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-x-V i - v i) -D PUBLISHED BY TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC. THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS PI -BUSHED BY TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC. MARGARET M. CONRAD. Editor-in-Chief EARL HERRING. Associate Editor FRANKIE WELBORN. Business Manager MARY CATHERINE QUIST. Editorial Assistant I. F. CROWE. Photofr.pb; CHRISTIA.NSOVLEBERMAN. Portrait. E. M. SCHIYETZ. tr,.Color fmimtifft E RI. DILLARD. Canpo. SWtckn I M.L CE ENGRAVING COMPANY. Ejraen PLBLISHINC COMPANY. Priolen HAS BEEN EXTREMELY FORTUNATE in having so many truly great men as governors of the State to guide her through the past one hundred years. There have been many men who governed Texas who were not only famous in this great State for their accomplishments, but throughout the nation as well. The task of building a state and a university from their first conception to their present position of greatness has been a long and tedious process. Had lesser men held the reins of government during the years of trial and tribulation it is extremely doubtful that the University would have reached the position of prominence it now holds. Today the University stands as the greatest in the South and looks forward to another hundred years of Texas growth and achievement. FOR THIS REASON THE 1946 CACTUS is designed as a Cen- tennial of Statehood edition, and the growth and development of Texas and its University are traced throughout the pages. ADMINISTRATION Administrative Officials Student Government FEATURE Bluebonnet Beaux Vie - CLASSES Graduates and Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen LIMELIGHT S weetheart Bluebonnet Belles Bluebonnet Belle Nominees Goodfellows Outstanding Students LYIYS WAR DEAD i MPLS ACTIVITIES Fine Arts Publications Sororities Fraternities ORGANIZATION- Dorms and Co-Ops Honoraries Clubs Nav ATHLETICS Football Basketball Baseball Track Cross Country Golf Tennis Swimming Intramurals MEDICAL SCHOOLS At Galveston At Houston v I ij - D D - N !_. 3 - -X J o m LjovernorS of JexaA past, present and future d to all otker6 wno nave kelped to build a areater ipi and l lniverbitu tni6 book 16 dedicated I GDVERNDR COKE STEVENSDN PACE 10 K. WOODWARD THE BOARD OF REGENTS Chairman . DUDLEY K. WOODWARD, Dallas ORVILLE BULLINGTON, Wichita Falls ERNEST E. KIRKPATRICK. Brownwood WALTER H. SCHERER, Houston W. SCOTT SCHREINER, Kerrville D. F. STRICKLAND, Mission C. 0. TERRELL. Fort Worth ED B. TUCKER, Nacogdoches DAVID M. WARREN. Panhandle to ri,k : SCHERER. BU.MNfJTON. KIRKPATRICK. TUCKER. T. S. PAINTER. WOODWARD. WARREN. U1REINER. TERRELL. STRICKI OD PACI 11 T. S. PAINTER, Acting President ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICIALS J MES C. DOLLEY, Vice-President E. J. MATHEWS Registrar C D. SIMMONS Comptroller EARL CORNU ELL Bursar CHARLES SPARENBERG Auditor DOROTHY GEBAl ER Dean of Women KNO NOWOTNY Dean of Men Tux II DEANS DF SCHDDLS H. T. PARLIN Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences ALBERT P. BROGAN Dean of the Graduate School E. WILLIAM DOTY Dean of the College of Fine Arts CHARLES T. McCORMICK Dean of the School of Law PACE 14 ill 1 , AXD COLLEGES WILLIS RAYMOND WOOLRICH Dean of the College of Engineering WILLIAM FR N LS CIDLEY Dean of tke College of Pharmacy JAMES ANDERSON FITZGERALD Dean of the College of Business Administration B. F. PITTENCER Dean of the School of Education tux. 15 EX-STUDENTS ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President WALTER S. POPE Executive Secretary JOHN A. McCuRDY OFFICE STAFF Maxine Bartram Ann Fichtenbaum Pat Gillette Lola Jones Rosalie Matlock Frankie Matthews Mildred Montgomery Mary Ottenhouse WALTER S. POPE Ray Perrenot JOHN A. McCURDY The EX-STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION has been functioning on behalf of the Univer- sity and its Ex-Student body since 1885 through Texas-Ex Clubs, through state-wide committees, and through The Alcalde, the alumni magazine issued monthly, October through June. The Association is busy interpreting the University to the people of Texas and the desires and needs of the people to the University. This interpretation is directed by the Executive Council, composed of fifteen District Councilmen and six Councilmen-at-large. The program of the Association is built from year to year around the outstanding needs of the University and the major interests of the Ex-Student body. At counter: MONTGOMERY, MATLOCK. Lr t to right: BARTRAM, GILLETTE, JONES, MATTHEWS, PEHRENOT, McCURDY, FICHTENBAUM, OTTE.NHOUSE. PACE 16 I A v ' .-. . 4 . - i 1 - r - i ' ; 3 .KlU en STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION CLAYTON E. BLAKEWAY President RICHARD MOLLISON V ice-President MARJORIE DARILEK Secretary PACE 18 STUDENTS ' ASSEMBLY Tor ro : HVAS . LEWIS. MALIK. JOHNS. LISSAUER. SOLTES. SertmJ torn: HIPPLE. PHILLIPS. BLl CHER. WAY. EWINC. COOKE. TkirJ ro : MATHIS. JOHNSON. CONNOLLY. ROBINSON. ELKINS. PRICE. ART.-- Ml X.ll V ' I - Claudia V. BUcbrr Barbara Jou Cooooll. .nryjoiu Frednick F. U. i P. M.ihU. Jr. EDUCATION S. Ewinc GRADUATE Joe Malik. Jr. Eltoo D. Sohf LAW Charles T. Hwau. Jr. PHARMACY Donald W. Wa ENCINEEK1 . Clinton B. Cook Millard L. HippU Margaret L. Phi!lip Bl INF.SS ADMINISTRATION Jcqu -linr D. Lifi urr Anbiry Watn? Price FINE ARTS Ann EUins Mary Franc - Johnson Members of the Students ' Assembly pose informally after a meeting. Pad I STUDENT COURT Chief Justice RAYMOND E. RENNER RAYMOND E. RENNER ASSOCIATE JUSTICES Betty Lou Courtney Don William Morgan Jack Ritchie Ruth M. Rydell MORGAN, RYDELL, COURTNEY, RITCHIE PAGE 20 THE TEXAS UNION STAFF Director . Program Director . Business Manager LOYCE SPRATT JANE BECK LEXORE POLLAN BOARD OF DIRECTORS Student Members Clayton Blakeway. Chairman Marjorie Darilek. Vice-Chairman James Allen Frkle Henry Mary Sue Tipps Ex-Student Members Fred Adams John A. McCurdy Faculty Members Dorothy Gebauer Herschel Gipson THE TEXAS UNION is the activity center of the campus the living room of the student body. The Union building and its program are under the control and direction of a Board of Directors composed of five student , two ex-students, and two faculty members. The president of the Student- ' A M-iation i- hairman of the Union Board and the secretary of the Student- " Association is vice-chairman. The program of the Union is carried on through student committees and is as varied as the interests of the student body. The present Board is exploring the possibilities of needed additions to the Union building to take care of the increased student body and the increased demands on the Lnion s facilities. LOYCE DASON SPRATT Ufl to rifkt: DABILEK. HENRY. CEBAl EH. CIPSOV BLAKEVAY. AI.LEV TIPPS. McCt RDY. SPRATT. ; . . .: ORIENTATION COUNCIL OFFICERS Chairman Faculty Advisor MARGARET ANN PLUMMER CHARLES V. DUNHAM CHARLES V. DUNHAM MEMBERS Margaret A. Bissell Grace Burtis Fisher Culberson Homer Goehrs Lois Kirkpatrick John C. Koch Jim Smith The chief functions of the ORIENTATION COUNCIL are to edit " The Forty Acres, " handbook for new students describing the University, its campus and activities, and to plan and put on the Orientation programs. These programs are held at the beginning of each semester and serve to acquaint students with their new environment. Lr t to right: DUNHAM, BURTIS, BISSELL, KIRKPATRICK. KOCH, PLUMMER. PACE 22 Fall and Spring bring along with football and picnics factions. Fall finds students voting for assemblymen and associate justices. In the Spring the politics are the hottest with elections for student president, vice-president, secretary, yell leader, chief justice, Texan editor. Cactus editor, and. this year again. Ranger editor. y . IN MEMOHIAM V ANNIE WEBB BLANTON SAMUEL E. GIDEON LEONIDAS WARREN PAYNE ALTON PARKER THOMASON HAROLD SCRIPTNER ACKERMAN ELEANOR ELAINE BROOKS JOE HUNT SARAH FRANCES LANEY VERNER J. MOTCHMAN BEVERLY ANN O ' NEILL FREDERICK ARTHUR SIMENS GEORGIA STEVENS SIDNEY JAMES STOKES FAY ELIZABETH TOBIN PACE 24 (TO i MIRABEAU B. LAMAR President of Republic of Texas 1838-1840 IT WAS IN 1839, seven whole years before the Republic of Texas sur- rendered its sovereignty to become a member of the United States, and whili- that Republic was still embroiled in the turmoil caused by its recent revolution against Mexico, that the University. which was to become the greatest in the South, was conceived. Mirabeau B. Lamar, then President of the Republic and since famed as the father of Texas education, recommended that fifty leagues of land be set aside for a state university. Even though Mexico was still threatening momentary invasion, ami the architects of Texas were concerned with what must have seemed matters of greater and more immediate importance to the future of their country, the vision and faith which had made possible the birth of a nation did not fail them. The necessity of education in the construc- tion of a civilized community was seen, and Lamar ' s plans prevailed. The State Capital and " College Hill " were located in Austin. FUTURE FORTY ACRES ua te6 ana Vjfc f 1 LJK GRADUATES ADKINS, GALE ROY, Austin Educational Administration, 4 AK, A fi, II PZ, MICA, Ex-Servicemen ' s Association, Yankee Club, Austin Camera Club, Radio House, Tutor in Speech ALISKY, MARVIN MICHAEL HOWARD, San Antonio Journalism and Physics, AX, A4 fi, Daily Texan, Glee Club, Press Club, Rusk, Common Sense, Inter- American Association, Kamshorn, AIEE, San Antonio Club, Upperclass Club, Ex-Servicemen ' s Association, Oratorical Association ALTGELT, MINETTA OTTILIE, New Braunfels English BAETHE, LOUIS F. J., Austin Business Administration, 1A. . Friars BALDWIN, JOSEPH B., Austin English, AK, T Association, Curtain Club, Daily Texan, Graduate English Students ' Cluh BARNES, GEORGIA JERELEEN, Electra Sociology, AAA, SIE, YWCA, Co-Ed Assembly BARRETT, JOHN HERBERT, Austin Pure Mathematics BROOKS, WARREN B., Austin Chemical Engineering, Tejas, H2, IIME, AT, QXE, AIChE BURKE GEORGE ROSWELL, JR., Bay City Voice, 4 BII. 6K, Glee Club, Longhorn Octette, Chorus, A Cappella Choir, MICA, Opera Company CHAPMAN, HELEN KEITH, Austin Latin-American Government, BSU CROOM, CLEVELAND W., JR., Houston Geology, SAE DELLIS, WOODWARD ORLEANOR, Abilene Music Theory, Women Voters, Radio House, Opera Company, West Texas Club, Glamazons, BSU, Abilene Club EASON, JOHN HAROLD GILMER, Austin Chemical Engineering, 2N, A f Q, AIChE, Equestrian Club, Ex-Servicemen ' s Asso- ciation ECKMAN, MARY LOUISE, Houston English, AII, Graduate English Students ' Club EMERSON, HARRIETT ANNE, Powell Music Theory, Orchestra, Musicians, Radio House FIELDS, DOROTHY LOUISE, Beaumont Government, AZ, 4 BK. IIS A, IIA4 , Inter- American Association, Women Voters, Le Cercle Francais, Bluestockings, Co-Ed Assembly, Bluebonnct Belle Nominee FOGARTIE, JAMES EUGENE, Austin Philosophy, 4 MA, Cowboys, Presbyterian Club, Who ' s Who FOUTS, DOROTHY NELL, Denton Home Economics GARRISON, HOWARD R., Fort Worth Chemical Engineering, TBII, AIChE GILLILAND, OSCAR C, Eagle Pass Chemical Engineering, Ex-Servicemen ' s Association, Bracken ridge Hall Ann- otation, Ramshorn GORDON, LEE, Mobeetie Pre-Dental GRAMLING, ALLIE MERLE, Overton Home Economics, Foods GONZALEZ, DE GUEITS FRANCISCA, Rio Piedra, Puerto Rico Home Economics Education GUIDRY, VIRGINIA HAVENS, Houston Business Administration HALE, ORPHA LAVERNE, Austin Home Economics, Nutrition, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown HATA, FRANK TADASHI, Fowler, Calif. Electrical Engineering, TBII, HS, AIEE, MICA, Ramshorn, Intramurals PACE 26 GRADUATES HEDRICK, ELINOR M Y. Midland Spunk. AP. IAI1. Women Voter. HILL, DAMS C, Austin Sociolocr. BSt 1 . YMCA KIM. -TUN VIRGINIA F. HOUSTON, New York, N.Y. Piycnolofy. Women Voter.. Victory Co-Ed Corp . P.ycholojy A- KOLB. DORIS CHARLOTTE, Lubbock Theory LASSO, OLCA MERCEDES, Panama City, Panama Sociology. Ulm-Americu Clufc LEKER, PURA PLATTI. San G -rman, Puerto Rico Latin-American Literature, ZAIT. Ir.lcr-Ameriran Association. Lttii American Club l.KNZO. JOHN JAMES. Rochester. X. Y. T. NrwnuD Club. IntramunU LITTLEJOHN, ERIK PRICE. Marshall ,.il Ecieerin. ATQ. ASCE. VMI Alimur Club M.CRARY. JAMES LESLIE. Houston Cliniral P rliolu( I. IKI. JAMES SAMl ' EL, JR.. Dallas i -l En(inrrri3(. BOH. TBII. QXE. 4 AT. AlChE. Silver Span. l ARQLEZ. GUSTAVO E., Caracas. Venezuela Prlrolron EafintTrine. Oology. II ' K. Ljiin-Amrrir.n Club. AIME. AAPC. Clcb dr Mriiro. Student Council. Inter- American Auociation MARTINEZ. PALATOX LUIS, Mexico City, D. F. HUto rj. ZA+. Inlet- Amciican Club. I ' nion of Latii-Amrricau MILLER. INF JUNE. Harmony. Pa. P.fbolo(.y. Mrnul Hygiene Club. Y.nkrr Club. S.ine and Turn. Student Lracur. i.l.Dl Social Director Andrrn Dormitory OBATA. WILLIAM G.. Austin OemUtry. +BK. AT. AEA PENICK, EDGAR COHEN, JR., Austin Education. +AK K NDOLPH. JOHN DENNIS. Meiia MITH. MORGAN GARSED, Wallingford. Pa. hanical Engineerine. Petroleum EnfiBeerinc. AlChE. MICA. Texa, irty of Atomic Control SOLTES. ELTON DAVID. Dallas Chemical Enjineerinj. Tejai. TBI1. +AT. QXE. +HI, Public. t.ons Board. MICA. AlChE. Student.- A.sembiv STROTHER. EFFIE MAE, Pinexille, La. Home Lrooomifi, lo titutioaal Manmcemc-nt T KKN KA. GEORGE, Upland, Calif. Commanir tiott Eji(iar -rin|:, AltK TIPTON. MILDRED, Goose Creek Bu ineM Adminitrtion. +M UGHT, DATIE LOREEN, Amarillo Hwtory. WICA. Pre bytrrin Student Leafue. omen Voter VAUGHT, MARTHA EILEEN. Amarillo Hulorr. VIC A. omen Voter . Pteabyterian Student WHITE. WILLIAM LYNN, Dallas Admini.tration. KA. Ei-Serricemee ' i Auacialion. WII.I.IAMS, LLOYD PYRON, Dallas Hiuex. mad Philoopby of Education WINDSOR, PRENTISS C. Muleshoe tol).b. Graduate Enfliib Student ' Club P 27 SENIORS ABBOTT, CALVIN ROGER, Electra Sociology. Radio House, Hogg Debate Society, Glee Club, Varsity Debate, YMCA, Presbyterian Club ADAMS, GWENDOLYN, Sulphur Springs Business Administration, Northeast Texas Club ADAMS, NELL KATHRYN, Waco Sociology, Wesley Foundation, YWCA, Shangri La ADAMS, WINIFRED E., Odessa Art. WICA, GUmazon . Art Students ' Association, Cap and Gown, Canteen Aide, West Texas Club AGNEW, KATHRYN JEAN, San Marcos Business Administration, A f , BBA, Cap and Gown ALEXANDER, HELEN CUNNINGHAM, Kenedy Drama, r4 B, Brats, Curtain Club, Radio House, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Sidney Lanier, University Singers, Touche ALEXANDER, JAMES RICHARD, Dallas Law, 1AM, Hillel, Quizmaster ALLEN, GLORIA PATRICIA, Georgetown Journalism, AAA, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Daily Texan ALLEN, RUBY RAE, Poplar Bluff Bacteriology ALPARD, CHARLOTTE, Wharton Plan II, HIO. UTSA, WICA. Cap and Gown, Clamazons, Women Voters. Bow and Arrow ALSTON, EMMA LOU, Livingston Home Economics, Teacher Education, WICA, YWCA, Wesley Foundation, Women Voters, Glamazons, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Cap and Gown, Home Kronomics Club ALVES, MARY VIRGINIA, Washington, D. C. Economics, KAO, Orange Jackets, University Co-Op Board ANDERSON, ESMA ELIZABETH, Austin Music. Organ, M E, Glee Club, Rsdio House, BSU, WICA. University Musicians. University Singeis, University Symphony, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee ANDERSON, KITRIDGE, Austin Bacteriology, AEA, 4 , Research Assistant in Bacteriology ANDREWS, BETTY M., Corpus Christi Business Administration, BBA, YWCA, Cap and Gown, Common Sense, Forensica, Nurse ' s Aide ANTHONY, BERNICE JOSEPHINE, Houston Business Administration, Secretarial, BBA, WICA, Women Voters, Cap and Gown APPLEWHITE, TOMMIE ANN, Corpus Christi Home Economics, Teacher Education, BSU, WICA, Glamazons, Home Economics Club, Corpus Christi Club ARGESO, SAID MEHMED, Istanbul, Turkey Mechanical Engineering ARLEDGE, MARJORIE ANN, Orange English, Giiscom Speakers, Curtain Club, Reagan ARNOLD, JEANNE MARIE, Austin Art Education, Art Students ' Association ASTON, DAVID, Farmersville Pre-Law, KK . MICA, BSU, Longhorn Band, Pre-Law Club AVINGER, JOHN MAGRILL, Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, AIEE, Cowboys, T Association, Varsity Baseball BABB, NANCY, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Zoology BACHLE, NELDA MARIE, Nordheim Business Administration, AZ, BBA. AAA, Cap and Gown, Blue- bonnet Belle Nominee, Upperclass Advisor SEMDRS BAETEN. VAL CLAIRE, San Antonio Buinrft Administration. BBA. U ICA. Newman Club. (Jppercla Advi or BALACIA, JEANETTE HELEN, Austin Bu.inr.. Adminittration. BBA. Women Voter-. WICA BALLARD, WILLIAM THOMAS, Mt. Pleasant Chemical En ( inc.-rinc. I1KA. AIChE. Northra.t Trxa. Club BARFIELD. RICHARD SHIRLEY, Sour Lake M.. hniri Knjinrrrinj. KK-t-. ASME. l.onghorn Band. Southeast Texas Club. Rarm- k-orn BARNES, PATRICIA ANNE, Dallas P yrholn(y. I1B+. Student. ' .Vv-mblY. Pzatlx. Poona. Mental Hyiiene Club, dnteen Aide. Cactus. Women Voter . Blurbonnrt Belle. Cap and Gown. Dalla Club BARNES, PAUL OLIVER, St. Louis, Mo. Klrrtriral Engineerinc. AIEE. MICA. Ram.horn, Poorr Sho. Yankee Club BARRINGTON. WILLIAM EARL. San Diego, Calif. Bu-inrw Anmini.tralion. NROTC. MICA BARRON. MARYDEAN WALDEN, Austin Home Economic . AZ. Women Votrrs, Httmr Eronomic Club. U lry Foundation BARTLETT, HELEN DALE, Haskell Bij-in.-.. ilmini-tralion. BBA. BI ' I. AAA. I(.A. i.ri-mm Speakers, ans A-Ui-or. Women VolT . Co Ed Assembly BAL( UMAX JAMES B., Seguin Hi-t..r . Ki. H BALM, LILA LEE. Fort Worth Business Administration, A4K. Cap and Conn. Hillrl, Fort Worth Club BEALL, BETTY BALDWIN, Dallas English. ZTA. AAA. 11AO. Oran R - Jarkcto, Mortar Board. Studmt- ' A- rnMv. Cultural Entertainment Committee. Womrn Voter . Co-Ed Axcmbly. CAP and Coun. A-hhel BK ' n . KLEANOR LUCILLE, Orange Home Eronomir ., AAA. Home Economic Club, Cap and Gown. Glamazon-. Southra-t ( ' tub BEATY. FREDERICK LEE, New Braunfels Enrli.h. +HI BEAZLEY. PATSY GATEWOOD. San Angelo Enflith. ZTA. YWCA. Cap and Coon. Radio House. Wet Texa. Club BECK. BEVERLY JUNE, San Angelo EnjlUh. 7.TA. IA1I. IT8A. Orrbesw. Bluebonnel Belle Nominee. Wet Trxa Club BECKELHYMER. VERONICA JENNIE, Houston Colot.. AX, BEENE. MARY LOUISE, Port Arthur Barteriolugy. TAA. 4 1. Cap and Con BELL. WILLIAM STERLING, Austin BENNETT. JANE MARIE, Normangee Muir K.luratinn. Piano and Clarinet. M+K. I niwt-iiv tu-i.-ian-. Radio Houf. Glee Club. Women Voter . WICA. Symphonic Band BERGMAN, PATRICIA WEBB, Port Arthur Pijrrbolucy. KAH. ISO. Curtain Club. Orrhr-U. Cabaret Revue BERKMAN. DORRACE MARIE. Au-tin Home Economic . Home Economic Club, Cap and Gown BERRY. FRANCES LEE, Au,tin ButineM Administration. AZ. BBA, Cap and Gown BERRYHILL. BETTY M., Petrolia Sociology. I " 4 B. GrUcom Speaker . Mental Hygiene: Club. Wichita Fall club Pcr 29 SENIORS BETTISON, VERA MAE, Galveston English, ZTA, Pzatlx, YWCA, Cap and Gown, Biucbonnet Belle Nominee, Sweetheart Nominee BEVERIDGE, JOHN HERBERT, Pasadena, Calif. Mechanical Engineering, IITS, ASME BIGELOW, UNA JANE, Victoria English, Curtain Club, Glee Club, Cap and Gown BIRDWELL, ROXIBETH, Richmond Business Administration, KKT, Cap and Gown, Cactus, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Business Administration Assistant, Houston Club BLANDIN, JACQUELINE H., Wichita Falls Home Economics, Costume Design, AXQ, YWCA, Spooks, Women Voters, Biucbonnet Belle Nominee BLANEY, WILLIAM HECTOR, JR., Dallas Chemical Enginering, Tejas Club, OXE, TBII. A4 , MICA, AIChE, Ramshorn, Intramurals, Editor Journal of Architecture, Engineering, and Industry, Dallas Club BLOCKER, JEANNETTE JOYCE, Austin Drama Education, AX2, Curtain Club, Cap and Gown, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Northeast Texas Club, Texarkana Club BLOUNT, DORIS MARIE, Hillsboro Elementary Education, ACE, WICA, Cap and Gown BOHAN, HARRIET DAVIS, Dallas Spanish, YWCA, WICA, Canterbury Club, Inter-American Association, Cap and Gown BOHN, IRMA GERTRUDE, Austin Home Economics, Child Development, WICA, Home Economics Club, Lutheran Stuc ' ents ' Association BOLTON, KATHLEEN SYBIL, Houston Nutrition, .AT, Home Economics Club, Radio House, Women Voters, Blue- bonnet Belle Nominee BOND, BARBARA JEAN, Joplin, Mo. Sociology, BSU, Griscom Speakers, Yankee Club, Cap and Gown BOOE, MYRTLE DEAN FREEMAN, Galveston Pharmacy, KE, Mortar and Pestle Club, American Pharmaceutical Association BOREN, CLARE PAYNE, Henderson Business Administration, Transportation, XQ BOSE, BERTRAM LOUIS, New Braunfels Engineering, NKOTC, ARE, Intramurals BOURKE, ADELE MAE, Weatherford Law, XSJ, DAR, Women Voters BOURNE, BETTY JO, Sebastian Journalism, Cap and Gown BOWER, ROBERT BRUCE, Kansas City, Mo. Engineering, NROTC, NROTC Glee Club BOWMAN, JOAN PHYLLIS, Longview Chemistry, UTSA, Bow and Arrow, Swing and Turn, Women Voters, Cap anj Gown, Northeast Texas Club BOYD, MARION G., Abilene Home Economics, Nutrition, A f , Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Abilene Club BOYSEN, DORIS ELIZABETH, Edinburg Spanish, Cap and Gown, WICA, Club de Mexico BRADFORD, GERTRUDE J., Brenham English BRADLEY, BETTY VIRGINIA, Houston Elementary Education, ACE, Touche, Present Day, Nurse ' s Aide, AWVS, Cactus, Daily Texan, YWCA, Women Voters, Mo dels Club, Glamazons, Houston Club BRADLEY, ELIZABETH B., Brownwood Zoology, Yankee Club, Cap and Gown SENIORS BRAND, HELEN MARILYN. Syracuse. N. Y. Exli fc. A . Pirtiu. But.. Tullr Clfc. Yamkn- Clk. TV Eton. SAB aloei Club BRANS I ' M. MARCHETA. Alic M ic EtWatio . AF . M Bcllr kia . Gl Cl. Hup BRANSON. PATRK I ANN. Harlir . AAD. Cap aaJ Gaw. Brat . SM ' I. I pprla A Vwac BRATTON. ELIZABETH ANN. Houston Mn Ed .lio.. +. Cler O.h. Nr. . Clmfc. BRAL. MARJORIE ANN. Scaly ACE. C.p a BR.AZIL. BILLYE LOUISE, LomeU BRENN N. PATRK I NE, Laredo Ptr-MfJ. Cacwdir. A.VA. K.II. TAA. Op ud Co ra. Taitlr Clok BRETZ. BARBARA JOAN. Clebunw KA6. Mul Hnhx Clk. Car Clnfc. BREWSTER. FRANCES EDNA. Aransas Pass .i Couril. Voani Votrn BRINK N. PEGGY LEE, Houston . ZTA. Put!.. Tec Omk BRIXEY. MILDRED LOUISE. Wcslaco r. TICA, Cap ud Con BROOKS, CONOLY OUZTS. JR_ Corpus Christi BROOKS. EUNICE MILDRED, La Feria C1lMuil Edratio, ACE. miCA. Cap mmt Co BROOKS. MYRTIS BERNADINE. Houston Drama. Dirrcting. Pla Writing. Curtail) Club BROTZMAN. HOMER DEANE. Rio Hondo NBOTC BROWN. BETTY MAE. Hubbard Edrnx-atioa. ACE, Cap aaW Gen BROWN. MAURICE LEE. Kansas City. Mo. EaiarTiac. HE, TBII. IKE. AIMME. BROWN. PATRIOA B_ Corpus Christi An. Clce Ok. Cp Chridi Clk BROWN. PAT- 1 ! i . Dayton SacMloc . AS2. AAA. AKA. ard Cvn. Nave ' Aidr . Si Wr Laaurr. Volet.. Cap BROWN. VIRGINIA FRA r . Texarkana -.. M. DAR. Caatae Ai r. L ' pprreUaa AaHiaw. Texai au Omk BRUCHSALER. HELEN FELICE. Dallas Itaii.r AdBiaidralioai. Latia-Awrx-u TnoV. AE+. AAA. Co-Ed 1i aii ' ] Pmr D Clak. ida Laaicr. Cap ai Va tCT BRYANT. WILLIAM RANDOLPH. Shrnnan . H oc Caoril. Ei-S Ve,,. fppcr- Bl H N PATTEN. Mineola S4drr Laautr. Cap ud Bl H N N. M RY LEA. Wichita Fall? r ilia ii HaiMatmim A+. Cap mi Cvn. Stfpbw Cl.k. DAK. WaM Vatcn. BM . YmCA. Waiu Fall. Clob SENIORS BUEHRING, H. TERRY, Yoakum Business Administration, Law, AZIT, Ex-Servicemen ' s Association, South-Central Texas Club BURCHARD, FRANCES JANE, Gonzales Home Economics, IIB i , Home Economics Club, Home Economic Guidance Committee, Present Day, Brats, YWCA, Panhellenic BURGHER, BETTY, Dallas Psychology, KKI ' , Turtle Club, YWCA. Dallas Club BURKE, MARY KATHLEEN, Bay City English. BK. AAA, 2AII. Bluestockings. Opera Company, Musicians, Singers. A Cappella Choir, WICA, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Clamazons, Presbyterian Student League, Glee Club, Upperclass Advisor BURNAM, CLEMANCE WARREN, Dallas Chemistry. ! BURNETT, PHYLLIS MARION, Amarillo Chemistry, I fT, IIA I , Cap ami Gown, Women Voters, Upperrla--, Advisor, T ' ltor BURNETT, THOMAS JEFFERSON, JR., Houston Geology, Srtl, Ex-Servicemen ' s Association, Canterbury Club BURTIS, GRACE JACQUELINE, Fort Worth Home Economics, AAII, Orientation. Glee Club, Present Day, Canteen Aide, Hcme Economics Club, Fort Worth Club BURTON, HELEN R., Dallas Sociology, Psychology BUSBY, HORACE WOOTEN, JR., Fort Worth Journalism, SAX, Daily Texan Editor, Friars, Who ' s Who, Press Club BUSBY, JEAN EVELYN, Dallas Music, M+E, AAA, Symphonic Band. Co-Ed Assembly BUTLER, CHARLES THOMPSON, JR., Beaumont Geology, K+, Sl ' E, AIMME. Glee Club, Anthropology Assistant BUTLER, INEZ MARJORIE, Texas City Chemistry, Freshman Fellowship Club, BSU, YWCA, Calveston Club, Cap and Gown BUTLER, JANET SUE, Bethany, Mo. Drama, Curtain Club BUTTERY, VIVIAN PEARL, Llano Business Administration, Commercial Teaching. AAII, BBA, Canteen Aide BUTTS, RUBY JANETTE, Pleasanton Home Economics, Home Demonstration, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown BUTZ, JOHN BERNARD, Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering, AIMME CAMMACK, ELMORE, Kilgore Business Administration, Accounting, BA , Ex-Servicemen ' s Associa- tion, MICA, Gregg County Club CAMPBELL, FLORA KEITH, Austin Bacteriology, ZTA, Bluestockings. Pierian, DAR, Co-Ed Assembly. Intramurals, YWCA, Cap and Gown, French Club CANTRELL, REX C., Breckenridge Electrical Engineering, AIEE, Ramshorn CARDWELL, MARYANNE, Luling English, ZTA, Reagan, YWCA, Present Day, Pzatlx, Bluestockings CARLETON, BETTE JEAN, Garland Home Economics, Nutrition, Home Economics Club, Wesley Foundation, YWCA, Houston Club CARLSON, HOWARD ALLYN, Omaha, Neb. Electrical Engineering, ATA, H, AIEE, Ramshorn, V-12 CARR, SUE FRANCES, Floresville Home Economics, ON, Home Economics Club, Freshman Fellowship, WICA, Co-Ed Assembly, Cap and Gown, Women Voters SENIORS CARRINGTON. WALTER ROBERT. Austin .. Ex-Vn AautiatiM CARTER. MON GARY. JR., Fort Worth dmiilritto i, Kl t RTER. JOHN BOYD. JR.. Houston CowrameM. 1AE. Ol.-- TM t. MMMI.. Inl, Coucil c M. . I K1 HEIEN. Na,-o|!doches - .pt r Cl.b. !-. (U.lee. Aide ( H LEFF. HILDA NN Mr Alien Jo.rm.liun. A+E. 1AII. B1+. Mort.r Board. Jacket.. Cap aid Cool. Tome. Voter . Co-Ed McmMv. KoreD.ica. PrrK-.! Day. Hillel. Cactm. Dail Tex... Blurboonrl Belle CHAMBERS, ELLEN ADELE. D a lU CWvittrr. ZTA H I1MON M.MA JfANITA. Au-tin . Opm to-, .. . S;rhi Cap ud ( H E. PR1SCILLA MYRTIS. Royakton. Mass. I+. +1. IlKr-Coop Counrjl. V.lhalU. ICA. Co-Ed Anc-mM? CHAIDOIN. ENELYN. Harlingen Plu II. .-]. Fooaj.lio. YCA. Cap nd Co. Vomrn K . DpfMUcUai Adtitor CHILE . l. l LORENE. San Antonio B.ct, r,.l. - AXC. TAA. SidiM-T Laiirr CHRISTIAN. FRITZ YODAKIS. Austin Jol} CHRISTIAN. IYELLA JAMES. Austin ( I Kk. ROY LEE. Temple Drama. Diiwtini. AXA. Clufc. CLEMENTS. BETTY DICKSON. Wharton Spaauh. KA6. WCA. ow Volrr.. Horkada; Cl.b CLIFT. JEANNETTE ELWOOD. Houston Drama, il " . ConaU Club. Stephen Club COCREHAM. GERAL DEAN. Trinity Home Erocomir.. Tejrker Education. Co-Ed A mbl.. Cap aid Com. Home EroBomir. Cl.b. WICA. Rrd Cm.. B 1 . ' omei Voter., m bn ' . ho. Blurbomnet Belle Nomwee. l " pperrl Advnor COHEN. JOHN FRANKLIN. Denver, Colo. COLE. BYRON CROSIER. Austin MHX Admi.iralio.. Uarletix- Soohomorr Club. VMCA. MICA. Es-Sericemea COLE. JOM K I RIE, Mr Allen Socioioiy. r B. AKA. Ctnlre. Aide. VS. Cap and Co . VC . Rare ana. Womeji Voter,. Reacac. Curtail Clb. Pnw Club. Cact. Daily T Fellonmiai COLEMAN. NORMAN GREGG. Houston M- !uairal Emporrruc. +fi. HT1. ASME. COLLINS, EARL L.. Dallas Ad-rti.iBC- SX. T Aooriatiov. Track. National Colle(iale Ml-Amrriraa Track Team. Dalla. Clmk COLLIN-. - H H EMILY. Runge ' . Cay UK! Co c. Tomea Voirr . I [[ rrU-. AdviMtr COMSTOCK, FREDERIC GEORGE, Den r, Colo. B.ii.rm Admiii ratioa. Arcoomiat. HE. Yimkee Clb. latramvaU. NROTC CONDRAY. MARGARET E., Paris Eacliak. IAII. HAS. BI-.locLiac.. Vomei Voten. Nonbra.1 Teu Club. Pan. Clmb Pace SENIORS CONRAD, MARGARET MONTGOMERY, Houston Zoology, KKF, Cactus Editor, Who ' s Who, Women Voters, Sidney Lanier, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, YWCA, Cap and Gown COOK, ELLEN PECK, Texarkana, Ark. Costume Designing, M, Women Voters, Presbyterian Student League, Co-Ed Assembly, Texarkana Club COOK, VIRGINIA LEE, Kansas City, Kans. Drama, Acting, Curtain Club, Yankee Club COOKE, CLINTON B., Gardena, Calif. Mechanical Engineering, B " T2, TBII, ASME, Ramshorn, Students ' Assembly COOPER, FRANCIS LAVALLEE, Houston Economics, NROTC CORMAN, ROSEMARY, Carlsbad, N. Mex. Bacteriology, 4 S, Cap and Gown CRAMER, MARIAN LENORE, Pharr Physiology, Mortar Board, Touche, Physiology Assistant, Women Voters, Upperclass Advisors, Who ' s Who CREIGHTON, JOHN ROY, JR., Mineral Wells Business Administration, AX CROUCH, ROBERT BEVERLY, Austin Zoology, Chemistry, X4 , Interfraternity Council CROW, NEIL EDWARD, Hope, Ark. Chemistry, AEA, Intramurals CRUCE, RAYMOND VIRGIL, Smithland, Ky. Petroleum Engineering, ITE, AIMME, Rusk CULBERSON, BETTY ANNE, Pampa Education, English, AI ' , Glamazons, Cap and Gown, Women Voters CURCI, RAYMOND LEWIS, Hawthorne, Calif. Electrical Enginering, H2, TBII. AIEE, Ramshorn CUTRELL, MARTIN THOMAS, JR., Pine Bluff, Ark. Electrical Engineering, BSU, Ramshorn, Intramurals DAIGLE, ELAINE MAXINE, Houston Psychology, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Mental Hygiene Club, BSU, Houston Club DANIEL, JOYCE MURRELL, Palestine Geology, F B, Smilodon, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, YWCA, Race Commission, Reagan DARILEK, MARJORIE MARIAN, Moulton Journalism, 024 , Secretary Students ' Association, Who ' s Who, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, WICA, Newman Club, Czech Club, Cap and Gown, Pzatlx, Co- Ed Assembly, Freshman Scholarship, Union Board, Daily Texan, Cactus, Intramurals, MICA Sweetheart, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Sweetheart Nominee DAUGHTREY, MARILYN FRANCES, San Benito Music Education, AAA, Musicians DAVENPORT, DALE GRAY, San Saba Business Administration, Accounting, A II, MICA DAVIS, JOHN SHELTON, Kilgore Government, P re -Law, Hogg, MICA, Ex-Servicemen ' s Association DAVIS, MABEL CAYLOMA, Conroe Pre-Med, T4 B, TAA, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Rainbow Club, Houston Club, Ueperclass Advisor DAY, EFFIE JEAN, Plainview Sociology, Forensica, Women Voters, Nurse ' s Aide, Present Day, Cap and Gown Council, Common Sense DAYE, GEORGE THOMAS, Tyler Bacteriology, BSU DEAN, FRANCES JANE, Katy Business Administration, Plan I, Cap and Gown, BSU, WICA, YWCA, Houston Club SENIDHS DcARMOND. BARBARA ANN. San Antonio Eaflkh. Git Club. Brau. San Antonio Club DEATHE. EARL PORTER. JR, San Antonio Adminittratioa. MICA. YM . Club. San Antonio Club DECENHARDT. WILMAR WALTER, Wittenberg, Mo. Mechanical Eajiaeeriat. PA. ASVE. Yaalee Club DEHAY. THOMAS. San Antonio Baaiao Admininratios. Transportation DELGADO-VEGA, EDUARDO. Madero. Mex. EnciareriBi. Club de Mcjjco. ASCE. MICA. Ramtbora DICKERSON. ARTHUR F.. Seguin Electrical EaciBeeriaf. +MA. Clee Club, l.tmfk on Quartet. Iiled Cham. Melodeer.. MICA. AIEE. Rioubon. UtraaonU DIERLAM. OLA ANN. Bay City Sociolc VIC A. In- r-Coop AMoriilion. Intrr-Vrty Cinn n Frllo .hip. Clce Club. Valkill DIETZ. CLIFTON Karnes City Ox-mi. " .. AT. Syvvkouc Bnd. Mu.iriam.. Smlben CrmtlcBrB DIPPEL. JOHN CARL. Carbondale. I1L Urrtii.-il frnprnftrimt. AIEE. MICA. Vukec Club. H ! . UlK IMINM.SON. JEAN ELIZABETH. Weslaco n. Give Club. Cutn-u Aide DOLCETTE. MARIE LOUSE. Houston Al ' IT A. Toock . YWCA. Women Volfr. Culm Aide. Club DOUGLAS. JIM. JR.. Austin Civil Eiii r -riie. ATA. +HS. IE. TBII. ASCE. J mnal of Aichi- tectwr. fj4. ami t. awl ImdmtUj DOUGLASS. RUTH ANN. Sherman Enflua axl SpaniUi. KKT. IAH. HAfl. PirriaB. rl-v Foundation. Ormmfr Jacket.. Uonar Board. ITnnirB Votrr . Uppcrclax Advisor. BloefcoBKct Belle Nominee DOW. EDWIN BLAIR. Fort Worth CkBucal Eafineenur. BaaaiBarn AlChE. A-of iale Editor. Journal of Aicii- Mcnue. EBpneering and Indunrr. MICA. Fort Woclfc Club DOWNING. WILLARD OTIS. Council Bluffs, Iowa DRYDEN. MARJORY MAUDE, Comfort Horn EroBoauet. CUM DnelopaKBI. Cap and ion. Tatleloa Club. YWCA. ACE. i Club Voters. Pi b;telian DUDERSTADT. MARY JO, Yorktown Sociolo,. AXO. Sidney Lauier. Cap ad CcmB. Wo Student Learue. Upperclaw Advi oc DUDLEY. BETTY NEEL, Dallas Horn-- Eroouoiir.. AAA ni . ;ER. EILEEN ELIZ. ' VBETH. Mexico at . DJ. . Utin-ABK.-K-an Club. Club de Meiko. Ne man Club DUGONE. M RIE ELAINE, Phillips DU MENIL. SYLVIA ESTHER. Se uin HOUM- Er ooaBin. Cap and Con. Hane EcoBonirt Club. U . Inter-Coop A orUtioa) I 1 NKI.E. JANE BRITE. Marfa Cealary. KKT. +BK. AAA. BI.I-. Canter Club. Smilodon. Bow aad Arrow. Co-Ed A.-mhl . Co-Ed Council. Blaeaoaaet Belle Nomiaee. UppercUaa Adriaot DUNLAVEY. BETTY. McAllen Admiairtration. Secretarial. AXC. BBA. Canteen Aide. YC . Vo DU PtY. ERMA JEAN. Dallas P..CBOIOI-.. XC. Woavea Voter.. BlueboaBet Belle Nominee. Intramut.l.. Cap and Con. Cactu.. Dalla. Club - SENIORS DURHAM, TRULA FLORENCE, Driscoll Business Administration, International Trade: Latin- America, AZ, BBA. Cap and Gown, Women Voters DURWAY, JOSEPH ROBERT, Fort Worth Spanish, 1 A 1 1 , Classical Club, Inter- American Association, Presbyterian Student League DVORACEK, HELEN ANN, West Physical Education, A6, WICA, Czech Club. PEM Club, Inter-Coop Association DWYER, PATRICK EARL, El Paso Business Administration, Law DYER, ADA RUTH, Baird Physical Education, WICA, PEM Club DYER, MARIAN ELIZABETH, Baird Physical Education, WICA, PEM Club EASON, MARJORIE RUTH, Austin Applied Mathematics EASTWOOD, HERBERT K., San Marcos Pre-Mcd, ATA, Ex-Servicemen ' s Association ECKERT, JAMES E., San Antonio Electrical Engineering, TBIT, AIEE, Ramshorn, Glee Club EDGAR, MARY LOUISE, Waco Hii-m.,, Administration, Transportation, Cap and Gown, YWCA. Waco Club EDMONDS, LESTER LOYD, JR., Waco Advertising, ASH EDWARDS, ALTA IONE, Terrell Business Administration, Air Transportation. ZTA. BBA. YWCA, Cap and Gown EDWARDS, JOE WARD, JR., Houston Government, MICA, YMCA, Curtain Club EGGERS, EDITH ADELE, Galveston English, KA8, Spooks, Ashbel, Bluestockings. Co-Ed Assembly, Galveston Club EICHELBERGER, THOMAS WHITE, Denver, Colo. Mechanical Engineering, IIT, ASME, Track EIMANN, LILLIAN S., Brenham Business Administration, Commercial Education, BBA, FA, Lutheran Students ' Asso- ciation. Cnp and Gown EISEN, FLORENCE BETTY, Beaumont Business Administration, BBA, Hillel, Canteen Aide ELDER, JOHN BLANTON, Dallas Applied Mathematics, NROTC, Varsity Debate, Hogg, Curtain Club, Radio House, YMCA, MICA, Intramurals, NTAC Club, Presbyterian Student League, Freshman Fellowship ELLWOOD, ELSIE MARSHALL, Shreveport, La. Spanish, ZTA, YWCA ELLZEY, H. JANE, Cuero Home Economics. Teacher Education, Home Economics Club, Southwest Texas Club, Cap and Gown ELWELL, HARRY H., JR., Galveston Business Administration. Management, 111 1 .. De Molay, Mason. Galveston Club EMBRY. JAMES GAVIN, Butler, Mo. Electrical Engineering, Yankee Club ENGLISH, MARIE JOYCE, Moran Business Administration, Accounting, BBA, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor EPPERSON, JOHN CLEVELAND, JR., Alpine Business Administ ration, 4KT, AS II, Ex-Servicemen ' s Association, Longhorn Boxing Club PACE 36 SENIORS ERICKSON. CHARLES BARNETT. Bridgeport. Conn. CM Mini Eaior.rit. CSE. MICA. AlChE. loltiB.ur.1. ERTER. BONNIE MAE. Houston SoriolofT. A . Spook . Hooxoa Club. Blackout Brll-. Soretkcwt n . Txr. Mori Bra.iifiil CitU. Aqua Cumiiral Qncra Voauawc ETHEREDCE, MORRIS U Dallas P,i,lr- Eocix-rri. . AIMME. MICA El BANK. MARY MARGARET, Hillsboro Spunk. " V YmCV I pprrrlau Adrwor EVANS. AUSTIN EDWARD, Alvin BtiaKa AdKiBKtr.lioo. A Q. " MICA. Voter FouwUlioo E NS. DAVID T., JR, Big Spring Bwn AdnuiiMruioB. ldmIrUI ud Plodortioo ATA. A+C. YMCA. Bit Sprue CUk K N . JOHN EDWARD. JR., Robstown wu Aaiilr.lioo. ATX Slximtt ' Coopenlin A-ocUlio. Durc Comtniltrr. EVANS. MARY VIRGINIA. Tela. Honduras E fli) . BSl . m 1CA. Su Mi. co. Araormt Aociili EUING. JEANNE SYBIL, La Porte Speerh Uaratioo. AAH. HA9. uxl Con. Radio How. Howie. Club. A-mklT. BI-rkouM BclU V, ' atrn. StdtV F IIJ5. JOYCE, Taylor Ejlk. AZ. Bo awl Ano.. FARLEY. J. MM KM. San Francisco, Calif. . 1 STK-OCC nd Tactio. Nr ta Clni.. NBOTC. XTAC Clmfc. Spu Yarn. FARMER. ELISABETH MOSBY, Junction Sptau k. ZTA. 1AI1. lalrr- Amrriral Clk . TWCA. m paira Till II FARRINGTON. WILLIAM HARROLD. JR.. Fort Worth Jo.rnalia,. Vr.maii Clob. MICA. Curtail Club FKNNER. LETA LA NOE, Edna Sp au !l. H V ..!. Foudalioe. S.mpkoOK- Baxj. Cautrfl Aide. Ctf aad Cora. I ' pprrrLaw Adriaor FERGESON. JOHN BILLIARD. Brownwood rlil Ada.iaiMr.Hoo. frr ammel Uanatrnral. Tarirloa MICA. lmran urlt FERGLSON. MALCOLM DOUGLAS. Austin Bukia m 4 Ftmrnmn. LH FERGUSON. SARA FRANCES. Dallas Spun . lAn. AAA WILLIAM BROWNLEE, Houston EZ. 1 45 Cam Editoc. Stvoratt Cout. iMrrfralrrmilf HOB. Siltrr |-ui. Scertkean Elmkio Plhlicatioati Board FEUILLE. ANNE ALOISE. El Paso cv ZTA. El Pa- Clk. Vrolal H (K-IK- Clck FIELD, BERTHA JEAN. Alice Adaiai lratioo. Plan I. ATA. YmCA. Cap ad Co.. FIELD. LENORE C. San Bernardino. Calif. r. A F_ Fore Mica. Mralal Hftfrm, Qk. VoK-r. FLETCHER. NINA MRGINIA. Dallas Soriolocr. 1( YVCA. ..! FooKdatiod. Cap aid Con FLOWERS. DOROTHY. Dallas Sorioloc?. HB . Camm Aidr. Fn BelU Frllamlrip. YmCA. Dalla. CUfc. FORREST. ERNESTINE. Dallas Hi.t AAH. Cai. Aior. Fil ,. DalU Clk rac . fej? SENIORS FOX, DONALD CLEMENT, Tucson, Ariz. Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Varsity Track, Ramshorn FOX, MILTON ERNEST, Shreveport, La. Petroleum Engineering. TIE, I.TE, A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, Octette FOX, SALLY B., Austin Journalism, 0S I , WICA, Co-Ed Assembly, Press Club, Women Voters, Daily Texan, Cactus, Cap and Gown, Mortar Board, 30 Club FOY, DUDLEY BRYAN, JR., Corpus Christi Naval Science and Tactics. A6, NROTC FRANCIS, BERYL KATHRYN, San Antonio Covernmen:, A4 , Reagan, YWCA, Brats, Women Voters, Government Assistant FRANCIS, RUTH ELEANOR, Stamford Business Administration. AF, BBA, Stephens Club, Cap and Gown, YWCA, Wesley Foundation FRANK, NATHAN, Monterrey, Mex. Architectural Engineering, Club de Mexico, Latin-American Club, Pan-American Club, Hillel FRANKLIN, JAMES RICHARD, Port Arthur Mechanical Engineering, Ramaborn, ASME, Intramurals, MICA, Navy Drum and Bugte Corps, Southeast Texas Club FRAZIER, CORNELIA ELIZABETH, Big Spring Voice, KKF, Musicians, Radio House, Opera Company, A Cappella Choir, Glamazons, Women Voters, Big Spring Club FRAZIER, VIOLET KATHRYN, Corpus Christi History. Government, DAR FRIEND, KATHERINE, Waskom Bacteriology, Wesley Foundation, WICA, Inter-Coop Association FRUIT, EMILY ELIZABETH, Houston Applied Mathematics, KA6, UTSA, Orchesis, Ashbel, Cap and Gown, Houston Club FURLOW, MARY JANE, Dallas Psychology. XQ, Newman Club, Women Voters, Clamazons, Mental Hygiene Club, Dallas Club GALLMAN, BARBARA ANNETTE, Cotulla Music Education, ATA, Symphonic Band, Musicians GARCIA, MARIA SALOME, McAllen Bacteriology, Latin-American Club, Club de Mexico, Cap and Gown GARRETT, LUTHER WEAVER, Athens Chemical Engineering, H, 1 AT, S2XE, AIChE GARSTON, SHIRLEY, Fort Worth Sociology, Cap and Gown, Mental Hygiene, Hillel, HIO, Fort Worth Club GASKILL, HELEN ELDORA, Dallas Education, AAA, WICA, YWCA GENTRY, BARBARA ANN, Dallas Spanish, ZTA, 2AH, Ashbel, Ownooch, Dallas Club, YWCA, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Assembly GEORGE, NELL MARIE, Iowa Park Business Administration, Secretarial GERLACH, MARY JOYCE, Marshall Drama, Curtain Club GIBBS, GEORGE BUTLER, Austin Chemical Engineering, TBII, AT, H2, QXE. A O, Wesley Foundation, AIChE, MICA, YMCA, Ramshorn GIBSON, GLORIA, Kerrville English, AMI, Sidney Lanier, Bow and Arrow, UTSA, Women Voters, Upper- class Advisor GILE, WILLIAM HILL, Hollywood, Calif. Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Intramurals PACE 38 SENIORS GILPIN, SHIRLEY M., Austin Knjli-h. Bluestocking . Club de Mexico GLASS, MARY ANN, Beaumont Aft. AAA. Art Students ' Association. Womrn Voters. Co-Ed Assembly. Fresh- man Frllno.hip. YWCA. Campus Art Cmnmitlrr. Southeast Texas Club GLENN, MARGARET NELL, Waco Sociology. AAII. AKA. Touchc. Sidney Lanier GLOVER, JOE RICHARD, Brownwood EnglUh. AXA. Intrrfraternity Council. Curtain Club GOEHRS, HOMER RICHARD, Houston Zoology. Tejas. AEA. Wesley Foundation. MICA. Ex-Servicemen ' s Association. Orientation GOFF, JOY, Ashland, Ky. Spanish. A . YUCA, Women Voter.. Pierian. Turtle Club GOLDBAUM. GEORGE C., San Antonio Acronautiral Engineering. HIT, MICA. lAeS. ASME. El-Servicemen ' s Association GOLDBERG, NATALIE RUTH, McAlester, Olda. I ' -.. holoe . AK+. Cap and Conn. Stephens Club. Oklahoma Club. Women Vole GOLDFADEN, LOUIS. Cleveland, Ohio Lw. Hillel, H10. Religious Worker.. MICA. YMCA, Common Sense. Ru.k GONZENBACH, L. G., Taylor Buint Administration, Accounting, X, % illiam-on County Club GOODGAME, BARBARA IRENE, Stephenville Knflish. X1.V l ' nivrr-.ity Singers, Women Voters, Classical Club, Tarleton Club, Christian Youth Fellowship, Upperclass AdvUor GOULDY. DORIS ROLINE, Waco Business Administration, BBA, BSU, WICA. Cap and Gown. Waco Club GRAHAM, REBA CLAIRE, Thorndale Journalism GRANER, STANLEY, Dallas Mechanical Engineering, KA, ITTX, Cowboys, Students ' Assembly. Ramshorn, Varsity Basketball, T Association GRANTHAM, DONALD THOMAS, Houston Psychology, X. Canterbury Club, Houston .l! TH M. JACK CRENSHAW, JR., Houston GREENSPAN, ARTHUR, Beaumont Business Administration, Accounting, BA ' K Ex-Servicemen ' s Association. Southeast Tas Club GREENWOOD, KATHARINE GEBHARDT, LaGrange Buine 4 Administration, BBA. Lutheran Students Association GREENWOOD, MARGERY ANNE, Cheyenne, Wyo. Hu.iiK-. Administration. AT, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Tec Club, Co-Ed Assembly GREER, JAMES NEAL, Crystal City Spanish GREER, JAMES W., Whitesboro Journalism. IAX. Daily Texan, Ex-Servicemen ' s Association GREGG, MARY ELIZABETH, Marfa Business Administration, Commercial Teaching. BBA. WICA GRISOM, LORENE BILLIE. Dallas Spanish. AXQ, Pan-American Round Table. Dallas Club. Bowling Club, YWCA. Women Voters, Sidney Lanier GROGAN, MARY MARGARET, Henrietta Journalism. Newman Club. WICA. L ' pperclass Advisor. Forum Speakers Committee. Co-Ed Assembly, Glee Club. Won.en Voters. Daily Texan, Press Club. Blurbonnrt Belle Nominee, Sweetheart of Mima Chi Nominee, Wichita Falls Club PACE 39 SENIORS GROPPE, ERNEST HENRY, JR., West Chemical Engineering, Tejas. 4 HL, QXE, TBI1, AIChE, Ramshorn, Varsity Track, American Chemical Society GROTHAUS, ANN LOUISE CAROLYN, Austin Physical Education, Racket Club, PEM Cluli GROVE, AUGUSTA (JIMMIE), New London Journalism, A A A, 0 l, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, YWCA, WICA, Junior Class President, Daily Texan, In terse hoi astir League Conference, Mortar Board Scholarship Cup Co- Winner, Kathleen Bland Memorial Scholarship, Ashbel, Who ' s W ho GUNBY, SARAH ELLEN, Monroe, La. Physical Education, A4 . Brats, Tee Club, Cap and Gown, Canter Club, Curtain Club, Women Voters, Nurse ' s Aide, PEM Club, Intramural GUNN, DORIS JEAN, Cresson Business Administration, A ATI, BBA, Women Voters, Nurse ' s Aidr, Pn-M-nt Day, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor HAIGH, MARY LUCILLE, Edinburg Business Administration, BBA, WICA. YWCA, Cap and Gown HALE, MARY ELLEN, Austin Music Education, Musicians. Light Opera Company. Glee Club, Singers, A Cappella Choir HALFF, HOWARD A., San Antonio Chemical Engineering, ALP, A f Q, MICA, Students ' Assembly, Varsity Debate AIChE, Ramshorn, Athenaeum, San Antonio Club HAMILL, MARY, Corsicana Zoology, ZTA, Brats. War Effort Council, Pzatlx. Bluestockings, Canterbury Club, Upperclass Advisor, Reagan, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, YWCA, Women Voters. Cap and Gown HAMILTON, MARY SUSAN, Cuero Physical Education, ZTA, Pierian, PEM Club. YWCA, Spooks, DAR, Upperclass Advisor, Co-Ed Assembly, Racket Club, UTSA. Intramurals, Women Voters, Cap and Gown HANSEN, RAYMOND SHERMAN, Brigham City, Utah Civil Engineering, MIC HARDING, R. ALAN, Austin Psychology, AXA, Interfraternity Council, Rusk, Curtain Club HARDWICK, THEDA JOY, Lamesa Business Administration, BBA. BSU. WICA HARRELL, ANN EUGENIA, Breckenridge Business Administration HARRIS, ANNETTE PEARL, Austin Economics. BK. AKA, AAA. Mortar Board, Forensira. YWCA, Communitv Service Commission, Hillel. Cultural Committee, Varsity Debate, WICA, Common Sense. Women Voters HARRIS, DAPHNE, Morton Business Administration, Air Transportation, WICA, YWCA HARRISON, ELOISE LYNNE, Bay City Physical Education. PEM Club, Discoveries ' 45- ' 46, Suing and Turn. Rainbow Girls, Cap and Conn, Outing Club, WICA. Girl Scouts HARTT, HELEN EMILY, Wichita Falls English. A , Women Voters, YWCA. Wichita Falls CInlj HARZ, ARNETTE MARIE, Boerne Journalism, Newman Club, Co-Ed Assembly, WICA, Intramurals, Daily Texan. House Chairmen Organization. Swing and Turn, Cjp and Gown, W ar Chest, Upperclass Advisor HATCH, DOROTHY MARIE, Corpus Christ! Home Economics, Newman Club HAUN, JAMES WILLIAM, Austin Chemical Ensineering. A f 2, AIChE. Glee Club, Symphonic Band HAYES, MARY ELLEN, Houston Music, M E, University Musicians HAYNES, MARY LANELL, Wichita Falls Spanish. Opera Company, Pan-American Round Table, Cap and Gown HAYNES, PEGGY, Dallas Applied Art. AOIT, Cap and Goivn. NTAC Club, Art Students ' Association PACE 40 SENIORS HAVRE. HOWARD ROBERT. Gravette. Ark. Mechanical Engineering. r-lrv Foundation. NROTC Glee ( lub. NROTC guartel HEADRN K. I KY MARTHA. Houston P.eblogy. AAA. momcn Voter.. YmtA. Mental Hygiene Club. Hou.lo CMb HEINE. CHARLES. Galveston Bu-im--. AdminUtmioa. Account. iif. e%nnan Club. amoral HEJL, T1LLIE EMILYE. West Education. Engli ' b. Caeeh Club. BloebonBel Belle Nominee. WICA. Newman Club. O-Ed A embl. moo -. Votera. Cap awl Con. UpprreUaa Adrnor HEMPHILL. PATRICIA FRANCES, Austin Coflikh, XC. V OCMCB Voter . Brat . Rainbo Girl. l ' pprcla Advior. YCA. BlunlorkiBf HKNRY. M KY ERKLE. Austin SoriolofT. I ' +B. AKi. AAA. Who 1 mho. Cap ad Con. Mortar Board. VmCV Or.njc Jjrkrtt. omrn Volrra. Co-Ed HKNSON. ROSEMARY. Fort Worth Baiinria Administration. Commercial Teaching. BBA. Women Voter . Cap and Gown. ' . Aide, Fort Worth Club HERRING. EARL. Amarillo Administration. Transportation. 1AM. Cactus Associate Editor HIGGINBOTTOM. MARY ANN. Helena. Ark. h. AZ HK.HTOWER. DOROTHY BARR. Shreveport, La. Avtbropolofy. Camera Club. Com moo SrOe HIGHTOWER, JOYCE MOZELLE, Canyon Government, Women Voter . Cap and Gown. WICA. YWCA. Clamazon HILL. BETTY LI. Harlingen English. KA6. 61+. AAA. Glee Club Sextette. Mortar Board. YWCA. Co-Ed .Assembly. Bluebounet Belle Nominee. Daily Texan. - HIPPLE. MILLARD LESTER. Austin Mechanicil Enfineerinc. TBII. I1TZ. Friar., mho ' . Who. Ex-Serrk-een ' AMoriatioo. MICA. ASME. Rarasbora. AMoriate Editor Journal of Architectur e. Engineering and lodu.trt. Sludrnu ' Auemblv. Veteran Memorial Srholanhip Fund Board HOGAN, THOMAS FRANCIS, JR., San Antonio Zoology. +FA. +HZ. AEA HOHLT, D. ANN, Brenham Education. KAO. YWCA. Spook.. Co-Ed Awembly. Cap and Gown. Canterbury Club. Canteen Aide HOLLXND. II.I.I N KKNKVIINE. Beaumont Elementary Education, ZTA. ACE. Reagan. Southeast Texa. Club HOLLEY. NORM A MILDRED, Houston Pre-Med. WICA. Tee Club. UTSA. Newman Club. YWCA. Fre-hman Fell., ahip HOLMAN. MARGARET ESTELLE. Pittsburg Engli.h. KA. Cap and Con HOOKER, PATRICIA ANN, Corpus Christi h. Edur.tion. AAfl. Radio Hone. Women Voter . Cap and Conn. Intramural HOPSON. GEORGE HENRY, Detroit, Mich. Cke-i.try. NROTC Pi.tol Team. Glee Club HORN, FLORENCE VIRGINIA. Dallas Sputah. AI1. AAA. Bluettorkingt. Inter-American A ociatioo. Cap aud Gown HORNEYER. ROBERT LEE. St. Louis, Mo. Mechanical Engineering. OTI. TBII. Silver Spur.. T Aociati..n. B.-eh.ll and Basketball HORRELL. LOIS BONITA. Chicago Administration. BBA. HIO. WICA. Cap n.i Gown. m,,tr.en Voter.. Yankee Club. AWVS. Canteen Aide MORTON. PATSY JEAN, Dallas Government. A+. Pierian. Forensica. Orieutaliou. Orange jackets Pace 41 s JH I H H H HH HI SENIORS HORTON, ROBERT MILTON, Del Rio Government, AXA, A4 , Rusk HOUSTON, KATHERINE, Austin Costume Design, Brats, YWCA, Cap and Gown, Women Voters HOUSTON, SHIRLEY M., New York, N. Y. Psychology. Menial Hygiene Club, Yankee Club, WICA, Newman Club, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee HOWARD, CHARLES HARRIS, JR., Moody Pre-Med, Zoology, K, Glee Club. Ex-Servicemen ' s Association HOWARD, JACKSON B., Provo, Utah Business Administration, A G, NROTC HOWELL, ROY FANNIN, Cleburne Business Administration, International Trade. Alii. Glee Club. A Cappella Choir HRUZEK, ROYCERENE MARIE, Hallettsville Zoology, Chemistry, AAA, TAA, 4 2, WICA, Newman Club. Smith-Central TY .i- Clul. HUBBARD, CHARLES COOPER, Austin Civil Engineering, ASCE HUCKABEE, FRANCES GAILE, Fort Worth Pharmacy. KE. American Pharmaceutical Association, Glamazons, WICA. Fort Wort h Club, Co-Ed Assembly, Upperclass Advi-or. Presbyterian Student League HUGHES, THELMA MAURENE, Dallas History, A AIT, Glamazons, Monitor Club, Strike and Spare, UTS A, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Intramurals, Freshman Fellowship, Dallas Club HUMPHREY, ALLEN ELBERT, Dallas Geology. ITKA, 2PE. AIME, Silver Spurs. Interfralernity Council. Varity Golf, Cactus HVASS, CHARLES T., JR., Lubbock Law, X4, A , Law Review, Chancellors. Goodfellows, Students Assembly, Rogues, Pre-Law Society, Varsity Debate, Student Prose- cutor, Upperclass Advisor, YMCA, Freshman Fellowship HYDE, DOROTHY ANN, Dallas Journalism. KA9, 92 , Cap and Gown, YWCA, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Daily Texan, Women Voters HYLTON, LYDIA FOUNTAIN, Dalhart Sociology, A AIT, AKA, House Chairmen ' s Council HYMAN, CAROLYN FRANCES, Lufkin Histoiy IRVINE, VOLLIE JEANE, Houston Speech Education, Griscom Speakers, Radio House, WICA IRWIN, KENNETH, San Antonio Business Administration, A II, Texas Bar Association JACKSON, MARY VIRGINIA, Rockport Business Administration, BBA, AAA, YWCA, Canteen Aide, Pres- byterian Student League. Cap and Gown, Symphonic Band JAECKLE, HUGO MICHAEL, JR., San Antonio Business Administration, Accounting. BA , Newman Club JAHNKE, BETTY JO, Bellville Chemistry, AAQ " , Bowling Club, UTSA, Houston Club, Women Voters, Cap and Gown JAPHET, EDITH LOUISE, Houston Business Administration. Plan I, ATA, Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Assembly, YWCA, Women Voters JEFFERSON, CYRUS MERREN, Tampa, Fla. Law JEFFREY, ELIZABETH ANN, Austin Chemistry, Women Voters, Cap and Gown JENKINS, FRANK DUANE, Ballinger Electrical Engineering. J H, TBII, Ramshorn. AIEE, E-Servicemen ' s Association, MICA, Intramurals PACE 42 SEMDRS JENKINS. JIMMI JEAN, Wichita Falls - JEN-r Y KKNNETH ROY, Sh Lake City, Utah Adminutratioa. Advrfthuf. IX. Dance Committee JEWELL, ARTHUR GEORGE, Kansas City. Kans. Electrical Eaciaeeria . Raauhora. Yankee Club. AIEE. Intramural. JOHNS. GLENDAY URSULA, San Antonio FJementar. Education. HB+. Aaaa l. Spook.. c li|iii Glib. Bran. San Antonio Clnb JOHNS, NANCY, Shreveport, La. Eli.k. ZTA. Sidney Laaie . Falls. Student, " A. embly. Student Fcult Cabinet. Onngr Jacket. JOHNSON, EDWIN FRED, Alvarado i AdmiBirtratioa. Acrouotinj, -IE JOHNSON. HELEN POLLARD, Alvarado till! I AdmiiUttatioo JOHNSON. MARY FRANCES, Temple Dtaau. Cwtai Club. VICA. Student. " A.M-mbly. Cultural Elcnainmct fr. Blucboncct Belle. Clamuon, onen Voter.. Cap and Con JOHNSON. SIMEON A.. Houston P.yekolofT. A Q. El-Scrricemr - A oci.lio.. Mental H (iee Club Jn K.S. CLARK EL, Childress rill. I 1 1 Admilittratioi JONES, COLLEEN M Austin Hamr Econcmicf. Co.tue Daifa aad Textile . WICA. Brat.. Cap mmi Con. Hone Economif. Cluk JONES, JLANITA MRGINIA, Granger F.ngli.h. WICA. Ea.tern Star. WilliamMW Countv Club J iNK . MARY ELIZ. BETH. Houston Mmic. P.ano. A Cappella Choir. Canterbury Club. WICA JONES, ROSEMARY JANE, McAllen Elemrn ' arT ExJacatioc. ACE JOSEPH. MARJORIE L, Austin Vmmmt Secretarial. BBA. Women Voter.. Neman Ob. CrucoB Speaker . Foram Speaker. Committee. WICA II -IISS. MYRA ELIZABETH, Howland CnlKh. CUnuion. Northeast Teia. Clob. Cap aad Cowm KAHN. EMELIE MARIAN. Rayne, La. Adminutratioo. AE+. Cap and Con. Canteen Aide KARCHMER. NORMA FAY. Long ie BHiaoc Adnui.tratio. Tramporution. AE . BBA. Co-Ed Awmbly. Cap aad Co... Hillel KEELING. WILLIAM BROWNING. Galveston KEITH. MARTHA HAY. Houston Home EcoaoKic.. Plan II. Teacher Edur.lion. AAA. Turtle Club. Oral Jacket . Home Economic. Club. l ' ppercla Adri or. Bit and Spur KELLY. JOSEPH LEE, Lamesa Caemical E iaeerin . MICA. AlChE. Ram.horn. lalraautraU KKMI ' E. GERALDINE LORRAINE. Port Arthur Elementary Edacatioa. A . Wornm Voler.. Blueboaaet Belle. Soulhea.t Teia. Club KF.NYON. DORA. Amarillo Eaflith. 1C KELPER, DORIS JOYCE, Schulenburg Bmj|fa Admini.tratioa. CoamercUl Tearhiaf. BBA. Climnnai Clre Oak. South-Central Teia. QaJ Pacs 43 SENIORS KEYS, LERA MARGARET, Corpus Christ! English. KKI ' , Turtle Club, Co-Ed Assembly, Reagan, Corpus Christ! Club KILLIAN, C. MAX, Mesa, Ariz. Economics, KZ, A Q, Students 1 Assembly, NROTC, Radio House KIRBY, HELEN MARIE, Jacksonville Chemistry, TAA, AAA KIRKSEY, FRANCES, San Antonio Sociology and Psychology, Af, AAA, AKA, Turtle Club, UTSA, Nurse ' s Aide, Girl Scouts, Brats, Upperclass Advisor, Present Day, Orange Jackets KITLEY, ALICE FAYE, Austin Home Economi- ' s, Costume Design, WICA, Home Economics Club, Glamazons, Pzatlx, Co-Ed Assembly, Cap and Gown, TSO ' s Ten Most Beautful Girls. Who ' s Who, Canteen Aide, Faculty -Student Union Committee, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee KLECKA, DOROTHY ANN, Temple Sociology, Czech Club, WICA, Women Voters, Temple Club KOCH, JAMES FRANCIS ALOYSIUS, Los Angeles, Calif. Electrical Engineering, Yankee Club, Ramshorn, Newman Club, St. Austin ' s Choir KOCH, LENA BELLE, Lufkin Piano Pedagogy, A4 , AAA, M I E, Upperclass Advisor, Sidney Lanier, Orientation. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Calendar Committee, Music Com- mittee. Musicians, Students ' Assembly, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, Who ' s Who, Co-Ed Assembly KOSFELD, MILTON MARTIN, Cuba, Mo. Mechanical Engineering, TITS, ASME KOTTERMAN, CLETUS ADAIR, Denver, Ind. Mechanical Engineering. AXA, V-I2. Yankee Club KREYCIK, JOSEPH P., Wood Lake, Nebr. Electrical Engineering, 4 H2. AIEE, Yankee Club KRUSMARK, LEE MUELLER, Brigham City, Utah Mechanical Engineering, RTS, V-12, ASME, Lutheran Students ' Association LANCASTER, CYNTHIA ANN, College Station Music. AI ' , Turtle Club, Glee Club, University Musicians, DAR, Harp Ensemble LAND, BETTY, Wichita Falls Drama, YWCA, Curtain Club, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation. Wichita Falls Club LANDER, BETSEY RAY, Austin Home Economics. Teacher Education, AAA, OX. WICA. Home Economics Club, Nurse ' s Aide, YWCA LANDRUM, BETTY, Round Rock Business Administration, DBA, AAA, WICA, Williamson County Club, Cap and Gown, University Musicians, Symphonic Band LANG, MARTHA G., Blawnox, Pa. Plivsirg, Newman Club, St. Austin ' s Choir LANNOM, MARJORIE ANN, Seguin Home Economics, Child Development, AXQ, Home Economics Club. Cap and Gown, Women Voters LASSITER, BETTY SUE, Alice Business Administration, Advertising LAUER, PAULINE LOUISE, Port Arthur Chemistry, XS, YWCA, UTSA, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Tee Club, Southeast Texas Club LAYDEN. ROBERT L., Dallas Journalism. Newman Clnb LEACH, LILLIAN, Kansas City, Mo. Chemistry, AT, Pan hell en ic, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Racket Club, Yankee Clul. Women Voters, Cap and Gown LEDBETTER, BARBARA ANN, Houston Psychology. nB , Mental Hygiene Club, Women Voters. Houston Club LEE, BETTY MARGARET, Dallas Business Administration, Personnel Management, V.. ' . UK, Forensica, Newman Club, Sidney Lanier, Women Voters, Co-Ed Assembly. Nurse ' s Aide PACE 44 SENIORS LEE, CAROLYN DUNNE. El Paso Eafluk. ZTA. El Pato Clah LEE, DORIS JEANETTE, Dallas Education. WICA. PEM Clmb. Oatiaf Club. Intramural . Baad. tTSA. Pooaa LEFKOWSKY, LOIS, Port Arthur Elementary Education. A . Clee Club. A Cappella Choir. Cap and Con. ACE LENsKY. SYLMA. Houston laaaiili Backet Club. Common Sea e. Cap and Cow . HIO. Intramural. LENTZ. SARAH McGEE, Marshall Eaflua. ATA. Monitor. Cap and Co... Pmeat Day. Uppercla Adrnor. CnrUuaa Srieare Organisation LEMNSON. NAOMI, Kilgore Joaraaliaai. i E. 8I+. Blue tockinc . Pmeat Day. Foreaaica. Daily Texan. Pre Club. CUb. Cacts . Josraaliue Student Anawtanl. YWCA. Hillel 1 K V M RJORIE MAY, El Paso Sorielocr. AE+. Prr -nt Da. El Paso Club. Y CA. Hillel. Cap and Con LEVY. MELANIE. Houston T. AE+. +1. om-n uit. Bluolockuc Hillrl. Cap and Co.. LEWIS. RITA MAE. Vernon Honx- Eroaoaurt. COMMW Daifm. VICA. YWCA. H M ErtMKMurt Clb. Canton Aid . BSU. Cap and Con LILLEY. JANET MARIE. Fort Worth Spanith. AAA. IAH. Vrma. Club. Or.nfc JarkrU. Vonx-B Votrn. BlBroourl Belle Noauerr. VICA. Cantn-. Aide. Blvalorkiac ' AxembU. Co-Ed Attrmblt. Carts . Cap and Go .. Fan Wank Cl.b. Mortar Baaid I.INDSEY. JOYE WANDA, Newgulf PWrm cT 1 1NNARD. HOWARD WARREN, McAllen Cheaiiral Eacuceria. Wetler Foundation. YMCA. AlChE. Ex- LINMI.l.K. KK NCIS U Dallas clih. IC . Club. Tomen Votera. Girl Seost Leader. Dalla. Club LISTON. HENRIETTA, Harlingen HoaM Erooomie.. Teaehcr Fxiuralk... ON. How Ecooomi -t Club. Wo Voter . Cap and Cows. Upperrlaw Advi or, YWCA. Nur e " Aide LOCKMILLER, BILLYE JOYCE, San Benito AdmioUliation. Commcrci.l Teachiaf. BBA. WICA KING, ALICE VIRGINIA, Carthage Mssic Edoratioa. Cap and Cow.. Woaiu Voter . Fmkaua Fello.ihip. Lnirenit Mwicia. . Opera Ctmftmj LONG. DLRWOOD COLLINS, Crockett oa, WICA. AoMvriatioa LOONEY ' , SARAH BETH, Cameron Sortolocr. Cap and Cow . Women Voter . Curtain Club LOW. JOE HENRY, Austin diB itut r A lioa. Tra.TMfM rt tioa. A+C . M 1C . E- Srtricra AMorUlio . LOWE. BARBARA, Del Rio IU.J..P. Adminittration. BBA. Won en Voter.. Caateea Aide. WICA. YWCA. Wert Ta LOWREY. MARY ELAINE. Austin Josnmlb.1. r+B. Beaa . Pna Cl.b. DaiU Teian. Cap aad Cows i I NOV. BETH. Austin Moat E oooau -.. l.lerior Deeoralioa AXO. Cap and Con. Bo.liaf Cl.b. Home Clsk M. BRIDE. MARIE JEANETTE, Seguin Ormtmtmri Edx-atioo. ACE. Inler-Varaitjr Cbri.lian Fellomkjp. I.ler-Coop All.tiltioa. dee Oah. WICA. Co-Ed Awmblr. and Tsra McBLRNETT, PEGGY JOYCE, Shamrock Jonmaliaoi. Pcea. Club. Daily Texaa. Cap aad Cow.. Fretkaua FellomUa. oaxa Vo Pace 45 SENIORS McCALEB, NEELY THOMAS, JR., Arlington Radio, KI, NTAC Club, Radio House. Curtain Club, Glee Club McCALL, JOANN, Texarkana Government, Cap and Gown, Texarkana Club McCALL, MARGARET FRANCES, Austin Applied Art, Stephens Club, Art Students ' Association, Waco Club McCLAIN, SUE ALINE, Austin Home Economics, Teacher Education, WICA, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club McCLUSKY, ELIZABETH JANE, Dallas Physical and Health Education, Newman Club, PEM Club, Turtle Club, WICA, Glamazons, UTSA, Intramurals, Upperclass Advisor, Cap and Gown McCORMICK, MARGARET JOYCE, Florence Home Economics, Home Economics Club, Glee Club, WICA, YWCA, IntramuraU. Williamson County Club McCRIGHT, ELVA JEAN, Dallas Psychology, ZTA, FOQ, Forensica, Orchesis, Curtain Club, Radio House, Cap and Gown, Stephens Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, DAR, Women Voters, YWCA. Dallas Club McDANIEL, POLLY ANN, Cisco Sociology, AiA, Pzatlx, YWCA, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Blur-bonnet Belle Nominee MCDONALD, PEACHIE WAUNELLE, Tyler Pre-Med, 4 2, Glamazons, YWCA, Aerial Co-Eds. Tyler Club. Upperclass Advisor, Intramurals McGINLEY, JAMES ROBERT, Flagstaff, Ariz. Electrical Engineering, Intramurals, AIEE, Newman Club McGLOTHLIN, BENNY MACK, Abilene Business Administration, Transportation, IK McGUIRE, DOROTHY ESTEY, Newgulf Home Economics, Child Development, A4, YWCA, Women Voters, Canterbury Club, Home Economics Club McHAN, MARY HARRIETTE, El Paso Chemistry, I2II, Cap and Gown. Daily Texan, Freshman Fellowship. BSU, Cactus, .Student Assistant McIVER, RAY, Fort Worth Bacteriology, AOII, f I, Co-Ed Assembly, Texas Academy of Science MCLAUGHLIN, LAURENCE KING, Rediands, Calif. Business Administration, Navy Swing Band, NROTC McLEOD, DORIS JO, Kerrville Art Education. A4 , Panhellenic. Art Students ' Association, Upperclass Advisor, Cap and Gown, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee McMANUS, CLIFFORD BRASWELL, Atlanta, Ga. Electrical Engineering. AXA, AIEE McMURDO, MARY-JANE McGILL, Austin Home Economics, AXS2, AAA, ON, Brats, Cactus, Home Economics Guidance Committee, Sidney Lanier McMURREY, LILY LOU, Coldspring Applied Mathematics, 4 A0 McNAMEE, REGINA JACQUELYN, Taft Home Economics, Education McNEILL, FRANCES ANNE, Beaumont Sociology, AAA, Cap and Gown, YWCA, Women Voters, Pzatlx, Southeast Texas Club McSHAFFRY, JOHN LAWRENCE, JR., Austin Business Administration, Insurance McWHIRTER, EUGENE HUGHIE, Rogers Electrical Engineering, MICA, AIEE MAGEE, MARTHA ELIZABETH, Harlingen Business Administration, Air Transportation, BBA, Cap and Gown. Women Voters, WICA. YWCA. Nurse ' s Aide PACE 46 SENIORS MA1DA. MARIANNE BARBARA, Beaumont .i di.itr.tio.. BBV ICA. Nr,mm Clofc MAJORS. JOMTA WANDEEN. Burkbumett PI.. II. +BK. AKA. A.fcWI. mi A. V V lcy Fimmtaiom MAJORS. MINNIE PAULINE, Paris Cornnmt. AZ. Fof. ir.. BSf. Bl.cii.. Prr-L.. Sorrt. N-rthca TflMt Omk MMMV lUYlI) LESLEY. Belle Fourrhe. S. D. AME. BlH ra. Lo hor. B.d. Y.mi CIk M NN NELL BERNK E. Houston ICA. Car MARKER. MERR1 LYNN. Tyk-r How EroooK . Notiitioo. i E. H K TCA. Clfc MARKHXM. THOM. S RICHARD. Orlando. Fla. IT li A liitrIio.. IX. HE MARKS. BETTY JANE. Beaumont pplir-i Art. 7TA. UAR. YC . An td t 35 MARSHALL, MELBA FLORIENE. Austin Jo.nulB. BSC. Cap iad Con. BI oBcl Belle Clmk MARTIN. DOROTHY RUTH. Dallas Horn, Clofc Cl.b. Hillel. ott,,r.. MARTIN. TESSICA. Stamford Jotrmalm. OI+. DAR 1 SSEY, JOSEPH ANDREW. Hazelhurrt. Mi . )lr -kuic l E iMMiai. ASUE MATHENY. NADINE, Lulin? Etmritimm Pram Da;. Moorf. Club. YVCA. K Volrt . ' . MATHIS. BETTY MARIE. Corpus Christi P. rbol(T. AAi. Y " WCA. Womrn VeHera. PrrJ lTi " StlMrt aaJ Cou Con- Ckiini CUW MAU K. ELEANOR JEAN. Larrdo MEAGHER. ROBERT BRYCE. Beaumont M.tkr ti. ATA. Sc Yam. XOTC MEDLOCK. WILLIAM RAYMOND. El Paso . El P. Club. NROTC MEAGARITY. FERRIS JOHN. Waco Time An. o Clmk. Art Sludciiu " MEHNER. MAUREEN MARIE. Luling B..J.I., Ad-i.irtr.tio.. H... YVCA. C f d SrrrrUri.1. AAH. BB . MENDEL. JULIUS LOUIS. Amarillo CW.i.u r . TA . +BK. KK . H1. +AT. AH MERRITT. MIRIAM. Robstown T. Cap and COVM MIDDLETON. DORIS LEE. Galena Park MILLER. JERRY MARIE. Port Arthur P..Mr.l Ed..i.. AFA. PA. PEV Omk. POOM. So.i MILLER. MARIAN. Wirhiu FalU T. HB . rMTiu. HUd., Cl V HilM. h- Cl.k. Teua. V ! ! . d. SENIORS MILLER, MARY LOU, Wichita Falls Pre-Med MILLER, NAOMI JANE, Dallas English. AXfi, YWCA. Upperrlasa Advisor. Ton. he, Pierian. Smilodon. Dallas Club MILLER, ROBERTA, Yonkers, N. Y. Chemistry, Yankee Club MILLER, WAYNE ELIZABETH, Marshall Hii-inr Administration, DBA, YWCA, Cap and Gown, Women Voters MOHR, PAUL ARTHUR, Coupland Sociology. Classical Club, Williamson County Club. MICA. Oak Grove MOLLENHAUER, AUBREY ARTHUR, New Braunfels Electrical Engineering. AIEE, Longhom Band, MICA, Ex-Service- men ' s Association MOLLISON, RICHARD, Alpine Business Administration, Engineering, 4 FA. AIChE, Vice-President Students ' Associa- tion, Interfraternity Council, Cowboys, Social Calendar Committee, Who ' s Who, Co-Op Board, Student Business Service MOMON, WANDA JEAN, Texarkana Drama. AXB, Curtain Club, Texarkana Club MONTGOMERY, BILLIE JEAN, Fort Worth Business Administration, Advertising, BBA, Advertising Club, Cap and Gown MONTGOMERY, JAMES ANDREW, JR., San Angelo Chemicfl Engineering, AI G, Ex-Servicemen ' s Association MONTGOMERY, JAMES IRL, Wichita Falls Mechanical Engineering. B9II, HTS, f H, TBIT. ASME. Silver Spurs, Wichiti Falls Club, V-12, Interfrateruity Council, Varsity Carnival MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM H., Dallas Business Administration, Transportation, Tejas, MICA, Intramural . Dallas Club MOODY, MIGNETTE CAROLINE, Corpus Christ! Business Administration, International Trade, A4 , Present Day, Corpus Christ i Club, Women Voters MOORE, BETTY ANN, Shreveport, La. Business Administration, AXli, Freshman Fellowchip, Women Voters, Upper- class Advisor MOORE, CHERRY ANN, Tyler English . KA6, Bluestockings, Tyler Club MOORE, EMILY ANN, Dallas Mathematics, A4 , Women Voters, YWCA, Presbyterian Student League, Dallas Club MOORE, MARCELLE JOLEEN, Clifton Home Economics, Teacher Education, Home Economic Club, Cap and Gown MOORE, ROBERT WAYNE. Dallas Business Administration, International Trade MOORMAN, JESSE ADAMS, Austin Pharmacy, PX, American Pharmaceutical Association MORGAN, DON WILLIAM, Paris Government. Pre-Law, Association Justice Student Conn. MICA. Hogg. Pre- Law Club, Northeast Texas Club MORRIS, CASSANDRA SIMS, Memphis Home Economics, Teacher Education, XSJ. Can and Gown, Home Economics Club MORRISON, LOUISE CROMWELL, Dallas Geology. XH. YWCA, Smilodon, Women Voters, Dallas Club MORSE, ANNA MAUD, Galveston Home Economics, Interior Decorating, Galveston Club MORTLOCK, MARY LOU, Houston Sociology, Women Voters, Common Sense PACE 48 SENIORS MO-S. )Y I KRNE. Austin Sperxh Edwatku. Curttil Club Ml NROE. ROY McLEOD. Austin Cml EacuMtuc. ATA. +H1. A+C.,,. ft,.,., ko ' . ko. ASCE. Buueo Serrire. Co-Op Board. Ulr.muraU. Pbniet Ml ' RPHV BETTY JEAN. Fort Worth Batteriolufi . AAA. Cbroliau Vooth Fellofcip. Wo an Adruor Ml RPHY, BERTIE WILSON. El Dorado. Ark. T. KAO. POO. Co-Ed Blutbouel Belle MIRRXY. MARJOR1E LIZ. BETH, El Paso h. AZ. liH. Bral. Inln-Anvctir.n Axorulioa. V C t MtKTMciH. JANE TARYER. Memphis Art EJoolio.. KA6. on rM Votrn. Mmul H (KM- Club. Ore Club. Art Stodrnl. " Brllr MIK1HX. ALICE MARIE. Dallas tVirboloty. A! ' . V.m Club. Mr.t.i Hnieuc Club. Bl ttalla. Cluk MlStiKOUI. LURETIA NORMA. Buiiui i Itoiuimiliiu Comaaerrial Tevbinc. BBA IU.K . M R N . Richmond Ckmulrr. KKT. NTTT. unr ' Aid.- r l K l I. Y Temple . AXC. dp and Can. YTCA. (jclu,. Volcr,. Trn.,.l r Club NMI. UI.LIAM ALDEN. Crawford Eaiub. +VA. MICA. Siufowa. Radio Hor. I no. Radio NE L JACOl ' ELYN LETHA. Houston Prr Alrd. TAA NKM.E. J k ' .. San Diego. Calif. Nanl Sricmrr d Taftio. Mrckaiural Eatinetrint. ROTC K -K. WALLACE CLEICH. Brackettville JorMli.n,. 1A . Pm Club. Flruw Club. Vnl Tcv., Club. ,! . Foud 1io . Daily Teua. Su Anlo io Cluk NEBENZAHL. MILDRED (MKKEV. Mercedes Jourmaliuu. iAT. OI+. Axorulr Editor OaiU Trial. Coodfrllov. YCA. Hillrl. CruroB Speak.rr . Club, momrn Volrr,. Blur- bourl Belle Novinrr. Prew Club. Anility Filn Commhlee. Cap NEEDH I. i OKA ELIZABETH. Talco lritioo. Tranporutioo. BBA. 1C % NEK . MARTHA MRGINIA. Beaumont . KAt. Sohea t Teu Cluk NELSON. BETTY JO, Austin MMC. EdaritHM. Glee Cluk. A Cappella Choir. S.mpbo.. Orrheatra. I ,.rri:T Votifi.o.. BStJ. Radio Hone Orchestra. Co-Ed Cay ad Con. Bluebouet Belle No . (iENEMEYE ELNADA. Elgin Elemr.ury Educitiou. ACE. Lulbrra. Sn4eait AiMcialioa. luer-Coop Couril. . Cap muJ Co... CoordiBalora Cowril NELSON. J NICE LOUSE. Newgulf Hi.tor.. I ' TSA. Orrbeu. NEI.XIN. IOU DOLCLAS. Midnle Eaiaeen c. MICA. ASME. Bilih-r. Vaiaee Club Kl- . I (.USE, Taft MMC EdWatios ud Flal-. M K. S.u.fboui Bud. OrrheMra. I Maueia Cle. Club NKI.X.N. MK(,IMV LEE. Mountain Home, Ark. Mic Educatio.. AZ. Orera Coa uy. Glee Club, fiitrnii; Mu.icia Op aad Go... BSU. Somtber. Geutleme. NK-I.nNEY. EMM V. K.. Corpus Christi B M FM A4i M ratio, Aero SENIORS NEUHAUS, PEGGY LADELLE, Houston Sociology, AAA, KAA, Pzatlx NEVILLE, MARGARET ANN, Austin Bacteriology, M. YWCA, BSU, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Intramural . Cactus, Press Club NEWCOMB, CARROL DUANE, Devine Government, University Musicians NEWCOMER, BETTY ANN, Higgins Bacteriology, Home Economics, A All . 4 2, Home Economics Club, Upperclass Advisor, YWCA, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Nurse ' s Aide, Girl Scout Leader NEWELL, ELIZABETH JEAN, Lake Charles, La. History, AFA, DAR, Tee Club, Inter-American Association, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Yankee Club NG, MAIE LEE, San Antonio Sociology, Pzatlx, Upperclass Advisor, Harp Ensemble, Cap anj Gown, Miss Photography of 1945 NIPPER, MILTON HAROLD, San Antonio Naval Science and Tactics, T Association, Varsity Track NOBLE, TOMMYE JEANE, Corsicana Dnma, Directing, F ' l ' B, Curtain Club. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee NOBLE, WILLIAM GRAVES, Midland Journalism, 4E. f H, AX, Ex-Servicemen ' s Association, American Legion, Daily Texan, Associate Editor 1942-43 Hanger, Press Club NUGENT, JAMES E., Kerrville Mechanical Engineering, Taylor Scholarship, Student Assistant. ASME, MICA, Ramshorn, Masons, Swing and Turn, Ex-Servicemen ' s Association NUUTTILA, EDWIN O., Sealy Business Administration, Transportation NYE. DOROTHY LOUISE, San Antonio Bacteriology O ' BRIEN, BETTY, Houston Business Administration, Personnel, AXQ, ilE, BBA, Cap and Conn, Pn ,nt Day, Nurse ' s Aide, Women Voters O ' DELL, MARY JO, St. Louis, Mo. Zoology, TAA, Pre-Med Honor Society. BSU, Cap and Gown. WICA. Women Voters ODEM, MARY ELIZABETH, Sinton English, AAA. JIA0, Sidney Lanier, Upperclass Advisor, Newman Club. Cap and Gown ODEN, MARY ELIZABETH, Waco BUM! ness Administration, Accounting, 111 ' ' .. BBA, Cap and Cmvn. Upperclass Advisor OGBURN, LILLIAN MARIE, Brazoria Business Administration, BBA, WICA OGLESBY, GLENDA ERIN Bacteriology, AAA, 4 , Wesley Foundation, Inter- American Club, Inter-Coop Society OKRENT, CAROL, Cincinnati, Ohio French. AE4, TTA4 , Panhellenic, Co- Ed Assembly, Sidney Lanier, Mortar Board, Co-Op Board, Who ' s Who, Activity Files Committee OLSEN, CHARLES MELVIN, Waco Pharmacy, PX, 4 2, Student Assistant, American Pharmaceutical Association O ' NEILL, KATHRYN MARY, Amarillo Sociology, Newman Club, Cap and Gown OPPENHEIMER, BETTY IRENE, El Paso English, AE4, Bluestockings, Cap and Gown ORNDORFF, GRACE MARIE, Spokane, Wash. Bacteriology, 4 2, Newman Club, Poona, Glee Club, Pierian ORTS, ERNESTINE, Dallas h:i lit -. Administration. Transportation, XS2, BBA, Poona, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Dallas Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee PACE 50 SENIORS OSBORNE. HOVLE MILLARD. San Antonio A4C. Clua. MICA. AIO.E. Su OVERAS. ARTHUR JOSEPH. Watertown. S. D. AS ME. EaMhon. Vroua Clk. Yaa c Clok PALMER. 