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947 WILLIAM B. FERGUSON. Editor-in-Chief MARIAN MILLER. Associate Editor FRANKIE WELBORN. Business Manager MARY SOUTHWELL, Editorial Assistant J. P. CROWE. f K IKOTTf.R. ROB CLIFT. J P lllL Slrtrkrt 7w jttijf - T AS an unusual year for all of us. With the end of war and the return to peace came a shift back to a normalcy that was anything but normal. Here at the University the upheaval was evidenced by a new maturity and ?eriou ne? among students, most of whom were veterans. Pric - r - - even faster than the new apartment buildings. A change in social life was also apparent, as a swollen enrollment caused lines reminiscent of army life at every meal or movie. After the lean years of the war, co-eds plunged giddily into the whirl of nightly dates made weeks in advance. ' tie of us were unaffected by the change, not even probably the most x-dentary of all plodders, the CACTUS Staff. For this reason, we, the Staff, have tried to fashion for you, in photographs and cartoons, paper and type, a book that will remind you in the future of a time in your lives when most things seemed new and rather strange, when life was, on the whole, pretty good a record of a year the like of which will never come again. ff ' lift a a tin H N ; 2 H UN " II H n n II V administration ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICIAL Tl HENT GnXKRYMKNT classes GKAIU ITES SENIORS SECOND-YEAR l.A FIKST-U i; I.AW SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN athletics BASEBALL TRACK !! 0 l NTRY TENN1- FOOTBALL SWIMMING I;- KKTI; LL INTMAMl HALS organizations FINE ARTS DON MS AND CO-OPS HONOR ARIES I ' l BLICATIMN- CLUBS FELATIRES SORORITIES FRATERNITIES limelight SWEETHEART BLIKlKiNNFT BELLES SWEETHEART NOMINEES nlTSTANDING STIHFM GOODFELLO BLLKIiONNFT BEI...I medical schools AT GALYESTON T Governor Beauford Jester Pus 9 THE BOARD DF REGENTS Chairman DUDLEY K. WOODWARD, Dallas ORVILLE BULLINGTON, Wichita Falls ERNEST E. KIRKPATRICK, Browmvood WALTER H. SCHERER, Houston W. SCOTT SCHREINER, Kerrville D. F. STRICKLAND, Mission C. 0. TERRELL, Fort Worth ED B. TUCKER, Nacogdoches DAVID M. WARREN. Panhandle _ Left to right: SCHEREK. BUI.I.INCTON. KIRKPATKICK. WOODWARD. WARREN. STRICKLAND. SCHRKINKR. TERRELL, TUCKER. T. S. PAINTER. PACE 10 f President T. S. Painter PiCI 11 E. J. MATHEWS Registrar EARL CORNWELl. Bursar DOROTHY GEBAUER Dean of Women C. D. SIMMONS Comptroller CHARLES SPARENBERG Auditor ARNO NOWOTNY Dean of Student Life JAMES C. DOLLEY Vice-President H. T. PARLIN Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences WILLIAM FRANCIS GIDLEY Dean of the College of Pharmacy CHARLES T. McCORMICK Dean of the School of Law JAMES ANDERSON FITZGERALD Dean of the College of Business A dm inistration WILLIS RAYMOND WOOLRICH Dean of the College of Engineering ALBERT P. BROGAN Dean of the Graduate School E. WILLIAM DOTY Dean of the College of Fine Arts B. F. PITTENGER Dean of the School of Education PAGE 12 OAx wv STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President, JAMES E. SMITH V ice-President .... HOWARD D. McELROY Secretary ANNE BURKETT JAMES E. SMITH The function of the Students ' Association is to provide a medium of expression for the opinions of the student body. The legislative branch, the Students ' Assembly, investigates university problems of significance to the students, and recommends action to University officials on the basis of its findings. Students ' Association officials are charged with the responsibility of representing the students on numerous student-faculty boards and committees such as the Board of Student Publications, the Texas Union Board of Directors, the Social Calendar Committee, the Board of Directors of the University Co-op, and many others. The Assembly has the difficult task of fixing the amount of the voluntary Blanket Tax and apportioning it among the various student activities which derive revenue from the students by this means. The total blanket tax sales for the year 1946-47 amounted to over $150.000. This year ' s goal in student government was to perfect a practical training ground in the democratic processes, utilizing the facilities of the Students ' Association. ANNE BURKETT HOWARD D. MCELROY PACE 14 STUDENTS ' ASSEMBLY Arts and Sciences Gene St. John Mary Lih Vick Claudia Von Blucher Tom McFarling Evelyn Gertz John Wilson Jack Blanton Engineering Sue Cheek Smith Bob Monaghan Jerome McGeheartv John alkiti- Donald Pierce Business Administration H. K. Allen Jackie Lissauer Norman Shtofman ay ne Robertson Law Curtis Judge Fritz Lyne Pharmacy M. . Mike Gazis Mark Jones Fine Arts Jean Williamson N. Corkv keyes Graduate Marjorie Joseph John Metzenthin Education Nita Ruth Baker Tf o: AI.U.V M. JOHN. WIL- lUV-i. utTKIN- ROBERTSON. Jtmc: PIERCE. r.ERTZ. I VNL. 1 l l IK. Kl R t: Il ' DCE. JOSES. VON Bl.liMIR VM f.MHIN. MO.NAC- . MITH. il. -OS ! k . f m: McFARI.IM. HTnl UN. BAKER. MC ;EHE RTY. BHNTHN. p is STUDENT COURT Chief Justice GEORGE HOPKINS ASSOCIATE JUSTICES FRED CHANDLER BETTY Lou COURTNEY EVA JEAN FINCH WILLIAM H. MOORE GEORGE HOPKINS MOORE, COURTNEY CHANDLER, FINCH PACE 16 . ASf it , , ; - . v M m si fl II ii II B v ' 5 " - - " -. .. - ' : -W- " ' s- . 4i? riM ' i T V.V-. urvrtCL - 0 uCt Graduates ABAT, MARY LEE, Longview Latin-American Studies, 2AII, HA6 ALISKY, MARVIN MICHAEL HOWARD, San Antonio Journalism and Physics, A l 0, SAX, Daily Texan, Ex-Servicemen, Press Cl uli, Rusk, AIEE, Common Sense, Inter- American Association, YMCA, Musicians, Oratorical Association ALLEN, CLAUDE TRAWEEK, Houston Law, ATQ, Athenaeum ARNOLD, CHARLES WILLIAM, Goree Chemical Engineering, TBII, 2T, KME, AX, AlChE ATTEBERRY, JAMES L., Abilene English AYRES, ELEANOR, Austin Home Economics, Interior Decoration, AAII, YWCA, Cap and Gown, Women Voters BAKER, JOE HENRY, Fort Worth Government, A Q, MICA, Athenaeum, Ex-Servicemen, Longhorn Band BAKER, JOHN WESLEY, Austin Sociology, Curtain Club, Camera Club BARCLAY, CHARLES R., Massillon, Ohio Pharmacy, ATA BARROW, THOMAS DAVIES, Houston Geology, ATS2, I H, TBII, RE. AIME, Ramshorn BASKIN, JANE OSBORN, Birmingham, Ala. Physical Education, ZTA. BELL, SIDNEY LIBERTY, Fairport, N. Y. Geology, A4Q, Semper Fidelis, Outing Club, Ex-Servicemen BERLING, JAMES PAUL, Houston Mechanical Engineering BEVERLY, JARVIS BRADFORD, Edinburg Physiology, Ex-Servicemen BICKLEY, EDWARD CLIFTON, El Paso Electrical Engineering, 2T, AIRE, AIEE BLANCHETTE, JAMES, GRADY, Dallas Law and Business Administration, 4TA, 4 A , HS, AEIT, Basketball Manager, Interfraternity Council, Cowboys, Cactus BLOCKER, JEANNETTE JOYCE, Austin Drama Education, AXQ, Curtain Club, Cap and Gown, Texarkana Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee BOREN, JAMES M., Corpus Christi Mechanical Engineering, IIT2, ASME, MICA, Ex-Servicemen, Corpus Christi Club BOWIE, WILLIAM HOWARD, Dallas Petroleum Engineering BOWMAN, JOAN PHYLLIS, Longview Chemistry BRADFORD, OPAL UDEL, Rock Springs Law, WICA, YWCA, U.T. Bar Association. Camera and Models Club, Bluebonnel Belle No ' minee, Glamazons, U. T. Sweetheart BRALY, EARL BURK, Eastland English BRANCH, JO ELLECE, Houston Biology, English and Spanish, WICA, Curtain Club BRINKERHOFF, MARY, Waco English, Ranger Staff, Daily Texan BROOKS, JACK B., Beaumont Law, ZAX, Friars, Cowboys, Southeast Texas Club BROOKS, THOMAS T., Silverton Government, Panhandle Club BROUTHERTIN, MARY LYNN, Midland Bacteriology, I 2, f BK BROWN, LILLA JEAN, Corsicana Musicology, Corsicana Club, American Guild of Organists BRUFFEY, GEORGE WILLIAM, Washington, D. C. General Business, Glee Club, Intramurals, A Cappella Choir CAIN, DONALD E., Dallas Law, Tejas CAMMACK, ELMORE, Kilgore Accounting, MICA, GK, BA . Rusk, Ex-Servicemen CARLTON, ELOUISE, El Paso History, AAA CARLTON, PAUL H., El Paso Business Administration CARMICHAEL, SALLY FRANCES, Fort Worth Drama, Curtain Club, Radio House CAWTHON, WILLIAM CONNELL, Paris Mechanical Engineering, PACE 18 Graduates CHESNICK, HILFORD JOSEPH. Victoria Baateea Admini lr tion Plan I. TA+ CLARK, GEORGE MARVIN, Pittsburg Mechanical Eminrrrin,. I1T1. TBII. ASME. YMCA. R.m.hor.. Welej Found - lion, Thclcme Co-Op CLAYTON. FRANCES ELIZABETH. Texarkana Zoolory. -. Teiarkana Club COERS. ROY HELMUTH, Seguin Education CONSTANT. CHLOE MATHILDE, Dallas Btt-UBc A dmiimi ration, ZIA CORDELL. JAMES CLARE, Gardner, Kans. Petroleum Enfinrrrinj. LI " 1 ' , T COX. J 1F.S TALLEY, Temple Buinr .t Adminitriion and Law. K COX, WILLIAM HOYT, Orange Electrical Engineering. AIEE CRAIN. WILLIAM HENRY. Victoria Drama. ARE. Curtain Club CROSTHWAIT, El GENE LEE. Mexico City, D. F. Aeronautical Engineering. IAES. N man Club CROWDER. CLEMMIE DEWEY, Austin Architectural Engineerinr. TBII. ZE. +HS. TSA. KK+. ASA. Sphini. Cow- boya. " ev DARNELL. ROWLAND JONES, Lombardy, Miss. Architecture. KA. HI . Deep South Club DAVIS, KATHERINE SPILLER, Conroe Government. I ' +B, TAA DAMS. OKA M., Austin Accounting. AX. Interfratemity Council DILLMAN. JOHN EDWARD, San Diego, Calif. Architectural Eafincerint DOUGLAS, JIM, Austin Civil Engineering. ATA. +H. XE. TBH. ASCE. Ranubora. Journal of Architecture, Engineering, and Industry Dt-BOSE, H. JAY. Belton Journalism. SAE. IAX. Silver Spur, Daily Texan, Coodfellow DIGGER, EILEEN ELIZABETH, Mexico City, D. F. Government. Latin- American Studies. Women Voters. Club de Mexico, Latin- Union . Newman Club DUNHAM. ROBERT MARION, Amarillo Chemical Enjinterinj DURWAY, JOSEPH ROBERT, Fort Worth Spani.b. +BK. IAH. Pretbrterian Student Lcmfae EASON. JOHN HAROLD GILMER. Austin Chemical EnjiDeerir-j. IX. A Q, AIChE, Ei-Senricemen. Equntrian Cluh V M)N. MARJORIE RUTH WIER, Austin Applied Mathematics ELWELL, HARRY HOWARD, Galveston Penonnel Management, HE, CalTcMon Club ERICKSON, ROGER, L., Dallas Civil Engineering. Architecture, AX. A+Q. ASCE KW ING. JEANNE SYBIL, La Porte Speech Education. AAII. 11. 6. Mortar Board. A embly, Sidney Lanier. Radio Home. Women Voten. Co-Ed Aaembly. Cap and Gown. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee FARMER. ELIZABETH MOSBY, Junction Spanifh. ZTA. 1AI1 FULLER. THOMAS LESTER, Austin Ciril Engjoex-ring. +KS. ASCE GARRISON, HOWARD R., Fort Worth Chemical Engineering. TBH. +AT. AIChE COODLETT, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Henderson Engliah, WICA. Blue loclungi. Claxical Club GRIEG, AGNES ELISE, Van Bnren, Ark. Zoology. +1 HACKETT, CHARLES WILSON, Austin Penonnel Manacement, +K. +BK. H1A. IAH. H1. YMCA. Coodfello.. OnUtandicc Student. Cactui. Glee Club. Radio HOUK. Ei-Serricemen. Aoatin Club HALE, MARY ELLEN, Austin Muaic Education, Muncian. Siugen, Light Opera. Glee Club. A Cappella Qoir H. LL, SEIDEL S Austin Civil Engineering. +K!. ASCE HAMILTON, MARY SUSAN, Cuero Phytiolog;, ZTA, Pierian, Spook . Racket Club HANDLER, SHIRLEY WOLZ, Marshall ZoologT. TAA. +1. IIA8. AAUW. Glee Club 19 Graduates HARTLE, ROBERT WYMAN, Austin Romance Languages HASSINGER, ETHAN VIVIAN, Seguin Electrical Engineering, A1EE, Presbyterian Student League HASTINGS, SAM HENRY, Baytown Chemistry HATA, FRANK TADASHI, Fowler, Calif. Electrical Engineering, f HS. TBII. AIEE, MICA, Intramuralt HAUN, JAMES WILLIAM, Austin Chemical Engineering, SZXE, A !2, AIChE HEMPHILL, PATRICIA FRANCES, Tyler English, XB, YWCA, Bluestockings, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Reagan, Brat HERNDON, CHARLES LEE, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ASME, lAeS, Presbyterian Student League HIPPLE, MILLARD LESTER, Austin Mechanical Engineering, TBII, IIT, ASME, MICA, Friars, Who ' s Who, Mike Flynn Award, Ex-Servicemen, Ramshorn, Outstanding Student, Assembly, Round-Up Committee HOFFMAN, SIDNEY, Monsey, N. Y. Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, AIEE, ASME, IRE HOLLOW AY, RAY FRANK, Dallas Accounting, 4H2J, Curtain Club, Press Club, Dallas Club HOWARD, CLARENCE LEE, De Leon Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association JOHNSTON, PAUL, Jonesboro, Ark. Business Administration JORDAN, HENRY GRADY, Dallas Business Administration, Management, 4 A0, IE, Inlramurals, Freshman Football JOSEPH, MARJORIE LOUISE, Austin Personnel Management, WICA, BBA, Assembly, Griscom Speakers, Oratorical Association Varsity Debate Squad, Women Voters, Newman Club KANTER, PINNEY, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, Hillel Foundation KEITH, GEORGE MORGAN, Austin Chemical Engineering, Tejas, A I B, AIChE, YMCA, Ramshorn KIPP, CARL CHRISTIAN, Austin Mathematics, Electrical Engineering KRODEL, WILLIAM JOHN, Austin Chemistry, , MICA, Ex-Servicemen LADWIG, MARION CHANDLER, Grandview Law, Athenaeum, Wesley Foundation LAIRD, JOHN ARTHUR, III, Laredo Electrical Engineering, AIEE, IRE, Newman Club, Laredo Club LANG, ARTHUR W., Laredo Physical and Health Education, P.E.M. LEWIS, CHARLES WlLLARD, Dallas Bacteriology, 4 2, Society of American Bacteriologists, Texas Academy of Science, Canterbury Club, Dallas Club LITCHFIELD, WILLIAM, Wichita Falls Business Administration, Law, B0II, A f , Cowboys, Txas Law Review Quizmaster LOVLI, BETTY GRAYCE, Houston Journalism, YWCA, Ex-Servicemen, Westminster Players, Houston Club McCANN, CHESTER FRANKLIN, Henderson Personnel Management, MICA, Stephen F. Austin McGEE, THEODORE DUPREE, Timpson Accounting, BA McGLAMERY, DOROTHY L., Austin Education, Wesley Foundation McKINNEY, JAMES DURST, Abilene Pure Mathematics MARTIN, JAMES WATSON, Kerrville International Trade, AXA, Glee Club MARTIN, ROBERT MICHAEL, Brownwood Law and Business Administration, f ri, 4 BK, EPS, 4 H, T Association MARTINE, FLOYD LEONARD, Austin Physical Education MASQUELETTE, PHILIP ABBOTT, Houston Accounting, AE MEANS, JOHN A., Decatur, Ala. Geology, 4 S MERICLE, LEO W., San Antonio Botany, 4 , Texas Academy of Science METCALFE, TOM BROOKS, Elgin Chemical Engineering Graduates MILLJS, HUGH LOWELL, Dallas Electncal EUMfU. MICA. AIEE. IRE MITCHELL, ROBERT WILEY. Roswell, X. Met Pharmacy, iN, American Pharmaceutical A ocjnoe, Intrrf ilrrnit% Cooacil MONTGOMERY, JAMES IRL. Wichita Falls fmamrm AdauatMralion. 8611. 1IT1. +H1. TBI1. VSMr . Silv bora. Yirhiu Fall. Club MOOSBERG, FRANK OSCAR, Au,iin Horn ECMOTUC . ln.titutioB.1 - MOTSCH, CHARLES POLLOCK, Eagle Pas li.k. AX. bo ' . bo MLNTZ, ROBERT ROLAND, Sylvania, Ohio N Ml . VUI.1JAM ALDEX. Clifford Entlib. MA. Canterbury Club. Radio HOOM. Graduate EnflUil Club N -ll. JOE WARE. Kaufman AccoMti M ATA. BA+. BFS. +HT NICHOLSON. DANIEL ELBERT, Waco : E. Mill I M t.RUKS. Midland : -aal. 1+E. HI. 1AX. FrUra. Daily True Edil x. Riocn Suff. " rriccflMB OCCHIPINTI. FARA. Kenner, La. PkaraiarT, America 9 Ph rmac -uticAl ASMV iitjoii. Amrrican Qtcraical Society 01 I I INK. JUDD H., Conroe r. AXA. +1. IfE. IntrrfriK-mitT Council il.VW. ]H LD F-, Austin Educ!ion P A ! : - MS I LLY DARTER. Austin Sociology. Trt AorUtion for ComtntinilT PluaJD{. PARTI N. ( MARLES A.. Nacogdoches PEALE. WILLIAM F.. Austin t oo EnfiD-ri M . AIF.E. Ruuboni. Rifle Club PENTCK. DUDLEY PAYSON. Austin dnkal Entineerinj. TBJI. OIE. +AT. +BZ. AlChE. Ranwhora. Clee Quk TK-EK. KDWIN J Hallets ille ArrovBliof, A IT. Ne man Club. South Central Texas Club PHELP5. VIRGINIA RAE. Toledo, Ohio ZoolofT. AEA. TAA. +1 PIERSON. ORIS E.. Qifton Anvrirao Hi.ttrT. Glee Club. E -Sr iceme PORTER. COY MELVIN. Nonralk, Calif. Crril Entir erin,. ASCE. Silier Spr. Rmhora, Track. Yell Leader. T AorUlio RADEY. KENDRirK. Amarillo Aeratt.tvt.kal EncioerriB(. lArS RALEY. ROY GLYXN. Miles Pre-Me eal. E -f rrncrmai. Sqvire and Club RAY. NORMAN WALTER, Waller Trn poruiion. f Z. Luibrran Stvdc-at A orUtio REYNni I- MKKM N. Goldthwaite Publir Adrr.ini Triioo RIOS-ZERTI i UK. Vn MO. Mexico City. D. F. um Enc.Derrittc and ROQUEMORE. WILLIAM KENNETH. DeBem Ckemital Eafiwrruc. CXE. AIChE ROSS. JOSEPH HAXSBRO, Houston Cbemi,tr. IS. Club RUVT. LLOYD G.. Wharton U. AIA RYAN. JOHN All KN. Karnes City ataeM Admin. tration. XX SCHOHELD. DANIEL A.. Lima, Peru Ckemk.1 E ucnuc. SK. +AT. Aaeriru Cbemic.1 Socielr. Socie Ud QwBic. del Pen. Sociedad dc Inferiero. del Peru, later- American AM TUIHMI SCHOnELD. LEONOR CASTRO DE, Lima, Peru Sociolocy. I AH. ITAn. Pan-Amerieao Round Table. Inter. Arnerican AuirU ' .ia . Clameal Clab SCOTT. SHIRLEY GEXEVIEVE. Dallas artCTiolor. ZTA. I. Onoo.b. A hbel. Canl-rburr Club. Bluetminet Belle Noi- Voter. SEBAMIXY NXTHAN P.. Austin Aecajtij. BA+. Ei-Stn ' .ffmra SEBRING, LOUIE. Alice Geolo,, ITE. A4-C. MMI . Air Force, A ori.tio.. Re rre OCren ' csattoat n D p Graduates SHIFLETT, BILLY BOB, Dallas Naval Science and Tactics, Longhorn Band, Interfaith Workshop, Presbyterian Club SIMS, JAMES CREWS, Woodville Chemistry SKRABANEK, JOHN WARREN, Austin Geology SMITH, HAL DAVIS, Alpine Applied Mathematics, A 0, MICA, Ex-Servicemen, Swing and Turn, Wesley, West Texas Club SMITH, MORGAN GARSED, Wallingford, Pa. Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering, 2AE, MICA, ACS, AIChE, AIME, ASME, Texas Society for Atomic Control SMITH, WEAKS GARDNER, Paducah, Ky. Architecture, IIKA, Sphinx SMITH, WILFORD DAVIS, Austin Music Education, 4 MA ST. JOHN, ERNEST REVERE, Vicksburg, Miss. Industrial Engineering, YMCA. ASME, Officers Reserve STOLL, MARGO, Dallas Business Administration, AOII, Touche, Panhellenic, Co-Ed Assembly, NTAC CluU SUDBURY, JOHN DEAN, Natchitoches, La. Chemistry TACQUARD, MARGARET ELEANOR, Austin Bacteriology, M, 4 2, AAA, Mortar Board, Presbyterian Student League TALLEY, ROBERT EARL, Newton Mechanical Engineering, Square and Compasses Club THOKEY, JAMES W., Union City, Ind. Accounting, AX, A4 Q, Glee Club TIPS, CRAIG ADAMS, San Antonio Geology, 4 FA, San Antonio Club TIPTON, DAVID BUTLER, Dublin Journalism, AX, Daily Texan TROUTT, EVELYN JEAN, Dallas Music Education, A Cappella Choir, Musicians, NTAC Club TSO, PIAO, Kiangsi, China Journalism, Daily Texan TURNER, ROBERT LINCOLN, Nacogdoches Aeronautical Engineering, 0A, lAeS TYLER, RICHARD MALCOLM, Austin Accounting, AU, Monitor Club, Freshman Basketball VEGA-CHRISTIE, DAVID, Lima, Peru Housing and City Planning, EAII, Texas Association for City Planning Research and Education, Union Latino Americana, Inter-American Asso- ciation, Newman Club WALLACE, DOROTHY LOIS, Beaumont Bacteriology, 4 2, AAAS, Texas Academy of Science, Society of American Bac- teriologists WARD, BENJAMIN QUINN, Crystal City Bacteriology, X , , A K2, Interfraternity Council WARREN, B. DAVIS, Emerson, Ark. Spanish, Ex-Servicemen, La Societe Francaise WARREN, LEONARD ANTHONY, Houston Pre-Med WATKINS, THOMAS E., Seagoville Chemistry, Instructor WELCH, BEN T., Liberal, Kans. Marketing, A4 S2, Wesley Foundation, Yankee Club WELHAUSEN, MARY KATHERINE, Yoakum Business Administration, Personnel Management, AXft, 2IE WHITE, WILLIAM LYNN, Dallas Business Administration, KA, Ex-Servicemen WILDER, DARWIN LEROY, Mineral Wells Law, Mason WILKIN, GEORGE E., Dallas Petroleum Engineering 2AE, Dallas Club WILSON, ROBERT MUNSEY, Austin Electrical Engineering, A S, MICA, AIEE WINTERS, FRANCIS GRAY, Houston Mechanical Engineering, 2 E, IITZ. ASME, Houston Club WOROB, SIDNEY RICHARD, Austin Sociology, AKA YEAGER, LUCILE CAROLYN, Mobile, Ala. Home Economics, BSU, Glee Club, Deep South Club, Women Voters, Home Economics Club ZUNIGA, GUILLERMO (WILLIE), Laredo Chemical Engineering, TBII, AT, OXE, AIChE, Little Camous Association, Intramurals, Laredo Club PACE 22 Seniors ABBOTT, CALVIN ROGER. Electra Sociology. Business Administration. ATA. YMCA. Hogg. Radio House. Glee Club. Presbyterian Club ABELL, JOHN B., Sacramento, Calif. Civil Engineering. ASCE. Califurnians ADAMS, ALDEN RANARD, Cedar City, Utah Electrical Engineering. AIEE ADAMS, JAMES WESLEY, Femdale, Ark. Geology, +PA. +HI. HE ADAMS, ROZWELL SAM, Daisette Advertising, t KT ADAMS, WINIFRED, Odessa Art. WICA. Art Students Association. Rainbow. Cap and Gown, Cultural Enter- tainment Committee, Weft Texas Club ADDISON, MARY RUTH, Conroe Hi lory AKIN, HENRY DAVID, Dallas Government, 4A ALBERS, ERNEST N., Dime Box BusineM Admi.mtrition ALEXANDER, ABBYE RAE, Houston Radio Broadcasting. A4 K. Curtain Club. Upperclasa Advisor l KXANDER, MARY LOUISE, Ennis Zoology, P+B. +1. AEA. Bowling Club l K DER, MARY OLNEY, San Antonio English. AAII. Bluestockings, Huckaday Club, Bow and Arrow. Present Day, San Antonio Club ALLALA. GLORIA LUCILLE, Brownsville Spanish. -A4 . Junior Pin-American Round Table. Newman Club ALLEN, F. ROSAMOND, Jackson, Miss. Geology. AP. Women ' s Geological Society, YWCA, Cap and Gown ALLEN, FORREST CLEVELAND, Corpus Christi Business Administration, Prc-Med. X+, Corpus Christi Club, Ex-Servicemen ALLEN, GLORIA PATRICIA, Georgetown Journalism. AAA. Daily Texan. Cap and Gown, Who ' s Who in American College and t ' rmriMties, Women Voters ALLEN. JAMES KYLE, Frost Law, AXP, MICA. Hogg. Varsity Debate, Ex-Servicemen. Pre-Law Society, U.T. Bar, Oratorical Association. Who ' s Who. Outstanding Student ALLEN, LAZINKA MARTIN, Corpus Christi Home Economics, ZTA, XTTT. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee. Corpus Christi Club ALLr Y I K VIS, B., Hallettsville Government. X+. Pre-Law, South-Central Texas Club. Interfrati-rnity Council, I ' niversity Gun Club ALLEN, WANDA FELICE, Texarkana Journalism. YWCA. Texarkana Club ALLMAX. RAY MADISON. Amarillo Naval Science and Psychology, K2. Weight-lifting team. Southwestern-Ex ALMAZAN, GUILLERMO, Mexico City, D. F. Chemical Engineering. MICA. Brackenridge Hall Association, Ramshorn. Club de Mexico ALPHIN, JAMES ARMSTRONG, El Dorado, Ark. Geology, K , Ex-Servicemen, American Legion ANDERSON. MARY E., College Station Psychology. PfrB. Mortar Board, Glee Club, Bow and Arrow. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee. Presbyterian Student League NDERSON, MAX ALFRED, Fort Worth ANDREWS, JAMES FOSTER, Amarillo Mechanical Engineering. TBII. I1TI, ASME. Panhandle Club ANDREWS, MARY JO, Houston Home Economics. AOJI. Home Economics Club. Intramurals ANSON, BETTY JEAN, Harlingen Journalism. FIB . YWCA. Texan Staff, Canteen Aide. Women Voters, Rio Grande Valley Club APPLEWHITE, MARY LOIS, Beeville Spanish. ATA, Cap and Gown. Inter- American A ociation. Presbyterian Student League ARMINTOR, DOVIE MARIE, Port Arthur Voice Pedagogy. WICA. Opera Company. Musicians. A Cappella Choir, Singers, laas Advisor i: ISTRONG, ANNABELLE, Austin - .logy. AZ. AAA. 1AH. AKA. Panhellenic, Canterbury Club. Cp and Gown, Bluebonnet Belle i,mine . Mental Hygiene Society K IH UON ;. ROSE MARIE, Brownsville Sociology, We ley Foundation, Touehe, Valley Club. Women Voter ARNALL, DWIGHT LEE. Artr ia. N. Mex. Business Administration, I+E. BPI. +HI, Cross Country, NHOTC ARNOLD. KENNETH BERT, Houston Architecture. AXA. Int. rfraternily Council, A.S.A.. A.F.A.. Houston Club ATKINSON, CHARLES PAT, Anton Mechanical Engine- ring PACE 23 r JLJl Seniors AUSTIN, HAROLD TRUETT, Brownwood Electrical Engineering AUSTIN, JAMES BRYAN, Plainview Personnel Management, f K, Cowboys, Tarleton Club AUTHUR, OUIDA LA JUAN, Talpa Zoology, Pre-Med AVENT, RICHARD GRAY, Austin Law, MICA, Meteorology Society, Daily Texan, Cactus Staff AVERY, RALPH L., Clay Center, Kans. Mechanical Engineering, Intramurals AVES, PRISCILLA, LaPorte Pharmacy. KE, WICA, Canterbury Club, Girl Scout Leader. Upperclass Advi.or. Nurse ' s Aide, American Pharmaceutical Association BACHLE, MILDRED LORA1NE, Nordheim Music Education, Musicians, University Symphony, Cap and Gown. Co-IM Assembly BACKENSTOE, DOROTHY PHYLLIS, Galveston Drama. Acting, XQ, Touche. YWCA, Cap and Gown, Curtain Club. C..-I..1 Assembly, Women Voters, Canterbury Club, Hockaday Club BADER, BERTRAN THOMAS, Houston Government BAGGETT, ROBERT S., Archer City Business Administration BAILEY, HOWARD PUGH, Dallas Chemistry, Curtain Club, Radio House, NTAC Club BAKER, BARBARA ANNE, Washington, D. C. Physical Education, TIA6, AAA, WICA, YWCA, Cap and Gown. Murtar Board, P.E.M., Women Voters, Wesley Foundation. Girl Scout I.ead.-r BAKER, ERNEST BEASLEY, Austin Business Administration, International Trade BAKER, LAURA JEAN, San Angelo English. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Newman Club, West Texas Club BAKER, NITA RUTH, Austin Physical Education, AAII, Spooks, Tee Club, P.E.M.. Intramurals. Women Voters BALETKA, WILLIAM JOHNNY, Rosebud Education, History, MICA, Czech Club BARBER, NORMA JEAN, Stockdale Journalism, Wesley Foundation BARCLAY, PARRI SUE BICKFORD, Corpus Christi Home Economics, AAA BARKER, BRUCE W., Sadler Chemical Engineering, MICA, AIChK BARNARD, ALLEN G., Lamesa Business Administration. Varsity Coif, Ex-Servicemen, West Texas Club, Brackenridge Hall Association BARNES, ROBERT NASH, Rockwall Business Administration, Ex-Servicemen, NTAC, Air Force Association BARRETT, ELIZABETH ANN, San Antonio English, Classical Club, Bluestockings, Junior Pan-American Round Table BARRILEAUX, GLADYS LEE, Beaumont Journalism, Southeast Texas Club, Newman Club BARRON, VIRGINIA LOUISE, Austin Home Economics, AZ, Bow and Arrow, UTSA Council. Wesley Foundu- tion, Co-Ed Assembly, Women Voters, Girl Scout Leader BASTION, VIRGINIA RUTHE, Port Arthur Psychology. Mental Hygiene Society, Cap and Gown, Southeast Texas Club BAUER, JOHN WILLIAM, Seguin Business Administration, Accounting, Ex-Servicemen BAXTER, TURNER BUTLER, Dallas Business Administration, K 1 ] ' BEARD, ARDIS D.. Ballinger Business Administration, BA ' , Square ami Compasses Club BEARD, NATHAN GERALD, Henderson Business Administration, NROTC, Varsity Football, Intramurals BECKHAM, MOLLIE ELAINE, Austin Home Economics, ON, Home Economics Club BEHR, LUCY JANE, Houston Philosophy BEHRENS, PAUL DUDLEY, Fort Worth Civil Engineering, XE, ASCE BEIDLEMAN, JUANA FAY, Overtoil Elementary Education BEKEN, CARLYNE BEE, Yorktown Elementary Education, Glamazons BELITSKY, LELA, Shreveport, La. Jouinalism, A l ' E, 0 t , Orange Jackets, Daily Texan, Bluestocking . 30 Club, Women Voters BELL, PAUL GERVAIS, Houston Law, KS PACE 24 Seniors BELLMONT. TED LUTCHER, Austin XliBaf-aval. AKK. Cowboy . Cj.t-rbary Club. Ex-Sericeaea. Beaerre OaWer. BELLOWS. GEORGE FERRIS, Houston Eaciaeeriac. Ki. A XT.. Raauaora BENEKE. FRANK H.. Houston Meekaakal Eaciaeeriac. ASME. Track. T.aibliat BERGMAN. W. MYERS. Port Arthur Ckeaueal Eaciaeeriaf. A+C. AlCbE. Aawrieaa Ckeaucal Society BERRY. HARRELL E., Dallas BERRY. JIM SMITHER. Huntsville + A7. Ki-Serriceava. Pralker Hill AxorUtion BERRY. SARAH RUTH, Lame Plaa II. miCA. B-l . YWCA. dp ad Co Coooril BERRY. WILLIAM B., San Antonio Pre-Med. FA. Saa Antooio Club. NF BUB Clk ' . HKNK K KNEST, Caldwell Mtrk ' tinr. ! :- -rn. Circh Cinb BETHELL U ILLIAM DECATL R. Pennn, Calif. EacuvT-rioc. XK. TBII. ASCE. lUm.hofn BIGGER. MORTON. Dallas Ccoloc?. KA. H ' E. GoodMla . .. Imttifntrimilj Coawil BIGG . ELIXABETH LIVERMORE, Long Beach, Calif. Con-nuvnl. A+. Hi . A.U. MuH-nt Pui,ii -li..o. Boud. Daily Tru. Pn Clnb. BraU. ClaMlcal Club. onyrn VoKr. BIGHAM. HARRAL AIKEN. Paducah Pbarnucr. +KT. Anvrien Clob AMorUlioB. Ex-Smkemira. Vnl Trim BIRD. BEYERLEY, Fort Worth r IVror.tirj. XC . Spook.. Cap B.i Con. T.S.C.V. Club. Co-Ed Awrmkly. Vocen BI HOP. EUGENE L.. Temple Meckuieal Eaim tiac. ASME BISHOP, WEBSTER. Dallas +AO. Bof-.. Intram jr.l,. Co-Op Trophy Be l l.triD.ral -4l- ' 42 BLACK. FRANK I... Kansas City, Mo. Pcnooel Maaafxamt- IIK BLAIR. CAROLYN ELIZABETH, Waco n.i.r AdmioMniion. AI ' A. BBA. AAA. Rrafao. Cap aad Con. Puhellraic, B -IU Nomine. PmbytrrUa Student BLAKELY. LUCINDA E Little Rock. Ark. Sorioto{i . Club. Cap ud Co... WoBca ottti BLAN HARD, GEORGE GROYER, Port Neches BLANCHET. ANNE Lot I E, Port Arthur tifn +JI. Newawa Club. Cunno Club. H.dio Hoaw. Dncmeria " 46. ' 47 BLAND, BOBBIE JEAN. Dallas Co enia t. I ' pprrcla Adruor. Cap aa Dalla Clnb Co. laltf-Aawri aa Soriety. Co-Cd BI NDIN. LECRISTHA VASTA. Wichita FalU AX2. VCA. o Fall. Cl.b Volrn. C Caatabary Club. BLANTON. JACK SAWTELLE, Houston Goterueat. AKE. Tram. Capuia, Coboy . T Axociatioa, Coodfellow. Coafereace Teaau Doable. Ckaatpioataip ' IS. l.terfraleraity Coocil A.-rmbU. Pre-Uw BLEAKLEY. IR(,IL JACK. San Antonio Ceolocy. Pre-Med. BHII. Saa Antonio Oak. AVC. Ei-Serri eaK BLEWETT. THERESA NELL. Canyon Eroaotaio. AZP. TICA. oa ra ' V r ity Debate. Cmcoai Speaker.. Co-Ed BLOCKSOM. BETTY JO, Plainview Accoaatiac. BBA, oav. Voter , Cap and Cowa BLOTZ, CATHERINE ARLINE, Rocky Ford, Colo. Betailiac. AAII. BBA. oea Voter, BLOLNT. DORIS MARIE. Hillsboro Eleamrtary Edac.tioa. H ' . -. .p .nd Co.a. Wo BLUME. JAMES D., Port Arthur Meckaaical Eaciaeeriac. TBII. (ITI. A -AIL BLUME, IRWIN HENRY. Houston Xerhaaieal EacJaeeriac. A Q. MICA. -MI Voter. BODDEKER, DORRIS El .KNK. Gaherton Edxalioa. IIB . ACE. Bow aad Arrow. Cal.nloa Club BODE. FRED WIN-ToN. Kemnlle BOHN, CONRAD R.. Austin Ckeanxry. AKK. +HI +M A KK + . T. Kadio Hoaae Orrkotra. L ' aireruty Syatpboay BOND. WALLACE GORDON, San Antonio Arcaitectaral Ea(iaeeria(. TBII. ' - BONNER. BE1TY -I E. Edinburg Secretarial. - . BBA. Cap aad Con. Valley Pace S Seniors BOOKOUT, FRED CARNEY, Dallas Industrial Relations, Alii. MICA, Ex-Servicemen BOOTH, RONALD EARL, Farwell Piano, MA, University Singers, Glee Club. West Texas Club BOSWELL, TOL, San Benito Latin-American Trade, 2N BOWEN, CLIFTON C., San Antonio Ph.irmacy, PX, 4 2, American Pharmaceutical Association BOYD, MARION GAYLE, Abilene Nutrition, Home Economics, A , Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Abilene Club BOYLES, ROBERT G., Modesto, Calif. Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Monitor Club BRADBURY, ROSEMARIE, San Angelo Psychology, AXH, YWCA, Glamazons, West Texas Club BRADLEY, ROBERT EDWARD LEE, Houston Business Administiation, Plan II, ATO, BRALY, BILL TOM, Brady Mechanical Engineering, 63, Brady Club BRAME, ROBERT EDWARD, Visalia, Calif. Mechanical Engineering, A i S2, MICA BRATTON, BILLIE RUTH, Freer Home Economics, Clothing, AOII, Home Economics Club, Women Voters BRAUD, ROLAND, Beaumont Business Administration, KA BRAXTON, JAMES ALLEN, Amarillo Advertising, GE, Intramurals, Panhandle Club BRAY, MARY FERN, Midland Music, M4 E, NTTT, WICA. MICA Sweetheart ' 45, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Radio House, Cap and Gown, University Musicians, Upperclass Advisor BREIHAN, ROBERT E., Kerrville Electrical Engineering, A4 Q, AIEE, MICA, Wesley Foundation BREWER, HERBERT LEE, Emporia, Kans. Geology, 2 i E, A4 S2, Hogg, Galvcston Club BRIDGERS, HELEN DRAKE, Atlanta, Ga. Home Economics, ON BRIDGERS, RAY HARRIS, Austin Accounting BRIGGS, JOSEPHINE BURNITT, Calvert Sociolopv, ZTA, YWCA, Present Day, Co-Ed Assembly, Cap and Gown BRIN, LEON S., Fort Dodge, Iowa Architecture, 42A, ASA, Intramurals BRODERICK, HAROLD CHRISTIAN, Houston Business Administration, Houston Club, California Club BRODHEAD, HOWARD, III, Gainesville Chemical Engineering, X, AIChE, Camera Club BROMLEY, MARSHALL B., Sweetwater Accounting, A-II, Ex-Servicemen BROOKE, JOSEPH CLARANCE, Temple Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association BROOKS, GEORGE ALBERT, Austin Transportation, Propeller Club BROWN, BARBARA MARIE, Galveston Elementary Education, AAi, ACE, YWCA, Women Voters, Ashbel. Calveston Club BROWN, DONALD CEYLON, Longmeadow, Mass. Chemical Engineering, SN. f H2, AIChE, NROTC, Intramurals, interfraternity Council, Ramshtirn, Yankee Club, Ex-Rotcee BROWN, ELBERT HAYNES, Ventura, Calif. Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS, California Club BROWN, GEORGE ANN, Fort Worth Interior Decorating, 4AA, NTTT, Fort Worth Club BROWN, HAZEL JUNE, Corpus Christi Physical Education, PEM, Corpus Christi Club BROWN, JOHN EDWARD, Oakland, Calif. Electrical Engineering, AIEE, MICA, Californians BROWN, MARY FRANCES, Garland Radio, KKT, Radio House, Bluebonnet Belle BROWN, ROBERT RAY, Luling Public Accounting, 9E, Y.MCA, South Central Texas Club BROWN, ROY MILLER, Arlington Transportation, NTAC Club, Propeller Club, Ex-Servicemen BROWNLEE, JEAN CAROLINE, Knoxville, 111. Psychology, Junior Pan-American Round Table, Inter-American Association BRUCK, BETTY JANE, Waco English, AE4 , BK, AAA, YWCA, Women Voters, Present Day, Glamazons, Bluestockings, Sidney Lanier, Cap and Gown Council PACE 26 Seniors BRUYERE. JOHN ALAN, Houston Mecbanical Engineering, +HZ. A+Q. ASME. Ramshorn. Student Christian An BRYANT, NORMA, Austin AXQ. AAA. BBA. YWCA. Wesley Foundation BRYSON, JOHN B., Amarillo English. MICA. Texas Ranger Editor. Tr. Student Publication Board. Duly Teian. Cactus. Ex-Serrtcemen BRYSON, MARY EVELYN, Bastrop Home Economics. Child Development. ZTA. Glee Club. Ho Clb. Camera and Models Club Economics BUCKLES, ROBERT GENE, Abilene Electrical Engineering. 6Z. Wes t Texas dub. Intramural Manager. Abilene Club BUEHRING. H. TERRY, Yoakum Personnel Manacemrnl. AII1. Ei-Serricemen. Soulb Central Texas Club HI VI N. LUCIUS DESHA, San Antonio Government. MICA. Brackenridge Hall AMoeiatioa. Tri-Don Council. San Antonio Club, Lonfnoni Bind. E -SerricenKn BURBA. ELLA LOUISE, Monroe, La. Miuic Literature. AXQ. l ' niver it Mnuciau. Vole; Foundation BURKETT. OLA RUDELL. Texarkana nniiniii AdminKtratioa. Cap and Gown. TeiariLana Club BLRMEISTER, LOIS, Pleasanton Muiic Education. rni rr :tv Muiciau. Sinfen. Opera Cboru.. A Cappelll Cboir. Di corerie of 45 BURNS. HARLAN MARION, Austin Prc-Med. +K+ BURNS. WILLIAM ALVIN, Austin Chemical Entincerinj. TBH. USE. 4 HX. AlCkE BURRUSS. JOHN WARREN, Oklahoma Gty, Okla. Industrial Enfineerinf, IN, SilTer Spur. T Aworution. Track, InterfraternitT Council BUTLER, DEWAIN ROY, Clearwater, Calif. Qvil En(iueerint. ASCE, Taley Foundation. California Club BYRD, KENNETH KEE, Archer City BostaeM AdmiitratioB CADENHEAD, ARLEY E., Austin Ceolojv AHA. Smilodon CADENHEAD. PATRICK CHARLES, Gilmer Pbyict , HI CAHOUN. DAYMAN LEE, Little Rock, Ark. Chemical Entineerinj, TBH. +AT. QXE CALLAN, BARBARA FRANCES, Waco Entliib HUtorr. KKT. YWCA. Bloectorkinft. o Belle Nominee. A hbel. Cap and Govn CALLAN. GLORL , San Angelo Enflbli ' AMPBELL. LICE LUCILE, Galveston SociolofT. KA6. Vomen Voter.. G.lienoo Club ' tPBELL. IRIS MAE, Austin Pbyaical Education, VICA. PEM. BSL ' . Spook . Bluebounet Belle Nominee. Co-Ed A-mbl. UtramuraU. Strike and Spar CAMPBELL, ROBERT FRANKLIN, Compton, Calif. Cril Engiceerinl. XE. ASCE CAMPBELL, ROY ROBERT, San Antonio Banjul ii Administration. AZII CANNON. JOANNE. Lawton, Okla. . ' GARDNER. EDWARD ANTHONY, Atlantic Highlands, N. J. PbT.ic.l Education. MICA. PEM. Semper Fidelia, Borinf, Baseball. Football CARIKER, JOE WILLIAM. Childress Botany, +1 CARROLL. EMMA EUGENH, Texarkana AT, +BK, AAA. BlneMockins. Reacan. Pre ent Da? Voters, Bluebonnet CARVER. SARA ELOISA, Taylor Zoology. WilliluMot. County Club CASTRLITA. PAULINE, Austin Spanish. n Q. Iitla. Utin- American Club. Alba CHAGNARD, JACKIE, San Antonio PUn II. S- anisi, ATA. FA, UTSA. Wosnm Voters. Can and Gown. California Club. Racket Club, Cultural Entertainment Committee. San Antonio Club CHAMBERS, CHARLOTTE ANNE, lola, Kans. Journalism. YWCA. Daily Teian. Yankee Qub. Women Voters. Presby- terian Srndent League. Monticello Club CHAM PIE. ELLMORE ALFRED, El Paso mlllj M!CA. El-SerrieeOMB CHANDLER, DOTT LOUISE, Fort Worth Secretarial. BPA. Y CA. MAC. WICA. Cap and Gown. Fort Wortb Club CHASTAIN. OLIVE MAE, Texarkana Bus-ness Administration, Cap and Gon, Teiarkana Club CHATTIELD, GEORGE ALVA, Dallas International Trade. BSU. Propeller Club. A. and M. CU Christian Association ' : .- Seniors CHEATHAM, MARY ELIZABETH, Cuero Bactcriologj , 4L, Cap and Gown CHERRY, WENDELL HENRY, Austin Business Administration CHESHIRE, LEE JEAN, Beaumont Dramatics, Directing, Curtain Club, TSO, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, South- east Texas Club CHILTON, CARL SLOAN, Port Lavaca Accounting, Air Force Association, Ex -Service men CLARK, BARBARA, Ridgewood, N. J. Applied Art, AAII, YWCA, Art Students Association, Women Voters, Orcbesis, UTSA Council, Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Assembly CLARK, DONNA LOUISE, Blossom Physiology, YWCA, BSU, Cap and Gown, Intramurals, Northeast Texas Club. Women Voters CLARK, FRANCIS BYRON, Dallas International Trade, MICA, Propeller Club, Foreign Policy Association, Ex -Service men CLARK, JAMES BENNETT, Shamrock Bacteriology, 4 2, Track, Society of American Bacteriologists CLARY, EARL MARTIN, Turnersville Plan II, 4 MA, Glee Club, Presbyterian Student League, Presbyterian Club CLAY, THOMAS WELDON, Athens Geology, KS, NROTC CLEGG, JAKE B., Trinity Real Estate and Insurance, IIKA, Longhorn Band, Glee Club, Radio House CLINTON, CLAUDE RAMSEY, Waco Accounting, KZ COBB, PEGGY CLAIRE, Dallas Zoology, r f B, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Presbyterian Student League, Dallas Club COCKE, BYRON CHENEY, Corsicana Elementary Education, NTTT, ACE, DAR, Corsicana Club COFFEE, DORIS ANNE, Amarillo English, r { B, Bluestockings, DAR, BSU, Upperclass Advisor, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Round-Up Committee, Reagan, Panhellenic COFFMAN, DOROTHY SUE, Port Arthur Journa lism, WICA, Bluestockings, Glamazons, Southeast Texas Club COHEN, MONROE D., Houston English, HA , 4 BK, TSO, MICA, Drama Workshop, Art Students Association, Hillel Independents, Campus Guild COIN, SHIRLEY MAE, Sinton Business Administration, ZAT, BBA, Women Voters COLE, GLORIA ANITA, Cameron Speech Education, WICA, Forensica, Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship, YWCA, Cap and Gown, Lon Morris, Wesley Foundation COLE, ROBERT JASON, Woonsocket, R. I. Journalism, Spanish, 1 A . Daily Texan, VMOF, Camera Club, Forum Speakers Committee, Cultural Entertainment Committee COLEMAN, FRANCES ANN, Mineola Home Economics, AAII, Sweetheart Nominee, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Cap and Gown, Reagan, YWCA, Home Economics Club, Panhellenic, Northeast Texas COLLIER, WILLIAM HENDERSON, Fort Worth Chemical Engineering, AIChE, MICA, Silver Spur, Ex-Servicemen, Fort Worth Club COLLINS, DELMAR WHITE, Marathon Architecture, ASA, Sphinx COLLINS, ROBERT LEWIS, Alhambra, Calif. Civil Engineering, TBII, XE, PH2, ASCE, Ramshorn, MICA, Intramurals. Wesley Foundation, California Club COMBS, ILLIWYN ANN, Longview Shorthand and Typing, Glamazons COMBS, JANE GRANT, Whitesboro Home Economics, Home Demonstration, ATA, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation CONNOLLY, BARBARA JOAN, Galveston Bacteriology, A t , AAA, 4Z, Spooks, Assembly, Reagan, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Sweetheart Nominee, Co- Ed Assembly, Cap and Gown CONNOR, PAULA JANET, Goose Creek Nutrition, 4 , WICA, Home Economics Club CONROY, MARGARET JANE, Houston Elementary Education, ACE, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Wesley Foundation, Houston Club COOK, HAZEL G., Bellon Zoology, Chemistry, Z COOKE, ALMA LUCILE, Houston Radio Broadcasting, Radio House CORNELIUS, CATHERINE, Eastland Journalism, Ownooch, Daily Texan, Upperclass Advisor, Reagan, Presby- terian Student League - CORREA REVES, JOSE DE JESUS, Managua, Nicaragua Civil Engineering, ASCE, Latin -American Union, Newman Club COUCH, GLENNA LEA, Austin Drama, Curtain Club COURTNEY, IDA MARRINE FOSTER, Cameron Home Economics, Teacher Education. ON, Orchesis, Home Economics Club COVEY, CAROL ALINE, Fort Worth Psychology PAGE 28 Seniors COV1NGTON, VIRGINIA STUART, Texarkana Businr Administration. AJ Cap and Gown, Texarkana Club COX, DORIS MARY, Austin Sociology. AAA. AKA. ttr.lrv Foundilion COX, ERNEST C., Terrell Economics, Ex- Servicemen COX, MARTHA ANN, Mexia Sociology. AAA. Cap and Gown COX, WANDA JEAN, Terrell Bacteriology. Poona Club, Cap and Gown COX, WILLIAM (BILLY) JESSE, Dallas Physical Education. PKM, T AMOciition, Barb ll. Football CRADDOCK, RUTH ANN, Hillsboro Speech Education. YWCA. Wppercla Council, Women Voters, Wesley Foundation, Cap and Gown CRAIN, FOREST B., Austin Sociology. Teja. Club. A i CRAWFORD, CAL RAY, Austin Mechanical Engineering. A4Q, H ( CRAWFORD, GEORGE WOLF, San Antonio PhyMr . 1111. VkVuley Foundation CREASY, ANN, Ballinper Home Economics Education. Home Economics Club CRISP, NOEL JAMES, Norwood, Colo. International Trade, Tejas Club, Rusk, Propeller Club CROCKETT, LEONARD FRANK. Ballinger Architectural Engineering, 4 KT, ASA, Ex-Servicemen CROCKETT, MOTON HAYWOOD, Austin Accounting. KKS . Longhora Band Drum Major CROWSON, PATRICIA, Dallas P.vchology. AZ. Panhrllenic, Forensic . Difccovericft of " 46. Mental Hygiene Society. D.I la. Club CRUME, HERBERT C, Dallas Architecture. TIA. Ramshorn, Sphinx CIMBIE. LELAND FRANKLIN, Fort Worth History. Ex-Rotcee, Fort Worth Club CUNMM.IIUI. ALEXANDER ARTHUR, Palacios Aeronautical Engineering, NROTC, T Association, Track, Cross Country DABNEY, CAROLYN, Harlingen !l..l,.ry. AAA DALE, JOHN RICHARD, Diboll Economics. A4 Q. MICA. YMCA. Common Sente DM I.MKYER, RUTH, Brenham KntlUh. AAII. YVl I l . Women Voter.. Inlraronrali. Cap and Gown, South Central Texas Club, Strike and Spare DANIEL, CRAWFORD JAMES, Granger Chemi.lry. Prr-Med. AKA. A C. KK . MICA. Longhorn Band I) NIELS, BEVERLY JEANNE, Galveston Sociology. AZ. A A A, AKA. Inter- American Association, Mental Hygiene Society. Wom-n Voters DANIELS, HOLT, Houston Account tng. N. Student Business Service DAMELSON, EARL R., Oklahoma City, Okla. Advertising. i.AK. Camera Club DANIELSON, EDWARD, Los Angeles, Calif. Mechanical Engineering. IX. ASME DAVENPORT, FRED ARNOLD, Decatur Pre-Mrd. P.ychoiogy. MICA, Intramural . Mental Hygiene . Young Democrat . Ex-Servicemen DAVENPORT, JANE F.. Decatur Engli.h I) KM ' ORT, NELSON EDWIN, Freeport Chemical Engineering. IN. Ei-Rolcee. AlChE, Ranuhorn. West Texa Club. Brainria County Club DAVIDSON, DICK, Bertram Accounting. MICA. Ex-Servicemen DAVIS, DOROTHY DALE, Cotulla Spuuh. Al ' A. AAA. Bluestocking., Sidney Lanier. Women Voter.. Intra- American Society, Cap and Gown D l-. KLBERT GRADY, Big Spring Pharmacy DAVIS, HOPE, Terrell Home Economic . Child Development. I ' ppercla.. Ad ior.. Home Economic. Club. Bow and Arrow DAVIS, JACK G., Houston Aeronautical Engineering. I eS DAVIS, MARY RUTH, Corpus Christi Engii.h. A . Reagan. Clamazom. Corpu. Chri.ti Club DAVIS. ROSE MARIE, Coleman Hi. lory. WICA, Clamaion., Cap and Cown. We.ley Foundation Pact 29 Seniors DAVIS, VERGIL SANFORD, Austin Management DEATON, FRANCES ANN, Wichita Falls Home Economics, Costume Design, KKI " , FOO, Ashbel, Home Economics Club. Cap and Gown, Wichita County Club DEETHS, WILLIAM RICHARD, Santa Rosa, Calif. Mechanical Engineering, IN, HT2, ASME DEFRAWI, MOHAMED RAFIK, Alexandria, Egypt Cotton Marketing DE LA GARZA, CESAR OCTAVIO, Corpus Christi Psychology, Newman Club, Club de Mexico, Inter-American Association, Camera Club, Corpus Christ! Club DELAHOUSSAYE, NORWOOD J., Beaumont Business Administration DERRICK, A. M., Comyn Petroleum Engineering, HE, AIME, Cowboys, Ex-Rotcee DEVANESEN, SAKU, Madras, India Education DIETZE, DORIS, San Antonio Business Administration, AFA, BBA, Women Voters DICKEY, CAROLYN, Winnsboro Institutional Management, ON, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown DIETZ, ELIZABETH FOGARTIE, Little Rock, Ark. History, A Cappella Choir, University Singers, Women Voters DIETZ, HENRY BROOKLYN, Corpus Christi Economics, 4 MA, Square and Compasses, Presbyterian Club DILLARD, ROY EARL, Dilley Architecture, 2 E, ASA, BSU, Cactus DILLEN, WILLIAM A., Lufkin English DINTER, HENRY ANTON, Waco Physics DIRKS, EVELYN ELAINE, Tuleta Bacteriology, Upperclass Advisor, Presbyterian Student League DIXON, PEGGY COLLEEN, Winters English DOBLES, ROBERT WALTER, Rochester, N. Y. Electrical Engineering, KA, H, TBH, AIEE, Intramurals DOCKREY, MARY ETHEL, Colorado City Plan II, BSU, WICA, Swing and Turn, Women Voters, Common Sense DODDS, ELLA VIRGINIA, Houston Sociology, r KB, TSCW, UTSA, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Bow and Arrow DONALDSON, DONALD JOSEPH, Sacramento, Calif. Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Monitor Club DONNELL, MARY ELISE, Dallas Geology, WICA, Mortar Board, Halstead House, Smilodon DONNELLAN, WILLIAM LORNE, Hollywood, Calif. Zoology, Track, University Symphony DONNELLY, GLORIA DELLAINE CARTER, Goose Creek History DONZIS, JEROME MILTON, San Antonio Chemical Engineering, SAM, TBII, S2XE, AIChE DORSEY, ALYCE FA YE, Coahoma Drama Education, Curtain Club DOSSETT, ANDREW JACKSON, Hillsboro Transportation DOUGLAS, BETTY JO, Baytown Psychology, Mental Hygiene, YWCA, Lon Morris, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation, Women Voters, Tri-Cities Club DOUGLAS, JAMES REX, Lubbock International Trade, ASH, Assembly, MICA, Propeller Club, Ex-Servicemen DOW, GLENN A., Fort Worth Transportation, Air Force Association DOWDELL, LOUISE, Dallas Home Economics, YWCA, Women Voters, Home Economics Club DOYLE, MARYANN THERESA, Longview Anthropology, WICA, Inter-Co-Op Council, Newman Club, Swing and Turn DRAZ, SAMI, Istanbul, Turkey Mechanical Engineering DRYSDALE, WAYNE CLAIR, Provo, Utah Electrical Engineering, AIEE DUBLIN, JAMES R., Midland Petroleum Engineering, AIME, American Legion DuBOSE, LOIS, Shamrock Sociology, KKF, Forensica, Stephens Club, Ashbel, Cap and Gown PACE 30 Seniors DUDLEY. MARY ANN. Amarillo SarialofT. 1C. Belle ! Cuttr Cl. Bi( Sorimj Oak DUEWALL, LEROY ALFRED, Caldwell Jo !Um. MICA M M - mper FideJi. Cluk. Ei-Servireme. DUFF. Lt LA BETH, Arlington ten Aamimi ..... in. MeMal HTCMM Society DUMAS, MARGARET BETH, Goose Creek T. Tri-Ctie. CUfc. Belle -.mi.., DUNCAN. JEAN, Corpus Christ! Ho r Ec.a.min. Corpmi CWiMi Qmfc. How Enaimii. Claa DUNTON. E. FRANK, Corsicana Pre-Med. X. Loacitora Bud. Ex-Setriceam DYER, SHERMAN ELDON, Corpus Christi rkTr.. HI. in: DYER, WILSON LELAND. Austin Ckevical tmti eeri l. A C. TBH. AlCkE, TSO. EAGLE. GEORGE BOLTON. Fort Worth 1 p J. ft ECKERT. FRANCIS MILLS, San Angelo UeS. KunhMm. Tot Teza. EDSON, BETTY ANNE, Houston Sociolotr. XQ. HOMM Omk. Car W C-m. Stepkn. CIfc EDWARDS. MARY EVELYX, CroweU Etlfc. ATA EGGER, JOE MORRIS. Round Rock Meckuical E iMtri(. MICA. ASME. " -- - . Et-Srrrk-cmra EHI.EK-. I TOR MARCUS, Austin Cm ril. A Q. PreATWriu Snufeat EICHENBERG. AVA, Houston EIRING. FR. XCES. Plaiimew Y CA. Clk EKLUND. WILLIAM ANDREW, Austin Prr-U Plu II. Ki. StlKct Spar. ImbrfnlenutT Coucil. Vwritj Carairal Committee ELDER, LINDSEY THOMAS, Garden Valley Mrd. AA. ELKINS. ANN, Lubbock Voice. +V. M E. YWCA. Ocmxe JckeU. Monr Baud. AMeM;. Glee Cl . MviciMh Open, rimjin. C cnu. Blofbo.-l Belle Nirtf . Cap .d Con. A CappelU Cfcoii. Coodfello. ELKINS. GENE C, Su-pbenville AX_ ELLIOTT, JACK RAYMOND, Palestine iufcariiil Eacueerux. MICA. ASME ELLIOTT, JO ANN, Breckenridge Kadi Homw. CmnaU Clk. Oil Bell CImk ELLIS, WUJJAM CHARLES, Austin ELLISON, EMILY ANNE, Austin Bactcml r. XO. TVCA. Cauer Cl. UTSA. Cap ud Co. WoaMM Votct.. Prri.trrU. Sn de lofM. dee dmk ELL1STON. JACK 0 Fort Worth , B8n. Fon Wonk Qmk ELLSWORTH, RALPH IRVING, San Antonio Eaciacetuc. AKE. Su Aatomio Oak. . AIME. Tr.rk. Footkall. il. T ELROD. ALICE MARIE, Taft Home Ena.mjci. Teacker Exiuratioa. ICA. BSC. EMERSON. ROYCE JUNE, Athens .ill rtdmiaiiimio. BBA. WICA. Blmt CM Belle EMERY, JO ANNETTE, McAllen Home Ecn.i-.ri. BSU. Can UK) Con. dee Oub. Home Ec.o-Jn Clmk EMRICH. WILLIAM JULIUS, Dallas Gnl Easiaeeriaf. TBH. XE. MICA. ASCE. KN ;ELHORN, DOX, w.ndom. Minn. Cnil EPSTEIN. MURGUIA CARLOS, Mexico City, D. F. Ckrmic.l EaiMeru(. +Hi. QIE. AlCkE. QmV de Meuro. Cvtata O ERICKSON. HOMER B Midland ESCHBERGER, LAMAR OSCAR, Austin Petralera Empaeetiac. 1FE. AIME ESPARZ. , SOCORRO, H Paw Alb.. El P..O Clm ESTES, WILLIAM BLOUNT, Coreicana Pre " irtimillll Seniors ETHERIDGE, FRANCES, San Antonio Home Economics, AAA, Upperclass Advisor, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Co-Ed Assembly, San Antonio Club EVANS, CLAUDIA JO, Wichita Falls Secretarial Science, AXSJ, Wichita County Club EVINS, JAMES JERRY, San Antonio English, Boxing Club, Fencing Club, Southwestern Club FAIN, PATRICIA, Lubbock English, AAA, Pierian, President Freshmen Women ' 44- ' 45 FARLEY, JAMES VINCENT, San Francisco, Calif. Naval Science and Tactics, MICA, NROTC, California Club. Rusk, Intramurals, Newman Club, Navy Rifle Team FARMER, HELEN LOUISE, Austin Plan II. Women Voters FARRIER, SAMMIE NANCY, Omaha English, ZTA, FOO. YWCA, Co-Ed Assembly, TSO, Ten Most Beautiful Girls ' 44, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Sweetheart of U.T. ' 45 FAUBION, MARY HELEN, Freeport Pre-Med, YWCA, Glee Club, Presbyterian Student League, Criscom Speakers, Varsity Debate, Brazoria County Club FAUNTLEROY, OWEN WILLIAM, Breckenridge Geology, A4 H, NROTC. Opera, Cowboys, Yell Leader ' 46, Glee Club, Ex-Rotcee, Oil Belt Club FEATHERSTON, CHARLES HENRY, Wichita Falls Business Administration, A2IT, MICA, BSU, Hogg, Ex-Rotcee FEIT, HANNAH FLORENCE, Marshall Journalism, 04 , Present Day, Women Voters FELFE, ELMO ROY, Thorndale Electrical Engineering. MICA, AIEE, Ramshorn, T Association, Varsity Football, Wrestling. Intramurals FENLAW, ADA FRANCES, Dallas Business Administration, AX12, DBA, Glee Club, Present Day, Dallas Club FENNER, EDWIN HENRY, Edna Industrial Management, IE, AIT , Ru k. Air Force Association, Presbyterian Student Leigue FENNER, NELL LOUISE, Edna Journalism, 0S I , Glee Club FERGUSON, VICTORIA, Houston Bacteriology, 4 , WICA, Glamazons FERRELL, RUSSELL E., Goose Creek Petroleum Engineering, Track, T Association FIELDEN, RUSH, San Antonio English. UK A, Newman Club, San Antonio Club FIELDS, GEORGIA, Demopolis, Ala. Journalism FINLEY, JOHN GLAZENER, Atlanta, Ga. English, Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Mason, Journeyman Printer FISCHER, ELMO LEROY, New Braunfels Government and Business -Administration, A4 J, Longhorn Band, Inter-Co-Op Council, Assembly FISHER, KENNETH, Longview Accounting, A4 2, Roberts Hall Association, Tri-Dorm Council, Northeast Texas Club FITZPATRICK, FRANK HUFF, Vinton, Va. Pharmacy FORNEY, CHARLES M., Houston Geology FOSTER, ROBERT DEWITT, Gatesville Pharmacy FOX, BETTY JEANNE, Austin Sacred Music, WICA, University Musicians, Singers, A Cappella Choir FRANK, MARY ALICE, Pensacola, Fla. Journalism, AE . YWCA, Curtain Club, Present Day, Hillel Foundation, Forensica, Editor of the Scrive ' 45, Cap and Gown, Women Voters FRANK, STANLEY COLSON, Ridgewood, N. J. Petroleum Engineering, 2N, AIME, T Association, Track FRANKLIN, ISAAC NELSON, Brownwood Naval Science and Philosophy, NROTC, Rifle Team, Intramurals FRANKLIN, MARGARET ANNE, Austin Transportation, WICA ERASER, DAVID BEN, Corpus Christi Pre-Med FREDERICK, CECIL CHARLES, Cleburne Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Longborn Band FREED, MARCELYN, Crystal City Business Administration, Plan I, A J E, BBA FREEZIA, CHARLES ARNOLD, Waxahachie Chemical Engineering, SN, 4 9K, AIChE, Ramshorn, Navy Band FREITAG, FORREST LOUIS, Houston Accounting, IIKA FRENCH, JAMES EDWARD, Wichita Falls Electrical Engineering, AIEE, BSU, Ramshorn, Wichita Falls Club PACE 32 Seniors : FRIAUF. GEORGE FRANK. Pampa PkT. I+E. A+C. +HZ. NROTC. Si. FRIEND. MARGARET JANE. Waskom Atrktlrrtmrr. AAl HaUtrad Homw FULBRIGHT. GLORIA ANN BOWERS. Beaumont SoriolotT. KAO. AKA. A.khrl. Car d Con. Bl.rooi.rt fell? N Solkr.t ! .. Club. Tv Club. Culm Aid- Ft I.BRIGHT. LEROY McKEEN. Beaumont I MI +K+. TBH. HTI. Silw SB.I. aX 1 ia. cu FULLER. GRANT ALEXANDER. Hereford - Acri.ti. HI. BA + Kl RLOW. MARY JANE, Dallas Piicfcolorr. SO. Upprrrlai. Adrwon. Mntal CI FUSTON. ALICE ESTEELE, Longvie Air TruMporutio.. BBA. BSl . VTCA. Sidwr Ltmtrr. Gttr Clob. GAINES. WARREN MALCOLM. Fresno. Calif. El -tri -l Emfimrrrimi. TBH. HI. NBOTC AIEE. IKE. MICA. C.H- N W 1 . T. M, Corpus Christi E iamiaf. IAE. ASCE (. R( U. JOSE AMADOR. Ben Bott A rirui Clmb GARDINER. GLENN J NE. Port Arthur Ea(lih. AAA. oikr.irn. Cl.b GARNER. HARRY EDWARD. Beaumont MICA. Ex-SrrrirrBcs. SotK-.l Tru Clmk (. R KK. KO F MARY. Gladewater AirliaM- Ad aii tratHMi RRETT. LUTHER WEAVER. Athens CWmral rnt,D r,t. Trj., Club. +HI. TBH. QXE. +AT. AlCkE. ACS. Frian. vifen GARRISON. LETA ANN. Shreveport. La. Clb RZA. BERTHA V Laredo Vr.m Club. Alb . Lurdo Clsb r.ARZA. JOSE EDUARDO. Monterre . Mexico Arrhitrrtxral Enjin -rint. ASCE. ASA. Sphin. A rblr. Clyb it Mr.ico GASTON. Jl DITH PHYLINDA. Bartown lonuliB. ei+. Gift- Cluk GATES. ELIZABETH THOMPSON. Houston Spunk. ZTA. XTTT. GEORGE, BETTY SUGGETT. Fort Worth 1C. BBA. Moctar Baud. Fotr..,ri GEORGE. CLEMENT F_. Fort Worth IX. IPE GERHARDT. MANFRED WILLIAM. San Antonio EaciBmiac. KA. TBI7 GERMAN. ROBERT KENNETH, Bonham Corrr.w.1. ATA. +HI. IIIA. KK+. Lx-tbor. B. tioe. ChriuU. Arwitio. oi-hrit Tria Clvk GEUE. ELLEN. Eastland How EroBooun. Nuirilio.. JarkrK. Blw oawrl Brllr NoaBiawr. AdriM r . How Eroawun Cluk Fo.nd.tio.. GIBSON, FLOREN F 11 i ILLE. San Antonio o.. AF. HAM. Bli- :orki c . ACE. Co-Ed AwvbU. Su Aitotiio Clmk GILBERT. HAROLD STANLEY. Houston Political Srirm nd Ph.-if.l Edor.tioo. IAM. T AMorulioa. PEN. Bukct- kill Muaerr GIBBS. S AMI EL MOORE. Austin d Ed r.tU. MICA. VMCA. AVC. Mraul FrJrralnb GILLETTE, PATRICIA INEZ. Austin Jo-rmjli.a. +M. YCA. Blrl ort ftrll Car Con GII.I.EY. ALLEN LOUIS. Floresville P.blir A - OUtiBf. MICA. I Sndnt (.11 MORE. FRAM E MARGUERITE. Waco Uti-Arrirui Hi-lorr. A A. IIIA. +BK. CUir.l Clk i.II.PIN. GEORGF NN. loU How En. I air.. TcwWr Uor.tio.. AXQ. TVCA. Caaera t.d Modrl. CUmuoM. BI.eko.M1 Brllr GINDLER, DAVIS, Weimar MI CA. Ei-Srkna. SoMk. O.trl Tru Cl.b -1NDLER. OTTO, Weimer An-ontia. MICA. E. Rotor -. Em-S.rrkt.acax. Soattk Tria. Q.k GLASS. BARBARA JEAN. Tyler i t a.iik. AP. DAB. Blu torkta .. Cap " aa d Con. Woaara Vowra. GLOVER. FLORENc F ! AE. Wichita, Kan . Corrraw.1. AAA. H-l . TSCV Club. YCA. Cap aa d Con. Y cr.t.. aaniral Cl.k CLUCK. LAWRENCE. Houston :AM. ASCE. P tc 31 Clcr Cl.b Seniors GOEBEL, FELICIA DORIS, Abernathy Pure Mathematics, AAA, YWCA, Wesley Foundition, Strike and Spare, Cap and Gown GOLDEN, FRANCES NORMAN, Austin Applied Art, Art Students Association GOLDSTllCKER, HOWARD G., Tyler Industrial Management, SAM, Glee Club, Tyler Club GONZALEZ, HUMBERTO, Caracas, Venezuela Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Latin- American Club, Newman Club, Intramurals GOODMAN, IDA JEAN, Philadelphia, Pa. Economics and Government, II1A, Junior I ' an-American Round Table, Inter-American Association, Common Sense GOODRICH, JOHN SHIELDS, Houston Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Houston Club, Ex-Servicemen GOULD Y, DORIS ROLINE, Waco Business Administration, BBA, WICA, BSU, Cap and Gown, Common Sense, Women Voters. Waco Club GOWER, MARGARET BUTCHER, Austin Speech, A GOWIN, DIXIE BOB, Fort Worth Pre-Med, NTAC, Fort Worth Club, Campus Guild GRAHAM, CHARLES R., San Angelo Plan II, Economics, A 0, MICA, YMCA, Silver Spur, Hogg. Curtain Club, Cross Country, Football, NROTC, Head Yell Leader. Outstanding Student, Cultural Entertainment Committee GRAHAM, JO-RUTH, Jasper Chemistry, WICA, Wesley Foundation, Intramurals GRAHAM, WALTER NICHOLS, Dallas Architecture, 65, ASA, Dallas Club GRAMMER, DAVID ALLEN, Albuquerque, N. Mex. Business Administration, NROTC Company Commander ' 46, IntramuraU GRANER, STANLEY, Dallas Mechanical Engineering, KA, ITTZ, Cowboys, Assembly, T Association, Basketball GRANT, DAVID ALAN, Austin Zoology, AEA, A S2, MICA, NROTC, YMCA, Ex-Servicemen, Aquatic Club, Varsity Swimming, Ex-Kotree GRANT, JOE FRIERSON, Plantersville, Miss. Mechanical Engineering GRAY, GIBSON HENDRIX, Tyler Business Administration, Wesley Foundation, YMCA, Common Sense GREER, MARGARET LOUISE, Brownwood History, Cap and Gown GREEN, SAMUEL, Albuquerque, N. Mex. Business Administration, SAM GREYNALD, BERTRAND WILLIAM, Sioux City, Iowa Civil Engineering, XE, Ramshorn, ASCE, Newman Club GRIFFIN, JAMES ROBERT, Temple Business Administration, Institutional Management, 0i, BSU, Interfraternity Council, Temple Club. Classical Club GRIFFITH, CAROL CRAIGIE, San Antonio English, Poona, Stephens Club GRIFFITH, JOE H., Fort Worth Geology GRIMES, VIRGINIA ANNE BOYD, Austin Sociology, A , 4 BK, AKA, Bluestockings, Pierian, Cap and Gown, Blue- bonnet Belle Nominee, Girls Debate Squad, Forensica GRIMES, SARAH KATHLEEN, Longview Child Development, Newman Club, Glamazons, Home Economics Club, Swing and Turn GRIMM, FURMAN A., Clifton Geology, Ex -Servicemen, Intramural s, Lutheran Students ' Association GROOS, GASTON JAMES, Galveston Accounting, X4 , , Cowboys GUARINO, PETER JEROME, Houston Pharmacy, S4 E, American Pharmaceutical Association, Newman Club, Mental Hygiene, Intramurals, Houston Club GUERRERO, ROSAURA, Rio Grande City Teacher Education in Home Economics, Home Economics Club. Club de Mexico GUNN, CLARENCE ALLEN, Houston Electrical Engineering, KA, AIEE, Ramshorn GUNN, D. JEAN, Houston Business Administration, BBA, Present Day, Cap and Gown, Nurse ' s Aide, Women Voters GUTIERREZ, HOMER, Rio Grande City Zoology, Pre-Med, AEA, 4 51, Newman Club, Ex-Servicemen GUYER, ABBYE RUTH, Brownwood Home Economics, WICA, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Women Voters HACKETT. DONAL PHILIP, Yuma, Ariz. Finance, Southwestern Ex Club HAFNER, ELEANOR JEANETTE, Duluth, Minn. Home Economics, 4 S, ON, WICA, Women ' s Co- Operative Association, Lutheran Students Association, Home Economics Club HAIR, CHARLES LAMARR, Electra Electrical Engineering, AIEE, Wesley Foundation FACE 34, Seniors HAJEK. JAMES D.. Schulenburg Chruural EaiB riB. MICA. AlCkE. Ei-Srnirrmef. Carrh Clmk HALE. GEORGE CREIGHTON F., Austin Ei li.h. Vanity Debate. Curuin Club HALEY. MEI.MN EDMUND, San Jose, Calif. Ciril EafiBerriac. TBH. IE. ASCE. Itm.mur.l.. California Club HALLFORD, BEN RAY, Austin Electrical EafiM riaf . AIEE HALLIM. RUTH LAVERN. Brmdy Elrm.-n-.ry Education. AOH. O-Ed Aa eaU ly. Vnt Temaa Club. Brad; Clmk H 1II .TON. WALTER CLYDE, Wichita Falls Petrolemai Eaciaeeriaf. KI. HE. Silrrr Spur. Hoft. Trnni.. T Aaaorialioa HAMILTON, WILLIAM ENGLISH, San Saba A recant iB{. J1KA H MLETT. SAMUEL BARKSDALE, Alice Hiatory H NN V THOMAS WAYNE, Houston rapaeerinc. ASCE. YMCA. Ramskoni. Houiton Cluk H N KY MiRMA WALDINE, Galvcston Brriolcv. APA. + . Orrki. Cap and Con. TVui Ac.drmT of STICK HAPPEL, HENRY HOWARD, Houston Elmriral Enpni-rriot. B6H HARBAUGH, ALLAN WILSON, Houston Elcftru-al Ea i reriic. HI. TBII H RDT. LOVIS LORAINE, Southton Edwation. PEM. LOB Morri. Club. iBtcr-CooptratHe AMacUtioB. Valhalla HARDT. RICHARD WILBURN, Hondo CV-ButtiT H RDT. RLTH CAROLINE. Yancey BUIBCM AdBUButralioa. BBA. VICA. Wrtler Foundation HARE. ROBERT WARNER. Dallas Traaipoitatiaa. KS. A Q. Ei-SrnrictBm. ProprlUr Club. Idtr.mor.U. Sludrnt CooprratiTc Aworiilion. Dallaa Club HARGETT. BETTYE, Tciarkana Sociolo,. Yr . Cla-BBMMU. Cap .d COWB. Wo Trorkiaa Club. Mroul VoK-n. HARM AN. LOIS LOUISE, LVn%er. Colo. Spuid. and EncliUi, AXG. latrr-Aaericui AMorUtio . Wo irrian Mu.,fnt Lrafvc. Dallms Club FoBBdalioB, Voter . Prrby- HARRIS. CAROLYN, Smithville Edur.lion. ZTA. FOO. VWCA. ACE. Cap and COWB. HARRIS. SHIRLEY JEAN. University City. Mo. Dniiniii Administration. A+E. BBA. Women Voter.. Bluekoaaet HARTLEY. BEN R.. Mart . ' MrmaliiB. IAS. MICA. Daily Trxan. Ei-ScrrirrBWB. Sludrnl Cbrixian Awx-ialioB HASCHKE, OTTO PAUL, Winchester HAUN. LUQA LAND, Austin Voice PeBBfofT. Cl Club. Mu.iriani. SiBfcn. A Cappclla Choir HA1NK-. KENNETH GEORGE, Frisco Natal Srirare icd Tartiri. NROTC HAYNES. I R I. KI.L. Wichita Falls iBaaiili TICA B-l . Cnmmom Stnir. micbila Couty Cluk HAYNES. STEWART, Port Arthur Cheaural Enpn rin,. MICA. AlCkE HEAD. LI :ILE LLOYD, Bowie Cbrmitr . AT, +. Rrui. VooeB Voter HEAD. TILDES T.. Cleburne Tr.n.port.tion. AIFI. BI ' S. -IF.. Proprllrr Club. NalioBal Arrouauliri AaiorialioB HEARD. ELAINE FRANCES WHITE, AuMin -tint. F+B. BBA. YmCA. Bow and Arrow. Cite Club. I ' TSA. InlraoiuraU. HEARD. JOSEPH NORMAN. Refugio JouraalMBi. IAX HEARN. CLAUDE EDWARD. Italy f.Urtrical EafiBtrriac. TBII. AIEE. TLOK HEATH, INABELL. Hobbs, N. Mex. Home EX-OBOBUT.. How Erooomici Clmk HEATH. JOHN LESTER, Beaumont AIME HEATH. WII.I.IW BYRON, San Antonio MarkttiBC. MICA HEGAR, NAOMI RUTH. Temple lomrmalm. 6. VICA. Cnerh Club. Trmplc Club. Voter . Intrr-Co-of AOf iatioB HELLER, JESSE ELBERT, Cashion, Okla. ail Eucion-rims. XE. A+tf. MICA. ASCE. Seniors HENDERSON, MARGUERITE LUCILLE, Yoakum Nursing EH neat ion, WICA, Ex -Service men HENDRIX, HAROLD BEY, Mexico, D. F. Business Administration. f rA, Varsity Swimming, Intramurals HENIG, ALAN PHILLIP, Austin Pre-Med, MICA, AVC, Ex-Servicemen, Common Sense, Mexican Literary Society HENNA, ROBERT LEE, Round Rock Pharmacy HENRY, BARBARA JEAN, El Paso Music Education, M ' l ' K. AAA, Glee Club, Musicians, Singers HENRY, BOBBIE SUE, Refugio Spanish, ATA. Cap and Gown, Women Voters HENSARLING, MILDRED JOYE, Stephenville Psychology HERNDON, BEVERLY JEAN, Dallas Nutrition, WICA, Home Economics Club, Upperclans Advisor, Bluebonnet Bel If Nominee HEY, CARL S., Austin Accounting BA HEYE, MARGARET MARY, Victoria Accounting, BBA, Cap and Gown, Newman Club HICKOK, HERBERT NELSON, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, IIT2, MICA, ASME, Camera Club, San Antonio Club, Presbyterian Student League HILL, BETTYE VIRGINIA, Waynoka, Okla. Music Education, M4 E, Glee Club, Sextette, Singers, Opera Company, Musicians, A Cappella HILL, LEWIS EDGAR, Biard Economics, Ex -Servicemen, Swing and Turn HILL, PAUL W., Nocona Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS HILL, SOPHIA LYNDE, Tampa, Fla. Psychology HINCKLEY, KENNETH RODGER, Houston Accounling, MICA, Ex-Serviremen, Houston Club HINTON, BELLA RUTH, Gonzales Personnel Management. BBA. WICA, Cap and Gown, South Central Texas Club, Wesley Foundation, Bluebounet Belle Nominee HINTON, VIRGINIA, Lockhart Spanish AAIT, Stephens Club, Presbyterian Student League H1PPARD, MARGARET CAROLYN CHEESMAN, Houston Physical Education, KAO, PEM, Glamazons, Touche, Bluebo nnet Belle Nomi- nee, Houston Club HIRTH, MARY RAE, Kerrville Electrical Engineering, AIEE, SWSAE, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee HOCKADAY, ROSEMOND, Brownsville Bacteriolopv. 4 2, Glee Club, Cap and Gown, Valley Club, Newman Club HODGES, CECIL R M San Antonio Journalism, 1 . Daily Texan, Silver Spur HODGES, JOE HENRY, Beaumont Government, 4 rA, 4 HZ , Pre-Law Society, Student Federalists HODSON, FREDERICK WEED, Houston Economics, HS, f K2, Glee Club HOEFGEN, LEONARD EDWARD, San Antonio Accounting, BA . 4 HS, MICA, Ruk, San Antonio Club HOFF, JOYCE MAXINE, Clifton Bacteriology, f M, Cap and Gown, Presbyterian Student Leagu? HOFFMAN, HAROLD, Dallas Law. TAf , HI, BA . BFS. Longhorn Band. Athenaeum. Quizmaster. Chancellors, Inter- Society Debate Championship Team. Law Review, McKie Law Scholarship HOFMANN, THOMAS GEORGE, San Diego, Calif. Civil Engineering, ASCE, Ramshorn, Intramurals, California Club HOGAN, GEORGE ERWIN, Corpus Christ! Journalism, Daily Texan HOLFORD. CAROLYN, Hico Journalism, WICA, Daily Texan, Wesley Foundation HOLLINGSWORTH, DORIS SUE, Mexia Pharmacy, KE, American Pharmaceutical Association, Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship HOLLOWAY, JAMES BEDFORD, Houston Business Administration, HOLLOWAY, WILLIAM HORACE, Hondo Law, S K, MA. Interfraternity Council, Glee Club. Octet. Silver Spur, Varsity Carnival, Assembly, Outstanding Student, Wesley Foundation, Round-Up HOLT, JOHN MARSHALL, Waco English, Ex -Servicemen, Canterbury Club HOOD, FRANK MOORE, San Angelo Architectural Engineering, Sphinx, West Texas Club HOPKINS, MARGARET CAMPBELL, Weatherford Home Economics, AII, Spooks, Home Economics Club, Parker-Palo Pinto Club PACE Seniors HOPPER, CHARLES ORRING, High Island I rtrulrum Knf inrrrinc HORN. J. WAYNE, Dallas Engli.h HORTON, MARGIE MAE, Longview Transportation. Cap and Cotrn HOTING, AUGUST LOUIS, Brenham Tfan.porlatinn. A1I1, Ei-Rotcre HOUSE, FELIX F., Cleveland Electrical Engineering. KA. H. AIEE. Interfraternily Council HOUTZ, ALBERT CLYDE, Alexandria, La. Aeronautical Enciiirrring. lAeS, A. and M. Club HOYESTADT, WILLIAM J., New Braunfels Ke.l Etate and In.urance. MI CA.- Canterbury Club. Mental H.girne HOWARD, TRAVIS GLENN, Paris Public Accounting. BA + , El-Srn icemen. Nonhea.l Telu Club HOWELL. FLOYD EDWIN, Dallas I.tin-American Trade. MICA. Propeller Club. Foreign Policy Ataociation HOWELL, MITTEN, Bryan M. thematic,. ZTA. YWCA. Racket Club. Vooen Voter. HOWELL, ROY FANNIN, Cleburne International Trade. A1I1. Propeller Club HOYT, GORDON WESLEY, San Francisco, Calif. tlrrtriral En(iitfrinf , KA. AIEE HLBBARD, CHRISTOPHER BEMIS, Austin Electrical En ( ineerin(. TBII. HKX. +H. AIEE. Ram.horn. T Aaaociation. Vareity Baseball. Intramural HUDSON, THOMAS BROCKETT, Anson Chemical Kn(inrerin(. AIEE. Ramahorn HUEBNER, ERNEST ALFRED, San Antonio Mrrhaniral Encineerinf. ASME. Cliff Dviellen. San Antonio Club HUFF, JAMES KENNETH, Whitesboro Buiineu linn. MICA HUFF. NANCY LOU, Wichita Falls Journalism. iAA. YWCA. TSCW Club. Cap and Gown. Present Day. Women Voter.. S ing and Turn HUFF, WILLIAM WAYNE, Austin lutical Engineering. JIKA. XE. HTS. ASCE. ASME. lAeS. Lon.horo Band. J r icemen HI KFM ASTER, RUTH, Houston Organ. A . M+K. A Cippella Choir. Singer.. Musician.. Glee Club. Sidney l.t.nirr. Bluebonnet Itrllr Nominee HUGHES, G. MILTON, Dallas Bu inr . Adminitr ioD. X . +HS, Pre-Law Society HLGON, BRIAN WILSON, Corpus Christi Science. Electrical Engineering. MICA. AIEE. Intramural.. E. Servicemen. -ori.u Chri-li Club HUNT, BETTY LYNN, Conroe f. Ait Sludcnt Association. Wesley Foundation, Bluebonnel Belle Nominee HUNTER. KATHRYN EUGENIA, Johnson City, Tenn. Spanish. AAA. VCA. L ' TSA. Poona. Women Voter. HUTTON, JAMES ROSCOE, Tyler Petroleum Engineering. AIME HU:R. LEWIS K., Archer City Admini.tratiun. AIM. YMCA. .NTAC Club. Robert. Hall Anocialiou. Wesley foundation. Archer County Club ILARDE, MARY CATHERINE, Elmira, N. Y. S[ mi h. Y inker Club. New-nan Club IRVIN. MARY ELLEN, Houston Chemistry. Women Vot r, Cap and Gown. Houston Club JACKSON, ELINOR LOUISE, Rocky Ford, Colo. P.ychology. AA1I. omen Voter. JA( KSON. KMMKTT GILBERT, Edna i.ivil tnjinrrrinj. ASCE, Ramhorn. Square and JACKSON, LYDIA, Laredo P.ycbology. X ' J. Mental Hygiene. Bluebonnel Belle Nominee JAEN, ELOY ED., Colon, Panama Architectural Engineering. MICA. ASCE. ASA. Latin-American I ' nion. Central American Union. Club de Mexico. Newman Club JAMES, JOSEPH LEE, Collinsville Bu.ine.. IIKA. NROTC JAMESON, JERRY DONALD, Dallas IIKA. Interfralernity Council. Dallaa Club JARMON, ROBERT LESLIE, Elgin Aeronautical Engineering. lAeS. Ranuborn, Ei- Servicemen JEFFREY, JAMES C., Silsbee Biuine.. Administration. 11K. We.ley Foundation. Soutbea.1 Teia. Club JENSEN, HAL R., Salt Lake City, Utah Electrical Engineering. TBII. H1. MICA. AIEE. Ramaborn. Yankee Club. Robert. Hall Auociation Pad 37 fflffc Seniors JENSEN, TYLEEN DOLORES, College Station Chemistry, Illl JOHNSON, LAVERA JANE, Coleman Physical Education, WICA, PEM Club, Mental Hygiene, J-TAC JOHNSON, MARILYN RUTH, Dallas Transportation, BBA. Dallas Club, Presbyterian Student League JOHNSON, ORRIN WENDELL, Harlingen Law, AKE, J A , IIEA, Ex-Servicemen, Chancellor, U. T. Bar Associa- tion President JOHNSON, ROBERT E. V., Lytle Journalism, Ex -Service men, Semper Fidel is Club JOHNSON, ROSEMARY VIRGINIA, Houston Drama Education, WICA, Newman Club, Curtain Club, Glamazons, Radio Work- shop, Women Voters, Pztalx. Bluebonnet Belle, Sweetheart Nominee, Goodfellows JOHNSON, WILLIAM OTIS, Corpus Christi Business Administration JOHNSON, WILLIAM PARKS, Wimberley Geology, 4rA, F, Swimming Captain, Aquatic Club, T Association JONES, ALFRED BLAKELY, Hallsville Retailing, 62 JONES, GLYN GREG, Houston Industrial Management, Oak Grove Co-Op, Student-Faculty Committee, Naval Aviators Club JONES, JIM SCOTT, Belton Business Administration, BBA JONES, JOE COOPWOOD, Karnes City Pharmacy, PX, American Pharmaceutical Association JONES, LAWRENCE WAYNE, Waskom Accounting, MICA, American Legion JONES, MARK E., Eden Pharmacy, PX, 4 2, Assembly, American Pharmaceutical Association JONES, RALPH WALTER, Paducah, Ky. Physiology and Zoology JORDAN, BEN T., Victoria Chemical Engineering, MICA, AiChE, YMCA, Ramshorn, Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Canterbury Club, Prather Hall Association JUDSON, MILLARD WILLIAM, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ZAE KANE, MARIAN L., Topeka, Kans. English, AP, Glamazons, Yankee Cl ub KEEBLE, WILLIAM RITCHIE, Abilene Advertising, X J , West Texas Club KEEN, THOMAS HARPER, Houston Electrical Engineering, A ! 1 !}, MICA, TLOK, Intramurals, AIEE, Kamshorn KEETCH, JOHNY NEL, Belton Nutrition, WICA, YWCA, Home Economics Club. Cap and Gown KEEVER, KOREN, Austin Bacteriology KEITH, META ALICE, Fort Worth Business Administration, KA0, BBA, Fort Worth Club, West Texas Club KELLEHER, MILDRED FRANCES (POOKIE), San Antonio Latin-American Studies, Spanish, ZTA, Assembly, YWCA, Co-ed Assembly, Orange Jackets, Cactus, Brats, Newman Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee. Pierian, Goodfellow KELLER, PATRICIA JEANETTE, El Paso Sociology, AAA, Mental Hygiene, El Paso Club, Cap and Gown KELLEY, NORMA JEANNE, Lockhart Sociology KELLY, HARRELL JOYCE, Eastland Civil Engineering, Longhorn Band, Wesley Foundation, YMCA, Ramshorn KENNEDY, EDWARD R., Sentinel Butte, N. D. Geology, 2 E, Newman Club, Band KENNEDY, EMILY ANNE, Dallas History, AAA, Cap and Gown, Mental Hygiene, Dallas Club KENNEDY, JEAN, Monroe, La. English, Ashbel, Women Voters, French Club, Deep South Club KENNEY, JOAN PATRICIA, Balboa, Canal Zone Journalism, GZ4 , Keagan, Newman Club, 30 Club, Daily Texan KENT, JIM TOM, Richardson Electrical Engineering, Wesley Foundation, AIEE, Ex- Rote ee KEVER, JUSTIN A., Heber Springs, Ark. Business Administration KEYAK, VICTOR SAMUEL, San Francisco, Calif. Mechanical Engineering, MICA, Ramshorn, ASME, Tumbling Team, California Club KIESLING, JAMIE COLLEEN, Houston Journalism, Flying Steers KILPATRICK, EVELYN VIRGINIA, Cleburne Accounting, BSU PACI 38 Seniors KINNE. CERALDINE REAGAN. Dallas MiJ.ra laaana.. XT AC. Pu-Avrricu Biaa.1 TafcU KINTNER, DWIGHT LAMAR. Fort Worth i. MICA. AlCkE. TLOK. HB. Wrlc ? KIRK, STANLEY CAIN, Breckenridg? UC. A C. Atkratram. PEM. Track. Oil Bell Clak. Wot Te Hill . CI.K KIRKSEY. MARGARET FAITH, Austin r. riE. micv Meaui H., Satiny KLIV;E MITH. EARL ELWIN, National City, Mecfcaucal EaciaMfiic. ASME KLOTZ. SALLY ANN, Hendenoa B aa AAanMCrattM. A A A KMIEC, NATALIE REG1NA. Hou Tra4e. BBA. miC . C KMPPA. LOIS CENELLE. Autin KOCLTT. ALBERT L. Bay Gty F-M Ulajiliiilnliii AEII. SiUer It-rir.l Caaavil. Ex-BMree. Hillrl KOLOS. AGNES JOSEPHINE, Hidalgo ICA. Cacrk dak. Vaua Cluk. Tee KOPERSKJ. RICHARD JULES, Santa Rosa. Calif. AiraJtrrtmral Facia, i ria ASA. Spkin KOSAKA. VIOLETTE, San Antonio rCA. Glee Oak. Oraae lackeu. Mortal Baar4. Iran " Voter.. Co-U . inaiHy. ilaiaiaail Belle ' laiiai i. t ' aafcla KOTTERMAN. CLETUS A, Denver. Ind. Mcchuucml E cifrit. AXA. HTI. ASME. KRAUSSE. DANIEL MARSTOX, Houston ATA. TBH. Hi. AICkE. Sar. KRIEGER. RALPH MAURICE, Abilene PX. AMericui FkarvAccvtiral Society KROSCHEWSKY. JULIUS RICHARD, Taylor KL RIO. BEN W, Walimrg B.i ' urii jUaiaiilnliia. TA. VmllWr KL TAG EDWARD A, Yoaknm Pklic Accoutiif. BA+. VCMU Clfc. XT AC Clmfc. KYLE. L. FRED, Sherman Soon. XBOTC LABELLE, FRAXCIS FORREST, Compton, Calif. CiTil E iwru(. ASCE, Clifc. LAIRD, BETH " JO. Colorado Springs, Colo. KA6 LANCASTER, CYNTHIA. College Station Moc. AT. Tulle Clk. Clce Uwk. LASSETTER. CLARENCE R, Harpenille. Miss. BK. ROTC. BSU LASSITER. BETTY SUE, Alk t. ICA LATTA. RUTH LOUISE, Tyler BSU LATTIMORE. JOE NEWSOM, Houston Eroaoauea. KA. LAYERTY. JAMES F.. Fort Worth riniaaiial ud Enaiaiir.. Fan Wank Oak. Air Fan L.AWLER. LAURA M_ Greenville Ckmiral Eaiaeeria(. SVSAE, Cap tmt Cova. Biaiillia. AICkE. BSD LAWRENCE. CLIFFORD LEFTON, HOMBM ASA. H tm dm LAWSON. DOROTHY HELEN, Austin li AAH. m OKT Voirn. Clec CIdk. Sif mxl Tmr. LEASURE. MARY ELIZABETH, El Paso Eacli i 4X l r El PaM Oak. Miait.r Oa. LEE. MARY JO. Paris Bareriala(T. AZ. I. Xwtkcaal Tesa. Oak. Paria Oak LEONARD, JOSEPH FRANCIS. Kerrrille Bajalana AaaujMtratioa]. AXA. Sajaare J Caa aaae Oak. Pratker Hall Tri-Oaim .. Bnkk Canaia. Clak. LERNER. JULIAN ARTHUR, Galveston Real Eatate aW la r.a i . TA . Miaaarr. ktnfraWfaalT Cavacil LENT, ROBERT AARON. Q Paso lata LEVY, THOMAS KEITH, Farwell fao Seniors LEWIS, FLA, Dallas Crulngv, K LIND, RUTH LENORE, Austin Sociology, tZ, Glamazons, Mental Hygiene Society LINKS, MADOLIE MARJORIE, Gainesville Pharmacy, 4M, KK, American Pharmaceutical Association LINNARD, HOWARD WARREN, McAlIen Chemical Kngi nee ring, Wesley Foundation, AlChE, YMCA, Common Sense, Student Federalists, Intramurals. Air Force Association LISSAUER, JACQUELINE DORIS, Dallas Itn-iii, -- Administration, Kt-tuiling. A ' fcK, BBA, Orange Jackets, Women Voter . Kiirrnsira. Assembly, Blupbonnrt Belle LOCKE, JOHN RAYMOND, Sherman Chemistry, Prt--Med, AKE, Cowboy LOGAN, BESSIE FAYE, Gonzales Transportation, BBA, WICA. Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation, Bluebonnet Uctle Nominee. South Central Texas Club LOGSDON, HELEN CONSTANCE, Corsicana Arts and Sciences, ZTA LOKKEN, ROBERT TERRY, Lake Andes, S. D. Mechanical Engineering LONG, ALICE VIRGINIA, Carthage Music Education, Musicians, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Singers, Bluebonnet ltt-1 It- Nominee LONG, JERRY TRAVIS, Carthage Transportation, Longhorn Band LORENZ, MILTON E., Robstown Architectural Engineering LOTHMAN, LESTER TRELOR, Tulsa, Okla. Accouming. BA LOVE, JAMES RUSSELL, Austin Transportation, MICA, Propeller Club, Flying Steers, BSl LOVE, JOHN WILLIAM, Sudan Journalism, 1 A . Ex-Rotcee LOVE, MARTIN TONY, Holland Business Administration, MICA, Temple Club LOVELESS, JIMMY ERLE, Stamford Business Administration, Tejas Club, Propeller Club, Silver Spur LOVETT, THOMAS PARKER, Seguin Sociology LOW, WILLIAM J., Beaumont Transportation. National Aeronautics Association, Southeast Texas Club, Brackenridee Hall Association LOWE, BARBARA, Del Rio Business Administration, BBA, WICA, Wotnen Voters, Cap and Gown, UTSA. Touchc, Del Rio Club, Wesley Foundation, Kirby Council LOY, IRENE LOUISE, Houston Education. AXH. Houston Club, Spooks, YWCA. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Co-Ed Assembly, IntramuraU LOYD, WELTA FAYE, Gilmer Journalism and Government, PiB, 0! f , Cap and Gown. 30 Club, Press Club. Daily Texan Associate Editor, Ranger, Women Voters, Sidney I .,mi r , Panhfllcnic LUBASH, LORRAINE LOIS, Richmond Hill, N. Y. Nutrition and Chemistry, WICA, Cap and Gown, Mental Hygiene, Newman Club, Co-Ed Assembly, Club de Mexico, Inter- American Association LUDWIG, RUBIN WILLIAM, New Braunfels Electrical Engineering, TBH. HKN. l Hi:. MICA, AIEL. IRE. Ramshurn. LaVern-Noycs Scholarship, Ex-Servicemen LUNDELIUS, OSCAR EMIL, Austin Electrical Engineering, TBII. HKN. HI. AIEE. Ramshorn LUSK, JO RENE, Athens Home Economics, Home Economics Club, BSU LUTTRELL, ELIZABETH JOAN, Houston Sociology, KKP, YWCA, Women Voters, Houston Club, Cap and Gown. Mental Hygiene LYNCH, MARY JEANNETTE, Dallas Business Ad ministration, BBA, Monitor Club LYNCH, WILLIAM RAYMOND, Tulsa, Okla. B ii -i ness Administration, I E, Monitor Club LYNE, FRITZ L., Dallas Law, A I . Tejas Club. NTAC Club. Captain Fencing Team, Quizmaster, Assem- bly. Law Review. Students ' Association Vice-President McBRIDE, DAVID PATRICK, Longview History, Canterbury Club. NROTC, Roberts Hall Associatior. McCAIN, EARLE MORRELL, Houston Zoology McCAIN, JAMES HENRY, Houston International Trade, A1H, MICA, TLOK MCCARTHY, BETTY LEAH, Houston Geology McCASKEY, MORGEN GREGORY, Fort Worth Psychology McCASKEY, ROSEMARY LYNN, Fort Worth Spanish, AIT, WICA, Newman Club, La tin -American Association, Club dc Mexico, Latin-American Union PACE 40 , Seniors McCLAIN. ERNKVMNK FORREST. Austin Hi tor. AAII. Hmmrm Voter . IntrMiurl McCURDY, MARGARET. Austin B f iniolae . I ' rSA. Prr-tiitrriin Stujrat jfmfmr. MofUf Board. Co-Ed A Caparlla Choir. Clrc Club. aer ]arkrt MCDONALD, CONSTANCE j. Barlrriolor ' . MAC Clab. Boa -. McFARLAND. ELBERT LEROY. Coleman Draau. Pl.o-nnnj. Caruia Clab M.FAK1 AND. MARJORIE ANN. Fort Worth An. ZTA. YV.1.A. C d Co. An lJ -.t. Aorialioa. Fan Yonb CUb M. FARLAND. RUTH ELIZABETH. Houston A . AAA. lin. Sidacr Uairr McGANN. 1 RY PATRICIA, Eleelra Arrualia(. A+. Car d COOK. , CUb. irhil. Coul Cl.k M.C.HEE. FRANCES MARIE. Victoria ioo. BBA. Car Paibrllr M.KENZIE. MARY JANE, San Antonio HHtor.. KK1 trWa Clab. Sta Aaloaio Clab M. LAIN. MAK-i EMMA. Texarkana Hoa r Eroaoaur.. Hoaw Ur AS2. Co-Ed Aueatbl;. Hoax- Eroaoaur Clab. Trmariiaaa Clab McLEAN, SALEM FRANCIS, Austin Eacianriaf. MICA. ASCE. Ei-Strnrewa. Clab M, M AHUN. BARBARA DIANNE, Fort Worth Rrilia( aad Adn-ni.ia(. AZ. BBA. Y CA. Fon-atira. Canaia Clab. Woami Volrr.. Cuarra aad Modrl. ' Clab. Caatrrbanr Clab. Co-Ed A.-bl , Toarbr. V.r.m Drbalr. Fon onb Clab McKK N. MARGARET. Austin Hor Er.aoarir.. KA6. OX. Spook.. SoertWan nTrf- Aa M. MILL AN. LAN ERN RUTH, Sacramento. Calif. Milbrautir.. Clawral Clab. Claauxoat. CalifoimU Clab McMLRRAIN, HUGH ALLAN, Goose Creek .1 SrK-atr. Hutory. A K. B 1 . NROTC. lalrr-Vtnitr Chii.lUa Frllonkia M.NEAR. MARY BELLE, San Antonio Pbicl Edar.lioa. l( V t TSA. PEM. Spool.. Tanlc Clab M. KAE. BILL R., Beaumont BroaidrattiBf . Radio Ilovc M. TEE, PATRICIA DEAN, Austin Drou. AX ' J. Canaia Clab. Furra.ira. Caalrrbary Clab M i HEMEHL. IDA KATHERINE, Bellville Sortoloc . fturorn Votrrs. Cap and Gva. Lutbema SladcaU A.wocUlioa, lnlimurU. lnt r-Co-op A ocUtion. Bluc-bono-M Belle Noaiore I DDLX. JAMES S.. Memphis, Tm. CWaiH-.l Laciart- rinc TBII. AlCkE. MANNING, MARJORIE, Austin How Eroaoaun. Tetrher Edaralioa. ICA. H Brllr Noauan-. .r | r Foaa4alioa MAI;LIOLO, JOE. CWaul Eaciaeeriac. YMCA. T A orutioa. Football Caauia. Baavhon. Calrr toa CUb M i-LIOLO. VIRGINIA CATHERINE. Gaiveston Home Eroaoair.. I. Hoavr Ecoaoaur. Clab. UppcrclaM Adruot. Narx . Aide. ioa Clab. Vaua Clab MAJORS, JOE CHARLES, Teiarkana Zoolocy. 1. Ei-SmirraM-n. Cuiop; Clab MM.OFF. NICHOLAS. Los Angeles, Calif. Adauautratioa Eroaoaurt Clab. Blarbourl MAREK. ELAINE, Austin Arroa alir l Caciar riaf. IIT1. TBH. AAA. AI - M ARGRAN ES. MARGARET AWN. Paris La,li.L. AZ. Blar.t K-LiBf . orlbr,I Trla. Clab. Pali. Clab MARKER. ANDREW ROY, San Antonio Ma (ravral Eaajanf. Moaitor Clab. Caaltrfcar; Clab. lalraaiatil.. Aii Forrr A orUlioa. E -Srr irra-a. Sladcal Saa Aaloaio Clab MARK:-. M RON BERGSON, Marshall Laif aad Bu.iitr . Adauautratioc. 1A MARR. JAMES HAROLD, Apache, Okla. aiacai Adauaulralioa. Ei-Rotrr. Soalfcorca Clab MARROQUIN. B. G Houston a in M Adariaiu lioa. MICA. AlChE. HOB. CoodMlov. N.-CMII Clab M RSHALL. ROBERT L., San Diego, Calif. Meramajral Ea,,n rr,D f . TBII. FITI. A B. ASME. MICA. Inl a,r.l r , V -- J f - MAKTIN. ALICE JOYCE. Brookshire Clab M K 1 IN. TESS1CA. Stamford Jo.iuli.a. Oi+. Monac Board. Co-Ed .AMnabl r . Caa aad Cowa. Vo Volen. Daily Trua Face 41 MAKTIN. JO-HELEN. Au Edacalioa. M. PEM. Cap .ad Cotn. Veal T MAKTIN. RALPH COKER. Camden atfl! Seniors MARWIL, SHIRLEY HELEN, Henderson Nutrition, A4 E, Home Economics Club MARZOTTO, JAMES, Port Chicago, Calif. Civil Engineering, ASCE, California Club MASCHEK, MARIE LOUISE, Beaumont Psychology, AAA, Cap and Gown, Southeast Texas Club MASSEY, JOE A., Hazlehurst, Miss. Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Ramshorn, Deep South Club MATEJEK, CATHERINE ANN, Beeville Education, WICA, Upperclass Advisors, Newman Club, Women Voters, Southwest Texas Club MATEJKA, GLADYN RUTH, Wheelock Business Administration, Presbyterian Student League, Czech Club MATTHEWS, HAROLD DOWNS, Houston Journalism MAXWELL, WALTER LEE, Taft Business Administration, ' I ' K ' ! ' MEGLASSON, GEORGE WASHINGTON, Cisco Public Accounting, BA+, Square and Compaases, Oil Belt Club. Roberta Hull Association MELTON, CLARENCE BARTLETT, Pharr Accounting, 6, Ex-Servicemen MERIWETHER, GEORGE KIMBALL, Austin Engineering and Finance, 4 A0 METSINGER, CLYDE L., Wichita Falls Banking and Finance, A Cappella Choir. Glee Club, Wichita County Club MEYER, HERBERT WILLIAM HENRY, Houston Chemistry, Ex-Servicemen MEYER, HUGH HOLLOWAY, Hondo Spanish, MICA, Newman Club, Ex-Servicemen, American Legion, Cliff Dwellers MILES, CHILTON E., Goose Creek Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Ramshorn MILES, EVALEE, Dalhart Home Economics, AZ, 4 2 MILLARD, JO ANNE, San Antonio Drama, AXQ, AAA, Curtain Club, Brats, San Antonio Club MILLENER, BARBARA ADAMS, Fort George G. Meade, Md. History, TSCW Club, Yankee Club MILLER, C. EUGENE, Santa Rosa. Calif. Architectural Engineering, ASA, Sphinx, California Club, American Legion MILLER, GROVER CLEVELAND, El Paso History, MICA, Varsity Swimming, NROTC, Intramurals, Aquatic Club. Chess Club, El Paso Club MILLER, JOHN RICHARD, Stowell Transportation and International Trade, Flying Steers, Propeller Club MILLER, MARGARET ANN V., Dallas Business Management MILLER, MARIAN, Wichita Falls Psychology. IIB . f BK, Pierian, Associate Editor ' 47 Cactus, Women Voters, Mademoiselle College Board, Miss Photography ' 46 MILLER, ROBERTA, Yonkers, N. Y. Chemistry MILLER, VERNON LIVINGSTON, Houston Transportation, AE MILLER, VIRGINIA LESTER, Houston Journalism, AF, Reagan, Cap and Gown, Houston Club MILLICAN, MARCUS LAVERNE, Wichita Falls Petroleum Engineering. TBIT, HE, TLOK MILLS, PATRICIA, Pearsall Business Administration, Personnel, AAA. BBA, Glee Club, Co-Ed Assem- bly, Present Da , Ashbel MINDES, STANLEY ARTHUR, San Antonio Business Administration, AM, Propeller Club, Pre-Law MINER, GLORIA ALICE, Lake Charles, La. Aeronautical Engineering, lAeS, SWSAE, Ramshorn MIRES, JOYCE KATHLEEN, Taft Home Economics, Home Economics Club MITCHELL, MARCIA VIRGINIA, Fort Worth Education, AAII, Co-Ed Assembly, ACE, Women Voters, Present Day MIZE, HAROLD DANIEL, Nacogdoches General Accounting, 0i MODRALL, WILLIAM KENNETH, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME MOHLE, JESSE LOUIS, Lockhart Journalism, IAX, KK . MICA, Glee Club, Longhorn Band, Daily Texan, Ex -Servicemen MOLLENHAUER, HILTON H., San Antonio Electrical Engineering, Swing and Turn PACE 42 Seniors MONFORT JAMES CHESTER. Virginia Beach. Va. Mrrhaaical Eacia riac. ASME Biaaora Taa liac T +m. Califoraia Oik MONKHOUSE. KATIE BEA, Lockhart MONTAGUE. LAURA JANE, Edinburg ZaaJacr. S. AAX AEX Pieriaa MONTES, LUIS, Brownsville Acnraltafal Er.a.-ic.Coto. M.rk-tiat. MICA. A1W. NcBaa Club MONTGOMERY. MERIAM ANITA, Port Arthur Elratratary Edaralioa. A+. ACE. Soutix-ax Traat Club. YVCA. Yo MONZINGO, ARTHUR JACKSON. Henderson Vawr. MOODY, JAMES HAMILTON, Longview tiiill I Adauaiuratioa. aTa, T Aaaorialioa. Basketball. Football MOORE, BETTY EMERY, Houston lalrrior Drroratioa. AAA MOORE. BILLJE P Olney AH. Voac V Men. MOORE. CHRISTINE WHITEHORN, Dallas lMR. Cap Uhd Co. fottifm Policy A ocUtioa. later- Aeri n MOORE, CLAUDINE ALWBLDA, Texarkana ml. USA. Pre-Uo Sacirl;. Co-Ed AcHy. BSD MOORE, DOROTHY ELIZABETH, Port Arthur p- rcl. Ai)iion. Car Cova MOORE, EULAMAE OWEN, Tesarkana JkM. 614. TfUftjM Club MOORE. GUY ZIMMERMAN, San Augustine Chmnl ElfiBCCtilc. A1O.E. Kawhon MOORE. HELEN KTNGSBURY, San Antonio AAII. Sidty Luucr. L ' TSA. C..IM Clufc MOORE, MARCELLE JOLEEN, Clifton Clmb. Voter.. Cap aad CO.B MOORE. MARJORIE, Clinton, Mo. Sfmi k. AT. niA. Cay ad Cn MOORE. MARTHA HURT, Dallas Pmre MOORE. MARY FRANCIS, Waco Radio. TSO. Cap aad Con. Maailor Clab MOORE. MARY LOUISE. San Antonio Hoa Eroaoaun. ZTA. ON. +1. Poatara CoateM Viaaer Eroaoaur. Club. Black aaatt Belle Noauare MOORE. RICHARD LEE, El Paso J. PX. Aakericaa Pkanaaceatical AaMcialiaai MOORE, THELMA, Saint Jo N.tritioa. WICA. Claauzoat. BSU MORGAN, JACK MAcGEE, Portales, N. Met MICA. MORLANG, BETTY, Dallas Saiak. ZTA. B w aW Arrow. MORSE, ANNA MAUD, Gahestoa Hoaac Ecoaoauu. laterior Drroratix. Gal Cla Clab. Ca tmi Con. Hoa MORSE. JACQUELINE GLENN, Osborn, Ohio Sociolacr. BraU. Cap mmi Can. I ' TSA. Yaakee Oak MORTON, MARSHALL LEE, Palestine latanrial Bclatiaaa MUECCE, WILLIAM HENRY, Brenham MUGGLEY, REGINALD FRANKLIN, An U. A9 . Cl Cluk. Hoax. Nraua Oak. Kod aad Caa. Bar Aaaorutioa MUNDINGER. DANIEL MOORE, Baton Rouge, La. Mrraaaical EacWeriac. KA. ASME. Baaaikota ML RPHREE. MAYNOS A., LitUe Rock, Ark. . BA+ MURPHY, PEGGY SUE, Brownwood H mt Eroaoaur . AAH. Home Eroaaaun Clab MURRAY. BERNICE LYDI. , Velasoo tI . WICA. Maairiaaa. Daily Teua. Baaaci Suf. Wealer Fa. MURRAY. ROBERT THOMAS, Britton Adauaiatnliaa. MICA. NKOTC MUSTON, MARJOR IE B., Cleveland AdauaMtralMa. BBA. WICA. Tri-Gtita Oak MYERS, ANN, Wichita Falls Hoaac Etaa.arira. Caataaw Drajaa. KIT. HaaM Eraawaun Clab. FOO. Wkkita Fall. ClaL. Co-Ed Aaacamhl;. Tartla Clak Seniors NAGAI, MARGARET, Almeda Business Administration, BBA NAIL, MARGARET (PEGGY), Waco Sociology, Psychology NAIRN, PRESTON L., Austin Mechanical Engineering, 11X2, H NANNEN, DONALD JOSEPH, Lincoln, Neb. Business Administration, Ex-Kotcee, Newman Club NARCISCO, JOHN CARMINE, Houston Psychology NASH, DAVID EUGENE, Weatherford Mechanical Engineering, AXA, Cowboys NASH, WILL ANN, Kaufman Psychology, YWCA, Cap and Gown, TSCW Club, Mental Hygiene Society NEIMAN, EDITH LOUISE, San Antonio Child Development. W1CA, ACE, Glamazons, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Glee Club, Co-Ed Assembly, Lutheran Students NELSON, G. ALLAN, Summit, N. J. Geology, MICA, AIME, Ex-Servicemen, Varsity Tennis, Intramurals NELSON, JOAN BETH, Fort Worth Marketing, BBA, Cap and Gown, Fort Worth Club, Christian Youth Fellowship NELSON, LILLIAN BETHINE, Dublin Journalism, WICA, Swing and Turn, Shangri-La, Inter-Co-Op Council NELSON, THEDA JANE, Austin Personnel, AOII, Cap and Gown, Strike and Spare, UTSA NEUHAUS, DORIS LOUISE, Gonzales Business Administration, BBA, South Central Texas Club, Lutheran Students Asso- ciation NEW, PHYLLIS RUTH, Oklahoma City, Okla. Geology, Smilodon NEWLAND, JOHN CLIFFORD, Los Angeles, Calif. Mechanical Engineering, Ex-Servicemen, Ex-Rotcee, ASME NEWTON, THOMAS H., Smackover, Ark. Insurance, FA, Flying Steer NICOL, BETTY EDITH, San Antonio Elementary Education, ACE, Touche, San Antonio Club, Women Voter NIXON, HARRY WILLIAM, San Antonio Journalism, San Antonio Club, Newman Club, Daily Texan NOBLE, ELMA JEAN, Midland Journalism, AF, Tee Club NOLEN, WILLIAM LAWRENCE, McAllen Public Accounting NOLLETTE, PATRICIA ANNE, Dallas Sociology, Newman Club, Mental Hygiene, Dallas Club NORTHCUTT, V. JEAN, Silverton Pharmacy, AF, KE, American Pharmaceutical Association, Cap and Gown, Panhandle Club NUNN, REUBEN ROBERT H., El Paso Civil Engineering, ZX, ASCE, Canterbury Club, Ex-Servicemen NUNNELLY, GUY A., Port Arthur Physical Education, T Association, PEM, Southeastern Club OAKES, NETTIE CHANDLER, Dallas English OAKES, WALTER F., Dallas Economics, AXA ODEN, ANN, Wichita Falls Business Administration, AAA. YWCA, Women Voters, Wichita Falls Club OGDEN. WILLIAM HENRY, Electra Zoology, Presbvterian Student League O ' HEARN, GLORIA KEITH, San Antonio English, IIB f , YWCA, Glee Club, San Antonio Club, Hockaday Club OLIVEIRA, CARLOS, Benavides Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, American Legion, Alba OLIVER, CAP HILL, DeLeon Zoology, AEA, 4 S, YMCA, Presbyterian Student League OLSON, ALBERT EUGENE, Houston Chemistry OLSON, ROBERT MERLE, San Bernardino, Calif. Civil Engineering, A4 Si, ASCE, Ramshorn O ' NEAL, FOSTER HOUSTON, Mansfield Psychology, NROTC, Intramurals ORNDORFF, GRACE MARIE, Spokane, Wash. Bacteriology, 4 L, Mortar Board, Newman Club, Glee Club, Poona, Cap and Gown. Women Voters, Pierian ORTS, LILLIAN ERNESTINE, Dallas Transportation, Xfi, LIE, BBA, National Aeronautical Association, Cap. and Gown, Sidney Lanier, Women Voters, Poona PACK 44 Seniors ORTS. VERNA MAE, Poth Jo,rml,.. AAA. Prr Cl.fc. Cl.k. Siaf .d T.r OSBORNE, HOYLE MILLARD, San Antonio . A C. AlChE. VMCA. Cutrrk.r? CImk OSMOND. JOHN C, Havertown, Pa. CeaUgT. I E. IFE, AIME. iMrrfrmtrrnn Cooaril OVENS. HELEN JO. Port Arthur How ECOMUO Clk OWENS. JAMES DURWOOD. Trinity F.cirrriac. IIKA. TBD. HIE. AlChE PAINTER. CLAIRE LOUISE, Houston hrtrrioloc . +1. WICA. Bow u4 Aim PARISH. JAMES C. Tft Hitor. HI. . I.lrr-Amrrir . AnorUtia. PARKER. GEORGE LEE. Gainesville P.fclk Arr .,i . AID. BA+. PARKIN(iTON. E. LOUIS, Austin Elertrical PARKINGTON. MARGARET UNDERWOOD, Austin Hf.llk ud Ph. c.l ttmr .1um, PEM. Car i Can PARMER, JOHN WESLEY, San Benito Ck- i -.l E wrrri (. MICA. AlCkE. Cl.k PARSONS, DAMD VIBERT. Houston Clrr Clk. A CappdU Ckoir. Prakrtcriu S..Ar.t CIm -. FELIX MLKOLSON, Gainesrillt Arrhitrrturil Fnjin rriBt. MICA. ASA. Virtity Track. PXTE, OSCAR GLENN. HemphiU Owmic.l E cTic. TBH. QXE. +AT. MICA. Frian. Wl... L. n, No.r. SrboUnttp. A-r ,U. Bou4 ( AKkE. Cod- PATE, PATSY RUTH, Sulphur Springs Elrraur Uwafio . , ,1. ACE. YWCA. Tri PATRICK. CAROLYN KELLY, Austin HOIBT E -o.oi - . AOn. Oil Brit Clob. Bruoru COIT Clk PATTERSON. JOYE. Marrell. Ark. JowaliM. VICA. YCA. TSCT Cl.k. Fl u Sinn. COWM PATTERSON. RICHARD WILLIAM, Westerville, Ohio Pharmaccvtiral A orUtioa. Ctmen CImk. Ex-Scniroaca. PATTERSON. ROBERT CLETUS. Olympia. Wash. MICA PAXTON. BARBARA LAMAR. But-na Vista. Va. .1. BBA. Der? Solli Clok P YNE. -I X N E. Jonesboro. - rk. Porkolof.. A n PEARCE. MILTON FORD. Gilliam, La. PEEVEY. DIAL RIKE, Austin mmi Beal E ulr. ATA PELHAM. WILLIAM. Dyersburg, T. di. +PA. PELTON. BETTE JEANNE. Dallas PEN A. MARIO LARA, Laredo TI. ASME. CWb PENGELLY. JEAN CLAIRE, Parhnra. Meiico PENNINGTON. NARCIDEL, Borger ChrButry. A Carpclla Choir. V ' nlr Foo.ii no. PERCY. CALVIN GREER. Jonah NROTC PERIMAN, BARBARA ANN. Dallas J .r.l,.. el. Mortar Board. YWCA. . Car aoj Con. Dalla. Clwk PERKINS. CLIFTON S, Sweetwatrr WMOC AdiBUBMCratioa ad Law. K . AZFi. laterfralrrmtT Vairty Cai.iral. Coooiellow. Covko; PERKINS. LINDA DAVIS. Cameron Child PERKINS. TILLMEN P_ Longriew Pkrcii. AXA. mrricmm PERRIN. DOROTHY ANN. Caneron How E,.m,min. Tnrhrr Edor.tio.. Hoaoc Eri.i iri Cl.k. Wntey Fouoatio. PESEK. ROBERT JOSEPH. Hallettsrille aVuten. .4ail.cra ii. A H. MICA, nmmm Cl. SoMh Ta dck PETTUS. MARGARET, Austin AZ. CE. Vmc Seniors PFLUGER, ELIZABETH MARIE, Bishop Home Economics, Teacher Education, Lutheran Students Association, Glee Club, Inter-Co-op, Home Economics Club PHILLIPS, LILA ESTELLE, Woodville Home Economics, Child Development, ACE, WICA, A Cappella Choir, Wesley Foundation, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club PICKENS, MARTHA ANN, Tyler English, AAA, Ownooch, YWCA, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Women Voters PIERCE, PATRICIA RUTH, Austin Piano, BSD, WICA, A Cappella Choir, University Musicians PIERSON, ANDREW LUKE, Houston Electrical Engineering, IKE PINTO, JAMES THOMAS, Houston Marketing, AXA, H, Longhorn Band, Symphonic Band, Newman Club, Ruk, Houston Club PIPSAIRE, GERALDINE, Longview Home Economics, Textiles and Clothing, ON, Home Economics Club, Upper- class Advisor PLEMONS, MILDRED, Overton Journalism, Daily Texan PLUMMER, MARGARET ANN, Austin Home Economics, Nutrition, A4 , ON, AAA, I, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Co-Ed Assembly, Orientation Council Chairman, Sidney Lanier POLLARD, BETTY LOU, Henderson English, AAA, WICA, YWCA POLSKY, LIBBIE SANDRA, Muscatine, Iowa Economics, A E, AAF, ASA, YWCA, Women Voters, Hillel, Student Federalists POLUNSKY, SYLVAN IRWIN, San Angelo Business Administration, ZAM, NROTC, Cowboys, Interfraternity Council, Flying Steers, Camera Club, West Texas Club POMEROY, ELAWEED GEORGE, Sacramento, Calif. Civil Engineering, XE, ASCE PORTER, GLADYS CAROLYN, Mathis English PORTER, HELEN FRANCES, Clarendon Journalism. AI ' A, Daily Texan, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Co-Ed Assembly, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation, Panhandle Club PORTER, JOHN DUNCAN, Austin Industrial Engineering, AXII, BSU, Ameriran Legion, Ex-Servicemen POYNER, HERBERT FLAKE, Houston Petroleum Engineering, 2FE, AIME POYNOR, DOROTHY, Fort Worth English, AAA PRASSEL, THELMA ELEANOR, Raymond, Miss. English PRENTISS, ELAINE ELEANOR, San Antonio Elementary Education, AXfl, ACE, Cap and Gown, San Antonio Club PRESSON, GLENDON F., Post Business Administration, YMCA, Wesley Foundation PRESTON, LAURIE ELIZABETH, Jourdanton English, Bluestockings, Classical Club, Cap and Gown PRICE, CHARLES DAN, Austin Chemical Engineering, AIChE PRICE, CLAY LOUIS, Austin Mechanical Engineering. ASME, Longhorn Band, Symphonic Band PRICE, DOROTHY RUTH, Alice English, ZTA PRICE, ORAN DOUGLAS, Bertram Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association PUMPHREY, HOBART ODELL, Littlefield Pharmacy, A fl, Ameriran Pharmaceutical Association, Editor Longhorn Pharmacist PURSLEY, JOYCE, San Antonio Journalism and History. ZTA, 02 . Panhellenic, UTSA Council, Brats, Daily Texan, Stephens, Varsity Carnival RABORN, GEORGE WASHINGTON, Orange Journalism, 2AX, Track, Football, T Association. Daily Texan, Press Club, Intra- mural Manager, Tri-Sports Club, Ex-Servicemen, Southeast Texas Club RACHAL, DAISY ALINE, Orange Physical Education, WICA, PEM, Racket Club, Glamazons RACK, LUCILE A., Santa Rosa Government, WICA, YWCA, University Singers, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation, Rio Grande Valley Club RADTKE, DONALD E., Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Reserve Officers RAIGORODSKY, PAULA ELENA, Kerrville Hhtory, Xfi. ]IA, Bluestockings, Reagan, Common Sense RAINERY, LOUIS DONALD, Cleveland, Ohio Civil Engineering, ZN, ASCE, T Association, Ramshorn, Track, Newman Club, Yankee Club RAINWATER, JOHN COMBEE, Calvert Business Administration, IIKA, Intramurals RALSTON, MARILYN, Dallas Sociology, Xw, Upperclass Advisors, Presbyterian Student League, Bow nJ Arrow PACE 46 Seniors RAMSDELL, WILLIAM HALLEY, San Antonio Mechanic ! Engineering, AKK RAMSEY, ELWOOD FRANKLIN, Abilene Accounting RANKIN, ROBERT SCOULLER, San Jose, Calif. Architectural Engineering. ASA. Sphinx RAY, FRED P., Oklahoma City, Okla. Mechanical Knjinr. rini. IITI. BSU REAL, EMILIE IRENE, Kerrville Mi-Torv, A All. Uomen Voter . Upperclas Advisor REES, WARREN ALONZO, Center Point Electrical Engineering, 1AK, AIEE. Silver Spur. Rm horn. Intramural REESE, LUTHER W., Ballinger Otology REGISTER. GRADY NEAL, Birmingham, Ala. Economic , AXA. IntramuraU, Wesley Foundation REITER. MARY CATHERINE, Kerrville Journalism. WICA. Cap and Gown. UpperclaM Advisor. Newman Club RESSMAN, ROBERT RICHARD, San Antonio Zoology RICE, ROBERT DEAN, Tyler Zoology, X, Silver Spur RISEDEN, JOE FRANK, Thornton Government. YMCA, Student Federalist, Athenaeum. Ex -Servicemen. Wele Foundation RIVERS, KENNETH WAYNE, McKinney Mechanical Enninr.-ring. ASME. BSU ROBBINS, JOAN J., Austin Element. ry Education, AT, ACE, Cap and Gown. Women Voter. ROBERTS, CHARLES W., San Angelo Philosophy, Canterbury Club, Robert Hall Association ROBERTS. JOAN, Brookhaven, Miss. Home Economics, AAA ROBERTS, MATHILDE, Brookhaven, Miss. Ph -iral Education. AAA, PEM ROBERTSON, ALLEN REID, Weslaco Journalism. LAX, Austin Camera Club . Texas Folk-Lore Society, Rio Grande Valley Club. Air Force Association ROBERTSON, MONROE WAYNE, Dallas Administration, MICA, Assembly. Cowboys, Inter-American Council, Dalla, Club. NTAC Club, We.ley Foundation ROBERTSON. VIRGINIA MARIE, Colorado City Journalism, YWCA. Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Daily Texan, West Teza. Club ROBERTSON, WILLIAM BEN, Ozona Social Science ROBINSON, FREDONIA, Pearl Pn-ine. Administration RODERICK, DORRANCE D., El Paso Ru.inr. Ailminidration. I " A. .NMMI Alumnae Club ROEMER, VERNELL FRANCIS, Austin Transportation ROENSCH. FRANCES JEAN, Bellville Education. AATI. L ' TSA. ACE. SpooU. Co-Ed Auembly, Strike and Spare. Cap and Gown ROGERS. BETTY JANE, Austin MMMM Administration. Forensica, Varsity Women ' s Debate. Cap and Gown. Oratorical Association ROGERS, JULIA, Dallas Elementary Education. ACE, Glamazons, Canterbury Club. Upperclaw Advi.or. Dallas Club ROSENBERG, LEONARD B., Houston Zoolocy. AK[I, Silver Spur, Interfraternity Council, Varsity Carnival, Round lp ROSS. WILBUR FLOYD, Austwell Buine Administration. HKA. Intramural ROTHE, GERALD AUGUSTUS, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, AIEE ROTHWELL. BILLIE SUE, Longview Soriolocy. AAfl. I ' TSA Council. .Spook . Co-Ed Asaembly, Tee Club ROWE, ANDREW JACKSON, Fort Worth Z. Fort Worth Club RUBLE. MARY EMMA, McCamey F.ncli.h. YWCA. UpperrlaM Advuor. Clee Club. Women Voter.. West Teus Club RUFHN, LEMUEL VERBON, Pittsburg Personnel Man igement. MICA, Ei -Servicemen RLHL, GENE TUCK, Dallas Petroleum Enfineerinf. AIME RUSSELL, CLYDE LEE, Portland, Ore. Electrical Engineering. HKA. Pice 47 Seniors RUSSELL, PAULINE E., Houston Transportation, BBA, Canterbury Club, Brats, Cap and Gown, Inter- American A sou riation RUSSELL, RICHARD B., Dallas Pre-Med. Zoology RUSSELL, VALEIRA CHRISTINE, Austin Public Accounting RYAN, GEORGIA PAT, Kenedy Fine Arts, Art Education RYAN, JOSEPH CARL, Meridan Naval Science and Tactics SAILER, SUZANNE, Dallas Psychology, ZTA, Cap and Gown, Stephens Club, Tee Club, Dallas Club SALYER, JAMES LEE, Brownwood Naval Science and Tactics, NROTC, Drum and Bugle Corps, Presbyterian Student League SANDERS, LAURIE JO, New Braunfels Radio Broadcasting, WICA, Radio House, Presbyterian Student League SANOV, SEYMOUR JOSEPH, Gladewater Zoology, A EH, AEA, Rusk, Curtain Club, Hill el, Interfraternity Council, Radio House. Oratorical Association. Lnnghorti Band SANTLEBEN, MARY ANN, Victoria Business Administration AXSJ, BBA, Glee Club, Spooks, Bluebonnet Belle Nomi- nee, Sweetheart Nominee, Panhellenic SAUNDERS, KENNETH DUNN, Odessa Mechanical Engineering SAYE, JACK ELMER, Marshall Mechanical Engineering, TBfl, TITL, ASME, American Legion SCANLON, JAMES JOSEPH, Los Angeles, Calif. Mechanical Engineering. ASME SCHAPPEL, RICHARD B., Mahwah, N. J. Chemistry, 63T, A fQ, Ex-Sen icemen, Newman Club SCHEER, ALICE RAE, San Antonio Speech Education, A4 E SCHMIDT, CLIFFORD CARL, Fort Worth Business Administration, Accounting, NT AC Club. Fort Worth Club SCHOLL, MILTON RICHARD, Houston Geology, 1FE, MICA, Ex-Rotcee SCHREINER, CHARLES, Kerrville Plan II. SAE, Silver Spur, Interfraternity Council, San Antonio Club, Dallas Club. Round-Up SCHUMANN, MARIAN L., New Braunfels Plan II. r B, AAA. YWCA, Mortar Board. Glee Club, Bluestockings, Co-Ed Assembly, Women Voters. Cap and Gown, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee SCHUTZE, EDBERT JULIAN, Austin Chemical Engineeiing, ATA. A f fi. H. YMCA, AIChE. Friars. T Association, Football, Ramshorn, Intramurals, Ex-Rotcee, Newman Club SCOTT, CURTIS LEROY, Dallas Business Administration, Statistics, A4 Q. MICA, YMCA, Ex-Rotcee. Ex-Servicemen, Dallas Club SCOTT, HAROLD LEE, Port Arthur Accounting, MICA SCOVILLE, HERBERT W., Greenville, N. C. Public Accounting, VFW, Deep South Club SEDBERRY, VIRGIL THEODORE, Eastland Psychology. J H, Oil Belt Club SEALE, NELLA CHRISTINE, Lampasas English, Glee Club, Upperclass Advisors SEARS, REDFORD DAVIS, Houston Economics, I KT, Cactus, Ranger Staff. Interfraternity Council, Semper Fidelia SEDWICK, HOWARD B., Austin Transportation SEE, CHARLOTTE FAITH, Laredo History, Sidney Lanier SEEGER, BETTY HUNT, Frederick, Md. Music Theory and Composition, WICA. Presbyterian Student League, Wichita County Club SEEGER, MARTHA, Corpus Christi Art, KK1 AAA, Sidney Lanier, Glee Club, Art Students ' Association, Corpus Christi Club SELIG, MARVIN, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME SHACKELFORD, FRANCES CHAPMAN, San Antonio Sociology SHARP, CHARLES WALTER, Edinburg Zoology. MICA SHELLMAN, ROBERT CONNELL, San Antonio Physics. KA SHELTON, EMILY JONES, Austin English, Cap and Gown, Bluestockings SHEPARD, CATHRYN, Cisco English. A . YWCA, Pierian. Oil Belt Club PACE 48 Seniors SHEPARD. EUGENE NELSON, Amarillo Ciril Eil riB. ASCE SHEPARD. RICHARD P., Floresvillr Jo.r aliM. 1AJ. Ei.Srr.irnw.. Duly Tria.. Lo bor. Clk SHERWOOD. FRANK HENRY. Fort Worth rrbil-rturil E ciBrrri.f. ATA. ASCE. ASA. SiKrr S.r. a-Aor. l.trr- Intrrmin CoBwtl. Fact Tank Cl SHIPMAN, EDWARD DANIEL, San Antonio n t. ez. ASCE SHOAFF. WALTER ROMER. San Mateo, Calif. Merkuinl t fU rimt. MICA. VMCA. ASVE. Vharto. Co.... Cl.b SHOKES, FRANCIS M.. San Antonio FWrvacy. Amrric m Phrm rc%jticl AwocUlioa SHORT, PATRICK KENNETH, Cuero X . Sojurt uxl Cian Clnk SHORT. WILLIAM EDWARD. Paris Arrbilfctorr. TIA. ASA. Sphi. SILBERBERG. 1RWIN HAROLD, CUrksvillc CWainl EMiKrrin . 1AM. H1. + AT. QXE. TBH. AlCkE. fralrnilj Couril IMECEK. MRS. CALVIN SMITH, Corpus Christi rial T- chiBf. BBA SIMMONS. ANDREW VAN. Austin RrUiliaf. A1II. MuoD. Cilcrpill.r Club I IMn . MARGARET JO, Austin ) Ptyrkoloty. YWCA. Cp ud Com. Vr.l.l Hr(iaK. Votan. Ctmmam Semtt. Praeal Day. Woler Fotudatioa SIMMONS. SALLY. Corsicana HHMTT. " YWCA. Palli. (Up ud Cow.. Conicua Cl.b SIMONARSON, NJALL, Reykjavik, Iceland riiimii Tr.Mpon.lio.. A1H. Clre Club. A Cappella Choir. Prapellcr Clk. Clab d Mriiro. I.trr-Amrriru Aoorixion SLAUGHTER, ROBERT HARRIS, West Columbia SLEDGE, LEWIS NANCE, Abbeville, La. A O. AIEE. ' -I I KER, BETTY JEAN, Cisco PUo. AAA. Oil Brll Clab SLIGH. THOMAS S., Dallas Uw. A+ ' J SMITH. ARGIE FA, Dallas BSU ' SMITH, CLARA JEAN, Nevada BA. WICA. UppnrlaM Adrim. l.lrmBiiral.. Nu SMITH. FRANK M, Llano Pfaynr IITH. GEORGE RACE, Onalaska Prr-Mrd. AXA. +1. VMCA. Sraprr Hdtli. SMITH. HAROLD ALAN, Wichita Falls BVMJMV Adtninikt ration SMITH, HARRY GRAY, Pasadena, Calif. Bn-i.-. Adai.itlralio., Cli{oraia Club SMITH, JERRY JANE, Dallas Eali.b. Aifl. VWCA. Women Volrn. Snw. Co-Ed AMFBblr. Dallu Ob SMITH, JOE IL, Nevada Trni| illatio.. Alii. A O. Co.koyt. Ex-Bolrae SMITH. MARY ELIZABETH, Gonsde Joor.,1,... Cap a.d Con. Won -. Voter. SMITH. MCDONALD, AXA SMITH. PATRICIA EMELJE, Mexico. D. F. |alii. Club V Mexico. Califonua CliA MITH. STACY BALDREE, Marlin SMITH. SUE CHEEK, Memphis, Tenn. ArrhiMt.rr. XQ. AAA. AAT. ASA. SVSAE. Mortar Board. Aahhrl. RawWra. Vr.m.. Clrt. Co-Ed Ambl. I ' . Brllr SMOLKOVICH, JOSEPH CHARLES, Gary, Ind. Adau.iMrarioa. X+E. NROTC. Nrvu Cl.b SOLLARS. GENE, Port Arthur PEM SPAIN, TEDDY JEAN. Waialucnie Porbolo,.. Meat. I Hrgiew. ClaauaoM SPEARS, DOLORES MIGNON. Amarillo Cxrera.w. +M. Woo. Vcten. Cap ud Co m. SPEIGHT, ARTHUR GARLAND, Longview Matbeaarica. Probrlcria. Cl . I i ll Ba.d Seniors SPOONTS, PAUL R. A., McGregor Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association STALMACH, RUTH ESTHER, Smithville Home Economics, ON, WICA, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Presbyterian Student League STAMPP, SHIRLEY LEE, Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. Plan II, Canterbury Club, Glamazons STANDLEY, MILTON HOWARD, McKinney Petroleum Engineering STECKER, MARGARET ANNE, Fort Worth Sociology, r B, YWCA, Mental Hygiene, Common Sense, Women Voters, Wesley Foundation STERBA, RICHARD (See Page 54 Bottom Row) STERRY, HENRY EDWARD, Newgulf Mechanical Engineering, Tejas, ASME, Ramshorn STEVENSON, BEN MARSHAL, Wichita Falls Business Administration, MICA, Ex-Servicemen, Wichita Falls Cluh, Tri-Dorm Association. Roberts Hall Association STEWART, THOMAS KERWIN, Goose Creek Transportation, Tri-Cities Club, Propeller Club, Ex-Servicemen STIEHL, HARRY CHARLES, Fredericksburg English STIFF, ANNE, Hillsboro Journalism, WICA, Cap and Gown, Women Voters ST. JOHN, GENE, Fort Worth English, 1TA, BSU, YMCA, NROTC, Fort Worth Club, Assembly, Board of Publications STOLTZFUS, JOY KATHERINE, Tuleta Home Economics, Nutrition, ON, Home Economics Club, Co-Ed Assembly, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Upperclass Advisor STRASSMANN, RENATA E., Houston German, A4 STRAUSS, JANET GRACE, Corpus Christi Foreign Languages, 4 BK, A A A, Classical Club, Tee Club, Glamazons, Co-Ed Assembly, Corpus Christi Club STRNADEL, CHARLES J., El Campo Physical Education, PEM, T Association, Track STROUD, ETHAN B., Dallas English, f A9, Dallas Club, Student Federalist STUART, EDWARD FRANCIS, Victoria Accounting, ASII, BA I ' , MICA, Ex-Servicemen, Intramurals, Athenaeum, Newman Club STUVE, LEROY ROBERT, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, PITS, MICA, ASME, Ramshorn SULLIVAN, JEAN, Dallas Plan II, T I B, French Club, UTSA, Tee Club, Intramurals, Cactus Staff, Women Voters SULLIVAN. MARY MARGARET, Fort Worth Art, Newman Club, Art Students Association, NT AC Club SUMMERS, HARRY LEE, Fort Worth Business Administration, SX, NTAC Club SUMNER, VICTOR COHEN, Junction City, Ark. Psychology SUTHERLAND, MARGUERITE, Alice Sociology, WICA, Mental Hygiene, Cap and Gown SWINNEY, JANIE ELIZABETH, Longview Sociology. AI Varsity Carnival Queen, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Mental Hygiene SWITZER, SUE ANNE, Beaumont Applied Arts, ZTA. Orchesis, Art Students ' Association. Southeast Texas Club SYPERT, SMITH BOYCE, Dallas Zoology and Psychology, MICA, YMCA, Ex-Servicemen TACQUARD, JANE MARIE, Austin Home Economics, Nutrition, M, Women Voters. Bowling Club, Co- Ed Assembly, Home Economics Club. Presbyterian Student League, Cap and Gown TALLAL, JOSEPH J., Dallas Geology, A, Ex-Servicemen TATE, BILLIE JEAN, San Antonio Sociology, Monitor Club, Student Federalists TAYLOR, ELMER LOUIS, Snyder Business Administration TAYLOR, HUBBARD EUGENE, Pittsburg Electrical Engineering. f K, TBII. HKX. Silver Spur, AIEE. IRE TAYLOR, JOANN, Fort Worth Spanish, KA0, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Fort Worth Club TAYLOR, PATSY RUTH, Overton Music Education, WICA, Musicians, Singers, Glee Club, Opera Chorus TAYLOR, RONALD WAITMAN, Electra Petroleuxi Engineering, MICA, AIME, Ex-Servicemen TEDDLIE, DOROTHY JEAN, Stephenville Home Economics, A A A, Present Day, YWCA, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Ownooch TEDFORD, JAMES A., Sulphur Springs Business Administration PAGE 5Q Seniors TERRELL. JOHN WAYNE AUSTIN, Monahans Zolo7 ud PVI " T. AA. I. Vr.a Club TERRY. RUEL CARLTON, Tlpa Mk awral EBiB rriae. Tejaa. Friar.. T Aaaoriatm. ASME. AH-ABrrk-u Track iraai ' 41. Ot.u.d, Snirmt THOMAS, JASPER CLARENCE, Austin Elortrif.l Eaia ria aad Nar.l Sricac . AXA. NROTC. AIEC. Awti. Cl.k. Wr- .ci...f.fl THOMAS. WILTON EARL, Chireno THOMASON. PRISaLLA, Fort Worth CraBi. FIIA. Clrc tl.S. rtVCA. O|xn Aakkel. Tew. Voler. THOMPSON. CLARK WALLACE, Galveston B6I1 THOMPSON, DOROTHY BANKS, Dallas PI.. II. JIB . AAA. P..kll Dmllu afc. Viniir (Uninl Heckd. THOMPSON. MARY PAIGE, Fort Worth 11 Ti i AteuwtntiM. XO. BBA. C r ..d Con. TSCW afc. Fort Wonk THRASH. JOHN CURTIS. Galena Park lrc Cluk. AIME TIBBS. BETTY MAE, Valley Milk Ho TIDMORE. GEORGE WATSON, Malakoff P: ' -V d. MICA TILLMAN. ISOBEL FARRIER. Clarksville TILTON. JOAN ELLEN, La Grange TINDALL. J EMMIE LOREE, Shamrock Phuvury. K. PX. ABcricu Plunucmtiral AocialMa TIPTON. JACK RAY, Austin Mr.kaoK.1 Eaciaeeriac. A+C. MICA. Ei-Serric ara. ASME TISDALE. SAMMYE CLAIRE, Port Lavaca Hiatary. ATA. Blucboaact Belle Noaaiaee. YVCA. Co-Ed Aaaevkly. Cap aad Prrb?- TITTLE. EMMY JANE. Dallas n Criririw ud HiHorr. IIB . Oallu Clmb. Wonx-B Volen. Art Sldu Awocia- lio . TOMFORDE. ALBERT MICHAEL, Houston Mrrhuinl EacipnriB(. KI. ASME. RaBuhor.. l.traBmral. TOMLLNSON, PEGGY ANN, Hillsboro SpaaUh. AAA. 1AH. OBKB Voten TONROY, GWENDOLYN ELAINE. Corpus Christi ZoolofT uW Pre-Med. AA. +1 Orcimn TORBETT. GENE. Harlingen Dnu Edacatioa. AAII. Cartaia Oak. TRACY. PAUL AUBREY. San Antonio Joaxailbaa. IAI. MICA. Daily Tciaa. Cartaa. Sil rrr Span. Semper Fidelia. ! Fooib.ll. Saa Aaloaio Clak. Ei-Srnriceaea TRAMS. LLOYD REX, Houston Ceolot7. T Aworiatio.. Baaehall. Seaaprr Fideli. Clak. Soatkraten Oak TRAMS, RICHARD SANDOW, Austin Ceolacr. 1AM. MICA. VMCA. CoodMlo.. Ei-Serrimaea. VMOF. laterfraleraity CoaBril TREVATHXN. MARJORIE FAYE. Wichita FaUs laaiaaliaav AIC. TVCA. Turtle Oak. Daily Taa. Blaekoaaet Belle L ' pperelaaa Adrior. Virkita Coaaty Clak TRIMBLE, RUSSELL BERNARD, San Angelo aVaaiacaa Adauai traltoa. AXA TROELL. MARIE JOYCE, Pleasanton Applied An. WICA. WCA. Art StaoVata Aax-iatioa. Cliaiaa.a TUCKER. MARGARET ANNE, Beerille Arroaataiac. AAA. TICA. I ' pperelaaa AaVaaor. Cap aad CO.B. Oak TURNER. LULA LEE. Mackville Hvaae Efuauaur. Tractor Edix-atioa. Horn Clak. Wolry F. TURNS. HORACE LEE, Bowie Paklk Arcoaatiac. A C. BAt. Sqmarr aad CuatfB.n. Clak TYLER. JEAN ALDRED, San Antonio ' Mlia. AiH. AAA. Blar orkia . Caatrrkwy Oak. Siaay Saa Aatoaio Oak. Vaaaea Vown Luier. Cap ULBRICHT. WALTER ALFRED. Poth aad FUura. AID. Pratkrr Hall Aaaoriat UNDERWOOD. FRANCES CORINNE, Plainview Pkarmar. KE. PX. mmcn Pkarmar-ti al Amrialjaai LPCHURCH. GARLAND RUDOLPH, Abernathy HASELEN. ELSIE J_ San Antonio aaiai aa AdatiaaMntiaa. AXC. Racket Oak. Black aaart Belle Noadare. Dallaa Oak. Nc.aua Clak SI Seniors VAUGHAN, NORA MAE, Beaumont Elementary Education, ACE. Mental Hygiene, Women Voters, Common Sense, Cap and Gown, Southeast Texas Club VENABLE, FRED S., De Queen, Ark. Chemical Engineering VERHEYDEN, VIRGIL E., Waxahachie Electrical Engineering, AIEE, MICA. Inter- Co-op Council, Intramuralf VICKERS, ROBERT BRICE, New Braunfels Geology. I K, SPE. VIDAURRI, FRED E., Laredo Electrical Engineering, AIEE VILE, RAE ALENE, Kansas City, Mo. Philosophy, SAT VILLAFRANCA, ALBERT G., Ganado Accounting, Newman Club, Ex -Service men VINSON, WILLIAM HUBERT, Port Arthur Naval Science and Tactics. BSU VITEK, JOE ARNOLD, Granger Public Accounting, MICA, Intramurals, Czech Club VOGT, DONALD DUANE, Laredo Pharmacy, 4 E, fMA, American Pharmaceutical Association, Longhorn Band, Glee Club, Symphonic Band VON BLUCHER, CLAUDIA, Austin Home Economics, Teacher Education, A Ad, Assembly, Co- Ed Assembly, Pzallx, Home Economics Club, Junior Class Secretary WADE, MARIE FLORENCE, Corpus Christ! Journalism, Curtain Cluh, Glee Club, Upperclass Advisor, Newman Club. Corpus Chriti Club WAGNER, VIRGINIA LOUISE, Port Neches Business Administration, ZTA. BBA, YWCA, Present Day. Southeast Texas Club, Cap and Gown WAKEFIELD, R. CLINT, Madisonville Pharmacy, t , PX, American Pharmaceutical Association WALDVOGEL, BETTY FRANCES, Columbus Child Development, AE t , Home Economics Club, Sidney Lanier, Hillcl WALKER, CHARLES VARTAN, Corpus Christi Plan II, Government, IIEA, HS, Canterbury Club WALL, KEITH DOUGLAS, Benicia, Calif. Chcmiciil Engineering, AIChE WALLACE, MARY VIRGINIA, Austin Journalism, 64 , WICA, Cap and Gown WALLES, HOMER LA VELLE, Port Neches Commercial Teaching, S4 E, Ex-Servicemen, Southeast Texas Club WALLING, JO BETH, Austin Pharmacy, AOR, KE, f , American Pharmaceutical Association WALSH, JOHN M., Wichita Falls Physics, MICA. Newman Club WARD, CALVIN LUCIAN, Yancey Zoology, Z WARD, FANNIE MAE, Temple Music Education, University Singers, A Cappella Choir, Upperclass Advisors, Brats, Cap and Gown WARD, JAY THOMAS, Abilene Business Administration WARD, JOE H., San Antonio Mathematics, T Association, Basketball WARE, CHARLES KENDALL, Beaumont Drama, Technical Production, AX, Curtain Club WARNER, FRANKLIN HENRY, Dallas Electrical Engineering, ZN, AIEE WASHINGTON, THOMAS PRATT, Brownsville Sociology, TLOK, Wesley Foundation WATKINS, GEORGE HALL, San Saba Transportation, T Association, Football, Semper Fidelia, Propeller Club WATKINS, JOHN FRANCIS, Pasadena, Calif. Civil Engineering. IN, XE, Assembly, ASCE, Silver Spur, Ramshorn, Varsity Golf, California Club WATSON, DOROTHY ANN, Midland Journalism. 6 f , Ownooch, Co-Ed Assembly, Curtain Club. Glamazon, West Texas Club WATSON, GLORIA, Austin Business Administration, BSU, BBA WATSON, RALPH OLEN, Bonham Business Administration, Prat her Hall Association WATTS, GEORGE ALTON, Port Arthur Chemical Engineering, ZE, AIChE WAY, DONALD W., Austin Pharmacy, PX, Assembly, American Pharmaceutical Association, Er- Servicemen PACE 52 Seniors WEAVER. ANEITA JAMAR, Fort Worth Bu.ineia Admini.tration. BBA. WICA. Co-Ed AMembI; WEAVER. OSCAR D., Fort Worth fT. Teja.. BK. H. SI ' E. A O WEBB, HUGH McDOWELL, Dallas ' ' ' AdmiuUtralion. .MICA. Ei-Serricemen WEEMS. JANE ELLEN, Austin Ho . Ecoomir XKIM1KIMER. HE1.KNE VIRGINIA, Stonewall Baeteriolof . +1. .Voiun Club WELCH. DARRELL G., Midland Petroleum Enfioeerinf. IPE. AIME. Ei-Senicemen WELSH, MYRON EUGENE. Houston Chemical Encineerint. MICA. AlthE WERNER. EUGENE H., Galveston Tran.port.tio,,. Aid. Propeller Clufc. Ruk. Ex-Semeemen. National Aeronautic. Aaaociation WEST, DWIGHT BERNARD, Fort Worth Ckemiatr; WESTMORELAND, WILLIAM PECK, Lockhart Ph.rm.r . Amri -.Q Pharmaceutica U KTEGROVE. HERMAN J., Ra Tnondville Prtrulrum Enain rinc. AIME, Ei-Rolce . Loofhorn Band. Ncwnun CUb WETZ, HARLAN H.. New Braunfels Phy.iral Education. KI. PEM. Silrer Spin. T Aociation. Football WHEAT. GEORGAN DELAFOSSE, Albany Cbild Derelopnunl. AP. Hone Economic Club WHEELER. J. BILL. Dallas Archittriurl En(iarrriof. Tcj WHEELLS. CLEVELAND, Kerrrille Intrnulioul Trade. AXA. Glee Club. Radio Home Cbocu.. Lonkorn artetK W HIPPLE. ROBERT D., Fon Worth EUrtriral Eninrer,i,,. HKX. A Q. AIEE. YMCA. Ftt Wonn Club WHITE. EMMA JEAN, Texarkana Phytiral Education. PEW. Bf. Spook,. Cap and Cown UHITE. JAMES QUENTIN, Ballinger Pcr.onn l Manafrmrnt. KK+, El-Scrriccncn WHITE. JOSEPH A.. Dallas JournalUm. IAX. A.wmbly. Daily Tcian WHITE. JOYCE RAE, East Bernard Hoane Economic!. Teacher Education. Home Era Con Qnk. Cap and WHITE. ROBERT RAYMOND. College Station Ptjckolofj. MICA. SiUer Spur. Mental Hygiene. Hoff. A. and M. Clnk. Radio Ho WHITE, T. EDGAR. Port Neches Buinen Adrainidration. AXA. Southeast Teia. Club WHITE. VIRGINIA LUCILLE, San Antonio Latin-American Trade. BBA. Sinfen. Women Voter.. San Antonio Clan HITE, VIRGINIA MAE, Fort Worth SpanUb. AAA. Women Voter.. Fort Worth Club WHITESIDES. MARSHALL MARLIN, Troup Penonnel Manacement. A1H. HE. MICA. Ei-Serricemrn WHITHAM. GEORGE WARREN, Dallas BiuiaeM A.imiDi lration, Pre-Law, D IU Club WHITON. ALBERT EDWARD, Beaumont Electrical Enfineerinf. +HI. Soulhea.t Teua Club WHITWORTH. MILTON ALSTON, Luling Buiineaa AdminUtration. Markelinf. MICA. Ei-Senicemen Economic. Club. Crueom . GRACE MABEL, Gatesville Home Economic.. Teacher Education. PpB. YWCA. Ho SpeAer . Glee Club. Blnebonnet Belle Nominee WIELXM). ESEI.YN ROBERTA, Pflugemlle Home Economic.. Home Demoutration. WICA. Home Economic. Clnk. Cap and COT WIGCINTON, CAROLYN, Brady Minor. AOn. Panbellenic. Blnekomnet Belle Nominee. Brady Club WILDER, CHARLES STILES, New Canaan, Conn. Economic.. niA. MICA WILDER, ROBERTA JEAN, Austin VtMMM Adminivtr.tioa, BBA. BSU WILEMON, ERNEST JEANES, Arlington Electrical Enjint-rrinj. KA. Cowkor . T Auocialion. WILLIAMS, CAROLYN, Haskell Air Tmaaporution, BBA Pad S3 Seniors n.t WILLIAMS, FRED LECKIE, San Antonio Life Insurance Salesmanship WILLIAMS, JOHN, Houston Journalism, IAX, MICA, Daily Texan, Houston Club WILLIAMS, MARY FRANCES, Dallas Radio Broadcajting, KKJ ' , Bluestockings. Panhellenic. Radio House, Turtle Club, Newman Club, Dallas Club WILLIAMS, RUBY LOIS, Houston Accounting, AAA WILLIAMS, RUTH ELIZABETH, College Station Plan II, ZTA, FOO. YWCA, Reagan. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Cap and Gown WILLIAMS, SARAH ALICE, Abilene Psychology, AAII, YWCA, Reagan, Abilene Club, West Texas Club WILLIAMSON, ROBERT BURNS, Bryan Economics, MICA, Texas A. and M. Club, Ex-Servicemen WILLSON, AMOS LESLIE, Amarillo Journalism, MICA, AVC, Daily Texan, Student Federalists. Panhandle Club WILLSON, BETTY LEE, Elgin Sociology, WICA, Mental Hygiene, Cap and Cown, Common Sense, Women Voters WILSON, ROBERT WILLIAM, Fort Worth Journalism, 1AX. Daily Texan WINBORN, BETTY JEAN, Houston Physical Education, AMI, PEM. UTSA, YWCA, Tee Club, Houston Club WINTER, CECIL RAY, Beaumont Public Accounting, BA , Ex-Servicemen, Southeast Texas Club WIPKE, ROBERT F., Mercedes Civil Engineering, ASCE, Ramshorn, Intramurals, Valley Club WISENBAKER, RALPH, Mineola Industrial and Personnel Management, MICA. Ex -Servicemen WOMACK, BILL MOODY, Brady Accounting, Ex -Servicemen, West Texas Club WOOD, MARIE EVINS, Gainesville, Fla. Psychology, Mental Hygiene, Cap and Cown, Presbyterian Student League. Interfaith Theatre Workshop WOODALL, MORRIS DALE, Franklin Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association WOODRUFF, FRANK NORMAN, Houston Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Air Force Association, Ex-Servicemen WOTTLIN, WILLIAM 0., San Antonio Electrical Engineering, TBII, AIEE WREN, NANCY CULPEPER, Houston English, KA9, Houston Club WRIGHT, BEATRIX SARAH, Austin MiiMr Education, University Musicians, Symphony, Cap and Cown WRIGHT, BEAUMONT B., Wink Chemical Engineering WRIGHT, FRED MEYER, Austin Chemical Engineering. TS. MICA. AIChE. Ramshorn. Square and Compasses WRIGHT, WILLIAM LARRY, Bastrop Business Administration, AKE WRIGHTSMAN, SID RAY, Austin Journalism, ZAX, Monitor Club, California Club WYNNE, JO ALICE, Tyler English, IIB4, Bluestockings, Cap and Cown, Tee Club YOLLAND, CORAL JAN, League City Transportation, ATA, BBA, UTSA, Poona, YWCA, Women Voters. Wesley Foundation, Cap and Gown YOUNG, HAROLD HIGGINS, Dallas Applied Mathematics. IN. H, Brackenridge Hall Association ZANDER, CLOVER LUCILLE, Temple Government. IIIA, WICA, Inter-American Association, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee. Women Voters, Newman Club, Cap and Gown ZARROW, JACK CARL, Tulsa, Okla. Petroleum Engineering, t Si, AIME ZIMMERMAN, WILLIAM FLORIAN, Austin Chemical Engineering, KS, TBII, H, AIChE ZOLLICOFFER, ALLYN, Hillsboro Business Administration, MICA, Hogg ZOWADA, DOROTHY JEAN, Austin Business Administration, AAi, BBA, Nurse ' s Aide ZUCKER, JEROME LEE, Los Angeles, Calif. Business Administration. Ex-Rotcee, Yankee Club, California Club ZUNIGA, OSCAR J., Laredo Mechanical Engineering, ASME. Ramshorn. Prather Hall Association, Laredo Club STERBA, RICHARD LUDWIDK, Berwyn, 111. Economics, AVC, Inter-Cooperative Council, National Students Organiza- tion PACE 54 Laws SECOND-YEAR LAWS Bevan, John Harold, Fort Worth Bird, Richard Deeb, Crowell Bourke, Adele Mae, Weatherford Broaddus, Francis Cole, El Paso Clark, Charles Edward, Austin Gilbert, L. E., Fort Worth Hancock, Charles Raymond, San Antonio Horany, Jimmy Phillip, Archer City Jones, Theodore Lawrence, Dallas Lattimore, Hal McKnight, Fort Worth Nugent, James E., Kerrville Prothro, John Elwin, Big Sandy Regan, Milton Charles, Orange Renner, Raymond E., Lamesa Shaw, Robert L., Dallas Sheehy, John Francis, Waco Simons, Blaine, Sioux Falls, S.D. Tomlinson, H. D., Brownwood Townsend, William B., Fort Worth Vickery, Edward Downtain, Fort Worth Vine, Harry, Austin West, William Beverley, Fort Worth Woods, Stanley C., Caney, Kans. FIRST-YEAR LAWS Adair, Edward Blaine, Cooper Bacon, Drew O ' Neal, Frankston Barnhart, John Newhall, Beeville Brigman, Fred Cox, Uvalde Cadwallader, Oscar Julius, Houston Chandler, George Wilson, Austin Clark, William C., Shreveport, La. Crawford, A. Irene, Oklahoma City, Okla. Creighton, John Roy, Mineral Wells Cross, James E., Agua Dulce Dowdy, William C., McKinney Duncan, Ewert R., Pampa Ebersole, Charles R., Houston Ferrell, Edward, Longview Giesberg, Robert Irvin, Houston Guild, William Walter, New York City, N. Y. Haden, Charles Mclntyre, Houston Hibler, Oscar Newton, Houston Holcombe, A. C., Borger Huff, Jack, Tulsa, Okla. Hynes, J. Kenneth, Beaumont Keffer, John W., Amarillo Krebs, Joseph, Colorado Springs, Colo. Lewis, Frederick F., Houston Lewis, Robert Edward, Addicks Livingstone, Robert, Houston Lowe, William James, Clarendon Maxwell, Richard Thomas, Fort Worth Mayhew, William Joseph, Edinburg Miller, Ralph Kenneth, Houston Montgomery, Homer Gordon, Abilene Morris, Joseph Bounds, Breckenridge Nolen, Wilford Allen, Dallas Overshiner, George William, Abilene Rentfro, Daniel Lindsay, Brownsville Sahm, Russell R. H., San Antonio Scherer, Paul Clarence, Rosenberg Schoppa, Elroy, Vernon Schovajsa, Henry Jerry, Placedo Junction Seale, H. Kyle, San Antonio Shannon, P. B., Cleveland Smith, Mose Allen, Port Arthur Spencer, James Clarence, Athens Stokely, Charles, Houston Stuart, Robert R., El Paso Talbot, James S., San Antonio Uhl, Arthur G., San Antonio Walker, George L., Houston Wild, Claude Charles, Austin Wildenthal, John, Cotulla Willis, Phillip L., Kaufman PACE 56 Juniors Abadie. Victor Hugo. San Antonio Adams. Bernard Leroy, Houston Adams, Charles DeWitt, Benavides Adams, Jacob Moore, Austin Adams, John Candy, Austin Ader. Joe King. Port Arthur Albert, Helen Fern, Rotan Alderdire, Billy Bryan. Austin Alexander, Dorothy J une. Fort Worth Alexander, Mary Helen. Waco Allen, Flavia Jeanne, Jackson, Miss. Allen. Mary Kathryn, Perryton Allen, William Marion, Fort Worth Alpert, Carolyn Judith, San Antonio Amburn. Margery !