. J. Hand, S. A. Thompson, R. A. Fairey, Howard Wong. Fourth Row: W. M. Warlen, R. W. Bauman, H. C. Webb, T. H. Jackson, R. N. Foote. PAGE 109 Thomas Jackson, Les Quinn, Mike Miraglia and Billy Simpson arrive at Scott Air Field Base for summer ROTC camp. K.P. at Kelly AFB shows Dick- erson taking it easy. Inspecting targets at Kelly show Billy Parsons and Bob Bled- soe counting their scores. Firing line at Kelly. Squadron 3, Flight 2 at Kelly. . Jt- PAOE 110 Air Force sponsors are Mary Esther Haskell, Ellie Luckett, Gina Nichols, Jackie Farris, Margaret Sommers, Elaine Foster. Mary Esther Haskell on inspec- tion tour of Bergstrom Air Force Base. Air Force sponsors tour Berg- strom. Mike Miraglia receives Air Force Association Medal from Dean Nowotny. Cadets passing in final review at Scott Air Force Base during gradu- ation exercises at summer camp. 1 PAGE 111 D AND TIONAL HONORARY MILI G Company, 8lh RcM COMPANY () Captain . ' . First Lieutenant Second ' Lieutenant First HAROLD R. JOHN J. CARV WARD P. Joe G. Butler L. Ca ilC. C ry erQuinn . Ray rd P. Robinson : v Oscir Speed nneth E. Hi ' -, - Benjamin F. Kins y lond C. ThoAipsd Simpson eoroc H. Su!l} ;ui e Thomas D. Woodsort. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA HONORARY SCHOLASTIC FRATERNITY FOR FRESHMEN WOMEN Founded: University of Illinois, 1924 Texas Chapter, 1935 Fall CAROLYN GRISSOM EVELYN SHELBY REE SHIRLEY LOUISE VA PEGGY MARTHA KN HELEN FLINN Mary Frances Adams Frances Kendall Atkins Thelma Louise Baker _, Georgeann Beene Mildred A. Bethke Elizabeth Louise Blank Maxine Buchanan nit;i Carlton Mary Carver Barbara Clai y Margery Ethel Farek Molly Ann Ferguson ' ranees Elaine Policy ary Louise Gilmore Anita Joyce Oilstrap Carolyn Grissom OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ' acuity Advisor Spring PATRICIA HINDS VIRGINIA HALLUM MARY ANN MALEY ELIZABETH O ' BANNON HELEN FLINN MEMBERS ris Lee Hall lice Elizabeth Hart rayce Y. Hornung iry Gene Johnson rah Eugenia Johnson zanne Ilyne Kauffman ' ary Ann King ffeggy Martha Knight Hazel Qrlean Maultsby Barbara ' Mavs nna Emmel Mecom -IJessie Meek ncy Jane Newton arilyn Estelle Niennan ' JJi s? Peggy Joan Pefram Ann Rankin Evelyn Shelby Reed Shirley Virginia Reichert Lee Marie Rush Ina Adele Serber Jo Ann Standefer Myra Stein Mary Helen Thompson Billie G. Ungerer M. Shirley Van Cleave jrley Lpuise Van Wormer bjrego. Dorothea Bachcniin Camilla Berkley Elissa Berwald Jacquelyn Culbertson Jean Marie Edge Beverly Fisher Carolyn Foreman Sharlene Gerrick Virginia Hallum igtou Patricia Hinds Naomi Hoppenstein Connie Levy Peggy Lord Mary Ann Maley Carol Moak PAGE 114 i fonii Ruth Rupef Margaret Ann Schmidt Lucile Sims Jo Tidwell Carol Wesner Clementine White Tommye Woodland ALPHA PHI OMEGA HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION Founded: Lafayette College, 1925 Alpha Rho Chapter, 1935 Fall DELBERTjb: STEPHENS .- " D PAUL KOBIN.SON EUGENE P. MYRICK IERIT N. WOHLFOR .1 rings L tBERT ' L. STlfPITENS RROL G. SCHRIEVER NRY ALLEN TYLER SABIN W. MARSHALL ANDY B. ANDERSON President First Vice-Pie ' s Second Vice-Pr Secretary Jack Holland H. W. Newman witt Reddick Andy B. Anderson ' ' Billy Bob Ashby Ernest Babitzke Eugene S. Baker C. A. Baldwin Clarence J. Baldwin, Jr. Lewis E. Ball Roy L. Beckelhymer John G. Becker John Ballard Bennett James Kenner Biggs, Toss " B. Blumentritt Edward G. Bossom lames Albert Browder f C. Merlyn Brucetf v ' id Warren Burkett James E. Burson James M. Buzbee John M. Carson Robert Lee Carter Lloward John Clark Je.sse V. Clements Robert L Clift A. Bill ( lopen Larry Crookf Keith K. Cox ermethJ.Cox BobG.tunninghafn StaynerA. Dugan Jack Q. Durham Robert E.-Dver Ed DyEes K. Eugefl Eastridge Elden Elsworth Duwyood Gray Evans C. Bjl Ewing Fredric Warren Feist Ison F. Foreman rnando Galvis rbert L. Gaskin. Ji. orge B. Gibbs Lee A. Oilman Bill H. Gragg Thomas Green Tony Guer _ MM BW . HP Al Hagcdorn n Hand John W. R. Marvin Hai Don Harris Nat Harris Tom Hyltin Theodore M. Jac-kson Marion Johnson Ross S. Johnson Robert N. Katz J)on Keeling Harold F. Kleinn I r an Knoblej Leo Lee Jamesi. Lehman NemU.eva T. 0| id Ling JimrnyLusk Chn McNaob Albeit X. McQuown Sabin W. Marshall Ronald ). Man Bruce Meador Carl-J iller. Jr. Hill Milsi.-.u: Henry Momr Stanley Moos Eugene P. My Scott Nisbet Joe Osborn illie Padolina Jack Pickle John L. Prater, Jr. David Hornsby R iiRead Jas J.Reid i ul Herbert Rit bv Paul Ro iomas Edward lliam R. Sands Schrievei PetexS O_Selig Shelton rnard L. Smith fack G. Steele , DelberL L. Stephens a k Stehlmg Jimmie K. Stodghill Allen Tylet Claude Vjl Richard I )elano Vfilkart Milton Va ' n Husjo Alphonse V Bill Webb Ron ilkens l.loyd Elmer UeM !.. Kenneth Willis J -fit Neal Vohlford RobertHenry W SPRING PLEDGES John Al Hill Armstrong Hob AimstroiHj Claiborne Bell Elmer Bi ' owdci Gordon Hrunn Bill Bullen : Bill Hyrd obert Campbell eyer Chaskin Thomas Goode ,ja Hassen Jim Kiker Al Knaggs Martin Kreimerman Hilmar Lassberg Van Livingston Kent Mcllyar John Lee McMillen Pat McShane . j Joseph Martin Charles Richey Charles A. R y Charlie Schwa 17 James Seftz John Shryock Waltei atson PAOB 115 COWBOYS HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATIpN FOR MEN Founded: The University of Texas, 1922 ir - .- Fall WAI.ES MADDEN Mi ' RRAY WA L . . WAGNER . OFFICKRS 3P ; " BSSe ARNO NOWOTIJY ( ' amp Cook . Faculty Advisor . I i Spring. ;_ f KIMBALL STUART WAT GEORCE WIL ' " " " RAP " St ARBryoMi, 1 JR. EDDIE GILBERT ARNO NOWOTNY tei Adam. Lee Aldetdit e H. K.Allen Robert Ray Barta Rudy-EdwJi ggglnan, J, Charles N I homas Chester Robert Blu: Olan Brewer William B. Clark " Bobby Joe Clark Paul Carrington Cal Chambers Earl Elma Cobb awford Frank Crooke . ing Bobb Dillo X Eddie Gil beag Meredith Leon Black Henry Gordon Braswell Dan Abbot B pe Marshall T. Clegg Sam Gaston Groom Gene Branch Fleming Robert Kenneth German John Give l!1 ) Lloyd Nelso Dickie Ha Paul Hickf Stanley Saoford Hit k ' i heodoie Marshall Jack Frank Joseph Kana Rollins Miller Koppe George William Lace Lewis Milton Levine 1 )avjd Ling Dirk MrKellar George Macatee Wales Hendrix Mad ond Joe Mare leher Claude Millei. Les Moor Taylor Nichols Charles Bryden Parker SPRING INITIATES Ross Sterling Johnson Donald Lee Klein Monte Jim Lawrence James Keet Lewis Miller William Meredith Edmund Notestine Ray William-Albert Peim Hank Perry Frank Starr Pope, Ji . David Hoi nsby Raine Phil Ransopher Tomirty E. Rodman John Scott Shambaug H. J. Shands. Ji-tf BernyjL Smi|h Charl|||j|| Sowell Warien Shipman DelbeHBBtsphens Jack riahain Steel Ben Cyrus H. Vagner Harry Tomm IF A- Kimball Stuart Wats Frank Jesse Womack Donald Howard feirbrough Guillermo R. Padolina Thomas J. Reid Stanley David Ro ' scnborc George ASRold-Scaling Marvin David ShwifT rews Turnham PAGE 116 FRIARS TO CONFER THE HONOR OF MEMBERSHIP UPON THE TWELVE MOST ELIGIBLE MEN CHOSEN FROM EACH SENIOR CLASS Founded: The University of Texas, 1911 Fall MEREDITH J. Lf Sjd BRUCE MEADOR OFFICERS . FACULTY ME: wuiJeKjLM , Hart (ins Hodges ct- Cunningham mie I )U J " IM Ja,k Johnson ndiix Madden. re Davis Mrado Rav Doss Peelt-i . Ji SicrHni; __ Marl in Ncal 1 lion i pson Jft Murr ' a WalL, SPRING INITIATES Kleber Claude Miller, Jr. JJgj- T Rafael Humberto Floras Jaromir Charles Zbranek Ed - to rnt M MORTAR BOARD x s. HO I. HONORARY SOCIKTY TOR SENIOR WOMEN i i. ndcd: ( -oinrlj University, 1918 Chapter, 1923 l 1 ! l F.- L ou RACHEL ( RUTH AN$SJ BotfoRDE PATRICIA fnjMMHwsf CAROL CJ.AIIM - ; ' u JOSEPHINB M. CJAl ' t MARGARET CANM| N 1 MARIAN CTIAMKR ' LRS Marian Cran Dorothy Gj Hrlrn Mara Ann Allen red Barnes . Ann ttly Care arol Clat mgh [achel Ch Patricia C kmordcn mmings " els Helene Ba Mary Ann Lanelle Br Anna Cha Sally dies ick % " " " " " ' Ann Courier Marv Pat Dovvell Beaurriier i ihers , -- . ' Southi Helen Taclh-t : lEMBERS IV if June Fitzgerald Barbara Manning fribl 8 jrossman iaynjei_ lay McCampbell ; f?fQ- arlottr Mic I F.linor Olson JJTf llrtll Oshl Patricia Pa l ' .., .rton SPRIN(i INITIATES i " ' ret Endress )oiis Lee Hall rjetty Lou Ham . ' fiStoSS )ttte Kohler i tiie Mifl ' li K Martha Lou Sc Angelica Strassi Selma Waldman n Velhausen Jean ' esley J. T Jl ANGE JACKETS ! RY SERVICE ORGANIZATION FOR iWOMEN Founded: The University of Texas, 1924 | )A. MAIWK ' MARY ANN BEAI i RM. RA JAN HA S-ORTH )UISE ' I ' EIXERA ANNA BTCHANAN Mn.i i i ce Bauman Bergman ane Carolyn Carlisle inimie Jo Edmondson iary Hkrt Hamlett ic B illmark Hanbur Bartels Beaumier fenelle Clyde Brooks lary Sue Brown Vthne Chambers , ' r, r, Mai-y I ' at Douel ici President . re astir i r V ' ji on or ' 5SOCIATE MEMBERS iiiMf If Frances Elizabeth Lex ' erett Patricia Jean McCarthy Knodk Lee McKnight Plaird Ownby eeina Prikryl ) i is Lee Hall lurv Marcellr Hanu i rbara JjnsHawortL ozelle Jones Jorence 1 dollette | Lois Claiii ixine Kohl -i r DAN " MARIE RAGSDALE ARY PAT I )OVVELL BEAVMIER IAN HAWOBTH ... K T EIXERA BUCHANAN MILLB Minna Marie S SalK ' Drummo: i Joan Bryant " I Lois Lynette Tis Martha Lou W ! Frances Jo Wise IBarbara Mae Osj Joan Marie Ragst Rankin Angelica Gisela Strassmann ISelma Anne Waldman Jean Wesley Ifti Q, Georgeann B ' atsy Cater Sally Chtsnick Betty 1-ou Hamni I 1 T ' Jackie Keasler Delores Kosbci y Sue KaufTman lihea ElizaBeth Bachc rothy Carolyn Busch PALL Marion McCurdy Ann McN il Cornie Miffleton I ' atsy Nesmith Shelb - Reed Ann Rosboiough ai tha Lou Sehroeder G 195 Daina I lildreth Gerson Martha Lee Harelik Mildred Marie Klesel Mune Stokes Lee Tinker Billie Grace Ungerer Shirley Van Wormer Virginia Warner Sarah Jane Weeks Jean Welhausen Bessie Meek Jean Sidney Siegel J. PHI ETA SIGMA HONORARY SCHOLASTIC FRATEKWTTY FOR MEN Founded: University of Illinois, 1923 Texas Chapter, 1931 Fall WILLIAM A. PEN N GLENN ELLIS BROOKS, CHARLES A. SANDERS JOE NEWTON FISHER CHARLES PISTOR EDWARD E. FROST " T ARNO NOWOTNY owotny Thomas Howard Alexander John David Bennett Rex Lee Edwards Catarino Gonzalez, Jr. Clayton Jil Hilliard T. S. Painted OFFICERS I ' i trident if I ' it ( ' -President Secretary-Treat,,,, , HtfffijyMtf . " ? " . Junior Advisor Senior Advisor ;T - Faculty tSponsaf--. _g HONORARY MEMBERS Hanson T. Parlin 949 Spring WILLIAM A. PEN GLENN ELLIS BRO CHARLES A. SANDERS JOE NEWTON FISHER CHARLES PISTOR EDWARD E. FROST ARXO NOWOTX 4 Robert L INITIATES icolR " JJouglas Jeanes acoh Meyer Protas Victor Carnal Saied Jerome -- Maurice St at Jackson L. Stith Stariles Strum Robert Bryan Allison Philip Miller Bell Robert Skeen Braden James Jean Bradley Glenn Ellis Brooks ' Harry Charles Burgess Jeromr-Benton Burlin Mark Shelton Campbel Marshall T. Clegg Jack Franklin Cook, Jr. illiam Ross Anglin Elmer Ralph David Leo Clay Charles F. I )ees Donovan Georgi - .SPRING Perry D. Davis John Lamont Ecker Joe Newton Fisher John Satterfield Fordtran Charles Hardy Gregory Joseph Paul Hammond John K. Hrissikopoulos Morris Blake Jones Benjamin J. Le on Carl McComb Lobitz- 1950 INITIATE Frank Logan Philip S. Lowell Kenneth Boyd McCollum James Harvey MeCrary Theodore Phillip Martin Daniel dofcton Morgan, J Kenneth R. Nichols John Glenn Pew. Jr. Allan Kerry Preston Sam Neil Rogers Marion Brown Tomnie. William Eric Tucker Hugh Darrell Williams Richard Warren Yarborou Robert Louis Zir Charles A. San Carl Thomas Scanlin Melbei t Dowlen ScTiwarz Milton Dudley Schwarz Cecil Benjamin Shelman Louis Shlipak Jack Clifford Stillinaer Ralph Elois Wallace " Sam Max Weaver John William Andei son Tliad Harold Harde Richard Thatcher Atkin Richard C. Hogan WilliasitTj. ' JHPhSP ' Bb " - Lorimer K. Hill Paul F. Bird VjEMHSM |ohn Lee Hubby LeroidBigteatfgr - ' Ripley H. Hunt joim jTHyde Harold S. Kost Kenneth L. Kotzebue Urban J. Leavitt J-j iv y j.yiiv v-J;l Edward M. Brook Albert H. Cox, Jr. Bernard O. Dow C. Adair Dyer, Jr. Robert A. Fairey Harrison D. Fendley John T. F razer William J. Graber, III Lester L. Levy, Jr. Allen C. Locklin Edmund D. Looney FALL 1950 INITIATES Frank Enyin Kendrick. |: . Woodrow Ro Lee ' . |r. Keith Rogers -Mar n ( P " -- (leorge Vayne MiUer " " " " t George Alexander Murray, -Jt. 1951 INITIATES rl B. Lyda, Jr. ell S. MeCreary Ham I. :es E. Marshal r esE. Nemir arSC. Nott, Jr. Raymond R. Palmer Heriberto A. Pena John P. Pittman Ronald G. Rekart Fred W. Riley, Jr. Robert Schindler J ' - George Philip Sarranan Joseph Meyer Singerma David Madison Smith Johi Robert Stockton. J George Stephen Weller Stanley Schindler L. William Schleuse, Jr. James E. Shamblin Dolph B. H. Simon Joseph A. Staples, III Ben Alan Terry Carlos L. Tolleson " Donald R. VanSickle J. Michael Welch Everett H. Wilson Albert Worchel :JohnM..Worrell.Jr. William E. Wright SILVER SPURS MEN ' S HONORARY Founded : Th ORGANIZATION i, 1938 Fall STERLING WALLACE STEVES JOHN RICHARDSON KENNEY " AM F..WILLSON 4 l President . t ' -President fretary . - 7 reasurer . SAM F: WILL ' SON ' - PETKR r : . CHARLES HERMAN HERBERT EDWIN PE i Georgg Webb ' lonias Donovan attrtaleh Al Enga Ai no. rankliri Antrim Ashb David ' I ' . Blaekstock Glenn F.Ilis Brooks Charles William Brown Daniel William Bus Jamie Acger Clements Rani Duumas Charles Robert Delphems Leo Thomas Donovan Tjfonriie Dusjger HilK Fi auk Foster Kennetli I ' anl Flags; CHIIord RavGoldVmit i nald L. Gould :k Greenwood " homas Harris ailes Mamie! Hebe IBM J SPRIXC. Robert Allison Dick 4 istin J Ionte Barber Milton .Black William Weldon Byrd Howard Clark ; .illiam Henry Clark gan Copeland andall Dockery COfWCILMEN ' " fli t M l ' JorW Ifcchardson Kcnnt (amie Acger Glern ' ft ' i Charles Robert Deln Newton B. Schwartz Clarence Linden Sledui Clai i;pce Charles Stelize Sterlins: ' allace Steves Leland Allen Hod Thomas L. Jame ames Carroll Charles Ceci olm Richard av Frank Kins Allen H. Kline James A. Leonard ' Jordon Lee LlinvelKn Roltert (.01 don Mickey Albert Cliir " SOKWt " Prekon Moortl Hisham A. R. Munir James Francis O ' Haia Herbert F win flefersoii ' ( iharles I 1 ' istor wliif iy dl MBIU ' {JJ JUciwan imon Rubinskv Wilson Claude Goldsmit I lomer Jackson Harold Kleinman Carew McFall Kenneth John Tom Rush Moodv Gene St. Clair George | ' V;K 12! Cowboys salute " The Eyes of Texas. " The President of Dad ' s Day Association receives a Stetson from Lloyd Hand, Wales Madden, and Kim Watson. Orange Jackets Helene Bartels and Pat Cummins assist at Dad ' s Day Registration. Keith Cox and Hilmar Lasberg are among the hard- working APO ' s who man the polls on Election Day. The Spirit of Texas U. PAGE 122 I Gov. Shivers extends a Texas welcome. Cowboys stampede at a lively rally. Welcome Dads, from the Silver Spurs. Orange Jackets and APO ' s make voting easy. Guardians of Bevo and Texas ' spirit. PAGE 123 New Orange Jacket Sidney Seigel tells Barbara Oster and Mary Ann Beaumier how thrilled she is. Bessie Meek looks happy too. " Mister Interlocutor, " Johnny Barnhart, emceed this year ' s successful Cowboy Minstrels. New members of Alpha Lambda Delta listen solemnly to the words of their initiation service. Presenting the University ' s most outstanding Junior women the new Mortar Boards! PAGE 124 . J . - . " T i i Sfc W Front Row: YARRITU, DAVILA, LOPEZ, GODINEZ, BOSQUEZ, GOMEZ, FALCON, G. MAI.DONADO, GOSALVEZ, O. MALDONADO. Second Row: LAMEY, OCHOA, PENA, AGUILAR, BALLI, GUERRERO, ORTIZ, SALDIVAR. LAING, POLTER. OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Sponsor ROBERTO BOSQUEZ ORALIA MALDONADO VIOLET KATHERINE POLTER GEORGE JOHNSTON LEVY GEORGE I. SANCHEZ MEMBERS Carlos Manuel Aguilar Juan J. Balli Jesus C. Barrientos Roberto Bosquez Gonzalo Campos Angela Gloria Chavez Cosby B. Contreras Joaquin Bruna Davila Raul de la Rosa Carlos Francisco Diaz Josefina Lesvia Falcon Angelita Flores Guillermo Flores Rafael Humberto Flores Antonio Fuentes Juan George Garcia Rachel Y. Godinez Elsie Gloria Gomez Leonides Carlos Gonzalez Hugo Rene Gonzalez Carmen Gosalvez Liela Guerrero Romeo R. Hinojosa Juan Laing Homer Austin Lamey George Johnston Levy Juan Lino Raymon C. Lopez Hector D. Lozano George Maldonado Oralia Maldonado Florentine Mendoza Richard Munoz Virginia Ochoa Richard Aquirre Ortiz Albar Antonio Pena Lyman George Phillips Violet Katherine Polter Juan P. Ramos Herminia Lerma Rangel Herlinda Coloria Ruiz Viola Naida Saldivar Manuel Ernesto Salinas Roberto P. Sanchez Socorrita Teneyuque Roberto Vela, Jr. Elizabeth Waltz Clara Bow Williams Relio A. Yarritu Founded in 1945, ALBA is designed to promote social and cultural interest among Latin-American groups. These groups have entered into various projects this year in order to carry out this goal. PAOE 126 President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer I ARAB STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION OFFICERS FADHIL AL-TA ' I SALEEM TANNOUS COS TANDY BOURY EMILE GHAZALA MEMBERS Mohammed Abdulnabi Abder Raouf Ahmad Matti Al-Aish Hashim Al-Barazanji Yousef Al-Doory AH H. AI-Fakhri Jafar Al-Himyary Sahib AH Mohammad Aziz AI-Mashat Asad Al-Mokhtar Fadhil Al-Ta ' i Nasir Asdi Hamed Amer Mohammedali Bassam Sabiha Bassam Costandy Boury Hamed Elyousef Emile Ghazala Zahia Goushe Mahmood Hamandi Abdul K. Hilmi A. R. Jalili Mary Margaret Love Hisham Munir Isam Munir AH Nourachi Kani Nouri Fawzi Said A. R. Abdul Sattar Alexan Shasha Saleem Tannous Hilmi Uthman Zaghlool Yousif The first Arab student group founded in the United States, the ARAB STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION promotes goodwill, interest, and understanding of the Arab countries. Membership is open to all Arab students and others who are interested in Arab culture. 1 Front Row: AL-BARAZANJI, SHASHA, ALI, LOVE, ELYOUSEF, HAMANDI, H. MUNIR, AL-FAKHRI, TANNOUS. Second Row: AL-TA ' I, SAID, I. MUNIR, AL-MASHAT, YOUSIF, HILMI, AL-DOORY, BOURY, AL-AISH. PAGE 127 ASHBEL LITERARY SOCIETY Front Row: GRAVES, M. MOORE, TUTT, ROWE. RATCHFORD. GU.NTER. ALLEN, McLENDON. Second Row: TATE, SMITH, WRAY, FIELD, BRYANT, LINK, LEAR. OFFICERS President . . . . Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer JANE M. WRAY SARAH JANE ALLEN SARA L. PUIG EMMA SUE COWDEN NANCY BRYANT MEMBERS Sarah Jane Allen Grace Elizabeth Await Georgeann Beene Nancy Bryant Alma Faye Cowden Emma Sue Cowden Marylee Cowden Rosemary Bellinger Barbara Gene Dent Margaret Virginia Endress Elisabeth MacLean Field Shirley Corinne Fitch Rose Shelley Furr Helen Cummings Graves Mary Kincey Gunter Olive Virginia Irwin Douglas Ann Johnson Martha Gene Kiel Colette Maxine Kohler Ann Garden Lear Sara Lew Link Kathryn McLendon Jane E. Moody Mary Eloise Moore Pat M. Moore Shirley Neely M. Patricia Puig Sara L. Puig Betty Cleo Raimond Gloria A. Ratchford Catherine Roberts Linda Ruth Rowe Marilyn Yvonne Sadler Bettie Margaret Smith Beth Smyth Cathleen L. Sparks Margaret Ann Tate Ernestelle Kay Tutt Jane Marckmann Wray Founded in 1888 ASHBEL LITERARY SOCIETY was the first literary or dramatic society on the campus. Its members are chosen for interest in good literature and must have a B average in English. PAGE 128 CAMPUS LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OFFICERS President Vice-President .... Secretary Public Relations Chairman Treasurer Faculty Sponsor JOAN RAGSDALE FRANCES LEVERETT MARY SUE BROWN MARY ANN BEAUMIER BETTY ANN ALLEN DORIS V. JOHNSON MEMBERS Betty Lou Alberts Mary Kimball Alexander Emily Jean Allen Doris Elizabeth Alsmeyer Marilyn Niel Anderson Mary Jean Andrus Vivich Laverne Avera Grace Elizabeth Await Mary Francine Ayoub Earlane Baccus Patricia Barth Lois Elizabeth Bates Martha Ann Beall Joan Becker Georgeann Beene Carolyn Bell Charmaine Bellamy Faye Berman Frances Eugenia Berryman Mary Lauretta Binkley Rita Marie Bird Mary Lou Bliss Virginia Ann Boberg Margie Cameron Bolton Dorothy Helen Boone Frances Boyd Virginia Boyd June Boysen Jane Anne Bradner Mary Rose Brady Joann Elizabeth Bredlow Miriam Jo Bronstein Evelyn Anne Brown Peggy Jean Bull Neddie Jane Bullock Patricia Louise Burleigh Dorothy Carolyn Busch Charlotte Elizabeth Carlisle Nancy Ann Chadwell Ann Cheavens Sally Ann Chesnick Madelaine Ann Cobb Margaret Evelyn Cole Mary Louise Cole Maxine Sagor Collins Maryo Conerly Courtenay Corwin Flora Annette Costley Flo Cox Patricia Ann Cox Adele Crawford Rita Joan Crocker Bonnie Lou Cron Nancylu Crosthwaite Eileen Alice Cummings Blanche Davidson Frances Starr Davis Mattie Evelyn Dean Mary Lucile Deaton Joy Diane Debnam Patricia Devine Mary Claire Doggett Linda Ray Dorris Caroline Dowell Benigna Ann Durst Ann C. Dwoskin Nancy Joan Earle Marion Joyce Edelstein Jean Marie Edge jo Ann Ehlers Margaret Virginia Endress Betty Erwin Patricia Anne Evans Wesley Jean Evans Jean Falkstein Joe Anne Cecelia Faulk Emily Ann Finch Norma Lee Fink Betty Jo Fischer Florence Elizabeth Fitch VSda June Fitzgerald Mary Lee Fleming Jane Eula Flinn Shirley Ann Flint Betty Jean Fram Louise Rose Freedman Janet Elizabeth Fulton Margaret Mary Fulton Gayle Garth Phyllis Jean Gartner Mary Woodward Gay Sharlene Barbara Gerrick Daina H. Gerson A. Elaine Gieseke Frances Eileen Gilbreath Anita Joyce Gilstrap Leora Claire Goldberg Mary Arlene Goldman Valerie A. Golt man Natalee Jean Goodman Joan Elizabeth Gravell Martha Ann Gray Mary Evelyn Gregg Ann Katherine Guest Caroline Mae Guinn Frances Guthrie Joe Ann Guynes Erin Linn Haile Marilyn Haley Martha Ann Hallman Virginia 1 1. ilium Martha Ann Hemblen Martha Virginia Hancock Ruth Hancock Mary Bain Haralson Evelyn Elizabeth Harlan Elaine Elizabeth Harrell Dorothy Joanne Harris Mary Fiorine Harris Betty Ann Harrison Johnnie M. Harrison Nabeela Hassen Barbara Jo Haws Ruth Vinn Hendler Martha Jane Henkel Joan M. Herweck Patricia Hinds Mary Jo Hollon Nancy Jean Hollowell Naomi Jean Hoppenstein B. Jean Hornsby B. Jean Hughlett Kathleen Chloe Hunt Clora M. Hurst Peggy Jean Ives Barbara Sue Ivey Esther Jacobs Tomadell Jenness Lois Marie Jett Amy lone Johnson Douglas Ann Johnson Dorothy G. Johnson Marcia Elinor Johnson Maydee Lue Johnson Estelle Jones Florence Mozelle Jones Charill Adele Joseph Diana Lee Joseph Helen Louise Kamisar Shirley Elaine Kanter Madeline Natalie Karchmer Suzanne Ilyne Kauffman Jaclyn Lucas Keasler Julia Beth Kenna Virginia Rose Kerbow Kennon Kethley Noreen Kevan Enid Juanita Klass Shirley Jean Klein Mildred Marie Klesel Lucianne Knight Peggy M. Knight June H. Knox Doris L. Koppew Suzanne Kowalski Margaret Kovach Dorothy Jane Kreager Kay LaBauve Elizabeth Ladon Loretta Maureen Lamm Dorothy Jean Lang Peggy Joyce Lantrip Patricia Ann Lasater Diane Lehman Jean Lewis Diann Ruth Linegar Lois Helen Litman Julie Lockman Chlotilde Loper Elaine Sonia Lubel Sara Ann McAlister Mary McCall Leva LaRue McFarland Josephine Mclnnis Janet Lee McKinney Kay McKnight Patricia Ruth McLain Marilyn Ruth McVey Gayle Mackie Mary Ann Maley Virginia Lucille Maloney H. Annette Maxwell Abby Mee Gloria Winifred Meyer Frances Boyce Miller Joyce Milton Gloria Elaine Mindes Carol Louise Moak Mary Eloise Moore Jenny Sue Moore Patsy Lou Moore Mary Morgan Marianne Morris Oma Claire Morris Virginia Morrisson Marilyn Mosley Carol Mottley Mary Ann Moxon Lois Diane Moyer Norma Lee Murphy Carol Sue Nathan Patsy Kylene Nesmith Katherine Dean Newnam Martha Ann Nichols Ethel Elizabeth O ' Bannon Jane Oberle Martha Ann Oden F. Nell Grand Vivian Dolores Orr Julia I. Orynski Roberta Irene Oswald Betty Jean Parsons Nancy Irene Patterson Marylyn Perkins Shirley Jean Plantowsky Gail Ann Plettner Dianne Virginia Poetter Josephine Juliana Poneleit Betty Ann Potter Shirlev Joe Prossner Amy Harrell Purcell Mary Lou Pyle Joan Adele Rachofsky Betty Raimond Ann Rankin Ann Rattikin Betty Rawland Marlene Rebnick Barbara Ann Redditt Diana Joy Reed Shelby Reed Nancy Jo Rees Elissa Reswold Virginia Lee Reuthinger Martha Jane Riser Barbara Claire Roberts Caroline Roberts Mary Lucile Robertson Anna Ruth Robinson Marilyn Phyllis Rolph M. Ann Rosborough Martha Christina Rosenquist Dorothy Louise Ross Joan Dee Rugeley Anita Runge Lee Marie Rush Freda Ann Rusteberg Sara Catherine Sample Gaye Yvonne Sanford Katherine Elizabeth Sanquily Margaret Monroe Scarbrough Dorothy Jane Schell Patty Ann Schmidt Martha Lou Schroeder Elaine Etta Schwartz Betty Joyce Segal Bobbie Gene Sherwood Martha Meredith Shillito Ruth Elizabeth Short Jean Sidney Siegel Betty Joyce Smith Dorothy Gene Smith Frances Smith Katherine MacRae Smith Martha Fairfax Smith Natalie Smith Beth Smyth Carol Lee Snavely Mary Lou Snead Virginia Browning Spell JoAnn Starnes Martha Jean Stephens Nancy Belle Steves Sidney Stennett Nancy Ruth Stripling March Stuttle Ellen Florence Talley Clara Taylor Barbara Lee Terrell Joanne Marye Thaman Beverly Ann Smith Thomas Susan Lane Tiner Lois Lynnette Tisdale Shirley Jean Tower Ernes telle Kay Tutt Billi- Grace Ungerer Sora Lei Ungerman Gladys Joyce Vernon Ann Volz Elaine Waldman Myrtle Lucille Watkins Julia Richter Watson Frances lone Webb Sarah Jane Weeks M. Jean Welhausen Carol Jean Wesner Bettye Jo West Ruth Jean Wertheimer Janet Wheeler Marianne Dasher White Peggy Ellain Whitesides Alice Lorena Whitmore Nancy Myrle Wier Ann Williams Frances Euline Williams Helene Rose Williams Bette Lou Wolens Peggy Ann Wolff H. " Carolyn Woodruff Bette Claire Woods Joyce Carl Word Jane Marckmann Wray Dorothy Pauline Wright Molly Ann Yaffe Jane Michaux York Jean nine Marie Young Wanelle Merle Zemanek Vlasta Louise Zobal CAMPUS LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS is a college affiliation of the National League of Women Voters, including the Texas League of Women Voters. Their purpose is to promote good government by stimulating interest among women through educational programs and voters services. The League is nonpartisan. PAGE 129 I CAP AND GOWN Front Ron: SEE, EDMONDSON, THREADGILL. COWDEN, HILL. Second Row: HAMLETT, TONROY, ANDERSON, PIGMAN, WISE. OFFICERS President SALLY D. SEE Vice-President JIMMIE Jo EDMONDSON Secretary ALMA FAYE COWDEN Treasurer Jo PARTEN Reporter FRANCES WISE Faculty Sponsor JESSE EARLE ANDERSON MEMBERS-AT-LARGE BETTIRUTH BUCK MARY HART HAMLETT ANN BLANTON HILL PATRICIA IRENE PIGMAN JOAN THREADGILL CHARLOTTE TONROY Senior women are eligible to become members in this organization designed to help them bridge the gap between school life and the community life. Annually CAP AND GOWN sponsors Senior Week and swing out among other activities. PACE 130 CO-ED ASSEMBLY OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor ANN BLANTON HILL MARY ANN BEAUMIER CAROL JEAN CLABAUGH BETTY ANN ALLEN JESSE EARLE ANDERSON V COUNCIL Lanelle Clyde Brooks Carolyn Grissom Maty Marcelle Hamer May Louise Wilke Patricia Jean McCarthy Regina Prikryl MEMBERS Lois Thrasher Agnor Doris Elaine Ehlinger Anderson Dorthea Elizabeth Bachemin Betty Bruce Bauman Doris Adelle Bean Mary Ann Beaumier Mary Jane Brandhorst Lanelle Clyde Brooks Mary Evelyn Buice Gail Elizabeth Campbell Josie Ellen Champion Isabella Rachel Clark Sandra Rhea Cobb Concepcion Elizondo A. Elaine Gieseke Kyle Louise Gilliam Mary Shirley Groseclose Virginia Lanelle Gunter Mary Marcelle Hamer Sarah Anne Hanover Dayle Hartkopf Ann Blanton Hill Shirley Ann Holmgreen Nancy Ruth Johnson Denna Levine B. Jean Lipscomb Mildred J. Little Patricia Jean McCarthy Virginia Lucille Maloney Iza Muerchison Lois Claire Olivard Jane Lister Orr Nell Kennedy Owens Patricia Ann Pietravalle Patricia Irene Pigman Edythe Novelle Ponder Regina Prikryl Joan Marie Ragsdale Frances Evelyn Schneider Sally D. See Johanna Strieber Patricia Loftin Sutton Margaret Anne Swickheimer Arvilla Taylor Mary Ann Tucker Marilyn Jeanette Walker Myra Lee Wheeler May Louise Wilke Frances Jo Wise Jane Marckmann Wray Composed of the presidents of organizations for women students on the campus, the CO-ED ASSEMBLY is organized to act as a co-ordinating and administrative body for such groups on the campus, and to encourage interest in their activities. PACE 131 I CZECH CLUB ' From Row: HAYHURST, LAZNOVSKY. KLEKAR, DVORAK. MUSIL, BLANTON, GRIFFITH, BENES, MARIK, MICEK, ZIVNEY, MRNUSTIK. Second Row: ZAPALAC, DROZD, HUBENAK, COUFAL, KOPECEK, KELLY. Third Row: J. MAREK, PARSONS, KEPRTA, JUREN, KOSTELNIK, TABORSKY, MALIK, HALAMICEK. Fourth Row: D. F. LABAJ, F. MAREK, PAYNE, ZBRANEK, PUSTEJOVSKY, HRANICKY, DUSEK, PHILLIPS, M. MAREK, HOLASEK. OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary-Treasurer JERRY THOMAS KOPECEK WESLEY PUSTEJOVSKY LILLIE MAE MUSIL Joe Malik, Jr. FACULTY SPONSORS Edward Micek Jaroslav Zivney MEMBERS Marie Anna Benes Mildred Irene Blanton Alfons Lee Broz Mary Frances Chupick Jerry Lumir Coufal Leonard Joseph Drozd Ted Henry Dusek Elsie Mildred Dvorak Rose Marie Griffith William Arnold Halamicek, Jr. Joseph Owen Hayhurst Raymond Joseph Holasek Roy Elmore Hranicky Daniel Stephen Hubenak Bill Robert Juren, Jr. Thomas S. Kelly Dennis Keprta Mary Helen Kivch Rosie Josephine Klekar Jerry Thomas Kopecek Gereon Rapheal Kostelnik Darwin Franklin Labaj Dorothy Ann Labaj Joycelene L. Labaj Alfred Laznovsky Franklin Clay McGaughy Edward Louis Marek, Jr. Frank Jerome Marek Johnny Joseph Marek Marvin Richard Marek Lillie Mae Marik Albert Lee Michalik William Johnnie Michalik Stanley Franklin Mrnustik Lillie Musil Bill J. Parsons Thomas Harold Payne Yale Gilbert Phillips Regina Prikryl Wesley Pustejovsky Ernest William Slaniger Stephan Smarook James Joseph Smetana Milos Taborsky Jerry Thomas Tomsu Daniel David Zabcik George Henry Zapalac Jaromir Charles Zbranek THE CZECH CLUB, founded in 1909, brings together students of Czech origin and their friends interested in the study of the Czech language and culture. PAGE 132 DALLAS CLUB OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer FRANK JOSEPH BRADLEY AUDREY JANE JOHNSON DAVID W. Moss MARY CLAIRE DOGGETT MEMBERS Carl W. Abbey Ed. L. Agnew Earlane Baccus Peter W. Baldwin Frank Joseph Bradley Jo Ann Elizabeth Bredlow Ann Cheavens Robert L. Coder Gary Craft Mary Claire Doggett Billy A. Dunagan Howard Richard Dupuy Shyrlee A. Emmett Louise R. Freedman Mary E. Grafe Maurice S. Green Marilyn Faynette Hampton Bobbie Dale Hanks Shirley M. Harris Pete James Hickman Mary Margaret Hogg James R. Holcomb Bill Hornaday Audrey J. Johnson Douglas Ann Johnson John H. Knight Olin C. Lancaster, Jr. John O. Lange W. Kent Mcllyar, Jr. Patricia M. Moore David W. Moss Frances Nell Grand Mary Lou Pyle Bill J. Ramage Jack G. Rankin Spencer C. Relyea James M. Scurlock Nonah Simms Charles F. Stahl Barbara Jean Surman Nancy L. Temple Christine I. Williams Founded in 1940, the DALLAS CLUB is composed of students from Dallas County. Its purpose is to promote friendship among these students. Front Row: HANKS, MOSS, GRAND, BREDLOW, BACCUS, DOGGETT, HAMPTON, HARRIS, A. JOHNSON, BRADLEY. Second Row: DUNAGAN, RELYEA, STAHL, ABBEY, LANCASTER, HORNADAY, HICKMAN, LANGE, RAMAGE. PAGE 133 I FORENSICA ft ' J Front Row: OSTER, COOK, BARKER, BACHEMIN, GREEN, DERRICK, DEATON, HASSEN. Second Row: RUSH, BARNES, ABREGO, PROSSER, COLLETTE, WADE. OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor . DOROTHEA ELIZABETH BACHEMIN BARBARA MAE OSTER CAROL COOK CAROLINE M. GUINN EMOGENE EMERY MEMBERS Sara Abrego Dorothea Elizabeth Bachemin Martha Lou Barker Barbara June Barnes Ann Collette Carol Cook Mary Lucile Deaton Sharlene Barbara Gcrrick Sarah Nell Green Caroline M. Guinn Nabeela Hassen Barbara Mae Oster Shirley Joe Prosser Lee Marie Rush Joan Elizabeth Wade Founded in 1941, FORENSICA is a woman ' s speech organization sponsoring an annual public speaking contest for freshmen women. Active in public speaking and debate, FORENSICA elects her members after try-outs of three minute speeches. PASE 134 M. L C A. OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . JAROMIR CHARLES ZBRANEK FRANK BARRY SLUDER JOE BOB BETTIS JOHN V. ROACH ADVISORS William D. Blunk Elmo Fisher Albert A. Rooker Joe Malik, Jr. Dick S. Payne EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Benjamin Louis Barrow Jesse Bryant Bettis Joe Bob Bettis Daniel William Bus Brure Douglas Bush Robert Lynn Coder Odie Kenneth Creel William Edward Dykes Joe Bailey Farris Wilson Foreman Bill F. Foster Earl Gillis John Elbert Goodson Glen Stanford Hefner Manford Martin Ishmael Ross Sterling Johnson Gereon R. Kostelnik Darwin Franklin Labaj Joe Malik, Jr. Ignatius John Mallia Theodore George Miller Jim Montgomery William Martin Nichols Joe Bucy Ridings John V. Roach Lawrence Louis Rohan Linward Paul Shivers Frank Barry Sluder Stephan Smarook Gene Arlen Thomas Gerald W. Walker Bob Wood Jaromir Charles Zbranek The largest organization on the campus, M.I.C.A. membership is open to any male student not affiliated with a social fraternity. M.I.C.A. has been active for fourteen years and is one of the strongest M.I.C.A. organizations in the nation. .1 Front Row: WALKER, JOHNSON, ISHMAEL, FOSTER, ZBRANEK, REGINA PRIKRYL, CREEL, ROACH, SLUDER. FOREMAN, JOE BETTIS. Second Row: BLUNK, MILLER, FARRIS, RIDINGS. LABAJ, MONTGOMERY, ROHAN. SMAROOK, JESSE BETTIS. Third Row: DYKES, THOMAS, NICHOLS, WOOD, MALIK, KOSTELNIK, FISHER, BUS, MALLIA, PAYNE. PAGE 135 PANHANDLE CLUB Front Row: MILEUR. DAMRON. OSBORN, SANSING. C. HURTER, LOVE. GIERHART, CAPERTON, WILLBORN, R. HURTER, RAWLINGS, BISHOP. Second Row: R. ALLEN, STINNETT, PEEPLES, LESTER, STALNAKER, GRIGGS. JACKSON, STEELE, HALLMARK, FORD. OFFICERS President . V ice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Sponsor James Allen Nelson Allen Robert D. Allen Ernest Babitzke Richard Bailey Jerry Ed Bishop Ira Bruce F. Janet Caperton Jayne Damron Don Fletcher Mary Ellen Ford dell E. Gierhart Nielyn Griggs Bruce Cullen Hallmark Carl V. Hurter Roland L. Hurter Homer Jackson Keith Kromer MEMBERS F. JANET CAPERTON SIDNEY STINNETT DOROTHY J. SANSING BRUCE CULLEN HALLMARK OLIN HINKLE Curtis Lester Mary Margaret Love John McMillen Max Mileur Francis Miller Joe A. Osborn James H. Peeples Carolyn Rose Rawlings Elizabeth Reed Robert Rudd Dorothy J. Sansing Floyd Slayton Frank Stalnaker Barbara Steele Sidney Stinnett Diane Wells Mary Elaine Willborn THE PANHANDLE CLUB was reorganized in 1946 to bring together students from the Panhandle area. PAGE 136 PIERIAN LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Lois THRASHER AGNOR EMILY ANN FINCH JOAN DOUGAN MARY ARLINE GOLDMAN MEMBERS Emily Ann Agnew Lois Thrasher Agnor Amelia Caroline Anderson Mary Ann Birch Helon J. Blount Joan Briggs Neddie Jane Bullock Mary Lou Bunkley Emily Alma Burt Patricia Devine A. Joan Dougan Irene Sue Elmore Jane Elizabeth Everett Jackie M. Farris Emily Ann Finch Frances Nina Findlater June Fitzgerald Vida Jean Freytag Billie Hope Frnka Mary Arline Goldman Mary Elizabeth Grafe Mary Carroll Groce Gail Hall Lou Ann Hallway Mary Marcelle Hamer Mary Louise Ivey Jane Caroline Johnson Bobbye Jones Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Holly Ruth Knudsen Helen S. McAnelly Mary Jane McNeill Elizabeth Anne Mason Bessie Meek Betty Maud Gates Barbara Ann O ' Brien Lee Pettus Lucille Dupree Pool Jan Scurlock Marilyn Shaw Ellen M. Thomas Julia Marguerite Thomason Billie Brace Ungerer Joanne Webb Anna Elizabeth Wells Loretta Jean Wesley Mary Wilson PIERIAN is a literary group whose members must have a B average in English and a C over all average. The name of the group is adapted from Alexander Pope ' s " Essay on Criticism. " PAGE 137 REAGAN LITERARY SOCIETY M I Front Ron " . DOWELL. HAM, WORD, VERNON, HUDSPETH. KLAVER, BROWN " . HENKEL, SMITH, JOHNSON, TEMPLE, BLAKE. KEVAN, LUNDELIUS. Second Row: THOMAS, BECKER, CARLSON. EARLE. WEEKS. WARNER. McWHORTER. D iCAMARA. STRIEGLER, KEASLER, ROSBOROUGH, ALLEN. Fall M. JEAN WELHAUSEN MARY PATRICIA DOWELL . IDA JOAN OLFF . BETTY Lou HAM . OSCAR WILLIAM REINMUTH OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Sponsor Spring BETTY Lou HAM AMY IONE JOHNSON JERRY LEE RENNER IDA JOAN OLFF OSCAR WILLIAM REINMUTH Mary A. Allen Joan Becker Betty Blake Evelyn Anne Brown Barbara Ann Carlson Patricia Lou DaCamara Rita Maxine Davidson Sara May Dorfmann Mary Patricia Dowell Shalmir Ann Duerson Nancy Joan Earle Joan Ethridge Patricia Love Folmar Joanna Gentry Joan Gray Esther Joan Grossman Betty Lou Ham Elaine Elizabeth Harrell Barbara Haworth Ann Elizabeth Hefner MEMBERS Martha Jane Henkel Mary Jo Hollon Nancy Ann Hudspeth Amy lone Johnson Maydee Lue Johnson Sandra Jean Josephson Jaclyn Lucas Keasler Noreen Nancy Kevan Patricia Darling Klaver Jeanne Marie Laird Frances Elizabeth Leverett Denna Shirley Levine Honore H. Loeb Ruth Lundelius Arline Denny McTee Mary Ann McWhorter Dena Fai Mayers Maurine Elizabeth Mitchell Ida Joan Olff Mary Lyn Perkins Tkn Elizabeth Ann Randolph Jerry Lee Renner M. Ann Rosborough Joan Violet Shaw Martha Fairfax Smith Maydel Smith Beverly Smyth Doris LaVelle Tankersly Barbara Striegler Margaret Swickheimer Sidney Maxine Taylor Nancy Lou Temple Janice Jacqueline Thomas Virginia Townsend Phyllis Nelson Tutt Gladys Joyce Vernon Virginia Elizabeth Warner Sarah Jane Weeks M. Jean Welhausen Margie Jayne Word With membership requirements a B average in English, REAGAN LITERARY SOCIETY was founded by the first Dean of Women of the University. The purpose of the organization is to discuss outstanding literary contributions. PAOE 138 RIO GRANDE VALLEY CLUB OFFICERS President WILLIAM ABNEY FAULK V ice-President JUNE BOYSEN Secretary PAUL ANNA JONES Treasurer LEE WINAN MEMBERS Thomas Herbert Boyce June Boysen Charles P. Cruce Patricia Ruth Faulk William Abney Faulk Vida June Fitzgerald Wilson F. Foreman Millicent Frances Haskell Paul Anna Jones Donna Jeanne LaBounty Nina Beth Liles William Thomas Morton Clyde M. Pope Betty Raimond Gregory Alan Robertson Mary Helen Spear Martha Stevens Eugene Walthall, Jr. Carol Elizabeth Ward Alice Lorena Whitmore Lee Winans Rolland Roy Young The members of the RIO GRANDE VALLEY CLUB meet to promote friendship among the students from that area. J 1 I Front Ro-j}-. FOREMAN, CRUCE, LILES, FITZGERALD, P. FAULK, HASKELL, LABOUNTY, WHITMORE, W. FAULK, WARD, WALTHALL. Second ROIL-: POPE, BOYCE, JONES, RAIMOND, STEVENS, BOYSEN, SPEAR, MORTON, YOUNG, ROBERTSON. PAGE 139 I MEN ' S LITERARY AND DEBATE SOCIETIES Fall JACK B. STRONG REVERDY T. GLIDDON CHARLES T. VAN CLEAVE KENNETH ROBERTS . ROBERT P. JOHNSON RUSK LITERARY AND DEBATE SOCIETY OFFICERS Spring President KENNETH ROBERTS First Vice-President . . . CHARLES T. VAN CLEAVE Second Vice-President . . PAT H. HUGHES Secretary REUBEN E. WEATHERFORD,, JR. Treasurer JOHN S. HAGOOD Carl Abramson Connell D. Ashley Charles R. Atkinson James H. Bell William T. Binford Robert L. Blumenthal George A. Crowley William H. Darden Perry D. Davis, Jr. Rayford A. Freeman Reverdy T. Gliddon John S. Hagood MEMBERS Lloyd N. Hand Pat H. Hughes James E. Irion Robert P. Johnson G. Sidney Kacir John O. Lange Gus L. Lanier Gordon Llewellyn Jerry Lyons William C. Martin, Jr. Joseph R. Mejerle James Brooks Peden Kenneth Roberts Richard L. Robinett Simon Rubinsky Jack B. Strong Aaron R. Schwartz Charles T. Trimble Charles T. Van Cleave Reuben E. Weatherford, Jr. Jimmy Westberry Joe Wheat The oldest literary and debating society on the campus, RUSK LITERARY AND DEBATING SOCIETY was founded in 1883. The Society takes part in all inter-society speech activities and works with the Oratorical Association in planning other speech activities. Fall THEODORE G. MILLER EDWARD LANDRY NEWTON SCHWARTZ ATHENAEUM LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS President Vice-President .... Secretary Spring THEODORE G. MILLER EDWARD LANDRY NEWTON SCHWARTZ Pat McKinney Baskin Norman William Black Hulon Brasier Brown Earl Fred Burridge Van Culp John Wesley Davidson Ralph Waldo Dickerson Leo Thomas Donovan Bernard Olter Dow MEMBERS Ronnie Edward Dugger Jackson Chandler Hubbard Ivan William Knobler Edward John Landry James Hugh Maddox Kleber Claude Miller Theodore George Miller Phil Schulz Newton B. Schwartz Marvin David Shwiff Adolph B. A. Simon Stephan Smarook Arnold Norman Sweet Jack R. Taylor Jesse Kavnaugh Taylor Robert Hamilton Walls Jack Alton Wells LA J- fa H J- Membership in ATHENAEUM is granted to those candidates who attend two preliminary meetings before election and afterwards are voted in by the members. Membership is for life. Fall BILL PERKINS MONTE LAWRENCE BOB GRAINGE MERLYN BRUCE HOGG DEBATE SOCIETY OFFICERS President . V ice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Spring MERLYN BRUCE DON KlRKPATRICK OLIVER HAILEY SCOTT NISBET MEMBERS Fred Abbey Forrest Ray Adams, Jr. Olan Brewer Merlyn Bruce Foy Clement John Davis William Davis Robert Grainge Oliver Hailey Don Harris Robert Hearon Robert Jolly Don Kirkpatrick Monte Lawrence Louis Martin Jack Morley Scott Nisbet Bill Perkins Ike Speer Albert Taylor Charles Varnell Lou Vener Henry Welch Tommy West Bob Wheeler Hugh White Bill Wright Don Yarbrough The JAMES STEPHEN HOGG DEBATING SOCIETY was founded in 1912. Its purposes are to encourage the increased partici- pation of its members in all forms of forensic activity and to stimulate discussion of topics of current interest. PACE 140 SAN ANTONIO CLUB OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Faculty Advisor . HERBERT LELAND CLANCY, JR. ELAINE ELIZABETH HARRELL Gus WILLIAM HAHN JEAN FALKSTEIN ELISE JOHANNA BILHARTZ ROBERT GEORGE GORDON MEMBERS IK. Mary Joan Becker Roger Lewis Beery Ted Benn Gretchen Berkey William Walter Beuhler Ronald Beyers Elise Johanna Bilhartz LeRoy Birdwell, Jr. Mary Tom Blue Janet Carol Brizman George Martin Burkmen Herbert Leland Clancy, Jr. Joan Dickson Donna Lou Dondlinger Jean Falkstein Carolyn Lee Fraley Jim Kirtley Gregg, Jr. James Otis Grice Talmage M. Guy Gus William Hahn Elaine Elizabeth Harrell Robert D. Henley Adelia Hoefgen Margaret Ann Humphries Kathleen Chloe Hunt Eldred Charles Jones Margaret Reynolds King Gail McDonough Bernard Alexander Marlow Patricia Ann Martin Sara Phyllis Maxwell Barbara Mays Sam J. Meador Walker H. Metcalf Susanna Neustadt Kathy Dean Newman Myron H. Newman Dorothy Loraine Pitts Lynn Ann Porter Russell Reynolds Diane Sanders Suzanne Schaller Joan Patricia Simmons William Parker Slater Norma Dell Smith Betty Ann Spicer Robert Sweeny Grant Thomas Helen Louise Timpson Robert Gene Tracy George Tuttle Frank J. Van Delden Ann Volz Marilyn Waltering Bobby Westkaemper Betty Ward Wheless Howard Wong Marian Ruth Yeager MI Open to all students from the San Antonio area, this club enables these students to become better acquainted through social and service functions. Front Row: METCALF. TIMPSON ' , BLUE, MARTIN, YEAGER, PORTER, DONDLINGER, DICKSON, SIMMONS, HARRELL, KING, BECKER, VOLZ, SMITH, TUTTLE. Second Row: BIRDWELL, CLANCY, HENLEY, BEUHLER, M. NEWMAN, REYNOLDS, JONES, GUY, MEADOR, HAHN. PAGE 141 SIDNEY LANIER LITERARY SOCIETY Front Row: OSTER. BROWN. WESLER, SHEINBERG, DICKSON, HILSHER, CHESNICK, COLEMAN, EDELSTEIN, DEATON, HASSEN. Second Row: BLANK, GILSTRAP, KLESEL, RUSH, EVANS, CARLISLE, HALLMAN. TANNEHILL, NESMITH, COURTER, FREUND, WISE. OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Recording Secretary Treasurer .... Corresponding Secretaries FRANCES Jo WISE BARBARA MAYE OSTER JUNE STOKES BETTIRUTH BUCK J PATSY KYLENE NESMITH {RUTH ELEANORE BODANSKY MEMBERS Carolyn Sue Abrams Charlotte Arant Frances Kendall Atkins Dorothea Eliza Bachemin Mary Joan Baker Evelyn Corinne Beall Elizabeth Louise Blank Ruth Eleanore Bodansky Mary Rose Brady Lanelle Clyde Brooks Mary Sue Brown Helen Le Nelle Bucek Bettiruth Buck Jeanne Marilyn Bullen D. Carolyn Busch Charlotte Elizabeth Carlisle Mary Carver Marilyn Casper Patsy Joan Cater Maria Del Carmen Celeya Sally Ann Chesnick Marilyn Joan Coleman Virginia Ann Courier Bonnie Lou Cron Mary Lucile Deaton Beverly Frances Diamond Joan Dickson Betty Jo Ann Duncan Marion Joyce Edelstein Jean Evans Mary Lee Fleming Doris May Forman Mary A. Freund Mary Anne Gallatin Jean Isabelle Gardner Daina H. Gerson Pat Gibson Joyce Gilstrap Roy Neilyn Griggs Martha Ann Hallman Mary Hart Hamlett Martha Lee Harelik Nabeela Hassen Dolores Marie Hilsher Kathleen Chloe Hunt Libbye Israel Betty Ann Johnson Mary Gene Johnson Paul Anna Jones Arlene R. Kay Virginia Kerbow Patricia Marie Kirk Mildred Marie Klesel Joan Bette Levy Nina Beth Liles Patricia Jean McCarthy Lois June McHenry Libby McKnight Penny McNeill Sondra Harriet Markus Bobbie Mays Cornie Marie Miffleton Betty Jo Mills Pat Moore Virginia Lee Morrisson Patsy Kylene Nesmith Marilyn Estelle Nierman Greta Elizabeth Nissen Betty Maud Gates Barbara Maye Oster June Prince Ann Rankin Lucy Ann Reid Phyllis Louise Rosenberg Lee Marie Rush Lorraine Sanov Jane Scaief Sue Schroeder Karla Blanche Schwartz Ernest Mae Seaholm Bayla Sheinberg June Stokes March Stuttle Helen B. Tannehill Pat Taylor Pat Torn Florence Ungar Billie Grace Ungerer Shirley Louise Van Wormer Sharlene Warren Shirley Faye Wesler Betty Jo West Clare Nell Williams Barbara Sue Winans Shirley Lee Winter Frances Jo Wise Lillian Ali ne Wood SIDNEY LANIER is a literary society which meets to discuss and read outstanding literature. Membership is based on the require- ments of a B average overall and a B average in all English courses. PAGE 142 SOUTH CENTRAL TEXAS CLUB President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Sponsor OFFICERS MILDRED KLESEL KAY MCKNIGHT ORA MONA BOHLMANN OTTO R. BORCHERS ROBERT MCCARTY Lloyd S. Ander Albert B. Alkek Dick C. Barren Ernest L. Black Kenneth E. Blaschke Ora Mona Bohlmann Otto R. Borchers Stanley Boysen H. La Nelle Bucek Jerry L. Coufal Margery E. Farek Thomas E. Farek George T. Fowler Ethlyn R. Freytag E. A. Giesie MEMBERS John Grant James M. Guenther Adolph Herzik, Jr. Dolores M. Hilsher Harry M. Hruzek Joyce Ann Kahanek Dolores L. Keding Mildred Klesel Charles S. Kvinta Theo Lueders Kenneth R. Lorfing Reid McCarty Kay McKnight Patricia A. Mitchon Donald R. Monk Sarita Obelgoner Arthur P. Ortolon, Jr. Roy Peterson R. G. Peterson Margaret Ann Schmidt Rudolf G. Seeberger, Jr. Jack Skelton Billie Grace Ungerer Frank S. Tilicek Anthony B. Warzecha M. Jean Welhausen Jo Ann Wright Laurence G. Wright Elo E. Zinke Henry H. Zinke Composed of students from DeWitt, Gonzales, Fayette, Lavaca and Colorado counties, the SOUTH CENTRAL TEXAS CLUB sponsors a yearly scholarship given to a graduating senior from a South Central Texas high school. Front Raw: BLACK, T. FAREK. J. WRIGHT. OBELGONER. SCHMIDT, KAHANEK. McKNIGHT. KEDING. HILSHER. BUCEK. E. ZINKE. Second Row: L. WRIGHT, BOYSEN, ALKEK, LUEDERS, UNGERER, BOHLMANN, KLESEL, BLASCHKE, M. FAREK, TILICEK. PAGE 143 SPOOKS Front Row: BAKER, COLLIER. TOWER, FITCH, FARRIS, GRANGER, POTTER. STEELE. WILLIAMS. Second Row: KAGAY. GREEN, TERRILL, M. LONG, SWEATMAN, PRICE. DACAMARA, LEDLOW, KELLNER, S. LONG. OFFICERS Chief Haunt JAMIE GRANGER Vice-Haunt PATRICIA A. Cox Recorder Journalistic Haunt DIANE SWEATMAN Banker Haunt . BETTY A. POTTER Nellie J. Adams Margaret R. Baker Frances E. Berryman Beverly Jean Black Joan N. Briggs Gail E. Campbell Peggy Collier Patricia A. Cox Carol Cullum Patricia Lou Da Camara Bettye L. De Shong Noelie A. Duggan Nancy J. Earle Jackie M. Farris Shirley C. Fitch B. Hope Frnka Janie Granger Nancy E. Green Martha A. Griswald Ann K. Guest MEMBERS Mary Esther Haskell Barbara Jan Haworth Jinx Heinen Martha J. Henkel Betty Ray Kagay E. Jean Kellner Martha Gene Kiel Lucianne Knight June Ledlow Gracie D. Long Martha Long Shirley M. Long Angela Luckenbach Katherine McDonald F. Ann Mayo Marguerite Itasca Montier Martha Matilda Moore Martha Ann Nichols Sally Norman Betty M. Dates Betty A. Potter Pat Price Regina Prikryl Carolyn Redditt Sarah Elizabeth Sadler Dora Belle Scott Peggy Scott Lynn C. Sparks Alpha Brown Stacy Barbara L. Steele Diane Sweatman Carolyn J. Taylor Virginia Beth Taylor C. Ann Terrill Betty Ann Theobalt Charlotte Tonroy Shirley J. Tower Carlita J. Wollbrett Clare Williams H. Carolyn Woodruff Peggy Wolff Interest and participation in campus activities, and a sense of humor are the requirements for membership in SPOOKS, girls ' social organization. PAGE 144 SWING ' N TURN OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer Sponsors . S. DALE MCLEMORE MAURICE EVANS CHARLEEN SHANNON ED SALGUERO (J. GILBERT MCALLISTER I MRS. J. GILBERT MCALLISTER MEMBERS Marvin Anderegg Ernest H. Babitzke Jesse L. Bain, Jr. Thomas S. Blackwell Foster Bowden Ethelyn May Brown Forrest J. Brown Weldon Carter Mildred S. Chapman Suzanne Cook Lillian Crittenden Mildred Davis George Lee Dill Dorothy Dodd Dan Dominey Lorene Evans Maurice Evans Shirley Fitch Mary Lee Fleming Thomas R. Fouts W. J. Friesen Mrs. W. J. Friesen William F. Fritz Mrs. William F. Fritz Chuck Geiger Lem Hall Eldona Hamilton Harold Hampton Bill Harris Barbara Haws Edward Hill Theobald Victor Hohle Donald Howser Nellie Hymer Lois Nell Johnson Francine Kellerman Emtrick Kelone Virginia Kelone William Kissinger Sammye Ann Kohn Jerry T. Kopecek Anne Lingle Frank Logan Philip Lowell Bob Lusk James Dale McClung Mrs. James Dale McClung Stuart McConaughey Betty Jo McDonald Leon McGuffin S. Dale McLemore Glenn Marken Doll Martin Walter Merz Kenneth Meserve Wanda Miller Kenneth Montfort David T. Moore R. A. Moore Bert Nagle Bettye Nelson H. E. Nelson Mrs. H. E. Nelson Hal Nelson James Nickerson Joe Osborn Simes W. Peebles, Jr. Joe Penry Henria Pepper Pat Peters Patsy Reaves Wanda Reaves Billy Rhone Nancy Rogers Charles A. Russell Edward Salguero Margaret Scarbrough Robert J. Schero Izydor Schulwolf William Seiler Charleen Shannon James E. Skidmore Shirley Skidmore Gwen Slaybaugh Howard Smith Jay Snodderly Betty Staricha Leah Stenzel Bill Stone Sarah Stone Margaret Tate Laura Taylor F. G. Tacquard Mrs. F. G. Tacquard Ted Van Delden June V. Viavant William Viavant William Walling Daniel Walling Ronald Wilkins Maxine Willingham Welborn Willingham Sam Woolsey Entertainment, service, and perpetuation of the American folk dance tradition are the goals of SWING ' N TURN. This is the oldest square dance club in Austin, being founded in 1938. tit ill 1 Front Row: Penry, Kellerman. Pepper. Kissinger, Harris, Hall, Tate, Reaves, McLemore, Rhone, Tacquard, Shannon, Rogers, M. Evans. Schero. Second Row: Schulwolf, H. Nelson, W. Willingham, M. Willingham, McClung, Snodderly, Stenzel, Fitch. Haws. Babitzke, Russell, Davis, Chapman, Montfort. Third Row: D. Walling, Peebles. J. Skidmore, S. Skidmore, Peters, Wilkins, Fouts, Hamilton, Saguero, Miller, Nickerson, Van Delden. PAGE 145 I TEJAS CLUB j -- -- Top Row: EVANS, EVERETT, GUINN, }. JOHNSON, R. JOHNSON, LABAJ. Second Row: McCOLPIN, MARTIN, MOUNCE, NANCE, NETTLETON, PERKINS. Third Row: PETERSON, PISTOR, SOLTES, THOMPSON, WALKER, ZBRANEK. OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . H. E. WALKER, JR. HERBERT EDWARD PETERSON ANDREW McCoLPiN Ikfa MU T. Ray Cummings Kenneth Dean Dunlap Lembit Enni D. Gray Evans Johnie Ray Everett Carl Smith Fitzgerald David Crittenden Guinn Jack Gray Johnson Ross Sterling Johnson MEMBERS Robert Katz Darwin Franklin Labaj Henry Curt Lefkovitz James Collins Loomis Andrew McColpin Van Ray Martin Claude Edgar Mounce Charles Wayne Nance Ralph Murwin Nettleton Thomas Campbell Perkins Herbert Edward Peterson Charles Herman Pistor Maury Soltes Curtis Eugene Thompson H. E. Walker, Jr. Thomas Owen Wilson Jaromir Charles (Zeke) Zbranek TEJAS is a social organization whose members are elected on the basis of scholarship and integrity. Membership is limited to independent men and to the approval of its members. PAGE 146 TEXAS STARS Co-Presidents . Faculty Sponsors OFFICERS (MILDRED JEAN WELHAUSEN (ROSALYN HANEY JARNO NOWOTNY AL CHAPMAN MEMBERS June Boysen Joann Crowell Shiree Daniels Dorothy Deaver Elizabeth Ann Donan Gloria Fericks Rosalyn Haney Billie Hintz Barbara McCullick Joan Meyers Bonnie Jo Mills Jennie Sue Moore Sally Nichols Betty Payne Billie Reuwr Sue Rogers Hershall Stair Chloma Todd Mildred Jean Welhausen The first such group in the Southwest Conference, the colorful TEXAS STARS is a girls ' twirling organization performing at football games, basketball games, pep rallies, and parades. I I- t ROGERS, PAYNE, DONAN, MEYERS, McCULLICK, STAIRE, REUWER, FERICKS, HINTZ. BOYSEN, HANEY, DEAVER, MOORE, TODD, NICHOLS. PAOE 147 TURKISH CLUB - " - Front Row: KILIC, OZDEMIR, BILGEN, BASARAN, AKSU, MURAD, GONULDEN. Second Row: DINCEL, OZBILEN, BAYDAR, BRAGGIOTTI, TEKELI, APAYDIN, KOCATAS. OFFICERS President .... V ice-President Secretary and Treasurer . Sports Chairman Advisor . NURI KILIC BABUR M. KOCATAS IHSAN KAYA AKSU TURGUT YASAR GULEZ JOE NEAL MEMBERS Ihsan Kaya Aksu Nihat Apaydin Hayati Balkanli Suat T. Basaran Ali Ulvi Baydar Viktor Benaroya Uluer Ismail Bilgen Edwardo Braggiotti Bedi Mehmet Dincel Parisa Gonulden Turgut Yasar Gulez Selah Nihat Guvenal Nuri Kilic Ilhan V. Kipcak Babur M. Kocatas Sadun I. Koray Hatem A. Murad Erdal Ozbilen Mehmet Ziya Ozdemir Sail Sahankaya Halvk Selvili Melih M. Selvili Candas Tekeli Antonios Tiverios Founded in 1949 the TURKISH CLUB is an organization composed of Turkish students and of those students from neighboring countries, meeting for social and cultural purposes. PAGE 148 W. I C. A. OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Sponsor REGINA PRIKRYL MELVA JEAN BALL THERESA HOLTZ MARY LOUISE MAYES JESSE EARLE ANDERSON Melva Jean Ball Geraldine A. Bates Flora Ann Blanton Tommy J. Denman Winifred Ann Evans Mary Esther Haskell EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Laretha Sue Henslee Theresa A. Holtz Theo Lueders Betty Jo McDonald Alice Margaret Mayfield Mary L. Mayes Dorothea Irene Passios Regina Prikryl Billie Grace Ungerer Donna Jean Vaughn Betty Williams With membership open to any woman student of the University who has no sorority affiliation, WICA has the promotion of social and cultural activities among independent girls and the co-operation with other groups for the advancement of the aims and the ideas of the University as its goal. 1 -. Front Row: PRIKRYL, BALL, HOLTZ, MAYES. Second Row: MAYFIELD, HENSLEE, McDONALD, UNGERER. PASSIOS, ANDERSON, BLANTON, EVANS, BATES, HASKELL, VAUGHN. PAGE 149 The MICA formal was " great " as the smiles of Julie Brower, Zeke Zbranek, and Mary Esther Haskell will testify. Mary Ann Tucker was one of the lovely models for the Home Economics Club ' s fall style show. " Campus Co-eds are quite conscious of clothes, " said the narrator for the Charm Committee Style Show. These girls seem to be taking Texanne tryouts seriously. Someone ' s joke fell flat at the Alpha Delta Sigma coffee. Hipsy Boo ' s director, Charles Baker, puts the cast through their paces. Ah, it makes me young again! The audience cheered the Hipsy Boo min- strels. Curtain Clubbers brought back memories of the " Good old days " at the seashore The fleet ' s in! Judges roared when contestants presented Dean Jack Holland with a bottle of Hadacol. Dean Blunk entertains these freshmen beauties with another of his famous jokes. While waiting for their cue, Bob Robertson and Lurline Smith relax atop a bale of cotton while Jimmy Gough provides music for the occasion. MICA President, Zeke Zbranek, presented Miss Ellie Luckett to the delighted Forty-Acres Follies audience as Most Beautiful Freshman of 1950. Backstage at the Follies. PAGE 152 I Rodman extends congratulations to Bob Cantu for the dubious honor of becoming a member of the Ten Most Hated. Several old cowhands give a lively rendition for " 40 Acre Follies. " The Texas Stars exhibit their talent while keeping the best foot forward. Rosalyn Haney and Jean Welhausen give the boys a big smile during a practice session. Texas Stars give the fans a treat during half-time activities at A. M. game. PAGE 153 The cast rallys. Charmed I ' m sure ! Freckles and Mascara. What are they marching on? Opposite page : The Ten Most Beautiful : First Row : Cherry Blair, Barbara Kendall, Lee Childs Second Row: Gayle MacKie, Mary Ann Edwards Third Row: Shalmir Duerson, Betty DeShong, Nancy Couvillon, Frances Schneider Not pictured : Jeanneane Booth " F r K x. j I it I While all the candidates for Wica Sweetheart had charm galore, Zeke Zbranek, 4th from right, topped the girls ' list. The 14 lovely ladies who have danced their way to fame on the UT campus the Texannes! Ghouls John Frazier and Louise Weideman kept other guests shuddering at the Art Students ' Association Monster Party. Theta Sig pledge Amy Jo Long makes a sale to Jour- nalism prof Dewitt Reddick. Backstage, models Marilyn Coleman, Crystal Dean, Phoebe Carol Burch, Margi Carter discuss the weather and the Charm Committee Style Show. m t 1 u - J IT I , l R E L I G I O U S O R G A N I Z A T I O N S rr- PAGE 157 . . . FELLOWSHIP Newman Club ENLISTMENT Disciple Student Fellowship SUNDAY SCHOOL Century Class W. S. F. CHURCH SERVICES Church of Christ PAGE 158 SERVICE Eans Chapel WORSHIP Methodist Chapel STUDENT CENTERS Baptist Student Union COUNCILING Blake Smith I BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Fron( ou,: THIELE, DRIVER, WOOD, WRIGHT. M. HUNNICUTT, DILLON, DANSBY, BYBEE. Second Row: MURRELL, TOM PERKINS, PETTY, J. HUNNICUTT, RAY, BLUMBERG. President V ice-President Secretary Publicity Chairmen Social Chairman Missions Chairman . Cooperative Activities Chairman Enlistment Chairmen Intramurals Chairmen Devotional Chairman Faculty Advisor . Pastor Advisor EDWARD THIELE J. R. HUNNICUTT HELEN DRIVER (WILLIAM E. BLUMBERG (JoHNiE G. WRIGHT JERRY J. WOOD ROY RAY DAVID ANDERSON TMARTHA JEAN HUNNICUTT j ALTON PETTY [JAMES YOUNGLOVE (TIPTON MURRELL ( BONNIE DILLON MARY DANSBY HAL P. BYBEE BLAKE SMITH The BAPTIST STUDENT UNION has the unique distinction of being the first Baptist student group to be organized in the Southwest. This was accomplished under the guiding influence of the University Baptist Church in 1918. Baptist students find a full year of activities in retreats, daily devotionals, conventions, and varied social events. PAGE 160 CANTERBURY CLUB OFFICERS President .... Vice-President . Secretary .... Treasurer .... Executive Council Members . ANNE CHAMBERS MICKEY THOMPSON SHIRLEY LEWIS CHARLES KOCK EDWIN JEYA RAJ, GRAHAM PULKINGHAM, VIRGINIA HANEY, PETE NICHOLS, BETTY CARR, JANE CLARDY Director of Student Work Student Chaplain . Rector .... Hostess and Counselor . STAFF THE REV. GRAY BLANDY THE REV. KEITH BARDIN THE REV. JOSEPH HART MRS. GRAY BLANDY Margaret Ann Abbott Neal Weaver Alexander Frances Kendall Atkins Philip Gordon Atkins Margaret Anne Austin Niven James Baird Frank Lyon Barger Vener Oliver John Barnes Elizabeth Melton Barnett Phyllis Jean Bateman Edward Andre Bell, Jr. Jane Frances Bennett Beverly Louise Benson Fred Neil Bergmann Camilla May Berkley Laura Allyn Bickley George Glenn Billings Mary Lauretta Binkfey Ruth Eleanor Borgerding Lon Wilson Bosley Paul Weldon Boswell Costandy Nicola Boury George Grain Bradford Harvy Dillard Brooks Joe J. Brown Elliott Broxton Conrad Mark Buescher Ben Morgan Burns Kline Dan Busbee, Jr. John Terence Butler Roland Palmer Caldwell Donna Jeannine Cameron Ralph Hugh Garden Betty Cartledge Mary Carver Peyton Dabney Cauley Anne Chambers Margaret Ann Chandler Mildred Sue Chapman Percles Chriss Bob Clardy Jane Clardy Howard John Clark Dorothy Jean Cline Robert Randolph Cole William David Collins Dip Collins Suzanne Cox Don Crites, Jr. Carl V. Daniels, Jr. Ralph Howard Daugherty, Jr. Imogene Dedeker Frances Jo Dement Meredith N. Dilbert J. Lee Dittert, Jr. Eugene Charles Dixon Jodie Donnelley Carl Lester Eddy Nelda Marie Elliot Shyrlee Ann Emmett John Dixon Emswiler Margaret Dixon Emswiler Albert Cayton Erhard Hazel Marie Estefan Winifred A. Evans Philip Henry Eve, Jr. Robert Ernest Fields Nina Frances Findlater John Satterfield Fordtram William Richard Foote John Thatcher Frazer Harlan D. Friend Spencer Gancee Audley DeForest Gaston Jean Marion Genebach Muriel Joy Giles Mary Frances Going Elsie Gloria Gomez Edith Mary Gray Elizabeth Anne Gray James Arthur Gregg Bob Griffith Louis Vernon Gunning Frances Mary Gutherie Tommy Joseph Halbouty Harry Lee Hall Martha Janice Hallman Jeffery Mason Hancock Virginia Ann Haney Beverly Loree Harris Morris T. Harris Nat Harris Albert Ernest Hartwig Melba Hartwig Fabra Haye Martha Margaret Hayes MEMBERS Patrick Henry Elaine Herring Chester Harding Hewitt. Jr. Harriett I. Hill Henry C. Home B. Jean Hornsby Mary Elizabeth Houston James Aubrey Hudson Georgia Niesh Hunter William Thomas Hutchinson Scott Irwin Joyce Jeanette Jeanes Edwin Jeya Raj Dean Carey Johnson Mary Gene Johnson Bruce Jones John Jones Joyce Floride Jones Jaclyn Lucas Keasler Kenneth Kershaw Charles Arthur Koch Dorothy Jane Kraeger William Harrison Lambeth Samuel Hartman Lane Martin LeBrecht Shirley Lewis Anne Caraline Lingle Patrick Cleburne Lipscomb Carl McComb Lobitz Carline Lobitz Julie Lockman Frank Logan Tommy Vastine Longbotham Edward Loper John Leslie Lowery Madeleine May McAfee George Davidson McClintock Jean Aileen McElreath Dottie McKaeger Ann Millicent McNeill Mary Jane McNeill Joe B. McShane. Jr. Nancy Ellen Mackey William Waldo Mahan, Jr. Mrs. William Waldo Mahan Rose Mahan Wayne Mahn Gardner Frank Marston Lois Rachel Martin Diana Lee Mason Lois Mendle Carl Louis Miller, Jr. Herman Edward Miller. Jr. Pat Cleburne Miller Tommy Eugene Miller Juanita Mitchell Lawrence Calvin Montgomery Colleen Moore Pat W. Morgan David Warden Morris Winfred Morris Hisham A. R. Munir Max Murray Harry Clare Neal Tom Neous Peter Ward Nichols Lois Elva Nickerson Mary Kate Nix Fred Wentworth Noble JoAnne Melton Nuhn Nancy Pray Olson Ernest Tilden Parker Robert Bell Parrish Ben Keaton Patton, Jr. Margaret Palton Richard Perry Lynn Ann Porter Henry Arlin Price, Jr. William Graham Pulkingham Elizabeth Ann Randolph Jack Henry Rayson Julia Lorena Reams I " , in Marie Reece Libby Reed Janet L. Riker Shirley Jeanne Riley Yvonne Robbins Alfred W. Rollins Marilyn Phyllis Rolph James W. Rountree Barbara Ann Royall Margaret Jean Royall Cordelia Catherine Rugeley Joan Dee Rugeley Anita Runge Sam Rutherford Edward Cumpston Rutland Harvey E. Saul Henry Foxer Saunders Jane Schaief Dan W. Scott Lois Ruth Scott Calvin Carl Seidensticker William Lafayette Sellers Tatar Semour Gwen Ann Slaybaugh Ann Smith Martha Fairfax Smith Francis Parke Smith, Jr . Joseph G. Sowell Bill Temple Spencer Tommie Leah Stringer Virgil Sutherland, Jr. Howard Tanner Joseph Thomas Tannous Saleen Tannous Margaret Ann Tate Gardner Thomas, Jr. Harry N. Thomas Michael P. Thompson Ronnie Thomson Carl Vincent Tibbetts Ruth Tibbetts Helen Louise Timpson Ellen Clare Todd Don Toline John Algol Toline Howard Townsend Walter William Toxey Donald Henry Trahan Don Trayborn Clare Joan Turner Art Vickland Bitzy Watson Joe Weiler Clarence Taylor Welborn Charles Douglas White Evelyn Gary Willman Joe Frank Willman Florence Macdonald Winston Toni Wise Barbara Ann York George Coates Young Helen Young Joe Zulch CANTERBURY CLUB, the home of Episcopal students on the campus, has a distinguished history dating back to 1905 when it was begun as a discussion group. This active group publishes its own magazine, has afternoon faculty talks, a coffee hour every day and carries on a number of Christian service projects. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CLUB H I Front Row: WEST, RUSSELL. WITT, C. MOORE. SHANER, BREDLOW, CRITTENDEN, SADLER, STEWART, MARKER, FOERSTER, LEAR, LUEHRMANN. BUCKNER. Second Row: DODD, MCCARTHY, MORGAN, DECKER, PENRY, SNODDERLEY, L. MOORE, WALTER, SCOTT, L. REHMEYER, JAMES, T. REHMEYER. FOSTER. President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Member-at-Large Sponsor . OFFICERS ELDON GANG RUSSELL CAREW McFALL JUNE MCCARTHY GEORGE W. FLOWERS C. EN ELL SCOTT W. W. STEVENS Jean Bock Betty Jane Brady Jo Ann Bredlow Byron Rae Buckner Donald Richard Burrus June Ellen Charlier Lil lian Worthington Crittenden Sydney Decker Hugh B. Dodd George W. Flowers Clifford Stanley Foerster William Knight Foster Vance Malcolm Hendricks MEMBERS Joan Hierholzer Harry E. James Ann Garden Lear Robert O. Luehrmann Carew McFall June McCarthy Andrew R. Marker Besse Mae Meserole Carolyn Ann Moore Lee F. Moore Mary Morgan Joe Lee Penry Omar William Peters Lee William Rehmeyer Ted Rehmeyer Eldon Russell Marilyn Sadler C. Enell Scott Phyllis Shaner Charles Shirley Jay Wendell Snodderly Merry Faye Stewart Louie William Walter Ronald Alfred West Junelle Pearl Witt The CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CLUB provides co-operative cultural and social activity for Christian Scientist students on the campus of the University. PAGE 162 DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS President .... Vice-President . Secretary .... Treasurer .... Director of Student Work GEORGE ERNEST WILEY DONALD SMITH FERN OPAL HALTOM GEORGE PERRY DuBosE, JR. CLARENCE M. Doss MEMBERS Virginia Ann Arnold Bill Baker Jack G. Banner Lawrence W. Bash John Greenleaf Becker, Jr. Bettie Jean Benson Peggy Ruth Berry Mary Jane Brandhorst Evelyn Brown Ira Stice Bruce Betty Jean Bruckner Harvie Howard Chapman Annetta Joyce Clark Everett Foy Clement Fred A. Coffey Robert King Cornell Judy Crimm Joseph Franklin Danford Chloe T. Dawson Herman O ' Neal Day Donald Eugene Deal Jerry Diercks Jerald Dean Dixon Elizabeth Ann Donan George Perry DuBose, Jr. Gene Jordan Fisher Bill Foster Robert John Foster Bill Gibson Mary Elizabeth Givan Venis Kathryn Glass Robert Gilbert Goode James Richard Gray Coleman Harrell Gulley Shirley Jean Hagens Colby Dixon Hall, Jr. Fern Opal Haltom Margaret A. Hargrove Jack H. Harrell James Earl Hefner Forest Wayne Hertel Haddon Hertel James Emory Hilliard James C. House Richard Barry Isaacks Eleanor Elizabeth Jackson Gloria Jenkins Minerva I. Johnson Rose Adele Junemann Barbara Jean Kerr Briscoe King Ruth Matilda Klemmedson Raymond Richard Kuzell James Watkins Lewis Lucia Lewis Ramon C. Lopez Mary Gwyn McCullough John Lee McMillen Lula Margaret McMillen Louis R. Meroney Mary Lea Mitchell Marianne Morris Norma Jean Morris Marilyn Mosley Martha Ann Oden Wallace Parr James Milton Pickens Archie Lee Pitman Lois Bankston Pitman Clair Porter James Wharton Robertson Joanne A. Rouse Myrna Ruff Annie Virginia Sandlin Louis William Schleuse, Jr. Charlie Schwarz William C. Seymour Jack Pegram Shelby, Jr. Velda Shelby Eletha Carl Simpson Ann Smith Donald Smith Frank Smith Joy Smith Kathryn Ann Smith Mary Sue Smith Murray C. Smith Norma Dell Smith Lon A. Speer Ada Marie Sternenberg Jimmie K. Stodghill Jimmie Austin Thompson Rhodes Thompson Jack Eldon Tolar, Jr. June Anne Tolar Roger Lee Tolar James Couch Upchurch Mary Carolyn Ussery Josie Romeroso Varias Shirley Jean Walker Fred Smith Webster, Jr. George Ernest Wiley June Ann Williams Joel Edward Young The DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP of University Christian Church is the organized group of university students belonging to the Christian Church. Its purpose is to provide fellowship and a medium of expression to the Christian faith of students on the campus. n ' Front Row: BuBOSE, J. E. TOLAR, GIBSON. SCHLEUSE, DOSS. WILEY, HALTOM. WEBSTER. STERNENBERG. BENSON. BRUCKNER, JACKSON, BRUCE, BASH. Second Row: ISAACKS, J. McMILLEN, SANDLIN, VARIAS. BERRY, K. SMITH. HARGROVE. DAY, L. McMILLEN, CLARK. RUFF MOSLEY DAWSON, JENKINS, J. THOMPSON. Third Row: F. HERTEL, HOUSE, J. LEWIS. GIVAN, ODEN, SPEER, COFFEY, KING. FISHER. CORNELL, CLEMENT, MERONEY, ROBERTSON PICKENS, WILLIAMS, SIMPSON. PAGE 163 GAMMA DELTA Front Row: L. ZABEL. ROSNAU, ZIESCHANG, JESSE, SCHWEIKERT. MEYER, D. KNIPPA, HOYER, GRUETZNER, MACHINO. Second Row: GLOYNA, E. KNIPPA, CALDWELL, P. I. SCHMIDT, ANDERSON, WILDE. STEGLICH, HOHLE, LINKE, BIAR. Third Row: DONOLDSON, J. SACARIS. BEYER, P. W. SCHMIDT, N. SACARIS, STEYER. WINKLER, TIETJE, TEINERT. OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsors Virginia Anderson Richard T. Biar Aki Beyer Richard Boriack Bruce Caldwell Merjean Doersam Fletcher Donoldson Robert N. Farley Robert Gloyna O. G. Hahn Louis E. Hoffman Theobald Victor Hohle THEOBALD VICTOR HOHLE RICHARD T. BIAR MARIE SCHWEIKERT WILFORD C. WILDE {ALBERT F. JESSE ) RICHARD Z. MEYER MEMBERS Wilmer A. Hoyer Edmund T. Kappler Elfrieda Knippa Kasper Doris Knippa Wolfgang Linke Virgil Lichtenberg Toshio Machine Herman D. Rosnau John Sacaris Nick Sacaris Paul W. Schmidt Phyllis I. Schmidt Mildred Schneider Marie Schweikert Carl C. Steyer Willard C. Teinert Marvin L. Tietje Wilford C. Wilde A. C. Winkler, Jr. Lois Zabel Robert H. Zabel Margaret Zieschang ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Ann Gruetzner Edna Knippa Mirien Kasper Valerie Steglich GAMMA DELTA is an organization for Lutheran students on the University campus. Among the many worthy projects it carries on is the sponsoring of a student from Germany. PAGE 164 LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Counselor for Students Contact Pastor Ralph Louis Albert Clarence Albrecht Lois Elaine Anderson Martha Ann Angerstein Bud Baldwin Harold F. Becker Herbert Hermon Becker Lois Lillian Berglund J. Hans Beyer Don H. Biehl Gladvs Lorena Biels Anne Carolyn Blasig Harry Laurentz tilomquist. Jr. Mary Virginia Bodden Martin Ehrfried Bothwell Wilfred James Braulick Edith Braulick Ruth Braulick Marjorie Ann Britsch Royce Nolan Brown Hans Lothar Bruhl Robert K. Buckholdt Milton William Bulgerin Immanuel Albert Burow Uorothy Campbell Ip Che Daniel A. Chester Keith Kohn Cox Kenneth Jackson Cox Steve Ernest Danchak Dorothea Hildegard Dauer Lloyd Milton Durst Dotan Hoye Eargle, Jr. Aarne Erich Eeck Lilian Eeck Jo Ann Enters i .IH ill - Helen Eichler Lembit Enni Carl Leroy Pick Sheldon C, Fisher William A. Flachmeier Jane Mildred Fojt Annette Fredrickson Clarence L. Frase Gloria Ann Frerichs Major Lawrence Friedrich Mildred Lorraine Fuchs Alfred Edward Gajeske Vernell Faye Geistweidt Gretchen Genz Lester Edgar Giese, Jr. Delton Glenewinkel Arthur George Greif, Jr. Charles Arthur Grell Milton Ralph Grell Marvin Carl Gustafson Clifford Lincoln Gustafson Eggo Haffermann Donald Oliver Hagg Helen Hahn Harold Neid Hampton Amalia Hanath Ned Thomas Harral Martha Ann Haschke Jack Ernest Haughn O. H, Haveman, Jr. Hugo Heimann Virginia Lee C. Hendricks Agnes Dora Henke Virginia Lea Henniger Siegfried R. Heyer Lorimer Kenneth Hill Donald Ralph Hinton Manfred Hoick, Jr. La Verne Carl Huser Evelyn Hughes Dzidra Jegers Bobbie Jean Johnson Craig Lewis Johnson MEMBERS Myra Beatrice Johnson Clifton Laverne Karnei Peter Karpa David Otto Kasten Lee Roy Kern John Klenk Helen Knebel Luther Gilbert Knebel Earl J. Koester Welma Emily Koether Charlotte Kohrs Kenneth Lee Kotzebue Iva Kowierschke Arlyn Krause William Charles Kruse Nellene Ruth Kuempel Benton Fitch Kunnecke Alice Kathryn Laine Floyd Ray Lamp Pieter Olfert Lap Lois Larson Robert Lee Loyce Marlene Lehman Caroline Louise Lettermann Grace Liese Gerold Loos Peggy Louise Ludwig Theodore Julius Lund Albert H. Lundstedt Arthur N. McDougall Gene Ernest Maeckel Ruby Lois Marburger Marvin Richard Marek Raymond Joe Marek Barbara Ann Marlowe Milton E. Mayer Carlton Lee Meyer Clarence Charles Meyer Nelson Harrell Meyer JOHN PAUL NIEMAN DON H. BIEHL SYLVIA ESTELLA PETERSEN MARTHA ANN HASCHKE ALICE OTTERNESS J. E. CHESTER Freddie Miller Mrs. Freddie Miller Olga Bernice Miller Harold Charles Moke Calvin Otto Mueller Jean Marie Mutchler L. D. Nagel Frances Ann Navratil William Henry Neinast Myron H. Newman Robert Harold Nielsen John Paul Nieman Lawrence Ernest Niemeyer Andrew Halvor Oerke Genevieve Oertli Margie Lee Olle Leif T. Olsen George Stanley Parker Jack Peach Billy Floyd Peel Sylvia Estella Petersen Elbert Halcyon Pfeiffer, Jr. Eleanor Ann Pfennig H. W. Pfennig Doris Marie Pfluger Ethel Quandt Ethylee Merle Raab Vera Raerz Andrew Raetzsch Virgil Rahn Raymond Douglas Raschke Oliver Morris Refsell Benjamin Thomas Rhodes, Jr. Marilyn Rolph Ivan Lambert Roth George Schandt Herbert Schirrmacher Walter Paul Schuetze Janice Elizabeth Schulle Leslie Charles Schulz Calvin Carl Seidensticker Richard Lou Sloma Bertha Lee Smith Arthur Edward Sobey, Jr. Margaret Sue Summers Brijitte Stenzel Angelica Strassmann Norma Ruth Struss Edward Raymond Suess Verner Eugene Swenson Robert Edward Tatsch Erna Mae Teinert Betty Louise Tieken Ingmar Timm Julius Charles Umland Billie Grace Lingerer Grace Troxell Vinson Mary Loyce Voelkel Ernest C. Vogt Paul Joseph Vogt Milton Fritz Walther Florence Marie Weber Joyce Weichert Bill Weigler Eddie Hastings Westling Burford Lee Westlund Carmen Wilde Lars Irvin Wind Winon a Joyce Wischkaemper Helmut Paul Wittber Carl Frederick Wolf Dorothy Ann Wolf Eugene Allan Young Robert Ziehe Elo Emil Zinke Henry Zinke Robert Louis Zinke Curtis Elden Zoch Martha Ann Zuch The LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION was organized in 1937 to bring together Lutheran students at the University. Worship services, work projects, supper meetings, and social events make up its varied program of activities. Front Row: Heimann, Brown, E. Vogt, Parker, K. J. Cox, Moke, E. Braulick. Rolph, Otterness, E. Pfennig, Marburger, C. Wolf, Lettermann, Ungerer, J. E. Chester. Biehl, Nieman. Second Row: P. Vogt, D. Wolf, Albrecht, Henniger, Haschke, W. Kruse, R. Braulick, Berglund, Karpa, Britsch, Tieken, H. Pfennig, Strassmann, Rhodes, Mutchler, Teinert, Neinast. Third Row: Maeckel, Fredrickson, Ziehe, Weber, Lundstedt, Henke, Petersen, W. Braulick, Kotzebue, Roth, C. Grell, M. Grell, H. H. Becker, Kunnecke, H. F. Becker, Oerke, Friedrich, Niemeyer PAGE 165 NEWMAN CLUB President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Mary Frances Adams Mary Elizabeth Andres Guadalupe Arias Viola Marie Arisco Frances Eugenia Berryman Ru Ann Betike Peggy Carol Bie Marjorie Ellen Bieter William Dean Blackwood Kenneth Earl Blaschke Carolyn Amelia Blasdel Merles Bernard Booswetter Betty Yolande Bellinger William Lee Bowers Jimmy Glenn Boyles Mary Rose Brady Walter Anthony Braden James Earl Brickhouse Donald Richmond Brieger Mariana Brito Timothy Donlin Brown Mary Margaret Bynum Vit Berge Beverly Joseph Bergeron Ennio Alfonso Cabra Harvey Anthony Campbell Arlondo Cantu Patsy Joan Cater Bettie L. Celaya Kimy Peter Canarela Consuelo Castaneda Jose Alberto Chaparro Jean Emily Claeys C. J. Collins, Jr. Roland S. Combs, Jr. Patrick J. Comiskey Lewis Edward Connell Kathleen Connelly Patsy Ann Connelly Katharine Wilhemine Conti Joseph Louis Conti, Jr. UJS lifcil f-l ' IrDo Sari THEODORE ALLEN GADEN ROBERT A. GUDE KATHLEEN CONNELLY RICHARD ALOYSIUS FAHEY FATHER GERARD E. MAGUIRE, C.S.P. MEMBERS Cosby B. Contreras William B. Cooney Joyce Scherrer Cordts Vernon Edward Cordts Joe Cortez Richard A. Coselli Lawrence M. Coughlin Nancy Jane Couvillion Rudolph Lawrence Crochet Ada Cronfel Sarah Cronfel Eileen Alice Cummings Phoebe Jane Cunningham Delores C. Cobb Madeline A. Cobb Felix Antonio Daumas Elisa De Leon Martin Joseph De Stefano Patricia Devine Harriet Marie DeWitt Gilbert Ralph Dietz Mary Claire Doggett Leonard Joseph Drozd Joseph Eldridge, Jr. Concepcion Elizondo Rodolpho R. Enderle George Phillip Englert, Jr. Richard Aloysius Fahey Anatol Falkowski Maria Fernandez Joseph Holsnes Flaig, Jr. Shirley Elizabeth Fleming Patrick Nicholas Flood Rafael Humberto Flores Frederick Andrew Foeh, Jr. Dorothy Ann Freytag Ethyln Rose Freytag Billie Hope Frnka James Stuart Fuller Theodore Allen Gaden Elsie L. Gautreaux Rachel Godinez Ernestine Eloise Gonzales Betty Lee Gray David Samuel Greenwood Lorene Adeil Griffin Robert A. Gude Henry Leo Harbrecht, Jr. Ann Kay Harrington Roland Henry Harrison Richard Joseph Hatch Robert Douglas Henley Mary Emily Harkleroad Edward Louis Hiller Anne Houston Hogan Josephine Houston Howard Lillian Lois Hoyer Bernard Simon Hruzek Daniel Stephen Hubenak Larry Lee Huggins Barbara A. Haynes Joseph Kenneth Hynes Robert Joseph Jay Roquey George Jobes Ralph Benjamin Johnson Inge May Jordahn Katherine Elsie Joseph Mary Catherine Kearney Thomas Martin Keel Thomas Joseph Kennedy Inez Claire Kimball Mary Ellen King Walter Edward Klegka Arthur J. Klein, Jr. Rosie J. Klekar Joseph Kloesel Laura Barbar Knopp Robert Rodger Knox Dwight Manny Kohlhursi Clem Robert Korzekwa Maria Kossacsky Dick Kouri Ethel Marie Kutac Jerry Reid La Coume Jeanne Marie Laird John Carvel Langley Alvin Louis Le Blanc Milton Joseph Lehman George Lemus Urban Levitt Ann Jane Leur William Lum Lirette Frank John Liuzza Evelyn Frances Lorbeer Ann Marie McCarthy Martha Macha Oralia Maldonando Teodesio Maldonado Lillian Margaret Malec Virginia Lucille Maloney Waunita Fay Martin Patsy Ann Massey Zolio Medina Barbara Meredith Margaret Niles Mitchell Henry Clay Nash, Jr. Jack Robert Nazzal Charles Joseph Ney Martha Nan Nichols Barbara Ann O ' Brien Pablo Leopoldo Okhuysen Charles Martin Perrott Ignatius G. Peters Walter Martin Phillips Eleanor Louise Pille Virginia Ann Platz Helen Ponenczynsky Robert Loya Prado James Madison Pratt Jeanne Previti Ted Allen Primeaux Jack Daniel Prindible Mary PatrTcia Puig William D. Razo John Edwin Redmon Lydia Rosalyn Rios Barbara Claire Roberts Anthony Michael Romeo Julian Theodore Saldivar Roberto P. Sanchez Jack Frank Sandgathe Barbara Ann Schuchert Barbara Lynn Scheffler Lindy Louis Schott William Charles Scott Gordon Keith Sherman Barbara Eikel Shelby Dick Sheib Ali Buck Silva Mary Theresa Soleau Don Smith Helen Snook Charlene Sylvia Stavinoha Quintana Stegman Ferdinand Christian Stehling John Arthur Stehling Edward James Stelley Clarence John Stengel Doris Louise Stoufflet Mary Elaine Sullivan Joseph Thomas Tannos Joanne Marye Thaman Joanne Thompson Patricia Ann Thompson Phillip Joseph Tibiletti Charles A. Tom Aneese To tab William Paul Trial Robert Thomas Trochta Barbara Jean Tyler Dixie Vernon Rudy Otto Wadle Robert Harris Washington Mary Elizabeth Welder Clementine White Relio Augustin Yarritu Carlos Facundo Ynsfran Mary Elizabeth Zaruba I tM NEWMAN CLUB, founded in 1908, serves as an organization of service and fellowship for the Catholic students on the University campus. In addition to its campus activities, it also carries on many such worthy projects as work with blind and underprivileged children. PAGE 166 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President YWCA . President YMCA . Vice-President YWCA Secretary YMCA . Secretary YWCA . Treasurer YMCA . Treasurer YWCA . JIMMIE Jo EDMONDSON RICHARD ROBERTSON ANNE CHAMBERS JOHN L. YOUNG PATRICIA CUMMINOS BERT TIPPIT MARY PAT DOWELL FACULTY SPONSORS Board of Directors, University YWCA, Chairman Board of Directors , University YMCA, Chairman General Secretary, YMCA Associate Secretary, YMCA Executive Director, YWCA MARGARET PECK JAMES ANDERSON W. A. (BLOCK) SMITH HUGH ECKOLS SALLIE ROLLER CABINET Anne Chambers Rachel Clark Jim R. Cox Patricia Cummings Lee Dickerson Mary Pat Dowell Jody Edmondson Ed Frost Nancy Hanbury Amy Johnson Maria Kossaczky Jack McMaster Charles Moore Henry Moore Lynell Niederauei Richard Robertson Ann Rosborough Franklin Spears Bert Tippit John L. Young UPPERCLASS SPONSORS FOR FRESHMAN FELLOWSHIP Rhoda McKnight Charles Pistor Gene Robertson Betty Bruce Bauman Rachel Clark Joseph N. Fisher Ed Frost FRESHMAN FELLOWSHIP CABINET Joe A. Osborn Mary Lou Pyle Edward Rightor Harry Thomas Merry Tom Blue Jerry Chandler Mary Jo Hollon Amy Johnson Bobby Laster Morris Lichtenstein Janet McKinney Kay Tutt Marianne White UPPERCLASS FELLOWSHIP COUNCIL Lee Dickerson Doyle Hanbury Nancy Hanbury Porter Johnson Rose Adele Junemann Ann McNeil Charles Moore Ann Rosborough Franklin Spears Sarah Jane Weeks WORLD RELATEDNESS COUNCIL Marian McCurdy Mary Pearl Stein Maria Kossaczky N. S. Rao Graciela Vallve Winnie Wilkins The STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION, founded on this campus over sixty years ago has as its purpose the building of a fellowship of students devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians. Front Rftc: DOWELL, ROLLER, R. ROBERTSON, EDMONDSON, CHAMBERS. CUMMINGS, CLARK. Second Rmv: SMITH, A. JOHNSON, FROST, ROSBOROUGH, KOSSACZKY, C. MOORE, ECKOLS, YOUNG, BALLARD, N. HANBURY, COX. I ' v.i It, 7 WESLEY FOUNDATION k Front Raw: Hugo Walter, William M. Edwards, Lucille A. McDonnold, Billy R. Nelson, Patty Taylor. Dixie Taylor, Thomas L. Goode. Bonnie Sue Bain, Vira L. Winship, Joyce L. Filinger, B. Rae Belcher, Jeanette Welly, M. Carter, Martha Lou Schroeder, Peggy J. Lantrip, Mary Beth Rosser. Watson P. Roye. Second Row: Robert W. Campbell, Tinker, Loe, F. Annette Costley, John L. Stout. Third Row: Howard D. Purvis J. Bill Turner, Joan R. Rupel, Margaret T. Petty. Iralene R. Hart. Roberta I. Oswald, Virginia R. Baker, V. Mignon Ford. Box, Trudy Thaxton, Oliver D. Hailey, Jr., Frank C. Moody, Allen Killam. Walta Jean Sturgis, James Smith, Sills. Fourth Row: Paul K. Deals. Jr., M. Brown, Richard A. Ortiz, Nancy Ruth Rogers, Patsy Ann Fleming, Curtis E. Eklund, William E. Waterman, Rex Montgomery. James H. Washington, Michie Washington, Jim F. Whitley, Jr. Fifth Row: John Worrell, John W. Hall, Nancy D. Torrance, Phillip L. Hall, Nancy Ann Chilton, Bonorden, Mildred J. Little. Angela B. Caldwell, Betty J. Rotan, Shirley R. Beard, John E. Shryock, Randolph Blumberg. Sixth Roif: Eleanor Ann Morgan, Clayton A. Morgan, B. Gibbs, Samuel Gibbs. Ledbetter. President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Music Finance . Personnel . Drama Worship . Recreation Leadership Training World Relatedness Social Action . Community Service Publicity . Wesleyan . OFFICERS RUTH ANN BONORDEN BARBARA MANNING GIBBS MARTHA Lou SCHROEDER JACK L. DANIELS DORIS LEE TINKER COMMISSION CHAIRMEN E. GARRETT SILLS ROBERT LEE CARTER MARGARET SUE Box JAMES EDWARD CARTER HARDY DOUGLAS LOE, JR. SUZANNE HALL ALLAN KERRY PRESTON MARY SUE BROWN WALTER JAY LIGON . MARY JANE CARTER RICHARD BRIGHT , STAFF MEMBERS Foundation and Bible Chair Director C. W. HALL Professor ROBERT LEDBETTER Director of Activities PAUL BEATS Assistant LILLIAN SEYMOUR Assistant CLAYTON MORGAN The WESLEY FOUNDATION is a fellowship of Methodist students and their friends built around common interests and ideals, and sharing and discovering friendships not only through parties and picnics, but also through common tasks and work projects. Its purpose is to relate the life of the campus to the church and the Christian faith through worship, discussions, speakers, classes, and conferences. PAGE 168 WESTMINSTER STUDENT FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer .... Representative of the Board Director Assistant Director . JOHN CARMICHAEL FUSSELL RALPH ERB PERSON MARY ANN MC VHORTER JOHN WILLIAM ECKHARDT VIRGINIA ELIZABETH WARNER CHARLES F. PETET ANNE SHAW Enlistment . Fellowship . Program Publication . Service . Stewardship . COMMISSION CHAIRMEN FRANCES GRANGER MARILYN ODETTE GREENWOOD HELENE A. BARTELS LEO CHARLES LEE RUTH MARIE STIEFEL WILLIAM ODOM CLASS CHARLES HERMAN PISTOR EDWARD BLUCHER DERRY BRUCE FRANK WILSON Century Class . Chart ' n Compass Class Westminster Bible Class The purpose of WESTMINSTER STUDENT FELLOWSHIP is to help students know Jesus Christ, accept Him as Lord and Savior, and to follow His way of life. Its organization is highly integrated in order that the students not only profit to the best advantage in the spiritual sense but also in the physical sense through its recreational program. To that end W. S. F. offers a program of worship, study, service, and fellowship. Front Row: PERSON, STIEFEL, BARTELS, GRANGER, FUSSELL, GREENWOOD, SHAW, PISTOR. Second Row: LEE, DERRY, WARNER, PHILIP BELL, McWHORTER, ODOM, ECKHARDT, PETET. PAGE 169 A wonderful way to spend the afternoon ... a trip up Lake Austin on the Com- modore. Hard at work on their weekly church paper, the Kirk, are these members of Westminster Student Fel- lowship. Wesleyans crowd into the kitchen for K.P. duty after Sunday evening fellowship. Throughout the year nu- merous groups gathered at beautiful Mo-Ranch near Hunt, Texas, for spiritual and planning retreats. Dr. Ebby, University pro- fessor, spoke to members of Gamma Delta during one of their special programs. Di- rector Richard Meyer and Student President Victor Hohle look on. The newly installed council of Lutheran Student Asso- ciation seem very pleased about their jobs. The University ' s Religious Emphasis speaker, Dr. E. W. Colwell, ponders the gadget Dean Haskew is showing him. A typical crowd at the " Y. " Songs around a campfire make Sunday evenings pass quickly and happily for these Peppy Presbys. " Come and get it, " say these hardworking Newman Clubbers. - r ' jBE j pl |pP9 r Bible classes are well known to U. T. students. Gray Blandy conducts a " two-gun " course on the letters of Paul. Many U. T. faculty members are making valuable con- tributions to student work. Dr. Hyman Ettlinger , pro- fessor of pure mathematics, is an inspiration to the students at Hillel. The Hazen Dessert Discussions at the Y are one of the impor- tant Spring activities. The Newman Club Round-Up float portrays a theme for our times. The Disciple Student Fellowship ' s bird ' s-eye view of student work. PAGE 173 FACULTY JACQUELINE T. COURTNEY, Instructor in Home Economics CHARLOTTE ESTELLE DUBOIS, Professor of Music LLERENA B. FRIEND, Research Assistant in Texas History ANN MYRTLE PITTMANN, Assistant Professor of Physical Training for Women I CJB Fall MARY ANN BEAUMIER . BETTY ANN ALLEN . MOLLY ANN FERGUSON MARTHA FAIRFAX SMITH ESTHER JOAN GROSSMAN Betty Ann Allen, San Antonio Margaret Ruth Baker, Uvalde Mary Ann Beaumier, Lufkin Mary Joan Becker, San Antonio Elise Johanna Bilhartz, San Antonio Elizabeth Louise Blank, Mesilla Park, N. Mex. Ann Adelin Bowles, Houston June Boysen, Edinburg Phoebe Carole Burch, Austin Mary Jean Bush, San Antonio Barbara Ann Carlson, Pampa Delores Eunice Carman, Houston Patsy Joan Cater, Baytown Sandra Rhea Cobb, San Antonio Martha Jane Collins, Houston Nancy Jane Couvillion, Orange Jo Ann Crow, Austin Patricia Lou DaCamara, Laredo Joan Dickson, San Antonio Joan Ethridge, Dallas Molly Ann Ferguson, San Antonio Esther Joan Grossman, Galveston Margaret Ann Hargrove, Houston Ruth Anne Herbsleb, San Antonio Adelia Hoefgen, San Antonio Paul Anna Jones, Edcouch Noreen Nancy Kevan, Houston Lucianne Knight, Austin Loretta Maureen Lamm, San Antonio Patricia Ann Lamm, San Antonio Katherine Bass Agee, Phillips Thelma Lou Avant, Beaumont Shirley Ruth Axline, Clarksville Ora Mona Bohlmann, Schulenburg Margi Ellen Carter, Midland Alice Marie Chamberlain, Laredo Vedia Elizabeth Coleman, Austin Maryo Conerly, San Angelo Patricia Ann Cook, Houston Mary Alyce Corrigan, Laredo Frances Shiree Daniel, Lufkin Patricia Jane Dillon, College Station Margaret Aiken Doane, Bandera Benigna Ann Durst, Texas City Shirley Frances Fisher, San Antonio Janie Louise Fiske, Lockhart Betty Sue Franklin, Monahans Betty Lee Gray, Houston Helen Sue Johnson, Fort Worth Evelyn Jean Kellner, San Antonio Dorothy J. Kreager, San Angelo Aileen Jean McElreath, Houston Kay McKnight, Yoakum OFFICERS President . . . . First V ice-President . Second Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer MEMBERS PLEDGES Spring JOAN ETHRIDGE VIRGINIA WARNER Jo ANN CROW ADELIA HOEFGEN NORMA DELL SMITH Nancy Margaret Lipps, Temple Evelyn Frances Lorbeer, Beaumont Harriet Marion Lynn, Austin Lois McHenry, Cleburne Martha Frances Marlow, Austin Elizabeth Ann Martin, Baytown Diana Lee Mason, Dallas Claire N. Mendive, San Antonio Norma Jean Morris, Fort Worth Donna Jean Pummill, Pharr Jerry Lee Renner, Austin Joella Roberts, San Antonio Joan Patricia Simmons, San Antonio Martha Fairfax Smith, Dallas Kathryn Thomas Smith, Lancaster Norma Dell Smith, San Antonio Alpha Brown Stacy, Austin Johanna Lou Strieber, San Antonio Nancy Ruth Stripling, Austin Nancy Lou Temple, Dallas Beverly Anne Smith Thomas, Austin Joan Bryant Threadgill, Taylor Marilyn Jeanette Walker, Dallas Martha Lou Ware, Austin Virginia Warner, Austin Charlene Warren, Taylor Elizabeth Ann Wason, Texas City Mildred Jean Welhausen, Yoakum Beth Ann Wilson, Dallas Helen Sue Wilson, Dallas Marilyn Ruth McVey, Houston Barbara Mainord, Dallas Jane Alyce Melin, Austin Marianne Morris, Fort Worth Patricia Merle Pharr, Austin Margaret Jo Piland, Austin Dianne Virginia Poetter, Yorktown Patricia Rhea Price, Pampa Janice Carol Pummill, McAllen Martha Christina Rosenquist, Austin Diane Sanders, San Antonio Barbara Lynn Scheffler, Nordheim Bobbie Sloan, Tyler Patricia Sue Smart, Texas City Betty Ann Spicer, San Antonio Martha Jean Stephens, Pharr Joanne Marye Thaman, Baytown Shirley Lucille Turek, Yorktown Ann Elizabeth Volz, San Antonio Julia Richter Watson, Laredo Ann Willette Williams, Houston Dixie Lee Williams, Baytown Marilyn Ethel Weltering, San Antonio Fa. : i v PAGE 174 Agee, Allen, Avant, Axline, Baker, Bcaumier, Becker, Bil- hartz. Blank, Bowles, Boysen, Burch, Carlson, Carman, Carter, Cater. Chamberlain, Cobb, Cole- man, Collins, Conerly, Cook, Corrigan, Couvillion. Crow, DaCamara, Daniel, Dickson, Dillon, Doane, Durst, Ethridge. Ferguson, Fisher, Fiske, Grossman, Hoefgen, Kellner, Kevan, Knight. Kreager, L. Lamm, P. Lamm, Lipps, McElreath, McHenry, McKnight, McVey. Mainord, Marlow, Martin, Mason, Mendive, M. Mor- ris, N. Morris, Piland. Poetter, D. Pummill, J. Pum- mill, Renncr, Roberts, Roscn- quist, Sanders, Scheffler. Simmons, Sloan, M. Smith, K. Smith, N. Smith, Spicer, Stacy, Stephens. Stripling, Temple, Thaman, Thomas, Threadgill, Turek, Volz, Walker, Ware. Warner, Warren, Wason, Watson, Welhausen, A. Wil- liams, B. Wilson, H. Wilson, Weltering. FACULTY LUCILLE WILLIAMS, Professor of Romance Language s Fall EDYTHE NOVELLE PONDER DAKOTA ANN EHMAN PATRICIA MARIE KIRK ALMA CAROLING GEREN . MARGARET ANNE SWICKHEIMER OFFICERS President .... Vice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer . Spring SHIRLEY JEAN TOWER BARBARA JANE HAWORTH BETTY ANN THEOBALT PATRICIA MARIE KIRK DAKOTA ANN EHMAN Mary Alice Allen, Fort Worth Margaret Josephine Anders, Daingerfield Charlotte Arant, Greenville Rita Nell Bearden, Austin Mary Jane Brandhorst, Beaumont Jeanne Merilyn Bullcn, Houston Patricia Ann Carmody, New Braunfels Billie Jean Dalby, Austin Mary Dolores Derigo, Wharton Mary Claire Doggett, Dallas Sue Morgan Drescher, Houston Kathleen Elizabeth Duncan, Galveston Susan Ellenore Earle, San Antonio Patty Jean Eddingston, Port Arthur Edna Louise Eeds, Gonzales Dakota Ann Ehman, Houston Lucille Helen Eichler, Brenham Catherine Dower Evans, Houston Nancy Jackson Farwell, Amarillo Marie Elouise Garrett, Houston Alma Caroline Geren, Fort Worth Jeannette Glenn, Waco Nelwyn Joyce Gramling, Henderson Patsy Ruth Hartt, Farmersville Barbara Jan Haworth, Houston MEMBERS Julianne Heinen, New Braunfels Wilma Lee Henry, Lake Charles, La. Kathleen Chloe Hunt, San Antonio Agnes Jean Ingram, Houston Joyce Isley, Corpus Christi Florence Mozelle Jones, Sweetwater Jaclyn Lucas Keasler, San Antonio Patricia Marie Kirk, El Campo Jeanne Marie Laird, San Antonio Barbara Lanier, Jasper Nina Beth Liles, San Benito Rosamay Lindsey, Houston Nell Lowman, Bishop Susan Jane McBride, Austin Patricia Ann Martin, San Antonio Hazel Orlean Maultsby, Austin Nancy Jo Mell, Austin Nancy Jean Nichols, Luling Julia Isabella Orynski, Dallas Margaret Ann Patten, Houston Norma Alice Plyler, Corsicana Edythe Novelle Ponder, Hawkins Juanita Olivette Preston, Houston Evelyn Estelle Puckett, Vernon Joan Marie Reese, Dallas PLEDGES Jo Ann Reynolds, Houston Sue Agnes Rogers, Houston Cordelia Catherine Rugeley, Austin Sara Catherine Sample, Pecos Patricia Lou Sandlin, Anahuac Jane Estelle Scaief, San Benito Eva Lou Smith, Madisonville Nina Merle Smith, Sonora Joanne Starnes, Fort Worth Eleanor Mcllwain Stevens, Port Arthur Elizabeth Barbara Striegler, San Antonio Marilyn March Stuttle, Corpus Christi Barbara Jean Surman, Dallas Margaret Ann Swickheimer, Beaumont Virginia Beth Taylor, Austin Betty Ann Theobalt, Austin Charlotte Ann Tonroy, Corpus Christi Shirley Jean Tower, Austin Peggy Ellain Whitesides, Waco Mary Margaret Wiley, Austin Gladys Janelle Williams, New Braunfels Barbara Sue Winans, Greenville Doris Sue Worthing, Wharton Rose Lorelle Wright, Kerrville Gay Empress Zedler, Luling Flo Nell Adams, Beaumont Vivien La Verne Avera, Katy Patricia Banker, San Antonio Doris Jean Beard, Dallas Marjorie Ann Benson, Corpus Christi Frances Boyd, Glen Flora Jane Anne Bradner, Galveston Betty Jane Brady, Borger Jane Campbell, Nixon Ira Lee Carter, Dallas Lorraine Carter, Corpus Christi Suzanne Phillips Daniel, Austin Carolyn Glynne Davis, Sweetwater Jo Ann Ehlers, New Braunfels Dorothy Ann Forester, Port Arthur Barbara Sue Freeman, Austin Virginia Lee French, San Antonio Joanna Gentry, Tyler Muriel Joy Giles, Comfort Nancy Lee Gilmore, New Gulf Marilyn Haley, Beaumont Betty Ann Harrison, Wharton Lady Clyde Hodges, Austin Marjorie Louise Holtzclaw, Port Arthur Elizabeth Ann Hughes, Austin Joan Elizabeth Jacks, Houston Billie Sue Johnson, Marfa Barbara Josephine Lawrence, Fort Worth Carolyn Lochte, Kerrville Mary Ann Maley, Houston Jo Ann Martoy, Port Arthur Juanita Dee Morrow, Houston Marilyn Mosley, Fort Worth Norma Lee Murphy, Dallas Sally Ross Nichols, Luling Nancy Pray Olson, Houston Patty Ray Parrish, Galveston Patricia Agnes Paton, Houston Nancy Irene Patterson, Texarkana May Marie Porter, Conroe Elizabeth Ann Randolph, Fort Worth Joan Dee Rugeley, Austin Lois Jeannine Smith, Edgewood Marilyn Terry, Corpus Christi Ennis Marie Whitley, Madisonville Nancy Myrle Wier, Brownfield Edna Joyce Winebrener, New Gulf Margaret Rose Wylie, Albany Wanelle Merle Zemanek, New Gulf PAGE 176 Adams, Allen, Anders, Avera, Beard, Bearden, Benson, Boyd. Bradner, Brady, Bullen, Campbell, Carmody, L. Car- ter, I. Carter, Clark. Dalby, Daniel, Davis, Derigo, Doggett, Drescher, Duncan, Earle. Eddingston, Eeds, Ehlers, Ehman, Eichler, Evans, Far- well, Forester, Freeman. French, Garrett, Gentry, Geren, Giles, Gilmore, Glenn, Gramling, Haley. Harrison, Hartt, Haworth, Heinen, Henry, Hodges, Holtzclaw, Hughes, Ingram. Isley, Jacks, Johnson, Jones, Keasler, Kirk, Laird, Lanier, Lawrence. Liles, Lindsey, Lochte, Maley, Martin, Martoy, Maultsby, Morrow, Mosley. Murphy, N. Nichols, S. Nich- ols, Olson, Orynski, Paton, Patten, Patterson, Parrish. Plyler, Ponder, Porter, Pres- ton, Puckett, Randolph, Reynolds, Rogers, C. Ruge- ley. J. Rugeley, Sample, Sandlin, Scaief, E. Smith, L. Smith, N. Smith, Starncs, Stevens. Stric-glcr, Stuttle, Surman, Swickheimer, Taylor, Tower, Whitcsides, Whitley, Wier. Wiley, Williams, Winans, Winebrener, Worthing, Wright, Wylie, Zedler, Zem- anck. PACE 177 ' .w- _.- T -,- , _ , T Fall FRANCES Jo WISE CAROLINE BELLE GOLDMAN SUZANNE ILYNE KAUFFMAN DAINA GERSON OFFICERS Dean . Sub-Dean . Scribe . Treasurer . Spring FRANCES Jo WISE CAROLINE BELLE GOLDMAN SUZANNE ILYNE KAUFFMAN DAINA GERSON MEMBERS Carolyn Sue Abrams, Hearne Artyce Aronson, Dallas Suzanne Gloria Beyer, Memphis, Tenn. Beverly Brand, Tulsa, Okla. Janet Brizman, San Antonio Bettiruth Buck, Houston Marilyn Joan Coleman, Dallas Barbara Cowen, Tulsa, Okla. Dede Daily, New Gulf Beverly Diamond, Houston Ann Dwoskin, Jacksonville, Fla. Joan Forst, Greenville, Miss. Emilie Freedman, Cleveland, Ohio Louise Rose Freedman, Dallas Sonia Frenkel, Tyler Eileen Gaye Friedman, Houston Janis Gamm, Shreveport, La. Nancy Rehnair Gehr, Alexandria, La. Daina Gerson, Odessa Caroline Belle Goldman, Dallas Barbara Jane Heiman, Oklahoma City, Okla. Ruth Hendler, Temple Janet Joan Jacobs, Laredo Madeline Karchmer, Longview Suzanne Ilyne KaufTman, Henryetta, Okla. Barbara Keller, El Paso Delores Kosberg, Waco Emily Lapowski, El Paso Joan Levy, Dallas Sondra Markus, Lufkin Mitzi Mintz, Denver, Colo. Suzanna Neustadt, San Antonio Marilyn Nierman, Galveston Karla Schwartz, Beaumont Frances Jo Wise, San Antonio PLEDGES Betty Lou Alberts, San Antonio Phyllis Bernstein, Omaha, Neb. Ellissa Berwald, Dallas Patricia Brand, Laredo Maxine Collins, Waco Rona Cowen, Tulsa, Okla. Blanche Davidson, Houston Ellen Deutsch, Laredo Jean Falkstein, San Antonio Marcia Sue Fine, St. Joseph, Mo. Harriet Ann Friedson, Fort Worth Leora Goldberg, Denver, Colo. Elaine Goldstucker, Fort Worth Louise Kamisar, Borger Shirley Kanter, Corpus Christi Betty Lou Koppel, Harlingen Renee Krakower, Houston Constance Levy, Waco Sally Messer, Lincoln, Neb. Geraldyne Messmer, Harlingen Aileen Schwartz, Houston Rose Turner, Flushing, N. Y. Helene Williams, Marshall PAGE 178 Abrams, Alberts, Aronson, Bernstein, Berwald, Beyer. Brand, Brizman, Buck, Cole- man, Cowen, Daily. Davidson, Deutsch, Dia- mond, Dowskin, Falkstein, Fine. Forst, E. Freedman, L. Freedman, Frenkel, Fried- man, Friedson. Gamm, Gehr, Gerson, Gold- berg, Goldman, Goldstucker. Heiman, Hendler, Jacobs, Kamisar, Kanter, Karchmer. Kauffman, Keller, Koppel, Kosberg, Krakower, La- powski. C. Levy, J. Levy, Markus, Mesmer, Mintz, Neustadt. Nierman, A. Schwartz, K. Schwartz, Turner, Williams, Wise. ' J . ' ' i " " - PAGE 179 Fall PATRICIA IRENE PIGMAN ANN RANKIN RUTH SHORT . . . . MARTHA MAE BLOMQUIST NAOMI BLUNTZER OFFICERS President . First Vice-President Second V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Spring PATRICIA IRENE PIGMAN ANN RANKIN RUTH SHORT MARTHA MAE BLOMQUIST NAOMI BLUNTZER MEMBERS Lorraine Baird, Groves Joan Baker, Streetman Shirley Beard, Moody Martha Mae Blomquist, Austin Naomi Bluntzer, Corpus Christi Moneita Briley, Austin Mary Sue Brown, Gatesville Margaret Caldwell, La Feria Helen Ann Carroll, B ryan Cynthia Chamberlain, Jacksonville Patty Chastain, Austin Virginia Ann Courier, Fort Worth Chrystal Dean, Refugio Mary Lou Deaton, Columbus, Ga. Julia Field, Longview Marilyn Fischer, Uvalde Mary Lee Fleming, Crosby Barbara Elaine Friday, Tivoli Caroline Guinn, Austin Johnny Harrison, Beaumont Nabeela Hassen, Haskell Margaret A. Hudson, Austin Mary Hutchins, Corpus Christi Grace Johnston, Austin Kay Louise LaBauve, Edna Ruth Lundelius, Austin Macleta Meadows, Corpus Christi Bessie Mae Meserole, Blanco Mary Moxon, Port Arthur Patricia Irene Pigman, Dalhart Bobbie Priest, Alice Ann Rankin, Houston Anita Runneberg, Crosby Dorty Schell, Longview Ruth Short, Corpus Christi Beryl Shuttlesworth, Austin Lurline Smith, Austin Mary Stephens, Vernon Lois Tisdale, Port Lavaca Mary Shirley VanCleave, Austin Martha Ann Wright, Moody PLEDGES Mildred Blanton, Dallas Mary Virginia Bodden, Galveston Elsie Jane Bridges, Brackenridge Martha Cooper, Waterloo, Iowa Flo Cox, Odessa Harriet DeWitt, Alvin Stella Jane Dickson, Austin Joan Haag, Austin Joann Harms, Port Neches Mandy Lou Hoover, Vernon Janice Jones, Bryan Joyce Jones, Tallahassee, Fla. Frances Jean Lucksinger, Austin Betty Ann McBrayer, Austin Opal Jackie Matthews, Livingston Ella Ann Miller, Austin Martha Jane Mills, Fort Worth Oma Claire Morris, Odessa Betty Parsons, Sweeny Darlene Prouse, Austin Margie Olle, Austin Shirley Riley, Odessa Jo Nell Russell, Odessa Gaye Sanford, Austin Hope Schoeppl, Miami Beach, Fla. Eletha Carl Simpson, Odessa Gwen Slaybaugh, Port Neches Beverly L ' Vonne Smith, Austin Betty Stanford, Livingston Rhita Adele Svadlenak, Thrall Trudy Thaxton, Mason Dixie Ann White, Edna Patricia Joyce Zeller, Richmond PAGE 180 Baird, Baker, Beard, Blan- ton, Bluntzer, Bodden. Bridges, Briley, Brown, Caldwell, Chastain, Cooper. Courier, Dean, Deaton, De- Witt, Dickson, Field. Fischer, Fleming, Friday, Guinn, Haag, Harms. Harrison, Hassen, Hudson, Hutchins, Janice Jones, Joyce Jones. LaBauve, Lundeluis, Mc- Brayer, Matthews, Mead- ows, Meserole. Miller, Morris, Moxon, Par- sons, Pigman, Priest. Prouse, Rankin, Riley, Run- neberg, Sanford, Schell. Schoeppl, Short, Shuttles- worth, Simpson, B. Smith, L. Smith. Stanford, Stephens, Thax- ton, Tisdale, VanCleave, White, Wright. PACE 181 HELEN NORWOOD DEATHE, Director of Men ' s Dormitories ELIZABETH TARPLEY, Professor of Home Economics Fall VIRGINIA LUCILLE MALONEY KATHARINE MACREE SMITH SHIRLEY ANN FLINT . ALICE LORENA WHITMORE FRANCES NELL FAULKNER OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Corresponding Secretary . Recording Secretary . Treasurer Spring VIRGINIA LUCILLE MALONEY KATHARINE MACREE SMITH SHIRLEY ANN FLINT ALICE LORENA WHITMORE FRANCES NELL FAULKNER .; MEMBERS Hte.MJ ( IN i i;i Elaine Bornefeld, Gatun, Canal Zone Gloria Ann Cunningham, Dallas Frances Nell Faulkner, Panhandle Shirley Ann Flint, Houston Joan Elizabeth Gravell, Havana, Cuba Donna Jeanne La Bounty, San Juan Virginia Anne McDaniel, Galveston Doris Dale McGee, Austin Virginia Lucille Maloney, Houston Alicemarie Marguerite Meyer, Chicago, 111. Veronica Elizabeth Morel, San Antonio Bonnie Jo Newton, Bertram Barbara Louise Oliver, North Pleasanton Nona Elizabeth Orts, Hearne Betty Jean Payne, San Antonio Billic Ruth Reese, Austin Shirley Virginia Reichert, San Juan Nancy Joan Simpson, San Angelo Katharine MacRee Smith, Dallas Laura Ann Taylor, Shreveport, La. Merle Paunee Tooke, Humble Alice Lorena Whitmore, Harlingen Anna Jean Wiedenfeld, Kerrville Lois Marion Wingerd, Brownfield Bobbie Yarrington, Austin I PLEDGES Gladys Appel, Brenham Carolyn Hilda Brandenberger, Mason Carol Lou Cannon, Edinburg Margaret Chandler, San Antonio Pauline Evon Davidson, Houston Nancy Louise Edwards, Corpus Christi Vina May Fulcher, Austin Maxine Cackle, Hobbs, N. Mex. Mary Katharine Graves, Paducah Martha Ann Gray, Florence Imogene Phyllis Jones, Weatherford Martha Jane McCarty, Edinburg Gwyn McCullough, Austin Dolores Muttera, Corpus Christi Helen Armstrong Robb, Houston Barbara Seim, Dallas Martha Meredith Shillito, Birmingham, Ala. Sylvia Shultz, Kentwood, La. Beverly Ann Toney, Dallas PAGE 182 Brandenbergcr, Cannon, Cunningham, Davidson. Faulkner, Flint, Fulcher, Graven. Graves, Gray, Jones, LaBounty. McCarty, McDaniel McGee, Maloney. Meyer, Morel, Muttera, Newton. Oliver, Payne, Reichert, Robb. Seim, Shillito, Simpson, Toney. Tooke, Whitmore, Wieden- feld, Wingerd, Yarrington. PAGE 183 FACULTY MARY ERNESTINE GOLDMAN, Assistant Professor of Home Economics GOLDIE P. HORTON PORTER, Assistant Professor of Pure Mathematics MARY PUFFER YORK, Instructor in Home Economics Fall JANE LISTER ORR . NATALIE MATILDE LEGE JEAN ISABELLE GARDNER MARY Lou BUNKLEY . OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring SHIRLEY LOUISE VAN WORMER ANGELICA GISELA STRASSMANN ADELAIDE BASSETT CLEMENTS MARY PEARL STEIN Mary Patricia Agnew, San Antonio Gelya Anderson, Bellaire Louan Bexley, Temple Frances Claire Bliss, Austin Mary Lou Bunkley, Seymour Suzanne Elizabeth Bynum, Baytown Adelaide Bassett Clements, Temple Patricia Cox, Beeville Bonnie Lou Cron, Rockport Jayne Damron, Muleshoe Patricia Dcvine, Corpus Christi Betty JoAnn Duncan, Wichita Falls Jackie Marie Farris, Del Rio Barbara Ann Felsing, Austin Jean Isabelle Gardner, Austin Nancy Lee Gettys, Austin Mary Arline Goldman, Victoria MEMBERS Carolyn Sue Gordon, Dallas Mary Hart Hamlett, Wichita Falls Jeannine Lee Hartwell, Austin Laura Jean Hank, Austin Mary Lou Holliday, Galveston Lee Nora Ingram, Houston Annette L. Kennedy, San Antonio Jo Ellen Knight, Austin Nancy Jane Lawrence, Wheaton, 111. Natalie Matilde Lege, Galveston Mary Margaret Love, Dalhart Evelyn LaVerne McCann, Taft Elizabeth Ann Morgan, Temple Virginia Lee Morrisson, Port Arthur Barbara Ann Murphy, Houston Greta Elizabeth Nissen, San Antonio Betty Maud Dates, Haskell Jane Gray Odell, Weslaco Jane Lister Orr, Newgulf Sylvia Beth Osburn, Houston Joyce Elaine Pierce, Austin Dorothy Lou Ritchie, Taft Dorothy Jean Sansing, Higgins Dorothy Mae Schaefer, New Braunfels Frances Smith, Robstown Mary Pearl Stein, Galveston Angelica Gisela Strassmann, Houston Earleen Catherine Tritt, San Antonio Shirley Louise Van Wormer, Houston Anna Elizabeth Wells, Houston Jean Adair Wharton, Houston Betty V. Willett, Clifton H. Carolyn Woodruff, Houston Billie Marie Wrye, Galveston Carolyn Bell, Houston Frances Eugenia Berryman, Houston Mary Lou Bliss, Austin Mary Sue Burks, Austin Donna Jeannine Cameron, Meridian Carolyn Cauthen, Temple Jacquelyn Culbertson, Vernon Sidney Hawes Dierlam, Bay City Linda Ray Dorris, Dallas Alice Gazelle Gardiner, Austin Mary Alice Greaves, San Antonio Gwendolyn Glynn, Austin Grace Elizabeth Hill, Baytown Frances Kirk Howe, San Antonio PLEDGES Katherine Nell Hughes, Austin Peggy Jean Ives, Houston Jean Jackson, Groesbeck Doralie Leatherwood, Dublin Helen Genevieve Lindgren, La Grange, 111. Diann Ruth Linegar, San Antonio Mary Chlotilde Loper, Bryan Lolita Ruth McNeill, Houston Patricia Ann Massey, Kenedy Gloria Winifred Meyer, Houston Martha Ann Nichols, Beeville Anne Carol Orr, Newgulf Margaret Texanna Petty, Crockett Martha Jane Riser, Newgulf Margaret Jean Royall, Washington, D. C. Katherine Sanguily, Houston Dixie May Schaefer, San Antonio Margaret Ann Schmidt, Yoakum Barbara Lee Steele, Dalhart Joan Catherine Stevenson, San Antonio Mary Elaine Sullivan, San Antonio Dorothy Anne Truax, Fort Worth Mary Helen Waters, Austin Frances lone Webb, Austin Lucy Diane Wells, Wellington Marianne Dasher White, Houston Mary Wilson, Rule PAGE 184 Agncw, Anderson, Bell, Ber- ryman, Bexley, Bunkley, Burks. Bynum, Cameron, Cauthen, Clements, Cox, Cron, Cul- bertson. Damron, Devine, Dorris, Duncan, Farris, Felsing, Gardiner. Gardner, Goldman, Gordon, Greaves, Hamlett, Holliday, Howe. Hughes, Ingram, Ives, Jack- son, Kennedy, Knight, Law- rence. Leatherwood, Lege, Lind- gren, Linegar, Loper, Love, McNeill. Massey, Meyer, Morgan, Morrisson, Nichols, Nissen, Gates. Odell, A. Orr, J. Orr, Os- burn, Petty, Pierce, Riser. Ritchie, Royall, Sansing, Schaefer, Schmidt, Steele. Stein, Strassmann, Sullivan, Tritt, Truax, Van Wormer. Wells, Wharton, White, Wil- lett, Wilson, Woodruff. i X. ! PACE 185 FACULTY ANN LANGSTON HODGE, Teaching Fellow in English MARY PAVLICK, Instructor in Physical Education JOE ANN WHITMIRE, Instructor in Speech ANN WILKINS YOUNG, Social Science Research Associate Fall JEAN LIPSCOMB COLETTE MAXINE KOHLER MARY ANN CALDWELL . LESTA ANN GILBREATH OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS Barbara Alslee, Austin Beverly Claire Askew, Austin Alice Joan Armstrong, Austin Cinthalice Omega Baker, Houston Mary Ann King Bass, McAllen Mary Lynn Bell, Amarillo Molly Lawhon Berrien, Borger Alys Rae Boker, Dallas Mary Janet Bowers, Seguin Mary Rose Brady, Austin Evelyn Ann Brown, Tyler Jean Maurine Buesing, San Benito Hollie Jo Byers, Weatherford Mary Ann Caldwell, Houston Jane Carolyn Carlisle, Piano Nancy Casmere, San Antonio Maria del Carmen Celaya, Brownsville Claudia Lee Childs, Austin Patsy Louise Cross, Denton Virginia Davis, Port Arthur Imogene Barton Dixon, Austin Mary Patricia Dowell, Austin Sara Earley, Louisville, Ky. Margaret Virginia Endress, Fort Worth Wilda Felicia Fuller, Port Arthur Frances Eileen Gilbreath, San Antonio Lesta Ann Gilbreath, San Antonio Nancy Elizabeth Green, Houston Mavis Lee Hardy, Houston Jerry Lee Hayes, Weatherford Doris Elizabeth Holland, Austin Mary Elizabeth Houston, Austin Kathleen Howell, Austin Nancy Ann Hudspeth, Dallas Virginia Ann Hull, Spur Betty Lou Jennings, Brownsville PLEDGES Patricia Sue Barker, Crystal City Janice Ruth Barstow, Houston Peggy Jan Beall, Dallas Georgeann Beene, Port Arthur Sara Alice Boteler, Little Rock, Ark. Jean Kathryn Brownlee, Madisonville Catherine Chambers, Dallas Margaret Earle Collier, Jasper Barbara Culver, Longview Jean Orr Dean, Sweetwater Jewel Ruth Evans, Fort Worth Patricia Anne Evans, Houston Shirley Corinne Fitch, San Antonio Olive Katherine GrandstafT, West Columbia Juanita Griner, Kirbyville Jane Louise Hardwick, Longview Rosemari Haskew, Austin Martha Henkel, Austin Josephine Houston Howard, Pleasanton Mary Jo Hullum, Wills Point Joan Johnson, Kilgore Betty Rae Kagay, San Antonio Spring COLETTE MAXINE KOHLER MARY PATRICIA DOWELL ALICE JOAN ARMSTRONG MARGARET VIRGINIA ENDRESS Elizabeth McGehee Johnson, San Antonio Patsy Ann Keating, San Angelo Alline Grady Kirkland, Wichita Falls Patricia Darling Klaver, San Antonio Jean Nevill Knight, Houston Peggy Martha Knight, San Antonio Colette Maxine Kohler, San Antonio Jo Ann Latham, Port Arthur Peggy Charlene Laws, Austin Betty Jo Lilly, Dallas Jean Lipscomb, Austin Martha Venable Long, Austin Mary Annette Longnecker, Brownsville Betty Jane McCarthy, Monahans Lucille June McCarthy, Houston Peggy Ann McKay, Nacogdoches Virginia Frances McNeill, Spur Janet Davison Miller, Angleton Beverly Dana Mondrik, Longview Virginia Nichols, Robstown Jo Ann Parten, Richmond Judith Judson Perkins, Houston Sara Louise Puig, Laredo Hennie Sue Rich, Humble Cynthia Lou Sandahl, Austin Joan Violet Shaw, Houston Ann Shriver, Austin Norma Ruth Struss, Columbus Diane Sweatman, Fort Worth Kathryn Lee Taylor, San Antonio Mary Lou Taylor, San Antonio Cynthia Ann Terrill, Austin Susannah Hopkins Tucker, El Paso Billie Jewel Walker, Dallas Dorothy Mae Weiss, Seguin Lois Louise White, Albany Lillian Aline Wood, Corpus Christi Barbara Jean Kerr, San Angelo Norma Frances McCullough, Hico Shirley Moody, Austin Dabney Routh Murph, Arlington Gail Ann Plettner, Amarillo Mary Elizabeth Pollard, Tyler Pat Puig, Laredo Betty Cleo Raimond, Harlingen Glendale Richter, Laredo Shirley Paulette Roberts, San Antonio Mary Lucile Robertson, Salado Dorothy Louise Ross, Dallas Mary Beth Rosser, Graham Hildene Rowena Senter, Houston Mary Lou Snead, Austin Cordelia Jane Sprong, Houston Jo Ann Stillwagon, Houston Susan Lane Tiner, San Antonio Gladys Joyce Vernon, Houston Lela Owens Wade, Arlington Katherine Anne White, Houston Joyce Carl Word, San Antonio PAGE 186 Armstrong, Baker, Barker, Barstow, Beall, Beene, Bell, Bcrrien. Boker, Brady, Brown, Brownlee, Buesing, Byers, Caldwell, Carlisle. Casmere, Celaya, Childs, Collier, Cross, Davis, Dean, Dowell. Early, Endress, J. Evans, P. Evans, Fitch, F. Gilbreath, L. Gilbreath, Grandstaff. Green, Griner, Hardwick, Hardy, Haskew, Hayes, Henkel, Houston. Howard, Hudspeth, Hull, Jennings, Johnson, Kagay, Keating, Kirkland. Klaver, J. Knight, P. Knight, Kohler, Latham, Laws, Lilly, Lipcomb. Long, Longnecker, B. Mc- Carthy, L. McCarthy, Mc- Cullough, McNeill, Miller, Mondrik. Moody, Murph, Nichols, Parten, Perkins, Plettner, Pollard, P. Puig. S. Puig, Raimond, Rich, Richter, Roberts, Robertson, Ross, Rosser, Sandahl. Shaw, Senter, Shriver, Snead, Stillwagon, Sprong, Sweatman, K. Taylor, M. Taylor. Tiner, Vernon, Wade, Walker, Weiss, K. White, L. White, Wood, Word. PAGE 187 DOROTHY AYERS, Administrative Assistant, College of Business Administration Fall OFFICERS MARY ANN TUCKER .... President CAROL JEAN CLABAUGH . . . Vice-President FRANCES ELIZABETH LEVERETT . . Secretary NANCY GUINN . Treasurer Spring BEVERLY SMYTH (MARY ANTOINETTE FREUND (BETTY ANN POTTER J MARCIA ELINOR JOHNSON (VIRGINIA BROWNING SPELL MARTHA ANN ROSBOROUGH Emily Ann Agnew, Austin Dorothy Jean Ashbaugh, Houston Bobbie Jane Atchley, Olney Mary Louise Baker, Fort Worth Jane Baltzer, Houston Frances Ruth Bell, Houston Janet Lu Berkman, Austin Helen Jacquelyn Blount, Austin Vivienne Boswell, Fort Worth Mary Elizabeth Brodnax, Houston Fredda Bullard, Austin Peggy Rae Bullard, Austin Jean Leola Cage, Taft Joanna Vaughn Calvin, Galveston Mary Lou Chaddick, San Antonio Carol Jean Clabaugh, Dallas Courtenay Toni Corwin, Austin Martha Ann Coyle, San Antonio Connie Craig, Corpus Christi Barbara Dent, San Antonio Molly Travis Dillard, New Braunfels Alice Elizabeth Ellington, Houston Patricia Love Folmar, Austin MEMBERS Barbara Franklin, Houston Martha Jenny Freeman, Beeville Mary Antoinette Freund, Austin Jacqueline Garrison, Fort Worth Alice Elaine Gieseke, Beaumont Marcia Gray, San Antonio Nancy Guinn, Waco Elaine Elizabeth Harrell, San Antonio Ann Elizabeth Hefner, San Antonio Elizabeth Louise Henderson, Lufkin Virginia Henderson, Lufkin Nancy Jean Hippard, Houston Marcia Elinor Johnson, Shreveport, La. Marcie Ruth Johnson, Waco Nancy Ruth Johnson, San Antonio Rosemary Johnson, Fort Worth Bobbye Jones, Anderson Frances Gay Judson, San Antonio Holly Ruth Knudsen, San Antonio Faye June Ledlow, San Antonio Frances Elizabeth Leverett, Port Arthur Mary Ann McWhorter, Port Arthur Ruth Munson, East Columbia Elizabeth Anne Mason, San Antonio Donna Moore, Vernon Delores McCarrick, San Antonio Kathryn Patricia Owens, Fort Worth Margie Nell Parker, College Station Marylyn Perkins, Rusk Betty Ann Potter, College Station Mona Jeannine Proctor, Wichita Falls Martha Ann Rosborough, Tyler Sally Drummond See, Dallas Maria Dolores Shield, San Angelo Betty Ray Smith, Hillsboro Beverly Smyth, Houston Virginia Browning Spell, McAllen Emily Lucile Sperry, Paris Charlene Stewart Stroud, Lufkin Arvilla Taylor, San Antonio Mary Ann Tucker, San Antonio Joan Webb, Fort Worth Loretta Jean Wesley, Austin Ann Willson Williams, Houston Ruth Andrelle Williamson, Austin Carlita Joyce Wollbrett, Houston Marion Teresa Adams, Corpus Christi Grace Elizabeth Await, Dallas Jane Miller Bailey, Port Arthur Lois Elizabeth Bates, San Antonio Martha Ann Beall, Jacksonville Betty Madge Bills, Beeville Bonnie Lynnette Blades, Houston Elizabeth Hamilton Bonnet, San Antonio Norma Ruth Brooks, Houston Nancy Chadwell, San Antonio Frances Starr Davis, Nacogdoches Virginia Sue Easley, San Antonio Jane Flinn, Cameron Margaret Mary Fulton, Lake Charles, La. Ann Katherine Guest, Fort Worth Jean Carol Hartley, Riverside, 111. Katherine High, Paris PLEDGES Mary Margaret Hogg, Dallas Tomadell Jenness, Cameron Amy lone Johnson, San Antonio Douglas Ann Johnson, Dallas Maydee Lue Johnson, Fort Worth Doris Louise Koppen, Fort Worth Shirley Long, Austin Gayle MacKie, Houston Martha Ann Martin, Parsons, Kan. Carol Louise Moak, Port Arthur Phyllis Elizabeth Moore, Dallas Rose Marie Morris, Dallas Lois Diane Moyer, La Marque Nancy Ann Nichols, Navasota Ethel Elizabeth O ' Bannon, College Station Helen Ann Pitman, Hereford Louise West Randall, Fort Worth Doris Marie Randle, Colorado City Mary Ann Rattikin, Fort Worth Bettye Rawland, Cleburne Elizabeth Patricia Reed, Amarillo Caroline Roberts, Lufkin Suzanne Schaller, San Antonio Ann Smith, McAllen Dorothy Gene Smith, El Paso Kay Juanita Smith, Bryan Beth Smyth, Houston Cathleen Lyra Sparks, Taft Jeannette Wakely, San Antonio Jayne Louise Winslow, Houston Peggy Wolff, San Antonio Lucy Ruth Wommack, Lubbock Ann Lourine Woodruff, Austin Barbara Joy Woodson, Caracas, Venezuela Alma Claire Wright, Lufkin PAGE 188 Adams, Agnew, Ashbaugh, Atchley, Await, Bailey, Baker, Bates. Beall, Berkman, Bills, Blades, Bonnet, Boswell, F. Bullard, P. Bullard. Cage, Calvin, Chad dick, Chadwell, Clabaugh, Cor- win, Craig, Davis. High, Hippard, Jenness, A. Johnson, D. Johnson, M. E. Johnson, M. L. Johnson, N. Johnson. Dent, Dillard, Flinn, Fol- mar, Freeman, Freund, Ful- ton, Garrison. Gieseke, Gray, Guest, Guinn, Harrell, Hartley, Hefner, V. Henderson. Jones, Knudsen, Koppen, Ledlow, Leverett, Long, McCarrick, McWhorter. MacKie, Martin, Mason, Moak, D. Moore, P. Moore, Morris, Moyer. Munson, Nichols, O ' Bannon, Reiko, Okada, Parker, Per- kins, Pitman, Potter. Randall, Rattikin, Reed, Roberts, Schaller, Shield, A. Smith, B. Smith. D. Smith, K. Smith, Beth Smyth, Beverly Smyth, Sparks, Spell, Sperry, Stroud, Taylor. Tucker, Wakely, Webb, Wesley, Williams, William- son, Wolff, Wollbrett, Wright. vm IT PAOE 189 FACULTY FRANCES H. CRAWFORD, Assistant Professor of Physical Training for Women LEAH JONES GREGG, Assistant Professor of Physical Training for Women ANNA Hiss, Director of Physical Training for Women CORA MERRIMAN MARTIN, Professor of Elementary Education SHIELA MAY O ' GARA, Professor of Physical Training for Women Fall SHIRLEY ANN HOLMGREEN DORIS LOWREY JANICE JACQUELINE THOMAS Jo ANN VICKERS . OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring JOAN BEGERLY KAUFMAN SUE MARLENE COE MARILYN FAYNETTE HAMPTON MARGIE JAYNE WORD Susan Catherine Amsler, San Antonio Beverly Jane Balfanz, Houston Beverly Anne Barber, Austin Cherry Blair, Amarillo Katherine Elaine Blomberg, Dallas Virginia Boyd, Tyler Dorothy Jane Buckley, Dallas Mildred Sue Chapman, San Antonio June Ellen Charlier, Austin Marjorie Ann Clapp, Sulphur Springs Sue Marlene Coe, Kilgore Mildred Ann Crowe, San Antonio Doris Marie Davidson, Houston Delores Guin Dyer, Dallas Pola Marguerite Ellis, Alice Barbara Ann Ewing, Mercedes Sally Fielding, Dallas Joan Gray, Houston Mary Shirley Groseclose, San Angelo MEMBERS Patricia Guenther, San Antonio Joe Ann Guynes, Hearne Ann Currier Hall, Marshall Betty Lou Ham, Austin Ruth Hancock, Plainview Dayle Hartkopf, Austin Shirley Ann Holmgreen, Bryan Jo Ann Hyltin, Austin Mary Lu Jaynes, Waco Joan Beverly Kaufman, San Antonio Emma Charlotte Kiper, Austin Jane Louise Kirkwood, San Antonio Janet Lee, Austin Doris Lowrey, Del Rio Mary Ann McLandrich, Alice Mary Jean Magruder, San Angelo Jacquelyn Sue Mainer, Austin Maurine Elizabeth Mitchell, San Antonio Martha Jodie Moore, Sonora Jane Elizabeth Neill, Sonora Mary Claire Noble, Houston Joanne Elizabeth Peine, Houston Barbara Pittenger, San Antonio Jo Jane Ramsaur, Marshall Mary Helen Ross, Edinburg Dolores Antoinette Russell, Kilgore Ellen Anne Saylors, San Angelo Carolyn Elizabeth Spearman, San Antonio Doris La Velle Tankersley, Mertzon Sidney Maxine Taylor, Houston Janice Jacqueline Thomas, San Antonio Phyllis Nelson Tutt, Taft Jo Ann Vickers, Taft Revill Ann Wainwright, Houston Myra Lee Wheeler, Houston Yvonne Williamson, Terrell Frances Jane Winters, San Antonio Margie Jayne Word, Austin Mary Jean Andrus, Alice Gretchen Berkey, San Antonio Merry Tom Blue, San Antonio Peggy Jean Bull, Houston Dolores Blumentritt, Houston Bebe Dell Cabaniss, Austin Kay Louise Castleberry, Amarillo Martha Couch, San Antonio Lillian Worthington Crittenden, Houston Evelyn Dean, Plainview Caroline Dowell, McKinney Jean Marion Genebach, Battle Creek, Mich. Mary Evelyn Gregg, Kyle Clara Jean Gresham, Austin Frances Mary Guthrie, Houston PLEDGES Joy Anne Guyton, Midland Martha Ann Hallman, Temple Martha Janice Hallman, Tyler Marilyn Faynette Hampton, Dallas Shirley Mae Harris, Dallas Mary Frances Henry, Mercedes Ruthanne Huser, Joplin, Mo. Joyce Ann Krenek, Taylor Elizabeth Ladon, San Antonio Carol Amelia Lang, Jacksonville Dorothy Jean Lang, Mercedes Carline Lobitz, Weslaco Janet Lee McKinney, Baytown Shirlene McLean, Dallas Nita Mitchell, Austin Virginia Joan Muir, Austin Jean Anne Neal, Austin Barbara Elaine Nelson, Amarillo Vivian Dolores Orr, Kerrville Elizabeth Ann Pratt, San Antonio Bobbie Gene Sherwood, Kilgore Janet Sue Smith, Corpus Christi Jeanette Smith, Floresville Lucy Elaine Strauch, San Antonio Jean Elise Taylor, San Antonio Helen Louise Timpson, San Antonio Beverly June Webber, Odessa Mary Ruth Weisinger, Houston Virginia Willrich, Houston Jeannine Marie Young, San Angelo PAGE 190 Amslcr, Andrus, Balfanz, Barber, Berkey, Blomberg, Blue. Buckley, Bull, Cabaniss, Chapman, Charlier, Couch, Crittenden. Davidson, Dean, Dowell, Ellis, Fielding, Genebach, Gray. Gregg, Gresham, Guenther, Guthrie, Guyton, Guynes, Hall. M. A. Mailman, M. J. Hall- man, Ham, Hampton, Han- cock, Harris, Hartkopf. Henry, Holmgreen, Huser, Joynes, Kaufman, Kiper, Kirkwood. Krenek, Ladon, C. Lang, D. Lang, Lee, Lovvrey, Mc- Landrich. McLean, Magruder, Mainer, M. Mitchell, N. Mitchell, Moore, Muir. Neal, Neill, Nelson, Peine, Ramsaur, Russell, Sherwood. Janet Smith, Spearman, Strauch, Tankersley, J. Tay- lor, S. Taylor, Thomas. Timpson, ' Vickers, Webber, Wheeler, Willrich, Winters, Word, Young. PAOE 191 FACULTY MAXINE SEGAL, Teaching Fellow in Bacteriology BAYLA SHEINBERG, Teaching Fellow in Music Fall IRENE SHIRLEY TETTENBAUM ESTELLE ZELDA RATNER . EVELYN FRANCES JACOBS . NATALIE CECILE EISEN OFFICERS Regina Vice-Regina Secretary . Treasurer . MEMBERS Sharlene Abram, Lufkin Jeanne Louise Aronson, Waco Sally Chcsnick, Victoria Natalie Cecile Eisen, Beaumont Doris May Forman, Galveston Betty Jean Fram, Baytown Martha Lee Harelik, Hamilton Renee Horwitz, Port Arthur Libbye Israel, Dallas Evelyn Frances Jacobs, Dallas Marjie Lee Joseph, Dallas Arlene Rosobelle Kay, Galveston Lenore Joyce Levinson, Wichita Falls Marlene Marcovitch, Wharton Spring PHYLLIS LOUISE ROSENBERG JOYCE RAE ROSENBERG NATALIE CECILE EISEN DORIS MAY FORMAN : ' Barbara Mae Oster, Dallas Estelle Zelda Ratner, Houston Joyce Rae Rosenberg, Brady Phyllis Louise Rosenberg, El Paso Lorraine Sanov, Gladewater Betty Joyce Segal, Dallas Bayla Sheinberg, Fort Worth Jean Sidney Siegel, Dallas Beatrice Simon, Bay City Elaine Stein, Austin Mina Stein, Austin Irene Shirley Tettenbaum, Beaumont Charlotte Werbner, San Antonio Shirley Fay Wesler, Houston PLEDGES Benita Ablin, Dallas Charlotte Ruth Aronson, Waco Faye Berrnan, Birmingham, Ala. Marilyn Blatt, Dallas Pauline Cohn, Port Arthur Nancy Beth Danziger, Corpus Christi Peggy Ellen Donn, Austin Phyllis Jean Gartner, Topeka, Kan. Golda Claire Geller, Houston Natalie Jean Goodman, San Antonio Sandra Ellen Holtzman, Brownsville Naomi Jean Hoppenstein, Waco Eleanor Jean