1SOBEL ELAINE. LaGrange a. BBA. Hillrl. Hie, O-C4 A- -mkl.. Blu Mb PALMER. NEIL MEREDITH, Lanesboro, Minn. Nal Scicarc aW Tactic . Mwic GOBUIKX-. Vetle? Cine Clak. YMCA. NtOTC PARK. BARBARA LUELLA, Dallas ' C Cl.b. An Sntirau ' Aworuiio PARM N. RA. Elk Qty, Okla. TICA PATERSON. KATHERINE GEORGIANNA. Austin fmCA. m e JeT FoMilitiao. Oraage Jacket . Opera Company. Glc Club. Voter . Pieriaa. Co-Ed Aaaeaafcly. Cap Gowm. TICA. Biiaanw Clk. CIdk. UTSA. Poou. Actiritiex H.aatnt. VW mho. Dallai PATTERSON. DON RAYMOND. Dallas Arrou.tK-al E fir -ri . KK+. IITI. Ramk ra. Oa PAYNE, PAULINE, Stillwater. OUa. HB . Eafi. HOTM. A Capprlla Choir Dalla PEAVY, DORIS N. SH, Garland Hoaar Ci lamiri. Uterioc Drcoratioa. AJEQ. Hoae Ecoawamic Cluk PEN1CK. DUDLEY PAYSON, Austin fVanril EaciaeeTia . +HZ. TBH. QXE. HAT. Glee Clnk. AICfc. SnaVM AMtau PETERSON. MARGARET. Houston KA6. Pa x-llcwc. Co-Ed i Cik PHELPS. . RAE. Toledo, Ohio . Car PHILLIPS, JOE CLEGG, San Augustine An Edccauoa. MICA. An Sarat ' Auocutioa PIERCE. DON FRANKLIN. Wichita Falls Pexralcu Eaiani. KA. CmWjv. VairitT Svuuriac. AIMME. T uiio.. mVkin Fill. Cluk I ' INi kNKY. KENNETH R_ Santa Barbara. Calif. EhftiVtl FagJTf rrig AlEE, Intraramrit PINEDA. DANILO SALVADOR. San Pedro Sula. Honduras PV. Aurrirui Pkaraucrvtical A McialMau TLOK. OUk PIPKIN. WILLIAM KIRK. Keller CMI Eaiarria. TBH. XE. ASCE PLYLER. JIMMY FRANK. Corsicana Edacatioa. KI. VanilT Footfcall. PEM C1L. Football ff i POLLEY. OLH E HELEN, San Benito 111 I. AAil. Boo mi Am . Caj aa Cvra. Nvnr ' . Ai4c. POPEJOY. FRANCES ALLEN. Beaumont Oak. YTCA. POLLOS. AUDREY ELIZABETH. Texarkana . AXO. Tnaitau Omk. Voclt art Texa. Clk. Cap aad Can POL. JU ANITA KKNNON. debaroe namin. T Khcr E4 cafio.. ON. . C -E4 POWELL. ELEANOR INEZ. San Antonio Hiaury. KKT. Caa aa4 C. .ar V. SI SENIORS POYNER, HERBERT FLAKE, JR., Houston Petroleum Engineering, Glee Club, AIMME, ASME PRICE, AUBREY WAYNE, Eden Business Administration, HKA, ASIT, Silver Spurs, West Texas Club PRICE, JOHN BRYAN, JR., Kilgore Pre-Med, 9S, AEA. MA, Longhorn Band. Radio House, Symphmii. Band, Symphony Orchestra PRICE. KATIE MAXINE, Branbury Home Economics, Teacher Education, Home Economics Club, WICA, Inter- Coop Association, Cap and Gown PRICE, O. WYLENE, Wichita Falls Business Administration, Air Transportation, ATA, Wichita Falls Club PUCKETT, NELWYN ANN, Quitman Education, WICA, Cap and Gown PULS, RICHARD JOHN, Fort Worth Pre-Med, Ex-Servicemen ' s Association, MICA, A. S M. Club, Fort Worth Clulj PURSLEY, G. JOYCE, San Antonio Journalism, ZTA, 92 , Women Voters, Co-Ed Assembly, Brats, Canterbury Club, Daily Texan QUIGLEY, BEAUFORT M., Dallas Mechanical Engineering. ASME, Ramshorn, Ex -Servicemen ' s Asso- RABORN, GEORGE WASHINGTON, JR., Orange Journalism, AX, Varsity Football, Track, T Association, Daily Texan, Press Club. Ex Servicemen ' s Association, Intramurals RAMOS, CARLOS MARIO, Parral, Chihuahua, Mex. Business Administration, Club de Mexico, Inter- American Association, Intramurals RAMPT, GEORGE WILLIAM, JR.. Eden Mechanical Engineering RANDALL, ZANE DAVID, Omaha, Nehr. Business Administration, NROTC, Yankee Club RANDOLPH, WILLIAM JOHNSON, Golconda, 111. Civil Engineering RATLIFF, ANNA GARRETT, Princeton, Ky. Physical Education, PEM Club. UTSA, Tee Club, Co-Ed Assembly. Spooks RATLIFF, EMILY JEAN, Cedar Lane Business Administration, Secretarial, BBA, WICA, YWCA. Cap and Gown, DUMB Voters, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee REAL, FRANCES AMELIA, Kerrville Home Economics, Teacher Education, 4 AO, OX, Mortar Board, Orchesis. L ' TSA, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Co-Ed Assembly, Upperclass Advisor, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club REED, ROBERT LOUIS, Concord Civil Engineering. ATA. KK . XE. TBII. f HI, Silver Spur. Long- horn Band REES. WARREN ALONZO, JR., Center Point Electrical Engineering, ZAE, Silver Spurs, AIEE. Rarmhorn. Intramurals. Houston Club REEVES, GEORGE HENRY, JR., Kilgore History REEVES, PATSY DEAN, Dallas Mathematics, Hockaday Club, Dallas Club, YWCA, Cap and Gown. Society of Women Architects and Engineers REINHART, CHARLES, JR., Glendale, Calif. Mechanical Engineering, A4Q, ASME, A Cappelta Choir, Newman Club RIBBINK, THOMAS EDGAR, Fort Worth Music, Curtain Club RICH, JANE REESE, Galveston Business Administration, XS?, BF, IE. BBA. Mortar Board, Women Voters, Ashbel, Co-Ed Assembly, YWCA, Calveston Club, Pan- hellenic PACE 52 SEVIUHS RICHTER. MYRTLE ANNA. Vuic Education. MMk-Un. A Capprlla Choi.. Radio Hou c. WICA. C.p rd CM. . lilee Club. Soutb.Crim.l TVu Club RIDOIT. EAITH U, Rolla, Mo. Spamok. WICA. But.. BlBr.lorUiict. BlueboBDrt Brllr Nomine. Canterbury Cluk. Turtle Club. toam ' Cooperative Aorittiou. Cap ud Go.u. Co-Ed RILEY. FLORA BYE, Big Welt Deamnar; E4.r.tioa. KKP. YCA. Tow Volet.. Cl.b. Formica D. KINDKKkNKt HT. PEARL MARIE. Taylor Adminint.non. BBA. RING. RUTH. Dallas Volm. Cot Club ROACH, SHIRLEY IRENE, Houston Soriolom. XS. Mention Club. Hottada; Club, Koux-a Voter. ROBERTS. DOROTHY LEAH. Yoth H -ae t oBoir Club. BSU. Cap akd Con. Woo , a Voter. ROB1N-OY MARY ELIZABETH. Austin y. AZ. Prbvteria Studeat Leactar. oox-n Voter.. YCA. lUiu- Club. Cap tad Con. Cbemittry Sl.deut AaaiataM RODDY. HELEN JEANETTE, Corpus Christi Enflitk. A . Sidaktr LaaUer. C Btrrtunf Clvb ROE. W1LMA LUCILLE. Austin ROGERS. GWENDOLEN E Wichita Falls Usratio.. Cler Club. L ' oiv -tut Mir aa. Optra Coa pa ;. YCA. Si m. MMK CoaBaminee ROGERS. MARY EDNA. Buda BamaKat Admiuiitnlion. BBA. Cruroai Spoken. Sia mlC . loan Tr. ROLING. MARY SUE. Wichita Falls Home Eraa.aira. ON. YCA. Cap ud Covm. Uppcrclaaa A Maor. Ho Club. drirtUu Youth ROMAN. RICHARD WALTER, Mercedes riac- +H1. ITT1. ASME. ROOT, BETTE LEW. Buenos Aires, Argentina Spank. XO. IAn. Reacam. Semior Claa Treuurr. Ulrr- ROSEN BUSH. LORAINE ELEANOR, Houston . AAH. HonMoa Club. Cap awl Co. a. Culen Ai6r. ROTHSCHILD. BABETTE, Houston Bortniolocr. AE . +1. Cap mmi Con ROTHWELL. BILLIE SUE, Longview Soriolofy. AiH. Spookf. Ter Club ROW, CAROLYN BRYANT. San Antonio El -OMUr Edur.tioo. AT. HAO. Oru(r J.rkcl.. Co Ed tioa. Cap aad Con. Voam Voter.. l:TSA. t.ler Club. TWCA. P ACE. S Aatoaio Club. Fotiaditiou. BltM-boM-t Belle oaii AoViaor RLCKER, BETTY LOU, Cleburne cl ' AorU- Pmrat Day. ie. l ' pperrl RUMBEL. MARTHA FAYE, Mission Ormiar,- - AII. YCA. OneaKtioo. Cap awl Co... o V.lle, Club. latraantraU . VoKra. RUNYAN, WALTER RICHARD, Henr etta. Okla. ; RUSS. JANIE K.. Houston r B. ei+. -at afc. Daily ra. Pie- cib. RUSSELL, MARGARET ELLEN, Tyler E (lfc. AAA. +1. ' w.aa Club. Cloucal Club. Cap .d Con. SENIORS RUTLEDGE, MARILOU, Dallas Physical Education, KA6, Cap and Gown. Pzallx, Canter Club, Racket Club RYDELL, EDITH, Dallas Home Economics, WICA, Home Economics Club. Cap and Gown, Poona, Curtain Club, Pzatlx, Co-Ed Assembly, NTAC Club, Upperclass Advisor RYDELL, RUTH MAY, Dallas Chemistry, AZ, 1 21 II, Sidney Lanier, Associate Justice Student Court, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee. Cap and Gown, Glamazons, Dallas Club, Glee Club, UTSA, Upperclass Advisor SAM, HENRIETTA, Houston Sociology, AE4 SANDERS, FLORENCE BETTY, Galveston Pharmacy, KE, American Pharmaceutical Association, Lutheran Students Association SANDERS, MERLINE FEROL, Orchard Business Administration. Secretarial, BBA SANFORD, RUTH, Timpson Business Administration, WICA, Wesley Foundation, Upperclass Advisor SANSOM, CHARLES CULBERSON, JR., Palestine Journalism. Tejas, SAX, YMCA SANTANGELO, FLORA MAE, Beaumont Spanish SARTORIUS, ANN, Vicksburg, Miss. Journalism, AE f , Hillel, YWCA, Bluestockings, Radio House SAWTELLE, CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH, San Antonio Home Economics. Teacher Education, Xfi, Home Economics Club, Sari Antonio Club, Women Voters, Cap and Gowii SAWYER, DONALD DEAN, Fort Worth Business Administration, Accounting, Curtain Club, Opera Company SCHEBLE, NITA FAY, Fort Worth Drama, Acting, Curtain Club, NTAC Club SCHILHAB, VERNELL ALINE, Schulenburg Business Administration, i. f i 1 ,. BBA, House Chairmen Association, Co- Ed Victory Corp SCHMEDES, ANITA MARIE, Austin Music, Violin, M4 E, University Musicians, Symphony Orchestra, Kadio House, Canterbury Club, Turtle Club SCHMIDT, MARJORY NELL, Austin Business Administration, Secretarial, AZ, BBA, YWCA, Women Voters SCHMIDT, RICHARD FREDRICK, McAllen Business Administration, Management, Al 1 1 . ZIE SCOTT, PATTY HARRIS, Corsicana Sociology, AKA, Cap and Gown SEALE, BETTY SUE, Jasper Sociology, AKA, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation, YWCA, Upper- class Advisor SEARCY, WILLIAM CURTIS, Pascagoula, Miss. Business Administration, NROTC SEEGER, BETTY HUNT, Frederick, Md. Music Theory, Brats, Opera Company, Cap and Gown, Yankee Club SEELY, KATHLEEN, Dallas Geology, Smilodon, Glamazons, YWCA, Cap and Gown, Inter- American Association SEIPEL, JOYCE KATHERINE, San Antonio Art Education, WICA, Art Students ' Association, San Antonio Club SEWELL, ELIZABETH, Houston Drama, Curtain Club, Katlio House, Discoveries of 1946 SENIORS SHARPE, MELBA DEL, Nixon Humr Economic . Teacher Education. WICA. Momr Economics Club. Wesley Founda- lion. Inter-Coop Council. Hou-i Chairman Association. Blurhonncl Brllr Nominee, Who 1 . Who SHIFLETT, BILLY BOB, Dallas Kiifinrrrinir. NROTC. Clrc Club. Presbyterian Student l-eafue. NROTC Quartet. Band SHROPSHIRE, JOZA JEAN, Houston Busino. Anmini-lralion. AAII. BBA. Houston Cluli. Women Voters SIEGLE. MARTHA JOYCE, Monroe, La. I duration. ATA. !ndrl Club, Cap and Gown. Forenfcira SILVER, E. MADELYN, Bristow, Okla. ll.i.m... Ailminiilralion. BBA. Cap and Gown. WH. . 111(1. Ilillrl SKAINS, VERA MAE, Mart Institutional Administration. Home Economic Club. WICA K.INNKR. MOLLY VIRGINIA, Electra r.ntli.ri, XQ. Mortar Board. Ashhel. W omen Voids. Co-Ed Assembly. YWCA. Blucbonnet Bellr Nominee SLOAN, JAMES R., Austin Law. A+. Texan Law Reriew. I ' niirr.ily Bar A--... iii.,n. Tesa Bar .ition SMITH, BETTY JUNE, Iowa Park Health and Phyiiral Education. PEM Club. IntramuraU. WICA. Cap and Gown. Women Voters. Swing and Turn, Wichita County Club, We ley Foundation M1ITH, EUGENE CLAYTON, Selman City Buine Ailniitii-tr tion, Accounting. Ex-Servicemen ' Ai ocia!iun. MICA. Ruk-Gre(f Club SMITH, HARRIS, San Angelo English. X t, Head Cheer Leader, Silver Spurs, Tumbling Team, West Tcxa Club SMITH, MARIE ANNE, Shreveport, La. Sociology. +BK. AAA. AKA. Forensica, Cirla 1 Debate. Anhbel. Present Day. YWCA, Women Voters 1ITH. TERENCE J M Omaha, Nebr. Buint-- ilmini-tr iiion, Yankee Club. NeMHian Club, IntramuraU, NROTC IITH, VIRGINIA DARE, Troup Buin - " - Administration. Accounting. BBA, BSD, Cap and Gown SNODDY, MARY CATHERINE, Graham Pure Mathematics. AI ' A. [ AR. Women Voters. YWCA. Cap and Cown SNODGRASS, CECIL MILLER, Stacy Buine i Administrn.ion. Advertising. MICA, Advertising Association, Tarleton Club. -t Texa Club SPADARO, GLORIA HELEN, Ellenville. N. . H ' l-inr-s Administration. Transportation, Newman Club. WICA. Yankee Club SPEARS, JULIA MARGARET, San Angelo Business Administration. Transportation, West Texas Club SPILLER, LIDA LOUISE, Houston Elementary Edura.ion. P+B. ACE. Cap and Cown. Home Economics Club. Nune ' s ' .mcn Voters. Canterbury Club, Rainbow Club, Houston Club M ' lI.LER. MARGIE BETH, Galveston Home Economics, Interior Decoration. TIB4 , Hockauay Club. Home Econ mJ4 - Club, YWCA, Cap and Gown STARKEY, MARY ELIZABETH KNIGHT, Austin Home Economic?.. Cmtumc Design, YWCA. Home Economic Club. Reagan. Cap and Cown STEADMAN, HOMER DOUGLAS, Fort Worth Civil Engineering. TBII. XK. Ramhorn, ASCE, IntramuraU STEDMAN, MARY JOSEPHINE, Cameron Home Economic . Nutrition, AXQ. Cap and Cown, Women Voter-. Home Club. l ' ,irercla Advisor STEELE, CARROLL MAURICE, Richmond, Calif. i- .il Knitinfrring. Clec Club. AIEE. K n horn STEPHENS, LORA JEAN, Uvalde Botany STEWART, MARY CLAIRE. Pharr Knili.h. Varsity Debate. Cap aad Cown. Classical Club, Women Voters, Yankee Club STEWART. MARY JEAN, Beaumont Bacteriology. +1. Southeast Texas Club. Women oltr-. Hluebonnet Bell pperelaa Advisor Pace 55 SENIORS STIFF, ANNE, Hillsboro Journalism, WICA, Cap and Gown STILLMAN, MORRIS, San Antonio Chemical Engineering, AEII, H2, AIChE STINDT, LAVERNE AUGUSTA, Brady Spanish, ZAII, La tin- American Institute. Forensica, Singers, Inter- American Association, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation. Freshman Fellowship, Mexican Literary Society STINNETT, GENE, Gatesville Journalism, XB, 91 , Daily Texan, Reagan. Cap ami Gown. Glee Club. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee STOLTZFUS, MARY BELLE, Tuleta Home Economics, Pzatlx, Home Economics Club, Upperclass Advisor, Orchesis, Cap and Gown, Who ' s Who, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee STONE, BETTYE GENE, San Marcos Business Administration, BBA STRAUS, JAMES CLYDE, III, Dallas Electrical Engineering. NROTC, Varsity Swimming. Aqua-Carnival, Union Talent Committee, Rifle Team, Pistol Team, AIEE, Dallas Club STRAUSS, THEODORE HENRY, Stamford l!n-iji ' -- Administration, 2AM, Cowboys, Friars, Inter fraternity Council. Varsity Carnival, Victory Loan Drive, Sweetheart Election Committee, Good- fellow, Who ' s Who, Round-up Committee SULLIVAN, WILLIAM, Kerrville Electrical Engineering, Raimhorn, Presbyterian Student League. AIEE SUMMERS, JEANETTE CHRISTINE, Jacksonville, Fla. Business Administration, AOII, Yankee Club, Glamazons SWAUSCH, CATHRYN ELIZABETH, Austin Bacteriology, T B, FA. TAA, Mortar Board. Co-Ed Assembly, Cap an.l Gown. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Nurse ' s Aide SWEENEY, MARY LOU, San Benito Spanish, A AIT, SAIT, Latin- American Institute, Tee Club. Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Assembly, YWCA, Bluestockings, Sidney Lanier, Women Voters, Nurse ' s Aide, Pan-Ameriran Hound Table SWEENEY, NAOMI FRANCES, Phillips Bacteriology, I ' B, Women Voters, Wesley Foundation, Symphonic Band SWEENEY, JOAN, Akron, Ohio Psychology, AF, HE TAYLOR, ANN LYNETTE, Arlington Business Administration, Transportation, NTAC Club TAYLOR, ELIZABETH, Huntsville Business Administration, BBA TAYLOR, FRANCES ROBERTA, Austin Journalism, AZ, Forensica, Varsity Debate, Oratorical Association. Common Sense, Canterbury Club, YWCA, UTSA, Women Voters TAYLOR, KERNS BOWMAN, Austin I.a , Economics, YMCA. Glee Club TAYLOR, LOLA KATHERINE, Robert Lee Home Economics, Child Development, Glee C!ub, Home Economics Club TAYLOR, SHIRLEY ADELE, Donna Interior Decoration, A4 , Glamazons, Presbyterian Student League. Yankee Club TEAGUE, MARIEL JACQUELINE, Moody Interior Decoration, AXS2, ON. AAA, Bowling Club, Home Economic Club, Sidney Lanier, Co-Ed Assembly, Women Voters TEMPLETON, RUFUS LEE, Wellington Law, Athenaeum, McBill Scholarship THOMAS, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Patoka, 111. Electrical Engineering. V-12, AIEE, Newman Club, Ramshorn. MICA. Intramurals THOMASON, MARY MABEL, Huntsville Home Economics, Nutrition, A4 , Reagan, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, YWCA, Presbyterian Student League, Home Economics Club THOMPSON, JANE CLELAND, Taylor .Spanish, KKF, Turtle Club, Panhellenic THOMPSON, MARY JANE, Beaumont Business Administration, BBA, Present Day, Southeast Texas Club. Cap and Gown THOMPSON, MARY PAIGE, Fort Worth Business Administration, Transportation, XS2, BBA, Women Voter . Fort Worth Club, Career Conference PACE 56 SEMDRS THOMPSON. - ' R DOSS. JR.. Amarillo Z,loc ' . Pr-M J. AEA. VuMtj Tram. TIBBS. VNSEI.M M.. JR- Valley MilU HE. A o ialioa TICE. CARL CERHARDT. Temple COTtfneaf. Latkrna !. ocUtio.. Cla iral Club. Golf Tra Caplaia. Texplr CJ.k. S.ia uU Taim. MIL TILLER. KATHLEEN BI.VNf HE. Austin Leli-k. A7 I ..... P.kli ' if? aa4 Eadi Couutlrr . CaBa Sao... latrr-AaKtiraa - r Vocn.. C uul C. CwtUB Oik. Ottil; Tv.. YC. h. Su tUico. TIPPETT. JAMES L_ Port Arthur . A1II. Cler Cllk T1PPS. MARY SLE. Wichiu Falb EncliJi. AAA. lio Bord. H r Ckuran Amx-ulioa. Cap ud Cc.l. V. . I ,-V ' rU-. Couril. PrU. ICA. irhiu F.I I. Club, mintrr TOCQL ' ICXY. LEE ANN HALL. Gurizo Springs Ali. B...l;a Clab. Fmhmu rMic,..fcip. Ulc-f- Clk TODARO. MARTIN THOMAS. Waco La , lhrna. aa. Var-it. Drbal ' . UK A. V-tiMaB Cl TODES. JAY LITTMAN. Wharton r. HilUi TliILI ER. DONALD DIANE, Wrtmorr. Kans. - AteMMMiw. . Yamke, Clmk. MICA. BOTC. I.Ira.ral. TO N ?:N[). ED ROTAN. Dallas TRAINER. SIBYL MAE. Austin tmimmtltlium Traa | onalioB. BBA. ICA. Y CA. FrnMM Frllo.Jup Cl . Cap a.d Co. Voarm V. t r.. Cite CUb. Mmuriu TROLTT. EVELYN JEAN. Dallas E a ' alio.. A CarvrlU Cheir. VTAC Oab. M - . TOL ' HY. MARY CLARE. Fort Worth B%4k . ma Clafc. Canaic Clob TLTT. ANNABETH KATHELYN. Dallas 7TA. FOU. Pk-riaa. Blaeli.aart B ll. t. maa a Volm TLTT. DOROTHY JUNE. Taft S,.ai-t. AT. AAA. ZAI1. Blantackiac . Toatra Vatrn. Braaaa. Pmcat Day TYNAN. KATHERINE ELIZABETH. San Antonio HE . L ' anrt t? Va-irUn-. Veaa Clajb L CHI YAM A. SHIGERU. Fowler. Calif. Mcchaucal Cmfa ri f. H ' . HT1. ASME. MICA. LLBRIGHT. JAN EL ESTELLE. Burnet How tttmamjn, loir,, or Dermtioa. ASC!. ON. T.rleto Clb. Hoatt C.ramtmin UTTS. MARTHA BETH. Burkburnett XTTT XDEN, OTIS LYNN. Temple . A C. +1 NN( . MARJORIE ANNE. M.Allen Hoate Ci ii i. HOOM- Fi IIIIUMJI i Clbb. Co-E-1 Ai gaihly. CwUorr Coociill - %W ' . . BIurboao ' T Brllc Vjur-. YWCA. Pulls. Cap and C RNELL. M RY EVELYN. Greenville . aaj . CUmaKM. YVCA. Mara V EJ NS. ELAINE. Jacksonville A+F-. Cfcoic VERY. GLORIA CHRISTINE, Richardson F+B. MMTIU.. A CaarHU Ch ir. Dalla. Omk. Mc VCrr. ' --- Fu4aiio. St4eml Cfcotr VERAMI. LH E .H PMAN. Tazewell, V OWELS. HARRY I_ Shreveport, La. SJ s I: IIIHK WAGNER, VIRGINIA LOUISE, Port Neches Business Administration, ZTA, Present Day, Canteen Aide, Cap and Gown, YWCA, Southeast Texas Club WALLING, CHARLES ANNE, San Angelo Government, AI IIIA, UTSA, Intramurals, Racket Club WALLING, JO BETH, Austin Pharmacy, AOIT, KE, J 2, American Pharmaceutical Association, Blucbonnet Belle Nominee WAMPLER, BARBARA JEAN, Gladewater Bacteriology, AAA, Bow and Arrow, YWCA. Pierian WARD, FANNIE MAE, Austin Music Education, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor WARD, JOE H., JR., San Antonio Electrical Engineering, Varsity Basketball, T Association WARD, WAYNE, Corpus Christ! Mathematics, NROTC, Intramurals, A. M. Club WARREN, MARY WINTHROP, Freeport Government, AAA, ! 1 11 WATKINS, JOHN FRANCIS, Pasadena, Calif. Civil Engineering, N. XE, Newman Club, Silver Spurs, Varsity Golf, ASCE, Interfratt ' rnity Council WATSON, GLORIA, Austin Business Administration, BBA, HSl WATSON, MARY BELLE, Brownwood Business Administration, BBA, Cap and Gown, Newman Club WATT, GILBERT CLEM, El Campo Mechanical Engineering, MICA, ASME, Ramshorn, Associate Editor Journal of Architecture, Engineering, and Science WATTS, BALLARD NOLAN, Gainesville English, ATA, Silver Spurs, Union Dance Committee, Interfraternity Council, Students Assembly WEAVER, EVELYN, Pauls Valley, Okla. Home Economics, Nutrition, AZ, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club WEBER, MARY FRANCILLE, Dallas Bacteriology, i , YWCA, Touche, UTSA, Women Voters, Upperclass Advisor, Dallas Club WELCH, BENJAMIN TAYLOR, Liberal, Kans. Business Administration, A f SZ, Wesley Foundation, MICA, NROTC, Yankee Club. Who ' s Who, Sweetheart Election Committee WELCH, MARJORIE MARIE, Amarillo Music Education, Symphony Orchestra, Radio House Orchestra WELDER, MARTHA, Beeville Spanish, KKP, Cap and Gown, Women Voters WELTY, RICHARD O., Hunter, Okla. Mechanical Engineering, IITZ, ASME, Ramshorn WENDT, JOYCE JOSEPHINE, Cuero Bacteriology, 4 2, Cap and Gown, Research Assistant, South-Central Texas Club WEST, LOIS LA VERNE, Clarksville Spanish, WICA, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Presbyterian Student League, Inter-American Association, Northeast Texas Club WESTMORELAND, EMMA JEANE, Marshall Bacteriology, ZTA, YWCA, Women Voters, Bow and Arrow, UTSA, Wesley Founda- tion, Nurse ' s Aide WHITE, BAYLOR LA MONDE, Terrell Chemical Engineering, 4=MA, AIChE, Ramshorn, Symphonic Band, Longhorn Band WHITE, GERALDINE, Quitman History WHITE, LELA JO, Wills Point Business Administration, Transportation, XS), BBA, Cap and Gown, YWCA, Women Voters WHITE, MARY DORIS, Dublin Bacteriology WHITE, MARY ELLA, Sacul English, IIA9, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Co-Ed Assembly, Sidney Lanier, Glee Club, Cap and Gown, Bluestockings PACE 58 SENIORS WHITEHEAD. TOMMY PHILLIP. ! . MIC . A .mtio. ml Sahia.. Clrc Cta WHTTESELL. LOIS LEE, Houston FiriT-r Mmimi liiiin A . BBA. m ra V WHITLEY. ALYIN. San Antonio Eactbh, +BK. CU---.I da WHTTMEYER. IDA PEARL. Beaumont Eflnk. Car aaj - " WHTTM1RE. CARRIE ELLA, Amarillo WHITON. ALBERT EDWARD. Bfaumoot HZ WHITTEN. LACEY R- San Antonio i MCA. Nmu dak. Snirmt ArcMtorta. Daa Co W1ER, JEAN KEITH. George West V4ctm. Cap ami Gmmw WIER, MARION ELC. BETH. Austin AMc. WIGZELL. CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH, Dallas l+. Pn . I I- 4 oae Voem, Fnthaua F WILDE. WALTER ERNEST, Austin Ax rut a of Stairat Acrkjtrrta. WILEMON. ERNEST J_ Ariingtoa ElertiK-al Entiarrrinf. alA. OW... T A.ncitiaa. Vanity kail. WILEY. F. ELAINE, A AAD. OX. !.,.. rt Brllr WILKES, BETTYE JO. DaUs nB+. IAII. la er-AKric. Aide WILKINSON. LELIA BETH. Coreicana ChaaatMf WILLHOITE, JULIA OLIPHINT, Au Ckild Dmlopa el. Car ad C . Vaaan Oak WILLHOITE, WARREN AUGl Tl . Austin lamiiliiia of StaJial Atrlulcct r. Tnlr ' . ' - WILLIAMS. COYLE WILLIS, Fort Worth Plr-Mc4. arMTM(T. AEA. BSl ' . PiwAl -rU ban-Vanity ChratiaB FrlUmJup. larrr.l. WILLIAMS, WINNIE LEA, San Antonio Cmiaaiial. Bnta. f.alrr Oak. VTSA. Co-Ed AaiiaAly. TVC.4. S.a Aatiaii Qah. Car C WILLING. JOSEPH LESLIE. JR_ Tulsa. Okla. Time. +HI. UT. AStlE WILLRODT, HELEN LOUISE, Colm-mbt A iauaixrxtioa. BBA. Nrvmaa Oak. Wai Kane ' AUr. WILLSON. PATRIQA MAE. Amarillo An. ICA. Tr:lf Oak. LTSA. An Sto t- AaMciatia Car latrmair l Cawa, An Con. WILSON. IDA MAE MARGARET, Palacios fltmtmtir, Exjaratk a. 1C . Lalkrraa S4eM - A-iHia. WILSON. MARTHA JE An. EAO. n Staa. an ' WILSON. WILLIAM JAMES. Bailry ASME. WIN DECKER, ROLAND THEODORE, Moulton Elwtrical Eaciatxria . .ifcani. Lnbnaa StaaVaM Aaariatia UINRELD. DON R. BY, Qifton Pace SENIORS WOLCOTT, ELDON NICHOLSON, Kerrville Electrical Engineering, 4 KS, BSU, AIEE, Ramshorn WOLF, MARJORIE JO, Austin Business Administration, Transportation, AXS, FA, BBA, Freshman Fellow- ship WOOD, JEANNE, Gainesville Business Administration, BBA, WICA, Present Day, Clrmazons WOODARD, GEORGE H., JR., Houston Mechanical Engineering,- Ramnhorn, ASME, Glee Club, Canterbury Club WOODRUM, BETTY JO, Austin Home Economics, Criscom Speakers, Brats, Women Voters, Home Economics Club WOODS, JOHN DAVIS, Fort Smith, Ark. Chemical Engineering, AXA, 2XE, AIChE, Ramshorn, Presbyterian Student League WOODS, KENNETH GORDON, McKinney Mechanical Engineering, ASM El WOOTEN, DON, Dallas Business Administration, Transportation, Rogues, T Association, Silver Spurs, Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Ex-Servicemen ' s Association WORLEY, FRANCES MARIAN, Austin Business Administration, Secretarial, A f , BBA, Orange Jackets, Pierian, YWCA, Election Commission, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Wesley Foundation, Co-Ed Assembly, Cap and Gown, Women Voters WORLEY, MARTHA GRACE, Mercedes Home Economics, Costume Design, WICA, Swing and Turn WORRELL, ALICE VIRGINIA, Austin Home Economics, AXQ, Panhellenic, Turtle Club, Women Voters, Home Economics Club WRIGHT, ELIZABETH ANN, Columbus Elementary Education, AI ACE, Present Day, Glamazons, DAR, Glee Club, Cap and Gown YAMAMOTO, H. ROY, San Pedro, Calif. Petroleum Engineering, HE, TBII, AIME, MICA, Ramshorn YARBOROUGH, FRANCES LUCILE, Navasota English, AAA, Bluestockings, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Present Day, Women Voters YARID, ANIS ALEX, Beirut, Lebanon Civil Engineering YARNO, GLORIA ELAINE, Brenham Business Administration, A f E, BBA YMCA, Women Voters YOUNG, JEAN ALLEN, Granger Elementary Education, T I B, ACE, Women Voters, Williamson County Club YOUNG, MAHALA JANE, Dallas Business Administration, Secretarial, KA9, BBA YOUNGBLOOD, ESTEY R., JR., Austin Geology, T Association, Football Manager, Freshman Football ZABEL, ELSIE LOIS, Austin Music, Piano, M f E, TA, AAA, Singers, Musicians, Symphony Orchestra ZALIM, ALBERT NED, San Antonio Civil Enginering, HIO, Hillel ZARROW, JACK CARR, Tulsa, Okla. Petroleum Engineering, 4 A ZEVE, EDEL F., Nacogdoches Sociology, A f E, Hillel. Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Mental Hygiene Club ZEMANEK, JOHN EUGENE, Needville Architecture, Czech Club. Association of Student Architects, M nt;il Hygiene Club, Ex-Servicemen ' s Association, A. M. Club ZIMMERMAN, EVELYN CECILE, Texarkana Business Administration. Transportation. A E, BBA, YWCA, Hillel, Women Voters, Cap and Gown ZIMMERMAN, SARA FRANCES, Cleburne Business Administration, KA6. BBA, Pierian, Cap and Gown. Tee Club ZIMMERN, ALFRED, JR., Dallas Chemical Engineering, Ex-Servicemen ' s Association, NTAC Club, AIChE PACE JUNIORS Adams, James Wesley, Little Rock, Ark. Adams, Rozwell Sam, Daisetta Akers, Avis E., Lipscomb Alexander, Mary Louise, Ennis Alexander, Mary Olney, San Antonio Alexander, Susie A., Alvin Allen, Florence Rosamond, Jackson Allen, Lewis, Jr., Hallettsville Allen, Wanda Felice, Texarkana Allman, Ray Madison, Amarillo Altfillisch, Michael D., Pedro, S. D. Anderson, Dorothy Jean, Cisco Armintor, Dovie M., Port Arthur Armstrong, Annabelle, Austin Armstrong, Rose Marie, Brownsville Arnall, Dwight Lee, Artesia, N. Mex. Aronoff, Toby Joy, Dallas Backenstoe, Dorothy Phyllis, Galveston Baillio, Betty Ann, Liberty Baits, Jobeth, Del Rio Baker, David Steele, Austin Baletka, William John, Jr., Rosebud Bangard, Leopold David, Jr., Houston Barber, Norma Jean, Stockdale Barker, Betty Louise, Port Neches Barnard, Allen G., Jr., Lamesa Barnes, Charles E., Jr., Corsicana Barnhill, Dan W., Olden Barren, James Douglas, Tyler Barron, Virginia Louise, Austin Bass, Patricia Ann, Kilgore Bastion, V. Ruthe, Port Arthur Behr. Katherine, Houston Behr, Lucy J., Houston Beidleman, Juana Fay, Overton Belitsky, Lela, Longview Bergman, William Myers, Port Arthur Berry, Carolyn, Houston Bingham, Wanda, San Angelo Black, Clara Jean, Athens JUNIORS Blair. Carolyn Elizabeth. Waco Blanchard, Gtorf r Grover. Jr.. Port Nerbc- Bland. Bobbie Jean. Dallas Blanton. Jack S_ Houston Blorksom. Betty Jo. Plainview Bohn. Conrad R.. Austin Bonner. Brtty Sue. Edinburp Bookout. Fred Carney, Dallas Bowers, Gloria Ann. Beaumont Boyett, Eleanor Sue, Dallas Brannen. David Burr, Tucson, Ariz. Bratton. Barbara. Lonpview Bratton. Billie Ruth. Freer Brautipam. Billie, Pinehurst Bray. Mary Fern, Midland Brisco. C Chester. Santa Ana, Calif. Brown, Barbara Marie. Galveston Brown, Elizabeth Ina. San Benito Brown, Retina IQausner, Denver, Colo. Browne. Sue Ann. Dallas Bruce, Barbara Ann. Kerrrille Bruce. Ruth Irene. Canadian Brack. Betty Jane, Waco Bryson. Mary Evelyn. Bastrop BvcUes, Robert Gene. Abilene Buckner, Joanne. El Paso Bnndy. Farland C, Tyler Banting. Mattie Byrd. San Marcos Burkett, Ola RndelL Texarkana Byfield. June Elizabeth. Corpus Christi Caldwe 11. Albert J_ Austin Callan. Barbara Frances, Waco Campbell Betty Jo. Holliday Caraballo, Xavier. Mexico City, D.F. Carlton. Crannll Allen. Corpus Christi Camithers. Louise Elaine, Commerce Carter. Gloria Ann. Corpus Chruti Cai vei. Sarah Eloisa. Taylor Castmita. Pauline, Austin Chambers, Charlotte Anne, lola. Kan-. JUNIORS Chandler, Joyce, Hamilton Chapman, C. Joe, Houston Charlton, Jim Alice, Temple Chastain, Olive Mae, Texarkana Chilton, Carl S., Jr., Port Lavaca Clark, Charles Ed, Bristol, Tenn. Clary, Earl Martin, Turnersville Clay, Betty Jo, Cape Girardeau, Mo. Clemens, Annabel. Austin demons, Thelma Louise, El Paso Coale, Carmen Margaret, Beaumont Cobb, Peggy Claire, Dallas Cocke, Byron Cheney, Corsicana Coel, Francis Jo, McAllen Coffee, Doris Anne, Amarillo Coffman, Dorothy Sue, Port Arthur Coin, Shirley Mae, Sinton Cole, Gloria Anita, Cameron Collier, Ralph Kirkwood, Houston Collins, Delmar White, Jr., Marathon Combs, Jane Grant, Whitesboro Combs, Illiwyn Ann, Longview Connolly. Barbara Joan, Galveston Connor, Patricia Harrell, San Antonio Co oke, Alma Lucile, Houston Corgey, Dayna Clair, Charco Cornelius, Catherine. Eastland Couch. Glenna Lea, Austin Covington, Virginia Stuart, Texarkana Cox, Wanda Jean, Terrell Cox, William J., Dallas Craddock, Ruth Ann, Hillsboro Craig, Gordon Paul, Denton Craig, Patricia, Corpus Christ! Crawford, George Wolf, San Antonio Creamer, Dick Oliver, San Antonio Creasy, Ann, Ballinger Crisp, Noel James, Norwood, Colo. Crockett, Leonard Frank, Ballinger Crowson, Patricia, Dallas PACE 64 JUNIORS Culberson. Fisher Wells, Gatesville dimming-. Ernestine Estelle. San Antonio Cunningham. Alexander Arthur, Palarios Cunningham. Dan Blake. Corsicana Curry. Landon. San Antonio Dallmeyer. Ruth. Brenham Daniels, Beverly Jeanne, Houston Daniel:-. Holt P., Jr.. Houston Danielson. Earl R.. Blythe ille. Ark. Davenport, Jane F.. Decatur Davenport. Margaret Meares, Charlotte. X. C. Davis. Frances Elizabeth. Loineta Davis. Mar - Ruth. Corpus Chri ti Dealon. Frances Ann. Wichita Falls Delafosse. Georgan. Albany De la Garza. Cesar Octavio. Corpus Christi de Llano. Rodrigo R Laredo Del Paso. Ernesto. Mexico City. D.F. Dick. Laura Ann. Columbus Dietz. Henry Brooklyn. Corpus Chri ti Dietze, Doris Carolyn. San Antonio Dillard. Roy Earl. Diliey Dillon. Margaret Josephine. San Antonio Dinwiddie. Ballard Alvin. Ill, Henderson Dirks. Evelyn Elaine, Tuleta Dobles. Robert Walter. Rochester. N. V. Dodds, Ella Virginia. Houston Donnell. Man Elise. Dallas Dorsey, Alyce Faye. Big Spring Doudney. Clara Lee. Dallas Douglas. Bennie Ruth. Woodlake Douglas. Betty Jo. Baytown Doyel. William Watson, Winchester. Ind. Dmmmond. Irene M.. El Paso DuBose. George Perry. Jr.. San Antonio DuBose. Jenebel. Westhoff Dudley. Mary Ann. Amarillo Duncan. Jean, Corpus Chri-ti Dunn. George Harvey. Corpus Christi Durso. Joseph, Port Arthur JUNIORS Dye, Patsy E., Albany Dyer, Virginia, Corpus Christi Eads, Smith, Jr., Mabank Edmondson, Mary Margaret, Mathis Edson, Betty Anne, Houston Eichenberg, Ava, Houston Eiring, Frances, Plainview Elkins, Ann, Houston Elkins, Eris LaNelle, Tulia Elliott, Jo Ann, Breckenridpe Ellison, Emily Anne, Austin Everett, Peggy J., El Paso Farb, Sonia, Texas City Farmer, Helen Louise, Austin Farrington, Stanley, Fort Worth Faulkinbury, Faye K., Texarkana Felfe, Elmo Roy, Thorndale Fenlaw, Ada Frances, Dallas Fenner, Edwin Henry, Edna Ferris, Nina Ruth, Waco Fertitta, Josephine Rita, Houston Fields, Georgia, Demopolis, Ala. Flautt, Ria June, Galveston Fogartie, Elizabeth Vance, Longview Forgason, Herbert Grayson, Jr., Wharton Fortson, Charles, Edinburg Francis, Martha Anne, Luling Franklin, Margaret Anne, Austin Frede, Barbara Frances, LaGrange Freed, Marcelyn, Crystal City Freeman, Rowena Harriette, Houston Freeman, Virah, Fort Worth Friauf, George Frank, Jr., Pampa Fromme, Mildred Genelle, Mathis Gabbert, Billie Jo, Wills Point Gallagher, Shirley Magdalyne Galloway, Bonnie Frank, Winnsboro Garcia, Gloria, San Diego Garcia, Heraclio Vicente, San Antonio Garner, Harry E., Beaumont JUNIORS Gar ner, Rose Mary. Gladewater Gallin, Leroy. San Antonio Gauldin. Marion Dean. Dallas Grlfond. Helen Ethel. San Antonio Geneoov, Maurine H., Tyler Gerdes, Bob Meyer. Corpus Christi Gerhardt. Joseph. Austin Geriok, Judith H.. Hillsboro Geue. Ellen Mae. Eastland Gillette, Patricia Inez. Austin Gilliam. Margaret E.. Corpu Christi Ginp. Evelyn Gladys. Coupland Classen Bunny EL, Bristow, Okla. Glover, Florence Mae. Wichita, Kans. Goebel. Felicia Doris, Aberaathy Golden. Laurence Wayne. Kansas City. Mo. Goode. Nathan Earl, Jr.. Pie Town. N. Mrx. Graham, Jo-Ruth, Jasper Graham, Walter Nichols, Dallas Grambling. Patricia Frances, El Paso Crammer, David Allen. Jr., Albuquerque. N. Mex. Graul. Billie Brooks, Mr Allen Gray, Walter Lee. Jr., Oklahoma City. Okla. Greaves, Claire. Dallas Green. Bettye Jo, Sherman Greer. Margaret I_ Brownwood Greig. Ben Wayne, Jr., Austin Grevsky, Shirley Louise, Houston Griffin, James Robert, Temple Griffith, Joe H.. Fort Worth Griffith. Joy Dabney. Austin Grumbles. Rebecca Ann. San Saba Guarino. Peter Jerome. Houston Guerrero, Rosaura, Rio Grande City Gutierrez, Cecilio Homero. Rio Grande ( ' . ' n Guyer. Abbye Ruth. Brownwood Haden, Benjamin. Houston Hafner. Eleanor Jeanette. Duluth. Minn. Hair. Leah Jean. Electra Hamilton, Roy E.. Paducah : JUNIORS Hannigan, Edward Joseph, Fort Worth Hansen, Norma Waldine, Galveston Hardt, Ruth Caroline, Yancey Hare, Robert Warner, Dallas Harleston, Robert Haig, Jr., Charleston, S.C. Harms, Adrienne A., Denver, Colo. Hartley, Janice, Riverside, 111. Harvey, Evelyn Joyce, Nederland Harvey, James Wilson, Abilene Heard, Joseph Norman, Refugio Heath, Davena, Hobbs, N. Mex. Hegar, Naomi Ruth, Temple Hendrix, Augustine Frances, West Columbia Hendrix, Carl Frank, Amarillo Henry, Annie Jean, Texarkana Henry, Barbara, El Paso Henry, Barbara Sue, Refugio Hensarling, Mildred Joye, Stephenville Herndon, Beverly Jean, Dallas Hey, Carl S., Jr., Everglades, Fla. Hickfang, Karl Alfred, Bonham Hickman, James A., Paris Hicks, Wanda Yvonne, Waco Hill, Betty Ann, Houston Hill, Bettye Virginia, Waynoka, Okla. Hill, Edgar Kimball, Newport Beach, Calif. Hill, Evelyn, Floresville Hittson, Virginia Elizabeth, Tulsa, Okla. Hoefgen, Leonard Edward, San Antonio Hoff, Joyce Maxine, Clifton Holberg, Mildred Harrison, Houston Holbrook, Alice Louise, Bastrop Holford, Carolyn, Hico Holland, Martha Gerrie, Waco Holloway, Frank, Dallas Holt, John Marshall, Waro Hopkins, George Milton, Jr., Denton Home, Margaret Beverly, Austin Horton, Margie Mae, Longview House, Billye Jean, Big Lake Howard, Mary Ruth, Dallas Howard, Travis Glenn, Paris Huff, Nancy Lou, Wichita Falls Huffmaster, Ruth, Houston PAGE 68 JUNIORS Huphe , Virginia Anabel. Vernon Hunt, Betty Lynn. Conroe Hurt. Martha Frances. Dallas Hu-ton. Virpinia Sue. Dallas Hyer. Lewis K,. Jr.. Archer City Irlarde. Mary Catherine. Elmira. N. Y. Jacobs. Milton Sherl. Lulinp Jansa. Arthur Milton. Taylor Jensen. Hal R.. Salt Lake City. Utah Johnsen. Marianne. Dallas Johnson. Charles EL, Chicago. I1L Johnson. Lavera J.. Coleman Johnson. Marilyn Ruth. Dallas Johnson. Murray S.. Dallas Johnson. W. M_ Dallas Johnston. Peppy Doris, Hull Jones. Betty M.. Houston Jones. Roy Hugh, Sherman Jordan. Ben T_ Victoria Jordan. Susie Elaine. Canadian Joseph. Harold Jerome, Dallas Kalmore. Marsha Ruth. Presidio Keith. Mela Alice. Fort Worth Kelleher. Mildred Frances. San Antonio Keller. Patricia Jeanette. El Paso Kennedy. Emily Anne. Piano Key. Mary Elaine. Austin Kidd. Marjorie. Cameron Keiffer. Linn H_ Berkeley. Calif. Killingsworth. Mary Louise. Austin Kilpatrick. Evelyn Virginia. Cleburne Kirksey. Margaret Faith. Austin Kirksey. Mary Peace. Austin Klatu Bobbie Marie. Waco Klein. Evelyn. Columbus Klein. Philip A. S-. Austin Knapp, Betty Bob. Dallas Knippa. Lois Cenelle, Austin Kone. Gertrude Henry-. San Antonio Koska. Violette. San Antonio Kreider. Ererette Francis, Jr_ Temple Kudla. Mitchell Norman. Houston Lagerquist. Walter G Jr_ San Antonio La Ktter, Clarence Ray, Harper rill- Ttf . JUNIORS Latimer, Gerald Marsh, Texarkana Lawler, Laura M., Greenville Lawrence, Clifford Lefton, Houston Lee, Betty Sue, D,allas Lee, Mary Jo, Paris Lewis, Betty Ann, Pachuca, Mex. Lewis, McKinley Clayton, Jr., Hot Springs, Ark. Lind, Ruth Lenore, Austin Lissauer, Jacqueline, Dallas Little, Hazel, Schulenburg Livingston, Paisley, Austin Locke, Lee, Gainesville Long, Mary Jo, Mineola Lowe, William James, Clarendon Loyd, Welta Faye, Gilmer Lucas, Robert Livingston, Old Greenwich, Conn. Lundelius, Oscar Emil, Jr., Austin Lusk, Jorene Hart, Athens McBride, David Patrick, Willis McCain, James Henry, Houston McCarter, Nell Marie, Arlington McCaskey, Rose Mary, Fort Worth McCurdy, Margaret, Austin McFarland, Marjorie Ann, Fort Worth McFarlin, Juanita Jean, Winnsboro McGann, Mary Patricia, Electra McGee, David Lloyd, Itasca McGhee, Frances Marie, Victoria McGraw, Jean, Austin McKinney, Norma Louise, Dallas McMahan, Maisie Ellen, Lometa McMahon, Barbara D., Fort Worth McMillan, Lavern Ruth, Sacramento, Calif. McMillan, Mary Katherine, Tyler McMillen, Hermione Katherine, Texhoma Machemehl, Ida K., Bellville Magliolo, Ellen Barbara, Galveston Magliolo, Virginia Catherine, Galveston Manning, Marjorie Barton, Austin Margraves, Margaret Ann, Paris Marken, Glenn Charles, Phillips Marsh, Luther Alvin, Lewisburg, Tenn. Martin, Jane, Austin Martin, Van Ray, San Angelo PACE 70 JUNIORS Massey, Helen Louise, Kaufman Matejka, Gladyn Ruth, Wheelock Matthiasson, Sigurdur Kristinn.Reykja ik. Iceland May, Beltye Sue, Lampasas Meredith, Wanda Ruth, Coolidge Metzke, Mary Elizabeth, Beaumont Miles, Evalee, Dalhart Millard. Jo Anne, San Antonio Millener, Barbara Adams, Memphis, Tenn. Miller, Margaret Ann, Dallas Miller, Virginia Lester, Houston Millsap. Elene R., San Angelo v Miner. Gloria Alice, Lake Charles, La. Minton, Mary Jo, San Angelo Mires, Joyce Kathleen, Taft Mitchell. Marcia Virginia, Fort Worth MoIIenhauer, Hilton Henry, San Antonio Monkhouse, Katie Bea, Lockhart Montgomery, Meriam Anita, Port Arthur Moody, Jim H., Longview Moore, Catherine Carol, San Antonio Moore, Claudine A., Teiarkana Moore, Dorothy E., Port Arthur Moore, Eva Beth, Paris Moore, Jack Spencer, Austin Moore, Juanita Evelyn, Vernon Moore, Katharine Anne, Del Rio Moore, Marjorie, Clinton, Mo. Moore, Mary Frances, Waco Moore, Thelma, Saint Jo Moore, William Holt, Aransas Pass Morse, Jacqueline G., Osborn, Ohio Morton. Murmon Lee, Dallas Mutt. Flora Victoria, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Mown-. Harley Warren, HI, Houston Murphy, Owen F., Long Beach, Calif. Mussel t, Ella Louise, Monroe, La. Myrick, Margaret Rosalie. St. Petersburg, Fla. Nail, Peggy-, Waco Narciso, John Carmine, Jr., Houston -h. Beverly Anne, Austin Neiman, Edith Louise, San Antonio N-lson, Donald Ordean, Eagle Grove, Iowa Nelson, Joan Beth, Fort Worth Pax. JUNIORS Nelson, Theda Jane, Austin Neuhaus, Doris Louise, Gonzales New, Phyllis, Oklahoma City, Okla. Newton, Thomas H., Smarkover, Ark. Nicol, Betty Edith, Dallas Nokes, George O., Jr., Corsicana Nolette, Patricia A., Dallas Norman, Frances Antonette, Comfort Norman, Violet Doloris, Rio Hondo Nunn, Martha Cloyce, Houston Odem, Eda Joan, Sinton Oden, Ann, Wichita Falls O ' Donnell, James Philip, Hollywood, Calif. Oliver, Cap Hill, Jr., DeLeon Orts, Verna Mae, Poth Oslin, Helen Josephine, Monticello, Ark. Owens, Frith Cravens, Jr., Corpus Christ! Owens, Helen Jo, Port Arthur Ownby, Mary F., Bryan Paley, Rosalie Eunice, Houston Parks, Barbara M.. Houston Parma, Alice Joy, Granger Parmley, Bernice H., San Antonio Parr, Martha Sue, Fort Worth Parsons, David Vibert, Jr., Houston Parsons, Felix N., Gainesville Patout, Felix Henry, New Orleans, La. Patterson, Wanda Petersen, Austin Paxton, Barbara Lamar. Buena Vista, Va. Paxton, Virginia Fontaine, Buena Vista, Va. Payne, Suzanne, Jonesboro, Ark. Payton, Stella Mae, Austin Pelham, William, Dyersburg, Tenn. Penn, William Read, Austin Periman, Barbara Ann, Dallas Perkins, Clifton Sanford. Sweetwater Perkins, Dorothy, Sweetwater Perkins, John Richard, Burnet Perry ,Alta Bernice, Goose Creek Perry, Cecile Alys, Tulsa, Okla. Petmecky, Ben Joe, Lytle Phillips, Lila Estelle, Woodville Phillips, Robert James, Austin Phillips, Sarah Hannah, Tyler JUNIORS Picket, Paul EL, Raleigh, X. C. Pierce. Xonna Lee, Menard Pierson, Andrew Luke. Ill, Houston Pinto, James Thomas, Houston Pipsaire. Geraldine, Longv iew Plummer. A. Q., Moran Plummer. Margaret Ann. Austin Polansky. Loree Marie, Dime Box Pollard, Betty Lou, Henderson Pope, Robbie Virginia. Waller Popejoy. John Richard, Beaumont Porter, Annie Ree. Clarendon Porter. Helen Frances, Clarendon Prassel, Thelma Eleanor, Jackson, Miss. Prentiss, Elaine Eleanor, San Antonio Preston, Laurie Elizabeth. Pleasantoii Pullen, William Thomas, Mexico City, D.F. Pyeatt, Phillip H., Searcy, Ark. Rack, Lucile A.. Santa Rosa Ranpnow. Beatrice, Victoria Ratliff. Jeanne Carolyn. Princeton. Ky. Reeves, Dorothy Janice, Houston Reinmuth, Oscar McNaughton. Austin Reiter, Mary Ca:herine. Kerrville Rirhards, Barbara Stolte. Orange Rigby. Toby Wilman. Houston Risinger. Ouida Dee. Lubbock Rivers, Kenneth Wayne. McKinney Robbins. Joan, Austin Roberts, Joan, Brookhaven. Miss. Roberts, Mathilde, Brookhaven. Mi. Roberts. Shirley Margaret, Pharr Robertson, Virginia Marie, Colorado City Robinson. Charles. Jr.. Mount Pleasant Robinson, Edwin C.. Beaumont Robinson. Enid Ruth. Houston Robinson. Fredonia, Pearl Robinson.Reginald I... Kilgore Rodenberg. Betty Jean. Luling Roemer. Vernell F., Austin Rogers. Betty Jane. Au-tin Reason. Margaret Pritchard. Orlando, Fla. Rubio, Glad K.. i , ,-i..bal, CZ. Ruble. Mary Emma. McCamey 73 JUNIORS Rucker, Mary Helen, Kilgore Rugeley, Norton Alexander, Wharton Russell, Elayne, Baird Russell, Pauline Emilie, Houston Ryan, Georgia Pat, Kenedy Sampson, Mae, Pelly Sanders, Laurie, New Braunfels Sandlin, Kenneth Charles, Yoakum Santleben, Mary Ann, Victoria Sarsgard, William Roger, Fort Worth Sawyer, Virginia Lee, Smithville Saylors, Gerry E., Gainesville Scheble, Norma Jean, Fort Worth Schramm, Texas E., Jr., San Gabriel, Calif. Schreiner, Charles, III, Kerrville Schroeder, Sue, Sinton Scott, Harold L., Port Arthur Scale, Nella Christine, Lampasas See, Charlotte Faith, Laredo Seeger, Martha Lee, Corpus Christi Seydler, George Clark, Jr., Gonzales Shamburger, Peggy, Tyler Sharp, Robby Good, Weslaco Sheldon, Irma Helen, Waco Shepherd, Richard Palmer, Floresville Sherman, James Terry, Austin Shultz, Roy Kile, Kentwood, La. Simmons, Margaret Jo, Austin Simonarson, Njall, Reykjavik, Iceland Slataper, Eberta Adelaide, Houston Smith, Bennie Lee, Teague Smith, Clara Jean, Nevada Smith, Helen, Beaumont Smith, Jerry Jane, Dallas Smith, Leland L., San Antonio Smith, McDonald, Fort Worth Smith, Wanda Joyce, San Marcos Smolkovich, Joseph Charles, Gary, Ind. Smyers, Imogene, Dallas Snodgrass, Mildred Joy, Brenham Sollars, Gene, Port Arthur Sparkman, Hilda Ellen, Jackson, Miss. Sparks, Patsy Verne, Eastland Spears, Dolores M., Amarillo PICE 74 JUNIORS Stallman. Lawrence Lee, C anrood Sulmach. Ruth Esther. Stnithville Surk. Winifred Ann. Dallas Stolte. Virginia I... Waco Stoltzfus. Joy Katherine. Tuleta Strauss. Jane. Houston Stuart, Edward F.. Victoria Stukey, Henri bee, Daingerneld Styner. Helen Elizabeth. Houston Sullivan, Jean. Dallas Sullivan. Man- Margaret. Fort Worth Swinner. Janie Elizabeth. Longview Switzer. Sue Anne. Beaumont Tacquard. Jane Marie. Austin Tandy. Frank Rawlins. Fort Worth Tanner. Tommie Mae. Port Lavaca Taylor. Patsy R.. Overton Taylor. Ruth Ann. Robert Lee Taylor. Ruth-Lee. Van Alstyne Teddlie. Dorothy Jean. Stephenville TilletU lone. Abilene Tisdale. Sammye Claire. Port Lavaca Tomlinson. Pegpy Ann. Hillsboro Treadwell. Maurine. Fort Worth Trevathan. Marjorie Faye, Wichita Falls Troell. Marie Joyce. Pleasanton Tucker. Margaret Anne. Beeville Tudor. Doris. Sweetwater Tyler. Jean Aldred. San Antonio Underwood. Margaret Mary. Dallas Vance. Joyce Leslie. San Antonio Van Haselen. Elsie J.. Dallas Vannaman. Georgann. Midland Vaughan. Nora Mae. Beaumont Vaughn. Donna Jeanne. Tulia Villafranca. Albert G.. Canado Vogt, Donald Duane. Austin Wade. Marie Florence. Corpus Christ! Wagonseller. Wayne Warren. Bowie Waldvogel. Betty Frances. Columbus Walker. Charles Vartan. Corpus Christ! Walter. Edytbe J., La Marque Walther. Henry Robert, San Antonio Wansborough. Mary Lou. Raymondville JUNIORS Ward, Jay Thomas, Abilene Watson, Dorothy Ann, Midland Weed, Geraldine June, Rockdale Weinheimer, Helen Virginia, Stonewall Welsh, Ronald Arthur, Galveston West, C. Kenneth, Fort Worth Wetz, Harlan H., New Braunfels White, Emma Jean, Texarkana White, Ida Lee, Stowell White, James Ervin, Temple White, Joseph A., Dallas White, Joyce Rae, East Bernard White, Julia Faye, Atlanta White, Marjorie, Quitman Whittenburg, Margaret Jean, McAllen Wiegand, Grace Mabel, Gatesville Wieland, Evelyn Roberta, Pfiugerville Wigginton, Carolyn, Brady Wilkinson, Rhoda Elizabeth, Vivian, La. Williams, Carolyn, Haskell Williams. Mary Lynn, New Braunfels Williams, Richard Clarence, Sandpoint. Idaho Williams, Ruby Lois, Houston Williams, Virgil, Jr., Fort Worth Williamson, William C., Houston Wilson, Betty Jean, La Marque Wilson, Lucy, Sebring, Fla. Wilson, Ray Louise, Lubbock Winter, Cecil R., Beaumont Woellert, William Leo, Poth Wolfe, Charlotte Belle, Aruba, N. W. I. Womack, Jessie Ruth, Stowell Wood, Marie Evins, Gainesville, Fla. Woodward, Maryann, Brownwood Word, Edith Lucille, Alice Wright, Virginia Day, Moody Wuensche, Frances Allyne, Bishop Yawn, Sidney Joan, Beaumont Yerger, Malvina, Jackson, Miss. Zander, Clover Lucille, Temple Zapffe, Charles H., Dallas Zemanek, Joseph, Jr., Blessing Zimmermann, Ursula Ann, Austin Zowada, Dorothy Jean, Austin PACE 76 " V- . v -: omore6 f SOPHDMDHES Albert, Helen, Rotan Albin, Annie Laurie, Dallas Alexander, Mary Helen, Waco Allen, Ann Lee, Junction Allen, Eva Jean, Antlers, Okla. Allison, Lester Louis, Dallas Alpert, Carolyn Judith, San Antonio Althaus, Arlene B., Fredericksburg Amsden, Margaret Louise, Corpus Christi Amsler, Kathryn Virginia, Houston Anderson, Claudine Laverne, Mereta Anderson, Joy, Gary, Ind. Anthony, Ernest DeWitt, Jr., Houston Anthony, Mary Alice, Austin Antonelli, John H., Freeport Archie, Neal Erwin, Fort Worth Arendale, Madeline Kathrine, Somerville Armstrong, Tommy Jean, Angleton Arrington, Tom Rogers, Tulsa, Okla. Arwine, Joe Arnold, Jr., Floydada Atlas, Marcia Ann, Lake Charles, La. Aune, Georgia Dagmar, San Antonio Avery, William Oliver, Jr., Longview Avriett, Don Marie, Austin Aydam, Bertha Louise, Houston Bairn, Dolores Claire, Pine Bluff, Ark. Baker, Jane Robin, Austin Ball, Belva Claire, Sibley, Miss. Banks, Barbara Ruth, Dallas Banner,Rayley Smith, Fort Worth Barnes, Robert Nash, Rockwell Barnett, Helen M., Waco Barnett, Robert Caldwell, Denton Barnette, Rose Ellen, Houston Battaile, Tom Darrah, San Antonio Bauman, Barbara Jean, El Paso Baxter, William W., James Beals, Eleanor Jane, Harlingen Beaty, Beverly Joyce, Orange Beddingfield, Martha Nell, Kerrville Beeman, Mary Elizabeth, Gonzales Beffa, Mary Etta, Normandy, Mo. Below, Polly Rosemary, Austin Bennett, Elizabeth A., Roscoe Berwald, Helene, St. Louis, Mo. Bethea, Molly, Hattiesburg, Miss. Bever, Carroll, Athens Birdwell, Effie Neoma, Wichita Falls Bishop, James C., Wichita Falls Bissell, Margaret Ann, Midland Blackburn, Mary Gene, Houston Blalock, Sue Alice, Baytown Blandin, Lecristha, Wichita Falls Boone, Martha Ann, Waco Booth, Ronald Earl, Farwell Soothe, Grace Iris, Del Rio Borel, Marjorie Joyce, Orange Bowen, Nancy May, San Antonio Brady, Alice Claire, Hearne Branda, Floyd Carmel, Port Arthur I PACE 78 SOPHOMORES Brannara, Marjorir. Anplcton Braun, Gretchen F.. Port Arthur Braulipam. Lrlon Maurinc. Pinchuret Brennan, Bciiy. San Antonio Bresie, Mayellen. Lufkin Brewster, Beverly Anne, Houston Brittain. Bunch King. San Angelo Brock, C. Carolyn, Eric, Penn. Bromley, Marshall B.. Sweetwater Brown, Elizabeth Ann, Norfolk, Va. Brown, Glenn Roland. Jacksonville Brown, Robert Ray. Luting Brownrigg. Katharine. Beaumont Bryan, Annora Adelle, Hou-lon Bryan, Lou Ellen. Seguin Budge, Betty Jean, Kennit Budge, Wanda Jean. Odessa Burgess. Rhoda Mildred, Austin Burke. Lillian R.. Austin Burrow, Edgar Anderson, Brady Butler, Dorris Adele. Loraine Buttery. Doris Vivian, Llano Buttery. Dorothy Alice, San Angelo Bynnm, Madeline Anne, Ingleside Cade. Nancy. Dallas Cadena, Viola Maria, Del Rio Campbell, Charlotte, U ills Point Canfield. Carolyn. Dallas Canfield, Frances, Houston CardwelL Dorothy Louise, Dallas Carbon, Elaine, Pampa Carpenter. Bettie Ann, Dallas Carroll, Charies. Dallas Carter, Melford Sidney, Kilgore Casey, Josephine, GaJveston Castro, Maria Marguerita, Mobile, Ala. Champie. Elbnore Alfred, El Paso Cbancey. Donald Gordon, Dallas Chandler, Dorothy Helen, Abilene Chandler. Fred Clark, Jr., Levelland Chaney, Naoma. Martins Mill Chapman, George Walton, Fort Worth Cbernosky. Adelma Shirley. Corous Christi Clark. N ' orma Francine, Harlingen Clary. Pauline Elizabeth. TurnersriOe dements. Patricia Stuart. Lufkin Cocke. Billie Jean, Harlingen Collier. Paul W, Hamilton Conaway. Evelyn Lee, Buffalo COM. William Alex, Hariingea Cooner. James Robert. Dallas CoppeL Flora Lee. San Antonio Cornelius, Marilyn. Amarillo Corner. JacqaeUag, SM Antonio Cotde, Martha Lois, Carthage Cox. Helen Maree. Hariingea Craven, John Warrick. Austin Crawford. Eunice Doris, Hontoa Crawley. Jaws, AriiogtM Creashaw, Jack H Big Spring SOPHOMORES Crittenberger, Dale Jackson, San Antonio Cross, James E., Agua Dulce Crownover, Zane, Crane Croxton, Nina, Dallas Culbertson, Marvin C., Vernon Cummings, Geneva, Houston Cunningham, J. Paul, Odessa Currin, Frances Marion, Dallas Curtis, Beth, San Benito Curtis, Martha Alice, Dallas Curtright, Mabel Jean, Atlanta Darnell, Mary Margaret, Bryan Davidson, Nora Jane, Electra Davidson, Susie Earline, San Antonio Davis, Coralyn, Harlingen Davis, Grace Hunt, Washington, D. C. Davis, Wallace H., Texarkana Dealy, Virginia A., Houston Deaver, James E., Memphis Dellinger, Jack B., Dallas Demere, Mary Agnes, Walter Valley Dickerson, J. Shelton, Downey. Calif. Dillahunty, Fred Frank, Beaumont Dirks, James Leland, Tuleta Dollar, Frances I., Mexia Donham, Dorothy, San Angelo Doole, Peggie Nell, Austin Dornon, Marion Hope, Eagle Lake Dosser, Kathleen, Waco Douglas, Jimmie Hugh, Palacios Downing, Helen Irene, Freer Drane, Louisa Catherine, Natchez, Miss. Dublin, James R., Midland Dubose, Donald Hampton, Woodsboro Dudley, Arthur Ray, Jr., Dallas Dudley, Mary Elizabeth, Tulia Duff, Lula Beth, Dallas Dunaway, Ben Carolyn, Austin Du Perier, Betty Jo, Beaumont Dupree, Betty Ann, Dallas Eastland, Benjamin Paige, Corpus Christ! Eberle, Lottie Margaret, Fredericksburg Echols, Eula Faye, Barstow Edmiston, Mary Jane, Austin Edson, Sally Martha, Dallas Edwards, Bonney Jean, Port Arthur Egdorf, Anne Louise, Wichita Falls Eickelberger, Mary-Joyce, Dickinson Eikel, Oliver, Jr., New Braunfels Ellington, Mary Nell, Hico England, James Roy, Crawford Epstein, Carlos, Mexico City, D.F. Epstein, Ida M., San Antonio Erickson, Doris Ann, Mercedes Ern, Bernice Edith, Harlingen Esponda, Juan, Jr., Mexico City, D.F. Evans, John Beaumont, Big Spring Evans, Melba Florine, Mexia Farley, Gwendolyn Gene, Amarillo Feit, Florence, Marshall PACE SOPHOMORES Fenlaw. Harold Roper. Dallas Ferguson. Beverly, Nome Ferguson. Victoria. Houston Finch. Eva Jean, Lonpview Finley. George Parkey. Jr.. Abilene Fisher. Rosamond Camille. Rusk Fisherman. Shirlee. Big Spring Fontein. Ceraldine I... Corpus ( hri-t i Foster, Catherine Joanne. Austin Foster, Man- Jane, Fort Worth FouLs Theron J.. Jr.. Denton Frambach, Be erly Anita. Houston Franklin. Una Jeanne. Lubbock Frazier. Raymond Jackson, Llano Freeman, Lee Jackson. Beeville Freudiger. Doris Nelle, I.uling Friar, Jean Ann, Cuero Friedson. Joan Bernice. San Antonio Fullerton, Mary Naomi, Warren, Ark. Full wood, William James, Ingram Fu.-ton. Alice Estelle, Longview Gambol, Helen Ruth. Childress Gambrell, Nell Gregg, Lookhart Garcia. Viola Nayda. McAllen Gaston, William D.. Austin George, Ballard W.. Corsicana Gertz. Evel n. Kilgore George, Marcus B.. New Braunfels Gibbins, Bobbie Jean, Midland Gibson, Gloria Anne, Dallas Gilbert, Lanvil L.. Rotan Gildart. Frances Ann. Kilgore Gillian. Johnnie M.. Trinidad Gilliland. Zach M.. Fort Worth Glass. Man Ann. San Angelo Glaze. Kathleen Adele. Austin Glazener. Virginia Ruth. Dallas Gleason. Man- Barbara, Spring Hill, Ala. Goen. June, San Augustine Goodell. Tilly Rose, Beaumont Gordon, Elliott Forbes, Beaumont Gossett. Carolyn, Taylor Graeff. Dorothy Lee, Houston Graham, Patricia Carolyn, Beaumont Granbury. Frances M_ Mineral Wells Grann. Man Louise. Dallas Greathouse, David McLeod, Fort Worth Green, Doris, Dallas Green. Hubert William, Jr.. San Antonio Green, Laura Lee. Beaumont Greer, Genevieve, Waco Greer. Lucy Marjorie. Elkhart Griffin. Jessie Allene, Nixon Gunn. Dorthy Marie. Port Arthur Hall. Eloise. Wichita Falls Hall. Gloria Jean, San Antonio Hall. Man Pearl. Austin Hamilton, Lucille Dimple. Goose Creek Hanna, Barbara. Dallas Hansen. Graciela Gusta. Honolulu. T. H. ., Pux SOPHOMORES Hardeman, Dale B., Hungerford Hardeman, Sanford, Plainview Hargrove, Joseph Leonard, Shreveport, La. Harp, Dell, Freer Harris, Ann, San Angelo Harris, Betty Jeannette, Hubbard Harris, Elmeruth, Denison Harris , Joy Maurice, Haynesville, La. Harris, Nina Ann, Temple Hartman, Glen Nelton, Mathis Hasting, Patricia, Dallas Hoffpauir, Margie, Port Arthur Hawkins, Robert Emmett Lee, West Haynes, Laura Kathryn, Palestine Haynes, Margaret Ann, Houston Haynie, Marguerite Mae, Bastrop Heath, B. Gerald, San Antonio Heck, Jack H. A., New Braunfels Hedeen, Robert A., Fort Worth Heflin, Hugh W., Austin Heinz, Kenneth W., Salt Lake City, Utah Henderson, Zuma Le Gay, Longview Hendricks, Cecil May, Temple Hight, Ewing Baker, Grand Prairie Hightower, E. Cecile, Shreveport, La. Hill, Dan C., Jr., Bowie Hill, Mary Scott, Hallettsville Hixson, Marcheta, Longview Hobson, Norma La Jeanne, Austin Hoffman, Martha Jeanette, Cleburne Hogan, Donald Loomer, Beaumont Hogan, George Erwin, III, Corpus Christ! Hogue, Billy Eugene, Fort Worth Hollingsworth, Doris, Pleasanton Hollingsworth, Robert Edward, Beaumont Hollingsworth, Ruby, Houston Hooper, Sharon, Athens Hoskins, H. Lowell, Trinidad Howard, Dale, Wink Howard, John Darvin, Paris Howell, Georgia Marguerite, Sonora Hoylman, Frank G., Jr., Terrell Hughes, G. Milton, Dallas Hunt, Emily Paschal, Houston Hunt, Glynna Gene, Odessa Hunter, Inez Orme, Dallas Hutto, Van C., Corpus Christi Innerarity, Lloyd E., Durant, Okla. Jacaman, Emilio N., Laredo Jaeggli, Iva Sue, Moulton James, Mary Reed, Monticello, Ark. Janicek, Anna Loreace, Temple Jaster, Earlene K., Giddings Jensen, Mary Lee, San Antonio Johnson, Dorothy Claire, Sinton Johnson, Frances Elizabeth, San Angelo Johnson, Kathryn Simms, Dallas Jones, Camille, Austin Jones, Edith, Abilene PACE 82 SOPHOMORES Jones, Florence, Eagle Pass Jones, Martha Jane, Knox City Jungman, Y. Frank, Houston Kahn. Miriam Hope, El Paso Kartus, Flora, Denver, Colo. Keener, Martha Jane. Colorado Springs, Colo. Kellen, My ra E.. Houston Keller. Jack, Dallas Kelly. Margaret A.. Sweetwater Kelly, Patricia Yvonne, Dallas Kempe, Da Rae, Alice Kerby, James Kenneth. Memphis, Tenn. Key, John Roberts. Charlotte Keyes. Nelson Hammond, Dallas Kiesling, Jamie Colleen, Houston King, Muriel, Houston Kirsner, Harriet M-, San Antonio Kistenmacher, George Glen, El Paso Klein. Evelyn. Columbus Klein, Howard Henry. Tomball Knapp. Dorothy Ann, San Antonio Knight, Earl Richard, Port Neches Koenig, Eunice Mildred, La Coste Kudla, Betty Jane, Dallas Kuhlman. Dorothy, Austin Kuhlman, Howard Philip, Houston Kuykendall. Virginia Thompson, Gainesville Lamb, Betty Jo, Odessa Lance, Allene Rae, Wink Lance, Joyce Catherine, Perryton Landon. Lydia Louise, San Antonio Lang, Patricia Ann. Mercedes Lanier. Daisy Jo, Marquez Lapidns, Dovie, Bowling Green, Ky. Layne. Dorothy Ruth, Dallas Lee, Charlotte Rose, Dallas Leifeste. Dorothy Lee, Llano Leigon, Walter A.. Clifton Lemen, William Laurence, San Juan Lettermann. Anna Marie, Taylor Levinson, Evon Rae, Houston Levy, Audrey Ruth, Houston Lewallen. William Wayne, Austin Lewis. Martha Ann. Austin Lewis, Yvonne Etnyre, Austin Liedeker. Carolyn Fox. Houston Idles, Marcellus L.. Temple Logan, John A.. Jr.. La Grange Long. Joyce Louise, San Antonio Lovelace. Mattilyn W., Wichita Falls Lovett, Gordon T.. Amarillo Lowry, Bennie Wayne, Galveston Lockenharh. Ph lli- Olivia, San Antonio Lulow, Marce Ann. Tulsa. Okla. I.un-fori). Betty Jane, Center McClatchy. Judith Barbara, Olney McClellan. Alton F.. Jr.. Stamford MrClintock, Nancy, Dallas l. dusky, Dorothy, Dallas McCormick. Lorna, Amarillo SOPHOMORES McCrory, Sammie Jean, Waelder McElhenney, Hilda Rudd, Austin McGilvray, Jean Grain, Galveston McKinney, Mary Gayle, Houston McLean, Bessie Ann, Richland Springs McMuIlen, Dorothy Marie, Victoria McMurtry, Dorothy Roy, Silverton McNeill, Nina, Beaumont McSpadden, Dorothy Leah, Teague Maclnerney, Elmer Francis, Galveston MacNish, Marin, Houston Maddox, Barbara, Menard Malm, John A., Dallas Mann, Billy Mack, Vernon Marriott, Mary Elizabeth, Portland Marschak, Carole, Chicago, 111. Marshall, Florence Suana, Del Rio Martin, Frank H., Nocona Martin, Sidney M., Pelly Massey, Johnnie, Houston Massey, Nora Dell, San Angelo Matsumoto, Earlynn, Houston Matteson, Billy R., Eldorado Matthaei, Arnold Keblinger, San Antonio Matthews, Alice Bernice, Dallas Maultsby, Imogene, Austin Maxwell, Westelle, Dallas May, J. Edwin, Dallas Mayfield, Peggy Irene, Austin Mayhew, Gloria Dale, Dallas Mehner, Dorothy Jean, Luling Melancon, Rosemary Pearl, San Antonio Menzies, Billie Ann, Telegraph Mercado. Martin, Corpus Christi Michalka, James, Cameron Midyett, Merrell R., Carthage Miesch, David C., Clarksville Milberger, William, III, Fort Worth Miller, Kathleen Elizabeth, Beeville Miller, Lola Catherine, Houston Miller, Marcia Joan, Beaumont Millsap, Rose La Verne, Phillips Mitchell, Marion M., Fort Worth Mitchell, Selma Elizabeth, Texhoma Moehle, Phyllis Irene, Enid, Okla. Mohler, Stanley Ross, Galveston Moore, Alberta Finlay, Austin Moore, Helen Kingsbury, San Antonio Moore, S. Leslie, Indianola, Miss. Moran, Tommie, Belton Morehead, Marilyn Faye, Pampa Morgan, Mary Ann, Fort Worth Morris, Francis A., Jr., Beaumont Morrison, Tommy E., Center Moses, Alma Teresa, Leesville, La. Mullin, Opal Dean, San Antonio Murray, Bernice Lydia, Velasco Murray, Gladys Lucille, Crockett Murray, Martha Gertrude, Lamesa Muse, Rebecca Jean, Cameron PACE 84 SOPHOMORES Nabours. Betty Maude. Temple Naple. Herbert K.. Austin Nelon. Ronald Much. Olney Newsom. Jane Anne. DalUs Vxland. Martha Gene. Austin Nichols. Phyllis Ann, Fort Worth Nicolas, Toufic, Corpus Christi Nierman, Jeanne Louise, Galveston Noble. Mary Ann, Rocksprings Noel. Lois Margaret, Corpus C.hristi Norrid. Norma Joyce. Matador O ' Brien. Jane Ellen. Dallas Officer. Thomas Bugbee. Tulsa. Okla. Orme, Peggy Marie. Waco Ornes. Evangeline M., Laredo Osburn, Orilla May. Midland Owens, Dick Davy. Munday Owen . Helen Joy. Corpus Christi Owens. Marilyn Joyce, Austin Pankey. Mary Anne. Houston Parsons, Robert A.. Jr.. El Paso Patrick. Mary Ellen, Carrizo Springs Patrick, Patricia Jean, Carrizo Springs Patton, Betty Jo. Pharr Payne, Mary Frances, Carthage Pechacek. Sherry Paula, .Abilene Peck. James Arvine. Houston Perdue, William E., Crockett Perkins. Joyce M.. Lufkin Perkins. Margaret Patricia. Aransas Pass Perlstein, Doris Shirley. Ranger Perrin, Dorothy Ann. Cameron Petit. Lelia Esther. Presidio Petrusek, Ruth Rosalie. Wallis Petsch. Glenn. Kerrville Pickering. Margaret Mary. Galveston Pierce. Virginia Inez. Austin Platt. Joanne. Austin Pliler. Eula Nell. Fort Worth Poff. Claudia. Tuleta Porter. Gladys Carolyn. Mathis Powell. Josephine Elizabeth, Edinburg Proctor. Mary Lou. Sour Lake Pulley. Shirley Rose, McCamey Pumel. Phyllis Elaine, Houston Rahm. Mary Angela, San Antonio Raley, Coleen. Wichita Falls Raper. Fern. Hot Springs, Ark. Ratcliffe. Ruth Ann, San Antonio Rayfield. Erin Russell. Montgomery. Ala. Raymond. Frances Juanita. Raymondville Rayzor. Jacqueline. Houston Reddick. Marianne. Houston Redwine. Ras. Galveston Redwine. Winston T., Tahoka Reed. Leola LaVeme. Lra-khart Reineman. Beth Conner, Eastland Reinhart. Annah June. Houston Reynolds, Lillian Glass, Marlin Rhotenberry. James R-. Dallas SOPHOMORES Rice, Beth Joanne, Big Spring Rice, Roberta Pittman, Dallas Richardson, Dorothy, San Antonio Riggs, Patsy Ann, Burnet Rigney, Lavilla Cathron, Port Arthur Riser, Betty Jean, Agujita, Mex. Robertson, Joanne, San Antonio Robertson, Wanda Inez, Taylor Robinson, Mary Elizabeth C., San Angelo Robinson, Robert Carl, Lampasas Rodriguez, Yolanda Catalina, Del Rio Rogers, Julia, Dallas Romine, Thomas Beeson, Jr., Fort Worth Rooke, Robert E., Jr., Woodsboro Rooker, Albert Albin, Ennis Rosen, Lucy P., El Paso Ross, Caroline Fern, Houston Rountree, Patsey Jo, Lamesa Rucker, Peggy Ann, San Antonio Runneberg, Rowena Ruth, Crosby Russell, Charles Clyde, Belleville, Ark. Sandahl, Charles L., Austin Sansom, Genia Elouise, Austin Saums, Rosemary, Tyler Scherer, Paul Clarence, Rosenberg Schmidt, Mary Willeen, Taft Schneider, Jeniva, Bellville Schoener, Harold George, Mexico City, D.F. Schumann, Marian, New Braunfels Schwarz, Ruby Louise, Charlotte Scott, Curtis Leroy, Dallas Seabourn, Connie Melvin, Goldsmith Seagler, Sylvia, Houston Seale, Lillian Marie, Palacios Seiders, Patricia, Austin Seufer, Christina Louise, Houston Shambaugh, John Scott, Houston Sharp, Kirby Walter, Jr., Sinton Sharpe, Martha de Noailles, Houston Shawcross, Helen, Uvalde Shelton, Benenna Jo, Taylor Shirkey, Sarah Margaret, Beaumont Shobert, Ruth Lois, Fairbanks Shuford, Charles Britten, Dallas Simmons, Elizabeth Daggett, Houston Simpson, J. Earl, Houston Sivley, Ray Grogan, San Antonio Sloan, Helen, Roswell, N. Mex. Sloan, Helen Louise, Mission Smason, Charlis Eve, Karnes City Smith, Billie Jean, Fort Worth Smith, Doris Jeanne, Austin Smith, Evelyn Annette, San Angelo Smith, Frances Ann, Vernon Smith, Jack Gorman, Marlin Smith, Janie Mae, League City Smith, Mary Louise, Lancaster Smith, Mary Patricia, Liberty- Smith, Pearl, Edinburg Smith, Theron Allen, Haynesville, La. PACE 86 SOPHOMORES Smith, Wad Anthony. Jr.. Shreveport, La. Snyder. Virginia, Terrell SobeL Lenore, New York City. N. Y. Sommers, Esther Ruth. Dallas Southall, Roger Lewis. Lubbock Spain, Teddy Jean, Waxahachie Spears. Billie Jane, Austin Speckels, Florence Jane, Schulenburg Speer. Betty Jean, Orlando, Fla. Standley. Betty Ann. Wichita Falls Stansell, Diane, Houston Stapp. Katherine. Junction Steinman. Miriam Reed, Beaumont Stemble, Betsy Joyce,, Houston Stephens, Frances Wilson, Sherman Stephens, Mary Frances, Whitewright Sterling, Shirley Mae. Port Neches Stevens, Patricia Anne, Waco Stevens, Thelma Marian, Miami Beach, Fla. Stewart. Martha Ellen, Fort Worth Stork, Walter Jacob, Houston Strandtman. Adeline Marie, Lockhart Strauss, Marilyn, Beeville Summers. Evelyn G-, Jacksonville, Fla. Summers. George, San Antonio Summers, Jack Braxton. Rosebud Sutherland. Marguerita, Alice Swift, Marjorie Jo. Cleburne Swofford, Marvin Kearby, Weatherford Symmes, Nadine, Seattle, Wash. Tankersley. Billye Jean, Austin Taylor. Josephine A., Pharr Terry, Jean Ann, Wichita Falls Thomas, Pattie Jean, Woodsboro Thomas, Wendel Grant, San Antonio Thompson, Dorothy Banks, Dallas Thompson, Suzanne. Angleton Thoresen, Helen Irene, Austin Thornberry, Patricia Jonelle. Houston Thurman. Alonzo Lee, Denison Timmons, Ima Faye, OIney Tobola. Robert Dorton, Houston Torbett. Gene. Harlingen Towles. Robert Lee, Dallas Trant, Gloria Jean, Groves Triesch, Kenneth. New Braunfels Troll, Laura Elizabeth, Palacios Tuggle. Ray, Henderson Tyson. Emily Ann. North Hollywood. Calif. Underwood. Frances Corinne, Plainview Upthaw. Leonard McGaffey, Waxahachie Valentine, James Warren, Palestine Vandigriff. Elaine. Carthage Yarnon, Beven W.. Weldon Yavra, Mary Jane, Piano : (7 SOPHOMORES Veal, Dudley Lianell, Corrigan Vida, Viki, Great Neck, N. Y. Vogel, Imogene Marye, Fort Worth Vowell, Patti Sue, Martin, Tenn. Walker, Betty, Beaumont Waller, Margaret Rebecca, Galveston Wallis, Marjorie, Dallas Ward, Dorothy M., Bryan Ware, Flora Jean, Austin Ware, Patricia Ann, Austin Washington, Mildred Ella, Brownsville Watt, James, Kerens Watts, Dorothy June, Dallas Watts, Mary Elizabeth, Houston Webb, Mary Emma, Farmersville Weinert, Johnnye Jean, Seguin Welborn, Clarence T., Austin Wert, Billy Jean,.Dallas West, Charles L., Fort Worth West, Dwight Bernard, Fort Worth Wetzel, Katherine, Tulsa, Okla. White, Billy R., Sinton White, Elaine Frances, Austin White, Luther Curby, Brandon Whitson, Leo E., Houston Widener, Maurice Ward, Corpus Christi Wiederhold, Clara Beverly, McAllen Williams, Betty B., Breckenridge Williams, Dorothy Marie, Austin Williamson, Patricia Anne, Corpus Christi Willis, Mary Priscilla, Odessa Wilson, Aubrey L., Mayfield, Ky. Wilson, Dorothy Ogden, Fort McKavett Wilson, George Buford, Jr., Marlin Wilson, Laureta, Cameron Wischkaemper, Josephine Ellen, Yorktown Wise, George Everard, Shreveport, La. Witherspoon, Lallande, Wichita Falls Witte, Betty Lee, Texas City Wollbrett, Dorothy L., Houston Wood, Aubyn Sue, Fort Worth Wood, Elbert Owen, Houston Wood, John Walter, Albany Wood, William B., Hillsboro Woodrum, Billie Jean, Austin Woodward, Sara, Houston Worley, Marvis Lorene, Fort Worth Wright, Pat, Austin Wyman, Richard S., San Antonio Wynne, Frank Wilmar, Fordyce, Ark. York, Wynell, Brackettville Young, James Henry, Corpus Christi Yowell, Marjorie Ann, Elm Mott Yowell, Mildred Faye, Elm Mott Zoch, Margaret Pauline, Austin PACE x ' ..4; FRESHMEN Acker, Helen Louise, Hereford Adams, Benjamin C., Cranston, R. I. Adams, Martha Etta, Conroe Adams, Mary Dean, Dallas Adkins, Paula M., Throckmorton Agnor, Mary Ware, Marshall Albert, Ralph Louis, Austin Albright, Welda Louise, Longview Alexander, Edith Sue, Seneca, S. C. Alexander, Robert Eugene, Austin Alexander, Shuford Morgan, Lockhart Alexander, Steve, Waco Allen, Barbara Ann, Alta, 111. Allen, Carol Melvina, Chicago, 111. Allison, Sammie J., Sonora Allphin, Shirley Joe, Bastrop Anderegg, Alfred Ferdinand, Menard Anderson, Catherine Adalene, Cleburne Andrews, Jane Adaline, Oklahoma City, Okla. Andrews, Janet Evelyn, Ozark, Ala. Andrus, Alice Virginia, Port Arthur Arrendell, Cammid O., Cleveland Ashley, Connell D., San Saba Ashworth, M. Beverly, Austin Atchley, Billy Virginia, Texarkana Attia, Isaac A., Colon, Panama Aydam, Louise Caffall, Houston Bach, Walter J., Jr., Weslaco Bagley, Betsy Ann, Eden Bailey, Olen Kelly, Ennis Bain, Betty, San Antonio Ball, Mary Graham, East Lansing, Mich. Ballard, Billie Evelyn, San Antonio Banes, Ken Lee, Tulsa, Okla. Barber, Dickie Lee, Tivoli Barker, Voncie L., Galveston Barlow, Carolyn Jeanette, Houston Barnard, John Murray, Jr., Wichita Falls Barnes, Frankie Jean, Brownwood Barnett, Nelda Loraine, Carthage Bartlett, Deen, Haskell Bartosh, William F., Granger Bashein, Carol B., Houston Batchler, Patricia Ann, San Angelo Batts, Mary, San Angelo Baty, Maxine, Buffalo Beard, Shirley J., Houston Bearden, Robert L., Dallas Beauchamp, Norma Jean, Brownwood Beavan, Reginald Arthur, Eagle Pass Becker, John G., San Angelo Beerwinkle, Lorine L., Moody Beeson, Bette M., Arlington Bell, Gus D., Dallas Bell, James Ardis, Fort Worth Bell, Joseph Harlan, San Angelo Bell, Laura Lee, Austin Bell, Mary Louise, San Antonio Bell, Sandra Jo, Crowell Benson, Aubrey Lee, Colorado City PACE 90 FRESHMEN Berlowitz, Sara Ann, Austin Berry. Warren Edward. San Antonio Bertuch, Ann Helen. Hewlett, N. Y. Bewley, Shelby O.. Morton Biggerstaff, Roy C. Jr.. Carthage Biggs, James Kenner, Jr.. Boling Birdwell. Jerry Smith, Houston Bishop, Christine, Houston Bitting. Bettelou. Houston Black, Richard Lee, Dallas Blackmail. Betty Jo. Orange Blackwell. Coleen. Del Rio Blalock, Kelton Allen, Frederick, Okla. Bliven, Dayton A.. Houston Blouin. Albert Sidney, Houston Blount, Ralph E.. Jr.. Big Spring Boerker. August Jennings, Cameron Boraar. Louis A.. Gainesville Bondesen. Edith. Houston Bonham. William Norten, Colmesneil Boren. John Jay, Snyder Boultinghouse. James Earl, Amarillo Bowen, Stephen Michael, Shreveport, La. Bowen. Virginia Sue, Beaumont Bowler. Wynona Lee, Bartlesville, Okla. Bowman. Merwin T., El Paso Bowman, Wayland B_ Vernon Boyd. Martha Ann. Terrell Boyd. Nancy C_ Austin Bragg. Eleanor, Corsicana Braly, Walter Eugene, Brady Branda. Eldon Stephen. Port Arthur Brandhorst. Robert Clifford, Beaumont Branson. Bettie Jane, Harlingen Branson. Evelyn Ann, Port Arthur Brasher. Virginia Catherine, Weimar BraswelL Helen Claire. Texas Gty Brennan. Clyde Mike, Laredo Brice, Hollis R, Poleman Bridges, T. Ray. San Antonio Brightwell. Charles Dudley, Mexico City. D.F. Bringolf, Dorothy, Houston Brister, Robert M_ Kerens Brons, Margie, Rio Hondo Brookreson, Mary Sue, Seymour Broussard. Lufiade Joseph, Port Arthur Brown. Clifton Holmes, Nixon Brown. Claydell Frank, Bonham Brown. Martha Claire. Catesville Brown. Millirent, LaCrange Brown. Ollie Dickson. Jr.. Waller Broyles. Nannette. Palestine Bryant. Nelda Fae, Cameron Buford. Mary Lou, Jarrell Bumpus. Nell. Longview Burdette. Alfred William, Waco Burditt. Allen N.. La Ward Burk. Betty Jane, Houston Burke. Rosemary, Dallas BorleMHi. Billye Jeanette. Sherman Puz l FRESHMEN Burns, Kathryn Carrol], Houston Burns, Virginia, Austin Burtle, Mary Louise, El Campo Burtu, Jeanne, Mobile, Ala. Bussey, Mary Virginia, Austin Butler, Aide, Texas City Byer, Faye Phillis, Union City, Tenn. Caldwell, Bettye Jeanne, Houston Caldwell, Joe Frank, Crawford Camp, Alma Elaine, Thorndale Cannon, Mary Catherine, Van Alstyne Cardwell, Mildred Marie, Robstown Carnathan, Ann Elizabeth, Henderson Carpenter, Billy Eugene, Dallas Carr, Doris Clydene, Carlsbad, N. Mex. Carr, William Duffy, Fort Worth Carroll, Betty, Austin Carsey, Mary Jane, Houston Carson, Oran Delbert, Houston Cartwright, Martha May, Breckenridge Carwile, Charlca M., Charleston, S. C. Cash, Mariane, Atlanta Castle, Joyce Ann, Lake Charles, La. Gates, Roy, Houston Cepeda, Delfin, Mexico City, D.F. Chamberlain, Nancy Ruth, Burnet Chamness, Gordon Bryant, Newgulf Chance, Frances Audeen, Houston Chandler, Gwendolyn, Cameron Chandler, Percylee G., San Antonio Charpentier, Dorcia Elaine, Galveston Cheatham, Evelyn Frances, Cuero Chessman, Barbara Alice, Houston Chernosky, James E., Houston Chesson, Clifton Carroll, Beaumont Chew, Edgar H. B., Jr., El Paso Childres, Betty, Sour Lake Clark, Gean O., Abilene Clark, Rayford William, San Antonio Clark, Thomas E., McGregor Claypool, Clovis Beth, Wichita Falls Cleveland, Florence L., Sinton Clifford, Betty Ruth, Houston Clift, Mary Lynn, Austin Clift, Robert, Austin Glower, Pat Alton, Mt. Pleasant Coats, Harold V., Jr., Seagraves Cochran, Barbara, Gainesville Cole, Faye, Fort Worth Collie, Mary Jo, Austin Collins, Fred Allen, Coleman Combs, Ann Miller, Whitesboro Connor, Mimi, Webster Cook, Kenneth Horace, La Marque Cooke, Olivia Bobe, Pensacola, Fla. Cooper, Gordon Wayne, Eastland Copeland, Morgan Lee, Brownfield Germany, Cherre Lucile, Bartlett Corrigan, Patricia Vernon, Houston Covington, John Lester, San Antonio PACE 92 FBESHMEN Cowan, Seth Bailey. Detroit Cox, Ella Ruth, Coleman Cox. Man, Helen. Dallas Cox, Mildred Lois. Beeville Cox, Shirley Kathryn. Houston Craft, Gloria Jean. Houston Craig. Maryanna. Houston Creasey. Billie. Dallas Crippen. Bobby Jack, El Campo Crites, Omar Don, Houston Crockett, Helen Marie, Alamopordo. N. Mex. Crockett. Tom Anderson. Jr., Ballinger Croft. Charles Benjamin, Henderson Crooke, Peggy June, Conroe Crosier. Mary Ann. Clebume Crowley. Robert. Longriew Grumpier. Billy E.. Houston Cudlipp, Albert Ernest. Lufkin Cummings, Jo Anne. Russell Cunningham, Joe Bruce. Big Spring Carrey, Don T., Crockett Dailey. Harold W.. Houston Dalton. H. J. Jerry, Jr.. San Antonio Daney, Billie Marie. Austin Daughtrey. Melba Ruth, Conroe Davis, Charles Albert. Lytle Davis, Donald Alexander. Vernon Davis. Elaine, San Antonio Davis, Goldene, Mission Davis, John G, Y oakum Davis, Laura Mehgehee, Washington, D. C. Day, Donald, Houston de la Fosse, Patricia Ann, Palestine De La Grave. Yvette. Mexico City, D.F. De Leon, Jose Rodolfo, Benavides Demarest. Thomas M_ Jr., Fort Worth Dempster. Mary Zida, Houston Denmark. Jeanelda Marilyn. New Braunfels Denton. Ladell, Winters Deschner. Roger Neil, San Antonio Dickennan, Betty. Gainesville Dickens. Terry diaries. Marlin Dilger. Joseph Henry. Jr.. Jefferson City. Mo. Dixon. Charles H.. Texarkana Doane. Jane Phyllis, Austin Dobbins. Charles Joseph, Temple Dodgen. James Franklin. Austin Donegan. Bettye Jon, San Antonio Dougherty. Ruby Jo. Longview Douglas. John A., Jr.. Fort Worth Dover. Carrie Joy, Ottawa. Canada Dowries, John Richard. Houston Drake. Gloria Louise, Port Arthur Dunbar. Donald George, Jr.. Corsicana Dunnam, Betty Louise, Gatesville Dwyer. Alice Lorraine, El Paso Easier. Dalton R.. Yellowpine Easteriing. Earnest Victor. Jr.. Del Rio Eaton. Dorothy Nell, Corsicana Ebe rt. Robert S., Memphis. Tenn. FRESHMEN Eckert, Carolyn, Mason Edelman, Raymond Buck, Tyler Edwards, Clara Lou, Llano Edwards, Frances Merk, Haskell Eisenlohr, Bernice Marie, Dallas Ellert, Ruben, Rio Grande City Ellis, Sarah Jeannette, Fort Worth Elms, Betty Jane, El Paso Emmett, Beverly Jean, New Orleans, La. Eppes, Paul Gordon, San Angelo Erickson, Charles F., Mercedes Fairchild, Jack Elmer, Houston Farley, Margaret Anne, Austin Farr, Dwight Edward, Austin Faulk, Larry Neil, Austin Faulkner, Patsy