_, Texas City Amerson. Billy Cayle, Hillsboro Ammerman. Thomas W., La Feria Anderson, James M., San Antonio Anderson, Melba Joy, Gary, Ind. Andis. Billie Ralph, Amarillo Andrews, Tom Scarborough, Austin Appleby, Ardice Vivian, San Antonio Archbald, Todd, Buffalo, N. V. Arendale, Madeline K.. Somerville Armstrong, Tommy Jean, Angleton Ash, Barbara Tislow, Austin Askew, Robert Edward, Ferris Aune, Georgia Dagmar, San Antonio Avant. Evelyn Ruthe, Austin Avriett. Don Marie. Austin Aydam, Bertha Louise. Houston Babcock, Gerry Lea. Mirando City Bailey, Olen Kelly, Ennis Baker, Jane Robin, Austin Baker, John Heflin, Houston Ball. Norman Dayle, Little Rock, Ark. Banks, Barbara Ruth, Dallas Bardin, Janie Marie, Arlington Barker, Malcolm Dale, Crystal City Barker. Vonciel, Galveston Barnes, Charles F_, Corsicana Barnes, William Vance, Rockwall Barnett. Nelda Loraine. Carthage Barrett, Theodore Holzeman, Dallas Bass, Jo Pearl. Port Neches Bass. Patricia Ann. Kilgore Bass. Thomas ., Gainesville Battaile. Tom D.. Houston Baxter, Mary Beth, San Antonio Baxter, William Wilson, J Beaman, James Manley, Austin Beaty, Beverly Joyce, Orange Beck. Angus Alfred. Kilgore Beddingneld. Martha Nell, Kerrrille Beffa. Mary Etta. Normandy. Mo. Beitel, Betty Jo, Kerrville Bennett, Marie, Falfurrias Beran, Edwin ., Caldwell Berlowitz, Jack Nalcome, Austin Bernard. Curtis Richard, Raymondvilie Berry, Gas L., Dallas Binion. Vannis Arlue, Austin Bird. Albert Deeb. Crowell Birdwell. Effie Neoma, Wichita Falls Biscamp, Roy Gene, Beaumont Juniors Bishop, James C., Wichita Falls Bissett, Charles F., Junction Blackwell, Lynn D., Pampa Blaugrund, M. H. Don, El Paso Blount, Robert Ward, Hillsboro Bludworth, H. Wallace, Kingsville Boliver, Virginia Nell, Temple Bellinger, Joel Clifford, Paris Boone, Martha Ann, Waco Boothe, Grace Iris, Del Rio Boothe, Ronald Earl, Farwell Boothe, William Henry, Gonzales Boren, John Jay, Snyder Boren, Kenneth L., San Antonio Boren, William Meredith, San Antonio Boswell, Bob, Waco Bowen, Adelphia Dane, Royalty Bowman, Thornton Hardie, Austin Boyd, Alfred Kent, Austin Boykin, Francis Marshall, Corpus Christi Brady, Alice Claire, Hearne Brahaney, Edwin Leo, Midland Brautigam, Lelon Maurine, Pinehurst Breckenridge, Arthur Colman, Monroe, La. Breshears, Frank Sherman, Houston Brien, Fred Price, Amarillo Brice, Alyne Glennon, San Antonio Brock, G. Carolyn, Erie, Pa. Brooks, John Charles, Houston Broussard, Lufiade Joseph, Port Arthur Brown, Ellis Merriman, Corpus Christi Brown, Hyder Joseph, Hillsboro Brown, Jacqueline LaMotte, Orlando, Fla. Brown, Lewis Eldridge, Dallas Brown, Ollie Dickson, Waller Browne, Patricia Anne, Houston Browning, Sterling, San Antonio Bruce, Barbara Ann, Kerrville Bryan, Annora Adelle, Houston Buckner, Harriet Louise, San Marcos Buford, Mary Lou, Jarrell Bunch, Howard M., San Angelo Bunte, Helen Lamar, Houston Burba, Buddy Buford C., Wichita Falls Burge, Henry C., Wichita Falls Burke, Lillian R., Austin Burnett, Lonnie Sheldon, Saratoga Burrow, Edgar Anderson, Brady Buttery, Dorothy Alice, San Angelo Buttrill, Sidney Eugene, Austin Byers, Patsy Ellen, Kilgore Byrd, Patrick Henry, Midlothian Cable, Edwin Davis, Wichita Falls Cadena, Viola Maria, Del Rio Cameron, Mary Ellen, Beaumont Campbell, Ann Clark, Austin Campbell, Clifford Gene, Nacogdoches Campbell, Earl A., Wichita Falls Campbell, Virginia Lee, Waco Canfield, Frances L., Tyler Cannon, Garland H., Sterling City Cannon, Jeanne, Kenedy Cappel, Howard Edward, Blanco Carlton, Charles Rogers, Plalnview Carmichael, Ann Elizabeth, Houston PACE 58 Juniors Carmichtel. Joe Allan. East Bernard Carpenter. Bettie Ann. Dallas Carroll, Charles S Dallas Carroll. Corinne. Texarkana Carruthers, L. Elaine, Commerce Carsey, Cathryne Jeanne, Houston Carson. Coleman. Paris Carter, Marjorie NelL Dallas Carter. Melford Sidney, Kilgore Castro. Maria Marpuerita. Mobile. Ala. Cater, Lael. Austin Carton. Marilyn Janice. Thortoo Chandler. Bobby J.. Dallas Chandler, Dorothy Helen. Austin Chandler. Fred Clark. Levelland Chapman. Dorothy Mae, Austin Chappie. Willodyne, San Antonio Charlton. Jim Alice, Temple Chase. Donald. San Antonio Chernosky. Adelma Shirley. Corpus Christi Childerv. Mary Aileen, Orange Claibome. Thomas E.. Bastrop Clark. Bernice l_. San Antonio dark. Charles Edward, Paris Clark. James Eugene, Austin dark. James R.. Texarkana Clark. Lula Catherine, Granbury dark. Norma Francine. Harlingen Clarkson. Robert F.. San Antonio darkston, Horace H, Tyler Clary, Peggy Pauline, Turnersville Clayton. Bertha Cathryn, Greenville Clemens, Bobbye Juanita, West Palm Beach, Fla. Clemmons. Gwen. Kilgore Cleveland, Ray O.. Austin Clift, Mrs. Carol Fitzhugh. Austin dinkenbeard. Neil Eugene, Waco Cloudt. Norma Jean, Decatur, Ga. douse, Harland Almonte. Dallas douse, Mary Jean Saville, Austin Coats, James Richard, Longriew Cochran. Jo Rene, Kingsville Cocke, Billie Jean. Harlingen Cody, Thomas H.. Houston Cohn. Robert I_ Fort Worth Cole, Peggy Louise, Beaumont Coleman. Carolyn Merrill. Wichita Falls Coleman, James L, Cameron Coleman, James Waller. Kerrville Collier. Jen Banks. Temple Collier. Paul W.. Hamilton Collier. Robert H.. Post Collins, Fred Allen, Coleman Colwell, Patricia Lander, San Antonio Combs, Cora Frances, Amarillo Connelly. Robert B.. Austin Cook, Elizabeth Ann. Me Allen Cook, Robert Gould. Abilene r, James Robert. Dallas Cooper, Betty Jo, Austin Cooper. Elloie Anne, Fort Worth Cooper. Harold Paul, Dallas Cooper, Robert Lee, San Antonio Cooper. Splawn L.. Houston Coppel. Flora Lee, San Antonio JL Juniors Cornelius, Marilyn Jane, Amarillo Cornibe, Annette, Austin Cornibe, Janette, Austin Cosner, Jacqueline, San Antonio Coston, Thomas Ray, Clifton Cottle, Martha Lois, Carthage Couch, Joe Robert, Pittsburgh Cowling, Dorothy Elizabeth, Houston Cox, Alex Finley, Beeville Cox, Helen M., Harlingen Craig, Gordon Paul, Denton Craven, John W., Austin Creamer, Amy Elizabeth, Texarkana Crooke, Peggy June, Conroe Cross, James Harvey, Brady Crouch, Joseph Burrus, Wichita Falls Crow, Donald Elmer, Borger Crownover, Zane, Odessa Crusius, Milton Wood, Fort Worth Cummings, Peggy Flynn, Dickinson Cunningham, John Franklin, San Antonio Cunningham, William Otto, Houston Currey, Bonn Timothy, Crockett Curtis, Margaret, Tyler Curtis, Martha Alice, Dallas Dailey, John W., Waco Damuth, Malcolm C., Magnolia Daniel, Lea R., Hamlin Danzinger, Zelik Joseph, Texarkana, Ark. Darnell, Mary Margaret, Bryan Davidson, Nora Jane, Electra Davis, Alleth Coralyn, Harlingen Davis, Donald Alexander, Vernon Davis, Frances Elizabeth, Lometa Davis, Louis Colbert, Houston Davis, Louis Hudler, Victoria Davis, Marvin Lee, Austin Davis, Patsy Jean, Austin Davis, Richard F., Woodville Davis, Sam Walkup, Houston Davis, Wallace Harvey, Texarkana Deborde, Phyllis, Dallas Dee, William F., Arkansas City, Kans. Dees, Delia Valerie, Austin Dees, Doris Fay, Austin De Leon, Jose Rodolfo, Benavides Dellinger, Dona Gay, Tyler Demere, Mary Agnes, Water Valley Denius, Franklin Wofford, Athens Deveny, Charles Albert, Corsicatia Dietrich, Zela Mae, Weslaco Dietzmann, Helmuth, San Antonio Dobbins, James Pete, Spur Doell, James E., San Angelo Dollar, Frances I., Mexia Doole, Peggy Nell, Austin Dornon, Marion Hope, Eagle Lake Douglas, Jimmie Hugh, Palacios Dove, Wendell Sumrall, Dallas Dowell, Jane, Austin Downing, Helen Irene, Freer Downward, Phyllis, Dallas Doyle, William Watson, Austin Draeger, Patricia Josephine, Rosita, Mexico Dubberley, Jack Powell, Lubbock PACE 60 Juniors Du Bois. Douglas .. Beaumont DuBois, Helen Middleton, Pelhara Manor, Y V DuBose. George Perry, San Antonio DuBose. Jerry e , Victoria Dudley, Arthur Ray, Dallas Dumas William Benjamin. Baytown Durway, Malrolm Bolin, Fort Worth Dyer, Dorothy Marie, Dallas Eads, Smith. Mabank Edmondson, Man Margaret, Mathis Edson. Sally Martha, Dallas Edwards, Bonney Jean. Port Arthur Edwards, Frances Merle, Haskell Eidelberg, Jeannette, San Antonio Eiserloh, Norman A., San Antonio Elliott, Ann Hancock, Paris Ellis, Margaret Mary, League City Ellish, Milton M., Spring Valley. N. Y. Eppes, Harry Scoggin, San Angelo Ern, Bernice Edith, San Antonio Espando, Juan. Mexico City, D. F. Esserick, Cecelia, San Antonio Etchison. Sarah Diana, Brownsville Eu banks. Patsy Ruth, Cladewater Evans, Melba F., Mexia Evans, Winifred Alia, Wharton Farley, Gwendolyn Gene, Amarillo Farnsworth. Richard A., Houston Farnum, Morgan Irving. Dallas Faulkner, Joe B., Whitesboro Faulkner. Mary Jo, Kilgore Faulkner, Ruby Mae, Kilgore Feild. Nancy Jane, Austin Felker, Ernest Scott, Gainesville Fenlaw, Harold Roger, Dallas Ferguson, Anna Margaret, Dallas Ferguson, James Ray, Electra Fewell, Gwendolyn Marie, Dallas Finch. OrvilJe H., Dalhart Fink, Carl Frederick, Houston Fitzhugh. William Aylett, Dallas Fitzpatrick, Gloria Anne, Austin Flood. Virginia Lee, Waco Flynn, Arthur M., Houston Flynn, Charles Harold, Houston Folsom, Mildred Louise, Gladewater Fontein, Geraldine L.. Corpus Chri-ti Ford. Robert E., Abilene Foster. Charles 1C, National City, Calif. Foster, Mary Jane, Houston Fowler, Jean. Silsbee Fowler, June, Silsbee Frambach. Beverly Anita, Houston Franklin, Una Jeanne, Beeville Freeland, Bernard Randolph, Fairmont, W. Va. Fuller. lames Carlton, Colorado City Fullwood, William J.. Ingram Gambrell. John N.. Beaumont Gambrell. Nell Gregg, Lockhart Gann, Elizabeth F... Arlington Gardner, William Beverly, Austin Garrett, John Battaile. Abilene Gaston, William D.. Austin Gazis, M. V.. Houston George, Ballard Wilson, Corsicana Juniors German, Billye Jane, Midland Gernentz, John Howard, Edinburg Gertz, Evelyn, Kilgore Gibbs, Clement C., Topeka, Kans. Gilbert, Lanvil Leon, Rotan Gilles, Gilbert Joseph, Electra Gipson, William E., Gilmer Girard, Mary Ann, West Glaze, Kathleen Adele, Austin Glazener, Virginia Ruth, Dalla? Gleason, Mary Barbara, Imboden, Ark. Goen, June, San Augustine Golden, Ira Jeffery, Vernon Gonzalez, Mauricio Rene, Falfurrias Goodell, Tilly Rose, San Antonio Goodson, James B., Longview Gorelnick, Mervin Harold, San Antonio Gose, Dick, Wichita Falls Gossett, Carolyn, Taylor Gould, Ben Donnell, Wichita Falls Gracy, Doris, Austin Graham, Charles Wayne, Wichita Falls Grann, Mary Louise, Dallas Graves, Nancy Jeanne, Memphis, Tenn. Greaves, Claire, Dallas Green, Doris, Dallas Green, Hubert William, San Antonio Green, Virginia, San Antonio Greer, William Neal, Houston Grice, Harry Marion, Houston Griffin, James Brown, Paris Griffin, Jessie Allene, Nixon Griffin, Joan, Fort Worth Guest, Dorothy Jean, San Antonio Gunn, Dorothy Marie, Port Arthur Gunn, Frances Ann, Fort Worth Gunning, Thomas C., El Paso Gurley, Mary Edna, Austin Gwyn, Robert J., Sherman Haas, Gilbert Oscar, San Antonio Hair, Leah Jean, Electra Hajek, Anton Paul, San Antonio Halden, William Joseph, Austin Haley, Curtis Richard, San Augustine Hall, E. Wayne, Austin Hamilton, Arthur Girard, San Antonio Hamilton, Wacile L., Houston Hammack, John William, Texarkana, Ark. Hanna, Margaret Iva, Fort Worth Hanna, Marjorie Pauline, Denison Hanna, Mildred Sue, Fort Worth Hannan, Joseph A., Pittsburgh, Pa. Hardeman, Edward Lent, Junction Harding, William James, Hornell, N. Y. Hargrove, Joseph Leonard, Shreveport, I a. Harmon, Dorothy Lee, Terrell Harmon, Francis Gilmer, Dallas Harp, Jewell Dell, Freer Harris, Elmeruth, Dtnis on Harris, James C., Gladewater Harris, Marianne, Hubbard Hart, Mary Sue, Austin Hasting, Mary Patricia, Dallas Haver, Jasper Benty, Pueblo, Colo. Hayes, Beverly Barbara, Port Arthur PACE 62 Juniors Hayne . Noble Sidney. Tyler Haynie. Marguerite Mac. Ba trop Hazlewood, Beatrice Yvonne. Dothan Heath. Bascon Gerald. San Antonio Heath, Shirley Lee, San Anlonio Hedeen. Robert A., Fort Worth Heinz. Kenneth W., Austin Hendershott. Charles Butler. Beaumont Hendricks, Cecil May. Temple Henke, Caroline Marie. Kerrville Herpel. William Wahrmund, San Antonio Hickfanp. Karl A.. Bonham Hirkox. Winnogene Orene, Dumas Hicks, Wanda Yvonne. Waco Hiett, Josephine, Longview Hicht Ewinp Baker, Grand Prairie Hill. Dan Coburn. Bowie Hill. Evelyn. Floresville Hinkel. Charlene J Robstown Hixson. Paula Marcheta. Austin Hobson. William Robert. Amarillo Hoeflich. Dora Mae. Houston Hoffpauir, Margie Louise, Port Arthur Holcombe, Margaret M., Borger Holland, Alfred Gage, San Antonio Holley. David Walters, Palestine Holley. Jacqueline J., Gladewater Holzschuher. Alfred Robert. San Antonio Hooper. Charles J.. Houston Hooper. John Tobe, Plainsview Hoover. William S_ Waco Horlen. Jereleen. Willow City Hoskins, H. Lowell, Trinidad Houdek. Albin. Ennis Howard, Dale, Odessa Howard. Durward B Concan Howard. Edgar Seal. Paris HowelL Georpia-Marpuerite. Sonora Howell, Howard O.. KJlgore Hoyle. Paul Winston, Hillsboro Hoylman. Frank G_ Terrell Hnchingson. Robert E.. Sulphur Springs Hudson. John Hubbard. Dallas Huebner. Harry James. San Antonio Huffman. Charles Howard, Houston Hughes. irginia Anabel. Vernon Humble. Emmett rl. Beaumont Hunt. Joseph Lev. Oeburne Hutchinson, Shirley Jean, Dallas Huxley, Marion Elizabeth. Austin Inks, Floyd Beverly. Austin Isensee. Mamie Nell, Kames City Jacaman, Emilio N., Laredo Jarkson. Charles Edward. San Antonio Jackson, Everts Earl, Richardson Jackson. Marian Ruth. Little Rock, Ark. Jacobs, Homer B.. Mr Allen Jayroe. Calvin Windfield, Keltys Jenkins. J. Clark. Dallas Jenkins. Joe Mack. Waiahachie Jenn. Marjorie B.. Houston Jennings. Frank L.. Sondhiemer, La. Jennings, Fred Collier. Kerrville Jochetz. George Edward. Holland Johnsen, Marianne, Dallas PMC W Juniors Johnson, Bobbie Jean, Manor Johnson, Clifford Wilbur, El Campo Johnson, Frances Elizabeth, San Angelo Johnson, Robert B., Edinburg Johnston, Patricia Marie, San Antonio Jones, Bill Ray, Dallas Jones, Edith, Abilene Jones, Florence, Eagle Pass Jones, Jan Ellen, Kerrville Jones, Margaret Faye, El Campo Jones, Martha Jane, Knox City Jones, Sarah Alice, Humble Jordan, Janet C., Austin Jordan, Mary Ruth, Lamesa Jordan, Patricia Elaine, Mason Jordan, Susie Elaine, Canadian Joseph, Rosine, Corpus Christi Jungman, Y. Frank, Houston Justice, David Blair, Dallas Kahn, Miriam Hope, El Paso Kariel, Louis Weisman, Marshall Katzmark, Ray Franklyn, San Antonio Kayser, Raymond F., Shreveport, La. Kelley, Finis M., Fort Worth Kelley, Lucille C., Lockhart Kelly, Elizabeth Ann, Ciddings Kelly, Margaret Alma, Sweetwater Kempe, Ila Rae, Alice Kendall, Thomas Alfred, George- West Kendziorek, Wolfgang Martin, Colon, Panama Kennedy, Betty Jo, Waco Kennedy, Noah O., Corpus Christi Kent, Anna Lucille, Houston Kerridge, Isaac Curtis, Corpus Christi Kilpatrick, Wendell Clarence, Marshall Kimbrel, Glenna D., Corpus Christi King, Janice Arlene, Dallas King, Muriel Cora, Houston Kinser, Floyd Gilbert, Dallas Kinser, James Reece, Dallas Kirsner, Harriet Marjorie, San Antonio Kisten, Nancy, Houston Klein, Evelyn, Columbus Klein, Howard Henry, Tomball Kleinman, Shirley, McCamey Knight, Norma Lou, Houston Knotts, Lois Anne, Huntsville Krampitz, Clarence Rynold, Sealy Krippel, Margaret Ellen, Fort Worth Kurth, Robert Lee, Lufkin Labit, Mary Lou, Temple Laborde, Alfred L., San Antonio Lahourcade, John B., San Antonio Lain, Mary Rebecca, Cleburne Lancaster, Howard E., Beeville Lance, Allene Rae, Wink Lance, Joyce Catherine, Perryton Landon, Lydia Louise, San Antonio Lapidus, Dovie, Bowling Green, Ky. Laskowski, Gilbert Ignatius, Del Rio Laskowski, Lucille Gladys, Del Rio Law, Lemuel Rogers, Paris Law, Walter Mouzon, Texarkana Layne, Dorothy Ruth, Dallas Leak, James Vestal, Longview Leath, Robert Orion, Tyler Leggett, William G., Odessa Leifeste, Dorothy Lee, Llano Lemen, William Laurence, San Juan Leonard, Mary Margaret, Fort Worth PACE 64 Juniors I.r Rouax. Richard Ross Houston Lester. Max Milton, Waco Levander. Dale Hoyt. Austin Leve ille. Dora, Ranger Leibmann, Paul C.. San Antonio Liedeker, Carolyn Fox, Houston Lile, Marcellus L., Temple Little. Hazel. Schulenburg Locke, Lee, Gainesville Logan. Harold Harding. Tuttle, Okla. I ogan. John A.. La Grange Long, L. Joyce. Austin Loveless, Shirley Ruth, Waco Lovett, Gordon T.. Amarillo Loving, Peggy Lois Graham l.uckmryer, Donald William. Kerrville. McCalip. Robert Lee, Holliday McCarty. Betty Jean. Austin McClellan. Leroy B., Houston McCorkle, Willard Alexander, Charleston. W. Ya. M-Daniel. Malcolm Reid, San Antonio MrDuffie, William Newton, Texarkana McGee. Thomas R., Corpus Christi McGuire, Gwendolyn. Big Lake Mclntire, William Leigh, Austin MrEver. Betty Jeanne. Bonham M. Kinley, Marthabel. Marlin M " Kinney. Barrett Travis. Baytown McLflMB, Harry R.. Houston McLernon, Mary Elaizabeth. San Antonio McMillan, William Douglas. Austin Mr Mullen. Dorothy Marie, Victoria - adden, Dorothy Leah. Teague MarDonald. James Douglas. Farmersville Maddox, Barbara, Menard Maddox. Robert Murray, Pittsburg Madole, Jewel Pickford, Beaumont Madra, Shirley Ann. Cairo. III. Magee, Rupert, Galveston Magliolo, Ellen Barbara. Galveston Maloney. John Patrick, San Antonio Manry. Winston O ' Nowlin, Houston Marken, Glenn Charles. Phillips Marsh. Mary Louise, College Station Martin, Jane G.. Austin Martinez. Emma. San Juan Massey. Nora Dell. San Angelo Mathis, Harry David. Corpus Chri-ti Matteson, Billy. Eldorado Matthews Hugh. Austin Matulk, Raymond William. Port Arthur Maxwell, George Eagle. Fort Worth May. Joel Edwin, Dallas Mayfield. Peggy Irene. Austin May?, Ernest Homer. West Columbia Meadows, Dovie La Nelle. Temple Meece. Roger Monroe. Livingston Melancon, Rosemary Pearl. San Antonio Mrllina. Mildred Frances. Fort Worth Menries. Billie Anne, Rocksprings Meredith. Jack H.. Albany Metralfe. Jean. Elgin Mirhalka. James .. Cameron Midyett. Merrell Ross, Carthage Miles, Martha Stuart, Atlanta, Ga. Miller, Charles William. Houston Miller. (Jay E.. Fort Ua%i Miller. Mary Elizabeth. Fort Davis Mill-. Madison Hicks. Au lin M if hell, Bennie M Weslaco P- 1 ci Juniors Mitchell, Marion Michael, Fort Worth Mitchell, Patricia Jean, San Antonio Mitchell, Welda Louise, Longview Mize, Martha Ann, Rio Hondo Moehle, Phyllis Irene, Enid Monteith, Philip Gerard, Dallas Moore, Arrol Lavoy, Nacogdoches Moore, Delbert Edward, Mexia Moore, Katharine Anne, Del Rio Moore, Robert Edwin, Houston Moore, Shirley L., Kilgore Morehead, Marjorie Claire, Fort Worth Morgan, Benjamin Ernest, Hillsboro Morman, James P., Houston Morse, Dan O tis, Austin Morton, John Davis, Houston Mosley, James Hester, Pampa Moss, William Henry, Hearne Motsch, William L., Eagle Pass Mucasey, John, Houston Murray, Gladys Lucille, Crockett Muse, George B., San Pedro, Calif. Muse, Rebecca Jean, Cameron Nash, Henry Heath, Kaufman Nelson, Ronald Hugh, Olney Neuhaus, Dorothy Estelle Hallettsville Newborn, Jacob Andrew, Austin Newman, Shirley Elaine, San Antonio Nichols, Frances Louise, Robstown Nichols, Marilyn Reed, Richmond Nicks, Oran Wesley, Fort Stockton Noble, Marian, San Antonio Noble, Mary Ann, Rocksprings Nolen, Cleave Jitter, Austin Noll, Betty Lou, San Antonio Norman, Wilmeth Marie, Lockhart Northcutt, Monroe, El Campo Norwood, Leon V., Orange Nu Delman, Joyce Bowles, Dallas Nunnally, James Edgar, Jacksonville Oden, Doris Mildred, San Angelo OTJriscoll, Jeremiah J., Galveston Oldham, Betsy Ross, Silsbee O ' Malley, Patricia J., Temple Orr, Alexander, Tyler Oslin, Helen Josephine, Monticello, Ark. Owens, George W., Tulsa, Okla. Pandress, Dave, Gainesville Panknin, Donna Al, Weir Kans. Parker, Florence Isabelle, Austin Parsons, Myers Kients, Fort Worth Pate, Blix Mary, Dallas Pattishall, Patricia Jane, Orlando, Fla. Payne, Mary Frances, Carthage Payton, Stella Mae, Austin Pearsall, John F., Ranger Peck, Alson Edgar, Austin Peuner, Florence, San Antonio Fender, Lucille, Austin Percy, John O., Longview Periman, Robert Ray, Dallas Perkins, Harriett Evon, Port Arthur Perkins, Margaret Patricia, Aransas Pass Perlstein, Doris Shirley, Ranger Permenter, Carlton E., Houston Perry, Cecile Alyse, Tulsa, Okla. Pesl, Theresa, Weimar Petit, Leila Esther, Presidio Pettit, Keneth Allen, Fort Worth Peurifoy, Gerald S., Longview PACE 66, Juniors Pfluger. Gladys U Pflugerrille Phillips. Jack Enrin. Mexia Phillips, Junes Akin. Iredell Pigg. Franklin Durant, Center . Patricia. Harlinprn Plumly. Henry C. Beaumont Pot, James W_ Copper Poff. Claudia. TnleU Poindexter. Carl Wayne. Austin Polansky. Loree Marie. Dime Box Porter, Charies Rodman, Ba town Porter, Lillian Ana, Hillshoro Porterfield. Jack Marshall, Texarkana Powell. Jo Beth. Edinburp PPooL Ceraldine, Longview Prater. Richard Carlton. Tyler Pirntis. ' . Mary Jane. El Paso Pugh. Robert Lynn. Corsicana Pulley. Shirley R.. McCaroey Purifoy. Russell Albritton. Corskana Rabke. Mary Lee. Tivoli Rarhofcky. Evelyn Doris. Dallas Ragsdalc. Silas B_ Houston Rainey. David Homsby. Austin Raler. Coleen. Wichita Falls Rani-dell. EUie. Colorado City Raneel. Henninia Lerma. Kin sville Binrir Dorothy Ann. Brownsville Red. William Stuart. Houston Redwine. Winston Terrell. Tahoka Reed. Leota La Verne, Lockhart Reed. William W_ Brownsville Reineman. Beth Conner. Eastland Rein ha rt. Anah June. Houston Renze, Frederick James, Texarkana Reynolds. Lillian Class, Mariin Rice, Beth Joanne. Big Spring Richter. Frances Cuny. San Antonio Riddick. Mokie Ammons. Momlton. Ark. Riedhanser, Charles Edward, Fort Worth Donald. Big Spring Riley. Martha EL. Natchez. J Rippel. Nancy Jane. Borger Riter. A. Lee, El Paso RobbiM. Richard C, Atia Robertson. Ea Jane, Colorado City Robertson, Crahaai I rtwater Robertson. Heiea Irene. San Antonio Robertson. Theresa I Yemen Robertson. Wanda. Taylor Robinson. Patricia Lea. Gafoeston Robinson. William Lee. A Rodriguez. Yolanda Catalina. Del Rio Rogers. Carroll Ray, Abilene Rooke. Marion B.. Corpus Christi Rooke. Robert EL. Woodsboro Rosenbaum. Joyce D_ BIT nham Row. Ada Gene. Arkadelphia. Ark. Rubinen. Norman Herber. Dallas Ruble. James Kenneth. Bertram Rurker. Peggy Ann. Ho Rue. Alvin. Fort Davis Rugeley. Norton A-, ' Rumbo. Noble Leon. Tahoka RMKU, Charles Qyde. BeHerille. Ark. Ruell. Mary Frances, Amarillo Saldana! Tadeo P. Kingsville Salley. Beverly Grace. Alice ----- - ; -.---- .. Sanders. Harold Barefoot, Dallas Juniors Sanders, John Bruce, Bowie Sandfield, Sandra, San Antonio Sansom, Genia Elouise, Austin Sansom, T. Floyd, Goldthwaite Scarborough, Julia True, Austin Scheble, Norma Jean, Fort Worth Schmidt, Raymond Arthur, Kingsville Schneider, Gene Walter, San Benito Schneider, Richard Campbell, San Benito Schnur, Walter, Dallas Schorre, Louis Charles, Cuero Schwartzkopf, Dale Edward, La Crosse, Kans. Schwarz, Ruby Louise, Charlotte Scurlock, Shirley William, Beaumont Seabourn, Connie Melvin, Goldsmilh Seagert, George H., Indiana, Pa. Seagler, Sylvia, Houston Scale, Lillian Marie, Port Lavaca Seipel, William A., San Antonio Senter, Lewis Blakely, Little Rock, Ai k. Serafino, Frances Jean, Houston Seufer, Christina L., Houston Seymour, Sam K., Columbus Shackelford, Alphonso Leon, Dallas Shapiro, Edward, Houston Sharp, Carle Farrell, Dallas Sharpe, Martha, Houston Shawcross, Helen, Uvalde Sheldon, Irma Helen, Waco Shelton, Benenna Jo, Taylor Selton, Jo Anne, Tyler Shepard, William H., San Antonio Sherman, Helene May, McLean, Va. Shields, James Brock, Mart Shockley, Harold David, Mart Sholars, Beth, Orange Shuford, Charles Britten, Dallas Shwiff, Marvin Gilbert, Dallas Siddons, Sara Ann, Hillsboro Simmons, Mrs. Belvin Arbie, Bula Simmons, Belvin Arbie, Bula Simmons, Elizabeth Daggett, Houston Simms, Patricia Ann, Austin Simpson, Joseph Earl, Houston Skinner, George C., Port Arthur Slavik, Albert Thomas, Runge Sloan, Helen, Roswell, N. Mex. Smallwood, Charles B., Denison Smith, Doris Jeanne, Austin Smith, Hazel Frances, Hunt Smith, Louis, Houston Smith, Mary Louise, Lancaster Smith, Porter J., San Antonio Smyers, Imogene Love, Dallas Snow, Nona Mae, Abilene Sorola, Edmund Charles, San Antonio Spears, Billie Jane, Conroe Speckels, Florence Jane, Schulenburg Speer, Betty Jean, Orlando, Fla. Spencer, Dorothy Gean, Bloomington Stallman, Lawrence Lee, Garwood Steele, Wayne Kent, Trinity Stephens, James Thomas, Sierra Blanca Sterling, Shirley Mae, Port Neches Sterquell, Nell Mildred, Waco Stevens, Patricia Anne, Waco Stewart, Billie Marie, Beaumont Stewart, Jack Lamar, Huntington Stewart, Martha Ellen, Fort Worth Stewart, Melba Dwaine, Beaumont PACE 68 Juniors Stockton, Betty. Aroarillo Stone. Gertrude A., El Dorado, Kans. Stone, Glyn, Kilgore Stone, Jackie Lawton, San Juan Storey, Patricia Nix. Lockhart Strailman, Dorothy Gysbers, Petersburg, Va. Strassmann, W. Paul, Houston Straughan, Geraldine, San Antonio Strauss, Jane, Houston Straw, Harry G., Gatesville Street, William G.. Graham Strueber, Mary LOB. Amarillo Struhall, Dolores Lillian, Austin Summers, Evelyn G., Jacksonville. Fla. Summers, Jack B rax ton. Rosebud Summers, Jesse Alvin, Talpa Summers, Paul H.. Monahans Svadlenak, Rudolf Eldo, Austin Swenson. Jeanne Lenoir Bush. Austin Swift, Marjorie Jo, Cleburne Tackett, Helen Adele, Greenville Tamez, Carmen. Beaumont Tanner, Tommie Mae, Port Lavaca Traver, Mary Ann, San Antonio Taylor, Charlie G., Sweetwater Taylor. Harwood, Houston Taylor, Patricia Ann, Houston Taylor, Robert Bonner, Pittsburg Taylor, William W., Fort Worth Tharp, Elsie, Mansfield. La. Thomas, Betty Flournoy, Carthage Thomas, Wendel Grant, San Antonio Thompson, Luther W., Tyler Thompson. Suzanne, Angleton Tillerson, Carl L.. Wichita Falls Tilton, Marjorie Joyce, Houston Tinch, David Holiday, Houston Tinnin, Man Virginia. Del Rio Tippett, Ann Maxine, San Angelo Treadwell, Mary Maurine, Fort Worth Treadwell, Wilbur Collins, Austin Treon, Roland G., San Benito Tresp, Elizabeth Ann, Dallas Troutt, Geneva Pauline. Dallas Tucker, Lillian Elizabeth, Kilgore Tufflr. Bartholomew Lewis, Houston Turner, William) Earl, Breckenridge Tyson, Emily Ann, Houston L ' lbricht, Herbert Henry, Lockhart Underwood, James Ross, Corpus Christi Updegrore. Robert Chester, Taft Vague, Glen Edward. Wichita Falls Vague. Thomas N.. Wichita Falls Valentine, James Warren, Palestine Van Bibber. Lucy Lou, Huntington, W. Va. Van-Cura, Eloise Marie, Corpus Chri ti VandigrifT, Juanita Elaine. Carthage Van Landingham. Vanita, San Antonio Vansau. Move Van. Kilgore Varnon, Beven Wilbum, Weldon Yascocu. Ennis Naomi, Longview .land. Arthur Ferdinand, Corpus ChriMi ii torsohn. Minette, Mt. Vernon, N. V. Vilbig, William A. McComas, Dalla Vinson, Marjorie, San Angelo Vogel, Imogene Marye, Fort Worth von Zuben. Barbara Nell, Fort Worth Votteler, Robert P.. Dallas Wagner. Pichard Earl. Baird Wahrmu nd, Robert Clinton, Comfort Juniors Walla, August William, Houston Wallace, George C., Arlington Waller, Margaret Rebecca, Galveston Warburton, Lawrence H., Freer Ward, Ottis William, Hunt Ward, William Houston, De Kalb Warner, Barbara Jeanne, Dallas Warner, Betty Ann, Houston Warner, Hiram Alford, Dallas Warren, Mary Stuart, Freeport Warrington, Birmah Jean, Houston Washington, Mildred Ella, Brownsville Watson, Arthur Pope, Austin Watson, Rosemary, Brownwood Watts, Mary Elizabeth, Houston Weatherall, John Theodore, Port Arthur Weaver, Charles William, Dallas Webb, Mary Emma, Farmersville Weems, J. Eddie, Los Angeles, Calif. Weinert, Johnnye Jean, Seguin Welborn, Clarence Taylor, Austin Werkenthin, Fred Bernard, Austin West, Dorothy Ann, Fort Worth Weston, Ray Franklin, Gonzales Wetzel, Katherine Willanne, Tulsa, Okla. Wheat, Frances, Sonora Wheeler, John Emery, Mineral Wells Wheeler, Robert Yeates, Tilden Whitaker, Mary Elizabeth, San Antonio White, Bill, Sinton White, Mary Suzanne, Cadiz, Ky. Whitis, Nelda Dolores, San Antonio Wier, John Rex, Karnes City Wilbanks, William Allen, Cleburne Willhoite, Wilma Laurine, Austin Williams, Bette Ruth, San Antonio Williams, Jay 0., Houston Williams, Joye Lee, Beaumont Williams, Mary Lynn, New Braunfels Williams, Riley Lee, Glidden Williamson, Jesse Frank, Houston Williamson, Patricia Anne, Corpus Christi Williamson, Travis, Carthage Willis, Charles G., Abilene Willis, Mary Priscilla, Odessa Wilson, J. Ann, Port Lavaca Wilson, John Weldon, Wichita Falls Wilson, Laureta, Cameron Wilson, Mason, Wichita Falls Winter, Fred David, Beaumont Witherspoon, Lallande, Berkeley, Calif. Witte, Betty Lee, Texas City Wolaver, Cora Ann, Hillsboro Wood, Jacquelyn, Cuero Wood, Robert C., Corpus Christi Woodard, William Calvin, Dallas Woods, Julia Elizabeth, San Antonio Wright, Pat, Austin Wright, Robert L., West Columbia Wright, Sylvia Ann, Shreveport, La. Wright, Virginia Day, Moody Wyman, Richard S., San Antonio Yarbrough, Joyce Lynn, Corpus Christi York, Wynell, Brackettville Young, James Moore, Long Beach, Calif. Young. Phyllis Casselman, Conway Springs, Kans. Yowell, Mildred Faye, Elm Mott Yramategui, Enrique Hector, Houston Zieschang, Margaret Augusta, Thrall Zlotnik, Philip, Brenham PACE 70 Sophomores Abies, James Lathem, Brownwood Acker, Helen Louise, Hereford Adams, Martha Etta, Conroe Adams, Norwick O. Jr., Alice Adams, Robert Tombs, Jr., Magnolia, Ark. Adelman, Jay Leonard, San Antonio Aderhold, Samuel Thomas, Edinburg Agnor, Mary Ware, Marshall Ainsworth, Horace Denton Jr., Austin Albin, Annie Laurie, Dallas Alexander, Edith Sue, Seneca, S. C. Alexander, Silas James, Austin Alexander, Stanford J., Houston Alexander, Steve, Waco Allen, Jack M., Perryton Allen, Milton Eugene, Harlingen Allen, William H., Perryton Altman, Rosalie, Dallas Anderegg, Alfred Ferdinand, Menard Anderson, Jack O., Goldsmith Andrew, William Guy, Whitewright Andrews, Ann, Dallas Andrews, Jane Adaline, Oklahoma City, Okla. Andrews, Janet Evelyn, Ozark, Ark. Ansel, Martha Virginia, Richmond Apaydin, Nihat, Istanbul, Turkey Appel, Arleigh, Brenham Arrendell, Cammid, Cleveland Ashmore, Lear Lee, San Antonio Ashworth, Mary Beverly, Austin Attal, Carolynn, Austin Aydam, Louise Caffall, Houston Ayers, Wilson Lenige, Corsicana Bachschmid, Arnold E., Austin Bagley, Betsy Ann, Eden Bailey, Jo Ann, Gatesville Baird, Eddie J., Houston Baker, Eloyce M., Fort Worth Baker, Robert S., Oklahoma City, Okla. Baldridge, John Edward, Raymondville Banke, Carl William, Port Arthur Barber, Dickie Lee, Tivoli Barkley, Howard Norman, Bay City Barlow, Carolyn Jeanette, Houston Barnes, Frankie Jean, Brownwood Barnes, W. Kenneth, Austin Barnes, Walter Jack, Brownwood Barnhart, Bobby James, Austin Bartlett, Robert E., Wheaton, 111. Bartosh, William Frank, Granger Basaran, Suat Tevfik, Denizli, Turkey Bashein, Carol B., Houston Bass, Barbara Louise, Austin Batis, Harry Patterson, Austin Beall, T. Alexander, Jacksonville Bearden, Robert L., Dallas Beauchamp, Norma Jean, Goldsmith Beavan, Reginald Arthur, Eagle Pass Becker, John Greenleaf, San Angelo Beckman, Peggy Jane, Ennis Beene, William A., Robstown Bell, Alvin Ewing, Bronte Bell, James Ardis, Fort Worth Bell, John Thomas, San Antonio Bell, Marjorie Claiborne, Paris Bennett, Howard J., Fort Worth Bennight, Kenneth L., Austin Bennight, Mildred, Austin Bergfield, James William, Austin Berlowitz, Sara-Ann, Austin Bernson, Francis, Canadian Best, James Britton, Woodville Belts, Wilbur Doyle, Weslaco Beversdorf, August Nathan, Yoakum Bickerstaff, Clyde Lester, Dallas Biggerstaff, Roy C., Carthage Biles, Perry Eugene, San Antonio Bingham, Doris Lynn, Austin PACE 72 Sophomores Birdwell, ie rry Smith. Houston Bishop, Eugene Harville, Clarksville Bi-hop. Oliver Sunton, Port Arthur Black, Aubrey C., Austin Black. Richard Lee, Dallas Black. William K.. Kerrville Bla. kwell. Coleen, Del Rio Blakeway. James Coin. Royse ( n Blaugnind, Ann Yeta. El Paso Blouin, Sid. Houston Blount. Ralph E. ( Peppy), Big Spring Bluestein, Frances Anne, Atlanta Blumc. Edmund Anthony. Houston BoaU. Nathan Orr. Austin Boggs. Joye. Houston Bomar, Cecil Randolph, McKinney Bone. Robert Carrughers. Gainesville Booth, Beverly Ann, Port Arthur Boren, Jame Harlan. Wichita Falls Boswortb. Laurence Sautelle, Houston Bouldin. James Carroll, Pendleton Bowden. Dorothy Jeanne. Tyler Bowen. Stephen Michael, Shreveport, La. Bowler. Wynona Lee, Bartlesville, Okla. Bo d, Nancy C, Fort Sam Houston Botle. Barbara Drummond. Mission Bojrb, Robert Dawson, Coleman ' Bradish. Ford, Fort Worth Bragg. Eleanor, Corsicana Rraly. Walter Eugene, Brady Brands. Eldon S., Port Arthur Branda, Gilbert 1-, Port Arthur Branson, Bettie Jane. Harlingen Branton, Frankie Jo. Elgin Brasher, Virginia Catherine, Weimar Brelsford, H. George, Dallas Bre i-. M ayellen, Lufkin Brons. Margie, Rio Hondo Brookreson. Mary Sue. Seymour Brooks. Collins Vernell. Sherman Brown. Clifton Holmes, Nixon Brown, Frank Eason. Whitesboro Brown, Jean William, San Antonio Brown. Martha Claire. Gatesville Brown, Noel K.. Austin Brown, Paul Eugene. San Pedro Brownsfield. Jess R., Houston Broyles. Nannette, Palestine Bryan. James Paul. Onter Buchstab. Anny Rose, Fort Worth Buckley. Robert J.. San Antonio Buell. D. A , San Antonio Bumpus. Virginia Nell. Longview Burke, Rosemary. Dallas Burns. Thomas Baldwin. San Antonio Butler. Aide, Texas City Butler, Johnny A., Pittsburg Butler, Joseph Thomas. Pharr Bynum, Madeline Anne. Baytown Cabell. Ben Mills. Austin . llan, Edna Louise. Austin Cantey. Craig Covington, Fort Worth Cardwell. Richard Neill, Roby Carl Lee, Robert H.. England, Ark. Carlton. Arthur Wayne. Breckenridge Carroll. Betty. Austin . Mary Jane. Houston Carson, Oran Delbert, Houston Carter. Dalton, Port Arthur Carter. Thelma Tressie, Port Arthur . Medora Josephine, Galveston sidy, Clifton Wilson, Richardson Case). It-i I ,-:,; Castle. Joyce, Beaumont Cepeda, Delfin. Mexico City, D. F. Chaffe, Jean ( Jeveland. San Antonio Chaffe, Jesse Morrow, San Antonio Chalmers. Mary .Ann. Bastrop Chamberlain, Nancy Ruth. Burnet n Sophomores Chambers, John Douglas, Sanger Chapman, Roger Clayton, Austin Charpentier, Dorcia Elaine, Galveston Cheatham, Evelyn Frances, Cuero Cheesman, Barbara Alice, Houston Cheney, Billie Anne, Corsicana Chernosky, James Eugene, Houston Chew, Edgar Henry Baxter, El Paso Childres, Betty, Sour Lake Christos, Andrew A., Texarkana Chumney, William Thomas, San Antonio Clark, Gean Oliver, Abilene Clark, Rayford William, San Antonio Clarke, Richard Langan, Greenwood, Miss. Claypool, Clovis Beth, Wichita Falls Clement, Betty Jean, Austin Cleveland, Florence Lillian, Sinton Clift, Mary Lynn, Austin Gift, Rob I., Austin Clower, Patrick Alton, Mt. Pleasant Coale, Robert E., Houston Cochran, Leroy Merrell, Temple Cock, Mary Helen, Corpus Christ! Cole, Faye, Fort Worth Collie, Mary Jo, Austin Combs, Ann Miller, Whitesboro Conn, Catherine C., Hemphill Cook, Kenneth Horace, La Marque Corbett, Max Albert, Port Arthur Cox, Ella Ruth, Coleman Cox, Mary Helen, Dallas Cozby, William Spencer, Dallas Craig, Walter R., Orange Creighton, Thomus William, Mineral Wells Crews, Thomas William, Freer Crites, Omar Don, Houston Crockett, E. R. Dick, Austin Crockett, Tom Anderson, Ballinger Crook, John Herbert, Martindale Crosby, Jack Rust, Del Rio Crosier, Mary Ann, Cleburne Cuculic, Gail E., Huntington Culbertson, Helen Frances, Fort Worth Culver, Donald Ward, Houston Cunningham, Joe Bruce, Big Spring Dale, Robert H., Houston Dalton, H. J. Jerry, San Antonio Daney, Billie Marie, Austin Daugherty, Mary May, Beaumont Davis, Barbara Lou, Stephenville Davis, Betty J., Austin Davis, George Dewey, Austin Davis, Goldene, Mission Davis, Jacob Snover, McCamey Davis, Wilbur Raymond, Austin Day, Frederick Donald, Austin Dear, John William, Meridian Delagrave, Yvette, Mexico City, D. F. Denmark, Jeanelda Marilyn, New Braunfels Derrick, M. Elaine, El Paso Devine, Patricia Ann, Pharr Dibrell, Joseph Burton, Coleman Dickens, Terry Charles, Marlin Dickey, Adele Ruth, Forney Dilger, Joseph Henry, Jefferson City, Mo. Dobbins, Pike Homer, Spur Dodds, James Fuller, Houston Donnelly, Raymond Thomas. Goose Creek Dorbandt, Billy Hart, Athens Dougherty, Ruby Jo, Longview Dozier, Kellma Louise, Kilgore Drake, Gloria L., Port Arthur Drury, Harley Frederick, Decatur, Ga. Dunn, Jack H., Austin Dykes, William Edward, Austin Easter, Jo Ann, Dallas Easton, Oza Alford, Freeport Eaton, Marcia Ann, Palestine PACE 74 Sophomores Ka - . Herman B.. Shreveport. La. Ebaugh, Bettie Pniett, Houston Ebe rsole, N anc y Gene, Houston Edwards, William Joe. Comanche Eiserloh. Harold L. San Antonio Elbel, Inez Mae. New Braunfels Elledge. Richard C, Austin Ellert. Ruben. Rio Grande- ( n Elley. Bernice Mildred, McQueeney Elliott. Billie Anne. Palestine Elliott, James Otis, Longview Elliott. Lloyd Kenyon, Austin Ellis. Joe B.. Amarillo Ellis, Norma Kate. Coleman Ellis, Sarah Jeannette, Fort Worth Embleton, Robert Vernon, San Antonio Emmett, Beverly Jean, Austin England, John Powell. San Antonio Eppes, Paul G., San Angelo ine, Bobby Frank, Trinity mda. Fernando. Mexico City. D. F. Exum. James Powers, Austin Fagan. Margaret Mary ' . Corpus Christ! Faseler. Shirley. Poteet Faulk. William Abney. Brownsville Faulkner. Patsy R.. Brenham Feild. Julian, Austin Frld. Bernice Ray, Houston Fergurson, Jerry Clayton, Cotulla Ferrell, Dan Burson, Belton Ferrell. V onnc Marie, Goose Creek 1. Carol Emile. Tyler Fiegel. Martha Jean, San Antonio Fischer. Kenneth Joseph. San Antonio Fleming. Frederic A., Houston Flournoy. Mary Belle. Sour Lake Foglesong, Cosette Rosalind, Fort Madison, Iowa Fontaine. Thomas Lamar. Houston Fortson, James Thed. Meridian. Miss, Fox. William Gobin, Houston Francis, Donald Ray. Austin Franklin. Frank Roger, Llano Franklin. James B.. Amarillo Franklin. Lee Roy, Naples Franks, Marvin 1_ Gatesville F reels. John H.. Houston Freeman, Bob A., Comanche Freudiger, Ralph Edward, Monahan- Friedlander. Minna Frank, Houston Fry. John Henry. Anson Fullilove. Elaine Irby. Houston Gaertner. Harry L. E.. LaGrange Gafford, Leroy. Dallas Gardner, William Bradford, Falfurrias Garrett. Kenneth. Fort Worth Garrett. William Clarence, Haslam Garrett, William Matthew, Port Arthur Garrett, William Robert, Fort Worth Garrison, James Barrett, Austin Gates, Robert A., Tyler Geller. Devora Pearl. Houston (rt-rlarh. Ellen Frances, Dallas Gernsbacher, Larry Morton. Fort Worth Gibbs, Jean Dunsmuir. Belize. British Honduras Gibbs, Patricia Helen, Belize, British Honduras Gillean, Jane Belle, Austin Godley. John Truett, Bryan Gold, Claire Estelle, Houston Goldberg. Doris, Kaufman Good. Ralph Louis, Tyler Goodbar, Fleta Coye, Mineral Wells Goodman, Laura Lee, Dallas Goodwin, James Weeks, Mexia Gordon, Mary Lou, Cincinnati, Ohio Gould, Eleanor Louise, New Orleans, La. Graham, Vera Annelle, Galveston Grantham, Vivian Gene, Cisco Gratebouse, Winnie Jo, Huntsville Sophomores Green, Joyce Earlene, Georgetown Green, Jack Franklin, Lufkin Green, Elaine, San Angelo Graves, Betty Mae, Uvalde Green, Laura Lee, Beaumont Greer, Warren Ramon, Houston Grenader, Charlotte, Houston Griffin, Robert Charles, Austin Grisham, Carolyn, Abilene Grissom, George Mack, Port Arthur Gritta, Robert A., Galveston Groce, Claude Bethany, Austin Gross, Peggy Jeanne, Houston Grote, Arthur Johnston, Port Arthur Guerrero, Celia, Rio Grande City Guffey, Boyrita Mary, Dallas Guirola, Arthur A., San Salvador, C. A. Gulez, Turgut Yasar, Ankara, Turkey Gullick, Ann Jeanette, Dallas Guokas, Geraldine Margaret, Houston Gurley, Frances Velda, Pearsall Gustafson, Martha Ann, Austin Guthrie, Douglas L., Surrey, N. D. Gutierrez, Emilio Francisco, Rio Grande City Haas, Fred J., Corpus Christi Haden, Barbara Rhea, Houston Hagy, William H., McKinney Hahn, Lenna Jean, Burnet Hala, Libby Viasta, Mineola Halamicek, Paul Benjamin, Tahoka Hall, Gene H., Albert, Kans. Hamilton, James Curtis, Weatherford Hamman, Patricia Elizabeth, Dallas Hammersmith, Samuel Wiley, Houston Hammond, Edward Scott, Monahans Hampton, Byron Drue, Longview Handley, Marion Phyllis, Garland Hanley, Edna May, Fort Worth Harding, Florence E., Houston Harding, William B., Houston Harman, Herman Vaughn, Waco Harmel, Lucile Jonell, Megargel Harrah, Raymond W., Pampa Harrell, Kenneth, Beeville Harris, Chester Lee, Troup Harrison, Asa, Marshall Hart, Harmolyn, Austin Harwell, Ike Ernest, Burkburnett Haschke, Chester Glen, Winchester Havard, Byrne Louise, Marksville, La. Hay, Lawrence Kyle, Austin Hay, Lee Elmer, Beaumont Hayes, Everett Pope, Houston Hayes, Rita Carolyn, Houston Haynes, Randolph A., Austin Hays, James H., Belton Hebert, Charles Manuel, Houston Hedges, Edwin M., Denton Hellwig, Langley Roberts, Beaumont Henderson, Irma Veree, Lufkin Henley, Edgar W., Emmett Henniger, Linda, Houston Henschen, Charles Kleinhans, Alliance, Ohio Henske, Elmo John, Kenney Heraud, Augusto, Lima, Peru Hernandez, Romeo R., Austin Herndon, William C., Perryton Hewlett, Daisy Dawn, Austin Hicks, William Charles, Dallas Hildebrand, Truman O ' Kelly, Vernon Hill, Walter H., Hillsboro Hillebrandt, Beverly Jeanne, Goose Creek Hohman, Alvin E., San Antonio Holchak, William Howell, Kenedy Holden, Max Norman, Conroe Hollan, Mary Lou, Yoakum Hollingshead, Raymon A., Orange Hollis, Chester R oland, Fort Worth PACE 76 Sophomores Holt, Comfort, Graver Hopkins, Edwin B., Dallas Horak, Frank Henry. West Hord. Wiley Pete. Crowell Hornak. Lilian D., College Station Hornbeck, Carlton Wayne, Wichita Falls Houston. Geraldine Anne, Houston Houston, Seal Bryan, Dallas Howard, Helen Joye, New-gulf Howerton, Ada May. Runge Hoyt. Nancy Bea, San Angelo Huarte, Kay Frances, Pomona, Calif. Huber. Elinor Nadine, Austin Hudgens. John Edward, San Angelo Hudson. Emma Beth, San Benito Huedepohl, Joanne Beth. San Antonio Hughes, J. A., Center Hughes, Sue Margaret, Waro Huie. Doris Beverly. Austin Hunt, James Theodore, Dallas Hunter. Erminie Claire, Calveston Hurwitz, Shirley Ann, Houston Hussey, Roland F., Natchitorhes, La. Hyland, G. W., Orange Hyman. Lillian Ruth. Lufkin Ikek Ralph R.. New Braunfels Jackson. Elta Jacquelyn. San Angelo Jackson, Jack Arland. Richland Springs Jacobs, Gordon Frank, Goliad Jacobs, Joyce Elaine, Goose Creek Jacobs, Mack K.. Matador James. Wiley F.. Crane Jannasch. Alvin August, San Antonio Jannasch. James R.. Galveston Jenkins. Julia Alice, La Feria Jennings, Edith Ann, San Antonio John, William James, Dallas Johnson. Cecilia Estelle, Houston Johnson, Curtis Lildon, Corpus Christ! Johnson, James William. Beaumont Johnson, Jerome W ., Houston Johnson, Joe Jackson, Fort Worth Jones. Edna Marie. Little Rock, Ark. Jones. George Tucker, Mr Allen Jones, J. Fred. Bonham Jones, Joanne, Houston Jones, Mary Jim, Alvin Jones, Raymond Edward, Houston Jones, Robert William, San Antonio Jones, Sue Celeste, Cuero Jones, Zane Edward. Electra Jordan, William L., Crockett Jorgensen, Dixie Lee, Mission Joyner, Mary Jane, Dallas Judson. Alice Ruth. Houston Jung. Jean Elizabeth. Austin Jurlina. Joseph John. Cleveland, Ohio Justus. Norman L., El Paso Kachtick. Rosalind Anne, Houston Kanter, Shirley Ruth, San Antonio Kaplan. Peppy Jean, San Antonio Karren. Alice Miriam. San Antonio Kauffman, Rufus Leonard, Port Arthur Kaufman. Jack Hammer, San Antonio Kay. Virgie Dell, San Antonio Keele, Doman Kent, Archer City Keith. George Ray. Wichita Falls Keller. James Alan. El Paso Kellerman. Ro! ert E., MrCamey Kelley, Felix Lloyd. Robstown Kelley, Henry Paul, Galveston Kennedy, Alson Rankin. Corpu hri-ti Kennedy, Jack Hunter, Palestine Kern, Roy L., Shreveport, La. Kerr, Betty Jo, Sanderson K -(r hum. Gertrude Leone. Freeport Killebrew, James Robert. Grand Saline King, William M.. Houston -- If Sophomores Kinnear, Elizabeth, Beaumont Kinsel, Jay Frank, San Antonio Kitchens, Marjorie, Austin Klaus, Babett, Chattanooga, Tenn. Klaus, Roy E., San Antonio Klecka, Joe Elmer, Dallas Kleymeyer, Ralph Theodore, Evansville, Ind. Kosarek, Norman Thomas, Poth Kowalski, Suzanne, Kingsville Krames, Clay Victor, Beaumont Krause, Elmer A., Carmine Krause, Erwin K., San Antonio Kroll, Helmuth Conrad, La Grange Krueger, Dorothy Jean, Austin Krupa, Joe J., Caldwell Kuafsky, Cynthia D., Passaic, N. J. Kunkel, Mildred Corine, Poth Laakso, Francis Calvin, Los Fresno? Lamb, Cornelia Fred, Austin Lambeth, William Harrison, Corpus Christ! Landes, Robert Paul, Houston Landrum, Jack Porter, Waco Laney, Sam Duke, Denton Langston, James Donald, Jacksboro Lanier, Daisy Jo, Marquez Lantrip, Charles Wesley, Anson Larabee, Leonard Kirby, Tyler LaRue, J. E., Houston Lauderdale, Sample B., Somerville Lawless, John Earle. Abilene Leach, Jane Marie, Houston Ledbetter, John W., Round Rock Ledbetter, Martha Anne, Round Rock Lee, Lawana Dale, Gladewater Lehmann, Nancy Lee, Boerne Leon, Judy Beatrice, Austin Lester, Shelby Pearce, Waco Leveronne, Norbert Drummond, Portsmouth. N. H. Levy, Marilyn Shirley, Alexandria, La. Lewis, Baugh, San Angelo Lewis, Rowland C., Greenville Lewis, William Albert, Austin Lieberman, Lillian Estelle, Robstown Liles, Vernen, Austin Lilly, Joan R., Chicago, 111. Lindsey, Maude Mary, Austin Lindstrom, Doris Marilyn, Duluth, Minn. Little, Alworth Austin, Jacksboro Lobree, Harold S., Miami Beach, Fla. Loftin, Patricia Franziska, San Antonio Logan, William M., Austin Lohmar, Clarence, Houston Lones, Johnnie, Dallas Loofs, LaVerne Adele, Houston Lown, Wilma Harriet, San Antonio Lowrey, Russell Gordon. Columbus Lowrie, Helen L., Fort Worth Loyd, Runelle, Gilmer Lucas, William Howard, Sherman Lucio, Zelma Constance, Central Hershey, Cuba Lucius, John J., Austin Lumbley, C. L., Port Arthur Luter, Robert Raymond, Texarkana, Ark. Lutrick, Mary C., Dallas Lynn, E. Bruce, Alice McCarley, Jack W., Denison McCarver, Charles Truitt, Houston McClain, Lewis, Longview McCIellan, Ruth Margaret, Wichita Falls McClelland, George Edward, Beaumont McClure, Marylyn, Fisher Store, Tex. MeCIung, Nelson Dwyer, Austin McColl, Eleanor Grace, Brownwood McCravey, Ruth Willie, Emory McCrossen, Harry J., Dallas McCutcheon, Shirley Anne, Bayside McDavid, Marilyn, Henderson PACE 78 Sophomores M IVmald. Neal Ray. Vernon M. Donald. Robert Waller. Dallas McElroy, Max, Dcnison M. Garrah. James Eugene. Dallas McGonigle. George Lee, Brownsville Mi Intosh. Man- Christine, Austin MI Kav. Mary Anne. Madisonville M Kee. James P., Fort Worth Mi Kee. Ravmond Lee. Austin McKellar, Marian Elizabeth. Austin M Kenna. John Richard, Sherman MrKinney. William Fraquhar, San Antonio M. l.auehlin. Philip Lvle. Chanute, Kans. M. Manns. Ann Fairchild. Beaumont Mi Ma-tor. James Marvin. Austin M. Millin.JohnE..Childress McNatt, Betty Jo. Naples M. Neil, Betty Jean, Silsbee M. Reynold-. Alvis Joy. Robstown M. Snaddrn. Juanita Jane, Dalla- MarDonald. Ruth Elizabeth. Austin Mapee. Pegey Lou. Robstown Mapruder, Rirhard Allen. Mexia Mahaffey. Ralph L.. Falfurrias Mangrum. Coquita Maudella. Houston Marable. Dorothy Ann, Clarksville Marek. Theodore Joe. Caldwell Marshall. Tonv Louise. Au=tin Martin, Dixie Lee, Buffalo Martin. Elfe-Luise. Mason Martino. Joseph Charles, Houston Ma n. Jo Ann. Waco Maxwell. James Raymond. El Paso Maxwell. Virginia Florence. San Antonio Mayo. Marianne Maxev, Dallas Mays. Mary Lee, Sepuin Mead-r, Bruce S.. San Antonio Meadnr. Lee Ira. Jacksonville M--om, Philip H.. Shrev-epTrt. La. Meek. Delbert L.. Waxahachie Meinert. Marian Blanch. Hallettsville Mendora. Maria Olivia, Mission Merl ' -th. Ruth Elaine. San Antonio lith. Lowell Edward. Caldwell Merrill. George Martin. Fort Davis Mi-rritt. Kerry C Lockhart M-loh. Arthu- C.. D-shler. Nebr. Messina. Paul John. Port Arthur --. Charles. Wi.-hita Falls Mezzetti. Georpe Y.. Austin Mile . Ihn Hunter. Tj vl--r Miller. Bernard Willinger, San Antonio Miller. Doris Louise. Edinbnre Miller. Leland Homer. Columbus Miller, l.nla Catherine. Houston Miller. Martin Leonard. San Antonio Miller. Owen Austin, Glidden Mill . Harry Earl. Kansas City. Mo. Milton. Walt-r Neal. Henderson Mingus, Frances Maria, La go Colony, Aruba. N.W.I. Mitchell. Bohbv Dean. Corpus Christi Mitch-ll. Virginia Rhea. Rochelle Mi eller. Gloria Mae. San Antonio Montapue. William Sanford. Bay City Moodv. Dan. Austin Moore, Dorothy Ruth. Au-tin Moore. Martha Jo, Sonora Moore, W. Ross, Dallas Moorman. Earlene, Cisco Moreland, Betty Jane. Austin Morgan. Jack Irving. Houston Morgan, Josephine Alice. Fort Worth Morris, Fred I_ Lexington Morse. Carl S.. Brownstillr ;nts. June Eleen, West Palm Beach. Fla. e. Elmo Walter. Yoakum Muller. Lawrence C., Port Arthur Musil, Ettie, Stamford S ii ii hu inures Musslewhite, Robert Chilton, Lufkin Nail, Mary Anita, Crawford Needham, William Felix, Wharton Neely, Rosemary, Fabens Neill, George H., Big Spring Neinast, Dorothy Ann, Rosebud Nelson, Marjorie Ann, Dawson Neuerburg, MaryLu, Sonora Newborn, Jane A., Austin Nicks, Helen Dare, Fort Stockton Nierman, Jeanne Louise, Galveston Nolen, Louise, Georgetown Norman, Glenn Wallace, Floydada Nowlin, Ruth Elizabeth, Plainview Oden, Lois Elaine, Terrell Oliver, Hugh Malcolm, Alice Olle, Harriet Jeanelle, Taft Olszewski, Roberto Edgardo. Laredo Omohundro, Read Markham, Sherman Orinovsky, Louis, Gonzales Orsinger, Albert Remington Orsinger, Jeanne French, San Antonio Osborn, Dennis Lon, Houston Osborne, Willye Virginia, Amarillo Overbaugh, Carol Elizabeth, Freeport Owings, Lucy, Fort Worth Paddock, Bill Irvin, Fort Worth Parker, Crawford, Beckville Parker, Ned, Grandview Parker, Virginia Leilani, Austin Parr, Archer, San Diego Partigan, Glayds Bertha, Brookshire Paschall, Charles Lynn, San Benito Patterson, Frances Elizabeth, Mineral Wells Paull. Dorothy Jean, Three Rivers Pauls, Jeannette Elsie, Paige Payne, Jack Creighton, Houston Payne, Merrick Davis, Fort Worth Payne, Tyson Elliott, Cleburne Peavv, William A., Shreveport, La. Peek. Bette, Belton Pennington, Warren Younp, Woodville Perrv, Jessie Marie, Galveston Perussina, Mary Ann, Galveston Petway, Mary Louise, McKinney Phillies, Mary Earle, San Angelo Phy, James Milton, Stamford Pickett, Benjamin Collins, Fort Worth Pickett, Margaret Ann, Houston Pierce. S. Charles, Dallas Pirtle. George William, Tyler Pitman, Herbert Jemme, Nacoadoches Plumb, Evelyn Elise, Austin Plummer, Lawrence Robert, Vernon Posnick, Betty Jane, Galveston Potthoff, Beverly Jeanne, Houston Powell, Cordelia Francis, Weslaco Powell, Dan, Luling Powell, Nancy Jean, lola. Kans. Pratt, James R., Dallas Prescott, Pauline Pence, Orchard Proctor, Kelly Joe, Midland Proctor, Mary Lou, Sour Lake Pugh. Billy Ray, Corsicana Pummill, Verl Ray, Austin Purnell, Howard L., Angleton Rader, John Franklin. Houston Railey, Malcolm Richard. Austin Ramirez, Delia T., Rio Grande City Ramsey, Betty Ann, Temple Ramsey, Charles Taylor, Temple Ramsower, Alice K., Mathis Randall. Edward, Galveston Rankin, Sallie Curtis, Waco Rath jen. Betty Jo, Canadian Ratliff, Robert Harry, Colorado City Ray, Gladys Lillian, Sweetwater Ray, Harold Rowe, Austin Ray, Robert Benjamin, McKinney Reed, Frank Austin, Alice Reedy, Slade E., Paducah Reynolds, James Hambrick, Tyler Rice, George Signaigo, Dallas Robbing, Sidney Arthur, Baird PACE 80 Sophomores Robinson, Jamr- Malcolm, Austin Roel. Virgilio G., Laredo Rogers. Bobby Glenn, Waco Ropers, William Elrod. Athens Rogerson, Betty Jo, El Dorado. Ark. Rolph, Philip Norman. El Campo Romine, Charles N., Dallas Romine, Kathryn. Dallas Rose, Klaras, Houston Rosenzweig, Gloria Jo, Houston Roth. Selene Rae, Houston Row, Charles Herbert, San Antonio Rowe, Lenita Tullos. Ruckman, Shirley Dickson, Karnes City Rugeley, Robert Austin, Wichita Falls Rugeley. Robert S.. Wichita Falls Rumse. Ruth Ann, Seminole. Okla. Rutledpe. Keith Raymond. Houston Ryan. Jo Beth. ( " or| u- ( hristi Ryan. Pat H., Lamesa Ryan. Thomas Francis, Brooklyn, N. Y. Sadler, Janet. Gatesville Sahm, Vernon E, J., San Antonio Salazar, Hilda Yolanda, Kingsville Salvato, Ben Francis, Dickinson Sample, Cornelia Gregg, El Paso Sams, Ross, Waco Sanders, Kathryn. Fredonia Sanders, William M., Houston Sansom. James N., Mart Sargent. Clarice Eloise, Grand Prairie rer. Jean Constance. Rosenberg Schram, Peter Oswald, Taylor Schroeder. Arthur, Ellsworth Schwarting, William B., Waco Schwartz, Jo Ruth, Schulenburg rlock. Gene ieve Louise. Beaumont Scale, Patricia. New Orleans. La. Sears, Mary Jo. Abilene Shearman. Mary Joann, Jamestown, N. Y. Shelton, Mary Ann, Dallas Shelton, William Gerald, Austin Shepherd, Patricia Churchill, Houston Shilp. Jay Ervin, Dallas hinn. James D.. Taylor Shinn. Mary Dell. Livingston Shook, Gail Plainview Silk, Joan Elizabeth, Topeka. Kans. Silk. Joyce Winona, Dallas Simmons. Eddie, Ganado Simms, James Jefferson. Austin Simms. Mary Margie. Austin Simpson, Alexander Dumas, Clarksville Simpson, Bobby G., Conroe Sinclair. Ruth Margaret, Galveston Skaggs. Jack C.. -San Antonio k, " lton. Billy A.. Dallas Smith. Betty Ann. Dallas Smith. David William, Dallas Smith, Elsie Alice, San Pedro Smith. Kme-t MrKee, Edinburg Smith, Fannye Mae. San Benito Smith. Forrest Moseley, El Paso Smith, Garland Houston, Austin Smith, Howard John, Marlin Smith. J. Allen H., Dallas Smith. Jack G.. Marlin Smith. Jark Ve-ton. Orange Smith. Jeannette, Austin Smith, Lulu I... Beaumont Smith. Marjorie Lillian, Tulsa, Okla. Smith, Paul Heermans, El Paso Smith. Ruth Virginia. Galveston Smith. Stewart Paul, Big Spring Smith. Wad Anthony. Shreveport, La. Smithemnan, Eupene Alston. Shreveport. La. Smoot, Van, New London Soderberg, Elof H., Austin Sommer. Frank S., Cal ert Sonricker, Joanne. Smithfield Speir. Harold Justin. Shreveport, La. Spires, Albert Bryan. Austin Spurlock. Jack Rodman. San Antonio Stafford, James B., San Antonio Pux 81 Sophomores Stanford, Johnny F., Austin Stanford, Jordan Franklin, Austin Startzman, Howard McLane, Houston Stauss, William Albert, San Antonio Steincamp, Harry Edwards, Electra Stephens, Grover LeRoy, Sierra Blanca Stephens, Patricia Lou, Austin Stephens, Roy B., Bangs Stewart, Douglas Wilhurn, Goose Creek Stewart, Robert H., Waco Stewart, Sylvia, Del Rio Stiles, Emily Bess, Hamilton Stockton, Charles C., Crockett Stokes, William Thomas, Corsicana Stone, James Carwyle, Belton Stone, Theodore, New York, N. Y. Storie, William T., Pasadena Strasburger, Mary Martha, Dallas Streety, Henry Mack Georgetown Strother, John Paul, Ballinger Stroud, Richard Philip, Bonham Stuart, Daniel Browne, Dallas Stubblefield, Horace G., Lufkin Studdard, Lester H., Austin Summers, Jason Franklin, Nacogdoches Sutherland, Robbie Gene, Alice Swartwout, Leslie Glenn, Austin Sweet, Alice, Austin Swift, Richard Ernest, Palestine Swindel, Betty Jane, Austin Sypert, Robert Earl, Rosenberg Tavarez, Vicente, Mexico City, D. F. Taylor, Edwin E., Clarksville Taylor, Ryan Edward, Burleson Taylor, Thomas Elmore, Houston Tekell, Vernon O., Kerens Templeton, James H., San Antonio Tengg, Barbara Jean, Houston Thaxton, Jack Gaines, Rockwall Thielepape, Eileen Ann, Austin Thomas, Billy Dean, Graham Thomas, George Monroe, Texarkana Thomas, Harold Ira, Greenwood, Miss. Thomas, Joyce Irene, Austin Thomas, Norma Jean, Farwell Thompson, Alvin Elbert, Corsicana Thompson, Richard W., Wichita Falls Thompson, Robert Ray, Dallas Thomson, Fred L., Austin Tiemann, William Harold, Seguin Tilley, Joseph, Lufkin Timmins, John Wood, Dallas Tirey, Frank B., Waco Towler, Nancy, San Antonio Townsend, Virginia Lee, Houston Treichak, Bettye Joyce, Clovis, N. Mex. Troy, Charles Richard, Honey Grove Tucker, Joe Frank, Fort Worth Tull, Raymond H., Abilene Tunnell, James Stuart, Corpus Christ! Turner, Dorsey Lee, Denison Turner, Mary Beth, Dallas Tyler, Eula Kathleen, Austin Tyrell, Thomas Halbert, Waco Tyrrell, Elizabeth Ellen, Beaumont Ullrich, Frances Faith, San Antonio Ulrich, Heinz, Burnet Unkel, Jack, Dayton Upchurch, James Couch, Italy Upshaw, Forrest, Waxahachie Upshaw, Leonard McGaffey, Waxahachie Valdespino, Henry, San Antonio Van Buren, Douglas Dean, San Antonio Van Dyke, Rebecca, San Antonio Vannoy, C. Frances, McAllen Vaughan, John Robert Lloyd, Waskom Vaughn, Donald S., Corpus Christi Vaughn, William J. H., Erwin, Tenn. Vetter, Clarence G., Poth Viktorin, Jerry O., Jarrell von Rosenberg, Dale Ursini, Austin von Rosenberg, Hermann Eugene, Austin Voskamp, Ardnie D., New Ulm Waddell, Robert Wilson, Corsicana PACE 82 Sophomores Wade, Frances Huffington. Austin Waggaman. Evelyn Erskine. San Antonio Wagner. Robert James. Shiner Waldron. Arthur Burch. Fort Worth Walker. Edna Lucile, San Antonio Walker. Nell, Corpus Christi Walker. Terry, Lufkin Wall. Doris Fae. Marble Falls Wallace. Florence Elizabeth, Leander Wallace. Hubert I_. Seminole Wallace. James Lawrence, Houston Waller. Helen Martha, Paint Rock Walter. T heresa Caroline, Fredericksburg Waltmon. DeWitt. Austin Ward. Ellen Ola, Goose Creek Ward. Glenn Max, Klondike Warren, Virginia Grace, Austin Watson, Russell J-, San Antonio Edward W.. Houston Wayland. John Rex, Dallas Weaver. Richard H.. Iowa Park Weaver, Robert Stanley, Texarkana, Ark. Weaver. Russell H.. Big Spring Webb. William G.. San Angelo Weber. Mary Jane, Weslaco Wehner. Wanda Gail, Del Rio West. Robert Bernard. Hutchinson, Kans. Wheeler. Mayola Jean, Dallas White. Creiphton Neil, Colorado City White, James Robert, Texarkana White. Perrin Wynne. Houston White. William B. S., Orange Whitehead. Tom S.. Brenham Whittet. William Sherman. Enid. Okla. Whittington, Frank Miller. Houston Whittington. Hiram A.. Houston VI ible. Virginia Lois, Austin heta. William E.. Taylor Wilder. Emily Ethel. Mineral Wells Wiley. Catharyn Davis. Oakwood Wilhelm. James K.. Houston Wilhite. William Howard, Clay, La. Wilie. Dennis Guv. Austin Wilkinson, Malcolm Doyle, Hammond, La. Wilkinson, Margaret Ramona. Menard Willhoite. Merle Lyndel, Austin Williams. Dolan Snyder, Canadian Williams, James Parker, Tuscola Williams. Jim Roy. El Paso Williams. Kit, Carey Williams. Neil. Bonham Willis, Tom Darden. Sherman Willner. Rita Jean. St. Charles, Mo. Wilson, Beverly Jane. Houston - .n. James Q. Pecos Wilson. James William. San Antonio Winters, Edith May. San Antonio Wissman. Muriel S.. Dallas Woellert, W inston J_ Poth Wolcott. Edward Roscoe. Kerville olden. Du Chrbtiu. Tyler Wolf.. Pl Kc 0Dtk. Hie Wolf. Doroth- Jo, U m m Wlf . Skirier JT, Howo. Walk. U doic. Coualr r Merit. Be.K m oo U. Muicl. DalUt Wowlvud. Chulr. C. C mie . Fnmm. Ati . illU June . DmlUt tj Elro. HOO.IO Wriflit. Ben? L. Broo Wiifkt. H.rr. Kinler. Totk. Ed. . L. Mi Su FJiaWth. Kclamami. Imi. kPeterPul. CleaOi- Zriflet. JO T. Hadk. Gerry. I IIV MEMDHIAM FACULTY Mrs. Cecil B. Goodwin Clifford Marvin Montgomery Frederick Byron Plummer Georgann Reid James Blanton Wharey STUDENTS Virginia Ruth Glazener William (Bill) Madison Johnson Jerry Rothe Proll Nixon Manning Rhoades Earl H. Smart Freshmen Abramson, Normajo, Fort Worth Abramson, Renee Estelle, Houston Abshier, Beth, Liberty Adair, Leon M., Fort Worth Adams, Bonnie Rose, Port Arthur Adams, Lois Eyvonne, Odessa Ahl, Martha, Indianapolis, Ind. Ainsworth, H. Miller, Luling Akery, Nicholas, Port Arthur Alderdice, Lee Edward, Austin Alexander, John S., Paris Alexander, Wesley William, Galveston Allen, Jack Kenneth, Columbus Allert, Robert Nelson, Taft Alley, Ethel Mae, Sonora Anderson, Carl Weldon, Austin Anderson, Hugh Billy, Denison Angerstein, Martha Ann, Victoria Anguish, Ernest Walter, Midland Antweil, Alan J., Hobbs, N. Mex. Applewhite, Stella Jane, Corpus Christi Arendt, Charlyne, Albany Askew, William Gordon, Ferris Atteberry, William W., Saint Jo Ault, Robert M., Lockhart Austin, Rodney P., Fort Worth Ayres, Robert Moss, San Antonio Baker, Robert B., Olney Baldwin, Clarence Jones, San Antonio Banks, John Edward, Greenville Barge, Vernon Ward, Belton Barina, Dorothy Kathaleen, Smithville Barker, Marilyn, Mexico City, D. F. Barker, Marion, Mexico City, D. F. Barkley, Billy Harold, Hamilton Barlow, Georgia Lou, Robstown Barnes, M. Elizabeth, Buda Bartlett, Robert Edward, Houston Bass, Frances Rosalie, Dallas Bass, Viola P., Amarillo Batts, William David, Ballinger Baum, Freda Gail, Fort Worth Baxter, Kathryn Gentry, Dallas Beauchamp, Helen Marie, Goldsmith Beaven, Robert Edgar, Morganfield, Ky. Begnaud, Floyd Joseph, Port Arthur Behrends, Becky, Plainview Belvin, David Stewart, Brownwood Benefield, Maurice Mark, San Antonio Bentley, James W., Waco Berg, Alvin Orlando, Malta, 111. Berkman, Betty, Simonton Berman, Irwin, Colorado City Berman, Stanley, Colorado City Bernstein, Barney E., Wharton Berry, Joyce Elizabeth, Dallas Bespalow, Fredlyn, Memphis, Tenn. Bettis, Mary Ann, Austin Bianchi, Bessie May, Victoria Bible, Barbara Nancy, Austin Biel, Kathryn Ann, Austin Biesele, Barbara Ellen, San Antonio Billings, Robert Mason, New Braunfels Bird, Mary Rebecca, Midland Birdsong, Fredna Ann, Tyler Bissett, Frank W., Austin Bitner, Claude Andrell, Jr., La Marque Bivona, Shirley Ann, Waco Blalock, Joyce Mae, Huntsville Blankfield, Babbette E., Port Arthur Blazek, Evelyn Gladys, Wheelock Block, Walter Herman, Del Rio Bobo, Betsy, Houston Boddie, Anne Bruce, Hapeville, Ga. Boggus, Betty Jane, Austin Bohn, Colleen, Austin Bohn, Wilford Jo, Dallas Bolden, Gerald Pat, Wright City Bollman, Betty, Austin Bolt, Lyndon Howard, Phoenix, Ariz. Bolton, Udean Seth, Temple Bond, Robert Eugene, Carbon Bonvillain, Norma Louise, Houston Boose, Bettie Jo, Sweetwater Freshmen Booth -. Job Orville, Del Rio Bootbe, Snsaane, Comics Boudreaux. Tracy Paul, Port Arthur Bourn. Philip J.. Port Arthur Bowden, Hollace EL. Sweetwater Boyce. Irving W.. Baytown Boyd. Berry G., Dallas Bracewell. Zelda, Austin Brack, Joe Bob, San Benito Brand, Newton George. West Columbia Branda. Gerald EL. Port Arthur Brannen. Jane. Spur Braun. John A.. Austin Brrwer. Beatrice Bettymae, Schulenburg Brewster. Allen, Austin Bright, Jack Edmond. Edinburg Brill. Bob. Austin Brinpolf, Richard James, Houston Brongher. John Rodolph. Calvert Brown. Betty Jo. San Antonio Brown. Edward James. San Antonio Brown. Jane. Austin Brown. Robert Earl, San Antonio Brown, Shelia Lois, Telephone in. Elizabethe Ann. Havana, Cuba Bubendorf. Evelyn Elsie. Humble Buchanan. Josephine Virginia, San Antonio Buckland. Robert David, Harlingen Buckley. John C.. Austin Buckner. Roland Grey. Red Rock Bukowski, Doris Marie. College Station Burg. Albert. Hunter. X. Y. Burgdorf. Eunice Ophelia, Paige Burpe. Robert Wade, Corsicana Burk. Helen Kathryn, San Antonio Burnett. William Melville. Upper Lake. Calif. Burney. Carl Preston. San Antonio Burton. Bettie Jean. Marble Falls Ru?vh. William Franklin. Goose Creek Bussey. William Samuel. Austin Butler. Gerald Duane. Floresville Byers, Mary Catherine, Waco Jackson Edward, Chicago. III. Caldwell. Earl Landis. Austin Callaway. James Earl. Alice Cannon. Erlyne. Hemphill Caperton. Frances Janet, Shamrock Carpenter. Betty Joyce, Austin : enter. Lowry Moaten. Austin Carpenter. Regan. Austin Carr. Thomas Warren, Bar-stow Carrell. Bobby Joe, Dallas Carroll. Audrey Cecelia, Galveston Cash, James Reagan. Atlanta ' aultW-ld. Calvin I Gainesville Caulneid. John Hartwell. Gainesville Causey, Edward Herbert, Lissie Cawthon. Mary Kathryn. Houston Champion. Emile O., Brownsville Chandler. Paul W.. Kilgore Chapa. Lilia Gonzalez. Robstown Cheshier. Lee Banie. Lancaster Chester. Earl Wayne. Fort Worth Childress. Molly Jo. Palestine Clark, Frank K.. Austin dark. Nedra La Rue. Littleneld lohn H, Fort Worth ClaypooL Patricia Xell. Wichita Falls Cleveland, Jerry W_ Austin Clift. William Henry. Austin Clouse. Richard Ernest, Tyler Coats. R. ; ' larfa Cobb. John Robert, Nixon Cobb. Norrna Sue. Dallas Colgin, Louise. Gatesville Collier. Dorothy Ruth. Houston Collins, Carol. Dallas Colombe. Carolyn, San Antonio Cohaer. Robert George. Galveston Comer, Roy B Austin Cone, Mary Alice, Gomales Cone, Robert Earl. Galveston Connor. Beverly Jane, Me Allen Conoley. Roscoe Ronald. Thomdale Freshmen Conring, Shirley Beth, San Antonio Cooley, Calvin Lenard, Chilton Cooley, Joann, Dallas Costley, Isabel Madeline, LaCoste Gotten, Frances Jeannine, Dallas Gotten, William Jennings, Winters Cottingham, Charles D., Houston Cotton, Ranee Endall, Denison Coughlin, Marilyn Jeanne, Galveston Coward, Billie Palmer, Aransas Pass Coward, Mary Jo, Aransas Pass Crawford, Garland Duane, Edna Crawford, Mary Carlton, Palacios Creel, Ann Elizabeth, Dallas Creel, Louis Guy, Greenville Crockett, Geraldine, Port Arthur Crockett, Ralph Douglas, Ballinger Crook, Patricia Anne, Austin Crunk, William Hamilton, Cooper Crutchette, Charmaine Allyn, San Francisco, Calif. Culver, Dollye, Austin Cummins, Agnes Carroll, Taft Currin, Ruth, Dallas Curry, Lucy Lynn, Belton Dahlberg, Eleanor V., Laurens, Iowa Daley, Cynthia Ann, Bowie Damiani, Kirwin Gherbis, Galveston Daniel, Barton Henry, Hamlin Davis, Edgar Lee, Taylor Davis, Edward Franklin, Houston Davis, Helen Luan, Austin Dawe, Myra Ann, Gonzales Dawson, Robert Milton, Houston Day, Putnam Russell, Dallas Dean, Martha, Houston Dean, Rose Marilyn, Port Arthur de la Garza, Vincente Juan, Port Lavaca Dei ' Homme, Laurence Koehl, Houston DeLoney, Mary Jean, Austin Dendy, Ruby Jeanne, Wink Dennard, Billy Hugh, Goldthwaite Denton, Jacqueline M., Brownsville De Wees, Martha Sue, Rockwall Dibrell, George Edward, Dallas Dickerson, C. W., Bertram Diebel, Christopher Douglas, Berclair Dietert, Dorothy Ann, San Antonio Dietz, Carmel, New Braunfels Dixon, Eugene Charles, Corpus Christi Dixon, William S., Pampa Dodge, Claire Christine, Houston Doggett, Otto Glenn, Austin Dones, Henry C., San Antonio Dorr, Jean Ann, Los Angeles, Calif. Dossett, Walter Brown, Waco Douthit, Virginia, San Antonio Douvry, Suzanne Peter, Galveston Drake, Stephen L., Moran Drennan, Mary Charlotte, Houston Dube, Clarence 0., The Grove DuBose, John A., Beaumont Dugat , Raymond Lesley, Portland Duke, John W., Lufkin Duke, June Talmage, Hope, Ark. Dunagan, Freddie Joe, Olney Dundas, Charles Glenn, Enid, Okla. Duval, Dolores Linda, Annapolis Dyer, William Harvey, Eagleville, Tenn. Dykes, Arthur, Italy Dysart, Gordon Randall, Dallas Eames, Barney Otis, Texarkana Ebner, Barbara Ann, Wichita Falls Eckels, Jeanette Louise, Poth Edwards, Anne Lucille, Ponchatoula, La. Eeds, Edna Louise, Gonzales Elkins, Bobby Jones, Nocona Eminian, Veldna Jeanine, Houston Engelbrecht, Marvin William, Houston Engelke, Marion Clement, San Antonio Evans, Mary Kathryn, Mertzon Everts, G. Bert, Sutherland Springs Evins, John Franklin, Edinburg Fankhauser, Herman William, Houston Fansler, Charles N., Laredo PACE Freshmen Farrell, Charla K.. San Antonio Faubion. Nancy Jean. Freeport Faulk. Edward Kirby. u-tm Faulk. Oscie Ozella, San Antonio Faulkner. George Scott. Childress Fedderson. William Elton. La Marque FeJker. Man ' . France . Avinger Fellers. Roy G.. Austin Felton, Joe Everett, Dallas Fenner. William Bell. Houston Ferrick. Willard Yates. Austin Filippone. Marilee I., Brownsville Findeison. Bennie Aubrey. San Antonio Fink. Charles Herbert, Beaumont Finlav. Joyce Christine, Brady Fischnar. Eddie Charles. Shiner Fisher. Thomas T., Beaumont Fitzpatrick, Jane Price, Roanoke, Va. Flark. Coldoni E.. Monahans Fleishman. Dolores Ruth. Tyler Foote. Charles Howard. Mathi- Ford, Douglas Walsh. Houston Ford, Joyce, Rusk Ford, Walter Alan, Houston Forrester. Anita Jan. Belton Forst. Harold C., Tyler Ku-hee, John C., Gladewater Fosmire. Darlie Irene, Edinburg Foster, George L., Abilene Foy, Frances Ann. Corpus Christ! Franklin. Fay. Henderson Frazier. Helen Evelyn. Corpus Christi Freeland, Ewing Y., Brownwood Freeman. Margaret Anne, McGregor Freund, Edward L.. Austin Frieden, Marion Irene, Clovis. . Mex. Friedrich. Mary Lois. San Antonio Fritz, Charles Herbert. Denton Fruth. Charlene Jo. Austin Fry. Errol Dean, Anson Fulton. Clara Edwina. Gilmer Fulton, George Eden, Calvert Gainer. Taylor Milton. Edna Candy. William Harley, Conroe Gano, Howard Hughes. Houston Gardner, Kenneth E., Milford Garrett. Ann, Port Arthur Garrett, Joyce L., Dallas Garrison. Belly Ann. Hondo Geppert. Patricia Clair, Austin Gerst, Jimmy 0.. San Benito Gideon, Betty Jean. San Antonio Gilman, Lee Atterbury. Dallas Ginzel, Leroy S., Caldwell Gladney. Sam Miller. Dallas Gla . Katherine Elaine. Austin (.lawman, Bernice Celia, Memphis, Tenn. Glenney. John Randolph, Houston Gliddon, Roselyn Arlene. Johnson City Glover, Joanne, Ballinger Goble. Robert McMillan. Sherman Godbold. Jack Wilbur. Dallas Golden. Eugene. Velasco Goldstein, Marjorie Adele. San Antonio Gomez, Donaciano, Galveston Goodroe. Ferrol Allen, Texarkana Gordon. Betty Ann. Austin Gragg. Billy H.. Palestine Graner. Edward Albert, Dallas Grasso, Rose Mary. Galveston Green, Clara Jo. McCamey Green, Mary Ann, Houston Greenblum. Irving, Laredo Greenwood. James William, St. Joseph, Mich. Grey, Dorothy Lee, Cristobal, C. Z. Griffin. Richard Floyd, Vanndale, Ark. Grisham. Robert D., Abilene Grote, Jean, Fredericksburg Guerra, Antonio. Weslaco Guinn. Mary Bess, Rusk Guitar. Billene Love, Abilene Guy. John Eugene, Carbon Hagelstein, George Carlton. San Antonio Hagemann, Harold Henry. Houston Freshmen Haggard, Mickey T., Mt. Pleasant Hailey, Barbara Louise, Austin Hailey, Walter B., Mesquite Halden, Virginia Miriam, Austin Hamilton, Harvie Jean, Gatesville Hamm, T. Z., Fort Worth Hampton, Ouita Faye, Brady Hanebutt, Elmer W., Huntingburg, Ind. Hanks, Kathryn, Austin Hanover, Sarah Anne, Bryan Harbison, Charles E., Monroe City Hare, John Thomas, Crosby Hare, Lucy Helen, Dallas Harkrider, Ann Fontaine, Austin Harper, Phillip Vernon, Childress Harrison, Gloria Merle, Bryan Harvey, James F., Piano Harwell, Jack D., Wellington Hashop, Louis, Corsicana Haskel, Peggy Irene, Wheelock Hatchett, John Gilbert, Sherman Hatton, Jane Hill, Houston Hausler, Ruth Nell, San Antonio Haverland, Clarence L., Temple Hawn, George Sherman, Corpus Christi Haworth, Robert Doke, Grand Prairie Haworth, Russell Carroll, Grand Prairie Hayes, Mary Alligene, Dallas Hayley, Bert Woolen, Lufkin Hazelrigg, James Arthur, Jr., Uvalde Heard, Cecil Emory, Austin Hebert, Joseph Morel, San Antonio Heiner, William F., Beaumont Henderson, Gerald L., Austin Henderson, Jane, Austin Hensley, John Hickman, Jacksboro Heres, H. John, Austin Herron, Paul Edward, South San Antonio Hewatt, Carolyn, Austin Hewell, John Bird, Nixon Hickfang, Herman Hugo, Dallas Higgins, Norman Royce, Amarillo Hildreth, Mollie Rhea, Farmersville Hill, Betty Sue, Waskom Hill, James R., Fort Worth Hinson, Billy J., Brownfield Hirsheimer, Dwinell, Dallas Hochman, Alexander Schiff, Rosenburg Hodges, Emily Elston, Shreveport, La. Hoefer, Fay Elmer, Houston Holbrook, Charles Ray, Mineola Holcomb, William A., Jr., Lockhart Holden, Lloyd D., Conroe Hollingsworth, Donald T., Beaumont Holmgreen, Shirley Ann, Bryan Holt, Lee Emmett, El Paso Holt, Rosemary, Gruver Holtzen, Doris Irene, Burkburnett Hopper, Martha Ann, Freeport Hosey, A. Ben. Waco House, Bernard Lee, Temple Howard, Carol, San Antonio Huck, Phillips Clarke, San Antonio Huddleston, Fred Charles, Iraan Hudson, Ramona Jean, Dallas Hufsmith, Frank. Palestine Humble, Omer Ralph, Beaumont Hurta, Leroy R., Bellville Hynds, Robert Henry, Van Alstyne Ikels, Kenneth Gene, New Braunfels Ivy, Quinton S., Waco Jackson, Bobby Ward, Dallas Jackson, Marian, Robstown Jacobson, Shirley, Winter Haven, Fla. James, Judson Sterling, Dallas Janeway, Billie Marie, Temple Janssen, Joanna Louise, Nordheim Jeanes, Lyle Herbert, Taylor Jecker, Joyce Marie, San Antonio Jenkins, Gloria V., Ballinger Jeu, Gum, Houston Johns, Jack Thomas, San Antonio Johnson, Dorothy Lurline, Fort Stockton PACE 90 Freshmen Johnson, George Joseph. Corpus Christi . Mary Mar jorie. Port Arthur aeemary. Fort Worth Johnson, Rosemary Virginia, Gaheston Jones. Gwendolyn. Eagle Pass Kahn. Frances Maryryn. Denton Kaiser. Donald YnrnelL Tomball Kalmbach. Doroth v La era, Jarrrll If Alice Esther. San Antonio Kane. Newell Bryan. Palestine Kaplan. Jarril F_ Rosenberg Kate. Yetta Helen, El Paso Kaufman. Madelyn. Dallas Kelley. Wilma Jeanne, Goose Creek Kcrbow. Mary Sue, Austin Kinrhen. Archylou. Brerkenridge Kirk. Frank Morris, Gladewater Kirk. Harry Don. Grand Saline Kissinon. Alexander John. Philadelphia. Pa. Kleinman. Pearl Phyllis. Galveston Klein. Marine. Columbus Kline, Carl A_ San Antonio Knebel. Helen Marie, Austin Knebles. John J_ Fort Worth Knight. Mar jorie Anne, Dallas Knowlton. Phyilts Mae, Austin Kohlhnrst. Dwight Manny. Rockford. III. Kollman. Norma Zane, Hondo Koons, Ernest Eugene, Bowie Kotzebuc. Bonnie Lots. West Columbia Kroner. Karen. Aaarillo Kmeger. Bettye, Johnson Gty KnykmdalL Gil. Boda Labaj, Joycelene, Granger Lampe. James. Ballinger Landers, Richard Newton. IjimpMat Laros. Angeio George. Galvestoo Larson. Alda Lois. Houston Laurentz. Ray Donald. Houston Lanterstein. Glenda Pearl, College Station Lawrence, George Edmond. Goose Creek Leach, Warren Bruce. Houston Lear. Bert Allen. Austin Lee. Joe Dean. Del Rio Lentz. Clara Calvin. Marshall Leonard. Ben Reese, San Antonio Lerma. Damaso Julio. Brownsville Lerander. Mary Natalie, Austin Lerin. Bererhr Jayne. Houston Lerinson. Rita. Memphis, Tom. Lerinson, Yetta D.. Lonpriew Lens, Sidney Theodore, Houston Levit. George E_ Houston Levy, Janice, Corsicana Lewis, Charles Robert. Cumby Lidz. Robert. New York. N. Y. Light. Charlotte. Birmingham, Ala. LJgon. Selwyn W.. Burnet Lindsley. Henry D.. Dallas Lively. Wanda Lou. Lampasas Lorkley. James I Rorksprings Loealer. Adrienne, Junction Long. Meredith J. D_ Austin Longnecker, Gwen Lee. Brownsville Lonrier, Marrin. V_ Port Arthur Lorelady. Ewing D.. Ballinger Lorick. Robert G.. Temple Lowe. Billie Jean. Grurer Lowrey. Jack Stephen. Columbus Lowry, Walter F_Otde Lnbash, David Bruce. Richmond Hill. N. Y. Luce. Fred Charles, Houston ' Luckett. Billie Louise. New Braunfels LudwU. Bettye Lou. Port Arthur Mphin. Conrtenay W_ San Antonio M. Calmont, Patricia . nn_ Nashville, Tenn. McCarron. Jean Marie, filirnliin McClain. William G_ An McOure.JaesrL, Fort Worth McConnell. John Posey. San Saba ov. Medford A_ Merkel McCulloch. Arvel Gray. Fort Worth ardy. Elizabeth Ann. Wichita F.Ik Freshmen McCutchin, Sonny, Mesquite McDonald, Bryant E., Vernon McDonald. Donald Calvin. Corpus Chi -i ti McEachern, Malcolm Alexander, San Antonio McGowen, Merle G.. Genoa McGuire, Francis Xavier, La Grange McKennon, William M., Midlothian McKenzie, Lawrence Bryon, Fort Stockton McKissack, Charles Eugene, Dallas McLaren, Billie Janice, Austin McMakin, Maxine Violet, Houston McMichael, Susie C., Corsicana McNear, Tommy W., San Antonio McNeill, Hubert Earnest. Shreveport, La. Machac, Q. Joe, Yoakum Magee, William Anderson. Houston Maldonado, George, Del Rio Manahan, William Edward, Teague Marek, Frank Peter, Caldwell Marks, Mary Theresa, Houston Martin, John Oliver, Houston Mason, Peggy Jo-an, Texas City Mason, William Wallace, Mexia Mathieu, Edna Ruth. Pampa Mathieu, Frances Lucretia, Pampa Mathews, Edward Jackson, Austin Matsuoff, William, San Antonio Maxwell, Roselle Elaine, San Antonio May, Jerel Marie. Rio Grande City Mayer, Fred Harry, Austin Meador, Johnye M., McGregor Meiners, Philip Arthur, Corpus Chr isti Mell, Beverly, San Antonio Mendenhall, Grant Doldon. Carrizo Springs Mendive, Lawrence Carl. Maracaibo, Venezuela Mendle, Frances Ruth, Galveston Merritt, Sidney Hines, Cuero Messer, William A., Belton Meyer, Marjorie, Port Arthur Mezzetti, Jack, Austin Mezzetti, William L., San Antonio Micks, Betty Lois, Rusk Miller. Dorothy Sue, Crosby- Miller, Herman E., Bellville Miller, Ronald Coleman, Conroe Miller, Thomas Eugene, Bryan Miller, Virginia Moss. Hamilton Miller, Wilda Mae, Houston Millican, Virginia Gail, Bend Mitchell, Albert C., Austin Mitchell, George Michael, Alexandria, La. Moeller, Bobbie Marie, Austin Moellering, Theodore Frederick. Corpus Christi Molberg, Frances V., Fredericksburg Moore, Dorothy Jean, Freeport Moore, Edwin H., Austin Moore, Gilbert James, Longview Moore, Jimmy Juddson. Clarksville Moore, Odell Mitchell, Fort Worth Moore, Patricia Ray, Denison Moore, Vorda Bill, Nixon Moore, Walter D., Houston Moos, Shirley Elaine, Austin Morehead, Willie Eugene, Angleton Morgan, Katherine Bain, Fort Worth Morris, Joanne, Austin Morrison, Eva Marie, San Antonio Moseley, Joe Gregg, Quitman Moskovitz, Beverly Ruth, Kansas City, Mo. Mosley, James Wilson. Hearne Mounger, Philip C., Smithville Mullis, Peggy Jean, Austin Muse. Eleanor Sue, Cameron Myers, John Robert, Houston Nardecchia, Sabitino Buddy, Austin Neal, Charles B., Rule Neimeyer, Frank, Hot Springs, Ark. Nelson, Edward M., Houston PACE 92 Freshmen Nelson. Martha Faye. Garland well, L. DHHb Pauls Valley. Okla. . Thomas Jerome. Hondo Neyland. Nelda Ray. Austin Nicholson. William Henry. Rockdale Nipper. Mary Kathryn, Texarkana Norman. Elsie Catharine. Austin Norvell, Betty Jean. Austin Novich, Lucille. Martin Nowlin. Wilma Jean. Houston Nunley. Fay Pauline. Hearne O ' Brient, Earl James, Pampa Odell. Robert Eugene, Austin Ogburn. Betty Jo. Angleton Olle, Virgie Mae. Austin Orr. Barbara Mae. Jessup, Md. Orts, Nona Elizabeth. Hearne Otting. Don. Austin Owens, Garth Lee. Austin Pace. John H.. Purcell. Okla. Page, Patsy. San Antonio Park. Ray Jean. San Antonio Parker, Howard C-. Center Parker, Lawrence P., Galena Park Parker. Lila Anne. Austin Parsley. Joe Mac. Olney Parsons. Dolores Bess. Austin Parten. Emily Yvonne. Madisonville Partin, Betty Ruth. Greggton Pittillo. William Dahl. Nacogdoches Payton. Howard Franklin. Austin Peace, Vera Eugene. Rock wall Pearson. Louise Jane. Navasota Peck. Hairy A_ Shreveport. La. Peck. William Robert. Fort Worth Perdue, Rufus Murle, Tyler Pelennan. Jean Either. Galveston Petersen. Virginia Elaine. Port Arthur Pettigrew. Rita Gwyn. Tahoka Pfluphaupt. Marian Elaine, San Antonio Phillips. Guy Tom. Marble Falls Phillips, Ruth Courtney, Borger Pickett. John R.. Kenedy Pierce, David Lee, Nixon Pierce. Evelyn Jean. Austin Pierce, James A , Austin Pierce, James Owen. Austin Pierce, Joyce E., Austin Pierson. George I_ Houston Pierson. William Stayton. Houston Pincns, Joselle B.. Birmingham, Ala. Piper. Wanda Jean. Dallas Pitts, Mary Jo. San Benito Plantowsky, Esther, Galveston Mriky, Gloria, Maria Pool Elizabeth Rose, Austin Pope, Frank Starr, Corpus Chrieti Porter. Tom Brooks. Austin Potts, James Homer. Mart Powell, Florence Jane, Weatherford Powell. Jack J_ Dallas Power. Virginia. Houston Pratt. Peggy. San Antonio Price. Alvin A.. Ballinger Price. Nancy. Au tin Pritchett. Bobby Ray, Big Spring Ouicksall. Cecil Earl, Gatesville Quinn. J. Lester. Woodsboro Ragland. Ela Cecile. Sweetwater Rakton. Wallace Gordon. Dallas Ramey. Lou Ethel, Gilmer Randall. Milton Dudley, San Antonio Rauch. LaLi Lee. Rockdale Ray. Thurman James. Dallas Read. Royce Edwin, Lufkin Red. Evelyn Anne. Teague Reed. Joanie M.. Austin Ree e?. Nancy, Texarkana Freshmen Reeves, Walter Richard, Cristobal, C. Z. Reinhard, Lawrence M., Poth Reynolds, James Theodore, Houston Rheubotham, Lottie Jean, Dallas Rice, Jack H., Big Spring Rife, Frances Howard, San Antonio Rimmey, George David, Houston Ripley, Marian Joyce, Waco Ritchie, Dorothy Lou, Taft Roberts, Roger Lawrence, Pleasanton Rogers, Janet Barrett, Lamesa Rogers, William M., Weslaco Rollins, Beverly Jane, Houston Romeike, Carla Magda, Port Lavaca Rook, Dorothy Mae, Plainview Rooke, Joan Elizabeth, Corpus Christi Rosborough, James Fears, Bryan Ross, Doris Lorraine, Llano Rossman, Robert E., Port Arthur Roth, Shirley Ann, Port Arthur Rowan, Joe James, El Paso Rowden, Richard Joe, San Antonio Roye, Betty June, Graham Rubenstein, Louise, Fort Worth Ruck, Betty Lee, East St. Louis, 111. Rudd, Daniel W., Marshall Ruddy, Eileen Mary, Little Silver, N. J. Ruffin, Harlande Elward, Pittsburg Russell, Joy Lee, San Antonio Russo, Vincent Anthony, Galveston Rylee, William J., Ill, Denison Saldana, Roberto P., Brownsville Saleh, Johnny, O ' Donnell Salinas, Idolina, Ramirez Salinas, Julius Moreno, Austin Sanderford, John Roy, Belton Sanders, Joel Griffith, Shamrock Sanders, Oliver Leroy, Taft Sanders, Walter H., San Antonio Sansom, Betty Joe, Brady Sawyer, Thomas James, Houston Saxon, Charles William, Houston Schmidt, Harriet Edith, Seguin Schooley, Adele Ruth, Atlanta, Ga. Schoonmaker, Grant Charles, Hunter, N. Y. Schorre, Annette Amelia, Cuero Schroeder, Chester William, Pleasanton Schroeder, Lambert Henry, Ellsworth, Kan. Schroeder, William, Sinton Schulze, Victor Ewald, San Angelo Schwartz, Louis Martin, Uvalde Schwarz, Henry, San Antonio Shackelford, James Harold, Austin Sharp, Frances Anne, Beckville Shearer, Parx F., Clarksville Sheffield, Lynda Joyce, Brady Sheffield, Weldon, Austin Shepard, Jewell Watts, Austin Shira, Dorothy Elizabeth, Houston Shirey, Henry Carter, Lufkin Shoemaker, William Files, Waxahachie Short, Roy Thomas, Austin Shurr, Louis Vincent, Austin Simmons, Robert M., Houston Simpson, Billy Ray, Selman City Simpson, Elbert Hubbard, Austin Simpson, Patsy Lou, San Antonio Sims, Patricia Ann, Sinton Skelton, Barbara T., Linden Skelton, Billy Roy, Linden Skeltoni H. B., Panhandle Skipworth, Marilyn Virginia, Houston Slaten, Janet V., Yuma, Ariz. Slater, Walter Oliver, Luling Slaton, James Kenneth, Jacksboro Slay, Billie Joy, Sweeny Smallwood, Diana Louise, Denison Smith, Anna Lee, Simonton Freshmen Smith. Bennett Wayne, Cedar Creek Smith. Carl Kay. Lockhart Smith. Conwell, Houston Smith. Herscbel Raymond. Bonhara Smith. Lawrence Eugene. San Antonio Smith. Maisie l_. Galvrston h. Mary Jo, Austin Smith. Mary Maiine. San Antonio Smith. Robert Elmer. Yemen Smith. Thomas Ellison. Shreveport, La. Sneed. Carl Adward. Temple Snowden. Jack Milton. San Antonio Solberg. Albert Edmond. Denison Sowell. Joseph Goodloe. Houston Sparkman. Margaret Ruth. Dallas Speed. Raymond Andrew. Muldoon Spruce. William McCarty. Mulberry. Ark Staehlin. Winston Jerome. Houston Stafford. Betty Joyce. Dallas loha. Jodie Edward. Rosenberg Stearman. Jack W.. Dallas Steglich. Genera Alleen. Holland Stein. Mina. Austin Stephens, Jerene H., Bangs -on. Marlyn Lucille. Lockhart Stewart. Thomas Groves, Fort Worth Story. Ruth Evelyn. Austin Straw. Henry Fenno, Gatesville Strickland. Jack Andrew, Van Alstyne Stuchly. Henrietta. Granger Sturdivant. Richard. Austin Suite. Richard Tom, San Antonio Snmmerour, Dave Brown, Yemen Sutton. Bruce Colbert. Uvalde Swain. Jackson Randolph, Dallas Swain, Quentin S., Grandview Taliaferro, Mary Lizabeth, Dallas Talley. Oran K.. Nixon Tally. Betty Louise. Robstown Tarver. Lewis T.. Temple Tavarez Chavez, Marvin. Mexico City, D. F. Taylor. Floyd Eugene, Gladewater Taylor. Patsy Jean. Dallas Taylor. Rosita M_ Austin Tessman. Arleen E-, San Antonio Thannisch. George Edward. Lexington Thomas, David Rutherford. Denison Thomas, Leslie Raymond. Big Spring Ihompson. Thomas Lee, Beerille Thomson. John Phillip. Paris Thrower, Paul Haynes. Austin Thurman. Richard Waverly. Austin Tice. Arden Allowyn, Anadarko. Okla. Tidmore, Hubert H.. Moran well. Bob C.. San Antonio Tillerson. Edwin Earl, Celine Ti-dale. Olivia Faye. Port Lavaca Todd, Glenn Frederick. Weatherford Todd. Patricia Earle. Brady Tomlinson. Clifton Harvey. Lott Toni, August, New York, X. V. Toomey. Joe W_ Beerille Totah. Albert John. Victoria Totah. George Anthony. Victoria Totah. Robert Richard. Palestine Troutt. Alta l_ Dallas Tucker. Betty Joyce, Taylor Turek. Patty Claire, Yorktown Urbano. Isidore. Brownsville aldez. Anthony Francis. Brownsville Valenta. Louis E Jarrell Valenta. Me ta Marthalyn. Shiner V ance. Alma Jean. Bryan Van Delden, Frank J., San Antonio Vandenroort, Arthur S_ Houston Van Sandt. Betty Jay. Carthage Varley. John Edward. Corsicana Yertrees. Ralph William. Midland Freshmen Vick, Jennings B., Port Arthur Viktorin, Frankie Joe, Jarrell Vincent, Lois, Beaumont Votaw, Melba Marguerite, Brazoria Walicek, Erwin H., Yoakum Walker, Benjamin Richard, Van Alstyne Walker, George Harrison, Spur Walker, Robert Gerald, Austin Wall, Robert Edward, Galveston Wallis, Patricia Ann, Cuero Walters, Glenna Ruth, Gonzales Ward, Ethel Loraine, Goose Creek Warren, Cleon Kay, Waco Warren, Rose Evelyn, Freeport Warren, Thomas H., McCamey Washington, Robert H., Austin Watson, Carl D., Bay City Watson, Robert Lewis, Wichita Falls Weaver, Rupert Jean, Iowa Park Webb, Bettye Earle, Sweetwater Weinheimer, Bernice Rose, Stonewall Weisman, Seymour, Philadelphia, Pa. Welch, Lena Joyce, Bastrop Werlein, Sheppard Halsey, Houston Wessel, Barbara Frances, Tyler Wessely, Arthur Jourdan, San Antonio West, Bill Miller, Austin Westbrook, Madge Wootton, San Angelo Westmoreland, Jack C., Houston Wheat, Betty Jane, Austin Wheeler, Jewel Jeanne, Flatonia Wheeler, William Glenn, Commerce White, Anna Ruth, Lockhart White, De Lois Eileen, Anahuac White, Frances Emma, Goldthwaite White, George Baker, Anson White, Tucker B., Del Rio Whitehead, Jefferson Dickert, San Antonio Whitfield, Harold Dwane, Dallas Whitten, Ewell Monte, Knox City Wiese, Pauline, Austin Wild, John Albert, Austin Wilkerson, Samuel Edward, Houston Wilkerson, Wallace Reed, Palestine Williams, Margaret Helen, Galveston Williams, Mary Sue, Beaumont Williams, Paul William, Los Angeles, Calif. Williams, Richard Gray, San Antonio Williams, Robbie Nell, Dallas Williams, Royal Taylor, Lampasas Willrodt, Arthur James, Columbus Wilson, Harry Speed, Andrews Wilson, Katherine Nanerl, San Antonio Wilson, Ralph Raymond, Big Spring Wilson, Ruthe Hellen, Akron, Ohio Wilson, William B., Austin Winfrey, Dorman Hayward, Henderson Wisdom, Floyd Andrew, Thalia Wolf, Bettv Lou, Little Rock, Ark. Wolfe, Ray A., Corpus Christ! Wood, Sam Eldred, Marshall Woodall, Jessie Lee, Pasadena Woodard, John H., Kinwood Woodward, David Thomas, San Antonio Worthington, Thomas Howard, Winters Wren, John Calvin, Weatherford Wuertele, Dorothy Lucile, Austin Wylie, Margaret Ann, Moran Young, Gwen Marie, Beeville Young, Mary Nell, Houston Zapalac, George Henry, West Zeigler, Carol, Gatesville Zeitler, John R., Ridgetop, Tenn. Zimmerman, Rebecca Elizabeth, Austin Zion, Thomas E., Phillips Zivley, Martha Ann, Austin Zlotnik, Gerald, Navasota Zorn, Joseph Richard, Tyler PACE 96 f T ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President . V icf -President . Secretary-Treasurer Serfeant-af-A rms Joe Bill Raumgardner Hubert Beohtol Harold Bell Jack Blanton Ralph (Peppy I Blount Ed BrasweD Sterling Browning Max Bumgardner John Warren Bnrruss SamCallan James Canady Wiley Cheatham Joe Coleman Earl Collins Harold Collins Billy Cox Roy Cox Jack Crain Alei Can HughDahlberg James Dannelley Joe Demmer Walter Deppe Ralph Ellsworth Roger Evans Elmo Felfe Bob Ferguson Russell Ferrell Jack Fitzgerald Stanley Frank Harold Gilbert Audrey Gil) Byron Gillory Jim Godfrey JoeGoss Frank Guess Clarence Hafernick Jack Halfpenny BobHames Arthur Hamilton John Hargis Dick Harris MEMBERS Henry Harris It- Hawthorne Ed Heap Walter Heap Lewis Holder Christopher B. Hubbard Ransom Jackson William Parks Johnson Raymond Jones Ed Kelley Desmond Kidd John Langdon Allan Lawler Bobby Layne George McCall Jerry McCauley Al Madsen Joe Mapliolo keifer Marshall Slater Martin Joe Mitchell RALPH ELLSWORTH JOE MAGLIOLO JERRY THOMPSON HENRY HARRIS Leon Mitchell Jim Moody Milton Nipper Monroe Northcutt Jack O " Reagan H. B. Pendleton Leard Peveto Don Pierce Leslie Procter Howard Purnell Carl Quaintance George Rabom Louis Rainery Travis Raven John Robertson BobRochs Joe Ruby- Ed Seidel Dale Schwartzkopf EdSchutze Wally Scott Bill Sheldon David Smith James Smith Frank Stephens Charles Strnadel Bob Summers Carlton Terry Jerry Thompson Rex Travis Vic Vasicek Robert S. Walton Joe H. Ward George Watkins Bob Watson Don Weedon Ben Weil Harlen Wetz Vilbry White Hobbs Williams Sidney Zomlefer Fcrrrll. HM a. Lajwr. Pirtcr. Tt Raaora. rkell. . Ward. Rlillll. Sahfc an. McCall. r. C.H.JT. Hri,. Trm. Brrbiol. E. Heap. . CalraM. Mafliolo, Vaaicdu Six- 1 do.. B. Cax. R. Train. Q-Reacaa. Writ. Jackal aun. Dlivonk. Callaa. Fil cnld. H. Collia.. Kiti. Blaataa. DaUWi(. Rnky. Lawlcr. " Hani.. D. Hani.. Felfc. HakWrd. Havtbonr. l.aa.i Manhall. raafel. E. Collia,. Gill. Cilkrn. Co. Halfpm;. MO T. McCaalcr. Omaiataa . H.frr.ick. Daaarllrr. Raiaerr. Tatkia . Nonaratl. Swita. TillUav. WUte. Godfrey. Cillory. Craia. Krlle.. HolArr. P-irto. Bnrwa. Drpft. TatMa. Faa. Pao 97 1946 BASEBALL The Longhorns completed the 1946 iiasehall season unbeaten in Conference play for the first time since 1939 and won I heir twenty-fifth Southwest Conference Baseball Championship. The 1946 baseball team was potentially the most powerful in many years what with the end of the war, the return of Coach Bibb Falk, and a complete team of letter- men. Not only was there a complete team of lettermen, there was even a surplus BILLY cox which Coach Falk turned over to the able direction of Ed Price, assistant coach. Texas had a hard time getting started, however, losing three consecutive non-conference games to Oklahoma teams. By mid-season the team, composed mostly of sophomores and freshmen, was in good form and the possibilities of an unbeaten Conference season were clear to see. The Longhorns had several close games but they managed to pull ahead in all fourteen of their Conference games due to the fine team play and excellent coaching. Texas placed five men on the All-Conference team: Bobby Layne, Bob Ferguson, Ransom Jackson, Sidney Zomlefer, and Hobbs Williams. Texas led the Conference in hitting, fielding and pitching. Bobby Layne led the pitching with nine wins and no losses. The fine fielding average was attributed to the whole team, while Ransom Jackson led the batting with a .439 average. BOBBY LAYNE Front Row: FERGUSON, WILLIAMS, ZOMLEFER, COX, MITCHELL, ANDREWS. Back Row: FALK, LAYNE, O ' REAGAN, HAMILTON, BKF.NT PACE 98 SlIiNKY ZOMLEFER JACK O ' KKM.KN HOBBS WILLIAMS BAYLOR In the opening Conference game April 4 at Clark Field Baylor scored 6 runs on 8 hits with Layne pitching, but the Longhorns came from behind to win 7-6. In the second game, also in Austin. Hamilton pitched and won the game 5-1. Billy Cox scored the first run in the second inning and scored again in the fifth. Zomlefer showed some fine defen- sive work. On May 8 the Longhorns met Baylor in Waco and the Bears threw quite a scare into the Texas team in the ninth inning. However, the Longhorns won 9-8 with Layne pitching the last six innings. Cox was an outstanding player in the game. RICE On April 12 and 13 Texas met Rice in Houston. Texas got 26 hits in the two-game series. In the first game the O ls scored 6 runs in the sixth inning to worry Texas but the Longhorns came out with an 8-6 victory. In the second game Layne received flawless support and Jackson hit his stride with three hits. Texas scored 7 runs in the first inning, 5 in the second, and coasted the rest of the game, winning 16-0. Rice came to Austin on May 13 and got whitewashed as Layne pitched a 4-hit game bringing his total up to 26 hits in 60 innings. Ruben Ortega opened the hitting for Texas in the first inning. Texas scored 4 runs on 6 hits to win 4-0. T.C.U. T.C.U. opened their two-game series in Austin on April 19 with 7 hits but Texas won 14-1. Texas had a close call in the second game getting only 5 hits and easing by with a 1-0 victory. Hobbs Williams came in with the winning run. On May 23 Texas visited Fort Worth and easily defeated the Frogs 13-1 as Godfrey limited the Frogs to 4 hits. The Steers knocked-out three pitchers with 15 hits. Ortega collected 4 for 5. Zomlefer led in runs batted in while almost all of the Longhorns crossed the plate. S.M.U. The Ponies came to Clark Field on April 24 and forced the Longhorns to come from behind to win finally by the good score of 10-4. The Longhorns ended their season with a 3-2 victory over S.M.U. in Dallas on May 25. The tir-t of the two-game series in Dallas rained out. m A. and M. On May 4 Bobby Layne pitched a no-hit game against A. and M. at Col- lege Station. He put out 14 men at the plale. There was no score until the sixth inning when Williams hit with Zomlefer on second and Jackson slammed home the winning run. Texas won 2-1. At Uark Field on May 17 and 18 some 5. NM) students atched Texas beat the threatening Aggies 6-4 and 7-0 behind the pitching of Tankersley and Godfrey in the first and Layne in the second. In the second game Jackson got 4 hits and in the series Texas got 23 hits and V and M. 12. Bobby Layne, pitcher, bunts. If CHARLES TANKERSLEY ARTHUR J. HAMILTON FRED BRENT CONFERENCE SCORES Date April 4 5 12 13 19 20 24 May 4 8 13 17 18 23 24 25 Score 7-6 5-1 8-6 16-0 14-1 1-0 10-4 2-1 9-8 4-0 6-4 7-0 13-1 Rained out 3-2 Opponent Baylor Baylor Rice Rice T.C.U. T.C.U. S.M.U. A. M. Baylor Rice A. M. A. M. T.C.U. S.M.U. S.M.U. Pitcher Layne Hamilton Hamilton Layne Layne Brent Layne Layne Layne Layne Tankersley, Godfrey Layne Godfrey Layne NON-CONFERENCE SCORES Score Opponent Pitcher 11-5 1-7 6-9 5-8 7-0 11-5 12-3 5-6 16-9 Ward Island Tulsa Oilers Oklahoma U. Oklahoma U. Southwestern McMurray McMurray Tulsa Oilers Southwestern Layne Godfrey Layne Godfrey Layne Godfrey Tankersley Godfrey Layne Billy Cox comes in smiling after hitting a home run. PiCE 100 GODFREY LEON MITCHELL RUBEN ORTEGA TEXAS BATTING AVERAGES Full TEXAS PITCHING AVERAGES (FULL SEASON) Player and Pos. Jackson, 3b Conference .439 Seasc .388 Zomlefer, ss .407 .359 Ferguson, cf .315 .330 Ortega, 2b .306 .374 Williams. If .306 .347 O ' Reagan, c .277 .264 Mitchell, Ib .264 .267 Cox, rf .263 .282 Layne, p .172 .302 Tankersley, p .308 Hamilton, p .286 Sharp, 3b .115 Hector, rf .111 Godfrey, p .050 Brent, p .000 Mean , rf ... .000 Bob Ferguson waits on third for a chance to come in with a score. Pitcher Hamilton G 5 IP 20-2 3 W 2 L Pet. 1.000 Brent 4 19-2 3 1 1.000 Layne 15 103 12 1 .917 Tankersley 7 26 3 1 .750 Godfrey 8 45-2 3 2 2 .500 Wheless 1 1 .000 P.ct 101 LETTERMEN Fred D. Brent William (Billy) J. Cox Robert L. Ferguson James A. Godfrey Arthur J. Hamilton Ransom Jackson Robert L. Layne Paul L. Mitchell John A. O ' Reagan Ruben F. Ortega Charles W. Tankersley Hobbs Williams Sidney (Chick) Zomlefer William (Billy) A. Andrews. Manager RESERVE LETTERMEN Herbert N. Hector Frank L. Means George Schwoebel Lafayette J. Sharp Howard Fitzgerald, Assistant Manager BASEBALL STANDINGS Team Texas W 14 L Avg. 1.000 Baylor 9 6 .600 A. M. 7 8 .467 Rice 6 9 .400 S. M. U. 5 9 .357 T. C. U. 3 12 .200 Coach Bibb Falk giies some helpful hints. 194G TRACK EARL (KIP) COLLINS. The Longhorn track team culminated its 1946 season with its twentieth conquest of the Southwest Conference Championship its sixth in the last seven years. The Longhorns took only three first places and a tie for first; but over all team strength enabled them to collect 533 points for the victory. Allen Lawler won the 100-yard dash. George Raborn took the shot put. and John Robertson was first in the broad jump. John Burruss tied for first in the pole vault. Coached by Clyde Littlefield and his assistant. T. J. ( Froggie) Loworn, the Longhorns swept the Border Olympics, the Fort Worth Exposition and Fat Stock Show, and triangular meets with Rice and Baylor. Rice and Ward Island Navy, and Texas A. and M. and Baylor. The lone Texas loss of the year came in a dual meet at College Station when the Texas A. and M. mile relay team nosed out the Longhorns despite a gallant anchor lap by Desmond Kidd. The loss of this final race gave A. and M. five points and the meet which they won, 63-59. The Longhorns also made creditable showings in the Texas, Kansas, and Drake Relays. Lawler won the 100-yard dash at the Texas and Kansas Relays, and the 880-yard relay team placed first at the Texas and Drake Relays. The 440-yard relay team ran one of the best races in the nation at the Kansas Relay? but lost by a yard to the Baylor quartet which recorded the time of 41 seconds. Broad jumper Robertson won the National Collegiate Athletic Association title at Minneapolis, Minn- with a superb leap of 24 feet 10l 2 inches. He placed second at the Texas, Kansas, and Drake Relays. Irtmt .- Stt U Tkir to, BILES. BOSANKO. REEDY. EDWARDS. CILLORr. JOYCE- TAVAREZ. MILLER. .- MEDINA lKieil. DANNELLEY. EICHELBERCER. BCRRLSS. ROWE. COLLINS, Mt:NROE. SHIRR. RABORN. KIDD. SENCLEMANN CUNMNCHAM. COSAR. CNDERWOOD. BLOl ' YT FERRELL. APPLECATE. PL ' RNELL. BOREN. ROBERTSON. LOVVORS. : UTTLEFIELD. KOBT. HAFER.MCK. DONXELLAN. STR-NADEL. LOWRET. PENDI-ETO! . ELLSWORTH. LAWLER. ... AU.EN LAWLF.K . ' AMES APPLECATE TEXAS RELAYS Austin, Texas April 6, 1946 Event Winner Time 120- Yard High Hurdles Tate, Oklahoma A. M 14.0 100- Yard Dash LAWLER, TEXAS 9.7 3,000-Meter Run Feiler, Drake 8:53.2 400- Yard Football Relay Abilene Christian College 44.8 Distance Medley Drake 10:49.5 440- Yard Relay Baylor 42.3 Sprint Medley Ward Island Navy 3:31.7 2-Mile Relay Kansas State 8:09.9 880-Yard Relay TEXAS (Reedy, Collins, Kidd, Shurr) ... 1 :28.3 Mile Relay Texas A. M 3:22.0 Shot Put Thompson, Camp Grant 45 ft. 81 2 in. High Jump Scofield, Kansas 6 ft, 6 in. Javelin Lowther, L. S. U 197 ft. 3l in. Pole Vault Tie, Miller, Nebraska and Wonch, Minnesota 13 ft. Broad Jump Tate, Oklahoma A. M 24 ft 9% in. Discus Kadera, Randolph Field 147 ft. 1 in. SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET College Station, Texas May 10-11, 1946 Event Winner Time 440- Yard Run Harnden, A. M 49.1 100-Yard Dash LAWLER, TEXAS 9.9 Mile Run Ziegler, A. M 4:33.5 220- Yard Dash Gotten, Baylor 22.2 120- Yard High Hurdles Erfurth. Rice 14.7 880- Yard Run Vincent, Rice 2:02.0 440-Yard Relay Baylor 42.1 2-Mile Run Ziegler, A. M 10:15.0 220- Yard Low Hurdles Rowland, S. M. U 24.2 Mile Relay A. M 3:24.5 Shot Put RABORN, TEXAS 45 ft. 2i 2 in. High Jump Kaufman, Rice 6 ft. 6 in. Javelin Goode, A. M 178 ft. 11 in. Pole Vault Tie, BURRUSS, TEXAS and South worth, Baylor 12 ft. 6 in. Discus Hoffman, Arkansas 143 ft. 3% in. Broad Jump ROBERTSON, TEXAS 24 ft. 2 in. MEET STANDING: TEXAS 533 , Texas A. M. 46l 2 , Baylor 22l 2 , Rice 20i 4 , Arkansas 17, S. M. U. 12, T. C. U. 4 Start of a medley at the Texas Relays. Coach Clyde Littlefield talks with some of his stars. PACE 104 LETTERMEN JAMES APPLEGATE PERRY BILES KENNETH BOREN JOHN BURRUSS EARL (RIP) COLLINS ALEX CUNNINGHAM JAMES DANNELLEY RALPH ELLSWORTH RUSSELL FERRELL CLARENCE HAFERNICK JAMES JOYCE DESMOND KIDD ALLEN LAWLER ROY MUNROE H. B. PENDLETON HOWARD PURNELL GEORGE RABORN JOHN J. ROBERTSON DAVID ROWE ROBERT REEDY ANDY SHURR CHARLES J. STRNADEL SAM SENGLEMANN Manager KENNETH BOREN JOHN BTRRUSS JAMES JOYCE DESMOND KIDD ANDY SHURR H. B. PENDLETON RESERVE LETTERMEN ROBERT BOSANKO JOHN COWSAR WILLIAM DONNELLAN DON EDWARDS THOMAS EICHELBERGER BYRON GILLORY PIERRE KOBY HARRY LEWIS ERNEST LOWREY FREDDIE MILLER VICENTE TAVAREZ JAMES UNDERWOOD BOBBY WHISENANT HORACE STUBBLEFIELD Assistant Manager ED SCHWARTZ Assistant Manager GKOKGI-: HABORN CLARENCE HAFERMCK HOY MUNROE RALPH ELLSWORTH ALEX CUNNINGHAM JAMES DANNELLEV YIIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION MEET Minneapolis. Minn. June 22. 1946 Winner Distance Broad Jump ................ Robertson. TEXAS ............ 24 ft. UH .. in. DAVID ROVE BORDER OLYMPICS Laredo. Texas March 9, 1946 Erent Winner Time ard R e ] a TEXAS (Shurr, Robertson. Tatom Collins) .43.2 HI- Yard Football Relay TEXAS (Tatom. Baumgardner. Reedy, Gillory 44.8 (record) Yard Relay TEXAS (Shurr, Baumgardner. Tatom. Collins) 1:30.8 Mile Relax TEXAS (Baumgardner. Munroe. Eichelberger, Kidd i 3:34.1 High Jump Rowe. TEXAS, in three-way tie for first place 6 ft MFFT -T M I G: TEXAS 49-5 6. Texas A. M. 32-5 6 Oklahoma A. M. 32-2 3. Baylor 28-1 3 UO Relit Temm a Ormtr: REEDY. COLLINS. KIDD. .nd SIIL ' RR PERRY BII r- RUSSELL FERRELL . JOHN ROBERTSON KANSAS RELAYS Lawrence, Kansas April 20, 1946 Event Winner Time 100- Yard Dash Lawler, TEXAS 9.7 Robertson of Texas placed second in the broad jump, and the Texas team was second to Baylor by a yard in the 440-yard relay. Baylor ' s time was 41 seconds. The Texas 880- yard relay team was also second, and its mile relay team was third. DRAKE RELAYS Des Moines, Iowa April 27, 1946 Event Winner Time 880- Yard Relay TEXAS (Robertson, Kidd, Reedy, Lawler) 1 :28.1 Robertson of Texas was second in the broad jump, and Lawler placed third in the 100-yard dash. The Texas teams were second in the 440-yard relay and the mile relay. FORT WORTH EXPOSITION AND FAT STOCK SHOW Fort Worth, Texas March 16, 1946 Event Winner Time 440- Yard Run Kidd, TEXAS 50.4 400-Yard Football Relay TEXAS (Gillory, Baumgardner. Blount, Ellsworth) 44.2 Mile Relay TEXAS (Baumgardner. Monroe, Eichelberger, Kidd). 3:30.7 Discus PENDLETON, TEXAS 128ft. 6 in. MEET STANDING. .TEXAS 39, Oklahoma A. M. 27, Baylor 19l 2 . CHARLES STRNADEL HOWARD PL KNFI.I, PACE 10 1946 CHOSS COUNTRY The Texas cross country team won its seventeenth consecutive Southwest Conference title as the Longhorns swept the conference meet with a low score of 17 within 2 points of the perfect cross country score of 15. Texas A. and M. registered 40 points, and Baylor, the only other entrant soared to 68. Jerry Thompson finished the 2.7-mile Baylor course in 12 minutes 18 seconds. Milton Nipper and Clarence Hafemick took second and third, and Don Sparks finished fourth despite a severe side pain. Bobby Whisenant. Wayne Hanson, and Lou Rainery placed seventh, ninth, and eleventh. Thompson went on to place third in the National Cross Country Meet at East Lansing, Mich., finishing 15 yards behind the winner of the 4-mile race. The Longhorns lost the first meet of the season to A. and M. at College Station, 28-27, although Thompson and Sparks ere first and second. In the return meet over the Austin course, the Longhorns outraced the Aggies, 19-40. Thompson turned in a phenomenal time of 11 minutes and 53.4 seconds for the 2 7 miles. Sparks and Hafernick were second and third. LETTERMEN T Auwrd: Jerry Thompson. Qualified Lettfrmen: Clarence Hafernick. Wayne Hanson. Milton Nipper, Louis Rainery, Don Sparks, Charles J. Strnadel. Bobby Whisenant Reserve Lettfrmen: John Hafernick. Monroe Northcutt Howard Purnell. Fran : THOMPSON. SPARKS. HI-FN NT. I. HAFFRMCK. F. MEDINA (tniocr). .. LITTLEFIELD ( NORTHCUTT. STR.NADEL. MPPER. C. HAFERMCK. T. J. LOVVOR.N ( Ptcs 109 1946 TENNIS One of the most successful seasons in the long history of triumphant Daniel A. Penick- coached tennis teams at the University was compiled in 1946. Except for one tie, the Longhorn netters scored a clean sweep in every sectional meet that they entered. The climax was reached in the Southwest Conference tennis tournament at Houston in May when Texas carried off both singles and doubles honors and the Conference Cham- pionship. Shining light for the Steers was Clarence Mabry, who copped the singles laurels over favored Sam Match of Rice, and then teamed with Ed Chew to capture the doubles diadem over the combination of Match and Ken Mc- Carthy, conceded to be one of the best doubles teams in the Southwest. Both matches proved to be long, bitterly fought contests with the superb condition of the Orange and White players proving to be the deciding factor. Texas defeated Tulane four matches to two in the opening dual meet of the season in late March, was tied by Rice, 3-3, and then went on to trounce Texas A. and M. 6-0, bury Baylor 4-2, revenge the previous Rice tie 4-2, triumph over Texas Christian 5-1, and smother Southern Methodist 6-0. The netters journeyed to Evanston, 111., in June for the National Collegiate tourney. Mabry and Chew went to the semi-finals in doubles before losing out and Blanton and Weil were beaten by the ultimate national doubles champs. Tennis Lettermen: Jack Blanton, Ed Chew, Clarence Mabry, Wade Spilman, Ben Weil, Vincent Esparza. Manager. BEN WEII. CLAKE.M:K MABIIY Lett to right: PENXK, WEIL. SPILMAN, CHEW, BLANTON, MABRY, FRANKLIN, CERHARDT, ESPARZA JOE CERHAKDT SOL FRtNKUN April 13: April 2 ' i: April 23: April 27: April 29: Max 4: CONFERENCE MEETS Texas and Rice split 3-3: Weil and Blanton win- ning singles matches, and Blanton and Spilman taking a doubles match for the Longhorns. Texas swept four singles and two doubles matches from hapless A. and M_ winning 6-0. Against Baylor. Spilman and Sol Franklin won singles matches: while Mabry -Spilman and Vick- ery-Franklin swept the doubles matches as Texas won 4-2. Spilman and Chew won singles matches, as Mabry- Chew and Blanton-Spilman took both doubles matches from Rice. Texas won 4-2. T. C. U. fell. 5-1. as Ben Weil. Ed Vickery. Vernon Griffith, and Joe Gerhardt took singles matches, and Gerhardt-Dick Cato won a doubles match. Texas ended conference dual meet competition with a convincing 6-0 victory over S. M. U. SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET Clarence Mabry upset top-seeded Sam Match of Rice in the semi-finals of t he Conference meet in Houston, and went on to win the Singles Cham- pionship by downing Ken McCarthy of Rice 0-6. 9-7. 6-4, 6-2. Mabry teamed with Ed Chev, to defeat Mc- Carthy and Match 6-8. 6-2. 3-6, 9-7. 6-3 in the doubles finals giving the University a sweep of the Southwest Conference tennis titles. Blanton and Spilman bowed to the Rice twosome in four sets in the semi-finals. EDGAR CHEV 1946 GDLF Major T winners were Dahlberg, for his Conference title, and Watson, for the University Championship. Qualifying lettermen were Bill Roden, Barney Barnard, Gerie Keeney, and Sterling Browning. HUGH DAMLBEKG Led by Hugh Dahlberg, freshman sensation, the 1946 edition of the Texas golf team swept to the fourteenth Texas Conference Championship since the beginning of competitive golf in the Southwest Conference fifteen years ago. Dahlberg captured the Conference individual championship, firing a 295 over the tough Brae Burn Country Club course in Houston. Texas won the team title with an aggregate of 1206 strokes, 39 better than second- place T. C. U. with 1245. An early season loss to Rice in dual competition was erased when the Steers took over the Owls in Houston just before the start of play for the Conference Championship. The coveted Masingill trophy, emblematic of the University Cham- pionship, was won by another freshman, Bob Watson of Wichita Falls. BARNEY BARNARD Left to right: Harvey Penick, Robert Watson, Bill Roden. 112 % 1946 FOOTBALL DAXA X. BIBLE AUDREY GILL HI, MR CHERRY Favored to repeat as Southwest Conference Champions for the fourth time in five years, Dana X. Bible ' s potent Longhorns opened the 1 ' Mh season with rollicking, lopsided victories over Missouri, 1945 Big Six champion: Colorado, Big Seven champion in 1945; and Oklahoma A. M., Missouri Valley powerhouse unbeaten since 1943. With an impressive, three-game total of 172 points to their opponents ' 6, the Longhorns ranked ahead of Army and Notre Dame, in the AP, Williamson and all other important weekly polls, as the Number One team in the nation. Smooth-sailing Texas hit its first rough going in the O. U. game at Dallas, when a powerful Sooner line held the mighty Steers to three touchdowns and a bare 20-13 victory. They came back to shellack Arkansas, Co-Champion to be, 20-0, in their Conference debut, but the Longhorns were never to regain the spirit and sparkle they flashed in the earlier games. Rugged Rice, in a stunning upset, bested undefeated Texas, 18-13, and went on to tie the Porkers for the Conference title. Fourth-quarter rallies gave the Longhorn Conference victories over S. M. U. and Baylor, but a lackadaisical game in Fort Worth against the fighting T. C. U. Frogs resulted in the humiliating, 14-0 upset of the season. Arkansas had tripped Rice, 7-0, the week before, throwing the conference race into a four-way tie, and giving Texas a chance at a share of the title. But the Horned Frog victory ruined even that consolation, as Texas fans bemoaned the riches to rags story of a dis- appointing Longhorn season. The Steers roared back to smash A. and M., 24-7; finishing their season and the brilliant, 34-year coaching career of D. X. Bible on a high note of success. The hapless Aggies, still unable to crack the 23-year-old Memorial Stadium jinx, absorbed their seventh straight defeat at the hands of Texas. Texas, with a respectable 8-2 record for the season, walked off with almost all of the individual and team statistical honors. Hub Bechtol made most all-America teams for his third straight year, and Bobby Layne was widely honored with first and second team all-America nominations. These two, plus Dick Harris and Spot Collins, made the all-Southwest Conference eleven. Coach Bible, stepping up to just athletic director duties after ten successful years as head football coach and athletic director, handed Uie reins of the 1947 Longhorn eleven over to Blair Cherry, assistant at Texas since 1937. Spot Collins and Audrey Gill were co-captains, as twenty-nine footballers won their letters. Twelve seniors, including six first-stringers, graduated. HAROLD (SPOT) COLLINS L -H k -. Front Ron: B. Proctor, Allen, Bamnfardner. Weedon, Junrmirhel, H. Jones, l.awler. Evan, Canady. Srcond Rote: L. Proctor. Sehutze. Bechtol, Wett, Collins Gill. H. HarrU. W. Heap, Ellsworth, Cherry. Third Roic: Gil. nap. Bible, Raven. Cuex. Holder, McCall. Bumfardaer, McCauley. Landry. Samuels. Hamra. Fourth Rote: Mood;. Halfpenny, Keller, D. Harm. King. Schwartzkopf. Simmona. Meal, Vaiicek. Callan. Medina. Filth Rote: Cillery, Mitchell. E. Heap, Layne. Jackson. Allen. Cramer, Martha)!, Blount. M. Jones. 113 I D c c Harris, Longhorn center, intercepted a Missouri pass and ran fifty yards for a touchdown. Texas 42, Missouri D Highly-regarded Texas more than lived up to pre- season expectations in its 1946 debut by crushing Mis- souri, Big Six champion, 42-0, in Memorial Stadium before 28,000 amazed fans. The largest opening day crowd in the University ' s history watched the Longhorns tame the Tigers with almost ridiculous ease; stopping a powerful Missouri ground attack that had been so troublesome in the furiously-contested, 40-27 Cotton Bowl victory just eight months earlier, and flashing a balanced offense that just " wouldn ' t quit. " After rive plays the Steers had scored and the rout was started. Led by Bobby Layne, who completed 3 of 5 passes for 150 yards, Texas rolled up 200 yards rushing, 160 yards passing, and 231 yards returning kicks and intercepted passes. Jimmy Canady, Ralph Ellsworth, Spot Collins, Terrell Allen, and Dick Harris were standouts among the 56 Longhorns who saw action. Texas 76, Colorado il A great Longhorn squad whipped playfully up and down the field like a West Texas whirlwind, sweeping the ponderous Colorado defensive men aside like so many tumbleweeds, in walloping the Big Seven champions by an unbelievable 76-0 margin before 33,000 in Memorial Stadium. The Texas regulars left the game in the first quar- ter, but, keeping the pace, the rest of the 62-man squad piled up the second biggest score in Longhorn history; scoring eleven touchdowns and ten conversions, rolling up 307 yards rushing and 287 passing on eleven comple- tions in fourteen passes thrown, returning kicks and inter- cepted passes for 91 yards, blocking three Colorado punts, and holding the Buffaloes to a minus eight yards rushing. Byron Gillory, Billy Pyle, Max Bumgardner, Frank Guess, Dale Schwartzkopf. and Jerry McCauley were the brightest of a galaxy of Longhorn stars. Magliolo and Schwartzkopf close in on Jim Price of Colorado who took Wetz kick. Canady starts of on a long run o trr receiving a short pass from Laynt, but has opposition from Oklahoma A. M. Texas 54, Oklahoma A. M. 6 The highly touted Cowboys of Oklahoma A. M. came to Austin undefeated in twenty straight games, but after the dust had settled in Memorial Stadium they were just another bunch of trampled second-raters gasping in the wake of the Steers ' third stampede. In the " Battle of the Bobs " Texas ' Layne outscored the illustrious Fenimore four to one. The Aggie Ail- American kept his team in the contest for a while, scoring in the first quarter to cut the Texas margin to 7-6, but the seemingly invincible Longhorns were not to be denied sweet revenge for the 13-8 loss to Oklahoma A. M. in 1944. Layne scored four touchdowns on eight running plays that totaled 125 yards, an average of almost 16 yards per carry. Hub Bechtol. Allen Lawler. Joe Mitchell. Demp Harris, and Jack Halfpenny were other Steer standouts. Texas 20, Oklahoma 13 An underrated Sooner eleven scared the Longhorns almost out of their hides in Dallas ' Cotton Bowl before bowing 20-13. High-flying Texas, at this time ranked Number One in the nation after rolling up a 172-6 aggre- gate against three opponents, found itself with a one- point lead in the final quarter of the bitterly-fought tussle with inspired Oklahoma. The Longhorns fought back after Joe Golding ' s 95- yard return of a pass interception had cut the score to 14-13. to march 70 yards for their third touchdown, but even then the Sooners were within striking distance of at least a tie. It was a startling, unpleasant change from the regu- lar pattern. In the last eight minutes Oklahoma was driv- ing once to the Longhorn nine-yard line, and always threatening with long passes. For Oklahoma, who had outplayed Army the week before, it was a moral victory. Held to just 83 yards o n running plays. Texas again depended on Bobby Layne ' s passes for the victory. Spot Collins, Frank Guess. Jimmy Canady. Ed Heap. Dick Harris, and Hub Bechtol were outstanding. Schtcartzkopf snatches a pass from Guess to score the second touchdown against O. U. jr., , ffVk Guess starts off to gain ground against Arkansas behind blockers R. Jones and W . Heap. Texas 20, Arkansas Defending Southwest Conference Champions and heavily favored to repeat, Texas opened its Conference season before 43,000 in Memorial Stadium with an easy victory over the Arkansas Razorbacks. Little did anyone suspect then that the team Texas was shellacking 20-0 would be a 1946 co-champion. Compared to earlier games, the Longhorn victory over previously undefeated Arkansas was unimpressive. The Steers marched 75 yards for a touchdown the first time they got the ball, and Bobby Layne accounted for two more touchdowns in the first half with passes to Hub Bechtol and Jimmy Canady that carried 50 and 47 yards respectively, but Texas seemed to be coasting through the second half, apparently satisfied with the three-touchdown margin, and maybe " saving up " for the Rice game the following week. Arkansas matched Texas in first downs, as the two teams got 8 apiece, and with little Ken Holland, the Con- ference ' s leading ground gainer, leading the way, the Hogs made 101 yards rushing to Texas ' 103. But the Steers had the edge in passing, 145 to 88. The statistics sheet thus showed defensive-minded Arkansas had made a close game of it, but the Scoreboard still read 20-0. The Longhorns had rolled to their fifth straight victory. Honorary game captain and four-year letterman, Harlan Welz, was great defensively, while Hub Bechtol. Jack Halfpenny, and Audrey Gill were other Longhorn stars. Don Anderson of Rice caused Texas plenty of trouble but here he was stopped by Bumgardner and D. Harris. Rice 18, Texas 13 The stunning upset by the inspired, underrated Rice Owls was a heartbreaking setback for the powerful Longhorns and their followers. Out to avenge 7-0 and 7-6 upsets in 1944 and 1945, Texas got just another dose of the same bitter medicine in Houston as the furiously-fighting Owls snapped the Steers ' victory string and shattered their hopes of another title with the well-earned decision. The conquerors of mighty Texas were to meet their Waterloo a few weeks later, bowing 7-0 to Arkansas, a team the Longhorns had swamped 20-0. But that took none of the sting out of the 18-13 brand the Longhorns carried on their hips. Texas was playing away from home and against a great team, but was still given the favorite ' s role before the kickoff. The elevens fought to a standstill in the first half, with Texas coming from behind to gain a 6-6 tie at halftime. Rice struck hack strongly to power ahead 18-6 late in the third quarter. The Longhorns marched 65 yards to score in the last quarter, and were behind by only 6 points with 13 minutes to play, but they could never close the gap. The Owls rolled for 265 yards rushing behind a superb forward wall, while holding the Texas ground attack to ju-t 133 yards. Eikenberg and Walmsley passed and ran with the sureness of All-Americans. The Longhorns went down fighting to the last, but they went down just the same. Again it was Layne ' s passing that kept Texas in the game, though the plunges of Raymond Jones produced both Steer scores. Spot Collins. Hub Bechtol, and Dick Harris stood out in the battered Longhorn line. Texas 19, S. M. U. 3 Held to a slim three-point lead going into the final quarter of the S. M. U. game. Texas unleashed a bit of its early- season touchdown magic, striking from 62 and 39 yards out. to smother the fighting Ponies, 19-3. before 34,000 rain- soaked fans in Memorial Stadium. The famous Bobby Layne to Jimmy Canady passing combination clicked again in that last period for the longest gain of the day, and scatback Perry Samuels added the third, clinching touchdown in the hard-earned victory. Hitting the comeback trail after the tragedy of the Rice defeat, Texas again flashed the form that had carried them to lopsided victories over Missouri, Colorado, and Oklahoma A. M., and to the head of the nation ' s pigskin parade. The muddy field and a stout S. M. U. defense checked the Texas running attack most of the game, so that Long- horn passing, mostly by Layne. was the deciding factor. Among the eleven completions that gained 168 yards for Texas was the 62-yard Layne-to-Canady touchdown. Layne, the nation ' s total offensive leader, had at this time passed for 879 yards in seven games, with almost half that amount, 362 yards, accounted for on completions to Canady, the Confer- ence ' s leading pass receiver. Spot Collins, Don Weedon, and Demp Harris did the best work in the Longhorn line. Audrey Gill and company come up to stop S. M. U. ' s freshman star, Frank Payne. { Texas iY. Baylor 7 Trailing inspired Baylor 7-6 late in the third quarter, mighty Texas exploded belatedly but effectively to score 16 points in five minutes, shoving the hapless Bears deeper into the Conference cellar, and boosting itself into a four-way tie for the league lead as the Rice powerhouse was defeated by Arkansas. It looked for a while as if Baylor might stretch its halftime lead into the biggest Conference upset since the Bears tied the bowl-bound Steers in 1941. But three breaks, three quick scores and Texas had shot from behind into a comfortable lead. In the second period two successive passes from Bobby Layne to Max Bumgardner and Jimmy Canady covered 81 yards for the first Texas touchdown. On fourth down late in the third quarter Layne kicked a field goal to put the Steers ahead for the first time, 9-7. Then Halfpenny blocked a Baylor kick, Lewis Holder recovered, and Bill Cromer put it over in three tries from the Bear 18-yard line. And before the crowd could catch its breath Holder broke through to block another kick from the Baylor 25, recover it, and run it over for the last score of the game. Dick Harris was great on defense, as was Holder, Jack Halfpenny, and Joe Mitchell. Layne and Canady out- classed the backs. ft LETTERMEN Joe Bill Baumgardner Hubert Bechtol Max Bumgardner James Canady Harold (Spot) Collins Ralph Ellsworth Roger Evans Audrey Gill Byron Gillory Frank Guess Jack Halfpenny Boh Hames Dick Harris Henry (Demp) Harris Ed Heap Walter Heap Lewis Holder Raymond Jones Ed Kelley Bobby Layne George McCall Jerry McCauley Joe Mitchell J. W. Neal Travis Raven Dale Schwartzkopf Victor Vasicek Den Weedon Harlan Wetz RESERVE LETTERMEN H. K. Allen Terrell Allen Ralph (P eppy) Blount Sam Callan Bill Cromer Ransom Jackson Maxwell Jones Charles Jungmichel Harold King Tommy Landry Allen Lawler Joe Magliolo Keifer Marshall Ben Procter Leslie Procter Perry Samuels Ed Schutze Hohart Simmons Paul Tracy Jimmy Canady leaps high to intercept the pass intended for a Baylor touchdown PACT 118 T.C.U. 14, Texas It seemed impossible that T. C. I . who had won only one game all season, and then by 19-16 over weak Baylor, could stop the great Longhorn eleven. But the " impossible " had been happening so regularly since 1941 in games with treacherous Texas Christian, that maybe the 14-0, Fort Worth defeat, knocking Texas out of any chance for the Cham- pionship, came as no great surprise to football fans. Texas was out in 1942 to wreak terrible vengeance for the infamous upset of the bowl-bound Longhorns the year before, but bowed 13-7. In 1944 a 7-6 Horned Frog upset kept the Steers from winning the championship that year. This latest loss is. indeed, a case of adding insult to injury. Some of the strongest teams in Longhorn history have represented the University since 1941 three times Con- ference Champions besides Number One national rankings in 1941 and 1946 yet crafty Dutch Meyer has guided his squad to four victories in that six-year period. The 1946 defeat was the most decisive of them all. Rising to unprecedented heights a great Frog line outcharged the Steers all day, opening holes for their fast backs, and rushing Bobby Layne off his feet A roaring north wind which handicapped Texas seemed an advantage to T. C. U. And maybe the Steers were homesick for Memorial Stadium. Away from Austin the Longhorns could manage only for bare victories over Oklahoma and Baylor, while losing to Rice and T. C. U. They only penetrated the Frog 20-yard line once, while absorbing the humiliating defeat. It wasn ' t Texas ' day. but Layne, Bill Cromer, Dick Harris, and Spot Collins were great even in defeat. WELL WE WON IN STATISTICS Except for their eight and two won-lost record. Texas was the best team in the Conference. They made more first downs (124i. gained most rushing ( 1.712i. passing 1 1.569 . and total yards 1 3.281 1. had most passes completed (99 ). intercepted most op- ponent passes ( 32 I . and was second to Rice on defense (opponents gained 1.760 total yards ' ), and second to v M. I " , on punting (averaging 36.4). Layne walked off with individual honors, topping the scorers ' 5-1 ' . passers (1.115 yards on 77 out of 14 ) .. kickers ( 12 for 42.1 I. leading in total offense 1 1.420 ). and was the sixth ranking ball carrier (305i. Frank Guess was the leading punt returner (12 for 18.0), the best extra point kicker 27 i . ranked fifth in punt- ing t37.6). and fifth in scoring (33). Jimmy Canady led the pass re- ceivers 17 for 420). and tied Keeney of Rice for third in scoring (36L Max Bumgardner ranked third in pass re- ceiving (16 for 263 K Raymond Jones -econd to Layne in scoring 1 42 ) . Why T. C. U. heal Texas. 11 Texas 24, A. and M. 7 i A ferocious Aggie eleven, fighting hard to break the 22-year-old Memorial Stadium jinx and win a game from rival Texas for the first time since 1939, was still no match for the smooth Longhorn machine, which handled the inspired Farmers with comparative ease to win, 24-7, before an all-time record crowd of 48,000. Out to " win this one for D. X., " the Steers played almost flawless ball in downing the Aggies for the seventh straight time, closing out their season and the brilliant, 34-year coaching career of D. X. Bible in a blaze of glory. The determined Longhorns, with Hub Bechtol, Dale Schwartzkopf, Harlan Wetz, and Dick Harris turning in great line performances, shackled the Aggie ground attack to a minus two yards during the first half, while cool, dependable Bobby Layne was personally accounting for Texas ' 10-0 halftime lead. On the last play of the first quarter Layne kicked a beautiful 22-yard field goal, and midway through the second period he plunged over from the one-yard line after setting up the touchdown with passes to Schwartzkopf and Ralph Ellsworth. Fullback Raymond Jones made Texas ' second touchdown from the two-yard line after the Longhorns had marched 75 yards with the second half kickoff. H. K. Allen finished the Longhorn scoring with a four-yard plunge early in the fourth quarter. Frank Guess booted three straight conversions to finish the season with 27 extra points to his credit. Joe Billy Baiimgardner and Ellsworth were outstanding in the backfield. Layne completed five of eight passes for 108 yards, and made 34 yards rushing of Texas ' 135-yard total. A. and M. ' s ground game produced only 27 yards, but they outgained the Longhorns on passing, mostly in the desperate last quarter against the subs, 190 to 134 yards. A. and M. did manage to break one tradition when they scored on a 31-yard pass against Texas ' fifth string in the last two minutes of play. It was the first time the Aggies had scored from scrimmage against Texas here since Memorial Stadium was built in 1923. But even that must not have helped A. and M. feel much better over absorbing its seventh consecutive shellack- ing from the Longhorns. The consistent Texas manhandling of the Aggies is making a farce of the once-bitter rivalry. Besides the regular " Beat A. and M " spirit, Texas had a couple added incentives a smouldering desire for revenge after the T. C. U. upset, and a desire to give Bible a victory as a fitting climax to his long and successful coaching career. Add the desire to keep the jinx alive, the fact that Texas had superior personnel, and you could hardly conceive of a different outcome. CONFERENCE STANDINGS Team Rice Arkansas Texas A, M. W L Pts. Opp. Pet. Team 5 - 1 117 43 .833 S.M. U. 5 1 74 34 .833 T. C. U. 4 2 98 49 .667 Baylor 3 3 62 58 .500 w L Pts. Opp. Pet. 2 4 75 80 .333 2 4 60 107 .333 6 29 144 .000 Bobby Layne plunges over for a short gain against the Aggies. d ' ' I-. " . . HARLAN WETZ ROGER (PUD) EVANS VICTOR V !CEK BOB HAKES DICK mKi HOLDER JOE BILL BAIMCAKDNKK JACK HALFPENNY JOE DEMMER 1947 SWIMMING When the blue chips were on the table, Coach Tex Robertson once again came up with a few surprises which gave his Long- horn swimming team victories. Over the full season the record wasn ' t impressive, but in the Southwest Conference meet, and the Southwest A.A.U. meet, the Steers came out on top. Dual meets became a headache for the Longhorns. In six meets, they just broke even. The arch rivals, Texas A. M., twice defeated the Longhorns when the two schools got together. Texas won its share of the first places in the early season meets, but it was not until the season progressed that the Long- horns could muster the necessary additional points for victory. Tolar, Quaintance, and Campbell held their mastery over the div- ing events, and Captain Joe Demmer won all of his distance races. In addition, the Longhorns increased their Aqua-Carnival to a five-night show and turned away customers each night. Spectacular diving and slinky swim suits on lovely co-eds battled for top billing. Bonnie Bland was chosen Aqua-Queen. LETTERMEN MAJOR T: Joe Demmer, Jack Tolar. QUALIFIED T: Frank Campbell, Walter Deppe, John Fosdick, David Grant, Bobby Hill, Mike Hushla, James McCann, Bob McClellan, Glyn Payne, Carl Quaintance, Mark Yancy. TEAM MANAGERS: Wallace Pryor, John Williams. Front Row: FRANK CAMPBELL, CLYM PAYNE, MOORE, RICHARD SARGENT, FRANK CRAWFORD, BUD CREER, JACK TOLAR, AL ' BREY BOYD, MARTIN KENDZIOREK. Second Row: CARL QUAINTANCE, BOBBY HILL, WALTER DEPPE, ART GUIROLA, JOE DEMMER, BOB McLELLAN, DAVID GRANT, WILLIAM PARKS JOHNSON, JOHN FOSDICK. Third Row: JIM McCANN, ALLAN CLAYBROOK, HENRY LINDSLEY, ROBERT CONE, DICK WHITE, ROBERT SIMMONS, EDWARD ACKERMAN, JOHN GRIFFITH, ARTHUR WARRF.N. Fourth Row: TEX ROBERTSON, ROD SUMMERS, Mgr. ; DON SMITH, JOHN MEDAIRY, CARL MOORE, BILL BEST, HERBERT WILEY, JOHN GIVENS, Mgr. ; JOHN BYRNES (coach). PACE 124 Fourteen and a half swimming titles in sixteen years is the Longhorn ? s record after they sur- prised the Texas Aggies by again taking the Conference Championship by a comfortable margin. The Aggies, led by Danny Green, set four new Conference records. Three of their records were set in the preliminaries. But, in the finals. Jack Tolar defeated Green in the second race of the night, and broke the Aggie spirit. Tolar added the diving title to his collection, while Captain Joe Demmer was winning the 220 and 440-yard freestyle events, and the individual medley. Their teammates, showing great improvement over earlier performance , supplied enough additional places to win. m ALTER DEPPE BOBBY HILL F i;n r n MEETS l.- as 36 Oklahoma University 39 Texas 12 Texas A. M. 51 I, AJ- 13 Dallas Athletic Club 32 Texas 44 Kansas State 31 I.Nas 39 Texas A. i, M. 51 Texas 49 S. M. I . 35 s -i A.A.U.: Texas 62, Texas A. M. 62 CLYX PAYNE. FRANK CAMPBELL. CARL QUA1NTAXCE. JACK TOLAR. JOHN BYRNES. SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET: Texas 82 Texas A. M. 73 S. M. U. 21 Baylor 8 JACK TOLAR CARL QUAINTA.NCE BASKETBALL Jack Gray ' s 1947 Longhorns were consistently ranked among the top teams in the nation, and were generally rated as the finest squad ever to come out of the Southwest. Their great season ' s rec- ord for 26 victories against only 2 de- feats was the best in the country. Favored to take the NCAA National Championship, the Steers lost a heart- breaker to Oklahoma in the Western finals, but came back to defeat CCNY in Madison Square Garden for consolation honors, thus reaching a peak no Texas - basketball team has equalled in the University ' s history. Texas swept through a twelve-game Southwest Conference schedule undefeated, and reached its height with a convincing victory over a team of all-stars selected from the other six Conference schools. A three-week layoff without game competition probably accounted for below par performances in the NCAA tournaments, bilt even so the Steers made a sensational showing. Their only losses to Oklahoma A. M., defending National Champions, and Oklahoma, finalists in the 1947 National Championship tilt were by just one point on last-minute goals. JACK GRAY ROY COX Front Row: WAGNER, COX, MADSEN, MARTIN, WHITE. Second Row: FITZGERALD, HAMILTON. LANGDON, GEORGE, HARGIS. PACE 126 Before sweeping through their 1947 Southwest Con- ference schedule undefeated, the Longhorn cagers com- piled an enviable record in pre-season play, winning ten of eleven contests against such powerhouses as Canis-iu-. Long Island. Oklahoma A. M.. DePaul. Missouri and Oklahoma. They added a convincing victory over the S X C All-Stars in a post-season game to take the nation ' s best collegiate basketball record 24 won. 1 lost into tin- CY tournament. Texas had little trouble in the opening two-game series with NTSTC, rolling over the Eagles on successive nights, 6341. and 66-40. The Houston YMCA All-Stars, led by Bill Henry, a former Rice all-American. were expected to furnish some stiff, early-season competition, but the hustling Steers walloped them, 53-23. The Longhorns polished off another star-studded aroup. the Continental Air Liners from Denver. 46-34. before swinging North and East on a tough three-game jaunt. The Longhorns trounced powerful Canisius at Buffalo. N.--.I .rk. 52-46. The Steers moved on to Madison Square Garden where they edged previously undefeated Long Island, 47-46; and just to show their ictorir- were no flukes, stopped back by Chicago to vallop always-dangerous DePaul. 61-43. Tr-va- ent into the Oklahoma City tournament dur- ing the Christmas holidays as favorites. They beat Human, 65-46. in the first round to run their victory string to eight straight but the Oklahoma Aggies. defending national champion s, nipped them in the semi- finals. 441-41. on a last-minute free toss. The Longhorns bounced back to crush Oklahoma. 62-50, for consolation honors. The Longhorns swamped the Southwest Texas Bob- cats. 68-37 and the Southwestern Pirates 63-39. They closed the season by smashing the SWC All-Stars, 64-52. Made up of the top performers from each of the other six Conference schools, the All-Star aggregation could have given Texas lots of trouble. But deadly shooting and near-perfect team play made the Longhorn victory look easy. Latifdon (19) watches as Cox attempts a basket in . t. I ' , game. Hargis and T. C. U. players dis- pute ownership of the balL . i ..- DAN WAGNER Texas 62, T. C. U. 46 Texas opened its Conference season in Gregory Gym with an easy 62-46 victory over T. C. U. The pesky Toads kept within striking distance of the smooth Longhorn quintet until late in the second half when the Steers boosted their lead to 20 points and then coasted in. The two Johns were big guns in the Texas offense, Hargis getting 20 points for the night ' s scoring honors, and Langdon sinking 16. Texas 72, T. C. U. 44 Later the Longhorns smashed the hapless Frogs, 72-44, in Fort Worth, as Hargis again was high-point man, this time with 21 points. It was the highest total Texas was to make all year. Slater Martin got 14 points, T. C. U. won only one game all season, a 55-50 upset of Rice. Texas 45, Baylor 38 Baylor ' s Bears, defending Southwest Conference Champions, gave the Longhorns a run for their money at Waco before bowing, 45-38. The Texas lead was just 36-35 with but 4 minutes to play, before Tom Hamilton subbed in, and with 8 paints on four beautiful hook shots shoved the Steers to safety. Slater Martin got 18 points and high- scoring honors. Texas 70, Baylor 52 When the title-bound Longhorns got Baylor in Gregory Gym they blasted the Bears almost off the court with a resounding 70-52 victory. The Bears were never in the ball game after Texas jumped to an unbelievable 22-5 lead early in the first period. John Hargis collected 17 points to take high-scoring honors. Texas 56, S. M. U. 36 In one of their top early-season performances the Longhorns rolled over S. M. U., in Gregory Gym, 56-36. John Hargis pushed in 30 points as the red-hot Steers made a runaway of what was supposed to be their first real test. Hargis ' total was the highest made by a Longhorn during the season. Texas 58, S. M. U. 51 Texas came from 12 points behind to take the stubborn Ponies at Dallas, 58-51, completing a sweep of the northern series for the fourth time in 21 tries. Roy Cox got 12 points. . I SLATER MARTIN Pita 128 Texas 61. A. M. 41 Texas chalked up its fifth straight Conference victory at the expense of the Aggies, coasting in with a 61-41 conquest at Gregory Gym. Hargis and Cox, who finished one-two as top Texa scorers for the full season, led the point-making against the Aggies, getting 19 and 14 respectively. Texas 69. A. M. 40 In the return match at College Station. Texas again romped to a lopsided, 69-40 victory over the Aggies. The Longboms ran the score up to 61-28, and then let the subs take over. Cox and Hargis again led the Steers with 15 and 14 points. Texas 67. Rice 53 Texas invaded Houston for its first Conference game with Rice, pulling away from a 27-27 halftone deadlock to win 67-53. Showing exceptional scoring balance the Longboms bunched their leaders within 4 points of each other: Martin with 15 points, Langdon with 13, and Hargis and Wagner with 11 each. Texas 67, Rice 60 Inspired Rice again surprised the Longboms by fighting to the end of a furious first half with a 35-30 lead. But Texas came back strongly to win going away. 67-60. Al Madsen with 17 points, joined Hargis with 18 as a top Longhorn scorer. The two-team total of 127 points was the highest of the season in a Texas game. Texas 49. Arkansas 44 The Longboms won their first Conference championship since 1939 in the first game of the Arkansas series in Gregory Gym, downing the stubborn Hop. 49-44. Texas had to come from 10 points behind to move ahead for good with just a minute and a half to play. Cox ' s 9 free tosses was the most scored by an individual during the season, and the total of 23 charity points went a long way toward deciding the game in Texas ' favor. Texas 66. Arkansas 46 Finishing their 12-game Conference schedule undefeated, the Longhorns slaughtered die Porkers in their second meeting, 66-46. Arkansas had dropped two games to S. M. I . before opening the Texas series, and needed victories both nights to gain a tie with the Longhorns. Little Roy Cox, red-hot in late season led Texas with 19 points. AL MADSEX TOM HAMILT " N JOHN LAXCDON ; . N.C.AA MEET VII.BKY WHITE Texas climaxed its best basketball season in 23 years with a 54-50 conquest of City Col- lege of New York in the NCAA East- West consolation game at Madison Square Garden. Earlier the Longhorns, with the finest collegiate record in the nation, had eliminated Wyoming, Rocky Mountain Champion, in first-round play of the western NCAA tournament at Kansas City, but had dropped a thrill-packed finals game to Oklahoma, Missouri Valley representative, by one point on a last-minute basket. The 55-54 defeat by Oklahoma was a heartbreaking loss for the colorful Steer quintet. Texas had beaten the experienced but slow Sooners earlier in the season, 62-50, using subs a great deal of the last period. At Kansas City the Longhorns were favored to repeat their victory and gain the right to meet Holy Cross for the National Championship. After leading Oklahoma by 7 points most of the first half, the Steers, lost a 29-22 half- time advantage as the Sooners roared back early in the second period to take a nine-point lead. Ahead 53-48, Oklahoma began freezing the ball with 3 minutes to play. Dan Wagner made a free throw to narrow the margin to four points with 60 seconds to play. Then Wagner and Slater Martin made field goals to tie the score with 40 seconds left. Al Madsen coolly slipped in a free toss to put Texas out front, 54-53, with just 25 seconds to play, but the desperately-scrapping Sooners made a shot in the last 6 seconds, and time ran out on the Steers before they could retaliate. Texas ' high-geared, fast-breaking offense was slowed Long-John Langdon shows Kok of Arkansas how. by a 17-day layoff from game competition between their peak performance against the SWC All-Stars and the beginning of tournament play. After trailing Wyoming most of the way in their first NCAA contest, the Steers shot from behind in the fading minutes and won, 42-40, on Martin ' s basket with 35 seconds left to play. I The CCNY victory, for third place among the nation ' s crack quintets, came comparatively easy. The Steers were never behind, leading at one time in the first period, 25-11, and though the inspired Beavers narrowed the gap to just 2 points late in the second half. Texas tightened its defense and came through to take the NCAA consolation trophy. LETTERMEN: Roy Cox, Tom Hamilton, John Hargis, John Lang- don, Al Madsen, Slater Martin, Dan Wagner, Vilbry White. RESERVE LETTERMEN: Jack Fitzgerald, Philip George Robert Summers. Slater Martin tries for two points against T. C. U. PACE 130 MOR INTRAMURAL MANAGERS Bill Joluuaa. Majri. Rabeatfeia. Ininj I. Bentle; 194 SOCCER CHAMPIONS: LATIN- AMERICAN CLl ' B Front Rov : Joe Correa. Ovidio Pererm, Cat Marqaex, Antonio Lainr . Garcia Santo . Rafeal Quint. ct Kotr: Alfredo Maoro. Owu MUDOI. Julio Cirdaae. Frrdrico Rittrr. Juiio Atnado, Joe Gtrhardt. MEN ' S INTRAMUHALS SOCCER RL ' NNERS-L ' P: PHI CAMMA DELTA front Jtov.