Jacobs, Stafford Adele Lippmann, Texas City Lois Litman, Kansas City, Mo. Shirley Plantowsky, Galveston Helen Rachofsky, Dallas Anna Ruth Robinson, Minneapolis, Minn. Judy Rodis, Long Island, N. Y. Natalie Smith, Richmond Sora Lei Ungerman, Dallas Irene Wyde, Port Arthur PAOE 192 Ablin, Abram, Berman, Blatt, Chesnirk. Cohn, Danziger, Donn,Eisen, Fram. Gartner, Gellcr, Goodman Harelik, Holtzman. Hoppenstein, Horwitz, Israel, Eleanor Jacobs, Evelyn Jacobs. Joseph, Kay, Levinson, Lipp- mann, Litman. Marcovitch, Oster, Plantow sky, Rachofskv, Ratner. Robinson, Rodis, J. Rosen berg, Sanov, Segal. Shemberg, Simon, Smith, E Stein, ' Tettenbaum. Ungerman, Werbner, Wesler Wvde. I FACULTY [CATHERINE M. LOVE, Instructor in Romance Languages Fall PATRICIA JEAN MCCARTHY . CAROLINE MOGFORD MARY EUGENIA MAXWELL . SHIRLEY LEE WINTER . OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Spring PATRICIA JEAN MCCARTHY CAROLINE MOGFORD MARY EUGENIA MAXWELL S HIRLEY LEE WINTER . : MEMBERS Dorothea Elizabeth Bachemin, Houston Marilyn Janice Baker, Shreveport, La. Martha Lou Barker, Austin Barbara June Barnes, Houston Bessie Ellen Biddle, Flatonia Betty Yolande Bellinger, Alice Jane Ann Brown, Austin Patricia Louise Burleigh, Austin Mary Jacquelyn Camp, Austin Ann Adele Cline, Houston Betty Jean Cook, Austin Carol Cook, Houston Janis Marie Dechman, Fort Worth Martha Ann Eastman, Port Arthur Mary Ann Edwards, Georgetown Hazel Marie Estefan, San Antonio Janet Lee Gilstrap, George West Sarah Nell Green, Dallas Patsy Ann Hart, Richardson Frances Marion Haney, Tahoka Betty Anne Heard, Austin Elizabeth Holt, Gruver Marian Jeannine Jackson, Robstown Helen Joyce Kinney, Austin Patricia Jean McCarthy, Houston Sharon Fay Matthews, Austin Mary Eugenia Maxwell, San Antonio Jackie Merkley, Texas City Caroline Mogford, Uvalde Mary Allyne Mount, Crystal City Lillie Musil, Stamford Shirley Joe Prosser, Conroe Grace Ernestine Ramsower, Mathis Marilyn Phyllis Rolph, El Campo Patty Ann Schmidt, Taft Joan Elizabeth Wade, El Paso Judith Ann West, Austin Joan Wilson, Bellville Shirley Lee Winter, Midland PLEDGES Myrtle Ann Anderson, Conroe Barbara Ann Berry, Houston Ara Virginia Brooks, Houston Dorothy Jean Campbell, Rockport Jean Emily Claeys, Me Allen Ann Collette, Houston Carol Ruth Cyrus, Austin Mary Elda Dreyer, Houston Dorothy Jane Durrenberger, Houston Eula Bernice Faulk, San Antonio Edith Louise Fletcher, Austin Marianna Forrest, Houston Gloria Ann Frerichs, Houston Barbara Margaret Gremillion, Austin Ann Kay Harrington, Terrell Dorothy Jean Henderson, Austin Billie Marjorie Hintz, Columbus Joline Lanier, Crowell Frances LeMond, Austin Lulu Margaret McMillen, Amarillo Hazel Annette Maxwell, San Antonio Sara Phyllis Maxwell, San Antonio Katherine Dean Newnam, San Antonio Jo Ann Pollock, Houston Diana Joy Reed, Katy Carmen Delores Saldivar, Dallas Joyce Smith, Austin Lotha Ann Stephens, South Houston Florence Ellen Talley, Dallas Jean Tyler, Taylor Carolyn Ussery, Austin Marilyn Jean Warner, Austin Sarah Elizabeth Wilson, Beeville LaDelle Winship, Corpus Christi I . Hi PAOE 194 Anderson, Bachemin, Baker, Barker, Barnes, Berry. Biddle, Bellinger, Brooks, Brown, Burleigh, Camp. Campbell, Claeys, Cline, Collette, B. Cook, C. Cook. Dechman, Durrenberger, Eastman, Edwards, Estefan, Faulk. Fletcher, Forrest, Frerichs, Gilstrap, Green, Gremillion. Harrington, Heard, Hender son, Hintz, Holt, Jackson. Kinney, McCarthy, McMil len, Matthews, H. Maxwell M. Maxwell. S. Maxwell, Merkley, Mog- ford, Mount, Musil, New- nam, Pollock. Prosser, Ramsower, Reed, Rolph, Saldivar, Schmidt, Stephens. Talley, Wade, Warner, West, J. Wilson, S. Wilson, Winter. Fall PATRICIA ANN PIETRAVALLE Avis LUCILLE HAZILTINE Lois CLAIRE OLIVARD . LILLIE MARIE DANIELS . MARY SUE SMITH , FACULTY LORENA BAKER, Librarian III HARRIET BLACKSTOCK, Classifier, Physical Training for Women JANE KEER CHRISTIANSEN, Librarian File Clerk ANN HILL, Reference Librarian Agnes Elizabeth Amelung, San Antonio Dorothy Autry, Dallas Mary Francine Ayoub, Brownsville Mildred Faye Barnes, Corpus Christ! Evelyn Corinne Beall, Austin Alma Joyce Bennett, Linden Jo Ann Boggus, Austin Carolyn Busch, Baytown Elizabeth Sue Byrum, Garland Charlotte Elizabeth Carlisle, Kansas City, Mo. Mary Sue Chilton, Austin Ann Clore, Mercedes Darlene Dee Crowell, Bandera Lillie Marie Daniel, Granger Mika L. Donovan, Austin Wesley Jean Evans, Knickerbocker OFFICERS President . . . . Vice-President . Recording Secretary- Corresponding Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS Elaine Foster, Austin Mary Bain Haralson, Houston Avis Lucille Hazeltine, Austin Harriet Jo Hill, San Antonio Joan Patricia Homeyer, Austin Anabel Tress Hughes, Elsa Mary Gene Johnson, Houston Virginia Kerbow, Austin June Hart Knox, San Antonio Joan Kathleen Mclntyre, Austin Clara Bow McGowan, Campwood Joan Meyer, Sea Brook Cornie Marie Miffleton, San Saba Betty Jo Mills, Taft Lois Claire Olivard, Dallas PLEDGES Spring CORNIE MARIE MIFFLETON CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH CARLISLE MARY JEAN JOHNSON MARY BAIN HARALSON MARY SUE SMITH Patricia Anne Payne, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Patricia Ann Pietravalle, Houston Audry June Prince, Austin Patricia Ann Purser, Houston Lucy Ann Reid, Brownsville Lee Marie Rush, Hamilton Mary Sue Smith, Temple Margaret Sue Sommers, Dallas Walta Jean Sturgis, Corpus Christi Barbara Jean Thomas, Fort Worth Barbara Ann Thurman, Austin Betty Louise Tieken, Austin Agnes Elizabeth Tipton, Brownsville Myrtle Lucille Watkins, Houston Bette Claire Woods, Austin : Beverly Allen, Port Arthur Marilyn Niel Anderson, Corpus Christi Viola Marie Arisco, Port Arthur Frances Kendall Atkins, Highlands Evelyn Barker, Edcouch Patricia Jean Barth, San Angelo Rita Marie Bird, Schwertner Shirley Lee Christie, Wharton Madeleine Cobb, Hillsboro Annette Costley, Baytown Adele Crawford , Crockett Eileen Cummings, Dallas Ann Damon, Bartlesville Elizabeth Donan, Port Arthur Betty Elkin, Austin Joe Ann Faulk, San Antonio Barbara Louise Griggs, Corpus Christi Erin Linn Haile, Austin Martha Virginia Hancock, Dallas Dorothy Gene Harris, Comanche Mary Florine Harris, San Angelo Carolyn Hunter, Brownsville Patricia Ann Jones, Waco Diana Lee Joseph, Austin Doris Jean Myers, Bay City Amy Purcell, Navasota Dixie Rawlings, Houston Virginia Lee Reuthinger, Laredo Barbara Roberts, San Angelo Jean Carol Sigler, Houston Rosemary Sone, Corpus Christi Barbara Lee Terrell, Stephensville Betty Gene Thomas, Dallas Florence Edythe Thompson, Atlantic Beach, Fla. Mae Thompson, Atlantic Beach, Fla. Mary Jane Turner, San Antonio Bettye Jo West, Keller Evelyn Gary Willman, Brownsville Charmion Woodland, Austin PAGE 196 Amclung, Anderson, Arisco, Atkins, Autry, Ayoub, Barker. Barth, Bennett, Bird, Boggus Busch, Byrum, Carlisle. LL ifi . Griggs, Haile, Haralson, M. Harris, Hazeltine, Hill, Ho- meyer. Hughes, Hunter, Johnson, Jones, Joseph, Kerbow, Knox. McGowan, Mclntyre, Meyer, Miffleton, Mills, Myers, Oli- vard. Payne, Pietravalle, Purcell, Purser, Reid, Reuthinger, Roberts. Rush, Sigler, Smith, Som- mers, Sturgis, Terrell, F. Thompson. Thurman, Tieken, Tipton, Turner, Watkins, West, Will- man, Woods. Chilton, Christie, Clore, Cobb, Cost ley, Crawford, Crowell. Cummings, Damon, Daniel, Do nan, Donovan, Evans, A : PAOE 197 FACULTY MARGARET CANNON BOYCE, Instructor in Home Economics MARY KIRKPATRICK, Librarian HILDA F. ROSENE, Associate Professor of Physiology DORIS MARGARET VILBIG, Instructor in Physical Training Fall Jo ANN BENNETT BlLLIE LOUISE LUCKETT . WILMA ELIZABETH HOKE KAY THOMSON . Nellie Jo Adams, Jewett Jean Amsler, Hempstead Lois Anne Bacon, Dallas Beverly Jean Barclay, Woodville Mary Dorsey Bates, Houston Jo Ann Bennett, Austin Marjorie Cameron Bolton, Waco Barbara Lee Boyd, Dallas Susan Brooks, Corpus Christi Yvonne Brown, San Antonio Betty Bea Burkhalter, Amarillo Betsy Calhoun, Houston Patricia Elizabeth Gavin, Galveston Emma Sue Cowden, Midland Patty Jane Crow, Fort Worth Beverly Crowley, Houston Carol Cullum, Wichita Falls Ruby Jo Dabney, Corpus Christi Olwyn Davies, Houston Carolyn Dickerson, Houston Claudia Ann Dyke, Marshall Marion Elizabeth Ellis, Corpus Christi Nancy Florea Fitzgerald, Austin Frances Elaine Folley, Amarillo Nancy Anne Frame, Corpus Christi Claire Furman, Corpus Christi Dorothy Ann Glass, Marlin Carolyn Grissom, Waco Frances Roberta Hackney, Fort Worth Mary Helen Hardwicke, Corpus Christi OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Secretary .... Treasurer .... MEMBERS Evelyn Elizabeth Harlan, Beaumont Virginia Grace Hawkey, Meadville, Pa. Jean Ann Hirschi, Wichita Falls Wilma Elizabeth Hoke, Houston Eddie Jane Holt, Waco Betty Ann Johnson, Houston Jean Beverly Judson, San Antonio Eloise Kelley, Beaumont Julia Beth Kenna, Beaumont Martha Gene Kiel, Wichita Falls Sally Lou Kniffen, Rockville, Ind. Mary Jean Landon, Wichita Falls George Ann Langford, Marlin Norma Lesley, Wichita Falls Billie Louise Luckett, New Braunfels Ann Griffith Lyles, Austin Sara Ann McAlister, Nacogdoches Helen Stafford McAnelly, Ranger Sara May McCampbell, Corpus Christi Sue McCarty, Corpus Christi Laura Mary McKee, Dallas Marian McKenzie, Galveston Kathryn McLendon, Corsicana Ruth Ratliff McNamara, Austin Evelyne McWhorter, Port Arthur Ann Maddox, McAllen Ann Park Mayfield, Waco Laura Merchant, Dallas Frances Morrison, Graham Carolyn Ann Neal, Winnie Spring MARY MARTHA SIVALLS PATRICIA ELIZABETH GAVIN NORMA JEANNE WILSON MAYBELLE WINONA TRENT Shirley Neely, Amarillo Patsy Ann Patteson, Midland Benny Gail Phillips, Ozona Marion Adair Ramsey, Goliad Carolyn Redditt, Lufkin Ida Claire Reed, Austin Lois Betty Ross, Jolly Carol Joan Rupp, Falfurrias Sarah Elizabeth Sadler, Waco Elizabeth Dorothy Seay, Houston Marjorie Shepherd, Houston Mary Martha Sivalls, Midland Mary Ann Snoddy, Wichita Falls Glena Arden Stewart, Corpus Christi Cecile Stewart, Bay City Judy Reid Stewart, Fort Worth Sidney Stinnett, Amarillo Je n Carolyn Taylor, Fort Worth Ellen Thomas, Kerrville Julia Marguerite Thomason, Huntsvillc Kay Thomson, Amarillo Maybelle Winona Trent, Roswell, N. Mex. Johnnie Marie Waggoner, Wichita Falls Margene West, Houston Marian West, Houston Norma Jeanne Wilson, Galveston Mary Wade Winkler, Houston Frances Enid Worthington, Brownsville Norma Wright, San Antonio fc.r I L- Ifc ' to ; Caroline Amelia Anderson, Longview Loey Baird Bass, Kilgore Marjorie Ann Benton, San Antonio Del Rose Birdsong, Tyler Joy Chapoton, Galveston Christine Mary Chilton, Dallas Carolyn Ann Cox, Fort Worth Nancy Sue Dill, San Antonio Virginia Parchman Dyke, Marshall Louise Turner Fosdick, Galveston Ruth Fulcher, Austin Rose Shelley Furr, Lubbock Loys Marie Gandy, San Angelo Sally Hamlin Garrett, Corpus Christi Mary Elizabeth Grafe, Dallas Mary Kincey Gunter, Austin PLEDGES Marilyn Toy Harding, Dallas Marian Christine Hill, Fort Worth Patricia Hinds, Nacogdoches Mary Louise Ivey, Denton Nancy Joan Jary, Fort Worth Diane Lehman, Houston Sarah Lew Link, Midland Eleanor Frances Luckett, New Braunfels Dora McDonald, Alice Rita McDonough, Galveston Patricia Ruth McLain, Dallas Frances Boyce Miller, Amarillo Patricia Marie Miller, Pampa Mary Morgan, Beaumont Margaret Mosle, Galveston Genie Mouton, Beaumont Margaret Frances Ogden, Corpus Christi Barbara Ann Redditt, Lufkin Nancy Jo Rees, Center Point Pauline Elizabeth Renick, San Antonk Leslie Ann Robinett, Fort Worth Anabel Shotts, Fort Worth Jeta Dell Simons, Tyler Carolyn Ann Smith, San Antonio Cathleen Lyra Sparks, Taft Marietta Collier Watson, Tyler Nancy Collier Welsh, Houston Betty Ward Wheless, Austin Dimple Sue Williford, Marlin Bee B. Wright, Amarillo Jane Michaux York, Houston PAGE 198 Adams, Amsler, Anderson, Bacon, Bates, Benton, Bird- song, Bolton, Brooks. Brown, Burkhalter, Calhoun, Cavin, Chapoton, Chilton, Cowden, Cox, Crow. Cullum, Davies, Dickerson, C. Dyke, V. Dyke, FitzGer- ald, Policy, Fosdick, Frame. Fulcher, Furr, Gandy, Gar- rett, Grafe, Grissom, Gunter, Hackney, Harlan. Hawkey, Hill, Hinds, Hirschi, Hoke, Holt, Ivey, Jary, Johnson. Judson, Kenna, Lehman, Link, B. Luckett, E. Luckett, McAlister, McAnelly, Mc- Carty. McDonald, McDonough, McKee, McKenzie, McLain, McLendon, McNamara, McWhorter, Maddox. Mayfield, F. Miller, P. Miller, Morgan, Morrison, Mosle, Mouton, Neely, Ogden. Phillips, Ramsey, B. Redditt, C. Redditt, Reed, Rees, Renick, Robinett, Rupp. Sadler, Seay, Shepherd, Shotts, Simons, Smith, Snoddy, Sparks, C. Stewart. G. Stewart, J. Stewart, Stin- nett, Thomas, Thomson, Trent, Watson, Welsh, Mar- gene West. Marian West, Wheless, Wil- liford, Wilson, Winkler, Worthington, B. Wright, N. Wright, York. PACE 199 FACULTY MARCELLE HAMER, Assistant in Texas Collection ELIZABETH LONG, Pianist, Physical Training for Women MARGARET PECK, Assistant Dean of Women LUCY RATHBONE, Professor in Home Economics KATHERINE ANDREWS SEARCY, General Assistant in the Library LUCY WHITESIDE, Instructor in Home Economics Fall MARILYN LEWIS SHAW MERLYN MYERS . JOAN HIERHOLZER PEGGY LOUISE DOWD . Betty Genevieve Beasley, Beeville Barbara Brass, Wilmore, Kan. Betty Lucile Brewer, San Antonio Martha Anne Bruce, El Paso Patricia Byrd, Winter Haven Shirley Burke Clark, Wichita Falls Jeanne Murchison Closuit, Fort Worth Jane Carol Corrin, San Antonio Alma Faye Cowden, Midland Marylee Cowden, Midland Anna Ruth Dahl, Fort Worth Rosemary Dellinger, Tyler Bettye Lee DeShong, Wichita Falls Peggy Louise Dowd, Galveston Nina Frances Findlater, San Angelo Virginia Ann Fitch, Houston Annie Mae Funk, San Antonio Helen Cummings Graves, Houston Jessie Jeanne Gray, Dallas OFFICERS President . V ice-President . Recording Secretary Treasurer ... MEMBERS Mary Marcelle Hamer, Austin Joan Hierholzer, San Antonio Oweta B. Hoke, Stillwater, Okla. Elizabeth Erskine Hollamon, Seguin Olive Virginia Irwin, Amarillo Mary Susan Janse, Houston Julianne Johnson, Fort Worth Jean Ann Kemp, Hamilton, Ohio Mary Lou Kendrick, Dallas Kennon Kethley, McAllen Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, Austin Mary Ann LaRue, Athens Gracie Delene Long, Austin Elizabeth McConnell, Tulsa, Okla. Ann Millicent McNeill, Austin Mary Jane McNeill, Austin Bessie Meek, Austin Jane Elizabeth Moody, Houston Mary Eloise Moore, Austin Marcia West Moore, Houston Spring CLAIRE OWNBY MERLYN MYERS BETTY LUCILE BREWER MARYLEE COWDEN Martha Jane Munday, Amarillo Mary Matney Munger, Dallas Merlyn Myers, Dallas Claire Ownby, Dallas Betty Pferdmenges, Austin Mary Melissa Potts, Dallas Joan Powell, Austin Marilyn Harris Ray, Dallas Ann Louise Red, Houston Dorothy Jean Richards, Houston Catherine Roberts, Tyler Anita Runge, Christoval Jan Scurlock, Dallas Marilyn Lewis Shaw, Henderson Edna Martha Thomson, Temple Elizabeth Ann Williams, Dallas Laura Hudson Woods, Abilene Hylasue Yeager, Amarillo Shirley Ann Young, Monterrey, Mexico - - ' . fain I-: fcr - 0 June Abbey, San Antonio Betty Allen Bentsen, Mission Betty Binz, Houston Jean Brown, Dallas Margaret Byrd, Winter Haven Cynthia Ann Cheatham, Kingsville Peggy Collier, Dallas Joan Parker Davis, Houston Carolyn Bird Dorset, Sherman Diane Douglas, San Antonio Janice Louise Elbert, Wichita Falls Betty Erwin, McKinney Alice Ann Fisher, Wichita Falls Barbara Nancy Fitch, Houston Eleanor Ann Fondren, Houston Mary Ellen Ford, Amarillo PLEDGES Jean Fountain, Dallas Anne Barry Goodman, Dallas Martha Ann Hamblen, Houston Eleanor Elizabeth Harris, Austin Ann Bradford Ingrum, San Antonio Kathryn Louise Irwin, Amarillo Phyllis Ann Jones, Fort Worth Mary Knotts, Huntsville Betty Marjorie Lain, Galveston Shirley Ruth Leach, Abilene Katharyne McDonald, Fort Worth Natalie McGee, Fort Worth Margaret Matkin, El Paso Martha Matilda Moore, Houston Marilyn Murray, Tyler Linda Worthington Nixon, San Antonio Sarah Lee Norman, Lockhart PAGE 200 Liligene Ella Pace, Houston Jean Powell, Austin Patricia Pryor, Midland Mary Eugene Red, Houston Maxine Rudolph, Fort Worth Martha Ryan, Fort Worth Margaret Monroe Scarbrough, Austin Charlotte Ann Schulz, Wichita Falls Diane Shipman, Austin Mary Jane Stevens, McKinney Marianne Stripling, Fort Worth Karen Thatcher, Amarillo Katharine Diane Thomas, Denison Catherine Young, San Antonio Barbara York, Midland Janet Cairno Zerr, Corpus Christi , Beasley, Bent sen, Brewer, Bruce, Byrd, Cheatham. Collier, Corrin, A. Cowden, M. Cowden, Bellinger, Dorset. Elbert, Erwin, Find later, B. Fitch, V. Fitch, Ford. Fountain, Funk, Graves, Hamer, Harris, Hierholzer. Hollamon, K. Irwin, O. Irwin, Janse, Jones, Kemp. Kendrick, Kethley, Lain, LaRue, Long, McDonald. McGee, A. McNeill, M. Mc- Neill, Matkin, Meek, Mar- cia Moore. Martha Moore, Mary Moore, Munday, Murray, Myers, Ownby. Pace, Potts, Powell, Pryor, Ray, A. Red. M. Red, Roberts, Runge, Ryan, Scarbrough, Schulz, Scurlock. Shaw, Shipman, Thatcher, Thomas, Thomson, Yeager, Zerr. PACE 201 FACULTY LOUISE LANDIS ARMSTRONG, Assistant Professor of Home Economics MARY ELLEN ESTILL, Instructor in Pure Mathematics BETTY MC!VER GANO, Instructor in Spanish ESTHER JANE HALE, Instructor in Pharmacy Lois BARD TRICE, Instructor in English Fall LANELLE CLYDE BROOKS . PATRICIA JEAN GIBSON MARGARET GALE GIDDENS BARBARA MAYS OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring PATRICIA JEAN GIBSON LANELLE CLYDE BROOKS SHIRLEY Lou BROWN BARBARA MAYS : MEMBERS Mitzi Angwin, Pittsburg, Kan. Phyllis Jean Bateman, El Paso Lanelle Clyde Brooks, San Angelo Margie Amy Clinger, Austin Alda Lois Larson Davis, Austin Elsie Mildred Dvorak, Houston Laurie Ezell, Hull Patricia Jean Gibson, San Antonio Margaret Gale Giddens, Austin Mary Jean Hopkins, Galveston Mary John McCall, Oakwood Billie June McPherson, Port Arthur Patricia Ann Martin, Weslaco Barbara Mays, San Antonio Joyce Meesey, Austin Patricia Ann Parker, San Antonio Josephine Elder Perkins, San Antonio Juanita Marie Phipps, Galveston Josephine Julianna Poneleit, Harlingen Sandra May Stewart, Austin Connie Swift, Austin Charlotte Beer Weber, Corpus Christi Lenore Weber Wilson, Austin Dorothy May Wood, Austin ; PLEDGES Mary Patricia Abernethy, Plainview Barbara Jo Ann Beard, Austin Kathryn Francis Boyd, Austin Betty Lou Brittain, Port Arthur Shirley Lou Brown, Austin Barbara June Cline, Austin Margaret Elizabeth Cotter, San Antonio Artie Jeannette Crawford, Austin Dolores Gwendolyn Fasel, Johnson City Nancy Anne Hooker, Fort Worth Connie Mae Loney, Austin Gail McDonough, San Antonio Lois Nickerson, Corpus Christi Mary Kate Nix, San Antonio Margaret Marie Page, Binghamton, N. Y. Nancy Ruth Rogers, Austin Estelle Yvonne Rollins, Houston Barbara Ann Schuchert, San Antonio Carol Lee Snavely, Combs Nancy Belle Steves, San Antonio Martha Elizabeth Thomas, Dallas Barbara Louise Tise, Kansas City, Mo. PACE 202 Angwin, Bateman, Beard, Boyd, Brooks. Brown, Cline, Clinger, Davis. Dvorak, Ezell, Fasel, Gibson. Giddens, Hopkins, McCall, McDonough, Martin. Mays, Nickerson, Parker, Perkins. Phipps, Pone lei t, Rogers, Rollins. Schuchert, Steves, Stewart, Thomas. Weber. PAGE 203 FACULTY CAROLYN JANE MATTHEWS BUTLER, Teaching Fellow in Romance Languages DOROTHY BLACKMAR TAYLOR, Instructor in Romance Languages Fall ANN BLANTON HILL EMILY ALMA BURT . PATRICIA ANN LYNCH ANDREA SIMMONS . OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Spring EMILY ALMA BURT ELEANOR MARY BERING ELISABETH MACLEAN FIELD ANDREA SIMMONS : Fi i.C Lois Thrasher Agnor, Marshall Sarah Jane Allen, Corpus Christi Shirley Baker, Houston Thelma Louise Baker, Houston Onah Astin Barwise, Fort Worth Donna Ruth Beagle, Pampa Rita Frances Bedford, Dallas Eleanor Mary Bering, Houston Peggy Jane Bivins, Longview Jeaneane Booth, Mineral Wells Neddie Jane Bullock, Bryan Emily Alma Burt, Waco Ann Moss Calhoun, San Antonio Theresa Camden, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. Gail Elizabeth Campbell, Temple Carolyn Aliece Cargile, San Angelo Dorothy Dale Cochran, Dallas Shirley Ann Cooper, Midland Margaret Ann Crosby, Del Rio Dorothy Lucile Dayvault, Houston Margaret Lucile Dean, Waco Martha Jeanne DuPriest, Bryan Marilyn Jean Dysart, Havana, Cuba Jacqueline Emerence Ehlers, Houston Coralee Fain, Brownwood Elisabeth McLean Field, Austin Emily Ann Finch, Austin Patricia Forbes, Houston Barbara Berenice Gibbon, Harlingen Nona Goddard, Austin MEMBERS Janie Granger, Dallas Ann Warren Greer, Dallas Martha Ann Griswold, Houston Alicia Jane Gross, Corpus Christi Gail Thornton Hall, San Antonio Jean Haynie, Hearne Ann Blanton Hill, Austin Marynada Hill, Waco Minerva Hobart, Pampa Kathrine Ann Hogan, San Antonio Carol Bushnell Hopkins, Houston Harriett Ann James, Houston Joan Jester, Austin Barbara Ann Kendall, San Antonio Laura Jill King, Tyler Laura Nell Lauderdale, Mercedes Ann Garden Lear, Dallas N. Virginia Leon, Rotan Sara Ann Logue, Houston Kay Lowry, Tyler Kathleen Yvonne Lyle, Bay City Patricia Ann Lynch, College Station Mae Madelaine McDermott, Lufkin Thelma Norton McFarlane, Houston Katherine Virginia McGar, Houston Frances Anne McGuire, Lamesa Ann McSween, San Antonio Alice Malone, Houston F. Ann Mayo, Dallas Madeline Ann Miller, Manhasset, N. Y. Anne Moseley, Fort Worth Constance Nelson, San Antonio Nancy Nye, Houston Evelyn Oglesby, San Angelo Ellen Wayne Ormond, Galveston Sally Weaver Otis, Dallas Patricia Anne Peckinpaugh, Houston Theresa Kathryn Peninger, Austin Margaret F. Penniman, Dallas Tany Thompson Pollard, Houston Joan Marie Ragsdale, Houston Gloria Ratchford, New Orleans, La. Evelyn Shelby Reed, Austin Eleanor Margaret Scarborough, San Antonio Frances Evelyn Schneider, Austin Mary Turner Shear, Alice Andrea Simmons, Houston Peggy Yvonne Stanford, Wichita Falls Martha Frances Strother, Sherman Jonilu Swearingen, Austin Sally Lou Talley, Atlanta Ellen Clare Todd, San Antonio Judith Walsh, Sherman Suzanne Catherine Waters, Weslaco Janet Wheeler, Austin Jean R. Williams, Washington, D. C. Patricia Lorraine Williams, Harlingen Jane Marckmann Wray, San Antonio - : Mary Kimball Alexander, Houston Anne Arbaugh, Sweetwater Bonner Means Baker, Houston Mary Barcus, Fort Worth Olive Beaton, Fort Worth Virginia Ann Boberg, Dallas Anne Page Chandler, San Antonio Ann Cheavens, Dallas Rita Joan Crocker, Brady Nancylu Crosthwait, Waco Bettie Morrow Dancy, Orange Cornelia Vaughan Dumas, San Antonio Jean Marie Edge, Bryan Mary Lou Edmundson, Houston Mary Ann Elliott, Temple Irene Sue Elmore, McAllen PLEDGES Barbara Esgen, San Antonio Jane Elizabeth Everett, Tyler Florence Elizabeth Fitch, Eagle Pass Shirley Fleming, Dallas Florence Neal Fooshee, Dallas Agnes Bell Fordtran, Stockdale Kay Fortson, Fort Worth Gayle Garth, Houston Mary Gay, Austin Roy Neilyn Griggs, Amarillo Elizabeth Collett Groves, Houston Emily Grace Hemmingson, Dallas Anne Houston Hogan, Houston Joan Kay Holloway, Fort Worth Patricia Morton Honer, Fort Worth Clara Maude Hurst, Longview Nancy Lou James, Tyler PAOE 204 Margaret Reynolds King, San Antonio Margaret Ban Kovach, Odessa Margaret Helen Kyle, Beaumont Jean Lewis, Waco Clare Elizabeth Masterson, Houston Mary Mills, Austin Bebe Elizabeth Moody, Honolulu, Hawaii Mary Ellen Neale, Dallas Frances Nell Orand, Dallas Force Peterson, Marlin Joan Ruth Rupel, Bryan Marilyn Yvonne Sadler, Little Rock, Ark. Mary Margaret Scott, Paris Joanne Shackelford, Corpus Christi Mary Anne Smith, Hunt Matilda Clare Williams, Houston Agnor, Alexander, Allen, Arbaugh, B. Baker, T. Baker, S. Baker, Barcus, Beagle. Bedford, Bering, Bivins, Boberg, Bullock, Burt, Camden, Campbell, Cargile. Chandler, Cheavens, Cochran, Crocker, Crosby, Crosthwait, Dancy, Dayvault, Dean. Dumas, DuPriest, Edge, Edmundson, Ehlers, Elliott, Esgen, Everett, Fain. Field, Finch, Fitch, Fooshee, Forbes, Garth, Gibbon, Granger, Greer. Griggs, Griswold, Gross, Groves, Hall, Haynie, Hem- mingson, A. Hill, M. Hill. A. Hogan, Holloway, Hopkins, Hurst, Kendall, L. King, M. King, Kovach, H. James. N. James, Jester, Lauderdale, Lear, Leon, Lewis, Logue, Lowry. Lynch, McDermott, McFar- lane, McGuire, McSween, Malone, Masterson, Mills. Moody, Moseley, Neale, Nelson, Oglesby, Grand, Otis, Peckinpaugh. Peninger, Peterson, Pollard, Ragsdale, Ratchford, Rupel, Sadler, Scarborough. Schneider, Scott, Shackelf ord, Shear, Smith, Strother, Swearingen, Talley. Todd, Walsh, Waters, Wheeler, M. Williams, J. Williams, P. Williams, Wray. PAOE 205 Fall DENNA SHIRLEY LEVINE MARGARET BERGMAN MARILYN CASPER . RUTH ELEANORE BODANSKY IDA JOAN OLFF OFFICERS President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer Spring IDA JOAN OLFF CLARE FRANCES GOMPERTZ MARION JOYCE EDELSTEIN Lois HERMINE LEFKOWITZ CHARLENE ANNETTE LEVINE MEMBERS Margaret Bergman, Amarillo Ruth Eleanore Bodansky, Galveston Marilyn Casper, Dallas Rita Maxine Davidson, Marvell, Ark. Sarah May Dorfman, Brownsville Marion Joyce Edelstein, Brownsville Clare Frances Gompertz, Houston Sandra Jean Josephson, Snyder Joyce Diane Krull, Houston Lois Hermine Lefkowitz, Jackson, Miss. Charlene Annette Levine, Wichita Falls Denna Shirley Levine, Dallas Leah Lichtenstein, Kaufman Honore H. Loeb, New Orleans, La. Ida Joan Olff , Dallas Florence Ungar, New York, N. Y. Selma Anne Waldman, Kingsville PLEDGES Libby Ann Aronstein, San Antonio Jo Ann Brookner, Beaumont Marcia Ethel Friedman, Texarkana Norma Lee Fink, San Antonio Jeneane Mund Gartner, Houston Sharlene Barbara Gerrick, Harlingen Ruth Carolyn Goldberg, San Antonio Valerie Ann Goltzman, Corpus Christi Cherill Adele Joseph, Houston Gloria Celeste Kusin, Texarkana Marian Joyce Levy, San Antonio Elaine Sonia Lubel, Monroe, La. Dena Fai Mayers, Athens Gloria Elaine Mindes, San Antonio Elaine Ruth Nebenzahl, San Antonio Joan Adele Rachofsky, Denver, Colo. Marlene Terry Ribnick, Aberdeen, S. Dak. Elaine Etta Schwartz, Denver, Colo. Elaine Waldman, Little Rock, Ark. Ruth Jean Wertheimer, Houston Sidney Reba Wisenberg, Houston Bette Lou Wolens, Corsicana Mollv Ann Yaffe, Fort Smith, Ark. PAGE 206 Aronstein, Bergman, Bodansky, Brookner. Casper, Davidson, Dorfman, Edelstein, Fink. Gartner, Gerrick, Goltzman, Gompertz, Joseph. Josephson, Kusin, Krull, Lichtenstein, Lefkowitz. C. Levine, D. Levine, Lev-y, Loeb, Lubel. Mayers, Mindes, Nebenzahl, OlrT, Rachofsky. Ribnick, Schwartz, Ungar, E. Waldman, S. Waldman. Wertheimer, Wisenberg, Wolens, Yaffe. PAOE 207 FACULTY GARY SOUTHERN BOLIN, Instructor in Music MARJORIE DAVISSON PARKER, Instructor in Speech : Fall DORIS ADELLE BEAN . MARGARET ANN McNfiiL JANE OBERLE . BILLIE BERT TUCKER . Betty Bruce Bauman, Dallas Doris Adelle Bean, San Angelo Beverly Jean Black, College Station Alice Jane Boulter, Tyler Mary Katherine Brand, West Columbia Tommie Ruth Briggs, Paducah Nancy Bryant, Havana, Cuba Kate Carroll Bullington, Houston Doris Mae Bunge, El Campo Elizabeth Lell Cardwell, Lockhart Sara Jane Cloyes, Pittsburg Frances LaVerne Cornelius, Eastland Elizabeth Ann Cowden, Midland Carolyn Louise Crites, Houston Diane Dickey, Houston Shalmir Ann Duerson, Harlingen Raynice Eads, Uvalde Jimmie Jo Edmondson, Mathis Mary Edwards, Austin Clara Kaye Eschberger, Alice Josephine Hornor Farmer, Junction Johnnie Lee Adams, Austin Mary Ann Alexander, Fort Worth Carter Arthur, Beaumont Jennie Ann Arthur, Pecos Earlane Baccus, Dallas Dorothy Ann Baker, San Antonio Betty Blake, Grosebeck Charlotte M. Brown, Fort Worth Mary Ann Butz, Fort Stockton Winona Carole Casselman, Midland Joan Chaudoin, Harlingen Mary Frances Chupick, Fayettville Patsy Ruth Dabney, Rogers Patricia Ann Dunmyer, Houston Noelie Anne Duggan, Houston Geneva Eads, Uvalde Nancy Joan Earle, Houston Charlotte Margaret Ehlers, Uvalde Dorothy Marie Falkenberg, Fort Worth Billie Hope Frnka, Garwood OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS Betty Jo Fischer, Corpus Christ! Frances Darling Granger, Austin Mary Carroll Groce, Victoria Marji Merle Hanna, Elyria, Ohio Elaine Herring, Austin Julia Arrenia Haupt, Bryan Karoline Kincaid, Gladewater Sumarie Larsen, Houston Geraldine Luter, San Antonio Margaret Ann McNeil, Silsbee Arline Denny McTee, Austin Virginia Ann McWhorter, Taylor Nancy Jane Martin, Houston Joan Matthews, Houston Marguerite Itasca Montier, Victoria Patricia Maurine Moore, Dallas Virginia Bond Murdaugh, Palestine Jane Oberle, Port Arthur Patsy Jean Oldham, Dallas Ann Louise O ' Quinn, Lufkin Corinne Doris Phillips, Ozona PLEDGES Janet Giles, Houston Virginia Hallum, Brownwood Margaret Ann Hammer, Houston Rosemary Monroe Hamner, Houston Glenda Jane Holcomb, Odessa Mary Jo Hollon, Mathis Helen George Houston, Kilgore Norma Jean Hubbard, Midland Patsy Ann Iverson, Fort Worth Clarissa Ann Jackson, Killeen Jean Ernestine Jackson, Houston Jo Ann Jackson, Orange Jane Caroline Johnson, Richmond Jean Baker Kennedy, Bryan Nell Allene Killough, Amarillo Loyce Marlene Lehman, San Antonio Madeleine May McAfee, Mercedes Jo Ann McClancy, Beaumont Janet Bernice Martin, Mt. Pleasant Carol Mottley, Houston PAGE 208 Spring RAYNICE EADS MARGARET ANN McNsiL SUMARIE LARSEN PATRICIA MAURINE MOORE Virginia Price, Alice Lucille Poole, Victoria Patti Lee Raspberry, El Paso Lois Marion Robbins, San Antonio Mary Elizabeth Robertson, Dallas Catherine Ann Shult, Houston Dorothy Nell Starrett, Refugio Frances Blackbourne Stewart, Houston Patricia Ann Torn, Taylor Minerva McQueen Townsend, Austin Virginia Townsend, Austin Billie Bert Tucker, Houston Joanne Wallace, Houston Sarah Jane Weeks, Austin Ruth Joan White, Harlingen Betty Jean Wilder, Beaumont Blanche Page Wilson, Bastrop Florence Mary Woodmansee, Houston Martha Anne Woolverton, Palestine Betty Ann Zapp, Palestine Frances Ann Navratil, Brenham Nancy Kate Parker, Hemphill Georgia B. Parr, Corpus Christi Ann Lilly Patrick, Mt. Pleasant Lee Pettus, Goliad Shirley Rankin, Austin Trinabeth Reed, Sterling City Linda Rowe, Beaumont Shirley Schulze, Corpus Christi Dora Belle Scott, Buna Jeannette Christine Simmons, Paris Bettie Margaret Smith, Lohn Joan Lynn Smith, Corpus Christi Joan Balaun Snyder, Corpus Christi Margaret Ann Tate, Comanche Ernestelle Kay Tutt, Dallas Martha Jean Wagener, San Antonio Helen Annette Webb, Fort Worth Carol Jean Wesner, Brownwood Mary Cathryn Young, San Antonio - ; ' 1 . . I .v. Alexander, J.Ar thur, Baccus, H. mm. in. Bean, Black, Blake, Brand, Briggs. Brown, Bryant, Butz, Card- well, Casselman, Chaudoin, Chupick, Cloyes, Cornelius. Cowden, C rites, Dabney, Dickey, Duggan, Dunmyer, Earle, Edwards, Ehlers. Eschberger, Falkenberg, Frnka, Groce, Hallum, Ham- mer, Hamner, Haupt, Her- ring. Holcomb, Hollon, Houston, Hubbard, J. E. Jackson, J. A. Jackson, Johnson, Kebel- man, Kennedy. Killough, Kincaid, Larsen, Lehman, Luter, McAfee, McClancy, McNeil, Mc- Whorter. Martin, Matthews, Montier, Moore, Mottley, Murdaugh, Navratil, Oberle, Oldham. Lila Parker, Lois Parker, N. Parker, Parr, Patrick, Pet- tus, Phillips, Reed, Rob- ertson. Rowe, Schulze, Scott, Shult, Simmons, B. Smith, J. Smith, Snyder, Starrett. Stewart, Tate, Torn, V. Townsend, Tutt, Wagener, Wallace, Webb. Weeks, Wesner, White, Wilder, Wilson, Woodman- see, Young, Zapp. PAGE 209 PANHELLENIC OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer MYRA LEE WHEELER CAROLYN REDDITT RUTH ELEANOR BODANSKY ARTYCE JOAN ARONSON MEMBERS Seniors Alpha Chi Omega . Alpha Delta Pi ' . Alpha Epsilon Phi . Alpha Gamma Delta . Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Phi. Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta . Delta Gamma . Delta Phi Epsilon . Delta Zeta Gamma Phi Beta . Kappa Alpha Theta . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Phi Mu . Pi Beta Phi . Sigma Delta Tau . Zeta Tau Alpha PATSY JOAN CATER JACLYN LUCAS KEASLER . ARTYCE JOAN ARONSON CYNTHIA SUE CHAMBERLAIN- VIRGINIA LUCILLE MALONEY BETTY MAUD GATES . JOANN PARTEN MARY FREUND MYRA LEE WHEELER . LIBBYE ISRAEL DOROTHEA ELIZA BACHEMIN CORNIE MARIE MIFFLETON CAROLYN REDDITT JEAN RICHARDS BARBARA MAYS Lois THRASHER AGNOR RUTH ELEANOR BODANSKY BETTY BRUCE BAUMAN juniors LORETTA MAUREEN LAMM FLORENCE MOZELLE JONES RUTH VINN HENDLER ANITA DARLENE RUNNEBERG SHIRLEY VIRGINIA REICHERT GRETA ELIZABETH NISSEN VIRGINIA DAVIS MARY ANN MCWHORTER PHYLLIS NELSON TUTT BARBARA MAE OSTER BARBARA ANN BERRY AGNES ELIZABETH TIPTON CAROLYN GRISSOM ANNIE MAY FUNK JOSEPHINE JULIANNA PONELEIT MARTHA ANN GRISWOLD SELMA ANNE WALDMAN MARGARET ANN McNEiL Dfei ewj Top Row: AGNOR, ARONSON, BACHEMIN, BAUMAN, BERRY, BODANSKY, CATER, CHAMBERLAIN. Second Row: DAVIS, FREUND, FUNK, GRISSOM, GRISWOLD, HENDLER, ISRAEL, JONES. Third Row: KEASLER, LAMM, McNEIL, McWHORTER, MALONEY, MAYS, MIFFLETON, NISSEN, DATES. Fourth Row: OSTER, PARTEN, PONELEITT, REDDITT, REICHERT, RUNNEBERG, TIPTON, WALDMAN, WHEELER. PAGE 210 n RUSH Sorority rush comes as an important part of the excitement of the opening days of school at T. U. Kappas and Rushees gazed thoughtfully at the show. Rabbit, Babs Haworth, served refresh- ments at the ADPi house. Delta Gammas staged an impressive revue of perfumes. Many smiling Tri Delts were on hand to greet their rushees. PAGE 211 Alpha Gam flappers, Joy Mitchell, Ann Rankin, Cindy Chamberlain, and Bobbie Priest entertain rushees. The climax of rush came when girls went to get their bids at the Union. Panhellenic prexy, Mike Wheeler, confers with As- sistant Dean of Women, Margaret Peck, on details of the fall rush program. Zetas greet a new pledge. Efficient members of Panhellenic Council took care of all the book work for Rush. PACE 212 Small talk at the Gamma Phi Beta house during pledge lint-. 4 cat Mary Graves must be telling a good one to attentive Kappa sisters. Alpha Chis showed off their cuties, too. " May I present . . . " After the results of fall elections were known, the Tri- Delts congratulated their charming winner, Sally See. . The annual Powder Bowl Classic between Kappa Kappa Gamma and Pi Beta Phi drew a record crowd this year. Ellie Fondren was a stand-out star for the victorious Kappas. Gail Campbell led the Pi Phi team onto the field. Between halves each sorority put on a " spectacular " revue. Pi Phis held a torchlight pep rally in front of the Kappa house the night before the game. Kappas Merlyn Meyers, Abbie Cowden, Jean Fountain, Virginia Irwin led cheers for their side. Joan Threadgill directed the Alpha Chi Omegas to the coveted first place trophy in Sing Song. Delta Zeta royalty: Patti McCarthy and Ross Blumentritt. Chi Omegas led by MufFy Caldwcll won third place in Sing Song. The Thetas gave a group of under-privi- leged children an extra-special Christmas treat. Pi Phi pickaninnies at their annual costume party. PAGE 215 The Gamma Phis brought April showers to the Round-Up parade. Lanelle Brooks was chosen Phi Mu Dream Girl. Greta Nissen became the 1951 Sweetheart of Alpha Phi. The Zetas worked late into the night to ready their float for the Round-Up parade. ADP ' S Lee Murphy, Patsy Carmody, Eve- lyn Puckett, Pat Mar- tin, and Julia Orinsky were all smiles during the spring campaign. The Kappa Easter party was enjoyed by all. " What ' s the next move? " ponder these Alpha Chis as they construct the front for their Varsity Carnival show. Alpha Gams were " up in the air " with their balloon selling concession. Delta Zetas rest be- tween shows. Last minute repairs for Elissa Berwold be- hind the scenes of the prize winning A E Phi show. Sin got a new twist in the Kappas ' " The Devil Can Wait. " Legs, legs, and more legs il- lustrate the DG ' s version of the modern Cinderella. Nancy Couvillion and Libby Blank were two of the rare specimens caged at the AChiO Circus. Joe the Barker with able assistance from Tricia Cox, Jody Stan- cliff, Geyla Anderson, Greta Nissen, and Kitty Sanguily advertise " Out of This World " for the Alpha Phis. Dumbo and the Tri-Delts sold peanuts to hungry Carnival-goers. PAGE 219 FACULTY H. M. BURLAGE, Dean of the College of Pharmacy KARL M. DALLENBACH, Professor of Psychology WILLIAM A. FELSING, Professor of Chemistry R. N. HASKELL, Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics WAYNE H. HOLTZMAN, Assistant Professor of Psychology HUBERT R. JONES, Assistant Professor of Business Administration HARRY L. KENT, JR., Associate Professor of Mechanical Enginering LEONARDT FERDINAND KREISLE, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering EDWARD E. McGiNNis, Professor of Business Law and Real Estate ARLIE R. McTEE, Lecturer in Journalism THOMAS A. ROUSSE, Professor of Speech JACK A. SCANLAN, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering ROBERT D. SLONNEGER, Instructor in Mechanical Engineering EVERETT G. SMITH, Professor of Marketing ERNEST STUHR, Associate Professor of Pharmacy bat Fall VAUN L. JOHANSEN WILLIAM RICHARD NORRED . EDWIN LOWELL HAUSLER . JACK ELDRIDGE IRION . OFFICERS Venerable Dean . Senior Dean . Secretary Treasurer Spring CARL SCOTT NISBET, JR. CHARLES MERLYN BRUCE WILLIAM GEDDES NOBLE, JR. DONALD EDWARDS CAUSSEY ; ; MEMBERS George Otis Allen, Beaumont Robert Dewey Belser, Ingleside Berle Elliot Bridges, Jr., Houston Charles Merlyn Bruce, Loraine Donald Edwards Caussey, Knox City William Bryan Clark, Austin Robert Jackson Cook, Tyler Eugene Alan Dean, Austin Charles Ray Dishongh, Cleveland Jack Creighton Goodman, Austin Edwin Lowell Hausler, Jr., Kerrville Lee Elmer Hay, Beaumont Jack Eldridge Irion, El Paso Joe M. Jackson, Houston Vaun L. Johansen, San Angelo Harry Lee Mitchell, Olney Oran Winton Mitchell, Crane Henry Houston Moore, Austin Elijah Morris Nelson, Amarillo Carl Scott Nisbet, San Angelo William Richard Norred, Sweetwater Kenneth Elmer Pearson, Springfield. 111. Joe Pate Smyer, Jourdanton George Washington Smyth, Jr., San Antonio Jack Graham Steele, Waco Lloyd Carmichael Williams, Texarkana " V V PLEDGES W. Ross Anglin, Austin Joe Rich Bailey, Jasper Buck Christian Brown, Austin Edmund Lewis Cogburn, Edinburg Fred Thompson Dishongh, Jr., Cleveland John Clarence Hall, Edinburg Bill Frank Johnson, Canadian Paul D. Koons, Wharton Billy James McAdams, Cleveland Donald Lee McClure, Abilene George Granger MacDonald, Galveston Edward Mann, Odessa Charles Nemir, Austin William Geddis Noble, Dallas Stanley Theo Parker, Austin Norman Stuart Spencer, Jr., Snyder Fred Alvin Steiner, Chula Vista, Calif. Peter M. Suarez, Austin James Branch Taylor, Jr., Austin Dan H. Terry, Mesa William Culwell Thomas, Chula Vista, Calif. John Richard Wylie, Albany PAGE 220 . Allen, Belser, Bridges, Brown. Bruce, Caussey, Clark, Cog- burn. Dean, C. Dishongh, Good- man, Hail. Hausler, Hay, Irion, Jackson. Johansen, Johnson, Koons, McAdams. McClure, MacDonald, H. Mitchell, O. Mitchell. Moore, Nelson, Nemir, Nis- bet. Noble, Norred, Parker, Pear- son, Smyer. Smyth, Steele, Steiner, Thomas, Williams. PAGE 221 ;. Fall IRVING POZMANTIER . GERALD ABELS . AARON FRADKIN HYME SCHNITZER OFFICERS Master Lieutenant-Master Scribe . Exchequer Spring ALAN M. AARON SON JACK MEYER PROTAS NORMAN WILLIAM BLACK JAY MORTON GOLTZ MEMBERS Alan M. Aaronson, Tulsa, Okla. Gerald Abels, El Dorado, Kan. Joe Harvey Berman, Colorado City Norman William Black, Houston Aaron Fradkin, Galveston Harold Stanley Goldberg, Tyler Jay Morton Goltz, Tulsa, Okla. Donald Leon Gould, Tulsa, Okla. Marvin Greenberg, Dallas Bernard Phillip Harris, San Antonio Irwin Melvin Jarett, Lubbock Maurice Sweet Kolodetsky, Galveston Rollins Miller Koppel, Harlingen Leon Max Lampert, San Antonio Israel Lerner, Galveston Lewis Milton Levine, Harlingen Robert Henry Sidney Arthur Martell, New York City, N. Y. Irwin Don Meyers, El Campo Benny Morris Moskowitz, Baytown Carl Saul Orenberg, Odessa Louis Ossinsky, Daytona Beach, Fla. Irving Pozmantier, Galveston Jack Meyer Protas, Port Arthur Hyme Schnitzer, Port Arthur Melvyn Hirsh Schreiber, Port Arthur Newton Bovis Schwartz, Houston Edward Herbert Sheinberg, Houston Israel Sheinberg, Fort Worth Louis Shlipak, Galveston Marvin David Shwiff, Galveston Bernard Siegel, Dallas Wyde, Port Arthur PLEDGES Clarence Allen Abramson, Dallas Sigmund Elton Altman, Dallas Barry Berish, Miami Beach, Fla. Stuart Joseph Brand, Waco Edward Miles Brook, San Antonio Lawrence Burk, Dallas Barry Lippman Cohen, San Antonio Sheldon Cohen, Fort Worth Barry Leonard Cott, Corpus Christi Sylvan Arnold Daily, Damon Bernard Dow, Houston Milton Eidelberg, Corpus Christi Dan Ellis, Waco Howard S. Feffer, Dallas Richard Freeling, Fort Worth Albert Gerrick, Pharr Charles Irvin Gerson, Galveston Eugene Donald Ciller, Dallas Joe Ginsberg, Tyler Louis Harvey Glazer, Dallas Marvin Goodman, Miami Beach, Fla Jerome Pacy Granoff, Laredo Marshall Hillman, Fort Worth Harold Stanley Kost, San Antonio Charles Krovetz, Galveston Donald Minsky, Dallas Louis Polsky, Muscatine, Iowa Robert A. Polunsky, San Antonio Donald Louis Prager, Fort Worth Abe Reichstein, Galveston Allen Rosen, Lubbock Marvin Meyer Sigel, Dallas Arnold Norman Sweet, Dallas Daniel Weisfeld, Dallas Zale, Dallas Vlrr PAGE 222 Abels, Abramson, Altman, Berish, Black, Brand. Goltz, Goodman, Gould Granoff, Greenberg. Brook, B. Cohen, S. Cohen, Co-:t, Daily, Dow. Ellis, Fef fer, Gernck, Gerson, Ginsberg, Goldberg. Harris, Hillman, Jarett, Kolodetsky, Kost, Lampert, Martell. Meyers, Minsky, Moskowitz, Polsky, Polunsky, Pozmantier. Prager, Reichstein, Rosen, Schwartz, E. Sheinberg, I. Sheinberg. Shlipak, Shwiff, Siegel, Sigel, Sweet, Zale. PAGE 223 FACULTY EDWARD GARLAND FLETCHER, Associate Professor of English W. PAGE KEATON, Dean of the School of Law H. MALCOLM MACDONALD, Associate Professor of Government THOMAS RONALD PRITCHETT, Teaching Fellow in Chemistry RAYMOND CLARENCE STALKY, Instructor in Meteorology Fall AUGUSTUS RANDOLPH PRESLEY,, JR. JEFFERSON EMISA GEESLIN ELBERT BRANCH PATTON . CHARLES MANUEL HEBERT OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring AUGUSTUS RANDOLPH PRESLEY., JR. ALLAN C. KING WILLIAM FRANKLIN JONES CHARLES MANUEL HEBERT John Buford Abercrombie, Houston Karl Gene Arnold, Corpus Christi Francis Scott Baldwin, Marshall Monty Clyde Barber, Austin Paul A. Bassel, Belton Donald William Bcrleth, Houston Thomas Dudley Bond, Uvalde William James Bond, Fort Worth Gene Buchanan Bradley, Eunice, La. Robert Lee Bradley, Houston Mac Harris Brannen, Spur Henry Charles Casal, Uvalde Richard Berryman Ellis, San Antonio William Ramsay Ellis, Corpus Christi Dan B. Ferrell, Belton George Carl Francisco, Houston George Patrick Frysinger, Denton Jefferson Emisa Geeslin, Brady Robert Edgar Gossett, Houston William George Hay, Houston Harrell Sansom Hayden, Dallas Julian Howard Hayden, Dallas MEMBERS Charles Manuel Hebert, Houston Richard Hoerster, Fredericksburg Irby Bennett Hughes, Palestine Miles Edward Hutchens, Corpus Christi William Franklin Jones, Marshall Frank Joseph Kana, LaGrange Maurice Marion Kay, Jr., Fort Worth Allan C. King, Houston Richard L. Kitchen, Howard, S. Dak. James Keet Lewis, Houston William Rice Lummis, Houston Dudley Davis McCalla, Austin William Gordon McGee, DeKalb Jack Blanton Mathews, San Augustine Robert Lee Monaghan, Fort Worth Charles Ray Moncrief, Midland James Dennis Mullins, San Benito E. Victor Neimeyer, Austin Julius Victor Neuhaus, Houston William Joseph Owen, Tyler Richard Clement Parker, Austin Elbert Branch Patton, Nacogdoches Jack Lydon Penninger, Chicago, 111. Phil Moore Pitzer, Breckenridge William Henslee Powell, San Antonio Augustus Raldolph Presley, Jr., Mt. Pleasant Charles Lloyd Sandahl, Austin Morton Stephen Seymour, Houston George Frank Shofner, Nacogdoches John L. Shudde, Houston Donald Joseph Stanley, Dallas Edward Harvey Steinhagen, Jr., Beaumont Robert William Tarrant, Houston E. Brownigg Taylor, Beaumont William Everett Tipton, Dallas William Kerr Tunnell, Dallas Joe Charles Walter, Jr., Houston Robert Sellers Weatherall, Atlanta, Ga. James David Webb, Big Spring John A. Wild, Austin Sam Frank Willson, Jr., Mt. Pleasant Carl Walton Wilson, Denison John Ewing Wilson, Beeville Robert Wilson, Dallas Garland Karl Alexandar, Fort Worth Joseph Harris Amberson, San Antonio William G. Bailey, Amarillo David Derden Bruton, Jr., Houston James Dawson Carlton, Houston Noah Lee Davis, Jr., Amarillo Gordon Lemoine Edwards, Amarillo Charles Henry Folwell, Houston Adolph Hartung Giesecke, San Antonio Clifford Alan Hardy, Corpus Christi Wallace Dean Henderson, San Antonio Horace Russell Ladymon, Marshall PLEDGES Charles Ellis Lanter, Fort Worth Norris Logan Lloyd, Houston Richard J. London, Winters Maurice Stevens McFarland, Corpus Christi Vern Voorhees McGrew, Jr., Snyder William Ingo Marschall, San Angelo Jerry Kinkaid Martin, Houston Gary Ammons Mays, Amarillo David Meade Mims, Amarillo Ellsworth LeFebrer Mitchell, San Antonio William Olive Myatt, Kilgore Richard C. Parker, Austin Norman Peterson, Alvin Hal W. Pilgrim, Fort Worth William Emerson Ridgeway, Houston William Knight Russell, Jr., Houston Joseph Trickey, Fort Worth Barvo Neil Walker, Fort Worth Ben Herman Ward, Jr., Houston Billy Bob Watson, Big Spring Joe B. Wells, Amarillo Paul Cedric Wenger, Jr., San Antonio Robert Clark White, Fort Worth R. Stanton Wolfrom, Austin Richard Orville Womack, Marshall PAOE 224 Alexander, Amberson, Barber, T. Bond, G. Bradley, Brannen. Carlton, Casal, Davis, Ed- wards, W. Ellis, Francisco. Geeslin, Giesecke, Hardy, Hay, H. Hayden, J. Hayden. Hebert, Henderson, Hughes, Jones, King, Kitchen. Ladymon, Lanter, Lewis, Lloyd, London, McGee. Marschall, Martin, Mathews, Mays, Mitchell, Monaghan. Mullins, Myatt, Neuhaus, Owen, Parker, Patton. Pitzer, Powell, Presley, Russell, Shofner, Shudde. Stanley, Steinhagen, Tarrant, Taylor, Trickey, Walker, Ward. Webb, Wells, Wild, Willson, C. Wilson, Wolfrom, Wo- mack. PAGE 225 FACULTY HARRY H. POWER, Professor of Petroleum Engineering Fall LELAND ALLEN HODGES DON JOSEPH STEWARD JACK LEE BRANDON ROBERT ORRIN DOWLEN Forrest Ray Adams, Jr., Chillicothe, Mo. Bourden Rea Barfield, Amarillo James Frank Bass, Fort Worth Jack Lee Brandon, Fort Worth Charles Galloway Calhoun, Jr., Tyler Howard John Clark, III, Corpus Christ! Erwin Yandell Cottingham, Jr., Houston Walters Smith Davis, III, League City Robert Orrin Dowlen, Houston Felix Zollicoffer Edwards, III, Sherman Middleton Shirley English, San Antonio Ben Donell Gould, Wichita Falls John Marcus Greer, Dallas Russell McChesney Harwood, Brownsville Wallace Baker Harwood, Brownsville Jack Hensley, Lubbock Richard Thatcher Atkin, Georgetown William Gilbreth Barber, Lockhart Leroy Birdwell, Jr., San Antonio Fredrick Seward Blackmar, Luling Charles Olin Boese, Jr., Fort Worth Eugene Wallace Collins, Austin Albert Harrington Cox, Jr., Austin Ronald Charles Grossman, Dallas William Worsham Dejernett, Dallas Cromwell Adair Dyer, Jr., Dallas Bob Meyer Gerdes, Corpus Christi John Richard Gowan, Dallas OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Spring LELAND ALLEN HODGES ROBERT EDWARD LAIN JACK LEE BRANDON HOWARD JOHN CLARK MEMBERS Leland Allen Hodges, Fort Worth Wallace Kent Humphrey, Wichita Falls Lincoln Douglass Jeanes, Dallas Baker Parrish Jones, Houston David Lowell Jordan, San Antonio Charles Cecil Keeble, Galveston Robert Edward Lain, Galveston Paul Armstrong Langford, Houston Robert Burnett Lee, Austin William Mosse Linden, Denison Robert Louis McBroom, Dallas James Wilson McCartney, Fort Worth James Abney McMullen, III, Fort Worth Claude Hart Montgomery, III, Houston Nelson Custer Oberholtzer, Jr., Tyler Philip Ransopher, Houston PLEDGES James McLean Harned, Dallas Gordon Baker Harwood, Corpus Christi James Donald Hill, Amarillo John Patrick Houston, Dallas Ripley Harold Hunter, Jr., Palestine Linden Earl Jones, Austin Warren Robert Lilly, Dallas John Robert Lively, Fort Worth Charles Kennedy McCauley, Corpus Christi Jerry Lynn Nelms, Tyler Wynne Franklin Ferryman, Fort Worth Cone Carroll Rice, Tyler PACE 226 Earl Raymond Reinke, Jr., Austin Myron Vahram Rejebian, Dallas John Marshall Richardson, Fort Worth Anthony Keith Robertson, Houston Charles Brice Robinson, Palestine Henry L. Rugeley, Jr., Wichita Falls Robert Elmer Sanders, Jr., Dallas Conwell Smith, Houston Don Joseph Steward, Wichita Falls John Bishop Sullivan, Quanah William Franklin Turner, Kilgore Arthur Burch Waldron, Fort Worth Robert Malcolm Warren, Austin Reece Allen West, Wichita Falls Thomas Preston Wood, Jr., Jacksboro IJ-Ui - " Robert Alan Rooker, Lubbock Jack C. Rothwell, San Antonio Jerry Norris Rumley, Dallas Walter Kirke Smith, Dallas William Seph Teel, Wills Point James Richard Templeton, Houston Jerry Raymon Todd, Fort Worth William Harold Turpin, Sweetwater James Howard Warren, Tyler Harry Curtis Weeks, Jr., Fort Worth Finley Wayne White, Seymour Norbert Anthony Zehnder, Jr., Fort Worth ' Adams, Atkin, Barber, Bass, Birdwell, Blackmar. Boese, Brandon, Clark, Collins, Cottingham, Cox. I " mll Davis, Dejernett, Dowlcn, Dyer, Edwards, Gerdes. Grecr, W. Harwood, Hensley, Hodges, Hunter, Jeanes. B. Jones, L. Jones, Keeblf, Lee, Linden, McBroom. McCauley, McMullen, Nelms, Oberholtzer, Ransop- her, Rejebian. Reinke, Richardson, Robert- son, Robinson, Rooker, Roth- well. Rugeley, Sanders, C. Smith, Steward, Templeton, Wald- J. Warren, R. Warren, Weeks White, Wood, Zehnder. PAGE 227 FACULTY VENTON L. DOUGHTIE, Professor of Mechanical Engineering CHARLES ELMER ROWE, Assistant Dean of the College of Engineering EDGAR GREEK SHELTON, Instructor in Speech OSCAR BROWN WILLIAMS, Professor of Bacteriology Fall OFFICERS BENJAMIN DEVANE CLARKE, JR. . . Alpha . CARL CRAWFORD MENGDEN . . . Beta VERNON NEIL CALDWELL .... Gamma WILLIAM GUSTAV SWENSON . . . Delta WILLIAM C. CANTWELL .... Epsilon TERRENCE Ross LEARY Zeta Spring WENDELL P. SHIFLETT BENJAMIN DEVANE CLARKE, JR. PHILEMON PETER Moss WILLIAM GUSTAV SWENSON KENNETH ALMER MESERVE, JR. ROBERT WILKIN GERRARD MEMBERS Archie Albert Alexander, Jr., Galveston Willie Washington Barton, Garrison William Martin Byrd, San Antonio Vernon Neil Caldwell, Newgulf William C. Cantwell, San Antonio Charles Chase Cheaney, Sugarland Benjamin Devane Clarke, Athens Reed Collins, Big Spring Byron Darryl Damiani, Galveston John Wesley Davidson, Wichita Falls John Carl Donovan, Fort Worth Walter Allen Ford, Houston Jerry Fulenwider, Uvalde Edward Herbert Gatlin, Athens Robert Wilkin Gerrard, Houston Frank Hutchins Gregg, Austin William Everett Hart, Athens Jack Hollis Henderson, Houston George Anthony Karpos, Uvalde Henry Paul Kelley, Austin Jay Frank Kinsel, Beaumont Joe Thomas LaRue, Athens Terrence Ross Leary, San Antonio James Donald Llewellyn, Fort Worth George Thomas McGuffey, Athens Reed Wakefield Mathews, Austin James Grant Meador, Jacksonville Ira Lee Meador, Jacksonville Carl Crawford Mengden, Houston Walter Henry Mengden, Houston Kenneth Aimer Meserve, Jr., Chicago, 111. Walter Grady Miller, Atlanta, Ga. Ronald Elgie Mobley, Austin Philemon Pete Moss, Houston Francis Gayle Nance, Fort Worth Eugene Parker, Bay City James Edmund Parker, Jr., San Antonio Paul Clay Powell, Austin Symmes Chadwick Oliver, Kerrville Jonathan Walton Raine, Uvalde Thomas J. Reid, Dallas Thomas Schneider, Austin Wendell P. Shiflett, Kilgore James Ray Smith, Big Spring Gordon Richard Starnes, Houston Fred Steffey, Cisco Kenneth Earl Studdard, Brownwood William Gustav Swenson, Stamford James Joseph Tarpey, Jr., La Marque Thomas Toney, Port Lavaca Robert Harris Washington, Austin Richard Allyn Wheat, Houston Theodore Davis Whiteford, Houston Donald Beasley Williamson, Athens PLEDGES Donald Breiger, Taylor John D. Carr, Floresville Ralph V. Carson, Houston William Preston Cloyd, Houston Henry Fairley, III, Dallas Francis Tarrant Fendley, Jr., Houston Richard Gill, Sarasota, Fla. Albert U. Knaggs, Cotulla Hilmar J. Lassberg, Austin John Euart McConnell, III, Houston B. R. Mabry, Houston Robert Matlock, Floresville William George Mecklenburg, Newgulf James Edmund Parker, San Antonio Patrick Henry Power, Carrizo Springs Michael A. Reid, Houston Harry Leonard Rice, Abilene Louis M. Schwartz, Uvalde Charles R. Smith, Rotan John T. Schulz, Three Rivers Wilbur E. Sprague, Houston Lewis T. Sweet, Jr., Austin Bobby Jack Tanner, Grand Prairie Walter W. Watson, Brownwood PAGE 228 Alexander, Byrd, Caldwell, Cantwell, Clarke. Cloyd, Collins, Damiani, Davidson, Donovan. Fendley, Fulenwider, Gatlin, Gerrard, Gregg. Hart, Henderson, Karpos, Knaggs, LaRue. Lassberg, Leary, Llewellyn, McConnell, McGuffey. Mat lock, Mecklenburg, C. Mengden, W. Mengden, Meserve. Moss, Parker, Powell, T. Reid, Studdard, Shiflett. J. Smith, Sprague, Swenson, Washington, Wheat, William- PAOE 229 FACULTY DANA X. BIBLE, Athletic Director THOMAS PERRIN HARRISON, Professor of English WALTON MINCHEW, Teaching Fellow in Mathematics : . ' Fall HARRY KEISLER WRIGHT OFFICERS House-manager Spring CLIFFORD RAY GOLDSMITH Richard Buckner Austin, Dallas Thomas Eugene Berry, Austin Charles Estill Bludworth, Austin Charles Anthony Buckley, San Antonio Melvin Joseph Camp, Austin Clifford Gene Campbell, Nacogdoches Phil Lucien Capy, Dallas Paul Dewitt Carrington, Dallas Richard Lowry Chaney, Austin Bobby Joe Clark, Austin Robert Earl Cone, Galveston John Dunlap Crawford, Dallas Tom Lorenzo Dennis, Port Arthur Robert Edwin Eckert, San Angelo William James Elder, Trinidad Frank Wallace Elliott, Jr., Graham Albert George Engelke, San Antonio Royce Weldon Faulkner, Austin John William Gainer, Austin John Newton Gambrell, Beaumont Fredrick Leake Gerlach, Abilene Edwin Fisher Gilbert, Austin MEMBERS Peter Dean Gill, San Antonio Lukin Taylor Gilliland, San Antonio Clifford Ray Goldsmith, Dallas Eugene Lee Green, Dallas Robert Kirk Gregory, McCamey William McGragor Harris, Houston William Henry Hoff, Austin Elbert Hooper, Jr., Austin James Aubry Hudson, Austin Stephen D. Jeffery, Dayton, Ohio David Nathan Johnson, Lubbock Thomas McKinley Johnson, Del Rio Charles Cleveland Kinney, Austin George William Lacey, Austin Robert Paul Landes, Houston Kenneth Roschelle Leggett, Pettus Frederic Porter McCown, Austin William Otto Milburn, Austin Frank Robert Miller, Oklahoma City, Okla. Walton Willis Minchew, Breckenridge Adolphis Donald Moore, Jr., Beaumont Mack Thomas Nolen, Wichita Falls Theodore Joseph Oberle, Port Arthur John Ford Oglesby, El Dorado George Webb Owens, Tulsa, Okla. Frank Alton Packard, Dallas Henry Albert Perry, Dallas Ben Hamille Procter, Austin John Eugene Puckett, El Paso Nolan Queen, Jr., Weatherford Robert Terry Renfro, Austin Rawland Leon Scott, Gainesville Johnny Wilber Shriver, Austin David Harry Stephens, Austin Sterling Wallace Steves, Baytown William Scott Swearingen, Austin Jack Rice Turner, Austin Charles Francis Ward, Jr., Roswell, N. Mex. Peter Nelson Wiggins, Dallas Wynant Stone Wilson, Dallas Harry Keisler Wright, Houston Jack Rienze Yonge, Abilene - : George Nelson Allen, Jr., Houston William Dana Bible, Austin Lawrence Phil Blanchard, Austin Ben Madison Brigham, Jr., Austin Lon Wilson Bosley, Galveston Malcolm Duane Bullock, Dallas Joe Bill Burnett, Dallas Josef Caldwell, Garland Martin Hester Chaney, Austin Richard Sanford Clark, Jr., Baytown Lamont Martin Cochran, Houston Charles Eddy Cunningham, Fort Worth Thomas Ray Engquist, Austin William Harold Ferguson, Graham Aubrey Douglas Gearner, Jr., Dallas Al H. German, Midland Phillip Gordon Gregory, McCamey PLEDGES William Carter Grinstead, Jr., Houston Thad Harold Harden, El Paso Paul Stevens Hill, Jr., San Benito Thomas J. Hoyt, Fort Worth Hubert Holmes Ingraham, Abilene John Willis Johnson, San Angelo Richard James Vaughan Johnson, Houston John Jerry McCorkle, Port Arthur Bryan James McGinnis, Beaumont John Mark McLaughlin, Snyder Kenneth Lee Montford, Wichita Falls E. C. Nott, Jr., Abilene Robert C. Perry, Dallas Paul Wayne Peterson, Dallas Fitzhugh Lee Pinkston, Abilene James H. Pruett, El Paso William Boyer Scrimgeour, Galveston Charles Van Dyke Shaw, Austin Mack Stoeltje, Beaumont Stan S. Studer, Austin James Samuel Swearingen, Jr., Austin John Harrison Tyler, Austin Charles Edward Tewes, Jr., San Antonio Samuel Henry Vester, Port Arthur Charles Fisher White, Baytown Frank Holland Williams, Jr., San Antonio Lawrence David Williams, Oklahoma City, Okla. Jerry James Wilson, Abilene William John Woolsey, Austin Charles Edward Yager, Fort Worth Thomas Oliver York, Childersburg, Ala. : PAGE 230 Allen, Buckley, Caldwell Campbell, Chaney. Cochran, Crawford, Cunn ingham, Dennis, Elliott. Gregory, Hooper, Jeffery, D. Johnson, R. Johnson. Engelke, Engquist, Ferguson, Geaener, Gerlach. German, Gill, Gilliland, Goldsmith, Green. t ' T. Johnson, Lacey, Landes, Leggett, McCorkle. McLaughlin, Miller, Moore, Nolen, Nott. Packard, R. Perry, Queen, Renfro, Scott. Steves, Turner, Ward, Whitr, Wiggins. L. Williams, J. Wilson, W. Wilson, Wright, Yager. PACE 231 FACULTY JOHN COATES, Instructor in Business Law ARTHUR H. DEEN, Professor of Geology JAMES C. HARVEY, Teaching Fellow in History ANDREW J. McCROCKLiN, JR., Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering HARRY ULLUM, Teaching Fellow in Speech : Fall JOHN BUFORD JOHNSON, JR. . WARREN CARROLL MOORE DAVID RUTHERFORD THOMAS FRANK CONLEY SLAY D. Harold Akcn, Austin Carmon Howell Alexander, El Campo Robert Galen Anderson, Fort Worth Jesse Leonard Bain, Jr., Fort Worth Tommy Harrison Barnett, Austin John Roger Beall, Larchmont, New York William Robert Benbow, Victoria Thomas Ellsworth Carter, Midland Virgil Claud Cassel, Port Lavaca Earldean Martin Collins, Fort Worth Jodean Thornton Collins, Fort Worth James Walter Crow, Austin John Powell Davis, Marquez Lamar Ronsell Dickenson, Lufkin Spencer Lament Dillon, Houston John Baxter Ellis, Fort Worth Donald Olda Ferguson, Pleasanton Keith N. Green, Refugio Thomas Herbert Greene, Maple Heights, Ohio Joseph Franklin Guest, San Antonio Jamie Earl Hamby, Austin OFFICERS President .... V ice-President Secretary .... Treasurer .... MEMBERS William Richard Henley, Fort Worth Orrin Lionel Hilyard, Fort Worth Jerry Lynn Hopson, Amarillo William Chesley Hughes, Austin George Lowell Jeffers, Refugio John Buford Johnson, Jr., Fort Worth Caroll Townes Lancaster, Jr., Fort Worth Lloyd L. Longmire, San Antonio Bob Gene McCarley, Denison Richard Earl McKaughan, Jr., Houston Ralph Edward Marshall, Houston Jack M. Martin, Jr., Houston Joseph Pinkney Mathews, Brownwood James Waddell May, Austin Albert Clair Mitchell, Austin Warren Carroll Moore, El Paso Claud Dana Neely, Fort Worth Arthur Orin Newman, Jr., Brownwood James Leslie Nummy, Big Spring Robert Sidney Patton, Fort Worth Lenis William Pierce, Jr., Lindale Chester M. Pittsford, Jr., Austin Spring JOHN BUFORD JOHNSON, JR. WARREN CARROLL MOORE DAVID RUTHERFORD THOMAS DONALD WAYNE SKIPPER William J. Poe, Ballinger James O ' Quinn Reese, Comanche Arlen Lynwood Rhodes, Austin Donald Lee Richardson, Corpus Christi James Leo Roberts, Kilgore Roger F. Robinson, Jr., Raymondville Robert Brooks Ross, Palo Pinto Bill Raymond Shelton, Fresno, Calif. Marcus Keith Singletary, Beaumont Donald Wayne Skipper, Thompsons Franklin Benjamin Skrivanek, Houston Raymond Max Slaughter, Austin Frank Conley Slay, Dallas Hugh James Smith, Victoria Thomas Benton Solomon, Pampa George Lawrence Tail, Beeville David Rutherford Thomas, Denison Thomas Louis Tyler, Corpus Christi Jack Allison Weaver, San Antonio James William Weber, Roswell, N. Mex. Frank Thomas Woodall, Jr., Pasadena Hecate. PLEDGES Charles Ernest Allerkamp, San Antonio Bill Ulmer Bell, Houston Silas Wallace Boozer, Grand Prairie William Perrin Bowdry, III, Dallas Frank Edgar Brock, Houston John Merrit Caldwell, Austin Bill Allen Chiles, Alice Paul Danner, Alvin Dwight Edward Farr, Jr., Austin Albert Miguel Fernandez, Brownsville Kenneth Wayne Frazier, Austin Edward Foster Gill, Thompson Cecil Calvert Green, Jr., Brownwood James Ray Green, Hawkins Robert David Hall, Palestine John E. Heitler, Indianapolis, Ind. James Scott Horner, Freer Jack William Ingram, Jr., Arlington James Harlan Kahler, Cameron Joe Weldon Kincheloe, Vernon Charles Calvin Kubin, Houston Sam Hartman Lane, Austin Lloyd Edward Loftis, Dallas Edwin Edward Luark, Kenedy Bob Allen McCleskey, Freer Richard Eugene McCracken, Pasadena, Calif. James Hugh Maddox, Alice Edwin Lewis Madison, Clarksville Wiley Preston Mangum, Jr., Austin Carle Crane Mayhew, III, Houston William Donnell Moreland, Morgan Arthur Robert Mott, San Antonio Sam Edward Murphy, Seymour Bill O. Murray, Dallas John Tom Pirkle, Houston Carl Hampton Quebedeaux, Conroe John Raymond Reagor, Jr., Austin William Howe Roberts, Waxahachie Charles Dudley Skeen, Refugio Hubert R. Stewart, Port Arthur Walter Morris Stischer, San Antonio Laurence Andrew Sunkel, Jr., Dallas Leonard Vernon Todd, Jr., Austin Henry Charles Welch, Jr., Austin Hw : : PAOE 232 Aken, Allerkamp, Anderson, Bain, Barnett, Beall, Bell, Benbow. Brock, Caldwell, Carter, Cassel, E. Collins, J. Collins, Crow, Danner. Davis, Dickerson, Dillon, Ellis, Farr, Ferguson, Fer- nandez, Frazier. Gill, C. Green, J. Green, K. Green, Greene, Guest, Hall, Hamby. Heitler, Henley, Hilyard, Hopson, Horner, Hughes, Ingram, Lancaster. Longmire, Jeffers, Johnson, Loftis, McCarley, McCleskey, McCracken, McKaughan. Madison, Mangum, Marshall, Martin, Ma thews, May, Mitchell, Moore. Moreland, Murphy, Murray, Neely, Newman, Mummy, Patton, Pierce. Pirkle, Pittsford, Poe, Que- bedeaux, Re ago r, Reese, Rhodes, Richardson, J. Roberts. W. Roberts, Robinson, Shel- ton, Singletary, Skipper, Skrivanek, Slaughter, Slay, Smith. Stewart, Stischer, Sunkel, Tail, Thomas, Tyler, Wea- ver, Welch, Woodall. PAGE 233 FACULTY KENT WHEELER KENNAN, Guest Professor of Composition WILLIAM W. NEWCOMB, JR., Instructor in Anthropology I At ' i Fall WILLIAM GEORGE WEBB . JOE BRUCE CUNNINGHAM DOUGLAS JOHNSON NELSON . ROBERT DAVID McGEE Henry Kiper Allen, Austin William Hoover Allen, Perryton Richard Fisher Avery, Austin Warren Logan Baker, Jr., Houston Pat McKinney Baskin, Austin David Theobald Blackstock, Austin Robert Chandler Bledsoe, Marfa William Donald Bonham, Navasota Sam Penn Boswell, San Benito Robert Heath Boykin, Midland Paul Anthony Buckley, Austin William David Chandler, Austin Paul Sims Colley, III, Henderson Carroll Wright Collins, Fort Worth Willice Albert Crisp, Brownwood Samuel Gaston Groom, Houston Gerald Staton Culver, Austin Joe Howard Culver, Austin Joe Bruce Cunningham, Big Spring Charles Lee Cusenbary, Sonora Henry Gibbs Dalehite, Jr., Galveston John Wood Deaton, Galena Park Leo Thomas Donovan, Austin Edwin Lewis Agnew, Dallas Wayne Hall Agnew, Austin Claiborne Murray Bell, Paris John Robert Brodnax, Houston William Weldon Byrd, Nacogdoches Bailey Mack Cawthorn, Austin Jerry Terrill Chandler, Austin John Stanford Edwards, Big Spring Kenneth Eugene Eastridge, Houston James Stuart Fuller, Port Arthur OFFICERS President Vice-President . Recording Secretary . Housemanaer . MEMBERS Donald George Dunbar, Jr., Corsicana Donald Eastland, Hillsboro Henry Valentine Faber, Jr., Beaumont Howell Mallory Finch, Austin Joseph Newton Fisher, Dallas Ballard Wilson George, Corsicana Robert Kenneth German, Dallas Wallace Kimbrough Hopkins, Denton Robert Trigg Howard, Austin Theodore Marshall Jackson, Beaumont Browning Roderick Jacobs, Austin Bryan O ' Neill Keathley, Sherman Jack Guinn Klatt, Waco John Francis Kutzer, Jr., Boerne Arthur Vincent Lamb, Jr., Houston William Burton Larsen, Houston Frank Beverly Lloyd, Alice Meredith J. D. Long, Austin Robert David McGee, Waxahachie Stanley Dale MacAfee, Peoria, 111. Robert Arthur Massey, Dallas Vernon Clifford Mayfield, Fort Worth PLEDGES Owen Dale Goodman, Fort Worth Jess Grimes Hammock, Houston Joe Bob Jamar, Fort Worth Paul Covey Mohr, Scotts Bluff, Neb. Henry Trumbull Moore, Jr., Los Angeles, Calif. Richard Garfield Nemmer, Waco David Allen Owen, Athens Pat Winston Owens, Bonham Michael Bennett Raine, Karnes City Daniel Richard Rogers, Dalhart H. Gilson Scurlock, Dallas PAGE 234 Spring ROBERT GORDON MICKEY ROBERT CHANDLER BLEDSOE TOM RUSH MOODY, JR. WILLIAM ALBERT PENN Robert Gordon Mickey, Austin Kleber Claude Miller, Jr., Austin Tom Rush Moody, Jr., Houston Thomas Mariam Murray, Freeport Charles Conrad Nelson, Austin Douglas Johnson Nelson, Houston George Marion Penn, Hillsboro William Albert Penn, Austin Richard Calvin Perhamus, Fort Worth Alphonso Ragland, III, Dallas Henry Gorman Ritchie, Jr., Taft David Roberts, Jr., San Antonio Richard George Ryan, Seguin William Burton Sarsgard, Fort Worth John Lawton Stone, San Juan Murph Napoleon Thorp, Jr., Big Spring James Randall Vater, Houston Carlos Richard Walker, Luling William George Webb, Topeka, Kan. Horace Edward White, Jr., Brownwood Richard Peter Williamson, Galveston George Manly Wolford, Houston Joseph Richard Zorn, Tyler Wesley Randell Strahan, Lamesa Gwynn Arvin Teague, Brownwood Gardner Thomas, Brownwood Harry Negus Thomas, Brownwood Jack Wallace, Fort Worth C. Madison Weaver, II, Waco Conrad Plitt Werkenthin, Austin James Michael Welch, Corpus Christi David Harrell Williams, Austin Howard Leslie York, Waco : : . Hut-,. X ; E. Agnew, Avery, Baker, Baskin, Bell, Blackstock. Bonham, Boswell, Brodnax, Byrd, Chandler, Colley. Collins, Crisp, Groom, G. Culver, J. Culver, Cusenbary. Dalehite, Donovan, Eastland, Faber, Finch, Fisher. Fuller, George, German, Hammock, Hopkins, Jackson. Jamar, Keathley, Klatt, Kutzer, Lamb, Larsen. Mickey, Miller, Mohr, Moore, C. Nelson, D. Nelson, Nemmer. G. Penn, W. Penn, Ragland, Raine, Roberts, Rogers, Stra- han. Stone, Teague, G. Thomas, H. Thomas, Thorp, Vater, Walker. Wallace, Weaver, Webb, Werkenthin, Welch, White, Wolford. PAOE 235 I FACULTY W. H. BROWNFIELD, Teaching Fellow in Psychology CHARLES T. CLARK, Director of Non-Academic Personnel KARL M. DALLENBACH, Professor of Psychology PARKER C. FIELDER, Assistant Professor of Law CHARLES HOMER HOLZWARTH, Instructor in Germanic Languages THAD WEED RIKER, Professor of European History ROLAND GOMMEL ROESSNER, Assistant Professor of Architecture and Planning HARRY SKINNER, Instructor in Civil Engineering P. J. PICCARD, Instructor in Government A. P. WINSTON, Professor of Marketing I I H: Fall HOMER HERBERT JACKSON, JR. . HENRY LEE BACCUS MELVIN GENE Dow TOMMY EDWARD BURRIS OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Spring HOMER HERBERT JACKSON, JR. HENRY LEE BACCUS MELVIN GENE Dow TOMMY EDWARD BURRIS MEMBERS Henry Lee Baccus, East Lansing, Mich. Max Bellah, Canyon Jerry Ed Bishop, Dalhart Tommy Edward Burris, Austin Roscoe Hartt Canon, Jr., Austin Melvin Gene Dow, Wink Christopher C. Eckhoff, Austin David Crockett Edmiston, Jr., Lufkin Elvyn Everett Hagedorn, New Braunfels Kenneth Hill, Virginia, Minn. Cleo James Holubec, La Grange Carl Vernon Hurter, Booker Roland Lee Hurter, Perryton Homer Herbert Jackson, Jr., Dalhart Edwin Ward Lambert, Teague James Royal Lusk, Waco John Charles McCullers, Houston James Alvin Peters, Roanoke, Va. Jackson Gershom Pinkerton, Junction Charles Willard Sommer, III, Breckenridge James Crosby Stevens, Tyler John Robert Stockton, Jr., Austin Kenneth Jackson Thornton, Haskell Gerald Howe Totten, Fort Worth George Claude Villarreal, Laredo Sergio Isidore Villarreal, Laredo - BIT. : Mir. ! I v : PLEDGES Don Frank Dow, Wink Charles Eugene Gilmer, Gainesville Bruce Cullen Hallmark, Dalhart Lloyd Ficklin Johnson, Waco Robert Franklin Jolly, San Antonio William Franklin Kemp, Austin Allen Duncan Lawshae, Maracaibo, Venezuela James Luther Lehman, Booker William Lun Lirette, Baytown William Edwards Morgan, Laredo James Herbert Peeples, Amarillo James Earle Shamblin, San Antonio Avent Fisher Smith, Amarillo David Rae Smith, San Antonio Donald E. Smith, Brownsville PAGE 236 Baccus, Bellah, Bishop, Burris. D. Dow, M. Dow, Eckhoff, Hagedorn. Hallmark, Hill, Holubec, C. Hurter. R. Hurter, Jackson, Jolly, Lambert. Lawshae, Lehman, Lirette, Lusk. McCullers, Peeples, Peters, Pinkerton. Shamblin, D. R. Smith, Sommer, Stockton. Stevens, Thornton, Totten, G. Villarreal, S. Villarreal. PAGE 237 - FACULTY JOHN F. HAGGAN, JR., Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics ROBERT A. LAW, Professor in English CLYDE R. LITTLEFIELD, Track Coach DANIEL A. PENICK, Professor of Classical Languages and Tennis Coach Fall JOHN HENRY LOVELACE TAYLOR NICHOLS SHELBY STANLEY WRAY H. QUERY Guy Hendrick Allison, San Antonio John Burnis Allred, Jr., Wichita Falls Clarence Leslie Apple, Jr., Wichita Falls Edmund Fredrick Benchoff, Menard Robert Sherman Bennett, Me Allen Frank Joseph Bradley, Dallas William Carl Bullard, Houston Nathan Nelson Burlingham, Fort Worth Kenneth Kennedy Caswell, Jr., Austin Jack Earl Cawood, McAllen Charles Henry Coffield, Rockdale Garret Steven Dundas, Houston Frank George Dunham, Jr., Fort Worth Howard Richard DuPuy, Dallas Howard John Ferguson, San Antonio Eugene Branch Fleming, Mount Vernon Robert Francis Grainge, Austin Harold Reese Gillespie, Jr., Palestine Edward Albert Graner, Dallas Ira Benjamin Grogan, Weatherford Rupert Plaster Hall, Sinton Charles Phillips Harris, Tunica, Miss. Douglas Clinton Hearn, San Antonio Judson Sterling James, III, Dallas John Richardson Kenney, Jr., Chicago, 111. James Battersby Kershaw, Bryan Monte James Lawrence, Sherman Clyde Rabb Littlefield, Jr., Austin Gordon Lee Llewellyn, Fort Worth Raymond Victor Loftin, Houston Jimmy B. Adams, Corpus Christi Leroy Money Adams, Arlington, Va. Frank Campbell Allen, III, Corpus Christi Edwin Thomas Ashworth, Victoria, Va. Earnest Rowland Baldwin, Jr., Tyler Seth Burnitt, Calvert Dan Dean Chandler, Whitehaven, Tenn. William Borden Davis, Fort Worth Arthur James Ferguson, Shreveport, La. Edward Reinhold Finck, Jr., San Antonio Alvin Owsley Hall, Wichita Falls Robert Charles Halsell, Bryan Roger Claxton Hanks, Wichita Falls Loren Lee Henderson, Wichita Falls Wilson Warren Herndon, Odem OFFICERS . IV . . MEMBERS PLEDGES Spring JOHN HENRY LOVELACE FRANK JOSEPH BRADLEY SHELBY STANLEY WRAY H. QUERY John Henry Lovelace, Waco William Cecil McCord, Beeville Albert Maverick McNeel, San Antonio David Wendell Moss, Dallas Eugene A. Murchison, New Orleans John Webster Naylor, Fort Worth Taylor Nichols, Robstown Charles Eugene Owens, Canyon Hosea Bryan Peel, Hearne George Wharton Putnam, Fort Worth Wray H. Query, Waco Claude Riney, Jr., Houston Frank Richardson Robertson, Jr., San Antonio Alexander McClure Russ, Jr., San Antonio John Lynn Russell, El Campo Charles Alton Shurtleff, Mount Vernon Charles Aubrey Smith, Jr., Austin Eugene Alston Smitherman, Shreveport, La. Franklin Scott Spears, San Antonio Shelby Curlee Stanley, San Antonio Marvin Mayfield Stetler, Dallas Charles Ray Sturman, Jasper Richard Bryan Stone, Robstown Raymond Clyde Thompson, Diboll James Reagan Vague, Wichita Falls Hugh Gilhan White, III, Abilene Edward P. Williams, Corpus Christi Richard Warren Yarborough, Austin J. Rodney Hoch, Corpus Christi Patton C. Hudson, Hearne Guy H. Hughes, Jr., Rainelle, W. Va. Kelly Edward Lawrence, Big Spring Curtis Lester, Amarillo Charles Reynold Lundelius, Round Rock Vernon Hudson McCall, Jr., Houston James Richard McCord, Beeville Ben Frank Meek, Kermit William Calvin Mickler, San Antonio Johnny Eugene Milner, Palestine John Gersham Minniece, Marfa Karl Paxton Sanders, Sherman Joseph Addison Staples, III, Houston PACE 238 J. Adams, L. Adams, Allen, Allison, Apple, Ashworth. Baldwin, Benchoff, Bennett, Bradley, Bullard, Burling- ham. Burnitt, Caswell, Cawood, Chandler, Dundas, Dunham. DuPuy, A. Ferguson, H. Ferguson, Finck, Fleming, Gillespie. Grainge, Graner, Grogan, Hall, Halsell, Hanks. Harris, Henderson, Herndon, Hoch, Hughes, James. Kenney, Kershaw, Lester, Littlefield, Loftin, Lovelace. Lundelius, McCall, J. Mc- Cord, Meek, Mickler, Milncr. Minniece, Murchison, Nichols, Peel, Putnam, Query. Russ, Shurtleff, Smith, Spears, Stanley, Staples. Stetler, Sturman, Thompson, White, Williams, Yar- borough. PAGE 239 FACULTY HENRY CHAPMAN, Head Swimming Coach WILLIAM E. DARDEN, Board of Regents ERNEST RANDOLPH HARDIN, Assistant Professor of Speech JAMES PINCKNEY HART, Chancellor of The University of Texas STUART ALEXANDER MACCORKLE, Professor of Government EDWIN BOOTH PRICE, Head Football Coach HARRY HUNTT RANSOM, Ptofessor of English JAMES ROCKWELL, Board of Regents JACK GREER TAYLOR, Investment Officer Fall JOHN SCOTT SHAMBAUGH . GEORGE BAXTER ADAMS, JR. WALDER BROCKTON COMEGYS, JR. WILLIAM HILL COCKE . OFFICERS Grand Master . Grand Procurator Grand Scribe Grand Treasurer Spring CHARLES WILLIAM ALCORN CLARENCE CHARLES STENZEL PRESTON MOORE, JR. HARRISON JACKSON BOSWELL George Baxter Adams, Jr., Waco Charles William Alcorn, Houston Grayson Willifbrd Anderson, Houston Kirkham Allen Anderson, Dallas John Edwin Bailey, Jenkstown, Penn. James Raymond Barker, Jr., Houston Patrick Stokley Beaird, Dallas Paul D. Beaird, Jr., Dallas Sumter T. Bibb, Fort Worth Samuel Neill Boldrick, Jr., Fort Worth Frank Loos Bond, Sonora Harold Jackson Boswell, Austin Hubert Leon Brown, Fort Worth Robert Allen Brown, Longview Alfred Townes Carleton, Houston Mark Dashiell Chambers, Texas City George Cobb, Houston James Robert Cocke, Harlingen William Hill Cocke, Harlingen Walker Brockton Comegys, Jr., Wichita F: lls Robert Charles Connor, Fort Worth John Robert Corley, III, Corsicana Emile Marc Cuenod, Houston Edwin Palmer Gumming, Houston Thomas W. Davis, Richmond Jess Carson Dickie, III, Tyler Robert Draper, Dallas Robert Roswell Durkee, Jr., Houston James Mason Dyer, Jr., Corsicana Daniel John Evans, Jr., Houston Frank Garrettson Evans, Houston MEMBERS Robert Earl Fawcett, Jr., San Antonio Henry Rugeley Ferguson, Houston Robert Lee Force, Jr., Dallas David Frame, Jr., Houston Jack Erwin Fuqua, Amarillo John Duel Glass, Jr., Tyler Joe Marbury Glover, San Antonio Edwin Pace Griffin, Houston Jack Raymond Hall, Austin Richard Erling Helland, San Antonio Bobby Joe Hewitt, Rockport Edward Wheat Holland, San Antonio Ford Hubbard, Jr., Houston Frank Austin Liddell, Houston Henry Dickinson Lindsley, III, Dallas John Clayton Lipscomb, Houston Willis James McAnelly, Houston Richard Guyton McKellar, Forney Lawrence Earl McMakin, Jr., Houston George Pettit Macatee, III, Dallas Preston Moore, Jr., Houston Oliver Perry Newberry, Jr., Fort Worth William Bohning Newberry, Fort Worth Leonard Bolton Outlar, Jr., Wharton Julian Winchell Dates, Waco James Austin Pakenham, Longview Frank Parker, Brownsville Keith Paul, Houston Malcolm Oliver Perry, Allen Adolph Anthony Pfeffer, Jr., Houston John Bralley Poindexter, III, Dallas James Hambrick Reynolds, Tyler John Cecil Rhodes, Fort Worth Howard Vance Rose, Jr., Fort Worth Arch Hamilton Rowan, Fort Worth Joseph McDevitt Rowe, Dallas George Arnold Scaling, Fort Worth Ned Vaughan Scott, Jr., Houston John Scott Shambaugh, Houston Hildbrand Judge Shands, Jr., Lufkin Edward Nesbit Shaw, Jr., Houston James Robert Sheehy, Waco Frederick Shell Shields, Victoria Robert Meyer Snelling, Dallas Hilry Richard Stedman, Jr., Cameron Clarence Charles Stenzel, Fort Worth Lorenzo Boykin Taylor, Houston Thomas Brooks Taylor, Jr., Houston Phillip Farwell Templeton, San Angelo Stuart Edward Templeton, San Angelo Joseph Ainsworth Tilley, Jr., Lufkin Samuel Joseph Vaughan, Fort Worth Herman Hatcher Vaughn, Jr., Fort Worth Gus George Vletas, Abilene Edward Duer Wagner, Jr., Fort Worth John Allen Ward, Sonora Randolph Frederick Wheless, Jr., Houston Paul Norman Williams, Lufkin James Chester Wynne, Jr., Tyler Robert Eldon Young, Houston Donald Reid Barton, Longview Dayton Greer Bateman, Lufkin John Lackland Brockenbrough, Waco George Evans Brown, San Angelo Robert Daniel Burck, Austin Alfred Gregory Catlow, Houston Robert Lee Carson, Fort Worth William Jack Christie, Wharton Robert Ewing Clemens, Houston Clark T. Collins, Waco Carrol Logan Drye, McAllen Dixon deGraffenried, Marlin Jack Edmond Ebensberger, Boerne Albert Faetche, Jr., Wharton John Dale Fooshee, Houston Ben Johnson Fortson, Fort Worth PLEDGES James Thomas Frye, Dallas George Pierre Gardere, Jr., Dallas Tom Curry Hendricks, jr., Kilgore Robert G. Honeycutt, Gladewater Edward Lee Humphreys, III, Waco William Mitchell Irish, IV, Dallas Wesley Stephen Johnson, Richmond Thomas Monroe Leach, Austin Herbert Henry Mcjunkin, Jr., Dallas William Barber Macke, Baytown Donald Wright Meek, Houston Robert C. Moncrief, Houston Ralph Emerson Moore, Tyler Michael Raymond O ' Connor, Houston Timothy James O ' Neill, Cameron Robert L. Petrie, Fort Worth James Anderson Purse, III, Dallas David Read Richards, Waco C. A. Rundell, Austin Charles Mangum Sherrill, Weslaco Dwight Marshall Simmons, Dallas Hamp Snead, Longview Harvey William Smith, Houston Frank Mason Straus, Dallas Robert Leslie Surles, Houston Thomas Gastrell Warren, Waco William D. Winston, Lufkin Hardy Sherwood Wise, Fort Worth Richard Oliver Wolff, San Antonio Robert Kemper Zander, San Antonio PAOE 240 Hall, Helland, Hewitt, Hol- land, Hubbard, Humphreys. Adams, Alcorn, G. Anderson, Bailey, Boldrick, Boswell. Brockenbrough, G. Brown, H. Brown, Carleton, Cham- bers, Christie. J. Cocke.W.Cocke, Comegys, Gumming, deGraffenried, Durkee. Faetche, Fawcett, Frame, Fuqua, Glover, Griffin. Johnson, Lipscomb, Mc- Anelly, Mcjunkin, Macatee, Meek. P. Moore, R. Moore, New- berry, O ' Neill, Outlaw, Parker. Petrie, Pfeffer, Reynolds, Rose, Scott, Shambaugh. Shaw, Shields, Smead, Smith, Snelfing, Stenzel, P. Temple- ton. S. Templeton, Vaughan, Wagner, Ward, Warren, Wolff, Zander. gTMfeiJtr w - " " Tf m me jii s PAOC 241 FACULTY CURTIS JACKSON ALDERSON, Instructor in Physical Education ROBBIN COLYER ANDERSON, Chairman, Chemistry Department SIGURD NEAL EKDAHL, Instructor in Physical Education JAMES ANDERSON FITZGERALD, Consulting Dean of College of Business Administration SCOTT GAINES, Attorney for University Land ROBERT GORDON, Assistant Dean of Student Life GEORGE E. HURT, Director, Longhorn Band STANLEY TURNER, Instructor in Economics Ctu " 1 i - Fall MILLER WILLIAM MEREDITH ROBERT RAY PRITCHETT . JAMES VICTOR ROBINSON . FRANK IRVIN BROONER OFFICERS High Alpha . High Beta . High Gamma High Tau Spring MILLER WILLIAM MEREDITH ALBERT EDWARD MOON HERBERT LELAND CLANCY, JR. FRANK IRVIN BROONER MEMBERS Robert Preston Andrews, Fort Worth Frank Lyon Barger, El Paso Jerry Alfred Bass, Port Arthur Bruce Alder Billingsley, San Antonio Gerald E. Branda, Port Arthur Walker Allen Brents, Jr., Fort Worth Frank Irvin Brooner, Jr., Corpus Christi Leonard Lyle Carr, Roma Robert DeVere Carter, Dallas John Loren Carvajal, El Paso Huel Homer Chandler, Jr., San Antonio Herbert Leland Clancy, Jr., San Antonio William Conaway, Jr., San Antonio Harold Thomas Corning, El Paso Carl U. Daniels, Jr., Tulsa, Okla. Eugene Charles Dixon, Austin Arthur Otto Dykes, Austin Billy Dean Earthman, Conroe Maurice Truitt Evans, San Antonio William Abney Faulk, Brownsville Murray Lawerence Forsvall, Austin Hayden Kittredge Fuller, Austin John Willis Goodman, Clarksville Talmage Monroe Guy, San Antonio Robert D. Henley, San Antonio Richard Barry Isaacks, El Paso Mack Kendle Jacobs, Matador James Tom Johnapelus, Austin Robert Boone Johnson, Beaumont Jesse Edward Justiss, Jr., Howland Eugene LaRue Klingler, Houston James David Krause, San Antonio Victor Eugene Lanfear, Jr., Corpus Christi Alvin Harry Lehman, Corpus Christi Albert Owen Lenington, Shreveport, La. Miller William Meredith, Corpus Christi Albert Edward Moon, El Paso Robert Eugene Muhm, El Campo William Campbell Newman, El Paso Glen Roy Overton, Port Arthur Lorin Samuel Pitcher, Austin Tomas Glover Pollard, Jr., Tyler James Norman Powers, Dallas Oscar Dale Pritchett, Austin Robert Ray Pritchett, Austin James Richard Pyle, Dallas Russell Ronald Reynolds, San Antonio Dee Hughes Richardson, Jacksonville Hugh William Rieck, Austin Ernest Eugene Rising, Lubbock Cecil Charles Rix, Port Arthur William Lee Robinson, Jr., Austin James Victor Robinson, Kilgore Tommy Rovello, Jr., Waco Lawrence Bertrand Scott, Jr., Long Island City, N. Y. Rupert Phillip Schulze, Corpus Christi Fred Medford Schneider, Richland Springs John Bass Selman, Rockdale Billy Earnest Simpson, San Benito James Len Smith, San Antonio Willis Wilbur Smith, Bellaire Weldon Jeffry Squyres, Tyler Jack Arthur Stehling, Fredericksburg Kenneth Coleman Stephenson, Dallas Ross Neuman Sterling, Houston Walter William Toxey, Jr., San Antonio John Behner Valerius, Shreveport, La. Willard Henry Wells, Lufkin Charles Douglas White, Port Neches William B. Wilkerson, Commanche Billy Tack Williamson, Austin Neil Roland Wood, Edom - G. Robert Blitch, Tyler Charles Donald Blount, Lubbock Leon Booth, Jr., Shreveport, La. Emil Fred Boyd, Jr., Austin Theodore Carr, Jr., Roma James Ray Cox, Junction Alfred Foy Curry, III, Fort Worth Terrence Edward Davis, Port Arthur Kenneth Pressly Finch, San Antonio Paul Martin Grieder, Austin Walter Guttman, Jr., Austin PLEDGES Joe Hal Hardegree, Ben Wheeler Ned Thomas Harral, Kerrville Danny Leon Hitt, Dallas James Frederick Huitt, Bay City Edward Porter Johnson, Jr., Houston Russell Briscoe King, Jr., Corpus Christi Larry Lehner, San Antonio Roderick David McDaniel, Austin Frederick Noble, San Antonio Jack Montgomery Painter, Corpus Christi Richard Daniel Parrish, Jr., Kilgore George Gray Peterson, Kerrville Clyde Milam Pope, McAllen Saxon Pressly, Jr., Mercedes Gregory Alan Robertson, Harlingen Richard Barksdale Sale, Jr., Corpus Christi John Lee Stout, Austin Ronald Reed Thomson, Corpus Christi Ronald West, Dallas Bryson Lamar Whitlock, Mercedes Grady Emett Williams, Rockdale PAGE 242 Andrews, Bass, Billingsley, Blount, Booth, Boyd. Branda, Brents, L. Carr, T. Carr, Carvajal, Chandler. Conaway, Cox, Curry, Daniels, Davis, Earthman. Faulk, Forsvall, Fuller, Good- man, Grieder, Harral. Henley, Huitt, Isaacks, Jacobs, E. Johnson, Klinger. Krause, Lehman, Lenington, Moon, Muhm, Overton. Painter, Parrish, Peterson, Pope, Powers, Pressly. O. Pritchett, R. Pritchett, Pyle, Reynolds, Rieck, Rising. Robertson, Rovello, Schneider, Squyres, Smith, Stephenson, Sterling. Stout, Valerius, White, Whit- lock, Wilkerson, Williams, Wood. FADE 243 FACULTY EUGENE CAMPBELL BARKER, Professor of American History THOMAS MABRY CRANFILL, Assistant Professor of English EDMOND THORNTON MILLER, Professor of Economics ROBERT WELDON STAYTON, Professor of Law : Fall FRANK STARR POPE, JR. EDWIN RUDOLPH BAUMAN DWAIN FREEMAN DODSON CHARLES CHESLEY ROUNTREE OFFICERS President Warden Secretary Treasurer Spring THOMAS BOYD RAMEY, JR. PETER CLEMENT QUOYESER JOHN WILLIAM WORSHAM CHARLES CHESLEY ROUNTREE : MEMBERS Robert Landis Armstrong, Austin Daniel Calmes Arnold, Houston Richard Daniel Bass, Dallas Robert Edward Lee Batts, Jr., Fort Worth Edwin Rudolph Bauman, Amarillo Robert Warren Bauman, Amarillo Robert Paine Brewer, III, San Antonio Benjamin Rucker Briggs, Dallas Jerome Cartwright, Waco Charles Kelton Chatfield, Dallas William Henry Clark, Dallas Dwain Freeman Dodson, San Angelo Jack Edwin Farmer, Houston Robert Taylor Fly, Alice Robert McMillan Goble, Sherman Joseph William Grace, Jr., Whitney Charles Hardy Gregory, III, Galveston Jack Flournoy Hall, Sherman William Brantly Harris, Galveston Hammond Warficld Hopkins, Sherman John Martin Hopper, Austin Guy Warren Hughes, San Antonio Robert Paul Inge, Dallas Samuel James Jamison, Jr., Houston Morris Deane Johnson, Austin Oscar Freer Jones, III, Waco Richard Lowe Jones, Dallas Horace Broome Kelton, San Angelo Samuel Owen Kimberlin, Austin Olin Clifton Lancaster, Jr., Dallas Neth Lowe Leachman, Jr., Dallas Lewis Norman Little, San Angelo Sidney Smith McClendon, III, Houston Lewis Wesley Cutrer, Jr., Houston Joseph Holmes Flaig, Jr., Dallas William Willard Gibson, Jr., Amarillo James Earl Gist, Marshall Louis Vosbury Hall, San Angelo John Webb Howell, III, Bryan PLEDGES Frank Starr McGee, Jr., Marshall Wales Hendrix Madden, Jr., Amarillo Bruce Staffel Meador, San Antonio Newton Eugene Meador, III, Houston Charles Lewallyn Morgan, Jr., Fort Worth William Dietrich Peavy, McFaddin Edgar Howard Perry, III, Austin Frank Starr Pope, Jr., Corpus Christi Roger H. Porter, Austin Peter Clement Quoyeser, Fort Worth Thomas Boyd Ramey, Jr., Tyler Risher Randall, Galveston Donald Glenn Rochelle, Texarkana Charles Chesley Rountree, Memphis, Tenn. Joseph Neal Russell, Royce City Charles Addison Sanders, Dallas William Overton Shelmire, Dallas James Martin Shelton, Jr., Fort Worth Warren Ware Shipman, III, Fort Worth Josephus Murray Smith, Austin William Randolph Smith, Houston Albert Bryan Spires, Austin Roy LeGrand Taylor, Jr., Dallas William Royston Taylor, Jr., Plainview John Nathaniel Touchstone, Dallas James Benjamin Walker, Dallas Robert Harding Walker, Dallas Lawrence Elrod Walton, Houston Harry Charles Webb, Jr., Houston Thomas Little Whaley, Jr., Marshall James Ralph Wood, Jr., Dallas Judson Robert Wood, Dallas John William Worsham, Houston Jimmy Ray Lanfear, Corpus Christi Charles Thomas May, Jr., Van John Gibbs Meador, Jr., Houston Wade Taylor Nowlin, Fort Worth Mike Henry Roberts, San Angelo Paul L. Whaley, Marshall . Hit. V fc Gordon Russell Wynne, Jr., Wills Point PACE 244 Armstrong, Arnold, Bass, Batts, E. R. Bauman. R. W. Bauman, Brewer, Cutrer, Dodson, Farmer. Flaig, Gibson, Gist, Greg- ory, L. Hall. Harris, Hopkins, Howell, Hughes, Inge. O. Jones, Kelton, Lanfear, Little, Madden. May, N. Meador, Nowlin, Perry, Pope. Porter, Quoyeser, Ramey, Randall, Roberts. Rochelle, Rountree, Sanders, Shelmire, Shelton. W. Smith, W. Taylor, Touchstone, R. Walker, Walton. Webb, Whaley, Worsham, Judson Wood, James Wood, Wynne. PAGE 245 FACULTY RICHARD HENRY BALLINGER, Assistant Professor of English FREDERICK DUNCALF, JR., Professor of History HOWARD CLIFFORD GILSTRAP, Assistant Football Coach ROSCOE GUERNSEY, JR., Assistant Professor of English GERALD M. STAFFORD, Assistant Profesor of Geology BERRY M. WHITTAKER. Director of Men ' s Intramurals Fall PAUL HEERMANS SMITH PRESTON HASTINGS DIAL, JR. JOSEPH PAUL HAMMOND KENNETH JOHN MIGHELL . OFFICERS President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Spring PAUL HEERMANS SMITH PRESTON HASTINGS DIAL,JR. JOSEPH PAUL HAMMOND KENNETH JOHN MIGHELL Robert G. Agnew, Ballinger George Billy Anderson, Tulsa, Okla. Ralph John Aniol, San Antonio Joe Enga Arnold, Corpus Christi Charles Moorman Berkey, San Antonio Stayton Montgomery Bonner, Wichita Falls William C. Booten, San Antonio Howard Brainin, Houston William M. Brown, Jr., Shreveport, La. William Bruner Campbell, Austin Joe Stuart Carson, Corpus Christi Cal Carrol Chambers, Jr., Lufkin William Thomas Chumney, Jr., San Antonio Marshall Terrell Clegg, San Antonio William Perry Cloud, Temple Earle Elmo Cobb, Jr., San Antonio Carroll Wayne Conn, Beaumont Lovell Ervin Davis, Jr., Austin Preston Hastings Dial, Jr., San Antonio Marshall R. Diggs, Jr., Dallas Woodson Ernest Dryden, Beaumont Robert Myers Duffey, Brownsville John McKie Eiband, New Braunfels Robert Lee Eschenburg, II, Floresville William Morgan Fail, Jr., Grand Saline Robert Gene Farris, McAllen Henry B. Fleming, Brownsville John Satterfield Fordtran, Stockdale Zacharian Thomas Fortescue, III, Port Arthur MEMBERS Marion Dudley Fowler, Austin Ross Thurber Frick, Floresville John David Gardner, San Antonio Daniel Edward Garrett, Jr., Houston Jerry Dan Godwin, Beaumont Ross Davis Greenstreet, Dallas H. Dan Hall, Dallas Joseph Paul Hammond, El Paso John Wade Hampton, Wichita Falls Bill Paul Harris, Corpus Christi Frank N. Hervey, Jr.. Tulsa, Okla. William Lewellyn Hoey, Midland Joe Henry Hodges, Jr., Beaumont James Theodore Hunt, Sonora Gerald Johnson, Beaumont Bruce Milam Jones, San Antonio Clyde Daniel Jones, Beaumont Ben Jack Kinney, Austin Carl Hazen Mayes, Pampa Kenneth John Mighell, Dallas James Taliaferro Montgomery, Wichita Falls Leslie Millard Moor, Jr., Beaumont Charles B. Parker, San Antonio Norris Hogg Parrish, San Antonio Fred William Patterson, Decatur Ray Doss Peeler, Jr., Bonham Werner John Perlitz, Jr., Austin John Glenn Pew, Dallas Eugene Meyer Phillips, Borger Robert Winthrop Pratt, Helotes Andrew Beal Pumphrey, Jr., Fort Worth John David Pumphrey, Fort Worth Robert Raley, Bowie Charles Nelson Roddy, Corpus Christi Henry James Ruel, Jefferson, Wis. Frank Brantley Scott, Jr., San Antonio Harry Reid Sharpless, Jr., Port Arthur Robert Andrew Simmang, San Antonio George Sladczyk, Jr., Port Arthur Barney Wood Smith, Houston David Madison Smith, El Paso Paul Heermans Smith, El Paso Charles Lee Sowell, San Antonio William Jerome Sullivan, Dallas Lewis Thomas Tarver, Temple Charles E. Taylor, El Campo Thomas Nolan Thompson, Fort Worth Edward Blount Tucker, Jr., Nacogdoches William Eric Tucker, Port Arthur Lovell Metcalf Turner, Dallas Basil Eugene Walker, Jr., Amarillo Arthur J. Wessely, San Antonio Edward Jones Williams, Houston Joseph Roger Williams, Abilene James Patrick Wilson, Dallas James Fair Witten, Dallas James Albert Wood, Houston Robert Leonard Wood, Houston Hugh Elbert Alexander, Beaumont George Harry Powell Anderson, San Benito James A. Barnes, Beaumont Walter Burnis Bond, Corsicana Joseph Phillip Branch, Selman City William Benjamin Brown, Waller Carl Ray Brumley, Austin Pat Swearingen Chumney, San Antonio Murphy Leon Dalton, Dallas Rogers William Douglas, San Antonio John Wilson Ellis, Beaumont Warren Lee Farris, McAllen PLEDGES Max Prince Gardner, San Antonio William Paul Harris, Corpus Christi Henry Eugene Kerry, Longview Robert Shain McCaig, Dallas Gregor Carmichael MacGregor, Dallas Knox Miller, Jr., San Antonio William Richard Neff, Port Arthur Fred Whitcomb Riley, Jr., San Antonio James M. Scurlock, Dallas Donald Charles Smith, Kerrville Jack Robson Sowell, San Antonio Donald Carson Spencer, Houston Gilmer Ray Spring, Apple Springs George Talbot Stevens, Port Arthur Al T. Stone, San Antonio Andries Menzo Strauss, Corpus Christi Paul Karel Strauss, Corpus Christi Jere William Thompson, Dallas Pat Whittaker Thompson, Breckenridge Roy Erwin Tidwell, Nacogdoches Robert Stone Timmins, Dallas Thomas Conrad Tips, Seguin Robert Marr Wessely, San Antonio PACE 246 Alexander, G. B. Anderson, Aniol, Bonner, Brainin, W. M. Brown. Brumley, Campbell, Cham- bers, P. Chumney, W. Chumney, Clegg. Conn, Dalton, Davis, Eiband, Ellis, Eschenburg. R. Farris, Fortescue, Frick, Godwin, Greenstreet, Hall. Hammond, Hampton, Her- vey, Hunt, C. Jones, Kerry. o McCaig, MacGregor, Mighell, Miller, Montgom- ery, Moor. Neff, Parrish, Patterson, Peeler, Phillips, Pratt. A. Pumphrey, Riley, Roddy, Scott, Sharpless, B. Smith. S ft P. Smith, Spencer, Sullivan, Tarver, J. Thompson, Tid- well. Timmins, Tips, W. Tucker, Turner, Walker, Wessely. PAGE 247 FACULTY HULON W. BLACK, Director of University Development Board WILLARD HUGHES BRENTLINGER, Assistant Professor of Psychology HOMER VINCENT CRAIG, Professor of Applied Math and Astronomy EDWARD EVERETT HALE, Professor of Economics JOSEPH LINDSEY HENDERSON, Professor Emeritus of Education Gus MACEY HODGES, JR., Professor of Law LYLE HARRIS KENDALL, Instructor in English CALEB PERRY PATTERSON, Professor of Government JAMES ROBERT ROACH, Assistant Professor of Government OLIVER DOUGLAS WEEKS, Professor of Government MARION KENNETH WOODWARD, Professor of Law Fall WILLIAM ROWELL PUTNAM, II THOMAS EDWARD RODMAN RICHARD LEE ROBINETT ANSEL LEWIS MCDOWELL, JR. JAMES DANIEL MCK.EITHAN Thomas Wesley Agnew, Jr., Ballinger Peter Weldon Baldwin, Dallas Robert Lee Bennett, Waxahachie Barry Louis Bishop, Mexico, D. F. Ross Bruce Blumentritt, Houston Lucius Linton Bowman, III, Greenville Edward John Bybel, Bayonne, N. J. Henry Alvan Chapman, Austin Robert Eugene Clayton, Amarillo Jamie Hager Clements, Crockett Thomas Gene Coker, Naples George Allen Crowley, Fort Worth Richard George Cunningham, Amarillo William Neil Dixon, Amarillo James Randel Dockery, Vernon Earl Edward Domengeaux, Port Arthur John Allen Dubberley, Abilene Robert William Edwards, II, La Grange, 111. John Fisher, Austin Henry Lamar Gilliam, Athens John Marsh Goff, Shreveport, La. Robert William Hamilton, Jr., Midland Robert Odell Barton, Gastonia, N. C. Julian Lawson Biggers, Jr., Commerce James Bryan Biggs, Amarillo Leon Jackson Coker, Jr., Naples Jacob Riley Colvin, Bonham Thomas Atkinson Curtis, Amarillo George Erwin Derrick, Austin Austin Richard DufTy, Houston Louis Robert Eddins, Jr., Fort Worth Lynwood Grayburn Elliot, Austin Condel Brown Ellis, Jr., Midland Gilbert Ford, Amarillo Phil Fugitt, Greenville Clay Wayland Gordon Fulcher, Wichita Falls OFFICERS GP . . VGP . BG . . P . . . AG MEMBERS Morris Jackson Hampton, Naples Lloyd Nelson Hand, Houston Harold Bob Hanes, Jr., Fort Worth John Francis Helm, Austin Vernon Barnes Hill, Jr., Mission Richard Huff Hodges, Austin Gene Howard Hull, Amarillo Norman Bennett Humphrey, Wichita Falls Lawrence Wood Jackson, Amarillo Thomas Louis James, Amarillo Wayne Lanoy Jarvis, Sweetwater William Lee Jenkens, Amarillo Ernest M. Jones, Dallas William Monroe Kerr, Midland Richard Franklin Love, Dallas Ansel Lewis McDowell, Jr., Wellington William Kent Mcllyar, Jr., Dallas James Daniel McKeithan, Austin Carrol Jack Mahoney, Dallas Joseph Tatum Moore, Jr., Balmorhea Willis Daniel Moore, Fort Worth Edmund Taylor Morris, Jr., Austin Thomas Jerome Nash, Austin PLEDGES Jim Reed Gerron, Odessa James Evertts Hailey, Canyon Charles Edmond Holloway, Dallas William John Howard, San Antonio Louis Clarke Jones, Fort Worth Jerrold Joseph Kelly, Rock Rapids, Iowa Robert Leslie King, Jr., Crockett Penn Van Rensselaer Livingston, Austin Jerry Frank Lyons, Amarillo Paul James Mansfield, Dallas Barry J. Mason, Harlingen Bruce Walter Matson, Fort Worth James Edward Miller, Barstow Dave Robert Moore, Dallas Stephen Louis Moore, Jr., Commerce Spring GENE HOWARD HULL THOMAS EDWARD RODMAN JAMES RANDEL DOCKERY RICHARD LEE ROBINETT JAMES DANIEL MCK.EITHAN : . W. Edmund Notestine, Jr., Amarillo Dale Bricky Platzer, Phillips William Rowell Putnam, II, Fort Worth John Donalson Riggs, Graham Richard Lee Robinett, Amarillo Thomas Edward Rodman, Odessa Alfred Louis Ruebel, Dallas Victor Carnal Saied, Wellington John Roger Scarborough, Jr., Austin William Howard Schell, Abilene Eddie Jack Sharpe, Odessa Clarence Linden Sledge, Cotulla Newton J. Steele, Vernon Alonzo Credille Thames, Wichita Falls Albert Sidney Tippit, San Benito John Robert Turner, Jr., Fort Worth Charles Warren Van Cleve, Muncie, Ind. John Andrew Waller, Austin John Fisken Warren, Midland Kenneth William Wheeler, Amarillo Hugh Darrell Williams, Dallas James Robert Youngjohn, Hammond, Ind. Jan. Li - Frank Clark Pendleton, Pecos Henry Alvin Price, Borger Nelson Holt Priddy, Stanton Jack Gilbert Rankin, Dallas Charlie Eugene Sanders, Wichita Falls Charles Harvey Schmidt, Amarillo John Clinton Steinberger, Midland William David Tinkle, Amarillo Robert Preston Van Arsdell, Fort Worth Samuel Joseph Vickers, Fort Worth Wesley M. Warlen, Jr., Dallas William Thomas Wheeler, Jr., Fort Worth Brandon Neville Wilcox, Freeport Clyde Ray Williams, Amarillo ' $, PACE 248 Baldwin, Barton, Bennett, Biggcrs, Biggs, Bishop. Blumentritt, Bowman, Chap- man, Clayton, Clements, L. Coker. T. Coker, Crowley, Cun- ningham, Curtis, Derrick, Dockery. Dubberley, Edwards, Ellis, Fugitt, Fulcher, Gilliam. Goff, Hamilton, Hampton, Hand, Hodges, Hull. James, King, Livingston, Love, McDowell, Mcllyar. Mahoney, Miller, S. Moore, Morris, Pendleton, Platzer, Putnam. Rankin, Robinett, Rodman, Ruebel, Saied, Sanders, Scarborough. Schmidt, Sharpe, Steele, Steinberger, Thames, Tinkle, Tippit. Turner, Vickers, Warlen, Warren, W. Wheeler, C. Williams, H. Williams. FADE 249 - ' A I - .. .y i. m J . uI.lA r FACULTY STANLEY ARBINGAST, Professor of Economic Geography CHARLES F. ARROWOOD, Professor of Education LLOYD LORING CLICK, Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences ROBERT COTNER, Instructor in History JOHN A. CROCKETT, Physician, University Health Service C. READ CRANBERRY, Assistant to the Chancellor CHARLES W. HACKETT, Chairman of the Institute of Latin-American Studies ARNO NOWOTNY, Dean of Student Life ' Fall FREDERICK FUNSTON ABBEY ROBERT WILSON WADDELL DAN ABBOT BRUCE SPENCER C. RELYEA, III . Frederick Funston Abbey, Jr., Beaumont Duncan Eugene Boeckman, Dallas Dan Abbot Bruce, Tyler Earl Landis Caldwell, Austin Edward Richardson Crockett, Austin Robert Glenn Cunningham, Dallas William H. Dapper, Waco Joseph Burton Dibrell, Coleman Billy Avon Dunagan, Dallas Edward Everett Frost, Beaumont Clell Edson Gierhart, Jr., Shamrock Maurice Clark Hall, Houston John Frederick Hardison, Dallas John Lowell Hawkinson, Rockford, 111. Cletus Ray Hines, Austin Anthony Edison Howard, Fort Worth Frank Lytton Hufsmith, Palestine Douglas William Argue, Houston Richard Buck Aubrey, San Marcos Lewis Edwin Ball, Huntsville Thomas R. Berry, Huntsville Nolen L. Borden, Brady Jimmy G. Boyles, Munday Thomas Cater Brown, San Antonio William Barry Bullen, Houston James Meredith Buzbee, Mineral Wells John Powers Dickens, Marlin Joe D. Dickerson, Houston OFFICERS Alpha Beta Sigma Tau Spring CLELL EDSON GIERHART, JR. JACK CLIFFORD STILLINGER WILLIAM H. DAPPER SPENCER C. RELYEA. Ill MEMBERS Charles Ervin Hughes, Sherman Lloyd E. Innerarity, Austin Bennett Jay Johnson, Greenwood, La. Robert Clarke Jones, San Antonio Donald Vurnell Kaiser, Houston Gus L. Lanier, Marquez Charles Edmond Lawrence, Victoria Edward F. Lopina, Columbus, Ohio Justice Ellis McQueen, Port Neches John Carroll Miller, Houston William Fred Moeller, San Marcos Stanley George Moos, Austin Calvin Cleave Nolen, Austin Robert Sims Norment, Paris William Henry Oeffinger, San Antonio Jerome Ellerbrook Oppenheim, Coldwater, Ohio PLEDGES Thomas McKeowan Delong, Jr., Houston Donald Earl Fletcher, Amarillo Robert White Flick, San Antonio Robert Odell Franklin, McKinney Bill Don Harty, Dallas Jack Hubby, Austin Kenneth Ray Hubert, Houston John L. Jackson, Austin Howell A. Jones, Corsicana Albert N. McQuown, Jr., Austin PACE 250 : Thomas Neely Oppenheim, Coldwater, Ohio Al Eugene Peltier, Danbury William Drew Perkins, Huntsville John Robert Pickett, Kenedy Jack Marshall Porterfield, Texarkana Ras Redwine, Galveston Spencer Cone Relyea, III, Dallas Harvey Richey. Dallas Herman Fred Staacke, Jr., Houston Delbert Lorrence Stephens, Amarillo Jack Cli fford Stillinger, Houston James Gerald Tunnell, Dallas Robert Wilson Waddell, Corsicana Richard Maxwell Waterman, Galveston Robert Yeates Wheeler, Tilden Wallace Reed Wilkerson, Palestine Max Edward Mileur, Amarillo James D. Pace, Kenedy James Scranton Peevey, Austin Gene Rankin Rutherford, Dallas Wayne Scott, Houston L. Charlton Smith, Wills Point Charles Edward Smith, Houston Randolph Vanderstay, Houston Lloyd Elmer Westbrook, San Antonio Martin A. Wiginton, Austin James Lawrence Wyche, Alice k Abbey, Argue, Aubrey, Ball, Brown. Bruce, Buzbee, Caldwell, Cunningham, Dapper. Dickens, Fletcher, Dunagan, Franklin, Frost. Gierhart, Hardison, Hawkin- son, Howard, Harty. Hubert, H. Jones, R. Jones, Kaiser, Lawrence. Lopina, McQuown, Mileur, Miller, Moeller. Moos, Norment, Oeffinger, J. Oppenheim, T. Oppen- heim. Peevey, Peltier, Perkins, Pickett, Relyea, C. Smith. Stillinger, Vanderstay, Wad- dell, Waterman, Westbrook, Wyche. f ri UHp T A s I G M A PAGE 251 FACULTY ALVIN LOTHAIR CHAPMAN, Professor of Education SEYMOUR V. CONNOR, Teaching Fellow in History GLEN EUGENE JOURNEAY, Research Scientist JACOB M. LEBEAUX, Associate Professor of Engineering DAVID BUCHANAN TRIMBLE, Teaching Fellow in History GLEN PARTEN WILSON, JR., Teaching Fellow in Psychology FRANK LOREN WINSHIP, Associate Professor of Drama Hid. ' " - :: - Fall WALKER LADELL STUART, JR. CLIFTON HOWARD PIEPER . HARVARD LAMAR GREGORY GABRIEL THOMAS VICK Clarence Andrew Baldwin, Jr., Chicago, 111. Roy Leonard Beckelhymer, Jr., Houston Jerry Ward Brougher, Calvert Kent Ira Broyhill, Dallas Gerald Joseph Cline, Dallas John E. Eliason, Zion, 111. Charles N. Fansler, Jr., Laredo George William Foster, Jr., Austin Harvard Lamar Gregory, Devers Arthur Henry Holt, Jr., Kountze Lewis Stone Keith, Big Spring William Harrison Lambeth, San Antonio James Aloysius Leonard, Jr., Fort Worth Glen Dale Lichtenwalter, Austin OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . MEMBERS PLEDGES James Neil Amlong, Dallas Donald Eugene Bartos, Waco Kenneth Earle Brougher, Calvert Robert George Coltzer, Galveston Richard Earl Curry, Waxahachie Lucien Dockray, El Paso Addison Jackson Dold, Jr., Bellaire Anthony Carlyle Fryar, Paris Jess Edward Gratehouse, Hempstead Dudley D. Hale, Washington, D. C. Kenneth Lee Home, Kilgore Leonard E. Huber, Dallas Billy Jack James, Paris Thomas S. Kelly, Waukegan, 111. David Lawrence Leonard, Laredo Spring JOHN E. ELIASON NORMAN EUGENE ST. GLAIR HARVARD LAMAR GREGORY GEORGE PHILLIP SARRAFIAN William Thomas McClelland, Marshall Donald Edward Mitchell, New Braunfels Clifton Howard Pieper, San Antonio George Phillip Sarrafian, Dallas Forrest Benjamin Selman, Silsbee Rolen Dale Snowden, Dallas Walker Ladell Stuart, Jr., Freeport Howard Tanner, East Prairie, Mo. Bazil Henry Taylor, Fort Worth Donald Hemy Trahan, Kerrville Charles Edward Trimble, Bowling Green, Ky. Gabriel Thomas Vick, Weatherford Claud Victor Winter, New York, N. Y. Orin Preston Linney, Houston Joe McGough, Gladewater Dimmie Gammon Mayfield, Kerrville Ross Moss, Jr., Waxahachie Pat Guise Noel, Galveston Dwayne Vinson Overstreet, Honey Island Robert Galen Patterson, McGregor Billy Floyd Peel, Austin Jerry Rackley, Austin P. Jackson Rutledge, Jr., Austin Norman Eugene St. Clair, Dallas W. Lafayette Sellers, Port Arthur Victor Charles Shaneman, Austin Edwin Spenrath, Austin Elridge Virgil Weaver, Tulsa, Okla. Faul " . F ;- ' ' PAGE 252 - Baldwin, Beckelhymer, J. Brougher, K. Brougher, Broyhill. Cline, Coltzer, Curry, Bold, Eliason. Pansier, Foster, Fryar, Gratehouse, Gregory. Hale, Home, Holt, Huber, James. Keith, Lambeth, J. Leonard, Linney, McClelland. Mayfield, Mitchell, Moss, Noel, Overstreet. Patterson, Pieper, St. Clair, Sarrafian, Sellers. Selman, Shaneman, Snow- den, Stuart, Tanner. Taylor, Trahan, Trimble, Vick, Weaver, Winter. PACE 253 FACULTY DAVE PANDRES, JR., Teaching Fellow in Applied Mathematics Fall KENNETH IRVIN WEIL . ISAAC LEVY Louis J. VENER ALLEN KLINE . OFFICERS Master Prater Vice-Master Prater . Secretary Treasurer Spring GENE EDBURNE BURKE ROBERT Louis BLUMENTHAL STUART ROBBINS MAX AARON FRIEDMAN MEMBERS Samuel Edwin Barshop, San Antonio Lawrence Armond Block, Dallas Robert Louis Blumenthal, Houston Larry Weiss Buck, Houston Gene Edburne Burke, Houston Malcolm Hugh Cohen, San Antonio Maurice Daniel Cohn, Harlingen Max Aaron Friedman, Houston Stanley Walter Hammer, San Antonio Harris Milton Hauser, Houston Leonard Karotkin, Jr., Austin Jack Hammer Kaufman, San Antonio Allen Haber Kline, Houston Isaac Levy, Corsicana Dave Pandres, Jr., Gainesville Stuart Robbins, New York, N. Y. Herbert Simon Rosenthal, Dallas Donald Isador Rothschild, Houston William Bennett Schwartz, Houston Herbert Lee Silverberg, Corsicana Maxel Burton Silverberg, Corsicana Irving Gustav Strauss, Jr., Houston Louis Jacob Vener, Hobbs, N. Mex. Kenneth Irvine Weil, Dallas Henry David Wexner, Houston PLEDGES Jerry Battlestein, Houston Allen Jack Becker, Houston Ronald Irving Burke, Houston Elliott Zalman Cohen, Houston Moses Martin Feld, Houston Robert Ivan Hauser, Houston Donald Charles Horwitz, Albuquerque, N. Mex. Milton Allen Mendlovitz, Seguin William Max Mendlovitz, Seguin Louis Fink Silverman, Muskegon, Mich. David Sterling Silvers, Houston Adolph Bertram Hirsh Simon, Austin Charles Lee Streusand, Houston William Stuart Tarnopol, Houston Richard Allan Wells, Galveston Robert Seymour Wolff, San Antonio PAGE 254 Barshop, Block, Blumenthal, Buck. G. Burke, E. Cohen, M. Cohen, Cohn. Feld, Friedman, Hammer, Hauser. Horwitz, Karotkin, Kline, Levy. Pandres, Rothschild, Rosen- thai, Schwartz. M. Silverberg, Silve rman, Silvers, Simon, Strauss. Streusand, Tarnopol, Weil, Wells, Wolff. PAGE 255 FACULTY FREDERICK JOSEPH ADAMS, Professor of Educational Psychology FRANKLIN LANIER Cox, Associate Professor of Business Law ; Fall ARTHUR ROBY HADDEN JACK W. KOEN JESS STUART GRAGG . RICHARD DEXTER KINNEY . OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Joe Alfred Adamcik, Austin John Bernard Carmody, New Braunfels Lee Banie Cheshier, Lancaster Kenyon Eugene Clonts, Knox City Wayne Edward Cox, Houston Hal S. Davis, Short Hills, N. J. John Howard Davis, Houston Kenneth Alan Dyer, Austin Jess Stuart Gragg, San Antonio Donald E. Giovannetti, Austin Arthur Roby Hadden, Fort Stockton Donald Clarence Harris, Edinburg Clyde Ellsworth Hoyt, San Angelo Anderson Stuart Hurst, Beaumont William Johnston Kelly, Taylor Isaac Curtis Kerridge, Corpus Christi Spnng JESS STUART GRAGG WAYNE EDWARD Cox CLAUDE JOHN PARNELL, JR JOE ALFRED ADAMCIK MEMBERS Richard Dexter Kinney, Austin Jack W. Koen, Hamilton Harold Irving Lyvers, Amarillo John C. Moore, Amarillo Claude John Parnell, Jr., Corpus Christi Jimmie Sturgis Payne, New York, N. Y. Raymond Edgar Read, Jr., Washington, D. C. Vernon James Stewart, Wichita Falls John Franklin Stokes, Lampasas David Harry Thomas, Cooper William Lay Thompson, Austin Arthur Nevelle Wilkinson, Jr., Temple Billy Winston Willig, San Angelo Ray Clarence Wilson, Austin Frank Taylor Wyatt, Austin PLEDGES Bobby Gene Askew, Brownsville Niven James Baird, Houston William Bradford Briscoe, Houston Richard Anthony Coselli, Houston Robert Fields Crawford, Austin James Robert Harris, Coleman Jess Calvin Harris, San Angelo Donald P. Harris, Austin George Vincent Hays, Austin James Harold Hingst, San Antonio Donald Gene Holland, San Angelo Jack Trammell Ingram, Denison Gerald William Laswell, Flora, 111. Wilbur Bruce McCannon, San Angelo Charles Jerry Peake, Corpus Christi Harold Tomunson Sebern, Brownsville Ward Edward Smith, Kerrville Daniel Harry Spoor, Houston Eugene Allen Todd, Brownsville Bob R. Tucker, Amarillo James Hollis Tucker, Beaumont Lynn Dale Vautrain, San Angelo William Fuller Visage, Longview Charles Henry Wetzel, Houston Kyle Edward Wilson, Alvin PAGE 256 : Adamcik, Askew, Baird, Briscoc, Cheshicr. Clonts, Coselli, Cox, J. Davis, Dyer. Gragg, Hadden, D. C. Har- ris, Hays, Hingst. Holland, Hoyt, Hurst, In- gram, Kelly. Kinney, Koen, Laswell, Moore, Parnell. Payne, Peake, Read, Sebern, Smith. Spoor, Stewart, Stokes, Thomas, Thompson. Todd, Vau train, Wetzel, Wilkinson. Willig, K. Wilson, R. Wilson, Wyatt. PACE 257 FACULTY L. THEO BELLMONT, Director of Physical Training for Men V -i . Fall GEORGE MORRIS SPALDING ROBERT CREWS TURN HAM ROBERT Louis ROBERTS . SAMMUEL RAY PARRISH . OFFICERS . SMC . IMC . SC . ThC Spring CLINTON CAREW McFALL CURT MORITZ FABER, JR. MELBERT DOWLEN SCHWARTZ LEROY WILLIAM TAYLOR, JR. MEMBERS Andy Boyd Anderson, Houston Gene Thomas Arwine, Floydada William Lee Bowers, Jr., Houston David Rice Calvert, San Antonio Thomas Henry Cheavens, Dallas Daniel Allenby Chester, Austin Robert George Coffey, Orlando, Fla. Horace Leon Dodson, Dallas Robert Charles Duke, Houston Curt Moritz Faber, Jr., Houston Kenneth Paul Flagg, Houston Peter Bernard Flynn, Jr., Austin Frank Atwood Gibson, Austin Richard Gray Hampton, Dallas Mainer Patrick Hines, Corpus Christi Warren Joseph Jindrich, San Antonio Hugh Donald Keeling, Jr., Devers Clinton Carew McFall, San Antonio Raymond Joe Marek, Dallas Carroll Quinn Nanney, Austin Samuel Lowry Nunneley, Jr., Brownsville Jim Francis O ' Hara, Fort Worth Sammuel Ray Parrish, Jr., Dallas Paul Wesley Pigue, Jr., Houston James LeGrande Read, Jr., Houston John Preston Ritchie, Mineral Wells Charles Howell Roberts, Austin Robert Lewis Roberts, Houston Robert Sherman Rudd, Amarillo Jack Russell Schmid, Dallas Melbert Dowlen Schwarz, Dallas Leonard Thomas Smith, Harlingen George Morris Spalding, Dallas Frederick Dwight Stephens, Austin Phillip Marion Stevenson, Jr., Houston Richard Andrews Stuart, El Campo Leroy William Taylor, Jr., Houston Marion Browne Tomme, Fort Worth Robert Crews Turnham, Freer Richard William Aylet Walker III, San Antonio Joe L. Williams, Austin Jerit Neal Wohlford, San Angelo Thomas Morgan Woodward, Arlington Max Dee Allen, Canyon Frank Charles Ashby, Midland Lee Winn Black, Georgetown James Gene Brownhill, Houston Douglas Batson Coopwood, Austin Robert Caring Dillard, Jr., Austin PLEDGES John Thatcher Frazer, Longview Fred Gibson Hansard, Jr., Amarillo Charles Wilson Harshaw, San Angelo Herbert Hill, San Antonio Frank Erwin Kendrick, Jr., Dallas David Morris Murray, Arlington Thomas Oakes, Austin John Ernest Overall, Austin Gene Russell Pollock, Houston Theodore Allen Primeaux, Port Arthur Harvey Lee Ratliff, Jr., Amarillo Dick Sears, Abilene Giles Mercier Whitten, Houston PAGE 258 Bowers, Coney, Faber, Flagg Frazer, Hampton, Hill Jindrich. Keeling, Kendrick, McFall, Murray. Nanney, Nunneley, Overall, Ritchie. Schmid, Schwarz, Sears, Smith. Stuart, Turnham, Walker, Williams, Wohlford. PAOE 259 I FACULTY HARRELL E. LEE, Associate Professor of Journalism EVERETT GRANT SMITH, Professor of Marketing S. S. WILLIAMS, Instructor in Law :, . Fall WILLIAM DALTON FONTAINE . JOSEPH THOMAS WUNDERLICK ROBERT COULSON CARSEY BARTLETT COCKE, III . Edwin Allday, Houston William Reynolds Archer, Jr., Houston Franklin Antrim Ashby, Jr., Houston Carl Mahan Barnhart, Refugio Edward Alva Barrett, San Antonio William Haywood Benners, Dallas Milton England Black, Houston Robert Skeen Braden, Amarillo Wendell Earl Bray, Little Rock, Ark. James Madison Brelsford, Houston Curtis Mitchell Brownlee, Burnet Robert Coulson Carsey, Houston Thomas Leachman Carter, Houston Harry Leonard Caserta, Tyler James Milton Cavender, San Antonio Dale Carroll Cheesman, Houston Bartlett Cocke, III, San Antonio Elbert Joseph Coffman, Fort Worth Daniel Lane Collie, Dallas William Ekas Crouch, Houston Richard Alan Davenport, Houston Charles Robert Delphenis, Paris Sidney Paul Dubose, San Antonio OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS S. Finley Ewing, Jr., San Antonio Henry Marshall Farrier, Jr., Omaha William Dalton Fontaine, Houston James Torrey Forman, Henderson Lynn Coleman Frederick, Fort Worth Willis Henderson Gilmore, Midland James Donald Guinn, Tyler Thomas Maxey Hart, Jr., San Antonio Albert D. Hildreth, Jr., Houston Edmond Penn Jackson, San Antonio Robert Merton Key, Dallas Charles L. King, Jr., Houston Wilbur F. Littleton, Jr., San Antonio William Robert Long, III, Austin Temple J. McGregor, Houston William Wallace Mason, Jr., Mexia Frank Reddington Masquelette, Houston Dan Moody, Jr., Austin Randolph Grady Moore, Omaha John Callaghan Moulton, Houston William Neff Patman, Texarkana Michael John Peterson, Houston Benjamin F. Pitman, III, San Antonio Spring JOSEPH THOMAS WUNDERLICK FRANKLIN ANTRIM ASHBY, JR. GEORGE HARRIS SULLIVAN CHARLES ROBERT DELPHENIS Robert Newell Rader, Houston John Harrison Scale, Bellville Lane Taylor Sealy, San Antonio Robert Caithness Sinclair, Houston Watson T. Simons, Tyler Alley Parker Smith, Athens Jay Smith, Vernon Stewart Paul Smith, Odessa David Allen Sperry, La Porte Halmond Keiser Stanfield, Amarillo Albert Paul Stephens, Athens Paul Dimmick Strayer, San Antonio George Harris Sullivan, Corsicana Jack Lee Underwood, El Paso Cyrus Henry Wagner, Houston Joe Dudgeon Walker, Jr., Houston Clyde Moeur Warner, Houston Kimball Stuart Watson, Mt. Carmel, 111. Lyman Watson Webb, San Antonio Joe Carroll Williams, Waco Frank Jesse Womack, Houston Joseph Thomas Wunderlick, Dallas : Ono. l)- : - PLEDGES Jacques P. Adoue, Jr., Houston William Otis Bartle, Jr., Houston Herbert Jerry Bonney, San Antonio Shirley Wood Brookshire, Tyler Henry Hamilton Gate, Jr., Kansas City, Mo. William Byrd Cavender, San Antonio Thomas Leighton Cook, Sweetwater Earl Edwin Cortes, Houston Judson Anthony Crow, Jr., Dallas James John Davis, Mission William Walter Dean, Jr., Athens James McKinley Eckhart, Amarillo Howard Leroy Ericson, Boerne Andre Ferish, Houston William Frederick Franklin, Amarillo William Garner, Jr., Tyler Eugene Burr Guthrie, III, Austin William Wallace Hand, Houston John Henderson, Lufkin David Lawrence Lacy, Dallas Andrew Jackson Lewis, San Antonio Jack O ' Dell McAninch, Houston Franklin Clay McGaughy, San Antonio Gerald Michael Perlitz, Austin George Bailey Peyton, San Antonio John Malcolm Robertson, Dallas William Blair Scott, Jr., Houston Robert Henry Scale, II, Bryan Jerry Russell Shelton, Tyler William Joseph Smith, Edgewood Joe Stanley Stephen, Eastland Robert Powell Thomas, II, San Antonio Howard VanZandt, Jr., Houston Paul Rodgers Waters, Houston Edwin Lanier Young, Beeville 7 d. PAGE 260 Adoue, Archer, Ashby, Bon- ney, Bray, Brelsford. Brookshire, Carsey, Caserta, Gate, Cocke, Collie. Cook, Crouch, Crow, Davis, Dean, Delphenis. Ericson, Ewing, Farrier, Fontaine, Forman, Franklin. Garner, Gilmore, Guinn, Guthrie, Hart, Henderson. Hildreth, Jackson, Key, King, Lacy, Lewis. McAninch, McGaughy, Moore, Moulton, Patman, Perlitz. Peterson, Pitman, Robert- son, Shelton, Sinclair, V. Smith. Stanfield, Stephen, Strayer, Sullivan, Thomas, Under- wood. VanZandt, Wagner, Waters, Watson, Wunderlick. d " PV ft PAOF 261 ' - ' f ? FACULTY RICHARD FINKLESTEIN, Teaching Fellow in Bacteriology AARON SCHAEFFER, Professor of Romance Languages ALAN SCOTT, Associate Professor of Journalism . Cm, Fall ARCHIE BROODO . ROBERT I. POLUNSKY HAROLD FRED KLEINMAN OFFICERS Prior . Exchequer Recorder . MEMBERS Spring HAROLD FRED KLEINMAN MARVIN JERRY KELFER RALPH FRAPART Archie Broodo, Dallas Selig H. Carr, San Antonio Richard Finklestein, New York, N. Y. Ralph Frapart, Tyler Howard E. Frieden, Austin Alfred L. Friedlander, Tyler Gilbert E. Friedson, Fort Worth Norman R. Goldberg, Corsicana Edwin Harold Golden, Corsicana Larry E. Golman, Dallas Norris L. Goodfriend, Corpus Christi Stanley S. Hickman, Amarillo Joseph Ronald Horowitz, Jackson, Miss. Arnold H. Kassanoff, El Paso Eugene S. Katz, Tyler Marvin Jerry Kelfer, San Antonio Fred B. Kessler, Houston Harold Fred Kleinman, McCamey Lee Blair Laves, Fort Worth Robert I. Polunsky, San Angelo Jack Rich, Houston Stanley D. Rosenberg, San Antonio Jimmy Rosenbloom, Shreveport, La. Harry Julius Rosenstein, Fort Worth Alan Arthur Rosner, Fort Worth David O. Rubenstein, Shreveport, La. Robert M. Sandier, San Antonio Gerald Paul Silber, San Antonio Carl A. Skibell, Dallas Stanley Strum, Tyler Marvin Daniel Tobias, Dallas Milton L. Wagner, Port Arthur PLEDGES Joseph David Antweil, Fort Worth Martin D. Balk, Tyler Arnold Melvin Barban, San Antonio Jerry Ronald Barshop, Dallas Stewart A. Bonnett, Dallas Edmund Borschow, El Paso William A. Boyd, Dallas Stanley R. Chodorow, Waco Charles B. Feldman, Harlingen Hubert F. Finklestein, Lubbock Julian Victor Horwitz, El Paso Sherman Allen Kusin, Texarkana Luis Leib, El Paso Aaron S. Pearlman, Houston Richard J. Rosen, El Paso Stanley B. Saikin, Artesia, N. Mex. Robert E. Schwartz, Houston Joseph Meyer Singerman, New Orleans, La. Bernard F. Skibell, Lubbock Fredrick S. Strelitz, El Paso Charles F. Sugerman, San Antonio Harris J. Weingarten, Houston Jerome S. Wilkenfeld, Houston Robert B. Zax, Houston PACE 262 Antweil, Balk, Bonnett, Boyd, Broodo. Carr, Chodorow, Feldman, Frieden, Friedlander. lielfer, Kessler, Kleinman, Laves, Leib. Golden, Golman, Good- friend, Kassanoff, Katz. f 4 k i Pearlman, Polunsky, Rich, Rosen, Rosenstein. Rosner, Rubenstein, Saikin, Sandier, Schwartz. Silber, Singerman, B. Ski- bell, Strelitz, Sugerman. Tobias, Wagner, Weingar- ten, Wilkenfeld, Zax. ft FACULTY D. A. CARSTARPHEN, Instructor in English ALBERT EVERETT COOPER, Professor of Applied Mathematics and Astronomy STANLEY PHISTER FINCH, Professor of Civil Engineering JACK STUART GRAY, Basketball Coach HUGH LYON McMATH, Professor of Architecture JOHN A. RYAN, Instructor in Marketing COL. MAYBIN H. WILSON, Professor of Military Science and Tactics Fall JAMES SMITH MILES . SAMUEL THOMAS MIDDLETON . JOHN SCOTT McDoNALD . CHARLES McRAE ELDRIDGE OFFICERS Consul Pro-Consul . Annotator Quaester MEMBERS Gary Askew, Dallas William Robert Bates, Tyler Sloan Blackmon Blair, Jr., Fort Worth Charles William Brown, Temple David G. Browning, Dallas H. E. Brunson, Baytown Leon Geddis Byerley, Jr., Midland Gordon A. Craig, Dallas Ralph Howard Daugherty, Jr., Rankin Robert Truckenmiller Dugan, Abilene Charles McRae Eldridge, Mercedes Albert Reeves Gallatin, San Antonio Edward M. Glass, Marlin Tommy Eugene Gross, Carlsbad, N. Mex. Harry Lee Hall, Edinburg Horace Curlin Hall, III, Laredo Joseph Aloysius Hannan, Pittsburgh, Pa. Phillips Clarke Huck, San Antonio John Culberth Jones, Jr., LaFeria Robert Edward Kennedy, Jr., Kilgore William Jackson Knight, Jr., Houston Hugo Franz Kuehne, Jr., Austin Dudley Moran Kuykendall, Temple John Judd Locy, Longview William Blair McCarter, Jr., Houston John Scott McDonald, San Antonio Joseph Webb McKnight, San Angelo Thomas Reynolds Metcalfe, Odessa Richard Clifford Babb, Weslaco William Gilbreth Barber, Lockhart Roy Lee Bell, Rankin Jerome Templeton Brite, Pleasanton Elliott Aiken Chamberlain, Jacksonville Johnson Camden Chancellor, Midland Steve George Condos, McAllen Robert Eugene Cuthrell, Pleasanton Frank Gerald Edmiston, Crockett George Elliott, Temple Joe Davis Foster, Center Raymond Francis Griffin, Valparaiso, Ind. Milton Jay Hanchette, Sherman Fred Wild Hanson, Borger Donald Ralph Hinton, Washington, D. C. William Robert Hoge, Jr., Dallas Wallace Edward McGee, San Antonio William Darrell Moye, Wederland PLEDGES Spring JOHN JUDD LOCY RALPH HOWARD DAUGHERTY, JR. ROBERT KENNETH STEER CHARLES McRAE ELDRIDGE Samuel Thomas Middleton, El Paso James Smith Miles, Taylor Monroe Northrop, Houston John Walthall Pancoast, Jr., San Antonio Robert Lewis Perwein, Sherman Oaks, Calif. Don Warren Powers, Abilene George D. Reeves, Jr., San Antonio James Alexander Rickard, Kingsyille Richard Eugene Roberts, San Antonio Robert Owen Rogers, Dallas John A. Salter, Houston Joe Estes Sansing, Houston George H. Seagert, Pittsburgh, Pa. Tad Randolph Smith, El Paso Robert Kenneth Steer, Mercedes Walter William Stein, Jr., Laredo Raymond Hoyt Thornton, Jr., Sheridan, Ark. Kyle Ward Walden, Beaumont James Thomas Walker, Alibene William Floyd West, Wichita Falls Duncan Campbell Wilson, Jr., Fort McKavett Judson Wood, San Antonio Thomas Woodson, San Antonio Wilbur Arthur Yeager, Jr., Midland Harold Young, Charleston, W. Va. Dennis S. Murphy, San Antonio John O. Murray, San Antonio George Peyton Prewitt, Jr., Taylor Edward Rightor, Austin Joseph John Rizzo, McAllen George B. Sewell, Corpus Christi Clough Shelton, III, Dallas Michael Shirley, Tyler Crawford Freeman Stallings, Dallas Thomas R. Theall, Beaumont Charles Ernest Thompson, Edinburg Michael Paul Thompson, Wharton Robert Andrew Thompson, III, San Antonio Thomas Lucian Toliver, Plainview Elmore Rush Torn, Jr., Taylor Billy Franklin Vaughn, Lufkin PAOE 264 Askew, Bates, Brite, Brown, Browning, Brunson. Byerley, Chamberlain, Chan- cellor, Condos, Craig, Cuth- rell. Daugherty, Dugon, Edmis- ton, Elliott, Foster, Gallatin. Glass, Griffin, H. L. Hall, H. C. Hall, Hannan, Hoge. Huck, Jones, Kuehne, Locy, McCarter, McDonald. McGee, McKnight, Metcalfe, Middleton, Miles, Murray. Northrop, Pancoast, Per- wein, Powers, Prewitt, Reeves. Rickard, Right or, Roberts, Rogers, Salter, Sansing. Saegert, Sewell, Shelton, Shirley, Stallings, Theall, C. Thompson. M. Thompson, R. Thomp- son, Thornton, Vaughn, Walden, Walker, Wilson. " V " T| PAGE 265 FACULTY DONALD M. CASTLEBURY, Assistant Professor of Government MALCOLM YOUNG COLBY, Professor of Physics HENRY GORDON DAMON, Associate Professor of Physics GEORGE HOMER FANCHER, Professor of Petroleum Engineering ARCHIE N. JONES, Professor of Music Education EUGENE PAUL SCHOCH, Professor of Chemical Engineering i i I ( Fall LEE EDWARD ALDERDICE ROBERT GLENN ANDREWS . RICHARD KAY COLBOURNE . ROBERT MILTON DAWSON . Lee Edward Alderdice, Austin Robert Glenn Andrews, Amarillo William Earl Barker, Austin Chester McClure Bintliff, Houston Gene Kay Bruce, Houston Carter Eugene Carlton, Jr., Grapeland Bobby Joe Carrell, Dallas Shelby Henry Carter, Harlingen William Alfred Chanslor, Houston Thomas H. Chapman, Jr., Beaumont William Preston Christie, Dallas Theodore Nelson Clegg, Port Arthur Richard Kay Colbourne, Morrocco, Ind. Gerald Anthony Cox, San Antonio Forrest Carlton Cranor, Austin Richard David Davis, Beaumont OFFICERS Eminent Commander Lieutenant-Commander Recorder . . . . Housemanager . Spring CHESTER MCCLURE BINTLIFF JAMES Gus ROME HARRY WALTER HUGLY LENOX CLAXTON JENKINS MEMBERS Robert Milton Dawson, Houston Lee Richard Dickerson, Jr., Downey, Calif. Carr Pritchett Dishroon, Houston Donald Austin Edwards, Austin Frank Barry Ellis, Austin Howard Elwell Ellis, Austin Thomas Hayes Glimp, San Antonio Martin Wright Gordon, San Antonio Maurice Dolan Gwinner, Daytona Beach, Fla. William Hughes Hallman, Olney Howard Arthur Heemann, Fort Worth Lenox Claxton Jenkins, Dallas Tolbert Nat Jones, Jr., Tyler James Douglas Kallina, Garwood Kenneth Roy Nichols, Midland Edgar Foy Norton, Midland Thomas A. Pressly, San Antonio Arthur Bernard Riviere, Jr., Houston James Clay Roe, Houston James Gus Rome, Mission Charles H. Row, Jr., San Antonio James Edwin Shelly, San Antonio Arthur Earl Smith, Jr., Houston Harlan E. Smith, Houston Elva Dawson Stanley, Jr., Hamshire John Philip Stout, Houston Monroe Robertson Talley, Houston Jerry Reed Tucker, Beaumont Fred S. Watson, Okmulgee, Okla. Gene Sterling Woods, Jasper Paul Oakley Wylie, Archer City EfeFEk PLEDGES Karl T. Butz, Jr., Fort Stockton John Martin Cole, Houston William Benard Cooney, Lufkin Ben Nick Elliott, Houston Blake Vincent Fisher, Houston Terrell Glenn Franklin, Beaumont Lamar Wood Gardner, Jr., San Antonio Leslie Wiley Giddens, Austin Jerry Clinton Graff, Beaumont Walter Elmo Hale, Houston Harry Walter Hugly, Houston Lee-Roy Lewis Lundquist, Garwood Jack H. Lynch, Houston James Raymond McDonald, Fort Stockton Killibrew Taylor Martin, Jr., Dallas Sidney E. Pinkston, Jr., Tyler James Stuart Robinson, Port Arthur Thomas Wesley Robinson, Port Arthur Will Grant Ryan, Falfurrias James Edward Sadler, Port Arthur Donald Marvin Skaggs, San Antonio William Horace Thurman, Fort Worth Augustus Burleson Wilson, Jr., Mexia H litttfe. torn. PAGE 266 Alderdice, Andrews, Barker, Bintliff, Bruce, Butz. Carl ton, Carrell, Carter, Chanslor, Chapman, Christie. -t Clegg, Colbourne, Cole, Cooney, Cox, Cranor. , ' ,.:, Davis, Dawson, Dishroon, Elliott, F. Ellis, H. Ellis. Fisher, Franklin, Gardner, Giddens, Gordon, Gwinner. tatshirt toiston d Okk r Citv Hale, Hallrnan, Hugly, Jen- kins, Jones, Kallina. Lundquist, Lynch, Martin, Nichols, Pinkston, Pressly, Riviere. J. Robinson, T. Robinson, Roe, Rome, Sadler, Shelly, Skaggs. H. Smith, Stanley, Stout, Thurman, Tucker, Watson, Wilson. PAGE 267 Fall TERRY DEBBS KINO RALPH EMERSON BARLOW PAUL DAVID MARTINO . BILLY RAY JACKSON OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Spring SPENCER B. GARSEE JOHN THEODORE KIPP WESLEY E. POKLUDA BILLY RAY JACKSON William Reuben Adams, Jr., Houston Lennart George Aldeen, Rockford, 111. Joseph Benjamin Ashby, Jr., Dallas Ralph Emerson Barlow, Bay City Joe Milton Bell, Longview Jack Donald Blanton, Port Arthur Jo Tedd Brooks, Mercedes Thomas Felton Camp, Jr., Lockney William Walter Cantrell, Houston Charles E. Craig, Houston Perry D. Davis, Jr., Houston Harley T. Eddingston, Port Arthur Jack Homer Estes, Houston Jack Henson Ferguson, Jr., Hamilton Spencer B. Garsee, Port Arthur Claude Watson Goldsmith, Jr., Port Arthur James Otis Grice, San Antonio Franklin John Halbert, Odessa John Chadwick Hammond, Weatherford MEMBERS Raymond Donald Holstead, Port Arthur Billy Ray Jackson, Houston Marion Johnson, Austin Robert Oscar Judkins, North Anson, Me. Terry Debbs King, Baytown John Theodore Kipp, Corpus Christi Ralph T. Kleymeyer, Evansville, Ind. Claude Pope Lane, Marshall Charles Robert Leggott, Amarillo Albert Henry Lichty, Houston James Lett Lloyd, Jackson, Miss. John Leslie Lowery, Port Arthur William Richard McDuffie, Lubbock Paul David Martino, Irving Don Dean Menasco, Longview Charles Henry Morgan, Port Arthur Charles Henry Myers, Dallas John Sterry Nill, Chicago, 111. Thomas Howard Norris, Amarillo William Webster Parker, Sommerville Wesley E. Pokluda, Texas City John Purdy Robbins, Houston J. Mathews Robison, Houston John Dudley Rutland, Austin Fred E. Ryals, Austin Glen Harold Shoptaw, Kingsville Edwin A. Steen, Jr., Houston Daniel Browne Stuart, Dallas Carroll B. Sumrall, San Antonio Thomas A. Thomas, Port Arthur Ben H. Tompkins, Fort Worth Josiah Wheat, Woodville Lester Huber Wiland, Jr., Little Rock, Ark. Richard James Winningham, Amarillo Phillip Douglas Woodruff, Houston William Earl Yeatman, Austin Gilbert Leigh Anderson, Austin Charles Allen Bankston, Port Arthur William R. Barker, Gladewater James Gaile Batson, Texas City Paul Eugene Bolt, Kilgore Kelton Lamar Brewer, Gladewater Newell Newton Bustin, Austin Eddie Hugh Cadwallader, Houston Herbert Rollyn Darwin, Fort Worth Gilbert Henry Dawson, Douglas, Ariz. Granville Mitchell Deane, Jr., Houston Barclay Woodard Dismukes, Woodville PLEDGES Alfred Edwin Eckard, Corpus Christi William Knight Foster, Dallas Marcus Hale Goldsmith, Austin Harry Brace Gordon, Houston Russell Walter Gunn, Jr., Kansas City, Mo. Lynn Harwell, Vega Robert Anderson Jones, Alice James Richard Kidwell, Corpus Christi Billy Kuykendall, Longview Don Henry Lively, Austin Garvin Mobley McCaskill, Amarillo George William McKinney, Jr., Austin Charles Donald Marth, Dallas John Coffey Murphy, Jr., Longview Harry Edward Norris, Bay City Gene A. Ratliff, Ganado Robert Frank Rubarth, Jr., Austin Fred L. Simmons, Wichita Falls Robert Edward Smith, San Antonio Harvey Newell Summerlin, Del Rio Russell Patterson Sweeney, Jr., Houston Tomie Ross Ward, Galveston PACE 268 Adams, Aldeen, Anderson, Ashby, Bankston, Barker, Barlow. Batson, Bell, Blanton, Bolt, Brooks, Cadwallader, Camp. Cantrell, Craig, Davis, Dawson, Deane, Dismukes, Eckard. Eddingston, Estes, Ferguson, Foster, Garsee, C. Gold- smith, M. Goldsmith. Gordon, Grice, Gunn, Hal- bert, Hammond, Holstead, Jackson. Johnson, Jones, Judkins, Kidwell, King, Kipp, Kley- meyer. Kuykendall, Leggott, Lichty, Lively, Lowery, McKinney, Marth. Martino, Morgan, Murphy, Myers, Mill, H. Norris, T. Norris, Parker. Pokluda, Robbins, Robison, Rutland, Ryals, Shoptaw, Simmons, Smith. Steen, Summerlin, Sumrall, Sweeney, Thomas, Tomp- kins, Winningham, Wood- ruff. PAGE 269 FACULTY LESLIE Low, Instructor in Chemistry Fall STANLEY FREED SIMON RUBINSKY JEROME J. EPSTEIN GEORGE GORDON EDWARDS OFFICERS Consul . Vice-Consul Quaestor Scribe Spring SIMON RUBINSKY IRWIN LEHMAN MARTIN C. KREIMERMAN MEYER M. CHASKIN MEMBERS Benny Harris Biderman, Grand Prairie Morton Sorreh Carson, Houston George Gordon Edwards, Scranton, Pa. Jerome J. Epstein, Houston Stanley Freed, Laredo Martin Gal, Unionville, Ohio Burton Sidney Gardner, Edinburg Robert Isaac Gindler, Weimar Stanley Gerald Gold, Dallas Eugene Golden, Velasco Stuart Warren Klein, Flatonia Martin C. Kreimerman, Mexico, D. F. Irwin Lehman, Tahoka Leslie Low, Budapest, Hungary Sidney Moss, Dallas Gerald Richbook, Temple Simon Rubinsky, Brownsville William R. Sands, Dallas Filmore M. Sondock, Houston Seymour Machell Tatar, Houston Jack Turk, Houston Alvin Howard Weiss, San Antonio Larry Bernstein, Baytown Meyer M. Chaskin, Houston Abraham Greenspan, Brownsville Robert Honigfeld, Hackensack, N. J. Harold Levy, Galveston Marvin Miller, San Antonio Ivan William Knobler, Houston PLEDGES Marvin Abram Rich, Houston Tobias Rubinsky, Brownsville Harvey Gershom Samuels, Dallas Irwin I. Selig, Jamaica City, N. Y. Gerald Harris Smith, Navasota Jimmy Lloyd Toubin, Brenham PAGE 270 Bernstein, Biderman, Chas- kin, Edwards. Epstein, Freed, Gindler, Gold. Greenspan, Knobler, Krei- merman, Lehman. Moss, Rich, S. Rubinsky, T. Rubinsky. Samuels, Sands, Selig, Smith. Tatar, Toubin, Turk, Weiss. PAOE 271 Fall RUSSELL J. HINOTE . DONALD BARRON BARKER D. WAYNE WILSON, JR. . HOWARD FRANKLIN PAYTON . Charles Richard Allton, Kilgore William Joseph Anderson, Dallas Phillip Edward Bargman, Houston Donald Barren Barker, Austin Don H. Biehl, Houston William Anderson Brown, Corpus Christi David W. Harmon, Dallas Vernon Lloyd Helmke, San Antonio Russell J. Hinote, San Antonio RUSSELL J. HINOTE DONALD BARRON BARKER D. WAYNE WILSON, JR. HOWARD FRANKLIN PAYTON Prytanis Epi-Prytanis Grammateus Crysophylos MEMBERS Carl Louis Miller, Jr., Mercedes Frank B. Nair, Jr., Detroit, Mich. Howard Franklin Payton, Austin Bert Edwin Ray, Austin Panel Lynwood Sanders, De Quincy, La. Charles R. Shirley, Denison Myles Collier Stewart, San Antonio Guerry M. Strong, Austin Ted Cole Van Delden, San Antonio D. Wayne Wilson, Jr., Corpus Christi PLEDGES Roger Tate Harris, San Antonio James Thurston Kent, Jr., De Quincy, La. Arthur Pitts Ortolon, Jr., Longview Eugene T. Smith, San Antonio Frank J. Van Delden, Jr., San Antonio Hugo Alphonse Walter, Jr., Fredricksburg Donald Wand, San Antonio Jesse Milton Wilson, Jr., Port Arthur PACE 272 Allton, Anderson, Barker, Biehl. Brown, Harmon, Harris, Helmke. Hinote, Kent, Miller, Nair. Payton, Ray, Sanders, Shirley. Stewart, Strong, F. Van Delden, T. Van Delden. Walter, Wand, D. Wilson. L 1 T J Fall JAMES C. O ' HARA JIM NORTON RUSSELL . BENTON FITCH KUNNECKE HERBERT HERMAN BECKER OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Spring JAMES C. O ' HARA JIM NORTON RUSSELL BENTON FITCH KUNNECKE HERBERT HERMAN BECKER MEMBERS Herbert Herman Becker, Austin David D. Bozeman, Dallas James J. Bradley, Katy William F. Brainerd, Amarillo Joe D. Burton, Corpus Christi Kenneth Fain Cason, Corpus Christi Jack Craycroft, Dallas John Leyson Dellinger, Jr., Tyler Dwight James Edson, Jr., Austin Robert Donald Jacobsen, Omaha, Nebr. Earl J. Koester, Seguin Benton Fitch Kunnecke, San Antonio William J. Lesko, Jackson Heights, Long Island, N. Y. James C. O ' Hara, Princeton, Ky. Richard Perry, Texas City Arnold Edward Peter, Jr., Mercedes George Bruno Pichel, Austin George Richie, Princeton, Ky. Jim Norton Russell, Waco Gene Theodore Schrader, De Rider, Iowa Gerald Joe Smith, Merilla Park, N. Mex. Bobby Webb, Corpus Christi PAUE 274 Becker, Bozeman, Bradley, Burton. Cason, Craycroft, Dellinger, Edson. Jacobsen, Koester, Kun- necke, Lesko. O ' Hara, Perry, Peter, Pichel. Russell, Schrader, Smith, Webb. Kf) PACE 275 FACULTY LEO GUY BLACKSTOCK, Professor of Business Law JOHN MALCOLM FORSMAN, Assistant Professor of English ARCHIE WAUGH STRAITON, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Fall ROBERT B. ROPER . JOHN FRANK COLLINS, JR. HAMLIN L. HILL, JR. DONALD RAY MORRIS OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Spring WILLIAM RICHARD CREE ANDREW JACKSON ROWE, JR. ALLAN S. QUINN JAY CECIL CRAGER Garland P. Aenchbacher, Longview David Avery, Longview Robert D. Bailey, Port Arthur Jerry Dale Barber, Pampa Jack Ellsworth Barnhart, Refugio Robert E. Beatty, San Antonio Robert Franklin Bradley, Jr., Lufkin Hersch S. Brannen, Houston William F. Busch, Baytown James E. Callaway, Alice John Frank Collins, Jr., Eastland Morgan Lee Copeland, Brownfield Jay Cecil Crager, Beaumont William Richard Cree, Pampa Hall J. DeBusk, Beaumont William E. S. Dickerson, III, Austin Richard Franklin Ford, Dallas Donald D. French, San Antonio James Robert Griffin, Temple MEMBERS Glenn E. Hamman, Port Arthur Raymond A. Harrison, Galveston David L. Harvey, Mirando City Hamlin L. Hill, Jr., Houston William Elray Howard, Jr., Beaumont James William Johnson, Beaumont Roy Edens Johnston, Lufkin Joe Scott Lancaster. Beeville George Lawrence, Houston Joe Bob Lawrence, Harlingen Joseph Paxton McCrimmon, Sherman Charles Meyers, Jr., Wichita Falls Donald Ray Morris, Waco Alvin Peter Noyes, Kilgore William Reed Quilliam, Jr., Beaumont Allan S. Quinn, Caracas, Venezuela David Hornsby Rainey, Austin Gilbert E. Robertson, Jr., Dallas Wayne Royce Rodgers, Munday Robert B. Roper, Fort Worth Andrew Jackson Rowe, Jr., Fort Worth Charles B. Russell, Turkey Richard Louis Salmon, Longview Clem R. Scott, San Antonio O. V. Scott, Jr., Wichita Falls Herbert A. Seidel, Jr., Abilene Troyce S. Shofner, Harlingen Walter John Shudde, Jr., San Diego, Calif. George Martin Stevens, Dallas William C. Swain, Jr., Baytown Nic Edwin Tengg, Houston E. Kenneth Tooley, Haskell Roy Lawayne Van Winkle, Childress Eugene E. Vauble, Houston Frank S. Warner, McAllen Eugene Waters, Harlingen Arthur Branch Williams, Jr., San Antonio George Thomas Yost, Jr., Austin Joe Grady Bice, Tyler Ed Bluestein, Jr., Atlanta Anthony Wayne Brown, Harlingen Jerry D. Brownlow, Dublin John G. Cashman, Dallas Doyalton Dan Dominey, Galveston Wayne Harrison Gallagher, Beaumont Edward Morriss Gilmore, Jr., Galveston Elmer Lee Hensley, Angleton Donald Gene Hopper, Harlingen PLEDGES Walter L. Knapp, Jr., Crosbyton James William Knott, Jr., Dallas Harry Harrison Lee, III, Houston William Donald Long, Houston Frank D. McMullen, Jr., Austin Lawrence Edward Martin, Jr., Dallas John B. Moon, Dallas Charles Thomas Moore. Crockett William Thomas Reade, Jr., Dallas Max Ramon Rucker, Lufkin Richard LeRoy Scheig, Pampa James Burton Slade, Amarillo Robert H. Smith, Longview John Sandham Tail, Jr., Houston James L. Tune, Longview Alton D. Wallace. Crosbyton Richard Thomas Weidmer, Halsville Thomas D. Winslett, Coleman Jimmie Allen Word, San Antonio PAGE 276 Aenchbacher, Avery, Bailey, Barber, Beatty. Bice, Blues tein, Bradley, Brannen, Brown. Busch, Collins, Copeland, Crager, Cree. DeBusk, Dominey, Ford, French, Gallagher. Griffin, Johnson, Johnston, Knapp, McCrimmon. McMullen, Martin, Moore, Morris, Quilliam. Quinn, Reade, Robertson, Rodgers, Rucker. Russell, Salmon, Scheig, C. Scott, O. Scott. Shudde, Smith, Stevens, Swain, Tengg. Tooley, Tune, Van Winkle, Williams, Word, Yost. l 4 I n PAGE 277 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL President Secretary . Vice-President Treasurer . OFFICERS WALES H. MADDEN WILLIAM B. CLARK ROBERT C. DUKE JAMES KEET LEWIS Acacia .... Alpha Epsilon Pi . Alpha Tau Omega . Beta Theta Pi . Chi Phi .... Delta Chi . Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Sigma Phi . Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon . Kappa Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha . Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Psi . Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Tau . Phi Sigma Delta Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi . Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Tau Delta Phi . Tau Kappa Epsilon . Theta Chi . Theta Xi MEMBERS Seniors JACK GRAHAM STEELE MARVIN ' DAVID SHWIFF JEFF E. GEESLIN . PHILIP RANSOPHER BENJAMIN DF.VANE CLARKE WILLIAM PATTON GLADE . HENRY ALBERT PERRY . . J. B. JOHNSON ROBERT GORDER MICKEY . HOMER HEBERT JACKSON . TAYLOR NICHOLS TOMAS GLOVER POLLARD . HARRY C. WEBB . RAY Doss PEELER., JR. JOHN SCOTT SHAMBAUGH . JAMIE HAGER CLEMENTS . ED FROST .... JERRY WARD BROUGHER ROBERT Louis BLUMENTHAL CLYDE ELLSWORTH HOYT ROBERT C. TURNHAM JOSEPH THOMAS WUNDERLICK FRED B. KESSLER HARRY LEE HALL CHESTER MCCLURE BINTLIFF CLAUDE WATSON GOLDSMITH SIMON RUBINSKY RUSSELL HINOTE GEORGE BRUNO PICHEL MORGAN L. COPELAND Juniors GEORGE W. SMYTH DONALD L. GOULD HAROLD S. HAYDEN JACK HENSLEY WILLIAM GUSTAV SWENSON JOHN JOSEPH TILLERSON GEORGE WILLIAM LACEY RAYMOND MAX SLAUGHTER DAVID T. BLACKSTOCK ELVIN EVERETT HAGEDORN RICHARD BRYAN STONE WILLIAM MILLER MEREDITH CHARLES A. SANDERS CHARLES CARROLL CHAMBERS PRESTON MOORE GEORGE CROWLEY JOHN CARROLL MILLER HARVARD LAMAR GREGORY ALLEN HABER KLINE ARTHUR ROBY HADDEN JACK RUSSELL SCHMID WILLIAM DALTON FONTAINE LARRY ELTON GOLMAN RALPH HOWARD DAUGHERTY LEE ALDERDICE TERRY DEBBS KING MARTIN C. KREIMERMAN GUERRY M. STRONG JAMES C. O ' HARA ROBERT BASIL ROPER " Top Row: Aldj!rdice, Binlliff, Blackstock. BlumenthaK Brougher. Chambers, Clirk, Clarke, Clements, Copeland. Sregory. Filth Row: O ' Hara, Peeler, Pichel, Perry. Pollard ' , Ransopher, Rubinsky, Sanders, Schmid, Shambaugh. Sixth Row: Shwiff, Slaughter, Smyth, Steele, Strong, Swenson, Tillerson, Turnhim, Webb, Wunderlick. PAGE 278 The Dekes give their rushees a front-porch serenade. The ATO ' s take a break between rush parties . . . ever heard the one about the traveling salesman ? RUSH " Who dealt this mess? " says Bill Buckler at the Lambda Chi house. Andrews Bintliff and Lauderdale give the Sigma Nu rushees a little close harmony. The Pi K. A. quartet sings a rousing welcome. The Phi Kappa Tau ' s run through a last rehearsal be- fore the rushees arrive. Nominees Gelya Anderson, Alicemarie Meyers, and Lucianne Knight await the announcement of the new Sigma Chi Sweetheart. And here she is, lovely Lucianne Knight. Sing-Song Chairman Lois Agnor pre- sents the first place trophy to Belt Song Leader Ted Jackson. Phi Gams won third place with their rendition of " Blue Shadows on the Trail. " Resting in the balcony of Gregory Gym, fraternity groups waited their turns to sing. : Phi Kaps had an impromptu pep rally before the SMU-Texas game. Frances Schneider and pals clown for the camera. Frank Bradley and Boots Apple proudly display the first place trophy the KA ' s won in the Aggie Sign Contest. Phi Psi ' s guard their second place winner. The Belts won third place with this comical sign. PAGE 281 The winning entry razzing the Aggies in the D.U. Orange and White Parade. Sabu, Ugly Man, sneers at the world. The " gang " splits the donations. And it ' s Miss Joan Briggs, Sweetheart of Lambda Chi. You mean there is someone UGHlier than this? 7= i The high sweet voice of Bill " Sam " Bullard rings out as the K. A. ' s serenade. " My, what pretty flowers! " says Mary Ann Edwards, new Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl. Kathleen Miller seems pleased at being named Phi Kappa Tau Sweetheart. Could it be " Hell Week " at the A E Pi house? More pledge games at the A E Pi house. Chairman Bob Wheeler pauses while scribes Bill Clark, George Tate, Bob Blumenthal, and Leland Hodges catch up on their records of the Clique meeting. Pi cture of the Year an inside glimpse of the Clique at work. Tiny Lawrence pours coffee for visiting lovelies during the Round-Up festivities. Kathleen, Mary Esther, and Johnny Miller smile for the cam- era, but Stanley Moos seems more interested in his breakfast. Buddy Scott, Shirley Moody, Janice and Don Liggi enjoyed the Phi Gam Circus Party. Phi Psi chorus girls entertained the masses at Varsity Carnival to bring their fraternity the first place cup for the sixth consecutive year. The Dekes gave spectators a laugh as they panned other Southwest Conference schools with their float. The Acacias ' " Tweetie Bird " got revenge at the Round- Up parade. Breaking the penata at the " El Rancho Sammie. " Jack Hubby and Buster Dickerson brought the Intramural Debate tro- phy home to the Phi Kap house. ACACIA A typical crowd at Varsity Carnival waiting for the show to begin. Danny Chester emotes for the audience in the PiKA ' s take-off on a " Gay Nineties " melodrama. The old South lived again in the Sig Eps ' " Gone With the Gin. " A lucky shots tips a campus beauty into the Phi Belt water drop. The Kappa Sigs capitalized on a famous Broadway show and made good at Varsity Carnival. ' MS ' , . i D O R M S A N D C O O P S PACE 287 I CAROTHERS DORMITORY r i .. Fronf ?OH;: B. Hope Frnka. Helen L. Bucek, Jody Hollon. Betty Blake, Marilyn Terry, Willetta Alder, Helen Lindgren, Bonnie Nagai, June Boysen. Margaret A. Hargrove, Cathe D. Evans, Lura Hebel, Elizabeth A. Martin, Betty J. Biuckner, Marilyn Nierman, Penny Fairchild, Dorothy Deaver, Betty F. Anderson, Junelle P. Witt, Nancy Chadwell, Sally Chesnick, Mary C. Doggett, Patricia A. Torn. Second Row: Maurine Mitchell, Betty Ross. Elizabeth L. Blank, Lucretia Haggard, Barbara L. Steele. Frances Pearce. Claire Williams, Ann A. Cline, Carolyn Kaplan, Edna J. Winebrener, Leva L. McFarland, Bebe Bynum, Nina Smith, Frances A. Navratil, Kathleen Duncan. Eneil Scott, Twinkle Barnett, Martha L. Schroeder, Betty S. Franklin, Agnes Henke, Evelyn Gottlieb, Marillyn Elkins, Dena Fai Mayers, Helen A. Carroll, Shirley Plmtowsky, Margaret Caldwell. Third Row: Guin D. Dyer, Rose Marie Falbo, Verna Jack Fondren, Martha A. Oden, Patricia J. Earth, Pollie V. Bland, Patricia K. Nesmith, Mary Ann McCollum, Pat J. Sefton, Shirley A. Forehand, Tommy J. Denman, Carolyn Sansing, Joan Gray, Dolores Cobb, Patsy A. Massey, Pat Banker. Margaret A. Schmidt. Susan L. Tiner, Julia R. Watson. Naomi J. Hoppenstein, Sue Schroeder, Margaret E. Cols, Sally Agey, Pauline E. Davidson, Pat Jones, Carolyn Busch. Gretchen Kebelman, Edwina Reddick. STAFF Social Director . First Assistant . Second Assistant Third Assistant . President . Vice-President Reporter . Chairman Secretary Treasurer HOUSE OFFICERS LUCRETIA HAGGARD ALICE LAINE MARY ANN McCoLLUM LEAH JEAN KENDRED ELIZABETH L. BLANK JUNE BOYSEN D. CAROLYN BUSH UPPERCLASS ADVISORS OFFICERS PATRICIA J. GRAY MARTHA A. ODEN PATRICIA K. NESMITH " Betty J. Bruckner Sally A. Chesnick Margaret E. Cole MEMBERS Mary L. Dansby Mary Ann McWhorter Tommy J. Denman Bonnie M. Nagai Clara Kaye Eschberger Constance Nelson Marilyn E. Nierman Martha Lou Schroeder Patricia J. Sefton Claire Williams PAGE 288 HUM. ntahrt. GRAC IAI Director Assistant to the Director . MARTHA GAVIN MRS. V. M. HATCHER HOUSE COMMITTEE ELIZABETH MELTON BARNETT Margaret Byrd Margaret Ann Chandler Martha Hayes Dorothy Jane Kreager Sylvia Scharfenberg Lois Scott Dora Beth Stephens Marietta Watson Alma Claire Wright Front Row: Norma W. Dalehite, Elizabeth M. Barnett, Eleanor A. Shepherd, Dora B. Stephens, Margaret A. Chandler, Margaret M. Fulton, Margaret A. Tate, Beverly A. Toney, Janie Bradner, Nancy Jary, Gwen Slaybaugh, Jean M. Gerebach. Second Row: Lois I. Mendle, Elizabeth A. Clore, Marion L. Brown, Kathtrine L. Massingill, Dear Belle Humphreys, Lois R. Martin, Joyce J. Jeanes, Lois Nickerson, Laura A. Bickley, Madeleine M. McAfee, Sylvia S. Scharfenberg, Alma Cissy Wright, Caroline Roberts, Billie Jarrell, Binny Baugher, Elsie G. Gomez, Josephine Mclnnis. Third Row: Martha M. Hayes, Ruth E. Borgerding, Ann Smith, Clare J. Turner, Camilla M. Berkley, Elizabeth A. Gray, Marietta Watson, Hazel M. Estefan, Edith M. Gray, Lois R. Scott, Dorothy J. Kreager, Margaret A. Abbott, Marty Leigh, Mariana Brito, Loma Dell Muckleroy, Dorothy E. Barrett, Yvonne Rollins, Betty Cotter, Pat Moore. PAGE 289 I KIRBY HALL ;v Front Row: Mary Helen Fritsch, Mozelle Hampton, Nettie L. Widner, Amy Purcell, Barbara Tinker, Vivian Jircik, Cecil Thigpen, Bonnie J. Mill " Dannye Caylor, Lorie Blumentritt, Donna L. Dondlinger, Pat Davis, Nancy Sellman, Yvonne Hart, Shaion Swales, LaNelle Brown, Patricia R. Fault. Margaret E. Abel, Luz Elida Rivas. Second Row: Merla J. Baldwin, JoeAnne C. Faulk, Marylyn M. Dancy, Patricia E. Mitchell, Anne M. Williams, Elaine Probst, Mary K. Dobbs, Martha A. Gliddon, Billye J. Miller, Wanda S. Dean, Grace I. Gifford, Dorothy A. Forrester, Carolyn S. Gordon, Sarah L. Singleton, Jo Ann Standefer, Grace E. Ahlhardt, Lois N. Johnson, Dorothy Campbell, Joyce Filinger, Gwynn Molzahn. Third Row: Dorothy A. Dodd, Carolina M. Laduatra, Iralene R. Hart, Nancy A. Nichols, Lucila M. Cisneros, Carolyn M. Adlof, Shirley L. McBride, Nellie M. Hymer, Jean Bride, Patti Alexander, Peggye A. Basham, June Fitzgerald, Rosemary Sone, Mary J. Hullum, Patricia A. Weaver, Jo Ann Tucker, Elizabeth Hill, Maria Coronado, Eleanor Jackson. Fourth Row: Ethel A. McFetridge, Joann K. Harms, Donna L. English, Jeanne Fauquet, Shirley J. Hagens, G. Ann Haidin, Terry A. Holtz, Billie G. Ungerer, Dorothy Boone, Joanne Benrman, Barbara Banner, Patricia J. Zeller, Norma Riddle, Roberta Oswald, Mary Jo Hullum, Jeanine Johnson, Mary Ray, Virginia R. Baker. STAFF Director . Assistant Director Assistant Director Dietitian IRENE T. POWERS ELEANOR JACKSON SHIRLEY HAGENS KATHLEEN C. TROWBRIDGE UPPERCLASS ADVISORS House Chairman .... House Treasurer Chairman of Upperclass Advisors . Barbara Carlson Flo Cox JoeAnne Faulk Patricia R. Faulk Vida June Fitzgerald MARY RAY LANELLE BROWN VIRGINIA BAKER Gloria Foitik Iralene Hart Theresa Holtz Luz Elida Rivas Barbara Tinker Wanda Turnley PACE 290 LITTLEFIELD DORMITORY SOCIAL STAFF Social Director . First Assistant . Second Assistant Third Assistant . Nurse . Secretary . HELEN FLINN ANN SMITH MIRIAM CALLENDER Ru BEUKE JEAN KEGLEY JEAN HAACK BUSINESS STAFF Business Director Assistant Business Director Telephone Operators Housekeeper RUTH A. FEHR MOLSIE REDDICK JOYCE RUCKER (FRANCES EMERY ELSIE HIGGINS Frances Atkins Georgeann Beene Jane Borneman Patricia H. Cox Bonnie Cron Doris Lee Hall Kathleen Hunt ADVISORS Jaclyn Keasler Noreen Kevan Loretta Lamm Virginia Morrison Greta Nissen Betty Oates Iris Pace Ann Rosborough Jean Royall Sara Sample Angelica Strassmann Shirley Van Wormer Lillian Wood 3- Front Row: Margaret T. Petty, Jane M Bailey, Margaret J. Royall, Betty L. Koppel, Jo Ann Brookntr, Dorothy J. Durrenberger, Sandra E. Holtzn Veronica Morel. Second Row: Ernestelle K. Tutt, Betty Oates, Elsie J. Bridges, Diana J. Reed, Laverne Avera, Nancy J. Armstrong, Dianne Poetter, Lorna Smith, Patricia J Purvis, Betty J. McDonald Sharlene B. Gerrick, Virginia P. Dyke, Frances E. Berryman, Linda R. Rowe, Nancy J. Earle, Marianne White, Lolita R. McNeill, Marilyn R. Mcvey, Adele Crawford, Dorothy Lang, Peggy Bull, Louise Randall, Inez Kimball, Jean McElreath, Ann Rosborough, Mary F. Watkins. . Third Row: Kathleen Hunt, Peggy A. Wolff, Barbara J. Jordan, Celeste Ave ,iiu fk. iviaic}. Fifth Row: Helen Flinn, Beth Smyth, Jean M. Edge, Ann Cheaven. Bettie Dancy, Jo Thompson, Carolyn A. Moore, Vlasta L. Zobal, Claudie Watson, Carmen Smith. Harriot Haynes. Carolyn Foreman, Isabelle L. Burow. Elizabeth A. Donan. Mary B. Rosser, Ann Collette, Marianna Forrest, Patricia Dillon, Kaye Clark, Margaret B. Kovach, Patricia A. Lasater, Joan Chaudoin, Gerry E. Messmer, Elissa J. Berwald, Carol J. Wesner, Mattie E. Dean. PACE 291 NEWMAN HALL Front Row: Teresa Agnes McGinn, Rachel Yolanda Godinez, Laura E. Cruz, Linda Gloria Ruiz, Ann M. McCarthy, Barbara C. Roberts Second Row: Barbara A. O ' Brien, Catherine A. Giglio, Mrs. Conrey, Georgina Reyna, Liliana Stankovich, Clementine White. Third Row: Mary M. Bynum, Lydia R. Rios, Barbara A. Schuchert, Marie Arisco, Laura B. Knopp, Jean Claeys, Anna Martinez. Fourth Row: Rosemary Montague, Lou A. Hollway, Mary Ann Burch, Kay Kearney. Director . Resident Hostess HOUSE COUNCI President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer SISTER M. ADELINE MRS. MARTYN CONREY BARBARA ANN O ' BRIEN ERNESTINE GONZALEZ JOAN DOUGAN MARY MARGARET BYNUM UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Mary Andres Mary Ann Burch Mary Margaret Bynum Laura E. Cruz Joan Dougan Rachel Yolanda Godinez Ernestine Gonzalez Lou Ann Hollway Lillian Molae V. Rosemary Montague Barbara Ann O ' Brien Barbara Claire Roberts Linda Gloria Ruiz PAGE 292 Si 1 SCOTTISH RITE DORMITORY STAFF Director Social Director . Resident Nurse . Resident Counselors Dining Room Hostess MRS. F. C. McCoNNELL MRS. A. P. DOHONEY NELL PHILLIPS [MARGIE MUSE j MRS. C. E. NEWTON [CORA SEYMOUR ISORA COOKE UPPERCLASS ADVISORS OFFICERS Co-Chairmen . Secretary . Social Chairman Reporter . JEAN ANDERSON BARBARA S. WINANS MAYMEGENE WILLIAMS BARBARA B. WALKOW CAROL COOK Bettie Jean Anderson Charlotte Arant Elise J. Bilhartz Maxine Buchannan Carol Cook Frances E. Gilbreath Martha Ann Hallman Kennon Kethley Joan E. Matthews Alice M. Mayfield Nona E. Orts Patricia A. Parker Marilyn Perkins Joan P. Simmons Barbara B. Walkow Bettye Jo West Maymegene Williams G. Janelle Williams Barbara S. Winans Front Row: BUCHANAN, MATTHEWS, MAYFIELD, COOK, WINANS, GILBREATH, BILHARTZ. Second Row: ANDERSON, ARANT, PERKINS, HALLMAN, WEST, M. WILLIAMS, ORTS. PAOE 293 OAK GROVE CO-OP 1 Front Row: Holland, Webster, Foster, W. P. Roye, Skinner, Anderson. Second Row: R. Shield, Horak, Smith, George, Carmichael, Thomas. Third Row: Knight, Slater, Kennedy, Gonzalez, Tomsu. Fourth Row: Svasta, Hrncir, Harville, Blue. Fifth. Row: Gloss, Lybarger, Edmundson, Upchurch. Sixth Row: Thiele, Atkinson, Hudel, Milner, Tolar, Karger. Seventh Row: Stanley Kacir, Edward Walker, W. W. Roye, Sidney Kacir, Boston, Allison, Bailey. OFFICERS President .... V ice-President Business Manager . Detail Manager . Councilman- at-Large . DONALD SMITH RICHARD CHARLES GONZALEZ EDWARD J. SVASTA WALTER WAYNE ROYE FRANK HENRY HORAK Robert Bryan Allison George Barnett Anderson Charles Roy Atkinson George Nelson Bailey John Hardy Blue Lynn Doyle Boston Alan Eugene Carmichael George Gloss Dan Kenneth Edmundson Bill F. Foster Thomas Edward George Richard Charles Gonzalez Robert W. Hanna Joe Lawrence Harville MEMBERS William H. Holland Frank Henry Horak Harold Carter Howard Guss Vince Hrncir William August Hudel George Sidney Kacir Charles Stanley Kacir Chester Henry Karger William Monroe Kennedy W. Allen Knight David Dean Lybarger Charles Porter Milner Watson Payne Roye Walter Wayne Roye Elgean Shield Richard Shield Dan Robert Skinner William P. Slater Donald Smith Edward J. Svasta William Edward Thiele Gene Arlen Thomas Jack Eldon Tolar Jerry Thomas Tomsu James Couch Upchurch Edward James Walker Lawrence Keith Webster PAGE 294 THELEME CO-OP OFFICERS President . Secretary . Treasurer . NOLAN P. TIMMONS ANCEL E. SIMMONS ROBERT G. ROENIGK Gerald J. Babin Thomas K. Bamford Vernon M. Blackard Olan R. Brewer Fred E. Brown Jack N. Clark Jesse W. Clements Otho L. Crawford James W. Dodd Lynwood G. Elliott Winston O. Faith John H. Foy Ed Frost Ralph H. Gillespie MEMBERS Robert F. Grainge Marion A. Graves Eugene F. Greene Albert W. Hail, Jr. Ray K. Haley Donald E. Jackson William W. Kenyon David Ling Wayne C. McAlister Daniel C. Morgan, Jr. Guillermo R. Padolina Robert L. Peters Lester J. Quinn David Randolf Bert C. Rees, Jr. Robert G. Roenigk John B. Rogers Newton B. Schwartz Ancel E. Simmons Calvin L. Stoner Guy D. Thompson Nolan P. Timmons Ben H. Wagner Pete J. Wagner, Jr. Douglas J. Walker George G. Wallace Edward N. Wheeler Joseph Wayne Word Arthur F. Zobal Front Row: Brewer, Kenyon, Elliott, Crawford, Zobal, Dodd, Morgan, Rogers, Peters, Stoner, Hail, Clark, Grainge. Second Row: Frost, McAlister, B. Wagner, Quinn, Ling, Jackson, Brown, Blackard, Greene, Roenigk, Timmons, Word. Third Row: Thompson, Rees, Wheeler, Faith, Simmons, Bamford, Randoif, Foy, Gillespie, P. Wagner, Graves, Wallace, Haley, PAGE 295 T. L. O. K. Front Row: Robertson, Lin, Carroll, Odom, Kiely, Bus, Washington, McDonald. Second Row: Hardy, Riggle, Ghazala, Boyd, Hooper, Williams, Ligon. Third Row: Hennig, E. Mosley, Nichols, Arnold, R. Mosley, H. Smith, Orr. Fourth Row: Busby, J. Smith, Carson, Niemeyer, Hempel, Brooks, Comiskey. Fifth Row: Nourachi, McCrary, Barron, Boury, B. Davis, Endsley, Hairston. i . OFFICERS President . Secretary . Treasurer . Food Buyer Maintainer Parliamentarian MASON H. HAIRSTON LAWRENCE E. NIEMEYER CRAWFORD F. BOYD JAMES H. MCCRARY CHI-SUN LIN WALTER J. LIGON ! Charles William Arnold Douglas J. Barron John E. Blakey Costandy Nicola Boury Crawford F. Boyd Edward Brooks Daniel William Bus R. A. Busby John M. Carroll Joel Lee Carson Patrick T. Comiskey Bowen Davis Mack F. Davis MEMBERS J. W. Endsley Emile B. Ghazala Mason H. Hairston Miles Henry Hardy Louis A. Hempel, Jr. Robert L. Hennig Jackson D. Hooper Harry C. Kiely Walter J. Ligon Chi-Sun Lin James H. McCrary Glynn W. McDonald Ernest Thomas Mosley Richard W. Mosley William M. Nichols Lawrence E. Niemeyer AH R. Nourachi Wayne C. Odom Wilson Clark Orr Robert K. Riggle Carl R. Robertson Andrew J. Sebastian Herchel Raymond Smith John Carlton Smith James H. Washington Rex R. Williams, Jr. PAGE 296 TWIN PINES CO-OP OFFICERS President and Treasurer JOHN M. GREENWOOD Secretary and Job Chairman GORDON D. MOORE, JR. Dietician TOM J. BROOKS Social Chairman JAMES H. DYER, JR. Inter-Co-op Representative JAMES D. ALEXANDER Inter-Co-op Reporter THOMAS H. MEANS MEMBERS Fouad K. Aide James D. Alexander Corwin L. Anderegg P. Weldon Boswell Robert L. Bradley Tom J. Brooks Charles C. Brown Kline D. Busbee, Jr. Peyton Dabney Cauley Neil Barrel Cox Lloyd M. Durst James H. Dyer Henry H. Bill J. Foster John M. Greenwood, Jr. Walter Leeolen Hammond John Mansel Hudson Willia m J. Kopecky Lloyd H. McFarland Harold G. O ' Dell Raymond R. Palmer, Jr. Charles Arthur Robison Saleem J. Tannous Harry Ragsdale White George W. Willis, Jr. Zinke Front Row: AIDE, ANDEREGG, BROWN, DYER, BROOKS, GREENWOOD, ALEXANDER, HUDSON. Second Row: DURST, WHITE, ROBISON, McFARLAND, PALMER, ZINKE, WILLIS, FOSTER. PACE 297 WOMEN ' S CO-OP Fron flow: Cronkhite, Desmuke, Varias, Caddenhead, M. Wright, Hassinger, Williams, Hing. Bubendorf, Ball, Clark, Fariss, Erwin, Brewton, McWhorter, J. Jackson, McKnight, Duval. Second Row: McCoy, Sellers, Ruth Bonorden, Rosella Bonorden, Vidrio, J. Wright, Calhoun, Blanton, Polter, Maldonado, Miller, Barbay, Henslee, Kutac, Poth, Bushong. Third ROM: Patterson, Kaltom, Shudde, McCulcheon, Hack, Hendricks, Arnold, Collins, Brandhorst, McCurdy, Johnson, Watson, Beard, Little. : - ' -.: Mad Li HALSTEAD SHANGRI-LA Co-Ordinator . Helene A. Bartels Betty L. Brittain VVava Lee Caddenhead Anne Chambers Margaret M. Cronkhite Beatrice E. Crowe K. Sue Desmuke FERN OPAL HALTOM Betty Sue Eidom Maria G. Leal Billie J. McPherson Nancy Sue Pate Peggy Ann Shudde Josefina R. Varias Emma Vidrio Co-Ordinator . Martha Ann Wright Mildred I. Blanton Agnes G. David Joyce L. Davis Pauline Edwards Cora A. HofTpauir Anna C. Jackson Dorothy Ann Labaj Gloria D. E. MacRae CORA HOFFPAUIR H. Delores Moore Katherine M. Otken Evelyn E. Petersen Margaret E. Rupp Margaret A. Russell Jean M. Walker Ruth E. Wheeler Barbara A. Williams THEADORNE Co-Ordinator JANE WATSON Sally Gay Barbay Rosella Bonorden Sue Laretha Henslee Joyce M. Johnson Shirley R. Lawrence Morelle Estelle McCoy Singa Patricia Sellers Freida Stendig June Anne Tolar Elizabeth A. Word Sue Worthington Dolores Young Co-Ordinator . WHITEHALL VIRGINIA LEE HENDRICKS Virginia Ann Arnold Mclva Jean Ball Mary Jane Brandhorst Evelyn E. Bubendorf Charlotte R. Calhoun Rachel I. Clark Susanna R. Collins Dolores Linda Duval Jeanette Hack Alice L. Harbison Margaret Joan Hassinger Virginia Lee C. Hendricks Mable W. Hing Joyce M. Jackson Marian Lea McCurdy Patricia A. McCutcheon Oralia Maldonado Edith S. Miller Marselaine Patterson Katherine V. Polter Clara Bow Williams Johnie G. Wright Co-Ordinator . VALHALLA RUTH KATHERINE BREWTON Adelene R. Baletka Ruth Katherine Brewton Margarita G. Costero Mary Katherine Erwin Lena Ann Fariss Franke Jean Fouts Patsy R. Harris Rosie J. Klekar Joycelene L. Labaj S. Ellen McCarty Jeannine McWhorter L. Doll Martin Marian Pendergrass D. Jeanette Probst Varah J. Tate Mary Elizabeth Teague WAKONDA Co-Ordinator . . . ETHEL KUTAC Mary L. Ashcraft Shirley R. Beard Ruth Ann Bonorden Paula Jean Bushong Diane F. Cocke Bettye Gayle Davis Mary Frances Going Ethel M. Kutac Mildred J. Little Rhoda L. McKnight Elnora J. Noack Kathryn V. Poth Betty J. Rotan PAGK 298 SfAFF PROSPECTORS Littlefield gals dance a mean Schottish at their Suppressed Desire party. Advisors Pat Cox and Doris Hall and Littlefield Staff members let the world in on their " suppressed desires. " These girls prove that house- keeping can be fun the Co- op way. Wakonda girls and dates were all smiles at one of their informal get-togethers. At Christmas time chil- dren from The Home of the Holy Infants got presents galore from a jolly co-op Santa Glaus. PAGE 299 And the Andrews Dorm party goes on. Villian Shirley Forehand takes a drag and young innocence, Carolyn Busch, rolls her own. One November day Whitehall Co-op burned . . . and varied emotions were reflected in the faces of Jeanette Hack, Susanne Collins, Mary Jane Brand- horst, Johnnie Wright, and Ginger Hendricks. " Life can be beautiful " grin Nancy Pate, Fern Haltom, Helene Bartels, and Peggy Shudde at Halstead. Opening day at Littlefield Dorm finds advisors Noreen Kevan, Dee Carmen, Angie Strassmann, Kathie Hunt, Loretta Lamm, Doris Hall, Shirley Van Wormer, and Bonnie Cron gathered around the punch bowl. Miss Flinn and Littlefield Advisors greet new arrivals. Partying at Twin Pines are Margaret Cronkhite, Josie Varias, Billie McPherson, Pat Harris, Jeannine Mc- Whorter, Katie Erwin, and Dahl Martin. Hot dog! It ' s alive! TLOK natives give with the cheese cake. PACE 301 Co-op cooks from Halstead and Campus Guild prepare mighty tasty food. Ed Thiele, Frank Horak, and Chester Karger " hit the books " at Oak Grove. Time out for a little relaxation for TLOK men Calvin Smith, Glynn McDonald, Charles Arnold, Eddie Brooks, A. R. Nou- rachi, and Carl Robertson. Whitehall girls keep their kitchens spick and span. PACE 302 John Q. Adams R. Reece Alexander H. K. Allen John Burnis Allred Joe Enga Arnold Don Reid Barton Jack Leon Barton Edwin Rudy Bauman Stuart Benson Thomas Eugene Berry Charles Estill Bludworth Robert Fenton Brock Walter W. Broemer David Browning Thomas Ed. Burrows Sam Waring Callan Don Word Cavness Bobby Joe Clark George W. Cobb Carl Earnest Coleman Robert Earl Cone John Dunlap Crawford James O. Cullom Don Wayne Cunningham June Davis Milton B. Davis Gilbert Henry Dawson Bobby Dan Dillon James Edward Dowies James F. Ehrler Wesley Boswell Ellis, Jr. Robert Lee Eschenburg Joseph Edwin Falk Bill Georges Bernard Elroy Gerhardt Edwin F. Gilbert Charles Perry Gorin Hugh LaVern Grover John Richard Harris John Lowell Hawkinson Guss Vince Hrncir Kenneth Gene Jackson Morris Deane Johnson James C. Jones Frank Joseph Kana Top Row: Allen, Alexander, Arnold, D. Barton, J. Barton. Bauman. Benson, Berry, Bludworth, Brock, Broemer, Burrows, Clark, Cobb, Cone. Second Row: Caviness. Crawford, Cullom. Cunningham. J. David, M. David, Dawson, Dillon, Dowies, Ehrler, Ellis, Eschenburg, Falk, Georges. Third Row: Gerhardt, Gilbert, Gorin. Grover, Harris, Hrncir. Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Kana, Klein, Kuykendall. Fourth Rows Lansford, McFadin. Macatee. Marek. Menasco. Meeks, Milburn, C. Nettleton, R. Nettleton. Fifth Row: Gates, Ochoa, Pakenham. Sixth Ron ' : Parker, Penn, Person. Seventh Row: Porter, Procter, Raley. Eighth Row: Rogers, Rowan, Shands. Ninth Row: J. Tolar, R. Tolar, Vykukal, Waghalter, Walters. Tenth Row: Whisenant, Williams, W. S. Wilson, F. Womack, R. Womack. John Robert King Donald Lee Klein Gil Kuykendall James Albert Lansford Lewis Milton Levine George Pettit Macatee Raymond Joe Marek Carl H. Mayes Lewis Pate McFadin Charles M. Meeks Don Dean Menasco William Otto Milburn Clinton Ray Nettleton Ralph Murwin Nettleton, Jr. Julian Winchell Oates Richard Frank Ochoa James Austin Pakenham Charles Bryckn Parker William Albert Penn Ralph Erb Person Billy Don Porter Ben H. Procter Bobby Ray Raley Robert Dale Reedy Floyd Richmond Rogers, Jr. Joseph Richard Rowan Joe Neal Runnels Adrian Edwin Sailing, Jr. James Leroy Saunders H. T. Shands, Jr. Donald Charles Smith Jack Eldon Tolar Roger Lee Tolar Ben H. Tompkins Keith Verdon Tompkins Byron Townsend Eugene Lawrence Vykukal Sigmund Irving Waghalter Robert O. Walters Bobby Frank Whisenant Paul Norman Williams William Delpard Wilson Wynant Stone Wilson Frank Jesse Womack Ray Orr Womack PACE 305 SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS Team W L Pts. Opp. Pet. TEXAS 6 142 68 1.000 Baylor 4 2 109 95 667 A M 3 3 142 121 500 TCU 3 3 110 116 500 SMU 2 4 109 106 333 Rice 2 4 79 155 33 ? Arkansas HBfcB ftflL i ta jij 5 73 103 167 BLAIR CHERRY Head Coach DANA X. BIBLE Athletic Director Assistant Coaches: BUDDY JU.NGMICHEL, J. T. KING, ED PRICE, BULLY GILSTRAP, ECK CURTIS. PAGE 307 II II II I II II II I Respected by all his teammates as one of the steadiest players on the squad, veteran LONGHORN DICK ROWAN has been a first string linebacker and blocker for 3 years. This year he is serving as co-captain. He is married and has a young son, Randy. CO-CAPTAIN BUBBA SHANDS has been an outstanding foot- baller since Lufkin High School days. The 6 foot, 1 inch halfback has lettered three seasons with the Longhorns. A senior, he married Ann Mayo this spring. John Q. Adams Joe E. Arnold Don R. Barton Jack L. Barton Don W. Cunningham June Davis Gilbert H. Dawson Bobby Dan Dillon Bill Georges Kenneth G. Jackson James C. Jones John B. Alldred William A. Chanslor Gene B. Fleming Charles W. Genthner LETTERMEN James A. Lansford Lewis M. Levine Lewis P. McFadin Don Dean Menasco William O. Milburn Richard F. Ochoa Claude Daniel Page Billy D. Porter Ben H. Procter Bobby Ray Raley RESERVE LETTERMEX George Gentry William E. McDonald Carl H. Mayes John W. Naylor Hugh S. Reeder Joseph Richard Rowan Harley E. Sewell H. J. Shands, Jr. C. Tommy Stolhandske Ben H. Tompkins F. Byron Townsend Eugene L. Vykukal Paul N. Williams William D. Wilson William H. Bohn, Manager James A. Pakenham Glen H. Price Bobby Ray Rickman Charles Sowell Front Row: Bill Chanslor, Glen Price, William Bible, John (Bunny) Andrews, Gib Dawson, Don Barton, Charles Sowell, Jim Pakenham, Fred Simmons. Second Row: Dan Page, Jack Barton, H. T. (Bubba) Shands, Howard Hurt, John Allred, Byron Townsend, Lewis Levine, Don Cunningham, James (T.) Jones. Bobby Dillon, Ben Tompkins. Third Row: Gene Fleming. Hugh Reeder, Bob Honeycutt, William McDonald, Don Menasco, Bob Raley, June Davis, Bill Georges, Joe Arnold, Harley Sewell. George Gentry, McLinley Odell, Richard Ochoa, Dick Rowan, Fourth Row: Carl Mayes, Bill Milburn, John Naylor, Charles Genthner, Jim Lansford, Bob Rickman, John Adams, Eugene Vykukal, Bill Herron, Tom Stolhandske, Ben Procter, Paul Williams, Ken Jackson, Lewis (Bud) McFadin, Charles Taylor, Bill Wilson, Billy Porter. PWE 308 KENNETH JACKSON One of the first of the 1950 Longhorns to go into the service, Ken was inducted into the Navy on January 24 soon after foot- ball season was over. The 21 -year-old former Austin High School star was a key link in the outstanding Texas line in his position as offensive tackle. BOBBY DILLON Fast halfback from Temple, Dillon won national acclaim back in 1949 when he demonstrated a phenomenal knack for running back punts. He and Ann Morgan were married in Temple on January 27. ALL - CONFERENCE BEN PROCTER Stepping from an All-State center for Austin High School in 1944, Procter gained national fame as a Longhorn end. Ben, in addition to his activities on the football field, amassed enough A ' s to add a Phi Beta Kappa key to his long list of accomplish- ments. BYRON TOWNSEND All-American fullback, Townsend is a product of Odessa, Texas. He didn ' t limit his activities to football in high school as he also lettered in basketball, baseball, and track. In 1947 Byron was named the outstanding player in football for the state. Townsend is a physical education major, is in the ROTC, and is married. PAGE 309 ' U ALL-AMERICAN BUD McFADDIN Ail-American McFaddin, a West Texas boy, not only plays football, but has won championships in boxing and wrestling. Back home in Iraan, Bud used to do bronco-busting for a hobby. The 245-pound guard played both offensive and defensive football for the Longhorns. Cam pdi do a A AH ta PAGE 310 ALL-AMERICAN DON MENASCO Coming to the University in the fall of 1948, Don made All- American in the Associated Press poll as a line backer. The good-looking physical education major was " Boy of the Week " in the Daily Texan and calls Longview (where he was an All-State center in ' 47) home. Don and Jo Ann Woodham were married Easter vacation last year. PAGE 311 COTTON TENNESSEE 20 Scenes from the fifteenth annual Cotton Bowl Game in Dallas: Dawson goes after a Vol ball carrier. . . . The Texas team all dressed up and ready to go to Dallas ... a bit of exercise to limber up ... talking over the coming game . . . Tennessee scores . . . Cotton Bowl Queen Jackie Farris receives a kiss with her crown . . . Long- horns come out onto the field . . . rain didn ' t make these benched Longhorns half as unhappy as Tennessee did . . . Texas and Tennessee bands put on an elaborate half-time show. BOWL TEXAS 14 Tennessee showed Texas precision football and a will to win Monday, January 1, 1951, in the fifteenth annual Cotton Bowl classic to hand the Longhorns their sixth straight defeat on the jinxed Dallas gridiron, 20 to 14. In a light but steady rain, the Volunteers sped to victory on two fourth-quarter touchdowns that climaxed a last-half come- back for Tennessee a half in which Texas was outplayed and outhustled. Texas never did get its offense working steadily. Powerful Byron Townsend was the only dependable Texas runner as the Vols limited the Steers to 146 yards rushing 105 by Townsend. The Longhorns ' usually potent pass offense was handicapped by the rain, but all in all, it was just an off day for the Texas passing game. Led by Andy Kozar, a 192-pound tailback, the Vols shredded the Texas defense for 295 yards rushing. Coach Neyland ' s team completed only three passes but one was good for a touchdown. Kozar was named the game ' s outstanding back and teammate, end Bud Sherrod, received honors as the outstanding lineman. June Davis and Cunningham were out- standing in the line for Texas Cunningham playing his best game in his college career. Tennessee opened the scoring. After the Steers had held on the first series of downs they were in for a surprise when Tennessee ' s Lauricella took the ball from his own 20-yard line behind perfect blocking to the Texas ' five-yard line where Cunningham overhauled him. Texas held for three downs but Tennessee was not to be denied and Payne lobbed a pass to John Grube in the end zone. The kick was good and Tennessee led 7 to in the first period. Early in the second period Jim Lansford blocked Lauricella ' s end-zone kick and Cunningham recovered on the Vol ' s 8-yard line. Byron Townsend took the ball on fourth down on the three-yard line and went over to score. Tompkins kick was good and the score was tied. Texa s only drive for a touchdown came on the next series of downs for the Longhorns. The clincher was a trick play, with Tompkins passing to Dawson for the score from the Ten- nessee 34-yard line. The Texas quarterback faked a short jump pass, then stepped back behind a wave of blockers before jump- ing again to hit Dawson in the end-zone. Tompkins again kicked goal and Texas led at the half 14 to 7. But the Vols wore the Steers down in the third period as Kozar went through the center of the line to score from the Texas 5 to climax an 82-yard drive. Shires missed the extra point and Texas still led 14 to 13. But Dawson fumbled on the Longhorn 43-yard line giving Tennessee new life. In five swift plays they moved for a touchdown with Lauricella scor- ing from the one. The Longhorns made a game try with Tompkins passing to Dawson and Stolhandske and Townsend running the Steers moved to the Vol 23 before they ran out of downs with time left for only one Tennessee play. STATISTICS Tex. First downs 12 Rushing 8 Passing 4 Penalties Net yards rushing 146 Net yards passing 97 Passes attempted 14 Passes completed 5 Passes intercepted by 2 Number of punts 7 Punting average 29 Number of fumbles 1 Fumbles lost 1 Number of penalties 5 Yards penalized 55 Tenn. 18 15 2 1 295 45 3 1 6 32.6 4 1 35 Stolhandske grabs a Tech fumble as Raiders gallop up. Don Barton, 5 ' 10 " , 165-pound Junior back from Longview. TEXAS UNIVERSITY 28 TEXAS TECH 14 The Texas Longhorns opened their 1950 football season with an exciting aerial victory before 21,000 spectators in the Jones Stadium in Lubbock. The under-rated Red Raiders put up a tough defense and scored two touchdowns before the Steers connected in the fourth quarter with another touchdown pass. Several new Longhorns fired the University ' s " T " and began scoring within the first two minutes of play. After Stolhandske recovered the pigskin on a fumble on the Red Raiders ' kickoff. Ben Tompkins connected with Shands who went for pay dirt. Again in the first quarter, Page sent Procter one for the second tally with a long pass to the end-zone. The Steers remained dormant until the third quarter when Townsend carried the ball over making the score 20-7 after the Orange and White uniforms went 50 yards in ten plays. In the fourth quarter Dawson snatched the pigskin from the air and went the rest of the way to make the final touchdown. The Raiders came back in the final quarter to score, but the gun sounded and the Steers came home victorious, 28-14. TEAM STATISTICS UT TEXAS TECH First downs 12 Rushing yardage (net) 132 Passing yardage (net) 240 Passes attempted 22 Passes completed 13 Passes intercepted by 1 Punts 6 Punting average 36 Fumbles lost 1 Yards penalized 84 12 235 54 14 5 7 34 2 55 SCORE BY PERIODS TEXAS TEXAS TECH Don Cunningham, 5 ' 10 " , 190-pound guard irom Graham. Paul Williams, 6 ' I " , 205-pound end from Lujkin. PAGE 314 f ' v -.: 3 LV? - . -, Z)on Menasco, 6 ' " , 185-pound Junior back from Longview. Purdue man goes down under 215 pounds of Vykukal as Dawson races by with pigskin. TEAM STATISTICS TEXAS PURDUE First downs 14 8 Rushing 11 3 Passing 3 3 Penalties 2 Yards rushing 251 99 Passes attempted 16 22 Passes completed 7 5 Yards passing 125 140 Intercepted by 1 1 Number punts 3 9 Punting average 32.7 38.2 Fumbles 6 1 Fumbles lost 3 1 Penalties 6 7 Yards lost penalties 40 33 SCORE BY PERIODS PURDUE 7 7 6 6 26 TEXAS 7 14 7 6 34 TEXAS 34 PURDUE 26 A hot and cold Longhorn eleven turned back the fighting Purdue Boilermakers 34 to 26 in the first home game on Sep- tember 30. While showing signs of potential greatness, the Longhorns consistently bogged down or fumbled. Three fumbles were lost to the Boilermakers who recovered one in the end zone for a touchdown. The outcome of the game was in doubt until the last few minutes of play when Don Cunningham intercepted a pass on the Purdue 20 and raced to the two. Gib Dawson took a pitchout for the final score. Celebrating his twenty-first birthday, Byron Townsend rushed 158 yards in 24 carries. Other standouts were Bud McFadin and Joe Arnold, leading great interference, and line- backers Cunningham and June Davis. Texas was never behind in the wide-open, offensive battle, which found both teams scoring in each quarter. It was a hard- earned victory for the Longhorns who, nevertheless, served warning on their Southwest Conference foes that they were the team to beat. Watches were presented to 1950 NCAA Champion Longhorn Baseball team. , - ; ' ; ' ;i Sv;; ' :., : ' Jgi The Longhorn band performs at half time. PAGE 315 Procter eludes Purdue ' s Martin and chalks up a long gain. TEXAS 13 OKLAHOMA 14 A Cotton Bowl capacity crowd of 76,000 fans saw the Okla- homa Sooners score a shaky 14-13 victory over Texas. With four minutes to play the Longhorns held a 13-7 lead. Billy Porter dropped back to punt deep in Longhorn terri- tory, fumbled a low center snap and was smothered by the hard- charging Sooner line. Two plays later, Oklahoma scored the climactic touchdown. Within five minutes of the first quarter Oklahoma drove to a touchdown and converted. The Longhorns bounced back with a pass from Tomkins to Vykukal, erstwhile tackle. On a quick opener, Townsend shot through the center of the line from the Sooner 15 to pay dirt. Porter converted to tie the score 7-7. After a 65-yard drive, the half-time gun caught the Long- horns on the Oklahoma one-foot line. Following a scoreless third quarter, Bobby Dillon intercepted a Sooner pass on the 50-yard line. With great blocking by Bill Milburn, he raced untouched to score. Linebackers Don Menasco and Jack Barton shone like beacons in the Longhorn defensive line. Byron Town- send was offensive star of the day, while Bud McFadin played his usual brilliant left guard position. Jack Barton, 6 ' 1 " , 200-pound Sophomore center from Denton. Tom Stolhandske, 6 ' 2 " , 205-pound Sophomore end from Baytown. TEAM STATISTICS First downs 15 Rushing yardage 190 Passing yardage 104 Passes attempted 20 Passes completed 7 Passes intercepted 1 Punts 7 Punting average 40.7 Fumbles lost 2 Yards penalized 53 SCORE BY PERIODS OKLAHOMA TEXAS Cheer leaders whoop it up at a pre-game rally in Dallas PAGE 316 Hilly Porter, 6 ' 2 " , 190-lb. Senior end from Tyler. Ben Tompkins charges through the Arkansas line. -1) TEAM STATISTICS UT ARKANSAS First downs 18 Yards rushing 261 Yards passing 51 Passes attempted 8 Passes completed 4 Passes intercepted 1 Punts 4 Punting average 36.8 Fumbles lost 2 Yards penalized 35 SCORE BY PERIODS ARKANSAS TEXAS 10 131 35 8 4 1 7 32.4 1 50 014 619 TEXAS 19 ARKANSAS 14 A smashing fourth-quarter drive enabled the Texas Long- horns to come from behind and defeat the Arkansas Razor- backs 19-14. Trailing 13 to 14 late in the third period, the Longhorns scored by marching 78 yards in ten plays, and held their lead. Texas pounded the heaviest defensive line in the Southwest Conference for a total of 261 yards rushing. Hard blocking by tackles Gene Vykukal and Ken Jackson, guards Bud McFadin and Joe Arnold, and center Dick Rowan, opened huge holes for Longhorn backs. Bobby Dillon played a brilliant game as left halfback and doubled as defensive halfback and safety. Lewis Levine was another offensive standout, gaining 69 yards in 17 tries. Townsend was again the leading ground- gainer of the afternoon with two touchdowns and 144 yards rushing. Although Texas threw only eight passes, one for 24 yards from Ben Tompkins to Ben Procter figured prominently in the Horns last period drive. The victory gave the Dad ' s Day crowd their first view of the Longhorns in 1950 conference competition. The Longhorn line paves the way for a long safety return by Dillan. Hugh Reeder, 6 ' , 205-lb. Sophomore center from Port Arthur. Steers stop a Rice play. An owl ' s eye view of the Rice game. Gent; Vykukal, 6 ' 2 " , 215-lb. Senior tackle from Bay- town. TEXAS 35 - RICE 7 The completely outclassed Owls from Rice fell before 70,000 cheering fans as the Longhorns paraded in a one-sided game scoring 35-7 in Rice ' s new stadium on October 28. The Steers scored 2 1 points in the first 20 minutes of play, and proceeded to dominate the offensive game. The Owls were held to a meager five first downs, while Texas romped to 21. Ben Tompkins ' smooth ball handling and passing combined with his excellent quarterbacking was the Longhorns main offensive threat. He completed seven of eleven passes, with one to Ben Procter for a 55-yard touchdown play. He also scored once and kicked five extra points. Other standouts in the Texas backfield were Byron Townsend, Gib Dawson, Bubba Shands, Bob Raley, Lewis Levine, and Bill Chanslor. The Longhorn defensive play was led by tackle Bill Wilson and guard Harley Sewell, and the terrific line-backing of Don Menasco, June Davis, and Jack Barton held the vaunted Rice offensive attack to a standstill. Bob Raley, 6 ' 2 " , 195-lb. Sophomore halfback from Bowie. Bintliff turns spectator in a rare moment of leisure. PAGE 318 Jim Lansford, 6 ' 3 " , 225- Ib. Junior tackle from Carrizo Springs. Dan Page, 5 ' 10 " , 170-lb. Junior quarterback from Tyler. ' Cheerleader Darrell Williams kept audiences gaping with his tricks. TEAM STATISTICS UT 21 RICE 5 Yards rushing 218 90 Yards passing 135 66 Passes attempted 13 9 Passes completed 9 5 Passes intercepted by . . . 2 o Punts 3 7 Punting average 32 35 Fumbles lost Yards lost penalties 75 20 SCORE RICE TEXAS 14 BY PERIOD S 7 7 7 7 7 35 A pile-up as Texas pushes toward another touchdown. Lew Levine, 6 ' , 190-lb Senior fullback from Har lingen. Bill Wilson, 6 ' 3 " , 205-lb. Junior tackle from Houston. Night before the Big Game Longhorn fans could be found " rallying " into the wee hours. TEXAS 23 SMU 20 The mighty Texas Longhorns rose to the top heights of the football world in Memorial Stadium November 4, thoroughly beating the nation ' s Number 1 ranked team, the SMU Mus- tangs, 23 to 20. The Steers, who scored first and stayed ahead all the way, left no doubt in anyone ' s mind who had the better team. The Longhorn line on offense and defense never let down at any time. It would be impossible to pick out a single star on the Longhorn forward wall, because every player played perfect ball. The Steers ' backfield was sparked by the smooth quarter- backing of Ben Tompkins and the hard running of Byron Town send. Levine picks up speed as the Ponies bite dust. Byron Townsend, 6 ' , 185-lb. Junior from Odessa. Spurs and Cowboys welcome co-captains Rowan and Shands onto the field. TompkilU, the hero of the day, was car- ried off the field on the shoulders of admiring fans. Spirit was high, the crowd was tense as the Ponies and Longhorns clashed in the week ' s top game. Ben Procter, 6 ' 3 " , 195-lb. Senior end from Austin. TEAM STATISTICS SMU First downs 14 Rushing 1 Passing 13 Penalties Yards rushing 68 Yards passing 352 Passes attempted 47 Passes completed 24 Passes intercepted by 2 Punts 6 Punting average 28.5 Fumbles lost 2 Penalties 6 Yards lost penalties 50 SCORE BY PERIODS SMU TEXAS TEXAS 17 7 6 4 140 139 18 10 2 5 35.8 7 60 6 20 2 23 A glimpse of the huge crowd at the pre-game pep rally. Ben Tompkins, 6 ' , 175-lb. Junior quar- terback from Fort Worth. r Going . . . going . . . Bud McFadin, 6 ' 3 " , 245-lb. Senior guard from Iraan. TEXAS 27 - BAYLOR 20 For three and three-fourths quarters the Baylor Bears held the powerful Longhorns in check on November 11, 1950. However, the Bears were beaten by Bobby Dillon, who broke the hearts of the stubborn Baylor team with a magnificent 84-yard punt return in the last five minutes of the tingling contest to break a 20 to 20 tie. This gave Texas a 27 to 20 win. Halfback Gib Dawson, guard Bud McFadin, tackle Bill Wilson, and end Paul Williams supplied the key blocks around the Texas 30 which enabled Dillon to beat the Baylor Bears. The afternoon game was highlighted by the brilliant per- formances of the two teams ' quarterbacks, Larry Isbell of Baylor and the Longhorns ' Ben Tompkins. Tompkins and Isbell kept their teams scoring and threatening to score through the entire game by their tricky ball handling and excellent passing. The reliable Bud McFadin, Ken Jackson, and Don Menasco were the defensive standouts for Texas. TEAM STATISTICS BAYLOR TEXAS First downs 18 10 Rushing 9 5 Passing 7 4 Penalties 2 1 Yards rushing 162 77 Passes attempted 26 13 Passes completed 14 Intercepted by 1 3 Yards passing 163 94 Fumbles 1 3 Fumbles lost 1 2 Punts 5 5 Punt average 36.2 38.4 Penalties 4 4 Yards lost penalties 30 30 SCORE BY PERIODS TEXAS 7 6 7 7 27 BAYLOR 7 7 6 20 Bobby Dillon, 6 ' 1 " , 180-lb. Junior halfback from Temple. A pile-up on the Baylor line. T. Jones, 6 ' I " , 170-lb. Sophomore defensive halfback from Childress. Townsend is smothered by determined Froggies. TEAM STATISTICS U.T. T.C.U. First downs 14 14 Yards gained rushing 138 114 Yards gained passing 60 120 Passes attempted 8 25 Interceptions by 3 Punting average 48 33.2 Fumbles 5 2 Penalties 4 2 Yards lost penalties 40 20 SCORE BY PERIODS Texas 7 1421 T. C. U 7 07 TEXAS 21 T. C. U. 7 The Texas Longhorns became the 1950 Southwest Confer- ence champions by walloping T.C.U. 21-7 on November 18 at Fort Worth. Held in check for three periods the Steers exploded for two touchdowns by Byron Townsend and Bobby Dillon in the final qu arter. Ben Tompkins, besides scoring the first Longhorn marker, kicked three perfect placements for the extra points. A seventy-nine yard quick kick by Byron Townsend in the last period started the Horns rolling. Led by the great Texas forward wall, featuring such standouts as Bud McFadin, Don Menasco, and Bill Wilson, it was only a matter of minutes until Texas had cinched a berth in the Cotton Bowl. The statistics were fairly evenly divided, but the Horned Frogs found they couldn ' t stop a team that has done just what they set out to do win the first Southwest Conference title for the University of Texas since 1945. Joe Arnold, 6 ' 3 " , 220-lb. Junior from Corpus Christi. Froggies missed Townsend. Procter turns acrobat to snag a long one. TEXAS 17 A. M. On Thursday, November 30, the Texas Longhorns smashed A. M., 17 to 0, and by doing so became the first Texas team to ever go unbeaten in Southwest Conference play against the present members. Once again the Steer line proved to be the difference. After throwing off an early A. M. threat, the Longhorns struck back on Ben Tompkins ' passing and the running of Byron Townsend and Gib Dawson for touchdowns in the first and second periods. Townsend scored the first touchdown on a two-yard plunge. A second quarter pass from Tompkins to end, Ben Procter, accounted for the second score. Tompkins converted on both of the extra points and added a third period field goal for good measure. Other stars of the day include Gib Dawson, the game ' s leading ground gainer, All-American Bud McFadin, Ken Jack- son, and Don Menasco in the line. This game typified the 1950 Southwest Conference story . . . just too much Texas power. The card tricks at half time were the hit of the afternoon Ken Jackson, 6 ' 1 " , 240-lb. Senior tackle from Austin. The traditional bond fire and pep rally the night be- fore the game drew thousands. U. T. Sweetheart, Jackie Farris, is pre- sented a banquet of roses by Student President, Lloyd Hand. Bill Milburn, 6 ' 3 " , 215-lb. Junior tackle from Austin. Jim Pakenham, 5 ' 11 " 185-lb. Junior guard from Longview. Bill Georges, 6 ' , 195-lb. Sophomore end from I ' ort Worth. Fans get an early start to the stadium. The card section gives an impressive performance as the Cowboys pass in review at the Turkey Day game. Gib Dawson, 5 ' 11 " , 165-lb. Sophomore back from Douglas, Ariz. TEAM STATISTICS A M First downs 12 Rushing . . 6 Passing 5 Penalties 1 Yards rushing 115 Yards passing Ill Passes attempted 20 Passed completed 10 Passes intercepted by 1 Punts 7 Punting average 34.4 Fumbles lost 1 Penalties 2 Yards lost penalties 30 SCORE BY PERIODS TEXAS A M Townsend goes over the top. TEXAS 15 10 4 1 218 106 11 6 3 4 33 4 9 317 Townsend goes down as Horns drive for pay dirt. June Davis, 6 ' , 210-lb. Junior guard from Denton. TEXAS 21 LSU 6 Thirty-eight thousand people witnessed the fall of L. S. U. before the mighty Texas Longhorns, 21 to 6. Scoring three times in the second quarter the steers powered their way to a convincing victory. The outstanding play of the day came when Longhorn quarterback, Ben Tompkins, faked a pass and then traveled 38 yards through a broken field to pay dirt. Texas ' Byron Townsend, in blasting his way over for the other two touchdowns, set an all time scoring record for a Texas player in a single season. Outstanding in the line as usual were Bud McFadin. Don Menasco and Ben Procter. TEAM STATISTICS LSU 4 TEXAS 17 113 203 29 73 6 14 1 6 2 Punts 10 5 . 37 9 38.0 2 2 7 2 75 20 SCORE LSU TEXAS BY PERIODS 21 6 6 21 John Adams, 6 ' 3 " , 205-lb. Junior end from Baytown. Harley Sewell, 6 ' 1 " , 210-lb. Sophomore guard from Saint Jo. PAGE 326 Trainer Frank Medina ;ralches " his boys. " Richard Ochoa, 6 ' 2 205 Ib. S back from FRESHMAN FOOTBALL The Yearlings got off to a slow start, losing to both Baylor and T.C.U., but then came back to beat Rice in an exciting game. Their complete defeat of the Aggies ended the season with an even record. Among the most promising players were guard Joe McDonald, center J. T. Seaholm, and quarterback Bill White who turned in consistently outstanding performances and played major roles in the Yearlings ' late season comeback. LETTERMEN Walter B. Bord Joseph P. Branch James H. Brooks Richard Burnett William Calhoun Edgar Chambers Boyd Ray Collins Marlin De Stefano Bill Drake John Estes Lawrence Pagan Zeb Furr George Gardere Roger Henry Carroll Hestand Hub Ingraham James Jordan Joe McDonald John McMurry David Mays S. M. Meeks Bobby Patrick James Pierson Paul Pierson Clifford Polk Ben Rhodes Ken Rhodes J. T. Seaholm Don Smith Dean Smith Gilmer Spring James Stevenson Stanley Studer Wayne Sullivan Bill F. Trafton Tomie Ward Bill White Edgar Willhelm Managers : Jerry Thompson Romilly Timmins Front Row: J. Pierson, Brooks. Burnett, Branch, Drake, Bill Bullen. Mays. Second Row: Willhelm, P. Pierson, Trafton, Stevenson, Dean Smith, Meeks (Captain), Sullivan, Patrick, B. Rhodes. Bugby, De Stefano. Third Row: Strong (Coach). Jones (Trainer). Hughes (Coach), Calhoun, Estes, Bord, Don Smith, Chambers, McMurry. Ingraham, Spring (Captain), Studer. Collins, Marshall (Coach), Jungmichel (Head Coach). Fourth Row: White, Seaholm, Gardere, Ward, Henry, McDonald, Hestand, Furr, Burnett, Fagan, Jordan, Parrot. PAGE 328 CROSS COUNTRY Although losing every member of the 1949 squad, an all sophomore Texas team finished a strong third in the race for the Southwestern Conference cross-country championship. The Long- horn runners, who were led by Bobby Riess and C. A. Rundell, came out far ahead in the first two of the season ' s four meets. In the season ' s opener Texas decisively defeated Abilene Christian, North Texas State, and Howard Paine. The Orange and White then made it two straight by overcoming Howard Paine and Abilene Christian for the second consecutive time. Their losses came when they were defeated by A. M., and when they finished behind the Aggies and Arkansas in the contest to decide the conference champion. QUALIFIED T Patrick L. Odell Robert W. Riess C. A. Rundell RESERVE LETTERMEN Ward C. McCurtain A. John Merola C. Early Whitesides Ray J. Wiggins Front Rou ' : COACH LA WORN, MEROLA, RIESS, RUNDELL, RICARDO GARCIA. COACH L1TTLEFIELD. Second Row: ED SALLING, ODELL. WIGGINS, WHITESIDES, J. E. JEAVES, McCURTAIN. PAGE 329 - v y v mi % Y CONFERENCE CO-CHAMPIONS Wins TEXAS 8 T. C. U 8 A M 8 ARKANSAS 7 S. M. U 6 BAYLOR 3 RICE 2 1951 BASKETBALL Leon Black George Cobb James E. Dowies LETTERMEN Joe Ed Falk Donald Lee Klein Cecil Morgan Ed Price George Scaling Jimmy Viramontes Frank Womack Kelton Brewer RESERVE LETTERMEN Dickie Harris Luther Scarborough Phil Ransopher COACH JACK GRAY Seated: FALK, DOWIES, WOMACK, SCALING, KL EIN, PRICE. Standing: J. CULLOM, VIRAMONTES, COBB, MORGAN. BLACK. HUGHES, GRAY. PAOE 331 JIMMY VIRAMONTES Texas takes rebound from Sam Houston. JAMES DOWIES The Longhorns were not slated to win a game. Going to San Antonio the University five placed sec- ond in the Express-News Tournament and although the list of victories was not long, the club looked much better than had been expected. The next trip of the under-rated Longhorns was to Oklahoma where they entered in the annual All College Meet. There they again surprised the basket- ball fans and took fourth position in the final line-up. By the time conference play started against Bay- lor the Longhorns were picked to win one or two. but the usual unpredictable in SWC play happened and the club which had been rated to lose the whole schedule was in a three-way tie at the end of the season for first place. Texas played A M to see which team would compete in NCAA, losing the de- cision in the final game out of a three-game series by one point. GEORGE COBB : mgn nski ; vnrft : Tens I III fosn I ' v .. 332 FRANK WOMACK Three Texas players try to beat OU to the rebound. GEORGE SCALING TEXAS VS. OKLAHOMA In the annual March of Dimes benefit game, the Longhorns hit the basket one less time than the Soon- ers giving OU a 49 to 47 victory. Jim Dowies, who was high point man, led a last quarter rally, but just couldn ' t keep pace with the five from Okieland. TEXAS VS. BAYLOR Playing two overtime periods, the Longhorns were finally able to scrape one extra point to top the Baylor Bears 59 to 58. It was a big night for the Texas boys as Jim Dowies hit the basket for 17 points, Klein dropped in 16 points and Scaling lent support with a total of 10 points. In the second game the University squad had been improving constantly and was able to give the Bears a sound 51 to 43 beating with Scaling high point man for the evening. JOE ED FALK PAGE 333 CECIL MORGAN ED PRICE Scaling eludes Arkansas guard. TEXAS VS. TCU Taking one game and letting the Horned Frogs have the other, the University club rolled up a 10- point margin in the first game to whip TCU 53 to 43. The game was nip and tuck the first half, but a late UT rally put the game on ice and turned the tower lights orange. TCU took the second game with a 49 to 43 top- ping of the Longhorns. The Frogs set up an early lead that Texas could not overcome. By beating the Steers, TCU upset the SWC standings, but UT was still in the race for first place honors. TEXAS VS. SMU In the first game the Ponies were highly favored, but the Texas five rallied in the second half to come out the victor 42-39. Scaling was high point man and Jim Dowies put on a good show for the fans. Playing the second game in hometown Dallas, the SMU club gave the Longhorns a beating with a score of 54 to 41. Being unable to hit the basket from the floor, the Longhorns dropped their second game. Arkansas fights Viramontes for the ball. PACE 334 DONALD KLEIN LEON BLACK Texas and TCU fight for control of the ball. TEXAS VS. ARKANSAS Keeping the lead all through the game, the Long- horns dropped the Arkansas Razorbacks in Fayette- ville 50 to 42. Jimmy Dowies was high point man for the boys from Austin. On the return engagement for the two clubs in Austin, the Arkansas five gave the Longhorns their third SWC loss by two ooints making the score read 40 to 38 in favor of Arkansas. George Scaling carried top scoring honors for the Longhorns. TEXAS VS. RICE George Scaling, with 18 points, led the Long- horns to a 56 to 54 victory over the Rice Owls. The Houston lads made a desperate rally in the last five minutes of the game, but were unable to top the Longhorns ' lead. A month later in the second game, fans in Greg- ory Gym saw the Longhorns drub the underdog Owls by a sound 77 to 51 score. George Scaling again led the Longhorn scoring with the Steers hitting 60% of all their shots. Scaling looks for a chance to shoot against the Aggies. PAGE 335 1951 SWIMMING Under the direction of Hank Chapman, swimming coach, the University tankmen upheld the University ' s first place in Southwest Conference competition for another year, making 1951 the 18th out of 20 years that UT has taken top honors in swimming. In preliminary competition at Rice in January the University mermen totaled 52 points to cop the crown of pre-season SWC meet. Between semesters the team traveled out to the west coast and won three out of four dual meets with Cali- fornia clubs. In conference competition, the team had one steady streak of wins drowning Baylor first 47-27. Oklahoma was next on the list losing to the University men 43-41. In March SMU bowed to UT 40-35. Last on the list was A M which was soundly drowned out by the Longhorns 50-34 with the Orange and White boys besting four SWC records. VARSITY T Milton Black Edwin Gilbert David Browning Alphonse Ragland John D. Crawford Roger Tolar Milton Davis Wynant Wilson QUALIFIED T HANK CHAPMAN, coach: SKIPPY BROWNING, diver Bobby Crawford Noble Endicott William B. Hoff Harold Lyvers Louis Manganiello Charles M. Perrott EDDIE GILBERT, freestyler BILL HOFF, ireestyler, FONSE RAGLAND, breaslroker, BOBBY CRAWFORD, breastroker PAOE 336 WYNANT WILSON, freeslyler 1951 SWIMMING In the 20th Annual SWC Swim- ming and Diving Meet, the University took its 18th first place. Totaling 120 points to nose out A M with 100, SMU having 95, and Baylor manag- ing 9. Five records were smashed and one established. Capt. Eddie Gilbert set a new rec- ord in the 220 freestyle with a time of 2:22.9. The 220 breaststroke also got a new record when J. Crawford made the waves splash coming in 2:22.9 after he started. Skippy Browning took both the 1 and 3 meter diving and Gilbert and Crawford placed two more firsts in 100-yard freestyle and 100-yard breaststroke respectively. When the NCAA meet was held in the Gregory Gymnasium pool, Texas took 5th place with a total of 15 points. E. Gilbert was in the 50-yard freestyle and Skippy Browning again carried off top honors in the diving competition. ROGER TOLAR JOHNNY CRAWFORD ' jy T V f Front Row: MILTON DAVID, HAROLD LYVERS. Second Row: L. C. MONTGOMERY, BOBBY CRAWFORD, BILL HOFF, ROGER TOLAR, FONSE RAGLAND, HUGH GROVER. Third Row: JOE BOWLING (assistant coach), LOUIS MANGANIELLO, JERRY ENDICOTT, WYNANT WILSON, BOB SNELLING HANK CHAPMAN (coacb). PAOE 337 Nita Mitchell models the " Suit of the Year " as other Aqua Models Betty Wheless, Charlotte Car- lisle, Ann Robinette, Mary Margaret Wiley, Noelie Duggan, Janie Bradner, Nancy Hudspeth, and Barbara Kelley look on. Members of the swimming team clowned for the audience. This show-stopping seal proves she can pose prettily for the camera too. Fancy diving by Jack Tolar. 1950 Aqua Queens: Clare Masterson, Shalmir Duerson, Nancy Couvillon, June Tolar, .vlarge Hargrove, Janet Lee, Ann White, Kathryn Grand- staff, Pola Ellis, and Jo Ann Hyltin. H PAGE 338 Cherry Blair resigns her throne as June Tolar is named 1950 Aqua Queen. Expert clowning kept the audience laughing. June and Cherry were all smiles as the photographers snapped pictures after the show. Queen Cherry looks on as comical team men are led thru their paces by M. C. Wally Pryor. Santa and his little helpers cross the pool. SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE CO-CHAMPIONS A M . SMU . 6 Conference Standing L. R. OR. 4 117 47 4 107 56 7 107 56 9 66 85 9 66 85 12 50 131 Pet. .733 .733 .533 .400 .400 1 1951 BASEBALL By sweeping the two-game series that ended the season, A M moved into the NCAA District 6 play- off against the University of Arizona and shared the Southwest Conference baseball championship with the Longhorns. With only three men returning to their former positions, Coach Bibb Falk had no prospects of coming out on top at the start of the season but in spite of pre-season jitters the Longhorns made an excellent showing, winning eleven and losing four conference games. Harry Bengston Stuart Benson Randolph Biesenbach Charles Bigham Eddie Burrows Milton Deason Jim Ehrler James Hand LETTERMEN Guss Hrncir Wallace Jarl Frank Kana Luther Scarborough Ted Tate Irving Waghalter Frank Womack Senior Manager Bill Blocker BIBB FALK, COACH RESERVE LETTERMEN Clifford L. Gustafson Murray K. Muston Billy F. McGraw Mack R. Roberson Front Row: JACK JONES (trainer). FRANK KANA. FRANK WOMACK, IRVING WAGHALTER. EDDIE BURROWS, CHILI BIGHAM, RANDOLPH BIESENBACH, TED TATE, JAMES HAND. Second Row: HARRY BENGSTON, BILL BLOCKER (manager), WALLACE JARL, JIM EHRLER, LUTHER SCARBOROUGH, MILTON DEASON, STUART BENSON, GUSS HRNCIR, BIBB FALK (coach). PACE 341 PRE-CONFERENCE GAMES Texas lost only two games in the pre-conference season a 10 to 4 defeat handed out by the Milwaukee Brew- ers in the first game of the season, and a 13 to 3 defeat by Brooke Medical. The Steers then turned around and dealt a 4 to 3 licking to the Brewers in an 1 1 -inning game, and later defeated Brooke also. Texas defeated Ohio State 8 to with Jim Hand, sophomore, pitching shut-out ball. In the second game with Ohio relief pitcher Milt Deason led Texas to a 4 to 3 victory. During the Easter holidays Texas defeated the University of Oklahoma twice 9 to 2 and 2 to 1. CONFERENCE GAMES TEXAS 16, RICE 2 The Owls found the Longhorns a little too rough in the opening conference game as Jim Ehrlcr and Bill McGraw pitched Texas to a 16 to 2 victory. TEXAS 3, RICE 1 In the second game Texas defeated the Owls 3 to 1 to take their fortieth straight victory over the Rice In- stitute. TEXAS 5, BAYLOR 1 Jim Ehrler fanned 16 men and Eddie Burrows hit a double and two singles to rack up the third Southwest Conference win for the Longhorns as they defeated the Bears 5 to 1. GUSS HRNCIR JAMES HAND MILTON DEASON CHARLES BIGHAM PAGE 342 Bit,, dud )Sute ason 4 to 2 TEXAS 12, TCU 4 The Horned Frogs kept the Longhorns scared until the seventh inning when the Texas players started con- necting and finally won 12 to 4. TEXAS 5, TCU 1 The Frogs again led the Longhorns in the second game of the series but Guss Hrncir hit the ball for a three-run homer in the sixth inning and Texas con- tinued on to win 5 to 1. TEXAS 12, SMU 3 Milt Deason went the entire nine innings to lead the Longhorns to a 12 to 3 rout of SMU. The game was a shut out until the last inning when SMU clicked for three runs. TEXAS 14, A M 10 In the fifty-fourth consecutive conference victory in Austin the Longhorns out-slugged the Farmers to win 14 to 10. TEXAS 8, BAYLOR 9 The day of defeat arrived for the high-riding Long- horns when Baylor edged past by one run for a 9 to 8 victory. TEXAS 4, BAYLOR 1 Scarborough pitched the Longhorns to a 4 to 1 victory over the Bears the next day in a revenge battle. IRVING WAGHALTER FRANK WOMACK FRANK KANA J HARRY BENGSTON FADE 343 TEXAS 11, RICE 1 Weak Rice fell for the third time before the Longhorn batters 1 1 to 1 with Luther Scarborough completely checking the Owls. TEXAS 3, TCU 4 Looking toward the championship the Longhorns slipped again and allowed the Frogs to edge out a 4 to 3 vic- tory. TEXAS 12, SMU 1 For five innings Scarborough held the Mustangs to a shut out and with good support in the field the Long- horns rose from their TCU defeat to take a 12 to 1 victory over SMU. TEXAS 9, SMU Texas cinched a share of the conference crown by romping over SMU 9 to in a perfect victory. Chili Big- ham got his seventh homer of the year. TEXAS 2, A M 4 Home runs by Yale Lary and Henry Candelari and six-hit pitching by Pat Hubert gave the Texas Aggies a 4 to 2 victory over the Longhorns and moved them a step nearer a tie for the title. TEXAS 1, A M 4 Playing a repeat performance the next day the Longhorn batters could not bring themselves out of their sudden batting slump and the Aggies took a share of the conference championship with a 4 to 1 victory. EDDIE BURROWS JIM EHRLER LUTHER SCARBOROUGH TED TATE PAGE 344 FINAL LONGHORN AVERAGES CONFERENCE BATTING AVERAGES g Chili Bigham 15 Billy McGraw 2 Frank Kana 15 Eddie Burrows 15 James Ehrler 6 Stuart Benson 4 Frank Womack 15 Harry Bengston 13 Jimmy Hand 8 Wallace Jarl 7 Luther Scarborough .... 7 Irving Waghalter 15 Ted Tate 9 Guss Hrncir 13 Randy Biesenbach 6 Mack Roberson 1 Clif Gustafson 1 Murray Muston 3 Milt Deason . 6 ab r h tb rbi ba 57 17 25 43 21 .439 8 3 3 7 4 .375 60 13 22 28 14 .367 65 17 23 29 13 .354 15 2 5 6 4 .333 13 1 4 4 .308 66 14 19 24 8 .288 42 7 11 15 6 .262 12 2 3 4 .250 20 4 4 4 3 .200 15 4 3 3 2 .200 58 15 11 14 4 .190 22 3 4 4 6 .182 45 9 7 13 7 .156 14 5 1 1 4 .071 .000 2 .000 3 .000 7 1 1 .000 STUART BENSON RANDOLPH BIESENBACH SEASON PITCHING AVERAGES g eg ip ab r h sh bb hb so wp w 1 pet. James Ehrler 5 3 29 3 112 11 Milt Deason 6 1 Jim Hand 8 2 22 3 90 9 41 19 1 20 1 43 5 3 1.000 25 3 6 1 11 1 2 1.000 150 13 36 2 29 2 34 2 3 2 .600 Luther Scarborough .7 2 352 j 126 11 19 1 17 2 23 3 2 .600 Frank Womack 10 2 2 3 15 2 70 10 3000 .000 WALLACE JARL INDIVIDUAL LEADERS RBI: Chili Bigham (Texas) 21 Yale Lary (A M) 17 Runs: Guy Wallace ( A M) 22 Chili Bigham (Texas) 17 Eddie Burrows (Texas) 17 Hits: Chili Bigham (Texas) 25 Yale Lary ( A M) 23 Eddie Burrows (Texas) 23 Bases: Chili Bigham (Texas) 43 Yale Lary (A M) 41 Home Runs: Chili Bigham (Texas) 5 Buddy Parker (Baylor) 3 Yale Lary (A M) 3 Stolen Bases: Henry Candelari (A M) 7 Eddie Burrows (Texas) 6 PAGE 345 1951 TRACK CLYDE LITTLEFIELD, Coach A strong Texas A M outmanned the other Southwest Conference teams to take the 1951 track championship by a record number of points. The Aggies scored 1 14 2 points while Texas took second place with 60 2. Arkansas was third with 32 points, Rice fourth with 28, SMU fifth with 22 2, Baylor sixth with 8 2 and TCU last with 2. In the pre-conference season Texas met Abilene Christian at Me- morial Stadium on April 21 with the Longhorns taking 12 firsts out of 15 to win with 99 points to 36. On April 29 Texas met Trinity and South- west Texas State College at San Marcos. With six of their top performers at Drake the Longhorns found the competition tougher than expected but the Texas trackmen scored five firsts and a sufficient number of sec- onds and thirds to garner 77 2 points. Southwest State had 55 2 points and Trinity 27. Texas, Rice and A M engaged in three tri-angular meets during the season with A M giving a good forecast of the future conference meet. In the first meet on March 24 in Houston A M scored 82 l y points, Texas 681 i, and Rice 18. In the second meet on April 15 at Col- lege Station A M scored 88 points, Texas 54, and Rice 28. In the third tri-angular meet which was held in Memorial Stadium on May 4 A M scored 99% points, Texas 52% points, and Rice 18. Texas also met A M in a dual meet on March 17 in which Texas placed first in the broad jump, low hurdles, 100-yard dash and javelin but gave up 12 firsts to A M. A M scored 91 2 points to Texas ' 44 2 . The only bright spot in the track season for Texas was the showing of the Yearlings. A fleet freshman team composed of Charles Thomas, Dean Smith, Jim Brownhill, and S. M. Meeks ran the 440-yard relay in the excellent time of 41.5. Thomas also ran the 100-yard dash several times in 9.5. Walter Broemer Otis Budd Joe Carson Carl Coleman Bob Cone Chester Bradley James Dowies Bobby D. Dillon Robert Eschenburg Carl M. Gustafson Morris Johnson Don Klein Ricardo Garcia L. D. Jeanes LETTERMEN Ray Marek Senior Manager, Tony Kazen Carl Mayes Charles Meeks William Milburn RESERVE LETTERMEN Patrick Odell Robert William Riess Ralph Person Philip Ransopher Floyd Rogers C. A. Rundell Ben Scallorn Jody Runnells Tom Toliver Keith Tompkins Byron Townsend Glen Watkins Early Whitesides Ray Womack To broci Front Row: Bobby Riess, C. A. Rundell. Second Row: Phil Ransopher, Bobby Dillon, Carl Coleman, Floyd Rogers, Ralph Person, Walter Broemer (captain), Charles Meeks, Ray Marek. Ricardo Gon- zales, Robert Eschenbuig, Morris Johnson, Early Whitesides. Third Row: Frank Medina (trainer), Joe Runnells, Keith Tompkins, Stuart Robbins, Otis Budd, Bill Milburn, Robe rt Coleman, Thomas Toliver, Joe Carson, Pat Odell, Tony Kazen (manager), J. T. Loworn (assistant coach). Fourth Row: Clyde Littlefield (coach), Carl Mayes, L. D. Jeanes, Glen Watkins, Kay Womack, Don Klein, Jim Dowies, Carl Gustafson, Gerald Scallorn, Chester Bradley. PAGE 346 a Me- s t of lj 5 ' i points ?ts during conference wtdK i 15 at 1. a ike third WiTtas id irlay b ish several ITonpldu Tornwid itt ' ulins V Whit Wood BORDER OLYMPICS Traveling to Laredo in pre-season competition the Longhorns finished second to A M in the Border Olympics. Texas took four first. Charlie Meeks took the broad jump, Ralph Person the 220 low hurdles, Ray Marek the javelin throw, and Ray Womack tied for first with A M in the high jump. Person tied with Darrow Hooper of A M for individual point honors. The cadets massed a total of 91.5 points to 44.5 for the Longhorns. WEST TEXAS RELAYS The Longhorns won five firsts for 35 a points to 23 points for runner-up Baylor in the West Texas Relays at Odessa. Chief competi- tion came from Baylor, SMU and TCU. Charlie Meeks broke his own record with a broad jump of 23 feet, 10 inches. The Longhorns ' points came from firsts in the 440, 880, and mile relays, the broad jump, the high jump and second in the sprint medley relay, and third places in the high hurdles, 100-yard dash, and the high jump. KANSAS RELAYS The Texas trackmen found the going tough and their luck bad at the Kansas Relays in Lawrence, Kans., April 21. Charlie Meeks placed first in the broad jump with a leap of 23 feet, 6 inches. Ray Marek was second to Paul Faulkner of Abilene Christian in the jave- lin with a throw of 190 feet, % inch. Faulkner ' s throw was 201 feet, 3 4 inch. Ralph Person placed fourth in a slow 100-yard dash won by Thane Baker of Kansas State in 10 seconds flat. A bad break cost Texas a probable victory in the 440-yard relay when anchor man Person pulled up lame after taking a six-yard lead. DRAKE RELAYS Texas ' six-man delegation put up a good show at the Drake Relays on April 27, 28 in Des Moines, Iowa. Charlie Meeks won the broad jump with a leap of 23 feet, 8% inches. Ray Marek placed second and Bob Cone placed fifth in the javelin throw. CHARLES MEEKS PAGE 347 WILLIAM MILBURN BOBBY D. DILLON- CARL MAYES RALPH PERSON JOE CARSON- CARL M. GUSTAFSON DON KLEIN BEN SCALLORN PHILIP RANSOPHER BOB CONE TEXAS RELAYS The twenty-fourth annual Texas Relays was one of the closest battles ever to be presented in Memorial Stadium as the Texas Aggies barely edg ed the Oklahoma Sooners by 3 7 of a point for the unofficial championship. The Aggies scored 32 16 21 points and the Sooners 32 3 points. Texas took third with 16 points. Two new records were set and one was tied. Darrow Hooper of Texas A M threw the 16-pound weight 53 feet, 1 inch to better the old Relay record by one foot, 3 4 inch and came within 5 feet, 3% inches of the world record. The old mark was set by Elmer Hackney of Kansas State in 1939. Walt Davis, also of the Aggies, stole the show with a leap of 6 feet, 9 inches to clear the high jump bar with a new record. The former record of 6 feet, 8J4 inches was held by Virgil Severns of Kansas State and Jack Razzeto of San Diego State. It was set in the 1950 meet. TEXAS RELAY STATISTICS Event Winner Time 3,000-meter run Monies, Texas Western 8:50.9 Broad jump Meeks, Texas 23-9% 120-yard high hurdles Walker, SMU 14.08 100-yard dash Fields, Howard Payne 10.0 High jump Davis, Texas A M 6.9 Shot put Hooper, Texas A M 53-1 Discus throw Hooper, Texas A M 148-9% Pole vault Tie between Simpson, Texas A M; Lemon, Oklahoma; Faulkner, ACC . . 13-9 Exhibition high jump Tie between Bob Walter, (unattached) and Charles Holding, East Texas State 6.4 Javelin throw Faulkner, ACC 192-6j 2 One-mile relay Texas A M 3: 1 7.0 Sprint medley relay Oklahoma 3:3 1 .9 Four-mile relay Arkansas 1 7:49.7 Two-mile relay Oklahoma 7:47.5 Distance medley relay Kansas 10:14.4 440-yard relay Oklahoma 42.0 880-yard relay Oklahoma 1 :28.4 PAGE 349 ROBERT ESCHENBURG OTIS BUDD C. A. RUNDELL GLEN WATKINS WALTER BROEMER FLOYD ROGERS KEITH TOMPKINS SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET Texas A M won the Southwest Conference Track and Field Meet at Col- lege Station wit h the record point total of 114J 2. The old record of 89 points was set by Texas in 1944. Texas A M ' s Darrow Hooper completely shattered the old Southwest Conference record in the shot put with a heave of 54 feet, 7} 2 inches. Texas took only two first places Ray Marek won the Javelin with a throw of 202 feet, 7 l 2 inchs, and Charles Meeks completed an undefeated season in the broad jump with his winning leap of 23 feet, 10% inches. SUMMARY 120- YARD HIGH HURDLES: 1 Val Joe Walker, SMU; 2 Paul Leming, A M; 3 Bill Howton, Rice; 4 Gerald Scallorn, Texas; 5 Jack Schuening, Baylor. Time: 14.1. 220- YARD LOW HURDLES: 1 Billy Bless, A M; 2 Walker, SMU; 3 Bobby Ragsdale, A M; 4 Paul Leiming, A M; 5 Scallorn, Texas. Time: 23.2. 100-YARD DASH: 1 Bill Stalter, A M; 2 Billy Carroll, Baylor; 3 Floyd Rogers, Texas; 4 James Baker, A M; 5 Bobby Dillon, Texas. Time: 9.8. 220- YARD DASH: 1 Bill Stalter, A M; 2 James Baker, A M; 3 Carl Mayes, Texas; 4 Bill Carroll, Baylor; 5 Jim Kellett, TCU. Time: 24.4. 440- YARD DASH: 1 Don Mitchell, A M; 2 Bernie Place, A M; 3 James McCarty, A M; 4 Norman Price, Arkansas; 5 Bob Eschenburg, Texas. Time: 48.1. 880-YARD RUN: 1 Bill Graf, Rice; 2 Otha Byrd, Rice; 3 Ed Wilmsen, A M; 4 James Terry, A M; 5 Rick Heber, Arkansas. Time: 1:55.3. 1-MILE RUN: 1 Ollie Gatchell, Arkansas; 2 John Garmany, A M; 3 Tom Hardin, Arkansas; 4 Julian Herring, A M; 5 Otis Budd, Texas. Time: 4:20.3. 2-MILE RUN: 1 James Brown, Arkansas; 2 James West, Arkansas; 3 C. A. Rundell, Texas; 4 Temple Brown, Arkansas; 5 Charles Hudgins, A M. Time: 9:24.4. (New record. Old record 9:30.7 set by J. D. Hampton, A M, in 1949.) 440- YARD RELAY: 1 Texas A M (Baker, Bless, Ragsdale, Stalter); 2 Texas; 3 Arkansas; 4 Rice. Time: 42.4. MILE RELAY: 1 A M (Place, McCarty, Baker, Mitchell); 2 Rice; 3 Texas; 4 Arkansas; 5 SMU. Time 3:17.3. JAVELIN THROW: 1 Ray Marek, Texas, 202-7 , ; 2 Don Klein, Texas, 194-8 4 ; 3 Pat Knight, SMU, 189- ' a; 4 Bob Cone, Texas, 183-23 4; 5 Jack Simpson, A M, 174.9. SHOT PUT: 1 Darrow Hooper, A M, 54-7 2 (New record. Old record of 53-3 a set by Hooper in preliminaries) ; 2 Bill Forester, SMU, 47-5 2; 3 Ronnie Berger, Rice, 45-11 2; 4 Bill Milburn, Texas, 45-9; 5 Bob Smith, A M, 45-f4. HIGH JUMP: 1 Walter Davis, A M, 6-6; 2 tie betwen Don Graves, A M, and Phil Ran- sopher, Texas, 6-2; 4 tie between Don Klein, Texas, Glen Watkins, Texas, Byron Kil- patrick, TCU, 6-0. BROAD JUMP: 1 Charles Meeks, Texas, 23-10%; 2 Bobby Ragsdale, A M, 23-7 ; 3 Wil- liam Henry, A M, 23-1 4; 4 tie between Morris Johnson, Texas, and Toe Lucas, Baylor, 22-8 . DISCUS THROW: 1 Darrow Hooper, A M, 162-854; Bill Forester, SMU, 152-9; 3 Bill Milburn, Texas, 138-5; 4 Dan Pratt, A M, 127-7; 5 Jim Gerhardt, Riec, 127-3. POLE VAULT: 1 James Simpson, A M, 13-7; 2 tie between Dan Spradlin, A M, Don Graves, A M, and Keith Tompkins, Texas, 13-1; 5 Charles Maples, SMU, and Joe Runnels, Texas, 12-7. PAGE 350 1951 FENCING The Texas fencing team brought the foil cham- pionship back with them from the conference meet May 5 at Rice. Glynn Gartman, who placed second individually, and Alvin Lehman led the team in the win over Rice and A M. These teams finished the meet by winning sabre and epee respectively. With a large group of returning lettermen, in- cluding Gartman and the promising freshman Jerry Jerrell, the team expects to rank high again next year. FOIL Glynn Gartman Alvin Lehman, Captain Ken MacCollum Eldon Russell LETTERMEN EPEE Alvin Lehman, Captain Ken MacCollum Roger Scarborough SABRE Jack Protas Eldon Russell Roger Scarborough Thomas Hight, Ed Barlow, Coaches Jean M. Schooley, Manager ED BARLOW (seated), THOMAS HIGHT, Coaches Left to right: RUSSELL, PROTAS, LEHMAN, HIGHT, SCARBOROUGH, GARTMAN, SCHOOLEY. PAGE 351 1951 TENNIS D. A. PENICK, COACH SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET The singles championship was won by Ken Crawford of SMU as he downed Rice ' s Jack Turpin. Turpin won 2 of the 5 matches 7-5 and 9-7, but Crawford rallied to take the last three 6-2, 6-1, and 6-1. In the semi-finals Crawford had won over Dixon Osburn of TCU 7-5, 6-1, 5-7, and 6-3. Turpin had ousted Oates of Texas 4-6, 11-9, 9-7, 6-2. The doubles championship was carried away by the Texas team of Julian Oates and Bill Harris. The Longhorns shut out A M ' s Gene Lestos and R. G. DeBerry 6-2, 8-6, 6-4. In the doubles semi-finals Lestos and DeBerry had taken Crawford and Herbert Karen of SMU 6-1, 3-6, 8-6, 6-2. The A M duo downed Bernard Gerhardt and Charles Bludworth to enter the quarter finals. The champion Texas duo entered the finals by stopping Bill Fithian and Turpin of Rice 5-7, 6-0, 6-2, 6-1. TEXAS SMU A M TCU Rice Baylor SINGLES DOUBLES TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Final Standings poss. pts. won. 30 25 30 28 30 30 30 30 18 13 12 2 lost 5 10 12 17 18 28 pet. .833 .667 .600 .433 .400 .067 INDIVIDUAL TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Winner: Ken Crawford, SMU (5-7) (7-9) (6-2) (6-1) (6-1) Runner-Up: Jack Turpin, Rice Winners: Julian Oates and Bill Harris (Texas) (6-2) (8-6) (6-4) Runners-Up: Ray DeBerry and Gene Lestos (A M) Charles Bludworth Bernard Gerhardt Richard Austin Larry Golman Allan Hanretta Clark Kleinschmidt LETTERMEN RESERVE LETTERMEN Al Leissner Nick Sacaris Phillip Sanders Bill Harris Julian Oates W. Dick Smith Arthur Stiles Joel H. Pullen David Barrow, Senior Manager DICK SMITH, BILL HARRIS, ART STILES, CLARK KLEINSCHMIDT PAGE 352 as he .. -2. as team of kwLestos (Word too domed arter finals. Fithian and pel .83! .661 .400 .06! NON-CONFERENCE MATCHES Starting the season in March, the Longhorns took the SWTC team from San Marcos for a 6 to ride announcing early that they were in the game to win. Taking a trip to Houston the Longhorns tied a match with the University of Houston at 3 wins for both teams. Tulane University in New Orleans bowed before Texas 4-2. Meeting the local Caswell Tennis Center team, the Longhorns repeated the 6-0 score they had started the season with. Julian Gates defeated Clinton Nettleton, former Longhorn ace. The Southwest State Teachers College was next on the tennis schedule. Final score was 7-0 with the lop-sided victory for the University secured by Art Stiles, Dick Smith, Phil Sanders, Dick Curtin, Allen Hanretta, Nick Sacaris, and Joel Pullen. Meeting the Oklahoma Sooners who had a seven match winning streak under their belt, the Longhorns had a real fight on their hands. The undefeated Steers dumped the Oklahomans 5-2 and kept Texas in the undefeated column. In addition to the four lettermen, Art Stiles and Dick Smith both showed great talent on the court. Suffering the worst defeat of its season, the Texas team lost to the team from the University of Miami. The Florida lads defeated Texas with a final talley of 7-0. St. Edwards University felt the strength of the Longhorns with Clark Klein- schmidt, Dick Austin, Nick Sacaris, Al Leissner, and Larry Golman taking top honors in their matches. JULIAN DATES BILL HARRIS BERNARD GERHARDT SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE GAMES Coach D. A. Penick lead the Texas Longhorn tennis team to the Southwest Conference championship for the fourth straight year. Out of the total individual matches played in con- ference play, Texas lost only 5. Not only was the 1951 team good, but all members are expected back for the 1952 season which promises to be one of the best in University tennis history. TEXAS 5 BAYLOR Taking all five matches, the Texas Longhorns left the Baylor Bears on the short end of a 5-0 score. Julian Oates won over David Telford and Bernard Gerhardt took Larry Golbeck. Charles Bludworth and Bill Harris also won their matches as did the doubles combination of Oates and Harris. TEXAS 5 RICE 1 Playing both the University of Houston and Rice on the same weekend, the Longhorns tied with Houston, but the match with Rice was a 5-1 success for Coach Penick ' s team. Turpin, Owl ace, defeated Oates but Gerhardt helped even things up for Texas taking Fithion 6-1, 6-4. With Bludworth and Harris both winning their matches and the doubles combination of Gerhardt and Bludworth and Oates and Harris winning their matches, the University team came out victorious. TEXAS 5 A M 1 The Longhorns took five of the six matches with A M to chalk up another tennis victory and become strong contenders for the 1951 crown. Texas took all four single matches leaving one doubles match for A M and taking the other one. TEXAS 5 TCU 1 Traveling to Fort Worth, the Longhorns widened their lead on the championship by tak- ing the TCU Frogs 5 to 1. The game was a preliminary to the all important clash with SMU. TEXAS 4 SMU 2 The day following their TCU victory the league-leading Longhorns battled the strong second place SMU ponies. The crucial contest looked dark at first as Oates lost to Ken Crawford of SMU. With their luck beginning to turn, the Longhorns were able to cash in a 4-2 victory and cinch the 1951 tennis title. CHARLES BLUDWORTH PAGE 353 1951 GOLF HARVEY PENICK, Coach LETTERMEN Wesley Ellis Gil Kuykendall William Penn Arthur Bernard Riviere Bobby L. Walcowich RESERVE LETTERMAN Richard F. Ford CONFERENCE STANDINGS W Texas 21 SMU 19 2 A M 13 Rice 12 2 Baylor 14 TCU . . 10 The Texas linksmen backed into their third consecutive Southwest Conference golf championship as a result of tradi- tional rival A M ' s tie with second place SMU at College Sta- tion. Texas, although always in the running, did not rank higher than second during the season. It was the Longhorns eleventh championship in twelve years and twentieth since the first Con- ference title was decided in 1927. Wesley Ellis, Gil Kuykendall, Billy Penn, Bobby Walcowich, Bernard Riviere, and Dick Ford comprised the team, Ellis play- ing the number one position. Buddy Weaver of Rice captured his second straight Con- ference individual golf championship at College Station with a 72-hole score of 288. In second place, just 8 strokes off the pace was Wesley Ellis of the Longhorns. L Pet. 9 .700 10 2 .650 17 .433 17 2 .411 16 .407 20 .333 K Fronl Row: ELLIS, RIVIERE, WALCOWICH Second Row: FORD, PENN, KUYKENDALL PACE 354 consecutive )r ffi eleventh he first Con- J. Ellis pb. aiion with a R A L S PAGE 355 MEN ' S INTRAMURALS SENIOR MANAGERS Ken Mighell, Doug Nelson, Bill McGee The annual Pow-Wow held Friday night May 18 at the Campus Ca fe- teria brought this year ' s Men ' s Intramural Program to a close. Senior Intra- mural Manager Ken Mighell was master of ceremonies and Dean Robert Gordon made the presentation of annual championship awards and de- livered the main address. T sweaters and T privileges were awarded to the three Senior Intra- mural Managers. They were Bill McGee of Alpha Tau Omega, Ken Mig- hell of Phi Gamma Delta and Doug Nelson of Delta Tau Delta. Nine Junior Managers received awards and three of them, Carrol Collins of Delta Tau Delta, John Hampton of Phi Gamma Delta and Paul Martino of Sigma Phi Epsilon will serve as Senior Managers for 1951-52. The Frank Evins Sportsmanship Trophy was presented to Albert Lundstedt of the Lutheran Students Association. Delta Kappa Epsilon was presented the W. M. (Bill) Johnson Sports- manship Trophy. The Cowboy Sportsmanship Trophy was presented to Phi Delta Theta. All year organization trophies were given to the top teams in each division. Kappa Sigma won the Fraternity Division Trophy, and Oak Grove the Mica Division Trophy. PEM Club was the winner in the Club Division and the University Christian Church won the trophy in the Church Division. JUNIOR MANAGERS Front Row: Jack Hampton, Paul Martin, Ken Nichols, John Miller. Second Roiv: Leonard Karotkn, Larry Golman. John Hampton, Carrol Collins, Jay Hanchette. TROPHY WINNERS Front Row: Don Deal, University Christian Church; Clarence Sten- zel, Kappa Sigma; Frank Hafernick, PEM Club. Second Ron ' : Dick Austin, Delta Kappa Epsilon; James Upchurch, Oak Grove; Russ Kersten. Baptist Student Union; Bill Archer, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Albert Lundstedt, Lutheran Student Asso- ciation; David Lybarger, Oak Grove. PAGE 356 SOCCER VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS: LATIN-AMERICAN CLUB Front Row: Hugo Artaza, Teodoro Romero, Luis Valenti, Guillermo Levy, Pedro Guerra. Second Row: Juan Hernandez, Caballo Valencia, Manuel Mendez, Guillermo Freytag. CHAMPIONS: AIME Front Row: John Schwaen, Wilbur Yeager, Jack Howar d. Second Row: Fred Prickett, Bill Capehart, Bob Cochrell, Len Coolcy. RUNNER-UP: KAPPA SIGMA Front Row: Joe Tilley, Palmer Cummings, Bill Christie, John Lipscomb, Bill Irish, Gus Vletus, Richard Wolf, Carson Dickie. Second Row: John Poindexter, Jim McAneley, Michael O ' Conner, Henry Lindsley, Charles Alcorn, John Bailey, Tom Davis, AI Owsley. a Kr Kt VT KI RUNNER-UP: OAK GROVE Front Row: Bill Foster, Frank Horak, Keith Webster, Don Smith. Second Row: Jack Tolar, Jim Upchurch, Bill Hudel, Doug Weitzel, Gus Hrncir. WATER POLO CHAMPIONS: DELTA TAU DELTA Front Row: Gardner Thomas. Bobby Brodnax, George Penn. Sandy Edwards, Mike Raine. Second Row: Don Eastland, Harry Thomas, Bobby Bledsoe. PAGE 357 BASKETBALL CLASS A CHAMPION: KAPPA SIGMA Front Row: John Bailey, Ben Fortson, Hardy Wise. John Lipcomb. Second Row. Buddy Stenzel, Mgr., Chuck Alcorn, Ted Shields, Baxter Adams, H. J. Shands. CLASS B CHAMPIONS: BECK ' S BOYS Front Row: Ed Salguero, Scott Clark, Randall Adrian, Howard McDonald, Shelton Perkins. Second Row: C. B. Seeberger, E. L. Tankersly, S. H. Kinkley, Sam Hollowell, Roy Bell. CLASS A RUNNER-UP: B.S.U. Front Row: Tip Morrell, C. A. Barnes, Jim Cheek, Bill Foster. Second Row: Ross Kersten. Harold Simmons, Hilton Hi Hard, John Lewis. CLASS B RUNNER-UP: NEWMAN CLUB Front Row: Bill Arnaud, Jack Logan, Leon Hernandez. Shanty McGuire. Second Row: Joe Conti, Homer Lamey, Lewis Connell, Joe Arisco, Tom Logan. HANDBALL SINGLES CLASS A Ty Cobb. Phi Gamma Delta, Champion Ray Garza, Newman Club. Runner-Up CLASS B Bill Bussey, U.C.C., Runner-Up Jim Upchurch, Oak Grove, Champion PAGE 358 TOUCH FOOTBALL CLASS A CHAMPIONS: OAK GROVE Front Row: Bill Hudel, Frank Harak, Keith Webster, Chester Karger, Tom George. Second Row: Bill Kennedy (Coach), Jim Upchurch, Gus Hrncir, Robert Hanna, Jack Tolar. CLASS B CHAMPIONS: OAK GROVE Front Row: Max Smith, Bill Kenedy, Don Smith, Bill Slater, John Blue, Robert Allison, Ed Thiele, George Anderson. Second Row: Richard Gonzales, Ed Suasta, Gene Thomas, Dan Skinner, Elgean Shield, David Lybarger, Bill Hudel (Coach). CLASS A RUNNER-UP: PHI GAMMA DELTA Front Row: Woody Dryden, Harry Sharpless, Tom Thompson, Charles Parker, Jim Barnes. Second Ron-: Joe Hammond, Pat Thompson, Rogers Douglas, Don Spencer, Bill Booten. (The pup is Frisco) CLASS B RUNNER-UP: KAPPA SIGMA Front Row: Ford Hubbard, Logan Drye, Wesley Johnson, Dick Wolf, Herky Vaughn, Pat Beaird, Rany Wheless. Second Row: John Poindexter, Baxter Adams, Ed Holland, Mac Perry, Mickey O ' Conner, Joe Rowe, Bob Sheehy, Dick McKellar, Cary Hendricks. KI, I KI KIT HANDBALL DOUBLES CLASS A William Kennedy, Don Smith, Oak Grove, Champions. Henry Beltran, Perry Broom, Newman Club, Runners-Up. CLASS B Paul Smith, Ken Mighell, Phi Gamma Delta, Runners-Up. Ray Garza, Larry Coughlin, Newman Club, Champions. PAGE 359 CHAMPIONS 135-lb. class TEODOSIO MALDONADO Campus Guild 145-lb. class FILMORE SONDOCK AF ROTC 155-lb. class JACOB BERGOLOFSKY Manic Depressive! 165-lb. class PAUL MONTAGUE Independent FIXE NITE 127-lb. class REUBEN RABAGO Cliff Courts 175-lb. class MALCOLM D. MACDONALD Manic Depressive! 120-lb. class PAYNE ROYE Oak Grove 120-lb. class HARDY WISE Kappa Sigma 127-lb. class TOM ROCHA Mariners RUNNERS-UP 135-lb. class HAROLD ADAMS Mariners 145-lb. class ROBERT CANTU Ten Most Haled 155-lb. class EDDIE MEE Independent 145-lb. class DON GOULD Alpha Epsilon Pi 155-lb. class ROBERT BAUMAN Phi Delia Thela CHAMPIONS 165-lb. class CARROL CONN Phi Gamma Delia 190-lb. class SIDNEY G. KACIR Oak Grove Heavyweight ED L. KILLER .Vcii ' man Club 13.1-lb. class W. CARTER GRINSTEAD Delia Kappa Epsilon 127-Ib. class WAYNE ESTES Independfnt 120-lb. class WALKER METCALF Intli-fi, nrl. Hi WRESTLING 120-lb. class ALBERT ENGLEKE Delta Kappa Epsilon Heavyweight HOWARD CLARK Beta Thela Pi 190-lb. class RICHARD P. TOWNE Little Campus Dorm BILLY ROARK Campus Guild 135-lb. class GERALD CULVER Delia Tau Delta 145-lb. class GEORGE SEWELL Sigma Chi 155-lb. class RISHER RANDALL Phi Delia Thela 175-lb. class JAMES YOUNGJOHN Phi Kappa Psi RUNNERS-UP TENNIS DOUBLES CLASS A: Gene St. John, Allen St. John; Wesley Foundation, Champion CLASS A: Jack Harris, Malcolm Coone; AIME, Runner-Up CLASS B: Henry Rech, Robert Martin; Mariners, - ' Champion TENNIS SINGLES CLASS A: Richard Austin, Delta Kappa E p s i 1 o n , Cham- pion; Gene St. John, Wes- ley, Runner-Up. CLASS B: Russell Harwood, Beta Theta Pi, Champion; Hardy Loe, Wesley Foun- dation, Runner-Up. BADMINTON Don Anderson, Independent, Champion Walter Wukasch, Gamma Delta, Runner-Up TABLE TENNIS Joe Tucker, Theta Xi, Runner-Up Walter Shur, Hillel, Champion CLASS B: Tom Taylor, Ford Hubbard; Kappa Sigma, Runner-Up PAOE 362 TRACK CHAMPION: RINKY DINK Front Row: Bob Raley, Bill Chansler, Don Barton, Tom Stolhandske. Second Row: Bill Georges, Harley Sewell, Jack Barton. RUNNER-UP: UNIVERSITY CHRISTIAN CHURCH Front Row: Keith Webster, Roger Tolar, Joe Minor, Bob Hudson. Second Row: James Ross, Dick Hampton, Tom Hopkins, Don Deal. GOLF SINGLES Bob Long, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Runner-Up Lee Pinkston, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Champion (not pictured) HORSESHOES Frank Horak, Oak Grove, Runner-Up Homer Lamey, Newman Club, Cham- pion GOLF DOUBLES CHAMPION Preston Moore, Robert Moncrief; Kanna Sigma RUNNER-UP Walter Guttman, Murray Forsvall; Lambda Chi Alpha PAGE 363 SOFTBALL CHAMPION: AIME Front Row: Wilbur Yeaeer, J. J. Dillon, Harold Crow, Don Sartain, Tipton Murrell. Second Roiv: William Schell, John Morgan, Dan Jones, Jack Harris, Fred Watson, Don Walker. RUNNER-UP: BRUNETTE HOUSE Front Row: Pace Griffin, George Harwell, Jim Laughlin, Dick Bintliff, Bob Carnell. Second Row: James Ditto, Dale Craddock, Bill Hughes, Garland de Graffenreid, Herb Kass, Walter Thomson. BOW LING CHAMPION: OAK GROVE Bill Hudel, Chester Karger, Keith Webster, Dan Edmondson, Doug Weitzel. RUNNER-UP: AIME Charles Peterson, Ed Case, Bob Cockrell, Walter Furche, Ira Grogan. SWIMMING CHAMPION: DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Bill Hoff, Hank Perry, Hiram Johnson, Thomas Berry, Joe Caldwell, C. Anthony Buckley. RUNNER-UP: PHI GAMMA DELTA Thomas Tipps, Bob Timmons, Bob Wood, Lovell Davis, Jim Wood. Harry Sharpless, George Anderson. PAGE 364 CO-RECREATION I CO-RECREATION MANAGERS Front Row: Elissa Joyce Berwald, AEP; Patty Taylor, Wesley; Lillie Musil, DZ; Margaret Anne Caldwell, AGO; Lois Hermine Lefkowitz, SDT. Second Row: Rulh Fulcher, KAT; Mary Susan Janse, KKG; Mary Alexander, ZTA; Clara Bow McGowan, GPB. " Swing that pretty girl ' cross the hall. " FRIDAY NIGHT SQUARE DANCING IN THE GYM. " It ' s a homerun? " Co-REC BASEBALL. PAGE 365 CO-RECREATION MIXED TENNIS Richard A. Fahey, Betty Lee Gray, Newman, Runners-Up; Rosemary Sone, Gene St. John, Wesley, Winners. BADMINTON Donald Marvin Anderson, Olvvyn Davies, Kappa Alpha Theta. Winners; Mildred Jess Little, Walter Charles Wukasch, Wesley, Runners-Up. GOLF William Robert Long Johanna Lou Strieber, Alpha Chi Omega, Winners TABLE TENNIS Margaret Anne Caldwell, Fred Haden Coats, Alpha Gamma Delta, Winners. VOLLEYBALL Winners: Gamma Phi Beta. Front Row: Joan Meyer, Virginia Lee Reuthinger, Clara Bow McGowan, Agnes Elizabeth Atnelung, Elizabeth Ann Clore. Second Row: Jack M. Howard, Leonard E. Colley, Frederick B. Prickett, William Carl Capehart, Charles D. Vertrees, Wilbur Arthur Yeager. SOFTBALL Winners: B.S.U. Front Roit " . James Aldris Cheek, Thomas Camp- bell Perkins, William Knight Foster, William Ed- ward Thiele, Russ Kersten, Ben Morel Glass. Second Row: Tipton M. Murrell, LaVerne Voel- kel, Bonnie Lou Southwell. Lou McGee, Sara Hause, Rita Luada Sheppard. PAGE 366 WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS ' INTRAMURAL MANAGERS Front Row: D. Joan Webb, ODD; Sarah Nell Green, DZ; Mary Lynn Belle, CO; Mary Marcelle Hamer, KKG; Carolyn Cauther, AP; Ellen Mozelle Thomas, KAT. Second Row: Patty Taylor, Wesley; Mary Lee Fleming, AGD; Tommy Joy Denman, WICA; Clare Frances Gompertz, SDT; June Hart Knox, GPB. Third Row: Jacquelyn Sue Mainer, DG; Raynice Eads, ZTA; Angela Bernice Caldwell, Littlcficld; Betty Ann Theobalt, ADP; Delores Eunice Carman, AGO; Suzanne Elizabeth Bynum, AP. WINNERS: First Place Alpha Chi Omega. Second Place Kappa Kappa Gamma. INTRAMURAL AWARDS PARTICIPATION AWARD WINNER: Delta Delta Delta. Third Place Delta Delta Delta. HONORABLE MENTION: First Place Alpha Delta Pi. Second Place Kappa Alpha Theta. Third Place Zeta Tau Alpha. BEST MANAGER AWARD: Joan Webb. ' ' Over the top Push, gal! " Intramural Volleyball. " The Winner! Don ' t drop it now! " Joan Webb receives Participation Award for Delta Delta Delta. PACE 367 WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS SWIMMING ORANGE BRACKET Runners-Up: DELTA DELTA DELTA Front Row: Jane Miller Bailey, Courtenay Corwin, Melon Jacquelyn Blount, Sally Drum- mond See. Second Row; Beverly Smyth, Beth Smyth, Molly Travis Dillard, Marion Teresa Adams. Winners: CHI OMEGA Third Row: Frances Eilleen Gilbreath, Lesta Ann Gilbreath, Cordelia Jane Sprong, Cynthia Lou Sandahl, Mary Lou Snead. Fourth Row: Jean Knight, Georgeann Beene, Elizabeth McGenee Johnson, Rosemari Haskew, Shirley Ruth Moody. WHITE BRACKET Runners-Up: GAMMA PHI BETA Front Row: Adele Crawford, Virginia Lee Reuthinger, Clara Bow McGowan, Patricia Anne Payne. Second Row: F. Edythe Thompson, Frances Kendall Atkins, Wesley Jean Evans, Diana Lee Joseph. Winners: DELTA GAMMA Third Row: Merry Tom Blue, Shirley Ann Holmgreen, M. Jayne Word. Fourth Row: Jane Elizabeth Neill, Gretchen Berkey, Yvonne Williamson, Clara Jean Gresham. ORAN TOUCH FOOTBALL ORANGE BRACKET Winners: KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Front Row: Mary Eugene Red, Phyllis Ann Jones, Gracie Delene Long, Edna Martha Thompson, Charlotte A. Schulz, Ellanor Ann Fondren, Ann Fisher, Peggy Louise Dowd, Betty Jean Beasley. Second Row: Dorathy Jean Richards, Laura Hudson Woods, Claire Ownby, Bettye Lee Deshong, Kathryn Louise Irwin, Joan Parker Davis, Jan Scurlock, Mary Marcelle Hamer, Cynthia Ann Cheatham, Ann Millicent McNeill, Mary Jane McNeill. Runners-Up: ALPHA DELTA PI Third Row: Julianne Hienen, Julia Isabella Drynski, Pat McNeil, Evelyn Estelle Puckett, Virginia Beth Taylor, Betty Ann Theobalt, Nancy Jean Nichols, Patricia Kirk, Mary Ann Maley, Edna Louise Eeds, Mary Dolores Derigo, Jane Bradner. WHITE BRACKET Winners: ALPHA CHI OMEGA II Front Row: Beth Ann Wilson, Noreen Nancy Kevan, Ann Elizabeth Volz, Margi Ellen Carter. ;, Second Row: Mary Joan Becker, Donna Jean Pummill, Kathryn Thomas Smith, Delores Eunice Carman, Aileen Jean McElreath, Jerry Lee Renner. Runners-Up: ALPHA DELTA PI II Third Row: Eleanor Mcllwain Stevens, Nancy Jackson Farwell, Dakota Ann Ehman, Janelle Williams, Nancy Jo Mell, Rita Nell Bearden, Edythe Novelle Ponder, Gay Empress Zedler, Rose Lorelle Wright, Suzanne Phillips Daniel. PACE 368 WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS ] ORANGE BRACKET BASKETBALL WINNERS: DELTA ZETA Front Row: Marianna Forrest. Sarah Nell Green, Joan Elizabeth Wade, Ann Collette. Myrtle Ann Anderson, Sarah Elizabeth Wilson, Joan Wilson, Elizabeth Holt. Carolyn Minna Mogford. RUNNERS-UP: WICA Second Row: Melva Jean Ball. Regina Prikryl, Tommy Joy penman. Catherine Enell Scott, Theresa Ann Holtz, Burna Jean McCormick, Mary Frances Watkins, Thomasin Allene Bynum. WHITE BRACKET BASKETBALL RUNNER-UP: ZETA TAU ALPHA Front Row: Earlane Baccus, Mary Ann Alexander, Beverly Jean Black. Jo Ann Jackson, Mary Cathryn Young. WINNER: KAPPA ALPHA THETA Second Roic: Ruth Fulcher. Loey Baird Bass. Ellen M. Thomas, Olwyn Davies. ORANGE BRACKET VOLLEYBALL RUNNER-UP: ALPHA DELTA PI Front Row: Rosamay Lindsey, Joyce Winebrener, Betty Ann Harrison, Frances Boyd, Betty Ann Theobalt, Nancy Jean Nichols, LaVerne Overa, Mary Ann Maley, Virginia Beth Taylor. WINNER: WESLEY Second Row: Martha Loy Taylor, Tommy Joy Denman. Rosella Bonordon. Elnora J. Noack, Theresa Ann Holtz, Barbara Ann Pontius, S. Jane Watson, Thomasine Allene Bynum, Patty Taylor. WHITE BRACKET VOLLEYBALL WINNER: GAMMA PHI BETA Front Row: Shirley Christian, Virginia Lee Reuthinger, Clara Bow McGowan, June Hart Knox. Second Row: Adele Crawford, Elizabeth Ann Clore, Dorothy Carolyn Busch, Charlotte Elizabeth Carlisle, Dorothy Gene Harris. RUNNER-UP: ZETA TAU ALPHA Third Row: Geneva Eads, Beverly Jean Black, Jody Hollon, Barbara Woolver- ton, Clara Kaye Eschberger. Mary Ann Alexander. PAGE 369 WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS in TENNIS SINGLES Betty Lee Gray, Newman, Winner; Rosemary Sone, Wesley, Runner-Up. TABLE TENNIS SINGLES Margaret Anne Caldwell, Alpha Gamma Delta, Winner; Florence Cox, Alpha Gamma Delta. I ' .unncr-Up. BADMINTON SINGLES Betty Lee Gray, Alpha Chi Omega, Runner-Up June Hart Knox, Gamma Phi Beta, Winner. DECK TENNIS DOUBLES Runners-Up: Kappa Kappa Gamma: l ; ront Row: Mary Marcelle Hamer, Mary Susan Janse. Winners: Alpha Delta Pi: Second Row: Virginia Beth Taylor, Betty Ann Theobalt. BADMINTON DOUBLES Winners: Gamma Phi Beta: Front Row: Agnes Elizabeth Amelung, June Hart Knox. Runners-Up : Littlefield : Second Row: Angela Bernice Caldwell, Betty Lee Gray. PAOE 370 WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS TOLLS GOLF Joan Ethridge. Alpha Chi Omega, Winner. Johanna Lou Strieber. Alpha Chi Omega, Runner-Up. ARCHERY Marv Lauretta Binklev, Canterbury Club. Winner. FENCING Kathryn Sue Desmuke, Halstead Co-Op, Winner. Onah Astin Barwise, Pi Beta Phi, Runner-Up. I BOWLIN G Front Row: (Pi Beta Phi, Second Place) Mary Turner Shear, Sally Lou Talley, Gail Elizabeth Campbell, Barbara Esgen, Margaret Ann Crosby. Second Row: (Delta Delta Delta, Winners) Elizabeth Anne Mason, Carlita Joyce Wollbritt. Marian Teresa Adams, Beverly Smyth, Mary Mar- garet Hogg. Third Row: (Third Place, Kappa Alpha Theta) Loys Marie Gandy, Ruth Fulcher, Ellen Mozelle Thomas, Wilma Elydabeth Hoke. POSTURE Kathleen C. Hunt, ADP. 3rd place; Ann R. Thurman, DDD, 2nd place; Mary Jean Hopkins, PM, 1st place; Margaret Mary Fulton, DDD, 1st place; Carlita Joyce Wollbrett, DDD. 1st place; Joann Hyltin, DG. 2nd place. PAOE 371 WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS TENNIS DOUBLES Mary Susan Janse, Mary Marcelle Hamer, Runners-l ' p. Kappa Kappa Gamma: Agnes Elizabeth Amelung, June Hart Knox. Winners. Gamma Phi Beta. SHUFFLEBOARD DOUBLES Runner-Up: Kappa Alpha Theta Front Row: Carolyn Dickerson, Pauline Elizabeth Renick. Winner : Zeta Tau Alpha Second Row: Patsy Jean Oldham. Betty Jo Fischer. : ' ORANGE BRACKET SOFTBALL Runner-Up : Wesley Front Row: Shirley Ann Forehand. Peggy Ellen Donn. Martha Lou Schroeder, Carolyn Cauthen. Tommy Joy Denman. Patty Taylor. Isabeil J. Hafernich, Jo Ann Wright, Thomasine Allene Bynum, Martha Loy Taylor. Winners: B. S. U. Second Row: Eunice Davis, Rita Luada Sheppard. Mary Frances Watkins. Sara Hause, Lou McGee, LaVerne Voelkel. Joanne Thompson, Harriot Jane Haynes, Otis Rhea Schmidt, Barbara Lynn Schemer. Rosie Falfa. Bonnie Lea Southwell. WHITE BRACKET SOFTBALL Runner-Up: Westminster Student Fellowship Front Row: Jeanette Hack, Marian L. Cramer, Carol Lou Treat. Clara Bow Williams, Betty Jean Ferguson, Betty Brooke Eakle, Jean Marie Walker, Jane Harriot Stovall, Betty Cardwell, Charlotte Ruth Calhoun. Winners: Delta Zeta Second Row: Vira LaDelle Winship. Martha Ann Eastman. Marilyn Jean Warner. Sarah Nell Green, Hazel Annette Maxwell. Ann Collette, Lillie Musil, Martha Lou Barker, Caroline M. Mogford. Dorothea E lizabeth Bachemin, Marianne Forrest, Dorothy Durrenberger. PAOI 372 U. T. S. A. Front Roiv: Olwyn Davies, Carol Jean Clabaugh, Mildred Jess Little, Joan Marie Ragsdale. Second Row: Loretta Jean Wesley, Lois Claire Olivard, Mary Jane Braidhorst, Anna Hiss. Jane Marckmann Wray. Ar villa Taylor, June Hart Knox. Third Ro;c: May Louise Wilke, Johanna Strieber, Sandra Rhea Cobb, Marilyn Walker. Mary Marcelle Hamer. Miss Shiela O ' Gara. CLUBS AND LEADERS COUNCIL President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer . Member s-at-large MILDRED JESS LITTLE CAROL JEAN CLABAUGH JOAN MARIE RAGSDALE OLWYN DAVIES f JUNE HART KNOX | LORETTA JEAN WESLEY Bow and Arrow Canter Orchesis . Poona Racket Strike and Spare . Tee .... Touche Tumle Turtle Lois OLIVARD ARVILLA TAYLOR MARY JANE BRANDHORST JANE MARCKMANN WRAY MARY MARCELLE HAMER LANEL LE GUNTER JOHANNA STRIEBER MARILYN WALKER SANDRA RHEA COBB MAY LOUISE WILKE i Jo - - ' ; , : ! Cool, calm, and confident Turtle Club ' s show makes a hit again. " I do solemnly promise . . . " Joan Ragsdale being sworn in as new U.T.S.A. president by Mickey Little. PACE 373 BOW AND ARROW Front Row: Martha Ann Hallman, Alice Gazelle Gardiner, Cordelia Catherine Rugeley, Nancy Irene Patterson. Second Row: Mary Pavlich (sponsor), Norma Jean Morris, Helen B. Tannehill, Paula Jean Bushong. Third Row: Sara Nell Green, Betty Jo West, Lois Claire Olivard, Mary Lauretta Binkley. CANTER CLUB Front Row: Onah Astin Barwise, Ann Orr, Nancy Jean Nichols, Arvilla Taylor, Patricia Ann Carmody, Peggy L. Ludwig, Virginia Virtue (counselor), Jane Orr. Second Row: Ann Currier Hall, Louise Teixeira (sponsor), Mary Frank Lyvers, Rita Pettigrew, Eldona Hamilton, Frances Jane Winters, Patricia McDonald, Isabelle Burow, Caroline Dowell, Virginia Muir. ORCHESIS Front Row: Mary Carver, Peggy Joan Pegram, Frances I. Irvin, Marian Joyce Edlestein. Second Row: Arline Denny McTee, Gloria Ragus (sponsor), Dee Keith, Mary Jane Brandhorst. POONA Front Row: Jo Ruth Graham, Shirley Ann Forehand, Dorathy Lucille Dayvault, Cordelia Jane Strong, Carol Mottley. Second Row: Mary-Elda Dreyer, Tommy Joy Denman, Frances Eugenia Berryman, Joanne Hudgings, Emily Grace Hemmingson, Orlean Linda Kay. Third Row: Peggy Vilbig (sponsor), Marilyn Sommer, Mildred Jess Little, Anne Garden Lear, Jane Marckmann Wray, Joy Ellowyn Wade, Angela Bernice Caldwell, Jean Walker, Olvvyn Davies. RACKET CLUB Front Row: Carol Lou Rena Cannon, Mary Patricia Dowell, Agnes Elizabeth Amelung, Emily Louise Lapowski, Georgeann Beene, Jean Kathryn Brownlee. Second Row: Mary Marcelle Hamer, Carol Jean Clabaugh, Shiela O ' Gara (sponsor), Jennie Ann Arthur, Martha Lou Barker, Leota J. Spencer, Ruth Fulcher, Claire Ownby, Marilyn Ruth Donigan, Catherine Johnson. Third Row: Sarah Jane Weeks, Nancy Ann Chadwell, June Hart Knox, Jean Lipscomb. Fourth Row: Rosemary Sone, Betty Lee Gray. STRIKE AND SPARE Front Row: Catherine Joan Dearing, Jean Ernestine Jackson, Mary Kate Nix, Virginia Lanelle Gunter, Bonnie Mae Nagai, Willetta Geraldine Alder, Marjorie Ruth Field. Second Row: Shirley Ann Forehand, Ann Adele Cline, Caroline M. Mogford, Elayne Stein, Jane Cornelia Baltzer. Third Row: Sara Phyllis Maxwell, Delores Eunice Carman, Ann Adelia Bowles, Joan Wilson, Jo Ann Wright, Doris C. Meyer, (sponsor), Barbara Mays, Joan Elizabeth Wade, Mary Frances Watkins, Rosemary Burrage Carroll, Annie Mede Massey, Mary Jane Oberle. TEE CLUB Front Row: Kay Lowry, Jane Ann Borneman, Shirley Lucille Turek, Joan Ethridge, Harriet Jo Hill. Second Row: Johanna Strieber, Mary Ann Elliott, Margaret Ann Crosby, Claire Mendive, Laura Jill King. Third Row: Ann Pittman (sponsor), Nona Elizabeth Orts, Ann Ferguson, Dorothy Dale Cochran. TOUCHE Left to right: Marilyn Jeanette Walker, Kathryn Sue Desmuke, Helen Stafford McAnelly, Th eresa Ann Holtz, Doris Johnson (sponsor), Macleta Meadows, Margaret Ann McNeil. TUMLE Front Row: Jane Ann Borneman, Katherine Nell Hughs, Sandra Rhea Cobb, Patty Taylor. Second Row: Jane Watson, Rhoda McNight, Helen Windham (sponsor), Adele Crawford, Judy Belle Gerbens, Noreen Nancy Kevan. Third Row: Shirley Ann Forehand, Tommy Joy Denman, June Anne Tolar, Angela Bernice Caldwell, Mary Jane Brandhorst, Elnora Nowack, Rosella Bonorden. TURTLE CLUB Front Row: Delores Dyer. Gitta Lockenvitz. Edythe Thompson. Helenjean Mae Bouda, Nancy Louise Edwards. Palsy Lou Moore. Marilyn Terry. Jane Miller Bailey, Barbara Bauknight. Clara Jean Gresham. Second Row: Elizabeth Lell Cardwell. Carter Arthur, Mary Jane McNeill Dorothy Bertha Trevino. Courtenay Corwin, Joan Marie Ragsdale. Martha Ann Eastman, Frances Kirk Howe, Clare Elizabeth Masterson, May Louise Third ROIL: Mary Eloise Moore. Judith Lorena Reams. Barbara Esgen, Frances Kendall Atkins. June Anne Tolar, Barbara Ann Felsinv?, Christine Marel Chilton. Gretchen Berkey. Fourth Row: Evelyn Frances Lorbeer. Janet Louise Riker, Patricia Jean Sefton Clara Patricia Ann Carter, Vina May Fulcher. Barbara Clary, Jeanette Hack Joyce Isley. 