R., Houston Feild, Nancy Jane, Austin Fernandez, Henry Joseph, Houston Ferree, Edwin H., Port Sulphur, La. Ferris, Jean Anne, Port Arthur Fewell, Gwendolyn Marie, Dallas Fiegel, Carol Emile, Tyler Fisher, Serenacarlin, Rusk Fisk, Glenn Harley, Jr., Houston Fitzgerald, Howard Herbert, Eagle Lake Fitzhugh, Carol Dee, Tyler Flenniken, Betty, Austin Fletcher, Bette Ann, Mexia Flood, Virginia Lee, Waco Florence, Gussie Jean, Tyler Flourney, Mary Belle, Sour Lake Flowers, Clarence H., Jr., Sour Lake Flynt, Robert Lane, Houston Foglesong, Cosette Rosalind, Fort Madison, Iowa Forbes, Virginia Elaine, Houston Forster, Waldo, Jr., Austin Foster, Lynn Elgin, El Paso Foster, Nancie Valentine, Tulsa, Okla. Fox, Barbara Lee, Galveston Fox, Myles Naylord, Houston Francis, Donald Ray, Austin Franklin, Frank Roger, Llano Frantz, Warren Albert, Galveston Fraser, Charles Brayton, Fort Worth Freed, Marilyn Fay, Galveston Fremin, Gladys Juanita, Beaumont Freytag, Gertrude Virginia, Flatonia Friedlander, Minna Frank, Houston Frost, Thomas Clay-borne, Jr., San Antonio Fruth, Frances Margaret, Austin Fry, John Henry, Anson Fuller, William Paul, Austin Fullilove, Elaine Irby, Houston Funk, Fannie, Houston Gafford, Leroy, Dallas Gandy, Betty Louise, Nederland Garza, Ross, Jr., Kingsville Gee, Jane Neita, Austin Gerlach, Ellen Frances, Dallas Gibbs, Jean Dunsmuir, Belize, British Honduras PACE 94 FRESHMEN Gibbs, Patricia Helen, Belize, British Honduras Gibson, R. Thomas. Ropesville Gilcrease, Bonnie Mae, San Marcos Gillean, jane. Austin Glover, George David. Brownwood Godwin, Durward Richard. Mt. Pleasant Goeth, Arthur Conrad. Jr., Lavernia Gold, Claire Estrlle. Houston Goldberg. Doris Marie, Kaufman Goldberg. Janet Helene. Houston Good, Ralph Louis, Jr.. Tyler Goodman. Laura. Dallas Goodwin. Geraldine, Corpus Christi Goss, Martha Ann. Ingleside Graham, Vera Annelle. Galveston Cranberry. Harry Lee. Yoakum Grantham. Vivian Gene, Cisco Graves, Will Nunn. Jr., Edgerton. i-. Green, Joyce Earlene, Georgetown Griffin, Carolyn. Madisonville Griggs, Silas. Jr.. Fort Worth Grigsby. Francis Gerald, Jr., Sanderson Grisham. Carolyn, Abilene Gritta, Robert Alfred, Galveston Gross, Peggy Jeanne, Houston Gullick, Ann Jeanette. Dallas Guokas, Geraldine Margaret, Houston Gurley, Frances Velda. Pearsall Gwyn. Robert Joseph, Sherman Harm. Dorothy Rae, Aspennont Hala. Libby Vlasta. Mineola Hall. Gene, Albert. Kans, Hall, Maxine L.. Granger Hamilton, Wacile Love, Houston Hamman. Patricia. Dallas Hancock. John Butler, Beaumont Hanna. Richard M.. El Dorado, Ark. Hanson. Laverae Marie. Conroe Harding Florence E-, Houston Hardwicke. William Arlington, Corpus Chri-ti Harmel. Lucile Jonell. Megargel Harmon. Dorothy Lee. Terrell Harris, Chester Lee, Troup Harris. Jack Weldon. Dallas Harris. Jacquelyn Eve, Austin Harris. Marianne. Hubbard Harris, Richard, Wichita Falls Harrison, Betty Jean. San Antonio Harrison. Eula Gene. Fort Worth Hart, Virginia. Galveston Hartneld. Peggy. Memphis, Tenn. Harvey. Howard. Sherman Hayes, Rita Carolynne. Houston Hays, James H.. Belton Heater. Loisera, San Antonio Hebdon. Lorraine Gertrude, San Antonio Hedegaard. Betty Jane. Nashville, Tenn. Hefting. Barbara Jean. Hutchinson, Kans. Heinz, Jo Ann Price, Pharr Heller. Robert S.. San Antonio F cc S p ' FRESHMEN Hemphill, Nancy Maurine, San Angelo Henderson, Charles L., Palestine Hendrickson, Audrey Earl, Houston Henkel, David Thompson, Brownwood Henry, Robert D., Galveston Henschen, Charles Kleinhans, Alliance, Ohio Hernandez, Romeo R., Austin Herrerias, lola Emma Hope, Mexico City, D.F. Hiett, Josephine, Longview Hightower, Billy E., Goldthwaite Hines, Helen Henrietta, Royal, Iowa Hinkel, Charlene, Robstown Hodson, Martha, Houston Hoffman, Robert E., Vernon Holland, Juanita Jean, Athens Holland, William Rinehart, Cleburne Holt, Comfort, Gruver Holt, Irise Janelle, Austin Holtzen, Doris Irene, Burkburnett Hone, Mark Fred, McAllen Horlen, Jereleen, Fredericksburg Hornbeak, Sam Lavelle, Jr., San Antonio Hornak, Lillian D., College Station Horton, Vinita Ferrell, Canadian Hotchkiss, Nancy, Dallas Hough, Arthur Lee, Austin Houston, Geraldine, Houston Houston, Lorita Nell, Texas City Howard, Helen Jaye, Newgulf Howell, Richard S., Jr., San Antonio Huarte, Kay Frances, Pomona, Calif. Hubby, Anne Carolyn, Waco Huber, Elinor Nadine, Austin Hudson, Emma Beth, San Benito Huedepohl, Joanne Beth, San Antonio Hughes, Sue Margaret, Waco Hunnicutt, J. R., Jr., Austin Hunter, Erminie Claire, Galveston Hurwitz, Shirley Ann, Houston Hyman, Lillian Ruth, Lufkin Jackson, Marian Ruth, Little Rock, Ark. James, Dorothy E., Chicago, III. Jax, Jerry Robert, Houston Jayroe, Calvin Winfield, Keltys Jeffery, Edith Irene, Brownsville Jeffrey, James Fred, Austin Jennings, Frank L., Jr., Greenwood, La. Johnagin, Louis A., Dublin Johns, Hattie Maude, Gilmer Johnson, Bennett Jay, Greenwood, La. Johnson, Dorothy Louise, Gonzales Jones, Colin Neville, San Angelo Jones, Joanne, Houston Jones, Mary Jim, Alvin Jones, Mildred Francis, Paris Jones, Sue Celeste, Cuero Joyner, Mary Jane, Dallas Jung, Jean Elizabeth, Austin Kaplan, Peggy Jean, San Antonio Karren, Alice Miriam, San Antonio PACE 96 FRESHMEN Kauffman. Rufus Leonard. Fort Arthur Keeland, Marjorie, Crockett Keese, La Verne, Llano Keith. Perry Roy, Shreveport, La. Keller, Marion Reed, Galveston Kelly. Elizabeth Ann, Ciddings Keltner, Joyce Claire, Fort Worth Kennedy, A. R., Corpus ChriMi Kennedy, Jack Hunter. Palestine Kennedy, N. O., Corpus Christi Kennedy, Wanda Merle, Eagle Pass Kcnnon, Kathleen, San Antonio Kerby, Theda Ruth, Sweetwater Kirabrel, Glenna, Corpus Christi King, Mar ' Florence, Austin Klaus. Babette, Chattanooga. Tenn. Kleinman, Shirley, McCamey Knobler, Betty, Houston Knox, Margaret Ann, San Antonio Koepsel, Beverly, Seguin Kolb, John E.. Sinton Kolle, Mary Ann, Houston Koons, Paul David, Wharton Kortlang, Adeline, Austin Koupa, Lorraine La Verne, Rosenberg Kramer. William H_ Texas City Kubala, Evelyn Mae, Seguin Kunkel, Mildred Corine, Poth Kurakusu, Hideo, Los Angeles, Calif. Kuykendall, Charles Edgar, Abilene Laakso, Francis Calvin, Los Fresnos Lack, Sylvia, McAllen Lain, Mary Rebecca, Cleburne Lake, Jane, Austin Landsman, Shirley Elane, Corpus Christi Laney, Sam D., Denton Lanford, John S., Hillsboro Lange, Airline Ethel, Holland Lantrip, Charles Wesley. Anson Larsen, Robert Arnold, Lawton, Okla. Larson, Betty Lou, Dallas Laskowski, Lucille Gladys, Del Rio Latham. Burke Lee, Dallas Lay, Thomas F., Hempstead Ledbetter, Martha Anne, Round Rock Leech, James H., Austin Lehmann, Nancy Lee, Boerne Leslie, !. Jeune, Mason Levine, Ike A., Maracaibo, Venezuela Lewis, Alvin James, Temple Lieberman, Lillian Estelle, Robstown Lilly, Joan Ruth, Chicago, 111. Lindsay, Beth, Junction Lindsey, Betty Jo, Newgulf Lindsey, Maude Mary, Austin S Little, Winfred Earl, San Antonio Lones, Johnnie, Dallas Longino, Betty Berle, Sandia Loofs, La Verne Adele, Houston Loveless, Shirley Ruth, Waco p. . n FRESHMEN Lovless, Janet Gordon, San Antonio Lovvorn, Carol Jean, San Benito Lowdon, Ann Elizabeth, Fort Worth Lown, Wilma Harriet, San Antonio Lowrie, Helen L., Fort Worth Loyd, Runelle, Gilmer Lybrand, Cleo, Houston McCall, Morris Drew, Beaumont McCarley, Jack Warren, Denison McCown, Frances Louvenia, Houston McCutcheon, Shirley Anne, Bayside McDade, Ross, Shreveport, La. McDonald, Neal Ray, Vernon McDonell, Mary Frances, Longview McFaddin, Rosine, Beaumont McFarling, Thomas Irwin, San Antonio McGee, Louie J., Houston McGraw, Rudolph William, Royse City McKay, Mary Anne, Madisonville McKee, John E., Dallas McKinley, Marthabel, Marlin McMahan, Peggy Joyce, Prairie Lea McManus, Ann Fairchild, Opelousas, La. McMaster, James M., Austin McNairy, Raymond, Jr., Austin Mabry, Virginia Lee, Tyler MacDonald, Ruth, Austin MacGuffie, Donald H., Baytown Magee, Peggy Lou, Robstown Maguire, Gail Elizabeth, Austin Mangrum, Coquita Maudella, Conroe Manning, Patricia Leslie, Austin Marable, Dorothy Ann, ClarksviUe Marasovich, Mildred Mae, Fabens Marek, Theodore J., Caldwell Martin, Dixie Lee, Buffalo Mason, Jo Ann, Waco Massey, Roy Warren, Kaufman Maxwell, Virginia Florence, San Antonio Mayes, Frances, Lampasas Maze, Jerry M., Houston Mealey, Willie R., Velasco Melch, Herbert R., Jr., Mission Metzger, Virginia, San Antonio Meyers, Charles, Wichita Falls Michelson, David Jerome, Gonzales Midcap, James C., San Antonio Milburn, Barbara, Dallas Miller, Doris Louise, Edinburg Miller, Eva Mae, Granger Milton, Neal, Henderson Minchen, Dorothy Ann, Houston Moll, James Gunn, Beaumont Mooney, Thomas Henry, Dallas Moore, Clarence E., Fort Worth Moore, Ruthie Dean, Hobbs, N. Mex. Moorhead, James Paul, Jr., Ennis Moreland, William Earl, Ballinger Morgan, Josephine, Fort Worth Morgan, William Glenn, Temple PACE 98 FRESHMEX Morse, Bleecker Lansing. Galveston Mosby. Bettye Ray, Arlington, Ky. Mow, Sylvia, Dallas Mounts, June Eleen, West Palm Beach. Fla. Mowry, Edith Brannen. Port Arthur Murray, Mary Ellen. San Antonio Murray, Mary Lucille, San Antonio Murrell. Pola Jean, Crane Murtha, John I... Dallas Musi), Ettie, Stamford Myers, Beverly June, Minneapolis, Minn. Myers, May Bell, San Antonio Nail, Mary Anita, Crawford Nathan, Florence. Houston NeaU J. W.. Carlsbad, N. Mex. Neatherlin, L. C, Midland Neflendorf, Carolyn Mary. Hye Neill, George Hardin. Big Spring Nelson, Marjorie Ann, Dawson Neuerburg. Mary Lu. Sonora land, Helen Jayne, Harlingen Neyland. Edward P., Kenedy Nichols, Frances Louise, Robstown Nicks, Helen Dare, Fort Stockton Night, Evelyn. Beaumont Nolen, Louise, Georgetown Nolley, Joe Walter, Jacksonville Norman, Harold Gene, Waco Norwood, Rachel Marie, Austin Nowlin. Ruth Elizabeth, Plainview Nummy. James Leslie, Big Spring Nye, A. I_ Jr.. Bogalusa. La. Gates, Stella Jean, Austin O ' Banion, Margaret Lee, Houston Oden. Lois Elaine, Terrell Ogden, Howard B.. Jr., Temple Oliver, Hugh Malcolm. Alice O ' Madigan, Marjorie, Beaumont Oncken, Eugene Frank, Weimar Overbaugh, Carol Elizabeth, Freeport Owen, James Hardie. Pittsburg Owings, Lucy Penrose, Fort Worth Paine, Doris R.. Houston Pape. Joyce Kathryn. Gonzales Parker, Evelyn Mathilda. Austin Parker, Howard R.. Brownwood Parks, Robert Howard, Houston Parma. Grace Veronica. Schulenburg Partisan. Gladys Bertha, Brookshire Patterson, Leon Bell, Vernon Pattillo, Ruby EL. Yoakum Pauls. Jeannette E., Paige Payne. Jane, Woodrow Peck, John Teal, Jr.. Dallas Peek. Florence Elizabeth. Belton Pellar. Ruth Ann. Oak Park, 111. Pena, Hector Alejandro. Laredo Periman. Robert Ray, Dallas Petros, Bobbe Maria, Tulsa, Okla. Petros, Maybelle Georgia, Tulsa, Okla. Picz 99 FRESHMEN Petty, Bill Earl, Dallas Petty, Travis Hubert, Clarksville Petway, Mary Louise, McKinney Phelps, Lee Meredith, Waco Pickens, James J., San Antonio Pickering, Philip Bruce, Lufkin Pickett, Margaret Ann, Houston Pierce, Nickie Mae, Menard Pinkenson, Ray, Houston Pinson, Patsy, Hico Pirtle, George William, Jr., Tyler Plumb, Evelyn Elise, Austin Poindexter, Carl Wayne, Austin Pollard, Mary Jane, Houston Posey, Jake Walton, Dallas Posnick, Betty Jane, Galveston Potter, Bonnie Laura, Grand Falls Potthoff, Beverly Jeanne, Houston Pozez, Beverly L., Topeka, Kans. Pratt, Lloyd E., Harlingen Presley, June, Dallas Pressly, Jean, Dallas Pryzant, Fannie, Houston Pryzant, Louise, Houston Pryzant, Rosie, Houston Pursell, Joe Thomas, Belzoni, Miss. Rachofsky, Evelyn Doris, Dallas Railey, Malcolm Richard, Austin Raine, Jon Walton, Uvalde Ramirez, Delia Theresa, Rio Grande City Ramsower, Alice Kotzebue, Mathis Randolph, Betty Jean, Afton Rangel, Maria Catalina, Austin Rankin, Sallie Curtis, Waco Ransom, Clara L., San Angelo Ranville, Ruth Irene, Houston Rathjen, Betty Jo, Canadian Ray, Betty Ruth, San Angelo Ray, Evelynn Lois, San Angelo Ray, Gladys L., Sweetwater Raynor, Jesse A., Huntsville Read, Mary Elizabeth, Tela, Honduras Reaves, Irma Jean, Franklin Red, Patsy Gay, Austin Reese, Anna Lee, Austin Reichardt, Henry Carl, Houston Reid, Elizabeth, Goose Creek Reid, Joe B., Canadian Repsdorph, Nadine Joy, Houston Richards, Claire, Cleveland, Ohio Richardson, Nathan Allan, Big Spring Riley, Texann, Austin Roberts, Katie Lou, Fort Worth Robertson, Edward Dale, Alamo Heights Robinson, James Malcolm, Austin PACE 100 FRESHMEX Robinson, Mark S.. Houston Robuck. Mary Jacquelynne, Houston Rogers, Charles Burnett, Jr., Stephen ville Rogers. Martha Anne, Houston Rogers, Riley Wayne, Fort Worth Rolph. Philip Norman, El Campo Romick, Beverly Elaine. Ennis Romirk, Mollyann. Ennis Romick, Sandra Jean, Fort Worth Rose, Billye Jean, Taylor Rosenzweig, Gloria Jo, Houston Roth, Selene Rae. Houston Roth, Shirley Anne, Houston Rubin, Marilyn Sonia, Dallas Rubinett. Phyllis Estelle, Dallas Ruckman. Shirley Dickson, Karnes City Hugh. D. Louise. Banders Rumse. Ruth Ann, Seminole, Okla. Russell. Jack H.. Beaumont Russell, Joy Lee, San Antonio Ryan. Jo Beth, Corpus Christ! Sadler. Janet, Catesville Salazar. Hilda Yolanda. Kingsville Sample. Cornelia Gregg. El Paso Samuelson, James L.. Perry, Okla. Sanders, Kathryn. Fredonia Sandlin, Bob M.. Jr.. Beaumont Sayble. Diana. Cincinnati, Ohio Scarborough. Julia True. Shreveport, La. Scheel. Darvin Henry, New Braunfels Schepps. Evelyn Joyce, Dallas Scherer. Jean Constance. Rosenberg Schlader, Sunya Maxine. Edinburp Schmitt, Gloria Frances, Canizo Springs Schostag, Margaret Jean, Corpus Christi Schwarting, William Brown, Waco Schwartz. Jo Ruth. Schulenburg Scott, Neva Flo, Stamford Scale, Patricia, New Orleans, La. Sears, Mary Lo, Abilene Sederholm. Carolyn, Houston Segner. Edmund P.. Jr.. Austin Seipel. William A.. San Antonio Self, Jack Wilson, Dallas Seymour. Andrew Thomas, IU. Fort Worth Shannon. Dorothy Ann, Cnero Shaw. John Preston. Abilene Shearer, Oscar P.. Mason Sbelton. David Harold. Taylor Shepherd, Patricia C_ Houston Shilg. Marian. Dallas Shimek, Lillian Doris. Schulenburg Shinn. Mary Dell. Livingston Shobert, Lloyd Harding. Fairbanks Shoemake. Edna Mae, San Sab. Ml FRESHMEN Shroyer, Marcella, Houston Shutt, Helen Louise, Tulsa, Okla. Shwiff, Faye G., Dallas Shwiff, Marvin G., Dallas Sidlo, James T., Imperial Sieber, Dorothy Mae, Hallettsville Simpson, Bobby G., Conroe Simpson, Kathryn Nancy, Houston Sims, Joan, Clarksville Sinclair, Ruth Margaret, Galveston Skains, James Eugene, Mart Slater, Duane D., Kilgore Slovak, Anglen Labay, El Campo Smith, Fannye Mae, San Benito Smith, Jeannette, Austin Smith, John Allen H., Jr., Lancaster Smith, Joyce Lorraine, Brownfield Smith, Margaret Ann, Austin Smith, Mary Emily, Fredericksburg Smith, Nelda Jean, Howe Smith, Porter Jackson, Jr., San Antonio Smith, Robert Lee, Dallas Smith, Robert 0., Brownwood Smith, Ruth Virginia, Galveston Smith, Thomas Granger, San Antonio Smoot, Van, New London Smythe, Vernon Lamar, Houston Snyder, D. Joe, Dallas Sonricker, Joanne, Smithfield Sparkman, Elizabeth Ann, Dallas Speight, Emily, Austin Spencer, Eugene, Jr., Hillsboro Spencer, Robert Edward, San Antonio Spires, Albert Bryan, Jr., Austin Staehely, Martin Tips, Austin Stanaland, Kenneth, San Antonio Stanley, Jimmie Jean, Austin Stanley, Johnnie Joe, Austin Stansel, Dorothy Elizabeth, Hearne Stedman, Jane, Cameron Stephens, James Thomas, Sierra Blanca Stephens, Patricia Lou, Kerrville Stevenson, Anne, Houston Stewart, Charles Michael, Dallas Stewart, Sylvia Christene, Del Rio Stewart, W. O., Brownwood Stidham, Doris, Cameron Stiles, Emily Bess, Hamilton Stone, June Pearl, Houston Strickland, Robert L., San Antonio Stuart, Daniel Browne, Dallas Stubblefield, Horace G., Jr., Lufkin Studdard, Lester Harding, Austin Sugar, Frances Jeanne, Shreveport, La. Sultemeier, Emma Lue, Johnson City PACE 102 FRESHMEN u miner-. Juanita Merle. Palestine SuKoian. Naomi Shirley. Daytona Beach, Fla. Suasman. Selma Evelyn. Daytona Beach. Fla. Sutherland. Robbie Gene. Alice Swartwout. Leslie Glenn. Austin Sweet. Alice. Austin Swindle. Frank G Waco Swint, En. in. Oklahoma City. Okla. Sypert, Robert EarL Jr.. Rosenberg Taylor. Edwin F_ Clarksville Taylor. John .. Dallas Taylor. Perry. Kilgore Taylor. Rose Mary H.. Austin Templeton. James Herbert, San Antonio Tengg. Barbara Jean. Houston Thaiton. Jack G.. Rockwall Thomas. George M_ Teiarkana Thomas. Virginia Faye, Crowell Thompson, Alvin E.. Corsicana Thompson. Anna Mary. San Benito Thompson. Jeanne Ruth, Gainesville Tillson. Florence, San Antonio Tilton. Marjorie Joyce, Houston Tindall, Marvin Baker, Shamrock Tones, Uerna M.. Rochester, N. Y. Toone. Wayne Ira, Dallas Totah. Nabe George. Palestine Townsend. Virginia Lee. Houston Traband, Roy. Tuba, Okla. Trout. Mildred. Lufkin Trubee. N. Dean. Rosebud Tucker, Mord S., Winters Tullos. Mary Jane. San Antonio Tunnel). James Stuart, Corpus Christi Turner. Mary Beth. Dallas Turner. Zelda. La Salle Tye. Jim. Floydada L ' lcar. Betty Jo. San Antonio L ' llrich. Frances Faith. San Antonio Underwood, Billie Jo, San Angelo Valdespino. Henry. San Antonio Valdez. Frank M_ San Antonio Vanderwerth. Billie Ruth. Norman. Okla. Vannoy, Caroline Frances, Mr Allen aught. Betty Sue, Colorado City Verban. Belva Gene. Ingleside Voigt. Marie Antoinette, Ottine on Blon. John H.. San Antonio Von Rosenberg. Dale L " rini. Austin Wag man. Evelyn Erskine. San Antonio Walker. A. G.. Austin Walker. Betty Ann. Laredo Walker. Edna Lucile. San Antonio Wall. Doris Fae. Marble Falls Waller. William H Three Rivers tia 103 FRESHMEN Walter, Theresa Caroline, Fredericksburg Ward, Cecil Charles, Freer Ward, Ellen Ola, Goose Creek Ward, Ethel Loraine, Goose Creek Warren, Betty Jean, Minden, La. Warren, Margaret Mae, Austin Waters, Marianna, Dallas Watson, Betty Gene, Texarkana Watson, Harry Thomas, Fort Worth Wayland, John Rex, Dallas Weaver, Charles, Hot Springs, Ark. Weaver, Mary Louise, Monahans Weaver, R. H., Big Spring Webb, Eleanor, Fort Worth Webb, John Edward, Del Rio Webb, William George, Topeka, Kans. Weber, Mary Jane, Weslaco Wehner, Gail, Del Rio Weiss, Arline S., Miami Beach, Fla. Welsh, Collins C., Temple West, Robert Bernard, Hutchinson, Kans. Weynandt, Louis M., Louise Wheeler, Jerry D., Three Rivers Whisenant, Mable Meredith, Olden White, Creighton Neil, Colorado City- White, Peggy Joe, San Antonio Whitchead, George H., Fresnillo, Mex. Wible, Virginia Lois, Austin Widener, Albert Rowland, Jr., Knoxville, Tenn. Wieland, M. Warren, Pflugerville Wilkinson, 0. M., Fordyce, Ark. Wilkirson, Sue Virginia, Hillsboro Williams, Carmen Maxine, Aransas Pass Williams, Dolan Snyder, Canadian Williams, Edwin P., Hot Springs, Ark. Williamson, Gay Yvonne, Dallas Willis, John Jerome, Jr., Odessa Wilson, Beverly Jane, Houston Wilson, Elisabeth, Austin Wilson, Lenan Marie, Galveston Wimberley, Billie Louise, Waco Wolff, Doris Selene, Houston Womack, Johnny, Sherman Woodall, Audrey Merle, Hamshire Woolverton, Frances, Austin Workman, Tom Edward, Oklahoma City, Okla. Wright, Betty Elroy, Houston Wright, Betty L., Bastrop Wright, Harry K., Houston Wright, Sylvia Ann, Shreveport, La. Wyche, Allen George, Fort Worth Wylie, Jo Ann, Oklahoma City, Okla. Yater, Shirley Ann, Cleburne Yates, Sam Martin, Jr., San Antonio Youngblood, Joan, Austin Youngflesh, Sara Elizabeth, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Zieschang, Margaret Augusta, Thrall Zinn, Frances Bluma, Galveston PACE 104 rra -p Un E. M. PEASE Governor of the State of Texas 1853-1857; 1867-1869 NOT UNTIL 1858, however, during the term of Governor Pease was the act which definitely established a University of Texas finally passed by the State legislature. Much had transpired since the early days of the Republic and the dreams of Larnar. Texas had become one of the United States and another war with Mexico had been fought and won. Now the men of Texas could turn back to the building of a great state and a great university. At first there were sectional disputes, and a law pro- viding for two state universities was passed. With the law of 1858, however, these problems ceased. This act, under the sponsorship of Governor Pease pro- vided fifty leagues of land and $100,000 for the establishment of a university composed of a law school, medical school, school of arts and sciences and literature, and a theological college. Additional land of 221,400 acres was put up for sale, the proceeds from which were to compose an endowment fund for the University. In 1875 the constitution provided $1,000,000 for the University and a year later the perma- nent location in Austin was determined by popular vote. THE OLD CAPITOL BUILDING The first classes uere held in 1883 in the Old Capitol Building in Austin. n I - ! I SWECTHEART OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS fc r PT7 ' I ' UekajLcUfiLe ont neet JLcuet Charlotte Rose Lee Frances Zinn Pauline P. Malik Shirley Margaret Roberts Mar orie Manning A adine Repsdorph Betty Bingham Williams Betty Davis Joanne Howard Campbell Patsy Pippin Royce June Emerson Miriam Croley Barbara Lockhart Martha Pickens PACE 130 onnel ene omineeA Grace M. W iegand Alice L. Holbrook Patricia Cofer Carolyn Wigginton Moll Skinner Mary Jo Collie Martha Wilson Helen Cox Elizabeth Anne Burkett Mnry Jean Saville an Pearl Butter Marcheta Branscum Catherine Austin Mary Pate Px 111 (BLei onne I n elle omineeA Frances Coleman Georgia Stevens Jane Tacquard Grace J . Burtis Elizabeth Hittson Jeanne Ewing Martha Lois Cottle Betty Jane Marks Johnnje Jean Weinert Marilyn Brand Ruth Elizabeth Williams Sue Cheek Smith Viola Garcia Claudia Von Blucher Roxibeth Birdwell Ola Ann Dierlam n elle ominees Billie Jo Anderson Molly Barnes Pats v Jean Morton i a if v Kisten Gladyne Ruth Malejka Valria W ord . orma Lee Pierce Polly Majors Margaret M. Pickering Charlene Hinkel Martha Ann Sanders Cobb Barbara Bretz Betty Lu Hill Dell Harp Doris Jo McLeod onne i n elle ' omlneeA Suzanne Catlett Bertha Magee Patricia Gillette Mary Foster Mary Grann Laura Trull Carol Okrent Jane Ashby Jane Doane Morgia Howard Mae Buckner Dorothy Faulkner Mary Jo Looney Jane Rogers ia Chicotsky Ann Elizabeth Carnathan Erma Jean Dupuy Bessie Johns Smith Iris Mae Campbell Beverl Kinard Margaret Broun Adelma Chernosk An sff Mae Bear Ernestine Cummings Margaret Bissell I ' jinia Lee Lipscomb I irginia Dyer Emma Lou Alston onnel elle n omineeA onnel n eiie omlneeA Merline Jackson Jean Gunn Marilou Rutledge Terry Emerson Esma Beth Anderson Jeannette Clift Betty Jean Riser Serenacarlin Fisher Mary Adele Grayson Patricia Shepherd Anne Boyd Beverly Ferguson Joyce Bell Millicent Brown Tommy Dee Burden Barbara Cheesman - I ffluei onnel n elle omineeA Margaret Carolyn Cheesmai Sue Standefer Janet Lilley Barbara Owen Peggy Montgomery Kathryn Simpson Mary Margaret Stoll Anita Craddock Phyllis DeBorde Mar Fern Bray Marjorie Darilek Maria Santos Flora Bye Riley Frances ff orley Evelyn A. Smith Margaret Peterson onne t n omineeA Sue Roling Rosemarie Bradbury Jo Ann Cunningham Katherine Friend Joanne Robertson Margaret Conrad Lauretta W ilson Ann El kins Shirley Houston Gloria Trant Gene Stinnett Marie Ann Smith Deena Anderson Mary Virginia Bussey PACE 138 Dorothy Hyde - in Henry Elizabeth Hares Bert ho Clarion Mfirian Louise Kane aomi Hegar Helen Rirby Jerrr Miller June By field I tun.-- Maureen W ooten Mtfi Rennon Pou Mnr Frances Cordts Robie Lrnn Gregg Mary Lib lick I _, onne t n eiie omlneeA Patricia Hammon Zela Mae Dietrich Lucille Porter Thelma B. Gregg Imogens Smyers Peggy Jeanne Gross Virginia Huston Betty Jo Nelson Ann Harris Marcia Mitchell Saradell David Luisa De Roma Gibbons Mary Margaret Grogan Sammie Farrier Beth Joanne Rice Ida Becky Machemehl cue omineeA Viol?ttc Kosaka Annabelle Armstrong Doris Hooks Betty Lou Pollard Martha unn Rosemar Johnson Eunice Crauford Grace Parma Mildred ebenzahl Patti B. Lummus Mnr J irginia A lies Betty Murphy Jane Dunkle Lorraine Lois Lubash Ann Hohlt Adele Schneider Dorothy McClusky Ann Japhet Jo Walling Alice Murtha Lillian Leach Eva Jean Finch Dorothy Teddlie Ruth Ann Douglass Charlotte Wood Jean McFarlin Bernice Perry Enid Robinson Ernestine Orts Gloria Mayhew PACE 142 Jean Ratliff Cornelia Frazier Joan Connolly Melba Marshall Betty Hargett Pura Leker Frances Granbur Dorothy Thompson N nncy Johns Chnrlottr Whit field Jud Cast on Bennie Jones Nell McCartrr FJi:a ,f th Robinson in onne t Jacqueline Lissauer Grace Orndorff Mary Pearl Hall Dean Mullin Jane Stedman Mary Kay McMillan Julia Knox Anna Gaston Ruth Huff master Dorothy Rushing Sammye Tisdale Deen Bartlett Marjorie V annoy Carol Krueger onne t PACE H4 Kit HARD MOLLIM ' N MARIAN CRAMER MORTON BIGGER GDODFELLOWS JOHN HALFPENNY PATSY JEAN HORTON R. E. PEPPY BLOUNT G( IWS ALLEN HUMPHREY JANE B. DUNKLE BEN WELCH 9 HARRIS JEEP SMITH ADELAIDE KING JACK BLANTON BOODFELLOWS JIM SMITH KATHERINE PAT PATERSON JULIO AM ADO EDGAR MONTEITH ( 1 JOHN- EDWIN RED MAY GDODFELLDWS DICK TRAVIS BETTY BEALL HENRY WYNEKEN V BOBBY LAYNE PRISCILLA CHASE WAYNE PRICE BOODFELLOWS BILLY ANDREWS MARCO STOLL CLIFTON PERKINS JAMES IRL MONTGOMERY MARY VIRGINIA ALVES THOMAS W. MIKE HARRINGTON -T " mjn : vr J| OUTSTANDING STUDENTS JANET LILLEY Newman Club, Orange Jacket , Campus League of Women Voters, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, W.I.C.A.. Fort Worth Club, Canteen Aide, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Delta Pi, Bluestockings, Student ' Assembly, Cu-Ed Assembly, Cactus. Cap and Gown. HORACE BUSBY Sigma Delta Chi. Editor of The Daily Texan, Friars. Who ' s Who. Press Club. Sweetheart Selec- tion Committee, Sweetheart Election Committee. CHARLIE TATOM Football letterman. Track letterman, T Associa- tion, Phi Gamma Delta, Silver Spur. JIMMY ALLEN Ex-Servicemen ' s Association. President of M.I. C.A., Varsity Debate, Hogg Debate. Who ' s Who. Sweetheart Selection Committee, Delta Sigma Rho, Union Board, Goodfellow. President of Ora- torical Association. Texas Bar A ociation. SIC WAGNER Phi Sigma Delta. Interfraternity Council, Ex Servicemen ' s Association, Common mittee for Academic Freedom. Sense, Com- RUTH ANN DOUGLASS Kappa Kappa Gamma, Orange Jackets. President of Campus League of Women Voters. Pierian Literary Society, S.K.D. Upperclass Advisor, Wesley Foundation, Sigma Delta Pi, Pi Lambda The-ta, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee. M1LLARD HIPPLE Friars. Tau Beta Pi. Pi Tau Sigma Vicc-Presi- ilenl. Who ' s Who. Past President Ex-Servicemen s Association. M.I.C.A. Executive Council, A.S. M.E., Ramshorn Association. Editor of Archi- tecture and Engineering Journal, Engineering Aembly, President and Chairman of Board of Directors. University of Texas Veterans of World War II Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS BETTY U ' HILL A.hbel Lit-- - Cfnnfmmtimt Secretary. K.M.. Alpha Thet . Ciri ' . Cl Club Seitette. Mortar Board Treasurer. Tbeu Si ma Phi Presi- dent Y Ipper-CIa-. Club. Co-Ed Assembly. Alpha Lambda Drill. The Daily Te n Society and Nifht Editor. Blnebonnet Belle NiuniDrr. MAKJORIE DARILEK Swrrrury Stil-t ' A -ilio. Who ' . Who. Thru SifRU Phi. Mort.r Board. Oraagr la -k -l . W.I.C.A. Vic-Pii ifnl " iJ- ' M. Vwman Clk. Crrcb Club Vir-.Pr -.i.)rn!. Cap ud l.,in. Put!v. Co-Ed Assembly. I ' nion Boafd. Social Cl -dar Commits. The Daily Tn. Ca -tu 4J- ' U. lnlranmrl. M.I.C. . Sr-lh -art. Bluc- Brllr BILL HOLL ' V AY Capprlla Choir. Mrn ' . Gler Clob. Sijma Phi Epilo. Intrrfratrraily Council. Var-ily Comiitlr -. ARNER BROCK Pr idrnl of Law School. Lii.witj Board. FrUre. Corhof. Who ' s W!H A d-ol in Ao icn Colleen, and I ni -r Ouarellon. Five Cul Rule Committee. of Student ' Aoriatioa. Co- S Pa-l HI BERT BECHTOL Football ' 41 aid ' . All-Ameriran ' ! and " IS. N.R.O.T.C.. Phi Delia Tbeta. T Association. Coi. JIVMY PI.YLER Kappa i(tma. Football ' 43. ' 44 .43. Baseball ' 44. Basketball ' 44- ' 45. T AwocUtion. Silver Spur. P.E.M. Club. Football Captain ' 45. CLAYTON BLAKE AY President Students ' Association. Friars. Cowboys. Pa.t President El-Servicemen ' s Association. M.I. C.A. Council. Chairman of Union Board. Chair- man of Student Publications. Round-l : p Com- mittee, miio ' s Who. W.I.C.A. Sweetheart. Co-Op Board. Slate Public Relations Committee. Stu dent-Farulty Cabinet. Sweetheart Selection Com- mittee. S.eetheart Election Committee. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS MICKIE NEBENZAHL Associate Editor of The Daily Texan, Sigma Delta Tau, Theta Sigma Phi, Goodfellow, Y, Hi 1 lei. Charter Member of Griscom Speakers, 30 Club, Campus League of Women Voters, Press Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Cap and Gown Council, Activity Files Committee, Texas Union. ANNE BARNES Pi Beta Phi, Assembly Representative, Vice- President Pzatlyx, Vice-President Freshman Class, Dallas Club, Treasurer Mental Hygiene Club, Canteen Aide, Editor of Honorary Section Cactus 45- ' 46, Campus League of Women Voters, Blue- bonnet Belle ' 45, Honor Roll, Cap and Gown, Representative of University at Texas-Baylor game. RAY RENNER Chief Justice, Student Court, Sweetheart Selec- tion Committee, Sweetheart Election Committee, Alpha Phi Omega, Cowboys, Presbyterian Student League. BILL FERGUSON Kappa Sigma, Cactus Editor ' 45. Associate Justice of Student Court, Inter fraternity Council, Hogg Debate Society, Silver Spur . Sweetheart Elec- tion Committee ' 45, Board of Directors, Texas Student Publications. JIMMIE GROVE The Daily Texan Amusements Editor, Theta Sigma Phi, Orange Jackets, Ashbel Literary So- ciety, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, Y Cabinet, W.I.C.A., Junior Class President. Mem- ber of Inter-Coop Association, Who ' s Who, Director of the Interscholastic League Press Con- ference. Co-Winner of Mortar Board Scholarship Cup, Co- Winner of Kathleen Bland Memorial Scholarship. HOY MUNROE Alpha Phi Omega, President Phi Eta Sigma ' 45- ' 46, Delta Tau Delta, Cowboys, Chi Epsilon, Associate Editor of Transit. Friars. Who ' s Who, Kamshorn, A.S.C.E., Board of Directors Student Co-Op Business Service. Intramurals, Student Assistant in Physics, Research Assistant in Soil Mechanics. PACE 152 V " . ' " THE BARREN SPACE The hopeless, stinging hurt that comes with word Of sudden death has slowly softened with The passing months. The thought that friends are gone Forever from this life no longer pains As once it did, unless aroused by chance Remark or sudden memory. And they Would have it thus if they were here to say, For they are gone that life might he as once It was and carry onward as of old. But still, though reason and the passing months Conspire to take their presence from our minds There is a barren space within our hearts. A certain hollowness down deep within. That never can be filled by other things. RICHARD C. WILLIAMS, AS USN V-12 ' 46 KILLED IN ACTION LOUIS EDOUARD ADKI.S. Captain, AAF, ' 29 Killed in ai-tion rr Atlantic Ocean JOHN SCOTT ADKINS. Ensign, L ' SN, BA ' l.i Killed in action in Mediterranean area RALPH KIRRY ADKINS. l.i, -m.-nant, AAF, MA ' 34 Killed in plane crash FRKI) AKIN. Technical Sergeant, USA. ' 42 Killed in action in Luxembourg AI.BERT. Captain. l Medical Corp, MD ' 40 Killed in action in France IBERT ALLEN, First Lieutenant. AAF. ' Ml Killed in action over Rangoon. Burma ARCHIE D. ALLEY, JR.. Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Died of wounds received in Europe OLLE LONNIE ALSTON, Lieutenant, USA. BBA ' 40 Killed in action in France ( H RLES F. ALTON, Sergeant, A F. ' 12 Killed in action in India ROBERT BURNS AMACKER, Captain. AF. BBAJ Killed in plane crash RALPH TRITTT AMOSS. Major, AAF, ' Killed in action over Europe. DFC, Air ? WAI.TER SCOTT AMSI.ER. Lieutenant. AAF, ' 42 Killed in accident in India. DFC, Air Medal, Oak Leaf Clusters (3) MARLIN OLMSTEI) ANDREWS. JR.. Lieutenant ijg . I N F. BBA ' 39 Killed in action in South Pacific RAY EDMEN NCLI.N. First Lieutenant, Died in i.-trali.i. DFC. Oak Leaf C VIOKTHAM S1AKK H Killed in action in it. AlF. ' 42 In-tft 69L JMBenant. i. Fir-t Pacific. MFC I.r.oN BOR1 AVNET, Captain, USMC. BS ' Killed in action :iant. A A F. ' . JOHN LOUIS BEAULIEU, Aviation Radio Man Second Class, USNR, ' 41 Killed in action in South Pacific I AME CLALDE BEDDINGFIELD, JR., Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in plane crash HARRY BUNTING BEELER, Captain, AAF. HA 1 Killed in action MARVIN HENRY BEISEKER, JR.. Killed in action over Europe. Air Medal ill ARLES E. BERRY, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 33 Killed in action ARTHUR BERWALD, Major, USA. LLB ' 36 Killed in the North American X.oie of Operations LAM FREDERICK HF1 ii N. Kn-t Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action in Smith I ' M ' v WILLIAM IIORNOK P.MIOP, Lfeutenant, AAF, ' 38 Killed in action in Italy. Air Medal, Oak Leaf Cluster EMMEfT FRANKLIN BLAKEMORE, JR., Captain, AAF, ' 40 in plane crash AAK, ' 42 WILLIAM ABRAHAM BLOOM, JR., First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 39 Killed in action over Western Europe W n MAN BONEY BLOUNT, Seaman First Class, USN, ' 40 Killed in action at Pearl Harbor JAMES IRVIN BODINE, Seaman Second Class, USN, BBA ' 37 Killed in action in battle of the Santa Cruz I-laml- BRYA.N J A HOOKER. JK.., AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over Cermany CRAWFORD H. BOOTH, Lieutenant Colonel, USA, ' 14 Died of illness I N X. BOREN. Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over Germany KKNE ' I ANDREW BOSL, JR., Ensign. USNR, LLB. ' 40 Killed in action in South Pacific I JAMES WILLIAM BALDWIN. Captain, AAF. ' 40 Killed in action in India. DFC, Air Medal CALVIN IHOM V-s B LLARD, Captain. AAF, ' 41 Killed in action over Germany H. I YDE BAI.SLEY. Captain, AAF, ' 11 Died of heart attack RICHARD READ BARBER, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in plane crash JOHN EDWIN BARNBY, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in plane crash in England. Air Medal, Oak Leaf Clusters (7) FRIT GRANT BARNES. Ensign, USNAF, ' 41 Killed in action in South Pacific LAWRENCE M. BARNETT. Technical Sergeant, USA, ' 40 Killed in action in Normandy DVN RILEY BAKNM.KY. JR., Aviation Cadet, AAF, ' 42 Killed in plane crash IHK.ODORE BARTON. Lieutenant. AAF, ' 37 Killed in action in South Pacific. Air Medal DICK W. BEARD, JR., Lieutenant. AAF, BS ' 42 Killed in action on Luzon V .N PEARSON BOSTON, JR., Lieutenant, AAF, ' 43 Killed in action in North Africa . NDEL BOUCHER, Aviation Cadet, AAF, ' 39 Killed in plane crash SAMUEL NEWTON BOURLAND, Aviation Cadet, USNAF, ' 42 Killed in plane crash CHARLES C. BOYD, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action in South Pacific CLIFFORD LANE BOYD, First Lieutenant, USA, ' 40 Killed in action in Italy. Silver Star WARD LUNDY BOYDSTUN, Lieutenant, AAF, BS ' 41 Killed in action over Mediterranean FREDERICK RANDOLPH BREAUX, JR., Lieutenant USNAF. BBA ' 41 Killed in action in battle for Iwo Jima HAL BARNETT BREAZEALE, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 37 Killed in action in Southwest Pacific ROY LEE BRIDGES, First Lieutenant. AAF, ' 4f Killed in action over Sau Island of the Carolina-- MAURICE R. BRIN, Private. I M Killed in action on Iwo Jima ALEXANDER HARWOOD BRITAIN, JR., First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in plane crash in China ALBERT SIDNEY BROADFOOT, JR., First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 43 Killed in plane crash in England. DFC, Air Medal, Oak Leaf Clusters (5) WILLIAM HARRY BROOKS, Captain, AAF, ' 41 Killed in plane crash GEORGE PIERCE BROWN, Lieutenant, USA, LLB ' 40 Killed in action in France HUBERT CARL BROWN, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action in South Pacific JAMES HOMER BROWN, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 40 Killed in plane crash RAYMOND DAVID BROWN, Staff Sergeant, AAF, BBA ' 39 Killed in action over Germany. DFC, Silver Star COURTNEY TALLEY BROWNE, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 38 Killed in action over Europe HAL BROWNE, JR., First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 38 Killed in plane crash JOHN REAGEN BROWNING, Corporal, AAF, ' 43 Killed in action over England ELTON JOE BROWNSHADEL, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 38 Killed in action over England ROBERT BROYLES, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over Japan HAL LEE BRUNER, Lieutenant, USA, LLB ' 36 Killed in action in France MARCELLUS DOUGLAS BRYANT, JR., Aviation Cadet, AAF, ' 42 Killed in plane crash WILLIAM BYRON BUCHANAN, Sergeant, AAF, ' 43 Killed in action in Italy SHELBY OTHELLO BUCK, Flight Officer, AAF, ' 40 Killed in action over Europe GEORGE PAT BUFFINTON, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in plane crash WILLIAM SCOTT BUSBEE, JR., Lieutenant, AAF, BBA ' 41 Killed in plane crash CLAUDE ROBERT BUSBY, Lieutenant (jg), USNR, ' 43 Killed in action in Pacific EDWARD GLENWOOD BUTLER, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in plane crash in Alaska GEORGE LITTLE BUTLER, Lieutenant Commander, USNR, MD ' 34 Killed in action in Pacific ROBINSON PAUL BUTLER, Lieutenant (jg), USNAF, ' 39 Killed in action in Pacific CLYDE JACOB CAGLE, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in plane crash GEORGE WILLIAM CAGLE, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action in New Guinea area WALTER SI ' OHN CAI.DWELL, Captain, USA Medical Corps, BA ' 26. MD 31 Killed in action in Italy WILLIAM ROBERT CALDWELL, Sergeant, USA, BBA ' 39 Killed in action in France ROBERT PRUITT CAMERON, JR., Lieutenant, AAF, BA ' 38, LLB ' 41 Killed in plane crash in England ERNEST PETER CAMINER, Private First Class, USA, ' 43 Killed in action in France JACK HILL CAMP, Ensign, USNAF, LLB ' 39 Killed in action at Midway. Destroyer Escort named for him WALTER DOUGLASS CAMPBELL, Captain, AAF, MD ' 20 Killed in plane crash CECIL JESSE CANTRELL, First Sergeant, USA, ' 34 Killed in action in Belgium DUANE EARL CAREY, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 40 Killed in plane crash in Egypt OTTIS OLIVER CAREY, Captain, AAF, ' 40 Killed in action in India. Air Medal ARTHUR WAYNE CARLTON, Staff Sergeant, AAF, ' 43 Killed in action over Zweibrucken, Germany LEROY ALFRED CARPENTER, JR., Captain, AAF, ' 37 Killed in action over Czechoslovakia ROSS CARRELL, Lieutenant, AAF, BBA ' 40 Killed in plane crash JOHN EDWARD CARRICO, Lieutenant, AAF, MA ' 33 Died of illness FREDERICK MUELLER CARRINGTON, Aviation Cadet, AAF, ' 38 Killed in plane crash SHELBY CARTER, Captain, USMM, ' 22 Lost at sea following torpedoing of ship of which he was captain TRUMAN WYNN CARTER, Technical Sergeant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in plane crash RAYMOND DUKE CARVER, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 36 Killed in plane crash PETE JOAQUIN CASTILLO, Technical Sergeant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in actionV LEOBERT GABRON CATTEK. Staff Sergeant, AAF, ' 28 Killed in action over Germany. Air Medal, Oak Leaf Clusters (2) WELDON DAMS Killed in action ' IS CAUTHAN, Li eutenant, USNR, ' 40 LANDON HOWLAND CHAMBERS. Technical Sergeant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action in Germany FRANK RICHARD CHARLES, Fir t Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Died in France of injuries received in auto accident HARRIS GRAHAM CHENEY, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over Iwo Jima. Air Medal, Oak Leaf Cluster JACK CHEVIGNY, Captain, USMCR, Football Coach, ' 36 Killed in action on Iwo Jima ANDREW LONG CHILTON, Major, AAF, BA ' 40 Killed in action over Germany. Air Medal, Oak Leaf Cluster HENRY LAWRENCE CHOVANEC. Lieutenant, AAF, BS ' 38 Killed in action in Pacific FRANK L. CHRISTIAN, Lieutenant, USMAC, ' 41 Killed over Guadalcanal. DFC ROBERT CARNAL CHURCH, Ensign, USN, ' 42 Killed in action in Pacific PACE 156 I M U FREEMAN ! ARK. Lieutenant. Killed in plane crash I TEN (iODRER ( 1 KK. Lieutenant Colonel. USA, ' 28 Killed in action in France C.ROVER LEE LINE. JR.. Private Fir t Clav . ISA. ' 42 Killed in action in Belgium WILLIAM ALEXANDER 01 KE. JR., Lieutenant. AAE. ' 2 Killed in action in Philippine DAVID HILL COFFMAN. JR.. Aviation Cadet. AAF. ' 38 Killed in plane cra?h C.ERMtN OMEN. Corporal, USA. ' 40 Died of illne-- WARD DABNEY. Colonel. USA. ' 96 Died of illness MILTON Ml ISON DAHL. Lieutenant. AAF. ' 42 Killed in action in Europe ( HAL NEITON DANIEL. Lieutenant. AAF. BS " 42 Killed in plane crash ROBERT W. DANIEL. Lieutenant, USA, ' 43 Killed in action at Rheims, France WILLIAM ASRURY DANIEL. JR.. Ensign, USNAF, BA ' 38 Killed in plane crash JOHN ROBERT DAVIDSON, First Lieutena Killed in action in France 40 WILLIAM THOMAS (OLE. Aviation Cadet. AAF. ' 42 Died of illness POWELL BLTI.ER oMl ' ERE. Sergeant, I sA. RA ' 42 Killed in action in France - JO.-EPH ONSTANTIN. First Lieutenant. AAF. ' 40 Killed in action near Kiska in the Aleutians. Silver Star WILLARD RK HARDSON i OdKE. JR.. Lieutenant. AAF, ' 43 Killed in action in Germany JOSEPH BENNETT COOPWOOD, May Killed in action in Italy. Bronze Star H RLEs W YNE (.OUNTZ, Captain, AAF, ' 39 Killed in plane cra h JOHN NEWTON COWAN. En ipn, USNR. ' 44 Killed in action aboard carrier Ticonderoga I A k I M . M Killed in action Second Clas. US LLB ' 37 WILLIAM KKED COX. JR.. Fir-t I.ieuten Killed ill action over Euror-e. DF 1 F " 39 l. ' Oak Leaf JOE BARTLETT CRANE. Fii-t Lieutenant, AAF, ' 39 Killed in plane crah in Middle F. EDMUND POWELL CRANENs. JR.. Lieutenant Cigl. USNAF. BA ' 40 Killed in plane crash LEW WALTER DAVIDSON, Private, AAF, ' 38 Died of illness WILLIAM KEITH DAVIDSON. Lieute nt, AAF, 4 rtio:i. Air Medal Litefcn iMIlM l| l AAF. ' 42 Killed In plane . ra-li. DK . Silver Star, Air Medal. Presi- dential Citation DAVIS, Lieutenant, USMCR, ' 42 action on Iwo Jima JEFFERSON FLOYD DAVIS, First Lieutenant, USA. ' 40 Killed in action in France NEAL DAVIS, Sergeant. USA, MD ' 24 Killed in action in France ROBERT E. DAVIS, Sergeant. Us A. BS ' 43 Killed in action LEMUEL EDWARD DAY. Major. USA, " 24 Killed in action at Buna. Silver Star ALLAN HAL DEBERRY, Lieutenant. AAF. ' 43 Killed in action over Frankenstein. Germany JOHN GRANDISON DELAMATER. Lieutenant, USA, ' 40 Died of illness DEFOREST RICHARD DENNIS, Lieutenant. USA, ' 32 Killed in action in North Italy WILLIAM SEVERNE CRAW FORD. First Lieutenant, AAF, BS ' 42 Killed in plane crash WILLIAM CLIFFORD DENNIS, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in plane crash BILL LAWRENCE CRENSHAW . Corporal. I - Killed in action in France JAMES OSCAR DICK, JR.. Lieutenant, USA. ' 36 Killed in action in Germany JAMES B. CROWELL. Private. USA. BA ' 39 Killed in automobile accident JAMES WILLIAM CRUTCHER. En-ipn. USNR. ' 42 Killed in plane crash HOLLEY MAX t.LMMIV;.-. Fir-t Lieutenant. AAF. MA ' 37. PhD -J Killed in plane crash L. EDWIN CURTIS, Sergeant. AAF. ' 42 Killed in action over Luzon ROBERT HAMILTON UYLER. Captain. AAF. BA ' 26, MA " 27. PhD ' 31 Killed in plane crash RAY E. DICKSON, Lieutenant, USA, ' 41 Killed in action in France WILLIAM DIETEL, JR., First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 40 Killed in action over Germany. Air Medal WALLACE LEONARD DINN. JR.. First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 38 Killed in action in South Pacific. DSC, DFC, Silver Star, Air Medal FREDERICK WELBORNE DODD. Sergeant, USMC. ' 40 Killed in action on Guam EARL ROE DON NELL, En-ipn. I SN. BS ' 39 Killed in action at Pearl Harbor. Air Medal 1ST JOSEPH BRANNON DOOLEY, Lieutenant, AAF, BS ' 42 Killed in plane crash KNOX McFALL FANT, Lieutenant, AAF, BBA ' 39 Killed in plane crash LEVIN LAWRENCE DORSEY, Lieutenant, AAF Killed in plane crash HAL ERNEST FELKER, USA, ' 40 Killed in action JAMES ROBERT DOUGHERTY, JR., Lieutenant, USA, LLB ' 40 Killed in action in Germany SAM A. DOUGHERTY, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 43 Killed in action over France FRANCIS E. DOUGHTY, Captain, USMAC, ' 41 Killed in action over Cebu Islands WALTER CARROLL DOUGHTY, Lieutenant Colonel, USA, ' 29 Killed in plane crash in South Pacific EDWARD ROESSLER DOWNIE, First Lieutenant, AAF, J39 Killed in plane crash JAMES THOMAS DRAKE, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 39 Killed in action in Philippines JOHN WILKES DRAKE, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 43 Killed in plane crash MILLER DRAUGHON, Aviation Cadet, AAF, ' 41 Killed in plane crash HAL HARRIS BOWIE DUNCAN, JR., Lieutenant, USA, ' 30 Killed in action in France WILEY MITCHELL DUNN, Aviation Cadet, AAF, ' 41 Killed in plane crash EDWARD WILLIAM DURST, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 43 Killed in action over France E ASTON WILLIAM DUVAL, JR., Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over Adriatic Sea BYRON GEORGE ECONOMIDY, Lieutenant, USA, LLB 2 Killed in action in Germany JOHN E. EDGE, Captain, USA, MD ' 43 Killed in action in Germany CHARLES MILLS ELLIS, Corporal, USA, ' 34 Killed in automobile accident in North Africa JESSE JOHN ELSHIEK, Able Seaman, USMM, ' 39 Killed in action NORMAN 0. ELWELL, Pilot Officer, RCAF, ' 39 Killed in action in England DONALD WAYNE EMSLIE, Lieutenant. USA, BBA ' 41 Killed in action in Italy EVAN FRANK ENGLISH, Corporal, USMC, ' 38 Killed in action in South Pacific ELDON EUGENE ERWIN, Captain, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over France. Air Medal GREER HOWARD ESTES, Captain, USA, yj Killed in action in France E. PAUL EUBANK, Lieutenant (jg), USNAF, BA ' 42 Killed in action in South Pacific. DFC, Air Medal _j a. HERSCHEL DANIEL EVANS, Lieutenant, USA. ' 40 Killed in action THOMAS H. FELKNER, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 43 Killed in action in France. Air Medal, Oak Leaf Clusters (3), Presidential Citation DAVID SAMUEL FELSENTHAL, USA, ' 37 Killed in action JOHN THOMAS FELTS, JR., Lieutenant, USMC, ' 42 Killed in action GEORGE EDSON FERAY, Private, USA, ' 42 Killed in plane crash CLARK ROBBINS FERREE, JR., Lieutenant, AAF, ' 43 Killed in action over Italy. Air Medal RAY FERRELL, Staff Sergeant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action MARTIN FERRICK, Aviation Cadet, USNAF, ' 41 Killed in plane crash CLEMENS ARTHUR FIEDLER, Lieutenant, AAF Killed in action in France CLARENCE JAMES FISHER, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action in Southwest Pacific RALPH DOWNING FITZGERALD, First Lieutenant, USMCR Killed in plane crash in Pacific MICHAEL EDWARD FLYNN, First Lieutenant, USMC, ' 43 Killed in action on Okinawa ALFRED AMOS FOOTE, Lieutenant (jg), USNAF, ' 40 Killed in action HARRY HARRISON FORD, JR., Ensign, USNAF, ' 38 Killed in action in Pacific GEORGE W. FOSTER, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in plane crash in Brazil JAMES WARD FOUTS, Lieutenant (jg), USNAF, BA ' 40, LLB ' 41 Killed in plane crash WALTER ALEXANDER FRANKLIN, First Lieutenant, USMAC, ' 41 Killed in action over Guadalcanal CHARLES SPENCER FREEMAN, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action in Europe THOMAS EDWARD FULBRIGHT. Staff Sergeant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action in Europe GRADY CARLYLE FULLER, Major, USA, BS ' 20 Drowned in accident JOSEPH DYER FULTON, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action over St. Nazaire JOHN WILLIAM BEVERLY GAGE, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 36 Killed in action over Tokyo MORTIMER DAHLGREN GAGER. JR., Lieutenant, AAF. ' 40 Killed in plane crash JERRALD PRESTON EVORITT, Flight Officer, AAF. " 43 Killed in action over Heibroon. Germany LOUIS GARZA, Private, USA, ' 42 Killed in action PAG 158 I THOMPSON LAWRANCE GAIT, Aviation Cadet, AAF, ' 42 killed in plane ROBERT HENh J oRIBBON, Lieutenant, AAF, 39 Killed in plane crash WILLIAM M. CAY. First Lieutenant, USMC, ' 42 Killed in accident in South Pacific STANLEY GL AN. War Correspondent, BJ 37 Killed during Japanese attack on Tacloban in Philippines JOHN WELDON GAYLE. Aviation Cadet, AAF, ' 41 Killed in plane crash RIS WILBUR GIBSON. Lieutenant. AAF, BS ' 40 Died of illness ROBERT COPE GIBSON. Captain, AAF, ' 39 Killed in plane crash LAMERT REX GUYER, First Lieutenant. AAF, ' 41 Killed in action over lila, Italy. Air Medal VICTOR H. HAAG. Firs Lieutenant, AAF, BA Killed in plane crash in Burma LEE C. HAIGLER. First Lieutenant, Killed in action in South Pacific. DFC, Air Medal A! IN EARLE GIFF1N. II. Lieutenant. AAF. 4J Killed in plane crash JAMES ROBERT GILCREASE, Captain, AAF, ' 40 Killed in plane crash JAMES C. GILLILAND. Captain. AAF, ' 33 Killed in plane crash 1DNEY BRUCE GIMBLE. JR.. Major, AAF. ' 32 Killed in plane crash ROBERT LOUIS GLASS. Lieut Killed in plane crash in Alaska YERNON LYLE GLASSCOCK. Lieut Killed in action in South Pacific. Shot down four Zeros in fifteen minutes JOSEPH LESLIE HALL. First Lieutenant, USA Medical Corps, MD ' 38 Killed in action in Pacific 1ULLMAK aj M . {,, tenant, AAF. 40 raid. DFC _ USNAF. 40 Killed in plane crash WILjfAM ARTHUR ALEXANDER HAMILTON, V-12, USN, ' 45 of illness K GUNTER HAMMER, Private First Class, USA, ' 40 Killed in action in Italy MILTON TAYLOR HARBER, Lieutenant, AAF, BS ' 39 Killed in action in Mediterranean area DONALD ELLIOTT GOLDBECK. Private. AAF, - 43 Drowned accidentally in Caribbean Sea DONALD DRYDEN HARLOW. Private. USMCR, ' 43 Killed in action OLIUIK JO-EPH GOLDSMITH, Lieutenant. AAF. ' 41 Killed in plane crash ODE. Avian , BA ' 40 GEORGVHBUN eOOtW .V JR.. Electrician? Mate Second Class. USN. ' 41 Killed in action in Solomons JIM BOX GOODNER. Lieutenant. AAF. ' 42 Killed in action over Germany JAMES WILLIAM GOODWIN. Captain, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action over Europe, Air Medal JAMES ALBERT GOSCH, Captain, USA, BS " 29 Died of illness in New Guinea CHESTER GRANVTLLE. First Lieutenant. AAF, BBA ' 41 Killed in action over Europe. Air Medal. Oak Leaf Ousters 12 ALVIN LEE GRAVES. First Lieutenant. AAF, 37 Killed in plane crash off cua North Africa. DFC Air Medal Oak Leaf Chmcr RALPH B. GREEAR. First Lieutenant. USA. BBA - 34 Killed in action in Germany H RLES MACON GREEN. First Lieuu.iant, AAF, BA ' 40 Killed in plane crash ROBERT LEMUEL GREENLEE. Captain. AAF. ' 33 Killed in plane crash in Himalaya Mountains THOMAS BENTON GREENWOOD, JR Lieutenant, USA, LLB-27 Died of illness JOHN BA( HMAN GREER. SR.. Lieutenant, USN, " 21 Died of i lines. RICHARD DONOVAN HARRELL, Lieutenant (jg), USN. BS ' 40 Died of illness PAUL ALBERT HARRIS, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action over Europe. Air Medal GLENN HARRISON, Private, USA, ' 44 Killed in action in Germany ROBERT OGDEN HARRISON. USMM, 29 Killed in action. Mariner ' s Medal HUGH BRADDOCK HARRISS. Seaman First Class, USN, ' 40 Killed at Pearl Harbor MEREDITH HART, Lieutenant, AAF. ' 41 Killed in action over Europe. Air Medal. Oak Leaf Clusters (2) ARTHUR CARL HARTMAN, Lieutenant, AAF, 38 Killed in action over Italy ELMER GEORGE HARTMANN, Midshipman, USNR, ' 43 Died of illness CHESTER HARVEY. Lieutenant, AAF, Killed in plane crash EARL EUGENE HARVEY, Private. USA, ' 41 Killed in action in Germany WALTER DANIEL HATT. Lieutenant, USMC, BA 37 Killed in action in South Pacific EDWARD JOSEPH HATZFELD, Staff Sergeant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over Europe ALVA GUY HAWKINS. Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action in Southwest Pacific OLLIE J. HEARD, Private. USA. BBA ' 36 Killed in action in France JAMES LEON HEARN, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 40 Killed in action in North Atlantic ELBY WADE HUDSON, JR., First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action over Japan JOHN CALVIN HEATH, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action in South Pacific FRED HUDSON, Corporal, USA, ' 43 Killed in action in Italy FRED D. HENDERSON, Ensign, USNAF, ' 42 Killed in plane crash HORACE SEYMOUR HUDSON, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 43 Killed in action over Italy JAMES HOUSTON HENDERSON, Lieutenant, AAF, BJ ' 41 Killed in action in Asiatic area RALPH OWEN HUEBNER, First Lieutenant, USA, ' 41 Killed in action in Italy JOSEPH HENRY HENDERSON, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 40 Killed in action over Hungary. Air Medal, Oak Leaf Clusters (2) ARTHUR V. HENDRICKS, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action over Europe WALTER BRUCE HENRY, Lieutenant (jg), USNR, BBA ' 41 Killed in action in North Atlantic LELAND KENNETH HENSLEE, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in .action over Holland DAVID S. HENSLEY, Staff Sergeant, AAF, ' 43 Killed in action over Europe GEORGE BULLOCK HERBERT, First Lieutenant, USA, ' 35 Killed in action in Luxembourg ROBERT COOK HERBERT, Lieutenant, AAF, BBA ' 41 Killed in action in Mediterranean area. DFC ROLAND EMIL HERRMANN, Private First Class, BA ' 42 Killed in action in France DAVID REYNOLDS HUGHES, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in plane crash in England DONALD M. HUGHES, JR., Ordnanceman, USNR, ' 38 Killed in automobile accident DUNCAN SPENCE, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 35 Killed in action in South Pacific WILLIAM CLARENCE HUGHES, JR., First Lieutenant, USA, ' 38 Killed in action on Leyte. Bronze Star JAMES ALFRED HUMPHREYS, JR., Private, USA, ' 43 Killed in action in France HOWARD M. HUNTER, Corporal, USA, ' 42 Killed in action. Bronze Star JOE MADDIN HUNTER, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 39 Killed in plane crash RAY PEYTON HUNTER, First Lieutenant, USMAC. BA ' 42 Killed in plane crash FRANK WOODROW HERZIK, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 39 Killed in action HENRY ION IDEMA, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action in China JOSEPH JAMES HIBNER, JR., Lieutenant, AAF, ' 43 Killed in action JACK HICKERSON, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 37 Killed in accident in North Africa. Air Medal WILLIAM FRANCIS HICKS, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 43 Killed in action on Mindora in Philippines JOHN FIELDING HIGGS, Lieutenant, AAF, BBA ' 42 Killed in action over Germany JAMES WANSLEE HOLDER, Private, USA, ' 38 Killed in action in France EDWIN EARL HOLLON, JR., First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over France. Air Medal, Bronze Star WESLEY HAROLD HOOVER, USA, ' 42 Killed in action in South France MERRITT MARTIN HOPSON, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 39 Killed in plane crash HOMER HORNBERGER, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action over Germany PURLMAN H. HORNE, Sergeant, AAF, ' 31 Killed in plane crash WALTER E. HOUSTON, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 35 Killed in plane crash u _ 5S ALFRED RYLAND HOWARD, Captain, USA, LLB ' 38 Killed in action in Normandy JACK BRUCE HOWARD, Ensign, USNR, BA ' 40 Killed in action in Battle of Kaula Gulf CLAY McWHIRTER ISBELL, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action in Europe. Air Medal WALTER CRATON IVES, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in plane crash EUGENE CARL JACOBSKN. Corporal. USA, BBA ' 39 Killed in action in North Africa SAM JAEGGI.I, JR., Lieutenant. AAF. ' 42 Killed in plane crash ALEXANDER JARAMILLO, Private First Class, USA, ' 43 Killed in action in South Pacific ALTHENS BAKER JARMON, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 38 Killed in action in China. DFC. Air Medal, Silver Star LESLIE FLOYD JARVIS, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 39 Killed in plane crash SAM L. JOEKEL, JR., Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action in New Guinea CHARLES A. JOHNS, Corporal, AAF, ' 41 Killed in plane crash in India EVERETT FOSTER JOHNSON, Captain, AAF, ' 26 Killed in plane crash in Puerto Rico ROLAND FORREST JOHNSON, Ensign, USNAF. BA ' 39, LLB ' 39 Killed in plane crash SELWYN DOUGLAS JOHNSON, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 39 Killed in plane crash PACE 160 Al.BhKI t ' r-KSHINT, } i Lieutenant, USA. Con - killed in automobile accident I HI DLEY BLAND jo . I ,,-ulenant. AAF. ' 4. ' killed in action over Europe i. ITHKK I AMKK I ONES, Lieutenant. AAf Killed in action over Germany J 1KS IH M P JONES. Lieutenant. AAF. BA ' 38 Killed in action over France. Air Medal, Oak Leaf Glisten (2) HKN -I.N (ONES, Captain, USA, ' 37 Died of illness WII HAM LEIGHTON JONES. Lieutenant, AAF. LLB ' 38 Killed in plane crash AMILEY JORDAN. First Lieutenant, AAF. ' 41 Killed in action over Mindanao HIM iN ARD JOSEPH. Corporal USA, LLB ' 39 Killed in action in Belgium GARLAND W. Jl DD. First Lieu Killed in action over Europe OTTO JUHL. JR.. Lieutenant. I SNR. MD ' 35 Killed in action at Guadalcanal J AMES HERMAN KADEN. Captain. AAF. ' 36 Killed in plane crash ' N PHILLIP KAI.l.lNA. Lieutenant. AAF. BS ' 40 Killed in action in South Pacific , NHL K. KL RliY, Lieutenant ,,l,,n, 1. A- F . KBA ' 37 Killed in action in Pacitir. Medal of Honor. Silver " tar. vir Medal 9 . KK. Lieutenant. Killed in action over Srhweinfurt. Germany JAMES BRENARD KELTNER. Lieutenant, AAF, ' 40 Died in hospital in Algiers JOHN JOE KEOLGH. Lieutenant. I ' SNAF. ' 36 Killed in action in Pacific N LP ANHERMiN KILPATRICK, Captain, ISA. ' 41 vKilled in action in Belgium RH HARD HLNTINCTON KIM BALL, Colonel, USA, BA ' 03 Died of illness LOWELL EtGENE KINNEY. Lieutenant, AAF. ' 41 Killed in action BEVERLY A.-HLF.Y KINSEL, First Lieutenant, AAF. ' 42 Killed in action on Iwo Jima GEORGE I). KINSEL. First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action in Germany ROBERT IRVINE KINSELLA. Lieutenant, AAF, ' 40 Killed in action in South Pacific JOHN DOLPH KINSER. Private. USA, ' 44 Killed in action in Germany LEONARD WOODARD KIRK. Lieutenant. AAF. ' 41 Killed in action over Western Europe ARI.O KI IV.. I MM. BA ' 27. MA 28 Killed in collision of two ships at sea -AM Koi ' Ki kY. Aviation Cadet, AAF, ' 41 Killed in plane crash GUSTAV JOE KOPPEL, JR.. Lieutenant, USNAF, ' 39 Killed in plane crash ( HARLES HERBERT KREILING. First Lieutenant, AAF. ' 39 Killed in plane crash FRANK JEROME KREJC1. JR.. Flight Officer, AAF. ' 40 Killed in plane crash WILLIAM HENRY KLHLMAN. Lieute Killed in action in Europe ' 38 i ROBERT GLYN LACY. Lieutenant, USMC, BS " 42 Died of illness JOE LAKE, IIL Lieutenant, AAF. Killed in art iv.rr Yugoslav! ' 42| ' MALCOLM LAI DERDALE, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 40 Killyi in action in Europe MAS LAUGHLIN, Lieutenant. AAF, BBA ' 38 in action in East Indies LAWHON, Captain. USA, ' 11 Died of illness WILLIAM L. LAWSON, JIL, Captain, AAF. ' 38 Killed in automobile accident. Air Medal, Oak Leaf Clusters 1 8 1. Croix de Guerre, Presidential Unit Citation- THOMAS F. LAYDEN. Lieutenant. AAF, BS ' 42 Killed in action near Giessen. Germany ARROLL PRESCOTT LEARNED. Lieutenant (jgl, USNAF. ' 41 Killed in action in South Pacific. Air Medal HAMILTON IVY LEE, Captain. AAF. BA ' 11 Died of illn IAMES KINNEY LEON. Lieutenant. AAF. ' 40 Killed in plane crash ERNEST LEONARD. Aviation Cadet, AAF, ' 39 Killed in plane crash WENDEL PHIL LESTER, Major. AAF. BS ' 40 Killed in plane crash BERNARD JOSEPH LICHENSTEIN, Seaman First Crass. USN 43 Killed in Central Pacific WINSTON S. LINDSEY. Lieutenant, AAF. ' 41 Killed in plane crash PHILIP DAVID LISSNER. Lieutenant, AAF. ' 41 Killed in action over New Guinea WAYNE LIVERGOOD, First Lieutenant, AAF. ' 35 Killed when Japanese prison ship was sunk CLARENCE LAVERNE LOFTIN. Lieutenant. USNAF. LLB ' 42 Killed in plane crash CY LONG, Warrant Officer, USA, BJ ' 40 Killed in action in France THOMAS BENDEEN LONG, Staff Sergeant, AAF, ' 39 Killed in plane crash BURL LEON LUCKENBILL. First Lieutenant. AAF. BBA ' 41 Killed in plane crash in Chartres, France llM FRANK JOSEPH LYONS, Ensign, USN, BBA ' 42 Killed in action in South Pacific MALCOLM B. MAcDONALD, Flight Instructor for RAF, BA ' 42 Killed in plane crash PHILIP ALLAN McADAM, Private, USA, ' 43 Killed in action on Luzon GEORGE THOMAS MAKER, First Lieutenant, AAF, LLB ' 41 Killed in action in New Guinea. Silver Star HUGH McAMIS, Private, USA, ' 19 Died of illness RALPH JAMES McBRIDE, JR., Major, AAF, ' 39 Killed in action over Ploesti. DFC DON SCOTT McCALL, Private, USA, ' 44 Killed in action in Germany ROBERT FLOYD McCAMPBELL, JR., Lieutenant, AAF, ' 40 Killed in plane crash PRESTON GUY McCARSON, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in plane crash WILLIAM FRANCIS McCARTHY, Aviation Cadet, AAF, ' 39 Killed in plane crash MARVIN MONROE McCOWN, First Lieutenant, AAF, BBA ' 40 Killed in action over Europe HENSLEY WILLIAM McCOWN, Lieutenant, AAF, MA ' 40 Killed in action over Germany JOHN TOM McCOY, Staff Sergeant, USA, ' 43 Killed in action near Nuremberg, Germany MARTIN LUTHER McCULLY, Private First Class, USA, ' 43 Killed in action in Belgium ARTHUR BEE McDANIEL, Brigadier General, AAF, LLB ' 17 Died of illness GORDAN DUGGAN McDANIEL, Ensign, USNAF, LLB ' 38 Killed in plane crash JERRY RAY McDONALD, Captain, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over Germany. Air Medal, Oak Leaf Clusters (2) SAMUEL GIVENS McFADDEN, Ensign, USNAF, ' 40 Killed in plane crash WALTER SCOTT McGILL, Captain, AAF, BS ' 39 Died of illness in India JOHN JERRY McGRAW, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over Ploesti Oil Field. DFC PAUL MOORHEAD McKAY, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over Mindoro, Philippines ARTHUR DANA McKINNEY, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action over Formosa JOHN PRESTON McKINNEY, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in plane crash ERNEST L. McLANE, Flight Officer, AAF, ' 42 Killed in plane crash CHARLES McNUTT, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 37 Killed in action in Java Sea HENRY JOE McPHERSON, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action over France JOSKl ' li k. M, SI ' ADDEN, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over Italy. DFC, Air Medal, Oak Leaf Clusters (4) ROBERT E. McWHIRTER, Midshipman, USN, BBA ' 43 Died of illii ' TRUETT JAY MAJORS, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 38 Killed in action in the Philippines. Majors Field is named for him Z. HECTOR MALLEN, Private, USA, ' 44 Killed in action in Germany WALTER MARION MANLY, HI, Private First Class, USA, ' 43 Killed in action at Metz, France A. J. MANN, First Lieutenant, USA, ' 42 Killed in action in Germany ALLEN E. MARKOWITZ, Captain, USA, MD ' 39 Killed in action in Italy AARON CHARLES MARMAR, Hospital Apprentice First Class, USN, ' 41 Killed in action in South Pacific DURWARD MARSHALL, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over Germany JAMES WILLIAM MARSHALL, Lieutenant. AAF, ' 43 Killed in plane crash WALTER ELLIS MARTIN, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over Germany WILLIAM A. MARTIN, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action in Italy ROGER MARTINELLI, Private, USA, ' 44 Killed in action in Germany JOHN DAVENPORT MASON, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action over France BRYAN MATHIS, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 43 Killed in action over Frankfurt, Germany EUGENE WINSTON MATLOCK. Lieutenant Commander, USNR. MD ' 22 Killed in plane crash ERNEST ALBERT! MATTHEWS. Lieutenant. USMC, ' 30 Killed in action at Tarawa EDMUND WILLIAM MAYER, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over Europe GEORGE W. MEDLEY, Lieutenant. AAF, ' 40 Killed in plane crash RICHARD HAROLD MEEK, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 40 Killed in action in South Pacific. Air Medal, Oak Leaf Cluster NORBERT EUGENE MESTAYER. Lieutenant, AAF, BS ' 41 Died of illness ROBERT CAMERON MILAN. Sergeant, USA, ' 35 Killed in Italy JAMES FRANK MILES, Lieutenant, AAF, BBA ' 41 Killed in action in Southwest Pacific BRUNSON BALL MILLER, Ensign, USNAF, ' 42 Killed in plane crash MARSHALL ROBERT MILLER, JR., Staff Sergeant, AAF. BBA ' 41 Died in an accident overseas ... 162 ! ROBERT TH ' 11.1 KR. JR.. Lieutenant. USM K. BA ' 43 Killed in action on Iwo Jima ALBERT SIDNEY BURLESON NEGLEY. Lieutenant. LLB ' 38 Killed when Jap prisoner of war ship sunk Ull.LIAM R. MILLER. Staff Serpeant. USA. BB ' 41 Killed in action in South Pa RICHARD VAN WY K NEGLEY. JR.. First Lieutenant. A AF. ' 41 Killed in action in South Pacific UILLUM BERTRAM) MILI IK N. Staff Sergeant. l Died in Japanese I ' ri-on Camp ALDEN COFFEE NESBIT. Lieutenant, AAF. ' 41 Killed in action over Europe ' " NM NT1NK MIM-. JR.. K,r-t Lieutenant. ISA. BB 4 Killed in action in Germany HARLES ELWIN NEU. Lieutenant, t NAF. ' 41 Killed in plane crash VIILLIAM PHILLIP MP- Sergeant. AAf Killed in action over Europe. Air Medal K MOHLER. Lieutenant. ISA. ' 35 Killed in action in Germany JOHN LE ELL MOOD. Lieutenant, AAF. - 41 led in plane crash JOHN HUNTER NEWELL. Lieutenant, AAF, BS ' 40 Died of illness. DSC HARLES BENJAMIN Nl HOLS, Killed in action in South Pacific RALPH WALDO NIEBUHR. En-it : J ' 39 Killed in action at sea JAMES WILLIAM MOOR. Lieutenant, AAF. ' 39 i in action in North Sea IKE H. MOORE. Lieutenant (jg, I N. BA ' 32 Killed in action in South Pacific JAME EDWIN MOORE. Lieutenant, AAF. ' 39 Killed in action over Germany ROGER DE COYERLY MOORE. Lieutenant, USNR. LLB ' 41 Killed in airliner crash ROY JUNIOR MOORE. Lieutenant, AAF. Killed in action in New Guinea, DFC SIMON HARTT MOORE, Lieutenant Colonel. ISA Medical Corps, MD - 07 Died of illness THO 1 ' i ORE. Lieutenant, AAF. ' 43 Killed in action over ugoslavia AN I RALES. Lieutenant. A F. LLB ' 37 Killed in action in V- 1 V K MABREY NOREN. Private First pass, USMC, ' 41 Killed in action on Iwo Jima HOt GLEN WAI Killed in action in France ijeotenar.i - . ' 43 . LLB - 34 GLENN MORROW. Lieutenant, USA. ' 37 Killed in action in Germany. Presidential Unit Citations (2) LYNN LESTER MOTLEY. Captain, AAF, BA ' 40 Killed in plane crash HERBERT FOREST MULLINEAUX. Aviation Machinist Mate -d Gas . USN. ' 40 Killed in plane crash SMITH MN MURPHEY. Private. USA. BA - 36 Killed in action in France WILLIAM H. MURPHY. Lieutenant, AAF. ' 41 K.lled in plane crash en route to South Pacific HARRY MYERS. Lieutenant jgt. USNR, " 30 Killed in action in Southwest Pacific WILLIAM FREDERIC VALLEY, Lieutenant. AAF. 43 Killed in action over Austria JOSEPH NEAL NARANJO. Sergeant. AAF. ' 44 Killed in action over Austria FREDERIC TH IM - NEEL. Lieutenant, AAF, ' 39 Killed in action over Europe SAMU RtF. ' 42 PAUL CLYDE OBERG. Lieutenant, AAF, ' 43 Killed enroute to overseas Assignment KT B illeAn ROBERT BERNARD O ' HARA, Lieutenant. AAF, ' 41 KiliflKn action in Germanv. Air Medal KELLY ' T-YDE ORMAND, USMM, ' 42 Killed in collision of two tanker? AUBREY E. ORR. Lieutenant. AAF. - 41 Killed in plane crash BEN F. ORR, JR.. Lieutenant, AAF. ' 37 Killed in action over Franc DANIEL FLORES ORTEGA. Private First daw, USA, ' 43 Killed in action in France DIEDRICH HENRY ORTS, Captain. USA, BA ' 38. MA - 40 Died of wounds suffered in action LAI RIN PRESTON OTTING, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 43 Killed in action over Luxembourg WOODY TAYLOR OWEN. Lieutenant USA, ' 40 Killed in action GEORGE WILLIAM OWENS. Lieutenant, AAF, ' 39 Killed in action over Germany COLEMAN SANDERS PACK, Lieutenant (jg), USN, BS ' 40 Killed when destroyer Warrington was sunk in hurricane in Atlantic CARL FREDERICK PAGEL, Captain, AAF. ' 41 Killed in raid on Bonins in South Pacific M AL RICE W. PARKER, Technical Sergeant, USA, " 29 Killed in action aboard ship in North American area ROBERT JAMES PARKIN. Private First CUss, USA, ' 42 Died in German prison camp JAMES EDWARD PARKS. Captain, AAF, ' 38 Killed in auto accident ( HARLE- MEREDITH PARRETT. Lieutenant Colonel. AAF, ' 40 Killed in action over Belgium. DFC. Air Medal. Oak Leaf : en tit) WILLIAM DONALD PARRISH, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action in North Africa VINCENT MURRAY RAUBER, Ensign, USNR, ' 42 Killed in action in the Pacific W. H. PASCHAL, Captain, AAF, ' 40 Died in California SAMUEL SEAY PATTILLO, Lieutenant, AAF, BA ' 40 Killed in action in Far East. DSC, Silver Star ESRIC RABB PATTON, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 40 Killed in plane crash JOHN HOWARD PAYNE, Lieutenant Colonel, AAF, ' 36 Killed in action in North Africa. DFC, Silver Star, Air Medal. Payne Field, Cairo, Egypt, is named for him. JAMES E. PAYTON, Aviation Cadet, AAF, ' 40 Killed in plane crash JOHN KLUTTS PEARSON, Ensign, USNAF, ' 40 Killed in action in South Pacific OSCAR PENDLETON, Corporal, AAF, ' 38 Killed in plane crash GEORGE HARVEY PENLAND, JR., Lieutenant, USN, BA ' 38 Killed in action in Pacific area CHARLES IRVIN PERRIN, Captain, AAF, ' 40 Killed in plane accident in Africa JOHN JULIAN PFEIFFER, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in plane crash SIDNEY PIERCE, Radioman Third Class, USN, ' 40 Killed in attack on Pearl Harbor WILBURNE ENNIS PIERCY, Lieutenant, USNAF, ' 41 Killed in plane crash in Pacific area DONALD PILS, First Lieutenant. AAF, ' 37 Killed in accident. DFC, Air Medal, Oak Leaf Clusters (2) MAX EMITE PIZZITOLA, First Lieutenant, USMAC, ' 41 Killed in action on Mindanao, Philippines . HARVEY CLAUDE POLLAY, Ensign, USN, BJ ' 41 Killed in plane crash THEODORE GARLAND POOLE, Lieutenant, AAF, BA ' 41 Killed in action over Brenner Pass, Italy. DFC, Air Medal, Oak Leaf Cluster IRWIN CURTIS POPHAM, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 43 Killed in action over Germany JACK WINDHAM POUNDS, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 38 Killed in plane crash. Pounds Field, Tyler, is named for him GEORGE CLIFTON POWELL, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action in North Africa. Air Medal STERLING J. PRICE, Lieutenant, AAF, BA ' 43 Killed in plane crash in England. Air Medal, Oak Leaf Clusters (3) LAWRENCE GILBERT PRIEST, Sergeant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action over Yugoslavia JOHN WALLER PRITCHETT, JR., First Lieutenant, USMCR, BS ' 42 Died of wounds received on Saipan CHARLES BOWER PUTMAN, AAF, ' 42 Killed in automobile accident TRUMAN LARKIN RAGSDALE, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in plane crash in Philippines. Air Medal, Oak Leaf Clusters (5) JIM DRAKE RAMSEY, Private. USA, BBA ' 28 Died of illness RAY BROOKS REINHARDT, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in plane crash JOHN WALTER REISS, Lieutenant, AAF, BA ' 41 Killed in action in Europe TRUETT JOHN REVIS, JR., Ensign, USN, ' 45 Killed in accident in Japan LEROY NOONON RICE, Corporal, USMC, BA ' 39 Killed in action CHARLES WESLEY RICHARDSON, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in plane crash CLARK F. ROBERDS, First Lieutenant, AAF, LLB ' 39 Killed in action CHARLES B. ROBERTS, Private First Class, AAF Killed in plane crash ORAN W. ROBERTS, JR., First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action near Chuanhushih, China JOSEPH ANDREW ROBERTSON, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 38 Killed in action over New Guinea RUBEN MARION ROBERTSON, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action FREDERICK BROWNELL ROBINSON, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over Holland WILLIAM SANER ROBINSON, Ensign, USNR, ' 36 Killed in action over Java WILLIAM ROBERT RODDY, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 39 Killed in plane crash in Caribbean Sea MAURO RODRIQUEZ, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action in South Pacific. Air Medal, Oak Leaf Cluster FRANCIS pURR ROELKEY, Lieutenant, USA, ' 42 Killed in action in Italy MARSHALL JOHNSON ROGERS, Lieutenant (sg), USN, ' 39 Killed in action on Iwo Jima MARTIN EUGENE ROGERS, Captain, AAF, ' 38 Killed in action RUBERT EDWARD ROGERS, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 43 Killed in plane crash WILLIAM MORRIS RONEY, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action in New Guinea. DFC ALBERT COURTNEY ROOT, Lieutenant, USA, ' 41 Killed in plane crash THEODORE ROPER, Lieutenant. AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over North Italy JASPER ARCHIBALD ROSS, JR., Captain, USA, BA ' 40, LLB ' 40 Killed in action in North Africa JOHN CARLOS ROUNSAVILLE. Lieutenant, AAF, ' 40 Killed in plane crash HARRY MAURICE ROUSE, Sergeant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over New Guinea WILLIAM T. ROWE, USA, ' 38 Killed in action in Germany CHATTLES FREDERICK ROWSEY, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 38 Killed in action in Southwest Pacific DUDLEY T. RUGELEY, Lieutenant (jg), USNR, ' 38 Killed in plane crash PACE 16 1 I HARRELL HAMILTON RILE. Lieutenant, AU Killed in plane crash JOHN FRANK RU-SELL. Sergeant. AAF. ' 43 Killed in action over France Will IAM FR N( 1- RUTHERFORD. USA. ' 41 Killed in plane crash off Atlantic coast DAYTON ELDY RUTLEDGE, Corporal, USA, ' 37 Killed in action in Germany JAY ARTHUR RYAN. Lieutenant, USA, ' 40 Killed in sinking of Japanese prison ship GARLAND A. SADLER. Lieutenant. USA. LLB ' 33 Killed in action in South France JOHN MILTON S LLEE. Captain. AAF, ' 38 Killed in action over Mindoro ELISEOf. N HE . I - . ' 42 Killed in action HOWARD MERRILL SANDERS. Lieutenant, AAF. ' 42 Killed in action over Negros Island ELMER FLOURNOY SANSOM. Captain. AAF. BA ' 37 Killed in plane crash BRYAN SCHLEY. Lieutenant. USNAF. Killed in plane crash HUGH SCHRADER. JR.. Private First Class, USA. ' 41 Killed in action in Philippines ERWIN LOUIS SCHULZ. Lieutenant. AAF. 4 ' 2 Killed in plane crash in Alaska PH MAYER SCHWARTZ, First Lieutenant. USA. BBA ' 40 Killed in action in the Philippines ARCHIE Kill ' Killed if a . -M outh Paci MAC. ' 40 RAYMOND DELL SHF.LTON. Prixatr. AAF. BBA ' 41 Killed in plane crash JOHN HENRY SHEPHERD. Aviation Cadet. USNAF. ' 41 Killed in plane crash MiHN WILEY SHEPHERD. JR.. Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action in New Britain JOHN WILLIAM SHROPSHIRE. Fin-t Lieutenant, AAF, ' 43 Killed in action over Athens, Greece. Air Medal, Oak Leaf Clusters (5). Bronze Star. Distinguished Mjrit Badge ROBERT CALDWELL SHROPSHIRE. Lieut F. M3 Killed in plane crash I A ' K IMY -IKES. Lieutenant. AAF, ' 39 Killed in plane crash BILLY T. .-1LLINGS, Lieutenant. Killed in action in France DAY " ' BS ' 42 SILVERMAN. Lieuf-nanl. AAF, BBA ' 40 lion in Southwest Pacific FREDERICK ARTHUR SIMENS. Y-12. USN. ' 45 Die of illness BEN MAURICE SIMON, Lieutenant. AAF, ' 42 Kilftd in action over Germany ROBERT LYTTLETON SIMONS. Private First Class, USA, BJ ' 43 Killed in action in France JOHN LOUIS SIMPSON. Lieutenant, AAF, ' 43 Killed in action in Europe ROBERT LOYD SINCLAIR, Lieutenant jgl. USNR. ' 39 Killed in action CHARLES VICTOR SLOAN. Technical Sergeant, USA, ' 34 Killed in action ' ARROLL JAME -LUBH KI, Lieutenant, AAF, BA ' 40 Died of illness in China JA K P. SCOTT. Lieutenant Colonel, AAF, BA ' 31. MD - 35 Killed in action in India MURREL HORACE SCOTT. First Lieutenant. AAF. " 42 Killed in action over Japan BERN1E LAVOICE SCUDDAY. First Lieutenant, AAF. ' 42 Killed in action over France (K WILM ' iN -EALE. Captain. AAF. ' 41 Killed in action over Paris. DFC, Air Medal, Oak Leaf Cluster- i 1C i. Commendations 2i ROBERT WOLCOTT SEARLE. Lieutenant, USA, ' 43 Killed in action in France P. WELLER SEIDERS. Lieutenant, AAF. - 41 Killed in action over Germany 1MRLES WILLIAM SETTLES. Lieutenant jgl, USNR. BS ' 43 Killed in action HARLES CORBET SHADLE, Pilot Officer. RCAF. ' 41 Killed in action over England WILLIAM SIMON SHAND. RCAF Cadet. ' 41 Killed in plane crash in Canada MILLAR!) F. SHAW, Corporal. USMC, ' 43 Killed in action on Iwo Jima FRANK DOUGLAS SHEFFIELD. Corporal. USA. ' 41 Killed in action in France. Combat Infantryman ' s Medal GEORGE T. SM ALLEY. USA. BBA ' 38 Killed in action near Aachen, Germany JOE GILLESPIE SMARTT. Ensign, USNR, ' 37 Killed in action at Pearl Harbor CHARLES RICHARD SMITH, Corporal. USA. ' 42 Killed in automobile accident in England JOSEPH STANLEY SMITH, Lieutenant, AAF, BBA ' 41 Killed in plane crash LUTHER C SMITH, JrL, First Lieutenant, USMC, ' 39 Killed in plane crash M. CARROLL SMITH. JR.. Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over Europe MARSHALL D. SMITH, Technician Fifth Grade, USA, ' 43 Killed in action on Leyte ROBERT WILSON SMITH, Lieutenant. AAF, BS ' 40 Killed in action over St. Nazaire FRANK LEE SNODGRASS. Lieutenant R, BA ' 42 Killed in action SHERARD ATTERBURY SORENSON. Captain. AAF, BS ' 40 Killed in action in Burma. Air Medal JAMES WILSON SPANN. First Lieutenanl. USA. - 41 Killed in action in Germany. Air Medal. il er Star, Oak Leaf Cluster tits LUTHER HENRY SPARKMAN, Aviation Cadet, AAF, ' 42 Killed in plane crash JEROME ALAN TARNOPOL, Seaman First Class, USN, ' 44 Killed in action in Pacific RUSSELL HENRY SPIKES, Lieutenant, USN, BBA ' 35 Killed in action in the Pacific off coast of Japan CLAUDE DENNIS TAYLOR, First Class Quartermaster, USN, ' 39 Killed in action in Southwest Pacific JACK STAGNER, Captain, RAF, ' 35 Killed while ferrying plane to England CONWAY ATTFIELD TAYLOR, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over Austria CHARLES W. STALEY, JR., Sergeant Pilot, RAF, ' 41 Killed in action RICHARD EARL ST. JOHN, Ensign, USNR, ' 42 Killed at sea FRANK WIER TAYLOR, Lieutenant, AAF, BA ' 42 Killed in plane crash TOMMY JOE TAYLOR, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action in China WILLIAM WYMAN STEPHENS, Ensign, USNR, BBA ' 44 Killed in action in South Pacific VOLNEY W. TAYLOR, JR., Lieutenant, USNR, LLB ' 37 Killed in action in South Pacific JOHN HENRY STEPHENSON, Staff Sergeant, AAF, ' 40 Killed in action over Germany WILLIAM HAROLD TAYLOR, JR., First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 43 Killed in action over Italy WILLIAM N. STOCKING, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 40 Killed in action in South Pacific LEIGHTON PITTS TENNEY, Technician Third Grade, AAF, ' 38 Killed in action at Nichols Field, Manila SIDNEY JAMES STOKES, JR., V-12, USN, ' 45 Died of illness JOE DUFFIELD STORM, Private, USA, BA, ' 36 Killed in action in Germany DAVID H. STRAUS, JR., Ensign, USN, BBA ' 37 Killed in action aboard aircraft carrier Lexington in the Coral Sea. Destroyer escort named for him RALPH W. STRICKLAND, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 37 Killed in action over Kyushu WILLIAM J. STRINGER,. War Correspondent, BA ' 37, MA ' 40 Killed in action in France CHARLES WHEELER STURDIVANT, JR., Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action in the Pacific J. O. SUE, JR., First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in plane crash EDWARD LEWIS SUMMERS, Ensign, USNAF, ' 38 Killed in plane crash PAUL ANDREW SWANK, First Lieutenant, USA, ' 42 Killed in action in France WALTER CROCKETT SWARNER, JR., Captain, AAF, ' 41 Killed in action in Mediterranean area LESLIE EUGENE TERRY, Private, USA, ' 40 Killed in action in Italy GEORGE SPIKES THOMAS, Captain, AAF, ' 35 Killed in action over Coral Sea. Air Medal TED JAMES THOMAS, Lieuten ant, AAF, BA ' 41 Killed in action over Germany JOHN WILLIAM THOMASON, Colonel, USMC, ' 13 Died of illness JACK DAVID THOMPSON, Ensign, USN, BBA ' 44 Killed in action off coast of France PHILIP ARCHEL THOMPSON, First Lieutenant, USA, ' 36 Killed in action in France ALVIN YOUNG TI Killed in pla TILL L N, -mm , JR., First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 WILLIAM LLOYD TINGLK. Lieutenant. AAF. ' 37 Killed in action MARSHALL MOSURE TO.MMK. Lieutenant i jj:). 1 SN F. ' V2 Killed in action in Pacific. DFC LI. Mt) JOHN MARSHALL TOOMKY. Lieutenant Colonel. AAF, ' 38 Killed in action over Mes-ina. Sicily. DFC. Silver Star, Air Medal. Oak Leaf Clusiei WILLIAM SWEATT, Private, USA, ' 43 Died of illness ANTHONY TRAC , Lieutenant. F. ' 40 Killed in action in England JAMES MICHAEL SWEENEY, First Lieutenant, AAF, BS ' 42 Killed in action in Europe. Air Medal, Oak Leaf Clusters (10) ALBERT JAMES TRELFORD. Lieutenant, AAF. " 42 Killed in action NED H. SWEENEY, First Lieutenant, AAF. ' 39 Killed in action over Germany. Air Medal, Oak Leaf Clusters (2) ROBERT S. TALLEY. Lien Killed in plane era J1S HOMEi; TALI illed in plane crash lit. AAF. ' 36 KENNETH BOVD T Y KK. .IK., (in r, RCAK. B ' Hi Killed in aetion JACK DENNIS THIMI ' I. Lieutenant, AAF. ' 42 Died of illness CHARLES WALKER TROUT, First Lieutenant, USMC, ' 42 Killed in action on Okinawa VICTOR PAT TUMLINSON, Fire Controlman Third Class, USN, ' 39 Killed in action at Pearl Harbor ROBERT V. UHL, Staff Sergeant, USMC. ' 43 Killed in action on two Jima. Silver Star i ' ,,. i mm AND inKiiN IMRARGER. private. USMC, Killed in action on Iwo Jima VUI 1 KM PAl 1 I MsTED. Fir-t Lieutenant. AAF. ' 40 Killed in plane crash WARNER K0 t NDERVUHID. 1 ' maf. I s l . ' 38 killed in action on Iwo Jima ROY (. RREI I Vl ' UIAN. Lieutenant. AAK. ' 41 Killed in action over Burma MIL ION JOHN EHON. Private First das-. I sM . ' 43 Killed in action on Saipan SHEI DON H. K 1.F.K. EirM Lieutenant. USA. Vil Killed in ai-tion in South Pacific J K M. ' .FI- IN-oN. Y,r-4 Lieutenant. ISM AC. ' 38 Killed in ai lion in SmthweM Pacific JOHN DIK.DKH H Oss. Captain. AAF. ' 36 Killed in action in South PacinY. Air Medal, Oak Leaf Chi-- - JOHN CHARLES W I DEN. Sergeant. ISA. ' 40 Killed in action at Anzio. Italy DAN AUSTIN WALKER. Private First Class USM . - 44 Killed in action on Iwo Jima ROM Kit SIDNEY WALKER. First Lieutenant. AAF, Killed in plane cra-h in India. JOHN HOI I AND WALLACE. Lieutenant, AAV Killed in action " rr A ustralia - JE E JAMES W ATERS. Staff Sergeant - Killed in action in South France l.ORKE EDWARD WAUC-H. Lieutenant I jp i . I SN F. " 41 Killed in plane ' ra-ti in Brazil DON P. WEBSTER. Captain. AAF. BRA Killed in a ! " 42 CER AI D W ARREN W H.i.lNs. (.aptain. USA, " 39 Killed in action on Luzon. Silver Star. Presidential I ' nit Citation IHOMAs HOWARD WILLIAMS. JR.. Lieutenant ' it ' . UsN. BA ' 40 Killed in action in Coral Sea THOMAS WEAVER WILLIAMS. Lieutenant. AAF. B.l Killed in plane crash WILLIAM RAY WILI 1 AMsON. Lieutenant. AAF. BB Died of illness AAE WALTER WII.I.IFORD. JR.. I Killed in action in the Pacific ROBERT EARLY W 1LI SON. JR., Pilot Officer, RAF, " 39 Killed in plane crash WILLIAM ELI Is VUI SON. JR.. Captain. AAF. " 38 Killed in plane crash SYL W. I THEODORE AUSTIN WEIL. Lieutenant. AAF. " 39 Killed in action over Sardinia VN. First Lieutenant, VS C. LLB ' 39 Killed in action on Okinawa ROBERTA. W1SKOCH1L. Private First (lass. USA. ' 42 action H AR]H AYNES WOMACK, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 40 Killed in plane crash DON BUIE WOOD, Captain. AAF, ' 39 Killed in action in Mediterranean area EARL BADEY WOOD. Lieutenant. AAF. ' 39 Killed in plane crash KENNETH (..( II. WOOD. Flight Officer. AAF, ' 43 Killed in action GEORGE DEAN WOOLRICH, Sergeant, RCAF, ' 40 Killed in action THOV ! TON WORTHAM, First Lieutenant. AAF. BBA ' 40 Killed in action in Europe I Al ;UST L. WEIsS. Lieutenant. AAF. BS ' 41 Killed in action over Yugoslavia. Air Medal THEODORE C.1LLMAN WUERPEL, Lieutenant, AAF. ' 41 Killed in action in the Pacific ROY WElss. JR.. Lieutenant. AAE. " 41 ed in plane crash OSCAR DEAN WYATT, JR ' Lieutenant, AAF, ' 38 Killed in action on Luzon. Philippines A K.I I . X El I S, Lieutenant. AAF. - 40 r Killed in action in the Pacific ROBERT VARDY WYNNE, Private, USA. ' 43 Killed in action in Germany JOHN BI.ASDEI. WESTMORELAND. Lieutenant. AAr Killed in plane crash WILL ARMON YATES, First Lieutenant, AAF. BBA ' 38 Killed in action in North Africa. Air Medal. Oak Leaf Cluster JAMEs ( ULBERTSON WHITE. Private First Class, AAF. ' 43 Killed in plane crash JAMES IKNEN WHITE. Lieutenant. A AF, ' 40 Killed in plane crash MAJOR L. WHITE. En-ipn. USN. ' 40 Killed in action off English coast WILLIAM T. WI KEN-.. Captain. USA. Medical Corps. BA ' 37. MD ' 40 Killed in action in Germany CHARLES STENIUS YOU NG. First Lieutenant. AAF, ' 41 Killed in plane crash in England. DFC (2), Air Medal, Oak Leaf Ousters (4), RAF Medal for wounds received in action JOHN MARMN YOUNG. Flight Officer, AAF, ' 40 Killed in action in North African area GENE MORGAN YOUNGBLOOD, Lieutenant. AAF, ' 39 Killed in plane crash JULIUS EMMET ZIEGELMEYER. JR.. Lieutenant. AAF. ' 4J Killed in action ' .EURGE WELDON WK.c.lNs. I ieutenant. AAF. BBA ' 38 Killed in plane crash WARREN M ANKO XINDLER, Corporal. USA. ' 43 Killed in action in Germany r 1 7 I ' ENVOI Weep not for us; for us no requiem sing; We are not dead, nor have we ceased to be, Who man this outpost for the living free. Reconnaissance duty ours, who do this thing. With engines tuned and quickened hearts we flew On shining wings into the mist-grey night. ' Twas rare, our chance to join the splendid fight With men who bore the torch of peace for you. In silence here we watch with second sight And anxious heart, a world renounced for this. We cry out, in our utter helplessness That you not render vain our glorious flight. Weep not; but pledge that you and I ne ' er cease To hold this rendezvous with Lasting Peace. GLADYS WORNELL PHARR ffQ frD ORAN M. ROBERTS Governor of the State of Texas 1879-1883 In 1883, while Oran M. Roberts, an- other of the great governors of Texas ' s history, held the gubernatorial position, The University of Texas as it now exists was born. Texas had survived its second great ordeal by fire and had begun to recover from the wounds it had suffered in the War between the States and the bitter period of " Reconstruction " which followed. Texas had been readmitted to the Union, and its new constitution had been ratified. For the second time the builders of the State returned to the task of civilizing what still remained a virtual wilderness. In this monumental year in the history of the University, the Main Building was begun in Austin and its west wing was completed. The Main University was officially opened, and in the fall the Medical School in Galveston also began to accept students. The legislature appropriated $1,000,000 for the operation of the University; but most important of all for the future of higher education in the State, the Uni- versity ' s lands were withdrawn from sale, and the legislature was restricted in making appropriations from their revenue. EARLY C A M 1 ' I - The University campus, begun in the late ' 80s uas still small in the early ' 90s but its future uas bright. i f - V v .4 % - v CHARLES REINHAHT Dovie Armintor Miller Armstrong Helen Barnhart Elsie Bechter Ronald Booth Elizabeth Bratton George Roswell Burke John Howard Burke Kathleen Burke Gloria Ann Carter James Chernosky Earl Clary John Craven Marilyn Daughtrey A CAPPELLA CHOIfl OFFICERS President CHARLES REINHART Vice-President RUTH HUFFMASTKK Secretary CORNELIA FRAZIKR Treasurer BETTY Jo NELSON Business Manager MILTON Fox Director ARCHIE N. JONES Mary Margaret Darnell Ann Elkins Jack Fisher Fay Focht Betty Fox Milton Fox Cornelia Frazier David Freeland James J. Gambino J. W. Gipson Mary Ellen Hale Eloise Hall Eugene Henderson Gay Henderson Karl Hickfang MEMBERS William Hilgers Bettye Virginia Hill Alice Holbrook Roy Howell Ruth Huffmaster Roy Johnson Elizabeth Jones Nelson H. Keyes Frank Kuhn Lucia Land Robert A. Larsen Lois Lefkowsky Rosalis Legett Mary Lou Linscomb Margaret McCurdy Martin Mercado Gordon Dickey Moore Malcolm Murphy Betty Jo Nelson David Parsons Polly Payne Lila Phillips Pat Pierce Mary Lou Proctor Antonio Provencio Winston Redwine Charles Reinhart Anna Richter John B. Robertson Gwen Rogers Ruby Schwarz Robert Sheaffer Kitty Shepherd Njall Simonarson Garland Smith Joyce Spell Erwin Swint Evelyn Troutt Elaine Vejans Gloria Very John L. Watson Jane Weber Cecil Wilson William Aubrey Wilson One of the newest and most different singing groups on the campus is the A CAPPELLA CHOIR which was organized in November, 1944, by Archie Jones. The only mixed choral group of the University, the A CAPPELLA CHOIR was called on for special performances at various churches during the year and presented two concerts for U niversity audiences. First row: Troutt, Richter, tun. Elkins, Land. Second row: Very, Proctor, Phillips, Weber, Holbrook, B. Fox. Third row: Lefkowsky, Carter, Hale, Darnell, Schwarz, Legett, K. Burke. Fourth row: Payne, Focht, Nelson, Rogers, Pierce, Frazier, Hill, McCurdy. Fifth row: Hilgers, Robertson, Armstrong, Armintor, Huffmaster, Mecado, Simonarson, Swint, Redwine. Sixth row : W. Wilson, C. Burke, J. Burke, Howell, Chernosky, Watson, Keyes, Gambino, Craven, Moore. Seventh row : M. Fox, Hickfang, Reinhart, Fisher. PACE 170 ART STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION Front ram: MARKS. PATE. McLEOD. GLV-S. McFARLAND. Storm ram: V STl DDIFORD, McCALL. HOLBROOK. YARRINCTOV HAYNES. SEEGER. TUrJ ram: HUNT. -ILUYO. BROWN. ANSBROL ' GH. PHILLIPS. NORMAN. FamrtM ram: WILLSON. CLARK. SEIPEL. ARNOLD. fifth warn: MECARITY. IL?OV ADAM;. PARK. TERRELL. OFFICERS { ' resident . ' resident - - f -tar . Treasurer . Social Chairman DORIS McLEOD FERRIS J. MECARITY MARY PATE MARIAN YARRINCTON BETTY MARKS Winifred Adam Jeanne Marie Arnold Patricia Brown Margaret Bush Barbara Clark Miriam Crowle) Anne Coty Man. Ann Glass Peggy Ha ne- Alice Louise Holbrook Betty Lynn Hunt MEMBERS Margaret McCall Marjorie McFarland Doris McLeod Betty Marks Ferris J. Megarit) Marie Matthews Frances Norman Barbara Park Mary Pate Joe Clegg Phillips J. C Ratliff Martha Seeger Joyce Seipel Mary Margaret Sullivan Constance Terrell Shirley Van Studdiford Mary Lou Wansbrough Pat Wilton Jeanne Williamson Martha Wilson Marian Yarrington THE ART STUDENTS ASSO I 1I I wju- founded in November. 1945. and membership is open to all students majoring in art. A scholarship fund was started through the sale of oil paintings and other art work done by students. Exhibits of student work are held during the year. DORIS McLEOD 171 CURTAIN CLUB OFFICERS President (Winter) VIRGINIA LIPSCOMB President (Spring) JEANNETTE CLIFT V ice-President EUGENE MLECZKO VIKCIMA LIPSCOMB BOARD OF GOVERNORS Jeannette Clift Mary Frances Johnson Leroy McFarland Betty Jo Winesett The CURTAIN CLUB ' S first play of the season was their production of " You Can ' t Take It With You " which was presented early in April. The group also sponsored the Cabaret Revue of 1946, which toured nearby Army camps after its presentation on the campus. Other CURTAIN CLUB activities for the year included variety programs for the Bankers ' Association and the Retail Merchants ' Association. Lull to right: MLEC7KO, M. JOHNSON, CLIFT, LIPSCOMB McFARLAND. WINESETT. PACE 172 CURTAIN CLUB MEMBERS Abbye Alexander John Baker Man Browning George Byars Sally Cannichael Ethel ChappeU Roy Lee Clark Jeannette Clift Clenna Lea Couch Grace Hunt Davis Alice Faye Dorsey John Elder Mary Joyce Gerlach Thelma Gregg Frank Holloway Mary Frances Johnson Rosemary Johnson Betty Bob Knapp Mary Lee Linscomb Virginia Lipscomb Leroy McFarland Barbara McMahon Pat McTee Jo Anne Mi I lard Eugene MIeczko Bertie Nebenzahl Mary Jo Priddy Lyman Ripperton Annelle Roquemore - ... -. ., . Patsv Smith Curtain Clubbers at play and at nark. Lenore Sobel Tina Stan- Martha Stone Bel Stroud Betty Jo Winesett Jack Wood JUNNETTE CLIFT r. i n GIRLS ' GLEE ELUB OFFICERS President V ice-President Business Manager Librarian Historian Reporter Director Accompanisi BETTY Jo NELSON ANN RICHTER KATHERINE PATERSO.N PAT MILLS GRACE BURTIS BETTY Lu HILL CHARLOTTE DuBois ESMA BETH ANDERSON Composed of girls who " love to sing, " the GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB, under the direction of Charlotte DuBois, made many appearances this year. The GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB joined the Men ' s Glee Club to present their two annual joint concerts and also in a special performance with the Symphonic Band in December. The GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB also sang at the Camp Swift Service Club and Hospital and at a Sunday morning service at the Central Christian Church. Front low: Red, OrndorfT, Burkctt, Burtia, B. L. Hill, Paterson, B. Nelson, DuBois, Richter, Mills, E. Anderson, Frazier, Stinnett, Wiegand. Second row: Burke, Spivey, Wehner, A. Rogers, Bratton, Caston, Hedegaard, Elkins, Proctor, DeBorde, Land, Carter, Gossetl. Coward. Kosaka, Fusion. Smith, Lawson. Third row: Santleben, Moore, Vascocu, D. Anderson, Perry. Wright, Ward, Holbrook, Darnell, M. White, Willis, Maxwell, McCormick, Grogan, Pippin. Klaus, M. Anderson. Fourth row: Schumann, Focht, Trainer, Owen, Bennett, Branscum, J. Baker, Lefkowsky, McCarter, McBride, Hughes, Row, Perkins, V. Nelson, Cox, Brumage, Taylor, Butler. Fifth row: Kempe, Vowell, McCurdy, Rydell, Ellis, Keuper, Henry, B. V. Hill, Handler, Dierlam, Schwarz, Tharp, Koupa, Curley, Lake, Eidson, Bryson. PACE 174 GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB MEMBERS Dorothy Anderson Mary E. Anderson Esma Beth Anderson Virginia Arnett Jane Robin Baker Kathryn Baker Jane Bennett Lindy Bigelow Josepha Birge Marcheta Branscum Kli aheili Bratton Alice Brumage Mar Evelyn Bryson Kathleen Burke Anne Burkett Grace Burtis Jn re Butler Gloria Ann Carter Rosemary Coward Helen Cox Man Margaret Darnell PlnllisDeBorde Laura Ann Dick (Ha Ann Dierlam Ben Carolyn Dunway Charity Eidson Ann Elkin. Analiel Ellis Annal elle Engelking Fay Focht Mar Foster Cornelia Frazier Alice Fusion Jud Gaston Jane Gilli- nita Goldman Carolyn Gossett Mary Margaret Grogan Velda Gurley Mary Ellen Hale Shirle Handler Betty Hedegaard Barbara Henry Bett e Virginia Hill Bern Lu Hill Alice Ho) brook Anabel Huf. " Ada Frances Jett I la Rae Kempe Doris Keuper Babette Klaus - kolos Violette K osaka Lorraine Koupa Jane Lake Cynthia Lancaster Lucia Land Dorothy Lawson Lois Lefkowskx Ann Lokey Jeannette McBride Nell .McCarter Margaret Joyce McCormick Margaret McCurdy Cynthia McDowell Virginia Maxwell Dorotha Meier Patricia Mills Katharine Moore Betty Jo Nelson V. Lee Nelson Grace Orndorff Doris Owen Katherine Paterson Joyce Perkins Alia Bernice Perry Patsy Pippin Mary Lou Proctor Elizabeth Read Patsy Gay Red Ann Richter Anne Rogers Gwen Rogers Carolyn Row Gladys Rubio Jo Ann Russell Ruth Rydell Mary Ann Santleben Marian Schumann Ruby Schwarz Mary Louise Smith Mary Spivey Gene Stinnett Katherine Taylor Elsie Tharp Priscilla Thomason Sibyl Trainer Janel Ulbricht Naomi Vascocu Patti Sue Vowell Dorothy Ward Gail Wehner Elaine White Mary El la White Grace Wiegand Mary Priscilla Willis Elizabeth Ann Wright BETTY JO KM III KIM PETERSON LONGHOHN BAUD Seventh row: Price, Leech, Denman, Boley, Bohn, i viv . i i iue, L.CCLH, j ' - ' it man . noiey, Dunn. Eighth row: Stauffer, Mohle, Owen, Curtis, Blackledge, Davis, Nelson, OFFICERS President . PAT M. BASKIN V ice-President . , ROBERT KENNEDY Drum Major . . . ... . . . MOTON CROCKETT Assistant Drum Majors $ R Y LEE CLARK I ROY K. SHULTZ Director COL. GEORGE E. HURT Sponsor EUGENE P. SCHOCH OTO.N CKOCKETT Drum Major PACE 176 LONGHDHN BAND MEMBERS Joe E. Anderson Robert Sydney Andrews Robert E. Askew David Aston Walter C. Autrey Johnny Bankston Richard S. Barfield Charles E. Barnes Pat M. Baskin Patrick A. Blackledge Conrad E. Bohn Robert Boley Charles Donald Boston D. B. Brannen Alfred V. Burdette Louis M. Burton Robert Burton George Lee Campbell Roy Lee Clark M " ton Crockett Rhea Cromwell Marvin C. Culbertson Louis Scott Curtis Donald Alexander Davis Robert Blake Denman Jiminie H. Douglas William W. Doyel Donald C. Dunbar Billy A. Dunagan John Easter Elvin Thayne Eberhart John Rogers Fisher Clarence Henry Flowers Earl L. Foster Robert German Clell Gierhart TildenT. Head Tom C. Heard Karl A. Hickfang Herbert D. Holdridge Charles F. Hood H. Lowell Hoskins Frank L. Jones Robert Kennedy George Edward Kevil Wendell C. Kilpatrick Everette F. Kreider Francis Calvin Laakso William Harrison Lambeth James H. Leech Raymond David Luckey Morris Drew McCall Neal R. McDonald Carl P. Maxey Charles Meyers Jesse Louis Mohle Tommy Henry Mooney Donald 0. Nelson Stuart Salem Nemir James O ' Donnell James Hardie Owen Don Patterson John B. Price Winfield Read Robert L. Reed Adrian D. Sebastian Roy K. Shultz Billy Bob Shifflett Ray G. Sivley Duane D. Slater Brenner Cox Spangler James Anderson Sparks Glenn F. Stauffer Daniel Browne Stuart Marvin B. Tindall Mord Short Tucker James Ross Underwood Guadalupe E. Valdez Garcia Hector Vela Dale V. Von Rosenberg Charles E. Walker James Edwin White John W. Wood Hubert W. Wynne Glenn W. Zumwalt n JOHN W. CRAVEN George Acker Marvin H. Alisky George W. Baur Joseph Harlan Bell Ronald Earl Booth George William Bruffey George Roswell Burke John H. Burke Earl Martin Clary W. Howell Cocke James T. Coffey MEN ' S GLEE CLUB OFFICERS President . Business Manager Historian . Librarian MEMBERS John W. Craven Arthur Dickerson Fred Frank Dillahunty Paul G. Eppes Milton E. Fox David Freeland Ralph Kenneth Fulton Bill Hilgers William Horace Holloway Roy F. Howell Bruce Love Glenn Charles Marken Joseph Charles Martino Martin Mercado J. Louis Mohle, Jr. John Malcolm Murphy David V. Parsons Dudley P. Penick Herbert F. Poyner Edmund Segner James L. Samuelson George Clark Seydler JOHN W. CRAVEN WILLIAM HORACE HOLLOWAY EARL MARTIN CLARY ARTHUR DICKERSON Kenneth Shannon Njall Simonarson Allen H. Smith Carroll M. Stelle James L. Tippett Donald D. Vogt John Edward Webb James A. harton Tommy D. Whitehead Stephen G. Wilson Jack Woodard The MEN ' S GLEE CLUB continued its practice of serenading sorority houses and dormitories throughout the year. Besides its two annual concerts with the Girls ' Glee Club, the MEN ' S GLEE CLUB also joined, the girls ' group to appear on a Symphonic Band concert in December. Another MEN ' S GLEE CLUB activity was performance at the annual Christmas Carol Service. Front row: CLARY. DILLAHUNTY, MERCADO. MURPHY, MARKEN, MARTINO, BELL, HILGERS, BOOTH, ALISKY, VOGT. Second row: CRAVEN, COFFEY, SHANNON, EPPES, COCKE, SMITH, HOLLOWAY, STEELE, SIMONARSON, WHITEHEAD, POYNER, G. BURKE. Third row: FULTON, SAMUELSON, BAUR, WHARTON, TIPPETT, PENICK, WOODARD, PARSONS, WILSON, HOWELL, J. BURKE. FOX, BRUFFEY. 178 UNIVERSITY MUSICIANS li ro: SCHMEDES. LAND. BRAY. ELK1NS. COTTLE. BRATTON. SraaW .- FOX. MtSSETT. CRADDOCK. DARNELL. VASCOCl ' . RIGHT. HALE. TkirJ nm: ANDERSON. CHARLTON. Bl ' RMEISTER. ROGERS. V. NELSON. B. NELSON. L. NELSON. WA rr.- BACHLE. HENRY. ZABEL. HLFFMASTER. HILL. LARSEN. PIERCE. FKAZIER. OFFICERS President CORNELIA FRAZIER I ice- President A x ELKIXS Recording Secretary MARCHETA BRAXSCUM Corresponding Secretary BARBARA HEXRY Parliamentarian MARTHA Lois COTTLE Sponsor HOMER ULRICH Esma Beth Anderson Dovie Armintor Mildred Loraine Baohle Sandra Barnetle Jane Brnnett Bu-ter Beversdorf Ronald Booth Mar. hela Branscnm Elizabeth Ann Bratton Mar Fern Bray irmeister i Busby Jim Alice .h ' arlton Martha Cottle Anita Byrde Craddock Mary Margaret Darnell Oifton Dietz Ann Elkins Betty Jeanne Fox Cornelia Frazier Katherine Gaston Mar Ellen Hale Mary Ellen Hayes Barbara Henry Karl Hirkfang Bettye Virginia Hill Ruth Huffma ter Lena Belle Korh hia Lancaster Lucia Land Robert Arnold Lar en Nan Ledbetter hia McDowell EJla Loui e Mussett Betty Jo Nelson Louise Nelson E)-ie LoisZabel .MEMBERS V. Lee Nelson Mildred Novit Sidney Palmer Pauline Payne Pat Pierce " Gwen Rogers Nita Schmedes Pearl Smith Mary Nell Snow Gladys Thompson Jonelle Thornberry Elizabeth Townsley EveI Ti Troutt Naomi Vascocn Gloria Very Elaine Vejans Marparet Waite Beatrix Wright The UNIVERSITY Ml I I NS undertook a new project this year by sponsoring a " Mu-i. - IPU Lik- Ii " troupe, which appeared on the campus and then toured nearby Army camps. Aa active service organization, the I ' NIVERSITY MUSICIANS offer yearly scholarship--. usher at concerts, and sponsor exchange musical programs with other schools. ALEXANDER VON KREISLEH RADIO HOUSE LT. COL. PAUL L. WAKEFIEI.D. MRS. WILLIAM HODGES, and BRIG. GEN. ]. WATT PAGE of Stale Selective Service Headquarters discuss problems of returning veterans on " Now Is the Time. " STAFF Acting Director of Radio Production ELITHE HAMILTON BEAL Music Director ALEXANDER VON KREISLER Chief Engineer JACK MACUIRE Script Writer MARYE DURRUM BENJAMIN Assistant Director GALE ADKINS Workshop Counsellor ALMA RAE OLMSTED Production Assistant EDNA BREWSTER Assistant Music Director ELEANOR PACE Secretary and Script Writer VERA LEE HEARN Technicians . JNoYES WILLET (JERRY GHOLSON Secretarial Assistants (SHAHLEEN WELLS (MDZON LAW RADIO HOUSE, six-year-old " voire of The University of Texas, " has, in its role as the campus radio studios, consistently widened the sphere of that voice through the facilities of local stations and statewide networks. RADIO HOUSE functions also for the purpose of presenting to the people of the Southwest the best possible broadcasts in the public service. Major projects at RADIO HOUSE in education by radio are " Forward with America " and " Music Is Yours, " Texas School of the Air programs carried through- out the past five school years by Texas Quality Network ' Stations WBAP-WFAA, KPRC, WOAI) and supplementary stations KTSM. KRGV, and KGNC, with a listening audience of adults and more than 300,000 school children of the state. In the field of public service, RADIO HOUSE this year exchanged its schedule of wartime broadcasts for a 13-weeks ' veterans ' series, " Now Is the Time, " presented throughout the state in cooperation with the State Selective Service office. Other services of the current year were " Texas Is Terrific, " " They Dreamed and Dared, " and " Texan of the Air. " Special broadcasts and transcriptions included a series of organ music programs, special Spanish recordings for the National Safety Council, celebration of the Centennial of Texas Statehood, and many spot shows. For the fourth year recipients of an annual $5,000 Music Fellowship Fund extended by Karl Hoblitzelle of Dallas, the Radio House Chorus and Orchestra, directed by Alexander Von Kreisler, have made outstanding contributions to radio education on both school and adult listening levels. With a " best-listening " accolade in Movie-Radio Guide, the music unit w.6n national acclaim in the field of classical music. On leave for the past three years with the Office of Radio Production of the Army Air Force at Washington, D. C., Captain J. Howard Lumpkin returned to the campus in February to resume his duties as the University ' s Director of Broadcasting. Lieutenant Commander Alvan Lothair Chapman, who has been for two years with the Bureau of Naval Personnel, in March again took up his position as Director of Research. Joe V. Murphy, Radio House script writer prior to his tenure with the Foreign Economic Administration in La Paz, Bolivia, returned to the RADIO HOUSE script staff at the first of the year. By direct line and by transcription to commercial stations and networks throughout the state, RADIO HOUSE broadcasts continue to " extend the borders of the campus to the boundaries of the state. " Radio House Chorus and Orchestra 21 ' rk hop cast fills Studio A for special broadcast of " What ' s Hold- ing Back the Sun " . . . Elithe Hamilton Beal. acting Director of Production, confers with script writers Joe Murphy and Marye Benjamin . . . Gale Adkins directs Workshop members on the air . . . Johnny Faulk and Brownie McNeil prove " Texas Is TerrifTic " UNIVERSITY OPERA EDMPANY KATHERINE G. PATERSON Mary Jane Andrews Dovie Armintor Sandra Barnette Shirley Bass G. Carolyn Brock George Roswell Burke Kathleen Burke Martha Lois Cottle Anita Byrde Craddock Orleanor Dellis Ann Elkins OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer MEMBERS Emily Rose Falk Gloria Fitzpatrick Cornelia Frazier Joan Friedson Mary Ellen Hale Judy Hayes Mary Lanell Haynes Bettye V. Hill Jimmye Elizabeth Kimmey Martha Ann Ledbetter Rosalis Legett Shirley Mason Virginia Florence Maxwell Nicholas Mezek Virginia Lee Nelson Katherine Paterson Sherry Pechacek Dorothy Perkins Maria Catalina Rangel Shirley Roberts Gwen Rogers Mary Jane Rugel KATHERINE G. PATEKSON VIRGINIA LEE NELSON SANDRA BARNETTE BETTYE V. HILL Betty Hunt Seeger Sarah Shirkey Patricia Lou Stephens Billie Marie Stewart Elizabeth Tounsley Kathleen Tyler Elaine Vandigriff Imogene Marye Vogel Margaret Eloise Waite George Zournas Planquette ' s lively opera, " The Chimes of Normandy " was the UNIVERSITY OPERA COMPANY ' S first production this year and was presented in early February. Active on the campus since 1931, the OPERA COMPANY presents two operas every year. Front row: ROGERS, NELSON, PATERSO.N, HILL. Second row: ELKINS, COTTLE, VANDIGRIFF, FALK. WAITE. Third row: LEDBETTER. STEPHENS, SEEGER, TYLER, HAYNES, BARNETTE. Fourth row: SHIRKEY, PECHACEK, MASON, HALE, ANDREWS, MAXWELL, CRADDOCK. Fifth row: PERKINS, RUGEL, DELLIS, STEWART, VOGEL, LEGETT. HAYES. Sixth row: G. BURKE, KIMMEY, ARMINTOR, FRAZIER, E. W. DOTY, BROCK. PACE 182 UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA ' resident I irt ' -l ' residrnt Secretar -Treasurer Reporter Librarian Concert Mistress . Conductor Sponsor . OFFICERS ROBERT A. LARSEN BETTY Jo NELSON ANITA MARIE SCHMEDES ANNA KATHERINE GASTON K KL HlCKFANC HARRIETT ANNE EMERSON ALEXANDER VON KREISLER CHASE BAROMEO I VIOLIN Louise Aydam Eleanor Beal- Jim Brebaker Ruby Jo Dougherty Harriett Anne Emerson James Gambino Anna Katherine Gaston Lillian Hornak Rol ert A. Larsen Linda Reimers Dorothy Gene Torbett Helen Sue Weaver Marjorie Welch Beatrix Wright VIOLA Esma Beth Anderson Celia Ramirez Anita Marie Schmedes VIOLINCELLO Mildred L. Bachle Doris Louise Miller Betty Jo Nelson lone Tillet George Zournas MEMBERS DOUBLE BASS Francie Fenn Minniefred Taylor CLARINET Mary Eniilie HeinaU Mildred P. Novit Naomi Vascocu Donald Vogt Felix E. Welmaker FLUTE W. B. Coleman Doris Lee Middleton Louise Nelson HORN Herbert Bilhartz Lorene O. Griffin Jack W. Harris TRUMPET Clarence K. DeBusk David Kraft Charles Meyers TROMBONE Karl A. Hickfang James O ' Donnell DRUM Jeanne BurUi Sidney J. Palmer Erwin Swint OBOE Evelyn Busby J. B. Price BASSOON Maurice Widener TUBA Glenn Floyd Stauffer The UNIVERSl ' I N SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA gave two formal concerts this year and appeared in the opera productions. Conducted li Alexander von Kreislcr, the SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA offers valuable training to instrumentalists who are interested in orchestral experience. r... i- UNIVERSITY SYMPHONIC BAND OFFICERS President CONRAD BOHN Business Manager KARL HICKFANG Secretary -Treasurer EVELYN BUSBY Reporter JANE BENNETT Librarian MINNIFRED TAYLOR Conductor BERNARD FITZGERALD MEMBERS FLUTE Dulce Buchanan Curtis Daniel Louise Nelson Pearl A. Smith OBOE Evelyn Busby J. B. Price BASSOON Maurice Widener Clayton Wilson C LARINET Jane Bennett L. H. Beversdorf Elaine Carlson Emilie Heinatz Marcheta Hixon Duane Newcomb Mildred Novit James Pinto Margaret Schofield Charles Smason Daniel Stuart Naomi Vascocu Donald Vogt Felix Welmaker Lawrence Wright ALTO CLARINET Niki Koutsigos Patsy Gay Red BASS CLARINET Tilden Mead ALTO SAXOPHONE Harvey Diehl C. W. Williams TENOR SAXOPHONE Moton Crockett BASS SAXOPHONE Florian Lindberg CORNET Walt Autrey David Kraft Billy McDonald Charles Wallace Sophie Ann White TRUMPET Clifton Dietz Robert Lee Johnson Charles Meyers Jack Rowe HARP Cynthia Lancaster HORN Herbert J. Bilhartz Conrad Bohn Barbara Gallman Lorene Griffin Mary Sue Hart BARITONE Hattie M.Johns Robert A. Larsen TROMBONE Frank Jones James O ' Donnell James Underwood Baylor White TUBA James Armstrong Karl Hickfang Glenn Stauffer STRING BASS Minniefred Taylor TYMPANI Clay Price PERCUSSION Richard Barfield Jeanne Bartu V. Lee Nelson Erwin Swint The UNIVERSITY SYMPHONIC BAND was organized in September, 1944, for the purpose of furthering the development and recognition of concert bands and providing an opportunity for University students to obtain band training and experience. The SYMPHONIC BAND presented three concerts and one special children ' s concert during the year and made two broadcasts for the Texas School of the Air. Front row: Novit, Vascocu, Bennett, Heinatz, J. Price, Busby, Daniel, Buchanan. Smith. L. Nelson. Second row: Schofield, Newcomb, Smason, Stuart, Vogt, Bohn, Griffin, Callmun. Hart, Bilhartz, Widener, Mead, Kmitsigos. Third row: Carlson. Hixon, Welmaker, Pinto, Kraft, Wallace, Autrey, McDonald, Larsrn, Johns, White, Underwood, O ' Donnell, Crockett, Demon, Williams, Diehl. Fourth row: Rowe, Dietz, Meyers, Johnson, Taylor, Stauffer, Hickfang, Armstrong, C. Price, Swint, Burtu, V. Nelson, Lancaster. PACE 184 VARSITY DEBATE fira . r: BENN. D. BBOmN. ALLEN. MEEKS. DCVALL. LORANCE. rr.- ROUSSE, RITCHIE. RAUEY, GREEN. NOKES. TODARO. MILLER. James K. Allen Connell Ashley Edgar Ball John Benn David H. Brown Erne t Brown Fred Chandler Rohert H. Dedman MEMBERS Edward Drake Robert R. Du vail James Green Howard Halff Robert S. Heller Charles H a Tom Lorance Henry C. Meeks George Nokes Ben Ramey Jack Ritchie Harold F. Robinson Edgar Shelton Jones Spann Martin T. Todaro Thomas A. Rousse. Chairman of the Department of Speech, returned from the service this year to re-assume his duties with Edd Miller of coaching the VARSITY DEBATE SQUAD. Debate activity has been resumed at an almost pre-war tempo. In February the Southwest Invitation Debate Institute was held at the University with Wichita University and Texas Tech College participating. The Missouri Valley Speech Tournament was also held in Austin. Universities from Texas. Oklahoma. Missouri. Kansas. Arkansas. Nebraska. Louisiana. Colorado, and South Dakota attended the meet. The University sent representatives to the Iowa Invitation Debate Tournament at Iowa City. Schools from the Middle Western and Eastern states were in attendance. The I niversity won 875 of the debates in which it participated during 1945-46. i . , THOMAS A. ROt ' SSE RiB m i . t I I - - . - - " J - ' fc ica ionS TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC. Top row: BLAKEWAY, CONRAD, THOMPSON, MALIK. Second row: BUSBY, GENTRY, SOLTES, WILLIAMS. VOoara of- f- ublication6 FACULTY MEMBERS PAUL J. THOMPSON, Professor of Journalism 0. B. WILLIAMS, Professor of Bacteriology GEORGE V. GENTRY, Professor of Philosophy STUDENT MEMBERS CLAYTON E. BLAKEWAY, President of the Students ' Association JOE MALIK, Assembly Representative ELTON SOLTES, Assembly Representative MARGARET CONRAD, Cactus Editor HORACE BUSBY, Daily Texan Editor PACE 188 STAFF Director .... Business Manager . Assistant to the Director Office Manager . Cactus Editorial Assistant Secretary .... Bookkeepers Circulation Manager Circulation Assistants . Cactus Studio Manager Cactus Studio Receptionist Advertising Manager Advertising Assistants . Cactus Advertising . Mail Clerk. . . . Assistant Mail Clerk . Office Assistant Suitchboard Operator . Reference Department . CAL NEWTON FRANKIE MAE WELBORN JOE BELOEN DOROTHY DOYLE MARY CATHERINE QIIST HELEN CAMPBELL (CHARLES HEINE I WALLACE GILLAHORN MARY McCRiCHT (LLOYD WILLIAMS I BILL WALLER HAZEL CROWE LOUISE WILLIAMS SALLY Fox (DAVIS CARTER | IRVING MERMEL HENRY LEE JOHNNY BALETKA JAMES SMETANA BENNY MCGLOTHLIN ELEXA SOUTHER NELL ANDREWS CAL NEVTON T f ri : mELBOKV BELDEV (.H I T. FOX. ' : McCRiCHT. VALLEE. CAMPBELL. CVLLAHOBN. TltirJ .- HEINE. L. P. WILLIAMS. l_ miLUAMS. CO E. 1M THE 194G CACTUS STAFF Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor MARGARET M. CONRAD EARL HERRING MARGARET M. CONRAD SECTION EDITORS Secretary Administration Sororities Fraternities . . . Clubs .... Honoraries Dorms and Co-Ops Publications . Student Government . Sports . . . Fine Arts Women ' s Sports . Index .... Artwork, Sub-Divisions ROXIBETH BlRDWELL JULIA FINNELL MILDRED KELLEHER ALBERT HOLZMARK PATRICIA COFER ANNE BARNES PAT DWYER HILDA CHALEFF MARIAN MILLER ALLEN HUMPHREY ANN ELKINS JANE ELLEN O ' BRIEN NADINE MATHENY EARL DILLARD EARL HERRING Pics 190 THE 1946 CACTUS Norwich Adams Barbar a Bailey Marjorie Bell Jove Boggs Mayellen Bresie Betty Brack Jo Anne Buckner Barbara Callan Virginia Dodds Elizabeth Nell Doole Peggy Doole Jean DuPuy Alice Dwyer Elizabeth Felt Mary Alice Frank Jack Gallaher STAFF ASSISTANTS Rita Haynes Jackie Holt Helen Carol Kahn Theda Kerby Dorothy McClusky Rosine McFaddin Ann McKay Harriette McKinstrv Marcelle Moore J. B. Reid Jody Rice Ouida Risinger Gloria Rosenzweig Cynthia Rowen Paula Rupe Bill Schlaudt Bettie Scruggs Betty Stephens Janie Swinney Helen Tackett Paul Tracy Mary Lib Vick Marjorie Voiers William Wiley Top ro : HERBIV;. BARNES. BIRDWELL. KELLEHER. HIAIPHKLV. SrrwtJ me: DVYEB, O ' BRIEN. COFER. MILLER. KINNKLL. Tkui rr: HOLZMARK. DILLARO. VATIILNY. CHALEFF. i 1 1 THE DAILY TEXAN STAFF Editor-in-Chief . Associate Editor Editorial Assistant Sports Editors . HORACE BUSBY MILDRED NEBENZAHL JUDY GASTON PACK GALLAGHER BILL JOHNSON (Summer) NIGHT SPORT EDITORS George Raborn Paul Tracy Society Editors . Gabe Werba Bill Johnson ! JOYCE PURSLEY BETTY Lu HILL DOROTHY HUNTINGTON (Summer) HORACE BUSBY Reba Graham Barbara Periman NIGHT SOCIETY EDITORS Clare Ruggles Joyce Bell Judy Gaston Janie Russ Amusements Editor . JI.MMIE GROVE NIGHT AMUSEMENTS EDITORS Catherine Cornelius Joan Kenney Doris Tudor Tessica Martin Naomi Levinson The Daily Texan of The Air Editors Cartoonists (MARY FRANCES BROWN CLARE TOLHY f JOHNNY BRYSON CHARLES STEWART MGHT EDITORS Lela Belitsky Betsey Biggs Priscilla Chase Neville Hays Dorothy Huntington Bill Johnson Faye Loyd Bill Noble Gene Stinnett Jean Talley Jo White Henrv Zimmerman MILDRED NEBENZAHL PACE 192 THE DAILY TEXAN EDITING Marvin Alisky Gloria Allen Laura Belzung Bill Bridges Susanne Callett Sue Coffman Bob Cole Ben Jeffrey Florence Feit Georgia Field Jim Greer Jo Gabbert Man- Margaret Grogan Bill Jones Ralph Leach Man- Elaine Lowry Lillian Maxwell Claudia Poff Lorraine Rosenbush Dick Shepherd Alene Walker Man V. Wallace Man- Warren VOLUNTEER STAFF REPORTING George Acker Joe Baldwin Johnny Bryson Bill Cowan Marjorie Darelik Sarah Dewitt Prudence Dubas Cecil Hodge? Dorothy Hyde Paul McCalib Delbert McGuire Downs Mathews R. N. Moore SPORTS Dwight Arnall Fred Deaton Howard Fitzgerald Bill Hoi. hak Man McDonald Pat Maloney C W. Neal Mark Robinson Dave Tipton Joseph Weinberger SOCIETY Gloria Allen Louise Campbell Hilda Chaleff Margaret Cox Mildred Fromme Jo Gabbert Ellen Geun Mary Nell Gibson Anna Janicek Violette Kosaka Jean McCright Bemice Murray Ann Sartorius Marjorie Trevathan Anna Tutt AMUSEMENTS Thelma Freidin Ellen Geue Frankie Mathews Mimi Merrill Bernice Murray Katherine Rogers : BHI1-K1 KiVIl. PI K LEV. HIMINGTOV IMRILEK. HITE. TUrt rar: RfCCLKS. r.UKMI.HS. HI S . TRACY. CROCAV BtLI.. MBLt. ,: RABORN. HILL. CH Lt F. Al I-KV TI NLTT. JOH I . 7VDOR. frt n : HATS. CASTOV MARTIN I.KVINMlV Kf.NMJY. :KOVE. BICT.S. PU in Judy Gaston and assist- ants work up soc page. Copy desk assistants Bill Johnson and Bill Noble think up headlines for to- morrow ' s Daily Texan. Faye Loyd serves as night editor with lots of assist- ants. The copy desk again. Sports editor Jack Galla- gher shows George Raborn just how the story should go. CACTUS fraternity edi- tor Al Holzmark checks up on fraternity informa- tion via the telephone. Gloria Rosenzweig types index cards while secre- tary Roxibeth Bird well tries to round up more help. The associate editor. Earl Herring, pastes up layouts for the CACTUS feature section. No lack of help here. Editor Con- nie gives instructions to Pat Gofer, Mildred Kelle- her, and Anne Barnes. Artist Dillard finishes a drawing for the sub-divi- sions. PACE 194 I , .+gj i f " . - or or i SORORITY MARGARET PETERSON Kappa Alpha Theta DORIS RUTH HOOKS Sigma Delta Tau JANE MARIE TACQUARD Phi Mu ADELAIDE CARLISLE KING Pi Beta Phi NANCY JOHNS Zeta Tau Alpha JANE BR1TE DUNKLE Kappa Kappa Gamma PRESIDENTS EDITH JAPHET Alpha Gamma Delta S KVDELL DAVID Delta Delta Delta KINNER Ch: Omega EVELYN WEAVER Delta Zeta BARBARA LEE KLAPPROTH Gamma Phi Beta CAROLYN ROW Delta Gamma HILDA ANNA CHALEFF Delta Phi Epsilon JACKIE TEAGUE Alpha Chi Omega LAVERNE HALLUM Alpha Omicron Pi SDHDHITY PRESIDENTS HELEN BRUCHSALER Alpha Epsilon Phi JEANNE EWING Alpha Delta Pi PATSY JEAN HORTON Alpha Phi PMHELLENIC OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer MARY MARGARET STOLL FAYE LOYD JOY FLOREY JANE THOMPSON Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Phi Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Delta Phi Epsilon Delta Zeta Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Mu Pi Beta Phi Sigma Delta Tau Zeta Tau Alpha SENIORS BETTY Lou COURTNEY FRANCES ANN COLEMAN CAROL OKRENT JOAN KENNEY MARY MARGARET STOLL DORIS McLEOD HELEN TACKETT MARIE MATHEWS LILLIAN LEACH HELEN ROBINSON PATRICIA CROWSON FAYE LOYD JOY FLOREY JANE THOMPSON VIRGINIA HARDY- DOROTHY THOMPSON M INE FOREMAN BETTY MARKS JUNIORS MARY ANN SANTLEBEN BEVERLY FRAMBACH HELENE BERWALD CAROLYN BLAIR CAROLYN WIGGINTON MARY ANN MORGAN MARIAN KINGSBERY DOROTHY POYNOR MARGARET L. PHILLIPS MARILYN RACHOFSKY ANNABELLE ARMSTRONG DORIS COFFEE ELIZABETH HAY ' S LIZABETH YOUNG ROSEMARY HITCHCOCK NANCY NEWTON LOUISE FREEMAN- FAY TOBIN T f nm: McLEOO. MATHEWS. OKRf M MNM.Y. FOREMAN. COURTNEY. S cU mt.- ROBINSON. MARKS. D. THOMPSON. LOYD. J. THOMPSON. FLOREY. Tk,,d torn: LEACH. CROWSON. TACKETT. COLEMAN. STOLL. HARDY. ALPHA CHI OMEGA OFFICERS President JACQUELINE TEAGUE V ice-President . MARY Jo DUDERSTADT Secretary NANETTE REESE Treasurer JANEL ULBRICHT FACULTY CHARLOTTE DuBois .... Assistant Professor of Music Education JEAN HOLT Instructor in Chemistry TECH LYNN Instructor in Sociology ANN PITTMAN Instructor in Physical Education SENIORS Jacqueline Hazelle Blandin. Wichita Falls Jeannette Joyce Blocker. Texarkana Patsy Ann Brown. Dayton Louis Cheatham Campbell. Birmingham. Ala Ellenita Margaret Cooke. Houston Alice Frances Cox. Dallas Mary Jo Duderstadt Yorktown Betty Jane Dunlavey. Austin Lorene Billie Grisom. Dallas Marjorie Hall. Iowa Park Lois Harman. Dallas Katherine Hunter. Austin Marjorie Ann Lannom. Seguin Betty Margaret Lee. Dallas Mary Beth Lundy. Austin Patricia McTee. Austin Naomi Miller. Dallas Betty Ann Moore. Shreveport. La. Wanda Jean Morron. Texarkana Betty O ' Brien. Houston Doris Peavy, Garland Gladys Marian Pharr. Austin Nanette Reese. Dallas Margaret Ellen Stanley. Dallas Jackie Teague. Moody Janel Estelle UlbrichL Austin Marjorie Wolf. Austin Alice Virginia Worrell. Austin Elizabeth Dandridge Brown. Brownsville Norma Minette Bryant. Austin Betty Lou Courtney. Austin ' Barbara Dunnam. Leland. Miss. Marian Ehlers. Austin JUNIORS Ada Frances Jelt- Dallas Irene Louis Loy. Houston Mary Emma McLain. Texarkana Shirley Madra. Cairo. III. Ella Louise Mussett. Monroe. La. Sue Allan Myers. Temple Elaine Prentiss, San Antonio Mary Ann Santleben. Victoria Elsie Jane Van Haselen. Dallas Jimmie Sue Wilson. Texarkana Lucille Beerw inkle. Moody LeCristha Vasta Blandin. Wichita Falls Rosemarie Bradbury. San Angelo Barbara Bronsford. Dallas Lael Helene Cater. Austin Marilyn Janice Cay ton. Hornton Phyllis DeBorde. Dallas Nedra Durden. San Angelo Mary Frances Elam. Dallas Elnora Ann Farrell. San Antonio Gloria Anne Gibson. Dallas FRESHMEN SOPHOMORES ' Carolyn GossetL Taylor ' Frances Cranberry. Mineral )X ells Beverly Hurst. Austin Martha Lou Jones. San Antonio Charlotte Rose Lee. Dallas ' Margaret Lewis. Haltiesburg. Miss. Mary Jo Looney. Austin ' Phyllis Luckenbach. San Antonio Marjorie Alice McBride. Austin. Joanne Millard. San Antonio ' Katharine Ann Moore, Del Rio ' Doris Oden. San Angelo ' Helen Barnhardt. Austin ' Nancy Boyd. Austin ' Dorothy Chernosky. Austin ' Betty Clement. Austin ' Betty Ann Cook. Mr A Hen ' Gloria Craft Houston ' Judy Ebeling. Austin ' Lillian Hornak. Brvan ' Mary Jane Joyner. Dallas ' Elizabeth Kennedy. Houston ' Beverly Kinard. Dallas ' Marguerite Kluge. Austin ' Marianne Mayo. Dallas Martha Ann Savage, Austin Joan Sims. Clarksville Mildred Trout. Lufkin ' Sherry Pechacek. Abilene Wanda Minette Pelphrey. Gladewater Audrey Elizabeth Poulos. Texarkana ' Betty Lou Redner. Corning. N. Y. ' Dolores Reeves. Greenville ' Ann Rieck. Austin Mary Louise Smith. Lancaster Suzanne Spangler. Dallas Vanita Van Landingham. San Antonio ' Billie Jean WerL Dallas Lauretta ilson. Cameron Merle Wilhoite. Austin ALPHA DELTA PI OFFICERS President JEANNE EWING Vice-President MARTHA RUMBEL Secretary . . . MAURENE HUGHES Treasurer ANNE BURKETT FACULTY JET WINTERS Professor of Home Economics LUCILLE WILLIAMS Instructor in Romance Languages Top row: Beddingfield. Tcngg, Ewing, Rumbel, Shropshire, Hudson, M. Mehner, M. Caricy, N. Baker, C. Moore, Tyson. Rosenhush. Second row: Cunn. Waters, Burkett. Dallmeyer, Ayres, Forrest, K. Baker, Burk, Pay ic. Scars. Matteson, Cooper. Third row: H. Moore, Frambach, J. Mingus, O. Cobb, McMillan. Bruce, Beard, Stiuhall. Speight. Marshall, Futch. Powell. Fourth low: Totten, Pippin. Bronson. Warner. Glenn. C. Carsey. Sills, Robinson. Ferris. A. Williams. Ellis. Tyler. ten. rippin. Hronson. Warner. Glenn. C. Uarsey, Sills, Kobinson. Ferris. A. Williams. Ellis. Tyler. Fifth row: J. Mehner. Boddie. C. Williams, Widen, Graham, Coleman, Burtis, Mullanc. McNeely. Buttery. F. Mingus. Mitchell. Sixth row: Hopkins. Donalson. Lockhart. Hughes. M. Stanford, Gibson. Hooker, Measures, M. Williams. Murray. Bussey, Murchi.c.n. Seventh row: McNamee. Murphy. Newcomer. G. Smith, Roensch. O. Policy. Andrews. Law, Wiley, Hinton, Winborn. Jahnke. Kighth row: Zimmermann, Alexander. Werlciu. Reynolds, Strolid. Livingston. Rothwell. I). ColiI). J. Smith. Petty, S. Stanford. Bueschcr. Wright. PACE 202 tleanor Ay res. Austin Colleen Buescher. Mission Grace Burtis. Fort Worth Vivian Buttery. Llano Jean Donalson. Weslaco Jeanne Ewing. La Porte Gloria Gibson. Kerrville Margaret Nell Glenn. Waco Pat Hooker. Corpus Christi Maurene Hughes. Dallas Betty Jo Jahnke. Bellville Marv Hart Law. Austin SENIORS Rose McNamee, Austin Maureen Mehner, Luting Betty Ann Newcomer. Higgins Betty Lou Petty. Wichita Falls Olive Policy. San Benito Frances Jean Roensch. Bellville Lorraine Rosenbush. Houston Billie Sue Rothwell. Longview Martha Rumbel. Mission Gwendolyn Smith. Caldwell Frances Totten. Sherman Ann Warner. Huntsville Elaine Wilev. Austin Mary Olney Alexander. San Antonio Beverly Bronson. Luling Betty Bruce. Libert) Anne Burkett. Fort Worth Bernice Cobb. Coleman Frances Ann Coleman. Mineola ' Charlotte Cooper. San Antonio Ruth Dallmeyer. Brenham Ernestine Forrest. Dallas JUNIORS Betty Graham. Clebume ' Jean Gunn. Cresson ' Virginia Hinton. Lockhart Margaret Hopkins. Weatherford Jane Lester. San Antonio Mary Margaret Livingston. Liberty ' Mary Kay McMillan. Tyler Marcia Mitchell. Fort Worth ' Catherine Moore. San Antonio Suzanne Payne. Jonesborough. Ark. Patsy Pippin, Waco Mary Minta Policy. San Benito Joza Jean Shropshire. Houston Jerry Smith. Dallas Adabelle Stroud. Waco Delores Struhall. Austin Jean Tyler. San Antonio Alice Williams. Abilene Bettv Jean Winborn. Houston Kathrvn Baker. Fort Worth Nita Ruth Baker. Austin Martha Nell Beddingfield. Kerrville Alda Boddie. Atlanta. Ga. Jeanne Carse . Houston Jean Daugherty. Santa Monica. Calif. Beverlv Framhach. Houston SOPHOMORES Ida Futch. San Antonio ' Jean Matteson. Houston ' Bobbie Measures. Weatherford ' Jeanie Mehner. Luling ' Frances Mingus. Aruba. Kest Indies ' Helen K. Moore. San Antonio Peggy Murphy. Brownsville Emilv McNeeiv. St. Petersburg. Fla. Jo Beth Powell. Edinburg Peggy Sills. Houston Shirley Stanford, Austin Emily Tyson, North Hollywood. Calif. Christine Williams. Houston Mary Lynn Williams. New Braunfels Ursula Zimmermann. Austin FRESHMEN ' Mary Jane Andrews. Corpus Christi ' Shirley Beard. Houston ' Betty Jane Burk. Houston ' Mary Virginia Bussey. Austin ' Marv Jane Carsev. Houston Mae Cobb. Coleman ' Norma Kate Ellis. Coleman Jean Ann Ferris. Port Arthur ' Emma Beth Hudson. San Benito ' Jacqueline Kinne . Austin ' Kathleen Lockhart. Austin ' Tony Marshall. Au tin ' Marcia Miller. Beaumont ' Jeanne Mingu . Aruba. Xest Indies ' Jeanne Mullane. El Paso ' Marv Jane Murchison. Mobile. Ala. ' Helen Adele Murray. Houston ' Lillian Reynolds, Marlin ' Elsie Jo Robinson. Sweetwater ' Mary Lo Sears. Abilene ' Emily Speight. Austin ' Monette Stanford. Austin ' Barbara Tengg. Houston ' Marianna Maters. Dallas ' Sally Werlein. Houston ' Elinor M iden. Austin ' Bcttv Wrisht. Houston . - ALPHA EPSILDN PHI OFFICERS President HELEN BRUCHSAI.I.K Vice-President . . ENID ROBINSON Secretary . . . . . " BABETTE ROTHSCHILD Treasurer . BETTY BRUCK - h Top row: Goldberg, Coc, P. Levy, Friedson, Mayer, Okrent, Karchmer, Kahn, H. Robinson, Bruchsaler. Second row: Shaw, Lapidus, Steinfeld, Sam, Oppenheimer, Bennet, Matles, Alexander. Kothschild. Marjorie May Levy. Third row: Perry, Blaugrund, Fischer, Fiegel, Cenecov, E. Kahn. Heyman. Sugar. Berwald, A. Goldman. Fourth row: Golding, Sartorius, Byer. G. Goldman, Wolff, Nierman. Melanie Levy, Waldvogel, FeUenthal, Gross, Greenberg. Fifth row: Gertz, Binstork, Turchin, S. Levy, FriciUander, Frank, HankofT. Silvcrherg, I.apowski, Marjorie Faye Levy, Bairn. Sixth row: Kallison, Miller, Pollock, Marilyn Levy, Marie Levy, Bruck, Cohen. Koen, Kulakofsky, Hanover. Davis. PACI 204 SENIORS Janis Bennet. Pittsburg. Kan . Helen Bruchsaler. Dallas Francene Davis. Kilgore Idalee Colding. Spur Emelie Kahn. Rayne. La. Norma Karchmer. Long ie Marjorie Levy. El Paso Melanie Levy, Houston Betty Oppenheiroer. El Paso Carol Okrent, Cincinnati. Ohio Babette Rothschild. Houston Henrietta Sam. Houston Ann Sartorius. Yicksburg. Mi . Marie Alexander. Dallas Betty Jane Bruck. X aco Betty Cohen. San Antonio Elizabeth C. Gotten. San Antonio JUNIORS Cecelia Fisher. Tulsa. Okla. Alice Frank. Pensacola. Fla. Gloria Goldman. Houston Marjorie Faye Levy. Dallas Pearl Ann Lew. Pensacola. Fla. Sue Mayer. Austin Cecile Perry. Tulsa. Okla. Enid Ruth Robinson. Houston Doris Rosenwasser. Dallas SOPHOMORES ' Dolores Bairn. Pine Bluff. Ark. Helene Berwald, St. Louis. Mo. Yeta Ann Blaugrund. El Paso Joyce Dennenbaum. Kansas City. Mo. " Joan Friedson, San Antonio Maurine Genecov. Tyler " Evelyn Gertz. Kilgore Lyra Ann Halper. Dallas Corinne Hanover. Memphis. Tenn. Dovie Lapidus. Bowling Green. Ky. Jean Lapowski. El Paso Phyllis Shaw. Kansas City. Mo. Joanne Steinfeld. Brooklyn. N. Y. Betty Waldvogel. Columbus Joan Pollock. San Antonio FRESHMEN " Phyllis Binstock. Denver, Colo. Faye Byer. Union City. Tenn. " Elsa Coe, Dallas " Carol Fiegel. Tyler " Bettye Felsenthal. Browns ille. Tenn. " Minna Friedlander. Houston " Anita Goldman. Mobile. Ala. " Arlene Greenberg. Kansas City. Mo. " Doris Gross. Tyler " Audrey Hankoff. Miami Beach, Fla. " Peggy Hartfield. Memphis. Tenn. " Lou Heyman. Tulsa. Okla. " Helen Carol Kahn. Gadsden. Ala. " Miriam Kahn. El Paso " Jane Kallison. San Antonio " Carolyn Koen. Austin " Anna Jane Kulakofsky. Omaha. Neb. " Marie Louise Levy. New Orleans. La. " Marilyn Lew. Alexandria. La. " Sara Jo Lew. Houston Francis Matles.Tulsa. Okla. " Duvette Miller. Denver. Colo. " Jeanne Nierman. Galveston " Phyllis Silverberg. Denver. Colo. " Jean Sugar. Shreveport. La. " Lucille Turchin. Miami Beach. Fla. " Dorothy Jo Wolff. Houston ALPHA GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS President . . . ... . . . . . EDITH JAPHET Vice-President . . . . .- . . . . . JOAN KENNEY Secretary SAMMYE TISDALE Treasurer BERTHA JEAN FIELD FACULTY SUE ALBRIGHT . . . . ' , . . Librarian OLIVE BETTS Instructor in Home Economics ALBERTA DODSON Instructor in Home Economics HELEN MARSHALL ... ' ... Instructor in Home Economics GRACE McELROY Instructor in Home Economics Top row: Shirley, McCauley, Wiginton, Edwards, Jaeggli, McCurdy, Thompson, McKinney, McCrory. Second row: V. Thomas, Riser, Linscomb, Chagnard, Gallman, Hunter, B. Beecrr,ft, Wade, Scale. Third row: Cleveland, Snoddy, Applewhite, C. Austin, Barber, Japhet, Field, Lentz. Bell. Fourth row: Tisdale, Hansen, J .Allen, Winesett, Kenney, Rabkc, Miller, Mackey, Tharp. Fifth row: Bunting, Price, Schmitt, Dietze, Menzies, G. Austin, Yolland. Newell. Sixth row: Shawcross, C. Beecroft, Jackson, P. Thomas, P. Patrick, M. Patrick, Sample, Webb, Danforth, Lankforc. . SENIORS Grace Austin. Chihuahua. Mex. Bettye Claire Beecrofu San Marcos Marcheta Blaustun. Austin Bertha Jean Field. Alice Barbara Callman. Cotulla Denise Gibson. Austin Peggy Hunter. Austin Edith Japhet. Houston Joan Kennev. Balboa. C. Z. Jean Lankford. Victoria Joan Mackey. Austin Betty Jean Newell. Lake Charles. La. Wylene Price. Wichita Falls Margaret Claire Shirley. Crowell Mary Catherine Snoddy. Graham Gladys Thompson. Austin Betty Jo Winesett. Texas Gty Mar Loi Applewhite. Beeville Sally Carmichael. Fort orth Jackie Chagnard. San Antonio Dorothy Davis. Cotulla Doris Dietze. San Antonio JUNIORS Mary Evelyn Edwards. Crowell Sarah Lentz. Marshall Mary Lee Linscomb. Orange Ann McCauley. Port Arthur Dorothy McCurdy. Cuero Geraldine Miller. Port Arthur Nina Stephens. San Antonio Joyce Siegle. Monroe. La. Sammye Tisdale. Port Lavaca Grace Wallen. Houston Carol Jan nil and. League City- Betty Elaine Agrelius. Austin Betty Allen. Port Arthur Jane Allen. Oklahoma City. Okla. " Catherine Austin. Chihuahua. Mex. Catherine Beecroft. San Marcos Carolyn Blair. X aco Mattie Bunting. San Marcos SOPHOMORES " Norma Hensen. Galveston " Beverly Home. Austin Sue Jaeggli. Moulton " : " Sammie McCrory. S aelder " " Mary Gayle McKinnev. Houston " Billie Ann Menzies. Telegraph Mary Ellen Patrick. Carrizo Springs ' Patricia Patrick. Carrizo Springs Mary Lee Rabke. Trivoli 5 Betty Jean Riser. Agujita. Mex. " Lillian Seale. Port Lavaca Elsie Tharp. Mansfield. La. Billie Bess Trenckmann. Austin Marv Webb. Farmersville FRESHMEN " Dickie Lee Barber. Trivoli " Ann Com!-. U hite-ioro " Sandra Bell. Crowell " GwendoKn (Chandler. Cameron " Florence Cleveland. Sinton " Diane Uanforth. Austin " Gloria Drake. Port Arthur " Marion Jackson. Little Rock. Ark. " Eugenia Milton. Austin " Rowena Runneberg. Crosl " Cornelia Sample. El Paso " Gloria Schmitt. Carrizo Springs " Robbie Scruggs. San Antonio " Helen Schawcross. Lvalde " Pattie Jean Thomas. Woodsboro " Virginia Thomas. CroKell Frances X ade. Austin Joyce Wiginton. Austin - - ALPHA OMICHON PI OFFICERS President LAVERN HALLUM V ice-President .... . . . . . . THEDA JANE NELSON Secretary . . BEVERLY JACKS Treasurer .MARTHA TAYLOR ELIZABETH TARPLEY FACULTY Professor of Home Economics Tow row: KENNEDY, HALLUM, JACKS. FLETCHER. GI.AZE. SORSBY, LASSWELL. Second row: }. SUMMERS ECKELS. WALLING, STOLL, CROUCH, HILLMAN, WIGCINTON. Third row: ANDREWS. BRATTON, RUSSELL, DUNAWAY, CLEMENT, NELSON, ODEN. Fourth row: BUCK, E. SUMMERS, ELLIS, WIBLE, ASCHENBECK. YARRINGTON, TAYLOR. SALLEY. PACE 208 SF.MORS Lois Ellen Clement. Lufkin Sara Carolyn Crouch. McGregor Mary Rose Eckels. Path Peggy Haynes. Dalla Patricia Lasswell. Dallas Ray Mclver, Fort Worth Barbara Maye Sorsby. Brookshire Mary Margaret Stoll, Dallas Jo Beth Walling. Austin Golda Marion Yarrington. Waco JUNIORS Mary Jo Andrews. Houston Billie Ruth Bratton, Freer Ruth LaVern Hallum. Brady Julia Elizabeth Hillman. San Saba Lena Jenelle Jacobs. Carthage Carolyn Maye Kelly. Austin Evelyn Louise Kennedy. Austin Zoe Nell Klunkert. Austin Theda Jane Nelson. Austin Jeanette Summers. Jacksonville. Fla. Martha Beryl Taylor. Fort Worth Frances Wheat. Sonora Melva Carolyn Wigginton. Brady Mur Elizabeth Buck. Austin Beverly Jo Jacks. Austin SOPHOMORES Cathron Rigney, Port Arthur ' Evelyn Gertrude Summers. Jacksonville. Fla. FRESHMEN ' Betty Ruth Aschenbeck. Wharton Ben Carolyn Dunaway, Austin ' Sarah Jeannette Ellis. Fort Worth ' Bette Ann Fletcher. Mexia ' Kathleen Adele Glaze, Austin ' Lois Elaine Oden, Terrell Jo Ann Russell, Stamford ' Frances La Verne Salley, Alice ' Virginia Lois Wible, Austin ' Elizabeth Wilson, Austin ALPHA PHI OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . PATSY JEAN HORTON GERALDINE KEMPE FRANCES MARION WORLEY DOROTHY McGuiRE MARY ERNESTINE GOLDMAN . GOLDIE HORTON PORTER FACULTY Assistant Professor of Home Economics Assistant Professor of Pure Mathematics Ton row: Agnew, McLeod. Rathjen. Diesel). Whitcsell, Pulley, Koch. Thomason, Darnell, Peebles, Brookreson. Second rote: Kcnnon, Shepard, Armstrong, Strassmen, McFarland, Kenipe, Magee, Loveless, McLernon. Barlow. Bowles. Third i me: Kopecky, Craddock. Huffmaster, Braily, V. Boyd. Montgomery. Street. Harris. Moody, PorT. Burns. Fourth row: Roddy, Connolly, Bcatty, Carter, Gunby, Mabrito, Gauldin, M. Corder, McGuire, M. Boyd, Sartwelle. filth mi-: Read. Plummer. Pickering. Horton. B. Carroll, Goss. Cuntcr. Kollc, Bryan, Reid, Stone. Sixth rou: Overliaugh. Brand. Thompson, Williamson, Erter. Cardwcll. Burbanan. Hartt. Hauna. Jonlan. Bynum. Baskin. Seventh row: Nichols. Wilson. Moore. Faulkner. Layne, N. Carroll. Wigzell. Kuhlman. Morgan. Seale. Staehely. Goff Eighth row: Eckert, Worley, W. Corder, Laivscn, Francis. McG.inn, Davis. Feai-in, Sederholm. Taylor. Hall. Black. PACE 210 GRADUATES Jo Williams George. Wichita Falls Man- Margaret Gunter. Port Arthur SENIORS Sara Lee Armstrong. Austin Margaret Elizabeth Baskin. Se mour Marion Boyd. Abilene Marilyn Brand. Syracuse. N. V. Alice Andreas Bryan. Catarina Mary Lea Buchanan. Wichita Falls Claire Craddock. Austin Bonnie Erter. Houston Joy Goff. Ashland. k . Sarah Ellen Gunby. Fort Jackson. S. C. Mar Evel n Harris, Houston Helen Hartt Wichita Falls Fay Heinsohn. Austin Patsy Jean Horton. Dallas Geraldine kempe. Port Arthur Helen kerr. Beaumont Lena Belle Koch. Lufkin Lillian Carolyn kopeck) . Dallas Lois Lefkowsky. Port Arthur Mary Jane Loveless. San Antonio Dorothy McGuire. Newgulf Doris Jo McLeod. Kerrville Mignette Caroline Moody. Corpus Christi Emily Ann Moore. Dallas Anne Staehely. Austin Renata Strassman. Houston Shirley Adele Taylor. Donna Mary Mabel Thomason. Huntsville Charlotte Elizabeth Wigzell. Dallas Frances Marion Worlev. Austin kathryn Agnew. San Marcos Mary Ann Beatty. Houston Virginia Anne Boyd. Austin ' Gloria Ann Carter. Corpus Christi Barbara Joan Connolly. Galveston Mary Ruth Davis. Corpus Christi Beryl Francis. San Antonio ' Marion Gauldin. Dallas JUNIORS Mary Ellen kuhlmann. kerrville Mary Bess Lawson. Fort Worth Ruth McFarland. Houston ' Mary Patricia McGann. Electra ' Merrilynn Mabrito. San Antonio Bertha Faye Magee. Robstown nita Montgomery. Port Arthur Marsaret Ann Plummer. Austin Martha Edna Riley. Wink Helen Roddy. San Antonio Olivia Dean Sartwelle. Del Rio ' Cathryn Shepard. Cisco Martha Elizabeth Stone. Mexico. D. F. Alma Louise Street . Austin Lois Lee Whitesell. Houston SOPHOMORES Carolyn Armstrong. Austin Helen Barnett. K aco Margaret Ann Bissell. Midland ancy Carroll. Austin Mary Isabelle Corder. Sandersxm Wilma Wood Corder. Sanderson Betsy Dudly. Tulia ' Eloise Hall. Wichita Falls Ruth Huffmaster. Ashland, ky. Elaine Jordan. Mason Dorothy Layne. Dallas Mary Catherine McCabe. Marfa Elizabeth McLernon. San Antonio Margaret Mead. Gainesville Comer Milikein. New Waverly Marsaret Marv Pickering. Galveston ' Claudia Poff. Tuleta FRESHMEN ' Carolyn Barlow. Houston Laura Julian Bowles. Breckenridge Alice Claire Brady. Hearne !! Seymour kat Burn . Houston ' Madeline Bynum. Ingleside ' Mildred Cardwell. Robstov.n ' Betty Carroll. Austin ' Carolyn Eckert. Mason ' Frances Feagin. Austin ' Palsy Faulkner. Houston ' Martha Ann Gos . Ingleside ' Barbara Hanna. Dallas ' kathleen kennon. San Antonio ' Mary Ann kolle. Houston Mar Ann Morgan. Fort Worth ' Frances Nichols. Robslown ' Carolyn Overbaugh. Freeport Jo Peebles. Houston ' Shirlev Pulley. McCamey ' Betty Rath jen. Canadian ' Elizabeth Read Tela. Honduras. C. ' Elizabeth Reid. Goose Creek ' Patricia Scale. New Orleans ' Carolyn Sederholm. Houston ' Jean Ann Thompson. Breckenridge ' Patricia Williamson. Corpus Christi ' Beverlv Wilson. Houston ; CHI OMEGA OFFICERS Presidents V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer (JANE REESE RICH MOLLY SKINNER JOAN WALKER MARY Jo CLARK ANNE SHELDON DORIS LAVINIA BUCHANAN . ELEANOR BROWN HOLLAND JOE ANN WHITMIRE . MARY BETHENE YOUNG SHIRLEY BENNETTS FACULTY Instructor in Home Economics Assistant to Secretary of the President Instructor in Speech Instructor in Physical Education Instructor in Physical Education Top row: Ellison, Tackett, Slraughan. J. Walker, Bozzell, L. White, Z. Walker, Taylor, Vannoy, Williams, Crittenden. Second rote: Witherspoon, Morris, McAtee. Morgan, Moore. Montgomery, Conley, Washburn, J. Long, Doores. Sherrill, Davis. Third row: Morrison. Carraway, Loflin. Rich. Holt, Murray, McKay, Perkins, Wendt, von Zuhen, Skinner, Emerson. Fourth row: Evans, Dowell. Roach. Laird, Graves, Rice, Trimble, Jackson. P. Long, Lauer, Herndon, ill-mi. Fifth row: Bredthauer, Bourke, Sawtelle, Backenstoe, Brcwster, Blakely, Rogers. Saums. S. White, Kenyon, Cartwright, Burhanai Sixth row: Florence, Gunn. C. Johnson, Goodgame, Ralston, Cordts, Brenan, Breeding, Sparkman, Sheldon, E. Smith, S. Smith. Seventh row: Campbell, Gibbons, Hanley, E. Jennings, D. Jennings, Kone, Kingsbery. Clark, K. Johnson. Craig. King. Root. Eighth row: Bourher, Hemphill, Henniger. Furlow, Cone. Bird, Bell, Wilson, Stinnett, Raigorodsky, Holsomback, Griffin. Ninth row: Parker, Thompson, Pate. Nicklow, Mayer, Edson, Youngblood, Orts, Gates, Lewis, Turner, Du Puy. PACE 212 -tMORS Lucinda Elizabeth Blakely, Little Rock. Ark. Betty Boucher. Abilene Willie Mae Bredthauer. Temple Ann Patten Buchanan. Mineola Mary Jo Clark. Houston Erma Jean Du Puy. Dallas Margery Vaughn Evans. Sherman Barbara Goodgame. Stephenville Patricia Frances Hemphill. Austin Dora B. Kenyon. Amarillo Hazel Adele Laird, Kilgore Pauline Louise Lauer. Port Arthur Doris Anne Me A tee. Waco Elizabeth Ann Maver. Austin Cassandra Sims Morris. Memphis Louise C. Morrison. Dallas Lillian Ernestine Orts. Dallas Jane Reese Rich. Galveston Shirley Irene Roach. Houston Bettie Lew Root. Buenos Aires. Argentina Charlotte Elizabeth Sawtelle. San Antonio Julia Anne Sheldon. San Antonio Molly Virginia Skinner. Electra Gene Stinnett. Gatesville Faith Virginia Taylor. San Antonio Mary Paige Thompson. Fort Worth Mary Sherman Wendt. San Antonio Lela Jo White. Wills Point Ada Jane Williams. Galveston FIRST YEAR LAW Adele Mae Bourke. Weatherford Mary Chadwick Cone. Galveston Dottie Backenstoe. Galveston Beverle Bird. Oklahoma City. Okla. Carol Jeanne Bozzell. Weatherford Fairy Breeding. Sweetwater Mayriann Conley. Little Rock. Ark. Mary France Cordls. Luf kin Patricia Craig. Corpus Christi Ann Crittenden. San Antonio ' Dorothy J. Davis. Stephenville Jean Ann Doores. Shreveport. La. Bettv Anne Edson. Houston JUNIORS Emily Anne Ellison. Austin " Tern Emerson. San Antonio Man.- Jane Furlow. Dallas Anne Herndon. Perryton Martha Holt Dallas Lydia Loving Jackson. Laredo Marian Kingsbery. Austin Frankie Jo Lev is. Austin Marcy Morgan. Austin Patricia Ann Parker. Ringgold. La. Dorothy Perkins. Sweet water Paula Elena Raigorodsky. Kerrville Marilyn Ralston. Dallas Sarah Ann Sherrill. Dallas Sue Cheek Smith. Memphis. Tenn. Betty Dell Trimble. Dallas Juanita May Turner. Dallas Joan Sandefer Walker. New York. V Zelda Elaine Walker. Kilgore Sophie Anne White. Texarkana Margaret Jane Youngblood. Vernon " Betty Gene Brenan. San Antonio Beverly Brewster. Houston Jo Ann Carraway. San Antonio Jane Dowel 1. Austin Luisa Gibbons. Dallas Alice Graves. Texarkana ' Mary Alice Griffin. Little Rock. Ark. Frances Ann Gunn. Fort Worth Kathr n Simms Johnson. Dallas Gertrude Henrv Kone. San Antonio SOPHOMORES Iva Lynn Loftin. l aco Joyce Louise Long. San Antonio Patsy Jean Long. San Antonio ' Shirley Moore, kilgore Edwina Montgomery. Clarksdale. Miss. ' Blix Mary Pate. Dallas Beth Joanne Rice. Big Spring Jane Hunt Rogers. Clarksdale. Miss. ' Rosemary Saums. Tyler ' Evelyn Annette Smith. San Angelo Betty Gene Smith. San Antonio Hilda Sparkman. Jackson. Miss. Geraldine Straughan. San Antonio Helen Adele TacketU Greenville Beverly Jean Washburn. Houston -Phyllis Willson. Tulsa. Okla. Lallande Witherspoon. Wichita Falls ' Barbara von Zuben. Fort Worth FRESHMEN ' Marjorie Bel I.Paris ' Margaret Campbell. Dallas ' Martha Mav Cartwright. Breckenridge ' Gussie Jean Florence. Tyler ' Edna Hanley. Fort Worth ' Linda Henniger. Houston ' Jeanette Holsomback. Crystal City ' Dorothy Jeanne Jennings. Texarkana ' Edith Ann Jennings. San Antonio ' Cecilia Johnson. Houston ' Mary Florence King. Austin ' Man. Anne McKay. Madisonville ' Man,- Ellen Murra . San Antonio ' Patricia Ann Nicklow. Tomball ' Stella Jean Gates, Austin ' Caroline Frances Vannoy. Me Allen " Rowena June Wilson. Corpus Christi [213 DELTA DELTA DELTA OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer SARADELL DAVID CLAUDIA VON BLUCHER EVA JEAN FINCH BARBARA WAMPLER DOROTHY AYRES RUTH LESLIE MILDRED SPICER FACULTY Secretary to the Dean of the College of Business Administration Assistant Professor of Home Economics Associate Professor of Home Economics Top row : Finch, P. Pate. Hunter, M. Roberts, Hoi I ings worth. Class I, Bass, Brcnnan, Bur k ley. Fain, Jones. Klatt. Second row: Jackson, hummus, Verano. Danforth. Japhet, Wampler, Mills. Hoefs, Faulkner, Garrison, Eubank. Woolsey. Third row : Blanc hard, Etheridge. D. Moore, Buokner, Nesly, Stephens, TeddHe, Collie. B. Brown. Bonne r. Smith. Cillean. Fourth row: Hartley. Mathis. Henderson. Keith. McNeill. Huff. Wilkinson, M. Catlett. Cody. Coleman. H. Cox. J. Roberts. Fifth row: McCarter, Robertson. Matheu-.. Muschek. Carnathan, Barnes, Class II, M. Cox, Fredley, Egdorf. Holmes. Tomlinsor.. Sixth row: Dodd, McDaniel. Shook. Felt. Johnston, Townsend, Nash. G. Brown. Williams, B. Yager, Vickers, Prescott. Seventh row: Ratcliffe, McCMntock. Al. - aruliT. Avriett. B. Davis, Clements, Lowdon. Sadler. Odcn. Fitzgerald. David, S. Cutlrtt. Eighth row: White. S. Phillips, Headrick. Hubby, Welch. Wallace, Tom. J. Davis, Hughes, Pickens. Ransom. Strv.