- Alfred Miller. -Lur Tucker. London Cnllun. Ctwnt Harold Headrix. Jerry Robon. Bad Crier, Bob Cooper. Mmdc HOB: Tom Norton. Bill Pean. We A. J. LeU. Bill George. Sttu.n Boaner, Bill King. Hufb Dahlber;. VOLLEYBALL Rl ' NNES-UP: RELl ' CTANT DRAC iN- Fr mt a .- J.t.m.. J. E. Prteno . C. W. F e, W. O. Ste-an. B. J. Crippea. " I- R. Tkinei. L Pridcea. Jack Barka. Da. Klar. L. U Sullana. 1 4 VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS: PI KAPPA ALPHA four : AHea Haaq an7 . Bill Aolricht. B. F. darke. ft o : Joka Har(i . Warae Price. an T. Normal. 1946 TRACK CHAMPIONS: P. E. M. CLUB Front Row: Herbert Lee. T. R. Raven, Paul Campbell, V. Muri- head, A. A. Rooker. Back Row: Jose Gonzales, M. A. Bumgardner, J. J. Haw- thorne, B. W. Dean, jimmy Canady, Stanley Kirk. TRACK RUNNERS-UP: DELTA TAU DELTA Front Row: T. G. Hinson, M. J. Werkenthin, T. A. Outlaw, J. E. Hearn. Back Row: F. C. Chandler, H. K. Allen, Harry Owens, Curtis ' Mathis, R. K. Troxwell. HANDBALL DOUBLES RUNNERS-UP: PHI DELTA THETA Billy Harvin, Joe Bart Moore. 1946 HANDBALL DOUBLES CHAMPIONS: LATIN AMERICAN CLUB Gus Marquez, Joe Gerhardt. 1946 TABLE TENNIS DOUBLES CHAMPIONS: LATIN AMERICAN CLUB Julio Amado, Joe Gerhardt. PCE 132 1946 SWIMMIV. CHAMPIONS fSpringl: DELTA KAPPA EPSILON John Fosdick, Tommy Landry, Ted Bellmont, G. F. Thornhill VU IMIM. RLNNERS-UP: S. R. D. DARKHORSES J. R. Brack, Claude Moore, Wallis Pryor, Lionel Patnaud Bob Cockrell, Mike Hushla (not in picture). 1946 TABLE TENNIS DOUBLES RLNNERS-UP: BETA THETA PI Ray Griffin, Bob Tetley. 1946 GOLF DOUBLES (Fall) Runners-Up: James Templeton, G. E. Hannon Sandidge House. Champions: Walter Hubbard, Frank Neimeyer A. T. O. ftc 133 SUMMER 194G SOFTBALL CHAMPIONS: OAK GROVE Front Row: Clarence Weise, Robert D. Foster, J. Frank Evins, Jack Anderson, Ted Foote. Back Row: A. Q. Plummer, Irving Watson, Warren Grain, Perry Biles, Bill McCutchen. SOFTBALL RUNNERS-UP: SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Front Row: R. M. Roberts, John Hill, Robert Tennison, Roy Rivers, Charles Schreiner. Back Row: Bob French, Jimmie Owen, Tom Fontaine, Art Jones, Roy Moore. GOLF CHAMPION: ALPHA TAU OMEGA Frank Neimeyer. GOLF RUNNER-UP: SANDIDGE HOUSE James Templeton. TENNIS SINGLES Champion: James Peterson Reluctant Dragons. Runner-Up: Lester Springer Independent. GOLF SINGLES (Champion: Eddie Burke Delta Tau Delta. Runner-Up: Clark Hessemer Sigma Nu. PACE 134 FALL, 1946-47 WATER POLO CHAMl ' lnV- H(.M ALPHA EPS1LON Front Ron : Wr-lry Stripling. Weldon L. Moore. John Shannon. Bill Patman. Back Ron-: Curti- Brownies. George Thompson. Bill Kolwrt-. Huphr-. X TER POLO RLXNERS-IT: S. R. D. DARKHORSES Front Rote: Max Werkenthin. Roll Math--. Jake Davis. Herb M. Back Rote: Bob CorkrelL Clarenre Welbom, Jack Tolar. Dave Stirton. VU IM. HINNKH-I I ' M ' .M CHI Frvnt Rutf. Tommy Fourmy. Bud Leonard. Jimmy Fourmy. Bark Rou : Jimmy Holloway. Fred Gillette. BOWLING CHAMPIONS: WTI KK IV. WHIZ KIDS Front Rote: Charles Russell. Allen W inters. Pat Byrd. Back Rote: John Hardin. Warren Sallee, Pierre Koby, Jaw Fergnaoo. TOUCH FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS: KAPPA SIGMA Front Row: Pat Houstoun, Ben McKie, Tom Erwin, John Sheehy, Dowell Williams. Second Row: Tom Taylor, John Smith, John Baker, Motzie, Jack Lander, Charles Finlayson. Back Row: Walton Roberts, J. L. Barnett, Lake Erwin, Joe Browder, Clem Roberts, Dan Wagner, Charlie Worrell, Russell Barbour. TOUCH FOOTBALL RUNNERS-UP: WILKENING WHIZ KIDS Front Row: Huey Sheffield, Allen Winters, Billie Nash, John Unkel, Pat Byrd. Back Row: Pierre Koby, Wilton Thomas, Joe Britton, John Carmena, Milton Nipper, George Rogers, James Ferguson. HANDBALL DOUBLES Champions: Jose Perez- Ayala, Gus Marquez Newman Club. Runners-Up: Ted Britton, Glynn Jones Oak Grove. TENNIS DOUBLES Champions: Paul Pumphrey, William Van Gorp M. I. C. A. Runners-Up: Tom Battaile, Herb Holchak A. T. 0. BADMINTON SINGLES Runner-Up: Charles Row Sigma Nu. Intramural Champion: Leo LaBorde P. E. M. Club. PACE 136 WOMEN ' S SPDRTS UTSA COUNCIL 1946-1947 Trtml . THALIA - -- PAT 1LUAMSON, BARBARA CLARK. MARY LEE RABKE. PECCV BRINTO.V StcamJ o: HELEN TACKETT. MARY LIB VICK. MARGARET UcCURDY, LUCILE FENDER. JANE DOWELL. TTNKY TILLSOV Tkirf nr: MARGUERITE HAYME. SHEILA O ' CARA. GERTRUDE KONE. ANNA HISS. IRIS MAE CAMPBELL. . . ..: ffj Iraml t m: Lxxinc Rh. Billir LafLrtl. Ocdia Johioo. Diuc Dufonk. LXMUK Tilo. BuWra Cluk. XMT: ArmMtint Donl.p. pMMr: Billir Jcuw Cool It r. Vir,,i. Flood. Carol jm M.rily. McCIwr. . JMM H.rri. co pouor: M.ry Lab. Norm. HUM. Olire PollfT. M.r. An Kollr. Imrnn. Ida Courtwr. SkiU Muo.. E. B. Hfa.. Au Suwimn . .- V.rtk. Canwri(ki. M rr B -ll - FloroT. BIT Ekw h. S rk Jo Lnr. P.I Crook. Exiilr Speitbt. Pfr MrCall. ffv: Brltr ABB Tmner. Carol ; ll.rri,. Pace U7 . ftr-s x ' -s . 1 V ' Vf v U. T. S. A. BOW AND ARROW CLUB Front Row: Marguerite Haynie, Nina McNeill, Frankie Russell, Fairy Breeding, Virginia Glaze- ner, Irene Crawford, Gerry Babcock. Second Row: Virginia Dodds, Evelyn Moore, Phyllis Ward, Peggy Doole, Barbara Bible, Bertha Nebenzahl, Louise Painter, Marilyn Ralston, Jean Jung, Frances Crawford, sponsor. CANTER CLUB Front Row: Margaret Kelly, Mary Bess Altgelt, Helen Moore, Ann Reick, Cora Leutwyler, Jane Clayton, Leda Raigorodsky, lone Masterson, Ori Jean James, Robbie Scruggs, Helen Kahn, Bethene Young, sponsor. Second Row: Mary Etta Beffa, Joyce Butler, Peggy Monning. Ann Stevenson, Carol Leibmann, Ann Cook, Pat Clements, Mary O ' Hara, Lucille Mur- ray, Mary Lib Vick. On Horses: Missy Kone, Ben Dunaway. Not Pictured: Susy Penn, Anita Krakower. POONA CLUB Front Row: Audrey Hendrickson, Letta Lou Garth, Miriam Wagenshein, Louise Graham, co- sponsor; Thalia Sasseen, Peggy Phillips. Second Row: Barbara Blair, Dorothy McSpadden. Alice Fusion, Pat Kerens, Betty Stanckley, Helen Tackett, Pat Batchler, Grace Orndorff. Third Row: Shirley Bennetts, sponsor; ' Phyllis Luckenback, Helen Barnett, Florence Jones, Wanda Cox, Dottie Nebhut, Ann Edwards. Pat O ' Malley, Ernestine Orts. RACKET CLUB Front Row: Pearl Smith, Peggy Vilbig, Ann Grot- haus, Susan Hamilton, Jo Ann Colley, Effie Birdwell, Emily Lapowski, Miriam Kahn, Nancy Scurry, Bambe Allen. Second Row: Martha Trougg, Billie Janeway, Rosemary Cannon, Jackie Chagnard, Pat Spen- cer, Lucille Fender, Adele Loomis, Shiela O ' Gara, sponor. - 1 PACE 138 JjJkL 1 U. T. S. A. -IRIKK ND SPARE CLUB Front Rote: Sylvia Stewart. Beverly Jacks, Beverly Mell. Carol FiegeL Helen Haren. Polly Drisdale, Betl Knapp. Second Rote: Betty Lou Courtney. Allene Bieter. Deena Anderson. Iris Mae Campbell Wanda I! -. Sara Hamilton. Mary Jo McCullongh. Ron:: Jean Dirks. Sue Jones. Peggy Loving. Ida Jo Call. Marlys Swenson. sponsor: Joan Pollack. Barbara Wessell. Lorene Mann, Colleen Bohn. Evelyn Kennedy. Theda Jane Nelson. TEE CLUB ._ Rotr: Cora Ann Wolaver. Billie Sue Roth- . Shirlry Madra. Carolyn Buie. Helen English. Nita Ruth Baker. Second Row: Glenn Hill. Vivian Hanger. Gloria Taylor. Mary Pearl Hall. Peggy Brinton. Betty Winbom, Aggie Kolos. Third Rite: Anne Pittman. sponsor: Sue McCann. Joyce Long, Gloria Strom, Joyce Pursier. Janet JOSE, Helen Crone. TOUCHE CLUB Jane Harris, sponsor: Rose Armstrong. Betty " - Man Gene Blackburn, Alice Heiligen- tha!. Barbara Lowe, Viola Garcia, Barbara Haden. Mar Agnor, Adella Unchurch, Dorothy Davi-. Roberta Rice, Mary Ann Stubbs. Mildred Washington, Ann Payner, Mary E. Webb. Doris Perlstein. Mary Lee Rabke. TURTLE CLUB Front Ron: Hannah Preston. Mary Theresa Mark-. Mary Helen Hardwicke. Marie Louise Levy. Camilla Tetley. Jane Dowell. Ann Warden, Joy Rea, Pat Williamson, Barbara Orr. Norma DoOey. Dorothy Needham, sponsor. SeronJ Rox: Shirley Holmgreen. Elizabeth raer. Betty Warren. Patsy Simms, Peggy PTe, Frances Ward. Frances Nichols. Nancy Sor, DrosiUa Griffin. Nell Gambrell. Clara Dodge, Catherine Shaw. Third Rotr: Marjorie Trevathan. Margaret M Cwdy, Jean Nunn, Corinne Carroll, Ann Gar- rett, Dorothy Wilson. Jeanne Mehner. Ann BanoM. Rowene Rannefaerg. Marian Bragg, Marian McKellar. Tinkr Tilbon, Marie HaeneL WOMEN ' S INTHAMUHALS VOLLEYBALL, ORANGE BRACKET WINNERS, BSU: Front Row: Ann Grothaus, Mary Lucille Yeager, Suzanne Douvry, Jane Speckles, Betty L. Wright, Bobbye Gray, Betty Wilson, Joann Cooley. Second Row: Carol Volkman, Daisy Rachel, Naoma Chaney, June Ann Cannon, Vivian Chaney, Jean White. RUNNERS-DP, CZECH CLUB: Helen Maruska, Joy Labaj, Helen Waller, Naomi Hegar, Libby Hala, Anna Lee Smith, Evelyn Hafernick, Norma Holubec, Marcella Kubicek, Paula Malik. VOLLEYBALL, WHITE BRACKET WINNERS, ADP: Mary T. Marks, Jane Mooney, Pat Taylor, Rose McNamee, Charleen Hinkle, Betty Winborn, Mary Bussy, Coleen Bohn, Shirley Cox. RUNNERS-UP, ANDREWS DORM: Jean Armstrong, Donna Clark, Mamie Nell Isensee, Mary Ellen Bresie, Linda Henniger, Jane Walker, Marilyn Johnson, Jean Rhuebottom, Nelda Seal, Evelyn Dirks, Kathryn Evans. BASKETBALL, WHITE BRACKET WINNERS, PM: Frances Chance, Mary Ellen Estill, Lura Nell Wirthlin, Louise Colgin, Beverly Rollins, Mary Etta BefFa. RUNNERS-UP, CO-OP: Camille Tetley, Erne Birdwell, Erlyne Cannon, Marian Ripley, Virginia Voss, Ruth Hatch, Virginia Owens. BASKETBALL, ORANGE BRACKET WINNERS, KAT-1 : Ann Tynan, Ann Andrews, Mary Ware, Mary Pearl Hall, Lois Blount, Marjorie Bowers, Peggy Vilbig. RUNNERS-UP, WICA WIZARDS A-TEAM: Lucile Fender, Mary Demere, Jean Dirks, Elaine Covert, Wanda Rice, Mary Metzke, Selia Mason, Phyllis Moehle. SOFTBALL, ORANGE BRACKET XINNEK . UK; A WIZARDS: Second Rotr: Marian Dyer, Gene Soliars, Man ' Metzke. Iva Lee .Cole. Aggie Kolos. Martha Jones. Rae Allen, Wanda Budge. Jo Graham, Frances Pierce, Mary Lou Bell. RtNNERS-l P. BSU: Front Row: Ivarean Bryan, Melba Cox, Daisy Rachel. Ann Grothaus. Iris Mae Campbell, Judy McClatchy. Bern Wilson, Bobbye Gray, Bobbie Nell Case, June Anne Cannon, Mickie Washington. Carol Volkman. Lucy Porter. SOFTBALL, WHITE BRACKET WINNERS, DC: Second Ron : Peggy Shamburger. Martha Keener. Charles Ann Walling. Audrey Hendrickson. Elma Jean Noble. Betty Jackson, Peggy Phillip?. Georgeann Delafosse. Jo Beth Baits, Roth Slocum. RLNNERS-LP. ZTA. Front Ron: Peggy Brinton. Mary Frances Kennedy, Dorothy Wilson, Ann Carmichael. Ann Campbell. lone Tillett. Chloe Constant. Jane Tullos. Morgia Howard. Susan Hamilton. HOCKEY WINNERS. B 1 : Second Rote: Bobbye Gray, Carol Volkman, Ann Grot ha us. Bobbie Nell Case, June Anne Cannon, Judy McClatchy. Lucile Porter. Betty Wilson. Iris Mae Campbell, Melba Cox. Mickie Washing- ton. Daisy Rachel. RUNNERS-UP. KAT: Front Ron : Carolyn Checsman, Lois Blount. Barbara Dyer, Mary Jo Morgan. Adele Eggers, Gayle Armstrong. Marilou Rutledge, Margaret McKean, Gloria Bowers, Jo Taylor, Barbara Owen, B. Lee Stringer. S 1MMING, WHITE BRACKET WINNERS. KAT: Mary Helen Hardwicke. Martha Ahl, Martha Dean. Fredna Birdsong, Harriet Homish, Norma Dolley, Ann Ransome. Lois Blount, SHUFFLEBOARD RUNNERS-UP: Rosemary Bauss, Joyce Smith, ZTA. WINNERS: Nancy Bowen, Rose Terry, KKG. TABLE TENNIS SINGLES RUNNER-UP: Marilou Rutledge, KAT. WINNER: Jeanne Smith, KKG. DUCK PINS WINNERS, WICA WIZARDS: Second Row: Margaret Braswell, Mary Metzke, Rosemary McCaskey, Wanda Budge, Margaret Nagai. RUNNERS-UP, KAT: Front Row: Lois Blount, Mary Jane Baldwin, Adele Eggers, Libba McCel- vey, Patty Bergman. ARCHERY WINNER: Jean Jung, Bowmanettes. RUNNER-UP: Louise Painter, Wesley. BADMINTON DOUBLES WINNERS: Peggy Vilbig, Libba Mc- Celvey, KAT. RUNNERS-UP: Ernestine Orts, Helen Tackett, CO. POSTURE FINALISTS Front Row: Del Bradford, WICA; Ruth Slocum, DG: Nita Ruth Baker, ADP; Barbara Von Zuben, CO; Betty Hovel, DG; Elfe Martin, Ind.; Kathryn Amsler, KAT: Jody Rice, CO; Gwen Young, ODD. Second Row: Nell Gambrell ZTA; Jeanette Eckels, Newman : Lucille Ash, ZTA; Ann Rogers, BSU: Ann Carmichael, ZTA; Alma J. Vance, ZTA; Colleen Bohn, ADP. POSTURE, FIRST PLACE WINNERS Ann Carmichael, ZTA ; Ann Rogers, BSU; Lucille Ash, ZTA. PACE 142 GOLF WINNER: nn Grothaus, BSU. MIXED TABLE TENNIS HI NNERS-UP: Richard Puls, Ann Hubby, ODD (not pictured). 1N KK- Miirlex Marwell, Joe Ger- hardt, DPE. TENNIS SINGLES IN Hi: Peggj i !!.,-. K T. II KD VOLLEYBALL Winners ' Bracket I KK-. I VI I . Second Rote: Celia Ramirez, Asuncion Duplan, Gu-t.i o Marquez, Eulogio Moiitemayor, Daniel Cebrion, Julio Amado, Marie Noto, Teresa Lozano. Kt KliS-UP, AP: Front Ritu: Lena Belle Koch, Bill Esler, Charlntte Wigzell, Gordon Causey, Gerry Ki-mpe. Bill Lane, Bonnie Erter, Charles Patterson. MIXED VOLLEYBALL Consolation Bracket IN KRS. KK(-: ;il Row: Lois Kirkpatrick, Wayne I ' ric .-. Mary Lucy Pope, Clarence Maliry. Marie Snodgrass, Wyatt Nor- man, Beth Hunter. Rl ' NNKRS-I I ' . ;D: f ' r,,nt Run : Marian Welz. Jerry- Miller, Guy Nunnally. Robbie Scrubbs, Billy Bui) William . Edith Japhet, Mary Webl . Skipper Yolland, Lee Ann Tocquipny. Desmond Kidd, Marie Haenel. FENCING INNEK: Peggy Shamburper, DC. HI ANER-UP: Marie Doucette, DG. TXBLE TKNMS DOUBLES RrNNEK -l I ' : Eran Kirksev. Carolyn Row. !;. MNNKKv Ruth Crarve. Jeanne mith. ' B DMI. TON SINGLES UINNKR: Edith Ry-lell. WICA Wizard. Kl ER-I ] ' : M, ( ,-lvey. KAT. HAMS DOUBLES Kl NNERS-UP: Lurile Fender. Susan Hamilton. WINNERS: Frances Pierce, Wanda Budge. Pci 113 INTRAMURAL MANAGERS 1946-1947 Front Row: Frances Nichols, AP; Betty Jo Rathjen, 3RD, Bobby Gray, BSU; Mary Lee Rabke, AGD; Shirley Cox, ADP; Peggy Kaplan, SDT; Joyce Boggs, Grace Hall. Second Row: Ida Machemehl, Co-ops; Mary Alexander, GPB: Wanda Rice, WICA Wizards: Felicia Goebel, Wesley: Miriam Kahn, AEP; Mary H. Faubion, Andrews. Third Row: Lura Nell Wirthlin, PM; Sara Berlowitz, DPE; Teresa Lozano, IXTLA; Audrey Hendrickson, DG: Jane Tullos, ZTA; Mary Ruble, Carothers. Fourth Row: Ann Cook, AGO; Anne Stevenson, KKG; Ben C. Dunaway, AOP; Helen Waller, Czech Club; Don Avriett, ODD; Rusty Shilg, Littlefield Dorm. F ift h Row: Mar jorie Newton, Assistant Director; Mary Menn, Secretary; Catherine Shaw, Assistant: Lois Blount, KAT; Mary Robinson, PBP; Gertrude Kone, CO; Anna Hiss, Director; Leah Gregg, Chairman of Intramural Management Committee. SWIMMING, ORANGE BRACKET WINNERS, AGO: (Tied with ZTA) Second Row: Ann Rieck, Mildred Trout, Judy Ebling, Rosemarie Bradbury, Annabel Hughes, Ann Cook. Front Row: Joan Sims, Sophie Trout, Betty Bob Knapp, Janet Rogers, Vanita Van Landingham. SWIMMING, ORANGE BRACKET WINNERS, ZTA: (Tied with AGO) Second Row: Peggy Brinton, Betsy Bobo, Marian Bragg, Susan Hamilton, Nell Gambrell. Front Row: Dorothy Wilson, Mary Lou Cocke, Becky Bird, Betty- Jo Hale, Lucille Ash. PACE 144 A CAPPELLA CHDIR Front Row; Bar net te. Ward, Proctor, Stephens, Weber, Norman, Andrews, Haun. Second Row: E. Hill, P. Claypool, Tyler, Barnhart, Perkins, Focht, Ogburn, Williamson. Third Row: Schwarz, McDowell, Leggett. C. Claypool, B. Hall, Pennington, Robertson. Fourth Row: Huff master, Thornberry, Blount, Vinson, Me Curdy, Lake. Fifth Row: Reynolds, Holliday, Holland, Keycs, Tait, Holbrook, Chandler, Gipson. Sixth Row: Jordan, Smith, Niezek, Holchak, Scott, Simonarson, Armstrong, Dowden. Seventh Row: Metsinger, Condor, Evans. Leonard, Jenkins, Foote, Stripling. Eighth Row: Hickfang, Fawcett, McConnell, Parsons, Elder, Fletcher, Johnson. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Business Manager Librarian Director Assistant Director WILLIAM REYNOLDS RUTH HUFFMASTER MARY MARGARET DARNELL CLARENCE SCOTT KARL HICKFANG RUTH HUFFMASTER ARCHIE N. JONES ROY JOHNSON MEMBERS FIRST SOPRANOS Sandra Barnette Helen Culbertson M. Ann Elkins Betty Fox Ruth Huffmaster Rosalis Leggett Dorothy Perkins Jane Weber SECOND SOPRANOS Helen Barnhart Helen Blount Clovis Claypool Elizabeth Gerstner Lucia Haun Jane Lake Cynthia McDowell Marcibel Pennington Patricia Stephens Jonelle Thornberry Kathleen Tyler FIRST ALTOS Jane Andrews Eleanor Beals Pat Claypool Mary Margaret Darnell Virginia Dyer Betty Jo Ogburn Mary Lou Proctor Ruby Schwarz Evelyn Troutt Charlotte Williams SECOND ALTOS Katherine Baker Anne Busey Sylvia Davis Fay Focht Eloise Hall Bettye Hill Ella Hill Margaret McCurdy Elsie Norman Marjorie Vinson Fannie Mae Ward FIRST TENORS Jon Condor George Evans Edwin Holchak Roy Johnson Bob Lassiter Clyde Metsinger William Reynolds SECOND TENORS Wilbur Dowden Heartoil Fawcett Carroll Holliday Nelson Keyes Jim McConnell Robert Sutherland Truett ' Thompson John Wildenthal FIRST BASSES John Chandler Charles Holbrook Bernard Holland Clark Jenkins Ben Leonard Ben Jordan Harry McCrassen Nicholas Niezek Robert Nordmeyer Clarence Scott George Tait SECOND BASSES Neil Armstrong James Fletcher Charles Foote Bill Gipson Karl Hickfang David Parsons Njall Simonarson Max Stripling Ray Smith Organized in November, 1944, and directed by Archie N. Jones, the A CAPPELLA CHOIR is the only mixed chorus group on the campus. During the year, the CHOIR appeared in its annual concert on the campus and in various other performances in the city, including church appearances and luncheon programs. PACE 146 ART STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President MARGARET MCALL V ice-President MONROE COHEN Secretary-Treasurer CLIFFORD WALLACE Social Chairman BARBARA CLARK Winnifred Adams William M. Allen Molly Barnes Bonnie Bland Jacqueline Brown Man Cady Barbara Clark Charles E. Clark Jo Rene Cochran Monroe Cohen Catherine Dobie Blossom Ford Lettalou Garth Frances Golden MEMBERS Doris Green Wilma Harle Betty Hunt Frances Kornblatt Tom Leslie Richard Little Margaret McCall Charles McConnell Joan Odem Doris Oden Joe Paine Travis Rhea Archie Rudloff Aileen Schepp Charles Schorre Martha Seeger Roy Shultz Betty Sims Patricia Stevens Mary M. Sullivan Emmy Jane Tittle Marie Troell Alice Anne Wallace Clifford Wallace Jean Williamson Charlotte Wood James Yancey Earl Young Membership in the ART STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION, which was founded here on the campus in November, 1945, is open to all students majoring in art. The club maintains a scholarship fund for art students and holds exhibits of student work during the fear. ! m : LITTLE. SIMS. C. WALLACE, McCALL. COHEN. B. CLARK. RHEA. Tr[rf : GOLDEN. WILLIAMSON. GREEN. SCHORRE. A. WALLACE. BLAND. ODEN. BARNES. Jtr.- BROWN. DOBIE. ODEM. COCHRAN. ADAMS. GARTH. WOOD. TTTTLE. HUNT. Ho : SEEGER. LESLIE. ALLEN. STLUVAN. FORD. YANCEY. C. CLARK. 17 CURTAIN CLUB OFFICERS President (Winter) . JAMES Fox President (Spring) MOUZON LAW Vice-President TOMMY JONES Secretary LEROY McFARLAND Faculty Advisor DARRELL E. Ross Board of Governors . PATRICIA McTEE Jo ANNE MILLARD ANNELLE ROQUEMORE WILLIE RUSSELL The CURTAIN CLUB supplied students with another year of successful performances which contributed greatly to the cultural entertainment on the campus. Membership in the CURTAIN CLUB is granted to any student accepted at its tryouts, which are held at the beginning of each semester. Front Rou-: LAW. ROQUEMORE, McTEE. Second Row: JONES, RUSSELL, FOX. PACE 148 Curtain Clubbers at work and at play. Walter H. A. reman Donald Barton Patricia W. Bergman Laura Julian Bowie ' . J.Bradford Sally Carmichael Jane O Ie Carter Lee Jean Cheshire t (.larady Fred A. Collins C.lenna Lea Couch U illiam H. Grain MEMBERS Alice Faye Dorsey James Fox Joseph A. Hannan Frank Holloway Frank C. Hoylman Rosemar - V. Johnson Tommy Jones Mouzon Law Leroy McFarland Patricia McTee Jo Anne Millard Bertha Nebenzahl BeePearce Henrietta Joe Peebles Elizabeth-Jela Read Roberta P. Rice Annelle Roquemore Willie Russell Patricia L. Sawyers George H. Seagert Patsy J. Smith Lenore H. Sobel Martha E. Stone Imogene M. Vogel C. Kendall Ware McFARLAND. ROQtTVORE. MILLARD. LAW. VcTEE. JONES GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB Front Row: Woolverton, Gaston, Anderson, Schumann. DuBois. Mills, HufTmaster, Bland. Second Row: Rogers, Parker, Wehner, Bufkin, N. Faubion, Yeager, M. Faubion. Kosaka, Schmidt, Chapman, Proctor, Sample, Walter, Clement, Santleben. Third Row: Emery, Ogburn, Wade, Orndorff, Scale, Spears, Gossett, McCool, Nelson, Stevens, M. L. Smith. Beals, Jordan, Fenner, Hughes, Pfluger. Fourth Row: Elkins, M. Smith, Maxwell, Biel, Leggett, Boddie, Daugherty, Ruble, Lowrie, Cowling, Gray, Wilkinson, Scherer, Darnell, Douvry, Schwarz, Hayes. Fifth Row: P. Taylor, Cone, Hopper, Hill, Keuper, Speckels, Neiman, Lake, Henry, Handler, M. Davis, Dawe, M. Taylor, Loyd, Taylor, K. Moore, Bieter. OFFICERS President PATRICIA MILLS V ice-President . MARIAN SCHUMANN Business Manager . . - DORIS KEUPER Librarian ; MARY MARGARET DARNELL Accompanist RUTH HUFFMASTER Director CHARLOTTE DUBOIS MEMBERS Mary E. Anderson Jane Robin Baker Eleanor Beals Katherine Ann Biel Allene Bieter Bonnie Bland Anne Boddie Margilee Bufkin Dorothy Mae Chapman Betty Jean Clement Mary Alice Cone Elizabeth Cowling Mary Margaret Darnell Mary May Daugherty Carolyn Davis Mary Carolyn Davis Myra Ann Dawe Suzanne Douvry Ben Dunaway Ann Elkins Jo Ann Emery Helen Fant Mary Helen Faubion Nancy Faubion Nell Fenner Fay Madeline Focht Judy Gaston Carolyn Gossett Bobbye Gray Shirley Handler Judy Hayes Barbara Henry Bettye Hill Rosemond Hockaday Martha Ann Hopper Anabel Hughes Ruth Huffmaster Elaine Jordan Doris Keuper Mary Ann Kolle Violette Kosaka Jane Lake Rosalis Leggett Helen Lowrie Runelle Loyd Ann McCool Virginia Maxwell Patricia Mills Katherine Ann Moore Edith Neiman Marjorie Nelson Betty Jo Ogburn Grace Orndorff Lou Parker Elizabeth Pfluger Mary Lou Proctor Anne Rogers Mary Ruble Cornelia Sample Mary Ann Santleben Jean Scherer Willeen Schmidt Marian Schumann Ruby Schwarz Nella Scale Maisie Smith Mary Louise Smith Jane Spears Jane Speckels Patricia Stephens Billie M. Stewart Katherine Taylor Patsy Taylor Ruth Ann Taylor Winifred Taylor Elsie Thorp Marie Wade Theresa Walter Gail Wehner Grace Wiegand Margaret Wilkinson Frances Woolverton Lucille Yeager Continuing its tradition of two yearly concerts in combination with the Men ' s Glee Club, the GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB and the GLEE CLUB sextet made various appearances about town during the year. The GLEE CLUB also made its annual appearance on the Christmas carol program and gave several out-of-town performances, including a concert at A. and M. MEN ' S GLEE ELUB OFFICERS President WILLIAM A. POE Business .Managers WILLIAM B. H.LCERS f CHARLES w . HACKETT Librarian NjALL SlMONARSON Reporter and Historian Louis MOHLE Accompanist EDWIN HOLCHAK Director BARNARD FITZGERALD MEMBERS Wesley Alexander Damon . Anderson Frank Arlington H. E. Bartleu George Baur Elmer Beaumont . K. Bergstrom Gordon Best William Black Joe Brothers George W. Bruffey S illiam Cavness Earl Clary James Coffey Joe Coleman John W. Craven Leonard Dunford Carl Elder George Evans James Evans Owen Fauntleroy Charles Hackett Gerald Harding Truett Harris William B. Hilgers Fred Hodson Frank W. Horak William A. Horan Jeff Jennings Robert Jones Ben T. Jordan B. J. Killingsworth Irving Liggett Glenn Charles Marken James W. Martin Joe Martino Edgar McConnell Harry J. McCrosson Clyde Metsinger Louis Mohle Martin Mo x ley James Murphy Malcolm Murphy Charles B. Neal Richard Palm Thomas L. Palmer David Pearson Dudley Penick Oris Pierson William A. Poe William Reynolds Edward Robertson G. S. Robertson Jeff Sandel Clarence Scott A. B. Simmons Njall Simonarson Frank Smith Ralph Stirman John C. Thrash F. P. Troseth Morrison K alker Frank Whaley Cleve Wheelus Rex Wier Besides the two annual concerts with the Girls ' Glee Club, the MEN ' S GLEE CLUB gave campus performances at the Freshman Orienta- tion dance and with the Symphonic Band in concert. The GLEE CLUB also gave several out-of-town concerts and continued its custom of serenading dorms and sorority houses, and appeared on the annual Christmas carol program. fldJIL Jl II PIIIIIIIIBIIII A ii Ah. . -s l Fro-i Rov: POE, CLARY. MOHLE. COFFEY. ARRI.NGTON. MOXLEY. FITZCER LD. ST;R-MA.Y BARTLETT. UHEELUS. SlMONARSON. MARKEN. MARTI.NO HILCERS. Srco u mc: CRAVEN, REYNOLDS. ELDER. HORAK. MeCOVSELL. M. MURPHY. COLEMAN. E. ROBERTSON. C. ROBERTSON. HARRIS. HARDING. SCOTT. Tkird Rom: ANDERSON. BEST. J. MURPHY, HALEY. KILLINCSWORTH. HOLCHAK. JENNINGS. MARTIN. BROTHERS. BEAUMONT. PIERSON LIGGETT McCROSSON. Dl ' NTORD. W A Xa : JONES. METSINCER. PALMER. BAUR. PALM. SAXDEL. NEAL. BERCSTROM. PARSON. SMITH. HODSON. HACKETT. TROSETH. WIER. PENICK. 151 l,ll lillllll BAIVD OFFICERS President . Vice-President Counselors Drum Major Director , MOTON H. CROCKETT CHARLES E. WALKER (STUART NEMIR LOWELL HOSKINS JIM UNDERWOOD COL. GEORGE E. HURT MEMBERS WHITE BAND ORANGE BAND Pat Baskin Ernest L. Black Tony Bradford Howard M. Brock Hugh B. Brous Edwin L. Caldwell Beryl Cotton Danny Darby Donald A. Davis Kenneth A. Dyer Bobbie Elkins J. C. Ferguson Stanley K. Fischer Clarence H. Flowers R. F. Fraser John R. Gibbs Kenneth L. Gilbert Ira Golden J. R. Griffith Maurice R. Hafernick W. D. Hill Carlton Hornbeck John E. Isom Norman L. Kiefer Wendell Kilpatrick William H. Lambeth W. James Leek Bryant E. McDonald Joe Machac William E. Manahan Avera Mays Jack Mellenthi n L. Miller Stuart Nemir Orion Newman Dwight B. Ohrum Paul E. Osburn M. Thomas Overall Phillip Parry John R. Phenix James A. Phillips Robert L. Pugh Robert Reed Milton E. Ricketts Phil Rogers Bob Rolston Gene Schwartz Billy Bob Shiflett Brenner Spangler Jim Sparks W. C. Sterling J. Ross Sutton Joe Tusa J. Ronald Wart- Ray W. Ware Martin L. Anderson Joe Arnim David Aston Walter C. Autrey J. H. Baker James W. Bently Jamie Bigby Robert W. Blount Albert Boggess Robert Burton Frank Clark Splawn L. Cooper David J. Crawford James Harvey Cross Clemmie D. Crowdcr August Darilek Bill Doyle Elvin Eberhart George S. Faulkner F. R. Franklin Bob German L. F. Hays H. D. Holdridge Lowell Hoskins O. R. Kennedy Robert A. Kennedy John W. Kolaja Robert F. Kriegel Joseph Lucke J. McCartney Gene McKissack Frank H. Martin Leon Mechen Louis Mohle William Needham Don Patterson Tyson Payne Kenneth Sandberg C. A. Schutze Glenn Shelton Arthur Squyres Henry F. Straw Samuel Suhler Dale Von Rosenberg Herman Von Rosenberg Charls E. Walker C. Watson George Wheeler J. Wheeler J. H. Wilson PACE 152 VARSITY DEBATE James N. Adams John Benn Norman Blumenthal Jack Butler Ed Cohen Robert Dedman Charles Goldstein Benjamin Haden Pat Lambert MEMBERS Price Lowry Dick Lyon Ernest May Kleber Miller George Nokes M. A. Reagan Harvey Rosenberg Harold Sanders Jack Skaggs Bob Spann Louis Stumberg Herbert Taylor Thomas Taylor Martin Todaro J. Rex Wier John Wild Hull Youngblood Under the coaching of Assistant Professor N. Edd Miller and Professor Thomas A. Rousse the Men ' s Varsity Debate Squad this year renewed its activities at a full pre-war tempo. During the 1946-47 season members of The University of Texas squad debated teams from Oklahoma University, Arkansas, Louisiana, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, and Kansas. Tournaments at which Texas University was represented were: the Missouri Valley and the Iowa State Tournament and the Delta Sigma Rho Congress. The Debate Squad played host to universities of the Southwest at the Southwestern Invitation Tournament held in Austin on Decem- ber 13th and 14th. 1946. Teams of The University of Texas won 90 per cent of the debates in which they participated. Fnmi ... TODARO. BENN. SKAGCS. 1LD. H. TAYLOB. DEDMAX. N. MILLER. am: BUTLER. HADEN. GOLDSTEIN. K. MILLER. T. TAYLOR. COHEN. BLL ' MENTHAL. VIEK. : SPA.NX. ROSENBERG. SANDERS. STCMBERG. LYON, LOWRY. NOKES. ADAMS. r. i :::- RADIO HOUSE Thomas D. Rishworth, Director of Radio House STAFF Director THOMAS D. RISH WORTH Music Director ALEXANDER VON KREISLEK Assistant Director GALE R. ADKINS Assistant Music Director JAY DIETZER Script Editor RUTH HUNNICUTT Script Writers JOE V. MURPHY MARYE D. BENJAMIN Production Assistants LUCAS V. HILL WARREN BEAMAN JOHN E. RASCO AsHTON JOE PlTRE DICK LYONS HULL YOUNGBLOOD Staff Organist ELEANOR PACE Office Secretary DOYLE CANNON Office Assistants WANDA ROBERTSON MARY NELSON Chief Engineer JACK C. MACUIRE Control Operators MARY POWERS AL MASON MERLE HODCES Anticipating three hundred hours of monthly activity, RADIO HOUSE, " Voice of the University " and training unit for 175 radio majors, looks ahead to work-filled, air-filled months. Well into its sixth year with two Texas School of the Air series, Radio House weekly produces " Reading Is Adventure " (scripted by Anne Durrum Robinson) and " Music Is Yours " (writter by Ruth Hunnicutt), beaming them to the schools of Texas via the facilities of Texas Quality Network and supplementary stations. Behind Radio House are the major shows of the summer, " The Veteran Reviews " produced in cooperation with the University ' s Ex- Servicemen ' s Association and written by Ruth Hunnicutt, R. C. Norris. and Paul McCalib, and " The Listeners ' Grab Bag, " thirteen programs of miscellany from the pens of Radio House writers. Ahead are the Junior League and Latin-American series (see next page), " Is Anybody Home, " a thirteen-program series produced in col- laboration with the Home Economics Department, " Texas Sketchbook, " workshop series encompassing the whys and wherefores of radio, and " Overture to America, " series of programs devoted to music of the North American continent, with the Radio House Orchestra under the direction of Alexander von Kreisler, together with the public service and spot pro- grams over local stations and statewide networks which customarily fill the Radio House calendar. Producer Adkins and Scripter Hunnicutt confer on authentic angles for " Leather Breeches " antics in. new Junior League series. Staff huddle, with (clockwise around the table) JOHN E. RASCO. JOE V. MURPHY, RUTH HUNNICUTT, MARY POWERS. LUCAS V. HILL, THOMAS D. RISH. WORTH, GALE R. ADKINS, MARYE BENJAMIN, WARREN BEAMAN, DOYL E CANNON. (Above Left): JOE MURPHY, writer and producer, joins CELIA RAMIREZ. LUCAS HILL, and MIGUEL GONZALEZ-GERTH in spadework for the current Latin-American series, available to all Texas Stations, utilizing Latin-American campus talent, presenting Mexico as a multi-featured land of skyways, highways, agriculture, economics, and romance, the scripts in English with Latin-American interpolations, and the music Latin-American in concept. (Abort Right): WILLIAM NAIL, JOE ANN WHITMIRE, JOHN RASCO, MARY FERN BRAY, ARMAND JONES, GEORGE Mt E. and WILLIAM BAXTER, plunge into adventure with cactus, coyotes and cowboys in the " Leather Breeches " series, new Junior League twenty-six week program ensemble, beamed to children, written by Ruth Hunnicutt, and produced by Gale Adkins. (BeUnr): Members of the Radio House Orchestra, with ALEXANDER VON KREISLER conducting, say it with music for mood, back- ground, bridges or music programs. ' , UNIVERSITY MUSICIANS trout Row: WRIGHT, HAUN, NOWLIN, NEVELOW, STEPHENS, ELKINS, MURRAY, GASTON, HIXSON. Second Row: KING, BENNIGHT, HENRY, SCHWARZ. BURMEISTER, VASCOCU, SHORT, P. TAYLOR, HICKFANG. Third Row: THORNBERRY, ORGAIN, STREETY, JORDAN, RAGSDALE, SMITH, P. YOUNG, HILL, BACHLE, GEE, ELDER. OFFICERS President MILDRED BACHLE V ice-President BRYCE JORDAN Secretary NAOMI VASCOCU Treasurer BEATRIX WRIGHT Sergeant-at-Arms . . . ' Lois BURMEISTER Parliamentarian PHYLLIS YOUNG MEMBERS Mildred Bachle Paul Beard Mildred Bennight Lois Burmeister Katherine Cain Mary Margaret Darnell Carl Elder Ann Elkins George Evans Jack Fisher Betty Fox Katherine Gaston William Gee Lorrine Griffin Barbara Henry Bettye Hill Karl Hickfang Marcheta Hixson Edwin Holchak Bryce Jordan Melvin King Norma Lou Knight Gerald Langford Marian Larson Doris Lindstrom Bernice Murray Claire Nevelow Ruth Elizabeth Nowlin Darby Orgain Sidney Palmer Wendell Ragsdale Winston Redwine Bill Reynolds Margaret Schofielcl Clarence Scott Ruby Schwarz Sarah Shirkey Jean Short Herschel R. Smith Betty Jane Steele Patricia Stephens Elliott Sterling Mac Streety Frank Svoboda Patricia Taylor Minniefred Taylor Jonelle Thornberry Naomi Vascocu Rex W ier Beatrix Wright James M. Young Phyllis Young An active service organization in the Department of Music, the UNIVERSITY MUSICIANS continued an excellent program of ushering for musical performances, awarding yearly scholarships, and providing for its members interesting and educational programs aimed at informing them on the possibilities in their respective fields. Anyone interested in music may take a part in the organization, which also meets and entertains visiting artists. PACE 156 UNIVERSITY OPERA COMPANY OFFICERS { ' resident SANDRA BARNETTE y ice-President VIRGINIA MAXWELL Secretary GLORIA FITZPATRICK Treasurer BETTYE HILL Board .Members ANN ELKINS ELIZABETH TOWXSLEY GERALD LANGFORD MEMBERS Ann Anderson Phyllis Anderxin Jane Andrews Do vie Arm in tor Sandra Barnette Shirley I! John Chandler Jim Alice Charlton Louise Chatham vonne Cloud Sylvia Davis Ann Elkins Gloria Anne Fitzpatrick Cornelia Frazier Hettie Page Garwood Wiley Hammersmith Barbara Hardy Bettye Hill Beverly Huie J. Clark Jenkins Jeanne Kelley Martha Ann Kelly Gerald Langford Nita Leach Rosalis Leggett Virginia Maxwell Johna Lee Panos Dorothy Perkins Clarence Scott Billie Marie Stewart Meryle Stokes George Tail Elizabeth Townsley Malvina Yerger The INI ERSITY OPERA COMPANY ' S annual production this year was the lilting von Flotow opera, ' " Martha. " which was presented early in April. Members also participated in the December presentation of the Verdi " Requiem. " The OPERA COMPANY pives singers an opportunity to appear on the stage and offers experience to others interested in crew work on the productions. front Row: IKNMN-. TUT. CARVOO!). HI IF. KI.KIN-. HIM.. . ANDERSON. Second Ko : P. AMXK-OV PKKKIN . ARMIMOR. PAN ' - Tkird Ro : KELLY. HAMMERSMITH. BARNETTf -inn. r, . UNIVERSITY SYMPHONIC BAND OFFICERS President Vice-President ' Secretary -Treasurer Reporter-Historian Librarians Conductor KARL A. HICKFANG MlNNIEFRED TAYLOR NAOMI VASCOCU MARGARET SCHOFIELD (MlNNIEFRED TAYLOR JEAN SHORT BERNARD FITZGERALD MEMBERS FLUTE Paul Beard Joe Frank Bryce Jordan A. Pearl Smith OBOE Evelyn Busby Clayton Wilson BASSOON Lois Meecham Maurice Widener CLARINET A. Beversdorf Trudy Hausler Emilie Heinatz Marcheta Hixson Carter Horton Jeanene Huggins James Pierce Joyce Rosenbaum Blakley Senter Elliott Sterling Naomi Vascocu BASS CLARINET Margaret Schofield ALTO SAXOPHONE Dan Goltzman Maurice Hafernick TENOR SAXOPHONE James Shiller BARITONE SAXOPHONE Clovis Shepherd FRENCH HORN Wesley Alexander Jennings Cotton Lorene Griffin Mary Sue Hart Doug Strong CORNET AND TRUMPET Clifton Dietz Reginald Ludwig Bill McDonald Charles Meyers Mattie Eva Nichols George Oliver Jimmy Petrick Wendell Ragsdale Robert Sauberan Jean Short Raymond Smith Frank T. Svoboda Sophie White BARITONE Glenn Reynalds Clarence Scott TROMBONE Durwood Howard Melvin King Baylor White TUBA Neil Armstrong Karl A. Hickfang Glenn Stauffer STRING BASS Minniefred Taylor PERCUSSION Juanita Hixson Edwin Holchak Lloyd Pachoco TYMPANI Anna Mary Thompson In its last year under the baton of Bernard Fitzgerald, the SYMPHONIC BAND was heard in several memorable concerts. Organized in September, 1944, its purpose is to further the development and recognition of concert bands and to provide an opportunity for Univer- sity students to obtain band training and experience. II ON it UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA OFFICERS President BRYCE JORDAN V ice-President KARL HICKFANC Secretary -Historian JEAN SHORT Librarian MINNIEFRED TAYLOR Conductor ALEXANDER VON KREISLER MEMBERS VIOLIN Katherine Bieter Ruby Dauehf rt Bert Davis Howard Diller Bill Donnellan r.harla Farrell James Cambino Anna Katberine Gaston Robert Larsen John Lure Lurillas Morrison Claire Nevelow Linda Reimers Dorothy Sumerlin Doris Jean Taylor Jerry Thompson Jean Torbitt Marjorir Wel -h Beth Wilson Beatrix Wright VIOLA Bill Caveness W. C. Cummings Celia Ramirez Anita Schmedes Y10LINCELLO Mildred Barhle Fredda Bullard W. B. Coleman Martha Fullerton Doris Miller Phyllis C Young George Zournas DOUBLE BASS Vernon Burns Joe Frank Jane Henderson Minniefred Taylor FLUTE Paul Beard Bryce Jordan OBOE John Lovell Clayton Wilson CLARINET Elliott Sterling Bruce Thomas W. B. Williamson BASSOON Homer Ulrich Maurice Widener BASS CLARINET Margaret Schofield HORN Wesley Alexander Herbert Bilhartz Lorene Criflin Doug Strong TRUMPET Robert Brounagle Wendell Ragsdale Jean Short Frank T. Svoboda TROMBONE Karl Hirkfang Melvin Kinp Baylor White TUBA N il Armstrong TYMFMM Ann Thompson PERCUSSION Nancy Bo wen Sidney Palmer Under ihe capable direction of Alexander von Kreisler. the LM ERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA was heard in concert, in the Verdi " Requiem. " and in the production of " Martha. " The SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA offers valuable training to instrumentalists interested in orchestral experience. P. 01 159 l ANDREWS DORMITORY I Front Row: Elizabeth Kronzer. Barbara Tengg, Frances Sharp, Mary Carsey, Gloria Drake, Betty Ulcar, Anny Buchstab, Marion Huxley, Nannette Broyles, Barbara Periman, Violette Kosaka, Ria Flautt, Donna Clark. Sue Wilkirson. Second Rou : Lil Hornak, Doris Miller, Mary Joyner, Tyleen Jensen, Patrica Batrhler, Marguerite Joekel, Betty Burk, Gerry Houston, Pat Claypool, Maxinc McMakin, Joyce Finlay, Dell Harp, Mary Buford, Vinita Horton, Joanne Sonricker. Third Row: Marianne Harris, Marthabel Me Kin ley, Jo Emery, Mary Evans, Jean Scherer, Patsy Pinson, Vanciel Barker, Mary Turner, Ma yell en Biesie, Patricia Hasting, Evelyn Dirks, Bette Peek, Barbara Anthis, Mary Schmidt, Mary Rickard, Winifred Woods, Martha Brown, Jane Stedman. Fourth Row: Dovie Arrmntor, Lois Burmeister, Tommy Armstrong, Nella Scale, Mary Faubion. Mariel Woods, Marilyn Johnson, Frances Dollar, Clovis Claypool, Florence Feit, Dorothy Moore, Dorothy Davis, Wanda Allen, May Brookshire, Zenobia Glass, Dorothy Layne. Fifth Row: Margaret Varley, Mary Neuerburg, Mary Varley, Charlene Hinkel, Lillian Reynolds, Mildred Marshall, Linda Henniger, Martha Goss, Mary Crosier, Libby Reed, Fannie Ward, Ruth Cox, Jean Rheubotham, Marie Voight, Dolores Duval, Bella Bulba, Rosemarie Bradbury, Mary Bryson. STAFF Social Director ZENOBIA GLASS Business Director MAY BROOKSHIER Assistants to Social Director MARY RICKARD WINIFRED WOODS EVELYN DIRKS HOUSE COUNCIL President Vice-President Secretary . , Treasurer Reporter . MARILYN RUTH JOHNSON DORA MAE HOEFLICH ELLA SEALE DOROTHY RUTH LAYNE WANDA ALLEN UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Chairman BETTY Lou POLLARD Wanda Allen Barbara Anthis Dovie Marie Armintor Evelyn Dirks Tilly Rose Goodall Josephine Hiett Dora Mae Hoeflich Violette Kosaka Dorothy Ruth Layne Dorothy Elizabeth Moore Nella Scale Marjorie Trevathan PACE 162 i: urn i iiuis DORMITOHY STAFF Social Director Business Director PAULINE JORDAN ELIZABETH MAY BROOKSHIER HOUSE COUNCIL . President . ' resident Secretary . BOBBIE BLAND PECCY KAPUN BETTY LONGINO JOANNE ROBERTSON UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Jo Ann Bailey Bobbie Bland Carolyn Eckert Mary Louise Grann Marjorie Hoffpauir Emma Beth Hudson Betty B. Williams Estelle Lieberman Virginia Magliolo Frances Nichols Joanne Robertson Mary Ruble Clara Jean Smith Front Rote: Virginia Magliolo. CUra South. Music Hoffpauir. Betty B. Williams. Joanne Robertson, Estclle Liebermn. Frances Nichols. Jo Ann Bailer. Mary Ruble. E. B. Hudsoa. SecoM 1 How: Done Meadow,. Gene Farlc;. Marilyn Cornelius. MillicenI Brown. Jamie Kieslinf. Dorothy Hoff. Ellen Majliolo. Molly Childress. Aide Childless. Dolores Fl ' iihman. Claire Cold. Dale Howard. Shirley Pulley. Pat Faulkner. Betty Harris. Third Ron: Joy Rea. Sarah Shirkey. Rebecca Maw. Margaret Perkins. Jean Sullivan. Petty Kaplan. Roe Crao. Lula Tiner. Nancy Hotehkiss. Mary Marks. Dorothy Miochea. Wilma Lown. Mary Proctor. Sarah Hanorer. Leah Hair. Evelyn Cheatham. Florence Wallace. Mary Manning, Virginia Conrad, Wilda Miller. Ffmrtk Jtvsr: Una Franklin. Mildred Yowell, Marjorie Swift. Sylvia Stewart. Lillian Hyman. Betty Childres, Fannye Smith, Patlie Thomas. Betty Lunsfoid. Betty Loojino. Jean Slerens. Claudia Evan. Mildred Co . Cclia Ramira, Aileec Schepp. Fifth Rf r: Janice Bloom. Marin MacNish. Jeniva Schneider. Sue Coffman. Rosemary Gorman. Marparrt Wilkinson. Mary L. Martin. Alleoe. Lance. Laura Davis. Patricia Spencer. Joy White. Betty OfLura. Suzanne Thompson. Caroline Henke, Mary Cheatham. Irma Reave . Marian Noble. Beverly Booth. Row: Joan Coughlin. Margaret Danforth. Beverly Johnston. Barbara Henry. Barbara Maddox. Sue Jone$. Rosemary Burke. Gwendolyn Fewell. Billie Morrow, Gertrude Bradford. Christine Kolthoff. Harriett Perkins. ; m GRACE HALL ' Fiont Row: Ruth Rumse, Julia Rogers, Martha Beddingfield, Ann Dietert, Jo Ann Easter, Joan Nelson, Priscilla Avcs, Virgie Kay, Mary Cameron. Second Row: Mary Gordon, Patricia Randolph, Becky Van Dyke, Norma Knight, Foncie Martin, Tish Scale, Patricia Gibbs, Berkv Bird, Jean Daugherty, Laura Wright. Louise Weir, Mary Riley. Third Row: Frances Men die, Nancy Towler, Carol Overbaugh. Virginia Douthit. Joyc Bogg , Helen Murray, Jean Gibbs, Charlotte Williams, Peggy Conroy. Betty Riser, Sara Youngfltsh, Joan Rooke, Vivian Appleby, Ann Allen, Lillian Douthit. Fourth Row: Mutiel King, Helen Howard. Jan Prentiss, Mary Vance, Mary Sheldon, June Mounts, Gloria Moeller, Edith Winters, Ruth Sinclair, Beverly Rollins. Jo Ellece Bianch, Winnie Cratehouse, Phyllis Luckenbach, Helen Barnett, DeLois White, Peggy Pratt, Lillian ' Klipple, Mary O ' Harra. Fifth Row: Jane Odcll, Dee Hirsheimer, Lavcrn McMillan, Louise R iser, Virginia Lee, Pearl Smith, Mary Kuhlmann, Malvina Ycrger, Barbara Bruce. STAFF Director . Assistant Director MARTHA GAVIN VIRGIE M. HATCHER HOUSE COMMITTEE Priscilla Aves Joye Boggs Jean Daugherty Ann Dietert Mary Lou Gordon Lillian Klipple Virginia Lee Helen Adele Murray Joan Nelson Mary O ' Harra Julia Rogers Ruth Ann Rumse Pearl Smith Charlotte Williams Malvina Yerger Sara Youngflesh KIRBY HALL STAFF Director Dietician MRS. B. M. CoRLETTE MRS. Avis E. LINDLEY HOUSE COUNCIL Chairman MARY JANE VAVRA Charlene Arendt Eleanor Beals Bernice Ern Jean Ann Ferris Shirley Gallagher Beverly Herndon Barbara Lowe Jane Marie Leach Mary Lee Rabke Mary Lucile Yeager Program Committee Chairman PATSY EUBANKS Fr.,nl Row: Bel-nice Ern. Patty Eubank . Beverly Herndon. Eleanor Beals. Mary Vavra. Jean Fer ris, Mary Rabke. Second Rate: Shirley Newman. Betty Noll. Berky Behrends. Margaret Wylie, Iila Law, Patricia MrCalmonl, Barbara Baker, lane Andrews. Norma Clark, Coralyn Davis. Hudell Burkrtt. Margaret Sparkman, Anne Refers, Laurie Preston. Joanne Huedepobl. Olivia Eisenhauer. jo Davis, Joye Williams. Rila Houston. Peggy Davis. Mattie Bunting. Martha Truog. Tkird Row: Dorothy Johnson. Lena Welch, Shirley Bivona, Susie McMichael, Helen Buckner, Jane Mooney, Charlotte See, Mary Luark, Virginia Jordan. Joyce Wbite. Gerry Bibcock, Virginia Wright, Dickie Barber. Grace Parma, Nonie Lillard. Helen Odecn. Anna Janicek, Peggy Perry, Mary Moore, Rita Pettigrew. Joyce Vance. Betty Caine . fouilk Row: Charlyne Arendt, Jane Leach. Bobbye Gray. Margaret Margrave . Shirley Conring. Michie Washington, Elizabeth Kelly, Gail Webner, Roselyn Gliddon. Charlotte Drennan, Shirley Roth. Doris Lindstrom, Betty Tucker. Marian Meinert, Darlie Fosmire. Fifth Row: Mary Lucille Yeager. Shirley M. Gallagher, Theda Kerby, Mary Jo Lee. Joyce Elizabeth Hollyfield, Carolyn Cunn, Geneva Gumming . Virginia Boliver, Virginia Millican. Stxlh Row: Dorothy West. Mary Carolyn Davis, Dorothy Tillis, Adrienne Loeffler, Florence Speckels. Jereleen Horlen. Joyce Kathryn Pape, Matlie Eva Nichols. Dulene Dollins. M. Josephine Taylor. Carol June Heaton, Martha Faye Nelson. Ann Bryant. Eugenia Lannom. Heleu Sanford. Emmy Lou Blank. Zelma Constance Lucio. Marjorie Caner. Anna Ferguson. LITTLEFIELD DORMITORY front Row: Bettye Morehart, Marion Barker, Marilyn Barker, Peggy White, Beth Wilson, Billie Luckett, Babbette Blankfield, Kate Andrews, Joanne Olivard, Georgia Barlow, Betty Tally, Patricia Sims, Frances Perl, Shirley Levy, Betty Berkman. Second Row: Janet Caperton, Jean Wilson, Billie Slay, Patricia Casey, Margaret Freeman, Evelyn Red, Patsy Page, Jessie Woodall, Gloria Shiner, Betty Garrison, Mollie Hildreth, Mary Cawthon, Linda Sepkowitz, Glenda Lauterstein, Emily Lapowski, Rita Oberndorfer. Third Row: Charla Farrell, Dorothy Ritchie, Clara Green, Beth Abshier, Bettye Lee. Frances Cotten, Oscic Faulk, Norma Kollman, Patty Turek. Mary Hayes, Patricia Todd. Anne Boddie, Louise Colgin, Joyce Ford, Marcella Persky, Lucille Novich. Freda Baum, Felice Michelson, Kathleen Collie, Yetta Katz, Pattie Boughan. Fourth Row: Dorothy Vaughn. Billie Pilkington, Kathryn Baxter, Jean Grote, Frances Molberg, Nancy Faubion, Dorothy Moore, Betty Farrell, Mary Young, Margilee Bufkin, Virginia Power, Joanna Janssen, Mary Hardwicke, Esther Herman, Yetta Levinson, Ellen Ceue, Catherine Cornelius, Pa! Ingwersen, Marilyn Dean. Fifth Row: Billie Coward, Mary Jo Coward, Betty Sanson, Lois Vincent, Linda Bartels, Agnes Cummins, Margaret Carson, Emily Parten, Frances Vannoy, Archylou Kinchen, Harriet Schmidt. Dorothy Shiia, Joyce Blalock, Geraldine Pipsaire, Joy Stoltzfus, Ouita Faye Hampton, Doris Gracey, Lucile Harmel, Patricia Williamson. Sixth Row: Martha Boyd. Corinne Whitten. Phyllis Fraser. Martha Kenley, Mary Ann Green, Marilyn Skipwith, Patricia Monre, Annette Schorre, Olivia Faye Tisdale. Martha Hopper, Jean Peterman, Joanne Glover, Virginia Petersen, Susanne Boothe, Glenna Ruth Walters, Bettye Webb, Geneva Stegtich, Lydia Ragsdale. Seventh Row: Margaret Flinn, Marguerite Yaeger, Verna Abel, Shirley Schulz, Dorothy H. Young. Margaret Sutton, Bettie Branson, Peggy Crooke, Mary Cady, Normajo Abramson. Lou Rubcnstein, Harriet Hornish, Frances Rife, Gerry Crockett, Lunda Sheffield, Patsy Taylor, Carmel Dietz, Marjorie Meyer, Johnye Meador, Evelyn Blazek, Sarah Winniford, Sue Cobb, Janet Rogers, Clare Dodge, Lillian Thompson, Betty Micks, Mary Munnerlyn. STAFF Social Director HELEN M. FLINN Business Director . ' ROSALIE S. GODFREY Assistants to the Social Director RICHARDINE ACTON MARGARET SUTTON MARGUERITE YAEGER Assistants to the Business Director .... VERNA MAY ABEL SUE HINES SHIRLEY SCHULZ Secretary to Social Staff ....... DOROTHY H. YOUNG Resident Nurse CORINNE N. WHITTEN UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Chairman ELLEN MAE GEUE Secretary DORIS GRACEY Martha Boyd Bettie Branson Mary Cady Kathleen Collie Catherine Cornelius Peggy Crooke Harriet Hornish Geraldine Pipsaire Carolyn Sederholm Marian Shilg Joy Stoltzfus Florence Tillson Frances Vannoy Peggy Joe White Patricia Williamson PICE 166 NEWMAN HALL STAFF Director Housemother SISTER AGATHA MRS. J. GRIFFITHS I , HOUSE COUNCIL President GERALDIXE FOXTEIX Vice-Preadent MARION BUCKLER Secretary EUGENIA FITZSIMON Treasurer RUTH LOCHTE Reporter BETTY HERATY UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Chairman GERALDIXE FOXTEIX Man- Jane Furlow Betty Heraty Rosemary Johnson Natalie Kmiec Catherine Matejek Virginia Weinheimer Grace Orndorff Theresa Pesl Man- Catherine Reiter Margaret Ann Tucker Marie Wade Wnmt r: Jojre Puma. Lucille La konki. Jaaice Prea . Margaret Totkrr. C. Foiteim. M.rr Huayel. Mary Reiter. Claire Brady, Betty Kerr. m: VirfUia VcuWiBrr. Mario. Bctli.. leu E cwa nini-n. T. Pe.1. Hr.rkiu StiH-kli. Pal Kokluas. Gloria Wcltk. Fraatm Ban. Calk; fi..i. Bnk ti.i. J. Jeckcr. Jeunte EckrU. Crate Oradoc . Mary D.ucbcrlT. Xar.- Ckri. Sralcr. Natalie KauK. Bulk C.rri., Mary Tarrra. Mary Horno. Marie Wade. Betty Heraty. Bertba Aydaai. Rulk McClrllai. Carol Collins Yolamla Salaac. Marjone Tilto.. Pat Dneet. Barkara O Boca. EliaaWlk ICeatix. Beraiee WeUkeJMr. Manly. Cootkli.. Pat Nollette. Mr,. J. CriBtks. .- Manly Couell. Fraace. Fraat. Helea Brice, Lxmue Aydaam. C. Matejek. Lottie Eberie. Loree Polaavky. Mary Forlo. Koaesury Jokawom. Laura " mm I. Mary Au Pcnuuaa. Aaa Orel. KaJ y DO KTIT. Marfaret Fafrx. EMelle FroM. Mary Maya. tact 167 SCDTTISH RITE DORMITORY Front Row: STYNER, SADLER, CLAYTON. Second Row: PORTER, DYE, ALPERT, BLACKWELL, COWLING. Third Row: KEMPE, JACKSON. PERRIN, HENRY, ROBERTSON. Fourth Row: AMSDEN, BRASHER. DICKEY, BRAGG. STAFF Director . Assistant Director Assistant Director Assistant Director Business Director , MRS. A. P. DOHONEY MRS. WILLIAM MILES MARY JANE DAVIS MARGIE MUSE MRS. A. T. BROWNE HOUSE COMMITTEE Chairmen JANE CLAYTON JANET SADLER ELIZABETH STYNER First and Fourth Floors Margaret Amsden Coleen Blackwell Carolyn Dickey Dorothy Perrin Helen Porter STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES Second Floor Carolyn Alpert Eleanor Bragg Nancy Jackson Ida Rae Kempe Theresa Robertson Third Floor Catherine Brasher Elizabeth Cowling Patsy Dye Claire Greaves Bobbie Henry PACE 168 UPPEHCLASS ADVISORS OFFICERS President GERALDINE FONTEI.N Secretary CATHERINE MATEJEK Reporter CATHERINE CoRNELirs Andrews Wanda F. Allen Karliara J. Antliis Dovie M. Armintor Evelyn Dirks Tilly Rose Goodall Josephine Hiett Dora Hoeflirli inlette ko.-aka Dorothy Layne Dorothy Moore Betty Lou Pollard Nella Scale Marjorie Trevathan Little field Martha A. Boyd Bettie J. Branson Mary Patricia Cady Kathleen Collie Catherine Cornelius Peggy J. Crooke Betty Dunnam Ellen Mae Geue Doris Gracey Lucile Harmel Geraldine Pipsaire Carolyn Sederholm Marian Shilg Joy Stoltzfus Florence Tillson Frances Vannoy Fannie Mae Ward Peggy Joe White Patricia Williamson Carothert Jo Ann Bailey Bobbie Jean Bland Carolyn Eckert Mary Louise Grann Marjorie L. Hoffpauir Emma Beth Hudson Estelle Lieberman Virginia Magliolo Frances Nichols Joanne Robertson Mary Ruble Clara Jean Smith Bettv B. Williams Newman Hall Geraldine Fontein Mary Jane Furlow Betty Heraty Rosemary Johnson Natalie Kmiec Catherine Matejek Grace Orndorff Theresa Pesl Mary Catherine Reiter Margaret Ann Tucker Marie Wade Virginia Weinheimer From Rou : Ko-aka. Bailey. Fontrin. Horflirh. Magliolo. Oue. Second Ruu : W hile. Pol, Bland. Smith, Eckert, Robertson. Dirks. Third Kou: Wade. Scale. Layne. Crann, Hoffpauir, .NirhoU. Williams. Hudson. fourth Rote: Brandon. Hielt. Williamson. Moore. Allen. Coodall. Fifth Rom: Orndorff. Heraty. Crooke, Stoltzfus. Trevathan, Anthis. Sixth Rote: Furlow, Tucker, Reiter. Cracey, Kmiec, Weinheimer, Johnson. Vannoy. SnrntH Rote: Armintor. Tillson, Boyd, Cornelius, Harmel, Collie, Sederholm, Shilj. I Paci 169 THI-DOHM COUNCIL Front Row. LOOMER, STEVENSON, SAVAGE, HELEN N. DEATHE, ROBERTS, BUNTON. Second Row: RUSSELL, MILLER, EAGLE, WAGNER, CASTRO. Third Rota: WARD, HELMS, COOLEY, WARBURTON. fourth Row: DAVIES, FRASER, STRICKLAND, FLEMING, WALKER. OFFICERS Chairman . Vice-Chairman Secretary . Treasurer BEN M. STEVENSON BEN RICHARD WALKER GEORGE EAGLE LAWRENCE WARBURTON Roberts John T. Burroughs Kenneth Fisher Hersele Harris Perry Douglas Loomer Charles W. Roberts James Savage Ben M. Stevenson Brackenridge L. D. Bunton James B. Fleming Jack A. Strickland Ben Richard Walker Prather Lewis J. Davies William A. Fraser David T. Miller Garland L. Russell Cliff Courts Henry Castro C. Lenard Cooley Sam Green Ellis F. Helms Pickard Wagner Lawrence Warburton Edwin P. Ward PACI 170 mi i:hi: mm;i: HALL STAFF Resident Director Business Manager Resident Manager ROSALIE GODFREY HELEN DEATHE RICHARD MOLLISO.N OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer BEN RICHARD WALKER JACK STRICKLAND LLXILS BCNTOX James E. Biggs Flovd C. Branda PROCTORS Ottis W. Ward Newton W. Collier Jack B. Corman MEMBERS -. ' ..- Leoael M. Acee io Edwin D. Cable Jot H. Onto W. Anold j. An u : RalnkBali Billy J. Ball William K. Bun DmiQ. But. -::.. a?4e Btckentaf A- D.I |P m I csB-Carlto. lame. F. Chandler H! C. ChJlM FJdon H. Clemon. Tknmn H.Cody Newloo W. Collier Howard Col vin BokenC. Cook JackB. Corman Lawrence Crooke T.H. Dearer Walter Duham William F. Dwyer Edward. Glen M. El kin. Richard C. EIIede Ah R. Elli. Glen M. Garrett Jokn J. Kaehle. illiam H. K(l - . CilWn D.C.I . V. Cm R T I. CXTTI BokntC. L jlliin C. UuLrrU Hrnux Pml I_ lxfori. FraderkkJ. m ,11U. B. Hath H. ].= A. Hilli. Ox-irB. Hokfe Bofc n HolUne,. lk Alfred B. HolKckvhcr Bickud S. Uowll Cut F. Hiker Fclfc V. WUliM X. Fo M. fnmki A. Kr-a Chula H. Fritz Billy F. M.rirld Billy Uv. Jattc. m-. ' M., . loin S. McAlliitrr )UK T. McK f I - - : - Alfred Miller Looi. C Miller J. B lUrd E. C.lloy Hi.lmirlL.rbwk V O. KraB y -, .. - . - T. M. Kimt IV! B. Kin I - mil ford A. tUrn Pr iro A. Ocho. J. Coy Pmte Unic C. Paurkke Tfaoma.Pi.lak - : . ; Beajamin Powell Norman O. Power Howard Pumt-11 Charlri R. Poner Herbert Petty LnkcrT. Qnim Fan to Bamirez Edg.r D. RaiK-b Ton Brook Bay illi.m A. Bead V.rfilio Boel William H. Bocer JamoE. Boote Harold BMO Frank B. Bomje Alfred L. Sic del Bob M. Sandlin WillUn C. Schmidt Arthur D. Srh.ezler Boyd A. Self Joka Shirley B. K. Shirley Carl Sicker AlWrt Tommie B. S 4 Mm C. H. Stewart John D. Stockton Henry M. Street. Jack A. Strickland Byan E. Taylor % illiam Taylor Jarne. B. Tko aa Lrlie B. Tkoaaa. Pedro Tijerina R..mond H. Tnll Antkony Valdez More Vantin Frank M. Vamer Arturo Va ao Ilui4tnai C. V inaon Ardney D. Voikamp Harold B. Taeker Bay addill Ben Richard Walker Ottia W. Ward Raymond J. Wat kin. Richard H. Weaver Bnaaell H. Weaver Mai indi rh Frederick U inkier Neil m illi.aif . Jr. Willie F. William. J. H. Wilton Canrell B. indkam El ben O. Wood Holli. A. Woodard Jofc. Woodard T..mii H. Wortkirt Ceorte E. Writht Harold H. fammt . FLEMINC. LECCETT. BOWDEN. MOBCA.V. WOBTHLVCTON. PATSCHKE. HOLZSCHLHER. KNEBLES. ABO. SLAVIK. miNklLER. .- STBJCKL. ND. VALDEZ. HOBBS. COLV1X. VOLLISON. B1SSETT. C J. ARNOLD. AUSTIN. COOK. SCHAEZLEB. CIRARDEAU. J. WOODARD. C. LAS- B0OTB flM m m: B. WALKER. MAHAFFET. PALME . LOT. VOSKAMP. TOfXC, READ. JACKSON. PATE. CREER. C. BRANDA. PEARSON. LOOMIS. A. MILLER. OCHOA. BfNTON. Wt4 l : BAOEK. FREEMAN. MACKE. Pao in PHATHEH HALL STAFF Resident Director ROSALIE GODFREY Business Manager HELEN DEATHE Resident Manager RANDALL JACKSON OFFICERS President GEORGE EAGLE V ice-President WILLIAM A. FRASER Secretary-Treasurer GARLAND RUSSELL PROCTORS Marion Groner John Freeland Austen H. Furse Cameron McKinney W. R. Monks Ralph Watson C. D. Adams James Adams C. P. Aldrete Lester Allison Lloyd Armstrong Cammid Arrendell Robert E. Banks H. I. Barnes Gary S. Bennett William Bennett Jim S. Berry Joe W. Beverly Thomas J. Billings Reid A. Bond David L. Bowen William E. Bowie Joe E. Boyd Robert E. Boyles Gilbert Branda Wilburn S. Bruce George H. Bryant Robert W. Burge Vernon R. Butler Artemio Caceres Clarence Camp Walter Caven Donald Chancey James Charlton George A. Chatfield Ernest W. Chatham Robert L. Churchwell A. O. Claybrook A. L. Cooper Frank S. Corazza Max Corbett William T. Cotterell Moses Crandell Samuel H. Crocket James H. Cross Malcolm C. Damuth Lewis Davies Bruce R. Davis Charles Davis James W. Davis Norvill Davis Richard W. Davis Robert H. Dedman Adolph De la Pena Billy H. Dennard Isaac S. Dolen Frederick D. Dominey Marcus H. Dougharty W. J. Douglas S. L. Drake George B. Eagle Edward Eberhard Woodrow Ede Ruben Ellert William W. Evans Donald D. Field William A. Fink Arthur W. Flavin J. F. Fooshee J. L. Forsythe Jimmie D. Fox L. R. Franklin Darwin T. Frantsen William A. Frazer John Freeland John H. Freels Wilfred J. Friedsen Walter Furche Austen H. Furse Gerald Garcia Pete Garza Manuel Gazis Harold E. Gillette John Gooch Gordon S. Griffin Charles Graham John Grambling W. J. Green Marion Groner C. J. Hafernick Charles Hagans James K. Haley Ben E. Hammack Noel D. Hampton Charles C. Harmon Ischar M. Harper Louis S. Hashop W. K. Hastings John S. Hatchett James Harvey Randall Haywood August Heraud Louis E. Hill M. Pat Hingle O. B. Hobbs Lloyd D. Holden Harry L. Holt L. C. Hooper, Jr. Edwin L. Hoot Claude A. Hooton King W. Hopkins W. P. Hord Thomas S. Howard William Hudel Coy W. Hull B. C. Hutcheson Rupert Jackson Milton H. Janszen Robert A. Jircik G. E. Jocketz B. F. Johnson Charles M. Johnston Robert W. Jones Ben Jordan Donald Jorgensen Burrell C. Josline B. W. Kahla W. R. Keeble A. R. Kincaid William C. King Theodore Kulane Alfred Laborde N. W. Lassite James Leech Gene Litchfield R. L. Lott Vernon P. Lundeen W. H. Majors James Malone Aubrey Manning James Marr Robert W. Marshall Louis J. Martinets F. C. Massingill William E. McBride Bernard McCall Cameron McKinney Charles McLarty William T. Melton Allen E. Menke Irwin D. Meyer David T. Miller Norwood Milton Charles 0. Mixon W. R. Monks F. R. Monsalvo Louis Monies Isaac Norman James E. Nugent Earl J. O ' Brient Philip J. O ' Jibway Amor Olander Foster H. O ' Neal Dennis L. Osborne Elwood W. Parkhill George D. Parkhill R. A. Parnell John F. Pearsall Harry A. Peck Victor M. Petty George B. Pichel Douglas F. Pierce Jerry R. Proll Kenneth D. Pruitt Elwood Ramsey Allen E. Ranft William W. Reed Daniel L. Rentfro Frank Repka Charles H. Rhoades Hugo Richer Pedro Richer Charles Reidhauser Kenneth W. Rivers W. P. Roberson Leonard Roberts William A. Robertson Gordon S. Rone H. 0. Roman Robert E. Rooke Daniel L. Rosamond A. D. Rose Garland Russell Glenn Russell Walter J. St. Clair T. P. Saldana R. C. Sawyer Michael A. Scalise Charles L. Scarborough Robert L. Schaeffer Curtis L. Scott Franklin T. Scott Paul Scott Walter Sellers Herbert M. Sheaner Marshall J. Shanklin James T. Sidlo Oscar C. Sigala David 0. Smith James F. Smith Williams S. Smith Frank Sommers Norman R. Stephens Henry E. Sterry Arthur E. Stimson C. J. Strnadel Frank D. Swanson Frank G. Swindle James Talbot Hubert H. Tidmore C. H. Tomlinson F. P. Troseth George G. Tubb Robert J. Twiss Walter Ulbricht James F. Vachule R. L. Vallance John G. Van Haberbake Robert E. Vaughn A. F. Vickland Juan Villarreal, Jr. John S. Wade Robert C. Wahrmund Robert P. Wallace Faulkner R. Walling Arthur L. Warren L. A. Warren Jack W. Watson Ralph Watson R. D. Whipple Lane West H. B. Wigzell Charles S. Wilder Carl W. Williamson Francis G. Winters James G. Winters Charles I. Wisdom Charles Woodward Robert L. Wright Thomas E. Wright Richard Wyman Richard Yarbrough Mor ris E. Yarrow Robert H. Zschappel Oscar J. Zuniga PACE 172 ROBERTS HALL STAFF Resident Director Business Manager Resident Manager ROSALIE GODFREY HELEN DEATHE CHARLES ROBERTS OFFICERS { ' resident BEN STEVENSON Vice-President JOHN T. BURRIS Secretary HERSELLE HARRIS Treasurer KENNETH FISHER Lanvil Gilbert Oscar GilHland PROCTORS Dan Vittitoe David McBride John Quick Paul W. Adams, Jr. Ray M. Allman Thomas W. Ammerman Luther Baldwin Carl Banks Frank D. Barnett Owen L. Bergman C. L. Bimmer OliverS. Bishop Freddie Blerk Hubert E. Book Maxie Bowers James J. Brady Howard M. Brock Charles Brooks Robert E. Brown Fredrick W. Brunkenhoefre Herman L. Bryan Forest L. Bryant John T. Burri- Johnnie A. Butler Joseph T. Butler Earl A. Campbell Warren Carr Ramsay Clinton John R. Creighton Tommy Crews Elmer Crowder Vern D. Curry Beal W. Dean Eugene Dixon Billy Dominy William C. Dowdy O.rar E. Einkauf W. L. Emrirh I.loyd G. Evans Charles W. Ferguson Carl F. Fink Kenneth Fishrr James H. Garner Charles T. Garrison Gordon H. George Lanvil Gilbert Osrar Gilliland BillyJ. Glass ford Harry Glazner Joseph P. Gommer Fernando Gonzalez Joe Gracey Carl R. Gromatsky Samuel Hammersmith Edward L. Hardeman John T. Hare E. Herselle Harris Herbert W. Hawkes L. T. Heard Robert E. Hearnr- Vincent Henderson Roland J. Heun James H. Holland Raymond A. Hollingshead Herman F. Holt Wayne Home Carter H. Horton N. Harper Huddleston John E. Hudgens Eldon B. Huffaker Joe D. Huffstutler L. K. Hyer Warren Itz W. R. Jennings Hal R. Jensen Zane Jones Ralph Kaplan Harold H. Keller Charley A. Kidder Carl M. Killingeman ' Billy King Marion A. King Stanley Kirk J. V. Kirksey Roy E. Klaus James E. Knight William J. Kni-z Joe C. Land Robert P. Landr. James A. Lasater John A. Lind Hni-ll Linnard Gerald D. Long Perrv Douglas Lpomer J. Edgar Lumpkin Fritz L. Lyne Paul Machel Winston Manry John H. Marchbanks Myron B. Marks Charles R. Massey Charles P. Matsch James H. May Edward McAshan David P. McBride Robert H. McCanne Edgar McConnell Harley D. McMaster James R. McMichael Hollis E. McMullen Morrell McMullen George W. Meglasson Clyde Metsinger Dalby Mikesa Walter D. Moore J. Harris Morgan James A. Morris Charles M. Morton Edward H. Norment William C. Oest C. Patrick Oles M. Blake Orman Frank Ortbal William Ottenhouse G. W. Peek Mario Pena Carthell E. Perdue Richard C. Phelan Franklin D. Pigg John Quirk Harry L. Reed Arthur P. Ritchey Issac Rubenstein Charles Roberts Howard O. Robinson William Rupert Walter Russrll Jack Rowan Cuauhtemoc Saenz Rogelio Salinas Glen C. Salisbury Ramiro Sanchez James D. Savage Chester W. Schroedcr Parx F. Shearer William H. Shepard Edward D. Shipman John Shields Laurance Shillingburg Charles O. Sims Lipman M. Singer Franklin Smith Raymond H. Smith Searcy Smith Wallace Snyder Roberts Spellman Johnson L. Stambaugh Harry Stanford Marvin Stephens Robert Sternberger William Stela Ben Stevenson Norwin Stewart Robert Stockton Bert W. Stokey Jack B. Summers J. L. Summers Wilson Tarkingtoh James L. Tedford Thomas L. Thompson Stanley Traweek John N. Troxell Wilbert Valenta H. M. Velam Jesus M. Vera Robert Vickery Dan Vittitoe Carl Wachtel Ralph H. Walder Franklin Warner Thomas E. Watkins Alvin V. White Douglas W ilderson Nathaniel M. Wilson Charles Wilson Clyde W. Wright Joseph L. Young Zifton H. Young P 173 WOMEN ' S COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Front Row: Cox, Loveless. McCasland, Moore, Everhart, Lusk, Moses. Second Row: Cole, Owens, Hare, Friend, Ranville, Tubbs, Klefisch, M. Miller. Third Row: Tetley, M. Menn, Birdwell, Day, R. Miller, Donnell, Nelson. Fourth Row: A. Menn, Rachal, McDonald, Grove, Laird, Gigoux, Anderson. Fifth Row: Jaster, R. Menn, Hafner, Erwin, Courley, Rowe. Sixth Row: Wieland, Hardt, Baletka, Labaj, Welly. HALSTEAD THEADORNE Mary Frances Anderson Elise Donnell Velma Everhart Margaret Friend Vonna Rae Gigoux June Grove Alvina Klefisch Dale Laird Dorothy Jo Lusk Myra Miller Rose Marie Miller Sue Moore Mary Moses Josephine Nelson Ruth Ranville Mary Beth Tubbs Effie Birdwell Erlyne Cannon Mary Alice Cox Edith Day Dorothy Fortenberry Helen Hare Ruth Hatch Ida Lieskovsky Shirley Loveless Sammie McCasland Alvina Menn Marion Menn Virginia Owens Camilla Tetley VALHALLA Adelene Baletka Faye Cole Margaret Erwin Lucille Gourley Eleanor Hafner Lovis Hardt Earlene Jaster Joy Labaj Helen Lowrie Connie McDonald Ruth Menn Nell Pliler Daisy Rachal Marilyn Rowe Evelyn Wieland Mable Welty PACE 174 WOMEN ' S COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION SHANGRI-LA aoma Chancy Edith S. Devanesen S Ivia Esther du Menil Gertrude Virginia Freytag Mildred Frances Holland Johnnie Massey Elizabeth Ann McCoal Juanita Jean McFarlin Martha Earlene Moorman Lillian Bethine Nelson Mary Jane Pollard Nancy Jane Rippel Betty June Rove Ima Faye Timmons Mavonne Trail Anita Jeane X heeler WAKONDA Irma Jean Anderson Vivian Cornelia Ernestine Estelle Cummin gs Evalyn Hill Mary Lou Hollan Ida Katharine Machemehl Dixie Lee Martin Shirley Ann McCutcheon Leota La Verne Reed Marian Joyce Ripley Barbara Ann Tubbs Merle Virginia Voss Sylvia Ann Wright Framl . .- Hill. Marbrwfcl. MrCmrltro.. Rcr4. Kiplc;. SrcamJ Horn: Holl.n. Mutii. rikl. T.kb,. Vo. r- t-fi. Tkirf Jto..- Rrc. MrFulU. P.lUtd. fnrUf. Dfftmntm. IkMcy. om: V-l.. Wkler. Ho]!.d. ITS DAE GROVE a Front Row: Mittag, Foote, Foster, Mrs. Tom Wilry, Allen, Curtis. Second Row : Cosner, Rogers. Anderson. Riley. Grcmmrl. Third Row: Weise. Morris, Hall. Peterson. Moughon, Danfnnl. fourth Row: Everts. Pace. Murph. Biles. Bmu-. Fifth Row: Watson. Britton. MrCutchen. Cross. Gilbert. Malonry. Sixth Row: Engelbrecht. McCoy. Schmidt, Jonrs, W. Robcrl-on. OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary -Treasurer Councilmen OTTO MITTAG, JR. JOHN PATRICK MAI.ONEY CLIFFORD SCHMIDT {GLYN JONES I HEINZ ULRICII Eugene Milton Allen Jack 0. Anderson Cliff Bickley Perry Biles Theodore Britton Hugh Brous Jack Cosner Robert E. Cross Kenneth Robert Curtis Masil Danford Marvin William Engelbrecht George Bert Everts Ted Foote Robert Foster Kenneth Gilbert Gilbert Gremmel Scott Hall Glyn Jones John Patrick Maloncy Medford McCoy John McCutchen Roy McElhaney Otto Mittag Haynes Morris Elgin Moughon Franklin Murph Wesley Pace James Peterson Ralph Riley Allen Robertson Wayne Robertson Verne Rogers Clifford Schmidt Earl Schriver Irving M. K atson Clarence Weise Royal Williams I ' x.b 17., T. L. D. K OFFICERS President . Secretary . Comptroller Parliamentarian KARL H. NICHOLS JAMES E. ANTILL EARL J. SIMPSON NORMAN W. BAYS Jame E. Antill Nurnian W. Bays Joseph L. Broussard Tommy F. Carrington John T. Eidt Ralph E. Frede Charles F. Freeman F i vard P. Gammon Claude E. Hearn Lowell Hoskins Robert M. Ishiguro Alvin A. Jannasrh Ben M. Jeffery Thomas H. Keen Dwight L. Kintner Howard W. Linnard James H. McCain Thomas I. McFarling M. La Verne Millican Phillip J. Nelson Earl H. Nichols Louis Orinovsky Trent E. Parker Willie H. Pena Wilbur F. Pearce Norman W. R. Pirtor X illiam W. Reynolds Robert K. Riggle Joseph E. Simpson Perry E. Taylor Henry Valdespino Thomas P. Washington John Wildenthal Conrad H. Wright fioxl Ho : MrCain. ll kia. F-idl. Krr... Vld -,|.in .. Second Ron: Prkrr. Uhifuro. Krrrman. Wright. Kitjtlr. Tktlor. Third K m: Itterj. Rrvould . Simpon. BrouMard. Jknnifk. Vi. i,. fomttk Rox: Frcdr. Pr.rrr. Linnard. Vildcnllul. Pen . Fifth Ron: Kinlnrr. Millican. Caramon. Nrltoa. Sin Row: Anlill. Bayi, Hrarn, Carrin(tan. PiCl 177 THELEME Front Row: HATHAWAY, CHAMPION. CILLESPIE, HORN, SALAS, WITT, GRAHAM. MALDONADO. Second Row: PETERS, C. CLARK, J. CLARK, CHRISTAL, WEBSTER, COLOVIN, AZIOS, BOWEN. Third Row: CHILDRESS, LANDERS, NITUS, SPENCER, HARRIS, MARTIN, RAMIREZ, ARNADE, BAKER. Fourth Row: LACY, McKINLEY, BEALL, DEAVER, FOY, THOMPSON, MEYER, CONATSER, ARCUELLO. ANDERSON. OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer GEORGE M. GOLOVIN WALKER H. HORN, JR. THOMAS A. BEALL James W. Anderson Armando Jose Arguello Karl W. Arnade Arnulfo D. Azios Nathaniel T. Baker Melton L. Bankston Thomas A. Beall Miner Dean Bowen Ervin R. Champion William A. Childress Harold D. Christal George M. Clark James R. Clark John M. Conatser James E. Deaver Cleve B. Denny Edward J. Foy Oscar H. Gillespie, Jr. George M. Golovin John M. Graham Don W. Harris John B. Hathaway Walker H. Horn, Jr. Dan W. Kinsel, Jr. James W. Kirk George C. Lacy, Jr. Richard N. Landers William C. Lane Edwin M. Libbon George Maldonado Charles E. Martin, Jr. Arthur E. McKinley Wilbert Meyer Daniel B. Muenster Julius Nitus Kenneth Norvell Robert Lee Peters Enrique R. Ramirez Gregory D. Salas Allen H. Savage James C. Spencer Guy D. Thompson Leonard M. Wagman William W. Webster, Jr. Arthur D. W ' illbern Verlin W. Witt William S. Woods PACE 178 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Honorary Organization for Freshmen Women Founded, University of Illinois, May 31, 1924 Texas Chapter Established December 13, 1935 Forty-nine Active Chapters OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Reporter Sponsor . FRANCIS VANNOY EVELYN KUBALA PEGGY GROSS PATSY SEIDERS YETA ANN BLAUGRUND DORIS GRACEY DOROTHY LOUISE GEBAUER MEMBERS Catherine Anderson Barbara Bailey Jo Ann Bailey Betty Bain Mary Ball Voncil Barker Yeta Ann Blaugrund Martha Boyd Catherine Brasher Bettie Bronson Mary Elizabeth Buck Billie Jean Cocke Mary Ann Craig Peggy June Crooke Mary Carolyn Davis Mary DeLoney Ben Carolyn Dunaway Betty Dunnam Clarita Fonville Nancie Valentine Foster Doris Nelle Freudiger Margaret Funk Doris Gracey Peggy Gross Betty Harris Eula Harrison Daisy Hewlett Josephine Hiett Martha Hodson Jeannette Hosombeck Betty Jo Hudson Beverly Hull Marguerite Joekel Sue Celeste Jones Theda Kerby Evelyn Kubala Allene Rue Lance Lucille Laskowiski Saleta Luttrell Lorna McCormick Rosine McFaddin Harriette McKinstrey Marin McNish Alice Matthews Charlotte Mickey Ruth Montgomery Marjorie Nelson Ruth Nowlin Theresa Pesl Evelyn Pfluger Patsy Pinson Evelyn Rachofsky Ruth Ranville Erma Jo Rick Clarice Sargent Patricia Seiders Jean Etta Short Dorothy Spencer Emma Sue Sultemeier Robbie Sutherland Frances Vannoy PACE 180 ALPHA PHI OMEGA Honorary Service Organization Founded, Lafayette College, December 16. 1925 Alpha Rho Chapter Established May 25, 1935 Ninety-five Active Chapters OFFICERS President . First Vice-President Second Vice- President Secretary . Treasurer . Alumni-Secretary Historian . Reporter WILSON DYER CLEAVE (JITTER) No LEX DALE VON ROSENBERG ROBERT KAMON GEORGE SUMMERS ROBERT ADAMS CLARK JENKINS PAUL KELLEY SENIOR FACULTY ADVISOR H. P. Bybee FACULTY ADVISOR Arno Nowotny ALLMM ADVISOR Charles T. Clark SCOUTING ADVISORS Henry C. Newman Herbert Gaskin Robert Adams Marvin Alisky Martin Anderson Joe Baker Marshall Beasley Myers Bergman Irwin Blume Bob Bondy Bob Brame Robert Breihan James Bunker Charles Butler Sidney Chandler George Chancy James Clark Bill Clift Rob Clift S. L. Cooper Charles Courtne S. F. Crooke A. E. Cudlipp George Davis Richard Da i- James Deaver Bernard Dombrow H. E. Downs Ted Dunn Kenneth Dyer W. L. Dyer Ed Dykes MEMBERS James Eddins Ivan Elmer Guy Ezelle M.I. Farnum Morris Floyd John Focht Tuck Focht Charles Foster George Foster Ralph Frede Charles Frenchman Frank Gerling Ham Goff Ira Golden Billy Gragg David Grant Robert Hare Vernon Harper Lawrence Hay Robert Hayes Bill Herndon C. Lee Holt George Hopkins Lowell Hoskins Floyd Inks Clark Jenkins Thomas Johnson Zane Jones B lair Justice Robert Kamon Paul Kelley Grover Kenyon Samuel Kogutt Gilbert Laskowski Joe Low David Lubask Dick Mclntyre James McMichael Dixon Manly R.L. Marshall Jim Marsh Hugh T. Matthews Lawrence Montgomery R. C. Mudd John Murtha Johnny Nicholson Cleave Jitter I Nolen R. C. Norris Hugh Oliver Hoyle Osborne Manuel Palmer Lawrence Parker Tom Pinkerton Tom Pollard H. O. Pumphrey David Rainey Harold Ray Blair Re- Philip Rhodes Carl Rodolph Thomas Romine C. A. Scfautze Ed Schutze Bert Schappel Curtis Scott Connie Seaborn Edmund Segner Tom Sligh John Sloan Joe H. Smith R. E. (Bob) Smith Bartlett Strayhorn George Summer Bi! if albert Floyd Taylor Robert Lee Terry Jack Lipton Lew Todes H. L. Turns Dale Von Rosenberg Herman Von Rosenberg Raymond Waddell Pickard Wagner C A. Walker Lawrence Warburton John Warden Ben Welch John Wildenthal Albert Wilson Robert Wilson John Winston Lon Zwiener ui BETA ALPHA PSI Honorary and Professional Accounting Fraternity Founded, University of Illinois, February 12, 1919 Theta Chapter Established May 31, 1924 Twenty-two Active Chapters OFFICERS President JAMES R. CONNOR V ice-President RICHARD B. JONES Secretary -Treasurer TRAVIS G. HOWARD Permanent V ice-President . ... JOHN ARCH WHITE HONORARY MEMBER Gay Carroll Frank Allen H. N. Broom Elmore Cammack Lanier Cox FACULTY MEMBERS Frank D. Graydon Arthur Greenspan E. B. Hale W. M. Hunter Franklin Murph George Hillis Newlove C. Aubrey Smith John Arch White Charles T. Zlatkovich MEMBERS Loyd Armstrong J. Albert Baxter Ardis D. Beard John Benson Carl J. Bohne, Jr. Melton Lee Briggs Merrill H. Clough Thomas H. Conklin James R. Connor Glenn R. Doughty Allan C. Durham Alanson B. Dunn Grant A. Fuller Fred Groos Carl S. Hey, Jr. Travis G. Howard William 0. Johnson Richard B. Jones Edward A. Kutac Clifton E. Lilly, Jr. Lester Lothman A. Duane Logan Theodore D. McGee Billy M. Mann William C. Marris Alfred Moen George W. Meglasson Maynos A. Murphree Joe W. Nash, Jr. Joe Norman Lyman I. Owen George L. Parker Ernest W. Reed Robert L. Sanders Hunter Schieffer Nathan P. Sebastian William F. Smart William E. Smith Edward F. Stuart Joseph R. Taylor. Jr. H. Lee Turns, Jr. W. Robert Vaden Cecil R. Winter PACE 182 BETA GAMMA SIGMA National Honorary Business Administration Fraternity Founded. University of Wisconsin. February 26, 1913 Texas Chapter. Alpha, Established June 3, 1922 OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretan ' -Treasu rer EVERETT GRANT SMITH DOROTHY AYRES FLORENCE MAE STULLKEN Dorothy A vies Halsey N. Broom Zuletea Chastain Davies Keith Davis James Clay Dolley James Anderson Fitzgerald Alice Mae Barrow Holmes Ruth Estelie Cold FACULTY MEMBERS Edward Karl Matthews Maebees Matthews Ervie Mueller George Hillis Newlove William Ahlers Nielander Edwin Werner Olle Carrol Day Simmons C. Aubrey Smith Everett Grant Smith Charles Herman Sparenberg Florence Mae Stullken Lydia Ellen Taylor Stella Traweek Martha Jane Tubb John Arch White Helen Louise Woodcock Charles Zlatkovich JUNIOR MEMBERS Helen Dale Bartlett Jane Reese Rich SENIOR MEMBERS it Lee Arnall Helen Brucksaler Trula Durham Lester Lloyd Edmonds Dolores Marie Ehlers Bernice Cecile Golden Tilden Tee Head. Jr. Burrell Washington Helton Rosemary Henson Arthur Lee Holt Donelson Marion Houseman F. B. Huey Mary Virginia Jackson William B. Keeling Wanda Sue Littlefield Dolores Celeste Matula Warren Roy Mehl William Hayes Montgomery Frances Annette Ocker Carlson Milton Parker Charles Milton Parker l US Charles Duwayne Reedstrom Paul Herbert Rigby Merline Ferol Sanders Anne Staehely Marjorie Mae Widmoyer Mary Frances Williams Walter Clarence Wolff, Jr. BLUESTOCKINGS Honorary English Organization for Women Founded, The University of Texas, October 1, 1941 OFFICERS President DORIS A. COFFEE V ice-President EMILY SHELTON Recording Secretary . BEVERLY BOLTON Corresponding Secretary MEREDITH CHARLTON Treasurer DOROTHY THOMPSON Reporter LELA BELITSKY Librarian JODY LEWIS Annie S. Irvine FACULTY ADVISOUS T. G. Stella.. W. W. Pratt Mary Olney Alexander Margaret Backus Elizabeth Ann Barrett Lela Belitsky Beverly Bolton Betty Jane Bruck Barbara Callan Eugenia Carroll Meredith Charlton Doris A. Coffee Sue Coffman Frances Coldwell Margaret Condray MEMBERS Dorothy Dale Davis Margaret Virginia Dirk Edith Adele Eggers Florence Lucille Gibson Barbara Glass Anne Boyd Grimes Patricia Hemphill Mary Hudson Margarethe Kaston Jody Lewis Norma Lou Knight Margaret Ann Margraves Kitty Moore Lou Parker PACE 184 Laurie Elizabeth Preston Paula Raigorodsky Joy Rea Cathron Rigney Enid Robinson Martha Ross Emily J. Shelton Marian Schumann Dorothy Thompson Jean Tyler Doris Walker Jo Alice Wynne Frances Williams COWBOYS Honorary Service Organization for Men Founded, The University of Texas, 1922 OFFICERS Foreman J. EDWIN MAY Straw Boss . RALPH ELLSWORTH Horse Wrangler NORMAN SHTOFMAN Camp Cook RICKEY HoLMAN HONORARY MEMBERS Dana X. Bible D. Harold Byrd Blair Cherry George E. Hurt Arno Nowotny Berry Whitaker MEMBERS H. K. Allen Charles Amidon Jack Avinger John Barnhart Hubert Bechtol Morton Bigger Jack S. Blanton Ralph Blount Walter Bremond Warren Brooks Charles Carroll Fred Chandler Courtney Clark Jim Cotterell Dewey Crowder Bill Dirks Fred Ealand Ralph Ellsworth Owen Fauntleroy Carl Fitzgerald Cotton Freeman Stanley Graner Gaston Groos Horace C. Harris John Hill Richey Holman Truett Hull Gordon Ingram Ray Keck Bill Kinney Jack Lander Bobby Lee John Locke Pat Maloney J. Edwin May George McCall Jim McCaul Douglas McDonald George Mclntire Joe Mobley Richard Mollison William F. Neale Jack Neff Gene Parker Glenn Pate Clifton Perkins George Peterkin Glen Petsch Don Pierce Sylvan Polunsky Frank Procter Jim Queens Maurice Reich Ray Renner Meredith Roberts J. J. Robertson Wayne Robertson Scott Rogers Ed Rosenwasser John Shambough Carl Sharp Norman Shtofman Ed Simons Joe Smith Frank Stephens Howard Swanson Bob Thrash Harry Trueblood Bill Wagner Charles Walker Ed Wai thai 1 Jack Watson Ben Weil E. J. Wi lemon Bert Wolford Hub Yarbrough Hull Youngblood 1 ; . . : - ni.n OMICRON DMEGA Founded, The University of Texas, 1938 GRAND COUNCIL FOOEY!! Supreme Foo Manchoo SAMMIE FARRIER Vice-Foo Manchoo . PAULA RUPE Secretary MOLLY BARNES Treasurer MARY GENE WARREN Fooey Mistress CAROLYN HARRIS Social Chairman JACKIE CRANDALL Molly Barnes Jo Ann Bering Peggy Black Betty Blalock Betsy Bobo Carolyn Buie Jackie Crandall Frances Ann Deaton Laura Dossett Sammie Farrier Frances Flaig MEMBERS Peggy Gilliam Carolyn Harris Patty Hunt Jeanie Jones Betty Kittrell Alice Kleberg Mazie McKenzie Eva Morrison Ann Myers Sally O ' Donohue PICE 186 Joyce Pegram Paula Rupe Beverly Smith Patricia Storey Jean Sterrett B. Lee Stringer Maryjo Turner Mary Elizabeth Vick D. Margaret Vilbig Mary Gene Warren Ruth Williams FRIARS To Confer the Honor of Membership Upon the Eight Most Eligible Men Chosen From. Each Senior Class Founded, The University of Texas, 1911 Louis F. J. Baethe Clayton E. Blakeway Dolph Briscoe. Jr. Jack B. Brooks Horace W. Busby, Jr. Charles Taliaferro Clark William A. Cunningham Brien Dillon Ralph E. Frede Luther W. Garrett MEMBERS John Luke Hill Millard L. Hippie Gus M. Hodges T. Lawrence Jones WilliamL.McGill Joe Malik, Jr. Richard Mollison Fred A. Nieman William G. Xoble Arno Nowotny Edwin W. 01 le 0. Glenn Pate Ben N. Ramey Carl A. Schutze Edbert J. Schutze Robert C. Sneed Frank H. Stephens Charles C. Sublett Jack G. Taylor R. Carlton Terry Malcolm E. Wallace It? Mt PHI EPSILDN Honorary Music Fraternity for Women i Founded, Metropolitan College of Music, November 13, 1903 Mu Theta Epsilon Chapter Established May, 1940 Seventy-nine Active Chapters OFFICERS President NANCY BOWEN Recording Secretary EVELYN BUSBY Corresponding Secretary RUTH HUFFMASTEK Treasurer BARBARA HENRY Historian E. Lois ZABEL Chorester -Chaplain ELIZABETH TOWNSLEY Helen Haupt FACULTY MEMBERS Betty Jean Huser Elizabeth Nunn MEMBERS Nancy Bowen Mary Fern Bray Evelyn Busby M. Ann Elkins Barbara Henry Sharon Hooper Ruth Huff master Niki Koutsigous Lynda Rymers Betty Jane Steele Elizabeth Townsley E. Lois Zabel P.ICE 188 NU UPSIL01V TAU TAU Honorary Service and Social Organization OFFICERS High Worthy Nutt SUZANNE PENN Eminent Embezzler PATRICIA PARK Worthy Recorder SUSANNE CATLETT Dorothy Gebauer FACULTY MEMBERS Ann Caswell Allison Anna Hiss MEMBERS Mary Fern Bray Cay Braun George Ann Brown Jo Nelle Buckley Jo Ann Carraway Byron Cocke Anita Byrd Craddock Betty Dupree Elizabeth Gates Carolyn Grisham Sue Howell Ann Japhet Frances Lott Lee Locke Nancy Kisten Peggy Sames Dorothy Rushing Sarah Sherrill Betty Stevens Martha Utts GOOBERS Barbara Box well Virginia Clapper Mary Lou Cocke Harmlyn Harte Cynthia Litt Icfield Billie Faye Johnstone Margee Scott Margaret Fooshee OMEGA CHI EPSILON Honorary Chemical Engineering Society Founded, University of Illinois, 1931 Epsilon Chapter Established October 7, 1941 OFFICERS President DUDLEY P. PENICK V ice-President LUTHER W. GARRETT Treasurer JAMES S. McNEiL Secretary JOHN J. GALT Council Member W. B. HOWARD Alumni Secretary R. P. LIGHTFOOT FACULTY MEMBERS W. A. Cunningham John Griswold K. A. Kobe W. M. Newton . HONORARY MEMBER G. H. Fancher E. P. Schoch John Blomeke Warren B. Brooks C. B. Burford Jack Burks R. L. Carter Paul Crawford Adolph Cuellar King I. Glass James W. Haun Henry A. Holcomb GRADUATE MEMBERS William F. Hoot Walter B. Howard Raymond L. Johnson Archie S. Kasperik Miro E. Klecka Herman Levin Ernest Long Sewall McMahon T. D. McMinn Gus Monies William K. Roquemore Max Samfield John W. Sheehan William R. Smyth Elton D. Soltes John L. Weeks Robert V. 0. West S. Y. Wong Willie Zuniga William C. Arringlon William A. Burns Wayman L. Calhoun Jerome M. Donzis Carlos Epstein Luther W. Garrett UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Henry E. Haley Paul D. Hosman E. N. Jacaman David C. Lee Glenn C. Marken James Durwood Owens PACE 190 0. Glenn Pate R. R. Renstrom 1. H. Silberberg James Wilkinson John D. Woods OMICHON NU Honorary Organization for Home Economics Majois Founded, Michigan State College. April, 1912 Upsilon Chapter Established March 28, 1924 OFFICERS President JOY STOLTZFUS lice-President GERALDINE PIPSAIRE Secretary MARGARET ANN PLUMMER Treasurer RLTH STALMACH Historian IDA LEE GOLDINC Social Chairman BETTY Lou COURTNEY Sponsor JENNIE WILMOT Margaret Cannon Boyce Elizabeth Cameron Bess Heflin FACULTY MEMBERS Katherine Young G. L. Neyland Lucy Rathbone Elizabeth Tarpley Billy Ruth B ration Molly Beckaman Betty Lou Courtney Ida Courtney Carolyn Dicky MEMBERS Ida Lee Golding Sally Hafner Margaret McKean Mary Louise Moore Margaret Ann Plummer Geraldine Pipsaire Ruth Stalmach Joy Stoltzfus Betty Waldvogel Fc 1 1 DWNDDCH OFFICERS President DOROTHY CHANDLER Secretary MARJORIE O ' MADIGAN Treasurer BEVERLY ANN NASH Pledge Captain ... IRMA HENDERSON FACULTY MEMBER Anna Hiss Nancy Anthony Kathryn Cawthon Doris Chambers Dorothy Helen Chandler Catheryn Cornelius Betsy Cottingham Joan E. Coughlin Carol Lee Ewing Betty Jane German MEMBERS Alice Lee Gist Irma Henderson Carol Howard Marjorie Johnson Shirley Lupton Peggy Monning Mary Ann Morgan Betty Morlang PACE 192 Peggy Mullins Beverly Ann Nash Marjorie O ' Madigan Camille Orn Martha Ann Pickens Margaret Picket Helen Robertson Dorothy Teddlie Dorothy Watson PHI BETA KAPPA Scholastic and Honorary Fraternity for Men and Women Founded, William and Man College, 1776 Alpha of Texas Established 1905 One Hundred and Twenty-two Active Chapters OFFICERS { ' resident KATHERINE WHEATLEY Vice-President EMMETTE S. BEDFORD Secretary-Treasurer ALICE L. COOKE February 1946 Class Betty Jo Wilkes Alexander Patsy Ann Brown June 1946 Class Patricia Anne Brennan Edith Adele Eggers Mary Erkle Henry Nancy Johns Naomi Levinson Janet Watson Roy MEMBERS January 1947 Class Dorothy Dorrian Apple Margaret Anne Backus Emma Eugenia Carroll Henry Cohen Clarence Ray Lassetter Marian Miller Martha Jean Ross Joyce Leslie Vance Oscar David Weaver JUNIORS June 1947 Class Betty Jane Bruck Judith Helen Cerick Virginia Ann Boyd Grimes Daniel Theodore Hegar Doris Fay Rosenwasser P.d 1 3 PHI ETA SIGMA Honorary Scholastic Fraternity for Freshmen Men Founded, University of Illinois, March 22, 1923 Texas Chapter Established February 17, 1931 Fifty-three Active Chapters OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Historian ELLIS MERRIMON BROWN ROBERT KENNETH GERMAN ROBERT EUGENE KELLERMAN BALLARD W. GEORGE MEMBERS Edward M. Ackerman James Wesley Adams Bobby C. Akin Alfred F. Anderegg John Dale Archer Dwight Lee Arnall Thomas R. Arrington Armande Astarga S. Morris Austin, Jr. Walter C. Autrey, Jr. Joe S. Badgett Robert James Bading L. Vance Barker William Robert Barker Robert C. Barnett James Bell Bauchman Frederick Lee Beaty Edwin E. Beran Walter Edwin Blaney Conrad Bohn Robert Lee Bradley William Witt Bradshaw James Lynn Brewbaker James Micic Bright William Broder Warren B. Brooks Ellis Merrimon Brown Glaydell Brown Kelley W. Bryan Leo D. Bryant, Jr. Michael A. Buchan Clarence Camp James F. Chandler, Jr. Gean Oliver Clark William T. Clarke, Jr. Gene Stuart Cobb Henry Cohen James Robert Cooner Roy E. Crocker Thomas A. Crockett, Jr. Armando Cuellar Charles Albert Davis Ferrell Dickinson John L. Doherty Jim Douglas, Jr. George Perry DuBose Martin P. DuBovy S. Eldon Dyer Donald A. Edwards Richard C. Elledge Carlos Epstein Charles E. Fitchett Rafael H. Flores Myles Naylord Fox William G. Fox Warren Malcolm Gaines Ira Leon Gallaway John Newton Gambrell Theodore T. Garber Ballard W. George Donovan Verloe Geppart Robert Kenneth German Phillip M. Green Ocee Keyton Groppe L. Norman Halstead Dixie Glaze Hamilton William E. Harris James Thad Harrison Frank Tadashi Hata Joseph D. Helms Oliverio Hinojosa Joe Henry Hodges Leonard E. Hoefgen Ray Frank Holloway Samuel L. Hornbeak John B. Horne Cristopher Bemis Hubbard G. Milton Hughes Emilio Jacaman Ray Porter Jarnagin Frank Duane Jenkins Frank L. Jennings, Jr. Jack Gray Johnson Jack Grundy Jordan Theodore O. Kaplan Robert Eugene Kellerman Henry Paul Kelly Nelson H. Keyes Clarence E. Kiesling Carl Christian Kipp Joe Elmer Klecka Howard H. Klein Ernest A. Knipp Melvin G. Koenig Erwin K. Krause Michael M. Lampe James E. Larue, Jr. Ray Eaton Lee Clark Emmett Lemlcy Robert Aaron Levy William Leon Lloyd Harold S. Lobree David Loeb Thomas Lorance, Jr. Oscar Emil Lundelius, Jr. Robert Wayne McAnally David Capps McCaleb Nelson D. McClung John Eugene McKee Rupert Blue Magee Billy Mack Mann Edward Anthony Mason Arthur H. Merchant E. Eugene Mikeska William Field Miller A. E. Minyard James Irl Montgomery Dan Moody, Jr. Louis J. Moran Francis A. Morris Thurman Mulhollan Edgar Lee Muller Robert Gray Packard Howard Ray Parker Lionel V. Patenaude H. Wynne Pearce, Jr. Dudley Payson Penick Bobby Gene Perkins William B. Pingelton James T. Pinto Morton David Prager Walter P. Pritchett Joseph C. Randolph Robert Louis Reed John Reynolds William E. Ridlehube l Graydon M. Robbins Wilbur G. Roberson Gordon J. Robert Harold E. Rosenberger Alton S. Ross Clyde Lee Russell Cesar Salinas Charles L. Sandahl Bernard L. Schwarzback Norman M. Shtofman Andrew M. Sims Erich Singer James Allen Smith Leland Leroy Smith, Jr. Paul H. Smith William Frank Smith, Jr. Curt F. Steib Alexander Steshko Joseph E. Stevens Charles M. Stewart Gene Taylor Stone Alan T. Sundstrom Leslie G. Swartout James Herbert Templeton Robert Ray Thompson Raymond H. Tull Charles R. Vance Dale Ursini Von Rosenberg Harold Ben Wacker Charles Vartan Walker Terry Walker Edwin Walthall Ray R. Ward Ladislaus William Warzecha David L. Webb Robert B. West James A. Wharton George A. Wheeler Wilbur 0. White Albert Edward Whiton Maurice Widener, Jr. Ralph B. Wilson Robert Marshall Wilson Walter Wolff Peter Paul Zaremba PACE 194 PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA Honorary Music Fraternity for Men Founded, New England Conservatory, Boston, Mass., October 6, 1898 Alpha Iota Chapter Reinstated July 11, 1942 Seventy-eight Active Chapters OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . Reporter Historian EARL CLAY JOHN CRAVENS RONALD BOOTH JOHN SANDIDCE REX WIER HENRY DIETZ Bob Barbour Herbert Beadle Bob Begeman G. L. Bentrup Conrad Bohn Ronald Booth Robert Braun agle Charles Carlton Karl Clary K eldon Covington John Craven Bob Darnell Clifton Dietz Henry Dietz Jack Fisher James Green Bernard Fitzgerald Rev. Joseph Harte MEMBERS Karl Hickfang Bill Hilgers William Holloway Durward Howard Wiley House wright John Huston Bryce Jordan Archie Jones Nelson Keyes Melvin King John Lovell John Luce Gerald Langford Wilbur McCuIlar Jim McConnell E. K. Mellon Charles Meyers David Misch Thurman Morrison Frank Phillips J. B. Price Wendell Ragsdale Lee Rigsby Alvin Rue John Sandidge Donald Scott Glenn Stauffer Wilfred Smith Frank Svoboda Bruce Thomas Donald Vogt Rex Wier Clayton Wilson Nelson Whitaker Baylor White 195 PI LAMBDA THETA Honorary Educational Fraternity for Women Founded, University of Missouri, 1910 Psi Chapter of Texas Established 1927 Thirty-five Active Chapters OFFICERS President GLORIA TAYLOR V ice-President ........ MARY ELIZABETH METZKE Corresponding Secretary PAULINE MALIK Recording Secretary PAULINE CASTRUITA Treasurer .......... FLORENCE GIBSON Sponsor CORRIE W. ALLEN FACULTY MEMBERS Corrie Allen Thelma A. Bowman Frances Crawford Billie Crooks Cora M. Martin Marie Morrow- Clara Parker lone Spears Florence Spencer Dorothy Gebauer Minetta Altgelt Rhoda Burgess. Sue Carr Pauline Castruita MEMBERS Ruth Ann Douglass Florence Gibson Shirley Handler Pauline Malik Mary Elizabeth Metzke Mary Lee Nance Gloria Taylor Ida Pearl Whitmeyer Mary Lucille Yeager PACE 196 PI SIGMA ALPHA Honorary Government Organization Founded, The University of Texas, 1920 Alpha Chapter Established 1920 Thirty-two Active Chapters OFFICERS t President COMER CLAY V ice-President JAMES PEARSON Secretary-Treasurer ROBERT W. Dtxx Elizabeth Archer Eugene Benton Anna Bozka Helen Chapman George Chilton. Jr. Comer Clay David Cook illiam Cowles Alice Crawford Robert Curtis John Da illiam Dean Thomas Dickson Robert Dunn :er Earle Adelle Eggers Frank Erwin Carl Elder R. Clair Fallen Tom L. Farmer Elmo Fisher Llerena Friend Robert German Frances Gilmore MEMBERS Ida Goodman James Grisham William Guild Charles Hackett. Jr. Mary Pearl Hall Pattie Hall Harold Hoffman Sam Hoyle. Jr. Ralph Huitt Orrin Johnson Scranton Jones Ruth Kern Neal King Frederick Lewis James McClendon. Jr. James McCrocklin Raymond Mack Richard Mason Claudine Moore Marjorie Moore Pat E. Murphy- Mary Elizabeth Nolley Kirby Orr Martha Parr James Parish. Jr. orman Pauling James Pearson Verne Philips Leslie Proctor Paula Raigorodsky Raymond Renner Lyman Ripperton Enid Robinson Doris Rosen wasser Edgar Shelton Jack Swearingen J. Paschal Tennant Priscilla Thomason Wilbert Timmonds Edward Vickery Charles Walker Donald Wehmeyer William West Charles Wilder H. Thomas Wilson John Witcher Charlotte Wolfe Sara Woodward Clover Zander ; . . : : PI TAU SIGMA Honorary Mechanical Engineering Fraternity Founded, University of Illinois, March 16, 1915 Texas Kappa Chapter Established April 18, 1931 Thirty-four Active Chapters OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor . WILLIAM WAYNE HUFF, JR. FRANK W. McBEE ELAINE MAREK ROBERT L. MARSHALL CLETUS A. KOTTERMAN LEONARD R. BENSON Millard Vernon Barton Myron L. Begeman Leonard R. Benson Howard Earl Brown William J. Carter Howard E. Degler James F. Andrews William R. Aufricht John Paul Biesterfeldt James D. Blume James M. Boren George Marvin Clark L. R. Cullum Joseph W. Dalley William R. Deeths Gene V. Dietz William 0. Grimes H. Nelson Hickok William Wayne Huff, Jr. FACULTY MEMBERS Venton L. Doughtie Carl John Eckhardt Millard L. Hippie I. George Kennon Harry L. Kent James Oliphant MEMBERS Cletus A. Kotterman Lee M. Krusmark Stanley Kuenstler Billy J. Lancaster Irving C. Liggett Elaine Marek John 0. Markward Robert L. Marshall Clem M. Massey W. A. Meyer Frank W. McBee Robert C. McWherter Preston L. Nairn Don R. Patterson Jarrell Rubinett Byron E. Short Terrell J. Small Milton John Thompson Curt R. Von Bieberstein Willis Raymond Woolrich Mario L. Pena Allen Poindexter Jack Post Calvin E. Porcher Fred P. Ray Jack E. Saye Harry B. Spore Horace E. Staph Leroy R. Stuve Alex Thomas John A. Weber Roy M. Willis F. G. Winters PICE 198 PZATLX Honorary Service and Social Organization Founded, The University of Texas, February, 1940 OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . . Reporter HILDA MCLHENNEY GENNY WHIT E ELEANOR BRAGG MARTHA WOODS BETTY DAVIS F.lizabeth Ann Baker Claudia Blucher Betty Bolman Dorothy Bovvden Eleanor Bragg Peggy Brinton Carolyn Brock Barbara Cheesman Pat H. Connor Helen Cox Betty Davis MEMBERS Lila Duke Betty Ferrill Jean Caddis June Goen Morgia Howard Rosemary Johnson Edith Jones Hilda McElhenney Barbara Owen Mary Lucy Pope Elizabeth Robinson Edith Rydell Claire Scott Sally Simmons Norma Stratton Sue Ann Thomas Marjorie Vannoy Lois Vincent Genny White Winifred White Martha Woods PJCI 199 SIGMA GAMMA EPSILDN Honorary Geology and Petroleum Engineering Fraternitv Founded, University of Kansas, March 30, 1915 Zeta Chapter Established April 30, 1920 Thirty-one Active Chapters OFFICERS President OSWAI.DO A. TRUJILLO Vice-President J. PAUL ROSTON Secretary OSCAR D. WEAVER Treasurer MICHAEL B. MORRIS Parliamentarian MORTON BIGGER I. J. Anderson R. R. Bloomer F. M. Bullard H. P. Bybee H. G. Damon A. H. Been G. K. Eifler FACULTY MEMBERS G. H. Fancher D. L. Frizzell G. R. McNutt F. B. Plummer H. H. Power L. C. Snider A. E. Sweeney F. L. Whitney Malcolm D. Abel Gus Athanus Morton Bigger Howard B. Bradley Jeff Burnett Charles T. Butler John G. Champion William P. Craddock Thomas Culhertson William W. Doyel Lamar 0. Eschberger MEMBERS Walter C. Hamilton Hal H. Holland Allen E. Humphrey William P. Johnson, Jr. Gus Marquez Michael B. Morris John Osmond Herbert F. Poyner Jack P. Rodgers J. Paul Roston Gene T. Ruh] Timothy G. Schmidt Milton R. Scholl, Jr. Louie Sebring, Jr. Lawrence Skelley Oswaldo A. Trujillo Robert B. Vickers, Jr. Oscar D. Weaver Darrell G. Welch Norman N. West Robert B. Wilkins Jack Watson, Jr. 200 SIGMA IOTA EPSILON Honorary and Professional Management Fraternity Founded, University of Illinois, 1927 Texas Gamma Chapter Established, 1928 Four Active Chapters OFFICERS President EDWIN FENNER Vice-President PATRICIA MILLS Secretary ERNESTINE ORTS Treasurer VERNON FERGUSON Personnel Manager NELIA Fox FACULTY MEMBERS H. N. Broom James Constantin Keith Davis Harry H. Elwell Nelia Fox Robert French John R. Stockton Georgia Barnes Frank L. Black Lanis Bosworth K i in Fenner Vernon Ferguson Tilden Head E. B. Heffaker Edwin F. Johnson MEMBERS Henry Jordon Margaret Kirksey Ray M. Keck, Jr. Richard Markham John McDuff Patricia Mills Nick Maloof Ned Marrow Ernestine Orts James Jeffery Gorgann Scott Charls E. Walker Albert M. Wolford Katherine Welhausen Marshall Whitesides 201 SILVER SPUR Men ' s Honorary Service Organization Founded, November 15, 1938 OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Members-at-large Sponsor DANIEL KRAUSSE EDWIN COHEN ALBERT KOGUTT CHARLES SCHREINER, III IVY SPEER FRANK SHERWOOD JOHN F. WATKINS L. L. CLICK John W. Bartram Jack E. Brady William M. Bonnet, Jr. Robert C. Connor Edwin G. Cohen Harold Collins Roy Cox David Dellinger Jay H. DuBose William B. Ferguson Walston C. Gallic Charles R. Graham Ben W. Greig Albert L. Guidera Harry A. Gump Richard 0. Harris Walter C. Hamilton, Jr. James G. Hayes William H. Holloway Allen F. Humphrey Dave P. Jaicks MEMBERS James C. Joyce Felix L. Kelley Albert I. Kogutt Daniel M. Krausse Conway R. Lammers Alfred S. Lowrey Robert A. Manogue, Jr. Keiffer Marshall H. P. Mathis Herb C. Miller Howard P. McElroy James I. Montgomery James A. Murrell, Jr. Kenneth W. Merritt Fred A. Ossana, Jr. David E. Philly Coy M. Porter Jack W. Prescott Warren A. Rees Leonard B. Rosenberg Richard M. Sargent Edbert J. Schutze Charles Schreiner, III Bruce T. Scott Robert L. Scurlock Frank H. Sherwood Pat N. Smith Ivy H. Speer Bert C. Stovall C. Carson Sublett Robert H. Sumners Frank A. Thomson Paul A. Tracy Eugene H. Taylor, Jr. Jack Ward John F. Watkins Harlan H. Wetz Robert White J. Sam Winters Phil Wilson Aaron W. Winetroub Picz 202 SPOOKS Social-Service Organization Founded, The University of Texas, November, 1941 GHOST CABINET Chief-Haunt Vice-Haunt Recorder Haunt Banker Haunt . Journalistic Haunt Spirit . BETTY ANN WARNER BETTY JEAN NESSLY NORA GILL MARILYN MABRITO LAURITA WILSON LUCILLE FENDER Ann Andrews Mary Alice Anthony Nita Ruth Baker Carolyn Barlowe Elizabeth Benny Beverly Bird Marian Bragg Patricia Breech Martha Bybee Iri Mae Campbell Jeanne Carsey Elena Easthan Claudia E ;m- Lucille Fender Beverly Frambach I a Jean Finch .Nora Gill Mary Margaret Gregg MEMBERS Barbara Haden Betty Jo Hale Elizabeth Hays Martha Hodson Jean Kelly Betty Bab Knapp Bobby Klatt Irene Lay Mary Lutrick Marilyn Mabrito Elna Manire Rosemary Melancan Tony Marshall Dorothy Moore Shirley Moore Mary Ann Munnerlyn Gwen McGuire Ann McKay Margaret McKean Mary Belle McNear Betty Jean Nessly Mary Earle Phillips Jackie Ramsdel I Thetis Sanderford Billie Sue Rathwell Mary Ann Santleben Gloria Shiner Katherine Simpson Janet Slaton Carolyn Taylor Carol Thompson Helen Tindall Julie Tutt Betty Ann Warner Jean White Laurita Wilson r. i I TAU BETA PI Honorary Engineering Fraternity Founded, Lehigh University, 1885 Alpha of Texas Established 1916 Seventy-nine Active Chapters OFFICERS President .... Vice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... Cataloguer .... MlLLARD L. HlPPLE PAUL B. CRAWFORD DUDLEY P. PENICK WILLIAM 0. WOTTLIN OSCAR E. LUNDELIUS CHRISTOPHER HUBBARE L. L. Antes E. C. H. Bantel Leland Barclay L. R. Benson F. E. Brooks S. L. Brown C. M. Cleveland A. E. Cooper C. M. Grain W. A. Cunningham H. E. Degler FACULTY MEMBERS C. J. Eckhardt, Jr. P. M. Ferguson John A. Focht Roscoe Guernsey E. W. Hamlin W. M. Honour K. A. Kobe Jack Lenhart A. J. McCrocklin J. D. McFarland Banks McLaurin W. H. McNeill W. M. Newton J. B. Oliphant H. H. Power C. E. Rowe E. P. Schoch B. E. Short A. W. Straiten M. J. Thompson R. W. Warner W. R. Woolrich Dana Young William T. Alexander James F. Andrews William C. Arrington William R. Aufricht Ralph A. Belknap, Jr. Frank W. Bellows William D. Bethell John P. Biesterfeldt James D. Blume Wallace G. Bond Howard B. Bradley William A. Burns Wayman L. Calhoun Edward E. Capps George M. Clark Robert L. Collins Paul Crawford Stephen F. Crumb Wilbur L. Culbertson Robert W. Dobles Jerome M. Donzis Wilson L. Dyer William L. Ellison William J. Emrich K. A. Ethridge Alan C. Farnsworth Warren M. Gaines John L. Gait Luther W. Garrett Howard R. Garrison Manfred W. Gerhardt MEMBERS William 0. Grimes Henry E. Haley Melvin E. Haley Allan W. Harbaugh Frank T. Hata Claude E. Hearn Carl T. Hester Millard L. Hippie Christopher B. Hubbard William Wayne Huff, Jr. Hal R. Jensen Payton E. Kirven Daniel M. Krausse Leonardt F. Kreisle Stanley E. Kuenstler Floyd E. Larsen David C. Lee Irving C. Liggett Rubin W. Ludwig Oscar E. Lundelius, Jr. James S. Maddux Elaine Marek Robert L.Marshall Clem M. Massey Edward A. Mason Lee H. Matlock Francis G. Miksovsky Marcus L. Mil I lean James Irl Montgomery John M. Murphy ' Awarded Women ' s Badge of Recognition Frank W. McBee, Jr. Kelly K. McMillian James S. McNeil Robert C. McWherter James D. Owens 0. Glenn Pate Dudley P. Penick Andrew L. Pierson, III William D. Ramey Robert L. Reed Richard R. Renstrom George L. Rich Edgar E. Savage Jack E. Saye Irwin H. Silberberg Harold Smith Elton D. Soltes Horace E. Staph Homer D. Steadman Charles E. Swenson Thomas N. Tackett, III Hubbard E. Taylor, Jr. Jack Watson, Jr. John A. Weber James A. Wilkinson Bernard L. Weingarten R. 0. Williams Thomas K. Wood William 0. Wottlin William F. Zimmerinann Guillermo Zunisa PACE 204 THETA SIGMA PHI Honorary and Professional Journalism Fraternity for Women , University of Michigan, 1909 Chapter Established 1919 l. - Active Chapters OFFICERS President TESSICA MARTIN V ice-President JUDY GASTON Secretary BARBARA PERIHAN Treasurer LELA BELITSKY Historian JOYCE PuRSLEY Publicity Director BERNICE MURRAY Sponsor DEWirr REDDICK HONORARY MEMBERS Marguerite Harrison Edna St. Vincent Millay Bernice Moore FACULTY MEMBERS Afton T. nn Frankie Mae Welborn June Benefield LeIaBelit-k Betsy Biggs Marjorie Lee Carter Beth L. Curtis Florence Feit Nell Fenner Thelma Friedn MEMBERS Judy Caston Naomi Hegar Anna Janicek Joan Kinney Fa ye Loyd Betty Ray Lyon Mary McCay Mary McDonald Tessica Martin Eulamae Moore Bernice Murray Barbara Periman Claudia Poff Joyce Pursley Clare Ruggles Mary V. Wallace Dorothy Ann Watson DELTA SIGMA PI International Commerce and Business Administration Fraternity Top Row: EDWARDS, SIMPSON, WHITESIDES, KINGSBERY, FERGUSON, E. PESEK, HARDEE, McGEHEE, HOWELL, BUEHRING. Second Row: McCAIN, STALLINGS, BLANCHARD. SMITH, COLE, DURFLINCER, LEISERING, DOUGLAS, DUBE, HYER. Third Row: R. PESEK, LITTELL, CRUMP, PAVLAK, STUART, BOOKOUT, HOTING, RAPP, WERNER, LONG, HEAD. OFFICERS Head Master . Scribe Chancellor Historian . Treasurer . Senior Warden Junior Warden LEWIS HYER VERNON FERGUSON WILBUR DURFLINGER JOHN KINGSBERY LINDSAY CRUMP REX DOUGLAS EUGENE WERNER Neil Alexander William P. Boyd FACULTY MEMBERS F. L. Cox Keith Davis J. C. Dolley William Hudson E. G. Smith Paul Adams George Blanchard Fred Bookout Terry Buehring Byron Cole G. Lindsay Crump J. Rex Douglas Robert Dube Wilbur Durflinger Britton Edwards Vernon Ferguson Jack Hardee Tilden Head Jack Hinley Kaye Holloman August Holing Roy Howell Lewis Hyer MEMBERS John Kingsbery George Leisering H. Arthur Littell Durwood Long Jimmy McCain Sam McGehee Tommy Pavlak Robert Pesek Edwin Pesek William Rapp Earl Simpson Joe H. Smith John Stallings Edward F. Stuart Eugene Werner Marshall Whitesides PICE 206 ALPHA ALPHA GAMMA Honorary Architecture Fraternity for Women OFFICERS President SUE CHEEK SMITH yice-President CONCEPTION PANGTAV Secretary PEGGY PHILLIPS Treasurer LIBBIE POLSKY Advisor FRANCES McMATH Edith Balzer Peggy Cavett Jo Ann Cunningham Margaret Friend Marguerite Kluge MEMBERS Elizabeth Leasure Mary Frances Macau lay Marjorie Mead Jean McFarlin Martha Nunn Conception Pangtay Margaret Phillips Libbie Polsky Sue Cheek Smith Fnut H m: POLSKY. BALZER. SMITH. LEASTRE. SramJ Kr.- M.ACAtLAY. PHILLIPS. Ct ' NMNCHAM. FRIEND. TUrJ Ha . KLUCE. CAVFTT. M N . ME.AD. : : ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Honorary Pre-Medical Fraternity Front Row: KIRBY, JONES, CREENBERG, ALEXANDER. Second Row: DANIEL, GUTIERREZ, BUELL, AUTREY. Third Row: GRANT, WOODARD, OLIVER. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter DAVID SYME BUELL THOMAS F. HAHN HOMER C. GUTIERREZ HERBERT KUHN JOHN WAYNE TERRELL HONORARY MEMBERS 0. P. Breland W. J. Carter D. B. Casteel W. J. Dobson L. F. Hatch H. R. Henze T. S. Painter J. T. Patterson V. T. Schuhardt 0. B. Williams K. McCormick H. Rosene Mary Louise Alexander Walter Autrey Joseph Broussard David Syme Buell Marilyn Cayton John L. Clark June Peggy Crooke Crawford James Daniel David Grant MEMBERS Louise Greenberg Homer C. Gutierrez Thomas F. Hahn Dixie Hamilton Martha J. Jones Helen Kirby Herbert Kuhn Edward P. McCabe Laura Jane Montague Cap Hill Oliver Francis Pearce Ray Phelps John Wayne Terrell Gwendolyn Tonroy Wilbur White Betty Jean Wilson Louise Wilson William C. Woodard PACE 208 CHI EPSILON Honorary Civil Engineering Fraternity OFFICERS President . lice-President . Treasurer . Transit Editor . Facult Advisor JESSE E. HELLER WILLIAM I. BETHELL LEE Hi DSON MATLOCK KKNNETH A. ETHERIDCE JOHN F. W ATKINS JOHN A. FOCHT HONORARY AND FACULTY MEMBERS E. C. H. Bantel Leland Barclay Raymond F. Dawson Phil M. Ferguson Stanley P. Finch John A. Focht Roscoe Guernsey Banks McLaurin, Sr. J. Neils Thompson Dana Young GRADUATE MEMBERS Clemmie D. Crowder. Jr. Jim Douglas. Jr. Carl W. Fenske Leonardt Kreisle Robert L. Reed William Dean Ramey Edmund 0. Seide] Douglas Steadman MEMBERS Benjamin Anderson Jack R. Ban Paul D. Behrens Frank W. Bellows William D. Bethel! Robert F. Campbell Robert L. Collins William J. Emrich Kenneth A. Etheridge Ben B. E ing Bertram W. Greynald Melvin E. Haley S tanlev Halver Jesse E. Heller W. W. Huff. Jr. Lee Hudson Matlock Francis Mikso k Eltweed G. Pomeroy John F. Watkins Thomas K. Wood fm, ... SEIDEI . .l 1KN Y. CAMPBELL. BABNES. ATKINS. EMBICH. ETHERIDCE. MATLOCK. BEHKEN . 5rxu Rom: WOOD. CREVNALO. HALEY. COU.IN-. tmlNC. REED. HELLER. RAMEY. BETHELL. TkuJ R : THOMPSON. FOCHT. FINCH. FERGUSON. STEADM4V I) m oN. FENSKF. YOUNG. KAPPA EPSILON Honorary Pharmaceutical Fraternity for Women Front Row: RAMIREZ, SOUSARES, LASKOWSKI, SKAGCS, GUY, RODRIGUEZ. Second Row: LINKS, WALLING, JOHNSON, JONES, STUBBS, UNDERWOOD, SHIELDS. Third Row: CADENA, McDOW, RANVILLE, CIGARROA, HOLLINGS WORTH. OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter BERTHA FAYE M. SKAGGS KATHRYN A. SOUSARES MARTHA JANE JONES MARY ANN STUBBS FRANCES UNDERWOOD HONORARY MEMBER Marie Morrow FACULTY MEMBER Mary Ellen White Viola Cadena Peggy Christie Rebeca Cigarroa Ouida Gray Mary Alice Guy Doris Sue Hollingsworth Patsy Pointer Johnson MEMBERS Martha Jane Jones Lucille Laskowski Marjorie Links Evangeline McDow Celia Martinez Gloria Ramirez Ruth Ranville Yolanda Rodriguez Bertha Faye M. Skaggs Virginia Shields Kathryn Sousares Mary Ann Stubbs Loree Tindall Frances Underwood Jo Beth Walling PACE 210 KAPPA KAPPA PSI Honorary Band Fraternity OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary-Treasurer CHARLS E. WALKER ROBERT W. ROLSTOX DAVID ASTOX D. Harold Byrd Tom Miller HONORARY MEMBERS W. L. Stark Charles Page, Sr. E. P. Schoch FACULTY MEMBER George E. Hurt David Aston Pat Baskin Charles Bames Jamie Bigby Bob Burton Frank Clark Moton Crockett, Jr. Dewey Crowder, Jr. Crawford Daniel Don Davis Don Dunbar MEMBERS Elvin Eberhart Jerry Fergurson Bob German Jack Graham Lowell Hoskins Blair Justice Bob Kennedy Wendell Kilpatrick Jimmy Leech Neal McDonald Jack Mellenthin Stuart Nemir Don Patterson Tyson Payne John Phenix Billy Pugh Robert Pugh Bob Reed Graham Robertson Bob Rolston C. A. Schutze Charls Walker Ronald Ware fnmi t m: LEECH. BICBT. BURTON. ALkER. CROCKETT. GRAHAM. ASTON. JUSTICE. SfcHtJ K m: DUNBAR. BASKIN. R. PUCH. DANIEL. HOSKINS. CLARK. PATTERSON. REED. Tkir4 M m: EBERHART. DAVIS. FERGUSON. ROLSTON. KENNEDY. ROBERTSON. PHENIX. PAYNE. GERMAN. fWt Horn: WARE. NEMIR. B. PUCH. McDONALD. SCHUTZE. MELLEVTHI.N. CROVDER. KILPATRICK. 211 1IIH I All BOARD Honorary Organization for Senior Women mm ' First Row: KOSAKA, RUGCLES, ANDERSON, PERIMAN, BAKER, ELKINS. Second Rom: ORNDORFF, MOORE, ROBINSON, DONNELL, SCHUMANN, SMITH. Third Row: CADY, VICK, McCURDY, PLUMMER, COURTNEY. OFFICERS President, GRACE (PETIE) ORNDORFF V ice-President ENID ROBINSON Secretary MARGARET ANN PLUMMER Treasurer BARBARA B AKER Reporter TESSICA MARTIN Historian . MARIAN SCHUMANN Mrs. Bob Armstrong Edleen Begg Shirley Bennetts Margaret Cannon Boyce FACULTY MEMBERS Dulce Buchanan Helen Gilmore Lilia Cassis Helen Hargrave Marian Cramer Annie Hill Betty Brook Eakle Anna Hiss Dorothy Gebauer Thelma Lockwood Margaret Peck Lucy Rathbone Gary Southern Bethene Young Mary Evelyn Anderson Barbara A. Baker Mary Cady Susanne Catlett Betty Lou Courtney Elise Donnell M. Ann Elkins MEMBERS Violette Kosaka Margaret McCurdy Tessica Martin Sue Moore Grace Orndorff Barbara Periman Margaret Ann Plummer Enid Robinson Clare Ruggles Marian Schumann Sue Cheek Smith Mary Elizabeth Vick PiCE 212 GRANGE JACKETS Honorary Service Organization Front Row: FINCH. PHILLIPS, TL ' TT. Second ROK: LISSEUR. NEBENZAHL. DOWELL, JAMCEK. KELLEHER, CEUE. Third Roit: FONTEIN, GIBSON. BISSELL. HALL. BELITSKY. VANNOY. OFFICERS President MARY NELL GIBSON Vice-President MARY PEARL HALL Secretary -Treasurer JANE DOWELL Historian MILDRED KELLEHER Sponsor DOROTHY GEBAL ' ER MEMBERS Lela Belitsky Margaret Ann Bissell Elizabeth Anne Burkett Jane Dowel 1 Eva Jean Finch Geraldine Fontein Ellen Geue Mary ell Gibson Mary Pearl Hall Anna Janicek Mildred Kelleher Jacqueline Lisseur Bertha Nebenzahl Margaret Phillips Julia Tutt Frances Vannoy Ptt 213 PHI SIGMA National Honorary Biological Society Front Row: ORNDORFF, LEWIS, McIVER, SCOTT, ROWELL, POLINARD, WEBSTER, C. PAINTER. Second Row: CLAYTON, WALLACE, ALEXANDER, BUTLER, BARKLEY, CHEATHAM, MONTAGUE, KIRBY, TACQUARD, MACLIOLO. Third Row: WEINHEIMER, C. WARD, CORMAN, GUTIERREZ, MEREDITH, MERICLE, MILES, VALDES-MORALES. OFFICERS President . . . . Vice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... Scribe . ... CHARLES WILLARD LEWIS, JR. SHIRLEY SCOTT GRACE ORNDORFF LOUISE PAINTER CHEST ER ROWELL HERBERT POLINARD T. S. Painter J. T. Patterson HONORARY MEMBERS Efren C. del Pozo Robert R. Williams MEMBERS Mary Louise Alexander Ruby Allen Irvin Anderson John Antonelli Betsy Bagley Fred A. Barkley Norma Beauchamp Samuel Bellman Robert Berryhill Olen Billingsley Ruth Bitter Johanna Blumel Clifton Bowen Mary Brouthertin David Buell Clemance Burnan ' Joyce Butler June Byfield Ruth Campbell Joe Cariker Jerrold Carpenter Peter Chamberlain Mary Cheatham James Clark John L. Clark, Jr. Frances Clayton Chester Cochran Glenn Collins Barbara Connolly Paula Connor Hazel Cook Rosemary Gorman William Craddock Marian Cramer Anna Davis Frances Davis Franklin Davis John Davis Marie Dugone Beulah Evans Victoria Ferguson Alvin Flury Cecil Frederick Carl Fuchs Maria Garcia Judith Gerick Eb Carl Girvin Bunny Glasser David Greenberg Elsie Greig Charles Grice Maurice Grossman Homer C. Gutierrez Robert Haddow Eleanor Hafner Bettie Hagan George Hagy Curtis Haley William Halden Shirley Handler Norma Hansen Ethel Harpin Beverly Hayes Lucile Head Damian Hilsaca Rosemond Hockaday Clarence Howard Mary Jacobsen Mark Jones Marion King Helen Kirby Christine Kolthoff Gertrude Kone Frederick Korkmas William Krodel George Lacy, Jr. Daniel Lambrecht Mary Jo Lee Charles Willard Lewis, Jr. Charles Livingston, Jr. Ray Mclver Joe Majors Virginia Magliolo John Means Wanda Meredith Leo Mericle Evalee Miles Laura Montague Margaret Montonna Brunelle Moon Mary Moore Francis Morris, Jr. Doris Niccolai Marjorie Nichols Linda Oglesby Cap Oliver Grace Orndorff John Padgett Claire L. Painter Lotta Parsons Carlos Perez-Zelaya Evelyn Pfluger Virginia Phelps Margaret Plummer Herbert Polinard Bill Porter Joy Rea Joe Rape Chester Rowell Shirley Scott Lawrence Skelley George Smith, Jr. Margaret Tacquard John Terrell Gwendelyn Tonroy George Tubb Fernando Valdez-Morales Robert Wakefield Dorothy Wallace Jo Beth Walling Benjamin Ward Calvin Ward Mary Webb Grady Webster Helen Weinheimer Mary Ellen White Francis Whitney Betty Ann Wilder Betty Jean Wilson Ray Louise Wilson Christopher York Wise Sing Yee I q ULf o TEXAS STUDENT PUBLIEATIDNS, INC JAMES E. SMITH BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS GEORGE B. GENTRY . DEWiTT C. REDDICK STUART C. MACCORKLE . Faculty Members Professor of Philosophy Professor of Journalism Professor of Government Student Members JAMES E. SMITH President of the Students ' Association GENE ST. JOHN Assembly Representative ELTON SOLTES Assembly Representative WILLIAM B. FERGUSON .... Editor of The Cactus WILLIAM G. NOBLE Editor of The Daily Texan JOHNNY BRYSON Editor of the Texas Ranger The Board of Directors of Texas Student Publications, Inc., is a, group of trustees whose chief function is to administer the corporation in its business of publishing and distributing all campus student publications. Set up in such a way that it is controlled and chiefly administered by students, it is an excellent medium for the development of leadership and business ability. The Board serves as a meeting ground for the representatives of the several publications, and representatives of the student and faculty administration. One of its most exacting tasks is to certify and rule on the Constitutional quali- fications of candidates for editorial positions on The Cactus, the Ranger, and The Daily Texan. During the year two new members were appointed to the Board by President Painter: Stuart A. MacCorkle, Pro- fessor of Government, and DeWitt C. Reddick, Professor of Journalism. The two men have served well as connecting links between administrative and student interest in journalism. Top Row: MACCORKLE, ST. JOHN, GENTRY, REDDICK. Second Row: BRYSON, SOLTES, FERGUSON, NOBLE. PiCE 216 Top Row: MOERKE. WELBORN, McCRICHT. SOUTHWELL, WALLACE. Second. KOK: DAHLBERC. CHILDERS. FARMER, CROWE, SLOAN. STAFF Director CAL NEWTON Business Manager FRANKIE MAE WELBORN Office Manager THOMAS FARMER Circulation Manager MARY McCRiGHT Cactus Production Manager MARY SOUTHWELL Cashier JACKIE CHILDERS Secretaries . {ELEANOR DAHLBERC I Jo SLOAN Bookkeeper WALLACE GULLAHORN Assistant Bookkeeper T. WILLIAM CLMELY Cactus Studio Manager . . . . . . . HAZEL CROWE Assistant Photographer . . . ' . . . CLARE FOULER Cactus Studio Receptionist JACKIE CHILDERS Advertising Manager F. R. MOERKE JOSEPH A. WHITE I JEFF TOWNSEND Advertising Assistants ROBERT V. JOHNSON LEONARD HIPPCHEN I HELEN MCL.ENDON IDEMPSEY ALLPHIN Mail Clerk JOHN BALETKA Office Assistants (CLARENCE WELBORN ROBERT W. SCCKE FRANCES JOHNSON Switchboard Operator El NICE GRACE GRAZIER Reference Department NELL ANDREWS CAL NEWTON THE 1947 CACTUS STAFF Editor-in-Chief WILLIAM B. FERGUSON Associate Editor MARIAN MILLER WILLIAM B. FEKCUSON, MARIAN MILLER Features Sororities Fraternities . Clubs . . . Administration . Honoraries . Dorms and Co-Ops SECTION EDITORS JULIA FINNELL MILDRED KELLEHER CHARLES HACKETT GLORIA ROSENZWEIG WILL Fox CYNTHIA ROWAN NORMAN WERNER Publications Student Government . Sports .... Fine Arts . Men ' s Intramurals . Women s Intramurals Index MARVIN SLOMAN CAROLYN BUIE PAUL TRACY ANN ELKINS ALLEN HUMPHREY TERRY EMERSON RALPH KLEYMEYER A sincere effort was made this year by the CACTUS editorial staff to make THE CACTUS truly representative by including a greater amount of pictures from a larger group of campus organizations. To this end the staff put into use a democratic and satisfactory method for the selection of Goodfellows, Blue- bonnet Belles, and Outstanding Students. The chief aim was to give the students themselves a hand in the selection of these honorees. Each organization on the campus was asked to submit two nominees for Goodfellows and Outstanding Students, and from this group a board appointed by the CACTUS editorial staff made the final selections. In the case of Bluebonnet Belles, the Goodfellows from the 1946 CACTUS served as a board of selection. Pice 218 THE 1947 CACTUS Caroline Adriance Fredda Gail Baum Claude A. Bitner. Jr. Betty Sue Bloom Ann Boddi Claire Brady Newton Brand. Jr. Coleman Carson S. Hugh Christiansen Shirley Cook Don Culver C nthia Ann Daley Carmalee DeGeorge Carolyn DeLynn Marcia Eaton Betty Ebaugh Anne Edwards STAFF ASSISTANTS Orville Finch Lyle E. Fluitt Margaret Fooshee Dick Fulbright David Grinsfelder Tony Guerra Betty Sue Hall Man Jane Harris Margie Hart-field Josephine Hiett Milton Jackson Camilla Keitt John R. King Jack LaRue Irving Levy Charles A. McCleskev Susy McMichael Frank Martino Virginia Maxwell Lou Maysel Lillian Miller Natalene Miller Weldon Miller John Moore Harry Nixon Frances Nossek Ruth Elizabeth Nowlin Jean Gates Read Omohundro Pat Patteshall Gloria Polsky Thomas Romine L. J. Schwartz Margaret Seale William Sears Bernard Siegel Herbert Silverberg Patricia Stephens Elizabeth Tyler Stevens Harold I. Thomas Piekard K agner William Webb Madge Westbrook Betty Williams Bryan Williams Johnny Williams Betty Woods W. M. York TUrt : FINNELL. BOSEXZWEIO. KEU.EHE8. RO AV Hv m: FOX. EMEKSOV ELKINS. TRACY. SLOMAN. : WEE EK. KLEVMEYER. Bt IE. Ht VPHKEY. Pci 219 THE DAILY TEXM STAFF Editor-in-Chief WILLIAM G. NOBLE Associate Editor FAYE LOYD Editorial Assistants . j BEN HARTLEY RALPH LEACH Sports Editor Society Editor Amusements Editor JOAN KENNEY Cartoonist .... JOHNNY BRYSON PAUL TRACY MILDRED PLEMONS EDITORIAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE Faye Loyd Joseph A. White Joseph A. White Dave Tipton Ralph Leach Ben Jeffrey NIGHT EDITORS Ralph Leach Cecil Hodges Dave Tipton Laurie Belzung WILLIAM C. NOBLE Efforts to awaken the student body to the problems of liberalism and social consciousness have added a great supplement to the usual reporting of campus affairs in The Daily Texan of 1946-47. Under the leadership of Bill Noble the editorial staff attempted to mold campus opinion into a solid block by maintaining a liberal policy toward State and University governments, as well as national issues. Readers of the editorial page, long accustomed to routine comment on University affairs, have been interested to see the broad stand taken on the present-day economic and political conflicts. In the Sports Department, George Raborn ' s athletic predictions and speculations were an endless source of campus discussion and comment. Pat Maloney ' s Mural Musings served as an accurate sum- mary of daily intramural sports events. FAYE LOYD PACE 220 THE DAILY TEXAN VOLUNTEER STAFF Reporters and Copy-readers Marvin Alisky Lela Belitskv David Bowen Bill Bridges Nanele Bui lough Charlotte Chambers Bob Cole Gloria Cole Dick Elam Frank X . George Gibson Gray Lucille Harmel Carolyn Holford Bob Huchingson Bill Hushe Lillian Maxwell Walter Blake Miller Marion Pflughaupt J. P. Porter Harold Robb Jovce Thomas Marjorie Trevathan Joe B. Vogel Sports ight Editors Harold Joseph Lou Maysel George Raborn Josef Weinberger Gabe Werba Assistants John Cunningham Chester Darwin Jim Dozier Roy Edwards Tony Guerra Carl Hooper Howard Hudson Bob Kroh Worth Matthis Harry Nixon Red Vails Johnny Williams Bob Wilson Sam Wolfe Intramural Editor Pat Maloney Society Mght Editors Susanne Catlett Judy Gaston Barbara Periman Claudia Poff Assistants Wanda Allen Jane R. Baker Mary Etta Beffa Nell Fenner Doris Leville Beth Reinman Hazel Smith Betty Jean Speer Amusements Mght Editors Jay DuBose Anna Janicek Tessica Martin Bernice Murray Assistants Betty Anson Mike Connolly Florence Feit Joy Fields Tom Flewharty Nancy Huff Eulamae Moore Jeanne Pelton William H. Smith Frank Thomson Dorothv X atson T f . PLEMOXS. RABORN. LEACH. TRACT. J. mHITE. TIPTON. Src W XOT: HODGES. DrBOSE. PERIMAN. CASTON. JEFFREY. HICHINCSON. Tlard .- PURSLEV. T. MILLER. IEINBERCER. MARTIN. JAMCEK. HARTLET. K m: BRVSON. V. SMITH. BELZINC. Ml RRAV. COLE. MALONEY. . ' f I ... TEXAS HANGER STAFF JOHNNY URYSON Editor-in-Chief . Associate Editor . Humor Editor Cartoon Editor Art Editor . Makeup Editor Advertising Manager JOHNNY BRYSON JUNE BENEFIELD PAUL SKILLMAN STEVE RASCOE CHARLES SCHORRE BILL BRIDGES DEMPSEY ALLPHIN Satirically humorous and liberally inclined, the Texas Ranger made a pleasing reappearance on the campus. Its publication suspended during the War and resumed only this year, the Ranger has already well fulfilled its purpose of bringing a solely humor- ous publication to the students. Under the command of Johnny Bryson the Ranger ' s satires of current campus events have proved to be a bitter sting to the few and a mirthful revelation to the campus as a whole. JUNE BENEFIELD PACE 222 TEXAS RANGER Staff Assistants AL CROUCH JOHN ALEX DAVIS T()M ERWIN ARTHUR FLYNN HXROLD FLYNN JACK GALLAGHER UFA JEFFREY BILL LOGAN RALPH MARKS ED MILLER JOE NOBLE TOM SHEFELMAN BILLY TAYLOR DAVE TIPTON JACK TROTTER HOWARD VINEYARD JOAN WALKER JOSEPH WEINBERGER EARL YOUNG HENRY ZIMMERMAN Top Row: LOCAN. NOBLE, WALKER. JEFFREY. SCHORRE. BRIDGES. Second Row: C. FLYNN. A. FLYNN. WEINBERGER. VINEYARD. TIPTON, MILLER. Third o: TROTTER, SHEFELMAN, ERWIN. SKILI.MAN. MARKS. PiCl 223 WALTFR S. POPE EX-STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President Executive Secretary OFFICE STAFF Mildred Baldridge Frances Gauss Ouida Gray Ann Fichtenbaum Pat Gillette Lola Jones WALTER S. POPE JOHN A. McCtRDY Betty McCarty Ray Perrenot The EX-STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION has been functioning on be- half of the University and its Ex-Student body since 1885 through Texas-Ex Clubs, through state-wide committees, and through THE ALCALDE, the alumni magazine issued monthly, October through June. The Association is busy interpreting the University to the people of Texas and the desires and needs of the people to the University. This interpretation is directed by the Executive Council, composed of fifteen District Councilmen and six Councilmen-at- large. The program of the Association is built from year to year around the outstanding needs of the University and the major interests of the Ex-Student body. JOHN A. McCURDY OFFICE STAFF PACE 224 I. L. Jj. I Front Row: BODDEKER, COCKE, CLARK, MITCHELL, VAUGHAN, HARRIS. Second Row: STONE, JONES, BRAGG, TAYLOR, SPARKMAN. Third Row: CONROY, PAYNE, HALLUM, JENKINS, PHILLIPS, VELASCO. Fourth Row: ROWAN, ROGERS, ROENSCH, GRIFFIN, MONTGOMERY. OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Social Chairman MARCIA VIRGINIA MITCHELL BERNICE CLARK BETSY COTTINGHAM FRANCES JEAN ROENSCH BARBARA BROWN MEMBERS Martha Nell Beddingfield Marie Blount Dorris Boddeker Eleanor Bragg Barbara Brown Margaret Conroy Betsy Cottingham Bernice Lorene Clark Bryon Cocke Marian Ehlers Florence Gibson Allene Griffin LaVern Hallum Carolyn Harris June Jenkins Margaret Jones Peggy Kaplan Bayla Lippmann Nadine Matheny Marcia Virginia Mitchell Meriam Anita Montgomery Edith Neiman Frankie Beth Nelson Betty Nicol Patsy Pate Mary Payne Margaret Pettus Lila Phillips Frances Jean Roensch Julia Rogers Cynthia Lee Rowan Marilyn Skipwith Hilda Sparkman Jacqueline Stone Gloria Bernice Taylor Nora Mae Vaughan Mary Velasco THE ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION was formed in 1930. Its purposes are to secure information regarding the education of young children; to promote the progressive type of education in nursery, kindergartens, and primary grades; and to raise the standard of the professional training for teachers in this field. PACE 226 A. I. Ch. E. OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Adiisor GEORGE A. WATTS J. WILLIAM HAUX GLEXX C. MARKEX MARY ELIZABETH BAXTER W. A. CVXXIXCHAM MEMBERS llen mo Almazan Thomas W. Ammerman Cass L. Archer i Arnold Rodney P. Austin Robert Bain W. Barker Ban Man Elizabeth Baxter David J. Bellman Brreman ard A. Beutel Waltt-r E. Blaney H. Wallace Blud ' worth 11 E. Boynton William M. Brent-man Howard Brodhead. Ill Donald C Brown James W. Bulb Wayne A. Burns W illiam A. Burns M. Buttrey Herman W. Cain Charles C. Campbell Frank E. Campion Harold B. Canavan HollUBuelCarlile.Jr. Charles E. Carter Richard Lee Carter Paul J. Chainp Lawrence D. Christian Allen D. Clark Rob I. Gift May nard R. Collavo William H. Collier Ross R. Cone. Jr. Richard L. Corbelio James C Counts Lawrence F. Crooke Adolph M. Cuaellar W. A. Cunningham Howard F. Dey Kenneth L. Diebel Richard W. Dirk- Alton H. Diserens Donald J. Donaldson Jerome M. Donzis Joe Dugone Ted L. Dunn Robert E. Eckels Glen M. Elkins Jack F. Elliott illiam L. Ellison Joan Esponda Carlos Epstein Keith E. Estes Morgan L Farniun Joe B. Faulkner Ruby M. Faulkner Max L. Felman James Henry Flint Leonard A. File Alfred L. Fox James R. Franklin Silas D. Freeman Charles A. FreezU Frank A. Fuentes John L. Call Louis Garbrecht, Jr. Luther W. Garrett Howard R. Garrison Dennis S. Gibbins Walyn L. Gibson John L. Gidley Kendell L. Gillaspy Oscar C Gilliland James W. Goodwin George H. Cower Jack O. Gracey Arthur C. Green John Griswold James D. Hajek Henry F. Haley OlinF. Hardy ' Clinton B. Hastings J. William Haun Bernard F. Havran Stewart Haynes, Jr. James H. Hays Willace D. Hill Harold C. Hoffman Howard H. Holmes Guy L. Honeycutt Edwin L. Hoot Donald E. Howard John Paul Huber Brocket! Hudson Vemon C Hulme Ray Merle Kurd Emilio N. Jacaman Harry C. Jams Paul D. Jones Ben T. Jordan Norman L, Justus Thomas L. Keelen George M. Keith Wendell C. Kilpatrick, Jr. Floyd G. Kinser Dwight L. Kintner Graham B. Knight Henry E. Kobayashi Sam L KoS.en Daniel M. Krausse Paul C Krizov James A. Laster Sample B. Lauderdale Laura M. Lawler Claude Lawrence, Jr. Robert E. Lee Robert Clark LeRoy Herman Levin R. Patton Li plit foot. Jr. Howard W. Linnard Ernest G. Long Charles J. Luther Jack T. McAfee William W. McClendon Robert P. McFarland J.J.McKetta Kelly K. McMillin James S. McNiel Chester L, McShan Lester E. McTaggart James S. Maddux. Jr. Joseph Magliolo. Jr. Thomas C. Maldonado. Jr. Glenn C. Marken Robert N. Massey Audra B. Massing!)) Exley C. Mixon James A. Montgomery Guy Z. Moore, Jr. William L. Motsch Lorn Kenneth Nichols Matt A. Noble, Jr. James A. O ' Neill Hoyle M. Osborne James Durwood Owen? John W. Farmer John F. Pearsall Harold T. Pearson Dudley P. Penick Robert E. Pennington Jose Louis Perez-Ayala E. Stanley Peterson Robert J.Phillips Charles D. Price Philip Walter Pritchett William G Pritchett Carlos R. Quintanilla William A. Raatr Van W. Rat cliff Kenneth D. Raven Richard R. Renstrom Donald H. Richter Paul Rigney. Jr. Cornel is Roelse Richard Thomas Romans William K. Roquemore Silas M. Rouse Frank Sallstrom Richard M. Sargent Michael A. Scalise Doris J. Schupp Edbert J. Schutze Gerado S. Seyffert John H. Shary Spurgeon Clarence Smith Elton D. Soltes Arthur L. Squyres Harold R. Streckfu Donald Sussan Neill E. Sutton Howard M. Swenson Thomas N. Tackett, Ill James H. Templeton Jack N. Thigpen Burton L. Thomas W illiam H. Tiemann Charles L. Umholtz James Upchurch Gustavo-Parole Urcid M. A. Vela Alvin S. Vener Ladislad Vratny-Hubicka Robert G. Walker Keith D. Wall John H. Warden Edward W. Watts George A. Watts Bernard Wendrow John P. Wever George A. WTieeler Robert A. Wheeler Byder W . W ilde James Wilkinson Frances D. Williams Jay O. Williams Robert J. Williams. Jr. Helen B. Winters Frank E. Withers John Davis Woods Fred M. Wright Roy House Zuefeldt Guillermo Zuniga THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS, founded in 1908. was established on the campus in 1941. The organiza- tion acquaints the student with his profession through varied monthly programs of speakers and movies, and personal contact with out- standing men in chemical engineering. Rai ' B. Yrieht. Dry. Sarjent. F. VillUu . Ba ltr. R. Favlkaer. Lavlrr. Wiatert, Zwfrldt. Kint -r. Price. Cower, f : Hofmu. SVMU. Hajek. Collier. BvnrcT. Keelrn. Motaek. Keith. Eckel.. Halmt. Mrt -. Dutocr. Jordam. O+ermt. Urrid. Fnntll. Atu. F.nmm. P. Pritrbrlt. Faeiito, H.r, Roqw on-. McKrlta. Crinroid. : Clift. Liuard. Firmer. 1. VilliaaM. Trmplrtox. FraaJJia. EllaMm. Wildr. Vrla. Williaai Bo.. Frmia. Bukrr. Crera. J -- BOTIKX. Prin(1oa. M l loudo. l mmm. BMM . I. Falkrr, Elkiw. fHtab. MaaaucUI. Tackrtt. VWItr. Doui. Almaua. ]oa. Bellnaa. Q.i u.illa. ,.re. C. Watte. Marfiolo. Pe.kk. Mcl. T em m. Ho. Cuntt. U Kimtma. E. Tam. Bluer. . H.. .. MaMn. Owea.. Ralrlif. Bran. Wwdra . P cx ZZ7 ri. 1. t. Jt. Front Row: Burges, Inks, McMillan, Mason, Kendziorek, Larsen, Adams, Kelly, Singleton, A. Cupp, D. Cupp, Vidaurri, Cox. Second Row: GafforJ, Capps, Cockrell, Kincade, Rummel, Gambrell, Warner, Reed, Keen, Jensen, Kurio, Ltisk. Third Row: Hoyt, Vague, House, Gunn, Breihan, Ludwig, Murphy, Levander, Tucker, Holt, Wottlin, Peck. Fourth Row: Sanderson, Hood, Leslie, McCrocklin Hallford, Lundelius, Hair, Bethel, Hearn, Dobles, Bleck. Fifth Row: Ragsdale, Adcock, Fridge n. Gammon, Peden, Duesterhoeft, Whipple, Gaines, Hubbard, Grain, Brown. OFFICERS President FELIX F. HOUSE (ToM H. KEEN Vice.Presidents | WARREN A. REES Secretary SANDRA SANDFIELD Treasurer HAL R. JENSEN Corresponding Secretary OSCAR LUNDELIUS MEMBERS Alden R. Adams Robert E. Adcock Leonard O. Ahlgren Carlos T. Alderette Hilmar F. Aubel Carryl 0. Bethel Edward C. Bickley Fred L. Bleck Morgan A. Bondy Lloyd 0. Bowen, Jr. Robert E. Breihan John E. Brown Kelly W. Bryan Ellis G. Burges Edward Elliott Capps Richard N. Cardwell Cranfill A. Carlton John W. Carpenter R. Bruce Carter B. Dale Cockrell Joe C. Covington William Hoyt Cox Albert E. Cupp Danny C. Cupp C. M. Grain R. Glenn Dales H.Paul Dees John C. Dippel Robert W. Dobles Louis E. Doyle Thomas E. Drawhorn, Jr. William C. Duesterhoeft James W. Evans Bruce Feder Delbert E. Flowers John L. Ford Clare B. Fouler B. Newman Gafford Warren M. Gaines John M. Gambrell Edward P. Gammon Ballard George Tom J. Gleichauff Saul Gorin Clarence A. Gunn C. LeMarr Hair Scott F. Hall Ben Ray Hallford John W. Hammock Allan W. Harbaugh Ethan V. Hassinger Claude E. Hearn John M. Hengy, Jr. Connie M. High James W. Holt Robert Bruce Hood Felix F. House Gordon W. Hoyt Chris B. Hubbard Floyd B. Inks Hal R. Jensen David Jones Louis W. Kariel Thomas H. Keen Margaret Kelly David M. Kemp Martin Kendziorek Odell Kincade Calvert Koether Norris A. Kurio John A. Laird, III Floyd E. Larsen John D. Leslie Dale H. Levander Chi-Sun Lin Rubin W. Ludwig Juan R. Lujan Oscar E. Lundelius Lloyd W. Lusk William L. Lyon Fred B. McCarty Willard A. McCorkle Andrew J. McCrocklin James W. McFarland, Jr. T. J. McKennon William D. McMillan Eugene G. Magnuson George H. Marquardt Edward A. Mason John Malcolm Murphy Dave Pandres Alson E. Peck Norman H. Peden William L. Pridgen Roy D. Ragsdale John C. Reed Warren A. Rees Max J. Rosenstein David T. Rowe Emmett C. Rummel Thomas P. Sanderson Sandra Sandfield Lowell D. Shawver Leo C. Singleton, Jr. Lewis M. Sledge Horton W. Smith John A. Swegler Luther W. Thompson, Jr. Thomas B. Tucker Glen Edward Vague Fred E. Vidaurri Virgil E. Verheyden Jack C. Wallace Frank H. Warner Robert D. Whipple William O. Wottlin THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS was founded in 1884. The national institute has a total membership of more than 30,000. The 126 student branches have a total active membership of more than 5,000. The main purpose of the student branch is to introduce the student to the engineering field and to the men in his profession. I PACE 228 A.I.M.E OFFICERS President yice-President Secretary . Treasurer HERBERT F. POYNER JOHN S. GOODRICH J. C. STANLEY REYNOLDS LAI RIE W. FOLMAR MEMBERS If: Malcolm D. Abel James R. Alexander Thomas M. Allen Vthanas Donald F. Bloomer Kenneth L. Boren Ballard M. Borger William H. Bowie Howard B. Bradley Walter H. Bryant Roy B. Bryson John B. Butz Gene A. Carter Donald Chase Glynn A. Clark William R. Corby James C. Cordell George E. Crabb Gordon P. Craig: Benjamin A. Cunningham John O. Davis X. M. Derrick John D. Dodson William M. Dudley Roy P. Dwyer Lamar O. Eschberger George H. Fancher James E. Fender Russell F_ Ferrell Laurie M. Folmar Duncan K. Foulds Stanley C. Frank John H. Fry John S. Goodrich Arturo Guerra Walter C Hamilton John L. Heath Charles O. Hopper Robert L. Hoss William G. Hovel James R. Hut ton Wiley F.James Herman W r . Jones Robert N. Jones Robert E. Kellennan Norman G. Kiltrell Earl V. Lindsay- Earl Lohn George W. MrMurry Arthur J. Monzinpo Warren J. Mosher William S. Morgan Hanford Morris Robert A . Noble John C. Osmond Ernest O. Patterson Merrick D. Payne Don F. Pierce Ralph J. Poth Herbert F. Poyner Harry H. Power Robert B. Ray J. C Stanley Reynolds Robert E. Ritchie Antonio G. Rios J. Paul Roston Jack Schrenkel Kermit W. Shimeall Jack R. Spurlock Thomas F. Stephens Henry F. Straw W. Lamar Strickland William L. Stubbleneld Albert E. Sweeney Ronald W. Taylor John ( . Thrash Harry A. Trueblood Oswaldo A. Trujillo Fred V. Watson Jack J. Watson William B. Watson Charles F. Weinaug Charles G. Weiner Darrell G. Welch Howard E. West Roy F. Weston Herman T. W etegrove Frank M. Whittington Robert B. Wilkins Frank N. Woodruff David T. Woodward IHK AMKRH INSTITUTE OF MINING AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERS was founded in 1871 and is the oldest of the national engineering societies. o: Vamamfo, Umdnj. kitti tt. Fruk. Straw. H. Jon.