1 REGISTRATION ... fill out form A, proceed to W.H. 210, complete forms 1A and 213 in triplicate, a complete record of previous work must accompany form B before student is ad- vised at . But at the end of the innumerable lines students are still able to enjoy the orienta- tion dance. PAGE 377 rr ' " 507 G R A D U i i ' . ' .swCi ' A PAGE 379 ALBERT PERLEY BROGAN, Dean, Graduate School After serving twenty-two years as an instructor in philosophy and later as assistant dean, Dr. Brogan earned the appointment of the dean of the Graduate School. A native of Omaha, he has studied at the University of of Nebraska and Harvard. Both Cornell and the University of Chicago have had him on their faculties as a visiting professor. Dr. Brogan, a member of AAAS and the American Statistical Association, has held the office of president in the Texas Philosophical Society, Conference of Southern Graduate Schools, and the University Club. KARL M. DALLENBACH A world-famous psychologist and veteran officer of two wars, Dr. Dallenbach ' s name is starred in American Men of Science. Chairman of the department of psychology, Dr. Dallenbach joined the faculty here in 1948. At that time he established the headquarters of the magazine American Journal of Psychology, of which he has been editor since 1926, at the University. Throughout his school and college days he showed interest in sports, particularly football. His athletic record is published in Who ' s Who in American Sports. RONALD KINNSON DEFORD Mr. DeFord, professor of geology, began work as a geologist surveying Rocky Mountain areas after receiving two degrees from the Colorado School of Mines. He came to the University in 1945 from Midland where he was engaged in commercial oil geology and trading. He is a member of the American Associa- tion of Petroleum Geologists, Geological Society of America, American Geophysical Union, West Texas Geological Society, American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, American Association for Advancement of Science, and the Texas Academy of Science. CHARLES WILSON HACKETT The late Dr. Hackett, distinguished professor of Latin American history, was widely sought after as an exchange pro- fessor, speaker, technical author, reviewer, and political conferee. His death in February, 1951, culminated thirty-three years on the faculty at the University. Dr. Hackett, author of ten and editor of eleven books on Latin-American history, held member- ship in Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Sigma. In addition to being listed in Who ' s Who in America, he was in the Faculty Club, American Hispanic Society, American Historical Associa- tion, New Mexico Historical Society, Texas Knights of Colum- bus Historical Society, and Quivera Society. PAGE! ROBERT LEE MOORE Dr. Moore, professor of pure mathematics and past president of the American Mathematical Society, is one of the topflight mathematicians in the country. One of three Texans who are members of the National Academy of Science, he is capable of presenting scientific papers with such titles as " A character- ization of a Compact Continuum with no Essential Continuum of Condensation. " A member of the National Academy of Science, Polish Mathematical Society, Mathematical Association of America, and the Association for the Advancement of Science, Dr. Moore has taught at Princeton, Northwestern, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania universities. EUGENE C. BARKER Dr. Barker, distinguished professor of American history and a University faculty member since 1908, has served as editor-in- chief of the Southwestern History Quarterly for twenty-seven years. Dr. Baker ' s outstanding work, Life of Stephen F. Austin, is often called the finest biography in Texas literature. Of al- most equal eminence is his eight-volume compendium of the writings of Sam Houston. The new home of Texas history, the Eugene C. Barker History Center, is named in honor of the professor whose own life and works form an important chapter of contemporary Texas history. WALTER PRESCOTT WEBB Dr. Webb has been a member of the University Department of History since 1918, and is now director for the Texas State Historical Association. He held the Halmworth Chair of Ameri- can History at Oxford University in England for a year, one of the highest honors offered to American professors. He has written such books as The Texas Rangers, The Growth of a Nation, and The Story of Our Nation. His latest work, Divided We Stand: The Crisis of a Frontierless Democracy, will be pub- lished simultaneously in the United States and England in the early part of 1952. Graduate students elected SAM BREWER, BUCK BRAD- LEY, and ANDRE NAHMIAS to represent their school in the Student Assembly during the fall of 1950 and the spring of 1951. PAGE 381 GRADUATES ALIZO MOHAMMED GHOUS, Kabul, Afghanistan Economics, MICA, YMCA AL-JALILI, ABDUL RAZZAK, Mosul, Iraq Education, MICA, Arab Student Association AL-TA ' I, FADHIL AHMED, Baghdad, Iraq Chemistry, i, Arab Student Association ANDERSON, MARTIN LUTHER, JR., Austin Physiology, A M2, Longhorn Band, Water Polo, Swimming ANDRES, MARY ELIZABETH, Cincinnati, Ohio Management, Graduate Club, Newman Club BAPUJI, SOLI JEHANGIR, Bombay, India Geology, Graduate Club, YMCA BARGE, VERNON WARD, JR., Belton Public Accounting, Bl ' E, BA+ BELL, ROBERT W., Hastings, Nebr. Accounting, Teaching Fellow BIGGERS, JULIAN LAWSON, Commerce Chemistry, 4 K BILGEN, ULUER, Kilis, Turkey International Trade. Turkish Club BLANKENSHIP, BETTY JANE, Jacksonville Journalism BOIES, JIMMIE LEE, Del Rio International Trade, BPE, International Trade Club BOWDON, H. B. FOSTER, Jonesboro, Ark. Accounting, Graduate Club, Wesley Foundation BRADLEY, GENE BUCHANAN, Austin Chemistry, ATS2, American Chemical Society, Assembly, Graduate Club BREWER, OLAN RAY, Mount Vernon Journalism. MICA, IAX, BSU, Cowboys, Hogg Debate, Theleme, Inter-Co-Op Council, Daily Texan BRIGMAN, GEORGE HENRY, Uvalde Physics, KA, Glee Club BROODO, ARCHIE, Dallas Chemistry, SAM, American Chemical Society BROZINA, JOSEPH, Clifton, N. J. Mechanical Engineering BRUCE, IRA STICE, Plainview Transportation, AK , ANA, MICA, Disciple Student Fellowship, Panhandle Club CASELLAS-JOVET, BONOSIO, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico School Administration CHRISP, JOSEPH DEAN, Forest Hill, La. Physical Chemistry, AT CLARDY, LOUIS KAY, Corpus Christ! Music Education, A Cappella Choir, University Singers COFFEY, ROBERT GEORGE, Orlando, Fla. Industrial Management, IIKA COLLIER, CHARLES S., Houston Finance COOPER, MARTHA JEAN, Waterloo, Iowa Applied Music, Piano CRAGER, JAY CECIL, Beaumont Accounting, i)Z, BA CRAWFORD, LONNIE EDMOND, JR., Pasadena Psychology i PACE 382 GRADUATES CRITES, OMAR DON, JR., Houston Law, Business Administration, tA4 , BP, Law Review, Canterbury Club, Houston Club DANIELS, CARL U., JR., Tulsa, Okla. Geography, AXA, A412, American Association of Petroleum Geologists DEATON, MARY LUCILE, Columbus, Ga. English, AFA, +X, Sidney Lanier DEVINEY, MARVIN LEE, JR., Prairie Lea Physical Chemistry, A K2, Wesley Foundation, Graduate Club DIEN, CHI-KANG, Hongkong, China Chemistry DUNBAR, EMILY STEDMAN, Fort Worth Education DUNBAR, RICHARD B., JR., Fort Worth Personnel Management, BF2, H2, SIE DVORAK, HENRY RUDOLPH, Houston Physics, EUE, EH, American Physical Society EEDS, LOUISE, Kerrville Pharmacy. AAII, KE, BSU, Assembly ESQUEDA, EZEKIEL GALLEGOS, San Antonio Economics, 4 BK, " fcAO FARQUHAR, WINFRED GOODLETT, Hillsboro Psychology FONTANA, JOE CHARLES, Port Arthur Mechanical Engineering, IITl, ASME, ASHVE FORBES, HERMAN HAYS, Itasca Geology, AX, XH. ROTC, Hill County Club GEE, ANITA V., Amarillo English GEE, WILLIAM MONROE, Amarillo Finance, BIT, 2IE GIBBS, GEORGE BUTLER, Austin Chemical Engineering, TBII, SXE, AT, f H2. AIChE, YMCA, Wesley Foundation GILLESPIE, JOHN, Ada, Okla. Government GILLIS, EARL, Austin Physics, MICA GLAZE, KATHLEEN ADELE, Austin Business Administration. Commercial Education, AOIT, 1TAO, BBA, Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Graduate Club GRAVES, MARY KATHERINE, Paducah Music, AOn, A Cappella Choir GUENTHER, PATRICIA, San Antonio Education, Al HAEGER, E. A. (Al), Palos Heights, 111. Marketing, Marketing Club HANOVER, SARAH ANNE, Bryan Music, M E, nXA, BSU, Co-Ed Assembly HARVILL, ROBERT S., JR., Smton Geology, XPE, Southwestern Geological Society, Intramurals HAY, LEE ELMER, Beaumont Industrial Management, Acacia, TAA HAY-ROE, HUGH, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Geology, ZPE, Southwestern Geological Society HERMAN, DAVID L., Dallas Chemistry PACE 383 Ite m " =: qf GRADUATES HERRING, GERALD RAY, Hebbronville Government, MICA, Glee Club HINERMAN, DAVID A., Huntington, W. Va. Geology HUMPHREY, CARROLL E., Austin Psychology JAMES, KEITH ELDON, Amarillo Zoology, 4 A6 JONES, LILLIAN KOLB, Austin Education, ART JONES, ROBERT ANDERSON, Alice Marketing. 2 J E JONES, THOMAS P., Austin Educational Administration KEELEN, THOMAS LEVIGAR, Corpus Christi Chemistry, AIChE KENNEDY, CHARLES F., Fort Worth Accounting KIES, ALMA ESTES, San Antonic Educational Administration KILIC, NURI, Mersin, Turkey Mechanical Engineering, ASHVE, Turkish Club LAINE, ALICE KATHRYN, Galveston Social Work, Lutheran Students Association, Student Association of the School of Social Work LANDES, ROBERT PAUL, Houston Architecture, ARE, AIA, AIME, Association of Student Architects, Intramurals LAUDERDALE, LAURA NELL, Mercedes English, IIB LEE, CHWAN-CHANG, Shanghai, China Electrical Engineering LIGHT, MELVIN, Trenton, N. J. History, Curtain Club LITTLE, WINFRED E., Driscoll Accounting, 0H, Pre-Law, Dallas Club, San Antonio Club, Intramurals LOVE, MARY MARGARET, Dalhart Social Work. A , Pre-Law, Panhandle Club, International Council, Bar Association LUEHRMANN, ROBERT O., Aberdeen, S. Dak. Physics, ZII2 LUTHER, MAX J., Ill, Corpus Christi History, Government, 24 E, Canterbury Club, Corpus Christi Club McCOLLUM, MARY ANN, McCaulley English McIFF, LYLE HATCH, Lehi, Utah Accounting, Teaching Fellow, BA McREYNOLDS, SAMUEL E., JR., Morrilton, Ark. Mathematics MARSH, LUTHER ALVIN, Austin Educational Psychology MEANEY, JOHN WILLIAM, Corpus Christi English, Newman Club MOORE, DONNA, Vernon Home Economics, Education MOORE, MARTHA JO, Sonora Child Development, AF, ACE, Home Economics Club PAGE 384 GRADUATES MURRAY, JOHN OWEN, San Antonio Business Statistics, -X NAPIER, DOROTHY ROSALIE, Brooklyn, N. Y. Biochemistry, 1111, American Chemical Society, University Singers NETTLETON, CLINTON R., San Juan Physical Education, PEM, T Association, Varsity Tennis NETTLETON, RALPH MURWIN, JR., San Juan Bacteriology, Tejas, Varsity Tennis, T Association ODEN, CAMILLA E., Elgin History ORTH, ELISABETHA CATHERINE, Flushing, N. Y. English. AZ, Newman Club, Glee Club OZBILEN, ERDAL, Ceyhan, Turkey Agricultural Economics OZDEMIR, MEHMET ZIYA, Istanbul, Turkey Civil Engineering, Turkish Club PADOLINA, GUILLERMO R., Manila, P. I. Educational Psychology, A Q, International Council, Asiatic Club, Wesley Foundation, Theleme PANDOLFI-DE-RINALDIS, DINO, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico School Administration PARKER, LOIS ANN, Center English, ZTA PEARSON, KENNETH E., Springfield, 111. Personnel Management, Acacia PEALE, WILLIAM F., JR., Austin Electrical Engineering, AIEE, IRE PICKETT, JOHN ROBERT, Kenedy English, KZ POWERS, KERNS HARRINGTON, Waco Electrical Engineering, H2, TBIT, HKN, AIEE, IRE PRICE, DONA TEGART, San Angelo Educational Psychology RATCHFORD, GLORIA ANN, New Orleans, La. English, IIB ROBERTS, J. CLAUDE, Huntsville History ROBERTS, RICHARD EUGENE, San Antonio Zoology, EX ROBERTSON, RICHARD SORY, Dallas Public Personnel Administration, IIZA, Tejas, YMCA, Westminster Student Fellowship ROWELL, LOUIS N., Anson Applied Mathematics, SI1S SALYER, JAMES LEE, Brownwood Education, Southwestern Geological Society, Westminster Student Fellowship SATTAR, ABDUL RAZZAK, Baghdad, Iraq Physics, Arab Students Association SAVAGE, WILLIAM HENRY, JR., Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASHVE SCHNEIDER, MATTHEW PETER, JR., New Orleans, La. Ceramic Engineering, KS, ASCE, American Ceramic Society SEGAL, MAXINE, Dallas Bacteriology, Teaching Fellow SELBER, ALFRED, Houston Social Work, Student Association of the School of Social Work PAOE 385 GRADUATES SHAMBAUGH, JOHN SCOTT, Houston Geology, KE, Cowboys, Interfraternity Council, Southwestern Geological Society SHUFORD, CHARLES BRITTEN, Austin Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS SIMMONS, CECIL C., Wichita, Kans. Accounting, BA SMITH, CHARLES LEE, Sulphur Springs Accounting SMITH, FRANKLIN LEON, Bishop Law, Bar Association STEPHENS, ROBERT OREN, Corpus Christi English STINSON, JANETTE RAY, Lufkin Education, II A0 STINSON, WILLIAM DANK, Austin Geology STUBBS, LOUISE ANGELINE, Kerrville Social Work, WICA, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Graduate Club, Hill Country Club, Student Association of the School of Social Work, Glamazons THOMSON, JOHN PHILLIP, Paris Plan II, Zoology, North East Texas Club TURMAN, JERRY N., Tyler Finance TURNER, CLARE JOAN, Houston English, Graduate Club, Canterbury Club, Houston Club UNDERWOOD, MARY CATHRYN, Russellville, Ala. Music, Piano, K.1 UTTERBACK, LORETTA, San Antonio History VARIAS, JOSEFINA R., Pasay City, P. I. Counseling and Guidance, South and East Asia Club WATSON, FRED S., JR., Okmulgee, Okla. Geology, EN WATTS, EDWARD WINSLOW, Austin Electrical Engineering, IRE, MICA, Wesley Foundation, Houston Club WELLBORNE, W. L. ROY, San Angelo Educational Administration. Graduate Student Assistant WILLINGHAM, WELBORN KIEFER, Tulia Educational Psychology, Swing and Turn WILSON, JOHN EWING, Beeville Geology, ATQ, ZFE, Southwestern Geological Society WILSON, RAY CLARENCE, Austin Real Estate, 2K, Pre-Law Society, Interfraternity Council WINTER, CLAUD VICTOR, Bronx, N. Y. Geology, 4 KT, AIME, Southwestern Geological Society WOO, CHIH-DA, Shanghai, China Electrical Engineering WOODWARD, JOHN FRANK, JR., Alpine Geology, ZFE, AX, Southwestern Geological Society, Walter B. Sharp Scholarship YEAGER, MARIAN RUTH, San Antonio Music Education, ZAI, San Antonio Club PAGE 386 . ,. I , R C H I T E C T U R E PAGE 387 ROBERT WILLIAM TALLEY, Director, School of Architecture Mr. Talley, Commander in the Navy during World War II, was organizer and director of the art department at the Uni- versity of Houston. He accepted the directorship of the School of Architecture upon his discharge from the service. WERNER WILLIAM DORNBERGER Assistant professor of architecture and supervising architect of the University, Mr. Dornberger was elected to the presidency of the local chapter of the American Institute of Architects in 1942. During the war, he was sent to Washington for special training in the United States Office of Education. Later he served as assistant to representatives of the War Manpower Commission and the Engineering, Science, Management and War Training Program. JOSEPH ROBERT BUFFLER Professor Buffler received his architectural training at the University of Pennsylvania where he played on the varsity base- ball team. After studying in Europe, he held a position in an architectural firm and worked with the Philadelphia City Plan Commission. He came to the University from the architectural staff at Rensselear Institute. In 1945, Mr. Dornberger was elected president of the central Texas chapter of the American Institut e of Architects. ...1 IWli : : PACE 388 SENIORS ASDI, NASIR MAJID, Baghdad, Iraq. Architecture, AIA, Arab Students Association . BACON, LOIS ANNE, Dallas Architecture, KA0, Canterbury Club, Intramurals BROWN, HYDER JOE, JR., Hillsboro Architectural Design, AIA. Canterbury Club, Hill County Club, Ramshorn CROW, JAMES WALTER, Austin Architecture, Ai) I CUNNINGHAM, CHARLES EDDY, Fort Worth Architecture, AKK DENNIS, WILBUR EDWIN, San Antonio Architecture, T2A, AIA, Sphinx FIELDS, JOHNNIE C., Austin Architecture, NAXII, AIA GRIFFIN, JOHN H., Temple Architecture GRIFFIN, LANKFORD ODELL, JR., Temple Architecture GROBE, WILLIAM CLAY, San Antonio Architecture, TIA, AIA, Sphinx, 1951 AIA Gold Medal, 1948 Sphinx Award for Outstanding Second-Year Student KUEHNE, HUGO FRANZ, JR., Austin Architecture, ZX MAURER, EDWARD J., JR., Austin Architecture MOORE, LEE F., Lexington, Ky. Architecture, X, TZA, NAXn, Sphinx, Christian Science Organization OATMAN, JOHN BRYDEN, Corpus Christi Architecture, AIA PASK, ALBERT B., Pecos Architecture PENNINGTON, SAM A., Port Lavaca Architecture, AIA, Sphinx, Association of Student Architects PETERS, ROBERT LEE, San Antonio Architecture, AIA, Sphinx, Ramshorn RHEINLANDER, FRED T., Lockhart Architecture, XAXII, AIA ROGERS, JOHN B., Manhattan, Kans. Architecture, ATQ, AIA SMITH, LORY LENDON, JR., Shreveport, La. Architecture TERRY, DAN H., Lamesa Architecture. AIA, West Texas Club VALDEZ, FRANK M., San Antonio Architecture, XAXII, AIA, Sphinx WEST, STARK, Austin Architecture, AIA, Sphinx WILLIAMS, JOE LEON, Austin Architecture, IIKA ZAPALAC, GEORGE HENRY, West Architecture, AIA iL 39 JUNIORS Broyhill, Kent Ira, Dallas Douglas, Charles E. r Tyler Duncan, J. Donald, Coleman Munir, Hisham A. R., Bagdad, Iraq Phillips, Eugene M., Borger Reynolds, Russell Donald, San Antonio Skrivanek, Franklin B., Houston Snowden, Rolen Dale, Dallas Solis, Hector R., Brownsville Terrell, Richard Paul, Longview Turner, Jack Rice, Austin SOPHOMORES Bennett, Robert S., McAllen Bennison, Edward M., Fort Worth Chamberlain, Elliott A., Jacksonville Craycroft, Jack, Dallas Glass, Lois, El Paso Russell, Charles Arthur, Ladonia Skaggs, Donald, Houston Sweeney, Pat, Houston Vater, James R., Houston FRESHMEN Boese, Charles Olin, Jr., Fort Worth Chaskin, Meyer, Houston Chumney, Pat Swearingen, San Antonio Ferguson, William Harold, Graham Leeah, George Andrew, Gonzales Leonard, David L., Laredo Loeffler, Norris Dean, Sonora Reade, William Thomas, Jr., Dallas Williams, Alan T., Alvin PAGE 390 NU ALPHA CHI PI OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Faculty Sponsor FRANKLIN B. SKRIVANEK LEE FULTON MOORE E. L. (JACK) TAYLOR FRANK M. VALDEZ HUGO LEIPZIGER-PEARCE FACULTY MEMBERS Stanley A. Arbingast Wilfred C. Bailey Ted R. Brannen Anna Brightman Hugo Leipziger-Pearcc John Carson McGuire Wilfred D. Webb Joe Allen John G. Becker, Jr. Robert J. Checchi James A. Clutts Tom D. Conger Lilian Eeck Johnnie C. Fields William C. Frederick R. T. Gliddon Jacques P. Guillery J. B. Hancock Dzidra Jegers Charles E. Lawrence R. MEMBERS William E. Lee Mary Margaret Love Ira S. Lowry George D. McClintock Lee Fulton Moore Joe W. Nolley N. Neel Proctor Fred T. Rheinlander Paul H. Rigby Franklin B. Skrivanek E. L. (Jack) Taylor Frank M. Valdcz Thomas E. Wellman Lamar Youngblood Founded in 1946, NU ALPHA CHI PI is an association of faculty and students meeting to discuss and stimulate community planning, research and education. i Front Row: McCLINTOCK, CONGER, VALDEZ, FIELDS, LEE, LOVE, CLUTTS Second Row: PROCTOR, NOLLEY, HANCOCK, MOORE, SKRIVANEK, ALLEN, BAILEY PAGE 391 Scenes from the exhibits of the School of Architecture during the U.T. Exposition May 4. V 1 fc : X A R ' t V ' V.. 4 } N D N PAGE 393 ,r ERICH W. ZIMMERMANN (Upper Right) Dr. Zimmermann, distinguished professor of economics and resources, was one of five men awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree by Washington and Lee University in 1949. A native of Mainz, Germany, Dr. Zimmermann has been consultant for several United States government departments and is author of numerous works on world resources and trade. He came to this country in 1911 to write a book, The Great Lakes and Their Economic Impact on America. In addition to his teaching career, he has been director of the National Bureau of Economic Research, research director of the President ' s interdepartmental committee on Puerto Rico, and consulting economist for the State Department. MIGUEL ROMERA-NAVARRO Dr. Romera-Navarro, a native of Almeria, Spain, is a distinguished profesor of Romance languages. He the author of more than a hundred scholarly publications. EDUARD TABORSKY Dr. Taborsky, associate professor of government, is a political refugee from Czechoslovakia and came to the University in 1949. He served as Secretary to the President of the Czechoslovakian Republic and was later appointed Minister to Sweden. Dr. Taborsky has taught political science at the University of Stockholm and at Charles University in Prague. LEWIS FREDERIC HATCH Dr. Hatch, associate professor of chemistry and research chemist with the University Defense Research Laboratories, has been given several grants-in-aid for continuance of his studies of allylic chlorides a project which h- L -- --- ' ' " " " .... presiden vhich he began while employed by Shell Development Company before coming to the University. Past esident of Sigma Xi, Dr. Hatch was elected chairman of the State Polio Planning Committee in 1950. HARRY HUNTT RANSOM Dr. Ransom, professor of English and co-ordinator for the first Great Issues course, was appointed assistant dean of the Graduate School in March, 1951. A major in the Army Air Force during World War II, Dr. Ransom was awarded the Legion of Merit for his contributions to the development and publication of Air Force magazine. The professor, one time chairman of the International Copyright League ' s historical commission, has made an extensive study dealing with early copyright laws. CHARLES PAUL BONER, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences fcfc fclMHI iJisir DrU iklKKI Nco. M. fchM h PACE 394 ml OK ni print up ' J. GILBERT McALLlSTER (Upper Left) Professor McAllister, Department of Anthropology, spent two years on the staff of the Bishop Museum as an ethnologist doing field work in Hawaii. While doing undergraduate work at the University, Dr. McAllister studied journalism, but when he was three hours short of a degree changed his major to sociology and anthropology. He later received his master of arts degree in archaeology and a doctor ' s degree from the University of Chicago. The professor ' s hobbies range from square dancing to raising unusual plants, and his wife, Cora, shares these interests. They are co-sponsors of Swing and Turn, University Square Dance Club. HYMAN J. ETTLINGER Dr. Ettlinger, professor of pure mathematics and research scientist for the University, has let his enthusiasm for helping people carry him into the fields of teacher, scientist, athlete, social worker, and religious leader. The professor, father of a recognized genius who received his PhD from Harvard at the age of twenty, wears a Phi Beta Kappa key himself. Dr. Ettlinger came to the University in 1912 after earning MA and PhD degree at Harvard. ROGER JOHN WILLIAMS Dr. Williams, distinguished professor of chemistry Biochemical Institute director, and contributor of important discoveries in B-vitamm and cancer research, has received some of the nation ' s highest honors in his field. Included are the American Chemical Society ' s Southwest Award of 1950, American Institute of Nutrition ' s Mead Johnson Award, and Columbia University ' s Chandler Medal. He was also elected to the National Academy of Science. Before coming to the University, Dr. Williams taught for nineteen years at the University of Oregon and Oregon State College. JOHN THOMAS PATTERSON Dr. Patterson, distinguished professor of zoology, was recently awarded the Daniel Giraud Elliot Gold Medal by the National Academy of Science in recognition of his contributions to genetics. This honor is one among several given to the professor. He was among the first group of faculty members elected to distinguished professorships, was elected president of the American Society of Zoology in 1939, vice-president of the AAAS in 1941, first constitutional president of the International Society for the Study of Evolution in 1947, and to membership in the National Academy of Science in 1941. HARRY ESTILL MOORE Dr. Moore, associate professor of sociology, received his bachelor of journalism degree and his master of arts degree from the University. He and his wife, Dr. Bernice Moore, earned their PhD ' s together at the University of North Carolina. In 1950, Dr. Moore was named to a U. S. Armed Forces Institute textbook panel. He assisted in the final selection of an introductory sociology text for the Institute ' s School. Arts and Sciences, largest college on the University campus, sends five representatives to the Student Assembly. Selected for the school year 1950-51 were David Bennett, Fred Kessler, Gordon Llewellyn, Sally See, and Tom Reid. PAGE 395 SENIORS ABRAMS, CAROLYN, Hearne Psychology, AE , X, YWCA, Sidney Lamer ADAMCIK, JOE ALFRED, Austin Chemistry, -f 2K, AT, f H2 ADAMS, G. BAXTER, Waco Geology, K2 ADLOF, CAROLYN MARIE, Three Rivers Pre-Medical, AEA, Eulenspiegelverein, Wesley Foundation ALLEN, GEORGE OTIS, JR., Beaumont Zoology, Acacia, $2 ALLEN, MAMIE LOUISE, Austin Home Economics, WICA, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club ALLEN, WELCA JEAN, Hillsboro History AMSLER, CATHERINE, San Antonio English, Af ANDERSON, WILLIAM R., JR., Cleburne Government, History, Scabbard and Blade ARMENTROUT, STEVE, Fort Stockton Pure Mathematics ARMSTRONG, EDGAR PRESTON, JR., San Angelo Geology, Southwestern Geological Society ASHBAUGH, DOROTHY, Houston English, AAA, Bluestockings, University Singers, Cap and Gown BAGGETT, MARTHA C., Austin History BAIRD, GLORIA LORRAINE, Groves Home Economics, AFA BAKER, MARY JOAN, Streetman French, ATA, BSU, YWCA, Upperclass Advisor, Sidney Lanier, Cap and Gown BALL, MELVA JEAN (MIDGE), Lubbock Economics, WICA, Economics Club BARBER, IVAN JAMES, JR., Colorado City Zoology BARDWELL, DOROTHY ANN, Ballard English, Glee Club BARNETTE, THOMAS HARRISON, Austin Pre-Medical, Zoology, A2 , AEA, Austin Club BARROW, BENJAMIN L., Houston Geology, MICA, Houston Club, Southwestern Geological Society BAUGHER, BINNY, Houston Bacteriology, Canterbury Club BAUMAN, BETTY BRUCE, Dallas Philosophy, ZTA, NTTT, Panhellenic Council, Reagan, Co-Ed Assembly, 1951 Cactus Associate Editor, Orange Jackets, Assembly, YWCA, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist, Sweetheart Nominee, Outstanding Student, Property Deposit Scholarship BEALL, JOHN ROGER, Larchmont, N. Y. Geography, A I , Longhorn Band BELSER, ROBERT DEWEY, Ingleside Plan II, Acacia BENNETT, ELBERT WHITE, Austin Physics, KK , A 8, 2112, H, Longhorn Band BENNETT, ROBERT LEE, Waxahachie Economics, Government, K , t H, II2A BENSON, BEVERLY LOUISE, Galveston Plan II, Glee Club, Canterbury Club, Cap and Gown BERING, ELEANOR MARY, Houston History, IIB BERRY, PEGGY RUTH, Paris Home Economics, Teacher Education, Home Economics Club BLUNTZER, NAOMI JEAN, Corpus Christi Anthropology BOESEWETTER, MERTES BERNARD, Victoria Government, ITSA, Newman Club BOLDEN, GERALD PAT Arp Geology, Southwestern Geological Societ ' PAGE 396 SENIORS BOND, THOMAS DUDLEY, Uvalde English, ATQ, West Texas Club, Canterbury Club BONHAM, RUTH ELEANORE, Killeen Bacteriology, WICA, Westminster Student Fellowship, Cap and Gown BONORDEN, RUTH ANN, Port Lavaca Sociology, YWCA, Wesley Foundation, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, UTSA, Tumle, Cap and Gown, Inter Co-Op Council BOX, MARGARET SUE, Luling Plan II, Wesley Foundation, Curtain Club BOZEMAN, DAVID O., Dallas Geology, 9X, SFE, Southwestern Geoological Society BROWN, EVELYN ANNE, Tyler English, Education, Xfl, Reagan, Women Voters, Swing and Turn BROWN, MARY SUE, Gatesville Bacteriology, ATA, Women Voters, Orange Jackets, Wesley Foundation, United World Federalists, Sidney Lanier, Cactus BROWN, WILLIAM ANDERSON, Corpus Christi Chemistry, TKE BROWNWELL, GEORGE S., JR., Corpus Christi Geology, Southwestern Geological Society BRUCE, MARTHA ANNE, El Paso English, KBT BRUCKNER, BETTY JEAN, Johnson City English, Bluestockings, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor, Swing and Turn, Women Voters, Disciple Student Fellowship BRYANT, NANCY, Havana, Cuba English, ZTA, YWCA, Pzatlx, Ashbel, Women Voters BUBENDORF, EVELYN E., Humble English BUCKLEY, CHARLES ANTHONY, San Antonio Geology, AKK. Southwestern Geological Society, Newman Club BULLARD, PEGGY RAE, Austin Plan II, AAA, Cap and Gown, ROTC Sponsor, YWCA, Women Voters, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist, Rose of AS , Ten Most Beautiful, Monitor Club, Upperclass Advisor BUNKLEY, MARY LOU, Seymour Spanish, A , Spooks, Pierian, Cap and Gown BUSE, DOROTHY PEARL, Austin History, Cap and Gown, Glee Club BUTZ, MARY ANN, Fort Stockton English, ZTA BYNUM, MARY MARGARET, Texas City Zoology, Newman Club, Glee Club, Pierian CALDWELL, EARL LANDIS, Austin Plan II, KS, NROTC, Westminster Student Fellowship, Longhorn Band, Austin Club, Cactus, Goodfellow CALHOUN, CHARLOTTE RUTH, Houston Psychology, WICA. YWCA, Cap and Gown, Westminster Student Fellowship, Mental Health Society CANNON, MARILYN, San Angelo French, Eulenspiegelverein, West Texas Club CAPPS, MARGAREUITE, Pontotoc Home Economics, ON, ACE, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown CARLISLE, JANE CAROLYN, Piano Sociology, Xfl, Orange Jackets, Secretary of the Students 1 Association, Co-Ed Assembly, Reagan, University Singers, Westminster Student Fellowship, Outstanding Student CARLSEN, MARVIN T., Port Arthur Geology, MICA, Southwestern Geological Society CARLTON, CARTER E., Grapeland Pre-Medical, N CARMODY, PATSY ANN, New Braunfels Home Economics, AAII, Canter Club, Upperclass Advisor, Home Economics Club CARR, LEONARD L., Roma Government, Economics, AXA, A 12, AFROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Orientation Council, Home Town and Regional Club Council, Rio Grande Valley Club, Pre-Law Society, Orange Wings, Rangers CARTER, S. W., Shelbyville Government CARTWRIGHT, JACK CLEVELAND, Gainesville Geology CAUSSEY, DONALD EDWARDS, Knox City Geology, Acacia CAVE, THOMAS ALLEN, Graham Pre-Medical, KK , Longhorn Band PJE 397 SENIORS CHAMBERLAIN, CYNTHIA SUE, Jacksonville Sociology, ATA, Panhcllcnic, Varsity Carnival, Curtain Club CHAMBERS, MARK DASHIELL, Texas City Zoology, KZ CLABAUGH, CAROL JEAN, Dallas Spanish, AAA, Mortar Board, UTSA, Co-Ed Assembly, Bluestockings CLARK, RACHEL, Blossom English, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, YWCA, Bluestockings, Outstanding Student CLARKE, GEORGE RICHARD, Dallas Government CLOUSE, ADA WADENE, Dallas English, AAA, Redhead Club, Upperclass Advisor, University Singers, Cap and Gown COHN, M. D., Harlingen Pre-Medical, Zoology, 4 A, Cactus, Rio Grande Valley Club COMEGYS, WALKER BROCKTON, JR., Wichita Falls Economics, KZ CONE, ROBERT E., Galveston Pre-Medical, AKE, Galveston Club, T. Association, Varsity Swimming, Varsity Track, Water Polo, Texas Aquatic Club CONVIS, MARY ANNE, Longview Home Economics, Home Economics Club, Westminster Student Fellowship COOK, JAKE C., Fort Worth Law COOPER, ELOISE H., Perrin Home Economics, Teacher Education, Home Economics Club COWDEN, ALMA FAYE, Midland English, KhT, Ashbel, Cap and Gown COYLE, MARTHA ANN, San Antonio Child Development, AAA, Reagan, Home Economics Club, San Antonio Club, Westminster Student Fellowship, Women Voters CRAWFORD, ROBERT FIELDS, Austin Pre-Medical. }1K. Austin Club, Water Polo, Varsity Swimming CRAWLEY, CHARLOTTE LUCILLE, Longview Geology, Cap and Gown. Westminster Student Fellowship, Southwestern Geological Society CREE, WILLIAM RICHARD, Pampa Geology, 6i CUMMINGS, TIMMY RAY, Corsicana Chemistry, Tejas Club DANSBY, MARY LUCILLE, Vidor Sociology, AKA, WICA, BSU, Cap and Gown, Women Voters DAPPER, WILLIAM H., Waco Pre-Law, K, HS DARCY, HARRIS PALMER, Austin Geology, ZN, SFE DAY, JACK RAWLINS, Cedar Hill Psychology, NROTC DEAN, MARGARET LUCILE, Waco Sociology, I1B4 DE LEON, HERIBERTO, Mercedes Government, MICA, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, Interdepartmental Symposium DESMUKE, KATHRYN SUE, Freer Zoology, Touche, Eulenspiegelverein DEWITT, HARRIET MARIE, Alvin English, Newman Club, House Chairmen Organization DICKSON, JOHN BRITAIN, Longview History, Curtain Club, Westminster Student Fellowship DISMUKES, BARCLAY WOODARD, Woodville Zoology, Psychology, Z fE DODD, DOROTHY ANN, Houston English, Swing and Turn DRAGO, ALPHONSE J., Port Arthur Pre-Medical DRIVER, HELEN D., Houston Home Economics, BSU, Home Economics Club n. fcflMC k-r - fan lllttl FOSO M lam 1 [. IBDUTn En IT Z-r ' FLA.V.4GUL1 (MwCt FUX2 PAOE 398 ; SENIORS DUNHAM, FRANK GEORGE, JR., Fort Worth English, KA, NROTC, Mariners, Freshman Track, Intramurals DYER, JAMES HOPKINS, JR., Big Foot History, Southwestern Geological Society EARLE, SUSAN ELLENORE, San Antonio English, AAU ECKHOFF, C. C., JR., Austin Costume Design, AT, Ranger EDMONDSON, JIMMIE JO (JODY), Mathis Home Economics, ZTA, Orange Jackets, YWCA, Cap and Gown, Pierian International Council, Home Economics Club, Associate Justice, Honorary Ca det Colonel AROTC, Outstanding Student, Sweetheart Nominee EDWARDS, CLARA PAULINE, Gatesville Bacteriology, BSU, Shangri-La Co-Op, Cap and Gown EDWARDS, DOROTHY ANN, Fort Worth Home Economics, Bluebonnet Belle, Home Economics Club EDWARDS, ROBERT WILLIAM, II, La Grange, 111. Pre-Medical, EHLERS, JACQUELINE, Houston Sociology, IIB , YWCA, Women Voters ELKINS, MARILLYN ANN, Beaumont Chemistry, Cap and Gown ELLINGTON, ALICE ELIZABETH, Houston Sociology, AAA FARRIER, HENRY MARSHALL, JR., Omaha Economics, SAE FARRIER, VIRGINIA DOUGLAS, Electra History, AAA, X, Sidney Lanier, Women Voters FELSING, BARBARA ANN, Austin Bacteriology, A4 , Turtle Club, Swing and Turn, Glee Club, Wesley Foundation FINDLATER, NINA FRANCES, San Angelo English, KKT, Pierian, Canterbury Club FISHER, SHIRLEY FRANCES, San Antonio Zoology, AXfl, Women Voters FLACK, GOLDONI E., Monahans Geology, Southwestern Geological Society FLANAGAN, TERENCE B., Tyler Geology FOREE, ROBERT LEE, JR., Dallas Geology, KZ, Southwestern Geological Society FORST, JOAN NEWFIELD, Greenville Latin, AE4 , Women Voters, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Cap and Gown FOUQUETTE, MARTIN JOHN, JR., Kerrville Zoology FRAME, DAVID, JR., Houston Economics, KS FRAME, NANCY ANNE, Corpus Christi Government, KA6 FRANCIS, NORMA LEE, Fort Worth Home Economics, Teacher Education, Home Economics Club, Wesley Foundation, Cap and Gown FREUND, MARY A., Austin Home Economics, AAA. Home Economics Club, Sidney Lanier, Cap and Gown, Panhellenic, Freshman Orientation FRIDAY, BARBARA ELAINE, Tivoli Home Economics, AFA, Home Economics Club, Reagan, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee FUQUA, PAUL STEPHEN, Dallas Geology FURCHE, WALTER LOUIS, Fort Worth Geology, Southwestern Geological Society GALLOWAY, BONNIE FRANK, Winnsboro Chemistry, Tejas Club GARDNER, JEAN ISABELLE, Austin Chemistry, A4 , Sidney Lanier, Glee Club, University Singers, Orchesis, Wesley Foundation, Glamazons, Opera Workshop GARROTT, DOUGLAS GREGORY, Hopkinsville, Ky. Geology, Southwestern Geological Society FADE 399 ill SENIORS GAU, DAYNE JE NAN, La Grange Home Economics, Home Economics Club GERMAN, ROY EDWARD, Slaton Chemistry, Pre-Medical GERMANY, GEORGE PATRICK, Brownwood History, f AO, Curtain Club GIDDENS, MARGARET GALE, Austin History, 4 M, Austin Club GIDDENS, SAM JARVIS, Clarksville Geology, Southwestern Geological Society GILBREATH, LESTA ANN, San Antonio Home Economics, XO, YWCA, Home Economics Club, Orchesis, ACE, Cap and Gown GILKISON, CHARLES A., Dallas Physics, Mathematics GILKISON, CYNTHIA STILES, Austin Mathematics GILLESPIE, HAROLD REESE, JR., Palestine English, KA, Westminster Student Fellowship OILMAN, LEE ATTERBURY, Austin English, A a, Judiciary Council, Assembly, Linguistics Club, Young Republicans, Board of Publications GILSTRAP, JANET LEE, Austin Mathematics, AZ, Glee Club, Cap and Gown, A Cappella Choir, Weslev Foundation GLASS, EDWARD M., Marlin Zoology, 2X GOLDMAN, CAROLINE B., Dallas Sociology, AE 1 , Curtain Club, Tumle, Cactus, Women Voters, Hillel, Forensica, Strike and Spare GRABBER, LORINE, Brenham Sociology, WICA, Cap and Gown CRANBERRY, WILLIAM S., Douglassville Applied Mathematics GRAY, DONALD M., Houston Geology, Southwestern Geological Society GRAY, EDITH MARY, Boerne Bacteriology, YWCA, Canterbury Club, Orchesis, Cap and Gown, Swing and Turn GRAY, ELIZABETH ANNE, Boerne Bacteriology, YWCA, Canterbury Club, Orchesis, Cap and Gown, Swing and Turn GREENWOOD, DOROTHY FEHLIS, Ottine Home Economics, Teacher Education, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club Scholarship GREGORY, HARVARD LAMAR, Devers Government GROVER, HUGH LAVERN, Flint, Mich. Pre-Medical, Varsity Swimming, T Association GUENTHER, RALPH, Austin Chemistry GUINN, CAROLINE MAE, Cedar Valley Speech, Forensica, Varsity Debate, Cap and Gown, Speech Club, Canterbury Club, Women Voters GUINN, NANCY, Waco Spanish, Sidney Lanier, Bluestockings GUNTER, V. LANELLE, Marshall English, X, Co-Ed Assembly, UTSA, Strike and Spare, Cap and Gown HAGEDORN, ELVYN EVERETT, New Braunfels Government, AT, A B, Interfraternity Council, Mariners Club, NROTC, Buccaneers HALL, ANN CURRIER, Marshall Psychology, AF, Canter Club HALL, SUZANNE, Austin Plan II, AAA, BK, Wesley Foundatio n, WICA, Glee Club, Bluestockings HAMLETT, ELIZABETH EARLY, Houston Home Economics, Home Economics Club HAMLETT, MARY HART, Wichita Falls Plan II, A4 AAA, Orange Jackets, Sidney Lanier, Westminster Student Fellowship, Cap and Gown, Goodfellow HAND, HENRY H., Freeport Zoology : PAGE 400 SENIORS HAND, LLOYD NELSON, Houston Pre-Law, K+, President of the Students ' Association, Cowboys, Rusk, Associate Justice, Goodfellow, Outstanding Student HARLAN, EVELYN ELIZABETH, Beaumont English, KA6 HARPER, NELDA, San Antonio Costume Design, Newman Club, San Antonio Club HARRIS, DOROTHY GENE, Comanche English, r B, Red Head Club, Cap and Gown HARRISON, HUBERT JAMES, Dallas Geology, MICA Dallas Club, Southwestern Geological Society, Austin Gem and Mineralogical Society HART, IRALENE ROSS, Miles Home Economics, Teacher Education, Upperclass Advisor, Wesley Foundation HARTT, PATSY RUTH, Farmersville Sociology, AAIT, Cap and Gown HASKELL, MILLICENT FRANCES, San Benito Spanish, Rio Grande Valley Club, Association of Housechairmen HAUSMANN, MARY ELIZABETH, Nixon English, AAA, HA9, ACE, South Central Texas Club HAWES, LAURENCE H., JR., Houston Geology, AIME, Southwestern Geological Society HAWKINSON, JOHN LOWELL, Rockford, 111. Philosophy, f K2, T Association, Track, Mariners, NROTC HAWORTH, BARBARA, Houston Plan II, AAII, Orange Jackets, Panhellenic, Upperclass Advisor, Freshman Fellowship, YWCA, Women Voters, Varsity Carnival, Board of Student Publications, Goodfellow HAYES, MARTHA MARGARET, Tyler Applied Mathematics, Canterbury Club HEIMAN, BARBARA JANE, Oklahoma City, Okla. Spanish, AE t , Cap and Gown, Curtain Club, Women Voters, Hillel HENDERSON, JACKIE HOLLIS, Houston Geology, X , Houston Club, Swing and Turn, German Club, Glee Club, Southwestern Geological Society HENDRICKS, EDWARD OSCAR, Dallas Zoology, AF ROTC HENRY, WILMA LEE, Lake Charles, La. English, AAII HERBST, ROBERT M., Jasper Chemistry HOLLWAY, LOU ANN, San Angelo English, Newman Club, Pierian, Bluestockings HOLT, ELIZABETH, Gruver Home Economics, AZ HOLTZ, THERESA ANN (TERRY), Sweeny English, WICA, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation, Touche, Upperclass Advisor, Glamazons, Discipline Committee, Bluestockings, Assembly, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee HOWARD, JACK MARTIN, Palestine Geology, AIME, Southwestern Geological Society, Longhorn Band, Intramurals HOWARD, MARGARET LOUISE, Austin Home Economics, Teacher Education, Home Economics Club, WICA, Home Economics Advisory Council HOWARD, WALTER RAY, Lindale English, Wesley Foundation HRISSIKOPOULOS, JOHN K., Corpus Christi Pre-Dental, H2:, AEA HRISSIKOPOULOS, PAT K., Corpus Christi Pre-Dental HUBBARD, FORD, JR., Houston Economics, K HUDSON, JAMES AUBREY, Austin Philosophy, AKE, -l-HS, NROTC, Canterbury Club HUGHES, ANABEL TRESS, Elsa History, Elementary Education, T 1 B, Freshman Orientation, Wesley Foundation, Rio Grande Valley Club HUGHES, ARLEIGH BRUCE, Christine Zoology HUTCHINS, MARY AMELIA, Corpus Christi Teacher Education and Home Demonstration, Tee Club, Home Economics Club, Corpus Christi Club, Cap and Gown P OE 401 SENIORS INGRAM, AGNES JEAN, Houston Geology, AAH, AAA, Houston Club, Forensica, Canter Club, Southwestern Geological Society IRWIN, OLIVE VIRGINIA, Amarillo Home Economics, KKT, Pzatlx, Ashbel, Home Economics Club ISLEY, JOYCE, Corpus Christ! English, AAII, Turtle Club, Corpus Christ! Club ISRAEL, LIBBYE, Dallas English, Af E, Bluestockings, Sidney Lanier, Cap and Gown IZAWA, EDWARD HIROSHI, Honolulu, T. H. Chemistry, AEA JACKSON, ALFRED J., JR., Cleburne Pre-Law, Government, History, MICA, AFROTC JACKSON, FRANCES ANN, Fort Worth Home Economics, WICA, Home Economics Club JAMESON, DAVID KITTRELL, Dallas Zoology JANSE, SUSAN, Houston Economics, KKT, Turtle Club, Racket Club JESTER, JOAN, Austin English, OB , Bluebonnet Belle Finalist, Pzatlx JIRASEK, ROSALIE J., Placedo Chemistry JOHN, CHARLES BEDFORD, Waxahachie Geology, Southwestern Geological Society JOHNSON, FRED LOWERY, JR., San Angelo Chemistry JOHNSON, NANCY RUTH, San Antonio Speech, AAA, Varsity Debate, San Antonio Club, Women Voters JONES, MARY ELIZABETH, Fort Worth Bacteriology, 4 S JONES, WANDA MAE, Austin Chemistry, WICA, Cap and Gown JUREN, WILLIAM R., JR., Corpus Christi Geology, Czech Club, Westminster Student Fellowship, Southwestern Geological Society JUSTISS, JESSE EDWARD, JR., Howland Bacteriology, AXA KEATING, PATSY ANN, San Angelo Spanish, X2, 2AII, Sidney Lanier KENDRICK, MARY LOU, Dallas English, KKI ' , Displaced Persons Committee, Bluebonnet Belle KENNA, JULIA BETH, Beaumont Sociology, KA9 KENNEY, JOHN RICHARDSON, Chicago, 111. Geology, KA, Silver Spurs, Southwestern Geological Society KINCAID, KAROLINE, Gladewater History, ZTA KING, LAURA JILL, Tyler Home Economics, KB , Tee Club, Bluebonnet Belle KITE, KIRK, Mobeetie History, Latin- American Union KLINE, ALLEN H., Houston Pre-Mcdical, fIA, A K2, Interfraternity Council, Silver Spurs, Varsity Baseball, Oratorical Association KNOX, JOHN C., San Antonio Zoology KNOX, JUNE HART, San Antonio Psychology, T B, Racket Club, UTSA, Cap and Gown, Women Voters KOEN, JACK WORKMAN, Hamilton English, Sociology, 2K KOESTER, EARL J., Seguin Pure Mathematics, Physics, 8X, Lutheran Students Association KOONS, PAUL D., Wharton Geology. Acacia. Southwestern Geological Society, Austin Gem and Mineralogical Society S ' PACE 402 SENIORS KOWALSKI, SUE, Kingsville English, Blucbonnet Belle Nominee, Forum Speakers Committee, Valley Club, Women Voters, Cap and Gown KUTAC, ETHEL MARIE, Yoakum Child Development, Wakonda Co-op, Coordinators Council, Newman Club LAMBERT, EDWIN WARD, Teague Psychology, AT, X, AKA, Wesley Foundation LAMM, PATRICIA ANN, San Antonio Home Economics, AXS2, San Antonio Club, Newman Club, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown LANGSTON, DON VAL, Dallas Zoology, KK+, Longhorn Band LAROS, ANGELO GEORGE, Galveston Zoology, Galveston Club LEGE, NATALIE M., Galveston Sociology, A LEHMAN, IRWIN, Tahoka Pre-Medical, TA LEIFHEIT, BETTY J., McAllcn Psychology LEVERETT, FRANCES ELIZABETH, Port Arthur Plan II, AAA, Women Voters, Reagan, Southeast Texas Club, Orange Jackets LEWIS, JAMES KEET, JR., Houston Law, ATQ, Intcrfraternity Council, Discipline Committee, Student-Faculty Cabinet LEWIS, JOHN MILTON, Beaumont Zoology LEWIS, MARK CARL, Houston Sociology, MICA, Wesley Foundation, A Cappella Choir LILES, NINA BETH, San Benito English, AAII, RAO, ACE, Bluestockings, Westminster Student Fellowship, Cap and Gown, Rio Grande Valley Club LOVE, MARY BESS, Crandall Bacteriology, WICA LUDWIG, PEGGY LOUISE, New Braunfels English, Canter Club LUKER, ROBERT W., Austin Geology, Southwestern Geological Society LUXEMBOURG, ELIAHU, Tel-Aviv, Israel Zoology, IZFA, YMCA, Hillel McBROOM, ROBERT LOUIS, Dallas Geology, BOH MCCARTHY, ANN MARIE, Pottsviiie, p a . History, Newman Club McCREARY, RAYE VIRGINIA, Temple Plan II, KKT, Canter Club, Charm Committee, Sweetheart Nominee, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist, Freshman Orientation Committee McCULLERS, JOHN C., Houston Zoology, AT, Wesley Foundation McCURDY MARIAN LEA, Austin Sociology, YWCA. Turtle Club, Whitehall Co-Op, Westminster Student Fellowship, Orange Jackets McDANIEL, GENE E., Midland Geology, AIME, Southwestern Geological Society MCDOWELL, ANSEL LEWIS, Wellington Pre-Medical, f K , Longhorn Band, Panhandle Club McGEE, BILL G., De Kalb Geology, ATQ, AIME, Southwestern Geological Society, Intramurals McGEE, HENRY W., JR., Baytown Geology, rE, Southwestern Geological Society McHENRY, LOIS J., Cleburne English, AXS2, Sidney Lanier, Young Republicans, Women Voters McKEE, LAURA MARY, Dallas Home Economics, KA6 MCKNIGHT, RHODA, Austin Child Development, Inter-Co-Op Council, Orange Jackets. YWCA, Tumle. Coordinators Council McMAHON, WILLIAM ALVIN, JR., Groves Chemistry PAGE 403 SENIORS McNEILL, MARY JANE, Austin Sociology, KKT, Pierian, Turtle Club McPHERSON, BILLIE JUNE, Port Arthur Sociology McWHORTER, VIRGINIA ANN, Taylor Teacher Education, ZTA, Home Economics Club, YWCA, Williamson County Club MALDONADO, ORALIA, Brownsville Spanish, Newman Club, Alba, Cap and Gown MALLAN, JEAN, Marfa Zoology MANTON, SCOTT, San Antonio Economics MARSHALL, SABIN WILLIAM, Houston Geology, A f O, Newman Club, Houston Club, Southwestern Geological Society MARTIN. JOHN W., Alvarado Zoology, MICA MARTIN, PATRICIA ANN, Weslaco Nutrition, -4 M, Home Economics Club, Valley Club MAXWELL, OLIVER TERRELL, Fort Worth Geology, AIMME, Southwestern Geological Society MAYNARD, WILLIAM EDWARD, Bastrop Geology, 2FE, Southwestern Geological Society MEADOR, LEE IRA, JR., Jacksonville Geology, X i MILCH, HERBERT FREDERICK, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Spanish MILLER, WANDA, Austin Home Economics, WICA, Home Economics Club, Swing and Turn MITCHELL, JUANITA, San Antonio Zoology, WICA, Canterbury Club, Cap and Gown MOHLER, STANLEY ROSS, La Marque Pre-Medical, Young Republicans MOORE, MARCIA, Houston English, Pzatlx, Women Voters, Aqua Belles, Turtle Club, Cap and Gown, Houston Club MORGAN, ELIZABETH ANN, Temple Interior Decoration, A f , Home Economics Club MORLEY, JACK McCALLUM, Austin Psychology, 2X, 1 XH, International Council, Hogg Debate, YMCA, ROTC, Interfraternity Council, Armed Forces Association MORRISON, FRANCES PEARL, Graham English, KA6 MORRISS, FRANCES, Austin Home Economics MOSES, NANCY, College Station Plan II, IISA, Upperclass Advisor, Touche, Women Voters MOULTON, JOHN CALLAGHAN, Houston Geology, ZAE, AIME, YMCA, Houston Club, Southwestern Geological Society MRNUSTIK, STANLEY F., Caldwell Plan II, MICA, Czech Club MUGFORD, EDWARD GARRETT, JR., Dallas Clinical Psychology, MICA NICKELS, ROBERT LEE, Galveston Sociology NICHOLS, TAYLOR, JR., Robstown Government, Political Science, KA, Varsity Tennis, Wesley Foundation. Interfraternity Council, Pre-Law Society, Corpus Christi Club NIEMEYER, LAWRENCE E., San Antonio Mathematics, MICA, Arnold Air Society, Lutheran Students Association NORMENT, ROBERT SIMS, Paris Economics, 1 K2, YMCA, Northeast Texas Club NORTHINGTON, K. V., JR., Ballinger Geology, Southwestern Geological Society O ' BRIEN, BARBARA ANN, San Antonio English, Newman Club, Redhead Club, Pierian, Cap and Gown, San Antonio Club, Upperclass Advisor gp osw | ta o PICHIL Ww -I SENIORS nUt,Fb. (udT.ii (JiadGon, vac, ! od 0 Boil ! O ' BRIEN, BOB RANDOLPH, Gainesville Geology OLIVER, FRED LAMAR, San Antonio Physics, Geology, AIME, Southwestern Geological Society OLSON, ELINOR, Galveston English, BK, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Bluestockings, Women Voters, Cactus, Upperclass Advisor ORR, JANE LISTER, Newgulf English, Af , AAA, Canter Club, Panhellenic Ownooch OSBURN, SYLVIA BETH, Houston Plan II, A 4 ! , AAA, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, Sidney Lanier, Westminster, Student Fellowship, Associate Editor 1950 Cactus, Editor-in-Chief 1951 Cactus, Outstanding Student OSWALD, ROBERTA IRENE, Port Isabel Plan II, Wesley Foundation, Glee Club, Women Voters OTIS, SALLY WEAVER, Dallas Spanish, Illl ' l- OTTMAN, ERIC JULIUS, Longview Geology, MICA, Southwestern Geological Society OTTMAN, ROBERT D., Fort Worth Geology, Southwestern Geological Society OWNBY, CLAIRE, Dallas English, KKI ' , Racket Club, Pzaltx, Orange Jackets PARKER, LILA ANNE, Austin Child Development, ZTA, Women Voters, ACE, Austin Club PARRISH, NORRIS H., San Antonio Zoology, I " A PARRISH, ROBERT B., Corpus Christi History, Canterbury Club PARTEN, JO ANN, Richmond Clothing, Textiles, Design, Xfl, Panhellenic, Home Economics Club, Upperclass Advisor, Canter Club, Cap and Gown PATTEN, MARGARET ANN, Houston Sociology, AAII, Bow and Arrow, Women Voters PATTERSON, MARSELAINE, Eldorado Plan II, Glee Club, Westminster Student Fellowship, Steer Here PAYTON, HOWARD FRANKLIN, Austin Zoology, TKE, BSU, Austin Club PEARCE, AILIE FRANCES, Belize, British Honduras Home Economics, Glee Club, WICA, Opera Workshop, University Singers, Cap and Gown PEARGE, FRANCES M., San Antonio Chemistry PECKINPAUGH, PATRICIA ANN, Houston English, IIB f , Bluestockings, Women Voters PEINE, JOANNE, Houston Child Development, AT PERKINS, RAYMOND MARSHALL, JR., Dallas Physics, 112 PERRY, JOSEF H., Amarillo Sociology, AKA, X, Mental Hygiene Society PHILLIPS, CORINNE DORIS, Ozona English, ZTA PICHEL, GEORGE B., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Geology, 6X, Interfraternity Council, Southwestern Geological Society PICKENS, JAMES MILTON, Colorado City Zoology PIERCE, THOMAS JOE, Dallas Psychology, MICA . PIETRAVALLE, PATRICIA ANN, Houston French, r i B, AAA, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Newman Club PITMAN, HELEN ANN, Hereford English, AAA PLATZ, VIRGINIA ANN, Texarkana Chemistry, Newman Club, Cap and Gown POLTER, KATHERINE. Dallas Spanish, Inter Co-Op Council, Alba Club, University Singers, Pre-Law Society PACE 405 SENIORS V V PONDER, EDYTHE NOVELLE, Hawkins Teacher Education, AAII, BSU, Home Economics Club, Reagan POTTER, FLOYD E., JR., Austin Zoology PUIG, SARA, Laredo English, XQ. Ashbel, Laredo Club PUMPHREY, ANDREW BEAL, Fort Worth Zoology, rA PURSER, PATRICIA ANN, Houston History, T4 B, Houston Club RACKLEY, EVERETT WAYNE, Austin Zoology, ROTC RAGSDALE, JACK H., Luling Geology RATNER, ESTELLE, Houston Sociology, A+E, Hillel RAY, HAROLD ROWE, Austin History, A B, ROTC, Scabbard and Blade RED, ANN LOUISE, Houston Psychology, KKF, IIAO, ACE, House Chairmen Association Council REDDITT, CAROLYN, Lufkin History, KA0, Panhcllenic, Orchesis, Spooks REID, LUCY ANN, Brownsville English, I ' +B, YWCA, Sidney Lanier REJEBIAN, MYRON V., Dallas History, B9II, Intramurals REYNOLDS, JO ANN, Houston Home Economics, AAIT, ACE, Houston Club, Home Economics Club RICHARDSON, KENNETH O., Beaumont Economics, Southeast Texas Club, Economics Club, Cross Country Track, Social Science Club RICHBOOK, GERALD, Temple Government and History, TA f , A6, IIIA RICHBURG, ELNORA, Flint Spanish, Glee Club, Sidney Lanier RIVES, LUZ ELIDA, Refugio Spanish, 2AII, Newman Club, Alba Club, Upperclass Advisor ROBERTSON, SAMUEL HOUSTON, JR., Lohn History, Hill Country Club ROBINSON, ROB, Shreveport, La. Psychology, X, Curtain Club ROCHE, MARTHA ANN, Austin Plan II ROCHELLE, DONALD GLENN, Texarkana Pre-Mcdical, A6, AEA ROGERS, NANCY, Pearsall Home Economics, Teacher Education, Swing and Turn, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown ROLPH, MARILYN PHYLLIS, El Campo History, AZ, Women Voters, Lutheran Students Association ROSS, VELMA HILLIARD, Houston English, AZ, Houston Club, Canterbury Club ROTTENSTEIN, CARMEN MARIANNE, Laredo Romance Languages, Latin-American Institute, IZFA, Laredo Club, Hillel. Touche, International Club, Architecture Sweetheart Nominee, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee ROY, ARA FIELDING, Austin Bacteriology ROYE, WALTER WAYNE, Graham Geology RUBINSKY, SIMON, Brownsville Economics, TA4 , A S!, AAS, Silver Spurs, Daily Texan, Ranger, Cactus, Rusk, Varsity Debate, Hillel, Prc-Law Society, IZFA, Rio Grande Valley Club, Interfraternity Council RUNGE, ANITA, Christoval Home Economics, KKT, Canterbury Club, Home Economics Club, Women Voters RUPP, JOAN CAROL, Falfurrias Home Economics, KA9 PAGE 406 SENIORS RUSSELL, JAMES SAMUEL, Kilgore English RUSSELL, MARGARET ANN, Port Arthur Mathematics, BSU RUTLAND, EDWARD CUMPSTON, Houston Philosophy, ATA, Canterbury Clab SAMPLER, PHILIP K., San Angelo Geology SAUL, HARVEY E., Weatherford Psychology, Canterbury Club SCHELL, DOROTHY J., Longview English, ATA, Curtain Club, Cap and Gown, University Folk Dancers, Glee Club SCHMID, JACK RUSSELL, Dallas Geology, IIKA, Interfraternity Council, Varsity Carnival Committee SCOTT, DAN W., Austin Physics, 112, Canterbury Club SCOTT, LOIS RUTH, La Marque Sociology, YWCA, Canterbury Club SEAY, DOROTHY ELIZABETH, Houston History, KA9 SEE, SALLY DRUMMOND, Dallas Interior Decorating, AAA, Orange Jackets, Panhellenic, Assembly, Turtle Club, Cap and Gown, Outstanding Student SELLERS, WILLIAM LA FAYETTE, JR., Port Arthur Spanish, History, 4 KT, ROTC, Canterbury Club SEWARD, SARAH KATHERINE, Del Rio Home Economics, Home Economics Club SHANKLE, JOAN MARILYN, Dallas Government, Psychology SHANNON, LESLEY CHARLEEN, Austin Home Economics, Teacher Education, Swing and Turn, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club SHELTON, MARY ANN, Austin Interior Decorating SHIELDS, F. S. TED, Victoria Pre-Medical. K SHURTLEFF, CHARLES ALTON, Mount Vernon Pre-Medical, KA SILLS, E. GARRETT, Evant Zoology, Wesley Foundation SLAY, JOHN D., Dallas English SMILEY, TOMMY TROY, San Antonio Geology, San Antonio Club, Southwestern Geological Society SMITH, BILLY JOE, Edgewood Pre-Medical, SAE, Texas Pharmaceutical Association SMITH, EDWIN L., Graham Geology SMITH, FRANCIS PARKE, JR., Houston English, f rA, Canterbury Club SMYER, JOE PATE, Jourdanton Plan II, Acacia, A0 SMYERS, IMOGENS LOVE, Dallas Languages, 1AI1 SOLTES, MAURY, Dallas Chemistry, Tejas SPEARMAN, CAROLYN, San Antonio Home Economics, AF, Tumle SPERRY, EMILY LUCILE, Paris Sociology, AAA SPURLOCK, BOBBY BRYAN, Richland Springs History STARICHA, BETTY KATHRYN, San Antonio Home Economics, Swing and Turn, Home Economics Club m r l 9 . - T PACE 407 SENIORS STERLING, JACK ARTHUR, Fredericksburg Pre-Law, Philosophy, AXA, A4Q, Hill Country Club, Newman Club, German Club, Pre-Law Society, Inter-Club Council STEMBRIDGE, RUNELLE LOYD, Gilmer Teacher Education, r B, BSU, Home Economics Club, Glee Club, Symphonic Band, Turtle Club, Northeast Texas Club STENZEL, LEAH, Austin Chemistry, WICA, Southwestern Geological Society, Women ' s Geological Society, Swing and Turn, Cap and Gown, Redhead Club STEPHENS MARY MARGARET, Vernon English, AFA, Women Voters, Cap and Gown STIERNBERG, LLOYD ELSEWORTH, JR., Harlingen Pure Mathematics STOVALL, MARY ALICE, Austin Child Development, BSU, Glamasons, Women Voters STRAHAN, WENDELL LEE, Lamesa Zoology STRATMAN, BERNARD E., Longvie.v Zoology STROCK, JAMES M., Oklahoma City, Okla. History, IX, ILEA, Ae, 6K, BK STROTHER, MARTHA FRANCES, Sherman Sociology, ITB SWICKHEIMER, MARGARET ANNE, Beaumont English. AMI, Ae, IlAe, Bluestockings, Reagan, Women Voters, Upperclass Advisor TABB, MARY E., Texarkana English, ACE, Westminster Student Fellowship, Cap and Gown TAYLOR, ARVILLA, San Antonio History, AAA, A0, Canter Club, Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Assembly, UTSA, Student Assistant TAYLOR, F. E. GENE, Longview Chemistry, MICA TERRY, JOHN EDWARD, Austin History, A f , MICA THIELE, WILLIAM EDWARD, Dallas Sociology, BSU, A Cappella Choir, Oak Grove Co-Op, Dallas Club, Intramurals THOMAS. ELLEN MOZELLE, Kerrville English, KA9, Pierian, Cap and Gown, Women Voters THOMAS, THOMAS APOSTOLOS, Port Arthur Government, 24 E, Interfraternity Council THOMPSON, RAYMOND CLYDE, Houston Plan II, KA, Houston Club, Mariners Club, Pre-Law Society, Scabbard and Blade THOMPSON, WILLIAM LAY, Austin Zoology, 2K, , H2, BK THREADGILL. JOAN BRYANT, Taylor Plan II, AXO, Wesley Foundation, Orange Jackets, Cap and Gown, Williamson County Club THOMPKINS, KEITH VERDON, Houston Geology, T Association, Southwestern Geological Society TRANTHAM, JACK W., Lolita Geology TRITT, EARLEEN CATHERINE, San Antonio Bacteriology, A f , Cap and Gown, San Antonio Club TUCKER, MARY ANN, San Antonio Speech, AAA, BK ASP, Varsity Debate, Ashbel, Oratorical Association, Forensica, Women Voters, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, Pzatlx, Panhellenic TURNER, WILLIAM FRANKLIN, Kilgore Economics, B6II VANTREESE, MARY BETH, Corpus Christi History, Economics VETTERS, JAMES R., Corpus Christi Geology VICKERS, JO ANN, Taft English, AI Reagan, Women Voters WALKER, CARLOS RICHARD, Luling History, ATA WALKER, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Paris History PAGE 408 SENIORS WALLACE, BETTY JEAN, Fort Worth English, Cap and Gown WALLACE, REUBEN HENRY, Coolidge Physics WALLER, WILLIAM H., Three Rivers English, MICA, YMCA WALTON, JOSEPH B., Austin Geology WEBSTER, L. 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French, AII, Latin-American Union, Wesley Foundation, Curtain Club WILKE, MAY LOUISE, Austin Zoology, BK, Turtle Club, Co-Ed Assembly, Freshman Orientation Council WILLIAMS, LAWRENCE W., Amarillo Geology WILLIS, JAMES FREDERICK, Victoria Government, Young Republicans WILLMAN, EVELYN GARY, Brownsville Applied Mathematics, r B, YWCA, Orchesis, Canterbury Club WILSON, CHARLES ARCH Odessa Petroleum Geology, MICA, Water Polo, Swimming Team, Odessa Club WILSON, D. WAYNE, JR., Corpus Christ! Chemistry, TKE, Eulenspiegelverein WILSON, JEAN DONALD, Hillsboro Chemistry, AEA, Wesley Foundation WILSON, MARY, Rule English, A , West Texas Club WOO, LIM F., San Antonio Chemistry, American Chemical Society WOOD, JERRY JEAN, Beaumont Teacher Education, BSU, Southeast Texas Club, Home Economics Club WOOD, THOMAS PRESTON, JR., Jacksboro Zoology, B6n, Glee Club WOODS, WILLIAM STERLING, Bellaire English WORTHINGTON, FRANCES ENID, Brownsville Home Economics, KA9, ACE, Home Economics Club WRAY, JANE MARCHMANN, San Antonio Spanish, HB- , UTSA, Poona, Ashbel, Co-Ed Assembly WRIGHT, MARTHA ANN, Woody Child Development, ATA, Home Economics Club WYCHE, PHILLIP E Kilgore Geology, Southwestern Geological Society WYLIE, BILLY B., Henderson Chemistry YARRINGTON, BOBBIE CAROLYN, Austin English, AOII, A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, Glamazons, Austin Club YOUNG, JOHN LANE, Edinburg History, YMCA, Y Dormitory Association YOUNGBLOOD, JOAN, Austin Home Economics YOUNGBLOOD, WILLIAM W., Del Rio Geology PAOE409 JUNIORS Adams, George Wendall, Kingsville Adams, Jimmy B., Corpus Christi Adams, Nellie Jo, Jewett Agee, Katherine B., Phillips Anders, Margaret Josephine, Daingerfield Anderson, Marilyn N., Corpus Christi Arisco, Joseph Paul, Port Arthur Ashby, Franklin A., Jr., Houston Askew, Beverly Claire, Austin Aubrey, Richard Buck, Coleman Baker, Shirley, Houston Baldwin, Peter Weldon, Dallas Balfanz, Beverly Jane, Houston Banner, Barbara Jean, El Paso Bell, Carolyn, Houston Bellows, Betty J., Arlington Benson, Marjorie Ann, Corpus Christi Birdsong, Del Rose, Tyler Bohlmann, Ora Mona, Schulenburg Bonham, William Donald, Navasota Born, John D., Jr., Milford Bowman, Charles Richard, Marfa Boysen, June, Edinburg Brandon, Jack Lee, Fort Worth Brannen, Mac H., Spur Brehm, Harold Ernst, Jr., McAllen Brents, Walker Allen, Jr., Fort Worth Brizman, Janet Carrol, San Antoni o Brooks, Lanelle Clyde, San Angelo Brune, David H., Anna Bruner, Gordon C., Fort Worth Bucek, Helen LaNelle, Schulenburg Buie, Victor Leslie, Stamford Bullen, Jeanne M., Houston Burch, Phoebe Carole, Austin Burkhalter, Betty Bea, Amarillo Byers, Jo, Weatherford Bynum, Suzanne Elizabeth, Baytown Caldwell, J. Bruce, St. Joseph, Mo. Caldwell, Vernon Neil, Newgulf Cameron, Elizabeth Ann, San Antonio Camp, Thomas Felton, Jr., Lockney Campbell, Gail Elizabeth, Temple Cantwell, William Cunningham, San Antonio Caperton, Clyde Milton, Marlin Carter, Weldon Harrold, Dallas Caswell, Kenneth K., Jr., Austin Celaya, Carmelita, Brownsville Chamness, Ralph Simon, Newgulf Chapman, Mildred Sue, San Antonio Chapoton, Joy, Galveston Cisneros, Lucila Minerva, Brownsville Clark, Leonard Howard, Humble Clayton, Robert Eugene, Amarillo Clements, Jamie Hager, Crockett Cochran, Dorothy Dale, Dallas Cole, Margaret Evelyn, Roscoe Conti, Katherine Wilhelmine, Victoria Cook, Suzanne G., Dallas Cornelius, Frances La Verne, Eastland Costley, F. Annette, Baytown Cox, James R., Junction Cranor, Forrest Carlton, San Antonio Crews, Quintous Earl, Jr., Port Arthur Crosby, Margaret Ann, Del Rio j . : Eta . a Ek m . G-a.1 Gf Coot, ,, b PAGE 410 JUNIORS Cullum, Carol, Wichita Falls Cusenbary, Charles Lee, Sonora DaCamara, Patricia Lou, Laredo Davis, Billy James, Troup Davis, Jean, Gilmer Davis, John Albert, Dallas Davis, Joyce L., Port Arthur Davis, Patricia Ann, San Antonio Davis, Perry D., Jr., Houston Davis, Virginia, Port Arthur Dedeker, Imogene, Boerne Dellinger, Rosemary, Tyler Denny, William Patrick, Jr., Sinton Devine, Patricia, Corpus Christi Dobbs, Mary Kathreen, Fort Worth Dockery, Randel, Vernon Donigan, Marilyn Ruth, Corpus Christi Donovan, John Carl, Fort Worth Donovan, Leo Thomas, Austin Dowell, Mary Patricia, Austin Dreyer, Mary-EIda, Houston Dugosh, T. Don, Boerne Durst, Benigna Ann, Texas City Early, Sarah Jeannine, Louisville, Ky. Edelstein, Marion Joyce, Brownsville Ehlers, Charlotte M., Uvalde Ehman, Dakota Ann, Houston Eiband, John McKie, New Braunfels Elbert, Janice Louise, Wichita Falls Ellis, John Baxter, Fort Worth Endress, Margaret Virginia, Fort Worth Evans, John S., Amarillo Everett, Jane Elizabeth, Tyler Falkenberg, Dorothy Marie, Fort Worth Fasel, Dolores Gwendolyn, Johnson City Faulk, Patricia Ruth, Brownsville Fiske, Janie Louise, Lockhart Fleming, Mary Lee, Crosby Fondren, Verna Jack, Port Neches Fountoulakis, Jimmy M., Texarkana Furr, Rose Shelley, Lubbock Gayer, Louise, San Angelo Gieseke, Alice Elaine, Beaumont Givan, Mary Elisabeth, Dimmitt Gleason, Gretchen (Jeane), Kerrville Goode, Wyeth Leonard, San Angelo Gorman, Jack S., Snyder Graves, Helen Cummings, Houston Gray, D ' Wayne, Fort Worth Gray, Martha Ann, Florence Greaves, Mary Alice, San Antonio Green, Nancy Elizabeth, Houston Hagler, Betty Florence, Gilmer Hall, Doris Lee, Royse City Hall, Harry L., Edinburg Hall, John C., Jr., Edinburg Hallman, Martha Ann, Temple Ham, Betty Lou, Austin Hamer, Mary Marcelle, Austin Hampton, John Wade, Jr., Wichita Falls Hampton, Loyd D., Austin Hampton, Marilyn Faynette, Dallas Handley, Elizabeth Joan, Dallas Harp, Patsy Joan, Houston Harris, Dorothy Joanne, Henderson PAGE 411 JUNIORS Harris, Shirley M., Dallas Hartley, Jean Carol, Riverside, 111. Harwood, Gordon B., Corpus Christi Haws, Barbara Jo, Port Arthur Hayhurst, Joseph Owen II, Killeen Hehs, Wilburn A., Schertz Henderson, Mary Elliott, Waelder Henke, Agnes A., Kerrville Herring, Helen Elaine, Austin Herweck, Joan Marie, San Antonio High, Katherine L., Paris Hill, G. Elizabeth, Baytown Hill, Herbert Wheeler, San Antonio Hirschi, Jean Ann, Wichita Falls Hoff, Molly Jane, Ft. Leavenworth, Kan. Hopkins, Carol B., Houston Hopper, Jerry Otis, Fort Worth Hubbard, Norma Jean, Midland Hull, Virginia Ann, Spur Ivey, Barbara Sue, Corpus Christi Jackson, Edmond Penn, San Antonio Jackson, Perry C., Tyler Jacobs, Janet Joan, Laredo James, Jan T., Amarillo James, Nancy Lou, Tyler Jennings, Elizabeth Louise, Brownsville Johnson, Audrey Jane, Dallas Johnson, Earl Richard, Brownsville Johnson, Marcia Elinor, Shreveport, La. Johnson Maydee Lue, Fort Worth Johnson, Thomas McKinley, Del Rio Jones, Florence Mozelle, Sweetwater Jones, Imogene Phyllis, Weatherford Jones, Joe Hardy, Jr., Dallas King, Margaret Reynolds, San Antonio Kirk, Patricia Marie, El Campo Klass, Enid Juanita, Dallas Knapp, Walter L., Crosbyton Laird, Jeanne Marie, San Antonio Larsen, Sumarie, Houston Leary, Terry R., San Antonio Leggett, Kenneth Roschell, Pettus Lenington, Albert O., Shreveport, La. Lester, Curtis, Amarillo Lettermann, Caroline Louise, Taylor Levinson, Leonore Joyce, Wichita Falls Lewis, Jean, Waco Llewellyn, James Donald, Fort Worth Loeb, Honore H., New Orleans, La. Longerot, Carl Douglas, Corpus Christi McCarter, William Blair, Houston McCarley, Bob G., Denison McCarrick, Dolores B., San Antonio McCarthy, Betty Jane, Monahans McCleskey, Bob Allen, Freer McCord, James Richard, Beeville McCrimmon, Joseph Paxton, Odessa McGee, Natalie, Fort Worth McMillen, John Lee, Amarillo McNeill, John Malcolm, Tynan McNeill, Virginia, Spur McPhaul, Mary Ann Valdes, Austin McWhorter, Mary Ann, Port Arthur Marshall, Ralph E., Houston Martell, Sidney A., Bronx, N. Y. -- ' Mi tor- Hi Sriml OWL ' .-. hni . f - I PAOE 412 JUNIORS Massey, Patsy Ann, Kenedy Mayo, Harry Eugene, Longview Merzbach, Uta Cecily, Georgetown Mickey, Robert Gordon, Austin Miller, Frances Boyce, Amarillo Mondrik, Beverly Dana, Longview Moody, Frank C., Fort Worth Moody, Shirley Ruth, Austin Moore, Charles Gordon, Clarksville Moore, Mary Eloise, Austin Moore, Patricia Maurine, Dallas Moore, William Max, Texarkana Morris, Rose Marie, Dallas Morton, William T., Edinburg Moseley, Anne, Fort Worth Muir, Virginia Joan, Austin Murchison, Eugene A., New Orleans Murphy, Norma Lee, Dallas Murray, David M., Arlington Neely, Shirley, Amarillo Neidhart, Herman A., McAllen Nelson, Douglas J., Houston Nesmith, Patsy Kylene, Brownwood Nichols, Nancy Jean, Luling Ogden, Margaret F. (Peggy), Corpus Christ! Oglesby, Evelyn, San Angelo O ' Neill, Timothy J., Cameron Orr, Joseph Lackland, Fort Worth Packard, Frank Alton, Dallas Parker, Patricia Ann, San Antonio Parnell, Claude John, Jr., Corpus Christi Parrish, Patty Ray, Galveston Partain, Robert B., Odessa Patterson, Nancy Irene, Texarkana Payne, Jimmie Sturgis, Jr., Austin Pearce, Jeannine, Marlin Penn, William Albert, Austin Perkins, Thomas Harold, Austin Persons, Jerome Tad, Quitaque Pettus, Lee, Goliad Phillips, Benny Gail, Ozona Phipps, John L., Dallas Phipps, Juanita Marie, Galveston Plettner, Gail Ann, Amarillo Plyler, Royce W., Corpus Christi Powers, C. Jane, White Deer Pratt, Elizabeth Anne, San Antonio Prideaux, Joyce, Archer City Probst, Dorothy Jeanette, George West Pummill, Donna Jean, Pharr Ragsdale, Joan Marie, Houston Ramsey, Ben Warner, Amarillo Randle, Doris Marie, Colorado City Redfearn, Robert Blair, Amarillo Renfro, Robert Terry, Austin Richert, Edward R., San Antonio Richter, Glendale, Laredo Riley, J. Preston, Hubbard Robbins, Jerry Milton, Texarkana, Ark. Roberts, Barbara Claire, San Angelo Roberts, Catherine, Tyler Rogers, Nancy Ruth, Austin Rogers, Thomas Ralph, Dublin Rosenberg, Joyce Rae, Brady Russell, Jimmie Norton, Waco PAOE 413 JUNIORS Ryan, Martha F., Fort Worth Saied, Victor Carnal, Wellington Salmon, Richard Lovis, Longview Scarbrough, Margaret Monroe, Austin Schneider, Frances Evelyn, Austin Schulz, Charlotte Anne, Wichita Falls Scott, Frank Brantley, Jr., San Antonio Scott, Mary Margaret, Paris Scott, Rawland L., Gainesville Scurlock, Jan, Dallas Seaholm, Ernest Mae, Eagle Lake Sears, James G., Houston Sellers, Singa Patricia, O ' Donnell Shackelford, JoAnne, Corpus Christi Shea, Donald Francis, Dallas Shield, Elgean C., Austin Shivers, Linward Paul, Carthage Slaton, Floyd Dewey, Pampa Smith, Harlan E., Houston Smith, Kathryn Thomas, Lancaster Smith, Lurline Byrd, Austin Smith, Norma Dell, San Antonio Smith, Ward Edward, Kerrville Smyth, Beverly, Houston Sommerneld, Jack B., Hillsboro Spears, Franklin Scott, San Antonio Statman, Jerome M., Dallas Steele, Barbara Lee, Dalhart Stephens, Martha Jean, Pharr Stewart, Judy Reid, Fort Worth Stokes, John Franklin, Lampasas Stovall, Jane Harriet, Muleshoe Strahan, Wesley R., Lamesa Strassmann, Angelica, Houston Strauch, L. Elaine, San Antonio Stripling, Nancy Ruth, Austin Stroud, Charlene Stewart, Lufkin Stuart, Richard A., El Campo Sullivan, George Harris, Corsicana Sullivan, Mary Elaine, San Antonio Swearingen, Jonilu, Austin Taylor, Sidney Maxine, Houston Tengg, Nic Edwin, Houston Terry, Marilyn, Corpus Christi Thaman, JoAnne Marye, Baytown Thompson, Florence Edythe, Atlantic Beach, Fla. Tinker, Barbara, Edna Tower, Shirley Jean, Austin Tucker.William E., Port Arthur Turner, Lovell M., Jr., Dallas - - VanZandt, Howard, Houston Wade, Joan Elizabeth, El Paso Wade, Lela Owens, Arlington Wadsworth, Dean A., Clarendon Wagner, Peter J., Jr., Corpus Christi Walker, Jerry G., Cleburne Walker, Robert H., Dublin Walsh, Judy, Sherman Walton, Lawrence E., Houston Warner, Virginia Elizabeth, Austin Warren, John Fisken, Midland Warren, Sue, Gilmer Waters, Paul R., Houston Watkins, Myrtle Lucille, Houston Webb, Helen Annette, Fort Worth I rtta I to : - : : ; : . PAGE 414 JUNIORS Welch, Henry Charles, Jr., Austin Welhausen, M. Jean, Yoakum Wessely, Robert M., San Antonio West, Marian, Houston White, Dixie Ann, Edna White, Lois Louise, Albany Willborn, Mary Elaine, Amarillo Williams, Barbara Anne, San Antonio Williams, Euline, Van Williams, Grady Emmett, Rockdale Williams, Maymegene Cookie, San Angelo Winans, Barbara Sue, Greenville Winter, Shirley Lee, Midland Wood, Constance, Breckenridge Wood, Dorothy, Edom Word, Joyce Carl, San Antonio Word, Margie Jayne, Austin Wylie, Margaret Rose, Albany Yates, Winifred W., Breckenridge Yeager, Hylasue, Amarillo Young, Joel Edward, Paris SOPHOMORES Adams, Emma Nell, Smithville Adams, Flo Nell, Beaumont Alexander, Mary K., Houston Anderson, Amelia Caroline, Longview Anderson, Gelya, Houston Atkins, Frances Kendall, Highlands Autrey, Ramon Thomas, Jr., Dallas Bachemin, Dorothea Elizabeth, Houston Baker, Bonner Means, Houston Baker, Cynthalice O., Houston Baker, Margaret Ruth, Uvalde Baker, Mary Louise, Fort Worth Banker, Patricia Louise, San Antonio Barnes, Barbara June, Houston Bauknight, Barbara, Ganado Beall, Martha Ann, Jacksonville Beene, Georgeann, Port Arthur Belfi, Charles Allen, San Antonio Bell, Bill U., Houston Bell, Howard Warren, Minter Bentsen, Betty Ellen, Mission Beyer, Suzanne Gloria, Memphis Boggus, Jo Ann, Austin Bradley, James J., Katy Brady, Mary Rose, Austin Brannen, Herschel S., Jr., Houston Brewer, Betty L., San Antonio Brown, Shirley Lou, Austin Brown, Thomas Cater, San Antonio Calvin, Jo Anne Vaughn, Galveston PACE 4 IS SOPHOMORES .1 i Camden, Theresa A., Ponte Verda Beach, Fla. Carlisle, Charlotte E., Dallas Carver, Mary, Austin Chilton, Christine Mary, Dallas Christie, Shirley Lee, Wharton Cline, Ann Adele, Houston Clinger, Margie A., Austin Clore, Elizabeth Ann, Mercedes Cochran, Lament Martin, Jr., Houston Cohen, Barry Lippman, San Antonio Coleman, Marilyn Joan, Dallas Corrin, Jane Carol, San Antonio Coselli, Dolores Ann, Houston Cotter, Betty E., San Antonio Crittenden, Nora Alice, LaPorte Crocker, Rita Joan, Brady Cullen, Ernest Martel, Houston Cummings, Eileen A., Dallas Cunningham, Phoebe Jane, Austin Curtis, Jack D., Cotulla Daily, Dede S., Newgulf Danner, Paul, Alvin Davis, Carolyn Glynne, Sweetwater Davis, Frances Starr, Nacogdoches Dechman, Janis Marie, Fort Worth Debnam, J. Diane, Sao Paulo, Brazil Dickerson, Carolyn, Houston Dorfman, Sarah May, Brownsville Dwoskin, G. Ann, Jacksonville, Fla. Edwards, Cecil A., Phoenix, Ariz. Eklund, Curtis E., Austin Erwin, Betty, McKinney Eschberger, Clara Kaye, Alice Ferguson, Jack Henson, Jr., Hamilton Fink, Norma Lee, San Antonio Fisher, Jimmie L., Brownsville Fisher, Joseph Newton, Dallas Fitch, Barbara, Houston Fitch, Shirley Corinne, San Antonio Fletcher, Donald, Amarillo Folley, Frances Elaine, Amarillo Foster, Elaine, Austin Frisbie, Bettye J., Cuero Funk, Annie Mae, San Antonio Garth, Gayle, Houston Gentry, Joanna, Tyler Gilbreath, Frances Eileen, San Antonio Gilmore, Edward Morriss, Jr., Galveston Glover, Joe Marbury, San Antonio Goldsmith, Claude W., Jr., Port Arthur Gomez, Elsie Gloria, Mexico, D.F. Gonzales, Ernestine Eloise, San Antonio Gonzales, Roger Ralph, Eagle Pass Gordon, Carolyn Sue, Dallas Green, Sarah Nell, Dallas Gregory, Charles Hardy, Galveston Grice, James Otis, San Antonio Grosberg, Diane Rene, Dallas Hallman, Bill, Olney Hammer, Margaret Ann, Houston Hamner, Rosemary Monroe, Houston Hampton, Morris Jackson, Naples Harrell, Elaine Elizabeth, San Antonio Harrington, Ann Kay, Terrell Harris, Eleanor Elizabeth, Austin PAGE 416 SOPHOMORES Harty, Bill Don, Dallas Hassen, Nabeela, Haskell Haupt, Arrenia Julia, Bryan Henkel, Martha Jane, Austin Henley, Robert D., San Antonio Herron, Wendell Leon, Dallas Homeyer, Joan Pat, Austin Hudspeth, Nancy Ann, Dallas Hunt, James T., Sonora Hunter, Carolyn, Brownsville Isaacks, Richard B., El Paso Ivey, Mary Louise, Denton Jones, Janice, Bryan Kagay, Betty Rae, San Antonio Kallina, James Douglas, Garwood Kellner, E. Jean, San Antonio Kemp, Jean Anne, Hamilton, Ohio Kendall, Barbara Ann, San Antonio Kessler, Fred B., Houston Kethley, Kennon, McAllen Klingler, Eugene L., Bellaire Knotts, Mary E., Huntsville Krause, J. David, San Antonio Lamm, Loretta Maureen, San Antonio Lanfear, Jimmy Ray, Corpus Christ! LaRue, Mary Ann, Athens Lawshae, Duncan Allen, Maracaibo, Venezuela Lefkowitz, Lois Hermine, Jackson, Miss. Levy, Joan Bette, Dallas Lockman, Julie, Austin Loper, M. Chlotilde, Bryan Loveless, Mary Grace, Eden McConnell, Elisabeth T., Tulsa, Okla. McDonough, Gail, San Antonio McFarland, Leva LaRue, Anson Mclnnis, Josephine, Bryan McMaster, Jack B., Freeport McNeill, Ann M., Austin Macdonald, Patricia Ann, Rantoul, 111. Macha, Martha, Bomarton Marlowe, Barbara Ann, Corpus Christi Martin, Elizabeth Ann, Baytown Mayers, Dena Fai, Athens Mayfield, Ann Park, Waco Meek, Bessie, Austin Mendle, Lois Inez, Galveston Miller, Patricia Marie, Pampa Miller, Theodore G., Austin Moore, Henry Houston, Austin Moore, John C., Amarillo Moore, Martha Matilda, Houston Moore, Patsy Lou, Dallas Moore, Preston, Houston Morrisson, Virginia Lee, Port Arthur Mosle, Margaret, Galveston Musil, Lillie, Stamford Neal, Harry C., Gainesville Neill, Jane Elizabeth, Sonora Newman, Roy, Jr., Dilley Nierman, Marilyn Estelle, Galveston Olson, Nancy Pray, Houston Outlar, Leonard Bolton, Jr., Wharton Poland, Helen Lee, Jacksonville Poneleit, Josephine Julianna, Harlingen Pummill, Janice Carol, McAllen PAOE 417 SOPHOMORES Rackley, Jerry Don, Austin Rattikin, Mary Ann, Fort Worth Rayson, Jack Henry, Gonzalcs Reed, Ida Clare, Austin Renner, Jerry Lee, Austin Reuthinger, Virginia Lee, Laredo Richardson, Don L., Corpus Christi Riggs, Bobby E., Jacksboro Rising, Ernest Eugene, Jr., Lubbock Robinson, James S., Port Arthur Rozzell, James A., Austin Runneberg, Anita Darlene, Crosby Rush, Lee Marie, Hamilton Russell, Dolores Antoinette, Kilgore Sadler, Marilyn, Little Rock, Ark. Sandahl, Cynthia Lou, Austin Schaded, Maurice J., Paducah Schaller, Suzanne, San Antonio Scheig, Richard L., Pampa Schmidt, Patty Ann, Taft Sessions, Francis M., Victoria Sewell, George B., McAllen Simons, Jeta Dell, Tyler Sledge, Nancy Lou, Dallas Smith, Bettie Margaret, Lohn Smith, Dorothy Gene, El Paso Smith, Lois Jeannine, Edgewood Smith, Mary Anne, Hunt Snead, Mary Lou, Austin Southworth, Frank G., Dallas Spell, Virginia Browning, McAllen Spicer, Betty Ann, San Antonio Sterling, Ross N., Houston Stewart, Barbara Jean, Brownwood Stillinger, Jack Clifford, Houston Stischer, Walter Morris, San Antonio Stout, John Lee, Austin Suhler, William C., Luling Thatcher, Karen, Amarillo Tooke, Merle Paunee, Humble Vntermeyer, Katherine F., Columbus Valerius, John Behner, Shreveport Van Meter, E. G., Irving Van Warmer, Shirley Louise, Houston Walden, Kyle Ward, Beaumont Walker, Beverly Ann, Fort Worth Walker, Shirley Jean, Austin Wallace, Jack M., Fort Worth Walter, Hugo Alphonse, Jr., Fredericksburg Ward, James Thomas, Jr., Austin Waters, Suzanne Catherine, Weslaco Wertheimer, Ruth Jean, Houston West, Bettye Jo, Fort Worth West, Judith Ann, Austin Westerlage, Charles Hamilton, La Marque Whitlock, Bryson L., Mercedes Wiley, Mary Margaret, Austin Williamson, Ruth Andrelle, Austin Wilson, Helen Frances, Dallas Wisenberg, Sidney Reba, Houston Witt, Junelle, Plainview Wolens, Bette Lou, Corsicana Wood, Lillian Aline, Corpus Christi Wright, Bee B., Amarillo Wright, Johnie G., Pleasanton 1 PAGE 418 FRESHMEN Adams, L. Money, Arlington Alexander, Hugh Elbert, Beaumont Anderson, Gloria J., Round Rock Andrus, Mary Jean, Alice Archer, Alyce Lynn, Taft Arisco, Viola Marie, Port Arthur Armstrong, Nancy Jo, Yoakum Arnold, Virginia Ann, Goree Atkin, Richard T., Georgetown Avera, Vivien Laverne, Katy Avery, Ruby Celeste, Brookshire Axline, Shirley Ruth, Clarksville Bain, Bonnie Sue, Centerville Barton, Robert Odell, Gastonia Bates, Lois Elizabeth, San Antonio Beall, Peggy Jan, Dallas Beard, D. Jean, Dallas Bennett, Nancy Jayne, Paducah Berkley, Camilla May, Austin Berman, Faye, Birmingham, Ala. Bernstein, Phyllis Anne, Omaha, Nebr . Berwald, Elissa Joyce, Dallas Bills, Betty Madge, Beeville Blanchard, Lawrence Phillips, Austin Bloodworth, Paul Sibley, Las Vegas, N. Mex. Blue, Merry Tom, San Antonio Booth, Leon, Shreveport, La. Brandenberger, Carolyn Hilda, Mason Bridges, Elsie Jane, Breckenridge Brook, Edward M., San Antonio Browder, Frances M., Austin Brown, Anthony Wayne, Harlingen Brownlee, Jean Kathryn, Madisonville Bull, Peggy Jean, Houston Burkart, Burke, Dallas Burnitt, Seth, Calvert Burow, Isabelle Lucie, Killeen Butler, John Terence, La Lima, Honduras Caldwell, John Merritt, Austin Carter, Lee, Dallas Caylar, Dannye, Lohn Chandler, Jerry Terrell, Austin Chilton, Nancy Ann, Port Lavaca Chupick, Mary Frances, Fayetteville Clark, Kaye Love, Weslaco Coleman, Vedia Elizabeth, Austin Coronado, Maria De Jesus, Laredo Crawford, Adele, Crockett Culbertson, Jacquelyn, Vernon Curry, Richard Earl, Waxahachie Cuthrell, Robert Eugene, Pleasanton Daniel, F. Shiree, Lufkin Davis, Robert Aubrey, San Antonio Dean, Garland, Amarillo Deaver, Dorothy Inge, Memphis Dillon, Patricia Jane, College Station Donan, Elizabeth Ann, Port Arthur Donn, Peggy E., Austin Dorris, Linda Ray, Dallas Dow, Bernard O., Houston PACE 419 FRESHMEN Duggan, Noelie Anne, Houston Dyer, Cromwell Adair, Jr., Dallas Dyke, Virginia Parchman, Marshall Earle, Nancy Joan, Houston Ehrlich, Dorothy Faye, Follett Ellington, Lilla Jean, Eldorado Ellis, Paul Sidney, Baytown Falkstein, Jean, San Antonio Farish, Andre Calvert, Houston Fendley, Harrison Douglas, Corsicana Fine, Marcia S., St. Joseph, Mo. Fisher, Paul Gene, Brownsville Flato, Olivia June, San Antonio Fondren, Billie Jo, Houston Foreman, Carolyn, Port Arthur Forrest, Marianna, Houston Fountain, Jean, Dallas Franklin, William F., Amarillo Frazer, S. Stewart, Baytown Freeman, Barbara Sue, Austin Fulcher, Ruth, Austin Fulton, Margaret Mary, Lake Charles, La. Galvin, Ailsa Jean, Gilmer Gardiner, Alice Gazelle, Austin Gardner, Cynthia King, Fort Hood Garnett, M. Jean, Houston Gartner, Phyllis Jean, Topeka, Kan. Garza, Josephine, Harlingen Gerbens, Judy B., Port Arthur Gerrick, Albert, Pharr Gerrick, Sharlene Barbara, Brownsville Gibson, William Willard, Jr., Amarillo Giddens, Leslie W., Jr., Austin Giesecke, Adolph Hartung, Jr., San Antonio Giles, Muriel Joy, Comfort Glade, Mary Hatcher, Wichita Falls Goldberg, Leora Claire, Denver, Colo. Gregg, Mary Evelyn, Kyle Gresham, Clara Jean, Austin Grieder, Paul Martin, Austin Griffith, Rosemarie, Rosenberg Habbit, Robert Donald, Houston Haile, Erin Linn, Austin Haley, Marilyn, Beaumont Hall, Louis Vosburg, San Angelo Hallum, Virginia, Brownwood Hardin, G. Ann, Sweetwater Harrell, Jack H., Dublin Harris, Beverly Loree, McCamey Hausen, Robert Ivan, Houston Haynes, Harriot Jane, Port Arthur Henson, Mary Claudene, Channelview Herndon, Wilson Warren, Odem Hill, Blakely Ann, lago Hinds, Patricia, Nacogdoches Hodges, Lady Clyde, Sweetwater Hollon, Mary Jo, Mathis Holloway, Joan Kay, Fort Worth Holtzclaw, Marjorie Louise, Port Arthur Hoppenstein, Naomi Jean, Waco J- b ULD. h lM % B IMF w , ! H N PAGE 420 FRESHMEN Homer, James Scott, Freer Howe, Harry Boynton, Jackson Heights, N. Y. Howell, John Webb, III, Bryan Hoyt, Roland Wilburn, San Angelo Hughes, Guy Hobson, Jr., Rainelle, W. Va. Hughes, Katherine Nell, Austin Hughlett, B. Jeanie, Austin Jackson, Anna Christina, Fort Worth Jackson, Jean E., Houston Jarrell, Billie, J., Grand Saline Jarrell, Walter Marland, Jr., Houston Jary, Nancy Joan, Fort Worth Johnson, Amy lone, San Antonio Johnson, Douglas Ann, Dallas Johnson, Ellen Lucille, McCamey Johnson, Helen Sue, Fort Worth Jolly, Robert Franklin, San Antonio Jones, Charles Eric, Mineral Wells Jones, Nina Lee, Lampases Jones, Patricia Ann, Waco Jones, Phyllis, Fort Worth Jordan, Barbara J., San Antonio Joseph, Cherill Adele, Houston Kamisar, Helen Louise, Borger Kassell, Frederick B., Llano Kasten, David O., Dallas Kedziora, Ray Arnold, McCamey Kennedy, Jean Baker, Bryan Kerbow, Virginia R., Austin Klein, Shirley J., Houston Klutts, M. Geraldine, Dallas Knopp, Laura Barbara, Houston Kost, Harold Stanley, San Antonio Kovach, Margaret Ban, Odessa Krenek, Joyce Ann, Taylor Ladon, Elizabeth, San Antonio Langford, Ted L., Jr., Del Rio Lasater, Patricia Ann, Newgulf Laswell, Gerald William, Flora, 111. Latham, Phillip Allison, Beaumont Lawrence, Barbara Josephine, Fort Worth Lippmann, Adele G., Texas City Lirette, William Lum, Baytown Livingston, Penn Van, Austin London, Richard J., Winters Lord, Peggy Adele, Cheapside Lower, Milton D., Wichita Falls Lubel, Elaine S., Monroe, La. Luckett, Eleanor Frances, New Braunfels McBrayer, Elizabeth A., Austin McClendon, Susan Annis, Fort Worth McCoy, Roy Dell, Dalhart McCullough, Norma Frances, Hico McDonald, Betty Jo, Rosenberg Mclntyre, Joan K., Austin McLain, Patricia Ruth, Dallas McLean, Shirlene, Dallas McMillen, Lula Margaret, Amarillo McNeill, Lolita Ruth, Houston Maley, Mary Ann, Houston Marino, Genevieve Ann, Houston Marschal, William I., San Angelo Marshall, Karen Joan, San Antonio PAGE 421 FRESHMEN Martoy, Jo Anne, Port Arthur Maxwell, Sara Phyllis, San Antonio Mayfield, Pemmie G., Kerrville Mecklenburg, William George, Newgulf Milner, Johnny Eugene, Palestine Mitchell, Margaret Marlene, Gilmer Mitchell, Mary Lea, Abilene Moak, Carol Louise, Port Arthur Moore, Henry Trumbull, Jr., Los Angeles, Calif. Morel, Veronica E. J., San Antonio Morris, Oma Claire, Odessa Morrow, Juanha Dee, Houston Moxom, Mara Kay, Kilgore Nathan, Carol Sue, Houston Neale, Mary Ellen, Dallas Nebenzahl, Elaine Ruth, San Antonio Nelson, Carolyn Jane, Olney Nemmer, Richard Garfield, Waco Ney, Charles J., Hondo Nichols, Sally Ross, Luling Nickerson, Lois, Corpus Christi Nickles, Maxine G., San Antonio O ' Dell, Austin Almond, Jr., Olney Orr, Anne Carol, Newgulf Osborn, Charles R., Belton Pirkle, Peggy Jo, Comanche Plantowsky, Shirley Jean, Galveston Polsky, Louis Sanford, Muscatine, Iowa Porter, Lynn Ann, San Antonio Prewitt, George P., Jr., Taylor Prouse, Frances Darlene, Austin Purcell, Amy A., Navasota Purvis, Patricia Jeannette, Texas City Quigley, Marjorie F. (Jill), Sinton Rachofsky, Joan A., Denver, Colo. Raine, Michael Bennett, Karnes City Ramage, William Joel, Dallas Randolph, E. Ann, Fort Worth Rawland, Bettye Lu, Cleburne Redmon, John Edwin, Cleburne Rehfeld, Edwin C., Corpus Christi Reichstein, Abe A., Galveston Ribnick, Marlene Terry, Aberdeen, S. Dak. Ricks, Glenda Virginia, Austin Rightor, Edward, Austin Riley, Fred Whitcomb, San Antonio Riser, Martha Jane, Newgulf Robinson, Thomas Wesley, Port Arthur Rosenquist, M. Christina, Austin Rosser, Mary Beth, Graham Royall, Barbara Ann, Washington, D. C. Sagstetter, Jerry Ann, Silsbee Savage, Marjorie N., Austin Scheffler, Barbara Lynn, Nordheim Schmidt, Margaret Ann, Yoakum Schmidt, Otis Rhea, Texas City Schwartz, Elaine E., Denver, Colo. Seim, Barbara, Dallas Shelby, Barbara E., Teaneck, N. J. Shelton, Clough, III, Dallas Sheppard, Rita L., Dallas Shirley, Michael, Tyler Sigler, Jean Carol, Houston - - PACK 422 FRESHMEN Calif. Silverman, Louis Fink, Muskegon, Mich. Silvers, David Sterling, Houston Simmons, Dolores Wilma, Sinton Slaybaugh, Gwen Ann, Port Neches Smith, Beverly L ' Vonne, Austin Smith, Bobby Joe, Gonzales Smith, Carlos C., Gonzales Smith, Joseph N., San Diego, Calif. Smith, Robert Lee, Kilgore Smith, Stephen Drew, Austin Smyth, Beth, Houston Snavely, Carol, Harlingen Spencer, Don C., Houston Spoor, Daniel H., Houston Staples, Joseph A., Houston Steinberger, John Clinton, Midland Stephenson, Mary Anne, Austin Stephenson, Vida M., Anahuac Stogner, Robert L., Carlsbad, N. Mex. Stokes, Bennett, Corsicana Sutton, Mildred Janet, Orange Tate, Margaret Ann, Comanche Taylor, James Howard, Childress Terrell, Barbara Lee, Stephenville Thomas, Gardner, Jr., Brownwood Timpson, Helen Louise, San Antonio Tips, Thomas Conrad, Seguin Tisdale, B. Joy, Phillips Trickey, Joe, Fort Worth Troutz, Eugene Harry, San Antonio Turner, Mary Jane, San Antonio Ungerman, Sora Lei, Dallas Voelkel, Mary Loyce, Nordheim Volz, Ann Elizabeth, San Antonio Waldman, Elaine, Little Rock, Ark. Warner, Marilyn Jean, Austin Washer, Phin A., Austin Watkins, Mary Frances, Houston Watson, Julia Richter, Laredo Wattinger, Margaret Frances, Austin Welch, James Michael, Corpus Christi Wesner, Carol Jean, Brownwood White, Marianne D., Houston Whitley, Ennis Marie, Madisonville Wier, Nancy Myrle, Brownfield Wilkenfeld, Jerome S., Houston Wilson, Jerry James, Abilene Winebrener, Edna Joyce, Newgulf Winship, Vira LaDelle, Corpus Christi Wiseman, Frank W., Austin Wolff, Peggy Ann, San Antonio Wolfrom, R. Stan ton, Austin Woltering, Marilyn Ethel, San Antonio Wood, John Brent, Midland Wortham, Fred E., Jr., San Antonio Wright, Alma Claire (Cissy), Luf kin Wynne, Gordon Russell, Jr., Wills Point Wynne, Lois Virginia, San Antonio Yaffe, Molly A., Fort Smith, Ark. Zeller, Patricia Joyce, Richmond PACE 423 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA HONORARY PRE-MEDICAL SOCIETY Founded: University of Alabama, 1926 Texas Alpha Chapter, 1929 CHARLES ESTILL BLUDWORTH HARDY DOUGLAS LOE, JR. FRANK BRANTLEY SCOTT, JR. CAROLYN MARIE ADLOF MARY LOUISE VOORHESS MEMBERS Carolyn Marie Adlof Richard James Alexander Robert F. Anderson Thomas flarrison Barnette William D. Blackwood Charles Estill Bludworth Eleanor Sue Boyett Berle Elliot Brid Gene E. Burke Fermin, Galdei on Thomas Felton Camp, Jr Clyde Milton Caperton Mark Dashiell Chamben e Crafifill Rex Lee Edwards Elwood J. Eicheler John McKie Eiband John Satterfield Fordtra Aaron Fradkin Stanton Woodside Chester H. Hewett, J :ce Hornung John K. Hrissikopoulos Lincoln Douglas Jeanes Charles Bain Key Donald Lee Klein Colette Maxine Kohler Hardy Douglas Loe, Jr. Kenneth Boyd McCollum DeWard DeWitt McDonald Stanley Ross Mohler Winifred B. Morris Virginia Lee Morrisson John F. Noble Timothy James O ' Neill rnell, Jr. Ralph R. Renshaw, Jr. Bernard Richmond t ' ' Marjorie Regina Ring . Ernest Eugene Rising, j r. Donald Glenn Roche WiU G. Ryan Victor Carnal Saied - ' ' Marie Sandlin Melvyn H. Srhreiber - : Frank Brantlev Scott, i i 4 ' uis Shlipak try Sol erome Mau George Harris Sullivan Mary Louise Voorhess Milton Lee Wagner Clyde Moeur Warner Bruce Frank Wilson Jean Donald Wilson Shao Chang Yin PAGE 424 J BLUESTOCKINGS HONORARY ENGLISH ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN Founded: The University of Texas, 1941 OFFICERS ' Mi - . MARGARET A. SWICKHKIMER NANCY GTINN , CAROL J. CLAYBAUGH EVELYN J. STEVENSON BETTY CARDWELL Theresa A. Holtz _ Nina Beth Lites ' Elizabeth A. Mason Virinia Nejl Morrison Elinor Olson Patty Peckinpaugh Patricia I. Pigman Evelyn J. Ste i Margaret A. S -!)! INITIATES Nellie Jo Adams Catherine Amsler Dorothy Ashbaugh Barbara Banner Dorothy Bardwell Rose Jtowers Bru Mary Carver Catherine Jane Clardy Susanna Collins Emma Sue Cowden Mary L. Deaton June Fitzgerald Mary Lee Fleming Anne Barry Goodman Suzanne Hall Mary Marrellc Hamer Eldona Hamilt Evelyn Harlan Dorothy Harris Ada Wadene Harrison Lura Rebel u Ann Hollway I.ibbye Israel Mary Gene Johnson Flozelle Jones Julie Lockman Amy Jo Long Peggy Ludwig Peggy MacVean Betty Joyce Miller Olga Miller Mary Lane Oliver PAGE 425 -Wfl ma Price -a Puig Ann Reynolds 5 Joyce Rosenberg Kuhn Rowntree Sara L. Rumbo Dorothy J. Schell Ernest Mae Seaholm Arvilla Taylor Ellen Thomas Phyllis Tutt Jo Ann Vickers Barbara Ann Williams Frances Euline Williams Joan Wood OMICRON NU NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FOR HOME ECONOMICS STUDENTS Founded: Michigan- State College, 1912 ___ Fall PATRICIA LOFTIN SKTTOK FLORENCE G. JARRETT . DOROTHY L. RITCHIE . JOANNE MILLER TAYLOI ELIZABETH TARPLF.Y Vice-President Secretary DOROTHY GREENWOOD LANELL BROOKS MARGAREUITE CAPPS NNE MILLER TAYLOR ETH TARPLEY ret Cannotf lipe Teaque xy Engebretson 5 onnor Fitzgerald flin Keller Fiances M. Sprat Tarple l Wilmotf Young " Alice Geraldine Batqi% Jeanne Merilyn Sullen Lanelle C. Brooks Margareuite Capps Sara Jane Cloyes ra Cobb Shirley A. Cocreham Elouise Herring Cooper t.jttfr Martha Ann Coyle Mildred A. Cp we Carolyn Ann J. Daye Dolores L. Duval Barbara E. Friday i . ' Dorethy F. Greenwood Bjetty Lou Ham Norma Jean Hitt Mary Amelia Hutchins Florence G. Jairett Rosemary Johnson Paul Anna Jones Jo Afti Reynol Dorothy Lou Ritchie Nadine Sivley Cnarlene Strpud Patricia Loftin Sutton Dorothy Probst Tabb Joanne Miller Taylor Kay Thompson Virginia Elizabeth Warner Sally B. Wheeler ' PACE 426 PHI BETA KAPPA HONORARY FRATERNITY FOR MEN AND WOMEN IN ARTS Founded: William and Mary College, 1776 Alpha Chapter, 1904 i iND SCIENCES .- Preside Vice-P Secretarv-Treasurei CLASS OF JUNE, 1951 Mary Bering CLASS OF AUGUST, 1950 iarvin Ernest Chgraesky Lonni Ji Ronnie c,ov ara uugger Ezekiel Gallcgos Esqueda Willie Anna Hartsell Alice Me Murry McCarle Lewis Aaron Schiller fames William Wilson t- r IT ' CLASS OF JUNE. 1950 John Cantwell Buckley- Ann Debenport Watson Marion Eckles Mitchell Ira South Lowry Billye Burrell MeLendon Jean McNeill " ' Mary Elizabeth Maher Jean Esther PfFer Minnie Shlipak William Thomas Wornack_ Gary Nicholas Thornton CLASS OF JANUARY, 1951 Douglas George Cater Robert John Foster Daniel Bernard Grieder Alkis Chrysanthos Makrides Ben Harnill Procter x Frances James Stevenson James Martin Strock city Matthews Cardwell William Howard Dapper Virginia Lee Douglas Farrier Barbara A. Manning Gibbs Nancy Guinn .da W. Clouse Harmon yndel Eugeip} Hay3fes Vernon Barnes Hill, Jr. . David Ling ichard Col ton Lyon ames Daniel McKcithan Mark Vincent Mechler Herbert Frederick Milch ' . Elinor Olson JtjT William Law Thompson Maiy Ann Tucker Phyllis Nelson Tutt May Louise Wilke ' CLASS OF 1952 -- . Gene Edherne Burke Rex Lee Edwards Paul Fisher Gardner Suzanne Hall Marguerite Ruth Lundelius Robert Nelson McClelland Carl August Nau, Jr. . V PAGE 427 Rudolph Biesele John Alton William Civi: Malcolm H. Macdonald |. I,. Mrtharn Neal Vice-President prrt ' tat y- ' I ' T SIGMA ALPHA NATIONAL HONORARY POLITICAL SCIENCB FRATERNITY FACUL j. BENNETT RICHARD McDuFFiE X ANCV MtJSES - C. P. Patterson Emmett Redford James Roach: Charles Tinim (). Douglas Weeks MEMBERS " 10 G.,Angman h K. Bailey ilbur J. Burnet Robert L. Bennett Ollie D. Brown Richard T. " Churchill Herman L. Crow Jean Dalbv Irving O. Dnwson Billy J.DeSautell James A. Doheiu Kenneth L. Durret Alice L. Dwyer Joe E. Erirson Floyd F. ; wing, Jr. Reverdy T. Gliddon Wiley W. Jenkins Harold L. Johnson ' illiam B. Keeling Isaac, Curtis Kerridge, Jr. Joseph M. King Herbert H. Lang Vera M. !, Frank M. Lewis Meredith J. Long Andrew K. McColpin William Richard McDuffie Anthony A. Macaluso Wales H. Madden, Jr. Bruce Bonner ' jMason Leonard P. Masters Nancy Moses I William H. Neinast James C. Parish. Jr. James F. Patterson ; " s ' W. Ft G. Prai IclRichbc L. Roach d F. R , J t- Jr. berts ' etennan Rose John V [; Si Invada L. Sims | ' Joseph M. Stool James M. St ork William E. Terrell ' artin T. Todaro David M. Vigness ack A. Wells . Virginia Whe ' . Edwin White, illiam B. White harles T. Zlatkov baum ; FALL INITIATKS George Glenn Billings Mertes Bernard Boesewetter Ronnie Edward Dugger Fred J. Ebner, Jr. John F. Haltom James A. Hankerson Bernard R. Hennes James G. Holloway Charles M. Johnston Nellene R. Kuempel | Jerry W. Robert T. Miller [amill Procj Schard S. Robe Gene S. Rogers Milos J. Taborsky Charlotte Anne Tonroy Charles Warren Van Cleave J. C. Zbranek SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON HONORARY EARTH SCIENCE FRATERNITY Founded; tjniversity of Kansas, 1915 ta .Chapter, 19. ' 0 Fall JOSEPH Bi AXAIW FREDERIC PORTER BILLY RAY Siippso ARTHUR JAMES, HUBERT O. DK!!I ( . Damon Ifubert O. I )!{ Aithur H.I )nen Ronald K. I v S. P. Ellison - GeorgeH. Fai W. K. Ha., is R. M. J. ' M.-Ldbeaurf John T. Lonsdaji David O. Bo einan Lee Steven Carter. Angekj I . Chafas ' Jack M. Chrismon George Robert Ellis Ralph Giannone Charles Volke. _ Albert Ernest 1 lanwiy - Robert S.Hai ill.J i Otice Z. Helmer Edward R. Hewitt W. W: Holland , Erwin K. Krause FALL . Alexander C. I ' .akei Harris P. Darr.y William H. Frye Douglas Gregory Ga m t i Hubert ). Harrison Hugh Hay-Roe Leon M. Lampert Sprin CECIL C- III V. CHARGES DOUGLAS G: HARRIS P. DAR HUBERT O 1 __. -1. McNutt ' frestK. Pence Harty H. Power Robert F. Shurtz |. R. Spencer ( ierald M. Stafford Frederick L. Stead Heiuy B. Sten el Fnuicis L. Whitney John A. Wilson James L. Wilson Wallace W. Wilson .eith Young Samuel Levii f Tex David I ,ing No yes B. Livingston Edgar Alan Lohse David Dean Lybarger Frederic Potter McCown Charles B. Peterson Cecil Charles Rix Billy Ray Simpson Gilbert Slocum John Luther Snider - - r Albert J. Taylor Frank Paton Troseth Arthur Jajnes Tschoepe John Theodore Twining John E ving ' Donald G. Bilbrey John C. Boardway Rex C. Cabaniss Donald E. Caussev Bruce K. Frazee Clifford R. Goldsmith TIATES irew McFall Edward F. McGee Henry W. McGee William E. Maynard, Jr. C. Eugene Mear Rolf L. Mygdal lack W. Trantham p SPRING INITIATES Walter J. Heath Morris B. Jones Kenneth L. Montfort Earl B. Stanford Wvnant S. Wilson PAGE 429 ! B HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Front Row: Baker, Herring, Chupick, Kellner, Daniel, Brooks, Ham, Tower, Giles, Ponder, Francis, Shannon, Miller, Musil, Anderson, West, Jarrett, Hampton. Second Row: Chilton, Boysen, Driver, Jones, Coyle, Greenwood, Hamlett, Palafox, Morriss, James, Allen, Stewart, Steele, Mills, Rogers, Bates. Third Row: Warner, C. J. Nelson, Bridges, Cooper, Dechman, Jackson, Gau, Davis, Freund, Stembridge, Pearce, Chapman, Courtney, Hanz. OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer Sponsors . LANELLE CLYDE BROOKS BETTY Lou HAM EDYTHE NOVELLE PONDER FLORENCE SARRETT (RUTH NEYLAND I JACQUELINE COURTNEY MEMBERS Mamie Louise Allen Bettie Jean Anderson Marjorie Dean Angivin Mary Jean Andrus Alice Jean Armstrong Louise Armstrong Jamie Lee Bailey Margaret Ruth Baker Patricia Jean Earth Loey Baird Bass Alice Geraldine Bates Peggy Ruth Berry Suzanne Gloria Beyer Martha Mae Blomquist Ora Mona Bohlmann Margaret Boyce June Boysen Barbara Lynn Bridges Ann Brightman Lanelle Clyde Brooks Shelna Lois Brown Hazel B. Bussey Frances Janet Caperton Marguerite Capps Mildred Sue Chapman Nancy Ann Chilton Mary Frances Chupick Sandra Rhea Cobb Eloise H. Cooper Jackie Courtney Martha Ann Coyle Eileen Alice Cummings Phoebe Joan Cunningham Shiree Daniel Mildred B. Davis Janis Marie Dechman Helen P. Driver Patricia Cecile Dunn Carol Engebretson Margaret Eppwright Jimmie Jo Edmondson Clara Kaye Eschberger Patricia Ruth Faulk Janie Fish Janet Conner Fitzgerald Ellen Forgy Norma Lee Francis Mary A. Freund Barbara Friday Dayne Gau Lesta Ann Gilbreath Joy Giles Dorothy Fehlis Greenwood Betty Florence Hagler Betty Lou Ham Elizabeth Early Hamlett Marilyn Faynette Hampton Mary Ann Haney Mary Ann Hanz Bess Heflin Elaine Herring Mabel Wong Hing Phyllis Ilett Frances Ann Jackson Jan Thornton James Florence Gloria Jarrett S. Eugenia Johnson Paul Anna Jones Marion Keller E. Jean Kellner Rosemary Bruden Kokernot Joyce Ann Krenek Caroline Louise Letterman Evelyn Frances Lorbeer Lulu Margaret McMillen Virginia McWhorter Leola Wanda Miller Ruth Mills Mitzi Mintz Sallie Beth Moore Frances Morriss Li Hie Musil Mary Ellen Neale Carolyn Jane Nelson Constance Nelson Ruth Neyland Virginia W. Palafox Jeanine Pearce Diane Peyton Edythe Nov elle Ponder Carrie Jane Powers Lucy Rathbone Phyllis Richards Fay Jean Riggan Dorothy Lou Ritchie Nancy Jo Rogers Betty Jane Rotan Anita Runge Florence Sarrett S. Katherine Seward Lesley Charleen Shannon Dolores Wilma Simmons Lula Lee Smith Gene Spencer Frances Spratt Barbara Lee Steele Runelle L. Stembridge Sandra Stewart Elizabeth Tarpley Wanda Lee Taylor Beverly Anne Smith Thomas Shirley Jean Tower Mary Jane Turner Virginia Elizabeth Warner Myrtle Lucile Watkins Frances lone Webb Bettye Jo West Judith Ann West Dixie Ann White Lucy Whitesides Maymegene Cookie Williams Jennie Wilmot Frances Enid Worthington Laura U. Wright The HOME ECONOMICS CLUB is an organization open to all students taking home economics courses. It has been active on the campus since 1933. PAGE 430 I NURSING EDUCATION MAJORS OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Sponsor KYLE L. GILLIAM RUTH TODD MARY LOUISE MOSES MARIE SLAGLE IRENE HEALY MEMBERS Luella Abrahamson Elizabeth Breswick Clydia Brooks Margaret Chapman Kathleen Connelly Darlyn Craig Joanne Davis Gretchen Genz Kyle L. Gilliam Ruth Hammel Lillian Hoyer Martha Jean Kegley Waunita Martin Margaret Mitchell Mary Louise Moses June Dale Mott Dolores Nelson Genera Pesarillo Phyllis Schmidt Helen Schreiber Marie Slagle Louise Smithey Ruby Taylor Dorothy Tidwell Ruth Todd Jewel Ududak The NURSING EDUCATION MAJORS is an organization composed of women students registered in the School of Nursing on this campus; it is a service, as well as a social organization. Front Row: SMITHEY, CHAPMAN. MARTIN, TODD, TIDWELL, SLAGLE, ABRAHAMSON. SCHMIDT. Second Row: BROOKS, HOYER, MITCHELL, DAVIS, GENZ. MOSES, SCHREIBER. PAGE 431 SOUTHWESTERN GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY Front Row: Charlton. Howell, Oliver. Ottmann. Pichel, Ottman, Carlsen. Northinston. Luker. Fryc, Henslee. Stenzcl. Harrison, Beatty. Second Row: Howard, Kegley, Flack, A. Baker. McGee, Chrismon, Hutchinson, Kyle, Garrott, John, Caussey, Ingram. Boyd. Third Roiv: Maxwell, Leith, Tschoepe. Prickett, Bolden, Corn, Barrow, Avant, Brownwell, Giddens, Kenney. OFFICERS President Vice -President . Secretary-Treasurer . Parliamentarian Faculty Sponsors JAMES MONROE CHARLTON, JR. HUGH VEALE, JR. ALTON L. LINEHAN JACK MARTIN HOWARD $HAL P. BYBEE i KEITH YOUNG MEMBERS George Wendall Adams William Henry Adamson, Jr. Robert N. Arrington A. T. Ashwell Joseph B. Avant Alexander Curtis Baker Charles Milton Baker Gus Bowman Baker William Frederick Baker Benjamin Louis Barrow Robert E- Beatty Thomas Sanford Blackwell Gerald Pat Bolden Thomas H. Boruff, Jr. Walter Anthony Boyd G. S. Brownwell Charles Anthony Buckley F. M. Bullard Claude Murphy Burnett H. P. Bybee Jack Murff Callaway Allen Campbell Alfred T. Carleton Marvin T. Carlsen Kenneth K. Caswell, Jr. Donald E. Caussey James Monroe Charlton, Jr. Jack M. Chrismon Bill Clark Robert Robinson Cocke, III Harold Gordon Corn Max M. Crunk H. Gordon Damon Harris Palmer Darcy Archie S. Depew R. K. DeFord William Michael Doyle, Jr. Goldoni E. Flack Robert Lee Force, Jr. William H. Frye Walter Louis Furche Robert Byron Gaines, Jr. Doug G. Garrott Sam Jarvis Giddens Parisa Gonulden Volker Charles Grasso Dwight L. Hamilton Cleason LeRoy Harris, Jr. Hubert James Harrison Donald E. Hauser Lawrence H. Hawes Charles Warren Henslee David Arthur Hinerman Raymond Joseph Holasek Marion M. Hooks Jack Martin Howard Richard Shelby Howell, Jr. Emmett Arc Humble Robert M. Hutchinson Agnes Jean Ingram James R. Ivey Otis Lee James, Jr. Charles Bedford John John Gordon Kegley John Richardson Kenney, Jr. Robert George Knabe Walter Lynn Knighten Earl Esar Komie Paul David Koons Lee Fred Kyle Elda Wayne Lancaster Leon Lawker Gordon Barrett Leith Russell M. Lilly Alton L. Linehan Robert G. Lovick Robert William Luker F. Dorraine McCallan Gene E. McDaniel Bill G. McGee G. R. McNutt Sabin William Marshall William Henry Matthews, III Oliver Terrell Maxwell Charles Eugene Mear Sherrill A. Motsch Kinehen V. Northington, Jr. Jim F. O ' Hara Fred L. Oliver Eric J. Ottman Robert D. Ottmann George B. Pichel Fred B. Prickett Marion A. Reagan, Jr. Dickie L. Revera William F. Reynolds Robert K. Riggle Cecil C. Rix Wayne Roye Sail Sahankaya Olfert E. Schellhase Glynn M. Schulchart Rawland L. Scott I. R. Sheldon William T. Sherman Roy T. Short Wflliam P. Slater Tommy T. Smiley John L. Snider Billy T. Spero Earl B. Stanford Edwin A. Steen, Jr. Leah Stenzel K. Jack Thornton Arthur James Tschoepe Robert Chan Tysor Hugh Veale, Jr. Charles D. Vertress, Jr. Morty C. Vinson Joseph B. Walton Nelson E. Webbernick B. F. Wells F. L. Whitney James Lee Wilson John Andrew Wilson John E. Wilson Claude V. Winter Shirley L. Winter Frank Woodward Jesse H. Wooldridge Jesse W. Wright, Jr. Phillip E. Wyche James L. Yelvington Keith Young Through lectures and fellowship the SOUTHWESTERN GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY aims to increase and diffuse geological knowl- edge throughout the Southwest, and to promote cooperation among the geologists of this area. PAGE 432 w A D M I N I S T R A T I O N PACE 433 WILLIAM ROBERT SPRIEGEL Dean, College of Business Administration Dean Spriegel, well-known educator, business- man, and author in the field of management, is a Distinguished Professor at the University. FRANKLIN LANIER COX Mr. Cox entered the University at the age of 14 and began teaching when he was 21. He holds degrees in Business Administration and Law. Chairman of the Department of Business Services, Mr. Cox acts as legal advisor to the Registrar. He is a member of the Texas Bar Association. JESSAMON DAWE Miss Dawe, instructor in business writing, is extremely interested in creative literature. She has won awards for poetry and a novelette. She served as secretary to the Business Administration Faculty. PHIL RANSOPHER, TOMMY RODMAN, and NEWTON SCHWARTZ were elected to the Student Assembly represent- ing the College of Business Administration in the fall elections. PAGE 434 NOLAN EUGENE WILLIAMS Mr. Williams began teaching at the University in 1948. He is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, and the Texas Society of C. P. A. Among this instructor ' s hobbies are fishing, hunting, golf, and square dancing. OSCAR CURTIS LINDEMANN Mr. Lindeman has attended Harvard, Midwestern Uni- versity, Texas Lutheran College, and The University of Texas. He began teaching here in 1948 as an instructor in banking and finance. CLARK EVERETT MYERS Mr. Myers, a Naval veteran of World War II, is Chair- man of the Management Department in the College of Business Administration. He is president of Beta Gamma Sigma and faculty sponsor of Sigma Iota Epsilon. FADE 435 SENIORS ABRAM, SHARLENE B., Lufkin Business Administration, A4 E, Hillel, Women Voters ADAIR, CHARLES WESLEY, Temple Advertising, AA, Daily Texan ADAMSON, J. ROBERT, Jacksonville Banking and Finance, MICA AGNOR, LOIS THRASHER, Marshall Business Administration, nB f , AAA, Women Voters, Pierian, Panhellenic, Pzatlx ALBERT, HYDEN ALLEN, Austin Transportation, ANA ALBIN, FRANCES, Dallas Secretarial Science ALLTON, CHARLES RICHARD, Kilgore Marketing, TKE ANDERSON, GRAYSON W., Houston Business Administration, KZ ANIOL, RALPH JOHN, San Antonio Advertising, rA, AA2 ATTAWAY, ALBERT N., Kerrville Engineering Route to Business Administration AUSTIN, TRAVIS B., Evant Personnel Management, AZII, 2IE, American Management Association, American Marketing Association BAILEY, GEORGE NELSON, Carrizo Springs Transportation, ANA, Longhorn Band. Square and Compass Club, Winter Garden Club BAILEY, ROYCE HERBIE, Jacksonville Finance, AK , BSU, MICA, Young Republicans BAIRD, MARY SCOTT, Tomball Personnel Administration, Cap and Gown BAKER, LESLIE B. (Buck), Austin Management BALTZER, JANE CORNELIA, Houston Business Administration, Plan 1, AAA. BBA, Strike and Spare, Cap and Gown, Houston Club BANKS, WILLIAM HALBERT, Austin Transportation, ANA, American Marketing Association BARNETT, VICTOR M., Fort Worth Foreign Trade BARSHOP, SAMUEL EDWIN, San Antonio Marketing, 4 A BAUMAN, E. RUDY, Amarillo Business Administration, AG, T. Association, Cowboys, Varsity Football BEARD, SHIRLEY RUTH, Moody Business Administration, AFA, BBA, Cap and Gown BEASLEY, JAMES C., Texarkana Business Administration BECKER, HERBERT HERMAN, Austin Accounting, 9X, Lutheran Student Association BENNET, PETER WATLINGTON, San Antonio General Business, Cadet Officers Association, Army ROTC BERGMAN, MARGARET, Amarillo General Business, EAT, Orange Jackets, Goodfellow, Sweetheart Nominee, Cactus, Reagan, Penhellenic, Hillel BERKEY CHARLES M., San Antonio Business Administration, trA, HE, Cowboys, Interfraternity Council BLAND, POLLIE VONNA, Port Neches Business Administration, BBA, Cap and Gown BLOCK, LAWRENCE ARMAND, Dallas Business Administration, frZA, A4 12, Rusk BOWEN, M. DEAN, Pharr Engineering Route to Business Administration, MICA, Theleme, Glee Club BRITO, MARIANA, Riobamba, Ecuador Accounting, BBA, Newman Club, La tin- American Union, Radio House BROWN, BRUCE WENDELL, El Paso Marketing, 2AE, American Marketing Association BROWN JANE ANN, Austin Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, AZ, BBA, Forensica, Women Voters, Westminster Student Fellowship, YWCA, Austin Club PAOE 436 SENIORS BROWN, MARY LANELLE, Austin Secretarial Studies, BBA, Cap and Gown, Glee Club BROWN, RODNEY LEE, Tomball Public Accounting, BA+, AF ROTC BRUCE, C. MERLYN, Loraine Advertising, Acacia, AA, A l$2, Hogg Debate BUCKINGHAM, TOM L., JR., Jacksonville Marketing BUNCH, HARRY MAXWELL, Natchez, Miss. Business Administration BURGH, MARY ANN, Port Arthur Business Administration, BBA, Newman Club, Pierian, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor, International Council BUSCH, WILLIAM F., Baytown Business Administration, 6H, Tri-Cities Club BUTLER, JOE G., Dallas Business Administration, Scabbard and Blade, Distinguished Military Student CARAVANTES, P. THEODORE, Corpus Christi Engineering Route to Business Administration, AIEE, Radio Guild, Young Republicans, Corpus Christi Club GARDEN, RALPH HUGH, Ozona Pre-Law, A2II CHAMBERS, GAL C., JR., Lufkin Industrial Management, 4 PA, ROTC, Rangers, Cowboys, Varsity Carnival CHRISTIE, WILLIAM PRESTON, JR., Dallas Marketing, IN, Dallas Club CHWANG, SHU DEE, Shanghai, China Accounting, BrS. BA , International Council CLARK, JOYE LUCERNE, Austin Commercial Teaching, BBA, WICA, Disciple Student Fellowship CLARKE, BENJAMIN DEVANE, Athens Advertising, X j , AAZ CLIFT, ROBERT I., Austin Management Engineering, Transportation, A4 S2, AK , ASME, AIChE, AF ROTC, MICA, Cactus, Economics Club, Transportation Society, Air Force Association COKER, TOMMY G., Naples Business Administration, 4-K COLEMAN, GLEASON WALTER, Corpus Christi International Trade, Bl ' il CONINE, WILLIAM BURTON, Texarkana, Ark. Public Accounting CRAIG, ELLENDA, Atlanta Commercial Teaching, XS2, BBA, Cap and Gown, Swing and Turn CRANNY, JAMES JOSEPH, Detroit, Mich. Business Administration, Newman Club CREWS, LEON F., Alvord Accounting, BA , KK , Longhorn Band CROCHET, JOHN R., Houston Marketing, MICA, Houston Club CULVER, GERALD STATON, Austin Industrial Management, ATA DANIEL, BARTON H., Hamlin Engineering Route to Business Administration, AK DANIEL, JAMES L., JR., Eden Finance, AK , Curtain Club DAVIS, MARTHA, Groveton Business Administration DAVIS, WAYNE G., Jacksonville Marketing DE BUSK, HALL J., Beaumont Business Administration, 9H DELPHENIS, CHARLES R., Paris Business Administration, AE, AA, American Marketing Association, Silver Spurs, Northeast Texas Club DENNY, BILLY RAY, Graham Business Administration, KK , Longhorn Band DILLARD, BILLY LANIER, Dillcy Business Administration, AFROTC Rifle Team - f m I m m I PAGE 437 SENIORS DILLON, SPENCER, LAMONT, Houston Marketing, A , AK DUNAGAN, BILLY A., Dallas Advertising, K2, AAZ, ZAII, Cactus, Ranger, Dallas Club DUNN, JOSEPH L., Port Arthur Accounting DYKE, CLAUDIA ANN, Marshall Business Administration, KA6 EARTHMAN, BILLY DEAN, Conroe Accounting, AXA, BA EDDINGSTON, HARLEY T., Port Arthur Business Administration, 1 ' i ' K EDMUNDSON, DAN K., San Antonio Transportation, Oak Grove Co-op EDWARDS, GORDON L., Amarillo Advertising, ATO EHRLER, JAMES F., San Antonio Business Administration, Baseball, T Association, Newman Club ELLIOTT, JAMES O., Longview Marketing, American Marketing Association FAHEY, RICHARD A., Galveston Industrial Engineering, Newman Club FARLEY, ROBERT NEAL, Austin Accounting, MICA FAULKNER, FRANCES NELL, Panhandle Accounting, AOTT, Cap and Gown FIKES, WILLIAM HOWARD, Italy Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, Hill County Club, MICA FOREMAN, WILSON, Edinburg Business Administration, A 2, MICA, Rio Grande Valley Club, Home Town Regional Committee, Forum Speaker Committee FRANCISCO, GEORGE CARL, III, Houston Business Administration, ATli FREEMAN, C. BOB, Austin Business Administration, AT FRIDAY, CLAUDE T. (Pete), Winnsboro Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, AK ' I ' , MICA FRIEDEN, HOWARD E., Austin Business Administration, 1 A 1 GADEN, THEODORE ALLEN, Houston Commercial Education, Newman Club, American Marketing Association, University Religious Workers Association GAJESKE, ALFRED EDWARD, Beaumont 1 ' ransportation, ANA, Lutheran Students Association, Southeast Texas Club GARRETT, WILLIAM MATTHEW, Port Arthur Industrial Management GENTRY, GEORGE HUDSPETH, JR., Baytown Business Administration, SAE, NROTC, Football GERLACH, FREDERICK L., Abilene Business Administration, AKK. A1II GILCREASE, BONNIE, San Marcos Secretarial Studies, Redhead Club GILL, PETER DEANE, San Antonio Business Administration, AKE GINDLER, BOBBY, Weimar Retailing, TA , South Central Texas Club GREBING, HENRY JOHN, JR., Dell City Public Accounting, BA GREENE, THOMAS HERBERT, Maple Heights, Ohio Latin-American Marketing, A f , A M2, AK , Longhorn Band, Newman Club Student-Faculty Committee, Interfraternity Council GREER, JOHN MARCUS, Dallas Finance, B9II, AK+, Cowboys GREGG, JAMES A., Mexico, D. F. Latin-American International Trade, Canterbury Club GROGAN, I. BENJAMIN, Weatherford Business Administration, K . PAGE 438 SENIORS GROVES, GERALD K., Donna Business Administration GUEST, JOE FRANKLIN, San Antonio Accounting, Al ' I- HADDEN, ARTHUR ROBY, Fort Stockton Business Administration, 2K, AK , AFROTC, West Texas Club, Pre-Law Society, Interfraternity Council HAKIM, ALBERT CHARLES, JR., Austin Engineering Route to Business Administration HAMMER, STANLEY W., San Antonio Business Administration, ' MA HARMON, DAVID W., Dallas Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, TKE, LIE, AZII, American Marketing Association HARRIS CLARENCE PINKNEY, Houston Industrial Relations and Personnel Management HARTKOPF, DAYLE, Austin Commercial Teaching, AF, BBA HARTMAN, DOROTHY LOUISE, San Antonio Business Administration HARWOOD, WALLACE BAKER, Brownsville Business Administration, B9IT, Canterbury Club HAUFFE, FRED LEWIS, San Antonio Accounting, AK HAUSLER, EDWIN LOWELL, JR., Kerrville Business Administration, Acacia, Hill Country Club HEADEN, DONALD M., Prairie Hill Business Administration, MICA, Intramurals HEBERT, CHARLES MANUEL, Houston Business Administration, ATS2 HEFNER, GLENN S., Ennis Advertising, MICA HENDRICKS, FRANK B., Orange Business Administration, Radio Guild HENDRICKS, HELEN FRAZIER, Corpus Christi Management, 2IE, BBA, Pre-Law Society, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Assembly HEWITT, BOBBY JOE, Rockport Business Administration, K2 HIGH, HARRY, Terrell Advertising HILL, C. ERNESTINE, Baird Business Administration HILL, KENNETH E., Virginia, Minn. Marketing, AT, AK , Mariners, Scabbard and Blade, NROTC HOLUBEC, CLEO JAMES, La Grange Business Administration, AT HOPPER, MARTIN RAY, Highlands Business Administration, Tri-Cities Club HRUZEK, BERNARD S., East Bernard Public Accounting, Newman Club HUGHES, IRBY B., JR., Palestine Engineering Route to Business Administration, ATQ HURTER, CARL VERNON, Booker Public Accounting, AT, AK , ROTC, Panhandle Club JACKSON, LAWRENCE W., Amarillo Business Administration, K JACKSON, THEODORE MARSHALL, Beaumont Engineering Route to Business Administration, ATA, A 2, Glee Club JACOBS, EVELYN, Dallas Accounting, A E, Hillel, Reagan JETT, LOIS MARIE, Liberty Business Administration, BBA, Women Voters, Houston Club JOCHEC, MELVIN M., Rosenberg Accounting, BA , 6K, PII, Hogg, MICA JOHANSEN, VAUN L., San Angelo Factory Production and Control, Acacia, AK , SIE ,. -1 C l PAOE 439 SENIORS JOHNSON, BENNETT JAY, Greenwood, La. Business Administration, i K, A1II JOHNSON, DAVID NATHAN, Lubbock Business Administration, AKE JONES, BAKER PARISH, Houston Finance, B6I1, AK . Intramurals JONES, CLYDE DANIEL, JR., Beaumont International Trade, PA. Glee Club, Canterbury Club KEASLER, ROBERT B., Marshall Accounting, BA k KELLY, WILLIAM J., JR., Taylor Real Estate and Insurance, ZK, AK , AFROTC, Arnold Air Society Young Republicans, Williamson County Club KEY, ROBERT M., Dallas Business Administration, 2AK, A " M2, Dallas Club KING, HENRY A., JR., Atlanta Real Estate and Insurance KINNEY, RICHARD DEXTER, Austin Business Administration, SK, AK , BSU KUNNECKE, BENTON FITCH, San Antonio Latin-American Trade, Personnel Management, OX, Lutheran Students Association KUYKENDALL, BIFF E., Austin Business Administration, MICA, Austin Club LABAJ, DARWIN FRANKLIN, Granger Business Administration, Tejas Club, Czech Club, MICA LEHMAN, JAMES L., Booker Advertising, AT, Af S!, A1E, Daily Texan LEVY, ISAAC, Corsicana Business Administration, +A, Corsicana Club LEWIS, FREDERICK EDMOND, JR., Belton International Trade, KK , Foreign Trade Club, Longhorn Band LINENBERGER, HUBERT L., Bastrop Business Administration r.NUXStt LLOYD, JAMES LOTT, Jackson, Miss. Business Administration, 2 1 E, f H2, T Association, Mariners Intramurals NROTC, Scabbard and Blade LONGNECKER, MARY ANNETTE, Brownsville Business Administration, XS, BBA, Reagan, Women Voters. Cap and Gown LOPEZ, RAMON C., Robstown Business Administration, Alba Club, Glee Club LOWREY, DORIS, Del Rio Business Administration, AF, BBA, UTSA, West Texas Club, Reagan, Strike and Spare, Cap and Gown MCELROY, JESSE H., Cooiidge Engineering Route to Business Administration McGUIRE, F. ANNE, Lamesa Industrial Management, IIB 1 , Tee Club, Curtain Club MCLAUGHLIN, LEONARD FRANKLIN, Tyler Advertising, AA2 McLEAN, STERLING ROBERTSON, Austin Marketing, +H2 MADDOX, RANDALL B., Sulphur Springs Business Administration MAGRUDER, MARY JEAN, San Angelo Business Administration, AF MAYFIELD, ALICE MARGARET, Louise Commercial Teaching, BBA, WICA, BSU, Intramurals, Cap and Gown, Women Voters M i: i )OK. SAM, San Antonio Economics, San Antonio Club, MICA MEDLENKA, FLORIE WILLIAM, Houston Business Administration. American Marketing Association. Houston Club MILLER, ALFRED LESLIE, Jacksonville Accounting, AZII, BA MILLER, BERNARD WILLINGER, San Antonio Engineering Route to Business Administration, AK , MICA MILLER, FRANK ROBERT, Oklahoma City, Okla. Business Administration, AKE PAGE 440 SENIORS llOtIO Urn, ttgtr ' lid .fcltoo !; cop ram. Inunml, TO Vm, Cipudtol IN.Tvltr 9k MOORE, SCOTT DEAN, Fort Worth Business Administration MOSELEY, JACK EUGENE, San Antonio Engineering Route to Business Administration, IE, MICA MURCHISON, BILL M., Wichita Falls Industrial Management and Marketing MURRAY, WILLIAM O., Dallas Marketing, AI NIELSEN, ROBERT HAROLD, Cuero Accounting, ASH, Steer Here Committee, Newman Club, Wranglers NOBLE, WILLIAM GEDDES, JR., Dallas Business Administration, Acacia NUNNELEY, SAMUEL LOWRY, JR., Brownsville Marketing, 1IKA, Rio Grande Valley Club OBERHOLTZER, NELSON CUSTER, JR., Tyler Insurance, BOIT ORTIZ, SIMON R., Newgulf Accounting, Laredo Club OVERTON, G LEN ROY, Port Arthur Engineering Route to Business Administration, AXA PARKER, FRANK, Brownsville Business Administration PARKER, RICHARD DOUGLAS, JR., Corsicana Sales Management, International Trade PECK, JOHN LANE, Paducah, Ky. Accounting, BA PERRY, HENRY ALBERT, Dallas Business Administration, AKE, NROTC, Cowboys, Interfraternity Council PIERCE, LENIS WILLIAM, JR., Lindale Marketing, A! , AK , XH, Marketing Club POLUNSKY, ROBERT I., San Angelo Accounting, EAM, BA , Cactus PONTON, MORRIS CLIFFORD, Goliad Accounting POWERS, JAMES NORMAN, Dallas Insurance and Finance, AXA, A 8, Dallas Club PRESLEY, RANDOLPH, Mount Pleasant Business Administration, ATO, AZII QUILLIAM, WILLIAM REED, JR., Beaumont Business Administration, OH, Al . Silver Spurs, Assembly. Board of Publications, Southeast Texas Club RED, WILLIAM S., Ill, Houston Latin-American Trade, Latin-American Union, Foreign Trade Club REED, LEE ROY, Houston Engineering Route to Business Administration RHONE, BILLY R., Crockett Public Accounting, MICA. Swing and Turn, Wesley Foundation RICE, ALMA L., Cleveland Personnel Management, BBA RICK, HENNIE SUE, Humble Business Administration, Xfi, BBA, Women Voters, Galveston County Club RICHARDS, FERRY E., Mission Marketing, AK , MICA, Prather Hall Association, Westminster Fellowship RICHTER, FLORENCE, Laredo Business Administration RIDDLE, NORMA, Dallas Accounting, Cap and Gown RIGGS, JAMES RAY, Austin Transportation, iXA, American Marketing Association, Ex-Servicemen ' s Association ROBERTS, JAMES LEO, Kilgore Business Administration ROBINSON, HOWARD PAUL, Dailey, West Va. Public Accounting, AI fi, BA . Mariners, Assembly, Longhorn Band. Symphonic Band, Judiciary Council. Scabbard and Blade RODGERS, IRVING M., San Antonio Industrial Engineering PAGE 441 SENIORS RODRIGUEZ, PABLO, McAllen Accounting ROE, JAMES CLAY, Houston Engineering Route to Business Administration, N ROGERS, JOE R., Buda Transportation, ANA ROSEN, FRED ALVIN, Port Arthur Business Administration ROSNER, ALAN ARTHUR, Fort Worth Accounting, 2AM, BA ROWAN, J. RICHARD, Breckenridge Business Administration, T Association, Silver Spurs. Football Co-Captain RUCKER, GUY WILTON, Port Arthur Accounting, Wesley Foundation RUSSELL, CHARLES BERT, Turkey Retailing. OS RUSSELL, ELDON GANG, West Business Administration, Fencing Team, Christian Science Organization, Monitor Club SACARIS, NICK, Baytown Finance, FA. AF ROTC, Tri-Cities Club, Varsity Tennis, Intramurals, Arnold Air Society SCOTT, CLEM R., San Antonio Business Administration, 03i SHEINBERG, EDWARD HERBERT, Houston Business Administration, AEH SHORT, RUTH ELIZABETH, Corpus Christ! Commercial Teaching, ATA, BBA, Reagan, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor SIECK, GERALD EUGENE, Houston Business Administration SINGLETARY, MARCUS, Beaumont Business Administration, A l SINGLETON, SARAH LOUISE, Texarkana Secretarial Studies. BBA, Cap and Gown SKIPPER, DONALD W., Thompsons Industrial Management, ii ' K K9, American Management Association SMELSER, JAMES FRANKLIN, Austin Business Administration SMITH, BERNY LOWELL, Cayahoga Falls, Ohio Marketing. A fS2, Cowboys, Cactus, Student-Faculty Committee SNELL, HAMPTON KENT, Austin Business Administration, ASIT, NROTC SOMMER, CHARLES W., Ill, Breckenridge Finance, AT. Interfraternity Council, AF ROTC. Distinguished Military Student, Varsity Fencing Team SOMOHANO, HORACIO, JR., San Antonio Public Accounting, MICA, Little Campus Association SPEEGLE, MILDRED KATHERINE, Austin Business Administration, BBA. Cap and Gown STANDLEE, ROBERT GRAVES, Fort Worth Accounting, BA STEELE, JACK G., Waco Business Administration. Acacia, A4 !2, Cowboys. Inter raterntty Council, Union Board of Directors, Social Calendar Committee STEFFEY, FRED ARTHUR. JR., Cisco Business Administration. Xl . KK ' l ' . Longhorn Band. Silver Spurs STENZEL, CLARENCE C., Fort Worth Business Administration, Kl, Silver Spurs STEPHENSON, WILBURN GAIL, Paint Rock Business Administration. A1I1 STEVENS, ELEANOR M., Port Arthur Personnel Management, A A FT, Reagan STIEFEL, RUTH MARIE, Kerrville Business Administration. WICA, Westminster Student Fellowship, Cactus STOBAUGH, JAMES TOWNSEN, Weathcrford Advertising, AAS PAGE 442 SENIORS STOUT, JOHN PHILLIP, Houston Personnel Management, N STUART, STEPHEN D., JR., Port Arthur Industrial Relations and Personnel Management STUCKER, ROBERT GLENN, Powell Business Administration SUTTON, KENNETH E., JR., Beaumont Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, ATA. AIM SWEENEY, ROBERT BOYCE, San Antonio Business Administration, AZ1T, HE, San Antonio Club SWENSON, GEORGE WILLIAM, JR., Austin Business Administration, kh ' l ' . Longhorn Band, Austin Club, Intramurals TABB, WILLIAM ELVIN, Texarkana Business Administration, Tejas Club, MICA TAYLOR, STILLMAN V., Bertram Public Accounting, AFROTC THOMAS, DAVID HARRY, Cooper Business Administration, ' J ' EK, Northeast Texas Club THOMAS, MARTHA ELIZABETH, Dallas Business Administration, M, BBA, Dallas Club TILLERSON, JOHN J., Wichita Falls Business Administration, AX TYLER, HENRY ALLEN, JR., San Angelo Business Administration, A " M? VARNELL, ROBERT GLENN, Italy Industrial Management, AK , Hill County WAGNER, EDWARD DUER, Fort Worth Business Administration, Kl WAGNER, EDWARD J., San Antonio Marketing. San Antonio Club WALCOWICH, BOBBY LEE, San Antonio Advertising, AAS WALKER, BILLIE JEWEL, Dallas Public Accounting, XS2, Reagan, Strike and Spare WALLACE, JAMES LAWRENCE, Houston Public Accounting, Glee Club. A Cappella Choir. Wesley Foundation WALTERS, JAMES W., Annapolis, Md. Banking and Finance, AK+ WATKINS, WAYMAN GLENN, San Saba Management, Track WHITMORE, ALICE LORENA, Harlingen Business Administration, AOII, BBA, Rio Grande Valley Club, Cap and Gown. Women Voters WILD, JOHN A., Austin Retailing. ATS. Varsity Debate WILKINSON, ARTHUR N., JR., Temple Marketing. XK, Glee Club, Newman Club WILLIAMS, LLOYD CARMICHAEL, Texarkana Business Administration, Acacia, Northeast Texas Club, Texarkana Club WILLIAMS, ROBERT REX, Tyler Business Administration, Army ROTC WILSON, HELEN SUE, Dallas Business Administration, AX, Tee Club, UTSA, Women Voters WILSON, JESSE MILTON, JR., Port Arthur Enginering Route to Business Administration, Southeast Texas Club WOOD, NEIL ROLAND, Edom Advertising, AXA, Canterbury Club WOODS, BARBARA LOU JUANA, Liberty Business Administration, BBA, Texannes WOODWARD, THOMAS MORGAN, Arlington Pre-Law, HKA. Curtain Club, AFROTC. 