-n . Mnth row: O ' Brien, E. Moore, M. Pate. Parker, Brandau, Blades, Billings, J. Phillips. Rachal, Richardson, Blucher, M. Yager. PACE 214 GRADUATE Georgia Barnes. Electra Betty Blanchard. Shreveport. La. Claudia von Blucher. Austin May Marie Buckner. Pharr Mary Gene Catlett. Houston Ann Cody. Houston Saradel I David. Dal la Jane Davis. Houston Jean Dodd. Dallas Mary Ann Glass I. Beaumont SENIORS Mary Martha Headrirk. Houston Mary Margaret Holmes. Gatesville Sara Elizabeth Hughes. Dallas Joyce Jones. Anderson Polly McDaniel. Cisco Betty Mathis. Corpus Christ! Eva Marie Mathews. Dallas Margaret Nash. Fort Worth Peggy Neuhaus. Houston Mary Frances ager. Wellborn Mary Pate. Sulphur Springs Eugenia Peters. Sabinal Sue Phillips. Temple Martha Ann Pickens. Tyler Mignon Rachal. Fort Stockton Joan Roberts. Brook haven. Miss Lynn Shelor. Houston Alice Verano. Tazewell. Va. Barbara X ampler. Gladewater Nanc Alexander. Austin Betty Sue Bonner. Edinburg Gloria Jean Brennan. Tulsa. Okla. Barbara Broun. Galveston " George Ann Brown. Fort Worth ' Elizabeth Buckley. Brownsville Martha Ann Cox. Mexia Frances Etheridge. San Antonio Mary Margaret Eubank. Hillsboro Dorothv Faulkner. Austin Doris Fitzgerald. Kingsville JUNIORS Leta Ann Garrison. Shreveport. La. Janice Hartley. Riverside, III. ' Nancy Lou Huff. Wichita Falls Katharine Hunter. Johnson City. Tenn. Ann Japhet. Houston Martha Keith. Houston Patti Bess Lummus. Paris Nell McCarter. Arlington Marie Maschek. Beaumont Pat Mills- Pearsall Bettv Jean Nesslv. San Antonio Ann Oden. Wichita Falls Gloria Parker. Tulsa. Okla. Patsy Pate. Sulphur Springs Mathilde Roberts. Brookhaven. Miss. Carol Shook. Plainview Dorothy Teddlie. Stephenville Rosemary Tom. Dallas Peggy Tomlinson. Hillsboro Betty Yickers. Hattiesburg. Miss. Margaret Ruth Welch. Dallas ' Virginia M. White. Fort Worth SOPHOMORES Margaret L. Amsden. Corpus Christi Eva Jean Finch. Longview Don Marie Avriett. Austin Shirley Bass. Abilene E:-ma Jeanne Billings. Smiley Zoe Brandau. Beaumont - -anne CatletL Houston Helen Cox. Harlingen Patricia Fain. Lubbock Elizabeth FelL Buffalo. N. V. ' Marv K. Mary Ann Glass II. San Angelo ilma Kay Hoefs. Fort Stockton ' Gloria Lee Jackson. Beaumont Bobbie KlatL Waco Nancy McClintock. Dallas Nina McNeil I. Beaumont Faye Dell Manley. San Angelo Dorothy Moore. Austin X oolsey. Corpus Chrisli Beverly Evelyn Moore. Vernon Jane O ' Brien. Dallas Mickey Prescott. Fort Worth Ruth Ann Ratcliffe. San Antonio ' Dorothy Richardson. Dallas Sibyl Smith. Bryan ' Frances Stephens. Sherman ' Dorothy Marie Wallace. Corpus Christi ' Betty Williams. Breckenridge Yager. Fort Worth FRESHMEN ' Betty Blades. Houston ' Ann Elizabeth Carnathan. Henderson ' Ellen Chapman. Tazewell. a. ' Pat Clements. Lufkin ' June Coleman. Houston ' Mary Jo Collie. Austin Margaret Danforth. Kingsville ' Betty Davis. Austin ' Anne Eadorf. Wichita Falls ' Joan Fredley. Houston Jo Anne Phillips. San Antonio ' Janie Gillean. Austin ' Clara Ransom. San Angelo ' Irma Veree Henderson. Lufkin ' Joanne Robertson. San Antonio ' Nancy Hollingsworth. San Antonio ' Janet Sadler. Gatesville ' Anne Hubby. Waco ' Georgia Stevens. Houston ' Beverly Johnston. Fort Worth ' Virginia Lee Townsend. Houston ' Ann Lowdon. Fort Worth ' Sue Wilkinson. Hilfcboro 111 DELTA GAMMA OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . CAROLYN Row FLORENCE GIBSON PATRICIA MACKENZIE MARC.FRY CRFFN VOOD FRANCES HANCE CRAWFORD LEAH GREGG ANNA Hiss .... CORA M. MARTIN FACULTY Instructor in Physical Training Professor of Physical Training Professor and Director of Physical Training Professor of Elementary Education Top row: Kirksey, Carroll. Powell, Ross, Tutt, Branscum, Winfcate, Sweeny, Head. Second rout: Neyland, DcLafossc, Cullum, Dickens, Woodward, Wright, Walling, Clark, Culberson, Lancaster. Third row: Robbins, Saville, M. Buchek, Row, O ' Connor, Cunningham, Francis, M. Greenwood, Doucette. Tillson. Fourth row: V. Miller, Jones, M. Boyd, Jimcrson, M. Brown, Glass, Fitzpatrick, Harrison, Hendrickson, Swinney. Fifth row: Gowen, Kane, O. Hedrick, B. Greenwood, Noble, Bolton, Keener, Slocum, D. Miller, Marshall. Sixth row: Youn e flesh, Spivey. Gibson, E. Hedrick, Perry, Van Shaw, A. Boyd, Baits, Boykin, Leach. Seventh row: Covington. Morton, Kasten, Kirkland, Reese. White, MacKenzie, Moore, L. Buchek, R. Brown. PAC 216 GRADUATES Bettv Jane Dickens. Gieenville Elinor Mav Hedrick. Midland SENIORS Kathleen Sybil Bolton, Houston Marchet Branscum, Alice Betty Ann Culberson, Pampa Marie Doucette. Houston Ernestine Gowen, Shreveport, La. Margery Greenwood. Cheyenne. X yo. M. Shirley Jimerson, Austin Shirley Ann Kirkland. Houston Frances Kirksey, San Antonio Cynthia Lancaster. College Station Lillian Leach. Kansas Citv. Mo. Patricia MacKenzie, Laredo Marigene O ' Connor, Hillsboro Patricia Powell, Overton Carolyn Row, San Antonio Joan Sweeny. Akron, Ohio Dorothy Tutt, Taf t Gaynor Van Shaw. Amarillo Charles Anne Walling. San Angelo Jeanne White, Corpus Christi Martha Ann Wingate, Amarillo Elizabeth Ann Wright. Columbus Jo Beth Baits. Del Rio Alyce Boyd. Dinamita. Mex. Deborah Bryant. Austin Marjorie Buchek. San Antonio Eugenia Carroll. Texarkana Alice Joyce Chandler. Hamilton ' Jeanette Clift. Houston JUMORS Roy Ann Cullum. Amarillo Georganne DeLafosse, Albany Phoebe Ann Fry. San Antonio Florence Gibson. San Antonio ' Barbara Glass. Tyler Lucille Lloyd Head. Monahans Mary Jane Horton. Greenville Marian Louise Kane. Topeka, Kans. " Virginia Miller, Houston ' Marjorie Moore. Clinton. Mo. Elma Jean Noble. Midland Joan Robbing. Austin Martha Jean Ross, Gainesville Mary Madeline Spivy. Fort Worth SOPHOMORES Carolyn Atchison. Hindes Dorothy Ruth Boykin. Corpus Christi Mary Alice Brown. Topeka. Kans. Lucilee Buchek. San Antonio Jo Ann Cunningham. Austin ' Gloria Ann Fitzpatrick. Austin Ruth Eleanor Francis. Stamford Margarethe Kasten. Milwaukee. X is. Martha Keener, Colorado Springs. Colo. ' Florence Marshall, Del Rio Ruth Slocum. Orange Sara Woodward. Houston FRESHMKN ' Martha Boyd. Terrell ' Rebecca Brown. Austin Bernice Clark. San Antonio ' Virginia Covington. Texarkana ' Betty Lou Greenwood. Cheyenne. J o. ' Eula Gene Harrison. Fort Worth ' Ola Elaine Hedrick. Midland ' Audrey Earl Hendrickson, Houston ' Mildred Jones. Paris ' Marian Reese, Dallas ' Doris Miller, Edinburg ' Mary Jane Saville. Topeka. Kans. ' Martha Ne land. Austin ' Jane Swinney. Longview ' Edwina Perry. Hamilton ' Florence Tillson. San Antonio ' Sara Youngflesh. Fort Lauderdale. Fla. [217 DELTA PHI EPSILDN . OFFICERS President . V ice-President . Recording Secretary Treasurers . HILDA ANNE CHALEFF JACQUELINE DORIS LISSAUER EDEL FLORETTE ZEVE (MARJORIE LEVINSON SHIRLEY JEAN HARRIS m PACE 218 SENIORS Shirlev Idelene . bramson. Calveston Shirley Marwil, Henderson Li la Lee Baum. Fort Worth Hilda Anna Chaleff. McAllen Lillian Chicolsky, Fort Worth Lenore Charlotte Field, Chicago. III. Marjorie Levinson, San Antonio Naomi Levinson. Kilgore Merri Lvnn Marker. Tvler Mildred Pauline Novit Dublin Helen Frances Robinson, San Angelo Annette Ruth Rothenberg, Conroe Alice Scheer, San Antonio Elaine Vejans, Jacksonville Gloria Elaine Yarno, Brenham Edel Florette Zeve. Nacogdoches Evelvn Cecile Zimmerman. Texarkana Jl NIORS Abbye Alexander. Houston Norman Bernice Aronoff. Dallas Shirley Bagelman, Port Arthur Eileen Beckerman. Philadelphia. Pa. Lela Belitsky. Longview Bella Bulba. Calveston Sonja Chicotsky, Fort K orth Irene Cohn. Port Arthur ' Sonia Farb, Texas City Edna Mae Goldfine. Orange Maxine Goot. Houston Shirley Jean Harris. St. Louis. Mo. Marsha Ruth Kalmore. El Paso Jacqueline Doris Lissauer. Dallas Bayla Lippmann. Texas City Marilyn Felice Rachofsky. Dallas Selma Rolnick. Dallas Irene Wolfson. Lakeland. Fla. SOPHOMORES Carolyn Judith Alpert. San Antonio Selma Franklin. Laredo Marcel yn Freed. Crystal City Evon Levinson. Houston Carol Marschak. Chicago. III. Jeanne Nelson. Luf kin Florence Orloff, Houston Selma Perlstein. Houston Mildred Elaine Solomon. Houston La Verne Stein. Greenville, Miss. Betsy Joyce Stemble. Houston Selma Claire Waldman. Liberty Joyce Wilkenfeld. Texas City FRESHMEN Sara Ann Berlowitz. Austin Helene Goldberg. Houston Doris Goldberg. Kaufman ' Pegay Gross. Houston Shirley Haas. Tulsa. Okla. Shirlev Hurwitz. Houston ' Shirley Kleinman. Mamey Betty Knobler. Houston ' Ethyl Lippmann. Texas City ' Sybil Lippmann. Texas City Doris Paine. Houston ' Beverly Pozez, Topeka. Kans. ' Evelyn Doris Rachofsky. Dallas ' Selene Roth, Houston ' Shirley Roth. Houston ' Phyllis Rubinette. Dallas ' Selma Sussman. Daytona Beach. Fla. ' Naomi Sussman. Davtona Beach. Fla. DELTA ZETA OFFICERS President EVELYN WEAVER V ice-President MARY Jo FERTELLA Secretary , , . . RUTH RYDELL Treasurer . MARJORIE MURRAY Top rote: Fails, Bowler, Tiller, Freeman, Armstrong Rydcll, Miles, Maxwell, Lee. Lain. Second row: Fields, Schmidt, Hunt, Smith, Higgin hot torn, Ricks, Haney, Ferguson, Margraves. Fremin, Carr. Third row: R. Hayes, Pettus, Nelson, Daniels, McDonald, Berry, Bachle, Crooke, J. Hayes, Fertitta, Durham. Fourth row: McMahon, M. Barron, Petit, Boatright, Carter, David, Laney, Wood, Davenport, Weaver, Beckelhymer. Fifth row: Schumm, Macau lay, Taylor, DePriest, Crowson, Castro-Perea, Slataper, Hamman, Trant, Willis, Murray. Sixth row: Foster, Harris, Robinson. V. Barron, Burke, Benedict, Schramm, Reilly, Lyon, Griffin, Lewis. PACE 220 GRADUATES Nilda J. Castro-Perea. Lima. Peru Dorothy Louise Fields. Austin SENIORS Nelda Marie Bachle, Nordheim Marydean X a I den Barron. Austin Veronica Beckelhyroer. Houston Trula Florence Durham. Driscoll Mary Ann Higginbottom. Helena. Ark. Betty Ray Lyon. Austin Polly Majors. Paris Marjorie Murray. Crewe. Va. Virginia Lee Nelson. Mt. Home. Ark. Mary Elizabeth Robinson. Austin Ruth May Rydel l. Dallas Joan Smith. Dallas Kathleen Tiller. Austin Evelyn Weaver, Pauls Valley. Okla. JUNIORS Virginia Louise Barron. Austin Frances Louise Barrow. Austin Betty Benedict, Mission Frances Lee Berry. Austin Ennalee Bonar. Stratford Beverly Jeanne Daniels. Houston ' Joyce Fails, Taylor Josephine Fertitta. Houston Margaret James Freeman. Dallas Judy Hayes. Fort Worth Sarah Frances Lanev. Dallas Mary Jo Lee, Paris Mary Frances Macauley. Odessa Barbara McMahon. Fort Worth ' Margaret Ann Margraves. Paris Evalee Miles. Austin Margaret Pettus. Austin Nadine Wilson Ricks. Cameron Marjory Nell Schmidt Austin Catherine Schramm. Kansas City, Mo. ' Eberta Slataper. Houston Frances Roberta Taylor. Austin Annabel le Armstrong. Austin Kathryn Bonar. Stratford Jane Cole Carter. Corpus Christi Patricia Crow son. Dallas SOPHOMORES Jane Frances Davenport- Decatur Beverly Ferguson. Nome ' Dorothy Gleason. Houston ' Glvnna Gene Hunt. Odessa Mary Mae McDonald, Austin Lelia Petit. Presidio Gloria Jean Trant, Port Arthur Mary France s Wood. Austin FRESHMHX ' Shirley Allphin. Bastrop ' Frances Boatright. Austin Wyona Lee Bowler, Bartlesville. Okla. ' Doris Clydene Carr. Carlsbad. N. Mex. ' Peggy June Crooke. Conroe ' Wysanda Louise DePriesL Mexia ' Nancie Foster. Tulsa. Okla. ' Juanita Fremin. Beaumont ' Lorene Adell Griffin. Austin ' Patricia Hamman. Dallas ' Rosalyn Haney. Dallas ' Betty Jeannette Harris. Hubbard ' Rita Carolynne Hayes, Houston ' Mary Lain. Cleburne ' Winifred Jean Lewis. Greenville ' Virginia Florence Maxwell. San Antonio ' Jacquelyn Reilly. Austin ' Billie Jean Rose. Taylor ' Jane Schumm. Dallas ' Mary Priscilla Willis. Odessa ' Charlotte Zrubeck. Corpus Christi LSI GAMMA PHI BETA OFFICERS President BARBARA LEE KLAPPROTH Vice-PTesldent ........ WILMA ANNA HARLE Corresponding, Secretary EVALYN ANNETTE LIMMER Recording Secretary . . . . . . . LIDA LOUISE SPILLER Treasurer MARY EVELYN ANDERSON FACULTY LORENA BAKER Librarian MARY STEUSSY GRAY Chuck Wagon Manager ANNIE HILL Reference Librarian . Top row : Bol linger, Cole, M. Henry, Drawe, Griggs, S. Henry, Emery, Sweeney, Harle. Second row: Lowrey, Coward, M. C. Davis, Daniel, Ash, Noble, Con way, Paris, Coffee, Paul. Third row: Taylor, Scholibo, Rankin, H. Alexander, Very, Klapproth, Snodgrass, Schumann, Spiller, Abbott. Fourth row: Doole, Wier, Young, Startzell, Eisenlohr, Edwards, Patterson, Wharton, Moeller, Boothe. Fifth row: Kerr. Fisher, R. Loyd, Swausch, Russ. York, Stecker, W. Loyd, Coulter, DeLancey. Sixth rote: Kitchens. Harding, Bland, Anderson, Limmer, M. L. Davis, White, Brewster, Berryhill, Lindsay. Seventh row: Sullivan. Woolrerton, Ruckman, Cobb, Cuenard, M. Alexander, Fine, Flood, Apple, Jamec. PACE 222 GRADUATE Marilvn Bennett Fort Worth SENIORS ' Dorothy Apple. Wichita Fall? Helen Evalee Alexander. San Antonio Betty M. Berryhill. PetroKa Dolena Fay Bollinger. Austin Ethel Ruby Chappell. Dallas Peggy C. Cobb. Dallas Joyce Marie Cole, McAllen Margaret Eleanor Conway. San Antonio Joyce Murrell Daniel. Palestine Dorothy Lee Drawe. Weslaco Eleanor Jean Fine. Cleburne Gloria Griggs. Houston Leota Marie Guenard. Houston Mary Erkle Henry. Austin Barbara Lee Klapproth. Dallas Nellie Ruth Moeller. Austin Tommie Jean Noble. Corsicana Helen Paris, Longview Betty Jo Paull. Three Rivers Janie Kimball Russ. Houston Lada Louise Spillar. Houston Jean Sullivan. Dallas Cathryn Elizabeth Swausch. Austin Wanda Lee Tavlor. Austin Alice Catherine Wharton. Austin Mar Louise Alexander. Ennis Mary Evelyn Anderson. Bryan ' Gloria Canady. Austin Doris Anne Coffee. Amarillo Malel Cayloma Davis. Conroe Johanna DeLancev. Houston JUNIORS Mary Foster. San Antonio Wilma Anna Harle. Port Arthur Jane Kerr. Austin Evalrn Annette Limmer. Austin Mary Elaine Lowery. Austin Welta Faye Loyd. Gilmer Iris Janet Patterson. Austin Joy Snodgrass, Brenham Margaret Ann Sleeker. Fort Worth Nancy Ann Traynor. Austin Gloria Christine Very. Richardson Grace Mabel Wiegand, Gatesville ' Marion Wier. Austin Jean Young. Granger Dorothea V. Abbott. Seguin Ann Allen. Junction Barbara T. Ash. Austin Bonnie Jean Bland. Orange Gracie Boothe. Del Rio Carolyn Brewster. Granger Rosemary Coward. Dallas Marv Lou Davis. Conroe SOPHOMORES Peggie Nell Doole. Austin Bonnie Edwards. Port Arthur Florene Mae Emery. Houston Jean Gloria Hall. Crystal City Susan Elizabeth Henry. Austin Cecile Hightower. Shreveport, La. Betty Ann Hill. Houston Dolores James. Dallas Olive Rankin. Beaumont Peggy Nell Schieffer. Austin Marion Schumann. New Braunfels Dorothy Startzell. Houston Marifrances Surratt. Austin Naomi Sweeney. Dallas Elaine F. White. Austin Winelle York. Brackettville FRESHMEN Jean Coulter. Austin Bea Eisenlohr. Dallas Rosamond Fisher. Ru k irginia Lee Flood. Waco Florence Harding. Houston " Marjorie Kitchens. Austin " Lejune Leslie. Mason Beth Lindsay. Junction Runelle Loyd. Gilmer Nadine Rephstorf. Houston Shirley Ruckman. Karnes City Tex Ann Riley, Austin Bettie Scholibo. Houston Pat Ruth Thompson. Austin ' Frances Woolverton. Austin . .. KAPPA ALPHA THETA President . Vice-P resident Recording Secretary Treasurer MARY S. KIRKPATRICK MARY TOM OSBORNE . HILDA FRANCES ROSENE OFFICERS . . . MARGARET PETERSON BERTIE MURPHY CAROLYN HUDSON JANE WINZER FACULTY Education Librarian Librarian, Rare Books Collection Assistant Professor of Physiology Top row: Winzer, Bretz, 111, nun. Berry, Word, Rutledge, Connor, B. Cheesman, Bralcy, Kent, Simpson. Bowen. Second row: Ross, Hardhi. Gitliam. Monning. Gordon, Foster. Crowley. Peterson, Keith, Hohlt. B. Sain, Reimers. Third row: Florey, Murphy, Fitzgerald, Coughlin, Brown, Fruit, Hudson, C. Cheesman. Warren. Amsler, Simons. Johns. Fourth row: Baxter, Washington, McKean, Fitc, Stansell, Owen, Young, Dyer, Eggers, DeMontrond. Wilson. Finnell. Fifth row: Johnson. Bowers. Canfield, Clayton, Gibson, Hays, Armstrong, J. Sain, Biuce. Heep. Hill. Brownrigg. Sixth row: Hyde, Robinson, Ness, Moore, M, Buggies, Rushing, Redditt, Gray. Trigg, Taylor, Reiu. Campbell. Seventh tow: Crain, C. Ruggles. Pegram, Morgan, Ashby, Hall, Tyler, Alves. Gano, McElhenney, Reilly, Keller. Eighth row: Milter, Holman, Robert, Summers, Blair, Morris, Schroeder, Baldwin, Krausse, Smith, Ewing, McCelvey, Chambers. PACE 224 GRADUATE Caroline Bruce. Houston SENIORS Gayle Armstrong. Roswell. N. Mex. Lois Blount, Nacogdoches Barbara Bretz. Cleburne Edith Adele Eggers, Galveston ir inia Joy Florey. Amarillo Elizabeth Fruit Houston Betty Jane Gray. Houston Betty Lu Hill. Harlingen Ann Hohlt Brenham Margaret Holman. Pittsburg Dorothy Hyde. Dallas Florence Kent. Fort orth Cherry Ann Moore. Tyler Mahala Jane Mary Jo Morgan. Wichita Falls Bertie Murphy. El Dorado. Ark. Martha Nees. Beaumont Margaret Peterson. Houston Elizabeth Robinson. Lubbock Marilou Ruggles. Dallas Dorothy Rushing. San Augustine Marilou Rutledge. Dallas Ruth Ellen Schroeder. Evansville. Ind. Dorothy Sue Standefer. Lubbock Betty Montgomery Smith. Austin Thelma Grace Trigg. Dallas Martha Jean Wilson. Beaumont Young. Dallas Mary Virginia Alves. Washington. D. C. Ruth Jane Ashby. Houston Mary Jane Baldwin. Marshall Betty Jo Baxter. Tyler Marjorie Bowers. Beaumont Barbara Ann Braley. Pasadena. Calif. Alice Campbell. Galveston Carolyn Cheesman. Houston Patricia Harrell Connor. San Antonio JUNIORS Barbara Jean Crow ley. Houston ' Dorothy DeMontrond, Tyler Kathleen Elizabeth File, San Antonio Lue Minette Fitzgerald. Eagle Lake Margaret Gilliam. Corpus Christi Grace Gordon. Houston Ruth Hardin. Houston Caroline Hudson. Brownsville Marv Victor Johns. Tavlor Meta Alice Keith, Fort Worth Elizabeth Ann McCelvey. Dallas Margaret McKean. Austin Mimi Terrell Morris. Beaumont Joyce Marilyn Pegram. Austin Linda Reimers. Fort Worth Marie Robert. Beaumont Clare Ruggles. Dallas Janell Sain. Alice Lucille Word. Alice Kathryn Ampler. Houston Ruth Berry. Wichita Falls ' Peggy Black. Dallas Barbara Blair. San Antonio Dorothy Jo Brown. Wichita Falls Katharine Brownrigg. Beaumont " Carolyn Canfield. Dallas " Bertha Cathryn Clayton. Greenville Barbara Dyer. Corpus Christi Carolee Ewing. San Antonio SOPHOMORES Julia Finnell. Fort Worth Mary Jane Foster. Fort Worth Lucy Lightfoot Gano, Fort Worth Mary Nell Gibson. Amarillo Mary Pearl Hall. Austin Elizabeth Hays, Dallas Mary Lou Johnson. Del Rio Jean Marie Miller. Fort Worth Barbara Owen. San Antonio Shirlev Frances Reid. Beaumont Diana Ross. Fort Worth Billy l ynne Sain. Alice Beverly Simons. Fort Worth Mary Margaret Simpson. Austin ' Carolyn Stevens, Dallas Lee Stringer. Wichita Falls Anne Summers. Kerrville Joann Taylor. Fort Worth Mary Gene arren. Dallas Jane S inzer. Dallas Edith Word. Alice FRESHMFN Janelle Bowen. San Antonio " Doris Chambers. Roswell. N. Mex. Barbara Cheesman. Houston Joan Coughlin. Corpus Christi Janell Grain. San Antonio Mary Lou Keep. Houston Marion Keller. Galveston Jane Baldwin Krausse. Washington. D. C. ' Lorna McCormick. Amarillo Kathryn Reilly. Austin Hilda McElhenney. Austin ' Diane Stansell. Houston ' Mary Martha Monning. Amarillo Kathleen Tvler. Austin ' Elaine Redditt. Lufkin Jane X ashington. Austin KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA OFFICERS President JANE BRITE DuNKi.E Vice-President MARY ANN MYERS Secretary FRANCES ANN DEATON Treasurer RUTH GRACY MAY BROOKSHIRE MARCELLE HAMER ELIZABETH LONG MARGARET PECK LUCY RATH BONE (CATHERINE SEARCY JOAN SWIFT . FACULTY Business Director of Andrews and Carothers Assistant in Texas Collection of Library Pianist, Physical Training for Women Assistant Dean of Women Professor of Home Economics General Assistant in Library Instructor in Home Economics Top row: Brown, Shepherd, Barnes, Warner, M. A. Myers, China. Bever, Patton, Greer, Browne, Falk. Second row: Wood, Deaton, Jones, McClure, Lott, McDowell, Lawther, Waters, Snodgrass, Fisher, Bybee, Pope. Third row: Hooper, Kleberg, D. Smith, M. White, Luttrell, McKnight, Frazier, Cofer, A. Meyers, Welder, Holland, Dupree. Fourth row: Riley, Lydick, Stilley, Anthony. Cooper, Cracy, DuBose. Callan, W. White. Douglass, M. L. Myers, Patterson. Fifth r ow: Corrigan, Owings, Roderick, Garth, J. Smith, Dale, Woods, Hodson, Thompson, Keys, Burgher, Weinert. Sixth row: Craddock. McKenzie, Birdw-jll, Taylor, Campbell, Terry, Lewis, Stevenson, Wooldridge. Carrier, Grayson, M. Williamson. Seventh row: J. Williamson, Whitfield, Grarr.bling, Kirkpatrick, Bryan, Powell, Dunklr, Thornton, Montgomery. Conrad. Grishatn, Olcy. PICE 226 SENIORS Roxibeth Birdwell. Richmond Margaret Montgomery Conrad. Houston Margaret Frances Dale. Houston Ruth Ann Douglass. Sherman Jane Brite Duokle. Marfa (Cornelia Elizabeth Frazier. Big Spring Julia Emerson Fisher. Austin Helen Rainey Gilmore. Austin Mary Adele Grayson. Dallas Lira Margaret Keys, Corpus Christi Man Lou Wi Mary Ann Myers, Richmond Helen Lucille Patterson. Rogers Eleanor Inez Powell. San Antonio Flora Bye Riley. Big Wells Nancy Dunkle Roderick. Marfa Christine Rogers, San Antonio Jane Cleland Thompson. Taylor Mary Ann Thornton. San Antonio Rita Grace Waters. Colorado Springs. Colo. Martha Welder. Beeville lliam on. San Antonio JUNIORS I Margaret Ann Brown. Alpine Sue Browne. Dallas Elizabeth Burgher. Dallas ' Barbara Frances Callan. Waco Joanne Howard Campbell. Richmond ' Amelietta Cooper. Corpus Christi Miriam Anne Croley. Dallas Frances Ann Deaton. Wichita Falls ' Margaret Lois DuBose, Shamrock Ruth Gracy. Austin ' Patricia Frances Grambling. El Paso Mary Willis Kopecky. San Antonio Mary Ann Lewis, Taylor Joanne Luttrell. Dallas Mary Catherine McCIure, Austin Mary Jane McKenzie, San Antonio ' Marguerite Flanders McKnight. San Angelo Ann Myers. Wichita Falls Marie Snodgrass, San Angelo ' Martha Woods. Temple ' Mary Frances Williams. Dallas Margaret O ' Hara J ooldridge. Gainesville ' Molly Barnes. Houston ' Carroll Bever. Athens ' Nancy Bowen. San Antonio ' Lou Ellen Bryan. Seguin ' Elaine Caruthers, Commerce ' Jane Chinn. Uvalde Patricia Cofer. Fort Worth Anita Byrde Craddock. Crockett ' Betty Ann Dupree. Dallas ' Marv Duncan Falk. San Antonio SOPHOMORES ' Lettalou Garth. Houston Sharon Hooper. Athens ' Jacqueline Hott, Fort Worth ' Edith Jones, Abilene Lois Farnsworth Kirkpatrick. San Antonio Frances Jane Lott- Dallas Anne Lydick. Fort Worth ' Carolyn Montgomery. Houston ' Mary Lou Myers. Dallas Mary Lucy Pope. Washington. D. C. Barbara Stallard. Tucumcari, N. Mex. ' Sue Ellen Stilley. Wichita Falls Norma Stratton. Salt Lake Gty. Utah Gloria Bernice Taylor. Lampasas ' Rose Terry. San Antonio ' Betty Ann Warner. Houston Johnnye Jean Weinert- Seguin ' Winifred Dickson White. Austin ' Charlotte Lorene KTiitfield. San Antonio Eva Jean Williamson. San Antonio Charlotte Wood. Houston FRESHMEN ' Nancy Allene Anthony. Dallas ' Mary Batt . San Angelo ' Martha Ellen Bybee, Austin Margot Carrier. Austin ' Patricia Vernon Corrigan. Houston ' Genevieve Greer. Waco ' Carolyn Ruth Grisham. Abilene ' Martha Jean Hodson. Houston ' Juanita Jean Holland. Athens ' Alice Gertrudis Kleberg. Corpus Christi ' Virginia Thompson Kuykendall. Gainesville Jo Ann Lawther. Dallas ' Cynthia McDowell. Austin ' Beverly Jean Otey. Dallas ' Lucy Penrose Owings, Fort orth ' Patricia Edith Park. Houston ' Eleanor Hood Patton. Dallas ' Patricia Churchill Shepherd. Houston ' Doris Jeanne Smith. Austin ' Jeannette Smith. Austin ' Anne Stevenson. Houston ' Joanne Ruth Thompson. Gainesville ' Nancy Riley Whatley. Dallas ' Margaret Josephine White. San Antonio PHI MU OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary Treasurer . Reporter JANE MARIE TACQUARD PATRICIA INEZ GILLETTE Jo HELEN MARTIN LAURA ELIZABETH TRULL BARBARA FISHER FACULTY ESTHER RICHARDS APPLIN LOUISE LANDIS ARMSTRONG MARY ELLEN ESTILL Lois BAIRD TRICE Assistant Professor of Geology Instructor in Home Economics Instructor in Pure Mathematics Instructor in English Tftp rrt ' i- : GrrgK. Faulkinbury, Fisher. Dietrich. Elkins. Weher. [nil. G-ov r. Second row: Schwarz. Anthony. Bnitton. Cook, Lentsch. Crone. Nanney. Roh-r ' -. Third row: Hitchcock, Tacquard, Stone, Fiegel. Campbell, Tipton. Browning, Dyer. Fourth row: Gillett " . Wilson, Jones, Honeycult. Links, Carlson, Fogartie. Martin. Fifth row: Nowlin, Neville. Wirthlin, Rogers, Trull, Fox, Terrien. Hardy. PACE 228 GRADUATE Mildred Tipton. Goose Creek SENIORS Elizabeth Ann Bratton. Houston Mary Elizabeth Browning. Amarillo Margaret Virginia Carlson. Harrell. Ark. Lucia Bradley Grant. North East. Md. Thelma Bee Gregg. Houston Mattie Lou Honeycutt. Fort K orth Dora Margarette Klenk. Dallas Vinette Alma Uher. Galveston Mary Elizabeth Leasure, Austin Louise Lentsch. Beaumont Elizabeth Darlene Loucks. Orlando. Fla. Vaudeen Steede Monroe. Houston Margaret Ann Neville. Austin Katherine Louise Rogers. Sherman Jane Marie Tacquard. Austin JLMORS Patricia Anthony. Austin ' Patricia Bernice Brown. Corpus Christi Ellen Cook. Texarkana. Ark. Helen Ruth Crone. Fort Stockton Martha Ann Elkin . Houston ' Fay Faulkinbury. Texarkana. Ark. Katherine Louis Fox. Galveston Elizabeth Vance Fogartie, Long-view Patricia Inez Gillette. Austin Marjorie Grover. Houston Jane Genevieve Johnson. Tulsa. Okla. Ruth Leasure. Austin Mildred Camille Lester. Gatesville Madolie Marjo rie Links. Gainesville Jo Helen Martin. Austin Jo Nell May berry. Bay City Janet Claire Westbrook. Troy, N. Y. Lura Nell Wirthlin. Del Rio " SOPHOMORES ' Frances Joyce Campbell. Dallas Zela Mae Dietrich. Weslaco ' Dorothy Dyer. Dallas Barbara Feme Fisher. Weslaco ' Betty Jean Gallaway. Gatesville Virginia Alder Hardy. Houston Rosemary Beatrice Hitchcock, Houston irginia Gale Howard. Longview I -aura Elizabeth Trull. Palacios ' Florence Jones. Eagle Pass Martha Amanda Leasure, Austin ' Maureen Joyce Leggett, Freeport Betty Jean Nanney. Austin ' Ruby Louise Schwarz. Charlotte Helene Mae Sherman. McLean. Va. Doris Sidney Stone. Dallas ' Sarah Jane Terrien. Tulsa. Okla. FRESHMEN " Georgia Aune. San Antonio ' Frances Chance. Houston ' Martha Jean Fiegel. San Antonio ' Barbara Lee Fox, Galveston ' Daisy Dawn Hewlett. Austin ' Martha Ann Kelley. Austin ' Ruth Elizabeth Nowlin. Plainview ' Mary Frances Roberts, Galveston ' Mary Jane Weber. Weslaco ' Lenan Wilson. Galveston PI BETA PHI OFFICERS President ADELAIDE CARLISLE KING V ice-President ........ MARION LEE Secretary BESSIE JOHNS SMITH Treasurer EMILY McKELLAR FACULTY MARION M. DUNBAR Tutor in Romance Languages BARBARA JOHNSON Instructor in Music Top raw: Barnes, King, B. Winton. Tynan. Mickey, Scurry, Sames, Sanders, James, Roster, Smith, Spillrr. Second row: O ' Hearn, Mr In nig, Mary Miller, Burr hard, McCee, Payne, Jester, Phillips, Parker, Shannon, Rodehaver. Wtlkes. Third rote: McFarlane, Francis. Rupe. Kelley, Carroll, Charlton, Flowers, Brown, Hemmingson, Massingill, McFarlaiul, McElhanr.on. Fourth row ; Van Studdiford, Houseman, English, Hall, Robinson, McKellar, Ferguson, Higgins, Cray, Lander. Harvood, Lawrence. Fifth row: Ferris, Bishop, McFtddin, Rankin, Jackson, Brock, Marian Miller, Dorrance, S. Winton, Whelesa, Blalock, Vick. Sixth row: Calhoun, Graham, Sanderford, Kittrell Holmgreen, Thomason, Cottingham, Doney, Simmons, Agnor. Call an, Kyle. Sfventh row: Johns, Newton,. Cofer, Caffey. Anson, Kiley, Baker, Hittson, Ledbetter, Tindall, Krueger, Grisom. Eighth row: Thompson, Richards, J. Wynne, Jones, Gill, Wright, Peareson, Harris, Hare, Bunn, Tittle, Wheeler. PACE 230 GRADUATE Jane Matthews. Ranger SENIORS BINGO Patricia Anne Barnes. Dallas Frances Jane Buchard. Gonzales Bettie Templeton Calhoun. San Antonio Virginia Lucile Callan. Victoria Laetitia Cofer. College Station Judith Jackson Darst Richmond Billie Jean Ferguson. Houston Dorothy Flowers. Dallas Lucy Gray. Houston Marsery Hare, Sherman Rosemary Betty Hemmingson. Dallas Margaret Henry. Yazoo Gty. Miss. Martha Dunnington James. Austin I r ula Johns. San Antonio Adelaide Carlisle Kins. Houston Mary Adelaide Carol Anne Krueger. Lubbock Elizabeth James Lander. Waxahachie Barbara Ann Ledbetter. Houston Jean Markita McGee, Fort Worth Mary Elizabeth Mclnnis. Eranston. 111. Emily McKellar, Forney Mary Miller. Austin Man- Louise Peareson. Richmond Sarah Pen I and. Dallas Mary Ann Prowell. Richmond Margery Lee Roster. Corpus Chrisli Bessie Johns Smith, Austin Margie Beth Spiller. Galveston Betty Jo Wilkes. Dallas Jo Alice Wynne. Tyler Wheless. Houston Betty Jean Anson. Harlingen Elizabeth Ann Baker. Houston Jo Ann Blalock. Marshall Daisy Means Brown. Temple ' Jacqueline Casteel. El Paso Meredith Charlton. San Antonio Martha Francis. Luling Allierose Patricia Gait. San Antonio ora Gill. San Antonio " Charlotte Lowe Grissom. Longview Mary Margaret Higgins. Houston Lelia Howard Houseman. Dallas JUNIORS Barbara Buchanan Jester. Corsicana Dorothy Doran Kelley. Dallas Phyliss Kennessey. San Antonio Betty Virginia Kiley. Houston Mary Kyle. Beaumont Martha Lawrence. Bryan Sue McCan. Victoria Nancy McFarlane. Houston Anne McMurray. Tyler Marian Miller. Wichita Falls Nancy Newton. Dallas Martha Nunn. Houston Gloria Keith O ' Hearn. Dallas Delia Parker. Bryan Suzanne Penn. Waxahachie Thetis Sanderford. Belton Martha Ann Sanders. Dallas Priscilla Thomason. Fort Worth Helen Tindall. Columbia. Mo. Emmy Jane Tittle. Dallas Elizabeth Tynan, San Antonio Shirley Van Studdiford. St. Louis. Mo. Mary Elizabeth Vick. Houston Betty Kay Winton. Fort Worth Susan Winton. X aco ' Durelle Bishop. Da llas ' Carolyn Brock. Dallas Jeree Bunn. Tyler Betsy Cottingham. Houston ' Patricia Uoney. Bryan ' Helen English. Beaumont ' Clarita Fonville. Houston ' Carolyn Graham. Beaumont Do roth v SOPHOMORES Corinne Hall. San Angelo ' Anne Harris. San Angelo Cordelia Harwood. Harlingen Virginia Elizabeth Hittson. Tulsa. Okla. ' Virginia Holmgreen. San Antonio ' Jane Jackson. Corsicana ' Bennie Jo Jones, X ichita Falls Jean Elizabeth McFarland. Dallas Banks Thompson. Dallas ' Barbara Ann ' Nancy Massingill. San Antonio ' Peggy Elizabeth Payne. Tyler Annette Elizabeth Phillips. Austin Barbara Richards. Orange Laura Robinson, Austin Paula Dallas Rupe, Dallas ' Anne Shannon. Memphis. Tenn. ' Elizabeth Daggett Simmons. Houston Wheeler, Wichita Falls FRESHMEN ' Mary Ware Agnor. Marshall ' Helen Allen. Houston Barbara Bass. Austin ' Janet Carroll. Houston ' Kathleen Dorrance, Houston ' Peggy Ferris. Dallas ' Betty Kittrell. Tyler ' Rosine McFaddin. Beaumont ' Charlotte Page Mickey. Austin ' Bebe Mickler. San Antonio ' Sal lie Curtis Rankin. Waco ' Patsv Rodehaver. Weatherford ' Eleanor Gaffey. Fort Knox. Ky. ' Martha Margaret Sames. Laredo ' Marilyn Jeanne Wright. Corpus Christi . ; II SIGMA DELTA TAU D OFFICERS President DORIS RUTH HOOKS Vice-President ROLLA MAE ARBETTER Secretary ROSE MARION LEVINE Treasurer .... GLORIA LEE ACKERMAN Top row: ANTWEIL. BRAUER, S. LACK, M. NEBENZAHL, ABOVITZ. DORFMAN. ARBETTER, JACOBS. Second row: SCHLADER. ACKERMAN, KORNBLATT, LEVINE. J. LACK. GOLDBERG, B. NEBENZAHL, L1EDEKER. Third row: HOOKS, SCHWARTZ. GORDON, KIRSNER, FREEMAN, FOREMAN, COH.N, SHERMAN. Fourth row: FOX. LUTZ. KELNER. KAPLAN, L. LIEBERMAN. S. LIEBERMAN. CRENADER. NABOW. PAI;E 232 SENIORS Sybil Abovitz. Wharton Gloria Lee Ackerman. Dallas Rolla Mae Arbetter. San Antonio Samona Bodansky. Ca I vest on Phyllis Rose Brauer. Fresno, Calif. Maxine Foreman. Yernon Doris Ruth Hooks. Houston Rose Marion Levine. Wichita Falls Shirley Liebennan. Beaumont Barbara Liedeker. Corpus Christi Mildred Nebenzahl. Mercedes JUNIORS Dolores Lorraine Cohn. Fort Worth Elaine Kaye Dorfman. Brownsville Shirley Mae Coin. Sinton Frances Pearl KornMatt. Denton Geraldine Platt, Los Angeles. Calif. Lois Scharff. Waco SOPHOMORES Harriet Ann Archenhold. Fort Worth Louise Patsy Freeman, Little Rock. Ark. Carolyn Cott. Corpus Christi ' Sue Ann Cordon. Wharton Bertha Nebenzahl. Mercedes Rae Vile. Kansas Gtv. Mo. Jean Lack. Me A lien Ruth Lutz. Denver. Colo. FRESHMEN ShirIey Antweil. Fort Worth ' Carol Fox. San Antonio ' Evelyn Goldberg. San Antonio ' Charlotte Grenader. Houston ' Joyce Jacobs. Goose Creek ' Peggy Kaplan. San Antonio ' Harriet Kirsner. San Antonio ' Charmaine Kelner. Lubbock ' Babette Klaus. Chattanooga. Tenn. ' Sylvia Lack. McAllen ' Estelle Liebennan. Robstown ' Marian Nabow. Charlotte. N. C. ' Maxine Schlader. Edinburg Jo Ruth Schwartz. Schulenberg ' Phyllis Sherman. Des Moines, Iowa ' Doris Wolff. Houston ' .233 ZETA TAU ALPHA a OFFICERS President NANCY JOHNS Vice-President . MARY FRANCES KENNEDY Secretary BETTY BEALL Treasurer MARTHA BUSSA Top row: DuBose, Beall, Green, Heiligenthal, Gaston, Johns, Briggs, Dysart. Key, Record. Edwards, Williams. Second row: Constant, Carla Harris, Gardner, Hamilton, Cardwell, Wrstiioreland, Howard, Ash, McFarland, Collins, Bussa, McMurry. Third row: Montgomery, Gentry, O ' Madigan, Carmichael. Brjnton. . l.ampbell, Kincheloe. Morlang, Burke, Gates, Ellwood, Wagner. Fourth row: Stewart, Meitzen, Buaas, Marks, Price, Porter, Bragg, Rountree, C. Howell, Rowe, Rohinson. K. Campbell. Fifth row: Tullos, Thurman. M. Howell, Pursley, McEwen, Kisten, Bolton, Holland, Marsh, Moore, M. Porter, Hale. Sixth row: Classewell, S. Howell, Kelleher, Bettiaon, Oden, Carolyn Harris, Faher, McCrtght, Hemphill, Funkhouser, Bering. Camp. St tenth row: Kennedy, Farrier, Adams, Lipscomb, Upchurch, Gambrell, Tobin, Bennett, Moeller, Sailer, Wallers. Smith. PACE 234 SENIORS Lucille Ash. Bastrop Betty Baldwin Beall. Dallas Patsy Gateswood Beazley. San Angelo Beverly Beck. San Angelo Yera Mae Bettison. Galveston Peggy Brinton. Houston Martha Helen Bussa. San Antonio Nancy Jane Camp. San Antonio Keith Campbell. Austin Maryanne Cardwell. Luling Margaret Carmen Coale. Beaumont Dolores Henry Collins. Richmond Laura Ann Dick. Columbus Alia lone Edwards. Terrell Elsie Marshall Ellwood. Shreveport. La. Elizabeth Mushy Farmer. Junction Ann Feuille. El Paso Jean Louise Galawav. Fort Worth Barbara Ann Gentry, Dallas Susan Mary Hamilton, Cuero Willian Ernestine Holland. Beaumont Nancy Johns, Shreveport La. Mary Frances Kennedy. Dallas Marjorie Key. Albany Virginia Lee Lipscomb. Terrell Constance Helen Logsdon, Corsicana Elva Jean McCright. Dallas Marjorie McFarland, Fort Worth Betty Jane Marks. Beaumont Marjorie Moore. Fort Worth Lavon Phillips, Gladewater Joyce Pursley. San Antonio Anna Tutt- Dallas Virginia Louise Wagner. Port Neches Frances Caroline S alters. Overton Jean Emma Westmoreland. Marshall Carolyn Berry. Houston Josephine B. Briggs. Calvert Joanne Buckner. El Paso Ann Cade. Bryan Peggy Everett. El Paso Elizabeth Thompson Gates. Houston Marv Frances Gardner. Marfa JUNIORS Carla Ruth Harris. Beaumont Carolyn Harris, Smithville Mitten Howell. Bryan Mildred Frances Kelleher, San Antonio Mary Jean Kincheloe, Mexia Martha Butler McMurry. San Antonio Mary Louise Moore. San Antonio Betty Morlang. Dallas June Murray, El Paso Martha Jane Porter. Bryan Dorothy Ruth Price. Alice Susanne Sailer. Dallas Sue Switzer. Beaumont Marilyn White. Mexia Ruth l illiams. College Station L nette Bonnye Adams. Lockhart Louise Bennett, Big Spring JoAnn Bering. Houston Beverly Jane Bolton. Austin Gay Gretchen Braun. Port Arthur l! " -rmar Marguerite Buaas. Austin Mary Elizabeth Burke. Houston Ann Clark Campbell. Austin Ann Elizabeth Carmichael. Houston Jerry DuBose. Victoria Franc i-- I) art. Victoria Beverly Bell Faber. Beaumont Gene Funkhouser. Midland SOPHOMORES Nell Gregg Gambell. Lockhart Anna Katherine Gaston. Houston June Goen. St. Augustine Doris Green. Amarillo Betty Jo Gale, Bryan Morgia Shropshire Howard, San Antonio Jean Sue Howell. Beaumont Lucille Kelly. Lockhart I la Rae Kempe. Alice Nancy Ruth Kisten. Houston " Barbara McEwen. Big Spring Camille Manning. Dallas Mary Louise Marsh. Bryan ' Rosemary Oden. Fort Hancock ' Prudence Porter, Terrell Helen Record. Dallas Patsy Jo Roundtree. Lamesa ' Beverly Ann Rowe, San Antonio Joyce Love Smith. Austin Mary Stewart, San Antonio Marijo Thurman. Big Spring Fay Elizabeth Tobin. Austin Julia Tutt Dallas Adella Upchurch, Austin ' Imogene Vogel. Fort Worth FRESHMEN Nell Allen. Tyler ' Eleanor Bragg, Corsicana ' Emily Ann Glassell. Shreveport, La. Alice Heiligenthal. Austin ' Nancy Hemphill. San Angelo ' Cornelia Alden Howell. Beaumont ' Louise Meitzen. New Orleans. La. ' Gloria Moeller. San Antonio ' Marjorie O ' Madigan. Beaumont ' Bettye Jo Robinson, Corsicana ' Katherine Simpson, Houston ' Jackie Tarrant. San Antonio r. . . . temitie6 rate mi GEORGE SCOTT ROBERTSON Lambda Chi Alpha MORTON PRAGER Tau Delta Phi WILLIAM DALLAS EVANS Theta Xi FRATERNITY KI WILLIAM BROWNLEE FERGUSON, JR. Kappa Sigma EUGENE JOSEPH McMULLAN Tejas ZELIG HERBERT LEIBERMAN Phi Sigma Delta ' PR] W. S JAMES V. KEMPER Delta Kappa Epsilon AMl EL C. FRYAXT Phi Kappa Tau WILLIAM I. SALMKOV Sigma Chi MAX KILLIAN Phi Kappa Sigma GEORGE F. BAILEY i Epsilon HAROLD SILBERBERC Sigma Alpha Mu RAT RJ] Y BALLARD MACDOUGAL BURGHER Phi Delta Theta BEN WAYNE GREIG Chi Phi MORTON BIGGER, JR. Kappa Alpha LESTER AVIGAEL Alpha Epsilon Pi ROBERT LEE JOHNSON JAMES IRL MONTGOMERY Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi PRESIDENTS loHN FRANCIS W ATKINS Sifma . u I I IRON PERKINS Phi Kappa Psi RICHARD MOLLISON Phi Gamma Delta WILLIAM THOMAS BALLAKU Pi Kappa Alpna ROY McLEOD MLNROE Delta Tau Delta EDGAR WILSON MONTEITH Sisma Alpha Epsilon ALPHA EPSILON PI OFFICERS Master LESTER WOLFE AVIGAEL Lieutenant Master LEONARD BERNARD ROSENBERG Scribe HERBERT ARTHUR MEISLER Exchequer BERNIE LEO LEFF Member at Large MENDELL GRANOFF NATHAN GINSBERG FACULTY Instructor in Physics . Top row: LEFF, TURIEL, J. TREIMAN, MELAMED, BODZIN. Second row: CRANOFF, WINETROUB, STEINER, SPAIN, ROSENBERG. Third row: LITTMAN, AVICAEL, FISHER, SCHNURR, SELLINGER, SCHWARTZ. fourth row. FREED, FI.NKELSTEIN, VEJANS, MEISLER, K. TREIMAN, ABELS. PACE 242 SENIORS Louis Bodzin, Colorado City James Steinberg Steiner, Los Angeles, Calif. Morris Stillman, San Antonio Kal Wolff Treiman, San Antonio Robert Vejans, Jacksonville JUNIORS Lester Wolfe Avigael, Houston ' Irving Gluck. Los Angeles. Calif. Philip Alan Freed, Laredo Sam Turiel, Brooklyn, N. Y. Aaron Wolf Winetroub, Austin Jack Finkelstein. Houston Mendell Granoff, Laredo Bernie Leo Leff. Houston SOPHOMORES Melvin Leonard Littman, Houston Herbert Arthur Meisler. Houston Leonard Bernard Rosenberg. Houston Carl Todd, New York City, N. Y. FRESHMEN ' Gerald Abels, El Dorado. Kans. Abe Donner, Galveston ' Norman Fisher, West Columbia Goldi Levy, Waco Jack Myron Melamed, Houston ' Aaron Leslie Schnurr. Houston ' Erwin Maynard Schwartz, Dallas ' Henry Allen Sellinger, Houston ' Sam Spain, Galveston ' Joshua N. Treiman. San Antonio PACE 243 ALPHA TAU OMEGA OFFICERS Worthy Master Worthy Chaplain . Worthy Keeper of Exchequer Worthy Scribe Worthy Keeper of Annals . ROBERT LEE JOHNSON EDWIN WALTHALL JOHN ROGER Cox JACK J. CALVERT WALLACE C. O ' LEARY, JR. FACULTY FRED A. BARKLEY Instructor of Biology E. G. FLETCHER Associate Professor of English MALCOM MCDONALD Professor of Government WALTER T. ROLFE Professor of Architecture GEORGE W. STOCKING Professor of Economics Top row : A very. Bunting, Gallic, Calvert, Stanley, Mclntire, Henry. Second row: Cox, Beavan, Hut to, Peisch, Lammens, Mathis, Pyle. Third row: Keller, Root, Neimeyer, Bradley, Stitt, Harrison, Walter. Fourth row: Johnson. Foster, McDonald, Charjnot, Monaphan, Milstead, Tarrant. Fifth row: Moody, O ' Leary, Paschal, Williams, Miesch, Campbell, Stokes. PACE 244 GRADUATE Edwin Wai thai). San Antonio SENIORS Paul Wesley Henry. Fresno. Calif. Robert Lee Johnson. Seattle. Wash. FIRST-YEAR LAWS John Roger Cox. Tulsa. Okla. Ray Stokes. Houstcn JUNIORS Robert Edward Lee Bradley. Houston Thomas Muir Gallic. Houston Jack Joseph Calvert. Terre Haute. Ind. John Fredrick Harrison. San Antonio Robert Pyle. Austin ' Sherwood Terry A very. Fort Worth ' Ralph E. (Peppy) Blount Big Spring S illiam Frank Bunting. Henrietta ' George Lee Campbell. Belton ' Robert B. Charpiot. Bellville SOPHOMORES Jack Corley. K innsboro Charles Warner Moody. Houston William Murl Keller. Oklahoma City. Okla. Wallace Cauldwell O ' Leary. Jr.. Houston Conway, Roe Lammers, Dallas James Steele Paschal, San Antonio Harry David Mathis, Corpus Christi Glenn Petsch. Kerrville David Miesch, Clarksville John Stilt Corpus Christi FRESHMEN k Reginald A. Beavan. Eagle Pass James Foster. Fort Worth Jackson Raymond Gwin, Houston an Covington Hutto. Corpus Christi William Joseph McDonald. Corpus Christi Richard Jones Mclntire, Austin Richard Milstead. Austin Robert Monaghan. Fort Worth " Frank Neimeyer II. Hot Springs. Ark. Jesse A. Root Buenos Aires. Argentina Herbert Mark Stanley, Dallas Robert W illiam Tarrant. Houston Joseph Charles Walter. Houston John Barrv Williams. Austin [145 BETA THETA PI OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer JAMES IRL MONTGOMERY CHARLES HORNE PRIDDY WADTER COLEMAN ENGLISH, JR. WILLIAM LITCHFIELD H. H. POWER FACULTY Chairman of Petroleum Engineering Top row: HUMPHREY, ADAMS, PRIDDY, COFFMAN, COCKRURN. JAICKS. Second row: RITCHIE, PUCKETT, MONTGOMERY, CAMPBELL, SIMS, COULD. Third row: CLAYBROOK, BARNARD. URBANEK, WILSON, HERNDON. TUBB. Tourth row: RAY LEE, SNYDER, ENGLISH, LITCHFIELD, REYNOLDS, KEITH. PACE 24 SENIORS Waller Coleman English. Jr.. Beaumont David Prieur Jaicks. Lake Forest. III. William Litchfield. Wichita Falls James Irl Montgomery. Wichita Falls Charles Home Priddy. Wichita Falls Robert Moore Puckett. Wichita Falls Lee Adiel Sherwood III. Great Neck. N. Y. Arthur P. Sprinkle. Austin James Urbanek. Salina. Kans. JUNIORS Stanley Reynolds. Wichita Falls Robert Sternberger, Tyler Lawrence William StrandquisL Oak Park. III. James Moses Brand Tubb. Sweetwater Douglas Hastings Wilson. Tulsa. Okla. SOPHOMORES Forrest Ray Adams. Chillicothe, Mo. Robert Cunningham Campbell. Fort Worth Chesley Coleman Herndon. Jr.. Tulsa. Okla. ' Robert Lee, Wichita Falls Ray E. Lee. Jr.. Austin FRESHMKN John M. Barnard. Wichita Falls ' Alien Clay brook. Waco Jack Cockbum. Houston Jack O. Coffman. Goree ' Ben D. Gould. Wichita Falls Wallace Kent Humphrey. Wichita Falls George Ray Keith. Wichita Falls James B. Ritchie. Galveston Billy Max Simms. Wichita Falls D. Joseph Snyder. Dallas CHI PHI OFFICERS Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta BEN WAYNE GREIG, JR. LEWIS SCOTT CURTIS ROBERT BEVERLY CROUCH CHARLES WESLEY WALKER JACK WETSEL CARL ALFRED BRIGHT VENTON LEVY DOUGHTIE . MILTON BROCKETT PORTER . CHARLES ELMER ROWE . OSCAR BROWN WILLIAMS, SR. FACULTY Professor of Mechanical Engineering Professor of Pure Mathematics Professor of Drawing Professor of Batcteriology Top row: HOUSTON, ALDRICH, BLOOR, SMITH, POWELL, NARUM, MAY. Second row: WARD, PROCTOR, CURTIS, BAI.DRIDGE. KUHLMAN, CROUCH, GREIC. Third row: CROW, JACKSON, HUGHES, BRIGHT, BROWN. WETSEL, HVASS. PUE 248 GRADUATES Henry G. Andrews. Stamford Charles Thomas Hvass. Lubbock Charles Wesley Walker. Temple Benjamin Quinn Ward. Crystal Gty SENIORS Forrest Cleveland Allen. Corpus Christi Jack Wilson Brown. Austin Robert Beverly Crouch. Austin Ted Dunnam. Bay City Michel Damiani. Galveston William Green Houston. Floresville Harris Halloway Smith. San Angelo Bill Crow. Houston JUNIORS Lewis Allen. Hallettsville Carl Alfred Bright. Edinburg Jack Brown. Austin Lewis Scott Curtis, Austin Ben Wayne Greig. Austin Samuel Sykes Houston. Floresville Horace Chilton Harris. Crane Thomas G. Narum. Houston Willis M. PowelL Jr., Austin SOPHOMORES Albert King Aldrich. Edinburg Bertram H. Bloor. Austin Milton Hughes. Dallas Howard Philip Kuhlman. Houston Joel Edwin Mav. Dallas Morris Melton. Alpine Frank Procter. San Angelo Jack Wetsel. Commerce Cleve Brown. Houston BENJAMIN QUINN WARD. FM frnUeml FRESHMEN Bryan Baldridge. Lyford Joe Jackson. Houston ' Robert Johnson. Edinburg Thomas Malhis. Galveston DELTA KAPPA EPSILON OFFICERS House Manager JAMES V. KEMPER. FACULTY DANA X. BIBLE . JOHN WILLIAM CALHOUN THOMAS PERRIN HARRISON POWELL STEWART Head Football Coach Professor of Applied Math and Astronomy Professor of English Assistant Professor of English V Top row: MAcDONALD, SCHOELLER, CAPY, BOSE. BLANTON, STEWART, LANE, SCOTT. Second row: SCHEURER, MILLER, JOHNSON, WINTON, TAYLOR, MURPHY, VILFORDI, BURNEY. Third row: HANCOCK, BROWNING, CRAMBRELL. H. MARTIN, PHILLEY, ANDERSON, THORNHILL, KRUEGER. Fourth row: GRAHAM, WRIGHT, POUNDS, CARROLL. MEAD, KEMPER, MOORE. GILL. PACE 250 SENIORS Bertram L. Bose. New Braunfels ' George H. Lane, Waco Louis Edward LeFlore, Tulsa. Okla. Robert T. Martin, Fresno. Calif. E. E. Murphy, Jr., San Angelo E. Dave Phil ley, Abilene Wilbur Charles Schoeller, San Diego. Calif. Waller Taylor II, Pasadena, Calif. Cook Wilson, Beaumont Sam D. Wolf. Jr.. Sherman Jack S. Blanton. Houston Conrad R. Bohn. Austin Alfred E. Ellis. Tyler Howard C. Federer. Austin JUNIORS James V. Kemper, San Antonio Mannie Ponsford. El Paso Felder Thornhill, Austin George Rainey Williams. Oklahoma City, Okla. SOPHOMORES ' Conde N. Anderson. Beaumont Charles Sterling Browning, San Antonio William M. Burney. Hearne Thomas Hindman Graham III. Del Rio Bill W. Herpel, San Antonio J. Tommv Krueger. Lubbock James Douglas MacDonald, Farmersville ' Marcy S. Martin, Austin A. D. Moore, Jr.. Beaumont Paul Bert Scott, Tyler John Hines Tynan, San Antonio Ed H. Winton. Fort Worth FRESHMEN ' Philip Lucien Capy. Dallas ' William E. Carroll. Beaumont ' John Gambrell. Beaumont ' Peter D. Gill, San Antonio ' John Butler Hancock, Beaumont ' Jack Reeves Johnson. Wills Point ' George C. Mead, San Antonio ' Frank Robert Miller, Oklahoma City. Okla. W.Abe Pounds. Tyler ' Gordon Puckett, Austin ' Malcolm Robinson. Austin ' Tom C. Scheurer, Sherman ' Wayne Pearce Stewart, Orange PidZSl ' Eugene E. Vilfordi, Dallas ' Harry Keisler Wright, Houston DELTA TAU DELTA OFFICERS President ROY McLEOD MUNROE Vice-President DONALD Louis WOLF Recording Secretary OSCAR McNAUGHTON REINMUTH Treasurer and Housemanager . . . ROBERT KENNETH GERMAN HANSON TUFTS PARLIN DONALD PHILIP STEVENS FACULTY Dean of College of Arts and Sciences Assistant Professor of Architecture 7op rott-: Wharton. Deaton, Brewer, Staehely, Keed, Robertson, D. Evans, Douglas, Outlaw. Second row: Merz, P. White, L. White, G. Chandler, German, Emery, Dunbar. D. Wolf, Hill. Third row : Williamson, L. Wolf, Smyth, Morrison, Brun, J. Evans, Anderson, May field, Meagher. Fourth row : Reinmuth, Werkenthin, Dalehite, Carlson, Gibbs, Larsen, Grumpier, Schaller, Ganady. Fifth row: Bernson, Roberts, George, Brit tain, Baskin, C. Fry, Scott, Downs, Franklin, Troxell. Sixth row: Ringer, Hearn, Hinson, Munroe, Ewiog. J. Fry, Howard. V. White, Owens, Gaston. PACE 252 SENIORS Allen Walter Brun. Livingston. i. Howard Allyn Carlson. Omaha, Neb. George Wilson Chandler. Baytown Jim Douglas, Jr.. Austin Ha-kell Edward Dow-ns, Fort X orth ' Herbert K. Eastwood. San Marco David Torney Evans. Jr.. Big Spring John Edward Evans. Jr.. Robstown Arch Franklin Gilliam. San Antonio ' Yernon Clifford Mayfield, Fort Worth Robert Bryce Meagher. Beaumont Roy McLeod Munroe. Austin Robert Louis Reed. Concord Donald Frederick Schaller. Rochelle. III. Thomas Bruce Scott. East Bernard Ballard Nolan Watts. Gainesville Donald Louis Wolf. Cincinnati. Ohio SECOND YEAR-LAW Robert Carter Sneed. Austin Pat McKinney Baskin. Austin Kol ert Kenneth German. Galveston JUNIORS Craig Chilton Hill. San Antonio Oscar McNaughton Reinmuth. Austin ' William R. Sarsgard. Fort Worth James Terry Sherman. Austin i Rauley Smith Banner, Jr.. Fort Worth John Caperton Brooks, Jr.. Houston Fred Clark Chandler. Jr.. Austin Jack Baker Dellinger. Dallas ' Maurice Neil Emer . Houston John Beaumont Evans. Big Spring Robert Ra Franklin. Galveston SOPHOMORES ' Clarence Ferd Fry. Jr.. Fort Worth William D. Gaston. Austin ' Clement Charles Gibbs. Topeka. Kans. ' Finis Miller Kelly. Fort Worth Tommy E. Morrison. Center David Meday Mumford. Austin Thurber Allison Outlaw. Jr.. Austin ' Robert Eugene Alexander. Austin ' James Crawford Anderson. IY. Fort Worth Frank X illiam Bernson. Canadian Earl Johnson Brewer. Jr.. Fort Worth ' Dudley Brightwell. Mexico City. D. F. ' Bunch King Brittain. San Angelo ' James Maurice Canady. Austin ' Jack Ben Chote. Austin ' Billy Edward Grumpier. Houston ' Albert Cudlipp. Luflcin ' Henry Gibbs Dalehite. Jr.. Galveston ' John U ood Deaton. Galena Park ' Donald George Dunbar. Jr.. Corsicana ' James Seaton Ewing. Fort Worth ' John Henry Fry. Anson ' Ballard Wilson George, Jr.. Corsicana ' John Edward Hearn. Austin ' Theodore Glenn Hinson. Jr.. Prague. Okla. ' Robert Trigg Howard. Austin FRESHMEN ' William Burton Larsen. Houston ' Walter Louis Merz. Austin Hornsby Mims. Fort Worth ' David Roberts. Jr.. San Antonio ' Blewett Smyth. San Antonio ' Martin Tips Staehely. Austin ' Richard Kimball Troxell. Houston ' Harry Joe Owens. Bonham Merritt Gartley Ringer. Abilene John James Robertson. Eggertsville, N. Y. ' Tom Beeson Romine. Fort Worth Max Johannes erkenthin. Austin ' Luther Curby White. Brandon Larrv Bond Wolf. Woodville. Miss. ' Leonard McG affy Upshaw. Waxahachie X illiam George Webb. Topeka. Kans. ' James Allen Wharton. Austin ' Perrin Wynne White. Houston ' Yilbry Holmes White. Prairie Lea ' Richard Peter Williamson. III. Galveston ' Robert H. Womble. Caldwel! . KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS MORTON BIGGER. JR. JOHN NEWHALL BARNHART FRED CHARLES BRECHTEL FACULTY ROBERT A. LAW CLYDE LITTLEFIELD DANIEL ALLEN PENICK Professor of English Track Coach Tennis Coach Top row. MAKINS, ALVEY. PEEL, SMITH, SEDWICK, BROOCKS, REED, CROW. Second row: FRANKLIN. BIECHLIN, WAGONER, MUNDINCER, FREEMAN. BRECHTEL, SLOCOMB, WILEMON. Third row: THACKER. CRESS, GRIGGS, GRANGER, McI.AIN, ALEXANDER, YETTER. HOYT. Fourth row: BOGLE, BIGGER, HIPPARD, ZANG, PEAVY, BARNHART, PIERCE, McCARRAH. PACE 254 GRADUATE KrouseSewall McMahon. Houston Morton Bigger. Jr.. Dallas LaDon Bogle. El Paso Bob Crow, Tulsa. Okla. Stanley Graner, Dallas James Joseph Hippard. Houston SENIORS Gordon Wesley Hoyt San Francisco. Calif. Daniel Moore Mundinger. Baton Rouge. La. Don Franklin Pierce. Wichita Falls Bill Reeves, Gainesville Ernest Jeanes Wilemon. Arlington John New hall Barnhart. Beeville Fred Brechtel. New Orleans Carl C. Cress. Los Angeles. Calif. Bruce Franklin. Madisonville. Tenn. Robert M. McLain. Nacogdoches JUNIORS Robert Makins. Port Arthur " Claude Herbert Miller. Jr.. Houston Mathew Cartwright Roberts, III, Terrell Jef Chaison Russell. Jr.. Beaumont Robert L. Lo ranee Scurlock. Fort Worth Dave Sherrell. Los Angeles. Calif. Richard S. Slocomb. Cameron William McKinley Thacker. Jr.. Wichita Falls Jess Clark Ward. Jr.. Wichita Falls Charles Yetter. Saint Jo Uiarle? Robert Alvey. San Antonio Robert Russell Biechlin. San Antonio Franklin Wileford Denius. Athens SOPHOMORES ' James E. Duke. Austin Hubert X illiam Green. Jr_ San Antonio Charles Beraud Griggs, Houston John Newman Smith. Houston ' Herman Lee Wagoner. Hillsboro Stf e Alexander. John H. Broocks. III. Corpus Christi ' Robert F. DuBois. Jr.. Beaumont ' James Earle Freeman. Houston ' Joseph Leonard Hargrove. Houston ' Kenneth Ra May. Houston ' H..-- McDade. Shreveport. La. J. Eugene McGarrah. Dallas ' Hosea Brvan Peel. Houston ' Gallon Ernest Permenter. Houston X illiam A. Peavy. Shreveport, La. ' Richard Jav Reed. Gilmer FRESHMEN John Horace Sedwick. Albany Wad A. Smith. Shreveport. La. ' Vaughan Browning Williams, Dallas ' Charles Roger Zang. Dallas i . .-. KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS Grand Master WILLIAM BROWNLEE FERGUSON, JR. Grand Procurator . . . . . . JAMES B. FURRH, JR. Grand Master of Ceremonies . . . CHARLES H. HOWARD Grand Scribe FRED BRAMLETTE Grand Treasurer . .... BRYAN FISHER WILLIAMS FACULTY ROBERT ALAMETH Cox . DEUPREE JULIAN FRIDELL . ERNEST RANDOLPH HARDIN . STUART ALEXANDER MACCORKLE HARRY HUNT RANSOM , Instructor in Economics Associate Professor of Naval Science and Tactics Instructor in Speech Assistant Professor of Government Assistant Professor of English Top row: Plyler, Tomforde, Vaughn, Furrh, Lipscomb, Pyeatt, Pearce, R. Taylor. Second row: Wetz, Sowell, Shambaugh, W. Taylor, Fitzgerald, Bandy, Bramlcttc, Winchell. Third row: Willett, Craig, Champion, Bauchman, Looney, Sloman, Norris, Young. Fourth row: Ferguson, Woldert, Christy, Alcorn, Coyle, Caldwell, Field, Donnelly. Fifth row: Reitz, Williams, Aycock, Flack, Reese, Gross, Whittington, Seymour. Sixth row: Nail, Grossman, Harrison, Hixson, Howard, Hale, Harris, Groves. PACE 256 -FMORS James Alphin. El Dorado. Ark. James Bauchman. Sesuin David Belew. Fort Worth ' Edward Biggs. Wichita Falls John Donovan Campbell. Tyler Arnon Carter. Fort Worth John Embry. Houston William Brownlee Ferguson. Houston Bernard Fitzgerald. Crowell Frank Houghton Flack. Galveston William Harrison. V oakum. Okla. Charles Harris Howard. Moody Benjamin Franklin Looney. Dallas Virgil Pace. Houston James Frank Plyler, Corsicana Joseph Roberts, Tyler ' Angus Gilchrist Shaw. Longview Robert L. Taylor. Jr.. Arcadia. La. Albert Michael Tomforde. Houston Frederick Arthur Winchell. Waco Henry Lee. Texarkana Frank McCracken. Houston FIRST -YEAR-LAWS Robert Shepherd. Houston Richard Culbertson Whittington. Oklahoma City. Okla. Cecil Sandifer Ay cock. Jr_ San Antonio J. L. Bamett. Houston George Ferris Bellows. Houston Frederick Erskin Bramlette. San Antonio Roy Cox. Houston Robert Marshal] Craig. Dallas JUNIORS ' Raymond El ledge. Houston James Brooke Furrh. Elysian Fields Benjamin Haden. Houston ' William Odell Hixson. Kermit Howard Lee Norris. San Antonio Marvin Sherk Sloman. Fort orth Richard Maurice Sow ell. Houston ' Robert Holman Summers. Rosebud Harry A. Taylor. Houston Walter Thomas Taylor. Houston ' Harlan Wetz. New Braunfels Richard Allen. Tyler ' Laurence Roy Bandy. Houston James Lea veil Bay less. Houston John Caldwell. Houston William Howell Cocke. Houston SOPHOMORES Richard Donnelly. Fort Worth Jack Lander. Houston ' Phillip Harrison Pyeatt. Searcy. Ark. ' Harrison Lowerv Saunders. San Marcos ' Wallis E. Schulle. Austin John Scott Shambaugh. Houston Bryan Fisher Williams. Galveston ' Stephen Wilson. Houston Charles orrell. Houston ' Robert Abraham. Tyler ' Charles X illiam Alcom. Houston ' Frank Baker Champion. Houston ' Edgar Allen Christy. Tulsa. Okla. ' George Bernard Coyle, San Antonio ' Robert Me Adams Dies. Lufkin ' Hugh Townsend Field. Temple ' Floyd Ely Ford. Houston ' Richard Harrison Gross. Corpus Christ i ' George Alexander Grossman. Austin ' Jack Groves. Houston ' Richard Alexander Hale. Houston ' Richard Overton Harris. Wichita Falls ' William Maurice Harris Austin Evander M. Lewis. San Antonio ' John Clayton Lipscomb. Houston FRESHMEN ' Daniel Wisdom McGillicuddy. Houston William Rogers Nail. Dallas ' Henry Wynne Pearce. Orange ' John Thompson Reese. Corsicana ' Rex Leonard Reitz. Corpus Christi ' Andrew Thomas Seymour. Fort X orth ' Herman H. Vaughn. Houston Harry Louis Willett- Matador ' Alexander Woldert. Tyler ' Carroll Ridgely oung. Fort X orth LAMBDA CHI ALPHA OFFICERS High Alpha High Beta High Gamma High Tau . SCOTT ROBERTSON ALAN HARDING BERNARD TRIMBLE ROBERT MILTON MORTON FACULTY ROBBIN COLYER ANDERSON CURTIS JACKSON ALDERSON SIGURD NEAL EKDAHL JAMES ANDERSON FITZGERALD SCOTT GAINES LAWRENCE KARN YOURTEE Assistant Professor of Chemistry Instructor in Physical Education Instructor in Physical Education Dean of College of Business Administration Attorney for University Lands Instructor in Chemistry s Top -on;: McCoy, Perkins, Suman, Blaylock, Smith, Weir, Pinto. Second row: Bryans, La n trip, K otter man, H or ton, Trimble, Robinson, Register, Woods. Third row: Herrington, Clark, Bell, Svadlenak, Thomas, Holle, Johnston, Dale. Fourth row: Pol lilt, Hailey, Robertson, Dunn, Glover, What ley, Ha riling, Ostecn. Fifth row: MrManus, Wild, Sutton, Deutsch, Davis, Neill, Creager, Siegfried. PAGE 258 GRADUATE Herbert June Garrison. Texarkana SENIORS Hinton Whitfield Bryans. Wichita Falls Roy Lee Clark. Temple Harold Lee Creager, Corpus Christi Joe Richard Glover, Brownwood Raymond Alan Harding. Newcastle. Ind. Robert Milton Horton, Del Rio Charles Byron Osteen, Ranger Ernest Alfred Pollitt. Waukegan. 111. George Scott Robertson, Wasco. Calif. Charles William Suman, Bakersfield, Calif. Robert Ellsworth Sutton, Bakersfield. Calif. Kenneth Burt Arnold. Houston Stanton Scofield Bundy. Roosevelt Hughie Dale. Kelly vi lie. Okla. George Harvey Dunn. Corpus Christi Calvin Windford Hailey, Springfield. Mo. JUNIORS Cletus Adair Kotterman. Denver. Ind. James Hamilton Moody. Longview ' Clifford Braswell McManus. Atlanta. Ga. James Thomas Pinto. Houston Tillman Porcher Perkins, Longview Grady Neil Register, Birmingham. Ala. " Richard Paul Siegfried, Chicago. 111. Jasper Clarence Thomas. Temple Russell Bernard Trimble. San Angelo Arthur Goodwin Wild. Jr.. Oakland. Calif. John Davis Woods. Fort Worth James Alexander Johnston, Fort Smith. Ark. SOPHOMORES Jack Keller. Dallas Rudolf Eldo Svadlenak. Austin " Joseph Harlan Bell. San Angelo Billy Aaron Blaylock, Bay City ' Charles Edward Davis. Center ' George Carlton Deutsch. Dallas ' Herbert Gerald Herrington. Austin ' Henry Bernard Holle. Austin ' Frank Lafayette Jones. San Antonio ' Charles Wesley Lantrip. Anson ' Billy Mack McCoy. Austin ' George Hardin Neil I. Big Spring ' William Lee Robinson, Austin ' Garland Houston Smith. Austin FRESHMEN ' Ralph Edward Weir. Austin ' Willis James Whatley, Austin Fci2S PHI DELTA THETA OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman FACULTY THOMAS MABRY CRANFIL . EUGENE CAMPBELL BARKER ROY BEDICHEK DANA BRACKENRIDGE CASTEEL KENNETH GULP DAVIS FRANK LEONARD JEWETT . CHARLES TILFORD McCoRMiCK EDMUND THORNTON MILLER . ROBERT WELDON STAYTON AGESILAUS WILSON WALKER . BALLARD MACDOUGAL BURGHER LISTON McLEOD RICE RUSSELL SCOTT, JR. JACK CALVIN VAUGHN Assistant Professor of English Professor of American History Director of Bureau of Public School Service Professor of Zoology Professor of Law Instructor in Bible Dean of the School of Law Professor of Economics Professor of Law Professor of Law Top row: DEATON, VAUGHN, FOY, BRASHEARS, HOPPER, RICE, PEAVY. Second row: LICON. SCOTT, BURGHER, CUNNINGHAM, FIELD, CRANFILL, SPIRES. Third row: BECHTOI.. SLAPE, SUNDBY, BREWER, FRENCH. POTTS, McGREW. Fourth row: BONDS. WORSHAM. KIMBF.RLIN. ASKEW. WKI.LS. WROE. MEREDITH, LEE. Tom Broad. Dallas Robert Campbell, Houston Dudley Bryan Foy. Corpus Cbristi William Marvin. Houston Max Dudley Ligon. Dallas SENIORS Richard Milton McGrew, Long Beach. Calif. Joe Barton Moore. San Antonio Julian Morgan. Houston Leslie Craig Slape. El Paso Robert Dana Sundby, Stoughton. Wis. Hubert Edwin Bechtol. Lubbock Robert Bowman. Austin Wilford Sessions Brashears. Amarillo JUNIORS Jim Bugbee. Houston Listen Rice. Dallas Russell Scott- Houston Jack Calvin Vaughn. Dallas Jessie Lee Worsham. Houston Hal lard Macdougal Burgher. Dallas Benjamin Amos Cunningham. Dallas SOPHOMORES Fred Ross Deaton. Dallas Warwick Francis Field. Austin Thomas Henry Lee. Houston William Forrester Neale. Dallas William Gano Potts. Dallas FRESHMEN Robert Edward A kc . Dallas William Alin Bond . Dallas Robert Payne Brewer. San Antonio Britton Eaton Cranfill. Dallas Russell Leton French. Dallas John Martin Hopper. Austin Sam Owen Kimberlin. Austin Otis Meredith. Houston ' William Dietrich Peavy. McFadden Albert Bryan Spires, Austin Harry Galbrath Wells, Terrell " William Augustine Wroe. Austin ; . .. PHI GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Historian . FREDERIC DUNCALF . HOWARD C. GILSTRAP ROSCOE GUERNSEY, JR. JOHN R. WATT . BERRY M. WHITAKER RICHARD MOLLISON ALBERT WALTER SCHMIDT, JR. ALFRED S. LOWREY ROBERT MADDEN HILL JOHN CLINTON KOCH FACULTY Professor of Medieval History Football Line Coach Professor of Civil Engineering Professor of Mechanical Engineering Director of Men ' s Intramural Athletics Top row: Adams, Ogden, Klatt, Kinney, Rivers, Mann, Tatom, George. Second row: Creamer, Graves, Sugg, Hogan, Grier, W. Thompson, T. Thompson. R. B. Fridge. Third row: Lewis, Dodge, Hendrix, McKay, Rudin, Schmidt, Plath, Pelham. Fourth row: Montgomery, Soelter, Koch, Coleman, Jackon, Hill, Waitmon, McElhenney. Fifth row: Mollison, Berry, Lowrey, Cunningham, Garrison, Netherton, Schneider, Wilson. PACE 262 SKNIORS Dick Oliver Creamer. San Antonio David Floeter. Houston Thomas Francis Hogan. San Antonio Bruce Brockett Jackson. Exeter. Calif. Richard Mollison. Alpine William Pelham, Dyersburg. Tenn. Albert Walter Schmidt. Austin Charles Raymond Schneider. Dallas James Wilson. Los Angeles. Calif. JUNIORS James W. Adams. Little Rock. Ark. Billy Bob Cobb. Waco Norman Gregg Coleman. Houston A. Arthur Cunningham, Palacios James Willington Dodge. Tulsa. Okla. Charles Edward Garrett- San Antonio Benjamin Franklin Grier. Los Angeles. Calif. Harold Bey Hendrix. Mexico City. D. F. William George Kinney. Austin John Clinton Koch. Lufkin James Addington McCaul. Fort orth Horace William Netherton. Austin X avland Coats Rivers. Austin i SOPHOMORES Stayton Montgomery. Wichita Falls Roy Barto Fridge. Beeville E. Ghent Graves. Houston Robert Madden Hill. Dallas Alfred Sebring Lowrey, San Antonio Carl Fredric Mann. Austin James Taliferro Montgomery. Wichita Falls Howard Winn Parker. San Antonio William Penn. Austin Jerry Knox Robinson. Texarkana John Fritz Rudin. Dallas William Charles Tatom. Dallas Hugh Thompson. Fort Worth FRESHMEN Harry McKay Berry. Austin ' Robert Ellis Fridge. Beeville James Barrett Garrison, Austin illiam Henry George. Eagle Pass G. Graham Hamilton. Cuero EmiI Henry Klatt. Jr.. Galveston Alvin James Lewis. Temple Thomas McElhenney. Austin ' Jack Ayndon McKay. Austin ' Howard B. Ogden. Temple ' Dean Wiede Plath. San Antonio ' David Washbum Soelter. Dallas Joel Davis Sugg. Houston DeWitt Waltmon. Austin Thomas N. Thompson, Fort Worth PHI KAPPA PSI OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Housemanager HULON W. BLACK WILLARD H. BRENTLINGER . HOMER VINCENT CRAIG . EDWARD EVERETT HALE ALBERT EDWARD HAYWOOD JOSEPH LINDSEY HENDERSON Gus MACEY HODGES . CALEB PERRY PATTERSON ROBERT JOHN LEEBRICK, JR. THOMAS ANTHONY LOMBARDO. WILLIAM ROBERT HAMPTON HENRY WILLIAM GAUS FACULTY Director of the University Development Board Assistant Professor of Psychology Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics and Astronomy Professor of Economics Instructor in Bacteriology Professor of Secondary Education Professor of Law Professor of Government Top row: Boothe, Butler, Kucera, Box. Keck, Orr, Vanderpool. Second row: Murrell, Abney, Hester, Shepperd, Tyson, Leebrick, Winkler. Third row: Hardin, Midgley, Brien, Fulcher, Hockaday, Gaus, Keyes. Fourth row: Steel e, Hampton, Barnes, Newhouse, Hoffman, Mitchell, Kuhn, Sides. Fifth row: Waahburn, Votteler, Downing, Schmidt, Perkins, Lombardo, Glenn, Hutchinson. PACE 264 Charles Thompson Butler. Beaumont Johnny Downing. Birmingham. Ala. Carl Thomas Hester. Lubbock Donald Emmett Hockaday. Lubbock Jack Keck. Bremerton. Wash. SENIORS Robert John Leebrick, Long Beach. Calif. Frank Sheppard Midgley, Newkirk. Okla. George Braxton Newhouse, Long Beach. Calif. Alfred Edgar Shepperd, Gladewater JUNIORS Henry William Gaus. Beaumont Fred Price Brien. Amarillo Charles Mitchell. Los Angeles. Calif. Herbert Rov Kuhn. Vernon Merritt D. Orr. Dallas Clifton Perkins. Sweetwater Ray Leland Vanderpool, Tyler SOPHOMORES William Henry Boothe. Gonzales ' Courtney Clark. Tyler Joe R. G. Fulcher. Wichita Falls William Robert Hampton, Vernon Thomas Anthony Lombardo. Beaumont James Arthur Murrell, Jr., Vernon Joe David Sides, Lubbock Jack Russell Washburn. Fort Worth Clem Robert Winkler. Beaumont Theodore Paul Votteler. Dallas FRESHMEN George Hamilton Abney. Lampasas ' Kenneth Barnes, Austin ' Carlisle Box. San Antonio ' Matthew A. Glenn. Waco John Brown Hardin. Jr.. Yernon 6 Robert Ernest Hoffman. Vernon John Franklin Hutchinson, Vernon flson Keyes, Dallas Edgar Jackson Kucera. Dallas ' William C. Schmidt. Vernon John Albert Steele, Jr., Vernon Severn Tyson. Dallas PACE 265 PHI KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS Alpha Beta Sigma Tau . MAX KILLIAN THOMAS LESLIE HOWARD KLEIN ROBERT WARNER HARE C. F. ARROWOOD . L. L. CLICK . DR. J. A. CROCKETT READ CRANBERRY C. W. HACKETT . KENAN MANSEN . ARNO NOWOTNY . FACULTY Professor of Education Assistant Dean of College of Arts and Sciences University Health Service Professor of Electrical Engineering Professor of Latin-American History Assistant Professor of Naval Science and Tactics Dean of Men Top row: H. KLEIN, HARE, GARDNER. BOSTON, WOLCOTT, KILLIAN, AUSTIN. second row: DUPUIS, DUNACAN, GIERHART, GREEN, JENNINGS, COHEN, FLUITT. Third row: DIXON, TINDALL, BRICE. BLANKS, KOEBIC, JOHNSON, THOMPSON. LESLIE. Fourth row: SHOPE. CURREY, HUFFHINES, MOURSUND. WILSON, DICKENS, BEAMAN, RICHARDSON. PACE 266 , ; GRADUATE Rupert Richardson. Abilene SENIORS Edwin George Cohen. Los Angeles. Calif. Max Killian. Mesa. Ariz. Alfred Koebig. Geronimo N. T. McCaleb. Jr.. Arlington Henry Raeburn Thompson. Pampa Eldon N. Wolcott, Kerrville JUNIORS Lvle Easlev Fluitt. Hereford Robert Warner Hare. Dallas SOPHOMORES James Manley Beaman. Austin William Davidson Blanks. Austin Abel Joe Dupuis. Houston C. C. Huffhines. Richardson Howard Klein. Tomball Earl Moursund. Austin ' Richard Lanier Thomas. Dallas FRESHMEN James Bryan Austin. Plainview ' Charles Boston. Shamrock Hollis Brice, Coleman Donn Currey. Crockett " Terry Dickens. M arlin ' Charles Dixon. Texarkana ' Billy Dunagan. Dallas ' Eugene Gardner. San Angelo ' Clell Gierhart Shamrock ' Earl Green. Texarkana ' Frank Jennings. Greenwood. La. ' Bennett Jay Johnson. Greenwood, La. Gus Lanier, Marquez ' Thomas Leslie. Milford 1267 ' Ernest B. Shope. New Braunfels ' Marvin Tindall, Shamrock ' George Wilson. Marlin PHI KAPPA TAU OFFICERS President SAMUEL C. FRYANT V ice-President WALTER WOLLAM Secretary JACK E. DEAL Treasurer WILLIAM H. SLABE V Luis HAMILTON BARTLETT FREDERICK BYRON PLUMMER ARNE WILLIAM RANDALL . FRANK LOREN WINSHIP . FACULTY Mechanical Test Engineer, Bureau of Engineering Research Geologist, Bureau of Economic Geology Assistant Professor of Art Drama Top row: PEREZ, EPPERSON, UDDEN, WRIGHT. Second row: MATLOCK, BROCK, STIMSON, ROBINSON. Third row: WOLLAM, FRYANT, SLABE, MAHONEY, DEAL. PACE 26S SENIORS Jack E. Deal. Canton. Ohio John C. Epperson. Alpine ' Robert E. Fleischli. St. Louis. Mo. Samuel C. Fryant. Jackson. Miss. Melvin B. Gad. St. Louis. Mo. 0rval K. Hallam. Dodson, Mont. ' Lawrence C. Mahoney, Boston. Mass. Raul B. Perez. Coronada, Calif. William H. Slabe. Struthers. Ohio Walter Wollam. Alliance. Ohio JUNIORS Richard L. McConn. El Paso Joe E. Robinson. Austin Weldon Stimson, Rock wall SOPHOMORES " Robert F. Brock. Houston William Matlock. Floresville ' Marshall H. Udden. Benlonville. Ark. ' James C. Wright. Galveston p. , m PHI SIGMA DELTA OFFICERS Master Frater ZELIG HERBERT LIEBERMAN Vice-Master Prater . . . . . . IRVING MAYER EISEN Secretary WALTER CLARENCE WOLFF, JR. Housemanager LEON S. BRIN Top row: KAUFMAN, FOX, EISEN, FRANKEL, BAILES, WAGNER. Second row: ZARROW, MICHELSON, MILLER, TO.NKON, ROSENTHAL, EDELMAN, CLASS. Third row: COHEN, PANDRES, WOLFF, LIEBERMAN, BRIN, PEPPER, STONE. PACE 270 JUNIORS Leon S. Brin, Fort Dodge, Iowa Henry Cohen. Houston Irving Mayer Eisen, Beaumont Richard Alden Frankel. Austin ' Frederick Lewis. Houston Zelig Herbert Lieberman. San Antonio Morton Lee Pepper, Denver, Colo. Walter Clarence Wolff. Jr.. San Antonio Jack Carl Zarrow. Tulsa. Okla. SOPHOMORES Jerry Carl Bailes, Houston Leland Jesse Schwartz. Houston Milton Solman Scheps. Houston Max Edward Tonkon, Dallas Sig Kahn Wagner. Houston FRESHMEN ' Stanford Jerome Alexander. Houston ' Raymond Buck Edelman. Tyler Myles Naylord Fox, Houston ' James Harold Glasberg, San Antonio ' James Gerber Glass. Mt. Kisca, N. Y. ' Raymond Jay Kaufman, Shreveport. La. ' David Jerome Michelson, Gonzales ' Shenvin Paul Miller, Tulsa, Okla. ' Dave Pandres, Jr., Gainesville ' Mark Seeley Robinson, Houston ' Richard Ebert Rosenthal. Dallas ' Donald James Stone. San Antonio PI KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS S. M. C. I. M. C. S. C. Th. C Corresponding Secretary WILLIAM THOMAS BALLARD HARRY ALLEN GUMP PHILIP MARION STEVENSON WILLIAM ENGLISH HAMILTON CHARLES ANDREW SCHURR FACULTY L. THEO BELLMONT ... Gus K. EIFLER, JR CLIFFORD MARVIN MONTGOMERY Director of Physical Training for Men Assistant Professor of Geology Professor of Romance Languages i PACE 272 V KMORS William Thomas Ballard. Mt. Pleasant William English Hamilton, San Saba Allen Albert Humphrey. Dallas William Dewey Lawrence. Tyler Wyatt T. Norman. Rusk SECOND-YEAR LAW William Joe Jackson. Austin FIRST-YEAR LAW Cleo Arthur Nipper. Lefors Elton Leslie Brogden. Arlington James Walter Crawley. Arlington Robert Alfred Dube. Agua Dulce JUNIORS Harry Allen Gump. Dallas " Edward J. Hannigan. Fort orth Charles Allen Hickok. Houston Joe Lee James. Sherman Aubrey Wayne Price. Eden Philip Marion Stevenson. Houston William Robert Vaden. El Paso Peyton Osbome .Abbott Austin Hugh Taylor Collins. Tulsa. Okla. ' William Gardner. Austin ' Herman Charles Haack. San Antonio Frank Joseph Jackson. Austin ' Robert Bruce Love. Austin James Henry McCullick. Borger SOPHOMORES Robert Mathews. San Antonio Derwood Owens. Trinity John Cumbee Rainwater. Calvert Wilbur Floyd Ross. Corpus Christi Clyde Lee Russell. Trout Dale. Oregon Delbert C. Sahli. Amarillo Walter H. Schrader. Needville Charles Andrew Shurr. Austin Bert Larson Stovall. Amarillo Wilbur Treadwell. Austin Victor S. Werley. Fort Smith. Ark. David Wilhelm. Houston James K. Wilhelm. Houston FHKSHMKN V rwick Otho Adams. Jr.. Alice Marcus E. Bennett Granger John Jay Boren. Sn der Maurice Edward Casey. Jr.. Hou tn " Arnold Heidt. Austin Robert Calvin Jenkins. San Antonio Dewey Long. Muskogee. Okla. Jack Porter Martin. Austin Joseph Buttrill Reid. Jr.. Canadian John Preston Ritchie. Mineral Wells John Lee Smith. Austin Dolan Snvder Williams. Canadian SIGMA ALPHA EPSILDN OFFICERS Eminent Archon . Eminent Deputy Archon Eminent Recorder Eminent Treasurer EDGAR WILSON MONTEITH JOHN Bo YD CARTER, JR. WATSON SIMONS WILLIAM FRANK SMITH FACULTY EVERETT G. SMITH . JAMES BLANTON WHAREY Professor of Marketing Professor of English ft CX TL t Top row: Todd, Young, Benedict, K. Swanson, Stripling. Shannon, Croom, Bosanko. Second row: Lemon, Sheppard, Rees, W. Moore, J. Swanson. Midcap, Marshall. Brollier. Third row: McCracken, Carter, Applegate, Spence, Davenport, Moody, Hughes, Ball. Fourth row: Spalding. Day, Johnston, Cwyn, Monteith, Williams, Pearson, R. Moore, Roberts. Filth row: Griffith, Love, Chamberlain, Damirgian, Smith, Duncan, C. Murray, Mcador, R. Murray. Sixth row: Brown, Rogers, Schreiner, Butts, Dobbins, Simons, Hopkins, Ottenson, Cuinn. PACE 274 John Boyd Carter. Jr.. Houston Cleveland Croom. Houston Harry Yandell Benedict. Austin Keith L. Brown. Sterling. III. John Houghton Brownlee. Austin Robert Damir. Modesto. Calif. Henry S. Gwyn. Jr.. Houston Albert James Hopkins. Temple GRADUATES SENIORS William L. Moore. Wichita Falls Edgar Wilson Monteith. Houston Larry Moore. Wichita Falls Warren Alonzo Rees, Houston William T. Roberts. Dallas Jack Gordon Swanson. Dallas Robert Edward Walton. Gary. Ind. Clyde Love. Houston SECOND-YEAR-LAWS Oscar Scott Rogers. Henderson Robert Spence. Tyler FIRST-YEAR-LAWS Charles Dana Butts. Wichita Falls Kenneth Swanson. Dallas JUNIORS Frank Thomas Abraham. Tyler James Applegate. Los Angeles. Calif. Thomas Armoir Ball. San Antonio Robert Bosanko. Los Angeles. Calif. Joe Busch. Los Angeles. Calif. William Conde Charlton. Dallas Robert M. Damirgian. Riverbank, Calif. Fred W. Day. Jr.. Temple Llewellan Brooks Griffith. Austin Ransom Jackson. Little Rock. Ark. Lamar Johnston. Los Angeles. Calif. Joseph H. McCracken. III. Dallas Clark Franklin Murray. San Antonio ' Ronald Ottenson, Los Angeles. Calif. ' Ronald Pearson. Los Angeles. Calif. Charles Schreiner. III. Kerrville Thomas M. Shannon. Houston William F. Smith. Wichita Falls ' Charles Boone Spaulding. Bardstown. Ky. ' Wesley Stripling. Fort Worth William Todd. Fort Worth ' Robert E. Beaman. Houston ' Ben A. Brollier. Houston Richard Alan Davenport. Oak Park. III. SOPHOMORES ' Don Guinn. Tyler Ross Dillon Hughes. Jr.. Blytheville. Ark. Joe Emmet Marshall. Greenville ' Dan Moodv. Jr.. Austin ' Roy Farrar Moore. Houston ' Robert R. Murray. San Antonio Watson Townes Simons. Tvler FRESHMEN ' Fred H. Bennett. Jr.. San Antonio ' Charles Devere Chamberlain. Jr.. San Antonio ' Charles J. Dobbin . Temple ' John House Duncan. Houston Therian C. Lemon. Jr.. Evanston. 