-.. Br.,. Src U K : Cl.rk. Morri.. Voodral. Goodrich. Abrl. Bnxnl. Mort.ii. Bnt Tlurd fox: m trrmr. r.t. D rrr. ]. WlM a. TfarMh. Rolon. Himillon. fatiilk Jto: PoTrr. Bradlrr. Drrrirk. Dii. Borrm. Ck r. fi f Hfm: Foold.. Pirrrr. Rr.nold.. Hotel. R. Joan. Hull on. SIB Ror: Cordrll. Alri. ndrr. Heath. SWCMT. Taylor. PattrnoB. Trorblood. SraatA f m: Hon. Wilkia . Sbii -.ll. V. atoau Alh.n... mr,n,u. 1-. . ..- 1 . J. Ll II. front floui: McLEAN, MASON, GREVNALD, CAMPBELL, ABELL, WILSON, HALL, CALHOUN, HAYES, PITSTICK, BUTLEK, CRAVES, J. FOCHT. Second Row: PERERA, HARDEMAN, SPARKMAN, ASHLEY, CORREA, SHEPARD, BOND, CERNENTZ, RAINERY, GERHARDT, McKELLAR, HANNA, DISHMAN. Third Row: SEIDEL, ETHERIDCE, EMRICH, BARNES, COLLINS, BURKETT, WIPKE, FINKLEA, LBELLE, W ATKINS, BEHRENS, HOUSLEY, REED. Fourth Row: NUNN, JACKSON, BETHELL, BICGS, COOPER, BOND, HELLER, MATLOCK, HOFMANN, SCOTT, GOMEZ, HALEY, WRIGHT, F. BELLOWS, HOLMES. OFFICERS President ZACK T. BURKETT Vice-President JESSE E. HELLER Secretary LUCY WILSON Treasurer OSCAR W. HOLMES Sponsor JOHN A. FOCHT MEMBERS John B. Abell Harold J. Ashley Joe S. Badgett James H. Bailey Jack R. Barnes E. L. Bearden Paul D. Behrens Frank W. Bellows George F. Bellows G. S. Bennett William D. Bethell James E. Biggs Wallace G. Bond Thomas Boulet, Jr. Kenneth E. Burch Zack T. Burkett Dewain R. Butler H. W. Cain Louie R. Calhoun Robert F. Campbell Maurice Coburn Robert L. Collins H. M. Cook Harold P. Cooper Jose Correa Robert E. Crawford Paul Derr Elsby E. Dishman Jim Douglas R. B. Elliott William J. Emrich Kenneth A. Etheridge I. Carroll Finklea Thomas A. Fisher F. Tuck Focht S. A. Garza Manfred W. Gerhardt John H. Gernentz George F. Gold Edward W. Gomez James Graves Bertrand Greynald Melvin E. Haley Seidel S. Hall Thomas W. Hanna Edward L. Hardeman P. H. Harris, Jr. Robert H. Hayes Jesse E. Heller Thomas G. Hof mann Oscar W. Holmes Spencer K. Hoppe Howard Housley Emmett Jackson Daniel W. Klar Francis F. LaBelle R. W. McDonald Robert H. McKellar S. L. McLean Wallace W. Martin H. E. Mason Hudson Matlock J. V. Mims Manton A. Nations Reuben R. H. Nunn Robert M. Olson David F. Pabst Ovidio Perera William J. Pitstick Robert F. Pond Louis D. Rainery Robert L. Reed George S. Robertson. Jr. Howard G. Scott Edmund 0. Seidel Eugene N. Shepard C. L. Shimek Samuel F. Small John C. Sparkman H. D. Steadman John F. Watkins Lucy Wilson Robert F. Wipke Vernon G. Wright Anis A. Yarid THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS was established on The University of Texas campus in 1921 to bring about the friendship of civil and architectural engineering students. PACE 230 A.S.M.E. OFFICERS Chairman WILLIAM W. HLFF. JR. Chairman HERBERT . HICKOK Secretary REGINALD ROBINSON Treasurer CLAY L. PRICE, JR. Sponsor V. L. DOIGHTIE MEMBERS Victor H. Abadie John E. Albers James F. Andrews Tank M. Basdal Frank H.Beneke. Jr. David S. Belvin Irwin H. Blume James D. Blumr R. A. rVlknap John E. Alfred K. Boyd Robert C Brook Everett H. Brown John A. Bniyere Edward J. Bybel Thomas G. Carroll Donald C. Chance? Lee Banie Cheshier, Jr. G. M. Clark Oscar R. Clay Sterling Clayton Hilbern D. Cope Max A. Corbett Jerry L. Coufal Warren D. Culwell V. L. Doughtie Robbie H. Edgerton J. M. Egger Jack R. Elliott Bradford Faubion Frederick E. Forney Edward Feilder Robert D. Franklin Francis L. Freeman George E. Fulton J. Grant Ghonheley. Jr. Richard N. Goeth Ismail S. Gokcen Richard F. Gordon David Grinsfelder Fred E. Grissom Melich Gursoy Sidney W. Hagan, Jr. CecU B. Haney Gerald B.Harding. Jr. Royce S. Hargrove William F. Heiner Herbert N. Hickok William Hinton Sidney Hoffman Edwin B. Hopkins. Jr. Earnest A. Huebner William W. Huff, Jr. Mehmet F. Ilkel William E. Jennings Bobbie F. Johnson V. S. Keyak Cletus A. Kotterman Leonardt F. Kreisle Stanley E. Kuenstter William Kuyper James L. Logan Robert T. Lokken Frank W. McBee Malcolm A. McEarchern Calvin L. MacAusland Edwin M. Marks Robert Marshall Grady P. Martin Karl A. Martino Roy H. Mason Clem M. Massey Clyde T. Massey illiam K. Modrall James C. Monfort Ray L. Morrison William Morrison Robert A. Moses John C. Newland Frank D. Olin G. H. Osborn James B. Patterson, Jr. Mario L. Pena Tony Pena John H. Perry Alvin J. Pokorny Calvin E. Porcher Clay L. Price, Jr. Donald E. Radtke George A. Randolph, Jr. Jack Roberts John C. Robertson Reginald Robinson Thomas B. Romine. Jr. Walter W. Roseman Harry Samuels Edgar E. Savage Jack E. Saye J. J. Soanlon Paul P. Schwartz Harold G. Scboener Robert H. Severin Walter R. Shoaff. Jr. Charles A. Smith Byron N. Soderman E. R. St. John Leroy R. Stuve Jack R. Tiplon JohnN.Troxell,Jr. Jack L. Tyler R. Carlton Terry- Clyde G. Weaver W. R. Weaver Kenneth M. Webb Arthur D. Willbem. Jr. Lester F. Williamson Roy M. Willis THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS, founded on the campus in 1919, seeks to embue each of its members with a spirit of professionalism. fnmt K : MARTLNO. PRICE. M. PENA. ROBINSON. MARSHALL. OLIN. SCHOF M K. SecwW .- ABADIE. SHOAFF. BRLYERE. CLARK. ELLIOTT. MONFORT. KEYAK. Tlur : PORCHER. McBEE. I. BLLME. FREEMAN -I IKIN. MODRALL. ECCER. Ho.: MARKS. WILUS. ST. JOHN. KOTTERMAN. DOl ' CHTIE. HICKOK. HUFF. i . , . . ALBA Front Row: I, Ramirez, Lozano, Chapa, Esparza, C. Ramirez, E. Ximenez, G. Ramirez, Rangel. Second Row: Villanueva, Valdespino, Antonio Guerra, Bazan, Richer, J. Garcia, Chavez, Cadena. Third Row: Aldrete, Cantu, Sorola, Cigarroa, Martinez, Delgado, Tijerina, G. Sanchez, Laborde. Fourth Row: Lujan, Vela, R. Hernandez, A. Garza, Barrera, B. Garza, Caceres, C. Sanchez. Fifth Row: Flores, Kidder, Olvera, De La Paz, Salazar, Hinojosa, Munguia, T. Pena. OFFICERS President RAFAEL H. FLORES V ice-President CRISTOBAL ALDRETE Secretary REBECA G. CIGARROA Treasurer PAT R. BARRERA Faculty Sponsor GEORGE I. SANCHEZ Cristobal Aldrete Gloria Ayala Pat R. Barrera Carlos Bazan Arturo X. Benavides Luis Cabrera Artemio Caceres Viola Cadena Maria Elena Calderon Alvino Campos Carlos Cantu Jose A. Cardenas Pauline Castrita Oscar Cavazos David Cevallos Lilia Chapa Angela Chavez Rebeca Cigarroa Samuel Cortez Rodolfo De La Paz Adolph De La Pena Godfrey Delgado Socorro Esparza Jesus Estrada Rafael H. Flores Ruben Fuentes Antonio Gallegos Antonio Garcia Alfredo Garcia Enrique Garcia Paul L. Garcia Juan L. Garcia Pilor Garcia Antonieta Garza Bertha Garza Carlos Garza Lauro Garza Marcelo Garza Pedro Garza Aris Gonzalez Fernando F. Gonzalez Mauricio Gonzalez Ramon Gonzalez Roberto Gonzalez Antonio Guerra Arnoldo Guerra MEMBERS Arturo Guerra Evangelina Guerra Roy Guerra Raul Guerrero Cecilio Gutierrez Emilio Gutierrez Alfonso Hernandez Jesse Hernandez Juan Hernandez Oscar Hernandez Perfecto Hernandez Romeo Hernandez Rene Hinojosa Jeannette Kawas Charles Kidder Alfred Laborde Luis La Fon Alonzo Lopez Arturo Lopez Domingo Lopez Homero Lopez Lauro Lopez Rogerio Lopez Teresa Lozano Juan Lujan Celia Martinez Emma Martinez Juan Martinez Pat Mendez Horacio Mendiola Maria Mendoza Luis Monies Trinidad Morales Alicia Munguia Raul Munoz Samuel E. Olvera Tony Pena Willie Pena Yrineo Pena Joseph Pereira Frank Pineda Samuel Pinedo Helen Prado Robert L. Prado Antonio Prieto Celia Ramirez Fausto Ramirez Gloria Ramirez Ileana Ramirez Herminia Rangel Hugo Richer Carlos Rivera Joel Rocha, Jr. Cecilio Rodriguez Yolanda Rodriguez Ella Saenz Lilia Saenz Pablo Saenz Yolanda Salazar Roberto Saldana Rogelio Salinas Cosme S. Sanchez Eugene Sanchez George Sanchez Ramiro Sanchez Santiago Santos Edmund Sorola Pedro Tijerina Daniel Trevino Antonio Valdes Henry Valdespino Raymundo Valenzuela Arturo Vasquez Richard Vela Arnoldo Vera Richard Vera Fred Vidaurri Ralph Vidaurri Bertha Villanueva Eduardo Villarreal Juan Villarreal Luis Valpe Evangelia Ximenez Maria Ximenez ALBA, a Latin-American club founded October 10, 1946, on the campus, was established to promote social and cultural interest among its members in cooperation with other campus groups. PACE 232 AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President CLINT WAKEFIELD V ice-President CLARENCE L. HOWARD Secretary JANE FITZPATRICK Treasurer . . TEDDY SOUSARES John Garland Adair C. C. Albrrs Samuel B. Allen Bn re C. Anderson Sidney M. Austin, Jr. William (). Aver) ' , Jr. Betsy A. Bagley rtliur Cartrr Beach I.uther L. Bean Daniel E. Beane Norma J. Beauchamp Kenneth Berg Robert H. Berryhill Harral Aiken Bipharn (). ( lifton Billingsley James G. Blakeway Robert C. Bone Charles W. Bowden Heflin M. Bowden Charles W. Bowen Clifton C. Bowen Jack J. Brady- James J. Brady Mike Brennan Joseph Clarence Brooke, Jr. Betty B. Brown V. Hirkman Brown Elton A. Burns Ruth B. Campbell Jerrold Lanier Carpenter Oran D. Carson Morley W. Christensen Peggy J. Christir William T.Clarke, Jr. Graham G. Cox Ardell R. Crawford George G. Cross Bobbv Sam Damron Edith E. Day Jimmie F. Dean Clarence O. Dube Goree Ellison Carl De Wayne Ested Henry J. Fietsam Clois A. Fink Frank H. Fitzpatrick Jane P. Fitzpatrick J. French Fooshee James D. Fox Cecil C. Frederick John H. Freeis Charles Franklin Freeman Valmond Joseph Gautreau, Jr. Manuel Victor Gazis Ralph L. Good, Jr. David Greenberg Louise Greenberg Mary Alice Guy Raymond O. Haas Ruth R. Ham Raymond Y. Harris James F. Harvey, Jr. Ruth H. Hatch Kenneth W. Heinz Robert L. Henna Paul L. Hoge Doris S. Hollingsworth N. Lloyd Houts Clarence L. Howard Gustin Hrneir Robert L. Hunsaker Edwin L. Hunter Gordon Frank Jacobs Franklin F. James J. Ross Johnston Ross B. Johnston MEMBERS Joe Copwood Jones Mark E. Jones Martha J. Jones Tony Everett Jones Leland J. Kappel Weldon E. Keel Louise Killingsworth James E. King Marion A. King Elmer A. Krause Ralph M. Krieger George C. Lacy, Jr. Lucille Gladys Laskowski Aroldo O. Lerma Ray D. Lilley Ira F. Lindemann Osier Clarence Lindsey, Jr. Madeline M. Links Alworth A. Little John W. McClure Dorothy Roy McCurtry James Daniel McKinley, Jr. Bertha Faye Magee Rodney S. Majure William Franklin Martin Roger E. Meece D. L. Milburn Robert W. Mitchell Otto W. Mittag Richard L. Moore Fred L. Morris William Henry Muegge Hardie S. Nance, Jr. Joe B. Nash W. R. Neville David R. Notes Fara Occhipinti Dick Davy Owens Horace R. Park Richard W. Patterson Walter E. Pennington Tillman P. Perkins Paul M. Perrone Evelyn Pfluger James Arthur Piercy, Jr. Frank F. Pineda Charles W. Poole Cordelia Frances Powell Harold Dean Powell Leon C. Presley Oran D. Price Antonio Provencio Arthur Warren Radcliffe Dale R. Railsback Earl L. Rainer Ruth Ranville Frank J. Repka Charles Howard Rhodes Helen Sue Riley Cosme S. Sanchez John H. Schuler Virginia Shields Francis M. Shokes, Jr. Frank J. Simon, Jr. Barbara T. Skelton Billy Roy Skelton Frank Julius Skrivanek J. Kenneth Slaton James P. Smith, Jr. A. C. Soukup, Jr. Kathryn A. Sousares Teddy M. Sousares Dexter B. Spalding Jean Wiley Spears Jerrold B. Spring Mary Ann Stubbs Betty Louise Tally Joe Hinton Teague, III Edwin E. Tillerson Loree Tindall Marvin Tindall George Totah Frances C. Underwood James M. Underwood, Jr. Leonard M. Upshaw R. Clinton Wakefield Charles A. Walker Jo Beth Walling Donald W. Way William P. Westmoreland Laddie L. White Mary Ellen White William R. Whitten Ernest T. Wilder, Jr. Malcolm D. Wilkinson Gloria F. Wiley Lillian D. Williams Samuel W. Wilson Dale Woodall John H. Woodard William Cecil Wright Barney Clifford Wyninegar Lonnie J. Yarbrough THE AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION was founded nationally in 1852. It was founded on the campus in 1930. The primary interest for the coming year is " to actively support a program toward getting a pharmacy building on the campus. " front Row: Martha Jone.. Wright. J. Brad;, Powell. Hatch. Brauchamp. Baglejr. White, Sonura. Gidley. W. F. Dean. Teigur. Srcond Row: Krauie, Willing. Spalding. Damron, Sanchei, Canon, Ham, Albrn. Underwood, T. Sousarei, Mittag, Totah. Third Raw: 1. John. Ion. Charlei Bowen, Bone, Hollingiworth, Campbell, Morrii. Moore, T. Perkini, Mark Jonei, Bran. Caiii, Srhnler. Inunh Mote: Murjjr, Skrivanek. Repka. Eited. Frederick. Upihaw. Meece, Railtback. Wakefield, I. Jonet, Neville. fifth Row: Woodall, Bowden, Fitzpalrick, Howard. King. Price, Greenberf, Dube. Wyninegar. Speari, Freeli, McKinley. Sixttt Rott: Wilkinton. Brooke, Pattervon, Pineda, White, Houts, Clifton Rowen, Krieger, Brennan, Foothee. Pact 233 ASHBEL LITERARY SOCIETY Front Row: DEATON, YAGER, BURKE, TACKETT, THOMASON, CALLAN, MOREHEAD. Second Row: HOWELL, DAVIS, BROWN, HOLI.INGSWORTH, CRAVES, FULBRIGHT, DYER, SMITH. Third Row: BELL, DoBOSE, FINCH, HART. KENNEDY, CARMICHAEL, JOHNS, MILLER, JONES, HAMILTON. OFFICERS President GLORIA ANN FULBRIGHT V ice-President FRANCES ANN DEATON Recording Secretary MARY BURKE Treasurer NANCY HOLLINGSWORTH Sponsor LUCILLE WILLIAMS MEMBERS Marjorie C. Bell Beverly Bolton Marjorie Bowers Barbara Brown Mary Burke Mary Cady Barbara Callan Ann Carmichael Lou Davis Frances Ann Deaton Lois DuBose Virginia Dyer Eva Jean Finch Gloria Ann Fulbright Mary Nell Gibson Nancy Graves Margaret Hamilton Harmolyn Hart Nancy Hollingsworth Jacqueline Hott Leila Houseman Wister Howell Mary Victor Johns Virginia Jones Jean Kennedy May D. Miller Mary Miller Patricia Mil Is Marjorie Morehead Peggy Mullins Beverly Ann Nash Jo Ann Phillips Margaret Seale Sue Cheek Smith Helen Tackett Priscilla Thomason Betty Ann Warner Beverly Yager ASHBEL LITERARY SOCIETY, organized November 22, 1888, was named for Ashbel Smith, the first president of the Board of Regents. The members of the Society strive to increase their knowledge by the study of literature. The motto of the club is " Epulvere ad astra. " (Dust to stars.) PICE 234 ATHENAEUM LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS President ALFRED W. OFFER Vice-President ROBERT G. GALLAW Secretary -Treasurer MARION W. GRONER Prosecuting Attorney GEORGE O. NOKES. JR. Streant-at-.4rnu ROBERT B. BILLINGS MEMBERS Claude T.Allen James C. Bearden Robert B. Billings Fred C. Brigman. Jr. Frank Roger Brown Glaydell F. Brown Malcolm C. Cohn Austin L. Crouch Lewi? J. Davies J.Albert Dickie Robert R. Duvall Max Endel William A. Eraser, Jr. Robert G. Gal la wax Marion W. Groner Francis G. Harmon Leland A. Hodges D. Blair Justice Marion C. Ladwig Ben F. McDonald, Jr. H. Gordon Montgomery Joe B. Morris George W. Morrow- John T. Nelson Eugene Nearburg George O. Nokes. Jr. Edgar R. Nuckols James E. Nugent Alfred W. Offer J. Frank Riseden Russell R. H.Sahm James R. Shortes Jack C. Skaggs Gene T. Stone Martin T. Todaro James S. Whitworth. Jr. John WildenthaL Jr. Robert P. Woodruff Roscoe R. Zierlein ATHENAEUM LITERARY SOCIETY was founded in 1883 and its members retain membership for life. Among the many distinguished i lain i of Athenaeum are Senator Tom Connally, R. B. Creager of the Republican National Committee, and Dean Charles T. Mc- Connick of the School of Law. Iron o: DICKIf . sTONK. TODARO. CALLAVAV. OFFER. BCVALL. CROTCH. SAHM. NOKES. Srcc i fotr: MOVTCOMERT. C. BBOTN. FRASER. MORRIS. E. E. CANN. Jl-TICE. VILDENTHAL. MORROW. TkirJ Xxr: .NUGENT. BRICMAN. NEL5ON. L Dm 1C. ALLEN. HITVORTH. NEARBl ' RC. McDONALD. DAVIES. . . . ' BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Front Row: CLOVER, EMERY, AUSTIN, McCARTY. Second Row: JONES, PRICE, WATSON, GRIFFIN, WORTHINGTON. Third Row: LOVE, RIVERS, CALTON, IVY. UNIVERSITY CABINET MEMBERS OFFICERS President ROBERT BRUCE LOVE Enlistment V ice-President FLORENCE GLOVER c T - n -j Uo ANN EMERY Socud V lC e-Presidents j RUTH BERRY Devotional Vice-President J. L. GRIFFIN Secretary EVELYN KILPATRICK Music Chairman CORNELIA FRAZIER Extension Chairman . ELAINE AUSTIN Publicity Chairman MARY MAE McDoNALD Public Relations Chairman KENNETH WAYNE RIVERS FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH CABINET MEMBERS President BETTY JEAN McCARTY Enlistment Vice-President THOMAS WILLIAM JONES Social Vice-President JANE KUYKENDALL Devotional V ice-President . GLORIA WATSON Secretary JULIA SCARBROUGH Reporter . . ... . . . . . MELBA MARSHALL Talent Representative CLAY L. PRICE, JR. Volunteer Representative QUINTON S. IVY S.S. Representative DOYLE L. CALTON T. U. Representative T. H. WORTHINGTON Y.W.A. Representative JUNE DUKE The first BAPTIST STUDENT UNION in Texas was organized at the University in 1919. Activities planned or sponsored during the year include a monthly social function, extension work, supervision of Sunday School, B. S. U. Players, morning watch, Youth Fellowship, All Youth Banquet, Singspiration, and L. 0. A. W. Banquet. Pice 236 BETA BETA ALPHA OFFICERS President PATRICIA MILLS First V ice-President SHIRLEY HARRIS Second V ice-President GLORIA WATSON Secretary MARGARET NAGAI Treasurer BETTY SUE BONNER Reporter TOMMIE MAE TANNER i ' ? MEMBERS Betty Elaine Agrelius Barbara Ellen Biesele Carolyn E. Blair Evelyn Ann Branson L. Maurine Brautigam Norma Bryant Mary Jean Burkhalter Bettie Jean Burton Dottie L. Chandler V illodyne Chappie Carolyn Colombe E. Ruth Cox Marilyn Crawford Frances I. Dollar Ruby Jo Doughertv Marcia Eaton Claudia Jo Evans Etelka S. Ferguson Viola Nayda Garcia Kathleen Adele Glaze Roline Gouldy Mary I_ Grann Joyce Earlene Green Carolyn Griffin Celia Guerrero Carolyn June Gunn Leah Jean Hair Marjorie Pauline Hanna Ruth Caroline Hardt Shirley Jean Harris Caroline Henke Margaret Mary Heye Mollie Hildreth Ruth Hinton Lillian Beth Hyman Bobbie Jean Johnson Marilyn Ruth Johnson Sarah Alice Jones Virgie Kay Elizabeth Ann Kelly I la Roe Kempe Nikki Kmiec Bessie Faye Logan Mary Jennette Lynch Jean M. McCarron Betty Jean McCarty Frances Marie McGhee Virginia W. McGuire Dorothy L. McSpadden Dovie LaNel le Meadows Ruth Louise Menn Felice Sydney Michelson Marilyn Miller Patricia Mills Margaret Nagai Joan Beth Nelson Doris L. Neuhaus Louise Nolen Virgie Olle L. Ernestine Orts Donna A. Panknin Barbara L. Paxton Stella Mae Payton Theresa Pesl Rita Gwyn Petti grew Elizabeth Pool Mary Jane Prenriss Doniece Faye Ramsey Beverly J. Rollins Pauline E. Russell Hilda Yolanda Salazar Frances Ann Sharp Calvin S. Simecek Clara Jean Smith Doris Jeanne Smith Marjorie L. Smith Dorothy Stansel Mary Helene Strong Florence Mae Stullken Evelyn G. Summers Mary Margaret Swain -Jeanne Bush Swenson Tommie Mae Tanner Helen Mitchell Tindall Florence E. Wallace Mildred Ella Washington Gloria Watson Virginia Lucille White Clara Joyce Wiginton Marv Blanche Wilson BETA BETA ALPHA has as its objective the promotion of a feeling of unity between the women students and the faculty members of the School of Business Administration. This organization also aims to aid women students in acquiring the knowledge and technique for a successful business career. Sntmlk Ro : Tuuial!. CUM. Heakr. rp. CnrTert . Bryant. StaMrl. a(mi. r.1. Gr-n. Cm. Sink. Miller. EJIO.. . Hr r. H rri. Mill . Summer . Wat oa. tront. C.rri.. Lrix-h. RMiry. HUM. Lo.i . Pmtio. Nolf.. AfrrliM. ]OK. Huu. Mifhrl. Prtti fmr, Snia. . . Go,ld r . Srr . KWBC. Do fecny. Ky. BwtWIln. H.i.ii. bilr. T.nnrr. Snllkr . Frr,jo. NelMl. Rollje.. CrmM. M. Ioho . M. Sn).lh. Orl.. Ev McCuty. McCuirc. BIG SPRING CLUB front Row: BOWDEN, B. RICE, H. BLOUNT. RICHARDSON, WILSON. Second Row: McINTOSH, FRAZIER, McDONALD, PRITCHETT, J. RICE. Third Row: RICCS, WEAVER, J. CUNNINGHAM, NEILL. R. BLOUNT. OFFICERS President BETH JOANNE RICE V ice-President BILLY B. McDoNALD Secretary CAMILLE INKMAN Treasurer STEWART P. SMITH W. Kenneth Barnes Louise A. Bennett Helon J. Blount Ralph E. (Peppy) Blount Hollace E. Bowden George G. Cross Grover B. Cunningham, Jr. Mrs. Grover B. Cunningham, Jr. Joe Bruce Cunningham Elbert Grady Davis MEMBERS Mary Ann Dudley John B. Evans Shirlee Fisherman Cornelia E. Frazier Sara Hillgers William Hillgers George Hogan Camille Inkman John Tom Lewis Larry G. Lewis Ardis McCasland Billy B. McDonald Barbara X. McEven John W. Mclntosh Clarence Miller Mrs. Clarence Miller Johnny P. Miller Mrs. Johnny P. Miller George H. Neill Phil O ' Barr Bobby R. Pritchett Jacqueline Rayzar Beth Joanne Rice Jack H. Rice Nathan Allan Richardson Jack D. Riggs Frank G. Sholte Stewart P. Smith Gloria G. Strom Jo Ann Switzer Don E. Thomas Mrs. Don E. Thomas Leslie Ray Thomas Marijo Thurman Russell H. Weaver Wadell H. Welch Charles Weeg Rita Weeg Ralph R. Wilson BillieW. Yates THE BIG SPRING CLUB seeks to promote fellowship among the Big Spring students at the University. P 238 BRATS OFFICERS Colonel HELEN TIXDALL Lieutenant Colonel CYNTHIA Row AN Major ELEANOR GAFFEY Major BETTY JANE ELMS Captain BETTY STEVENS Martha Ahl ancy Boyd Patricia Col well Lyla Duke Betty Jane Elm- Eleanor Gaffey Patricia Hemphill Mildred Kelleher Harriet Kirsner MEMBERS Jo Anne Millard Kitty Moore Jacqueline Morse Jane Gray Odell Barbara Orr Annette Phillips Janet S. Prentiss Joyce Pursley Cynthia Rowan Hazel Smith Betty Stevens Florence Tillson Shirley Timberlake Helen Tindall Nancy Towler Madge Westbrook Sara Youngflesh Mary Leigh Zerbee THE ARMY AND ANCHOR BRATS, founded in 1940 at the University, is the central chapter with subsidiary chapters at Stephens College and Penn Hall. The BRATS was organized to promote a feeling of unity among daughters of service officers. nt: COL ELL. TO LKR. PRENTISS. RO AN. Ho : ELMS. VESTBBOOK. CAFFEY. TIMBERLAKF. TkirJ Ham: TILLSON. ODELL. STEVENS. ORR. fort ...- DUKE. TINDAU, YOUNCFLESH. ( KBM 23 CAMPUS GIRL SCOUT LEADERS CLUB Front Roto: KAPLAN, DOOLE, SCHUMANN, IRWIN, BARRON. Second Row: HAYNIE, HYMAN, CAVETT, WALTER, MUCKLEROY. Third Row: TAYLOR, BAKER, ANTHONY, J ASTER, BISSELL. OFFICERS President . . . . First Vice-President Second Vice-President Secretary . . . . Treasurer . . . . Reporter . . . . MARIAN L. SCHUMANN PEGGY JEAN KAPLAN JOYCE ERWIN PEGGIE NELL DOOLE VIRGINIA L. BARRON MARY LYNN CLIFT Emma Lou Alston Patricia Anthony Barbara A. Bailey Barbara Ann Baker Vonciel Barker Virginia L. Barren Beatrice Biles Margaret Ann Bissell Bette J. Balagia MEMBERS Barbara L. Bliss Mary Louise Cavett Mary Ann Chalmers Juanita B. Clemens Mary Lynn Clift Mildred Ruth Cole Mary Ann Crosier Louisa Catherine Drane Vina Dirtrich Peggie Nell Doole Joyce Erwin Marguerite Mae Haynie Carolyn Harris Lillian Ruth Hyman Joyce Irwin N. Odine Jackson Earlene K. Jaster Peggy Jean Kaplan Anna Marie Letterman Martha Ann Lewis Katherine McDaniel Johnnie Macy Ardeth Moore Betty J. Morrison Loma Dell Muckleroy Norma Jean Russell Marian L. Schumann Edna Shoemake Margaret E. Sutton Ruth Ann Taylor Theresa Caroline S alter Betty Woods Virginia Wright Joyce L. Yarborough CAMPUS GIRL SCOUT LEADERS CLUB was formed after a large number of University girls had taken the leadership course offered by the Girl Scout Main Office. The Club was formed because all the girls were working with Scouts and were helping to gain knowledge of children and their recreation. PACE 240 CAMPUS LEAGUE DF WOMEN VOTERS OFFICERS President SUSANNE CATLETT Vice-President . . . THALIA SASSEEN Recording Secretary MARY PEARL HALL Corresponding Secretary GERALDINE FONTEIN Treasurer CHARLOTTE MICKEY Reporter LELA BELITSKY Member-at-Large JANE TACQUARD . Member-al-Large . FLORENCE TILLSO.N Advisor . ANNA Hiss I BOARD OF DIRECTORS Bulletin ANNA JANECEK Clerk BETTY GIBBONS Constitution Chairman BETTY WRIGHT Contact Chairman MIRIAM WAGENSCHEIN Historian MARJORIE BELL legislative Chairman MARGARET ANN BISSELL Membership LENORE RAINEY Program Chairman PRISCILLA THOMASON Publicity MARIE MATHEWS Radio RUTH LEASURE Social MARY NELL GIBSON Workshop . ROSEMARY JOHNSON THE CAMPUS LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS was founded on this campus in 1941. Its purpose is to create interest among women -tudrnts in government by means of participation; before campus elections THE LEAGUE sponsors Stump Speaking. From Rau: BELITSKY. JANF.CF.K. FONTEIN. SASSEEN. Stcand Rov: BELL. HALL, CATLETT. LEASURE. Third Row: GIBBONS, WAGENSCHEIN. MICKEY. Pci 241 CANOPY CLUB I OFFICERS President WILLIAM H. SMITH Vice-President . WILLIAM KUGLE Secretary-Treasurer JOHN JAY FOSDICK Social Chairman WILLIAM H. DAVIS MEMBERS J. Jefferson Carr Bill Davis William H. Davis Yale M. Fendel John Jay Fosdick Thurman L. Hatton Paul Hoyle William Kugle David D. Liebmann John Shirley Raymond Smith William H. Smith George H. Spencer THE CANOPY CLUB, founded on the campus in October, 1946, is composed of qualified Army parachutists having a minimum of five jumps. The majority of the members have served overseas. Because of mutual experiences in the past, this club was formed to promote fellowship. PACE 242 CANTERBURY CLUB OFFICERS Dean CHARLES ROBERTS Cannon . FRANCES BOATRICHT Clerk BARBARA BAILEY Scribe ANNABELLE ARMSTRONG Chaplain REV. JOSEPH HARTE MEMBERS Lee Adams Annabel le Armstrong Priscilla Aves Barbara Beth Bailey Herbert Beadle Ted Be II mom Barbara Bible Claude A. Bitner Frances Boat right Larry Bosworth Mary Elizabeth Buck Charles R. Clardy Jim Bob Cooner Don Crites Diane Dansforth Carol vn Davis Eugene Dixon Catherine Drane Jo Ann Easter Betty Jane Elms Julian Feild Nancy Feild Pat Ferguson Judy Caston Arthur Hazelrigg Dwinell Hirscheimer Happy Hughes John Holt Muriel King Charles Lamb Burke Lee Latham Ray E. Lee. Jr. Virginia Lee Carl Lofstedt Joyce Love Charles Luther David P. McBride Marilyn McClure Malcolm McDonald Frances Mendle Betty Nabours William Nail Carol Overbaugh Janet S. Prentiss Walter Pruessner Joyce Pursley Mary Elizabeth Reed Beth Joanne Rice Malcolm Riker Charles Roberts Bill Robertson Norton Rugeley Ruth Ann Rumse Mary Jo Seymour Ruth Sinclair Joyce Thomas James Tucker Arthur Vickland Charles Walker Pat Wallace Rose Warren Margaret Willard Florence Winston George A. Zournas THE EPISCOPAL STUDENT organization of the University was railed -Sunday Club " from 1910 until 1935 when it became one of the int chapters of the National Association of CANTERBURY CLUBS. Sul Jt r: Zovrau. Kiec. : McDoaald. " ---- . N. FriM. CriM . KIM. WdUce. F : MrBridr. Ktmrt. Hurlricx. Br.dlt. Holt. V.lkrr. Lc. J. FriU. Vicklawl. Lcttte . jkfr. . Surl ir. Mw. V. V. H.f. Bell CAP MD GOWN Front Row: DuBOSE, PERIMAN, ANDERSON, ZANDER. Second Row: TILLETT, BERRY, VICK, HUFF, BRUCK. OFFICERS President MARY ELIZABETH VICK V ice-President Lois DuBosE Secretary JODY LEWIS Treasurer MARY FERN BRAY Reporter NANCY Lou HUFF Sponsor MARTHA H. ANDERSON EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Sarah Ruth Berry Betty Jane Bruck Barbara Periman Peggy Shamburger Mary Paige Thompson lone Tillett Clover Lucille Zander CAP AND GOWN, founded on the campus in 1919, is an organization of senior women. The club has a loan fund to assist students in emergency situations. The members sponsor the Career Conference and supervise class elections. Swing Out, and Senior Week activities. PACE 244 K CLUB DE MEXICO OFFICERS President PEPE GARZA Vice-President JORGE DE LAFI E.VTE Secretary GLORIA GARCIA Treasurer DELFIN CEPEDA Advisor GEORGE ENCERRAND MEMBERS nislao Adamchick Guillermo Almazan Hector Barrera Thomas Boulet Carlos Canales Manuel Cantu Xavier Caraballo Jesus Chavarria Benjamin Chuck Fausto Cielak Solomon Cielak Irene Cortissoz Cesar De La Garza Adolf o de La Pena Diego Del gado- Vega Ernesto del Paso Eileen Dugger Carlos Enrique Carlos Epstein Fernando Esponda Juan Esponda Nathan Frank Reginaldo Galan Alberto Garcia Gloria Garcia Maria Garcia iola Garcia Jose Garza Celia Guerrero Rosaura Guerrero Arturo Guirola John Hall Damian Hilsaca Elov Jaen Mildred Kelleher David Knight Alfred Laborde Jorge Lafuente Simon Lan Eustaquio Lascurain Lorraine Lubash Victor Marquez Emma Martinez Olivia Mendoza Marilyn Miller Carlos Molina Alicia Munguia Carlos Municha Oscar Munoz Joaquin Pena Jose Luis Perez Ayala Nicolas Perez Pauline Prescott Antonio Prieto. Jr. Humberto Quinones Carlos Quintanilla Delia Ramirez Cecil io Rodriguez Yolanda Salazar Daniel Salcedo Gerardo Seyffert Harold Schoener Njall Simonarson Patricia Smith Vicente Tavarez Nicolas Terrazas Fernando Valdez In integrating Mexican students into the life of the campus. The CLUB DE MEXICO cooperates with the University faculty through the Committee on Foreign Students and with the student body by participation on the Assembly ' s Latin American Council. Other phases of campus life are covered by club socials and by intramural activities. fnmt K m: PEREZ AYAH. MILLER. KIMIREZ. M. GARCIA. R. CIEKKEKO. C. GARCIA. DTCCER. MENDOZA. KELLEHER. C. GUERRERO. Seen4 . JAE . J. ESPONDA. BOfLET. Ll " B SH. PRESCOTT. SALAZAR. MARTINEZ. SIMONARSON. V. GARCIA. KNICHT. Tkir K m: PRIETO. ALMAZAN. EPSTEIN. F. ESPONDA. LABORDE. CHUCK. SALCEDO. JONES. SETFFERT. T m,0k . RODRIGUEZ. SMITH, w. PASO. GARZA. LAFl ' ENTE. CORTISSOZ. SCHOENER. I ' .,. .I ' , CD-ED ASSEMBLY OFFICERS President CLAUDIA BLUCHER V ice-President JUDY EBELING Secretary CAROLYN GOSSETT Treasurer DOROTHY WATSON Reporter TESSICA MARTIN Margaret A. Bissell Claudia Blucher Nancy Bowen Peggy Brinton Judy Ebeling COUNCIL Geraldine Fontein Carolyn Gossett Dorothy Layne Tessica Martin Patricia Mills Bertha J. Nebenzahl Marianne Schumann Helen Tindall Sammie C. Tisdale Dorothy Watson MEMBERS Emma Lou Alston Rosalee Altman Mary E. Anderson Mildred Bachle Mary Elizabeth Baxter Beverly Bird Theresa Blewett Frances Boatright Mary Fern Bray Josephine Briggs Ann Campbell Iris Mae Campbell Susanne Catlett Dorothy Helen Chandler Priscilla Chase Barbara Clark Doris A. Coffee Joan Connolly Betsy Cottingham Betty Lou Courtney Rosemary Coward Marie Cox Elsie Donnel Lois DuBose Jeanne Ewing Sammie Farrier Eva Jean Finch Gloria Garcia Florence Gibson Mary Nell Gibson Florence Glover Kathleen Grimes Evangelina Guerra Mary Pearl Hall Patricia Hamman Carla Harris Marguerite Haynie Ruth Huffmaster Odene Jackson lyleen Jenson Frances Johnson Mildred Kelleher Carol Kilpatrick Gertrude Kone Violette Kosaka Pura Leker Carolyn Liedeker Jacqueline Lissauer Lorraine Lois Lubash Rosemary McCaskey Elizabeth Ann McCelvey Margaret McCurdy Hilda McElhenney Patsy McFarland Mary Emma McLain Barbara McMahon Mary Macaulay Virginia Magliolo Marcia Mitchell Mary F. Moore Betty Jane Moreland Mary Ann Morgan Charlotte Morelock Nina John Elliott Mueller Ann Myers Edith Louise Neiman Theda Jane Nelson Grace Orndorff Suzanne Penn Evelyn Pfluger Sarah Phillips Betty Lou Pollard Beverly Potthoff Mary Lee Rabke Alice Rastov Leota Reed Beth Joanne Rice Enid Robinson Annelle Roquemore Sandra Sandfield Thalia Sasseen Cathryn Shepherd Bertha Faye Skaggs Nona Mae Snow Hilda Sparkman Melba Stewart Joy Stoltzfus Janet Strauss Jane Marie Tacquard Gloria Taylor Virginia Thorne Frances Vannoy Mary Elizabeth Vick Barbara Von Zubon Helen Waller Betty Ann Warner Ellen Ward Patricia Williamson Lucy Wilson CO-ED ASSEMBLY is a service organization made up of the president or highest ran king woman officer in all campus organizations. PACE 246 CORPUS CHHISTI CLUB OFFICERS President JOHN PATRICK Mc Vice-President . - MARTHA LEE SEECER Secretary VIRGINIA DYER Treasurer JOHN JEFF CARR Margaret L. Amsden Ted M. Anderson Robert N. Barnes Mary K. Best Roy G. Best Vannis A. Binion James M. Boren Patrick V. Brady Ellis M. Brown Hazel June Brown Cranfill A. Carlton John Jeff Carr Adelma S. Chernosky Mary Helen Cock Dorothy E. S. Cummings Mary Ruth Davis George P. Derry Eugene C. Dixon Jean Duncan Virginia Dyer Margaret Fagan Geraldine Fontein Dudley B. Foy, Jr. Frances Ann Foy MEMBERS T. M. Gannaway, Jr. Carl L. Griffis, Jr. Maurice S. Grossman Fred V. Haas George Haney Edwin L. Harvin. Jr. Arlena Hoagland Frank E. Hoagland Jim E. Holden James C. Holmes Brian W. Hugon Marian J. Jackson Curtis L. Johnson George J. Johnson Paul D. Jones Martita Juergens Walter Don Keeble James N. Keeble John Kelley I. Curtis Kerridge, Jr. Glenna D. Kimbrel James H. Kizziar Alice Gertrudis Kleberg Irving C. Liggett Katheryn J. McCauley Donald McDonald DeWitt C. McGee John Patrick McGloin Thomas E. McMillan Harry David Mathis Philip A. Meiners Alfred N. Nicolas Ed Giles Nieman Larrie M. Nolan Jeanelle Olle Frith C. Owens Forrest E. Peckenpaugh F. Starr Pope, Jr. Patricia Ann Purtell Carolyn Quaile C. Robert Quinn John T. Rascoe Stephen T. Rascoe Patrick F. Reiss William H. Reiss Joan E. Rooke Marion B. Rooke Robert E. Rooke McBurnett Rutland Martha Lee Seeger Charles B. Small wood Diana Small wood William P. Southwell Janet G. Strauss Frances Tarlton Martin Troug James R. Underwood Arthur F. Vickland Marie Wade Nell Walker Dorothy M. Wallace Robert P. Wallace Ben A. Weil Gloria E. Welsh Frank B. Whaley J. Miles White Clare M. Williams Lexford D. Williams Ray A. Wolfe Robert C. Wood Mary Kathryn oolsey Joyce L. Yarbrough THE CORPUS CHRISTI CLUB was formed in order that the students on the campus from Corpus Christi might become better acquainted with one another through the work and social functions undertaken by the club. Front Rnu : Troug. Yarhrnuxh. Kimbrel. J. Rooke, Cork. Olle. Chernotky. Wade. Fonlrin. Sreond Row: f. Foy. W. Rri. Mathi . P. Rein . Diion. Grossman. Woolaey, Amdrn. Seeger. Third Knit: Tarlton. Marvin. Boren. Kerridge. I). For. Carr. Mrinrrn. M. Brat, R. Bel. Fourth Row: HoMrn. Strauit . Haney. Holme . Liggett, Hugon. R. Rooke. Haaa. McCauley. Filth float: Kizziar. Brady, Keehle. McMillan. Mcf:.r. Jonr.. E. Bro.n. Southwell. Pope. Derry. Sink Rmc: L. William.. McDonald. R. Wallace. I ' n.lrrwood. Rutland, Wood. McCloin. Barn.-.. J. Ra.coe, Fagan. PiO 247 CDHSICAM CLUB 3 _ L Front Row: Logs don, Horn, B. Cocke, Buie, Barnes, Brown, S. Simmons, M. Cocke, McMichael. Second Row: Thompson, Mrs. Matlock, Mrs. Dixon, M. Bragg, Ayers. J. Jackson, E. Bragg, Levy, Cunningham, Waddel Third Row; McKie, Cook, Wilkinson, Barnes, Dawson, Hashop, R. Pugh, M. Jackson, Purifoy. Fourth Row: Hanks, Silverberg, B. George, B. Pugh, Matlock, Nokes, G. George, Estes, S. Werner, William . Fifth Row: Deveny, Stokes, N. Werner. Dunbar. OFFICERS President DON DUNBAR, JR. V ice-President JOE M. DANIEL Secretary ROBERT W. WADDELL Treasurer DAN B. CUNNINGHAM Reporter CLYDE BICKERSTAFF MEMBERS Wilson L. Ayers, Jr. Mrs. Charles E. Barnes Charles E. Barnes Clyde Bickerstaff Eleanor Bragg Marian E. Bragg Lila Jean Brown Carolyn Buie Billie Anne Cheney Byron Cocke Mary Lou Cocke William T. Cook Dan B. Cunningham Mrs. Joe M. Daniel, Jr. Joe M. Daniel, Jr. Ernest B. Dawson, Jr. Charles A. Deveny, Jr. Joseph Dixon Donald Dunbar. Jr. E. Frank Dunton William B. Estes Ballard W. George Gordon H. George Allen Golden Hamp H. Hanks Jewell Dell Harp Louis Hashop, Jr. Darrell B. Hester Mrs. A. B. Horn. Jr. A. B. Horn, Jr. Henry E. Haley- Jane E. Jackson Milton L. Jackson George Labban. Jr. Janice B. Levy H. Constance Logsdon Mrs. J. D. Matlock J. D. Matlock Billy F. Mayfield Ben W. McKie Susan C. McMichael Tom M. McPherson George 0. Nokes, Jr. Homer E. Pace Joseph M. Pearson Billy R. Pugh Robert L. Pugh Russell A. Purifoy. Jr. Betty Jo Robinson Shirley Scott Herbert L. Silverberg Roy Simmons Sally Simmons William T. Stokes Alvin E. Thompson Robert W. Waddel 1 Norman M. Werner Samuel B. Werner James A. Wilkinson Nevin I. Willard Alvin B. Williams THE CORSICANA CLUB, formed October, 1946, is to bring together all the students on campus from Corsicana for social purposes. ; Pici 248 CZECH CLUB OFFICERS President HENRY SCHOVAJSA Vice-President HENRY BESEDA Secretary ALBERT MICHALIK Reporter HELEN WALLER Sergeant-at-Arms ALDEN CHERNOSKY (EOUARD MlCEK Sponsors JAROSLAV ZIVNEY MARIE ZIVNEY MEMBERS Genelle Alexander Adelene R. Baletka William John Baletka Dorothy K. Barina Frank Daniel Barta William F. Bart osh. Jr. Lawrence Beal Henry E. Beseda Alden Chern k Dorothy X. Chernosky James E. Chernosky Aileen M. Childers Ian M. Cibulka Gwendolyn Clemmons Jerry L. Coufal August A. Darilek James V. Dvorak Mildred J. Frnka Evelyn A. Hafernich Norman Glen Haisler Anton P. Hajek.Jr. James Hajek I.ibhy Hala Edwin Hedges Daniel T. Hegar Naomi Hegar Norma Holubec Frank H. Horak Lillian D. Hornak Cuss V. Hrncir Stanley Kacir Miro E. Klecka 1. ..) Kocurek Agnes Kolos Lorraine Koupa Victor Krejci Ernest R. Krenek Joe J. Krupa Albert Kubala Evelyn Kubala Marcella A. Kubicek Theodore E. Kulhanek John F. Kvinta, Jr. Joycelene Labaj Marvin Lesikar Joe Malik, Jr. Oscar J.Malik Pauline Malik Annie Marasovich Edward L. Marek Theodore J. Marek Louis Martinets Helen S. Maruska Albert L. Michalik Eugene Miculka Dalby Mikeska Francis G. Miksovsky George T. Miksovsky Ted Miksovsky Bernard J. Mikulencak Frank J. Mikulencak, Jr. Ettie Musil Joyce Parma Edwin Pesek Theresa P. Pesl Leon Peters Irene Petrusek John L. Pokorny Loree Polansky Alfred L. Ripple Henry J. Schovajsa Ruth Schovajsa Christine Seufer James D. Skrabanek Melvin H. Skrabanek Frank J. Skrivanek Ernest Slanniger Albert T. Slavik Eugene W. Slovacek Anna Lee Smith Jodie E. Stavinoha Charles J. Strnadel R. Eldo Svadlenak John C. Svrcek George Valkovich Joe A, Vitek Helen M. Waller Mather Waltrip Mary A. Willard Dena N. Winn THE UNIVERSITY CZECH CLUB, founded in 1909, is to encourage students of Czech origin and their friends to participate in the rvtra-rurricular activities of the University, and to promote the study of Czech culture, customs, history-, and language. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of Dr. Micek ' s sponsorship of the club. Front ftoir: D. Chrrno.kv. P. M.lik. Smith. Manuka. Pr.l. Bariu. Srcoiul : Kubirrk. A. Balrlka. Ubaj. Horak. Hnlubcr. Mirrk. Bnrda. Hall.-i. Tkiri Jtoar: Kalhanrk. Cnufal. Korurrk. Hr.l,,.. P,,k..rn.. Sl., .c, k. Hala. owe Horn: Banomk. f. Mikulcnrak. Krupa. B. MikulrDrak. Slarik. K inl. Haj.k. Ktrnrk fi lA XIHT: M. Skrabaxrk. He(ar. V. Balrlka. Bana. H. Srhoraju. Vitrk. Mlrhalik. A. Sizik Ho : I. Cbrrnotkr. J. Zivnrr. H.i.lrr. J. Skrabanrk. Marek. J. Malik. F ' .r., DALLAS CLUB Front Row: Howell, Latham, Strong, Smith, Campbell, Jockcl. Fooshee, Lawther, Ferguson, K. Komine. Second Row: Nu Delman, Wilma Robertson, Bufkin, Sessions, Boughan. Watts, Guffey, Vilbig, D. Green, Burke. Third Row: Williams, Dupree, Sommers, H. Sanders, Er ringer, Muntzel, Dysart, J. Thompson, Bin ford, Forney, Scott. Fourth Row: C. Lewis, E. Lewis, Sieling, Cassidy, Peck, Martin, Boyd, Garrison, C. Romine, M. Robertson. Fifth Row: Taylor, Hudson, Cowden, MacDonald. Sixth Row: Justice, Monteith, Tetley, Holloway, Hou ton, F. Lewis, Graham, F. Martino, Scarbrough, Kirby. OFFICERS President CHARLES E. HARK EY V ice-President H. BAREFOOT SANDERS Secretary -Treasurer PATSY McFARLAND Reporter FRANK MARTINO Marcy D. Adams Henry D. Akin, Jr. Annie Laurie Albine Robert H. Barnett Ted Barnett Robert L. Bearden James B. Binford Patricia A. Boughan Berry G. Boyd Lewis E. Brown Margilee Bufkin Rosemary Burke Margaret Campbell Charles S. Carroll, Jr. Marjorie Carter Clifton W. Cassidy, Jr. Doris Chambers John W. Chandler John B. Cowden Donald R. Cunningham Betty Ann Dupree Gordon R. Dysart Laura N. Egger Randall Eldridge Orville W. Erringer Tom Lake Erwin Shelby J. Evans, Jr. Anna M. Ferguson Margaret A. Fooshee Fredrick Forney Hubert J. Foster James Byron Fowler Russell L. French Gene E. Gall George W. Garrison Walter N. Graham Edward Graner Stanley Graner F. Clarie Greaves Doris A. Green J. Richard Green James Bill Greenwood Boyrita Guffey Thomas B. Hamilton Patricia Hamman Charles E. Harkey M. Alligene Hayes MEMBERS Elizabeth A. Hays Dwinell Hirsheimer Ray Frank Holloway Jack B. Hood Neal B. Houston Nancy L. Howell John H. Hudson J. Bernard Hutchinson Henry S. Jacobus, Jr. Judson S. James Marguerite Joekel Murray S. Johnson D. Blair Justice Shirley J. Kessler Jerome W. Kirby Julius C. Kissel Conway Roe Lammers Burke Lee Latham Jo Ann Lawther Irwin L. Levy Charles W. Lewis, Jr. Edward D. Lewis Fla " Lewis, Jr. Carol Limley Patsy McFarland Nancy McKay James Douglas MacDonald Robert G. Martin Frank Martino Karl Martino E. Marie Mathews Marilyn Miller Hugh L. Millis, Jr. Philip G. Monteith Betty J. Morehart Joe Moseley Daniel Mundinger Hark Muntzel Mary Lou Myers Martha Nelson Joyce B. Nu Delman John T. Peck, Jr. Lawrence Pollock James R. Pratt Charles N. Romine Kathryn Romine M. Wayne Robertson William Robertson Wilma Jean Robertson Charles Rutledge H. Barefoot Sanders Martha Ann Sanders Truett L. Scarbrough Charles Schreiner Curtis L. Scott Thomas Sieling Joan Sessions Jay E. Shilg, Jr. Betty Ann Smith Ruth Sommers Margaret Sparkman R. Carolyn Stevens Sybil J. Stool Benny Margaret Strong Mary Taliaferro John Green Taylor Robert H. Tetley Emmy Jane Tittle Jerry S. Thompson Lillian Thompson Shirley L. Thornton Lula A. Tiner Evelyn J. Troutt Mary Beth Turner Doris Margaret Vilbipt Mary Jean Warren Dorothy J. Watts Ernest j. Wilemon Frances Williams Beth Ann Wilson Sarah Ann Winniford Bedford S. Wynne Nita Wynne Stewart T. Zink THE DALLAS CLUB, founded in 1940, seeks to promote friendship among University students from Dallas County. PACT 250 DEL HID CLUB OFFICERS President JACK RIST CROSBY Vice-President JOE DEAN LEE Secretary IDA Jo CALL Treasurer WALTER H. BLOCK Serfeant-at-Arms JOHN EDWARD WEBB Christopher Aldrete Jobeth Baits Su an Ballantyne Coleen Black well Walter H. Block J. Onille Booth Grace Iris Boothe Viola Cadena Fernando Calderon Guillermo Calderon Maria Elena Calderon Ida Jo Call William D. Clark Jack Rust Cr - Mary Curl Aurelio Diaz-Risa Ignacio Diaz-Risa MEMBERS Polly Drisdale Paul Eppes Joe Frank! Miguel Gonzalez Robert X. Graham Thomas Graham Alfonzo Hernandez Oscar Hernandez Mary Lou Johnson Eugene Laskowski George Laskowski Lucille Laskowski Joe Dean Lee Barbara Lowe George Maldenado Florence S. Marshall MaybelleMills Katherine Ann Moore J. Louis Netts Jack Nunley Yolanda Rodriguez Olivia Dean Sartwelle O. C. Sigala Sylvia Stewart Max Stool Newsom Stool Mary Tinnin Ann Townsend E. F. Villareal John E. Webb H anda Gail Wehner Tucker White Wynell York THE DEL RIO CLUB was organized to unite the students on this campus from Del Rio, Texas, to lead to better acquaintances among and to achieve these aims through social events and meetings. I Frmu K : LEE. CBOSBT. CALL. BLOCK. J. BOOTHE. Sr m4 .: WEH.VEK. C. BOOTHE. DBISDALE. TOWNSE.ND. BODBJQUEZ. Tkiti o: EPPES. M NLEY. MABSHALL. MALDENADO. C. DE A. F u r CBAHAM. N. STOOL. M. STOOL. ALDBETE. EX-SERVICEMEN ' S ASSOCIATION Front Row: PARHAM, BUSEY. Second Row: SHEPHERD, BROWN, P. McCALIB. Third Row: KAPLAN, D. McCALIB, SIGALA. OFFICERS President RICHARD SHEPHERD Vice-President KERRY MEKRITT Secretary PAUL McCALIB Treasurer JOHN HOLT Reporter LEONARD HIPPCHEN Publicity Director DELBERT McGuiRE Sergeant-al-Arms 0. C. SIGALA Roy Best EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Ralston Brown Anne Busey Ralph Kaplan Daniel H. McCalib Don MacGuffie Myldred M. Parham A. C. Williams The EX-SERVICEMEN ' S ASSOCIATION of The University of Texas was founded and held its first meeting December 7, 1943, with twelve charter members. Although originally intended as a purely social organization, the ASSOCIATION has become one of the foremost service organiza- tions on the campus. It has cooperated with the administration and has instigated many activities to alleviate the housing problem. Besides housing hundreds of veterans, its program has included advice and aid on any problem of veterans. Delayed subsistence checks, retention of OPA, and rent abuses are among campus problems the Association has fought and relieved. The VMOF and World War II Memorial Scholarship Fund are its major projects. PICK 252 EX-SERVICEMEN ' S ASSOCIATION THE VETERANS MEMORIAL OPERATING FUND of the UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS WORLD WAR II MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chairman . I ice-Chairman . Sfcretar RICHARD C. TRAVIS RICHARD SHEPHERH IVY SPEER RALSTON BROWN MlLLARD HlPPLE J. EDWIN MAY ARISTOL THOMPSON DONALD WAY HENRY WYNEKEN THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS WORLD WAR II MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND was incorporated under a charter dated September 18. 1945. It had been conceived by student veterans of the EX-SERVICEMEN ' S ASSOCIATION. It purpose: To provide University scholarships to widows and children of men lost in World War II. and to build as a living memorial an efficiency apartment and dormitory building for veterans, wives, and children: to raise $1.000.000 for this purpose. The VMOF. or VETERANS MEMORIAL OPERATING FUND, was established to implement this plan. Through sponsor- ship of numerous social and recreational activities, the VMOF is striving to raise $25.000. This sum is to be used to place the Memorial Scholarship drive in a professional promotion agency ' s hands. Through various activities the YMOF has raised already a portion of the needed amount. An all-student committee, composed of some of the campus leaders, has been formed each semester to aid the MOF. Morton Diggers was chairman of this committee for the Fall Semester. Fromt XMT: WAT. TKIVIS. SPEER. SHEPHERD. : HIPPLC. m VMKE.V BROW MAY. FLYING STEERS Left to right: G. WILLIS, R. LOVE, B. LOVE, WILLIAMSON, BROWN, LANCE, WARREN. PATTERSON, J. WILLIS V, (HO ' AAUU. LATTI.VOKE. I2UAZIEK. INNERARITY, THOMPSON, WOODRUFF, OFFICERS President TRAVIS WILLIAMSON First Vice-President ALLAN GILL Second Vice-President GENE WYATT Secretary JOYCE LANCE Assistant Secretary PETER LOVELACE Treasurer LLOYD INNERARITY Superintendent of Air Traffic PATRICIA WARREN Frank Brown C. C. Colvert BOARD OF DIRECTORS J. H. Fredrick Lloyd Innerarity Clarence Martin M. J. Thompson Patricia Warren Travis Williamson Emmett L. Brazier, Jr. Bruce Love MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE Russell Love Joye Patterson [{. P. Woodruff Jerome Willis Charles Woodward INSTRUCTORS Lloyd Innerarity H. M. Lattimore Patricia Warren Gordon W. Willis THE FLYING STEERS is the first flying co-op in the world based on the Rochdale Co-op Principles. It was originated and organized by Travis Williamson, a student of the University. It is now nationally advertised as the world ' s largest flying club. The three new 1946 blue and ivory side-by-side Taylorcrafts with orange and white Flying Steers painted on both sides of the fuselages have made week-end and holiday appearances all over the Southwest Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas. There are more pilots in Texas than any other state. The Flying Steers have already issued many private pilot licenses to new fliers at a great saving. Plans are going forward for fast four- passenger cross-country aircraft for economical fast travel for faculty and student Flying Steers. PACI 254 FOHD HOUSE OFFICERS House Chairman JEAN KENNEDY Co-Chairman ALMA LUCILLE COOKE Housemother . . MRS. NEIL FORD MEMBERS Patricia Allen Mary Jane Baldwin Susan Ballantyne Marjorie Bell Betty Blades Betsy Bobo Patricia Browne Beverly Connor Alma Lucille Cooke Shirley Cook Louise Dowdell Helen DuBois Dorothy Ellington Helen English Mildred Folsom Jean Hedrick Ann Herrick Nancy Bea Hoyt Bettv Huff Barbara Huggins Betty Lou Jones Jean Kennedy Lydia Landon Cora Lee Leutwyler Betty McCarthy Erin McClay Mary Louise McCord Rosine McFaddin Anne McNeil 1 Judy Madaris Edwina Montgomery Lucille Murray Wilmeth M. Norman Kara Occhipinti Ada Gene Ross Helen Irene Robertson Peggy Sames Jody Shelton Gail Shook Patricia Storey Carolyn Taylor Hazel Walker Betty Wallace Margaret Whittenburg fromt o: DOWDELL. MADARIS. COOK. BLADES. HOYT. McNElLL. WHITTENBl R ;. NORMAN. McCORD. Second Row: McFAUDIN. WALKER. ROSS. JONES. Lh BOIS. HERRICK. TAYLOR, BALDWIN. STOREY. Tkud Kotf: COOKE. BELL. ROBERTSON. SAMES. SHOOK. LANDON. BROWNE. FOLSOM. KENNEDY. Ml ' KRAY. McCARTHY. PACI 2SS RUNS] :A front Row: FELD, POTTHOFF, CROWSON, MARSHALL. HAMMAN. Second Row: COLE, TAYLOR, GERTZ, ROGERS, KLEINMAN, SMITH. Third Row: VICTORSOHN, BAUM, LEVY, FOSTER. ABRAMSON, McMAHON. OFFICERS President PATRICIA HAMMAN V ice-President PEGGY GROSS Recording Secretary ALICE FRANK Corresponding Secretary PATRICIA CROWSON Treasurer EVELYN GERTZ Sponsor HOWARD TOWNSEND MEMBERS Normajo Abramson Freda Gail Baum Clara Ann Bisco Betty Blalock Jane Brown Aide Butler Joyce Butler Jane Cole Carter Gloria Cole Patricia Crowson Jean Dalby Lois DuBose Cecelia Esserick Jeanine Eminian Bernice Feld Bettye Felsenthal Alice Frank Nancie Foster Devora Geller Evelyn Gertz Irene Gottlieb Peggy Gross Patricia Hamman Lorraine Hebdon Shirley Kleinman Marjorie Levy Jacqueline Lissauer Tony Marshall Dorothy Menshun Mary Mae McDonald Barbara McMahon Frances Nassek Sandra Oster Joan Pollock Beverly Potthoff Betty Jane Rogers Linda Sepkowitz Jeanette Smith Enid Robinson Frances R. Taylor Minette Victorsohn FORENSICA, founded in 1941, was the first woman ' s speech organization on the campus. It pro- motes speech activities for women on the campus. It holds contests for its members in every phase of public speaking and sponsors an annual public speaking contest open to all freshman women. FDRT WORTH CLUB OFFICERS President MARSHALL YOUNG Membership Chairman LUCY OWINGS Treasurer FRANCES ANN Gi NN Social Chairman BARBARA VON ZUBEN Reporter MARY Jo HALSELL Intramural Chairman ROBERT M. FAXNIN William Abington Nonna Jo Abramson Leo Adair June Alexander William M. Allen John AHred Jim Anderson Max Anderson Sandra Bell Fred I_ Blackburn Betty Buhning William J. Bond Bradley Bourland Robert Bradshaw Jean Bristol Dan Brock Milton Broils George Ann Brown Richard L. Brown Woolen Brown Ann Burkett Datt L Chandler George Chilton Nuel L Childs William H. Collier Joe Collins Robert Conner Eloie Cooper A. L. Crouch Helen CulberUon Leland Cumbie Alfred Davis William Dean Justine Digby-Roberts Richard Donnelly Sarah J. Ellis Jack Elltston George Enloe Oliver W. Fannin Robert M. Fannin William B. Fannin Julia Finnell Blossom Ford James Foster Man- Jane Foster Fred Fry Jean Galloway Lawton Gambill John Gano Lucie Gano Kenneth Garrett Harold Gillette Harry Gilmore Roy Green Henry Grice Joan Griffin C M. Grubler Frances Ann Gunn Mary Jo Halsell Vivienne Hanger Margaret Hanna Mildred Hanna Bradley Hamilton John Hamilton Margaret Hamilton Pat Hazen Glenn Hill James R. Hill Robert Hill Leland Hodges Jackie Holt Anthonv Howard MEMBERS Hugh Hu kabee Betty Jackson Linden Jaquet Ro emar Johnson Beverly Johnston William Jones Virginia Jones Billie Roberta Keith Meta Alice Keith Dwight L. Kintner Marvin Kohn James Klemmedson William Leavy Helen Lowrie Shirley Lupton Anne Lydick Bruce Lynn James McCartney Paul J. McClung James McClure Marjorie McFarland Jean McGee E. A. McGaw Donald McKelvey George Maxwell Richard Maxwell Mildred MeJlina Hornsby Mims Robert Monaghan Clarence Moore Marjorie Morehead Charles S. Morgan Jo Morgan Katberine Morgan Mary Ann Morgan Gloria Mosler James C. Mount Barbara Nell Ted Nelson Phyllis Ann Nichols Virginia Offutt J. D. Owens Lucy Owings William Paddock William Pannell Robert Peck Gay Pendleton Dorothy Poynor Travis Rhea Jack Rhodes Elaine Richardson Irvin Richker Thomas Romine Diana Ross Oliver Ross Martha Rowan Jack Rowe Lou Rubenstein Scott P. Savers Nonna Scheble Robert Scurlock Thomas Seymour Frank Sherwood Beverly Simons John Smerke Harold Smith Nell Smith Don Sparks John Ed Stecer T. Fred Stephens Martha Stewart Thomas Stewart Eugene St. John William T. Stokes Wesley Stripling Carolyn Taylor Joan Taylor William Taylor Beverly Teel Wayne Tessener Nancy Thomas George Thompson Hugh Thompson Peggy Joy Thompson Thomas Thompson Maurine Treadwell James Edward Tucker Joe F. Tucker Robert Vickery Imogene Vogel Philip Vogel Joe Van Carlowitz Barbara Von Zuben J. H. Wall A. B. Waldron PhylHs Jane Ward W infred Watterburger Charles West Charles Weinch Robert Whipple Virginia Mae White Gordon Vhitman irgil Williams. Jr. Beverly Yager Jack York Marshall Young THE FORT WORTH CLUB is a social organization for the purpose of bringing together the Fort Worth students on the campus. mm fnmt KMT: Cooper. MrF.riutd. Crib. PndMo.. Y(tr. H.l ll. Gmmm. Voo Zmktm. Bran. Whit . Elli. Orinf . SMrf K m: B. Keith. I. Vefel. W.rd. C. Tiylor. M. Stewart. Schrblr. MoKbod. Lydick. M. Krith. Melliu. Tkirf . Bl. kk.r.. Mna fci.. P. Vcel. Ckw.dl. McCo. Akrno. Rmbrxlei.. N. Smith. TI. l m. ClWrt.. n: Bo.e. Hon. Hork k-r. Honrd. Bo i. C. Mn.rll. Vrl.o. Perk. Romisr. Shn.. . O. ROM. Bradtiu. Cnmrh. Childs : Y xu. ftmmtU. Wkipplc. Joe Trkrr. Allc. KiMan. Wcian. Adair. m.ldr.,. Hodfo. MrClnrr. R. Fuuu. Srt m m: Lary. T. Stcwut. W. Itmct. J. Hill. Wen. Sirpht... Klemmct, . C.BO. Stole.. Brack. Moai. tL Muwrll. ZS7 GALVESTON CLUB Front Row: MORSE, CRASSO, HUNTER, CONNOLLY, E. MAGLIOLO. Second Row: BACKENSTOE, V. MAGLIOLO, CONE, MERMAN. Third Row: RANDALL, FOSDICK, WALL, SMITH, GROOS. OFFICERS President WILLIAM H. SMITH V ice-President BARBARA JOAN CONNOLLY Secretary DOTTIE BACKENSTOE Treasurer ROBERT EDWARD WALL Social Chairman . ERMINIE CLAIRE HUNTER MEMBERS Wesley W. Alexander, Jr. Dottie Backenstoe Jack Beckhusen Doris Boddeker Barbara Brown Barbara Joan Connolly Mary Cone Rio June Flautt John Jay Fosdick James W. Girardean William Grant Rose Mary Grasso Gaston James Groos Norma Hansen Erminie Claire Hunter James Jannasch Gerald Kane Howard Coleman Knapp Angelo Laros Ellen Barbara Magliolo Virginia Magliolo Anna Maude Morse Bleaker Morse Wayne McGee Jeanne Nierman Jean Peterman Edward Randall Jack Saunders diaries B. Smith. Jr. Waverly C. Smith William H. Smith Maise Souith Robert N. Stein Robert Edward Wall Virgil Wilhelm. Jr. THE GALVESTON CLUB seeks to unify the students on the campus from Galveston, to lead to the better acquaintance among themselves and other students, and to form from them a group which shall be useful on the campus. PACE 258 GAMMA DELTA President I ice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Advisors OFFICERS ARTHUR J. SCHROEDER HOWARD H. KLEIN GRACE NIERMEIER BEVERLY JEANNE POTTHOFF DORIS A. HOELSCHER (REV. ALBERT JESSE )REV. DONALD HAFEMAN MEMBERS N ' le Baird Melvin F. Brust Evelyn Budendorf Fletcher Donaldson M rtle Donaldson Lyle Doebe Elbert Donsbach Gladyce Donsbach W. R. Donsbach Bernice Eon Lois Fenske Ellen Gerlach Martha Ghean Harry Gaertner William Heiner Doris Hoelscher Eugene Hubeschmann Clifford C. Hodde Donald Kaiser Allen K applet Howard H. Klein Harry Kieschnick Paul H. Knippa Ben W. Kurio Grace Niermeier Paul Ohls Marvin Patschke Beverly Potthoff John Socha Adele Schneider Arthur Schroeder Lambert Schroeder Robert Schroeter W infred Steiglich Rose Marie Stensen Elroy Schoppa Durwood Schreve S alter Sorenson Mrs. Walter Sorenson Edgar Arnold Teinert Reinhold Teinert Walter Teinert Helen Thoresen Robert Trinklein Henry Thai man Mrs. Henry Thalman Rosalie Urban John Viehweg Earl Wukasch Elsie Lois Zable Alfred Zoch r. AMMA DELTA, founded on the campus in 1934, is an organization made up of Lutheran Students of the Synodical Conference and those who attend St. Paul ' s Lutheran Church of the University. Gamma Delta encourages and maintains Lutheran fellowship on the campus. Fnmt Horn: CERLACH. KAPPLER. POTTHOFf. Bl ' DENDoRF. PATSCHKE. KAISKR. SromJ Jtov: KCRIO. V. TEINERT. ZABEL. KLEIN. MERMEIER. E. TIIMKT. HI KACH. TkirJ Jtav.- HODDE. R. TEINERT. CAERTNER. BAIRD. HOELSCHER. HEINER. rare KMT: A. SCHROEDER. ZOCH. L. SCHROEDER. TRINKLEIN. SCHOPPA. KNIPPA. GLAMAZDNS Front Row: Ussery, Bradbury, Fatten, Daley, W. Evans, B. Johnson, Combs, Kinchen, Holley, Voss. Second Row: Musil, Siddons, Thornberry, E. Culver, Seymour, Lindsey, B. Ferguson, Henke, Crosier, Burke, Fuc Third Row: Stewart, Vinson, Oden, Hewatt, Knight, Arbaugh, Daugherty, Beken, Gann, Loofs, Speer. ow: ewar, nson, en, ewa, ng, raug, augery, e Row: Neinast, Bunte, Lancaster, Gambol, Noel, Sweet, Hooper. Row: Chandler, Cline, Bartrug, Acker, Curtis, Petit, Summers, Wright. Fourth Fifth Row: aner, ne, a, ce, s, e, Sixth Row: Mays, L. Aydam, B. Aydam, D. Culver, Costley. Seventh Row: L. Adams, Franklin, Yowell, Cromwell, Switzer, Warrington, Neiman, Neyland, E. Cummings, Jordan. Eighth Row: Holmgreen, M. Adams, Rogers, Riser, Crone. OFFICERS President .......... EDITH LOUISE NEIMAN Vice-President ......... MARTHA ALICE CURTIS Secretary .......... MARTHA ELLEN STEWART Treasurer .......... JEANNE FRANKLIN (DOROTHY GEBAUER ..... ANNA Hiss Faculty Sponsors MEMBERS Helen Acker L. Eyvonne Adams Martha Adams Lee Allen Emma Lou Alston Bobbie Arbaugh Dovie Armintor Bertha Louise Aydam Louise Caffall Aydam Mary Baker Genie Bartrug Martha Nell Beddingfield Carlyne Beken Emma Lou Blank Addeene Bost Rosemarie Bradbury Barbara Ann Bruce Betty Bruck Helen Bunte Rosemary Burke Jeanne Burtu Catherine Carsner Lael Cater Frances Chance Dorothy Helen Chandler Pat Clements Dorothy Jean Cline Olga Cobb Billie Jean Cocke Carolyn Collins Illiwyn Ann Combs Charlotte Cooper Isabel Costley Charlotte Cromwell Helen Ruth Crone Mary Ann Crosier Dollye Culver Estelle Culver Ernestine Cummings Peggy Cummings Martha Alice Curtis Eleanor Dahlberg Cynthia Daley Dorothy Davis Mary C. Davis Melba Daughtrey Laura Egger Norma Kate- Ellis Melba Evans Winifred Evans Patricia Fain Berta Ferguson Vicki Ferguson Yvonne Ferrell Cosette Foglesong Jeanne Franklin Mildred Fromme Vivian M. Fuchs Helen Gambol Betty Gandy Elizabeth Gann Justine Gerling Bonnie Gilcrease Karine Gips Bunny Glasser Dorothy Gleason Lucile J. Harmel Naomi Hegar Cecil M. Hendricks Caroline Henke Linda Henniger Carolyn Hewatt Helen Holley Shirley Holmgreen Marybelle Hooper Jean Hudson Anne Hugman Julia A. Jenkins June Jett Bobbie Jean Johnson Mary Frances Johnson Marilyn Johnson Rosemary Johnson Beverly Johnston Janet Jordon Rosine Joseph Marian Kane Theda Kerby Archylou Kinchen Harriet Kirsner Marjorie Knight Mary E. Kuhlman Jane Louise Lancaster Jeanie Lannom Virginia Lee Leslie Lejeune Marjorie F. Levy Ruth L. Lind Maude M. Lindsey LaVerne A. Loofs Sammie McCrory Peachy McDonald Barbara Maddox Dorothy Mannin Mary Lee Mays Jeanne Mehner Lillian Miller Jean Ming Joyce Moore Thelma Moore Ettie Musil Edith Louise Neiman Dorothy Neinast Jane Nelson Martha Nelson Nelda Ray Neyland Jeanne Nierman Mary Nipper Marian Noble Loes Margaret Noel Jean Nunn Doris Oden Joyce K. Pape Betty Jo Patton Leila E. Petit Sarah Porter Lydia Ragsdale Marvinel Rateu Frances Richter Louise Riser Judy Rogers Louise Rubenstein Shirley D. Ruckman Rowena Runneberg Carroll Sanders Mary Jo Seymour Sara Siddons Dorothy Shira Hazel Smith Pearl Smith Ruth Smith Betty Jean Speer Ruth Sommers Pat Spencer Martha Ellen Stewart Janet Strauss Evelyn Summers Alice Sweet Betty Jean Switzer Shirley Taylor Jonelle Thornberry Helen Tindall Marie Joyce ' Troell Mary Beth Turner Emily Ann Tyson Jo Nell Ussery Joyce Vance Marjorie Vinson Virignia Voss Dorothy Ward Flora Jean Ware Jean Warrington Dorothy Watson Louise Weir Anna Wenzbock Phyllis Willian Ida Mae Wilson Phyllis Wilson Audrey Woodall Betty Elroy Wright Mildred Faye Yowell GLAMAZONS, founded in 1945 fellowship among tall girls and type of girl a man looks up to. " , is composed of the tall girls on the campus. Glamazons promotes furthers the interest in modeling. The Glamazons ' motto is " The PACE 260 GHISCOM SPEAKERS OFFICERS President THERESA BLEWETT Vice-President LEAH SETZER Secretary MARY HELEN FAUBION Treasurer SELENE ROTH Sponsor . N. EDO MILLER MEMBERS Sara Ann Berlowitz Theresa Blewett Bella Bulba Patsy Ruth Eubanks Mary Helen Faubion Marilyn Freed Gladys Gartner Helen Hartung Shirley Hurwitz Anna Janicek Mary Jim Jones Marjorie Joseph Peggy Kaplan Anna Jane Kulakofsky Daisy Lanier Dorothy Layne Glenda Lauterstein Evelyn Night Rita Oberndorfer Patsy Pinson Evelyn Rachofsky Selene Roth Phyllis Rubinett Claire Russ Leah Setzer Jo Ruth Schwartz Jo Nell Ussery Muriel Weissman CRISCOM SPEAKERS was organized in 1944 in order to promote and perpetuate women ' s speech activities at the University, and to pro vide an outlet for the expression of speech interests through semester planning of the program of the organization. Front Ron: BERLOWITZ. MCHT. RUSS. HURWITZ. SCHWARTZ. LAUTERSTEIN. FAUBION. OBERNDORFER, KAPLAN. Second Ro : USSEHY. FREED. RUBINETT. EUBANKS. JANICEK. PINSO.Y BULBA. BLEWETT. LAMER. 261 HDGG DEBATING SOCIETY ft, Front Row: BANKHEAD, JONES, EVANS, BRUCE, TRIBBLE, HILL. Second Row: W. DAVIS, J. DAVIS, McDUFF, BALL, COATS, LOWE. OFFICERS President WILLIAM D. TRIBBLE V ice-President JOHN R. McDuFF Secretary S. J. EVANS, JR. Treasurer ZACKARY HILL Sponsor THOMAS ROUSSE James Kyle Allen Edgar L. Ball Thomas A. Bankhead Gene D. Bethel Earnest H. Brown William S. Bruce Isaac N. Byerley Vincent W. Carr MEMBERS James R. Coats H. J. Dalton John S. Davis William H. Davis S. Jack Evans, Jr. Zachary Hill Harry H. Hudson Melvin C. Jaschke Robert W. Jones William J. Lowe Stanley Todd Lowery Fred C. Luce John R. McDuff Thomas C. Pollard James W. Smith W. Paul Strassman H. D. Tomlinson. Jr. William D. Tribble Frederick T. West Allyn Zollicoffer THE JAMES STEPHEN HOGG DEBATING SOCIETY was founded in 1912. Its purposes are to encourage the increased participation of its members in all forms of forensic activity, to stimulate discussion of topics of current interest, and to acquaint its members with the rules of parliamentary procedure, to the end that they will be better equipped to meet the problems of post-college life. PACE 262 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS President ELLEN GEUE Vice-President FRANCES VANNOY Secretary JOY STOLTZFL s Treasurer MOLLY BECKHAM Faculty Sponsor BESS CALDWELL MEMBERS BethAbshier Mary W. Apnor Genelle Alexander Jane Allen Emma Lou Alston Katharine Andrews Mary Jo Andrews Louise Landi Arm-trong Ceraldine Babcork Jean Baird Virginia Barren Barbara Baas Angee Bear Betty Jean Beasley MoUie Elaine Beckham Barbara Bible June Thelma Bishop Barbara Blair Margaret Boyce n Boyd Margaret Bradford Fain- Breeding Sarah Brooks Mary Evelyn Bryson Mattie Byrd Bunting Lillian Burke Bess Cald well Janet Caperton Ramona Caveness Ann Carton Betty Childless Jerry Cocreham Kathleen Collie Ann Combs Beverly Connor Janet Connor Shirley Beth Coming Isabel Cosdey Ida Courtney Mary Carlton Crawford Mary Ann Crawley Ann Creasy Charlotte Cromwell Patricia Crook Ruth Damm Dorothy Davis Helen Deathe Frances Ann Deaton Patricia de la Fosse Ruby Jeanne Dendy Sylvia DuMen il Jean Duncan Laura Egger Ann Elliott Alice Elrod Jo Ann Emery Martha Ethridge Lois Jean Fenske Jean Fiegel Marybelle Floumoy Ellen Mae Geue George Ann Cilpin Doris Goforth Vivian Gene Grantham Rosemary Grasso Marjorie Greer Drusilla Delece Griffin Kathleen Grimes Rosaura Guerrero Billie Sue Hall Betty Jo Hampton Ruth Hardin Lucile Hannel Inabell Heath BessHeflin Gwendolyn Hemphill Cecil May Hendricks Dora Mae Hoeflich Margie Louise Hoffpauir Comfort Holt Margaret Hopkins Jereleen Horlen Dale Howard Ann Hudson Joyce Irwin Marianne Johnsen Lurlene Johnson Mary Lynn Johnson Johnny Keelch Martha Jean Kenley Zoe Nell Klemkert Natalie Regina Kniec Marcella Kubicek Allene Lance Jean Lapowski Hazel Little Patricia Lof tin Wilma Harriet Lown Lorraine Lois Lubash Dorothy McCurdy Dorothy McGuire Mary McLain Elizabeth McLernon Barbara Maddox Virginia Magliolo Marjorie Manning Jane Martin Edis Martinelli Shirley Marwil Rosemary Melancon Billie Ann Menzies Wanda Meredith Merrell Midyett Bobbie Miller Ruth Mills Virginia M itchell Martha Mize Bobbie Moeller Frances Molberg Shirley Elaine Mood Marcelle Moore Mary Louise Moore inona Moorhead Shirley Moos Dorothy Morton Peggy Murphy- Ann Myers Rosemary Neely Edith Neiman Doris Neyland Martha Gene Neyland Elaine Oden Helen Jo Owens Alice Joyce Parma Carolyn Patrick Dorothy Ann Perrin Cecile Perry Elizabeth M. Pfluger Lila Phillips Geraldine Pipsaire Margaret Ann Plummer Loree M. Polansky Lillian Porter Lucy Rathbone Leota La Verne Reed Dorothy Lou Ritchie Dorothy Ridgeway Teiann Riley Kathryn Romine Nita Rowe Christine Seufer Ruby Schwarz Phyllis Shaw Helen Shawcross Margie Simms Ruth Stalmach Joy Stoltzfus _ Geraldine Straughan Jane Tacquard Mary Taliaferro Elizabeth Tarpley Patricia Taylor Pattie Jean Thomas Mary Virginia Tinnin Olivia Faye Tisdale Patricia Todd Laura Trull Elizabeth Tyrrell Frances Vannoy Dorothy Vaughan Donna Vaughn Betty Waldvogel Jewel Jeanne Wheeler Joyce White Elinor Widen Grace M. Wiegand Jennie Wilmot Laura Wright Joyce arbrough Lucile Yeager THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB is an organization composed of girls planning to major in Home Economics. i: Moo.. Crook. Melaacoau Wright. .- fmaj. Bi iop. Mania. MadwU. Cnaw. PrrrU. Pkill rait Xo : UcLma . Motllrr. FlomimoT. C.aitl. ' I fern: Br. .. Grin .. Hradrxk.. Crauhaam. Wkelcr. 4e la F . Erod. Tarfalc. Mi l. Moon. MWrrtt. .Vely. CKCT. _. Elliott. Covrtvr . Stoltxfx. Howard. Parma. Ki. Scmirt. Patrick. Pol.n.k.. HorltM. " OriaSs. SmAwrrov . Ifct iton. M cr, T 1 or. w. Bukc. BanM. M. .lad. BJtclue. Mill.. " ' ' ' , PlUMI : HOUSTON CLUB Front Row: Johnstone, Taylor, Pumel, Kent, Kolle, Edson, Fonville, Rosenzweig, A. Campbell, Higgins, Scott. Second Row: Sanders, Warrington, Lovli, Strauss, Houston, Haden, Mills. Cowling, Switzer, Baker. Third Row: Mullins, Fulghum, Brower, Dean, Ebersole, Allen, Davis, Stokely, Warner, Montgomery. Fourth Row: D. Ford, McTaggart, Smith, Gazis, Mittag, Williams, Manry, Peterson. Fifth Row: Luce, Downes, Beasley, Bartlett. Creer, Womach, Robinett, W. Ford. Sixth Row: McClellan, Kemp, Yramategui. OFFICERS President OTTO MITTAG Vice-President H. LEROY FULGHUM Secretary ANN CAMPBELL Treasurer EDWARD F. DAVIS Social Chairman . ELIZABETH COWLING MEMBERS Patty Lou Airhart Thelma Lee Allen Priscilla Aves Elizabeth Ann Baker Molly Barnes Bennett Boykin Bartlett Marshall Beasley Mary Bertroud M. Russell Bowen Norma Bonvillian Wally Frank Bowles Albert Brower Jess Brownfield Auora Bryan Ann Campbell Joanne Campbell Alice Chiles Dorothy Collier Elizabeth Cowling Richard Cowling Patricia Corrigan Jackie Crandall Shirley Cox Edward F. Davis Martha Dean John Downes Nancy Ebersole Betty Ann Edson Emily Rose Falk Clarita Ann Fonville Douglas W. Ford Walter Ford Leroy Fulghum Manuel V. Gazis George A. Gibbons John S. Goodrich Tom Graham W. Neal Greer, Jr. Barbara Haden Mary Margaret Higgins Gerry .A. Houston Raymond Johnson Billy Faye Johnstone David M. Kemp Anna Lucille Kent Muriel King Mary Ann Kolle Betty G. Lovli Fred Charles Luce Jack Macland Helen Maier Winston Manry lone Masterson Ruth Mills Robert Minor Otto Mittag Carolyn Montgomery Billie Lou Morrow Ned Morrow Peggy Mullins Leroy B. McClellan Eugene McDaniel James McTaggart Lester E. McTaggart Wilma Nowlin Mike Peterson Jo Peebles James Pinto Wallace Prouse Phyllis Pumel Whitie Reynolds Johnny H. Robinet Gloria Jo Rosenzweig Claude Rouse Cynthia Rowan Carroll Sanders William Saxon Margee Scott Nancy Scurry Jerome Shaffer Milton Skillern Louis Smith Anne Stevenson Charles Stokely Jane Strauss Betty Jean Switzer Walter Surovik Patricia Ann Taylor Robert L. Terry Marjorie Tilton Marshall Tiner Mary Elizabeth Vick George L. Walker Betty Ann Warner Jean Warrington Mary Anne West Winifred White John Williams Ernie Womack Charlotte Wood ' Bettye Wright Enrique Hector Yrmategui I THE HOUSTON CLUB was founded to promote friendship among students from Houston. PACE 264 INSTITUTE DF AERONAUTICAL SCIENCES OFFICERS President CHARLES B. SHUFORD ' resident BALLARD A. DIXWIDDIE Secretary-Treasurer X. ODIXE JACKSON Faculty Sponsor M. V. BARTON Herbert Arvis Anderson Joseph H. Ashcraft, Jr. Luther A. Avitts, Jr. W. Dale Culwell Joseph W. Dal ley Frederick A. Demele Gene V. Dietz BallardA. Dinwiddie Francis M. Eckert Ralph D. Gahl Hugh E. Gardenier MEMBERS William Robert Garrett Warren G. Glover Richard Walker Harris Russell M. Harvey Horace B. Hill Joe Ed Howard Albert C. Houtz W. Wayne Huff, Jr. Charles Edward Jackson X. Odine Jackson Robert L. Jarmon A. Hutt Lancaster Elaine Marek Gloria A. Miner Kendrick Radey Oliver Shaffer Frank E. Shown Charles B. Shuford William L. Vorhies John C. Westkaemper Robert H. Williamson The INSTITUTE OF THE AERONAUTICAL SCIENCES, founded in 1941, is the first technical society in the United States which is strii tly for aeronautical engineers. fnia .- HARRIS. MINER. MAREK. N. JACKSON. DINWIDDIE. SHLTORD. CARDENIER. Stcnu .- ECKERT. HOWARD. CARRETT. AVITTS, HILL. ASHCRAFT. DIETZ. SHAFFER. CLOVER. Tkiid Kom: C. JACKSON. ANDERSON. LANCASTER. JARMON. DALLETT. HIFF. WESTKAEMPER. WILLIAMSON. CAHL. 265 INTER-AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Co-Presidents (BEVERLY DANIELS DAVID VEGA-CHRISTIE Recording Secretary . . . ... . . LORRAINE LUBASH Corresponding Secretary . . . . . . MARY ELIZABETH BUCK Treasurer CLOVER ZANDER Faculty Sponsor CHARLES W. HACKETT Plinio Alfonso Edward H. Andrews Eugenia Bordas Jean Brownlee Mary Elizabeth Buck Dmetrio Cartagena David Vega-Christie Beverly Daniels Richard Davis Doris Goldberg MEMBERS Ida Jean Goodman Cesar Garces Antonio Guerra Luisa G. Guerrero Lorraine Lubash Juan R. Lujan G. E. Montes Carl Spencer Morse Joe Murphy Harold Pope Carlos Salinas Leonor C. de Schofield Daniel A. Schofield Ruby Sleuden Maria Santez Torres Victor E. Vargos Kaye Walker Samuel R. Wiley Mary Yeiser Clover Zander Marcia Zontes The INTER-AMERICAN ASSOCIATION was organized for the purpose of providing an avenue whereby students from Latin-America ran meet a large number of interested Anglo-American students and become their friends and of promoting a better understanding between the peoples of the Americas. Through the medium of the various activities, the Association seeks to promote a mutual exchange of cultures of the Americas on the campus. PACE 266 INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS President J- L- GRIFFIX. JR. Vice-President JOHN MALM Secretary MARIE Cox Treasurer DONALD MARSHALL Faculty Sponsor FREDRICK EBY Beth Abshier Lee M. Adams Mary Helen Alexander lane Robin Baker Douglas Barron Angee Mae Bear Chester Bryant Josephine Buchanan Eloise Burdis John Burkhalter M. A. Cardenas MEMBERS Mary Ann Chalmers Joe Ed Howard David Christensen June Jenkins Marie Cox Lynn Nell Jenkins David Freeland James W. McClendon Patricia Ceppert Tom McCul lough Edith Class Bryant E. McDonald J. L. Griffin. Jr. Hugh McMurrain Mary Sue Hart John Malm Celtyn Hedges Donald Marshall Russell Hinkle X inona Moorhead Susan Hollingsworth Richard Norwood Imogene Pitts Mary Louise Powell Rudy Renfer Patricia Seiders La Vern Schuberth John Taylor Grace Terrell J. L. Thomas W. Hubert Vinson Flora Jean Ware Dorothy Watt INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP is an inter-denominational campus student organization which offers a balanced program of activities with a Christian emphasis. Included in the program are socials, inspiration, Bible study, fellowship, and prayer meetings. . ... PITTS. HABT. CEPPERT. ALEXANDER. COX. J. JENKINS. POWELL. CLASS. V JENKINS Seo4 .. VINSON. McCLENDON. McCfLLOLCH. McDONALD. NOBWOOD. BIBKHALTER- Tkiri .- HINKLE. GRIFFIN. BENTEB. HOWARD. MARSHALL. MALM. S7 LATIN-AMERICAN UNION Front Row: F. Saenz, Dugger, L. Saenz, Torrez, Zacarias, E. Duarte, Salazar. Second Row : Rodriquez, Autlia, Gonzalez, Arguello, S. Garcia, O. Duarlc, Astorga. Third Row; Jaen, A. Garcia, Steta, Samcam, Castellon, Cardoze, Lau. Fourth Row: Ossa, Lan, F. Garcia, Blandon, Pinto, Crosbie. Fifth Row. Garces, Vargas, Perez-Majul, Zamora, Larzabal. OFFICERS President . Cultural Secretary . Cooperation Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer . Sponsor MARINO AUDIA ARMANDO ASTORGA ALBERTO S. GARCIA CELIA RAMIREZ RODRIGO RODRIGUEZ FATHER THOMAS F. TIERNEY Joe A. Aldrich Plinio Alfonzo Armando N. Arguello Luis Arias Armando Astorga Marino Audia Alberto Blandon Julio Cardoze Charles Castany MEMBERS Mario Castellon Pauline Castruita Alberto Chavez Jose Correa Guillermo Crosbie Enzo Dominguez Elba Duarte Otto Duarte Eileen Dugger Cesar Garces Alberto S. Garcia Felipe Garcia- Arroyo Santos Garcia-Saenz S. Jose Garcia Placido Gonzalez Jose R. Gonzalez-Agreda Rafael Gracia Rafael Guariguata Rosaura Guerrero Eloy Jaen Antonio Lainez Simon G. Lan Joaquin Larzabal Horacio Lau Gustavo Marquez Alicia Munguia Victor Manuel Ossa Ovidio Perera Fernando Perez-Majul Carlos Perez -Zepeda Juan Pinto Celia Ramirez Delia T. Ramirez Rodrigo Rodriguez Alfredo Rojas-Davila Ella Saenz Lilia Saenz Yolanda Salazar A. Daniel Samcam Carlos Sampson G. H. Steta Maria S. Torrez Victor E. Vargas Mercedes Zacarias Fernando Reba Zamora THE LATIN-AMERICAN UNION, organized in 1926, has as its principal objective the fostering of better inter-American relations. The Union sponsors a series of educational lectures, musical programs, and social gatherings, including the sponsoring of Round-Table discussion of Latin- American problems. PACE 268 LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President EARLENE JASTER Vice-President ELIZABETH M. PFLUGKR Secretary ANNA MARIE LETTERMANN Treasurer ELMER ALEX KRAUSK Faculty Advisor REV. F. G. ROESENER MEMBERS Lois Dell Albers James W. Anderson Martha Ann Angerstein Barbara Barnett rinan A. Eiserloh illiam A. Flachmeier Henry Karl Flathmann Edward J. Foy Vivian Marie Fuchs irtor Gardner Evelyn Gladys Ging Lorine Graeber Mary L. Grann Furman C. Grimm Martha Ann Gustafson Carol Heaton Caroline Henke Marvin W. Ingelbrecht Joanna Janssen Earlene K. Jaster Bobbie Jean Johnson Harold Johnson Carl C. Kipp, Jr. Helen Marie Knebel Herman L. Koester Arlyn Krause Elmer Alex Krause William Charles Kruse Anna Marie Lettermann Donald William Luckemeyer Alvina Kathryn Menn Marion Rose Menn Ruth Louise Menn Nelson Harrell Meyer Marcel le Joleen Moore Shirley Moos Marilyn Louise Nauert Doris Louise Neuhaus Mildred Ophelia Obermiller Elizabeth Marie Pfluger Gladys Pfluger Lydia Ragsdale Norman W. Ray Frances Richter Pearl Rinderknecht Melvin Robert Schulte Fred Schultz Ruth Sommers Lewis P. Speaker Geneva Steglich Mary Margot Swain William Harold Tiemann Rebecca Twombly Jo Beth Walling Buford Lee Westlund Emily Zuch LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION, formed on the campus January 7, 1937, is an organization to unite the Lutheran students for both social and service purposes. Front Ro t: CUSTAFSON. E. KRAUSE. SWAIN. KRUSE. LETTFRMANN. LUCKEMEYER. MOORE. SCHUI.TK. Second Rou: NAUERT. FLACHMEIER. E. PFLUGER. H. JOHNSON. NEUHAUS. FLATHMANN. KNEBEL. WESTLUND. ThitJ ROK: CINC. KOESTER. C. PFLUCER. ANDERSON. CRAEBER. RAY. OBERMILLER. SPEAKER. JASTER. Fou.-fA Rov: A. MENN. MEYER. R. ME.NN. TIEMANN. M. MENN. KIPP. B. JOHNSON. INCEI.BRECHT, FUCHS. PACE 269 M.I.C.A. Front Row: WARD, HENIG, ZOLLICOFFER, J. WILLIAMS, BALL. Second Row: ELLIOTT, COSNER, COATS, LEDBETTER, HOWELL. Third Row: BEALL, BROWN, McFARLING, WOLK, LEE, ALLEN. OFFICERS President . Vice-President , Secretary . Social Chairman Publicity Director . Publicity Director . Intramural Manager Advisors ALLYN ZOLLICOFFER ALAN P. HENIG JACK COSNER JAMES E. NUGENT JACK ELLIOTT JOHN WILLIAMS JOHN PATRICK MALONEY EDWIN K. MARTIN ARNO NOWOTNY RICHARD L. HAYS HARRY E. MOORE BERRY M. WHITAKER EXECUTIVE COUNCIL James K. Allen Edgar L. Ball T. Alexander Beall Bradley Bourland George Brick Bradford Walter A. Brooks Ellis M. Brown William J. Casper lames R. Coats Thomas B. Curlee Isaac S. Dolen, Jr. Rufus K. Guthrie Maurice R. Hafernik Howard 0. Howell John W. Ledbetter Jack W. Lee William J. Lowe Joe Malik, Jr. W. Otto Mittag Thomas Irwin McFarling Oran W. Nicks Louis Orinowsky James E. Peterson Thomas G. Pollard Robert E. Robinson James W. Smith Henry Valdespino Pickard E. Wagner OttisW. Ward. Jr. Royal T. Williams Isadore Wolk M.I.C.A., the Men ' s Inter-Community Association, was organized on the campus in 1937 and it later affiliated with the National Independent Students ' Association. Membership is open to male students in the University not affiliated with a social fraternity, M.I.C.A. was organized to unite the independent students of the campus and to promote tolerance between all groups. PACE 270 FLYING " T " President f ice-President . Secretary- Social Chairman Intramural Manager ROCKING CHAIR President President . tary- Social Chairman Intramural Manager RUNNING W " President President . tary S H-ia Chairman Intramural Manager BAR " D " President V ' ice-President . Secretary- Social Chairman M.I.C.A. DISTRICT ORGANIZATIONS GILBERT W. EHLERT PEDRO A. OCHOA BOBBY MITCHELL WILLIAM F. NICODEMI s F. THOMAS WEST - BOB J. SPXNV JAMES Ni CENT WILLIAM JOHN CASPER DofGLAS F. PIERCE CHARLES E. DILLEH Y PAIL BROWN JAMES TEMPLETON QRTIS KERRIDGE BRI CE BALDRIDCE JAMES TEMPLETON HAL D. SMITH JOHN Mi JWID HARL N SMITH ROBERT E. BREIHA.N President Vice-President . Secretary- Social Chairman CIRCLE DOT President . . V ice-President . Secretary Social Chairman SPUR President y ice-President . Secretary Intramural Manager SQUARE " A ' President Vice-President . CHARLES F. LAMB BERNARD FREELAXD SIDNEY H. MERRITT Y N SMOOT TERRY WALKER WILLIAM D. TRIBKI E JOHN S. DAVIS W. EDWARD DYKES ROBERT E. CROSS IRVING M. WATSON V. DON WORSHAM JOHN PATRICK JIMMY E. ANTILL ALVIN JAN.NACH ru Jto: DYKES. CASPER. EHLERT. KERRIDCE. 5CM4 XMC: OCHOA. M.KER. -MITH. VORSHAM. TkirJ XMT: BRO N. DILLEH Y. ?PASN. PIERCE. MENTAL HYGIENE SOCIETY Front Row : Chernosky, Crowson, Hugh, Harris. Second Row: Armstrong, Wagenschein, Lain, Wood, Daniels. Third Row: Dunaway, Nitus, Flachmeier, Foster, Emery. Fourth Row: Johnson, Clower, Kinser, White, Simmons, Mullins, Harrell. Fifth Row: Sutherland, Scurry, Rowan, Francis, Hall, Baker, Higgins. OFFICERS President JAMES REECE KINSER V ice-President FRITZ Y. CHRISTIAN Recording Secretary PATRICIA CROWSON Corresponding Secretary ALICE ROSTOV Treasurer MIRIAM WAGENSCHEIN Annabelle Armstrong Betty Baker Ruthe Bastion Katherine Box Chester Bryant Adelma Chernosky Fritz Christian Patrick Clower Elizabeth Cowling Patricia Crowson Beverly Jeanne Daniels Bruce Deatherage Ben Carolyn Dunaway Emily MEMBERS Corinne R. Hall Wilfred L. Harrell Elme Ruth Harris Helen Hartung Mary Higgins Fred Huber Anabel Hughes Clifford Johnson James Reece Kinser Lorraine Lois Lubash Mary Lain Margaret Maxwell Patsy McFarland Peggy Mullins Julius Nitus Patricia Patteshall Dorthalea Purl Tom Ray Molsie Riddick Alice Rostov Cynthia Rowan D. Louise Rugh Benny F. Salvato Margee Scott Nancy Scurry Ruth Showers Margaret Jo Simmons Betty Ann Smith Margaret Anne Sleeker Benny Margaret Strong Marguerite Sutherland Janie Swinney David E. Toney Boone Todd Joyce Vance Nora Mae Vaughan Miriam agenschein Mary West Robert Raymond White Marie Wood THE MENTAL HYGIENE SOCIETY was formed in 1945. This year the Society became a member of the Texas Mental Hygiene Society. Its aims are to promote a sound mind in a sound body in a sound society. PiCt 272 MONITOR CLUB OFFICERS ' resident ANDREW M. SIMS Vice-President . MATHER WALTKII- Secretary-! TCOSUTCI ... DOLORES SPEARS Reporter . ELIZABETH LEASI KK Audrey Anderson Herbert Anderson Colleen Blackwell George Blanchard J. B. Biesterfeldt Jamie Bigby Dorothy Bowman Jon Bowman Robert Boyle Fredda Bui lard Donald Donaldson Carol Douglas Ann Elkins Betty Jean Eller William Eller Bob M. Gerdes Eleanor Gould William Hare Diana Hawlev MEMBERS Joe Hebert Pete Jacobs John W. Jones Sam Jones Elizabeth Leasure Martha Leasure Clara Lentz William Lewis Geraldine Long Jeannette Lynch William Lynch James McDonough Roy Marker Frances Mathleu Ruth Mathieu J. Ray Maxwell Lois Mecham Marv Moore Jack Overman Mary Jane Overman Joe Pugh Gladys Ray T. D.Read Adrienne Shepard Andrew M. Sims Dolores Spears Winston Staehlin Harriett Stegner Robert Stegner Patricia Stevens Howard Swanson BillieTate Paul Thrower Frank Troseth Malcolm Tyler Mather Waltrip Robert Wright THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR CLUB, founded in 1935, is to further the interest in and use of The Christian Science Monitor. Fnmt r: M. OVERMtV ELKIN . SPEARS. E. LEASIRE. LENTZ. STEVENS. M. LYNCH. D. BOWMAN. BLACKWF.LI.. A. ANDERSON. MECHAM. Sre_4 ftp.. BLANCHARD. TATE. SIMS. STAEHLIN. THROWER. DOICLAS. T. MATHIEl ' . R. MATHIEU. BOYLES. HAWLEY. RAY. Tkitd o: M. LEASVRE. MOORE. W. LYNCH. JACOBS. MARKER. McDONOLCH. 1. BOmMAN. m LTRIP. SHEPARD. DONALDSON. t mnk .: J. OVERMAN. MAXWELL, WRIGHT. LEWIS. BICBY. CERDES. j. JONES. TYLER. BIESTERFELDT. H. ANDERSON. 273 N.T.A.C ALUMNI Front Row: KISSEL, M. BROWN, CHARLTON, DICKSON, B. R. JONES, PARK, WAGNER, N. TROUTT, LYNE, E. TROUTT. Second Row: BISCAMP, KINNE. CAMERON, KOQUEMORE, MOSS, JOY FIELDS, SHIREY, COVEY, NAUCLE. CHANDLER. Third Row: DUEWAI.L, SPRIGG. GLENN. J. DAVIS, WALLACE, WADE, BENNETT, ROBERTSON, SULLIVAN. Fourth Row: SUMMERS. R. BROWN, HAMPTON, FRALIA. REID, HALLMARK, CLEMENT, SPAIN. ROCKENBAUGH. OFFICERS President WAYNE ROBERTSON V ice-President JOHNNY DAVIS Secretary BARBARA PARK Treasurer . CHARLIE SPAIN Sponsor A. B. CARROLL MEMBERS Allen Ernest Adams Joe Arwine William Avery Howard Bailey Janie Bardin William Barnes Robert Barnes N. Gerald Beard Howard Bennett Roy Biscamp David Braden Elton Brogden Hugh Brous E. V. Brown Lindsley Brown Millicent Brown Roy Brown Don Cain Jack Cameron . Charles Carroll Cliff Cassidy Aaron Cawley W. B. Chambers Don Chancey Dott Chandler Johnny Chandler Roger Chapman James Charlton Dean Chollar Mark Clement Roy Clifford Ralph Collier Mrs, Ralph Collier Carol Covey Wanda Jean Cox George Crawford Frank Davis Johnny Davis Robert Dedman William Dee Jenny Dickson Bobby Doan Isaac Dolen Albert Donnell William Dowdy Ray Dudley Leroy Duewall Edward Eberhard Burt Estill James V. Farley Joe Faulkner Joy Fields Johnnie Fields Pat Fralia Bob Gaines Mrs. Collins Gaines Elizabeth Gann Bob Gerdes Jack Gilbert Bryan Glenn Scott Hall Roy Hallmark Byron Hampton J. T. Hare Bill Harrison. Mrs. Bill Harrison Judy Hayes James Hendrix Lee Herring John D. Hill Jeff Hodges A. C. Holcombe Paul Horn J. M. Howell Nancy Howell Carroll Janicke Wayne Johns Marianne Johnsen Bill Manning Jones Bill Ray Jones Ernest Jones Charles Jordan Gerry Kinne Floyd Kinser James Recce Kinser Julius C. Kissel Margaret Krippel Bill Kruse Eddie Kutac Fred Kyle Billy Jack Lancaster Betty Sue Lee Frank Lee Robert E. Lee Fritz Lyne Robert Shirey A. Matlock Mac Smith Dick Moore Charles Spain Bill Moss William Sprifrg Constance Jo McDonaldJerry Stephens Gene McKee Mrs. Gene McKee David Naugle Harold Odum Richard Oheim Barbara Park Maxine Phillips Hannah B. Preston William Pullen Gibbon Reid James Rhotenberry Charles Riedhauser Wayne Robertson H. O. Robinson Jack Rockenbaugh George Rogers Annelle Roquemore Harry Sames Norma Scheble Clifford Schmidt Mary Ann Shelton Mary Margaret Stoll Mary M. Sullivan Harry Summers C. W. Trainer Evelyn Jean Troutt Geneva Pauline Troutt Neta Troutt William E. Wade Pickard Wagner George Wallace Walter Warren Lee V. Watson Curtis Wheat Brace Wigzell Fred Wigzell Mrs. Fred Wigzell George Wright James E. Wright R. Gene Yarbrough Alfred Zimmerman THE NORTH TEXAS AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE EXES ASSOCIATION was organized in September, 1944, for the purpose of bringing together former students of N. T. A. C. in an endeavor to continue and further the social and personal relations. PACE 274 NEWMM CLUB OFFICERS President FLOYD C. BRANDA V ' ice-President GEORGE H. SEACERT Secretary MARIE F. WADE Treasurer FRANCIS MCLEAN Historian MARY JANE Ft RLOW Reporter ANNA L. JANICEK Sergeant-at-Arms WILLIAM P. JOHNSTON Executive Committee JACK SCHL ELK E EDWIN J. PESEK DAVID R. SHANAHAN C. A. SCHUTZE Sponsors FATHER THOMAS F. TIERNEY FATHER RAYMOND J. PRINDIVILLE MEMBERS Jane E. Anliil ftlhn Mi A. Arnold Berth L. Ayoaa LooneC. Aydam B m Jo B.lagia Jame. T. Ballard France. Ba FelU Biucfci John L. Biaaxki All roe Birlrr Marjorie Bieter I - Si . Bob Boll inger Robert C Bondy Sherrill Boynton Alice Brady : - Floyd Brand Gerald Braauli Gilbert Br.nd. Helen Brice - - -- L. J. Br.a..rd Jack Bran Paul Bran JackBcUey : ... Maria Elena Caldero. Edn. C llin Catherine Cauon Stephan Cant? Amdrer Curoll Aldo J. Caatiglioau David Ok.Ho. Richard Clark; Michael Clayton Mark Clement Carol Colliru Olivia Cooke Uabel Cortley Marilyn Coughlin Jo Aue Coortawy AM Creel Eafene Croctwailh Ruth Currin Joe C Daridao. Nora Jane Davidao M.iilvn tV. - Elizabeth D-Koteo R. J. Doherty Greif Donfla. Patricia Draefer Lyla Duke Jeaoette Eckels Ann Edward. Marcaret Elli. Bererir Eaimett Betty Jean Fanell Eddie C. Fuchur France riaber Virginia Lee Flood Geraldilw Fonteia France Freeman France. Frott John Fmlhricht Mary Jane Forlow John W. Johnaton Howard Gano Patricia JohatToo Joae J. Curia William P. JofauMon Antonieta Garza L. J. Kappel Bertha Cana Fred J. K.rk.f Frank Gerliof rnnrat F.ihii Intioe Gerlinj Elizabeth Keating Jack Cillen Robert Kennedy Amo C. Cold Tbonia. Kennedy Rosemary GraMO Benr Jo Ken J. H. CriCth lame. R. Kerr Kathleen Grime. Natalie Kmiec Ray 1. Coerr. Plight Kobljarct Antonio Goerra Antbony Krabmer Albert L. Guider. Margaret Krippel William J. H.ldrn Dorothy Kunt Denni. HaIe peUa Edward Kutac Mary Lew Hanapel John Kiinta JoKph A. Hanman Loui Lafon Howard Heemann Philip J. LaSalle Mar Ann Henderton Fred Latham Betty Heraty Dora Leveille Margaret Heye Franci Linville B. J. Hillen Raul L. Lonforia Crorel Hovel 1 Lorraine Lubifh Cintin Hrncir Robert McAfee Al Joe Hunt Jean McCarron laabella M. Infwenen Kay McCauley Anthony Jablontki Ruth McClellao JndmiJanm Margaret McCliuky Anna Janicek R. McCinleT Jorce Jeckei Franci. McLean LouKjeuen Dorothy McMoilen RoKary V. JofcMoo Vernon McMulIen John David Minn Jimmy Powell Clemen Strore John Martin Janice Preaton Edward Stuart Jo ph C. Manino Al J. Pribyl Frank Sullivan Mary Lee May. Jowph J. Raman Mary Margaret Sullivan Waller Mengden Milton C. Regan Maurice Superville Jowph F. Miftud Mary Catherine Rrittr Eileen Thielepape Robert Milhollin Bob Robertf Rocemary Thielepape Robert Moore William Roger William J. Tbo-na C. F. Morrifton Patricia Robluig Lnla A. Tiner John Mnrtha Rodney Roquet Anna Ruth Tiahan Ettie Joseph Ross Bety Treap Sabitino Nardecchia Patrick R o Margaret Anne Tncker Rose Nardecchia Lee Sandel. Jr. Tbomat. B. Tucker Bruce Newman Michael A. Scaliw Bartholomew Tuffly Wilbert Neyrr R. Bert Schappel Joan R. Tujan Patricia Nollerte Rirbird E. Scbendel Arthur C. Uhl Joaeph Oherle Jame. D. Schindler Henry V ' aldeapino Barbara Lee O ' Brien JoM-ph E. Schindler Antbony V.lder Jane Ellen O ' Brien C. A. Schutze David Vega-Chri.tie Patrick O ' Connell Jame. A. Schutz Jesu M. Vera D.niel O ' Connor David Shanahan Juan Villarreal Al Offer George Seagert Alfred H. Vogt J. E. Oppenheim Edmund Segaer Marie Wade T. M. Oppenbeim Mary Shearman Robert J. Wagner Helen Joaephioe Otlia George Shelley Nell Walker George PeabodT Joe J. Shield. Mary Stuart Warreai Harry Peck Earl Simpaoa Evelyn Tel ah Mario Pen. Ernet W. Sl.ninger ROM Elinor William. Joe Pereina F. P. Slincluff A. J. Willrodt Mary Ann Peruaeina Albert H. Smith Betty Sue Wife Edwin J. Pewk Winifred Smith David Wood Annette Phillip. W. O. Smylh John R. Wundcrlick Katberine Pinget Jodie Edward Stavinaba Anna Loaiae Wurzbach Jame. Pinlo V.I J. Sterle Carlo Yn.f ran Clover Zander THE NEWMAN CLUB, which was established on this campus in 1910. is a member of the National Federation. It has a three-fold program promoting religions, intellectual, and social activities among Catholic students in American colleges and universities. Vow Ham: McLEAN. WADE. SEACERT. FURLOW. Senwa! Jt ar.- PESEK. T. JOHNSTON. JANICEK. F. BR4MM. Z7S NORTHEAST TEXAS ELUB Front Row: CARNATHAN, HAGGARD, ELLIOTT, LAW, McDAVID, MALLORY, CAROTHERS, NANCE, BLUESTEIN, C. CLARK, VAXDIGRIFF. Second Row: BELL, ELLISON, D. CLARK, THOMSON, PATE, J. HOWARD, LEE, GRIFFIN, MARGRAVES, T. HOWARD, THOMAS, SCHRENKEL, McNATT. Third Row: BIGGERSTAFF, DAHL, POWELL, BAYS, STUART, E. HOWARD, FISHER, WELCH, BOLLINGER. OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Parliamentarian Reporter ANN ELLIOTT DONNA LOUISE CLARK CHARLES TROY Jo HIETT ROY C. BIGGERSTAFF, JR. PATSY RUTH PATE MEMBERS John Alexander Thomas Baker Norman W. Bays Marjorie Bell Roy C. Biggerstaff, Jr. Joel C. Bellinger Frances Bluestein Ann E. Carnathan Dorothy Anne Carothers W. Connell Cawthon Charles Edward Clark Donna Louise Clark Patricia Crook Gay Cullom Alfred Dahl Roger L. Dahl Dick Dale Danny Darby Charles Davis Ann Elliott Eugene Ellison Kenneth Fisher John Flannagan Jean Florence James B. Griffin Mickey T. Haggard Jo Hiett Edgar Howard John D. Howard Travis C. Howard George C. Lacy L. Rogers Law Mary Jo Lee Clara Lentz Betty McNatt Marilyn McDavid Bob Mallory Margaret Ann Margraves Merrell R. Midyett Elbert Nance Robert Neyland Patsy Ruth Pate Mary Payne Jean L. Powell Sherry Marie Power Jack Schrenkel Esta Faye Stein Dan Stuart Betty F. Thomas J. Phillip Thomson Charles Troy Elaine Vandigriff Albert F. Welch THE NORTHEAST TEXAS CLUB was founded in September, 1944, to promote sorial activities among those students from that section of the state. Monthly socials are planned by its members which include dinners, hayrides, picnics, dances, and one formal dance a semester. PACE 276 P.E.M OFFICERS President ..... V ice-President .... Secretary Treasurer Co-Editors of the Newsletter Sponsor JESSE HAWTHORNE MARY Li CILLE YEAGER MARIE HAENEL ALBERT A. ROOKER {MARY LEE RABKE HOBBS WILLUMS BILLIE LOLISE CROOK MEMBERS belCAdkisson C J. Alderson Jo Ann Bailey Barbara Ann Baker Nita Ruth Baker Jim Bean I. Jeff Bentley Joel C Bellinger D. K. Brace Fred D. Brent Hazel June Brown Max A. Bumgardner Iris Mae Campbell Ed Gardner Harold (Spot) Collins Joann Cooler Marion Coulter Roy Cox Shirley Cox Patricia Crook Gene Currinpton Eleanor Daskum William Jobie Dean Carrie Joy Douer Lucile Fender Bob Ferguson Howard Fitzgerald Donald H. Gibson R. F. Giddens Harold Gilbert Audrey I_ Gill John L. Givens, Jr. Bunny E. Glasser T.O.Glenn Jim Godfrey Claire Gold Robert E. Goldbeck Willa Dean Gray Claire Greaves Myra Guarino R. G. Guerrero Frank Guess Marie Haenel John G. Hafernick Louis L. Hardt John A. Hargis H. F. Harris Jesse Hawthorne Neil Hector Carolyn Hewatt Carolyn Hippard Oscar Hobbs Lavera Jane Johnson Charlie Jungmichel Harold King Pierre Anthony Koby Leo O. LaBorde Arthur W. Lang Emily Louise Lapowski Albert M. Madsen Frank Martin Jack Martin Jo Helen Martin Rosalie Matlock Mary Mctzke Mary Elizabeth Miller Leon Mitchell Richard Zack Moore, Jr. Martin Eugene Morris Vernon Muirhead Charles Munson Jerry J. McCauley Robert J. McLain John E. McMillin Betty Jo McNalt Bertha Nebenzahl James L. Netts Dorothy V. Noll Monroe O. Northcutt Jack A. O ' Reagan Jo Oslin Margaret Parkington Arnold P. Payne Glyn Payne Jim Peacock H. B. Pendleton Anita Marie Pesek Mary Lee Rabke Daisy Aline Rachal Marion Rau Dorothy Rook Albert A . Rooker Ernest Schroeder C J. Seidenburger Margaret Simpson Nancy Sour Elfred Stelzer Martha W. Stone Charles J. Stmadel, Jr. Elizabeth Styner Ruth Ann Taylor Lou Thompkins Jack Tolar Karl Vincent Phyllis J. Ward Betty Jean Warren Marian Wetz Emma Jean White H. V. Wiese Betty J.Winborn Hobbs Williams Allen Ray Winters Jessie Womack Joe L. Worden Mary Lucille Yeager THE PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB, founded in 1928 to organize both men and women students in this field, has both a social and professional purpose. Social events include picnics and skating parties, and a Newsletter giving the whereabouts of ex-members and present club activities is published. The club strives for closer cooperation between students and faculty. v. k mt Fitm Mam: Vbrrabl. hitr. Rabkc. Laponki. Warra. Parkinglon. B. Crook. Jobocoa. B. Bakrr. Dow, Campbrll. S c m4 : AUmtm. McNan. Yc cr. tUtlock. Moorr. Moni. P --k. Hector. Slonr. : ard. Miller. Bron. Tkird Hon: IUc bal. Vutera. P. Crook. Taylor. Collini. Martin. X. Baker. Wiobor . Hr.ll. Hafcnurk. Juof nirbfl . Noll. Tovll o: MrCaalc?. UB. H.thoror. Hippard. Kob. BoUiofrr. Harpcl. Slrnadcl. Dran. Civrn.. Clawrr. MrMillii. Hftk torn: O-Beagu. BufardKr. Kinf. Hani.. Gill. Coldbcck, UBordc. Payw. Bracr. Hardi. Nonkcmn. PIERIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Front Row: CAMPBELL, O ' MADIGAN, PICKETT, KOLLE, KELLEHER. Second Row: ORNDORFF, BRADY, FONTEIN, SHEPARD, MORGAN. Third Row: TILLETT. WEINERT, TAYLOR, MICKEY. Fourth Row: MILLER, BRAGG. DUPREE, COFER. OFFICERS President ANN CLARK CAMPBELL Vice-President GRACE ORNDORFF Secretary MARY GENE WARREN Treasurer ROSINE McFADDEN Alice Claire Brady Eleanor Bragg Zoe Brandau Ann Clark Campbell Ellen Chapman Meredith Charlton Patricia Gofer Mary Doyle Betty Ann Dupree Patricia Fain MEMBERS Julia Finnell Geraldine Louise Fontein Lucie Gano Mary Ann Glass Doris Gracey Ruth Gracy Morgia Howard Elaine Jordan Mildred Kelleher Lois Kirkpatrick Mary Ann K olle Mary Kyle Marie Mathews Elizabeth McElney Rosine McFadden Charlotte Mickey Marian Miller Mary Ann Morgan Laura Jane Montague Marjorie O ' Madigan Grace Orndorff Margaret Ann Pickett Deana Ross Cathryn Shepherd Gloria Taylor Virginia Thorne Emmy Jane Tittle lone Tillett Carrie Vilbig Mary Gene Warren Johnnye Jean Weinert Charlotte Whitfield Jeanne Williamson Jane Winzor PIERIAN LITERARY SOCIETY was organized in 1911 to bring together girls interested in furthering their knowledge of cultural arts. Requirements for membership are a general " C " average and a " B " average in English. Members of the faculty and other authorities in the field of literature are asked to discuss various literary works at the meetings which take place twice a month. PACE 278 PHE-LAW SOCIETY OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer JACK THAXTON ELIZABETH GANN HENRIA PEPPER Reporter jAMEsSlDLO Faculty Advisors (PAT MURPHY JAKE JARMON Leon Adair Cristobal P. Aldrete Davidson Blanks Walter Braly Niu-1 I. Childs Catherine Clark A. Irene Crawford Tom Crockett Robert Ebert William A. Faulk James H. Fenner Elizabeth Gann Thomas Graham MEMBERS Billene Guitar Leland Hodges Frank Jennings Joe J. Johnson Stanley Kacir A. Ray Kincaid Gus L. Lanier Jack Lee Nelson McClung Bill Mason Philip Meiners Claudine Moore Bill Osborn Gary Pearson J. Wayne Pearson Henria Pepper William Bruce Ramsey Fred Rogers William Shepard James Sidlo Imogene Smyers Jack Thaxton James Tunnell Mart Turner Frank Welder PRE-LAW SOCIETY, re-organized on October 3, 1945, is to get Pre-Law Students better acquainted with each other. Front Rou: CHILDS. McCLUNC. MOORE. BRALY. CRAWFORD. THAXTON. Second Row: LANIER. J. PEARSON. CAW C. PEARSON. CLARK, JOHNSON. ADAIR. Third Rou: TURNER. EBERT. TUNNELL, OSBORN. PEPPER. FENNER. SIDLO. PACE 279 PRESBYTERIAN CLUB Front Row: Clary, Tolbcrt, Shiflett, C. Smith. Second Row: J. Smith, Palacio, Wiggins, Ecke, Speight, Curti. Third Row: J. Durway, Doyel, Kuhlman, Palachek, Abbott, Copcland. Fourth Row: Freeland, Robertson, Fussell, Parsons, Norwood, Adamson. Fifth Row: Wcstrup, Walthall, Benner, Bannon, Del Pozo, Crawford. OFFICERS President BILLY BOB SHIFLETT Vice-President CECIL H. SMITH Secretary ARCH TOLBERT f Reporter THOMAS P. LOVKTT Sponsor REV. DAVID L. STITT MEMBERS C. Roger Abbott Henry Edds Acklen William H. Adamson, Jr. L. Maurice Barnett James Douglas Barron James P. Berling Edgar J. Braswell Daniel E. Chamness Earl Martin Clary William Jo Copeland David J. Crawford John W. Craven Josaphat Curti Bernardino del Pozo Henry B. Dietz William Watson Doyle Joseph Robert Durway Malcon Bolin Durway Walter C. Easton, Jr. Max Ecke, Jr. W. Clinton Edwards Emmett A. Ehlers John G. Finley James Eugene Fogartie David A. Freeland John C. Fussell William Robert Gage Ernest L. Helsley John Robert Hendrick Wilfred E. Hunnicutt H. Philip Kuhlman, Jr. Jesse L. Laos W. Jack Lewis R. 0. Linder Thomas P. Lovett CollisS. McKinney C. Rogers McLane Joel Edwin May E. Otis Moore Richard Hi Norwood Cappe H. Oliver Joseph A. Palachek John C. Palacio David V. Parsons. Jr. Raymond E. Renner Leonard A. Richardson Edward Dale Robertson Richard G. Ryan Walter D. Shepard Billy Bob Shiflett Cecil H. Smith James Allen Smith Joe Bob Spears A. Garland Speight Franklin H. Stebbing C. Rodney Sunday Leonard R. Swinney Arch M. Tolbert James C. Upchurch Frank H. Walker Edwin Walthall William C. Washburn Laubert G. Westrup James Allen Wharton Earl W. Wiggins THE PRESBYTERIAN CLUB was established to get together all those boys who live at the Presbyterian Seminary Dormitory. The Club engages in all intramural sports along with conducting evening worship services. PACE 280 PRESBYTERIAN STUDENT LEAGUE OFFICERS President CAPPE H. OLIVKK Vice-President HARRY JARMS Secretary DOROTHY E. LAVNK Treasurer JOE ELMER KLECKA Representative to Joint Board EMIIETT EHLERS Student Director W. JACK LEWIS COUNCIL Barbara Periman Dene Radtke Don E. Radtke Arch Tolbert Donald X ehmeyer Marie Evins Woods THE PRESBYTERIAN STUDENT LEAGUE welcomes any and all students to it. It carries out a program of worship, education, fellowship, and service. Inmt : WOOD. D. RADTKE. HYNF. PERIVAN. Ifttmi .- kLECKA. D. E. RADTKE. OLIVER. TOLBERT. Hurt Jtt: TEHMEYER. 1ARVIS. PRESENT DAY CLUB Front Row: YAGER, KELLEY, WALDMAN, BR1CGS, ROUNTREE. Second Rou: ROBINSON, GERTZ, FEIT, WAGNER, GROSS. Third Row: GOLDING, BRUCK, FRANK, BULBA, EGDORF, HUFF. OFFICERS President JOSEPHINE B. BRIGGS V ice-President NANCY Lou HUFF Secretary BETTY JANE BRUCK Treasurer . . . . PATRICIA MILLS Reporter . . . -., . . . . . . MARGARET WOOI.DRIDGE Faculty Sponsor . MARIE MORROW Mary 0. Alexander Josephine B. Briggs Betty Jane Bruck Bella Bulba Elizabeth Anne Burkett Mary Ellen Bybee Jean Carroll Jeannie Dickson Anne Louise Egdoi f MEMBERS Florence Feit Mary Alice Frank Evelyn Gertz Mary Nell Gibson Idalee Golding Ruth Gracy Peggy Jeanne Gross Jean Gunn Irma Henderson Missy Alder Howell Nancy Lou Huff Lucille C. Kelley Marthabel McKinley Patricia Mills Dorothy Minchen Marcia Mitchell Evelyn Rachofsky Lillian Reynolds Enid Ruth Robinson Patsey Jo Rountree Joan Smith Dorothy Teddlie Mary Jane Thompson Dorothy Tutt Virginia Louise agncr Selma C. Waldman Dorothy Wilson Jeanne ood Margaret Wooldridgc Beverl y Yager PRESENT DAY CLUB strives to promote the study and discussion of present day problems and to stimulate an interest in world wide affairs. Pics 282 REAGAN LITERARY SDEIETY OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Reporter . Sponsor . CAROLYN LIEDEKER EMMA BETH HVDSOX MARY RUTH DAVIS RLTH ELIZABETH WILLIAMS VIRGINIA CATHERINE CRASHER LEO HITCHES Mar Jane Andrew Laura Julian Bowles Martha Ann Boyd Virginia Catherine Brasher Betty Brenan Betty Jane Burk Jo Ann Carraway Mary Jane Carsey Frances Ann Coleman Joan Connolly Catherine Cornelius Mary Ruth Davis Jane Dowel 1 MEMBERS Terry Emerson Virginia Lee Flood Gene Funkhouser Judith Cerick Laura Lee Green Lucille Head Emma Beth Hudson Edith Ann Jennings Ann Joyce Joan Kenney Margaret Ann Knox Violette Kosaka Carolvn Liedeker Ann McKay Florence Marshall Elizabeth Mayer Edwina Montgomery Helen Adele Murray Jean Oats Mary Earle Phillips Paula Raigorodsky Elizabeth Simmons Jeanne Ann Thompson Emily Tyson Alice Williams Ruth Elizabeth Williams REAGAN LITERARY SOCIETY was founded by Helen Marr Kirby. first Dean of Women at the University, and was named for John H. Reagan, Chairman of the State Railroad Commission and District Judge. Membership is based on a " B average in English and " C " average in general courses. Fr u K m: LIEDEKER. BRENAN. RAICORODSKY. OATES. 5rcU Horn: ANDREWS. PHILLIPS. FLOOD. EMERSON. HUDSON. Tkiti Horn: . WILLIAMS. JENNINGS. BRASHER. DOWELL. CARRAWAY. EX-HOTCEE ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Skipper JOE H. SMITH Executive Officer 0. GLENN PATE First Lieutenant C. LEE WALTON, JR. Communications Officer BEN F. McDoNALD, JR. Michael D. Altiffilish Clyde J. Arnold, Jr. Hubert E. Bechtol Arthur K. Bergstrom Bernie 0. Bonnet John E. Bourdeau Donald Brown Roy Robert Campbell, Jr. J. L. Childs Splawn L. Cooper Earl A. Crone Nelson E. Davenport, Jr. A. M. Derrick, Jr. Ralph I. Ellsworth Ivan C. Elmer Owen W. Fauntleroy, Jr. Charles H. Featherstone Warren S. Freund William R. Fuge, Jr. Edwin M. Gale A. Wayne Gentry Charles Francis Gerling MEMBERS Otto Gindler Charles R. Graham William J. Harding Edgar K. Hill John L. Hill August L. Holing Lawrence Wayne Jones Raymond E. Jones Dell Roy King P. Edward Kirvin Daniel M. Krausse Bob Looney John William Love Thomas P. Lovett Ben F. McDonald, Jr. Joe W. McKnight Philip L. McLaughlin Jim Milligan Jack E. Neff Roger R.Odell 0. Glenn Pate Newton Steve Perkins David H. Rainey William Bruce Ramsey Karl E. Rippel Clarence L. Scott Milton R. Scholl, Jr. Carl A. Schutze Edbert J. Schutze Joe H. Smith Michel F. Smith Frank H. Stephens C. Carson Sublett Eugene R. Tanner W. Russell Van der Veer C. Lee Walton, Jr. Herman J. Wetegrove Shirley C. White A. D. Wilburn John Wildenthal. Jr. William A. Wilson William A. Youngblood Jerome L. Zucker n m :50 emoriam JOHN NEWTON COWAN VINCENT MURRAY RAUBER CHARLES WILLIAM SETTLES WILLIAM WYMAN STEPHENS JACK DAVID THOMPSON THE EX ROTCEE ASSOCIATION, reorganized by the present members in September, 1946, is dedicated to the pursuance of civic enterprise in relation to the N. R. O. T. C., and furtherance of fellowship among the former members of the N. R. 0. T. C. To achieve this end the organization is working in close cooperation with the N. R. O. T. C. unit at The University of Texas. Pici 284 HUSK LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS President First V ice-President . Second J ' ice-President ELLIS M. BROWN NORMAN BLUMEVTHAI. P. DOUGLAS SCOTT Secretary PICKARD E. WAGNER Treasurer ROBERT H. DEOMAN Adiisor ... N. EDO MILLER Marvin Alisky Robert X. Barnes Wilford J. Bohn Norman Blumenthal El lisM. Brown Doyle Bullard Ralph G)llier J illiam T. Cook James Cotton Noel J. Crisp J illiam H. Darden Robert H. Dedman Norman Dorsey Walter A. Drier Robert Dunn Robert Ebert Edwin Fenner James Fenner Myles N. Fox MEMBERS John Cambrel I Louis Coldfaden Charles J. Goldstein James C. Harris William C. Herndon Leonard Hoefgen Carl Holbert Allen K. Holt Gus L. Lanier Joe E. Lassiter Frederick Lewis H. Arthur Littell W. Otto Mittag Thomas McMillan Ted Manzano Fred Niemann George Outland Crawford Parker Arthur Patrick James Pearson James Pinto John Rascoe Fred Rogers Harvey Rosenberg P. Douglas Scott Ed F. Shannon T. Harris Sharp Paul C. Sowers Bob J. Spann Kenneth Stanaland James Strong Herbert C. Taylor, Jr. Thomas E. Taylor Pickard E. Wagner Ottis Ward Eugene Werner Roy H. Zuefeldt THE RISK LITER XRY SOCIETY was founded in 1883. and is the oldest student organization founded on the campus. RUSK has as its primary objective the furthering of speech activities, but also undertakes projects which it believes will benefit the student body and the University. Governor Ellis Arnall of Georgia was one of the prominent speakers who spoke before the Society during the past year. Fnul KMT: E. FENNER. DEDMAN. T. TAYLOR. FOX. BLl VE TH L. MITTAG. COLDFADEN. WAGNER. rc4 .- GOLDSTEIN. SOWERS. CRISP. SHARP. BOHV PARKER. H NNoN. PATRICK. Tkirj : SCOTT. PEARSON. McMILLAN. UTTELL. STRONG. DARDEN. J. FENNER. m ARD. DUNN. ftvtk K m: LASSITER. SPANN. BROWN. ROSENBERG. HARRIS. HOLT. BLLLARD. F. . : SAN ANTONIO CLUB mm. Front Row: Van Landingham, Tynan, Shiner, Page, Melancon, Colombe, Pflnghaupt, Walker, Dalton. Second Row: Pratt, Whitaker, Straughari, Joyce, Loftin, McLernon, Chappie, M. Smith. Third Row: Russell, P. White, Phillips, Rife, Prentiss, Appleby, Hobart, Williamson, Te3sman. Fourth Row: Spurlock, Kinsel, Nixon, Tracy, Berry, D. Smith, Alisky. Fifth Row: Sheldon, Proll, Seipel, Casper, Allen, Leonard. Sixth Row: Morris, Avery, Hoefgen, Bunton, Goodman. OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer San Antonio Rose LEONARD HOEFGEN BETTY BRENAN GERALDINE STRAUGHAN Lucius BUNTON Jo ANN CARRAWAY MEMBERS Lee Adams Drue Adams Marvin Alisky A. G. Allen Sarah Altgelt Ardice Vivian Appleby Lear Ashmore S. Terry Avery Clarence Baldwin Rollin Ballard William Berry Lucius Bunton Hellen Burke Jo Ann Carraway William J. Casper Willodyne Chappie James M. Charlton Carolyn Colombe Jerry Dalton Charles P. Dempsey Howard Doebbler Jerry Dorzis Robert R. Eckert Bernice Ern Jean Gaddis Holland Gage Patsy Gait Hodges Gillespie John Gilmore R. P. Golightly Leo Goodman Thomas Grant Gilbert Hass William B. Heath Yvonne Hess Marilyn Hobart Leonard Hoefgen H. James Huebner Ann Joyce Jay Frank Kinsel Joyce Lance Homer Lane Ben Leonard Wilbert Littleton Patricia F. Loftin Rose Long Ray Marker Crossette Maverick Jack McCaleb Elizabeth McLernon Bruce Meador Rosemary Melancon Beverly Mell Ruth Merbeth George Meyer Nelson Meyer Walter Michalfe Tommy Morris Lloyd Mueller Harry Nixon Paulette Olle Virginia Osborne Patsy Page Marian Pflughaupt Audrey Phillips Peggy Pratt Rober W. Pratt Elaine Prentiss Marland Price August John Proll Frances Rife Richard Rowden Joy Lee Russell Charles Schreiner William Seiple Joseph Sheldon Gloria Shiner Jack Skaggs Donald Smith Maxine Smith Jack Spurlock Peggy Stark Barbara Stenzler Geraldine Straughan Carroll B. Sumrall Leonard Tallas Guy Talmadge Arleen Tessman Earl Tracy Ann Tynan Vanita Van Landingham Lucille Walker Mary Whitaker Peggy Jo White Virginia White Richard Whitehead Jeanie Williamson Lyman Wunsch THE SAN ANTONIO CLUB was founded to bring together students from San Antonio and the surrounding area. Traditionally the club elects a San Antonio Rose. PACE 286 L SEMPER FIDELIS CLUB OFFICERS Skipper . Executive Officer Operations Officer Adjutant Quartermaster Sponsor . MARSHALL ALLEN BEASI.KY ROY APPLETON HARRY HUDSON LAUREL MARTIN FRED M. GIBSON SYLVAN KAPLAN MEMBERS Dan 11. Allen Au-tin Anderson Kay Anderson Jack Ani I5i y Appleton John D. Archer Gerald Baron John W. Baker Lawrence J. Beal Marshall Allen Beasley Sidney S. Bell Tom Birchfield ulirey Black Joe Blades Wally Frank Bowles George B. Bradford Robert Brill Jack Brooks Jesse Brown Bill Burnett Dudley Champion Perry Chesney C. L. Childres James Churchill Charles R. Clardy Howard P. Clark Mark A. Clement Davis Clifton Charles Collins Garland H. Cannon Felix Cook Manly W. Cooper Robert Corley Doris Crisinell Herbert Crook Harry T. Crozier John W. Dailey John Alex Davis Ben J. Dean Garland De Grafferried Eugene Dixon Clarence Dodgen David Donaldson Jimmy G. Ducas Arthur L. Dunn Charles Ebersole William Elliott Jack Elrod Arnold Falksen Ray Ferguson Robert Forley Robert Foster Fred Fox William H. Frey Steve Garner Joe Gaulding Garden H. George Fred M. Gibson John J. Giles Lawrence Gluck Gene Graves Robert U. Grayson Edward Grebe Jesse B. Gunstream M. Dale Hall John A. Hargis Kenneth Harrell Richard A. Harrington Vol B. Hawkins Edward Lee Hay Seaborn C. Herring Wiley Hord Herman E. Hudson James Huffins li.i Merle Hurd George Hutcheson Morris T. Johnson Robert Johnson Martin Jones Sylvan Kaplan Arthur Katy E. B. Kelley Ray A. Kincaid Dell R. King Norman Kittrell Fritz Krust Norman M. Kudla Everett Lawby Eugene Letter Emma B. Lemen James Robert Latt Robert M. Maddox John Patrick Maloney Laurel Martin Charles McCreight Davis T. McKee Harley McMaster John A. Means Lawrence 0- Millinder Norwood Milton, III Jym Mitchell Louie P. Moore Roland B. Moore P. C. Maunger Walter F. Oakes Edward Ochoa Howard Oliver Darby Orgain James F. Parker B. A. Parrish Robert Payne Cecil Quicksall Charles T. Ramsey ' Charles M. Ray- Rodney Reilly Ralph Riley Tom W. Risley Frank Roberts Carroll R. Rogers Michael Rogers Harold Roseu Bernard T. Schwarzback Redford Sears Clyde Shivers Ernest Smith George Smith Howard J. Smith Joe E. Smith Eugene Sparks Hiram E. Staton Tom Steagall Donald Stewart Gerald B. Stone Charles Stone Jack Strickland D. A. Summers Jack Tarkenton Wiley B. Thomas Paul A. Tracy Lloyd Rex Travis Clifton S. Visel Richard B. Walker George White Fred L. Williams John B. Wilson Robert Wilson Harvey Witherell Gene C. Wood M. R. Wormer THE SEMPER FIDELIS CLUB, founded March 15, 1946, is composed of ex-Marines, and Navy Corpsmen attached to Marine forces in actual combat, who we re honorably discharged. Front tow: L. Moore, KHIey. Dixon, Martin, Lefler. Withrr.-ll, Shivers, C, Smith, Bradford, Roger . Ochoa. Second ROIL: Reilly, Maloney, Tracy, fiord. Summer , Gibon. Grayton, J. Smith. Anderton. Mitchell, Orgain. Third Row: Quicktall, FerfUon. Hadon, Payne. Dailey, Archer, Harrell. Brooke. fourth Rote: Strickland. Beatley, Crozier. Allen, Appleton. Bell. Dodfen. E. Smith, Foiter, Kincaid. fifth Rote: Bladei. Wood, Collina, Grebe. Bacon, Burnett, R. Moore, White. McCreifhI. Fox, Cr.rei. Pace 287 SIDNEY LANIEH LITERARY SOCIETY Front Row: Crawford, Bailey, M. Smith, Blaugrund. Fusion, DuBose, Davis, Spencer. Second Row: Haynie, Hodson, See, Loyd, Bynum, Kallison, Gossett, M. Bennett. Third Row: Mayo, Gertz, Feld, Orts, Koen, Levy, Oden, Luckenbach. Fourth Row: Bissell, Clark, Bruck, Powell, Ehlers, Seeger. Fifth Row: Foster, Dunaway, Buford, Speight, Ewing, Courtney. OFFICERS President MARGARET ANN BISSELL V ice-President JERRY DuBosE Recording Secretary BETTY BRUCK Corresponding Secretary MARIANNE MAYO Treasurer MARY LOUISE SMITH Sponsor IONE SPEARS MEMBERS Mary Olney Alexander Barbara Bailey Helen Barnett Marie Bennett Margaret Anne Bissell Ann Blaugrund Betty Bruck Mary Lou Buford Madeline Bynum Barbara Clark Betty Lou Courtney Irene Crawford Dorothy Dale Davis Jerry DuBose Ben Carolyn Dunaway Marion Ehlers Claudia Evans Jeanne Ewing Bernice Feld Mary Foster Alice Fusion Evelyn Gertz Gloria Gibson Idalee Golding Martha Ann Goss Carolyn Gossett Doris Gracey Marguerite Haynie Jo Hiett Martha Hodson Ruth Huffmaster Nita Jeffery Jane Kallison Carolyn Koen Virginia Lee Mary Louise Levy Faye Loyd Phyllis Luckenbach Marianne Mayo Ruth McFarland Helen Moore Kitty Moore Mary Lee Nance Marjorie Nelson Frances Nichols Doris Oden Ernestine Orts Pat Pinson Margaret Ann Plummer Jo Beth Powell Jo Rich Enid Robinson Helen Rucker Rowena Runneberg Charlotte See Martha Seeger Fannie Mae Smith Mary Louise Smith Pearl Smith Emily Speight Ouida Spencer Jimmie Stanley Johnnie Stanley Janet Strauss Jean Tyler Joyce Vance Betty Waldvogel Mary Ella White SIDNEY LANIER LITERARY SOCIETY, a local organization founded in 1900, strives to promote a helpful and pleasant association among girls. The requirements for membership are a " B " average and particularly outstanding work in English. The club is sponsoring a Loan Fund for any girl with good standing in the University. PACE 288 SOCIETY DF WOMEN STUDENT ARCHITECTS li ENGINEERS OFFICERS President Lrcv WILSON Vict-President GLORIA ALICE MIXER Secrttan MARGUERITE KLIGE Treasurer MARGARET KELLY Advisor SXRAH HARUN Edith Balzer Mary Beth Baxter Sue Alice Blalock Louie Ruth Calhoun Peggy Cavett Jo Ann Cunningham Thelma Camilla Davis Deborah Foreman MEMBERS Margaret Friend Mary Ann Green Doris Jean Hart Shirley Ann Holmgreen Man Rae Hirth Margaret Kelly Babette Klaus Marguerite Kluge Laura May Lawler Juanita Jean McFarlin Gloria Alice Miner Josephine Alice Morgan Florence Elizabeth Peek Nancy Carolyn Reeves Sue Cheek Smith Dorothy Ann West Lucy Wilson The national organization of the SOCIETY OF WOMEN STUDENT ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS was begun at The University of Texas with the founding of this chapter in March. 1945. Since that time other chapters have been established throughout the United ft - .- CBJXV HAVI . PEEK. CALHOCN. HIRTH. .- MtTAKUN. SMITH. BLALOCK. YILSOV VIM R. TUrJ JUv: LAWLEK. BAXTER. B.AKT. KLl ' CE. CAVETT. TEST. BEEVES. SOUTH CENTRAL TEXAS CLUB Front Row: Hinton, Hooten, D. Neuhaus, Wagner, Peal, Schwartz, Logan. Second Row: Strauss, Freytag, Speckels, R. Dreyer, D. L. Neuhaus, Tenberg. Third Row: Jemelka, E. Pesek, Keuper, Oncken, Brasher, Lieskovsky, Brunkenhoefer. Fourth Row: Fischnar, Merrill, Jones, Pape, 0. Cindler, Seymour, Menn. Tribble. Fifth Row: Allen. R. Pesek, Meinert, Ledbetter, Davis Cindler, Wolk, Muecke. OFFICERS President EDWIN J. PESEK First Vice- President IKE WOLK Second Vice-President WILLIAM D. TRIBBLE Secretary DORIS LOUISE NEUHAUS Treasurer MARION MENN MEMBERS A. G. Ainsworth, Jr. Lewis Allen, Jr. Leon J. Berkovsky Ernest Black Ann Bozka V. Catherine Brasher Gene S. Brown Fred Brunkenhoefer Mary Alice Cone Mary Anne Dawe Ferrell Dickinson Alice Dreyer Roger Dreyer Louise Eeds Eddie Fischnar, Jr. Gertrude Freytag Davis Gindler Doris Gindler Otto Gindler Paul Haschke Ruth Hinton Linda Hooten Joe Isdale Rudie Jemelka Sue Jones Doris Keuper John Krinta Dutton Lane Johnny Ledbetter Ida Lieskovsky Bessie Faye Logan Joe Lucke Marian Meinert Marion Menn Sid H. Merritt David Michaelson Gus H. Miller Otis Moore Elmo Muecke Doris Louise Neuhaus Dorothy Neuhaus Fred Niemann Ruby Oncken Clyde Otto Joyce Pape Grace Parma Edwin J. Pesek Robert J. Pesek Theresa Pesl Sallie Rankin Walter Roeber James M. Rutta Jo Ruth Schwartz Walter Schwenke Sam K. Seymour. Ill Dorothy Sieber Jane Speckels Henry Strauss James Tenberg William D. Tribble Marthalyn Valenta Robert Wagner Ike Wolk Peter Walicek Arthur J. Willrodt Verlin Witt Pershing Youngkin THE SOUTH CENTRAL TEXAS CLUB was established at The University of Texas to unite the students from the counties of Fayette, Colorado, Lavaca, Gonzales, and DeWitt. The organization plans social functions and promotes friendship among students from these counties. The SOUTH CENTRAL TEXAS CLUB was disbanded in 1939 and reorganized in 1945. 290 SOUTHEAST TEXAS CLUB OFFICERS President LA WHENCE TLCKER Vice-President CECIL R. WINTERS Secretary VIRGINIA THORNE Treasurer . . . . DE Lois WHITE Robert Akin Jo Pearl Ban Carl Banks Milton L-Bankston James Barnes Gladys Barrileaux Joyce Beaty James Best Phillip J. Bourg. Jr. Walter Boulton Stanton Bishop Eldon Branda Floyd C Branda Cay Braun Cleo C Bridges, Jr. Jack B. Brooks Leo Bryant Joyce Butler Mary Ellen Cameron Dalton Carter W. A. Childers Herman Comeau Max Corbett Jerry Crockett Routt Crockett H.B. Daily, Jr. Sam Dawkins Marilyn Dean Earl Domengeau George D. English Thomas T. Fisher Harold Forst MEMBERS Jean Fowler June Fowler J. R. Franklin William Richard Fulbright Edwin Gale Hugh Gardinier Harry Edward Garner William Matthew Garrett Anne Gasow Phil Gauss James Basil Godwin, Jr. Carolyn Graham R. W. Graves Arthur Greenspan Arthur J. Grote Kelly S. Guamere W ile B. Harie J. B. Hathaway William F. Heiner Charles W. Hinrichs Joe Harry Hodges Margie Hoffpauir Donald L. Hogan Harry C. Hopkins FredHuber Kenneth Hynes Willard E. Imhoff Isabella M. Ingwersen Richard Ivers James C. Jeffrey, Jr. Clay V. Krames Howard E. Kringel John Kuhlman Anthony Landry Eugene L. Lefler Jean Litchneld Perry D. Lommer. Jr. W. J. Low C L. Lumbley Jack T. McAfee B. L. McGee Jean McNeil NinaMcNeill W. W. Markley Jane Mamey Marie Maschek Charles Mason Robert F. Michel Felice Michelson Albert A. Montgomery Meriam Anita Montgomery Jack Earle Neff Joe Oberle Betsy Oldham Milton O ' Neal Dorsey S. Perry Curtis Plumly Jack M. Pury : ear W. Reed Quilliam W. A. Reed, Jr. Shirley Ross Robert Rossman Keith R. Rutledge D. C. Sachitano John Sargl . Ivan Schwing John Shofner Beth Sholars Jack Smith Melba Stewart Sue Switzer N. Patricia Thompson Lawrence E. Thome, Jr. Virginia Thome Tom Tierney Louise Tompkins James Tucker Lawrence Tucker Elizabeth Ellen Tyrell Noima Mae Vaughan A.J.DeVillers Lois Vincent Virginia Louise Wagner Betty Walker Robert J. Walker Homer W alles Jack Pool Weatherall John Ted Weatherall Carl E. Weir De Lois White Edward White Albert E. Whiton Joyce Lee Williams Sue Williams Cecil R. Winter Fred David Winter R. G. Yarbrough THE SOUTHEAST TEXAS CLUB was founded in 1937 from a combination of the Beaumont Club and the Port Arthur Club. The Club sponsors scholarship covering the registration fees to a graduate of the Lamar Junior College of Beaumont. v Tvrrrll. N. MtVill. I. McNfil. Httlc. Br.un. t!lUn. Bamlnu. V.u .: Nrff. YafBrr. Comc.u. J. P. Votherall. .Ik -r. M. Monlc nx-ry. Brc : Had(e . Imboff. Ittnj. A. Monljomrry. Britit " . Hotn. hiioo. r: QmllUm. Parr-r. Fulbrifiil. Hof.kin.. Ctntrr. Rullrd(r. C. Wuler. Carrrtt. Thoroj-i 1. T. Wr.ihrr.ll. Codin. Tuckrr. F. inlrr. P.C. 291 SPHIM CLUB Front Row: Whitten, Weatherford, Glass, Beran, Willhoite, Kelling Second Row. Schutts, Ulbricht, Mills, Hood, Neale, Hooker. Third Row: Wagner, Stubblefield, Stirman, Whitehead, Bowers, Merideth. Fourth Row: Collins, Smith, Grume, Kirven. Fifth Row: Douglass, Crowder, Richey, George, Allen, Short, Everett. OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Parliamentarian . . Sponsor LACEY R. WHITTEN EDWIN E. BERAN WALTER EUGENE GEORGE, JR. WILLIAM GRANT WAGNER WARREN A. WILLHOITE MELVIN M. ROTSCH Jay W. Allen Edwin E. Beran Frank N. Bowers Joe Coleman Delimer White Collins C. Dewey Crowder, Jr. Herbert C. Grume James Eliot Douglass William E. Everett MEMBERS Walter Eugene George, Jr. Edward B. T. Glass Frank M. Hood Van Dorn Hooker Herman A. Kelling Peyton Ed. Kirven Sidney L. Martin Thomas Richard Merideth Madison H. Mills John D. Neale -Robert Lee Richey Jack Arthur Schutts William Edward Short Weaks Gardner Smith Ralph L. Stirman Horace G. Stubblefield Herbert Henry Ulbricht, Jr. William Grant Wagner A. Arnold Weatherford Thomas Phillip Whitehead Lacey R. Whitten Warren A. Willhoite THE SPHINX CLUB was founded by students of the architecture department of The University of Texas in 1930. Members are chosen on the basis of scholarship, fellowship and interest in the profession. The organization plans and supervises the architectural division of the annual Engineer- ing Power Show; takes charge of the Architectural Wind-Up Ball; and plans picnics, socials, lectures, and educational movies of interest to architects. PACE 292 SQUARE AND COMPASSES CLUB OFFICERS President . V ice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor IRA L. GALLAWAY CHARLES H. JLNGMICHEL BOBBY J. CHANDLER HOWARD W. TOW.NSE.ND MEMBERS Billie R. Andi- Earl Avery D. O ' Neal Bacon John H. Bain James H. Bailey James Barclay Angus A. Beck David J. Bellman David S. Belvin Richard D. Bird Ralph E. Blount Herman K. Began Ray E. Brown Michael A. Buchan C F. Butler Ray L, Cain Royce N. Campbell Hairy L. Chaffee Bobby J. Chandler Thomas A. Chandler L. O. Chapman William T. Chapman J. C Conradt Ben A. Copass George H. Crook Eugene G. Cuenod Ben J. Dean Henry B. Dietz Billy M. Easley Cleddie F. Edwards James E. Edmondson William A. Elmore William A. Freer Henry L. Fulghuni Ira L. Gallaway John W. Gentry Cecil Glass Gene Graves Royce H. Hall Ben A. Hammack George E. Hannon E. Berlin Hartigan Arthur R. Hayes Charles B. Hendershott Allen K. Holt Claude A. Hooton David L. Houston. Jr. Sterling D. Howard Emmett G. Jackson William C. Janeway Charles H. Jungmichel Ira L. Kennan Franklin L. King Issac Newton Louderback. Jr. Ralph Kenneth Loy Claude M. Lundell " Don L. McKelvey Rufus O. Major Robert A. Mayes Joseph Dixon Matlock Rudolph Matlock George W. Mcglasson Keiry G. Merrill Rhea ' B. Merritt Harry L. Mitchell James F. Nugent George L. Parker Donald Peters Herbert L. Polinard Chester L, Rees Arthur P. Ritchey Allen L. Roberts ' John D. Rutherford Sam K. Seymour Ashley H. Sills Cecil L. Smith Vance W. Smith Earl Snapp James C. Spencer William T. Stokes Jason F. Summers Frank D. Swanson William A. Swindell Robert E. Talley Howard W. Townsend Horace L, Turns Lum E. Twilligear Merle B. Walker John R. Wier Cleo B. Williams Lexford D. Williams Mark Williams Harris M. Winfree Nathan L. Winfield James E. Wingo Fred M. Wright Joseph C. Yarbrough SQUARE AND COMPASSES CLUB, formed on October 8, 1946, is to promote socials and to stimulate fellowship among faculty and student Masons. Another purpose of the club is to help in any worthwhile sen-ice funct ion which they might be called upon to perform. Horn: Jucwcbel. Kin . Hayet, 1. Mallock. Stokn, R e. Roiwni. Mr. : Tonmi. LwfciWrk. R. Matloek. Bvckam. AxlU. Bwo . HUM. rihl. C.ll Tkird o: Ou=dl. OmfmmM. Poliurd. Sill.. Ch(. Hoofoo. SKO . tttlrj. F nk Horn: Frwrr. Bird. S.i4ll, K. Mnrin. Hall. Cmtmei. LmmAcll, B1 ..I. P.rkrr. Ft ft K : Bran. Hoto.. JuLxx. R. Merrill K-.o... Hnulenhon. Cram. Siak K m: La,. TimfM. ifr. Cop. L. WillUm.. Vwfccld. Twilliceu. tn SWING AND TURN front Row: M. B. WILSON, KETCHUN, HAHN, CHAMBERLAIN, BARDIN, ROYE, ANTHONY. ROBINSON, DtLONEY, CERSTNER, DOYLE. Second Row: M. WILSON, SWEGLER, PAULS. BILLIARD, CRAWLEY, NELSON, KINSER. MOLLENHAUER, CACERES, KERBY. Third Rou: CHEW, SMITH. STERN, HILL. TAYLOR, TUCKER, MUJWID, McGUFFIN, HOLCOMB, BOLDEN. OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer Reporter . HILTON H. MOLLENHAUER KATHLEEN GRIMES LENNA JEAN HAHN LLOYD WEBB TAYLOR MARYANN DOYLE Patricia Anthony Janie Bardin Gerald Pat Bolden Artemio Caceres Nancy Chamberlain Edgar Chew Mary Anne Crawley MEMBERS Mary DeLoney Maryann Doyle Jerry K. Estes W. R. Gage Elizabeth Gerstner Maise H. Goldstein, Jr. Kathleen Grimes Lenna Jean Hahn Lewis Edgar Hill Barbara Hilliard Bill Holcomb Carroll M. Kerby Trudy Ketchun Floyd G. Kinser William P. McCampbell Leon B. McGuffin Hilton H. Mollenhauer Colleen Moore John L. Mujwid Mary Nelson Verna Mae Orts Jeannette E. Pauls Henria Pepper Patricia R. Robinson Betty Roye Hal Smith Milton Stern John Swegler Marlys Swenson Lloyd Webb Taylor, Jr. Joe F. Tucker Gail Wehner Mary Blanche Wilson Mason Wilson SWING AND TURN, reorganized in November, 1945, was founded for the purpose of promoting the American Folk dance on the University campus. PACE 294 T.S.C.W. CLUB OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter BARBARA N. VON Zi iu: LUCI.NDA BLAKELY M RY JORDVN JOYCE LONG NANCY Ht TF Beverly Bird Lucinda Blakely Jo Casey Ann Cayton Billie Ann Chensey Elloie A. Cooper Elizabeth Cowling Mary Cloyse Charlotte Cromwell Adele Dickey Virginia Dodds Florence Glover MEMBERS Nettie Ruth Green Edna Mae Hanley Pauline Hanna Carolyn Henke Marybelle Hooper Nancy Huff Casey Jones Janet Jordan Mary Jordan Muriel King Lydia Landon Joyce Long Georgia Martin Jean Ming Ruth Mills Gloria Mosley Elizabeth Parker Lillian Ann Porter Betty Ramsey E. Jane Robertson Clarice Sargent Nell-Marie Smith Maurine Treadwell Barbara N. von Zuben THE T. S. C. W. CLUB, formed October, 1 46, consists of former students of Texas State College for Women. The club keeps in touch with The Lasso, paper of TSCW. Fru Rom: ROBERTSON. COOPER. VON Zl BEN. SARCENT. BLAKELY. S,o t Row: BIRD. TREADWELL. CLOVER. COWLING. tkai Ham: MOSLEY, SMITH. MILLS. HE.NKE. F mrtk Ron: HUFF. CAYTON. PORTER. LONG. MARTIN. M TEXAHKAM CLUB : 2 Front Row: COV1NGTON, ALLEN, CHASTAIN, POULOS, BURKETT, Bl.OCKER. Second Row: McLAIN, NIPPER, D. JENNINGS, E. MOORE. Third Row: MAJORS, HOLLINGSWORTH, TEETERS, RITTER, PATMAN. Fourth Row: COODROE, DANZIGER, SHIPP, CHR1STOS, PORTERFIELD, ATKINS. OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary-Treasurer Reporters ALVIN H. SHIPP DICKSON L. STOKER MARY EMMA McLAiN (ROBERT E. HOLLINGSWORTH (FRED A. GOAD MEMBERS Wanda F. Allen William H. Arnold Jerry Lee Atkins Henry T. Atkinson Jeannette J. Blocker Eileen P. Brody William E. Brown O. Rudelt Burkett Corinne Carroll W. Homer Chandler Olive Mae Chastain Andrew A. Christos James R. Clark Frances E. Clayton Virginia S. Covington A. Elizabeth Creamer Robert L. Crooks Lindsay G. Crump Zelik J. Danziger Steve Davis Mayo H. DeLony Henry C. Dodd Robert H. Dooley Barney O. Eames Rodney L. Elam Robert F. Finley Delbert E. Flowers Fred A. Goad Ferrol A. Goodroe John W. Hammack Bettye Hargett Calvin B. Hargis Gerald V. Harris Russell E. Hinkle William B. Hodges Paul K. Hoffman Ross P. Hoffman Robert E. Hollingsworth John B. Howell W. Figures Hughes D. Jeanne Jennings W. Selder Jennings Carroll H. Johnston Oliver E. Jopling L. Eugene Keeney William B. King ' Charles B. Laramore W. Mouzon Law Allen G. Lawler A. Duane Logan Robert R. Luter William N. McDuffie Charles J. McGee Mary E. McLain Joe Charles Majors R. Stokes Merrill Claudine A. Moore Eulamae 0. Moore Hal R. Moore John E. Moore Troy B. Morris Roy C. Nance Jack T. Nipper Mary K. Nipper Mark C. Noble David S. Ogle William N. Patman J. Bernard Platz JohnE. Platzjr. Calvin E. Porcher Jack M. Porterfield Audrey E. Poulos Nancy C. Reeves Fred J. Renze Bryan D. Ritter Jerry K. Robinson B. Marilyn Sanders E. Pat Scheu Jay C. Shaver Alvin H. Shipp Val J. Sterle Dickson L. Stoker C. Douglas Teeters George M. Thomas William H. Ward James E. Watson Robert S. Weaver Alfred F. Welch John P. Wever E. Jean White James R. White Sophie White Carl M. Williamson Jimmie S. Wilson , THE TEXARKANA CLUB was formed to promote social activities among the students from Texarkana and vicinity. PACE 296 TEXAS A M CLUB President V ' ice ' -President Secretary-Treasurer OFFICERS ROBERT R. WHITE R. STANLEY HORA.E HARRY G. STRAW William Andrews Graham M. Branham John R. Brougher George A. Chatfield Joseph B. Crouch John W. Fulbright Jack C. Grantham Jim . Holden R. Stanlev Home MEMBERS Carl F. Huber Robert H. Hynds Raymond J. Lighthall. Jr. Teddy Malcolm Alfred J.Martin Dick P. Mclntyre Kerry G. Merritt Herbert H. Meyer, Jr. Ed Nieman William O. Parker Charles W. Pittard Harry G. Straw Teddy M. Sousares Wilson P. Southwell Joe H. Wall Robert R. White Robert B. Williamson Mason Wilson, Jr. THE TEXAS A. AND M. CLUB is composed of ex-students of Texas A. and M. College attending the University. This social organization was founded in 1943. Fnml Jtr: NIEVAN. HORSE. PfRKlR. Ol SARES. SftmJ .- SOUTHWELL. STRAW. WHITE. WILSON. Tkir XOT: WILLIAMSON. MclNTYRE. BRANHAM. BROL ' CHER. o : CHA7TIELD. LK.HTHALL. WALL. MERRITT. THI-CITIES CLUB Front Row: R. DONNELLY, CAINES, BYNUM, ELLEN WARD, BOYCE, ETHEL WARD, HILLEBRANDT, BLALOCK. Second Row: MILLER, K. STEWART, LAWRENCE, BUSCH, Y. FERRELL, M. DUMAS, BENNETT, C. DONNELLY. Third Row: D. STEWART, P. DUMAS, L. FERRELL, MULLER, B. DUMAS, McKINNEY, RATCLIFF. OFFICERS President JOHN H. MILLER Secretary ELLEN WARD Treasurer IRVING W. BOYCE Social Chairman BEVERLY HILLEBRANDT Sponsor A. L. BENNETT Garlin Anderson Lewis Baines Mrs. Lewis Baines Betty Bemel A. L. Bennett Mrs. A. L. Bennett Alvin Berg Vera Fay Berg Sue Alice Blalock Irving W. Boyce Billy Busch Madeline Bynum George Chandler Ian Cibulka Bruce Clayton MEMBERS Raymond Donnelly Gloria Donnelly Betty Jo Douglas Ben Dumas Margaret Beth Dumas Preston Dumas Phillip Dunlap Lee Roy Ferrell R. E. Ferrell Yvonne Ferrell Judy Gaston L. P. Gaines Martha Ann Goss Harold Halsey Mary Ann Hastings Sam Hastings Beverly Hillebrandt Robert Lanier George Lawrence Art Lintelman Travis McKinney Hugh McMurrain Don MacGuffie John Henry Macke Jane Marshall Chilton Miles John H. Miller Edgar Muller Van Ratcliff Mrs. Van Ratcliff Elizabeth Reid Rodney Reilly Milton Stern Douglas Stewart Kirwin Stewart Claude Stone Ellen Ward Ethel Ward Robert Williamson Roscoe Zierlein THE TRI-CITIES CLUB was reorganized in May, 1946, under the direction of Ben Dumas and A. L. Bennett. The Club is composed of former students of Robert E. Lee High School and other residents of the Tri-Cities area. It is dedicated to the perpetuation of friendships formed in past years and strives to be of service to all students from the Tri-Cities. PACE 298 UNIVERSITY BAH ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary --Treasu rer SENIOR CLASS: President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . ORRIN W. JOHNSON J. Ross POOL JESSE MARTIN HARRIS. JR. BOARD OF GOVERNORS J. E. THOMPSON JOE L. Cox TEXAS J. CARTER MARVIN W. CARR SECOND-YEAR LAW President .... Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer FIRST- YEAR LAW: President .... Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer WILLIAM E. BROWN- PALL C. COO K ADELE BOLRKE JACK W. CRAIN G. BRADLEY BOLRLAND FLORENCE BALDWIN THE L MU.K-ITY OF TEXAS BAR ASSOCIATION consists in membership of all bona fide students of The University of Texas School of Law. The objectives of this organization include promotion of cooperation between students and faculty, encouragement of association of students with members of the legal profession, and the indoctrination of its members with appreciation for the ethical standards of the practice of law. Legislative work for the group is performed by a Board of Governors consisting of the Association officers, the QMS officers, and student Assemblymen. The Association wholeheartedly supports the Honor System, which has operated successfully for many years in The University of Texas Law School. p o To f t m: BARKIS. POOL. JOHNSON. COX. : THOMPSON. COOK. CARR. CAKTEE. : BOCRLAND. BALDWIN. BROWN. CHAIN. UNIVERSITY BAH ASSOCIATION To , Sow: BROOKRESON, AVENT BAKER, BARTRAM, BLANCHETTE, BUSH, BATES, DeWITT, BOBBITT, BOURKE. Second Row: CAVNESS, V. CARR, BLACKWELL, BLAKESLEE, J. T. COX, H. CARTER, CLEMER, EASTLAND, DRURY, DUNHAM. Third Row: DILLON, GOLDBERG, GREEN, HALL, HEATH, HEINATZ, HARVIN, GIBSON, GALLOWAY, EMBRY. Fourth Row: HILL, L. HOFFMAN, A. JOHNSON, JORDON, DEAN, ALLEN, JONES, P. JOHNSON, H. HOFFMAN, JARRARD. SENIOR MEMBERS James Kyle Allen Richard Avent Ralph Balasco Florence Baldwin Rex G. Baker John William Bartram David Quentin Bates Woodrow Bean Thomas D. Blackwell Joseph T. Blakeslee James Grady Blanchette R. L. Bobbitt Adele Bourke Bradley Bourland Dee Jav Brookreson William E. Brown Robert Paine Bush Marvin W. Carr Vincent W. Carr R. M. Carter Texas J. Carter Charles Cavness Jack Clemer Paul Cook James T. Cox Joe L. Cox Jack W. Grain William Beale Dean John Robert DeWilt Clifford Brien Dillon James Robert Drury Walter Dunham, Jr. Seaborn Eastland, Jr. John Embry. Jr. Fred K. Flanagan Leon Fr azier Robert G. Galloway William P. Gibson William E. Gilliland D. M. Goolsby Walter Goldberg Arthur Gerrish Green Hulon C. Hall Tom Hanlon Martin Harris William C. Harvin Markel Heath Mary Emile Heinatz John L. Hill Harold Hoffman Leonard Hoffman Joe D. Jarrard, Jr. Andrew P. Johnson Orrin W. Johnson Preston E. Johnson Scranton B. Jones W. Ellsworth Jordan P.I.I UNIVERSITY BAR ASSOCIATION SENIOR MEMBERS Luther E. Keaney Edgar Harland Keltner. Jr. John W. Keffer Charles C. Langdon Leroy LaSalle Perry Douglas Loomer. Jr. Charles Lxm- Fritz Lyne Robert H. McCanne Howard D. McElroy. Jr. Herbert C. Manning M ron B.Marks Schuyler Marshall Robert Michael Martin Otto Preston Moore. Jr. Reginald F. Muggley Morgan Nesbitt Fred Niemann Samuel L. Oakleaf Conner Wright Patman Pat Peyton J. Ross Pool Leslie Procter James W. Rainey Emil Charles Rassman Rudolph C. Rice O. Scott Rogers James A very Rush Lloyd G. Rust. Jr. Ernest Sample Wai lace H.Scott Edgar Greer Shelton Thomas Sligh Earl W. Smith Howard J. Stafford. Jr. Willard G. Street Jimmy E. Thompson Meyer C. Wagner. Jr. J. O. Walters E. S. Watson Jackson Webb Donald K ehmyer Ed Wayne Wilson John F. Wilson William Gardner Winters O. T. Youngblood T f .- LiSALLE. McCANNE. PETTON. REST. RUSH. PROCTER. MARTIN. LYNE, KEFFER. OAKLEAF. Srr 4f Jtr: LOVELESS. McELROY. RAINEY. SHELTON. SAMPLE. RICE. MOORE. LOOMER. KELTNER. NIEMANN. TkvJ .: MARSHALL. MfCtLEV. RASSMAN. SUCH. SCOTT. ROGERS. NE SBITT. MARKS. MANNING. PATMAN. Ko.: STREET. WINTERS. YOCNCBLOOD. KEANEY. WACNER. m EBB. J. WILSON. E. WILSON. mEHMETTER. STAFFORD. 301 TEXAS LAW REVIEW a Top ROW: LASALLE, JOHNSON, HOFFMAN. Second Row: THOMPSON, CARR, SAMPLE. STUDENT EDITORIAL BOARD Editor-in-Chief LOWELL LEROY LASALLE Comment Editor HAROLD HOFFMAN Assistant Comment Editor J. E. THOMPSON Note Editor MARVIN WARWICK CARR Assistant Note Editor ERNEST LYNN SAMPLE Book Review Editor ORRIN WENDELL JOHNSON MEMBERS Mary Emilie Heinatz Roy L. Levy Charles C. Loveless Fritz L. Lyne Wallace N. Masters CANDIDATES FOR EDITORIAL BOARD Conde Anderson John Bacon A. Jay Bannon David J. Bannon David J. Biard Francis Broaddus Earnest H. Brown W. Lee Byrd Charles Ed Clark Paul Cook James Albert Dickie Brien Dillon Franklin S. Dodd Parker C. Fielder Austin H. Furse Thomas J. Hanlon Edward G. Hardwicke James Hartsfield William C. Harvin Carl F. Hendrix Harry Hickman John Luke Hill Kent Hoerster T. Larry Jones Luther Keeney Edgar H. Keltner S. G. Kolius Peter F. Lake William Litchfield J. P. Luton Charles S. McClain Jack B. Miller Otto P. Moore Clinton F. Morse Pat Murphy Morgan Nesbitt Thomas L. Parrish Milton Regan William George Richards William J. Rosser J. Avery Rush Robert A. Shepherd J. E. Slover Earl W. Smith Killough K. Smith Joe T. Sneed Marshall Spivey Kenneth Tarlton John Thomason James U. Thurman Charles G. Trenckmann James Mac Umstattd Jack W. Watson Clyde E. Willbern Joe Witherspoon Jack C. Young PACE 302 W. I. C. A. OFFICERS President . Vice-P ' resident Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter . Historian . Mem bers-at- large Sponsors MARY FERN BRAY MARY JIM JONES CLOVER LUCILLE ZANDER BETHINE NELSON BERNICE MURRAY JUDY LEON (HELEN LOWRIE JLuciLE FENDER (DOROTHY GEBAUER EDWIN K. MARTIN COUNCIL MEMBERS Social Chairmen . Intramural Managers Community Project Personnel Public Relations Program . Publicity . . Membership . (BETTY Lou POLLARD | GLORIA COLE (WANDA BUDGE RICE | JlMHYE KlMMEY GOLDENE DAVIS (MAXINE SMITH (MARJORIE JOSEPH (DOROTHY COOMIES INANNETTE WILLIAMS JANET CONNER (CYRIL ROTHKOP JKATIE MONKHOUSE JOY DOVER CATHY CONN ACNES KOLOS IRIS MAE CAMPBELL THE WOMEN ' S INDEPENDENT CAMPUS ASSOCIATION was formed in 1941 to develop a spirit of unity among independent women students: to promote such activities as would satisfy their needs and interests socially, culturally, and physically; and to cooperate with other campus organizations in advancing the aims and ideals of the whole University and to develop a spirit of loyalty. Motto: " Fair- ness, Fun, and Friendship. " Front Ho : JONES. BRAY. 7V Stccmi Rox: COLE. MURRAY. DAVIS. RICE. Tkiii ... LOWRIE. LEON. NELSON. P-l 301 WACO CLUB Front Row: SHELDON, WINTON, HICKS, L. DOSSETT. Second Rote: RANKIN, LITTLEFIELD, M. ALEXANDER, MOORE. Third Row: D. CALLAN, W. DOSSETT, BRAZELTON, SHEEHY. Fourth Row: CLINTON, ROGERS, HOSEY, ABEEL. OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Social Chairman JOHN SHEEHY WALTER B. DOSSETT, JR. LAURA R. DOSSETT C. RAMSEY CLINTON James N. Abeel Mary Helen Alexander W. Merle Alexander P. Jack Allen Jimmy Bentley Robert Boswell William Brazelton Betty Brown Barbara Callan Diana Callan MEMBERS Virginia Campbell Marilyn Cayton Jack Cormon C. Ramsey Clinton Jack Dailey Sam Damron Laura R. Dossett Walter B. Dossett, Jr. Virginia Lee Flood Herman Harmon Isabelle Henry Yvonne Hicks A. Ben Hosey Ouinton Ivy Ralph Kaplan Bobbie Klatt Jack Kultgen Betty Kyle Lee Max Lester Cynthia Littlefield Sam McGlasson Mary F. Moore Arthur B. Potts Mac Query Sallie Rankin John D. Roberts, Jr. Robert H. Rogers Ross Sams William Schmidt John Sheehy Helen Sheldon John Skinner Martin Todaro Susan Winton THE WACO CLUB seeks to promote fellowship among the Waco students at the University. FACE 304 WEST TEXAS CLUB OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer BILL B. JONES JOE BRfCE Cl NNINGHAM BETH JOANNE RICE PATSEY Jo ROUXTREE Allen Barnard Mary Baits John Becker Becky Bird M.iruaret Ann Bissell Walter Block Alfred Bond H. K.Bowden Barbara Box well Jane Braniff Robert Gene Buckles Mary Jean Burkhalter Bill Carpenter Martha Cartu right Joe Bruce Cunningham John Drummond Carolyn Eckert K. M.Kckert Mary Lillian Ellington J. R. " Fowler Carlton Fuller Billy Jane German Gib Gilbert Mary Ann Glass MEMBERS Gwendolyn C. Grisham Ann Harris Richard W. Harris Jesse Heath W. Pete Hord Bill B. Jones Archylou Kinchen Bill Lane Joe Dean Lee James McKinley Odess V. McNeme Barbara Maddox Faydell Manley William Matteson Billie Ann Menzies Jody Moore Ralph V. Moore Jean Nunn Raymond Renner Beth Joanne Rice Ginger Robertson Jane Robertson Patsey Jo Rountree Mary Ruble Charles M. Simmons Hal Smith Harlan Smith James Stephens Grover L. Stephens Svlvia Stewart Paul H. Summers Pattv Thomas Roy Thomas loneTillett Sandra Tillett Maxine Tippett Holland Treadaway Aha Troutt Ralph W. Vertrees Margie Vinson Burrell L. Walters R. H. Weaver Bill Webb Madge estbrook Margaret ilkinson Lucy Williams Mary Priscilla Willis Floyd Wisdom Front Ram: Hire. Rountree, Bank. German. ITillit. EcVert. Sfctmd Rtnr: Viwlom. Burthaltrr. Hord, Btrnitd. Hal Smith. Third Rom: Mrnxir . Maddot. Rubl, Vilkinfon. Kinrhrn. Carttrrifht. Fomrlk Rote: Block. U . Bi,-ll. Cunninth.m. C. Strplx-ln. Fullrl. Hralh. Filik Rom: alien. Sununcra, Jon. Becker. Maltoon, |. Suphcnt. 305 WICHITA COUNTY CLUB ! Front Row: P. CI.AYPOOL. COLEMAN, COOPER, DAVIDSON, McCANN, RALEY. Second Row: C. CLAYPOOL, McCLELLAN, GOULDY, HAYNES, JONES, EVANS. Third Row: TREVATHAN, BURBA, FOOSHEE, HUFF. EGDORF. Fourth Roui: WATSON, SCOTT, RUSSELL, DEATHERACE, I.OWRY, TILI.KRSON, STEVENSON. OFFICERS President BUKORD C. BURBA First Vice-Prcsident BEN M. STEVENSON Second V ice-President . FLORINE D. ELAM Secretary PATRICIA McGANN Treasurer JOSEPH B. CROUCH Buford C. Burba Clovis Claypool Patricia Claypool Carolyn Coleman Elloie Cooper Joseph B. Crouch Nora Jane Davidson Bruce Deatherage MEMBERS Anne Egdorf Elpha Elam Florine Elam Claudia Evans Richard Farar Joseph Fooshee Roland Gouldy Richard F. Gordon Mary Haynes Nancy Huff Zane Jones Robert E. Lee Price Lowry Ruth McClellan Betty McCurdy Patricia McGann Paul Machel Jack L. Marley Clyde Metsinger Marian Miller Nancy Lou Nancy Garland Russell Coleen Raley Curtis Scott Ben Stevenson B. L. Stringer Robert Stockton Sue Ann Thomas Carl Tillerson Marjorie Trevathan Edward H. Trigg Robert L. Watson Falls Wilson Paul 0. Wylie THE WICHITA COUNTY CLUB was established as a social organization to bring the students of Wichita County and the surrounding area together. PACE 306 YANKEE CLUB OFFICERS President BEN T. WELCH yUx-President G. CAROLYN BROCK Secretary CHARLOTTE CHAMBERS Treasurer . . JERRY L. ZLCKER C. Carolyn Brock Paul E. Brown Charlotte Chambers Earl Deets Frank DeGroot D. W. Ericson Richard Fairlamb Charles Gage Gladys Gartner Betty Jean Huser Mary L. Hughes MEMBERS Donald F. Jefts Jack Kenney Eugene L. Knadler Cynthia Kuafsky Joan Kuhlman Charles F. Lamb Eugene Magnuson Jackie Morse John V. Mutchler llah M. Nash G. Allan Nelson Marjorie Nichols Roger Odell Louis D. Rainery Joan Silk Dale Vinup Herbert Waltzer Ben T. Welch Betty Ann Wilder Rita Willner Jerry L. Zucker THE YANKEE (LIB was organized on this campus in October, 19K, for the purpose of bringing together the people from the region north of the Mason-Dixon Line and from other areas with Yankee sympathizers. The Club sponsors many social events such as dances, parties, picnics, hayrides, a Yankee Day, and banquets. Pa 107 N.H.O.T. C. CAPT. HENRY Y. McCOWN, USN INSTRUCTORS Lt. Cmdr. William W. Huffman, USN Lt. Cmdr. Lawrence W. Bunce, USN Lt. Cmdr. Frederick H. Vogt, USN Lt. Veryl W. Snyder, USNR Captain Lawrence E. Kindred, USMC LT. COMDR. W. R. LAUGHON, USN STAFF Commander . Executive Officer . CAPT. HENRY McCowN, USN Professor of Naval Science CMDR. W. R. LAUGHON, USN This year The University of Texas Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps reverted to a peacetime status under new Congressional legislation generally known as the Holloway Plan. The mission of the NROTC is to provide, by a permanent system of training and instruction in essential Naval subjects at civilian education institutions, a source from which qualified officers may be obtained for the Regular Navy and Marine Corps and for the Naval Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve. NROTC graduates will be given equal rank, equal treatment, and equal opportunities with the graduates of the U. S. Naval Academy. Under the command of Captain Henry Y. McCown, the Units consist of a staff of seven officers and seven Chief Petty Officers super- vising the battalion of forty Regular and eighty-two Contract students. NROTC Lieutenant Commanders Clarence R. Lassetter and Kenneth G. Haynes commanded the battalion during the first and second semesters respectively. Regular students are appointed Midshipmen, USNR, and receive four years of college education at Government expense and $600 per year retainer pay. They are obliged to make all required summer cruises and to serve two years on active duty as Ensigns, USN, or Second Lieutenants, USMC. Contract students have the status of civilians who have entered into a mutual contract with the Navy and pay their own tuition and other expenses. They are obligated to make one three weeks cruise and to accept commissions in the Navy or Marine Corps Reserve. They may apply for two years of active duty. Regular and contract students receive the same training, which is designed to so supplement the academic courses of study given by an educational institution that, upon completion of the course in Naval Science, NROTC students will possess the following essential qualifications of a junior officer of the Navy or Marine Corps: a good general education, a general knowledge of essential Naval subjects, a well disciplined mind and body, an alacrity to assume intelligent responsibility and initiative, and well developed sense of Naval ideas, customs, traditions. Thirteen of the sixty-two seniors graduating this year have applied for active duty. After two years they may request another year of active duty or a permanent Naval career. PACE 308 N.H.O.T. C STAFF ir. W. W. Huffman. Camdr. W. R. Lanfhoa. Lt. Comdr. I.. W. Bunrr. Stco J K, u: Cipl. [.. E. Kindred. USMC: Lt. Camdr. F. H. Voft. ENLISTED STAFF Front Row: J. B. Gregory. Sgt. Major. USMC: E. F. llen.leron. CCM ; P. L. Pirkrlt. CSM; J. J. W.lch. CY. Second Row: F. W. Kelly. Y 2 c : F. C. Rhode.. CBM; E. D. Sloane, CSK. BATTALION STAFF ttll 10 i l; Mlchul Dultl AliillUck, CCM St. John, CUrtnce R. Uuetter, Thorn.. Weldon Clj, CMH|I FrUut, Jr. CLASS PRESIDENTS ( I 10 i| l.- Hoirr Klpor All... Arthur H.mllioa Jonw, Go:|. Fr.nk Frl.ut. Jr., Joki T. Mbf. Hf. H. D. T. C V FIRST COMPANY FIRST PLATOON Extreme Front: David L. Bowen. Front Row: Ballard M. Burgher, Bennie Oliver Bonnet, Ray M. Mini. in. Leon M. Adair, Clinton James Coleman. Jack M. Denson, Hulen E. Clifton. Second Row: George William Bean. Henry David Akin, Jr.. Richard Virgil Childs, Richard Fisher Avery, Earl Landis Cardwell. Jr., Charles Anthony Buckley. Third Row: Billy Albert Dodge, Gerald Duane Butler, Henry Kiper Allen, Thomas Leachman Carter, Jack Howard Dahlstrom, George Edward Davis, Guy Strickland Rambie, Jr. FIRST COMPANY SECOND PLATOON Extreme Front: Joseph C. Smolkovich. Front Row: Jamei Vincent Farley, Hank Wood Erringer, Harold Joseph Flynn, Sam D. Dawkins, Joseph A. Hannan, Fred J. Elbert, Francis L. Freeman, Harold C. font. Second Row: John T. Hitley, James W, Greenwood, Colbert J. Glenn, Richard N. Goetb, Fredrick E. Forney, Paul G. Eppeii. Third Row; Phillips Cluk Hack, Warran M, Ctlrtei, John Judd Lucy, Robert Aaron Levy, Hugh AlUn McMurrala, Lawrence Wyait Wilion. P.u 310 V H. D. T. C. Euieme Fr mt: Krmctk C. Fitmt o.: Gkuk. C tttmfim. Jr.. Ank.r nr.- Jot C. MO UT. go. Farrar . Jiea DtroeJ OKM. Porter SECOND COMP.1NY HRST PL TOON JM E. Mndot. WiMU- Hour Lot- J EL Uairrll. Jok. Albert C MhrlH-ll. Villiu. F. N .I . Kotrr . Odell. Call I- Soclie. Smilk. Frank Rirhaidkon Kotcil.c.. Clcu Paue. Calru Cracr Pticr, Cmaa, Eoheit I_ Mamy. Prri. D.rid Alu Grant. SECOND COMPAW SECOND PLATOON .r Frfml: Fmtt B mnm O ' Neal. ' . -,. Lwo. McUod Rice. Jr.. Lew Tod. Jr.. Joepk William Taylor. Briu WiU Hi WilliM B. WlkM. Jr. Tir C.rmJ4 E 7 WhwtM. Joi. COTMI W.uo.. CWr LU Uf W Mer. TW M Crakw Trol. Wlllla. XM: DuM Uw . JulU Cite Wu4. Jr.. KMaMb t MlJ. lUkert U StrickUW. Ed.ard B. Pku. HerWn C Taylor. Allea MarrU Ka..l. Floyd E. UM. Harold A. S.iik. IUv.ll. J.. Kkhari Cnf VUIUM. farka H. PMB ll 1 IV. R. D. T. C COLOR GUARD Left to Right: Joseph Lee James, Jr., Isaac Nelson Franklin, Elmer Louis Taylor, Jr., William David Moore. DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS Front Row: William Hubert Vinson, Lee Fred Kyle, Thomas F. Halm. James Lee Salyer, Merritt J. Schumann. Second Row: David Patrick McBride, Herbert Devere Holdridge, Fred Newton Davis, Alex Fin ley Cox, Jr. Third Row: Jack Baker Watts, John Clifton Robertson, James Koss Underwood, Jr. PACI 312 N.H.D.T. C COMPANY COUMANDEKS AM) COMPANY Ml TERINC PETTY OFFICERS : A. Crmrr. Dwight l_ Aro.ll. : H.try C. Siilh. illUm C. kin . III. RIFLE TEAM ftr.- Fmlrirk E. Forxr. HrrWit C. T.rlor. Jr.. Jwn V. F.tlrr. Fiuru I- fatmtm. .: low VI--D Fraaklia. Onillr ood Errufrr. Bniic Oli.rt Bourt. P.ii. H. Simp.. P. I 511 US.NAVALRESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS UNIT UNIVERSiTYfTEXAS The war may be over and the campus at peace hut the N.R.O.T.C. still has to drill. There is plenty of time for looking at pin-up pictures, however. PACI 314 The Big-Day in the life of every Rotcee is the day of the Ring Dance when he receives his senior ring and a kiss from his girl. :: 1 JOIN ASSOCIATION NO (all b REGISTRATION TIME . . . CROWDS . . LINES . . AND SOLICITATIONS. P u 316 1 ' t , 1 1 ; That sensational Colorado Game ... 76 to no less! . . . Teams and spectators stand for the kickoff . . . an d the crowd eats up cheerleader antics . . . One of many TD ' s . . . Silver Spur Herb Miller and Betty Blalock enjoyed the game . . . and Texas ran away with it The real thriller was with Oklahoma A. M., when Texas stock hit its peak . . . the lines formed early . . . coaches supervised warmup routines . . . General Wainwright was among the Texas rooters . . . and kickoffs were aplenty as Texas scored at will . . . Half-time extravaganza included the band and flag-bearing cowboys . . . while the Spurs and cheerleaders tended Bevo. PACE 318 p II u,-. BHT1 That wonderful Of weekend ... the Band led the parade through town . . . and Texas supporters cheered long and loud at the pre-game rally . . . Jones was a standout all afternoon . . . and the University needed its cheerleaders as Oklahoma fought all the way . . . Mary Alice Anthony and Cowboy John Shambaugh were pleased with the game ' s result . . . which, if you can ' t read that Scoreboard, was Texas 20 Oklahoma 13. Texas split even with Conference Co-Champions Rice and Arkansas . . . Down in Houston for the big game, cheer- leaders led Longhorn yells from the balcony of the Rice Hotel . . . and Steer supporters blocked traffic for blocks at the pre-game rally . . . but the Rice Slimes guarding the Owl and their cohorts on the field had all the luck ... It had been a different story the week before in Austin, where Lockfield. Enman, Cobb. and others watched Texas take an easy one from Arkansas . . . the spectators even had time for card games . . . and spirit ran high at the rally the night before. ENTER G1LLESPIE Party, party . . . Clayton, Abraham, Sanderford. and Forre.-ter at S.A.E. shindig . . . Corky Frazier and Ray Lee find fun in candied applies . . . while Currie McCutchler and Mary Jane Foster seem satisfied with each other . . . Delts honor their new housemother, Mrs. Dneproff. with an open house . . . Phi Cams entertain with a buffet . . . but ADPi Tony Marshall and sisters are entertainment enough for ye olde ed . . . Kappa Sigs and dates enjoy " Life trip to Kerrville . . . and still more Kappa Sigma doings John Sheehy and Betty Stevens at the house. on r. . .: Parties . . . Jane Winzer warbled bar room ballads at the SPE Roarin ' Forties Party ... the Chi Omega Sextet sings, too ... Sigmu Nus and Gamma Phis got together at a " Jailbird " gathering . . . and in a little more subdued mood were the Chi open house for the Pi K A ' s . . . and the evening the Phi Kappa Taus spent with the Alpha Gamma Deltas . . . but that Phi Delt Barn Dance was really something. PACE 322 Fraternities getting in their share of licks during Rush Week included . . . Chi Phis . . . SAETs . . . KA ' s . . . Betas, including brothers Schleyer. Bander. Keith. Jaicks. and Tetle . . . Delta Taus Jones and Boals . . . Sigma Nus . . . and Phi Sigs Klan. Tarkson. Jacobus. Mayer, and Michaelson. F. Sororities rush . . . What could be finer than to be rushed by one of those Theta queens . . . Alpha Gamma Deltas make out rather well too ... To say nothing of Tri Belt hula-belles . . . The Kappas looking for prospective hedge test competitors . . . While Phi Mus and rushees seem a trifle amused by the whole thing . . . Delta Gammas and friends congregate in the living room . . . but the Zetas have no tro ible throwing up a hotbox even outdoors. FACI 324 Girls " Rush as exemplified by ... Alpha Delta Pi ... Alpha Gamma Delta harem houris . . . Alpha Phis . . . Zetas . . . and the rest of the Alpha Gam harem . . . Post Rush Week activities meant pledge lines, (and Jean Gaddis was a standout at the Pi Phi house i . . . and the Pledge Night German, where Jane Clayton and Jim Williams joined the party . . . and sweet song rang through the Delta Gamma premises. r. - HURRY UP PA, WE JES 7 30T TIME TO t i VOTEFO1 Kelleher and voter take time out to pose . . . Anti-Clique vista . . . Chi O ' s bush beat for Smith in the Spring . . . Pookie does it again . . . Some Assembly candidates and supporters . . . APO ' s Alisky and Davis keep a sharp eye out for double voting shenanigans . . . It ' s election time again if you hadn ' t guessed. PACE 326 Belonging to sororities includes . . . Theta buffet suppers . . . radioside hen sessions at the Zeta house . . . posing on the front porch, as do AOPi ' s ... or indoors as do Jackie Lissauer and Delta Phi Epsilon sisters . . . and chitchat between Suzy Penn and Betty Kitlrell in the Pi Phi Barn ... or gulping down supper ... in time to make it for serenades. F. i Life at Fraternity houses means . . . Roy Crane murals to the Phi Psis . . . pre-lunch loafing to Kappa Sigs . . . house- cleaning to Phi Delt Pledges . . . fiddling with fishing tackle to SAE Tom Fontaine . . . sunning on the front porch to Betas . . . buffet lunches to Phi Kappa Sigs . . . and plenty of horseplay to the Belts. Pit.! 12 - The S. M. L . game, and a little consolation after Rice . . . Halftime entertainment included spectacular acrobatic:- . . . Guess. Landry. et al give the Memorial Stadium crowd a thrill while Coach Bible and his charges watch grimly from the sidelines . . . From the look on the faces of those Friendly Delts I ' d say U. T. came through. p. -i :;} Serving plates at the Presbyterian Student League can be right pleasurable with proper company . . . Boxwell, et al. rough it for the Ranger . . . The pause that refreshes at the Sphinx Club party . . . Open House at the Wesley Founda- tion . . . Tall tales are told of the Glamazon mixer . . . Ouch! that ' s murder. P.CE 330 Cactus Office in a state of unaccustomed activity . Putting the Texan to bed ... Bryson and compatriots ride hard on the Ranger Ptci 331 Queen McMahon and King LaRue held court at the Delta Z;ta Winter Festival . . . Hilda McIIhenny and Llewellyn Griffith made it to the SAE formal . . . Dean Gebauer gracjd the Sig Ep dance . . . and visitors to the Chi Omega fling included Itch Norris and Jack Vaughan. PACE 332 Co-op co-eds on way to class . . . Smiling Smilodon Elsie Donnell during initiation . . . Femininity . . . Bachelors of Art, that is ... Must be Dead week, but where did fie come from? . . . Halsted House Mortar Boarders Sue Moore and Elsie Donnell. 333 The Interfraternity Council ' s annual Varsity Carnival . . . the KA ' s featured a real live chorus line . . . Delta Gamma ' s unique skit entry depicted the " Secrets of Suzanne " . . . Dekes and Thetas toiled long hours setting up their booths . . . the ADPi ' s struck a Gay Nineties Motif ... as did the Delta Taus in the " Shooting of Dan McGrew " . . . weight guessing was a feature at the Alpha Gamma Delta tent . . . and even the mobs that overflowed the gym didn ' t spoil the fun. PACE 334 arit Carnival time . . . Phi Psi ' s Best Show entry included everything from cancans to Rustlers ... Pi Phis rake in the cash at Bingo . . . Lovely Carnival Queen Janie Swinney with Dee Gee sister Betty Jackson and the sorority ' s Most Lnique Show award ... The Queen and her court: Princesses Pat Connor. Molly Barnes. Gloria Shiner, and Bonnie Bland . . . The audience approved. Judy Leon wore an appealing costume to the " Bowery Ball " . . . The WICA " Sadie Hawkins Day " set-to was one of the high spots of the social year . . . complete with Dogpatch belles . . . and Marryin ' Sam ' s Hitching Post . . . " Mammy Yokum " Betty Roye, escorted WICA Sweetheart Pickard Wagner . . . and Floyd Kinser was there with another Dogpatch maid . . . Brick Bradford and Joyce Thomas, at the " Bowery Ball " again. PACE 33 Turkey Day Menu for the Longhorns featured Aggies a la Mode ... as witness the Delta Taus ' prize-winning sign in the pre-game contest sponsored by the Silver Spurs . . . and the Thetas ' movable eye-catcher . . . while Queen Lena of A. M. graced the Phi Psi ' s facade . . . sideliners watched tensely . . . and the Longhorn Band did itself proud for the alums between halves . . . and the arsity Carnival Queen Nominees were presented to the crowd. r. . M But the real show was on the field as Texas romped to another easy victory over the Sharecroppers . . . Layne, on one of his few trips to the bench, was welcomed roundly by his teammates . . . Helen Tindall and Oscar Jones were among the thousands of UT supporters present ... as Texas Fullback Allen tore through gaping holes in the Aggie Line . . . and Vingback Baumgardner made suckers of Farmer ends . . . the crowd enjoyed it ... and so did Longhorn stal- wart Dick Harris, who played one of his finest games. PACE 338 1946 Aqua Queen Tony Marshall shows why at Barton ' s . . . Charley Nelson and date picnicking . . . Some Halsted House lovelies doing likewise . . . Jim Stewart and Mary Gene Warren on Kappa Sig party at Hamilton ' s Pool . . . Chi Omega Football Team ' s Coach Bob Wallace and Captain Gerry Straughan on the eve of the big game with the Thetas . Thetas Sanderford and Cokes are essential material on any worthwhile party . . . Herbert Treese and Pat Crowson on a Phi Kappa Tau picnic ... a cheer for the winners . . . Beta Intramural rooters include Libby Hayes, Patsy ilcor. Carol Thompson, and Laura Robinson. The Powder Bowl Football Game between those " friendly rivals, the Pi Phis and Kappas, brought the largest crowd of the year to the men ' s Intramural field ... Pi Phi " Cowboys " take off from the house . . . Cheer leaders go wild as Pi Phi draws first blood . . . Sweetheart Stratton, Kappa star, and Bud Gadera . . . Final score, Kappa 7, Pi Phi 6 ... Phi Psis also drew spectators when they joined the intramural wars . . . More fraternity football fans, including Sis Dillard, Katherine Amsler, Elizabeth Hayes and Eleanor Enloe. PACE 340 EVEN LENA HV VOTES FOR MIKE GAZIS PHARMACY ASSEMBLY Campus life means, among other things, sweating out the thriller at the Varsity during Dead Week , . . being canvassed at even turn for the latest charity . . . eating Sunday Lunch with the Chi Omegas . . . contemplating the view from the Kappa Sig front porch . . . suffering from those continual campaign posters around election times . . . hooting at the Union ' s lost-and-found auctioneers . . . and having a quick beer at " Dirty " Martins. MI Lambda Chis celebrate . . . Alpha Gamma Deltas and Dates partake of punch, I take it ... Kappa Sigmas enjoy their annual Fall festival in typical style . . . Three queens at the Cowboy Formal . . . Kappa Sigs Connor, Furrh, Macatee, Phillips, and friends at the fraternity ' s Thanksgiving blowout . . . Jim Montgomery in custody of Dot Thompson at the Pi Phi Masquerade. PICE 342 And still more parties . . . Sig Eps open the frat house . . . Governor and Mrs. Jester attend the Kappa Sig Fall Formal . . Margaret Cannon Boyce serves punch for the Phi Delts . . . Mica-Wica Stay-at-Homes dance and pose . . . While Phi Gams serve up some of that Christmas spirit . . . and Phi Delts play around the tree. P c 343 Campus doings . . . fighting the Fountain Room mob for cokes between classes . . . watching Coach Bible receive a silver platter from the students . . . phoning for dates with two weeks notice at best . . . getting some info pounded into the old noggin ' at classes in Waggener . . . and reading about the Forty Acres in Esquire. PACE 344 Campus miscellany . . . Blumenthal. Brown. Kiley. Wagner, and Nokes. members of the Forum Speakers Committee, greet Governor Arnall of Georgia on behalf of the University . . . Rotcees play guns . . . UT dramati.-ts rehearse Atifel Street . . . and Hay Fercr . . . the Interfraternity Council plans the Varsity Carnival . . . and the Kappas look worried at the " Powder Bowl. " Pct 345 Jim Smith presents Dr. Paul J. Thompson with a token of the Board of Publications ' esteem on his retirement ... Pi Phis Grissom, Miller, Cocke, and Thompson prepare for bed ... the smart ones study in the air-cooled Music Library . . . but the reserve reading room ' s right crowded too . . . Drag coffee spots are post-library hangouts for most . . . Tommy and Evelyn Vague waltz at the KA house . . . Travis Williamson and friend, a couple of Air Co-Op Flying Steers sit still for our roving reporter. PACE 346 T.S.O. brought out the University ' s ten most beautiful gi rls, as selected by Allan Ladd ... the judging was a sight to behold . . . Part of the cast in costume . . . Dress rehearsal . . . Bringing long low whistles from the male members of the audience were Ann Tynan . . . Betty Davis . . . and Betty Bohning. M: The Aqua-Carnival with its beautiful queen contestants and outstanding diving and swimming performances drew a full house each night. Lovely Bonnie Bland reigned as Queen. Tex Robertson, swimming coach, served as master of ceremonies. PACE 348 The queen contestants line up for inspection. Shorty Nowotny smiles as he crowns Queen Bonnie. Demp Harris, with the bottle of milk, wasn ' t one of the beauty contestants. Football star Harris, clad in night shirt walked in his sleep, jumped in the pool with an empty bottle and came up with a bottle of milk. % " .. i " Floats from satires on the Negro law school, the car raffles, sweethearts, and horse racing to beautiful gals in bathing suits, made the 1947 Round-Up parade the best ever. Judged the most beautiful entry was the Chi Omega Trojan Horse. Beta Theta Pi ' s Pipe Dream float was selected as the most unique, Pi Beta Phi ' s Gulliver ' s Travel float was best in the educational division, Delta Gamma ' s Pirate Ship was the best all around float, and the Sigma Phi Epsilon satire on the Negro Law School was selected as the most comical. PACE 350 Some Runners-up for float winners Tri Dell ' s " Round-Up Time in Texas. " Grab hold of that Tower, buddy; prices are still rising. Delta Zeta ' s silver slipper gleamed in the sunlight. The Delts ' take-off on a car raffle. Gay Nineties st le. Theta Xi ' s orchids were beautiful! Phi Delta Theta sports review Cherry ' s famous " T " and Bible retires to his rocking chair. More floats Alpha Chi Omega ' s Minstrel Man patted his foot and moved his head. That ' s a real live Kappa Sig, gilded for the occasion, atop a copy of their recently won intramural basketball trophy. Texas U. has certainly broken into " Life. " The Kappa ' s souvenir turtle too bad we each couldn ' t take one home. Aqua-Carnival Queen Bonnie Bland rode the waves for the Sigma Nus. The Zeta ' s Carousel float featured a merry-go-round that really turned! The religious clubs combined to produce a theme for world peace. Take-off on the Sweetheart Nominees. A walking weiner. Dekes parody on the many car raffles. SAE ' s recall the " Big Five " float in last year ' s Round-Up parade. PACE 352 ARL ThtRE ANY xJP Delta Chi ' s entry was a large hat. Texas ' greatness on the field of athletic combat was the subject of several floats. Lambda Chi Alpha had a boot and Sigma Chi presented " Histerical " B. Hall. M.I.C.A. ' s ship was full of pretty girls. Governor Jester, an ex-student led the parade. More pretty girls in a boat. The Phi Mu ' s contributed beauty to the parade. Kappa Alpha Theta had fun on a merry-go-round. Queen Del Bradford is kissed by President Painter. Texas ' Jerry Thompson comes in the winner. Queen Del poses with the basketball team which was given a big reception at Relays. The team had just arrived from winning the con- solation match of the NCAA in New York. Texas ' winning two-mile team receives a trophy from Del. Charlie Parker won both relays that he entered but lost to Martineson of Baylor in the 100-yard dash. The Queen ' s court. PACE 354 I Hero of the Texas Relays was Texas famous distance man Jerry Thompson. He turned in a sensational 4:13 mile in anchoring the distance medley team and ran an unofficial 1:53.8 half mile in the two-mile relay race. He was named the outstanding University-class athlete and received his trophy from Referee Ward H. Haylett of Kansas State. Rollin Prather of Kansas State was named the runner-up. Samuels. Gil lory. Tatom. and Lawler won the football relay for Texas setting a new Relay ' s record. Texas did not place in any of the field events. " . p The visiting sweethearts make up the Texas Queen ' s court. It ' s no longer a secret; TU ' s 1947 Sweetheart is lovely Del Bradford. The " Big Five " finalists for Sweetheart. From left to right are Thetis Sanderford, Gay Braun, Tony Marshall, Mary Gene Warren, and Del. Our Sweetheart smiles at one of the many Round-up banquets. " Congratula- tions, Del. " The Bluebonnet Belle Nominees certainly back up Billy Rose ' s statement that the most beautiful girls are found in Texas. P.CI 356 fc ' ALPHA CHI OMEGA OFFICERS President BETTY Lou COURTNEY V ice-President JUDY EBELING Secretary MARY LOUISE SMITH Treasurer SHIRLEY ANN MADRA FACULTY MEMBERS CHARLOTTE DuBois .... Assistant Professor of Music Education JEAN HOLT Instructor in Chemistry TECH LYNN Instructor in Sociology ANN PITTMAN Instructor in Physical Education Top Row: Blackburn J. Wilson, Snow, Norvell, Raley, Rattan, Simpson, M. Trout, Hughes, DeBorde, Santleben, Warren. Second Row: Hayes, Mussett, Chernosky, Collins, Mitchell, Gilstrap, Albin. Cater, Knotts, Moore, Burk, Johnnie Stanley. Third Row: Turek, T re van than, Robertson, Joyner, Kachtick, Walker, Vinson, Lamb, S. Trout, Sims, Connor, Jimmie Stanley. Fourth Row: Madra, Gibson, Van Haselen, E. Cook, Peek, Mayo, Barnhart, Clement, Courtney, Kluge, Evans, B. Cook. Fifth Row: Millard, M. L. Smith, N. Reeves, Rogers, Larson, Blandin, Gossett, Hornak, Boyd, Hiett, Van Landingham, McTee. Sixth Row: M. Wilhoite, Bryant, Loy, E. Wilson, Farrell, Bradbury, Batson, Pratt, Rieck, Ebeling, Rich, Cobb, Robinson. Seventh Row: Knapp, Seagler, Savage, Smulcer, Cayton, Goode, L. Wilson, Prentiss, McLain, D. White, McGuire, Gilpin, Oder:. PACE 358 SENIORS Rosemarie Bradbury, San Angelo Norma Bryant. Austin Betty Lou Courtney, Austin Marion Ehlers. Austin Claudia Evans, Wichita Falls George Ann Gilpin. lola Irene Loy. Houston Man Emma McLain. Texarkana Mary Gene Blackburn. Houston Lecristha Blandin. Wichita Falls Lou Burnett, Gladewater Lael Cater. Austin Marilyn Cayton. Thornton Glenn Collins, Chilo. Ohio Elizabeth Ann Cook, McAllen Phyllis DeBorde. Dallas Mar Frances Elam. Dallas Gloria Gibson, Dallas Carolyn Gossett. Taylor Josephine Hiett, Longview Anabel Hughes. Vernon Patricia McTee, Austin Ella Louise Mussett, Monroe, La. Audrey Poulos, Texarkana Theresa Robertson, Vernon Mary Ann Santleben. Victoria Marjorie Trevathan, Wichita Falls Elsie Van Haselin. San Antonio Jimmy Sue Wilson, Texarkana JUNIORS Betty Bob Knapp, Dallas Lob Ann Knotts, Huntsville ' Gwendolyn McGuire, Big Lake Shirley Madra. Cairo, III. Jo Anne Millard, Winter Park, Fla. Kathryn Ann Moore, Del Rio Doris Oden. San Angelo Minette Pelphrey, Gladewater Elaine Prentiss, San Antonio Colleen Raley. Wichita Falls Delores Reeves. Greenville Ann Rieck. Austin Mary Louise Smith. Lancaster BETTY LOU COURTNEY ' Marguerite Smulcer, Wichita Falls Suzanne Spangler, Dallas anita Van Landingham, San Angelo Marjorie Vinson, San Angelo Laurene Wilhoite, Austin Laureta Wilson. Cameron Annie Louise Albin. Dallas Helen Barnhart. Austin Ann Batson. Houston Nancy Boyd. Fort Sam Houston Dorothy Chernosky. Austin Betty Jean Clements. Austin Betty Cook. Abilene Judy Ebeling. Austin Matt Goode. Sabine Lillian Hornak. College Station SOPHOMORES Mary Jane Joyner, Dallas ' Rosalind Kachtick. Houston Marguerite Kluge. Austin ' Cornelia Lamb. Austin Betty Lou Larson. Dallas Marianne Mayo. Dallas ' Patricia Mitchell. San Antonio ' Bette Peek, Belton Martha Savage. Austin ' Sylvia Seagler. Houston Joan Sims. Clarksville Fanny Mae Smith, San Benito Nora Mae Snow, Abilene Jimmie Stanley. Austin Johnnie Stanley. Austin Mildred Trout, Lufltin Joanne Walker. Wichita Falls irginia J arren, Austin Merle Wilhoite. Austin FBESHMEN ' Helen Burk. San Antonio Norma Sue Cobb, Dallas ' Beverly Connor. McAllen ' Charla Farrell. San Antonio ' Marjorie Gilstrap. Taylor ' Alligene Hayes. Dallas ' George New land. Austin Betty Jean Non-ell. Austin ' Peggy Pratt. San Antonio ' Frances Rattan. College Station ' Nancy Reeves, Texarkana Jo Rich. Stephenville ' Patricia R. Robinson. Austin ' Janet Rogers. Lamesa ' Patsy Simpson, San Antonio ' Sophie Trout. Lufkin ' Patty Turek. Yorktown ' DeLois White. Anahuac Elizabeth A. Wilson. Dallas . . ALPHA DELTA PI OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary Treasurer JEANNE SYBIL EWING BETTY WINBORN HELEN MOORE FRANCES ANN COLV.MAN FACULTY LUCILLE WILLIAMS JET WINTERS . Professor of Romance Languages Professor of Home Economics Top Row: Sears, Dalby, Rothwill, Bruce, M. Carsey, Gunn, Hudson, Burkett. Winborn, Lockhart, Mingus. Second Row: Bobbie, S. Stewart, Powell, Shropshire, Cox, Mooney, Ewing, Tyson, Hinkel, Bonn, Johnson. Third Row: Hinton, Graham, McKinley, Hamilton, Ferris, Kenley, Jackson, Mehner, Wright, Patterson, Cooper. Fourth Row: Hopkins, Fulton, Switzer, Green, Kinnear, Frambach, Skipwith, Andrews, Buckner, Dallmeyer, Murphy. Fifth Row: Coleman, Tengg, Reynolds, Thornton, Ramey, Murray, Burk, Marks, Mitchell, Bronson, Hollan. Sixth Row: Clark, Tyler, C. Moore, Blotz, H. Moore, Bussey, Widen, Ellis, Powell, Miller, Sheldon. Seventh Row: Owens, Alexander, Smith, Crosier, Beitel, Marshall, M. Williams, C. Carsey, Baker, Mills, Kelley. PACE 360 GRADUATES Eleanor Ayres, Austin Jeanne Sybil Ewing. La Porte Rose McNamee, Austin Olive Pollev. San Benito SENIORS Mary Olney Alexander. San Antonio Nita Ruth Baker. Austin Catherine Arline Blotz. Rocky Ford, Colo. Beverly Bronson. Luling Betty Bruce, Liberty Elizabeth Ann Burkett, Fort Worth Barbara Clark. Ridgeweod. N. J. Frances Ann Coleman. Mineola Ruth Adele Dallmeyer. Brenham Betty Kathryn Graham. Cleburne ' Jean Gunn. Houston nia Hint on. Lockhart Margaret Campbell Hopkins, Weatherford Elinor Louise Jackson, Rockv Ford. Colo. Marcia Virginia Mitchell, Fort Worth Helen Kingsbury Moore, San Antonio Gloria Mosley, Fort Worth Peggy Sue Murphy, Brownwood Suzanne Payne. Jonesboro, Ark. Emilie Real, Kerrville Frances Jean Roensch. Bellville Billie Sue Rothwell. Longview Joza Jean Shropshire, Houston Jerry Jane Smith, Dallas Dolores Struhall. Austin Jean Tyler, San Antonio Alice Williams, Abilene Betty Winborn, Houston JEAXNE SYBIL EWINC Kathryn Baker. Fort Worth ' Martha Nell Beddingfield. Kerrville Betty Jo Beitel. Kerrville Helen Jean Buckner. Nacogdoches Cathryne Jeanne Carsey, Houston Elloie Cooper. Fort Worth Jean Daugherty, Santa Monica, Calif. JUNIORS Beverly Anita Frambach. Houston ' Barbara Ann Hollan. Kerrville Carolyn Lemly, Dallas ' Jeanne Mehner. Luling Catherine Carol Moore. San Antonio Josephine Elizabeth Powell, Edinburg Wilma Jean Robertson, Dallas ' Billie Marie Stewart. Beaumont ' Shirley Thornton, Dallas Emily Tyson, Houston Polly Watts. Houston Mary Lynn Williams, New Braunfels ' Sue Watt, Tyler ' Jane Adaline Andrews. Oklahoma City ' Shirley Boone. Dallas Mary Virginia Bussey. Austin Betty Jane Burk. Houston Man. ' Jane Carsey. Houston ' Olga Mae Cobb, Coleman ' Eleanor Ann Cooper, San Antonio Shirley Cox. Houston ' Man.- Ann Crosier. Clebume ' Martha Durward, San Antonio Norma Kate Ellis. Coleman Jean Anne Ferris. Port Arthur SOPHOMORES Laura Lee Green, Beaumont ' Charlene Hinkel. Robstown Emma Beth Hudson. San Benito ' Dorothy Louise Johnson, Gonzales ' Elizabeth Vera Kinnear. Beaumont Kathleen Louise Lockhart. Austin ' Marthabel McKinley. Marlin Louise Tony Marshall. Austin ' Frances Maria Mingus. Aruba. N. W. I. Helen Adele Murray. Houston ' Jeanette Olle, Taft ' Carol Rose Owens. Austin ' Frances Elizabeth Patterson, Mineral Wells ' Lillian Reynolds, Marlin ' Joanne Scherer, Houston Mary Jo Sears, Abilene Emily Speight, Austin ' Monette Stanford, Austin ' Betty Jean Switzer, Houston ' Maurine Treadwell, Fort Worth Barbara Tengg. Houston Sally Werlein, Houston Elinor Widen, Austin Betty Elroy Wright, Houston FRESHMEN ' Anne Bruce Boddie, Hapeville, Ga. ' Colleen Bohn. Austin ' Billie Jean Dalby. Austin ' Clara Edwina Fulton, Gilmer ' Sarah Jane Hamilton. Austin J ilma Jeanne Kelley. Goose Creek ' Martha Jean Kenley, Longview ' Mary Theresa Marks, Houston ' Wilda Mae Miller, Houston ' Ruth Mills, Houston ' Jane Al len Mooney. Port Arthur ' Florence Jane Powell, Weatherford ' Lou Ethel Ramey, Gilmer ' Man- Lou Sheldon. Houston ' Marilyn Skipwith. Houston ' Sylvia Stewart, Del Rio ' Mary Taliaferro, Dallas ' Pat Taylor, Dallas ' Ann Zivley, Austin ALPHA EPSILON PHI OFFICERS Dean ENID RUTH ROBINSON Sub-Dean IDALEE GOLDING Scribe . BETTY JANE BRUCK Treasurer . JOAN ALYSE POLLACK Top Row: Friedlander, G. Goldman, Lapooski, S. Levy, Rosenwasser, Koen, Blaudgrund, M. L. Levy, Kallison. Second Row: D. Wolff, Zork, Wolf, B. Kohn, Fischer, Guiding, Robinson, Lapidus, M. F. Levy, Krakower. Third Row: M. S. Levy, Bloom, Heyman. DeLynn, S. Wolff, Certz, Bruck, Byer, Steinfeld, Frank. Fourth Row: Fiegel, Nossek, Michelson, Alexander, Hyman, E. Lapowski, Friedson, Victorsohn, Halper, Abrams. Fifth Row: Kulakofsky, Blankneld, Silverfield, Kern, J. Levy, Fclsenthal, Genecov, Berry, Mayer, Perry. Sixth Row: M. Kobn, Landsman, Wessel, Feld, A. Goldman, Shaw, Nierman, Gross, Waldvogel, Kahn. PCE 362 SENIORS Marie Alexander, Dallas Betty Jane Brack, Waco Cecelia Fischer, Tulsa. Okla. Mary Alice Frank, Pensacola, Fla. Idalee Golding. Spur Gloria Patricia Goldman. Houston Marjorie Faye Levy, Dallas Suzanne Mayer, Austin Enid Ruth Robinson, Houston Doris Fay Rosenwasser, Fort Worth Betty Frances Waldvogel, Columbus JUNIORS Joan Beraice Friedson. San Antonio Maurine Genecov, Tyler Evelyn Gertz. Kilgore Miriam Pope Kohn. El Paso Dovie Lapidus. Bowling Green. Ky. Jean Klein Lapowski, El Paso Cecile Alyse Perry, Tulsa, Okla. Joan Alyse Pollock, San Antonio Phyllis Dee Shaw, Kansas City, Mo. Minette Yictorsohn, Mr. Vernon, New York ENID Rl ' TH KOBIVSOV Ann Blaudgrund. El Paso Faye Phyllis Ever, Union City. Tenn. Bernice Ray Feld, Houston Bettye Felsenthal. Brownsville, Tenn. Carol Fiegel. Tyler Minna Frank Friedlander, Houston Anita Goldman. Mobile. Ala. SOPHOMORES Doris Gross, Tyler Lyra Ann Halper. Dallas Beverly Lou Heyman. Tulsa. Okla. Helen Carol Kahn. Gadsden. Ala. Jane Diane Kallison. San Antonio Carolyn Koen. Austin Anita Flo Krakower, Houston Anna Jane Kulakofsky. Omaha. Neb. Marie Louise Levy, New Orleans. La. Marilyn Shirley Levy, Alexandria. La. Sara Jo Levy. Houston Jeanne Nierman. Gal veston Joan Steinfeld. Brooklyn, N. V. Dorothy Jo Wolff, Houston ' Shirley Joy Wolff, Houston FRESHMEN ' Carolyn Sue Abrams, Hearne ' Jeanne Frances Berry, Birmingham. Ala. ' Babette Elaine Blankneld. Port Arthur ' Betty Sue Bloom. Dallas " Carolyn DeLynn. Morgantown. W. Va. ' Harriet Ruth Hyman. Tulsa. Okla. ' Jane Marie Kern. Memphis, Tenn. ' Harriet Rose Kohn. Mobile. Ala. ' Shirley Elaine Landsman, San Antonio ' Emily Louise Lapowski. El Paso ' Janice Bobett Levy. Corsicana ' Felice Sydney Michelson. Beaumont ' Frances Nossek, Dallas ' Marilyn Gloria Silverfield. Birmingham. Ala. ' Barbara Frances Wessel. Tyler ' Betty Lou Wolf. Little Rock, Ark. ' Frances Zork, El Paso i; , - irM ta ALPHA GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS President SAMMYE CLAIRE TISDALE V ice-President IVA SUE JAEGGLI Secretary PATTIE JEAN THOMAS Treasurer . . . CORAL JAN YOLLAND MARJORIE HAMNER HELEN RUHL . FACULTY Laboratory Instructor in Home Economics Laboratory Instructor in Home Economics Top Row: Blair, Shawcross, Yolland, Bailey, Milton, Webb, Sterling, J. Combs, Stone. Stevenson. Second Row: Allen, Wade, Drake, Dietze, Eads, Stewart, A. Combs, Riser, Grantham, Beecroft. Third Row: Sharp, Runneberg, Barker, Menzies, Thomas, Griffin, Jaeggli, Bass, Schmitt, WalHs, Hansen. Fourth Row: Hunter, Danforth, Applewhite, Edwards, S. Tisdale, Davis, Barnes, Miller, Rabke, Jackson, Scale. Fifth Row: Henry, Schorre, O. Tisdale, Atkison, Hillebrandt, Douthit, McCurdy, Hooten, Agrelius, Kenney, Angerstein. PACE 364 SENIORS Man Lois Applewhite. Beeville Carolyn Blair. Waco Jackie Chagnard. San Antonio Jane Combs, Whitesboro Dorothy Dale Davis, Cotulla Doris Carolyn Dietze. San Antonio Mary Evelyn Edwards, Crowell Betty Elaine Agrelius, Austin Jane Allen. Oklahoma Gty, Okla. Frances Jayne Atkison. Austin ' Patricia Ann Bass. Kilgore Catherine Beecroft, San Marcos Ann Combs, Whitesboro Dorothy Fads, Uvalde Marie Haenel. Austin Norma W. Hansen, Gal vest on I va Sue Jaeggli. Moulton Joan Patricia Kenney, Balboa, C. Z. Dorothy McCurdy. Cuero Sammye Claire Tisdale, Port Lavaca Coral Jan Yolland. League Gty JUNIORS ' Bobbie Sue Henry, Refugio Olinda Hooten. Cooper Marian Ruth Jackson, Little Rock, Ark. Billie Anne Menzies, Telegraph Eugenia Milton, Austin Mary Lee Rabke, Tivoli Betty Jean Riser, El Paso Gloria Sohmitt. Carizzo Springs SAMMYE CLAIRE TISDALE Lillian Marie Scale, Port Lavaca Helen Shawcross, Uvalde Shirley Sterling, Port Neches Melba Stewart. Beaumont Elsie Tharp, Mansfield, La. Pattie Jean Thomas. Utopia Frances Wade, Austin Mary Emma Webb. Farmersville SOPHOMORES Jo Ann Bailey, Gatesville Dickie Lee Barber, Tivoli Frankie Jean Barnes, Brown wood Diane Danforth. Austin Gloria Drake, Port Athur V. Gene Grantham, Cisco Drusilla Delece Griffin. Tulsa, Okla. ' Beverly Jeanne Hillebrandt Goose Creek Rowena Runneberg, Crosby- Martha W. Stone, Austin FRESHMEN Martha Ann Angerstein, Victoria ' Virginia DouthiL, San Antonio ' Flora Vimont Hunter. Woodsboro ' Dorothy Sue Miller. Crosby Annette Amelia Schorre, Cuero ' Maclyn Stevenson, Lockhart ' Olivia Faye Tisdale. Port Lavaca Patricia Ann Wallis. Cuero - feN - ALPHA OMICHON PI OFFICERS President ... . ; THEDA JANE NELSON Vice-President ZOE NELL KLUNKERT Secretary ... MARY Jo ANDREWS Treasurer KATHLEEN GLAZE FACULTY ELIZABETH TARPLEY Professor of Home Economics Top Row: STOLL, BUCK, JOHNSON, ALEXANDER, ANDREWS, WIGGINTON, JACKS. Second Row: ASCHENBECK, E. KENNEDY, A. KENNEDY, WIBLE, SPEER, GLAZE, WALLING, KLUNKERT. Third Row: WILSON, SALLEY, McIVER, STANSEL, NICHOLS, BRATTON, SUMMERS, RIGNEY. Fourth Row: WHEAT, CULLOM, HALLUM, DUNAWAY. BLAIR, NELSON, CASTLE, CARSON. PACE 366 Billie Rose Blair. Fort Worth Mary Jo Andrews. Houston Billie Ruth Brat Ion. Freer La Yern Ha Hum. Brady Zoe Nell klunkerl. Austin Rav Mclver. Austin GRADUATES -FMORS MargoStoll. Dallas Theda Jane Nelson. Austin Evelyn Summers. Jacksonville. Fla. Jo Beth Walling, Austin Frances Wheat Sonora Carolyn Wiggington. Brady THEDA JANE NELSON Mary Elizabeth Buck. Austin Gay Cullom. Carthage Ben Carolyn Dunaway. Austin Julia Hillman. San Saba ' Marianne Johnsen. Dallas JLMORS ' Janet Jordan. Austin Beverly Jacks. Austin Evelyn Kennedy. Austin Marjorie Nichols. New York City. N. Y. Cathron Rigney. Port Arthur Beverly Salley, Alice Betty Jean Speer. Orlando. Fla. ' Dorothy Stansel. Heame Mary Blanche Wilson. Freeport ' Edith Alexander. Seneca, S. C. Bettv Ruth Aschenbeck. Wharton FRESHMEN ' Margaret Ann Carson, Brady ' Alice Geraldine Kennedy. Austin ' Elizabeth Pool, Austin SOPHOMORES ' Joyce Castle. Beaumont Sarah J.Ellis. Fort Worth Kathleen Glaze. Austin ' Betty Joyce Pitts. Brownsville Virginia Wible. Austin ' jrt , - ' ALPHA PHI OFFICERS President BARBARA JOAN CONNALLY Vice-PTesident . . CATHRYN SHEPARD Secretary MARGARET ANN PLUMMER Treasurer RUTH McFARLAND MARY ERNESTINE GOLDMAN GOLDIE HORTON PORTER . FACULTY Assistant Professor of Home Economics Assistant Professor of Pure Mathematics Top Row: McFarland, Brown, Berry, Moeller, Robertson, N. Thompson, Armstrong, Madaris, Poff, Pulley, Powell, Montgomery. Second Row: M. L. Johnson, Baxter, Bynum, M. Corder, Culbertson, Huffmaster, Strassman, Faulkner, Stone, Ritchie, Warden, Canfield. Third Row: Riley, Mabrito, Sederholm, M. Morgan, Reid, Heath, Davis, Meyer, Peterson, Peebles, Barlow, McLernou, Howard. Fourth Row: El well, McGann, Towler, Gracey, Odell, Brookreson, DeLagrave, Brady, Overbaugh, K. Morgan, Shepard, Thomas, Nichols. Fifth Row: Kuhlman, Goss, Slater, Read, Feagin, Plummer, B. Carroll, Blalock, Cox, Tally, Hall, M. Johnson, Jordan. Sixth Row: Dye, Layne, Beatty, Boyd, W. Corder, Harkrider, Bissell. Connolly, Kolle, Barnett, Sartwelle, Garrett, Sheldon. Seventh Row: Pickett, Williamson, Whiteaell, Keating, J. Thompson, Melancon, Hunter, N. Carroll, Wilson, Pierce, Bowles, O ' Harra, Eckert. PACE 368 GRADUATE Jo Williams. Wichita Falls SENIORS Ann Beatty. Burnet Barbara Joan Connolly, Gal vest on Wilma Corder. Sanderson Mary Ruth Davis, Corpus Christi Patsy Dye. Albany- Ruth Huff master, Houston Mar Ellen Kuhlman. Kerrville Ruth MrFarland. Houston Mary Pat McGann. Wichita Falls Dorothy McGuire. Newgulf Merrilynn Mabrito, San Antonio Anita Montgomery, Port Arthur Margaret Ann Plummer, Austin Olivia Dean Sartwelle, Del Rio Renata Strassman. Houston Lois Whitesell. Houston Nancy Patricia Thompson. Beaumont Margaret Ann Bissell. Midland Helen Melton Barnett. Waco Sue Alice Blalock. Baytown Marion Boyd. Abilene Jacqueline Brown, Orlando. Fla. Frances Canfield. Tyler Nancy Carroll. Austin Marv Corder. Sanderson JUNIORS Eloise Hall. Wichita Falls ' Shirley Heath, San Antonio Elaine Jordan. Mason Dorothy Layne. Dallas Elizabeth McLernon. San Antonio ' Rosemary Melancon. San Antonio Claudia Poff. Toledo Martha Riley. Natchez, Miss. BARBARA JOAN CONNOLLY ' Helen Robertson, San Antonio Patricia Rudloff, Houston Helen Sheldon, Waco Cathryn Shepard. Cisco Martha Stone, Mexico Gty Ann Warden. Bloomfield, N. J. Carolyl Lillian Armstrong. Austin Carolyn Barlow. Houston ' Barbara Bliss. Austin Laura Julian Bowles. Breckenridge Claire Brady. Hearne Sue Brookreson. Seymour Madeline Bynum. Bay town Betty Carroll. Austin Mildred Cox. Beeville ' Helen Culbertson. Fort Worth vette de Lagrave. Mexico City Carol vn Eckert. Mason SOPHOMORES Pat Faulkner. Houston Mary Frances Feagin. Austin Martha Ann Goss. Baytown Doris Gracey. Breckenridge Barbara Hanna. Dallas Helen Howard. Newgulf Erminie C. Hunter. Galveston Mary Ann Kolle. Houston Mary Ann Morgan. Fort Worth Frances Nichols. Robstown Carol Overbaugh. Freeport Mary O ' HarrafCarthage. 111. H. Joe Peebles, Houston Margaret Ann Pickett, Houston ' Francis Powell, Weslaco Shirley Pulley, Mason Elizabeth Read, Tela, Honduras Elizabeth Reid, Goose Creek Carolyn Sederholm, Houston Norma Jean Thomas, Farwell Jean Ann Thompson. Breckenridge Patricia Williamson. Corpus Christi Beverlv Jane Wilson. Houston r FRESHMEN ' Kathryn Baxter. Dallas ' Elizabeth Bern. Dallas ' Gwendolyn El well. Austin Ann Garrett. Port Arthur ' Ann Harkrider. Austin ' Marjorie Johnson. Port Arthur ' Mary Lynn Johnson. Breckenridge ' Elizabeth Keating. San Antonio ' Judith Ann Madaris. Galveston ' Marjorie Meyer. Port Arthur ' Bobbie Moeller. Austin ' Katherine Morgan, Fort Worth ' Jane Ode]]. Weslaco irszinia Peterson, Port Arthur ' Joyce Pierce. Austin ' Dorothy Lou Ritchie. Taft ' Patsy Shamberger. Tyler ' Janet Slaten. uma. Ariz. ' Betty Louise Tally. Robstown ' Nancy Towler, San Antonio J - , 9 CHI OMEGA OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer BEVERLEY BIRD SUE CHEEK SMITH Jo ANN CARRAWAY ERNESTINE ORTS FACULTY SHIRLEY BENNETS DORIS LARINIA BUCHANAN , ELEANOR BROWN HOLLAND JOAN WALKER Jo ANN WHITMIRE MARY BETHENE YOUNG Instructor in Physical Education Instructor in Home Economics Assistant to Secretary of the President Instructor in English Instructor in Speech Instructor in Physical Education Top Row: Backenstoe, Kone, Flautl. Whitaki-r, Klapper, Inkman. Ming, VonZubrn. Mayer, Johnston, Kollman. Second Row. Rayzor, B. Jones, Breech, Simms, Power, Gates, Morrow, Bird, White, Cone, Moore, Fenton. Third Row: Florence. Longnecker, Burkhaltcr, Cartwright, McDavid, Holley, Sherrill, MacKay, Riddick, Kingsbery, E. Jennings, Morgan. Fourth Row: Edwards, Egger, Pate, Cummins, Spencer, Jackson, Dowell, Perkins. Camphell, Thompson, McKay, O ' Malley. Filth Row: Dudley, Craves, Joyce, E. Jones, Green, Blakely, Ellison, Ralston, L. Raigorodsky, Rice, Edson, Bourke. Sixth Row: Emerson, P. Raigorodsky, Johnson, Brenan, Hemphill, Straughan, Witherspoon, Douglas, Tackett, Phillips, Keitt, Smith. Seventh Row: Vannoy, Anderson, B. Jennings, B. Davis, Garrison, Curtis, Orts, Montgomery, Manire, Carraway, Mitchell, Gunn. Eighth Row: Bunte, Bell, Parten, Orsinger, Teel, Martin. Kinrhen, Bryan, Willson, Breeding, Butler, D. Davis. PACE 370 ! IORS Dorothy Backenstoe. Gal vest on Beverly Bird. Oklahoma City. Okla. Luanda Blakely. Little Rock. Ark. Fairy Breeding. Sweetwater Dorothy Jeanne Davis. Stephenville Mar nn Dudley. Amarillo Betty Anne Edson. Houston Emily Anne Ellison. Austin Tern Emerson. San Antonio Patricia Frances Hemphill. Tyler Lydia Jackson. Laredo Sophie Anne Marian Kingsbery. Austin Frankie Jo Lewis. Austin Elizabeth Mayer. Austin Marcy Morgan. Austin Ernestine Orts. Dallas Patricia Ann Parker. Sweetwater Paula Raigorodsky. Kerrville Marilyn Ralston. Dallas Sarah Ann Sherrill. Dallas Sue Cheek Smith. Memphis. Tenn. Mary Paige Thompson. Fort Worth White. Texarkana SECOND- YEAR LAWS Adele Mae Bourke. Weatherford Mary Chad wick Cone. Galveston BEVERLY BIKU ' Patricia Breech. Victoria Betty Jean Brenan. San Antonio Annora Bryan. Houston Helen Lamar Bunte. Jackson. Mi--. Jo Ann Carraway. San Antonio ' Margaret Curtis. Tyler Jane Dow ell. Austin Mary Beth Fenton. Tahoka Ria June Flautt Galveston Nancy Jeanne Graves. Memphis. Tenn. Frances Ann Gunn. Fort Worth JUNIORS ' Camille Inkman. Big Spring Shirley Anne Johnson. Rockport Ann Joyce, San Antonio Camille Keitt. Hubbard Gertrude Kone, San Antonio George Martin. Tyler Jean Ming. Beaumont ' Virginia Mitchell. Rochelle Edwina Montgomery. Clarksdale. Mi--. - Shirley Moore. Kilgore Patricia O ' Malley, Temple Blix Mary Pate. Dallas Dorothy Perkins. Sweetwater ' Sherry Power. Marshall Beth Joanne Rice. Big Spring Molsie Riddick. Morrilton. Ark. Geraldine Straughan. San Antonio Helen Tackett Greenville ' Mary Elizabeth Whitaker. San Antonio Phyllis Willson. Tulsa. Okla. Lallande Witherspoon. Wichita Falls Barbara Von Zuben. Fort Worth Deena Anderson, San Angelo Marjorie C. Bell. Paris ' Mary Jean Burkhalter. Amarillo Margaret Campbell. Dallas Martha Ann Cartwright. Breckenridge ' Barbara Lou Davis, Stephenville n Davis. Houston ' Laura Egger. Dallas FRESHMEN SOPHOMORES ' Edith Ann Jennings. El Paso ' Betty Lou Jones. Bryan ' Edna Marie Jones. Little Rock. Ark. ' Marilyn McDavid. Henderson ' Mary Anne McKay. Madisonville ' Mary Martha MacKay. Mineral Xells Billie Lou Morrow. Houston ' Dorothy NebhuU Memphis, Tenn. Jean Oates. Austin Jean F. Orsinger. San Antonio Mary Earle Phillips. San Angelo Jacqueline Rayzor. Houston ' Patricia Ann Simms. Austin Patricia Spencer. Houston ' Beverly Teel. Fort Worth Carol Frances Vannov. McAllen ' Thelma Lee Allen. Houston Agnes Carroll Cummins, Taft ' Carol Douglas. Taylor ' Anne L. Edwards. Ponchatoula, La. ' Gussie Jean Florence, Tyler ' Betty Ann Garrison, Hondo ' Mary Ann Green. Houston ' Jacqueline Holley. Gladewater ' Betsy Jennings, El Paso ' Billy Faye Johnstone, Houston ' Archylou Kinchen. Breckenridge ' Virginia Klapper. Hearne ' Norma K ill man. Hondo ' Gwen Lee Longnecker. Brownsville ' Elna Manire. Austin Mar Millsaps. Austin Emily Parten. Madisonville Leda Raigorodsky. Kerrville Betty Bob Schulman. Dallas - DELTA DELTA DELTA OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . EVA JEAN FINCH ANN JAPHET PATRICIA FAIN CHARLOTTE WOLFE DOROTHY AYRES RUTH LESLIE MILDRED SPICER FACULTY Secretary to the Dean of the College of Business Administration Assistant Professor of Home Economics Associate Professor of Home Economics Top Row: Ratcliffe, Cayton, Premiss, Doak, Meador, Locke, Clements, Webb, Roberts, Etheridge, Catlett. Second Row: Buckner, Hollingsworth, Collie, Maschek, Wolfe, Yager, M. Cox, Litttefield, Nunn, Hoyt, Johnston. Third Row: McNeill, Pickens, Garrison, D. Moore, Gregg, Fain, Crockett, White, Poynor, Hardy, Johnson, Bufkin. Fourth Row: Beasley, Anthony, Phillips, Amsden, Walker, Tomlinson, Perry, Sadler, Wampler, Cawthon. Wolaver, Oden. Fifth Rota: Mathews, Duke, Hunter, Thomas, Townsend, Finch, Hubby, Huff, Pate, Boothe, Japhet, H. Cox. Sixth Row: Curtrieht. Davis, Carnathan Klatt, Lowdon. McClintrjck, Ncssly. Glass. Freeman, B. B. William-. Gillcan. Ee ! - f. Secaith Row: J. Mvtie, Henderson, Greaves, B. K. Williams, Manlcy, Ctmtad, Robcrteun. Perler, Bi.nnei, Illnrncr, Wut.drufl, Leutwvlir. Eighth Rt,ti: G. lirrwii, Sli.-kcr, Bass. Griffin, Mills. Wi ' .keiecn, Tom Aviielt, Manning. Alexander, Blounl, B. Pr .wn. PACE 372 -1 IORS Nancy Alexander, Au-tin Claudia Caldwell Blucher, Austin Betty Sue Bonner. Edinburg Barbara Marie Brown, Galveston George Ann Brown. Fort Worth Susanne Catlett, Houston Martha Ann Cox. Mexia Mabel Jean Curtripht, Atlanta Margaret Virginia Doak, Houston Frances Pearl Etheridge, San Antonio Patricia Fain. Lubbock Leta Ann Garrison, Shreveport, La. Jessie Allene Griflin. Nixon Nancy Lou Huff, Wichita Falls Kathryn Hunter. Johnson City, Tenn. Ann Japhet, Houston Marie Maschek. Beaumont Eva Marie Mathews. Dallas Patricia Mills. Pearsall Betty Jean Nessly, San Antonio Ann Oden. Wichita Falls Patricia Pate. Sulphur Springs Martha Ann Pickens. Tyler Dorothy Poynor. Fort Worth Joan Roberts. Brookhaven. Mi--. Mathilde Roberts, Brookhaven. Mi: Rosemary Tom. Dallas Peggy Ann Tomlinson, Hillsboro Dorothy Wallace, Corpus Christ i Barbara Jean Wampler, Longview Virginia Webb. San Antonio Margaret Ruth Welch, Dallas Virginia Mae White, Fort Worth Charlotte Wolfe. El Paso EVA JEAN FINCH Margaret Amsden. Corpus Christi Mary Alice Anthony. Austin Don Marie Avriett. Austin Shirley Marian Bass. Abilene Zoe Brandau. Beaumont ' Harriet Louise Buckner. San Marcos Ann Cayton, Groesbeck Dorothy Anne Carothers. Sulphur Springs Patricia Stuart Clements. Lufkin Louise Conlon. San Antonio Helen Maree Cox, Harlingen JUNIORS Carolyn Dabney. Harlingen Anne Egdorf. Wichita Falls Eva Jean Finch. Longview Mary Ann Glass. San Angelo Claire Greaves, Dallas Gloria Lee Jackson, Beaumont Bobbie Marie Klatt. Waco Nancy McClintock, Dallas Nina McNeill, Beaumont Dorothy Ruth Moore, Austin Evelyn Moore, Vernon ' Jean Nunn, Fort Stockton Jane Ellen O ' Brien. Dallas ' Lillian Ann Porter, Hillsboro Ruth Ann Ratcliffe, San Antonio Betty Slicker, Cisco Nancy Thomas, Fort Worth Betty B. Williams. Breckenridge ' Bette Ruth Williams. San Antonio ' Cora Ann Wolaver, Hillsboro Mary K. Woolsey, Corpus Christi Beverly Rennie Yager, Fort Worth Betty Agnes Blades. Houston ' Betty Jean Beasley, Dallas Ann Elizabeth Camathan. Henderson Ellen Chapman, Tazewell, Va. Mary Jo Collie. AuMin Margaret Danforth. Kingsville Betty Davis. Au-tin ' Patricia Ann Devine, Pharr Joan Edwards Fredley, Houston Jane Gillean. Austin Mary Margaret Grepp. Austin SOPHOMORES ' Barbara June Hardy, El Paso Irma Henderson, Lufkin Nancy Hollingsworth, San Antonio ' Nancy Bea Hoyt, San Angelo .Anne Hubby, Waco ' Beverly Johnston. Fort Worth ' Belva Jo Knight. Midland Tamia Lehman. Houston Ova Lee Locke, Waco Ann Elizabeth Lowden. Fort Worth Faye Dell Manley, San Angelo Josephine Anne Phillips, San Antonio ' Janet Stearns Prentiss, San Antonio ' Carolyn Quaile. Corpus Christi Joanne Robertson, San Antonio ' Betty Jo Rogerson, Eldorado, Ark. Janet Sadler, Gatesville ' Gail Shook, Plainview Virginia Lee Townsend, Houston ' Nell Walker, Corpus Christi Martha Wallingford. Abilene Sue Virginia Wilkirson. Hillsboro FRESHMEN ' Helen J. Blount. Big Spring me Boothe, Gonzales ' Marpilee Bufkin. Dallas ' Patricia Ann Casey. San Benito lary Kathryn Cawthon. Houston ' Virginia Key Conrad. Houston Geraldine Crockett, Port Arthur ' Lyla Adeline Duke. Au-tin ' Margaret Anne Freeman. McGregor ' Harvie Jean Hamilton. Gatesville Ro-emary Johnson. Fort W orth ' Cora Lee Leutwyler. Vernon Cynthia Ann Littlefield. Waco ' Mary Belle Manning. Houston Johnye M. Meador. McGregor Gloria Elizabeth Neuhaus. Houston Peggy Marie Perry, San Antonio Barbara Lanelle Scranton, Houston Betty Jo Woodruff, Austin K i U - . _ - _i . " , ' , . - . tux 373 DELTA GAMMA OFFICERS President . - . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer FRANCES CRAWFORD LEAH GREGG ANNA Hiss . CORA MARTIN SHIELA O ' GARA . FLORENCE GIBSON PEGGY JUNE SHAMBURGEK DOROTHY BOYKIN MARTHA JEAN Ross FACULTY Associate Professor of Physical Training Associate Professor of Physical Training Chairman , Department of Physical Training Chairman, Department of Elementary Education Associate Professor of Physical Training PACE 374 Rosamond Allen. Jackson. Mi " . Jo Beth Baits. Del Rio Eugenia Carroll. Texarkana Florence Gibson. San Antonio Barbara Glass. Tyler Lucile Head. Ozona Elinor Hedrick. Midland Marv Jane Hortoiu Greenville ' Jeanne Allen. Jackson. Miss. ' Mary Bess Altgelt. San Antonio Dorothy Boy kin. Corpus Christ! Lucille Bucheck. San Antonio Man A. Brown. Topeka. Kans. ' Evelyn Chatfield. Dallas Bernice Clark. San Antonio ' Patricia Colwell, San Antonio Jo Ann Cunninghan. Austin F IORS Marian Kane. Topeka. Kan-. Margaret McCall. Waco Marjorie Moore, Clinton. Mo. Elma Jean Noble. Midland Jean Northcutt. Silverton Joan Bobbins. Austin Martha Jean Ross. Gainesville Peggy June Shamburger. Tyler JUNIORS Frances Dollar. Mexia Gloria Fitzpatrick. Austin Ernestine Gowan. Shreveport. La. ' Betty Hovel. San Antonio Betty Jackson. Fort Worth Margarethe Kasten. Milwaukee. i-. Mary Adele Loomis. Houston ' .Mary Jo McCullough, Tyler Dorothy McMurtry. Silverton FLORENCE GIBSON Florence Marshall. Del Rio ' Colleen Meyers. Scottsbluff. Nebr. Martha Neyland. Austin Margaret E. Phillips. Dallas ' Geraldine P ' Pool. Longview Louise Shutt. Tulsa. Okla. Rooth Slocum. Orange Betty Ann Standley. Wichita Falls Sara Woodward. Houston Martha Boyd. Terrell Bettie Branson. Harlingen M. Rebecca Brown. Austin V. Catherine Brasher. Weimar ' Ida Jo Call. Del Rio ' Louise Coston. San Antonio iruinia Covington. Texarkana ' Polly Drisdale. Del Rio FRESHMEN ' Corinne Carroll. Texarkana ' Diana Dunlap. Au-tiri Shirley Holmgreen. Bryan ' Claire Leonard. Austin Patsy Page. San Antonio ' Helen Jane Price. Kilgore Marian Sunkel. Clarksville ' Lillian Thompson. Dallas SOPHOMORES ' Sybil Ann Elder. Venezuela. S. A. Betty Elms. El Paso ' Lorraine Hebdon. San Antonio Audrey Hendrickson. Houston Mildred Jones. Paris Marguerite Joekel. Dallas ' Dorothy Matchett. Seagraves Doris Miller. Edinburg M. Anita Nail. Crawford ' Nancy Powell. lola. Kans. . Jane Swinney, Longview Florence Tillson. San Antonio ' Sara Youngflesh. Fort Lauderdale. Fla. Mariel Woods. Dallas ' Frances Word. Tyler ,- , ' . DELTA PHI EPSILDN OFFICERS President JACQUELINE LISSAUER V ice-President EVELYN RACHOFSKY Secretary BAYLA LIPPMANN Treasurer . SHIRLEY HARRIS Top Row: Oster, Berlowitz, Gartner, Setzer, Sembler, Scheer, Rubinette, B. Lipptnann, Lait, Kahn. Second Row: Berkman, M. Rachofsky, Yarno, Buchstab, E. Rachofsky, Segal, Kleinman, Nevelow, Wolfson, Cohn. Third Row: Russ, Juran. Alpert, Small, Pozmantier, E. Lippmann, Minchen, Geller, Rostov, Wissman. Fourth Row: Bulba. Nelson, Bespalow, M. Kaufman, Tanenbaum, Stemble, Levinson, S. Lippmann, Brody, Polsky, N. Miller. Fifth Row: Willner, Classman, Stool, Marwil, Joseph, Gross, I. Kaufman, Eidelberg, Esserick, Stein, L. Miller. Sixth Row: Levin, Waldman, Goldberg, Hurwitz, Gottlieb, Kalmore, Finkelstein. Levy, Bantu, Marschak, Harris. PAGE 376 Lela Belitsky. Longview Bella Bulba. Galveston Selma Franklin. Port Arthur Pauline Gun itz. Bastrop Shirley Harris. University City. Mo. Marsha Kalmore. Presidio Bayla Lippmann. Texas City Jacqueline Doris Lissauer. Dallas Carolyn AlperL San Antonio Irene Cohn. Port Arthur Jeannette Eidelberg. San Antonio Cecelia ELsserick. San Antonio Marcelyn Freed. Crystal City -r MORS Shirley Manvil. Henderson Elaine Nelson. Lufkin Libbie Polsky. Houston Marilyn Felice Rachofsky. Dallas Alice Rae Scheer. San Antonio Irene Wolfson. Lakeland. Fla. Gloria Yarno. Brenham JUNIORS Mozzelle Gerson, Houston Betty Juran. Houston Shirley Kleinman. McKarney Shirley Lait- El Paso Carole Marschak. Chicago. 111. Jeanne Nelson. Lufkin JACQUELINE LISSAUEB Evelyn Rachofsky. Dallas Leah Setzer. Jacksonville- Fla. Carolyn Small. Kansas City. Mo. Betsy Joyce Stemble. Houston Selma Claire Waldman. Liberty Sara Ann Berlowitz. Austin Anne Buchstab, Fort Worth Gladys Gartner. Topeka. Kan?. Devora Geller. Houston Doris Goldberg. Kaufman Pegs) Jeanne Gross. Houston SOPHOMORES Shirley Hurwitz. Houston Ethyl Lippmann. Texas City Sybil Lippmann. Texas City Dorothy Minchen. Houston Sondra Oster. Dallas Doris Payne, Houston Beverly Pozez. Topeka. Kans. Alice Rostov. Kansas City. Mo. Selene Roth. Houston Phyllis Rubinett. Dallas ' Frances Tanenbaum. Greenville Muriel Wissman. Dallas Rita Willner. Dallas FRF-SHMFA Freda Gail Baum. Fort l orth ' Betty Berkman. Simonton Fredyln Bespalow. Memphis. Tenn. Eileen Brody. Texarkana Sylvia Levy. Galveston ' Lillian Miller, El Paso . atalene Miller. El Paso ' Phyllis Nevelow, San Antonio Geraldine Finkelstein. Hutchinson. Kans. Miriam Pozmantier. Galveston ' Claire Russ, Dallas ' Maxine Segal. Dallas ' Dolores Sembler. St. Josepfi. Mo. Mina Stein. Austin ' Barbara Stenzler. San Antoni Bemice Glassman. Memphis. Tenn. ' Irene Gottlieb, El Paso ne Joseph, Corpus Christ i ' Frances Kahn. Denton Inez Kaufman. Houston ' Madelyn Kaufman. Dallas " Beverly Levin. Houston Vetta Levinson. Kilgore ' Sybil Stool. Dallas - ,- ' Florence Smith, Richmond.- . f m - - 177 DELTA ZETA OFFICERS President BARBARA McMAHON Vice-President MARY MAE McDoNALD Secretary MARY MACAULAY Treasurer WYSANDA DEPRIEST PACE 378 GRADUATES Dorothy Louis Fields. Austin Bettv Rae Lvon. Austin -FMORS Annabelle Armstrong. Austin irginia Barron. Austin Ermalee Bonar. Stratford Thelma June Bishop. Detroit. Mich. Irene Crawford. Oklahoma City. Okla. Patricia Crowson. Dallas Beverly Daniels. Houston Judy Have . Fort Worth Nita Jeffrey. Houston Ruth Peyton. Bartlesville. Okla. Winifred Smith. Austin Mary Jo Lee, Paris Barbara McMahon. Fort Worth Mary Macaulay. Odessa Margaret Ann Margraves, Paris Evalee Miles, Dalhart Margaret Pettus, Austin Mary Elizabeth Robinson. Austin Frances Taylor. Austin ' Marjorie Welch. Amarillo RVRR K4 M M4HO kathryn Bonar. Stratford Nannette Bui lough. Mexia Norma Jean Cloudt. Decatur. Ga. Annette Cornibe. San Antonio Janette Cornibe. San Antonio June Crooke. Conroe Eleanor Daskarn. Mission Jane Gillis. Mill Vallev, Calif. JUNIORS Dorothy Gleason. Houston Rita Hayes. Houston Betty Jo Kennedy. Waco Mary Rebecca Lain. Cleburne Betty Sue Lee. Dallas Beverly Ferguson. Nome Marv Mae McDonald. Austin Marin MacNish. Houston Louise Ann Mueller. Austin ' Ilah Marie Nash. St. Louis. Mo. Josephine Osl in. Monticello. Ark. Leila Petit. Presidio Jacquelyn Reilly. Austin Eberta Slataper. Houston Gloria Trant Port Arthur Patricia Batchler. San Angelo W nona Bowler. Bartlesville, Okla. ' Betty Childress. Sour Lake ' Melha Ruth Daughtrey. Conroe ida DePriest Mission Nancie Foster. Tulsa. Okla. Joan Gaines. Austin SOPHOMORES Lorene Griffin, Austin Patricia Hamman. Dallas Betty Jeannette Harris. Hubbard Comfort Holt Gruver ' Beverly Huie. Austin ' Barbara Kinnev. Austin Ann McManus. Beaumont Virginia Maxwell. San Antonio ' Joyce Moore- St. Louis. Mo. Jeniva Schneider. Bellville ' Alice Sweet. Austin ' Eleanor Wilde. Austin Charlotte Zrubeck. Corpus Chri ti FRESHMEN Mfc ' Ann Ander-on. Austin ' Glory Anderson. Austin Ph His Anderson. Austin Jeanne Bordeaux. Houston ' Jane Brown. Austin ' Jeanine F.minian. Houston ' Rosemarv Holt. Gruver ' Billy Jean Lowe. Gruver ' Roselle Maxwell. San Anto Louise Rugh. Bandera Norma Russell. Louise Tompki ns. ' Kathryn Walton. AuJ if our GAMMA PHI BETA OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer MARY EVELYN ANDERSON DORIS COFFEE MARIAN SCHUMANN MARY FOSTER FACULTY LORENA BAKER . MARY STEUSSY GRAY ANNIE HILL . PAULINE FERTSCH Librarian Chuck Wagon Manager Reference Librarian Department of Psychology Top Row: Scholibo, Christie, James, Flood, Crook, V. Campbell, L. Parker, Paull, Mecham, E. Parker, Allred, Decker. Second Row: Coffee, Cummings, Riley, D. Campbell, R. Loyd, Morris, Lannom, Hoffman, Warrington, Walker, Dodds, Startzell. Third Row: Olle, Haynie, Biflle, Doole, Raper, Cannon, Shira, Coulter, Cline, Bland, G. Alexander, Hill, Ullrich. Fourth Row: Eisenlohr, Davis, F. Loyd, Anderson, Bennett, Muecke, Ward, Edwards, Hall, Kolthoff, Feild, Wiegfind, Cobb. Fifth Row: York, Harle, Sullivan, Emery, Bayer, McCalmont, Leslie, Williams, M. Alexander, Schumann, Rugel, Stockdale, Sommers. Sixth Rote: Sleeker, Savage, Harding, Allen, Foster, Weymouth, Ash, Ruckman, Moos, Yarbrough, Woolverton, Welch, Kitchens. PACI 380 SENIORS Mary Louise Alexander, Ennis Mary Evelyn Anderson. College Station Peggy Cobb, Dallas Doris Coffee. Amarillo Katherine Davis. Conroe Virginia Dodds. Houston Mary M. Foster. San Antonio Genelle Alexander. Penelope Ann Lee Allen. Junction Betty Allred.Tulsa.Okla. Barbara Ash. Austin Marie Bennett. Fa! Curias Bonnie Jean Bland. Orange Grace Booth. Del Rio ' Dorothy Jane Campbell. Canyon Jeanne Coulter. Bastrop Father Decker. Electra Wilma Harle. Port Arthur Faye Loyd. Gilmer Marian Schumann. New Braunfels Margaret Anne Sleeker. Austin Jean Sul livan. Dallas Doris Walker. Austin Grace Wiegand. Gatesville JUNIORS Peggy Doole, Austin Bonney Edwards. Port Arthur Florence Emery, Houston Virginia Lee Flood. Waco Gloria Jean Hall. San Antonio Marguerite Haynie. Bastrop Betty Ann Hill. Houston Dolores James. Dallas Christine Kolthoff. Port Arthur MARY EVELYN ANDERSON Eugenia Lannom. Rusk Alvis E. Muecke, Karnes City Elizabeth V. Parker, Douglassville Iris Patterson, Austin Olive Rankin. Beaumont Man ' Jane Rugel, Kansas City. Mo. Ruth Sommers. Dallas Dorothy Startzell. Houston Jean Warrington. Houston Joyce Yarbrough, Corpus Christi Betty Boyer. San Antonio Virginia Campbell. Waco Catherine Cannon. Dallas Peggy Christie. Wharton " Geneva Cummings. Rusk Bea Eisenlohr. Dallas " Nancv Feild. Austin SOPHOMORES Florence Harding. Houston Majorie Kitchens, Austin Lejeune Leslie, Mason Runelle Loyd. Gilmer Lou Parker. Corpus Christi Dorothy Paull, Three Rivers " Texann Rilev. Austin Shirley Ruckman. Karnes City Bettie Scholibo. Houston Frances Ullrich. San Antonio Phyllis Ward. Fort Worth ' Clare Williams. Corpus Christi Frances Woolverton. Austin Wynell York. Del Rio FRESHMEN Betty Jean Biffle. Austin Dorothy Jean Cline. Fort Worth Patricia Anne Crook. Austin " Marie Hoffman. Muscatine. Iowa ' Patricia McCalmont Nashville. Tenn. Lois Mecham. Austin " Shirley Moos. Austin Joanne Morris. Austin " VirgieOlIe, Austin Beme Raper. Dallas " Marilyn Savage, Teaneck. N. J. " Dorothy Shira. Houston " Alice Stockdale. Austin " Joyce Welch. Bastrop Dorothy Weymouth. Houston KAPPA ALPHA THETA OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ELIZABETH ANN MCCELVEY MARGARET McKEAN CAROLYN HIPPARD LUCILLE WORD MARY S. KIRKPATRICK HILDA FRANCES ROSENE FACULTY Education Librarian Assistant Professor of Physiology Top Row: McKean, Ball, Jones, Raubold, Hays, Finnell, Russell, Dolley, Vilbig, Hardin, Dyer, Craig. Second Row: Warren, Amsler, Bosworth, Hedrick, Eastham, Johns, Conner, Blair, Ahl, McCauley, James, Binlsong. Third Row: Gibson, Bowen, P. Thompson, Cordon, Hippard, Harrison, Ewing, Phillips, Tynan, McElhenney, Osborne, Gasow. Fourth Row: Fraser, Turner, Tyler, Bowden, Johnson, Hardwicke, Winzer, Baxter, Ran so me. Huff, Leibmann, Washington. Fifth Row: Summers, Foster, Reed, Reilly, Gist, Laird, Clayton, Ross, Cheesman, Hornish, Berry, Wren. Sixth Row: Word, Thomson, Bowers, Lasater, Stansell, Coughlin, Chambers, C. Taylor, Roberts, Thorne, Gano, Meek. Seventh Row: McCelvey, Hell, Andrews, Dean, Reimers, Wilcox, Cosner, Jones, Rivers, Stringer, Ptgram, Campbell. J. Taylor. PACE 382 Rosalie Meek. Houston Betty Baxter. Tyler Lois BlounL Nacogdoches Alice Campbell. Galveston Patricia Connor. San Antonio Dorothy DeMontround. Tyler irginia Dyer, Corpus Christi Gloria Fulbright. Beaumont Peggy Gilliam. Corpus Christi Grace Gordon. Houston Ruth Hardin. Houston GRADUATES Jane Raubold. Houston Marv Ware, Elvsian Fields SENIORS Carolyn Hippard, Houston Man ' Victor Johns. Taylor Meta Alice Keith. Fort Worth Helen Kerr, Evanston, III. Betty Jo Laird. Colorado Springs. Colo. Elizabeth Ann McCelvey. Dallas Margaret McKean. Austin Clare Ruggles, Dallas Joann Taylor. Fort Worth Mary Jo Turner. Lubbock Edith Lucille Word. Alice ELIZABETH ANN McCELVEY Mary Baldwin. Marshall Ruth Berry. Wichita Falls Barbara Blair. San Antonio ' Rosalie Bosworth. Houston Marjorie Bowers. Beaumont Dorothy Jo Brown. Wichita Falls Jacqueline Cosner. San Antonio Bertha Clayton. Greenville Jane Clayton. Greenville Frances Anne Craig. East Columbia Barbara Dyer. Corpus Christi Carolee Ewing. San Antonio Julia Finnell. Fort Worth JUNIORS Mary Jane Foster. Houston Lucie Lightfoot Gano, Fort Worth Mary Nell Gibson. Amarillo ' Alice Lee Gist. Amarillo Man, Pearl Hall. Austin Elizabeth Hays. Dallas Mary Lou Johnson. Del Rio ' Virginia Jones. Fort Worth ' Kathryn Lasater. Mineral Wells Carol Liebmann. San Antonio ' Katheryn McCauley. Corpus Christi ' May Diane Miller, Austin Barbara Owen. San Antonio Joyce Pegram. Austin Dorothy Ann Ransome. Brownsville Shirley Reid. Beaumont Linda Reimers. Fort Worth Margaret Simpson. Austin Carolyn Stevens. Dallas B. Lee Stringer. Wichita Falls Virginia Strother. Sherman Anne Summers. Kerrville Peggy Joy Thompson. Fort Worth Virginia Thome, Port Arthur Mary Gene Warren, Dallas Jane Winzer. Dallas Nancv Wren. Houston Kathryn Amsler. Houston ' Ann Andrews. Dallas Mary Ball. East Lansing. Mich. Dorothy Bowden. Dallas Janelle Bowen. San Antonio Doris Chambers. Roswell. N. Mex. Barbara Cheesman. Houston Joan Coughlin. Corpus Christi ' Ellana Eastham. Midland FRESHMEN ' Martha Ahl. Indianapolis. Ind. ' Fredna Birdsong. Tyler ' Gloria Critz. San Antonio ' Norma Dolley. Austin ' Martha Dean. Houston ' Betty Farrell. Hou-tc.n ' Phyllis Fraser. Houston ' Mary Helen Hardwicke. Corpus Chriti ' Gloria Harrison. Bryan ' Harriet Hornish. Corpus Christi Ori Jean James. Coy a, Chile ' Audrey Phillips. San Antonio ' Joanie Reed. Austin Jutine Disl-y-Roberts. Fort Worth ' Joan Sessions. Dallas ' Ann Tynan. San Antonio SOPHOMORES ' Anne Gasow. Orange ' Jean HedricL Wichita Falls ' Betty Huff. Wichita Falls ' Jeanne Jones. Beeville Hilda McElhenney. Austin ' Willya Virginia Osborne. Amarillo Elaine Kedditt. Lufkin Kathryn Reilly. Austin ' Joan Rivers- Elgin Diana Ross. Fort Worth ' Mary Nell Russell. acogdoche Diane Stansell. Houston ' Carolyn Taylor. Fort Worth ' Mary Carol Thomson. Amarillo Kathleen Tyler. Austin ' Doris Margaret Vilbig. Dallas Elizabeth Jane Washington. Austin Patsv K ilcox. Sherman t ' ' - 1 I- O( P " tux 30 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ANN MYERS FRANCES ANN BEATON FRANCES LOTT JOHNIE JEAN WEINERT MARY BRINKERHOFF MAY BROOKSHIRE MARCELLA HAMER ELIZABETH LONG MARGARET PECK LUCY RATHBONE KATHERINE SEARCY JOAN SWIFT . FACULTY Instructor in English Business Director of Andrews and Car others Assistant in Texas Collection of Library Pianist, Physical Training for Women Assistant Dean of Women Professor of Home Economics General Assistant in Library Instructor in Home Economics Top Row: ]. Smith, Hott, Halsell, Hodson, Mines, Pendleton, M. Williams, White, Terry, Bowen, McKnight. Ramsdell. B. J. Warner. Second Row: Bybee, Dellinger, Grisham, Kirkpatrick, Traeger, J. Campbell, Zerbee, Owings, Williamson, Dodge, R. DuBose, German, Lutrick. Third Row: Crandali, Bohning, L. Williams, Dillard, Monroe, Carruthers, Luttrell, Stratton, Falk, Stilley, Jones, Robinson, Kleberg. Fourth Row: Griffin, Taylor, Wooldridge, Wood, A. Myers, Deaton, Ebersole, Allen, Garth, Corrigan, L. DuBose. Craddock, Pope. Fifth Row: Park, B. A. Warner, Bever, Haden, Price, Baits, Marion Barker, Marilyn Barker, B. Callan, Tyrrell, Montgomery, Dupree, Seeger. Sixth Row: Holland, Foy, Buie, McKenzie, Juergens, Scruggs, Brown, Russell, McDowell, Weimers. Lott, Gracy, Gofer. Seventh Row: D. Callan, Bible, Frazier, Whitfield, Shepherd, Howell, Barnes, Grambling, Boxwell, D. Smith, Stevenson, A. Campbell, Bertron. PACE 384 GRADUATES Lucille Luckelt. San Angelo Viola Thomas. Cameron SENIORS Mary Frances Brown. Garland Joanne Campbell. Richmond Anita Craddock, Crockett Barbara Curtin. Houston Frances Ann Deaton, Wichita Falls Margaret Lois DuBose. Shamrock Cornelia Elizabeth Frazier, Big Spring Ruth Gracy. Austin Patricia G rambling. El Paso Shirley Lupton. Fort Horth Martha Woods. Temple Elizabeth Joan Luttrell. Houston Mary Jane McKenzie. San Antonio Marguerite Mcknight. San Angelo Ann Myers, Wichita Falls Mary Lucy Pope. Washington, D. C. Bettie Scruggs. Tyler Martha Seeger. Corpus Christi Norma Stratton. Salt Lake City. Utah Frances Williams. Dallas Margaret Wooldridge. Austin ANN MYERS Moll Barne?. Houston Carroll Bever. Athens Nancy Bowen. San Antonio ' Barbara Ann Box well. Amarillo ' Nancy Carolyn Buie. Corsicana Elaine Carruthers. Commerce Patricia Clark. Georgetown Patricia Cofer. Austin Jackie Crandall. Houston Donna Gay Del linger. Tyler Betty Dupree. Dallas Mary Fa Ik. San Antonio ' Lettalou Garth. Houston JUNIORS Billye Jane German. Midland Jpan Griffin. Fort Worth Mary Josephine Halsell. Fort Worth ' Beverly Ann Hines, El Paso Sharon Hooper. Athens Jacqueline Hott. Fort Worth S ister Ho well, Bryan Edith Jones. Abilene Lois Kirkpatrick. San Antonio Frances Lott. Dallas Ann Lydick. Fort Worth ' Marjorie Monroe. Denton Carolyn Montgomery. Houston Mary Lou Myers- Dallas Gay Pendleton. Fort Worth ' Jacquelyn Ramsdale. San Antonio ' Patricia C. Shepherd, Houston Sue Stilley. Wichita Falls Gloria Taylor. Lampasas Rose Terry. San Antonio Barbara Jean Warner. Dallas Betty Ann K arner. Houston Johnnye Jean einert. Seguin Charlotte Whitfield. San Antonio Betty Ann Wilder. Ann Arbor. Mich. Jean Williamson. San Antonio Charlotte Wood. Houston Mary Batt . San Angelo Martha Ellen By bee. Austin ' Barbara Callan. Waco ' Diana Callan. Waco ' Ann Campbell. Houston ot Carrier. Austin Pat Corrigan. Houston ' Loi Dee Dillard. Wichita Falls ' Ruth Norwood DuBose. Shamrock Nancy Ebersole. Houston SOPHOMORES Carolyn Grisham. Abilene ' Barbara Rhea Haden. Houston Martha Hodson. Houston Juanita Jean Holland. Athens ' Martita Juergens. Corpus Christi Alice Kleberg. Corpus Christi Cynthia McDowell. Austin Marjorie Monroe. Denton ' Dorothy Booth Myers. Richmond Beverly Otey. Dallas FRESHMEN Baml e Allen. Galveston ' Marion Barker. Mexico City ' Marilyn Barker. Mexico City ' Mary Bertron. Houston ' Barbara Bible. Austin ' Betty Bohning. Lometa ' Claire Dodge. Houston ' Frances Foy. Corpus Christi ' Ann Hapgood. Henrietta ' Mary Lutrick. Dallas ' Nancy Ellen Price, Austin ' Nancy Bernice Russell. San Antonio ' Joanne Thompson. Houston ' Mary Leigh Zerbee, San Antonio Lucy Owings. Fort Worth Patricia Park. Houston ' Elizabeth Merriwether Robinson, Temple Doris Jeanne Smith. Austin Jeanette Smith. Austin ' Anne Stevenson. Houston ' Mildred Traeger. Seguin ' Elizabeth Ellen Tyrrell. Beaumont Margaret Joe White. San Antonio ' Lucv Williams. Amarillo m l 9f s- _ k] iU iOl 1 PHI MU OFFICERS President JANE TACQUARD Vice-President JEAN FIEGEL Secretary HELENE SHERMAN Treasurer . ' PATRICIA ANTHONY FACULTY LOUISE LANDIS ARMSTRONG .... Instructor in Home Economics MARY ELLEN ESTILL Instructor in Pure Mathematics MAEBESS MATTHEWS Secretary to the Comptroller Lois BAIRD TRICE Instructor in English Top Row: Piper, Hoff, Crone, Ragsdale, J. Tacquard, Blanchet, Whitcside, Links, Gillette, Trull, Kerbow. Second Row: Sharp, Weber, McLaren, Zink, Steele, Schwarz, Steglich, Candy, Fiegel, Nowlin, Rollins. Third Row: Elkins, Pumel, Speara, Crawford, Dietrich, J. Hixson, Ruck, Wright, Gerstner, Colgin, Chance. Fourth Row: Hanapel, Hewlett, M, Tacquard, Sherman, Martin, Fox, Herman, Zimmerman, Anthony, Lewis, Larson. Fifth Row: M. E. Leasure, Johnson, Rosenbaum, BerTa, Drane, Proctor, P. Hixson, Wirthlin, Bass, R. Leasure, M. A. Leasure. PACE 386 GRADUATES Man Ellen Estill. Houston SENIORS Patricia Anthony. Austin ' Anne Louise Blanchet, Port Arthur Louisa Catherine Drane. Natchez. Miss. Martha Ann Elkins. Lubbock Elizabeth Bratton Gerstner. Houston Patricia Inez Gillette- Austin Janice Marine Hoff. Clifton Margaret Eleanor Tacquard, Austin Man- Elizabeth Leasure, El Paso Madolie Marjorie Links. Gainesville Jo Helen Martin. Austin Margaret Ann Neville- Austin ' Dolores Spears. Amarillo Jane Marie Tacquard, Austin Lura Nell Wirthlin. Del Rio JANE TACQUAM) Georgia Aune, San Antonio Etta Beffa, St. Louis. Mo. Helen Ruth Crone, Fort Stockton Zela Mae Dietrich, Weslaco Martha Jean Fiegel, San Antonio JUNIORS ' Paula Marcheta Hixson. Austin Grace Ruth Leasure, El Paso Martha Lewis. Austin Jean Nannev. Austin ' Phyllis Elaine Pumel, Houston Ruby Louise Schwarz, Charlotte Martha Sharpe. Houston Helene May Sherman, McLean, Va. Laura Elizabeth Trull. Palacios Frances Chance. Houston Barbara Lee Fox. Galveston Betty Louise Gandy. Nederland Helen Hazel Herman. Balboa. C. Z. SOPHOMORES Daisie Dawn Hewlett. Austin Martha Amanda Leasure, El Paso Ruth Eliza beth Nowlin. Plainview Mary Lou Proctor, Sour Lake ' Joyce Rosenbaum, Brenham Betty Jane Steele, Hutchinson. Kan . Mary Jane Weber. Weslaco FRESHMEN Viola Bass. Amarillo ' Norma Addeene BosL Shreveport, La. ' Roberta Louise Colgin, Gatesville ' Jane Craig. Austin Mary Carlton Crawford, Palacios Mary Louise Hanapel. Waco ' Juanita Rose Hixson. Austin ' Dorothy Lurline Johnson, Fort Stockton Mary Sue Kerbow, Austin ' Alda Lois Larson, Houston ' Billie Janice McLaren. Austin Wanda Jean Piper, Dallas ' Lydia Mae Ragsdale. DeLeon ' Beverly Jane Rollins. Houston ' Betty Lee Ruck, St Louis, Mo. ' Mary Jo Smith, Austin Geneva Steglich. Holland ' Jane Whiteside. Austin ' Laura Virginia Wright, Premont Rebecca Zimmerman, Austin ' Betty Ross Zink. Dallas W 5 X. ' . - - -- , .. O - s ' . ' PI BETA PHI OFFICERS President . ' BEVERLY ANNE NASH Vice-President Jo ALICE WYNNE Secretary MEREDITH CHARLTON Treasurer . PATSY McFARLAND FACULTY ANN ALLISON Assistant to the Dean of Women Top Row: Jones, M. F. Scott, Ebaugh, Tindall, Miller, J. Scott,, Sterett, Sanders, O ' Hearn, O. Robinson, Nichols, Vick. Second Row: McFarland, Masterson, Winton, Seale, McCee, A. Harris, Payne, Adriance, McFaddin, Ewing, Ragland, J. Wynne, McFarlane. Third Row: McCord, Cocke, Charlton, Bollman, Penn, McCan, Houseman, Hobart, Hamilton, Doney, Flaig, Chiles, M. J. Harris, Fourth Row: English, Vilbig, Nunn, Kyle, Tittle, Richardson, Vance, Dossett, B. Smith, L. Robinson, Pattishall, Norwood, Boddeker, Simons. Filth Row: Garwood, Phillips, Sanderford, C. Smith, M. Scott, Thompson, Harding, Bowen, Hare, Higgins, M. Rowan, Thomas, Jackson, McCullough. Sixth Row: Hill, Fonville, Coleman, Fooshee, Grissom, Scurry, Allen, Baker. Westbrook, Monning, Brown, Mosley, Agnor, M. C. Scott. Seventh Row: Kiley, Knight, M. Robinson, Long, Mickey, Bishop, Francis, Hall, Thomason, Cottingham, Stevens, Brock, Steinman, Schuepbach. Eighth Row: Hanger, Bass, Caddis, Bunn, Wallace, C. Rowan, Enloe, Kittrell, Rank in, McKinsey, Blalock, Anson, Mickler, Mullins. PACE 388 SENIORS Betty Jean Anson. Harlingen Patricia Allen, Terrell Elizabeth Ann Baker, Houston Jo Ann Blalock. Marshall Dorris Boddekcr. Galveston Peggy Cannon. Memphis. Tenn. Meredith Charlton. San Antonio Donald Cocke. Harlingen Laura R. Dossett, Waco Martha Anne Francis, Luling Allirose Patricia Gait. San Antonio Nora Gill, San Antonio Charlotte Lowe Grissom. Longview Corinne Hall, San Angelo Mart- Margaret Hipping. Houston V. Glenn Hill. Fort Worth Lelia Howard Houseman. Dallas Dorothy Doran Keller, Dallas Betty Virginia Kiley. ] Mary Kyle, Beaumont Mary Jo Long. Mineola Sue McCan. Victoria Mary Louise McCord, Terrell Jean McGee. Fort Worth Marian Miller. Wichita Falls Beverly Anne Nash, Austin Ruby Norwood, Wichita Falls Martha Nunn. Houston Gloria Keith O ' Hearn. Dallas Suzanne Perm, Waxahachie Mary S. Robinson, Huntsrille Martha Ann Sanders, Dallas Nancy Scurry, Houston Sue Ann Thomas, Wichita Falls Priscilla Thomason, Fort Worth Dorothy B. Thompson. Dallas Helen Tindall. Columbia Emmy Jane Tittle. Dallas Mary Elizabeth Vick, Houston Carrie Vilbig, Dallas Susan Winton, Waco Adele Wynne, Wills Point Jo Alice Wynne, Tyler BEVERLY ANNE NASH JUNIORS Barbara Louise Bass, Austin Dnrelle Bishop, Dallas Carolyn Brock, Dallas Elizabeth Ann Brown, Arlington Jeree Buna, Tyler Nancy Burros, Dallas Alice Chiles, Houston Carolyn Coleman. Wichita Falls Betsy Cottingham, Houston Pat Done). Bryan Helen English. Beaumont Kwing. Kansas City, Kins. Clarita Fonville. Houston Edelene Jean Caddis, San Antonio Carolyn Graham, Beaumont ' Margaret Hamilton. Beaumont Vrvienne Hanger, Fort Worth Cynthia Ann Harding, San Antonio Ann Harris, San Angelo ' Marilyn Hobart, Canadian Jane Jackson, Corsicana Bennie Jo Jones, Wichita Falls Betty KitrelL, Tyler Jean Elizabeth McFarland, Dallas Nancy McFarlane, Houston ' Peggy Mullins, Houston Phyllis Ann Nichols, Fort Worth Patricia Pattishall Peggy Elizabeth Payne, Tyler Annette Elizabeth Phillips, Austin Elaine Richardson. Fort Worth Laura Robinson. Austin Scotty Robinson, Kansas City, Mo. Cynthia Rowan, Houston ' Martha Rowan, Fort Worth Thetis Sanderford. Belton ' Dee Schuepbach, Harlingen Judith Scott, Temple ' Margaret Campbell Scott, Houston Elizabeth Daggett Simmons, Houston Beverly B. Smith, Dallas Clare Smith, Houston Mariam Steinman. Beaumont Alice Anne Wallace, Dallas SOPHOMORES Carolyn Adriance, College Station Mary Ware Agnor. Marshall Betty Blalock. Marshall Maudie Bowen. Houston Bettie Pruett Ebangb, Houston Eleanor Enloe, Sherman Frances Flaig. Dallas Margaret Ann Fooshee, Dallas ' Frances Hare. Sherman Marjorie Knight, Dallas Jane McCullough, Pharr Rosine McFaddin, Beaumont Mazie McKinsey. McAllen lone Louise Master-on. Houston Charlotte Mickey. Austin Margaret Katherine Mickler, San Antonio Peggie Monninp. Shelby Betty Ross Moseley, Athens Sallie Rankin, Waco Martha Margaret Same . Laredo Margaret Scale. Bryan Elizabeth T. Stevens, Temple FRESHMEN Betty Bollman. Austin Marion Clement Engelbe. San Antonio Hettie Page Garwood, Houston Mary Jane Harris, Harris Cecile Ragland. Sweetwater Manai Claire Scott, Austin Mary Fain Scott, Corpus Christ! Eogou L Stereo, Conns Chrnti Mary Martha Vance, Park Ridge. III. Madge Wotbrook, Washington, D. C 3 ri SIGMA DELTA TAU OFFICERS President BERTHA NEBENZAHL V Ice-President w JOYCE JACOBS ' Secretary MARIAN SILVER Treasurer SYBIL ABOVITZ I Top Row: CAIN, OBERNDORFER, NEBENZAHL, S. LACK, GRENADER, RUBENSTEIN, BELZ, J. LACK, LEVINSON. Second Row: KORNBLATT, S. JACOBS, PENNER, SHERMAN, KAPLAN, NABOW, ABRAMSON, SILBER, LAUTERSTEIN, FRIEDEN. Third Row: S. LEVY, VILE. SILVER, LIEBERMAN, KELNER, MOSKOWITZ, ROSE, SCHLADER, RUBIN, YAHR. Fourth Row: NADELMAN, COHN, J. JACOBS, KIRSNER, MELL, STEIN, E. LEVY, PERL, SCHWARTZ, GOLDBERG. PACE 390 GRADUATE Elizabeth Grossman. Corpus ChriMi Sybil Abovitz. Wharton Shirley Coin. Sinton Frances Kornblatt, Denton Bertha Nebenzahl, Mercedes h IORS Marian Silver. St. Louis. Mo. Rae Alene Vile. Kansas City. Mi . Helen Yahr. Beeville BERTHA NEBENZAHL Dolores Cohn. Fort Worth Sue Ann Gordon. X harton Harriet Kirsner. San Antonio JUNIORS Jean Lack. Me A lien Florence Penner. San Antonio Carol Fox. San Antonio n Goldberg. San Antonio Charlotte Grenader. Houston Jo ce Jacobs. Goose Creek Kaplan. San Antonio SOPHOMORES Charmaine Kelner. Lubbock Babbette Klaus. Chattanooga. Tenn. Sylvia Lack. McAllen Estel le Lieberman. Robstown Marian abow. Charlotte. X. C. Barbara Nadelman. Houston Jacqueline Rose. Houston Maxine Schlader. Edinburg Jo Ruth Schwartz. Schulenburg Phyllis Sherman. Des Moines, Iowa Renee Abramson. Houston ' Shirley Alpard. Wharton Arlene Belz. Memphis. Tenn. Marion Frieden. Clo i . N. Mex. " Shirley Jacobs. Beaumont Glenda Lauterstein. College Station Rita Levinson. Memphis. Tenn. Elaine Levy. Houston ' Shirley Helen Levy. Nacogdoches ' Beverly Mel I. San Antonio Beverly Moskovitz. Kansas City. Mo. ' Rita Oberndorfer. Wichita Falls ' Marcilla Persky, Wichita Falls ' Frances Perl. Brownsville FRESHMEN ' Louise Rubenstein. Fort Worth ' Ruth H. Rubin. Houston ' Hope Elaine Silber. San Antonio ' Esta Fave Stein. Overton Vu . Ml ZETA TAU ALPHA OFFICERS President %- MILDRED KELLEHER V ice-President MARY LOUISE MOORE Secretary JULIA TUTT Treasurer . ... SUZANNE SAILER FACULTY MRS. D. P. BOLIN Instructor in Music MRS. J. A. PARKER Instructor in Speech Top Row: Morehead, Tichenor, Hart, Robinson, O ' Donohue, P. Smith, Tritt. Stark, J. Williams, Kelleher, Derrick, M. Rooke, Orn. Second Row: N, Allen, Hooper, Goen, Bird, Galaway, Manning, Hale, Hartsfield, Tullos, Mabry, Morlang, Moore, Thurman. Third Row: Poyner, Sailer, Pursley, Townsend, Campbell, Heiligenthal, Moeller, Rountree. Norman, Price, Gates, Funkhouser, Vincent. Fourth Row: Farrier, Harris, Stedman, M. Howard, E. Bragg, M. Bragg, Bering, Prentiss, Carmichael, J. Smith, Vogel, Ashmore, Chapman, Shiner. Fifth Row: Oden, Eaton, B. Smith, Gaston, Amburn, Shelton, Winters, Carr, Porter, Dickson, M. Williams, Brinton, McNeil, Faber. Sixth Row: McFarland, J. Rooke, C. Howell, Wood, Bobo, Hamilton, Simpson, Tutt, B. Allen, Burtis, Cloyes, Cook, Green, Ash. Seventh Row: Marsh, Kisten, Miles, Upchurch, Logsdon, .Constant, Gambrell, Burke, I. Tillett, C. Tillett, Grisham, Lankford, Brown, C. Howard. Eighth Row: Dysart, R. Williams, Strong, Wagner, Kelley. Rowe, Miller, Farmer, P. Hooper, DuBose, Murray, Switzer, Vance, Cromwell. Ninth Row: Woods, Andrews, Sparks, Cocke, O ' Madigan, Kincheloe, White, Briggs, Kempe, Darnell, Lewis, Braun, Parker, Munnerlyn. PACE 392 Chloe Constant, Dallas Elizabeth Fanner, Junction Lucille Ash. Bastrop Josephine Briggs. Calvert Peggy Brinton. Houston Betty Bemice Brown, Dallas Eloise J. Burtis, El Paso Sammie Farrier, Omaha Jean Galaway. Fort Worth Elizabeth Gates, Houston GRADUATES Susan Hamilton. Cuero Doris Ramsey. Beaumont Shirley Scott, Dallas SENIORS Carolyn Harris, II. Smithville Mildred Kelleher. San Antonio Mary Jean Kincheloe. Mexia Constance Logsdon. Corsicana Marjorie McFarland. Fort Worth Man Louise Moore, San Antonio Betty Morlang. Dallas Dorothy Ruth Price, Alice Alice Tatum, Corsicana Caroline Walters, Overton Joyce Pursley, San Antonio Suzanne Sailer. Dallas Joyce Love Smith. Austin lone Tillett, Abilene Virginia agner. Port Neches Marilyn White, Mexia Jean C. Williams, Austin Ruth Williams, College Station JUNIOR? MILDRED KF.LLEHER Margery Amburn, Texas City Louise Bennett. Big Spring Jo Ann Bering, Houston Beverly Bolton. Austin Cay Braun. Port Arthur Mary Burke, Houston Ann C. Campbell. Austin Ann CarmichaeL Houston Lydia Carr. Victoria Dorothy M. Chapman. Austin Charlotte Cromwell. Hillsboro Mary Margaret Darnell, Bryan Jerry DuBose. Victoria Margaret Frances Dysart, Victoria Beverly Faber. Beaumont Gene Funkhouser. Abilene Nell CambrelL Lockhart Anna Katherine Gaston, Houston June Goen, San Augustine Doris Green. Dallas Betty Jo Hale, College Station Alice Heilipenthal. Austin Peggy Hooper, Victoria Morgia Howard, San Antonio Cornelia Alden Howell. Beaumont Mitten Howell, Bryan Lucille Kelley. Lockhart Ila Rae Kempe. Alice Nancy Kisten, Houston Yvonne Lewis, Austin Camille Manning. Dallas Louise Marsh. College Station Martha S. Miles. Atlanta, Ga. Marilyn Miller. Dallas Marjorie Morehead, Fort Worth June L. Murray, El Paso Rosemary Oden, El Paso Prudence Porter, Terrell Mary Jane Prentiss, El Paso Marion Rooke, Corpus Christ! Patsey Rountree, Lamesa Beverly Rowe, San Antonio Jo Anne Shelton, Tyler Benny Margaret Strong, Dallas Sue Switzer. Beaumont Marijo Thurman. Big Spring Winifred M. Tichenor, Austin Jane Tullos. San Antonio Julia Tun. Dallas Adella Upchurch. Austin Imogene VogeL Fort Worth Jacquelyn Wood. Cuero I. Elizabeth Woods. San Antonio SOPHOMORES Billye Virginia Allen, Paris Nell Allen. Tyler Lear Ashroore, San Antonio Eleanor Bragg, Corsicana ' Mary Cloves, Pittsburg Shirley Cook, Palestine M. Elaine Derrick, El Paso Jenny Dickson. Terrell Marcia Eaton, Palestine FRESHMEN Katharine Andrews. Kingsville Mary Rebecca Bird. Midland Betsy Bobo. Houston Marian Bragg. Corsicana Mary Lou Cocke. Corsicana Emily Hodges, Shreveport, La. Carol Howard, San Antonio Barbara Huggin . Baytown ' Mary Munnerlyn, College Station Elsie Catharine Norman. Austin Camille Orn. Houston Lila Anne Parker. Austin Ann Poyner. Houston Joan Rooke, Corpus Christi ' Gloria Shiner. San Antonio Patricia Smith. Beaumont Cmm n Tillett. Abilene Anne To wnsend. Waco Alma Jean Vance, Bryan Low Vincent. Rfiont M. Soe Williams. Beaumont Emily Glassel, Shreveport, La. GwendoNii Grisham, Abilene Harmoh-n Hart, Austin Margie Hartsfield. Nacogdoches Mar belle Hooper. Austin Patsy Lankford. Abilene Jean ' McNeiLSilsbee Virginia Lee Mabry, Tyler Gloria Moeller, San Antonio Sally O ' Donohue. Houston - Marjorie O ' Madigan. Beaumont Betty Jo Robinson. Corsicana Kathryn Simpson, Houston Betty Ann Smith, Dallas Elizabeth Sparks, Tyler P ggy Stark, San Antonio Jane Stedman. Cameron Leah Tritt, San Antonio Edith May Winters, San Antonio M3 PMHELLENIC OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . MARY ANN MORGAN LAURA TRULL DOROTHY THOMPSON BEVERLY FRAMBACH Sorority ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA DELTA Pi ALPHA EPSILON PHI ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ALPHA OMICRON Pi ALPHA PHI CHI OMEGA DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA GAMMA DELTA PHI EPSILON DELTA ZETA GAMMA PHI BETA KAPPA ALPHA THETA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA PHI Mu Pi BETA PHI SIGMA DELTA TAU ZETA TAU ALPHA Senior Representative Mary Ann Santleben Beverly Frambach Evelyn Gertz Carolyn Blair Carolyn Wigginton Mary Ann Morgan Elizabeth Mayer Marie Mathews Margarethe Kasten Marilyn Rachofsky Annabel le Armstrong Faye Loyd Julia Finnell Lois Kirkpatrick Laura Trull Dorothy Thompson Estelle Lieberman Joyce Pursley Junior Representative Judy Ebeling Toni Marshall Sara Jo Levy Lillian Scale Beverly Salley Carolyn Barlow Jean Oats Joanne Robertson Florence Tillson Evelyn Rachofsky Jane Gillis Olive Rankin Lou Johnson Frances Williams Dawn Hewlett Annette Phillips Sylvia Lack Elizabeth Woods Top Row: MATHEWS, LIEBERMAN, GERTZ, FRAMBACH, SANTLEBEN, KIRKPATRICK. Second Row: PURSLEY, MORGAN, FINNELL, KASTEN, MAYER, WIGGINTON. Third Row: BLAIR, LOYD, THOMPSON, ARMSTRONG, M. RACHOFSKY, TRULL. PACE 394 ALPHA EPSILDN PI OFFICERS Master MELVIN ROSEN Lieutenant Master ...:.... SAMUEL SPAIN Scribe Louis BERNARD HORWITZ Exchequer BERNIE LEO LEFT Top Row: Reichstein, Weinberger, Haftner, Aaronson, N. Fisher, Streusand, Dombrow, Horwitz, Rosenfield. Second Row: Karninsky, Prashner, Offricht, Sanov, C. Leff, Klli-li, Faden, Chaleff, Selig. Third Row: Waldman, Cohen, Levine, Kn-.-n, Sail, Goltzman, B. J. Leff, L. Rosenberg, Clark. Fourth Row: Sheinberg, Finkelstein, Einhorn, Zuber, Meyers, M. Zale, N. Spain, Mucasey, Fields. Fifth Row: Levin, Littman, Pryzant, Nevelow, Atlas, S. Berman, Zindler, S. Fisher, S. Spain. Sixth Row: Siegel, S. Kogutt, Kogut, L. Zale, E. Rosenberg, Kendziorek, I. Berman, Prager, A. Kogutt. PACE 396 GRADUATES Ralph Belasco. Houston Max Levin. Galveston Carl Waldman. Beaumont SENIORS Louis Bernard Horwitz. Fort K orth Semour Sanov. Gladewater Max Kaminsky. Houstoa Albert KogurL Bay City Leonard Rosenberg. Houston Aaron Moses Schimmel. Houston Don Sussan, Galveston Josef Weinberger. Austin inetroub. Austin JUNIORS MELVIN ROSEN Max Cohen. San Antonio Jack Finkelstein. Houston ' Martin Kendziorek. Colon. C. Z. Bernie Leo Leff. Houston Melvin Littman. Houston John Mucasey. Houston ' Norman Rosenberg. Houston Bernard Streusand. Houston Nathan Tudzin. Kenedy SOPHOMORES M IP- aronson. Tulsa. Okla. Irving Clark. Galveston Bernard Dombrow. Bay City Milton Ellish. Spring Valley. N. Leo Field . Wichita Falls ' Daniel Goltzman. Corpus Christi Samuel Kogutt- Bay City Bernard Jacob Leff. Houston Jack Melamed. Houston ' Maurice Nevelow. Galveston William Off rich t. Houston ' Sidney Prashner. Corpus Christi Manuel Reichstein. Galveston Melvin Rosen. Dallas Henry Sel linger. Houston Philip Sheinberg. Fort Worth Nathan Spain, Galveston Samuel Spain. Galveston ' Samuel Tudzin. Kenedy FRESHMKN M " rri- tla . Houston Ir in Berman, Colorado City ' Stanley Berman. Colorado City ' Philip Chaleff. McAllen ' Harold Einhorn. Kansas City. Mo. ' Joseph Leonard Faden. Houston Norman Fisher. West Columbia ' Samuel Fisher. West Columbia ' Lawrence Hafter. Dallas Sidney Karren. Corpus Christi ' Reuben KoguL Galveslon Charles Leff. Houston ' Arnold Levine, Wichita Falls Mrwin Meyers. El Campo ' Marvin Prager. Fort Worth ' Hertzel PryzanL Houston ' Everett Rosenberg. Houston ' Alfred M. Rosenfield. Houston ' Hyman Sail, Elkins Park. Pa. ' Oury Selig. Galveston ' Bernard Siegel. Dallas ' LewD.Zale. Dalla ' Marvin Zale. Dallas ' Kenneth Zindier. Houston ' Sidney Zomlefer, Chicago. III. Joseph B.Zuber. Houston XX To vr. ALPHA TAU OMEGA OFFICERS Worthy Master . Worthy Chaplain Worthy Scribe .... Worthy Keeper of the Exchequer Worthy Keeper of the Annals FACULTY FRED A. BARKLEY . E. G. FLETCHER MALCOLM MCDONALD WALTER T. ROLFE GEORGE W. STOCKING JAMES F. HAYES RAY L. STOKES GLENN PETSCH WILLIAM H. MOORE DAVID C. MIESCH Instructor in Biology Assistant Professor of English Professor of Government Professor of Architecture Professor of Economics fll Top Row: Hayes, Hawn, Youngblood, Bradley, Hillegeist, Keller, Brown, Battaile, Neuhaus, Millikin, Clark. Second Row; Ball, Bond, Young, Eastland, Blount, A. Harrison, Coale, Reiss, Barrow, Milstead, Carr. Third Row: J. Kiser, Wilson, J. Wild, Hilt, Wiegel, Stanley, T. Harrison, Monaghan, Miesch, Collins, Hand, Walter. Fourth Row: Tullos, Rooke, C. Wild, Avery, Moody, Jacobs, Scalora, Albertson, Foster, Miller, Hubbard, Bourne. Fifth Row: Allen, Wylie, Robbing, Pritchett, Ebersole, O ' Leary, Walthall, Smith, Calvert, C. Kiser, Lammers, Scanio. Sixth Row: Neimeyer, Richardson, Holmes, Clardy, Parr, Williams, G. Mclntire, McDaniel, Jones, Petsch, Bachman, Lee. Seventh Row: Irwin, Nail, Gallie, Johnson, Ellis, McDonald, Mathis, W. Mclntire, Thomson, Huckabee, Beavan, Hurta. PACE 398 GRADUATES Thomas Davies Barrow, Houston Holbert Holshack. Kerrville Edwin Walthall, San Antonio SENIORS Thomas M. Allen. Laredo Robert Lee Bradley. Houston Jack J. CalverU Terre Haute. Ind. Hank Erringer, Dallas Oscar Benjamin Jones. Marshall Conwav Roe Lammers. Dallas Cecil Edgar Massey, Center William Allen Moore, Aransas Pass William Allen Poe. Houston Roy Simmons. Corsicana Charles D. Tullos. Beaumont SECOND-YEAR LAWS William N. Dorsett, Atlanta Charles Sidney McClain, Sherman Ray L. Stokes, Houston Claude T. Allen. Houston M ron Blalock. Marshall William Alley Brown. Austin Walter Caven. Marshall FIRST- YEAR LAWS Charles R. Ebersole, Houston Hal M. Lattimore. Fort Worth Patrick J. McGloin, Corpus Christi William D. Ratliff, Jr., Fort W r orth Claude C. Wild. Jr.. Austin JAMES F. HAYES William S. Bachman. Fort Worth Thomas Henry Ball. Jr., Huntsville Edward E. Barrow. Houston Thomas Darrah Battaile, Houston Henry . Bourne. Ill, Tulsa, Okla. Frank A. Bowers. Corpus Christi George Lee Campbell, Belton John Jeff Carr. Corpus Christi Robert B. Charpiot, Bellville Howard Douglas Coe, Kilgore James Cade Downs, San Augustine Arthur Ray Dudley. Dallas JUNIORS Benjamin P. Eastland. Corpus Christi ' Thomas E. Hand, Jr., Houston James F. Hayes. Houston Walter C. Hubbard. Shaker Heights, Ohio Homer Jacobs, Jr.. McAllen Billy Merl Keller. Oklahoma City. Okla. John Overby Kiser, Jr.. Temple James Patrick Lee. Newton George C. Mclntire. Austin William L. Mclntire. Austin John McMillan. San Angelo Morrill McMullen, Velasco Harry David Mathis, Corpus Christi David C. Miesch, Clarksville James R. Millikin, Beeville Robert Lee Monaghan, Fort WWth Charles W. Moody, Houston Ben Parten, Franklin Glenn Petsch, Kerrville Thomas Ronald Pritchett, Colorado City W r illiam H. Reiss. Corpus Christi Frank A. Scanio. Temple Robert 0. Thompson. Orange Phil Wilson, Houston David Hull Youngblood. San Antonio SOPHOMORES Robert H. Albertson, Houston Terry S. Avery. San Antonio Reginald A. Beavan, Jr., Eagle Pass Ralph E. III. unit. Big Spring ' William J. Bond. Fort Worth Patrick W. Brady. Fort Worth Charles R. Clard ' y, Dallas ' Robert E. Coale, Houston Joseph Collins. Fort Worth " Bill Frank Bunting. Henrietta ' William D. Clark. Del Rio ' Richard D. Ellis. San Antonio James E. Foster. Fort Worth ' Randolph T. Harrison. Dallas ' George S. Hawn. Corpus Christi ' Bruce J. Hayes. Houston James R. Hill. Fort Worth ' LeRoy R. Hurta. Bellville ' John G. Johnson. Gatesville ' Donald ( ' .. McDonald, Corpus Christi Holli MI Mullen, Velasco ' Herman K. Miller. Bellville ' Frank Neimeyer. II. Hot Springs. Ark ' Julius V. Neuhaus. Houston ' DanaT. Richardson. Houston ' Robert E. Rooke, Woodsboro ' Thomas F. Scalora. Temple X alston C. Gallic, Houston George Haney, Corpus Christi ' Asa Harrison, Marshall ' Walter B. Hillegeist, Corpus Christi ' James C. Holmes, Corpus Christi Hugh E. Huckabee, Fort Worth Howard Irwin, Roswell, N. Mex. Clyde Duncan Kiser, Temple ' Edward S. McDaniel. Denison FRESHMEN Robert L. Seaman, Houston ' Holloway W. Smith. Temple Willard G. Wiegal. Jr.. Dallas Richard C. Milstead, Austin ' Joseph Nail, Tyler W 7 allace C. O ' Leary, Houston ' Archie Parr, Goliad ' Thomas F. Robbins, Houston Herbert M. Stanley, Dallas Joseph C. Walter, Houston John Barry Williams, Austin ' Robert L. Wylie, Dallas John A. Wild, Austin ' Sam E. Wood, Marshall ' Marshall R. Young, Fort Worth BETA THETA PI OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Pledge Master ROBERT HENRY TETLEY RICKEY HIGGINS HOLMAN ROBERT CUNNINGHAM CAMPBELL WILLIAM ARTHUR LITCHFIELD ALBERT LAWRENCE GUIDERA H. H. POWER FACULTY Professor of Petroleum Engineering Top Row: H. Hodge, Kendrick, Tubb, Yoakam, Couch. Hodges, Scott, Wilson, Holman, Reynolds. Second Row: W. Hodge. McCartney, B. Gould, Barnard, M. Smith, W. J. Harwood, Hosman, Ford, Lee, Shade. Third Row: Wommack, C. Smith, Shefelman, Guidera, Pearce, Dillard, Newton, Giles, Puckett, Shultz. Fourth Row: Taylor, Keith, Elliston, Garrett, O ' Brien, Cook, McCutcheon, Campbell, Putnam, Schleier. Fifth Row: Wood, W. Humphrey, Jaicks, White, R. S. Rugeley, Johnson, Corcoran, Montgomery, Lanham, Miller. Sixth Row: Cowden, Harbour, V. Humphrey, Morman. Sanders, Swift, R. Harwood, Black, W. B. Harwood, Watson, Davidson. Seventh Row: Liedtke, Wall, Winfree, Smead, Priddy, West, Sternberger, Harrington, Hamtn, Griffin, Damuth. PACE 400 GRADUATES Paul D. Hosman, Dana Point, Calif. James Irl Montgomery, Wichita Falls Marc B. Smith, Fort Worth Arthur Newton, San Antonio Lawrence Skelley, Austin SENIORS Charles Alfred Black. Jr.. Wichita, Kans. Robert Cunningham Campbell. Fort Worth Raymond Austin Corcoran, Houston Jack Orville Elliston, Fort Worth Albert Lawrence Guidera, San Antonio William Dow Hamm, Dallas inston Joe Harwood, Harlingen Richey Higgins Holman, Austin David Prieur Jaicks, Lake Forest. 111. William Arthur Litchfield, Wichita Falls Henry Brock Pearce, Austin Ashley Home Priddy, Wichita Falls Robert Moore Puckett, Wichita Falls John Clifford Stanley Reynolds, Wichita Falls Jesse Albert Sanders, III, Dallas Robert Glover Sternberger, Tyler Douglas Hastings Willson, Tulsa, Okla. SECOND-YEAR LAW Henry Pope Hodge, Jr., Wichita Falls ROBERT HENRY TETLEY Virgil Lee Humphrey, Wichita Falls John Hugh Liedtke, Tulsa, Okla. FIRST- YEAR LAWS Glenn George Mortimer, San Antonio ' Harris Masterson Winfree, Houston JUNIORS Malcolm Charles Damuth, Magnolia David D. Ford, Austin Ben Donnell Gould, Wichita Falls John Gould. Wichita Falls Roane Harwood, San Antonio illiam Robert Hodge, Wichita Falls Frank Gormley Holman. Wichita Falls Glenn f-ton Howeth, Wichita Falls Thomas Roger Humphrey, Wichita Falls Gordon Lawrence Ingram, Elkhart. Ind. ' Murray Sherrill Johnson, Dallas Charles Turner Lanham, Louisville, Ky. Ray Eaton Lee, Jr., Austin William Currie McCutcheon, Jr., Dallas Thomas Stanley Miller, Oklahoma City, Okla. James Percy Morman, Jr., Houston William Joseph O ' Brien, Jr., Shreveport, La. Robert Glass Schleier, Houston ' William Howard Scott, Jr., Houston ' William Henry Taylor, Jr., Houston James Moses Brand Tubb, Sweetwater James Roberts Wood, Dallas SOPHOMORES John Murray Barnard. Jr., Wichita Falls ' Gene B. Clark. Wichita Falls Felix G. Cook. Henderson John Brandon Cowden, Dallas Clifton Davidson, ichita Falls i in Ryan Dillard. )X ichita Falls ' Kenneth Garrett. Jr.. Austin ' Rogan B. Giles. An tin rrnon Ray Griffin, Sherman Richard Berry Hamm. Dallas Marvin R. Harbour. Wichita Falls David Haymond Harrington. Houston Richard W. Harris Wii-hita Falls ' Leland A. Hodges, Fort Worth Wallace Kent Humphrey, Wichita Falls George Ray Keith, Wichita Falls ' William George Kendrick, Dallas Ky Brandham Putnam, El Paso ' Robert A. Rugeley, Wichita Falls ' Robert S. Rugeley, Wichita Falls Raleigh Wallace Shade, Tulsa, Okla. Thomas Whitehead Shefelman, Seattle, Wash. W. 0. Shultz, II, Sweetwater Robert Henry Tetley, West Helena, Ark. ' John Thompson Watson, Houston ' Thomas Richard White, Pittsburg FRESHMEN Joseph Han lc Bander. Longview ' Gene Clark. Wichita Falls ' Charles Pete Couch, Dallas ' Colbert Glenn. Austin ' Wallace B. Harwood, Brownsville ' James Wilson McCartney, Fort Worth ' Thomas Franklin Smead, Roswell. N. Mex. ' Conwell Smith, Houston ' Richard Ernest Swift, Palestine ' Robert Edward Wall, Galveston ' Lane T. West, Wichita Falls ' Drew S. Wommack. Jr., Palestine ' Coler Arthur Yoakum, Oklahoma City, Okla. llS Pact 401 V CHI PHI OFFICERS Alpha Beta Gamma . Delta Epsilon . JOHN EDWARD METZENTHIN ROLAND G. TREON, JR. HENRY C. WILKE, JR. BEN W. GREIG, JR. WILLIAM G. STREET, JR. FACULTY VENTON LEVY DOUGHTIE PHOCIAN PARK CHARLES ELMER ROWE . OSCAR BROWN WILLIAMS Professor of Mechanical Engineering Instructor in Mathematics Professor of Drawing Professor of Bacteriology Top Row: Kinsel, Goodmaa, Parker, Cirardeau, C. Hughes, Metzenthin, Veal, Treon, Williamson, Yates. Second Row: Groos, L. Allen, Tillett, Younger, Leatherberry, Bright, Keeble, Curtis, Dorbandt. Street. Third Row: Park, Clifton, Harris, Kies, White, McCuIlough. Keenan, Morrow, Bloor, Miller, Daugherty. Fourth Row: Fleming, Wright, Riggs, Graves, J. E. Baldridge, Damiani, Short, Vanham, Cabell, Chinn, Alexander. Fifth Row: Hutchings, Butler, Itz, Johnson. Swenson, Mathews, Richey, F. Allen, Weisser, Bos worth, McGivney. Sixth Row: Lassberg, Felton, Wilke, Thompson, Ackermann, Ragland, Sulton, McConnell, G. Hughes, Wetsel, Prewitt. PACE 402 GRADUATES Henry G. Andrew?-. Jr.. Mamford Dolph Briscoe. Jr.. I valde George Davis Crow. Jr.. Austin Foy B. Fleming. Fort Lauderdale. Fla. Robert W. Goodman. Jr.. Galveston Douglas R. Keenan. Jr.. Galveston Clifton McDowell. Jr.. Shreveport. La. Felix F. McGiveny, Galveston John Edward Metzenthin, Austin Edgar G. Shelton, Austin Robert Richard Thornton. Galveston Benjamin Q. Ward. Crystal City Henrv C. Wilke. Jr.. Montell Forrest C. Allen. Corpus Christi Lewis Allen. Jr.. Hallettsville John R. Cooke, Galveston William Clinton Crow. Houston Jack E. Dingle. Houston Ben Wayne Greig. Jr_ Houston Gar-ton J. Groos, Jr_ Galveston Horace C. Harris, Jr.. Crane Walter R. Heap. Jr_ Taylor George Milton Hughes. Dallas SENIORS George Hunt Humble George R. Huntingdon. Rosenberg Warren B. Itz. San Antonio Ray M. Keck. Jr.. Cotulla William Ritchie Keeble. Abilene William G. Narum. Houston Falcor Perry. Lufkin Frank A. Proctor, San Angelo Robert L. Richey. Austin ' Patrick Short. Cuero JOHN EDWARD METZENTHIN William G. Swenson, Jr_ Stamford Wilbur C. Tillett, Abilene Joe Mac Walston. Austin ' Rudolph Herbert Ackermann. New Orleans. La. Bertram H. Bloor. Austin Cleve Brown. Houston Ben M.Cabell. Austin John H. Chinn. L valde Leecroy Clifton. Westbrook Lui S. Curtis, Austin Joe R. Daughert). Houston Walter F. Ueppe. Fort Worth JUNIORS James B. Graves, Uvalde Samuel S. Houston. Floresville Robert B. Johnson. Edinburg Morris S. Melton. Kermit ' Grady Miller. Atlanta, Ga. Eugene E. Parker. Bay City Louis B. Prewitt. Taylor " Jack D. Riggs, Big Spring Edwin J. Schryver. Bakersfield. Calif. ' William Sievert, Galveston William G. Street, Graham Wilbur Earle Sutton. Jr_ Houston Roland G. Treon, Jr_ San Benito Dudley L. Veal, Corrigan Howard F. Williamson. Jc_ Crystal City Jack Wetsel. Commerce ie A. Alexander. Jr.. Galveston ' Laurence S. Bosworth. Houston Byron D. Damiami. Galveston ' Robert L. Dingle. Houston ' Bill Hart Dorbandt Athens ' George Randall Felton. Beaumont Dewitt Fly. Odessa FRE HMEN ' James H. Baldridge, Raymondville ' John E. Baldridge, Raymondville ' Jack E. Bright. Edinburg ' Gerald D. Butler. Flores ille ' Jack Henderson. Austin ' Robert K. Hutching?, Jr., Galveston Arvel E. Johnson. Austin in Kel so. Austin Clifford T. K -tin ' Thomas F. Leatherberry. Jr.. Galveston Earl P. McConnell. ]r Galveston ' Edward J. Mathews. Austin ' Carl B. Ragland. Sweetwater Charner D. Skains. Galveston ' Tucker B. White, Del Rio Eiband H. Wilshusen. Galveston ' Jimmy Younger. Houston SOPHOMORES James W. Girardeau. Galveston ' Charles H. Hughes. Corrigan Jay Frank Kinsel. San Antonio Max Joseph Osbert Lassberg. Austin Earle D. McCullough. Jr.. Austin Gus H. Miller. Jr.. Columbus Walter V. Morrow. Jr.. Galveston " k Charles G. Park, Dallas- Richard S. Reser. San Antonio Richard W. Thompson. Wichita Falls Joseph W. Vanham. L valde Herman D. Weisser. Austin Robert Wright. Austin Sam M. Y ' ates. San Antonio DELTA CHI A OFFICERS " A " IRVEN EDWIN HANSON, JR. " B " GEORGE Louis DACY " C " JOHN RUMSEY DOOLE " D " ALAN F. LIPPMAN " E " JAMES W. THOKEY FACULTY EDWARD F. BENNETT Instructor in English Top Row: O. JELKS. T. CREIGHTON, LIPPMAN, O. DAVIS, J. CREIGHTON, MUTCHLER, SHIRLEY. Second Row: BOLKA, PEARCE, FRENCH, A. DAVIS, THOKEY, DACY, MAYS. Third Roar: POOL, E. JELKS. SHEARER. WARE, HANSON, CARRETT, DOOLE. PACE 404 GRADUATES Ora M. Davis. Jr.. Austin Warren Graham French. Philadelphia. Pa. James W. Thokey. Union Gty. Ind. SENIORS Robert D. Carter. Grand Rapids. Mich. John Rumsey Doole. Austin Oliver Robinson Jelks, Jr.. Austin Alan F. Lippman. Austin Milton Ford Pearce, Gilliam. La. Charles Kendall Ware, Beaumont IRVEN EDWIN HANSON. JR. S " D-YEAR Adrian Averil Davis. Austin Connor Patman. Texarkana FIRST- YEAR LAW John Roy Creighton. Mineral Wells SOPHOMORES Bernard J. Bolka. South Bend, Ind. Irven Edwin Hanson, Jr_ Port Sulphur, La. ' Billy L. Ma . Perryton Robert K. Shirley. Jr.. Silver Lake FRESHMEN ' Thomas W. Creighton, Mineral Wells Pane F. Shearer. Clarksville JUNIORS George Louis Dacy, Austin John Battaile Garrett. Jr., Abilene Edward Baker Jelks, Austin John V. Mutchler, Kenmore, N. Y. Jack I. Pool, Valley Mills DELTA KAPPA EPSIUW OFFICER Housemanager WILLIAM LARRY WRIGHT FACULTY DANA X. BIBLE JOHN WILLIAM CALHOUN THOMAS PERRIN HARRISON POWELL STEWART . Head Football Coach Professor of Applied Mathematics Professor of English Assistant Professor of English Top Row: D. Stevenson, H. Wright, E. Werlein, Miller, Robinson, Clark, LeRouax, Amidon, J. Stevenson, Reed. Second Row: Pannell, Browning, Sharp, Roman, Jones, McElroy, Williams, Blanton, S. Werlein, Fosdick. Third Row: Crosby, Scott, Kinney, Wiggins, Higgins, Hubbard, Holder, W. Wright, Morris, Owens. Fourth Row: C. Campbell, King, W. Carnes, Stafford, Gambrell, Murphy, Carroll, Herpel, Brown, Bremond. Fifth Row: Gary, Lilly, McCown, Love, Ross, Ward, Locke, Echols, Woldert, Connor. Sixth Row: Young, Daniel, Blades, R. Buckley, Landry, Wolfe, C. A. Buckley, Ramsdell, J. Carnes, Morse. Seventh Row: Hancock, Cunningham, Martin, Hagelstein, R. Campbell, Thornhill, McDonald, Rice, Montgomery, McLelltin, Phillcy. PACE 406 GRADUATES James Reagan Connor. Abilene Noble Wester Doss. Temple William Grain. Victoria John Randolph Hubbard. Denton Carl William Raetzsch. Seguin -FMORS Ted Lutcher BellmonU Austin Jack Sawtelle Blanton. Houston Roy Robert Campbell. Jr., San Antonio b McNeill Carnes. Jr.. San Antonio Ralph Irving Ellsworth. San Antonio Joe Carroll Gilmore. Houston - Walter S. Hie2in . Jr.. New Braunfels ( Irrin Wendell Johnson. Harlingen William G. King. III. Pasadena. Calif. Richard Ross LeRouax. Houston Harrison Seacord Lilly. San Antonio John Raymond Locke. Sherman William Larrv Ben ton Fooshee Love, Jr_ Paris Samuel Pendleton McBimey, Tulsa. Okla. John Franklin Morris, Timpson Eli David Philley. Jr.. Abilene Leslie Proctor, Jr., Austin Bill Halley Ramsdell. San Antonio Richard Whittle Reiner. San Antonio Bryan Carnes Schiller. San Antonio James Frank Stathakos. Dallas Frank Homer Stephens. Jr.. San Antonio John P. Ward, Cleburne Samuel Dante Wolfe. Jr.. Sherman Wright Bastrop tlLUAM LARRY WRIGHT SECOND YEAR LA - Howard D. McElrov. Dallas K K i Pat i Murphy. Jr.. San Angelo William Lane Al.ernaUi . Pulaski. Tenn. {. Nuj . Jr.. Temple vin Anderson. Beaumont Frank Grain. Victoria FIRST-YEAR LAW- Webb Follin. Memphis, Tenn. Otis Bain Gary. San Marcos Homer Gordon Montgomery. Abilene Robert Emmet Morse. Jr.. Austin Charles Lawrence Scarborough. Abilene Harry Philip Whitworth. Smithville James Whitworth. Bastrop Bennett Lorenzo Wollev. Jr., Dallas ' -nidon. Harlingen Kir hard Lee Brown. Fort Worth ; ins C. Browning. San Antonio .ude Herbert Buckley. Jr.. San Antonio liam Morrow Bumey. Hearne Clifford Gene Campbell. Nacogdoches Harry Edward Carloss. Jr.. Salem. Ohio James Malcolm Carnes. San Antonio John Franklin Cunningham. Jr.. San Antonio ' John E an- Daniel. Houston Joe K. Blades. Houston Walter Bremond. Austin ' Robert Joseph Buckley. San Antonio ( k-ne Edward Colbert- San Antonio Jack Del Rio John Nruton Gambrell. III. Beaumont John Butler Hancock. Beaumont Lewis C. Holder. Austin George Underwood Hubbard. Denton FRESHMEN rle Anthony Buckle). San Antonio Bob Joe Clark. Austin Thomas Matthew Echols. Dal John Jay Fosdick. Galveston " George Carlton Hagelstein, San Antonio ' Maxwell Jones. Alexandria. Va. ' Frederic Porter McCown. Austin Ben Proctor. Austin T.-.J B. Reed. Mission - j-pard Halsey Werlein. Houston Marcus Wilkinson. Vivian. La. ' Richard Grav Williams, ustin JUNIORS Howard C. Federer. Austin Thomas Hindman Graham. III. Del Rio William Wahrmund Herpel. San Antonio Julius Thomas Krueger. Jr.. Lubbock George S. McCall. Austin James Douglas MacDonald. Farmersville Robert Tollen Martin. Fresno. Calif. George Webb Owens. Tulsa. Okla. VI illiam Buchanan Roman. Jr.. Brvan SOPHOMORES Charles Cleveland Kinney. Austin ' Tom W. Landry. Mission Bobby Coy Lee. Austin Fred Charles Lepick. San Antonio Robert John McLellan. Houston Marcy Sanders Martin. Austin Edmund H. Miller. Austin ' William Cone Pannell. Fort Worth VI inston Abe Pounds. Tvler Oliver Hazzard Ross. Jr.. Fort Worth Paul Bertrand Scott, Jr.. Tyler Carle Farrell Sharp. Jr.. Dallas James Benjamin Stafford. San Antonio Donald Eades Stevenson. Jr.. Austin Carroll Washington Sunday. Jr.. Yorktown Gabriel FelderThornhill. Austin Alexander Richard Waugh. Jr.. Bastrop ' Eugene Richard Werlein. Houston " George Signaigo Rice, Dallas James Malcolm Robinson. Austin John William Stevenson. Beaumont Wynne Pearce Stewart. Orange ' William R. Wiggins. Dallas ' Dan Christian Woldert. Tyler Harry Keisler Wright Houston Joseph Kleber Young. Jr_ Bastrop i i W tfu ' : DELTA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS President R. GOODWIN ROGERSON Vice-President HUGH E. GARDENIER Secretary PAT H. BOONE, JR. Treasurer CLARENCE H. STUMPF, JR. ARTHUR DEEN . A. J. McCROCKLIN . FACULTY Professor of Geology Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Top Row: JENNINGS, SAXON, PERKINS, DEL HOMME, ROCERSON, GAINES, BENNETT. Second Row: HALL, WATTENBURCER, PARR, VESTAL, ROBINSON, STUMPF, HARRISON, W. MITCHELL. Third Row: WALKER, KIRBY, A. MITCHELL, KIZZIAR, DENNISON, GARDENIER, BOONE, ALEXANDER. PACE 408 SENIORS Pat H. Boone, Jr_ Littlefield Hugh E. Gardenier, Beaumont Gursham A. Hall. Washington, D. C. JUNIORS ' Robert Byron Gaines, Jr.. Dallas Houston B. Harrison. Paris N tephen Perkins. Austin Emmett E. Robinson. Jewett R. Goodwin Rogerson, Houston Clarence H. Stumpf. Jr.. Austin R. GOODWIN ROGERSON SOPHOMORES ' Howard J. Bennett. Fort Worth Elmer Vestal. Whitewright Tern Walker. Lufkin FRESHMEN James D. Alexander. El Campo Lawrence K. Del Homme. Jr.. Houston Robert A. Dennison. Weslaco William R. Jennings. Houston Jerome William Kirby. Dallas Jim Kizziar, Corpus Christ! " Sam Day McGeehee. Houston Albert C.Mitchell. Austin William H. Mitchell. Austin Macgregor A. Parr. Houston ' Charles William Saxon. Houston Winfred Wattenburger. Fort Worth DELTA TAU DELTA OFFICERS President . . . . Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary- Treasurer FRED CLARK CHANDLER, JR. JOHN JAMES ROBERTSON JAMES CRAWFORD ANDERSON, IV JOHN HENRY FRY ROBERT KENNETH GERMAN FACULTY KENT WHEELER KENNAN HANSON TUFTS PARLIN DONALD PHILIP STEVENS Instructor in Music Theory and Composition Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Associate Professor of Architecture Top Row: Robertson, Curfman, Carmichael, P. Colley, J. Fry, Wolf, Downs, Hall, D. Jones, Davis, Dalehite. Second Row: O ' Neill, H. Nash, Larabee, A. Evans, F. Werkenthin, F. Chandler, Hale, Gambill, J. Evans, Sutherland, Ellison. Third Row: Hahn, Herndon, Mims, Outlaw, Buckley, Chollar, Boals, Douglas, Brooks, M. Werkenthin, Dunham. Fourth Row: Abbott, H. K. Allen, Romine, Von Carlowitz, Tarry, Cunningham, Anderson, Abernatfay, Manogue, J. Jones, J. Nash. Fifth Row: Benefield, Burns, Wharton, McNaughton, Gaston, Cudlipp, Dyer, Leveridge, Schutze, Emery, J. Colley, Hill. Sixth Row: Dunbar, St. John, Karback, Sherwood, Brown, Quarles, Layden, Reeves, Baskin, Cain, E. Fry, King. Seventh Row: Long, White, Fox, Krusse, Wolford, Pecvey, West, Cooper, Warden, Knight. Webb, Ragsdale. Eighth Row: Williamson, German, Troxell, Roberts, George, Cibbs, Jenkins, Powell, Zorn, Miller, Kelley, Pigg. PACE 410 GRADUATES Manly Ward Cooper. Kern ille Jim Douglas. Jr.. Austin Harrv Beverlv Jackson, Wauwatoxa. Wi . Jor Ware Nash. Kaufman Robert Louis Reed. Concord SENIORS Calvin Roper Abbott. Electra Pat Mrkinney Baskin. Austin Julius Clifford Cain, Quitman Fred Clark Chandler. Jr., Levelland David Hazlett Dellinger. Dallas William Lee Ellison. Austin Arthur Newton Evans, Columbus Hewitt Elates Fo . New Orleans, L. Robert Kenneth German, Galveston Carl Elmo Hall. Center Craig Chilton Hill. San Antonio Joe Mark Jenkins, Waiahachie Finis Miller Kelly. Fort Worth Daniel Marston Krausse. Houston Aubrey Thomas Leveridge, East Bernard Robert Allen Manogue, Cincinnati. Ohio Charles C Milliken, Weatherford Dial Rike Peevy, Jr.. Austin Frank Blair Reeves, Beaumont Thomas Bruce Scott, East Bernard Edbert Julian Schutre, Austin Frank Henry Sherwood, Fort Worth Robert Carter Sneed. Austin ' Evert Eugene St. John. Fort Worth Donald Louis Wolf. Cincinnati. Ohio George Manly Wolford, McKinney FEED CLARK CHANDLER. JR. Walter Dunham. Jr.. San Antonio SECOND-YEAR LAWS Neal Parks King, Marfa William Beverly West. Fort Worth irnath . McKinney FIRST-YE R LAWS George Wilson Chandler, Baytown Robert Hobbs, Fort Worth William A. MacNaughtcn, Austin Harris Terrell Allen. Austin Henry Kiper Allen, Austin John Caperton Brooks, Houston Gilmore Woollen Brown, Fort Worth lien CannichaeL, East Bernard Hugh Wendall Curfman. Arkansas City, 11 Edward Downs. Fort Worth V-il Emery, Houston Beaumont Evans. Big Spring Kan-. JUNIORS Robert Ray Franklin, Galveston ' Lawton Graves Gam bill. Fort Worth William Dickerson Gaston, Austin Clement Charles Gibbs, Topeka. Kan-. Thomas Frederick Hahn, Topeka, Kan-. Billie Lee John, Dallas Curtis Malhes. Arlington James Andrew O ' Neill, Wood River, I1L Thurber Allison Outlaw, Austin Brice Winnell Quarles. Old Hickory, Tenn. Silas B. Ragsdale. Jr.. Houston John James Robertson. Egpertsville. N. . Thomas Beeson Romine. Fort Worth George Dudley Tarry. Tyler C. L. Taylor. Jr.. San Angelo John Howard Warden. Jr.. Bloomfield. N. J. Fred B. Werkenthin. Austin Max Johannes Werkenthin. Au-tin James Allen Wharton. Austin Robert Eugene Alexander, Austin James Crawford Anderson. IV. Fort Worth Maurice Mark Benefield. San Antonio Frank William Bernson. Canadian Nathan Orr Boals, Austin rt Louis Bouchard. Dallas ' Edmund Thomas Burke. Houston Thomas Baldwin Burns. San Antonio Dean Raymond ( " hollar. Fort Worth Albert Ernest Cudlipp, Jr.. Lufkin Joe Bruce Cunningham. Big Spring Henry Gibbs Dalehite. Jr.. Galveston FRESHMEN John I antwall Buckley. Austin ' William David Chandler. Austin ' John David Colley. Henderson ' Paul Sims Colley. Henderson ' William Harvey Dyer, Eagleville, Tenn. ' Errol Dean Fry. Anaon William F. Griffith. Corpus Christ i William Robert Hale, Austin ' Mar ( ' .ollis Jeffrey. Austin Tyre E. Jeffrey. Jr.. Austin ' H Imer Emil Karbach. New BraunfeU Leonard Kirby Larabee. Tyler Meredith J. D. Long, Austin Arthur Pryor. Austin ' Eugene Joseph Sutherland. Houston H Anton Von Cariowitz. Bradford, Pa. William George Webb. Topeka. Kang. Joseph Richard Zorn. Tyler SOPHOMORES Wilbur Raymond Davis. Austin Donald George Dunbar. Corsicana John Henry Fry, Anson Ballard Wilson George, Corsicana William C. Herndon. Perryton Douglas Jones, Bonham Junes Frederick Jones. Bonham Robert Magill Kealhofer, Austin James Edward Knight, Electra Gary Burton Laugh) in. Houston ' John Joseph Layden. Austin Kleber Claude Stiller. Jr.. Austin Hornshy Mims. Fort Worth Henry Heath Nash. Kaufman Charles Conrad Nelson. Austin ' Franklin Durant Pigg, Center ' Daniel Turner Powell. Luling David Roberts, Columbus Richard Jack Schwarr. San Antonio ' John Nill Troxell. Jr.. Houston Harry Thomas Watson. Fort Worth Charles S. Weldon. San Marcos Perrin Wynne White. Houston Vilbry Holmes White. Prairie Lea Richardson Peter Williamson. III. Galve . P. 411 KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS IV WILLIAM M. THACKER JESS WARD, JR. ROBERT L. SCURLOCK L. W. GRAY GEORGE HAGY ROBERT A. LAW . CLYDE LITTLEFIELD . SEWALL MclVLvHON . DANIEL ALLEN PENICK FACULTY Instructor in Biology Professor of English Track Coach Instructor in Chemical Engineering Tennis Coach Tap Row: Heaton, E. Grancr, Omohundro, J. Brand. Denius, Darnell, Bigger, Barnhart, Pettit, Howard, Steele, Bryan. Second Row: Ford, Shellman, Peyton, Scurlock, Kelley, Harrison, Robertson, Lattimore, T. Vague, Godbold, McGarrah, Mundinger. Third Row: Gerhardt, Abernathy, Hargrove, Timmins, Harris, Gunn, Kayser, Johnson, Pierce, Mecom, James, R. Brand. Fourth Row: Wilemon, Ward, Hagy, Baird, Glenney, Brown, Brigman, Slcipwith, Huff, Bullard, Peavy, Stumberg. Fifth Row: White, W. Thacker, Bunch, Cuny, S. Graner, McGee, Sraitherman, Cornish, Hoyt, G. Vague, Steward, Hearne. Sixth Row: House, Shaw, Bohnet, Davis, Findley, Bevan. Watson, Townsend, Ferguson, King, W. Smith, C. Huffman. Seventh Row: McDaniel, LaRue, Miller, Wilson, Cose, Swindle, Preis, Green. Permenter, R. Thacker, Bell, Pereira, Anderson. PACT 412 GRADUATES Rowland Darnell, Memphis, Tenn. Sewall McMahon. Houston George W. Hagy, San Antonio Jack D. Watson, Dallas William Lynn White, Dallas SKMORS Roland Brand. Beaumont Morton Bigger, Dallas Thomas B. COOT, Hempstead James R. Crow, New Orleans, La. Thomas O. Davis, Center William E. Findley. Dallas M. William Gerhardt, Houston John Gilmer. Graham Stanley Graner, Dallas 1- W. Gray, Caldwell C. A. Gunn. Houston J. J. Hippard, Houston Felix House, Cleveland, Miss. Gordon Hoyt, San Francisco, Calif. Joe N. Lattimore. Houston Robert Makins. Port Arthur Claude Herb Miller, Houston Daniel M. Mundinger. Baton Rouge. La. Desmond R. Pereira, Beeville Pat T. Peyton, Beaumont Don F. Pierce, Wichita Falls Robert L. Scurlock, Fort Worth Robert C Shellman, San Antonio Ernest Wilemon. Arlington SECOND-YEAR I .U John H. Bevan, Fort Worth Robert L. Shaw, Dallas William B. Townsend, Fort Worth Collins Wohner, Canton, Miss. WILLIAM M. TH UK) K John N. Bamhart. Beeville Fred C Brigman, I ' valde FIRST- YEAR LAWS Franklin W. Denius, Athens Joe Morris, Breckenridpe William M. Thacker, Wichita Falls Bill H. Skipwith, Houston Bill E. Anderson. Richmond, Va. G. D. Bohnet, San Antonio Lewi- E. Brown, Dallas ' Howard Bunch, Wichita FaUs K. M. Catham. Jr.. Beaumont Robert F. DuBoU. Jr., Beaumont John S. Ferguson, Austin Dick G-e. Wichita Falls Hubert Green. San Antonio Joseph L. Hargrove, Shreveport, La. J. H. Hearne, Shreveport, La. William Hcaton, Clark-dale. Miss. JUNIORS Ben Huffman. Houston Charles H. Huffman, Houston William A. Johnson. Austin Raymond F. Kayser, Shreveport, La. Dick V. Lewis. Houston Malcolm Reid McDaniel. San Antonio Tom R. McGee, Corpus Christi C E. Miller, Wichita Falls Calton Permenter. Houston Kenneth A. Pettit, Fort Worth M. C Roberts, Terrell Joe Singleton. Beaumont Dick Slator. Houston John E. Steele, Fort Worth Louis H. Stumberg, Terrell Wells Dan Trahey, Clovis, N. Mex. Harry Trueblood, Austin Glen E. Vague, Wichita Falls T.N. Vague. Wichita Falls Jess Ward. Jr.. Wichita Falls Tarlton Wilson. Wichita Falls Charles Yetta, Saint Jo Harold G. Abemathy. New Braunfels John T. Bell. -San Antonio Jim L. Brand, Beaumont George L. Carmichael. Tyler Jim A. Cornish. Wichita Falls Albert E. Harris. San Antonio E.M. Harrison. Waco Jerry Hood. Refugio William M. Howard, Houston Bert A. Huff, Wichita Falls Roy Keller. Beaumont Felix Kelley. Robstown Jim E. I -a Rue. Houston FRr HMK Eddie J. Baird. Houston Edmund Bencboff. Menard Randolph Bryan. Houston William C Bullard, Houston F. Dee Ford, Wichita FaUs Jim R. Glenney, Houston Jack W. Godbold, Dallas Edward Albert Graner. Dallas Robert Hohenbvrger, San Antonio Jndson S. James, Dallas John B. King, San Antonio Ron McDade. Shreveport, La. Read M. Omohundro. Sherman Regan Preis, San Antonio Frank R. Robertson, San Antonio SOPHOMORES J. Gene McGarrah. Dallas Philip H. Mecom, Shreveport, La. Robert Mellard, San Antonio Stanford Lenord Neuman. Houston William A. Peavy. Shreveport, 1 . Richard Reed, Gilmer John N. Smith. Houston Wad A. Smith. Jr.. Shreveport, La. Eugene Alston Smitherman, Shreveport, La. John Bruce Stewart, Wichita Falls Frank G. Swindle, Waco Edwin T. Terry. Beaumont Robert W. Thacker. Wichita Falls John W. Timmins, Dallas f I KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS Grand Master Grand Procurator Grand Master of Ceremonies Grand Scribe Grand Treasurer . FRANK CRAIG ERWIN, JR. WALTON SIMPSON ROBERTS ROBERT CHARLES CONNOR JAMES BROOKE FURRH, JR. JAMES LEAVELL BAYLESS FACULTY ROBERT ALAMETH Cox DEUPREE JULIAN FRIDELL . ERNEST RANDOLPH HARDIN STUART ALEXANDER MACCORKLE HARRY HUNT RANSOM . JACK TAYLOR Instructor in Economics Associate Professor of Naval Science and Tactics Instructor in Speech Assistant Professor of Government Assistant Professor of English Assistant Comptroller Top Row: Finnegan, Browder, Austin, Schulle, Biggs, C. Roberts, Clarkston, Schulzc, Harriett, Ransome, Magill, Cargile. Second Row: W. W. Taylor, Houstoun, Moore, Martino, Seymour, Noble, Bell. Vandervoort, Dodge, Bradford, Hall, Menking. Third Row: A. Flynn, C. Flynn, Rambie, Upchurch, C. Finlayson, Connor, Porter, Daniels, Furrh, Woodward, J. Kultgcn. Denman. Fourth Rout: F. Erwin, Belknap, W. Hamilton, Fowler, Gladney, Eklund, Ford, Rudd, Harman, Harbour. Cocke, H. Baker. Fifth Row: W. Baker, Barnett, Ball, Alphin, York, W. Roberts. Kurth, McMakin, Bramlette, Anderson, Kenyon, T. S. Erwin. Sixth Row: T. L. Erwin, Bass, Fox, Sheeny, Lanford, Lindsley, Clinton, Archibald. McConn, Donnelly, Shockley. Brazeltoii, Ferguson. Seventh Row: Clay. Dossett, Joyner, Sayers, Flack, Lander, McKie, Cross, McCain, Mizell, Norris, Reynolds, Macatee. Eighth Row: Dyer, S. Reynolds, Tomforde. R. Baker, Ralston, Shambaugh, C. Stewart, J. Williams, Gatlin, Dowdy, Caldwell. Hoffman, Bayless. PACE 414 GRADUATES Rose Grady Baker, Houston James Bell Bauchman. Seguin Richard Allen, Tyler James Armstrong Alphin, El Dorado. Art. Todd, Archbald. Buffalo, N. V. Hint- Holt Bater, Jr., Houston John Heflin Baker. Houston Ralph Augustus Belknap, Jr.. Dallas George Ferris Bellows. Houston James Edward Biggs, Wichita Falls Claude Ramsey Clinton. Waco William Howell Cocke, Houston Robert Charles Connor, Fort Worth Frederic Ross Cruseman, Fort Worth David Wynn Cunningham. Jr.. Houston Warren Dale Culwell. Dallas William Brownlee Ferguson, III. Houston Charles Robert Finlayson, Tyler Frank Houghton Flack. Donna Homer Bates Jester, Corsicana James Oliver Unchurch, Tyler James Brooke Furrh, Jr., Elysian Fields William Peck Gibson, Corsicana Walter Clyde Hamilton, Jr., Wichita Falls James Hans Helland, San Antonio James Patrick Houstoun. Jr., Houston John Henry Kultgen. Waco Robert Sewell Mizell. Kaufman Jimmy Frank Plyler, Corsicana Walton Simpson Roberts. Tyler Richard Maurice Sowell. Houston Harry Averill Taylor, Houston Albert Mi chael Tomforde, Jr.. Houston Earle Field Watterworth. Jr., Dallas Henry Harlan Wetz. New Braunfels Richard Culberson Whittingon. Oklahoma City. Okla. Warren Garland Woodward, Coleman Jack Herschel York. Fort Worth FRANK CRAIG ER .I , JR. Em l -U: R LAWS Da id Owens Belew. Jr.. Fort Worth Frank Craig Erwin. Jr.. Dallas John Francis Sheehy, Jr., Waco Robert .Ashland Shepherd. Jr.. Houston Paul Genais Bell, Jr.. Houston Thomas Jones Caldwell, Jr., Cedar Creek William C Dowdy, McKinney William Andrew Eklund. Austin FIRST- YEAR LAWS Thomas Henley Galey, Tulsa, Okla. Benjamin Haden, Houston Jesse Bradley Hamilton. Fort Worth David Berks Kultgen, Waco Benjamin Franklin Looney. III. Dallas Perry Brockschmidt Menking, Houston Bryan Fisher Williams. Ill, Galveston JlMORS Vbraham. Tyler Charles William Austin. Austin : -T Browne Baker. Jr.. Houston I Ball. Jr.. Houston Handy. Jr.. Houston Russell Clyde Barbour. Jr.. Tyler J. I . Barnett. Jr.. Houston Jamt-s Leavell Bayless. Houston . Bradford. Jr.. Brenham ie Bramlette. :iio h Hardy Browder. Groesbeck John Walt-r aldwel!. Cedar Creek John Stark Cargile, San Angelo Horace H. Clarkston. Jr.. Tyler ' Frank Hutchinson Coleman. Galveston Roy William Cox, Houston ' Tom Lake Erwin, Dallas William Nicholas Finnegan. III. Houston Arthur Morrell Flynn, Houston Charles Harold Flynn. Jr.. Houston Leroy Gatlin. San Antonio William Osell Hixon. Kermit William Steele Hoffman. Great Falls, Mont. Robert Lee Kurth. Lufkin John Luke McConn. Houston Ben WTiiteselle McKie, Corsicana Delhart Earl McMillan, Overton Albert Everett Magill. Jr.. Houston Karl Albert Martino. Dallas Joseph Austin Noble, Amarillo Howard Lee Norris, San Antonio Andrew Cuthbert Porter. Lufkin Richard Carlton Prater, Tyler Guy Strickland Rambie. San Antonio Smith Perry Reynolds, Jr., Tyler Clem Henry Roberts, Tyler Charles Galloway Rutledge. Richardson Scott Phillen Savers. Fort Worth WalJis Eberle Schulle. Austin John Scott Shambaugh. Houston -Angus Gilchrist Shaw, Jr., Longview Harold David Shockley, San Antonio Marvin S. Sloman, Fort Worth Malcolm M. Stewart, Graham Robert Holman Summers. Rosebud Walter Thomas Taylor, Houston William Wintford Taylor. Jr., Fort Worth Dan Wagner, Houston -Arthur Pope Watson. Jr.. Austin Fred Alton Williams. Jr.. Tyler SOPHOMORES rt Gordon Anderson. Houston Har- William Walker Bratelton. Waco Frank Ba- Richmond Ion Linwood Denman. Lufkin ird Donnelly. Fort Worth " William Handle Eldridpe. Au-tin rge R. Enloe. Fort Worth James Alexander Finlayson. Tyler -ton James Byron Fowler. Sugarland William Gobin Fox. Houston Ri. hard Harrison Gross. Corpus ( hri-ti Richard Alexander Hale. Houston John Louis Hamilton. Fort Worth Herman Vaughn Harman. Waco Roland McCaulev Howard. New York. N. V. Thomas Willard Joyner. Jr.. Tyler Forrest Lynn Kennedy. Groesbeck Jack William Lander. Houston Fla Lewis. Jr.. Dallas James Thomas McCain. Tyler Carroll Franklin McCarter. Shreveport. La. Sampson. Oliver Miller. Jr. Tenafly. N. J. Gilbert James Moore. Longview Henry W ' ynne Pearce. Jr.. Orange John H. Rauscber. Dallas James H. Reynolds. Tyler Andrew TbonSas Seymour. III. Fort Worth t Douglas Welbern Stewart, Goose Creek Thomas Swann, Tyler ' Arthur Stewart Vandervoort. III. Houston Dowell Williams, San Angelo Jim Roy Williams. E Paso FRF.SHMK Robert Edward Bartlett, Houston William S. Bussry. Austin Delo Harvey Caspary, Rockport George William day. Dallas Harold Eugene Daniels, Sidney, Nebr. Clarem-e Porter Dodge. Jr.. Houston Walter Brown Dossett. Waco James Harrison Dyer, Dallas Thomas Sidney Erwin. Houston Robin Gray Forrester, Austin Sam Miller Gladney. Dallas K- Ml-n Hall. San Angelo Thomas B. Taylor. Jr.. Houston ' Paul S. Kenyon. Amarillo ' William Louis Lanford. Raymonds i 1 1- Ray W. Leeman. Jr.. San Antonio Henry D. Lindsley. III. Dallas Laurence Earl McMakin. Houston George Pettit Macatee. III. Dallas Wallace Gordon Ralston. Dallas ' Rufus Green Ransome, Jr.. Brownsville Daniel Wallace Rudd. Jr.. Marshall Victor E, Schulze, Jr., San Angelo Calvin L. Simpson. Houston C. Jim Stewart. Houston LAMBDA CHI ALPHA OFFICERS High Alpha. . KENNETH BERT ARNOLD High Beta JUDD HAMNER OUALLINE High Gamma JAMES THOMAS PINTO High Tau WILLIAM LEROY TIPTON FACULTY CURTIS JACKSON ALDERSON . ROBBIN COLYER ANDERSON . SIGURD NEAL EKDAHL . JAMES ANDERSON FITZGERALD SCOTT GAINES . LAWRENCE KARN YOURTEE Instructor in Physical Education Assistant Professor of Chemistry Instructor in Physical Education Dean of the College of Business Administration Attorney for University Lands Instructor in Chemistry Top Row: Maddox, Tipton, McCreighl. R. Oualline, J. M. Dirks, Whatley. DeVillier. Register. Whe-lus, M. Smith. Second Row: Arnold, Thomas, Bishop, Williamson, Lantrip, Wood, J. L. Dirks, E. Smith, Oakes, Rix. Third Row: F. Branda, Kotterman, J. Smith, Massey, Storie, White, Creager, Jennings, Mounger, C. H. Smith. Fourth Row: Wolford, Bowden, G. R. Smith, Cotterell, Hamilton, Pinto, Nash, Herff, Woods, Weatherall, Hawthorne. Fifth Row: Lichte, Quinn, G. Branda, Wilson, Thompson, Krahmer, Jacobs, Willis, Ammerman, Trimble, Perkins. Sixth Row: Rust, Swarthout, Robertson, Banks, Leonard, Elkins, Weir, Zalapac, Haver, Neill, Lively. Seventh Row: A. Smith, Mason, Pritchett, Ware, R. Dirks, Svadlenak, Rieck, Anderson, J. Oualline, Bell. Dysart. PACI 416 GRADUATES John Newton Bowden. El Paso Harold Lee Creager. Corpus Christi Robert Leslie Hoss. Tulsa. Okla. Rov Ravmond Male. Brownwood James Watson Martin. Kerrville Judd Hamner Oualline. Conroe Lewis Nelson Paul, St. Louis. Mo. r. 10RS Kenneth Bert Arnold. Houston Herbert J. Beadle. Austin Murri Austin Brooks. Austin Richard William Dirks, Tuleta Gene Carl Elkins. Stephenviile Calvin Windford Hailey. Springfield. Mo. August Ferdinand Herff. San Antonio James Alexander Johnston. Fort Smith. Ark. Cletus Adair Kotterman. Denver. Ind. Joseph Francis Leonard. Jr.. Kerrville Carl Laurent Lichte. Cleburne Clyde Cecil Logue, Jr_ San Antonio Richard Stewart Mason. Boston. M. ; David Eugene Nash. Weatherford Walter Francis Oakes. Dallas Tillman Porcher Perkins. Jr., San Antonio James Thomas Pinto. Houston Grady Neal Register. Birmingham. Ala. George Scott Robertson. Wasco, Calif. Lloyd Gates Rust, Jr., Wharton Aubrey Harris Smith. San Antonio ' George Race Smith. Onalaska McDonald Smith. Dallas Jasper Clarence Thomas, Austin Russell Bernard Trimble, San Angelo Jade Blocker Ware. Marshall Cleveland Wheelus. Kerrville Thomas Edgar White. Port Neches Albert Marion Wolford. McKinney John Davis Woods. Fort Smith. Ark. KENNETH BERT ARNOLD SECOND-YEAR LAW Andrew Mertens SwarthouL Dallas FIRST- YEAR LAW William James Cotterell. Houston Thoma Vb ayne Ammerman. La Feria James Mansfield Anderson. San Antonio Raymond Holmes Bishop, San Antonio Floyd Carmel Branda. Port Arthur ' Gilbert Lawrence Branda. Port Arthur Alex Jo-t-ph I)r illier. Port Arthur Jame Leland Dirks. Tuleta ' John Marion Dirks. Tuleta Arthur Girard Hamilton. San Antonio JUNIORS George Edward Harris. Tuleta Jasper Beaty Haver. Pueblo, Colo. Cooper Franklin Hawthorne. Jr.. Port Neches Royce Hay. San Antonio Benjamin Campbell Lively. Livingston ' Robert Murray Maddox. Pittsburg Sammie D. Massey. Killeen Rovce Evans Oualline. Conroe Ellis Mabry Quinn. Beeville S illiam Lee Robinson. Austin Rudolf Eldo Svadlenak. Austin David H. Tinch. Houston K illiam LeRoy Tipton. Conroe Jack Poole Weatherall. Port Arthur Ralph Edward Weir. Austin Robert Douglas Willis. Jr.. Livingston Robert Cunningham Wood. Corpus Christi SOPHOMORES Gus Deward Bell. Dallas Herbert Gerald Herrington. Austin Mack Kendle Jacobs. Matador ' Clarence Arden Jennings. Spearville. Kans. Charles esley Lantrip. Anson George Hardin Neill. Big Spring FRESHMEN ' Carl William Banks. Port Arthur Theodore Rivers Dysert. Havana. Cuba Anthony Edward Krahmer. El Paso ' Charles Tennant McCreight Anson ' Philip Chapman Mounger. Houston ' Bobby Ray Pritchett Big Spring Hugh J illiam Rieck. Austin ' Cecil Charles Rix. Port Arthur ' Frank Eugene Show-n. Houston ' James Len Smith. San Antonio J ilson A. Tarkington. Houston ' Harry Edwin Thompson, Port Arthur ' Neil Williams. Jr.. Bonham ' Ralph Raymond Wilson. Big Spring ' George Henry Zapalac. West ' Egbert Victor Smith. Houston Garland Houston Smith. Austin William Theodore Storie. Jr.. Pasadena Willis James Whatley. Jr.. Austin ' Charles Lee Williamson. Conroe ' ' " ! P c 417 PHI DELTA THETA OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer FACULTY EUGENE CAMPBELL BARKER ROY BEDICHEK DANA BRACKENRIDGE CASTEEL THOMAS MABRY CRANFIL . KENNETH GULP DAVIS . FRANK LEONARD JEWETT CHARLES TILFORD McCoRMiCK EDMUND THORNTON MILLER ROBERT WELDON STAYTON . AGESILAUS WILSON WALKER BENJAMIN PRATER MONNING ROBERT FARRIS CAMPBELL JAMES McKEAN BUGBEE, JR. Professor of English Director of Bureau of Public School Service Professor of Zoology- Assistant Professor of English Professor of Law Instructor in Bible Dean of the School of Law Professor of Economics Professor of Law Professor of Law Top Row: Trotter, Cunningham, Black, Dunn, Peterkin, Bowman, Brown, J. M. Worsham, Broad, Evans. Second Row: B. Burgher, Barkley, Schorre, Walker, R. Farnsworth, James, Coble, Whittington, J. L. Worsham, Sublett. Third Row: Rice, Swain, Leachman, Hopper, Minor, Jordan, Dale, Hooper, Oles, C. Burgher, Lee. Fourth Row: Meador, Pope, Higgins, Boyd, Ray, Morgan, Tirey, French, Gates, Akin, Mannefeld. Fifth Row: Meredith, Summers, Jones, Stacy, A. Farnsworth, R. Askey, Storey, Vaughn, Porter, Baker, Wynne. Sixth Row: Madden, J. Taylor, McGrew, Sanders, Sargl, M. Taylor, Stroud, Bugbce, Slape, Foy, Monning. Seventh Row: Merrill, Bosworth, W. Wroe, Bishop, Spires, W. Askew, Russell, Bauman, Dodson, Williams, E. Wroe. PACE 418 KMORS Hubert Edwin Bechtol. Lubhock Webber Bishop. III. Dallas William Duncan Howard. X aco Henry Grady Jordan. Dal Kenneth Weiland Merrill. Dallas Benjamin Prater Monning. Amarillo Julian Hank Morgan. Houston Thomas Lucian Morrill. Beeville ' DeWitt Talmage Ray, Jr., Dallas Charles Porter Storey. Dallas Ethan B. Stroud. Dallas Charles Carson Sublett. Beaumont Jack Calvin Vaughn. Dallas James Benjamin K alker. Dallas SECOND-YEAR LAW Robert Barnes Wallace, Dallas FIRST-YEAR LAWS Jeremiah Arch Bell. Austin Dudley Bryan Foy. Jr.. Corpus Christi Jean Mills Worsham, Houston Buck Jim Wynne. Wills Point BENJAMIN PRATER MONMNi. Thornton Hardie Bowman. Austin Berry Gilbert Boyd, Jr.. Dallas Thoma- Kirkpatrick Broad. Dallas James McKean Bugbee. Jr.. Houston Cedric ag2oner Burgher. Dallas Italian! McDougal Burgher. Dallas Robert Ferris Campbell. Houston Charles Craig Cates. Bay City Benjamin Amos Cunningham. Dallas ' Thomas Clinton Dunn. Houston JUNIORS Roger Hobart Evans. Jr_ Dallas ' Alan Coyle Farnsworth, Houston Richard A. Farnsworth. Jr.. Houston ' Charles Jackson Hooper. Houston Richard L. Jones. Dallas Neth Lowe Leachman. Jr.. Dallas Thomas Henry Lee. Houston Snowden Marshall Leftwitch. Dallas Richard Milton McGrew. Long Beach. Calif. William Forrester Neale. Jr.. Dallas George Alexander Peterkin. Houston Liston McLeod Rice, Jr.. Dallas John William Russell, Jr_ Fort Worth Harold Barefoot Sanders. Dallas Louis Charlie Schorre, Cuero L. C. Slape. El Paso William Gillespie Stacy. Jr.. Austin John Greene Taylor, Dallas Marcus Anthony Taylor. Amarillo Horace Bester Williams. aco Jessie Lee Worsham. Houston ' Henry David Akin. Jr., Dallas Robert Edward Askew. Ferris Robert Sargent Baker, Oklahoma City. Okla. John Raymond Black. Houston William Martin Bosworth. Dallas Alan Sandford Dale. Houston SOPHOMORES Russell Letton French. Dallas Durwood Collis Garrison, Houston John Martin Hopper. Austin Edward Adams Keig, Beaumont William Henry Manefeld. Jr.. Dallas Bruce S. Meador. San Antonio Otis Meredith. Jr.. San Antonio Billy P. Peavy, Victoria Alfred Smith, Austin Albert Bryan Spires, Jr.. Austin Roderic Bruce Tromas. Jr_ Corpus Christi Harry Galbraith W ells. Terrell Harrv M. Whittinaton. Austin X illiam Gordon Askew. Ferris jrd Norman Barkley. Bay City Fdwin Rudolph Bauman. Amarillo ' Joseph Louis Brown. Jr.. Houston Guy alden Cheesman, Houston ' Robert Hamilton Dale. Houston Dwain Freeman Dodson. San Angelo ' Robert McMillan Goble, Sherman man Royce H -narillo Keith Eldon James. Amarillo Wales Hendricks Madden. Amarillo Bob Kirkton Minor. Houston Charles Llewellyn Morgan. Fort Worth Charles Atwood Morrill. Beeville ' Charles Patrick Oles. Amarillo Frank Starr Pope. Corpus Christi ' Roy Walton Porter. Austin ' John Gothard Sargl. Beaumont ' Claude Douglas Johns Smith. Austin FRESHMEN ' Thomas Roderick Summers. San Antonio ' Jack Randolph Swain. Dallas ' Frank B. Tirey. Jr.. Waco Jack Tillman Trotter. Houston Ed R. L. Wroe. Austin ' William Augustus )X roe. Austin - PMC M PHI GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS President JAMES ADDINGTON McCAUL, JR. Treasurer-Housemanager .... ALBERT WALTER SCHMIDT, JR. Recording Secretary WILLIAM GEORGE KINNEY, JR. Corresponding Secretary FORREST MOSELY SMITH, JR. Historian JAMES THEODORE HUNT, JR. FACULTY FREDERICK DUNCALF . HOWARD C. GILSTRAP . ROSCOE GUERNSEY THEODORE HORNBERGER GERALD M. STAFFORD . JOHN R. WATT BERRY M. WHITAKER . Professor of Medieval History Football Line Coach Professor of Civil Engineering Professor of English Professor of Geology Professor of Mechanical Engineering Director of Men ' s Intramural Athletics Top Row: Hunt, Wessely, Sponsel, W. Campbell, Whitten, Dyke, Perry, Cooper, J. Nelson, D. Bolin, Jepnings. Second Row: Willis, Delehanty, Ryan, Waltman, Mollison, Berry, Killebrew, McCann, C. George, Elbert, Kennedy. Third Row: Imhoff, Dahlberg, Netherton, Yarbrough, Johnson, Hodges, A. Miller, Hill, Graves, Hannab, Godwin, D. Campbell. Fourth Row: W. George, Tyrell, Schmidt, Clegg, England, McCaleb, Roderick, Jones, Welsh, Bradley, Kinney. Tucker. Fifth Row: Abies, P. Smith, King, Bellinger, Colbern, Phillips, Goldman, D. Smith, Heller, S. Schneider, Pelham, Heath. Sixth Row: Blanchette, Cullum, Turner, Newton, Helvenston, Wade, C. Schneider, Tweedy, Martin, Bruce Hopkins, Rettig. Seventh Row: Wilcox, Beckham, Penn, McCaul, Doscher, Gardner, Quilliam, McElhenny, Sheldon, Black, Fletcher, W. Thompson. Eighth Row: Neff, Chumney, J. Dobbins, Rice, F. Smith, Proll, P. Dobbins, Moll, Ogden, Tips, T. Arnold, Hendrix. PACE 420 GRADUATES Tom W. Bradfield. Austin London Havnes Cullum. Wichita Falls Ross D. Miller, El Paso James W. Adams. Little Rock, Art. William Berry. San Antonio James Crady Blanohette. Jr_ Dallas Daniel Phillips Bolin, Wichita Falls Lawrence F. Bellinger. Los Angeles. Calif. Raymond A. Colbern, Carona. Calif. Ed ' Cornwell. Austin James E. Delehanty, San Francisco. Calif. Harold B. HendriJL Mexico City, Mex. Joe Henry Hodges, Jr.. Beaumont William Parks Johnson, Wimberley James A. McCaul. Fort Worth Robert Michael Martin, Jr., Brownwood John W. Rettip. Fort Worth ' Craig Adams Tips. San Antonio SENIORS Joseph Miller. New York, N. Y. Richard Mollison. Alpine Jack E. Neff. Port Arthur Thomas H. Newton. Smackover, Ark. Bill Pelham. Dyersburg, Tenn. William R. Penn. Austin Joel Key Rice, Aransas Pass Dorrance D. Roderick, Jr., El Paso Albert Walter Schmidt. Jr.. Austin Charles R. Schneider. Dallas James H. Shaw, Fort Worth Lacey R. Whitten. San Antonio JAMES AMNNCTON McCAUL. I . William Hamilton, Dallas SECOND- YEAR LAWS Kil lough K. Smith, Jr.. Fort Worth Buck Arnold, Houston Thomas O. Arnold, Houston FIRST-YEAR LAWS J. Henry Doscher, Jr., Sweerwater C E. Garrett, San Antonio JlMORS Joe W. Beckham. Austin Charles W. Bolin, Wichita Falls Robert Lee Bolin, Wichita Falls George F. Bradley. Dallas William Todd Campbell. Houston Lawrence D. Christian. Wichita Falls William C Clegg, Jr., San Antonio Ernest S. Fletcher, Temple S. D. Freeman, Jr.. West Columbia J. B. Godwin. Jr.. Beaumont Ghent Graves, Houston John T. Hannah, Houston Charles R. Heare. Port Arthur B. Gerald Heath. San Antonio Robert M. Hill, Dallas Jack H. Hooper, Houston James Robert Killebrew, Grand Saline Royal King, San Antonio William George Kinney, Austin John C McCaleb, San Antonio James Edmund McCann. San Antonio James Gunn Moll, Beaumont James T. Montgomery, Wichita Falls Wayland Myers, Albany John B. Payne, San Antonio Reed Quilliam. Beaumont Stephen W. Schneider, Dallas Allen Shields, Victoria Thane T. SponseL Austin Johnny Thompson, Dallas W. Hugh Thompson, Fort Worth Lawrence J. Tucker, Port Arthur John W. Turner, Austin Joseph L. Tweedy, Jr., San Angelo William M. Welsh, San Antonio Frank B. Whaley, Corpus Christi Doyle Keith Wilcox, Sherman Wi ' lliam F. Willis, San Antonio James L. Abies, Brownwood Frank Aldrich. Jr. Midland James Barnes. Beaumont Aubrey C Black. Austin Stayton M. Bonner, Wichita Falls Joe H. Bradley. Brownwood Pepper Bruce. Nashville, Tenn. David C. Campbell, San Antonio William Thomas Chumney. Jr., San Antonio Robert L. Cooper, San Antonio Hugh B. Dahlberg, San Antonio James Pete Dobbins. Dallas Pike Homer Dobbins, Dallas Ralph Donkelberg, Wichita Falls Leonard J. Dyke, San Antonio Fred J. Elbert, Jr. Wichita FaHs John Powell England. San Antonio Philip William Gauss. Jr. Port Arthur William H. George, Eagle Pass SOPHOMORES Robert S. Heller. San Antonio Reginald Heber Helvenston, Jr.. Dallas James Theodore Hunt, Jr. Dallas Willard E. Imhoff. Jr., Port Arthur Henry Lee Jennings. San Antonio Oliver B. Kiel, Jr. Wichita Falls J. Franklin Kennedy, Dallas Alfred S. Lowery. San Antonio Tom R. McElhenney, Austin William E. McElroy. San Antonio Sam Everett McHard. Houston Alfred M. Miller, Wichita Falls Joe P. Nelson, Austin William H. Netherton. Austin Howard B. Ogden, Jr., Temple Howard W. Parker, Abilene Bert Allen Perry, Jr., San Antonio Jack L. Phillips, Gladewater August J. Proll, San Antonio Joe Ben Ruby, San Antonio James Emmett Ryan, San Antonio Joseph S. Sheldon, Jr., San Antonio David L. Smith. Austin Forrest M. Smith, Jr. El Paso Paul H. Smith. El Paso Lynch D. Smyth. Houston Thomas Nohan Thompson, Fort Worth Robert M. Timberlake, El Paso Thomas H. Tyrell. Dallas Jesse Edwin Wade, Dallas DeWitt Waltmon. Austin Herbert A. Yarbrough, Jr. San Antonio FRESHMEN Charles G. Coffield. Rockdale James Cullem. Wichita Falb Oscar G. Fegaa, Flagstaff, Ariz. Dudley Fowler, Austin John David Gardner, San Antonio Charles E. George, San Antonio Edwin M. Goldman. Austin William D. Hill. Dallas Edwin B. Hopkins, Jr. Dallas Lncian T. Jones, Jr. San Antonio Jack McKay. Austin John James Shields, flnmlaa Jack Shofner. Beaumont Arthur Jourdan Weaeely, San Antonio " ?S " B " . L P.ct Cl PHI KAPPA PSI OFFICER; G. P. . V. G. P. S. G. . P. LUTHER EUGENE KEENEY COURTNEY Ross CLARK BYNUM MACWHORTER WORKS FRED AHRENS EALAND HULON W. BLACK WILLARD H. BRENTLINGER HOMER V. CRAIG . EDWARD EVERETT HALE ALBERT EDWARD HAYWARD JOSEPH LINDSLEY HENDERSON Gus M. HODGES CALEB PERRY PATTERSON . 0. D. WEEKS .... KENNETH WOODARD FACULTY Director of the University Development Board Assistant Professor of Psychology Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics Professor of Economics Instructor in Bacteriology Professor of Secondary Education Professor of Law Professor of Government Professor of Government Professor of Law Top Row: McAdams, Hull, B. Reynolds, Maxwell, Kuhn, Clark, Wright, Hosey, Schmidt, Frazier, Keyes, Perkins. Second Row: Wall, Midgley, Sikes, Boykin, Moore, Foshee, White, Reeder, Latson, Chain, Jenkins, Andrews. Third Row: Franklin, Washburn, Boothe, Riley, Kenney, Berry, J. Reynolds, Works, Hardin, Barnes, Wilkirson, Pool. Fourth Row: J. Fulcher, Murrell, Dennis, W. Keeble, Tilson, Bonner. M. Walker, R. Vineyard, Parsley, Hampton, Thompson, Baxter. Fifth Row: Ritter, Browder, Rush, Brady, Harra h, Lester, York, Votteler, Ealand, H. Fulcher, J, Keeble, Mobley. Sixth Row: Cano, Brien, Bryan, McKim, Stokes, Guleke, W. Fulbright, Wooten. S. Jones, Gnthrey, Watkins, Thome. Pkci GRADUATES ' Edward Andrews. Houston William Niles Browder. Amarillo Arch Vernon Bryan. Jr.. Amarillo Charles Thompson Butler. Jr.. Beaumont Turner Butler Baxter, Dallas James Talley Cox. Temple Clifford Brien Dillon. Amarillo Leroy McKeen Fulbright. Beaumont Henry Coleman Fulcher. Wichita Falls Carl Thomas Hester. Lubbock William Robert Hampton. Vernon Donald Emmett Hockaday. Abilene Charles Tarleton Jenkins. Amarillo Scranton Boulware Jones. Fort Worth Fred Ahrens Ealand. Houston James S. Guleke, Amarillo Merle Royse Walker. II, Laurel, Mi- ' William S. Winn. Sweetwater Luther Eugene Keeney. Texarkana Herbert R. Kuhn. Vernon Walter Lee Maxwell, Taft Frank Shepard Midgley. Newkirk. Okla. Joe Bob Mobley. Amarillo Clifton Stanford Perkins, Sweetwater William C. Sikes. Amarillo Roy Leonard Vineyard. Jr.. Amarillo Robert Parry Votteler. Dallas Merle R. Walker. Laurel, Miss. Il ' THFR KIT.KNF KKtM V SECOND- YEAR LAWS William Neely Bonner. Jr.. Houston James A er Rush. Amarillo Douglas Richard Zwiener. Austin FIRST- YEAR LAWS Jack Edgar Brady. Gladewater John Sam Winters. Austin JUNIORS David Edward Barker. Austin William Henry Boothe, Jr.. Gonzales Francis Marshall Boykin. III. Corpus Christi Fred Price Brien. Jr., Amarillo Harlan Marion Burns. Austin John Hardie Chain. Seward. Nebr. Joe R. G. Fulcher. Wichita Falls Truett Gibson Hull. Jr.. Amarillo Colin Neville Jones, San Angelo James Neil Keeble. Corpus Christi ' Walter Donelson Keeble, Jr.. Corpus Christi Nelson Hammond Keves. Tulsa. Okla. Max Milton Lester, Jr.. Waco Harry Loftis. Tyler Raymond L. McKim. Houston James A. Murrell. Jr.. Vernon John W. Reeder. Amarillo ' John Emberson Riley. Dallas ' Virgil Chandler Rush. Amarillo Kermit S ayne Shimeall. Houston $ illiam Thomas Stokes, Corsicana Howard Wilton Vineyard. Amarillo Jack Russell D. Washburn. Fort Worth Bvnum MacWhorter Works. Brownsville Walter Kenneth Barnes. Austin Hickman Berry. Beaumont Courtney Ross Clark, Tyler Robert Spencer Dennis. Whiteface James Benjamin Franklin. Amarillo Hurcel Banard Frazier. Shreveport. La. ' John M. I. Gano. Jr.. Fort Worth Harvev Lee Guthrev. Beaumont SOPHOMORES John Brown Hardin. Jr.. Vernon ' Raymond W. Harrah. Jr.. Pampa Ernest Macon Jones. Dallas ' JoeLatson. Amarillo Billie Gordon Reynolds. Tyler ' Mac B. Rutland. Corpus Christi W illiam Christford Schmidt. Jr.. X aco Charles F. Schoolfield. Fort Worth David William Smith. Jr.. Dallas John Alberton Steele. Vernon ' Luther Wilburn Thompson. Jr.. Tyler Lawrence Clayton Thorne. San Angelo ' Irvin W all. Amarillo Donald Orin Watkins. Amarillo Oscar Lee W ilkirson. Grandview W illiam James W ooten. Dallas ' Edwin R. York. Jr.. Austin FRESHMEN ' John Charles Foshee. Gladewater ' William Richard Fulbright Beaumont . IJenjamin Hosey. Waco ' Billy Lee Jenkins. Amarillo ' Kelly Me Adams. Austin Willis Daniel Moore. Pharr ' Joe Mac P arsley. Olney ' Ruddy Pool. Waco ' James Theodore Reynolds, Houston ' Charles Alfred Ritter. Sweetwater ' Billy Bob Tilson. Dallas ' John Bob Watts. Amarillo Warren Travis White. Jr_ Dallas ' Edward Wright. Austin 423 ft PHI KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS Alpha CLEAVE JITTER NOLEN Beta HENRY HUDSON ROGERS Pi CHARLES WILSON HACKETT, JR. Sigma GEORGE BUFORD WILSON, JR. Tau . FRANK G. HOYLMAN, JR. FACULTY CHARLES F. ARROWOOD LLOYD LORING CLICK ROBERT COTNER JOHN A. CROCKETT C. READ CRANBERRY CHARLES W. HACKETT ARNO NOWOTNY Professor of Education Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Instructor in History Physician, University Health Service Assistant to the President Chairman of the Institute of Latin American Studies Dean of Student Life Top Row: Biggerstaff, Leslie, Currey, Cunningham, Couch, Nolen, Hare, Carson, A. Campbell, Coleman, Hackett. Second Row: Davis, Shepard, Walker, Crockett, Matthews, Zimmerman, Hereford, Michalke, Culver, Crow, W. Faubion. Third Row: Wyont, Cawthon, Meyers, Kuykendall, R. Fuge, Waddell, Lawley, Jennings, U. Faubion, Brewster, Hines. Fourth Row: Klein, Austin, Blanks, O ' Brien, Talbert, Bruce, H. Rogers, Summers, Welch, Boeckman, Carlisle. Fifth Row: Fuller, Leavy, Wolcott, R. Rogers, Paddock, Bennett, Porterfield, Whitney, Rhea, Hufsmith, Hering. Sixth Row: Wiley, Auvenshine, Miller, York, Sartor, Beaman, Innerarity, R. Taylor, Ericson, Davidson, Bailey. Seventh Row: Felker, Stockton, McCord, Kaiser, Bachschmid, Atkins, Hodson, C. Taylor, Hoylman, Dickens, Jones, Howard. Eighth Row: Lanier, Stallones, E. Hall, Cohen, Fluitt, Glass, Martin, Anderson, S. Hall, Wilson, H. Taylor, Abeel. PICE 424 GRADUATES William Connell Cawlhon, Paris William R. Fuge, Jr., Austin Thomas Lester Fuller, Austin Charles Wilson Hackett, Jr., Austin Seidel S. Hall, Austin Joseph Otto Sartor, Jr., Dallas SENIORS James Neilson Abeel, III, Waco Paul Donald Anderson, Midland JamesBryan Austin, Jr., Plainview Robert Van Bailey, Jr., Abilene Walter H. Bennett, Gladewater Maxey Hurst Bowers, Breckenridge Edwin George Cohen, San Diego, Calif. Urban Hart Faubion, Austin Robert Warner Hare, Dallas ' Frederick Weed Hodson, Jr., Houston Hal Hicks Holland, Palestine William Andrews Jenkins, Jr., Amarillo Christopher Jones, Jr., San Antonio William Lawley, Groesbeck Thomas Robert Leslie, Jr., Milford ' Horace B. McCord, Mexia Troy M. Stallones, Tomball Eugene Rutledge Tanner, Jr., Amarillo Hubbard Eugene Taylor, Jr., Pittsburg Barrett Houston Wyont, Jr., Austin William Florian Zimmerman. Austin FIRST- YEAR LAWS Thomas Scott Talbert, Waco Harry Scoville Welch, Austin CLEAVE JITTER NOLEN James Manley Beaman, Austin William Davidson Blanks, Austin Duncan Eugene Boeckman, Dallas Coleman Carson, Paris James Lafayette Coleman, Jr., Cameron Joe Robert Couch, Pittsburg Donald Elmer Crow, Borger Richard F. Davis, Woodville Walter D. Faubion, Austin Lyle Easley Fluitt, Hereford Ralph E. Fuge, Austin Dixie Bob Gowin, Fort Worth JUNIORS Carl Findley Hereford, Arlington Lee Hering, McGregor Cletas Ray Hines, Midland Frank G. Hoylman, Jr., Terrell Lloyd Edward Innerarity, Durant, Okla. Frank L. Jennings, Jr., Sondheimer, La. Howard Henry Klein, Tomball Alfred Hermann Koebig, Geronimo William Leslie Leavy, Jr., Fort Worth James McHargue, Midland Hugh T. Matthews, Austin James Victor Meyer, Jr., Houston George M. Myers, Denison Cleave Jitter Nolen, Austin Edward T. O ' Brien, Buffalo, N. Y. Donald W. Rhea, Austin Henry Hudson Rogers, Austin Charles C. Stockton, Crockett ' Tusten E. Stugard, San Juan Robert Bonner Taylor, Pittsburg Grant Thomas, San Antonio Daniel Gordon Walker, Beaumont Winfred Mills York, Panhandle SOPHOMORES William F. Auvenshine, Crowley, La. Arnold Bachschmid, Austin Roy Bigger ' taff, Carthage Robert O. Bruce, Tyler Arthur Page Campbell, Jr., Austin Anthony Dib Campbell, Austin William Rufe Carlisle, Piano Edward Richardson Crockett, Austin ' Don W. Culver, Houston Donn Timothy Currey, Crockett Joseph C. Davidson, Electra Terry Charles Dickens, Jr., Marlin Donald L. Ericson, Chicago, 111. Marshall Leonard Felker, Jr., Avinger Thomas Graham Glass, Jr., Marlin E. Wayne Hall, Austin " Anthony Edison Howard, Fort Worth Gus Lummus Lanier, Marquez Walter E. Michalke, San Antonio Banks LeRoy Miller, Jr., McAllen Robert Neyland, Paris Edward High Norment, Paris William Irvin Paddock. Fort Worth Vance W. Plauche, Lake Charles, La. Jack M. Porterfield, Texarkana Robert G. Rogers, Waco William H. Shepard, San Anto George Summers, San Antonio ' Floyd Taylor, Gladewater George William Whitney, Jr., Gerald Alton Wiley, Austin George Buford Wilson, Jr., Marlin Edward R. Wolcott, Kerrville } FRF HMK Jerry L, Atkins, Texarkana Allen Brewster, Austin Jackson E. Cagle, Jr., Chicago, III. Donald Ray Cunningham, Dallas Frank Lytton Hufsmith, Palestine Donald Vurnell Kaiser, Tomball Gil Kuykendall, Buda John Oliver Martin, Houston Edward P. Neyland, Kenedy Charles Marcus Taylor, Crockett Robert Wilson Waddell, Corsirana Joseph L. Young, Huntsville 4 W 125 PHI KAPPA TAU OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . FRANCIS COLE BROADDUS. JR. ROBERT EVERETT BARTLETT NEIL STEWART FUSSELL ROWLAND CLYDE LEWIS ALVIN LOTHAIR CHAPMAN FREDERICK B. PLUMMER FACULTY Director of the Bureau of Research in Education by Radio Geologist for the Bureau of Economic Geology Top Row: POINDEXTER, TREESE, COLLIER. MERRILL, S. REEDY, KENDALL, LAMUERT. BEWLEY, HICHAM. Second Row: FRANCIS, WALKER, SANDERSON, FUSSELL, C. LEWIS, BERRY, H. REEDY, EARNER, CROCKETT. Third Row: DAVIS, GRIFFIN, ALLEN, ACREMAN, BARTLETT, WHITE, LAMPE, SEARS, BROADDUS, APPEL. Fourth Row. JACKSON, FRYANT, FISCHER, R. LEWIS. ADAMS, ARD, CANNON, LOWE, BIDDISON, STEGER. PACE 426 GRADUATE Glen Parten Wilson, Austin -KMORS Hoswell Sam Adams. Daisetta E. Orris Earner. El Paso Harral A. Bigham. Paducah Robert Henry Collier. Jt_ Post Samuel Craig Fryant. Jr., Jackson. Mi -. William Rov Kendall. Amarillo Charles Edwin Lewis. Greenville Howard Ray Lowe. Austin Bedford Davis Sears. Houston Fred Adolph Steger, Jr.. Manor Paul Stimson. Rockwall FRANCIS COLE BROADDUS. JR. SECOND- YEAR LAW Francis Cole Broaddus. Jr.. El Paso FIRST- YEAR LAWS Billv Couts Hutcheson, Fort Worth Robert Stuart. El Paso JUNIORS Dewey Eugene Allen. Austin William MacDonald Biddison. Corpus Christ! Garland Hampton Cannon. Sterling City Leonard Frank Crockett, Bal linger Bertran E. Davis, El Paso Stanley Keith Fischer. Wheaton. 111. Fred H. Francis. Fort Worth Row land Clyde Lewis. Greenville Thomas P. Sanderson. El Paso SOPHOMORES . Robert Everett BartletL. Wheaton. 111. Shelby O. Bewley. Morton Neil Stewart Fussell. Austin Robert Charles Griffin. Austin William Harrison Lambeth. Corpus Christi FRESHMEN alter H. Acreman. Austin Arleigh Appel. Brenham ' William Mac Ard. Austin ' Donald C. Berry. J r.. Dallas Paul Roberts Jackson. El Paso James Lampe. Bal linger Harry A. Reedy. Jr_ Dallas Herbert Edward Treese. Detroit. Mich. J. B. Walker. Jr.. Hemphill Richard Sumner Merrill. Plainfield. Carl Wayne Poindexter. Austin Slade E. Reedy, Jr_ Paducah William Keller White. Jr_ Sherman J y+ ' X i JZ N. J. PHI SIGMA DELTA OFFICERS Master Prater IRVING GARFINKLE Vice-Master f ' rater HERMAN KLAR Secretary JACK C. ZARROW Treasurer WALTER C. WOLFF, JR. Housemanager DONALD J. STONE Q, O Top Aow; S. Rosenthal, Gale, Call, Greenberg, L. Levy, Landsman, Honigblum, Weinblatt, Morgan, Brin. Second Row: Rips, Edelman, Tonkon, Michel, Scheps, Fox, M. Marks, Carfinkle, Hirah, Joseph. Third Row: Stone, Leland Schwartz, Wolff, J. Kaufman, Louis Schwartz, Clasberg, Todea, Lewis, R. Rosenthal, M. Levy. Fourth Row: Zarrow, Jacobus, Miller, Bernstein, R. Kaufman, Samuels, Klar, Sbapiro, Michelson, Lipper. Fifth Row: Pandres, Kariel, Alexander, Cohen, Lauterstein, Mayer, Minns, Altman, Glass, Strauss. Sixth Row: Werner, Gilbert, Blumenthal, Silverberg, Weingarten, Tallal, Vener, Stahl, R. Marks, Vexler. PACE 428 Joe Hirsch. Marshall GRADUATES Bill S. Morgan, Wichita Falls SENIORS Leon S. Brin, Fort Dodge, Io va Henry Cohen, Houston Edwin M. Gale, Beaumont Sidney Greenberg, Corpus Christ! Malcolm Joseph Lauterstein, Austin Milton P. Levy, Jr., Dallas William G. Lipper. Dallas Myron Marks. Shreveport, La. William A. Rips. Pleasanton Harry Samuels, San Francisco, Calif. Joseph J. Tallal, Dallas Al Vener. Hobbs, N. Mex. Marvin Vexler, San Antonio Bernard Weingarten, Houston Norman M. Werner, Corsicana Jack C. Zarrow, Tulsa. Okla. SECOND-YEAR LAWS IRVING GARKINKLE L. E. Gilbert, Fort Worth Jay Bernard Joseph, Dallas Norman Blumenthal. Houston FIRST-YEAR LAWS Frederick F. Lewis, Houston Walter C. S olff. Jr.. San Antonio JUNIORS In ing Garfinkle. Glenside. Pa. Louis W. Kariel. Marshall Herman Klar. Dallas ' Ralph S. Marks, Shreveport, La. Robert F. Michel, Beaumont Dave Pandres. Gainesville Milton Scheps, Houston Leland J. Schwartz, Galveston Louis J. Schwartz, Beaumont Edward M. Shapiro, Houston Henri Stahl. Gonzales Jack S. Weinblatt. Temple Stanford Alexander. Houston Israel Altman. Mexia Raymond Edelman. Tyler M lr Fi . Houston James G. Glass. Mount Kisco, N. Y. FRESHMEN SOPHOMORES James H. Glasberg. San Antonio Henry S. Jacobus. Dallas Jack H. Kaufman. San Antonio Raymond Kaufman, Lake Charles. La. Richard M. Landsman. San Antonio David J. Michelson, Gonzales Shenvin Miller. Tulsa. Okla. Richard E. Rosenthal. Dallas Herbert Silverberg, Corsicana Donald J. Stone, San Antonio Max Edward Tonkon. Dallas Barney E. Bernstein. Wharton Gene Edward Gall, Dallas ' Howard W. Honigblum. San Antonio ' Louis Irvin Levy. Dallas Fred H. Mayer, Austin Dick L. Minns. Houston Stephen Rosenthal. Beaumont ' Edward L. Strauss, Great Neck. N. Lew Todes. Wharton J$ $$P ,-r -Q- j$ ? iM 1 " . ' j ' " p. m PI KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS S.M.C. ROLLIN F. CLARKE l.M.C. ' - JOHN R. KINGSBERY sr .VERNE D. PHILIPS J. j HERMAN C. HAACK FACULTY L. THEO BELMONT .... Director of Physical Training for Men Gus K. EIFLER, JR Assistant Professor of Geology CLIFFORD MARVIN MONTGOMERY . Professor of Romance Languages Top Row: Mobley, Davidson, Gump, Hodges, Jones, Buell, Jameson, D. Russell, J. Williams, Elliott, Thomas. Second Row: Homeyer, Nash, Carroll, Atwood, Trest, C. Russell, C. Stephens, Fuller, Aufricht, Humphrey, Waggoner. Third Row: McCullick, DuPriest, Andrus, Butler, Boren, Chamberlin, Binney, Wingfield, Newman, Cleveland, Norman. Fourth Row: Ma it in, D. Williams, West, Ferrick, Horwell, R. Stephens, Freitag, Fielder, Fraser, Lloyd, Braun, Arwine. Fifth Row: Pattoa, Wilhelm, Franklin, Janicke, Watson, Pummill, Reed, Duke, Fitzhugh, Robinson, Stevenson, Adams. Sixth Row: Kelly, Lucius, Smith, McGinty, Sheaner, Strickland, Stovall, Crews, Suite, King, Shurr, Moore. Seventh Row: Hamilton, Kingsbery, Lynn, Philips, Metze, Clarke, Jordan, Schuelke, Mabry, Bennett, Whittington, Powell. Eighth Row: Baskin, Haack, Ricsenecker, Pitts, Gardner, Lawrence, Longmire, Ritchie, Robhins, Clegg, Lawless, Lane. PACE 430 GRADUATES Benjamin Franklin Atwood, Cuthrie. Okla. Charles Frank Butler, Crockett r IORS William Robert Aufricht. Ru-k Charles Binney, II, Arlington Bill Nnrri- Camp, San Antonio Rollin Floyd Clarke. El Paso Jake Barnes Clegg, Jr., Trinity Robert Carey Davidson, Austin Robert Alfred Dube. Aqua Dulce Rush Fielden. San Antonio Sol Franklin. Jr.. El Paso Forrest Louis Freitag. New Haven, Mo. Harry Allen Gump, Dallas Herman Charles Haack. San Antonio William English Hamilton, San Saba John Arlington Hargis, Nacogdocbes Allen Elbert Humphrey, Dallas Richard Eugene Jackson, El Paso William Joe Jackson, Austin Charles Stuart Chamberlin, Paris Weaks Gardner Smith. Paducah, Ky. Joe Lee James, Sherman Jerry Donald Jameson, Dallas Arthur Benjamin Kelly, Dallas John Russell Kinpsbery. Au-tin Lawrence Nicholas Kremer. Houston Schuyler B. Marshall. III. El Paso Wyatt Thomas Norman. Rusk Frank E. Norton. Jr.. Dallas James Durwood Owens, Trinity John Cumbee Rainwater, Calvert Wilbur Floyd Ross, Corpus Chri ti Clyde Lee Russell. Portland, Ore. Delbert G. Sahli, Amarillo Wilmer Lamar Strickland. Griffin. Ga. James McNutt Umstattd. Austin William Robert Vaden, El Paso James Patrick Wolf, San Antonio BOLLIV F. CLARKE SECOND-YEAR LAW Richard Harcourt Moore, III, Fort Worth FIRST-YEAR LAWS William Dewey Lawrence, Jr., Tyler Verne Douglas Philips, Austin Joe Arnold Arwine. Floydada John Jay Boren, Snyder Elton Leslie Brogden. Arlington ' Mickey Vaughn Elliott. Hemphill William George Eyres, San Antonio William Aylett Fitzhugh. Dallas Roderick John Eraser, Jr.. El Paso William Beverly Gardner, Jr., Austin JUNIORS Ike Ernest Harwell, Jr.. Burkburnett Arthur C. Lloyd, Jr.. Alice James Harry McCnllick, Borger Clarence L. Mabry, Jr.. Alice Wilford Reagan Mobley, Jr., San Antonio David Moulton Nash. Jr.. Dallas Orion Fremont Newman. Dallas Frank William Riesenecker, San Antonio Richard Calvin Robbins, Austin Daniel Abell Russell. Jr.. San Antonio John Norman Schuelke, Austin Herbert Michael Sheaner, Jr.. Dallas Richard Gerrard Stephens, Dallas Phillip Marion Stevenson, Jr., Houston Bert Larson Stovall, Amarillo Victor S. Werley, Fort Smith, Ark. Norwick Otho Adams, Jr.. Alice " Thomas Clinton Baskin. Austin is Estell Bennett, Granger Gerald Woolen Cleveland, Austin ' Thomas K . Crews. Freer William Paul Fuller. Jr., Austin Billy George Hodges, Canadian Max Paul Homeyer, Jr., Austin Frank Coleman Jackson. Austin SOPHOMORES Carroll Hobart Janicke, Odem Robert Calvin Jenkins. San Antonio Billie Burk Jones, Austin William Leroy Jordan, Jr., Crockett John Earl Lawless. Abilene John Joseph Lucius. Austin Edward Bruce Lynn, Alice Abe Ernest McGinty. Liberty Douglas Ayres Pitts. Floydada Verl Ray PummilL Austin Frank Austin Reed. Alice David Lee Robinson. Dallas Harold Ira Thomas, Greenwood, Miss. Billy Barton Watson, Buda Hiram Arch hittington. Jr., Houston James Kernole Wilhelm. Houston Dolan Snyder Williams. Canadian Kenneth Stewart Wingfield, Corpus Chri-ti FRESHMEN Rif hard Weston Andrus. Jr.. Au-tin ' John Adolph Braun, Austin ify Johnson Buell. Livingston William Eugene Doherty, Amarillo Robert Charles Duke, Austin Dennis Black DuPriest, Jr., Austin Willard Yates Ferrick, Austin Robert Douglas Grisham. Abilene John Ken-haw King, Jr., Crockett Joe Callaway Lane, Jr.. Austin E. William Longmire, Dallas Goodall Woolen McCuUough, Austin Benson L. Martin, Corpus Christi Joe Douglas Metze, Jr., Dallas Carroll Guinn Nanney. Austin William Frank Patton, Austin Jack Joseph Powell. Dallas John Preston Ritchie. Mineral Wells Lewis Vincent Shurr, Jr., Austin Charles Anthon Stephens, Austin Richard Thomas Suite, San Antonio Robert Basiol Trest, Rockdale Jack Henry Waggoner, Austin William Miller West, Austin Joe Leon Williams, Austin P cx 431 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON OFFICERS Eminent Archon FRANK ABRAHAM Eminent Deputy Archon JIMMY OWEN Eminent Recorder EARL DANIELSON Eminent Treasurer SCOTT ROGERS Eminent Herald TOM FONTAINE FACULTY EVERETT G. SMITH . Professor of Marketing J. S. WILLIAMS ........ Instructor in Law Top Row: Simons, W. Moore, Rivers, Littleton, J. Marshall, M. Roberts, Williams, Norris, Lawrence, Rees, Clayton. Second Row: Jennings, Masquelette, Shannon, Lyle, Abraham, Simmons, O ' Brien, Hudson, DuBose, Cannaway. Sanderford. Third Row: Benedict, Horn, Archer, Carpenter, Wilson, R. Ay res, Cameron, Moroney, Fergus, G. Holland, Owen. Fourth Row: Dobbins, Wilkin, Mason, Fontaine, Womack, Burrow, J. Hill, Taylor, G. Ayres, S. Smith, J. Smith. Fifth. Row: J. Jones, Stripling, Cotlingham, Mickler, A. Tones, Logan, A. Carter, Ramsey, Holder, G. Brelsford, Shuford. Sixth Row: T. Keith, Jackson, Rader, Patman, Liebmann, Cook, Fleming, Plumly, Day, Davenport, Guthrie, Thompson. Seventh Row: Miller, Carmichael, Danielson, Bakke, H. Hill, R. Holland, Rogers, Runge, Gill, J. Keith, Coodson, T. Carter. Eighth Row: Locke, H. Brelsford, Fulmore, Nolen, Kampmann, McAlpin, Hicks, Altgelt, Courtney, McCelvey, Sheldon, Gardner. PACE 432 GRADUATES Jay Diibnse. Belton Miller Hicks. Temple Roper Jennings. Peoiia, III. Frank Abraham, Tyler Armour Ball, San Antonio Frank Bellow . Houston Yandell Benedict. Austin John Clayton, Greenville Carroll Cook. Austin Fred Day, Temple Robert French. Brownwood Coleman Griffith. AiiMin Llewellvn Griffith. Austin SENIORS Robert Harmon, San Antonio Charles Hornberger, San Antonio Harry Hudson, Houston Ransom Jackson, Little Rock. Ark. Arthur Jones, San Antonio James Jones, McAllen lifhael Kangerga, Henderson Thomas Kritzer, Amarillo Joe McCracken, Dallas Vernon Miller. Houston Frank Pascal, San Antonio Philip Masquelette, Houston Terrell Small, Austin Warren A. Rees, Houston Meredith Roberts. McAllen William Roberts, Dallas Charles Schreiner, Kerrville William Duke Shuford, Tyler Edwin M. Simons, Tyler Jack Swanson, Dallas Frank Thompson, Temple Charles Tittle, Wichita Falls Fred Winkler, Houston SECOND-YEAR LAWS John Hill, Kilgore Scott Rogers, Henderson Kenneth Swanson, Dallas Charles Zuber, Dallas KKANK ABRAHAM FIRST- YEAR LAWS Harry Brelsford, Houston Benjamin Carpenter. Dallas Edward Drake, Dallas Sterling Fulmore. Austin John Goode, San Antonio John Lawrence, Bryan Hugh Lyle, Dumas Weldon ' Malette, Houston Edgar Monteith, Houston Clark Murray, San Antonio Robert Murray, San Antonio Charles Stevens, Fort Worth JUNIORS Robert Beaman, Houston ge BrrUford. Dallas Curtis Brownlee. Austin Aubn- ( arter. Houston I harlf- I ottinpham. Houston ' William Cnurtnev. Temple Dan Fergu-. Temple Tom Fontaine, Houston Timothy Ganaway. Corpus ihristi William Gardner, Falfurrias Wright Guthrie, Houston Gage Holland, San Antonio Robert W. Holland, Austin Joe J. Horn. Wellington Ross Hughes, Blytheville. Ark. George Kampmann, San Antonio David Liebmann, San Antonio Jack R. Locke, San Antonio William Logan, Austin Robert McCelvey, Dallas Joe E. Marshall, Greenville Keifer Marshall, San Antonio Dan Moody, Austin Roy Moore, Houston Weldon Leslie Moore, Dallas Berwick O ' Brien, Houston James B. Owen, San Antonio William N. Patman, Tcxarkana Michael Peterson, Houston Hal H. Ramsey, Corpus Christi Richard Reynolds. Dallas Jack Rhodes, Fort Worth Frank G. Runge, Dallas William K. Shelton, San Antonio ' Charles M. Simmons, Seagraves James Warner Smith, Vernon Wesley C. Stripling, Fort Worth Laurence Daly Williams, Houston Donald E. Wilson, Houston SOPHOMORES James Altgelt, San Antonio ' William Archer, Houston Robert Ayres, San Antonio Charles Bakke, Temple N i well Boughton, Dallas U -MJamin Brollier, Houston Robert Burrow, Joplin. Mo. Ralph Cameron, San Antonio John D. Carmichael, Houston Earl Danielson, Oklahoma City, Okla. Bru e Davis. Dallas ( iharles Dobbins, Temple John Duncan, Houston " Frederick A. Fleming, Houston " James Gill, San Antonio James Goodson, Longview Harvey Hill. Houston ' Mark Holder. Au-tin ' Courtney McAlpin, San Antonio ' William Majors, Dallas Knliert Mickler, San Antonio ' Donald Moore, Dallas FRESHMEN ' George C. Ayres, San Antonio ' Thomas Carter, Houston ' John Davenport, Runge ' Dan Felts, Austin ' Jack Keith, Temple ' Terry H. Keith, Houston ' Wilbur Littleton, San Antonio ' William Ma-im. lexia J. Robert Norris, Houston Harry Sames, Laredo ' John Roy Sanderford, Belton ' Harwood N. Taylor, Houston ' Thomas J. Moroney, Jr., Dallas Wilford Nolen, Dallas ' Albert Orsinger, San Antonio Bert Pecore, Houston ' Henry Curtis Plumly, Beaumont John Franklin Rader, III, Houston ' RoyD. Rivers, Elgin John Shannon, Austin ' Stewart P. Smith, Big Spring William Swindell, Dallas Gorge Thompson, III, Fort Worth George E. Wilkin, Dallas Kenneth Withers, Beaumont Ernest L. Womack. Houston Pitt 433 SIGMA ALPHA MU OFFICERS Prior HOWARD GLUCK Housemanager MARVIN J. COHEN Recorder NELSON T. ALTER Exchequer SAMUEL GREEN FACULTY AARON SCHAFFER Professor of Romance Languages Top Row: Spector, Grossman, Budow, Wit, Dorfman, Lidz, Fichtenbaum, A. Buchalter, M. Buchalter, Polunsky. Second Row: R. Cohn, A. Cohn, L. Cluck, Given, Levy, N. Alter, Topletz, Spiegel, Green, Berler. Third Row: Alvin Zidell, Antweil, Golden, Allan Zidell, H. Cluck, Schwartz, Fiegel, Richker, Gilbert, Weltman. Fourth Row: S. Alter, Silberberg, Laves, M. Blougrund, Mindes, N. Goodfriend, Keller, Rosenstein, Rosenwasser, Shtofman. Fifth Row: Shapiro, Goldstucker, Reich, Jacoby, Donzis, Hart, Goodman, Cohen, Nedler, Koch. PACE 434 SENIORS Morton L. Blaugrund. El Paso Aubrey E. Buchalter. Hattiesburg. Miss. Maurice G. Buchalter. Hattiesburg, Miss. Barney I. Budow. San Antonio Jerome M. Donzis, San Antonio Harold S. Gilbert, Houston Lawrence Gluck. Houston ' William Goldfein. San Antonio Howard G. Coldstucker, Tyler Samuel Green, Albuquerque, N. Mex. Stanley A. Mindes, San Antonio Sylvan I. Polunsky. San Angelo Irwin H. Silberberg, Clarksville Henry J. Weltman. Fort Worth JUNIORS Edward M. Ackerman. Dallas Nelson T. Alter, San Antonio Sylvan R. Alter. San Antonio James M. Berler. Austin Maurice (Don) H. Blaugrund, El Paso Robert L. Cohn, Fort Worth Morton Fichtenbaum. Austin Barney Glickman. Wichita Falls Howard Gluck. Houston HOWARD CLUCK Leo S. Goodman, San Antonio Mel Goodfriend. Austin Maurice S. Grossman, Corpus Christi Allan P. Jacoby, Kansas City. Mo. Benard Laves, Austin Max J. Rosenstein. Fort J orth Jerome J. Sampson. Houston Norman M. Shtofman, Tyler Marvin J. Cohen. Houston Alfred G. Cohn. Jamaica, N. Y. ' Myron H. Dorfman. Houston Julian M. Fiegel. Tyler Robert F. Goldfarb. El Paso Norri L. Goodfriend. Corpus Christi SOPHOMORES Henry S. Hart, Dallas James A. Keller, El Paso Harris M. Koch, San Antonio Irvin S. Nedler, San Antonio Maurice L. Reich, Sw eetwater Edward H. Rosenwasser, Fort Worth Edward F. Schwartz. El Paso Jerome H. Shapiro, Houston Myer Spector. Amarillo Martin Spiegel, Whitestone, N. Y. Gabriel W r erba, Harlingen Allan Zidell. Taylor Alvin Zidell, Taylor FRESHMEN ' Allan J. Antweil. Hobbs. N. Mex. James S. Given. El Paso ' Allen D. Golden. Corsicana Joel M. Li- . Houston ' Robert Lidz. New York. N. Y. Irwin L. Richker. Fort Worth ' Kenneth L. Topletz. Dallas Philip B. Wit Boston. Mass. ' -i 4 B i - ' - ' . . kt ' i Irl } P CS US SIGMA CHI OFFICERS Consul . Pro-Consul Annotator Quaestor EDWARD GARDNER EARL M. LEONARD FREDERICK GILLETTE OSCAR THOMAS EBNER FACULTY D. E. CARSTARPHEN A. E. COOPER S. P. FINCH . JACK GRAY . HUGH McMATH J. W. MOORE Instructor in English Professor of Applied Mathematics Professor of Civil Engineering Basketball Coach Assistant Professor of Mathematics Professor of Law Top Roir : N. Harrel, McGinnis, Cody, Edens, Gardner, Stanaland, Larkin, Krebs, Nunn, Snodgrass, Paul, R. Donalson. Second Row: Wooldridge, Brookreeon, Legg, Tyler, Haley, Martin, Sieling, Waltemath, Titus, Summers, Spriggs, McKnight. Third Row: Burk, Cribble, H. R. Smith, Ebner, Morgan, Stiles, Ramsey, Cockburn, Eickenroht, Conzenbach, Thompson, Miles. Fourth Row: Leonard, Keys, Allday, Kennedy, Locy, Allison. Foster. McGill, Coley, Brcshears, Jones, Eldridge. Fifth Row: Woellert, Holloway, H. J. Smith, Cragin, Riter, Williams, D. Donalson, J. Smith, Good, Kerr, J. Harrel, Rikcr. Sixth Row: J. B. Ryan, Gillette, Haynes, J. Graham, Hcnger, Simmons, J. A. Ryan. Roberts, Eckhart, R. Graham, J. Fourmy, T. Fuurmy. Seventh Row: Steele, Hildebrand, Jackson, Chancellor, Brownwell, Lane, Wright. Liehmann, Solether, Card, Quinn, Alexander. PACE 436 John Byron Eckert, Mason I_ G. Gonzenbach, Taylor GRADUATES Joseph Edward Keyser, ML Carmel, 111. John Allen Ryan, Karnes City- Robert Van Osdell West, Jr., Austin SENIORS John Terrell Allison. Kinpsville Thomas Harold Coley, Jr.. Houston David Sutherland Donalson. Weslaco Oscar Thomas Ebner, Houston Man-in Bale Kirkrnroht. Kilpore Frederick Gillette, Dallas Charles Kay Goldman. Lampasas Donald Thomas Grantham. Houston Noble Sidney Hayne . Tvler James Bedford Holloway. Jr.. Houston Joseph M.Gill, El Paso James William McKee. El Paso Vernon Gerald Wright. Joe Webb McKnight. San Angelo Wallace Newton Master, Wichita Falls Morgan Nesbitt, Dallas Reuben Robert Haurren Nunn. El Paso Alible W. Riter, Jr.. Terrell William Ivan Salnikov. Scarsdale. N. Y. John Leonard Sandstedt, College Station James Cummin Stevenson, Winnetka, III. Harry L. Summers. Fort Worth Lee Eugene Thompson, Houston Hugh Wear, Austin Donald P. Wooldridge. Austin Port Neches SECOND- YEAR LAW Charles F. Duvall. Evansville. Ind. EDWARD GARDNER FIRST-YEAR LAWS Dee Jay Brookreson, Seymour Edward Gardner, Carrizo Springs Gordon Duval Gary. Beaumont Philip Alan Gates. Phoenix. Ariz. Jack White Jeffrey, Carrizo Springs William Hall Keys, Corpus Chri ti Reuben Knight. Austin Joseph Krebs, Colorado Springs, Colo. Reagan Houston Lepp. Kaufman Louis Sanbom McDowell, Austin John Emmett Price, Jr., Houston John Cleland Snodgrass, Temple Franklin Newton Stiles, Thrall JUNIORS Robert Elbert Allday. Hou on ' Milton Brown. Dallas .Sam Bryan Burk. Jr.. Tyler Frank Sherman Breshears. Houston Thoma- Hughe-. Cody. Houston Ellis Bernard Colvin, Houston n hie Yarbrouph Davis. Como. Mi. Charle Willi Erkhart, El Paso Hugh Bani-ter Edens. Jr.. Big Lake Thoma- Joseph Fourmy. Houston John Philip Graham, Austin Luther Edward Gribble, Jr., Wellington Charles Gordon Henger, Dallas Oliver Wendell Hildebrand, Mart Felix Wright Hobbs, Jr.. Alice Earl Everett Jones, Jr., Houston James Richmond Kerr, Sanderson Earl M. Leonard. Gainesville Paul Godfrey Liebmann. San Antonio John Judd Locy. Longview Edgar Poe Martin, Jr., Houston William G. B. Morrison. Jr.. Houston John Richard Popejoy, Jr., Beaumont Louis Calvin Quin, San Antonio Jerome Edgar Robertson. Miles Ned Wood Solether, Weslaco Dilliard Pryor Spriggs. College Station Jack Lamar Tyler, Claude William Lee Woellert. Poth SOPHOMORES Wesley Merle Alexander. Waco Bryant Platt Arterbury. Houston Charles James Bell. Jr.. Greenwood. Mi. Lockhart Peabody Cragin, Cuero Robert Lee Donalson. Weslaco James (!Iarem e Fourmy. Houston Ralph Louis Good. Jr.. Tyler James H. Haley. Jr.. Birmingham. Ala. John Nolan Harrel. Kingsville Henry Hutchings, III, Laredo Milton K. Jackson, Houston Robert Edward Kennedy, Kilgore Harvey Henry Lane. Dallas Aldridge Woolford Larkin, Jr.. Houston Gerald Leopold, San Antonio John Hunter Miles, Taylor Jack Cochran Morgan. Kaufman John Gideon Morris. San Antonio Virgil Paul. Brownwood Robert Howard Ramsey, Goliad Richard Eugene Roberts, Fort Worth Thomas Truitt Sieling, Dallas Howard John Smith, Marlin Jack Gorman Smith. Marlin Kenneth Stanaland, San Antonio Wayne Kent Steele, Trinity Jack Austin Titus. Dallas Charles Fenton Williams. Austin FRESHMEN George Brownwell. Corpus Chri-ti Jimmie Bradford Card. Austin Charles William Chancellor. Jr.. Midland Jack Horton Cockbum. Houston David Johnston Crawford. Dallas harle- McRae Eldridpe. Mercedes William Floyd Elliott. Overton George LaPrelle Foster. Abilene Robert Non-ell Graham. Jr.. Del Rio Horace Curlin Hall. Ill, Laredo Nil hola- Murphy Harrel. Jr.. Kingsville Herschel Frank Hord. Marfa Phillips Clarke Hm-k. an Antonio Hullis a le MrGinni-. Austin Malcolm Pre ton Riker. Austin Jack Boyd Ryan, El Paso Rol ert Ma.-Gregor Simmons. Houston Hubert Randolph Smith. El Paso Henry M. Waltemath. North Platte, Nebr. Judson Wood. Jr.. Caracas. Venezuela Charles Maynard Wyatt. Sweetwater r . : - SIGMA M OFFICERS Eminent Commander Lieutenant-Commander Secretary Treasurer ROBERT W. MITCHELL JOHN F. WATKINS CHARLES S. CARROLL HOLT P. DANIELS MALCOLM YOUNG COLBY . HENRY GARDON DAMON . GEORGE HOMER FANCHER ARCHIE N. JONES EUGENE PAUL SCHOCH FACULTY Professor of Physics Associate Professor of Geology Professor of Petroleum Engineering Professor of Music Professor of Chemistry Top Row: Dibrell, Cofer, Barnhart. Cranor, Collins, Sheffield, W. Harding, Heath. Fuller, Bearden. Boswcll, S. Hall. Frankstone. Second Row: Majors, Criltenden, B. Alderdice, Rugeley, Tucker, L. Alderdice, Danielson, Burruss. N. Brown, Inks, Walking, Hawlev, Garner. Third Row: Foulds, Hill, Shelly, Scott, Pratt, C. Moore, Talbot, Heemann, Witt, Darcy, Carroll, H. Lewis, Snow. Fourth Row: Freund, Lea, Turner, Brill, Logan, Poe, Johnson, Mitchell, Carrell, Civens, Payne, Freezia, C. Bentsen. Fifth Row: R. Moore, Conley, Hampton, Woods, Best, Kelly, Skaggs, Daniels, Brothers, Everett, Vickrcy, R. Harding. F. Hall. Sixth Row: Dawson, Ross, Rice, Hayes, Hessemer, K. Bentsen, Davenport, Deeths, Kenley, Huff, Stubbleneld, P. Smith, D. Brown. Seventh Row: Frank. LaRue, Shelley, Warner, Musslewhite, Sasser, Row, Uhl, McCorkle, Furlong, Percy. Harrison, May. Eighth Row: Lahourcade, Bitner, Bennett. Melch. R. Lewis, Walla, Bradley, Bergfield, Knust, Law, Tilley, Talley, Wylie. PACE 438 GRADUATES May-field Jack Huff. Tulsa. Okla. Edwin Lea. Houston Howard Lewis, Ho -FMORS Lnm Tol Boswell, San Benito William D. Bradley. San Angelo Joe Frank Brother . M - Allen Don C. Brown, Longmeadow. Mi. John W. Boras, Oklahoma City. Okla. Earl L. Collins, Dallas Carl Conler. Raymondville Holt P. Daniels Houston Edward Danielson, San Francisco. Calif. Nelson Davenport, Freeport William R. Deeths, Santa Rosa, Calif. Sunk C Frank, Ridge ood. N. J. Robert W. Mitchell. Roswell. N. Mex. Charles R. Porter. Corpus Christi ' Joseph Ross. Houston Edward Frankstone. San Antonio Charles A. Freeria. Dallas Warren S. Freund, Austin James A. Hall. Petrolia Paul W. Hill. Nocona Dale H. Johnson, Clovis, N. Mex. William P. Kemper. San Antonio Ernest P. Mauk, Houston Edwin Legros Smith. Austin Frank H. Wamer. Dallas John F. Watkins, Pasadena, Calif. Stanley Woods, Caney. Kans. SECOND-YEAR LAWS ROBERT V. MITCHELL urn- Judpe. Houston Fritz Knust. San Antonio James Talbot. San Antonio Arthur Uhl. San Antonio Hume Cofer. Austin FIRST- YEAR LAWS Wade Spihnan. Mission Bob Adam-. Austin Billy B. Alderdice. Austin James A. Belt Fort Worth Gordon Best. Corpus Qiristi Charles S. Carroll Dallas Richard E. Everett. Austin Duncan Foulds. Tulsa, Okla. Garner, Cameron John L. Givens, San Antonio Frank C Hall. Austin Flovd B. Inks, Austin JUNIORS ' John Lahourcade. San Antonio Willard McCorkle. Charleston. S. C Jake Madera. Houston Samuel L. Majors, Colorado City- Joel Edwin May. Dallas Hebert Melch. Jr.. Mission Carl Moore. Austin Roland B. Moore. Austin John O. Percy, Longview ' James Poe, Cooper Nixon Rhodes, Corpus Christi Robert Rice. Tyler Norton Rugeley. Wharton Jack Skaggs, San Antonio ' Travis Smith. Wharton Allen Tucker. Dallas Tommy D. Vaughn. Bertram Wilmot Vickrey. Indianapolis, Intl. Nolan Welmaker. Austin James Witt. Lubbock SOPHOMORES Horace C. Barnhart. Austin t L. Bearden. Dallas William C. Bennett. Austin Calvin R. Bentsen. Mr Allen Kenneth E. Bentsen. Mission James W. Bergfield, Austin Noel Brown. Austin Dale O. Chase, San Angelo ' Donald A. Edwards, Austin J. Carlton Fuller. Colorado City Bill Furlong. San Antonio Samuel Gene Hall. Wheeler Richard S. Harding. San Antonio William B. Harding. Houston ' Everett P. Hayes. Houston ' Edward Kenley. Lufkin Sam O. LaRue. Corpus Christi ' Ed win B. Law, Tyler Richard D. Lewis. Houston Robert Musslewhite. Lufkin J. W. Neal. Carisbad, N. Mex. Jack Payne. Austin Lloyd Pratt, Harlingen Charles Row, San Antonio James C. Scott. Austin Lawrence Shelly. San Antonio Paul Russell Smith. Tulsa. Okla. Bob C Snow. McAIlen Horace G. Stubblefield. Lufkin George Taylor. Austin Joseph Tilley. Lufkin Richard L. Turner. Lubbock William Gus Walla, Houston Felix Welmaker. Austin Paul O. Wylie, Archer City FRESHMEN Lee E. Alderdice, Austin Claude A. Bitner. LaMarque John Bradfield. Austin Bob Brill. Austin Bobby J. Carrell. Dallas Carlton Cranor. Houston Robert Crawford, Quanah Henry M. Crittenden, Houston H. P. Dairy. Austin Robert M. Dawson. Houston George E. Dibrell. Dallas Winton Hampton. San Antonio Joseph L. Harrison. Corpus Christi James N. Hawley, Austin J - Heath. Colorado City ' Howard Hermann. Fort Worth Clark Hessemer, Houston Edward Kelly. Dallas James L. logan, Austin Ford Saner. Moore Weldon Shefteld, Austin George P. Shelley. Austin Monroe Talley . Houston SIGMA PHI EPSILDN OFFICERS President JOHN CHAMBERS OSMOND Vice-President WESLEY THEODORE NELSON Historian RALPH THEODORE KLEYMEYER, JR. Secretary HUGH MALCOLM OLIVER Comptroller DAVID CLEMON COOK Top Row: Vickers, Williams, Owen, Pittman, Whittet, Huchingson, Holloway, Thompson, Swarthout, McGregor. Second Row: Barrett, Peacock, Rundell, Mar will, Bailey, White, Christiansen, Finch, Walker, Gnarino. Third Row: Stephens, Aderhold, W. Miller, W. Pull en, Houston, Martino, Lewis, Leon, Steincamp, Stacey, Ho well. Fourth Row: J. Winters, Ramey, Kleymeyer, Osmond, Golden, D. Pullen, V. Miller, Maxwell, G. Winters, West, Friauf. Fifth Row: Webster, Cook, Kennedy, Feild, Brewer, Stuart, Longenecker, Oliver, Lynch, Swenson, Peck. Sixth Row: Lepley, L. Abies, Smolkovich, Walles, Vogt, Nelson, B. Abies, Skee, Utter, McMackin, Kirk. PACE 440 GRADUATE - Harvey Zeh Hurlburt, San Antonio Billy Graves Noble. Midland Grover Isbell. Fort Worth Joe Val Peacock. Fort Worth Francis Gray Winters. Houston K IORS Dwight Lee Amall. Artesia. N. Mex. George Frederick Bailey. New ork. N. . John Douglas Barberie. El Paso Herbert Lee Brewer. Emporia. Kans. David Clemon Cook. Sinton John Rodman Cutler. Beaumont Mi ' hael John DeGeorge, Houston Roy Earl Dillard. Dilley George Frank Friauf. Pampa William Zeta Gossett. Houston Peter Jerome Guarino. Houston William Horace Holloway. Hondo Edward Reynolds Kennedy. Sentinel Butte. N. It. M ' -Kinley Clayton Lewis. Hot Springs. Ark. William Isaac Lofland. Rockwall William Raymond Lynch. Tulsa. Okla. Oswin Patton McCarty. Corpus Christi Hodge Elijah Mason. West Monroe. La. Robert Louis Miles. Atlanta John Chambers Osmond. Havertown. Pa. George Edwin Smith. Jr.. Amarillo Joseph Charles Smolkovich. Gary. Ind. Robert Brice Vickers. New Braunfels Donald Duane Yogt. Laredo Homer LaVelle Walles. Port Neches George Alton Watts, Port Arthur Grady Linder Webster. Jr.. Austin William Gardner Winters. Houston JOHN CHAMBERS OSMOND FIRST-YEAR LAW 1 James Courtlin Winters. Houston Billy Tindell Abies. Bremond ' Luther Robert Abies. Cleveland Henry Herman Ahrens. Hallettsville " ' Theodore Holzeman Barrett Dallas ;lle Henry Finch. Jr_ Dalhart Ira Jeffrey Golden. Jr.. Yarnon Harold Wolfe Harris. Long Beach. Calif. JUNIORS ' Robert Earl Huchingson. Sulphur Springs Donald Russell Longenecker. Cleveland. Ohio Gene Gilbert Mans ill. Dallas ' George Engle Maxwell. Fort Worth " Leon Yivian Norwood. Orange William Thomas Pullen. Mexico City. D. F. Bruce W. Ramsey. Mart Richard Caskey Stacey. Austin Thomas Frederick Stephens. Fort Worth Thomas L. Thompson. Fort Worth William S. WhirteL Enid. Okla. Yirgil Truman Williams. Orange Samuel Thomas Aderhold. Edinburg Charles Landon Chambers. Austin S. Hush Christianson. Houston ' Bill Curtis. Houston Ralph James Finklea. Kingsville I Bryan Houston. Dalla- George jack Hubbard. Grandview. Mo. Ralph Theodore Kleymeyer. Jr.. Evans -ille. Ind. Stuart Malcolm McGregor. Dallas FRESHMEN SOPHOMORES Walter Blake Miller. Cuero John Everett Moore. Alice Wallace Coker Moore, Delray Beach. Fla. Wesley Theodore Nelson. Fort Worth Hugh Malcolm Oliver. Alice James Malcolm Railey. Austin Malcolm Richard Railey. Austin Edgar Lewis Ramey. Gladewater Thomas Theodore Sandel. Austin Richard Thomas Scott. Houston Gordon Carroll Skee, Rockford. 111. Harry Edwin Steincamp. Wichita Falls ' Daniel Browne Stuart. Dallas Leslie Glenn SwartwouL Austin ' Connie W. Swenson. Austin Norman Lee Utter. Kansas City. Mo. Charles Lynn West. Fort Worth William Rav White, El Paso ' William Sergeant Dixon. Pampa ' Julian Feild. Austin ' Grover Howell. Jr.. Austin Harry Donald Kirk. Dallas ' Albert Frank Lepley, Dallas ' Charles Arthur McCIeskey. Dallas ' Edwin Earl McMackin. Dallas ' James E. Marr. Jacksboro Frank Nilson Martino. Dallas Yachel Weldon Miller. Cuero ' Joe Gregg Moseley, Quitman ' Louis Hooper Owen. III. Fort Worth William Robert Peck. Jr., Fort Worth Everette Edward Pittman. Jr.. Fort Worth ' Donald Estes Pullen. Mexico City. D. F. ' Allen Roscoe Rundell. Austin Albert Green Walker. Austin 1, }.- lr 1 % " ' " " " " x -l f r - " - :- . . it - t : + $ ? -JT; . T - -- -- 61 , y- - ' _ ' gS " r ' m. ' m r- ' ' lr t - I ' iiS . ' .. P cc Ml TAU DELTA PHI OFFICERS Consul . Vice-Consul . Quaestors Housemanagers Custos MAX GOLDFIELD JULIAN LERNER (BERNARD SPECTOR LARRY GERNSBACHER (GEORGE LEVIT SIDNEY KRAKOWER EMANUEL COLLINS SYLVAN KAPLAN JARRELL RUBINETT FACULTY Instructor in Psychology Instructor in Mechanical Engineering Top Rou-: Spectnr, Shafer, Lehman, M. Lev-it, Jacob, M. Golilfu-ld. Rubinelt, Adelman. Susman, Ray. Second Row: Col men, I. Gold field, S. Golden, Gil!er, Isenberg. Gcrnshachcr, Grossman, Sessel, Baer. Abramson. Third Row: Goltz, Keilson, Dushkin, Kohn, Greenblum, M. Stool. Saikin, Rubenstein, Wilkenfeld, Sobol, Robinson. Fourth Rotv: Samlgarten, Gold, HofTman, Haas, Sembler. E. Golden, Lerner, Prager, N. Stool, Sikora, E. Hoffer. Fifth Row: Krakower, Feldman, Kaplan, G. Levit, M. Hoffer, Berlowitz, Kress, Chesnick, Brickman, Collins, MatusofT. PACE 442 GRADUATE Milton H. Levit, Houston SENIOR ' Leopold Baer. Houston Manuel Blum. Houston Hilford Joe Chesnick. Victoria Max Goldfield. Goose Creek Hrrsh Greenberg. Detroit Mich. Harold Hoffman. Dallas Julian A. Lerner. Galveston Morton David Prager. Dallas Joe Sam. Houston David Sikora, San Antonio FIRST-YEAR LAW Marvin M. Kress, Dallas GOLDFIELD Harold C. Abramson. Dallas Jack N. Berlowitz. Austin Gerald S. Brickman. Boston. Mass. Emanuel Collins. Houston JUNIORS " Emory L. Isenberg. Corpus Christi Paul Kalish. San Antonio Marvin D. Rubenstein. Dallas ' Stanley E. Saikin. Fort Worth Julius S. Sandgarten. Elgin Bernard D. Spector. San Antonio Max Stool. Del Rio Charles Weiner. Fort Worth I Jay L. Adelman. an Antonio Larry M. Gernsbacher. Fort Worth Stanley R. Golden. Velasco ' Israel Goldfield. Goose Creek SOPHOMORES Eugene M. Goltz, Abilene Fred J. Hass. Corpus Christi Sidney H. Krakower. Houston B FRESHMEN Eugene Leonard Sembler. St. Joseph. Mo. Bernard Snyder. Austin Newsom Stool. Del Rio Martin Coleman. Cleveland. Ohio Aaron Duskin. Houston ' Marvin Feldman. Dallas Harold Forst. Tyler ' Sam E. Ciller. Dallas ' Robert S. Gold. Houston ' Eugene Golden. Velasco ' Irving Greenblum. Laredo S Ivan B. Grossman. Corpus Christi ' Edward J. Hoffer. Beaumont Murray H. Hoffer. Beaumont ' Allan L. Jacobi. Dallas ' Jarril Kaplan. Rosenberg ' Stanley A. Keilson. San Antonio ' William Kohn.Odem ' Irwin Lehman. Tahoka George E. Levit. Houston ' William Matusoff. San Antonio ' Thurman James Ray. Dallas ' Jerome Robinson. Houston Kenneth M. Rubinett, Dallas ' Ray Edward Sessel, Houston Jerome Shafer. Houston ' Morris Shapiro. San Saba ' Jack Sobol. Tyler Beril Susman. Dallas ' Harold Weisfeld. Pharr ' Herschel! S. wUSS !. Goose Creek PiCf 443 - . -i - TEJAS CLUB OFFICERS President JOHN 0. MARKWARD V ice-President JOHN WILLIAM BARTRAM Secretary WARREN BROOKS Business Manager NOEL CRISP FACULTY WARREN BROOKS Research Assistant in Chemical Engineering CLEMANCE W. BURNAM Tutor in Chemistry WILLIAM DUESTERHOEFT Instructor in Electrical Engineering ROBERT N. HALL Tutor in Chemistry JACK HOLLAND Assistant Dean of Men I. G. KENNON Instructor in Mechanical Engineering LOYAL E. LOVELESS Tutor in Chemistry EUGENE JOSEPH McMuLLEN . . ... Instructor in Chemistry HAROLD POWELL Tutor in Chemistry HENRY SCARBOROUGH Instructor in Chemistry ELTON SOLTES Instructor in Chemistry HOWARD TOWNSEND Assistant Professor of Speech T J J! Top Row: Hall, A. Johnson, Clark, L. Loveless, McMullen, J. Loveless, Markward, Brown, Sterry. Second Row: Dedman, B. Jones, Bartram, Brooks, Thrash, Cain, Smith, L. Jones, Poindexter. Third Row: J. Johnson, Kellerman, Mantle, Miller, W. Woodaru, Wagner, Wade, Weaver, Duesterhoeft. Fourth Row: Wheeler, Thompson, Ader, Burnam, Culberson, Powell, Grain, Sansom, Koehn, Everett. Fifth Row: Swanson, T. Woodard, Bossinger, Mahon, Soltes, Keith, Scarborough, West, Lyne, Crisp. PACE 444 GRADUATES Charles Daniel Bossinger. Little Rock. Ark. Warren Brooks. Austin Clemance W. Burnam. Dallas William Duesterhoefu Austin Thomas E. Gibbs. Austin Robert N. Hall. Vernon George M. Keith. Austin I. G. kennon. Cleburne Loyal E. Loveless. Stamford Eugene Joseph McMullen. Minneapolis. Minn. Allan M. Poindexter. Austin Henry Scarborough. Austin Elton Soltes. Dallas JOHN O. MAMCYAKI) John William Bart ram. Mobeetie ph R. Coleman. Estelline -: B. Grain. Austin Noel T. Crisp. Austin William Edward Everett Fort orth Carl S. Fitzgerald, kinssville Andrew P. Johnson. Carrizo Springs John Rudolph koehn. Houston SENIORS Jimmy Erie Loveless. Stamford Fritz L. Lyne- Dallas John O. Markward. Fort Worth Jack Ormand Miller. Dallas Harold Dean Powell. Beeville Charles Culberson Sansom. Palestine Robert Lee Sharp. Houston James Weslev Smith. Houston Henry Edward Sterry. Newgulf Howard A. Swanson. Dallas Ruel Carlton Terry. Talpa Jimmy E. Thompson. Clarendon Robert L. Thrash. Jr.. Dallas O. D. Weaver. Fort Worth Billy Wheeler. Austin T. Lerov Vt oodard. Dallas SECOND YEAR LAWS Robert Pavne Bush. Dallas Roger M. Gideon. Coleman Don Ezell Cain. Dallas Robert H. Dedman. Jr.. Dallas FIRST- YEAR LAWS Law rence Jones. Dallas James S. Mahon. Eastland JUNIORS Joe king Ader. Port Arthur Ellis Merrimon Brown. Corpus Christ! James E. Clark. Austin Fisher Wells Culberson. Gatesville Ernest Duesterhoeft. Austin Jack Gray Johnson. Daisetta Bill Ray Jones. Dal las Robert E. kellerman. McCarr.ey Paul Loyal Mantle. Dallas Bill Ed Porter. Austin Jack PosL Edinburg Floyd A. Wade. Jr.. Tyler illiam G. U agner. Mission Frederick Thomas We-t. Mi " ion Archer k. ilson. Austin William C. Woodard. Dallas .-. ' ,. THETA XI OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Senior Steward Treasurer JOHN Louis MURTHA FRANK LEE EVANS, JR. NORMAN WALTER RAY HUBERT ELMO CHAMBERS ROBERT CRAWFORD DRUMMOND FACULTY IVAN COLGATE ELMER MELVIN EDWARD FIELDER ARCHIE W. STRAITON Instructor in English Instructor in Engineering Drawing Professor of Electrical Engineering Top Row: Rainey, O ' Brient, B. Jones. McMasler, Bratton, Lewis, Redwine, Higginbotham, Oibornc, Beckum, Becker, P. Willis, Robertson. Second Ron: H. Ainswoith, Crook, Shoemaker, Matulik, Saxe, Moore. Roby, Ray, Schindler, Clark, J. Willis. Schwing, Biscamp. Third Row: Griffin, Tanner, Williams, Buckles, Merchant, Moss, Perdue, A. Jones, Harrell, Little, Hardwicke, Chambers, Meyers. Fourth Row: W. E. Braly, W. T. Braly, J. M. Brown, Dawson, J. Callaway. Kellogg. Crockett, W. Evans, Dickerson, Melton, Wiley, Lancaster DuBose Fifth Row: Kxum, M. Fielder, N. Eiserloh, Pashos, Brandes, DeBois, Avery, H. Eiserloh, J. McKcnnon, Rowe, Mize, Wassell, Vidaurri. Sixth Row: McElroy, III,--, n. York, W. McKennon, F. Evans, E. Duncan, Drummond, Chandler. Nunley, Hampton, Downing. Kenney, Branda. Sevfnth Row: Fincher, Akin, A. Ainsworth, Cummings, Stuart, Schwarting, Turner, McDavid. Hulls, Bissell, R. Brown, Hopkins, Schappel Eighth Row: Thompson, Canfield, J. Duncan, O. Callaway, Shellon, Crulchfield, Udden, Sheffield, Shipman, Hill, B. Fielder, Peabodv Simms PACE 446 GRADUATES Inn Colgate Elmer. Orange Norman Walter Ray. Waller William Dallas Evan . Jr.. Madisonville Robert William Tanner. Houston Thomas J. Pashos, St Louis. Mo. Robert Lincoln Turner, Jr.. Nacogdoehes John W. Wassell. Corsicana Glen Clifford Billingsly. Jefferson William T.Braly. Brady James Allen Braxton. Amarillo Jack Bearce Brown. Austin James Malcolm Brown. Norfolk. Va. Robert Ray Brown. Luling Robert Gene Buckles, Abilene Oliver Callaway. Jr.. Alice Gilbert Burleson Clark. Corpus Christi Willard Otis Downing. San Antonio Patrick Earl Dwyer, El Paso Melvin Edward Fielder. Corpus Christi Hebert Harris Fincher. Alvin Bah rt SENIORS James Robert Griffin. Temple Charles Edward Hill. Jr.. Pharr Alfred B. Jones. Hallsville Clarence Bartlett Melton. Pharr Harold Daniel Mize. Nacogdochr George Alvan Peabody. Dallas Andrew Jackson Rowe, Jr.. Fort Worth Richard Baxter Saxe. J r.. Odessa Richard Bert Schappel, Mahwah, N. J. James Daniel Schindler, Edinburg Neal Sheffield. Alvin Edward Daniel Shipman, San Antonio Jean Wiley Spears, Jacksboro Francis Thompson, Austin JOHN LOUIS Ml ' RTm SECONDS " EAR LA VIS John Kirk Duncan. Pampa George Milton Hopkins. Jr.. Denton FIRST- YEAR LAWS Ewert Reynold Duncan. Pampa Phil L. Willis. Kaufman William Oliver A very. Jr.. Longview Roy Gene Biscamp. Beaumont Thomas Henry Brandes, Freepon Marquis Pritchard Bratton. Corpus Christi Richard Everett Canfield, Tyler Robert Crawford Drummond. North Kansas Cit . M " . Douglas Eugene DuBois. Beaumont Donald Hampton Dubose. Woodsboro jn Alex Eiserloh. San Antonio JUNIORS Douglas Cochrane Higginbotham, Port Arthur Bill Manning Jones. Fort Worth Niran Ellis Kelloge. Houston Eric Henry Kerr, Corpus Christi Howard Erwin Lancaster, Jr., Beeville Earl Nicholas Lewis, Houston Robert Long. Dallas Earl McDonald, Jr., Austin Carl Barnett McElroy, Mexia ' Raymond William Matulik. Port Arthur William Henry Moss, Hearne Billie James Osborne, Port Arthur David Hornsby Rainey, Austin Winston Terrell Redwine. Tahoka Leonel John Simms, Jr.. Austin Charles Weldon York. Panhandle Theodore William Becker. Jr.. Victoria Eugene Hanille Bishop. Clarksville Walter Eugene Braly. Brady Eldon Stephen Branda. Port Arthur Hubert Elmo Chambers. Longview Paul Wynn Chandler. J r., Kilgore Lucien Routt Crockett. Port Arthur John Herbert Crook, Martindale John Joseph Crutchfield. Abilene John Robert Cummings. El Paso Wilfred Thomas Dawson, Galveston Samuel James Dirkerson, Dallas Harold Lee Eiserloh. San Antonio Frank Lee Evans. Jr.. Beaumont James Powers E um. Jr.. Austin Byron Drew Hampton. Longview William Arlington Hardwickr. Corpus Christi Kenneth Harrell. Beeville - Nel-on Hull . McCamey Delphon Charley Kenn-y. Harlingen Winfred Earl Little. San Antonio Edward William McDavid. Houston J. T. McKennon. Midlothian FRESHMEN Alsey Garrison Ainsworth. Jr.. Gonzales H. Miller Ain worth. Jr., Luling Bobby Clarence Akin, Orange James Arthur Beckum. Midlothian Frank We tnn Bi- eu. Austin Melvin Allen Blassen. Amarillo James Earl Callaway, Alice Billy Fred Fielder. Corpus Chri ti William Marvin McKennon. Jr.. Midlothian Edwin Hugh Moore. Austin lor Edwin Schaffer, Corpus Christi William Files Shoemaker. Waxahachie AN in B. Williams Waxahachie SOPHOMORES James Marvin McMaster. Austin Harry Wallace Merchant. Austin Charles Meyers. Jr.. Wichita Falls John Louis Murtha. Dallas Jack Edward Nunley, Del Rio David Warren O ' Brient, Pampa William Elkins Perdue. Crockett Archie Davis Prestridge, Eagle Pass Elgin Barnett Robertson. Jr.. Dallas Vincent Lee Roby. Houston -A William Brown N-hwarnnp. Waco Ivan Henry Schwing, Jr., Port Arthur Tommie Joe Scruggs, Angleton William Gerald Shelton. Austin Robert Harris Stewart, Waco Sam Mauritz Udden, Corpus Christi Raphael Vidaurri, Jr., Laredo Samuel Barnes W ' erner, Jr., Corsicana William Joseph Wiley, Wichita Falls John Jerome Willis, Odessa f-;j v 1 ' - i v - 11 :V ' ; RK , I II T o fe - ' " V ;;- INTEHFRATEHNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS President CLIFTON PERKINS Vice-President WILLIAM HOLLOWAY Secretary-Treasurer ALLEN HUMPHREY Chairman, New Fraternities CHARLES SCHREINER MEMBERS ALPHA EPSILON Pi ALPHA TAU OMEGA BETA THETA Pi CHI PHI DELTA CHI DELTA KAPPA EPSILON DELTA SIGMA PHI DELTA TAU DELTA KAPPA ALPHA KAPPA SIGMA LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PHI DELTA THETA PHI GAMMA DELTA Leonard Rosenberg Glenn Petsch Robert Tetley Joe Daugherty Ora M. Davis, Jr. H. D. McElroy R. Goodwin Rogerson Fred Chandler William Thacker Frank Erwin Kenneth B. Arnold Ben Monning James Abies Albert Kogutt James Hayes Ashley Priddy John Metzenthin Ervin Hanson Sam Wolfe Pat Boone Frank Sherwood Robert Scurlock Robert Connor James Cotterall George Peterkin Bill Kinney PHI KAPPA Psi PHI KAPPA SIGMA PHI KAPPA TAU PHI SIGMA DELTA Pi KAPPA ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA ALPHA Mu SICMA CHI SIGMA Nu SIGMA PHI EPSILON TAU DELTA PHI THETA Xi Eugene Keeney Frank Jennings Redford Sears Dave Pandres William Aufricht Frank Abraham Sylvan Polunsky Reagan Legg Joel Edwin May John Osmond Milton Levit John Murtha Arch Bryan Cleave Nolen Francis C. Broaddus Irving Garfinkle Rollin Clarke Edgar Montieth Howard Gluck Ed Gardner Robert Mitchell Gene Marwill Max Goldfield Patrick Dwyer Top Row: Hayes, Envin, Peterkin, Osmond, Gardner, Chandler, Perkins, Priddy, Rosenberg, Metzenthin, Second Row: Sherwood, Pandres, Cotterall, Levit, Humphrey, Kinney, Aufricht, Rogerson, Kogutt, Petsch. Third Row: Arnold, Connor, Gluck, Schreiner, Marwill, Polunsky, McElroy, Clarke, Nolen, Daugherty. Fourth Row: Thacker, Abraham, Abies, Legg, Goldfield, Jennings, Hanson, Holloway, May, Boone. Fifth Row: Scurlock, Bryan, Keeney, Montieth, Monning, Mitchell, Davis, Broaddus, Sears, Wolfe, Garnnkic. PACE 448 . rW? I; Sue Ann Thomas Terry Emerson I5ea,utie6 Olive Lockart PICE 452 Senior foluebonnet onnel l - elle rr aru France fa ' r rown. ' " B. Lee Stringer sTuni Evelyn Gertz Connie McDonald Ptct 454 junior d5luebonnet Odette i C taut on June Goen Joan Fredlcy Carolyn Taylor PACE 436 opnomore ( - elte itjarAna.ll L Gloria Neuhaus r t Billy Faye Johnstons Beth Ann Wilson PACE 458 ( luebonnet V- elle SWEETHEART rr arp Ljene We arren LJonu ll ' lar nat.t PACE 460 NOMINEES (j atj ILsraun Unetl anaerfora C . . 441 OUTSTANDING STUDENTS R. CARLTON TERRY BOBBY LAYNE JACQUELINE LISSAUER BEN HADEN WILLIAM G. KINNEY HAROLD HOFFMAN PACE 462 OUTSTANDING STUDENTS JOHN BRYSON HILL MOORE ORRIN JOHNSON CLAUDIA VON BLUCHER ROBERT C SNK.Kh LEROY LASALLE , . . : OUTSTANDING STUDENTS JAMES (JIM) SMITH HOWARD MCELROY MARIAN MILLER MARY PEARL HALL DICK SHEPHERD FAYE LOYD PAGE 464 OUTSTANDING STUDENTS BETTY LOU COURTNEY FRANK ' ERWIN i I K.MMIK CROWDKR FRITZ LYNE ALICIA MUNGIA BOB BR DLEY ] . :. ' GDDDFELLDWS GENE ST. JOHN FRANCES R. TAYLOR AARON WINETRAUB TED L. BELLMONT DICK 0. HARRIS MILDRF.D (POOKIE) KELLEHER WILLIAM PARKS JOHNSON JULIA FINNELL PACE 460 GOODFELLOWS PATE VUHi.KRET MtKEAN FK4NK ABRAHAM JOE MITCHELL SCOTT BOGUS BUTTY KI1XV NORMAN SHTOFMAN JOHN METZF.NTIIIN ' liiiiiin i;i,i,n v!i W. HAROLD (SPOT) COLLINS FRANK MARTINO PACE 468 BODDFELLOWS JIM M H: MABY ANN MORGAN K L?TON BROIN JOHN F. ATKINS Bluebonnet Belle Nominees Margaret Campbell Evelyn G. Summers Norma Dollej Dorothy McGuire Carolyn Brock Nancy Hotchkiss Rooth Slocum Ann Jennings Virginia Lee Lila Beard Frances Anne Sharp Mary Louise Smith Barbara Owen Marian Schumann Dorothy Perkins Yolanda Salazar Beverly Jeanne Daniels Barbara Warner Bethinc L. Nelson Betty Ann Warner Doris Irene Holtzen Herminia Lerma Rangel Celia Ramirez Georgia Martin Nancy Bowen Betty Brenan ildine Pipsaire Clover Zander Betty Heraty Lael Cater Mar Gene Blackburn Ruth i on Margie Sullivan Bernice Murray Marion Bilfklin . Macauley Mnrjorie Trevathan Mary Janr Rutsel Lillian Frances Pouell Cvnthia Lee Ron an Marjorie O ' Madigan Jane Zander mne Penn Mildred Kelleher Celia Ram;- Claire ff aid man Sammie Money Farrier Dorothy Lindquist Jo Anne Emery Peggy Christie Elsie Van Haselen Bluebonnet Belle Nominees 471 Bluebonnet Belle Nominees Martha Ellen Stewart Nancy Russell Nan Ledbetter Thetis Sander ford Beth Joanne Rice Virginia Leilari Parker Elizabeth McCelvey Billie Louise Luckett Betty Huff Betty McCarthy Sidney Yawn Carolyn Colombe Carrol Nelson Margaret Anne Rieck Barbara Rhea Haden Shirley Harris Mary Margaret Higgins Dorothy Jean Paull Betty Lou Wolf Ruby Schwartz Margaret Amsden Dorothy Rushing Jacqueline Casteel Betty Williams Edna Louise Gallon Lee Jean Cheshire PACE 472 Kin Jean Finch Mary Helen Harduich Barbara Ash Margaret Danforth Virginia Lee Townsend Margaret Lois DuBose Betsy Coltingham NancY Jean Pouell Mnr Rn - Hirth Betty fJniis Mnr r . Anderson Wilma Jean Robertson Estelle Culver Phyllis Wilson June Duke Mnr Louise Moore Thelma Lee Allen nne Boothe ' rich Barbara Bass Shirley Landsman Barbara Gallon Alice Munguia Marilyn McDavid ii inn Appleby M ' trion Rose Mean ttat 47) Bluebonnet Belle Nominees Bluebonnet Belle Nominees Mary Fern Bray Patricia Anne Boughan Betty Anne Wilder Frances Davis Rebeca Cigarroa Laura Trull Jobeth Baits Mathilde Roberts Frankie Jean Barnes Jean Baker Beverly Bolton Billie Marie Stewart Carolyn Blair Beverly Anne Nash Mary Lib Vick Mary Cloyes Jean Dalby Ida Linda Henniger Lilia Zenia Saenz Ellen Gerlach Rosemary McCaskey Frances A. Foy Arleen Blotz Maria Santos Torrez Virginia Weinheimer Shirley Anne Johnson PICE 474 .Vifa Ruth Baker Emma Beth Hud t n S v Martha Edson Jacqueline Rose Elizabeth Con-ling Geraldine Fontein L. Dee Dillard Laura Egger (,u tafson A. Johnson C,rn ! Orndorff Ihiris Coffee Dorothy Sue Miller Far a Occhijtinti Beth Curtis Penny B. Bryan r.niil Robinson I ' M Jane Prentiss Jttnnne Robertson ia Elouin- Sansom Ellen Geue Shirley Scott Phyllis Shau Wjnett York Jean If hilt- Rose Kellner Bluebonnet Belle Nominees I ' .- - 5 Bluebonnet Belle Nominees Frances Dollar Marjorie Jenn Betty Jean McCarthy Mary Munnerlyn Betty L. Tally La Verne Loofs Angee Mae Bear Naomi Vascocu Barbara Jean Connolly Lenna Jean Hahn Dorothy N. Chernosky Sue Alice Blalock Jeree Bunn Mary Ann Santleben Harmolyn Hart Evelyn Hill Norma Stratton Helen Cox Janet Sadler Ann Japhet Dorothy Teddlie Norma Jean Scheble Eileen Anne Thielipape Marjorie Bowers Mary Ann Crosier Jo Ann Blalock PACE 476 Frances Jean Murphy Leah Setzi-r Peggy Gross Porter Betty Dupree Josephine Nelson Runny Glasser Helen Tintldll Rosemary V . Johnson rma Clark Jody Le-u-is Marian Kini!S fr Helen Nicks Aliina Kathryn Menn Martha W. Stone Frances Lott nrma Kate Ellis r ' .dna I.u ilc Walker Ki ' tty Gordon Ann Mary Ann Dudley Anita Ji-anne Wheeler Rillie Cheney Beverly Bird Betty Lou Cinirtnt- I. ' ! i Bluebonnet Belle Nominees I . i r Bluebonnet Belle Nominees Mary Ann Girard Peggy Pratt Jo Ann Car r away Mary Elizabeth Buck Betty ] . Currey Gladys Ray- Ann Myers Mary Jim Jones Gertrude V . Freytag Lydia Jackson Joy Stoltzfus Henrietta Stuchly Mary Jo Long Jeanelte Blacker Peggy Bissell Pauline Malik Mary Lafe Martin Frances Chance Helen Maruska D. Jean Jennings Mary Victor Johns Mickey Dossett Carolyn Harris Opal Udel Bradford Pat Hamman Jo Ann Easter PICE 478 ,-ll It ' nlker Jane ' 7. els Betty Lynn Hunt Claiidine Moore Eleanor Toyman Bessie Fa e Logan Earlene J aster Ihmnn Dellinger Margaret fifth Dumas I ' fnllis Ih-Ronh- Katherine. (tatton Rrrtha I illanueva Dorothy Linne Ttimm Jean Armstrong Violettf Kosafca I)rt th ehhut Rnrlxirn Ih-an Ernst Tom m it- Tanner Bt-tt Jean Clement Mnr Tom Charlotte Mickey Sue Chert; Smith Pegii June Crooke Mnr Martha }ann- Sue If il Hams Maude Lindsey Bluebonnet Belle Nominees fc , Marcia Mitchell Helen Crone Ruthe Wilson Sarah Hamilton Anne Hugman Dorothy Backenstoe Martha Sharpe Beverly Herndon Patricia Stevens Gloria Watson Jimmie Sue Wilson Daisy Dawn Hawlett Joyce Pape Betty Jo Love Ruth Huff master F. Chanchi Deaton Phyllis Ward Catherine Cornelius Mitten Howell Mary Jane Joyner Geneva Troutt Olive Boger Dee Schuepbach Jean Williamson Bluebonnet Belle Nominees Henrietta Joe Peebles Patricia Mills Judith Gerick PACE 480 Ill HIM AT GALVESTDN of J MEDICAL BRANCH, Galveston The Medical Branch of The University of Texas at Galveston will soon be graduating its sixtieth class. Vast improvements and changes have occurred since 1890 when medical classes at Galveston under the auspices of the University were first started. The program of expansion and development, which was interrupted by the war, is soon to be resumed. The Sealy and Smith Foundation, which has been so generous in the maintenance of the John Sealy Hospital as a teaching, research and service institution for the Medical Branch, is planning a great new hospital building to provide additional beds for the many patients who desire to obtain service at the Medical Branch and who are so necessary for teaching. The building program of the University contemplated additions to the laboratory facilities. The people of the State have indicated their strong desire to provide funds adequate to maintain the personnel needed for a great health training center. We welcome visitors at the Medical Branch. We hope that the people of the State will learn by direct inspection what we are doing in the way of teaching, research and service. We are particularly anxious that the parents of our students come to Galveston to see the way in which their children work. Our students are training themselves admirably. They find that they may take responsible positions in medicine and other health fields anywhere in the world, and discharge their obligations with great credit and distinction. An increasing number of them are becoming enthusiastic about research work in asso- ciation with members of the instruc tional staff. They are contributing directly to a better understanding of fundamental medical problems. The Medical Branch is well known for its research. Steady accumulation of new knowledge about disease and about the maintenance of health is accumulating through consistent research studies in our laboratories. Many grants are coming from outside sources to maintain this important research effort. This is a most important supplement to the regular teaching for undergraduate students, and is becom- ing increasingly significant for the many postgraduate students who are coming to the Medical Branch for specialty training. It is not generally appreciated that the Medical Branch is an extensive service institution for the sick people of the State. Physicians in more than 150 counties in the great State of Texas refer several thousands of indigent patients to the Medical Branch for diagnosis and management of disease conditions. This service contributes greatly to the importance of the teaching effort at the Medical Branch. The teach- ing program is now extended to include not only medical students and nursing students, but also many postgraduate students, and persons in training for positions as laboratory technicians, x-ray technicians, physical therapy technicians, and nurses ' aids. By close cooperation with all phases of the University effort that may contribute to the better health of the people of the State, whether at Galveston, Houston, or at Austin, the Medical Branch plays a significant role in The University of Texas health program. We cordially invite you to come to the Medical Branch to see at first hand what we are doing. We are proud of the increasingly loyal support of our alumni, and we would particularly welcome visits from them. CHAUNCEY D. LEAKE V ice-President (This page contributed through the courtesy of the Galveston Chamber of Commerce) PICE 482 ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA Honorary Medical Fraternity OFFICERS Counselor DR. G. W. X. ECCERS President DR. R. M. MOORE Vice-President DR. JARRETT E. WILLIAMS Secretary DR. ERLE WILKINSON CLASS OF 1947 Coleman D. Caplovitz Ray Cruse Stanley F. . DolcL Jr. Charles M. Harvey Gretchen S. Herrmann Julius L. Jinkins. Jr. Richard B. Kleiman Robert L. Magoffin Henry E. Mendel! Zollie T. Norman Theodore S. Painter. Jr. John F. Perry, Jr. Tom M. Runge Jerry A. Stirman Myer Stumer Leo J. Vanden Bossche F. J. L. Blasinsame T. G. Blocker Elizabeth Bratteng Paul Brindley Willard R. Cooke Lloyd K. Darwin George M. Decherd John J. Delaney James Down G. W. N. Eggers Jack R. Ewalt FACULTY Edgar S. Ezell Chester North Frazier Raymond Gregory A. . Harrison M. R. Hejtmancik George R. Herrmann Chauncey D. Leake George Lee William C. Levin Joseph P. McNeil 1 Robert M. Moore Bernard Perl man William B. Potter Boyd Reading Arthur Ruskin Randolph Schaffer Edward H. Schwab illiam B. Sharp Albert O. Singleton Samuel R. Snodgrass Charles T. Stone Martin L. Towler Erie E. Wilkinson ;. i Seniors ALBERT, RICHARD 0., B.A., M.D., Alice tx ANDREWS, PHILIP, M.D., Marlin BACHMAN, GEORGE P., M.D., Wichita Falls 4 BII BASKIN, GRADY, M.D., Cameron BII BECKENBACH, MADALINE, B.A., M.D., Santa Monica, Calif. AEI BLOCK, RICHARD E., B.A., M.D., Dallas AE BOYD, DICKSON KNIGHT, B.S., M.D., Denton NN CAPLOVITZ, COLEMAN D., B.A., M.D., Houston AE, AftA CARROLL, I. E., M.D., Trinity BII, Osteon CAYCE, JOHN HILL, M.D., Killeen J P2 CHRISTLEY, PAUL A., B.A., M.D., San Antonio CLARK, LEON WILSON, M.D., Houston CLARKE, THOMAS PASCHAL, III, B.A., M.D., Houston x COX, JOHN KENNETH, B.A., M.D., Dallas COX, JACK R., B.A., M.D., Stephenville BII CRUSE, RAY, M.D., Houston AKK, AQA DARSEY, E. S., B.S., M.D., Grapeland NZN DEGINDER, W. L., M.D., Newport News, Va. NZN DITTMAN, SOL, M.D., Houston AE DOLCH, STANLEY, F. N., M.D., Houston X, AQA DUNN, F. L., B.S., M.D., El Paso X PACE 484 Seniors W TY, REBECCA, M.D., Sn Antonio A El FORD, DAVID, M.D.. Dayton FOWLER. M. L, B.A.. M.D., Houston +1 GOMILLION. JESSE DURWOOD. B.S., M.D, El Paso +P1 CORDON, GLENN M.. B.A.. M.D, Gainesville ffX HAMPTON. RAYMOND M., M.D.. Vernon +BH. 0teo HARE. H. P.. B.A.. M.D., Houston +x HARRINGTON. M. R.. M.D., Dallas AKK HARVEY. C M, M.D., Electra AEK. AQA HERRMANN. GRETCHEN, B.A M.D., Galveston AQ. AOA. HIGGINS. FRANK B.. B.A., M. A.. M.D., Sulfur Springs HOWARD. WOODS A., M.D Devine AKK. . HERBERT. B.A.. M.D.. Orange Grove +PI, ACA. +BK. AEA. JINKINS. J. L. B.A.. M.D Galveston BH. ACA. Ottcoa KEMPLER. WALTER. B.S.. M.D.. Huntington Park. +iE Calif. KEY. LUTHER S.. B.A.. M.D. Lamesa MB KLEIMAN. R. B., B.A., MJ .. Waco +AE. ACA KLEUSER. L. P.. M.D.. Dallas MN k ' . CECIL B., B.S., M.D., Dallas m KL EHN. L. F.. B.A M.D Galveston M.v Kl TSCHBACH, M. X Houston Seniors ilkti LEEVES, JAMES S., M.D., Naples P2, Osteon LOGSDON, F. M., B.A., M.D., San Antonio MAGOFFIN, R. L., M.A., M.D., Fort Worth NZN. AQA MARROQUIN, LUIS, M.D., Galveston 6K MAZOW, JACK B., M.D., Houston MENDELL, HENRY W., M.D., Galveston AE, AC2A MEREDITH, CHARLES SPENCER, B.S., M.D., Dallas MITZ, ROBERT, M.D., Houston MONTGOMERY, D. 0., B.A., M.D., Corpus Christ! P2. Osteon MOORE, E. C., M.D., Beaumont AKK MOORE, WALTER S., M.D., Austin AKK Mullen, B. W., M.D., Galveston KIN McREYNOLDS, BENJAMIN A., M.D., Borger NELSON, E. J., M.D, Pecos Bn NERING, A. R., M.D., San Antonio Mil! NEUBAUER, DORTHEA E., M.D., Rivena AEI NEWMAN, PHILIPS P., M.D., Navasota AKK NORMAN, ZOLLIE, M.D., PAINTER, THEODORE S., B.A, M.D., Austin AKK, AOA, Osteon PERRY, JOHN F., B.A., M.D., San Antonio X, AOA PACE 486 Seniors +AE PRICE, P. CLIFT, B.A, M.D., Austin K OrtM PRICE, T. C., B.A., M.D., Galveston +X ROLLO, W. C, M.D., Marshall M BERNARD. B.S.. M.D., Houston Kl NGE. T. M.. M.D., San Angelo PS. A2A SCHOENVOGEL, O. F.. B.A.. M.D., Brenham 6K+ SAMUEL. M.D.. Wichita Falls HF.PPERD, W. I.. M.D.. Liberty Hill +B1I -IMS. PALL M.. M.D., Beaumont F ' I. CHlron IITH. MARY BENJAMIN. B.A., M.D., Palestine AEI - RK. MAYO. B.S.. M.D., El Paso +AE STEED, J. D., B.S., M.D Childress TE KNv i.EORGE M.. B.S.. M.D., Angleton +BIT. -TIRMAN. JERRY A.. M.D., Tyler STUMER. MYER. B.A.. M.D., Houston +AE. ACA TERRY. JOE .. M.D.. Lamesa I HI . I_ X.. B.A.. M.D., San Antonio 6K LAHAKOS. ANTONIO B., M.D., Hillsboro act UHITSELL. WILBUK R-, M.D., Pampa GRADUATE NURSES November, 1946 ADER, JO ANNE, Port Arthur ALLMAN, JOYCE, Crane ANDERSON, BERNICE, Melvin ANDERSON, LOUISE, Houston BARTHALAMAE, MURIEL, San Antonio BOETTGER, JOHNIE, Port Arthur BOHLS, EVELYN, Austin BRETT, JOYCE, Houston CHANDLER, JANET, San Antonio COLE, REBECCA, Belton CROSS, OZELLA, Dallas CURTIS, LETHA N., Red Oak DOUGLAS, MARGARETTE, Harlingen GRAVES, JEAN, Houston GREEN, BETTY, Houston HAND, JUNE, Houston HILL, MARIE, Wichita Falls HINKEL, VIRGINIA, Robstown HORIE, MAE, Hanford, Calif. JAMAIL, AGNES, Houston JAMAIL, MADELYN, Houston KANENAGA, DOROTHY, Selma, Calif. KOLAJA, LILLIAN MARIE, Needville LOKIA, MABLE, Ballinger LOW, JANEY, Terrell LYNCH, RUTH, Port Arthur MEADOR, VIRGINIA MERRILL, VERA DOUGLAS, Dallas PACE 488 GRADUATE NURSES November, 1946 M NN, CONSTANCE. Calveston -XNPKIi-iiN. CATHERINE, Brenham -HKKMXY M. TV Anahuac SMITH. I. U ' KV KA1K. Llano SCOTT, EDITH, Schulenburg -MWM-. MARY M., Galveston - ni.nIr.N-KY. PATSY, Katy H LGARIS, YALTA. Burkburnett VUI.KIY-oY SHIRLEY, Bellville WRIGHT, BETTY, Weatherford SENIOR NURSES March, 1947 BARDGETTE. JEAN MARTIN. Midland BOURLAND. DORINDA ANN, Fort Worth DUNLAP, DOROTHY MARIE, Amarillo GRAVES, JO WANDA, Dickinson HARVEY. BERTHA NELL. Texas City KEOtGH. ANNA LOU, Austin I M, RUTH, Commanche LYSTER. MARGARET JANE, San Antonio PALMER. BETTY JEAN, Port Arthur PECHAL. LILY MAE. Belton SCHNEIDER, MARY ELIZABETH, Lockhart -HF.l.TdV IOAN LINDSEY, Orange SMITH, MARY TAYLOR, Harrisville, Miss. -I DDl TH. EL-IE M E, Port Arthur p.. 1 1 vmrr GRADUATE MRSES July, 1947 Allen, Mary Anne, Ballinger Armsby, Winnie Montgomery, Galveston Boyd, Margaret Ann, Austin Cerveny, Lillian Josephine, Munday Chamberlain, Jerry Ellen, Munday Coombs, Patricia May, La Marque Eisenhauer, Lydia Ann, Converse Ellis, Barbara Jean, Artesia, N. Mex. Fertitta, Jennie Mae, Beaumont Harris, Alma Sue, San Antonio Kasper, Bettye Lou, Port Arthur Landry, Juanita May, Dallas Lewis, Charlotte, Hamlin MacDonald, Patricia, La Marque Morris, Bette Jo, Munday Obenauer, Rose, Eureka, S. D. Russell, Charles Ernest, Mart Schmidt, Phyllis, Giddings Smith, Aline Mangum, Jackson, Miss. Whitmeyer, Ruth, Beaumont m NOVEMHER SENIORS MARCH JIJNIIIRS Front Row: Fennell, Foster, Conley, Proctor, Fisher, Lamance, Simmons, Second Row: Marroquin, Yarborough, Baca, King, Mangum, B. J. Murphy, Moran. Third Row: GrasshnrT, Cindorf, Seaholm, Mitchell, Svatch, Redfern, Crisham. Fourth Row: Messer, Cist, Pickering, Brown, Hatchett. Not in Picture: Burr. Green, E. Murphy. PACE 490 Front Row: SPILL, HULTS, KACK1. Second Row: STEEB, SHARP, HARRISON. JULY JUNIORS Front Ron: Bodgin, Meisner, Carle. Fuller, Worth. Fullon. SrronJ Rote: Robertson. McDonnan, Gardner. Rowe, Smith. Morris. Third Roic: Ochoa, Pawley. Ludwig. Smiley, Ehlers. Ahrendu Fourth Ron: Robinson. Aaron, Reeves, R. Bonner, Pieper, Moore. In Picture: Hildebrandt, Tnrnage. OCTOBER JI MURfi fou: L. V. Gallaway, L. L. Gallaway, Choate, er. D. Turnage, Dittert. id Ron: Blanton. Ridgeway. Bergeron, Gold, Haltmar. Third Ron-: Thomas, Cudd. Smith, Heatherly. In Picture: Applegate, C Bonner, Branlick, Elder. Fo JU1VE FRESHMEN Rou : . Davis, Perer, Saba, Strickland, Ruben, Veatch. Draehn. Second Row: White. Rosborough, Broulick, Groesbeck, Grant. J. Davis. Third Rou: Edwards, Pflughaupt, Porter, Creel, Spreen, . Coe. ; . ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA OFFICERS President T. S. PAINTER, JK. Secretary GEORGE REIMER T. S. PAINTER, JR. Top Row: CARROLL, NEIL, CRUSE, MEADOR, PRICE, W. MOORE, FLETCHER. TAUSEND, NEWMAN. Second Row: LEE, ROLLE, WILSON. SCOFIELD, GERMAN, CLOUD, JOHNSON, HARVEY, CROUCH. Third Row: LANGSTON, E. MOORE, RAETZSCH, J. PAINTER, MicDONALD, HOWARD, HAVINCTON, MORRISON, BOWERS. Fourth Row: IVERS, ULMER, NORRIS, ADAMS, FARRINGTON, REIMER, PORTER, HARLAND, CLARK. PACK 492 MEMBERS Robert M. Adams Ralph E. Bov James Carrol I Peter Chamberlain W. K. Clark Thomas M. Cloud Robert Crouch Ray Cruse Michel S. Damiani Thomas Edwards Stanley Farrington Richard Fletcher James German John M. Harland Marion R. Harrington Charles M. Harvey Woods A. Howard James B. Ivers Jerry Johnson W. I. Jones William B. Langston Frank Lee Mark S. Lemmon Donald MacDonald George D. Meador E. C. Moore W. S. Moore James B. Morrison William H. Neil Pierce Phillips Newman Thomas A. Norris Joseph T. Painter T. S. Painter. Jr. Louis Henry Porter P. C. Price Andrew Raetzsch George W. Reimer Charles Rolle, Jr. James Scofield Paul Tausend Robert John Ulmer William A. Wilson DICKSON K. BOYD M SIGMA NU OFFICERS President . . ' DICKSON K. BOYD V ice-President JAMES F. HOOKER Secretary JACK McKAY Treasurer JOHN GREEN Custodian RIDER STOCKDALE Historian MYRON MULCAHY Top Row: WELSH, MURTHA, JANSA, PRUESSNER, KLEUSER, VANDEN BOSSCHE, MIXON, DECINDER. Second Row: MULCAHY, DAVIS, MAGOFFIN, THOMPSON, GOHLKE, TUNSTILL, MOORMAN, BUTTERY. Third Row: OBATO. STOCKDALE, REED, HUTCHESON, MULLEN, DARSEY, McKAY. CABBARD. Fourth Row: WISE, BROWN. KUEHN, PITTILLO, MARSH, GREEN, DOUGLAS, MYERS. DUNKELBERC. MEMBERS Dicltson K. Boyd John R. Brown James M. Buttery Edward S. DJ R. C. DaNi- W. L. DeGinder V illiam K. Douglas Walter R. Dunkelberg James G. Gabbard Marvin H. Gohlke John E. Green. Jr. James F. Hooker George Hutcheson. Jr. Arthur M. Jansa Lawrence P. Kleuser Louis F. Kuehn Robert L. Magoffin John E. Marsh. Jr. Jesse A. Moorman Myron M. Mulcahy Brooks W. Mullen Carrol E. Murtha Willis S.Myers Jack McKay James McNeese Sam A. Mixon. Jr. William G. Obata Robert F. Pittillo Howard C. Pratt Harold T. Pruessner James E. Quattiebaum James E. Reed. Jr. Rider E. Stockdale. Jr. James C. Thompson James W. Tun still Leo J. Vanden Bossche Ronald A. Welsch Robert I. Wise Pic PHI BETA PI OFFICERS Archon EMIL CARROLL Vice-Archon RAY M. HAMPTON Secretary GRADY BASKIN Treasurer . . . . . . . . ZOLLIE NORMAN EMU, CARROLL Top Row: Shepperd, J. Smith, Key, Rollo, Holland, Colquitt, Norman, Baskin. Second Row: A. Johnson, Conkling, Stiernberg, Jones, Arnold, Grothaus, Bachman, B. Johnson. Third Row: Ferguson, Parker, Blalock, Hampton, Logsdon, Mitchell, Carpenter, Stevens, Booth. Fourth Row: Hill, Freitag, E. Smith, Lawless, Crawford, Meredith, Fly, Harrell, Jinkins. Fifth Row: Grice, Goodrich, Ball, Cox, Nelson, Palasota, Torno, Nering, McReynolds. I, PACS 496 MEMBERS Bol, Arnold George Bachman William P. Ball T. Grad Ba-kin Raymond Blalock James Booth Stewart Carpenter Emil Carroll Landon A. Colquitt Bill Conkline Jack Cox Stanley Crawford Richard Ferguson Sterling Fly Alan Freitag Billy Goodrich Edward Grice Edward Grothaus Raymond M. Hampton Dick Harrell Gene Hill Virgil Holland Jack Jinkins. Jr. Bruce Johnson Oscar Johnson Carson Jones Luther Key Virgil Lawless F. M. Logsdon Spencer Meredith Johnny Mitchell Ernest J. Nelson Al R. Nering Zollie T. Norman Pete Palasota Ben McReynolds William C. Rollo Ivan Shepperd Gene Smith Jack Line Smith " Douglas Stiernberg Curtis Torno 4 7 PHI CHI OFFICERS Presiding Senior Presiding Junior Secretary Treasurer Judge Advocate JOE STEED JOE STEED NORMAN MONK DAN BAEN TRUETT BOLES NEWTON MCDONALD Top Row: O ' Bryant, Gilbert, Perry, Hahn, Clarke, Blackburn, Kutchbach, Coleman, R. Ferguson, Gordon, Allen. Second Row: Mullens, McSwain, W. Ferguson, Kilpatrick, Gambrell, Dolch, Prewett, Nail, McDonald, Johnson, Puls. Third Row: Ferrell, Boles, Maddox, Speegle, Albert, Johnston, Clark, Glass. Monk, D. Terry, Hare. Fourth Row: Apple, Tree, Williams, Hinton, Dunn, Culbertson, Squyers, Smith, J. Terry, G. Price, Dudney, D. Price. Fifth Row: Thompson, Parker, Ghormley, Sharp, Clements, Odom, Davis, Neely, Giddins, Harle, Baen, Fontana. Sixth Row: Ford, Leigh, Snider, Wright, Pennal, Finlay, Boyd, Bruce, Cox, Tucker, Wappler, Fowler. PACE 498 MEMBERS Richard Albert Homer Allen George Apple Daniel Baen Ed Blackburn Truett Bole? Craig H. Boyd Joe Bruce Leon Clark I Whal Clarke Randy Clements X inton Coleman De Witt Cox Marvin C. Culbertson Harry Davis Stanley Dolch Ned Dudney Lanier Dunn Ray Ferguson W. R. Ferguson Oran L. Ferrell. Jr. Alex Finlay Benny Fontana David Ford Lake Fowler William Cambrel 1 Robert Ghormley Thomas Gidd Stanley Gilbert Cecil Glass Glenn Gordon Andrew Hahn Henry Hare James Harle Leslie Hinton Joel Johnson Harold Johnston Chester Kilpatrick Melvin Kutschbach Tom J_eigh Steve Maddox Don Mullins Norman Monk Newton McDonald H. T. McSwain Jake Nail Winston Neely Julian O ' Bryant Harold Odom James Parker Hugh Pennal John Perry John Prewett Dick Price Gordon Price Richard Puls Joe Sharp Dan R. Smith Bob Snider Jack Speegle Joe D. Steed Berry Squyers Douglas Tern Joe Terry- James D. Thompson Herschel V. Tree Lewis Tucker Frank Wappler John Whiteside Fralin Williams Clyde Wright PHI Illlll SIGMA OFFICERS President W. R. WHITSELL V ice-President D. 0. MONTGOMERY Secretary J. D. GOMILLION, JR. W. R. WHITSELL Top Row: DOUGLAS, WARD, DUNN, OSTEEN, CAYCE, CONNOLLY, PAUL, NORDMEYER, STIGLER, RUNGE. Second Row: LANGLEY, LEEVES, MONTGOMERY, FAIN, CAVE, JOHNSON, HERRMANN, STEMBRIDGE, PHILLIPS, GOMILLION. Third Row: MOORE, STIRMAN, BARNETT, HOFFMAN, HIGGINS, SIMS, WHITE, HALL, MORRISON. POWELL. PICE 500 William L. Barnett Walter Cave John H. Cayce Clyde Douglas John Connolly Jack Dunn Robert H. Fain Jesse D. Comillion Ed Hall Christian Herrmann Frank B. Higgin MEMBERS George Hoffman Clarke A. Johnson J. W. Langley James S. Leeves D. Otis Montgomery James Moore Cameron G. Morrison Roby Mudd Art Nordmeyer Charles Osteen W. Paul Jr. Joe Phil lips W. J. Powell Thomas M. Runge Paul M. Sims. Jr. Vernie A. Stemb ridge Del Stigler Jerry A. Stirman Harry Ward John E. White W. R. Whitsell. Jr. THETA KAPPA PSI OFFICERS Pryton JOHN K. Cox Vice-Pryton . . . . . . . . . . ANTONIO VLAHAKOS Recorder GEORGE METCALF JOHN K. cox Top Row: HARMON, MORRISETT, METCALF, WILLIAMS, VERRETT, EPPRIGHT, SMITH, C. KNOX. Second Row: KURILECZ, VLAHAKOS, HAYS, SCHAUER, JOHNSON, ANDREWS, UHL, CREMMEL. Third Row: BUFORD, PRETZ, PRIMER, BLACKSTOCK, MOORE, SCHOENVOGEL, MARROQUIN, LICON. Fourth Row: W. KNOX, GOSSETT, SMILEY, CONNOLLY, WEBB, HARDY, RIDDLE, READ. PACK 502 HDin nlllllll Philip Andrew James A. Ball Mathi- A. Blackstock Elvin M. Boyd Lee Owen Buford Archie M. Connolly J. K. Cox Bill C. Darnell Richard H. Eppright James D. Gossett Richard Graham Warren Gremmel Douglas Hardy Roger Harmon Sam Hays Sigman Hayes MEMBERS John E. Johnson Cecil Knox S arren Knox Mike Kurilecz Francisco Licon Peter Long Luis Marroquin T. D. Mayo, Jr. George Metcalf Robert Moore Leslie Morrisett Jerold Phelps Ernest C. Pretz Ben Primer Edwin Read Charles Riddle Harold Ross Charles Schauer 0. F. Schoenvogel Norman Scott David Smiley Jerry Smith David Stein John Tate Lawrence Uhl Dick Verrett Antonio Vlahakos Owen J. Webb Coyle Williams J ames C. Wright, Jr. PACE 503 ALPHA EPSILON IDTA OFFICERS V JUANITA HART Madeline fieckenbach Arr Nell Boelsche Francis Davis Margaret M. Davis Doris Depenbrock President .... Vice-President Corresponding Secretary . JUANITA HART FRANCIS DAVIS EVA EVERETT Recording Secretary CLAIRE GOSSAGE Treasurer RACHEL SPILLER MEMBERS Rebecca Duty Eva Everett Mary Claire Gossage Juanita Hart Mary Jean Heafer Gretchen S. Herrmann Grace K. Jameson Maryjean Murphy Dorthea Neubauer Helen Pratt Mary Louise Saunders Mary Benjamin Smith Rachel Ford Spiller Ida Kuritz Walton Louise VI ilcox Top Row: SPILLER, NEUBAUER, BOELSCHE, BECKENBACK, SMITH. Second Row: HANRAHAN, YOUNG, MOORE, HERRMANN, DAVIS. Third Row: PIERCE, HEAFER, KANTROVICH, DUTY, EVERETT, COSSAGE. PACE 504 PHI DELTA EPSILDN OFFICERS President RICHARD BLOCK Vice-President HYNUN PXLEY Treasurer HYMAX ROOSTH Secretary Lot is GREEN MEMBERS Richard Block Coleman Caploviu Sol Dittman Joseph Engler Sydney Finegold Dan Feinstein Stanley Fromm Burton Goldman Louis Green Paul Haber Harold Harris Milton Jacobs Harold Joseph Walter Kempler Richard Kleiman Jack Mazow Henry Mendel I Aaron Mintz H man Paley Ha-kell Rabinowitz Hvman Roosth RICHARD BLOCK Bernard Rosen Alvin Schrager Leo Silverman Bernard Schnitzer Mayo Stark Myer Stumer Sheldon Zinn T f .- ENCLER. ROSEN. GOLDMAN. PALEY. HABER. JACOBS. STtMER. M.4ZOW. 5 cU KM: SCHMT7ER. FEIN-TUN. SILVERMAN. WENDELL. ROOSTH. KLEIMAN. DITTMAN, KEMPLER. TkirJ .- FLNECOLD. STARK. ZINN. HARRIS. JOSEPH. MINTZ. CAPLOVITZ. RABINOTITZ. GREEN. RAYMOND HAMPTON OFFICERS President Secretary-Treasurer ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA Tom Cloud Wood Howard W. T. Jones Bill Langston Burke Morrison Joe Painter Theodore Painter Cliff Price Sandy Ryraer Paul Tausend R. J. Ulmer Billy Wilson PHI BETA PI George Bachman Perry Ball Ray Blalock Emil Carroll Bud Colquitt Bill Conkling Stan Crawford RAYMOND HAMPTON PERRY BALL MEMBERS Dickie Ferguson Ed Grice Ed Grothaus Ray Hampton Jack Jinkins Tom Parker George Stevens PHI CHI Homer Allen Ed Blackburn Truett Boles Randy Clements Ned Dudney Bob Ghormley Cecil Glass James Harle Chester Kilpatrick Henry Leigh Newton McDonald Winston Neely Joe Steed Joe. Terry Herschel Tree Lewis Tucker PHI RHO SIGMA John Connolly Clyde Douglas Bob Fain O. E. Hall John Langley Jimmy Leeves Otis Montgomery Art Nordmeyer Charles Osteen Paul Sims Dell Stigler Jerry Stirman Harry Ward John White W. R. Whitsell Top Row: BALL, J. PAINTER, PRICE, LEEVES, CRAWFORD, DUDNEY, WHITSELL, CHORMLEY, CLOUD. Second Row: MOORE, SIMS, CARROLL, STICLER, JINKINS, BLACKBURN, MONTGOMERY, STEVENS, FAIN, BACHMAN. Third Row: WILSON, FERGUSON, McDONALD, PARKER, STIRMAN. CONKLING, WARD, BOLES, T. PAINTER, LANGSTON. Fourth Row: HOWARD, STEED, GLASS, TUCKER, CLEMENTS, WHITE, LEIGH, HARLE, TERRY, REIMER. PACE 506 r r r AT HOUSTON TD THE CITIZENS DF TEXAS Your Dental Branch is active in developing a program of sound educational principles, ever mindful of the needs of the student and of its responsibility to the Commonwealth. Dentistry, like medicine, like law, is a branch of society. As a branch of society, it must meet its obligation of service. It must be planned to embrace sound educational procedures. The establishment of the Texas Medical Center in Houston, of which your Dental Branch is an integral part, will provide for the University an opportunity to develop and expand its program of education in those services that are concerned with the health of the people. The University will have the opportunity to develop an educational, research and service program equal to or superior to any similar program in the United States. Because of the manner in which the Texas Medical Center is being developed, the University can play a most important part in extending the services of the Center throughout Texas, the United States, and foreign countries. You will want a part in this development. Your interest and enthusiasm can be a great help. FREDERICK C. ELLIOTT Vice-President and Dean of the Dental Branch PACE 508 FACULTY TED ROBERT ALLELY, D.D.S.. Anatomy JOSEPH PHILLIP ARNOLD. D.D.S., Restorative Dentistry ERNST WILLIAM BERTNER. M.D.. F.A.CS., Dcnu! Medicine and Surgery THITI BIRATH, B.B.A.. Practice Relations and Management ROBERT KEMMUC BLAIR. B.A.. M.D.. F.A.CS., Anatomy DAVID BLONSTEIN, D.D.S.. Dental Medicine and Surgery MASON R. BOITHITE, B.A., Practice Relations H. M. BRUCE , PhJ)., Physiology JOHN ALLEN CARPENTER. D.D.S.. Restorathe Dentistry WILLIAM DOYNE COLUNCS. Ph.D-. Physiology RALPH C COOLET, DJXS.. FJ.CJ)., Practice Relations and Management J. CHARLES DICKSON, MJ)., Dental Medicine and Surgery HERMAN EDMI ND DTSTIN. B.S.. M.D.. F.A.CS.. Dental Medicine and Surgery FREDERICK CHESLEY ELLIOTT, PH.G., D.D.S.. F.A.CD., Restorative Dentistry: Practice Relations and Management GEORGE ALBERT EMERSON. Ph.D., Pharmacology PAUL LEON Ewixc. PhJ) Pharmacology HENRY EDWARD FAYLE, D.D , Restorative Dentistry DAMD ANCLE HACERMAN, DJ) Preventive Dentistry JOHN R. HAMMOND, D.DJ?.. Restorative Dentistry IN EILAND HILL, B.A M.D.. M.P.H Preventive Dentistry ROBERT HENRY HOOPER, DJXS.. Restorative Dentistry KII Us KERCHEVAL. DJ) F .CD-, Restorative Dentistry FRANK A. KREAMER, D.D.S.. B.A Restorative Dentistry JOHN DAVID LARKIN, D.D .. Practice Relations and Management v D. LEAKE, PhJX, Pharmacology PAIL VEAL LXDBETTER, B.S., M.D F.A.CP_ Dental Medicine and Surgery JAMES DAICHTRY O ' FARRELL. DJ) , FA.CJX, Practice Relations and Management ERIC OCDEN. B Ph.D, Physiology FLOYD AVERY PEYTON. B.A.. M.S., D c.. Physics, Dental Materials OSCAR EARNEST RANFRANZ. D.D -, F.A-C.D Dental Medicine and Surgery PHILIP FOWLER ROSENSTEIN. DJXS-, Dental Medicine and Surgery CHARLES B. SANDER-. B.A.. M.D., F_ .CP- Pathology W. J. SCHOVERLI.NC, B _ D.D Dental Medicine and Surgery JEROME B. SCHLADER. D.D.S.. Dental Medicine and Surgery FRITZ SCHLENK. PhJ) Biological Chemistry JOHN WILEY SCOTT. DJXS., Resorative Dentistry L KAXE SMITH, M.S.. D.D -, Preventive Dentistry ERNEST LEROY SNYDER. BJS-, D.DJs Anatomy OTHA G. SULLIVAN, Restorative Dentistry FREDERICK C. ELLIOTT of Tke L " mril at Te mi of Ike Drnul Bt.Of b HOWARD G. SWANN. PhD.. Physiology ARDELL NICHOLS TAYLOR, PhJ).. Physiology EDWARD TAYLOR, D.D.S., Preventive Dentistry CLARENCE FAIRLAN WALDON. B D.D Anatomy ELLEN KYLE WELLENSIEK, B _ D.D.S.. Restorative Dentistry HARTWELL WHISENNAND. D.D.S., Dental Medicine and Surgery EDITH O. WOLTERS, Ph.G D.D Preventive Dentistry JACK ZIMMERMAN. D.D.S.. Restorative De.-ni-try Tof K m: CARPENTER. BOLDRF.Y. FAYLE. KREAMER. SCHLADER. SCOTT. SNYDER. SCLLTVAX WALDON, TBISEMNAKD. Graduates ikfei WILLIAM ERIC ARTHUR, B.S., D.D.S., Saltillo S 3 JAMES Q. BARNES, D.D.S., Santa Anna WALLACE RAY BAZE, D.D.S., Garland CHARLES H. BRADLEY, B.A., D.D.S., Dickinson S CHARLES A. BRAUCHLE, B.S., D.D.S., Pleasanton A TOM F. CALDWELL, JR., B.A., D.D.S., Austin FRED R. CHASTAIN, D.D.S., Aransas Pass a JAMES W. CLARK, D.D.S., Beaumont " ! , Editor, Dental Section C. G. DICKINSON, D.D.S., Horatio, Ark. LARRY A. DORNBURG, D.D.S., Weesatche PEDRO GARCIA, B.A., M.S., D.D.S., Houston EDWARD G. GILES, D.D.S., Martinville, Va. JACK GOLF, B.S., D.D.S., Houston MURRY G. GRAY, D.D.S., Horatio, Ark. JAMES W. GREY, D.D.S., Balboa, Panama Pici 310 Graduates FRED A. II ( Kit RTH, D.D.S., Sealy M EDWARD J. HANME, B.S., D.D.S., Lafayette, La. JACK R. HERBST, D.D.S., Houston WILLIAM B. HOCKADAY, B.A., D.D.S., Brownsville g ROBERT T. MABERRY, D.D.S., Gilmer +Q CHARLES S. MANN, D.D.S., Lufkin GEORGE A. MANN, D.D.S., Lufkin ARGERO, E. PAPPAS, B.A., D.D.S., Houston JOSEPH D. PEACOCK, B.S., D.D.S., Miami, Fla. HENRY R. POTTS, D.D.S., Corrigan z+ WILLIAM J. POWERS, D.D.S., Houston DEAN SMITH, B.S., M.S., D.D.S., Baytown BERNARD SOLOMON, D.D.S., Houston KHNEST SPELLMAN, B.S., D.D.S., Houston S+ ROBERT H. WEATHERLY, JR., D.D.S., Conroe 511 Juniors KATHRYN B. AIKIN, Houston JOHN A. BERCHELMANN, San Antonio MARION E. BROOKS, Houston ROBERT M. CHANDLER, WesWco SHADLE LAMAR CRUNK, Nixon WILLIAM DAVIS, Galveston RAGNVALD G. FOWLER, Fort Worth CLYDE LEWIS FULLER, Baytown FAIRFAX MOODY HAMILTON, Houston DUNCAN C. HOWARD, Ennis JACK H. LEVINE, Houston DON HAYNES MASTERS, Abilene ELWOOD LEROY MOONEY, Houston AUBREY P. MURPHY, Marshall CLARA FRANCES SANGER, Abilene SARAH MALCHI SCHIMMEL, Houston HOLMAN SAYLORS SMITH, San Angelo JOSEPH SMITH, Port Lavaca ROBERT A. WOOD, Galveston, Associate Editor, Dental Section LEO J. WINDECKER, Moulton, Photographer, Dental Section PACE 512 Sophomores RALPH M. BENSON. Tyler HENRY F_ BLTTRY. Crockett CHARLES M. DAMS. JR.. Woodville GEORGE HANNIE, Lafayette, La. HERMAN REGINALD O.ES, Beaumont JACK ATEN LYONS. Georgetown WILBUR RILEY McFERRIN. Calhoun City, Miss. WILLIAM ALLEN SCOTT, Temple IRA WILLIAM SCHWARTZ, JrL, Port Arthur LEE SMITH. Corpus Christi REEVES LEE SMITH. San Antonio FM 513 Freshmen H. FORD ALLEN, Lamarque JAMES WESCOAT AUSTIN, Corpus Christ! D. L. BRUNSON, Goose Creek EDWARD HENRY CARRIKER, Center JEFFERSON PICKENS CARTER, Madisonville CHARLES E. DERRICK, Bullard ALFRED S. FARMER, Gonzales EDWIN L. HOLMES, Pasadena VERNON SAUNDERS JOHNSON, Houston GERALD MARSH LATIMER, Texarkana CORBAN JARRELL LEWIS, Eddy RALPH BURDETTE LYDIC, Beaumont JACK COLLIS MANNING, Livingston PIERCE LAMAR MEADOWS, Harlingon ROBERT EMMETT MILES, Alpine CHARLES ROBERT MORRIS, Bastrop RICHARD GOULD MORSE, San Antonio RAFAEL A. NAVARRO, San Antonio CHARLES RUSSELL PECK, Austin KENNETH C. PENNINGTON, Woodville SAM WILLIAM ROGERS, JR., Austin GEORGE V. SOWERS, Beaumont ROBERT AARON SUHLER, El Paso J. B. VEALE, Houston THOMAS MALFORD WEATHERLY, Willis PACE 514 DMICHON KAPPA UPSIUW Dental Honor Society Mu Mu Chapter OFFICERS President . I ict ' -I ' rcsidcnl . Secretary-Treasurer DR. JAMES D. O ' FARRELL DR. LEONARD I. KERCHEVAI. DR. J. ALLEN CARPENTER CHARTER MEMBERS Dr. E. B. Arnold Dr. J. P. Arnold Dr. Frederick C. Elliott Dr. R. H. Hooper Dr. K. W. Mayo Dr. W. T. Newton Dr.W. Il.Scherer Dr. Ted R. Allely Dr. Dave Blonstein Dr. J. Allen Carpenter Dr. J. S. Cunningham Dr. R. E. Fonville FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Paul E.Gil liam Dr. D. A. Hagerman Dr. F. A. Hawk Dr. 0. H. Jones Dr. Leonard I. Kercheval Dr. J. D. Larkin Dr. James D.O ' Farrell Dr. 0. E. Ranfranz Dr. R. J. Robinson Dr. P. F. Rosenstein Dr. E. L. Williams ALUMNI MEMBERS Dr. G-leBlackaller Dr. E. r. Boelsche Dr. R. A. Soelsche Dr. Randolph Brantley Dr. Lee Brown, Jr. Dr. B. E. Burgess Dr. A. 0. Burnett, Jr. Dr. Percy C. Butcher. Jr. Dr. W. C. Caldwell, Jr. Dr. R. G. Carlton Dr. J. A. Carpenter Dr. Billy J. Chumlea Dr. Edward J. Cooksey Dr. R. C. Cooley Dr. Thomas Coor Dr. E. R. Drozd Dr. E. W. Darilek Dr. George S. Gayle Dr. J. B. Halet Dr. Murray M. Hall Dr. John R. Hammond Dr. David E. Hunsaker Dr. Howard W. Jacobe, Jr. Dr. Dexter A. Jung, Jr. Dr. W. E. Lipscomb Dr. Oliver P. McCall Dr. Charles H. McClendon Dr. Sam L. Mallett Dr. F. W. Miller Dr. Sam E. Mills Dr. E. P. Newton Dr. Cecil E. Nottingham, Jr. Dr. Edgar O ' Quinn Dr. Victor T. Oliver Dr. James M. Orr Dr. J. W. Outlaw Dr. Mack Parker Dr. J. B. Peabody Dr. Abner M. Peabody Dr. Werner M. Pfluger Dr. G. M. Platt Dr. Walter Rehrauer Dr. Jack M. Richardson Dr. D. C. Ruthven Dr. D. V. Secrest Dr. W. J. Schoverling Dr. John W. Scott Dr. Hutton A. Shearer Dr. W. H. Speer Dr. E. L. Snyder Dr. W. L. Stovall Dr. Leon G. Suehs Dr. W. E. Sutton Dr. John H. Swanson Dr. C. M. Taylor Dr. D. I. Trotti Dr. W. W. Ward, Jr. Dr. J. H. Weaver Dr. Ellen K. Wellensiek Dr. John F. Wheeler Dr. Hartwell WTiisennand Dr. James B. Wilson Dr. John J. Wilson Dr. James E. Wood Dr. Richard Woods Dr. Irvin A. Worhol HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Monle R. Garrison Colonel B. Epes PACE 515 PSI OMEGA Delta Upsilon Chapter OFFICERS Grand Master LEO J. WINDECKER Junior Grand Master CLYDE L. FULLER Secretary HERMAN R. ILES Treasurer FRED R. CHASTAIN Editor ROBERT A. WOOD Chaplain EDWARD G. GILES LEO J. WINDECKER Top Row : Allen, Berchelmann, Brooks, B runs on, Caldwell, Carriker, Carter, Chandler. Second Row: Chastain, Crunk, Davis, Derrick, Dornburg, Fuller, Giles, Gray, Hackbarth. Third Row: Hockaday, Holmes, Ilea, Johnson, Latimer, Lewis, Lydic, Lyons, Maberry. Fourth Row: Manning, Meadows, Miles, Mooney, Morris, Morse, Navarro, Peacock, Peck. Fifth Row: Rogers, J. Smith, L. Smith, Sowera, Veale, R. Weatherly, T. Weatherly, Windecker, Wood. PACE 518 ' MEMBERS James Robert Alexander. Jr. H. Ford Allen John A. Berchelmann M. Ellsworth Brooks T. W. Brown D. L. Brunson Tom F. Caldwell Ed Carriker J. P. Carter A. Q. Cato Robert M. Chandler Fred R. Chastain Billy W. Coker amarr Crunk K. E. Daniel William Davi- Charles E. Derrick. Jr. Larry A. Dornburg Clyde L. Fuller Edwaed G. Giles A. L. Glover M.G.Gray Fred Hackbarth William B. Hockaday Edwin L. Holmes Herman R. lies Vernon S. Johnson Joe B. Kerby Gerald M. Larimer C. J. Lewis Ralph B. Lydic Jack A. Lyons Robert T. Maberry Jack C. Manning Lamar Meadows Woodrow W. Mikeska Rovert E. Miles Elwood L. Mooney Charles R. Morris Richard G. Morse Rafael A. Navarro Joe D. Peacock Charles R. Peck John R. Raymond Sam W. Rogers Candelario Saenz Nick Shifani E. L. Smith George V. Sowers J. B. Veale R. . Weatherly T. M. Weatherly Leo J. Windecker Robert A. Wood lames H. Wynne P.... 5I XI PSI PHI Alpha Psi Chapter I OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Chief Herald . WILLIAM J. POWERS GEORGE A. MANN RICHARD W. SLATTEN EDWARD J. HANNIE CHARLES M. DAVIS WILLIAM J. POWERS Top Row: Arthur, Barnes, Baze, Bradley, Brauchle, Slatten, Grey, E. Hannie. Second Row: Herbst, C. Mann, G. Mann, Marullo, Poppas, Potts, Powers, Clark. Third Row: D. Smith, Spellman, Weibusch, Fowler, Howard, Masters, Murphy, Redfern. Fourth Row: H. Smith, Bartley, Benson. Beissner, Cunningham, C. Davis, G. Hannie, McFerrin, Scott Fifth Row: Schwartz, R. Smith, Catlin, Farmer, Frasher, Frnka, Hunter, Little, McWilliams. Sixth Row: Moritz, Nelson, Pennington, Poole, Ridout, Sellers, Sheehy, Stivers Svajda PACK 520 YESTERDAY . . TODAY . . TOMORROW Leaders in ra6n for Co-eds and University Men 1893 1947 CONGRESS AVENUE flT SIXTH IB El EE ft , r 1( -i -i, -- ' I-,..,,- ' . ( Th AUSTIN TheDRISKILL JESS WHflTLEY, Manager Welcomes You to Austin 300 Rooms of Solid Comfort Circulating Pure Artesian Ice Water Air Conditioned Cafe Coffee Shop For 62 Years the Standby of Austin ' s Discriminating Visitors Austin Headquarters of the University Faculty, Alumni and Student Body fux 521 THE flusTin nflTionfiL BRDK of AUSTIN, TEXAS X- X- f FIFTY-SEVEN YEARS OF FRIENDLY SERVICE Chartered May 9, 1890 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION U. S. GOVERNMENT DEPOSITARY PACI 522 Woody ' s Studio f or ine portrait CATHERINE HOUSTON Always be modern with Gas and let it do the four big jobs in your home: namely, Cooking, Water Heating, House Heating, and Refrigeration X- X- TEXRS PUBLIC SERVICE CO. 422 CONGRESS flVE. AUSTIN, TEXflS The Rmerican Rational Bank flustin, Texas 57 vjearA of Servi ervce Officers E. R. L. WROE, President A. C. BULL, Vice-President L. D. WILLIAMS, Vice-President Trust Officer BEN M. BRIGHAM, Cashier W. R. LONG, JR., Asst. Vice-President J. H. MEYERS, JR., Asst. Vice-President W. W. SHROPSHIRE, Asst. Cashier FRED PENICK, Assistant Cashier M. M. MACKEN, Assistant Cashier E. W. ANDERSON, Assistant Cashier C. WILLARD HOUSER, Assistant Cashier E. C. DUKE, Asst. Trust Officer Directors ARTHUR P. BAGBY A. C. BULL W. S. DRAKE, JR. J. E. HARRISON THEO. P. MEYER TOM MILLER J. R. NICHOLS LOUIS NOVY BEN H. POWELL A. B. SPIRES E. R. L. WROE MEMBER FEDERAL D E P O S I T I N S U R ft N C E CORPORATION PACE 524 51 YEARS UF CONTINUED SERVICE TD THE STUDENTS DF THE UNIVERSITY DF TEXAS -to Sta . ? ? . School .JupplieA UNIVERSITY CD-DP {Jperalea ana (Controlled bu racuftu and tu spe GUADALUPE STREET AUSTIN i . . lour mflii ORDERS FOR WE PflY POSTAGE flND SHIP SflME DflY ORDER IS RECEIVED TEXAS BOOK STORE Across from University 2244 GUADALUPE ST. I 24th at Guadalupe J- roper ( lotnina neipS uou make tne most of uour abilities alwaus as a student and as a araduate on tne wau a up in tne world. p r X- IDERRITT SCHHEFER BROIiin " Men ' s Style Center of the Southwest " PACE 526 THG CAPITAL RATIOnAL BARK IN flUSTIN Capital ll lli ll Bank Building WALTER BREMOND, JR.. President INO. A. GRACY, Vice -President E. P. CRAVENS, Vice-President WALTER BOHN. Vice-President W. C. KENEDY. Ass ' t. Vice-President JOHN S. BURNS, Assistant Vice-President AUG. DeZAVALLA, Special Representative LEO KUHN. Cashier JOE S. DUNLAP, Assistant Cashier F. M. DuBOSE, Assistant Cashier WILFORD NORMAN, Assistant Cashier ROY STEWART, Assistant Cashier ASHLEY WYNN, Ass ' t. Trust Officer U. S. GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY F.D.I.C. f OUTSTANDING I STORES TO SERVE Austin PAGE 528 We appreciate the patronage of the University students. Congratulations to the graduates and good wishes for the under- graduates. Collegiate Shop 2324 Guadolupe Street . . . " On the Drag ' RflnSOm ' S DRUG STORE We Appreciate Your Business SCflRBROUGH BUILDING Phone 5361 " The South ' s Finest " m ILflfTI CflFETERIRS No. 1801 CONGRESS No. 2 21st WICHITA FOR NEW TIRES SEE YOUR Seiberling Distributor BLUE PENNANT TIRE COMPANY Authorized HAWKINSON TIRE TREAD SERVICE Austin 419 Colorado Phone 2-6211 UJATSOn FLOUJGR SHOP iV -.:-.- 2604 Guadalupe Phone 2-9294 S -fl V G Your money in the Mutual where the current rate is 2% and you have insurance up to $5,000 MUTUAL SAVINGS INSTITUTION Resources Over " $6,000 000 00 905 Congress FRIDEN AUTOMATIC CALCULATORS ALLEN WflLES flDDING MflCHINES 108 East Tenth Street Compliments of Austin flrmy and Ravy Store 201 West Sixth flDD CHARM TO YOUR HOME . . . with lovely China and Glassware from Austin ' s Favorite Store . 505 Congress Phone 2-4154 You ' ll Find the Clothes College Girls Desire at Irffnklii 13 718 CONGRESS AVE.Cl Also Complete Children ' s Department Compliments of CABAniss FURNITURE COMPANY New and Used Furniture STOVES flND RANGES FLOOR COVERINGS 204-206 East Sixth Street Phone 2-1109 Austin, Texas Specialists in the Examination of the Eyes and the Fitting of Glasses 01 Seventh Congress " Where the Students get their Glasses " SEVENTH flND CONGRESS AUSTIN, TEXflS " SHOES IN VOGUE flRE flT THE VOGUE " SLIPPGR SHOP 724 Congress SHOES HOSE BflGS J. R. RGGD mUSIC CO. AUSTIN ' S LEADING MUSIC HOUSE Your Friends SINCE 1901 HOME OF THE STEINWAY PIflNO INSTRUMENT OF THE IMMORTALS ' mODE O ' DRY Dresses - Hosiery - Lingerie 826 CONGRESS Your Friendly 5 10-CENT STORE Serving the Students for 20 Years HAGG ' S 5 10-Cent Store PACE 530 CORDER 24th and Guadalupe Austin Ulniver it READY-TO-WEAR SHOP Collegiate Lounge Your Down-Town Headquarters 614 CONGRESS AUSTIN ' S MOST COMPLETE AGENCY for REAL ESTATE SERVICE Complete Insurance Protection Prompt and Economical Loans Efficient Property Management HARRISOn-UJILSOn-PCARSOn 131 West Seventh Phone 2-6201 New and Used BOOKS For All Correspondence Courses TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS No. 1 Across from Law No. 2 On the Drag Robt. Mueller Leo O. Mueller Robt. fflueller Brother AUSTIN TRUNK FACTORY Quality Luggage Since The University was Established 510 Congress Ave. AUSTIN, TEXAS P 531 fl. C. KNIPPA G. C. SEIDERS SELF SERVE GROCERY AND MARKET 100% Quality, Courtesy, and Satisfaction 1001 CONGRESS AVE. 3101 GUADALUPE ST. 412 WEST 6TH ST. UNIVERSITY DRUG STORE INCORPORATED 2300 Guadalupe Austin, Texas Continuous, Satisfactory, Dependable Service SINCE 1885 Patterson Jones Company Real Estate Loans Real Estate Rentals Insurance 123 West 7th St. Austin, Texas Whenever You ' re Hungry or Thirsty, Stop at Triple XXX Sandwich Shop 2801 Guadalupe AUSTIN, TEXAS The " only " XXX Root Beer in Austin We Appreciate Your Patronage PACE 532 Phone 3702 Adds to Your Comfort Pleasure Convenience and Satisfaction COURTEOUS, PROMPT ICE DELIVERY SERVICE PUBLIC COLD STORAGE Southwestern Ice Cold Storage Co. AUSTIN, TEXAS Phone 23168 Exclusive ' HOME COOKING " On the Drag for 30 Years Ulukasch Bros. Cafe flIR COOLED 2002 Guadolupe Phone 6305 Legal Directory THOMPSON, KNIGHT, HARRIS, WRIGHT WEISBERG William Thompson William R Harris George S. Wright Alex F. Weisberg Wm. C. Thompson Thomas A. Knight Dwight L Simmons I. Paul Jackson Attorneys and Counselors Republic Bank Building DALLAS 1, TEXAS f. Hart Willis Marshall Thomas Adair Rembert Pinkney Grissom Sol Goodell Harold F. Thompson William H. Neary Sam G. Winstead lames E. Henderson William A. Rembert. Jr. lohn W. Rutland. Jr. Wilmer D. Masterson, Jr. Samuel H. Boren, Jr. F. Claud Jackson, Jr. Daniel Rogers Robert E. Rain. Jr. tux IH THE STYLE SHOP OF flUSTIN Leon ' s Slipper Shop 618 Congress ? ( -Jeldin 125 East Seventh ower flustin, Texas flUSTin LflUHDRY AND DRY CL AN NG COMPANY 16th and Lavaca AUSTIN, TEXAS REPUTATION The successful dentist always uses the best materials available. He avoids handicaps! You will find that he uses gold DEEGOLD. It is uniform, highly dependable and cer- tain to serve with credit. THOS. J. DEE CO. PRECIOUS METflLS 1900 W. Kinzie St. Chicago 22 There ' s A Great Store Coming! A Greater Houston PACE 534 : DflLLAS AUSTIN 709 CONGRESS THE NflME LONG flSSOCIflTED WITH FINE CLOTHES FOR MEN cost GREYHOUND LINES PACI S3S SULPHUR SERVES TEXRS Yes, sulphur serves Texas . . . serves the entire world for that matter. On the farm and in the factory sulphur is put to thousands of uses. From the chemist ' s test tubes come new products that add to the joy and comfort of living. While on the farm sulphur makes barren soil again productive and holds in check insects that destroy the nation ' s crops. There is probably no other natural resource in Texas which offers so much to the progress and prosperity of agriculture and industry both to this nation and to the entire world. TEXHS GULF SULPHUR CORlPflllY, IHC Producers of crude sulphur Pici 536 ROUGHNECK In a laboratory? Incredible, but true, for here at HUGHES TOOL COMPANY the research and experimental depart- ments duplicate drilling conditions that actually occur in the field. We " lab roughnecks " drill the same strata encountered in the field . . . the same rugged formations. The difference of course, is that we can actually see the battle between the rugged teeth of HUGHES ROCK BITS and the tough, resisting formations of every kind. That ' s why we knoic the problems of drillers as well as they know them . . . and that ' s why HUGHES ROCK BITS J drill fast, straight, full gage hole. They ' re tailor-made for drilling specific formations on any location. TOOL COMPANY p.... , - To a GRERTER University jesse H. joncs IRTGRGSTS HOUSTON. TEXAS o to LjraauateA of ' 47 We believe in free enterprise as the builder of Better Men; Better Nations. That is why we are one of the largest banks in Texas and ready at all times to serve you. National Bank of C ommeree OF HOUSTON " THE BANK OF COURTESY " WARM, FRIENDLY BANKING AND TRUST GUIDANCE HOUSTON PiGE 538 WYATT METAL g BOILER WORKS FM 539 " One of America ' s Really Fine Stores. " Specializing in Men ' s, Women ' s and Chil- dren ' s Apparel and Accesso- ries. Occupying six floors of the 35-story Gulf Building. HOUSTON Mil ip Schlumberger UUell Surveying Corporation 11 Originators of Electrical Well Logging " 7fie Sign of Friendly Throughout Texas, the Humble sign flashes a friendly greeting to motorists, invites them to the driveways of stations fully equipped and capably manned to render prompt, experienced service. Restrooms are spotless. Products are second to none. Let the Humble Station in your neighborhood care for your car. And when you travel Texas highways, stop at the Humble Stations along your route. You ' ll get improved performance from your car, more comfort for yourself. Stop for friendly service at any Humble sign. UMBLE OIL REFINING COMPANY Over 6,000 Texons ore waiting to welcome you under the Humble sign Pi 540 A TO A FRESHMAN So the day you have been dreaming about all these years has at last come to pass. You are enrolled in a fine school. ou are excited, eager, enthusiastic. You are a freshman on the brink of high adventure. Before you lies one of the happiest chapters in the hook of life. In the days ahead you will gain knowledge and culture that will add much both to the zest of living and your understanding of human problems and relationships. You will establish friendships that will endure through the years. You will enter into the spirit and participate in the pleasant social activities which, since the earliest days of universities, have l een associated with student life. Wasn ' t it fortunate for you that your parents had the foresight, years ago. to provide for your education through a special account at Second National? And isn ' t their example worthy of emulation by all parents of growing children? Because of the wisdom of your folks, there was no question about your entering college and no undue strain on the family finances. Because of the action they took long ago, you are a fresh- man today and as a freshman we wish you a full measure of scholastic and social achievement. M..b., f.D.I.C SECPND ATIONAL Capital end Serpltt $10.000.000 HOUSTON ' S PROGRESSIVE BANK LOCATED IN THE CENTER OF TOWN, MAIN AT RUSK Listen to the GARDEN CLUB OF THE AIR - Tuesday and Thursday - at 11:30 A.M. over KPRC (950 on your dial) PMX Graduates of 1947 . . . a Joske ' s, shopping headquarters for stu- dents and families all over Texas and the Southwest, is always ready to please you . . . with a whole " city " of shops, a big main store and many separate stores! " The largest store in the largest state. " By the fllamo, San Antonio UJOLFF fllARX SAN ANTONIO . . . Qua lity! . . . Service! . . . Courtesy! Iff Striving ever to bring to critical San Antonians the newest... the smartest . . . the most important modern mer- chandise of the day ... at prices in keeping with the trend of the times! EDISON CENTENNIAL The 100th anniversary of the birth of Thomas A. Edison is be- ing observed throughout America to honor the memory of a man whose genius has brought comfort and convenience to people through- out the world. We as workers in the power and light industry are proud that Edison established the first steam-driven electric power plant. This small power plant was the beginning of an industry which gave America a tremendous advantage in waging a victorious w ar, and which is now providing power for still greater industrial devlopment in Texas and in the nation. Edison took out a thousand patents on his inventions and was awarded the Congressional Medal which reads: " He illuminated the path cf progress by his inventions. " THOMAS ALVA EDISON 1847- 1931 TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY PACE 542 Providing Abundant Low-Cost ELECTRIC POWER Home, Farm, Business TEXAS POWER 1 LIGHT COMPANY, pioneer of transmission line electric service in Texas, has been a vital factor in the industrial and agricultural progress ot Texas, its far-flung transmission and distribution system supplying dependable, low-cost electric service to a vast 52-county area in North. East and Central Texas FROM THESE TRANSMISSION LINES comes the energy- which powers the many industries grown up during the past VI years. From these lines during the war came the energy which supplied vast amounts of power on demand, when and where it was needed by the war industries and military in- stallations which sprang up almost overnight. THE POWER LINES OF THIS COMPANY bring metropolitan type electric service 10 the crossroads. Pioneer of rural electrification in Texas, Texas Power Light Company ' s service to rural and farm homes dates back as early as 1915. This Company today serves more than 68,000 rural and farm customers, and in addition supplies electric power at one of the lowest wholesale rates in the United States to 20 REA Cooperatives which, in turn, serve a large additional number of farms in North, East and Cen- tral Texas. IT IS THE CONTINUING POLICY of this Company always to plan ahead for future requirements, thus enabling it at all times to provide amply for the power needs of the area it serves. The number of customers served by the Company has increased since its organization in 1912 until, today, it serves more than 200,000 customers in 445 cities, towns and communities. TEXAS POWER LIGHT COMPANY JOHN X . CARPENTER, President and General Manager ; . . :: AN YOU WILL WANT TO BE IN A COMPLETE WEBER OFFICE is like a stage perfectly set for a great performance. Each major item of equipment . . . Weber Chair, Majestic Unit, RayDex X-Ray . . . is the last word in efficiency and beauty. Each is a model selected to suit exactly the practitioner ' s needs and preferences, located so that his individual operating techniques may function with maximum skill and minimum effort. Plan now to " star " in such a " picture. " A complete Weber office designed and equipped especially for you will be a wise (and surprisingly moderate) investment that will pay big dividends in professional prestige and income for many years. Why not consult your Weber Dealer, and also write Weber for descriptive literature. WEBER DENTAL MANUFACTURING CO. WEBER THE NAME TO REMEMBER IN DENTAL EQUIPMENT CRYSTAL PARK, CANTON 5, OHIO PACE 544 Our Best UJishes for the Success and Happiness of fill Students of the Dental Branch of The University of Texas L IB. (JGRRY) GIRO COLLEGE REPRESENTATIVE PERDLETOn flRTO, IRC DENTISTS ' AND PHYSICIANS ' SUPPLIES LABORATORY AND HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT 220 Medical Arts Bldg. Phone Capitol 7255 HOUSTON 1, TEXAS MS COIlGRATULATIOnS ADD BGST UJISHGS To the Class of 1947 of THG UniVGRSITY OF TGXAS SCHOOL OF DGDTISTRY We wish to thank you for your past patronage and to remind you that we are dealers for all major lines of dental equipment including: RITTER WEBER S. S. WHITE AMERICAN CABINET CO. GENERAL ELECTRIC CO. WILMOT CASTLE CO. PELTON CRANE CO. Our office planning department is always ready to assist you in plan- ning your office and to aid you with any problems which may arise. -X College Representatives MR. JEWELL FRflNKS MR. PHILIP HINES A D c t. I . aru, " Practice Building Supplies Since 1884 THREE MODERN TEXAS STORES TO SERVE YOU 1211 CflROLINE ST. HOUSTON. TEXflS TEL. CflPITOL 7347 809-11 LflMflR ST. FORT WORTH, TEXflS TEL. 2-2158 MEDICAL flRTS BLDG. DflLLflS. TEXflS TEL. RIVERSIDE 4456 PACE 546 Serving Dentistry and Dented Colleges for 30 Years COLUITIBIfl DERTOFORm CORP. THE HOUSE OF fl THOUSflND MODELS ' Headquarters for Dental Models and Brown Precision Attachments 131 EflST 23HD STREET - NEW YORK 10, N. Y. OTTALLJUM flUSTENflL TEETH CflLLE flCRYLIC Compliments Shall Dental Laboratory Co. HOUSTON Branches: BEAUMONT - CORPUS CHRIST! - TYLER M. J. PENDRICK DENTflL CERflMJC flND PLftSTIC STUDIO 1017 Esperson Bldg. B R I D G E S I A C K E T S PORCELAIN flCRYLIC RESTORATIONS EXCLUSIVELY BEST WISHES FOR CONTINUED SUCCESS B. B. ITIoore Laboratories 743 Kress Building HOUSTON 2, TEXAS Serving you has been a pleasure, a pleasure we hope will continue throughout your career. To this end S. S. While representatives and authorized dealers everywhere stand ready to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact these men or write us direct. If vou are not already acquainted with our equipment financing plans, request your copy of " Practice in Modern Surroundings. " ' THE S. S. WHITE DENTAL MFG. CO. 211 S. Twelfth Street, PHILADELPHIA 5, PA. OUR OfflOE PLANNING SRVIC S47 I Your CHLVESTOfl Beach Headquarters When visiting Treasure Isle make safe, clean Stewart Beach Park your beach- front playground. Here you may enjoy a typical Galveston vacation at its best. Complete facilities are provided for every vacation need. OPEN-AIR DANCE AREAS AVAILABLE AT ALL TIMES FOR PRIVATE PARTIES fr -Available from. -Stpril lit to Jctooer lit BATHHOUSES FOOD AND BEVERAGE BAR SKATING DANCING GOLF ARCHERY BEACH SERVICE BROADWALK GIFT SHOP from Octohr 2nd to Wjarcli 3 fit FOOD AND BEVERAGE BAR BATHHOUSES BROADWALK PACE 548 Since 1895 DEPARTMENT STORE Golveston Compliments of GflLVESTON mODGL LflUTlDRY Died 5522 OPPOSITE FEDERAL BUILDING GARBADG ' S PHARIT1ACY AMERICAN NATIONAL INSURANCE BLDG. Dial 9541 Gal vest on, Texas In deep appreciation and thanks to the students and graduates of The Univer- sity of Texas School of Medicine. J. A. MAJORS CO. DEALERS IN MEDICAL BOOKS OF ALL PUBLISHERS DALLAS NEW ORLEANS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 47 KCLtABILITY-SIMCC Compliments of MODEL DAIRY GALVESTON, TEXAS Model Milk Veri-Fine Ice Cream P c S49 Salute to THG UniVGRSITY OF TGXAS in AUSTIR and THG meDicflL BRnncH OF THG UniVGRSITY OF TGXAS in GflLVGSTOn The Gal veston Clearing House Association Galveston, Texas f f Co -ompriAina QTY NflTIONflL BflNK THE FIRST NATIONAL BflNK HUTCHINGS-SEflLY NflTIONflL BflNK UNITED STflTES NflTIONflL BflNK (MEMBERS FEDERflL DEPOSIT INSURflNCE CORPORflTION) W. L. MOODY CO., BflNKERS (Unincorporated) f X- f PACE 550 COnGRATULATIOnS TO THG GRADUATES OF THG 1T1GDICAL BRARCH OF THG UTWGRSITY OF TGXAS (C rcu t) MARTINI STATE QUEEN BROADWAY TREMONT KEY In Golveston, Texas EQGGT Lj our AT THE TURF GRILL Enjoy breakfast, luncheon, dinner or late supper in Galveston ' s truly distinctive eating roon Famed for Fine Foods 2214 MARKET Galveston, Texas COMPLIMENTS Galveston Retail Furniture Dealers Rssociation DRUSS FURNITURE CO. KflHN LEVY KAUFFMAN MEYERS CO. NELSON FURNITURE PALflCE FURNITURE CO., INC. PLANTOWSKY FURNITURE CO. SCHREIBER MILLER SEARS, ROEBUCK CO. SILKENSEN-SHAW FURN. CO., INC. STAR FURNITURE CO. ; , . -- GALVESTON ' S " PRESCRIPTION " FOR FRIENDLY SERVICE Whether it ' s for parties or accommo- dations for friends and family U. of T. Medical Students " presc ribe " the best when they suggest Galveston ' s fine flffiliated National Hotels. Hotel BUCCANEER Hotel GflLVEZ Hotel JEAN LAFITTE JACK TAR COURT HOTEL CORONADO COURTS MIRAMAR COURTS Other Affiliated National Hotels Serving Texas HOTEL STEPHEN F. flUSTIN flustin HOTEL EDSON Beaumont HOTEL BROWNWOOD Brownwood HOTEL COHTEZ El Paso HOTEL TEXflS Fort Worth HOTEL CflVflLIEH Galveston HOTEL PLflZfl Laredo HOTEL LUBBOCK Lubbock HOTEL FflLLS Marlin HOTEL CflCTUS San Angela HOTEL MENGER ' San flntonio HNGELES COURTS . . . San flntonio DGGP in THG HGART OF TEXAS We couldn ' t be more serious when saying we want the S. F. Austin " deep in the heart " of every TEXAS student and faculty mem- ber. Our long association has been that of real friends. As the " Hub of Happenings " the S. F. Austin has become a part of your school life it has been your Capi- tal headquarters where you ' ve entertained friends and greeted the folks from home. Whether a student or ex-student always consider the S. F. flustin Hotel as your home in flustin. One thing is certain you will always remain " deep in the hearts " of us at the S. F. flustin. ROSS I. SHELDON Manager HOTEL AUSTIN STEPHEN F TIM J AUSTIN TEXAS ggg% PFFILIflTED nfiTIOnfiL HOTELS PACE 552 MARKET AT 22ND WHERE YOU NEVER PAY MORE SERVING GALVESTONIANS WITH THE BETTER THINGS FOR COMFORTABLE LIVING COLLGGG mn The Student ' s Own Died 2-2013 1001 Mechanic GflLVESTOH nATHAR ' S GALVESTON N N LOOKING through this yearbook one seldom realizes the count- less hours, even days, of work and planning done by the editors to produce an outstanding annual. The editors ' supervision includes every- thing from the first idea of a theme through the innumerable details involved in art work, layouts, photographs, copy, engravings and printing. Our greatest interest has been to work in the spirit of cooperation, relieving the editors, wherever possible, of some of their work and worry. With the shortage of materials and manpower the task has not always been easy and delay has been inevitable. It is our hope, however, that our organization of experienced craftsmen has succeeded, along with your editors, in turning out a book that you will find attractive and entertaining. THE GULF PUBLISHING COMPANY 3301 BUFFALO DRIVE HOUSTON, TEXAS PACE 554 INDEX m, A.C.g. A. 1. g. g. A. l.M.f. A.S-C.g. A.S.M.g. A bad . Victor Hoto Amrt. Mary Lee Abbott, Cklrm Roger AbeeJ. Jamn XieJaon Abel Malcoba D Abel. Vrma May Abed, John B Abrmatky, Harold Abenntky. Jewell r Abemathy William Lane Abkxwn, William Atle ,B01yT Abies. Jame.Latkrm Aooriti. Sybil Abrakam. Frank Abrakam. Robert Start Abrams. Caralya 8v . . 