40 Acres Follies WORSHAM, JOHN WILLIAM, Houston Business Administration. I A9 PAOE 443 JUNIORS Aardal, Oliver John, Amarillo Alder, Willetta G., San Antonio Allen, Frank Campbell, III, Corpus Christ! Anderson, Robert Galen, Fort Worth Antweil, Joe David, Fort Worth Avant, Thelma Lou, Beaumont Baird, Niven James, Houston Baldwin, Earnest Rowland, Jr., Tyler Ball, Lewis Edwin, Huntsville Barber, Monty Clyde, Austin Barker, Evelyn B., Edcouch Bell, Joe Milton, Longview Bengtson, Harry L., Jr., Austin Beuhler, William Walter, Jr., San Antonio Biddle, Bessie Ellen, Flatonia Biggs, James Bryan, Amarillo Bluestein, Ed, Atlanta Blumentritt, Ross Bruce, Houston Bellinger, Betty Yolande, Alice Bolt, Paul Eugene, Kilgore Bonney, H. Jerry, San Antonio Boswell, Sam Penn, San Benito Boswell, Vivienne E., Fort Worth Boyd, Crawford F., Glen Flora Brelsford, James Madison, Houston Briscoc, William B., Houston Britsch, Marjorie Ann, Hondo Bruce, Dan A., Tyler Bryson, Horace E., Corsicana Buzbee, James M., Mineral Wells Cable, Arzy Howard, Jr., Conroe Camp, Mary Jacquelyn, Austin Carr, Selig H., San Antonio Carter, Robert Lee, Jr., Dallas Carter, Shelby Heway, Harlingen Clark, James Tracy, Houston Cocke, James Rolert, Harlingen Cohen, Malcolm, San Antonio Colbourne, Richard Kay, Morocco, Ind. Collins, C. J. (Mickey), Jr., Cisco Collins, Earldean M., Fort Worth Cook, Thomas Leighton, Sweetwater Cox, Gerald A., San Antonio Cox, Virgil Truett, Dallas Cox, Wayne E., Houston Crawford, John Dunlap, Dallas Cron, Bonnie Lou, Rockport Groom, Sam Gaston, Houston Daniel, Suzanne Phillips, Austin Davidson, Lee Wiley, Baytown Deffebach, Bill T., Snyder Dejarnett, William W., Dallas Eckard, Alfred E., Corpus Christi Estefan, Hazel Marie, San Antonio Ewing, S. Finley, Jr., San Antonio Farrar, Sidney Clifton, Fort Worth Farris, Robert G., McAllen Farwell, Nancy J., Amarillo Fawcett, Robert Earl, Jr., San Antonio Feild, Julia Ann, Longview PAGE 444 JUNIORS Flaig, Joseph H., Jr., Dallas Fleming, Gene Branch, Mt. Vernon Flood, Patrick Nicholas, Waco Frazier, Frank Albert, Jr., Corpus Christi Freytag, Lois Jean, Columbus Friedman, Max Aaron, Houston Frnka, B. Hope, Garwood Fugitt, Phil, Greenville Fuller, James Stuart, Port Arthur Gardner, Lamar W., San Antonio Garsee, Spencer B., Port Arthur Gatlin, Edward Herbert, Athens German, Al. H., Midland Gerson, Charles Irvin, Galveston Glenn, Jeannette, Waco Golden, Edwin Harold, Corsicana Green, Eugene Lee, Dallas Green, James R., Jacksonville Green, Keith N., Refugio Gunn, Russell Walter, Jr., Kansas City, Mo. Hall, Jack Raymond, Austin Haws, Jack M., Tyler Hazell, H. Winfred, Tomball Hector, Layton Dean, Coleman Henley, Robert John, Fort Worth Henley, William Richard, Fort Worth Hilliard, J. Hilton, Dallas Hilyard, O. L., Fort Worth Home, Kenneth Lee, Kilgore Houston, Helen George, Kilgore Howard, Josephine Houston, Pleasanton Hymer, Nellie Marie, Overton Inge, Robert Paul, Dallas Irion, Jack E., El Paso Janicek, Raymond, Came ron Jarett, Irwin M., Lubbock Johnson, Bill Frank, Canadian Johnson, Morris D., Austin Johnson, Richard James Vaughan, Houston Jones, John C., Jr., La Feria Jones, Tolbert Nat., Jr., Tyler Keel, Thomas Martin, Clarksville, Tenn. Keeling, Hugh Donald, Jr., Devers Kemper, Truman R., Amarillo Kiely, Harry C., Jacksonville Kiley, Walter Hugh, Jr., Houston Kleinman, Harold Fred, McCamey Kolodetsky, Maurice Sweet, Galveston Kuykendall, Billy, Longview LaBauve, Kay Louise, Edna LaRue, Joe Thomas, Athens Lee, Robert Burnett, Austin Little, Lewis Norman, San Angelo Lochte, Carolyn, Kerrville Lowman, Nell, Bishop Lundguist, Lee-Roy Lewis, Garwood McCaig, Robert Shain, Dallas McCrum, Everett S., Brownwood McGufTey, George Thomas, Athens Mcllyar, W. Kent, Jr., Dallas PAOE 445 JUNIORS McLandrich, Mary Ann, Alice McLaughlin, John Mark, Snyder Maley, Gerald Arthur, Houston Matthews, Joan Ella, Houston Mayes, Mary Louise, Wallisville Mays, Gary A., Amarillo Meador, Gene, II I, Houston Meek, Ben F., Kermit Meserve, Kenneth Aimer, Jr., Dallas Mighell, Kenneth John, Dallas Miller, Pat Cleburne, Dallas Moore, Helen Dolores, Post Moore, Robert Howell, Van Moore, Stephen Louis, Jr., Commerce Morris, Donald Ray, Waco Mount, Mary Allyne, Crystal City Muhm, Robert Eugene, El Campo Myrick, Gene P., Ladonia Nagai, Bonnie Mae, Almeda Nelson, Jimmy D., San Angelo Newman, Myron H., San Antonio Nisbet, Carl Scott, San Angelo Nowlin, Wade Taylor, Fort Worth Nutter, J. Marie, Ingram Parrish, Richard D., Jr., Kilgore Patton, Robert S., Fort Worth Pistor, Charles Herman, Dallas Pitman, B. F., Ill, San Antonio Polzin, Robert E., San Antonio Pope, Clyde M., McAllen Primeaux, Ted Allen, Port Arthur Proctor, Marziette Lorene, Clarksville Purvis, Howard D., San Angelo Putnam, William R., Fort Worth Ransopher, Philip, Houston Rees, Nancy Jo, Center Point Reeves, George D., Jr., San Antonio Reinkc, Earl Raymond, Jr., Austin Relyea, Spencer C., Ill, Dallas Robertson, Carl Reeves, Ennis Rodman, Tommy, Odessa Rose, Howard V., Fort Worth Rudd, Robert S., Amarillo Rutland, John Dudley, Austin Ryals, Fred E., Austin Sadler, Sarah Elizabeth, Waco Sandier, Robert M., San Antonio Sansing, Dorothy Jean, Higgins Schulze, R. Phil, Corpus Christi Sears, Dick, Abilene Sebern, Harold Tomlinson, Brownsville Shelton, Jerry R., Tyler Shwiff, Marvin David, Galveston Siddons, Bill W., Hillsboro Silverberg, Maxel B., Corsicana Simpson, John Edwin, Austin Smith, C. Aubrey, Jr., Austin Smith, Cecil Ray, Austin Smith, Robert H., Longview Smith, Robert Page, Amarillo " S - V u !. Ctai i Yom.Cn Vc-t a ; . AkafaJ fe I PAGE 446 JUNIORS Stanley, Shelby C., Jr., San Antonio Strauss, Irving G., Jr., Houston Studdard, Kenneth Earl, Brownwood Sturman, Charles Ray, Jasper Surman, Barbara Jean, Dallas Tanner, Howard, East Prairie, Mo. Taylor, Mary Lou, San Antonio Taylor, William Royston, Jr., Plainview Theall, Thomas R., Beaumont Thompson, Michael Paul, Wharton Tinkle, William David, Amarillo Todd, Eugene A., Brownsville Truitt, George R., Odessa Vaughan, Sammy J., Fort Worth Vick, Gabe Thomas, Weatherford Volkart, Richard D., Harlingen Walker, Robert Harding, Dallas Wallace, Alton D., Crosbyton Walthall, Eugene, Jr., Mission Webb, Harry Charles, Jr., Houston Weinheimer, Alvin Francis, Stonewall Wetzel, Charles Henry, Houston White, George Handford, Combes Whitworth, B. Forrest, Jr., Houston Wilson, Carl W., Denison Wolff, Richard Oliver, San Antonio Young, Cleo, Hillsboro Young, Jeannine Marie, San Angelo Zlotnik, Lillian, Brenham SOPHOMORES Adams, William R., Jr., Houston Alexander, Mary Ann, Fort Worth Allen, George Nelson, Jr., Houston Amsler, Jean, Hempstead Anderson, George Billy, Fischer ' s Store Baker, James Earl, Houston Balk, Martin D., Tyler Barker, Joseph J., Pasadena Barker, William R., Gladewater Beagle, Donna Ruth, Pampa Bolton, Margaret C., Waco Brockenbrough, John Lackland, Waco Brodnax, John Robert, Jr., Houston Brookshire, Shirley W., Tyler Brown, Billy Joe, Mt. Pleasant Brumley, Carl Ray, Austin Burlingham, Nathan Nelson, Fort Worth Cardwell, Elizabeth Lell, Lockhart Carsey, Robert C., Jr., Houston Carter, Lorraine, Corpus Christi Carpenter, Robert Clyde, Woodsboro Chanslor, William A., Houston Cline, Gerald Joseph, Dallas Cook, Betty Jean, Austin Crowley, George Allen, Fort Worth Cutrer, Lewis Wesley, Jr., Houston PAGE 447 SOPHOMORES Dalton, Murphy Leon, Dallas Davis, Donald Harold, Palestine Davis, John Howard, Houston Derese, Betty Bel, Port Arthur Dishongh, Charles Ray, Cleveland Epstein, Isaac, Laredo Estes, Jack Homer, Houston Farek, Margery E., Schulenburg Feldman, Charley B., Harlingen Fletcher, Edith L., Austin Ford, Richard Franklin, Dallas Fuqua, Jack Ervvin, Amarillo Gallatin, Albert Reeves, San Antonio Giglio, Catherine Ann, Beaumont Goff, John Marsh, Shreveport, La. Goldberg, Harold S., Tyler Golman, Larry Elton, Dallas Grainge, Robert F., Austin Green, James Ray, Hawkins Griffitts, J. Jeannine, Vernon Gulley, Coleman Harrell, Austin Harris, Billy G., Abilene Hayden, Harrell Sansom, Dallas Hayes, Jerry Lee, Weatherford Henderson, Dorothy Jean, Austin Henderson, Loren Lee, Wichita Falls Hickson, Edwin Wayne, Big Spring Hildreth, Albert D., Jr., Houston Holland, Edward W., San Antonio Honeycutt, Robert G., Gladewater Humphreys, Edward Lee, Waco Jenness, Tomadell, Cameron Johnson, Edward Porter, Jr., Houston Johnston, Roy Edens, Lufkin Jones, James C., Childress Jones, Oscar Freer, III, Waco Karotkin, Leonard, Jr., Austin Kebelman, Gretchen, Weatherford King, Robert Leslie, Jr., Crockett Kipp, John Theodore, Corpus Christi Kreimerman, Martin C., Mexico, D.F. Landry, Edward John, Freeport Leib, Luis, El Paso Linney, Orion Preston, Houston Liuzza, Frank John, Houston Loftis, Lloyd Edward, Dallas Logan, Leon, Sweetwater Love, Richard Franklin, Dallas McCall, Verner H., Jr., Houston McGee, Wallace Edward, San Antonio Mahoney, Carroll Jack, Dallas Malone, Alice, Houston Marcovitch, Marlene Ethel, Wharton Marik, Lillie Mae, Megargel Martin, James Walter, Jordanton Mayfield, C. Curtis, San Antonio Melwid, Cy S., Cicero, 111. Miles, Sammye Jo, Conroe Miller, George Wayne, Lamesa Miller, James Edward, Barstow PACE 448 SOPHOMORES Miller, John Carroll, Houston Moore, Randolph Grady, Omaha Morey, Thomas Jerome, Dallas Muirhead, Cecil N., San Antonio Neff, William Richard, Port Arthur Nelms, Jerry Lynn, Tyler Newton, W. Donald, Burkett Nill, John Sterry, Jr., Chicago, 111. Nix, Mary Kate, San Antonio Novominsky, Bernard, Galveston Overstreet, Dwayne Vinson, Honey Island Ozymy, Albert L., Abbott Parsons, Betty Jean, Sweeny Peevey, James Scranton, Austin Perlitz, Gerald Michael, Austin Pfeffer, Adolph A., Jr., Houston Pinkston, Sidney E., Jr., Tyler Pittsford, Chester M., Austin Pressly, Saxon, Mercedes Price, Glen H., Electra Pullen, Joel Herbert, Crystal City Putnam, George W., Fort Worth Pyle, James Richard, Dallas Quinn, Allan S., Los Piedras, Venezuela Ragland, Alphonso, Dallas Rankin, Jack Gilbert, Dallas Reese, Elias, Austin Rich, Marvin Abram, Houston Roberts, Joella, San Antonio Rosen, Richard J., El Paso Rubenstein, David Ochs, Shreveport, La. Rucker, Max Ramon, Lufkin Ruebel, Alfred Louis, Dallas Sandridge, James E., Sherman Serber, Ina Adele, San Antonio Sharpe, Eddie J., Odessa Shelton, James Martin, Jr., Fort Worth Smith, Harvey William, Houston Smith, Joyce E., Austin Smith, Leonard Thomas, Harlingen Sommer, Patsy A., Austin Stetler, Marvin M., Dallas Studdard, Don Edward, Brownwood Taylor, Marie Frances, Fort Worth Taylor, Virginia Beth, Austin Thomas, William Culwell, Chula Vista, Calif. Tieken, Betty Louise, Austin Totten, Gerald Howe, Fort Worth Toubin, Jimmy Lloyd, Brenham Warren, Jim Howard, Tyler Wason, Elisabeth Ann, Texas City Watson, Robert Lee, Jr., Rio Grande City Webber, Beverly June, Odessa Wells, Joe B., Amarillo Wenger, Paul Cedric, Jr., San Antonio Werbner, Charlotte Ruth, San Antonio White, Finley Wayne, Seymour Williams, Clyde Ray, Amarillo Woods, Norma Joyce, Liberty Yager, Charles Edward, Fort Worth PAOE 449 FRESHMEN Aldis, G. Ronald, Houston Allan, Keith Alexander, Dallas Allen, Bernadette M., Edna Allen, Emily Jean, Houston Amberson, Joe Harris, San Antonio Anderson, Lois Elaine, Austin Barber, William Gilbreth, Lockhart Batson, Arthur Lee, Austin Bell, Claiborne Murray, Paris Birdwell, LeRoy, Jr., San Antonio Blount, Charles D., Lubbock Bonnett, Stewart Alan, Dallas Bredlow, JoAnn Elizabeth, Dallas Brite, Jerome Templeton, Pleasanton Brown, George E., San Angelo Carl ton, James D., Houston Caruthers, Richard B., Fort Worth Chancellor, J. Camden, Midland Chaudoin, Joan, Harlingen Chodorow, Stanley R., Waco Cohen, Elliott Z., Houston Coker, Leon Jackson, Jr., Naples Conlon, John Loftin, San Antonio Cortes, Earl Edwin, Houston Cox, Albert Harrington, Jr., Austin Crow, Judson B., Dallas Culver, Joe Howard, Austin Curry, Al F., Fort Worth Dalehite, Norma Webb, San Antonio Dean, William W., Jr., Athens Dickens, John P., Marlin Dold, Addison Jackson, Jr., Houston Dow, Don Frank, Wink Efind, Robert Boyd, Lake Jackson Elliff, Larry J., Harlingen Ellis, Con-Del Brown, Jr., Midland Ermis, LeRoy Charles, Austin Estes, John Lancaster, Waxahachie Evans, Patricia Anne, Houston Faetche, Albert, Wharton Feld, Mose Martin, Jr., Houston Foster, William Knight, Dallas Franklin, Terrell Glenn, Beaumont Freytag, Ethlyn Rose, Moulton Fryar, Antony Carlyle, Paris Gearner, Aubrey Douglas, Jr., Dallas Gilmore, Nancy Lee, Newgulf Gratehouse, Jess Edward, Hempstead Guthrie, Eugene Burr, III, Austin Hallmark, Bruce C., Dalhart Halsell, Robert Charles, Bryan Harris, Mary, San Angelo Harris, Roger Tate, San Antonio Hoge, William Robert, Jr., Dallas Holt, Ernest Roscoe, Odessa Holtzman, Sandra Ellen, Brownsville Hoyak, James Henry, Bryan Hull, Mary Virginia, Buckhannon, W. Va. Johnson, B. Larry, Rosenberg Johnson, Wesley Stephen, Richmond Jones, Bobby Max, Childress Jones, Linden E., Austin Joyner, Neil Burtin, Dallas Kerry, Henry Eugene, Longview Killough, Nell Allene, Amarillo Knobler, Ivan William, Houston Lawrence, Shirley Rose, Houston ' Oh M .l - 5 -. Sun. Wwrl PACE 450 FRESHMEN Lewis, Andrew Jackson. San Antonio Lloyd, N. Logan, Houston McKinney, George William, Jr., Austin MacGregor, Gregor Carmichael, Dallas Madison, Edwin Lewis, Clarksville Marshall, H. Melton, Lake Jackson Marth, Charles Donald, Dallas Martin, Lois Rachel, Fairhaven, Mass. Mayfield, Tommy Louis, Sinton Meek, Donald Wright, Houston Messmer, Gerry E., Harlingen Meyer, Gloria Winifred, Houston Mitchell, Ellsworth LeFebver, San Antonio Moak, T. W., Beaumont Mohr, Paul Covey, Scottsbluff, Nebr. Morris, Edmund, Austin Myatt, William Oliver, Kilgore Newnam, Katherine Dean, San Antonio Osborn, Joe Allen, Friona Painter, Jack M., Corpus Christi Parr, Georgia B., Corpus Christi Peeples, James H., Amarillo Petrie, Robert L., Jr., Fort Worth Petty, Margaret Texanna, Crockett Pirkle, John Tom, Houston Pruett, Wilford R., Seminole Rawlings, Dixie Faye, Houston Redditt, Barbara, Lufkin Roberts, Mike Henry, San Angelo Rosenbaum, Barbara, El Paso Rothwell, Jack C., San Antonio Rubinsky, Toby, Brownsville Sadler, James E., Port Arthur Saikin, Stanley Byron, Artesia, N. M. Schmidt, Ida Louise, Claude Simon, Dolph B. H., Austin Sims, Ruth Lucile, Austin Sisk, John Ballard, Carrizo Springs Skibell, Bernard F., Lubbock Smead, Hamp, Longview Stephen, Joe Stanley, Eastland Stevens, Joe M., Munday Stevenson, James Charles, Aransas Pass. Steves, Nancy B., San Antonio Strelitz, Frederic S., El Paso Streusand, Charles Lee, Houston Sugerman, Charles F., San Antonio Sweet, Arnold Norman, Dallas Tankersley, E. L., Jr., Mertzon Thompson, Jere William, Dallas Travis, Wayne K., San Antonio Vautrain, Lynn Dale, San Angelo Vernon, Gladys Joyce, Houston Vickers, Samuel Joe, Fort Worth Voelkel, LaVcrne, Houston Waldron, Robert Earl, Arp Ward, Carol Elizabeth, Pharr Weingarten, Harris Jacob, Houston Werkenthin, Conrad P., Austin Westling, Eddie H., Austin Whiteker, M. Carman, Frecport Wolff, Robert S., San Antonio Womack, Richard Orville, Marshall York, Thomas Oliver, Childersburg, Ala. Zale, Eugene, Dallas Zander, Robert Kemper, San Antonio Zax, Robert B., Houston Q V9 SK, H . - TH PACE 451 BETA ALPHA PSI HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING FRATERNITY Founded: University of Illinois, 1919 Theta Chapter, 1924 - Seer ft a acuit I ' ici -Presiden Marquis G. Eaton Laurence ti-jfifqlSldyH ' _? Tom W. Lfland O. H. ' Maschek W. M. Aikman John B. Allred Walter C. Burer Gay Carroll Jim G. Ashburn Leo G. Blackstock [im L. Bridges F. l.anict Cox- James 1). Edwards Marvin E. Gholson LyleVV. Me III ' Ishmael E. McNeil] Fred . Norwood? EdwardS. Lywi Hubert L. Menu 11111 Alan Michael Aaronson Leonard Earl Addicks " Philip Gordon Atkins Vernon W. Barge, Jr. Rodney Lee Brown Charles Clifford Church Shu Dee Chwang Leon F. Crews Avril James Davis Billy Dean Earthma William D. Frizzell James Daniel Giff en Henry John Grebing, Jr. Charles Henry Griffin J. L. Hall Kempei . Meniam George W. N ' ewlove Paul H. Rigley I ul)iey Smith Charles I ' . Sparcnber Glenn A. Velsch John An li White Samuel M Wnolsev I .latkovich V MEMBERS Oliver J. Aardal Gilbert A. Adam John Louis Anderson Robert C. Bennett Harry Lee Coleman Virgil T. Cox David Lee Harvey A. Howard Heemann Roy Lamar Holley IjCon Ross Hoover Douglas Dinnison Howell Melvin M. Jochec Ernest M. Jones Robert Beeson Keaslei Roy Edward Kiie James Oscar McC ' arvrr Alfred Leslie Miller Charles Robert Mynard John Layne Peck Stanley Joseph Petcrman Leland C. Pirkens Rpbert I. Polunsky y t ' L ? ' SPRING INITIATES Charles F. Dees James F. Goodman Gerald R. Gwaltney Jimmie O. Hill Manfred Hoick Carl V. Hurter Frank J. Lauderdale PAGE 452 Alan Arthur Rosn Charles Lynn Sa Cecil C. Simmons Barney McCo Smitl _ ett Bailey Robert Graves Standlee Galen Alfred Stephejp; Bergin Harvey Tatiim Lloyd Alton Thomas Homer WillianTThompson Donald F. Trautwein Edward L. Vaughn Harry Lee Webster Jesse Franklin Wolf Randal B. McDonald Kenneth Z. Miller Chailes Smith George R. Truitt 4 - BETA GAMMA SIGMA NATIONAL HONORARY BUSI Founded : rsi.NESS . ' l iii% t ' FSiiy j ADMINISTRATION FRATERNITY |f Wisconsin, 1913 iha of Texa$. 1922 CLARK E. MYERS DOROTHY AYERS STELLA TRAWEEK Joseph K. Baili Luther Doyle Bishop A. H. Chute Keith Davis J. C. Dolley Vernon Ferguson J. Anderson Fitzger Elizabeth Lanham Raymond V. Lesikar I. E. McNeill uthef Lee Bailey Archie Lee Black William K. Bonneaux James Noel Bozka Billy Ray Brown Viliiford Harry Bucscher Gerald Donald Calhoun James Francis Caughlin Florence Lillian Cleveland Wesson Walter Coleman Larry ( ). Cox Clarence A. Eckert Byron Eugene Gardner William Henry Gauss - William Patton Glade, Jr. ICERS President Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS E. Karl McGinnis ' Francis May Hubert Menn Clark E. Myers Jean D. Neal , G. H. Newlov-E , Charles L. Prlther Paul Rigby C. D. Simmons C. Aubrey Smith 4950, INITIATES a ' Spring K E MYERS " DOROTHY AYERS STELLA TRAWEEK E. G. Smith William R. Florence M. Stella Trawrei Charles E. Walker John Arch White, Erich W. Zimmerman Charles T. Zlatkovuh A. P. VVinstor Eugene Hall i Herbert Hardin David Lee Harvey Jdhn Benjamin Hathaway, Jr. Richard Charles Henshaw Edwin Connery Hightowei Brtty Lou Bates Hillman Hubert Wayne Hodges lafon Ross Hoovei Paul Anthony Hope Albert William James Perry Edward Johnson Harry Kabler Michael M. Lampe FALL, 195 Elizabeth George E. Edward Shirct Lynn William Sturges James C. McCarn Lcland W. McClou James A. McKinney Ishmael E. McNeill Calvin E. McWilliaim Fred Jones Moore William Earl Moreland Mary Louise Moses Ovi Charles Robert Petersei Jean Amelia Rehmet ATES rail Tracy Scott Helen Louise Cobb Eugene J. Sutherla Eugene Jttltus Tsch Herbert Arthur I ' nderwood Jerry Emerson L ' pchurch Lois Vincent onnan Jesse Wendler Henry Stephens White Raymond Lee Whitnry, Jr. James Andrew Whitt DuaneD. Wolfe Morris William V s Edward Frank Young Gerald Zlotnik, II Daryl Eastham Allport Barbara Ellen. Biesele Leonard Ray Boedeker Jimmie L. Boies Marvin Lee, Bowers Elton Stephen Branda Jaul Rudolph Breckenridge homas Eugene Burkhead Charles William Coleman Douglas,Calvin Dacy Earl Monroe Erickson Charles Herbert Fink William Monroe Gee James Richard Gray Ray Garland Green John Eugene Guy Jack Cooke Haxlewood Aaron Lee Hall Fred Charles Huddleston John Malier Kelso J Helen Marie Knebcl Rollins Miller Koppel Milton Eugene Krause :. William Howard Lucas, Jr. Robert Ostren Mitterling Bryce Stearns Moon- William Weatherly Moore Thomas Seott Nipper illiam Frederick Perry hilip R. Pyndus Kt ith Kay Rodgers i Everett Francis Rubenstein Reginald Rushing Ewald John SchefTel Elsie Ann Shaw Paulett Spivey (Inward McLane Star Mary Virginia Stein Richard Lee Stone William Charles Suttle Hal E. Tindall iWrell Gail Welch SPRING, mard Earl Addicks James G. Ashburne Philip Grover Atkins, Jr. James King Barrett Pollie Vonna Bland Leonidas Cicero Bradley, Jr. William Neale Bresw i Jim Lewis Bridges Hugh Francis Burns Gleason Walter Coleman Charles S. Collier Murray Kenneth Cox Thomas J. Edwards Robert Isaac Gin Layton Dean Hec Helen Frazier Hendricks Roy Lamar Holley Theodore Marshall Jackson Patty Jean Johnson James Oscar McCarver INITIATES William Linton McKay William C. Marris " ' Jack E. Moseley Charles Robert Mynard Eugene P. Myrick Anthony Roberts Parrish Leslie Clark Peacock John Lane Peck Leland Carroll Pickens Florence. Thomson Pollard Edward Roche Alan Arthur Rosner James Mason Smelley Robert Boyce Sweeney ' . Donald Frederick Trautwei " Edwin E. Weiss Glenn Albert Welsch Nolan Eugene Williams William Thomas Woodhouse-Piet.p. PACE 453 % MBfM|M DELTA NU ALPHA NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION FRATERNITY Founded: Wil mington, Dcla., 1945 Texas Chapter, 1950 Fall JAMES RIGGS LEONIDAS C. BRAD JOHN B. BRECHIN GEORGE T. JONES OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . RARY MEMBERS Charles Ogle J. Carter i FACULTY MEMBERS Spring WILLIAM B. HEATH LEON F. HOUGH C. LEONARD RIGGS GEORGE N. BAILEY Chester V. Bogle John Hazard H. K. Snell J. D. Neal Hayden A. Albert GeorsreN. Bailey William B. Bank I.eonidas C. BradjeV. John B.Jiie hiii Ira S. Bruce at 490i Morris George T. 1. Jen K( Wilber Condron an K. Ednuin 1 1 i ' .st C. El Alfred E. Gajeske Ralph W. Glenn, Jr. M. Jackson Hampton William G. Hay Ovrrstn-et Charles L. James R. H. N Joe KTRogers Ernest J. Sloan Gene A. Thomas John W. Wise PAOE 454 DELTA SIGMA PI PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FRATERNITY Founded: New York University, 1907 Fall (IMMIE N. XK ! LEWIS G. MARTIN JOHN BASS SELMM . SHELBY C. STANLEY, JR. TRAVIS B. AUSTIN KENNETH P. FLAGC V- Stanley A. Ar ' Jim Ashburn Joseph K. Bailey William Paxton Barren B. Brooks Perry M. Broom j William N. Bresv Aaron H. Chute Franklin L. Cc, Keith Davis ' " James C. Dolley George P Finley Arthur L Holt Johrlny Travis B. Austin Harry Borcherding Daniel W. Bus i Ralph H. Garden Tommy F. Carrington Dapiel L. Collie Jerry Culver Danny D. Darby Jimmie N. Dobbins Robert A. Evans Kenneth P. Fla. s Gene B. Fleming JOHN BASS SELMAN ALFRED LESLIE MILLER JERRY CULVER EUGENE PAYJIE MYRICK HARRY Headmaster Senior Warden ]unu Warden Treasurer cellar ULTY MEMBERS O. C. J-,iftdemann Sam A. D. Leifeste mond Lesiker ics R. Kay ark E. Myers John Allen Ryan Everett G. Smith Ralph B. Thompson John Arch White Nolcn Eugene Willi: Glc-nn Albert Welsh Charles I. Xlatkovic -.MEMBERS . Loyd Gist Grad jfugene Hayg. hoover irmett J. ]6 William Jack Samuel K. Lawn-tii Ralph L. Mahaffey Lewis G. Martin Frank R. Masquelcttc Krc) Meredith enneth A. Meservt:. Jr. . Ified Leslie Miller Eugene Payne My rick, (ames N. Newton Randolph Prestley Luther T. Scarborough, Jr. Lane T. Scaly John Bass Selinan Charles L. Sowell Shelhv C. Stanley. Jr. es C. Stewart neth Sutton L. Underwood uel Vf. VWasco _. -n K j Game Bray. Jr. William Hill Cocke. Ji. John Ronald Crocket James Crozier Bill Tom Deffeback Lee Richard Dickerson, Jr. Frank Albert Frazier David W. Harmon Marian Elmo Murnma Stanley George Moos ohn Lane Peck Oscar Dale Pritchett Jesse A. Sumrall Clarence Charles Stenzel Leroy William Taylor SIGMA IOTA EPSILON NATIONAL HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT FRATERNITY Founded: University of Illinois, 1927 Gamma Chapter, 1928 tM " J " a jaawia ' w V " S. f , S ,;; Fall ALEX J. SIMON ARTHUR LORFING LonsK NOLE , GARRET " . . Bailey iqnald ' I ' . Beaman r lGD yle Bishop rfen B. Brook r _ . f rt Buchanan OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor ., Travis 1 Leslie B. James K. Barrett Charles M. IH-I kr Raymond J. Bo( k I-eonidas C. Bradley. Jr. Tommy F. Carrfngton Murray Kenneth Cox Erie Marshall Dai nail Jerome J. Epstein John B. Garrett William M. Gee Richard Wadsworth Graves Ralph E. Halvorsen ' Spring ' ARTHUR P. T flRFIttfti " : D VV PwW HTWON HELEN E. HENDRICKS RALPH E. HALVORSEN L. DOYLE BISHOP Gholson Mumma : Myers iH. Watson I Conley R. Lois T. Agnor John W. Anderson Mary Andres Jim Lewis Bridges Jack D. Brown Barbara Ann ButcherS Rudolph J. Danowski Charles K. Dietz James T. Fort " } W. Hani, on Helen K. Hendrk k . J ' heodore M. Patty Jean Johnson Vaun L. Johans Otto E. Linder Ed a d F. Lopina Arthur P. Lorfing William Linton Mel Albert P. McKinney e McReynolds Villiarn C. Markle George W. Miller John R. Mitchell Daniel C. Morgan. Jr. JB SPRING INITIATES Maxwell I. Gathings William G. Christ 5 " " Joseph P. Hammond Lois M. Jett Clement Joe Harold L Lyvers I. E. McNeill Robert D. Magers William W. Mahan, Jr. James N. Newton Louise Nofen , I ' ' ram-is H. Rogers, J, Alex J. Simon James M. Smellcy David M. Smith Walter Staiehely. Jr. Robeit B. Sweeney Donald F. Trautwein Glenn H. Varney Thomas R. Whiddon, John V. Wise rthurF.Zobal Carl P. Maxey William G. Montgomery C. M. Ouallinc Raymond li. Palmer Charles R. Pirtle James M. Pratt MelbsctJX-Schvvarz Edward Svasta, Jr. Preston J. Tillery PAGE 4M ALPHA KAPPA PSI p OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Master of Rituals Faculty Sponsor . FACULTY MEMBERS ROYCE HERBIE BAILEY JOHN PAUL JONES, JR. JAMES WEBER CLAUDE T. FRIDAY WILLIAM J. KELLY, JR. ALFRED L. SEELYE Donald Beauman Jack W. Cashin Carl Cummings J. Anderson Fitzgerald Gus M. Hodges, Jr. Hubert Jones E. Karl McGinnis Charles L. Prather Alfred L. Seelye C. Aubrey Smith William P. Spriegel John R. Stockton Wilfred H. Watson S. M. Woolsey - Willard C. Arnold Gary Askew Walter S. Atwood Royce Herbie Bailey Niven James Baird William Walter Beuhler Bill Briscoe Billy Joe Brown Ira S. Bruce Russel E. Candler Robert I. Clift Barton H. Daniel James L. Daniel Lamont Dillon Claude T. Friday Arthur Roby Hadden Dan Hand Fred Hauffe William B. Heath Kenneth Hill Carl Hurter George Jackson Ray Janicek Vaun Johansen STUDENT MEMBERS John Paul Jones, Jr. William J. Kelly, Jr. Harry Kiely Richard D. Kinney Edward Landry Ed Lopina Richard F. Love Everett S. McCrum Albert P. McKinney Joe P. Mathews Charles Thomas May Bernard Miller Don Morris Brian Mueller Edward H. Naberhaus Lenis W. Pierce J. G. Pinkerton Dan Priest Allan S. Quinn Ferry Richards Paul Sather Donald W. Scott Bill J. Seitz Eddie J. Sharpe Donald W. Skipper R. H. Smith Ben E. Sutton Howard Tanner Robert G. Varnell Glenn Varney Samuel H. Vister, Jr. Richard D. Volkhart Basil Walker Robert H. Walker Louie Walter James W. Walters William Woodhouse Open to men students in the College of Business Administration with a B average, ALPHA KAPPA PSI was the first business organiza- tion founded in the United States. Its purpose is to further the welfare of its members and to further research in the fields of business. i m iwy Front Row: Mathews, Watson, Prather, Stockton, Seelye, C. Smith, Woolsey, Cashin, Woodhouse, Seitz, McKinney. Second Row: Volkart, Landry, Hadden, Kelly, Walters, Tanner, McCrum, Bruce, Kinney, Hurter, Friday, B. Daniel. Third Row: Varnell, Baird, Walter, Pierce, Hauffe, Bailey, J. Jones, Naberhaus, May, Beuhler, Mueller, Miller. PACE 457 iRICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION Front Row: YOUNG, SMITH, BROWN, SEELYE, HAEGER. Second Row: ELLIOTT, MILLS, STEINHAGEN, MURPHEY, ZABEL. OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Sponsor . BRUCE W. BROWN HENRY D. MURPHEY, JR. WALTER SHERMAN ATTWOOD EVERETT GRANT SMITH MEMBERS Walter Sherman Attwood Bruce W. Brown James T. Clark James O. Elliott Bobby I. Gindler Kenneth M. Green Jack G. Grobe E. Al Haeger Robert C. Lunsford Harry E. Mills Henry D. Murphey, Jr. Lenis W. Pierce Alfred L. Seelye E. Harvey Steinhagen, Jr. John W. Tadlock Thomas R. Young Robert H. Zabel Founded in 1950, the AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION has stimulated interest among students in the problems of today through lectures and field trips. PAGE 458 N i LAURENCE D. HASKEW Dean of the College of Education L. D. Haskew received his bachelor ' s degree at Emory University, a master ' s degree at the University of Chicago, and a Ph.D. at the University of Georgia. He came to The University of Texas in September, 1 947, at which time he became Dean of the College of Education. Dean Haskew is chairman of the committee on religious life. His name appears in Who ' s Who in America. The College of Education is well represented on the Student Assembly by ANN RANKIN and BARBARA STRIEG- LER, elected in the fall of 1950. OSCAR BERRY DOUGLAS Dr. Douglas, chairman of the Department of Educational Psychology, acts as an advisor to a number of schools and colleges in the Austin area. In 1941, he was one of twenty- four collaborators selected from all parts of the United States to take part in the Child Development Center sponsored by the American Council on Education. GEORGE I. SANCHEZ Dr. Sanchez is a native of New Mexico where he received his bachelor ' s degree at the University of New Mexico. He has also studied at the Uni- versity of California and University of Texas. Dr. Sanchez is professor of education and consultant in Latin-American education. His work is his hobby. At the present he is conducting research on the problems of the Spanish speaking people in Texas and the Southwest. His name appears in Who ' s Who in America and Who Knows What. - Sodmrfb ; FRED AVER Dr. Ayer, professor of educational administration, has been associated with the University since 1927. Voted one of the thirty foremost educators in the United States in 1946, his name is listed in Who ' s Who in America. In- cluded in his lengthy list of publications are spelling books that are used in many high schools throughout the nati on. Among Dr. Ayer ' s hobbies are hunting, fishing and play- ing golf. - ' ' Hawkisto J. G. UMSTATTD Dr. Umstattd, professor of secondary education and chairman of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, is the president of the National Society of College Teachers of Education. During the war, Dr. Umstattd was on leave of absence to the Army where he was Dean of the Information and Education Section in Germany. Later he was given the position of Dean of Academic Advisor to the Biarritz American University in France. DAVID K. BRACE David K. Brace, professor of physical education, was the country ' s first recognized authority on motor ability in tests and measurements. During the last war, he was the director of the state physical fitness program and was the director of physical education in China in 1917. An active fellow of the American Academy of Physical Education, he edited th? book, Glossary of Physical Education Terms. SENIORS AGNEW, MARY PATRICIA, San Antonio Sociology, A4 , Canterbury Club AKIN, WANDA PHILLIPS, Austin Elementary Education, ACE, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Austin Club AMELUNG, AGNES ELIZABETH, San Antonio Mathematics, P I B, Racket Club, Cap and Gown, San Antonio Club BALES, MARTHA LANELL, Lampasas Elementary Education, ACE, Hill Country Club, Cap and Gown BARBER, BEVERLY ANNE, Austin Elementary Education, AT, ACE, UTSA BATEMAN, PHYLLIS JEAN, El Paso Spanish, M, Curtain Club BELL, MARY LYNN, Amarillo Physical Education, XQ BELOATE, WILLIAM E., Fort Worth Physical Education, Newman Club, PEM BENEDICT, IRVIN J., San Antonio Natural Science BODDEN, MARY VIRGINIA, Galveston Elementary Education, AFA, ACE, Steer Here Committee, Women Voters BOWLES, ANN ADELIA, Houston Physical Education, AXB, PEM, UTSA, Strike and Spare, Women Voters BUESING, JEAN MAUREEN. San Benito Elementary Education, XQ, ACE, Valley Club BURCH, BOBBIE JEAN, Tyler Physical Education, PEM BURROWS, THOMAS EDWARD, San Antonio Physical Education, Varsity Baseball, T Association CAGE, JOAN LEOLA, Taft English, AAA, Cap and Gown, Women Voters CARDWELL, MARY CECIL, Lockhart Physical Education, Westminster Student Fellowship COWDEN, ELIZABETH ANN, Midland Elementary Education, ACE, Ashbel, Cap and Gown GULP, VAN, Crockett History, MICA, Athenaeum DAILY, MARY ELIZABETH McKNIGHT, Yoakum Elementary Education, AXfl, ACE, Glee Club, Newman Club, South Central Texas Club, Sidney Lanier DAMRON, JAYNE, Muleshoe Elementary Education, A4 , Panhandle Club DANIEL, LILLIE MARIE, Granger Elementary Education, FfcB, ACE, Williamson County Club DANIELS, JACK L., Beckville Mathematics, Wesley Foundation DAVIES. OLWYN, Houston Physical Education, UTSA, Poona, Upperclass Advisor DEATHE, MARY KATHRYN, Austin Educational Psychology, Cap and Gown, Canterbury Club DICKSON, JOAN, San Antonio Elementary Education, AXfi, ACE, Sidney Lanier, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, San Antonio Club DONDLINGER., DONNA LOU, San Antonio Elementary Education, ACE, San Antonio Club DUNN, JANET, Lake Jackson Elementary Education, ACE, Glamazons, Cap and Gown, Longhorn Band Majorette, Brazoria County Club, University Singers ELKINS, FLOYD S., Sealy Physical Education, PEM FLEMING, PATSY ANN, Austin Elementary Education, ACE, Glee Club, Wesley Foundation FOWLER, BARBARA LANELLE, Amarillo Education FULLER, WILDA FELICIA, Port Arthur Elementary Education, Xfl, YWCA, ACE, UTSA, Women Voters, Cap and Gown GOLDMAN, MARY ARLINE, Victoria Elementary Education, A , ACE, Pierian, Newman Club, Glee Club GOTTLIEB, EVELYN ANNE, Harlingen Education, History, Hillcl, Curtain Club, Women Voters, Cap and Gown GRAFF, BEVERLY JEAN, Beaumont Physical and Health Education, PEM, Orchesis, Canter Club HANBURY, NANCY BETH HALLMARK, Dalhart Physical Education, YWCA, PEM, Upperclass Advisor, Orange Jackets, Panhandle Club HARBORTH, HAROLD H., Seguin Mathematics. MICA HENDRICKS, VIRGINIA LEE, San Antonio Education, Plan II, WICA, YWCA, LSA, Inter-Co-Op Council, Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Assembly PAGE 462 SENIORS HOPKINS, THOMAS ROBERT, Canadian Education, Tiack, Disciple Student Fellowship HRNCIR, GUSS VINCE, Rosenberg Physical Education, T. Association, Czech Club, Newman Club, Oak Grove Co-Op, Baseball JAMES, HARRIETT ANN, Houston Elementary Education, IIB t , Canterbury Club, ROTC Sponsor, Houston Club JOHNSON, MINERVA I., Corpus Christi Elementary Education, ACE, Disciple Student Fellowshop, House Council, Home Economics, Bluebonnct Belle Nominee TONES ANN ESTELLE, Kingsville Social Science, WICA, Curtain Club, Women Voters, Cap and Gown JONES, BOBBYE, Anderson Elementary Education, AAA, Pierian KUEMPEL, NELLENE R., Pflugerville Education. RZA, Lutheran Students Association, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship LEUR, ANN JANE, Victoria Elementary Education, ACE, Women Voters, Newman Club, Cap and Gown LITTLE, MILDRED J., Schulenburg Physical Education, UTSA, Wesley Foundation, PEM, Wakonda Co-Op House, Co-Ed Assembly, Poona McCALL, MARY JOHN, Oakwood Education, English, t M, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation McGOWAN, CLARA BOW, Camp Wood Physical Education, r B, PEM, West Texas Club, Swing and Turn, Aquabelles McKENZIE, MARIAN, Galveston Elementary Education, KA9, ACE MILLER, JAMES C., Port Arthur Mathematics MOGFORD, CAROLINE M., Uvalde Physical Education, PEM, Glee Club, Strike and Spare, Winter Garden Club NEWTON. BONNIE JO, Bertram Elementary Education, AOII, ACE, Cap and Gown, Young Republicans OBERLE, MARY JANE, Port Arthur Elementary Education, ZTA, ACE, YWCA, Glee Club, Strike and Spare, Southeast Texas Club, Newman Club, Women Voters CRTS, NONA E., Hearne Physical and Health Education, AOII, UTSA, Tee Club, Reagan PRIKRYL, REGINA, Penelope Secondary Education, WICA, Orange Jackets, Czech Club. Spooks, Union Board of Directors, Co-Ed Assembly, Sweetheart Finalist, MICA Sweetheart, Buccaneer Sponsor, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist RAY, MARY J., Dallas Speech Education, Glee Club, Speech Workshop, Union Free Dance Committee, Wesley Foundation RAY, ROBERT EDISON, JR., Dallas Education ROBINSON, BETTY ANN, Texarkana Education, Plan III SCHMIDT, DOLORES A., Seguin Elementary Education, ACE, Cap and Gown, Glee Club SCHNEIDER, FRED MEDFORD, Richland Springs Physical Education, AXA, PEM, Hill Country Club SCHROEDER, SUE, Sinton Elementary Education, ACE, Cap and Gown, Tee Club SHRIVER, ANN, Austin Education, English, XS2, Women Voters, Sidney Lanier, Bluebonnet Belle SMITH, DONALD, San Antonio Physical Education, PEM, Disciple Student Fellowship, Oak Grove, Varsity Swimming, T Association, Silver Spurs, Inter Co-Op Council SMITH, JIMMY RAY, Big Spring Physical Education, X , PEM, West Texas Club, Brackenridge Hall Association STRIEGLER, BARBARA ELIZABETH, San Antonio Elementary Education, A AH, ACE. San Antonio Club. Assembly, Free Dance Committee, Public Relations Committee, Faculty Evaluation Committee, Mental Hygiene Society, Reagan, Disciple Student Fellowship, AS Sweetheart SUMRALL, C. B., JR., San Antonio Physical Education, I E. PEM TISDALE, LOIS LYNNETTE, Port Lavaca Elementary Education, ATA, ACE, Orange Jackets, Westminster Student Fellowship, Upperclass Advisor, Cap and Gown TREVINO, ROBERT J., Eagle Pass Education TUCKER, JERRY REED, Beaumont History, ZN, A 0 WIDNER, NETTIE LEE, Mexia Education WILDER, BETTY JEAN, Beaumont Elementary Education, ZTA WOLLBRETT, CARLITA JOYCE, Houston Education, AAA, Spooks, Women Voters ZAPP, BETTY, Palestine Elementary Education, ZTA ZEDLER, GAY EMPRESS, Luling Speech Education, AAII, Touche, Sidney Lanier, Battle of Flowers Oratorical Winner 1951 JUNIORS Arbaugh, Ann, Sweetwater Autry, Dorothy Olive, Dallas Baker, Virginia R., Houston Barker, Martha Lou, Austin Bazar, Shirley M., Mercedes Becker, Mary Joan, San Antonio Bergman, Carolyn J., Houston Bilhartz, Elise Johanna, San Antonio Boyd, Frances, Glen Flora Brady, Betty Jane, Borgcr Bride, G. Jean, El Paso Briggs, Tommie Ruth, Paducah Brimberry, Joan, Dallas Britt, Frederick William, Dallas Brown, Charlotte M., Fort Worth Carlson, Barbara Ann, Pampa Carman, Delores E., Houston Chadwell, Nancy Ann, San Antonio Colquitt, James A., Waskom Conerly, Maryo, San Angelo Corrigan, Mary Alyce, Laredo Cowden, Marylee, Midland Crahan, John Byron, Baytown Crites, Carolyn L., Houston Cunningham, Gloria Ann, Dallas Dean, Chrystal Laverne, Refugio Denman, Tommy Joy, Tyler Derigo, Mary Dolores, Wharton Deutsch, Ellen Elizabeth, Laredo Dowell, Caroline, McK inney Eastman, Martha Ann, Port Arthur Fitch, Florence Elizabeth, Eagle Pass Forbes, Patricia, Houston Forehand, Shirley Ann, Athens Glass, Ben Morel, Atlanta Gray, Marcia, San Antonio Greer, Ann Warren, Dallas Harris, Joe Thomas, Cotulla Hays, Marie, San Angelo Hoefgen, Adelia, San Antonio Holliday, Mary Lou, Galveston Hudgings, Joanne, Houston Hurst, Clara Maude, Longview Irwin, Kathryn Louise, Amarillo Johnson, Jane Caroline, Richmond Kirkland, A. Grady, Wichita Falls Knaggs, Albert U., Jr., Cotulla Lain, Betty Marjorie, Galveston Lantrip, Peggy Joyce, Van Leatherwood, Doralie, Dublin McClancy, JoAnn, Beaumont McDonough, Rita, Galveston McGee, Jacquelyn Anne, Austin McNeil, Margaret Ann, Silsbee McWhorter, Evelyne Louise, Port Arthur MacVean, Peggy, Mercedes Martin, Janet B., Mt. Pleasant Milton, Joyce, Austin Moore, Phyllis Elizabeth, Dallas Moss, Ross, Waxahachie PACE 464 JUNIORS Navratil, Frances Ann, Brenham Nowell, Ben Earl, Corsicana Oden, Martha Ann, Waco Perkins, Marylyn, Rusk Pirtle, Norma Anne, Pampa Plyler, Norma Alice, Corsicana Poncik, Mary Frances, Rogers Price, Maurice G., Austin Raimond, Betty Cleo, Harlingen Ramsaur, Jo Jane, Marshall Rankin, Ann, Houston Riker, Janet L., Austin Rufner, Wanda Marie, Fort Worth Rugeley, Cordelia Catherine, Austin Scaief, Jane E., San Benito Schroeder, Martha Lou, Sinton Schultz, Alise, San Antonio Scott, Mary Martha, Jewett Sefton, Patricia Jean, Pasadena Shaw, Rose June, Raymondvillc Sloan, Dana J., Dallas Sparks, Cathleen Lyra, Taft Stembridge, James Lewis, Gilmer Stewart, Frances B., Houston Stewart, Mary Faye, Corpus Christi Sweatman, Diane, Fort Worth Tannehill, Helen B., Dallas Tipton, Agnes Elizabeth, Brownsville Venable, Valeria Frances, Temple Webb, D. Joan, Fort Worth Wilkins, Ronald A., Dallas Wright, R. Lorelle, Kerrville SOPHOMORES Anderson, Bettye Alden, San Antonio Ayoub, Mary Francine, Brownsville Baker, Marilyn Janice, Shreveport, La. Barstow, Janice Ruth, Houston Blades, Bonnie Lynnette, Houston Blank, Elizabeth Louise, Mesilla Park, N. Mex. Cauthen, Carolyn, Temple Chamberlain, Alice Marie, Laredo Collier, Margaret E., Jasper Couvillion, Nancy Jane, Orange Cox, Carolyn Ann, Fort Worth Cox, Patricia A., Beeville Davidson, Pauline Evon, Houston Derrick, George Erwin, Austin Dorset, Carolyn Bird, Sherman Duncan, Kathleen Elizabeth, Galveston Edmundson, Mary Lou, Houston . Ehlers, Jo Ann, New Braunfels Flinn, E. Jane, Cameron Frick, Ross T., Floresville Garner, Marion C., Dickinson Garrett, Sally Hamlin, Corpus Christi Gartner, Jeneane M., Houston Ginsberg, Joe, Tyler Gosalvez, Carmen, Falfurrias Gremillion, Barbara Margaret, Austin PAOE 465 SOPHOMORES Guest, Ann Katherine, Fort Worth Guy, Sue Ann, Kirbyville Hall, Bill R., Omaha Hanna, John P., Breckenridge Hardy, Mavis Lee, Houston Harrison, Betty Ann, Wharton Hogan, Anne Houston, Houston Hyltin, Jo Ann, Austin Kellerman, Francine Veda, Mercedes Keller, Barbara Ann, El Paso Kevan, Noreen N., Houston Knight, Peggy Martha, San Antonio Koppen, Doris Louise, Fort Worth Labaj , Dorothy Ann, Granger Latham, Jo Ann, Port Arthur Levine, Charlene A., Wichita Falls Litman, Lois Helen, Kansas City, Mo. McAfee, Madeleine May, Mercedes McCarthy, June, Houston McCarty, M. Sue, Corpus Christi McKnight, Kay, Yoakum Manganiello, Louis Patrick, Jersey City, N. J. Martin, Patricia A., San Antonio Masterson, Clare Elizabeth, Houston Minor, Joe Don, Tahoka Mitchell, Nita, Austin Mosley, Marilyn, Fort Worth Nichols, Virginia (Gina), Robstown Gates, Betty M., Haskell Pace, Donna M., Greenville Pryor, Patricia Joyce, Midland Reed, Trina Beth, Sterling City Roberts, Caroline, Lufkin Roberts, Shirley Paulette, San Antonio Robinett, Leslie Ann, Fort Worth Rogers, Sue Agnes, Houston Rollins, Yvonne, Houston Seitz, James Durwood, Harwood Shaner, Phyllis J., Houston Shepherd, Marjorie, Houston Shipman, Diane, Austin Shotts, Anabel, Fort Worth Sloan, Joanne, Dallas Smith, Nina M., Sonora Sprong, Cordelia Jane, Houston Stephens, Lotha Ann, Houston Stillwagon, Jo Ann, Houston Taylor, Jean Elise, San Antonio Thomas, Katherine Diane, Denison Torn, Patricia Ann, Tayor Trevino, Dorothy Bertha, Laredo Ungerer, Billie Grace, Flatonia Welsh, Nancy Collier, Houston Whitson, Marilyn Irene, Fort Worth Williams, Ann Willson, Houston Williams, Matilda Clare, Houston Williams, Gladys Janelle, New Braunfels Wise, Marie Antoinette, Austin Woodham, Jo Ann, Houston Young, Mary Cathryn, San Antonio fcfcn.1 0, PAOE 466 FRESHMEN Alberts, Betty Lou, San Antonio Anderson, Myrtle Ann, Conroe Await, Grace Elizabeth, Dallas Baccus, Earlane, Dallas Barker, Patricia Sue, Crystal City Baum, Lorita, McAdoo Beard, Barbara Jo Ann, Austin Berry, Barbara Ann, Houston Bickley, Laura Allyne, San Antonio Blake, Betty, Groesbeck Bradner, Janie A., Galveston Bringolf, Joan B., Houston Burkett, Bobby June, Austin Burks, Mary Sue, Austin Caldwell, Angela Bernice, Houston Cameron, Donna Jeannine, Meridian Cheavens, Ann, Dallas Cline, Barbara J., Austin Cohn, Pauline, Port Arthur Collette, Ann, Houston Curtis, Norma Jean, Aransas Pass Damon, Ann, Bartlesville, Okla. Danziger, Nancy B., Corpus Christ! Downer, Jo Ann, Stinnett Durrenberger, Dorothy J., Houston Eckert, Travis Allen, Austin Elkin, Betty Bertine, Austin Elkins, A. Jane, Austin Geller, Golda Claire, Houston Goodman, Nathlee Jean, San Antonio Graham, Marilyn Butler, Galveston Graves, Katheryne Lee, Columbus Gray, Betty L., Houston Guerrero, Lielia (Lee), San Antonio Haskew, Rosemari, Austin Hendelman, Ruth Cecille, Fort Worth Hollowell, Nancy Jean, Houston Hubbard, Frances Marilyn, Ozona Ives, Peggy Jean, Houston Jackson, Jean, Groesbeck Jackson, Jo Anne, Orange Joseph, Diana Lee, Austin Kanter, Shirley Elaine, Harlingen Kelly, Betty Lou, Kerrville Kerr, Barbara Jean, San Angelo Koether, Welma Emily, Elgin Krakower, Renee, Houston Lanier, Joline, Crowell Lehman, Diane, Houston Levy, Marian J., San Antonio PAGE 467 FRESHMEN Lindgren, Helen Genevieve, LaGrange, 111. Linegar, Diann R., San Antonio Long, Shirley M., Austin Mackic, Gayle, Houston Matthews, Opal Jacqueliene, Cleveland Medford, Jo Alia, Austin Mindes, Gloria Elaine, San Antonio Moore, Carolyn Ann, Houston Mottley, Carol, Houston Moxon, Mary Ann, Port Arthur Oliphint, Jorga B., Houston Patrick, Ann L., Mt. Pleasant Pena, Albar A., Falfurrias Poetter, Dianne V., Yorktown Pollock, Jo Ann, Houston Rachofsky, Helen, Dallas Rhodes, Benjamin T., Jr., Cranfills Gap Robinson, Anna Ruth, Minneapolis, Minn. Rochester, Oulda Jane, Austin Roebuck, Evelyn Deane, Graham Ross, Dorothy Louise, Dallas Ross, James Raye, Rockwall Rowe, Linda Ruth, Beaumont Rugeley, Joan Dee, Austin Schulze, Shirley, Corpus Christi Scott, Catherine Enell, Huffman Senter, Hildene Rowena, Houston Smith, Carmen Gladys, Carrizo Springs Smith, Joan Lynn, Corpus Christi Smith, Natalie, Richmond Stanford, Betty Carolyn, Livingston Swales, Sharon L., San Antonio Talley, Florence Ellen (Lynn), Dallas Tiner, Susan Lane, San Antonio Todd, Chloma Clarice, Brady Tolbert, Jerry L., Lufkin Tutt, Ernestelle Kay, Dallas Walker, Johana, Pasadena Watson, Marietta Collier, Tyler Williams, Helen Rose, Marshall Wilson, Sarah Elizabeth (Betty), Bellville Woods, Bette C., Austin York, Jane Michaux, Houston Zobal, Vlasta Louise, Catarina PAGE 468 PI LAMBDA THETA HONORARY EDUCATION FRATERNITY Founded: University of Missouri, 1912 Psi Chapter, 1926 Joyce Beriftrook Thelrna A. Bollman Mary Evelynn Buice Frances IrL Crawford Eva G. Currie Carol Engebfetson Pauline Fertsch f jjfen Flinn Evelyn M. Foster Mary Charlotte Ale: Elizabeth B. Amidon Adelene Ross Baletka Katheryn Marie Ball jpmary Bang lice Boswett [elen Boysen Bessie Lindell Brown Frances Buchanan Theresa Carrell Bertha Florence Casey ary Josephine Case nora A. Cawthon Margaret E. Chapman Beatrix Cobb Peggy Powell Letha A. " CJonradt Katherine Ann Cook Geneva Corder Mary Dowdy Corder 11 J . Nina T!ovingtor Carolyn Cramer Lois Hughes Dimmick K. Irene Dixon Ruth Jewell Dunn Norma Nell Faubion ' u:i -President . Con i ponding Secretary Sfftetarv M. X Dorothy Virginia Noll CM. iffh Peck ilk- lone Pettey Spears Florence Elizabeth S Elizabeth Tar i )orothy Gebauer Irene K. I lealv Man- S. Kirkpatiii ' k Cora Metfirhann Martin Doris Meyer Sallie Beth Moore Marie Betzner Ethel Umstat i . L | Marie Hao f Me j- Lola CatSerin anger ranc Alma Catonn Clark Gill athleen Glaze Jewell Pollick New Ada Maude Owi Ldia Edith Parker argaret Holm G Stillman II ( ' la i ice Ann Haisc ' illie Anna Haitscll Irene Haskel Charlotte Heyman I )ora Hieks Madln Pollan Ella V. Quasi Babbie Russell Clarice Sargent Ida F. Schlick Lenor Shuford fjMary Margie Simms ' JL Helen E Hill " tyTotFlfillmaP- Jo Ann James Mary Granger James Helen Murras J jfanson ' Natalie Warner Jones Ruth Rhodes Joseph Gladys Lowther Kantz Helen " !!: Koch Ella Wilson Lanier Etelka Schmidt Lynn Mildred Pickle Mayhall Esther McClung Lucy Cafrigan Simpson PhHlipa Brady Stevens Janette Ray Stinsori Emily L. Summers Margaret A. Swickheimer Joanne M. Taylor Edith Huck Turner Mary McMuiphy Vaughan - Julia Lillian Vivian Maude Maddox Walling Mar : Julia iWtetsgp-p,.., Heinardine Willinghani Sara ea er Woolrich PAGE -169 ASSOCIATION OF CHILDHOOD EDUCATION t Fron Rom: Liles, Poncik, Schroeder, Smith, Dondlinger, Feit, Rugeley, Daye, Rankin, Parker, Moore. Second Row: Baker, Raimond, Bride, Banner, Henry, Rachofsky, Tisdale, Fleming, J. Dunn, Jenkins, Russell, Striegler. Third Row: Wilde, Schmidt, Tipton, Cunningham, Carlson, Fender, Reynolds, Akin. Lantrip, Sansing, Gilbreath, Kearney. OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Sponsors SUE SCHROEDER CAROLYN JORDON BETTY JEAN LANGFORD JEANNINE MC VHORTER (CORA M. MARTIN PHYLLIS RICHARDS MEMBERS Wanda Phillips Akin Virginia Ruth Baker Barbara Jean Banner Shirley Mae Bazar Joan Becker Elise J. Bilhartz Carolyn Amelia Blasdel Mary Virginia Bodden Betty Jane Brady- Mary Rose Brady G. Jean Bride Bette Anne Brown Margareuite Capps Barbara Ann Carlson Phoebe Jane Cunningham Lillian Daniels Pauline Evon Davidson Carolyn Jordan Daye Joan Dickson Donna Lou Dondlinger Lurline Hughes Douglas Janet Dunn Patricia Cecile Dunn Jo Ann Ehlers Lena Ann Fariss Patricia Ruth Faulk Louis Feit Dorothy Jean Fender Patsy Ann Fleming W. Felicia Fuller Lesta Ann Gilbreath Mary Arline Goldman Patsy Ruth Harris Betty Ann Harrison Berta Harvey Ruth Cecille Hendelman Mary Frances Henry Mary Ruth Jenkins Joan B. Kaufman Mary Catherine Kearney Sammye Ann Kuhn Betty Jean Langford Peggy Joyce Lantrip Jeanne Marie Laird Caroline Louise Letterman Ann Jane Leur Nina Beth Liles Jo Ann McClancy Byrna Jean McCormick Jeannine McWhorter Elizabeth Anne Maust Evelyn Moore Norma Lee Murphy Doris Jean Nunelee Mae Ellen Oates Margie Lee Olle Lila Anne Parker Dorothea Irene Passios Mary Frances Poncik Helen Rachofsky Betty Cleo Raimond Ann Rankin Ann Louise Red Jo Ann Reynolds Joan Dee Rugeley Bobbie C. Russell Carolyn Sansing Dolores Antonie Schmidt Sue Schroeder Natalie Smith Barbara Elizabeth Striegler Mary E. Tabb Susan Lane Tiner Agnes Elizabeth Tipton Lois Lynette Tisdale Minerva Townsend Margaret Elizabeth Wilde Martha Ann Wright A national organization open to child development majors, elementary education majors, and those interested in children, the ASSO- CIATION OF CHILDHOOD EDUCATION meets to discuss problems of child education, and hear lectures pertaining to this. PAGE 470 E N G I N E E R I N G FADE 471 WILLIS RAYMOND WOOLRICH Dean, College of Engineering Dean Woolrich, professor of chemical engineer- ing, teaches a number of foreign students in his classes. He is director of the Bureau of Engineering Research. The Dean, father of four sons and two daughters of whom he is quite proud, is the author of three books and many bulletins. He is a fellow in ASME and holds membership in several hon- oraries. His favorite hobbies include mountain climbing, hiking, and reading. MILTON JOHN THOMPSON Dr. Thompson, professor of aeronautics, served as aerodynamic consultant on the development of many outstanding airplanes including the Lockheed and Electra. Under the sponsorship of the Office of Scientific Research and Development at Johns Hopkins University, he directed wind tunnel work on a project in applied physics. Dr. Thompson is on the staff of the University Defense Research Laboratory. FORREST K. PENCE Mr. Pence, Director of Ceramic Research, assisted in the establishment of that department in 1945. Most of the courses he instructs are of graduate level. The director, extension secretary of the Ceramic Society in the Southwest, enjoys hunting and fishing in his leisure time. GERALD BRANDA and GERALD W. WAHL- FORD (pictured below) are responsible for repre- senting the interests of the College of Engineering, in the meetings of the Student Assembly. WILLIAM A. CUNNINGHAM Dr. Cummingham has taught all the courses in the department of Chemical Engineering, but his favorite is " unit operation. " After doing both gradu- ate and undergraduate work at the University, he spent eight years in industry before he returned in 1941 to accept a position on the faculty. Dr. Cun- ningham ' s main interests center around the students and their extra-curricular activities. PAOK 472 JOHN ! . JOHN ARNOLD FOCHT Assistant Dean Focht is the faculty advisor of ASCE and Chi Epsilon and is a member of Tau Beta Pi and Sigma Xi. He was born and reared in Sweet- water and did undergraduate and graduate work at the University. Mr. Focht served with the Army Engineers during World War 1, and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. The assistant dean, the father of a strictly University family, enjoys photography and square dancing in his spare time. Engineering students learn to apply their classroom knowledge by survey- ing the University campus. WALTER HIRAM McNEILL Mr. McNeill, a native Texan who received his education at the Univer- sity, resigned from the faculty May 1, 1 95 1 , because of ill health. He is author of several books and acted as the direc- tor of the V-12 program at the Uni- versity during the war. Chairman of the Department of Drawing, the pro- fessor has two daughters enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences. Mr. McNeill has always been a favorite in- structor among his students. BURNS NEWMAN GAFFORD Mr. GafFord, professor of electrical engineering, served as a consultant with the electrical division of the City of Austin before his appointment to the faculty. At the present, he is direc- tor of the Department of Electrical En- gineering. VENTON LEVY DOUGHTIE Mr. Doughtie, professor of mechani- cal engineering, received his education from The University of Texas, Rice Institute, and Johns Hopkins Univer- sity. Before joining the staff of the University, he was on the faculty at the Texas Technological College at Lubbock. He is the author of the sixth revision of Elements of Mechanism, a book which was translated from Eng- lish to Spanish in 1949. PAGE 473 SENIORS t ALLEN, LOY FOWLER, Austin Petroleum Engineering APPLE, CLARENCE L., Wichita Falls Mechanical Engineering, KA, ASME, Ramshorn ARMISTEAD, JOHN MILTON, Longview Chemical Engineering, AIChE, MICA, Nimrods, Northeast Texas Club ARNOLD, DONALD RAY, Carey Petroleum Engineering, AIME AYRES, JOE ARTHUR, Fort Worth Architectural Engineering, TBII, XE, AAAE BAKER, JOHN D., Great Falls, Montana Petroleum Engineering, ir ' , AIME BALDWIN, CLARENCE JONES, JR., San Antonio Electrical Engineering. HKX, TBII, H, A f B, AIEE, Army ROTC, Wesley Foundation BANNER, WILLIAM EARL, El Paso Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Ramshorn BARBEE, CHARLES A., Gunter Petroleum Engineering, Mariners. NROTC, AIME, Ramshorn, Scabbard and Blade BARTHOLOMEW, WILLIAM F., JR., Gamboa, Canal Zone Mechanical Engineering. UTS, ASME, MICA, Ramshorn BEHN, EUGENE A., Beaumont Chemical Engineering. AIChE, Southeast Texas Club BEHN, ROBERT A., Beaumont Chemical Engineering. AIChE, Southeast Texas Club BELZER JOHN HENRY, Bryson Electrical Engineering. AIEE BIAR, RICHARD T., Dallas Architectural Engineering, FA, AAAE BLACK, ERNEST L., McAllen Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS, MICA BLACK, GEORGE W., Giddings Civil Engineering, ASCE, Square and Compass Club BOSTON, LYNN D., San Antonio Electrical Engineering, HKN, TBII, AIEE BOURY, COSTANDY NICOLA, Jaffa, Palestine Mechanical Engineering, HTS, TBII, Hi:, ASME, TLOK, Arab Students ' Association BOYNTON, JAMES DOUGLAS, Mineola Petroleum Engineering, AIME BREWER, ROBERT PAINE, III, San Antonio Petroleum Engineering, t A0 BRIDGES, GEORGE RAYMOND, Pilot Point Mechanical Engineering, ASME, ASHVE BROWN, HUBERT LEON, Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering, K2 BROYLES, VERNON C., Port Arthur Mechanical Engineering. ASME BURNHAM, HERMAN R., Austin Architectural Engineering, AAAE BUTLER, GEORGE TILTON, III, Houston Mechanical Engineering, ASME. MICA, Houston Club BYERLEY, LEON GEDDIS, JR., Midland Petroleum Engineering. IX, AIME CABANISS, REX C., Three Rivers Petroleum Engineering, AIME. Ramshorn CAMPBELL, BOB D., Mission Architectural Engineering, TBII, XE, AAAE CARLISLE, S. KATHERINE, Jewett Chemical Engineering, ASH, AAP, AIChE, Women ' s Badge of Tau Beta Pi CHATAS, ANGELOS THOMAS, Chicago, 111. Petroleum Engineering, TBII, 21 ' E, HE, Ramshorn, AIME COBB, FRANK DREW, Marlin Civil Engineering, ASCE, Ramshorn CONVIS, CHARLES LESTER, Lansford, N. Dak. Civil Engineering, 1 KT. ASCE, AAAE COONS, WILLIAM RAY, JR., Victoria Chemical Engineering. AIChE. NROTC. Newman Club, Mariners Club COVINGTON, MARTIN BRYAN, JR., Mathis Electrical Engineering. HKN, TBII, AIEE, IRE CROCKETT, GENE SHOWERS, Dallas Ceramic Engineering, KK , Longhorn Band. American Ceramic Society, Dallas Club. Camera Club, Wesley Foundation PAGE 474 SENIORS DAVIS, CHARLES EDWARD, Center Mechanical Engineering, TBII, IITS, ASME DAVIS, JAMES EARL, Port Arthur Electrical Engineering, AIEE, Southeast Texas Club DECKER, CHARLES EDWARD, JR., San Antonio Petroleum Engineering, KX, AIME, Army ROTC DISMUKES, FRANK N., Port Arthur Electrical Engineering, AIEE DOBIE, RAFORD NEVILLE, Cotulla Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Ramshorn EISSLER, VICTOR CARL, Yoakum Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Ramshorn ELLIS, GEORGE ROBERT, Tulsa, Okla. Petroleum Engineering, TBII, 21% AIME, Ramshorn ELLISON, JAMES R., Silsbee Chemical Engineering, AIChE ENGLISH, BERRY R., San Antonio Civil Engineering, ASCE. Ramshorn, San Antonio Club EPPES, BILL G., Lubbock Architectural Engineering, AAAE, NROTC, Mariners EVANS, ROBERT EARLE, Austin Architectural Engineering, AAAE IFABER, HENRY VALENTINE, JR., Beaumont Mechanical Engineering, ATA. ASME, Mariners FISH, JOHN WARREN, JR., Beaumont Chemical Engineering, AIChE, MICA, Southeast Texas Club FLOWERS, DELBERT E., Austin Electrical Engineering, MICA, AIEE GASK1N, HERBERT LEE, JR., Austin Civil Engineering, A4 fi, iHS, ASCE, Mariners, Freshman Fellowship GILLETTE, WAYNE LESLIE, JR., New Braunfels Mechanical Engineering, ASME, MICA, Wesley Foundation GLOYNA, ROBERT R., Kress Civil Engineering. FA, XE, ASCE GOODMAN, JACK C., Austin Civil Engineering, Acacia, ASCE, Ramshorn GOODWIN, LAWRENCE WILLIAM, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, TBH, HKN, HS, AIEE GUINN, DAVID CRITTENDEN, Beaumont Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Tejas Club, Theleme GUNKEL, WALTER A., San Antonio Electrical Engineering, AIEE GUNTER, RANDOLPH WADE, Amarillo Chemical Engineering, AIChE, MICA HALBERT, FRANKLIN JOHN, Austin Electrical Engineering, E, ' HS HALEY, RAY, Pharr Architectural Engineering, AAAE HAMANDI, MAHMOOD A., Baghdad, Iraq Architectural Engineering. AAAE, Arab Students ' Association HAMMAN, GLENN E., Port Arthur Architectural Engineering. 6H, XI!, AAAE, ASCE HARRINGTON, WILEY E., Austin Civil Engineering, ASCE HARRIS, ROBERT SMITH, Dallas Architectural Engineering. Civil Engineering, AAAE, ASCE HARRISON, BILLY ORWOOD, Dallas Electrical Engineering HENRY, ARTHUR J., Beeville Petroleum Engineering. AIME. Ramshorn HENRY, WESLEY BERT, Rockdale Electrical Engineering, HS, TBII. AIEE HERVEY FRANK, JR., Tulsa, Okla. Civil Engineering. f I ' A, NROTC HINES, EDWARD LEE, San Benito Civil Engineering, Tejas Club. A !!, ASCE, NROTC, Mariners HOLLINGSWORTH. FRANK HERMAN, Pleasanton Petroleum Engineering, AIME HOLMGREEN, SHIRLEY ANN, Bryan Aeronautical Engineering, AT, AAA, AAT, lAeS Co-Ed Assembly PACE 475 SENIORS HORNBACK, CLYDE V., Humble Petroleum Engineering, AIME HOWERTON, LLOYD F., Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Ramshorn HOWERTON, PERRY SAMUEL, Austin Mechanical Engineering, IIT1, ASME, Ramshorn HUGHES, GUY WARREN, San Antonio Civil Engineering, tA9 HUGHES, JIMMIE RAY, Rotan Electrical Engineering, TBIT, HKN, AIEE INNIS, ROBERT TERRANCE, Port Lavaca Mechanical Engineering, ASHVE JACOBSEN, ROBERT DONALD, Omaha, Nebr. Aeronautical Engineering, 6X, UTS. lAeS JOHNSON, JAMES WILLIAM, Beaumont Electrical Engineering, 9Z, AIEE, Southeast Texas Club JONES, ROBERT CLARKE, San Antonio Civil Engineering, J KZ KING, WILLIAM ROBERT, Harlingcn Architectural Engineering, AAAE, Glee Club KLEIN, ARTHUR J JR., Beaumont Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Newman Club KLEVAR, MELVIN FRANCIS, Angleton Mechanical Engineering, ASME, ASHVE KUYKENDALL, GIL, Kyle Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Varsity Golf LYNCH, JOHN SHAW, Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, IRE McBRYDE, OLIVER C., JR., Fremont Petroleum Engineering, AIME McCOWN, FREDERIC PORTER, Austin Petroleum Engineering, AKE, TBII, IPE, HZ, AIME NROTC, Mariners MCDONALD, ALVA GOSS, Dallas Mechanical Engineering McGUILL, BERNARD E., JR., Refugio Arc hitectural Engineering MCLAUGHLIN, SIDNEY JOE, Pasadena Chemical Engineering Q McQUOWN, ALBERT N., JR., Austin Electrical Engineering, KS. A l ), H2. HKX, TBH, Mariners MACK, JOHN GUSTAV, Austin Electrical Engineering, AIEE MARTIN, FRANK H., Nocona Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Southwestern Geological Society, Wesley Foundation MARTIN, VAN RAY, San Angelo Electrical Engineering. Tejas Club, AIEE MASON, RUEL JAMES, Vernon Electrical Engineering, IRE, MICA MERRITT WILLIAM MOORE, JR., Houston Aeronautical Engineering, ASME, lAeS MILLER, MARTIN LEONARD, San Antonio Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS, MICA MILLS, JOHN W., San Angelo Civil Engineering MITCHELL, ALBERT C., Austin Civil Engineering, AX . ASCE, NROTC, Silver Spur, Scabbard and Blade, Mariners, Leadership Award. Commodore Perry Award MITCHELL, HARRY L., Olney Petroleum Engineering, Acacia, AIME MITCHELL, ORAN W., Crane Petroleum Engineering, Acacia, AIME MOON, ALBERT EDWARD, El Paso Electrical Engineering, AXA, TBII, H1, AIEE MOORE, W. C., Fort Worth Civil Engineering, ASCE MOUNTZ, WILLIAM JOSEPH, JR., Pharr Architectural Engineering, AAAE NELSON, ELIJAH MORRIS, Amarillo Aeronautical Engineering, Acacia, lAeS, A Cappella Choir NEWMAN, A. ORIN, JR., Brownwood Chemical Engineering, AE , OXE, KK , TBII, AIChE. Wesley Foundation, Longhorn Band PAGE 476 SENIORS NEUMANN, JAMES A., San Antonio Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Newman Club NICKERSON, JAMES K., Naco, Ariz. Chemical Engineering O ' HARA, JAMES C., Princeton, Ky. Aeronautical Engineering, 9X, IIT1, TBII, lAeS OPIELA, ALEXANDER DAVID, JR., Falls City Electrical Engineering, HS, HKX, TBII, AIEE OPPENHEIM, JEROME E., Coldwater, Ohio Mechanical Engineering, KS, ASHVE, ASME OPPENHEIM, THOMAS N., Coldwater, Ohio Civil Engineering, f KE, ASHVE, ASCE, Newman Club PEEL, HOSEA BRYAN, Hearne Mechanical Engineering, KA PELTIER, AL EUGENE, Danbury Petroleum Engineering, 4 K1, AIME PERKINS, THOMAS CAMPBELL, Port Arthur Mechanical Engineering, Tejas, TBII, UTS, ASME, BSU, Ramshorn PETERS, JAMES ALVIN, Roanoke, Va. Aeronautical Engineering, AT, Mariners, Navy Rifle Team, Deep South Club PETERSON, HERBERT EDWARD, Alamo Architectural Engineering, Tejas, EIE, AAAE, ASCE, Silver Spurs, Ramshorn PHELPS, ALEX ELLIOTT, JR., Houston Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Ramshorn PHENIX, JOHN RUSSELL, Houston Architectural Engineering, KKM ' , AAAE PHILLIPS, COLEMAN LEE, Fort Worth Architectural Engineering, XE, ASCE, AAAE PICKLE, JACK RICHARD, Tyler Chemical Engineering, A S, AFROTC, MICA, AIChE PIEPER, CLIFTON HOWARD, San Antonio Architectural Engineering, I KT, AAAE PITCHER, LORIN S., Austin Civil Engineering, AXA, ASCE POWELL, PAUL CLAY, Austin Civil Engineering, X$, ASCE QUERY, WRAY H., Waco Architectural Engineering, KA QUINN, J. LESTER, Woodsboro Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Assembly, Student-Faculty Cabinet, Orange Wings, Distinguished Military Student, AFROTC, Rangers, Rifle Team, Scabbard and Blade, Theleme, MICA, Arnold Air Society RANDALL, MILTON DUDLEY, Austin Civil Engineering, TBH, XE, ASCE, Scabbard and Blade RHODES, HARRY LLOYD, Port Arthur Mechanical Engineering RICHARDSON, EDWARD MILTON, Snyder Architectural Engineering, AAAE, ASCE ROBERTSON, GENE RAY, Gainesville Architectural Engineering, YMCA RUSSELL, JOHN LYNN, JR., El Campo Electrical Engineering, KA, J HE, TBII, AIEE SANDERS, OLIVER LEROY, Taft Petroleum Engineering SAWYER, FLOYD D., Bullard Petroleum Engineering, AIME SCHELL WILLIAM H., Abilene Petroleum Engineering, K x k, AIME SCOTT, ROBERT WAYNE, Edna Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Ramshorn SEELHORST, ERNEST HENRY, Brenham Architectural Engineering, TBII, XE, AAAE SEIDEL, HERBERT ARTHUR, JR., Abilene Petroleum Engineering, 93;, AIME, Ramshorn SEVERIN, JOHN A., San Antonio Electrical Engineering, AIEE SEYMOUR, WILLIAM C., Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, AIEE, Glee Club SHOPTAW, GLEN H., Kingsville Chemical Engineering, I ' M. SIVLEY, RAY GROGAN, Austin Architectural Engineering. AAAE. Longhorn Band, MICA, Ramshorn PACE 477 SENIORS -J vHi SMELSER, R. AUBREY, Austin Architectural Engineering, AAAE, BSU SMITH, GORDON K., Dallas Petroleum Engineering, AIME SMITH, HOWARD LEONARD, JR., Alamo Civil Engineering, TBTI, XE, ASCE, Swing and Turn STEIN, GEORGE, Cochabamba, Bolivia Civil Engineering, HI, XE, MICA, ASCE, World Relatedness Commission, Latin-American Union STEPHENSON, JOHN WAYNE, Houston Petroleum Engineering, A4 S2, AIME, Ramshorn, Houston Club STRACHN, JESSE EUGENE, Beaumont Electrical Engineering, AIEE, Southeast Texas Club, BSU STRAW, HENRY F., Gatesville Petroleum Engineering, KK " 4% AIME, Ramshorn, Longhorn Band STUART, WALKER LIDELL, JR., Freeport Mechanical Engineering, 4 KT, ASME SUTTON, JAMES L., El Paso Architectural Engineering, XK, AAAE, ASCE, Scabbard and Blade TAYLOR, CLINTON L., Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME, lAeS THETFORD, W. CONWAY, Fort Worth Civil Engineering, ASCE, Ramshorn TOTAH, ANEESE, Palestine Mechanical Engineering, TBIIJITS, MICA, ASME, Ramshorn TRAVIS, LON W., San Antonio Civil Engineering, ASCE, AAAE TUTTLE, GEORGE A., San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ASME, MICA. Mariners, Ramshorn, San Antonio Club UPDEGROVE, ROBERT C., Gregory Chemical Engineering, AIChE, MICA, Ramshorn VAN DELDEN, THEODORE COLE, San Antonio Civil Engineering, TKE, ASCE VERTREES, RALPH W., Midland Petroleum Engineering, AIME, West Texas Club, Armed Forces Association VON ROSENBERG, CHARLES ERNEST, Austin Electrical Engineering, HKN, TBII, IRE, Westminster Student Fellowship WALKER, GERALD W., Beaumont Aeronautical Engineering, MICA, lAeS, Ramshorn WATSON, KIMBALL STUART, Mt. Carmel, 111. Petroleum Engineering, 2AE, Cowboys WESTKAEMPER, ROBERT M., San Antonio Electrical Engineering, AIEE, Ramshorn, San Antonio Club WHITE, CHARLES D., Port Neches Petroleum Engineering, AXA, AIME WHITE, WILLIAM THOMAS, Dallas Architectural Engineering, XE, ASCE, AAAE WHITFIELD, JOHN WAYLAND, Dublin Electrical Engineering, AIEE, IRE WHITLEY, JAMES FLOYD, JR., Laneville Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Wesley Foundation WILLIAMS, DONALD EARLE, Big Spring Petroleum Engineering WILLIAMS, EARLE A., JR., Austin Mechanical Engineering WILLIG, BILLY W., San Angelo Mechanical Engineering, 2K, ASME, ASHVE WINANS, LIONEL L., Brownsville Architectural Engineering, AAAE WOOD, ROBERT HAYDEN, Harlingen Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS, MICA YEAGER, WILBUR ARTHUR, JR., Midland Petroleum Engineering, X, TBII, AIME, West Texas Club YOUNG, ROLLAND RAY, Raymondville Petroleum Engineering, MICA, AIME, Rio Grande Valley Club YOUNGBLOOD, GENE MARVIN, Fort Worth Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Texas Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Army ROTC ZIEHE, ROBERT CARL, Taylor Architectural Engineering, XK, ASCE, AAAE, Lutheran Student Association PAGE 478 JUNIORS Al-Himyary, Jafar S. H., Baghdad, Iraq Arterburn, Harold Eugene, Fort Worth Babitzke, Ernest H., Canadian Baldwin, Jessie E., Austin Bale, Richard Howard, Fort Worth Biggs, James Kenner, Jr., Boling Boyce, Thomas Herbert, Donna Boyle, William G., Mission Brown, Royce N., Fredericksburg Bryson, James Gordon, Greenville Burks, John Clint, Austin Byars, Harry G., Fort Worth Cardiff, Hal V., Katy Carnell, Robert Edward, Bellaire Clark, John B., Greenville Clonts, Ken E., Knox City Coles, Roy Davis, Jr., Colorado City Craig, Charles E., Houston Cruce, Charles P., Mission Davis, John Powell, Marquez Davis, Terrence Edward, Port Arthur Delgadillo, Jose Luis, El Paso Dennis, Tom L., Port Arthur Durkee, Robert R., Houston Emge, Leonard Edward, San Antonio Eschenburg, Robert Lee, II, Floresville Farrar, S. Dickey, Fort Worth Fouts, Thomas R., Fort Worth Fowler, George Tee, Longview Froneberger, James Claude, Sulphur Springs Gant, Robert Stanley, Port Arthur Gilmore, Willis H., Jr., Midland Goad, Billy G., Greenville Goad, Montie R., Greenville Goldsmith, Clifford Ray, Dallas Gordon, Donald G., Longview Gregory, Robert Kirk, McCamey Halsell, Charles Maness, San Antonio Harris, Charles P., Tunica, Miss. Harrison, Vernon E., Giddings Helland, Richard Erling, San Antonio Hilmi, Abdul Karim, Basrah, Iraq Hodges, Bobby Wayne, Stonewall Hughes, William Chesley, Austin Ingram, Jack William, Jr., Arlington Jackson, Billy Monroe, Fort Worth Johnson, Edward Earl, Sweeny Johnston, Dickie C., Corpus Christ! Jones, Howell A. (Jack), Jr., Corsicana Kelly, Jerrold J., Rock Rapids, Iowa Kercheville, Jim D., Del Rio Knoerr, Albert Copeland, Tatum Kotzebue, Robert William, Jr., San Antonio Lacy, John Edward, Comanche Lehmann, John Roger, Lexington, 111. Lichty, Albert Henry, Houston Maechel, Gene E., Poth Mahaffey, C. Joe, Fort Worth Malone, Richard A., Corpus Christi Marlow, Bernard A., Jr., San Antonio Mills, William Charles, Austin Miraglia, Michael Bruce, Geneva, 111. Montfort, Kenneth Lee, Graham Munir, Isam A. R., Baghdad, Iraq Murphy, Leo, Jr., Tyler PACE 479 JUNIORS Murrell, Tipton M., Crane Nagel, Dave D., Round Top Oeffinger, William Henry, San Antonio Ortolon, Arthur Pitts, Longview Payne, Robert Howard, Grand Saline Perner, Raymond F., San Antonio Plunkett, H. Connely, Mexico, Mo. Popken, Tommy J., Fort Worth Poteet, William S., Orange Powers, Don Warren, Abilene Rangel, Eliseo, Jr., Brownsville Robertson, Gilbert E., Dallas Saffold, Albert T., El Paso Schmidt, Charles Harvey, Amarillo Schwobel, Leonard, Austin Scott, Oswald V., Jr., Wichita Falls Selig, Irwin I., Jamaica, N. Y. Shaneman, Victor C., Austin Sharpe, Dan Thomas, Hender son Sharpless, Harry R., Jr., Port Arthur Sparks, Cecil Ray, San Antonio Stelly, Edward James, Port Arthur Tannos, Joseph Thomas, Lockhart Tedford, Walter E., San Antonio Templeton, Stuart Edward, San Angelo Thompson, Charles Ernest, Edinburg Tidwell, Roy E., Nacogdoches Turnham, Robert C., Freer Van Winkle, Roy Lawayne, Childress Walker, Jack Wesley, Graham Warmack, Wallace Owen, Texarkana Weaver, Eldrige V., Tulsa, Okla. Westbrook, Lloyd E., Jr., San Antonio Wheeler, William Thomas, Jr., Fort Worth Wilkins, Billy H., Corpus Christi Willman, Joe Frank, Brownsville Wilson, Augustus Burleson, Jr., Mexia Wilson, Wynant Stone, Dallas Woodall, Frank Thomas, Pasadena Yousif, Zaghlool Yacoub, Bagdad, Iraq FT,Ijd On HalUmDM. J-VH.J- SOPHOMORES Anderson, Ralph Dewitt, Waxahachie Barker, Donald R., Austin Brieger, Donald Richmond, Taylor Brown, Jimmy Baldwin, Tonaha Burns, Ben Morgan, Goliad Byrd, William Martin, San Antonio Calale, Richard John, Homer, N. Y. Chandler, Huel Homer, Jr., Port Arthur Cooksey, James Maxwell, Mullin Crisp, Bill Albert, Jr., Brown wood Doering, Harold Gene, Dallas Duncan, Randal David, Houston Engquist, Thomas R., Austin Franklin, Robert O., McKinney Freund, Edward L., Austin Holland, Donald Gene, San Angelo Jamar, Joe Bob, Fort Worth Johnston, Donald C., DeKalb Linden, William Mosse, Denison May, James Waddell, Austin : : " ' : J Q- - : PAGE 480 SOPHOMORES Montgomery, Rex, Avinger Nair, Frank B., Jr., Detroit, Mich. Okhuysen, Pablo Leopoldo, Guadalajara, Mexico Parker, Stanley Theo, Austin Pitzer, Phil Moore, Breckenridge Pressly, Thomas A., San Antonio Prosser, Shirley Joe, Conroe Ray, Donald L., Kilgore Rovcllo, Tommy, Jr., Waco Smith, Charles Edward, Houston Stockton, John R., Jr., Austin Tatsch, Robert Edward, San Antonio Taylor, Harris J., Fentress Thompson, Chaunce O., Breckenridge Van Delden, Frank J., Jr., San Antonio Wells, Zack Martin, Jr., Freer Wiggen. Eugene Robert, Baytown Williams, Arthur Branch, Jr., San Antonio Wohlford, Jerit Neal, San Angelo Wong, Howard, San Antonio Wood, Herschel James, Jr., Houston FRESHMEN Alexander, Garland Karl, Fort Worth Anderson, Carl C., Houston Blackmar, Fredrik Seward, Luling Byrnes, Howard P., Palestine Cadenhead, Walter J., Brownwood Chandler, Dan Dean, Whitehaven Ferrell, Clinton, Sweetwater Fulcher, Clay W. G., Wichita Falls Furr, Richard A., McCamey Gerron, Jim R., Odessa Grell, Charles A., Hondo Grell, Milton R., Hondo Hall, Robert David, Palestine James, Billy J., Paris Jenkins, Johnson Andrew, Melvin Knaus, Ronald Reeves, Freeport Kotzebue, Kenneth Lee, San Antonio McCorkle, John Jerry, Port Arthur Matson, Bruce Walter, Fort Worth Miller, Knox, Jr., San Antonio Moore, Charles Thomas, Crockett Murphy, Samuel Edward, Seymour Nemir, Charles E., Austin Nott, E. C., Jr., Abilene Pfeiffer, Christoph G., Chester, N. Y. Pollard, D ' Janin, Bay City Proctor, Beverly Wayne, Freeport Quarles, Wayne D., Taft Quebedeaux, Carl H., Conroe Rabb, Glenn Adrian, Garland Rekart, Ronald G., San Juan Sanders, Charlie Eugene, Wichita Falls Shamblin, James Earle, San Antonio Slattum, Evelyn M., Palacios Smith, David Rae, San Antonio Teague, Gwynn Arvin, Brownwood Thompson, Robert Andrew, III, San Antonio Tinsley, J. Russell, Mason Travland, Terence W., Sweetwater Vanderstay, O. Randolph, Houston Van Sickle, Donald Ritchie, Dundas, Out., Can. Weiler, Lawrence Joseph, Jr., Baytown PAGE 481 CHI EPSILON NATIONAL HONORARY CIVIL ENGINEERING Foundrdj. ' .Univt-rsity of Illinois, 1922 Texas Chapter, 1934 si Robert J. Cummin Earnest E. Hov E. C. H. Baftel . I. eland Barclay aymond F. Dawson B. Ewing M. Ferguson lit Jose M. Arboleda Joe A. Ayrei Louis G. Creel Robert Glenn Ely Obie L. Etheridge f Joseph E. Aaron Alexander Sharp Bi Bobby Dean Campbell Charles Kelton Chatfield Charles L. Convis Bill G. Eppes Robert Frelich James Claude Froneberger OKIE L. ETHtRii ' cr. JOSE M. ARB JLEL A HOWARD L. SMITH. JR. MILTON D. RANDALL M Stanford Wilbu VV. J. Powell IBERS FACU Fwist Stanley P. Finch ohii A. Focht rold Kuehm p Banks McLaurin Hudson L. Matlock Carl Morgan t LeRoy T. Oehler Earnest W. Steel J. Neils Thompson Robert Turpin MEMBERS ulius Alfred-Fritz ack Hunter Kennedy rederick Charles Locbte Daniel Miller . Milton D.Randall Ernest Henry Seelhorst Howard Leonard Smith. Jr. George Stein William Thomas White 51 INITIATES erbert Lee Gaskin, Jr. obert R. Gloyna Glenn E. Hamman Delbert Bruce Hankins Frank Hervey, Jr. Edward L. Hines Bobby Hodges James R. King, Jr. John Roger Lehmann Hugh Weldon McMullen John Wellington Mills, Jr. William Joseph Mounts. Jr. Coleman L. Phillips John Thompson Robert Carl Ziehe KAPPA NU ORARY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Founded: University of Illinois, 1904 Psi Chapter, 1928 ,f! HOMAS H. J.HOMPSON CLARENCE J. BALDWIN, JR. HARLES E. VON JLOSENHKRG LLOYD F. HLAV Ross W. HAMM ; ROBERT W. WARI Pn ident . ' fftf- Vice-President Recording Secretary Treasurer . . . Corresponding Secretary Faculty Advisor Clarence j. Baldwin Jr. Joseph W. ' Bateman Lynn D. Boston Gerald B. Bunker ' i f Bryan M. Covington, Jr. Bennie A. Findcisen :nce W. Goodwin -m r l ' Ross W. Hammond Wesley 15. Henry Paul Hertel Lloyd F. Hlavka Larry L. Huggins W. HAMMOND ENCE W. GOODW ' AUL HERTEL ,YNN:D. BOSTON CHARLES VON ROSEN ROBERT W. WARNER a -- . John H. Knight Jack S. Mason Albert N. Mi Quown Albert E. Moon :xander D. Opiela Kerns H. Powers n L. Russell omas H. Thompson " odger E. Turnage arles E. Von Rosejiberg in W. Whitfiel SBi p J. PI TAU SIGMA NATIONAL HONORARY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded: University of Illinois, 1915 Texas Kappa Chapter, 1931 Preside Vice-President . Corresponding Secreta Recording Secretary Treasurer . Sponsor THOMAS C. PERKINS HOWARD E. MUSSLEWHITE WILLIAM E. BAKER ROBERT JACOBSEN EUGENE E. POFAHL LEONARD R. BENSON Billy Howard Amstead R. A. Bacon Millard Vernon Barton yron Louis Begeman Leonard R. Benson Howard Earl Brown Joseph W. Dalley Venton Levy Doughti Carl |ohn Eckhardt FACULTY MEMBERS Marcel E. Gres William Kearley Griffis Wellborn R. Hudson IW. E. Long Harry Llewellyn Kent Frank Wilkins McBee ((Lobert Clayton M Whert r -IHM u , ;uren Arthur , ' famajiff jfuuSfff " ' L4i a " mF Joseph B. Oliphint, Jr. 1- illiam Ernest Baker Gostaady Nicola Bonn James Vernon Campbell Robert Donald Jacobsen Howard Edgar Musslew MEM B Henry Grady Rylander Jack A. Scanlan Byron Elliott Short Horace Eugene Staph Milton John Thompson Burnett Forrest Treat J. R. Watt rd-Q. Welty illis Raymond oolrich Jaioes C. O ' Hara Thomas C. Perkins Eugene Ervin Pi Franklin J. T Wilford C. Wild Tin Yam Au William Bartholomew- Edward Block George R. Bridges George T. Butler 50-51 INITIATES Norman R. Cooper Charles E. Davis William S. Dixon Marvin A. Drews Joe Fontana Charles M. Halsell Emmet E. Howe Lloyd F. Howerton Perry S. Howerton Clifford M. Simmang George A. Tuttle PAGE 484 h -- ; 4- TAU BETA NORARY ENGINEERING FRASRNITY Founded: Lehigh University, 1M5 Alpha V Fall KERNS H. POWERS r - CHARLES B. PETERSON- HOWARD EDGAR MUSSLEWHITE CARMON HOWELL ALEXANDER ANGELOS THOMAS C Rec Coin . lioiidin illiam A. Cunningham E. C. H. Bantcl Leland Barclay William E. Barker Millard Vernon Barton Leonard R. Benson Frederick Emerson Brooks, Jr. S. Leroy Browgk Ralph Ashb yB rton Clark M. Clatff ncL .. pajflart Allx-rt E. Cooler ( ' ullrn M. Crain Sti-phfeyjfltumb illiam A-JfikiJiningham enton Levy Doimhtie Carl J. EckTSTrdt George Homer Fanchc Robert P. Leonard! F. Kreisl Spring K.F.RNS II . l ' o ClIARLF.S ETERSO ALBERT EDWARD Moo CARMON HOWEUU ' AI.KXAND AXGKI.OS TIIOMA AS Phil M. Ferguson Robert A. Fish John A. Focht i Roscoe Guernsey Melvin Hainey William E. ' . ' William Ha William W. feJBrnes R. Johnson . Kenneth A. Kobe_- Leonardt Ferdinand Fireislt Harold G. Kurhin Jack Lenhart Rubin V, Ludwig Frank W. McBee .Andrew J. McCrocklin Wmes D. McFajland , M.AVhrrtr Matlm k iter L. M ' ;iuy T. ( ), hlei ar ' lcs B. Pe arold J. Plass Harry H. Power Charles E. Rowe Henry Grady Ryl: J. A. Scanlan Eugene,.P. Schoch Byron Elliott Short Rob.jaffc it hu rt . Smith Horace Eugene Carl C. Steyer " Archie W. Straiten Arthur R. Teasdale J. Neils Thoj Milton J. T Burnett .Forest T, James W. I urnbow Robert D. Turpin Robert L. Walker Robert W. Warner E. Joseph Weivs Willis Raymond oolrich Woman ' s Badge Holder EditlllcHrfe :iu Wilsoti Harbaugh ACTIVE GRADUATES R. Burden Smith Franklin J. Thebiay ME1 rmon Howell Alexander M. Arboleda " Eniest Bakq gw Ian-nee Jones Baldwin. Ji ph Wayne Bateman cistandy Nicola Boury ines X ' ernon Campbell .._. ngelos TBomas artin Bryan Covi Billy Bob Ashb o : Arthur Ayr Balekji; Hart Bio- n Doyle Boston Bobby Dean Campbell Rex C. Cabaniss Harvey A. Campbell Joe C. Covington, Jr. Marvin A. Drews Leonard E. Emge George Robert Ellis OBfeLeonard Etheridur Bftnnie Aubrey rindeisen jllius Alfred Frit Lawn-nee William (ioodwi Paul llartel. Jr. Lloyd Frank Hlavka Larry Lee Hni;iriiis Jimmie Ray Iluuhes Edward T)a ' . l Ross William Hammond MBERs ' avid Li: Frederic Porter M.Cown Albert Edward Moon Howard Edgar Musslewhite Arthur Orin Newman, Jr. i . ( - i ( i 1 1 j lines v -.1 i it lexander Da id ( Eugene ' Ei ' Pofahl rns H. Powers . IATES elbert Bruce Hankj sley Bert H mmctt Ervin Holland Reavi - Thomas Campbell Perki Ernest Henry Seelhorst Billy Ray Simpsn Howard LeonarcTSmit Thomas Harold Thorn Rodger Hlmo Turnage, Jr. Charles -Ernest Von Rosenberg .WilforcfcCarl Wilde th, Jr. ; pson Albert Newton McQuown, Jr. Edward L. Hines Edward E. Hogwood Lloyd F. Howerton Frank W. Keil Claude E. Luke SPRING INITIATES Kenneth L. Montfort L. Millard Moor, Jr. Roll L. Mygdal Victor C. Shaneman Edward R. Schulz Milton Dudley Randall John Lynn Russell, Jr. -TWflrion Brown Tommc, Jr. Aneese Totah Wilbur Arthur Yeager, Jr. Joseph T. Tannos John H. Thompson George A. Tuttle William T. White AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERS ' 4 f Front Row: Maxwell, Seelhorst, LardifT, Hamandi, Peterson, Abney, Love, Sutton, Van Delden, Dornberger, Burnham. Phillips. Second Row: Smelser, Wagner, Herrington, Gabler, McGuill, Pass, Travis, King, Eppes. Third Row: Hudson, Sivley, Prado, Bussey, Ayres, G. Robertson, Gasper, White. ' Fourth Row: R. Harris. Hallman, Lukin, Lackland, Perkins, Ely, Haley, Hamman. Mountz, Schulwolf, F. Robertson, Joyce, Miller. Fifth Row: R. Campbell, Keil, Winn, Gafford, Naron. Poteet, Evans, Winans. OFFICERS President . First V ice-President Second V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Sponsor ROBERT SMITH HARRIS JAMES L. SUTTON RAY GROGAN SIVLEY EDWARD KEITH LUKIN BERNARD EMMETT McGuiLL, JR. WERNER W. DORNBERGER bcdomiat George H. Abney Joe A. Ayres Robert W. Barker Alexander Sharp Bennett A. J. Bingaman Herman R. Burnham William S. Bussey George F. Campbell Robert D. Campbell Emilio Cantu, Jr. Erasmo Cantu Hal Victor Cardiff Charles Lester Convis Thomas Leighton Cook Terrence Edward Davis Richard M. Ebert Robert Glenn Ely Roy A. Engler William Gorton Eppes Bob E. Evans Gallant William Floyd Arthur Lee Gabler William Rogers Gafford Lester G. Caspar Ray K. Haley Rayburn Blasdell Hallman Glenn Edward Hamman MEMBERS Mahmood A. Hamandi Robert Smith Harris William Maurice Harris Robert Austin Herrington Claude David Hinds J. Perdee Hudson Leslie Leigh Hunt William Kieffer Jakeman Donald F. Jefts Murray C. Joyce Frank W. Keil William Robert King Robert Allen Lackland Hal Victor Lardiff George Calvin Love Edward Keith Lukin Bernard Emmett McGuill, Jr. George Engle Maxwell Roger H. Miller William J. Mountz Marvin L. Naron Eduardo Ortega Dennis L. Osborn Philip F. Parry Vincent Louis Pass V. Shelton Perkins, Jr. Herbert Edward Peterson Coleman Lee Phillips Raymond A. Pinnell, Jr. William S. Poteet Robert L. Prado Edward Milton Richardson, Jr. Frank Robertson Gene Ray Robertson Alberto Rojas Malvin Lee Ross Reynaldo Thomas Salas Harold Paul Schubert Izydor Schulwolf Ernest Henry Seelhorst Ray Grogan Sivley Rex Aubrey Smelser James L. Sutton Lon W. Travis Oliver F. Tucker Frank J. Van Delden Gustav V. Vanek Ben Henry Wagner William Thomas White David Williams Lionel L. Winans Bobby R. Winn Frederick Leroy Young The AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERS was founded for all architectural engineering students to group together to discuss pertinent issues with prominent men of their field. PAGE 486 AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Faculty Sponsor ALBERT J. TAYLOR ALVIN J. BRAUCKMAN ROLF L. MYGDAL ELDWIN C. MONTGOMERY IVAN E. BUCK MEMBERS Roger D. Ault F. Robert Black, Jr. Alvin J. Brauckman Charles I. Castany Richard G. Chappcl John J. Conley W. Howard Cook Willis P. Crcnshaw Gene S. Crockett Howard J. Debus J. A. Dugan Robert T. Dugan Ken A. Dyer Joseph J. Eleison Robert L. Eschenburg Robert M. Goble Howard H. Haskin Byron C. Holtry Elena Isfan Carl J. Kohler, Jr. Carl H. Linden Louis R. McClain Lyndell E. McDaniel C. Joe MehafFey Jack S. Maples Clyde G. Martin Paul D. Martino Eldwin C. Montgomery Rolf L. Mygdal Jack D. Nicholas Alphonse C. Perricone Don W. Powers Ralph A. Potter Eduardo J. Praderi George F. Raley Wilson A. Reaves, Jr. Matthew Peter Schneider, Jr. David N. Shuler Albert J. Taylor Max R. Walla Organized to give students an opportunity to discuss problems in ceramics, the purpose of the AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY is both scientific and social. Front Row: CROCKETT, ISFAN, REAVES, McDANIEL, WALLA. Second Row: McCLAIN, MONTGOMERY, MYGDAL, PRADERI, R. DUGAN, BRAUCKMAN. Third Row: MAHAFFEY, MAPLES, TAYLOR, SCHNEIDER, SHULER, POWERS, GOBLE. PAGE 487 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS AND INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS I J Front Row: HENRY, JOHNSON, CASTRO, VON ROSENBERG, LOVE, FINDEISEN, GOODWIN, HUGHES, LIN, RYAN, ANDERSON, BROWNE. Second Row: SCHOOLFIELD, GIMBLE, GHAZALA, SCHWOBEL, DISMUKES. HLAVKA, MACK, FLOWERS, WHITFIELD, HOGWOOD. Third Row: HERTEL, McCROCKLIN, WILLMAN, OPIELA, HUGGINS, POWERS, HAMMOND, LADWIG, SHANEMAN, BALDWIN, MOON. OFFICERS Chairman First Vice-Chairman Second Vice-Chairman Recording Secretary . Treasurer A.I.E.E. Sponsor I.R.E. Sponsor . BENNIE AUBREY FINDEISEN LAWRENCE WILLIAM GOODWIN LLOYD FRANK HLAVKA RODGER ELMO TURNAGE, JR. LARRY LEE HUGGINS A. J. MCCROCKLIN,, JR. CULLEN M. GRAIN MEMBERS Charlie Dale Anderson Clarence J. Baldwin, Jr. James K. Biggs, Jr. Lynn D. Boston William Wallace Browne Gerald B. Bunker Floyd L. Cash Henry Edward Castro George S. Collier Martin B. Covington, Jr. Frank N. Dismukes Bennie Aubrey Findeisen Delbcrt E. Flowers Roy F. Formway, Jr. Emile B. Ghazala Eugene P. Gimble James J. Gingo Lawrence William Goodwin John M. Graham, Jr. James D. Hall Ross William Hammond Jack D. Harbour Ralph W. Harrison Wesley Bert Henry Dan A. Herod Paul Hertel, Jr. Lloyd Frank Hlavka Alexander A. J. Hoffman Edward E. Hogwood, Jr. Larry Lee Huggins Jimmie Ray Hughes Roland L. Hurter Tom Martin Hyltin James William Johnson Donald C. Johnston Milton H. Kluck John H. Knight Harman A. Ladwig Bobby Lawrence Chi-Sun Lin Orval P. Littleton, Jr. Robert E. L. Love, Jr. John S. Lynch John G. Mack Van Ray Martin Ruel J. Mason Frank H. Maxwell Albert E. Moon Billie C. O ' Donald Alexander David Opiela, Jr. Marvin G. Patschke Kerns H. Powers John L. Russell, Jr. Patrick W. Ryan Daniel R. Schoolfield Edward R. Schulz Leonard Schwobel John A. Severin William C. Seymour Victor C. Shanernan John J. Stokes Thomas H. Thompson Rodger Elmo Turnage, Jr. Charles Ernest von Rosenberg Edward W. Watts Robert M. Westkaemper John Wayland Whitfield John R. Whitney. Jr. Robert B. Willman Founded in 1907, the main purpose of the student branches of the AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS AND THE INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS is to introduce the student to the field of electrical engineering and to men in the profession. PAGE 488 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer Faculty Advisor OFFICERS PHILIP LYLE MCLAUGHLIN BERNARD MOROZ GEORGE ROBERT ELLIS CARMON HOWELL ALEXANDER JACOB M. LEBEAUX MEMBERS William Ben Adair, Jr. Dayne Eldon Adams Ghalib H. Alani Carmon Howcll Alexander Donald Ray Arnold Ernest Henry Babitzke John Dale Baker Charles Alexander Barbee James H. Barnett Robert E. Beatty Richard Armstrong Beutel Vernon Milton Blackard James Douglas Boynton Billie Jack Bradley Robert Paine Brewer Harold R. Briscoe Hubert Leon Brown, Jr. Leon Geddis Byerley, Jr. Rex Crayton Cabaniss William Carl Capehart Cecil Howard Calvert Lee Steven Carter Edward Morgan Case, Jr. Rufus Dudley Champion, Jr. Angelos Thomas Chatas Robert B. Cockcrell Malcolm Glen Coone James H. Courtney Marvin G. Grain Charles Edward Decker, Jr. Francis E. Dupree James S. Eads Victor Carl Eissler George Robert Ellis Roger Beghtol Ellis Sidney Dickey Farrar Howard C. Federer Jack Paul Fly Martin Dewey Follett, Jr. Hernando Galvis David Crittenden Guinn Carl Elwood Gustafson Jack G. Gustaveson Wallace Leonard Hammer Earl Haskell Jesse W. Heath Morris Edsel Henderson Arthur J. Henry James Robert Hill William W. Holland Frank H. Hollingsworth Clyde V. Hornbeck Jack Martin Howard Carl Edward Huckaby Holland Redvis Hunter E. S. liams, Jr. Floyd Beverly Inks, Jr. Dickie G. Johnston Dan Marvin Jones James Eugene Jordan Kenneth Charles Kiekhoeffer Lee Fred Kyle Bert Allen Lear Milton George Liese David Dean Lybarger Oliver Cree McBryde, Jr. Frederick P. McCown Roscoe Charles McCoy William G. McGee Philip Lyle McLaughlin John Guy McMillian, Jr. Hubert Earnest McNeill Joe B. McShane, Jr. Frank H. Martin Marvin Merrill Miller Charles P. Milner Oran Winton Mitchell Bernard Moroz James Arthur Neumann Robert Mitchell Orr Joe Mac Parsley Glenn Weldon Patterson Oliver Bennett Perry Charles B. Peterson Jewel Alton Petty William Henry Price Frederic B. Prickett Thomas R. Pritchett James L. Quinn Kenneth Sandberg Jack Frank Sandgaithe Billy Joe Sartain Floyd Dempsey Sawyer John Arthur Schaffer Robert Wayne Scott William Charles Scott Herbert Arthur Seidel, Jr. Mohamed Ardel-Moniem Selim William H. Shell William Ray Simpson Gordon Keith Smith Eugene Alston Smitherman Lawrence William Snelson, Jr. John F. Spencer John D. Stephenson Henry Fernd Straw Paul Damon Sweitzer Saleem Joseph Tannous James E. Thompson Robert Crews Turnham Ralph William Vertrees George W. Walker Frank S. Warner Rita Beth Whatley Charles Douglas White Bobbie Lee White James Floyd Whitley, Jr. Caswell Buford Windham, Jr. Wilbur Arthur Yeager, Jr. Milton Earl Young Rolland Ray Young AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERS is an organization to promote contact between all students interested in the mineral industries. This includes petroleum engineers and geologists. A national organization, it was founded in 1871. Front Row: Kiekhocfer, Bovnton, Blackard. Galvis, R. Young, Hunter, Moroz, Alani. Chatas. Second Row: Jordan, Calvert, Snelson. Walker. Champion, Decker, Gustafson. Third Row: Sweitzer, Stephenson, Barbee, Price, Pritchett, Huckaby, Whatley, Lear, Vertrees. Fourth Row: Cabaniss, Sawyer, Seidel, Beatty, Adams, Alexander, Adair, Turnham. Smith. Yeager. Fijth Row: Gustaveson, Neumann, Federer, McCown, Hammer, Windham, Inks, Liese, Briscoe, R Scott, Bradley, Milner, Howard. Sixth Row: Baker, Whitley, Grain, Sartain, Thompson, liams, Shell, McLaughlin, Eads, Lebeaux, Straw, Henderson, Warner, Martin. Seventh Row: Tannous, Heath, Hollingsworth, Henry, Spencer, Dupree, Carter, Barnett, Hornbeck. Mitchell. Eissler. G. Ellis, Brown. McMillian, Beatty. PAGE 489 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Front Ron ' : Froneberger, Mitchell, J. R. King, Campbell, Focht, Gaskin, Etheridge, Randall, Connally, Goodman, Dawson, Weller. Munir, Hall, Stein. Second Row: Thetford, R. Brown, Jentsch, Hamilton, Evans, Frelich, L. Pitcher, Black. Nail, Gilbert, Marek, Moore, Gloyna, Lewis, Hodges. Third Row: Weisser, Arboleda, Convis, Griffith, Powell, Reagan, Hinojosa, Lehmann. Smallwood, McLaurin, R. Hines, E. Hines, Branch, Teinert, Miller, Saffold. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor OFFICERS JACK C. GOODMAN WILLIAM C. CONNALLY J. R. KING HERBERT GASKIN JOHN A. FOCHT MEMBERS Frederick Trenton Alley Ray Madison Allman J. M. Arboleda Earl Ross Barnard Ralph Marcus Baxter Fred Scott Bell William Mathew Bell William E. Bellamy Alton J. Bingaman George Wash ington Black, Jr. Samuel Abram Bock Del Rae Bommer John C. Branch Edward James Brown Rembert Hamilton Brown, Jr. Wallace Henry Brown Donald Ray Bynes Ronald L. Bynes Charles S. Campbell Joseph W. Champion, Jr. Charles Kelton Chatfield Ralph Neill Christian Lewis Edward Clevinger, Jr. Frank Drew Cobb William I. Connally Charles Lester Convis Emil Thomas Coronato Raymond F. Dawson Benard Joseph De George S. J. Do ' bbs, Jr. John A. Dubose, Jr. Buddy Lloyd Duft Richard M. Ebert Roy A. Engler Berry R. English Obie L. Etheridge James Paul Evans James B. Fincher Joseph F. Fischer, Jr. Paul Waymon Fisher Robert Milton Frelich James Claude Froneberger Herbert Lee Gaskin, Jr. James Alvin Gilbert Robert R. Gloyna Jack C. Goodman Eduardo W. Gomez Charles W. Gray, Jr. Llewellyn Brooks Griffith Henry D. Hafer Hervy Franklin Hall Rayburn Blasdell Hallman John William Halm, Jr. James Curtis Hamilton Wiley Eugene Harrington Doyle David Harris Louis A. Hay Richard Erling Helland Adolph Herzik, Jr. Edward Lee Hines Robert Paul Hines Virgilio V. Hinojosa Bobby Wayne Hodges Weldon R. Hudson Donald F. Jefts Wayne Herman Jentsch Robert C. Jones Clifton Laverne Karnei James Robert King, Jr. John Preston King Bernard James Larvin Jack Donald Lee John Roger Lehmann Robert L. Lewis John Naylor Lipscomb Frederick Charles Lochte Ben F. McColloch Bernard Emmett McGuill, Jr. James P. McKelvy Banks McLaurin Robert Curtis Mace Curtis H. Mahla Edward Louis Marek, Jr. Billy Louis Mays John Edward Miller Albert Clair Mitchell Walter C. Moore Isam A. R. Munir Toe M. Nail Walter Campbell Nanney Herbert Andrew Nelson Dewey Thomas Nicholson Thomas Neely Oppenheim Dennis L. Osburn Felix Nickolson Parsons Pavlos Constantinov Pavlides Herbert Edward Peterson Herbert Ray Petty Lorin S. Pitcher William R. Pitcher Robert B. Porter Paul Clay Powell Carl S. Pruter James E. Ra ' nes Jack Edwin Ramsey Milton Dudley Randall Robert Lewis Reagan Fredrick Reuter, Jr. Earl Richardson, Jr. Edward Milton Richardson Milton E. Ricketts Roy Rivero Albert T. Saffold Reynaldo Thomas Salas Kenneth Richard Sandberg Ralph Edwin Scales Lindy Louis Schott Leon Louis Sciba Albert T. Server Robert M. Shivers George Edwin Smallwood Carl Devine Smith Howard Leonard Smith John T. Spann, Jr. George Stein Allen Roy Steves Billy Leath Stone Lute K. Taylor Willard Clarence Teinert Warren Conway Thetford John Holford Thompson James C. Timmons Lon W. Travis Gerald L. Turner C. J. L nderwood William Van Dunn Thomas Coleman Waldrop Durward R. Watson Frederick Carl Weisser Oree Cunningham Weller Paul L. Werner David E. Williams, Jr. Wilson Windle Charles I. Wisdom David Thomas Woodward William J. Wright Daniel David Zabcik Carol Zeigler By means of speakers and the Power Show, the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS works to create an interest in mechanical engineering among other students, and to encourage a spirit of professionalism among its members. PAGE 490 AMERICAN SOCIETY OP MECHANICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS Chairman EDWARD M. NELSON, JR. Vice-Chairman WILFORD C. WILDE Secretary . WILLIAM E. BAKER Treasurer G. RICHARD WORLEY Honorary Chairman RINALDO A. BACON MEMBERS lias - Jafar S. Al-Himyary Clarence L. Apple, Jr. Tin Yam Au Percy M. Baker, Jr. William E. Baker Emmett F. Barnes, Jr. William F. Bartholomew, Jr. Malcolm K. Beazley Clarence J. Bitter Edwin H. Block, Jr. Costandy N. Boury William P. Bowdry, III William G. Boyle George R. Bridges Jerry M. Brougher Royce N. Brown Vernon C. Broyles William N. Buck George T. Butler, III Edward J. Bybel Howard P. Byrnes Terence T. Camp James V. Campbell Roscoe William Carmichael Marvin G. Carter Thomas L. Carter Lamont E. Cole Donald P. Collins Jerry L. Coufal William A. Cox Claude D. Crider, Jr. Marvin A. Drews Charles E. Davis Thomas C. Davis, Jr. William E. Dykes Leroy W. Eaton James Gordon Embry Henry V. Faber, Jr. Hanford C. Ferguson Joseph C. Fontana Herbert H. Gates Wayne L. Gillette, Jr. Andy J. Gillilan Owen D. Goodman Jerry C. Graff Daymen H. Graham Charles P. Harris Darrell G. Harris Nat Harris, III Donald M. Harrison Jack M. Hazel John L. Henning, Jr. Emmett E. Howe Lloyd F. Howerton Perry S. Howerton Herman Jack Jenkins Roquey George Jobes, Jr. George W. Johnston, Jr. James C. Jones Robert E. Kent R. E. Kingston Melvin F. Klevar Joseph A. Kloesel, Jr. Juan Laing, Jr. Yat-Yin Lam Gerald W. McLeod Gene E. Maekel James D. Matheny William M. Merritt, Jr. Vernon H. Miles Edward M. Nelson, Jr. Harold R. Money Lawrence C. Montgomery Dave D. Nagel Al Nourachi Kani H. Noun Pablo L. Okhuysen Lief I. Olsen Jerome E. Oppenheim Byron G. Owen Frank Patella John W. Paxton Robert Howard Payne Hosea Bryan Peel Thomas C. Perkins Raymond F. Perner Alex E. Phelps, Jr. Eugene E. Pofahl Danahey Ryan Carl R. Sanders Edward Schneider Eugene F. Schroerluke Harry R. Sharpless, Jr. Wendell P. Shiflett Roger Q. Small James Joseph Smetana Walker Lidell Stuart, Jr. Paul S. Tani Clinton L. Taylor George M. Thomas John Clark Tittle, Jr. Robert Marion Tittle Aneese Totah Frank M. Townsend, Jr. George A. Tuttle, Jr. Harry E. Walz Edward M. Wight Wilford C. Wilde Billy W. Willig Jack A. Wolfe G. Richard Worlev Harold B. Wright Zaghlool Y. Yousif With membership open to all mechanical engineering students, ASME has as its goal to further contact between engineering stu- dents and the professional world by means of lectures and inter-school contests. jldrop n ( t to- Front Row: PAYNE, L. HOWERTON, TOTAH, BOURY, GILLILAN, FONTANA, BRIDGES, BITTER, BACON. Second Row: BOWDRY, SMALL, YOUSIF, PERKINS, NELSON, McLEOD, LAING, BUCK, POFAHL. Third Row: BYRNES, KLEVAR, BROYLES, WILDE, P. BAKER, WILLIG, COUFAL, BUTLER, SCHNEIDER, N. HARRIS PAGE 491 Scenes from the Engineering Power Show . . . Students demonstrating apparatus of all descriptions to interested spectators. F I N E A R T S PAGE 493 E. WILLIAM DOTY, Dean, College of Fine Arts Dr. E. William Doty, youngest dean on The University of Texas campus, assumed his duties March 5, 1938. He had the responsibility of creating and combining our fine arts school at that time. He is the past president of Texas Association of Music Schools, and Chairman of the Fine Arts Commission. PEGGY WHITESIDE and PAT HINES discuss the work of the Student Assembly. Elected in the fall, they are representatives from the College of Fine Arts. B. IDEN PAYNE Mr. Payne, guest professor of drama, began his colorful Shakespearean career over 50 years ago in England. Considered to be a world famous authority on Shake- speare, Mr. Payne was a personal friend of the late George Bernard Shaw. Mr. Payne staged his first play at Carnegie Tech and he returns there each year to direct a pro- duction. CHARLES UMLAUF Dr. Umlauf, a native of South Haven, Michigan, has studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Chicago School of Sculpture. His work has been exhibited in leading museums throughout the United States and in Canada, Europe, and South America. The Martimer Levitt Gallery has maintained a continuous representation of Dr. Umlauf ' s art since 1945. CHASE BAROMEO A former Metropolitan Opera Star, Dr. Baromeo studied for six years in Italy. He received his undergraduate training at the University of Michigan where an honorary master of music degree was conferred upon him. At the University, Dr. Baromeo is director of the Men ' s Glee Club and a professor of voice. KELLY FEARING Mr. Fearing, who has been teaching at the University since 1947, has had his work presented in ten exhibitions, three of which were individual shows. He has received the Purchase Award, Gooch Award in Etching, San Antonio Art League Prize, Honorable Mention in Texas Fine Arts Association, and the Humble Award. The favorite hobbies of this in- structor in Art Education are weight-lifting and all-year-round swimming. CHARLOTTE DUBOIS Miss DuBois studied at Columbia Uni- versity where she received a Master of Arts degree. At the University she in- structs classes in music education and piano as well as methods course for ele- mentary schools. Miss DuBois was formerly director of the Girls ' Glee Club. HOMER ULRICH Dr. Ulrich, associate professor of music, served as president of the Texas chapter of the American Musicological Society for two years. Three publications written by Dr. Ulrich are " Music Matters " , " Chamber Music " , and " Education of a Concert-goer. " PAGE 495 SENIORS ARONSON, ARTYCE JOAN, Dallas Art, AE4 , Cap and Gown, Panhellenic, Art Club, Dallas Club, Sidney Lanier BATES, WILLIAM ROBERT, Tyler Applied Art, IX, AA2, Yell Leader, Ranger, Daily Texan, Talent Committee, Friday Frolic Committee BLOUNT, MELON J., Big Spring Music, AAA, YWCA, Women Voters, Pierian, Opera Company BRUMMEL, BASIL EDWARD, JR., Fort Worth Applied Art BURG, CAROL ANN San Antonio Radio Broadcasting, AKI ' , Radio Guild, Radio House, San Antonio Club, Cap and Gown COLLINS, MARTHA JANE, Houston Art Education, AXfi, Spooks, Houston Club COOPER, WILLIAM M., Carrollton Radio Broadcasting, Forty Acre Forecast, Radio House Workshop, Radio Guild, MICA, Intramurals CUMMINGS, PATRICIA G., Woodsboro Art Education, YWCA, Upperclass Advisor, Wesley Foundation, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board DARDEN, LUCITA THORNTON, Austin Radio Broadcasting, IIB 1 , Forum Speakers Committee, Goodfellow, Orange Jackets, Varsity Debate, Forensica, Oratorical Association, Canterbury Club, Radio Workshop DAY, WILLIAM W., Dallas Radio Broadcasting, Radio Workshop, Radio House, Radio Guild DVORAK, ELSIE MILDRED, Houston Applied Voice, M, Mt E, AAA, Mortar Board, Glee Club, Czech Club, Opera Company, University Singers FARR, MARJORIE JOAN, Austin Drama. Technical Production, Curtain Club, Cap and Gown FREEDMAN, LOUISE ROSE, Dallas Radio Broadcasting, AE4 , Radio Guild, Cactus, Discipline Committee, Public Relations Committee, Cap and Gown, Orchesis, Dallas Club, Hillel GIBSON, GWENDOLYN JENETTE, Austin Radio Broadcasting HACKWORTH, JOHN B., JR., San Antonio Radio Broadcasting, Radio Guild HAIGHT, W. PETER, Austin Radio, AAZ, Radio Guild HAIR, GORDON E., Wichita, Kans. Radio Broadcasting HANCOCK, RUTH, Plainview Applied Art, AT, Art Students Association. Women Voters, Panhandle Club HARALSON, JOHN CURTIS, Waco Art, Longhorn Band HATCHER, DOROTHY MYRLE, San Antonio Music Theory, A Cappella Choir, Cap and Gown, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, House Chairman Association, University Singers HAUBOLD, CLEVE ERNST, Grand Prairie Radio Broadcasting, Radio House, Television Workshop HAYNIE, JEAN, Hearne Drama Education, IIB I , AAA, Curtain Club, Orientation Council, Pzatlx, Upperclass Advisor, Mortar Board HICKFANG, PAUL A., Bonham Voice, MA, Sinfonia, YMCA, BSU, Cowboys, Opera Company, University Singers, A Cappella Choir HOFFPAUIR, CORA ADELLA, Port Arthur Art Education, Inter-Co-Op Council, Shangri-La Co-Op HOLLADAY, LAVERA MARGUERITE, Austin Applied Art HOLT, EDDIE JANE, Waco Art Education HOPKINS, MARY JEAN, Galveston Applied Art, I M. Art Students Association, TSO Finalist, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Posture Contest Winner HOPKINS, PERSIS ANN, Fort Worth Radio Broadcasting, Curtain Club, Talent Committee, Texannes HORNE, IVAN F., Luling Music Education, ! H2, f MA, Symphonic Band, Orchestra KELLER, MARTHA RUTH, Dublin Music Education, Mf E. A Cappella Choir, University Singers, House Chairmen ' s Association, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee KIEL, MARTHA GENE, Wichita Falls Radio Broadcasting. KA6, Ashbel, Spooks KLEYMEYER, RALPH T., JR., Evansville, Ind. Music, Journalism, S f K, Cactus, Daily Texan, Longhorn Band, University Singers, United World Federalists LEON, VIRGINIA, Rotan Radio, AE , Radio Guild, Women Voters LOVE, GEORGE WARREN, Austin Applied Art, MICA, Art Students Asociation LYNCH, PATRICIA ANN, College Station Applied Art, IIB t , Upperclass Advisor, Panhellenic, Cap and Gown LYNN, BRUCE BROCKWAY, Dallas Commercial Art McANELLY, HELEN STAFFORD, Ranger Applied Art, KAO, A Cappeila Choir, Art Students Association, Touche, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee MCCARTHY, PATRICIA JEAN, Houston Radio Broadcasting, AZ, Forensica. Oratorical Association. Houston Club, Sidney Lanier, Orange Jackets, Radio Workshop PAGE 496 : SENIORS McFARLANE, THELMA, Houston Applied Art, IIB I MORRIS, NORMA JEAN, Fort Worth Applied Art, AXiJ. Disciple Student Fellowship, Bow and Arrow MUMMY, JAMES LESLIE, Big Spring Radio, Al . Radio Guild, Radio House OSSINSKY, LOUIS, JR., Daytona Beach, Fla. Piano, AEH, MA, Sinfonia PAYNE, PATRICIA ANNE, New York, N. Y. Applied Art, T i B, Westminster Student Fellowship PIERCE, JOYCE ELAINE, Austin Music Literature, A . Austin Club, NROTC, Battalion Sponsor, Women Voters POLVOGT, CARL WILLIAM, JR., Dallas Art, AA2, Art Students Association PRYOR, WALLACE JOHN, Austin Radio Broadcasting, Glee Club, Texas Aquatic Club, Varsity Swimming, Water Polo PUCKETT, EVELYN ESTELLE, Vernon Drama Education, AAII, Curtain Club, Forty Acre Follies, University Singers QUILLIAN, JO ANNE, Pleasanton Music Education, M I E, Symphonic Band, University Orchestra RAY, MARILYN HARRIS, Dallas Applied Art, KKP READ, RAYMOND E., JR., Washington, D. C. Radio Broadcasting, " i EK, A f B, Assembly, Radio House REESE, JAMES O ' QUINN, Comanche Radio Broadcasting, AS , Radio Guild REEVES, GEORGE W., Fort Worth Radio Broadcasting. AAS, Radio Guild, Scabbard and Blade, Army ROTC, Longhorn Band, Glee Club, Radio Workshop REUTHINGER, HORTENSE, Laredo Music Education, A Cappella Choir, Glee Club RUNDELL, WALTER, JR., Baytown Music, Journalism, 1 MA, University Singers, Wesley Foundation. Daily Texan SHEINBERG, BAYLA, Fort Worth Piano, A E, M+E, Mortar Board, Cap and Gown, Sidney Lanier, Women Voters, Teaching Fellow in Piano, University Singers, Hillel SHULT, ANN, Houston Art, ZTA SMITH, MARY SUE, Temple Art Education, r ( I B SNODDY, MARY ANNE, Wichita Falls Radio Speech, KA8 SOMMERS, MARGARET SUE, Dallas Voice Pedagogy, l ' B, Lutheran Students Association, Dallas Club STEWARD, DON JOSEPH, Wichita Falls Radio, Ben STEWART, GLENNA ARDEN, Corpus Christi Art, KA9 STURGIS, WALTA JEAN, Corpus Christi Music Theory, T i B, M I E, Wesley Foundation TAYLOR, CAROLYN JANE, Fort Worth Music Literature, Voice, KAO, Spooks, University Singers TENNANT, FRANK BAIR, JR., Dallas Radio Broadcasting, Radio Workshop, Radio Guild. Television Workshop, Union Expansion Committee, Radio Research Staff, Daily Texan THOMAS, JANICE J., San Antonio Radio, Al Reagan, Glee Club, Women Voters VAUGHN, JOHN DAVID, Corpus Christi Radio Broadcasting, Radio Guild VAUGHN, ROBERT E., JR., Spearman Radio Broadcasting, Radio Guild, Radio Workshop WALBERG, WESLEY F., Corpus Christi Art, Art Student Association WALKER, MARILYN JEANETTE, Dallas Applied Art, AXO. Sidney Lanier, Touche, Co-Ed Assembly, Cap and Gown, Dallas Club WEASE, MIRA ANNE, Austin Harp, M E, WICA WESLER, SHIRLEY FAYE, Houston Radio Broadcasting, A f K, TSO, Sidney Lanier, Forty Acre Follies, Cap and Gown, Radio Guild WHITESIDES, PEGGY ELLAIN, Waco Radio, AAII, AEP, Radio Guild, Reagan, Women Voters, Assembly WILLIFORD, DIMPLE SUE, Marlin Applied Art, KA6 WILLRICH, VIRGINIA, Houston Art Education, AF, Cap and Gown, Art Student Association, Women Voters WINGERD, LOIS MARION, Brownfield Radio, AOn, Radio Guild, Radio Union Committee WORTHINGTON, BIRDIE SUE, Winters Radio Broadcasting, Cap and Gown PAGE 497 ft. JUNIORS Anderson, Betty Frances, Shelbyville Beasley, Betty Genevieve, Beeville Bellah, Max, Canyon Berglund, Lois Lillian, Houston Bexley, Louan, Temple Boyd, Ginger, Tyler Bullock, Neddie Jane, Bryan Caldwell, Margaret Anne, La Feria Casselman, Winona Carole, Midland Cater, Patricia Joan, Baytown Chilton, Mary Sue, Austin Climer, James D., Lampases Cobb, Dolores Cecilia, Hillsboro Collier, Peggy, Dallas Cook, Patricia Ann, Houston Dawson, Chloe T., Lubbock Elliott, George, Temple Ellis, Pola Marguerite, Alice Evans, Wesley Jean, Knickerbocker Evans, Catherine Dower, Houston Fitzgerald, Nancy F., Austin Fosdick, Louise Turner, Galveston Friedman, Eileen G., Houston Greenstreet, Ross Davis, Dallas Griner, Juanita, Kirbyville Groves, Elizabeth C., Houston Harris, Donald Clarence, Edinburg Hawkey, Virginia Grace, Meadville, Penn. Hierholzer, Joan, San Antonio Holt, Arthur H., Jr., Kountze JefTery, Stephen D., Dayton, Ohio Keasler, Jaclyn Lucas, San Antonio Kwan, Verna Ts ' ung K ' uan, San Francisco, Calif. Lang, Carol A., Jacksonville Laznovsky, Alfred, Ennis LeBrecht, Martin, Houston Light, Eleanor Bell, St. Joseph, Mo. Lipps, Nancy M., Temple Luter, Geraldine, San Antonio McBrayer, M. Louellen, Houston McDonald, Rene Marie, Austin McRee, Thomas M., San Antonio Maddox, Ann M., McAllen Marlow, Martha Frances, Austin Martin, Lloyl Doll, Alvarado Martin, Martha Ann, Parsons, Kan. Michalopulos, Lorene W., San Angelo Million, Nelda, Liberty Mills, Betty Jo, Taft Montier, Marguerite Itasca, Victoria Morgan, Charles H., Port Arthur Grand, F. Nell, Dallas Oster, Barbara Mae, Dallas Perkins, Winona, Longview Porter, May Marie, Conroe Potter, Betty Ann, College Station Ramsower, Gracie E., Mathis Roberts, William H., Waxahachie Schmidt, Harvey Lester, Genoa Sherwood, Bobbie Gene, Kilgore Smith, Kay Juanita, Bryan Stanger, Billy Joe, Baytown Stuttle, March, Corpus Christi Truax, Dorothy Anne, Fort Worth Wilson, Joan (II), Bellville Wilson, Rowland B., Dallas Woodmansee, Florence Mary, Houston - I . ' PAGE 498 SOPHOMORES Adams, Marion T., Corpus Christi Barrett, June Iris, Houston Benton, Robert Douglas, Waxahachie Black, Beverly Jean, College Station Blasig, Carolyn Anne, Mercedes Cobb, Madeleine A., Hillsboro Colvin, Jacob R., Savoy Davidson, Doris Marie, Houston Dillard, Molly T., New Braunfels Edwards, Mary Ann, Georgetown Gamm, Janis S., Shreveport, La. Gilstrap, Anita Joyce, George West Haralson, Mary Bain, Houston Henslee, Laretha Sue, Wolf City Horowitz, Norman, Gainesville Howard, William John, San Antonio Kelley, Arnold Dwain, Austin Kosberg, Dolores Joan, Waco Kusin, Gloria Celeste, Texarkana Lawrence, Nancy Jane, Wheaton, 111. Mainer, Jacquelynn (Sue), Austin Markus, Sondra Harriet, Lufkin Maxwell, Hazel Annette, San Antonio Meadows, Macleta, Corpus Christi Meredith, Barbara, Dallas Meyer, Joan, Seabrook Moody, Bebe Elizabeth, Honolulu, T. H. Munday, Martha J., Amarillo Munson, M. Ruth, East Columbia Ormand, Jack Wilson, San Antonio Orynski, Julia I., Dallas Pearlman, Aaron S., Houston Perkins, Josephine E., San Antonio Polunsky, Robert Alan, San Antonio Reed, Elizabeth Patricia, Amarillo Robb, Helen Armstrong, Houston Rosborough, M. Ann, Tyler Royall, Margaret Jean, Washington, D. C. Rupe, Marilyn Joan, San Antonio Sandlin, Patricia L., Anahuac Schulle, Janice E., Austin Sigel, Marvin Meyer, Dallas Simmons, Joan Patricia, San Antonio Smith, Janet S., Corpus Christi Sparks, Heulette Carolyn, College Station Van Cleave, Mary Shirley, Austin White, Katherine Anne, Houston White, Ruth Joan, Harlingen i PAGE 499 FRESHMEN Aronstein, Libby Ann, San Antonio Bailey, Jane Miller, Port Arthur Berryman, Frances E., Houston Blanton, Mildred Irene, Dallas Boberg, Virginia Ann, Dallas Boyd, William A., Dallas Brookner, Jo Ann, Beaumont Burges, Richard J., Seguin Claeys, Jean Emily, McAllen Cowen, Rona Jean, Tulsa, Okla. Dancy, Bettie M., Orange Dean, Jean O., Sweetwater Dean, Mattie Evelyn, Plainview Decker, Sydney, Houston Doane, Margaret Aiken, Bandera Eberman, Gloria Angela, Houston Edge, Jean Marie, Bryan Emmett, Shyrlee Ann, Dallas Faulk, Eula B., San Antonio Franklin, Betty Sue, Monahans Frazer, John Thatcher, Longview Frerichs, Gloria Ann, Houston Friedson, Harriet Ann, Fort Worth Genebach, Jean Marion, Battle Creek, Mich. Hailey, Oliver D., Jr., Borger Hardwick, Jane L., Longview Harms, Joann Katheryn, Port Neches Hays, George Vincent, Austin Hoover, Mandy Lou, Vernon Horwitz, Donald Charles, Albuquerque, N. Mex. Humphreys, Dear Belle, Jal, N. Mex. Jeanes, Joyce Jeanette, Houston Knikcr, Janice D., Austin Levy, Connie Bailie, Waco McDonald, Katheryne Bond, Fort Worth McElreath, A. Jean, Houston McVey, Marilyn Ruth, Houston Morgan, Mary, Beaumont Norris, Betty Lou, Galveston Pace, Liligene Ella, Houston Randall, Louise W., Fort Worth Reed, Diana Joy, Katy Rosnau, Herman D., Abilene Schwartz, Aileen Rita, Houston Scott, Dora Belle, Buna Shillito, Martha Meredith, Birmingham, Ala. Simpson, Eletha Carl, Odessa Thompson, Joanne, Dallas Timmins, Robert Stone, Dallas Walker, Bravo Neil, Fort Worth Weisblatt, Marji, Fort Worth White, Clementine, Victoria Williams, Larry David, Oklahoma City, Okla. Wyde, Irene, Port Arthur Zemanek, Wanelle Merle, Newgulf H PAGE 500 KAPPA KAPPA PSI NATIONAL HONORARY BAND FRATERNITY Founded: Oklahoma A. M., 1919 Alpha Tau Chapter, 1 940 it Elhert White Bennett John Anthony Carona Leon Fuqua Crews Gene Showers Crockett. Jr. Danny JHifflWT arDy Bill Dean Davis William Patrick Denny i R. Ellis -- - ' ' ' " te- 1 i J.E. Gerher, Jr. Walter Esjon Hcrhst 1 )on VaTLaneston Elmo Lopez Charles Jefferson Leeah, Jr Frederick Edmond Lewis Arthur Orin No man. Jr. Qv- Isaac Field Roebuck Richard red Arthur Steffey, William Charles Suhler George William Swenson, J r - " - ' . Wallace Leon Swenson Jack Wesley Walker Billy Joe Whined Floyd Scotty Wilson ' - ' Nelson Bailey .PLEDGES PAGE 501 MU PHI EPSILON x ikSI NATIONAL HONORARY MUSIC SORORITY " ounded: Metropolitan College of Music, 190 Mu Theta Chapter, 1920 Patsy Joan Laura Mae Culler Gladys ChiistenaD Elsie Mildred Dvorak Marilyn Ann Fisrhei LaVonia Shinn Free] Mary Frances Going Laura Jean Hank Sarah Anne Han Hettie Page Garwood Mary Woodward Gay Nelda Million SARAH ANNE HAN BAYLA SH BIN BERG CHARLA FARRELL JEN|JI GWENDOLYN JtJNEJjrt)K ELSIE MILDRED Dv ?!8 PEGGY ANN SHUDDE ALTA JEAN STURGIS A - ARILYN ANN Joan KuhJman Betty Jean Serafy Lois Zabel W:, . au JJ h? W JuliaiAnn Hill " CharFa Farrell Jennings PatnVia Carol Kelly j " - Jo Anne Quillian layla Steinberg V,,,v Ann Shudde Gwendolyn June Stokes Walta Jean Sturgis Mira Anne Wease Hortense Reuthinger Shirley Mae Rheinlande Gladys Virginia Taylor PAOE 502 A CAPPELLA CHOIR OFFICERS President . V ice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Manager . Accompanist . Conductor Associate Conductor Student Conductors JONATHAN PRESTON LANCASTER ROBERT . HENRY ZABEL MARY FRANCES GOING GLADYS VIRGINIA TAYLOR HERSCHEL RAYMOND SMITH PHILIP N. WHITE ARCHIE N. JONES BENJAMIN M. BAKKEGARD fRussELL EUGENE SAYERS j MARY KATHERINE GRAVES [Louis KAY CLARDY, JR. MEMBERS Mary Frances Adams Betty Frances Anderson Jane Miller Bailey Vaudine Beal Drewey Allen Benson, Jr. Dolores Blumentritt Ruth Borgerding Dean Leroy Boyd Harold Ernst Brehm Paula Jean Bushong Josie Ellen Champion Jerry Terrill Chandler Louis Kay Clardy, Jr. Vedia Elizabeth Coleman Emma Jane Collins Albert Harrington Cox Patricia Lyttle Coykendall Jacquelyn Culbertson Joyce Lorayne Davis Jean Orr Dean Stella Jane Dickson Jean Marie Edge Albert Cayton Erhard Jim Lane Fisher James William Fletcher, Jr. Paul Brent Fletcher Wesley Clark Flinn Garnett Stratton Fox, Jr. Betty Sue Franklin Samuel Stewart Frazer Kathleen A. Glaze Mary Frances Going Joe Bob Golden Jerry Clinton Graff Mary Katherine Graves Martha Ann Gray Patricia Jane Grizzard Dorothy Myrle Hatcher Robert D. Henley Mandy Lou Hoover James R. Howard Martha Ruth Keller Barbara Kay Kelley Charles Bain Key Janice Dorothy Kniker John Kohn Jonathan Preston Lancaster Doralie Leatherwood Urban James DesRosier Leavitt Joseph Francis Lenzo, Jr. Mark Carl Lewis Christine Ann Lindsey Carlinc Lobitz Carolyn Lochte Shirley Margaret Long Albert Burl McAlister Shirley Lea McBride Virginia Ann McDaniel Dick Lee McDonald Mary Lynn McGregor John Lee McMillen Ann McSween Martha Ann Martin Rodger King Merritt Thomas Eugene Miller Nelda Million Velma Rosemary Montague Gordon Dickey Moore, Jr. James E. Musick Elijah Morris Nelson Bobbie J. Nixon Wayne Carlton Odom Ben Warner Ramsey Hortense Reuthinger Joan Ruth Rupel Will Grant Ryan Russell Eugene Sayers Jane Estell Scaief Janice Elizabeth Schulle Doris Lee Scrutchin Joan Marilyn Shankle Barbara Eikel Shelby Gwen Ann Slaybaugh Carolyn Ann Smith Garland Houston Smith Herschel Raymond Smith Janet Sue Smith Stephen Drew Smith Barbara Lee Steele W. Erwin Swint Wanda Ruth Tampke Gladys Virginia Taylor Wanda Faye Turnley Robert Walker James Wallace Pat Weathers Lawrence Joseph Weiler, Jr. Dorothy Fay Welsh Philip N. White W. D. White Laura Ann Woodall Doris Sue Worthing Robert Henry Zabel The A CAPPELLA CHOIR presented its annual formal concert in the spring, participated in the Christmas Carol program, and made several appearances in Austin and neighboring cities. 1 4 1 U .. It H If |l Front Rou.: Reuthinger, Lochte, Lobitz. McBride, Davis, Kniker, Anderson, Going, Hatcher, Kelley, Coleman, J. Smith, Scrutchin, Taylor, Keller, Leather- wood, Adams, Long, Slaybaugh. Turnley. Second Row: Schulle, Gray, Champion, Dean, Bailey, Franklin. Shelby. 3ushong, Million, McDaniel, Glaze. Lindsey, Worthing, Culbertson, Scaief, Graves, Weathers. Third Row: Shankle, Clardy, Sayers, Nelson, Lenzo, Lancaster. Frazer. Flinn. Chandler, McAlister, Wallace, Howard, P. Fletcher, Weiler. Borgerding, Coykendall. Fourth Row: W. White, Moore, Lewis, Walker, Key, Cox, S. Smith, Golden, G. Smith, Zabel, Henley, Miller, Ramsey, Nixon, H. Smith, Benson. PACE 503 CURTAIN CLUB .