111. ' Wallace Meador. Dallas ' James C. Midcap. San Antonio ' James P. Sheppard. San Antonio ' Joe C. Williams. San Antonio J illiam Louis Young. Monterrey. Mex. I ITS SIGMA ALPHA MU OFFICERS Prior . . . HAROLD SILBERBERG Recorder HAROLD GILBERT Exchequer STANLEY MINDES Housemanager AL HOLZMARK FACULTY AARON SCHAFFER Professor of Romance Languages ' Top row: ALEXANDER, ALVIN ZIDELL, ALLAN ZIDELL, ACKERMAN, GILBERT, HOLZMARK. Second row: MINDES, ROSENWASSER, A. BUCHALTER, LIPSTATE, EPSTEIN, M. BUCHALTER. Third row: COHEN, HARRIS, SILBERBERG, STRAUSS, H. WELTMAN, I.. WELTMAN. Fourth row: WERBA, HELZBERG, BERLER, MAZER, TRAVIS, KAMEON. PACE 276 SENIORS James R. Alexander. Dallas James Berler. Austin ' Aubrey Buchalter. Hattiesburg. ' Maurice Buchalter. Hattiesburg. ? Harold Gilbert. Houston Earl Herring. Amarillo AI Holzmark. Kansas City. Mo. Irwin Harold Silberberg, Clarksville Theodore H. Strauss. Stamford Louis E. Weltman. Fort Worth Howard Cluck. Houston JUNIORS Herbert Kameon, New York. N. Y. Richard Sandow Travis. Thermopolis. Wyo. Stanley Mindes. San Antonio SOPHOMORES Edward Ackerman. Dallas ' Joseph Meyer Cristol. Fort X orth Melvin Epstein. Bay Gty 1 Howard Goldstucker, Tyler Irving Harris. San Antonio Henrv James Weltman. Fort Worth Marvin Cohen. Houston Robert Cohn. Fort Worth ' Julian Fiegel. Tyler ' Bernard Glickman. X ichita Falls Howard Helzberg. Kansas City. Mo. Eugene Lipstate. Tyler Lawrence Mazer. San Antonio ' M. Rickey Marder. New York .N. V ' Benjamin Mettler. Vernon rman Shof man. Tyler ' Edward Rosenwasser. Fort Worth ' Gabriel Werba. Harlingen FRESHMEN ' AllanZidell.Tavlor ' Alvin Zidell. Taylor SIGMA CHI OFFICERS Consul Pro Consul . Annotator Quaestor WILLIAM I. SALNIKOV WILLIAM G. ANDERSON WALTER L. GRAY JAMES H. EVANS FACULTY D. E. CARSTARPHEN . . . . . Instructor in English A. E. COOPER . . .... . Professor of Applied Mathematics S. P. FINCH Professor of Civil Engineering JACK GRAY . . . " . . . . Basketball Coach HUGH McMATH Assistant Professor of Architecture J. W T . MOORE Professor of Law Top row: Gonzenbach, Crittenberger, Cray, Woellert, Salnikov, Morley. Second row: Smith, DeViney, Haynes, Runge, Frost, Gates, Day. Third row: Nunn, Bowers, Evans, Locy, Thompson, Anderson, Morris. Fourth row: Birdwell, Jensen, Good, McDowell, Grantham, Sieling, Wells. Fifth row: Cromwell, Hollingsworth, Davis, Roehl, Martin, Elliott, Burk. PACE 278 GRADUATE Richard Patton Ballard. Austin SKMORS William G. Anderson. Morris. 111. Glen E. DeViney. Chicago. 111. James H. Evans. Dallas Phil A. Gates. Phoenix. Ariz. L. G. Gonzenhach. Taylor Donald T. Grantham. Houston Thomas Hollinsworth. Noblesville, Ind. William I. Salnikov, Tulsa, Okla. John T. Wells, Hamilton, III. SECOND-YEAR-LAW Joseph E. Roehl. Austin ' Jackson B. Atkinson. Fort Worth William Edwin Bowers. Helena. Ark. S. Brvan Burk. Tvler JUNIORS Walter L. Gray. Oklahoma City. Okla. Kenneth R. Jensen. Salt Lake City, Utah John Judd Locy. Longview L. Sandborn McDowell. Austin R. Robert Nunn. El Paso James C. Stevenson. Winnetka. 111. SOPHOMORES Noble Sidney Haynes. Tyler Edgar P. Martin. Houston John Runge. Houston Jack L. Thompson. San Antonio William L. Woellert. Poth FRESHMEN George R. Birdwell. Tyler Dale Jackson Crittenberger. San Antonio Frank Rhea Cromwell. Mt. Pleasant ' Donald A. I)a i-. Vernon Jim Day. Houston William F. Elliott. Overton Thomas C. Frost. Jr.. San Antonio R.L. Good. Tyler Horace C. Hail. Laredo Jack Morley. Austin John Morris. San Antonio Thomas Sieling. Dallas Jack Smith. Austin f Mary Jo Long immye Tisdale Joan Connolly- Frances Stephens Kathryn Bonar UMIIVEES Lou Ellen Bryan Mary A. Santleben Ruby Schwarz Lillian Leach June Goen Zoe Nell Klunkert Mary Margaret Grogan Catherine Arlene Blotz SWEETHEART OF SIGMA CHI i _-. SIGMA ' U OFFICERS Eminent Commander Lieutenant Commander . Recorder .... Treasurer , MALCOLM YOUNG COLBY HENRY GORDON DAMON GEORGE HOMER FANCHER ARCHIE N. JONES . EUGENE PAUL SCHOCH . JOHN FRANCIS WATKINS SAMUEL S. SENGELMANN, JR. RICHARD LEE WALKER CHARLES UPTON SHEFFIELD FACULTY Professor of Physics Associate Professor of Geology Professor of Petroleum Engineering Professor of Music Professor of Chemistry M 7 i, Top row: FOWLER, BUCCOLA, HARRINGTON, BYARS, BURRUSS, SHEFFIELD, PHILLIPS, WATKINS, HERDERING. Second raw: HOLBERG, PATTERSON, WOHLGEMUTH, GRIEVE, GRIZZARD, SENGELMANN, WITT, MELCH, CROWLEY. Third row: CHAPMAN, HALL, GIVENS, MUSSLEWHITE, LEONARD, JOYCE, WALKER, NEALE, HEARN. Fourth row: LILLEY, KROHN, COLLINS, HARPER, ROGERS. PRATT, FULLER, DANIELS, JONES, BEARDEN. PACE 282 SENIORS Guy A. Buccola. Los Angeles, Calif. Jack C. Neale, San Diego, Calif. John Warren Burruss. Oklahoma Gty. Okla. Samuel S. Sengelmann. Jr.. Houston Edgar C. Chapman. Los Angeles, Calif. Charles Upton Sheffield. Austin ' Joseph J. Crow ley. San Francisco, Calif. Richard Lee Walker, Los Angeles, Calif. David Michael Hall. Los Angeles, Calif. John Francis Watkins, Pasadena. Calif. Richard Wohlgemuth. Huntingdon Park, Calif. FIRST-YEAR-LAW Curtis Herbert Judge. Houston Donald Leroy Bentsen. Mission ' Douglas Byars. Austin Earl Lee Collins. Dallas ' Holt P. Daniels, Houston John Leonard Givens. San Antonio JUNIORS James P. Grizzard. Denton Mike Harrington, Piano ' Thomas Hearn, Los Angeles, Calif. ' John Herdering. Los Angeles. Calif. Millard H. Holberg. Houston ' Wavne John. Fort Worth Robert Leonard, Jr., Los Angeles. Calif. Charles Ray Patterson, Houma. La. Norton A. Rugeley, Wharton John R. Shaw, San Antonio ' Jimmv Witt. Lubbock Joe Carroll. San Antonio SOPHOMORES J. Carlton Fuller. Colorado City Russell Parks Grieve. Jr.. San Antonio FRESHMEN ' Robert L. Bearden, Dallas ' Horace Jones Fowler, Hamilton " Ben Harper. Brown wood ' James Samuel Jones. Jr.. Austin ' Joe Joyce. Austin ' Jack C. Krohn. Houston ' James E. Lilley. Fort Worth ' Herbert Melch. Mission ' Robert C. Musslewhite, Lufkin ' Arthur Byrd Phillips. Ozona ' Lloyd E. Pratt Harlingen ' John Rogers. Au Iin tux 213 SIGMA PHI EPSILDN OFFICERS President GEORGE F. BAILEY V ice-President HERBERT L. BREWER Secretary EDWIN BALLIEW Treasurer . . . WILLIAM H. HOLLOWAY Top row: SMITH, BRANNAN, SMOLKOVICH, HUDDLESTON, HOLLOWAY. Second row: LYON, RAILEY, DELLANO, CALDWELL, SCHMIDLY, ALTHOFF. Third row: PECK, BREWER, FRIAUF, BAILEY, McKAMEY, ARNALL. Fourth row: STROSHINE, CUARINO. WRIGHT, OLIVER, ANDERSON, BALLIEW. PACE 284 SENIORS Gene Althoff. Badger Basin. Wyo. Robert Lyon. Takoma. Wash. Charles Huddleston, Dallas Stuart Rubaloff. Hollywood. Calif. George E. Smith. Jr.. Amarillo SECOND-YEAR-LAW M. L. Lewis. Hot Springs. Ark. FIRST-YEAR-LAW Robert Caldwell. Den ton Dwight Arnall. Artesia. N. Mex. George Bailey. New York City. V Edwin Balliew. Dallas Robert Brannan. Sinton JUNIORS Herbert Brewer. Emporia. Kans. Frank Friauf. Pampa C. H. Hamilton. Memphis. Tenn. William H. Holloway. Hondo Donald Longnecker, Shaker Heights. Ohio ' Willard A. McCorkle. Charleston. W. Va. Richard McKusicL Dexter Jim Peck. Davton. Ohio Louis Ragone. Galveston Victor Sakillar. Lvnn. Mass. Gerald Calhoun. San Antonio Rodrigo De Llano. Laredo Pete Guarino. Houston SOPHOMORES Roger E. Lewis. Dallas ' Norman Kudla. Houston Robert Mckamey. Jr.. Memphis. Tenn. Theodore Nelson. Fort Worth Joseph Smolkovich. Gary. Ind. James Wright. Vernon FRESHMEN William Anderson. Austin Wallace Moore. Del Ray Beach. Fla. Hugh Oliver. Alice Ramond Ragone. Galveston Malcolm Railey. Austin J. B. Robertson. Memphis. Tenn, Warren Roche, Paris James Schmidly. Fort Worth Charles Stroshine. Alice TAU DELTA PHI OFFICERS Consul MORTON DAVID PRAGER Vice-Consul JAY LITTMAN TODES Scribe JULIUS Louis MENDEL Quaestor JARRELL DAVID RUBINETT FACULTY JARRELL DAVID RUBINETT . . . Instructor in Mechanical Engineering Top row: DRANDELL, PRACER, ROSENBERG. Second row: BERMAN, MENDEL, STOOL, ABRAMSON. Third row: STILLMAN, ADELMAN, TODES, SPECTOR. PACE 286 GRADUATES Milton Drandell. Dallas Julius Louis Mendel. Amarillo Jarrell David Rubinett. Dallas SENIORS Robert Marvin Shapiro. Houston Jay Littman Todes, X barton JUNIOR Morton David Prager. Dallas Harold Abramson. Dallas Robert Julius Berman. Dallas SOPHOMORES Mike Cory, Laredo Morton Rosenberg. Chicago. 111. ' Bernard Specter, San Antonio ' Albert W. Stillman. Dallas FRESHMEN Jay Leonard Adelman. San Antonio Irving Donosky, Dallas -om. D. Stool. Del Rio r : - TEJAS CLUB OFFICERS Xinesi EUGENE JOSEPH MCMULLEN Vice-Xinesi FISHER WELLS CULBERSON Secretary ELTON DAVID SOLTES Business Manager WILLIAM HECTOR BLANEY, JR. FACULTY CHARLES DANIEL BOSSINGER EUGENE JOSEPH MCMULLEN ELTON DAVID SOLTES . HOWARD WILLIAM TOWNSEND Instructor in Chemistry Instructor in Chemistry Instructor in Chemistry Instructor in Speech Top row. McMULLEN. BOSSINGER, SOLTES, CULBERSON, DAWLEY, GOEHRS. Second row: TOOLSON, DWYER, BLANEY, GROPPE, MITCHELL, TOBLER. Third row: JOHNSON, SHARP, JONES, BARTRAM, MONTGOMERY, POST, SMITH. PACE: 1 i GRADUATES Charles Daniel Bossinger. Little Rock. Ark. Elton David Soltes, Dallas Eugene Joseph McMuIlen, Minneapolis, Minn. SENIORS John William Bartram. Mobeetie William Hector Blaney. Jr.. Dallas Robert Bush. Dallas Robert Arthur Daw ley. Kansas City. Mo. Edward Jefferson Jones. Houston Patrick E. Dwver. El Paso Homer Richard Goehrs, Houston Ernest Henry Groppe, West Robert Dean Johnson. Daisetta William Hayes Montgomery, Dallas Jack Post, Edinburg Robert Lee Sharp, Jr., Houston Henry Strange Tobler, Austin Landell Vern Toolson, Smithfield, Utah JUNIORS Fisher Wells Culberson. Gatesville Joe Richard Mitchell, Bangs James Wesley Smith. Houston THETA XI OFFICERS Preident Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Housemanager WILLIAM DALLAS EVANS, JR. ROBERT WINSTON BLEVINS MARION MCL.EAN LEWIS JAMES ROBERT GRIFFIN ROBERT LOYD LUMPKIN FACULTY GORDON B. MAINLAND ARCHIE W. STRAITON JOHN W. MOORE Instructor in Zoology Professor of Electrical Engineering National Cotton Council o a Ah Top row: Melton, Redwine, Kenney, Hempe, Blevins, Henderson. Second row: Fielder, Dawson, Kellogg. McDonald, McCord, Blake, Morse. Third row: Dickerson, Merchant, Wiley, Keglcr. Thomson, Meyers, Wilson. Fourth row: Wheeler, Braly, Danford, Price, Currie, Hopkins, Lewis. Fifth row: Evans, Griffin, Lumpkin, Banner, Aenchbacher, Udden, Woodward. PACE 290 ' SENIORS Jack Brown. Austin Willard Otis Downing, San Antonio William Dallas Evans. Houston Melvin Edward Fielder. Corpus Christi James Robert Griffin, Temple Arthur Robert Hempe, Jr.. Chicago, 111. Robert Loyd Lumpkin. Dallas John Bryan Price. Kilgore SECOND- YEAR LAW J. P. Wheeler, Austin FIRST-YEAR-LAWS George Milton Hopkins, Jr_ Den ton Earl E. Simms, Jr.. Austin Jack Gage Banner. Austin Robert Winston Blevins, Dallas JUNIORS Robert Gene Buckles, Abilene Herbert Harris Fincher, Alvin Marion McLean Lewis. Beeville Clarence Bartlett Melton, Pharr Robert W. Rolston, Los Angeles, Calif. Garland Aenchbacher. Longview James Harris Blake. Ill, Kerrville Bobby Ray Brown, Luting Joe Franklin Danford. Hunt SOPHOMORES Robert Garrett Henderson, Tyler Niran E. Kellogg, Houston Delphon Charles Kenney. Harlingen Howard Lancaster, Beeville Earl McDonald, Austin " Harry Wallace Merchant, Austin Winston Terrell Redwine, Tahoka ' Walter Eugene Braly. Brady ' Kenneth Clifton Currie. Galveston ' Wilfred Thomas Dawson. Galveston Sam James Dickerson. Dallas ' William Vern Kegler. Laredo Paul Charles McCord. Temple Carl Maxey, Austin Charles Meyers, Wichita Falls William Glenn Morgan. Temple Bleecher Lansins Morse. Galveston Fred Lantie Thomson. Austin Sam Mauritz Udden, Corpus Christi William J. Wiley, Wichita Falls FRESHMEN Ramon L. Wilson, Orange ' Curtis Lee Woodward, Brady Pad 1 1 INTERFHATEMITY COUNCIL OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Reporter RICHARD MOLLISON ROBERT LIEBRICK WILLIAM HOLLOWAY Sic WAGNER Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Tan Omega Beta Theta Pi Chi Phi Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Tan Delta Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Tau Phi Sigma Delta Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Tan Delta Phi Theta Xi MEMBERS Leonard Rosenberg William H. Moore James Irl Montgomery Ben Wayne Greig Jack Blanton Roy Munroe John Barnhart William Brownlee Ferguson Alan Harding Jack Vaughn Richard Mollison Clifton Perkins Eldon Wolcott William R. Kendall Sig Wagner Allen E. Humphrey William Larry Moore Theodore Strauss James Hanson Evans Donald E. Bentsen William Holloway Morton Prager Robert Lumpkin Aaron Winetroub Robert Bradley William Litchfield Robert B. Crouch James Kemper Robert Sneed Morton Bigger, Jr. James Bayless Richard Glover William Kinney Jack Brady Howard Klein Sam C. Fryant Zelig Lieberman Harry Gump Edward Monteith Ray Grasty Guy A. Buccola George Bailey George A. Peabody a Top row: W. H. Moore, Bcntsen, W. L. Moore, Mollison, Bayless, Montgomery, Kemper, Peabody. Second row: Ferguson, Wolcott. Winetroub, Perkins, Btanton, " Bradley, Kendall, Sliced. Third row: Klein, Rosenberg, Bigger, Greig, Crouch, Munroe Litchfield, Holloway. Fourth row: Kinney, Fryant, Glover, Harding, Gump, Evans Bailey Vaughn. Fifth row: Lieberman Buccola, Prager, Lumpkin, Humphrey, Monteith, Barnhart, Strauss, Wagner. PACE 292 JAPANESE SURRENDEI aps Sign, Truman Sets Sunday as V-J D? i M tali about ly. a lot of h atcaad imp til three r " j to bear a tot raon RM to a e;lrtioB of Mead raain a I-,t of kids wbo-re raak-j the ww M KtfM an riM nhUnli viol . C bole i t;oc W tku Ktrti ry . t _% a lot of n ihiai i W aad. wttk aB A v fcan ;o r tb J ' ..jonaOr at UM Invrf by txt c t M r stt v.tbhi rervoc 1 ' s ' " W. oriaDy at the rWtan trip to forftt it all ot draiiac with the faralUai aw place. aapW btrr ipk a diffcras ' . Truman ' To Ce Endt Is Q,OTred For r Holiday i Proclaimed L lac Arthur Named lippoti Commander mcfif We Look, General? " ' And of A Under W attention Focused on U. juri in Tokyo Bay, Scene Signing of Surrender. ire University Shuts Door? Long, Hard Task ' 1 To Celebrate Two DaN?Y;i s Ahead JApESE COM Fc ND OPTRA Sunn A v Awaifan nv Otmni c c lO v Rush week starts things off for the girls at TU; Alpha Phi ' s look mighty happy. Pi Phi ' s go Ha- waiian. Gamma Phi rush. Kappas and rushees at the Gay Ninety party. Delta Gammas pose in the living room. ADPi ' s on the porch. Chi Omega eve- ning rush party. PACE 294 More Gamma Phi ' s pose for the photographer. Alpha Chi Omega ' s Elsie Van Ha elin and Martha Chambers. Tri Dell ' s rush. D.PhiE ' s pose in the doorway. Theta ' s at their clown party. Lois Kirkpatrick and Jeanie illiamson sing for their supper. Sammie Farrier. Dianne Stanzell. Emily Glassell and Nancy Johns at the Zeta house. July registration bigger and better (mess). Freshman convocation in Sep- tember starts the new year off right. PACE 296 Sunn; Dunham dance i I-} Scottie Robinson anil Lyle Fluitl. Evel)n Goldberg and Dick Rosen- thai. Jody Lewi- and How- ard oun. More of the . ame fun. Trie Mary Lee Lins- comh. Jean Black. Glenna Lee Couch. Track star. Bob I m tattd. takes time out with Jean Smith and Nancy What- " [ectators enjoy the vic- n er Pics 297 Texas goes for a touchdown against Bergstrom. Spectators go wild. Vets from McCloskey show a great deal of enthusiasm for ' : ole Army. " I. f 1 hi Omegas honored Camp Swift queens. - eetheart Farrier poses in her room. Head cheerleader. Hi mith. i:i -s Peggy Murphey and Jamie Keisling a thrill. Ansel Brogden pre- ieal at Pi K A --. TO pledge smoker ns house into gambling joint. Barbary Coa t gal, Coffee, poses at the tar. N 5i| -t-re- ie the brothers. ayne Price and date pose for il . Admiral Nimitz salutes Austin. Jane Chinn drives three members of Nimitz staff. Daily Texan representatives, Mickey and Buzz, at the Nimitz dinner. Admiral and Mrs. Nimitz being interviewed by crowd at Gregory Gym. Spectators cheer as Nimitz plane lands in Austin. Ann Myers presents Mrs. Nimitz with roses as a welcoming gesture. Honorary Phi Beta Kappa key is given to Admiral. Traditional Navy Ring Dance in the Longhorn Room. Bubba Kor- sham and Rosie Hemingson at the Deke formal . Double dose at the Ring Dance lucky girl. Bill Fer- n and Buzzy McClure at the kapjia Si- ma formal. Margaret Simmons and Ben Welch at the Ml - VICA dance in September. Jcanette Blocker at the Alpha Chi ( hnesa formal. Texas Tecli gets taken 33-to-O. Face the camera, please. Two down, three to go. Hurry kiddies or you ' ll he lale to the game. If you try. you can make it. It ' s only ahout 80 yards. Exciting ain ' t i:? Tom Harrel of U.T. and his brother of O.U. before the game. Score, Texas 12. O.U. 7. Enthusi- astic band onlookers. Home town make good over Baylor. Brechtol takes the ball around end at the T.C.U. game. A T.C.U. Horned Frog just can ' t quite reach him. Just a couple of hicks from ATO party. Must be nice to he surrounded nice filling, too. Charm- ing? Now, boys, be sure to be in on time. Andy Shurr seems to be enjoy- ing the books. John Le Baron furnishes the laughs for the Nav dance. That ' s right, all the way down Captain Valer. tine. Ah. romance. Seem? the L -Servicemen s show a- r-porting the A Chi O trio. Look like Betty Mark is enjoy- in? the company of Ferris M -- Gherty. or is it vice versa? WhaL - -iba? What happened to the Rock Room fellers? Down the hatch Mi Harding you ' ll be - rr . Polka? What ' s so funny. Mike ' ' Laughing or singing? Local yokels storm Big " D. " Semper Fidelis. Dallas products, Halfpenny, Ta- tom, Peters, Rooster. For all the Rice in China . . . Whoosh, one for Sweet Alice, please. " He ' ll climb the rig- Baylor ' s Coach Kimbrough leaves the field all hot and bothered after a fifteen-yard penalty. Band doings be- tween halves. Bevo takes a stroll around the track. Mike Callas in an upright position for once. Red Ma). Sonny Berry. Jeep Smith. Jimmy- Jones, and Charlie Hickok warming up to a Locomotive. M Roy says, " Put that ring on my finger. " General and gen- erous smiles at the Navy Ring Dance indicate a suc- cessful party. Captain Valen- tine says " here have you been all of my life. " Wonder if it was spiked? Nancy Johns gets down to work. Think she ' ll catch cold? No man shortage here. Katherine Friend discover- ing the Pacific. An unusual Curtain Club party no beer. Drama make-up for " Risht You Are. " Graduat- ing Kotcees get their first sea dutv. And now he ' s an officer and a gentleman. They certainly can Can-Can. Texas Tech warming the bench. Three of Kappa ' s blithe spirits. And more of the Navy gradua- tion. The Betas might be heading for school and then again? Lillian Kopecky and Marian Boyd. At the MICA corral. Sammie Far- rier turns her smile on Clay- ton Blake va . punch at the Ml open house. Just a bunch of " kids " at the Newman Club party. Sterling. . n. X ink and Bonnie pose w ith s-rl- " Phi P-i " and " Deke. " Judging from expressions the - ' iman Dance must not have V good time had all at the Sigma Chi - part . Wonder if mongrel " Phi Psi " l.elie e- in sians. Getting acquainted on the off- beat at the Freshman Dance. All out for the rally before the Bergstrom game. Sigma Chi ' s " Ten Years from Now " party. ATO ' s in the high grass again. Malcolm Reuley, Margie Bell and Hugh Oliver enjoy the Sig Ep ranch party. Sigma Nus at it again at Barnharts lodge, that ' s the joke? Bartons plays host to the All-University pic- nic. Texas does it again and wins 20 to 10 over A. and M. The long and the short of it captains for the day. Rooster Andrews and Jimmy Plyler. Dorothy Rushing enjoys watch- ing the Longhorns trample over the Aggie Farmers. Blazing pep rally. Jeep looks mighty happy about something. What goes up must come down. Every- one turns out for the A. and M. pep rally. Longhorn Band really gives out. ' . a - - The bonfire, cheerleaders, and the crowd get ready to trounce the Aggie?. The Theta Xi ' s display their win- ning poster for the game. Patty Hunt and her date Kt-rn to be interested in -omething the game may- be? Women at the Ex- Servicemen ' s meeting. Glammer guys make like the Andrews Sis- ters at the Navy Dance. Gamma Phi ' s, Dekes, and Phi Psi ' s gather in the living room for Barhary Coast enter- tainment. Walter Gray gives Betty Bird one to grow on. Celebrating V-J Day in true Amer- ican style. Smile pretty for the birdie. V-J Day hoopla. Strength displayed at the Nimitz parade. Commander Fer- guson talks at V-E Day rally. The Navy salutes the boys overseas on V-E Day. Final Victory! More of the Nimitz parade. jP A good time was had by all before the Radio House cast went on the air. Election Day comes to U.T. " Please vote for our candidate for Varsity Carnival Queen. " Clayton Blake- way takes the floor at the Ex -Servicemen ' s meeting. m Hillel open house. Bo Herring pour? for the " .M.- at their formal. Jimmy Allen and Lucy KuL ' S- ' lo win first prize at the M.I.C.A. Radio Pro- gram party. He was the " Shadow " and she was " Lights Out. " Dancing with the Micas. Close har- mony. Boys, her phone number is 86942. The Navy passes loutj in re- view for Captain Me- Cown. Varsity Carnival Queen Peggy Black smiles her thanks for the roses. Phi Delts give themselves a plug. Phi Gams get ready for the big show. Just a little simple mathematics. Setting up for the carnival. 1 , Sammie doesn ' t look as if she ought to be loveless. Ben Haden barks in hopes of dragging in a few sucker-. bit of the light fantastic. Those heavenly (?) Alpha Phi " . Mingling around at the Carnival. Stealing the Cowbov Minstrel stuff. 5ft COKES CAKES -.--,-: ' , K iy V , H The Varsity Carni- val Queen candi- dates put their cheesecake on the line. " Fse a Phi Gam, you-all ! " The K.A. ' s revert to type. Some more of the spirit of good fun. Three dead-ringers. The work crew gives a heave and a ho. Si-Mffi The Pi Phi ' s masquerade and the Carothers girls have their Christmas formal. Curtain Clubbers have an informal sup- per while the Texan Staff uses all the trimmings. Home EC Club girls have supper at the Chuck Wagon we see Vir- ginia Barron, Marydean Barren, Jean Finch. Kathleen Collie, Geraldine Pipsaire. and Joy Stoltzfus; the Tri Delt ' s use drinks and pretty girls to make the boys happy; Phi Psi ' s go formal to supper. Journalism 12b has a party: the Navy has their annual Ring Dance; the Betas get cozy on the floor at their Christmas party. The A.E.Phi ' s formal with Hedie Berwald and Emily Kahn and their dates. The boys seem to have lost something at the Pi Phi Masquerade Ball. I Mary. Marion you ' d better watch out, you better not - Roxi and Pat. and so Santa Claus. Merry is made at Carothers formal. Newman Hall and open houses are one and the same. Sur- prise? Phi Kappa Sig formal. Formats are in order Alpha Epsilon Phi. ' ' Dr. Frederick has as visitors W. G. Fuller of Globe Aircraft, who is accompanied by Major Gentile, and Major Godfrey. Another view of the tower just another view. Grove gazette honors Jimmie at Halstead House birthday party. Andrews fol- lows suit. Shell collectors travel to Wimberly. Back to civiliza- tion for graduating Presbyterian graduates. Alpha Phi ' s in patio with Mrs. " Plendy. " P. J. party at Andrews. Ill Let ' s go to the Kappa formal at the Women s Federated Club; then to the VS.I.C.A. vice versa: and on Sunday to the Phi Psi ' s for dinner: or perhaps dinner at the Country Club: and let ' s listen to Buzz at the Texan Staff Dinner: a visit with the Sigma Chi ' s while they entertain a general: and let ' s make the Delta Tau party with Jack Evans. Dodo McLeon. Finnis Kelley. Lois hitzell. Brvce Maver and Katv Burns. Let ' s go formal to the New- man Club with Lou Blanchett and A] Donahue. Then to the Pi Phi ' s, smile with Barbara Jester and Peppy Blount. Out to the Country Club with Jackie McKay. Gloria Hood gets a big kick out of Ted Straus. And to pose pretty-like at the Phi Kappa Sig formal. Flanked by the Navy at the A ChiO formal. Babe Loy and Betty Butler tell secrets. Mary Lucy Pope, Pete Durham and Wall street seem to be enjoying the Kappa formal. Country clubbing with the Sam- mies. Ann Boyd and Kurt Dam- bach seem sooooooo romantic. Poor Lil fell off her hobby horse. Are Betty Rathgen and Bob An- derson enjoying the Bennie Car- ter dance? Smile boy. Morgia is. At the Union with Peggy Bissell and the Air Corps. Tell us so we can smile too. Swinging out at M.I ( . V Christmas party. : - ,. - r . It looks like Betty Root and Bob Bradley had fun getting ship- wrerked. Martha Ann Francis, Bub Brown, Nanry Scurry, and Sam Udden, all put on sonic dog at the Theta Xi Bowery Party. Two blue-jean specials Mary Virginia Bussey and Ton! Marsh- all. Our friendly Latin-American neighbors. P. A. Levy and Ed Rosenwasser take in a S. .M. houseparty. And Gene Stinnett has a friendly brew. Alpha Phi ' s Charlotte, Pat, Dorothy, Ray. Joy, and Mary . . . so-o-o cute. And out to the Tower with Bob Mus- selwhite, Holt Davis, and Barbara Wamperly. If- -pring again and Wesley Foundation goes picnicking at Bull k. A flash back to Aggie game days. Fore! Phi Psi ' s root for their baseball team. Kappa Sigs party at Dies ranch, hile the Betas picnic at Charley ' s Camp. Bull Creek again with the Smilodons and - na Gamma Epsilon. That Katherine Friend-ly smile added to by Del Sharpe. Shirley Lupton gets initiated into Ownooch. Rotcees dunk their L pperclassmen. !, ., - ' ' , : ' ' ' ' V. Christmas Concert by the Men ' s and Girls ' Glee Clubs and the Symphonic Band. Elizabeth Townsley as Ger- maine and Gerry Langford as Henri in the " Chimes of Normandy. " Board of Gov- ernors of the Curtain Club Mary Frances Johnson, Le- roy McFarland, Jeannette Clift, Pat McTee : Ethel Chappel and Jack Wood. Lookin ' for somethin ' ? Ford House Thanksgiving dinner. After dinner speech at the Phi Pa Christmas party. The Delta Tau formal is made gay by bub- bling blue champagne. Ferguson looks around at the Kappa Sig buffet supper for the Tri Dells. Sign up right here for the Ex- Servicemen ' s Association name, rank, height, telephone number. DisA drying party thrown by the Delta Gammas. Everyone looks the pan at the Phi kappa Sig naxj party. Very attractive, I might add. Hello. And one more addi- tion to the campus. Good- lookin ' ! Beta pep talk. Dies ranch hot-bed for hot-box. The Alpha Phi ' s finally got him. Zetas all out. On the road to Fly Bait. Peggy, Vir- ginia, Mary Ellen, Margaret, Phyllis, Louise and Helen. Barton Springs . . . Put on some clothes, Kathleen. Hit by the Pi Phi arrow. Hold light, says Willie Mae Bred- thauer to Johnny Harrison. The Theta Xi bowery party produces a couple of char- acters. Phi Gams and dates enjoy the open house. Morris Midkiff looks like hard times are here again. Alpha ChiO beauties Rita Wilson, Jean- elte Blocker, Beverly Ellis, Vanita Van Landingham, Janet Ulbrecht, and Lael Ca- ter. Let ' s go riding with the Thetas. Mermaid Marshall re- ceives crown at hands of landlubbin ' Colonel Hurt. By, by, Baby. Just a touch of atmos- phere. Aqua-Carnival huge success. They did it to perfection. While the band played on. HXAS -x Look at the pretty con- testants. Her Majesty the smiling Queen Mar-hall. Something warm for the Rooster. Thi i it girls. First the judges judge, and then thev tabulate. Let ' s dunk the Queen. U.T. sports year in retrospect. Athlete fete predominant, legs - LEGS L - E - G - S. What ' s all this. Final contestants. It ' s a hot ?Tf5 r n A AAA n Suicide? ??? Bestest of all a Presbyterian sup- per. MICA Corral, (Editor ' s Note: MICA CORRALLED i. Ohhh, reallllllly. Ex-Service- men part ing . . . and partying and partying. Pe 339 Lady, do you have any vacant rooms for returning vet- erans? Lucky G.I. truck. Room for two next September. O.K. girls, now I ' ll tell ya what I ' m gonna do. Returns must be good ah ha there ' s good news tonight. All of the vets come home to roost. Give. Daddy. The books later. Life at UT in ' 46. It ' have to do. " Damn the torpedos ... " These homes, Hutments by name, don ' t even slow down the wind. IM into Let ' s make those baskets at the Baylor game. There ' s a crowd at the basket as Texas makes another goal. Why don ' t you boys just play in the air all the time? Is it gonna make it? ... yep, it did. Kinda crowded at these games, ain ' t it? n BLUEBQNNET BEAUX LLEWELLYN GRIFFITH M3 BI B INN ROBERT LEONARD CLARK B L U E B D N N E T B E A U X JOHN J. ROBERTSON HERBERT BRUCE E- k- Sweetheart Nominees Marjorie Darilek and Lad Cater lead the parade on the Sweetheart Float. Tri Dells Easter Bunny wins the prize for the most beautiful float. Alpha Chi O ' s dragon is the most unique float. And the Kappas easier bonnet wins as the best all around float. The Phi Kappa Sips Club Sl ' J vs. the housing shortage got the prize for the most educational float. Chi Phi ' s take off on the health service won as the most comical float. Putting teeth in the A Chi O ' s prize winning dragon ' s bite. Flower time at the Pi Phi house. The last minute touches. The Phi Delts move the Tower down the Drag. The Tri Delt float is as pretty from the back as it was from the front. The A D Pi ' s pumpkin shell float won third place as the most unique. The Phi Psi ' s float for freedom. Betas industrialize their float. Gold plated model of the flag raising on Iwo Jima. The Gamma Phis go Dutch this season. The A O Pi ' s toast the coast. The A E Phis show off their easier bonnets. As do the Zetas. The heart of Phi Mu wins third place as most beautiful. And the Delta Zeta butterfly wins second as most beautiful. PACE 348 IV ' G M A v. ,i_ t ft Alpha Phis welcome the vcti-rans home for ke -p . Hals s-t-ni to In- in style this -.rascm. ( laniazons show off their glamour. KAs po to l ' lliic.T ilie. IM! thr SXK ' s -haily Mr,- hutment projert win second for most comical. A serious note invades the parade. Toonenille it- appi-aran.e. B.S.I . lloal -ry trim, (hi O ' s Hliiehoiinet Belle i the third most beautiful. The l ' re l. terians depict that age old eiMom of marriage. ' I heta ' ja k-in-the-imx the parade. The tower topples on the turn. They even sweat out parades nowadays. Hide " em Cowboys! Here come the Fijis they took third prize for the most comical. ! , H TB n The visiting sweethearts flank our o wn Norma. Norma seems happy when she finds out the news kinda like this sweetheart busi- ness, don ' t you kid? Bayless. you lucky boy!! Bill Holloway pre- sents an award to Ben Greig of the Chi Phis. Alicia Munguia sings with the Siboney Latin boys. The Bluebonnet Belle Nominees stand guard by the visiting sweethearts and the Big Five. Next Page: Scenes from the entertainment at the presentation. tap - tr x Resent D. K. Woodward crowns the sweetheart of the Relays. Texas wins another event. The Big Five minus one look on. Nor- nia presents an award to a win- ner. Mike Har- rington, Regent Woodward, Nor- ma, Vice -Presi- dent Dolley, and Colonel Byrd talk things over. Another view of the crowning. An Oklahoma Aggie receive? an award. Trophie- on dis- play. There ' - the man who told you all about the Relays. The trark me- final instruction-. Look at the purtty awards. That awe-omr group the judges. The rrowil -ta- their feet tn the winner on. Rooster and the judpes make a hip derision. P.c. t, it ! Kft l : s kM v t " IS2 V .4 t t H H - --i H H II U II . U , n JAMES STEPHEN HOGG Governor of the State of Texan 1891-1895 In 1895 James Stephen Hogg was gov- ernor of Texas. " Jim " Hogg, far-famed as the " people ' s governor, " was prob- ably the greatest of Texas ' s long list of distinguished heads of state, and cer- tainly one of the fabulous characters of State history and legend. He was Texas ' s first native governor. It was dur- ing Hogg ' s historic tenure of office that railroad regulation and anti-monopoly reforms were instigated in Texas. It was also in this period that The University of Texas began to take its modern shape. In 1895 the Old Main Building was completed. It had cost $146,000, more than the total amount set aside for the whole school by the Act of 1858, yet certainly very little by the stand- ards of the University ' s later " oil boom " days. At approximately the same time, the control of the rental and leasing of school lands was legally vested in the Board of Regents, who were also made responsible for their management. This step in the University ' s development be- came particularly significant in 1923, when oil was discovered on University lard in West Texas. OLD MAIN The Old Main Building notched from the top of a bluebonnet covered hill a campus which expanded slowly through the early years of the Twentieth Centurv. ; . % 4 ' ' - ffi :- JSLt T + : and ( o-o ANDREWS DDHMITDHY Front row: Mary Margaret Eubank, Rosemary Henson, Dorothy Louise Cardwell, Jani Goff, Lilian Hornak, Mary Ann Kotle, Patricia Batchler, Gloria Drake, Mary F Second row: Ria June Flautt, Ann Oden, LaVerne Stindt, Martha Claire Brown, Nan Barbara Jean Tengg, Betty Jo Ulcar, Billic Creasey, Shirley Cox, Mary Lu Ne Third row: Sue Virginia Wilkirson, Jane Stedman, Mary Jo Stedman, Nella Scale, Ba Frances Williamson, Bette Peek, Evelyn Dirks, Bernice Lorene Clark, Ruth J. Fourth row: Doris Elizabeth Boysen, Caile Huckabee, Virginia Stolte, Dorothy Moor Northcutt, Josephine Hiett, Frances I. Dollar, Wanda Allen, Hilda E. Sparkm Fifth row: Beth Lindsay, Betty C. Poole, Marjorie Trevathan, Dovie Armintor, Edith Marjorie A. Brannam, Louis Burmeister, Tommy Jean Armstrong, Frances Maye Sixth row: Alma Teresa Moses, Lois Laverne West, Florence Feit, Lorraine L. Koup Jane Strauss, Rosemnrie Bradbury, Nor ma Holubec, Viki Vida, Mary Lou Buf e Mac Smith, Laura Kathryn Haynes, Opal Dean Mull in, Barbara Ruth Banks, Patsy ran c is Roberts, Jean Rail iff, nette Broyles, Mary Helen Faubion, Jean Billington, Sara Jo Levy, Mary Jane Carsey, nerbnrg, Marion Huxley. rbara Perirran, Violette Kosaka, Fannie Funk, Betsey Stemble, Lyra Ann Hal per, Kyle, Barbara Anne Baker. , Sarah Brth Looney, Tilly Rose Goodell, Carole Marshak, Dorothy MoMurtry, Jean an, Dorothy Layne. Rydell, Jo Robinson, Eberta Slataper, Jimmie Sue Wilson, Joanne Sonricker, , Evelyn Kilpatrick, Ed y the J. Walter, Anne Warner. a, Betty Lou Larson, Marilyn Johnson, Bella Bulba, Geraldine Weed, Harriet Kir-m-r, oid, Mariei Woods, June Jett, Peggy Orme. Social Director . Business Director STAFF GLADYS WILLIAMS MAY BROOKSHIER HOUSE COUNCIL Chairman Assistant Chairman Secretary Treasurer Reporter EDITH RYDELL DOVIE ARMINTOR ROSEMARIE BRADBURY MARILYN JOHNSON MARJORIE TREVATHAN UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Chairman EDITH RYDELL Barbara Baker Barbara Ruth Goodgame LaNoe Fenner Violette Kosaka Tilly Rose Goodell Dorothy Layne Dorothy Moore EDITH RYDELL PACE 362 KITH RYDELL CAHOTHERS DDRMITDHY Social Director . Business Director Chairman Assistant Chairman Secretar --Treasu rer Reporter Freshmen Advisors STAFF HOUSE COUNCIL PAULINE JORDAN MAY BROOKSHIER RUTH RYDELL MARY ODEN JEAN GUXN SUE COFFMAN I FRANCES NICHOLS ESTELLE LlEBERM NN Chairman Nelda Bachle Alda Boddie Patsy Brown Ann Buchanan UPPERCLASS ADVISORS BOBBIE JEAN BLAND Mary Louise Grann Virginia Magliolo Marilyn Ralston Ruth Rvdell Marv Jo Duderstadt Betty Sue Scale Christine illiams Front ran: Betty Sae Scale. Nclda Barhle. Yirgioia Magliolo. Mary Louiie Crann. Bobbie Jean Blind. Ruth Rydell. Marv la Dudcritadt. Pat.v Brown. Chrietine Williauw. Aon Buchanan. S ' cnnd low: Clan Jean Smith. Martha Hun. Peggy Sue Murphy. Rosemary ilium.. Jr. nix- Coulter. Dorothy Wolff. Enrlle Lirbrrmann. Peggy Kaplan. Bra Eitenlohr. Joy Rea. Bernice Perry. Betty Rodenberf. Millicrnt Brown. Ruth Dallmeyer. Jean Du Puy. Rebecca Mute. Virginia Meuter. Mar; Louice Beene. Floy Horn. Leah Hair. Dori Bilbrey. Tkitd ram: Betty lean Callaay. Ellen Mafliolo. Dorothy Hot. Carolyn Eekert. Sylria Len ky. Minna Friedlander. Wilma Harriet Loim. Marjorie Sift. Lillian Hyman. Marxaret Perkina. Kithleen Miller. Ella Louae Mu.-tt. Billie Calbert. Jean Cunn. Helen Moore. Cail Bradford. Inez Butler. Lucile Rack. June Holiman. Bobbe Kind. Maiyanna Craif. Zuma Henderton. Fofitk ram: Mary Odea. Betty Doanefan. Margaret Cilliam. Claudia Poff. Betty J. Smith. Harri-t Bohen. Roemary Conman, Jo Bailey. Dorothy Hahn. Billy Atrhely. Hi-nr Au.tin. France Nirboli. Mildred Card ell. Sylvia Stewart. Emma Hudion, Laura Taylor. Anita Montgomery. Betty Williams. Edith Bondeten, Joanne Robertwo. Mildred Cm. Mary Webb. fiftk ro : Jean Black. Jay Harri.. Alene Walker. Mary Ruble. Mary Cheatham. Sue Coffman. Pat Burneton. Barbara Riehardi. Mildred Yowell. Mildred Fromme. Lejeune Llic. Marjorie Yowell. Marilyn Str.u... Jeanne Franklin. Virginia Hart. Barbara Maddox. Gertrude Bradford. Robbie Pope. ?. torn: Vaudean Monroe. Betty Duncan. Mickey Catlett. Polly Payne. Pat Brennan. Mary Jackn. Carol Kilpalrick. Jeanne Merman. Gwendolyn Fewell. Marianna maten. Charlotte Cooper. Mary Hirth. 363 GRACE HALL Front row: Vanita Van Landingham, Helen Barnett, Both Jeanne Rice, Sarah Collins, Mabel Davis, Emilie Real, Priscilla Aves. Second row: Elaine Premiss, Margaret Mary Pickering, Virginia Florence Lee, Alice Pearl Smith, Mary Lee Nance, Mary Lou Wansbrough, Malvina Yerger, Martha Nell Bedding6eld, Barbara Ann Bruce, Dorothy Smith Cleason, June Eleen Mounts. Third row: Peggy Bissell, Frances M. Cranbury. Dottie Backenstoe, Dorothy Donham, Audrey Earl Hendrickson, Mary G. Ball, Ruth Ann Kum r. Jnun Brth !SVlun, Lavcrn Ruth McMillan, Mary R. Addison, Ann Lee Allen. Fourth row: Phyllis Olivia Luckenbach, Jean Tyler, Catherine Ann Beecroft, Helen Jaye Howard, Gloria Mac Moeller, Joye Boggs, Harriettr MrKin-lry, Janet G. Lo l. , Jo Casey. D. Lee Hill, Jean D. Gibbs, Sara Youngflesh, Maree Ann Lulow, Flo rene Emery. Fifth row: Patricia Scale, Patricia Gibbs, Louisa Catherine Dranc, Betty Jane Elms, Helen Adele Murray, Carol Elizabeth Overbaugh, Evelyn Robson, Foncie Martin, (ilori.-i Patricia Allen, Jeanne Daugherty, Muriel King. Sixth row: LeCristha Blandin. Shirley Taylor, Dorothy Ward. Mary Jaync Evans, Helen Newland, Lavcrnc Hanson, Joanne Mehner, Julia Ko r-. Mury Fllcn Kiihltnann, Shirley M. Roberts. STAFF Director . Assistant to the Director . Co-Chairmen Helen Barnett Mabel Davis Emilie Real UPPERCLASS ADVISORS MARTHA GAVIN MRS. V. M. HATCHER {PRISCILLA AVES [SARAH COLLINS Joanne Rice Vanita Van Landingham I ' ACI 364 SARAH COLLINS. PRISCII.I.A AVES IMLK BARTLETT KIHBY HALL STAFF Director. .... MKS. B. M.CORLETTE HOISK COIACIL President HELEN DALE BARTLETT Program Chairman ANABEL ELLIS Peggy Christie Nelwyn Gunn Phylli DeBorde Sammie McCrory Ruth Nowlin LPPERCLASS ADVISORS Chairman MERLINK J t KM N Helen Dale Bartlett Billie Jane Cocke Bettye Decatur Marie English Beverlv Herndon Maisie McMahan Doris Owen Katy Lee Randle Ruth Sanford Virsinia Dav X risht f, ,t ,-. CHRISTIE. D.BORDE i.l NN. N I IN McCROBV. ELLIS. BARTLETT. LITTLEFIELD DOHMITOHY n Front row: Mary Jane Joyner, Virginia Sue Bowen, Virgin: ginia Maxwell, Dale Howard, Betty K ors er, aro asen, ary . arn, y Anthony, Martha Boyd, Ann Carnathan, v.iti ui i_ t e r jiziiugn, r.uwiim nun rerry, nuwvna ixumieuerg, i ,i n u.i neimigcr, ixosemary uurite, r lurence I nisun, iiain y iiiinony, jviarina DO yd, tnn i..arnainan. Shirley Yater. row: Dorothy Harriion, Helen Deathe, Mary Beth Turner, Marion R. Shilg, Rita Hayes, Helen Martha Waller, Eva Jean Finch, Betty Louise Dunnam, Mildred Marshall, Margaret F. Kirksey, Marian Cramer, Marjorie Vannoy, Julia Alice Jenkins, Lucile Jonell Harmel, Lillian Reynolds, Betty Bain. Billie Ruth Van lrr .-rth. Audrey Woodall. STAFF Social Director .... Business Director .... Assistant Business Director First Assistant Social Director . Second Assistant Social Director Third Assistant Social Director HELEN M. FLINN ROSALIE GODFREY HELEN DEATHE ELLEN RICHARDINE ACTON MARYBELLE STOLTZFUS FRAN KIRKSEY HOUSE COUNCIL Chairman Secretary-Treasurer Social Chairman Student Relation Committee Chairman . MARIAN CRAMER GERALDINE PIPSAIRE JOY STOLTZFUS FRAN KIRKSEY Chairman Mary Evelyn Anderson Mary Cady Kathleen Collie Catherine Cornelius Hope Davis Eva Jean Finch UPPERCLASS ADVISORS MARIAN CRAMER Ellen Mae Geue Mildred Kelleher Fran Kirksey Miriam Merritt Maie Le Ng Geraldine Pipsaire Frances Real Martha Riley Joy Stoltzfus Marybelle Stoltzfus Sammye Claire Tisdale Marjorie Vannoy Fannie Mae Ward MARIAN CRAMER PACE 366 JF.4N FLLEN BYAX NEWMAN HALL STAFF Director SISTER AGATHA Housemother ELEANOR DOUGHERTY Assistant Housemother MRS. NORMAN Sent ELKE Director MRS. J. E. CALLACHAN HOUSE COUNCIL President JEAN ELLEN RYAN Vice-President FRANCES CLRRIN Secretary CATHERINE MATEJEK Treasurer THERESA PESL Reporter MARJORIE DARILEK UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Chairman MARY MARGARET GROCAN Geraldine Fontein Rosemary Johnson Arnette Harz Janet Lilley Til lie Hejl Grace Orndorff Helen Willrodt fnmt nm: Marjorir Duilrk. Tkera Pol. Jea Ell .. Tame Marm Curia. CathcriBt Amm Matejck. Stem nm: C nlac I_ FoMcu. Anmt Hm. lm n Ullrj. fto mtr, Jnh.i . X ij Mucaret Grocaa. Vd Qaire Bx-t-n. Hrla Villrah. rilli E. Htjl. EliuWth torn: Lonif Ebnlc, L OrilU Stenn. Failk Bwklia. b, J. D.c f rty. Jo An Co.rtc. PT BlW BO..IO.. Ixwur C Ajtmm. PMiiria O ' Vrill. L ur iimtm m: MUM Ron cc WJ. Ckri. SJ. L Pol.wky. P.trirU Dn ccr. Kwcc. Benkt A..U-. H l ViiUU rikrt. M kU. Alk. CUire BtwJr. Mary Jue Fri. Mvprrt AIM Tck. Mary F. Kk-kter. JUrr C Brilrr. JUry Fravei McO well. K.tb Locklr. Brtty Ht.. Pattx-U A Nwl e. Iwc Qlo O ' Brin. : UU Em a HcncriM. Alice Jo Parma. Mary Ac;. Maltha La. LU Hrrr.ln. J. Ane C...i .. Alice Monka. Sara Priace. 3 7 SCOTTISH RITE DOHMITORY Front row: LISTON, LUSK, COCREHAM, BRAY, COFFEE. Second row: DOUGLASS, CHAUDOIN, BURKE. BERKY. ALEXANDER, SCHUMANN. Third rou. : HOLING, MURPHY, BROWN, NEWCOMER. LENTZ. Fourth row: LANCE, McDONALD, MURRAY. STAFF Social Director Assistant Director Assistant Director Assistant Director Business Director MRS. A. P. DOHONEY MRS. WILLIAM MILES MARY JANE DAVIS MARGIE MUSE AUBYN TAYLOR BROWNE UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Chairman . Vice-Chairman . Secretary -Treasurer Abbye Rae Alexander Ruth Berry Mary Fern Bray Virginia Brown Kathleen Burke Evelyn Chandoin Doris Coffee Ruth Ann Douglass Joyce Lance Sarah Lentz Henriette Listen GERAL DEAN COCREHAM BETTY ANN NEWCOMER MARION SCHUMANN Patti Bess Lummus JoRene Lusk Peachie Waunell McDonald Betty Murphy Gertrude Murray Sue Roling CERAI. DKAN COCHFIUM PACE 368 UPPEHCLASS ADVISOH5 II! I I N n IF BARTLETT t.KM 1 Pris. ilia A r- Helen Barnett Sara Collins Em i lie Real Joanne Rice ita Van landingham KIRBY Helen Dale Bartl. it BillieJaneCorke Zane Crownover Bettye Decatur Marie English Beverly Herndon Merlineja Jean Langford Mai-i M. lahan OFFICERS ' resident St-crelar HKI.EN DALE BARTI.ETT Rl ' TH N Dol ANDREW Barbara Anne Bakrr Man Margaret Euhank LaNoe Fenner Tilly Rose Coodell Barbara Goodgame Gail Hurkabee Violette Kosaka Dorothy Layne Dorothy Moore Edith Rydell Mary Jo Sledman CAROTHEKS Nelda Bachle Bobbie Jean Bland Alda Boddie Patsy Brown Ann Buchanan Mary Jo Dudersladt Mary Louise Grann Virginia Magliolo Marilyn Ralson Ruth Rydell Betty Sue Seale Christine Williams Marjorie Martin Doris Owen Helen Paris katy Lee Randle Ruth Sanford 1.1TTLEFIELD Mary Evel Ti Anderson Man Cady Kathleen G)llie Catherine Cornelius Marian Cramer Hope Davis Eva Jean Finch Ellen Mae Geue Mildred Kelleher Fran Kirksry Miriam Merritt Maie Lee Ng Geraldine Pipsaire Frances Real Martha Riley Joy Stoltzfiis Marybelle Stolufus Sammye Claire Tisdale Marjorie annoy Fannie Mae Ward NEWMAN Val Claire Baeten Frances Currin Mary Margaret Gropan Arnette Harz Rosemary Johnson Janet Lilley Elizabeth Si, dusky Catherine Matejek Hrli-ii Willnxk SCOTTISH RITE Ahbye Rae Alexander Ruth " Bern Mary Fern Bray Virginia Brown Kathleen Burke Evelyn Chaudoin Geral Dean Co -rehani Doris Coffee Ruth Ann Douglas- Joyce Lan -e Sarah Lentz Henriette List m Patti Lummus JoRene Lusk Peachie Waum-llc M Donald Betty Murphy Gertrude Murray Betty Ann Newcomer Sue Roling Marion S-humann Frumt rom : Crofaa. E ofla . Banlc-11. Collia . Jrkoo. Tkird rou: MfMthan. Krllrhrr. Df-rtur. Curiin. Fnin-i. Ko aLa. Bkcr. Sre J rwr: Bl.nd. Gorntnm. K. Rdrll. A. Crnwt. Fo nk ,0, ; Conrliu . M liolo. N ( . m td. Ricr. Li i.m. Collie. Bra;. Fiflk , m: Alt-twin. F. Rl. II. I i.. Dwfc-rtLuil. BurtuiuD. Lk. Cofrc. Kmrtrm. illrodt. SiOt re : Pi|.irr. J. -..ii,f.. M. Sloltjfo,. Strdman. Coodrll. U;Br. -or. Ttlalr. Sufotd. GnmmL. 5rruA nm: Lrmu. Hrrado . NrrMMT. Kk.k. Moon. Brwll. Dan.. Rral. ButLr. Schumann. mArnon. ef : MrlKwald. Vrrrill. TiBrk. Sralr. Ejlik. MinaT. millian.. LJIIr.. Brrrr. V. Bron. Bafklf. Van UndintSan. utlk t m: johlMuB. MrClu.l.. R. R-.irll. P. Bro.n. lirkabrr. Corkc. VIPD.... K.iiLr.. Xl.lrjrk. Uxr. O.r.. II. re. V.r,.l... Raliof. BHACKENHIDGE HALL Front row: Trubee, Smith, Copeland, Harris, Sweatt, Ross, Sancllin, Merrill. Second row: McGee, Hays, Lilley, Brandhorst, Eckert, Weaver, Neatherlin, Nqlen, Warzecha. Third row: Goeth, Gonzalez, Davenport, Kennedy, Harbaugli, Clark, Barnard, Farrington, Brennan. Fourth row: Howell, Stewart, Laney, Ward, Welsh, Levey, Shryoc, Rowen, Cooper. Fifth row: Davis, Cowan, Hogwood, Shearer, Blancy, Biggs, Holle, Chase. STAFF Business Director Assistant Resident Director ROSALIE GODFREY GRACE SWEATT OFFICERS President . ... Student Resident Director ELBERT OWEN WOOD HENRY S. TOBLER PROCTORS Richard Creamer Charles Roberts Robert Levey Bill Stokes Ottis Ward ELBERT OWEN WOOD PACE 370 BMCKENniDGE HALL Lee Allison John Antonelli Cammid Arrendel! A. P. Baker Allen Barnard Gus Bell William Bell James Biggs Jerry Bird well Walter Blaney R. E. Blount Bob Brandhorst Clyde Mike Brennan Donald Chase Rayford Clark Gordon Cooper Morgan Copeland Seth Cowan Dale Davenport Bruce Davis Terry Dickens John Douglas William Douglas Fred Dougherty Bob Eckert Stanley Farrington H. V. Garcia Harold Gilbert Arthur Goeth Mauricio Gonzalez Richard Hanna Allan Harbaugh Jack Harris James Hays Edward Hogwood Henry Holle Richard Howell Emilio Jacaman Alson Kennedy Sam Laney William illiam Lee Robert Levey James Lilley John Logan Louie McGee Howard Mead Warren Merritt James Montgomery L. C. Neatherlin Bill Nolan James Nugent Thomas Officer Bobby Perkins Jake Posey Richard Puls Elton Renfroe Oliver Ross John Rowen Bob Sandlin Oscar Shearer Woodard Kelly Shryoc Edwin Smith Roger Southall Charles Stewart Bill Stokes Erwin Swint Charles Thompson Henry Tobler Dean Trubee Jim Tye Fernando Valdes-Morales Ottis Ward Ladislaus W : arzecha R. H. Weaver Ronald Wels h George Wheeler Charles Wilson George W ? ilson Archie Wolfe Elbert Owen Wood Front row. Hanna. Montgomery. W. Bell. Tobler. .Southall. Renfroe. Alli.on. Second rote: Ofirrr. Stokea. Woodard, W. Douglaa. Wolfe, Dii-krn., Swint, Tyr. Third ro : Me.d. C.rci.. Wheeler. Perkint. Arrendell. Lee. C. il-,,n. Fourth row: Valdeft-Moralt. Dougherty. Logan. Jaraman, Birdwell, Pull. C. Wilton. J. Dougla . Fifth row: Poey. Thomp.on. Nugent. Antonelli, Gilbert. Wood, C. Bell, Baker, Blount. Pact 371 PRESBYTERIAN DDRMITDHY Front row: Daniel A. Baker, Edwin Walthall, Cesar A. Satas, Raymond E. Rrniu-r, Cecil H. Smith, Ben Evan Cillr-jiir. Second row: Frank Walker, James Allen Smith, J. Robert Dunvay, J. C. Palario, J. V. Franco, Garland Speight. Tfiird row: Earl Martin Clary, Donald Marshall, Josafat Curti Fernandez, Edwin May. Phil Kuhlman, William W. Doyrl. Fourth rou : Harry B. Dietz, David Vihert Parsons, Max Ecke, Hershel S. Meriwether, David Arthur Fret-land, Jot- A. Palachek. Fifth row: James Barron, Kdward Dale Robertson, Coyle Willis Williams, Joe NYd Akin, Calvin Roger Abbott. William I,. White. OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms . Athletic Director . Sponsor . RAYMOND E. RF.NNKK CESAR A. SALAS CECIL H. SMITH BEN EVAN GILLESPIK EDWIN WAI.THAI.I. DAVID STITT RAYMOND K. RF.NNKR PAGF. 372 OAK GROVE HI! I V HCK STON BOO ' . ' OFFICERS President BILLY Hot STON Boccs lice-President PAUL AlTHUB liOHB Secretary -Treasurer NORMAN SIMMERS. JR. Housemother MRS. ORM V Si MMERS Bill R. White Donald Howard HOUSE COUNCIL Billy Houston Paul Arthur Mohr Norman Summers. Jr. Yo.1 , .: .Vr fm r rf r..- F mrtt , , loan Sailer : C.rl caa. KoWrt Frrd Ho ki. Hrnrv Srbrrl. HrrWn Slulr; Crurc. Milton H. McKc. ROT Clilloa (i.liin. Dould Enrio Ho.jid. Rohrn Let To. If,. P..1 Ank Mohi. B. McOrd. Jum T. Sidlo. Fra.kli. J. Rirrr.. Od E. iiki-. : Vir t il Deu Schvltz. William Eo( -n Mania. Carl Blc-.i... Jr.. Bill, HOUM..H Bo.. Bill K Mr.. Nrmaa S. r.. Jok. Uilli.n. MrCrbn. Vonua SwBm. Ir. B WOMEN ' S COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION I Front row: GRAHAM, PFLUGER, MOORMAN, G. NELSON, DU MENIL, BONNET, ADAMS, FREYTAC, McFARLIN. RIPPEL. Second row: GROVE, FRIEND, KLEFISCH, HERRIN. R. MILLER, DONNELL, TAYLOR, SHARPE, MOORE, M. MILLER, OCLESBY. Third row: COLE, HARDWICK, McBRIDE, LOWRIE, HAFNER, DIERLAM, RUSS, WIELAND, RACHAL, CHASE, BRETZKE, DVORACEK, ROWE, D. TETLEY. SHANGRI-LA HOUSE Kathryn Adams Edna Bonnet Sylvia du Menil Gertrude Freytag Jean McFarlin Earlene Moorman Bethine Nelson Genevieve Nelson Elizabeth Marie Pfluger Nan Rippel HALSTEAD HOUSE VALHALLA HOUSE Mary Elise Donnell Katherine Friend Augusta Jimmie Grove Velma Herrin Alvina Kleflisch Myra Alice Miller Rose Marie Miller Sue Moore Glenda Erin Oglesby Maxine Price Melba Del Sharpe Patsy Taylor Mary Beth Tubbs L. Camille Tetley Deloris M. Bretzke Priscilla N. Chase Faye Cole Ola Ann Dierlam Helen Dvoracek Eleanor Jeanette Haf ner Theda Joy Hardwick Helen L. Lowrie Marie Jeanette McBride Daisy Rachal Marilyn Rowe Isola Russ Dorothy Tetley Evelyn R. Wieland PACE 374 WOMEN ' S COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Claudine Laverne Anderson Elsie Bechter Barbara Elaine Coffin Ernestine Estelle Cummings WAKONDA HOUSE Evelyn Hill Mildred Corine Kunkel Nora Dell Massey Shirlev Anne McCutcheon Ida K. Machemehl Dixie Lee Martin Leota La Verne Reed Sylvia Ann Wright Sue 0. Bruner Dorothy Jo Akridge Edith Dav THEADORNE HOUSE Ruth H. Hatch Virginia Sue Huston Shirlev R. Loveless Selma Elizabeth Mitchell Ruby Evelyn Pattillo Eaith Ridout m: COFFIN. BEED. HILL. MASSEY. MARTIN. Kl NKFI . ( I MMINGS. WRIGHT. BECHTER. McCUTCHEON. MACHEMEHL. ANDERSON. nm: LOVELESS. HATCH. l_ TETLEY. DAY. Tl ' BBS. PATTILLO. HI TOV AKRIW;E. SHARPE. PRICE. BUI NEK. MITCHELL. RIDOUT. 375 T.LD.K. Front row: CHARLES FREEMAN, BEN M. JEKFERY, JAMES H. McCAIN, PERRY TAYLOR, ROBERT HIGGLE. RAMIKO COLUNGA. Second row: ASSAF CASSIS, TRENT PARKER, NORMAN W. RICHARD PICTOR, M. R. BOB ISHIGURO, CORDON DICK MOORE, HENRY VALDESPINO. MORRIS McCALL, DANILO PINEDA. Third row: CHARLES ZAPFFE. L. JOE BROUSSARD, H. LOWELL HOSKINS, THOMAS McFARLING, EDWARD GAMMON, RU.PH K. COLLIER. M. WARREN WIELAND, HECTOR PENA. Fourth row: JOE R. ROGERS. MARSHALL t DDEN. PAUL I). KOONS. EARI. II. NICHOLS. II.BER PF.VRCE. WILLIE PEN . PHILLIP NELSON. JOSEPH EARL SIMPSON. OFFICERS President . Secretary- Treasurer Maintainer HOWARD LINNARD M. R. BOB ISHIGURO RALPH K. COLLIER M. WARREN WIELAND HOWARD I.INN KI PAGE 376 H : V ' " " - " 5 i x tr?--r ' ' ' -vr-Hg: iv Vo Vv - f ' - - . - s 4 ' X % i " rf i-4 s- - ' z-ir - f " " ' j f i: - onorarie6 ALPHA EPSILDIV DELTA HONORARY PRE-MEDICAL FRATERNITY Founded, University of Alabama, April 28, 1926 Texas Alpha Chapter, Established January 10, 1939 Thirty Active Chapters OFFICERS President KITRIDGE ANDERSON Vice-President THOMAS HOGAN Secretary RONALD A. WELSH Treasurer CAP HILL OLIVE R Historian GEORGE RAINEY WILLIAMS HONORARY MEMBERS 0. P. Breland W. J. Carter D. B. Casteel W. J. Dobson L. F. Hatch H. R. Henze T. S. Painter J. T. Patterson V. T. Schuhardt 0. B. Williams Kitridge Anderson George W. Apple, Jr. Walt Autrey Robert L. Brannan David Sume Buell John D. Cabaniss Robert Cunningham Campbell Neil Crow Joseph Durso Richard Frankel Homer C. Gutierrez MEMBERS Marvin E. Grice Dixie G. Hamilton, Jr. Paul Herschel Thomas Hogan Jerry Pat Hough Milton S. Jacobs Arthur Jansa James Johnston Harold Joseph Herbert Kuhn Zelig Herbert Lieberman Howard F. Long Mack Morris Cap Hill Oliver Francis Pearce J. P. Price John Wayne Terrell Henry S. Tobler Harold linker Ronald A. Welsh Coyle Willis Williams George Rainey Williams Francis Eugene Yates PACE 378 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA HONORARY ORGANIZATION FOR FRESHMEN WOMEN Founded, University of Illinois, May 31, 1924 Texas Chapter Established December 13, 1935 Thirty-seven Active Chapters OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Historian . Reporter MARGARET ANN PLUMMER JANE ALLEYNE KUYKENDALL CELIA SUSANNE CATLETT BETTY JANE BRUCK MARY PEARL HALL CAROLYN Fox LIEDEKER FACULTY MEMBER Dorothy Louise Gebauer Annabel le Armstrong Helen Melton Barnette Marie Ruth Lake Baxter Nancy Marie Bowling Betty Jane Brack Celia Susanne Catlett Rosemary Coward Mary Elizabeth Dudley Sally Martha Edson Anabel Louise Ellis Tommy Janice Finley Judith Helen Gerick Ruth Antoinette Groezinger MEMBERS Leah Jean Hair Mary Pearl Hall Virginia Alder Hardy Margarethe Marie Kasten Elynor Rose Jarosek Jane Alleyne Kuykendall Virginia Florence Lee Carolyn Fox Liedeker Frances Jane Lott Lillian Margaret Malec Alberta Finlay Moore Lois Hunt North Verna Mae Helen Orts Margaret Ann Plummer Mary Fern Raper Marian Louise Schumann Sibyl Marie Smith Virginia Dale Snyder Suzanne Spangler Allie Charline Steffler Marjorie Lee Stille Mary Louise Walker Ruby Lois Williams Myra Winfield Mary Jane Winzer Sally Prescott Witt J7 ALPHA PHI OMEGA HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION Founded, LaFayetle (College, December 16. 1925 Alpha Rho Chapter Established May 25, 1935 Ninety-five Active Chapters OFFICERS President BEN T. WELCH First Vice-President JAMES WILLIAM HAI Second ....... CHARLES REINHART Secretary CHARLES COURTNEY Treasurer S. TODD LOWRV Historian ROY MllNHOE Alumni Secretary ROBERT GRIMES Reporter FRED ADAMS. JR. SENIOR FACULTY ADVISOR Hal P. Bvbec FACULTY ADVISORS Arno Nowotny D. J. Freidell SCOUTING ADVISORS H. . Newman Herbert Gaskin MEMBERS Fred Adams. Jr. Gale Adkins Marvin H. Alisky DeWitt Anthony Ervin Archie George Chancy, Jr. Charles Courtney Dan B. Cunningham Richard Dale James E. Deaver Robert E. Eckels George Gibbs Robert Grimes Raymond Y. Harris James William Haim Robert Hedeen Jesse E. Heller Lowell Hoskins Arthur M. Jansa Rob B. Kamon Ben T. Paul H.Kel ley Everette Kreider M. L. Liles Howard F. Long Joe H. Low S. Todd Lowry M.M.Mitchell James Montgomery Roy Munroe Charles Reinhart Welch Connie M. Seaborn Edmund Segner Douglas D. Skinner Walter J. Stork William F. Sullivan George Summers Gerald L. Swezea Jack R. Tipton Otis Lynn Vaden Dale Von Rosenberg PACK 3SII BETA ALPHA PSI IIUNOKAKY M) l ' KOKr SI() l. ( nl M IN(. KKATKKMT1 Founded, University of Illinois, February 12, Theta Chapter Established May 31. 1924 Twenty-two Active Chapter OFFICERS President ARTHUR GKEENSPA.N Vice-President MAURICE LOVE Secretary-Treasurer HARRY E. NICHOLS Permanent Vice-President . JOHN ARCH WHITE JohnB. Allred Walter C. Burer HONORARY MEMBERS Charles H. Cavness Tom W. Leland J. A. Phillips A. C. Upleger FACULTY MEMBERS H. J. Sebastian George Hilli Newlove . Aubrey Smith F. Lanier Cox C. D. Simmons C. H. Sparenberg John Arch White Zeb Freeman Elton B. Hale Joe F. Flack Klin. n- Cammack Arthur Greenspan Fred Hud.-mi Hugo Jaeckle IK IBERS George Kiker Maurice Love Alfred Moen Harry E. Nichols A. B. Segars John Tubb T. H. Wade . BETA GAMMA SIGMA NATIONAL HONORARY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FRATERNITY Founded, University of Wisconsin, February 26, 1913 Texas Chapter, Alpha, Established June 3, 1922 OFFICERS President EVERETT GRANT SMITH V ice-President DOROTHY AYRES Secretary -Treasurer FLORENCE MAE STULLKEN Dorothy Ayres Halsey N. Broom Keith Davis Kathryn Mae Doak James Clay Dolley James Anderson Fitzgerald Joe Fenley Flack Edward Karl McGinnis Maebess Matthews FACULTY MEMBERS Ervie Mueller George Hillis Newlove William Ahlers Nielander Edwin Werner Olle James H. Sebastian Carroll Day Simmons C. Aubrey Smith Everett Grant Smith Charles Herman Sparenberg Florence Mae Stullken Lydia Ellen Taylor Stella Traweek Martha Jane Tubb John Arch White Ambrose P. Winston Helen Louise Woodcock Charles Zlatkovich Max James Allen Jacque Jordan Barcus Cara Jeanne Glower Marjorie Nell Fenner Anita Stevenson Harwell MEMBERS Elaine M. (Peggy) Janosky Teddy Alex Klein Helen Leone Larson Margaret Fairbairn Leggett Fred Marlin Mitchell Evelyn Edith Pilgram Stanley Robert Plettman Olga Bechter Rippel Lydia Ellen Taylor PACI 382 BLUESTOCKINGS HONORARY ENGLISH ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN Founded. The University of Texas. October 1, 1941 OFFICERS President .... ] ice-President . Recording Secretary- Corresponding Secretar Librarian .... Treasurer .... Reporter .... DOROTHY LOUISE FIELDS SARADELL DAVID EVILLE HAYS MIRIAM MERRITT PATRICIA HEMPHILL FAITH RIDOUT FLORENCE HORN HONORARY MEMBER Dorothy Louise Gebauer David Lee Clark FACULTY MEMBERS Ralph Bernard Long Francis Edward Mineka Lela Belitsky Anne Sutton Bloor Betty Jane Bruck Mary Kathleen Burke Sydney Burke Flora Keith Campbell Emma Eugenia Carroll Hilda Anna Chaleff Doris Anne Coffee Margaret Estelle Condray Ann Merwyn Crittenden Saradell David Edith Adele Eggers Dorothy Louise Fields MEMBERS Florence Lucille Gibson Shirley Mildred Gilpin Neville Aline Hays Patricia Frances Hemphill Florence Virginia Horn Man ' Hart Law Mary Elizabeth Leasure Naomi Levinson Melanie Levy Frankie Jo Lew is Janet Marie Lilley Margaret Ann Margraves Miriam Merritt Cherry Ann Moore Betty Irene Oppenheimer Sara Prince Faith Ridout Enid Ruth Robinson Katherine Louise Rogers Loraine Eleanor Rosenbush Marilou Ruggles Ann Sartorius Mary Lou Sweeney Dorothy Jane Tutt Mary Ella White Marion Elizabeth Wier Frances Lucille Yarborough CHI EPSILON HONORARY CIVIL ENGINEERING FRATKKMTY Founded, University of Illinois, May, 1922 Texas Chapter Established May, 1934 Nineteen Active Chapters OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Transit Editor Faculty Advisor ROBERT L. RKKD JIM DOUGLAS, JR. JAMES T. CARTER HOMER DOUGLAS STEADMAN JIM DOUGLAS, JR. JOHN ARNOLD FOCHT E. C. H. Bantel Leland Barclay FACULTY MEMBERS Phil Moss Ferguson Stanley P. Finch John Arnold Focht Banks McLaurin, Sr. Jesse Neils Thompson Raymond F. Dawson HONORARY MEMBERS Dana Young Roscoe Guernsey GRADUATE MEMBERS William Dean Ramey Leonardt F. Kreisle Paul D. Behrens Pat A. Blacklege James T. Carter Robert L. Collins MEMBERS Jim Douglas. Jr. Roy M. Munroe Robert L. Reed Wilbur C. Schoel lei- Homer Douglas Steadman Robert E. Sutton John F. Watkins I ' Ai.t: 384 THE COWBOYS HONOKAIO KK 1 K i)K(i AM ATION FOR MKN L -.-. COWBOYS Founded. The of Texas. 1922 OFFICERS Foreman Strau- BOM Horse ITrangler Camp Cook THOMAS WYATT HARRINGTON JOHX BOYD CARTER ROY McLEOD MLNROE WILLIAM FORRESTER NEALE FACULTY MEMBERS Arno Nowotny George E. Hurt Dana X. Bible Bern Whitaker Le Roy Earle Ander n William Edward Andrews John New hall Harnliarl Hubert Edwin Becbtol Donald Le Roy Bentsen Clayton Eldon Blakeway Morton Bigger Jack Sawtelle Blanton X amer Fain Brock Jack Joseph Calvert John Boyd Carter I ewis Scott Curtis Ralph Irving Ellsworth Jame Eugene Fogartir MEMBERS Stanley Graner Henry Scott Gw n Thomas Wyatt Harrington Horace Chilton Harris Curtis Herbert Judge James Vardeman Kemper John Clinton Koch William Marcus McCartli) James Douglas McDonald Joe Malik Joel Edwin May Richard Mollison William Lawrence Moore Rov McLeod Munroe William Forrester Neale Don Franklin Pierce Frank Albert Proctor Ben eal Ramey Raymond Elver Renner John James Robertson Dick Scott Slator Robert Carter Sneed Theodore Henry Strauss (Gerald Leonard Swezea James McNutt Umstattd Edwin Walthall Ernest Jeanes V ilemon Jt- se Ije? Worsham FALFA DMICRDN DMEGA Founded, The University of Texas, 1938 GRAND COUNCIL FOOEY!! Supreme Foo Manchoo BERTIE MURPHY Vice-Foo Manchoo ELVA JEAN McCRiGHT Secretary MARY MILLER Treasurer JEAN McGEE Fooey Mistress GAYLE ARMSTRONG Social Chairman SAMMIE FARRIER FACULTY MEMBER Marv Helen Burr Gayle Armstrong Molly Barnes Jo Ann Bering Peggy Black Margaret Ann Brown Frances Ann Deaton Sammie Farrier Margaret Ann George Carolyn Harris MEMBERS Nancy Hemphill Adelaide King Betty Kittrell Mary Ann Lewis Mary McClure Elva Jean McCright Jean McGee Ann Meyers Mary Miller Bertie Murphy Paula Rupe B. Lee Stringer Faye Tobin Mary Jo Turner Anna Beth Tutt Mary Lib Vick Mary Gene Warren Ruth Williams PACE 386 FRIARS TO CONFER THE HONOR OF MEMBERSHIP UPON THE EIGHT MOST ELIGIBLE MEN CHOSEN FROM EACH SENIOR CLASS Founded, The University of Texas, 1911 MEMBERS Louis F. J. Baethe Clayton E. Blakeway Warner Fain Brock Horace W. Busby. Jr. Charles T. Clark William A. Cunningham Clifford Brien Dillon Mil lard L. Hippie Theodore Lawrence Jones Joe Malik, Jr. Richard Mollison Roy McLeod Munroe Arno Nowotnr Edwin Werner Olle Ben Neal Ramey Jack Ritchie Robert Carter Sneed Theodore Henry Strauss Jack G. Taylor Ruel Carlton Terry A. W. Walker Joe Davenport X ilson. Jr. MU PHI EPSILON HONORARY MUSIC FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Founded, Metropolitan College of Music, November 13. 1903 Mu Theta Epsilon Chapter Established May, 1940 Seventy-nine Active Chapters OFFICERS President .... Vice-P resident . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Chaplain .... Historian ELSIE Lois ZABI.K NANCY M. BOWEN MARY ELLEN HAYES ESMA BETH ANDERSON LENA BELLE KOCH LILLIAN KKES JOHNSTON FACULTY MEMBERS Helen Doris Haupt Norma Holmes Louise Lackland Frances Newman Frances Savage Margaret Vogel Fsma Beth Anderson Jane Marie Bennett Nancy M. Bowen Lydia Dulce Buchanan Jean Evelyn Busby Martha Ann Elkins MEMBERS Marguerite Grissom Mary Ellen Hayes Barbara Jean Henr Ruth Huffmaster Lillian Rees Johnston Lena Belle Koch iki Koutsigos Mildred Pauline Novit Louise Nelson Anita Marie Schmedes Mary Nell Snow Elizabeth Townsley Flsie Lois Zabel PACE 388 NU EPSILON TAU TAU HONORARY SKR 1 K AM) SOTIAI. ORGANIZATION or At MTT Secretar Treasurer OFFICERS FRANCES LOTT THELMA GRACE TRICC JEANNE BOZZELL FACULTY MEMBERS Anna Hiss Dorothv Gebauer Jeanne Bozzell Barbara Bra ley Cay Braun Mary Fern Bra George Ann Brown Jo Ann Carraua Suzanne Catlett MEMBERS B ron Cocke Barbara Crow ley Jean Galloway Elizabeth Gates Ann Japhet Dorothy Kelly Frances Lott Mar Ann Mvers Patricia Park Suzanne Penn Dorothy Rushing Gerry Elaine Savior Thelma Grace Trigg Martha Utts June M ' ilkerson GOOBERS Helen Allen Kathleen Collie Anita Byrde Craddock Betty Dupree Joan Fredle Carolyn Grisham Sue Ho well Nancy Kisten je? Locke Patricia Nicklow Martha Nunn Jane Rogers Billy Sain Peggy Sames Sarah Sberrill Georgia Stevens DMEGA CHI EPSILON HONORARY CHEMICAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded, University of Illinois, 1931 Epsilon Chapter Established October 7, 1941 OFFICERS President PAUL B. CRAWFORD Vice-President ERNEST LONG Secretary GEORGE B. GIBBS Treasurer DUDLEY P. PENICK Alumni Secretary SEWALL McMAHON Faculty Advisor W. M. NEWTON W. A. Cunningham John Griswold Miro E. Klecka FACULTY MEMBERS K. A. Kobe Ernest Long Sewall McMahon W. M. Newton E. P. Schoch Warren B. Brooks Jack Burks Ju-nam Chew Paul B. Crawford Adolph M. Cuellar Carl M. Furgason King I. Glass William C. Arrington William H. Blaney Wayman L. Calhoun Charles B. Erickson GRADUATE MEMBERS Henry A. Holcomb W. B. Howard A. S. Kasperik R. Pat Lightfoot James S. McNeil Gus E. Monies E. A. Murray STUDENT MEMBERS Luther W. Garrett George B. Gibbs E. Henry Groppe Bill R. Randall Max Samfield John W. Sheehan Elton D. Soltes John E. Walkey John L. Weeks R. V. 0. West Dean P. Nichols Dudley P. Penick John D. Woods I. H. Silberberg PACE 390 IIMICHON M HONORARY ORGANIZATION FOR HOME ECONOMICS MAJORS Founded, Michigan State College, April, 1912 Upsilon Chapter Established March 28, 1924 OFFICERS President SUE FRANCES CARR Vice-President FRANCES AMELIA REAL Secretary HENRIETTA LISTON Treasurer JACQUELINE TEAGUE Editor BETSY RAY LANDER Social Chairman JUANITA KENNON Pou FACULTY MFJVIBERS Bess Heflin Bertha Anna Herald Helen Marshall Lucy Rathbone Elizabeth Tarpley Jennie S. Wilmot Katherine Young MEMBERS Sue Frances Carr Eleanor Hafner Mary Cecile Josey Betsy Ray Lander Henrietta Liston Margaret McKean Mary Jane McMurdo Geraldine Pipsaire Juanita Kennon Pou Frances Amelia Real Sue Roling Joy Stoltzfuss Jacqueline Teague Janel Ulbricht Elaine Wiley Ml DWNOOCH OFFICERS President DOROTHY FAULKNER Vice-PTesident DAISY BROWN Secretary-Treasurer MARY ANN MORGAN Reporter BARBARA GENTRY FACULTY MEMBER Anna Hiss MEMBERS Nancy Anthony Louellen Bryan Daisy Brown Katy Burns Joan E. Coughlin Doris Chambers Dorothy Helen Chandler Catherine Cornelius Dorothy Faulkner Barbara Gentry Lucy Gray Carla Ruth Harris Ring Henderson Kathleen Kennon Shirley Lupton Elizabeth McKelvey Nancy Massingale Mary Ann Morgan Betty Morlang Mary Lou Myers Beverly Ann Nash Marjorie O ' Madigan Martha Ann Pickens Bessie Johns Smith Dorothy Teddlie PACE 392 PHI BETA KAPPA SCHOLASTIC AND HONOKAItY FHATEKNITY FOR MEN AND WOMEN Founded, William and Man College, 1776 Alpha of Texas Established 1905 One Hundred and Twenly-two Active Chapters OFFICERS President J. ALTON BURDINE Vice-President .......... J. L. BOYSEN Secretan -Treasurer ALICE COOKE HONORARY MEMBER Admiral Chester l . Nimitz February 1945 Class Louise Stratton Bird Margaret Gertrude Ebert Carolyn Lofland Hart Carol Theodora Isensee Betty Ruth Lindsey Dorothy Enid MacPherson June 1945 Class Hazel Marylyn Bennett Rosemary Bennett Anna Arnold Buchanan Betty Brooke Eakle Mary Jo Gross Gillespie Margrethe Dagmar Johnson Lorraine Kahn Barbara Mary keenan ivian Virginia Knox Lenice Josephine Larkin Carolyn Jane Matthew - William Gore Ohata MEMBERS Virginia Lee Shudde Rosemary Larue Whitaker August 1945 Class Fernando Augusto Caballero-Marsal Lenora Elizabeth Going Selden Bolivar Marth October 1945 Class Mary Gene Catlett Robert Leon Chuoke Jane Brite Dunkle Martha Dunnington James Jonita Wandeen Majors Erin Colleen Moore February 1946 Class Anne Sutton Bloor Mary Kathleen Burke Helen C. Rainey Gilmore Emily McKellar Shirley Louise Morhan Marion Jack Suggs JUNIORS February 1946 Class Annette Pearl Harris Julius Louis Mendel Alvin Whit ley June 1946 Class Marie Anne Smith PHI ETA SIGMA HONORARY SCHOLASTIC FRATERNITY FOR FRESHMEN MEN Founded, University of Illinois, March 22, 1923 Texas Chapter Established February 17, 1931 Thirty-six Active Chapters President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS ROY McLEOD MUNKOE RODRIGO RUBEN DELI.ANO ROBERT Louis REED ROBERT KENNETH GERMAN Edward M. Ackerman James Wesley Adams Jack Steele Anderson Dwight Lee Arnall Thomas R. Arrington Armande Astarga Walter C. Autrey, Jr. Jack Harding Bady James Bell Bauchman Frederick Lee Beaty Walter Edwin Blaney Conrad Bohn Robert Lee Bradley William Witt Bradshaw James Micic Bright John D. Cabaniss Howard Allyn Carlson Henry Cohen James Robert Cooner Raymond Lewis Curci Richard Kurt Dambach Charles Albert Davis Fred Frank Dillahunty Jim Douglas, Jr. George Perry Du Bose S. Eldon Dyer Arthur John Enzler Carlos Epstein Myles Naylord Fox Thomas Clayborne Frost, Jr. Warren Malcolm Gaines John Newton Gambrell Donovan Verloe Geppart Robert Kenneth German George Butler Gibbs MEMBERS Ernest Henry Groppe Ocee Keyton Groppe Dixie Glaze Hamilton Allan Wilson Harbough William E. Harris Frank Tadashi Hata Oliverio Hinojosa Leonard E. Hoefgen Thomas Francis Hogan Ray Frank Holloway Christopher Bemis Hubbard Emilio Jacaman Milton Sherl Jacobs Frank Duane Jenkins Frank L. Jennings, Jr. Jack Gray Johnson Jack Grundy Jordan Jack Keller Robert Eugene Kellerman Henry Paul Kelley Nelson H. Keyes Carl Christian Kipp Howard H. Klein Joseph Philip Kreycik Adnan Mehmet Kucukcetin Gerald Marsh Latimer Ray Eaton Lee Clark Emmett Lemley Robert Aaron Levy Zelig H. Lieberman Oscar Emil Lundelius, Jr. Robert Wayne McAnally William Marcus McCarthy Edward Anthony Mason Julius Louis Mendel Arthur H. Merchant E. Eugene Mikeska James Irl Montgomery Mack Miller Morris David Meday Mumford Roy McLeod Munroe Jack Clifford Neale Dudley Payson Penick James T. Pinto Morton David Prager Robert Louis Reed John Reynolds Richard Walter Roman Alton S. Ross Clyde Lee Russell Charles L. Sandahl Norman M. Shtofman Leland Leroy Smith, Jr. William Frank Smith, Jr. Loren Frank Stringer James Herbert Templeton Robert T. Tobola Sigeru Uchiyama Dale Ursini Von Rosenberg Charles Vartan Walker Edwin Walthall Ladislaus William Warzecha Ronald Arthur Welsh Wilbur 0. White Alvin Whitley Albert Edward Whiton Maurice Widener, Jr. Joseph Leslie Willing, Jr. Robert Marshall Wilson Walter Wolff Joseph Zemanek, Jr. PACE 394 PHI MU ALPHA SYNFONIA HONORAKY MUSIC FRATF.KMTY FOR MF.N Founded, New England Conservatory, Boston, Mass., October 6, 1898 Alpha Iota Chapter Reinstated July 11, 1942 Seventy-eight Active Chapters OFFICERS President CONRAD BOHN Vice-President ' RONALD BOOTH Secretary-Treasurer EARL CLARY Historian-Reporter GEORGE ACKER FACULTY MEMBERS Bernard Fitzgerald Archie N. Jones Evan F. Lindberg Roy Johnson Peter Hansen Gardner Lane E. K. Mellon Floyd Townsley Clayton Wilson Michael Winesanker MEMBERS George Acker Dave Baumgartner Bob Begeman G. L. Bentrup Conrad Bohn Ronald Booth George Brewer Earl M. Clary Weldon Covington John Craven Arthur Dickerson Henry Dietz Jack Fisher James E. Fogartie Joe Harte Karl Hickfang William Hilgers William H. Holloway Nelson Keyes Gerald Langford Charles Meyers John Bnan Price Glenn Stauffer Bavlor White Pit 35 PI DELTA PHI HONORARY FRENCH ORGANIZATION Rho Chapter Established May 22, 1944 OFFICERS President HILDA JANE KEI.IHEK V ice-President . . . . ' . . . . . CAROL OKRENT Secretary RUTH LINDSEY Treasurer CECILIA SHEPHERD HONORARY AND FACULTY MEMBERS Dorothy Blackmary Taylor Lucile Williams Aaron Schaffer Betsey Allen Kathleen Bland Elizabeth Anne Bonner Frances Carrington Nilda Castro-Perea Margaret Cox Dorothy Louise Fields Julia E. Fisher MEMBERS Mary Jo Gillespie Helen Rainey Gil more Marion Glueck Rosemary Harwell Ruth Hohenberg Sara B. Hughes Kittie Sue Jinkins Hilda Jane Keliher Carey Kinsolving Beth Ruth Lindsey Joanne McEwen Chloe Moore Shirley Morhan Carol Okrent Lucille Ramland Hermann Romeike Leonor Castro de Schofield Cecilia Shepherd PAGE 396 PI EPSILON HONORARY PETROLEUM ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded. The Univereity of Texas. November 26. 1935 OFFICERS President J- PAUL RoSTON lice-President s. RAYMOND Y. CRUCE Secretary MAI RICE L. BROWN Treasurer ROY H. AMAMOTO HONORARY MEMBERS George B. Corless E. DeGolyer Daniel C. Jacklina John R. Suman Charles A. i arner Paul Weaver Henry D. Wilde FACULTY MEMBERS George H. Fan die r Frederick Plummer Harry H. Power Albert E. Sweenev MEMBERS James W. Adams Maurice L. Brown Frederick H. Callaway Raymond Y. Cruce Milton E. Fox Antonio Rios J. Paul Roston Oswaldo A. Trujillo Roy H. Yamamoto PI LAMBDA THETA HONORARY EDUCATIONAL FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Founded, University of Missouri, 1910 Psi Chapter of Texas Established 1927 Thirty-five Active Chapters OFFICERS President .... V ice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary BDTTY BEALL FRANCES REAL MARY GENE CATLETT JEANNE EWING Treasurer MARGARET CONDRAY FACULTY MEMBERS Marie Morrow Florence Spencer lone Spears Clara M. Parker Corrie Allen Cora M. Martin Dorothy Gebauer Betty Allison Betty Beall Lela Carroll Pauline Castruita Mary Gene Catlett Betty Colmey Margaret Condray Ruth Ann Douglass Helen Dvoracek Jeanne Ewing MEMBERS Dorothy Louise Fields Florence Gibson Lucy Gray Lossie Antoinette Humes Floy Jarvis Adelaide King Lorraine Layer Emily McKellar Lila Lou McMurray Nancy Malley Jane Matthews Nanon Moore Audie Nanney Frances Real Elizabeth Rose Dorothy Tetley Evelyn Timm Turk Dorothy Walsh Mary Ella White Mary Lucille Yeager PI SIGMA ALPHA HONORARY GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION Founded, The University of Texas, 1920 Alpha Chapter Established 1920 Thirty-two Active Chapters OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor . ALLEN GAMMACE VIOLET A LK EM EVER EARLF. Dorothy Louise Fields DONALD STI ART STRONG HONORARY MEMBERS Edward Everett Hale Max Starke Beauford Jester Robert W. Stayton Herman Jones Ernest Thompson Rudolph L. Biesele John Alton Burdine Howard Andrew Calkins James Hershel Coffee Violet Alkemever Earle FACULTY MEMBERS Dorothy Louise Fields Allen Gammage Stuart A. MacCorkle Caleb Perry Patterson Dewitt C. Reddick Joseph Rice Savior William Louis Strauss Donald Stuart Strong Oliver Douglas Weeks Pablo Maximiliano Ynsfran Marylyn Bennett Marvin Bernstein Ann Bozka Margaret Dale John S. Davi Walter Lee Gray Joyce Hightower MEMBERS Patsy Jean Horton George P. Huckaby Carolyn Frances Hyman Minnie Pauline Majors Joann McCall E. E. Murphy. Jr. James Pearson Raymond Renner Enid Ruth Robinson J. Pascal Tennant Priscilla Thomason Charles Anne Walling Man " Warren Donald A. Wehmever PI TAU SIGMA HONORARY MECHANICAL ENGINKKRING FRATERNITY Founded, University of Illinois, March 16, 1915 Texas Kappa Chapter Established April 18, 1931 OFFICERS President . KENNETH W. SHANNON V ice-President MILLARD L. HIPPLE Recording Secretary NORMAN G. COLEMAN Corresponding Secretary JAMES R. URBANEK Treasurer JOHN H. BEVERIDGE faculty Advisor LEONARD R. BENSON I Luis Hamilton Bartlett Millard Vernon Barton Myron Louis Begeman Leonard R. Benson FACULTY MEMBERS Howard Earl Brown William Junius Carter Howard Edward Degler Venton L. Doughtie illis Raymond Woolrich Carl John Eckardt. Jr. Harry Llewllyn Kent. Jr. Byron Elliott Short Milton John Thompson Charles T. Anderson John H. Beveridge Norman G. Coleman Clinton B. Cooke George C. Goldbaum James R. Hale Mil lard L. Hippie MEMBERS Robert L. Horneyer Charles A. Langner Robert J. Leebrick. Jr. James I. Montgomery Wilbur L. Moore Don R. Patterson Allan M. Poindexter Jack Post Kenneth W. Shannon Shigera Uchiyama James R. Urbanek Richard 0. Welty Joseph L. Willing. Jr. Willis R. Woolrich, Jr. PZATLX HOM)K m KKV!