14 227 22$ 229 no 211 M 57. BI i- ZS.1M.4M 304,42$ KM. at If 23,230 41J 410 4P7 237 .44 424X44S.4W 433. 448. 4 7 414 Alnaader.Nea .. Alexander. Robert E Alexander. Sila JaM Alexander. Stanford. J Akiandrr. Slew . Air uadc . Wafer Merlr Alciander. Wealey WaVma Akxandrr. William T AMon o. Pliaio Almky. Mara Mkkarl Ha Prnga 206 410 -. -. ' 72 ST4.4J7 8C.XM 204 Kmme 18.181. ai.tH.Mt .23 437 .286 164.381 13S.3S5 EateUe A A Aeerada. LN M Ackrr.HrfcB.Louw Aekerata , Edward M 442 M. 14 . 237. 25 81.391 72. 240 124. 1 4. 414 - . ARam. Gloria Lncffle. ABday. Robert AnVx.A.G Allen. Ann Lee Allen. Baml. Allen. Billye Virginia Allen. Claode Traweek Allen. Come ... 1 Allen. Dan H 287 AUern. Dewey Emteae 227.427 Allen. Enceie Milton 176 Allen. F. Rosamond 3.375 Allen. Harm Jeanne 57 Allen. Forrest Cleniacd 3.402 Allen, Frank 182 AOea, Gloria Patricia ... .23 ; llen.HarmT 410 Afien. Henry Kiper 15. 11 . 132. 1 SS. 30 . 310.410,466 Allen, Jack Kennetk 86 Allen. Jack M Allen, James Kyle Allen, Janr . 263.364 Allen, Jay W 2 2 Allen, Jeanne 375 Allen, Laxmka Martin a Allen. Lre 260 3.290.402 57 72 Afle Xtll Jack 214 .JackO 72.134.174 , James C 410 57, 41 iW ..2 9 Anderson. Mania L 152. 1 1 Anderson, Martha H 244.303 i. Mary Evelyn 473.246 .MaryFranee 174 AndCTon. Max Alfred 3 Anderson. Paol Donald 4S5 Anderson. PkyUi 157. 37 Andenon, Ray 287 Anderson, Robhia Colyer 416 Anderson. Robert Gordon 414 Andrew. Mary Janr Andrew. William Guy 72 Andrews. Ann 72. 14P. 283. 383 Andrew . Edward H 266.422 Andrew . Henry G.. Jr 402 Andrew . James Fatter 23. 198. 204. 31 Andrew . Jane Adalke 72, 146. 157. 165 Andrew . Janet Evelyn Andrews, Katkerme 1 6,2 3.3 3 Andrew,MaryJo 3.263.366.367 .indrew . Xeli 217 Andrews. Tom Scarborough 57 mA 102 IW.Jr 430 Leonard 437 tkaAmi 86.29t.3tf iWalter.Jr 8 .287 Ansel. Martha Virginia .72 Anoon, Betty Jean 3.221.38 Antes. LL Antki . Barbara J Hal :. Mmv Atkison, Frances Jane Ada . Morn. Attal. Caralyma Atteberry. James L. 3 4 3 6 72 18 131.19S.240.430.44t a ' - I -: ' " ..:: Atkc. Onda La Juaa 414 24.42S 24 W. in. 227 m . 24 ' . . - - 4S .... J7 .4 .. Allr Rkiani Alk Ti 0 ' I -Ulra. AD.W, 141 414 214 233 11- ...... 2 4.371.473 i M 13 . 22 . 398 iFefin 23. 162. 169. 221. 2 6 iB ... 72 57. 147. 257 AUtrt. Rot Xta - AUry. EtM liar .8 All. AH Cvwdl . . - Aliimm. Jofca Tmrll 437 Ailing Later. 172 " -_ " 173.310 Allmin. Ray MidjKm 3 Allred.BrtT ' :!381 257 23,171.227.245 3 1 . Alpm. Carol. Jodhfc 57. 168, 377 AlfivAlptmGtmm 307 DrUf Pi ... 360 Akia.BobbrC Akm. Hrj Darid. Jr 1W. 446 23.2St.310.41 Akn.C.C I 171 72.2S0.3S 23 ai 57 - Asbm.Ja.niE Amen. Lois Dell Amert. Helen Fern Amertnaa. Robert H AtnalaV. Tnr 224 Aldenfce. Billy Bry 57.438 Aklrn r. Lee Edward ... 86.438 Alderette. Carlo. T 228 AMerson. Cartai Jaekata 277. 416 Aldrete. CnrtobaJ P 172. 232. 27 . 2S1 Aldrirn. Frank, Jr AMnrk.Jv.4 2 8 Alefc,.Akk,,IUe O Mi. 176 : Manr AlnaaaW. Mary Hdr. 57.267.304 lmi. Mary Uonir . 23. 208. 214. ?M r-MarrOtar, 3. 184. 282. 2SS, 3 1 T.Xaar 173 Alfl I nUt flrfU Jlate Omicm Andemm.Glor} Andmon. Hrrbrrt Arri Arehcr. Cut L Arcirr. EliabrU Arrhrr. Jofci Dak Anmt. Everyn Rntke A rent, Richard Gray Avery.Earl - i Anry.RalpkU M Avery, Rieknrd Famer Avery, Terry S. .... . j ktan - lom 286.393 Awry. William O. 233. 274. 446 ATea.PTmaDa 24. 1 4. 243. 2 4 Aritta. Lotker A. 26S Arriett. Don Marie 57. 144. 373 Ayaa. Gloria 232 Aydam. Bertka Loue 57. 167. 280, 27$ Aydam,LooiaeCaffan 72. 1 7. MO. 27$ Avert, Wlaom Lenafe 72,248 Ayrea. Dorothy 183, 372 Ayrea, Eleanor 18.361 Ayrea.GeorceC 433 Ai-ret. Robert MOM 86, 433 57. 138, 16S, 2 3 Bad-e, Mildml Loraine 24.156.U9.24 Badunan. William S. .................. 398 BackKimxi ArooM E .............. 72,425 Baebmatoe. Dorotky PfcylBa. 24.258, 371. 480 Baeka . Margaret Anne 184. 1 3 .287 302 Bader Bertram Tboma 24. 171 4 442 F.J. ....... 187 Banett. Robert S 24 Badrr Betty Ana ..... 72,214.233 Bale?. B Sra A Bafley.GeorttF. 440 BaOey. Howard Pogn J4. 274 Baitry Jamea H 230. 2 3 BaaVy. ' Jo AM 72. 163, 1 . 180, 277. 3 5 Baiey.OleaiKdly Bafley. Robert Van. Jr. ........... 425 Arbwr.Jack 18S . runtor. Dorir Manr 3, 1S7. 162. 1W. 2 0 23. 243. 272. 37 . 3 4 .Mr . Bob 212 CarolyaUIba. 3 1 Anrtna.Gajic 141 ArMnc.Jran 140 AramaroBc. Low Land 2 3.38 -trmmong. Loyd 172.182 .Umrtrong.Xnl 146, 1SS. IS Amtraac. Row Marir 13.139 Ar rtrong. Tommy Jrar. 57.162.479 Amall. Dwifkt Lee. 23, 183. 1 4. 313. 440 Araw.Jor 152 Arnold. Alpkonor A 275 .IraoJd. CUrfc. WOliaai 1S.171.227 .1mold.Cl.vdrJ Arnold. Keawtk Bert 23. 416. 448 Arnold, TkookMO 42 Arnold. William H 296 AmwMLCaiaiud... 72.172 Arrmftoa, Frank . 151 Arrmgtoa. Tkorna R 194 Amngton. William C . - Arravood. Ckarie F 424 Arterbmr. Brvant Pbtt 437 ' 147 72.412 Anrine,JofA 274.430 Aschenbeck. Betty Roth Ask. Barbara TrnW. Ask.Lnc.Oe 37 57. 3SI. 473 142. 144. 3 3 234 243 230 72.286.393 .. 72 57. 41S ' .. IK : - ' 152.211 290,22 235 AtU . 97. 144 Atkma. Jerry Lee 2 6.425 Atkinson. Ckarie Pat Atkinson, Henry T. .29 .Ukrraft. Joseph 1 AnUey, Harold J Askmore. Lear Lee Aahwortk. Mary Bereriy .Ukew, Robert Edward .Ukew. William Gordon ZStiSr?::: llhinm r.i M i Band. Eddie " J. Baird.Ja Board. Xjeok . 2S) Bait . Jo Betk 141. 251. 375. 474 Baker. Barbara Aue Baker. E aafaetk An 19 . 2 4, 272, 389 Baker! Etoyc M 72 Baker. Emeat Beaaicy 24 Baker. Hinec Boh 414 Baker. JaaeRobm 57. 150. 221. 2 7 Baker.Jean ................. 474 Baker.J.H ...................... 1 Baker. Joe Henry 18. 1S1 Baker Joka Hcmm ........... 57.414 Baker. Jokn Wcaiey ................ 18.287 Baker Katktrme ..14 mmmr.UmntaB ..................... Baker Man- ................ Baker. .Vita Ratk, 15. 24, 13, 142. 203. 27 Baker.Ra ......... Baker. Robert B Baker. Robert 8 .................... 72.41S Gndy gj i 414 Bakkr. Charle. 171.433 Bahcia. Betty Joe 240.275 BabocdRalpn ............... 171.300.3 6 BaldridceVBraee ....... 271 BildHdP. James H ................ 402 tUdnaV.Jok. Edward ............ 72. 4 2 Baldwm.aarrnr,.Jo. JJ.28 Baldwin. Fkrmcr ................. 29 . 300 Baldwin, Lotier ........... 173 Baldwin. Mary Janr ....... 142, 255. 3S3 IfelMk A L, 174. 249 24. 217. 24 ........... 433 BalI.Bill.vJ 171 Ball. Darxi. Jr ................. 414.41$ Ball EdnrL - - - " BalLMan .................. 180.3S3 Ball. Xormaa Daylr .................. -JJ Ball. Thoma. Heir} ................... 398 Name Paget Ballantyne, Susan 251, 255 Ballard, James T 275 Ballard, Rollin 286 Balzar.Edith .289 Ban, Jo Pearl 291 Bander, Joseph Hansley 401 Bandy, Lawrenee Roy 414 Bankhead, Thomas A 262 Banks, Barbara Ruth .. 57 Banks, Carl William 72, 173, 291, 416 Banks, John Edward 86 Banks, Robert E 172 Bankston, Milton, L 291 Bannon, A. Jay 302 Bannon, David J 302 Bantel, E. C. H 204, 209 Barber, Dickie Lee 72, 165, 365 Barber, Nonna Jean 24 Barberie, John B 440 Barbour, Bob 195 Barbour, Russell Clyde 136, 414 Barclay, Charles, R 18 Barclay, James 293 Barclay, Leland 204, 209 Barclay, Parri Sue Bickford B4 Bardin, Janie Marie 57, 274, 294 Barge, Vernon Ward 86 Barina, Dorothy 249 Baring, Dorothy Kathleen 86 Barker, Bruee W 24, 227 Barker, David E 422 Barker, Eugene C 418 Barker, L. Vance 194 Barker, Malcolm Dale 57 Barker, Marilyn 86, 166, 385 Barker, Marion 86, 166, 385 Barker, Vonciel 57, 162, 180, 240 Barker, William Robert 194 Barkley, Billy Harold 86 Barkley, Fred A 214, 398 Barkley, Howard Norman 72, 418 Barlow, Carolyn Jeanette. 72, 203, 369, 394 Barlow, Georgia Lou 86, 166 Barnard, Allen G 24, 305 Barnard, Barney 112 Barnard, John Murray 401 Earner, E. Orris 427 Barnes, Charles E 57, 211, 248 Barnes, Mrs. Charles E 248 Barnes, Frankie Jean 72, 365, 474 Barnes, Georgia 201 Barnes, H.I 172 Barnes, Jack R 209, 230 Barnes, James A 171, 291, 421 Barnes, M. Elizabeth 86 Barnes, Molly 147, 186, 264, 385 Barnes, Robert Nash 24, 247, 274, 285 Barnes, W. Kenneth 72 Barnes, Walter Jack 72 Barnes, Walter K 422 Barnes, William Vance 57, 274 Barnett, Barbara 269 Baraett, Frank D 173 Barnett, Helen Melton 138, 288, 369 Barnett, J. L 136, 414 Barnett, L. Maurice 280 Barnett, Nelda Loraine 57 Barnett, Robert C 194 Barnett, Robert H 250 Barnett, Ted 250 Barnette, Sandra 146, 157 Barnhart, Bobby James 72 Barnhart, Helen 146, 359 Barnhart, Horace C 438 Barnhart, John W 185, 412 Barr, Clifford 227 Ban-era, Hector 245 Ban-era, Pat R 232 Barrett, Elizabeth Ann 184 Barrett, Theodore Holzeman 57, 440 Barrileaux, Gladys Lee 24, 291 Barron, Virginia Louise 24, 240, 263, 379 Barron, James Douglas 280 Barron, William R 171 Barrow, Edward E 398 Barrow, Thomas Davies 18, 398 Barta, Frank 249 Bartells, Linda 166 Bartlett, Bennett Boykin 264 Bartlett, Helen Dale 183 Bartlett, Robert Edward 86, 151, 414 Bartlett, Robert Everett 72, 427 Barton, Donald . 147 Bartosh, William Frank, Jr 72, 249 Bartram, John William 202, 444 Bartung, Genie Lowe 260 Basaran, Suat Tevfik 72 Basketball.. ...126-130 Basdal, Tarik M . . 231 Baseball 98-101 Basheim, Carol B 72 Baskin, Jane Osborn 18 Baskin, Pat M 152, 211, 410 Baskin, Thomas C 430 Bass, Barbara Louise. . . 72, 263, 389, 473 Bass, Frances Rosalie 86, 167, 275 Bass, Harris Hutcheson .. ...414 Bass, Jo Pearl 57 Bass, Patricia Ann ... ... 57, 364 Bass, Shirley Marian 157, 373 Bass, Thomas E . . 57 Bass, Viola P 86, 387 Bastion, Virginia Ruthe 24, 272 Batchler, Patricia 138, 162, 379 Bates, David Q 171, 300 Batis, Harry Patterson 72 Batson, Ann 359 Battaile, Tom D 57, 136, 398 Batts, Mary 305, 385 Batts, William David 86 Bauchman, James Bell 194,414 Name Pages Bauer, John William .-. . . . 24 Baum, Freda Gail 86, 166, 219, 256 Bauman, Edward R 418 Baumgardner, Joe Bill 97, 118, 123 Baur, George 151 Baxter, Betty 383 Baxter, H 294 Baxter, J. Albert 182 Baxter , Kathryn Gentry 86, 166, 369 Baxter, Mary Beth 57, 227, 246, 289 Baxter, Turner Butler 24, 422 Baxter, William Wilson 57 Bayless, James Leavell 414 Bays, Norman W 276 Bazan, Carlos 232 Beach, Arthur Carter 233 Beadle, Herbert J 195, 243, 416 Beal, Lawrence J 249, 287 Beall, T. Alexander 72, 270 Beats, Eleanor 146, 150, 165 Beaman, James Manley 57, 425 Beaman, Robert 433 Beaman, Warren 154 Bean, George William 310 Bean, Jim 277 Bean, Luther L 233 Bean, Woodrow 300 Beane, Daniel E 233 Bear, Angee Mae 263, 267, 476 Beard, Ardis D 24,182 Beard, Lila 470 Beard, Nathan Gerald 24, 274 Beard, Paul 156,158,159 Bearden, E. L 230 Bearden, James C 235 Bearden, Robert L 72, 250, 438 Beasley, Betty Jean 263, 373 Beasley, Marshall Allen 181, 264, 287 Beatty, Ann 369 Beaty, Beverly Joyce 57, 291 Beaty, Frederick Lee 194 Beauchamp, Helen Marie 86 Beauchamp, Norma Jean 72, 214, 233 Beaumont, Elmer 151 Beavan, Reginald Arthur 72, 398 Beaven, Robert Edgar 86 Bechtol, Hubert E., 97, 118, 121, 185, 284, 418 Beck, Angus Alfred 57, 293 Beckaman, Molly 191 Becker, John Greenleaf 72, 305 Becker, Theodore W 446 Beckham, Joe W 420 Beckham, Mollie Elaine 24, 263 Beckhusen, Jack 258 Beckman, Peggy Jane 72 Beckum, James A 446 Beddingfield, Martha Nell .57, 164, 226, 260 Bedicheck, Roy 418 Beecroft, Catherine 364 Beene, William A 72 Beffa, Mary Etta 57, 138, 140, 221, 387 Begeman, Bob 195 Begeman, Myron L 198 Begg, Edleen 212 Begnaud, Floyd Joseph 86 Behr, Lucy Jane 24 Behrends, Becky 86, 165 Behrens, Paul Dudley 24, 209, 230 Beidleman, Juana Fay 24 Beitel, Betty Jo 57 Beken, Carlyne Bee 24,260 Belew, David Owens 414 Belknap, Ralph Augustus 204, 231, 414 Belitsky, Lela 24, 184, 205, 213, 221, 241, 377, 477 Bell, Alvin Ewing 72 Bell, Charles James 437 Bell, Gus Deward 416 Bell, Harold 97 Bell, James Ardis 72, 438 Bell, Jeremiah A 418 Bell, John Thomas 72, 412 Bell, MarjorieClaiborne..72, 234, 241, 255, 276, 371 Bell, Mary Lou 141 Bell, Paul Gervais, Jr 24, 414 Bell, Sandra 257 Bell, Sidney Liberty 18, 287 Bellman, David J 227, 293 Bellman, Samuel 214 Bellmont, L. Theo 430 Bellmont, Ted Lutcher, 25, 133, 243, 407, 466 Bellows, Frank W 204, 209, 230, 433 Bellows, George Ferris 25, 230, 414 Belvin, David Stewart 86, 231, 293 Belz, Arlene 391 Belzung, Laurie 171, 220 Bemel, Betty 298 Benavides, Arturo X 232 Benchoff, Edmund 412 Benedict, Yandell 433 Benefield, June 205, 222 Benefield, Maurice Mark 86, 410 Beneke, Frank H., Jr 25, 231 Benjamin, Marye D 154 Benn, John 153 Bennett, A. L 298 Bennett, Edward F 404 Bennett, Gary S 172, 230 Bennett, Howard J 72, 274, 408 Bennett, Louise A 238, 393 Bennett, Marcus E 430 Bennett, Marie Jean 57, 288, 381 Bennett, Walter H 425 Bennett, William C 172, 438 Bennetts, Shirley 138, 212, 370 Bennight, Kenneth L 72 Bennight, Mildred 72, 156 Benny, Elizabeth 203 Benson, John 182 Benson, Leonard R 198, 204 Name Pages Bentley, Irving Jefferson 131, 277 Bentley, James W 86, 152, 304 Benton, Eugene 197 Bentsen, Calvin R 438 Bentsen, Kenneth E 438 Bentrup, G. L 195 Beran, Edwin E 57, 194, 292 Berg, Alvin Orlando 86, 298 Berg, Kenneth 233 Berg, Vera Fay 298 Bergfield, James William 72, 438 Bergman, W. Meyers 25, 181, 227 Bergman, Owen L 173 Bergman, Patricia W 142, 149 Bergstrom, Arthur K 151, 284 Bering, Jo Ann 186, 393 Berkman, Betty 86, 166 Berkovsky, Leon J 22 Berler, James M 434 Berling, James Paul 18, 280 Berlowitz, Jack Nalcome 57, 442 Berlowitz, Sara Ann 72, 144, 261, 337 Berman, Ester 166 Berman, Irwin 86, 396 Berman, Stanley 86, 396 Bernard, Curtis Richard 57 Bernson, Francis 72 Bernson, Frank W 410 Bernstein, Barney E 86, 428 Berry, Donald C 427 Berry, Doss H 422 Berry, Gus L .. 57 Berry, Harrell E 25 Berry, Jeanne, Frances 363 Berry, Jim Smither 25, 172 Berry, Joyce Elizabeth 86, 369 Berry, Ruth 383 Berry, Sarah Ruth . 26, 244 Berry, William B .. .25,286 Berryhill, Robert H . . . 214, 233 Bertram, J. William 300 Bertron, Mary 264,385 Beseda, Henry Earnest 25, 249 Bespalow, Fredlyn 86 Best, Gordon L 151, 438 Best, James Britton . 72, 291 Best.MaryK ....247 Best, Roy G 247, 252 Beta Alpha Psi 182 Beta Beta Alpha 237 Beta Gamma Sigma 183 Beta Theta Pi 400-401 Bethel, CarrylO... 228 Bethel, Gene D ... ...262 Bethell, William Decatur. 25, 204, 209, 230 Bettis, Mary Ann 86 Belts, Wilbur Doyle 72 Beutel, Richard A 227 Bevan, John H 412 Bever, Carroll 385 Beverly, Jarvis Bradford 18 Beverly, Joe W 172 Beversdorf, August Nathan 72, 158 Bewley, Shelby 427 Bianchi, Bessie May 86 Bianchi, Felix 275 Bianchi, John L 275 Biard, David J 302 Bible, Barbara Nancy, 86, 138, 243, 263, 385 Bible, Dana X 113, 185,406 Bickerstaff, Clyde Lester 72, 171, 248 Bickley, Edward Clifton 18, 176, 228 Biddison, William MacDonald 427 Biel, Kathryn Ann 86, 150 Biesele, Barbara Ellen 86, 237 Biesterfeldt, John Paul 198, 204, 273 Bieter, Allene 139, 150, 275 Bieter, Katherine 159 Bieter, Marjorie 275 Biffie, Betty Jean 381 Bigby, Jamie. . 152,211,273 Bigger, Morton 25, 185, 200, 412 Biggerstaff, Roy C., Jr 72, 276, 425 Biggs, Elizabeth Livermore 25, 205 Biggs, James Edward 171, 230, 414 Bigham, Harral Aiken 25, 233, 427 Big Spring Club 238 Biles, Beatrice 240 Biles, Perry Eugene. . .72, 105, 107, 134, 176 Bilhartz, Herbert 159 Billings, Thomas J 172, 235 Billings, Robert B 235 Billings, Robert Mason, Jr 86 Billingsley, Olen Clifton 214, 233 Bimmer, C. L 173 Binford, James B 250 Bingham, Doris Lynn 72 Binion, Vannis Arlue 57, 247 Binney, Charles 430 Birchfield, Tom 287 Bird, Albert Deeb 57, 171 Bird, Beverly, 25, 203, 246, 295, 371, 469, 477 Bird, Mary Rebecca. . .86, 144, 164, 305, 393 Bird, Richard D 171, 293 Birdsong, Fredna Ann 86, 141, 383 Birdwell, Effle Neoma 57, 138, 140, 174 Birdwell, Jerry Smith 73, 171 Birge, Josepha 275 Biscamp, Roy Gene 57, 274, 446 Bisco, Clara Ann 256 Bishop, Durelle 389 Bishop, Eugene Harville 73, 446 Bishop, Eugene L 25 Bishop, James C 58 Bishop, June Thelma 263, 379 Bishop, Oliver Stanton 73, 173, 291 Bishop, Raymond Holmes 416 Bishop, Webster 25, 418 Bissell, Margaret Ann 213, 240, 241, 246, 288, 305, 369, 478 Bissett, Charles F 58, 171 Name Pages Bissett, Frank W . . . 86, 446 Bitner, Claude Andrell.86, 214, 219, 243, 438 Bivona, Shirley Ann 86, 165 Black, Aurey C 73, 287, 421 Black, Charles Alfred 401 Black, Ernest 290 Black, Frank L 25,201 Black.HulonW 422 Black, John R 418 Black, Peggy 186 Black, Richard Lee 73 Black, William E 73, 151 Blackburn, Fred L 257 Blackburn, Mary Gene 139, 359, 471 Blackwell, Coleen 73, 168, 251, 273 Blackwell, Lynn D 58 Blackwell, Thomas .300 Blades, Betty Agnes 255, 373 Blades, Joe K 287, 406 Blair, Barbara 138, 263, 383 Blair, Billie Rose 367 Blair, Carolyn Elizabeth 25, 237, 364, 394, 474 Blakely, Lucinda E 25, 295, 371 Blakeslee, Joseph T 300 Blakeway, Clayton E 187 Blakeway, James Coin 73, 233 Blalock, Betty 186, 256, 389 Blalock, Jo Ann 389, 476 Blalock, Joyce Mae 86, 166 Blalock, Myron .398 Blalock, Sue Alice 289, 298, 369, 476 Blanchard, George Grover 25, 206, 273 Blanchet, Anne Louise 25, 387 Blanchette, James Grady 18, 300 Bland, Bobbie Jean 25, 163, 169 Bland, Bonnie 147, 150, 381 Blandin, Lecristha Vasta 25, 359 Blandon, Alberto . . 268 Blaney. Walter Edwin 194, 227 Blank, Emmy Lou 165, 260 Blankfield, Babette Elaine 86, 166, 363 Blanks, William Davidson 279, 425 Blanton, Jack Sawtelle. . 15, 25, 97, 111, 185, 407 Blaugrund, Don Maurice H 58. 434 Blaugrund, Morton L 434 Blaugrund, Yeta Ann. .73, 180, 288, 363. 477 Biaylock, L. A 171 Blazek, Evelyn Gladys 86, 166 Bleakley, Virgil Jack.. . 25 Bleck, FredL. . 173,228 Blewett, Theresa Nell 25, 246, 261 Bliss, Barbara L 240, 369 Block, Walter Herman 86, 251, 305 Blocker, Jeannette Joyce 18. 296, 478 Blocksom, Betty Jo 25 Blouin, Sid 73 Blomeke, John 190 Bloom, Betty Sue 219, 363 Bloom, Janice 163 Bloomer, Donald 229 Bloomer, R. R 200 Bloor, Bertram H 402 Blotz, Catherine Arline 25, 361, 474 Blount, Helen J 146, 238, 373 Blount, Lois 140, 141, 142, 144, 383 Blount, Doris Marie 25, 226 Blount, Ralph E. (Peppy). .73, 97, 118, 185, 23s, 39S Blount, Robert Ward 58, 152 Blucher, Claudia (See Von Blucher) Bludworth, H. Wallace 58, 227 Bluebonnet Belles 452-459 Bluebmnet Belle Nominees 470-480 Blum, Manuel 442 Blume, Edmund Anthony 73 Blume, James D 25, 198, 204, 231 Blume, Irwin Henry 25, 181, 231 Blumenthal, Norman Arron 153, 285, 428 Blumel, Johanna 214 Boals, Nathan Orr 73, 410 Boatright, Frances 243, 246 Bobbitt, R.L 300 Bobo, Betsy 86, 144, 186, 255, 393 Bode, Fred Winston 25 Boddeker, Dorris 25, 226, 258, 389 Boddie, Anne Bruce 86, 150, 166, 219 Boeckman, Duncan Eugene 425 Bogan, Herman K 171, 293 Boger, Olive ' .480 Boggess, Albert 152 Boggs, Joye 73, 144, 164 Boggus, B ' etty Jane 86 Bohn, Colleen 86, 139, 140, 142 Bohn, Conrad R. .. 25,194,195 Bohn, Wilford Jo 86, 285 Bohne, Carl J 182 Bohnet.G. D 412 Bohning, Betty 257. 385 Bolden, Gerald Pat 86, 294 Bolin, Charles W 420 Bolin, Mrs. D. P 392 Bolin, Robert Lee 420 Boliver, Virginia Nell 58, 165 Bolka, Bernard J 404 Bollingber, Bob 275 Bellinger, Joel Clifford 58, 276, 277 Bollman, Betty 86, 199 Bolt, Lyndon Howard 86 Bolton, Beverly 184, 234, 393, 474 Bolton, Udean Seth 86 Bomar, Cecil Randolph 73 Bonar, Ermalee 379 Bonar, Kathryn 379 Bond, Alfred 305 Bond, Reid A 172 Bond, Robert Eugene 86 Bond, Wallace Gordon 25, 204, 230 Bond, William J 257, 398 Bondu, Robert C 275 Bondy, Bob 181 PACE 556 Bondy. Morgan A US Bow. Robert Camcaen 73.233 Bow.Jamc C 227 BOOT. Betty Sa . . IS, 373 Bonner. Stayton M 131, 421 Bonner. William X 202. 411. 46g BOMM . Kenneth Bonnet. Beaaic (Hirer .184,310,313 BoBTiUaia. Nora Loaiar M, S4 Book. Hubert E 173 Bookout. Fred Carney . . Boon . Martha AM .. 58 BOOM. Pat H Ml . Bettie Jo Booth. Beverly AM 73. 163 Booth. Ronald Earl 26,58,1 5 Boo a . Grace Iris .58,251,381 Booth . Job Orville 87. 251 Boothe. Saaaaae . 166.373.473 Booth . William Heary 58. 422 Bordas. Eageaia 166 Bordeau. JOBB E 231 Bordeaux. Jeanne 37 Boren. Jame Harlaa 73 Boren, Jame M 18.1 8.247 Boren. John Jay 58,430 Borea. Kenneth L . 58 Boren, WUliam Meredith S Borger. Ballard M 22 Boaaako. Robert . 106 Boaey.Aaae 252 BaB acer.CaarbDaaicl Boat. Norm J . Addeene BorniL Ltam Tol Boiweli. Robert Bo.worth.LanB Bamrth, Uaram SMtellr Berarta. Rosalie Borworth. WUliam M Boeefcard. Robert L Boadreaai. Tracy Pan! Bouchaa. Patricia ABB Bougbton. Xewell ri-ifiji rum " 11 BonlevTaoma. Boaltoa. Walter Baanleaa.JohaE Boarg. Phillip J ... HO. 387 H.4M MB 73,143.402 .383 ...418 410 87 250.474 433 .. 73 . .- ...291 284 87.291 Boorkr. A dele 299. 300. 371 ,G. Bradley 257. 270. M. 300 i A ... 3 i W 233 Bowdea, Dorothy Jeanne 73.199,383 Bowdcn, Hrfin M . Bowdea. Hollare K ' 171,238.305 Bowden. John Xewton 416 Bowe . Adeiphia Dane 58 Bowen. CharWW 131 Bowea. Clifton C 26.214.233 Bowea. Dand L . .171.221.310 Bowea. Janel: 383 BoweB,LloydO 218 Bowea, M.Kamell . 264 Bowca.Uaadie Bowra. Xanry,470 Bowea, Stephen Michael 73 Bowers. Frank S 292,398 Bowers. Gloria. . 141 Bowen, May Hunt 173. 42S Bowm. Marjorie 14 . 234. 383. 476 Bowie. WUliam Howard - -- Bowkr. Wyaoaa Lee 73,379 Bowlea. Laura Julian 149.183.3W Bowie . Wally Frank - - M Bcwman. Dorothy. 173 Bowman. Joan Phyllis .18.173 Bowmaa. Thornton Bardie .... 5. 41- BoiKatbenne 272 Boiwell. Barbara Ann 189.305.385 Boyre. Margaret Cannon 191. 212, 283 Boyce. Irving W - ' . - Boyd, Alfred Keat SS, 231 Boyd. Berry G . . . 87. 250. 418 Boydijorl. 172 Boyd. Manon Gayle M. 163,30 Boyd. Martha ABB 166, 169. 180. 163, 375 Boyd. XawyC 73. 239, 359 Boyd. William P 106 Boyer. Betty . 381 Boykm. Dorothy 375 Boykm. Francis Marshall Boyle. Barbara Drommond .. 73 Boyles, Robert G 26. 173, 273 Bovnum. aerrill E 227. 27S Boika,Anna Brace. David. K 277 BratrwelLWda . 87 Brark.JobnR ..! Brack! Joe Bob . 87 Bradbury. Roarmarir 26. 144. 182. 260. 359 Bradea. David 174 Bradfiek John 438 Brad6eld,TomW 420 Bradfard.CJ 149 Bradford. George Brick :: .- Bradford. Gertrude 163 Bradford. Margaret 263 Bradford! Marvin T.Jr .414 Bradford. Opal I ' del IS. 142. 47 Bradford. To.) .152 Bradh.Ford ..73 Bradley, George F 420 Bradley. Howard B 100. 204.229 Bradley. Joe H .421 Bradley. Robert Ed ward Lee 2 . 1 4. 1 8. 465 Bradley. William D . 439 Bradahaw. Robert 257 Bradahaw. William Witt . 1 4 Brady. Alice Claire 58, 167. 219. 275. 178, 30 Brady. Jack K 101213.411 Brady. James J 173.233 y Brady. Patrick W MI Bran. Eleanor 73. 168. 199, 226. 248. 278. Bran. Marias 139. 144. 201. 248, 393 Brakaney. Edwia Leo 58 Braly. Bill Tom .. 26.446 Braly. Earl Burk ..18 Braly. Walter Eaten 73.279.446 Brame. Robert Edward .26 Bramleue. Frederick Erakine 414 Braach, Jo Ellece IS, 164 Brand. XewtoB George . 87. 21 Branda. EUoa S 73. 275. 291. 446 Branda, Floyd C 171, 275. 291, 416 Branda. Gerald E H 171.175 Branda, Gilbert L 73, 172. 275 Brandau.Zoe J - ' Brande . Thomas H 446 Brandhont. R. C 171 Braniff. Jai,. 305 Branham. Graham M 297 Braanen. Jane 87 Branson, Bettie Jane Branson. Evelyn Ann . . 237 Branton. Frank Jo 73 Brasher. Virginia CatheriBe 73. 168. 180. 283. 290,375 Braswell. Edgar J 97.280 Bratwell. Margaret 142 . .239 BrattoB. Billie Rtith 26.191,367 BrattoB. Marqua P 446 Brand. Jim L 412 Bnad.RoUBd 26.412 Braun,Gay 1 9.291.393 BIUB.JOBBA 87.430 Braunagle. Robert 159. 195 Brautigam, Lclot. Maoriae 58.237 Braiton, Jame. Allen 26,446 Bray. Mary Fen 26. 188, 189. 244. 246. 303. 474 BraidtoB. William Walker 304. 414 Breckearidge. Arthur CoiemaB 58 Brerrh. Patricia ..203,371 Breeding, Fairy- 138.263,371 Breihan. Robert E 26.181.228,271 Breland.O. P 208 Bnbford. H. George 73,433 BreWord. Harry... 433 Bremond. Walter .... ISS, 406 Brenan. Betty Jean 283, 186, 171. 470 Breoeman. William M 227 Breanan, Mike 233 Brennan. Patricia Anne 193 Breot.FredD 100.102.227 BremliBgw. Wmard H ..422 Breahean. Frank Sherman 58.437 Braie. Mayelle 73.140,162 Brewbakeri Jame Lynn .1 4 Brewer. Beatrice Bettymae 87 Brewer. Herbert Lee . ' . 26.440 Brewato-.Alka... . 87.425 Bnce, Ah-neGlenno. 58 Brice, Helen 167, 275 Bhckman. Gerald S ..442 Bridgen. Helen Drake . . M Bridget . Ray Hams .26 Bridges. Bill ... B ... Bridge . Cleo C .. .211 Briea, Fred Price 58,422 Bntca. Joaephue Burtutt 26. 246. 281. 3 1 Bngg . Meltoa Lee 182 Bright, Jack EdmoBd 87.402 Bright, Jame.M 1 4 Brigmaa. Fred C I ' III Bnll.Bob 87.287.438 BnB.LeoaS 26,428 Bnagotf, Richard Jarne .... .. 87 Brnikerhon ' , Mary - -4 Briattm. Pey 137. 139, 141, 144, 1 9. Ml Briat3e.Dolph.Jr 1S7, 402 Bristol. Jean 257 Britton.Joe ..136 Brittoa, Theodore 136,176 Broad. ThomaE K 418 Broaddns, FrancuCole 302. 427. 448 Brock. Dan 257 Brock, G. CardyB 58. 199, 307. 389. 470 Brock. Howard M 152, 173 Brorkwein. Paul 171 Broder. WUliam . 194 Broderick. Harold Camtma... .26 Brodhead. Howard 26.227 Brody. Eileen P .... 298 Brogaa. Albert P .12 Brogdea. Eltoa L 274.430 BroiU. Milton 257 Brollier. Beajamia .433 Bromley, ManJiall B .... M Broaa.Slargie 73 Broana, gettie . . . . 180 Brooke, Joaeph damn . . Brookreaon, D J 300, 437 Brookrewo. Mari ; Sue . Broob.ColliwVenKU... . 73 Brooka.F.E ...204 Brooka. George Albert .. 26 Brooki,JackB Brooka. John Charle. 58.173.410 Brooka. Morn. Aoatu 416 Brooks. Robert C. 231 Brook,Sarah 263 Brook . ThomafT 18 Brooka. Walter A. 270 Brook . Warrea Brookahier. Eliaabeth May 162.163.384 Broom, Habey N 182.183.201 Brother . Joe Frank 151.439 Brougher. Joha Rotdolph 87.297 .Vaw Brous,HughB 152.176.274 Brousaard. Lufiade Joseph 58.208.275 Brontherton. Mary Lynn 18,214 Brawder, Joseph Hardy 414 Broader. William X 422 Brower. Albert 264 Browa. Barbara Marie 26. 226, 234. 258, 373 Brown. Betty Bemice 233.393 Brown. Betty Jo v Brnwn,C1eT 402 Brown. Clifton Tloaatii . . . . 73 Brown. Donald Ceylon 26. 227, 284, 439 Brown. Dorothy Jo 383 Brown. E. V. 274 Brown. Earnest H M - Brown. Edward Jame .... .. 87 Browa, Elbert Hayme . . . . . M Brown. Elizabeth Ann .38 Brown, Ellis Merriman 58, 194. 247. 270. 2S5. 444 Brown. Everett H 231 Brown, Frank Eaaoa 73 Brown. Frank Roger 235 Brown,GeaeS 290 Brown. George ABB 26. 189. 257. 373 Brown, Glaydell F 171.235 Brown. Basel June 26.247,277 Brown. Howard Earl 18 Brown. Hyder Joseph 58 Brown.Jack 275,446 Brova. Jacqueline La Motte. 58. 147,369 Brown, JanvsM 446 Brown,Jane 87.256.379 Brown. Jean William 73 Brown,Je se 287 Brown. John Edward 26,226 Brown. Joseph L 136.418 Brown, Lewis EWridge 58.250.412 Brown, Lila Jean 18.248 Brown, Lindsley 274 Brown. M. Rebecca 375 Brown, Martha Claire 73, 162 Brown. Mary A 375 Brown, Mary Frances 26, 3S5. 453 Brown. Millicent 163,274 Brown. Milton . 437 Brown. Noel K 73.438 Brown. OUie Dickaoa 5s Brown. Patty Ann 193 Brown, Paul Eugene 73,271,275,307 Brown. Ralston . .252, 253, 469 Brown, Ray E 293 Browa. Richard Lee 257, 407 Browa, Robert Earl. . v7, 173 Brown. Robert Ray.. 26,446 Brown, Roy Miller . .-4 Brown, S. L . ..204 Brown, W. Hk-kman ...233 Brown. William Alley 398 Brown. William E 2 6.299,300 Brown. Wilmore W 410 Brown. Woolen 257 Browne. Mrs. A. T 168 Browne, Patricia Anne 58.255 Browondd, Jens 73,264 Browning, Sterling C 58. 97, 407 Browalee, Curtk 135.433 Brownie . Jean Caroline 26,266 BrownweU. George 437 Broyles, Xaanette 73,162 Bruce. Barbara Ana 58.164.260 Bruce. Betty 361 Bruce, Pepper 421 Bruce, Robert O 425 Bruce, Wilburn 8 171 Bruce, William 3 262 Brack. Betty Jane 26. 184. 193. 244. 266, .-. .-- . Brucksaler, Helen ..183 Brufley, George William 18, 151 Brankenboefer, Fred 173,290 Brett. Merria F 259 Bruyere, John Alan 27.231 h- ,- .--, :- .. 58.264.371 Bryan. Arch V 422, 44S Bryan, Herman L 173 Bryan. Ivarean 141 Bryan, Jame Paul ... 73 Bryan. Kelly W 194.228 Bryan. Penny B 47S Bryan. Randolph 412 Bryant, Cheater 167.272 Bryant, Elizabeth Ann .... 87.165 Bryant, Foreat L .173 Bryant, George H 172 Bryant, J. E 171 Bryant, Leo D 194,291 Bryant. Xorma 27,237.369 Bryant, Walter H ZJ Bryaon.JohnB 27. 216, 220. 222, 463 Bryon, Mary EveJyn 27,162,263 Bryaon, Roy B 229 Babeadori, EreJyn Haie . 87, 259 Baehalter. Aubrey E 434 Bacbalter! Maurice G 434 Bachan. Miebad A 4 . H actinia. Doris Lariaia 170 Baehaaaa, Dale 11! Bochanaa. Joaephine Virginia 87,267 Buchek, Locate 375 Baebatab, Anny Rose 73. 162. 377 ' " Elisabeth, 180, 243, 2 8, 37, 478 David . . 87 .167 27.305,406 Backley, Claode Herbert, ' Jr. Buckley, John C 275.410 Baekley. Jo Nil 18 Buckley, Robert J 73.406 Bncklia. Marion 167,471 .Vol., Buckner. Harriet Louise ............ 58,373 Bnekner. Helen .165 Backaer. Roland Grey . 87 Budge.Wanda .......... 141,142.143 Bdow. Barney I ...... ;. 44 Budnick. PeggV ....... 275 Buehring. rLTerry B M Buell. D. A .......... . 73,214 Buell, David Syme ...... . - .14 Buell. Sidney J ............. 430 Bufkin, Margilec 150, 166, 250. 373 Buford. Mary Lou ............. 58,162.288 Bugbee.JanwiU ....... .418 Buie. Carolyn 139. 186. 218, 219, 248. 385 Buie, Robert E ........................ 171 rUkowaki, Doris Marie ... . 87 BaIba.BUa ............ 162,261,282,377 Bollard, Doyle R Bullard, Fredda... 15S. 273 Bullard. F. M .100 Bullard. William C ................. 411 Bullington, Orville ................. Bullouxb. Xannette .............. 221,379 Bulls. JameeW ..................... 227 Bamgardner. Mai 97. 118, 122, 132. 277 Bumput, Virginia Nell ................. 73 Bunce. Lt. Cmdr. Lawrence W ..... 308. 309 Bunch. Howard M. 58,412 Bunker.Jame ........... .181 Bunn.Jeree 389,476 Buntr. Helen Lunar ........ 58.260.371 Bunting, Bill Frank 398 r).j:.-..:.t Mall ..165,263.265 Bunton. Lucius Deaha ..... 27.171,286 Burba, Buford C ...... 58.306 Burba, Ella Louise . 27 Burch, Kenneth E... Burdis. Eloise ........... .27 Burford,C.B ......................... 1 0 Burg. Albert .......................... 87 Burgdorf. Eunice OpbeUa ......... 87 Burge,HenryC ....................... 58 Burge, Robert Wade 87. m Barges, HlaG ........................ W , ..... ............ ...... Bargber. Ballard M ............... 110. 418 Burgher, Cedric W. . ..418 Burk. Betty Jaoe... . . Ml Burk. Helen Kathrya 87. 286. 359 Burk. Sam Bryan, Jr .................. 437 Burke, Edmund T ................ 134. 410 Burke, Lillian R ....... H Hi Burke, Mary 234.393 Burke. Rosemary- ........ 73,163,250,260 Barkett. Elizabeth Ann. 14, 213, 257. 282, 361 Burkett. Le ......................... 171 Barken. Ola Rudd! ............ 27, 165,2 6 Borkett. Zaek T ...................... 230 Barkhalttr, John G ................. 267 Burkhalter. Mary Jean ........ 237. 305. 371 Barmemter. Lois ............... 27, 156, 162 Burnam. Clemance W ............ 214, 444 Burnett, Jeff .......................... 200 Burnett, Lonnie Sbddon ............... 58 Barnett,Lo ......................... 359 Burnett, William Melvill ......... 87,287 Barney. Carl Preston .................. 87 Barney, William Morrow ............... 407 Burns, El ton A ........................ 113 Burns. Harian Marion .............. 27,422 Burns, Thomas Baldwin ............. 73,410 Burns, Vernon ........................ 159 Burns, Wavne A ...................... 127 Barns. William Alvin ...... 17. 190, 204, 227 B arris. John T ........................ 173 Burroughs, John T .................... 170 Barrow. Edgar Anderson ............... 58 Burrow. Robert ....................... 433 Barraa. Nancy .............. 38 Burruss. John Warrea ....... 17, 97, 105, 439 Burtis, Eloise J ...................... .393 Burton, Bettie Jean ................ 87,117 Barton, Bob ...................... 152, 211 Burton, L. D ......................... 170 Burtu. Jeanne ......... Buaby. EveJya .................... 158.188 Bamw. Horace W ..................... 187 Bweh, William Fraaklia... B -- Buaey, Anne 146 Baah, Robert P 444 Bumey, William S 87.414 Buasy. Mary ..140 Butler. Aide ........... 73,256 Butler. Charle F 181, 293. 430 Bailer, Charle T ................. 200. 422 Butler, Dewain Roy ................ 27,230 BuUer. Gerald Duane ........... 87. 310, 402 Butler, Jack .......................... 153 Buller. Johnny A ................... 73.173 Butler, Joseph Thomas ............ 73.173 Butler. Joyce ............ Butler. Vernon R ...................... 171 Buttery. Dorothy Alice ................ 58 Buttrey. Lewis M ..................... 117 Buttnll. Sidney Eugeae ................ 58 Bull. John B ......................... 22 Bybee, H. P ..181. 200 Bybee.Martha ........ . - . -, Bybee. Mary Ellen .................... 282 Bybee. Martha Ellen .................. 385 Bybel. Edward J ...................... 231 Byer. Faye Phyliss .................... Mi Byerley. Isaac " N ...................... 201 Byers. Mary Catherine ................. 87 Byers, Patsy Ellen - 58 Byfield.June ......................... 114 Bynum. Madeline Anne. ... 73. 288. 2 8. 36 Byrd, D. Harold .................. 185.211 Byrd, Kenneth Kee .................... 27 Byrd. Patrick Heary ........... 58.135,136 Byrd. W. Lee ..... . .......... _.7.7.1l i ' -. ' ...114 557 Name Pages Cabell, Ben Mills ..73,402 Cable, Edwin Davis 58, 171 Cabrera, Luis 232 Caceres, Artemio 172, 232, 294 Cactus, The ...218-219 Cadena, Viola Marie 58, 210, 232, 251 Cadenhead, Arley E 27 Cadenhead, Patrick Charles 27 Cady, Mary Patricia 147, 166, 169, 212, 234 Cagle, Jackson Edward 87, 425 Cam, Donald E 18, 274, 444 Cain, Herman W 227, 230 Cain, Julius C 410 Cain, {Catherine 156 Cam, Ray L... .293 Calderon, Maria Elena 232, 251, 275 Calderon, Fernando 251 Calderon, Guillermo 251 Caldwell.Bess... 263 Caldwell, Earl Landis 87 Caldwell, Edwin L 152 Caldwell, John Walter 414 Caldwell, Thomas Jores 414 Calhoun, John William 406 Calhoun, Louie R 230, 289 Calhoun, Wayman Lee 27, 190, 204 Call, Ida Jo 139,251,375 Callan, Barbara Frances. 27, 184, 234, 304, 385, 473 Callan, Diana 304, 385 Callan, Edna Louise 73, 275, 472 Callan, Gloria 27 Callan, Sam 97, 118 Callaway, James Earl 87, 446 Callaway, Oliver 446 Calvert, Jack J 398 Cameron, Elizabeth 1S1 Cameron, Jack 274 Cameron, Mary Ellen 58, 164, 291 Cameron, Ralph 433 Cammack, Elmore 18, 182 Camp, Clarence... 172,194 Camp, Bill N... 430 Campbell, Alice Lucile 27, 383 Campbell, Ann 141, 186, 264, 385 Campbell, Ann Clark 58, 278, 393 Campbell, Anthony Dib 425 Campbell, Arthur Page 425 Campbell, Charles G 227 Campbell, Clifford Gene 58, 4C7 Campbell, David C 421 Campbell, Dorothy Jane 381 Campbell, Earl A 58, 173 Campbell, Frank 124 Campbell, George L 171, 398 Campbell, Iris Mae 27, 137, 139, 141, 203, 246, 277, 303 Campbell, Joanne 264, 385 Campbell, Margaret 250, 371, 470 Campbell, Robert Cunningham 400 Campbell, Robert Franklin, 27, 209, 230, 418 Campbell, Roy Robert 27, 284, 407 Campbell, Royce N 293 Campbell, Ruth B 214,233 Campbell, Paul 132 Campbell, Virginia Lee 58, 304, 381 Campbell, William Todd 420 Campion, Frank E 227 Campos, Alvino 232 Campus Girl Scout Leaders Club 240 Campus League of Women Voters 241 Canady, James 97, 118, 121, 132 Canales, Carlos 245 Canavan, Harold B 227 Canfield, Frances L 58 Canfield, Richard E 446 Cannon, Catherine 167, 275, 381 Cannon, Doyle 154 Cannon, Erlyne 87, 140, 174 Cannon, Garland H 58, 287, 427 Cannon, Jeanne 58 Cannon, Jo Anne 27 Cannon, Peggy 389 Cannon, Rosemary 138 Canopy Club 242 Canterbury Club 243 Cantey, Craig C 73, 171 Cantu, Carlos 232 Cantu, Manuel 245 Canty, Stephen 275 Cap and Gown 244 Cappel, Howard Edward 38 Caperton, Frances Janet 87, 166, 263 Capps, Edward Elliott 204, 228 Caraballo, Xavier 245 Cardena, Jose A 232 Card, Jimmie Bradford . . .437 Cardenas, M. A 267 Gardner, Edward Anthony 27, 277 Cardoze, Julio Cesar 131, 268 Cardwell, Earl Landis . .310 Cardwell, Richard Neill 73, 228 Cargile, John Stark 414 Cariker, Joe W illiam 27, 214 Carl Lee, Robert H 73 Carlile, Hollis Buel 227 Carlisle, William Rufe 425 Carloss, Harry Edward 407 Carlton, Arthur Wayne 73 Carlton, Charles Rogers 5t, 171, 195 Carlton, Cranfill A 228, 247 Carlton, Elouise . 18 Carlton, Paul H 18 Carmena, John 136 Carmichael, Ann Elizabeth 58, 141, 142, 234, 393 Carmichael, George L 412 Carmichael, Joe Allan 59, 410 Carmichael, John D 433 Pages . .18, 149 276, 373 407 407 163 Name Carmichael, Sally Frances. . Carnathan, Ann Elizabeth. . . Carnes, James Malcolm Carnes, Webb McNeil Carothers Dormitory Carothers. Dorothy Anne 276, 373 Carpenter, Bettie Ann 59 Carpenter, Betty Joyce 87 Carpenter, Bill 305 Carpenter, Benjamin 433 Carpenter, Jerrold Lanier 214, 233 Carpenter, John W 228 Carpenter, Lowry Moaten 87 Carpenter, Regan 87 Carr, J. Jefferson 242, 247, 398 Carr.Lydia 393 Carr, Marvin W 299, 300, 302 Carr, Sue 196 Carr, Thomas Warren 87, 173 Carr, Vincent W 262, 300 Carraway, Jo Ann. ... 189, 283, 286, 371, 478 Carrel!, Bobby Joe 87, 438 Carrier, Margot 385 Carroll, A. B 274 Carroll, Audrey Cecelia 87, 275 Carroll. Betty 73, 369 Carroll, Charles, S 59, 185, 250, 274, 438 Carroll, Corinne 59, 139, 296, 375 Carroll, Emma Eugenia. . . .27, 184, 193, 375 Carroll, Gay 182 Carroll, Jean 282 Carroll, Nancy 369 Carroll, Thomas G 231 Carruthers, L. Elaine 59, 385 Careey, Cathryne Jeanne 59, 203 Carsey, Marg 162 Carsey, Mary Jane 73, 283 Carsner, Catherine 260 Carson, Coleman 59, 219, 425 Carson, Margaret Ann 166, 367 Carson, Oran Delbert 73, 233 Carstarphen, D. E 436 Carver, Sara Eloise 27 Cartagena, Dmetrio 266 Carter, Aubrey 433 Carter, Charles E 227 Carter, Dalton 73, 291 Carter, Gene A 229 Carter, Jane Cole 256 Carter, Marjorie Lee 205 Carter, Marjorie Nell 59, 165, 250 Carter, Melford Sidney 59 Carter, R. Bruce 228 Carter, Richard Lee 190, 227 Carter, Robert D 404 Carter, Roger 300 Carter, Thelma Tressie 73 Carter, Thomas Leachman 310, 433 Cart er, Texas Joy 299, 300 Carter, William J 198, 208 Cartwright, Martha Ann 137, 305, 371 Case, Bobbye Nell 141 Casey, Medora Josephine 73, 295 Casey, Patricia Ann 166, 373 Cash, James Reagan 87 Caspary, Delo Harvey 414 Casper, William J 270, 271, 286 Casis, Liha 212 Castany, Charles 268 Casteel, Dana B 208, 418 Casteel, Jacqueline 472 Castellon, Mario C 268 Castiglioni, Aldo J 275 Castle, Joyce 73, 367 Castruita, Pauline 27, 196, 232, 268 Castro, Henry 170 Castro, Maria Marguerita 59 Cassidy, Clifton Wilson 73, 250, 274 Cater, Lael 59, 260, 359, 471 Catlett, Suzanne 189, 212, 221, 241, 246, 373,418 Caufield, Calvin L 87 Caulfield, John Hartwell 87 Causey, Edward Herbert 87 Causey, Gordon 143 Cavazos, Oscar 232 Caven, Walter 136, 172, 398 Caveness, Charles L 300 Caveness, Ramona 263 Cavness, William 151, 159 Cavett, Mary Louise 240 Cavett, Peggy 207, 289 Cavin, Martha 164 Cawley, Aaron 274 Cawthon, Mary Kathryn. . .87, 166, 192, 373 Cawthon, William Connell 18, 275, 425 Cayton, Ann 263, 295, 373 Cayton, Marilyn Janice 59, 208, 304, 358 Ceballos, David 275 Cebrion, Daniel 143 Cepeda, Delfin 73, 245 Ccvallos, David 232 Chaffe, Jean C levelai.d 73 Chaffe, Jesse Morrow 73 Chaffce, Harry L 293 Chagnard, Jackie 27, 138, 364 Chain, John H 422 Chaincy, Paul J 227 Chaleff, Philip 396 Chalmers, Mary Ann 73, 240, 267 Chamberlain, Nancy Ruth 73, 294 Chamberlain, Peter 214 Chamberlain, Charles S 430 Chambers, Charlotte Anne 27, 221, 307 Chambers, Charles L 440 Chambers, Doris 192, 250, 383 Chambers, John Douglas . . 74 Chambers, W. B 274 Chamness, Daniel E 280 Champie, Ellmore Alfred 27 Champion, Dudley 287 Name Pages Champion, Emile 87 Champion, John G 200 Chance, Frances 140, 260, 387, 478 Chancellor, Charles William 437 Chancey, Donald 178, 231, 274 Chandler, Bobby J 59, 293 Chandler, Dorothy Helen .59, 192, 246, 260 Chandler, Dott Louise 27, 237, 257, 274 Chandler, Fred 16, 56, 132, 185, 401, 448 Chandler, George 298, 410 Chandler, James F 171, 194 Chandler, John 146, 157, 250, 274 Chandler, Paul W 87, 446 Chandler, Sidney 181 Chandler, Thomas A 293 Chandler, William D 410 Chandler, W. Homer 296 Chaney, George 181 Chaney, Naoma 140, 175 Chaney, Vivian 140 Chapa, Lilia Gonzalez 87, 232 Chapman, Alvan Lothair 426 Chapman, Dorothy Mae 59, 150, 393 Chapman, Ellen 278, 373 Chapman, Helen 197 Chapman, L. 293 Chapman, Roger Clayton 74, 274 Chapman, William T 293 Chappie, Willodyne 59, 237, 286 Charlton, James 178, 274, 286 Charlton, Jim Alice 59, 157 Charlton, Meredith 184, 278, 389 Charpentier, Dorcia Elaine 74 Charpiot, Robert B 398 Chase, Dale ...438 Chase, Donald 59, 229 Chase, Priscilla 246 Chastain, Olive Mae 27, 296 Chatfield, Evelyn.. .375 Chatfield, George Alva 27, 172, 297 Chatham, Ernest W 172 Chatham, Louise 157 Chatham, R. M 412 Chavarria, Jesus 245 Chavez, Alberto 268 Chavez, Angela 232 Cheatham, Evelyn Frances 74, 163 Cheatham, Mary Elizabeth 28, 163, 214 Cheatham, Wiley 97 Cheesman, Barbara Alice 74, 199, 383 Cheesman, Carolyn 141 Cheesman, Guy W 418 Cheney, Billie Anne 74,248,295,477 Chernosky, Adelma Shirley 59, 247, 272 Chernosky, Dorothy 249, 359, 476 Chernosky, James Eugene 74, 249 Cherom, H. Saul 171 Cherry, Blair 113, 185 Cherry, Wendell Henry 28 Chcsnick, Hilford Joseph 19, 442 Chcshier, Lee Banie 87, 231 Cheshire, Lee Jean 28, 149,472 Chesney, Perry 287 Chester, Earl Wayne 87 Chew, Edgar Henry Baxter 74, 111, 294 Chi Epsilm 209 Childers, Jackie 217 Childers, Mary Ailcen 59, 249 Childers, W. A 291 Childres, Betty 74, 163, 263, 379 Childres, C. L 287 Childress, Aide 163 Childress, Molly Jo 7, li 3 Childs, J. L ...284 Childs, Nuel 1 257, 279 Childs, Richard Virgil 310 Chiles, Alice ...264,389 Chilton, Carl Sloan 28 Chllton, H. George 171, 197, 257 Chmn, JohnH 402 Chi Omega 370-371 Chi Phi 402-403 Chollar, Dean 274, 410 Christensen, David 267 Christensen, Mcrlty W 233 Christian, Fritz 272 Christiansen, S. Hugh 219, 440 Christie, Peggy 210, 381, 471 Christos, Andrew A 74, 296 Chuck, Benjamin 245 Chumney, William Thomas 74, 421 Churchill, James 287 Churchwell, Robert L 172 Cibulka, Ian M 249, 298 Cigarroa, Rebeea 210, 232, 474 Ciclak. Fausto 245 Clalborne, Thomas E 59 Clapper, Virginia 189 Clardy, Charles R 243, 287, 398 Clark, Allen 227 Clark, Barbara. .28, 137, 147, 246, 288, 361 Clark, Bernice L 59, 226, 375 Clark, Bob J 406 Clark, Charles Edward 59, 147, 276, 302 Clark, Charles T 181, 187 Clark, Courtney 185, 422 Clark, Donna Louise 28, 140, 162, 276 Clark, Francis Byron 28 Clark, Frank K.: 87,152,211 Clark, Gean Oliver 74, 194 Clark, Gene B 401 Clark, George Marvin 19, 198, 204, 231 Clark, Gilbert B. .. ...446 Clark, Glynn A 229 Clark, Howard P 287 Clark, Irving 396 Clark, James Bennett 28, 214 Clark, James Eugene 59, 444 Clark, James R 59, 296 Clark, John L 208,214 Clark, Lula Cathenr.e 59, 279 Name Pages Clark, Nedra LaRue 87 Clark, Norma Francine 59, 165, 477 Clark, Patricia . . .385 Clark, Rayford William . . .74 Clark, William D 251, 398 Clarke, Richard Langan 74, 275 Clarke, Rollm F 131, 430, 448 Clarke, William T 194, 233 Clarkson, Robert F 59 Clarkston, Horace H 414 Clary, Earl Martin 28, 151, 195, 280 Clary, Peggy Pauline 59 Classes 17-96 Clay, Comer 197 Clay, George William 414 Clay, JohnH 87 Clay, Oscar R 231 Clay, Thomas Weldon 28, 309 Claybrook, A. 172 Clayton, Frances Elizabeth 19, 214, 296 Clayton, Michael 275 Clayton, Sterling 231 Claypool, Clovis Beth 74, 146, 162,306 Claypool, Patricia Nell 87, 146, 162, 306 Clayton, Bertha Cathryn 59, 383, 455 Clayton, Bruce 298 Clayton, Jane 138, 168, 383 Clayton, John 433 Clegg.JakeB 28,430 Clegg, William C 420 Clemens, Bobbye Juanita 59, 240 Clement, Betty Jean 74, 15f , 359, 479 Clement, Mark 275, 287 Clements, Pat 138, 260 Clemer, Jack M 300 Clemmons, Eldon H 171 Clemmons, Gwen 59, 249 Cleveland, C. M 204 Cleveland, Florence Lillian 74 Cleveland. Gerald W 87, 430 Cleveland, Ray 59 Click, Lloyd Loring 202,424 Clifford, Roy 274 Clift, Mrs. C. F . 59 Clift, Mary Lynn 74, 240 Clift, Rob 74, 181,227 Clift, Will iam Henry 87, 181 Clifton, Davis 287 Clifton, Hulen E 310 Clifton, Leecroy 402 Cline, Dorothy Jean 260, 381 Clinkenbeard, Neil Eugene 59 Clinton, Claude Ramsey . 28, 173, 304, 414 Cloud, Yvonne 157 Cloudt, Norma Jean 59, 379 Clough, Merrill H 182 Clouse, Harland Almonte 59 Clouse, Mary Jean S 59 Clouse, Richard Ernest 87 Clower, Patrick Alton 74, 272 Cloyes, Mary 295, 393, 474 Club de Mexico . . ... 245 Clubs 225-315 Coale, Robert E 74, 398 Coats, Ray Morris 87 Coats, James Richard 59, 262, 270 Cobb, Gene Stuart 194 Cobb, John Robert 87 Cobb, Norma Sue . . 87, 166, 359 Cobb, Olga 260 Cobbs, Peggy Claire 28, 381 Coburn, Maurice 230 Cochran, Chester 214 Cochran, Jo Rene 147 Cochran, Leroy Merrell 74 Cock, Donald 389 Cock, Mary Helen 74 Cockburn, Jack Horton 437 Cocke, Billie Jean 260 Cocke, Byron Cheney 28, 189, 226, 248 Cocke, Mary Lou. . . ' . . 144, 189, 248, 393 Cocke, William Howell 414 Cockrell.B. Dale... 228 Cockrell, Bob 133, 135 Cocreham, Jerry 263 Cody, Thomas Hughes 59, 171, 437 Coe, Howard Douglas 398 Co-Ed Assembly 246 Coers, Roy Helmuth 19 Cofer, Hume 438 Cofer, Patricia 219, 278, 385 Coffee, Doris 8, 184, 246, 381, 475 Coffee, James ... 151 Coffield, Charles, 421 Coffman, Dorothy Sue 28, 163, 184 Cohen, Edwin George 153, 202, 425 Cohen, Henry 193, 194, 428 Cohen, Irene 377 Cohen, Marvin J 434 Cohen, Max 396 Cohen, Monroe . . . -S, 147 Cohn, Alfred G 434 Cohn, Dolores 391 Cohn, Malcolm C 235 Cohn, Robert L 59,434 Coin, Shirley Mae iS, 391 Colbert, Gene E 406 Colby, Malcolm Young 438 Coldwell, Frances 184 Cole, Byron. . . 206 Cole, Faye... 74,174 Cole, Gloria Anita 28, 221, 256, 303 Cole, Iva Lee 141 Cole, Mildred Ruth 240 Cole, Peggy Louise 59 Cole, Robert Jascn 221 Coleman, Carolyn Merrill 59, 306, 389 Coleman, Clinton James 310 Coleman, Frances Ann 28, 283, 360, 361 Coleman, Frank Hutchinson 414 Coleman, James Lafayette 59, 425 PACK 55 . .W.B. Cry.Th ma.Harcld fNj.!. rWrrrti Inaiii CriEva, Maruara R Crikr.JoAnn C-Vy.JobuD Oder. VMS Collie, Kathleen Collie, Mary Jo Coiner, Dorothy Collier, Paul W Colber.Ralph Collier. Robert Collier. WiflJaai CoUin Carol . Charlei Gotta . Orifaa. OriUmiEarlL Fred Altai W. Harold (Spot CaUua, Joieph Crib . Robert Lewia Colombe, Carolya Coltner. Robert George Onlert.C.C Calvin. Hl Bernard C Jviau Howard Oar-ell. Patricia Lander Cone, Mary Alice Cooe. Mry Chadwick Coat, Robert Earl ..... Cone. Row R,Jr Condray, Margaret Coaklo.Taoia.H Contey.Carl 59 441 159 437 87, 140.16f.187 117 410 410 16f, 169, 263 74,373 - .4 59 171 59 m . - ! I 4.- .. ' . ' 87. 167. 175. 260 287 2v 2M 442 59, 149 214.359 97.1!?. 1 ' 8,202. 277.468 398 2 . 204, 209, 230 87. 237. 286. 471 87 154 .437 171 .2,375 74.2f3 59 .- - .- - .291 H 14 50,290 . ' - - ' -- ' .4 217 1-4 Cornelia. Vivian Cornelhia, Cathenw ITi .- .. jo;. Yttaw Crawley.MaryAM eC Coaaally. Barbara Joan Conned " Marilyn Connelly. Robert B V MMEI , MMMMH . . . Connolly, Barbara Joan 4 - 373 74.303 ' - 59 301 183 1S7 28, 214. 246. 2SS, -- 4-- q, . , Beverly Jane .Pat ..87.Mu.MB.lM :-. 4 .. 199 .28.114,263 202,414.415,448 Conaky. Roacoe Ranald Conrad, Virginia Key 163, 373 ConradCJ.r 293 88. 165,163 rUnrgaret Jane Peggy . 28, 164, 226 at, CUoe Matmlde 19.141.393 101 Cook. Ann 138. 144 Cook, Betty 359 CootCnrrou 433 Cook. David C 197,440 Cook, Efiaabeth Ann 59.359 CootFeUiG .-- 4 Coot Hurl C - .4 Cook. H M 230 Cook. Kenneth Horace 74 Cook. Mary Hewn ... :4 Cook,PanlC 299.300,301 Cook, Robert Gould 59.171 Cook, Shirley 21 . 255, 3 3 Coot, William T .4- . Cooke, Alice L 193 Cooke, Alma Lorilie 28, W Caoke.JhnR Cooke.Ohvia 275 Cooky. Calvin Leonard - - ' Carney. Joan .. 88,140,177 Cmia.Ana 364 Coomn. Dorothy 301 Cooner. Jama Robert 59. 194, 243 Cooper. A. E . 4 : Cooper. A. L 171 Cooper. Betty Jo it Cooner. Charlotte. ... Cooper. Elloie Anne 5 . 257. 295. IOC Cooper. Harold Paul 59.230 Cooper! Manly W .- ' - Cooper, Robert Ler 59. 131. 421 Cooper. Sotawa L CVn. 174-178 CoBnovBenA Cope. Hilbern D ..231 Coneiand. William J 280 CoppeL Flora Lee 59 Coraxxa. Frank ... 171 Corbett, Max Albert 74. 171. 131, 191 CorbeUo, Richard L 117 Corbr. WilKam. . . 119 Corroru. Raymond Austin 401 CnrdeD. Jama Clare. .19, Corder.Marj Ml Carder. Wihrn. Ml Corley. Robert 187 Cormaa.JaekB 171.104 163.214 Cornelius. Marilyn Jane Comibe, Annette Comibe. Janette CorniahljimA Cornweil. Earl CarHii Ckrtiri CM Corre Revet, Jose de Jama Corrigaa. Patricia Coney. Alice Faye... CaratotMCM Carter, Jane Cole Cortex, Samuel Cortimna. Irene... Coaner! Jacqueline Coatley. babel Ma . iRa.v Cotner. Robert Cot) en. Frances Jeannine 60.10 60,379 412 II 147 2$. 111. . - - . - --. m 24S 149 232 245 - .: S 260, 263. 275 ITS 63 424 - W Cottingaam. Charles D CottV. Martha Lois Cotton. Beryl Cot ton, Ja Cotton. Jn Cotton. Ranee 1 Couch, Charles Pete Couch. Gtama Lea Robert CoofaL Jerry L Congklin.JoanE (.171 1S5. 416,448 .m. 26. 246. 389. 473 -- - . . 60 152 285 15s 401 2$. 149 60,425 231,249 163, 192, S83 CoaghlMv Marilyn Jeanne 88. 167. 275 Coulter. Jeanne J81 Couher, Marion... 277 Counta.Jame C 217 Courtney, Betty Lou 16, 139. 191. 112. 246. 277, 288. 151, Ml OnTOcy, Charles Courtney. Ida Marrine Foster Courtney, Jo Ann Courtney, William. . Covey, Carol Aline .Vv.n. EIii:.- IS! 28.137. 191.263 275 433 -- --- 140 Coragton, Joe C Covington, Weldon . 22S .195 Covmgton. Virginia Stuart Coward. BaberMmer . - in ,, -.. Coward. Mary Jo 88.166 Coward. Roaemary 246 Ci.l.|i 185 Cowden, John Brandon 250,401 Cowiea. William 197 Cowling, Dorothy Eliambeth 60, 150, 168, 264, 172,295,475 Cowling, Richard 264 Cowsar, John 106 Cox, Alex Finley 60,312 Cox. Dons Mary 29 Cox, Ella Ruth 74,162,237 Cox, Ernest C, Jr . ... Cox.F. L. 206 Cox. Graham G 233 Cox. Helen Marie 60, 199. 373, 476 Cox. James TaUey 19,300,422 Cox. Joe L ..299.300 Cox,Lanier 182 Cox.Mane Ml MI Cox, Martha Ann 29.373 Cox. Mary Alice ..174 Cox. Mary Helen 74 Cox. Melba .141 Cox. Mildred Cox. Robert Alameth 414 Cox. Roy William 97, 128, 202, 277, 414 Cox. Shirley 140. 144, 264, 177 Cox, Wanda Jean 29. 138, 274 Cox, William Hon 19.88 Cox, William Jesse 29,97.98,102 Coiby, William Spencer .74 Crabb, George E .129 Craddock, Anita Byrd Cnddock. Ruth Ann 29 Craddork. WUliam P . . Cracm. Loekhart Peabody 437 Craig. Fraacei Anne .183 Craig. Gordon Paul Oraig,HomerV 422 Craig. Jane .387 C rait. Mary Ana -.180 Craig. Walter R 74 Crain,C. M 204,228 Gain. Frank 407 Cram. Fared B 29,444 Crain.JnckW 97,199,300 Crain. Warren . . 114 Cram. William Henry 19.149.406 Cramer. Marian -i. . Crandall. Jackie 186.264,385 Crandefl, Moan 172 Cranfil. Thomat M ...418 Craoor, Carltoa . 438 Crawford, Alir 197 Crawford, Ardtil R 233 Crawford, Cal Ray 19 Crawford. David Johnrton 152.180,417 Crawford. France. 6, 374 Crawford. Garland Duane 88 Crawford, George Wolf 29, 174 Crawford. A. Irene .79.288,379 Crawford. Marilyn 117 Crawford, Mary Cariton 263,387 Crawford. Paul 190.204 Crawford. Robert. 110,438 263. 24 lit 416 . ........ Creighton. John " Roy Craighton. Thomnt Willmm Crewa, Thoma. William Crippen.B.J Craven; John Cravens. John Granger. HnroU Lee Creamer. A. Elisabeth Crenry. Ann ......... H.16I Creel, Ann Duabeth 88, 167. ITS Creel. Loon Guy ........ 88 " 173 74.404 74.173.430 131 , 287 Chip, Noel James 29.285,444 Crites, Omar Don. 74.243 CriUenden, Henry M .......... 438 Criti. Gloria 383 Crocker, Roy E 194 Crockett. Edward Richardson 74. 425 Crockett, Genldine ...... 88. 166, 291. 373 Crockett, Jon A 424 Crockett, Leonard Frank ......... 29.427 Crockett, Lutien R ......... 446 Craekett, Moton Havwood 29.152.211 Crockett. Ralph Dougia 88, 291 Crockett, Samuel B... 172 Crockett, Tom Anderaon 74,194,279 Cromer. Bill ............. Cromwell, Charlotte ....... 260, JO, 295, 393 Crone,EarlA .................... 284 Crone, Helen ............. 139, MO, 3s7. 480 Crook, BUlie Louiee .................... J77 Crook. George H ................ 293 Crook, John Herbert ..... 74, 2S7. 446 Crook, Patricia Anne 88, 137. 263, 276, 277, 381 Crooke, Peggy June . 60, 166. 169, 180,208. 379. 479 Crake, Lawrence F ....... 171.181.227 Crooks, Robert L .286 Croabie, GuiBermo 268 Croaby, Jack Rust 74.251,406 CroeeJey.Iaebeh... 260 Crosier; Mary Ann ____ 74, 162, 240, 260, 476 CrattCmiry ...... 109 Cross, George G... 233,238 Cross, James Harvey ........... 60, 152, 172 Cross, Robert E ........... 176,271 Oosthwait, Eugene Lee ...... 19,275 Crete, Jean ......... 166 Crouch, Austin L ....... 223, 235. 257 Crouch, Joseph Burnt ......... 60, 297. 306 Crow, Donald Elmer 60,425 Crow, George Davis ..... 402 Crow. Jama R ......... 412 Crow, William Clinton 4(12 Orowder, Ctemmie Dewey, 19. 152, 185, 309, 21!, 292, 465 Crowder. Eliaer ........ 171 Crowe,Haael ........ ..... 217 Crownover, ane ........... .... 60 Crowsan, Patricia.., ....... 29,256,272,379 Croaier, Ham- T ................. 187 Crumb. Stephen F ................... 204 Crunk. William Hamilton Crume, Herbert C ............... 29,292 Crump, Lindsay G .............. Craseman. Frederic Ross ............... 414 Cruniua. Milton Wood ................. Cratehette, Charmaine Allvn . ..88 CmtchfiekLJohnJ. 446 Cuculic, Gail E 74 Ctwfjpp. A. E .............. 1M, 410 Ondbr. Adolph ............. . 190 Cuellar. Armando ................ ..... IN Coeood. Eugene G .................... MS Culberson, Faher WeJk 444 Culbermon, Helen Franca 74. 146, 257, 39 Culbertaon. Thomas ............... 200 Culbertoon. Wilbur L 2O4 Cmtem. James 421 Cullom,Gay 276,367 Cullum, Landon ........ 131.420 CuUum,L.R ................. : - Culver, Dollye ............. ........ 88.260 Culvert, Donald Ward 74.219.425 Culver. Estelle .................... 160, 473 CulweU, W. Dale 31,265.414 A T v 9S T - V D 173 Cambie, LeJand FraaUin Comely, T. WTlliam . C -: CM ---: - :.-: I ConuDiace, Jolin R Onwnaingm, Vtsff Flynn Cumnunga, WTC Jexander Arthur Cunningham. Dan B Cunningham, David Wynn. 1 R 2. 257 217 247 175,260 165,181 ..446 - .-, 159 88.166.371 . 29,97, | | | 299,428 248 414 250,425 . Mra.Grorer 238 .GftncrB 238 .JoAnn 207,289.375 .JoeBrnce 238.305.410 Cunningham, John Franklin 60.221.407 Canningbam, W illiam A 187. 190. 227. 104 Cunningham. William Otto Cuny. Thomat B 412 CnpftAlbertE 22s C(y. Danny C 228 Cnrnan. Hmgh W 410 CmiMary 251 Cvrlee, Thomaa B Carrey. Betty J 4T Currey, Dann TimoUiy -. C,r-.:,, H li: " . 17. 275 Cumnfton. Gene 277 Curry, Lucy Lynn ... .88 Cwti. . . i, Barbara OnrtnvBill CmrtnvBetliL CartJa. Loui. S ........ f Cartright. Mabel Jean Onrtm, Margaret ... Cortu, Martha Alice Curtis, Kenneth Robert. Curtis, Robert ......... Cunriu, Pauline Cusellar. Adolph M ... Cutler. John 440 2(15, 475 402 171 60,171 - ' 17 197 377 249 D Dabnej-. Carolyn .......... . 29,173 Dabis, Peggy .......................... 1 Daer. George Mb.... 404 Dahl, Alfred 17 Dahl.RogerL. .276 Dahlberg. Eleanor V 88.217,2 0 Dahlbert. Hugh Black 97, 112. 131, 421 Dahlstrom, Jack Howard 310 Dailey, John W ....... 60,287,304 Daily.H-B ........... ____ 291 Dfiill Texan, Tkc .......... W-221 Dalbj-,Je n .......... 265,474 Dale, Alan S ........... 418 Dale, John Richard - ' Dale, Robert H 74,41? Dalehite, Henry G 410 Dales, R. Glenn ...... 228 DaJey, Cynthia Ann 88, 219, 260 ItadiitCM, 250 Dailey, Joseph W. 198,265 Dalmeyer, Ruth Adeie ........... 29,361 Daltoo, H. J. Jerry ............. 74,262,286 Damiani, Byron D .................... 401 Damiani, Kirwin Gberbk ..... . . 88 Damm,Ruti ....... .M3 Damon. Henry Gordon ..... 200, 438 Damron, Bobby Sam 233, 304 Damuth. Malcolm Charlee 60. 172, 401 Daney. Billie Marie 74 Danford, Matdl ... IT Danforth. Diane .................. 137,365 Danforth, Margaret ........... 163, 371, 473 Daniel, Barton Henrr .......... 88 Daniel. Crawford Junes ........ 29, 208, 211 Darnel, Mrs. Joe M .4- Daniel, Joe M -4- Daniel. John Evans 407 Daniel. Lea R 60 Daniels, Beverly Jeanne, 29, 266, 272, 379, 470 Daniels. Harold Eugene 414 Daniels, Holt P 29, 439 Danidaan, Earl R 29,433 Daniebon, Edward .29, 4S DanneUy. James ............ 97. 105, 106 Dansforth, Diane ....... 243 Daruinger. Zelik Joseph 60. 296 Dartn-.Danny ....... 152,276 Darey. H.P 43S Darden, William H 285 Darflek. August A ........... 192, 24 Darnell, Bob ............ 195 Darnell, Man, Margaret, 60, 146, 150. 156. 393 Darnell. Rowland Jones ............ 19. 411 Darwin. Chester .......... 221 Dankam, Eleanor . . 277,379 Daagherty, Jean 164 Daugherty, Joe R 402,448 Daugberty, Mary May ....... 74,150,167 Daagherty, Ruby ............ 159 Daugberty, Melba Ruth .......... 26?, 379 Davenport, Fred Arnold ................ 19 Davenport, Jaw F ................... V Davenport, John ...................... 433 Davenport. Nelson Edwin 29. 284. 439 Davidson. Clifton ..................... 401 Dwidmm, Dick ....................... 19 Davidson. Joseph C . 175. 425 Davidson. Nora Jane 60, 275. 306 Davidson, Robert C ................... 430 Davies, Lewis } .............. 170, 172, 235 Danes. Zuletea Chastain ............... 183 Davis, Adrian Avail 4 ' 4 Davis, Alfred ...... 257 Davis, Alleth Coralyn ....... Davis, Anna ........................... 114 Davis, Archie Yarbrough ____ ..... ........ 437 Davis. Barbara Loo ................ 74, 371 Davis. Bertran E ................ 159.427 Davis. Betty J ...... 74. 199. 373. 471 Davis.Bill ............ 242 Davis, BrueeR 172,431 Davus Charles Albert .................. 194 Davis. Charles Robert ............. ITS Davis. Donald Alexander ....... 00, 152, 211 Davis, Dorothy Dale ....... 29, 184, 288, 364 Davis. Dorothy Jeanne ...... 162,243.371 Davis. Dorothy L ................. 139, 260 Davis, Edgar Lee ....................... 88 Davis. Edward FranHm ............ 88,264 Davis, Elbert Grady ................ , 23 Davis, France. ElUabeth ....... 80.214,474 Davis, Frank ......... . ..... ; ........ 174 Dans. Frank Barrett ............ ...... 414 Davis, Franklin ....................... 114 Davia, Fred Newton .112 Davis, George Dewer ................. 74 Davia. George Edward . 110 Davis. Golden . 74.353 Davia. Helen Lau .......... . 88 Davis,Hope . Davia,JaekG ...... Davis. Jacob Soover .................. 74 Name Pages Davis, James W ...... ..... 172 Davis, Jo Ann .................... 165, 371 Davis, John Alex .................. 223, 287 Davis, John ...... . ................. 229 Davis, John S .................... 262,271 Davis, Katherine Spiller ............ 19, 381 Davis, Keith ................. 183, 201, 206 Davis, Kenneth C ..................... 418 Davis, Laura ......................... 163 Davis, Louis Colbert ................... 60 Davis, Louis Hudler ................... 60 Davis, Marvin Lee .................... 60 Davis, Mary Carolyn. 150, 165, 180, 243, 260 Davis, Mary Jane ..................... 168 Davis, Mary Ruth ......... 29, 247, 283, 369 Davis, No rvill ........................ 172 Davis, Ora M ................. 19, 404, 448 Davis, Patsy Jean ..................... 60 Davis, Richard F ................... 60, 42 5 Davis, Richard W ..................... 172 Davis, Rose Marie ..................... 29 Davis, Sam Walkup ................... 60 Davis, Steve .......................... 296 Davis, Sylvia ..................... 146, 157 Davis, Thelma Camilla ................. 289 Davis, Thomas ...................... 412 Davis, Vergil Sanford .................. 30 Davis, Wallace Harvey ................. 60 Davis, Wilbur Raymond ............ 74, 410 Davis, William H ..................... 262 Dawe, Myra Ann .............. 88, 150, 290 Dawkins, Sam D .................. 291, 310 Dawson, Ernest B ..................... 248 Dawson, Raymond F .................. 209 Dawson, Robert Milton ............. 88, 438 Dawson, Wilfred T .................... 446 Day, Edith E ..................... 174, 233 Day, Frederick Donald ............. 74, 433 Day, Putnam Russell .................. 88 Dean, Ben J.. .................... 287,293 Dean, Jimmie F ....................... 233 Dean, Martha ........ 28, 141, 264, 383 Dean, Rose Marilyn ....... 88, 166, 275, 291 Dean, William Beale ...... 132, 173, 197, 300 Dean, William Jobie ................... 277 Dean, William R ...................... 257 Deans ................................ 12 Dear, John William .................... 74 Deathe, Helen ............ 171, 172, 173, 263 Deatherage, Bruce H .............. 272, 306 Deaton. Frances Ann (Chanchi) 30, 186, 234, 263, 385, 480 Deaver, James ........................ 181 Deaver.T. H ......................... 171 Deborde, Phyllis ............... 60, 359, 479 Decker, Esther ........................ 381 Dedman, Robert Henry 153, 172, 274, 285, 444 Dee, William F .................... 60,274 Deen, Arthur H ................... 200, 408 Dees, Delia Valerie .................... 60 Dees, Doris Fay ....................... 60 Dees, H.Paul ......................... 228 Deeths, William Richard ........ 30, 198, 439 Dee ts. Earl ........................... 307 Defrour, Mohamed Rank ............... 30 De George, Carmalee .................. 219 De George, Michael J .................. 440 Degler, Howard E ................. 198, 204 De Graff erried, Garland ................ 287 De Groot, Frank ...................... 307 Delafosse, Georgann .................... 141 de la Fosse, Patricia ................... 263 De La Fuente, Gorge .................. 245 , De La Garza, Cesar Octavio de la Garza, Vincente Juan de Lagrave, Yvette Delahoussaye, Norwood J De la Pena, Adolph De Leon, Jose Rodolfo Delgado, Godfrey Delgado-Vega, Diego 30, 245 88 74, 369 30 172, 232, 245 60 232 245 88, 275, 408 202, 410 60, 385, 479 88, 180, 294 296 245 280 214 251 404-405 372-373 374-375 406-407 , Del ' Homme, Laurence Koehl Dellinger, David H Dellinger, Donna Gay DeLoney, Mary Jean DeLony, Mayo H del Paso, Ernesto del Pozo, Bernardino, Martinez del Pozo, Efren C Dtl Rio Club Delia Chi Delia Delia Delia Delia Gamma Delta Kappa Epsilon ............... Delia Phi Epsilon .................. 376-377 Delta Sigma Pi ....................... 206 Delia Tau Delia ................... 410-411 Delta Sigma Phi .................. 408-409 Delia Zefa ...................... 378-379 De Lynn, Carolyn ................ 219, 363 Demele, Frederick A ................... 265 Demere, Mary Agnes ............... 60, 140 Demmer, Joe ...................... 97, 124 DeMontrond, Dottie Lou ............. 383 Dempsey, Charles P ................... 286 Dendy, Ruby Jeanne ............... 88, 263 Denius, Franklin Wofford ........... 60, 412 Denman, Peyton Linwood .............. 414 Denmark, Jeanelda Marilyn .......... 74 Dennard, Billy Hugh ............... 88, 172 Dennis, Robert S ...................... 422 Dennison, Robert A ................... 408 Denson, Jack M ....................... 310 Denton, Jacqueline M ................. 88 Depart, Margaret Frances .............. 393 Deppe, Walter F ............... 97, 124, 402 DePriest. Wysanda .................... 379 Derr, Paul ......................... 230 Derrick, A. M ................. 30, 229, 284 Derrick, M. Elaine ................. 74, 393 Derry, George P ...................... 247 Name Pages Devanesen, Shakuntala 30, 175 Deveny, Charles Albert 60, 248 De Villier, Alex Joseph 416 Devine, Patricia Ann 74, 373 Devlin, Thomas 275 De Wees, Martha Sue 88 DeWitt, John Robert 300 Dey, Howard F 22; Diaz-Riza, Aurelio 251 Diaz-Riza, Ignacio 251 Dibrell, George Edward 88, 438 Dibrell, Joseph Burton 74 Dickens, Terry Charles, Jr 74, 425 Dickerson, C. W., Jr 88 Dickerson, Samuel J 446 Dickey, Adele Ruth 74, 295 Dickey, Carolyn 30, 168, 191 Dickie, James Albert 235, 302 Dickinson, Ferrell 194, 290 Dickson, Jenny 274, 282, 393 Dickson, Thomas 197, 275 Diebel, Christopher Douglas 88 Diebel, Kenneth L 227 Dietert, Dorothy Ann 88, 164 Dietrich, Zela Mae 60, 387 Dietz, Carmel 88,166 Dietz, Clifton 158,195 Dietz, Elizabeth Forgartie 30 Dietz, Gene V 198, 265 Dietz, Henry Brooklyn 30, 195, 280, 293 Dietze. Doris 30, 364 Dietzer, Jay 154 Dietzmann, Helmuth 60 Digby-Roberts, Justine 257, 383 Dllger, Joseph Henry 74 Dillard, Arvin Ryan 401 Dillard, Lois Dee 385, 475 Dillard, Roy Earl 30, 440 Dillehay, Charles E 271 Dillen, William A 30 Diller, Howard 159 Dillman, John Edward 19 Dillon, Clifford Brien 187, SCO, 302, 422 Dingle, Jack E 402 Dingle, Robert L 402 Dinter, Henry Anton 30 Dinwiddie, Ballard A 265 Dippel, John C 228 Dirk, Margaret Virginia 184 Dirks, Evelyn Elaine 30. 140, 162, 169 Dirks, Jean 139, 140 Dirks, James Leland 416 Dirks, John Marion 416 Dirks, Richard William 185, 227, 416 Dirtrich, Vina 240 Diserens, Alton H 227 Dishman, Elsby E 230 Dixon, Eugene Charles, 88, 173, 243, 247, 287 Dixon, Joseph 248 Dixon, Peggy Colleen 30 Dixon, William S 88 D ' Kosteo, Elizabeth 275 Doak, Margaret Virginia 373 Doan, Bobby 274 Dobbins, Charles 433 Dobbins, James Pete 60, 421 Dobbins, Pike Homer 74, 421 Dobie, Kathryn 147 Dobles, Robert Walter 30, 204, 228 Dobson, W. J 208 Dockery, Mary Ethel 30 Dodd, Franklin S 302 Dodd, Henry C 296 Dodds, Virginia 30, 138, 295, 381 Dodds, James Fuller 74 Dodge, Billy Albert 310 Dodge, ClareC 88, 139, 166,385 Dodge, Clarence Porter 414 Dodgen, Clarence E 287 Dodson, Dwain F 418 Dodson, John 229 Doebbler, Howard . 286 Doebe, Lyle 259 Doell, James E 60 Doggett, Otto Glenn 88 Doherty, John L 194 Doherty, William E 430 Dohoney, Mrs. A. P 168 Dolen, Isaac, S 172, 270, 274 Dollar, Frances 1 60, 162, 237, 375, 476 Dolley, James Clay 12, 183, 206 Dolley, Norma 139, 141, 383, 470 Dollins, Dulene 165 Dombrow, Bernard 181, 396 Domenjeaux, Earl 291 Dominguez, Enzo 268 Dominey, Frederick D 172 Dominy, Billy 173 Donaldson, David 287 Donaldson, Donald Joseph 30, 227, 273 Donaldson, Fletcher 259 Donaldson, Myrtle 259 Donalson, David Sutherland 437 Donalson, Robert Lee 437 Dones, Henry C 88 Doney, Pat 389 Donnell, Albert 274 Donnell, Mary Elise 30, 174, 212 Donnellan, William Lorns 30, 106, 159 Donnelly, Gloria D 30, 298 Donnelly, Raymond Thomas 74, 298 Donnelly, Richard 257, 414 Donnen, Elsie 246 Donsbach, Elbert 259 Donsbach, Gladyce 259 Donsbach, W. R 259 Donzis, Jerome Milton, 30, 190, 2C4, 227, 434 Doole, John Rumsey 404 Doole, Peggy Nell 60, 138, 240, 381 Dooley, Robert H 296 Dorba ' ndt, Billy Hart 74, 402 Name Panes Dorfman, Myron H ................... 434 Dormitories ....................... 161-173 Dornon, Marion Hope ................. 60 Dorr, Jean Ann ....................... 88 Dorsett, William N .................... 398 Dorsey, Alyce Faye .................... 30 Dorsey, Norman ...................... 285 Dorzis, Jerry .......................... 286 Doscher, J. Henry ..................... 420 Doss, Noble Wester. . .................. 406 Dossett, Andrew Jackson ............... 30 Dossett, Laura (Mickey) .......... 186, 304, 389, 478 Dossett, Walter Brown ......... 88, 304, 414 Doty, E. William ...................... 12 Doucette, Marie ....................... 143 Dougharty, Marcus H ................. 172 Dougherty, Ruby Jo ....... 74, 167, 237, 275 Doughtie, Venton Levy ........ 198, 231, 402 Doughty, Glenn R ..................... 182 Douglas, Betty Jo .................. 30, 298 Douglas, Carol .................... 273, 371 Douglas, Greig ........................ 275 Douglas, James Rex ................ 30, 206 Douglas, Jim, Jr ....... 19, 194, 209, 230, 410 Douglas, Jimmie Hugh ................. 60 Douglas, W. J ........................ 172 Douglass, James Eliot ................. 292 Douglass, Ruth Ann ................... 196 Douthit, Lillian ....................... 164 Douthit, Virginia .............. 88, 164, 365 Douvry, Suzanne .............. 88, 140, 150 Dove, Wendell Sumrall ................ 60 Dover, Carrie Joy ..................... 277 Dover, Joy ........................... 303 Dowdell, Louise .................... 30, 255 Dowden, Wilbur ...................... 146 Dowdy, William C ............ 173, 274, 414 Dowell.Jane ...... 60, 137, 139,213,383,371 Dow, Glenn A ........................ 30 Downes, JohnR ...................... 264 Downing, Helen Irene .................. 60 Downing, Willard ................... 446 Downs, Haskell E ................. 181,410 Downs, James Cade ................... 398 Downward, Phyllis .................... 60 Doyle, Louis E ....................... 228 Doyle, Maryann Theresa ....... 30, 278, 294 Doyle, William Watson ..... 60, 152, 200, 280 Dozier, Jim ........................... 221 Dozier, Kellma Louise ............... . . 74 Draeger, Patricia Josephine ..... 60, 167, 275 Drake, Edward ....................... 433 Drake, Gloria L ............... 74, 162, 365 Drake, Stephen L .................. 88, 172 Drane, Louisa Catherine ....... 240, 243, 387 Drawhorn, Thomas E .................. 228 Draz, Sami ........................... 30 Drennan, Mary Charlotte ........... 88, 165 Dreyer, Alice ......................... 290 Dreyer, Roger ........................ 290 Drier, Walter A ....................... 285 Drisdale, Polly ................ 139, 251, 375 Drummond, John ..................... 305 Drummond, Robert C ................. 446 Drury, Harley Frederick ............... 74 Drury, James Robert .................. 300 Drysdale, Wayne Clair ................. 30 Duarte, Elba ......................... 268 Duarte, Otto Franco ................... 268 Dubfcerley, Jack Powell ................ 60 Dube, Clarence .................. 88, 233 Dube, Robert A ................... 206, 430 Dublin, James R ...................... 30 DuBois, Charlotte ................. 150, 358 DuBois, Douglas E .................... 61 DuBois, Helen Middleton ........... 61, 255 DeBoie, Robert E ..................... 412 Dubose, Donald H .................... 446 DuBose, George Perry .............. 61, 194 Dubose, H. Jay ............ 19, 202, 221, 433 Dubose, Jerry ................. 61, 288, 393 DuBose, John A ....................... 88 DuBose, Margaret Lois 30, 234, 244, 246 256,385,473 DuBose, Ruth Norwood ................ 385 DuBovy, Martin P .................... 194 Ducas, Jimmy G ...................... 287 Dudley, Arthur Ray ............ 61,274, 398 Dudley, Mary Ann ......... 31, 238, 371, 477 Dudley, William M .................... 229 Duesterhoeft, Ernest ................... 444 , Duesterhoeft, William C Duewall, Leroy Alfred Duff, Lula Beth Dugat, Raymond Lesley Dugger, Eileen Elizabeth Dugone, Joe Dugone, Marie Duke, John W Duke, June Talmage 228, 444 31, 274 31 88 19, 245, 268 227 214 88 , ................ 88, 473 Duke, Lyla Adeline ....... 199, 239, 275, 373 Duke, Robert C ....................... 430 Dumas, Margaret Beth ......... 31, 298, 479 Dumas, Preston ....................... 298 Dumas, William Benjamin .......... 61, 298 du Menil, Sylvia Esther ............ 175, 263 Dunagan, Freddie Joe .................. 88 Dunaway, Ben Carolyn 138, 144, 150, 180, 272, 288, 367 Dunbar, Donald G ............ 211, 248, 410 Duncalf, Frederick .................... 420 Duncan, Ewert R ..................... 446 Duncan, Jean .................. 31,247,263 Duncan, John K .................. 433, 446 Dundas, Charles Glenn ................. 88 Dunford, Leonard ..................... 151 Dunham, Robert Marion ............... 19 Dunham, Walter .............. 171, 300, 410 Dunkelberg, Ralph .................... 421 Dunlap, Armantine .................... 137 Name Page Dunlap, Diana . . .375 Dunlap, Phillip 298 Dunn, Alanson B 182 Dunn, Arthur L 287 Dunn, Jack H 74 Dunn, Robert W 197,285 Dunn, Ted 181,227 Dunn, Thomas C 418 Dunnan, Betty 169, 180 Dunton, E.Frank 31,248 Duplan, Asuncion 143 Dupree, Betty Ann. . . 189, 250, 278, 385, 477 DuPriest, Dennis B 430 Durflinger, Wilbur 206 Durham, Allen C 182 Durham, Trula 183 Durway, Joseph Robert 19 Durway, Malcolm Bolin 61, 280 Duskin, Aaron 442 Duval, Dolores Linda 88, 162 Duvall, Charles F 437 Duvall, Robert R 235 Dvorak, James W 249 Dwyer, Patrick E 446, 448 Dwyer, Roy P 229 Dwyer, William F 171 Dye, Patsy 168, 369 Dyer, Barbara 141, 383 Dyer, Dorothy Marie . Dyer, James Harrison , . . , Dyer, Kenneth A Dyer, Marian Dyer, Sherman Eldon Dyer, Virginia Dyer, William Harvey . . . Dyer, Wilson Leland Dyke, Leonard J Dykes, Arthur Dykes, William Edward . . Dysart, Gordon Randall . Dysert, Theodore Rivers . 61 414 152, 181 141 31, 194 146, 234, 247, 383 88, 410 31, 181,204 ...421 88 .74,181,271 88, 250 . 416 31, ..74,219, 75, 137, 144, 246, ..88, 142, .163, 169, Eads, Dorothy Eads, Smith Eagle, George Bolton. Eakle, Betty Brook Ealand, Fred Eames, Barney Otis Earle, Chester Easley, Billy M Eason, John Harold Eason, Marjorie Ruth Wier Easter, Jo Ann 74, 164, Eastham, Ellana Eastland, Benjamin P East land, Seaborn Easton, Oza Alford Easton, Walter C Eaton, Marcia Ann. . . Eaves, Herman B . . . . Ebaugh, Bettie Pruett Ebeling, Judy Eberhard, Edward. . . Eberhart, Elvin Eberle, Lottie Ebersole, Charles Ebersole, Nancy Gene 75, Ebert, Roberts Ebner, Barbara Ann , Ebner, Oscar Thomas Eby, Frederick Eehols, Thomas M Ecke, Max Eckels, Jeanette . Eckels, Robert E. Eckert, Carolyn. . E kert, Francis Mills 31, Eckert, John Byron Eckert, Robert R Eckhardt, Carl John Erkhart, Charles Willis Eddins, James Ede, Woodrow Edelman, Raymond Edens, Hugh Banister Edgerton, Robbie H Edmonds, Lester Lloyd Edmondson, James E Edmondson, Mary Margaret Edson, Betty Anne 31, Edson, Sally Martha Edwards, Anne Lucille 88, 138, 219, Edwards, Britton Edwards, Bonney Jean Edwards, Cleddie F Edwards, W. Clinton . . . Edwards, Donald A ... Edwards, Frances Merle Edwards, Jack Edwards, Mary Evelyn. Edwards, Roy Edwards, William Joe . Eeds, Edna Louise Egdorf, Anne Louise. . . Egger, Joe Morris. Egger, Laura N . . . Eggers, Edith Adele. 141, 142, 184 Ehlers, Dolores Marie Ehlers, Emmet A Ehlers, Marian 226, Ehlers, Victor Marcus Ehlert, Gilbert W Eichelberger, Thomas Eichenberg, Ava Eichenroht, Marvin Bates Eidelberg, Jeannette Eifler.GusK Einhorn, Harold Einkauf, Oscar E .364 61 170, 172 212 185, 422 . 88, 296 197 293 .... 19 19 243, 478 203, 383 398 .300 .... 74 ....280 237, 393 .... 75 219,389 359, 394 172, 274 152,211 167 287, 398 264, 385 279, 285 ... 88 .437 . . 267 . ..406 . .280 167, 275 . .227 305, 369 265, 305 ...436 106, ....282, .250,260,263, 198,204 437 181 .172 ..428 .437 .231 ... 183 293 61 264, 371 61,475 275, 371 ..206 61,381 293 280 194, 438 . 61 171 31,364 .221 ... 75 . 88, 290 306, 373 31,231 371, 475 193, 197 183 280, 281 288, 359 .... 31 .271 ...106 .... 31 437 61, 377 200, 430 396 173 PACE 560 11. 144, ISO. 212, 218. 211 Bahbj Juan Gea C GkaM Rickardr Eram, Frank L Eran ,Georgr Evaam. !! Enaa.JobaB Eraaa. Lloyd Gavdea Enaa. Marr Ka Ena .lteiaF Enaa.SUbyJ ? 444 144.151.156 151,228 . - ' : 17J 8S.140.10 41.240 Fi riira..a.Jaa.Ray . Fcrcama. Jerry CTartaa Enm. D , Evan.. Wiaifred AHa EnnO. Riefcard E Everett, Wffiaai Ednrd Enrtart. V a ...... EwrU. Genr Bert -:- ' 11S.122.41S.44 171 172 .- ...tH 444 174 - : 32 88.134 m 1 . 244. S88. ' 300. 341. 44 Fmrooa. WataBil - : _ 171 171 217 41 7S.li2.lll 411 14J ..m S Virtona 32.214,24 WOiaai B .102. 214. 218. 21 . 414 n Stm, Far Fackt,F.Tck 181.210 Fod .JobA 181.204.20 CoaXte 7S.J ITia. lian FIHIII Eyna. WUiaai G EaJle.Gy 244 .430 181 . Fmr-U. Kawil E 32. 7. Fmrll. Yrav Mu FarStt inibni Ymt FwrilLBMty ........... Font. Ja Am Fema, Fkirto Fi! r. B v-] .3 1 Fat,C.W III Ltourd 3 4 t Mary 75.1(7.147 n.240.27 J72 Faiata. Warrta M Fairlaa . Richard 307 1M . . Billy F , F b,Joj 10S. 107. 22 . 2 8 Ti. 2M.2W W.430 1 1S 61.153 4J4 7S.119.M1 414 7S. 21. l. 387 32 44- 302 31 274 221.274 M.25S 75,134,433 Fonteu, Gerakfiae Loaac, 61. 147. 14 . 213. 241. 244. 247. 275. 278. 475 FoariUe, Oarha 180.244.272,38 Foabte,J Fraacfc 171,233.304 Fatoe. Margaret Ann 18 . 21 . 250, 38 Foote, Charlei Howard H). 14 Tiftt.jM 114, 174 F rd, David D Ford, Dwgia , Wafc F .rd. F D Ford. Floyd Eby . 147, 257 401 - - 412 . .414 Ford.JkiiL FonLKabcrtE FaiL Walbr Alaa FmL Walter F... a 244 ! fT: :-: Gam L 304,227.410 11.257.401 I01.tjl.4ll -- 23 . 243. 375 AfiecHarit 11.261 Jack Caad ilja .30 Hi- :-: rt.201 am. Robert Veraoa 75 . 11 21 . 21 . 283. 371.452 272,381 31. 150. IC2.2O.471 410 88.2M.3n 75.275 31. 17J. 204,20 . 230 Fallow R-CTak F l mr, Jimn J .G.H Doratkr .37 . ..213 Filip|xt Mxri! 1 8 FnS. En Jeu ..... 16. 303. 213. 234. 24 . 171. 373. 46, 473 Fucfc, Orrille H 61. !1. 440 Fiirii. finyfr P - - - tH 44 ,r.. , bkrl Forwy. Chiiri M Ftmcj-, Fredrick E. . Fonwler, Anita Jan TarrcatT, Robin Gray FonMu, Deborah .. " Frrt.HaroMC Foreytif.J L 32 211. 250. 110. Ill 414 - - .172 Fa An . Fuk. Ckarta Herbert - .. A Fk.WiJliaA (.1. 13 32,274,310.313 145 - - 32 217 1 7 227 204.418 41.41$ 41. 181 144,275,381 Farrefl. CVaral K 8 . IS . 144. 35 Farrier. " _immii anry .3Z, 184. 144, 3 3. 471 75 231 32.144. ISO, 143.241 8 . ISO. 144 rrbaaHart 425 Fukkm.I. Fimklea. Raipk J Fmly. Joyee Ckratue ____ Fimlayc. Ckario Robot 412 I4S-UI .... 173 231 171 3 4 230 44 l SS, 12 : t-.4 414 12,280 414 Fmicj. Robot F. Rum an, WilliaB Ki Fia mcH, Jviia. 218. M , 1S7, 178, 383. 3 4. 444 FMcbr.CeolB ... 362 FMCBO-. EteoLeray 32.197 FiKkr.StuicrK 1S2. 427 FMhav. Eddie C 9. 275. 20 Fiber. Fnaca.. 275 Fber,Jack 154.1 5 171 .32. 75. 170. 173. 276 i .Joe 257. 414 245 41 75,251 110 uCarlc. 11.1 0.1 4.227 rB. Erickana, Rojrer L n Eriaoa. D. W .307.43S Era. Bera Eibta 41, 144. 250, 284 Era . Barbara Dean .47 Erriaaw. Haak Vood 110.3 6 1SS2S5ZZ 143 1 7. 414. 448.445 174 134, 223. 2SO. 414 31,200.22 ..143 .Tianeat 31.212 7S.24S 41 227 24S EaioicWOaKfea . 61. 254. 177 EaVBLCarlDeWarae JKMo 8 . 104 M.152 41.274 _ Faabcr. Patr R . 75. 143. 30 Faakacr. Rafay Mat 41.227 Fnill nj. Own Wffliaai 32. 151. 185. 284 FavoO. Heartail 144 Fay.Fraana 421 75,243.440 61.243.181 81 142,205.221.282 -: _.,, _.. ... 442 32. 7. 171 41 Ffcr. Brace Fedenr. Bonrd C OkearG .SO. 230. 201 rana,jrkc 238 F cattt,Cftarle E 1 4 Fite. L oaard A 227 Ftfasoa d, Baraard 151.158,1 5 F ajrrald.Cmri 185.444 FrtanraM, Howard 102.128.277 Fitarrald, Jack 97 12,183,41 41.430 31,231 41.157.357 ,JaacPrice - _ r.WWaaiA.. - ' .- ' . Flack. Frank HoMbtaa 414 Flack, Goldoni E 8 -aace. US Fredt .. .300 T.GMrceHoBMr ... 438 .Job 274 ,Hea yKa I Fetor. UanaailLMaard Fribr! Mary Fnarn Feflen.RorG 7 Fefc. FcHaa.Ja Hntt 41 12.373 204. 20 . 23 243 41, 145. 241 414 . 10. 103. 237. 2 8. 304. 15 272 Forteaberry. Doroliy 174 Fartaam. JUQM Tbed 75 Fc d ck, John Jay 124. 113. 242, 258, 406 Foebw, John C 8 . 422 Fosbw, WUliaai } ...171 Fosmirf. Darhe Ittmt -. : FoMer.CWrbcK - Faitani George LaPnllr BH Fort Hnbfrt J 250 Farter. JaanE .. 257.198 FoAer! Mary Jane 61.183 floater. Mary M 272.181 Fatter, Xanrir Valeria 180. 256. 379 Fter. Robert Devitt 12,134.176.2 7 Foalth. Doaeaa 229.438 Fouler, Clarf 217, 228 Ft.urmy. Jaan Oman . 135. 437 Fourmy. Tkoanc Jrpi 1 35, 437 Fowkr, Dudley 421 Fowler. JaaMx Byroe ISO. 414 : - ' :- .-: PMor.J Bi 61.291 Forio.J.R 305 Fox. Alfred L 227 Foi, Barbara Let 187 Fui. Betty Jeanoc 12. 146. 156 Fox. Carol ... 3 1 For. Fred ..287 Fox, Hewitt B... ..410 Fox.JaaMsD 172.231 Fox. Myfc Nariani rS4.28S.418 Fox.Kdia 201 Fox. William Gain 75, 1 4, 218. 21 . 414 Fojr, Dndlry B 247. 418 Foy.EdwardJ 24 Foy. FnaomABB 8 . 247. 185. 474 Fraoey, Doris 278 Fralia.Pat 274 FnuBhaea. Brnrli- Aaita 41. 203. 3 4 Fraadt, Doaald Ray 75 Franrit. Fred H 427 Franciti, Martaa Aaa 272,38 FraatJoe 158,15 Frank, Mary Alice tt. 254. 282. 3d Frank. Stanley Calam 32. 7. 21 . 43 FraBkiJosepiM 171.251 Franklin. Fay M Franklin. Frank Rodger 75, 152 Franklin, Isaac Nebaa 312, 313 Franklin, JaaxB . 75.422 Fraaklia,Jaaw!R 227.291 Franklia, Le Roy 75.172 Fraaklin. Margarrt Aaar 32 Fraakbu Robert D FraaUia, Robert R 144 Fliat7JaaiHry 227 Flaai, Vroaia Lee 61. 275. 20. 104. 181 Floreace. Gaane Jcaa .274.371 Flare. RatadH 194-232 Floaraoy. Mary Bole I . Flovm. Oarenee H 152 Flowers. Ddbert E 228.2 4 Fiord. Mom, 181 Fluitt, Lyte Eaalrj 219. 425 Flary. Abia 214 Fly.Dnrit - - Frna.AitbarMorRil 41.223.414 nyaa.Char)ei Harold 61,414 Ftyam. Harold Jcaec 110 FocacFay 144, 1 50 FraakfJa.Sol ... 111.430 Franklia.rnaJeaaf 61,143,240 Fraab. Marrin L 75 Fiaataiia i. Edward 419 Franuen. Darwia T 171 Fran. David Bca 32 Fmer.PMb FraT. R.F 152 Frao, Roderick J,Jr 43 Fravr.WilEaBA 170,172.235.283 Fracier. Cornelia Frazier. Hrle Etrlya Frazier. Homrl B I57.218.38S Frrfe.Ralpa 181.187 FrrfrnctCecUCaariw 32.214.231 Fredky.JoaaEdwarda 173,454 Fredrick. J.H 2S4 FrmLManxlya 12.377 Freed. Manya Fay 241 Fredaad. Bernard Raadoipt. 61.271 Frerfaad. Darid 147.180 FreetaalEviafY 8 FredaadLJaba 172 FrerKJobaB 75.172 rrrrana Pit 1 75 PMX 5 1 Name Freeman, Cotton Freeman, Charles Franklin Freeman, Eugene A Freeman, Francis L 231, 310, Freeman, Margaret Anne 89, Freeman, Silas D Frees, John H Freezia, Charles A 32, Freitag, Forrest Louis French, James Edward French. Robert 134, French, Russell L French, Warren Graham Frenchman, Charles Freshmen Freudiger, Doris Nelle Freudiger, Ralph Edward . Freund, Edward L Freund, Warren S Frey, William H Freytag, Gertrude Virginia 175, Friart Friauf, George Frank 33, Fridell, Deupree Julian Frieden, Marion Irene Frieden, Thelma Friedlander, Minna Frank Friedrich, Mary Lois Friedsen, Wilfred J Friedson, Joan Bernice Friend, Lerena Friend, Margaret Jane ... 33, 174, Fritz, Charles Herbert Frizzell, D. L Frnka, Mildred Fromme, Mildred Frost, Estelle Frost, Frances Fruth, Charlene Jo Fry, Erroll Dean Fry, Fred Fry, John Henry 75, Fryant, Samuel Craig, Jr Fuchs, Carl Fuchs, Vivian Marie Fuentes, Frank A Fuentes, Ruben Fuge, Ralph E Fuge, William R., Jr Fulbright, Gloria Ann B Fulbright, John W Fulbright, Leroy McKeen Fulbright, William Richard Fulcher, Henry C Fulcher, Joe R. G Fulghum, H. Leroy Fuller, Grant Alexander Fuller, James Carlton Fuller, Thomas Lester Fuller, William P Fullerton, Martha Fullilove, Elaine Irby Fullwood, William J Fulmore, Sterling Fulton, Clara Edwina Fulton, George Eden Fulton, Robert E Funk, Margaret Funkhouser, Gene Furlong, Bill Furlow, Mary Jane 33, 167, Furche, Walter : Furrh, James Brooke, Jr Furse, Austen H Fussell, John C Fussell, Neil Stewart Fusion, Alice E 33, 219, .61, Pages ... 185 ...233 ...171 313, 275 166,373 227, 420 ...233 227, 439 32,430 32 201, 433 250, 418 . . . .404 181 ...85-96 180 .. 75 284, 439 287 290, 478 ....187 309, 440 414 89, 391 .205 75, 363 89 172 363 197 207, 289 89, 171 ..200 .. .249 260 167 167, 275 .. 89 89,410 .... 257 229, 410 427 ... 214 260, 269 ....227 232 425 284, 425 234, 383 275, 297 33,422 291, 422 422 . .422 264, 293 33, 182 305, 438 . 19, 425 430 ... 159 75 ..... 61 ..433 89 89,231 .171 . . 180 2S3, 393 438 169, 275 . . 172 414,415 172,3112 ....280 ...427 138, 288 Gaddis, Edelene Jean 199, 287, 389 Gaertner, Harry L. E 75, 259 Gaffey, Eleanor 239 Gafford, B. Newman 228 Gafford, Leroy 75, 171 Gage, Charles 307 Gage, William Robert 280, 294 Gahl, Ralph D ' . . . .264 Gaines, Betty 165 Gaines, Mrs. Collins 274 Gaines, Joan ' . 379 Gaines, L. P 298 Gaines, Robert Byron 274, 408 Gaines, Scott 416 Gainer, Taylor Miltcn 89 Gaines, Warren Malcolm. .33, 194, .04, 310 Galan, Reginaldo 245 Galaway.Jean 257,393 Gale, Edwin M 284, 291, 428 Galey, Thomas Henley 414 Gall, Gene Edward 250, 428 Gallagher, Jack 223 Gallagher, Shirley M 165 Gallaway, Ira Leon 194, 293 Gallaway, Robert G 235, 300 Gallegos, Antonio 232 Gallic, Walston C 202, 398 Galloway, Ballard E 171 Gait, Allieron Patricia 286, 389 Gait, John J 190 Gait, John L 204, 227 Galvestm Club 258 Galvan, Oscar 171 Galzer, Edith 207 Gambill, Lawton 257, 410 Gambino, James 159 Gambol, Helen Ruth 260 Gambrell, John Newton 6 ' , U4, i85,406 Gambrell, Nell Gregg .61, 131., 142, 144, 393 Gamma Delta 259 Gamma Pni Beta 380, 381 Name Pages Gammon, Edward P 228 Gandy, Betty Louise 260, 387 Gandy, William Harley 89 Gann, Elizabeth E 61, 260, 274, 279 Gannaway, T. M 247, 433 Gano, John M.I 257, 422 Gano, Lucie Lightfoot 257, 278, 383 Gano, Howard Hughes 89, 275 Garbecht, Louis 227 Garber, Theodore T 194 Garcia, Alberto 245, 268 Garcia, Alfredo 232 Garcia, Antonio 232 Garces, Cesar 266, 268 Carcia, Enrique 232 Garcia-Arroyo, Felipe 268 Garcia, Gerald 172 Garcia, Gloria 245, 246 Garcia, Jose Amador 33 Garcia, Jose J 275 Garcia, Juan L 232 Garcia, Maria .214, 245 Garcia, Paul L 232 Garcia, Pilor 232 Garcia, Rafael 268 Garcia-Saenz, Santos 268 Garcia, Viola Nayda Gardenier, Hugh E Gardiner, Glenna Jane Gardner, Edward O ' Meara Gardner, John David Gardner, Kenneth E Gardner, Victor Gardner, William Beverly. . . Gardner, William Bradford 139, 237, 245 265, 291, 408 33 437,448 .421 Garfinkle, Irving -Edward ... 61,430 75, 433 .428, 448 Garner, Harry Edward 33, 291 Garner, Jame H 173 Garner, Rose Mary 33 Garner, Steve 287 Garner, Stone 438 Garrett, Ann 89, 139, 369 Garrett, C. E 420 Garrett, Glen M 171 Garrett, John Battaile 61, 404 Garrett, Joyce L 89 Garrett, Kenneth 75, 257, 401 Garrett, Luther Weaver, 33, 187, 190, 204, 227 Garrett, William Clarence 75 Garrett, William Mathey 75, 291 Garrett, William Robert 75, 265 Garrison, Betty Ann 89, 166, 371 Garrison, Charles T 173 Garrison, Durwood C 418 Garrison, George W 250 Garrison, Howard R 19, 204, 227 Garrison, James Barrett 75 Garrison, Leta Ann 33, 373 Garth, Lettalou 138, 147, 385 Gartner, Gladys 261, 307, 377 Garwood, Hettie Page 157, 389 Gary, Gordon Dubai 437 Gary, Otis Bain 407 Garza, Antonieta ?32, 275 Garza, Bertha V 33, 232, 275 Garza, Carlos 232 Garza, Jose Eduardo 33, 245 Garza, Lauro 232 Garza, Marcelo 232 Garza, Pedro 172,232 Garza, S. A 230 Gaskin, Herbert 181 Gasow, Anne 291, ?83 Gaston, Anna Katherire 156, 159, 393, 479 Gaston, Judith Phylinds 33, 150, 205, 221, 243, 298 Gaston, William D 61, 410 Gates, Elizabeth Thcmfscn 33, 189, 393 Gates, Philip Alan 437 Gates, Robert A 75 Gatlin, Leroy 4 ' 4 Gaulding, Joe 287 Gautreau, Valmond Joseph 233 Gauss, Philip William 29) , 421 Gazis, Manuel Victor. . . 15, 61, 172, 233, 265 Gebauer, Dorothy. . . .12, 180, 189, 196, 212, 260, 303 Gee, William 156 Geller, Devora Pearl 75, 256, 377 Genecov, Maurine 363 Gentry, A. Wayne 284 Gentry, John W 293 Gentry, George B 216 George, Ballard Wilson, 61, 194, 228, 248, 410 George, Betty Suggett 33 George, Charles E 171, 421 George, Clement E 33 George, Frank W 221 George, Gordon H 173, 248, 287 George, Walter Eugene 292 George, William H 131, 421 Geppart , Donovan Verloe 14 Geppert, Patricia Clair 89, 267 Gerdes, Bob M 273, 274 Gerhardt, Joe Ill, 131-, 132, 143 Gerhardt, Manfred William 3, 2.4, 230, 412 Gerick, Judith Helen 19S, 214, 2S3, 480 Gerling, Charles Francis 284 Gerlach, Ellen Frances 75, 259, 474 Gerling, Frank 181, 275 Gerling, Justine 260, 275 German, Billye Jane 62, 192, 305, 385 German, Robert Kenneth. .33, 152, 194, 197, 211,410 Gernentz, John Howard 62, 230 Gernsbacher, Larry Norton 75, 442 Gerson, Mozelle 377 Gerst, Jimmy 89 Gerstner, Elizabeth 146, 294, 3b7 Gertz, Evelyn... 15, 62, 256, 2S2, 288, 363, 394, 454 Name Pages Geue, Ellen 33, 166, 169, 213, 263, 475 Ghcan, Martha 259 Ghormelcy, J. Grant 231 Gibbins, Dennis S 171, 227 Gibbons, Betty 241 Gibbons, George A 264 Gibbs, Clement C 62, 410 Glbbs, Jean D 75, 164 Gibbs, John R. Gibbs, Patricia Helen. . . . Gibbs, Samuel Moore. . . Gibbs, Thomas E Gibson, Donald H ... . Gibson, Florence Lucille. .152 75, 164 33 444 277 33,184,196,226, 246, 375 287 288, 359 Gibson, Fred M ............. Gibson, Gloria .............. Gibson, Mary Nell213, 234, 241, 246,282,283 Gibson, Walyn L ...................... 227 Gibson, William Peck .............. 300, 414 Giddens.R.F ......................... 277 Gideon, Betty Jean .................... 89 Gideon, Roger M.... .................. 444 Gidley, John L ........................ 227 Gidley, William Francis ................ 12 Gigoux, Vonna Rae .................... 174 Gilbert, Edgar J ....................... 171 Gilbert, Jack ........................ 274 Gilbert, Harold Stanley ...... 33, 97, 277, 434 Gilbert, Kenneth L ................ 152, 176 Gilbert, L. E .......................... 428 Gilbert, Lanvil Leon ................ 62, 173 Gilerease, Bonnie ...................... 260 Giles, JohnJ .......................... 287 Giles, RoganB ........................ 401 Gill, Allan ........................ 254 Gi ll.Audrey ............... 97, 113, 118,277 Gill, James ........................... 433 Gill, Nora ...................... 203,389 Gillaspy, Rendell L ................ 171, 227 GiUean, Jane Belle ................. 75, 373 Gillen.Jack .......................... 275 Giller.SamE ......................... 442 Gilles, Gilbert Joseph .................. 62 Gillespie, Hodges ...................... 286 Gillette, Frederick Bowyer ......... 135, 437 Gillette, Harold E ................. 172, 257 Gillette, Patricia Inez ............... 33, 387 Gilley, Allen Louis ...................... 33 Gilliam, Peggy .................... 186, 383 Gilhland, Oscar C ..................... 227 Gilliland, William ..................... 300 Gillis,Jane ....................... 379,394 Gillory, Byron ............. 97, 106, 118, 121 Oilman, Lee Atterbury ................. 89 Gilmcr, John .......................... 412 Gilmore, Frances Marguerite ........ 33, 197 Gilmore, Harry ....................... 257 Gilmore, Helen ........................ 212 Gilmore, Joe Carroll ................... 407 Gilmore, John ......................... 286 Gilpin, George Ann ............. 33, 263, 359 Gilstrap, Howard C ................ Gilstrap, Marjone ..................... 359 Ging, Evelyn Gladys ................... 269 Giudler, Davis .............. 33, 284, 290 Ginzel, Leroy S ....................... 89 Gips, Karine .......................... 260 Gipson, William E ................. 62, 146 Girardeau, James W ........... 171, 258, 402 Girard, Mary Ann ................. 62, 478 Girls Glee Club ........................ 150 Girvin, Ed Carl ....................... 214 Gist, Alice Lee .................... 192, 383 Given, James S ....................... 434 Givens, John .......................... 124 Gladney, Sam Miher ............... 89, 414 Glamazons ............................ 260 Glasberg, James H .................... 428 Glass, Barbara Jean ............ 33, 184, 375 Glass, Cecil Glass, Edith Glass, Edward B. T Glass, James H Glass, Katherine Elaine Glass, King 1 Glass, Mary Ann 293 267 292 428 89 190 278, 305, 373 Glass, Thomas Graham ................ 425 Glass, Zenobia ........................ 162 Glassel, Emily ........................ 393 Glasser, Bunny E ......... 214, 26 , 277, 477 Glassford, Billy J ...................... 173 Glass man, Bernice Celia ................ 89 Glaze, Katheleen Adele ......... 62, 237, 366 Glazener, Virginia huth ............. 62, 138 Glazuer, Harry ........................ 173 Gleasoii, Dorothy ................. 260, 379 Gleason, Mary Barbara ................ 62 Gleichauff, Tom H .................... 228 Glenn, Bryan ......................... 274 Glenn, Colbert J .................. 310, 401 Glenney, John Randolph ............ 89,412 Glickman, Barney ..................... 434 Gliddon, Koselyn Arcler.e ........... 89, 165 Glover, Florence Mae .......... 33, 246, 295 Glover, Joanne ..................... 89, 166 Glover, Warren G ..................... 265 Gluck, Lawrence ............... 33, 287, 434 Gluck, Howard ................... 434, 448 Goad, Fred A ......................... 296 Goble, Robert McMillan ............ 89, 418 Godbold, Jack Wilbur .............. 89, 412 Godfrey, James A ......... 97, 101, 102, 227 Godfrey, Rosalie S ............ 166, 171, 173 Godley, John Truett ................... 75 Godwin, James B ................. 291, 42J Goebel, Felicia Doris ............... 34, 144 Goen, June ................ 62, 199, 393, 456 Goeth, Richard N ................. 231, 310 Goff, Harry ........................... 181 Goforth, Doris ........................ 263 Name Gokcen, TsmailS. . . Gold, ArnoC Gold, Claire Estelle Gold, George F Gold, Roberts Gold, Ruth Estelle Goldbeck, Bob Goldberg, Doris Goldberg, Evelyn Goldberg, Walter Golden, Allen Golden, Bernice Cecile Golden, Eugene Golden, Frances Norman Golden, Ira Jeffrey 62, Golden, Stanley R Goldfaden, Louis Goldfarb, Robert F Goldfield, Israel Goldfield, Max Goldfiend, William Golding, Idalee 191, Goldman, Anita Goldman, Charles Kay Goldman, Edwin M Goldman, Gloria Patricia Goldman, Mary Ernestine Goldstein, Charles Jake Goldstein, Maise H Goldstein, Marjorie Adele Goldstucker, Howard G Golf Golightly, R. P Goltz, Eugene M Goltzman, Daniel Gomez, Donaciano Gomez, Edward W Corner, Joseph P Gondgame, Barbara Gonzales, Aris Gonzales, Fernando Gonzales, Humberto Gonzales- Agreda, Jose R Gonzales, Mauriclo Rene Gonzales, Miguel Gonzales, Placido Gonzales, Ramon Gonzales, Roberto Gonzenback, L. G Gooch, John Good, Ralph Lewis Goodbar, Fleta Coye Goode, John Goode, Matt Goodell, Tilly Rose Goodfellows Goodfriend, Mel Goodfriend, Norris L Goodlett, Margaret Elizabeth.. Goodman, Laura Lee Goodman, Leo Goodman, Robert W Goodrich, John Shields Goodroe, Ferrol Allen Goodson, James B Goodwin, James Weeks Goolsby, D. M Gordon, Betty Ann Gordon, Grace Gordon, Mary Lou Gordon, Richard F Gordon, Sue Ann Gorelnick, Mervin Harcld Gorin, Saul Gose, Dick Goss, Joe Goss, Martha 162, Gossett, Carolyn 62, 150, Gottlieb, Irene Gould, Ben Donnell Gould, Eleanor Louise Gouldy, Doris Roline Gousley, Lucille Gowan, Ernestine Gower, George H Gower, Margaret Butcher Gowiii, Dixie Bob Grace Hall Gracey, Doris 62, 166, 169, Gracey.JackO Gracey, Joe Gracy, Ruth 143, Graduates Graeber, Lorine Gragg, Billy H Graham, Betty Katl.ryn Graham, Carolyn Graham, Charles R Graham, Charles Wayi.e Graham, Jo Ruth Graham, John Philip Graham, Louise Graham, Robert N Graham, Thomas Hindman. . Graham, Thomas J Graham, Vera Annelle Graham, Walter Nichols Grambling, John Grambling, Patricia Grammer, David Allen Cranberry, C. Read Graner, Edward Albert Graner, Stanley. Grann, Mary Louise. . 62, 163 Grant, David Alan 34, 124 Grant, Joe Frierson Grant, Thomas Grant, William Grantham, Donald Thomas . . . Grantham, Jack C Grantham, Vivian Gene Paga 275 75, 163,277 230 442 183 ..277 75, 266, 377 391 300 248,434 183 89,442 34, 147 152, 181, 440 442 285 434 442 ...442,448 434 282, 288, 362 363 437 ..421 368 153, 285 294 34,434 112 286 442 158, 396 89 230 173 169 232 ....173,232 34 . . . . 132, 268 62,232 251 268 .232 34 436 172 7 J, 233. 437 75 433 359 62, 162, 169 466-469 434 434 19, 197, 266 75 ....286,434 402 34,229,264 89,296 62, 433 75, 227 300 89,477 383 . 75, 164 231,306 391 62 228 62,412 97 288, 298, 369 246, 288, 359 256 .62,401 75,273 .34,237,306 174 375 ...227 34 ...34,425 . . . 164 183, 288, 369 227 173 27S, 282, 385 18-22 .269 89, 181 361 i.91, 389 172, 202, 284 62 34, 141 .437 138 1-U, 437 251,407 ... 264 75 . 34,250 .172 385 34,313 ..424 ..89,250,412 .34, 185,412 169, 237, 269 181,208,311 .. 34 ... 286 .... 258 ..437 ...297 75,263,365 PACE 562 Graam. Raae Mary 89. 161. 2 . 2 . 275 Gratekoase. Wmair Jo 75, 164 GraTea. Betty Mar Gran . Gene 187. 2 1 Gram. Cheat 111. 4M GraTea. Nancy Jeanne . 62, 17 1 Gram.R W IM. 134. Ml. 402 Gray. Bobfaye 140. 141. 144. 150. 165 Gray! G,boa Hendm 34.221 Gray. Jack 126.436 Gray. L W 412 Gray. Onda 210 Gray. Wilia Dean 277 Gra ' ydoa. Frank D Grayaan. Robert I 287 Graiwr. EaaureGrare GreaTea. Claire 62. 108, 250. 177. IT! Grebe. Edward 287 Green. Artkur C 227 Green. Artkar G MO Green. Clara Jo 8 . 106 Green.Don5A 3 Greea, Elaine 76 Grera. Hubert Wilbam 62.412 Grera. Jack Fraaklia 76 Green! Jame, 195 Grera, J Bieaard MO Green . Joy re Eariene 76. 237 Grera. Laara Lee 76.283 Grera. Man Ann 89. 1 6. 289.371 Grera. Xettjr Rutk MS Grera. Phillip M ... | Grrrn. Samuel - .r Green. Vircmia Green. W J Gu.aUn, Band Gr Wilbam G Grrrontu. GreemaO Gregory. JB GntS. Leak Gn. Mary Margaret Grrrr. Manraret Lonier Gmr. Marjanr Crtxr. Warm Ramon Grrrr. Willum Nral Grrig. ACM Ekar Gmc. Bra Wayne. Jr Grry. Dorothy Lee 257 14.414 170 . tZ 171 in. 233 442 - - . . 1 1 M -. . Ml. 250. 110 309 144.374 . 14 261 76 62.171.264 19. 214 .-. ' . 176 - GffrraaU. Bertram) William 34.209.230 Cribble. Latarr Edward 417 Gnee.Ckariea Grxr. Harry Marioe Griee. Bran Gnrr.Bod Griftav DrmBlm Dekee -- . Gnffin.;. 0.rrfTin.Jeaw GraTm.J. L Griff in! Juan Friflm, Lt rene Gnffm. Birhard Floyd Gnffm. Robert Chark Griffin. Venon Ray GrnTK.CarlL Griffith. Carol Craigie 114 61 257 134 237 IM. 263. 365 172 62.276 14.446 62.2M 267 62,257.3 5 156. 159. 179 89 76.427 133.401 147 14 431 151 14.175 124 433 410 167 OnfTrtk. J R Gnffitk, Join GnfTitk. Urnilja Gnffrtk. Willum F GnffnW. Mrt. J Gnat . Sank Katklrr . 34. 144, 261. 27S. 24 Gcwa. Virpna Annr B d 14. 184. 1 Gmra.Wil!aaiO IW.M4 Gnaun. Fura A 14.281 GnaAkfai. Darid 21 . HI Gr amSt bT, 261 Grata . Caralja 76. IW.18S Graax GmrwJolyt 2I3.KIS Griaa M.J.n 1 7 Grata . RUirrt D . 430 GriaM. CkanMtr Lam Grom. FmlE 211 GrnMkGrortrMark 76 GnnraU.Jaka -. ' Gntta. Rohrn A 76 Grorr. rUudr Brtaaaj 76 Groaaauky. Cari R 171 Groan. Manea 172. 2U Graoa.GaatoaJaMi 14. 1 SI IM. MS. 3 Groppr. Orrr Krytoa IM Graai.Duni 161 Gro. Proty Jraanr 76. ISO. 2S6. 2S2. 177. 477 Gram. Rjrkard Harrawi 414 3tl 114.247.414 442 Grow, . rtkar Jofcatto. 76.2 1 Grot . Jraa M Grotkaam..Ua llv 140. 141. 141 Grorr.Jyar 174 Orahfer. C. M H7 OwntMU. Safari 2 Garm. Wvn 277 Cana. IVtef Jiriaat 14.440 GmarariT. Krll. ? 2 1 24M.Mt.4M fc ' Gnerra. Araoldo Gwrrra. Artan 2M.131 yyr 246 Guerra,R.yf Guerrero. Celia 76.217.245 Guerrero: Raul G 231177 Guerrera. LUM G Garrrm. Enajrliai .R.yl Hall. Bar All Hall. Boyn- Hrraun HaU.SararlGt r . 414 HamrLUrilrJoarll Gueaa. Frank 97. 118. 111. 277 Gueat, Dorotky Jean 62 Guffry. Boyrita Man 76. 250 Guffm. JraW Alk 371 Gaidera, Albert Lawrence 3C2, ITS. 400. 401 197 Halltord. Bra Rav Hallaurk. Roy Hallum. Ruth U Vrra Halprr. Lyra Ann ....... HabrU. Mary Joarpkiar Haly. Harold HabtowL L. Xoraua Hahrr. Staalrr Haa. Bulk R 41$ 176. US. 174 1 . HO. 425 ' :-- 274 3S.2M.34J7 361 . ' - O Gvokaa. Grraldiar Margarrt GaiV-y. Fraarrs VrMa Gorky. Man Edn Gunoy. Mrbrk Gaatatea. Martka Aaa. Gutbrr . Hanrry L 421 Gntkiir. Doad L 76 Gutarir. Rufa. K 170 Gotarir. Wnjkt 431 Guurrm. Cerilio 232 Gatirrm. Eaul Fraaram 76.232 GuUrrm.HomrrC 14.206.214 Gay. Jofca Eua t r 89 Guy. Man Ah . . Gyw. Abbyr Ratk 34 G-ya. Robm J 61 Haack. HmaaC Haac.FrrdJ Haas. Gilbert Otcmr . Harkrtt, Haddo . Bobnt Hadra. Barbara Rara 430 76,247 23! 1 . 151, 197. 218, 424. 49 14 214 76, IM. XO. 164, - --- 151.414.462 1. 143. 277. 364 Hadra. Brajaaua Hararl.Manr Hafraun. Doaald Hafmuck. ( larrarr 97. ICS, 106. 10 . 172 140,149 HaJrnurk.JokaG Hafmurk. Manner R 151. 158. 171. 270 Hafarr. ElraaorJranrttr 14.174.214 Haftw. Uwrrarr 3 6 Hacaa.Brttir 214 Hagaa.Jr..Sklry 231 arka 171 .GronrCaritoa,Jr , 4C6 i.HaraUHrary Hazard. Mirkry T 90,276 Hacr.Gracr 214.412 Ha. WiUia H T Haaa.LraaaJraa 76.294 Hafca.TaoaF 20 . 312. 410 ir. LrakJraa 62.163.237 1 4 209 233 384 Barnes, Bob 97. US. 123 Hamilton. Arthur Girad 62.416 Hamilton. Arthur J 97.100.102 Hamilton. Bradley 157 Hamilton. Dirir Glair - . ' - Hamilton. HarrirJeaa ' Hamilton. James Curti. 76 414 257. 414 214.257.389 144.393 Hamilton. Sara 139.480 Hamilton. Thomat B 126. IM. 250 Hamilton. Warik L 61 Hamilton. Walter Clyde IS. 200. 202. 229. 414 Hamilton. William English 15.430.430 Hamletu Samuel Barbdak 35 Hamlia. E W 204 Bamm. R rhard Berry 401 flamm.T.Z 90 Hamm. William Dow 401 Hammack.BA 172. M3 Hammaek,Jokn William 62.228,296 Bamman. Patricia Huabeth 76.246.250. 256,478,379 HammerjBBtn. Saaroel Wiley 76.157.173 Hammond. Edward Scott . 70 Himarr. Marjorie 364 Hampton. BeUy Jo 261 Hampton. Brron Drue 76.274.446 Hampton. Xoel D 17! Bampton. Owta Fay f 90. 166 Bampton. William R 422 Hampton. Winton .. 438 Haaaprl. Mary Louise 167.275.387 Haneock. Jokn B 406 HaniThomasE 393 Handler. Shirky Wall 19. ISO. 1 6. 214 Haadky. Manoa Phyllis 76 Hanebutt. Elmer W M Hanrr. Cecil B 231 Haney. George 247.398 Hanger. Virieaoe IM. 257. 389 Hanks. HampB 148 Banks. Katkrya ... M Banky. Edna May Haakm. Thomas J. Hanaa. Barbara ... Banna. Marearet Hamm. Marjorie Pauline Banaa, Mildred Sue Haaaa. Thomas Wayne Bannan.Jo.rph A Bannah.JohnT 420 Baaaon. George E 131,291 Banorer. Sarah Anne 90.163 Hansen. Norm. WaUme 15. 137, 214. m Hanson. Irrra Edwin 171.404.448 Baasoa. Wayne 109 Par. 76. 166. 169. 221. . .-. .Caarlr 171 .DorotkyLrr (1 Harmon. FranrGUrr .. Harmaa. Herman 104 Harmoa. Robm 431 Harp.Jrwr41Drll 62. 162. 24S Harprr. larkar M 171 Harper. Mta a 171 Harprr. Phillip Vrtmoa 90.181 Harpia.BtM 214 Harrak. Raymond W 76. 412 Hmm-lJokn Solan 437 Hmrrrl. Nickob Murpfcy 437 HarrrU.JamnE 311 HarrrU. Knmrtk . 76.287446 Harrrll. Witfrrd L 271 Hamnctoa. DaTid Haymond . 401 Harriafton. Birkard 187 Harm. Aibrri E 411 HarravAnn 305,389 Hani . Bttty Jraarttr 161. 180.379 Harm. Carolyn 35, 137. 186. MS. 240, M m HatTK, Cawtrr Lrr 76 Harria. Etmeratk . - " - Harm.GrraldV 296 Harris. Grorgr Edward 416 Ham . Harold W 440 Hunt, Hrary 97. 11 K. 123, 277 Hamt.Hmrll 170 HarmsHorarrC lsj.402,46 Harrn.JaaMC . HarrivJaDr IM Harm. Jrasr Martin 299 Harris. Manaaar . 62.161 Hama.Martm . 300 Harris. Man Ja - -- Hams.P H HO Harm.RickanlO.. 97. 1 18, MI. US. 466 Harris. Rirhard W 265. 305, 401 Harris. Skirlry Jraa Harris, Trortt 151 Harris. William E 194 HaniaoB.Aaa 76. 398 Hamwn.BilI K4 Hamwa. Mrs. Bill 274 Harraon. E M 180.412 H .- .:..:: 408 Hamson, Gloru Mrrir - Hamaon.JamrTkad 194 Harriaim.JaarpkL 438 Harriaoa. Randolpk T 398 Harmon. Taomac Prrria 406 Hart, Dor Jtaa 289 Hart, Harmolra 76.189,214.393.476 Har.H.r.r. S .434 Hrt.MarySor 62,158,267 Harlr.Jovpk O.M HarUe. Robert Wymaa ..M HanfcT.BraR 15,220 ,E.BrrUn 2 1 Hailry. Barbara lauee Hailey. Calria WiatBord Hailr?. Water B. Hair. Camrlo Laanrr Haiairr.XoraaGlra Haark. Anton Paul Hajrk.JaavD Hala. Libby Viaata Halaaurrk. Paml Beajawa. HaWrn. Virginia Miriam HaMrn. Willuai Jwrpfc HapcouLABa Happrl. Hrary Harbaiik. Allan Wibon ry Ho 416 34. Ot 249 .O.MI Jo. 27. 249 76.140.149 76 M 62. 214. 275 Harbiaoa. Ckarles E Harbour. Marvin R Harder. Jack Hardeman. Edward Lent Hardeman. Edward L 35. M4. 2 iF IM iL iC Harwell, UeE Harwell. Jack D Harwood, Roaac.. Harwood. Wallace B Harwood, Wiaaton Joe Baackke.CheaKTGka ' uOUoPam iS.. Hair. Brtty Jo 144.201.183 Hair. E. B 182 Hair. Edward E 422 Halr.GrortrCracktoaF 15 Hair. Mary EUra . 19 Hair. Rirkard Akxaadrr 414 Hair. William R 410 Halraprak.. Craais 275 Hairy. Can Rirkard 62.214 Hairy. Hrary F 190. 204. 227. 248 Halry.JamriH 172.437 Hairy. Mrfoa Flmaa I IS. 2C4. 109. 230 Halfpraay.Jark 97.118.01 Hall. BUU for 263 Hall. Cari E 410 Hall. Connw Rrbrrra .-. - Hall.E Wayor 62.425 Mll.Eloa 146.169 Hall! Frank C 438 HalLGrarH Hall. Gloria Jraa 181 Hall.Gur.hamA 408 Hall. Harare Carlm 437 Hall. Baton 300 Hall. Jama A 4M Hall.Joka 245 Hall. M. Dak Hall. Mary rVari IM. 140. 197. 211. 241. : - HalLPatUr . 1 7 Hall. Room 444 401 206 62.173.00 173 414 Hardin.JoknB 115.421 Hardia.Rotk - - Ha rdiac.CvatkiaAaa 389 Hardint. Fiorrnrr E 76.381 Hardimc. Grrald B 151.231 Harding. Rirkard 41S Hardiac. William B 76. 438 Harding. William H 284 HardiM. -iUiamJamr 62 Hardt. Loris 174.277 Hardt. Rirkard Wilbura 15 Hardt. Rutk Caroliar 35. 237 Hardy. Barbara Junr 157. 171 Hardy. CMinF 227 Haiwwiekr. Edward G 301 Haas. Gilbert HaavFredJ 401 7t 35. MO 90. 172.148 442 tTadaaki Hatcn. L. F Ml Hale , Rath 140,174 Hathaway. J.B Ml Hatcher. Mrs. Virgie M 164 Hatcbeu. John Gilbert 90 Batekett, Joka S 172 Batley.JoknT 309.110 Hatton. Jaae Hill 90 Hatton.ThurmanL 242 Haun, Lucia Land 35. 146 Hardwirkr. Mary Hrlra . 141. 166. 1S3. 473 Hardwirkr. William A Harr. Fraarrs Boody 389 Harr. Lory Hrlra 90.139.174 Harr. John Thomas 90.173.274 Harr, Robert Wararr 15.181.425 Harr. William 171.291 HantkCalnaB Har(is.JokaA 97. IM. I2S. 111. 277. .- : Harcrtt. Brttvr Hargravr. Hrlra 212 Hanmr.Jairpk Leonard 62.412 Hargnm. Royrr S 211 Harkndrr. Ann Foataiae 90. 309 Barker. Ckartr E 250 Harie. WUma. 147, 381 Harman. Brrmaa Vaugan 76.414 35 .158 76 62,146 173 m 271 Baupt,Belra Bauater, Ratk Sell Baaaler.Trady Harard. Byrae Loniae Harrr. Jaaper Benty Harerland. Clarence L luTrui, Bcrnsnl . . Bawkea. flerbat W . Hawbaa.VolB Bawler, Diaaa Hawley.JamcaX Hawortk, Robert Doke Hawortk, Ramril Carrol 90 Hawtnorne, Cooper Fraaklm 416 Hawtkornr ' jeai 97.132.277 Bay. Edward Lee 287 Bay. Lawnam Kyle : Hay LecBmer 76 Hay. Low 171 Hay. Rorcc 416 Hayea. Artkur B 2 3 3 3 Name Pages Hayes, Beverly Barbara 62, 214 Hayes, Bruce J 398 Hayes, Elizabeth 203 Hayes, Everett Pope 76, 438 Hayes, James F 398, 448 Hayes, James G 202 Hayes, Judy 150, 274, 379 Hayes, Mary Alligene 90, 166, 250, 359 Hayes, Rita Carolyn 76, 379 Hayes, Robert 181, 230 Hayley, Bert Wooten 90 Haynes, Kenneth George 35, 311 Haynes, Mary Lanell 35, 306 Haynes, Noble Sidney 63, 437 Haynes, Randolph A 76 Haynes, Stewart 35, 227 Haynie, Marguerite Mae. . .63, 137, 138, 240, 246, 288, 381 Hays, E. F 152 Hays, Elizabeth 383 Hays, James H 76, 227 Hays, Richard E 270 Hayward, Albert E 422 Haywood, Randall 172 Hazelrigg, James Arthur 90, 243 Hazen, Pat 257 Hazlewood, Beatrice Yvonne 63 Head, Tilden T 35, 183, 201, 206 Head, Lucile Lloyd 35, 214, 283, 375 Heap, Ed 97,118,122 Heap, Walter R 97, 118, 122, 402 Heard, Cecil Emory 90 Heard, Elaine Frances White 35 Heard, Joseph Norman _ 35 Heard, L. T 173 Heare, Charles R 420 Hearn, Claud E 35, 204, 228 Hearn.J. E 132 Hearne, J. H 412 Hearnes, Robert E 173 Heartz, Betty Jeane 167 Heath, Bascon Gerald 63, 420 Heath, Inabell 35,263 Heath, Jesse 305, 438 Heath, John Lester 35, 229 Heath, Markel 300 Heath, Shirley Lee 63, 369 Heath, William Byron 35, 171, 286 Beaton, Carol 269 Heaton, Carol June 165 Heaton, William 412 Hebdon, Lorraine 256, 375 Hebert, Charles Manuel 76 Hebert, Joseph Morel 90, 273 Hector, Herbert N 102, 288 Hedeen, Robert A 63 Hedges, Celtyn 267 Hedges, Edwin M 76, 249 Hedrick, Elinor 374 Hednck.Jean 255,383 Heeman, Arthur Howard 171, 275, 438 Heffaker, E. B 201 Heflin, Bess 191, 263 Hefner, Sally 191 Hegar, Daniel Theodore 193. 249 Hegar, Naomi Ruth.. . 35, 140, 205, 249, 260 Heiligenthal, Alice 139, 393 Heinatz, Marv Emilie. Heiner, William F Heinz, Kenneth W Heller, Jesse Elbert Heller, Robert S Hellwig, Langley Roberts Helms, Ellis F 158, 300, 302 90, 221, 259, 291 63 35,209,230 421 .. 76 170 Helms, Joseph D 194 Helsley, Ernest L 280 Helton, Burrell Washington 183 Helbenston, Reginald Heber 421 Hemphill, Gwendolyn 263 Hemphill, Patrician Frances, 20, 184, 239, 371 Hendershott, Charles Butler 63, 293 Henderson, E. F 309 Henderson, Gerald L 90 Henderson, Irma Vcree 76, 192, 282, 373 Henderson, Jack 402 Henderson, Jane 90, 159 Henderson, Joseph L 422 Henderson, Marguerite L 36 Henderson, Mary Ann 167, 275 Henderson, Vincent 173 Hendrick, John Robert 280 Hendricks, Cecil May 63, 260, 263 Hendrickson, Audrey 138, 141, 144, 375 Hendrickson, Jack 171 Hendrix, Carl F 302 Hendrix, Harold Bey 36, 131 Hendrix, James 274 Henger, Charles Gordon 437 Hengy, John M 228 Namt Hering, Lee Hernandez, Alfonso Hernandez, Jesse Hernandez, Juan Hernandez, Oscar Hernandez, Perfecto Hernandez, Romeo R Herndon, Beverly Jean. . . Herndon, Charles Lee Herndon, William C Herpel, William Wahrmund. Herrick, Ann Herring, Seaborn C Pages . . 274, 425 232,251 232 232 232,251 232 . . 76, 232 36, 165, 480 20 76, 181,285,410 . 63, 407 255 287 Name Pages Hodge, William Robert ... 401 Hodges, Billv G 430 Hodges, Cecil R 36, 220 Hodges, Fmily Eiston. Hodges, Gus M Hodges, Jeff Hodges, Joe Henry ... . Hodges, Leland A Hodges, Merle . Hodges, William B . . . . Henig, Alan Phillip Henke, Caroline Marie. Henley, Edgar W Henna, Robert Lee . . Henniger, Linda Henry, Barbara Jean Henry, Bobbie Sue . Henry, Isabelle Henry, Mary Erkel . . Hensarling, Mildred Joye ...36,270 63, 163,237,260, 269, 295 .. 76 76, 140, 162, 260, 474 . . .36, 150, 156, 188 36, 168,364 304 193 36 Herrington, Herbert Gerald 416 Herron, Paul Edward 90 Bess, Yvonne 286 Bessemer, Clark 134, 438 Hester, Carl T 204, 422 Hester, Darrell B 248 Heun, Roland J 173 Hewatt, Carolyn 90, 260, 277 Hewell, John Bird 90 Hewlett, Daisy Dawn. .76, 180, 387, 394, 480 Hey, Carl S 36, 182 Hcve, Margaret Mary 36, 237, 275 Heyman, Beverly Lou 363 Hickfang, Herman Hugo 90 Hickfang, Karl A. 63, 146, 156, 158, 159, 195 Hickman, Harry 302 Hickok, Herbert Nelson 36, 198, 231 Hiekox, Winnogene Orene 63 Hicks, Wanda Yvonne 63 Hicks, William Charles ' 76 Hicks, Miller 433 Hicks, Yvonne 304 Hiett, Josephine, 63, 162, 169, 180, 219, 276, 288, 359 Higginbotham, Douglas C 446 Higgins, Mary Margaret. .264, 272, 389, 472 Higgins. Norman Royce 90, 418 Higgins, Walter S 407 High, Connie M Hight, Ewing Baker 63 Hildreth, Mollie Rhea 90, 166, 237 Hildebrand, Oliver Wendell 4 37 Hildebrand, Truman O ' Kelly 76 Hill, Annie 212 Hill, Betty Ann 381 Hill, Betty Sue 90 Hill, Bettye Virginia .36, 146, 150, 156, 157 Hill, Charles E 446 Hill, Craig C 410 Hill, Dan Coburn 63 Hill, Edgar K 284 Hill, Ella 146 Hill, Evelyn . . .63, 175, 476 Hill, Glenn . 139, 257, 389 Hill, Harvey 433 Hill, Horace B 265 Hill, James R .. 90,257,398 Hill, John D 274 Hill, John Luke. 134, 185, 187, 284, 300, 302, 433 Hill, Lewis Edgar 36, 172, 294 Hill, Lucas V 154 Hill, Paul W 36,439 Hill, Robert M 257, 420 Hill, Sophia Lynde 36 Hill, Willace D 227 Hill, William D 421 Hill, WalterB 76 Bill, Zackary D 262 Hillebrandt, Beverly Jeanne 76, 298, 365 Hillegeist, Walter B 398 Billen, B. J .. 275 Hillgers, Sara .. 238 Hillgers, William B 151, 195, 238 Billiard, Barbara 294 Hlllis.JamesA 171 Billman, Julia 367 Bilsaca, Damian 214, 245 Binckley, Kenneth Rodger . . 36 Bines, Beverly Ann 385 Bines, Cletas Ray 425 Bines, Sue 166 Bingle, M. Pat... 172 Binley, Jack.. 206 Binkel, Charlene J 63, 140, 162 Binkle, Russell E 267, 296 Binojosa, Oliverio 194 Binojosa, Rene 232 Binrichs, Charles W 291 Binson, Billy J 90 Binson, T. G 132 Binton, Bella Ruth 36, 237, 290, 471 Binton, Virginia 36, 361 Binton, William 231 Bippard, Carolyn 277, 383 Bippard, J.J 412 Hippard, Margaret Carolyn C 36 Hippchen, Leonard 217, 252 Hippie, Millard Lester.20, 187, 198, 204, 253 Hirsch, Joe 428 Hirsheimer, Dwinell 90, 164, 243, 250 Hirth, Mary Rae 36, 289, 473 Hiss, Anna 137, 144, 189, 192, 212, . . 90, 393 . .187, 422 274 36, 194,291 . 235, 257, 279, 401 .... 154 296 Hodson, Frederick Weed 36, 151, 425 Hodson, Martha 180, 203, 288, 385 Hoefer, Fay Elmer 90 Hoefgen, Leonard Edward. .36, 194, 285, 286 Hoeaich, Dora Mae 63, 162, 169, 263 Hoelscher, Doris 259 Boerster, Kent 302 Hoes Hoff, Dorothy 163 Hoff, Joyce Maxinc 36, 387 Henschen, Charles Kleinhans 76 Henske, Elmo John 76 Bensley, John Hickman 90 Benson, Rosemary 183 Benze, B. R 208 Bcoman, Helen Hazel 387 Beraty, Betty 167, 169, 275, 471 Beraud, Augusto 76, 172 Hereford, Carl Findley 425 Heres, H. John 9J Herff, August Ferdif.and 416 241, 260. 374 414 158, 387 .63, 156, 158,387 247 Hixon, William Osell. ... Hixson, Juanita Rose. . . Bixson, Paula Marcheta Boagland, Arlena Hobart, Marilyn 286, 389 Bobbs, Felix Wright .. ...437 Bobbs, Oscar B 171, 172, 277 Bobbs, Robert 410 Bobson, William Robert 93 Hockaday, Donald E 422 Hockaday, Rosemond 36, 150, 214 Hochman, Alexander Scruff 90 Hoddc, Clifford 259 Hodge, Henry Pope 401 Hoffer, Edward J. Hoffer, Murray B . BofTman .Harold. . Hoffman, Leonard Hoffman, Marie Hoffman, Paul K Hoffman, Ross P Hoffman, Sidney Hoffman, William Steele. . Hoffpauir, Margie Louise. .442 442 .36, 197, 227, 300, 302. 442, 462 300 381 296 296 20,231 414 ..63, 163, 169, 263, 291 Hofmann, Thomas George 36, 230 Bogan, Donald L 291 Hogan, George Erwm 36, 238 Hoig Debating Society 262 Hohman, Alvin E 76 Hohenburger, Robert 412 Holbert, Carl 285 Bolbrook, Charles Ray 90, 146 Bolchak, Edwin 146, 156, 158 Bolchak, Herb 136 Holchak, William Howell 76 Holcomb, Henry A 190 Holcomb, William A 90, 294 Bolcombe, A. C 274 Bolcombe, Margaret M 63 Bolden, Jim E 247, 297 Holden, Lloyd D 90, 172 Holden, Max Norman 76 Bolder, Lewis C 97, 118, 123, 40fi Holder, Mark 433 Boldridge, Berbert Devere 152, 312 Bolford, Carolyn 36, 221 Bollan, Mary Lou 76, 175 Holland, Alfred Gage 63, 286, 433 Bolland, Bernard 146 Holland, Eleanor Brown 370 Holland, Juanita Jean 385 Holland, Hal Hicks 200, 425 Holland, Jack 444 Holland, James Hans 173, 414 Holland, Mildred Frances 175 Holland, Robert W 433 Holley, David Walters 63 Holley, Helen 260 Holley, Jacqueline J 63,371 Holliday, Carroll 146 Bolhngshcad, Raymon A 76, 173 Bollingsworth, Donald T 90 Bollingsworth, Doris Sue 36, 210 Bollingsworth, Nancy 234, 373 Bollingsworth, Robert E 171, 296 Bollis, Chester Roland 76 Bollman, Betty 389 Bolloman, Kaye 206 Bolloway, Jame Bedford 36, 135. 437 Bolloway, Ray Frank 20, 149, 194, 250 Holloway, William Horace 36, 195, 202, 440, 448 Hollyfield, Joyce Elizabeth 165 Holman, Frank Gormley 401 Holman, Richey Higgins 185. 400, 469 Holmes, Alice Mae Barrow 183 Holmes, Howard H 227 Bolmes, James C . . . ... 247, 398 Bolmes, Oscar W 230 Holmgrcen, Shirley Ann, 90, 139, 260, 289, 375 Holt, Allen K 285,293 Bolt, Arthur Lee 185 Holt. C. Lee. ... 181 Bolt, Comfort 77, 263, 379 Bolt, James W 228 Bolt, Jean 358 Bolt, John Marshall 36, 243, 252 Bolt, Barry L 172 Bolt, Herman F 173 Holt, Lee Emmett 90 Holt, Rosemary 90, 379 Holtzen, Doris Irene 90, 470 Holzschuher, Alfred Robert 63, 171 Holubec, Norma 140, 249 Home Economics Club 263 Homcyer, Max P 430 Honeycuit, Guy L 227 Bonigblum, Howard W 428 Honorariea 179-214 Honour, W. M 204 Hood, Frank Moore 36, 292 Hood.JackB 250 Bood, Jerry 412 Bood, Robert Bruce 228 Hooker, Van Dorn 292 Hooper, Carl 221 Hooper, Charles J 63, 418 Hooper, Jack H 420 Booper, John Tobe 63 Hooper, L. C 172 Hooper, Marybelle 260, 295, 303 Hooper, Sharon 188, 385 Hoot, Edwin L 172, 227 .77, .36, ..90, .141, 90, 63, 152, 37, Name Hoot. William F Hootcn, Olinda Hooton, Claude A Hoover, William S Hopkins, Edwin B Hopkins, George M Hopkins, Harry C Hopkins, King W Hopkins, Margaret Campbell Hoppc, Spencer K Hopper, Charles Orring. Hopper, John M Hopper, Martha Ann Horak, Frank Henry . . .77. Horan, William A Hord, Hcrshel Frank Horlen, Jereleen 63, Born, A. B Born, Mrs. A. B Born, J. Wayne Horn, Joe J Horn, Paul Hornak, Lillian D 77, 162, Hornbeak, Samuel L Hornbcck, Carlton Wayne Hornberger, Charles Hornberger, Theodore Home, John B Home, R. Stanley. . . . Hornish, Harriet Horton, Carter H Horton, Margie Mae. Hort on, Mary Jane. . Horton, Vinita Horwitz, Louis Benard Hosey, A. B Boskins, B. Lowell. . . Hosman, Paul D Hosombeck, Jeannette Boss, Robert Leslie Hotchkiss, Nancy Hoting, August Louis Hott, Jacqueline Houdek, Albin House, Bernard Lee House, Felix F Houseman, Donelson Marion . Houseman, Lelia Howard. . . . Housewright, Wiley Housley, Howard Houston Club Houston, David L Houston, Geraldine Anne. . . . Houston, Neal B Houston, Rita Houston, Samuel S Houstoun, James Patrick Boots, Albert Chide Hovel, Betty Hovel, William G Hovestadt, William J Howard, Anthony Edison. . . . Howard, Carol Howard, Clarence Lee Howard, Dale Howard, Donald E Howard, Durwood Howard, Edgar Neat Howard, Helen Joye Howard, Joe Ed Howard, John Darvin Howard, Morgia 141. 199, Boward, Roland McCauley Boward, Sterling D Boward, Thomas S. . . Boward, Travis Glenn Boward, Walter B. Boward, William D Boward, William M Howell, Cornelia Alder (Missy) Howell, Georgia Marguerite Howelt, Grover Howel I, Howard Howell, J. M . . . Howell, John B Howell, Mitten 37, Howell, Nancy L Howell, Richard S Howell, Roy Fannin Howell, Sue Howell, Wister Howerton, Ada May ... Howcth, Glenn Weston. Hoyle, Paul Winston Hoyle, Sam Hoylman, Frank G Hoyt, Gordon Wesley 37, Hoyt, Nancy Bea 77, Hrncir, Gustin Hrncir, Goss V Huarte, Ray Frances Hnbbard, Christopher Bcmis 37, Pages . . 190 290, 364 172, 293 .... 63 231,421 181,446 291 . ..172 263, 361 . . . 230 37,229 41S 15% 166 151,249 ....151 .437 165, 263 24S 37, 137 37, 137 ....274 249, 359 194 77, 152 77, 77, 90, .63, . ' .77, ' 37, Hubbard, George J Bubbard, George V Bubbard, John Randolph Hubbard, Walter C Hubby, Anne Hubcr, CarlF. . Buber, Elinor Nadme Buber, Fred Hubcr, John Paul Hubeschmann, Eugene Huchingson, Robert E Buck, Phillip Clarke Huckabee, Hugh E Huddleston, Fred Charles. . . . Huddleston, N. Harper Hudel, William Hudgens, John Edward Hudson, Ann ...420 ... 194 297 166, 383 158, 173 37 .375 162 396 304, 422 181,211 190, 400 180 229, 416 163, 470 206, 284 234, 3S5 . l 90 228,412 183 234, 389 195 . .230 264 ..293 162, 264 250, 440 ....165 ..402 136, 414 37,265 142, 375 ...229 37 257, 425 192, 393 .20,214 163, 263 ....227 158, 195 63, 270 164,369 265, 267 ...276 278, 393 414 293 172 182, 276 .... 190 418 . .412 282, 393 63 275, 440 63, 270 .... 274 ...296 393, 480 250, 274 ....171 .37,206 189 .234,385 77 .401 ..63,242 ....167 425 228, 412 255, 373 ....275 ....249 .... 77 97, 194, 204, 228 . .440 406 .. . 406 133, 398 143, 373 171, 297 77 272,291 227 259 221, 440 213, 437 257, 398 90 ...173 .172 .77, 173 . . 263 P CE 564 Xtmt P l Hudson. Betty Jo 180 Hudson, Emm. Beth 77. 137, 183. IN. 283. 475 Hudson, Harry H 282.433 Hudson, Herman E 287 Hudson. Howard 221 Hudson, John Hubbard 63, 2SO Hudson, Miry 184 Hudson, Ramona Jean 90.260 Hudson, Thomas Brocket! 37, 227 Hudson. Willi.m 206 Hurbnrr. Ernest Alfred 37.231 Huebner, H. James 288 Huedepphl, Joanne Beth 77. 185 Huev.F. B ..183 Huff. Bert A 412 Huff. Ben 225,383,472 Huff. James Kenneth 37 Huff. Mavfie Id Jack 438 Huff. Nancy Lou 37. 221. 244. 282. 295. 308.373 Huff. Willi.m Wayne. 37. 198. 204. 209. 231 Huffaker. Eldnn B 173 Huffins, James Huffman. Ben H .412 Huffman. Charln Howard 83,412 Huffman. Li. Cmdr. William W 308, 309 Huffmaster. Ruth. 37, 146. 150. 188. 246, MR, ; ' . 4 " Huffstuller.JoeD . 173 Hufsmith, Frank Lytton W. 425 Hugg. W. Wavne 265 Huggins, Barbara 255.393 Huggins, Jnaraf 158 Hock . Bill 221 Roches, Charles H 402 Hughes, G.Milton 37.194.402 Hughes. Happy 243 Hughes. J. A 77 Hughes. Dr. Leo 283 Hugh. Mary L 307 Hughes. Ron 135. 483 Hughes. Sue Margaret 77 Hughes, Virginia Anabrl 63. 144. ISO. 272. 359 Hughes, W. Figure 296 Hugman. Anne 260, 480 Hugon, Brian Wilson 37, 242. 31 1 Huie, Doris Beverly 77. 157. 379 Huitt. Ralph 197 Hull. Bevcrlv 180 Hull. 172 Hull.Truetti; I8S, 422 Hulme. Vernon C. . . 227 Humble. Emmrtt Arl ' Humble. Omer Ralph 90 Humphrey, Allen E 131, 200, 202, 218. 219. 448 Humphrey. Paul 136 Humphrey. Thomas Roger 401 Humphrey. Vireil !. ...401 Humphrey. Wallace Kent 401 Hunnicutt. Ruth 154 Hunnicutt. Wilfred E 280 Hunt. Al Joe . 275 Hunt. Betty Lynn 37. 143. 147. 479 Hunt. George 402 Hunt. James Theodore 77.421 Hunt. Joseph Lev ' ' ) Hunt, Patty 186 Hunte. Enninie Clarie 77. 258. 369 Hunter. Flora Vimont 365 Hunter. Kathryn Eugeria 37,373 Hunter. W. M " 1 2 Huntington, George R 402 Kurd. Ray Merle. Hurlburt. Harv .7. 440 Hurt, Col. George E 152, 1S5, 211 Hurta. Leroy R 90. 398 Hurwitz, Shirley Ann 77.261,377 Huser, Betty Jean. 18, 307 Hushla. Mike 133 Hiusey, Roland F . 77 Hiuton. John 195 Huteheson. Billy Gouts 1 72. 427 Hutcbeoo, George. 287 Hutching;, Henry 437 Hutchings, Robert K 402 Hutchioson. J. Bernard 250 Hutehinson, Shirley Jean 63 Hutton. James Roscoe 37. 229 Hutu, Roger X 448 Huxley, Marion Eliiabeth f3. 162 H-.-r. ! .. r. 37,173,206 Hyland. G. W 77 Hyman. Harriett Ruth 363 Hvman. Lillian Ruth 77. 163. 240 Hynds. Robert Henry 90, 297 Hines. Kenneth 291 I Ikels, Kenneth Gene 90 Ikela. Ralph R 77 Ilarde. MaryCatheriie 37 Ilkel. Mehn 231 Imhoff. Willard E 291. 421 In HrmOTMm 84 ingelbrecht, Marvin W. 269 Ingram, Gordon Lawrence 1 ' 5, 401 Ingwersen, Isabella M If, ' Inkman, Camille Ink . Floyd Beverly R3. 1 1 Innerarity, Lloyd Edward 254,425 Institute of Aeremautiral Si iitcti 265 ntrr ' Amerifan AtMrwtion . 266 nlrr- Vanity Ckrittian Fellcviliip Irvine. Anni. 184 Imn. Mary Ellen 37 Irwin. Howard 398. 468 Irwin.Joyce M - me Isabel!. Grover 440 Isdale.Joe ..290 Isenberg. Emory 1 442 Isensee. Mamie Nell 63,140 Uom.JohnE 152 lit. Warren B 173. 402 Ivers. Richard. .291 Ivy, QuintonS.. 90,304 Jablonski, Anthony 275 Jacaman. Emilio N 63.190.194,227 Jacks. Beverly. 139.367 Jackson. Betty 141.257.375 Jackson. Bobby Ward .90 Jackson. Charles Ed wt rd 63. 265 Jackson. Elinor Louise 37. 381 Jackson, Elta Jacquelyn 77 Jackson. Emmett G 37. 230. 293 Jackson. Everts Earl 63 Jackson. Frank C 430 Jackson, Gloria Lee 373 Jackson, Harry B 410 Jackson, Jack Arland 77 Jackson, Jane E 248, 389 Jackson, Joe 171 Jackson. Lydia 37.371.478 Jackson. Marian J 90,247 Jackson, Marian Ruth 63, 364 Jackson. Mary Virginia 183 Jackson. Milton K .437 Jackson. Milton L 219, 248 Jackson, Nancy . . . 168 Jackson. N. Odine 240. 246. 265 Jackson, Paul Roberts . 427 Jackson. Randall 172 Jackson. Ransom 97, 1(2. 118. 433 Jackson. Richard E 430 Jackson, Rupert 172 Jackson. William J 430 Jacohi, Allan L 442 Jacobs, Gordon Frank 77 Jacobs. Homer B 63,398 Jacobs, Joyce Elaine 77.390 Jacobs. Mack Kendle 77, 4 16 Jacobs, Pete 273 Jacobs, Shirley 391 Jacobsen. Mary 214 Jaeobson, Shirley 90 Jacobus, Henry 250,428 Jacoby, Allan P 434 Jaeggl ' i, Iva Sue 364 Jaen.EloyEd 37.245.268 Jaicks, David Pneur 2T2. 401 JalneJ Jamest 171 James, Joseph Lee 37.312,430 James, Judson Sterlii g 90, 250, 275, 412 James, Keith E. 418 James, Ori Jean 138, 383 James, Wiley F 77.229 Jameson, Jerry Donald 37, 430, 467 Janeway, Billie Marie 90, 138 Janeway. William C 293 Janicek, Anna L 165, 205, 213, 221, 241, 261, 275 Janicke, Carroll H 274, 430 Jannasch, Alvin August 77, 271 Jannasch. James R 77.25- Jannsen. Joanna Louise 90.166,289 Janssen, Milton H 172 Japhet, Ann 1 9.372,373,476 Japhet. Edith ...143 Jaquet. Linden 257 Jarmon. Jake 279 Jarmon. Robert Lelslie 37.265 Jarnagin, Rav Porter 194 Jarrard.JoeD 300 Jarvis, Harry Clifton 227, 281 Jaschke, Melvin C 262 Jaster, Earlene K 174. 240, 2C9, 479 Jayroe, Clavlin Winfield 63 Jeanes, Lyle Herbert 90 Jeeker. Joyce Marie 90, 167, 275 Jeffrey, Ben 220, 223 Jeffrey, Jack White 437 Jeffrey, James C 37. 201. 291 Jeffrey. Mac C 410 Jeffrey. Nita 288, 379 Jeffrey, Tyre E 410 Jefts. Donald F 307 Jelks, Edward Baker 404 Jelkf. Oliver Robinson 4C4 Jemelka. Rudie 290 Jenkins. Billy L 422 Jenkins, Charles T 422 Jenkins, Frank Duane 1T 4 Jenkins, Gloria V 90 Jenkins, J. Clark 63.146.157,181 Jenkins, Joe Mack 63, 410 Jenkins. Julia Alice 77. 2t}0 Jenkins, Jube 226.267 Jenkins, Lynn Nell 267 Jenkins. Robert C 430 Jenkins, William Andre s 425 Jenn. Marjorie . 63, 476 Jennings, Betsy . .371 Jennings, Clarence Arden 416 Jennings, D. Jeanne . 296, 478 Jennings, Edith Ann 77. 2S3. 371, 470 Jennings, Frank L 83. 194, 279. 425. 448 Jennings, Fred Collier ' ; Jennings, Henry Lee 421 Jennings, Jeff. . 151 Jennings, Roger . . 433 Jennings, William E 231 Jennings, William R 173, 41 - Jennings, W. Selder 296 Jensen. Hal R 37. 173. 204. 228 Jensen, Louise . 275 Name Page Jensen. Tyleen Dolores 38, 162, 248 Jesse. Albert 259 Jester. Gov. Beauford ... 9 Jester. Homer Bates . 414 Jett, June 260 Jeu. Gum 90 Jewett. Frank L 418 Jircik, Robert A 172 Jocheti. George Edward 63, 172 Joekel, Marguerite 182, 180, 250, 375 John, Billie L ........ .410 Johns, Jack Thomas 90 John, William James . 77 Johns. Mary Victor 234. 383. 478 Johns, Nancy 193 Johns. Wayne 274 Johnsen, Marianne 63, 263, 274, 367 Johnson, Andrew P 300, 444 Johnson, A rvel E 402 Johnson, Bill 131 Johnson, Bobbie Jean 64, 237. 