-,. Front fimr: BARNES, H. SCHMIDT, HAYNIE, BAKER, PUCKETT. Second Row: CHAVEZ, HARLAND, N. LEVA, LANE. President . Vice-President Secretaries Treasurer OFFICERS CHARLES WILLIAM BAKER HARVEY LESTER SCHMIDT (EVELYN ESTELLE PUCKETT CHARLES B. LANE EDMUND M. CHAVEZ Faculty Advisor Board of Governors JAMES WILLIAM MOLL [MILDRED FAY BARNES !JEAN HAYNIE I FRANK RAY HARLAND [NEIL IRWIN LEVA Mary Patricia Abcrnethy George Abood Oscar Charles Abramson Kenneth Raymond Alford Jeanne Amslcr Janie A. Andrews Robert Andrews Mary Lorene Ashcraft Jack Arthur Ash ford Sybil Louise Autrey Valgene Levon Axelrad Charles William Baker Mildred Faye Barnes Phyllis Jean Bateman Marion Virginia Becker Barbara Ann Berman Elissa Joyce Berwald H. Robert Blaustone (Catherine Elaine Blomberg Nevillyn Dawn Bubo Gwendolyn Verne Boehl Julia Alva Bolton Beverly Wills Bonelli Joseph Don Bonno Margaret Sue Box Alice Jane Boulter Alice Elinor Bristley Robert Alan Buckholdt Ruby June Burcham Bobby James Burleson Jean Kathryn Brownlee James Howard Callas Phil 1 .in it-ii Capy Jonnie Charles Carroll Patty Ann Carter Dannye Caylor Cynthia Sue Chamberlain Elliott Aiken Chamberlain Edmund M. Chavez James D. Climer Dorothy Jean Cline Jane Mathilde Cochran Diane Frances Cooke Robert Lyle Coghlin Margaret Evelyn Cole William David Collins Billie Gene Cook Patricia Ann Cook Don Lee Copeland Bob Edgar Cox Frank Bostwick Crawford, Jr. William Howard Graver Bill Crier Albert Frank Dale S. Harris Dalrymple Bettie Morrow Dancy James L, Daniel, Jr. Nancy Beth Danziger Agnes G. David Chrystal Laverne Dean hn B. Dent, Jr. hn Britain Dickson . Leon Dodson Randy Jay Dodson Joseph Norris Domingue Haden H. Douglass, Jr. George W. Elliot, III Catherine Dower Evans William Jackson Farmer Riley Alexander Farque Marjorie Joan Farr Ann Fears James Daniel Foster Kenneth Burr Fonts John Thatcher Frazer Harriet Ann Friedson Janet Elizabeth Fulton Jane Amily Gautreaux Jean Marion Genebach George Patrick Germany Patricia Jean Gibson Henry Lamar Gilliam Mary Frances Going Clare F. Gompertz Kenneth A. M. Gompertz MEMBERS Kathryn Grandstaff Margaret Lewis Grant Victor Alton Grant Marilyn Odette Greenwood Mary Shirley Groseclose Risdon Neal Gwartney Elsie Wilhelmina Haas Gus William Hahn Oliver Daffan Hailey Frank Ray Harland Pat Harrigan Cliff J. Harville, Jr. Gamile Hassen Jack Milburn Haws Jean Haynie John Francis Helm Laretha Sue Henslee M. Patrick Hines Glenda Jane Holcomb Dewey Jackson Hooper Persis Ann Hopkins Nancy Jane Howell Dear Belle Humphreys Martha Jean Hunnicutt Joyce Jeannette Jeannes Joan Johnson Ann Estelle Jones Tommy Jones Katherine Jo Ann Joseph Elizabeth Janell Kaderfi Arline R. Kay Jennilu Kelly Beverly Jean Kirkland Elizabeth L. Kirkpatrick Eugene Lee Knadler John Eugene Lafferty Charles B. Lane Carol Amelia Lang Claude Haywood Latson Nancy Jane Lawrence Donn William Leva Neil Irwin Leva Eleanor Roween Light Melvin Light Adele Gitel Lippman Carlene Lobitz Florence Maydelle Luderus Geraldine N. Luter Mary Frank Lyvers Maisie Louellen McBrayer William Stewart McGregor Pat McKenna Sylvia Macrides D orothy Jean Marshall Robert Arthur Massey Gerry David Matthews Mary Louise Mays Jimmie G. Meador Jane Alyce Melin Uta Cecily Merzbach Beatrice A. Michalka Jeff Miller Molly J. Moffet Margaret Ruth Munson Charles Bennett Myler Andre Joseph Nahmias Elaine Ruth Nebenzahl Constance Nelson Bennie Bernita Nipper Oscar Nipper Max Edward Noller J. R. Patterson, Jr. Barbara Ann Pechacek Josephine Elder Perkins Stanley William Pitts Barbara Ann Pontius Loraine Porter Marvin Jay Prager Wesley Eugene Price Evelyn Estelle Puckett James LeGrand Read Frances Janice Reeves Marvin Abram Rich Walter William Richardson, Jr. Shirley Jeanne Riley William Howe Roberts Robinson Robinson Herman David Rosnau William Alton Ruff Myrna Zane Ruff Richard Lawrence Russell George Schandt Dorothy Jane Schell Harvey Lester Schmidt Margaret Ann Schmidt Dora Belle Scott Melih Mchmet Selvili Jewell Augustus Shelman Charles Smith Eva Lou Smith Jo Ann Smithey Robert Lacy South Gene Conrad Stewart Robert Barry Symonds Nikki Tachias John Benny Tarver Charles Gayle Taylor Paul Ross Todd Hildegarde Frances Tomanek Barbara Rose Turner John Robert Turner Theodore Wallace Turner Jessica Brooks Turpin Marillyn Paula Vener Newell Lynn Walker Barbara Belle Walkow Jean Kathryn Walters Ruth Elizabeth Wheeler Charles Wilbur Whitaker Gordon Herbert Wilkinson Barbara Ann Williams Jimmy Wilson Charlesa Joan Wolfe Audrey Meredith Wood Irene Wyde Mary Lou Wylie The CURTAIN CLUB, founded in 1909, is an organization for all students interested in performance or the technical aspects of theatre work. In addition to its fall show, " Hipsy Boo, " and a spring production, the Club sponsored can throughout the year. campus-wide entertainment PAGE 504 I GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB OFFICERS President JOSIE ELLEN CHAMPION V ice-President PATSY JOAN CATER Business Manager PATSY ANN FLEMING Historian VIRGINIA RUTH BAKER Librarian HAZEL ANNETTE MAXWELL Accompanist CHLOE T. DAWSON Director THOMAS W. WILLIAMS Faculty Sponsor DOROTHY GEBAUER Ilou - Betty Frances Anderson Nancy Jo Armstrong Ruby Celeste Avery Virginia Ruth Baker Dorothy Ann Bardwell Beverly Louise Benson Mary Lanelle Brown Paula Jean Bushong Mary Margaret Bynum Thomasine Allene Bynum Patsy Joan Cater Josie Ellen Champion Margaret Evelyn Cole Laura Elena Cruz Jo Ann Downer Patsy Faulk Vida June Fitzgerald Patsy Ann Fleming Fay Madeline Focht Janet Gilstrap Anita Joyce Gilstrap Mary Hatcher Glade The GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB gave two concerts in combination with the Men ' s Glee Club, appeared in the Christmas Carol program and other campus functions, and gave a concert at A. and M. Its schedule also included several social activities. MEMBERS Kathleen Adele Glaze Mary Arline Goldman Martha Ann Gray Shirley Jean Hagens Betty Lou Ham Virginia Ann Hane Beverly Harris Dorothy Jean Henderson Mary Claudene Henson Grace Elizabeth Hill Mandy Lou Hoover Jeannine Johnson Carolyn Kaplan Mary Catherine Kearney Mary Carolina Laquatra Shirley Lea McBride Lou McGee Teresa Agnes McGinn Lillian Margaret Malec Jackie Marchbanks Hazel Annette Maxwell Kathleen Mary Mee Mary Allyne Mount Lillie Musil Bettye Elaine Nelson Elizabetha Catherine Orth Patricia Jeannette Purvis Hortense Reuthinger Elnora Richburg Fay Jean Riggan Barbara Lynn Scheffler Barbara Seim Barbara Eikel Shelby Vernelle J. Skulan Sylvia Eton Slack Sarah Stone Jane Harriet Stovall March Stuttle Janice Jacqueline Thomas Mary Carolyn Ussery Valeria Frances Venable Mary Loyce Voelkel Marilyn Ethel Woltering Patricia Joyce Zeller Front Row: Faulk, Avery, Venable. Riggan, Hoover. Bardwell, Fleming, Williams. Glade. Gray, Glaze, Hill, Champion. Mount, Henderson. Second Row: Shelby, Dawson, McGinn, Reuthinger, Cruz, Anderson, Orth, Slack, Goldman. Ham, Maxwell, Johnson, Stuttle, Zeller, Musil. Third Row: Laquatra, Henson, Purvis, Armstrong, Fitzgerald, Brown, Richburg, Weltering, Stovall, Downer, A. Gilstrap, Baker, Cater, Haney, J. Gilstrap, Benson, Malec. Fourth Row: Bu hong, Voelkel, Seim, Kearney, Thomas, Focht, Skulan, Kaplan, T. Bynum, Marchbanks, M. Bynum, Mee, Hagens, Scheffler, Cole, McGee, Harris. PAGE 505 LONGHORN BAND OFFICERS President . Drum Major . Officers . Director . Assistant Director Faculty Sponsor . FREDERICK EDMOND LEWIS FRED ARTHUR STEFFEY,, JR. [CHARLES JEFFERSON LEEAH, JR. LEON FUQUA CREWS ( WILLIAM PATRICK DENNY ROBERT BERNARD FITZGERALD MOTON H. CROCKETT, JR. EUGENE PAUL SCHOCH Jack Wallace Akin Keith Alexander Allan Virgil Clayton Altwein George Nelson Bailey William Coleman Bailey William J. Bailey Vernon Lee Bargainer David Brown Barrow Elbert White Bennett Laurence Edward Butcher James Milton Byrom Walter Judson Cadenhead John Anthony Carona Sam David Cashat Jerry Joseph Cline Louis Guy Creel, Jr. Leon Fuqua Crews Gene Showers Crockett, Jr. Buddy Crutchfield Danny Dow Darby James Thomas Darwin Billy Dean Davis Garland Ray Dean William Patrick Denny Jcrald Dean Dixon Warren R. Ellis Elaine Durand Esmond Jack Edward Featherstone Gene Jordan Fisher Walter Eugene Flowers Frederick Andrew Foeh T. E. Gerber, Jr. Bill Gibson John Marsh Goff Thomas Lee Goode MEMBERS Cecil Calvert Green, Jr. James Robert Green Robert George Haltiner John Curtis Haralson jack H. Harrell John Nicholas Harrison Harris Milton Hauser Robert Ivan Hauser Joseph Owen Hayhurst Walter Egon Herbst Raymond Joseph Holaseck James Monroe Howard Patton C. Hudson Wallace Raymond Hudson Burton A. Jones, Jr. Robert Claude Jones Eugene LaRue Klingler, Jr. Ronald Reeves Knaus William Joseph Kopecky Henson B. Kruse Raymond Richard Kuzell Don Val Langston Charles Jefferson Leeah, Jr. George Andrew Leeah Frederick Edmond Lewis Carl McComb Lobitz Elmo Lopez Billy James McAdams William George Mecklenberg James D. Miller William Morgan Robert Arthur Murray Harry Clare Neal Arthur Orin Newman, Jr. Robert Alan Polunsky Bobbie Lee Priest PAGE 506 Gene Alan Prim Jack Henry Rayson LaFalco Robinson Isaac Field Roebuck Thomas Ralph Rogers Tommy Rogers Alfred Louis Ruebel Donald Morgan Salyer Robert Ray Schier Marvin Meyer Sigel Louis Fink Silverman Dan Robert Skinner Hilliard Brooks Smith Jay Carleton Sproul Fred Arthur Steffey, Jr. Joe Stanley Stephen B. Lowell Stewart Henry Fenno Straw William Charles Suhler George William Swenson, Jr. Wallace Leon Swenson Willis R. Taylor Bob Gene Tracy Jack Wesley Walker Charles William Wallace Harry Curtis Weeks Charles Julius Werlla Billy Joe Whitted Giles Mercier Whitten Floyd Scotty Wilson Kyle Edward Wilson John Brent Wood William J. Woolsey James T. Wreyford Bernie Boyd Wuthrich fa. I., MEN ' S GLEE CLUB OFFICERS President . Business Manager Librarian Reporter Accompanist Director Faculty Sponsor . CHARLES HRICE ROBINSON DENNIS L. OSBORN GRADY EMETT WILLIAMS CHARLES ROBERT LEWIS BRUCE ALDER BILLINGSLEY THOMAS W. WILLIAMS CARL V. BREUT Bruce Alder Billingsley Miner Dean Bowen James J. Bradley George Henry Brigman Edward Brooks Howard John Clark Fred A. Coffey Edmund Lewis Cogburn Albert Harrington Cox Alan Lancaster Dabney Milton B. Davis Glenn Dickerson Billy Charles Edwards Samuel Stewart Frazer Charles Orvil Gartman Glenn Roy Gartman Gerald Roderick Gwaltney Myrle Claude Hodge, Jr. MEMBERS Theodore Marshall Jackson Lincoln Jeanes Billy Lee Jenkins Clyde Daniel Jones, Jr. William Robert King Dwight Kohlhurst William Edward Lamoreaux Claud Pope Lane Charles Robert Lewis William Lum Lirette Ramon C. Lopez Jack B. McMaster James E. Miller Frank Cardwell Moffett Eugene Payne Myrick Jerry Lynn Nelms Kenneth Clayton Newell Dennis L. Osborn John Walthall Pancoast, Jr. Lemuel Edmund Porter James Kirby Powledge Wilford R. Pruett Charles Brice Robinson Jack C. Rothwell Charles Ernest Schwarz Dick Sears Thomas Jefferson Stark, Jr. William Culwell Thomas Richard Villareal James How ard Warren Edgar Allen Westbrook Grady Emett Williams James Alan Wilson Thomas Preston Wood, Jr. William E. Wright Robert Jim Wucher The MEN ' S GLEE CLUB, founded in 1892, is the oldest musical organization on the campus. This year ' s activities included the annual fall and spring concerts with the Girls ' Glee Club, performances at Dad ' s Day and the Christmas Carol Program, and spring concert tours to the Valley and veterans ' hospitals near Austin. i mum p npfift nBn Front Row: McMaster, Miller. Thomas, Sears, Edwards, Villareal. T. Williams, Schwarz. Moffett, Jones. Rothwell, Nelms, Jeanes. Second Row: Cox, Warren, Newell, Pruett. Dickerson, Wilson. Powledge. Lopez, Frazer, Gwaltney, Westbrook, Clark, Coffey, Billingsley. Third Row: King, Dabney, Lirette, G. Williams. Myrick. G. Gartman. Robinson, Pancoast, C. Gartman, Wright, Lamoreaux, Bradley, Wood. Cogbuin. Fourth Ro:r: Porter, Brigman, Bowen, Jenkins, Davis. Lewis. Stark. Kohlhurst. Lane. Jackson, Wucher, Hodge, Brooks, Osborn. PAGE 507 M ft r i :t rv Front Row: T. Collins, Maxwell, Burg, Freedman, Dodson. Second Row: Agee, Marlow, Wilson, Potter, Arhopulos, Holt, Wolfe, Torn. r iird Row: Wesler, Northway, Closuit, Broughton, Schneider, Ramsower, Doggett, Whitesides, Clore, Tennant, J. Vaughn, AUord, Parrott. Fourth Row: Gerson, Hendler, Hailey. Price, Burkhart, Rosnau, Russum, McDaniel, Klein, Noble, R. Vaughn, C. Gompertz, Day, Polunsky. Fifth Row: Colvin, Boswell, Howard, Buckley, Caravantes, Price, Read, Hendricks, Johnson, Dovy, Horowitz, Gardner, Reese, Cooper, Riethmeyer. OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Sponsor Faculty Advisor CAROL ANN BURG LOUISE ROSE FREEDMAN HAZEL ANNETTE MAXWELL THOMAS JAMES COLLINS THOMAS B. RISHWORTH HARVEY R. HERBST MEMBERS Katherine Bess Agee Kenneth Raymond Alford Nell Arhopulos Paul Weldon Boswell Elva Skipping Broughton Jean Kathryn Brownlee Dorothy Jane Buckley Carol Ann Burg Jon Mac Burkhart Pedro Theodore Caravantes Jerry Cartwright Marianna Clore Jeanne Murchison Closuit Thomas James Collins William David Collins Jacob Riley Colvin William Marion Cooper William Winfrey Day Randy Jay Dodson Mary Claire Doggett John Dovy Louise Rose Freedman Burton Sidney Gardner Daina H. Gerson Clare Frances Gompertz Kenneth A. M. Gompertz Oliver Daffan Hailey, Jr. Ruth Vinn Hendler Frank Beaton Hendricks Arthur Henry Holt, Jr. Norman Horowitz Donald Charles Horwitz William John Howard Benny Frank Johnson C. V. Jones, Jr. Larry Elton Jones L. Richard Kitchen Stuart Warren Klein Edwin Carol McDaniel Sondra Harriet Markus Martha Frances Marlow Hazel Annette Maxwell James Abner Morriss Fred Wentworth Noble, Jr. Jean Craddock Northway Jeanne Alice Parrott Mary Elizabeth Pollard Robert Alan Polunsky Betty Ann Potter Henry A. Price, Jr. Grace Ernestine Ramsower Ray Read James O ' Quinn Reese Gene E. Riethmeyer Herman D. Rosnau Paul E. Russum George Schardt Shirley Elizabeth Schneider Beverly Phyllis Schwartz Frank B. Tennant Elmore R. Torn John David Vaughn Robert E. Vaughn, Jr. Shirley Faye Wesler Peggy Ellain Whitesides Blanche Page Wilson Charlesa Joan Wolfe RADIO GUILD, the only organization of its kind in the country, included in its activities for 1950 1951 a fall reception for the Radio faculty and new students in the department, a Christmas party, a picnic, a spring banquet at which awards were made to the outstanding students in radio and television, and participation in the Fine Arts Festival. PACE 508 VARSITY DEBATE FACULTY SPONSORS Director of Forensics Assistant Director of Forensics Assistant Director of Forensics EDGAR GREER SHELTON, JR. EMOGENE EMERY MARTIN THOMAS TODARO Pat McKinncy Baskin Norman William Black Robert Louis Blumenthal Hulon B. Brown Billy Joe Colwell John Wesley Davidson Perry D. Davis, Jr. John Randolph Dcaver MEN ' S DEBATE WORKSHOP MEMBERS Robert W. Dickerson Leo Thomas Donovan Ronnie Edward Dugger John Marsh Goff Jackson Chandler Hubbard Joe Warren Jones Ivan William Knobler Edward John Landry Meredith J. Long Lewis G. Martin Joseph Pinkney Mathews Braxton Milburn Kleber Claude Miller, Jr. Theodore George Miller Henry Trumbull Moore, Jr. Jesse Embree Nash Wayne Odom John Raymond Reagor, Jr. Edward Rightor Newton B. Schwartz Adolph B. H. Simon Stephan Smarook Robert E. Wall William Emerson Wright WOMEN ' S DEBATE WORKSHOP OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . NANCY RUTH JOHNSON FLORENCE MOZELLE JONES DOLORES JOAN KOSBERG DOROTHEA ELIZA BACHEMIN Dorothea Eliza Bachemin Sharlene Barbara Gerrick Nancy Ruth Johnson Florence Mozelle Jones Nina Lee Jones MEMBERS Suzanne Ilyne Kauffman Dolores Joan Kosberg Lee Marie Rush Jean Sidney Siegel Clara Ann Taylor Mary Ann Tucker Mary Margaret Wiley Frances Euline Williams Jeanne Ann Yonkers The VARSITY DEBATE SQUAD participated this year in the Girls ' Debate Tournament, the Southwest Debate Institute, and the Round-Up National Invitational Tournament, all in Austin; the Northwestern University, Baylor University, and Missouri Valley tournaments; the Battle of Flowers Oratorical Contest and the Lutcher Stark Debate Contest; and the Grand National Tournament in Virginia. At the National Men ' s Debate Tournament, held at the University of Miami, The University of Texas affirmative and negative teams tied for first place. wkr IB adrmfc Front Row: Todaro, F. Jones, N. Jones, Kosberg, Kauffman, Bachemin, Johnson, Gerrick, Fink. Emery. Second Row: Odom, Deaver, Goff, Davis, Hubbard, J. Jones, Smarook, Baskin. Third Row: Black, Schwartz, Dickerson, Simon, Rightor, Davidson, Martin, Reagor, Blumenthal. PAOE 509 Students at Radio House wait for the signal to begin broadcasting. The hardworking Band back- bone of the spirit of U. T. There goes the Band! Part of the Drama Exhibit at the May 4th University exposition. A tense scene from the Drama De- partment production of " Dear Brutus. " J o u R N M PAGE 511 PAUL J. THOMPSON, Director, School of Journalism Professor Thompson has served on the staff of the School of Journalism for thirty-one years, twenty-four of which he has been director of the school. Prior to 1946, Mr. Thompson worked with Student Publications, and is now chairman of the faculty committee of the Internship Program sponsored by the Texas Daily Newspapers Asso- ciation. At the present, the Director ' s " spare " time is spent with the construction problems of the new Journalism Building and the devising of a scholarship program for journalism students. DEWITT CARTER REDDICK Dr. Rcddick, formerly the student editor of the Long- horn Magazine, has been on the faculty of the University since 1927. A favorite among instructors, he has been an important factor in the development of high school journalism in Texas. He has written two books, Journalism and the School Paper and Modern Feature Writing, as well as various magazine and newspaper articles. I Mr. Piw, The OLD Journalism Building Mr. Sharpe instructs his advertising lab on the making of layouts. Texas Night Editor Ann Courier works on a page dummy. imtt na GRANVILLE PRICE Mr. Price, the present counsel and accepted critic of The Daily Texan, was editor of that publication in 1927. With wide knowledge plus a keen interest in journalism, he has done much :o advance the quality of the University newspaper. He is the uithor of two publications, Reference Guide to Daily Texan Files, and A Photographic Tour of The University of Texas. ERNEST A. SHARPE Mr. Sharpe, formerly with the U. S. Embassy, is an assistant professor of journalism at the University. He is a director of the Southwest District of Advertising Federation of America, and the southern vice-president of Alpha Delta Sigma, national honorary and professional advertising fraternity. He is also a member of the Austin Advertising Club. The NEW Journalism Building In the reporting lab cub reporters begin their career. The Journalism Library aids the student in fact-finding. y I FUSE 513 SENIORS BLANTON, FLORA ANN, Beaumont Journalism, WICA, Spooks, Whitehall, Newman Club, Southeast Texas Club. Cap and Gown BLOCK, WALTER H., Del Rio Journalism BRIDGES, WILLIAM EARLY, Cuero Journalism. AAS, Scabbard and Blade, Ranger Editor CARDWELL, BETTY M., Lockhart Journalism. English, 9S4 , AAA, Mortar Board, Daily Texan, Upperclass Advisor, Bluestockings, UTSA, Women Voters CARPENTER, ROBERT DALE, Austin Advertising, AAS CASSEL, VIRGIL CLAUD, Port Lavaca Journalism, AS I , Arnold Air Society, Air Force Association, AFROTC, Orange Wings, Daily Texan CATLOW, THOMAS EDWARD, Houston Advertising, +AO, AAS, Daily Texan CHAPMAN, HARVIE HOWARD, Sulphur Springs Journalism, AAS, Daily Texan CLAPP, MARJORIE ANN, Sulphur Springs Journalism, Al Ranger, Daily Texan COCKRUM, JIM, McAllen Journalism, Daily Texan COLE, MARY LOUISE, Roscoe Journalism, Women Voters CROSS, PATSY, Denton Journalism, XI2, Cap and Gown, Women Voters CROZIER, H. T. (Kelly), Austin Journalism, SVX, Daily Texan, Ranger DOW, MELVIN GENE, Wink Journalism, AT, West Texas Club EVANS, LOUIS L., Cisco Journalism, AAS, Grassroots FARMER, GENE CONNALLY, Henderson Journalism, AAS, Daily Texan FIELDING, SALLY, Dallas Journalism, AT FITZGERALD, V. JUNE, San Benito Journalism, English, BS4 , Mortar Board, Daily Texan, Glee Club, Uppi-rclass Advisor, Pierian, Women Voters GALLAWAY, JIM BOB, Georgetown Journalism, KS, SAX, Daily Texan GROSSMAN, ESTHER JOAN, Galveston Advertising, AXS2, OS I , Mortar Board, Reagan, Daily Texac HIXSON, JUANITA ROSE, Dallas Journalism, I M, Westminster Student Fellowship HOLMES, GEORGE BRYAN, Corpus Christi Journalism, AAS JONES, MARVIN ESTES, Abilene Journalism, SAX, Daily Texan KING, CHARLES L., JR., Houston Advertising, IAE, AAS, Westminster Student Fellowship KOSTOHRYZ, GEORGE, West Journalism. SAX LEE, DONALD E., New Braunfels Advertising, AAS LIPSCOMB, JEAN, Austin Journalism, Xfl, OS4, Mortar Board, Racket Club LUCKETT, BILLIE LOUISE, New Braunfels Journalism, KA9, Upperclass Advisor, Women Voters, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist, Sweetheart Finalist NORRED, WILLIAM RICHARD, Sweetwater Advertising, Acacia, AAS PAGE, HOWARD, Van Alstyne Journalism, SAX, Daily Texan, Brackenridge Hall Association PIGMAN, PATRICIA IRENE, Dalhart Journalism, Education, AFA, 9S f , Mortar Board, Cactur Daily Texan, Reagan, Cap and Gown, Canterbury Clul ROCHE, BRUCE WARE, Austin Journalism, SAX, Daily Texan, Ranger SADLER, BOB C., Waco Journalism. SAX, AAS, X H, ROTC. Daily Texan SMITH, MARTHA FAIRFAX, Dallas Journalism, Canterbury Club, Women Voters, Reagan TOOLEY, ELWYN KENNETH, Haskell Journalism. 9H, Daily Texan TRIMBLE, CHARLES EDWARD, Bowling Green, Ky. Journalism, 4 KT, SAX, Associate Editor, Editor, Daily Texan, Silver Spurs, Canterbury Club, Interfraternity Council, Rusk VAN VOORHIS, ROBERT WAYNE, Dallas Journalism, AAS, MICA, Ranger VILLARREAL, GEORGE CLAUDE, Laredo Journalism. AT, SAX, A t . SAII, Daily Texan WARREN, CHARLENE, Taylor Advertising, AXQ. Williamson County Club. Sidney Lanier WHEELER. MYRA LEE, Houston Advertising, AF, Panhellenic, Women Voters WILLETT, BETTY, Clifton Journalism. A t, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Swing and Turn WISE, FRANCES JO, San Antonio Journalism. AK . Hillel, Panhellenic. Daily Texan. Cactus, Sidney Lanier, Goodfellow, Cap and Gown. Racket Club, Orange Jackets JUNIORS Beaumier, Mary Ann, Lufkin Bishop, Jerry Ed, Dalhart Brunson, Howard E., Baytown Copcland, Hal E., Jr., San Antonio Courier, Virginia Ann, Fort Worth Cowden, Emma Sue, Midland Cox, Flo, Odessa Fisher, Alice Jean, San Antonio Halford, Robert H., Rockwall Heard, Betty Anne, Austin Joslin, Charles Alvin, Kansas City, Mo. Lilly, Betty Jo, Dallas Lusk, James R., Waco Mounce, Claude E., McLean Razo, William D., Carlsbad, N. Mex. Riley, Shirley J., Odessa Sanford, Gaye Yvonne, Austin Segal, Betty Joyce, Dallas Starnes, Joanne, Fort Worth Stone, William Jesse, Jr., Nocona Whined, Billy Joe, Alvin Williams, Richard L., Brownwood SOPHOMORES Baker, Warren L., Jr., Houston Busch, Dorothy Carolyn, Baytown Campbell, Dorothy, Rockport Charlier, June Ellen, Austin Eddingston, Pattie Jean, Port Arthur Folmar, Patricia Love, Austin Forsvall, Murray Lawrence, Austin Fram, Betty Jean, Baytown Hearne, William Blaisdell, Seagraves Hendler, Ruth Vinn, Temple Jacobs, Eleanor Jean, Stafford Johnson, Joan, Kilgore King, Mary Ellen, San Antonio Klesel, Mildred, Schulenburg Kreager, Dorothy Jane, San Angelo Loveless, Glenda W., Eden McCarty, Martha Jane, Edinburg Mays, Barbara, San Antonio Mitchell, Maurine E., San Antonio Morris, Marianne, Fort Worth Nichols, Martha Ann, Beeville Pollard, Tany T., Houston Prindible, Jack Daniel, Houston Russell, Jacqueline, Cason Smith, Ann, McAllen Spear, Mary Helen, Rio Hondo Temple, Nancy Lou, Dallas Tippit, Bert S., San Benito Zoblotsky, Margie Bea, Taylor PAGE 515 :ONORARY ADVERTISING Founded : University of Missouri, 1 9 IS Paul J. Thompson Chaptrr, 19_ ' 8 Fall HARVIE HOWARTTLIHAI M. . JAMES LUTHER LEHMAN DELTON E. GLENWINKEL HARRY ELBERT COPELAND JAMES ALLEN ELDER . Spring AMES LUTHER LEHMAN EORGE BRYDN HOLMES ROBERT DALE :-RALPH JOHN ANIOI HARRY Publifih ' Dimctor . HONORARY MEMBER Ward C. Mavborn IfCal A. Newton Leroy Alfred Duewall -, Ernest Alonzo Sharpe K. (i. Smith William illiam Ian Scott Charles Wesley Adair William C. Adair Ralphrjfthn Aniol Vener Oliver Barnes n Rudy Bauman, Robert Douglas Benton Bevely Joseph Bergeron George Patrick Bon MI William Early Bridges Charles Merlyn Bruce Howard Elridge -Branson Daniel William Bus Robert Dale Carpenter Thomas Edward Callow A. D. Chandler I Iar ie Howard Chapma Benjamin Devane Clark Carroll Wayne Conn James William Cooper Harry Elbert Copeland Dudley H. Davis Ralph Robert Davis Charles Robert Delphinis Melvin Gene Dow MEMBERS 11 Calvin Duke Billy Avon I )u; James Allen Elder Louis Lamar Evans Gene Connally I ' .nm Edwin Henry F ' John Howard Ferguson frank H. Gallaytiei Delton E. Glenv inkel William Peter Homer Dan Hall Stanley Sanford Hie! Joseph Paul Hiu,htmvrr Ho K un George Brydn Holnses Hilly Lee jeiiKinx Charles L.King, Jr. Jack Kinnion Lawler Donald Edwin Lee ' James Luther Lehman Eugene William Lyons Billy Joe McDonald Leonard Franklin McLaughlin s Wambaugh Nelson j f William Richard Norred Fred William Patterson . ' Carl William P " 6li 6gf ' Lemuel E. Porter George Wesley Reeves Simon Rubinsky Charles Arthur Russell Robert Gael Sadler Herbert Lee Silverberg $ Raymond A. Sins mL J Brennan C. Sitton ' a ond Hill Smith ,-ard Harvey Steinhage James Townscnrf ' StobaugB Bill Temple Spent er .Gene Douglas Tindall Wilfred Touhy Joe Frank Tucker Robert Wayne Van VoorTps Bobby Lee Walcowii h Albert Jack Weaver | Edgar M. Wells THETA SIGMA PHI RY PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIS.M Founded: University of Vashingtg Xi C h.jptrr. 1919 Spring KATHERI ESTHER JOAN G BETTY MATTH ULAH JEAN LIPSCOMB . KATH NE GRESHAM MATT VS pfekmvELL IAN PEN GlLLESPIE Vice-President U % nn Yilkins ; Virginia Ann Courier Vida June Fitzgerald Frances Gimble Marian Paixlorgrass atricia IIVIM Pisiinan c Wheelei MartKatherine Gresham TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC. The Board of Directors of Texas Student Publications, Inc., super- vises the editorial and financial poli- cies of the Daily Texan, student newspaper; the Texas Ranger, monthly magazine; and the Cactus, campus yearbook. The Board is composed of the president of the Students ' Association, two repre- sentatives from the Student Assem- bly, the student editors of the three publications mentioned, and a five- member faculty committee ap- pointed by the President of the University. GORDON LLEWELLYN, BOB GUDE. GRANVILLE PRICE, D E WITT REDDICK. LLOYD HAND, JACK HOLLAND, RONNIE DUGGER, TOM ROUSSE. LLOYD HAND CAL NEWTON AND HARRELL LEE Board FACULTY MEMBERS ALVAN L. CHAPMAN, Professor of Educational Adminis- tration. JACK HOLLAND, Dean of Men. OLIN E. HINKLE, Associate Professor of Journalism. GRANVILLE PRICE, Associate Professor of Journalism. DEWITT REDDICK, Professor of Journalism. T. A. ROUSSE, Professor of Speech. STUDENT MEMBERS BILL BRIDGES, Editor of the Texas Ranger. RONNIE DUGGER, Editor of the Daily Texan. BOB GUDE, Assembly Representative. LLOYD HAND, President of the Students ' Association. GORDON LLEWELLYN, Assembly Representative. BETH OSBURN, Editor of the Cactus. CHARLES TRIMBLE, Editor of the Daily Texan. PAGE 518 TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC CAL NEWTON, CHARLES TRIMBLE, HARRELL LEE, OLIN HINKIE. JOHN BECKER, ALVAN CHAPMAN, BETH OSBURN, LEE OILMAN, BILL BRIDGES. BUSINESS STAFF Business Director Editorial Director Production Manager Assistant Cactus Pro- duction Manager . Office Manager . Circulation Manager Bookkeeper . Assistant Bookkeeper Cashier, Classified Manager . Cactus Studio Receptionist Advertising Manager Mail Clerks . Switchboard Operator Reference Department CAL NEWTON HARRELL LEE FRANKIE MAE WELBORN BETTY BRUCE BAUMAN MARY ARNOLD KENNETH ROBERTS CHARLES CHURCH BOB ANDREWS MARGUERITE MIRAGLIA DONNA MIRAGLIA F. R. MOERKE (RICHARD MOORE RICHARD JONES MARGUERITE BASQUETTE ELVA HILL F. R. MOERKE FRANKIE WELBORN Kenneth Roberts, Elva Hill, Marguerite Mi- raglia, Donna Miratrlia. Mary Arnold. Bob Andrews, Charles Church. ADVERTISING ASSISTANTS Charles Adair. George Carlisle, Leonard Hippchen, Joe Tucker. Wilford Touhy, Don Lee, Bob Van Voorhis, Tom Callow, Hal Copeland, Harvie Chapman, Lee Jones, Jim Lehman, Marjorie Field, Harold Branson, Bill Dunagan, Charles King. PAGE 519 THE 1951 CACTUS SECTION EDITORS Administrative Athletics Clubs .... Dormitories and Co-Ops Features .... Fine Arts Fraternities . Honoraries [J u FRANCES SMITH OHN GOODMAN IM TEMPLETON BESSIE MEEK CAROLYN WOODRUFF JACKI CULBERTSON PAT CATER CHARLES PISTOR SHIRLEY VAN WORMER Honorary and Service Organizations ANGELICA STRASSMANN BETH OSBURN, Editor-in-Chief Cactus staffers collaborate over the intricacies of typing copy and planning layouts. They are Earl Caldwell, Julie Lockman, Gene My- rick, Louise Freedman, Charles Pistor, Shirley Van Wormer, Jacki Culbertson, Frances Smith, and Jim Templeton. Joyce Milton and Jackie Keaslcr cheerfully browse through old Cactuses while other associate section editors, Lanelle Brooks, Sarah Jane Weeks, Owen Hamrick, Janet Jacobs, and Charles Russell look on. Index .... Men ' s Intramurals Military .... Publications . Religious Organizations Sororities Student Government . Women ' . ' Intramurals PAGE 520 JEAN KELLNER SID MARTEL GENE MYRICK BETTY McBRAYER EARL CALDWELL LOUISE FREEDMAN ROBERT POLUNSKY ELOISE MOORE THE 1951 CACTUS ASSISTANT SECTION EDITORS Administration JOANNA GENTRY Athletics SIMON RUBIN SKY Clubs JACKIE KEASLER, DON FLETCHER Dormitories and Co-Ops. . .LANELLE BROOKS Features CHARLES RUSSELL Fine Arts NANCY STEVES Fraternities OWEN HAMRICK Honoraries JANET JACOBS Sororities JOYCE MILTON Women ' s Intrarnurals. . .SARAH JANE WEEKS The Cactus this year has undergone a number of changes to bring it up to date with current trends in campus life. The general arrangement of the book has been revised to correlate activities directly concerning the 10 schools in the University with the class pictures of that school. Features were carefully planned to provide a more complete picture of all campus activities and are directly co-ordinated with each sub-division. The Outstanding Students this year were the unanimous choice of a panel of judges consisting of Dean of Men Jack Holland, Dean of Women Dorothy Gebauer, Student President Lloyd Hand, Texan Editor Ronnie Dugger, and Cactus Editor Beth Osburn. Goodfellows were also chosen on the basis of fine character, campus activities, and specific contributions to the University. Blubonnet Belles were in- terviewed by a large panel of judges which included members of the Cactus staff, and Dean Jack Hol- land, Dean William Blunk, I J)taric,do yourtmmbiriuhinl Ray Peeler, Jackie Farris, Mac Bintliff, Sterling Steves, Charlie Trimble, A i Lloyd Hand, Bubba Shands, and Jane Carlisle. The top 60 nominees appeared in the Round-Up revue and . from these were chosen the six Belles and 20 finalists. Betty Bruce Bauman, Associate Editor Industrious Cactus section editors slave away to meet those deadlines. They are (standing) Betty McBrayer, M. D. Cohn. Robert Polunsky; (seated) Eloise Moore, Angle Strass- mann, Jean Kellner, Carolyn Wood- ruff, Pat Cater, Bessie Meek. HAD . - t . T .i j HE- IC JS Outstanding workers included Nancy Steves, Dan Chandler, Barbara Beard, Elmo Hale, Barbara Cline, Kathryn Boyd, Margaret Petty, Sid Martel. Elizabeth 1- it-Id. Doris Alsmeyer Barbara Beard Frances Berryman Suzanne Beyer Betty Blake Kathryn Boyd Beverly Brand Dan Chandler Barbara Cline STAFF ASSISTANTS Nancy Earle Kenneth Easthridgc Elizabeth Field Elmo Hale Bruce Hallmark Barbara Leonard Leva McFarland Patricia Martin Frances Navratil Katherine Newnam Margaret Petty Lurline Smith Nancy Steves Otis Rhea Schmidt David Silvers Bert Tippit Kay Tutt Robert Walker Bette Lou Wolcns PACE 521 THE DAILY TEXAN STAFF Fall RONNIE DUGGER . CHARLES TRIMBLE BOB SADLER JIM BOB GALLAWAY CHARLIE LEWIS ESTES JONES JAMES RECH . Editor . Associate Editor . Editorial Assistants Amusements Editor Sports Editor Spring CHARLES TRIMBLE Russ KERSTEN (ANN COURTER (JiM BOB GALLAWAY ESTES JONES KEN TOOLEY Ronnie Dugger served as editor-in-chief un- til March 15 when he resigned to work on his thesis. Texan staffers in high gear edit- ing copy are Flo Cox, Marian Pendergrass, James Rech, Night Supervisor Pearl Ghormley, Watts Davis, Bruce Roche, Jim Cockrum, and Ann Courier. Jim Bob Galloway, Bob Sadler, Fairfax Smith, Tom Toney, and Estes Jones relax for a moment before the Texan office. KELLY CROZIER . BRUCE ROCHE ANNA DYE TOM TONEY . FAIRFAX SMITH CLAUDE VILLARREAL . FLO Cox . NOLAN BORDEN BILL BATES ANN COURTER RUTH ANN HERBSLEB PAGE 522 Associate Sports Editor . Intramurals Co-ordinator Girls Intramurals Telegraph Editor Society Editor Book Editor Church Editor . Photographer Cartoonist .... Organizations Editor Feature Editor BRUCE ROCHE JEFF HANCOCK (BETTY SEGAL {GAVE SANFORD TOM TONEY FAIRFAX SMITH ANN COURTER JOHNNIE HUMAN- NOLAN BORDEN BILL BATES THE DAILY TEXAN The Daily Texan, under the leadership of Ron- nie Bugger, entered its fifty-first year of publication with larger news coverage than ever before. A special capitol staff was appointed to report the progress of the Texas Legislature, and on the date of the opening session the entire issue of the Texan was devoted to interpretation of legislative powers and the probable course of action for the year. Other new staff offices created to expand the interest range of the paper included an intramurals co-ordinator, a feature editor, and a club co-ordi- nator. Duties of the church editor were enlarged beyond mere listing of Sunday sermons to include thought-provoking interviews with University min- isters on current problems and viewpoints in con- temporary thelogy. Continuing to offer the University community a year-round schedule of news, entertainment, humor, and intellectual stimulation; the Texan stood edi- torially for greater student interest and participation in the Student Assembly. Charles Trimble served as associate editor of the Texan until March when he took over the duties of editor-in- chief. Hardworking Texan staffers pause a minute before putting the final touches on tomorrow ' s Texan. Seated: Russ Kersten, Claude Villareal, Olan Brewer, Bill Jenkins. Standing: Betty Cardwell, Jean Lipscomb, Pearl Chormley, June Fitzgerald, Mary Ann Beaumier. Russ Kersten was ap- pointed associate editor of the Texan in March. Fall Olan Brewer June Fitzgerald Charlie Lewis Jean Lipscomb Marian Pendergrass Claude Villarreal Fall Mary Ann Beaumier Betty Cardwell Jim Cockrum Watts Davis Bill Jenkins Russ Kersten NEWS EDITORS Ken Tooley, Jennilu Kelly, Ron- nie Dugger, Johnnie Human and Simon Rubinsky confer in Ron- nie ' s office. Spring Mary Ann Beaumier Olan Brewer Warren Burkett Jim Cockrum June Fitzgerald Marian Pendergrass Claude Villarreal NIGHT EDITORS Spring Beity Cardwell Marjorie Clapp Flo Cox Kelly Crozier Jennilu Kelly Simon Rubinsky PAGE 523 Bill Bridges, Ranger Editor, looks to the Muse for guidance in fitting type to pages. TEXAS RANGER Once a month the Texas Ranger, campus humor magazine, hits the Forty Acres. The hearty laughs you hear around are ample proof that the jokes, cartoons, and feature stories con- tained therein have quite an appreciative student audience. The covers, which range in color from chartreuse to sunset- pink, are enlivened by unique mixtures of art and pictures of curvaceous campus beauties. Also included in each issue is a supply of Rangerettes, tips on where to dine and dance, and interviews with campus celebrities. Good-natured Bill Bridges edited the Ranger this year, assisted by Rowland Wilson who lent his talents to art and lay- out planning. Marjorie Clapp handled the feature story angle; while numerous staff members and writer contributors rounded up humorous and enlightening tidbits of campus jokes and news for this lively publication. Marjorie Clapp, Managing Editor, thinks up another feature story. Absorbed in their latest creation are (first row) Bruce Roche, Robert Benton, Barbara Ruben- stein, C. C. Eckhoff; (second row) Bobby Jones, Marjorie Clapp, Rowland Wilson, Bill Bridges. - : . Mm H im Stt PACK 524 TEXAS RANGER STAFF Editor W. E. (BILL) BRIDGES Associate Editor ROWLAND WILSON Managing Editor MARJORIE CLAPP Humor Editor BOBBY JONES Cartoon Editor ROBERT BENTON Picture Editor NOLAN BORDEN Sports Editor BRUCE ROCHE Art Editor C. W. NELSON Fashion Editor C. C. ECKHOFF, JR. Feature Editor BARBARA RUBENSTEIN Exchange Editor JENNILU KELLY t STEVE HENRY Staff Artists ALLAN THOMPSON ( JEFF MILLER {MARVIN SIGEL NANCY HOUXWEIX MAURINE MITCHELL KELLY CROZIER Staff Writers SIMON RUBINSKY VAN KIRKPATRICK Writer Contributors . } RAY ALFORD BILL CASEY Fiction Editor ANN COURTER Publicity Circulation KENNETH RORERTS A i ,- P , I DON LEE Advertising Salesmen ROBERT W. VAN VOORHIS Rowland Wilson, Associate Editor, creates another " Hairy Ranger. " A typical, talented Ranger team at work are (first row) Jennilu Kelly, Ann Courier, Maurine Mitchell, Simon Rubinsky, (sec- ond row) Sherman Allan Thompson, Mar- vin Sigel, Jeff Miller, Van Kirkpatrick, Noland Borden, Don Lee. Here ' s to ya as Ranger Staffers whoop it up with the pause that refreshes. PAGE 525 CACTUS BANQUET The Belles! Doris, Shalmir, Ruth, Greta, Jill, and Lucianne pose with escorts Bob Polunsky, Sid Martell, Bill Dunagan, Gene Myrick, Robert Walker, and Don Fletcher. A view of the banquet. Outstanding First- Year Worker Charles Russell receives his key from the Editor. And a good time was had by all. At the head table were Mr. and Mrs. Cal Newton, Cactus Editor Beth Osburn, Earl Caldwell, Dr. and Mrs. DeWitt Red- dick, and Cactus Production Manager Frankie Welborn. 3r f Ill 1 % PAGE 527 W. PAGE KEETON, Dean of the School of Law Dean Keeton, BA, LLB, SJD, is particularly interested in cases on torts. He has written fifteen articles concerning this sub- ject that have been published in the Texas Law Review. The Dean ' s hobbies include fishing, tennis, and gardening. LEON GREEN Dr. Green received his law degree from the University, his MA at Yale, and a Ph.D. from the University of Louisiana. He has written several books on torts. When not busy with his family or teaching, Dr. Green likes to play golf and draw plans for houses. Don Guinn, Charles Robinson, and Rush Moody have found the Student Assembly an interesting workshop for law students. ROBERT STAYTON Mr. Stayton, called " Judge " by all who know him, practiced law in both San Antonio and Corpus Christi prior to his work at the University. Mr. Stayton, publisher of Texas Form Book, and author of Method of Practice, received his BA and LLB degrees from the University in 1907 and 1927 respectively. PAGE 528 CHARLES T. McCORMICK Professor McCormick, BA, University of Texas, LLB, Harvard, teaches such courses as evidence, contracts, and federal courts in the School of Law. His main interest, damages, furnished the subject matter for a textbook he wrote. The law professor enjoys reading, movies, and bridge in his spare time. GEORGE WILFRED STUMBERG Professor Stumberg served in the American Em- bassy in Paris after World War I and during World War II he was a member of the board of Economic Welfare. The professor has made an intensive study of juvenile delinquency and in 1941 was appointed to the Committee on Child Welfare of the Texas State Bar Association. He is also head of the com- mittee on Selected Articles on Conflict of Laws. EDWARD W. BAILEY Dr. Bailey, professor of law at the University, has done a great deal of outstanding work. He was a member of the Special Revisions Committee of the Texas Corporation statutes. Dr. Bailey teaches courses in corporations, and trusts and estates. PAOE 529 A group of German lawyers spent a few days at the Law School. The Peregrinus staff: Bert Hooper, Jack Jackson, James House, Tom Lykos, Connell Ashley, Charles Robinson, Kenneth Stephenson, Kenneth Roberts. The Law School Honor Council : Crawford Kerr, Jerry Walker, Aaron Swartz, David Greenberg, David Ball, Jack Roach. Three distinguished law students: Rafael Flores, Earnest Langley, and George Gilkerson. The Law Library is a popular spot. A session in the Moot Court. PAGE 530 SENIORS ' ANDERSON, ROBERT E., Austin Law, AA BERRY, THOMAS EUGENE, Austin Law, Business Administration, AKE, A f , AJI, " frHS, Cowboys, Texas Law Review, T Association, Interfraternity Council, Texas Aquatic Club, Rally Committee BONNER, STAYTON MONTGOMERY, Wichita Falls Law, Business Administration, I ' A, " tA , Texas Law Review BULLARD, WILLIAM CARL, Houston Law, KA CUNNINGHAM, JOE BRUCE, Big Spring Law, ATA, A I , Friars. Cowboys, YMCA. Goodfellow, Outstanding Student Round-Up. Big Spring Club, West Texas Club, Mike Flynn Award DAVIS, LOUIS COLBERT, Houston Law FANSLER, CHARLES N., JR., Laredo Law, KT. AA FAULK, WILLIAM ABNEY, Brownsville Law, AXA, Bar Association, Rio Grande Valley Club GOLDSTEIN, CHARLES J., Houston Law. Rusk, Varsity Debate. Bar Association, Honor Council, Peregrinus, Arnold Air Society HODGES, LELAND ALLEN, Fort Worth Law, BSn, AA, Silver Spurs, Athenaeum Society, Interfraternity Council JACKSON, JACK A., Rkhland Springs Law, Accounting, f AA, Peregrinus JOHNSON, JACK GRAY, Rosenberg Law, A . HZ, Tejas Club, Texas Law Review, Silver Spurs, NROTC, Outstanding Student KAUFMAN, JACK HAMMER, San Antonio Law, -tSA LANGLEY, EARNEST LEE, Sweetwater Law, A , Texas Law Review Editor, Chancellors, Quizmaster LOVELACE, JOHN HENRY, Waco Law, KA, f AA, Honor Council MILLER, KLEBER CLAUDE, JR., Austin Law, ATA, AZP, Athenaeum, Oratorical Association, Austin Club, Attorney-General, Cowboys MONTGOMERY, JAMES TALIAFERRO, Wichita Falls Law, Business Administration, 4FA MONZINGO, CLOY DENSON, Henderson Law, 4A4 , Texas Law Review, Wesley Foundation PEELER, RAY DOSS, JR., Law Law, Plan II, -H ' A, J BK, +AA, Cowboys, Disciple Student Fellowship ROBERTS, KENNETH, Austin La.v, Business Administration, A " f , Rusk, Oratorical Association, Temple Club, Intramural Debate, Daily Texan, Ranger, Peregrinus, Moot Court ROBINSON, CHARLES BRICE, Palestine Law, Business Administration, B01T, Bar Association, Assembly, Glee Club SMITH, PAUL HEERMANS, El Paso Law, Business Administration, 4 1 ' A, fH2, fA t , Associate Justice Student Court, Texas Law Review, Silver Spurs TURNER, JOHN WALLACE, Kilgore Law, 4 AA WALDRON, ARTHUR BURCH, Fort Worth Law, B0n, nSA, AA, Prc-Law Society, Fort Worth Club WHITE, WILLIAM BYRON, Como Law. KT. II1A. AA, Chancellors, Texas Law Review, Assembly, Student Court, Quizmaster, Bar Association, Honor Council P OE 531 SECOND -YEAR LAWS Abbey, Fred F., Beaumont Campbell, Clifford Gene, Nacogdoches Dalby, B. Jean, Austin German, Robert Kenneth, Dallas Kerr, Billy Ray, Baytown Odom, Earnest William (Dub), Corpus Christi Pope, Frank Starr, Jr., Corpus Christi Robinson, Roger F., Jr., Raymondville Roddy, Charles Nelson, Corpus Christi Squyres, Weldon Jeffrey, Tyler Wheat, Josiah, Woodville FIRST- YEAR LAWS Blumenthul, Robert Louis, Houston Boswell, Harold J., Austin Boyd, Dean LeRoy, Fort Worth Burns, Marvin Wayne, Ackerly Byrd, William W., Nacogdoches Clark, William B., Austin Cobb, George W., Houston Cook, Jake C., Fort Worth Dominey, Doyalton Dan, Groveton Eastland, Donald, Hillsboro Griffith, Thomas Nicholas, Dallas Hamilton, Robert W., Jr., Midland Hart, William Everett, Athens Hopkins, Wallace K., Denton Hopson, Jerry Lynn, Amarillo Iloyt, Clyde Ellsworth, Jr., San Angelo Keathley, Bryan O ' Neill, Houston King, Allan C., Houston Kinsel, Jay Frank, Beaumont Lundelius, Charles R., Round Rock McCauley, Charles Kennedy, Corpus Christi Martin, William Crary, Jr., Phillips Mathews, Jack Blanton, San Angustine Moeller, William F., San Marcos Peter, Arnold Edward, Jr., Mercedes Queen, Nolan, Jr., Weatherford Ratliff, Robert H., Jr., Colorado City Ridgeway, William Emerson, Houston Robertson, James W., Colorado City Robinett, Richard Lee, Amarillo Slay, Frank Conley, Jr., Dallas Smith, Hugh James, Victoria Smyth, George Washington, Jr., San Antonio Sunkel, Lawrence Andrew, Jr., Dallas Thornton, Raymond H., Jr., Sheridan, Ark. Tonroy, Charlotte Anne, Corpus Christi Turk, Jack, Houston Underwood, Jack Lee, El Paso Wallace, Allen C., Jr., Corpus Christi Ward, John Allen, Sonora Wright, Thomas B., Bonham Zbranek, J. C., Hull-Dasietta PAGE 532 KAPPA BETA PI INTERNATIONAL HONORARY LAW FRATERNITY FOREWOMEN Founded: Kent College of Law, 1908 Eta Chapter, 1916 - OFFICERS EH WELTA FAYE LOYD BILLIE JEAN DALBY ULTY MEMBER jg- Helen Hargrave ASSOCIATE Mrs. W; Page Keeton Bj - Mrs. Jack Proctor , 25 - - " Mis. Millard Ruud ' -%- . s-- { , . LINGER I I AX POTTHOFF Doris Ehlinser Anderson Edna CisneroS Billie Louise Kirfc Diana Klcyfisch ' elta Favi- l.oyd Beverly Jean PotthofT Charlotte Tonroy Manila Lou ( l ' ,v; F . 533 EDITORIAL BOARD Front Row: George Owens, Earnest Langley, Wiley Anderson. Second Row: Rafael Flpres, Wayne Thomas, Tad Smith, James Wilson, John Aber- crombie, Bill White, John Roach. TEXAS LAW REVIEW EDITORIAL STAFF Fall Editor-in-Chief Comment Editor Note Editor Book Review Editor Legislation Editor . Editor-in-Chief Comment Editor Note Editor Book Review Editor Legislation Editor . Spring EARNEST L. LANGLEY GEORGE W. OWENS WILEY N. ANDERSON, JR. JAMES W. WILSON JOHN B. ABERCROMBIE EARNEST L. LANGLEY GEORGE W. OWENS TAD R. SMITH JAMES W. WILSON RAFAEL H. FLORES ASSOCIATE NOTE EDITORS Rafael H. Flores Tad R. Smith Wayne E. Thomas William B. White Omar Don Crites., Jr. Henry G. Dalehite Thomas J. Mitchell Edmund R. Yates Associate Editor Faculty Advisor Associate Editor Faculty Advisor Fall Spring JOHN L. ROACH WILLIAM F. FRITZ JOHN L. ROACH WILLIAM F. FRITZ Thomas B. Black Goodman L. Caplan Richard T. Churchill William H. Benners Stayton M. Bonner William T. Chumney, Jr. Jean Dalby James A. Doherty Allan C. Durham David L. Greenberg EDITORIAL BOARD Jack C. Hazlewood Johnny Saleh Ernest C. Hurst Lewis A. Schiller Israel Lerner Cecil L. Smith James R. Meyers Dan T. Sorrells CANDIDATES FOR Will A. Hadden Clayton P. Milliard Jack G. Johnson Rollie Koppel Andrew K. McColpin Jackie L. McMicken William W. Mason EDITORIAL BOARD Miller W. Meredith Clarence C. Meyer Richard C. Milstcad Cloy D. Monzingo Willis D. Moore Alvin M. Owsley, Jr. Jerome H. Parker, Jr. Richard L. Stone Harry K. Wright Harold W. Young F. Starr Pope Roy R. Ray Carl R. Runge, Jr. Paul H. Smith Joseph M. Stool Robert E. Thornton Edward P. Woodruff Robert L. Woodward Front Row: Roach. Stone, White, Dalby, Owens, Langley, Tom Berry, Churchill, Thomas, Saleh, Koppel. Second Row: Owsley, Chumney, Jr., Monzingo, Milliard, Sorrells, Yates, Mitchell, Smith. Johnson. Third Row: Doherty, Stool, Flores, T. Smith, P. Smith, Milstead, Dalehite, Anderson, Thornton, McColpin. Fourth Row: Joe Meroney, Schiller, Pope, Jr., Wright, Hazlewood, Ray, Jr., Durham, Woodruff, McMicken, Crites, Moore, Parker, Jr., Young, James Jacobs. PACE 534 L I B R A R Y S c I E N C E PAGE 535 ESTHER LA VERNE STALLMANN ROBERT RAY DOUGLASS Director, School of Library Science Dr. Douglass was appointed director of the Graduate School of Library Science in the spring of 1948 when that school first came into existence. A native of Alabama and a graduate of the University of Alabama, Dr. Douglass has had extensive training in the library field. He has taught in Kansas, Georgia, and Texas. For four years he was librarian in the New Mexico Military Institute and later taught at North Texas State College. Dr. Douglass holds degrees from Colorado State College, Peabody Library School (of which he became director) and the University of Chicago. He is a member of the executive board of the Association of American Library Schools. The organization and administration of public library service is the field in which Miss Stallmann, former head of the library science school at Albany State Teachers College, is most inter- ested. Miss Stallmann, who began teaching at the University in 1949, obtained her PhD from the graduate library school at the University of Chicago. EDWARD JUDSON HUMESTON, JR. Dr. Humeston, a Philadelphian by birth, has been on the staff of the library school since its establishment. The courses he teaches are largely cultural while his special interest lies in college and university libraries. The professor, father of three children, received an AB degree from Hamilton College, an MA and PhD from Princeton, and a BSNLS from Peabody College. Looking over the recsnt arrivals in the library -., " At Hum ' :. ' : " ' ' ' ' .:. . : : I " PAGE 537 HENRY MATTHEW BURLAGE, Dean of the College of Pharmacy Dr. Burlage came to the University in 1947, then newly ap- pointed Dean of the College of Pharmacy. Prior to that time he served on the faculty at Purdue University and the University of North Carolina. A Phi Beta Kappa, the Dean is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Pharmacy Association, the Chemical Association of University Professors and six other honorary and professional organizations. Elected in the fall of 1950, Bob Gude and Jack Pippin have served on the Student Assembly as representatives from the College of Pharmacy. CARL CLARENCE ALBERS Professor Albers maintains an unusual hobby a pharmaceutical garden which includes more than two dozen varieties of plants. One of these plants is used in the production of synthetic diamonds, while another, a peppermint weed, is employed in making oils. The professor of phar- macognosy is sponsor of the American Pharmaceutical Association and is very active in the Lutheran Church. WILLIAM FRANCIS GIDLEY Dr. Gidley, former Dean of the College of Pharmacy, specializes in the study of poisons. His name appears among the out- standing pharmacists of the nation in the U. S. Pharmacopoeia. He is a member of various national pharmacy associations, as well as a number of honorary and profes- sional groups. CHARLES OWEN WILSON Dr. Wilson, who describes his favorite pastimes as fishing, swimming, hunting, and just being with the family, is the author and publisher of a book, Organic Chemistry in Pharmacy. The instructor in pharmacy is Director of Research under a grant from Parke-Davis and Co. and an- other under Leederle Laboratories, Inc. SENIORS L AGUILAR, CARLOS M., El Paso Pharmacy, Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Longhorn Pharmacy Staff, American Pharmaceutical Association, A lba Club BAZALDUA, RICARDO A., Laredo Pharmacy, Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Laredo Club BERAN, TAMES FRANKLIN, Caldwell Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Texas Pharmaceutical Association BEVILACQUA, SAM, JR., Beaumont Pharmacy, Texas Pharmaceutical Association, American Pharmaceutical Association BOSQUEZ, ROBERTO, Robstown Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Alba Club, Longhorn Pharmacist Staff BRENNAN, CLYDE MIKE, Laredo Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Laredo Club, Longhorn Amateur Radio Club BROWN, GEORGE BRUCE, Tenaha Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Texas Pharmaceutical BROWN, WARREN CORDER, Timpson Pharmacy, Texas Pharmaceutical Association, American Pharmaceutical Association BURKETT, DONALD L., Austin Pharmacy. H, PX, K , American Pharmaceutical Association, Texas Pharmaceutical Association DAVIS, ALDA LOIS LARSON, Austin Pharmacy, 4 M, American Pharmaceutical Association, Texas Pharmaceutical Association EDWARDS, BILLY CHARLES, Tulia Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Wesley Foundation. Glee Club, Longhorn Pharmacist Staff GASSAWAY, TURNER FORD, Elm Mott Pharmacy, SX GORENA, ADAN LUIS, JR. Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Longhorn Pharmacist Staff GREENSLADE, DAVE WENDEL, Kaufman Pharmacy, K k. Texas Pharmaceutical Association, American Pharmaceutical Association HANRETTA, ALLAN GENE, Austin Pharmacy, K -, Scabbard and Blade, Varsity Tennis HARKRIDER, SUSAN, Center Pharmacy, KE, American Pharmaceutical Association, Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor HARPER, BEN, Brownwood Pharmacy, ZN, Texas Pharmaceutical Association, American Pharmaceutical Association HAUSER, GEORGE HENRY, JR., New Orleans, La. Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Texas Pharmaceutical Asodation HEINTSCHEL, JOE F., Baytown Pharmacy, Texas Pharmaceutical Association, American Pharmaceutical Association, Tri-C-ties Club HENDERSON, GERALD L., Austin Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Texas Pharmaceutical Association HUBENAK, DANIEL STEPHEN, El Gampo Pharmacy , K , PX, MICA, Newman Club, Texas Pharmaceutical Association. American Pharmaceutical Association, Czech Club HUDLER, ROBERT L., Victoria Pharmacy, X [ , Texas Pharmaceutical Association, American Pharmaceutical Association KEATING, THOMAS EDWARD, Fort Worth Pharmacy, K . Lonrhorn Pharmacist Staff, American Pharmaceutical Association. Texas Pharmaceutical Association LAMEY, HOMER AUSTIN, Galveston Pharmacy, Alba Club,. Texas Pharmaceutical Association, American Pharmaceutical Association, Galveston Club MOORE, ROBERT EDWIN, La Grange Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association. Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Newman Club NEEL, JACK TAYLOR, Hico Pharmacy, AFROTC. Rangers ORTIZ, RICHARD, San Antonio Pharmacy, Alba Club, MICA, American Pharmaceutical Association. Texas Pharmaceutical Association, ROTC, Ranger Rifle Team, Lonshorn Pharmacist Staff PIPPIN, JACK, Munday Pharmacy. K , Assembly, Texas Pharmaceutical Association, American Pharmaceutical Association RILEY, JASON JACKSON, JR., Doucette Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Texas Pharmaceutical Association SACARIS, JOHNNIE, Baytown Pharmacy. K . FA, Tri-Cities Club, Intramurals SERRETT, JOHN LESLIE, Hamburg, Ark. Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Texas Pharmaceutical Association SHOUSE, MELVIN L., Booker Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Texas Pharmaceutical Association STARK, THOMAS J., JR., Comanche Pharmacy. A M?. Glee Club, American Pharmaceutical Association SWINDLE, PAUL B., JR., Austin Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Texas Pharmaceutical Association WALLING, DANIEL D., Grapeland Pharmacy, MICA, Swing and Turn, American Pharmaceutical Association. Texas Pharmaceutical Association WATSON, N. JEAN, Austin Pharmacy, KE, Austin Club, Cap and Gown, American Pharmaceutical Association, Texas Pharmaceutical Association WHITWORTH, RANDOLPH HOWARD, Robstown Pharmacy, K ' . American Pharmaceutical Association, Texas Pharmaceutical Association WILLIAMS, DORTHY M. SORGEN, Burnet Pharmacy, KE, American Pharmaceutical Association, Texas Pharmaceutical Association WOOD, SAMUEL GORDON, Killeen Pharmacy WYATT, WILLIAM B., Tyler Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Texas Pharmaceutical Association YARRITU, RELIO AUGUSTIN, Weslaco Pharmacy, Kf, H2. MICA, Alba Club, Rio Grande Valley Club, Longhorn Pharmacist Staff, Texas Pharmaceutical Association, American Pharmaceutical Association JUNIORS Altwein, Virgil C., Baytown Arthur, Jennie Ann, Pecos Bartos, Leonard Frank, La Grange Cooper, Carroll Clinton, Slaton Fordtran, Robert Lee, Bishop Hale, Manza Lewis, Uvalde Jindrich, Warren J., San Antonio Krause, Clarence Edwin, Carmine Leach, James Roy, Valleyview Lennon, Betty Dean, Cisco McGrew, Lloyd Dean, Cisco Merkley, Jackie, Texas City Poe, Billy J., Ballinger Sabrusula, Herman D., Wallis Stone, Noah Wilson, Post SOPHOMORES Barrera, Jose S., Laredo Blackwell, M. Charles, Raymondville Blaschke, Kenneth Earl, Schulenburg Christie, William J., Wharton Clifton, Don B., Baytown Collins, John Frank, Jr., Eastland Falcon, J. Lesvia, Falfurrias Gee, Billy Bob, Osceola Gonzalez, Homer Agusto, Corpus Christi Greenwood, John Murray, Jr., Pearsall Gwinner, Maurice Dolan, Daytona Beach, Fla. Jones, H. Grady, Kilgore Leopold, Christian G., Jr., San Antonio Mebane, Morris H., Bryan Pennington, Marion Glenn, Stinnett Sanov, Lorraine, Gladewater Singerman, Joseph Meyer, New Orleans, La. Sonnenberg, Milton E., Malone Taylor, Charles Edward, El Campo Vela, Cesar A., Lopeno Woods, Seborn Enloe, Kirbyville FRESHMEN Bankston, Charles Allen, Port Arthur Bird, Rita Marie, Schwertner Bothwell, Martin Ehrfried, Harlingen Carrillo, Gabino M., San Antonio Dabney, Patsy Ruth, Rogers DeLaRosa, Raul, Corpus Christi Fernandez, Albert M., Brownsville Greenwood, James L., Navasota Huitt, James Frederick, Bay City Kidwell, James Richard, Corpus Christi Minsky, Donald, Dallas Parker, Luther R., Dallas Patterson, Robert G., McGregor Sherman, Helen Mary-Ann, San Antonio PACE 540 KAPPA EPSILON HONORARY PHARMACEUTICAL FRATERNITY FQR WOMEN Founded : Iowa City, Iowa r nfc Xi Chapter, 1943 ' Treasurer . Sponsor " " . Faculty Adriso ARKRIC AT SON T . n . . . j- g | BHHBIVALLAr.K GfES T? ? ' FACULTY MEMBER Esther Jane Wood " Susan Haikridcr Bettv Dean Lenno Jackie Merkley ris Pace Lorraine Sanov JM Lady (iracelyn Thornton Nadine Jean Watson Dorthy Mae Williams SPRING INITIATES eannie Ann Arthur Esther Jane Wood Hall Ha el O. Maultsbv MlteJ vVl Sylvia Ann Trundle ' PACE 541 AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION f A JF . Front Row: Key, Edwards, Shipman, Serett, Watson, Harkrider, Elizondo, Evans, Riley, Wyatt, Aguilar, Barksdale. Second Row: Raschke, Hauser, Hubenak, Harper, A. Davis, D. Williams, Shouse, Beran, Lloyd, Steenken. Third Row: Stroman. Mumme, Schindler, Muckleroy, Whitworth, McAfee, Meredith, Garza, Ortiz. Fourth Row: Fomby Bevilacqua, Lane, Cammack, Heintschel, Mandrona, Canales, Bosquez. Fifth Row: Bertrand, Slaughter, E. Anderson, Shadoin, Burkett, P, Dunlap, Moore, W. Brown, Lamey, Henderson, Wood. OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer Faculty Sponsors DONALD L. BURKETT GEORGE HENRY HAUSER, JR. NADINE JEAN WATSON SUSAN HARKRIDER (WILLIAM REESE LLOYD WALLACE GUESS Carlos M. Aguilar Edward L. Anderson William Leslie Anderson, Jr. Eugene Stevens Baker H. LaRue Baker Joe F. Barksdale James F. Beran James William Bertrand Sam Bevilacqua, Jr. Rita M. Bird Fred Charles Boepple, Jr. Roberto Bosquez William Broder George B. Brown Warren C. Brown Donald L. Burkett Rodney L. Byars James M. Cammack Frank E. Canales, Jr. John M. Carson Aubrey L. Carter, Jr. Bill R. Carter Jim T. Collier Patsy Ruth Dabney Burl B. Daniel Frank H. Dannelley James E. Davidson Alda Lois Larson Davis Billy D. Davis Betty Lou Duke Arthur H. Dunlap Perry T. Dunlap, Jr. Billy C. Edwards Philip T. Eichelberger Concepcion Elizondo Bob Ellis Lester D. Euers Bonnie Lorene Evans C. Bill Ewing MEMBERS James Perry Fields Kenneth C. Fomby Walter A. Ford Victor J. Fraley Major L. Friedrich Fernando Fuentes Jerry Fuienwider Sammy Galvan Judith A. Garcia Thomas Garrett Baidemar Garza Robert Oswald Girndt Alfredo D. Gonzalez Jose Angel Gonzalez Norbert Gonzalez Pete Gonzalez, Jr. Baxter D. Greer, Jr. Arnold L. Grimes Maurice Gwinner Paul B. Halamicek, Jr. Wyatt W. Hall James B. Haley Frances Haney Susan Harkrider Ben Harper George Henry Hauser, Jr. Joe F. Heintschel Gerald L. Henderson Martin J. Hertko Howard Anthony Hestand, Jr. Edward Louis Hiller Elmer Walter Hilliard, Jr. Daniel Stephen Hubenak Dale Ray Hughes Tony Everett Jones Leon L. Kahanek John Roberts Key Clarence Edwin Krause George Richard Lane Homer A. Lamey Leonard Curtis LaSalle Christian Girard Leopold, Jr. Harvey E. Lindner John Taliaferro McAfee George Joseph Mandrona Benson L. Martin Billy Burk Massey Hazel Orlean Maultsby Wilburn Clyde Mercer Frank Keir Meredith Arthur Charles Miller, Jr. Frank Emerson Miller Earth Milligan Robert Edwin Moore Jose Ruben Moreno Jack Orville Morrison Paul Harris Muckleroy Alva Gerald Mumme Joe B. Nash Jack Curtis Nichols Harold David Norman Richard A. Ortiz Swetlana P awlitscheff Hugh Ellis Peace Abel Bernal Perez Robert E. Perry Leland Kenneth Presley Jacob Meyer Protas Tommy Read Rainbolt Lewis H. Ranton Raymond Douglas Raschke Robert Edison Ray, Jr. Chris S. Regas Jason Jackson Riley John G. Roaten Norma K. Robbins Wesley M. Robbins Hermilo Salinas, Jr. Donald Morgan Salyer Doris Schotte Albert John Schindler Moses H. Schimmel John Leslie Serrett Thomas Wagner Shadoin Leonard C. Shipman Melvin Lorell Shouse Ellison King Slaughter Gerald L. Smith John Henry Smith Winthrop A. Southmayd Billie Joe Stark James Gene Staton William Bennard Stavinoha Gus H. Steenken Noah Wilson Stone William Tullie Stroman Paul B. Swindle, Jr. Richard R. Teniente Lady Gracelyn Thornton Arnulfo Alvarez Vasquez Eugene Charles Volcik Daniel David Walling Ervin Daniel Ward, Jr. Nadine Jean Watson Charlotte Ann Weber Richard C. Welch Henry Abraham Werthimer Randolph Howard Whitworth Ray Hiram Wilder, Jr. Dorothy Mae Sorgen Williams Patricia Lorraine Williams William Conrad Wilson, Jr. Sam G. Wood Don Winston Woodruff William B. Wyatt Relio Augustin Yarritu Open to all pharmacy students at the University, the American Pharmaceutical Association is a group joined together to promote their common interests. PAGE 542 TEXAS PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsors BEN HARPER C. BILL EWING BONNIE LORENE EVANS DANIEL S. HUBENAK ROBERT BROWN }W. F. GIDLEY MEMBERS Oscar A. Adame Carlos Manuel Aguilar Claude Eugene Alblinger Thomas H. Alexander Edward L. Anderson William L. Anderson, Jr. Eugene S. Baker James R. Barker Joe Frank Barksdale Ricardo A. Bazaldua Jesse Levi Beall James Frank Bellos James F. Beran W. Wayne Berry James William Bertrand Sam Bevilacqua, Jr. William T. Binfprd James Robert Bingham Rita M. Bird Roberto Bosquez George Bruce Brown Warren C. Brown Donald Lee Burkett Rodney L. Byars James Marvin Cammack David S. Camp, III William Campbell Richard N. Carder, Jr. Ruben R. Castro Alvin R. L. Gate Frank I. Cooke Gladys Jean Cooner Patsy R. Dabney Frank Humphrey Dannelley " ames E. Davidson oaquin Bruno Davila Jetty Lou Dixon Arthur Harold Dunlap Robert Dean Early Billy Charles Edwards Philip Eichelberger Concepcion Elizondo Robert Lee Ellis John E. Emmitt Marvin Eugelbrecht Bonnie Lorene Evans C. Bill Ewing Donald O. Ferguson James P. Fields Kenneth C. Fomby Victor Joseph Fraley Gilbert Edward Friedson Fernando Fuentes Tony Fuentes Jerry Fulenwider Rudolph C. Garber Jesus I. Garcia Baldemar Lino Garza Turner F. Gassaway Richard James Gerth Robert O. Girndt John Thomas Godsey, Jr. Alfredo Dagoberto Gonzalez Jose Angel Gonzales Nprbert Gonzales Richard Charles Greenberg James P. Greene Dave W. Greenslade John M. Greenwood, Jr. Baxter D. D. Greer, Jr. Wallace L. Guess Billy Ray Haase Paul B. Halamicek, Jr. Manza L. Hale Francis Marion Haney Henry L. Harbrecht, Jr. Ben Harper Susan Harkrider George Heney Hauser, Jr. Joe Fred Heintschel Gerald L. Henderson Martin Hertko Howard A. Hestand Lilian M. Hielscher Charles Elliot Hill Elmer W. Milliard, Jr. Billy Jack Hogg Daniel S. Hubenak Robert L. Hudler C. M. Huggins Dale R. Hughes Tom J. Keating John Roberts Key Leroy Delbert Klump James K. W. Knott Clarence E. Krause Daniel L. Krechnyak George R. Lane Leonard C. La Salle James R. Leach Betty Dean Lennon Christian G. Leopold, Jr. Bill H. Lively William R. Lloyd John T. McAfee Jack McElmurry Billie McFaddin Lloyd Dean McGrew Billy Massey Thomas K. May Wilburn C. Mercer Frank Kerr Meredith Jackie Merkley Van M. Merrill Franklin Eugene Miller Kenneth A. Miller Marvin R. Moon Robert E. Moore Jacob R. Morgan Jack O. Morrison Paul H. Muckleroy Alva Gerald Mumme Jack Taylor Neel Charles Glenn Nixson Jerry Nobles Harold David Norman Hughel Young Odom Richard A. Ortiz Iris Pace Albert Papa Thomas Parma Hugh Peace Abel B. Perez George M. J. Pippin Billy J. Poe Robert Charles Profit Jack Protas Tommy Rainbolt Louis Ranton Ebb W. Reeves David Rhodes Jason J. Riley John Roaten Herman D. Sabrusula Hermilo Salinas Donald Salyer M. H. Schimmel Albert J. Schindler John Schrimsher John L. Serrett Thomas W. Shadoin Leonard C. Shipman Melvin Shouse Ellison K. Slaughter John Henry Smith Lamar Richard Smith Charles R. Spangler Dowrey Hartman Spencer Bill Stark William Bernard Stavinoha Gus Arlee Steenken William Tullie Stroman Paul B. Swindle Charlie Tarango Richard Teniente J. T. Terrell Edward Earl Thompson Lady Thornton James H. Tread well Arnulfo A. Vasquez Eugene Charles Volcik Eugene Lawrence Vykukal Jimmy Wallace Daniel D. Walling Ervin D. Ward Nadine Jean Watson Oscar R. White Randolph H. Whitworth Don Robert Wicmandy Ernest T. Wilder Ray H. Wilder John T. Williams Perry C. Williamson Ferdinand Ernest WSHman William Conrad Wilson, Jr. Carl F. Wolf Don W. Woodruff Seborn E. Woods William B. Wyatt Relio Augustin Yarritu TEXAS PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION is the Texas branch of a similar national organization and is open to all interested pharmacy students. Organized on this campus in 1948, it helps pharmacists in school and after graduation. .. ' - C v SIS .1 ' . .. r Front Row: Bevilacqua, Schindler, Muckleroy, Pippin, A. Gonzalez, Wilson, Harkrider, Watson, Pace, Evans, Merkley, Aguilar, Yarritu, Harper, Stroman. Second Row: Leach, Davila, W. Brown, Wyatt, Serrett, Eichelberger, Leopold, Hale, Riley, Hauser, Halamicek, Lloyd, Guess. Third Row: Walling, Key, Slaughter, Burkett, Ewing, Heintschel, G. Brown, Hubenak, Steenken, Bosquez, Moore, Henderson, Beran, Merrill. PAGE 543 fi -V C. ;p IRrStJlVFD h ' fK , . I ' I a . w ' SWING-OUT Honor guests on the stage for Swing-Out. Miss Gebauer presented the Silver Service Spur award to Jody Edmondson. Miss Georgia B. Lucas ( left ) was the donor of the award. GRADUATION A graduate ' s view of the stage with Sam Rayburn as speaker. Graduates stand as their degrees are called . . . Arts and Sciences seniors wait in line ... A sea of Mortar Boards . . . Betty Bruce Bauman and Nancy Bryant smile at the prospect of re- ceiving that long-awaited de- gree . . . Reading the pro- gram helped kill time ' til the graduation march started. r ' .:- ft . _ W j S 1 l A T G A L V E S T O N PAGE 545 ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA 1951 Maurice Adam Edmund Joseph Beck Gilmore Wooten Brown, Jr. Crawford James Daniel Ruth Ann Ericson Rex George Fuller, Jr. Ernest Ray Hudspeth Joe Coopwood Jones Robert Estill Key Harold Kleiman David Cheatham Miesch Cap H. Oliver, Jr. Herbert McClevey Seybold James Charles Thompson Derrell Conway Tipps Byron Wight Wright PAGE 546 SENIORS - CLASS OF 1951 ADAM, MAURICE, M.D., Galveston AKK, AQA, MA, Osteon BAZAN, CARLOS, JR., B.A., M.D., Laredo 6K , MA BECK, EDMUND JOSEPH, M.D., Houston P, AQA, MA, Osteon BINNEY, CHARLES, II, M.D., Galveston AKK, Osteon BLACKLOCK, DAVID MILTON, M.D., Pflugerville x BOLUCH, JOHN J., M.D., Dallas GK BRADLEY. ROY WEGLEY, M.D., San Antonio x BROOKS, EARL EDWIN, M.D., Bagwell P2, MA BROWN, GILMORE WOOTTEN, M.D., Fort Worth X, MA, AQA, Osteon BUCK, HALDOR ROBERT, M.D., Seguin AKK, MA CARTER, ROY E., JR., M.D., Houston P2 CLARK, JOHN LYMAN, JR., M.D., Houston COCHRAN, CHESTER G., B.A., M.D., Houston AKK COLEMAN, JAMES L., JR., M.D., Cameron nn DANIEL, CRAWFORD J., M.D., Granger NZN, MA EGBERT, ORVILLE EDWARD, JR., A.B., M D., El Paso Bn, Osteon ERICSON, RUTH ANN, M.D., Galveston AEI, MA FERNANDEZ, CARLOS A., M.D., El Paso 6K+ FUCHS, CARL JACOB, M.D., Caldwell hi; i FULLER, REX GEORGE, JR., M.D., Houston X, AUA GILLIAM, ROCHELL B., M.D., Galveston +PI, MA, Osteon GOHLKE, MARVIN, M.D., Weesatche NSN GORDON, GRADY COX, M.D., Frost X. MA GRANT, DAVID ALAN, M.D., Austin Bn. MA GREMMEL, GILBERT CARL, M.D., Uvalde OK GROSSMAN, ALEX, B.A., D.V.M., M.D., Houston +AE GWIN, HORACE S. B., M.D., Kingsville i X. Osteon HAGGARD, MARY ELLEN, M.D., Denison AEI, MA HARDT, STERLING M., Galveston l ' S HARMON, ROGER Q., JR., M.D., Texarkana 9K+ PAGE 547 SENIORS - CLASS OF 1951 HAYNES, CLIFFORD R., M.D., Henderson i l 2 HAYS, HARVEY, JR., M.D., Henderson X, Osteon HOLT, WILLIAM DA COSTA, B.A., M.D., Slaton 9PS HUDSPETH, ERNEST RAY, B.S., M.D., Cleburne AEI, AflA, MA HUMPHREY, THOMAS ROGER, M.D., Wichita Falls x INGRAM, ROBERT A., M.D., Galveston P JENKINS, MADDEN DOUGLAS, JR., M.D., Dallas 9K JOHANSON, MARY IRENE, M.D., Fredericksburg AEI JONES, JOE COOPWOOD, M.D., Karnes City BII, AS2A, MA KEY, ROBERT ESTILL, M.D., Fort Worth X, AOA, MA, Osteon KING, BENNY R., M.D., Galveston NZN KLEIMAN, HAROLD, M.D., Waco AE, AflA, MA KORKMAS, MAURICE VINCENT, M.D., Tyler AKK LANCASTER, EDGAR L., JR., B.S., M.D., Galveston 4 PS LANCASTERS, MINNIE LEE, M.D., Galveston AEI LANE, RALPH, M.D., San Marcos 1 X. Osteon LESHIKER, MARVIN J., M.D., Taylor LEWIS, RICHARD E., M.D., Pharr AKK LORENTZEN, WAYNE L., M.D., El Paso N2N McCABE, EDWARD PATRICK, JR., M.D., Austin AKK, Osteon McCRAY, WILLIAM E., A.B., M.D., El Paso P McCREIGHT, HENRY HALE, M.D., Anson NSN McLEROY, WILLIAM BARTO, M.D., Galveston P2, MA. Osteon, Senior Class President McMAHON, DAVID THOMPSON, JR., M.D., San Antonio BTI, MA MIESCH, DAVID C., M.D., Clarksville AKK, AOA, MA NIGLIAZZO, LUKE L., M.D., Dallas 8K+ OLIVER, CAP H., JR., M.D., Dublin NZN, ASA, MA PADGETT, JOHN W., B.A., M.D., Teague ' PEACE, DEWEY WILLIAM, JR., M.D., Kingsville PI RAPE, JOE G., B.A., B.S., M.D., San Angelo OK . MA - PAGE 548 SENIORS - CLASS OF 1951 RATHBUN, DONALD, JR., A.B., M.D., El Paso BII, Ostcon RICE, ROBERT D., B.A., M.D., Tyler PS, MA ROBBINS, JAMES L., M.D., Natalia $y ROSENTHAL, MORRIS WILLIAM, M.D., Houston AE, MA SAUNDERS, CHARLES L., JR., M.D., Port Arthur - SN, MA SCHUCHART, FAY MERLE,, M.D., San Antonio AEI, Senior Class Treasurer SEDBERRY, MILES E., JR., M.D., San Angelo XSN, MA SEYBOLD, HERBERT McCELVEY, M.D., Temple t-PS, ASA, MA SIGTENHORST, ANDRIES, M.D., Waco x SMITH, ROBERT W., M.D., Winona AKK, Osteon SMITH, WIRT WILSEY, B.S., M.D., Houston P, MA, Osteon SPEARS, JEAN WILEY, B.S., M.D., Jacksboro AKK, MA, Ostcon SPEEGLE, ROBERT E., M.D., Garland BII, Ostcon STEELE FRANKLIN BURTIS, M.D., Houston AKK, MA STEPHENSON, HENRY G., JR., B.A., B.S., M.D., Fort Worth NSN SWAFFORD, DWIGHT, M.D., Merkel NIN THOMAS, REX E., B.S., M.D., Galveston AKK THOMPSON, JAMES CHARLES, M.D., Galveston NSN, ASA, MA THOMPSON, SPENCER GWAINE, M.D., Lufkin Bn TIPPS, DERRELL CONWAY, B.A., M.D., Fort Worth X, AA TULL, H. ROBERTSON, JR., B.A., M.D., Houston X TULL, RAYMOND HENRY, JR., M.D., Abilene NZN WALKER, CHARLES R., B.A., M.D., Beaumont 1 X WALTON, WORTH WAPPLER, FRANK A., B.A., M.D., Houston x WARREN, DONALD W., B.S., M.D., Galveston PZ, Ostcon WILLIAMS, C. R. PETER, B.A., M.D., Galveston OK , MA WOODS, HERBERT SPENCER, M.D., Temple X, MA WOODSON, CLINTON ELDON, B.A., M.D., Cleveland X, MA WRIGHT, BYRON W., M.D., Alpine P2, ABA, Ostcon YEARY, ROBERT A., M.D., LaGrange PAGE 549 MU DELTA OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Treasurer . Alumnus Prefect Student Prefect Secretary , DR. CARL A. NAU DR. HYMAN W. PALEY DR. EDGAR J. POTH DR. TRUMAN G. BLOCKER MR. HERBERT M. SEYBOLD MARY ELLEN HAGGARD FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. William H. Ainsworth Dr. Ludwik Anigstein Dr. Truman G. Blocker Dr. Paul Brindley Dr. Willard R. Cooke Dr. Donald Duncan Dr. George A. Emerson STAFF Dr. Jack R. Ewalt Dr. Chester N. Frazier Dr. Raymond Gregory Dr. Wendell H. Griffith Dr. Arild E. Hansen Dr. Titus H. Harris Dr. B. M. Hendrix Dr. George R. Herrmann Dr. Clarence S. Livingood Dr. Robert M. Moore Dr. Carl A. Nau Dr. Eric Ogden Dr. E. J. Poth Dr. R. H. Rigdon Dr. Doris Jean Depenbrock Adam Dr. Homer Allen Dr. Ruth Baxter Dr. Arr Nell Boelsche RESIDENTS AND INTERNS Dr. Frances E. Davis Dr. George Hoffman Dr. Virgil M. Holland Dr. John E. Johnson Dr. Hyman W. Paley Dr. Jack L. Smith Dr. James Clifton Wright, Jr. Maurice Adam Carlos Bazan, Jr. Earl E. Brooks Gilmore Wooten Brown Haldor Robert Buck William D. Barnett Crawford Daniel Charles A. Davis Glen Drager Ruth Ann Ericson Rochell Gilliam Grady Cox Gordon David A. Grant Mary Ellen Haggard Ernest Ray Hudspeth MEMBERS Dan J. Hoerster Joe C. Jones Sid Jones Robert E. Key Harold Kleiman William B. McLeroy David McMahon, Jr. Mildred Marshall David C. Miesch Edwin R. Mickle Cap Hill Oliver, Jr. Robert J. Orrick Martha Lee Pickard John M. Prine Joe Glenn Rape Charles G. Race Robert Dean Rice James L. Robins Morris William Rosenthal Charles L. Saunders, Jr. Miles Eugene Sedberry, Jr. Herbert M. Seybold Wirt W. Smith Jean Wiley Spears Franklin Bert Steele James C. Thompson Charles J. Wilson Herbert S. Woods Clinton E. Woodson C. R. Peter Williams PACE 550 ALPHA EPSILON IOTA OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian MINNIE LEE LANCASTER Elaine Chudlcigh Caroline Duncan Ruth Ann Ericson Jean Fairwcather Ann Farrell Mary Helen Faubian MEMBERS Clotilde Garcia Mary Ellen Haggard Maxine Heinrich Ernest Ray Hudspeth Mary Johanson Minnie Lee Lancaster Mildred Marshall Jaime Jean Nickle Martha Pickard Fay Schuchart Norma Shultz Helen Steele MINNIE LEE LANCASTER RUTH ANN ERICSON FAY SCHUCHART MILDRED MARSHALL ERNEST RAY HUDSPETH MARY JOHANSON Jacqueline Terrill Ardel Vietti Marvine Weatherbee Virginia Welsh Ruth Zager Top Row: ERICSON, FARRELL, FAUBIAN. GARCIA, HAGGARD. Second Row: HUDSPETH. JOHANSON, LANCASTER, MARSHALL, MCKLE. Third Row: PICKARD, SCHUCHART, STEELE, WEATHERBEE. PACE 551 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA OFFICERS President MAURICE ADAM V ice-President . CHESTER COCHRAN Corresponding Secretary SAM COPELAND Recording Secretary EDWARD MADDOX Treasurer . PAT McKAY MAURICE ADAM Tnp Rmt: Adam, Beavan, Binney, Buck, Burns, Campbell. Chaney, Cochran, Copeland, Cowan, Cuellar, Douglas. Second Row: Floyd, Franklin, Fraser, Gootcc, Grote, Halden, Harp, Hearc, Jamison, Karbach, Kcnney, Key. Third Row: Koester, Korkmas, Legett , Leonard, Lewis, McCabe, Mclver, McKay, McKenna, Maddox, Mcisch. Fourth Rou: Meyer. Nau, Gates, Orrick, Parker, Paschal, Raine, Rapp, Ritch, Roman, Ross. Rossman. filth Roif: Short, O. Smith, R. Smith, Spears, Steele, Story, Taylor, Thomas, C. Wilson, E. Wilson, Wood. PACE 552 MEMBERS Maurice Adam Hernan Alvarez Frank Anderson Reginald Beavan Charles Binney Alton Bishop Robert Buck Richard Burgess Tom Burns Bill Campbell George Chaney John Chinn Chester Cochran Sam Copeland Seth Cowan Armando Cuellar Clifton Douglas Ben Floyd Robert Franklin Wilson Fraser Hubert Gootee Arthur Grote William Halden Bob Harp Charles Heare Harwin B. Jamison Edwin Johnson Hylmar Karbach John Kenney James Key Herman Koester Frederick Korkmas Maurice Korkmas Martin Legett Ben Leonard Richard Lewis Edward McCabc Robert Mclver Pat McKay John McKenna Edward Maddox David Meisch James Meyer Carl Nau, Jr. James Gates Jack Orrick Wade Park er Charles Paschal David Raine Robert Rapp Alden Ritch Bill Roman George Rose Alton Ross Bob Rossman Richard Short Otto Smith Robert Smith Jean Spears Burt Steele Fred Story Tom Taylor Rex Thomas Charles Williams Charles Wilson Emmett N. Wilson Bob Wood PAGE 553 NU SIGMA NU OFFICERS President MILES E. SEDBERRY, JR. Vice-President HENRY H. McCREiGHT Secretary J. B. ROCHELLE Treasurer DANIEL E. LAMBRECHT MILES E. SEDBERRY Top Row: Barnes, Baros, Bilsing, Birdwell, Bulgcrin, Bullard, Castleberry, Chamness, Daniel, Davis. Second Row: Durso, Ellis, Frueholtz, Garrett, Garza, Gohlke, Guy, Hoerster, Hott, Johnston. Third Ron ' : Kins, Kostohryz, Krause, Lambrecht, Larson, Lindsay, Leshikar, Lorentzen, McCreight, Miller. Fourth Row: Nicol, Oliver, Pinkston, Prewit, Purgason, Rabke, Reifslager, Rochelle, Saunders, Sedberry. Fifth Row: Stcphenson, Swafford, Terrell, Thompson, Tull, Tyson. Wagner, Womack, Yeary, Zion. PAGE 554 MEMBERS Elbert D. Barnes James A. Baros William A. Bilsing Henry Birdwell, Jr. Harold J. Bulgerin Ray E. Bullard Victor E. Castleberry Daniel E. Chamness Crawford Daniel John C. Davis Walter Dunkleburg W. Joseph Durso Paul Ellis, Jr. Frederick Frueholtz H. Kelly Garrett Harold R. Garza Marvin H. Gohlke Robert S. Guy Daniel Hoerster Nick C. Hott Sam I. Johnston Benny King Francis T. Kostohryz Robert B. Krause Daniel E. Lambrecht Arlan P. Larson Jim I. Lindsay Marvin Leshikar Wayne Lorentzen Henry H. McCreight John T. Miller, Jr. William Nicol Cap H. Oliver Al Pinkston Rex Prewit John R. Purgason Henry B. Rabke Walter Reifslager Ted A. Reuss Sidney H. Richardson J. B. Rochelle Charles L. Saunders, Jr. Franklin P. Schuster Miles E. Sedberry, Jr. Henry G. Stephenson, Jr. Dwight Swafford John Terrell James C. Thompson Raymond H. Tull, Jr. W. S. Tyson, Jr. Alfred Vogt Robert J. Wagner William T. Womack Peter Y. Wong Robert A. Yeary Tommy E. Zion PAGE 555 PHI BETA PI OFFICERS Archon . Vice-Archon Secretary Treasurer CARL J. FUCHS S. GWAIN THOMPSON HENRY C. DONES LEE ROY MATHIS CARL J. FUCHS H- I Top Row: Adams. Antonelli, Barbee, Barnett, Coleman, Dint-werth, Dones, Egbert, Emken, Fraser. Second Row: Fuchs. Goetz, Grant, Hall, Hink, Johnson, Jones, Knowlcs, Liberty, Lowrey. Third Row: McCash. McClure, McMahon, McRae, Massa, Mathis, Mickle, Mjntgomery, B. Moore, W. Moore. Fourth Row: Naborney, Nelson, Nemir, Norman, Prine, Rathbun, Rosborough, Rumbo, Schulzc, Sessums. Filth Row: Speegle, Stevens, Thompson. Vaughan, Weinert, Weishuhn, Wheel -r. Womble, Woodard, Wright. ; : W.hfll Jars fr RobmEc CntrlDl PAGE 556 THOMSON- DOSES forms MEMBERS Kenneth P. Adams John Antonelli William D. Baird Fred Barbee W. David Barnett James A. Bell Robert E. Chapman James Coleman Carter B. Davis Wallace R. Davis Frank S. Dingwerth Henry C. Dones O. E. Egbert, Jr. Roy E. Emken William J. Estrada James J. Fcrrero David B. Fraser Carl J. Fuchs W. Kelly George Paul C. Goetz David A. Grant William L. Hall Burton W. Hink Edward L. Hoot Wayne C. Johnson Joe C. Jones Joe H. Knowles Herbert G. Liberty James S. Lowrey Wray B. McCash Robert A. McCIure David T. McMahon, Jr. H. Gradey McRae, Jr. Joseph A. Massa Lee Roy Mathis Edwin Mickle Clifford L. Montgomery Ben E. Moore William T. Moore Milton S. Naborney Joseph H. Nelson Stuart S. Nemir, Jr. John R. Norman John M. Prine Donald Rathbun, Jr. J. Lawrence Reagan James Rosborough Nobel Rumbo Victor E. Schulze, Jr. John B. Sessums, Jr. William C. Smyth Wallace M. Snyder Robert E. Speegle John P. Stanford, Jr. Alexander C. Stevens Werner L. Stork S. Gwain Thompson John R. L. Vaughan Charles H. Weinert Francis Weishuhn Jim E. Wheeler Edward White Tom P. Williamson Joe D. Womble William C. Woodard Arthur G. Wright PAGE 557 PHI CHI OFFICERS Presiding Senior Presiding Junior Secretary . Treasurer . D. CONWAY TIPPS TOM STERNE STUART RIGGS REX G. FULLER D. CONWAY TIPPS Top Row: Andrews, Archer, Baines, Bennett, Berry, Blacklock, Blalock, Boone, Boren, Boring, Box. Second Row: Bradley, Bridges, Brown, Butler, Carroll, Chamberlain, Chandler, Chunn, Clark, Compton, Corbett. Third Row: Dawson, DeVito, Dunton, Forsythe, Fuller, Glass, Gordon, Gwin, Haasis, Hardin, Hardwick. Fourth Row: Harper, Hartel, Hayes, Head, Headrick, Heard, Henry, Horton, Humphrey, Hutchinson, Jackson. Fifth Row: Johnson, D. Jones, Shellie Jones, Sid Jones, Kennady, Bill Key, Bob Key, Kilgore, King, Kniker, Kuhn, Lambeth. PAGE 558 PHI CHI John Andrews John Archer L. W. Baines Phillip Bennett Joe Berry Dave Blacklock Jesse Blalock Ted Boone Darrel Boren Billy Boring Quellin Box Roy Bradley Bobby Bridges Woolen Brown Milton Butler Don Carroll Charles Chamberlain Jack Chandler Sam Chunn John L. Clark John Compton Joe Corbett Donald Dawson Louis DeVito Frank Dunton Ted Forsythe Rex G. Fuller Tom Glass Grady Gordon Shannon Gwin Lee Haasis John Hardin Billy Hardwick John Harper Charles Hartel Harvey Hayes Bill Head Charles Headrick Dick Heard James Henry Gene Horton Roger Humphrey John Hutchinson Bob Jackson Cone Johnson Dale Jones MEMBERS Shellie Jones Sid Jones Leon Keeble Don Kennady Bill Key Bob Key James Kilgore John King Ted Kniker Herbert Kuhn Charles Lambeth Ralph Lane T. C. Lewis Tom Linstrom John Locke Don Lowery Ottis McCleskey Bill McCormick Clyde McKinney Chester McShan Al Marshall Eugene Massad Herbert Melch A. E. Minyard Julian O ' Bryant Robert Periman Wayne Perrin Travis Phelps Eck Prud ' homme Charles Race Hubert Radke Wayne Ramsey Robert Ray L. E. Richey Riley Riddel Stuart Riggs Tom Risley Bill Robertson James L. Robins Al Robinson Victor Robinson John Rupel John Saunders Joe Schooler Kincy Scott Arthur Sentz Don Shultz Andries Sigtenhorst Walter Sjoberg Jack Smith Lee Spring Earl Stadler Charles Stephens Tom Sterne D. Con way Tipps Bob Trotter H. Robertson Tull John Venable Bill Wagnon Roy Wagoner Charles Walker John Walker George Walmsley Worth Walton Frank Wappler Bobby Williams Charles Wolf H. S. Woods Clinton Woodson Stanley Woodward Top Row: Lane, Lewis, Locke, Lowery, McCleskey, Mctlormick, McKinney, McShan, Marshall, Massad. Melch. Second Row: Minyard, Periman, Perrin, Phelps, Prud ' homme, Race, Radke, Ramsey, Ray, Richey. Riddel. Third Row: Riggs, Risley, Robertson, Robins, A. Robinson, V. Robinson, Rupel, Saunders, Schooler, Scott, Sentz. Fourth Rnw: Shultz. Sigtenhorst, Sjoberg, Smith, Spring, Stadler, Stephens, Sterne, Tipps, Trotter, Tull, Venable. Fifth Row: Wagnon, Wagoner, C. Walker, J. Walker, Walmsley, Walton, Wappler, Williams, Wolf, Woods, Woodson, Woodward. PAGE 559 PAGE 560 PHI DELTA EPSILON HAROLD KLEIMAN OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian HAROLD KLEIMAN HERMAN SCHULTZ IRA LEVY JEROME BYERS STANLEY SAIKIN James M. Berler Irwin Berman Stanley Berman Jerome Byers Harold E. Caplan Steve Engel Armond Goldman Alex Grossman Leonard Haber Sherwin Harris Soloman Heller MEMBERS Herbert Jacobson Harold Joachim Gerald Keilson Harold Kleiman Archie Leder Ira Levy John Mucasey Arnold Nitishin Neil Reznikov Morris Rosenthal Norman Rubin Stanley Saikin Herman Schultz Neil Seriff Ed Shapiro Bernard Sigel Gerry Sobel Michel Stein Jack Stern Al Weinstein Eugene Winograd I Toft Row: I. Berman, S. Berman, Byers, Caplan, Goldman, Grossman. Second Row: Heller, Joachim, Keilson, Kleiman, Levy, Mucasey. Third Row: Rosenthal, Rubin Saikin, Schultz, Shapiro. Fourth Row: Sigel, Sobel, Stein, Stern, Winograd. PAGE 561 PHI RHO SIGMA OFFICERS President WIRT W. SMITH V ice-President BILL GLENN Secretary-Treasurer ROY WILSON Historian ED BROOKS WIRT W. SMITH Tap Row: Barnes, Beck, Bishop, Bradon, Brooks, Bryan, Burnett, Carnes, E. Carter, Clearman, Cobb. Second Row: Eckert, Eggers, Forbis, Ford, Gilliam, Hageney, Hardt, Haynes, Holt, Hunt, Hurst. Third Row: Ingrain, Lancaster, Lang, Latham, Lauderdale, Le Bleu, McCray, McLeroy, Masters, Mathews, Morgan. Fourth Row: Peace, Rice, Robberson, Schedler, Schweppe, Seybold, Shields, Simpson, Smith, Spain, Stephen. Fifth Rott: Stephens, Stout, Thomas, Vogelpohl, Walker, Warren, Watson, Wilson, Wood, Wright. PAGE 562 |r H MEMBERS J. H. Albright B. B. Barnes Ed Beck Ray Bishop Dave Bradon Ed Brooks Herman Bryan Lonnie Burnett David Carnes Ed Carter John Carter Ralph Clearman Charles Cobb Sterling Dimmitt E. P. Dosher Bob Eckert Bill Eggers Bill Ellison Orie L. Forbis Wally Ford Jim Frierson Rochelle Gilliam Bill Glenn Harry Hageney Sterling Hardt Clifford Haynes H. High Bill Holt Sam Hunt Bill Hurst Bob Ingram Charles Keever Ed Lancaster Bob Lang John Latham Robert Lauderdale Ben Le Bleu J. A. Ligon John Lukowski William McCray William McLeroy Dick Mansfield Bert Masters Ed Mathews Thomas Miller Clyde Morgan Elmo Muecke J. Norman Dewey Peace Bob Rice Jack Robberson Paul Schedler H. E. Schweppe Herbert Seybold R. C. Sherman A. H. Shields Charles Simpson Wirt Smith Charles A. Spain Ray Stephen Jerry Stephens Bill Stout Ray Thomas E. B. Vogelpohl W. J. Wagner Art Walker Donald Warren Irving Watson Roy Wilson B. P. Wood Byron Wright PAOE 563 THETA KAPPA PSI OFFICERS President PETER WILLIAMS Vice-President JOE RAPE Secretary GLENN ROARK Treasurer PATRICK PAPPAS PETER WILLIAMS Top Row: Alexander, Bazan, Binham, Boluch, Burt, Cook. C. Davis, Diaz, Dillen. Second Row: Elizondo, Fernandez, Geers, Gonzales, Gremmel, Hamilton. Harmon. Henry. Jenkins. Third Ron: Johnson, Liebes, Lubin, McClelland, Masters, Nigliazzo, Padgett, Pappas, Person. Fourth Row: Rape, Richter, Sacher, Shini?le, Sierra, Struve, Temple, P. Williams, B. Williams PAOE 564 1 MEMBERS John Alexander Edward Batts Carlos Bazan Wayne Bingham John Boluch Richard Bourgeois Howard Burt Leo Castiglioni Fred S. Conerly Richard Cook Charles A. Davis John T. Davis Aurelio Diaz William Dillen Kenneth Dobbs Cesar Elizondo Carlos Fernandez Paul Geers Luis Gonzales Gilbert Gremmel Dixie Hamilton, Jr. Roger Harmon Bill Henry Pat Hooker Douglas Jenkins Willard Johnson W. M. Lee George Liebes Thomas Lowery Gerald Lubin Maurice McClain Rogert McClelland Robert Masters Luke Nigliazzo John Padgett Patrick Pappas Peter Pappas, Jr. Don Person Joe Rape J. Kelly Richter Glenn Roark Ed Sacher Robert Shingle Ernest Sierra Galan Steeg Clemens Struve Sam Summers Bob Temple Wilbur White Barney Williams Peter Williams Jack Witte PAOE 565 OSTEON OFFICERS DONALD RATHBUN President . V ice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Social Chairman Maurice Adam John Andrews John Archer Bill B. Barnes Charles Binney Alton Bishop Roy Bradley Dave Bradon Bobby Bridges Ed Brooks Woolen Brown Lonnie Burnett Bill Campbell David Carnes Ed Carter Charles Chamberlain Henry C. Dones O. E. Egbert, Jr. Bill Eggers Roy Lee Emken Ben Floyd Robert Franklin Rochelle Gilliam Tom Glass Shannon Gwin John i f .infill Harvey Hays DONALD RATHBUN O. E. EGBERT, JR. JOHN M. PRINE ALEXANDER C. STEVENS MEMBERS James Henry- Burton W. Hink William Hurst John Hutchinson Harwin B. Jameson Hylmar Karbach Bob Key John B. King Joe H. Knowles Herbert Kuhn Ralph Lane Robert A. Lauderdale Herbert G. Liberty Edward McCabe Robert Gene Mclver John McKenna William McLeroy Edward Maddox Edward Mathews Lee Roy Mathis Herbert Melch James V. Meyer Tom E. Miller William T. Moore Milton S. Naborney Jack Orrick Wade Parker Charles Paschel John M. Prine Wayne Ramsey Donald Rathbun Bill Roman Victor E. Schulze John V. Sessums, Jr. H. E. Schweppe Andries Sigtenhorst Robert Smith Wirt Smith Jean Spears Robert E. Speegle John P. Stanford, Jr. Jerry Stephens Alexander C. Stevens Ray Thomas Gwaine Thompson Bob Trotter Don War ren ?im E. Wheeler Charles Williams Emmctt Wilson Barry Wood Arthur G. Wright Byron Wright Top Row: Adam, Andrews, Archer, Barnes, Binney, Bishop, Bradon, Bradley, Brooks, Brown, Burnett. Second Row: Campbell, Carter, Chamberlain, Egbert, Eggers, Emken, Floyd, Franklin. Gilliam, Hardin, Hays. Third ROLU: Henry, Hink, Hurst, Hutchinson, Jameson, Karbach, Key, King, Knowles, Kuhn, Lane. Fourth Row: Lauderdale, McCabe, McKenna, McLeroy, Maddox, Mathews, Mathis, Melch, Meyer, Moore, Naborney. Fifth Row: Orrick, Parker, Paschel, Prine, Ramsey, Rathbun, Roman, Schulze, Sessums, R. Smith, W. Smith. Sixth Row: Spears, Speegle, Stanford, Stephens, Thomas, Thompson, Trotter, Warren, Wheeler, Williams, Wilson, Wright. , B a I PAOE566 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SCHOOL OF NURSING SENIORS - CLASS OF 1951 Jane E. Anderson. B.S. Lucy, Tcnn. Rosemary Collins, B.S. Denlon Harriette L. Davis, B.S. Dallas Geraldine Dye, B.S. Bay City Jacqueline Eagan, B.S. Edinburgh Gwendolyn Jones, B.S. Eagle Pass Patricia R. Junemann, B.A., B.S., LaMarque Mary M. Strasburger, B.S. Dallas Dorothy A. Wymouth, B.S. Houston Emily M. Zuch, B.S. Austin JUNIORS -CLASS OF 1952 Front Row: Nancy Price. Corpus Christi; Wanda Jones, Jacksonville, Ann Howard, Pasadena; Jane Mcllroy, Seattle, Wash.; Mac McCarthy, Galveston. Second Row: Mary Williams, Donnie: Martha Gustafson, Austin; Eleanore Radke, Needville; Mary Schawe, Segum; Margaret Smuh, 1 Galveston. PAGE 567 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SCHOOL OF NURSING FRESHMEN - DIPLOMA GROUP Front Row: Nell Compton, Floresville; Patricia Furth, Nederland; Dorothy Kuretsch, Waco; Opal Mickan. George West; Shirley Griffin, La Coste; Joyce Weisell, Houston; Dora Woodhouse, Texas City; Gay Henderson, Longview. Second Row: Roma Pierson, Galveston; Susie Reynolds, Orange Grove; Carolyn Miller. Pasadena; Mimi Warwick, New Braunfels; Anneta Wruck, Damon; Betty Holt, Angleton. Third Ron-: Ida Smith, Galveston; Helen Sommerfield, Mosheim; Vivian Cunningham, Houston; Otilia Cordova, La Pryor; Dolores Perry, Galveston. FRESHMEN - COLLEGE DEGREE GROUP : . I I ' ronl Ron-: Lucretia Borjas, San Antonio; Reva Hackney, Gatesville; Nancy Hunt, Corpus Christ!; Virginia Eckerman, Houston. Second Row: Sue Wendt, Galveston; Marian Munster, Galveston; Helen Steinbring, Austin; Doris Peterson, Denver City. Third Ro:v: Aza Khayan Syria; Ethel Killgore, Dallas; Juanita Bruce, Amarillo. PAOE 568 TO PUU FOR A SUCCESSFUL COHERE CAREER Whether your hopes hang by a Phi Beta Kappa Key, Or you ' re pulling for election to B.M.O.C., Or you ' re bound to be named a Texas U belle, Or athletic hero . your clothes will tell That you know all the angles, pull the right strings, When you shop at Scarbrough ' s for all your things! Furniture Silver Porcelain ru 1410 LflVflCfl flUSTIN, TEXAS Specialists in the Examination of the Eyes and the Fitting of Glasses Seventh 61 Congress " Where the Students Get Their Glasses " SEVENTH flND CONGRESS flUSTIN, TEXflS Exclusive COOKE1G on the Drag for 32 years UJukasch Bros. Cafe Air Cooled 2002 GUflDflLUPE PHONE 7-6305 Patterson Jones Company Real Estate Loans Real Estate Rentals Insurance 123 WEST 7TH ST. flUSTIN, TEXflS PAGE 569 55 YEARS DF EDNTIMED SERVICE TD THE STUDENTS DF THE UNIVERSITY DF TEXAS neri u ? Schoo srewe a vers it coo. op STUDENT. ' } W N S T R t 224G GUADALUPE STREET AUSTIN PAGE 570 A Home-Owned Institution FIRST in FRSHIOnSand ' FfifTIOUS BRRPIDS Hickey Freeman Hart Schaffner Marx Knox Hats Arrow-Manhattan Shirts IHERRITT M! II II I HI! lilHHllll Men ' s Style Center of the Southwest AUSTIN, TEXAS K E SUPPLIES FOR ENGINEERS flND flRCHITECTS 108 East Tenth Street Austin, Texas RESPONSIBLE CLEANING Since 1913 Kelly Smith Cleaners Inc. Cleaners Furriers : SANITONE Hatters 209 West 6th St. Phone 2-3131 Catering to evening parties and banquets mOSS ROSE (flFE Bradford Alley Next door to Charles Caraway KVET Owner Ph. 7-0207 Pete ' s on tke a rat 2508 Guadalupe Ph. 8-8836 PAGE 571 THE CRPITRL nfiTIOnflL BflPIK IN flUSTIN 1 i OFFICERS WALTER BREMOND, JR., President E. P. CRAVENS, Vice President H WALTER BOHN, Vice President 1 LEO KUHN, Vice President Cashier m W. C. KENNEDY, Vice President JOHN S. BURNS, Vice President H RAYMOND R. TODD, Vice President Trust Officer H AUG. DeZAVALA, Special Representative WILFORD NORMAN, Assistant Vice President H F. M. DuBOSE, Assistant Cashier ROY B. STEWART, Assistant Cashier J. W. HAWKINS, JR., Assistant Cashier WALTER BREMOND, III, Assistant Cashier JAMES B. CHELF, Assistant Cashier = L. L. LUNDELL, Assistant Cashier OSCAR B. WEST, Assistant Cashier ALDON V. DANCAK, Assistant Cashier ELROY SPREEN, Assistant Cashier = On leave with the Armed Services. 1 1 1 PIEUU BRDKinG HOUSE to be opened in nflTionpL Bflnh BUILDIRG December 1, 1951 U. S. GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY MEMBER F.D.I.C. PAGE 572 Southern Wnlon CVOLS THERE ' S NOTHING ACCIDENTAL ABOUT QUALITY Outstanding for ORIGINAL FOOD SPECIALTIES AUSTIN SflN flNTONIO THE " SPOT " U. T. STUDENTS BUILT AND SUPPORT RENDEZVOUS OF TEXflS U. PAGE 573 fiustin ' s LRRGEST Hen ' s Store Texas ' LRRGEST Campus Hutchins Bros, is proud of its friendly alliance with Texas University, proud of being known as Austin ' s friendliest men ' s store as well as the largest. As always, Hutchins Bros. ' aim is to provide you with the largest and best selection of men ' s clothing in all price ranges and second with the very best service obtainable! CAMPUS TOGS CLOTHES GRIFFON CLOTHES SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES BAKER CLOTHES G.G.G. CLOTHES LOUIS ROTH CLOTHES STANFORD WILLIAMS CLOTHES OXXFORD CLOTHES HATHAWAY SHIRTS COUNTESS MARA TIES DOBBS HATS NUNN-BUSH SHOES AUSTIN -- 616 CONGRESS AVENUE San Antonio 217 Alamo Plaza AND The Milam Building AUSTIN ' S MOST COMPLETE AGENCY FOR REAL ESTATE SERVICE Complete Insurance Protection Prompt and Economical Loans Efficient Property Management HRRRISOn-WILSOn-PERRSOn 305 West 6th Phone 2-6201 TEN CONVENIENT Kexatl DRUG STORES IN AUSTIN A Fountain Grill in Every Store Two University Locations 2324 GUADALUPE 309 EAST 19TH The Bank of Personal Service Fidelity State Bank Congress at 9th Austin, Texas Ask About Our Drive-Up Deposit Service Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. U. S. Government Depository Compliments of AmeracAn SGRVICG co. AUSTIN, TEXAS Phone 6-3523 PACE 575 The Rmerican Rational Bank Rustin, Texas 61 I I ear A of- - ert i Officers E. R. L. WROE, President A. C. BULL, Vice-President A. G. ADAMS, JR., Vice-President L. D. WILLIAMS, Vice-President BEN M. BRIGHAM, Cashier W. R. LONG, IR., Asst. Vice-President C. WILLARD HOUSER, Asst. Vice-President E. W. ANDERSON, Asst. Vice-President ERSELL C. DUKE, Trust Officer W. W. SHROPSHIRE, Assistant Cashier M. M. MACKEN, Assistant Cashier FRED PENICK, Assistant Cashier E. J. SMITH, JR., Assistant Cashier GEO. MILTON, JR., Assistant Cashier WELDON M. SWENSON, Assistant Cashier D. E. ROGERS, Assistant Cashier A. G. ADAMS, JR. ARTHUR P. BAGBY A. C. BULL W. S. DRAKE, JR. J. E. HARRISON Directors E. R. L. WROE THEO. P. MEYER TOM MILLER J. R. NICHOLS LOUIS NOVY BEN H. POWELL MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION PAGE 576 Leon ' s Slipper Shop Style SLp of 4u 618 CONGRESS Serving the Students of the University for Over 30 Years HIRSH DRUG STORGS 2700 Guadalupe 2313 Rio Grande 222 W. 19th iver$ity of 2J exa6 SEIIIOR nines V lade for -Sfny I fear Write fo or 1- rices TEXflS BOOK STORE 2244 Guadalupe Austin, Texas SOUTHLRRD SIZED ICE ICE REGULAR DELIVERIES CUBE ICE There is no substitute for ICE 901 RED RIVER 2-3151 Guy L. Wood - Mgr. UniVGRSITY v DRUG, IRC. AUSTIN 2300 Guadalupe Ph. 6-3979 Your Conveniently Located Texas State Bank ON THE DRAG MEMBER FEDERflL DEPOSIT INSURflNCE CORPORATION PAGE 577 flHLLY LIVE -tan ALABAMA HOTEL ADMIRAL SFMMES ........ Mobil HOTEL THOMASJEFFERSON. .Birmingham Compliments of a FRIEND Where Quality Is Higher Than Price 6TH flND BRflZOS DIAL 7-4441 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA HOTEL WASHINGTON ...... Washington INDIANA HOTEL CLAYPOOL ......... Indianapolis LOUISIANA JUNG HOTEL ............. New Orlcont HOTEL DESOTO ........... New Orltont NEBRASKA HOTEL PAXTON ............... Omoha NEW MEXICO HOTEL CLOVI S ................. C lo.ii OKLAHOMA HOTEL ALDRIDGE ............. Wwoka SOUTH CAROLINA HOTEL WADE HAMPTON ...... Columbia TEXAS HOTEL STEPHEN F. AUSTIN Aviti HOTEL EDSON Beaumont HOTEL BROWNWOOD Brownwood HOTEL BAKER Dallai HOTEL TRAVIS Dollat HOTEL CORTEZ El P HOTEL BUCCANEER Galveiton HOTEL GALVEZ Gatv.Uon HOTEL JEAN LAFITTE Gal.., ton CORONADO COURTS GoUtiio MIRAMAR COURT Galveilon HOTEL CAVALIER Gal e lon HOTEL PLAZA Laredo HOTEL LUBBOCK Lubbock HOTEL FALLS Merlin HOTEL CACTUS Son Ang l HOTEL MENGER Son Antoni ANGELES COURTS Son Anreni VIRGINIA HOTEL MOUNTAIN LAKE. . Mountain loU HOTEL MONTICELLO Norfolk WASHINGTON Washington, D. C. BAKER Dallas, Tex. Except for the engravings used in the ads and in the four-color work ALL OF THE ENGRAVINGS PRINTED IN THIS YEAR ' S CACTUS WERE MADE -AS USUAL- BY THE WALLACE ENGRAVING COMPANY 110 East 9th Street Austin, Texas WE WOULD LIKE TO BE YOUR ENGRAVER Page 578 Food in AUSTIN 21st at Wichita in BRYAN 311 No. Main in HOUSTON Montrose Westheimer A. C. Knippa G. C. SEIDERS SELF SERVE GROCERY flRD ITlflRKET 100% Quality, Courtesy, and Satisfaction 1001 CONGRESS AVE. 3101 GUflDALUPE ST. 412 WEST 6TH ST. We appreciate the patronage of the University students. Congratulations to the graduates and good wishes for the under- graduates. Collegiate Shop 2324 Guadalupe Street . . . " On the Drag ' TEXTBOOKS FOR ALL CORRESPONDENCE COURSES H EM PH HI ' S 2501 Guadalupe 109 E. 21st = " PACE 579 7 2 A A Just as Texas is renowned for its top brands, so Joske ' s of Texas is famous for its hundreds of the nation ' s fine brands of merchandise. Come to Joske ' s and see our latest assortments. It will be a pleasure to have you visit us. By the Alomo. San Antonio a I cm r si WHEN YOU OPEN your Houston bank account! . . . you will find a cordial welcome at Second National. While serving many of the largest corporations in our area, we find special pleasure in serving young people just entering upon a business or professional career . . . and in watching their accounts keep pace with their progress. 44 Years of Service to the Southwest SECOND ATIONAL MAIN AT RUSK mmm . m s BANK OF HOUSTON CAPITAL AND SURPLUS TEN MILLION DOLLARS ... MEMBER F.D.I.C. PAGE 580 Crude and Finished Products . . . Safely stored in Tanks Fabricated and Erected by yatt Metal Boiler Works PAGE 582 Most Likely to Succeed The Graduate from Levy ' s Clothing RELIABILITY-SINGE 1877 GALVESTON In Deep Appreciation and Thanks to the students and graduates of the Uni- versity of Texas School of Medicine. J. A. Majors Co. Dealers in Medical Books of All Publishers DALLAS NEW ORLEANS ATLANTA GHLVESTOITS DOminflDT DEPflRTmEDT STORE at 22nd SINCE 1895 PAGE 583 A SALUTG from the Gcdveston Clearing House Association Galveston, Texas bl 0 Comprising CITY NATIONAL BANK THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK HUTCHINGS SEflLY NATIONAL BANK UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK Members of F.D.I.C. TIJ. L mooDY company (Unincorporated) Compliments mODGL DAIRY GALVESTON Model Milk Model Ice Cream Farwell Company Inc. Mechanical Contractors PLUMBING HEflTING flIR CONDITIONING Dallas San flntonio uritu ICE CRERm Dial 5-6661 GALVESTON, TEXAS COLLEGE inn .jrood J4ou6e THE STUDENT ' S OWN Completely flir-Conditioned 10th C GflLVESTON IDetropole Club Where Old Friends Meet 42nd and S Dial 5-5284 GALVESTON CEOTROL DRUG STORE Rapid Prescription Service Dial 5-7419 GflLVESTON PFEIFFER ELECTRIC COmPRRY Electrical Contractors Members N.E.C.fl. Union Electricians 151039th 3-1658 GflLVESTON ' PAGE 584 In Austin, Texas Choose Hotel STEPHEN F. AUSTIN for finer foods . . . for finer accommodations . . . for finer service. flFFILIflTED NflTIONflL HOTELS ALABAMA HOTEL ADMIRAL SEMMES Mobile HOTEL THOMAS JEFFERSON Birmingham DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA HOTEL WASHINGTON Washington INDIANA HOTEL CLAYPOOL--- ---Indianapolis LOUISIANA JUNG HOTEL -New Orleans HOTEL DESOTO New Orleans NEBRASKA HOTEL PAXTON -- ---Omaha NEW MEXICO HOTEL CLOVIS -- ---Clovis OKLAHOMA HOTEL ALDRIDGE -- ---Wewoka SOUTH CAROLINA HOTEL WADE HAMPTON Columbia TEXAS HOTEL STEPHEN F. AUSTIN -- Austin HOTEL EDSON ---Beaumont HOTEL BROWNWOOD Brownwood HOTEL BAKER Dallas HOTEL TRAVIS Dallas HOTEL CORTEZ El Paso HOTEL BUCCANEER ---Galveston HOTEL GALVEZ - Galveston HOTEL JEAN LAFITTE Galveston CORONADO COURTS Galveston MIRAMAR COURT Galveston HOTEL CAVALIER Galvesto HOTEL PLAZA -Lared HOTEL LUBBOCK Lubboc HOTEL FALLS - Marli HOTEL CACTUS San Ange HOTEL MENGER San Antoni ANGELES COURTS San Antonio VIRGINIA HOTEL MOUNTAIN LAKE-Mountain Lake HOTEL MONTICELLO Norfolk AFFILIATED NATIONAL HOTELS ORE IDitwer Studio COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Photographers of Medical Section of the Cactus 1119 Tremont Dial 5-5793 GALVESTON Club Moulin Rouge Dancing Entertainment Nightly 22121 2 five. C 3-8151 GflLVESTON Greetings to the University of Texas DINE DflNCE at LLOYD ' S ofGalveBton CLUB 2205 flve. C GflLVESTON 2-4433 J. Iff Bateson Construction Company, Inc. Builders of Your New Hospital GflLVESTON, TEXAS [HUMBLE; PETROLEUM PRODUCTS YfiRBROUGH ' S SERVICE STRTIOn 1328 Avenue E GflLVESTON, TEXAS Jim Yarbrough Phone: 2-1626 PAOE 585 HUMBLE HUfllBLG OIL RGFinmG CO. extends hearty congratulations and best wishes to THE CLASS OF 1951 may every success attend you o better erve A flexible loan service is but one of the many facilities the National Bank of Commerce offers its customers. It exemplifies the adaptability of a great public service institution geared to serve the needs of both large and small. Capital and Surplut $10,000,000 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FADE 586 THE GREAT AMERICAN Flipping switches is The Great American Habit. Even children have it. And it ' s a habit that has given America the world ' s highest standard of living. In the home, electricity is just about the smallest item in the budget, but what else makes life so easy, so healthy so comfortable? In industry, electricity lends the employee the strength of giants. Electric motors multiply his muscular strength by dozens or even by thousands making it possible for him to produce more, better, faster to earn more. There are still broad fields of electric living yet to be tapped. Business men can do the job better than bureaucrats. That ' s always been the secret of America ' s progress. TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY To a GREATER University S? f. . f ( olllf ' flHII ll .t Of jesse H. jones EITGRGSTS HOUSTON, TEXflS PACE 587 The story behind Hughes ' Research Laboratory Since 1911, Hughes Tool Company has maintained a continuous research program aimed at improving bit design and drilling performance. To expand our already established leadership in research, we are building a new $2,000,000 laboratory which will represent the finest full-scale project of its kind in the world. The complete metallurgical, chemical, welding and mechanical testing facilities of this laboratory will permit us to greatly extend existing knowledge of what happens to drill stems and rock bits miles underground. New techniques in drilling will be tested under carefully controlled, simulated field conditions. This big, new laboratory, with our staff of trained field and research engineers, is an investment in the future. It is evidence of our determination that Hughes know-how and Hughes products will continue to be the " World Standard of the Industry! ' PAGE 588 Your first banking connection is important. Make yours FIRST NATIONAL BANK in Houston =MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATIONS And when the glow and glamour of graduation has been replaced by life ' s realities and responsibil- ities remember the advertisers, in this -your Cactus. They helped to make this fine book possible. PACE 589 THE GULF PUBLISHING COMPANY 3301 BUFFALO DRIVE HOUSTON TEXAS PAGE 590 LOOKING through this yearbook one seldom realizes the countless hours, even days, of work and planning done by the editors to produce an outstanding annual. The editors ' supervision includes every- thing from the first idea of a theme through the innumerable details involved in art work, layouts, photographs, copy, engravings and printing. Our greatest interest has been to work in the spirit of cooperation, relieving the editors, wherever possible, of some of their work and worry. It is our hope that our organization of experienced craftsmen has suc- ceeded, along with your editors, in turning out a book that you will find attractive and entertaining. I INDEX Name Aardal, Oliver John ............... 444, 452 Aaronson, Alan M ......... ... .... .222, 452 Abbey, Frederick Funston, Jr.. 140, 250, 53. Abbey, June ....................... Abbey, William Carl ............... 03, 133 Abbott, Margaret Ann ............. 181, 28! Abdulnabc, Mohammed ................ ' 27 Abel, Margaret E ...................... 28 Abels Gerald ........................ 222 Aberc ' rombie, John Buford ......... 224, 534 Abernathy, Thomas R. . . ........... iU ' JS Abernethy, Mary Patricia .......... 202, 504 Ablin, Benita ......................... Abney, George H ...................... 486 Abood, George. ... .................... M Abrahamson, Luella ............... ,,!, Abram, Sharlene B ............ ;-} 8 Abrams, Carolyn Sue .......... 142, 178, 39 Abramson, Carl ..... .. ................ " 0 Abramson, Clarence Allen .............. 222 Abramson. Oscar Charles ............ :; ?;; Abrego, Sara Ann ................. 1 14, 1 Acacia ............................... JJJ A Cappella Choir ...................... 503 Adair! Charles Wesley . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .436, 516, 519 Adair. William Ben Adair, Jr ............ 489 Adam, Gilbert A ....................... 452 Name Pa l " Alford, Kenneth Raymond 504, 508, 525 All, Sahib " ' Alizo, Mohammed Ghous Al-Jalili, Abdul Raziak 38 Alkek, Albert B. . . ' Allan. Keith Alexander 450, 506 Allen, Bernadette M - . . 450 Allen, Betty Ann " 8, 129, 174 Allen, Beverly Allen, Emily Jean .. . Allen, Frank Campbell, III. Allen, George Nelson, Jr. ... Allen. George Otis. Jr Allen, Henry Kiper Allen, James Allen, Joe. . .196 .129,291,450 86, 238, 444 ..93,230,447 ....220.396 .116,234,306 .131 394 ..475 Adame, Oscar A.. .................... Adams, Dayne Eldon .................. 489 Adams, Emma Nell ................ ... }{ Adams, Flo Nell ................... I. 8 Adams, Forrest Ray, Jr ........ ... . 140, 226 Adam?, George Baxter, Jr 3 . 13 128, 204 396 490 127 Adams, George Wendall Adams. Gilbert Austin ... . , 116, 240, 358, 410, 432 ' Adams ' , John . ' . ... : 305; 308, 326 Adams, Johnnie Lee - 208 Ada ms, Leroy Money OS, 238, 419 Adams, Marion Teresa 88, 3(1, 499 Adams, Mary Frances 114, 166, 50. Adams, Nellie Jo 144, 198, 410 Adams, William Reuben. Jr 268, 447 Adamson, J. Robert b Adamson, William Henry, Jr :iJ-jH Addicks, Leonard Earl 452, 45i Addington, Conley R 45 Adeline. Sister M Adlof, Carolyn Marie. . Adoue, Jacques P , Jr. . . . Adrian, Randall Aenchbacher, Garland P. Agce, Katherine B A gey, Sally.. : Agnew, Edwin Lewis. . . . Agnew, Emily Ann Agnew, Mary Patricia... Agnew, Robert G - - - Agnew, Thomas W esley, Jr 24 Agnew, Wayne Hall .234 Agnor, Lois Thrasher 131, 137, 2U4, Aguilar, Carlos Manuel. . 126, ' 539, ' 542; 543 Ahlhardt, Grace Elizabeth 290 Ahmad, Abder Raouf -127 Aide.FouadK 87,297 Aikman.W M 452 292 290, 396, 424 ....87,260 ....358 276 174, 410, 508 288 .92, 133, 234 137, 188 184,462 ...246 Air Force R.O.T.C Aken, Harold Ray Akin, Jack Wallace.... Akin, Wanda Phillips.. Aksu, Ihsan Kaya Al Aish, MattiSaleh. .. Alam, Dorothy Maria.. Alani, Ghalib H Alba Club Al Barazanji, Hashim.. Albers, Carl Clarence . . Albers, Lois Dell Albert, Hyden Allen Albert, Ralph Louis ... J W Alberts, Betty Lou 129, 178, 467 98-111 232 506 . .462, 470 148 30, 121, 127 52 489 126 127 ...538 ...469 Allen, Max Dee Allen, Nelson Allen, Robert D Allen, Sarah Jane Allen, William Hoover Allen, Welca Jean Alley, Fredrick Trenton Al-Mashat, Mohammad Aziz Al-Mokhtar, Asad " Allerkamp, Charles Ernest 232 Allday, Edwin 26 Allison, Guy Hendrick Allison, Robert Bryan 120, 121. 294, 359 Allman, Ray Madison 48 Allman, William Allport, Daryl Eastham ;.- Allred. John Burnis, Jr 238, 305, 308 Allton, Charles Richard 27 436 Alpha Chi Omega J ' Alpha Delta Pi Jj Alpha Delta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta 424 Alpha Epsilon Phi I Alpha Epsilon Pi 222 Alpha C.amma Delta lj A Ipha Kappa Psi Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Phi Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Tau Omega Alslee, Barbara Alspaw, Ivan D. . .- Alsmeyer, Doris Elizabeth. Al-Ta ' i, Fadhil Athletia Altice, William C Altman, Sigmund Elton. . . Altwein, Virgil Clayton. . . Amberson, Joe Harris .... Amelung, Agnes Elizabeth Amer, Hamed . American Association of Architectural Engineers A merican Ceramic Society .............. American Institute of Electrical Engineers ASS American Institute of Mining Metallurgical Engineers ; American Marketing Association American Pharmaceutical Association American Society of Ciril Engineers . American Society of Mechanical Engineers Amidon, Elizabeth B Amlong, James Neil Amsler, Jean Amsler, Susan Catherine. . . Ander, Lloyd 8.. Anderegg, Corwin L Anderegg, Marvin Anders, Margaret Josephine Anderson, Amelia Caroline Anderson, Andy Boyd Anderson, Bettye Alden Name Anderson, Ralph Dewitt 94, 480 Anderson, Robbin Colyer 242 Anderson, Robert F. Anderson, Robert F 85, 424 Anderson, Robert Galen 232, 444 Anderson, Virginia Anderson, Wiley N., Jr 534 Anderson, William Joseph Anderson, William Leslie, Jr 542, 543 Anderson, William R., Jr 396 Andres, Mary Elizabeth ... 166, 292, 382, 456 Andrews, Janie A 504 Andrews, John Andrews, Robert Preston 102, 242, 504 Andrews, Robert Glenn 266, 519 Andrus, Mary Jean 129, 190, 419, 430 Angerstein, Martha Ann 16 Angivin, Marjorie Dean Anglin. William Ross 120, 220 Anewi ' MS ;.;..;.;;;;; 202 Aniol, Ralph John ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .83, 246, 436, 516 Antweil, Joseph David 262, 444 Apaydin, Nihat J Name Pa " a Axline, Shirley Ruth .......... 174, 291, 419 Ayers frothy ' ' 188, 483 AyrS JcTArthur . . .. ' ... .474, 482, 4H5, 4H6 Ayoub, MaryFrancine. ..129,196,468 B Babb, Richard Clifford Babin, Gerald J Babitzke, Ernest Henry ......... 264 .295 115, 136. 148, 479, 489 129, 133, 208, 369, 487 Baccus, Earlane Bacb, e DoroufeaEuiabeth.ll4, 119, 131, 134, 142, 194, 210, 372, 415, 509 Bacon, Lois Anne 198. 38! Bacon, Rinaldo A " i S Badt, Joe M 87, 88 Baggett, Martha C 38 Bailey, Edward W 529 Bailey, George Nelson, 294, 436, 454. 501, 506 Aqua CarnM 338-339 Arab Students ' Association .127 Arant, Charlotte 142, 176, 293 ' ,Anne 204.464 . Bailey, Luther Lee Bailey, Richard Bailey, Robert D. . . , - . Anderson, Betty Frances 52, 114 ;;;i84 ...115 224 ...186 107 129,521 ...127,382 . . .305-375 ....82,88 ...85,222 ...506,540 105, 224, 450 196, 370, 372, 374, 462 ...127 .489 .458 .542 .490 491 . . .469 252 198, 447, 504 190, 396, 484 ....143 297 ... 145 176,410 137, 198, 415 ...115,258 .465 ArtaK Jose M.. ; ::.. 482, 485, 490 Archer, Alyce Lynn ' Archer, William Reynolds, Jr 260, 351 Architecture ; o=n Argue, Douglas William 2 Arhopulos, Nell 508 Arias, Guadalupe Arisco. Viola Marie 166. 1%. 49 Arisco. Joseph Paul 358,410 Armentrout, Steve 3 9b, 427 Army R.O.T.C 82-88 Armstead, John Milton Armstrong, Alice Joan 52, 186, MO Armstrong, Bill ' " Armstrong, Earl E [ Armstrong, Edgar Preston, Jr. . ... . ... . Armstrong, Louise Landis 118, 202, wu oi 101 ' 411 Bailey, Royce Herbie 436, 457 4$ ' fs5. 490 Bailey, William Coleman 391. 506 ..244 4, 489 ' 121,246,305,308,323 224 519 163,298,419 457 178, 210, 496 ....192 192 206,500 ..432 Arnold, Daniel Calmes Arnold, Donald Ray Arnold, Joe Enga Arnold, Karl Gene Arnold, Mary Arnold, Virginia Ann Arnold, Wiflard C Aronson, Artyce Joan Aronson, Charlotte Ruth Aronson, Jeanne Louise. Aronstein, Libby Ann Arrington, Robert N Arrowood. Charles F 22, 250 Artaza, Hugo ' Arterburn, Harold Eugene Arthur Carter UB, " aey, ........... Bailey, William G ...................... 224 Bailey, William J .................. " Bain, Bonnie Sue ... ....... . . - . J. 419 Bain, Jesse Leonard, Jr ...... 84, 88, 45, 23. Baird, Gloria Lorraine ............. 180, 39 Baird, Mary Scott ............. Baird; Niven James ....... 161, 256, 444, 457 Baker, Alexander Curtis ............ 429, . Baker, Bill ....................... iii-JS Baker, Bonner Means ........... . - 204, 41. Baker, Charles William ......... 56, 51, 504 Baker, Cinthalice Omega ........... ' am Baker, Dorothy Ann ......... " Baker, Eugene Stevens ........ 115, 54.!, 54.! Baker, Gus Bowman .............. 429, 43. Baker, H. LaRue ...................... J42 Baker, James Earl ..................... " Baker, Joan ...................... : ! Baker, John Dale ........ JMLIM Baker, Leslie B Baker, Lorena Baker, Margaret Ruth . Baker, Marilyn Janice . Baker, Mary Joan ..... Baker, Mary Louise. . Baker, Percy M., Jr.. . Baker, Shirley ....196 144, 174, 415, 430 194,465 . . . 142, 396 188,415 . . . .492 204, 410 ...114,204 Baker, Warren Logan, Jr .234, 515 Baker, William Ernest 484, 485, 492 Baker, William Frederick " Bakkegard, Benjamin M " Balceszak, Lige E.. ' " Baldwin, Clarence Andrew, ' l ' S ' 252, Ui Baldwin, Clarence Jones, Jr 84, u, i ' i. Albin, Frances . . . .436 rtlulu, lant Aj o Alblinger, Claude Eugene 5M Hasft- riii-A-a AK c s Sn Jr;:::.24o.-358. ' | Aldeen, Lennart George -. -2M Alder Villetta Gera ' dine 400, o o, Alderdicc LPC Edward, 26, 63, 116, 266, 278 Alderson. ' Curtis Jackson 242 Aldis, G Ronald 450 Al Doory, Yousef . . . 6,489 i, 498, 3,505 Anderson, Bettie Jean 95, 293, 430 Anderson, Carl C 48 Anderson, Charlie Dale 484 Anderson, David. Anderson, Donald Marvin Anderson, Doris Ehlinger. Anderson, Douglas Anderson, Edward L Anderson, George Barnett Anderson, George Billy.... .. Anderson, George Harry Powell . . . . . . Anderson, Geyla 47, 52, 184, 218, 415 Anderson, Gilbert Leigh 26S Anderson, Gloria J Anderson, Grayson Wilhford 240, 43( ..160 ...362,366 ...131,533 84 542, 543 294, 359, 364 105, 246, 447 Alexander, Mary Charlotte. . . Alexander, Mary Kimball .... Alexander, Neal Weaver Alexander, Patti Alexander. R. Reece Alexander, Richard James. . . . Alexander, Thomas Howard. . Alford, John 129,204,415 161 ...290 305 ..424 ..120,543 ...115 Anderson, James . . . Anderson, Jay Earl Anderson, Jerry L. Anderson, Jesse Earl Anderson, John Louis Anderson, John William . Anderson, Lois Elaine .... Anderson, Marilyn Niel Anderson, Martin Luther. Anderson, Myrtle Ann Anderson, Oscar F 167 94 ... 102 16, 130, 131, 149 482 120, 456 165, 450 ...129, 196,410 ....382 ...194,369,467 ...84 rtruiur, v ai wi - - - .. Arthur, Jennie Ann 208, 374, 540 541 Arts and Sciences 393 , Arwine, Gene Thomas - -2M Asdi, Nasir Majid - ' ' - . Ashbaugh, Dorothy Jean 188, J9b iBtt:. : .v-v.aimg lsn D y:S Antrim. ' j,;29;,2,;2 Ashby, Frank Charles i - 25 Ashcraft, Mary Lorene 298, 504 Ashford, Jack Arthur so Ashinhurst, Felix ' " ' Ashley, Connell D Ashwell, A.T 2 Ashworth, Edwin Thomas iwun Askew, Beverly Claire 86, 41 Askew, Bobby Gene SS " jK Askew Gary ' Association of Childhood Education. . . ._._. .470 Baldwin, Earnest Rowland, Jr 238, 44 ' Baldwin, Francis Scott J Baldwin, Jessie K Baldwin, Merla Jaris Baldwin, Peter Weldon .... ...133,248,410 ... .485 Balekjian, Garen . . . .479 Bale, Richard Howard Bales, Martha Lanell Baletka, Adelene Ross Balfanz, Beverly Jane Hall], Juan J Ballingcr, Richard Henry. Balk, Martin D Balkanli, Hayati Ball, Lewis Edwin Ball, Loey Baird Ball, Melva Jean 52, Ballard, Katheryn Marie Baltzer, Jane Cornelia Bamford, Thomas K ;; 462 I ' m! 410 ...126 246 ...262,447 ....148 115,250,444 .369 149, 298, 369, 396 ....469 . . 188, 375, 436 ...295 469 Atkins, Frances Kendall. . Atkins, Philip Gordon Atkins, Philip G rover, Jr.. Atkinson, Charles Roy.... Attaway, Albert N Atwood, Walter Sherman . Aubrey, Richard Buck . . 114, 142, 161, 196, 291, 375, 415 161,452 453 ..101,140,294 ..436 .457,458 ... 250, 410 .... 487 Bang, Rosemary Banker, Patricia Louise. . . Banks, William Halbert. Bankston, Charles Allen. Banner, Barbara Jean .... Banner, Jack G.. . Banner, William Earl Bantel, E. C. H. Baptist Student Vmon ... Bapuji, Soli Jehangir . ' . ' . ' iVeVm 415 ... 436, 454 ... 105. 26S, 540 290, 410, 470 163 . . .474 ...482,485 ... 160 ;;.; 382 Aust ' in Margaret ' Anne ' . ' . ' . Barban, Arnold Melvm . . . 29! Austin ' , Richard Buckner . .103, 121, 230,352, Barbay, Sally Gay - Barbee, Charles Alexander ...91,474,489 O3O, 0 Barber Beverly Anne 190, 462 Austm Travis B ' " . " . ' 436 ' .484 ' , 492 Bar her; Charles E... ..... . .103 . . .396 Autrey, Ramon Thomas, . Autrey, Sybil Louise Autry, Dorothy Oliver. . . Avant, Joseph B ' ' :::504 ..196,464 ' .; 429,432 Barber, Ivan James, Jr. . . Barber, Jerry Dale Barber, Monty Clyde ... Barber, William Gilbreth ...276 107, 121, 224, 444 . 101, 120, 226, 264,450 Avant, Thelma Lou Avera, Vivien Laverne . . . .174, 444 129, 176, 291, 419 276 Barclay, Beverly Jean.... Barclay, Leland ..198 . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' ...482,485 Avery, David Avery, Richard Fisher . . Avery, Ruby Celeste Await, Grace Elizabeth.. Axelrad, Valgene Levon . . ' . ' . ' 103,234 291,419.505 " l28, 129, 188,467 Barcus, Mary Hard in. Keith Bardwell, Dorothy Ann Barfield, Bourden Rea . . . . . .204 191 396,505 226 PAOE 591 N me Page, Bargainer, Vernon Lee 506 Barge, Vernon Ward 382, 452 Burger, Frank Lyon 161, 242 Bargman, Phillip Edward 272 Barker. Billy B 268 Barker, Donald Barron 272, 480 Barker, Eugene Campbell 244, 381 Barker, Evelyn B 198, 444 Barker. James Raymond 240, 543 Barker. Joseph J 447 Barker, Martha Lou 52, 134, 194, 372, 374, 464 Barker, Patricia Sue 186, 467 Barker, Robert W 486 Barker, William E 266, 485 Barker, William R 94, 447 Barksdale, Joe Frank 542, 543 Barlow. Ralph Emerson 268 Barnard, Billings D 87 Barnard. Earl Ross 490 Barnes, Barbara June 134, 194, 415 Barnes, Billy Jean 100 Barnes, C. A 358 Barnes, Emmett F., Jr 105, 492 Barnes, James A 246 Barnes. Mildred Faye 118, 196, 504 Barnes, Vener Oliver John 161, 516 Barnett, Eliiabeth Melton 161 , 289 Barnett, James H 489 Barnett, Twinkle 288 Barnett. Victor M 106, 436 Barnett, Wilbur J 428 Barnette, Thomas Harrison 232, 396, 424 Barnhart, Carl Mahan 260 Barnhart, Jack Ellsworth 276 Barnhart, Johnny 124 Baromeo, Chase 494 Baron, Donald H 84 Barren, Douglas, J 296 Barrera, Jose S 540 Barrett, Dorothy E 289 Barrett, Edward Alva 260 Barrett, Henry Grady 101 Barrett, James King 453, 456 Barrett, June Iris 499 Barrientos, Jesus C 126 Ban-on, Dirk C 143 Barrow, Benjamin Louis 135, 396, 432 Barrow, David Brown 108, 352, 506 Barshop, Samuel Edwin 254, 262, 436 Barstow, Janice Ruth 186, 465 Bartay, Robert Ray 116 Bartels, Helene A 118, 119, 122, 169, 298, 301 Barth, Patricia Jean 129, 196, 288, 430 Bartholomew, William F 474, 484, 492 Bartle, William Otis, Jr 260 Bartling, George E 98 Barto, LeRoy 101 Barton, Donald Reid. 240, 305, 308, 314, 363 Barton, Jack 305, 308, 316, 363 Barton, Millard Vernon ..484,485 Barton, Robert Odell 248, 419 Barton, Willie Washington 228 Bartos, Donald Eugene 252 Bartos, Leonard Frank 540 Barwise, Onah Astin 204, 371, 374 Basaran, Suat T 148 RatebaU 340-345 Bash, Lawrence W 163 Basham, Peggye Anne 290 BaiketbaU 330-335 Baskin, Pat McKinney 86, 140, 234, 509 Basquette, Marguerite 519 Bass, James Frank 226 Bass, Jerry Alfred 242 Bass, Mary Ann King 186 Bass, Locy Baird 198,430 Bass, Richard Daniel 91, 96, 244 Bassam, Mohammedali 127 Bassam, Sabiha 127 Bassel, Paul A 224 Bateman, Dayton Grecr 240 Bateman, Joseph Wayne 483, 485 Bateman, Phyllis Jean 161, 202, 462, 504 Bates. Alice Geraldine 149, 426, 430 Bates, Lois Elizabeth 129, 188, 419 Bates, Mary Dorsey 198 Bates, William Robert 264, 327, 496, 522 Battlfstein, Jerry .254 Batts, Robert Edward Lee, Jr 244 Batson, Arthur Lee 450 Batson, James Gaile 268 Baugher, Binny 289, 396 Bauknight, Barbara 375, 415 Baum, Lorita 467 Bauman, Betty Bruce, 3, 30, 119, 131, 167, 208, 210, 396, 519, 521 Bauman, Edwin Rudolph .116, 244, 305, 436, 516 Bauman, Robert Warren. 107, 109, 244, 361 Baur, John P 92 Baxter, Ralph Marcus 490 Baydar, Ali Ulvi ... 148 Bayliff, Loy .M 82 Bazaldua, Ricardo A 539, 543 Bazar, Shirley Mae 464, 470 Beach, Raymond S 82 Beagle, Donna Ruth 204, 447 Beaird, Patrick Stokley 240, 359 Beaird, Paul D., Jr. 240 Beal, Vaudine 503 Beall, Evelyn Corinne 142, 196 Beall. Jesse Levi 543 Beall, John Roger 232,396 Beall, Martha Ann 129, 188, 415 BeaU, Pegzy Jan 186, 419 Beaman, Donald T. 456, 457 Bean, Alan L 94 Bean, Doris Adclle 131, 208 Beard, Barbara Jo Ann 202, 467, 521 Name Pages Beard, Doris Jean 176, 419 Beard, Shirley Ruth 1 68, 1 80, 298, 436 Bearden, Rita Nell 176, 368 Bearman, Jo anne 290 Beasley, Betty Genevieve 200, 498 Beasley, Betty Jean 368 Beasley, James C 436 Beason, Lawrence L 94, 95 Beaton, Olive 204 Beatty, Robert E 276, 432, 489 Beaumier, Mary Ann 55, 118, 119, 124, 129, 131, 174, 515, 517, 523 Beaumont, Betty N 469 Beazley, Malcolm K 492 Beck, Charles Wesley 94, 95 Beckelhymer, Roy Leonard, Jr 99, 115, 252, 253 Becker, Allen Jack 100, 254 Becker, Harold F 165 Becker, Herbert Herman 165, 274, 436 Becker, John Greenleaf, Jr., 26, 105, 115, 163, 391,519 Becker, Marion Virginia 504 Becker, Mary Joan, 28, 129, 138, 141, 174, 368, 464, 470 Bedford, Rita Frances 204 Beene, Georgeann . . 1 14, 119, 128, 129, 186, 291,374,415 Beery, Roger Lewis 104, 141 Beever, Elmer Ralph 120 Begeman, Myron Louis 484 Begg.Edleen 118 Behn, Eugene A 474 Behn, Robert A 474 Belcher, Bessie Ray 168, 291 Belfi, Charles Allen 415 Bell, Bill Ulmer 232, 415 Bell, Carolyn 129, 184, 410 Bell, Claiborne Murray 1 1 5, 234, 450 Bell, Edward Andre, Jr 161 Bell, Frances Ruth 188 Bell, Fred Scott 490 Bell, Howard Warren 415 Bell, James H 140 Bell, Joe Milton 268, 444 Bell, Mary Lynn 186, 462 Bell, Philip Miller 120, 169 Bell, Robert W 382 Bell, Roy Lee 264, 358 Bell, William Mathew 102, 490 Bellah, Max 236, 498 Bellamy, Charmaine 129 Bellamy, William E 490 Belle, Mary Lynn 367 Bellmont, L. Theo 258 Bellos, James Frank 543 Bellows, Betty J 410 Beloate, William E 462 Belser, Robert Dewey 220, 396 Beltram, Henry 359 Belzer, John Henry 474 Benaroya, Viktor 148 Benbow, William Robert 99, 232 Benbrook, Joyce 469 Benchoff, Edmund Fredrick 107, 238 Benedict, Irvin J 462 Benes, Marie Anna 132 Bengsten, Harry L., Jr 341, 444 Benjamin, Marye Durrum 517 Benn, Ted 141 Benners, William Haywood 260, 534 Bennet, Peter Watlington 436 Bennett, Alexander Sharp 482, 486 Bennett, Alma Joyce 196 Bennett, David 26, 395 Bennett, Elbert White 396, 501, 506 Bennett, Jane Frances 161 Bennett, Jo Ann 198 Bennett, John Ballard 115 Bennett, John David 120 Bennett, Nancy Jayne 419 Bennett, Robert C 452 Bennett, Robert Lee 248, 396, 428 Bennett, Robert Sherman 238, 390 Bennison, Edward M 390 Benson, Bettie Jean 163 Benson, Beverly Louise 161, 396, 505 Benson, Drewey Allen, Jr 503 Benson, Leonard R 484, 485 Benson, Marjorie Ann 175, 410 Benson, Stuart 305, 341 Benton, Edward E 94, 95 Benton, Marjorie Ann 198 Benton, Robert Douglas .499, 516, 524, 525 Bentsen, Betty Ellen 200, 415 Beran, James Franklin 539, 542, 543 Berge, Vit 166 Bergeron, Beverly Joseph 166, 516 Berglund, Lois Lillian 165, 498 Bergman, Carolyn J 464 Bergman, Margaret 119, 206, 436 Bergmann, Fred Neil 161 Bergolofsky, Jacob 360 Bering. Eleanor Mary 204, 396, 427 Berish, Barry 222 Berkey, Charles Moorman. 116, 246, 436, 456 Berkey, Gretchen 141, 190, 375 Berkley, Camilla May 114, 161, 289, 419 Bcrknran, Janet Lu 188 Berleth, Donald William 105, 224 Berman, Barbara Ann 504 Berman, Faye 129, 192, 419 Berman, Joe Harvey 222 Bernstein, Larry 270 Bernstein, Phyllis Anne 178, 419 Berrien, Molly Lawhon ... 186 Berry, Barbara Ann 194, 210, 291, 467 Berry, Peggy Ruth 163, 396, 430 Berry, Thomas Eugene 30, 116, 230, 305, 364,531 Berry, Thomas R 250 Name Pagei Berry. W. Wayne 543 Berryman, Frances Eugenia. . . .52, 129, 144, 166, 184,291,374,500,521 Bertrand, James William 542, 543 Bcrwald, Elissa Joyce 114, 178, 217, 291, 365, 419, 504 Beta Alpha Psi 452 Beta Gamma Sigma 453 Beta ThetaPi 226 Bethke, Mildred A 114 Bettis, Jake 30 Bettis, Jesse Bryant 135 Bettis, Joe Bob 135 Beuhler, William Walter, Jr 87, 88, 141, Beuke, Ru Ann Beutel, Richard Armstrong . Bevilacqua, Sam, Jr Bexley, Lquan Beyer, Aki Beyer, J. Hans 444, 457 166, 291 489 .539, 542, 543 ...184,498 .164 165 Beyer, Suzanne Gloria 178, 415, 430, 521 Beyers. Ronald 141 Biar, Richard T 164, 474 Bibb. Sumter T 240 Bible, Dana X 230, 307 Bible, William Dana 86, 230, 308 Bice, Joe Grady 276 Bickley, Laura Allyn 161, 289, 467 Biddle, Bessie Ellen 194, 444 Biderman, Benny Harris 270 Bidgood, Charles F 106 Bie, Peggy Carol 1 66 Biehl, Don H 165, 272 Biels, Gladys Lorena 165 Biesele, Barbara Ellen 453 Biesele, Rudolph 428 Biesenbach, Randolf 341 Bieter, Marjorie Ellen 166 Biffle.KentH 101 Biggers, Julian Lawson 248, 382 Biggs, James Bryan 248, 444 Biggs, James Kenner, Jr 115, 479, 488 Bigham, Charles 341 Bilbrey, Donald G 429 Bilgen, Uluer Ismail .... Bilhartz, Elise Johanna . .148,382 .141, 174,293, 464, 470 161,428 ...242,507 188,419 ...86, 140,543 486, 490 Billings, George Glenn. . . Billingsley, Bruce Alder. . Bills. Betty Madge ...... Binford, William T ...... Bingaman, Alton J ....... Bingham, James Robert ................ 543 Binkley, Mary Lauretta . . . 129, 161, 371, 374 Bintliff, Dick ........................ 364 Bintliff, Chester McClure. .57, 116, 266, 278, 279, 318, 327 Binz, Betty ........................... 200 Birch, Mary Ann ...................... 137 Bird, Paul F ____ ..... 120 Bird, Rita Marie 52, 129, 196, 291, 540, 542, 543 Birdsong, Del Rose ................ 198, 410 Birdsong, Grady R 106 , ..................... Birdwell, Leroy, Jr. . . .104, 120, 141, 226, 450 Bishop, Barry Louis ................... 248 Bishop, Jerry Ed .......... 87, 136, 236, 515 Bishop, Luther Doyle .............. 453, 456 Bitter, Clarence J ...................... 492 Bivins, Peggy Jane .................... 204 Black, Archie Lee ..................... 453 Black, Beverly Jean ....... 144, 208, 369, 499 Black, Ernest L ................... 143, 474 Black, Frank Robert, Jr ............ 108, 487 Blaik, George W .................. 474, 490 Black, Hulon W ....................... 248 Black, Lee Winn ...................... 258 Black, Meredith Leon ......... 1 16, 331, 335 Black, Milton England ..... 85, 121, 260, 336 Black, Norman William ........ 140, 222, 509 lack, Thomas B ...................... 534 Blackard, Vernon M Blackman, Albert M Blackmar, Fredrick Seward . . Blackstock, David Theobald .295,489 94 .94, 226, 481 ....101, 121, 234, 278 196 ....276,452 540 145,432 ..166, 424 Blackstock, Harriet Blackstock, Leo Guy . . . Blackwell, M. Charles Blackwell, Thomas Sanford . . Blackwood, William Dean . . . Blades, Bonnie Lynnette 188, 465 Blair, Cherry 52, 155, 190, 339 Blair, Samuel R 106 Blair, Sloan, Jr 264 Blake, Betty 138, 208, 288, 467, 521 Blakey, John E 296 Blakley, James M 103 Blanchard, Lawrence Phillips 230, 419 Blanco, Charles Clark 91 Bland, Bonnibel 83, 84 Bland, Pollie Vonna 288, 436, 453 Blandy, Gray 161, 172 Blank, Elizabeth Louise .114, 142, 174, 218, 288, 465 Blankenship, Betty Jane 382 Blanks, William D 86 Blanton, Flora Ann 149, 514 Blanton, Jack Donald 268 Blanton, Mildred Irene . .132, 180, 298, 500 Blaschke, Kenneth Earl 143, 166, 540 Blasdel, Carolyn Amelia 166, 470 Blasig, Carolyn Anne 165, 499 Blatt, Marilyn 192 Blaustone, H. Robert 504 Bledsoe, Robert Chandler 101, 110, 234, 357 Bliss, Frances Claire 184 Bliss, Mary Lou 129, 184 Blitch, George Robert 84, 88, 242 Block, Edward 484 Name Pages Block, Edwin Hart, Jr 485, 492 Block, Ephraim L 100 Block, Lawrence Armond 254, 436 Block, Walter H 514 Blocker, Bill 341 Blomberg, Katherine Elaine 190, 504 Blomquist, Harry Laurentz, Jr 165 Blomquist, Martha Mae 180, 430 Bloodworth, Paul Sibley 419 Blount, Charles Donald 242, 450 Blount, Helon, Jackquelyn 137, 188, 496 Bludworth, Charles Estill 92, 230, 305, 352, 424 Blue, John Hardy 294, 359 Blue, Merry Tom 141, 167, 190,419 Hlurtxmnet Belle Finalittl 47-51 ftluebonnet Belle Nominee 52 Bluebonnet Belief 41-46 Bluestein, Ed, Jr 276, 444 Bluestocking! 