(.K D MM HI. OKI. I7ATION K..UII.1.-.I. The t ' iii rr-it of Texas. February. W40 OFFICERS President CLAUDIA Hi i c HKK Vice-President VERA MAE BETTISON Secretary LISBETH YouNC Treasurer .... NANCY JOHNS MKMHF.KS Ruth Jane Ashb Elizabeth Ann Baker Patricia Anne Barne- era Mae Bettison Claudia Blucher Eleanor Bragg Carolyn Brock Peggy Brinton Virginia Callan Barbara Cheesman Mary Ann Cardwell Pat H. Connor Marjorie Darilek Rosemary Hemmingson Nancy Jolin Rosemary Johnson Edith Join-- Alice Fave Kitlev Polly McDaniel Hilda McElhenne Anne McNeil! Mary Miller Camille Manning Peggy L. Neuhaus Mae Lee Ng Barbara Owen Mary Lucy Pope Elizabeth Robinson Mary Lou Rutledge Edith Rydell Norma Stratton MarybelleStoltzfus Marjorie Vannoy Betty Vickers Winifred White Martha Woods l.i-hflh Young : . SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON HONORARY GEOLOGICAL FRATERNITY Founded, University of Kansas, March 30, 1915 Zeta Chapter Established April 30. 1920 Thirty-one Active Chapters OFFICERS President NORMAN N. WEST V ice-President JACK RODGERS Secretary JEFF BURNETT Treasurer JOHN CHAMPION Parliamentarian HOWARD DAVIS FACULTY MEMBERS F. M. Bullard H. P. Bybee A. H. Been G. K. Eifler G. R. McNutt F. L. Whitney H. G. Damon I. J. Anderson A. E. Sweeney D. L. Frizzell L. C. Snider G. H. Fancher F. B. Plummer H. H. Powers Clyde A. Brooke Jeff T. Burnett Charles T. Butler Maurice L. Brown John G. Champion Raymond Cruce F. Henry Callaway Howard E. Davis William W. Doyel Milton E. Fox Charles R. Grice James W. Howard MEMBERS Allen E. Humphrey Gus Marquez William R. Miller Joe L. Pritchett Antonio G. Rios Jack P. Rodgers J. Paul Roston W. Bryant Saner Oswaldo A. Trujillo Roy H. Yamamoto 0. D. Weaver Norman N. West PAGE 401! SIGMA IOTA EPSILIU HONOKAKY AND PHOr KSSIONAI M A NACKMr M KKATKRMTY Founded, L ' nivcrMty of Illinois 142 Trias Chapter Established. 1928 OFFICERS President . Vice-Presidenl Secretary . Treasurer Personnel Manager CHARLES KEEOSTROM GEORGIA J. BARNES FREDERIC GEORGE COMSTOCK CHARLES WALKER NELIA Fox H. A. Dulan Nelia Fox John H. Frederick Hubert Jones Chester F. Lav FACULTY MEMBERS E. G. Smith John R. Stockton R. R. Suttle Rav F. Wallace MEMBERS Calvin Acree Marvin Aronowitz Georgia J. Barnes Marjorie Campbell George Chandler Frederic George Comstock James Constantin Leon Mitchell Copeland Harry H. Elwell John H. Ferguson Nelia Fox Peggy Janosky Com Lane Jaqut - Edwin F. Johnson Richard Bernard Keenan Patsy Jane Krohn Mrs. C. F. Lay Betty Margaret Lee Benny M. MrGlothlin Nick Maloof T. Richard Markham Warren Roy Mehl Patricia Mill- Yaudean Monroe Belmont Frank Mueller Betty O ' Brien Mary Elizabeth Oden Allen H. Perry Aubrey Price Mary Sue Pool Ed E. Bailiff Charles Reedstrom Vernal I A. Schilhab Richard Schmidt Betty Schumacher Georgann H. Scott William J. Skomp Norma Smith Fabian Summers Joan Sweeny Anslem M. Tibbs k. W. Treiman Charles Walker Mar K. Xelhausen Marshall M. Whitesides Edna Whitworth Harry Woolsey Albert Yoli I . V SILVER SPUR MEN ' S HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION i Founded November 15, 1938 OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer JOHN F. ATKINS FREDERICK A. WINCHELL JAMES IRI. MONTGOMERY ROBERT J. LEEBRICK. JK. HONORARY MEMBER L. L. Click MEMBERS K i 1 1 i, i in G. Anderson Jack Edgar Brady Allen Walter Brun John W. Burruss Guy A. Buccola James Maurice Canady Edwin G. Cohen Joseph J. Crowley James Edward Egan John Kirby Ewing William Brownlee Ferguson Walston C. Gallic Ben W r ayne Greig Robert Lee Horneyer Allen E. Humphrey David P. Jaicks William George Kinney Robert J. Leebrick Alfred S. Lowrey Herbert Miller James Irl Montgomery James Arthur Murrell, Jr. Wyatt T. Norman, Jr. Carl F. Mann Eli David Phillev. Jr. Jimmie Frank Plyler Robert L. Reed Warren A. Rees Johnny F. Ring Raymond Roberts Wilbur C. Schoel lei- Thomas Bruce Scott Charles Andrew Shurr Leslie C. Slape Harris Smith Pat N. Smith Ivy Homer Speer Bert Stovall Robert Holman Summers Jack G. Swanson Kenneth Adleta Swanson Jack Calvin Vaughn John F. Watkins Ballard Nolan Watts John T. Wells Thomas Allen Whitley Frederick A. Winchell Aaron W. Winetroub Don Woolen I ' AC.K 401 SPOOKS SOCIAL-SERVICE ORGANIZATION Founded. The University of Texas. November, 1941 GHOST CABINET Chief Haunt ANN HOHLT Vice-Haunt ADELE EccERS Recorder Haunt THETIS SANDERFORII Banker Haunt HAZEL LAIRD Journalistic Haunt JULIA TUTT Spirit Lois KIRK PATRICK MF.MHKRS Sarah Jane Armstrong Beverly Bird Jacqueline Blandin Patricia Ann Branson Daisy Brown Mae Marie Buckner Joan Connally Adele Eggers Eva Jean Finch Marion Cauldin XoraGill Betty Jo Hale Susan Hamilton Barbara Hanna Elizabeth Hays Ann Hohlt t r-ula Johns Lois Kirkpatrick Hazel Laird Jo Anne Lawther Helen Lissner Irene Loy Marilyn Mabrito Ann McKay Margaret McKean Emily McNeely Shirley Moore Betty Jean Nessley Martha Jane Porter Anna G. Katliff Jeanne C. Ratliff Frances Roensch BillieSueRothwell Thetis Sanderford Mary Ann Santleben Julia Tutt Betty Ann Warner Jeanie Williamson Laurita K iUm . . ; TAU BETA PI HONORAKY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded, Lehigh University, 1885 Alpha of Texas Established 1916 Sixty-seven Active Chapters OFFICERS President .... V ice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer .... Cataloguer .... WILLIAM DEAN RAMEY WILLIAM H. BLANEY CLINTON B. COOKE FRANK T. HATA PAUL B. CRAWFORD WILLIAM G. ANDERSON E. C. H. Bantel Leland Barclay L. B. Benson F. E. Brooks S. L. Brown C. M. Cleveland A. E. Cooper Worth F. Cottingham W. A. Cunningham C. J. Eckhardt, Jr. FACULTY MEMBERS P. M. Ferguson John A. Focht Roscoe Guernsey E. W. Hamlin K. A. Kobe Jack Lenhart J. D. McFarland Banks McLaurin W. H. McNeil! W. M. Newton H. H. Power C. E. Rowe E. P. Schoch B. E. Short Archie W. Straiten M. J. Thompson R. W. Warner W. R. Wool rich Dana Young Jack S. Anderson William G. Anderson William C. Arrington Thomas D. Barrow William D. Bethel William H. Blaney Bruce Blount Marylin Alys Broom Carl S. Buscemi J. T. Carter Ju-nam Chew Robert L. Collins Clinton B. Cooke Paul B. Crawford Ray L. Curci Kurt R. Dambach Jim Douglas, Jr. Harmon Downey James Eckert Harold J. Engebretson Carl M. Furgason Donovan V. Geppert M. W. Gerhardt Harry D. Gibbons George B. Gibbs MEMBERS John L. Grolemund Theodore W. Glocker Werner Goldsmith E. Henry Groppe Allan W. Harbaugh Melvin E. Haley Frank T. Hata Carl T. Hester Gerald Eli Hinderer Millard L. Hippie Edward J. Hoffman Bruce B. Jackson Frank Duane Jenkins Hal R. Jensen Miro E. Klecka William C. Klett Daniel M. Krause Leonardt F. Kreisle Sewell McMahon Elaine Marek Ralph L. Merrill James Irl Montgomery Merle C. Muller Dean P. Nichols Dudley P. Penick Damon A. Peterson W. Kirk Pipkin William D. Phillips William D. Preusse William Dean Ramey Robert L. Reed Jarrell Rubinett Donald F. Schaller T. Helmer Sjostrand Elton D. Soltes Homer Douglas Steadman Velma C. Stewart Loren F. Stringer Gerald Leonard Swezea Betty Jane Taylor Bruce E. Tingling Chester Robert Upham, Jr. John J. Walsh William D. Weatherford John T. Wells James A. Wilkinson William D. Wilson Lawson T. Winslow Elmer E. Wittmeyer James Richie W ood Roy H. Yamamoto Awarded Women ' s Badge of Recognition. PACE 406 TAU DELTA ALPHA HONORARY PRE-MED1CAL FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Founded, The University of Texas, November 12, 1937 OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer Keeper of the Bones CATHRYN SWAISCH MARY LOUISE BEF.NK RITH BAXTER LOUISE KlLLINGSWOHTH M ARY LOUISE ALEXANDER HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Caroline Crowell Dr. Margaret Schoch Eppright Elizabeth Gentry Dr. Katherine McCormick Hilda Rosene Linda X harton MEMBERS Mary Louise Alexander Ruth Baxter Mary Louise Beene Patricia Brennan Juanita Buck Marilyn Cayton Oma Cerrone Lorene H. Chiles Helen Davis Mal el Davis Johanna De Lancey Judith Gerick Lucille Hagan Shirley Handler Roycerene Hruzek Mary Lee Jensen Louise Killingsworth Helen Kirby Helen A. Lacy- Jacqueline Neal MaryJoO ' Dell Betty Jean Rodenberg Cathryn Swausch Gwendolyn Tonroy Betty Jean ilson Louise Wilson THETA SIGMA PHI HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISM FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Founded, University of Washington, 1909 Texas Xi Chapter Established in 1919 Thirty-nine Active Chapters OFFICERS President .... V ice-President Secretary-Treasurer Keeper of the Archives Reporter .... BETTY Lu HILL HILDA CHALEFF MARY VIRGINIA WALLACE MIRIAM MERRITT GENE STINNETT Marguerite Harr ison HONORARY MEMBERS Edna St. Vincent Millav FACULTY MEMBERS Bernice Moore Frankie Mae Welborn Afton T. Wynn MEMBERS Joyce Bell Lela Belitsky Hilda Chaleff Priscilla Chase Marjorie Darilek Sally Fox Judy Gaston Augusta (Jimmie) Grove Neville Hays Betty Lu Hill Dorothy Huntington Dorothy Hyde Joan Kenney Naomi Levinson Faye Loyd Tessica Martin Betty Ray Lyon Miriam Merritt Mildred Nebenzahl Barbara Periman Joyce Pursley Clara Ruggles Janie Russ Gene Stinnett Doris Tudor Mary Virginia Wallace PACE 40K DELTA SIGMA PI INTKRN TION I ( IMK.KK PRl MM- M IIMSI K ATION FRA ' I KKMTV OFFICERS Head Master . Chancellor Scribe . . Senior ff ardcn Junior ff ardcn Treasure! Historian . Senior Guide . Junior Guide . DALE GRAY DAVENPORT H. TERRY Bi EHRINC AUBREY WAYNE PRICE LEWIS K. HYER. JR. WILLIAM JOE JACKSON RICHARD FREDERICK SCHMIDT BRENNER KAYF HOLLOMAN JOHN WILLIAM FARRELL CHARLES HENRY ZAPFFE KACIITY MEMBERS W. P. Boyd J. C. Dooley J. H. Frederick W. H. Irons E. G. Smith E. W. Zimmerman red C. Bookoul Culver Bostwick Carl Alfred Bright H. Terry Buehring Rirhard Owen Calo DaleGra Davenport James R. Douglas Felix H. Driskill R..l,ert Alfred Dube John J illiam Farrell MEMBERS Malcolm Douglas Ferguson Jack Yarborough Hardee Brenner Kaye Holloman Roy F. Howell Lewis K. Hyer. Jr. Kenneth Irwin William Joe Jackson Robert B. Kemp Howard Lee Norris Walter Thomas Pavlak Edwin J. Pesek Clifton S. Perkins Aubrey K ayne Price Richard Frederick Schmidt James Lang Tippett Charles L. Vychopen Marshall Marlin Whitesides Sam D. Wolfe Charles Henry Zapffe r fo: VYCHilPIN. BiMlkolT. Ii fAPOKT. HOI.ln ' .HN t KKU I . JKK.l oV Vl i II H S.roJ r-nr: PKKK. HOUIII. BI f MHINr:. PV i, K. 7 Pf K. IIITrMlll . Pf KKIN-. Tki ' J ' : PI -Ik. I " I BK. HVKKII IM K -diMIHT TIPPI TT. IKI . I ' KI-klll KAPPA EPSILDN HONORARY PHARMACEUTICAL FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN OFFICERS President GAILE HLCKABEE Vice-President Jo BETH WALLING Secretary OUIDA GRAY Treasurer FLORENCE SANDERS Reporter MARY ANNE STI BBS GAILE HUCKABEE Eloise Ballard Dorothy Berosek Lula Jean Billington Myrtle Booe Ouida Gray Mary Evelyn Hansard MEMBERS Gaile Huckabee Mary Hughes Janelle Jacobs Bertha Faye Magee Betty Jo Paull Evelyn S. Pfluger Jo Beth Wallins Gloria Ramirez Florence Sanders Lorene Soape Kathryn Sousares Mary Anne Stubbs Edith Thompson PLEDGES Peggy Christie Martha Ferguson Doris Hollingsworth Yuriko Ishizuka Ruth Ranville Virginia Shields Frances Underwood Front row: MAGEE, BILLINGTON. RAMIREZ Second row: SANDERS, WALLING, FERGUSON. PKLUGER. Third row: STUBBS. PAUL, HUCKABEE, BOOE. GRAY. PACE 410 KAPPA KAPPA PSI HONORARY BAND FRATERMM fnmt rr: ASTON. LUCKEY. CROCKETT. BOHN. VALDEZ. Srcf J ror: REED. VELA. ANDREWS. CIRTI . BARNES. S7 AITH K. TkirJ KMT.- WALKER. SEBASTIAN. SIVLEY. HOSKIVS. PATTERSON. BARFIELD. HEARD. OFFICERS President ' ice-President Secretary -Treasu rer Reporter CONRAD R. BOHN MOTON CROCKETT. JR. PAT B. BASKIN DONAIJ F. SCHALL.ER FACULTY MEMBER Col. George E. Hurt HONORARY MEMBERS D. Harold Byrd. Dallas Tom Miller. Austin Charles Page. Sr.. Austin E. P. Schoch. Austin W. L. Stark. Austin K. Robert Andrew- Da id Aston Richard S. Barfield (Charles E. Barne- Pat Baskin Conrad R. Bohn Loui? Burton Molon Crockett. Jr. M KM HERS Louis Scott Curtis E. T. Eberhart Robert German Tom C. Heard C. T. Hester Karl Hirkfang H. Lowell Hoskin- Raymond Lucke Julius Mendel I).. n R. Patterson Robert L. Reed Donald F.Schaller Adrian Sebastian Ray V. Sivley Glenn F. Stauffer Lupe E. Yaldez Hector Yela Charles Edward Walker Glenn Zumwalt I KUI K. 111 MA HI AN CKAMKK Betty Baldwin Beall Hilda Anna Chalefl Marian Cramer Marjorie Marian Darilek Ruth Ann Douglass MORTAR IIII.ARI) HONORARY !; AM ATION FOR SKNIOR O 1KN OFFICERS President Vice-Presidejil Secretary Treasurer Historian Reporter Betty oun MARIAN CRAMER BETTY BALDWIN BEALL MOLLY VIRGINIA SKINNEH BETTY Lu HILL HILDA ANNA CHALEFF MAR.JORIF. MARIAN DARII.KK FACULTY MEMBERS Margaret Peck Etelka Schmidt Lynn MEMBERS Helen Rainey Gillmore Kathryn Ann Jackson Lena Belle Koch Frances R. Murray Carol Okrent Juanita Kennon Pou Augusta Dale Grove Annette Pearl Harris Mary Erkle Henry Betty Lu Hill Frances Amelia Real Jane Reese Rich Molly Virginia Skinner Cathryn Swausch SPRING INITIATES Dale Bartletl Frances Kirksey Melba Cox Naomi Levinson Saradell David Janet Lilley Jeanne Ewing Jacqueline Nelson Sally Fox Sue Roling l ' r,,,:i n,i, : HiONHY. CltOVK. 1III.I.. CIIAI.KFF. ,sY,.,m r,,,, . OKKI ' NT. PKAI.!.. KOCH. SKINNKR. 7V,,V, Fmirlh ItKM.. S VI SI II. II AKKIS. Pol. : CK MT.l:. (MI.I.MOKi:. l) Hll.i:K. Dili i;i. s.s. Mil. A Mill JACKETS IIONUI; in SKKMCK OIK; MX IION f,,mt rou: LII.I.EV, ALVKS. I.ISSAUER. MORTON. Stcond rou-: HALL, WORLEY. JOHNS. BUKKETT, ROW. Tkir.l row: PI.l MMKK. COURTNEY, McCURDY, KIRKSEY. PATERSON. CATLETT. OFFICERS [ ' resident MARY VIRGINIA ALVES Vice-Presidfiit MARGARET McCuRDv Secretary ' . MARGARET ANN PLLMMKK Reporter BETTY Lou COURTNEY Historian MARY PEARI. HAM. HONORARY MEMBER Homer P. Rainev MEMBERS Marx Virginia Alves Lela Belitsky Peggy Bissell Anne Burkett Susanne Catlett Betty Lou Courtnev Ann F.lkins Mary Pearl Hall Patsy Jean Horton Nancy Johns Mildred Kelleher Frances Kirksey Violet Kosaka Janet Lilly Jacqueline Doris Lissaiifi Margaret McCurdy Sue Moore Katherine G. Paterson Margaret Ann Plummer Peggy Phi I li,,s Carolyn Row Frances Marian Vt orlf. MARY VIRGINIA AI.VE PACE 413 CHARLES OLSEN PHI SIGMA NATIONAL HONORARY BIOLOGICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS President CHARLES OLSEN Vice-President Jo BETH WALLING Secretary RUTH LENORE LIND Treasurer KITRIDGE ANDERSON Scribe CALVIN WARD Faculty Advisor MARTHA THURLOW FACULTY MEMBERS Fred A. Barkley William J. Dobson Donald Frizzell Harriett Frizzell MarDonald Fulton Lewis H. Hatch Addison Lee Elizabeth J. Moore Marie B. Morrow Hilda Rosene A. R. Schrank Jesse Sealey W. S. Stone Robert Wagner F. L. Whitney 0. B. Williams Roger J. Williams Joe Wilt Orville Wys Bob Adams Kitridge Anderson Guillermo Arroyas Betsy Ann Bagley Bob Barbour Norma Beauchamp Mary Louise Beene Johanna Blumel Charles Boone S. R. Boynton Mary Lynn Brouthertin Clements Burnam Peter Chamberlain Priscilla Chase Mary Cheatham Frances Clavton Rosemary Gorman Marian Cramer Frances Davis Virginia Dobson Elaine Dugone Lola Lee Dyess Alvin Flury Mildred Fromme Allyn Gill Bi ' nny E. Glasser Lucille Hagan Shirley Handler Harold Harris Barbara Harrison Lucille Head Damian Hilsaca MEMBERS Lamar Hilton Carol Isensee Arthur M. Jansa Harold J. Joseph Frederick J. Korkmas William Krodel John Langley Melanie Levy Charles W. Lewis Ruth Lenore Lind Dan Lindsley Jane Machia Edmond Massad George McConnell Waunelle McDonald Ray Mclver Charles H. Zimmermami Marilyn McQuiggs Evalie Miles Mack Morris Betty Ann Newcomer Glenda Oglesby Cap Hill Oliver Charles M. Olsen Ida Orinovsky Claire Louise Painter Ruth Powell Mac Reinmuth Babette Rothschild Chester Rowell Lowell Smith Mary Ann Stubbs Eleanor Tacquard Harry Thiers Martha Thurlow Gwendolyn Elaine Tonnn Dorothy Tutt Otis Lynn Vaden Fernando Valdes-Moralo Ted Votteler Jo Beth Walling Calvin L. Ward Mary Emma Webb Francille Weber Virginia Weinheimer Ronald A. Wesch Joyce J. Wendt Carrie Whitmore Martha Wilkerson Front TOW: WEBB, CLAYTON, WENDT, OGLESBY. LEVY, ROTHSCHILD. Second row: FROMME. STUBBS, TONROY. McIVER, WALL1NO, THURLOW. WEINHEIMER. Third row: HACAN. HILTON, VADEN, McDONALD, OLSEN, LIND, WARD. ANDERSON. PAINTER. PACE 411 SIGMA DELTA PI HONORARY SPANISH FRATERNITY Fra l raw: SMYERS, SPIVEY. HEDRICK. GENTRY. CHALEFF. SfcamJ to : MAUERMANV TTTT, FARMER. LOZANO. CONDRAY, BECK. Tkaito,: KING. CCERRA. ILKES. LFKER. MfRRtY. l.ll.I.EY. Bl ' RKE. fourth rtnr: PICTOR. WITCHER. OFFICERS President I ic --President Secretary . Treasurer MARY LOL SWEENEY JOHN WITCHER NORMAN PICTOR IMOCENE SMYERS ' Patricia Bay B- --rly Be k Kathleen Burke Hilda ihaleff Marparft ( onrlray Maureen Crumley Dorothy Jane Davi- Ruth Ann Doupla sum ion Duplan J. Doliert Durway Man I " iii- Ki-kman Nornia Edward Elisalieth Fanner Sara Ferftuson Barbara Ann Ontn Ir lKERS Evanpelina Guerra Man Pearl Hall ( Charles ( ' . Harris Elinor Hedrirk l.u,a V. Hill. Jr. Floy Horn Ruth Ann Kinp Pura Leker William C. I.Hh.-o Janet l.illry Dora Alice Lxizano Rosemary Mr " ..- Jane Matli Margaret Mauermann Marriel!. Moir Marjorie Murray Jacqueline Nelson Luis Martinez Palafox Norman Pictor Bettie Lew Root Janet Roy Mary Jane Smith Imopene Smyers Mary Spivey 1-a Verne Stindt Man Lou Sweeney Dorothy Tutl I harlt M. ance Betty Jo U ilkes John T. Witrher M RY LOU SWEENEY MARCIA MITCHELL Marie Blount Mary Jane Bolding Martha Bonner Betty Bradley Marjorie Brass Marjorie Ann Bran Mildred Brooks Barbara Marie Brown Betty Brown Elizabeth Brown Bernice Lorene Clark I I. L. t . OFFICERS President MARCIA MITCHELL Vice-President FLORENCE GIBSON Secretary ADELAIDE KING Publicity Chairman MILDRED BROOKS Membership Chairman . . . . . . . . MARTHA BONNER MEMBERS Bette Calhoun Joanne Howard Campbell Marjory Dry den Nina Ruth Ferris Maxine Foreman Florence Gibson Edna Mae Goldfine Charlotte Grenader Marylou Hall Ruth LaVern Hallum Carolyn Harris Jean Allen Rosemary Hemmingson Willian Ernestine Holland Glenday Ursula Johns Rosemary Jones Betty Kiley Adelaide King Bayla Lippmann Marcia Mitchell Anita Montgomery Genevieve Nelson Betty Nicol Young Elaine Prentiss Marilyn Rachofsky Flora Bye Riley Joan Robbins Julia Rogers Carolyn Row Margaret Claire. Shirley Nora Mae Vaughan Elizabeth Ann Wright Mary Frances Yager Wynell York THE ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION was organized on the campus in 1931. Its purposes are to secure information regarding the education of young children; to promote the progressive type of education in nursery, kindergartens, and primary grades: and to raise the standard of the professional training for teachers in this field. Front row: BROOKS, BONNER, KING, GIBSON, MITCHELL, FORE.M X. Second row: SHIRLEY, CLARK. ROW, JONES, VAUGHAN, HARRIS, RILEY. Third row: BRAU, NICOL, FERRIS. BLOUNF, YOUNG, YORK. CALHOUN. Fourth row: HALLUM. B. M. BROWN. CAMPBELL. HOLLAND. PRENTISS. BRADLEY, WRIGHT. Filth row: KILEY, JOHNS, MONTGOMERY, ROGERS. B. BROWN, NELSON. PACK 416 A. I. Ch. . Fro t r Nr: PEREZ AYLA. CHEW. LAWLER. ALEXANDER. ERICKSON. GIBBS. HARRISON. SrtaU r nr: JACAMAN. ABDO. EPSTEIN. B4LLARD. HALFF. OSBORXE, WOODS. LOTT. Jlard mr: tf LLANO. CROPPE. PEMCK. DOW. KOEHN. SOLTES. JORDAN. LINNARD. BRENN tN. Bck .- CT MXGH M. W. H. BMNTV. W. E. BI.ANF.Y. BROOKS. AI.FORD. OFFICERS President HENRY GROPPE Vice-President BILL BLANEY Secretary LAI ' RA LAWLER Treasurer ERNEST Lo r. MKMRERS Milton Abdo Nanry Alexander Joe F. Alford Miller Armstrong William T. Ballard B. V. Rallinger William H. Blane Walter E. Blaney l lydr Mike Brennan Warren B. Brook - Jack Burlu Ju-Nam (Thew W. A. Cunningham Tom Dean Rodrigo de Llano Edwin B. Dow Troyce Ellison (Carlos Epstein C B. Erirkson Frank Galloway George Gibbs Henry Groppe Howard Halff R. S. Hall Roland H. Harri-n John Hearn Emilio N. Jaraman Ben Jordan Joseph L. Kelly John R. Koehn Laura Lawler Pat Lightfoot Howard W. Linnard Ernest Long William Lott Dwipht Mr Anally Victor Marquez S[ en-er R. Milliken H. leM.Osborne Dudley Penirk Jose Perez Avala E. E. Ponsford Walter Pritrhelt W allare Pnor an W. Ratrliff Max Samfield Vincent Savino Gerardo Seyffert R. M. Shapiro Lee Sherwood Elton Soltes George K. Toyoda Kalm W. Treiman John Davis Woods William Young THE . IERK. N 1NMITI IK OF IIKMK 1 KM.IM-KR a founded in 190 and thi- chapter was established in 1941. It acquaints the student with his profes-ion through lertures and personal contact with outstanding men in chemical engineering, it promote- fellowship among its members, and it fosters friendly student-faculty relation-. MINIO ! . : ALLEN W. BRUN 1 Leonard O. Ahlgren William G. Anderson Leopold D. Bangard Paul 0. Barnes Carlos J. Barrios Allen W. Brun Kelly W. Bryan Edward E. Capps Thomas D. Capsha v Howard Carlson Gordan D. Causey Adam L. Deines l.l. t. Ij. OFFICERS ' resident V ice-President Secretary .... Treasurer Corresponding Secret tir Advisors . MEMBERS John C. Dippel Robert W. Dobles George P. DuBose William H. Epperson Elmo Felfe Donovan V. Geppert Joseph R. Haskins Frank T. Hata William H. Haynes Carl T. Hester Thomas Hollingsworth Christopher B. Hubbard Larrv B. ALLEN W. BRUN CARLOS J. BARRIOS WARREN A. BEES THOMAS D. CAPSHAW THOMAS HOLLINGSWORTH ARCHIE W. STRAITO.N I FREDERICK E. BROOKS Bruce B. Jackson Frank D. Jenkins Hal R. Jenson Richard C. Jones Joseph P. Kreycik Oscar E. Lundelius James R. McGinley Clifford B. McManus Eugene H. McWhirter J. T. Michael Aubrey A. Mollenhauer George B. Newhouse Wolf Medrick C. Plourd Warren A. Rees Carroll M. Steele Loren F. Stringer Francis N. Stubbs George Takenaka Betty Jane Taylor William J. Thomas X arren J. Thurgood John T. Wells Hermon T. Welch Eldon X. Wolcott THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS was founded in 1884. The is to bring the student close to the work and to the men in his profession. main function if the local student chapter Front rou-: I.UNDELIL ' S, STRAITON, HATA, TAYLOR. BRl N. TAKKNAKA. BAKKIOS. Second rout: GEPPERT. DuBOSE, CAPPS, FELFE, CARISON, STEELE, BARNES, THOM .-. ThirJ rmc: IHBB R[). EPPERSON. DIPPEL. MtGIM.KY. ANDERSON. WELLS. DOBI.KS. C PSIU . A.I.M.M.E. fru r.- HLBLEY. i.l - 1 M VOTO. VETZGER. PRIAS. BKOWN. GONZALEZ. SrtamJ .- CRUCE. BOSTON. POYXER. STRICKLAND. MEAD. ETHEREDCE. SMITH. TkirJ r.- PIERCE. REYNOLDS. ZARBOW. Bl ' TZ. FOX. NACLE. rrr W TSOV TRI ' IIU O. SVVCEK. WELCH. THOMPSON. . " 4I.I. WV. ESCHBERC.F.R. OFFICKKS President I ice-President Treasurer . Secretary Sponsor MAURICE L. BROWN ROY H. YAMAMOTO OSWALDO TRL JILLO VIRGINIA METZCER GEORGE H. FAXCHEK MEMBERS Robert P. Brewer Maurice L. Brown Charles T.Butler John B. Butz Frederick H. Caila a Raymond Cnice Benjamin A. Cunningham John 0. Da i Shelton Dickerson I amar E.chherper Murri- I.. Etheredge L. W. Folmer Milton E. Fox James Gerber Gla Humherto Gonzalez John S. Huhlev Charles W. Lantrip Eugene J. Lipstate Gustavo E. Marquez Howard E. Mead Virginia O. Metzger Robert L. Monaghan Elmo Murray Herbert K. Sagle Don Franklin Pierce Herbert F. Poyner Guillermo Prias John Clifford Reynolds James R. Rhotenberrv 1 ntonio Rios J. Paul Roston Morgan G. Smith James B. Steele Bob L. Strickland Joseph F. Svacek Kinman Thompson Oswaldo A. Trujillo Joe C. Waller Jess C. Ward Jack Watson Darrell G. Welch Charles W. West Roy H. Yamamoto Jack C. Zarrow THE IEKH N INVmt IK K MINING AND METALLtRGK I ENGINEERS ..- founder! in 1871 and i thr nlr|-t of thr four national -npin rinp xx-irtirs. VI U RICE I. BROWN . j. L. Jj. OFFICERS President ROBERT L. OTTO Vice-Presidt ' nt . DOUGLAS STEADMAN Secretary . . J ES SE E. HELLKR Treasurer LUCY WILSON KOBF.RT L. OTTO MEMBERS MikeAltfillisch E. L. Bearden Paul B. Behrens Louie Calhoun James T. Carter James L. Childs Andrew Cook Eduardo Delgado-Vega Paul Derr Jim Douglas, Jr. Grady Faubion John Arnold Focht Jesse E. Heller Robert G. Hindinan Charles Hubbard Raymond Mason J. L. Mertz Robert E. Moffat Roy Munroe Robert Lee Otto Ovidio Perera Robert L. Reed William I. Salriikov Marry A. Sandberg Homer Douglas Steadrnan Lucv Wilson THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS was established on The University of Texas campus in 1921 to bring about the friendship of civil and architectural engineering students. Front row: SAI.MKOV. FOCHT, WILSON, DEI.GADO-VECA, FAUUION. Second rou-: COOK. DOUG LAS. STKADMAN. SAMDBEKC. IIF.I.I.FK. CAKl ' KH. Third nni: OTTO, MOFFAT. KF.KI). IMMIMAN. liKHKENS. ' A.S.M.E. Front ro: STEINER. DECENH ARI T. I.ANGNER. IKBANEK. WATT. BURTON. WILLING. UCHIYAMA. SecoitJ rov: MASSEY. H NNOY HIPPLE. WELTY. BEVERIDGE. LEKBRICK. KECK. OVERAS. WOOLRICH. Third i-oir: KKI MARK. COOKE. COLEMAN. I.. NELSON. MALVIN. M. LEE. W. LEE. MOORE. OUICLEY. KAMPT. Fourth rmt: EICHELBERGER. GILE. BRl ' YERE. BARFIEL1). MONTGOMERY. WOODS. POKORNY. Xl.BERS. MATTHEWS. HOCkUMY. Rl ' BINETT. filth ro: HORNEYER. WILSON. KOSFEI.I). DOCGHTIE. REINHART. WOODARD. NIT.ENT. OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Advisor JAMES IKL MONTGOMKRY JACK B. KECK JOHN H. BEVERIDGE NOKMA.N G. COI.EMAN DlN Yot ' NG John E. AHier- Charles T. Anderson Ri. hard S. Barfield NeU.m I. Beck Frank H. Beneke John H. Brveridpr lame- I). Blume Kay K. Bluth John A. Brinere Louis M. Burton Leopoldo S. Caral allo Barney Chaudoin Norman G. Cx leman !linlon B. (!ooke Kurt Damharh Wilmar W. Degenhardt i-iitiin L. Douphtie linliliif Edgerton Ihcitn.i- . Kir Donald C. Fox- James R. Franklin William D. Gaston iliian, II. (],- Millanl I.. Hippie Donald E. Hockaday Rol)f rt L. Horneyer Robert A. Johnston Mark Karpusko Jack B. Keck Frank Kir lie Millo.i I.K(, feld I f ii- A. Kotterman M. Krusmark (lharles A. Lanpner K MI A. 1. arson in Norman William I.. Lee Rol ert J. Leehrick David W. Malvin Arnold Matthaei Charles T. Matthews Jll-Cpl: Rodney G. McDaniel William l--.ll,.. k MKMBERS James C. Monfort James Irl Montgomery Wilbur L. Moore Louis D. Nelson Niirman A. Nelson James E. Nupent Art J. Overas Gilbert C. Pokorny Charles H. Priddy Beaufort M. Quipley Grorpe W. Rampt ( " harles Reinhart Richard Roman Jerald D. Rubinett Ken W. Shannon James S. Striner Bill Suman Shipern L ' chiyama James R. Urbanek (iilliert Watt Walter R. Weaver Ric-hard O. Weltv Joseph L. Willing William J.Wilson Tracy Winslow Don E. Wintou James R. Wood Jack Woodard Kenneth G. Woods Rav W. Woolrich THE IKKH N MM |Kn OF MK.i H NICAL EN(ilNEER k- t,, imbue each oi its memlx-rs with a spirit of professionalism. In meeting each member has a chance to r |ire " hi- iew- or hear %ir- e preeil by outside s J VMI s IKL MONTGOMERY I 1 ., i l. ' l AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS EMORY i rriKM: M I:KSON C. Clarence Albers Emory Eugene Anderson William O. Avery Priscilla Gertrude Aves Betsy Ann Bagley Luther L. E. Bean Norma Jean Beauchamp Gilda Altagracia Berrios Perry Gene Biles Lula Jean Billington Myrtle D. F. Booe Earl Stacy Brock Renee Handler Brown Edgar Anderson Burrow James Patterson Butler Viola Maria Cadena Oran Delbert Carson Gwendolyn Chandler Peggy Jean Christie Raymond William Clark Graham G. Cox Gerald Eugene Davis Edith E. Day Jose R. De Leon Patricia L. Denham Charles C. Duke Martha Louise Ferguson Henry Joe Fietsam Clois Adon Fink Rosamond C. Fisher Betty Jo Flenniken Charles Franklin Freeman W. F. Gidley Johnnie Maye Gillean Ramon David Gonzalez President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Reporter . EMORY EUGENE ANDERSON LESLIE WILLIAM LIND MYRTLE D. F. BOOK CHARLES MELVIN OLSEN EVELYN PFLUGER Ralph L. Good, Jr. Heraclio V. Garcia Ouida Yvonne Gray David Greenberg Emmett Merlin Guffey Mary Alice Guy Wilson William Harkins, Jr. Chester Lee Harris Raymond Young Harris J. W. Hartman Ruth H. Hatch Roy Lee Hearn A. Francis Hendrix Doris Sue Hollingsworth Gustin M. Hrncir Gaile Francis Huckabee Edwin Lamar Hunter Yuriko Ishizuka Erwin Paul Jacks Earl Johnson Edward J. Jones Martha Jane Jones Jennette B. Kawas Weldon Engene Keel Mary Louise Killingsworth Henry Fred King James E. King Elmer Alex Krause Joseph Dan Lewis Leslie William Lind Joye Wanda Lindsey Si Osier Lindsey MEMBERS Madolie Marjorie Links Zelma Constance Lucio Bertha Faye Magee Patricia Leslie Manning Celia Martinez Edmund Massad Joe R. Mitchell Guadalupe Montemayor Ina Faulkner Moore Jesse Adams Moorman Bernice Arlene Morelan Adele McKinney Mnughon Joe B. Nash James C. Neill. Jr. W. R. Neville Charles Melvin Olsen Robert Eugene Owen Dick Davy Owens Betty Jo Paull Fernando Perez-Majul Tillman Porcher Perkins Evelyn Slay Pfluger Gladys S. Phillips James Arthur Piercy Danilo S. Pineda Patsy Estell Pointer Leon C. Presley- Lois Lowene Railshark Charles K. Raley Gloria Olivia Ramirez Herminia L. Rangel Ruth Irene Ranville olanda C. Rodriquiv. Ella Saenz James B. St. Clair Jean Ann Salerno Ahel Gonzalez Sanchez Florence Betty Sanders Santiago Santos Virginia E. Shields Ralph C. Sigala John Daniel Smart Tony Soukup John Garland Stitt J. Richard Stockton Mary Ann Stubbs Paul B. Swindle, Jr. Terrell Timmermann Jimmie Loree Tindall Marvin Baker Tindall Francis C. Underwood Leonard McGaffey U pshaw Guadalupe E. Valdez Richard Wayne Vaughn Bertha Villanueva Jo Beth Walling Donald Wayne Way Bettie Roye West William Pack Westmoreland William Ray Whitten Joe Obe Wilson, Jr. Max Emil Windisch Morris Dale Woodall THE AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION was established on The University of Texas campus in the fall semester of 1942. The members enjoy many interesting speakers throughout the year. front ruu-: VAI.DE . M AGEE. BAGLEY. WALLING. NEVILLE. RANVILLE. BEAUCHAMP, HATCH. PINEDA Second row: BILLINGTON. MARTINEZ, DAY, GIDLEY, SHIELDS. UNDERWOOD, ALBERS. BROWN. PFLUGER. WILSON. Third row: LUCIO, KILLINGSWORTH, BOOE, SMART. GOOD, HUNTER, PRESLEY. M JONES, STOCKTON, DUKE, N SII ANDERSON KFFI IIUCKUIIT BEAN. HARTMAN. MOORMAN. LIND. BUTLER. COX. HARRIS. Fourth row. KING. GREENBERG. E. JONES, AVERY, WOODALL. J. KING, BHENN N, FIETSAM. OLSEN. PACE 422 ASHHEL LITERARY SOCIETY Front raw: BEALL. MILLER. BURKE. HILL. M. SMITH. GENTRY. Second row: V. JOHNS. BOWERS. DEATON. ECCERS. FRUIT. TACKETT. THOMASON. Third row: NASH. S. SMITH. CARMICHAEL. MERRITT. DODD. HAYS. PORTER, MILLS. OFFICERS President V ice-President - Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . . . BARBARA GENTRY Reporter MIMI MERRITT Faculty Sponor LUCILLE WILLIAMS MARY MILLER HELEN TACKETT SUE CHEEK SMITH BETTY Lu HILL BettyBeall Marjorie Bell Beverly Bolton Gloria Ann Bowers Betty Branson M;iry Burke Mary Cady Barbara Callan Anne Carmichael Frances Ann Deaton Mar Ji-an Dodd Lois DuBose Adele Eggers Eva Jean Finch Elizabeth Fruit Barbara Gentry Mary Nell Gibson l.uc Gray Ginger Greer V ille Hays Betty Lu Hi II Nancy Hollingsworth Jacqueline Hott MEMBERS Lilia Houseman Ursula Johns Vickie Johns Frankie Jo Lewis Patti Bess Lummus Mimi Merritt Mary Miller Pat Mil Is Beverly Ann Nash Jo Ann Phillips Martha Jane Porter Molly Skinner Marie Ann Smith Sue Cheek Smith Helen Tackett Priscilla Thomason Betty Ann Warner June Wilson Members of ASHBEL LITERARY SOCIETY strive to increase their knowledge by the -linl of literature. Ashbel also sponsors lectures and reviews of prominent people. Its motto i- " Kpulvere ad astra " (Dust to stars). MARY MILLER Pici 423 ASSOCIATION OF STUDENT ARCHITECTS OFFICERS President ARNOLD WEATHERFORD V ice-President IDA C. FUTCH Secretary ADELMA CHERNOSKY Treasurer MARGARET FRIEND Historian WALTER GRAHAM MEMBERS ARNOLD WEATHERFORD George Abney Clarence Allen Frederick A. Almgren John C. Anderson Ervin Archie Leopoldo Arevalo Kenneth Arnold Edith Balzar Johnny Bankston Clarence E. Baugh Edwin E. Beran Sue Alice Blalock Wallace G. Bond Wally Frank Bowles David R. Braden James M. Bright Charles D. Brightwell Leon Brin John Carpenter Brooks Rebecca Brown Ge orge F. Campbell Xavier Caraballo John Case Peggy Cavett Alberta Chaves Adelma Chernosky Gene Colbert Delmar White Collins W. Clark Craig Don Crites Ben F. Crawford Jo Ann Cunningham J. Paul Cunningham Landon Curry Jim Day Miles Austin Delaney Diego W. Delgado-Vega Don DeStefano Earl Dillard C. E. Duffner William C. Folk Earl Ford Margaret Friend Ida Calhoun Futch Marjorie Glee Garvin Jose E. Garza H. C. Gilbert Imogene Clair Gilpin Walter Nichols Graham Randolph Thomas Gregory Lankford Odell Griffin, Jr. Arthur Guirola Sanford Hardeman Tom Hays Sam Houston, Jr. Clyde Ross Hueppelsheuser Dorothy James William H. James Tudor G. Jones, Jr. Herman Arthur Kelling Lawrence L. Kendall Babette Klaus William H. Lambeth George Larsen Clifford Lawrence Bob Carl Lee Edwin Russell Lewis Jack Lupher Mary Frances Macaulay Bob Mallory Johnny A. Malm M. W. Maylor H. B. McCord Roy Eugene McDermott Jean McFarlin R. E. Middleton Robert Moore Glen Morgan Josephine Morgan Jack Morton W. W. Muehlbrad John Dalton Neale Martha Nunn Victor M. Ossa O. J. Padill Concepcion Pangtay Olalla Pangtay Phil Parry Betty Jo Patton John Peck Richard Perkins Margaret Louise Phillips Libby Polsky Daniel T. Powell Jean Pressly Victor Probst Joe T. Pursell Barton D. Riley Johnny Finley Ring Frederico Ritter Joe Rivers Frank Roberts Willard Rosene James L. Samuelson Roy Sanders Gerald Sellinger John Shaw Porter Jackson Smith Stephen J. Smith Sue Check Smith Albert L. Steindam Barney William Stevenson Leopoldo Srevalo Robert Lee Towles Herbert H. Ulbricht Frank Valdez Frances Wade Wesley L. Waldman Henry Walther Henry Lewis Ware Andrew Arnold Weatherford Roy S. West James Billy Wheeler Tommy P. Whitehead Lacey Whitten Walter Ernest Wilde Warren A. Willhoite Allen Williams William Sidney Wilson Elbert Wood Tom Edward Workman John E. Zemanek THE ASSOCIATION OF STUDENT ARCHITECTS was founded to promote good will among architectural students and faculty and to promote interest in the profession. Any student of architecture is eligible. J Front row: Friend, Graham, Futch, Weatherford, Chernosky. Second row: Blalock, Sue Smith, Delgado-Vega, Crites, McFarlin, J. Morgan. Third row: Willhoite, Whitehead, Lawrence, Arevalo, Macaulay, Walther, J. A. Cunningham. Fourth row: Dillard, J. P. Cunningham, Patton, Malm, Cavett, Samuelson, Guirola, Valdez. Fifth row: Caraballo, Pursell, P. Smith, Bond, Parry, Campbell, Baugh. Glass, Klaus. Sixth row: Muehlbrad, Wilde, Curry, Bright, Powell, Perkins, Beran, Ulbricht. Seventh row: Brin, Hardeman, Gilbert, Probst, Whitten., Collins, Shaw, Gregory. PACE 424 BETA BETA ALPHA NX-- Fnu raw: THOMPSON. RICH. MTLLER. MKHNER . WORLEY. STAEHELY. HAIGH. BRYANT. SrnmJ nm: SHERRILL. M. WATSON. KARCHMER. SANTIEBEN. FRANCIS. MAIDA. LEVINSON. FOX. LISSAUER. Tkirl n : GTNN. HARRIS. BARTI.ETT. ACNEW. D. SMITH. SCH ' I.HAB. WTLLRODT. B AFTEN. EIMANN. f nli nm: DURHAM. ROI.MCK. RATIIFF. SI1.VFR. WAGNER. EDWARDS. HFNSLEY. O ' NEAL. NEVHU ' S. WEBER. FUtk . TRAINER. JETT. ORTS. RI ' CKER. MACEE. KMIEC. TANNTR. WVENSCHE. GOl ' l-DY. BENSON. Siak r : BACHLE. SLATAPER. ANDREWS. HARDT. ELLIS. M. D. JACKSON. LOWE. McM.AHON. L. WHITE. Srvrmlk r.- ENGLISH. BERRY. M. V. JACKSON. PENS ' . STL ' LLKEN. SANDERS. PEPPER. WOOD. C. WATSON. OFFICERS President FRANCES MARIAN WORLEY First Vice-President MAUREEN MEHNER Second V ice-President ANNE STAEHELY Secretary MARY LUCILLE HAICH Treasurer JEAN RATLIFF Reporter ERNESTINE ORTS MEMBERS Kathryn Agnew Betty M. Andrews Bernire Anthony Wynell Aston Nelda Barbie Val Baeten Jranette Balagia Dale Bartlett Mar - Ann Benson Frances Berry Carolyn Blair Betty Sue Bonner Elizabeth Brown Norma Br ant Vivian Buttery- Helen Downing Frances Dollar Betty DunlaTey Trula Durha m Tnni Edwards Lillian F.imann Florence Eisea Anabel Ellb Marie Englnh NelUFoi Ruth Francis Marcelyn Freed Alice Fu =ton Nell Marie George Kathleen Glaxe Roline Gouldy Kathryn Greenwood Mary Gregg Jean Conn Mary Lucille Haiph Ruth Caroline Hardt Ruth Hardy Theda Hardwicke Shirley Harris Joyce Hanrey Joy Hensley Rosemary Henson Ruth Hinton Lois Horrell Merline D. Jackson Mary Virginia Jackson Ada Frances Jett Marilyn Johnson Norma Karcbmer Ila Ray Kempe Doris Kemper Natalie Kmiec Marjorie Lerinson Jackie Lissauer Billye Joyce Lockmiller Beasie Fay Logan Barbara Lowe Virginia McGuire Barbara Dianne McMahon Dorothy McSpadden Martha Magee Marianne Barbara Maida Maureen Mehner Wayne E. Miller Vera Mills Jean Montgomery Lauralee Michelson Margaret Nagai Doris Neuhaus MaryOden Pauline O ' Neal Ernestine Orts Betty Penn Henria Pepper Christine Randies Jean Ratliff Jane Reese Rich Pearl Rickerknecht Mary E. Rogers Selma Rolnick H elen Rucker Merline Sanders Mary Ann Santleben Vernell Schilhab Sarah Sherrill Madelyn Silver Eberta Adelaide Slataper Clara Jean Smith Doris Jeanne Smith Anne Staebely Dorothy Stansel Florence Stullken Jeanne Busch Swenson Tommie May Tanner Elizabeth Taylor Mary Paige Thompson Sibyl Trainer Stella Traweek Virginia Louise Wagner Gloria Watson Mary Belle Watson Ruth Elizabeth Weber Elaine White Lela White Helen Willrodt Jeanne Wood France Marian Worley Frances Wuensche Mahala Young Evelyn Zimmerman BETA BETA ALPHA, founded in 1938. seeks to promote a feeling of unity between the women students and the faculty of the College of Business Administration. FRANCES WORLEY fax 42S BRATS OFFICERS Colonel Lieutenant, Colonel Major Major Captain Captain JOYCE PURSLEY ROSEMARY JOHNSON PEGGY BISSELL PAT BRANSON HELEN TINDALL HELEN BARNETT JOYCE PURSLEY MEMBERS Helen Barnett Peggy Bissell Marilyn Brand Mary Burtle Mimi Connor Betty Jane Elms Ida Futch Eleanor Gaffey Ginger Greer Sally Gunby Patricia Hemphill Morgia Howard Kay Huarte Ursula Johns Kathryn Johnson Rosemary Johnson Mildred Kelleher Harriet Kirsner Janet Loveless Jo Anne Millard Kitty Moore Marjorie Murray Annette Phillips Joyce Pursley Jacqueline Reilly Polly Russell Betty Hunt Seeger Hazel Smith Florence Tillson Helen Tindall Winnie Lea Williams June Wilson Mariel Woods Frances Woolverton Marilyn Wright THE ARMY AND ANCHOR BRATS was organized in 1940 to promote a feeling of unity among the daughters of service officers. A service as well as a social organization, the Brats are ever ready to work on war projects. Front row: GAFFEY, WILSON, PURSLEY, SLEGER, RUSSELL. Second row: ELMS, WRIGHT, PHILLIPS, HEMPHILL, FUTCH, REILLY. Third row: K. JOHNSON, TINDALL, SMITH, WOODS, MILLARD. Fourth row: KIRSNER, MURRAY, JOHNS, HOWARD, KELLEHER, BURTLE. PACE 426 CAMPUS LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS Trout r m: HALL. LILLET. DOUGLASS. E. HENRY. RICH. Srawf r m: PATERSON. DAY. ROT. THOMASON. YOl NCBLOOD. DOROTHY NEEDHAM. Tkud , GIBBONS. TACQL ' ARD. NASH. RUNEY. ILKES. Fimmtlk n : PI RSLEY. CRAMER. S. HENRY. OFFICERS President V ice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding, Secretary Treasurer Reporter Members-at-Large Advisor . RUTH ANN DOUGLASS ERKLE HENRY JANE RICH JANET LILLE Y M RY PEARL HALL JOYCE PURSLEY (KATHERINE PATERSOX {CAROLYN Row ANNA Hiss BOARD OF DIRECTORS Clerk BETTY GIBBONS Constitution Chairman MARIAN CRAMER Contact Chairman PRISCILLA THOMASON Historian MARGARET Yot NCBLOOD Legislative Chairman EFFIE JEA DAY Membership MARGARET NASH Program Chairman JANE TACQUARD Publicity SUSAXNE CATLETT Radio SLSAN HENRY Social LENORE RAINEY Workshop BETTYE WILKES THE CAMPUS LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS, th largest campus league in the United State , was founded on this campus in 1941. Its purpose is to create interest among women in government by means of participation. RtTTH ANN DOfCLASS l 427 CAP AND GOWN OFFICERS President ERKLE HENKY V ice-President CAROL OKRENT Secretary SARADELL DAVID Treasurer BETTIE LEW ROOT Reporter ROSEMARY JOHNSON Sponsor MARGARET BALL ERKLE HENRY Mary V. Alves Betty Beall COUNCIL MEMBERS Jerry Cocreham EfTie Jean Day Evelyn Weaver Bettye Wilkes Frances Marian Worley 1 CAP AND GOWN acts as a service organization for all University women, standing for democracy and dignity, as well as sociability among all co-eds. The organization assists underclassmen by giving them traditions and by aiding them in adjusting themselves to social affairs of the campus. Cap and Gown also supervises class elections and Swing-Out, and maintains a loan fund available to any University girl. The success of the Cap and Gown Career Conference, started this year, has made student leaders hope that the conference will become an annual event. Front row: DAVID, BALL, HENRY. Second row: DAY, WORLEY, WILKES, BEALL. Third row: WEAVER, COCREHAM, ALVES. PACE 428 CLUB DE MEXICO Fnmt nm: D. SAENZ. S. CIELAK-KOTZ. E. DELCADO-VEGA. V. GARCIA. RAMOS. LEVY. C RAMIREZ. Ttr..rf r m: D. RAMIREZ. PERRY. DUCCER. MONTEMAYOR. E. RAMIREZ. LOZANO. G. GARCIA. CILPPi. TUr rtm: KNIGHT. A. RAMIREZ. LUBASH. LEKER. ESPONDA. PIERCE. CHAVEZ. MARTINEZ. MARKS. Fcmrtk nm: SCHOENER, EPSTEIN. BOSmOC. D. DELCADO-VECA, TAVAREZ. CEPEDA. CHUCK, FORTEA-LARA. F. Fi lk nm: VHITEHEAD. WEBB, RODRIQUEZ. SILVA, VALDES. CIELAK. OFFICERS President , " EDUARDO DELCADO-VECA Vice-PTesident -. CARLOS RAMOS Treasurer SOLOMON CIELAK-KOTZ Secretary VIOLA GARCIA Reporter RENE LEVY MEMBERS Estanislao A dam chirk Jose Aguirre Guillenno Almazan Hector Barren Marylyn Bennet CuherS. Bostwick Charles Braeggerboff Carlos Canales Hector Canto Carlos Cabrera Xavier Caraballa Leopoldo CarabaQo DelnnCepeda Jesas Chavarria Angela Chavez Benjamin Chock FrastoCielak Solomon CielakKotz Irene GortiaMH EwIioDariU Rernaklo De La Cruz Andres De La Carra Cesar De La Carza Heribetto De Leon Diego Delpado-Vega Eduardo Delpado-Vepa Ernesto Del Paso Aurelio Diaz Ignacio Diaz Celia Lre Dolin Eileen Dogger Carlos Epstein Juan Esponda Nathan Frank Tomas Fortea-Lara Gloria Garcia H. V. Garcia Maria Salome Garcia Viola Garcia Xico Garcia Jose Garza-Botello Shirley Gilptn | David Gonzalez Leonel Gonzalez Manuel Gonzalez Mauricio-Rene Gonzalez Jose Gomez-Baranda Erangelina Guerra Rosaora Guerrero Arturo Guirola John Hall Carlos Enriquez Jesus Hernandez Damian Hilsaca Elor Eduardo Jaen David Knight Carlos Legorreta EuMaquio Lascurain Pura Leker Rene Levy Edgarda Lozano Teresa Lozano Lorraine Lubash Juan Lujan Rase Mary MrCaskey Nancy E. Marks Victor Marquez Carlos Molina Mary Ann Monroe Guadalupe Montemayor Alice Munguia Carlos Municha Oscar Munoz Concepcion Pangtay Olalla Pangtay Joaquin Pena Juan Francisco Perez Jose Luis Perez-Ayala Alta Bemice Perry Nonna Lee Pierce Carlos Quintanilla Humberto Quinones Antonio Ramirez Delia Ramirez Edna Ramirez Gloria Ramirez Ileana Ramirez Carlos Ramos Cecilio Rodriguez Doralisa Saenz Ella Saenz Yolanda Salazar Abel Sanchez Santiago Santos Mario Santamaria Harold Schoener Gerardo Seyfert Jose Silva Imogene Smyers Vicente Tavarez Nicolas Terrazas Fernando Valdes Gonzalo Velasco Antonio era John Webb George Whitehead Maria Ximenez Norma Zarate CLUB DE MEXICO was founded on October 26, 1939, by a group of students from Mexico. It unites the students from Mexico into a social organization. EDCARDO DELCADO-VECA 42 CD-ED ASSEMBLY OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor . CAROL OKRENT JANE BRITE DUNKLE CLAUDIA BLUCHER JANE MARIE TACQUARD MARGARET BALL MEMBERS Mary Virginia Alves Georgia Barnes Virginia T. Barron Betty Beall Claudia Blucher Rosemarie Bradbury Carolyn Brock Helen Bruchsaler Anne Burkett Evelyn Busby June Byfield Nancy Camp Sue Carr Susanne Catlett Peggy Cavett Priscilla Chase Barbara Cheesman Jeannette Clift Jerry Cocreham Mary Jo Collie Ellen Cook Betty Lou Courtney Claire Craddock Marian Cramer Saradell David Ruth Ann Douglass Eileen Dugger Jane Brite Dunkle Adele Eggers Nina John Elliott Jeanne Ewing Dorothy Faulkner Dorothy Louise Fields Sally B. Fox Cornelia Frazier Ida C. Futch Judy Gaston Barbara Gentry Candy Gibbons Mary Ann Glass Ruth LaVern Hallum Carla Harris Lucile Lloyd Head Erkle Henry Betty Lu Hill Ann Hohlt Doris Ruth Hooks Patsy Jean Horton Gaile Huckabee Ruth Huffmaster Edith L. Japhet Nancy Johns Norma Karchmer Carol Kilpatrick Adelaide King Billye Jean King Alice Faye Kitley Barbara Lee Klapproth Mary Laird Janet Lilley Frances Lott Patti Bess Lummus Joanne Macow Polly Majors Jeannette McBride Margaret McCurdy Anne McMurrey Virginia Metzger Jerry Miller Marian Miller Mary Elizabeth Miller Marcia Mitchell Peggy Jean Montgomery Claudine Moore Alice Munguia Ann Myers Betty Jo Nelson Carol Okrent Grace Orndorff Katherine L. Paterson Margaret Ann Plummer Mary Lucy Pope Anna Ratcliff Beth Joanne Rice Enid Ruth Robinson Sue Roling Annelle Roquemore Frances Jean Roussak Carolyn Row Molly Skinner Marie Anne Smith Mary Margaret Stoll Kay Swausch Mary Lou Sweeney Jane Marie Tacquard Jacqueline Teague Jo Beth Walling Evelyn Weaver Mary Ella White Bettye Wilkes R innie Lee illiams Susan Winton Frances Marian Worley Lois Zabel CO-ED ASSEMBLY is a service organization made up of the president or highest ranking woman officer in all campus organizations. PACE 430 CZECH CLUB Frwu nm: SKRIVANEK. PARMA. SCASTA. HEIL. HORNAK. R. PETRL ' SEK. MICEK. Stcomt rom: P. MALIK. TOBOLA. H. GULP. A. CL ' LP. MATEJEK. SEUFER. HALA. TALLER. KOUPA. Tkird ram: I. MALIK. A. CHERNOSKY, E. MICHALIK. KRE.VEK. HAJEK. HEJTMANEK. Ml SIL. KRl PA. KOLOS. HOLUBEC. Ftmrtk torn: MAREK. CINZEL. JOSEPH ZEMANEK, JANSA. BALETKA. SMETAISA. A. MICHALIK. SKAINS. SCHOVAJSA. VYCHOPEN. OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secreta ry- Treasu rer Reporter-Historian Sergeant it-Arms . Sponsors . TILLIE EMILYE HEJL CHARLES VYCHOPEN NORMA HOLLBEC ANTON HAJEK JOE ZEMANEK ( EDWARD MICEK MRS. J. M. SKRIVANEK John Baletka Bill F. Bartosh Alden Chernosky Jimmie Chernosky Annette Musil Gulp Herbert Virgil Culp Marjorie Darilek Willie Mae Duckett Franklin L. Ginzel Frank Hafernick Anton P. Hajek Libby V. Hala Tillie Emilye Hejl George W. Hejtmanek Norma Holubec Lillian Hornak Raycerene Hruzek Anna Janicek Arthur Jansa Man- Frances Johnson Elizabeth Kennedy Dorothy Klecks Aggie Josephine Kolos Lorraine Koupa Ernest Krenek Joe Krupa. Jr. Lillian Nlalec Joe Malik. Jr. Pauline Malik Theodore Marek Catherine Matejek Albert Michalik Edward Michalik Agnes Mokn.- Hattie Mokry Ettie Musil MEMBERS Mary Noto Mary Anne Pankey Joyce Parma Anita Pesek Theresa PesI Irene Petrusek Ruth Petrusek Gilbert Pokorny Laree Polousky Tony Sankeys Albert R. Scasta John Schovajsa Christina Seufer James Eugene Skains John Marion Skrivanek Angleu Slovak James Smetana Alexander Steshka Kenneth Tidwell Bob Tobola Ladislao Vratny Charles L. Vychopen Helen Waller Mather Walthrip John E. Zemanek Joseph Zemanek. Jr. THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS CZECH CLUB was founded in 1909 to promote the study of Czech literature, art. music, and culture, and to bring together students of Czech origin. It also encourages participation of the club members in all University activities. TILUE EMILYE HEJL 431 CARLA HARRIS Dorothy Apple Betty Baillo Marjorie Bell Peggy Bissell Mary Fern Bray G. Carolyn Brock Daisy Brown Virginia Frances Brown Mary Lee Buchanan Elizabeth Buckley Adele Burke Ann Campbell Keith Campbell Josephine Casey D.A.H. OFFICERS Regent . Vice-Regent . Treasurer Reporter Olga Clemmons Billie Jean Cocke Doris Coffee Betty Lou Courtney Mary Margaret Darnell Orleanor Dellis Laura Ann Dick Peggy Doole Ruth Ann Douglass Catherine Drane Jerry DuBose Frances Dysart Elnora Ann Farrell Rosemary Fountain MEMBERS Jean Thrall Gordon Betty Jo Hale Eloise Hall Susan Hamilton Margery Hare Carla Harris Helen Hartt Marguerite Haynie Jane Hill Margaret Hopkins Barbara Jester Frances Johnson Lois Kirkpatrick Mary Kyle Cynthia Lancaster CARLA HARRIS MARY FERN BRAY MARTHA WOODS ELIZABETH MCCELVEY Eleanor Grace McCall Elizabeth McCelvey Mary McClure Jean McCright Polly Ann McDaniel Sarah McElhannon Rosine McFaddin Betty Marks Louise Marsh Tessica Martin Virginia Maxwell Mimi T. Morris Betty Jane Newell Ann Oden Gladys Marian Pharr Martha Jane Porter Paula Raigorodsky Marie Robert Martha Ross Patsy Smith Mary Katherine Snoddy Sue Switzer Gloria Taylor Dorothy Ward Martha Woods Margaret Wooldridge Frances Woolverton Elizabeth Wright THE D. A. R., which was founded on this campus in 1942, plans programs which center around the United Nations and speakers. Lectures are given concerning each of the countries. Front row: WRIGHT, BROCK, BRAY, WOODS, HARRIS. Second row: WOOLVERTON, COFFEE, McFADDIN, MARKS, SWITZER, ROBERT. Third row: DOOLE, BISSELL, WARD, DARNELL, MORRIS, McCRIGHT, V. BROWN. Fourth row: COCKE, HILL, DELLIS, MARTIN. PACE 432 DALLAS CLUB front row: TURNER, GENTRY. MAY. DtBORDE, SHERRILL. MORLANC. Second row: RUPE. CRANN. PATTON. BISHOP. BURGHER, LAWTHER. VERY. Third row: SAILER. McFARLAND, BEALL, CONSTANT, HANEY, M. REESE. SPARKMAN. CRISOM. fourth row: COBB. DuPUY. LATHAM, CRTS, MORRISON. McCLINTOCK. LONES, MYERS, HARMAN. fifth row: FERRIS. D. THOMPSON, ANTHONY. WO ODS. RALSTON. N. REESE. JETT, GIBSON, CAULDIN, SMYERS. SiiA row: RICHARDSON. ROGERS. UuPREE. KENNEDY. McCRICHT. TITTLE. HYDE. JAMES, FEWELL, WATERS, CANFIELD. Smnth row: BURKE, OTEY, RYDELL, HOLLOWAY, STUART, RITCHIE, HARE, CHANCEY. Marie Alexander Billy Andrews J. J. Andrews Nancy Anthony Walt Autry Betty Beall Emily Jo Berger Durelle Bishop David Braden Helen Brice Charline Brock Helen Bruchsaler Betty Burgher Rosemary Burke Margaret Campbell Carolyn Canfield Don G. Chancey Peggy Cobb Chloe Constant Frances Cox Nina Croxton Frances Currin Martha Curtis PhyllisDeBorde Jack B. Dellinger Jane Doane Betty Dupree Jean Dupuy Mary Frances Elam Vernon Ferguson Peggy Ferris Gwen Fewell Lee Gattram Marion Dean Gauldin MEMBERS Barbara Gentry Gloria Gibson Virginia Glayener Mary Louise Grann Claire Greaves Lorene F. Grisom Ann Gullick Jack Halfpenny Rosalyn Haney Robert W. Hare Lois Harman Betty Hearity Frank Holloway Patsy Horton Donald Howard H. E. Hudson Inez Hunter Dorothy Ann Hyde Dolores James Jerry Jameson Ada Frances Jett Bill Johnson Marianne Johnson Virginia Johnson Bill Jones Mary Jane Joyner Jack Keller Mary Frances Kennedy Beverly Kinard Geraldine Kinne Burke Lee Latham Jo Ann Lawther Charlotte Lee OFFICERS Johnnie Lones Bill McCarthy Nancy McClintock Betty McClusky Dorothy McClusky Jean McCright Patsy McFarland Camille Manning Ernest D. Martin Alice Matthews Mary Mathewson J. Edwin May Marianne Mayo Naomi Jane Miller Emily Moore Betty Morlang Louise Morrison Alice Murtha Mary Lou Myers Neal Nauston Virginia Nelson Jane Newsom Patricia Nollette Jane O ' Brien Richard Oheim L. Ernestine Orts Beverly Otey Eleanor Patton Charlie Pettigrew Marilyn Ralston Helen Record Marion Reese Nannette Reese Roberta Rice President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Member-at-Large J. EDWIN MAY BARBARA GENTRY PATSY HORTON PHYLLIS DEBORDE JERRY SMITH Dotty Richardson Jack Ritchie Julia Rogers Paula Rupe Jean Ryan Ruth Rvdell Suzanne Sailer Sarah Ann Sherrill Jerry Smith Marv Frances Smith Imogene Smyers Taylor French Snelling Suzanne Spangler Elizabeth Sparkman James C. Straus Daniel Stuart Frank W. Sullivan Charles Thompson Dorothy Thompson E. Jane Tittle Juanita May Turner Annabeth Tutt Julia Tutt Gloria C. Very Marianna Waters Barbara Warner Mary Gene Warren Mary Francelle Weber Bettye Wilkes Patricia Wilkin C. W. Wilkinson Frances Williams Mariel Woods Jack Yarcho THE DALLAS CLUB, founded in 1940, seeks to promote friendship among University students from Dallas County. J. EDWIN MAY 433 CHARLES A. MURPHY, JR. EX-SERVICEMEN ' S OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter . Sergeant-at-Arms . CHARLES A. MURPHY, JR. DONALD W. WAY RICHARD S. TRAVIS IVY HOMER SPEER JANE P. DOANE THE EX-SERVICEMEN ' S ASSOCIATION was founded on Pearl Harbor Day, 1943, in an attempt to unite all the veterans of the armed services who have returned to the University. It functions as a service group and a social organization. MEMBERS James L. Abies Robert S. Abraham Andrew M. Adams Benjamin C. Adams Charles D. Adams, Jr. Roy A. Adams Gale Roy Adkins Ed Adkinson Hershel C. Adkisson Ralph L. Albert James R. Alexander. Jr. Robert E. Alexander Marvin H. Alisky Alfred D. Allen Forrest C. Allen Frederick C. Allen James K. Allen R. G. Allen Thomas H. Allen William W. Allen D. N. Allensworth James A. Alphin Charles C. Alsworth Zane J. Ambrose Edwin Ammerman Alfred W. Anderson Carlos O. Anderson Donald M. Anderson Ernest A. Anderson John C. Anderson, Jr. J. J. Andrews Leon Darrel Annis J. H. Armstrong Lloyd K. Arnett Jack Arnold Paul T. Arnold Cam Arrendell Jack P. Arthan Joe A. Arwine, Jr. William R. Atkins Charles Pat Atkinson Edward S. Atkinson, Jr. Joseph Atkinson Rodney W. Atteberry Gayle Atwood Sherwood Terry Avery William 0. Avery Jake Avis, Jr. William R. Awfricht Drew O ' Neal Bacon Robert J. Bading Louis Baethe Gordon A. Bailey William Eugene Baker David Ball, Jr. William Banks Archie Barber Lincoln Barber, Jr. Vance Barker William R. Barker Ralph E. Barlow Allen Barnard Robert N. Barnes Horace C. Barnhart, Jr. John Barrett W. R. Barren William F. Bartosh Merritt C. Barton Egbert Harroll Bass George W. Baur William Baxter, Jr. Bernard S. Beaman, Jr. Luther L. Bean Ardis D. Beard Elvis Louis Bearden Jack E. Bearden Albert H. Beauduy Ulm F. Bebell Gary Becker Stratton W. Beesley Wade H. Beesley Harold D. Bell James A. Bell Sidney L. Bell Mary E. Bellar William C. Bennett Walter S. Benson, Jr. K. J. Bentley, Jr. William M. Benton Frederick Bergeron Clyde L. Bickerstaff George Pressley Biel Martin E. Binnion Roy G. Biscamp Luther Doyle Bishop Samuel W. Bishop Varlee M. Bivins Joe W. Blagg R. R. Blagg Clayton E. Blakeway Dayton A. Bliven Ralph E. (Peppy) Blount O. W. Blum August J. Boecker Alleck Bohuslav Hayden Lee Boland George Greet Bolton William Alin Bonds Fred Bookout, Jr. William Henry Boothe, Jr. Ben Autrey Boswell William J. Boswell James D. Bowman David R. Braden Joe H. Bradley Frederick E. Bramlette Herbert L. Brammer Floyd C. Branda Robert C. Branyon H. D. Brice, Jr. James Micie Bright Charles William Britt Thomas K. Broad Charles C. Brock FORMER PRESIDENTS: MILLARD HIPPLE. RICHARD S. TRAVIS. AND HENRY OTTO WYNEKEN PACE 434 Ben Anthony Brollier Marshall B. Bromley L. W. Brooks, Jr. Perry M. Broom David Brown Glaydell F. Brown James M. Brown Maurice Lee Brown Ralston Brown R. J. Brown Robert M. Bruce Kelly W. Bryan Frank Bryant William R. Bryant John Bryan Bryson Harold Buchanan David Buell Doyle Ray Bullard James T. Bullard Richard Bullion Bob Bunkerhoff Buford C. Burba Thomas P. Burchfield Roger R. Burgess Robert L. Burleson Thomas Jefferson Burnett John Burns James Neal Busby James T. Butcher Wood O. Butler George D. By-field William E. Byrd John F. Byron John D. Cabaniss Joe F. Caldwell M. Keith Caldwell Elmore Cammack Richard F. Camp John D. Campbell Jacob E. Capirielian E. J. Carle Gerald D. Carpenter Walter R. Carrington Amon Carter, Jr. Aubrey L. Carter, Jr. Milford S. Carter Rapp 0. Carter R. K. Casey Joe Cass Roy Gates C. L. Cavness Harrold A. Cavness John L. Chadwick Richard E. Chalmers John G. Champion Don G. Chancey Paul W. Chandler, Jr. C. Joe Chapman William C. Charlton James J. Cheshire, Jr. Carl S. Chilton, Jr. Richard H. Chrittansen Charles Edward Clark Courtney R. Clark Thomas E. Clark Eldon H. Clemmons Leecroy Clifton Truett Davis Clifton J. Chester G. Cochran Kendall P. Cochran William Howell Cocke, Jr. James Thomas Coffey Byron C. Cole Robert J. Cole John S. Coleman Paul W. Collier H. Taylor Collins Walter F. Collins Ross R. Cone, Jr. Clifford L. Conner Seymour V. Connor Thomas M. Connor Elwood E. Cook James H. Cook Kenneth H. Cook Melvin S. Cook Delphine N. Cooper James H. Cornell Frank Coughlin Marion A. Couller Wallace R. Courlney David J. Cozard Benjamin F. Crawford George W. Crawford June W. Crawford John R. Creighton Frankford Crippuip Joe M. Cristol Frank Crocketl Molon Crockell, Jr. Tom A. Crockett Robert V. Crosoon James E. Cross Louie E. Crowell Harry T. Crozier Max M. Crunk John H. Cummings Dan B. Cunningham Louis Scott Curtis Curtis A. Daniel Robert C. Daniel E. R. Danielson James H. Daughtry Bill R. Davidson Emilio Davila Franklin Davis, Jr. Gerald E. Davis John 0. Davis John Shelton Davis L. C. Davis Walter D. Davis. Jr. William John Davis Kenneth Ray Dawson Joe Day, Jr. George J. De Graff Miles A. DeLaney Franklin W. Denius ASSOCIATION Front rotr : Marker. Knllia. Frrgueoa. Foatft, Davila. Hrnn- Srcaul rax: Fraxier. P. McCalib. Paltcson. Marroqnin, Carter. S. Smitk. Mrlton. TkirJ ror: Bishop. Rm ll. Manhall. Bivint. Crawford. B. Joort. C. Scolt. Derae. Fourth rote: MeLeao. Zimraera. Bromley. Heard, BarBett. Bif-camri. E. Frnncr. GuBslream, Rookrr. ar: Hrrnaoder. CowtBrf. Pullrn. Lilea, W. Moore, Pali, J. Fc-nner, Slallman. H. Meyer. Brtb. MEMBERS (Continued) William H. Define Robert J. Dilworth Bailard A. Dinwiddie James L, Dirk? Jane P. Doane William H. Dobbins. Jr. James G. Doby ' i A. Dolgener Jack M. Dougherty James Rex Douglas James C Downs Robert H. Drenner James R. Dublin Ray Dudley William B. Dumas T. E. Dunnam Wilbur W. Durflinger W. P. Eakin Dalton R. Easley John Easter Kenneth Eaves Robert S. Ebert E. J. Ecbols Robert Eckels Bartlett Eduards Briltnn T. Edwards, Jr. James Epan Raymond Elledge. Jr. Ruben Ellert George E. Ellis John M. Ellis W.CE11U Forrest C Ely Charles F. Erirkson Lamar Esrhberger Doren R. Eskew Elton B. Evans Shelbv J.Evans. Jr. John Kirbv Ewing Bradford Faubion I . M. Faubion W.O. Faubion. Jr. Larry N. Faulk W. D. Faulkner, Jr. Bruce Feder Howard Federer R. P. Felgar Edwin H. Fenner James H. Fenner James E. Ferguson Pat M. Ferguson Truman E. Ferguson V illiam Fernandez T. M. Ferrill Earl H. Fetter Julian M. Fiegel William D. Fields Jack Finkelstein Harold R. Fenlaw Dan W. Finlayson G. Harley Fiske, Jr. Olin C Fite Jimmv P. Fitzgerald, J. F. Flannery Morris L. Floyd Robert I-ane Flynt Tom L. Former Fred E. Forster Waldo Forster. J r. Theron J. Fouls, Jr. Richard Frankel Warren A. Frantz Ju-tin W. Frarier C Ferd Fry Henry A. Frye John H. Fugote Tom Fulbright Leroy Gafford William B. Gardner. Jr. Harry E, Garner Spureeon O. Garner Sim H. Gar rard Quries E. Garrett L. W. Garren Walter E. George, Jr. Joe Gerhardt Word Lee Gidden Harold S. Gilbert Lanvil L. Gilbert C T.Giles Allan L. Gilley Oscar C. Gillil ' and Jonas Oilman Franklin L. Ginzel James D. Givens B. M. Glickman David Glover Howard Glurk William Goldfein James A. Gordon John R. Gordon Saul Gorin Clyde C Grady R. B. Grasty Gene VI. Graves M. E. Graves Travis C. Green Arthur Greenspan James W. Greer XV. V Gregory Russell P. Grieve Yernon Rav Griffin Raymond Grimm Daniel A. Grover. Jr. James Guffin Rov Gufford William Walter Guild Wallace S. Gullahorn Jesse B. Gunstream, Jr. Cecilio H. Gutierrez R. C. Hackney S. W. Hagan. Jr. M. K. Haee.Jr. John S. Haeood. Jr. James D. Haiek Charies E. Hallen Clarence H. Hamilton Samuel B. Hamlett Richard B. Hamm Jess Hampton B. Sanford Hardeman Dale Hardeman Sterling M. Hardy John Hargis Ernest W. Harmon, Jr. Fred I. Harmon Lsabel G. Harrell Charles R. Harris L Herbert Harris James Clyde Harris John Scott Harris Raymond Y. Harris James Harrison Billy R. Hart E. Berlin Hartigan James I. Hastings James W. Harvey James B. Hatch James W. Haun H. W. Hawkes Royce Hay Tom Hays Joseph N. Heard Roy Lee Hearn Jack H. A. Heck EdHeep Hugh Wilson Heflin Kenneth W. Heinz J. Adrian Henderson, Jr. George D. Hendricks C O. Hendrix David T. Henkel Annie Jean Henry William M. Henry Charles K. Henschen Jesse G. Hernandez Ira Jane Herridge Charles L. Hethcoat, Jr. Carl S. Hey, Jr. Carlos Hickerson, Jr. James L. Hightower Dan C HilL Jr. John D. Hill Millard L. Hippie William O. Hixson James P. Hobbs Oliver E. Hobbs P. C. Hoby Cecil R. Hodges Friedrich A. Hoeninghaus Frank H. Holcomb Lewis C. Holder Hal H. Holland A. M. Holt Arthur L. Holt Frank Holvman Mark F. Hone John Hood Condon C. Hooper Sam Z. Hornbeak John B. Home Robert Fred Hoskins Arthur L. Hough William Hovestadt A. Philo Howard, Jr. John D. Howard Robert L. Howard Travis G. Howard Frank G. Hov] man. Jr. Robert Leo Hubbard Herman E. Hudson James H. Hudson John L. Hudson William R. Hunter Harry Hutchings Lloyd E. Innerarity E. L. Irwin Robert L. Ivy George W. Isorn Erwin P. Jacks Terry L. Jacks Reuben B. Jackson Waldo E. Jackson Hugo Jaeckle, Jr. William S. Jameson Joseph Janeke Arthur M. Jansa Milton H. Janszen Jake B. Jannon C Ray Jener Elzie H. Jenkins Frank Duane Jenkins Frank L. Jennings William W. John Clifford W. Johnson Curtis L. Johnson Edwin Fred Johnson Keith E. Johnson Kenneth Johnson Orrin W. Johnson Preston E. Johnson Richard E. Johnson Simeon A. Johnson A. G. Jones Bill R. Jones Colin N. Jones Hubert B. Jones John Albert Jones Lawrence W. Jones Joe A. Joyce Herbert R. Kameon Monroe L. Karcher BenKatz Leonard R. Kauffman Ray Henry Keenan Perry R. Keith Herman A. Keeling Charles R. Kelly John Kelly Joe Remington John H. Kemp EX-SERVICEMEN ' S " 11! MEMBERS (Continued) Alonzo William Kendall Lawrenre L. Kendall Cloyed O. Kendrick Sam Wayne Kendrick, Jr. W. C. Kennev Homer Lee Kerr George G. Kiker Jack Kilgore James R. Killebrew John R. Kingsberv Theodore R. Kirchheimer Hermann Knalie Earl R. Knight Jodie F. Kocurek Ernest E. Knwalik William I. Krodel Rohert F. Kmh Norman Kudla Herbert Rov Kuhn, Jr. Arthur C. Kullin William H. Kyles Howard W. Lacey Charles Bernie Lacy Robert 0- Laidlaw Stewart A. Lamb Billv J. Lancaster Richard M. Landsman George Lane Robert B. Lane Theodore Thomas Lange Robert Arnold Larsen Fred J. Laurentz John L. Lauretta, Jr. James F. Laverty Allen M. Layne Dan Henry Lee Jack W. Lee William L. Lee Walter A. Leigon Clarence J. Lelejx William L. Lemen Fred C. Lepick A. O. Lerma Robert C. Le Roy Reuben B. Lesikar John Douglass Leslie Jim L. Lewis Edwin R. Lewis Fred Lewis M. C. Lewis, Jr. R. A. Lewis Marcellus L. Liles L. T. Lindsey James H. Lintner Harold R. Linville James E. Little E. Russell Lloyd, Jr. Durwood C. Long Thomas B. Long Ted E. Longino J. B. Lowrey Joe F. Lurke James C. Luersen Jack A. Lupher Charles G. McCaleb, Jr. Daniel H. McCalib Joseph W. McCalib Paul T. McCalib George McCall James N. McCallay H. G. McCard Frank G. McCracken John W. McCrutchen William S. McCulley Reagan W. McDonald Jerome F. McGehearty Joe McGill, Jr. Daniel W. McGillicuddy Eugene I. McGuire James P. McHargue, Jr. George B. Mclntosh, Jr. Robert McKamey Salem F. McLean James M. McMaster William P. McMillan F. V. McMillen James McNeil, Jr. Bill Rae McRae Betro S. McRaney J. L. McShaffry.Jr. Clinton E. McVey Robert C. McWherter S. L. Mabry Elmer Maclnerney Robert W. Maddox Joseph Malik William C. Mangum Billy M.Mann Herbert Manning Andrew R. Marker, Jr. Louis Marks Bernard G. Marroquin Clarence F. Marshall David D. Martin Ernest D. Martin Hodge E. Mason J. A. Masters Frank Masur Dudley B. Mathers William R. Mathews H. P. Mathis Hudson Matlock Jim C. Matula N. E. Maurer Henry C. Meeks Clarence B. Melton Hershel S. Meriwether Irving Mermel Roy L. Merrill Arthur C. Mesloh Albert J. Meyer Herbert W. H. Meyer J. C. Middleton Eldertt J. Mikulenka Alfred C. Miller Jefferson Miller John R. Miller Paul B. Miller, Jr. William Rinehart Miller Julian Mills William C. Mills Hornsby Mims A. E. Minyard John C. Mitchell, Jr. Marion M. Mitchell Aubrey A. Mollenhauer George H. Moore George W. Moore, Jr. Guy Moore, Jr. William Lawrence Moore Richard N. Moore Robert W. Moore W. Ross Moore R. L. Monaghan James A. Montgomery, Jr. Glenn Morris Michael B. Morris S. T. Morris Ray Leslie Morrison Edgar Lee Muller Henry W. Murdock Charles A. Murphy, Jr. Rundel L. Murphy, Jr. Roy D. Myers Kenneth D. Myrick John C. Narciso, Jr. Manton A. Nations Robert E. Neely Allen S. Nelson Gordon Bruce Nelson Howard C. Nettles Edward Neyland Fred A. Nieman William G. Noble George O. Nokes, Jr. Wilford A. Nolen C. E. Nored Wyatt Norman Joseph M. Nuessle James E. Nugent E. O. Nuuttila Samuel L. Oakleaf Jack O ' Reagan Nathan O. Osborne, Jr. James Orminary W. B. Palmer Richard C. Palmros Eugene E. Parker George L. Parker H. W. Parker J. M. Parr J. B. Patterson Lewis A. Patteson George A. Peabody J. M. Pearre Frederick J. Pearson James Pearson O. A. Pearson Alson E. Peck Willie H. Pena Yrineo H. Pena E. C. Penick, Jr. Clifford Perkins S. P. Perkins, Jr. Carroll Perry Robert A. Persons Edwin Pesek Donald B. Peters Ben Petmecky Robert James Phillips James Piercy, Jr. Charles W. Pittard John E. Platz A. Q. Plummer Robert Pogson John D. Porter Richard S. Potter William Poue William Neal Powers, Jr. Robert J. Prater Stanley M. Prather Jack W. Prescott B. G. Price Lester George Price John C. Price Joe L. Pritchett Frank A. Proctor Richard Pryor Joseph A. Pugh William T. Pullen Richard John Pullen Richard J. Puls Beaufort M. Quigley George Raborn Fred J. Radwick Sam S. Ragland Jerry J. Raisch Alvin D. Ramey M. E. Rap Van W. Ratcliff Ned S. Ratner Charles W. Ray James L. Rea Joe W. Redden Elisabeth Redfern Grady M. Reed Henry C. Reichart Ernest A. Reinhard ' Front row: Ward, Conner, Howard, Nokes, G. Taylor, Gutierrez. Second row: Simpson, Givens, Erickson, Ray, W. White, Muller, Wynne. Third row: Mills, Cross, Van Cleave, Chalmers, Crunk, Tunnell, C. Adams, Barlow. Fourth row: Meeks, Wagonseller, Winter, Greenspan. D. Long, Joyce, Bennett, Glover, Welborn. Fifth row: Bliven, Garner, Branda, Easley, B. Adams, D. McCalib, Kilgore, Gafford, J. Bell, F. Roberts. Sixth row: T. Long, Tipton, V. RatclifF, Graves, Rooke, Wyman, Bryson, Crockett, Albert, Clifton. PACE 436 ASSOCIATION Front row: I. S. Da. Speer. Ewiaf, TravU, Murphy. Wvneken, PreKott, Hippie. Hndon. Way. Srco J ram: K. Cook, Templeton. MontcooKry. Chancef. Hone. Manjum, R. Johnson. Shepherd, Villafranca. Slinley. TkirJ nm: D.wsoo. Merrill. M. Brown. Noewle. H. Janet. Firzjerald. C. S. Smith. S.nmelson. C.rrinfton. Frederick Allen. S. Bell. L. Price. m: K. Cochru. Gardner. Shaw. WallU. Arery. Spuim. R. Cole. Hoeninghans. V. Rateliff. C. Kendrick. Woolen. C. Daniel. R. White. ram: Blout. T. A. Smith. L. Gilbert. Flynt. S. E. Clark. Willianuon. J. Srott. J. Williams. R. e !nd. S. Jobnton. Harvey. Adkiuon. Adkin, McCebeartT. : Vallance. MEMBERS ( Continued ) Arthur W. Reinke Dick Rewer L.J.Richards William George Richards Barton D. Riley William C. Ripple Franklin River Charles Douglas Roberts Frank W. Roberts Joseph J. Roberts, Jr. O.M.Robert. HI Ken B. Robertson William A. Robertson Wynne M. Robertson Edwin S. Robinson Virgil J. Rochester Maurice G. Rockett, Jr. Mike Rodgen Paul J. Roehr Charles William Rogers Emil M. Rogers, Jr. Herbert B. Rogers, Jr. William H. Roger? Walter T. Rolfe. Jr. Robert E. Rooke. Jr. Albert A. Rooker T. A. Rousse L. V. Ruffin Bryan F. Row JarkH.Ruaadl Keith R. Rutledge Andrew B. Ryal Thomas F. Ryan Vernon EL J. Sahm Ernest L. Sample James L. SamueUon Immanuel F. Scheffel James Schmidly, Jr. Arthur J. Schroeder Alton C Schubert John N. Schuelke Wallis E. Schulle V. Dean Schultz Curtis L. Scott Harold L. Scott Joe Mac Scott Russell Scott, Jr. George D. Scudder Albert C Seidemann Donald A. Selke James C. Sewell Bill Shackelford Leona Shackelford Thomas H. Sharp J. C. Sharver Angus G. Shaw Edgar G. Shelton, Jr. Richard P. Shepherd James Terry Sherman R. C. Shields Lloyd H. Shobert Charles Leroy Short Ken R. Shropshire George Charles Shumake EL B. Simmons Fred EL Simmons William R. Simmons James J. Simms Bobby G. Simpson Charles Edward Simpson Richard T. Singer C. H. Smith Eugene C. Smith George E. Smith, Jr. George Stuart Smith H. W. Smith John N. Smith Pat N. Smith Robert O. Smith Sidney Lee Smith Theron A. Smith T. L Smith W. J. Smith Van Smoot Frederick C. Smyth James R. Smyth Selden N. Snedeker William C Snow John T. Sollock, Jr. Tom So ranee. Jr. Jones Spann Ernest L. Sparrow Ivy Homer Speer Kenneth Elmo Spielman Steve H. Spurger Henry C. Spruill Lawrence L. Stallman Paul P. Stanley Howell H. Stapleton Hal Starkey Elizabeth Steele Jack Stevens Hugh M. Stevenson. Jr. Charles M. Stewart Weldon Stimson Ray L. Stokes J. EL Stover Theo H. Strauss Olsie C. Strawn Conwell G. Strickland Roy Stroud Charles W. Stuart Edward F. Stuart W. G. Stubblefield. Jr. L. H. Studdard James A. Sufueil. Jr. F. M. Summers George Summers Alan T. Sundstrom R. R. Suttle Kenneth A. Swanson Leslie G. Swartwout Marvin K. Swofford Vincent E. Tapping Edwin E. Taylor Gayle Taylor Ryan E. Taylor Vernon O. Tekell Rufus Lee Templeton James A. Terry- Robert H. Tetl ' ey Jack Gaines Thaxton Jason John Tbibodeaux Henry E. Thiele Grant Thomas George M. Thomas John Barnes Thomas Wilkie Hugh Thompson R. O. Thompson Victor C. Thompson W. Hugh Thompson Lawrence C. Thome A. J. Thurman Betty Mae Tibbs Jack R. Tipton Ed R. Townsend Paul A. Tracy Richard S. Travis J. P. Trennant Cecil M.Trent, Jr. Johnson C. Triplett Donald EL Trott Ray Tuggle James S. Tunnel! Joe Turpen Joseph L. Tweedy, Jr. Harry F. TvrrelL Jr. Marshall H. Udden Harold Unker William Robert Vaden Robert C. Vallance Brooks A. Vails John H. Van Blon Alvin Van Cleave Beven W. Varnon Donald Vaughn Robert Vejans Paul Verhalm Albert Villafranca George R. Vilmey Harry Vine. Ill Edna L. Vinson Charles L. Vychopen Meyer C. Wagner, Jr. Robert Wagner Sig Kahn Wagner Wayne W. Wagonseller Roy C Waine M. Clark WakeBeld, Jr. Wesley L. Waldman Charles E. Walker Jesse L. Walker R. W. Walker William W. Wallis Felix Walters Henry B. Walther Ottis Ward Ben F. Ware Arthur L. Warren, Jr. Thomas H. Warren, Jr. James F. Warrington E. W. Watson Jack Watson, Jr. Russell J. Watson Wing Stuart Watson Alexander Waugh. Jr. Donald W. Way- Charles I. Weaver Harry F. Weaver William G. Webb Clarence T. Welborn Alfred F. Welch Darrell G. Welch Olin G. Wellborn F. EL Welmaker Lou Weltman L. W. Westbrook Jack Wetsel J. R. Wayland Louis M. Weynandt John Joseph Whelan B. H. White Charles A. White, Jr. ' - ' . Jeanne White Ray W. White. Jr. Robert R. White J Sam D. White W. I_ White William W. White Gerald J. Widawsky Bill M. Wilkins Oscar M. Wilkinson John Gordon Willard, Jr. Billy Bob Williams C. W. Williams, Jr. D. R. Williams Edwin Paul Williams Fred L. W ' lliams, Jr. Hobbs Williams James H. Williams Lewis Williams Eugene Williamson Ray M. Willis Alton Willms Bill B. Wills Robert D. W ilson Stephen G. Wilson William Aubrey Wilson Williams Wilson Aaron W. Winetrcub Don Raby Winfield Cecil R. Winter John D. Winters, Jr. Kenneth