260, 269 Johnson, Bobbye E 172.231 Johnson, Cecilia Estelle 77,137 Johnson, Clifford Wilbur 64. 272 Johnson, Curtis Lildon 77,247 Johnson, Dale H 439 Johnson, Dorothy Lurline. 90, 165, 263, 387 Johnson, Earl 131 Johnson. Edwin F 201 Johnson. Frances Eliiabeth, 64, 217, 246. 475 Johnson. George Joseph 91, 247 Johnson, Jack Gray 444 Johnson, James William 77 Johnson, Jerome W 77 Johnson, Joe 8 279 Johnson, Joe Jackson 77 Johnson, John G 398 Johnson, Lavera Jane 38, 277 Johnson. Marilyn Ruth. 38. 140, 162, 237, 260 Johnson. Mary Frances 280 Johnson, Mary Lou 251 , 383. 394 Johnson, Mary Lynn 263, 369 Johnson. Mary Marjorie 91. 192, 369 Johnson, Morris T 287 Johnson, Murray Sherrill 401 Johnson, Orrin Wendell .37. 197, 299. 300. 302, 407, 463 Johnson. Patsy Pointer 210 Johnson, Preston E 300 Johnson, Raymond L 190, 264 Johnson. Robert B 64, 402 Johnson. Robert E. V 38, 287 Johnson, Ro semary 91, 257, 373 Johnson, Rosemary Virginia I 38, 149, 199. 167, 169. 241. 260, 275. 468, 477 Johnson, Rosemary Virginia II 91 Johnson, Roy 146 Johnson, Shirley Anne 371, 474 Johnson. Thomas 181 Johnson, William A 412 Johnson. William Otis 38. 182 Johnson, William Parks, 38, 97, 124. 200, 488 Johnston, Barbara Henry 183 Johnston, Beverly 257, 260, 373 Johnston, Carroll H 2% Johnston, Charles M 172 Johnston, James Alexander 416 Johnston, Jchn W 171, 275 Johnston, Patricia Marie 64, 275 Johnston, Paul 20 Johnston. William P 171, 275 Johnstone, Billie Faye 189. 264. 371. 458 Jonas. Herman W 229 Jones, Alfred Blakely 38. 446 Jones, Archie N 146, 195,438 Jones, Arthur Hamilton . 134, 309, 31 1, 433 Jones, Bennie Jo 389 Jones. Betty Lou 255,371 Jones, Billie B . 430 Jones. Bill Manning 274, SOS, 446 Jones, Bill Ray 64, 274, 444 Jones, Casey 295 Jones, Christopher 42 Jones, Colin If 422 Jones, David .228 Jones, Douglas 410 Jones, Earl Everett 437 Jones, Edith 64, 199, 385 Jones, Edna Marie 77, 371 Jones. Ernest M 274. 422 Jones. Florence 64.138 Jones, George Tucker 77 Jones. Glyn Greg 38, 136, 176 Jones, Gwendolyn ' ' Jones, James F 410,433 Jones. Jan Ellen 84 Jones, Jeanne 186. 383 Jones, Joe Coopwood , 38 Jones, J.Fred 77 Jones, Jim Scott 38 Jones. Joanne 77 Jones, John W 273 Jones. Lawrence Wayne 28, 284 Jones, Lunan T 421 Jones. Margaret Faye 64. 226 Jones, Mark E 15, 38, 214 Jones, Martha Jane 64,141,208.210 Jones, Martin 287 Jones, Mary Jim .. 77, 261. 303, 478 Jones, Maxwell 118.408 Jones, Mildred 375 Jones, Oscar Benjamin 398 Jones. Paul D 227.247 Jones, Ralph Walter ' " Jones, Raymond Edward . ... 77, 97. 1 18. 121, 284,467 Jones, Richard B 182 Jones, Richard 1. 4IS Jones, Robert N 229 Jones, Robert William 77. 172, 282 Jones, Sam.. 273 .Vow. Pttfi Jones, Sarah Alice. .64,237 Jones, Scranton 197,300.422 Jones, Sue Celeste 77. 139, 163, 180. 290 Jones, T. Lawrence (Larry) 187. 302, 444 Jones. Tommy . 148. 149 Jones, Virginia 234, 257, 383 Jones, William 257 Jones, Zane Edward 77, 173. 181, 306 Jopling, Oliver E 296 Jordan, Ben T 38, 146. 151, 172. 227 Jordan, Charles 274 Jordan, H. Bryce 156. 158, 159, 195 Jordan, Henry Grady 20, 201, 418 Jordan, Jack Grundy 194 Jordan. Janet C 64.280,295,387 Jordan. Mary Ruth 84, 295 Jordan. Patricia Elaine 64, 150. 278. 389 Jordan, Pauline 163 Jordan, Susie Elaine 84 Jordan, Virginia 165 Jordan, Waller Ellsworth 300 Jordan, William L 77, 430 Jorgensen. Donald 172 Jorgensen, Dixie Lee 77 Joseph. Harold 221 Joseph, Jay Bernard 428 Joseph, Marjorie Louis 15, 20, 261. 303 Joseph, Rosine 64, 260 Joslin, BurrellC 172 Joyce, Ann 283, 286, 371 Joyce, James C 105, 202 Joyner. Mary Jane 77, 162, 359, 400 Joyner, Thomas Willard 414 Judge, Curtis 15. 438, 468 Judson, Alice Ruth 77 Judson, Millard William 38 Juergens. Martita 247,385 Jung. Jean Elisabeth 77, 138, 142 Jungman, Y. Frank 64 Jungmichel, Charles H 118.277.293 Junior 57-70 Juran, Betty 377 Jurlina, Joseph John 77 Justice. David Blair. . 64, 181. 211, 235. 250 Justus, Norman L " . 77, 227 Kabaj, Joycelene 249 Kachtick. Rosalind Anne 77.359 Kacir, Stanley 249. 279 Kahla. B. W 172 Kahn. Bernard 171 Kahn, Francis Marylyn 91 Kahn, Helen Harold 138. 363 Kahn, Miriam Hope 64, 138, 144 Kaiser, Donald Vurnell 91, 259, 425 Kalakofsky, Anna Jane 261 Kalish, Paul 442 Kallison, Jane Diane 288, 363 Kalmbach, Dorothy La Vern 91 Kalmore, Marsha 377 Kaminsky, Max 396 Rammer, ' Alice Ester 91 Kampmann, George 433 Kane, Gerald 258 Kane, Marian L 38. 260, 375 Kane, Newell Bryan 91 Kangerga, Michael 433 Kanter, Pinney 20 Kanter, Shirley Ruth 77 Kaplan, JarrilF 91.442 Kaplan, Peggy Jean 77, 144. 163, 226, 240, 261,391 Kaplan, Ralph 173, 252, 304 Kaplan, Sylvan 287, 442 Kaplan. Theodore 194 Kappa Alpka 412-413 Kappa Alpka Tketa 382-383 Kappa Eptilon 210 Kappa Kappa Gamma 384-385 Kappa Kappa Pii 211 Kappa Siyma . 414-415 Kappel,L.J 275 Kappler, Allen Marvin 259, 311 Karbach, Hylmer E 171, 410 Kariel, Louis Weisman 84, 228, 428 Karkmas,FredJ 275 Karren, Alice Miriam " Karren, Sidney 398 Kasberg. Eugene 275 Kasperik. Archie S 190 Kasten, Margarethe 184, 375, 394 Katy, Arthur 287 Kati, Yvetta Helen 91, 186 Katzmark, Ray Franklin 84 Kauffman, Rufus Leonard 77 Kaufman. Jack Hammer 77, 428 Kaufman. Madelyn 91 Kawap, Jeannette 232 Kay, Virgie Dell 77. 164, 237 Kayser. Raymond F 84, 412 Kelhofer, Robert M 410 Keating. Elizabeth 167,275,369 Keck.RayM 185,201,402 KeeMe, James N 247 Keeble, Walter Don 247,422 Keeble, William Ritichie 38, 172, 402 Kcclen, Thomas L 227 Keeling. William B 183 Keen, Thomas Harper 38,228 Keenan. Douglas R 402 Keener, Martha 141 Keener. Luther Eugene 296. 301. 3C2, 422, 448 Keetch, Johnny 263 Keever, Koren 38 Keffer. John W . 301 Keig, Edward A 418 Keilson, Stanley A 442 Keith, Billie Roberta 257 PACE 565 I Name Pages Keith, George L 227 Keith, George Morgan 20 Keith, George Ray 77, 401 Keith, Jack 433 Keith, Meta Alice 38, 257, 383 Keith, Terry H 433 Keitt, Camille 219, 371 Kelleher, Mildred Frances (Pookie). .38, 213, 218, 239, 245, 246, 278, 392, 466, 471 Keller, Billy Merl 398 Keller, Harold H 173 Keller, James Alan 77, 434 Keller, Patricia Jeanette 38 Keller, Roy 412 Kellerman, Robert Eugene. 77, 194, 229, 444 Kelley, Dorothy Doran 389 Kelley, E. B 287 Kelley, Ed 97, 118, 122,438 Kelley, Fein Lloyd 77, 202, 412 Kelley, Finis M 64, 410 Kelley, Henry Paul 77, 181, 194 Kelley, John 247 Kelley, Lucille C 64, 282, 393 Kelley, Norma Jeanne 38 Kelley, Wilma Jeanne 91, 157, 203 Kelling, Herman A 292 Kellner, Rose 475 Kellogg, Niran E 446 Kelly, Arthur B 430 Kelly, Elizabeth Ann 64, 165, 237 Kelly, F. W 309 Kelly, Harrell Joyce. 38 Kelly, Margaret Alma 64, 138, 228, 289 Kelly, Martha Ann 157 Kelner, Charmaine 391 Kelso, Sidney Nolan 402 Keltner, Edgar Harland 301, 302 Kemon, Robert 181 Kemp, David M 228, 264 Kempe, Gerry ... 143 Kempe, Ha Rae 64, 168, 237, 393 Kemper, William F 439 Kendall, Thomas Alfred 64 Kendall, William Roy 427 Kendrick, William George 401 Kendziorek, Wolfgang Martin. . 64, 124, 228, 396 Kenley, Martha Jean 166, 263 Kenley, Edward 438 Kennan, Ira L 293 Kennan, Kent W 410 Kennedy, Alice Geraldine 367 Kennedy, Alson Rankin 77 Kennedy, Betty Jo 64, 379 Kennedy, Edward R 38, 440 Kennedy, Emily Anne 38 Kennedy, Evelyn 139, 367 Kennedy, Forrest Lynn 414 Kennedy, Jack Hunter 77 Kennedy, Jean 38, 234, 255 Kennedy, J. Franklin 421 Kennedy, Noah 64, 171 Kennedy, 0. R 152 Kennedy, Robert A 152, 211, 275 Kennedy, Robert Edward 437 Kennedy, Thomas 275 Kenney, Delphon C 446 Kenney, Jack 307 Kenney, Joan Patricia.38, 205, 220, 283, 364 Kennon, I. George 198, 444 Kent, Anna Lucille 64, 264 Kent, Harry L 198 Kent, Jim Tom 38 Kenyon, Grover 181 Kenyon, Paul S 414 Kerby, Carroll M 294 Kerby, Theda 165, 180, 260 Kerbow, Mary Sue 91, 387 Kern, Jane Marie 363 Kern, Roy L 77 Kern, Ruth 197 Kerr, Betty Jo 77, 167, 275 Kerr, Eric H 466 Kerr, Helen 383 Kerr, James Richmond 275, 437 Kerridge, Isaac Curtis 64, 247, 271 Kessler, Shirley J 250 Ketchum, Gertrude Leone 77, 294 Keuper, Doris 150, 290 Kever, Justin A 38 Keyak, Victor Samuel 38, 231 Keyes, Nelson (Corky). 15, 146, 194, 195, 422 Keys, William Hall 437 Keyser, Joseph Edward 436 Kidd, Desmond 97, 105, 143 Kidder, Charley A 173, 232 Kiefer, Norman L 152, 171 Kiel, Oliver B 421 Kies, Clifford T 402 Kieschnick, Harry 259 Kiesling, Clarence E 194 Kiesling, Jamie Colleen 38, 163 Kiley, Betty Virginia 389, 467 Kjlingeman, Carl M 173 Killebrew, James Robert 77, 420 Killmgsworth, B. J 151 Kilpatrick, Carol 246 Kilpatrick, Evelyn Virginia 38 Kilpatrick, Wendell Clarence. .64, 152, 211, 227 Kimbrel, Glenna D 64, 247 Kimmey, Jimmye 303 Kincade, Odel 228 Kincaid, A. Ray 172, 279, 393 Kinchen, Archylou 91, 166, 260, 305, 371 Kindred, Capt. Lawrence E 308, 309 King, Billy 131, 173 King, Dell Roy 171, 284, 287 King, Franklin L 293 King, Harold 118, 277 King, Janice Arlene 64 Name Pages King, John B. ...412 King, John R 219,430 King, Marion A 173, 214 King, Melvin 156, 158, 159, 195 King, Muriel Cora 64, 164, 243, 295 King, NealP 197,410 King, Royal 420 King.T.M 171 King, William B 296 King, William C 172 King, William G 313, 407 King, William M 77 Kingsbery, John R 206, 430 Kinne, Geraldine Reagan 39, 274 Kinnear, Elizabeth 78 Kinney, Barbara 379 Kinney, Charles C 406 Kinney, William George. . 185, 420, 448, 462 Kinsel, Jay Frank 78, 286, 402 Kinser, Floyd Gilbert 64, 227, 274, 294 Kinser, James Reece 64, 272, 274 Kintner, Dwight Lamar 39, 227, 257 Kipp, Carl Christian 20, 94, 269 Kirby, Helen 208, 214 Kirby, Jerome William 250, 408 Kirk, Frank Morris 91 Kirk, Harry Don 91, 440 Kirk, Stanley Cain 39, 132, 173 Kirkpatrick, Ernest E 10 Kirkpatrick, Lois 143, 278, 385, 394 Kirkpatriek, Mary S 382 Kirksey, J. V 173 Kirksey, Margaret Faith 39, 201 Kirsner, HarriH Marjorie 64, 239, 260, 391 Kirven, Peyton Ed 204, 284, 292 Riser, Clyde Duncan 398 Kiser, John Overby 398 Kissel, Julius C 250, 274 Kissimon, Alexander John 91 Kisten, Nancy 64, 189, 393 Kitchens, Marjorie 78, 381 Kittrell, Betty 186, 389 Kittrell, Norman G 229, 287 Kizziar, James H 247, 408 Klapper, Virginia 371 Klar, Daniel W 131,230 Klar, Herman 428 Klatt, Bobbie Marie 203, 304, 373 Klaus, Babette 78, 289, 391 Klaus, Roy E 78, 173 Kleberg, Alice... 186,247,385 Klecka, Joe Elmer 78, 194, 281 Klecka, Miro E 190, 249 Klefisch, Alvi na 174 Klemmedson, James 257 Klein, Evelyn 64 Klein, Howard Henry 64, 194, 259, 425 Klein, Maxine 91 Kieinman, Pearl Phyllis 91 Kleinman, Shirley 64, 256, 377 Kleymeyer, Ralph T 78, 218, 440 Kline, Carl A 91 Klingcnsmith, Earl Elwin . . 39 Klipple, Lillian 164 Klotz, Sally Ann . 39 Kluge, Marguerite 207, 289, 359 Klunkert, Zoe Nell ... . 263, 366 Kmiec, Natalie Regina 39, 167, 169, 237, 263, 275 Knadler, Eugene L 307 Knapp, Betty Bob 139, 144, 203, 359 Knapp, Howard Coleman 258 Knebel, Helen Marie 91, 269 Knebles, John J 91, 171 Knight, Belva Jo 373 Knight, David 245 Knight, Graham B 227 Knight, James E 173, 410 Knight, John W 171 Knight, Marjorie Anne 91, 260, 389 Knight, Norma Lou 64, 156, 164, 184 Knight, Reuben 437 Knipp, Ernest A 194 Knippa, Lois Genelle 39 Knippa, Paul 259 Knotts, Lois Anne 64, 359 Knowlton, Phyllis Mae 91 Knox, Margaret Ann 283 Knust, Fritz 438 Kobayashi, Henry E 227 Kobe, K. A 190, 204 Koby, Pierre Anthony 106, 135, 136, 277 Koch, Harris M 434 Koch, Lena Belle 143 Kocurek, Jodie 249 Koebig, Alfred Hermann 425 Koehn, John Rudolph 444 Koen, Carolyn 288, 363 Koenig, Melvin G 194 Koester, Herman L 269 Koether, Calvert 228 Kogutt, Albert 1 39, 202, 396, 448 Kogutt, Reuben 396 Kogutt, Samuel 181, 396 Kohen, Sam 1 227 Kohlhurst, Dwight Manny 91, 275 Kohn, Harriet Rose 363 Kohn, Marvin 257 Kohn, Miriam Pope 363 Kohn, William 442 Kolaja, John W 152 Kolius, S. G 302 Kolle, Mary Ann 137, 150, 264, 278, 369 Kollman, Norma Zane 91, 166, 371 Kolos, Agnes Josephine, 39, 139, 141, 249, 303 Kolthoff, Christine 163, 214, 381 Kone, Gertrude. 137, 138, 144, 214, 246, 371 ROOMS. Ernest Eugene 91 Koperski, Richard J 39 Kerens, Pat 138 Korkmas, Frederick 214 Name Pages Kornblatt, Frances 147, 391 Kosaka, Violette. .39, 150, 162, 169, 212, 246, 283, 479 Kosarek, Norman Thomas 78 Kotterman, Cletus Adair. . .39, 198, 231, 416 Kotsebue, Bonnie Lois v 91 Koupa, Lorraine 249 Kouteigous, Niki 188 Kowalski, Suzanne 78 Krahmer, Anthony Edward 275, 416 Krakower, Anita Flo 138, 363 Krakower, Sidney H 442 Krames, Clay Victor 78, 291 Krampitz, Clarence Rynold 64 Krause, Arlyn 269 Krause, Elmer Alex 78, 269 Krause, Erwin K 78, 194 Krausse, Daniel M, 39, 202, 204, 227, 284, 410 Krebs, Joseph 437 Kreisle, Leonardt F 204, 209, 231 Krejci, Victor 249 Kremer, Lawrence N 430 Krenek, Ernest R 249 Kress, Marvin M 442 Kriegel, Robert F 152 Krieger, Kalph M 39 Kringle, Howard E 291 Krinta, John 290 Krippel, Margaret Ellen 64, 274, 275 Kritzer, Thomas 433 Krizov.PaulC 227 Krodel, William John 20, 214 Kroh, Bob 221 Kroll, Helmuth Conrad 78 Kromer, Karen 91 Krcschewsky, Juluis R 39 Krueger, Bettye 91 Krueger, Dorothy Jean 78 Krueger, Julius Thomas 407 Kruger, Preston 171 Krunzer, Elizabeth 139, 162 Krupa, Joe J 78, 249 Krusc, William Charles 269 Krusmark, Lee M 198 Krust, Fritz 287 Krusz, William J 173, 274 Kuafsky, Cynthia D 78, 307 Kubala, Albert 249 Kubala, Evelyn 180, 249 Kubicek, Marcella 140, 249, 263 Kudla, Norman M 287 Kuenstler, Stanley E 198, 204, 231 Kugle, William H.. . .171, 242 Kuhlman, H. Phillip 280 Kuhlman, Joan 307 Kuhlman, John 291 Kuhlman, Mary Ellen 164, 260, 369 Kuhn, Herbert R 208, 422 Kulakofsky, Anna Jane 363 Kulane, Theodore 172 Kulhanek, Theodore 249 Kultgen, David Berks 414 Kultgen, John Henry 304, 414 Kunkel, Mildred Corine 78 Kunz, Dorothy 275 Kurio, Ben W 39, 259 Kurio, Norris A 228 Kurth, Robert Lee 64, 414 Kutac, Edward A 39, 182, 274, 275 Kuykendall, Gil 91, 425 Kuyper, William 231 Kvinta, John F 249, 275 Kyle, Lee Fred 39, 274, 312 Kyle, Mtry 278, 389 Laakso, Francis Calvin 78 Labaj, Joycelene 91, 140, 174 Labban, George 248 LaBelle, Francis F 39, 230 Labit, Mary Lou 64 Laborde, Alfred L 64, 172, 232, 245 LaBorde, Leo 277 Lack, Sylvia 391, 394 Lack, Jean 391 Lacy, George C 214, 276 Ladwig, Marion Chandler 20, 235 Lafon, Louis 232, 275 Lahourcade, John B 64, 438 Lain, Mary Rebecca 64, 272, 379 Laines, Antonio 131 Lainez, Antonio 268 Laird, Betty Jo 39, 383 Laird, Dale 174 Laird, John Arthur 20, 228 Lait, Shirley 377 Lake, Jane 146, 150 Lake, Mary 137 Lake, Peter F .302 Lamb, Charles F 243, 271, 307 Lamb, Cornelia Fred 78, 359 Lambda Chi Alpha 416-417 Lambert, Pat 153 Lambeth, William Harrison 78, 152, 427 Lambrecht, Daniel 214 Lammers, Conway Roe 202, 250, 398 Lampe, James 91, 427 Lampe, Michael M 194 Lan, Simon Guillermo 245, 268 Lancaster, A. Hutt 265 Lancaster, Billy J 198, 274 Lancaster, Cynthia 39 Lancaster, Howard E 64, 446 Lancaster, Jane L 260 Lance, Allene Rae 64, 163, 180, 263 Lance, Joyce Catherine 64, 254, 286 Land, Joe C 173 Lander, Jack William 136, 185, 414 Landers, Richard Newton 91 Landes, Robert Paul 78, 173 Name Pages Landon, Lydia Louise 64, 255, 295 Landrum, Jack Porter 78 Landry, Anthony 291 Landry, Tom W 118, 133, 406 Landsman, Richard M 428 Landsman, Shirley Elaine 363, 473 Lane, Bill 143, 305 Lane, Dorothy 162 Lane, Dutton 290 Lane, Harvey Henry 437 Lane, Homer 286 Lane, Joe C., Jr 430 Laney, Sam Duke 78 Lanford, William Louis 414 Lang, Arthur W 20, 277 Langford, Gerald 156, 157, 195 Langdon, Charles C 301 Langdon, John 97, 126, 129 Langston, James Donald 78 Lanham, Charles Turner 401 Lankford, Patsy 393 Lanier, Daisy Jo 78, 261 Lanier, Gus Lummus 279, 285, 425 Lanier, Robert 298 Lannom, Eugenia 165, 381 Lannon, Jane L 260 Lantrip, Charles Wesley 78, 416 Laos, Jesse L 280 Lapidus, Dovie 64, 363 Lapowski, Emily Louise. . 138, 166, 277, 363 Lapowski, Jean Klein 263, 363 Larabee, Leonard Kirby 78, 410 Laramore, Charles B 296 Larkin, Aldridge Woolford, Jr 437 Larsen, Floyd E 204, 228, 311 Larson, Alda Lois 91, 387 Larson, Betty Lou 359 Larson, Bob 159 Larson, Marian 156 Laros, Angelo George 91, 258 Larue, James E 78, 194, 412 LaRue, Sam 438 Larzabal, Joaquin ... ... 268 LaSalle, Lowell LeRoy 301, 302, 463 LaSalle, Philip J 275 Lasater, James A 173 Lasater, Kathryn 383 Lascurain, Eustaquio 245 Laskowski, Eugene 171, 251 Laskowski, George 251 Laskowski, Gilbert Ignatius 64, 171, 181 Laskowski, Lucille Gladys. .64, 167, 180, 210, 251 Lassberg, Max Joseph 402 Lassetter, Clarence R 39, 193, 309 Lassite, N. W 172 Lassiter, Betty Sue 39 Lassiter, Bob 146 Lassiter, Joe Earl 285 Laster, James A 227 Latham, Burke Lee 243, 250 Latham, Fred 275 Latin- American Union 268 Latson, Joe 422 Latt, James Robert 287 Latta, Ruth Louise 39 Lattimore, Joe Newsom 39, 412 Lattimore, Hal M 398 Lau, Horacio M 268 Lauderdale, Sample B 78, 227 Laughlin, Gary B 410 Laughon, Comdr. W. R 308, 309 Laurentz, Rav Donald 91 Lauterstein, Glenda Pearl. .91, 166, 261, 391 Lauterstein, Malcolm Joseph 428 Laverty, James F 39 Laves, Bernard 434 Law, Edwin B 438 Law, Isla 165 Law, Lemuel Roge rs 64, 276 Law, Robert A 412 Law, Walter Mouzon 64, 148, 149, 296 Lawby, Everett 287 Lawle ' r, Allan 97, 104, 105, 118, 296 Lawler, Laura M 39, 227, 289 Lawless, John Earle 78, 430 Lawley, William 425 Lawrence, Claude 227 Lawrence, Clifford Let ton 38 Lawrence, George Edmond 91, 298 Lawrence, John 433 Lawrence, William D 430 Laws 56 Lawson, Dorothy Helen 39 Lawther, Jo Ann 250 Lay, Irene 203 Layden, John J 410 Layne, Robert L. (Bobby). . . .97, 98, 99, 102, 118, 121,462 Layne, Dorothy Ruth. 64, 162, 169, 246, 261, 281, 369, 479 Lea, Edwin 438 Leach, Jane Marie 78, 165 Leach, Nita 157 Leach, Ralph 220 Leach, Warren Bruce 91 Leachman, Neth L 418 Leak, James Vestal 64 Lear, Bert Allen 91 Leasure, Grace Ruth 241, 387 Leasure, Martha Amanda 273, 387 Leasure, Mary Elizabeth.. . .39, 207, 273, 387 Leath, Robert Orion 64 Leatherberry, Thomas F 402 Leavy, William Leslie 425, 257 Leek, W.James 152 Lcdbetter, John W 78, 270, 290 Ledbetter, Martha Anne 78 Ledbetter, Nan 472 Lee, Betty Kyle 304 Lee, Betty Sue 274, 379 PACE 566 Ktmt Lee, Bobby C 185, 406 Ler. David C 1 0. KM Lee. Frank. .274 Lee. Herbert 132 Lee. Jack W 270.27 Iff, James Patrick 398 Lee. Joe Dean SI. 251. 305 Lee. Lawana Dale Lee. Mary Jo 39, 165. 214. 276, 379 Iff, Ray Eaton 194. 243. 401 Lee. Robert C 171 Lee. Robert E 227. 274. 30 Lee. Thomas L 41S Ler. Virginia .......,470 Leech. Jm 172.211 iftii nii r 4u Le. Bernard Jacob ..... 196 Let. Bernie Leo 396 Le4T. Ckaries ... 396 Lcftrr. Eugene - M Leftwitra, Saovdea M 4i Lcn. Rragan Hoof ton 437. 448 Lnotrtl. Rosalir 14, ISO. 157 Lrcgett, William G 64.171 Lraman,]rwin . 442 Lehman. Tamil .................. 373 Lehmann. Nancy be 7S 138 Kmmt Lkiskorsky. Ida 174.290 Lt .3 ' LribmanniPaulG Leifeste. Dorothy L ;. George .. Lekrr, Pura ...... Lemen. Emma B Lrwm. William 1 Lemlcy. Clark Emmctt Lenhart.Jck 246 ..287 .. 64 194 .204 Lenlly. Wanda 200 Lenta. Clara Calvin 91.273.276 Leo. Betty 166 Leon. Judy Beatrice Leonard. Ben RCCJ. Leonard. Claire . Leanard, Earl Maynrld Leonarrf. Joseph F Leonard, Mary ' Margaret Gerald.. -- 91.146.286 375 437 39.416 - 437 406 Lepley; Albert F 440 Lerma. Damaao Julio 91 Lemer. Julian A 39.442 LeRouai. Richard ROM . . ... 65. 407 Le Roy. Robert Clark 227 LesikaY. Marvin 249 lamm,jmmD 228 Leslie. LeJeaae 381 Leslie. Ruth 372 Leslie. Thomas Robert 425.147 Lester. Max Milton 65,304.422 Lester, Sbrlby Pram 78 Lettormaaa. Anna Marie 269.240 Lmtwyler. Cora Lee 138,255,373 Levandrr. Dale Hoyt 65,228 Levandrr. Mary Natalie 91 Leveillr. Dora 65.275 LeviUe. Dora .221 Leveridgr. Aubrey T 410 Levmonne. Norhert Drommoad Levin. Beverly Joyne .91 Levin. Herman 171.190,227 Levin. Max 171.306 Levine. Arnold 296 193 H 91. 166 . 91 Levit. Milton H 442.448 Levitt. George E 442 Levy. Elaine ... 391 Lev;-. Irwm L 219. 250. 428 Levy. Janice Bobette 91.248.363 Levy, Joel M 434 Levy. Marie Loaise 139. 288 Levy, Marilyn SawVy Levy. Marjorie Faye 200,156.362 Levy, Milton P 428 1 77, Robert Aaron 39. 194, 310 Levy, Roy L 302 Lev}-. Sara Jo 137, 363. 394 Levy. Shirley Helen 166,301 Levy. Thomas K .39 Lewis, A. J 131 Lewis. Psarh 78 Lew., Charles Edwia 427 Lewia. Charies Robert . .. 91 Lewis. Charles Willard. 20,214.250 Lewis. Dick V 412 Lewis. Earl N 446 Lewis. Fla Eward 40.250.414 Lewis. Frankie Jo 1 4.244.371.477 Lewis. Frederick 197. 285. 428 Lewis. Harry .106 Lewis. Howard 438 Lewis. John Tom 238 Lewis. Lam- G 238 Lewis. Martha Ana 240.387 Lilians, YetlsD lent, Sidney Theodore Lewis. McKmleyC Lewis, Bieaard D Lewis, Rowland Clyde Lewis, W. Jack... Lewis. William Albert Lewis, Yvonne LieaU, Carl Laurr. Lidt. Robert L bmana. Carol Liebmaaa. Dand D . P..) Godfrey 438 -- !.: -- . 313 416 91.434 .383 Ml 4,_; Uefcermsa. Libs bathe ;.7S. 163. l. m. Liedeker. Carolyn Fx Liedtke.JoaaHagh m MI Ughtfoot. R. Patton 190, 227 Ughthall. Raymond J 297 Ligon, Selwyn W ...... 91 Lilies. MarcellusL. 65 Lilies, Vernon ... ....... Lillard. Noaic ........... 165 Lilly. Clifton E 1 2 Lilly. Harmon Seacard _____ 407 Lilly. Joan ... Limdi+1 . 449-480 Limlry. Carol ........ 250 Ua.Chi-Sun ..... 228 Lind.JohaA 173 Und. Ruth Leaorr 40.260 Under. R.O .280 Lmdquist, Dorothy ...471 Lindsay. Earl V 229 Lindsey. Maudr Mary 78.260,479 Lindsley. Henry D 91. 124. 414 Lindstrom. Doris Marilyn ....... 78, 156. 165 Lmks. Madolie Marjorie ........ 40. 210. 387 Linnard. Howard W 40. 227 Unnard. Russell 173 Lintelman. Art 298 Lurille. Praxis ..... 275 Upper, William G ................... 428 Lippmann. Bayla . . 22 . 37; Lippmana. EUyl ..................... 377 Lippntuui, Sybil. ... ....... .. ........ 7 Upton. Jack ' ..... 181 Ussaoer. Jacqueline Doris. 15. 40. 213. 246, .- ;::. 4-j Litchfield. William Arthur . - - LitehfieldiGene ................... 172.291 Littell, Homer Arthur 206. 285 Little, Alworth Austin 7- Littlr. Haiel ......... 65, 263 Little. Richard ..... 147 Littlr. Winfred E .............. 44 LittlefieM, Clyde ............. 104.412 Littlrneld, Cynthia Ana ....... 18 . 304, 373 LOOefM Dormitn ................... 166 LutlefieW, Wanda Sue ....... 183 Littleton. Wilbur ........ 286,433 Littman. Mdri. . ...... 306 Lirely. Benjaminr Campbrll ...416 Li) " y. Wanda Low ................... 91 LhringstaB. Cksiie ..................... 214 Lloyd. Arthur C ..... 430 Lloyd. William Leon 194 Lobree, Harold ? 78,194 Lochte. Ruth ......... ............ 167 Lockart, Olive ..... 452 Locke. Jack R 433 Locke. John Raymond 40.185.407 Locke. Lee ..... 65.189 Locke. Ova Lee ................. 373 Locklry. James L ...................... 91 Locktr. Ruth ..... 167 Lockwood, Tbelou ..212 Lory. John Judd ................. 310, 437 Loeb.David ................. 194 LoenTer. Adrienne .................. 91, 165 Lonand. William 1 ..................... 440 LabteoXCari ........... 143 Loftin. Patricia Franiika ........ 78,263,286 Loftia,Harry ........................ 422 Logan. A. Duane ............ 182.296 Logan. Bessie F 40.237,290.479 Logan. Harold Harding ................ 65 Logan.JaL ................. 231,438 Logan. John A ........... 65 Logan. William M 78, 223, 433 Lotweon, Helen Constance 40. 393. 34$ Logue. Clyde Cecil ................. 416 Lohmar. Clarrncr ..................... 78 Lohn.Eari .............. 229 Lokkrn. Robert T 40.231 Lommer. Pern ................ 291 Lone . Johnnir ......... Long. Alice Virgmia ................... 40 LoogiDurwood ..................... 206 Long, Eliubeth ........ 384 Long. Ernest G ...... 190,227 LongiGeraldD .......... 173 Lonc.GenldbM ....................... 273 Loog.JerryT ....... Long. Joyce ................... 65, 139, 2to Loog,MarjJo ................... 389.478 Long. Meredith J. D ............. 91.410 Long, Robert ......................... 446 Long.Rosr ................. 286 Long. William Heary ..... 311 Loogenecker. Donald R 440 Ln+mBmi ........................ 152 Longino. Betty ...................... 163 Longmirr. E. William ................ 430 Longnecker, Gwm Lee .............. 91.371 Longona. Paul L .................. 171. 275 Loofs. La Verne Adrlr ......... 78. 260. 476 Loomrr. Prm Douglas ....... 170. 301. 173 Looaas, Frederick 7 171 LOOMS. Mary Ad lr 138. 375 Loonry. Benjamin Frank 1 in 4 1 4 Looaey.Bob ......... 284 Lopes. Aloaao ..... 232 Lopet. Arturo . . 232 Lopri. Doaungo ...... 232 Lopri. Hoavro 232 Lopri. Lavn. 171.232 Lopes, Rogerio ....132 Lorance. Thoaus ................... 194 Lorrni. Milton . ......... 40 Lott. Frances . . . 189, 385, 477 Lott.R L ........................ 172 Lcxhman. Lester. ; ..... 40,182 Loakerbaek. Isaac Newtoa ............. m Louner. Marria V ..91 Love, Benton Fooskee. . 407 Love. Betty Jo 480 Love. Jamea R 40 Love. John William 284 Love, Joyce 243 Love. Martin Tony. . 40 Lovelace. Prtrr .. .254 Lovrlady, Ewing D. . .... 91 Loveless. Charles C. 301,302 Lovelew, Jimmy Erie 40, 444 Loveless, L. E 444 LoveJas. airle Ruti 65, 174 Lovrll.John 195.159 Lovett, Gordon T 65 Lovett, Thomas P 40,280.284 Lovick, Robert G 91 Loving. Peggy Lois. . .. 65,139 Lovli. BettyGraycr 20.264 Low.Jor ........ 1S1 Low, William J .40,171.291 Lowden. Ann Eliiabrth 373 Lowe. Barbara 40, 139, 165. 251 Lowe, Billie Jean 91,379 Lowe. Howard Ray 427 Lowe. William J 262.270 Lower} ' . Stanley Todd 262 Lown, Wilma Harriet 7 S. 163, 263 Lowrey, Alfred S 202,421 Lowrey, Ernest 106 Lowrey. Jack Stephen 91 Lowrey, Runell Gordon Lowrir. Hrlrn L 78. 150. 174. 257, 303 Lowry, Walter E 91 Lowry. W. Price 153.306 Loy, Irene Louise 40.359 Loy. Ralph Krnnth 293 Loyd. Runnel! 78. 150.381 Loyd. WeJta Fave. 40. 205, 220, 288, 3S1. 394, Loxano. Edgardo 171 Louoo. Teresa 143,144.232 Luark. Mary 165 Lubash, David Bruce . 91. 181 Lubash. Lorraine Lois 40. 245. 246, 263, 266, 272,275 Lucas. William Howard 78 Luce. Fred Charles 91, 262, 264 Luce. John 159,195 Luchrnbach. Phyllis 288 Lucio. Zelma Constance 78, 165 Lucius. John J 7 . 430 Lurkc, Joseph 152.290 Luckenback. Phyllis 138 Luckett. Billie Louise 91. 137. 166. 472 Luckrtt, Lucille 385 Luckmryrr, Donald William 65. 269 Ludvig, Bettyr Lou 91 Ludwig. Reginald 158 Ludwi g, Rubin W 40. 204, 22 Lujan.JuanR 228.132,266 Lumblry. C. L 78, 291 Lumpkin. J. Edgar 173 Lundren, Vrrnoo P 172 Lundriius. Oscar Emil 40, 194. 204. 228 Lunedrll. Claude M 293 Laaabed. Betty 163 Lupton. Shirley 192.257.385 Lusk, Dorothy Jo 174 Lusk, Jo Rene 40 Lusk, Lloyd W 228 Luter, Robrrt Raymond 78. 296 Luther. Charles J ' 227, 243 f firs " fs iif liKniifiMi 269 Luton. J. P 302 Luttrrll. Eliiabeth Joan 40, 385 Luttrell, Saleta 180 Lutrick, Mary C 78, 203. 3S5 Lydick, Anne 257.385 Lylc. Hugb 433 Lynch, Mary Jeannette 40, 237, 273 Lynch, William R 40, 273, 440 Lynr. Friti L 15. 40, 173, 274. 301; 302, 444. 465 Lynn. Bruce 2S7 Lynn. Edward B 78. 430 Lyoa. Betty Hay 205. 379 Lyon. Richard 153, 154 Lyon. William L 228 Me McAdams. Kelly 422 McAfee. Jack T 227. 291 McAlpin, Courtney 91, 433 McAllister, John 8 171 McAnally, Robert W 78,194 McAshan. Edward 173 MrAter, Robert 275 McBee. Frank W 198. 204. 231 McBirwy. Samuel Prndleton 407 McBride " , David P MeBride. William E 172 McCabr. Edward P 206 McCain. Earle M 40 McCain. Jamea Heary 46,206 McCain. James Thoaias 414 McCaleb,Jack .286 McCalrb. John C 420 McTalrb. David Capps . . 194 McCalib, Daniel 252 McCa)ib,Paul SS2 McCalip, Robert Lee 65 McCall. Bernard 172 McC.ll. George 97. 118.185.407 McCall. VlargarH 137. 147. 375 McCalmoot, Patricia . 91. 165. 381 McCampbell. William P 294 McCaan. Chester Franklin 20 MrCann.JawEdanad 124.420 McCaan. Sor 139. SW McCanne. Robert H 173.301 McCarley. Jack W . 78 McCarron. Jean Marie 91. 167, 237, 275 McCartcr. Carroll Franklin . . 414 McCarthy. Betty L 40. 255, 472 McCarron, Jean .167 McCartney, James Wilson. ... 152, 257. 401 McCarty. Betty Jean 65. 237, 476 McCarty, Fred B . 228 McCarty. Oswin P 440 McCarvrr, Charles Turitt ..78 McCasland. Simmie 174 McCaskey. Morgen Gregory . . 40 McCaikev. Rosemary 40. 142, 246, 474 McCaul. James 123,185 MeCsuley. Jerry 97.118,123,277 MeCaulcy. Katheryn J 247. 275. 383 McCaw.EA 257 McCay. Mary Ellen 105 McCelvey. Elizabeth Ann 142, 143. 246. 383. 472 McCelvey. Robert 433 McClain. Charles Sidney 302.398 McClain. Ernestine 41 McClain. Lewis : 71 McClain. William G tl McClatchy, Judy 141 McClay, Erin 155 McCleiland. George 78 McCleUan, Lrroy B .65. 264 McClellan. Ruth Margaret. 78, 167, 275, 306 McCleodon. James W 197. 267 MeOodon. William W 227 McCleskey, Charles A 219, 440 McClintock. Nancv 373 McClune, Nelson D 78. 194, 279 McClung, Paul J 257 McClurr. James 257 McClurr. James H... 91 McClurr. Marilyn 243 McClure, Marylyn 78 McClusky. Margaret 175 McColl, Eleanor Grace 78 McConn. John Luke 414 McConnell. Charles 147 McConnell. Earl P 401 McConnrll. Edgar 151, 173 McConnrll, John Poaty 01 McConnrll, Jim 146, 195 McCool. Elizabeth Ann 150. 175 M cCord, Horace B 425 McCord. Mary Louise 155, 389 McCorklr. Stuart C 216 McCorklr. Willard Alexander 65. 228, 438 McCormick, Charles T 12.418 McCormick. K 208 McCormiek, Lorna 180 McCosland. Ardis 138 McCoy, Medford A 91, 176 McCown, Frederic P 406 McCown, Capt. Henry Y 308 McCracken, Joe 433 McCrassen, Harry 146 McCravey. Ruth Willie 78 McCreary, Sammie 160 McCreight. Charles 287, 416 McCright. Mary 217 McCrockhn, Andrew J 104. 228. 408 McCrocklin. James 197 McCrossrn, Harry J 78, 151 McCullar, Wilbur 195 McCullk-k. James H 430 McCulloch. Arvel Gray 91 McCullough. Earle D 402 McCullough. Goodall W 430 McCullough, Jane 380 McCullough, Mary Jo 139. 375 McCullough Tom 167 McCurdv, Brttv 306 McCurdy. Dorothy MS. 364 McCurdy, Eliiabeth Ana 91 McCurdy, John A 224 McCurdy. Margaret . 41, 137, 139. 146, 212, 24o McCutchen, Bill 134 McCutcben, John 176 McCutcheon, Shirley Anne 78, 175 McCutcheon. William Currie 401 McCutchin. Sonny t2 McDade.Ross 412 McDanirl, EdwardS 308 McDanirl. Eugeae 104 McDanirl. Katherine 140 McDanirl. Malcolm Reid 65, 411 McDavid, Edward W 446 McDavid, Marilyn 78, 276, 371. 473 McDonald. Ben F 135 McDonald. Bill B 1M McDonald. Billy L 15S McDonald. Bryant E 91.152 McDonald. Ben F 184 McDonald. Constance Jo 41, 174. 274. 454 McDonald. Donald tt 247. 398 McDonald Douglas 185 McDonald! Earl ::. 44 McDonald. Mary Mae 256. 379 McDonald, Malcolm 243.398 McDonald. Mary 105 McDonald. Neal Ray 70.111 McDonald. Peachy MO McDonald. Robert Walter 70. 130 McDonough, James 173 MeDowdTEvangeline 210 McDowell. CUatoa 401 McDowell. Cynthia 146,385 McDowell. Louis Sanborn 437 MeDuff.John XH.M McDuf fie. William Newton 65. 296 McEachern. Malcolm Alexander 92,231 MeElaey, Elisabeth 278 McEvan. Barbara X ..138 McEver. Betty Paot 567 A ' arrt McElhancy, Roy. McElhanney, Hilda McElroy, Carl B . . . McElroy, Howard D. Pages ...176 .199,246,383,421 446 .14, 2C2, 3C1, 407, 448, 464 McElroy, Max 79 McElroy, William E 421 McFaddin, Rosine 18P, 255, 278, 389 McFarland, Elbert Leroy 41, 148, 149 McFarland, James W 228 McFarland, J. D 204 McFarland, Jean Elizabeth 389 McFarland, Marjorie 41, 257, 393 McFarland, Nancy McFarland, Patsy McFarland, Robert P McFarland, Ruth E McFarlin, Juanita Jean. . . MeFarling, Tom McGann, Mary Patricia. . McGarrah, James Eugene. McGehearty, Jerome McGee, B. L ... McGee, Charles J McGee, De Witt C McGee, Frances Marie. . . . McGee, Jean McGee, Theodore DuPree 246, 250, 272 227 41, 228, 369 175, 207, 289 15,270 41,306,369 79,412 15 291 .296 ... 247 237 . . 257, 389 20, 182 Name Pages McMillan, Lavern Ruth... .. 41 McMillan, Thomas L 247, 285 McMillan, William Douglas 65, 228 McMillin, John E 79, 277 McMillin, Kelly K 204, 227 McMinn, T. D 190 McMurrain, Hugh Allan. . . .41, 267, 298, 310 McMullen, Dorothy Marie 65, 275 McMullen, Eugene 444 McMullen, Hollis E 173, 398 McMullen, Morrell 173, 398 McMullen, Vernon 275 McMurry, George 229 McMurtry, Dorothy 375 McNamee, Rcse 140, 361 McNatt, Betty Jo 79, 276, 277 McNear, Mary Belle. McNear, Tommy W McNeil, Ann McNeil, Betty Jean McNiel, James S McNeil], Hubert Earnest McNeill, Nina. McGee, Thomas R 65, 412 McGee, Wayne... 258 McGehee, Sam Day 206, 4C8 McGhee, Frances M 41 McGill, Joseph .. 437 McGill, William L 187 McGinley, James R 275 McGinnis, Hollis Wade 437 McGinty, Abe E 430 McGiveny, Felix F 402 McGlamery, Dorothy L 20 McGlasson, Sam 304 McGloin, John P 247 McGloin, Patrick J 398 McGonigle, George Lee 79 McGowen, Merle G 92 McGregor, Stuart M 440 McGrew, Richard M 418 McGuffin, Leon B 294 McGuire, Dorothy 263, 369, 470 McGuire, Delbert 252 McGuire, Francis Xavier 92 McGuire, Gwen 65, 203, 359 McGuire, Virginia W 237 McHard, Sam Everett 421 McHargue, James 425, 469 Mclntire, George 185, 398 Mclntire, William Leigh 65, 398 Mclntosh, John 171, 238 Mclntosh, Mary Christine 79 Mclntyre, Dick 181, 297 Mclver, Ray 214, 267 McKay, Mary Anne 79, 203, 283, 371 McKay, Jack 421 McKay, Nancy 250 McKean, Margaret. 41, 141, 191, 2(3, 467 McKee, Davis T... .287 McKee, Gene 274 McKee, James P 79 McKee, James William 437 41,203 .. 92 ...255 . 79, 393 190, 204, 227 92 138, 291, 373 McNeiii ' .W.H 204 McNeme, Odess V 305 McNish, Marin ISO McNutt, G. R 200 McPherson, Tom M 248 McRae, Bill R 41 McReynolds, Alvis Joy 79 McShan, Chester L 227 McSpadden, Dorothy Leah 65, 138, 237 McSpadden, Juanita Jal e 79 McTaggart, James 264 McTaggart, Lester E 227, 264 McTee, Particia 41, 148, 149, 359 McWherter, Robert C 198, 204 McKee, John Eugene . McKee, Raymond Lee McKellar, Marian Elizabeth McKellar, Robert McKelvey, Donald McKenna, John Richard. . . . McKennon, J. T McKennpn, William M McKenzie, Lawrence Byron . . McKenzie, Mary Jane McKetta, J. J McKie.Ben 194 79 79, 139 230 257, 293 79 446 .92,446 92 .41,385 227 136,248,414 McKim, Raymond L 422 McKinney, Barrett Travis 65 McKinney, Cameron 172 McKinney, Collis S 280 M cKinney, James Durst 20 McKinney, Travis 298 McKinney, William Fraquhar 79 McKinley, James 305 McKinley, Marthabel 65, 162, 282 McKinsey, Mazie 186, 389 McKinstrey, Harriette 180 McKissack, Charles Eugene 92, 152 McKnight, Joe E.... . . 284 MoKnight, Joe Webb 437 McKnight, Marguerite 385 McLain, MaryEmma.41, 246, 263, 296, 359 McLain, Robert J 277 McLane, C. Rogers 280 McLaren, Billie Janice 92, 387 McLarty, Charles 172 McLaughlin, Philip Lyle 79, 284 McLaurin, Banks 204, 209 McLean, Harry R 65 McLean, Salem Francis 41, 230, 275 MrLollan, Robert John 124, 406 McLcndon, Helen .217 McLernon, Mary Elizabeth. 65, 263, 289, 369 McMackin, Edwin E 440 McMahon, Barbara D 41, 246, 256, 379 McMahon, Sewall 190, 412 McMakin, Laurence Earl 414 McMakin, Maxine Violet 92, 162 McManus, Ann Fairchild 79, 379 McMaster, Barley, D 173, 287 McMaster, James Marvin 79, 446 McMath, Hugh 436 McMichael, Susie C 92, 165, 219, 248 McMichael, James R 173, 181 McMillan, Laverne 164 McMillan, Delhart Earl 414 McMillan, John 398 M Mabrito, Merrilynn Mabry, Clarence L., Jr Mabry, Virginia Lee Macatee, George Petit, III Macauley, Mary Frances MacAusland, Calvin L MacDonald, James Douglas. . . MacDonald, Ruth Elizabeth MacGuffie, Don Machac, Joe Machel, Paul Machemehl, Ida Katherir.e. . . Mack, Frederick MacKay, Mary Martha Macke, John H Macland, Jack MacNaughton, William A MacNish, Marin MacCorkle, Stuart Alexander. . Macy, Johnnie Madaris, Judith Ann Madden, Wales, H Madera, Jake Maddox, Barbara 65, 163, Maddox, Robert Murray Maddux, James S., Jr Madole, Jewel Pickford Madra, Shirley Ann Madsen, Albert M 97, Magee, Peggy Lou Magee, Rupert Magee, William Anderson Magill, Albert Everett Magliolo, Elleb Barbara Magliolo, Joe 41 Magliolo, Virginia C. . .41, 163, Magnuson, Eugene G Magruder, Richard Allen Maguire, jack C Mahaffey, Ralph L Mahon, James S Maier, Helen . la. ,97, Kill, Major, Rufus Majors, Joe Charles 41 Majors, Samuel L Majors, William Makins, Robert Malcolm, Teddy Maldonado, George Maldonado, Thomas C Male, Roy Raymond Malette, Weldom Malik, Joe 187, Malik, Pauline 140, 196 Mallory, Bob Malm, John Maloff, Nicholas Malone, James Maloney, John Patrick. 65, 176, 185, Malool, Nick . Manahan, William Edward Manefeld, William H Mangrum, Coquita Maudella Manire, Elna Manley, Jaye Dell Mann, Billy Mack Mann, Lorene Mannin, Dorothy Manning, Aubrey Manning, Camille Manning, Herbert C Manning, Marjorie Manning, Mary Belle Manogue, Robert A Manry, Winston O ' Nowlin 65, Mantle, Paul Loyal Manzano, Ted Marable, Dorothy Ann Marasovich, Annie 203, 369 143, 430 ....393 414 247, 471 ..231 250, 407 79 . 252, 298 92, 152 173,306 , 144, 175 197 371 .171,298 264 410 163, 379 414 240 255, 369 418 438 263, 305 287, 416 204, 227 65 139, 359 129, 277 79 .65, 194 92 ...414 163, 258 118,227 214,246, 259, 263 . 228, 307 79 154 .79, 171 444 264 293 214, 296 .438 172,433 .412 297 92, 251 227 ...416 433 249, 270 249, 478 276 267 41 172 221,270, 271, 287 201 92, 152 418 79 2f3, 371 305, 373 182, 194 139 260 172 393 301 41,263 163, 373 202, 410 173, 264 444 ... 285 Name Pages Marchak, Carole 377 Marchbanks, John H 173 Marek, Edward 249 Marek, Elaine 41, 198, 204, 265 Marek, Frank Peter 92 Marek, Theodore Joe 79, 249 Margraves, Margaret 41, 165 Margraves, Margaret Ann 184, 276, 379 Marken, Genn Charles 65, 151, 190, 227 Marker, Andrew R 41 Marker, Roy 273,286 Markham, Richard 201 Markley, W. W 291 Marks, ' Edwin M... 231 Marks, Mary Theresa 92, 139, 140, 163 Marks, Myron Bergson 4 1 , 1 73, 301 , 428 Marks, Ralph 223 Markward, John 198, 444 Marley, Jack L 306 Marney, Jane 291 Marquardt, George H 228 Marquez, Gustavo. . 131, 132, 136, 143, 200, 268 Marquez, Victor 245 Marr, James H 41, 172, 440 Marris, William C 182 Marroguin, B. G 41 Marrow, Ned 201 Marsh, Jim 181 Marsh, John David 275 Marsh, Mary Louise 65, 393 Marshall, Donald 267 Marshall, Joe E 433 Marshall, Florence 251, 283, 375 Marshall, Jane 298 Marshall, Keifer 97, 118, 202, 433 Marshall, Mildred 162 Marshall, Robert L. . . .41, 181, 198, 204, 231 Marshall, Robert W 172 Marshall, Schuyler B III 301, 430 Marshall, Tony Louise . 79, 203, 256, 394, 457 Martin, Alfred J 297 Martin, Alice J 41 Martin, Benson L 430 Martin, Clarence 254 Martin, Cora M 196, 374 Martin, Dixie Lee 79, 175 Martin, Edgar Poe 437 Martin, Edward K 270 Martin, Edwin K 303 Martin, Elfe-Louise 79, 142 Martin, Frank H 152 Martin, Grady P 231 Martin, Georgia 295, 371, 470 Martin, Foncie 164 Martin, Frank 277 Martin, Jack 277 Martin, James Watson 20, 151, 416 Martin, Jane G 65, 263 Martin, Jo-Helen 41, 277, 387 Martin, John Oliver 92, 275, 425 Martin, Laurel 287 Martin, Marcy S 406 Martin, Mary Lafe 478 Martin, Ralph C 41 Martin, Robert G 250 Martin, Robert Michael 20, 301 Martin, Robert Tollen 407 Martin, Sidney L 292 Martin, Slater 97, 126, 128 Martin, Tessi ca 41, 205, 212, 246 Martin, Wallace 230 Marline, Floyd Leonard 20 Martinelli, Edis 263 Martinets, Louis J 172, 249 Martinez, Celia 210, 232 Martinez, Emma 65, 232, 245 Martinez, Juan 232 Martmo, Frank N 219, 250, 440, 468 Martino, Joseph Charles 79, 151, 275 Martino, Karl Albert 231, 250,414 Maruska, Helen S 140, 249, 478 Marwil, Shirley H 42, 143, 263, 377 Marwill, Gene G 440, 448 Marzotto, James 42 Maschek, Marie L 42, 291, 373 Mason, Al 154 Mason, Charles 291 Mason, Edward Anthony 194, 204, 228 Mason, Hodge E 230, 440 Mason, Jo Ann 79 Mason, Peggy Jo-An 92 Mason, Richard Stewart 197, 416 Mason, Roy H 231 Mason, Sheila 137, 140 Mason, William Walkce 92, 279, 433 Massey, Cecil Edear 398 Massey, Charles R 173 Massey, Clem M 198, 204 Massey, Clyde T 231 Massey, Johnnie 175 Name Pages Mathews, Edward Jackson 12, 92, 402 Mathews, Eva Marie. 241, 250, 278, 373, 394 Mathieu, Edna Ruth 92, 273 Mathieu, Frances Lucretia 92, 273 Mathis, Curtis . . . 132 Mathis, Harry David .65, 247, 398 Mathis, H. P. .. ..202 Matsch, Charles P 173 Matteson, Billy 65 Mathews, Alice 180 Mathews, Edward Karl 183 Mathews, Harold, D 42 Mathews, Hugh T 65, 181, 425 Mathews, Maebess 183, 386 Matthis, Worth 221 Mattison, William 305 Matula, Dolores Celeste 183 Matulik, Raymond William 65, 446 MatusorT, William 92, 442 Mauk, Ernest P 439 Maunger, P. C 287 Maupin, Charles C 311 Maverick, Crossette Maxwell, George Engle 65, 257, 440 Maxwell, James Raymond 79 Maxwell, Lillian 221 Maxwell, Margaret 272 Maxwell, Richard 257 Maxwell, Roselle 379 Maxwell Virginia Florence 79, 150, 157, 219, 379 Maxwell, Walter L 42,422 May, Ernest R 153 May, Joel Edwin, 65, 185, 253, 280, 438, 448 May, James H 173 May, Jerel Marie 92 Mayer, Elizabeth 283, 371, 394 Mayer, Fred Harry 92, 428 Mayer, Suzanne 362 Mayes, Robert A Mayfield, Billy F Mayfield, Peggy Irene Mayo, Marianne Mayoro, Alfredo Mays, Avera Mays, Billy Mays, Ernest Homer. Mays, James W Mays, Mary Lee Maysel, Lou Mead, Marjorie Meador, Bruce S Meador, James E Meador, Johnye M Meadoe, Lee Ira Meadows, Dovie La Nelle. . . Means, Frank L Means, John A Mecham, Lois Mechen, Leon Mecom, Philip H Meece, Roger Monroe Meek, Del L Meek, Rosalie Meglasson, George W Mehl, Warren Roy Mehner, Jeanne Meich, Herbert . 171,248 65 . .79, 288, 359 .131 152 171,404 65 ...171 79, 167, 260, 275 .221 ..207 ...79,286,418 311 ....92, 166,373 79 .65, 163,237 102 21, 214. 287 158, 273, 381 152 .79,412 65 79 383 42, 173, 182, 293 183 139, 260 .438 Meiners, Philip Arthur 92. 247, 279 Meinert, Marian Blanch 79, 165, 290 Melamed, Jack 396 Melancon, Rosemary Pearl, 65, 203. 263, 286, 369 Mell, Beverly 92, 139. 286, 391 Mellard, Robert . 412 Mellenthin, Jack 152, 211 65,257 ..195 42, 446 402 249 Massey, Joe A 42 Massey, Nora Dell 65 Massey, Robert N 227 Massey, Sammie D 416 Massingill, Audra B 227 Massingill, F. C 172 Master, Wallace Newton 302, 437 Masterson, lone Louise 138, 264, 389 Masquelette, Philip Abbott 20, 433 Matchett, Dorothy 375 Matejek, Catherine 42, 167, 169 Matejka, Gladyn Ruth 42 Matlock, Joseph D 248, 293 Matlock, Mrs. J. D 248 Matlock, Lee Hudson 204, 209, 230 Matlock, Rosalie ...277 Matlock, Rudolph 293 Matheny, Nadine 226 Mathes, Curtis 410 Mathews, Bob 135 Mcllina, Mildred Frances. . . . Mellon, E. K Melton, Clarence B . Melton, Morris S Melton, William T 172 Mendenhall, Grant Doldon 9i Mendez, Pat Mendiola, Horacio 232 Mendive, Lawrence Carl 92 Mendle, Frances Ruth Mendle, Frances 164, 243 Mendoza, Maria Olivia 79, 232, 245 Mengden, Walter 275 Menke, Allen E :..172 Menking, Perry Brockschmidt 414 Menn, Alvina Kathryn 174, 269, 477 Menu, Marion Rose 174, 290, 269, 473 Menn, Mary Lee Menn, Ruth Louise. . . . Menshun, Dorothy. . . . Mental Hygiene Society . Menzies, Billie Anne. . . Merbeth, Ruth Elaine. Merchant, Arthur R. . . Merchant, Harry W Meredith, Jack H 65 Meredith, Lowell Edward 79 Meredith, Otis 418 Meredith, Wanda 214, 263 Mericle, Leo W 20 Meridith, Thomas Richard 292 Merrille.Leo 214 Meriwether, George K 45 Merrill, George Martin 79 Merrill, Richard Sumner 427 Merrill, R. Stokes 296 Merritt, Kenneth W 202, 418 Merritt, Kerry G 79, 252, 293, 297 Merritt, Rhae N 293 Merritt, Sidney Hines 92, 271. 290 Mesloh, Arthur C 79 Messer, William A 92 Messina, Paul John 79 Metcalfe, Jean 65 Metcalfe, Tom Brooks 20 144 174, 237, 269 256 ..272 65, 263, 305, 364 79, 286 194 446 PACE 568 .vm Metamger. Clyde L 2. 146. 151.173.306 Metar.Jl 430 Metsentkm.J ka Edward 15.402.448.4 7 Meukr, Mary Hiabrtk 14P. HI. 141. 19 . Merer. George. J- Merer. Herbert WH 42.IU.V7 Mr.vrr. Hgk Holkm. 41 Mrvrr.lrwmD 172.39 Meyer. Jamr VUff 425 Merer. Marine 92.1W.M Meyer. Nelson Harrrll 2 9,28 Meyer. W A Mo eri, Charles .79. 158. IS. 44 Mryer. Colleen ITS Meiaetu. George V 79 Meoetti.Jnek 92 Monrtti. William L 92 J . .C. J. 270-271 Mictk. Edvard IGrkaftV. Walter 286 - .Vtav Milk. Patr cts .Vmr 42. 15 " Milk. Bulk Millsnps. Mart MUstead. Richard C MUton. Eugena Milton. Norwood Milton. Walter Xeal Mima. J V Mims.Hori Minrnen. Dorotky Made . Sunl- Miner. Gloria A Ming. Jean Minns. Frances Maria Mbmn,DirkL Minor. Robert K E . Water E IfkM. Robert F ICrkemon, David J 4JS 2I. 428 - -- . . 1C6. 291.3 3 Mickey. Charlotte Pngc 1 80. 24 1. 278. IS . Miekier. Margaret Katkerme 3 9 Miekier. Robot 431 Mick . Betty Lois Mieulka, Eugene 249 Midglev. Franks 22 Midyett: Merrei! Id MnrkYbaTidC 398 Mrf d.Jo.rpif 275 . . : 173.249 Mikeska. Eugene 1M Mamldjlii.iii " 304.JW.24 Mikmi .GrwT 249 T.Trd 24 . Bernard J 24 MrtrWU. Albfrt C r M MrtcaeU. George Mickael Mitekell. Harrj L MhekeU. Jor MJtrML Lm MiuMLMaraa r nkb MitcaeU, Patricia Jean Mltcfcell. Paul L MrtrkeH, Robert Wiley Mitchell. Virginia Bkra Mitrkell. Wetda Lo . 2 1. 234. 237. 246. 282, 373. 480 . . . ' 371 .. 398 344 172.267 79 230 257, 410 1 3.282.377 42.434 42.245.289 2 1 , 295.371 79 426 : V4. 416 194 42 195 02.311.408 65 - a 92 293 97.118,122.447 ....287 97. 101. 277 42. 226. 246. 282. -- 66 ' 102 21. 438, 448 79,203.371 Moore. Joe Bart Moore. John E Moore, Joyce Moore. J.W Moor. Katharine Am Moore. Louie P Moore, MnroelleJaleen Moot . Marjane Moan. Martin H Moorr. MutJu Jo r; M r - A MitckdL William H Mittat Willam Oio Miles. CUtcaE MUler. MiHer. Miller. Miller. Miller. C.EwjBnr CkarfMWfllKi riarmce ..... Miller. Miller Miller. Miller. MiUer. Miller. . Claode Herl. Oar} Darid T i --: - Donxk.v 5or Edmund H EdmondT Freddie Grad? GrorerC Gu.H Hrrt, C Herman E MiDerljaekRomaud Miller] Jerry ..... lOhr.JoknH IGhr.MMBiekard rP 42. 214.179 . 79.437 Miles. Manna ?tuart M!les. Robert L 44 1 8 I7S 42, 14S, 149. 239. 359 42 . Alfred M 131. 171. 421 T.BoaksLeBoy 425 M W, Bernard mBnajrr 42.412 65 238 .. 238 412 65 170. 172 79.159.1 2.375 92.3Ci.47S 4f 223.416 1C 402 42 - - - JD2 -. - 153.410 ' 219.269 C 171 r. Mart.- 42 Her. Mama. 42. 193. 21 6. 278. 30 . 389. 4 4 MflJer. Manlyn 237. 245. 250. 393 MiBer. Marun Leonard 79 MuTer! Mary Eluabeth Miller. Mar Diane - - - Miller. Myra 174 MiUrr. N Eod 2 1.285 Miller. Xatkaleae 219 V .- - - 79 T.Roberta 42 IT. Ronald Culrmi. 91 T. Boor Marie 174 Okr.RomD 420 .IHrrer 414 92 401 Miller. V. Weidoa . 219. 440 MiUer. Vemon L 42. 433 Miller. Virginia Lester 42 IT. VirgmmMom. 92 221.44 92.1(3 iFirU. 194 iL 42.204 .Virginia Gail 281 41 uJamaR MnTmaVr. Lawrence Q 287 Mill . Hagh Lowell . .. Milk. Harry Earl 79 Mink Madnon rUrks Mills. MaybeUe 251 Miir. Harold D Mjar. Martha An. Muni. Buofrt owcfl. Moblfy.JorB .-A .- .- 172 227 42.446 V..X3 414 185.422 92 132 219. 296. 44 269.379 43 251. 287. 288, 3S9 ...287 43,3 3,3 9 43. 197, 375 .. 43 79 1 5 Moore: Mary France 4J. 24 . 273. 304 Moore. Mary Louise 43. 191. 243. 392, 473 Moore. Gdell Mitchell 92 Moore. Otto Proton Moore] Patricia Ray Moore. Ralph V 305 Moore, Richard H 430 Moore. Richard L 43 Moore, Richard Zack. Jr 277 Moore! Robert Edwin 66 Moorr: Roland B 287.438 Moorr. Roy Farrar 134.311.433 Moore! Shirley L Moore. Sue Moore. Tkdma Moore, Vorda Bill Moore. Wallace C Moore, Walter D Moore. WekJon Led Moore, Wabam Allen Moore, William Daniel Moore. WHbam DaTid Moorr. William H Moore. W. Otis Moore. W. Bom Moorekead. Marjone Moorkend. Winona Moorman. Martha Eari 42.131 Morkle.Pkylli. Irene 6.140 MoeJler. Bobbie Marie 92.2 3.3 9 MorUer. Gloria Mae 79.164.393 Moellernig.TneodoreFreAi.k 92 Moe. .Ufrrd 182 Morrke. F. B 217 Mokle.JeaKeLous 42.151.152 Molberg. Frances V 92.144.2 3 Molina, Carlo 245 iGvaa 420 T. Hilton H 42. 4 chard 171.185.167 Monagaan. Robert Ice 15.257,396 Monfcrt.JamesC 43.231 Monkkonse. Katie Be. .43.3T3 Monks.W.R 172 iP 418.448 138.192,389 38S " R 172 aura Jne ?, 167. 2C8. 214. 27S . ;Williaa)fanfcrd 79 Moatonavor. Eukgio 143 Monte . G E 190.244 Mantea.L. 43.172.232 MoBteitk. Edar 433.4 6 Montertk.Pkilip Gerard 66.250 I A 291 369 y. Carolyn 244.385 T.CnfordM 430 255.283.371 235.407 y. Jama A 171.5 . Moo. airtry Elaine MooArrg. Frank Or Morale . Bmtud Morafea. Fernando Morale . Trmidad Moran.LouJ Morekart. Bettye J MorekexL Maijorie Claire . WibeE Moreland. Betty Jane More-lock. Charlotl. Morraa, Bngamin Ernnt Morgan. BUIS Morgan. Charle. L Morgan, CkarletS Morgan. Jack Cockran Morgan, Jack Irriac Morgar.JnckM Morgan. J. Hani. Morgan. Joarpkine Alice Morgan. Julian H. Morgan, Katkerine Bain Morgan. Mam- . . 303. 371 174.212 . . 92 440 92, 173 135, 433 39S 422 312 16 280 79 257 . . ' 79.175 92.243.2 9,381 21 171 171 232 194 6f.234.393 . 92 79.246 246 M 428 41S 257 171,437 79 43 ..173 79. 2S9 .418 92. 257, 369 371 . y. Jama Irl. 21. 1W. 2 2. J04. 401 T.JameaT 426 Montiomery! Lawrence 187 y. Menam Anita. 43. 291. 220 . .Bntk Willam H; .. Mood ArtknrJ Elaine Mood).CkarlW Moody. Dan Moody. JamnH Mooni Brnnelle Moonej.Jaix. Moore. Ardrth Moore, Ami Laroy Moore. Bemicr Moore, Betty E Moore. Bill P Moore. Cari 189 183 214 43.229 39$ 7 , 194, 433 43.97 214 140.165 240 66 205 43 43 124. 43K 43 257 Moore; Clande 133 Moore. Claodine A 43. 197, 279, ZM. 479 Moore. Colleen 294 Moore. Detbert Ednrd . . Moore. Dick 274 Moore. Donald .433 Moore. Dorotky E 43.1 2.1 9 Moore. Dorotky Jraa 166 Mocrr. Dorotky R a 79. 2O3. 373 Moore. Edwin H . Moore. F.lamar Owen 43, JOS. 221. 2 6 Moore. E rlrn 138.373 Moore. Gilbert Jama 92. 414 Moorr. G.yZ 43.227 Moore. Hal R 296 Moore. Ham E 270 Moorr. Helen King orr 0. 361 Morgan, Mary Ann 192. 246. 257. 278. 369. M Morgan, Mary Jo 141.257 Morgan. William S. 229 Morlang. Betty 43. 192. 393 Morman,JamePrrr 66.401 Moroney.TnomatJ 433 Morrill.(-harlA 41$ MorriU.ThomnL 416 Moms. Frawi. A - - - Mora. Fred L 79 Mor.Hanfard 229 Morrk,Hayn 176 Morris, Jama A.. 173 Morra,Joanne 92.361 Morrn,JorB 235.412 Morre, John Franklin 407 Morria.Jokn Gideon 43, Morris. Martin Eocete 277 Moms. Michael B 200 Morria, Tommy 286 Morria, Troy B . 296 Mormon, Betty J. 240 Morrinn,C. F 27S Mormon. Era Marie 92.186 Morrino, LnBaa 159 Mormon, Bay L 231 Momnn. Tknrman 195 Mormon. William G 17.231.437 Morrow. Bill LCHJ 163.264.371 Morrow. George W 235 Morrow. Marie 196. 210. 282 Morrow. ed 264 Marrow. Walter V 402 Morar. Anna Maud 43,256 Mone. Bleaker 25- Mone, Cari Spencer. Mone.ClmtonF 3O2 Mori . Dan Oti. 66 Moree. Jaequrline 43. 239. 307 Mone. Robert Emmet. Jr 407 JformrAMftf 212 Mortinwr, Glenn Gejorge 401 Morton. Cnariet M 173 Morton. Dorothy 263 Morton. JoknDavu Morton. Marekail L 43 Monler.JamaWilnn 92 Mnly. Betty Bam 389 Mm liy. Joe Greg 92.250.311.44 ' ) Mone . Mary 174 MOM. Robert A 231 MoBker, Warren J 229 MoAonu. Bererly Rntk 92.391 MomVr. Gloria 257.295.341 .-.. Mowh. Williun L ' Motach, Ckarln PoOock 66,274,446 .- . 21 176 92.416 257 79 151 240 isl 361 7K. 299 43 183 .- : 244 43.301 132,277 271 194 ... 79 194.29S 192. 234, 244, 272. 389 92 43. 250. 412 2H. 245. 368. 465, 473 245 166, JOS. 33. 476 131, 245 ..232 105. 106 277 21 M Moxley, Martm MiKnsVy.Jokn MacUeror. Lorma Dell Mudd.R C Mneeke, Alvis Macrke. Elmo Walter Mnegge, William H Mueller, Emr Maeller. Lloyd Mueller. NIM J. E Mutglry. RegiaaU E. Mu.rbead, Veraon Mujd,JohnL . MulhoUan.Tkurman.. Mulkr, LawreaeeC. . Muller. Edgar Lee Mullins, Peggy Mullis. Peggy Jena Mundingrr, Daniel MuTiiruitt. Alicia. Mumcha, Carlos . MuanerljTi, Mary Ana Munoz. Oscar Muuoi. Raul. . . Munroe. Roy Mnasio, Charie. Munu. Robert Roland Munttel, Hark 2 0 Murpk. Franklin 17 5. 182 Murphree. Mavaos A 43, 182 Murphy, Frances Jean 477 Murphy. James 151 Murpky. JorV 154.266 Murpky. John Malcolm 234.228 Murphy. Malcolm 151 Murpky, E. E. Pat - 197. 279. 302. 407 Murpky. Peggy Sue 43.263.361 Murray. Bemire L. 43, 156, 205, 221. 303. 471 Murray, Clark 433 Murray. Gladys Lucille 66. 13 . 255 Murray. Helen Adelr 164. 283 Murray. June L 393 Murray, Robert 433 Murray, Robert T 43,311 Murreil.JamwA.Jr 202.422 Munha,JonnL 161.275.448 Jl v Pki gnii ' fcja Muse, Eleanor Sae Muse, George B 6 Muse, Margie Musi, Rebecca Jena 66.163 MusiLEttie . 249, 260, 275 Mussett, Ella Louise 359 Musslrwhitr, Robert Ckirton 80,438 Mustoo, Marjorie 43 Mutt-hlrr. John V 307.404 Myers. Ann 43, 186, 246. 263, 385. 478 Myers. Dorothy B - Myers. George M . . . 425 Myers. John Robert . . 92 Myers. Mary Lou 253. 385 Myers, Wayland. .420 X.K.O.T.C 308-315 Xabours, Betty 243 Nabow. Marian .191 Sadleman, Barbara 391 Xagai. Margaret 44. 142. 237 Nail, Margaret (Peggy 44 Nail. Mary Anita... 80.375 Sail. Robert 171 Nail. William Alden 21,243 Nairn. Preston 44.196 IWLJnmmV 398 Nance, Elbert 276 Nance. Man- Lee 1%. 2vS Xance, RoyC 296 Nanory, Carroll G 43 Nanney.Jean 387 Nnnnr . Don ald 44 Namso,JonnC 44 Nardecchia. Rose 275 Nardecchia, Sabitmo Bojdy 92.275 Xarum. William G. 402 Nash, Beverly Ann 192. 234, 389. 474 Nash. Billie 13 Nash. Darid E 44. 41 Naah.DaT dM 430 Nash. Joe Ware 21,182.410 Nash,!lah 307.379 Nash. Henry 1 Heath 66,410 Nash, Will Ann 44 Nanvk. Frances 25 Nations, Manton A 230 N.uert. Manlyn Ixwise M Naogle. David 274 Narasad.ClemH 171 Ncal,CnarlaB 92.151 NraLJ.W 116,123.438 Neale.Jok. 292 Neale. William E 311 Neale. William F 185.418 Nearburg, Eagene 235 NebeuaU. Botha ... 138. 149. 213. 244, 277. Nebkyt, Dorotky 138.371.479 Nedler. IrwinS 434 Needkam. William Felh 8 . 152 XeeJy. Bonrm.ry 80,243 Neff. Jack Earle I8S.I84.291 Neill. George H 80.238.41 Name Pages Neiman, Edith Louise, 44, 150, 226, 246, 260, 263 Neimeyer, Frank 92, 133, 134, 398 Neinast, Dorothy Ann 80, 260 Nell, Barbara 257 Nelson, Carrol 472 Nelson, Charles C 410 Nelson, Edward M 92 Nelson, Elaine 377 Nelson, Frankie Beth .. . ...226 Nelson, G. Allen 44,307 Nelson, Jane 260 Nelson, Jeanne 377 Nelson, Joan Beth 44, 164, 237 Nelson, Joe P 421 Nelson, John T 235 Nelson, Josephine . . . 174, 477 Nelson, Lillian Bethine 44, 175, 303, 470 Nelson, Marjorie Ann 80, 150, 180, 288 Nelson, Martha Faye 93, 165, 250, 260 Nelson, Mary 154, 294 Nelson, Ronald Hugh 66 Nelson, Ted... 257 Nelson, Theda Jane. . . .44, 139, 246, 366, 367 Nelson, Wesley T 440 Nemir, Stuart 152, 211 Nessly, Betty Jean 203, 373 Nesbitt, Morgan 301, 302, 437 Netts, J. Louis 251, 277 Netherton, William H 421 Neuerburg, Mary Lu 80, 162 Neuhaus, Doris Louise 44, 237, 269, 290 Neuhaus, Dorothy Estelle 66, 290 Neuhaus, Gloria Elizabeth 373, 458 Neuhaus, Julius V 398 Neuman, Stanford Lenord 412 Nevelow, Claire 156, 159 Nevelow, Maurice D 171, 396 Neville, Margaret Ann 387 New, Phyllis Ruth 44 Newborn, Jacob Andrew 66 Newborn, Jane A 80 Newell, L. Duane 93 Newland, George 359 Newland, John C 44, 231 Newlove, George Hillis 182, 183 Newman, Bruce 275 Newman Club 275 Newman Hall 167 Newman, Henry C 181 Newman, Orion F 152, 430 Newman, Shirley Elaine 66, 165 Newton, Arthur 400 Newton, Cal 217 Newton, Marjorie 144 Newton, Thomas H 44, 131 Newton, W. M 190, 204 Ney, Thomas Jerome 93 Neyer, Wilbert 275 Neyland, Doris 263 Neyland, Edward P 425 Neyland, G. L 191 Neyland, Martha Gene 263, 375 Neyland, Nelda Ray 93, 260 Neyland, Robert 276, 425 Niccolai, Doris 214 Nichelson, Felice Sydney 237 Nicholson, Daniel Elbert 21 Nicholson, Johnny 181 Nicholson, William Henry 93 Nicks, Oran Wesley 66, 270 Nicks, Helen Dare 80, 477 Nicodemus, William 271 Nicol, Betty Edith 44, 139, 226 Nicolas, Alfred N 247 Nichols, Lorn Kenneth 227 Nichols, Frances Louise. 66, 139, 144, 163, 169, 288, 369 Nichols, Marilyn Redd .. .. 66 Nichols, Marjorie 214, 307, 367 Nichols, Mattie Eva 158, 165 Nichols, Phyllis Ann 257, 389 Nielander, William Ahlers 183 Nieman, Ed G 247, 297 Niemann, Fred A 187, 285, 290, 301 Nierman, Jeanne Louise 80, 258, 260, 363 Niermeier, Grace 259 Niezak, Nicholas 146 Night, Evelyn 261 Nipper, Jack T 296 Nipper, Mary Kathryn 93, 260, 296 Nipper, Milton 97, 109, 136 Nitus, Julius 272 Niion, Harry W 44, 221, 286 Noble, Elma Jean 44, 141, 375 Noble, Joe 223, 414 Noble, Marian 86, 163, 260 Noble, Mary Ann 66 Noble, Mark C 296 Noble, Matt A 227 Noble, Robert A 229 Noble, William Graves. 21, 187, 216, 220, 440 Noel, Lois Margaret 260 Nokes, George 153, 235, 248 Nolan, Larrie M 247 Nolen, Cleave Jitter 66, 181, 425, 448 Nolen, Louise 80, 237 Nolen, Wilford A 171, 433 Nolen, William L 44 Noll, Betty Lou 66, 165 Noll, Dorothy V 277 Nollett, Patricia A 44, 167, 275 Nordmeyer, Robert 146 Norman, Elsie Catharine 93, 146, 393 Norman, Glenn Wallace 80 Norman, Isaac 172 Norman, Joe 182 Norman, Wilmeth Marie 66, 255 Norman, Wyatt T 131, 143,430 Norment, Edward H 173 Norment, Edward High 425 Name Pages Norris, Howard Lee 414 Norris, J. Robert 433 Norris, R. C 181 Northcutt, Y. Jean 44, 375 Northcutt, Monrow 66, 97, 109, 277 Northeast Texas Club 276 Norton, Frank E 430 Norvell, Betty Jean 93, 359 Norwood, Leon V 66, 440 Norwood, Richard Hiram 267, 280 Norwood, Ruby 389 Nossck, Frances 219, 363 Notley, Mary Elizabeth 197 Noto, Marie 143 Novich, Lucille 93, 166 Nowlin, Ruth Elizabeth, 80, 156, 180, 219, 387 Nowlin, Wilma Jean 93, 264 Nowotny, Arno. . . 12, 181, 185, 187, 270, 424 Nuckols, Edgar R 235 Nu Delman, Joyce Bowles 66, 250 Nugent, James ' E 172, 235, 270, 271 Nugent, James F 293 Nunn, Elizaoeth 188 Nunn, Jean . . 139, 260, 305, 373 Nunn, Martha 207, 389 Nunn, Reuben R. H 44, 230, 437 Nunley, Fay Pauline 93 Nunley, Jack 251, 446 Nunnally, James Edgar 66 Nunnelly, Guy 44, 143 Nu Upsilm Tau Tau .-. . . 189 o Oak Grove 170 Oakes, Nettie Chandler 44 Oakes, Walter Francis 44, 287, 416 Oakleaf, Samuel L 301 Gates, Jean 219, 283, 371, 394 O ' Barr.Phil 238 Oberle, Joseph 275, 291 Obermiller, Mildred Ophelia 269 Oberndorfer, Rita 166, 261, 391 O ' Brien, Barbara Lee 167, 275 O ' Brien, Berwick 433 O ' Brien, Edward T 425 O ' Brien, Jane Ellen 275, 373 O ' Brien, William Joseph 401 O ' Brient, David W 446 O ' Brient, Earl James 93, 173 Occhipinti, Fara 21, 475 Ochoa, Edward 287 Ochoa, Pedro A 171 Ocker, Frances Annette 183 O ' Connell, Patrick 275 O ' Connor, Daniel ' 275 Odeen, Helen 165 Odell, Jane Gray 164, 239, 369 Odell, Robert Eugene 93 Odell, Roger R 284, 307, 311 Odem, Joan 147 Odem, Ann 44, 373 Oden, Doris Mildred. . .66, 147, 260, 288, 359 Oden, Lois Elaine 80, 263 Oden, Rosemary 393 O ' Donohue, Gloria 393 O ' Donohue, Sally 186 O ' Driscoll, Jeremish J 66 Odum, Harold 274 Oest, William C 173 Offer, Alfred W 235, 275 Offncht, William 396 Offutt, Virginia 257 O ' Gara, Sheila 128, 137, 374 Ogburn, Betty Jo 93, 146, 150, 163 Ogden, Howard B 421 Ogden, William H 44 Ogle, David S 296 Oglesby, Linda 214 O ' Harra, Mary 138, 164, 369 O ' Hearn, Gloria Keith 44, 389 Oheim, Richard 274 Ohls, Paul 259 Ohrum, Dwight, B 152 O ' Jibway, Philip J 172 Olander, Amor 172 Oldham, Betsy Ross 66, 291 O ' Leary, Wallace C 398 Oles, Charles P 173, 418 Olin, Frank D 231 Oliphant, James 198 Oliphant, Joseph B 204 Olivard, Joanne 166 Oliveira, Carlos 44 Oliver, Cap Hill 44, 208, 214, 280, 281 Oliver, George 158 Oliver, Howard 287 Oliver, Hugh Malcolm 80, 181, 440 Olle, Edwin Werner 183, 187 Olle, Harriet Jeanelle 80, 247 Olle, Paulette 286 Olle, Virgie Mae 93, 237, 381 Olson, Albert E 44 Olson, Robert M 230 Olszewski, Roberto Edgardo 80 Olvera, Samuel E 232 O ' Madlgan, Marjorie 192, 278, 393, 471 O ' Malley, Patricia J 66, 138, 371 Omega Chi Epsiion 190 Omicron Nu 191 Omohundro, Read 80, 219, 412 Oncken, Ruby 290 O ' Neal, Foster H 44, 172, 311 O ' Neal, Milton 291 O ' Neill, James A 227, 410 Oppenheim, Jerome E 275 Oppenheim, Thomas N 275 Orange Jackets 213 O ' Reagan, Jack 97, 99, 102, 277 Orgam, Darby 156, 287 Orinovsky, Louis 80, 270 Name Pages Orman, M. Blake 173 Orn, Camille 192, 393 Orndorff, Grace M... 44, 138, 150, 167, 169, 212, 214, 246, 278, 475 Orr, Alexander 66 Orr, Barbara Mae 93, 139, 239 Orr, Kirby 197 Orsinger, Albert Remington 80, 433 Orsinger, Jeanne French 80, 371 Ortbal, Frank 173 Ortega, Ruben F 101, 102 Orts, Lillian Ernestine. 44, 138, 142, 201, 237, 288, 371 Orts, Nona Elizabeth 93 Orts, Verna Mae 45, 294 Osborn, Dennis Lon 80 Osborn, Garland H 231 Osborne, Billie J 446 Osborne, Dennis L 172 Osborne, Hoyle Millard 45, 181, 227 Osborne, Willye Virginia 80, 286, 383 Osborne, William 279 Osburn, Paul E 152 Oslin, Helen Josephine 66, 275, 277, 379 Osmond, John C 45, 200, 229, 440, 448 Ossa, Victor Manuel 268 Ossana, Fred A 202 Oster, Sondra 256, 377 Ottenhouse, William 173 Otey, Beverly 385 Otting, Don 93 Otto, Clyde 290 Oualline, Judd H 21, 416 Oualline, Royce Evans 416 Outland, George 285 Outlaw, Donald E 21 Outlaw, Thurber A 132, 410 Outstanding Students 462-465 Overbaugh, Carol 80, 164, 243, 369 Overman, Jack 273 Overall, M. Thomas 152 Owen, Barbara 141, 199, 383, 470 Owen, James B 134, 433 Owen, Lyman 1 182 Owens, Frith C 247 Owens, Garth Lee 93 Owens, George W 66, 407 Owens, Harry 132 Owens, Helen Jo 45, 263 Owens, James Dirwood. .45, 190, 204, 227, 257,311,430 Owens, Louis H 440 Owens, Virginia 140, 174 Owings, Lucy 80, 257, 385 Ownooch ... ...192 Pabst, David F 230 Pace, Homer S 248 Pace, John H 93 Pace, Wesley 176 Pachoco, Lloyd 158 Packard, Robert Gray 194 Paddock, William Irvin 80, 257, 425 Padgett, John 214 Page, Charles Sr 211 Page, Eleanor 154 Page, Patsy 93, 166, 286, 375 Paine, Glenn 311 Paine, Joe 147 Painter, Claire Louise 45, 138, 142, 214 Painter, T. S 11, 208, 214 Palachek, Joseph Adolph 280 Palacio, John C 280 Palm, Richard 151 Palmer, Manuel 181 Palmer, Sidney 156, 157 Palmer, Thomas L 151 Palmer, Winton 171 Pandress, Dave 66, 228, 428, 448 Pangtay, Conception 207 Panknin, Donna A 66, 237 Pannell, William 257, 406 Panos, Johna Lee 157 Pape, Joyce Kathryn 165, 260, 290, 480 Parham, Myldred M 252 Park, Barbara 274 Park, Charles 402 Park, Patricia 189, 385 Park, Phocian 402 Park, Ray Jean 93 Parker, Carlson Milton 183 Parker, Clara 196 Parker, Crawford 80, 285 Parker, Elizabeth 295, 381 Parker, Eugene E 185, 402 Parker, Florence Isabelle 66 Parker, George Lee 45, 182, 293 Parker, Howard C., Jr 93 Parker, Howard Ray 194 Parker, Howard W 421 Parker, Mrs. J. A 392 Parker, James F 287 Parker, Lawrence P 93, 181 Parker, Lila Ann 93, 393 Parker, Lou 150, 184, 381 Parker, Ned 80 Parker, Patricia Ann 371 Parker, Virginia Leilani 80, 472 Parker, William 297 Parkhill, Elwood W 172 Parkhill, George D 172 Parkington, E. Louis 45 Parkington, Margaret Underwood .... 45, 277 Parish, James C 45, 197 Parlin, H. T 12,410 Parma, Alice Joyce 167, 249, 263 Parma, Grace 290 Farmer, John Wesley 45, 227 Parnell, R. A ...172 Name Pages Parr, Archer ...83,398 Parr, Martha 197 Parr, Macgregor A 408 Parrish, B. A ...287 Parrish, Thomas L 302 Parry, Phillip 152 Parsley, Joe Mac 93, 422 Parson, David V 45, 146, 151,280 Parsons, Dolcres Bess 93 Parsons, Felix Nickolson 45 Parsons, Billy Darter 21 Parsons, Lotta 214 Parsons, Myers Kients 66 Parten, Ben 398 Parten, Emily Yvonne 93, 166, 371 Partigan, Gladys Bertha 80 Partin, Betty Ruth 93 Partin, Charles A 21 Pascal, Frank 433 Paschall, Charles Lynn 80 Pashos, Thomas J .446 Pate, Blix Mary. 66, 371 Pate, J. Coy 171 Pate, Patsy Ruth 45, 226, 276, 373 Pate, Oscar Glenn. . 45, 185, 187, 190, 204, 284, 467 Patman, Connor Wright 301, 404 Patman, William N 135, 296, 433 Patenaude, Lionel V 133, 194 Patrick, Arthur N. S 285 Patrick, Carolyn Kelly 45, 263 Patschke, Marvin G 171, 259 Patterson, Caleb P 422 Patterson, Charles 143 Patterson, Don R 152, 198, 211 Patterson, Ernest O 229 Patterson, Frances Elizabeth 80 Patterson, Iris 381 Patterson, James B 231 Patterson, Joye 45 Patterson, J. T 208, 214 Patterson, Robert Cletus 45 Pattillo, William Dahl 93 Pattishall, Patricia Jane. . .66, 219, 272, 389 Patton, Betty Jo 260 Patton, William F 430 Paul, Lewis Nelson 416 Paul, Virgil 437 Pauling, Norman 197 Paull, Dorothy Jean 80, 381, 472 Pauls, Jeannette E 80, 294 Pavlak, Thomas 171, 206 Paxton, Barbara Lamar 45, 237 Payne, Arnold P 277 Payne, Doris 377 Payne, Glyn 124, 277 Payne, Jack Creighton 80, 438 Payne, John B 420 Payne, Mary Frances 66, 226, 276 Payne, Merrick Davis 80, 290 Payne, Peggy Elizabeth 139, 389 Payne, Robert 287 Payne, Suzanne 45, 361 Payne, Tyson Elliott 80, 152, 211 Payner, Ann 139 Payton, Howard Franklin 93 Payton, Stella Mae 66, 237 Peabody, George A 275, 446 Peace, Vera Eugene 93 Peacock, Jim 277 Peacock, Joe V .440 Peale, William F 21 Pearce, Bee 149 Pearce, Francis 208 Pearce, Henry Brock 401 Pearce, Henry Wynne 194, 414 Pearce, Milton Ford 45,404 Pearson, C. Pinkney 171 Pearson, Gary 279 Pearsall, John F 66, 172, 227 Pearson, Harold T 227 Pearson, James Wayne 197, 279, 285 Pearson, Joseph M 248 Pearson, Louise Jane 93 Peavy, Billy P 418 Peavy, William A 80, 412 Peck, Alson Edgar 66, 228 Peck, Bette 359 Peck, Harry A 93, 172, 275 Peck, John ' T 250 Peck, Margaret 212, 384 Peck, William Robert 93, 257, 440 Peckenpaugh, Forrest E 247 Pecore, Bert 433 Peden, Norman H 228 Peebles, Henrietta Joe 149, 264, 369, 480 Peek, Bette Florence 80, 162, 289, 359 Peek, G. W 173 Peevey, Dial Rike 45, 410 Pegram, Joyce 186, 383 Pelham, William 45 Pelphrey, Minette 359 Pelton, Bette Jeanne 45, 221 P. E.M 277 Pena, Joaquin 245 Pena, Mario Lara 45, 173, 198, 231, 275 Pena, Tony 231,232 Pena, Willie 232 Pena, Yrineo 232 Fender, Lucile 66 Pendleton, Gay 257, 385 Pendleton, H. B 97, 105, 277 Pengelly, Jean Claire 45 Penick, Daniel Allen 412 Penick, Dudlev Payson. . . .21, 151, 190, 194, 204, 227 Penick, Harvey 112 Penn, Bill 131 Penn, Suzanne 138, 189, 246, 389, 471 Penner, Florence 66, 391 Pennington, Narcidel 45, 146 PACE 570 Perrv. Cal Grtcr. Perry. John l Perdue. Cartkell E Perdue. Rufns Marie . Perdnw, William E . . Prrrira. Joseph rVnningtnn. Robert E 117 . Warren Young 80 . ' . : 45,111 66, 43S 173 446 412 232,275 _ 131.230,268 Peres.Ayala.Jose 136.227.245 Perei-M ' ajul. Fernando 268 Perei-Zelaya. Carlos 214.268 Perkins. Bobby Gene 114 Perkins. Clifton S 45. 185, 422. 448 Perkins. Dorothy 146,157.371.470 Perkins, Harriett Evon 66. 163 Perkins, Linda Davu 45 Perkins. Margaret Patricia 66.163 Perkins. Newton Stephen H4.4M Perkins, TUlman Poreher 45.416 Peri. Frances Perbtem. Doris Shirley 66.139 Pcrmeater, Calton E 66. 412 Penman . Barbara Ann. 45. 162, 205, 212. 221. M4 Penman. Robert Ray 66 Perrin, Dorothy Ann 45.168,263 Perry. Bert Allen 421 Perry. OnleAlysr 66.263.363 Pern. Dorsev S 211 Perry, Falcor .402 Pem. Jessie Marie 80 Perry. John H 231 Perry. Peoy Marie 165.373 Persky. Slarcella 166.391 Penaina, Mary ABB 80. 167. 275 Pesek. Anita Mane 277 Pesek.EdwinJ 21,206.275,290 Pesek. Robert Joseph 45.206,290 Pesl. Theresa. 66. 167, 16 . 180. 237. 241. 2 0 Peterkm. George A 185.418.448 Peterman, Jean Ester 93,166,258 Peters, Donald 293 Peters. Uv: 241 Petersen. Virginia Elaine 93. 166. M Peterson. E.Stanley. . 227 Peterson. James E 131.134,176.270 264.433 Petit. Leila Ester 66,260.379 Petrick. Jimmy 158 Petrusek. Irene 24 Petsch, Glen 185, 1 8, 448 Pettigrew.RitaGwyn 93.165.237 Pettrt, Keneth AUen 66.412 Pettus. Margaret 45. 226. 379 Herbert 171 Victor M 172 Petway. Mary Louise 80 flemrifoy. Gerald S 66 Peveto. Leard D 97 Peyton. Pat 301, 412 .Rath 379 . Evelyn 180. 214. 233. 246 . Elizabeth Marie 46, ISO. 263, 268 _r, Gladys L 67.26 Pnuihaupt, Marian Elaine 93. 221. 286 PVUn, Richard C 171 Phelps, Virginia Rae 21.214 Pbelps, Ray 208 Pbemi.JohnR 152,211 Pki Brit Kmff 193 Pki M fiets 418-411 Pkifl Siimt 194 PkiGatmtM .. 42i 421 fki Ktfjm Pa 422-421 Pki Ktfft S mt . . 424-425 Pki Ktpta Trn . . 42 -427 Pki il 3s i-3S7 Pki II Alfkt 5i MM 195 PiSiTn 214 pkis wuM at at Philips, V erne D 197,430 Phillips. Annette Elizabeth. 239. 275. 389. 394 Phillips, Audrey .- - Phillips. Frank ' 195 Phillips. Guy Tom 93 Phillips. Jack Ere in 67 Phillips, Jack L 421 Phillips, James Alvin 67.152 Phillips. Josephine Ann 234.373 Phillips, Ula teUe 46.226.263 Phillips. Margaret E 205,213.375 274 138, 141 227 93 .246 Phille ' y. Eli David 202.407 Phy. James Milton .. 80 PiBtt Pki -- - 196 Pi Stt Phillipv Mary Earl e Phillips. Mauae Phillip . Peg . Phillip . Robert J Phillips, Ruth Courtney Phillip . Sarah. 197 . - PH-hel. George B 172 rVkent. Martha Ann 46. 192. 373 Picket, Margaret 192 Pxiett, Benjamin Collins Px-kett. John R rVkett. Margaret Ann 80,278.369 rVkett.P. L 309 Pirtoo. Edward B 311 Pierre. David Lee 93 Pierre. Donald F 15. 97. 185, 21 . 412. 468 Pieree. Douglas F 172.271 Piwe. Evelyn Jean 93 Pieree. Frances 141.143 Pierce. Jancj A 93 Pierce. James Owen Pierce, Joyce E Pierce. Patricia Ruth Pieree, S. Charles Pierry. James Arthur Pima Litrreri Senitf PienoB. Andrew Luke Piertoo. Geonte L Pienon.OraE Pieraon, William Stayton Pilg. Franklin Durant PaEiatan. BUlie Pinrus. Joselle B Pineda, Frank F. . Pinedo, Frank . Pi oedo. Samuel " Piagelton. William B Pmtrt, Katkeriw Pukrrton. Tom .... n 93.369 233 278 II I : 93 21,151 93 67. 173. 410 166 93 233 232 232 194 275 181 PiMon. Patricia 67. 162. 170. 261. 288 Pinto. James Thomas 46. 194. 264. 275, 285, 4 1C Pinto. Juan B 268 Piper. Wanda Jean 93.387 Pipnire. Geraldine. 46. 166. 16 . 1 1, 263. 471 PirUe, George William 80. 197, 198 Plttenger. B. F 12 Pitnjan. Herbert Jerome . Pitre. Ashton Joe ..... 154 Piturd. Charie. W 297 Prttman, Anne 139.358 Pittman, ErrreUe E 440 Pitu. Betty Joyce . 367 Pitu,DouglaiA 410 Pitts. Imogene . .287 Pitu. Mary Jo 93 Prtnick. William J .230 Plantowsky. Ester 93 Plaocke. Vance W 425 Plan. J. Bernard ; 296 Plemont. Mildred 46.220 Pliler. Nell 174 Plumb, Evelyn Ehae ... 80 Plumly, Henrj- Curtk 67. 291. 433 " cr, A.Q 134 r, Frederick B 200. 426 r, Lawrence Robert 80 Plummer. Margaret ABB. 46. 191. 212. 214, 263. 288, 369. 467 Plyler, Jimmy Frank 414 Poff. Claudia Poe. James 438 Poe. William Allen. .. 151.3ns Poindeiter. Allan M 198. 444 Poinderter, Carl Wayne 67,427 Pokorny, Alvin J .231 Pokorny. John L 249 PolaBsky. Lorn Mane 67, 167. 249. 263 Polinard, Herbert L 214, 293 PoUack.Joan 131 Pollard, Betty Lou 46. 162, 169. 246. 303 Pollard. Mary Jane 175 Pollard. Thomas G 181,262.270 Polley.Olrw 137,361 Pollock, JouAlrse 256.363 Pollock. Lawrence 250 Pohky. Gloria . 93. 219 Potty. Libbie Sandra 46,377 PoluMky. Sylvan Irwin 46. 185, 434. 448 Pomeroy. Eltweed George 46,209 Pood,RobertF 230 Pool. Eliiabeth Roue 13,237.367 Pool.JackL 404 Pool, J.Ross 299.301 Pool. Rudy 422 Poole.CharlaW 233 Pope, Frank Starr 93. 247, 4IS Pope, Harold 266 Pope, Mary Locy 143, 199. 385 Pope. Walter 224 Popejoy. John Richard 437 Porcher. Calvm E 198.231.296 Porter, Bill Ed 214,444 Porter. Andrew Culthbert 414 Porter. Charles Rodman 67, 171, 438 Porter, Coy Mehrin ... 21,202 Porter. Gladys Carol. 46 Porter. Goldie Hortoi 369 Porter. Helen Frances 46.168,477 Porter, John DuncaB 46 Porter. J. P 221 Porter. Lillian Ami 67.263,295,373 Porter, Loey . 141 Porter. Prudence 393 Porter. Roy W. 418 Porter.Sarah 260 Porter, Tom Brooks 13 Ponerfield. Jack Marshall 67.296.425 Poaaidt. Betty Jane ...80 Post. Jack 198,444 Pott. Ralph J 229 Potthoff. Beverly Jeamw 80. 246, MS, 259 ; Ml rl .304 PotU, Jama Homer . . 93 Powghan. Patoe 166 Pooka. Audrey t 296.351 PWUHk. Wimaon A .406 Powell, Ben;. mm 171 Powell. Cordelia Francis . . Powell, Daniel T. . - - Powell, Florence Jane .93 Powell, Francis . 39, 471 Powell. Harold Dean 233.444 Powell. Jack J 93. 430 Powell. Jean L ...276 Powell, Jin By Powell. Jo Bet b 67.288 Powell. Mar Louise 267 Powell. Nancy Jean 80. 375. 473 Power. Harry H 200. 204. 229 Power. Sherry Marie Power. Virginia Powers, Mary Powers. Norman O Poyner. Ann Poyacr. Herbert Flake 154 171 3 3 46, 200, 229 . , , Poynor. Dorothy ......... .44,257.373 Poaei. Beverly .............. ........ 377 Pounantier. Miriam .................. 377 PPool.GeraWine 67,375 Prado, Helen . . .232 Prado, Robert L ..212 Prager, Mamn Prager, Morton David 194. 442 Prashner, Sidney .396 Prassrl. Thelma Eleanor ....... 46 Prater, Richard Cariton 67, 414 Pn er Htil 172 Pratt, August John ...... Pratt. James Reece % Pratt, Lloyd .418 Pratt. Peggy 93, 164, 286, 359, 47S Pratt. Robert W. ..... 286 Pratt.W.W 184 Pms. Reagan Lawrence 311.412 Pn-L Secutt 279 Prentiss, Elaine Eleanor ........ 46, 286. 359 PrartMt, Janet Steams 164. 239. 243.373 Prentiss. Mary Jane 67. 237, 393. 475 Prottcmu CM ........... 280 n MaWM ... .281 Pre cott,JaekW .................. 202 Prescott, Pauline Pence ....... 80,245 ProeiK D t CM ...................... 282 Presley, Leon C 233 Presson. Glendon F 46 Prestridge. Archie D 446 Preston. Haanah B ............... 139.274 Preston. Laurie ElUabeth ....... 46, 165, 184 Preston. Janice .................. 167,275 Prewitt, Louis B ..................... 404 Prit.yl.AU ............. 275 Price. Alvin A 93 Price. Charles Dan ................ 46,227 Price, Clay Louis ................... 46, 231 Price, Dorothv Ruth 46. 393 Price. Helen Jane 375 Pnce.J.B 195 Price, John Emmett .............. 437 Price, Marland .... 286 Price, Nancy Ellen 93,385 Price, Oran Douglas . ............ 46.233 Price. Wayne .- . 131. 143 Priddy. Ashley Home 401, 448 Pridgen. William L . 131,228 Prieto, Antonio .................. 232, 245 Pringiville. Father Raymond J .......... 275 Pritrfiett, Phillip Walter ............ 227 Pritehett, Bobby Ray .......... 93, 238. 416 Prilchett, Thomas Ronald .............. 398 Pritcbett, Walter P 194 Proctor, Ben . 118,406 Proctor. Frank A 184.402 Proctor. Kelly Joe ..................... 80 Proctor, Leslie 97, 197, 301, 407 Proctor, Mary Ion SO, 146. 150, 163 Proll,JackL ................... 421 Proll,JerryR ..................... 172 Prouse, Wallace ....................... 264 Proveneio. Antonio .. ....233 Plresocr, Walter. . . .243 Pruitt, Kenneth D ..................... 172 Pryor, Arthur ...... ...... 410 Pryor, Wallis ........ ..... 133 Pr -iant, HertxeJ ..................... 196 : . . -, ........ 215-224 Purkett, Robert Moore ............ 401 Pugh, Billy Ray 80, 211. 248 Pugh, Joe 273 Pugh. Robert Lynn Pullen. Donald E Pullen. William T Pulley, Shiriey R Puls. Richard ' Pumel, Phyllis Elaine Pummeill, ' Verl Ray .. Pumphrey, Hobart Odell 67,152.211.248 440 274, 440 67,163,396 143 264, 387 80,430 46,181 Purifoy. Russell Albritton 67. 248 Puri, Dorothalea 272 Pomell. Howard L 80, 97, 105. 108, 109, 171 Pursley. Joyce, 46. 1 39, 205, 239, 243. 393, 394 Purtell. Patricia 247 Puryear, Jack M I Putman. Ky Brandham 401 Pmlli 199 Quaile, Carolyn Quainunce. Carl.. Quant, Rafael Quark . Brice W (w,Jim , Sykisall. Cecil Earl (nilliam. W. Reed ( wn, Louis Calvin Qumn. C. Robert Qumn. Ellis Mabry Qumn, J. Lester !. Quinn. Luther T. . Quinone . Humberto 247.373 97, 124 131 410 185 304 171 .- 291,420 .437 247 . 416 171 245 QuinUnilla, Carlos R 227.245 Raatz. William A 227 Rahke. Man Lee 67, 137, 139. 144. 165, 246,247.364 Raborn. George W 46,97, 105. 106,221 Racha). Daisy Aline. 46. 140. 141. 174, 277 K me Pita Haekotsky, Evelyn Doris .67. 180. 251. 282. 377. 394 Rachofsky. Marilyn Felice 377. 394 Rack. Lurilr A .. 46 RadclaTe, Arthur Warren 213 Rader. John Franklin SO. 433 Radey. Keodrick 21.265 Radw Htnc 154-155 Radtke. Donald E 46.231.281 Raetxsrh, Carl WiUiam . .406 Ragland, Car! B .402 Ragland. Ela Ceofc Rafsdale, Lydia Mae 166.260,261.187 Ragsdale. Roy D ... 228 Ragsdalr, Silas B 67,410 Racsdale, Wendell 156, 158, 159. 195 Raigorodsky, Leda 138. 371 Raigorodsky. Paula Eleoa 46, 184, 197, 283, 371 Railey.JamesM 440 RauVy. Malcolm Richard 80,440 Railsback, Dale R 233 Rainer, EarlL 233 Raiwry, Louis Donald 46. 97. 109. 230, 307 Rainey. David Hornby 67. 181. 284, 446 Rainey, James W 101 Rainey, Lenore 241 Rainwater. John Cosnbee 46,410 Raley. Coleen 67, 506. 359 Raley, Roy Glynn : 21 Ralston, Marilyn 46, 138,371 Rabtoo, Wallace Gordon 93,414 Raman. Joseph C 275 Rambie. Guy Strickland 310.414 Ramey, Ben N 187 Ramey.EdgarL 440 Ramey. Lou Ethel 93 Ramey. William Dean. 204, 209 Ramirez. Celia T. 80. 143. 159, 163, 232, 268, 470 Ramirez, Delia T 245, 266 Ramirez. Fausto 171, 232 Ramirez. Gloria 210,212 Ramirez, lleana 212 Ramsdale, Jacquelyn 185 Ramsdelt. Elsie 67 Ramsdell, William HaUey 47, 407 Ramsey. Betty Ann 80, 295 Ramsey. Charles Taylor 80, 287 Ramsey. Doniece Faye 217 Ramsey Doris Ramsey Ramsey Ramsey Ramsey Elwood Franldia 47, 172 HalH 411 Robert Howard 437 William Bruce 279,284,440 Ramsower. Alice K 80 Randall. Edward 80,258 Randall, Milton Dudley 93 Randolph, George A 211 Randolph. Joseph C . . IM Ranft, Allen E 172 Range], Herminia Lenna 67. 232, 470 Rankin. Olive 381. 394 Rankin, Robert Scouller 47 Rankin. Sallie Curtis 80.290,304,389 I . Harry Hunt 414 Ransome, Dorothy Ann, 67, 139, 141,383,414 Ransome, Rufus Green 414 Ranville, Ruth 174, 180, 210, 233 Rape. Joe 214 Raper, Bette 381 Rapp. William 206 Rasoo. John E 143 Rascoe.JohnT 247.285 Rascoe, Stephen T 222. 247 Rassman, Emil Charles 101 Rateliff.VanW RatHiff, Mrs. Van 2 8 Ratcli ffe. Ruth ABB 171 Kateu, Marvinel 260 Rathbone, Lucy Ill, 212, 263. 384 Rathjen. Betty Jo . ... 80,144 Rathwell. Billie Sue. 203 Ratliff. Robert Ham- 80 Ratliff. William D 1 8 Ration, Frances 359 Rau.Marion 277 Raubold, Jane 383 Rauch. Edgar D 171 Rauch. Lila Lee Rauscher.JohnH 414 Raven, Kenneth D 227 Raven. Travis 97. 118. 122. 132 Ray. Charles M 287 Ray, DeWitt.. 418 Ray, Fred P 47, 118 Ray. Gladys Lillian 80, 273, 478 Ray. Harold Rowe 80, 181 Ray, Janet Watson 1 1 Ray. Norman Walter 21,269,446 Ray. Robert Benjamin 80.229 Ray. Thurman James 93,442 Ray, Tom Brooks 171.272 Rayzor. Jacqueline 238,371 Rea, Joy 139, 184. 214 Read. Elizabeth 149, 162, 369 Read. Rovce Edwin 1} Read,T.b 273 Read. WiUiam A 171 Ktmgm Lifarar, Sotirtt 283 Reagan. M. A 153 Real. Emilie Irene 47.361 Reaves, Irma .... 163 Red. Evelyn Anne Red. William Stuart Reddick. Dewitt C Redditt, Elaine Redford. Emmett S Redwme, Winston Terrell Reed.Ernest W Reed. Frank Austin 93,166 67 218 181 193 67, 156, 446 171,182 - A .. 571 Name Panes Reed, Harry L 173 Reed, Joanie M . 93, 383 Reed, John C . .228 Reed, Leota I aVerre 67, 175, 246, 263 Reed, Mary Elizabeth 243 Reed, Richard 412 Reed, Robert Lcuis. 152, 194, 204, 209, 211, 230, 410 Reed, Ted B 406 Reed, WillUnr W 67, 172 Reeder.John W 422 Reedstrom, Charles Euw tyre 183 Reedy, Harry A 427 Rwdy, Robert 105, 1C8 Reedy, SladeE 427 Rees, Chester L 293 Rees, Warren Alonzo. . .27, 202, 228, 291, 433 Reese, Luther W 47 Reeves, Blair 181 Reeves, Delores 359 Reeves, Frank B 410 Reeves, Nancy 93, 289, 296, 359 Reeves, Walter Ri chard 94 Reich, Maurice L 185, 434 Reichstein, Manuel 396 Reid, Elizabeth 298, 369 Reid, Gibbon 274 Reid, Shirley 383 Regan, Milton C 275, 302 Regents, Board of . HI Register, Grady Neal 47, 411 Reilly, Jacquelyn 379 Reilly, Kathryn 383 Reilly, Rodney 287, 298 Reimers, Linda 159, 383 Rememan, Beth Com er . 67, 221 Reiner, Richard Whittle 407 Reinhard, Lawrer ce M 94 Remhart, Anah Jur.e 67 Reiss, Patrick F 247 Reiss, William H Reiter, Mary Catheiii.e Renfer, Rudy Rentfro, Daniel L Renner, Raymond Renstrom, Richard R Renze, Frederick JEDUS. . Repka, Frank J Reser, Richard S Ressman, Robert Rid ard Rettip, John W Reynolds, Glenn Reynolds, Billie G Reynolds, Herman Reynolds, James Hambrick. 247,398 ...47, 167,275 267 172 185, 197,280,305 ... 190, 204, 227 67, 296 172, 233 402 .... 47 420 158 422 21 . .80, 414 Reynolds! James Theodore ' ( Whitey) . 94, 264, 422 Reynolds, J. C. Stanley 229 Reynolds, John 194 Reynolds, Lillian Glass 67, 162, 282 Reynolds, Richard 433 Reynolds, Smith Peny 414 Reynolds, V. illiam 146, 151, 156 Rhea, Dntald W 425 Rhea, Travis 147, 257 Rheubotham, Lottie Jean 94, 140, 162 Rhoades, Charles H 172, 233 Rhodes, F. C... 309 Rhodes, Jack... 257,433 Rhodes, Nixon 438 Rhodes, Philip 181 Rhotenberry, James 274 Rice, Beth Joanne, 67, 142, 238, 243, 246, 305, 371, 472 Rice, George Signaigo ' 80,406 Rice, Jack H 238 Rice, Jack R 94 Rice, Liston McLeod 311,418 Rice, Robert Dean 47, 438 Rice, Roberta P 139, 149 Rice, Rudolph G 301 Rice, Wanda Budge 139, 140, 144, 303 Rich, George L 204 Rich, Jane Reese 183 Rick, Jo 288,359 Richards, William Gecije 302 Richardson, Dana T 398 Richardson, Elaine 257, 389 Richardson, Leonard A 280 Richardson, Nathan Allen 238 Richer, Hugo 172, 232 Richer, Pedro 172 Richey, Robert L e : . . 292, 402 Richker, Irwin L 257, 434 Richter, Dun:. 227 Richter, Fraices C ui y 67, 260, 269 Rick, Erma Jo 180 Rickard, Mary 162 Ricketts, Miltcn 152 Ridgeway, Doroll y 263 Riddick, Molsie t.a n i s 67, 272, 371 Ridlehuber, Willis n E 194 Rieck, Hugh Wilh: rc 416 Rieck, Margaret Ai i e 138, 144, 359, 472 Riedhauser, Charlis Edsrd. . . .67, 172, 274 Rielden, Rush 430 Hiesenecker, Frank V 430 Rife, Frances Howard 94, 166, 286 Rigby, Paul Herbeit 183 Riggs, Jack Donald 67, 238, 402 Rigney, Cathron 184, 367 Rigney, Paul 227 Rigsby, Lee 195 Riker, Malcolm Preston 243, 437 Riley, Helen Sue 233 Riley, John E 422 Riley, Martha E 67,369 Riley, Mary 164 Riley, Ralph 176, 287 Riley, Texann 263, 381 Rimmey, George David 94 Name Pages Rinderknecht, Pearl 269 Rios-Zertuche, Antonio 21, 229 Ripley, Marian Joyce 94, 140, 175 Rippel.KarlE 284 Rippel, Nancy Jane 67, 175 Ripperton, Lyman 197 Ripple, Alfred L 249 Rips, William A 428 Riseden, Joe Frank 47, 235 Riser, Betty Jean 164, 364 Riser, Louise 164, 260 Rishworth, Thomas D 154 Risley.TomW 287 Ritchey, Arthur P 173, 293 Ritchie, Dorothy Lou 94, 166, 263, 369 Ritchie, John P 430 Ritchie, Robert 229 Riter, A. Lee 67 Riter, AubleW 437 Riter, Mary Catherine 169 Ritter, Bryan D 296 Ritter, Charles A 422 Ritter, Fredrico 131 Rivera, Carlos 232 Rivers, Joan 383 Rivers, Kenneth Wayne 47, 172 Rivers, Roy D 134,433 Rix, Cecil Charles 416 Robb, Harold 221 Robbins, Joan J 47, 375 Robbms, Richard C 67, 430 Robbins, Sidney Arthur 80 Robbins, Thomas F 398 Roberson, W. P 172 Roberson, Wilbur G 194 Robert, Gordon J 194 Roberts, Allen L ; .293 Roberts, Bob 275 Roberts, Charles W 47, 170, 173, 243 Roberts, Clem Henry 136, 414 Roberts, David 410 Roberts, Frank 287 Roberts, Jack 231 Roberts, Joan 47, 373 Roberts, John 304 Roberts, Leonard 172 Roberts, M. C 412 Roberts, Mathllde 47, 373, 474 Roberts, Meredith 185, 433 Roberts, R. M 134 Roberts, Richard Eugene 437 Roberts, Roger Lawrence 94 Roberts, Walton Simpson 136, 414, 415 Roberts, William 135, 433 Robertson, Allen 176 Robertson, Edward Dale 151, 200 Robertson, E. Jane 295, 305 Robertson, Elgin B 446 Robertson, Eva Jeane 67 Robertson, Frank R 412 Robertson, George Scott 151, 230, 416 Robertson, Graham Hclmes 67, 211 Robertson, Helen Irere 67, 192, 255, 369 Robertson, Jerome Edgar 437 Robertson, Joanne. ... 163, 169, 373, 394, 475 Robertson, John C 231, 312 Robertson, John J 97, 105, 108, 185, 410 Robertson, Julian (Tex) Robertson, Monroe Wayne. 15, 47, 176, 185, 250, 274 Robertson, Theresa L 67, 168, 359 Robertson, Virginia Marie 47 Robertson, Wanda 67, 154 Robertson, William A 172 Robertson, William Ben 47 Robertson, Wilma Jean 250, 473 Robine, Kathryn 250 Robinett, Johnny 264 Robins, Graydon M 194 Robinson, Betty Jo 248, 393 Robinson, David L 430 Robinson, Elizabeth Meiriv. ether. . . 199, 385 Robinson, Emmett E 408 Robinson, Enid Ruth, 184, 197, 212, 246, 256, 282, 288, 362, 468, 475 Robirson, Fredonia 47 Robinson, Howard 173, 274 Robinson, James M 406 Robinson, Jerome 131, 266, 442 Robinson, Laura 389 Robinson, Mary Elizabeth 379 Robinson, Mary S 389 Robinson, Patricia Lea 67 Robinson, Patricia R 294, 359 Robinson, Reginald 231 Robinson, Robert E 270 Robinson, Scotty 389 Robinson, William Lee ,67, 416 Roby, Vincent L 446 Rocha, Joel 232 Rochs, Bob 97 Rocke, Robert E 398 Rockenbaugh, Jack 274 Roden, Bill 112 Rodercik, Dorrance D 47 Rodgers, Jack P 200 Rodolph, Carl 181 Rodriguez, Cecilio 232, 245 Rodriguez, Rodrigo 268 Rodriguez, Yolanda Cataliia 67, 210, 232, 251 Roeber, Walter 290 Roel, Virgilio G 81, 171 Roelse, Cornells 227 Roemer, Vernell Francis 47 Roensch, Frances Jean 47, 226, 361 Roger, William H 171 Rogers, Betty Ann 256 Rogers, Betty Jane 47 Rogers, Bobby Glenn 81 Rogers, Carroll Ray 67, 287 Name Pages Rogers, Fred 279, 285 Name Rudd Daniel Wallace Pages Rogers, George 136, 274 Rudloff, Archie 147 Rudloff Patricia 369 Rogers, Janet Barrett 94, 144, 166, 359 Ruddy, Eileen Mary 94 Rogers, Julia 47, 164,226 Rue, Alvin 67, 195 Rogers, M. Anne 140, 152, 165 Ruffin, Harlande Elward . 94 Rogers, Miehael 287 47 Rogers, 0. Seott 185, 301, 433, 467 Rogers, Phil 152 Rugel, Mary Jane " . 381,471 67 243 438 Rogers, Robert G 425 Rugelev, Robert S 81 401 Rogers, Robert H 304 205 212 383 137 272 379 Rogers, William Elrod . . 81 Ruhl, Gene Tuck 47 200 Rogers, William M 94 Ruhl, Helen 364 Rogerson, Bettv Jo 81, 373 67 Rogerson, R. Goodwin 408, 448 Rohling, Patricia 167, 275 Rummel, Emmet C Rumse, Marv Ann 228 164 Rojas-Davila, Alfredo . 268 Rumse, Ruth Ann. . . 81, 164, 243 Rolfe, Walter T 398 Rundell, Allen R 440 Rollins, Beverly Jane. .94, 14C, 164, 237, 387 Runge, Frank G 171,433 139 260 288 365 Rolston, Bob. .. 152,211 Roman, H. 172 Rupe, Paula.. Rupert William 186 173 301 302 4 9 2 Rush Virgil C 422 Romeike, Carla Magda . ..94 Rushing, Dorothy . . . 189, 472 Romine, Charles N 81, 250 285 Romine, Kathryn 81, 263 Romine, Thomas B. . 181, 219, 231, 257, 410 Russ, Claire Russell, Charles Clyde 261,377 67 135 Rone, GordonS 172 Russell, Clyde Lee 47 194 430 Rook, Dorothy Mae 94, 277 Russell Daniel 430 Rooke, James E... 171 138 Rooke, Joan Elizabeth 94, 164,247,393 Rooke, Marion B 67, 247, 393 Rooke, Robert E 67, 172, 247 Hooker, Albert A 132, 277 Roquemore, Annelle 148, 149, 246, 274 Roquemore, William Kenneth 21, 190, 227 Roques, Rodney 275 Rosamond, Daniel Lew 172, 311 Rosborough, James Fears 94 Rose, A. 5 172 Rose, Jacqueline 391, 475 Rose, Klaras 81 Roseberg, Everett . 396 Russell, Garland L Russell, Glenn Russell, John W Russell, Joy Lee Russell, Mary Frances. . . Russell, Mary Nell Russell, Nancy Berniee Russell, Norma Jean .... Russell, Pauline E Russell, Richard B Russell, Valeira Christine Russell, Walter . Russell, Willie ...170, 172,306 172 418 94, 286 67 383 385,472 240.379 48, 237 48 48 173 148 149 Roseman, Waiter W . .. 231 Rosen, Harold . .... 171 Russo, Vincent Anthony Rust, Llovd Gates 94 21 301 416 Rosen, Melvin 396 Rosenbaum, Joyce D 67, 158, 387 Rosenberg, Harvey 153, 285 Rosenberg, Leonard B 47, 202, 396, 448 Rosenberg, Norman 396 Rosenberger, Harold E 194 Rosene, Hilda Frances 208, 382 Rutherford, John D Rutland, McBurnett. . . Rutledgc, Charles Callowaj Rutledge, Keith Raymond. Rutledge, Marilou Rutta, James M Ryan, Georgia Pat 293 247,422 250,414 81,291 141, 142 290 48 Rosenfield, Alfred 396 437 Rosenstein, Max 228, 434 421 Rosenthal, Richard E . 428 Ryan, Jo Beth 81 Rosenthal, Stephen 428 Ryan, John Allen 21,436 Rosenwasser, Doris Fay 193, 197, 362 Roscnwasser, Edward H 185, 434 Ryan, Joseph Carl Ryan, Pat H 48 81 Rosenzweig, Gloria Jo 81, 218,219,264 Ryan, Patrick 275 Roseu, Harold 287 280 Ross, Ada Gene 67, 255 81 Ross, Alton S 194 Rydell, Edith 143 199 Ross, Darrell E . . . 148 Rylee, William 94 Ross, Diana 257, 278, 383 188 Ross, Joseph Hansbro 21, 275, 438 Ross, Martha Jean ..184,193,375 Ross, Oliver Hazzard 257, 407 Ross, Shirley .291 Ross, Wilbur : 47, 430 Rosser, William J 302 S Sachitano, D. C Sadler, Janet Saenz, Cuauhtemoc . Saenz, Ella ..291 .81, 168,373,476 173 268 Rossman, Robert E 94, 291 232 268 474 Roston, J. Paul 200, 229 Saenz, Pablo. . 232 Rostov, Alice 246, 272 Sahli, Delbert G 430 Ei-Rotcea . . 284 Sahm, Russell R H 235 Roth, Selene Rae .81,261 Roth, Shirley Ann 94, 165 Rothe, Gerald Augustus 47 Rothkop, Cyril 3C3 Rothwell, Billie Sue 47, 139 Sahm, Vernon E. J Saikin, Stanley E Sailer, Suzanne Salazar, Hilda Yolanda, 81, 81 442 48, 392 167, 232, 237, 245, 268 470 Rotsch, Melvin 292 245 Rountree, Patsey Jo 282, 305, 393 Rouse, Claude 264 Saldana, Roberto P Saldana, Tadeo P 94,232 67 172 Rouse, Silas M 227 Rousse, Thomas . . 262 Saleh, Johnny 94 266 Row, Carolyn 143 Row, Charles Herbert 81, 136, 438 Salinas, Cesar Salinas, Idohna 194 94 Rowan, Cynthia, Lee 218, 219, 226, 239, 264 272, 389, 471 Salinas, Julius Moreno. . . . 94 173 232 Rowan, Jack 173 Salisbury, Glen C . . . Sail, Hyman 173 396 Rowan, Martha 257, 389 Sallee, Warren 135 Rowden, Richard Joe 94, 286 Sallev, Beverly Grace 67,367,394 Rowe, Andrew Jackson .... 47, 446 227 Rowe, Beverly 393 437 Rowe, Charles Elmer 204, 402 81 272 Rowe, David T 105,107,228 48 312 Rowe, Jack 257 Rowe, Lenita Tullos 81 Rowe, Marilyn 174 Rowe, Nita 263 Sam, Joe Samcam, Arturo Daniel. Sames, Harry 442 268 274,433 189,255,389 Rowell, Chester Morrison 214, 311 Roye, Betty June 94, 175, 295 Rubenstein, Louise. .94, 166, 257, 260, 391 Rubenstem, Marvin D 131,442 Rubin, Ruth H 391 Rubinett, Jarrell 198 442 Samfield, Max Sample, Cornelia Gregg. . . . Sample, Ernest L Sampson, Carlos Sampson, Jerome 190 SI, 150 3,1,302 268 434 81 Rubinett, Kenneth M 442 231 428 Rubinett, Norman Herbert 67 Samuels, Perrv 118 Rubinett, Phyllis Estelle 261 286 Rubinstein, Isaac 173 Sanchez, Cosme S 232, 233 232 Ruble, Mary Emma. 47, 144, 150, 163, 169, Sanchez, George 232 305 173 232 Ruby, Joe Ben 97, 421 Ruck, Betty Lee 387 Sandahl, Charles L 194 152 Rucker, Helen . 288 Sandel, Alfred L 171 Rucker, Peggy Ann 67 Sandel, Jeff 151 Ruckman. Shirley Dick. 81. 260. 381 Sandel. Lee... .275 PACE 572 Sandei , Thomas T Saaderford. John Roy Saaderford. Thetis Sanders. CharlnEmeat Saaders. Harold BanwMt. Sanders. Jeaar Albert Sander . Joel Grtffrth Sander . John Brw 440 94.431 203.389.472 67.tCO.a4.418 ;. 153. ISO. 466 Sander . Lane Jo Sander . B. Maniyn Sander . Martha Ami Sander . Merimc Feral Sander . Oliver Leroy Sander . Robert L Sander . Walter H Sander . WiUum M M 48 SanUeben. Mary Ann Santo . Garcia Sarnml, Richard M SartLJohnG Ete.Jwgt SartweUc, Obna Dean Sn een. Thalia Saa-r. Fore Sawberaa. Robert Savage. Sa Sawy er. R. C Sawyer. Thomns Jamn San-yen, Patricia L Sue. Richard B Saion. Charles William Save, Jack Elmer Savers. Scott Phillen Scabse. Michael A .... SeaJonL Thomas F Scanio. Frank A u Jaw. Joseph SrhaeJer. Robert L r. Arthur D v JB . Nonaa Jean Scbeer, Alice Rae Sehendei. Richard E Sche-a. Aijtrn Srhercr.JcuCoMUnce Seherer. Walter H. Pat .Hnntet Bettie 48. ISO, 203. 35 . 394.476 131 212 81. 180, 2S 124.202.227 m . 425 at, ai 137, 138. 241. ' 246 . 438 158 258 2T 4. 231 170. 173 Ml IS 172 M 14 446 94. 264. 408 S-8,204,231 257. 414 172.227.275 - ...M 48.231 172.407 172 171 434, 446 68. 2S7. 274. 476 48.377 275 147. 163 428 ' 10 1S6 2 6 in 407 rVhimflrr. Itmn P niiiiii i r i ii r flrhhilrr Maxinr Sehieier. ' RobertGlar 275.446 275 3 1 4C1 159 Srhnudt. Clifford Carl 48. 176. 178. 274 Schmidt. Harriet Edith 94. 166 Schmidt. Mary. 162 Pram. . Raymond ArtLur ...w 171. 3C4. 422 c .Adtir .Gea Walter r. Rx-hard Cimplvll Schneider. Stephen uw t . SchreakeUack ' ..-- 259 . . 68 163.37 .. 68 429 Schrsm. Peter Osw W 81 r. Ckari, 4 . 134. 202. 250. 286. 433 t W. Scott 10 ..-- .; .... 2S9 SehriTfT, Ear 176 Sehrader. Arthur 81. 25 Sehreedrr. Charter Wilfe 94. 173 Sehraeder. Ernest 277 Srhroeder. Lambert Henry -- ' Srhrainir.Willam 94 Sehrorter. Robert 259 Srhryver. Edwin J 4C2 RunPul 190.204.211,438 tr.HaroUG 231.245 DUMA. at .Dr . . Schorre. Annette Amelia Schorre. Louis Charles. Schorajaa. Jrmru Sehorajsa. Ruth Schuberth. La Ven, Schuelke. Jack Him 94.365 6S. 147. 222. 418 Srtirr. Uah BMh.Chrii aa 275 .- M Ml Im .- t ;: . Scfakr.JcuH Sctallp. WallB Ebrrlr . r. Andrew Tkomat Seymour. Mar Jo Seymour: Sam K Sckulmaa. Betty Bob SeuUe. M4rm ' 414 171 261. 377, 477 249 231 ' ' 414 M m - . Short, William Edward Shorto. Jamr B - - - 235 SctaUe. JWrm Robert Sdnhx.Fred 2t ,...-... ;.,. Sehulie. Victor Evald 94. 414 Sdnnann. Uariai L 48. ISO. 184. 212. 240. 246. 381. 470 Sehumann. Merrill J 312 Sehupp. Dorii J 227 Sehutu, Jack Arthur 292 Srhuu. Jame A 275 Srfcatae. C. A 152. 181, 187. 211. 275. 284 Sekutar. Edbnt Julian 48, 97. 118. 181. 187. 202, 227. 284. 410 Schwartmc. William B 91. 446 Schwartikopf 68,97.118.122 SehvaruTEd 108 Srhwam. Gene 152 Schwartz. Edward F 434 Srhwartl. Henr 94 SrhwarU. Lelaod J 4 Srbwartl. LouL J iX Stiwartx. Paul P 211 Sckwaru. Jo Rut M. 261. 291. 391 Sehwan. Richard J 410 Schwair. Ruby Louise. 68, 146. 150. 15. 23 Schwaribiek. Bernard L 194 ' . 287 Sehwenke. Waller 290 SrhwiM. iTaaH 291.446 Sehwoebel. George 102 Scott. BrueeT 202 Scott, Clarence 146, Scott, Curti. Ltroy Scott. Donald 195 Soow. Franklin T 172 Scott! Gorjana 201 Seott,HowardG 210 Scott. Harold Lee 4 Scott, Jaw C 438 Scott. Judith 189 Scon. Manai Claire 199,389 Scott. Vlargcr 189. 264. 272 Scott. Marv Campbdl 389 Scott. MarV Fain 389 68 4v 94 401 Ht.a 1 5.414 Scott, Paul Bertrand Scott. Paul T Scott. Philip Doojlai Scott. Richard T Scott, Shirley GeoerieTe 407 172 285 440 .21. 214. 248. 393. 475 Scott, Thoma. B 410 Sent . William Howard 401 Scott. Wallace H 97.301 Sattuk KiU Dmttltrt ____ MS Snmllr. Herbert W . 48 Scranton. Barbara LaneUe ...... 371 ScnKhBettic 385 Screws. Robbie .138.143 q, r ,,- _. f ___ :_ J JJC OCTuVBv I OBImmJr 4 . . H ' Srariork. Genenrrr LooiK Scnrlock. Robert L 2T2, 257, 412, 448 Scurry, Nancy Seaboorn. Connie Seagert. George H r, Sylna Seale. LUlian Marie Seale. Margaret Seale. Nella Christine Seale. Patricia . - .-. - ... . 68,149,275 68.359 140 68. 365. 394. 471 219.234.189 48. ISO. 162. 109 .. 81 Seaman. Robert L Searry. Kathenne 384 Seara, Bedford Dark Sear . William ... Sebastian. Nathan P B 4 v 2S7. 427. 448 219 21.182 . 21.200 Sedbmy.Virgi) Theodore 48 8edernobm.Carol.rn 166.lwt.lCt Sedwick. Howard B ....... 48 See, Charlotte Faith . 9ner. Betty Hunt Secger. Martha 48. 147. 247, 288. 38S Segal. Mauae Segner. Edmund 181.275 SaM. Elan! O 97. 209. 210 Seidenbnrger.C J 277 Serfen., Patricia - W Serf!. Marjone 161 Semdell. William A 293 Seipel. William A SerUer.Soc 2 1 Self.BoydA 171 Sehg. Martin 48 Srlig.0ur - 196 SeUera. Walter 172 Srlhgrr. Henry 196 Seho..JoAnne 68 Semblcr. Dolore. 177 -riEugere Leonard 442 rMuCM 287 105 23-54 Senter. Lewif Blakley - Seokowrtr. Linda 166. 2S Seran o.Francn Jean 68 Somri. Rau Edward 442 250.383 ShaekeJford. Alphouo Leon ShaduUord.Fraaeaabapmaa Shade, Raleigh Wallace Shafer. Jerome Shaffer. ( Hiver J Shalte. Frank G Shambaugh. John Scott Shamburger. Patiy . . . JW Shamburger. PBBT June 141. 141, 244, 175 Shanahan. David R Shanklin. Marshall J 172 Shannon. Ed F 285 Shannon! John 135.431 Shapiro. Edward M s 42s Shapiro. Jerome H .414 Shapiro, Morris 442 Sharp. Carle Farrell 68,185.407 Sharp. Charles Walter 48 Sharp, France Anne 94.162.237,470 Sharp. Lafayette J 102 Sharp, Robert Lee 444 Sharp. Thomas Hams JsS Sharpe, Martha 68,187.480 Shary.JohnH 227 Shaver. Jay C 296 Shaw, Angus Gilearift . 414 Shaw. Catherine 139.144 Shaw. PhyHi. Dee 263,363.475 Shaw. Robert L 412 Shawerow, Helen 68,263,365 Shawver, LoweJI D 228 Sheaner. Herbert M 172,430 Shearer. Pan F 94. 173. 404 fihcnmin. Mary Joann 81, 275 Sheehan. John W .190 Sbeehy. John Francis 136. 304, 414 ShefeJinan, Thomas Whhebead 223.401 Sheffield. Hwy 136 ShemeJd, Lund 166 ShenWd. Seal 446 Sbewktd. Wetdon M. 438 Shemberg. Philip 396 Sheldon. Bill 97 SheJdon. HeJen 304.369 Sheldon. Irma Beta .. 68 SheJdon, Joneph S M 4. SheJdon, Mary 164 Sbefley. Geone P . ' 75,438 SheUman. Robert ConneU 4v 41. ' Shelly, Lawrence 43- Shdtoo, Benenna Jo 68 SheJton. Edgar G 1 7,301.402 SheJton, Emily J 48.184 SheJton. Glenn 152 SheJton, Jo Anne 393 Shelton. Judy 255 SheJton, Mary Ann 81.274 SheJton, William Gerald 81,446 SheJton, William K 433 Shepard, Adrienne 273 Shepard. Cathtyn 48.369 Shepard. Eugene Nelson 49.230 Shepard. JeweJI Watts M Shepard. Richard P 4 i Sh epard. Walter D Shepard. William H Shepherd. Cathryn twS.HI Shepherd. CJovis 158 Shepherd. Patricia Churchill 81,385 Shepherd. Richard 252.253,464 Shepherd. Robert Ashland .4:4 SherHl, Sarah Ann 189.371 Sherman. HeJene May C8.38C.S87 Sherman. Phrllis m Sherwood, Frank H 49.202.257,410.448 Shield . Allen 42 ShieJda. Jamea Brock 68 Shield , Joe J 275 ShieJda. John James 173.421 ShieJda. Trgini .: ShnVtt, Billy Bob 22.152.280 Shitg. Jay Ervia 166.169 173 22 422 C. L. 210 Shiner. Gloria : - .- 4 8hiu.Jame D M Shinn. Mary Dell 81 Shinman. Edward D 49,171.446 Shipp-AlnnH at Shira. Dorothy Hiaabeth 94.166.260,381 Shirey. Henry Carter 4 Shirey. Robert 274 Shirkey. Sarah 156.163 Shirley. John Shirley. Robert K Shiver . Clyde Shoaff . Walter Romer . Harold David Edna -. William Fil .John M 171. 242 : - : . 4 4 287 49.231 68,414 240 94.44 291. 421 4 - - Beth - - ' : Showera.Huth 272 Shown. Frank Eugene 265,416 Shuford. Charle. Bntten 68, J65 Shuford. William 413 ShulU, Roy 147 Shulu, W. O. 401 ShuTT.ADdy ...m Shurr, Louu Vincent 94. 430 Shutt, Louise 375 Shtofman, Norman M. 15 1 S5. 194. 434. 467 Shwiff, Marrin Gilbert .68 Siddon. Sara Ann . . Sidlo. J. T 172, 279 5iiey Ltxur Lilenrt STK 288 Sieber.Carl .171 Sieber. Dorothy .2 0 Siege!, Bernard 219,1 6 Sirhng. Thomas 250. 437 Sievert, William .402 Sigala. Oscar C 172,251.252 Sttmt Alflit Ef,,lm 432-433 Sifm AlpLt if ... 434-435 Siffmt Ci 436-437 tEfnia, 200 l m Kftitm 201 Sigmt . 418-439 Sifmc Pki EftHm 440-441 Sikes, Williim C 422 Sikora.David 442 Silbrrberg. Irwin Harold . 49. 190, 204, 434 Silk. Joan Elizabeth 81. SC7 Silk. Joype Winona .... 81 Sills, Ashley H 2 Silver, Hope Elaine Silver, Marian . 1 0 Silver-field, Marilyn Gloria B Silverberg. Herbert . 219. 248. 428 S-ilitr Spvr . 202 Simcork, William Riley ... Ill Simecek, Calvin S 237 Simecek. Mrs. Calvin Smith 49 Simmonn, A. B 151 Soummc, Andrew Van . . 49 Simmons. Behrin Artie .. 68 Simmon . Mrs. Belt-in Arbir 68 Simmon . Carrol Day 12. 183 Simmons, Charles M 305.433 Simmons, Eddie 81 ftmmajm. Elizabeth Daggett 68. 283. 389 118 49.272.383 94. 124. 437 248. 398 49. 199. 248 446 61.263 68. 139, 371 233 Simmons, Hobart Simmon . Margaret Jo Simmons, Robert MarGregor Simmons, Roy Simmons. Sally Simms. James Jeffereon Simms, Leonel J Sunmfi, Mary Margie Simms. Patnria Ann Simon, Frank J Simonareon. Njall 49. 146, 151. 245 Simons, Beverly... 257 Simons, Edwin 185. 433 Simpana. Alexander Dumas 81 Simpson. Billy Ray 94 Simpson, Bobby G M Simpno. Calvin L 414 Simpson, Earl Simpson, Elbert Hubbard 94 Simpson, Joseph Earl C8 Simpson. KathryB 203,191 Simpson, Margaret 277 Simpson. Park H 111.113 Simpson, Paurj- Lou 94.359 Simms. Andrew 194.273 Sims, Betty 147 Sims. Charles O 173 Sims. James Crews . . 22 Sim Joan 144.359 Sims. Patricia Ann 4, ICC Sinclair. Rutn Margaret 81, 164,241 Singer, Erich .1 4 Singer, Lipman M Singleton, Joe ..... 412 Singleton. Leo C 218 Skagg . Bertha Faye . . . 210, 246 Skaggs, Jack C 81. 153, 235. 286. 438 Skainc. Charmer D 402 Skee.Gordon 440 Skelley, Lawrence 200,214.400 Skelton. Barbara T 4, 233 Skelton. Billy A . . . . 81 Skelton. Billy Roy 94, 211 Skelton. H.B 94 Skillern, Milton Skillman, Paul Skinner, George C Skinner. John Skipwith. Marilyn Skipworth. Bill H Skrabanek, James D Skrahanek. John W.rreu Knl hVh i H Skrivanek. Frank Julius Sbuuucer. Ernest SUpeTLc Slapater, Eberta Sbuen. Janet V Slater. Walter Oliver Slator. Dick S) ton. Jame Kenneth Slaton. J. Denneth SbuchKr, Robert Harris Savik, Albert -- Short, PMnek Sst.Roy- 304 94. 166.226 412 249 22 249 . .= . - .- 418 379 94. 201, Swl .. 94 412 94 233 .... 4C 68, 171. 249 Slay. Billie Joy 4 : Sledge, Lewi Nanee 49. 228 Seooea. Rub 266 Slicker. Betty Jean 49, 373 Sligh, Thomas S 4C.1M.-TH 573 Name Pages Slingluff, F. P 275 Sloan, Helen 68 Sloan, Jo ...217 Slone, E. D 309 Slocum, Rooth 141, 142, 375, 470 Sloman, Marvin 218, 219, 414 Slovacek, Eugene 249 Slover, J. E 302 Small, Carolyn 377 Small, Samuel F 230 Small, TerrellJ 198, 433 Smallwood, Charles B 68, 247 Smallwood, Diana Louise 94, 247 Smead, Thomas Franklin 401 Smerke, John 257 Smith, A. Pearl 158 Smith, Anna Lee 94, 140, 249 Smith, Alfred ... ....418 Smith, Albert H 171, 275 Smith, Argie 49 Smith, Aubrey Harris 416 Smith, Bennet Wayne. . . 95 Smith, Betty Ann 81, 250, 272, 393 Smith, Beverly B 186, 389 Smith, Carl Ray 95 Smith, Cecil H 280 Smith, Cecil L 203 Smith, C. Aubrey 182, 183 Smith, Charles A 231 Smith, Charles B 258 Smith, Clara Jean 49, 163, 169, 237, 389 Smith, Claude D. J 418 Smith, Conwell 95, 401 Smith, David L 421 Smith, David 172 Smith, David William 81, 97, 422 Smith, Donald 124, 286 Smith, Doris Jeanne 68, 237, 385 Smith, Earl W 301, 302 Smith, Edwin Legros 439 Smith, Egbert Victor 416 Smith, Elsie Alice 81 Smith, Ernest McKee 81, 287 Smith, Everett Grant 183, 206, 432 Smith, Fannye Mae 81, 163, 288, 359 Smith, Florence 377 Smith, Forrest Mosely 81, 421 Smith, Frank M 49 Smith, Franklin 173 Smith, Garland Houston 81, 416 Smith, George E 440 Smith, George Race 49, 214, 287, 416 Smith, Hal Davis 22, 271, 294, 305 Smith, Harlan K 271, 305 Smith, Harold 204 Smith, Harold Alan 49, 311 Smith, Harry Gray 49, 313 Smith, Hazel Frances 68, 221, 239, 260 Smith, Herschel Raymond 95, 156 Smith, Holloway W 398 Smith, Horton W 228 Smith, Howard John 81, 287, 437 Smith, Hubert Randolph 437 Smith, J. Allen H 81 Smith, Jack Gorman 81, 437 Smith, Jack Veston 81, 291 Smith, James Allen 194, 280 Smith, James E 14, 216, 464 Smith, James F 172 Smith, James Len 416 Smith, James P 233 Smith, James Warner 433 Smith, James Wesley 444 Smith, James William 97, 270 Smith, Jeannette 81, 256, 385 Smith, Jerry Lane 49 Smith, Joan 282 Smith, Joe E 287 Smith, Joe H 49, 181, 185, 206, 284 Smith, John N 412 Smith, Joyce Love 142, 393 Smith, Killough K 302, 420 Smith, Larry R 171 Smith, Lawrence Eugene 95 Smith, Leland Leroy 194 Smith, Louis 68, 264 Smith, Lulu L 81 Smith, Maisie L 95, 150 Smith, Mare B 400 Smith, Marjorie Lillian 81, 237 Smith, Mary Elizabeth 49 Smith, Mary Jo 95, 387 Smith, Mary Louise.. . .68, 150, 288, 359, 470 Smith, Mary Maxine 95, 286, 303 Smith, McDonald 49, 416 Smith, Michel F 2S4 Smith, Morgan Garsed . . 22 Smith, Nell Marie... ..257,295 Smith, Pat N 202 Smith, Patricia 393 Smith, Patricia Emelie 49, 245 Smith, Patsy J 149 Smith, Paul Heermans 81, 194, 421 Smith, Paul Russell 438 Smith, Pearl 138, 164, 260, 288 Smith, Porter Jackson 68, 31 1 Smith, Raymond H 173 Smith, Robert Elmer 95 Smith, Ruth Virginia 81, 280 Smith, Searcy 173 Smith, Spurgeon Clarence 227 Smith, Stacy Baldree 49 Smith, Stewart Paul 81, 238, 433 Smith, Sue Cheek. 15, 49, 207, 212, 234, 289, 371, 479 Smith, Thomas Ellison 95 Smith, Travis 438 Smith, Vance W 293 Smith, Wad Anthony 81, 412 Smith, Waverly C 258 Smith, Weaks Gardner 22, 292, 430 Name Pages Smith, Wilford Davis .. 22 Smith, William E 182 Smith, William Frank 182, 194 Smith, William H 221, 242, 258 Smith, Williams S 172 Smith, Wilfred 195 Smith, Winifred 275, 379 Smitherman, Eugene Alston 81, 412 Smolkovich, Joseph Charles 49, 310, 440 Smoot, Van 81,271 Smulcer, Marguerite 359 Smyers, Imogene Love 68, 279 Smyth, Lynch D 421 Smyth, W.O 275 Smyth, William R 190 Snapp, Earl 293 Sneed, Carol Adward 85 Sneed, Joe T 302 Sneed, Robert C 187, 410, 463 Snider, L. C 200 Snodgrass, John Cleland 437 Snodgrass, Marie 143 Snow BobC 438 Snow, Nona Mae 68, 248, 359 Snowden, Jack Milton 95 Snyder, Bernard 442 Snyder, Wallace 173 Snvder, Lt. Veryl W 308 Sobel, Lenore H 149 Sobol, Jack 442 Socha, John 259 Society of Women Student Architects and Engineers -289 Soderberg, Elof H 81 Soderman, Byron N 231 Solberg, Albert Edmond 95 Solether, Ned Wood 437 Sollars,Gene 49, 141 Solomon, Tommie B 171 Soltes, Elton D 190, 204, 216, 227, 444 Sommer, Frank S 81 , 1 72 Sommers, Ruth 260, 381 Sonricker, Joanne 81, 162 Sophomores 71-83 Sorenson, Mrs. Walter 259 Sorsenson, Walter 259 Sorlie, CarlL 311 Sorola, Edmund Charles 68, 232 Sororities 357-394 Soto, Ruben 171 Souith, Maise 258 Soukup, A. C 233 Sour, Nancy 139,277 Sousares, Kathryn 210, 233 Sousares, Teddy M 233, 297 South Central Texas Club 290 Southeast Club 291 Souther, Gary 212 Southwell, Mary 217 Southwell, Wilson P 247, 297 Sowell, Joseph Goodloe 95 Sowell, Richard Maurice 414 Sowers, Paul C 285 Spain, Charles 274 Spain, Nathan 396 Spain, Samuel 396 Spain, Teddy Jean 49 Spalding, Dexter B 233 Spangler, Brenner 152 Spangler, Suzanne 359 Spann, Bob 153, 271, 285 Sparenberg, Charles Herman 12, 183 Sparkman, Hilda 226, 246 Sparkman, John C 230 Sparkman, Margaret Ruth 95, 165, 250 Sparks Don 109, 257 Sparks, Elizabeth 393 Sparks, Eugene 287 Sparks, Jim 152 Speaker, Lewis P 269 Spears, Billic Jane 68, 150 Spears, Dolores Mignon 49, 273, 387 Spears, lone 196, 288 Spears, Jean W 446 Spears, Joe Bob 280 Speckels, Florence Jane 68, 140, 150, 165, 290, 479 Spector, Bernard 442 Spector, Myer 434 Speed, Raymond Andrew 95 Speer, Betty Jean 24, 68, 260, 367 Speer, Ivy H 202,253 Speight, Al Garland 49, 280 Speight, Emily 137, 288 Speir, Harold Justin 81 Spellman, Roberts 173 Spencer, Dorothy Gean 68, 180 Spencer, Florence 196 Spencer, George H 242 Spencer, James C 293 Spencer, Ouida 288 Spencer, Patricia 138, 163, 260, 371 Sphinx Club 292 Spicer, Mildred 372 Spiegel, Martin 434 Spilman, Wade Ill, 438 Spires, Albert B 81, 418 Spivey, Marshall 302 Sponsel, Thane T 420 Spooks 203 Spoonts, Paul R. A 50 Spore, Harry B 198 Sprigg, William 274 Spriggs, Dilliard Pryor 437 Spring, Jerrold B 233 Springer, Lester 134 Spruce, William McCarty 95 Spurlock, Jack Rodman 81, 229, 286 Square and Compasses Club 293 Squyres, Arthur L 152, 227 Stacey, Richard C 440 Name Pages Stacey, William G ..................... 418 Staehely, Anne ........................ 183 Staehlin, Winston Jerome ........... 95, 273 Stafford, Betty Joyce .................. 95 Stafford, Gerland M ................... 420 Stafford, Howard J .................... 301 Stafford, James B .................. 81, 407 Stahl, Henri .......................... 428 Stalling, John ......................... 206 Stallman, Lawrence Lee ............. 68, 131 Stallones, Troy M ..................... 425 Stalmach, Ruth Ester ........... 50, 191, 263 Stambaugh, Johnson L ................. 173 Stampp, Shirley Lee ................... 50 Stanaland, Kenneth ........... 285, 31 1, 437 Standley, Betty Ann ................... 375 Standley, Milton Howard ........... 50, 138 Stanford, Harry ....................... 173 Stanford, Johnny F .................... 82 Stanford, Jordan Franklin .............. 82 Stanley, Herbert M .................... 398 Stanley, Jimmie ................... 288, 359 Stanley, John Clifford .................. 401 Stanley, Johnnie .................. 288, 359 Stansel, Dorothy .................. 237, 367 Stansell, Diana ........................ 383 Staph, Horace E .................. 198, 204 Stark, Peggy ..................... 286, 393 Stark, W. L .......................... 211 Startzell, Dorothy ..................... 381 Startzman, Howard McLane ............ 82 Stathakos, James Frank ................ 407 Staton, Hiram E ...................... 287 Stauffer, Glenn ................... 158, 195 Stauss, William Albert ................. 82 Stavinoha, Jodie Edward ........ 95, 249, 275 Stayton, Robert W .................... 418 St. Clair, Walter J ..................... 172 Steadman, Homer D .......... 204, 209, 230 Stearman, Jack W ..................... 95 StebHng, Franklin H .................. 280 Stecer, John Ed ....................... 257 Stecker, Margaret Anne ........ 50, 272, 381 Stedman, Jane ........................ 162 Steegall, Tom ......................... 287 Steele, Betty Jane ............. 156, 188, 387 Steele, John A ........................ 422 Steele, John E ........................ 412 Steele, Wayne Kent ................ 68, 437 Steffan, T. G ......................... 184 Steger, Fred Adolph ................... 427 Steglieh, Geneva Alleen .... 95, 166, 269, 387 Stegner, Harriett ...................... 273 Stegner, Robert ....................... 273 Steib, CurtF ......................... 194 Steiglich, Winfred ..................... 259 Stein, Esta Faye .................. 276, 391 Stein, Mina ....................... 95,377 Stein, Robert N ....................... 258 Steincamp, Harry Edward ........... 82, 440 Steinfeld, Joan ........................ 363 Steinman, Mirian ...................... 389 Stelzer, Elfred ........................ 277 Stemble, Betsy Joyce .................. 377 Stensen, Rose Marie ................... 259 Stenzler, Barbara ................. 286, 377 Stephens, Charles A ................... 430 Stephens, Frank H ..... 97, 185, 187, 284, 407 Stephens, Grover LeRoy ............ 82, 305 Stephens, James Thomas ............... 68 Stephens, Jerene H .................... 95 Stephens, Jerry ....................... 274 Stephens, Marvin ..................... 173 Stephens, Norman R ................... 172 Stephens, Patricia ............. 146, 156, 219 Stephens, Richard G ................... 430 Stephens, Roy B ...................... 82 Stephens, Thomas F ........... 229, 257, 440 Sterba, Richard Ludwig .............. 50, 54 Sterett, Eugenia ....................... 389 Sterle.ValJ ...................... 275,296 Sterling, Elliott ............... 156, 158, 159 Sterling, Shirley Mae ............... 68, 365 Sterling, W.C ....................... 152 Stern, Milton Harold .............. 294, 298 Sternberger. Robert ............... 173, 401 Sterquell, Nell Mildred ................. 68 Sterrett, Jean ......................... 186 Sterry, Henry Edward .......... 50, 172, 444 Steshko, Alexander .................... 194 Steta, Guillermo H .................... 268 Stevens, Betty .................... 189, 239 Stevens, Carolyn .................. 250, 383 Stevens, Charles ...................... 433 Stevens, Donald P ..................... 410 Stevens, Elizabeth Tyler ........... 219, 389 Stevens, Jean ......................... 163 Stevens, Joseph E ..................... 194 Stevens, Patricia Anne. 68, 147, 150, 273, 480 Stevenson, Ann ........... 138, 144, 264, 385 Stevenson, Ben Marshall. .50, 137, 170, 173, 306 Stevenson, Donald Eades ............... 407 Stevenson, James Cummin ............. 437 Stevenson, John W .................... 406 Stevenson, Maclyn Lucille ........... 95, 365 Stevenson, Phillip M ................... 430 Stewart, Billie Marie ....... 68, 150, 157, 474 Stewart, C. H ......................... 171 Stewart, Charles M .................... 194 Stewart, C. Jim ....................... 414 Stewart, Donald ....................... 287 Stewart, Douglas Wilburn ...... 82, 298, 414 Stewart, Jack Lamar Stewart, John Bruce Stewart, Malcolm M Stewart, Martha Ellen Stewart, Melbe Dwaine Stewart, Norwib Stewart, Powell 68 412 414 68, 257, 260, 472 68, 246, 291, 365 173 406 Stewart, Robert H ................. 82, 446 Nam? Pages Stewart, Sylvia 82, 139, 163,251,305 Stewart, Thomas Grover 95, 257 Stewart, Thomas Kerwin 50, 298 Stewart, W.O 131 Stewart, Wynne P 406 Stiehl, Harry Charles 50 Stiff, Anne 60 Stiles, Emmily Bess 80 Stiles, Franklin Newton 437 Still, Rev. David L ...280 Stilley, Sue 385 Stimson, Arthur E 172 Stimson, Paul 427 Stlrman, Ralph L 151, 292 Stirton, Dave .135 St. John, Eugene. . 15, 50, 216, 257, 309, 466 St. John, Ernest Revere 22, 231 St. John, Evert E ...410 Stockdale, Alice 381 Stocking, George W 398 Stockton, Betty 69 Stockton, Charles C 82, 425 Stockton, John D 171 Stockton, John R 201 Stockton, Robert 173, 306 Stokely, Charles 264 Stokey, Bert W 73 Stoker, Jackson L 296 Stokes, Meryle 157 Stokes, Ray L 398 Stokes, William Thomas . .82, 248, 257, 293, 422 Stoll, Margo 22, 274, 367 Stolfzfus, Joy Kathenne. . .50, 166, 169, 191, 246, 263, 478 Stone, Charles 287 Stone, Claude 298 Stone, Donald J 428 Stone, Gene Taylor... .. 194, 235 Stone, Gerald B 287 Stone, Gertrude A. ..69 Stone, Glyn 69 Stone, Jackie Lawton 69, 226 Stone, James Carwyle 82 Stone, Martha E . ..149,369 Stone, Martha W 277, 365, 477 Stone, Theodore 82 Stool, Max 251, 442 Stool, Newson ...442 Stool, Sybil J 250,377 Storey, Charles P 418 Storey, Patricia Nix 69, 186, 255 Storie, William T 82, 416 Story, Ruth Evelyn ... .. 95 Stovall, Bert C 202, 430 Strailman, Dorothy Gysbers 69 Straiton, Archie W 204, 446 Strasburger, Mary Martha 82 Strassmann, Renata E 50, 369 Strassman, W. Paul 69, 362 Stratton, Norma 199, 385, 469, 476 Straughan, Geraldine. .69, 263, 289, 371, 467 Strauss, Edward L 428 Strauss, Henry 290 Strauss, Jane 69, 264 Strauss, Janet Grace 50, 139, 246, 247, 260, 288 Straw, Harry G 69, 297 Strayhorn, Bartlett 181 Streckfuss, Harold R 227 Street, Willard G ...301 Streety, Henry Mack 82, 156, 171 Streusand, Benard 396 Strickland, D. F 10 Strickland, Jack Andrew . . .95, 170, 171, 287 Strickland, Robert L 311 Strickland, W. Lamar 229, 430 Stringer, B. Lee 141, 186, 306, 383, 454 Stripling, Max 146 Stripling, Wesley 135, 257, 433 Strnadel, Charles J, 50, 97, 105, 108, 109, 172, 249, 277 Strom, Gloria 139, 238 Strong, Benny Margaret 250, 272, 393 Strong, Doug 158, 159 Strong, James Reed 285 Strong, Mary Helene 237 Strother, John Paul 82 Strother, Virginia 383 Stroud, Ethan B 50 Stroug, Richard Philip ' 82 Strueber, Mary Lou 69 Struhall, Dolores Lillian 69 Struve, Clemens 275 Stuart, Daniel Browne 82, 276, 440 Stuart, Edward Francis 50, 182, 206, 275 Stuart, Patricia 373 Stuart, Robert 427 Stubblefield, Horace G 82, 106, 292, 438 StubbleBeld, William L 229 Stubbs, Mary Ann 139, 210, 233 Stuchly. Henrietta 95, 167, 478 Studdard, Lester H 82 Student Court 16 Stugard, Tusten E 425 Stullken, Florence Mae 183, 237 Stumberg, Louis H 153, 412 Stumpf, Clarence H 408 Sturdivant, Richard 95 Stube, Leroy Robert 50, 198 Styner, Elizabeth 168, 277 Sublett, Charles Carson (Pete) 187, 202, 285, 418 Sudbury, John Dean 22 Sucke, Robert W 217 Suhler, Samuel 152 Suite, Richard Tom 95, 430 Sullivan, Frank 275 Sullivan, Jean 50, 163, 381 Sullivan, Mary Margaret. . .50, 147, 274, 275 Sultemeier, Emma Sue 180 PACE 574 -Vav ftl Dorothy . Daw Brawi 159 95 .Bob ..97 .D.A 287 , Entri G ...m. O!. ICO. 1C7. 470 .Georte 181.425 .Harry Lee 50.274.437 ton 69, 173 tun S2.1H , Jesse Atria. . . . . 89 J.L 173 ,PulH 69.305 . Robert Holmaa 124.202.414 Snaaen. TBOSMS R : Sjmral!. Carroll B 286 f rietor Coke 50 Swkoay, Carroll Washiactoa 407 SMday! C. Rodney 280 Sukei. ktariaa 375 Sudatrom. .Uan T .194 S4rviUe, Maurice 275 Swrorik, WalUr ... . . 2M n Beri 441 8Ma .Don 227.396 ShernuLEiicea J 410 Swtherland. Marguerite Sutherfautd. KaobieGeM ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . : 82. ISO Slherland. Robert 146 Sutton, J.Ross 152 - pntE.. 166.240 ! Srobooa. Fran Svrcek, John C Swain, Jackson Randolph Sou. Mary Margaret... 8. rEarle .89.249.418 HC.li8.lSS Mi 95,418 217,189 95 414 . Frank D FrankD 293 Swasm. Howard 185.273.444 uJack 411 411 .418 .0. 194, 440 .Jack 197 c-r r.: Albert 200. 229 Sweet, Alice 82.260.379 . Mariys Swewaea, William G Joan Marjorie Jo . 89 Richard Ernest 82.401 ... 124-125 Snale. ' FraakG 172. 4IZ Swiwaey.JanieEIirabeth 50.272.375.468 Swinney. Leonard R 280 SwiiWrr. 294 Switaer, Betty Jean 2. 2M Switaer. Jo Ann 238 Sw tier. Sue Aaae 50.393 8imflli ic Bni 158 STpert, Robert Earl 81 OTpCrtv ElavafU BOV ff . . S9 T .4MCMTMII 97 Tackett, Helen Adele C9. 137. 118. 142, 234. 371 Tackett, Thomas N 304. 217 Tacquard. Jane Marie. 50. 241. 246. 263. 386 Tacouard. Margaret Eleanor . 22, 214. 387 Tah, George 146, 157 Talbert, Bill T albert. Thomaf Sritt 425 Talbo.Jaae. 172.438 Talialerre, Mary LizabeU 95.250.261 Tallin. Joseph J . ... 50.428 Tallas. Leoaard 286 Talley. Monroe Tallo.OmK . . W Talley. Rcbert Earl 21.291 Tally. Betty Louie .. 166.231.369.476 Talmadge.Guy .286 Tamer. Careen .89 Taakrmley. C kirln W IPO. 1(2 Tanner. Eugene Rutledge . 288. 42S Tanner! Robert W .... 446 Tanner. Tommie Mae 89.237.479 Tarkenton.Jack 287 Tarkington. Wilson A 173. 416 Tarlton. France Tarlton. Kenneth . 3C2 Tarpley, Ehxabeth 1 1.263.366 Tarry. George D 410 Tanrer. Lewv T U Tale. BUlie Jean ... 50.273 Tatum. Alice 181 r Bttm f, 104 7m Mlm fk, 441 Tavam. VkseeMe 82. 106. 245 Taveres-Chnca. Marrm 95 Taylor. Billy 221 Taylor. C. L 410 Taylor. Carolyn 2f3. 255. 257. 383. 4SC Taylor. Charlie G 89 Tartar. Doris Jean .159 Taylor. Edwin E Taylor. Elmer Louis 50.312 Taylor! Eugene H .101 Taylor. Floyd Eugene 95. 1M. 425 Taylor! France. 256. 379 Taylor. George 438 Taylor. Gloria Bermire 139. 196, 226. 246, -, .- Taylor, Harry Averill. . 414 Taylor. Harwood X 69. 433 Taylor. Herbert C 153.285.313 Taylor. Hubbard Eugene 50. 204. 425 Taylor.JackG 1 7.414 Taylor. Jo Ann 50. 257. 383 Taylor. John Green ..- ' ; Taylor. Joseph R 181 Taylor. Joseph William 311 Taylor. Katherme ISO Taylor. Lloyd Webb. 294 Taylor. Lyta Ellen ..181 Taylor. Marcus A 418 Taylor. Minnefred ISC, 158. 159 Taylor. M. Josephine 165 Taylor. Patricia Ana 88. ISO, ISC. 2 3, 164 Taylor. Patsy Jean Taylor. Patsy Ruth .50 Taylor. R. Frances .488 Taylor. Robert Bower. .. 69.425 Taylor. Ronald Waitmaa Taylor. Rosita M . 95 Taylor. Ruth Ann 150.240.277 Taylor. Ryan Edward 82, 171 Taylor, Shirley... 260 Taylor. Thomas B 414 Taylor! Thomas Elmore DIM Taylor. Walter Thomas 414 Taylor, William A . .. 171 Taylor. William Hem? . . 401 Taylor. William Wmtford 89, 257. 414 Taylor. Winifred . 150 Tayman. Eleanor 479 Teague. Joe Binton 211 Tech. Lynn 358 Teddhe. Dorothy Jean . 50. 192. 282. 478 Tedford. James L 173 TeeL Beverly 257.371 Teeters. C. Douglas 296 Teinert, Edgar 2S8 Teinert, RheinhoM 2S9 Trias CM . 444-445 Tekell. VemonO . ... 82 Templeton, James Herbert 82. 133. 134. 194. 227, 271 Tenberg. Jsrne 290 Teagg. Barbara Jean ... .. 81 Tennan, J. Paschal 197 femau . 110-111 Teaniwm. Robert 134 Terraras. Nicholas. 24S Terrell. C. O . 10 Terrell.Grace ..... . . 267 Terrell. John Wayne SI. 108. 114 Terry. Edwin T 412 Terry. Robert Lee.. 181.264 Terry. Rose 142.385 Terry. Ruel Carlton, 51, 97. 187. 231, 444, 462 Tessener, Wayne 257 Teanman. Arlenn E .... 95,286 Tetley, Camilla . . 119, 140. 174 Tetley. Robert Henry 133, 400, 401. 448 Tetley. Robert X . .250 Teugg. Barbara .162 ravrtaa. CM 296 TVau .4 r Jf CM. . .297 Tamt Law fierier ... 302 Tami VafT. Tkt .222-223 Tarn, Slwfrmt PMirmttmt 216-217 Thacker. Robert W .411 Thacker. William M 412.448,466 Thalmaa. Henry 2S9 Thalmaa. Mrs. Henry 2S9 Thanaisch, George Edward 95 Tharp,Elsie 69. MS Thaxton. Jack Games 82,279 ricM Slfw Pit . . . . IDS nets Xi 446-447 Thielipape. Eileen Anne 82,275,476 ThieJepape. Rcaemary 275 ThigpemJack 227 ThoieV,Jame.W Thomas.Alei . . 198 Thomas. Betty Homer .: ! Billy Dean 82 .Brace 159.195 . Burton L .217 171. 238 253 The mas. David Rutherford Thomas, Don E Thomas. Mrs. Don 1 Thomas. George Monroe . Thomas. Grain Thomas. Harold Ira .J.L. 82.296 .425 -. - ; 267 171 51.416 82,221.243 JS, 171, jjg Thomas! Nancy 257. 373 Thomas. Xoma Jean . 82,369 Thomas. Pattie Jean 163,263.264,305,385 Thomas. Roderic B 4 Thomas. Roy 305 Thomas. Sue Ann Thomas, Viola 185 Thomas. Wendel Grant .. 88 Thomas. Wiley B .287 Thomas. WillitrnJ . 275 Thomas. Wilton Earl 51,136 Tirmnii Priscilla. 51.197. 214. 241. 102. 3 .Mao-Jane .-. Thoison. Alra Elbert 82.248 158,159 Thi,ttip ,T,. Ar:M..l Thompson. Carol an Thompson! Caroline 163 Thompson, Clark Wallace 51 ThoaapaoB, Dorothy Banks, 51. 184, 389. 1 4 Thompson. Frank 411 Thompson. George 135.157.411 Thompson. Harry Edwin . 416 Thompson! Jean Ann 283.389 Thompson. Jerry 97. 109. 159. ISO Thompson Joanne . 385 Thompson Johnny Thompson Lee Eugene 437 Thompson Lillian 166, 250. 375 Thompson. Luther W Thoampso . Mutos ijSa. . Thompson. Xanry Patricia 69.228.422 51.244.371 198.204.254 .5 1.369 257. 383 -. m . Thompson. Robert Ray 82,194.198.446 Thompson, Suranne 89.161 Thompson. Thomas Lee 95.173,440 Thompson. Thomas Xohan 257.421 Thompson. Truett 146 Thompson. W. Hugh 257. 420 Thomson. Frank A ..202,221 Thomson. Fred L j Thomson. John Phillip 95. 276 Thomson . Mary Carol 383 Thorenen. Helen .259 Thronberry.Jonrlle 14C.1SC.260 Thorae, Virginia . TbnkilL Gabriel! 421 191 24C. 278, Ml. 383 1 Felder 133. 407 Thronton, Robert Richard 402 Thornton, Shirley L . 250 Thorp. Elsie 150 Thrash. John Curtis 51,111,239 Thrash. Robert L . .. 185.444 Thrower. Pu] Hayne 95, 273 Thurman, James V 302 Thrman, Marijo 218. 1 Thurman. Richard Waverly -. ; Tibbs, Betty Mac 51 Rice. Ardi Allowyn 95 Tiehcaor. Winifred M 313 Tidmore. George Watson: . 51 Tidmore, Hubert H 95,172 TidwelLBobC . 95 Ticmann. William Harold 82,227. 269 Tierney. Father Thomas F . ... ' " Tieroev, Tom 291 Tijerina. Pedro 171, 232 Tillenoa, Carl L .... 68. 306 Tillerson, Edwin Earl TiUett, Cassandra. 305.393 Tillett, lone 141,244.305,393 Tillett, WilberC... 402 Tilley, Joseph 82,438 Tillis. Dorothy 15 TUlman.IsobelF.nier .51 Tillson, Florence 137, 139. 16, 109. 239. 241. 375. 34 Titaon, Billy B 422 Tilton, Joan Elba. . 51 Tilton.Marjone Joyce 69.167,264 Timberlake, Robert M 421 Timberlake. Shirley 239 TimmiiB. John Wood .82.412 Tammondf, Wilbert ] C Timmons. Ima Faye 175 Tuck. David Holiday 69,416 Tindall. Helta Mitchell. 203. 237. 239. 246, 2 0. 38S. 477 Tindall, Jemirie Loree 51, 210. 233 Tindell, Marvin . 233 Tiner. LulaA 163.250.275 Tiner, Marshal! 264 Tinnin. Mar} ' Virginia 69.251.263 Tippett. Ann Maxii.e 9. 305 Tippett, Ann Maiine rips, Craig Adams .. ;. Tiptoo. David Butler 22,220.223 Tipton. Jade Ray 51.231 Tipton. William LeRoy 416 Tirey. Frank B 82,418 Tisdale. Olivia Faye 95, 1M, 263. 365 Twfale, Sammye Claire 51. 246. 364 Tittle, Charles 433 Tittle. Emmy Jane 51. 147. 250. 27S, 389 Titus. Jack Austin 437 Toequigay, Lee Ann. 143 Todaro. Martin T 153. 235. 304 Todd. Glenn Frederick 95 Todd.PatrkiaE.rle 95, IDC, 263 Todes,Lew 181.311.428 Tolsr.Jati 124,135.277 Tolbert, Arrh M .- .- Tom. Himmirv 373. 479 Tomforde, Albert Michael 51. 414 Tomlunoa, Clifton Harvey 95.172 Tomlioson. H D Tcmlmson, Peggy Ana 51.373 iCSTCS 29l!379 Tooey. DavxiE .271 Taai. August . 95 To.kom.VUi Dcward 418 Toaroy. Gwendolyn Elaine . 2T8. 214 Toad. BOOB . 272 Toomey. Joe W 95 Topleti. Kenneth L 434 Torbrtt. Gene 51.159 Torrex, Mara Santw 2C6, 474 Touh. Albert John 95 Touh, George Anthony 95.233 Totah. Robert Riehard . 95 Towler.Xancy 82. 164. 239. M9 Townsend, Ann 251,393 Townsend, Howard W 256.293,444 Townsend, Jeff 217 Townsead. Robert V 217 Townsend. Virginia U 82, 373, 473 Townsend, William B 412 Towastey. Elirabeth ... ..157,188 Tract 101-108 Tracy.Earl 286 Tracy, Paul Aubrey 51. 118, 102. 218. HO. Traeger. Mildred Trahan. Anna Ruth 275 Trahey. Dan .412 Trail, Maroane ... 175 Trainer. C. W 274 Trant. Gloria 179 Traver, Mary Ann .. 88 Travis, Lloyd Rei 51.97.287 Travis, Richard Sandow... 51.253 Traweek. Stanley 173 Traweek. Stella .183 Treadaway. Holland 105 Treadwell, Man- Maurine 69, 257, 295 Treadwell, Wilbur Collins 89 Treese, Herbert Edward 417 Treirhak. Bettye Joyce 81 Trenckmann. Charles G... 102 Treon. Roland G 69.402 Tresp. Elirabeth Ann 89. 275 Trest, Robert B 430 Trevathaa, Marjorie Faye, 51. 139. 162. 169. 221,306.159,471 Trevino. Daniel 232 TribbJe. William D 2C2.271.290 Trice, Lois Baird 386 Tr,-Cil,nCM Trice. Edward H . .108 Trimble, Russell Bernard 51.416 Trinklein, Robert .158 Tritt, Leah .191 Troell. Marie Joyce . . 51. 147. 280 Troseth. Frank ' . 151,172.273 Trotter. Jack T 223. 418 Trout, Mildred 144.359 Trout, Sophie 144,359 Trout t,AltaL 95.105 Troutt. Evelyn. Jean 22. 14C, 250, 274 Troutt. Geneva Pauline 69. 274, 480 Trowl. Thomas Graham 311 Troxell, John N 173, 231. 410 Trorwell.R.K 132 Troy. Charles Richard 82,276 Trneblood, Harry 185.229.412 Trujillo. Olwaldo A 200,229 Trull. Laura 263, 387, 394. 474 Tniog, Martha 138.165.247 f.S.C.r.CM 295 Tso. Piao 22 Tubb, George G 172.214 Tubb. James Moses Brand 401 Tubb. Martha Jane .... ..181 Tubbs, Barbara Ann ... ...17$ Tubbs, Man Beth 174 Tucker. Allen . .418 Tucker, Betty Joyce 95.165 Tucker, Ed B . . 10 Tucker. James Edward 243, 257. 291 Tucker. Joe Frank 82,257.294 Tucker, Lawrence J Ill, 291, 420 Tucker. Lillian Elirabeth 69 Tucker. Margaret Anne 51. 167. 169, 275 Tucker. Thomas B 228, 275 Tudim. Xathan 196 Tudrin. Samuel .. 198 Tuffly. Bartholomew Lewis 89, 275 Tujan.JuanR 275 Tull. Raymond H 82, 171,194 Tullos, Charles D 398 Tulloe, Jane 141, 144, 393 Tunnell, James Staart 82,279 Turek, Patty Claire 95,166,359 Turner, Dorsey Lee 81 T.JohnW Turner, Lula Lee SI Turner, Mart Benjamin . .. 279 Turner. Man Beth 82, 162. 250. 260 Tuner. Uary Jo 186 Turner. Richard L 418 Turner. Robert Lincoln 22. 44 Turner. William Earl Turns, Horace Lee SI, 181. 182. 291 Tusa,Joe US Tutt. Dorothy 281 Tntt, Julia 203.213.392 Tweedy, Joseph L 430 Twilligear. Lum E 293 Twias, Robert J 172 Twombly. Rebecca Tyler. Eula Kathleen 82.146.383 Tyler. Jack Lamar 231.437 Tyler, Jean AWred 51.184.288 Tyler. Riehard Malcolm 22.273 Tynan. Ana 140.28C.183 TyreN. Thomas Halbrrt 82.421 Tyrrell. Eliiaheth Ellen 82, 263, 291. SSS T on. Emily Aa 89. 100. 181 u Vhl. Arthur G 275,418 ntncht, Herbert Henry 89. 292 ribricht, Walter Alfred 51,172 rkar.Betty 162 1-dden.SamM 44C rilnch. France Faith .8X181 flrica. Heuu St. 17C ririch Homer 159 fmaolu. Charles L.... 117 tmstattd. James M 102.430 Frances Corinne 51.210.233 575 Name Pages Underwood, James M 233 Underwood, James Ross .69, 106, 152, 247 University of Texas Bar Association .299-301 University Opera Company 157 University Symphony Orchestra 159 Unkel.Jack 82 Upohurch, Adella 139, 393 Unchurch, Garland Rudolph 51 Unchurch, James Couch 82, 227, 280 Unchurch, James Oliver 414 Updegrove, Robert Chester 69 Upperclass Advisors 169 Upshaw, Forrest 82 Upshaw, Leonard McGaffcy 82, 233 Urban. Rosalie 259 Urbano, Isidoro 95 Urcid, Gustavo 227 Ussery, Jo Nell 260,261 Utter, Norman L 440 Utts, Martha 189 lid M, V.M.O.F Vachule, James F Vaden, William Robeit Vague, Glen Edward Vague, Thomas N Valdes, Antonio Valdes-Morales, Ferrarc " o Valdespino, Henry S?, 232, Valdez, Anthony Francis P5, Valenta, Louis E Valenta, Meta Marthalyn Valenta, Wilbert Valentine, James Warren Valenzuela, Raymundo Valkovich, George Vallance.R. L Vails, Red Valpe, Luis Van Bibber, Lucy Lou Van Buren, Douglas Dean. Van Carlowitz, Joe Van-Cura, Eloise Marie . Vance, Alma Jean Vance, Charles Ray Vance, Joyce Leslie. 163, 165, 193, Vance, Mary Martha Van Delden, Frank J Van der Veer, W. Russell Vandervoort, Arthur Stewart Vandigriff, Juanita Elaire Van Dyke, Rebecca Van Gorp, William Van Haberbake, John G . . Vanham, Joseph W Van Haselen, Elsie J 51, Van Landingham, Vanita. .69,144, Vanoy, Carol Frances 82, 166, 169, 246, Vannoy, Marjorie Vansan, Moye Van Van Sandt, Betty Jay Vargas, Victor Eduardo Varley, John Edward Varley, Margaret Varley, Mary Varner, Frank M Varnon, Beven Wilburn Vanity Debate Squad. . Vascocu, Ennis Naomi Vasicek, Victor Vasquez, Arturo Vaughan, Dorothy Vaughan, John Lloyd Vaughan, Nora Mae 52, 226, Vaughan, Robert E Vaughan, Tommy D Vaughn, Donald S Vaughn, Donna Vaughn, Jack C Vaughn, William J. H Vavra, Mary Jane Veal, Dudley L Vega-Christie, David 22, Vela, H. M ... Vela, M. A... Vela, Richard Velasco, Mary Venable, Fred S ... Vener, Al Vera, Arnoldo Vera, Jesus M Verer, AlvinS Verheyden, Virgil E Vernon, Millard Vertrees, Ralph William Vestal, Elmer Vetter, Clarer.ce G Vexler, Marvin Vick, Jennings B Vick, Mary Elizabeth 15, 137, 138, 244, 264, Vickera, Robert Bnce 52, Vickery, Edward Vickery, Robert Vickland, Arthur Ferdicand, 69, 172, Vickrey, Wilmot Victorsohn, Minette Vidaurri, Fred E 52, Vidaurri, Raphael Viehweg, John Viktorin, Frankie Joe Viktorin, Jerry Vilbig, Carrie Vilbig, Doris Margaret (Peggy), 138, 143, 186, Vilbig, William A Vile, Rae Alene 253 172 . 182, 430 , 228, 412 69,412 232, 245 214 270, 275 171, 275 ... 95 95, 290 ...173 9, 156, 232 249 172 221 232 69 82 .257 69 142,393 .... 194 260, 272, 288 389,479 95 284 95, 414 69, 276 . 82, 164 136 172 402 359, 471 286, 359 180, 213, 263, 371 199 69, 171 . . 95 266, 268 .... 95 .... 162 ... 162 ....171 ... 69 153 158, 476 118, 123 171, 232 166, 263 82 272, 291 172 ....438 .... 82 .... 263 418 82 .... 165 .402 266, 275 173 .. 227 232 .226 .... 52 ....428 232 173, 275 227 Name Pages Villafranca, Albert G . . . 52 Villanueva, Bertha . ' 32, 479 Villareal, Juan 17?, 232, 275 Villareal, Eduardo 232 Villareal, EvelioF.... 251 Vincent, Karl ..277 Vincent, Lois 96, 166, 199, 291, 393 Vineyard, Howard W 223, 422 Vineyard, Roy L 422 Vinson, Marjorie 69, 146, 260, 305, 359 Vinson, Mordecai C 171 Vinson, William Hubert 52, 267, 312 Vinup, Dal e . . . ..307 Visel, Clifton S .... ....287 Vitek, Joe Arnold ... 52, 249 Vittitoe, Dan 173 Vogel, JoeB 221 Vogel, Philip 257 Vogel, Imogene Marye 69, 149, 257, 393 Vogt, Alfred H 275 Vogt, Donald Duane 52, 195, 440 Voet, Lt. Comdr. Frederick H 308, 309 Volkman, Carol 140, 141 Von Bieberstein, Curt R 198 Von Blucher, Claudia . 15, 199, 24P, 373, 463 Von Carlowitz, Joseph A 410 Von Kreisler, Alexander 154, 159 von Rosenberg, Dale Ursini.82, 15?, 181, 194 von Rosenberg, Hermann Eugene, 82, 152, 181 von Zuben, Barbara Nell .69, 142, 246, 257, 295, 371 Vorhies, William L 265 Voskamp, Ardnie D 82, 171 Voss, Merle Virginia 140, 175, 260 Votaw, Melba Marguerite 96 Votteler, Robert P 69, 422 Vratney-Hubicka, Ladislsd 227 W Wachtel.Carl... ....173 Wacker, Harold Ben 171, 194 Waco Club 304 Waddell, Raymond 181 Waddell, Robert Wilscn S?, 248, 425 Waddill, Ray 171 Wade, Floyd A Wade, Frances Hyffi igtcn Wade, Jesse Edwin Wade, John S Wade, Marie Florence Wade, William E Waggaman, Evelyn Erskine Waggoner, Jack H Wagner, Bill Wagner, Dan Wagner, Meyer C . . . . Wagner, Pickard Earl, 444 83, 365 421 .....: 171 52, 150, 167, 169, 247, 275 274 Wagner, Robert James Wagner, Virginia Louise . . Wagner, William Grant. . Wangeschein, Miriam Wahrmund, Robert Clinton Wakefield, R. Clinton Wakefield, Robert Walch.J.J Walder, Ralph H Waldman, Carl Waldman, Selma Claire. . . . Waldron, Arthur Burch Waldvogel, Betty Frances .430 185 126, 12?, 136,414 301 170, 181,219,270, 274, 285 83,275,290 52,282,291,393 .. ..292,444 138, 241, 272 69,172 52,233 ..214 309 ..... 173 396 282, 377, 471 . . 8?, 257 52, 191, 263, 288, 362 96 290 52, 228 .198 95, 305 ...408 ... 82 ...428 . . . 96 186, 212, 389, 474 200, 440 .... 197 173, 257 243, 247 438 69, 256 228, 232 232, 446 259 96 82 278, 389 140, 142, 250, 383 52,391 Walicek, Erwin H Walicek, Peter Walker, Agesilaus W ................... 418 Walker, Albert G ..................... 440 Walker, Benjamin Richard ...... 96, 170, 171 Walker, Betty ........................ 291 Walker, Charles A ............ 181,233 Walker, Charles E ............ 152, 201, 211 Walker, Charles Vartan ......... 5?, 197, 243 Walker, Charles W ................. 194 Walker, Daniel Gordon ................ 425 Walker, Doris ... .184,381 Walker, Edna Lucile . 83, 477 Walker, Frank H ...................... 280 Walker, George Harrison ............... 96 Walker, George L . . . 264 Walker.Hazel .255 Walker, James B ....... 4!8, 427 Walker, Jane . . ............. 140 VS alker, Joan ... ..... i3r, 359, 370 Walker, Kaye ......