425 Blumberg, Randolph 168 Blumberg, William E 92, 160 Blumenthal, Robert Louis 25, 28, 30, 60, 105, 116, 140, 254, 278, 284, 509, 532 Blumentritt, Dolores 190, 290, 503 Blumentritt, Ross Bruce, 83, 1 15, 215, 248, 444 Blunk. William D 17, 32, 135 Bluntzer, Naomi Jean 180, 396 Boardway, John C 429 Boberg, Virginia Ann 129, 204 Bobo, Nevillvn Dawn 504 Bock, Jean 162 Bock, Raymond J 456 Bock, Samuel Abram 490 Bodansky, Ruth Eleanore 142, 206, 210 Bodden, Mary Virginia, 29, 165, 180, 462, 470 Bode, George E 108 Boderg, Virginia Ann 500 Boeckman, Duncan Eugene 250 Boedeker, Leonard Ray 453 Boehl, Gwendolyn Verne 504 Boepple, Fred Charles, Jr 542 Boese, Charles Olin, Jr 226, 390 Boesewetter, Mertes Bernard 396, 428 Boggus, Jo Ann 196, 415 454 52, 143, 174,410,430 88, 100, 109 Bogle, Chester B. . . Bohlman, Ora Mona Ituh ii, Alton George Bohn, William H Boies, Jimmie Lee Boker, Alys Rae Bolden, Gerald Pat Boldrick, Samuel Neill, Jr. H lin, Gary Southern Bellinger, Betty Yolande . .382, 453 188 . .396, 432 86,240 ...208 .166, 194,444 Bollman, Thelma A 469 Bolt, Paul Eugene 268, 444 Bolton, Julia Alva 504 Bolton, Margie Cameron 129, 198, 447 Bomar, George Patrick 516 Bommer, Del Rae 490 Bond, Frank Loos 240 Bond, Thomas Dudley 224, 397 Bond, Walter Burnis 246 Bond, William James 224 Bonelli, Beverly Willis 504 Boner, Charles Paul 394 Bonham, Ruth Eleanore 397 Bonham, William Donald 234, 410 Bonneaux, William K 453 Bonner, Stayton Montgomery . 246, 531, 534 Bonnet, Elizabeth Hamilton 188 Bonnett, Stewart Alan 105, 262, 450 Bonney, Herbert Jerry 260, 444 Bonno, Joseph Don 504 Bonorden, Rosella 298, 369, 375 Bonorden, Ruth Ann 118, 168, 298, 397 Boone, Dorothy Helen 129, 290 Booswetter, Mertes Bernard 166 Booten, William C 246, 359 Booth, Jeanneane 40, 155, 204 Booth, Leon, Jr 101, 242, 419 Boozer, Silas Wallace 232 Borcherding, Harry 455 Borchers, Otto R 106, 143 Borden, Nolen L 3, 250, 522, 525 Borgerding, Ruth Eleanor 161, 289, 503 Borfack, Richard 164 Borja, Salvador N 101 Born, John D., Jr 410 Bornefeld, Gloria Elaine 182 Borneman, Jane Ann 291, 375 Borschow, Edmund 262 Borskey, Charles L 100 Boruff, Thomas H., Jr 432 Bose, Robert Bernard 92, 96 Bosley, Lon Wilson 94, 161, 230 Bosquez, Roberto 126, 539, 542, 543 Bossom, Edward G 83, 115 Boston, Lynn Doyle. .294, 474, 483, 485, 488 Boswell, Bernice 469 Boswell, Harold Jackson 240, 532 Boswell, Paul Weldon 161, 297, 508 Boswell, Sam Penn 92, 234, 444 Boswell, Vivienne E 188, 444 Boteler, Sara Alice 186 Bothwell, Martin Ehrfried 165, 540 Bouda, Helenjean Mae 375 Boulter, Alice Jane 208, 504 Boury, Costandy Nicola . . . 10, 127, 161, 296, 474, 484, 485, 492 Bow and Arrow 374 Bowden, H. B. Foster 145, 382 Bowdry, William Pen-in, III 232, 492 Bowen, Miner Dean 436, 507 Bowers, Marvin Lee 453 Bowers, Mary Janet 186 Bowers, William Lee, Jr 180, 258 Bowles, Ann Adelia 174, 375, 462 Bowman, Charles Richard 410 Bowman, Lucius Linton III 248 PAGE 592 t M .L H.OI V is .m . ; u r.Rffi H a ; ...M .. W X Id. (IS . ; ' KtS HO KM H IN w sn . M BLX M IX M M HW IN .-. ' 81 KM -:- W W IS B IB I ' ' : - fiame ft " Box, Margaret Sue 168, 397, 504 Boyce. Margaret Cannon . . 118, 198, 426, 430 Boyee, Thomas Herbert. Boyd, Barbara Lee Boyd, Crawford, F Boyd, Dean Leroy Boyd, Eroil Fred, Jr Boyd, Kathryn Frances. . . 139, 479 ...198 .. 296,444 503,532 .242 129, 176, 202, 369, 464 , 521 . .129, 190,498 432 262,500 Boyd, Virginia Boyd, Walter Anthony Boyd, William A Boyd, William Paxton 455, 516 Boyett, Eleanor Sue Boykin, Robert Heath 234 Boyle, William G Boyles, Jimmy Glenn Boynton, James Douglas Boysen, Helen Boysen,Jne 52, 129, " JU Boysen. Stanley 143 Bozeman, David 274, 397, 429 Bozka, James Noel Brace, David K... 461 .479, 492 .166,250 .474, 489 . . .469 Bracket!, Joseph A. Braden, Robert Skeen . . Braden, Walter Anthony Bradford. George Crain Bradley. Billie Jack Bradley, Buck Bradley, Chester Bradley, Frank Joseph . . . Bradley, Gene Buchanan Bradley, James Jean Bradley, Leonidas Cicero, Jr. Bradley. Robert Franklin, Jr. Bradley, Robert L. Bradner, Janie Brady, Betty Jane . Brady, Harry S Brady, Mary Rose .92 .... 120, 260 166 ..161 489 26, 381 . . .346 133, 238, 281 ...224,382 120, 274, 415, 507 Pagtt .106, 232 . .305 ....240,447 542 . 234, 357, 447 188 305, 346 380 .... 129 262,382 .. 120,222,419 29, 206, 291, 500 194 431 ... .296, 302, 507 Brooks! Frederick Emerson, Jr 485 Brooks, Glenn Ellis 93, 120, 121 Brooks, Harvy Dillard Brooks, James H Brooks, Jo Tedd Brooks, Lanelle Clyde, 118, 119, 131, 142, 202 216, 410, 426, 430, 520, 521 Brooks, Norma Ruth IJf Brooks, Susan 198 Brooks, Tom J Brooks, Warren B 455, 456 Brookshire, Shirley Wood 260, 44, Broom, Perry Brooner, Frank Irvin, Jr Brougher, Jerry W rd, 105, 252, 253, 278 492 Name Brock, Frank Edgar Brock, Robert Fenton Brockenbrough, John Lackland Broder, William Brodnax, John Robert. . . . Brodnax, Mary Elizabeth Broemer, Walter W Brogan, Albert Perley ... Bronstein, Miriam Jo Broodo, Archie Brook, Edward Miles Brookner, Jo Ann Brooks, Ara Virginia Brooks, Clydia Brooks, Edward Namt ft " Buchanan, Robert Buchannan, Maxine 1 14, 29, Buck, Bettiruth 130, 142, 178 Buck, Ivan E Buck, Larry Weiss 85, 254 Buck, William N 492 Buckholdt, Robert Alan 504 Buckholdt, Robert K Buckingham, Tom L., Jr 43 " Buckler, Bill 2 .453, 454, 456 276 297 52, 129, 176, 289, 338, 368, 467 . . . 162, 176, 464, 470 ....87 129, 142, 166, 186, 415, 470 Bragiotti, Edwardo 148 Brainerd, William F 274 Brainin, Howard ] Branch, John C Branch! Joseph Phillip 246, 328 Brand, Beverly 178, 521 Brand, Mary Katherine Brand, Patricia Brand, Stuart Joseph Branda, Elton Stephen Branda, Gerald E . ... 26, 242, 472 Brandenberger, Carolyn Hilda 182, 419 Brandhorst, Mary Jane. . .131, 163, 176. 298, Brandon, Jack Lee . ' . . . . ' .226 ' . 410 Brannen, Hersch S 276, 4 5 Brannen, Mac Harris 224, 410 Brannen, Ted R 391 Brass, Barbara Braswell, Henry Gordon 116 Brauckman, Alvin I 4a Braulick, Edith 165 Braulick. Ruth Braulick, Wilfred James 165 Bray, Carrie E Bray, Wendell Earl 260 Brechin, John B 454 Breckenridge, Paul Rudolph 453 Bredlow, Jo Ann Elizabeth. 129, 133, 162, 450 Bredt, Carl V jJJ S Brehm, Harold Ernst, Jr 410, 503 Breiger, Donald 22 106, 252, 253 102 ..508 .105 ...115 ...419 ...115 ...276,419 ...469 . . .470 .101,447,457 453 436, 458 ..220 121,264 208, 297, 464 86 ..490 .145 Brougher, Kenneth Earle Broughton, Dan Broughton, Elva Skipping Broughton, John W Browder, Elmer Browder, Frances M Browder, James Albert Brown, Anthony Wayne. . . Brown, Bessie Lindell Rrown, Bette Anne Brown, Billy Joe Brown, Billy Ray Brown, Bruce Wendell Brown, Buck Christian .... Brown, Charles William Brown, Ch arlotte Manerva Brown, Edward C Brown, Edward James .... Brown. Ethelyn May Brown, Evelyn Anne, 129, 138, 163, 186, 39, Brown, Forrest J !sMX Brown, Fred E 105,29 Brown, George Bruee 539, 542, 543 Brown, George Evans 105, 240, 450 Brown, Howard Earl Brown, Hubert Leon, Jr 240, 4,4, 489 Brown, Hulon Brasier 140, 50! Brown, Hyder Joe, Jr 389 Brown, Jack D Brown, Jane Ann 194, 431 Brown, Jean Brown, Jimmy Baldwin Brown, Joe J ' Brown, Marion L Brown. Mary Lannelle 290, 437, 505 Brown, Mary Sue, 119, 129, 142, 168, 180,397 Brown, OUie D Brown, Rembert Hamilton, Jr , Brelsford, James Madison Brennan, Clyde Mike Brentlinger, Willard Hughs Brents, Walker Allen, Jr Breswick, Elizabeth Breswick, William Neale Brethouwer, Marvin Brewer, Betty Lucile Brewer, Kelton Lamar 260,444 ... 539 248 103, 242, 410 431 453, 455 82 . 200,415 .268,; Brown, Robert Allen . . . Brown, Rodney Lee. . Brown, Royce Nolan. Brown, S. Leroy Brown, Shelna Lois.. . Brown, Shirley Lou . . . Brown, Thomas Cater Brown, Timothy Donlin .240, 543 101, 437, 452 165, 479, 492 . .485 . . . .430 ...202 ...250,415 166 Brewer! Olan Ray . . . . 116, 140, 295, 382, 523 Brewer, Robert Paine III 244, 474, 489 Brewer, Sam 26,38 Brewton, Ruth Katherine 298 Brickhouse, James Earl Bride, G.Jean 290,464,470 Bridges, Barbara Lynn Bridies, Berle Elliot, Jr 220, 424 Brown, Wallace Henry Brown, Walter F Brown, Warren Corder Brown, William Anderson Brown, William Benjamin Brown, William M Brown, William Robert . . Brown, Yvonne Browne, William Wallace. Brownfield, W. H Brownhill, James Gene . Browning, David G Browning, Siras D Brownlee, Curtis Mitchell Brownlee. Jean Kathryn 103 539, 542, 543 272, 397 246 86, 246 92 ...198 ..488 ....236 ..258 63, 264, 305, 336 106 ...180,291,419 474, 484, 492 ...452,453,456 59, 83, 514, 516, 518, 524, 525 Brieger, Donald Richmond 166, 480 Briggs, Benjamin Rucker. . . ... ... . . .. 4 Briggs, Joan N 52, 137, 144, 282 Bridges, Edward D Bridges, Elsie Jane Bridges, George Raymond Bridges, Jim Lewis Bridges, William Early . . 260 186,374,419, 504,508 Brownlow, Jerry D 276 Brownwell, George S., Jr Broxton, Elliott Broyhill, Kent Ira 252, 253,390 Broyles, Vernon C 4,4,492 Broz, Alfons Lee 103,13. Brozina, Joseph Buckley, Charles Anthony .230, 364, 397, 432 Buckley, Dorothy Jane 1 90, 508 Buckley, John Cantwell... Buckley, Paul Anthony . Buekner. Byron Rae Buckner, Robert C Budd, Otis Buescher, Conrad Mark. Buescher, Williford Harry Buesing, Jean Maureen . . Buffler, Joseph Robert Buice, Mary Evelynn. . . Buie, Victor Leslie Buleerin, Milton William Bull, Peggy Jean Bullard, Fred M Bullart Fredda Bullard, Peeey Rae Bullard, William Carl. ... Bullen, Jeanne Merilyn. . Bullen, William Barry . Bullington, Kate Carroll Bullion, J. S Bullock, Malcolm Duane. Bullock, Neddie Jane. . . . Bunch, Harry Maxwell Bunee, Doris Mae Bunker, Gerald B Bunkley, Mary Lou Burch, Bobbie Jean Burch, Mary Ann Burch, Phoebe Carol Burcham, Ruby June Burck, Robert Daniel . Burdine, John Alton Burer, Walter C Burg, Carol Ann Burger, Danny Burges, Richard J Burgess, Harry Charles Burk, Lawrence Burke, Gene Edburne .... Burke, Ronald Irving Burkett, Bobbv June Burkctt, David Warren Burkett, Donald Lee Burkhalter, Betty Bea Burkhart, Burke Burkhart, Jon Mac Burkhead, Thomas Eugene. Burkmen, George Martin . . Burks. John Clint Burks, Mary Sue Burlage, Henry Matthew ... Burleigh, Patricia Louise. . Burleson, Bobby James .... Burling, Jerome Benton .... Burlingham, Nathan Nelson Burnett, Claude Murphy . . . Burnett, Joe Bill Burnett, Richard Burnham, Herman R Burnitt, Seth Burns, Ben Morgan Burns, Hugh Francis Burns, Marvin Wayne . . . Burow, Immanuel Albert Burow, Isabellc Lucie. . . Burridge, Earl Fred Burris, Tommv Edward. Burrows, Eddie Burrows, Thomas Edward 305, 4 62 Burrus, Donald Richard j2 Burson, James E Burt, Emilv Alma 52, 137, 20j Burton, Billy J Burton, Joe D Burton, Ralph Ashby Bus Daniel William 121, 135, 296, 455, 516 Busbee, Kline Dan, Jr 161, 297 Ham, Bynum, Suzanne Elizabeth Bynum, Thomasine Allene Byrd, D Harold Byrd, Margaret Byrd, Patricia Byrd, William Martin Byrd, William Weldon Byrnes, Howard P Byrom, James Milton Byrum, Elizabeth Sue Pott. 184,367.410 369.372,506 Ml 186 200 103, 228, 480 121,234.532 481.492 506 .196 427 100, 234 . . 108, 162 94 346 161 453 ...186,462 . . .388 ..131,469 ..410 165 129, 190, 291, 419 . 429.432 1S8 83, 188, 397 238,531 142,176,410,426 ...84, 115,250 .208 ..93 108,230 129,137,204,498 437 208 483, 488 137, 184, 397 462 . . .292, 437 ...156, 174,410 504 ...240 428 .452 496, 508 104 . . 500 120 222 ..254,424,427 ...254 467 115,522,523 . .539, 542, 543 . .198, 410 ....419 50R ..453 141 ....479 184, 467 220, 538 129, 194 504 .87, 120 238,447 ....432 230 ....328 ...474,486 ...238,419 161,480 453 532 165 ...291,374,419 100, 140 236 341 Cabaniss, Bebe Dell ........ Cabaniss, Rex Crayton. . .429, 474, 485, 489 Cable, Arzy Howard, Jr ................ 444 Cabra, Ennio Alfonso .................. 166 Carlvt, The ....................... 520,521 Caddenhcad, Wava Lee ................ 298 Cadenhead, Ernest F ................... 100 Cadcnhead, Walter Judson ......... 481. 506 Cadwallader, Eddie Hugh ........... 88, 268 Cage, Jean Leola .................. 188, 462 Calale, Richard John .................. 480 Calderon, Eulalio ...................... 108 Calderon, Fermin ...................... 424 Calderon, Julio Hector ................. 108 Caldwell, Angela Bernice, 168, 291, 367. 370, 374, 375, 467 Caldwell, Bruce ....................... 164 Caldwell. Earl Landis. M, 250, 397, 520, 526 Caldwell, John Merritt ............. 232, 419 Caldwell, Joe Bruce ........... 230, 364, 410 Caldwell, Margaret. . .180, 186, 215, 288, 365. 370, 498 Caldwell, Roland Palmer ........... 107, 161 Caldwell, Vernon Neil ............. 228, 410 Calhoun, Ann Moss .................... 204 Calhoun, Betsy ....................... 198 Calhoun, Charles Galloway, Jr .......... 22fi 298, 372, 397 453 105, 321 504 432 1(1 258 188,415 204,416 , 184, 467 410 542,543 103 Bruce, Ann. . ...52 ills, 4114 . . .230 168 391, 430 382, 507 Briggs, Tommie Ruth Brigham, Ben Madison, Jr. Bright, Richard Brightman, Anna Brigman, George Henry Briley, Moneita Brim berry, Joan Bringolf, Joan B Brisbin, A. Winslow Briscoe, Harold R Briscoe, Wijliam Bradford. .86, 256, 444, 457 Bristley, Alice Elinor Brite, Jerome Templeton 264 4 Brito, Mariana 166, 289, 436 Britsch, Marjorie Ann 165, 44 Britt, Frederick William .... Brittain, Betty Lou 202, 298 Britton, George L. ... Brizman, Janet Carol 141, 178, 410 464 ...467 489 Bruce ' , Charles Merlyn, ' 115, 140, 220, 437, 516 Bruee, Dan Abbot 65, 116, 250, 444 136, ' 163 382, 454, 457 ....200,397 163, 288, 397, 425 ..165 94, 246, 447 ard,Jr 496 94,410 102 109, 115, 410 I M lull I , uw w. 1VM., IUW, ' " ' Brunson, Howard Elridge. 264, 515, 516, 519 Bruth, Charlene " ' Bruton, David Derden, Jr - Bryant, Nancy 128, 208, 39, Bryant, Robert K Bryson, Horace E. 444 Bryson, James Gordon Bubendorf, Evelyn E .298, 397 Bucek, Helen La Nelle .... 142, 143, 288, 410 Buchanan, Frances Bruce, Gene Kay Bruce, IraStice... Bruce, Martha Anne.. Bruckner, Betty Jean . Bruhl. Hans Lothar. Bruraley, Carl Ray Brummel, Basil Edw Brune, David H. . . Bruner, Gordon C. . Busch, William F 276, 437 Buse, Dorothv Pearl -, ' Bush, Bruce Douglas 174 Bushong Pauk Jean. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .298, 374, 503, 505 Buiinett Adminittration Bussey, Hazel B Bussey, William S Bustin, Newell Newton Butcher, Laurence Edward Butchers, Barbara Ann Butler. Carolyn Matthews. . Butler, George Tilton III Butler, Joe Griggs Butler, John Terence Butz, Karl T., Jr Butz, Mary Ann Buzbee, James Meredith . . Byars, Harry G Byars, Rodney L Bybee, Halbert P Bybel, Edward John Byerley, Leon Geddis, Jr. Byers, Hollie Jo Bynea, Donald Ray. . Bynes, Ronald L Bynum, Bebe. 430 358, 486 268 ..506 .456 204 .474, 484, 492 .87, 112,437 161,419 94,266 . 208, 397 28, 115,250,444 ..479 .542,543 115, 160, 429, 432 ....248,492 ...264,474,489 186,410 490 490 188 Calhoun, Charlotte Ruth Calhoun, Gerald Donald . . Calhoun, William Baynard Callan, Sam Waring Callas, James Howard Callaway, Jack Murff Callaway, James E Callender, Miriam Calvert, Cecij Howard .... Calvert, David Rice Calvin, Joanna Vaughn . . . Camden, Theresa A . . . ; . . Cameron, Donna Jeannine Cameron, Elizabeth Ann. . Cammack, James Marvin . Camp, Albert E Camp, David S., Ill Camp, Mary Jacquelyn . 194, 44 ' Camp, Melvin Joseph 23 Camp, Terence T 492 Camp. Thomas Felton, Jr.. .83, 268, 410, 424 Campbell, Allen Campbell, Bobby Dean 474, 485 Campbell, Charles S Campbell, Clifford Gene 230, 532 Campbell, Dorothy Jean ... 1 65, 194, 290, 515 Campbell, Gail Elizabeth. 40, 52, 131, 144, Campbell, George F Campbell, Harvey Anthony Campbell, James Vernon . . Campbell, Jane Campbell. Mark Shelton Campbell, Robert D Campbell, Robert W Campbell, William Eruner Campos, Gonzalo Campus League of Women Voters Canales, Frank E., Jr Canarela, Kimy Peter Candler, Russell E Cannon, Carol Lou Cannon, Marilyn Canon, Roscoe Hartt, Jr Canter Club Canterbury Club Cantrell, William Walter. Cantu, Arlondo Cantu, Emilio, Jr Cantu, Erasmo Cantu, Robert G Cantwell, William Cunningham Cap and Gown Capehart, William Carr Caperton, Clyde Milton. Caperton, Frances Janet Caplan, Goodman L. Capps, Margareuite. Capy, Phil Lucien Caravantes, Pedro Theodore Garden, Ralph Hugh 486 .166, 485 484. 485, 492 176 120 115,486 168 .246,543 104, 126 129 542 166 ..457 ...182,374 . 397 92, 112,236 374 ...161 268 107, 166 .486 . 486 .86,88,360 . . . 228, 410 130 357.489 410.424 136, 430 534 397, 426, 430. 470 230,504 437,508 161, 437, 455 Carder, Richard N., Jr ........... .... Cardiff. Hal Victor ............. 4,9, 4S Cardwell, Betty Matthews 118, 372. 4M. 4J,. Cardwell, Elizabeth Lell ' ' Cardwell. Mary Cecil Cargile. Carolyn Aliece Carleton, Alfred Townes. Carlisle. 208 ' , 375, 447 -I ' . ' ' .- 469 Bynum. Mary Margaret. . .166, 292, 397. 505 Se! Jae r c e aroiyn,25,32,57, 119, 186,397 Carlisle, S. Katherine Carlsen, Marvin T 397,432 Carbon, Barbara Ann, 138, 174, 290, 464, 471 Carlton, Anita Carlton, Carter E Carlton, Carter Eugene, Jr. Carlton, James Dawson 224. 451 PAGE 593 Carman, Dclores Eunice Carmichael, AUn Eugene Carmichael, Roscoe William Carmody, John Bernard Carmody, Patricia Ann Carncll, Robert Edward Carona, John Anthony Carolkers Dormitory ... Carpenter, Robert Clyde Carpenter, Robert Dale Carr, John IX ... Carr, Leonard Lyle ........ Carr.SeligH .............. Carr, Theodore, Jr Carrell, Bobby Joe Carrell, Theresa Carrillo, Gabino M Carrington, Paul Dewitt Carrington, Tommy F 174, 300, 367 368, 375 492 . . . . . . j 176, 216, 374 364, 4, 9 501, 50 514, 516 ,-228 ... ... 242 39, 30,121,262,444 242 266 Name Chambers, Mark Dashiell 240, 398, 424 Chamness, Ralph Simon Champion, Joseph W., Jr 49U Champion, Joise Ellen 52, 131, 503, 505 Champion, Rufus Dudley, Jr 489 Chancellor, Johnson Camden 86, 264, 451 Chancey, Paul V 107 Name Pages Chandler, Allen D Chandler, Anne Page Chandler, Dan Dean Chandler, Huel Homer, Jr. Chandler, Jerry Ten-ill. .. Chandler, Margaret Ann. . Chandler, W : illiam David. 116, 230 455, 45 :::::::.8o. Carroll, John M ....................... 296 Carroll, Jonnie Charles ................. O " Carroll, Rosemary Burrage ........... .375 Carsey, Robert C., Jr .............. 260, 447 Carson, Alan B .................... -M Carson, Joe Stuart ................ 24fl, 34 Carson, Joel Lee .................. 296 Carson, John M ................... H5, 542 Carson, Morton Sorreh ................. 270 Carson, Ralph V ....................... 228 Carson, Robert Lee .................... 240 Carstarphen, D. A ..................... JJ Carter, Aubrey L., Jr .................. 54 Carter, Bill R ......................... 542 Carter, Clara Patricia Ann ............. 375 Carter, Ira Lee ..................... - 176 Carter, James Edward ............. 168, 454 Carter, Lee Steven ............ 419, 429, 489 Carter, Lorraine .................. 176, 447 Carter, Margi Ellen ........... 156, 174, 368 Carter, Ma rvin G ...................... 492 Carter, Mary Jane ..................... 168 Carter, Patty Ann ..................... 504 Carter, Robert DeVere ................. 242 Carter, Robert Lee, Jr .......... 1 15, 1 68, 444 Carter, Shelby Henry .................. 266 Carter, Shelby Heway ............. 397, 444 Carter, Thomas Ellsworth .............. 232 Carter, Thomas Leachman ......... 260, 492 Carter, Weldon Harrold ......... 86, 145,410 Cartledge, Betty ...................... 161 Cartwright, Jack Cleveland ............. 397 Cartwright, Jerome ................ 244, 508 Caruthers, Richard B .................. 450 Carvajal, John Loven .......... 91, 112, 242 Carver, George Lafayette ................ 91 Carver, Mary ........ 114, 142, 161, 374, 416 Casal, Henry Charles .................. 224 Case, E. D ............................ 364 Case, Edward Morgan, Jr ............... 489 Caseilas-Jovel, Bonosio ................ 382 Casero, Henry Edward ................. 101 Caserta, Harry Leonard ................ 260 Casey, Bertha Florence ................ 469 Casey. Bill ............................ 525 Casey, Mary Josephine ................. 469 Cash, Floyd L ......................... 488 Cashat, Sam David .................... 506 Cashin, Jack W ........................ 457 Cashman, John G ...................... 276 Caskin, Meyer ........................ 390 Casmere, Nancy ....................... 186 Cason, Kenneth Fain .................. 274 Casper, Marilyn ................... 142, 206 Cassel, Virgil Claud . . . 30, 99, 112, 232, 514 Casselman, Winona Carole ......... 208, 498 Castaneda, Consuelo ................... 166 Castany, Charles I .................... 487 Castlcberry, Kay Louise ................ 190 Castlcbury, Donald M .................. 266 Castro, Henry Edward ................. 488 Castro, Ruben R ...................... 543 Caswell, Kenneth Kennedy, Jr ...... 100, 238, 410, 432 Cate, Alvin R. L ....................... 543 Cate, Henry Hamilton, Jr ............... 260 Cater, Douglas George ................. 427 Cater, Patsy Joan ...... 40, 83, 119, 142, 166, 174, 210, 240, 498, 505, 507, 520, 521 Callow, Thomas Edward ....... 514, 516, 519 Caughlin, James Francis ............... 453 Cauley, Peyton Dabney ....... 102, 161, 297 Caussey, Donald Edwards 220, 397, 429, 432 Cauthen, Carolyn ......... 184, 367, 372, 465 Cavaness, Don Word .................. 305 Cave, Thomas Allen ................... 397 Cavender, James Milton ........... 103, 260 Cavender, William Byrd ........... 103, 260 Cavin, Martha ........................ 289 Cavin, Patricia Eliiabeth ............... 198 Cavnew,C.H ......................... 4 2 Cawood, Jack Earl .................... 238 Cawthon, Elnora A .................... 469 Cawthron, Bailey Mack ....... 290, 419, 504 Caylor, Dannye ............... 290, 419, 504 Celaya, Bettie L ....................... 166 Celeya, Maria del Carman ..... 142, 186, 410 Chaddick, Mary Lou .................. 188 Chadwell. Nancy Ann 129, 188, 228, 374, 464 Chamberlain, Alice Marie .......... 174, 465 Chamberlain, Cynthia Sue.. 40, 180, 210, 212, 398,504 Chamberlain, Elliott Aiken ..... 264, 390, 504 Chambers, Anne Seabury.. .29, 118, 119, 161, 167, 298, 517 Chambers, Charles Cal Carrol, Jr ........ 116 246, 278, 437 Chambers, Catherine ............... 52, 186 Chambers, Edgar ...................... 328 86,88,516 238, 481, 521 242, 480 101, W, 234, 161, 182] 289 234 94, 230 92, 230 .266, 308, 363, 447 166 147, 252, 518 336 vflu pi -- naa Clegg, Theodore Nelson ,,,, Clement, Everett Foy 140 ' ' " Clements, Adelaide Bassell 184 Clements, Alice Joyce ii ' lS Clemenls, Jamie Hager, 29, 121, 248, 278. 410 Chaney, Martin Hester Chancy, Richard Lowry Chanslor, William Alfred . Chaparro, Jose Alberto Chapman, Alvin Lolhair. . Chapman, Hank Chapman, Harvie Howard. 163, 514, 516, 519 Chapman, Henry Alvan .248 Chapman, Margarel 431, 4b9 Chapman, Mildred Sue 145, 161, 190, Chapman, Thomas H., Jr 266 Chapoton, Joy 198, 410 Chappel, Richard G 487 Charlier, June Ellen 162, 190, 515 Charlton, James Monroe, Jr 432 Chaskin, Meyer, M 85, 115, 270 Chaslain, Patty Jane 180 Chatas, Angelos Thomas.. .429, 474, 485, 489 Chatfield, Charles Kellon 244, 482, 490 Chaudoin, Joan 208, 291, 450 Chavez, Angela Gloria 126 Chavez, Edmund M 504 Chavex, Raul 22 Che, Ip 165 Cheaney, Charles Chase 228 Cheatham, Cynlhia Ann 200, 368 Cheavens, Ann 129, 133, 204, 291, 467 Cheavens, Thomas Henry 258 Checchi, Robert J 391 Cheek, Jim 358 Chernosky, Marvin Ernesl Cherry, Blair 307,327 Cheshier, Lee Banie 256 Chesnick, Sally Ann, 28, 118, 119, 129, 142, Chessman, Dale Carroll ' 260 Chester, Daniel Allenby 165, 258, 286 Chester, J E 165 Chew, John C 84 Chi Epsilm 482 ChiOmega 186 ChiPhi 228 Chiles, Bill Allen 232 Childs, Claudia Lee 40, 50, 52, 155, 186 Chilton, Christine Mary 198, 375, 416 Chilton, Mary Sue 196, 498 Chillon, Nancy Ann 168, 291, 419, 430 Chiltenden, Allen C 105 Choal, Buddy J 84, 88 Chodorow, Slanley R 262, 450 Chrismon, Jack M 429, 432 Chrisp, Joseph Dean 382 Chriss, Percles 161 Chrislian, Ralph Neill 490 Chrislian, Shirley 369 Christian Science Club 162 Christiansen, Jane Kerr 196 Christie, Shirley Lee 196, 416 Chrislie, William Jack 240, 540 Christie, William Preston 266, 357, 437 Chu, Bark-Ho 454 Chumney, Pat Swearingen 246, 390 Chumney, William Thomas, Jr 246, 534 Chupick, Mary Frances. . . 132, 208, 419, 430 Church, Charles Clifford 452, 519 Churchill, Richard T 428, 534 Churchwell, Nell G 517 Chute, Aaron H 453, 455 Chwang, Shu Dee 437, 452 Cisneros, Hector R 85 Cisneros, Lucila Minerva 290 Clabaugh, Carol Jean. . . .118, 188, 373, 374, 398, 425 Clabaugh, Stephen E 429 Claeys, Jean Emily 166, 194, 500 Clancy, Herbert Leland, Jr 87, 141, 242 Clapp, Marjorie Ann .. 190, 514, 523, 524, 525 Clardy, Luis Kay, Jr 382, 503 Clark, Annetta Joyce 163 Clark, Benjamin Devane 516 Clark, Bill 30, 284, 432 Clark, Bobby Joe 116, 230, 305 Clark, Charles T 17, 115, 236 Clark, Howard John. . .86, 115, 121, 161, 226, 361, 507 Clark, Isabella Rachel 53, 118, 131, 167, 298, 398 Clark, Jack N 295 Clark, James Tracy 444, 458 Clark, John B 479 Clark, Joyce Lucerne 437 Clark, Kaye Love 291, 419 Clark, Leonard Howard 108, 410 Clark, Richard Sanford, Jr 230 Clark, Scotl 258 Clark, Shirley Burke 200 Clark, William Bryan 116, 220, 532 Clark, William Henry 101, 121, 244 Clarke, Benjamin Devane 228, 278, 437 Clarke, Edith 485 Clarke, George Richard 398 Clary, Barbara 1 14, 375 Clay, William H 107 Claybrook, David Leo 120 Clayton, Robert Eugene 248, 410 Clements, Jesse W Clemons, Robert Ewing Cleveland, Clark M Cleveland, Florence Lillian . Clevinger, Lewis Edward, Jr. Click, Lloyd Loring Clift, Robert I Cliflon, Don B Climer, James D Cline, Ann Adele Cline, Barbara June. . Cline, Dorothy Jean. . Cline, Gerald Joseph . . 115, 295 ...... 240 ......... 485 ...... 453 . . .490 .......... 250 ....115,437,457 ............. 540 . . .498, 504 194, 288, 375, 416 ..... 202,467,521 , n, ...... 252, 253, 447, 506 Clinger, Margie Amy .............. 202, 416 Clonts, Kenyon Eugene ............ 256, 479 Clore, Elizabeth Ann ...... 196, 289, 369, 416 Clore, Marianna ....................... 508 Closs, George ..................... iti ' Sl Closuit, Jeanne Murchison ...... 52, 200, 508 Cloud, William Perry .................. 246 Clouse, Ada Wadene ................... 398 Cloyd, William Preston ............ .. . Cloyes, Sara Jane .............. 52, 208, 426 Clutts, James A ....................... 391 Coates,John .......................... 232 Cobb, Beatrii ......................... 9 Cobb, Dolores Cecilia .......... 166, 288, 498 Cobb, Earle Elmo, Jr .......... 116, 246, 358 Cobb, Frank Drew ................ 474, 490 Cobb, George W. . 240, 305, 331, 332, 532 Cobb, Madeleine A ........ 129, 166, 196, 499 Cobb, Sandra Rhea ..... 131, 174, 373, 375, 426, 430 Coburn, Chester P ..................... 105 Cochran, Dorothy Dale ........ 204, 375, 410 Cochran, Jane Mathilde ................ 504 Cochran, Lamont Martin, Jr., 94, 95, 230, 416 Cocke Bartlett, III .................... 260 Diane Frances .............. 298, 504 James Robert 240. 444 Robert Robinson, Hi 432 William Hill. 240 .357, 364, 489 514,522,523 426 133, 135 190 131 163,507 258, 382 ...238 Cocke Cocke Cocke CockrellVRoberfB. ' . ' ' . ' . ' . . . . Cockrum, Jim ............ Cocreham, Shirley A ...... Coder, Robert Lynn ....... Coe, Sue Marlene ......... Co-ed Assembly ........... Coffey, Fred A ........... Coffey, Robert George ..... Coffield, Charles Henry ................ .- Coffman, Elbert Joseph ................ 260 Coffman, James A., Jr ................... 82 Cogburn, Edmund Lewis ....... 104, 220, 507 Coghlin, Robert Lyle .............. 107, 504 Cohen, Barry Lippman ............ 416, 222 Cohen, Elliott 7. ................... 254, 450 Cohen, Malcolm Hugh ............. 254, 444 Cohen, Sheldon ....... ................ 222 Cohn, Maurice Daniel ............. 254, 398 Cohn, Pauline .................... 192, 467 Coker, Leon Jackson, Jr ........ 103, 248, 450 Coker, Tommy G ............. 102, 248, 437 Colborn, Leon G ....................... 106 Colbourne, Richard Kay ........... 266, 444 Colby, Malcolm Young ................ 266 Cole, John Martin ..................... 266 Cole, Lamont E ....................... 492 Cole, Margaret Evelyn ........ 129, 288, 410, 504,505 Cole, Mary Louise ................ 129, 514 Cole. Robert Randolph ............ 103, 161 Coles, Roy Davis, Jr ................... 479 Coleman, Carl Earnest ............. 305, 346 Coleman, Charles William .............. 453 Coleman, Gleason Walter .......... 437, 453 Coleman, Harry Lee ................... 452 Coleman, Marilyn Joan ........ 52, 142, 156, 178, 416 Coleman, Vedia Elizabeth ...... 174, 419, 503 Collette, Ann. . . .134, 194, 291, 369, 372, 467 Colley, Paul Sims III .................. 234 Collie, Daniel Lane ................ 260, 455 Collier, Charles S ................. 382, 453 , Collier, George S Collier, Jim T Collier, Margaret Earle Collier, Peggy Collins, Boyd Ray , Collins, C. J. (Mickey), Jr Collins, Carroll Wright Collins, Clark T Collins, Donald P Collins. Earldean Martin Collins, Emma Jane Collins, Eugene Wallace ............. , Collins, Jodean Thornton .......... 101, 232 Collins, John Frank, Jr ............. 276, 540 Collins, Martha Jane .............. 174, 496 Collins, Maxine Sagor .............. 129, 178 Collins, Peggy Powell .................. 469 Collins, Reed 104, 437 487 450 86, 246, 361, 516 166, 358 166, 431 166 490 86 117, 240 Name Pages Condoe, Steve George 264 Condron, Wilber 454 Cone, Robert Earl 230, 305, 346, 398 Conerly, Maryo 129, 174, 464 Conger, Tom D 391 Conine, William Burton. . Conley, John J.. . ; Conlon, John Loftin Conn, Carroll Wayne Connell, Lewis Edward . . Connelly, Kathleen Connelly, Patsy Ann Connelly, William I Connor, James H Connor, Robert Charles Connor, Seymour V 252 Conradl, Lelha A 469 Conrey, Mrs. Martyn 292 Conli, Joseph Louis, Jr 84, 88, 166, 358 Conli, Katherine Wilhelmine 166, 410 Contreras, Cosby B 126, 166 Convis, Charles Lester 474, 486, 490 Convis, Mary Anne 398 Cook, Betly Jean 194, 447 Cook, Billie Gene 504 Cook, Carol 134, 194, 293 Cook, Jack Franklin, Jr. 120 Cook, Jake C 87, 398, 532 Cook, Palricia Ann 174, 469, 498, 504 Cook, Robert Jackson 220 Cook, Suzanne G 145, 410 Cook, Thomas Leighton 260, 444, 486 Cook, W. Howard 487 Cooke, Frank 1 543 Cooke, Isora 293 Cooksey, James Maxwell 480 Cooley, Len 357 Coone, Malcolm Glen 489 Cooner, Gladys Jean 541, 543 Cooney, William Benard 166, 266 Coons, William Ray, Jr 92, 474 Cooper, Albert Everett 264, 485 Cooper, Carrol Clinton 540 Cooper, Eloise Herring 398, 426, 430 Cooper, Martha Jean 180, 382 Cooper, Norman R 484 Cooper, Shirley Ann 204 Cooper, William James 516 Cooper, William Marion 496, 50$ Coopwood, Douglas Batson 258 Copeland, Don Lee 504 Copeland, Hal Elbert, Jr 515, 516, 519 Copeland, Morgan L 27, 121, 276, 278 Copen,A.Bill 115 Corder, Geneva 469 Corder, Mary Dowdy 469 Cordts, Joyce Scherrer 166 Cordts, Vernon Edward 166 Co-Recreation 166 Corley, John Robert III 86, 240 Cornelius, Frances LaVerne 208, 410 Cornell, Robert King 87, 88, 163 Corning, Harold Thomas 92, 96, 242 Coronado, Maria De Jesus 52, 290, 419 Coronato, Emil Thomas 490 Corrigan, Mary Alyce 174, 464 Corrin, Jane Carrol 200, 416 Cortes, Earl Edwin 107, 260, 450 Cortez, Joe 87, 166 Corwin, Courtenay 129, 188, 375 Coselli, Richard Anthony 166, 256 Cosselli, Dolores Ann 416 Costero, Margarita G 298 Costley, Flora Annette. . . .129, 168, 196, 410 Cott, Barry Leonard 222 Coiner, Robert 250 Cotter, Betty 289, 416 Cotter, Margarel Elizabelh 202 Collingham, Erwin Yandell, Jr 226 Couch, Martha 190 Coufal, Jerry Lumir 132, 143, 492 Coughlin, Lawrence M 166, 359 Courier, Virginia Ann 118, 142, 180, 515, 517, 522, 525 Courtney, Jacqueline Teaque. . . 174, 426, 430 Courtney, James H 489 Couvillion, Nancy Jane 40, 48, 52, 155, 166, 174, 218, 465 ....485 . .474, 483, 488 542 186, 465 144, 200, 498 104, 328 166,444 .93, 234, 356 240 492 232,444 503 94,226 Collins, Susanne R Collins, Thomas James. . Collins, William David.. Colquill, James A Collzer, Robert George . Colwell, Billy Joe Colvin, Jacob Riley -u, , " Colwell, E. W 171 Combs, Roland S., Jr 166 Comegys, Walker Brockton, Jr 240, 398 Comiskey, Patrick J 166, 296 Conaway, William, Jr 242 298, 301 508 .94, 161, 504, 508 464 252,253 509 248,499,508 Covinglon, Joe C., Jr Covinglon, Martin Bryan, Jr 485, 488 Covinglon, Nina Cowboyi, The ......................... H Cowden, Abbie ........................ 214 Cowden, Alma Faye, 48, 52, 128, 130, 200, 398 Cowden, Elizabelh Ann ............ 208. 462 Cowden, Emma Sue ........... 128, 198, 515 Cowden, Marylee ............. 128, 200, 464 Cowen, Barbara ....................... gj Cowen, Rona Jean ................ 178, 500 Cox, Albert Harrington, 120, 226, 450, 503, 507 Cox, Bob Edgar ....................... 504 Cox, Carolyn Ann ................. 198, 465 Cox, Florence ............ 129, 160, 290, 370, 515, 522, 523 Cox, Franklin Lanier .............. 434, 455 Cox, Gerald Anlhony .......... 100, 266, 444 Cox, James Ray .............. 167, 242, 410 Cox, Keilh Kohn ............. 115, 122, 165 Cox, Kenneth Jackson ............. 115, 165 Cox, Lanier F ......................... 452 Cox, Larry .......................... 3 Cox, Murray Kennelh ............. 453, 456 Cox, Neil Darrel ................... 94, 297 Cox,P.lriciaAnn ........ , H4, IB . Cox, Solly Wytt ................ ' ..... 108 Cox, Suzanne ..................... } Cox, Virgil Truett .............. 85, 444, 452 Cox, Wayne Edward .............. 256, 444 Cox, William A ........................ 2 as PAGE 594 Name Coykendall, Patricia Lyttle 503 Coyle, Martha Ann 188, 398, 426, 430 Craddock. Dale 364 Craft, Gary 133 Crager, Jay Cecil 278, 382 Crahan, John Byron 464 Craig, Charles E 268, 479 Craig, Connie 188 Craig, Darlyn 431 Craig, Ellenda 437 Craig, Gordon A 264 Craig, Homer Vincent 248 Craig, Hoyt D 108 Grain, Cullen M 485,488 Grain, Marvin G 108, 489 Cramer, Carolyn 469 Cramer, Marian L 1 18, 372 Cranfill, Lee 424 Cranfill, Thomas Mabry 244 Cranny, James Joseph 437 Cranor, Forrest Carlton 266, 410 Graver, William Howard 504 Crawford, Adele, 129, 196, 291, 369, 375, 419 Crawford, Artie Jeanette 202 Crawford, Robert Fields 256, 336, 398 Crawford, Frances H 190, 469 Crawford, Frank Bostwick, Jr 504 Crawford, John Dunlap. . .116, 230, 305, 336, 337, 444 Crawford, Lonnie Edmond, Jr 382 Crawford, Otho L 295 Crawley, Charlotte Lucille 398 Craycroft, Jack 274, 390 Cree, William Richard 276, 398 Creel, Louis G 482, 485, 506 Creel, Odie Kenneth 86, 135 Crenshaw, Willis P 487 Crews, Leon Fuqua 437, 452, 501, 506 Crews, Quintous Earl, Jr 410 Crider, Claude D., Jr 492 Crier, Bill 504 Crimm, Judy 163 Crisp, Willice Albert, Jr 234, 480 Crites, Carolyn Louise 208, 464 Crites, Omar Don 161, 383, 534 Crittenden, Lillian Worthington, 145 162, 190 Crittenden, Nora Alice 416 Crochet, John R 437 Crochet, Rudolph Lawrence 166 Crocker, Rita Joan 129, 204, 416 Crockett, Edward Richardson 250 Crockett, Gene Showers. . .474, 487, 501, 506 Crockett, John A 250 Crockett, Moton H., Jr 501, 506 Cron, Bonnie Lou, 129, 142, 184, 291, 300, 444 Cronfel, Ada 52, 166 Cronfel, Sarah 166 Cronkhite, Margaret M 298, 300 Crooke, Lawrence Frank 25, 1 15, 1 1 6 Groom, Samuel Gaston 92, 116, 234, 444 Crosby, Margaret Ann. . . .204, 371, 375, 410 Cross, Patsy Louise 186, 514 Cms Country 329 Grossman, Ronald Charles 226 Crosthwaite, Nancylu 129, 204 Crouch, William Ekas 260 Crow, Harold 36 Crow, Herman L 428 Crow, James Walter 232, 389 Crow, Jo Ann 174 Crow.JohnT -fj Crow, Judson Anthony, Jr 260, 45( Crow, Patty Jane 198 Crowe, Beatrice E 298 Crowe, Mildred Ann 190, 426 Crowell, Darlene Dee 196 Crowley, Beverly 198 Crowlev, George Allen 140, 248, 278, 447 Crozier, H. T. (Kelly) 514, 522, 523, 525 Cruce, Charles P 139, 479 Crumb, Stephen F 485 Crunk, Max M 432 Crutchfield, C. Cohron 501, 506 Cruz, Laura Elena 292, 505 Cuenod, Emile Marc 107, 240 Culbertson, Jacquelyn. 114, 184, 419, 503, 520 Cullen, Ernest Martel 416 Cullen, Laura Mae 507 Cullom, James 305 CuUum, Carol 144, 198, 411 Culp, Vanual 140, 462 Culver, Barbara 186 Culver, Gerald Staton. . . .234, 361, 437, 455 Culver, Joe Howard 234, 450 Gumming, Edwin Palmer 240, 357 Cummings, Carl 457 Cummings, EUeen Alice 129, 166, 196, 416, 430 Cummings, Patricia . . .65, 118, 122, 167, 496 Cummings, Timmy Ray 146, 39) Cummins, Robert J 482 Cunningham, Charles Eddy .... 104, 230. 389 Cunningham, Don Cunningham, Gloria Ann. . . Cunningham, Joe Bruce ....308,314 ...182,464 80, 116, 117, 234,531 ...305 Cunningham, John Wayne Cunningham, Phoebe Jane. 166, 416, 430, 470 Cunningham, Richard George Cunningham, Robert Glenn 1 15, 25( Cunningham, William A 1 17, 4 2, 4 , 5 Currie, Eva G 469 Curry, Alfred Foy III 242, 450 Curry, Richard Earl 252, 419 Curtain Club C Curtis, Eck 307 Curtis, Harold I -?J Curtis, Jack D Curtis, Norma Jean 291, 46, Curtis, Thomas Atkinson iU ' lH Cusenbary, Charles Lee 234, 41 1 Name Cuthrell, Robert Eugene 106, 264, 419 Cutrer, Lewis Wesley, Jr 103, 244, 447 Cyrus, Carol Ruth 1 94 CwrACiwt 132 Dabney, Alan Lancaster 507 Dabney, Patsy Ruth 208, 540, 542, 543 Dabney, Ruby Jo 198 DaCamara, Patricia Lou.. .138, 144, 174, 411 Dacy, Douglas Calvin 453 Dahl, Anna Ruth 200 Daily.DedeS 178,416 Daily, Mary Elizabeth McKnight 462 Daily, Sylvan Arnold 222 Dalby, Billie Jean. 52, 176, 428, 532, 533, 534 Dale, Albert Frank 504 Dalehitc, Henry Gibbs, Jr 234, 534 Dmlebite, Norma Webb 289,450 DattatClub 133 Dallenbach, Karl M 220, 236, 380 Dalley, Joseph W 484 Dalrymple, John B 106 Dalrymple, S. Harris 504 Dal ton. Murphy Leon 246, 448 Damiani, Byron Darryl 228 Damon, Ann 196, 46, Damon, Henry Gordon 266, 429, 432 Damron, Jayne 136, 184, 462 Danchak, Steve Ernest 165 Dancy, Bettie Morrow . . . .204, 291, 500, 504 Dancy, Marylyn Maxine 290 Danford, Joseph Franklin 163 Daniel, Barton H 437, 457 Daniel, Burl B 542 Daniel, Frances Shiree 174, 419, 430 Daniel, James L., Jr...l68, 437, 457, 462, 504 Daniel, Lillie Marie 196, 462 Daniel, Suzanne Phillips 176, 368, 444 Daniels, Carl U 103, 161, 242, 383 Daniels, Lillian 470 Dannelley, Frank Humphrey 542, 543 Danner, Paul 29, 232, 416 Danowski, Rudolph J 456 Dansby, Mary Lucille 160, 288, 398 Danzigcr, Nancy Beth 192, 467, 504 Dapper, William Howard 250, 398, 427 Darby, Danny Dow 455, 501, 506 Darcy, Harris Palmer 398, 429, 432 Darden, Lucita Thornton 29, 496 Darden, William E 14, 140, 240 Darnall, Erie Marshall 456 Darwin, Herbert Rollyn 268 Darwin, James Thomas 506 Dauer, Dorothea, Hildegard Daugherty, Ralph Howard, Jr 100, 16_1, Daumas, Felix Antonio 166 Daumas, Raul 121 Davenport, Richard Alan David, Agnes G 298,504 Davidson, Blanche 129, 1 , 8 Davidson, Doris Marie 190, 49S Davidson, James E 542, 543 Davidson, John Wesley. 29, 108, 140, 228. 509 Davidson, Lee Wiley 444 Davidson, Pauline Evon. . .182, 288, 465, 470 Davidson, Rita Maxine 52, 138, 206 Davies, Olwyn .198, 366, 369, 373, 374, 462 Davila, Joaquin Bruno 126, 543 Davis, Alda Lois Larson 202, 439, 542 Davis, Avril James 452 Davis, Bettye Gayle 298 Davis, Bill Dean 501, 506, 542 Davis, Billy C JO} Davis, Billy James 411 Davis, Bowen . Davis Carolyn Glynne 176, 41b Davis! Charles Edward. . . .475, 484, 485, 492 Davis, Donald Harold Davis, Dudley H 516 Davis, Eunice J J Davis, Frances Starr 129, 188, 416 Davis, Harold S 107, 256 Davis, Jack A ; Davis, James Earl 475 Davis, James John j t) Davis, Jean 411 Davis, Jimmy Artis iii ' iS Davis, Joan Parker 200, 36! Davis, Joanne Davis, John Albert 92, 411 Davis, John Howard 256, 448 Davis, John Powell 232, 479 Davis, Joyce Lorayne 298, 411, 50, Davis, June 305, 308, 326 Davis, Keith 453, 455, 456 Davis, Louis Colbert . 531 Davis, Lovell E 103,246,364 Davis, MackF 296 Davis, Martha , " ' Davis, Mildred B 145, 430 Davis, Milton B 305, 336, 507 Davis, Noah Lee, Jr Davis, Patricia Ann 52, 290, 411 Davis! Perry D., Jr 28, 120, 140, 268, Davis, Richard David 266, 516 Davis, Richard -98 Davis, Robert Aubrey ;;;.; Davis! Terrence Edward 242, 479, 486 Davis, Thomas C., Jr 4 Davis, Thomas W Davis Virginia 186,210,411 Davis! Wafters Smith, III 226, 522, 523 Davis, Wayne G Ili ' fE Davis, William Borden 140, 238 Dawe, Jessamon Dawson Chloe T 163, 498, 505 Dawson, ' Gilbert Henry, 268, 305, 308, 315, 325 Nawu P V Dawson, Irving 428 Dawson, Raymond F 482, 490 Dawson, Robert Milton 266 Day, Gladys Chriatcna 507 Day, Herman O ' Neal 183 Day, Jack Rawlins 91, 398 Day, William Winfrey 496, 508 Daye, Carolyn Jordan 426, 470 Day vault, Dorothy Lucille 204, 374 Deal, Donald Eugene 85, 163, 356, 383 Dean, Chrystal Laverne ... 156, 180. 464, 504 Dean, Eugene Alan 220 Dean, Evelyn 190 Dean, Garland Ray 419, 506 Dean, Jean Orr 186. 500, 503 Dean, Margaret Lucile 204, 398 Dean, Mattie Evelyn 129, 291, 500 Dean, Wanda Sue 290 Dean, William Walter, Jr 260, 450 Deane, Granville Mitchell, Jr 268 Dearing, Catherine Joan 375 Dearing, Donald Royce 100 Deason, Milton 34 1 Deathe, Helen Norwood 18 Deathe, Mary Kathryn 462 Deaton, John Wood 234 Deaton, Mary Lucille 129, 134, 142, 180, 383 Deals, Paul K., Jr 168 Deaver, Dorothy Inge 147, 288, 419 Deaver, John Randolph 509 DeBeck, Hubert 429 Debenport, Jerald R 84 Debnam, Joy Diane 129, 416 Debus, Howard J 487 De Busk, Hall J 276, 437 Dechard, George W 22 Dechman, Janis Marie 194, 416, 430 Decker, Charles Edward, Jr 84, 475, 489 Decker, Sydney 162, 500 Dedeker, Imogene 161, 411 Deen, Arthur H 232, 429 Deering, Harold G 4 Dees, Charles F 100,120,452 De la Cruz, Robert N 105 De la Rosa, Raul 126, 540 Delcon, Heriberto 103 De Leon, Elisa 166 De Leon, Heriberto 398 Delgadillo, Jose Luis 479 Dellinger, John Leyson, Jr Dellinger, Rosemary 128, 200, 411 Delong, Thomas McKeowan, Jr 250 Delphenis, Charles Robert, 121, 260, 437, 516 Delta Delta Delta 188 Delta Gamma 1 Ddta Kappa Eptilon 230 Delta Nu Alpha 454 Delta Phi Eptilm 192 Delta Sigma Phi 232 Delta Sigma Pi 45 5 Ddta Tau Ddta 234 Delta Upnilon 236 Delta Zeta 1 Dement, Frances Jo Denman, Tommy Joy 149, 288 367 369, 372, 3 4, 375, 4o4 Dennis, Tom Lorenzo 230, 479 Dennis, Wilbur Edwin 38 Denny, Billv Ray " 7 Denny, William Patrick 411, 501, 506 Dent, Barbara Gene 126, 181 Dent, John B., Jr 504 Depew, Archie S 432 Derese, Betty Bel 44 Derigo, Mary Dolores 176, 368, 464 Derrick, George Erwm 85, 248, 46. Derry, Edward Blucher 169 De Sautell, Billy J Deshong, Bettye Lee 144, 155, 200, 368 Desmuke, Kathryn Sue. . . .298, 371, 375, 391 De Stefano, Martin Joseph 1 66, 328 Deutsch, Ellen Elizabeth 178, 464 Devine, Patricia 129, 137, 166, 184. 411 Deviney, Marvin Lee, Jr 1 15, 38o De Witt, Harriet Marie 166, 180, 398 Dial, Preston Hastings, Jr ; ;i ' ? Diamond, Beverly Frances 14A 1 8 Diaz, Carlos Francisco 126 Diaz, Juan M Dibrell, Joseph Burton 250 Dickard, Paul F . JO] Dickens, John Powers 250, 450 Dickerson, Buster - ' J Dickerson, Carolyn 198, 372, 416 Dickerson, Glenn 507 Dickerson, Joe D Dickerson, Lamar Ronsell 03, 232 Dickerson, Li-e Richard 86, 167, 266 Dickerson, Ralph Waldo 1 0 Dickerson, Robert W 509 Dickerson, William E. S. HI 276 Dickey, Diane Dickie, Jess Carson III 240, 357 Dickinson, Garland F Hame Dillon. Bobby Dan ... 56. 1 16, 305, 308, 309, 317, 322. 346 Dillon, Bonnie 180 Dillon, J. J 364 Dillon, Patricia Jane 174, 291, 419 232. 438. 457 Dimmick, Lois Hughes ..469 ...148 . ...163 Dishongh, Charles Kay Dishongh, Fred Thompson, Jr.. . Dishroon, Carr Pritrhett . . 220, 448 220 268 .268, 398 ...475.488 .92, 95, 161 ...364 643 ...161,242 ...186 ....163,506 469 ...248 484 174,291,500 455 ...290,411 Doblw S J Jr 490 Dobie Raford Neville 475 Dockery, James Randel 68, 121,248,411 2S2 145, 290, 398 Dodd Hugh B 162 295 . . . .244 .85, 258, 504 ...504,508 480 Doersam, Merjean Doggett, Mary Claire 129, Doherty, James A Dold, Addison Jackson, Jr. Dollarhide, Thomas Dolley, James C Domengeaux, Earl Edward Dominey, Doyalton Dan Dominge, Joseph Morris Donan, Elizabeth Ann Dondlinger, Donna Lou. . .141, Donghi, Louis Victor Domgan, Marilyn Ruth Donn, Peggy Ellen Donnelley, Jodie Dnnnldson. Fletcher . . . 164 133, 166, 176, 288. 508 428, 534 252,253,450 87 . 15, 453, 455 ..248 .145,276,532 504 147, 163, 196. 291, 419 290, 462, 470 ... .485 374,411 .192,372,419 161 ...164 Dickson, John Britain 398, 504 Dickson, Stella Jane 180, 503 Dien, Chi-kang Diercks, Jerry }g Dicrlam, Sidney Hawes ' Dietz, Charles K 456 Dietz, Gilbert Ralph J Diggs, Marshall R., Jr 246 Dilbert. Meredith N 61 Dill, George Lee [ Dill, Nancy Sue .Wini ' iS Dillard, Billy Lamer 107, 109, 437 Dillard, Charles W - JO Dilkrd, Molly Travis 188, 49 Dillard, Robert Caring, Jr 258 1 UUVMOWt UOVUIfOf . . - Donovan, John Carl 101, 228, 411 Donovan, Leo Thomas 26, 121, 140, 234, 411, 509 Donovan, Mika L 196 Dorfman, Sarah May 138, 206, 419 Dornbcrger, Werner William 388, 486 Dorris, Linda Ray 129, 184, 419 Dorset, Carolyn Bird 200, 465 Doss, Clarence M 163 Doty, E. William 494 Dougan, A. Joan 137, 292 Doughtie, Venton Levy.93, 228, 473, 484, 485 Douglas, Charles E 390 Douglas, Diane 200 Douglas, Lurline Hughes 470 Douglas, Oscar Berry Douglas, Rogers William 246, 359 Douglass, Haden H., Jr 504 Douglass, Robert Ray 536 Douthit, Lillian Mary 52 Douvry, Thomas L -85 Dovy John 508 Dow, Bernard Olter 120, 140, 222, 419 Dow, Don Frank 236,450 Dow, Melvin Gene 236, 514, 516 Dowd, Peggy Louise 200, 388 Dowell, Caroline 129, 190, 374, 464 Dowell, Mary Patricia. 24, 118, 119, 138. 167 186, 374, 411 Dowies, James Edward. . . .305, 331, 332, 346 Dowlen, Robert Orrin Downer, Jo Ann 291, 46,, 505 Doyal, John W Doyle, William Michael, Jr 84, 43 Drago, Alphonse J Drake, Bill 328 Draper, Robert 240 Drescher, Sue Morgan Drews, Marvin A 484, 485, 492 Drever, Mary Elda 194, 3,4, 411 Driver, Helen 160, 398, 430 Drozd, Leonard Joseph 87, 132, 166 Drubert, Herman H -94 Dryden, Woodson Ernest 246. 359 Drye, Carrol Logan 240, 359 Drynski, Julia Isabella 38 Du ' bberly, John Allen Dubois, Charlotte Estelle 174, 495 Dubose, George Perry, Jr 6J Dubose, John A., Jr 490 Dubose, Sidney Paul Duerson, Shalmir Ann. . .40, 41, 52, 1SHL 155. 208, 526 Duewall. Lercy Alfred Duffey, Robert Myers 246, 32. Duffy, Austin Richard Duft, Buddy Lloyd Dugan, J. A.. .487 Dugan! Robert Truckenmiller ....... 264, 487 Dugosh, T.Don ................ Duke, Betty Lou ...................... Duke, Eraell Calvin PAGE 595 A ' ome Paget Duke, Robert Charles 30, 116, 258 Dutik, Frances 52 Dumas, Cornelia Vaughan 204 Dunagan, BiUy Avon 133, 250, 468, 516, 519, 526 Dunaway, Ben Carolyn 425 Dunaway, Jack Q. 93 Dunbar, Donald George, Jr 234 Dunbar, Emily Stedman 383 Dunbar, Richard B 383 Duncalf, Frederick, Jr 246 Duncan, Betty Jo Ann 142, 184 Duncan, J. Donald 390 Duncan, Kathleen Elizabeth ... 176, 288, 465 Duncan, Randal David 480 Dundas, Garret Steven 238 Dunham, Frank George, Jr 91, 238, 399 Dunlap, Arthur Harold 542, 543 Dunlap, Kenneth C 105 Dunlap, Kenneth Dean 146 Dunlap, Perry T., Jr 542 Dunmyer, Patricia Ann 208 Dunn, J.D 86 Dunn, Janet 462, 470 Dunn, Joseph L 438 Dunn, Patricia Cecile 430 Dunn, Patricia Cecile 470 Dunn, Ruth Jewell 469 Dupree, Francis E 489 DuPriest, Martha Jeanne 204 DuPuy, Howard Richard 93, 133, 238 Duran. Alejandro 86 Durham, Allan C 534 Durham, Charles V 17 Durham, Jack Q 115 Durkec, Robert Rosewell, Jr 240, 479 Durrenberger, Dorothy Jane . 194, 291, 372, 467 Durrett, Kenneth L 428 Durst, Benigna Ann 129, 174, 411 Durst, Lloyd M 165, 297 Durway, Dan L 106 Dusek, Ted Henry 94, 132 Duval, Dolores Linda 298, 426 Dvorak, Elsie Mildred 1 18, 132, 202, 383, 496, 507 Dwoskin, Ann C 51,52, 129, 178,416 Dwyer, Alice L 428 Dye, Anna 522 Dyer, Cromwell Adair, Jr 120, 226, 420 Dyer, Delores Guin 190, 375 Dyer, Guin D 288 Dyer, James Hopkins, Jr 297, 399 Dyer, James Mason, Jr 86, 240 Dyer, Kenneth Alan 256, 487 Dyer, Robert E 115 Dyke, Claudia Ann 198, 438 Dyke, Virginia Parchman 198, 291, 420 Dykes, Arthur Otto 84, 242 Dykes, William Edward. . . .29, 115, 135, 492 Dysart, Marilyn Jean 204 Eads, Geneva 208, 369 Eads, James S 489 Eads, Raynice 208, 367 Eakle, Betty Brooke 372 Ealfa. Rosie 372 Earglc, Dolan Hoye, Jr 84, 165 Earle, Nancy Joan 129, 138, 144, 208, 291, 420, 521 Earle, Susan Ellenore 176, 399 Early, Robert Dean 543 Early, Sarah Jeannine 186 411 Earthman, Billy Dean 242, 438, 452 Easley, Virginia Sue 188, 291 Eastland, Donald 234, 357 532 Eastland, Martha Ann 194, 372, 375, 464 Eastridgp, Kenneth Eugene 115, 234, 521 Eaton, Carl G 93 Eaton, Leroy W 492 Eaton, Marquis G .452 Ebenslierger, Jack Edmond 240 Eberman, Gloria Angela 291, 500 Ebert, Richard M 486 490 Ebner, Fred J., Jr 428 Eckard. Alfred Edwin 268, 444 Ecker, John Union 1 120 Eckert, Clarence A 453 Eckert, Robert Edwin 230 Eckert, Travis Allen 85, 467 Eckhart, James McKinley 260 Eckhardt, Carl John 484 485 Eckhardt, John M 93 Eckhardt, John William 169 Eckhoff, Christopher C., Jr., 236, 399, 524, 525 Eckols, Hugh 167 Eddingston, Harley T 438 Eddingston, Pattie Jean 176, 515 Eddins, Charles G 108 Eddins, Louis Robert, Jr. . 84 248 Eddy, Carl Lester 161 Edelstein, Marion Joyce 129, 142, 206, 374, 411 Edge, Jean Marie, 114, 129,204,291,500,503 Edmiston, David Crockett 236 Edmiston, Frank Gerald 264 Edmondson, Jody, 27, 29, 53, 83, 119, 130, 167, 208, 399, 430 Edmunds, E. Travis, Jr 87 Edmundson, Dan Kenneth, 294, 364, 438, 454 Edmundson, Mary Lou 204, 465 Edson, Dwight James, Jr 274 Education, College of 459-470 Edwards, Billy Charles. . . .507, 539, 542, 543 Edwards, Cecil A 94,95, 416 Edwards, Clara Pauline 399 Edwards, Donald Austin 266 Edwards, Dorothy Ann 399 Edwards, Felix Zollicoffer, III 226 Edwards, George Gordon 270 Ifamt Page Edwards, Gordon Lemoine 224, 438 Edwards, James D 452 Edwards, John Sandford 23, 93, 357 Edwards, Mary 208 Edwards, Mary Ann 40, 52, 155, 194, 283, 499 Edwards, Nancy Louise 182, 375 Edwards, Pauline 298 Edwards, Rex Lee 85, 120, 424, 427 Edwards, Robert William, II 248, 399 Edwards, Thomas J 453 Edwards, William M 168 Eeck, Aarne Erich 165 Eeck, Lilian 165, 391 Beds, Edna Louise 176, 368, 383 Efind, Robert Boyd 450 Ehl, James W 105 Ehlers, Charlotte Margaret 208, 411 Ehlers, Jacqueline Emerence 204, 399 Ehlers, Jo Ann 129, 165, 176. 465, 470 Ehman, Dakota Ann 176, 368, 411 Ehrler, James F 305, 341, 438 Ehrlich, Dorothy Faye 420 Eihand, John McKie 246, 41 1 , 424 Eichelberger, Philip T 542, 543 Eicheler, Elwood J 424 Eicher, Maj. Roger A 82 Eichler, Lucille Helen 165, 176 Eidelberg, Milton 222 Eidom, Betty Sue 298 Eisen, Natale Cecile 192 Eisler, Victor Carl 475, 489 Ekdahl, Sigurd Neal 242 Eklund, Curtis E 168, 416 Elbert, Janice Louise 200, 411 Elder, James Allen 516 Elder, William James 230 Eldridge, Joseph, Jr 166 Eldridge, Charles McRae 264 Elaison, John E 252 Eleison, Joseph J 487 Elizondo, Concepcion 52, 131, 166, 541, 542, 543 Elkin, Betty Bertine 196, 467 Elkins, A. Jane 467 Elkins, Floyd S 462 Elkins, Marillyn Ann 288, 399 El!iff, Larry J 450 Ellington, Ajice Elizabeth 188, 399 Ellington, Lilla Jean 420 Elliott, Ben Nick 266 Elliott, Frank Wallace, Jr 230 Elliott, George W., III. 87, 88, 264, 498, 504 Elliott, James 438, 458 Elliott, Lunwood Grayburn 100, 248, 295 Elliott, Mary Ann 204, 375 Elliott, Nelda Marie 161 Ellis, Bob 542 Ellis, Condel Brown, Jr 248, 450 Ellis, Dan 222 Ellis, Frank Barry. . . .266 Ellis, George Robert 429, 475, 485, 489 Ellis, Howard Elwell 266 Ellis, Howard H 84 Ellis, John Baiter 232, 411 Ellis, John Wilson 246 Ellis, Marion Elizabeth 198 Ellis, Paul Sidney 420 Ellis, Pola Marguerite 52, 190, 498 Ellis, Richard Berryman 224 Ellis, Robert Lee 543 Ellis, Roger Beghtol 489 Ellis, Warren R 108, 501, 506 Ellis, Wesley Boswell, Jr 305, 354 Ellis, William Ramsay 224 Ellison, James R 475 Ellison, S. P 429 Elmore, Irene Sue 137, 204 Elzworth, Elden 115 Elzworth, Gora E 87, 88 Ely, Forrest C 454 Ely, Robert Glenn 482,486 Elyousef, Hamed 127 Embry, James Gordon 492 Emery, Emogene 134, 509 Emery, Frances 291 Emge, Leonard Edward 479, 485 Emmett, Shyrlee A 133,161,500 Emmitt, John E 543 Emswiler, John Dixon 161 Emswiler. Margaret Dixon 161 Enderle, Rodolpho R 166 Endicott, Noble 336 Endress, Margaret Virginia. . . .118, 128, 129, 186,411 Endslcy, J. W 296 Engcbretson, Carol 426, 430, 469 Engelke, Albert George 101, 230, 361 Engelke, Roy C 87 Engineering 471-492 Engler, Roy A 486, 490 Englert, George Phillip, Jr 166 English, Berry R 475, 490 English, Donna Louise 290 English, Middleton Shirley 105, 226 Engquist, Thomas Ray 230, 480 Enni, Lembit 101, 146, 165 Eppes, William Gorton 92, 475, 486 Eppwright, Margaret 430 Epstein, Isaac 448 Epstein, Jerome J 270, 456 Erhard, Albert Cayton 161, 503 Erickson, Earl Monroe 453 Ericson, Howard Leroy 260 Ericson, Joe E 428 Ermis, LeRoy Charles 450 Erwin, Betty 129, 200, 416 Erwin, Mary Katherine 298, 300 Eschberger, Clara Kaye, 208, 288, 369, 416, 430 Eschenburg, Robert Lee II ... .246, 305, 346, 479, 487 Name Paget Esgen, Barbara 204, 371, 375 Esmond, Elaine Durand 108, 506 Esqueda, Ezekiel Gallegos 383, 427 Estefan, Hazel Marie 161, 194, 289, 444 Estes, Ja ck Homer 268, 448 Estes, John Lancaster 328, 450 Estes, Wayne 361 Estill, Mary Ellen 202 Eta Kappa JVu 483 Etheridge, Obie Leonard 482, 485, 490 Ethridge, Joan 138, 174, 371, 375 Ettlinger, Hyman 172, 395 Euers, Lester D 542 Eugelbrecht, Marvin 543 Evans, Bob E 486 Evans, Bonnie Lorene 541, 542, 543 Evans, Cathe D 176, 288, 498, 504 Evans, Daniel John, Jr 240 Evans, Durwood Gray 115, 146 Evans, Frank Garrettson 240 Evans, James Paul 490 Evans, Jean 142 Evans, Jewel Ruth 186 Evans, John S 411 Evans, Lorene 145 Evans, Louis Lamar 514, 516 Evans, Maurice Truitt 145, 242 Evans, Patricia Anne 129, 186, 450 Evans, Robert A 455 Evans, Robert Earle 475 Evans, Roger W 93, 95 Evans, Wesley Jean 129, 196, 498 Evans, William J 84 Evans, Winifred Ann 149, 161 Eve, Philip Henry, Jr 161 Everett, Jane Elizabeth 137, 204, 411 Everett, Johnie Ray 146 Evins, Joseph B 87 Ewing, Barbara Ann 190 Ewing, BenB ...482 Ewing, C. Bill 115, 542, 543 Ewing, Floyd F., Jr 428 Ewing, Robert L 108 Ewing, S. Finley, Jr 260, 444 Ezell, Laurie 202 Faber, Curt Moritz, Jr Faber, Henry Valentine, Jr. . 258 91,234, 475, 492 Faetche, Albert, Jr 108, 240, 450 Fagan, Lawrence 328 Fagg, Charles Reed 93, 96 Fahey, Richard A 366, 438 Fail, William Morgan, Jr 246 Fain, Coralee 204 Fairchild, Penny 288 Fairey, Robert A 108, 109, 120 Fairey, Tom 108 Fairley, Henry, HI 228 Faith, Winston 295 Falbo, Rose Marie 288 Falcon, Josefina Lesvia 126, 540 Falk, Joe Ed 305, 331, 333 Falkenberg, Dorothy Marie 208, 411 Falkowski, Anatol 166 Falkstein, Jean 52, 129, 141, 178, 420 Fancher, Charles C 105 Fancher, George H 429, 485 Fansler, Charles N., Jr 252, 253, 531 Farek, Margery Ethel 1 14, 143, 448 Farek, Thomas E 143 Faricks, Gloria 147 Parish, Andre Calvert 106, 420 Fariss, Lena Ann 298, 470 Farley, Robert Neal 164, 438 Farmer, Gene Connally 514, 516 Farmer, Jack Edwin 100, 244 Farmer, Josephine Hornor 208 Farmer, WHliam Jackson 504 Farque, Riley Alexander 504 Farquhar, Winfred Goodlett 383 Farr, Dwight Edward, Jr 232 Farr, Marjorie Joan 496, 504 Farrar, Joe D 18, 29 Farrar, Sidney Clifton 84, 444 Farrar, Sidney Dickey 479, 489 Farrier, Henry Marshall, Jr 260, 399 Farrier. Virginia Douglas 399, 427 Farris, Jackie Marie, 66, 99, 110, 137, 144, 184 Karris, Joe Bailey 135 Farris, Robert Gene 85, 246, 444 Farris, Warren Lee 85, 246 Farwell, Nancy Jackson 176, 368, 444 Fasel, Dolores Gwendolyn 202, 41 1 Faubion, Norma Nell 469 Faulk, Eula Bernice 194, 500 Faulk, Joe Anne Cecilia 129, 196, 290 Faulk, Patricia Ruth 139, 290, 411, 430, 470, 505 Faulk, William Abney 139, 242, 537 Faulkner, Frances Nell 182, 438 Faulkner, Royce Weldon 230 Fauquet, Jeanne 290 Fawcett, Robert Earl, Jr 240, 444 Fick, Carl Leroy 165 Field, Elisabeth MacLean . . 128, 204, 521 Field, Julia 180 Field, Marjorie Ruth 375, 519 Fielder, Parker C 236 Fielder, Richard H 87 Fielding, Sally 190, 514 Fields, James Perry 542, 543 Fields, Johnnie C 389, 391 Fields, Robert Ernest 161 Fikes, William Howard 438 Filinger, Joyce L 168, 290 Finch, Emily Ann 129, 137, 204 Finch, Howell Mallory 94, 234 Finch, Kenneth Pressly 94, 242 Name Pagei Finch, Stanley Phister 264, 482 Fincher, James B 490 Finck, Edward Reinhold, Jr 238 Findeisen, Bennie Aubrey 483, 485, 488 Findlater, Nina Frances. . .137, 161. 200, 399 Fine Arlt 493-510 Fine, Marcia Sue 178420 Fink, Charles Herbert 453 Fink, Norma Lee 129, 206, 416 Finkelstein, Herbert S 87 Finklea, Lawrence J 86 Finklestein, Hubert F 262 Finklestein, Richard 262 Finley, George P 455 Fischer, Betty Jo 208, 372 Fischer, Donovan George 120 Fischer, Joseph F., Jr 490 Fischer, Marilyn Ann 180, 507 Fish, John Warren, Jr 475 Fisher, Alice Jean 200, 368, 515 Fisher. Betty Jo 129 Fisher, Beverly 114 Fisher, Blake Vincent 266 Fisher, Elmo 135 Fisher, Gene Jordan 163, 506 Fisher, Jimmie Lane 416, 503 Fisher, John 248 Fisher, Joseph Newton 120, 167, 234, 416 Fisher, Paul Waymon 84 490 Fisher, Robert A 485 Fisher, Sheldon C 165 Fisher, Shirley Frances 1 74, 399 Fiske, Janie Louise 174, 411, 430 Fitch, Barbara Nancy 200, 416 Fitch, Florence Elizabeth 129, 204, 464 Fitch, Shirley Corinne 128, 144, 145, 186, 416 Fitch, Virginia Ann 200 Fitzgerald, Carl Smith 146 Fitzgerald, James Anderson 242, 453, 457 Fitzgerald, Janet Conner 426, 430 Fitzgerald, Nancy Florea 198, 498 Fitzgerald, Robert Bernard 501, 506 Fitzgerald, Vida June.118, 129, 137, 139, 290, 505, 514, 517, 523 Flachmeier, William A 165 Flack, Goldoni E 399, 432 Flagg, Kenneth Paul 121, 258, 455 Flaig, Joseph Holmes, Jr 166, 244, 445 Flanagan, Terence B 399 Flato, Olivia June 420 Fleck, Laurence H 452 Fleming, Eugene Branch 116, 238, 308, 445, 455 Fleming, Henry B 246 Fleming, Mary Lee 129, 142, 145, 180, 367, 411 Fleming, Patsy Ann 168, 46?, 470, 505 Fleming, Shirley Elizabeth 166, 204 Fletcher, Donald Earl. 136, 250, 416, 521, 526 Fletcher, Edith Louise 194, 448 Fletcher, Edward Garland 224 Fletcher, James William, Jr 503 Fletcher, Lowery Thurman 94, 108 Fletcher. Paul Brent 503 Flick, Robert White 103, 250 Flinn, Helen 1 14, 291, 469 Flinn, Jane Eula 129, 188, 465 Flinn, Wesley Clark 85, 503 Flint, Shirley Ann 129,182 Flood, Patrick Nicholas 166, 445 , 454 Flores, Angelita 52, 126 Flores, Guillermo 126 Flores, Rafael Humberto 62, 117, 126, llil), 534 Flowers, Delbert E 475, 488 Flowers, George W 162 Flowers, Walter Eugene 506 Floyd, Gallant William 486 Fly, Jack Paul 489 Fly, Robert Taylor 244 Flynn, Peter Bernard, Jr 258 Flynn, Tyre L 106 Focht, Fay Madeline 505 Focht, John Arnold 473, 482, 485, 490 Foeh, Frederick Andrew, Jr 87, 166, 506 Foerster, Clifford Stanley 162 Foitik, Gloria Ann 52, 290 Fojt, Jane Mildred 165 Follett, Martin Dewey, Jr. 489 Folley, Frances Elaine 114, 198, 416 Folmar, Patricia Love 138, 188, 515 Folwell, Charles Henry 224 Fomby, Kenneth C 542, 543 Fondren, Billie Jo 420 Fondren, Eleanor Ann 200, 214, 368 Fondren, Verna Jack 288,411 Fontaine, William Dalton 260, 278 Fontana, Joseph Charles 383, 484, 492 Fooshee, Florence Neal 204 Fooshee. John Dale 240 Foote, Robert N 107, 109 Foote, William Richard 161 Forbes, Herman Hays 383 Forbes, Patricia 52, 204, 464 Ford, George H 106 Ford, Gilbert 101, 248 Ford, Mary Ellen 136, 200 Ford, Richard Franklin 276, 354, 448 Ford, V. Mignon ..168 Ford, Walter Allen 228, 542 Ford, William Lester 100 Fordtran, Agnes Bell 204 Fordtran, John SatterBeld 120, 161, 246, 424 Fordtran, Robert Lee 540 Force, Robert Lee, Jr 240, 399, 432 Forehand, Shirley Ann . .288, 301, 372, 374, 375, 464 Foreman, Carolyn 114, 291, 420 Foreman, Wilson F.. .115, 121, 135, 139, 438 Forenrica 134 PAOE 5% urn UK lit --. - . .: . x J " , M . -.a. or, a, an KJM.W K B) ' KM , KM! V " 191. . ' H M fill ' - ' I W gr 1 ; .-_ - JM - Ill Name ra " Forman, Ethel Forman, James Torrey A ' ome P 1 f Fulcher, Clay Wayland Gordon, 94, 96, 248 4M1 Flucher, Ruth. . .198, 365, 369, 371, 374, 420 280 ! 369,372,12, 1,6, 291 2,6 - Forrester, Dorothy Ann. Foreman, John Malcolm. Foret, Joan Newfield Forsvall, Murray Lawrence. 85, 242, 363, 515 Fort, James T Fortescue, Zacharian Thomas ;,;,; Fortson, Ben Johnson 240, iat Fortson, Kay Fosdick, Louise Turner 19S, 498 Foster, Billy Frank. .121, 135, 294, 297, 357, 358 Foster, Elaine 52, 102, 110, 196, 416 Foster, Evelyn M 469 Foster, George William, Jr 25 Foster, James Daniel 504 Foster, Joe Davis - -2M Foster, Robert John 101, 163. 42 Falter! William Knight. ' . ' . .162 ' , ' l63,268. 450 Fountain, Jean 200,214,420 Fountoulakis, Jimmy M Fouquette, Martin John, Jr 3 Fouts, Franke Jean Fouts, Kenneth Burr ;;;-!2 Fouts, Thomas R 145, 479 Fowler, Barbara Lanelle w Fowler, George Tee 143, 4,9 Fowler, Marion Dudley 2 Fox, Garnett Stratton, Jr .94, 50j Fox.Nelia 456,469 Foy.JohnH : - " -099-404 Fradkin, Aaron 222, 424 Fraley, Carolyn Lee ui ' lS Fraley, Victor Joseph -54A s Fram, Betty Jean 129, 192,515 Frame, David, Jr 240,399 Frame, Nancy Anne 1B8i S Francher, George Homer QnQ . SSSJte :E::3tg :Be e. ' . ' .V.V.,74;288, ' 500;| Franklin, Robert Odell 250, 480 Franklin, Terrell Glenn . . 266, 450 Franklin, William Frederick 260, 42, Frapart, Ralph 262 Frase, Clarence L 16= Frazer, Samuel Stewart ........ 420, 503, 507 Frazier, Frank Albert, Jr ................ 445 Frazier, Kenneth Wayne ............... Frazier, Mary Margaret ............... 517 Frederick, Lynn Coleman .............. l x Frederick, William C ................... 391 Fredrickson, Annette .................. 1 Freed, Stanley ........................ f Freedman, Emilee .............. 1 " Freedman, Louise Rose...29. 30, Freeland, LaVonia Shinn Freeling, Richard Freeman, Barbara Sue Fulcher, Vina May. Fulenwider, Jerry Fuller, Harden Kittredge. Fuller, James Stuart Fuller, Wilda Felicia Fulton, Janet Elizabeth Fulton, Margaret Mary, 12 Funk, Annie Mae Fuqua, Jack Erwin Fuqua, Paul Stephen .... Furche, Walter Louis Furman, Claire Furr, Richard A Furr, Rose Shelley Furr, Zeb Fussell, John Carmichael . 182, 375 ...228,542,543 ...242 168, 234, 327, 445 ...186,462,470 .... 129, 504 200, 210, 416 . .240, 448 ... .399 364, 399, 432 ...198 481 52, 128, 198,411 ..328 ...25, 169 Name ' ' " Genthner, Charles V 84,308 Gentry, George Hudspeth 91. SOS. 438 Gentry, Joanna 138, 176, 416, 521 Gem, Gretchen 165, 431 Gerbens, Judy Belle 375, 420 Gerber, ,1. E., Jr 501.506 Gerdes, Bob Meyer Geren, Alma Caroline 1 ,6, 46 1 Gerguson, Frances Meyer Gerhardt, Bernard Elroy 87. 305, 352 Gerlach, Fredrick Leake 230, 438 German, Al H 230,445 German, Robert Kenneth 116, 234, 532 German, Roy Edward 400 Germany, George Patrick 40,1, 504 Gerrardl Robert Wilkin 228 Gerrick, Albert 222, 420 Gerrick, Sharlene Barbara 114, 129, 134, 206, 291, 420, 509 Perron, Jim Reed Gerson, Daina Hildreth 486 182 ...166,438 .473 50, v 1,6, 420 ree, ............. Freeman, C. Bob ...................... = Freeman, Martha Jenny ................ J Freeman, Rayford A ................... j Frelich, Robert Milton French, Donald D French, Virginia Lee Frenkel, Sonia 276 Frericks, Gloria Ann Freund, Edward L Freund, John Freund, Mary Antoinette. Freund, Robert Freytag, Dorothy Ann . . . Freytag, Ethyln Rose ... Freytag, Guillermo Freytag, Lois Jean Freytag, Vida Jean Friara Frick, RossThurber Friday, Barbara Elaine Friday, Claude T Frieden, Howard E Friedlander, Alfred L Friedman, Eileen Gaye . . . Friedman, Marcia Ethel. . . Friedman, Max Aaron .... Friedrich, Major Lawrence Friedson, Gilbert Edward . Friedson, Harriet Ann Friend, Harlan D Friend, Llerena B Friesen, W. J Frisbie, Bettye J Frisby, Clinton D Fritsch, Mary Helen Fritz, Julius Alfred Fritz, William F .52, 165, 194, 500 480 93 142, 188, 210, 430 ...94 166 143, 166, 291, 450 357 . . .445 137 ....117 ....246,465 180,399,426,430 438,457 103, 262, 438 . . . .262 ...178,498 . ..206 254,445 ...165,542 ....543 178, 500, 504 ....161 174 ... 145 ....416 ....92,95 . . .290 . . .482, 485 145,534 Gabler, Arthur Lee Cackle, Maxine Gaden, Theodore Allen Gafford, Burns Newman. . . Gafford, William Rogers 48 Gainer, John William 23 Gaines, Robert Buron, Jr J Gaiesk ' e, Alfred Edward 165, 438, 454 Gal, Martin Gallagher, Frank B. . 516 Gallagher, Wayne Harrison -27b Gallatin, Albert Reeves 264, 44! Gallatin, Mary Anne ' GaUaway, Jim Bob 514, 522 Galloway, Bonnie Frank j9 Gal van, Robert M Galvan, Sammy Galvcz, Hernando j Galvin, Ailsa Jean 42U Galvis, Herbert L ;,- ,ln Gambrell, John Newton 1,, 23 Gamm, Janis S ' 7. ' (lamma Delia | 4 f mm i Phi Beta iyv Gaudy, Loys Marie ' . ' . ' .. ' . . ' 198, 371 Gano, Betty Mclver 202 Gant, Robert Stanley 479 Garber, Rudolph C 543 Garcia, Enrique C Garcia, Jesus I TOR Garcia, Juan George 1 Garcia, Judith A ? ? Garcia, Richard Gardere, George Pierre, Jr Gardiner, Alice Gazelle . . . Gardner, Burton Sidney. . . Gardner, Byron Eugene. . . Gardner Cynthia King - " Gardner! Jean Isabelle 142, 184, 399 Gardner, John David iU 2S Gardner, Lamar ood, Jr 266, 44 Gardner, Max Prince Gardner, Pat H I ' M ' SB Gardner, Paul Fisher ' 21 Garibay, Luis R -J Garner, Marion C J Garner, William, Jr JJ Garnett, M. Jean - 2U Garrett, Daniel Edward 248 Garrett, John B 4 i Garrett, Marie Elouise Garrett, Sally Hamlin 198, 465 Garrett, Thomas J J Garrett, William Matthew 438 Garrison, Jacqueline Garrott, Douglas Gregory. Garsee, Spencer B Garth, Gayle Gartman, Charles Orvil . . . Gartman, Glenn Roy Gartman, Lynn Gartner, Jeneane Mund. . . Gartner, Phyllis Jean Garwood, Hettie Page .... Garza, Baldemar Lino Garza, Josephine Garza, Manuel N Garza, Ramiro M Garza, Ray Gaskin, Herbert Lee, Jr. . Gerson, Charles Irvin. . . Gerth, Richard James. . Gettys, Nancv Lee Gha ' ah, Emile B .... Gholscn, Marvin E Ghormlcy, Pearl Christ, William G Giinnone, Ralph . . , ' ,28 94, 240, J2 184, 374 420 2,0, 508 Caspar, Lester G Gassaway, Turner Ford . . Gaston, Audlcy DeForest Gates, Herbert H Gathings, Maxwell I Gatlin, Edward Herbert. Gau, Dayne Je Nan Gauss, William Henry Gautreaux, Elsie L.. Gautreaux, Jane Amily. . Gay, Mary Woodward. . . Gayer, Louise . 188 399, 429, 432 ..161,268,445 129, 204, 416 507 507 ..351 ...206,465 129, 192, 420 ...507 ..542,543 ..420 103, 109 .102 358,359 91, 115, 475, 482, 490 ..486 ..539,543 107, 161 492 .456 ...228,445 . . 400, 430 ..453 166,291 ...504 129, 204, 507 52,411 : Aubrey Douglas, Jr., . .05, 230, 450 Fruth, Charlene J. . . ij JSi Fryar, Anthony Carlyle 252, 253, 450 Frye, James Thomas iii ' an Frye! William H 429, 43. Frysinger, George Patrick Fuchs, Mildred Lorraine ' Fuentes, Antonio IS 1 !S SpSr 1 " ' :::::::::::: : Gebauer, Dorothy Gee, Anita V ............. Gee, Billy Bob ........... Gee. William Monroe ..... Geeslin, Jefferson Emisa . . Gehr, Nancy Renair ...... Geiger, Chuck ........... Geistweidt, Vernell Faye. . Geller, Golda Claire ...... George, Ballard Wilson Georges, Bill........ Georges, Thomas Edward Genebach, Jean Marion 16, 118, 469, 505 ..383 540 .383, 453, 456 ...224,278 ....178 ... 145 ...165 ...192,467 234 305, 308, 324, 363 294,359 ...161, 190,289. 500,504 248, 481 119, 129, 14?, 178, 508 . 107, 222, 445 ... 543 ..184 127,296,488 452, 458 . 522, 523 ..456 " " " ,..429 GibbsTBa ' rbara Manning 118, 168, 427 Gibbs, George Butler 1 15, 383 Gibbs, Nathanieh -85 Gibbon, Barbara Berenice 204 Gibson, Bill 163,506 Gibson, Frank Atwood 258 Gibson, Gwendolyn Jenette Gibson, Patricia Jean 142, 202. 504 Gibson, William Willard, Jr 100, 244. 420 Giddens, Leslie Wiley 94, 266, 420 Giddens, Margaret Gale 202, 400 Giddens, Sam Jarvis 400. 432 Gidley, William Francis 538, 543 Gierhart, Clell Edson, Jr. 136, 250 Giese, Lester Edgar, Jr 165 Giesecke, Adoloh Hartung, Jr.. . . 86, 224, 420 Gieseke, Alice Elaine 129, 131, 188,411 Giesie, E. A lfj Giffen, James Daniel 4 2 GirTord, Grace lola 290 Giglio, Catherine Ann 44S Gilbert, Edwin Fisher. . .61, 92, 96. 116, 230, 305, 336, 337 Gilbert, James Alvin 490 Gilbreath, Frances Eileen.. 129, 186, 293, 416 Gilbreath, Lesta Ann 186, 400, 430, 470 Gilcrease, Bonnie 438 GilS Muriel Joy ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .16l ' , ' l76, 420, 430 Gilkerson, George .68 Gilkison, Charles A 400 Gilkison, Cynthia Stiles 400 Gill, Edward Foster Gill, Peter Dean 230, 438 Gill, Richard 228 Gillam, Wyman Ray JJ Giller, Donald 222 Gmes P ie, a Ha U rold ' Reese ' ,Jr ' .! !. ' . ' . ' l02, ' 238, 400 Gillespie, John 383 Gillespie, Ralph H 295 Gillespie, Vera 1 Gillette, Joy Clark 469 Gillette, Wayne Leslie, Jr 475, 492 Gilley, Donald A . Gilliam, Henry Lamar 85, 248, 50- Gilliam, Kyle Louise 131, 43! Gillilan, Andy J 492 Gilliland, Lukin Taylor - 2j Gillis,Earl 135,383 Gillis, Manly Eugene Oilman. Lee Atterbury Gilmer, Charles Eugene Gilmore, Edward Morriss, Jr.. . Gilmore, Nancy Lee Gilmore, Willis Henderson, Jr. Gilmour, Mary Louise Gilstrap, Anita Joyce. . 1 14, 129, 142, 499, 505 Gilstrap, Bully Gilstrap, Howard Clifford Gilstrap, Janet Lee Gimble, Eugene P Gimble, Frances Gindlcr, Robert Isaac . . . Gingo, James J Ginsberg, Joe Giovannetti. Donald E fittb ' Glee Club Girndt, Robert Oswald Gist, James Earl Gist, Loyd Givan, Mary Elizabeth Glade, Mary Hatcher Glade, William Patton, Jr. . Glagg, Lois Glass, Ben Morel Glass, Dorothy Ann Glass, Edward M Glass, John Duel, Jr Glass, Venis Kathryn Glaze, Kathleen Adele Glazer, Louis Harvey ..... Glazener, Stanton Woodside Gleason, Egan R Gleason, Gretchen. Name F n Glover, Joe Marbury 240, 416 Gloyna, Robert R 84,164,475,490 Glyno, Gwendolyn 184 Good, Billy G 479 Goble, Robert McMillan 244, 47 Goddard, Nona 204 Godinez, Rachel Yolanda, 47, 52, 126, 166, 292 Godscy, John Thomas, Jr 543 Godwin, Jerry Dan 93, 246 oSSfcMary Frances 161, 298, 503, 504, 507 Goff, John y Man,h ' . ' .. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .248. 448 ' , ' 506, 509 Gold, Stanley Gerald Goldberg, Harold Stanley . . Goldberg, Leora Claire Goldberg, Norman R Goldberg, Ruth Carolyn.... Golden, Edwin Harold Golden, Eugene Goldman,Caroline Belie ' . ' . ' . ' .... ... .178, 400 Goldman, Mary Arline 129, 13,, 184 462, 4 I), 606 Goldman, Mary Ernestine. Goldsmith, Claude Watson, Jr 121, 268, Goldsmith, Clifford Ray. . . 121, 230, 429, 479 Goldsmith, Marcus Hale 268 Goldstein, Charles J 1 Goldstuck er, Elaine J (Jglf " " 4 Goiman, Larry ' Elto ' n, 262, ' 278, 352, 356, 448 Goltz, Jay Morton ,94,222 Goltzman, Valerie Ann 129, 201 Gomez, Eduardo W Gomez, Elsie Gloria 126, 161, 289, 416 Gompertz, Clare Frances 60, 206, 36,, 504, 5Un Gompertz, Kenneth A. M 504, 508 Gonulden, Parisa 148, 43. Gonzalez, Alfredo Dagoberto 542, 543 Gonzalez, Catarino, Jr Gonzalez, Ernestine Eloise 166, 292, 416 Gonzalez, Hugo Rene 128 Gonzalez, Homer Augusta. . . Gonzalez, Jose Angel 542, 543 Gonzalez, I.eonides Carlos Gonzalez, Norbert 542, 54 ; Gonzalez, Pete, Jr Gonzalez, Richard Charles 294, 359 Gonzalez, Roger Ralph 416 Goode, Robert Gilbert Goode, Thomas Lee 115, 168,506 Goode, Wyeth Leonard ..4 GoodfelUnrs 58 " 8 Goodfriend, Norris L 29, 26! ..270 222,448 129, 178, 420 108,262 206 . 108, 262, 445 105, 270 . .200 !20, 475, 490 452 . . . .242, 520 .129, 192,467 .103,234,492 ...104 ...135 Goodman, Anne Barry. Goodman, Jack Creighton. . Goodman, James F Goodman, John Willis Goodman, Marvin Goodman, Natalee Jean Goodman, Owen Dale Goodson, Billy Station Goodwin. Lawrence William, 475, 483, 485, 488 Gordon, Carolyn Sue 184, 290, 416 Gordon, Dean Robert 242, 35( Gordon, Donald G 479 Gordon, Harry Brace J Gordon, Martin Wright - - Gordon, Robert George 18, 141 Gorena, Adan Luis, Jr Gorin, Charles Perry 116, 305 Gorman, Jack S -8 , 411 Gosalvez, Carmen 126, 46. Gossett, Robert Edgar Gottlieb, Evelyn Anne 288, 462 Gough, Jimmy .....485 115, 400,519 . . . .236 . . . .276, 416 .176,291,450 92, 260, 479 .114 246 ' . ' . ' l94, 400, 505 488 . ..517 270, 438, 453, 458 488 222,465 256 .505 ..542,543 244 ....455 ...163,411 .420,505 ...278,453 ....390 ....464 ...198 ..264,400 ....240 163 .383,503.505 ! ' . ' .424 ....104 411 Goushe, Zahia Gowan, John Richard Gowans, George Graber, William J., Ill Grate Hall Grace, Joseph William, Jr.. Graduates Graeber, Lorine Grafe, Mary Elizabeth Graff, Beverly Jean Graff, Jerry Clinton Gragg, Bill H Gragg, Jess Stuart Graham, Daymon H. . . . Graham, John M., Jr Graham, Jo Rugh Graham, Marilyn Butler Grainge, Robert Francis 127 ....226 29 ...120 . . . .289 . ..244 ...379-386 ....400 133, 137, 198 462 102, 266, 492, 503 115 256 Glenwinkel, Delton E Glenn, Jeannette Glenn, Ralph W., Jr 454 Gilddon, Martha Ann V Gliddon. Reverdy T 140, 391, 42 Glimp, Thomas Hayes ' Gramling, Nelwyn Joyce Cranberry, C. Read Cranberry, W illiam S Grandstaff, Olive Kathyrn. . . Graner, Edward Albert Granger, Frances Darling Granger, Janie Granoff, Jerome Pacy Grant, John Grant, Margaret Lewis Grant, Victor Alton Grasso, Volker Charles Gratehouse, Jess Edward Gravell, Joan Elizabeth Graves, Helen Cummings. Graves, Katheryne Lee. ... Graves, Marion A... 374 ..467 .28, 93, 140, 238, 295, 448 176 ...15,250 ...400 52, 186, 504 ...238 144,204 ... .222 ' . 143 ...504 .504 . ' ....429,432 252, 253, 450 129, 182 .52. 128,200, 213,411 467 295 Graves! Mary Katherine 162, 383, 5 Graves, Richard Wadsworth 4 PACE 597 Gray, Betty Lee 166, 174, 291, 386, 370, Gray.C.T ' . ' ..22 Gray, Charles W., Jr 490 Gray, Donald M 400 Grav, D ' Wayne 93, 411 Gray, Edith Mary 161, 289, 400 Gray, Eliiaheth Anne 161, 289. 400 Gray, Jack Stuart 264 Gray, James Richard 163, 453 Gray, Jessie Jeanne 200 Gray, Joan 138, 190, 288 Gray, Marcia 188, 464 Gray, Martha Ann. . . 129, 182, 411, 503, 505 Gray, Patricia J 288 Greaves, Mary Alice 184, 411 Grebing, Henry John, Jr 438, 452 Green, Cecil Calvert, Jr 232, 506 Green, Eugene Lee 103, 230, 507 Green, James R. 87, 445 Green, James Ray 232, 448 Green, James Robert 506 Green. Keith N 232, 445 Green, Kenneth M 458 Green, Laura Lee 507 Green, Leon 528 Green, Maurice 8 133 Green, Nancy Elizabeth 144, 186, 41 1 Green, Ray Garland 453 Green, Sarah Nell. . . . 134, 194, 367, 369, 372, 374, 416 Green, Thomas 115 Greenberg, David L 534 Greenberg, Harvey L 101 Greenberg, Marvin 222 Greenberg, Richard Charles 543 Greene, Eugene L 84, 295 Greene, James P. 543 Greene, Thomas Herbert 232, 438 Greenslade, Dave Wendel 539, 543 Greenspan, Abraham 270 Greenstreet, Ross D 102, 1 12, 246, 498 Greenwood, David Samuel 166 Greenwood, Dorothy Fehlis. . . .400, 426, 430 Greenwood, Jack 121 Greenwood, James L 540 Greenwood, John M., Jr 297, 540, 543 Greenwood, Marilyn Odette 169, 504 Greer, Ann Warren 204, 464 Greer, Baxter D., Jr 542, 543 Greer, John Marcus 116, 226, 438 Gregg, Frank Hutchins 228 Gregg, James Arthur 103, 161,438 Gregg, Jim Kirtley, Jr 141 Gregg, Leah Jones 190 Gregg, Mary Evelyn 129, 190, 420 Gregory, Charles Coleman 105 Gregory, Charles Hardy, III . . . 120, 244, 416 Gregory, Harvard Lamar. .252, 253, 278, 400 Gregory, Margaret Holm 469 Gregory, Phillip Gordon 230 Gregory, Robert Kirk 230, 479 Gregory, Thomas W 94 Greif, Arthur George, Jr. 106, 165 Grell, Charles Arthur 84, 88, 165, 481 Grell, Milton R 84, 88, 165, 481 Gremillion, Barbara Margaret 194, 465 Gremillion, Effie Gillis 541 Ores, Marcel E 484 Gresham, Clara Jean 190, 375, 420 Gresham, Mary Katherine 517 Grey, D ' Wayne 95 Grice, James Otis 141, 268, 416 Griebel, Joseph R 82 Grieder, Daniel Bernard 427 Grieder, Paul Martin 101, 242, 420 Griffin, Charles Henry 452 Griffin, Edwin Pace 240, 364 Griffin, James Robert 276 Griffin, John H 389 Griffin, Lankford Odell, Jr 389 Griffin. Lorene Adeil 166 Griffin, Melvin K 105 Griffin, Raymond F 104, 264 Griffis, William Kearley 484 Griffith, Bob 161 Griffith, Llewellyn Brooks 490 Griffith, Marion 8 108 Griffith, Rose Marie 132, 420 Griffith, Thomas N, 87, 532 Griffith, Walter S 82 Griffitts, J Jeannine 448 Griggs, Barbara Louise 196 Griggs, Nielyn 136, 142, 204 Grimes, Arnold L 542 Griner, Juanita 186, 498 Grinstead, William Carter, Jr.. . .93, 230, 361 Grissom, Carolyn 114, 198, 210 Griswold, Martha Ann 144, 204, 210 Grizzard. Patricia Jane 503 Grobe, Jack G 458 Grobe. William Clay 389 Groce, Mary Carroll 52, 137, 208 Groesbeck, Henry S 87 Grogan, Ira Benjamin 238, 364, 438 Grosberg, Diane Rene 416 Groseclose, Mary Shirley 131, 190, 504 Gross, Alicia Jane 204 Gross, Tommy Eugene 264 Grossman, Ester Joan 118, 138, 174, 514, 517 Grover, Hugh LaVern 305, 400 Groves, Eliiabeth Collett 204, 498 Groves, Gerald K 439 Gruetzner, Ann 164 Gude, Robert A 26, 166, 518, 538 Guenther, James M 143 Guenther, Patricia 190, 383 Guenther, Ralph 400 Guernsey, Boscoe, Jr 246, 485 Guerra, Pedro 357 Guerra. Tony 115, 1 16 Vornf Pages Guerrero, Liela 126, 467 Guess, Wallace L 542, 543 Guest. Ann Katherine 129, 144, 188, 460 Guest, Joseph Franklin 232, 439 Guillery. Jacques P 391 Guinn, Caroline Mae 129, 134, 180, 400 Guinn, David Crittenden 146, 475, 489 Guinn, James Donald 260, 528 Guinn, Nancy 188, 400, 425 Gulez, Turgut Yasar 148 Gulley, Coleman Harrell 1 63, 448 Gummelt, Gary Lamar 105 Gunkel, Walter A 475 Gunn, Russell Walter, Jr 268, 445 Gunning, Louis Vernon 161 Gunter, Mary Kincey 128, 198 Gunter, Randolph Wade 475 Gunter, Virginia Lanelle. . . 131, 373, 375, 400 Gustafson, Carl Elwood 489 Gustafson, Clifford Lincoln 165 Gustafson, Marvin Carl 165, 346 Gustaveson, Jack G 489 Gutherie, Frances Mary. . .129, 161, 190, 291 Guthrie, Eugene Burr, III 260, 450 Gutierrez, Alfredo 108 Gutierrez, Enilio F 107 Guttman, Walter, Jr 242. 363 Guvenal, Selah Nihat 148 Guy, John Eugene 453 Guy. Sue Ann 466 Guy. Talmage Monroe 141, 242 Guynes, Joe Ann 129, 190 Guyton, Joy Anne : 1 90 Gwaltney, Gerald Roderick 452, 507 Gwartney, Risdon Neal 504 Gwinner, Maurice Dolan.. . .87, 266. 540, 542 H Haack.Jean 291 Haag, Joan 1 80 Haas, Elsie Wilhemina 504 Haase, Billy Ray 543 Habbit, Robert Donald 420 Hack, Jeanette 298, 301, 372, 375 Hackett, Charles Wilson 22, 250, 380 Hackney, Frances Roberta 198 Hackworth, John B , Jr 496 Hadden, Arthur Roby, 104, 256, 278, 439, 457 Haeger, E. Al 383. 458 Hafer, Henry D 490 Hafernich, Isabell J 372 Haffermann, Eggo 165 Hagan, John F 82 Hagedorn.Al 115 Hagedorn, Elvyn Everett. . .91, 236, 278, 400 Hagcns, Shirley Jean 163 Hagg, Donald Oliver 165 Haggan, John F., Jr 238 Haggard, Lucretia 288 Hagler, Betty Florence 411, 430 Hagood. John S 140 Hahn, Gus William 85, 141, 504 Hahn, Helen 165 Hahn.O.G 164 Haight, William Peper 496, 516 Hail, Albert W., Jr 295 Haile, Erin Linn 129, 196, 420 Hailer, Oliver Daffan, Jr. . . 168, 500, 504, 508 Hailey, James Events 248 Hainey, Melvin 485 Hair, Gordon E 496 Hainston, Mason M 102, 296 Hakim, Albert Charles, Jr 439 Halamicek, Paul B., Jr 542, 543 Halamicek, William Arnold, Jr 132 Halbert, Franklin John 268, 475 Halbouty, Tommy Joseph 161 Hale, Dudley D 107, 252 Hale, Edward Everett 248 Hale, Esther Jane 202 Hale, Manza Lewis 540, 543 Hale, Walter Elmo 266 Haley, James 542 Haley, Marilyn 129, 176, 420 Haley, Ray K 295, 475, 486 Halford, Robert H .515 Hall, Aaron Lee 453 Hall, Alvin Owsley 87, 88, 238 Hall, Ann Currier 190, 374, 400 Hall, Bill R 466 Hall, C. W 168 Hall, Colby Dixon, Jr 163 Hall, Doris Lee 29, 40, 42, 52, 1 14, 118, 119, 291, 299, 300, 411 Hall, Esther Jane Wood 541 Hall, Grady Eugene 453, 455 Hall, Gail Thornton 137, 204 Hall, Harry Lee 161,264,278,411 Hall, Hervy Franklin 490 Hall, Hollis 103 Hall, Homer Dan 85, 246, 516 Hall, Horace Curlin, III 264 Hall, J L 452 Hall, Jack Flournoy 86, 244 Hall, Jack Raymond 240, 445 Hall, James Dunean 485, 488 Hall, John Clarence, Jr 220, 411 Hall, John Walter 85, 168 Hall, Lem 145 Hall, Louis Vosbury 106, 244, 420 Hall, Maurice Clark 250 Hall, Phillip L 168 Hall, Robert David 232, 481 Hall, Rupert Plaster 238 Hall, Suzanne 168, 400, 427 Hall, Wyatt W 542 Hallman, Martha Ann 129, 142, 190, 293,374,411 Hallman, Martha Janice 161, 190 Hallman, Rayburn Blasdell 486, 490 Name Paget Hallman, William Hughes 266, 416 Hallmark, Bob B 85 Hallmark, Bruce Cullen. . . 102, 136, 236, 450 Hallum, Virginia 114, 129, 208,291,420 Hallway, Lou Ann 137 Halm, John William, Jr 490 Halsell, Charles Maness 479 Halsell, Robert Charles 238, 450 Haltttad 298 Haltinas, Robert G 108 Haltiner, Robert George 506 Haltom, Fern Opal 163, 298, 301 Haltom, John F 428 Halvorsen, Ralph E 456 Ham, Betty Lou, 52, 118, 119, 138, 190, 411, 426, 430, 505 Ham, Ruth 541 Hamandi, Mahmood A 127, 475, 486 Hamblen, Martha Ann 129, 200, 291 Hamby, Jamie Earl 232 Hamer,MaryMarcelle....ll9, 131, 137,200, 367,368,370,372,373,374,411 Hamilton, Dwight L 432 Ha milton, Eldona 145, 374 Hamilton, James Curtis 490 Hamilton, Robert William, Jr 248, 532 Hamlett, Elizabeth Early 400, 430 Hamlett, Mary Hart 61, 119, 130, 142, 184,400 Hamman, Glenn Edward 276, 475, 486 Hammcl, Ruth 431 Hammer, Margaret Ann 208, 416 Hammer, Stanley Walter 254 439 Hammer, Wallace Leonard 489 Hammock, Jess Grimes 105, 234 Hammond, John Chadwick 268 Hammond, Joseph Paul. . .120, 246, 359, 456 Hammond, Ross William 483, 485, 488 Hammond, Walter Leolen 297 Hamner, Rosemary Monroe 208, 416 Hampton, Dick 363 Hampton, Jack 356 Hampton, Harold Neid 145, 165 Hampton, John Wade, Jr.. .92, 246, 356, 411 Hampton, Loyd D 411 Hampton, Marilyn Faynette 83, 87, 133, 190,411,430 Hampton, Morris Jackson. 108, 248, 416, 454 Hampton, Mozelle 290 Hampton, Richard Gray 258 Hanath, Amaila 165 Hanbury, Doyle 167 Hanbury, Nancy Hallmark 119, 167, 462 Hanchette, Milton Jay 93, 264, 356 Hancock, J. B 391 Hancock, Jeffrey Mason 85, 161, 522 Hancock, Martha Virginia 129, 196 Hancock, Ruth. . . .40, 43, 52, 129, 190, 496 Hand, Dan 457 Hand, Donald J 107, 109, 115 Hand, Henry H 400 Hand, James Gordon 105 Hand, Lloyd Nelson... 25, 32, 54, 116, 122, 140, 248, 327, 401 Hand, William Wallace 260 Handley, Elizabeth Joan 411 Hanes, Harold Bob, Jr 248 Haney, Frances Marion 194, 542, 543 Haney, John 115 Haney, Mary Ann 430 Haney, Rosalyn 147 Haney, Virginia Ann 161, 505 Hank, Laura Jean 184, 507 Hankerson, James A 428 Hankins, Delbert Bruce 83, 485 Hanks, Bobbie Dale 133 Hanks, Roger C 238 Hanna, Ann StiUman 469 Hanna, John P 466 Hanna, Marji Merle 208 Hanna, Robert W 294, 359 Hannan, Joseph Aloysius 264 Hanover, Sarah Anne 131, 383, 507 Hanretta, Allan Gene 91, 539 Hansard, Fred Gibson, Jr 258 Hanson, Fred Wild 264 Harak, Frank 359 Haralson, John Curtis 496, 506 Haralson, Mary Bain 129, 196, 499 Harbaugh, Allan Wilson 485 Harbison, Alice L 298 Harborth, Harold H 462 Harbour, Jack D 488 Harbrecht, Henry Leo, Jr 166, 543 Hardegree, Joe Hal 242 Harden, Thad Harold 94, 95, 120, 230 Hardison, John Frederick 250 Hardin, Ann 114, 290, 420 Hardin, Ernest Randolph 240 Hardin, James Herbert 453 Harding, Marilyn Toy 198 Hardwick, Jane Louise 186, 500 Hardwicke, Mary Helen 198 Hardy, Clifford Alan 224 Hardy, Mavis Lee 186, 466 Hardy, Miles Henry 296 Harelik, Martha Lee 1 19, 142, 192 Hargrave, Helen 1 18, 533 Hargrove, Margaret Ann 163, 174, 288 Hargrove, William B 108, 115 Harkleroad, Mary Emily 166 Harkrider, Susan 539, 541, 542, 543 Harlan, Elelyn Elizabeth 129, 198, 401 Harland, Frank Ray 504 Harlow, A. J 88 Harlow, Marvin V 101, 115 Harmon, Da vid E 456 Harmon, David W 272, 439 Harmon, Ida Pauline 291 Harms, Joann Katheryn 180, 290, 500 Harned, James McLean 226 Name Paga Harp, Patsy Joan ...411 Harper, Ben 539, 542, 543 Harper, Ernest L 87 Harper, Nelda 401 Harral, Ned Thomas 165, 242 Harrell, Elaine Elizabeth 129, 138, 141, 188, 416 Harrell, Jack H 163, 420, 506 Harrigan, Pat 504 Harrington, Ann Kay. 114, 166, 194, 291, 416 Harrington, Wiley Eugene 475, 490 Harris, Albert Leslie 101 Harris, Bernard Phillip 222 Harris, Beverly Loree 161, 420, 505 Harris, Billy G 448 Harris, Charles Phillips 92, 238, 479, 492 Harris, Clarence Pinkney 439 Harris, Cleason LeRoy, Jr 432 Harris, Darrell G 492 Harris, Dickie 116 Harris, Donald Clarence 256, 498 Harris. Donald P 92, 256 Harris, Dorothy Gene 196, 369, 401 Harris, Dorothy Joanne 129, 411 Harris, Doyle David 490 Harris, Eleanor Elizabeth 200, 416 Harris, James Robert 256 Harris, James Ronald 103 Harris, Jess Calvin 256 Harris, Joe Thomas 104, 121, 464 Harris, Mary Florine 129, 196, 450 Harris, Morris T 87, 161 Harris, Travis F 105 Harris, Nat, III 84, 115, 161,492 Harris, Patsy Ruth 298,470 Harris, Robert Smith 475, 486 Harris, Roger Tate 272, 450 Harris, Shirley Mae 133, 190, 412 Harris, William Brantly 244 Harris, William E 86, 88 Harris, William McGregor 85, 230, 486 Harris, William Paul 145, 246, 429, 485 Harrison, Ada W. Clouse 427 Harrison, Betty Ann. .129, 176, 369, 466, 470 Harrison, Billy Orwood 102, 475 Harrison, Donald M 492 Harrison, Hubert James 401, 429,432 Harrison, John Nicholas 94, 506 Harrison, Johnnie M 129, 180 Harrison, Marguerite 517 Harrison, Ralph W 488 Harrison, Raymond A 276 Harrison, Roland Henry 166 Harrison, Thomas Perrin 230 Harrison, Vernon E 479 Harsch, Clarice Ann 469 Harshaw, Charles Wilson 258 Hart, Alice Elizabeth 114 Hart, Iralene Ross 168, 290, 401 Hart. James Pickney 14, 117, 240 Hart, Joseph 161 Hart, Patsy Ann 194 Hart, Thomas Maxey, Jr 92, 260 Hart, Yvonne 290 Hart, William Everett 228, 532 Hartkopf, Dayle 131, 190, 439 Hartley, Jean Carol 188, 412 Hartman, Dorothy Louise 439 Hartman, Frank E 82 Hartsell, Willie Anna 427, 469 Hartt, Patsy Ruth 176, 401 Hartwell, Jeannine Lee 184 Hart wig, Albert Ernest 161, 429 Hartwig, Melba 161 Hartwig, William 485 Harty, Bill Don 250, 417 Harvey, Berta 470 Harvey, David Lee 276, 452, 453 Harvey, James C 232 Harvey, James R 93 Harvill, Robert S., Jr 383, 429 Harville, Cliff J., Jr 504 Harville, Joe Lawrence 107, 294 Harwell, Lynn 268 Harwood, Gordon Baker 226, 412 Harwood, Russell McChesney 226, 362 Harwood, Wallace Baker 226, 439 Haschke, Martha Ann 165 Haskel, Peggy Irene 469 Haskell, Earl 489 Haskell, Mary Esther. ... 34, 52, 69, 99, 1 10, 144, 149, 150, 284 Haskell, Millicent Frances 139, 401 Haskew, Laurence D 460 Haskew, Rosemari 186, 467 Haskin, Howard H . ' 487 Hassen, Gamile 504 Hassen, Nabeela 129, 134, 142, 180, 417 Hassen, Raja 115 Hassinger, Margaret Joan 298 Hatch, Lewis Frederic 394 Hatch, Richard Joseph 87, 166 Hatcher, Dorothy Myrle 496, 503 Hathaway, John Benjamin, Jr 453 Haubold. ' Cleve Ernst 496 Hauffe, Fred Lewis 439, 457 Haughn, Jack Ernest 1 65 Haun, Kenneth W 84 Haupt, Arrenia Julia 208, 417 Haupt, Helen 507 Hauser, Donald 432 Hauser, George Henry, Jr 539, 542, 543 Hauser, Harris Milton 254 Hauser, Robert George 506 Hauser, Robert Ivan 254, 420, 506 Hausler, Edwin Lowell, Jr 220, 439 Hausmann, Mary Eliiabeth 401 Hauz, Mary Ann 430 Haveman, 0. N. H., Jr 91, 96, 165 Hawes, Laurence H., Jr 401, 432 Hawkey, Virginia Grace 198, 498 , B I to )! . far, W. 1 Kff PAOE 598 JVame Pa0M Hawkinson, John Lowell 290, 401 Haworth, Babe 28, 62, 119, 138, 144, 176,211,401 Haws, Barbara 129, 145, 412 Haws, Jack Milburn 445, 504 Hay, Gary Southern 507 Hay, Lee Elmer 220, 383 Hay, Louis A 490 Hay, William George 85, 224, 454 Hayden, Harrell 93, 224, 278, 448 Hayden, Julhn Howard 224 Haye, Fabra 161 Hayes, Jerry Lee 186 Hayes, Jerry Lee 448 Hayes, Martha Margaret 161 Hayes, Martha Margaret 289, 401 Haygood, Kelley L 455 Hayhurst, Joseph Owen ... 108, 132, 412, 506 Haynes, Harriot Janet 114, 291, 372, 420 Haynes, Wyndel Eugene 427 Haynie, Jean 118, 204, 496, 504 Hay-Roe, Hugh 383, 429 Hays, George Vincent 256, 500 Hays, Marie 464 Hazard, John 454 Hazel, Jack M 492 Hazell, Homer Winfred 103, 445 Hazeltine, Avis Lucille 196 Hazlewood, Jack Cooke 453 Headen, Donald M 86, 439 Healy, Irene R 431, 469 Heard, Betty Anne 194, 515 Hearn, Douglas Clinton 238 Hearn, John E 86 Hearn, Leslie G 102 Hearne, William Blaisdell 515 Heath, Jesse W 489 Heath, Walter J ...429 Heath, William B 454, 457 Hebert, Charles Manuel 224, 439 Hebel, Lura 288 Hector, Layton Dean 445, 453 Heemann, Howard Arthur 266, 452 Heflin, Bess 426, 430 Hefner, Ann Elizabeth 52, 138, 188 Hefner, Glen Stanford 135, 439 Hefner, James Earl 163 Hehs, Wilburn A 412 Heiman, Barbara Jane 178, 401 Heimann, Hugo 1 65 Heinen, Julianne 144, 176 Heintschel, Joe F 39, 542, 543 Heitler, John E 232 Helland, Richard Erling 240, 479, 490 Helm, John Francis 248, 504 Helmer, Otice Z 429 Helmke, Vernon Lloyd 105, 272 Hemmingson, Emily Grace 204, 374 Hempel, Louis A ., Jr 296 Hendelman, Ruth Cecille 467, 470 Henderson, Dorothy Jean 194, 448, 505 Henderson, Elizabeth Louise 188 Henderson, Gerald L 539, 542, 543 Henderson, Jackie Hollis 228, 401 Henderson, John 101, 260 Henderson, Joseph Lindsey 248 Henderson, Loren Lee 238, 448 Henderson, Mary Elliott 412 Henderson, Morris Edsel 489 Henderson, Virginia 188 Henderson, Wallace Dean 224 Hendler, Ruth Vinn...l29, 178, 210, 508, 515 Hendricks, Cary 359 Hendricks, Edward Oscar 103, 401 Hendricks, Frank Beaton 439, 508 Hendricks, Ginger 301 Hendricks, Helen E. Frarier. . .439, 453, 456 Hendricks, Tom Curry, Jr 240 Hendricks, Vance Malcolm 101, 162 Hendricks, Virginia Lee C 165, 298, 462 Hendrickson, Hazel Spiller 517 Hendrickson, Robert E 104 Henke, Agnes Dora 165, 288, 412 Henkel, Arrenia Julia 417 Henkel, Martha Jene 129, 138, 186 Henley, Robert Douglas 141, 166, 242, 417,503 Henley, Robert John 445 Henley, William Richard 92, 232, 445 Hennes, Bernard R 428 Hennig, Robert L 296 Henniger. Virginia Lea 165 Henning, John L., Jr 492 Henry, Arthur J 475, 489 Henry, Kenneth Dale 101 Henry, Mary Frances 190, 470 Henry, Patrick 161 Henry, Roger 328 Henry, Steve 525 Henry, Wesley Bert 475, 483, 485, 488 Henry, Wilma Lee 176, 401 Henshaw, Richard Charles 453 Henslee, Charles Warren 432 Henslee, Laretha Sue.. .52, 149, 298, 499, 504 Hensley, Elmer Lee 276 HensIey.Jack 226,278 Henson, Mary Claudene 291, 420, 505 Herbert, Charles Manuel. . ., 121 Herbsieb, Ruth Anne 174, 518, 522 Herbst, Harvey R 508 Herbst, Robert M 401 Herbst, Walter Egon 501, 506 Herman, David L Hernandez, Leon M 87, 358 Herndon, Wilson Warren. . .94, 95, 238, 420 Herod, Dan A 488 Herring, Helen Elaine 161, 208, 412, 430 Herring, Gerald Ray 384 Herrington, Robert Austin 486 Herron, Bill 308 Herron, Wendell Leon 104, 41 7 Name Pagtt Hertel, Forest Wayne 161 Hertel, Haddon 163 Hertel, Paul, Jr 483, 485, 488 Hertko, Martin J 542, 543 Hervey, Frank N., Jr 246, 475 Herweck, Joan Marie 129, 412 Heyer, Siegfried R 165 Heriik, Adolph, Jr 143, 490 Hestand, Carroll 328 Hestand, Howard Anthony, Jr 542, 543 Hewitt, Bobby Joe 240, 439 Hewitt, Chester Harding, Jr 161, 424 Hewitt, Edward R 429 Heyman, Charlotte 469 Hickfang, Paul A 28, 64, 107, 116, 496 Hickman, Pete James 133 Hickman, Stanley Sanford 116, 262, 516 Hicks, Dora 4flq Hickson, Edwin Wayne 448 Hildreth, Albert D., Jr 44$ Hielscher, Lillian M 543 Hierholzer, Joan 52, 162, 200, 498 Higgins, Elsie 291 High, Harry 430 High, Katherine 188, 412 Hightower, Edwin Connery 453 Hightower, Joseph Paul 516 Hildreth, Albert D., Jr 107, 260 Hiliard, Hilton 358 Hilmi, Abdul Karira 1 27, 47Q Hilsher, Dolores M 142, 143 Hilyard, Orrin Lionel 85, 232, 445 Hil ' er, Edward Louis 166, 542 Hilliard, Clayton Paul . 120 Billiard, Elmer Walter, Jr 542, 543 Hilliard, James Emory ... . 163 Hilliard, J. Hilton ' 445 Hill, Ann Blanton 52, 130, 131, 196, 204 Hill, Annie Campbell 118 Hill, Blakely Ann 291 421 Hill, C. Ernestine 439 Hill, Charles Elliot 543 Hill, Edward 145 Hill, G. Elizabeth 184, 290, 412, 505 Hill, Harriet Jo 190, 375 Hill, Harriett 1 161 Hill, Hamlin L., Jr . . .276 Hill, Helen E 469 Hill, Herbert Wheeler 258, 412 Hill.HowardH 102 Hill, James Donald 226 Hill, James Robert 489 Hill, Jimmie 105, 452 Hill, Julia Ann 507 Hill, Kenneth Elmer 112, 236, 439, 457 Hill, Lorimer K 120, 165 Hill, Marian Christine 198 Hill, Marynada 204 Hill, Paul Stevens, Jr 230 Hill, Vernon Barnes, Jr 248, 427 Hillman, Betty Lou Bates 453, 469 Hillman, Marshall 222 Hindeman, David Arthur 384, 432 Hinds, Claude David 486 Hinds, Patricia 114, 129, 198,420 Hines, Cletus Ray 250 Hines, Edward L 92, 115, 475, 485, 490 Hines, Manor Patrick 258, 504 Hines, Pat 26,494 Hines, Robert Paul 15, 490 King, Mabel Wong 298, 426, 430 Hingst, James Harold 256 Hinkle, Olin E 136, 51 8 Hinkley, S. Howard 94 Hinojosa, Romeo R 87, 126 Hinojosa, Virgilio V 490 Hinote, Russell 85, 272. 278 Hinton, Donald Ralph 101, 165, 264 Hintz, Billie Marjorie 147, 194 Hippard, Nancy Jean 188 Hirschi, Jean Ann 198, 412 Hiss, Anna 190, 373 Hitt, Danny Leon 87, 242 Hitt, Norman Jean 426 Hixson, Juanita Rose 514 Hlavka, Lloyd Frank 483, 485, 488 Hobart, Minerva 204 Hoch, J. Rodney 238 Hogan, Walter A 516 Hodge, Ann Langston 186 Hodge, Mvrle Claude, Jr 507 Hodges, Bobby 105, 109, 112,479,490 Hodges, Gus 117, 248, 457 Hodges, Hubert Wayne 453 Hodges, Joe Henry, Jr 246 Hodges, Lady Clyde 176, 420 Hodges, Leland 30, 121, 226, 284, 531 Hodges, Richard Huff 248 Hoefgen, Adelia 141, 174, 464 Hoerster, Richard 224 Hoev, William Llewellyn 246 Hoff, Molly Jane 412 Hoff. William Henry 230 Hoffman, Alexander A. J 488 Hoffman, Louis E 164 Hoffpauir, Cora Adelia 298,_496 Hofmeister, Ludy C 87, 88 Hogan, Anne Houston 166, 204, 466 Hogan, Kathrine Ann 204 Hogan, Richard C 120 Hogan, Walter A 107 Hoge, William Robert, Jr 264, 450 Hogg, Billy Jack 543 Hogg. Mary Margaret 133, 188, 371 Hogwood, Edward E., Jr 485, 488 Hohle, Theobald Victor 100. 145, 164 Hoke, Oweta B 200 Hoke, Wilma Elizabeth 198, 371 Holasek, Raymond Joseph 132, 432, 506 Holbrook, Donald C 107 Hoick, Manfred, Jr 165, 452 Name Pagel Holcomb, Glenda Jane 208, 504 Holcomb, James R 133 Holmes, George Bryan 514, 516 Holmgreen, Shirley Ann 131, 190, 475 Holladay, Lavera Marguerite 496 Hollamon, Elizabeth Erskine 200 Holland. Donald Gene 103, 256, 4811 Holland, Doris Elizabeth 186 Holland, Edward Wheat 240, 359, 448 Holland, Jack 17, 115 Holland, W. W 429, 485, 489 Holland, William H 294 Holliday, Mary Lou 184, 464 Holley, Roy Lamar 452, 453 Hollingsworth, Frank Herman 475, 489 Hollon, Jody 288, 369 Hollon, Mary Jo 129. 138, 167, 308, 420 Holloway, Charles Edmond 248 Holloway, James G 428 Hollowav, Joan Kay 204, 420 HolloweU, Nancy Jean 129, 467, 525 Hollowell, Samuel T 94, 358 Hollway. Lou Ann 292, 401 Holstead, Raymond Donald 268 Holt, Arthur Henry, Jr 252, 498, 508 Holt, Arthur L 455 Holt, Eddie Jane 198, 496 Holt, Elizabeth 194, 369, 401 Holt, Ernest Roscoe 450 Holt. Robert C 105 Holtry, Byron C 487 Holtz, Theresa Ann 52, 149, 290, 369, 375,401,425 Holtzelaw, Mariorie Louise 176, 420 HolUman, Sandra Ellen 192, 291, 450 Holtzman, Wayne H 220 Hohibec, Cleo James 236, 439 Holzwarth, Charles Homer 236 Home Economic Club 430 Homeyer, Joan Patricia 196, 417 Honer, Patricia Morton 204 Honeycutt, Robert G 240, 308, 448 Honigfeld, Robert 270 Hooks, Marion M 432 Hooker, Nancy Anne 202 Hooper, Dewey Jackson 504 Hooper, Elbert, Jr 92, 230 Hooper, Jackson D 296 Hoover, Leon Ross 452, 453, 455 Hoover Mandy Lou 180, 500, 503, 505 Hope, Paul Anthony 453 Hopkins, Carol Bushnell 204, 412 Hopkins, Hammond W 86, 244 Hopkins, Mary Jean 52, 202, 371 , 496 Hopkins, Persis Ann 496, 504 Hopkins, Thomas Robert 363, 463 Hopkins, Wallace K 234, 532 Hoppenstein, Naomi Jean 114, 129, 192, 288, 420 Hopper, Donald Gene 276 Hopper, Jerry Otis 412 Hopper, John Martin 244 Hopper, Martin Ray 439 Hopson, Jerry Lynn 232. 532 Horak, Frank Henry 294, 357, 363 Hornaday, Bill 133 Hornbeck, Clyde V 476, 489 Porne, Henry C 161 Home, Ivan F 496 Home, Kenneth Lee 252, 445 Homer, James Scott 232, 421 Hornsby, B. Jean 129, 161 Hornung, Grayce Y 114, 424 Horowitz, Joseph Ronald 262 Horowitz, Norman 499, 508 Horton, Joe F 100 Horwitz, Donald Charles 254, 500, 508 Horwitz, Julian Victor 262 Horwitz, Renee Elaine 192 Hough, F. Lem 454 House, James C 163 House, Madison 8 105 House, William C 84 Houston, Helen George 208, 445 Houston, John Patrick 93, 95, 226 Houston, Mary Elizabeth 161, 186 Howard, Anthony Edison 250 Howard, Earnest E 482 Howard, Harold Carter 294 Howard, Jack Martin 357, 401, 432, 489 Howard, James B 85 Howard, James Monroe 506 Howard, James R 503 Howard, Josephine Houston 166, 186, 445 Howard, Margaret Louise 401 Howard, Robert Trigg 234 Howard, Walter Ray 401 Howard, William Elray, Jr 276 Howard, William John 248, 499, 508 Howe, Emmett Ervin 485, 492 Howe, Frances Kirk 184, 375 Howe, Harry Boynton 421 Howell, Douglas Dinnison 452 Howell, John Webb, III 94, 244, 421 Howell, Kathleen 52, 186 Howell, Nancy Jane 504 Howell, Richard Shelby, Jr 432 Howerton, Lloyd F 476, 485, 492 Howerton, Perry Samuel 476, 492 Howser, Donald 145 Hoyak, James Henry 450 Hoyer, Lillian Lois 52, 166, 431 Hoyer, Wilmer A 164 Hoyt, Clyde Ellsworth 29, 256, 278, 532 Hoyt, Roland Wilburn 101, 421 Hoyt, Thomas J 103, 230 Hranicky, Roy Elmore 132 Hrissikopoulos, John K 120, 401, 424 Hrissikopoulos, Pat K 401 Hrncir, Guss Vince 294, 357, 359, 463 Hruzek, Bernard Simon 166, 439 Name Pagw Hruzek, Harry M. ... ...143 Hubbard, Ford, Jr 240. 359, 362, 401 Hubbard, Frances Marilyn 467 Hubbard, Jack C 105, 509 Hubbard, Norma Jean 208, 412 Hubby, John Lee 102, 120, 250, 285 Hubenak, Daniel Stephen 132, 166, 539, 542, 543 Huber, Leonard E 92. 252 Hubert, Kenneth Ray 1 15. 250 Buck, Phillips Clarke 87. 264 Huckaby, Carl Edward 489 Huddleston, Fred Charles 453 Hudel, William August . . .294, 357, 359, 364 Hudgings, Joanne 374, 464 Hudler, Robert L 539 543 Hudson, James A 92, 161, 230, 401 Hudson, John Mansel .297 Hudson, J. Perdee 486 Hudson, Margaret A 180 Hudson, Patton C 108, 238, 506 Hudson, Robert R 108 Hudson, Wallace Raymond 506 Hudson, Weldon R 490 Hudson, Wellborn R 484 Hudspeth, Nancy Ann 138, 186, 338, 417 Hufsmith, Frank Lytton 250 Huggins, C. M 543 Hugpns, Larry Lee 166, 483, 485, 488 Hughes, Anabel Tress 196, 401 Hughes, Arleigh Bruce 401 Hughes, Charles Ervin 250 Hughes, Dale Ray 542, 543 Hughes, Elizabeth Ann 176 Hughes, Evelyn 165 Hughes, Guy Hobson, Jr 238, 421 Hughes, Guy Warren 476 Hughes, Irby Bennett 224, 437 Hughes, Jimmie Ray 476, 483, 485, 488 Hughes, John Warren 244 Hughes, Pat H 140, 454 Hughes, William Chesley 232, 479 Hughes, William L 87 Hughlett, B. Jeanie 129, 421 Hughly, Harry Walter 266 Hughs, Katherine Nell 184, 375, 421 Huitt. James Frederick 242, 540 Hull, Gene Howard 248 Hull, Mary Virginia 450 Hull, Virginia Ann 186, 412 Hullum, Mary Jo 186, 290 Human, Johnnie Mae 517, 522, 523 Humble, Emmett Arc 432 Humeston, Edward Judson, Jr 536 Humphrey, Carroll E 384 Humphrey, Norman Bennett 248 Humphrey, Walhce Kent 226 Humphreys, Dear Belle 289, 500, 504 Humphreys, Edward Lee, III.. .106, 240, 448 Humphries, Margaret Ann 141 Hunnicutt, J. R 160 Hunnicutt, Martha Jean 106, 504 Hunt, James Theodore 246, 417 Hunt, Kathleen Chloe. . . .129, 141, 142, 176, 291, 300, 371 H unt, Leslie Leigh 486 Hunter, Carolyn 186, 41 7 Hunter, Holland Reavis 485, 489 Hunter, Ripley H., Jr 120, 161, 226 Hurst, Anderson Stuart 256 Hurst, Clora M 129, 204, 464 Hurst, Ernest C 534 Hurt, George E 242, 501 Hurt, Howard 308 Hurter, Carl Vernon . . 136, 236, 439, 452, 457 Hurter, Roland L 136, 236, 488 Huser, La Verne Carl 165 Huser, Ruthanne 190 Hutchens, Miles Edward 224 Hutchins, Mary Amelia 180, 401, 426 Hutchinson, Robert M 429, 432 Hutchinson, William Thomas 161 Hyde, John J 120 Hyltin, Jo Ann 466 Hyltin, Tom Martin 115, 488 Hymer, Nellie Marie 145, 290, 445 Hynes, Barbara A 166 Hynes, Joseph Kenneth 166 liams, E. S., Jr 489 Ilett, Phyllis 430 Inge, Robert Paul 244, 445 Ingraham, Hubert Holmes 230, 328 Ingram, Agnes Jean 176, 402, 432 Ingram, Denny 85 Ingram, Jack Trammell 256 Ingram, Jack William, Jr 232, 479 Ingram, Lee Nora 184 Ingrum, Ann Bradford 200 Inks, Floyd Beverly, Jr 489 Innerarity, Lloyd E 250 Innis, Robert Terrance 476 InltrfTalcrnily Council 278 Irion, Jack Eldridge 101, 220, 445 Irion, James E 140 Irish, William Mitchell, IV 240, 357 Irvin, Frances 1 374 Irwin, Kathryn Louise 200, 368, 464 Irwin, Olive Virginia 128, 200, 214, 402 Irwin, Scott 161 Isaacks, Richard Barry 163, 242, 41 7 Isfan, Elena 487 Isley, Joyce 176, 375, 402 Ishmael, Manford Martin 135 Israel, Libbye 141, 192, 402 Iverson, Patsy Ann 208 Ives, Peggy Jean 129, 184, 467 Ivey, Barbara Sue 129, 412 PACE 599 Pain Ivey, James R 432 Ivey, Mary Louise 137, 198, 417 Izawli, Edward Hiroshi 402 Jacks, Joan Eliiabeth 176 Jackson, Alfred A., Jr. 99, 402 Jackson, Anna Christina 298, 421 Jackson, Billy Monroe 105, 479 Jackson, Billy Ray 268 Jackson, Clarissa Ann 208 Jackson, Donald E 295 Jackson. Edmond Penn 260, 413 Jackson, Eleanor Eliiabeth 163, 290 Jackson, Frances Ann 402, 430 Jackson, George 457 Jackson, Homer Herbert, Jr 121, 136, 236, 278 Jackson, Jack A 531 Jackson, Jean 184, 467 Jackson, Jean Ernestine 208, 375, 421 Jackson, Jo Ann 208, 291, 369, 467 Jackson, Joe M 220 Jackson, John L 107, 250 Jackson, Joyce M 298 Jackson, Kenneth Gene 305, 308, 324 Jackson, Lawrence Wood 248, 439 Jackson, Marian Jeannine 194 Jackson, Perry C 412 Jackson, Thomas H 106, 109, 1 10 Jackson, Theodore Marshall. . 115, 116, 234, 280, 439, 453, 456, 507 Jacobs, Browning Roderick 234 Jacobs, Eleanor Jean 192, 515 Jacobs, Esther 129 Jacobs, Evelyn Frances 192, 439 Jacobs, Janet Joan 178, 412, 520, 521 Jacobs, Mack Kendell 242, 516 Jacobsen, Robert Donald 274, 476, 484 Jakeman, William Kieffer 486 Jalili, A.R 127 Jamar, Joe Bob 93, 96, 234, 4SO James, Albert William 453 James, Billy Jack 252, 481 James, Harriett Ann 204, 463 James, Harry E 162 James, Jan Thornton 412, 430 James, Judson Sterling, III 238 James, Keith Eldon 384 James, Mary Granger 469 James, Nancy Lou 2C4, 4 1 2 James, Otis Lee, Jr 432 James, Robert 104 James, Thomas Louis 121, 248 Jameson, David Kittrell 402 Jamison, Samuel James, Jr 244 Janicek, Raymond 445, 457 Jansc, Mary Susan. ... 200, 365, 370, 372, 402 Janzen, Anna W 22 Jarett, Irwin Melvin 222, 445 Jarl, Wallace 341 Jarrell, Billie J 289, 421 Jarrell, Walter Marland, Jr 101, 421 Jarrett, Florence Gloria 426, 430 Jarvis, Wayne Lanoy 248 Jary, Nancy Joan 198, 289, 421 Jay, Robert Joseph 94, 96, 166 Jeanes, Joyce Jeanette 161 , 289, 500, 504 Jeanes, Lincoln Douglass . .92, 120, 226, 346, 424, 507 Jeaves, J. E 329 Jeffers, Franklin A 107 Jeffers, George Lowell 232 Jeffery, Stephen D 230, 498 Jefts. Donald F 486, 490 Jegers, Diidra 165, 391 Jenkins, Billy Lee 248, 507, 516, 523 Jenkins, Gloria 163 Jenkins, Herman Jack 492 Jenkins, Johnson Andrew 105, 481 Jenkins, Lenox Claxton 266 Jenkins, Mary Ruth 470 Jenkins, Wiley W 428 Jenness, Tomadcll 129, 188, 440 Jennings, Charla Farrell 507 Jennings, Elizabeth Louise 186, 412 Jentsch, Wayne Herman 490 Jcrrell, Jerry 351 Jesse, Albert F 164 Jester, Joan 52, 204, 402 Jett, Lois Marie 129, 439, 456 Jin, Barnes 359 Jindrich, Warren Joseph 258, 540 Jirasek, Rosalie J 402 Jircik, Vivian 290 Jobcs, Roquey George, Jr 166, 492 Joehec, Melvin M 85, 439, 452 Joe, Clement 456 Johansen, Vaun L 220, 439, 456, 457 John, Charles Bedford 402, 432 Johnapelus, James Tom 242 Johnson, Amy lone, 29, 129, 138, 167, 188, 421 Johnson, Audrey Jane 133, 412 Johnson, B. Larry 450 Johnson, Bennett Jay 250, 440, 455 Johnson, Benny Frank 105, 508 Johnson, Betty Ann 142, 198 Johnson, Bill Frank 220, 445 Johnson, Billie Sue 176 Johnson, Bobbie Jean 165 Johnson, Catherine 374 Johnson, Craig Lewis 165 Johnson, David Nathan 230, 440 Johnson, Dean Carey 93, 161 Johnson, Dickie C 479 Johnson, Doris 129, 375 Johnson, Douglas Ann 109, 128, 129, 133, 188,421 Johnson, Earl Richard 412 Johnson, Edward Earl 479 Name Paget Johnson, Edward Porter, Jr 167, 242, 448 Johnson, Elizabeth McGehee 186 Johnson, Ellen Lucille 421 Johnson, Fred Lowery, Jr 85, 402 Johnson, Gerald 246 Johnson, Harold L 428 Johnson, Helen Murray 469 Johnson, Helen Sue 174, 421 Johnson, Hiram 364 Johnson, J. B 278 Johnson, Jack Gray 117, 146, 531, 534 Johnson, James R 485 Johnson, James William 276, 476, 488 Johnson, Jane Caroline 137, 308, 464 Johnson, Jeanine 290, 505 Johnson, Joan 186, 504, 515 Johnson, John Buford, Jr 232 Johnson, John Willis 230 Johnson, Joyce M 298 Johnson, Julianne 200 Johnson. Lloyd Ficklin 94, 236 Johnson, Lois Nell 145,290 Johnson, Marcia Elinor 129, 188, 412 Johnson, Margie Ruth 188 Johnson, Marion 92, 115, 268 Johnson, Mary Gene 114, 142, 161, 196 Johnson, Maydee Luc 138, 188, 412 Johnson, Minerva 52, 163, 463 Johnson, Morris Deane 92, 244, 305, 346, 445, 454 Johnson, Myra Beatrice 165 Johnson, Nancy Ruth. .52, 131, 188, 402, 509 Johnson, Patty Jean 453, 456 Johnson, Perry Edward 453 Johnson, Ralph Benjamin 94, 166 Johnson, Robert Boone 242 Johnson, Robert P 140 Johnson, Rosemary 188, 426 Johnson, Ross Sterling, 92, 95, 96, 115, 116, 136, 146 Johnson, Richard James Vaughan ... 230, 445 Johnson. S. Eugenia 430 Johnson, Sarah Eugenia 114 Johnson, Wesley Stephen 240, 359, 450 Johnson, Thomas McKinley 230, 412 Johnston, Charles M 428 Johnston, Dickie G 489 Johnston, Donald C 480, 488 Johnston, George W., Jr 492 Johnston, Grace 180 Johnston, Mariorie 469 Johnston, Roy Edens 276, 448 Jolly, Robert Franklin 140, 236, 421 Jones, Ann Estelle 129, 463, 504 Jones, Archie N 28, 266, 503 Jones, Baker Parrish 226, 440 Jones, Bobby 524, 525 Jones, Bobby Max 450 Jones, Bobbye 47, 52, 137, 188, 463 Jones, Bruce Milam 161, 246 Jones, Burton A., Jr 108, 506 Jones, C. V., Jr 508 Jones, Charles Eric 421 Jones, Clyde Daniel 246, 440, 507 Jones, Dan Marvin 364,489 Jones, Eldred Charles 141 Jones, Ernest M 248, 452 Jones, Florence Mozelle, 28, 30, 118, 119, 129, 176, 210, 413, 509 Jones, Marvin Estes 514, 522 Jones, Mary Elizabeth 402 Jones, Franklin M 94, 95 Jones, George T., Jr 454 Jones, H. Grady 540 Jones, Howell A. (Jack).Jr 250,479 Jones, Hubert R 220, 457 Jones, Imogene Phyllis 182, 412 Jones, James C 448, 492 Jones, James Carroll (T) 121, 305, 308 Jones, Janice 183, 417 Jones, John C , Jr 445 Jones, Joe Hardy, Jr 93, 412 Jones, Joe Warren 509 Jones, John Culberth, Jr 264 Jones, John Paul, Jr 457 Jones, Joyce Floride 161, 180 Jones, Larry Elton 100, 508 Jones, Lee 519 Jones, Lillian Kolb 384 Jones, Linden Earl 103, 226, 450 Jones, Louis Clarke 86, 88, 248 Jones, Morris Blake 120, 429 Jones, Nina Lee 421, 509 Jones, Natalie Warner 469 Jones, Oscar Freer, III 244, 448 Jones, Patricia Ann 196, 288, 421 Jones, Paul Anna 139, 142, 174, 426, 430 Jones, Phyllis Ann 200, 368, 421 Jones, Richard 519 Jones, Richard Lowe 244 Jones, Robert Anderson 268, 384 Jones, Robert Clarke 250, 476, 490 Jones, Robert Claude 506 Jones, Thomas P 384, 504 Jones, Tolbert Nat 105, 266, 323, 445 Jones, Tony Everett 542 Jones, Wanda Mae 402 Jones, William Franklin 224 Jordahn, Inge May 166 Jordan, Barbara J 291, 421 Jordan, David Lowell 85, 226 Jordan, James 328 Jordan, James Eugene 489 Joseph Cherill Adele 129, 206, 421 Joseph, Diana Lee 129, 196, 467 Joseph. Katherine Jo Ann 166, 504 Joseph, Marjie Lee 192 Joseph, Ruth Rhodes 469 Josephson, Sandra Jean 138, 206 Joslin, Charles Aivin 515 Journalism 511-526 Name Paga Journeay, Glen Eugene 252 Joyce, Murray C 486 Joyner, Neil Burtin 103, 450 Joynes, Mary Lu 190 Judkins, Robert Oscar 268 Judson, Frances Gay 188 Judson, Jean Beverly 52, 198 Junemann. Rose Adele 163, 167 Jungmichel, Buddy 307 Juren, William R., Jr 132, 402 Justiss, Jesse Edward, Jr 242, 402 Kabler, Harry 453 Kacir, Charles Stanley 294 Kacir, G. Sidney 140, 294, 361 Kaderli, Elizabeth Janell 504 Kagay, Betty Ray 144, 186, 417 Kahanek, Joyce Ann 143 Kahanek, Leon L 542 Kahler, James Harlan 232 Kai ser, Donald Vurncll 91 , 250 Kaiserman, Chester W 103 Kallina, James Douglas 266, 417 Kamisar, Helen Louise 178, 421 Kana, Frank Joseph . . .85, 116, 224, 305, 341 Kanter, Shirley Elaine 129, 178, 467 Kantz, Gladys Lowther 469 Kaplan, Carolyn 288, 505 Kappa Alpha 238 Kappa Alpha Thela 198 Kappa B ' ta Pi 533 Kappa Epsilorr 54 1 Kappa Kappa Gamma 200 Kappa Kappa Pri 501 Kappa Siama 240 Kappler, Edmund T 164 Karchmer, Madeline Naralie 129, 178 Karger, Chester Henry . . . .294, 302, 359, 364 Karnei, Clifton Laverne 165, 490 Karotkin, Leonard N 107, 254, 356, 448 Karpa, Peter 165 Karpos, George T 101, 228 Kasper, Elfrieda Knippa 164 Kasper, Mirian 164 Kass, Herb 364 Kassanoff, Arnold H 262 Kassell, Frederick B 421 Hasten, David Otto 165, 421 Katz, Eugene S 262 Katz, Robert N 115, 146 Kauff man, Suzanne Ilyne 28, 1 14, 1 19, 129, 178, 509 Kaufman, Jack Hammer 254, 531 Kaufman, Joan Beverly 190, 470 Kaufman, William 108 Kay, Arelene Rosobelle 142, 192, 504 Kay, James R 455 Kay, Maurice Marion, Jr 224 Kay, Orlean Linda 374 Kazen, Tony A 104, 346 Kearney, Mary Catherine 166, 470, 505 Keasler, Jackie 119, 129, 138, 161, 176, 210, 291, 498, 520, 521 Keasler, Robert Beeson 440, 452 Keathley, Bryan O ' Neill 234 Keating, Patsy Ann 186, 402 Keating, Thomas Edward 539 Keating, Tom J 543 Kebelman, Gretchen 208, 288, 448 Keding, Dolores L 143 Kedziora, Ray Arnold 94, 421 Keeble, Charles Cecil 121, 226 Keel, Lyndon A . . .99 Keel, Thomas Martin 166, 445 Keelen, Thomas Levigar 384 Keeling, Hugh Donald, Jr 115, 258, 445 Keeling, William B 428 Keeton, W. Page 224 Keeton, Mrs. W. Page 528, 533 Kegley, John Gordon 432 Kegley, Martha Jean 291, 431 K eil, Frank W 485, 486 Keith, Dee 374 Keith, Lewis Stone 87, 252 Kelfer, Marvin Jerry 262, 454 Keller, Barbara Ann 178, 466 Keller, Marian 426, 430 Keller, Martha Ruth 52, 496, 503 Kellerman, Francine 145, 466 Kelley, Arnold Dwain 499 Kelley, Barbara Kay 338, 503 Kelley, Eloise 198 Kelley, Henry Paul 228 Kellner, E. Jean, 144, 174, 417, 430, 520, 521 Kelly, Betty Lou 467 Kelly, Jennilu 504, 523, 525 Kelly, Jerrold Joseph 248, 479 Kelly, Patricia Carol 507 Kelly, Thomas S 132, 252 Kelly, William J 99, 256, 440, 457 Kelone, Emtrick 145 Kelone, Virginia 145 Kelso, John Malier 453 Kelton, Horace Broome 244 Kemp, Jean Anne 417 Kemp, William F 94, 236 Kemper, Truman R 445 Kendall, Barbara 155, 204 Kendall, Lyle Harris 248 Kendred, Leah Jean 288 Kendrick, Frank Krwin, Jr 120,258 Kendrick, Mary Lou 200, 402 Kenna. Julia Beth 129, 198, 402 Kennan, Kent Wheeler 234 Kennedy, Annette L 184 Kennedy, Charles F 384 Kennedy, Jack Hunter 482 Kennedy, Jean Baker 208, 421 Kennedy, Robert Edward, Jr 264 Name Paga Kennedy, Thomas Joseph 166 Kennedy, William Monroe 294. 359 Kenney, John Richardson, 25, 1 21 , 238, 402, 432 Kent, Harry L., Jr 220, 484 Kent, James Thurston, Jr 272 Kent, Robert E 492 Kenyon, William W 295 Keprta, Dennis 132 Kerbow, Virginia Rose 129, 142, 196, 421 Kercheville, Jim D 479 Kern, Lee Roy 165 Kerr, Barbara Jean 163, 186,467 Kerr, Billy Ray 532 Kerr, William Monroe 248 Kerridge, Isaac Curtis 256, 428 Kerry, Henry Eugene 246, 450 Kershaw, James Battersby 238 Kershaw, Kenneth 161 Kersten, E. S 356, 358, 522, 523 Kessler, Fred 26, 29, 262, 278, 395, 417 Kethley, Kennon 129, 200, 293, 417 Kevan, Noreen 129, 138, 174,291, 300, 368, 375, 466 Key, Charles Bain 424, 503 Key. John Roberts 542, 543 Key, Robert Merton 260, 440 Kidwell, James Richard 268, 540 Kiekhoeffer, Kenneth Charles. . . . .489 Kiel, Martha Gene ... 52, 128, 144, 198, 496 Kiely, Harry C 295, 445, 457 Kies, Alma Estes 384 Kiker, Jim 115 Kiley, Walter Hugh, Jr 445 Kilic, Nuri 148, 384 Killam, Allen P 86,168 Killough, Nell AUene 208, 450 Kimball, Inez Claire 166, 291 Kimberlin, Samuel Owen 244 Kimmons, Wylie M 93 Kincaid, Karoline 208, 402 Kincheloe, Joe Weldon 232 King, Allan C 224,532 King, Benjamin F 84, 112 King, Charles L., Jr 260, 514, 516, 519 King, Henry A., Jr 440 King.J.T 307 King, James Robert, Jr 482, 490 King, John Preston 490 King, John Robert 305 King, Joseph M 428 King, Laura Jill. . . .44, 52, 204, 375, 402, 526 King, Margaret Reynolds 141, 204, 412 King, Mary Ann 114 King, Mary Ellen 166, 515 King, Robert Leslie, Jr 248, 448 King, Russell Briscoe 163, 242 King, Terry Debbs 91, 268, 278 King, William Robert 476, 486, 507 Kingston, R. E 492 Kinkley, S. H 358 Kinney, Ben Jack 101, 246 Kinney, Charles Cleveland 230 Kinney, Helen Joyce 194 Kinney, Richard Dexter 256, 440, 457 Kinsel, Jay Frank 121, 228, 532 Kipcak, Ilhan V 148 Kiper, Emma Charlotte 190 Kipp, John T 94, 268, 448 Kirby Hall 290 Kirk, Garland C 103 Kirk, Louise 533 Kirk, Patricia Marie 142, 176, 368, 412 Kirkland, Alline Grady 186, 464 Kirkland, Beverly Jean 504 Kirkpatrick, Donald Austin 86, 140 Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth L 137, 200, 504 Kirkpatrick, Joel B 86 Kirkpatrick, Mary S 198, 469 Kirkpatrick, Van 525 Kirkwood, Jane Louise 190 Kissinger, William 145 Kitchen, L. Richard 224, 508 Kitchner, Robert M 86 Kite, Kirk 105,402 Kivch, Mary Helen 132 Klass, Enid Jaunita 129, 412 Klatt, Jack Guinn 234 Klaver, Patricia Darling 138, 186 Klegka, Walter Edward 166 Klein, Arthur J., Jr 166, 476 Klein, Donald Lee, 116, 305, 331, 335, 346, 424 Klein, Shirley Jean 28, 129, 421 Klein, Stuart Warren 270, 508 Kleinman, Harold F 115, 121, 262, 445 Kleinschmidt, Dark ' 352 Klekar, Rosie Josephine 132, 166, 298 Klemmedson, Ruth Marilda 163 Klenk, John 165 Klesel, Mildred Marie, 119, 129, 142, 143, 515 Klevar, Melvin Francis 476, 492 Kleymeyer, Ralph T. J 296 Kline, Allen H 121, 254, 278, 402 Klingler, Eusene LaRuc 242, 417. 506 Kloesel, Joseph 166, 492 Kluck, Milton H 488 Klump, Leroy Delbert 543 Klutts, M. Geraldine 421 Knabe, Robert George 432 Knadler, Eugene Lee 504 Knaggs, Albert U 102, 115, 228, 464 Knapp, Robert A 90 Knapp, Walter L 86, 276, 412 Knaus, Ronald R 108,481, 506 Knebel, Helen 165, 453 Knebel, Luther Gilbert 165 Kniffen, Sally Lou 198 Knight, Jean Nevill 186 Knight, Jo Ellen 184 Knight, John H 133, 483, 488 Knight, Lucianne....29, 40, 45, 52, 129, 144, 174, 280, 526 PAGE 600 R 1 91 M I C.K ft ID Ili KM I ft a I - Name Pagei Knight, Peggy Martha 114, 129, 186,466 Knight, William J., Jr. . . . .264 Knight, Willie Allen... 107, 294 Knighten, Walter Lynn. . 432 Kniker, Janice D 500,503 Knippa, Doris 164 Knippa, Edna 164 Knobler, Ivan William. . . . 115, 140,270, 450,509 Knoerr, Albert Copeland . 479 Knopp, Laura Barbara ...166,421 Knott, James K 86,543 Knott, James William, Jr. 276 Knotts, Mary 200,417 Knox, John C 402 Knox, June Hart 129, 196, 367, 369, 370, 372, 373, 374, 402 Knox, Robert Rodger 166 Knudsen, Hollv Ruth . . . ....137, 188 Kobe, Kenneth A 485 Mime Pagei Lain, Betty Marjorie 200, 464 Lain, Robert Edward 226 Laine, Alice Kathryn 165, 288, 384 Laing, Juan, Jr 126.492 Laird, Jeanne Marie . . 138, 166, 176, 412, 470 Lam, Yat-Yin 492 Lamb, Arthur Vincent, Jr 86, 234 Lambda Chi Alpha 242 Lambert, Edwin Ward 236, 403 Lambeth, William Harrison . ... 161, 252, 253 Lamey, Homer Austin, 126, 358, 363, 539, 542 Kobs, Herbert H Kocatas, Babur M.... Koch, Charles Arthur. Koch, Helen L Koehne, Richard J. . . . Koen, Jack W Koester, Earl J 87 29, 148 161 469 92 256, 402 ..165, 274,402 Koether, Welma Emily 165, 467 Kohari, WOJG Joseph J 82 Kohler, CarlJ 105, 109, 112,487 Kohler, Colette Maxine. . . .24, 118, 119, 128, 186, 424 Kohlurst, Dwight Manny 166, 507 Kohn.John 503 Kohn, Sammye Ann 145 Kohrs, Charlotte 165 Kokernot, Rosemary Bruden 430 Kolodetsky, Maurice Sweet 222, 445 Komie, Earl Esar 432 Koons, Paul D 220, 402, 432 Kopecek, Jerry Thomas 132, 145 Kopecky, William J 297, 506 Koppel, Betty Lou 29, 178, 291 Koppel, Rollins Miller.. .27, 56, 116, 222, 453 Koppew, Doris L 129, 188, 466 Koray, Sadun 1 148 Korzekwa, Clem Robert 166 Kosberg, Delores 119, 178, 499, 509 Kossacskv, Maria 166, 167 Kost, Harold S 120, 222, 421 Kostemik, Gereon Raphael 132, 135 Kostohryz, George 514 Kotzebue, Kenneth L 120, 165, 481 Kotzebue, Robert William, Jr 92, 479 Kouri.Dick 166 Kovach, Margaret 129, 204, 291, 421 Kowalski, Suzanne 29, 52, 129, 403 Kowierschke, Iva 165 Krakower, Renee 178, 467 Krause, Arlyn. . . Krause, Clarence Edwin . Krause, Erwin K Krause, J. David Krause, Milton Eugene. . Kratz, Jimmy F Kravet, Robert D Kreager, Dorothy Jane. . . Lamoreaux, William Edward. . Lamm, Loretta Maureen . . 507 129, 174, 210, 291, 300, 417 174,403 165 453 ...222,429 232 432 ...92,276 503 .. 94, 133,244 230,384 ..198 Lamm, Patricia Ann Lamp, Floyd Ray Lampe, Michael M Lampert, Leon Max Lancaster, Caroll Townes, Jr. . Lancaster, Elda Wayne Lancaster, Joe Scott Lancaster, Jonathan Preston . . Lancaster, Olin Clifton, Jr.. . . Landes, Robert Paul Landon, Mary Jean Landry, Edward John, 105, 140, 448, 457, 509 Lane, Charles B 504 Lane, Claude Pope 268, 507 Lane, George Richard 542, 543 Lane, Samuel Hartman 161, 232 Lanfear, Jimmy Ray 107, 244, 4 1 7 Lanfear, Victor Eugene, Jr 242 Lang, Carol Amelia 190, 498, 504 Lang, Dorothy Jean 129, 190, 291 Lang, Herbert H 428 Lange, John 133, 140 Langford, Betty Jean 470 Langford, Dan A 1C Langford, George Ann 198 Langford, Paul Armstrong 226 Langford, Ted Lee, Jr 94, 421 Langley, Earnest Lee 68, 53 1 , 534 Langlev, John Carvel 166 Langst ' on, Don Val 403, 501, 506 453 Name fat " Lee, Leo Charles 116, 16D Lee, Robert Burnett 226, 445 Lee, Verna M 428 Lee, William E. 391 Lee, Woodrow Roy, Jr Leeah, Charles Jefferson, Jr. Leeah, George Andrew I efkovitz, Henry Curt LefkowiU, Lois Hermine . Lege, Natalie Matilde Leggett, Kenneth Roschelle. Leggott, Charles Robert. . . . Lehman, Alvin Harry Lehman, Diane. Lehman, Irwin. . Lanham, Elizabeth . Lanier, Barbara ... Lanier, Ella Wilson Lanier, Ernest L. ..165 .540,542,543 429 242, 417 453 103 94 .129, 161, 174, 289, 515 Krechnyak, Daniel L 543 Kreimerman, Martin 115, 270, 278, 448 Kreislc, Leonardt Ferdinand 220, 485 Krenek, Joyce Ann 190, 421, 430 Kreuz, Charles R 83 Krie?, Roy Edward 452 Kromer, W. Keith 103, 136 Krovetz, Charles 222 Krull, Joyce Diane 206 Krummell, Arthur Kruse, Henson B 506 Krusc, William Charles 165 Kubin, Charles Calvin 232 Kuehn, Harold G 482, 485 Kuehne, Hugo Franz, Jr 264, 389 Kuempel, Nellene Ruth 165, 428, 463 Kuhn, Sammye Ann 470 Kuinta, Charles 108 Kunnecke, Benton Fitch 165, 274, 440 Kurtz, Efram 28 Kusin, Gloria Celeste 206, 499 Kusin, Sherman Alien 262 Kutac, Ethel 166, 298, 403 Kutzer, John Francis, Jr 234 Kuykendall, Biff E 440 Kuykendall, Billy 268, 445 Kuykendall, Carol 115 Kuykendall, Dudley Moran 100, 264 Kuykendall, Gil 305, 354, 476 Ku ' zell, Raymond Richard 163, 506 Kvinta, Charles S 143 Kwan, Verna Ts ' ung K ' uan 498 Kyle.LeeFred 432,489 Kyle, Margaret Helen 204 Labaj, Darwin Franklin. . .132, 135, 146, 440 Labaj, Dorothy 52, 132, 298, 466 Labaj, Joycelene L 132, 298 LaBauve, Kay Louise 129, 180, 445 La Bounty, Donna Jeanne 139, 182 Lacey George William 116, 230, 278 Lackland, Robert Allen La Coume, Jerry Reid " Lacy, David Lawrence 105, 260 Lacy, John Edward 479 Lacy, William M 99 Ladon, Elizabeth 129, 190, 421 Laduatra, Carolina M 29 Ladwig, Harman A 488 Ladymon, Horace Russell 224 Lafferty, John Eugene 504 .176 469 98 Lanier] GusI 140, 250 Lanier, Joline 194, 467 Lansford, James A 305, 308, 319 Lanter, Charles Ellis 107, 224 Lantrip, Peggy Joyce 129, 168, 464, 470 Lap, Pieter Olfert _. . . 165 Lapowski, Emily 178, 374 Laquatra, Mary Carolina 505 Lardiff, Hal Victor 486 Laros, Angelo George 403 Larsen, Sumarie 208, 412 Larsen, WiUiam Burton 86, 234 Larson, Lois 165 LaRue, Joe Thomas 105, 228, 445 LaRue, Mary Ann 200, 417 Larvin, Bernard James LaSaUe, Leonard Curtis 542, 543 Lasater, Patricia Ann 129, 291, 421 Lassberg, Hilmar J 115, 122, 228 Laster, Robert E 94, 1 67 Laswell, Gerald William 256, 421 Latham, Jo Ann 52, 186, 466 Latham, Phillip Allison 421 Latson, Claude Haywood 504 Lauderdale, Frank J 452 Lauderdale, Laura Nell 204, 384 Lauderdale, Malcom 279 Laughlin, Jim 364 Laves, Lee Blair 262 Lavvorn, Coach 329 LawSrkool 52, -535 Law, Robert A 238 Lawker, Leon 432 Lawler, Jack Kinnion 51o Lawless, Thomas E Lawrence, Barbara Josephine 1,6, 421 Lawrence, Bobby 488 Lawrence, Burtis E Lawrence, Charles Edmond 250, 284 Lawrence, Charles E 391 Lawrence. George 276 Lawrence, Joe Bob 276 Lawrence, Kelly Edward 238 Lawrence, Monte James. . . .92, 116, 140, 238 Lawrence, Nancy Jane 184, 499, 504 Lawrence, Samuel R ' 455 Lawrence, Shirley Rose 298, 450 Laws Peggy Charlene 186 Lawshae, Duncan Allen 87, 88, 236, 417 Layne, William Creighton 100 Laznovsky, Alfred L 87, 132, 498 Leach, James Roy 540, 543 Leach, Shirley Ruth 20 Leach, Thomas Monroe 240 Leachman, Neth Lowe, Jr 244 Leahy.JohnF J02 i ., ' .!., mufm Lear, Ann Garden . . .489 Leary, Terrence Ross .... ...228,412 Leatherwood, Doralie 184,464,503 Leavitt, Urban J 120 Lc Blanc, Alvin Louis. . . . Lebeaux, Jacob M 166 ...252,429,489 LeBreeht, Martin 108, 161,498 Ledbetter, Robert 168 Ledlow, June 144, 188 Lee, Chwan-Chang Lee, Donald Edwin 384 514, 5.6, 519, 525 Lee.Harrell E 260, 519 Lee, Harry Harrison, III . 276 Lee, Jack Donald 490 Lee. Janet . . 52, 104, 109 120 501. 506 390, 506 146 206, 365, 417 184, 403 230,412 268 242, 351 129, 198, 467 270, 403 Hame I ' aari Linney, Orion Preston 252, 44X Lino, Juan Lippard, Delmas 83 Lippman. Adele Gitel 192. 421. 504 Lipps. Nancy Margaret 174, 49K Lipscomb, B. Jean, 131. 186, 374, 514, 517, 523 Lipscomb, John Clayton 240, 357, 358 Lipacomb, John Naylor 490 LilHcomb, Patrick Cleburne 161 Lehman, Irwin .................... 270, 403 Lehman, James L ..... 115, 236, 440, 516, 519 482 165. 208 87, 166 479, 490 107, 242 262,448 455 403 289 391 352 432 452 194 , ..... Lehman, John Roger Lehman, Loyce Marlene Lehman, Mi ' lton J Lehmann, John Roger Lehner, Joseph L Leib, Luis Leifeste. Sam A. D Leifheit, Betty J Leigh, Marty Leipziger-Pearce, Hugo Leissner, Al Leith, Gordon Barrett Leland, Tom W LeMond, Frances ...................... LeMond, Jerry W ...................... 428 Lemus, George ........................ 16 Lenhart, Jack ......................... 485 Lenington, Albert Owen ............ 242, 4 12 Lennon, Betty Dean ....... 52, 540, 541, 543 Lenzo, Joseph Francis, Jr. ............... 503 Leon, Benjamin J ...................... 120 Leon, N. Virginia ................. 204, 496 Leonard, Barbara ..................... 521 Leonard, David Lawrence .......... 252, 390 Leonard, James A ............. 121, 252, 253 Leopold, Christian G., Jr ....... 540, 542, 543 Lerner, Israel ..................... 222, 534 Lesikar, Raymond V ............... 453, 455 Lesko, William J ....................... 274 Lesley, Norma ........................ 198 Lester, Curtis ................ 136, 238, 412 Lettermann, Caroline Louise ....... 165, 412, 430, 470 Leur, Ann Jane ............... 166, 463, 470 Leva, Donn William ................... 504 Leva, Neil Irwin .................. 115, 504 Levi, Goldye E ......................... 85 Levin, Samuel ........................ 429 Levine, Charlene Annette .......... 206, 466 Levine, Denna ................ 131, 138, 206 Levine, Lewis Milton.116, 222, 305, 308, 319 Levinson, Lenore Joyce ............ 192, 412 Levit, George E ....................... 453 Levitt, Urban ......................... 166 Leverett, Francis Elizabeth ..... 61, 119, 129, 138, 188, 403 Levy, Connie Bailie Levy, George Johnston Levy, Guillermo Levy.Harold Levy.Isaac Levy, Joan Bette Levy, Lester L., Jr ................. iU ' Levy, Marian Joyce ............... 20b, 4t , Lewis, Andrew Jackson ........ 107, 260, 451 Lewis, Charles ....... ...... 67, 507, 522, 523 Lewis, Frank M ....................... 428 Lewis. Frederick Edmond, Jr. . .440, 501, 506 Lewis, James Keet ...... 25. 30, 116, 224, 403 Lewis, James Watkins ............. iti ' JS Lewis, Jean .................. 139,204,412 Lewis, John Milton .................... 403 Lird, Santiago . Liretti, WiUiam Lum . Litman, Lois Helen. . . Little, Lewis N Little, Mickey Little, Winfred E. . . . Link-field, Clyde R... Littlrfirld Dormitory Littleton, Orval P. ... Littleton, Wilbur F., Jr.. , , 52, 114, 178, 500 126 357 270 254,440 142, 1,8, 41 1 Lewis, Robert L Lewis, Shirley Library Science Lichtenberg, Virgil Lichtenstein, Leah Lichtenstein, Morris Levy Lichty, Albert Henry Lichtenwalter, Glen Dale Liddell, Frank Austin Liese, Grace Liese, Milton George Light, Eleanor Roween Light, Melvin Ligon, Joe David Ligon, Walter Jay Liggi, Don Liggi, Janice Liles, Donald E Liles, Nina Beth 139, 142, LiUy, Betty Jo Lilly, Russell M LiUy, Warren Robert Lin, Chi-Sun Lindahl, Carl Lewis Lindemann, Oscar Curtis Linden, William Mosse 93, Linden, Carl H Linder, Otto E Lindgren, Helen Genevieve 184, Lindner, Harvey E Lindsey, Christine Ann 161 507 535-536 164 . 100, 16 268, 4 9 252 240 498, 50 384,504 488 168, 296 f,84 85 176, 403 425, 4 0 18, 515 4 n Linegar, Diann Ruth .......... 129, Linenberger, Hubert L 106 166, 236, 421, 507 129, 192,466 86 58, 131, 168, 298, 366, 373, 374, 463 384 84,238,329 291 84,488 260 Liuzza, Frank John 166, 448 Lively, Bill H. . . . Lively, Don Henry Lively, John Robert Livingston, Noyes B. . . . Livingston, Van Livingston, William Llewellyn, Gordon Lee . . .2%, 488 15 .435, 455 226, 480 487 ..456 288, 468 ....542 ...503 ,369 ,357 ,468 .440 543 ; 268 226 ...429 115 428 ...26,30, 103, 121, 140, 238, 395, 518 Llewellyn, James Donald 228, 412 Lloyd, Frank Beverly 234 Lloyd, James Lott 91, 95, 112, 268, 440 Lloyd, Norris Logan 224, 451 Lloyd, William Reese 542, 543 Lobitz, Carline 161, 190, 503, 504 Lobitz, Carl McComb 120, 161, 506 Lochte, Carolyn 176, 44S, KB Lochte, Frederick Charles 482, 490 Lockenvitz, Gitt a 375 Locklin, Allen C 120 Lockman, Julie 52, 129, 161,417,520 Lockwood, -Thelma 1 18 Locv, John Judd 264 Loe ' , Hardy Douglas, Jr 168, 362, 424 Loeb, Honore H 138, 206, 412 Loeffler, Norris Dean 390 Loftin, Raymond Victor 238 Loftis, Lloyd Edward 86, 232, 448 Logan, Frank 93,120,145,161 Logan, Jack 358 Logan, Leon 448 Logan, Tom 358 Logue, Sara Ann 204 Lohse, Edgar Alan 429 London, Richard J 108, 224, 421 Loney, Connie Mae Long, Amy Jo 156, 51, Long, Elizabeth Long, Graeie Delene 144, 200, 368 Long] Martha Venable 144, 186 Long, Meredith J 105, 117, 234, 428, 509 Long, Shirley Margaret, 144, 188, 291, 468, 503 Long, WiUiam Donald 2,6 Long W E 484 Long] WiUiam Robert, III 260, 363, 366 Longbotham, Tommy Vastine 161 Longerot, Carl Douglas 412 Longhorn Band 506 Longmire, Lloyd L - Longnecker, Mary Annette 186, 44( Loomis, James Collins -. Looney, Edmund D 86, 12( Loos, Gerold 65 LoJS] Ma7y " chiotiide . ' ] ' . ' . ' .52] ' l29, ' l84, 417 Loper, Warren E Lopez, Ravmon C 126, 1 63, 440, 507 Lopina, Edward F 250, 456, 457 LorbeeT, ' Evelyn Frances . ' ..166, 174, 375, 430 Lord, Peggy Adele 1 14, 421 Lord, William Jack, Jr 455 Lornng, Arthur P Lornng, Kenneth R JJJ Love, George Calvin Love, George Warren 4 Love, Katherine M J Love, Marvin D Love. Mary Margaret 5 . .36, Love Mary Bess 403 Love] Richard Franklin .... 104, 248, 448, 457 Love, Robert E. L., Jr Lovelace, John Henry 238, 53 Loveless, Glenda W 515 Loveless, Mary Grace Lovette, L. Jack JO Lovick, Robert G 4 Low, LesUe Lowell, PhilipS 120, 145 Lower, Milton D Lowery, John Leslie 61. 268 Lowman, Nell |J. 44 Lowrey, Doris ' ' " 0 Lowry, Ira South 391.42, Lowry.Kay 2M, 3,5 Loyd, Welta Faye 533 Linke, Wofgang .. .164 Lozano, Hector D Luark, Erwin E. ._ Lubel Elaine Sonia Luckenbach, Angela Lucker, Robert William Luckett, Billie Louise Luckett, Eleanor Frances. . . 108, 110, 11 Lucksinger, Frances Jean Lucas, William Howard, Jr.. Luderus, Florence Maydelle Ludwig, H. E Ludwig, Peggy Louise 126 . . 100, 232 . . 129, 206, 421 52, 144 403,432 ..106, 198.514 . . . .51, 52, 100, 453 ...504 ....93 .165,374,403 PAOE 601 A ' aiw Page Ludwig, Rubin W 485 Luehrmann, Robert 162, 389 Lueders, Theo 143, 144 Luke, Claude E 485 Luker, Martin E 107 Lukin, Edward Keith 486 l.ummis, William Rice 224 Lund, Theodore Julius 165 Lundelius, Charles Reynold 238, 532 Lundclius, Marguerite Ruth. . . . 138, 180, 427 Lundquist, Lee-Roy Lewis 266, 445 Lundstedt, Albert H 165, 356 Lunsford, Robert C 458 Lusk, Bob 145 Lusk, James Royal 115, 236, 515 Luter, Geraldine 208, 498, 504 Luther, Max J., Ill 384 Lvlhtnm Student Auociatvm 165 Luxembourg, Eliahu 403 Lybarger, David Dean 294, 356, 359, 429, 489 Lyda, Carl B., Jr 120 Lyle, Kathleen Yvonne 204 Lyles, Ann Griffith 198 Lynch, Gene C 102 Lynch, Jack H 266 Lynch, John Shaw 476, 488 Lynch, Pat David 104 Lynch, Patricia Ann 204, 496 Lynn, Bruce Brockway 496 Lynn, Edward Shird 452, 453 Lynn, Etelka Schmidt 469 Lynn, Harriet Marion 174 Lyon, Billy H 104 Lyon, Richard Colton 427 Lyons, Eugene William 516 Lyons, Jerry Frank 140, 248 Lyvers, Harold Irving 256, 336, 456, 485 Lyvers, Mary Frank .374, 504 M M.I.C.A.... ...135 Mabry, B. R 87, 228 MacAfee, Stanley Dale 234 Macaluso, Anthony A 428 Macatw, George Pettit, III .... 116, 240, 305 MacCollum, Ken 351 MacCorkle, Stuart Alexander 240 MacDonald, George Granger 220 MacDonald, H. Malcolm 224, 360, 428 MacDonald, Patricia Ann 417 Mace, Robert Curtis 490 MacGregor, Gregor Carmichael.105, 246, 451 Macha, Martha 166, 417 Machine, Toshio 164 Mack, John Gustav 476, 488 Macke, William Barber 240 Mackey, Nancy EUen 161 Mackey, William Sturges 453 Mackie, Gayle 129, 155, 188, 465 MacRae, Gloria D. E 29, 298 Macrides, Sylva 1 14, 504 MacVcan, Peggy 464 Madden, Wales 25, 54, 116, 117, 122, 244, 428 Maddox, Ann M 198, 498 Maddox, James Hugh 140, 232 Maddox, Randall B 440 Madison, Edwin Lewis 232, 451 Macckel, Gene Ernest 165, 479, 492 Magers, Robert D 456 Magneas, Fed G 98 Magruder, Mary Jean 190, 440 MahafTey, C. Joe 479, 487 Mahaffcy, Ralph L 455 Mahan, William Waldo, Jr 161, 456 Maher, Mary Elizabeth 427 Mahla, Curtis H 83, 490 Mahn, Rose 161 Mahn, Wayne 161 Mahoney, C. J 100, 109, 248, 448 Maincr, Jacquelynn Sue 190, 367, 499 Mainord, Barbara 174 Makrides, Alkis Chrysanthos 427 Muldonado, George 126 Maldonado, Cralia 126, 166, 298 404 Maldonado, Teodesio 92, 166, 360 Malec, Lillian Margaret 166, 505 Maley, Gerald Arthur 446 Maley, Mary Ann 114, 129, 176, 291, 368, 369, 421 Malik, Joe, Jr 117, 132, 135 Mallan, Jean 404 Mallia, Ignatius, John 135 Malone, Alice 204, 448 Malone, Richard A 479 Malonr, William J 107 Maloney, Virginia Lucille 28, 131, 166, 182, 210 Mandrona, George Joseph 542 Manganiello, Louis Patrick 103, 466, 336 Mangum, Wiley, Preston, Jr 232 Mann, Edward 220 Mann, Horace T 102 Mansfield, Paul James 87, 248 Manton, Scott 404 Maples, Jack 8 487 Marburger, Ruby Lois 165 Marchbanks, Jackie 505 Marcovitch, Marlenc Ethel 192, 448 Marek, Edward Louis, Jr 132, 490 Marek, Johnny Joseph 132 Marek, Frank Jerome 107, 132 Marek, Marvin Richard 132, 165 Marek, Raymond Joe 85, 116, 117, 165, 258, 305, 346 Marik, Liffie Mae 132, 448 Marino, Genevieve Ann 421 Marken, Glenn 145 Marker, Andrew R 162 Name P W Markley, William C., Jr 456 Markus, Sondra Harriet. . .142, 178, 499, 508 Marlow, Bernard Alexander 141, 479 Marlow, Martha Frances 174, 498, 508 Marlowe, Barbara Ann 165, 417 Marr.RonaldJ 115 Marris, William C 453 Marschall, William Ingo 120, 224, 421 Marsh, Keith Rogers 120 Marsh, Luther Alvin 384 Marshall, Dorothy Jean 504 Marshall, H. Melton 451 Marshall, James E 120 Marshall, Karen Joan 421 Marshall, Ralph Edward 232, 412 Marshall, Sabin William. . . .29, 115, 404, 432 Marston, Gardner Frank 161 Martcy, Jo Anne 176 Marti-il, Sidney Arthur 101, 222, 412, 520, 526 Marth, Charles Donald 268, 451 Martin, Benson L 542 Martin, Clyde G 487 Martin, Cora Merriman 190, 469, 470 Martin, Dahl 300 Martin, Elizabeth Ann 174, 288, 417 Martin, Frank H 476, 489 Martin, Jack M 232 Martin, James Walter 448 Martin, Janet Bernice 208, 464 Martin, Jerry Kinkaid 224 Martin, John William 86, 404 Martin, Joseph 115 Martin, Killibrew Taylor, Jr 266 Martin, Lawrence Edward, Jr 276 Martin, Lewis G 140, 455, 509 Martin, Lloyl DoU 145, 298, 498 Martin, Lois Rachel 181, 289, 451 Martin, Martha Ann 188, 498, 503 Martin, Nancy Jane 208 Martin, Patricia Ann 141, 176, 202, 216, 404, 466, 521 Martin, Paul 356 Martin, Robert E 92 Martin, Rodney C 107 Martin, Theodore Phillip 120 Martin, Van Ray 146, 476, 488 Martin, Willis L 84 Martin, Waunita Fay 166, 431 Martin, William Crary, Jr 140, 532 Martinez, Gustavo E 106 Martinez, Roy G 101 Martino, Paul David 268, 356, 487 Martoy, Jo Anne 422 Maschek, C. H 452 Mason, Barry J 84, 248 Mason, Bruce Bonner 428 Mason, Diana Lee 161, 174 Mason, Elizabeth Anna.52, 137, 188, 371, 425 Mason, Jack S 483 Mason, Ruel James 476, 488 Mason, William Wallace, Jr 260, 534 Masquelette, Frank Rcddington 260, 455 Massey, Annie Mede 375 Massey, Billy Burk 542, 543 Massey. Patsy A 166, 184, 288, 413 Massey, Robert Arthur 234, 504 Massingill, Katherine L 289 Masters, Leonard P 428 Masterson, Clare Elizabeth 40, 204, 375, 466 Matheny, James D 492 Mathcws, Jack Blanton 224, 532 Mathcws, Joseph Pinkney 232, 457, 509 Mathews, Reed Wakcfield 91, 228 Matkin, Margaret 200 Matlock, Hudson L 482, 485 Matlock, Robert 228 Matson, Bruce Walter 248, 481 Matthews, Gerry David 504 Matthews, Joan Ella 209, 293, 446 Matthews, Opal Jackie 180, 468 Matthews, Sharon Fay 194 Matthews, William Henry, III 432 Mauck, Robert A 103 Maultsby, Hazel Orlean. .. 114, 176, 541, 542 Maurer, Edward J., Jr 389 Maust, Elizabeth Anne 470 Maxey, Carl P 456 Maxwell, Frank H 488 Maxwell, George Engle 486 Maxwell, Hazel Annette 52, 194, 372, 499, 505, 508 Maxwell, Mary Eugenia 194 Maxwell, Oliver Terrell 108, 404, 432 Maxwell, Sara Phyllis 144, 194, 375, 422 May, Charles Thomas, Jr 244, 457 May, Francis 453 May, James Waddell 232, 480 May, Thomas K 543 Mayborn, Ward C 516 Mayer, Milton E 165 Mayes, Carl 246, 305, 308, 346 Mayes, Mary Louise 149, 446, 504 Mayfield, Alice Margaret 149, 293, 440 Mayfield, Ann Park 198, 417 Mayfield, C. Curtis 448 Mayfield, Pemmie, G 252, 422 Mayfield, Tommy Louis 451 Mayfield, Vernon Clifford 234 Mayhall, Mildred Pickle 469 Mayhew, Carle Crane, III 105, 232 Maynard, William E., Jr 404, 429 Mayo, F. Ann 144, 204 Mayo, Harry Eugene 413 Mayo, Willard 104 Mays, Barbara 114, 141, 142, 202, 210, 375, 515 Mays, Billy Louis 490 Mays, David A 105, 328 Mays, Gary Ammons 224, 446 McAdams, Billy James 220, 506 Name Pw McAfee, John Taliaferro 542, 543 McAfee, Madeleine May. . .161, 208, 289, 466 McAlister, Albert Burl 503 McAlister, J. Gilbert 145, 395 McAlister, Sara Ann 129, 198 McAllister, Aloysius 104 McAllister, Fred A 108 McAlpin, James L 93 McAnelly, Helen Stafford, 137, 198, 375, 496 McAnelly, Willis James 240 McAninch, Jack O ' Dell 260 McBee, Frank Wilkins 484, 485 McBrayer, Betty 180, 421, 520, 521 McBrayer, Maisie Louellen 498, 504 McBride, Shirley Lea 290, 503, 505 McBride, Susan Jane 176 McBroom, Robert Louis 226, 403 McBryde, Oliver Cree, Jr 476, 489 McCaie, Robert Shain 87, 88, 245, 246 McCall, Mary John 129, 202, 463 McCall, Verner Hudson, Jr 238, 448 McCalla, Dudley Davis 94, 224 McCallan, F. Dorraine 432 McCampbell, Sara May 118 McCann, Evelyn Laverne 1 84 McCann, George F 454 McCannon, Wilbur Bruce 256 McCarley, Alice McMurry 427 McCarley, Bob Gene 232, 412 McCarn, James C 453 McCarrick, Delores B 188, 412 McCartOT, William Blair, Jr 104, 264, 412 McCarthy, Ann Marie 166, 403 McCarthy, Betty Jane 186 McCarthy, June 52, 162, 186, 446 McCarthy, Patricia Jean. . .67, 119, 131, 142, 194, 215, 496 McCartney, James Wilson 226 McCarty, Martha Jane 182, 515 McCarty, M. Sue 198, 466 McCarty, Reid 143 McCarty, Robert 143 McCarty, S. EUen 298 McCarver, James Oscar 452, 453 McCaskill, Garvin Mobley 268 McCauley, Charles Kennedy 226, 532 McClain, Louis R 487 McClancy, Jo Ann 208, 464, 470 McClelland, Robert Nelson 253, 427 McClelland, William Thomas 252 McClendon, Sidney Smith, III 244 McClendon, Susan Annis. 421 McCleskev, Bob Allen 232, 412, 413 McClintock, George Davidson 161, 391 McCloud, Leknd W 453 McClung, Esther 469 McClung, James Dale 100, 145 McClure, Donald Lee 220 McColloch, Ben F 490 McCollough, Norma Frances 186 McCollum, Kenneth Boyd 120, 424 McCollum, Mary Ann 288, 384 McCollum, Robert W 106 McColpin, Andrew K 428, 534 McConaughey, Stuart 145 McConncll, Elizabeth T 200, 417 McConnell, Mrs. F. C 293 McConnell, John Euart, III 228 McCord, James Richard 106, 238, 412 McCord, William Cecil 238 McCorkle, John Jerry 94, 230, 481 McCormick, Byrna Jean 369, 470 McCormick, Charles T 529 McCown, Frederick Porter 91, 230, 429, 476, 485, 489 McCown, Henry Y 15 McCoy, Morelle Estelle 298 McCoy, Roscoe Charles 489 McCoy, Roy Dell 105, 421 McCracken, Richard Eugene 232 McCrary, James Harvey 120, 296 McCreary, Howell S 120 McCreary, Raye Virginia 403 McCrimmon, Joseph Paxton 276, 4 12 McCrocklin, Andrew J , Jr 232, 485, 488 McCrum, Everett S 445, 457 McCullers, John Charles 236, 403 McCullick, Barbara 147 McCullough, Mary Gwyn 163, 182 McCullough, Norma Franc es 421 McCurdy, John A 19, 32 McCurdy, Marian Lea 119, 167, 298, 403 McCurtain, Ward Cornelius. ... 101, 109, 329 McCutcheon, Patricia A 298 McDaniel, Edwin Carol 508 McDaniel, Gene E 403, 432 McDaniel, Lyndell E 487 McDaniel, Roderick David 94, 242 McDaniel, Virginia Anne 182, 503 McDermott, Mae Madelaine 204 McDonald, Alva Goss 476 McDonald, Betty Jo 145, 149, 291, 421 McDonald, Billy Joe 516 McDonald, DeWard DeWitt 424 McDonald, Dick Lee 503 McDonald, Dora 198 McDonald, Glynn W 296, 302 McDonald, Howard 358 McDonald, James Raymond 107, 266 McDonald, Joe 328 McDonald, John S 264 McDonald, Katheryne Bond . . . 144, 200, 500 McDonald, Patricia 374 McDonald, Randal B 452 McDonald, Rene Marie 498 McDonald, William 308 McDonnold, Lucille A 168 McDonough, Gail 141, 202, 417 McDonough, Rita 198, 464 McDougall, Arthur N 185 McDowell, Ansel Lewis, Jr 248, 403 Name Pagtt McDuffie, William Richard 268, 428 McElmurry, Jack 543 McElreath, Aileen Jean 161, 174, 291, 368,500 McElroy, Jesse H 440 McFaddin, Billie 543 McFadin, Lewis P 305, 308, 310, 322 McFall, Clinton Carew. . . . 121, 162, 258, 429 McFarland, James D 485 McFarland, Leva LaRue.. . 129, 288, 417, 521 McFarland, Lloyd H 297 McFarland, Maurice Stevens 224 McFarlane, Thelma Norton 204, 497 McFetridge, Ethel Alma 290 McGar, Katherine Virginia 204 McGaughy, Franklin Clay 132, 260 McGee, Bill 356 McGee, Doris Dale 182 McGee, Edward F 429 McGee, Frank Starr. Jr 244 McGee, Henry W., Jr 403, 429 McGee, Jacquelyn Anne 464 McGee, Lou 372, 505 McGee, Natalie 200, 412 McGee, Robert David 104, 234 McGee, Wallace Edward 264, 448 McGee, William Gordon 224, 356, 403, 432, 489 McGinn, Teresa Agnes 505 McGinnis, Bryan James 105, 230 McGinnis, Edward E 220 McGinnis, E. Karl 453, 457 McGough, Benny Joe 86, 252 McGowan, Clara Bow 196, 365, 463 McGraw, Billy Flynn 105 McGregor, Buster L 86 McGregor, Mary Lynn 503 McGregor, Temple J 260 McGregor. William Stewart 504 McGrew, Lloyd Dean 540, 543 McGrew, Vern Voorhees, Jr 224 McGuffey, George Thomas 228, 445 McGuffin, Leon 145 McGuill, Bernard Emmett, Jr...476. 486, 490 McGuire, Frances Anne 52, 204, 440 McGuire, Gerard E 166 McGuire, John Carson 391 McHenry, Lois June 142, 174, 403 Mclff, Lyle W 384, 452 Mcllyar, William Kent, Jr 29, 111, 133, 248, 445 Mclnnis, Josephine 19, 289, 417 Mclntyre, Joan Kathleen 196, 421 McJunkin, Herbert Henry, Jr 240 McKaeger, Dottie 161 McKaughn, Richard Ear), Jr 232 McKay, Peggy Ann 186 McKay, William Linton 453, 456 McKee, Laura Mary 198, 403 McKeithan, James Daniel 248, 427 McKellar, Richard Guyton 116, 240, 359 McKelvy, James P 490 McKenna, Pat 504 McKenzie, Marian 198, 463 McKesson, E. E 98 McKinney, Albert P 456, 457 McKinney, George William, Jr 268, 451 McKinney, James A 453 McKinney, James D 94 McKinney, Janet Lee 129, 167, 190 McKissack, Gene 92 McKnight, Joseph Webb 264 McKnight, Kay 129, 143, 174,466 McKnight, Libby 142 McKnight, Rhoda Lee, 119, 167, 298, 375, 403 McKune, William J 485 McLain, Patricia Ruth 129, 198, 421 McLandrich. Mary Ann 190, 446 McLaughlin, John Mark 100, 230, 446 McLaughlin, Leonard Franklin. .86, 440, 516 McLaughlin, Philip Lyle 489 McLaughlin, Sidney Joe 476 McLaurin, Banks 482, 485, 490 McLean, Shirlene 190, 421 McLean, Sterling Robertson 440 McLellan, Marie Haenel 469 McLemore, Dale 145 McLendon, Billye Burrell 427 McLendon, Kathryn 128, 198 McLeod, Gerald W 492 McMahon, William Alvin, Jr 203 McMakin, Lawrence Earl, Jr 240 McMaster, Jack B 167, 417, 507 McMath, Hugh Lyon 264 McMicken, Jackie L 534 McMillen, John Lee. .115, 136, 163, 412, 503 McMillen, Lulu Margaret 52, 163, 194, 421, 430 McMillian, John Guy, Jr 489 McMullen, Frank D., Jr 276 McMullen, Hugh Weldon 482 McMullen, James Abney, III 226 McMurry, John William 103, 328 McNabb, Clinton B 115 McNamara, Ruth Ratliff 198 McNeel, Albert Maverick 238 McNeil, Margaret Ann 29, 59, 119. 167, 208, 210, 375, 464 McNeil, Pat 368 McNeill, Ann Millicent.. . .161, 200, 368. 417 McNeill, Hubert Earnest 489 McNeill, Ishmael E 452, 453, 456 McNeill, Jean 427 McNeill, John Malcolm 412 McNeill, Lolita Ruth 184, 291, 421 McNeill, Mary Jane. . 137, 161, 368, 375, 404 McNeill, Penny 142 McNeill, Virginia Frances 186,412 McNeill, Walter Hiram 473, 485 McNutt, Gordon R 429, 432 McNutt, Toni 114 PAGE 602 IS IS : a KM! 1KW in m :c::i KB - AH ; . Kir M m j B IN Si aw u s 1 tf. s HI nil! IK JVame Pope McPhaul, Mary Ann.... . .412 McPherson, Billie June . . .202, 298, 300, 404 McQueen, Justice Ellis 250 McQuown, Albert Newton, Jr.. .91, 115. 250, 476. 483, 485 McRee, Thomas M 498 McRcynolds, Jane 456 McReynolds, Samuel E., Jr 384 McShane, Joe B., Jr 161, 489 McShane, Pat 118 McSween, Ann 204, 503 McTee, Arline Denny 138, 208, 374 McTce, Arlie R 220 McVay, Richard Lee 92, 96 McVey, Marilyn Ruth 129, 174, 291, 500 McWherter, Robert Clayton 484, 485 McWhorter, Evelyne Louise 198, 464 McWhorter, Jeannine 298, 300, 470 McWhorter, Mary Ann 138, 169, 188, 210, 288, 412 McWhorter, Virginia Ann 208, 404, 430 McWilliams, Calvin E 453 Meador, Bruce Davis 115, 117 Meador, Bruce Staffel 244 Meador, Gene, III 446 Meador, James Grant 86, 103, 228, 504 Meador, John Gibbs, Jr 244 Meador, Lee Ira, Jr 228, 404 Meador, Newton Eugene, III 244 Meador, Sam J 141, 440 Meadows, Macleta 180, 375, 499 Mear, Charles Eugene 429, 432 Meaney, John William 384 Means, Thomas H 297 Mebane, Morris H 540 Mecom, Irma Emmel 1 14 Mecham, J. L 428 Mechler, Mark Vincent 427 Mecklenburg, William George. .228, 422, 506 Medford, Jo Alia 468 Medlenka, Florie William 440 Medina, Frank 327 Medina, Zolic 166 Mee, Abby 000 Mee, Eddie 360 Mee, Kathleen Mary 505 Meek, Ben Frank 86, 238, 446 Meek, Bessie, 50, 52, 114, 119, 124, 137, 200, 328, 417, 520, 521 Meek, Donald Wright 240, 451 Meeks, Charles M 305, 346 Meesey, Joyce 202 Mejerle, Joseph R 140 Melin, Jane Alyce 174, 504 Mell, Nancy Jo 176, 368 Melwid.CyS 448 Menasco, Don Dean. .268, 305, 308, 311, 315 Mdidi-z, Manuel 357 Mendive, Claire 40, 52, 174, 375 Mendle, Lois 1 161, 289 Mendlovitz, Milton Allen 254 Mendlovitz, William Max 254 Mendoza, Florentine 126 Mengden, Car! Crawford 228 Mengden, Walter Henry 228 Men ' s Glee Club .507 Men ' s Independent Campus Association 135 Mcnn, Hubert L., Jr 452, 453 Mercer, Wilburn Clyde 542 Merchant, Laura 198 Meredith, Barbara 166, 499 Meredith, Frank Kerr 542, 543 Meredith, Miller William . .116, 242, 278, 534 Meredith, Troy 455 Merrill, Van M 543 Merkley, Jackie 194, 540, 541, 543 Merola, A. John 329 Meroney, Louis R 163 Men-jam, Kemper W 452 Merritt, Rodger King 503 Merrill, William Moore, Jr 476, 492 Merz, Waller 145 Mcrzbach, Uta Cecily 413, 504 Meserole, Besse Mae 162, 180 Meserve, Kenneth Aimer, Jr., 145, 228, 446, 455 Messer, Sally 178 Messmer, Gerry E 178, 291, 451 Metcalf, Walker H 141, 361 Metcalfe, Thomas Reynolds 102, 264 Meyer, Alicemarie... 47, 53, 78, 83, 85, 182 Meyer, Clarence Charles 165, 534 Meyer, Carllon Lee 165 Meyer, Doris C 375, 469 Meyer, Gloria Winifred 52, 129, 184,451 Meyer, Jo Caldwell 517 Meyer, Joan 147, 196, 499 Meyer, Nelson Harrell 165 Meyer, Richard Z 164 Meyer, Warren Arlhur 484 Meyers, Charles, Jr 276 Meyers, Clark E 453 Meyers, Dena Fai 130, 206, 288, 417 Meyers, Irwin Don 222 Meyers, James R 534 Meyers, Merlyn 214 Micek, Edward 132 Michalik, Alberl Lee 132 M ichalik, William Johnnie 132 Michalka. Bealrice A 504 Michalopulos, Lorene W 498 Mickey, Robert Gordon ... 121, 238, 278, 413 Micklcr, William Calvin 94, 238 Middlcton, Samuel Thomas 264 Miffleton Cornie Marie 29, 118, 119, 142, 196, 210 Mighell, Kennelh John 92, 121, 246, 256, 359, 446 Milburn, Braxton 509 Milburn, William Otlo 230, 305, 308, 327, 346 Milch, Herbert Frederick 404, 427 Name Pages Miles, James Smith 264 Miles, Sammye Jo 448 Miles, Vernon H 492 Mileur, Max Edward 104, 136, 250 Milikien, Herbert C 88 Miller, Alfred Leslie 440, 452, 455 Mille , Anna Buchanan 118, 119 Mille , Arlhur Charles, Jr 542 Mille , Bernard Willinger 440, 457 Mille , Betty Jo 28 Mille , Billye Jean 290 Mille , Carl Louis, Jr 115, 161, 272 Mille , Charles Daniel 84, 482 Mille, EdithS 298 Mille , Edmond Thornton 244 Mille , Elh Ann 180 Miller, Edward M 87 Miller, Frances Boyce 129, 136, 198, 413 Miller, Frank Emerson 542 Miller, Frank Robert 230, 440 Miller, Franklin Eugene 543 Miller, Freddie 165 Miller, George Wayne 120, 448, 456 Miller, Herman Edward, Jr 161 Miller, James C 101, 463 Miller, James D 506 Miller, James Edward. .85, 103, 248, 448, 507 Miller, Janet Davison 186 Miller, Jeff 504.525 Miller, John Carroll 93, 250, 278, 449 Miller, John Edward 284, 356, 490 Miller, Kathleen Priscilla 36, 48, 52, 283, 284 Miller, Kenneth A 452, 543 Miller, Kleber Claude, Jr 25, 27, 53, 116, 117, 140, 234, 509, 531 Miller, Knox, Jr 246, 481 Miller, Leola Wanda 430 Miller, Lola Catherine 469 Miller, Mabel E 517 Miller, Madeline Ann 204 Miller, Martin Leonard 476 Miller, Marvin Merrill 270, 489 Miller, Mary 469 Miller, Olga Bernice 165 Miller, Pat Cleburne 86, 161, 446 Miller, Patricia Marie 198, 417 Miller, Riley R 105 Miller, Roger H 486 Miller, Robert T 428 Miller, Sampson 107 Miller, Theodore George 100, 135, 140, 417, 509 Miller, Thomas Eugene 161, 501, 503 Miller, Walter Grady 228 Miller, Wanda 145, 404 Milligan, Earth 542 Million, Nelda 498, 503, 507 Millner, William D 82 Millo, Bonnie Joan 290 Mills, Bet ty Jo 142, 196, 498 Milk, Harry E 458 Mills, John Wellington, Jr. 476, 482 Mills, Martha Jane 180 Mills, Mary 204 Mills, Ruth 430 Mills, William Charles 479 Milner, Charles Porter 294, 489 Milner, Johnny Eugene 238, 422 Milstead, Bill 118 Milslead, Richard C 534 Milton, Joyce 129, 464, 520, 521 Mims, David Meade 224 Minchew, Walton Willis 230 Mindes, Gloria Elaine 129, 206, 468 Minniece, John Gresham 238 Minor, Joe Don 266 Minsky, Donald 222, 540 Minlz, Milzi 178, 430 Miraglia, Donna 519 Miraglia, Marguerite 519 Miraglia, Michael Bruce... .99, 109, 110, 479 Mitchon, Palricia A 143 Mitchell, Albert Clair 121, 232, 476, 490 Mitchell, Donald Edward 252 Milchell, Ellsworth LeFebuer. . . 103, 224, 451 Mitchell, Harry Lee 220, 476 Milchell, John R 456 Milchell, Joy 212 Milchell, Juanita 161, 404 Mitchell, Thomas J 534 Mitlerling, Robert Ostren 453 Mitchell, Margaret Marlene 422 Mitchell, Margaret Niles 166, 431 Mitchell, Marion (Eckles) 427 Mitchell, Mary Lea 163, 422 Mitchell, Maurine Elizabeth... 138, 190,288, 515, 525 Mitchell, Nita 190, 338, 466 Mitchell, Oran Winton 220, 476, 489 Mitchell, Patricia Elizabeth 290 Mizell, Hardy 92 Moak, Carol Louise 1 14, 188, 422 Moak, T W 451 Mobley, Ronald Elgie 228 Mock, Johnny L 94 Mocller, William Fred 250, 532 Moerke, Francis Randolph 516, 519 Moffctt, Frank Cardwell 507 Moffetl, Molly J 504 Mogford, Carolyn Minna 194, 369, 372, 375, 463 Mohler, Stanley Ross 404, 424 Mohr, Paul Covey 86, 234, 451 Moke, Harold Charles 166 Molae, Lillian 292 Moll, James William 504 Molzahn. Gwynn 290 Monaghan, Robert Lee 224 Moncrief, Charles Ray 224 Moncrief, Robert C 240, 363 Name Pages Mondrick, Beverly Dana 186, 413 Money, Harold R 492 Monk, Donald R 143 Montague, Paul 360 Montague, Velma Rosemary 292, 503 Montfort, Kenneth Lee 145, 230, 429, 479, 485 Montgomery, Claude Hart, III 226 Montgomery, Eldwin C 487 Montgomery, James Taliaferro 246, 531 Montgomery, Jim 135 Montgomery, Lawrence Calvin. . . .161, 492 Montgomery, Rex 168, 481 Montgomery, William G 85, 456 Monticr, Marguerite Ilasca. . . . 144, 208, 498 Monzingo, Cloy Denson 531, 534 Moody, Bebe Elizabelh 204, 499 Moody, Dan. Jr 260 Moody, Frank C 108, 168, 413 Moody, Jane Elizabeth 128, 200 Moody, Nancy 29 Moody, Shirley Ruth 186,384, 413 Moody, Tom Rush 121. 234, 528 Moon, Albert Edward, 242, 476, 483, 485, 488 Moon, John B 107, 276 Moon, Marvin R 543 Moor, Leslie Millard, Jr 116, 246, 485 Moore, Adolphis, Donald 230 Moore, Bernice 517 Moore, Bryce Stearns 453 Moore, Carolyn Ann 162, 291, 468 Moore, Charles Gordon 413 Moore, Charles Thomas 276, 481 Moore, Colleen 161 Moore, Dave Robert 248 Moo re, David T 145 Moore, Donna 188, 384 Moore, Evelyn 470 Moore, Fred Jones 453 Moore, Glen Charles 101 Moore, Gordon Dickey, Jr 503 Moore, Harry Estill 395 Moore, Helen Dolores 298, 446 Moore, Henry Houston 220, 417 Moore, Henry Trumbull, Jr.. . . 115, 167, 234, 422, 509 Moore, Jenny Sue 129, 147 Moore, John C 256, 417 Moore, Joseph Tatum, Jr 248 Moore, Lee Fulton 162, 389, 391 Moore, Marcia West 200, 404 Moore, Martha Jodie 190, 384 Moore, Martha Matilda 144, 200, 417 Moore, Mary Eloise 29, 128, 129, 200, 375, 413, 520, 521 Moore, Patricia Maurine 128, 133, 142, 208, 289, 413 Moore, Patsy Lou 129, 375, 417 Moore, Phyllis Elizabeth 188, 464 Moore, Preston 121, 240, 278, 363, 417 Moore, R. A 145 Moore, Ralph Emerson 240 Moore, Randolph Grady 260, 449 Moore, Richard 519 Moore, Robert Alfred 101 Moore, Robert Edwin 539, 542, 543 Moore, Robert Howell 446 Moore, Robert Lee 381 Moore, Sallie Beth 430, 469 Moore, Scotl Dean 441 Moore, Stephen Louis, Jr 248, 446 Moore, Tommy Jack. . 86 Moore, Waller C 490 Moore. Walter L 485 Moore, Warren Carroll 105, 232, 476 Moore, Willis Daniel 248, 534 Moore, William Max 413 Moore, William Weatherly 453 Moos, Stanley G 115, 250, 284 Morel, Veronica Elizabeth 182, 291, 422 Moreland, William Donnell 232 Moreland, William Earl 453 Moreno, Jose Ruben 542 Morey, Thomas Jerome 94, 449 Morgan, Carl 482 Morgan, Cecil 331 Morgan, Charles Henry 85, 268, 498 Morgan, Charles Lewallyn, Jr 244 Morgan, Clayton A 168 Morgan, Daniel Croxlon, Jr 120, 295, 456 Morgan, Eleanor Ann 168 Morgan, EUzabelh Ann 1 84, 404 Morgan, Jacob R 543 Morgan, John 364 Morgan, Mary 129, 162, 198, 500 Morgan, Pat W 91, 112, 161 Morgan, William E dwards 236 Morgan, William L 108 Morley, Jack McCallum 28, 140, 404 Moroz, Bernard 489 Morrell, Tip 358 Morris, Donald Ray 276, 446, 457 Morris, Edmund Taylor 85, 248, 451 Morris, Marianne 129, 164, 174, 515 Morris, Norma Jean 163, 1 74, 374, 497 Morris, Oma Claire 129, 180, 422 Morris, Rose Marie 188, 413 Morris, Winifred B 161, 424 Morris, David Warden 161 Morrison, Frances Pearl 198, 404 Morrison, Jack Orville 101, 542, 543 Morrison, Virginia Nell 291, 425 Morriss, Clifton H 452 Morriss, Frances 404, 430 Morriss, James Abner 508 Morrisson, Virginia Lee, 129, 142, 184,417,424 Morrow, Juanita Dee 176, 422 Morrow, Marie Betzner 469 Mortar Board 118 Morton, William Thomas 139, 413 Moseley, Anne 204, 413 Name I ' aget Moseley, Jack Eugene 441, 453, 456 Mosley, Ernest Thomas Ml Mosley, Marilyn 129, 163, 176, 46 Mosley, Richard W 29 Moses, Mary Louise 431 Mos es, Nancy 404, 428 Mosle, Margaret 198, 417 Moskowitz, Benny Morria 222 Moss, David Wendell 133. 23X Moss, Philemon Pete 107, 228 Moss, Rose, Jr 282, 464 Moss, Sidney 270 Molherahead, Bouldin 8 452 Molsch, Sherrill A 432 Molt, Arthur Robert 232 Moll, June Dale 431 Mottlcy, Carol 129, 208, 374, 468 Moulton, John Callaghan 263, 404 Mounce, Claude Edgar 92. 146, 515 Mount, Mary Allyne 194, 446, 505 Mounlz, William Joseph, Jr 476, 482, 486 Moulon, Genie 198 Moxon, Mara Kay 422 Moxon, Mary Ann 129, 180, 468 Moye, William Darrell 264 Moyer, Lois Diane 129 Muckleroy, Loma Dell ... . . 289 Muckleroy, Paul Harris 542, 543 Mueller, Brian 457 Mueller, Calvin Otto 165 Muerchison, Iza 131 Mugford, Edward Garretl, Jr 404 Muhn, Robert Eugene 242, 446 Muir, Virginia Joan 190, 374, 413 Muirhead, Cecil N 449 Mullins, James Dennis 224 Mumme, Alva Gerald 542, 543 Mumma, Edwin W 456 Munday, Martha J 200, 499 Munger, Mary Matney 200 Munir, Hisham A. R 121, 127, 161,390 Munir, Isam A. R 127,479,490 Munoz, Richard 126 Munson, Margaret Ruth 188, 499, 504 Murad, Hatem A 148 Murchison, Bill M 441 Murchison, Eugene A 238, 413 Murdaugh, Virginia Bond 208 Murph, Dabney Roulh 186 Murphey, Henry D., Jr 458 Murphy, Barbara Ann 184 Murphy, Dennis S 264 Murphy, John Coffey, Jr 85, 268 Murphy, Lee, Jr 216, 479 Murphv, Norma Lee 129, 176, 413, 470 Murphv, Samuel Edward 105, 232, 481 Murray, Bill 232 Murray, David Morris 103, 258, 413 Murray, George Alexander, Jr 120 Murray, John Owen 264, 385 Murray, Marilyn 200 Murray, Max D 94, 161 Murray, Robert Arlhur 108, 506 Murray, Thomas Mariam 234 Murray, William 441 Murrell, Tipton 160, 364, 480 Muse. Margie 293 Musick, James E 503 Musil, Lillie 52, 132, 194, 365, 372, 417, 430, 508 Musslewhile, Don H 106 Musslewhite, Howard Edgar 484, 485 Mulchler, Jean Marie 165 Multera, Dolores 182 Myatl, William Olive 224, 451 Myers, Charles Henry 268 Myers, Clark Everett 435, 453, 455, 456 Myers, Doris Jean 196 Myers, Merlyn 200 Mygdal, Rolf L 421, 485, 487 Myler, Charles Bennett 504 Mynard, Charles Robert 452, 453 Myrick, Eugene Payne. . . . 115, 446, 452, 543, 455. 507, 520, 521 N Naberhaus, Edward H 457 Nagai, Bonnie Mae 288, 375, 446 Nagel, Dave D 480, 492 Nagel, L. D 165 Nagle, Bert 145 Nahmias, Andre Joseph 381, 504 Nair, Frank B 272, 481 Nail, Joe M 490 Nance, Charles Wayne 146 Nance, Francis Gayle 228 Nanney, Carrol Guinn 258 Nanney, Walter Campbell 490 Napier, Dorothy 385 Naron, Marvin L 486 Nash, Henry Clay, Jr 166 Nash, James M 108 Nash, Jesse Embree 91,509 Nash, Joe B 542 Nash, Thomas Jerome 248 Nathan, Carol Sue 129, 422 Nau, Carl August, Jr 427 Navratil, Frances Ann. ... 165, 208, 288, 465, 521 Naylor, John Webster 94, 238, 308 Nazzal, Jack Robert 166 Neal, Carolyn Ann 198 Neal, Harry Clare 161, 417, 506 Neal, Jean Anne 190 Neal, Jean D 453, 454 Neal, Joe 148, 428 Neale, Mary Ellen 204, 422, 430 Nebenzahl Elaine Hugh 206, 422, 504 Neel, Jack Taylor 539, 543 Neely, Claud Dana 232 PACE 603 Name Pages Neely, Shirley 128, 198, 413 Neff, William Richard 93, 246, 449 Neidhart, Herman A 413 Neill, Jane Elizabeth 190, 417 Neimeyer, E. Victor 224 Neinast, William Henry 165, 428 Nelms, Jerry Lynn 100, 226, 449, 507 Nelson. Barbara Elaine 190 Nelson, Bettye Elaine 145, 505 Nelson, Billy R 168 Nelson, Carolvn Jane 422, 430 Nelson, Charles Conard 234 Nelson, Charles Wambaugh 516, 525 Nelson, Connie. . . 50, 52, 204, 288, 430, 504 Nelson, Douglas Johnson .. 234, 356, 413, 431 Nelson, Kdward M., Jr 492 Nelson, Elijah Morris 220, 476, 503 Nelson, H. E 145 Nelson, Hal 145 Nelson, Herbert Andrew 490 Nelson, Jimmie D 446 Nemir, Charles E 120, 220, 481 Nemmer, Richard Garfield 234, 422 Neous, Tom 161 Nesmith, Patricia Kylene 119, 129, 142, 288, 413 Nettleton, Clinton Ray 305, 385 Nettleton, Ralph Murwin, Jr.. .146, 305, 385 Neuhaus, Julius Victor 224 Neumann, James Arthur 477, 489 Neustadt, Susanna 141, 178 Newberry, Oliver Perry, Jr 240 Newberry, William Bohning 240 Newcomh, William W., Jr 234 Newell, Kenneth Clayton 507 Newlove, George W. 452, 453 Newman, Arthur Orin, Jr 232, 476, 485, -iiil. iim Newman Club 166 Newman, H. W J15 Nevman Hall 292 Newman, Myron H 141, 165, 446, 452 Newman, Roy C., Jr 107, 417 Newman, William Campbell 242 Newnam, Katherine Dean 129, 141, 194, 451, 521 Newsome, Jewell Pollick 469 Newton, Bonnie Jo 182, 463 Newton, Cal A 516, 519, 526 Newton, James N 455, 456 Newton, Nancy Jane 114 Newton, W. Donald 449 Ney, Charles Joseph ... ... 166 Neyland, Ruth M 426, 430, 469 Nicholas, Jack D 487 Nichols, Jack Curtis ... ... 542 Nichols, Kenneth R 120, 266, 356 Nichols, Martha Ann. 129, 144, 166, 184, 515 Nichols, Nancy Ann 188, 290 Nichols, Nancy Jean . 176, 368, 369, 374, 413 Nichols, Peter W 85, 161 Nichols, Sally 147, 176, 422 Nichols, Taylor 116, 238, 278, 404 Nichols, Virginia, 40, 52, 1 10, 135, 186, 296, 466 Nicholson, Dewey Thomas 490 Nickels, Robert Lee 404 Nickerson, James K 145, 477 Nickerson, Lois Elva 161, 202, 289, 422 Nickles, Maxine G 422 Niederauer, Lynell 167 Nielsen, Robert Harold 165, 441 Nieman, John P 99, 109, 112, 165 Nierman, Marilyn Estelle 114, 142, 178, 288, 417 Niemeyer, Lawrence E 105, 165, 296, 404 Niland, Adella Sullivan 469 Nill, John Sterry 268, 449 Nipper, Bennie Bernita 504 Nipper, Oscar 504 Nipper, Thomas Scott 453 Nisbet, Scott 1 15, 140, 220, 446 Nissen, Greta 40,46,52, 142, 184, 210, 216, 218, 291, 526 Nix, Mary Kate 161, 202, 375, 449 Nixon, Bobbie J 503 Nixon, Linda 52, 200 Nixson, Charles Glenn 534 Noack, Elmora J 298, 369, 375 Noble, Fred Wentworth, Jr 161, 242, 508 Noble, John F 424 Noble, Mary Claire 190 Noble, William Geddes, Jr 220, 44 1 Nobles, Jerry R 103, 543 Noel, Pat Guise 85, 252, 253 Nolen, Calvin Cleave 1 17, 250 Nolen, Louise 456 Nolen, Mack Thomas 230 Noll, Dorothy Virginia 469 Noller, Max Edward 504 Nolley, Joe W 391 Norman, Harold David 542, 543 Norman, Sarah Lee 144, 200 Norment, Robert Sims 250 404 Norred, William Richard. . .86, 220, 514, 516 Norris, Betty Lou 500 Norris, Harry Edward 103, 268 Norris, Ralph J 86 Norris, Thomas Howard 268 Norrod, Valmer 108 Northington, Kinehen V., Jr 404, 432 Northrop, Monroe 103, 264 North way, Jean Craddock 508 Norton, Edgar Foy 266 Norton, Naomi 469 Norwood, Fred W 452 Notestinc, W. Edmund, Jr.. .28, 29, 116, 248 Nott, Edward C., Jr 94, 95, 120, 230, 481 Nourachi, All R 127, 296, 302, 492 Nouri, Kani H 127, 492 Novak, FredJ . 103 Name Pages Novoroinsky, Bernard 449 Novy, Louis 501 Nowell, Ben Earl 465 Nowlin, Wade Taylor 446 Nowotny, Arno. . .18, 110, 117, 120, 147, 250 Noyes, Alvin Peler 276 A ' u Alpka CUPi 391 Nuhn, JoAnne Mellon 161 Nummy, James Leslie 232, 497 Nunelee, Doris Jean 470 Nunneley, Samuel Lowry, Jr 258, 441 Nursing Education Majors Club 431 Nutter. J. Marie 446 Nye, Nancy 204 o Oak Grote Co-Op 294 Oakes, Thomas 258 Dales, Betty Maud 137, 142, 144, 184, 210, 291, 466 Dates, Julian Winchell 240, 305 Dates, L. S 14 Dates, Mae Ellen 470 Oatman, John Bryden 389 O ' Bannon, Elhel Elizabelh, 114, 129, 188, 291 Obelgoner, Sarila 143 Oberg, Slanford Wilbur 482 Oberhollzer, Nelson Cusler, Jr 226, 441 Oberle, Mary Jane 129, 208, 375, 463 Oberle, Theodore Joseph 230 O ' Brien, Barbara Ann 137, 166, 292, 404 O ' Brien, Bob Randolph 405 Ochoa, Richard Frank 101, 305, 308, 327 Ochoa, Virginia 126 O ' Conner, Michael Raymond. .240, 357, 359 O ' Dell, Auslin Almond, Jr 422 O ' Dell, Harold G 297 Odell, Jane Gray 184 Odell, McLinley 308 Odell, Palrick L 329, 346 Oden, Camilla E 385 Oden. Martha Ann 129, 163,288,465 Odom, Ernesl William 532 Odom, Hughel Young 543 Odom, Wayne Carlton 296, 503, 509 Odom, William 169 O ' Donald, Billie C 488 Oeffinger, William Henry 250, 480 Oehler, Leroy T 4 82, 485 Oerke, Andrew Halvor 95, 96, 165 Oerlli, Genevieve 165 O ' Gara, Shiela May 190, 373, 374 Ogden, Margaret Frances 198, 413 Ogle, Charles 454 Oglesby, Evelyn 204, 413 Oglesby, John Ford 230 O ' Hara, James Carloss. . . .274, 477, 484, 485 O ' Hara, James Francis 121, 258, 278, 432 Okhuysen, Pablo L 166, 481, 492 Oldham, Patsy Jean 208, 372 Olff, Ida Joan 138, 206 Oliphint, Jorga B 468 Oliphint, Joseph B., Jr 484 Olivard. Lois Claire. . .119, 131, 196,373,374 Oliver, Barbara Louise 182 Oliver, Fred Lamar 405, 432 Oliver, Symmes, Chadwick 228 Olle, Margie Lee 165, 180, 470 Olsen, Leif T 165, 492 Olson, Elinor 118, 405, 425, 427 Olson, Nancy Pray 161, 176,417 Omicron Nu 426 O ' Neal, Boyd D 86 O ' Neill, Timothy James 92, 240, 413, 424 Opiela, Alexander David, Jr., 477, 483, 485, 488 Opnenheim, Jerome Ellerbrook . 250, 477, 492 Oppenheim, Thomas Neely 250, 477, 490 O ' Quinn, Ann Louise 208 Orand, Frances Nell 129, 133, 204, 498 Orange Jackets 119 Orange Wings Drill Team 109 Orchesis 374 Orenberg, Carl Saul 222 Orinsky, Julia 216 Oritz, Richard 539 Ormand. Jack Wilson 499 Ormond. Ellen Wayne 204 Orr, Anne Carol 184, 374, 422 Orr, Jane Lister 131, 184, 374, 405 Orr, Joseph Lackland 87, 413 Orr, Robert Mitchell 489 Orr, Vivian Dolores 129, 190 Orr, Wilson Clark 296 Orlega, Eduardo 486 Orlh, Elisabelha Calherine 385, 505 Ortiz, Richard Aguirre 126, 168, 542, 543 Orliz, Simon R 441 Ortolani, Lawrence David 103 Ortolon, Arthur Pitts, Jr 143, 272, 480 Orls, Nona Elizabelh 1 82, 293, 375, 463 Orynski, Julia Isabella 129, 176, 499 Osborn, Charles R 422 Osborn, Joe Allen, 107, 115, 136, 145, 167,451 Osburn, Dennis L 486, 490, 507 Osburn, Sylvia Belh 3, 118, 184, 405, 518, 520, 526 Ossinsky, Louis, Jr 222, 497 Oster, Barbara Mae 119, 124, 134, 142, 192, 210, 498 Ostroff, Herbert 103 Oswald, Roberta Irene 129, 168, 290, 405 Otis, Sally Weaver 204, 405 Otken, Katherine M 298 Otlerness, Alice 165 Oilman, Eric Julius 405, 432 Oilman, Robert D 405 432 Oualline, C. M 456 Outlar, Leonard Bolton, Jr 240,417 Overa, La Verne 369 Overall, John Ernest 258 Name Pages Overall, Mary Louise Moses 453 Overstreet, Dwayne Vinson 252, 253, 449 Overstreet, Jo 454 Overton, Glen Roy 242, 441 Owen, Ada Maude 489 Owen, Byron G 492 Owen, David Allen 234 Owen, James S 105 Owen, William Joseph 224 Owens, Charles Eugene 238 Owens, George Webb 230, 534 Owens, Kathryn Patricia 188 Owens, Lorna 52 Owens, Nell Kennedy 131 Owens, Pat Winston 234 Ownby, Claire 119, 200, 368, 374, 405 Owsley, Alvin M., Jr 357, 534 Ozbile ' n, Erdal 148, 385 Ozdemir, Mehmel Ziya 148, 385 Ozymy, Albert L 449 Pace, Donna M 466 Pace, James D 250 Pace, Iris 291, 541, 543 Pace, Liligene Ella 200, 500 Packard, Frank Alton 230, 413 Padolina, Guillermo R..29, 115, 116, 295, 385 Pagan, John Henry 100 Page, Charles 501 Page, Claude Daniel 308, 319 Page, Howard 514 Page, Margaret Marie 202 Painter, Jack Montgomery 242, 451 Painter, T. S 13, 120 Pakenham, James Austin 94, 240, 305, 308, 325 Palafox, Virginia W 430 Palmer, Raymond R., Jr 120, 297, 456 Pancoast, John Walthall, Jr 92, 264, 507 Pandolfi-De-Rinaldis, Dino 385 Pandres, Dave, Jr 254 Panhandle Club 136 Pankelknic Council 210 Pannell, Joe G 94 Papa, Albert 543 Pape, Martin D 87 Paredes, Ernesto 108 Parish, James C., Jr 428 Parish, Welby K ...87 Park, Joe W 108 Parker, Charles Bryden. . . .116, 246, 305, 359 Parker, Clara M 469 Parker, Ernest Tilden 161 Parker, Eugene 228 Parker, Frank 240, 441 Parker, George Stanley 165 Parker, James Edmond, Jr 228 Parker, Jerome H., Jr 534 Parker, Lila Anne 385, 405, 470 Parker, Luther R 540 Parker, Lydia Edith 469 Parker, Margie Nell 188 Parker, Marjorie Davisson 208 Parker, Nancy Kate 208 Parker, Patricia Ann 202, 293, 413 Parker, Richard Clement 224 Parker, Richard Douglas, Jr 441 Parker, Stanley Rheo 220, 481 Parker, William Webster 268 Parks, John E 83, 88 Parlin, Hanson T 22, 120 Parma, Thomas 543 Parmley, James W 87 Parnell, Claude John, Jr 256, 413, 424 Parr, Georgia B 208, 451 Parr, Wallace 163 Parrish, Anthony Roberts 453 Parrish, Norris Hogg 246, 405 Parrish, Patty Ray. 176, 413 Parrish, Richard Daniel, Jr. 242, 446 Parrish, Robert Bell 161, 405 Parrish, Sammuel Ray, Jr 258 Parrott, Jeanne Alice 508 Parry, Philip F 486 Parser, Patty 29 Parsley, Joe Mac 489 Parsons, Belly Jean 129, 180, 449 Parsons, Bill J 110, 132 Parsons, Felix Nickolson 490 Partain, Robert B 413 Parlen, Jo Ann 130, 186, 210, 405 Pask, Albert B 389 Pass, Vincent Louis 486 Passios, Dorothea Irene 149, 470 Pate, Nancy Sue 298,301 Palella, Frank 492 Palman, William Neff 260 Palon, Palricia Agnes 176 Patrick, Ann Lilly 208, 468 Patrick, Bobby 328 Patschke, Marvin G 488 Patten, Margaret Ann 161, 176, 405 Pallerson, Caleb Perry 248 428 Patterson, Fred William 85, 246, 516 Patterson, Glenn Weldon 489 Patterson, J. R., Jr 504 Patterson, James F 428 Patterson, John Thomas 395 Patterson, Marselaine 298, 405 Pallerson, Nancy Irene. . . . 129, 176, 374, 413 Patterson, Robert Galen 252, 253, 540 Patterson, Walter L 91, 112 Patteson, Patsy Ann 198 Patlon, Ben Kealon, Jr 161 Palton, Elbert Branch 224 Patton, Kenneth G 94 Patton, Robert Sidney 232, 446 Pallon, Ronald A 102 Paul, Keith 240 Name Pages Pavlick, Mary 186, 374 Pavlides, Pavlos, Constantinov 490 Pawlilscheff, Swellana 542 Paxton, John W 492 Payne, Betty Jean 147, 182 Payne, B. Iden 494 Payne, Dick S 135, 428 Payne, Jimmie Sturgis, Jr. 256, 413 Payne, Palricia Anne 196497 Payne, Robert Howard 480, 492 Payne, Thomas Harold 132 Payton, Howard Franklin 405 Peace, Hugh Ellis 542, 543 Peach, Jack 165 Peacock, Leslie Clark 453 Peake, Charles Jerry 256 Peale, William F., Jr 385 Pearce, Ailie Frances 288, 405 Pearce, Jeanine 413, 430 Pearlman, Aaron S 262, 499 Pearson, Kenneth Elmer 220, 385 Peavy, William Dietrich 244 Pechacek, Barbara Ann 504 Peck, John Lane 441, 452, 453 Peck, Leigh 469 Peck, Margaret 16, 118, 167, 200, 212 Peckinpaugh, Patricia Anne 204, 405, 425 Peden, James Brooks 140 Peebles, Simes W., Jr 145 Peel, Hosea Bryan 238, 477, 492 Peel, Billy Floyd 165, 252 Peeler, Ray Doss, Jr 25, 32, 59, 116, 117, 246, 278, 531 Peeples, James Herbert 136, 236, 451 Peevey, James Scranton 250, 449 Pegram, Peggy Joan 1 14, 374 Peine, Joann Elizabeth... ...190,405 Pena, Albar A 126, 468 Pena, Heriberto A 120 Pence, Forrest K 429, 472 Pendergrass, Marian 298, 517, 522, 523 Pendleton, Frank Clark 103, 109, 248 Pendleton, Robert 115 Penick, Daniel A 238 Peninger, Theresa Kathryn 204 Penn, George Marion 234, 357 Penn, William Albert 67, 116, 120, 234, 305, 354, 413 Penniman, Margaret F 204 Penninger, Jack Lydon 224 Pennington, Marion Glenn 540 Pennineton, Sam A 389 Penry, Joe Lee 145, 162 Peltier, Al Eugene . ' 250, 477 Pepper, Henria 145 Perez, Abel Bernal 542, 543 Perez, Gilberto 105 Perez, Leopoldo G 86 Perhamus, Richard Calvin 234 Perkins, Josephine Elder 202, 499, 504 Perkins, Judith Judson 186 Perkins, Marylyn 129, 138, 188, 293, 465 Perkins, Raymond Marihall, Jr 405 Perkins, Thomas Campbell 146, 160, 477, 484, 485, 492 Perkins, Thomas Harold 413 Perkins, V. Shelton, Jr 92, 486 Perkins, William Drew 140, 250 Perkins, Winona 498 Perlitz, Gerald Michael 260, 449 Perlitz, Werner John, Jr 91, 246 Perner, Raymond F 480, 492 Perricone, Alphonse C 487 Perrott, Charles Martin 93, 95, 166, 336 Perry, Edgar Howard, III 244 Perry, Josef H 405 Perry, Henry Albert 91, 95, 112, 116, 230, 278, 364, 441 Perry, Herbert R 101 Perry, Mac 359 Perry, Malcolm Oliver 240 Perry, Oliver Bennett 489 Perry, Richard 161, 274 Perry, Robert C 230 Perry, Robert E 542 Perry, William Frederick 453 Perryman, Wynne Franklin 226 Persons, Jerome Tad 85, 413 Person, Ralph Erb 65, 169, 305, 346 Perwein, Donald G 93 Perwein, Robert Lewis 264 Pesarillo, Genera 431 Peske, Charles J 85 Peter, Arnold Edward, Jr. . .- 275, 532 Peterman, Jean Esther 427 Peterman, Stanley Joseph 452 Peters, Mary Alice 29 Peters, James Alvin 236, 477 Peters, Ignatius G 166 Peters, Omar William 101, 162 Peters, Pat 145 Peters, Robert L 295, 389 Petersen, Evelyn E 298 Petersen, Sylvia Estella 165 Peterson, Charles B 364, 420, 485, 489 Peterson, Charles Robert 453 Peterson, Foree 204 Peterson, Goerge Gray 242 Peterson, Herbert Edward . 146, 477, 486, 490 Peterson, Herbert Edwin 121 Pelerson, Michael John 260 Peterson. Norman 224 Peterson, Paul Wayne 94, 230 Peterson, Roy G 143 Petet, Charles F 169, 428 Pelrie, Robert L 240, 451 Pelry, William A 93 Peltigrew, Rita 374 Peltus, Lee 137, 208, 413 Petty, Herbert Ray 490 Petty, Jewel Alton 160, 489 Iff ssr 85? PAGE 604 Name Pages Petty, Margaret Texanna 114, 168, 184 ' 291, 451, 521 Pew, John Glenn, Jr 105, 120, 246 Peyton, Diane 430 Peyton, George Bailey 104, 260 Pfeffer, Adolph Anthony, Jr 240, 449 Pfeiffer, Christoph G 115, 481 Pfeiffer, Elbert Halcyon, Jr. 165 Pfennig, Eleanor Ann 165 Pfennig, H. W 165 Pferdmenges, Betty 200 Pfluger, Doris Marie 165 Pharr, Patricia Merle 174 Phelps, Alex Elliott, Jr 477, 492 Phenix, John Russell 477 Phi Beta Kappa 427 Phi Delta Theta 244 PAi Eta Sigma 120 Phi Gamma Delta 246 Phi Kappa Psi 248 Phi Kappa Sigma 250 Phi KappaTau 252 PhiMu 202 PAi Sigma Delta 254 PAi Sigma Kappa 256 Pi Beta Phi 204 Pi Kappa Alpha 258 Pi Lambda Theta 469 Pi Sigma Alpha 428 Pi Tau Sigma 484 Phillips, Benny Gail 198, 413 Phillips, Coleman Lee 477, 486 Phillips, Corinne Doris 208, 405 Phillips, Eugene Meyer 246, 390 Phillips, Jay A 452 Phillips, Lyman George 126 Phillips, Nell 293 Phillips, Walter Martin 166 Phillips, Yale Gilbert 105, 132 Phipps, John L 104, 413 Phipps, Juanita Marie 202, 413 Piccard, Paul J 236, 428 Pichel, George Bruno 274, 278, 405, 432 Pickens, James Milton 163, 405 Pickens, Leland Carroll 452, 453 Pickett, John Robert 250, 385 Pickle, Jack Richard 104, 1 15, 477 Pierce, Brock 32 Pierce, Joyce Elaine 184, 497 Pierce, Lenis William, Jr.. .232, 441, 457, 458 Pierce, Thomas Joe 405 Pieper, Clifton Howard 252, 477 Pierian Literary Society 137 Pierson, Fred R 101 Pierson, James D 107, 328 Pierson, Paul E 122, 328 Pietravalle, Patricia Ann. .. 1 1 8, 131, 196, 405 Pigman, Patricia Irene 52, 118, 130, 131, 180, 425, 514, 517 Pigue, Paul Wesley, Jr 258 Piland, Margaret Jo 1 74 Pile, Mary Lou 133 Pilgrim, Hal W 224 Pille, Eleanor Louise 166 Pin kerton, Jackson Gershom 236, 457 Pinkston, Sidney E., Jr 102, 266, 449 Pinkston, Fitzhugh Lee 230, 363 Pinnell, Raymond A., Jr 486 Pippen, George M 26, 538, 539, 543 Piranino, Johnny V 103 Pirie, James E 428 Pirkle, John Tom 232, 451 Pirkle, Peggy Jo 422 Pirtle, Charles R 456 Pirtle, Norma Anne 465 Pistor, Charles Herman. .66, 92, 96, 120, 121, 146, 167, 169, 446, 520 Pitcher, Lorin Samuel 242, 477, 490 Pitcher, William R 490 Pitman, Archie Lee 163 Pitman, Benjamin F., Ill 104, 260, 446 Pitman, Helen Ann 188, 405 Pitman, Lois Bankston 163 Pittenger, Barbara 190 Pittman, Allen Gene 94, 95, 108 Pittman, Ann Myrtle 174, 375 Pittman, John P 94, 120 Pitts, Dorothy Loraine 141 Pitts. Stanley William 504 Pittsford, Chester M., Jr 232, 449 Pitzer, Phil Moore 224, 481 Plantowsky, Shirley Jean . . 129, 192, 288, 422 Plass, Harold J 485 Platz, Virginia Ann 166, 405 Platzer, Dale Bricky 248 Plettner, Gail Ann 129, 186, 413 Plueckhahn, Floyd H 103 Plummer, Helen Jeanne 22 Plunkett, H. Connely 480 Plyler, Norma Alice 176, 465 Plyler, Royce W 413 Poe, William J 232, 540, 543 Poetter, Dianne Virginia.. .129, 174, 291, 468 Pofahl, Eugene Ervin 484, 485, 492 Poindexter, John Bralley, III. . .240, 357, 359 Pokluda, Wesley E 268 Poland, Helen Lee 417 Polk, Clifford . Pollan, Madlyn Pollard, D ' Janin Pollard, Florence Thomson . Pollard, Mary Elizabeth. . . Pollard, Tany Thompson. . . Pollard, Tomas Glover, Jr. . 328 469 481 453 ....186,508 ..204, 515 .29, 60, 242, 278, 428 .258 Pollock, Gene Russell Pollock, Jo Ann 194, 468 Polsky, Louis Sanford 222, 422 Polter, Katherine V 298 Polter, Violet Katherine 126, 405 Polunsky, Robert Alan. . . .222, 499, 506, 508 Name Paget Polunsky, Robert I ... ... 92. 262, 44 1 . 452, 520, 526 Polvogt, Carl William, Jr 497, 516 Polzin, Robert E 446 Poncik, Mary Frances 465, 470 Ponder, Edythe Novelle 131, 176,368, 406, 430 Poneleit, Josephine Juliana.129, 202, 210, 417 Ponenczynsky, Helen 166 Pontius, Barbara Ann 369, 504 Ponton, Marris Clifford 441 Pool, Luiille Dupree 137, 208 Poona 374 Pope, Clyde Milam 103, 139, 242, 446 Pope, Frank Starr, Jr 116, 244,532,534 Popken, Tommy J 480 Porras, Heriberto J 87 Porter, Billy Don 305, 308, 317 Porter, Clair 163 Porter, Goldie H 184 Porter, Lemuel Edmund 101, 507, 516 Porter, Loraine 504 Porter, Lynn Ann 141, 161, 422 Porter, May Marie 176, 498 Porter, Robert B 490 Porter, Roger H 244 Porterficld, Jack Marshall 3, 250 Post, Charles W., Jr 428 Post, Robert E 92 Poteet, William S 480, 486 Poth, Kathryn V 52, 298 Potter, Betty Ann.. 40, 52, 77, 129, 144, 188, 498, 508 Potter, Floyd E., Jr 406 Potter, Ralph A 487 Potthoff, Beverly Jean 30, 52, 533 Potts, Mary Melissa 200 Powell, Charles A 105 Powell, Joan 200 Powell, Paul Clay 228, 477, 490 Powell, W. J 482 Powell, William Henslee 108, 224 Power, Harry H 226, 429, 485 Power, Patrick Henry 101, 228 Powers, Carrie Jane 413, 430 Powers, Don Warren 264, 487, 490 Powers, Irene T 290 Powers, James Norman 242, 441 Powers, Kerns Harrington. 385, 483, 485, 488 Powledge, James Kirby 507 Pozmantier, Irving 222 Praderi, Edwardo J 487 Prado, Robert Loya 1 66, 486 Prager, Donald Louis 222 Prager, Marvin Jay 504 Prater, John L., Jr 115 Prather, Charles L 453, 457 Pratt, Elizabeth Ann 190, 413 Pratt, James Madison 1 66, 456 Pratt, Robert Winthrop 84, 246 Prause, Dallas G 428 Presley, Augustus Randolph, Jr 224 Presley, Leland Kenneth 542 Presley, Randolph 441, 455 Pressly, Saxon, Jr 242, 449 Pressly, Thomas A 266, 481 Preston, Allan Kerry 120, 168 Preston, Juanita Olivette 176 Previti, Jeanne 166 Prewitt, George Peyton, Jr 105, 264, 422 Price, Dona Tegart 385 Price, Edwin Booth 240, 307, 331, 334 Price, Glen H 308, 449 Price, Granville 513, 518 Price, Henry Alvin, Jr 161, 248, 508 Price, Maurice G 465 Price, Patricia Rhea 144, 174 Price, Virginia 208 Price, Wesley Eugene 504 Price, William Henry 489 Prickett, Frederic B 357, 432, 489 Priddy, Nelson Holt 248 Prideaux, Joyce 413 Priest, Bobbie Lee 180, 212, 506 Priest, Dan 457 Prikryl, Regina 32, 49, 52, 55, 119, 131, 132, 144, 149, 369, 463 Prim, Gene Alan 506 Primeaux, Theodore Allen 166, 258, 446 Prince, Audry June 142, 196 Prindible, Jack Daniel 166, 515 Pritchett, Oscar Dale 85, 242 Pritchett, Robert Ray 242 Pritchett, Thomas Ronald 224, 489 Probst, Dorothy Jeanette 298, 413 Probst, Elaine 290 Probst, Lee E 107 Procter, Ben Hamille 57, 230, 305, 308, 316, 321, 427, 428 Proctor, Beverly Wayne 481 Proctor, Marziette Lorene 446 Proctor, Mona Jeannine 188 Proctor, N. Neel 391 Profit, Robert Charles 543 Prosser, Shirley Joe 129, 134, 194, 481 Protas, Jacob Meyer. . 120, 222, 351, 542, 543 Prouse, Frances Darlene 180, 422 Pruett, James H 94, 230 Pruett, Wilford R 451, 507 Pruter, Carl S 490 Pryor, Patricia Joyce 200, 466 Pryor, Wallace John 339, 497 Puckett, Evelyn Estelle, 176, 216, 368, 497, 504 Puckett, John Eugene 230 Puig, Mary Patricia 128, 166, 186 Puig, Sara Louise 128, Ib6, 406 Pulkingham, William Graham 161 Pullen, Joel Herbert 352, 449 Pummill, Donna Jean 174, 368, 413 Pummill, Janice Carol 174, 417 Pumphrey, Andrew Beal, Jr 246, 406 Name Pagei Pumphrey, John David 246 Purcell, Amy Harrell 129, 198, 290, 422 Purdy, William H 101, 516 Purse, James Anderson 240 Purser, Patricia Ann 196, 406 Purvis, Howard D 168, 446 Purvis, Patricia Jeanette 291, 422, 505 Pustejovsky, Wesley 132 Putnam, George Wharton 238, 449 Putnam, William Rowell, II 248, 446 Pyatt, Robert J 85 Pyle, James Richard 242, 449 Pyle, Mary Lou 129, 167, 291 Pyndus, Philip R 453 Pyron, Bernard 94 Quandt, Ethel 164 Quante, Ella V 469 Quarles, Wayne D 481 Quebedeaux, Carl Hampton 232, 481 Queen, Nolan, Jr 532 Query, Wray H 238, 477 Quilliam, William Reed 121, 276, 441 Quillian, Jo Anne 497, 507 Quinn, Allan S 276, 449, 457 Quinn, Don 26 Quinn, J. Lester. .99, 110, 112, 295, 477, 489 Quinn, Warren S 98 Quoyeser, Peter Clement 244 R Raab, Ethylee Merle 165 Rabago, Reuben 360 Rabb, Glenn Adrian 481 Rachofsky, Helen 192, 468, 470 Rachofsky, Joan Adele 129, 206, 422 Racket Club 374 Rackley, Everett Wayne 86, 406 Rackley, Jerry Don 86, 88, 252, 418 Rader, Robert Newell 260 Raerz, Vera 165 Raetzseh, Andrew 165 Ragland, Alphonso 107, 234, 336, 449 Ragsdale, Jack H 406 Ragsdale, Joan Marie. .40, 54, 118, 119, 129, 131, 204, 373, 375, 413 Ragus, Gloria 374 Rahn, Virgil 165 Raimond, Betty Cleo 128, 129, 139, 186, 465, 470 Rainbolt, Tommy Read 542, 543 Raine, Jonathan Walton 228 Raine, Michael Bennett 234, 357, 422 Raines, James E 490 Rainey, David Hornsby 115, 116,276 Raj, Edwin Jeya 161 Raley, Bobby Ray, 246, 305, 308, 318, 360, 363 Raley, George F 487 Ramage, William Joel 133, 422 Ramey, Thomas Boyd, Jr 244 Ramirez, A. L 109 Ramirez, Jose L 106 Ramos, Juan P 126 Ramsaur, Jo Jane 190, 465 Ramsey, Ben Warner 413, 503 Ramsey, Jack Edwin. 490 Ramsey, Marion Adair 198 Ramsey, Thomas H 94 Ramsower, Grace Ernestine 194, 498, 508 Randall, Louise West 188, 291, 500 Randall, Milton Dudley. . .477, 482, 485, 490 Randall, Risher 244, 361 Handle, Doris Marie 188. 413 Randolf, David 295 Randolph.ElizabethAnn, 114,138,161, 176, 422 Rangel, Eliseo, Jr 480 Rangel, Herminia Lerma 126 Ranger Drill Team 88 Rankin, Ann 26, 58, 114, 118, 119, 129, 142, 180, 212, 460, 465, 470 Rankin, Jack Gilbert 104, 133, 248, 449 Rankin, Shirley 208 Ransom, Harry Huntt 240, 394 Ransopher, Phil 26, 28, 64, 1 1 6, 226, 278, 331, 346, 434, 446 Ranton, Lewis H 542, 543 Rao, N. S 167 Raschke, Raymond Douglas 165, 542 Raspberry, Patti Lee 208 Ratchford, Gloria Ann 128, 204, 385 Rathbone, Lucy 1 18, 200, 426. 430 Ratliff, Gene A 103, 268 Ratliff, Harvey Lee, Jr 258 Ratliff, Robert H., Jr 532 Ratner, Estelle Zelda 1 92, 406 Rattikin, Mary Ann 129, 188,418 Ravel, Joanne Macow 118 Rawland, Bettye Lu 129, 188, 291, 422 Rawlings, Carolyn Rose 136 Rawlings, Dixie Faye 196, 451 Ray, Bert Edwin 272 Rav, Donald L 481 Ray. Harold Rowe 86, 112, 406 Ray, Marilyn Harris 200, 497 Ray, Mary J 290, 463 Ray, Robert Edison, Jr 463, 542 Ray, Roy R 1 60, 534 Rayson, Jack Henry 161, 418, 506 Razo, William D 166, 515 Read, James LeGrande, Jr 268, 804 Read, Raymond Edgar, Jr., 115, 256, 497, 508 Reade, William Thomas, Jr 276, 390 Reagan Literary Society 138 Reagan, Marion A., Jr 432 Reagan, Robert Lewis 490 Reagor, John Raymond, Jr 232, 509 Reams, Julia Lorena 161, 375 Reaves, Patsy 145 Name Paget Reaves, Wanda ... 145 Rebnick, Marlene |28 Rech. Henry 92,362 Rech, James 522 Red, Ann Louise 200. 406, 470 Red, Mary Eugene . 200,368 Red, William S., Ill 441 Reddick, DeWitt CarU-r 1 15, 156, 512, 518, 526 Reddick, Edwina 288 Reddick, Mosie 291 Redditt, Barbara Ann 129, 198, 451 Redditt, Carolyn 144, 198, 210, 406 Redfearn, Robert Blair 413 Redford, Emmett 428 Redmon, John Edwin 101, 166,422 Redwine, Ras 250 Reece, Joan Marie 161 Reed, Diana Joy 129, 194,291, 500 Reed, Elizabeth Patricia 136, 188, 499 Reed. Evelyn Shelby 114, 119, 129, 204 Reed. Ida Claire 198, 418 Reed, Lee Roy 441 Reed, Libby 161 Reed, Trinabeth 208, 466 Reeder, Hugh 308, 317 Reedy, Robert Dale 305 Rees, Bert C., Jr ...295 Rees, Nancy Jo 129, 198, 446 Reese, Billie Ruth 182 Reese, Elias 449 Reese, James O ' Quinn 232, 497, 508 Reese, Joan Marie 176 Reeves, Ebb W 543 Reeves, Frances Janice 504 Reeves, George D 264, 360, 446 Reeves, George Wesley 497, 516 Reeves, Wilson A., Jr 487 Refsell, Oliver Morris 165 Regas, Chris S 542 Rehfeld, Edwin C 422 Rehmet, Jean Amelia 453 Rehmeyer, Lee William 92, 162 Rehmeyer, Ted 162 Reichert, Shirley Virginia 114, 182,210 Reichstein, Abe A 222, 422 Reid, Lucy Ann 142, 196, 406 Reid. Michael A 228 Reid, Thomas J.. . .29, 30, 115, 116, 228, 395 Reiner, Ralph E 100 Reinke, Earl Raymond, Jr 226, 446 Reinmuth, Oscar William 13 Rejebian, Myron Vahram 226, 282, 406 Rekart, Ronald G 120, 481 Relyea, Spencer Cone, III.. .83, 133, 250, 446 Renfro, Robert Terry 230, 413 Renick, Pauline Elizabeth 198, 372 Renner, Jerry Lee 138, 174, 368, 418 Renshaw, Ralph R., Jr 424 Reswold, Elissa 129 Reuter, Fredrick, Jr 490 Reuthingcr, Hortense 497, 503, 505, 507 Reuthinger, Virginia Lee. .129, 196, 369, 418 Reuwr, Billie 147 Revera, Dickie L 432 Revera, Valentine E 86 Reynolds, James Hambrick 240 Reynolds, Jo Ann 176, 406, 426, 470 Reynolds, Russell 141, 242, 390 Reynolds, William F 432 Rheinlander, Fred T 389, 391 Rheinlandcr, Shirley Mae 507 Rhiddlehoover, Bruce H 85 Rhiddlehoover, Carey L 82 Rhodes, Arlen Lynwood 232 Rhodes, Benjamin Thomas, Jr 94, 165, 328, 468 Rhodes, David 543 Rhodes, Harry Lloyd 477 Rhodes, John Cecil 240 Rhone, Billy R 145, 441 Ribnick, Marlene Terry 206, 422 Rice, Alma L 441 Rice, Cone Carroll 94, 108, 226 Rice, Harry Leonard 228 Rice, Joe Allen 92, 95, 96 Rich, Hennie Sue 186, 447 Rich, Jack 262 Rich, Marvin Abram 270, 449, 504 Richards, David Read 240 Richards, Dorothy Jean 200, 368 Richards. Ferry E 441, 457 Richards, Jean 210 Richards, Phyllis Lucille 430, 469, 470 Richardson, Dee Hughes 242 Richardson, Donald Lee 85, 232, 418 Richardson, Earl, Jr 490 Richardson, Edward Milton, Jr 477, 486, 490 Richardson, John Marshall 226 Richardson, Kenneth 406 Richardson, Walter William, Jr 504 Rickbook, Gerald 270, 406, 428 Richburg, Elnora 406, 505 Richert, Edward R 413 Richey, Charles 1 15, 274 Richey, Harvey 250 Richmond. Bernard 424 Richter, Florence 441 Richter, Glendale 186, 413 Rickard, James Alexander 264 Ricketts, Milton E 490 Rickman, Bobby Ray 308 Ricks, Glenda Virginia 422 Riddle, Norma 290. 441 Ridgeway, William Emerson 224, 532 Ridings, Joe Bucy 135 Rieek, Hugh William 242 Riedel, Larry 83 Riess, Robert William 321, 346 Riethmeyer, Gene E 508 Rigby, Paul Herbert 1 15, 391, 453 PAGE 605 .Yarn; Paga Riggan, Fay Jean 430, 505 Rigge, Charles L 454 Rigglo, Robert K 296, 432 Riggs, Bobby E 418 Riggs, James Ray 44!, 451 Riggs, John Donalson 86, 248 Rightor, Edward 167, 264, 422, 509 Rigk-y, Paul H 452 Rigsb ' y, William E 101 Riker, Janet Louise 161, 375, 465 Riker, Thad Weed 236 Riley, Fred Whitcomb, Jr 120, 246, 422 Riley, Jason Jackson, Jr 539, 542, 543 Riley, J. Preston 413 Riley, Shirley Jeanne 161, 180, 504, 515 Riney, Claude, Jr 238 Ring, Marjorie Regina 424 Rio Grande Valley Club 139 Rios, Lydia Rosalyn 166 Riser, Martha Jane 129, 184, 422 Rishworth, Thomas B 508 Rising, Ernest Eugene 242, 418, 424 Ristig, James P 106 Ritchie, Dorothy Lou 184, 426, 430 Ritchie, Henry Gorman, Jr 234 Ritchie, John Preston 258 Rivas, Luol 290 Rivas, Lu Elida 290, 406 Rivero, Roy 490 Riviere, Arthur Bernard, Jr 266, 354 Rix, Cecil Charles . .242, 429, 432 Rizro, Joseph John 87, 264 Roach, Jack L 428, 534 Roach. James Robert 248, 428 Roach, John V 135 Roades, Edgar E 85 Roark, Billy J 87, 361 Roaten, John G 542, 543 Robb, Helen Armstrong 162, 499 Robbins, Jerry Milton 413 Robbins, John Purdy 268 Robbins, Lois Marion 208 Robbins, Norma K 542 Robbins, Stuart 254 Robbins, Wesley M 542 Roberts, Barbara Claire 129, 166, 196, 292, 413 Roberts, Caroline 129, 188, 289, 466 Roberts, Catherine 128, 200, 413 Roberts, Charles Howell 29, 258 Roberts, David, Jr. 234 Roberta, J. Claude 385 Roberts, James Leo 232, 441 Roberts, Joella 174, 449 Roberts, Kenneth 140, 519, 525, 531 Roberts, Leonard F 428 Roberts, Marvin S 107 Roberts, Mike Henry 101, 244, 451 Roberts, Richard Eugene 264, 385 Roberts. Robert Lewis 258 Roberts, Robert W 84 Roberts, Shirley Paulette 186, 466 Roberts, William Howe 232, 498, 504 Robertson, Anthony Keith 226 Robertson, Carl Reeves. ... 101, 296, 302, 446 Robertson, Frank Richardson, Jr. . . .238, 486 Robertson, Gene Ray 167, 477, 486 Robertson, Gilbert E., Jr 276, 480 Robertson, Gregory Alan 242 Robertson, H. Nelson, Jr 454 Robertson, James Wharton 163, 532 Robertson, John Malcolm 107, 260 Robertson, Mary Elizabeth 208 Robertson, Mary Lucile 129, 186 Robertson, Richard Sory 94, 95, 167, 385, 428 Robertson, Samuel Houston, Jr 406 Robinett, Leslie Ann 37, 198, 338, 466 Robinett, Richard Lee 140, 248, 532 Robinson, Anna Ruth 129, 192, 468 Robinson, Betty Ann 463 Robinson, Charles Brice. .26, 30, 68, 86, 226, 507, 528, 531 Robinson, Howard Paul 91, 95, 112, 115, 441, 452 Robinson, James Stuart 266, 418 Robinson, James Victor 242 Robinson, LaFalco 506 Robinson, Robinson 406, 504 Robinson, Roger F., Jr 232, 532 Robinson, Thomas Wesley 266, 422 Robinson, William Lee, Jr 242 Robison, Charles Arthur 297 Robison, J. Mathews 268 Rocha, Tom 93, 360 Roche, Bruce Ware 514, 522, 524, 525 Roche, John Edward 453 Roche, Martha Ann 406 Rochelle, Donald Glenn 244, 406, 424 Rochester, Oulda Jane 468 Rockwell, James W 14, 240 Roddy, Charles Nelson 246, 532 Rodgers, Irving M 441 Rodgers, Keith Kay 453 Rodgers, Wayne Royce 276 Rodis, Jud y 192 Rodman, Thomas Edward 26, 50, 115, 116,248,434,446 Rodriguez, Pablo 442 Rodriguez, Ricardo G 108 Roe, James Clay 266, 442 Roebuck, Evelyn Deane 468 Roebuck, Isaac Field 501, 506 Roelse, George D 103 Roenigk, Robert G 295 Roessner, Ronald Gommel 236 Rogers, Daniel Richard 234 Rogers, Floyd Richmond, Jr 305, 346 Rogers, Francis H., Jr 456 Rogers, Gene S 428 Rogers, Joe R 442, 454 Name Pages Rogers, John B 295, 389 Rogers, Nancy Jo 430 Rogers, Nancy Ruth. . 145, 168, 202, 406, 413 Rogers, Robert Owen 264 Rogers, Sam Neil 1 20 Rogers, Sue Agnes 147, 176, 466 Rogers, Thomas Ralph 413, 506 Rohan, Lawrence Louis 135 Rojas, Alberto 486 Roller, Sallie 167 Rollins, Alfred W 161 Rollins, Estelle Yvonne. ... 161, 202, 289, 466 Rollins, Joseph J 98, 109 Rolph, Marilyn Phyllis, 129, 161, 165, 194, 406 Rome, James Gus 266 Romeike, Hermann 3 Romeo, Anthony Michael 166 Romera-Navarro, Miguel 394 Romero, Teodoro 357 Romo, Thomas 106, 109 Rooker, Albert A 135 Hooker, Robert Alan 226 Roper, Robert Basil 121, 276, 278 Rosborough, Martha Ann 119, 129, 138, 167, 188, 291, 499 Rosch, Lee Julius 87 Rose, Howard Vance, Jr 240, 446 Rosen, Allen 222 Rosen, Fred Alvin 442 Rosen. Richard J 106, 262, 449 Rosenbaum, Barbara 451 Rosenbaum, Jean Peterman 428 Rosenberg, Joyce Rae 192, 413 Rosenberg, Phyllis Louise 142, 192 Rosenberg, Stanley David 105, 116,262 Rosenbloom, Jimmy 262 Rosene, Hilda F 198 Rosenquist, Martha Christine. . 129, 174, 422 Rosenstein, Harry Julius 22, 262 Rosenthal, Herbert Simon 254 Rosnau, Herman Divid.. . .164, 500, 504, 508 Rosner, Alan Arthur 262, 442, 452, 453 Ross, Betty Lois 198, 288 Ross, Dorothy Louise 129, 186, 468 Ross, James Raye 363, 468 Ross, Melvin Lee 486 Ross, Mary Helen 190 Ross, Robert Brooks 107, 232 Ross, Velma Hilliard 406 Rosser, Mary Beth 168, 186, 291, 422 Rotan, Betty J 168, 298, 430 Roth, Ivan Lambert 165 Rothschild, Donald Isador 254 Rothwell, Jack C 226, 451, 507 Rottenstein, Carmen Marianne 406 Rountree, Charles Chesley 244 Rountree, James W 161 Rouse, Joanne A 163 Rousse, Thomas A 220, 518 Rovello, Tommy 242 Row, Charles H 266 Rowan, Arch Hamilton, Jr 240 Rowan, Joseph Richard. . .121, 305, 308, 442 Rowe, Andrew Jackson, Jr 276 Rowe, Charles Elmer 228, 485 Rowe, Joseph McDevitt 240, 359 Rowe. Linda Ruth 128, 208, 291, 468 Rowell, Louis N 385 Roy, Ara Fielding 406 Royall, Barbara Ann 161, 291, 422 Royall, Margaret Jean 161, 184, 291, 499 Royder, James 93 Roye, Walter Wayne 294, 406, 432 Roye, Watson Payne 104, 168, 294, 360 Rozzell, James A 107, 418 Rubarth, Robert Frank, Jr 268 Rubenstein, Barbara 524, 525 Rubenstein, David Ochs 262, 449 Rubenstein, Everett Francis 453 Rubinsky, Simon 127, 140, 270, 278, 406, 516, 521, 523, 525 Rubinsky, Tobias 270, 451 Rucker, Guy Wilton 442 Rucker, Joyce 291 Rucker, Max Ramon 276, 449 Rudd, Robert Sherman. . . . 102, 136, 258, 446 Rudolph, Maxine 200 Ruebel, Alfred Louis 108, 248, 449, 506 Ruel, Henry James 246 Ruff. Myrna Zane 163, 504 Ruff, William Alton 504 Rufrer, Wanda Marie 465 Rugeley, Cordelia Catherine, 161, 176, 374, 465 Rugeley, Henry L., Jr 226 Rugeley, Joan Dee. . .129, 161, 176, 468, 470 Ruiz, Linda Gloria 126, 292 Rumley, Jerry Norris 226 Rundell, Clarence A 94, 95, 240, 329, 346 Rundell, Walter, Jr 497 Runge, Anita 129, 161, 200,406,430 Runge, Carl R., Jr 534 Runneberg, Anita Darlene 180, 210, 418 Runnels, Joe Neal 102, 305, 346 Rupe, Marilyn Joan 499 Rupel, Joan Ruth 168, 204, 503 Rupp, Carol Joan 114, 198, 406 Rupp, Margaret E 298 Rushing, Reginald 453 Rush, Lee Marie 114, 129, 134, 142, 196, 418, 509 Rusk Literary and Debating Society . . 140 Russ, Alexander McClure, Jr 102, 238 Russell, Bobbie C 469, 470 Russell, Charles Arthur. . . 115, 145, 390, 516, 520, 521, 526 Russell, Charles Bert 276, 442 Russell, Dolores Antoinette 190, 418 Russell, Eldon Gano 162, 351, 442 Russell, Jacqueline 515 Russell, James Samuel 407 Russell, Jim Norton 274, 413 Name Russell, John Lynn, Jr., 238, 477, 483, 485, 488 Russell, Jo Nell 180 Russell, Joseph Neal 244 Russell, Margaret Ann 298, 407 Russell, Richard Lawrence 504 Russell, William Knight, Jr 106, 224 Russum, Paul E 107, 508 Rusteberg, Freda Ann 129 Rutherford, Gene Rankin 93, 250 Rutherford, Sam 161 Rutland, Edward Cumpston 161, 407 Rutknd, John Dudley 268, 446 Rutledge, Frederick A 93 Rutledge, P. Jackson, Jr 252 Ryals, Fred E 268, 446 Ryan, Danahey 492 Ryan, Joan Kuhlman 118, 507 Ryan, John A 264 Ryan, Martha F 200, 414 Ryan, Patrick W. 488 Ryan, Richard George 234 Ryan, Will Grant 108, 266, 424, 503 Rylander, Henry Grady 484, 485 Sabrusula, Herman D 540, 543 Sacaris, Johnnie 164, 539 Sacaris, Nick 105, 164, 352, 442 Sadler, Bob C 514, 522 Sadler, James Edward 266, 451 Sadler, Marilyn Yvonne ... 128, 162, 204, 418 Sadler, Robert Carl 516 Sadler, Sally 49 Sadler, Sarah Elizabeth 52, 144, 198, 446 Saenz, Henry H 88, 101 Saffold, Albert T 84, 480, 490 Sagstetter, Jerry Ann 422 Sahankaya, Sail 148, 432 Said, FawjiS 127 Saied, Victor Carnal 120, 248, 414, 424 Saiken, Stanley Byron 86, 262, 451 Salas, Reynaldo Thomas 486, 490 Saldivar, Carmen Delores 194 Saldivar, Julian Theodore 166 Saldivar. Viola Naida 126 Sale, Richard Barksdale, Jr 242 Saleh, Johnny 534 Salguero, Edward 145, 358 Salinas, Felix E 85 Salinas, Hermilo, Jr 542, 543 Salinas, Manuel Ernesto 126 Sailing, Adrian Edwin, Jr 305, 329 Salmon, Richard Louis 276, 414 Salter, John A 264 Salyer, Donald Morgan 506, 542, 543 Salyer, James Lee 385 Sample, Sara Catherine . .50, 52, 129, 176, 291 Sampler, Charles Lynn 452 Sampler, Philip K 407 Samuels, Harvey Gershom 270 Son Antonio Club 141 Sanchez, George 1 126, 460 Sanchez, Roberto P 126, 166 Sandahl, Charles Lloyd 224 Sandahl, Cynthia Lou 186, 418 Sandberg, Kenneth Richard 489, 490, 501 Sanders, Carl R 492 Sanders, Charles Addison. . 120, 121, 244, 278 Sanders, Charlie Eugene 94, 248, 481 Sanders, Charles K 85 Sanders, Diane 141, 174 Sanders, Karl Paxton 238 Sanders, Oliver Leroy 477 Sanders, Panel Lynwood 272 Sanders, Philip 86, 352 Sanders, Robert Elmer, Jr 226 Sandier, Robert M 262, 446 Sandlin, Annie Virginia 163 Sandlin, Minna Marie 119, 424 Sandlin, Patricia Lou 176, 499 Sandridge, James E 449 Sands, William R 115, 270 Sanford, Gaye Yvonne, 52, 129, 180, 515, 522 Sanguily, Katherine Elizabeth 129, 184, 218, 291 Sanov, Lorraine 142, 192, 540, 541 Sansing, Carolyn 288, 470 Sansing, Dorothy Jean 52, 136, 184, 446 Sansing, Joe Estes 264 Sandgattze, Jack Frank 166, 489 Sargent, Clarice 469 Sarrafian, George Philip 120, 252, 253 Sarrett, Florence 430 Sarsgard, William Burton 234 Sartain, Billy Joe 489 Sartain, Don 364 Sather, Paul 457 Sattar, Abdul- Razzak A 127, 385 Saul, Harvey E 161, 407 Saunders, Henry Foxer 161 Saunders, James Leroy 305 Savage, Marjorie N 422 Savage, William Henry, Jr 385 Sawyer, Floyd Dempsey 477, 489 Sayer, James W 103 Sayers, Russell Eugene 503 Saylors, Ellen Ann 52, 190 Scabbard and Blade 112 Scaief, Jane Estelle 142, 176, 465, 503 Scales, Ralph Edwin 490 Scaling, George Arnold. . . .116, 240, 331, 333 Scallorn, Ben Gerald 101, 346 Scanlin, Carl Thomas 120 Scanlan, Jack A 220, 484, 485 Scarborough, Eleanor Margaret 204 Scarborough, John Roger 248, 351 Scarborough, Luther T., Jr 331, 341, 455 Scarbrough, Margaret Monroe 129, 145, 200, 414 Schaded, Maurice J 418 Name Pages Schaefer, Dorothy Mae ... ... 184 Schaefer, Dixie May 184 Schaeffer, Aaron 262 Schaffer, John Arthur 489 Schaief, Jane 161 Schaller, Suzanne 141, 188, 418 Shands, H. T., Jr. 305 Schandt, George 165, 504, 508 Scharfenberg, Sylvia 8 289 Scheffel, Ewald John 453 Scheffler, Barbara Lynn 166, 174, 291, 372, 422, 505 Scheig, Richard LeRoy 276, 418 Schell, Dorothy Jane 129, 180, 407, 504 Schell. William H 248, 364, 477 Schellhase, Olfert E 432 Schero, Robert J 145 Schier, Robert Ray 506 Schiller, Lewis Aaron 427, 534 Schimmel, Moses H 542, 543 Schindler, Albert John 542, 543 Schindler, Stanley 120 Schirrmacher, Herbert 165 Schleuse, Louis William, Jr 120, 163 Schlick, Ida F 469 Schmid. Jack Russell 258, 278, 407 Schmidt, Charles Harvey 248, 480 Schmidt, Dolores Antonie 463, 470 Schmidt, Donald L 93 Schmidt, Harvey Lester 498, 504 Schmidt, Ida Louise 291, 451 Schmidt, Margaret Ann 114, 143, 184, 288, 422, 504 Schmidt, Otis Rhea 291, 372, 422, 521 Schmidt, Patty Ann 129, 194, 418 Schmidt, Paul W 164 Schmidt, Phyllis 1 164, 431 Schneider, Edward 492 Schneider, Fred Mdford 242, 463 Schneider, Frances Evelyn. .38, 52, 131, 155, 204, 281, 414 Schneider, Matthew Peter, Jr 385, 487 Schneider, Mildred 164 Schneider, Shirley Elizabeth 52, 508 Schneider, Thomas 228 Schnitzer, Hyme 222 Schoch, Eugene Paul 266, 485, 501, 506 Schooley, Jean M 99, 351 Schoolfield, Daniel R 488 Schoppel, Hope 29, 180 Schotte, Doris 542 Schott, Lindy Louis 166, 490 Schrader, Gene Theodore 274 Schreiber, Helen 431 Scheiber, Melvyn Hirsh 222, 424 Schriever, Errol G 115 Schrimsher, John 543 Schriner, James A 92 Schroeder, Martha Lou ... 118, 119, 129, 168, 288, 372, 465 Schroeder, Sue 52, 142, 288, 463, 470 Schroerluke, Eugene F 492 Schubert, Harold Paul 486 Schuchart, Glynn M 432 Schuchert, Barbara Ann 166, 202 Scheutze, Walter Paul 165 Schulle, Janice Elizabeth 165, 499, 503 Schulte, Harry 101 Schultz, Alise 465 Schulz, Phil 140 Schulwolf, Isydor 145, 486 Schulz, Charlotte Ann 200, 368, 414 Schulz, Edward R 485, 488 Schulz, John T 228 Schulz, Leslie Charles 165 Schulze, Rupert Phillip 28, 242, 446 Schulze, Shirley 208, 468 Schwada, John W 428 Schwaen, John 357 Schwartz, Aaron R 140 Schwartz, Aileen Rita 178, 500 Schwartz, Beverly Phyllis 508 Schwartz, Elaine Etta 129, 206, 422 Schwartz, Karla Blanche 142, 178 Schwartz, Louis M 228 Schwartz, Newton Bovis.26, 30, 65, 121, 140, 222, 295, 434, 509 Schwartz, Robert E 262 Schwartz, William Bennett 254 Schwarz, Charles Ernest. . . .87, 115, 163, 507 Schwarz, Melbert Dowlen, 86, 120, 258, 456 Schwarz, Milton Dudley 120 Schweikert, Marie 164 Shwiff, Marvin David. . . ' . ' : ' 140 Schwobel, Leonard 480, 488 Sciba, Leon Louis 490 Scrimgeour, William Boyer 230 Scott. Alan 268, 516 Scott, Bangle Tracy 453 Scott, Catherine Enell 162, 288, 369, 468 Scott, Clem R 276, 442 Scott, Dan W 161, 407 Scott, Donald W 457 Scott, Dora Belle, 52, 144, 208, 291, 500, 504 Scott, Frank Brantley, Jr 246, 414, 424 Scott, John K 101 Scott, Lawrence Bertrand, Jr 92, 96, 242 Scott. Lois Ruth 161, 289, 407 Scott, Mary Margaret 204, 414 Scott, Marv Martha 465 Scott, Ned Vaughn, Jr 240 Scott, Oswald V., Jr 276, 480 Scott, Patric Clark 100 Scott , Peggy 144 Scott, Rawland Leon 101, 230, 414, 432 Scott, Robert H 103 Scott, Robert Wayne 250, 477, 489 Scott, William Blair, Jr 260 Scott, William Charles 166, 489 Scottish Bite Dormitory 293 Scotty, Leonard R 92 Mt PAGE 606 Name Pages Scrutchin, Doris Lee 503 Scurlock, H. Gilson 103, 234 Scurlock, James M 105, 133, 246 Scurlock, Jan, 28, 40, 55, 137, 200, 368, 414 Peagert, George H 264 Seaholm, Ernest Mae 142, 414 Seaholm, J. T 328 Scale, John Harrison 260 Scale, Robert Henry, II 260 Sealy, Lane Taylor 109, 260, 455 Sealy, Tom 14 Searcy, Cecil 82 Searcy, Katherine Andrews 200 Sears, Dick 258, 446, 507 Sears, James G 414 Seay, Dorothy Elizabeth 198, 407 Sebastian, Andrew J 296 Sebern, Harold Tomlinson 256, 446 Scddel, Herbert A., Jr 276 See, Sally Drummond. . .26, 30, 57, 119, 130, 131, 188, 213, 395, 407 Seeberger, C. B 358 Seeberger, Rudolf G., Jr 143 Seelhorst, Ernest Henry. . .477, 482, 485, 486 Seelye, Alfred L 457, 458 Sefton, Patricia Jean 288, 465 Segal, Betty Joyce 129, 192, 515, 522 Segal. Maxine 192, 385 Segner, Edmund Peter, Jr 115 Seidel, Herbert Arthur, Jr 477, 489 Seidensticker, Calvin Carl 161, 165 Seigel, Sidney 124 Seller, William E 102, 145 Seim, Barbara 182, 422, 505 Seitz, Bill J 457 Seitz, James Durwood 115, 466 Selber, Alfred 385 Selig, Irwin 84, 115, 270, 480 Selim, Mohamed Ardel-Moniem 489 Sellers, Sinea Patricia 298, 414 Sellers, William Lafayette. . 161, 252, 253. 407 Selman, Forrest Benjamin 252, 253 Selman, John Bass 28, 242, 455 Sellman, Nancy 290 Selvili, Halvk 148 Selvili, Melih Mehmet 148, 504 Semour, Tatar 161 Senter, Hildene Rowena 186, 468 Serafy, Betty Jean 507 Serber, Ina Adele 114, 449 Serrett, John Leslie 539, 542, 543 Server, Albert T 490 Sessions, Francis M 418 Severin, John A 477, 488 Seward, Sarah Katherine 407, 430 Sewell, George B 264, 361, 418 Sewell, Harley E 308, 326, 363 Sexton, Robert B 108 Seymour, Cora 293 Seymour, Lillian 168 Seymour, Morton Stephen 224 Seymour, William C 113, 47 1 , 488 Shackelford, Joanne 2D4, 414 ShacWette, Paul H 107 Shadoin, Thomas Wagner 542, 543 Shambaugh, John Scott. ... 116, 240, 278, 386 Shamblin, James Earle 120, 236, 481 Shands, H. T., Jr. (Bubba) 66, 116, 240, 308, 358 Shaneman, Victor C. .252, 253, 480, 485, 488 Shaner, Phyllis J 162, 466 Shangri-La 298 Shank, Newton M 86 Shanken, Martin L 84 Shankle, Joan Marilyn 407, 503 Shannon, Charleen 145, 407, 430 Sharpe, Dan Thomas 480 Sharpe, Ernest A 513, 516 Sharpe, Eddie J 248, 449, 457 Sharpless, Harry R., Jr 246, 359, 364, 480, 492 Shasha, Alexan 127 Shaw, Anne 169 Shaw, Charles Van Dyke 230 Shaw, C. Van 94 Shaw, Edward Nesbit, Jr 100, 240 Shaw, Elsie Ann 453 Shaw, Joan Violet 138, 186 Shaw, Marilyn Lewis 52, 137, 200 Shaw, Rose June 465 Shea, Donald Francis 87, 414 Shear, Mary Turner 204, 371 Sheehy, James Robert 240, 359 Sheinberg, Bayla 118, 142, 192, 497, 507 Sheinberg, Edward Herbert 222, 442 Sheinberg, Israel 222 Sheib, Dick 166 Shelby, Barbara Eikel, 166, 291, 422, 503, 505 Shelby, Jack Pegram, Jr 163 Shelby, Thomas Hall 15 Shelby, Velda 163 Sheldon, I. R 432 Shell, William H 489 Shelly, James Edwin 266 Shelman, Cecil Benjamin 120 Shelman, Jewell Augustus 504 Shelmire, William Overton 244 Shelton, Bill Raymond 232 Shelton, dough, III 264, 422 Shelton, David H 98 Shelton, Edgar Greer, Jr 228, 509 Shelton, James Martin, Jr 115, 244, 449 Shelton, Jerry Russell 260, 446 Shelton, Joe B 87, 88 Shelton, Mary Ann 407 Shepherd, Eleanor A 289 Shepherd, Marjorie 198, 466 Sheppard, Rita Lauda 372, 422 Sherman, Gordon Keith 166 Sherman, Helen Mary-Ann 540 Name Paget Sherman, William T 432 Sherrill, Charles Mangum 240 Sherwood, Bobbie Gene. 49, 52, 129, 190, 498 Shield, Elgean C 105, 294, 359, 414 Shield, Maria Dolores 188 Shield, Richard 105, 294 Shields, Frederick Shell 240, 358, 407 Shinrtt, Wendell P 228, 492 Shillito, Martha Meredith 129, 182, 500 Shipman, Diane 200, 466 Shipman, Leonard C 542, 543 Shipman, Warren Ware, III .... 107, 116, 244 Shirley, Charles R. . . . ... 162, 272 Shirley, Michael 264, 422 Shivers, Alan 12 Shivers, Linward Paul 135, 4 14 Shivers, Robert M 490 Shlipak, Louise 120, 222, 424 Shlipak, Minnie 427 Shofner, George Frank 85, 224 Shofner, Troyce S 276 Shoptaw, Glen Harold 268, 477 Short, Byron Elliott 484, 485 Short, Roy T 432 Short, Ruth Elizabeth 129, 180, 442 Shotts, Anabel 198, 466 Shoultz, James C 82 Shouse, Melvin Lorell 539, 542, 543 Shriver, Ann 186, 463 Shriver, Johnny Wilber 230 Shrylock, John E 115, 168 Shudde, John L 93, 224 Shudde, Peggy Ann 52, 298, 301, 507 Shudde, Walter John. Jr 276 Shuford, Charles Britten 386 Shuford, Iris Lenor 469 Shuler, David N 487 Shult, Catherine Ann 208 Shultz, Sylvia 182 Shur, Walter 362 Shurtleff, Charles Alton 238, 407 Shurtz, Robert F 429, 485 Shuttlesworth, Beryl 180 Shwiff, Marin David 116, 222, 278, 446 Siddons, Bill W.. 446 Sidney Lanier Literary Society 142 Siegel, Bernard 222 Sieck, Gerald Eugene 422 Siegel, Jean Sidney 52, 119, 129, 192, 509 Sigel, Marvin Meyer 222, 499, 506, 525 Sigler, Jean Carol 196, 422 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 260 Sigma Alpha Mu 262 Sigma Chi 264 Sigma Delta Tau 206 Sigma Comma Epsilon 429 Sigma lota Epsilon 456 Sigma Nu 266 Sigma Phi Epsilon 268 Sibler, Gerald Paul 101, 262 Sills, Eerlan Garrett 168, 407 Silva, All Buck 166 Silverberg, Herbert Lee 254, 516 Silverberg, Maxel Burton 254, 446 Silverman, Louis Fink 254, 423, 506 Silvers, David Sterling 101, 254, 423, 521 Silver Spurt 121 Simmang, Clifford M 484 Simmang, Robert Andrew 246 Simmons, Ancel E 295 Simmons, Andrea 204 Simmons, Carroll Day 15, 452, 453 Simmons, Cecil C 386, 452 Simmons, Dolores Wilma 423, 430 Simmons, Dwight Marshall 240 Simmons, Fred L 268, 308 Simmons, Harold 358 Simmons, Jeannette Christine 208 Simmons, Joan Patricia. ... 141, 174, 293, 499 Simms, Bryan L 87 Simms, Mary Margie 469 Simms, Nonah 133 Simon, Adolph Bertram Hirsh . 140, 254, 509 Simon, Alex J 456 Simon, Beatrice 192 Simon, Dolph B. H 120, 451 Simons, Jeta Dell 198, 418 Simons, Watson T 260 Simpson. Billy Earnest. . . .100, 110, 112, 242 Simpson, Eletha Carl 163, 180, 500 Simpson, John Edwin 108, 446 Simpson, Lucy Carrigan 469 Simpson, Nancy Joan 182 Simpson, William Ray .62, 327, 429, 485, 489 Sims, John L 428 Sims, Ruth Lucile 114, 451 Sinclair, Robert Caithness 260 Singerman, Joseph Meyer 120, 262, 540 Singletary, Marcus Keith 232, 442 Singleton, Sarah Louise 290 Sinz, Raymond A 516 Sisk, John Ballard 101, 451 Sisk.NoaB 105 Sitton, Brennan C 516 Sivalls, Mary Martha 198 Sivley, Nadine 426 Sivley, Ray Grogan 477, 486 Skaggs, Donald Marvin 266, 390 Skeen, Charles Dudley 232 Skelton, Byron 19 Skelton.Jack 143 Skibell, Bernard 262, 451 Skibell, Carl A 262 Skidmore, James E. 145 Skidmore, Shirley 145 Skinner, Dan Robert 294, 359, 506 Skinner, Harry 236 Skipper, Donald Wayne 232, 442, 457 Skrivanek, Franklin Benjamin .. 232, 390, 391 Skulan, Vernelle J 505 Name Foots Slack, J. P 99 Slack, Sylvia Eton 505 Sladczyk, George, Jr 246 Slide, James Burton 276 Slagle, Marie 431 Slaniger, Ernest William 132 Slater, William Parker 141, 294, 359, 432 Slaton, Floyd Dewey 414 Slattum, Evelyn M 481 Slaughter, Ellison King 542, 543 Slaughter, Raymond Max 278, 232 Slay, Frank Conley, Jr 232, 532 Slay, John D 407 Slaybaugh, Gwen Ann 145, 161, 180, 289, 423, 503 Slayton, Floyd 136 Sledge, Clarence Linden 121, 248 Sledge, Nancy Lou 418 Sloan, Bobbie 174 Sloan, Dana J 465 Sloan, Ernest J 454 Sloan, Joanne 466 Slocum, Gilbert 429 Sloma, Richard Lou 165 Slonneger, Robert D 220 Sluder, Frank Barry 135 Small, Roger Q 492 Smallwood, George Edwin 490 Smarook, Stephan 132, 135, 140, 509 Smart, Patricia Sue 174 Smead, Hamp 240, 451 Smelser, James Franklin 442, 453, 456 Smelser, Rex Aubrey 478, 486 Smetana, James Joseph 84, 132, 492 Smiley, Tommy Troy 40 7, 432 Smiser, Posey B 102 Smith, Alley Parker 260 Smith, Ann 161, 163, 188,291,515 Smith, Arthur Earl, Jr 266 Smith, Avent Fisher 236 Smith, Barney McCoy, Jr 452 Smith, Barney Wood 246 Smith, Berny Lowell 28, 115, 116, 442 Smith, Bertha Lee 165 Smith, Bettie Margaret 128, 208, 418 Smith, Betty Joyce 129 Smith, Betty Ray 52, 188 Smith, Beverly L ' Vonne 180, 423 Smith, Billy Joe 407 Smith, Blake 159, 160 Smith, Bobby Joe 423 Smith, Calvin 302 Smith, Carey D 100 Smith, Carl Devine 490 Smith, Carlos C 423 Smith, Carmen Gladys 291, 468 Smith, Carolyn Ann 198, 503 Smith, Cecil L 534 Smith, Cecil Ray 446 Smith, Charles Aubrey, Jr 107, 238, 446, 452, 453, 457 Smith, Charles Edward 84, 250, 481, 504 Smith, Charles Lee 86, 386, 452 Smith, Charles R 228 Smith, Conwell 226 Smith, David Madison 85, 120, 246, 456 Smith, David Rae 84, 236, 481 Smith, Donald 121, 163, 294, 305, 336, 357, 359, 463 Smith, Donald Charles 104, 246, 328 Smith, Donald L 94 Smith, Dorothy Gene 129, 188, 418 Smith, Durwood A 98 Smith, Edwin L 407 Smith, Eugene T 272 Smith, Eva Lou 176 Smith, Everett Grant 220, 260, 453, 455, 458, 516 Smith, F. Dean 103, 328 Smith, Frances 129, 184, 520 Smith, Francis Parke, Jr 161, 407 Smith, Franklin Leon 163, 386 Smith, Garland Houston 503 Smith, Gerald Harris 270 Smith, Gerald Joe 274 Smith, Gerald K 100 Smith, Gerald L 542 Smith, Gordon Keith 478, 489 Smith, Harlan E 266, 414 Smith, Harold W 485 Smith, Harvey William 86, 240, 449 Smith, Herchel Raymond 296, 503 Smith, Billiard Brooks 506 Smith, Howard Leonard 145, 478, 482, 485, 490 Smith, Hugh James 232. 532 Smith, James D 87, 88 Smith, James Len 242 Smith, James Ray 228, 463 Smith, Janet Sue 190, 499, 503 Smith, Jay 260 Smith, Jeanette 190 Smith, Joan Lynn 208, 468 Smith, John Carlton 296 Smith, John Henry 542, 543 Smith, Joseph N 94, 423 Smith, Josephus Murray 244 Smith, Joyce E 194, 449 Smith, Katherine MacRae 129, 182 Smith, Kathryn Ann 163 Smith, Kathryn Thomas 174, 368, 414 Smith, Kay Juanita 188, 498 Smith, L. Char.ton 250 Smith, Lamar Richard 543 Smith, Leonard Thomas 258, 449 Smith, Lois Jeannine 176, 418 Smith, Lorna 291 Smith, Lory Lendon, Jr 389 Smith, Lull Lee 430 Smith, Lurline Byrd 180, 414, 521 flame Pages Smith, Martha Fa.rfax 129, 138. 161, 174. 514 522 Smith, Mary Anne 204, 418 Smith, Mary Sue 163, 196, 497 Smith, Max H 94,359 Smith, Maydel 138 Smith, Murray C 163 Smith, Natalie 129, 192, 468, 470 Smith, Nina 176, 288, 466 Smith, NormaDell 141, 183, 174,414 Smith, Paul Heermans 121, 246, 359, 534, 537 Smith. R. Borden 485 Smith, Ray E 85 Smith, Raymond Hill 516 Smith, Richard W 103 Smith, Robert Edward 103, 268 Smith, Robert H 276, 446, 457 Smith, Robert Lefl 423 Smith, Robert Page 446 Smith, Stephen Drew 423, 503 Smith, Stewart Paul . 260 Smith, Tad Randolph 264, 534 Smith, Truett Bailey 452 Smith, W.A ...167 Smith, Walter Kirke 226 Smith, Ward Edward 256, 352, 414 Smith, Ward W ... 85 Smith, William Joseph 260 Smith, William Randolph ... .244 Smith, Willis Wilbur 242 Smitherman, Eugene Alston 238, 489 Smithey, Jo Ann 504 Smithey, Louise 431 Smyer, Joe Pate 220, 407 Smyers, Imogene Love 407 Smyth, Beth 128, 129, 188. 291,423 Smyth, Beverly 138, 188, 371, 414 Smyth, George Washington, Jr. 220, 278, 532 Snavely, Carol Lee 129, 202, 423 Snead, Mary Lou ' . 129, 186, 418 Snedeker, John S 102 Snell, Hampton Kent 91, 442, 454 Snelling, Robert M 101, 240 Snelson, Lawrence " William, Jr 489 Snider, John Luther 429, 432 Snodderly, Jay Wendell 145, 162 Snoddy, Mary Anne 198, 497 Snook, Helen 166 Snow, Lowber D 482 Snowden, Rolen Dale 252, 253, 390 Snyder, Joan Balaun 208 Sobey, Arthur Edward, Jr 165 Soften, Patricia Jean 375 Soleau, Mary Theresa 166 Soils, Hector R 390 Solomon, Thomas Benton 232 Soltes, Maury 121, 146, 407, 424 Sommer, Charles Willard, III 236, 442 Sommer, Marilyn 374 Sommer, Patsy A 449 Sommerfield, Jack B 414 Sommers, Margaret Sue 52, 63, 97, 99, 110, 165, 196,497 Somohano, Horacio, Jr 442 Sondock, Filmore M 270, 360 Sondock, Philip M 107 Sone, Rosemary 196, 290, 366, 370, 374 Sonnenberg, Milton E 540 Sorrells, Dan T 534 Soul CfnfroJ Texas Club 143 South, Robert Lacy 504 Southern, Gary 118 Southmayd, Winthrop A 542 Southwell, Bonnie Lea 372 Southwestern Geological Society 432 Southworth, Frank G 418 Sowell, Charles Lee 116, 246, 308, 455 Sowell. Jack Robson 104, 246 Sowell, Joseph G 161 Spalding, George Morris 121, 258 Spann, John T 490 Sparenberg, Charles H 15, 452 Sparks. Cathleen Lyra 128, 188, 198, 465 Sparks, Cecil Ray 480 Sparks, Heulette Carolyn 499 Sparks, Lynn C 144 Sparks, Thomas E 106 Spear, Mary Helen 139, 515 Spearman, Carolyn Elizabeth 190, 407 Spears, Franklin Scott 94, 167, 238, 414 Spears, lone Pettey 469 Speck, Fred L 86 Speed, Oscar 112 Speegle, Mildred Katherine 442 Speer.Ike 140 Specr, Lon A 163 Spell, Virginia Browning 129, 188, 418 Spencer, Norman Stuart, Jr 220 Spencer, Bill Temple 161, 516 Spencer, Donald Carson 246, 359, 423 Spencer, Dowrey Hartman 543 Spenrath, Edwin 252 Spencer, Florence Elizabeth 469 Spencer, Gene 430 Spencer, J. R 429 Spencer, John F 489 Spencer, Leota J 374 Spero, Billy T 432 Sperry, David Allen 260 Sperry. Emily Lucile 188, 407 Spicer, Betty Ann 141, 174, 418 Spires, Albert Bryan 244 Spivey, Helen Louise Cobb 453 Spivey, Paulett 453 Splichal, Johnny F 107 Spooki 144 Spoor, Daniel Harry 256, 423 Sprague, Wilbur E 228 Spratt, Frances M 426. 430 Spriegel, William Robert 434, 453, 457 PAOE 607 Name Pajes Spring, Carlton 92 Spring, Gilmer Ray 246, 328 Springer, Richard P 107 Sprong, Cordelia Jane 186, 374, 466 Sproul, Jay Carleton 506 Spurlock, Bobby Bryan 407 Spurlock, William W 101 Squyres, Weldon Jeffry 242, 532 Staacke, Herman Fred, Jr 250 Stacy, Alpha Brown 144, 174 Staehely, Walter, Jr 4S8 Stafford. Gerald E 246, 429 Stahl, Charles F 133 Stair, Hershall 147 Staley, Raymond Clarence 224 Stallings, Crawford Freeman 107, 264 Stallmann, Esther Laverne 536 Stalnaker, Frank 136 Stanaland, Kenneth 86 Stancliff, Jody 218 Standefer, Jo Ann 1 14, 290 Standlee, Robert Graves 442, 452 Stanfield, Halmond Keiser 260 Stanford, Betty 180, 468 Stanford, Earl B 429, 432 Stanford, Peggy Yvonne 204 Stanford, RoyD 104 Stanger, Billy Joe 498 Stanley, Elva Dawson, Jr 266 Stanlee, Shelby Curlee, Jr 238, 447, 455 Staph, Horace Eugene 484, 485 Staples, Joseph Addison, III ... 120, 238, 423 Staricha, Betty Kathryn 145, 407 Stark, Billie Joe 542, 543 Stark, Thomas Jefferson, Jr 507, 539 Starke, H. J. Lutcher 501 Starnes, Joanne 129, 176, 515 Starrett, Dorothy Nell 208 Startzman, Howard McLane 453 Statman, Jerome Maurice 120, 414, 424 Staton, James Gene 542 Stavinoha, Charlene Sylvia 166 Stavinoha, William Bernard 542, 543 Stayton, Robert Weldon 244, 528 St. Clair, Norman Eugene 121, 252, 253 Stead, Frederick L 429 Stedman, Hilry R ichard, Jr 104, 240 Steel, Earnest W 482 Steele, Barbara Lee 136, 144, 184, 288, 414, 430, 503 Steele, Jack Graham 29,32, 115, 116, 220, 278, 442 Steele, Newton J 248 Steen, Edwin A., Jr 268, 432 Steely, Robert L 106 Stenken, Gus Arlle 542, 543 Steer, Robert Kenneth 264 Steffey, Fred Arthur, Jr 121, 228, 442, 501, 506 Steglich, Valerie 164 Stegeman, Quintana 166 Stehling, Ferdinand Christian 166 Stehling, Jack Arthur 115, 166, 242, 408 Stein, Elayne 192, 375 Stein, George 478, 482, 490 Stein, Mary Pearl 167, 184 Stein, Mary Virginia 453 Stein, Mina 114, 192 Stein, Walter William, Jr. . 264 Steinberger, John Clinton 87, 248, 423 Steiner, Fred Alvin 220 Steinhagen, Edward Harvey, Jr., 224, 458, 516 Stelley, Edward James. Stembridge, James Lewis. Stembridge, Runelle Loyd Stendig, Freida Stengel, Clarence John. . . Staid, Brijitte Stenzel, Clarence Charles . Stenzcl, Henry B Stenzel, Leah _., Stephen, Joe Stanley 260, 451, 506 Stephens, Albert Paul 260 Stephens, David Harry 85, 230 166, 480 465 408,430 298 166 165 .121,240,442 429 .145,408,432 Stephens, Delbert Lorrence. .58, 105, 115, 116,250 289 258 452 451 194,466 129, 174,414 180,408 386 Stephens, Dora B Stephens, Frederick Dwight. Stephens, Galen Alfred . Stephens, Joe M Stephens, Lotha Ann Stephens, Marth Jean Stephens, Mary Margaret . . . Stephens, Robert Oren Stephenson, John D 489 Stephenson, John Wayne 478 Stephenson, Mary Anne 423 Stephenson, Kenneth Coleman 242 Stephenson, Vida M 423 Stephenson, Wilburn Gail 442 Sterling, Ross Ncuman 242, 418 Sternenberg, Ada Marie 163 Sternenberg, Fred W 101 Stetler, Marvin Mayfield 238, 449 Stevens, Eleanor Mcllwain 176, 368, 442 Stevens, George Martin 276 Stevens, George Talbot 246 Stevens, James Crosby 236 Stevens, Martha 139 Stevens, Mary Jane 200 Stevens, Phillipa Brady 469 Stevens, W. W 162 Stevenson, Evelyn J 425 Stevenson, Frances James 427 Stevenson, James Charles 328, 451 Stevenson, Joan Catherine 184 Stevenson, Phillip Marion 258 Steves, Allen Roy 490 Steves, Nancy Belle 122, 202, 451, 521 Steves, Sterling Wallace, 25, 55, 117, 121, 230 Steward, Don Joseph 226, 497 Name Pages Stewart, Barbara Jean ................. 418 Stewart, Cecile ........................ 198 Stewart, Frances Blackbourne. . .52, 208, 465 Stewart, Gene Conrad ............. 105, 504 Stewart, Glenna Arden ............. 198, 497 Stewart, Hurbert R ................. 93, 232 Stewart, Judy Reid ................ 198, 414 Stewart, B. Lowell ..................... 506 Stewart, Merry Faye .............. 162, 465 Stewart, Myles Collier ......... 104, 272, 455 Stewart, Sandra May .............. 202, 430 Stewart, Vernon James ......... 29, 103, 256 Steyer, Carl C ..................... 164, 485 St. John, Fred Gene ................... 362 St. John, Gene ........................ 366 St. John, Joe Alan ...................... 94 Stiefel, Ruth Marie ................ 169, 442 Stiernberg, Lloyd Elseworth ............ 408 Stiles, Arthur ......................... 352 Stillinger, Jack Clifford ........ 120, 250, 418 Stillwagon, Jo Ann ................ 186, 466 Stinnett, Sidney ............... 129, 136, 198 Stinson, Janette Ray .............. 386, 469 Stinson, William Dank ................. 386 Stischer, Walter Morris... .101, 109, 232, 418 Stith, Jackson L ....................... 120 Stobaugh, James Townsen .......... 442, 516 Stockton, John Robert, Jr.. 120, 236, 457, 481 Stodghill, Jimmie K ............... 115, 163 Stoeltje, Mack .................... 105, 230 Stogner, Robert L ..................... 423 Stokes, Bennett ....................... 423 Stokes, Gwendolyn June ....... 119, 142, 507 Stokes, John Franklin .............. 256, 414 Stokes, John J ....................... 488 Stolhandske, Tom ........ 308, 314, 316, 363 Stolte, Fred W ......................... 84 Stone, Albert T ................... 104, 246 Stone, Billy Leath ................. 145, 490 Stone, Gerald L ........................ 85 Stone, John Lawton ................... 234 Stone, Noah Wilson ............... 540, 542 Stone, Richard Bryan .............. 238, 278 Stone, Richard Lee ................ 453, 534 Stone, Sarah ...................... 145, 505 Stone, William Jesse ................... 515 Stoner, Calvin L ....................... 295 Stool, Joseph M ................... 428, 534 Stoufflet, Doris Louise ................. 166 Stout, John Lee ............... 168, 242, 418 Stout, John Philip ................ 266, 443 Stovall. Jane Harriet .......... 372, 414, 505 Stovall, Mary Alice .................... 408 Strachn, Jesse Eugene .................. 478 Strahan, Wendell Lee .................. 408 Strahan, Wesley Randell ........... 234, 414 Straiton, Archie Vaugh ............ 276, 485 Strassmann, Angelica G.. . .62, 118, 119, 165, 184, 291, 300, 414, 520, 521 Stratman, Bernard E ................... 408 Strauch, Lucy Elaine .............. 190, 414 Straus, Frank Mason .................. 240 Strauss, Andries Menzo ................ 246 Strauss, Irving Gustav, Jr .......... 254, 447 Strauss, Paul Karel .................... 246 Straw, Henry F ............... 478, 489, 506 Strayer, Paul Dimmick ................. 260 Strelitz, Frederick 8 ............ 86, 262, 451 Streusand, Charles Lee ............. 254, 451 Stricber, Johanna Lou ........ 131, 174, 366, 371 373 375 Striegler, Barbara Elizabeth ____ 26, ' l38, ' l76, 460, 463, 470 Strike and Spare ....................... 375 Stripling. Marianne .................... 200 Stripling, Nancy Ruth ......... 129, 174, 414 Stringer, Tommie Leah ................. 161 Strock, James Martin ......... 408, 427, 428 Stroman, W ' illiam Tullie ............ 542, 543 Strong, Billy N ........................ 102 Strong, Guerry M ................. 272, 278 Strong, Jack B ........................ 140 Strother, Martha Frances .......... 204, 408 Stroud, Charlene Stewart ...... 188, 414, 426 Strum, Stanley .................... 120, 262 Struss, Norma Ruth ............... 165, 186 Stuart, Daniel Browne ................. 268 Stuart, Richard Andrews ....... 101, 258, 414 Stuart, Stephen D., Jr ........... 443 Stuart, Walker Lidell, Jr ....... 252, 478, 492 Stubbs, John E ......................... 87 Stubbs, Louise Angeline ................ 386 Stucker, Robert Glenn ................. 443 Studdard, Don Edward ............ 449 Studdard, Kenneth Earl ............ 228, 447 Studer, Stanley S .............. 106, 230, 328 Stuhr, Ernest ................... 220 Stullken, Florence M ................... 453 Stumberg, George Wilfred ............. 529 Sturgis, Walta Jean ....... 168, 196, 497, 507 Sturman, Charles Ray ............. 238, 447 Stuttle, Marilyn March ....... 129, 142, 176, 498, 505 Stylianour, Nicos E ..................... 85 Suarez, Peter M .................... 93, 220 Suasta, Ed ........................... 359 Suess, Edward Raymond ........... 165 Sugerman, Charles F ........... 104, 262, 451 Suhlcr, William Charles. . .108, 418, 501, 506 Sullivan, George Harris 92, 95, 112, 121, 260, 414, 424 226 166, 184, 414 328 Sullivan, John Bishop Sullivan, Mary Elaine Sullivan, Wayne ....................... Sullivan, William Jerome ............... 246 Summerlin, Harvey Newell ............. 268 Summers, Emily L ..................... 469 Summers, Harvey S .................. ' . . 106 Summers, John Douglas . 105 Sumrall, Carroll B ................. 268, 463 Sunkel, Laurence Andrew, Jr ........ 232, 532 52, 133 Name Surles, Robert Leslie. . . Surman, Barbara Jean. Sutherland, Eugene J Sutherland, Robert L Sutherland, Virgil, Jr Suttle, William Charles Sutton.Ben E Button, James L Sutton, Kenneth E., Jr Sutton, Mildred Janet Sutton, Patricia Loftin Svadlenak, Rheta Adele Svasta, Edward J Swadlcy, W. C Swain, William C., Jr Swales, Sharon L Swearingen, James Samuel, Jr Swearingen, Jonilu Swearingen, William Scott Sweatman. Diane 52, 144, Sweet, Arnold Norman 222, Sweet, Lewis T., Jr Sweeney, Pat Sweeney, Robert Boyce. ... 141, 443, Sweeney, Russell Patterson, Jr Sweeny, Roger E Sweetheart Nominees Sweitzer, Paul Damon Swenson, A. M. G Swenson, George William . . . Swenson, Verner Eugene .... Swenson, Wallace Leon Swenson, William Gustav . . . Swickheimer, Margaret Anne .443, .131, 408, Swift, Connie Swift, Ri chard Swindle, Paul B., Jr 539, Swing ' n Turn Swint, W. Erwin Symonds, Robert Barry Pages ..240 , 176, 447 453 120 ..92, 161 453 . 107, 457 .478, 486 .443,455 .291,423 .131,426 180 .294, 456 92 276 .290,468 230 204, 414 . 108, 230 186, 465 140, 451 228 390 453, 456 268 85 40 489 ...14 501, 506 165 .501,506 .228, 278 138, 176, 425, 469 202 360 542,543 145 503 504 Tabb, Dorothy Probst 426 Tabb, Mary E . . 408,470 Tabb, JackS 82 Tabb, William Elvin 443 Taborsky, Eduard 394 Taborsky, Milos J 132, 428 Tachias, Nikki 504 Tackett, Helen 118 Tacquard, Mrs. F. G.... ...145 Tadlock, John W 458 Tail, George Lawrence 29, 30, 232, 284 Tail, John Sandham, Jr 276 Talley, Florence Ellen 129, 194, 291, 468 Talley, Monrow Robertson 266 Talley, Robert William 388 Talley, Sally Lou 204,371 Tampke, Wanda Ruth 503 Tani, Paul S 492 Tankersley, Doris La Velle 138, 190 Tankersley, E. L., Jr 100, 358, 451 Tannehill. Helen B 142, 374, 465 Tanner, Bobby Jack 102, 228 Tanner, Joe H 104 Tanner, Howard 85, 161, 252, 447, 457 Tannos, Joseph Thomas 92, 161, 166, 480, 485 Tannous, Saleem Joseph. . . 127, 161, 297, 489 Tarango, Charlie 543 Tarkington, French S 85 Tarnopol, William Stuart 254 Tarpey, James Joseph, Jr 128, 228 Tarpley, Elizabeth 182, 426, 430, 469 Tarrant, Robert William 224 Tarver, John Benny 504 Tarver, Lewis Thomas 246 Tatar, Seymour Machell 270 Tate, Margaret Ann 128, 145, 161, 208, 289, 423 Tate, Ted W 341 Tate, Varah J 298 Tatsch, Robert Edward 165, 481 Tatum, Bergin Harvey 452 Tau Beta Pi 485 Tau Delta Phi 270 Tau Kappa Epsilon 272 Taylor, Albert J 140, 429, 487 Taylor, Arvilla 131, 188, 373, 374, 408 Taylor, Bazil Henry 252 Taylor, Carolyn Jane 144, 497 Taylor, Charles E 103, 246, 308, 540 Taylor, Charles Gayle 504 Taylor, Clara Ann 129. 509 Taylor, Clinton L 478, 492 Taylor, Dixie 168 Taylor, Dorothy Blackmar 204 Taylor, Elbert Browning 102, 224 Taylor, K. L. (Jack) 391 Taylor, F. E. Gene 408 Taylor, Gladys Virginia 503, 507 Taylor, Harris Jay 103, 481 Taylor, Jack Greer 240 Taylor, Jack R 140 Taylor, James Branck, Jr 220 Taylor, James Howard 423 Taylor, Jean Carolyn 198 Taylor, Jean Elise 190, 466 Taylor, Jesse Kavnaugh 140 Taylor, Joanne Miller 426, 469 Taylor, John V 98 Taylor. Laura Ann 145, 182 Taylor, Leroy William, Jr 258 Taylor, Lorenze Boykin 240 Taylor, Lute K 490 Taylor, Kathryn Lee 1 86 Taylor, Marie Frances 449 Taylor, Martha Lou 369 372 Taylor, Mary Lou 186, 447 Name Page Taylor, Patty. . . 168, 365, 367, 369, 372, 375 Taylor, Roy LeGrand, Jr 107, 244 Taylor, Ruby 431 Taylor, Sidney Maxine 138, 190, 414 Taylor, Stillman V 100, 443 Taylor, Tom 362 Taylor, Thomas Brooks, Jr . . 240 Taylor, Virginia Beth 144, 176, 368, 369, 370, 449 Taylor, Wanda Lee 430 Taylor, Willis R 506 Taylor, William Royston, Jr 84, 244, 447 Teague, Gwynn Arvin 234, 481 Teague, Mary Elizabeth 298 Teasdale, Arthur R 485 Tedford, Walter E . . .480 TeeClab 375 Teel, William Seph 226 Teinert, R. Erna Mae 165 Teinert, Willard Clarence 164, 490 Teixeira, Louise 119, 374 Tejas Club 146 Tekeli, Candas 148 Temple, Nancy Lou 133, 138, 174, 515 Templeton, James Richard 84, 226, 520 Templeton, Phillip Farwell 105, 240 Templeton, Stuart Edward 102, 240, 480 Teneyuque Socorrita 126 Tengg, Nic Edwin 276, 414 Teniente, Richard R 542, 543 Tennant, Frank Vair, Jr 497, 508 Terrell, Barbara Lee 129, 196, 291, 423 Terrell, J.T . 543 Terrell, Richard Paul 390 Terrell, William E 428 Terrill, Cynthia Ann 144, 1 86 Terry, Ben Alan 120 Terry, Dan H 220, 390 Terry, Don D 92 Terry, John Edward 408 Terry, Marilyn 176, 288, 375, 414 Tettenbaum, Irene Shirley 192 Tewes, Charles Edward, Jr 230 Texan, The Daily 522 Texas Cowboys 116 Texas Pharmaceutical .4 ssociation 543 Texas Stars 147 Thaman, Joanne Marye. . . 129, 166, 174, 414 Thames, Alunzo Credille 248 Thames, C. B 92 Thatcher, Karen 200, 418 Thaxton, Trudy 168, 180 Theadorne 298 Theall, Thomas R 264, 447 Thebiay, Franklin J 484, 485 Theleme Co-Op 295 Theobalt, Betty Ann 144, 176, 367, 368, 369, 370 Thetford, Warren Conway 478, 490 Theta Chi 274 Thela Sigma Phi 517 Thrta Xi 276 Thiele, William Edward 67, 160, 294, 359, 408, 302 Thienes, Bill E 107 Thigpen, Cecil 290 Thomas, Apostolos Thomas 408 Thomas, Barbara Jean 196 Thomas, Betty Gene 196 Thomas, Beverly Ann Smith. . 129, 174, 430 Thomas, David Harry 256, 443 Thomas, David Rutherford 232 Thomas, Ellen Mozelle 52, 137, 198, 367, 369, 371, 408 161, 234, 357, 423 135, 294, 359, 454 492 141 Thomas, Gardner, Jr. . . Thomas, Gene Arlen . . . Thomas, George M. . . . Thomas, Grant Thomas, Harry Negus 161, 167, 234, 357 Thomas, Janice Jacqueline. 138, 190, 497, 505 Thomas, Katherine Diane 200, 466 Thomas, Lloyd Alton 452 Thomas, Louis 87 Thomas, Martha Elizabeth 202, 443 Thomas, Robert Powell 101, 260 Thomas, Thomas A 268 Thomas, Wayne E 534 Thomas, William Culwell. . .85, 220, 449, 507 Thomason, Julia Marg uerite 137, 198 Thompkins, Keith Verson 408 Thompson, Allan 525 Thompson, Charles Ernest 264, 480 Thompson, Chaunce 87, 481 Thompson, Curtis Eugene 146 Thompson, Edward Earl 543 Thompson, Emory C 94 Thompson, Florence Edythe. . .196, 375, 414 Thompson, Guy D 295 Thompson, Homer William 452 Thompson, J. W 94 Thompson, J. Neils 482, 485 Thompson, James E 489 Thompson, Jere William 246, 451 Thompson, Jerry 328 Thompson, Jimmie Austin 163 Thompson, Joanne 166, 291, 372, 500 Thompson, John Holford 482, 485, 490 Thompson, John Phillip 386 Thompson, Mae 196 Thompson, Marlin Neal, Jr 117, 121 Thompson, Mary Helen 114 Thompson, Michael Paul 161, 264, 447 Thompson, Milton John 472, 489, 485 Thompson, Pat Whittaker 246 Thompson, Patricia Ann 166 Thompson, Patrick W 107 Thompson, Paul J 512, 516 Thompson, Ralph B 455, 516 Thompson, Raymond Clyde, 91, 112, 238, 408 Thompson, Rhodes 163 Thompson, Robert Andrew, III . .94, 264, 481 SB. PAGE 608 ffamt Pagei Thompson, Sherman A 107, 109 Thompson, Thomas Harold 483, 485, 488 Thompson, Thomas Nolan 246 Thompson, William Lay. . . 107, 256, 408, 427 Thomson, Edna Martha 200, 368 Thomson, Kay 198 Thomson, Ronald Reed 161, 242 Thomson, Walter 364 Thornhill, John R 107 Thornton, Gary Nicholas 427 Thornton, Kenneth Jackson 236, 432 Thornton, Lady Gracelyn 541, 542, 543 Thornton, Raymond Hoyt, Jr Thornton, Robert E Thorp, Murph Napoleon, Jr.. . Threadgill, Joan Bryant 91, 264, 532 534 234 68, 119, 130, 174,215,408 82 . . .371 Threadgill, Walton 0.... Thurman, Ann R Thurman, Barbara Ann 196 Thurman, William Horace 266 Tibbetts, Carl Vincent 161 Tibbetts, Ruth 161 Tibilette, Phillip Joseph 166 Tidwell, Dorothy 431 Tidwell, Jo 114 Tidwell, Roy Erwin 246, 480 Tieken, Betty Louise 165, 196, 449 Tietje, Marvin L 164 Tilicek, Frank S 143 Tillerson, John Joseph 278, 443 Tillery, Preston J 456 Tilley, Joseph Ainsworth, Jr 240, 357 Timm, Charles 428 Timm, Ingmar 165 Timmins, Robert Stone 246, 500 Timmins, Romilly 328 Timmons, Bob 364 Timmons, James C 490 Timmons, Nolan P 295 Tiirpson, Helen Louise. ... 141, 161, 190, 423 Tindall, Gene Douglas 516 Tindall, Hal E 453 Tiner, Susan Lane. . . . 129, 186, 288, 468, 470 Tinker, Barbara 290, 414 Tinker, Lee 119, 168 Tinkle, William David . . . ... 248, 447 Tinsley, J. Russell 481 Tippit, BertS 167, 248,515, 521 Tipps, Thomas Conrad 246, 423, 364 Tipton, Agnes Elizabeth. . . 196, 210, 465, 470 Tipton, William Everett 224 Tisdale, B. Joy 423 Tisdale, Lois Lynette 66, 1 19, 129, 180, 463, 470 Tise, Barbara Louise 202 Tittle, John Clark, Jr 492 Tittle, Robert Marion 492 Tiverios, Antonion ... 148 T.L.O. K 296 Tobias, Marvin Daniel 262 Todaro, Martin Thomas 428, 509 Todd, Chloma Clarice 147, 468 Todd, Ellen Clare 161, 204 Todd, Eugene Allen 256, 447 Todd, Evert V 106 Todd, Jerry Raymon 226 Todd, Leonard Vernon, Jr 232 Todd, Paul Ross 504 Todd, Ruth 431 Tolar, Jack Eldon, Jr 121, 163, 294. 305, 357, 359, 360 Tolar, June Ann.. 39, 52, 163, 298, 339, 375 Tolar, Roger Lee 163, 305, 336, 337 Tolbert, Jerry L 52, 468 Toline, Don 161 Toline, John Algot 161 Toliver, Thomas Lucian 264, 346 Tolleson, Carlos L 120 Tom, Charles A 86, 88, 166 Tomanek, Hildegarde Frances 504 Tomme, Marion Brown, Jr 84, 88, 120, 258, 485 Thompkins, Ben H., 1 1 6, 268, 305, 308, 3 1 7, 321 Tompkins, Keith Verdon .... 305, 346 Tomsu, Jirry Thomas 132, 294 Toney, Beverly Ann 182, 289 Toney, Thomas 228, 522 Tonroy, Charlotte Anne 28, 30, 118, 130, 144, 176, 428, 532 Tooke, Merle Paunee 182, 418 Tooley, Elwyn Kenneth . . .276, 514, 522, 523 Torn, Elmore R 87, 264, 508 Torn, Patricia Ann, 51, 52, 142, 208, 288, 466 Torrance, Nancy D 168 Totah, Aneese 166, 478, 485, 492 Totten, Gerald Howe 236, 449 Toubin, Jimmy Lloyd 270, 449 Touchr 375 Touchstone, John Nathaniel 244 Tower, Shirley Jean.. . 129, 144, 176, 414, 430 Towery, Louis R 86 Towne, Richard P 361 Towrsend, F. Byron. .305, 308, 309, 320, 346 Townsend, Frank M., Jr 492 Townsend, Howard 161 Townsend, Minerva McQueen 208, 470 Townsend, Virginia .52, 138, 208 Toxey, Walter William, Jr 161. 242 Tracy, Robert Gene 94, 141, 506 Trafton, Bill F 328 Trahan, Donald Henry 85, 161, 252, 253 Trantham, Jack W 408, 429 Trautwein, Donald Frederick . .452, 453, 456 Travis, Lon W 478, 486, 490 Travis, Wayne K 451 Travland, Terence W 481 Traweek, Stella 453 Trayborn, Don 161 Treadwell. James H 543 Treat, Burnett Forrest 484, 485 Xamt Pages Treat, Carol Lou ..................... 372 Trent, Maybelle Winona ............... 198 Trevino, Dorothy Bertha ........... 375, 466 Trevino, Robert J ...................... 463 Trickey, Joseph ................... 224, 423 Trimble, Charles Edward .65, 121, 140, 252, 253, 514, 518, 522, 523 Trimble, David Buchanan .............. 252 Trial, William Paul ......... ... 166 Trice, Lois Bard ....................... 202 Tritt, Earleen Catherine ........... 184, 408 Trochta, Robert Thomas ............... 166 Troseth, Frank Paton .................. 429 Troutz, Eugene Harry ................. 423 Trowbridge, Kathleen C ........... 290 Truax, Dorothy Anne .............. 184, 498 Truitt, George R .................. 447, 452 Trundle, Sylvia Ann ................... 541 Tschoepe, Arthur James ............ 429, 432 Tschoepe, Eugene Julius ................ 453 Tucker, Billie Bert .................... 208 Tucker, Bob R ........... : ......... 256 Tucker, Edward Blount, Jr ............. 246 Tucker, James Hollis .............. 30, 256 Tucker, Jerry Reed ................ 266, 463 Tucker, Jo Ann ....................... 290 Tucker, Joe Frank ............ 362, 516, 519 Tucker, Mary Ann ...... 51, 52, 54, 118, 131, 150, 188, 408, 427, 509 Tucker. Oliver T ....................... 486 Tucker, Susannah Hopkins ............. 1 86 Tucker, William Eric. .88, 101, 120, 246, 414 Tumlf ............................... 375 Tune, James L ....................... 276 Tunnell, James Gerald ............... 250 Tunnell, William Kerr ................. 224 Tuohy, Wilford .................. 516, 519 Turek, Shirley Lucille .............. 174, 375 Turk, Jack ....................... 270, 532 Turkish Club .......................... 148 Turman, Jerry N ..................... 386 Turnage, Rodger Elmo, Jr ...... 483, 485, 488 Turnbow, James W .................... 485 Turner, Barbara Rose ............. 178, 504 Turner, Clare Joan ............ 161, 289, 386 Turner, Edith Buck ................... 469 Turner, Gerald L ...................... 490 Turner, J. Bill ........................ 168 Turner, Jack Rice ................. 230, 390 Turner, John Robert ............... 248, 504 Turner, J ohn Wallace .................. 531 Turner, Lovell Metcalf ............. 246, 414 Turner, Mary Jane ............ 196, 423, 430 Turner, Robert G ...................... 107 Turner, Stanley ....................... 242 Turner, Theodore Wallace .............. 504 Turner, William Franklin .......... 226, 408 Turnham, Robert Crews ....... 84, 116, 258, 278, 480, 489 Turnley, Wanda Faye ............. 290, 503 Turpin, Jessica Brooks ................. 504 Turpin, Robert D .................. 482, 485 Turpin, William Harold ................ 226 Turtle Club ........................... 375 Tutt, Ernestelle Kay ..... 128, 129, 167,208, 291, 468, 521 Tutt, Phyllis Nelson ...... 138, 190, 210, 427 Tuttle, George A., 92, 141, 478, 485, 492, 484 Tuttle, Thomas M ...................... 95 Twichell, Trigg ....................... 482 Twin Pints Co-Op ..................... 297 Twinins, John Theodore ............... 429 Tyler, Barbara Jean ............... 166, 194 Tyler, Henry Allen, Jr ............. 1 15, 443 Tyler, John Harrison .................. 230 Tyler, Thomas Louis ................... 232 Tysor, Robert Chan .............. ..... 432 u Ududak, Jewel. .. . Ullum, Harry Ulrich, Homer Umland, Julius Charles Umlauf, Charles Umstattd, Ethel Umstattd, J. D Underwood, C. J Underwood, Herbert Arthur Underwood, Jack Lee ...... 92, 260, 455, Underwood, Mary Cathryn Ungar, Florence ................... 142, Ungerer, Eillie Grace. 114, 119, 129, 137, 143, 149, 165, 192,290, Ungerman, Sora Lei ............... 129, University Radii Guild Vniwnily YMCA and YWCA Untermeyer, Katherine F Upchurch, James Couch . .163, 294, 356, 358, Upchureh, Jerrv Emerson Upchurrh. Terrell, M Updegrove, Robert C Upleger, Arthur C Upshaw, David L Uribe, Er.rique Ussery, Mary Carolyn ............. 163, Uthman, Hilmi ........................ UTSA ............................... Utterback, Loretta .................... .431 232 495 165 494 469 461 490 453 , 532 386 , 206 142, ,466 , 423 508 167 418 357, , 359 453 98 478 452 92 85 505 127 373 386 A ' amc Pages Valhalla 298 Vallve, Graciela 167 Van Arsdell, Robert Preston 104, 248 Vance, Lawrence W 107 Vancil, Robert 1 108 Van Cleave, Charles T 140 Van Cleave, Mary Shirley 1 14, 180, 499 Van Cleve, Charles Warren 248, 428 Van Delden, Frank J. 103, 141, 272, 481, 486 Van Delden Theodore Cole Vanderstay, 0. Randolph . . . Van Dunn, William Vanek, Gustav V. Van Meter, E. G Van Sickle, Donald Ritchie. . Vantreese, Mary Beth Van Voorhis, Robert Wayne . 145,272,47! 250,481 490 486 418 120, 481 408 514,516, 519, 525 Van Wormer, Shirley Louise. . 114, 119, 142 184, 291, 300, 418, 520 Van Winkle, Roy Lawavne 92, 276, 480 . .20$ 414 456,457 163, 298, 300, 386 140 443, 457 509 107 542. 543 234,390 276 469 240, 447 264 149 452 240, 359 .497, 508 497,508 256,451 84,88 432 540 85, 126 455 465,505 87, 140, 254 504 103 166 129, 138, 186, 451 84,478,489 432 , Van Zandt, Howard, Jr Varney, Glenn Varias, Josefina R Varnell, Charles Varnell, Robert Glenn Varsity Debat ' Squad Vass, Walter P Vasfiue?, Anrulfo Alvarez Vater, James Randall Vauble, Eugene E Vaughan, Mary McMurphy Vaughan, Samuel Joseph Vaughn, Billy Franklin Vaughn, Donna Jean Vaughn, Edward L Vaughn, Herman Hatcher, Jr Vaughn, John David Vaughn, Robert E., Jr Vautrain, Lynn Dale Vavra, George R Veale, Huge, Jr Vela, Cesar A Vela, Roberto Velasco, Manuel M Venable, Valeria Frances Vener, Louis Jacob Vener, Marillyn Paula Verdine, Riley Vernon, Dixie Vernon, Gladys Joyce Vertrees, Ralph William Vertress, Charles D., Jr ................. Vester, Samuel Henry .............. 102, 230 Vetters, James R ...................... 408 Viavant, June V ....................... 145 Viavant, William ..................... 145 Vick, Gabriel Thomas. . .85, 88, 252, 253, 447 Vick, James ........................... 92 Vickers, Jo Ann ................... 190, 408 Vickers, Samuel Joe ............... 248, 451 VickUnd, Art ......................... 161 Vidrio, Emma ......................... 298 Vigness, David M ...................... 428 Vilbig, Doris Margaret ............. 198, 374 Villafranca, Ralph ..................... 108 Villareal, Richard ..................... 507 Vilhrreal, George Claude . . 115, 236, 514, 522 Villarreal, Sergio Isidore ................ 236 Vinson, Grace Troxell .................. 165 Vincent, Lois ......................... 453 Vinsor, Morty C ...................... 432 Viramontes, Jimmy ................ 331, 332 Virtue, Virginia ....................... 374 Vister, Samuel H., Jr ................... 357 Visage, William Fuller ................. 256 Vivian, Julia Lillian ................... 469 Vletus, Gus ....................... 240,357 Voelkel, La Verne ................. 372, 451 Voelkel, Mary Loyne .......... 165, 423, 505 Vogt, Ernest C ........................ 165 Vogt, Paul Joseph ..................... 165 Volcik, Eugene Charles ............ 542, 543 Volkart, Richard Delano ....... 115, 447, 457 Vollentine, Henry H ................... 100 Volz, Ann Elizabeth.. .129, 141, 174, 368, 423 Von Rosenberg, Charles Ernest. . . .478, 483, 485, 488 Voorhess, Mary Louise ............. 1 14, 424 Voyles, Claude W ....................... 14 Vykukal, Eugene Lawrence. . . .305, 308, 315, 318, 543 W A ' amr Walker. Allen Harvey Walker, Baryo Neil Walker, Basil Eugene, Jr. ... Walker, Beverly Ann . . Walker. Billie Jewel Walker. Carlos Richard . Walker, Charles E. Walker, Donald Walker, Douglas J Walker, Edward James . Walker, Frank D. . Walker. George W. . . Walker, Gerald W. Walker, H. E., Jr Walker, Jack Wesley Walker, James Benjamin Walker, James Thomas Walker, Jean Marie Walker, Jerrv G Walker, Joe Dudgeon, Jr. ... Walker, Johana Walker, Margaret Elizabeth . Walker, Marilyn Jeanette . . . Pagn 107 224, 500 246,457 418 186,443 . 86, 234, 408 45 3 K4, 364 85,215 .294 101 489 135, 478 146 .480, 501, 506 244 264 298, 372, 374 414 260 468 408 131, 171,373, 375, 497 504 ..16 Vaello, James M Vague, James Reagan Valdez, Frank M Valdez. Jesus F Valdez, Ruben Valencia, Caballo Valenti, Luis Valerius, John Behner 101 84,238 389,391 106 107 357 357 . ... 103, 242, 418 Waddell, Robert Wilson Wade, Joan Elizabeth. 134, 194, Wade, Joy Ellowyn ........... Wade, Lela Owens ........... Wadle, Rudy Otto ............ Wadsworth, Dean A .......... Wagener, Martha Jean ........ Waggoner, Johnnie Marie ..... Waghalter, Siemund Irving. . . . Wagner, Ben H ............... Wagner, Cyrus Henry ........ Wagner, Edward Duer, Jr ...... Wagner, Edward J ............ Wagner, Milton Lee ........... Wagner, Peter J., Jr ........... Wamwright, Revill Ann ....... Waite, Richard B ............. Wakely, Jeannette ............ Wakonda .................... Walberg, Wesley F ............ Walcowich, Bobby Lee Walden, Kyle Ward Waldman, Elaine Waldman, Selma Anne . Waldron, Arthur Burch Waldron, Robert Earl Waldrop, Thomas Coleman . 118, 250 369, 375, 414 374 186,414 166 414 208 198 305,341 ...295,486 116,260 240,443 443 115,262, 424 100, 295, 414 190 . .103 188 298 . . .497 354, 443, 516 .264,418 129. 206. 423 119,206,210 .. 226,531 451 . 490 Walker, Newell Lynn . . . Walker, Pearl B Walker, Richard William Aylet. Ill . 258 Walker, Robert Harding. 93, 244, 414, 447, 457,503,521,526 Walker, Robert L 485 Walker, Shirley Jean 163 418 Walkow, Barbara Belle 293, 504 Wall. Murray Wesley. . . . 116. 117 Wall, Robert E.... 509 Walla, Max R 487 Wallace, Allen C , Jr 532 Wallace, Alton D 276 447 Wallace, Betty Jean 409 Wallace, Charles William . 506 Wallace, George C ... 295 Wallace, Jack 234 Wallace, James Lawrence 443. 503, 543 Wallace, Joanne 208 Wallace, John M 94 Wallace, Ralph Elois ... 120 Wallace, Reuben Henry 409 Waller, John Andrew ... . . .248 Waller, William H ...409 Walling, Daniel David .... 145, 539, 542, 543 Walling, Maude Maddox 469 Walling, William 145 Walls, Robert Hamilton 140 Walsh. Judith 204, 414 Walter, Hugo Alphonse, Jr 108, 115, 168, 272, 418 Walter, Joe Charles, Jr 224 Walter, Louie William 162, 456, 457 Waltcring, Marilyn 141 Walters, Jean Kathryn 504 Walters, James W 443, 457 Walters. Robert 305 Walthall, Eugene, Jr 139, 447 Walther, Milton Fritz 165 Walton, Joseph B 409, 432 Walton, Lawrence Elrod 83, 244, 414 Waltz, Elizabeth ... 126 Walz. Harry E 492 Wand, Donald . . .272 Wandry, Harry H 102 Ward, Ben H., Jr 224 Ward, Carol Elizabeth 139, 451 Ward, Charles Francis, Jr 230 Ward, Ervin Daniel, Jr 542, 543 Ward, James Thomas, Jr 103, 418 Ward, John Allen 240, 532 Ward, Tomie Ross 268, 328 Ware, Martha Lou 119, 174 Warlen, Wesley M., Jr 106, 109, 248 Warmack, Wallace Owen 480 Warner, Clyde Moeur 260. 424 Warner, Frank S 276, 489 Warner, Marilyn Jean 194, 372, 423 Warner, Robert W 485 Warner, Virginia Elizabeth! 19, 138, 169, 174, 414, 426, 430 Warren, David M 14 Warren, Sharlene 142, 174, 514 Warren, James Howard .... 104, 226, 449, 507 Warren, John Fisken 248, 414 Warren, Roliert Malcolm 226 Warren, Sue 414 Warren, Thomas Gastrell 240 Warzecha, Anthony B 143 Washer, Phin A 423 Washington, James H 168, 296 Washington, Michie 168 Washington, Robert Harris 166, 228 Wason, Elizabeth Ann 174, 449 Waterman, Richard Maxwell 250 Waterman, William E 168 Waters, Aubrey L ; 85 Waters, Eugene 276 Waters, Mary Helen 184 Waters, Paul Rodgers 260, 414 Waters, Suzanne Catherine 204, 418 Watkins, Mary Frances . .291, 369, 375, 423 Watkins, Myrtle Lucille. 129, 196, 414, 430 Watkins. Sara Hause 372 Watkins, Wayman Glenn 104, 346, 443 Watson, Ann 427 Watson, Billy Bob 224 Watson, Claudie 291 Watson, Durwood R 490 Watson, Fred S., Jr 266, 386, 364 Watson, Julia Richter 129, 174, 288, 423 Watson, Kimliall Stuart, 84, 116. 122, 260, 478 Watson, Marietta Collier 198. 289, 468 Watson, Mary Julia 469 Watson, Nadine Jean 539, 541, 542, 543 Watson, Robert Lee, Jr 108, 449 Watson, S. Jane 298, 369, 375 PAGE 609 Name Pages Watson, Walter W 1 15, 228 Watson, Wilfred H . . . 456, 457 Watt, J. R 484 Wattinger, Margaret Frances 423 Watts, Edward Winslow 386, 488 Wayland, Clay ...96 Wease, Mira Anne 497, 507 Weatherall, Robert Sellers 224 Weatherford, Reuben E., Jr 140 Weathers, Pat 803 1 Weaver, Albert Jack 516 Weaver, C. Madison, II 103, 234 Weaver, Elridge Virgil 252, 253, 480 Weaver, Jack Allison 232 Weaver, Patricia Ann 290 Weaver, Sam Max... ...120 Webb, Bobby 274 Webb, D. Joan 137, 188, 367, 465 Webb, Frances lone 129, 184, 430 Webb, Harry Charles 27, 30, 105, 109, 116,244, 278,447 Webb, Helen Annette 208, 414 Webb, James David 224 Webb, Lyman Watson 260 Webb, Peggy 327 Webb, Walter Prescott. .. ...381 Webb, Wilfred D. . 391 Webb, William D 86 Webb, William George 115, 121, 234 Webber, Beverly Jure 1 90, 449 Webbercick, Nelson E 432 Weber, Charlotte Ann ... . . .542 Weber, Charlotte Beer 202 Weber, Florence Marie 165 Weber, James William 1 12, 232 Webster, Fred Smith, Jr 163 Webster, Harry Lee 452 Webster, Lawrence Keith 294, 357, 359, 364, 409 Weeks, Harry Curtis, Jr 226, 506 Weeks, Oliver Douglas 248, 428 Weeks, Sarah Jane 29, 1 19, 129, 138, 167, 208, 374, 520, 521 Weeks, William A 101 Weichert, Joyce 165 Weidman, Louise 156 Weidmer, Richard Thomas 276 Weiershausen, James R. . . . 101 Weigler, Bill ...165 Weil, Kenneth Irvine 254 Weiler, Lawrence Joseph, Jr. . . 161, 481, 503 Weingarten, Harris Jacob 29, 262, 451 Weinheimer, Alvin Francis 447 Weisblatt, Marji. .. 500 Weisfeld, Daniel 222 Weisinger, Mary Ruth ..190 Weiss, Alvin Howard 270 Weiss, Dorothy Mae 48, 52, 186, 409 Weiss, Edwin E 453 Weiss, E. Joseph 485 Weisser. Frederick Carl 490 Weitzel, Doug 357, 364 Welborn, Clarence Taylor 101, 161 Welborn, Frankie Mae 3, 517, 519, 526 Welch, Darrell Gail 453 Welch, Henry Charles, Jr. . 140, 232, 415 Welch, James Michael 120, 234, 423 Welch, Richard C 542 Welch, William T 84 Welder, Mary Elizabeth 166 Welhausen, M. Jean. . .29, 52, 118, 119, 129, 138, 143, 147, 174, 415 Wellborne, W. L. Roy 386 Weiler, George Stephen 120 Welter. Oree Cunningham 490 Wellman, Thomas E 391 Wells, Anna Elizabeth ... 137.184 Wells,B.F ' .432 Wells, Diane 136 Wells, Edgar M 516 Wllse, Jack A 140, 428 Wells, Joe B 105, 224, 449 W ells, Lucy Diane 184 Wells, Richard Allan 254 Wells, Willard Henry 92 242 Wells, Zack Martin, Jr. . . 481 Welsch, Glenn Albert 452, 453, 456 Welsh, Dorothy Fay 503 Welsh, Nancy Collier 198, 466 Welty, Jeanette 168 Welty, Richard 484 Wendler, Norman Jesse 453 Wenger, Paul Cedric, Jr 224, 449 Werbner, Charlotte Ruth 192, 449 Wcrkenthin, Conrad Plitt 85, 234, 451 Werlla, Charles Julius 506 Werner, Paul L 490 Wertheimer, Ruth Jean 129, 206, 418 Wertheimer, Henry Abraham. . 542 Wesler, Shirley Faye 142, 192, 497, 508 W ttley Foundation 168 Wesley, Loretta Jean 30,31, 114, 118, 119, 137, 188,373 Wrener, Carol Jean. . 114, 129, 208, 291, 423 Wessely, Arthur J 246 Wessely, Robert .Marr 246 415 West, Bettye Jo 129, 142, 196, 293, 374, 418, 430 West, Charles Lynn 409 West, Judith Ann 194, 418, 430 W est, Margene 193 West, Marian 198,415 W est, Reece Allen 226 West, Ronald Alfred 28, 162, 242 West, Stark 389 JV.est, Tommy 29, 116, 140 West, William F 87, 112, 264 West berry, Jimmy 140 Westbrook, Edgar Allen. . . " 507 Westbrook, Lloyd Elmer, Jr. ... 115, 250, 480 Westerlage, Charles_Hamilton 418 Name Pages Westkaemper, Robert M 141, 478, 488 Westling, Eddie Hastings 165, 451 Westlund, Burford Lee 165 Westminster Student Fellowship 169 Wetzel, Charles Henry 256, 447 Wexner, Henry David 254 Whaley, Paul L 106, 244 Whaley, Thomas Little, Jr 244 Whalford, Gerald W 472 Wharton, Charlotte Mickey 118 Wharton, Jean Adair . . 184 Whatley, Rita Beth 489 Wheat, Josiah 140, 268, 532 Wheat, Richard Allyn 228 Wheeler, Edward N 295 Wheeler, Janet 129, 204 Wheeler, Kenneth William 248 Wheeler, Myra Lee (Mike) .... 56, 131, 190, 210, 212, 514, 517 Wheeler, Robert Yeates 30, 140, 250, 284 Wheeler, Ruth Elizabeth. . . 298, 504 Wheeler, Sally B 426 Wheeler, William Thomas, Jr. . . .84, 248, 480 Wheelis, M. Virginia 428 Wheless, Betty Ward 52, 141, 198, 338 Wheless, Randolph Frederick, Jr 240, 359 Whiddon, Thomas R., Jr 456 Whipp, Mary Sue 409 Whisenant, Bobby Frank ... 305 Whitaker. Charles Wilbur 504 White, Bobbie Lee ... 489 White, Charles Douglas.. . . 161, 242, 478, 489 White, Charles Fisher 230 White, Clementine 114, 166, 500 White, Dixie Ann 180, 415, 430 White, Finley Wayne 226, 449 White, George Handford 91, 112, 447 White, Harry Ragsdale 297 White, Henry Stephens . . 453 White, Horace Edward, Jr 234 White, Hugh Gilhan, III 140, 238, 409 White, J. Edwin, Jr 428 White, John Arch 452, 453 White, Katherine Anne 186, 499 White, Lois Louise . . ' 186, 415 White, Marianne D.. .129