C. Withers, Jr. Douglas C. Wolfe Kennon D. Womack W.L.Wood,Jr. William B. Wood Reuben V. Woods Robert P. Woodruff Jack T. Wooten Marcus R. Wormser, Jr. Byron W. Wright James Semple Wright Richard S. Wyman Henry Otto Wyneken Frank W. Wynne Robert V. Yarber Jack D. Yarcho Jess O. Yaryan James D. Yates James H. Young John E. Zemanek Alfred Zimmern, Jr. . -i JACK BEMIS Catherine Austin Barbara Bauman Sam Bellman Jack Bemis Yela Ann Blaugrund LaDon Bogle Merwin Bowman Carey Joe Bradford Tom Britton Joanne Buckner Ellmore Champie Edgar Chew T. Louise Clemons Andrew Cook Irene Drummond EL PASO CLUB OFFICERS President JACK BEMIS V ice-President ANNE FEUILLE Secretary CAREY JOE BRADFORD MEMBERS Mary Dugan Patrick Dwyer Betty Elms Keith Estes Peggy Everett Patricia Fagan William Fernandez Anne Feuille Rudy Flores Patricia Grambling Bobby Hatch James Hale Barbara Henry Mary Hudson Richard Jackson William S. Jameson Miriam H. Kahn Patricia Keller George G. Kistenmacher Anthony Krahmer Shirley Lait Carolyn Lee Marjory Levy Robert A. Levy Richard L. McConn Mary Harriette McHan Mary J. McNutt Celia Martinez William R. Medlock Grover Miller James Montgomery Jeanne Mullane June L. Murray Marjorie Murray Reuben Robert H. Nunn Rosemary Oden Betty Oppenheimer Robert A. Parsons Emanuel E. Ponsford Charles Rolison Lucy P. Rosen Ruth Rosenberg Jeannette Silver John Smart William C. Snow Jay M. Turner William Robert Vaden THE EL PASO CLUB was founded to bring together the students from El Paso on this campus. Front row: ROSEN, FEUILLE, BEMIS, LEE, SILVER. Second row: McHAN, KAHN, ODEN, CLEMONS, MULLANE, AUSTIN. Third row: DRUMMOND, KISTENMACHER, KELLER, BUCKNER, J. MURRAY, TURNER, ROSENBERG. Fourth row: PARSONS, BRADFORD. PAGE 438 FDHD HOUSE Front row: McMahan, Wimberly. Margaret Varley, Elzner, Womack. S. Suss man, Chicot-ky. Aronoff. Mary Varley. Second row: Sh rover, Sollars, Kimbrel, R. Pryzant. N. Sussman, Grevsky. Kreisler. Durden. Third row: F. Pryzant. Gerick. Posnick, Heintz, Juran, Paley. Barnes. Brooks. Fourth row: Moore. Miller. Beffa. Bell. Bastion. Sampson, Roten Fifth row: Oden. Boase. Bowler, Han en. Carlson, Torbett, Ranville. Sixth row: Loyd, Guokas, Richards. Benson. Lilly, Holt. MAIN RESIDENCE MRS. IEL FORD, Director MAE SAMPSON. House Chairman Toby Joy Aronoff Sonja Chicotsky Judy Gerick Shirley Grevsky Ida Heintz Comfort Holt Rita Beth Juran Ruth Kreisler Rosalie Paley Ruth Ranville ANNEX NUMBER ONE RUTHE BASTION. House Mother GENE SOLLARS. House Chairman Mary Louise Bell Elaine Carlson Shirley Farrow Geraldine Guokas Norma Hansen Glenna Kimbrel ANNEX NUMBER TWO F.i MCE MILDRED BROOKS, House Mother NKDRA DLRDEN, House Chairman ANNEX NUMBER THREE Frankie Jean Barnes Maryetta Beffa Mary Anna Benson Mary Jean Boase Peggy McMahan Mary Lou Miller Doris Oden Claire Richards Marvinel Roten Marcel la Shroyer Margaret Varley Mary Varley THELMA MOORE, House Mother HELEN KERR, House Chairman Wynona Bowler Jane Cole Carter Margo Elzner Jo Ann Lilly Runnelle Loyd Betty Jane Posnick Fannie Pryzant Louise Pryzant Rosie Pryzant Naomi Sussman Selma Sussman Gene Torbett Rita Waters Polly W atts Billy L. Wimberly Jessie Womack PACE 439 FDHENSICA MARIE ANNE SMITH Kay Baker Virginia Anne Boyd Aide Butler Jane Cole Carter Hilda Chaleff Patricia Crowson Effie Jean Day Lenore Field Mary Alice Frank Evelyn Gertz OFFICERS President MARIE ANNE SMITH V ice-President PATRICIA CROWSON Recording Secretary SHIRLEY GREVSKY Corresponding Secretary JACKIE LISSAUER Treasurer ENID RUTH ROBINSON MEMBERS Shirley L. Grevsky Peggy Gross Mary Pearl Hall Pat Hamman Annette P. Harris Shirley Haas Lois Kalin Norma Karchmer Shirley Kleinman Betty Knobler Jean Lankford Betty Margaret Lee Louise Lentsch Naomi Levinson Jackie Lissauer Elva Jean McCright Mary Mae McDonald Barbara Diane McMahon Polly Majors Dorothy Minchen Flora Bye Riley Enid Ruth Robinson Diana Sayble Mary Lo Sears Joyce Seipel Marie Anne Smith Frances R. Taylor Gloria Trant Frances Zinn FORENSICA, founded in 1940, promotes speech activities for women on the campus. It holds contests for its members in every phase of public speaking and sponsors an annual public speaking contest open to all freshman women. Front row: CROWSON, SMITH, ROBINSON, CREVSKY, TAYLOR, HARRIS, TRANT, LEVINSON, LISSAUER. Second row: BUTLER, MAJORS, BOYD, ZINN, KARCHMER, DAY, KNOBLER, KALIN, CARTER, CHALEFF. Third row: GERTZ, FRANK, SAYBLE, MINCHEN, GROSS, KLEINMAN, HAMMAN, LENTSCH, SEARS. Back row: McCRICHT, HALL, McDONALD, McMAHON, RILEY, FIELD, HAAS. PACE 440 FORT WORTH CLUB Front rim,: BL ' RKETT. ROMINE. SARSCARD. JIM LILLEY, FINNELL. Second row: M. MORGAN. YAGER. MILLER. TAYLOR. GRICE. J. MORGAN. Tkird row: A. WOOD. WORLEV, FOSTER. os ZUBEN. TREADWELL. OWINCS. ALLEN. Fourth TOW: BRISTOL. CHAPMAN. LOWDON. KELTNER. JANET LILLEY, D. ROSS. MOSLEY. MARCIA MITCHELL. Fifth row: PULS. FARRINCTON. BANNER. EWINC. FRASER, CRICCS. CREATHOUSE, O. ROSS. NICHOLS. SUM row: BELL. CANTEY. MILBERGER. D. WEST, K. WEST. SKAINS, YOUNG. OFFICERS President ANNE BURKETT V ice-President JEAN McGEE Secretary-Treasurer JIM LILLEY Membership Chairman JULIA FINNELL Social Chairman THOMAS ROMINE Reporter WILLIAM R. SARSGARD Eva Jean Allen Alfred W. Anderson R. S. Banner James Ardis Bell Marion Jean Bristol George Ann Brown Anne Burkelt Craig C. Cantey George Walton Chapman Tom L)emar ' -t J. Skeeter Ewing Stanley Farrington Julia Finnell Mary Jane Foster Charles B. Eraser I.. E. Gilbert David Greathouse Silas Grigg?. Jr. Florence Grice Jack Gunn Patty Harmon Judy Hayes Bill ' Houge Joy Claire Keltner Florence Kent Janet I.illey Jim Lilley Ann Lowden Jean McGee Bill MillKTger Jean Marie Miller Man-ia Mitchell Marion Mitchell Josephine Morgan Mary Ann Morgan Gloria Mosley Phylli? Ann Nichols Wirt M. Norris Lucy Penrose Owings Mickey Prescott MEMBERS Richard J. Puls Elaine Richardson Katy Lou Roberts Thomas Romine Diana Ross Oliver Ross William R. Sarsgard James Schmidley Keely Shryoc James Eugene Skains Joann Taylor Mary Paige Thompson Maurine Treadwell Barbara von Zuben Phyllis Ward Jack Washburn Harry Watson Eleanor B. Webb Dwight West Kenneth West Virgil Williams Aubyn Sue Wood Bell ' Wood Marvis Worley Beverly Yager Don John Young THE FORT WORTH CLUB is strictly a social organization to bring together the students from Fort Worth. Each month the club has some sort of social. ANNE BURKETT Pact 441 GALVESTON CLUB ADELE ECGERS Joe Anderson Dorothy Backenstoe Vonciel Barker George Baur Royal Benson Doris Bilbrey Martin Binnion Barbara Marie Brown Bella Bulba Alice Campbell Medora Jo Casey OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman ADELE EGGERS BRYAN WILLIAMS MARY CHADWICK CONE GEORGE BAUR DOROTHY BACKENSTOE MEMBERS Dorcia Charpentier Mary Chadwick Cone Barbara Joan Connolly Henry Dalehite Hortense Davison Lawrence Del Papa Abe Doner Adele Eggers Harry Elwell Barbara Fox Marilyn Freed Lenan Wilson Annelle Graham Virginia Hart Erminie Hunter Joanne John Marion Keller H. Paul Kelley Benny Wayne Lowry Ellen Magliolo Virginia Magliolo Edis Martinelli Stanley Mohler James Wright Anna Maude Morse Bleecker Morse Jeanne Nierman Ras Redwine Ruth Virginia Smith Margie Beth Spiller Margaret Rebecca Waller Ada Jane Williams Bryan Williams Richard Williamson Betty Jean Wilson THE GALVESTON CLUB was formed to unite the students on the campus from Galveston and to form from them a body which shall be useful to the University. Front row: KELLER, LOWRY, MORSE. E. MAGLIOLO, BULBA. Second row: WALLER, CONNOLLY, HUNTER, ECGERS, V. MAGLIOLO, B. WILSON. Third row: A. WILLIAMS, SPILLER, BILBREY, BROWN, CAMPBELL, BACKENSTOE, CONE. Fourth row: MERMAN, GRAHAM, SMITH, CHARPENTIER, BAUR, KELLEY, DONER, MOHLER. PAGE 442 BLAMAZONS Front row: Bart let t. Brack. Water . Fewell, Le lie. Manfrum. LovOer, Holubec. Vi.ia. Bradbury. Second row; Oden, Simmon . Thornberry. Armintor. M. Johnson. Fro mine. Roberts, Adams. Bruce. Cumming . Third row: Cade. Egdorf. E. Wright, Varnell, Kane. Marriott. McDonald, Bra ber, Candy. Parmley. Fourth row: Foflejong. Charpentier. Moore, Lap id us, At pert, Kirsner, Levy. Merman. Troell. D. WaUon. Fifth row: S. Taylor. Frazier. Hendricks. Harmel. Cocke, McClatchy, Aipard. K. Taylor. Orts. H. Smith. Sixth row; Sharp, Fowler, Jones. Squire . Lovelace, Neiroan, Chandler, Strauss, Kitley. Petit. MEMBERS Helen Acker Martha Adam-. Man Olney Alexander Charlotte Alpard Carolyn Alpert Emma Lou Alston Dovie Armintor Lucille E. A-h Kay Baker Deen Bartlett Lila Beard Carolyn Berry Betty Ann Biel Grace Booth Rosemarie Bradbury Catherine Brasher Carolyn Bre-t-r Barbara Ann Bruce Betty Brack Nancy Cade Carolyn Canfield Elaine Carruthrr- Dorothy Helen Chandler Dorria Elaine Charpentier Mary Clase Pat Clement- Billie Jean Cocke Betsy Cottingham r ne-tine Cumming Dorothy Davi- Mar -C. Davi- Orleanor Dellis Anne Louise Egdorf Mary Jayne Evans Gwendolyn Marie Fewell Cosette Foglesong Betty Rose Fowler Cornelia E. Frazier Jean Ann Friar Mildred Fromme Betty Gandy Bunny Glasser Dorothy Gleason Doris Gross Bettye Hargett Lucile Jonell Harmel Naomi Hegar Cecil May Hendricks Linda Henniger Norma Holubec Rosemary Hooker Gail Huckabee June Jett Beverly Johnson Kathryn L. Johnson Mary Frances Johnson Rosemary Johnson Edith Jones Marian Kane Harriet M. Kirsner Alice Faye Kitley Betty Kittrell Jeanie Lannow Dovie Lapidu Virginia Lee Lejeune Leslie Marjorie Faye Levy Ruth Lenan Lind Joy Loeffler Mattilyn Lovelace Runelle Loyd Sue McCan Lorna McCormirk Judith B. McClatchy OFFICERS President . . . . f . ..... ROSEMARIE BRADBURY V ice-President . . - MARY FRANCES JOHNSON Secretary DOROTHY HELEN CHANDLER (ANNA Hiss ' DOROTHY GEBAUER Faculty Sponsors Sammie McCrory Peachie Waunelle McDonald Barbara Maddox Coquita Mangrum Mary E. Marriott Anita Montgomery Thelma Moore Edith Louise Neiman Jeanne A. Nelson Jeanne Nierman Doris Oden erna Mae Orts Joyce K. Pape Bernice Hope Parmley Leila Esther Petit Mary Earle Phillips Beryl Elaine Ranney Helen Reasoner Shirley Roberts Julia Rogers Martinet Roten Rowena Runneberg Thetis C. Sanderford Robby Sharp Elizabeth K. Simmons Hazel Frances Smith Pearl Smith Wanda Smith Dorothy Jean Squires Janet Grace Strauss Ruth Lee Taylor Shirley Taylor Patricia J. Thornberry Helen M. Tindall Marie Joyce Troell Emily Tyson Dorothy Ummel Mary Evelyn Varnell Betty Vawter Viki Helene Vida Dorothy M. Ward Flora Jean Ware Marianna Waters Dorothy Watson Rosemary Watson Phyllis Willson Irene Wolfson Elizabeth Ann Wright Betty E. Wright THE GLAMAZONS, which was founded in 1944, is an organization on this campus composed of girls at least five feet seven inches tall. It plans open houses and parties for tall boys. ROSEMARIE BRADBURY , il DALE BARTLETT Marjorie Ann Arledge Dale Bartlett Deen Bartlett Betty Berryhill Theresa Nell Blewett Barbara Bond Bella Bulba Sydney Burke GRISCOM SPEAKERS OFFICERS President DALE BARTLETT V ice-President MARJORIE L. JOSEPH Secretary BELLA BULBA Treasurer HELEN RUTH HARTUNG Reporter VIRGINIA HARDY MEMBERS Dorothy Douglas Betty Jo Duncan Violet Earle Barbara Lee Fox Barbara Fisher Helene Goldberg Sue Ann Gordon Virginia Hardy Helen Ruth Hartung Doris Hollingsworth Shirley Hurwitz Anna Janicek Annie Lee C. Johnson Mary Jim Jones Marjorie L. Joseph Leah Jean Kindred Anna Jane Kulakofsky Barbara Layne Sarah Phillips Mary Edna Rogers Selene Roth Jo Ruth Schwartz Phyllis Sherman Grace Weigand Betty Wood rum Ursula Zimmermann GRISCOM SPEAKERS, founded on March 15, 1944, and named for the late Elwood Griscom, chairman of the Speech Department, promotes speech activities of all kinds on the campus. Front row: HARDY, BULBA, DALE BARTLETT, BLEWETT, JOSEPH, HARTUNG. Second row: BERRYHILL, GOLDBERG, PHILLIPS. KULAKOFSKY, FOX, HURWITZ, SHERMAN. Third raw. ZIMMERMANN, FISHER, DEEN BARTLETT, BOND, LAYNE, WOODRUM, ROTH, JANICEK, ARLEDGE. PACT 444 Illllih im CLUB Frtml roir.- MORLANG. ASHBY. WOODS. RUPE. Srco l rr: CRADDOCK, BLALOCK. OWEN, CLASSELL. HOLMCREEN. TkirJ me: KEITH. HALL. PEXV PELLEY. GRAHAM. CALHOl ' X. Fourth rem: SANDERS. HAYS. McCELVEY. O ' HEARN. PHILLIPS. CARROLL. BACKENSTOE. Filth wcr KISTEN. CRISSOM. DiMOXTROND. THOMPSON. TITTLE. SPILLER, ROSS. KRUECER. Siatt rmr: CHANDLER. JONES. MILLER. CANFIELD, MOORE. ALEXANDER. OFFICERS President MARIAN MILLER Vice-President DOROTHY HELEN CHANDLER Secretary -Treasurer ...... JINNY HOLMGREEN Reporter DOROTHY THOMPSON Contacts Chairman . DOROTHY BACKENSTOE MEMBERS Mary Olney Alexander Jane Ashhy Dorothy Backenstoe Elizabeth Ann Barrett Peggy Black Joanne Blalock Caroline Brock Louie Calhoun Carolyn Canfield Janet Carroll Dorothy Helen Chandler Anita Byrd Craddock Judy Darst Dottie DeMontrond Jean Ferguson Emily Glassell Eleanor Coode Carolyn Graham Lorene Grisom Charlotte Grissom Mary L.u Hall Elizabeth Hays Jinny Holmgreen Jean House Betty Jackson Edith Jones Meta Alice Keith Dorothy Kelly Ann Kennedy Nancy Kisten Carol Krueger Betty Lander Martha Lawrence Elizabeth McCelvey Anne McMurray Betty Morlang Margaret Maurman Marian Miller Shirley Moore Gloria O ' Hearn Barbara Owen Dorothy D. Pelley Suzanne Penn Annette Phillips Betsy Ross Diana Ross Paula Rupe Dirothy Rushing Martha Sanders Margaret Simpson Margie Beth Spiller Sue Standefer Diane Stansell B. Lee Stringer Joanne Tavlor Dorothy Thompson Emmy Tittle Alice Williams Martha Woods THE HOCKADAY CLUB was founded on this campus to bring about a closer relationship between the former students of Hockaday in Dallas. MARIAN MILLEt tt; CHARLES L. SHORT HOGG DEBATING SOCIETY OFFICERS President CHARLES L. SHORT First V ice-President JIM SMITH Second V ice-President HENRY WYNEKEN Secretary . . . . ELBERT MORROW Treasurer DON WILLIAM MORGAN Sponsor TOM ROUSSE James K. Allen Donald Bethel Bobby W. Blevins Marvin Lee Bowers James Coats Aikin Connor John Davis Robert Coleman Delavan MEMBERS Harry Hudson William James Lowe Stanley Todd Lowery Elbert M. Morrow Don William Morgan Tomas Glover Pollard Jack Ritchie Wayne W. Saunders Charles L. Short Jim Smith Ivy Speer H. D. Tomlinson, Jr. Bob White William Carey Williamson Henry Wyneken The purpose of the JAMES STEPHEN HOGG DEBATING SOCIETY, founded in 1912, is to encourage the increased participation of its members in all forms of forensic activity, to stimulate discussion of topics of present interest, and to acquaint its members with the rules of parliamentary procedure, to the end that they will be better equipped to meet the problems of post-college life. Front row: BOWERS, RITCHIE, SPEER, TOMLINSON, ALLEN, MORROW, MORGAN. Second row: BETHEL, LOWERY, SHORT, SAUNDERS, COATS, POLLARD. Third row: WILLIAMSON, CONNOR, DELAVAN, LOWE. PACE 446 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Front rom: Li.lo. Blorber, Rolinf. M. Vannoy. J. Stolttfus. Courtney. Srraul ravr Btuninf. Cur, Sawtelle, D. Robert!. E. Magliolo. Ho.ard. Ffmrtlk nm: 1. Robert . Bufcop. J. Willhoile. Woodrnir;. Craul. Moon-. Allen, Hill. Collie. M. Willhoite. Third rov: Blarkraan. Ramirez. Butts. MrCormick. Correbam. V. Magliolo. Wiegand. Fiflk nv: HarrU. Hardin. Stalmacb. Taylor. Lobaeh. A. Combs. Myers. Weaver. Smith. Sharp . Skaio . Sin ram: F. Vannoy. flannel. Oeaty. J. Comb . Alexander. Baly. Ellrey. Barren. Tnomason , Jones. Wiley. Lanre, Strrmli, worn: Kitley. Porter, Etbridge, McCnire. MEMBERS OFFICERS Edith Sue Alexander Carol Allen Man " Jo Andrews Tommie Applewhite Eleanor A- Virginia Barron Marine Baty Dori Berkman June Thelma Bishop Betty Jo Blackman Claudia Blurher Betty Boucher Marion Boyd Mattie Byrd Bunting Grace Burti- Ruby Butt:- SueCarr Chanrhi Deaton Oral Dean Cocreham Kathleen Collie Mary Jo Collie. Ann Combs Jane Combs Ida Courtney Ann Creasy Marjorie IJryden Mary Joyce Eichelberper Jane ' Ellzey Frances Ethridpp Jean Fiegel Eva Jean Finch Ida Foster Mary Frances Gardner Ellen Geue Janie Gillean Billie B. Graul Ruth Hardin Patty Harman Lucille Harmel Carla Harris Marion Harrison Fay Hattox Wilma Half? Be - erly Hern don Mary Scott Hill Mary Jane Horton Dale ' Howard Claire Jerebek Colleen Jones Mary Cecille Josey La Verne Keese Martha Keith Alice Fare Kitley Lillian Kopecky Lorraine Lubash Allene Rae Lance Betsey Ray Lander Henrietta Lifton Sue McClain Mary Joyce McCormick Dorothy McGuire Margaret McKean Mary Mr-Lean Dorothy McMuIlen President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer . Faculty Sponsor Nina McNeil! Ellen Barbara Magliolo Virginia Magliolo Merri Lynn Marker Mary Mariott Marcel le Moore Thehna Moore Cassandra Morris June Murray Ann Myers . Inez Neeley Edith Nieman Cecile Perry Geraldine Pipsaire Margaret Plummer Lucille Porter Edna Lydia Ramirez Beatrice Rangnow Lucy Rathbone Betty Rath jen Frances Real MARJORIE VANNOV EVA JEAN FUJCH JANE BUCHARD JOY STOLTZFI s ELIZABETH TARPLEY Dotty Richardson Dorothy Roberts Joan Roberts Mary Sue Roling Edith Rydell Charlotte Sawtelle Cornelia Sample Jane Schumm Melba Del Sharpe Phylli Shaw " era Mae Skains Betty Montgomery Smith Joan Smith Lida Spiller Margery Spiller Ruth Stalmach Mar y Jo Stedman Joy Stoltzfus Man, belle Stoltzfus Alma Street Jane Tacquard Kathrine Taylor Mary Thomason Frances Vannoy Marjorie Vannoy Donna Vaughn Betty Waldvogel Barbara Wall Evelyn Weaver Grace Wiegand Elinor Widen Elaine Wiley Patricia Wiikin Julia Willhoite Merle Willhoite Betty Woodrum Marilyn Wright THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB i- an organization composed of girls planning to major in Home Economics. This year the club was hostess to home economics clubs from twenty-one different colleges in Te MARJORIE VANNOY Pact 447 HOUSTON CLUB OFFICERS President BARBARA CHEESMAN V ice-President DIANE STANSELL Secretary JACK S. BLANTON Treasurer CAROLYN MONTGOMERY Reporter MARY LIB VICK BARBARA CHEESMAN MEMBERS Charles Alcorn Helen Allen Kathryn Arasler Jane Ashby Betty Baker Molly Barnes J. L. Barnett Meryl Barrett Carol Bashein Carolyn Berry Roxibeth Birdwell Jack S. Blanton Bobby Bradley Beverly Brewster Betty Bruce Betty Jane Burk Joanne Campbell Frances Canfield Janet Carroll Jeanne Carsey Mary Jane Carsey Barbara Cheesman Margaret Carolyn Cheesman Margaret Conrad Pat Corrigan Betsy Cottingham Shirley Kathryn Cox Barbara Crowley Elaine Daigle Peggy Dale Kathleen Dorrance John Duncan Jeanne Ewing Peter Fonville Beverly Frambach Emily E. Fruit Patsy Goff Helene Goldberg Grace Gordon Jack Graves Ruth Hardin Mary Martha Headrick Mary Lou Heep Audrey Hendrickson Mary Margaret Higgins Martha Hodson Geraldine Houston Joe Hunt Betty Jo Jahnke Betty Kiley Betty King Murial King Bill Larson Sarah Jo Levy John Lipscomb Mary Margaret Livingston Edward McDavid Nell Mann Jean Matteson Carolyn Montgomery Ray Moore Martha Nunn Barbara Parks Doris Payne Henrietta Peebles Margaret Peterson Frances Jean Roensch Loraine Rosenbush Bettie Scholido Nancy Scurry Patricia Shepherd Joza Shropshire Betty Simmons Katherine Simpson Eberta Adelaide Slataper Dick Sowell Diane Stansell Barbara Tengg Emily Tyson Herman Vaughn Mary Lib Vick Betty Ann Warner Polly Watts Sally Werline Winifred White Betty Windham Dorothy Wollbrett Charlotte Wood Betty Wright THE HOUSTON CLUB was founded to promote friendship among students from Houston. pB Front row: J. Carsey, Goff, Shropshire, Tengg, M. Carsey, Burk. Second row: Ewing, Matteson, Watts, Dale, Stansell, Cox, B. Cheesman. Third row: Barnes, Allen, Hodson, Houston, Corrigan, White, Scurry. Fourth row: Hardin, Slataper, Conrad, Birdwell, Campbell, Berry, Montgomery. Fifth row: Blanton, Jahnke, Roensch, Mann, Daigle, Parks. Wood. Sixth row: Headrick, Rosenbush, Werlein. M. Cheesman, Wollbrett, Wright, Vick, Warner. PACE 448 INTER-AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Fnml .- OGLESBY. VALDEZ. LEKER. PINEDA. ZANDER. SrcomJ ro.- K. BONAR. BUCK. P1CTOR. PR1AS, EDWARDS, D ANIELS. Tkird ram: AREVALO. HILL, MARTINEZ. ROJAS-DAVILO. OFFICERS Co-Presidents Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretaries Treasurers .... Sponsor .... (BETTYE WILKES f NORMAN RICHARD PICTOR BETTIE LEW ROOT (Luis MARTINEZ JLEOPOLDO AREVALO (BEVERLY JEANNE DANIELS (MALEE CLAIRE BONAR CHARLES W. HACKETT Mary Lois Applewhite Leopoldo Arevalo Emalee Claire Bonar Kalhryn Bonar Harriet Davis Bohan Man, Elizabeth Buck Margaret Bush Margaret Clevenger Eva Garcia Currie Beverly Jeanne Daniels Robert Durway Norma Virginia Edwards Beverly Joyce Ferguson Dorothy Louise Fields Felipe Garcia- Arroyo Charles W. Hackett Mary Lee Hamm Lucas V. Hill Florence Virginia Horn Marjorie Louise Joseph Pura Platte Leker Lorraine Lob Lubash Luis Martinez Marjorie Elizabeth Murray MEMBERS Elizabeth Jean Newell Glenda Oglesby Norman Richard Pictor Danilo S. Pineda Guillermo Prias THE INTER AMERICAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION b composed of Anglo- American and Latin-American students who are interested in promoting a better understanding between the peoples of the Americas. Through the medium of lectures, discussions, conferences, and various social functions, the Association has sought to promote a mutual interchange of cultures of the Americas on the campus of the University. Flora Bye Riley Alfredo Rojas-Davilo Bet-tie Lew Root L. Castro de Schofield Imogene Smyers Ella Frances Stuart Doris Taylor Guadalupe E. Valdez Bettye Wilkes Clover Lucille Zander NORMAN RICHARD PICTOR. BETTYE WILKES P 449 LATIN-AMERICAN UNION OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer JULIO E. AMADO EILEEN E. DUGGER FERNANDO PEREZ-MAJUL JULIO E. AMADO MEMBERS Plinio Alfonzo Julio E. Amado Carlos Anez Leopoldo Arevalo Eileen E. Dugger Gloria Garcia Heraclio V. Garcia Jose R. Garcia Joe Gerhardt Evangeline M. Guerra Olga M. Lasso Pura P. Leker Teresa Lozano Fernando Perez-Majul Tiberio Martinez Luis P. Martinez Alice A. Munguia Norman W. Pictor Danilo S. Pineda Guillermo Prias Celia Ramirez Maria Catalina Rangel Federico Ritter Alfredo Rojas-Davila Doralisa Saenz Ella Saenz Yolanda Salazar Cecilia Salinas Olivia Salinas Guadalupe Valdez Hector Vela Norma C. Zarate THE LATIN-AMERICAN UNION, organized in 1926, has as its principal objective the fostering of better inter-American relations. The Union sponsors a series of educational lectures, musical programs, and social gatherings. Front row: RANCEL, ZARATE, MUNGUIA, CUERRA. RAMIREZ, D. SAENZ. E. SAENZ. Second row: PINEDA, LOZANO. C. SALINAS, G. GARCIA, O. SALINAS, LEKER, LASSO, VALDEZ. Third row: RITTER, PICTOR, GERHARDT, SALAZAR, PRIAS, ALFONZO, ROJAS-DAVILA. Fourth row: L. MARTINEZ, VELA, AREVALO, AMADO, J. GARCIA, H. GARCIA, ANEZ. PACE 450 LATIN-AMERICAN SWEETHEARTS c ia vyarcfc oria BLIEBONNET BELLE NOMINEE -iS ' Eileen olju er BLfEBONXET BELLE NOMINEE - LATIN.AMEKICAN SWEETHEART ' iS--6 JAMES K. ALLEN James K. Allen Walter Autrey David Aston Edgar L. Ball Marvin L. Bowers Tom Burchfield William E. Barrington James Coats Louis Daniels Earl Deathe James Deaver M.I.C.A. OFFICERS President . First Vice-President Second Vice-President Secretary . Social Chairman JAMES K. ALLEN MARVIN L. BOWERS THOMAS P. BURCHFIELD IKE SPEER BILL NAIL EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Patrick Dwyer James Fitzgerald Robert J. Gwyn Homer Goehrs James Harris Millard Hippie Leonard Hoefgen Howard Halff Warren Hoyle Milton Janszen Bill Johnson Bill Krodel Francis Laakso Stanley Todd Lowery Joe Malik Don Morgan Claude Moore Thomas McFarling Bill Nail Hoyle Osborne Ralph Petty Jack Ritchie James Smith Charles L. Short Ivy Ike Speer Kenneth Stanaland Bob Strickland Mord Tucker H. D. Tomlinson, Jr. Gilbert Watt William Carey Williamson Bill White Allan Wyche Front row: Watt, Ball, Short, Wyche, Aston, Daniels. Second row: Osborne, Goehrs, Ritchie, Stanaland, Dwyer, Halff, Krodel. Third row: Tucker, Allen, Bowers, Burchfield, Janszen, Lowery, Stiickland. Morgan. Fourth row: White, Tomlinson, Deaver, Autrey, Coats, Gwyn, Harrington, Speer. Fifth row: McFarling, Williamson, Petty. PACE 452 M.I.C.A. From! row: JAMES R. COATS. BILL WHITE, DAVID ASTON, MARVIN BOWERS. So TO,: KENNETH STANALAND. PATRICK DWYER, WILLIAM BARRINCTON. DON MORGAN. M. I. C. A., the Men ' s Inter-Community Association, was organ- ized on the campus in 1937 and it later affiliated with the National Independent Students ' Association. Membership is open to any male student in the University not affiliated with a social fraternity. M. I. C. A. was organized to unite the independent students of the campus and to promote tolerance between all groups. M. I. C. A. stresses high scholarship and it encourages and trains responsible leaders. Members of M. I. C. A. are encouraged to take part in the activities of the campus and to cooperate with other student organizations. An individual trophy is given each year to the outstanding athlete in each M. I. C. A. district and M. I. C. A. sweaters are given to members of the council and district foremen who do outstanding organization work. The highlight of the year for M. I. C. A. was the Spring Ranch Dance on March 16 where the M. I. C. A. sweetheart was presented. M. I. C A. also entertained with a costume party, a Christmas for- mal, a spring frolic, and several mixers during the year. M. I. C. A. this year is establishing the Mike Flynn Citizenship Award in honor of Mike Flynn and all M. I. C. A. men who lost their lives in World War II. This award will be given each spring to the male student who has proved himself as the outstanding student citizen. M. I. C. A. chose to name this award after Flynn because he typified what an outstanding Campus Citizen was like. Flynn lost his life while serving with the Marine Corps at Sugar Loaf Hill on Okinawa. The memory of this genial Irishman, whose heart was bigger than his stocky five feet five inches, will always linger in the hearts of those students who were fortunate enough to have made his acquaintance. MIKE FLYNN . r N.TAC. ALUMNI OFFICERS President , ANNELLE ROQUEMORE V ice-President WILLIAM E. WADE Secretary NELL McCARTER Treasurer DON CHANCEY Reporter . . MAX LIGON ANNELLE ROQUEMORE Le Roy Andersen Joe Arwine Bill Avery Howard Bailey Robert Barnes T. L. Belknap Roy Biscamp David Braden Milliccnt Brown Marion Bucklin R. E. Candler Don Chancey Roy Clifford Claude Cox Wanda Cox Robert Curtis James Dublin Betty Dudley Arthur Ray Dudley Ann Eagan J. Vincent Farley Mary Lee Hamm Judy Hayes Kenneth Haynes MEMBERS Peggy Haynes Grady Hight Tom Hodges Joseph James Marianne Johnson Bill Jones Linn Kieffer Gerry Kline Eddie Kutac Phyllis Leaman Max Ligon Robert Lucas Nell McCarter N. T. McCaleb John McKee Charles W. Marquis John Miller Wayne Moore Owen F. Murphy Barbara Park Miles Pierce Otha Rape Glenn D. Renner Annelle Roquemore James Rhotenberry Joe Ryan Nita Scheble Norma Scheble MacDonald Smith Mary Margaret Stoll Margie Sullivan Lynette Taylor Evelyn Jean Troutt Al Vanacano William E. Wade Jim Wright Alfred Zimmern, Jr. THE NORTH TEXAS AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION was organized October 10, 1944, for the purpose of bringing together former students of N. T. A. C. in an endeavor to continue and further promote the social and personal relations. Front row: Hayes, Brown, Taylor, Norma Scheble, Troutt. Second row: McCarter, Park, Nita Scheble, Leaman, Roquemore, Marquis. Third row: P. Haynes, Wade, Hodges, W. Cox, Zimmern, McCaleb, Stoll. Fourth row: Hight, Renner, K. Haynea, Lucas, Murphy, Kieffer. Farley, Chancey. Fifth row: James, Bailey, Smith, Clifford, Barnes. Biscamp, Arwine, Rhotenberry. Sixth row: Braden, McKee, Dublin, Dudley, Curtis, Ryan. PACE 454 NORTHEAST TEXAS CLUB Front ro : CONDRAY. ADAMS. JOHNS. BLOCKER. FISHER. POl ' LA . SecvmJ rmr: MAJORS. ALBRIGHT. BOWMAN. MARGRAVES. WORD. CLARK. ALLEN. TlurJnm: CLOWER. STULL. CROW LEY, CURRY. JUSTISS, LOYD. LEE. WEST. Fo nk r nr: BALLARD. DAY. GODWIN. OFFICERS President I ice-President Secretary- Treasurer Reporter WILLIAM THOMAS BALLARD PAULINE MAJORS GWENDOLYN ADAMS DONNA CLARK WANDA ALLEN MEMBERS Gwendolyn Adams Welda Louise Albricht Wanda Allen William Thomas Ballard Charles E. Barnes. Jr. Jeannette Blocker Joan Phyllis Bowman Olive Mae Chastain Donna Louise Clark Pat Alton Clower Margaret Condray Robert A. Crowley Landon Curry Herman O ' Neal Day. Jr. M. Elmond Farrow Rosamond Fisher Durwood Richard Godwin James A. Hickman Josephine Hiett Jean Holland George M. Hopkins, Jr. Hattie Maude Johns Myra Justiss Mary Louise Kirkpatrick Sally Ann klotz Jack Lacy Mary Jo Lee Runelle Loyd Patti Bess Lummus Pauline Majors Margaret Ann Margraves Don William Morgan Betty Lou Pollard Audrev Poulas THE NORTHEAST TEXAS CLUB was founded in September. 1944. to promote social activities among those students from that section of the state. Monthly socials are planned by as members which include dinners, hay-rides, picnics, dances, and one formal dance a Faylene Roman Ernest Richard Stull Lois Laverne West N. Valria Word WILLIAM THOMAS BALLARD i isa WINNIE LEA WILLIAMS NURSES AIDES OFFICERS Captain WINNIE LEA WILLIAMS Co-Captain DORIS MIDDLETON Secretary BETTY ANN NEWCOMER r , , ri. (GLADYS THOMPSON Hospital Chairmen -J c PARAH ELLEN GUMBY MEMBERS Barbara Ruth Banks Pat Bay Betty Bradley Bella Bulba Bette Templeton Calhoun Nancy Camp Evelyn Chaudoin Chloe Constant Ria June Flautt Shirley Louise Grevsky Sarah Ellen Gunby Mary M. Gunter Patricia Hasting Rosemary Henson Geraldine Kempe Doris Joyce Keuper Martha Magee Virginia Magliolo Carole Marschak Doris Lee Middleton Katharine Anne Moore Dean Mullin Betty Ann Newcomer Mary Oden Ann Porter Frances Rogers Ruth May Rydell Thalia Sasseen Jean Smith Mary Lou Sweeney lone Tillett Jeanne Westmoreland Marilyn White Christine Williams Ruby Lois Williams Winnie Lea Williams Front row: Porter, Henson, Constant, Camp, Flautt, Hasting. Second row: Sasseen, Rogers, R. Williams, Marschak, Mullin, Westmoreland, Tillett. Third row: C. Williams, Grevsky, Banks, Bulba, Magliolo, Smith, Oden, Gunter. Fourth row: White, Calhoun, Chaudoin, Magee, Moore, Kempe, Bradley. Fifth row: W. Williams, Gunby, Keuper, Rydell, Sweeney, Middleton, Bay, Newcomer. PACE 456 P.E.M. Front rote: Tetley, Miller. Alderson, Rarhal. Winborn. Second rou: Nebenzahl. Baker. Kocnig, E. Smith, Rabke, Kimbrel. Third rote; Cold. Underwood, B. Cray. Crothaus. Dvoracek, Campbell. N. Baker. Fourth row: M. Cray, Metzke. Mattlock. Haenel, Scruggs. Morehead, Sollar . Fifth row: Wirthlin, B. Smith, Lee, Cunby, M. Cox. Nunnelly, Lange. Sixth row: Martin, Dover, Brace, deVries, Hawthorne. OFFICERS President ice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter JERRY M. MILLER JESSE HAWTHORNE DOROTHY TETLEY DAISY RACHAL BUNNY E. GLASSER Curtis J. Alderson Dale Armstrong Rolla Arbetter Barbara Baker Nita Ruth Baker Emory Billard Carl Blevins David K. Brace Faye Byer Iri- Mae Campbell June Ann Cannon Carolyn Cheesman Lucille Cinder Man,- Lynn Clift Ruth Cole William J. Cox Melba M. Cox B.-tty Davis Herbert Ar net Carrie Joy Dover Willie M. Duckett Helen Dvoracek Marion Dyer Ruth Dyer Charlotte Franke MEMBERS Bunny E. Glasser Claire Gold Bobbye Gray Miriam Gray- Ann Grothaus Sarah Gunby Frank Hafernick Susan Hamilton Marie Haenel Janice Hartley I lawthorne Glenna Kimbrel Eunice Koenig Ruth Lanford Arline Lange Doris J. Lee Betty McClusky Man y J. Malley Jo Helen Martin Rosalie Matlock Mary Metzke Jerry M. Miller Faye Moorehead Mary Jo Morgan Bertha Nebenzahl Guy Nunnelly J. M. Pearce Daisv Rachal Raymond Ragone Anna G. Ratliff Mary Lee Rabke Maihilde Roberts Robbie Scruggs Margaret Simpson Evelyn Annette Smith Betty J. Smith Gene Sollars Robert Summers Martha Stone Elizabeth Styner Dorothy Tetiey Talma Timmerman Margaret Underwood Rosemary Watson Jean White Dorothy Wilson Betty .L Winborn Lura Nell Wirthlin Jessie Womack Mary L. Yeager THE PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS ' CLUB, founded in 1928 to organize the students in this field, has both a social and professional purpose. Problems are discussed that arise in several fields, and the club strives for closer cooperation between students and faculty. JERRY M. MILLER !. i in PIERIAN LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS President ANNE McMuRREY V ice-President ANNE CAMPBELL Secretary Lois KIRKPATRICK Treasurer BARBARA HENRY Reporter . SARA ZIMMERMAN ANNK McMURKEY MEMBERS Virginia A. Boyd- Marilynn Brand Zoe Brandau Daisy Brown Lou Ellen Bryan Anne Campbell Keith Campbell Carolyn Canfield Ellen Chapman Meredith Charlton Patricia Gofer Jane Davis Ruth Ann Douglass Ellen Geue Mary Ann Glass Joy Goff Ruth Gracy Susan Hamilton Barbara Henry Patsy Jean Horton Morgia Howard Elaine Jordan Mildred Kelleher Lois Kirkpatrick Mary Kyle Emily McKellar Anne McMurrey Marian Miller Mary Martha Monning Josephine Morgan Grace Orndorff Mary Pate Katherine Paterson Sue Roling Diana Ross Gerry Saylors Georgia Stevens Alma Street Gloria Taylor lone Tillett Sue Tipps Annabeth Tutt Carrie Vilbig Barbara Wampler Mary Gene Warren Johnnye Jean Weinert Bettye Wilkes Jean Williamson Jane Winzen Frances Worley Sara Zimmerman PIERIAN LITERARY SOCIETY was organized in 1911 to bring together girls interested in furthering their knowledge of cultural arts. Members of the faculty and other authorities in the field of literature are asked to discuss various literary works at the meetings which take place twice a month. Requirements for membership are a general " C " average and a " B " average in English. Front row: McMURREY. CHARLTON. STREET. TIPPS, CRACY, KELLEHER. Second row: WILLIAMSON. WARREN, JORDAN. BROWN. HOWARD, GOFF, HORTON. Third row: BRYAN, ZIMMERMAN. DOUGLASS. VILBIG, WORLEY, BRAND. Fourth row: WEINERT, COFER. MILLER, McKELLAR, WILKES. PACE 458 PHE-LAW SOCIETY Smtrtt. Cnvford. Callu. Moore. HUkcI. Blc.ctl. : fcM.1. Am-ndrll. NI. Hogae . Keifc;. Lrmrn. Asloo. I rate: Login. Jefferson. Pepper. Nokec. T ylor. Enn . Frser. Cranberry. Famnk rax: Anatermu. Ebert. Sidlo. Claydell Bron. Cro . Bjirin. Lei-. Gilbert. TOUCH. OFFICERS President } ' ice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Advisors ROBERT S. EBERT G. MILTON HUGHES CLAUDINE A. MOORE i NEWELL BLAKELY NEAL POWERS f Dox WEHMEYER Harold Abramson Bernard Adams Allwrt K. Aldrkh Edwin F. Ammennan Cammid O. Arrcndell David A-ton David Ball James Douglas Barren Robert Beaman James Bearden Calberine Beecroft Jacob Berpolofsky Thrre a Blewett R. E. Blount. Jr. Eldon Stephen Branda Frank Brown Olaydell Brown (ilenn Brown Barliara Callan Ralph Collier Irene Crawford Tom Crockett Jame? E. Crosp Donn Currev Robert S. Ebert Robert ' . Embleton Mason Evans Elizabeth Felt Carol Fitzhugh Charles B. Fra er Henry Giessel Lanvil Gilbert Harry Lee Cranberry Jack Crantham James B. Grave Charlene Hinkel Milton Huphes Joseph Jackson Cyrus I. Jefferson Frank Juncman J. Kenneth Kerby Howard Klein Julia Kti " Phillip Kuhlman Cu- I-anier Thomas Lav- Jack Lee William L. Lemen John A. l tcan. Jr. James McCain MEMBERS Nelson McClung Cameron McKinney Pauline Majors Edwin O. Meier Roy Merrill Claudine A. Moore Andrew Curtis Neal Toufic Nicolos George O. Nokes. Jr. Mary Noto Merritt Orr Willie H. Pena Henria Paula Pepper Bill Petty Helen Porter Beverlv Potthoff Frank Proctor Milton H. Pyndus James Rf- William A. Robertson Bryan ; RuWll Sahm William Seipel lames Sewell James Sidlo Imogene Smyers Jones Spann Robert Stegner Gene T. Stone Ruth-Lee Taylor H. D. Tomlinson. Jr. James S. Tunnel! Virginia Thompson Robert White Warren Whithain Frank Whitten John Wood THE PRE-LAW SOCIETY, which was re-organized in July. 1945. brings together those students who plan to enter Law School. R06KRT S. EBEKT PACI 453 KNII) KODINSON Beth Baskin Betty Bradley Josephine Briggs Helen Bruchsaler Betty Jane Bruck Bella Bulba Anne Burkett Grace Burtis Maryanne Cardwell Jean Carroll Susanne Catlett Hilda Chaleff PRESENT DAY CLUB OFFICERS President . . ' ENID ROBINSON Vice-President EFFIE JEAN DAY Secretary GRACE BURTIS Treasurer VIRGINIA WAGNER Reporter HILDA CHALEFF Faculty Sponsor MARIE MORROW MEMBERS Sonja Chicotsky Joyce Clegg Effie Jean Day Lou Fitzgerald Mary Alice Frank Mary Frances Gardner Evelyn Gertz Idalee Golding Jean Gunn Susan Henry Nancy Huff Ada Frances Jett Fran Kirksey Sarah M. Lentz Naomi Levinson Mary Jo Looney Nadine Matheny Pat Mills Marcia Mitchell Peggy Jean Montgomery Mignette Moody Flora Bye Riley Enid Robinson Selma Rolnick Carolyn Row Marie Snodgrass Joan Smith Marie Ann Smith Dorothy Teddlie Mary Jane Thompson Dorothy Tutt Virginia Louise Wagner Selma Waldman Jeanie Williamson Jeanne Wood Margaret Wooldridge Elizabeth Ann Wright Beverly R. Yager PRESENT DAY CLUB strives to promote the study and discussion of present day problems and to stimulate an interest in worldwide affairs. Front row: Robinson, Burtis, Wagner, Catlett, Day, Chalefl " . Third TOW: Wooldridge, Gertz, Cardwell, Riley, Burkett, Gardner, Briggs. Second row: Frank, Rolnick, Row, Yager, Thompson, Waldman, M. Smith. Fourth row: Mills, Lentz, Jett, Wright, Bradley, Mitchell, Teddlie, Levins Fifth row: Williamson, Huff, Colding, J. Smith, Gunn, Snodgrass, Montgomery, Bulha, Bruck. PACE 460 HEAGM LITERARY SOCIETY Front row: DOWELL. LIEDEKER. RAICORODSKY, COLEMAN. SEARS. KOSAKA. Srrend ro : MONTGOMERY. CERICK. HEAD. TUTT. CONNOLLY. COFFEE. COLE. Tkiri row: KEENER. CARRAWAY. FUNKHOCSER, C. WILLIAMS. CAMP, BLAIK. CORNELIl ' S. GARDNER. Fovtk ram: THOMASON. STINNETT. R. WILLIAMS, KENNEDY. CARDWELL, CARROLL. CRITTENDEN. TYSON. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter LUCILE HEAD JOAN WALKER FRANCES ANN COLEMAN MARY THOMASON MARY FRANCES KENNEDY Betty Baker Catherine Ann Baker Helen Barnett Beth Baskin Carolyn Blair Jeanne Bozzell Alire Bryan Nancy Camp Maryanne Cardwell Jo Ann Carraway Emma Eugenia Carrol Doris Anne Coffee Joyce Cole Frances Ann Coleman Joan Connolly Catherine Cornelius Ann Crittenden Mary Ruth Davis Margaret Dale Jane Dowell Margaret Ebert Beryle Francis Gene Funkhouser Mary Frances Gardner Elizabeth Gates Judith Gerick Betty Jo Hale Helen Hart Lin-ile Head Willian Holland Morgia Howard Marthafceener Mary Frances Kennedy MEMBERS Joan Kenney Margaret Keyes Gertrude Kone Violette Kosaka Carolyn Liedeker Elaine Lowery Elizalx-th Mayer Edwina Montgomery Pat McKenzie Margaret Pickering Paula Raigorod-ky Bettie Lew Root Margery Sears Mary Spivey Margaret Ann Sleeker Gene Stinnett Helen Tackett Mary M. Thomason Dorothy Tntt Emily Tyson Joan Walker Beverly Washburn Alice Williams Christine Williams Ruth Williams Lorraine Wright REAGAN LITERARY SOCIETY was founded in 1902 by Helen Marr Kirby. first Dean of Women at the LrmerMty. and was named for John H. Reagan, Chairman of the State Rail- road Commission and Di?tri t Judge. Membership i based on a " B " average in English and a " CT average in general courses. LL ' CILE HEAD . . 1. HUSK LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS President . First V ice-President Second V ice-President Secretary-Treasurer Forensic Chairman . Sergeant-at-Arms JAMES PEARSON Ralph Eugene Blount. Jr. Robert Louis Brannan Ellis Merrimon Brown Paul Wynn Chandler. Jr. Robert Coryell Cochran Noel James Crisp Raymond Virgil Cruce Robert W. Dunn Robert Stickley Ebert Louis Goldfaden MEMBERS J. William Harrison Leonard Edward Hoefgen Joseph Thomas Hunt James Kenneth Kerby Frederick F. Lewis James Edward Meade Edd Miller Ewell E. Murphy Frederick A. Niemann James Pearson James Thomas Pinto JAMES PEARSON NOEL JAMES CRISP JOSEPH THOMAS HUNT ELUS MERRIMON BROWN JAMES KENNETH KERBY FREDERICK A. NIEMANN Clifford Emerson Schoone Thomas Harris Sharp Jones Spann Ernest Leroy Sparrow Kenneth Stanaland Charles Lewis Vychopen William Earl Wade Pickard agner Eugene H. Werner John M. Williams RUSK LITERARY SOCIETY, the oldest student organization on the campus, is a forensic student organization which participates in all campus oratorical and debating activities. Front row: MEADE, MURPHY, HARRISON, KERBY, SCHOONE. Second row: PINTO, WADE, COCHRAN, BRANNAN, MILLER. Third row: HUNT. HOEECEN. CRUCE, SPANN. CKISP. Fourth row: BROWN, LEWIS, EBERT, PEARSON. PACE 462 SAN ANTONIO CLUB Front rote: Coppel, Sawtelle, Camp, B. Smith. Nnrri-. Second row: Rowc, Clark, Carraway. Kno . Terry. Kaplan. Third row: RoberUon. Row, MrKenzie, Moeller, Murray, Moore, Tyler. Fourth rou: Mauermann, Mabrito, N. Bowen. Coughlin, White. Straughan, FrirrUon. Buchek. Fifth rote: Cram, J. Bowen, Prentiaa, Gunther, Kirkpatrick, Cosner, Nye. Brand, Alpert. Sixth rou: Bell, Gibson. Etheridge, H. Smith. Whitfield. Pur-ley, Landon, Brenan, Long, Williamson. Sttenth rou: Ward, Plath, Creamer, Lowrey, Hogan, Berry, T. Smith, Osbornc, Hoefgen, Ali-ky. OFFICERS President NANCY CAMP Vice-President CHARLOTTE SAWTELLE Secretary -Treasurer LEONARD HOEFCKN Serpetmt-at-.trms MARGARET MALERMANN Mary Oluey Alexander Marvin Ali ky Carolvn Judith Alpert Tom Battaile Mary Lou Bell Warren E. Bern Janelle Bowen Nancy Bowen Marilynn Brand Betty Brenan Lurille vonnc Bin lick Nancy Camp JoAnn Carraway Bern ice Clark Flora Lee Coppel Jacqueline Conner Joan Elizabeth Coughlin Jamil Crain Dick fllivcr reamer Ida Kp-fin Frances Etheridge Joan Bernice Friedson Florence Lucille Gibson Ruthabel Frances Gunther Leonard Hoefgen Thomas F. Hogan IIM Jenniii ' - I ' c fiy Jean Kaplan Mil.ln-dKelleher Lois kirkpatrick M.iigaret Ann Knox Gertrude Kone l.ydia Louise Landon J " i i l.iiui-e Long Mfrcil S. Lowrey Mary Jane McKenzie Elizabeth McLernon Ierril nn Mabrito Martha MacMurry Rol ert F. Mathi-w- Margaret Mauermann l!---rnary Melancon MEMBERS Gloria Moeller Helen Moore Mary Ellen Murray Frances Virginia Sorris Dorothy Nye Hoyle M. Osborne Dean Plath Elaine Eleanor Prentiss Joyce Pursley Joanne Robertson (-arolyn Row Beverly Rowe ! ' _ v Rucker Charlotte Sawtelle Bettv Gene Smith Hazel Frances Smith Thomas G. Smith Geraldine Straiighan Rnse Tern- Grant Thomas Jane Tullos Jean Tyler Peggy Joe White Frances Ullrich Charlotte Whitfield Joe Henry Ward, Jr. Winnie Lea Williams Jeanie Williamson SAN AVInMO CLUB was founded to bring together students from San Antonio and the surrounding area. Traditionally the club has a picnic and elects a San Antonio Rose. NANCY C: MP PACE 463 SIDNEY LMIEH LITERARY SDEIETY OFFICERS CAROL OKRENT President .... Vice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer CAROL OKRENT NANCY JOHNS BETTY Lou COURTNEY MARGARET MARY PICKERING MARTHA LEE SEEGER Sara Lee Armstrong Helen Melton Barnett Margaret Ann Bissell Patsy Ann Brown Helen Felice Bruchsaler Betty Jane Bruck Ann Patten Buchanan Margaret Montgomery Conrad Betty Lou Courtney Dorothy Dale Davis Mary Jo Duderstadt Marian Ehlers MEMBERS Jeanne Sybil Ewing Elnora Anne Farrell Alice Fusion Gloria Anne Gibson Idalee Golding Ruth Huffmaster Nancy Johns Lena Belle Koch Charlotte Rose Lee Virginia Florence Lee Mary Jo Looney Phyllis Olivia Luckenbach Ruth Elizabeth McFarland Mary Lee Nance Carol Okrent Margaret Mary Pickering Margaret Ann Plummer Enid Ruth Robinson Helen Jeanette Roddy Martha Lee Seeger Mary Louise Smith Margaret Ellen Stanley Mary Lou Sweeney Mariel Jacqueline Teague SIDNEY LANIER LITERARY SOCIETY, a local organization founded in 1900, strives to promote a helpful and pleasant association among girls. The requirements for membership are a " B " average and particularly outstanding work in English. Front row: RODDY, FUSTON, DAVIS, DUDERSTADT, BUCHANAN. Second row: TEAGUE, LOONEY, CONRAD, BRUSCHSALER. BRUCK, EWINC. Third row: SMITH, COURTNEY. SEEGER, OKRENT, JOHNS, LUCKENBACH. Fourth row: GIBSON, C. LEE, FARRELL, SWEENEY, BARNETT. PACE 464 SMILODON Fru rr: MORRISON. BLAINE. BLACKBURN. NEW. Scowl rmc: DONNELL. STANLEY. SEELY, BYFIELD. OFFICERS President . Secretary- Treasurer Reporter JI NE ELIZABETH BYFIELD LYLLIAN BLAINE JANE BRITE DLNKLE KATHERINE SEELEY Dorothy Apple Mary Gene Blackburn Lyllian Blaine June Elizabeth Byfield Glenn Collins MEMBERS Joyce Murrill Daniel Mary Elise Donnell Jane Brite Dunkle Gene Funkhauser P. Maurine Gaddy Ann Joyce Bern- McCarty Louise Morrison Phyllis New Katherine Seely Margaret Stanley THE SMILODON CLUB is composed of women geology major . It was organized in 1941 to bring about a closer fellowship between the women geologists and to develop their interests in geology. JUNE ELIZABETH BYFIELD i . . : ' SOCIETY OF WOMEN STUDENT ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer . Sponsor Advisors PEGGY CAVETT Nancy Lu Alexander Edith K. Balzer Mary Beth Baxter Thelma A. Bederman Sue Alice Blalock Gail Bradford Marilyn Broom M. Rebecca Brown Louie Ruth Calhoun Peggy Cavett Jo Ann Cunningham MEMBERS Catherine McBride D ' Arezzo Anna Perry Wood Dennison Jane Doane Phyllis Douglass Margaret Friend Ida Futch Shirley Gallagher Imogene Gilpin Mary Rae Hirth Margaret Kelly Babette Klaus ' Marguerite Kluge Patricia Lang Laura Lawler Mary Macaulay Elaine Marek Jean McFarlin Virginia Metzger Gloria Miner Josephine A. Morgan Concepcion Pangtay Olalla Pangtay PEGGY CAVETT BETTY JANE TAYLOR JEAN MCFARLIN GAIL BRADFORD SARAH HARLAN W. R. WOOLRI CH C. E. ROWE E. C. H. BANTEL Betty Jo Patton Margaret Phillips Libbie Polsky Ona Self Ruth Silor Sue Cheek Smith Velma Stewart Betty Jane Taylor Edna Vinson Frances Wade Lucy Wilson THE SOCIETY OF WOMEN STUDENT ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS was founded on The University of Texas campus. It is a national service organization limited to women in the College of Engineering. Front row: CALHOUN. BALZER. HIRTH MORGAN. BROWN. Second row: ALEXANDER. WILSON. BRADFORD. DOANE, BROOM, METZGER. Third row: SMITH. KELLY, FRIEND. McFARLIN, KLUGE, WADE, LAWLER. Fourth row: PATTON. CAVETT. PACE 466 SOUTHEAST TEXAS CLUB Fumt mr: Braa oa. S.itzrr. Graham. Englith. PUmmer. N. McNeill, F. MeNeill. Sterling. Viughan. Bellar. Srro J ran: Green. agDer. Markt. M. MrCee, Wooaek. Boynton. Laoer. Gunn. C. Bowers. Robert. Thompson. Tkird roar: Steiaman. Childre . Thome. Harvey. MOOR. K. Brovarigg, S. Smith. Flournoy. Harris. Faber. Walker. Cla. Ftmrtk rar.- B. Stewart. hile. Reid. M. Bower . Feme. M. Miller. Morri . M. Brovnrigg. Macebek. Howeil. Du Perier. J.rkson. Braadaa. f. ' li r Nr: Hurork. Elli. hitoo. Livcuy. H. Smith. Braadborst. Chaare. Young. Montgomery. F. Br.ndi. E. Brand.. J. Miller. Battion. Scot rttc: Hollintorth. Caner. Hofam. Winter. Barken. Cordon. Cato, Blncber. Creeupan. OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter . Social Chairmen ARTHUR GREENSPAN MARY ANN GLASS VIRGINIA THORNE CECIL WINTER GLADYS BARRILEACX J HARRY E. GARNER GAY BROWN MEMBERS ' Clad., Barrileau - - Mary EJixmbetli Bellar ' Betty duldret Uonptkf Saw Catmmm I Blur her OllieBoger i : Gloria Bower. Marjorie Bower. .. ' Eldon Bnama Flo.dBraada Zoe Braadaa Charle Collet Jay C. Crager EleaaorDaT Clare e K. DeBuk Gloria Drake Betty Jo DvPerier Bauer Edward. ; - Errlyi, AM ] Marie Brook. Cay Bran KatWriaK Bromift TillU. J. Barken Charle. Bler Ce -Byrd Bill Carroll R W Carte, Richard Catn Daniel A. Ckace Ceorge Elti. Helen Ealidl Beverly Faber Bererli Fergumi ]ea Anne Ferri. Mary Belle Flonntoy Brnita Fontana Janme Franklin John Cambrell Harry E. Gamer Mary Am Gla Forhe Cordoa Carolyn Graham Laura Lee Green Marpe Hafpaair John Butler Hanrork m ilma Harle Betty Mark. Carla Hani. Marie Ma-hek Eielyn Joyce Harvey BryreMeagher Joe Hodge, Jerry M. Miller Don L. Hogan Mareia Miller illiam Holland Jamei Moll Robert E. Hollucnronh M. Anita Mo.tgon.eiy Miwy Hoell A. D. Moore. Jr. Si eHoell Dorothy Moore Gloria Jaeluaa Eugene Murrah JoAue I e. M.nhaNee Gerry Kempe Guy Nunneliy Betty Klein Manorie O Madigan Mary Kyle Harri. Parkhjll Carl Laato. Charione Planner Pauline Loui)-r Lauer Olive R nkin Shirley Leberman Shirley Reid Loi Lefko-Ay Lavilla C. Rigney Loane Lnrtorh Marie Rohert alive B. Lively Edin Rohinrai Tonmniy LoKbardo lef R ell Ellene Lntteman Keith Rutledge Ann MrCanley Errol Schriever Rorine McF.ddin One Sollart Marilya McCee Helen Smith ShirleT MeCee Sidne. Lee Smith Fruee. Ann MrNeill Viri.n Steinman Nina MeNeill - ,ILnc BohMakin. Bill SteveaMB Billie Marie Stevart Mary Jeaa Stewart Sue S ier Jarae Tippett . John Tiptoa Mary Jane Tawaajaa Virginia Tborae Nora Mae Vanchaa ' . - Virgiaia 1 a, Beny Walker Ida Lee White Albert Whitoa Cooke Wiloa Martha WOaa Cecil inter Je ie Womack Fraak Wright i N. Young THE SOUTHEAST TEXAS CLUB was founded in 1937 from a rombination of the Beaumont dub and the Port Arthur Club. The club sponsor? a scholarship revering the registration fees to a graduate of the Lunar Junior College of Beaumont, ARTHUR GREENSPAN Pace 467 TOMMY P. WHITEHEAD SPHINX OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Sergeant-at-Arms Sergio A. Acosta Jose E. Garza Edward B. Glass Van Dorn Hooker MEMBERS Victor G. Probst John F. Ring Herbert H. Ulbricht Andrew A. Weatherford Tommy P. Whitehead TOMMY P. WHITEHEAD LACEY R. WHITTEN EDWARD B. GLASS WARREN A. WILLHOITE Lacey R. Whitten Walter E. Wilde Warren A. Willhoite Allen R. Williams SPHINX was founded on January 3, 1930, to promote interest in the architectural profession and to encourage academic and social activi- ties in this department. Members are chosen for their academic achievements, character, and interest. Left to right: WILLHOITE, WEATHERFORD, ULBRICHT, PROBST, WILDE, GLASS, WHITEHEAD. PACE 468 STEPHENS ALUMNAE CLUB SHELDON. TERRY. BRATTON. PHILLIPS. GOLDBERG. : RfCEL, CLIFT. JOHNS. VICKERS, MONTGOMERY, BRETZ. Tkird rax: PERKINS. WALTERS. SOMMERS. Bt ' CHANAN. WEAVER. Fomrth rax: Pl ' RSLEY. McCRICHT. CRAMBLINC. W HITTENBURC. OFFICERS President PEGGY MONTGOMERY First V ' ice-President JEAXXETTE CLIFT Second Vice-President URSULA JOHNS Secretary-Treasurer BARBARA BRETZ Reporter GRACE GORDON Carroll Beaver Beverly Bolton Elizabeth Bratton Barbara Joan Bretz Mary Lea Buchanan Jane Chinn Jeannette Clift Mary Cone Patricia Connor Amelietta Cooper Patsy Craig Lois Du Bose Jean Echenroth Frances Firing Sonia Farb Doris Fitzgerald Ruth Francis Natalie Goldberg Grace Gordon Marian Gouldin Patricia Grambling Marjorie Hare ilma Kay Hoefs Ursula Johns Mary Lee Johnson Mary Kopecky Man Kyle Jean McCright Barbara McEwen Marv Jane McKenzie MEMBERS Marilyn Mabrito Peggy Montgomery Patricia Ann Nicklow Patricia Parker Joyce Pegram Dorothy Perkins La von Phillips Joyce Pursley Ellen Lee Robinson Mary Jane Rugel Susan Sailor Helen Sheldon Sarah Ann Sherrill Ruth Sommer Anne Summer- Rose Terry Elizabeth Vickers Caroline Walters Betty Waters Evelyn eaver Charlotte Whitfield Margaret Whittenburg Bettv Winton THE STEPHENS ALl ' MN K I.I R .. a social organization composed of those girls who arc former students of Stephen.- in Missouri. PEGGY MONTGOMERY STUDENT COMMITTEE FDR DEFENSE OF THE UNIVERSITY Robert Lee Bradley Don Brown James Hanson Evans John Kirby Ewing Charles A. Murphy, Jr. Fred Ossanna Front row: EVANS, BROWN. OSSANNA. Second row: EWING, MURPHY. Thirc row: BRADLEY. EX-TAHLETON CLUB Fromt n : HE SARLI C, PERLSTEIN. BOTHE. TEDDLIE. HOLFOKO. SecmmJ r ..- ULBBICHT. BHOADES. DRTOtV CGODCAME. Tkird rr: mi M. SNODCRASS. ROGERS. DA-MEL. FERCESOX. OFFICERS President BAHBAB.% GOODCAME V ice-President DONALD WINX Secretary MILDRED HEXSARLIXC Treasurer DOROTHY DAVIS Reporter CURTIS DAM EL MEMBERS Brian Austin Martha Braunis Billye Brazil Billy Bunting Wood Butler Mary Close Man Dacu Margaret Danforth Curtis Daniel Dorothy Uavj Pesgy Dickson Marjory Dryden John Fergeson Mary Ferguson Barbara Goodgame Mildred Hensarling Carolyn Holford Lavera Johnson Jack Martin Polly McDaniel Doris Perlstein Wayne Price Lois Rhoades Ouida Risinger Charles Rogers Barbara Rothe Sybil Schmidt Cecil Snodgrass Lena Belle Steffey Dorothv Teddlie Betty Tibbs Janel Ulbricht Donald Winn Jack Woolen THE EX-TARLETON CLUB w founded on this campus en Mairh 12. 1945, to bring about fellowship between the former rtudmt ' of Tarlrton Junior College. BARBARA GOODCAME 471 MOUZON LAW Wenda Allen Billy Atchley Jeannette Blocker Virginia Brown Rudell Burkett Emma Eugenia Carroll Olive Mae Chastain Andrew Christos Frances Clayton Roger Conway Ellen Cook Virginia Covington TEXAHKAM CLUB OFFICERS President. MOUZON LAW V ice-President ELLEN COOK Secretary ALICE GRAVES Treasurer . - BETTYE HARGETT Reporter AUDREY POULOS MEMBERS Richard Dale Wallace Davis Charles Dixon Faye Faulkinbury Jack Fricks Alice Graves Bettye Hargett Annie Jean Henry Ross P. Hoffman Dorothy Jeanne Jennings Watson Kennington Joe Kennington Gerald Latimer Mouzon Law Joann McCall Mary Emma McLain Wanda Jean Momon Claudine Moore Marieta Moore Troy Morris, Jr. Gunther Paulien John Platz Jack Porterfield Audrey Poulos Sam Ragland John H. Reagan Jerry Robinson Robert Snook George Thomas Betty Watson Emma Jean White Jim Bob White Sophie Anne White Jimmie Sue Wilson Evelyn Zimmerman THE TEXARKANA CLUB is a social organization to bring together the students from Texarkana. Front row: BLOCKER. SNOOK, GRAVES, POULOS. Second row: McCALL, McLAIN, COVINGTON, HENRY, BURKETT. Third row: LAW, CARROLL, C. MOORE, HARGETT, JENNINGS, BROWN. Fourth row: PLATZ, MOMON, M. MOORE, COOK, FAULKINBURY, WATSON, LATIMER. Fifth row: PORTERFIELD, DAVIS, RAGLAND, CHRISTOS, HOFFMAN, REAGAN, J. WHITE. PACE 472 TYLER CLUB Front row: WYNNE. MOORE, BAXTER. FLORENCE. BYARS. CLASS. FIECEL. CENECOV, MARKER. McMILLAN. Second rou: BCNN. DtMONTROND, PAYNE. MARTIN. SCRUGGS. WILLIAMS. SAUMS. McML ' RKEY. SHAMBURCER, MULL1NS, KORKMAS. Third row: SCOTT. KITTRELL. BLRK. HAYNES. BUNDY. BIRD ELL, FABER. CLARK, ROBERTS, GOOD, FITZHUCH. McDONALD. fouith row: MILLER. BL ' RLESON, LOFTIS. PIRTLE. HENDERSON. R. ALLEN. EDELMAN. ABRAHAM. DEMMER. OFFICERS President ROBERT S. ABRAHAM V ice-President . . " . JOSEPH ROBERTS Secretary Jo ALICE WYNNE Treasurer . . JEREE BONN MEMBERS Robert S. Abraham Nell Allen Richard Allen Bt-tty Jo Baxter (it-nrpi- Birdwell Farland Bundy .Irri Bunn Sam Byran Burke Robert Burleson Jn Ann Byars Gjurtney Clark Landon Cuiry Edward Joe Demmer I.OH DeMontrond Raymond Edelman Floyd Elliott John Falier Carol Fiegel Carol Fitzhugh (.u -ie Jean Florence Maurine Genecov Barbara Class I ' at-y Goff Ralph L. Good, Jr. Donald Guinn Sidney Haynes Robert Henderson Beth Hunter B.-tlv E. Kiltrell Frederick Korkmas June Jett William Lawrence Harry Loftis Waunelle McDonald Mar - Kay McMillan Anne McMurrey Virginia Lee Mabry Marri Lynne Marker Georgia Martin Claud E. Miller Cherry Ann Moore Nadine Mullins Peggy Payne Sarah Phillips Bill Pirtle Abe Pounds Joseph J. Roberts Rosemary Saums Paul Bertrand Scott Bettie Scruggs Peggy Shamburger Margaret Simpson Shirley Simons Watson Simons Robert Sternburger Alton Williams Maryanne Woodward Jo Alice Wynne THE TYLER CLUB, which was founded on November 14, 1945, is a social organization composed of the student from Tyler. One business meeting and one dutch treat supper are held each month. ROBERT S. ABRAHAM Ptci 473 UNIVERSITY BAH ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary WARNER F. BROCK JAMES EGAN CAROL M. KILPATRICK GRADUATE William M. Williams James R. Alexander James K. Allen James Anderson Branch T. Archer Warner F. Brock Arthur Donald Brown David H. Brown John Houghton Brownlee William R. Bryant George D. Byfield Thomas E. Davenport SENIORS Eldon M. Durr William F. Fritz Andres C. Gonzalez Mary M. Gunter Chalmers Hudspeth Charles T. Hvass Benjamin M. May- George H. Moore Starling T. Morris Charles A. Murphy Joseph M. Nuessle Lloyd W. Westerlage Noble W. Prentice Paul C. Ragsdale Ben N. Ramey Jack Ritchie John Clarke Roberts Joseph E. Roehl Charles L. Short James R. Sloan Bryce A. Taylor Rufus Lee Templeton 0. G. Wellborn Top raw: HVASS, ALEXANDER. BRYANT. FRITZ. GUNTKR, A. BROWN. SHORT, WESTERLAGE, BROCK. Second raw: BROWNLEE. MOORE, ALLEN, TEMPLETON, BYFIELD, TAYLOR, DAVENPORT, ARCHER, MAY. Third row: HUDSPETH, MORRIS, D. BROWN. MURPHY, ROEHL, RITCHIE, PRENTICE, NUESSLE, SLOAN. PACE 474 UNIVERSITY BAH ASSOCIATION SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President . I ice-President . JAMES SLOAN MARY M. GLNTER JAMES SLOAN MARY M. CfNTER JUNIORS Edward S. Atkinson John William Bartram Newell H. Blakely Walter T. Caven Charles L. Cavness Jack M. Clemer Gerald L. Correll James C. Davies William B. Dean James Egan John A. Embry Melvin F. Fincke Leon E. Frazier Hulon C. Hall Dale W. Harbin William C. Harvin Mary E. Heinatz Brenner Kaye Holloman Wilfred E. Hunnicutt Terry Lee Jacks Orrin W. Johnson Preston E. Johnson Luther E. Keeney Joe M. Kilgore Carol M. Kilpatrick Clyde Evans Love Clinton E. McVey Sheffy Mahan Herbert C. Manning Morgan Xesbitt Samuel L. Oakleaf Fred Ossana Connor X . Patman Jack Ross Pool William N. Powers Oscar S. Rogers Robert C. Sneed Robert W. Spence Meyer C. Wagner Ew ing S. J atson ft Oi Tor " DEAN. CAVEN. CLEMER. ROGERS. WAGNER. POOL. ATKINSON. MANNING. SrconJ rox: HDLI.OXUN. KILGORE. EGAN. EMBRY. KILPATRICK. BLAKELY. HL ' NNICUTT, HARBIN. Third row: DAVIES. BARTRAM. FINCKE. HEINATZ. JOHNSON, HARVIN, SNEED. PACE 475 UNIVERSITY BAR ASSOCIATION FIRST YEAR LAW Frederick Sherwood Abney Henry G. Andrews Richard G. Avent William E. Baker Billy B. Barber Barbara Baltes Warren W. Berzett Clayton Blakeway Owen Wilson Blum William N. Bonner Ann Bozka Thomas Marvin Britton George E. Brewer Earnest H. Brown William E. Brown Dexter H. Buchanan Robert P. Bush Robert H. Caldwell Mary Joe Carroll Joyce C. Clegg Adrian A. Davis Joe F. Day John R. DeWitt William N. Dorsett Glenn R. Doughty John Kirby Ewing Charles L. Felts William Fernandez Billy C. Frost John H. Fugate James D. Gamble Lawrence E. Gilbert Louis Goldf aden Durward Mason Goolsby Jack W. Gray Walter Lee Gray Jack Y. Hardee Jesse G. Hernandez Morton Hoerster George Milton Hopkins Taylor E. Huff John Clifton Hyatt Kenneth Irwin William Joe Jackson William S. Jameson Joseph A. Janeke Jake B. Jarmon Annie Lee Johnson Owen Kenneth Johnson Curtis H. Judge Ike K. Killingsworth Theodore R. Kirchheimer Walter Glenn Lagerquist John Lawrence Lavretta Raymond V. Lesikar William Litchfield mmmAm Top row: PESEK, BERZETT, HOPKINS, MONTEITH, NIEMANN. A. JOHNSON, LAVRETTA, SASSEEN, GOLDFADEN. Second row: BARBER, RENNER, JACKSON, BOZKA, GRAY, C. WOLFE, S. WOLFE, WHITTINGTON, BAKER. Third row: FUGATE, JAMESON, McELROY, KILLINGSWORTH, LAGERQUIST, CLEGG, McCARTHY, DAVIS. LITCH FIELD. Fourth row: WILLS, HYATT, HERNANDEZ, DAY, FERNANDEZ, HOERSTER, McCLAIN, PEARSON, O. JOHNSON. PACE 476 UNIVERSITY BAR ASSOCIATION FIRST YEAR LAW Stanley Todd Lowry Jack W. McAninch William M. McCarthy Charles S. McClain Frank A. McCracken Howard D. McElroy Weldon Mallette Paul B. Miller Edgar W. Monteith James W. Montgomery E. E. Murphy Frank M. Newton Fred A. Niemann Manro T. Oberwetter William F. O ' Connell James Pearson Edwin J. Pesek Herman D. Price Milton Pyndus Raymond Renner Rudolph G. Rice William G. Richards Tom L. Robinson Ernest L. Sample Robert V Thalia Sasseen Thomas H. Sharp Robert A. Shepherd Julius E. Slover Clarence W. Smith Earl Wesley Smith Natalie L. Smith William C. Snow Jimmy G. Souris Edward B. Stewart Ray L. Stokes Kenneth A. Swanson Yarber Kerns B. Taylor Joe F. Turpen James M. Umstattd Harry Vine Donald Arthur Wehmeyer Richard C. Whittington William C. Williamson Bill B. Wills Chester L. Wolfe Sam Dante Wolfe Warren G. Woodward William C. Wright Top roic: BLAKEWAY. DOUGHTY. GILBERT, J. CRAY. UMSTATTD. ABNEY. HARDEE. BRITTON. W. BROWN. Second ro : CALDWELL. EW1NG. LOWRY. TAYLOR. NEWTON. VINE. BLUM. AVENT. JARMON. Third row: JUDGE. PYNDUS. SHARP. Tl ' RPEN. RICHARDS. MURPHY. KIRCHHEIMER, FROST. COOLSBY. Fourth rox: YARBER. WILLIAMSON. BREWER. BUSH. IRWIN. SWANSON. SAMPLE. SLOVER. RICE. PACK 477 ALICE FAYE KITLEY W. I. C. A. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary 1 reasurer Reporter Historian M ember s-at- Large Faculty Sponsor . Intramural Managers Social Chairmen . Community Project Chairman Publicity Chairman . Membership Chairman ALICE FAYE KITLEY EDITH RYDELL IRIS MAE CAMPBELL SALLY HAFNER MILDRED FROMME SUE MOORE i JEAN RATLIFF AGNES KOLOS PRISCILLA CHASE DOROTHY LOUISE GEBAUER COUNCIL MEMBERS i ROSALIE MATLOCK -. DOROTHY TETI.EY f MELBA Cox MARY MARGARET GROGAN | KATIE MONKHOUSE OLA ANN DIERLAM PATRICIA WILLSON MARJORIE DARILEK THE WOMEN ' S INDEPENDENT CAMPUS ASSOCIATION was established at the University to unite the women on the campus who are not members of social sororities. Front row: TETLEY. BYDEI.I.. CAMPBELL. KATLIFF. Second row: MONKHOUSE, CHASE, HAFNER. GROGAN, MATLOCK. Third row: KOLOS, WILLSON, KITLEY, DIERLAM, DARILEK. PACE 478 WEST TEXAS ELUB front row: Bill . Stewart. M. Weaver. Murphy. A. Smith. Pulley, Rice. Srcund rate: Howell, Bray. Grumble . Fluttf. Wehner. Minton. Eckrrt. Third row: York. Lamb. Sevrell. Green. Le-lie. Ktith. B. Budge. Woodrum. Fourth row: W. Budfje. S. William . Terrell. Hall. Croezingrr. Potter. B. Williams, Philli;-. fifth rote: V L. Pierce. N. M. Pierce. J. Smith. J. HarrU. DellU. at-on. Starr. Albert. Sixth row: Thompson. Adams. Chandler. Gilbert. R. Weaver, Rentier, Hazel. Barnard. SerenrA row: Stephen . Thurman. Thorne. Btount. Callan. OFFICERS ( ' resident . I .- President Secretary- . Treasurer E. E. MLRPHY ROSEMARIE BRADBIRY BETH JOANNE RICE RAY REVNER Winifred Adam- Helen Alben Deena Anderson Allen Barnard Mary Batt- RalphE. Blount.Jr. Rosemarie Bradbury Mar - Fern Bray Bob Burk Betty Budge Wanda Jean Budge Sam W. (.allan Dorothy Helen Chandler Joe Brure Cunningham Woodward IVIIi- Nt-dra Durden Carolyn Erkert Era Fluitt Lanvil Gilbert Mi v ( " .firiion Georpe Graham Duri- Oeen Ruth A. Groezinger Reberca Ann Grumbles Ann Harri- John Scott Harris Jack Hazel Sal Hall Travis Henderson Georgia M. Howell Mela Mire Keith Betty Jo Lamb . i home Lawrenre Jeune Leslie Beth Lindsay Barbara Maddux Van Ray Martin Dell Massev I.oui- - Lee Meitzen H-rb Me er Mar " Jo Minton E. FL Murphy MEMBERS Mary Earle Phillips Nil kie Mae Pierre Norma Lee Pierce Charles Pittard Bonnie Potter .Shirley Pulley Ray Renner Beth Joanne Rii-e Mary Ruble Yirpie Sewell Osrar Shearer Annette Smith Harris Smith Dick Stan- James Stephen- Sylvia Stewart Lou Terrell Homer Truett Thompson Lawrence Thorne Joe Thurman Ray Walker Dorothy Watson Mary Lou Weaver R. H. Weaver Gail Wehner Betty Williams Sarah Alice Williams Jean Woodrum Wvnell York THE WEST TEXAS CLUB plan- danres. -o ial-. and leiture for it- meml er-. and unites the -tudent- from that part of the state. E. E. MURPHY 47 WICHITA FALLS CLUB ANN MYERS John Barnard Georgia Barnes Ruth Berry- Betty Berryhill Stayton Bonner Lecristha Blandin Jackie Blandin Dorothy Jo Brown H. W. Bryans Mary Lea Buchanan Frances Ann Beaton Anne Egdorf Joe Fulcher OFFICERS President Vice-President Treasurer Social Chairman Reporter ANN MYERS MARY Jo MORGAN BILL THACKER DON PIERCE MARJORIE TREVATHAN MEMBERS Ben Gould Mary Margaret Grogan Eloise Hall Dick Harris Helen Hartt Nancy Huff Kent Humphrey Jirnmi Jean Jenkins Bennie Jo Jones George R. Keith Betty Land Bill Litchfield Barbara Lockhart Mattilyn Lovelace Judith B. McClatchy Betty Maneely Marian Miller James Irl Montgomery Evelyn Moore Larry Moore Mary Jo Morgan Ann Myers Ann Oden Betty Lou Petty Don Pierce Wylene Price Bob Puckett Stanley Reynolds Sue Roling Sarah Rugeley Ruby Nell Russell Billy M. Sims Bill Smith Sue Stilley B. Lee Stringer William M. Thacker Sue Ann Thomas Sue Tipps Marjorie Trevathan Barbara Wheeler Lallande Witherspoon THE WICHITA FALLS CLUB was established as a social organization to bring the students from Wichita and the surrounding area together. " . Front row: SIMS, BERRY, DEATON, MYERS, BERRYHILL, ODEN, TIPPS, KEITH. Second row: THACKER, BROWN, THOMAS, WHEELER, BARNES, STILLEY, JONES, TREVATHAN, HUMPHREY. Third row: BARNARD, BUCHANAN, HARTT, MILLER, J. BLANDIN, MOORE, GROGAN. ROLING, GOULD. Fourth row: PIERCE, McCLATCHY, LOVELACE, EGDORF, L. BLANDIN, LOCKHART, HUFF, LAND, MONTGOMERY. PiCE480 YANKEE CLUB Front row: Coppel, Harrison, Faulkner, Overbaugh, Kaufsky. Second rote: Morse, De Lagrave, Gumming . Sinclair, Ilarde, Tones, Third row: Clover. Stewart. Miller. Paterson. MrDonell. Huarte, Sayble. Fourth row: Smolkorich. Andereoo, Rice. Phelps, Brand. Burneson. C. Brock, Roberts. Fifth row: Lubash. Mehl. Hickok. Hendrickson, Ball. Lovleu. Criffee, Pfrommer. Odell. Sixth row: Cad. Boslick. Leach. Embry. Shannon, Taylor, Kane, Magnuson, Jensen, Koch. Srrrnth row: Slabe. Beveridge. Jones. Barker. Bertok, Haskins. Lee, Thomas, Brown. Lucas. Plourd. Eighth row: Cerutti, Ahlgren. Mollman. Barnes, Oreras, D. Nelson. Wollam, Powell. L. Nelson, Hollingsworth, T. G. Smith, Walt. Mnlh row: Comstock. McCarthy. Tollier, T. Smith. Dobles. Kreycik, Dippel. Maxwell, Corad. Kotterman. Malvin. Langncr. Harsin. OFFICERS President . JAMES KOCH Vice-President CAROLYN BROCK Secretary . .... MARY BALL Treasurer . . WARREN MEHL Leonard Ahlgren M. JOT Anderson Ralph L. A.crv M.ry Ball I.. Vsnce Barker Pul Brn -. Nelson I. Beck Robert Bennett George Benz Nirholas Bertok John H. Beveridge Peggy Bissell Cnlrer Bostick Marilynn Brand Bettie BnuHoa Carolyn Brock Roasell Brock Mary Alice Brow George Bruffey Jerome Bnchsbaum Pat Burneson Carl Bnscemi Edward Capps Howard Carlson Edwin Cerutti Thomas Chamberlain Joan Cohen John Cohen Rozane Cohen Fred Comstock Leon Copeland Flora Coppel David Coiad Jo Anne Gumming Jack Deal Earl Deets Wilmar Degenhardt Adam Deines YvMte De Lagrave John Dippel Robert Dobles Robert Dye Thomas Eichelburger James Embry Pat Faulkner Elizabeth Felt Bob Fleichli Ralph Fulton Mrlvin Cad Leroy Ceist Joel Cershman Florence Clover Les Criffee G. W. Harley MEMBERS Betty Harrison Duane Han ID J. Richard Haskins Audrey Hf ndrick-on Charles Hickok LaMar Hilton Gerald Hinderer Tom Hotlinpsworth Robert Horneyer Jackson Howard Frances Huarte Mary Catherine Ilarde Hal Jen en Arthur Jewel Don John won Richard Jone Marian Kane Jack Keck Richard Keenan Libby Kennedy James Koch Milton Kocfeld Cletu Kotterman Joseph Kreycik Lee Kruniark Cynthia Kaufnky Charles Langner Lillian Leach Warren LeBaron Marvin Lee Janet Lovless Lorraine Lubash Robert L. Lucas Bill McCarthy Mary McDonell Mickey Mclnnis Eugene Magnuson David Malt in Charles Maxwell Warren Mehl Inez Miller Waller Mollman Jackie Morse Don Ninnrn Donold p. Nelson Elmer Nelson Louis Nelson Mary Noto Roger Odell Arthur Overas Carol Overbaugh Kslherine Paterson Tom-Parlak James Pfroramer Rae Phelps Medrick Plourd Donald Powell Charles Reedstrom Roberta Rice Shirley Roberts Diana Sayble Kenneth Shannon Richard Siegfried Ruth Sinclair William Slabe Terry Smith Thomas Smith Joe Smolkovich Mary Claire Stewart Charles Swenson Shirley Taylor U ' tlliam J. Thomas Warren Thurgoxxl Donald Tol liver Marguerite Tone Jam- t ' rbanek Andrew Vlasman mitlUm Walt Merlin Whalen James Wil liams Don Wolf Walter Wollam The YANKEE CLUB was organized on this rampus for the first time on October 25, 1945. Throughout the year it has many social events such as dances, parties, picnics, hayrides, a Yankee Day, and banquets. PACE 481 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION CABINET MEMBERS ROBERT BRUCE LOVE President Devotional Vice-President . B. T. U. Representative Fellowship Chairman . Missions Chairman Ex-Student Correspondent . Personnel Vice-President . Enlistment Vice-President . Publicity Chairman B. S. U. Magazine Representative Social Chairman .... Music Chairman .... Public Relations Representative 40-Acre Editor ROBERT BRUCE LOVE HUGH McMuRRAiN HELEN CHAPMAN DONNA CLARK LAURA LAWLER MARY EVANS MARK BOESSER SHIRLEY LOVELESS ELVIN EBERHART BILL STOKES GRACE PAYTON BARBARA BOND FORD JOHNSON ROBERTA WILDER The first BAPTIST STUDENT UNION in Texas was organized at the University in 1919. Activities planned or sporsored during the year include a monthly social function, extension work, supervision of Sunday School, B. S. U. players, morning watch, Youth Fellowship. All Youth Banquet, Singspiration, and L. 0. A. W. Banquet. e Walter, Louis Burton, David Aston, Betty Ann Walker, Betty Jo Love eard, Loraine Campbell, Dorothy Dyer, Evelyn Kilpatrick, Edyth PACE 482 CANTERBURY CLUB raw rax: RUSSELL. OVEBBAl ' GH. DRANE. ELMS. KING. BAILEY. SramJ n r: RICE. BACKEXSTOE. BLXK. McKIVSTRY. WINSTON. AVES. RIDOl ' T. Tkit rr: CRITES. PRE.VTISS. DANFORTH. HENDRICKSON Rl ' MSE. ROSS. Fovtti ,om: ZOl ' RNAS. MYERS. HARTE. ROGERS. DODSON. NEWLAND, BALI- OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer Reporter . RUSSELL C. TODD JUDY GASTON PAL LINE RUSSELL MURIEL KING SHIRLEY ANN MADRA AnnabeUe Armstrong Miller Armstrong Prisrilla Aves Dorothy Barkenstoe Barbara Bailey Man, Ball Yonciel Barker Frances Boatripht Bonnie Bland Lucille Buchek Man, Elizabeth Buck Frances anfield Bertha Clayton Donald Cri ' tes. Jr. Diane Danforth Carolyn Davis Mary Lou Davis . Mile- A. Delaney Thomas Dodson William Douglas Gloria Drake Louisa Catherine Drane N irginia Dyer Betty Jane Elms Florene Emery Clementine Faseler Nancy Field Betty Fowler Barbara Lee Fox Judy Caston David M. Greathouse Marylou Hall Man- Hamill Joseph Harte Betty Hedepaard Audrey Hendrickson Dorothy Lee Hill Muriel King Ray Lee. Jr. Virginia Lee William Lott Janet Loveless MEMBERS Phyllis Luckenbach David McBride Harriette McKinstry Shirley Ann Madra Glenn Marken Frankie Matthews Jeanne Mehner Cecil Jane Meredith Frank Merrill Beverly Myers William Nail Jane Newland Maie Lee Ng Carol E. CKerbauph Jo Peebles Margaret Pickering Elaine Prentiss Beth Joanne Rice Faith Ridout nn Rieck Charles Roberts Helen Roddy Judy Rogers Martha J. Ross Ruth Ann Rumse Pauline Russell Robbie Scruggs Russell C, Todd Robert Treadwell Jean Tyler Vanita Van Landingham Margaret Wi llard Florence Winston George W. Woodward, Jr. George Zournas THE EPISCOPAL STUDENT organization of The University of Texas was called " Sunday Club " from 1910 until 1935 when it became one of the first chapters of the National Association of CANTERBURY It B- RISSELL C TODD Pct 4 3 HOWARD KLEIN GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS President HOWARD KLEIN V ice-President CATHRYN SWAUSCH Secretary HELEN THORESEN Treasurer ROBERT LUCAS Social Chairman MARGARET ZOCH Pastorial Advisor REV. A. F. JESSE MEMBERS Arthur Arndt Wilmar Degenhardt Fletcher Donaldson Lillian Eimann Bernice Ern Elmo Felfe Lois Fenske Robert Fleischli Mildred Fromme Ellen Gerlach Doris Hoelscher Doris Holtzen Mildred Kieschnick Howard Klein Robert Lucas Jerry Miller Selma Mitchell Mildred Obermiller Paul Ohls Beverly Potthoff George Rampt Adele Schneider Arthur Schroeder Fred A. Steger Rose Marie Stenson Cathryn Swausch Helen Thoresen Marjorie Wolf Lois Zabel Margaret Zoch GAMMA DELTA, which was founded on this campus in 1934, is an organization made up of Lutheran students and ex-students of the University. Meetings are held monthly, and activities include monthly socials and educational features. Front row: EIMANN, ZOCH, KIESCHNICK, DEGENHARDT, STENSON, SCHNEIDER, THORESEN. Second row: ERN, HOEFSCHER, SWAUSCH, ZABEL, OBERMILLER. FROMME, POTTHOFF, GERLACH. Third row: MILLER, KLEIN, LUCAS, SCHROEDER, ARNDT, RAMPT, DONALDSON. PACE 484 HILLEL FOUNDATION Front rmc: LEVY. RACHOFSKY, KARCHMEK. KLEIN. CREVSKY. PALMER. Second row: CERICK. ALEXANDER. COHEN. TODES. RUDAVSKY. FINKELSTEIN. PRAGER. HARRIS. OFFICERS President PHILIP KLEIN Vice-President NORMA KARCHMER Secretary MARILYN RACHOFSKY Historian SHIRLEY GREVSKY Advisor D.B.KLEIN Director RABBI JOSEPH RUDAVSKY James Alexander Henry Cohen Jack Finkelstein Judith Gerick Louis Goldfaden COUNCIL MEMBERS Shirley Grevsky Annette Harris Norma Karchmer Philip Klein Naomi Levinson Melanie Levy Jacqueline Lissauer Jaqueline Nelson Isabel Palmer Morton Prager Marilyn Rachofsky Jay Todes B ' NAI B ' RITH HILLEL FOUNDATION on the University rampus is one of the hundred and twelve Hillel Foundations now functioning on College and University campu --. Hillel seeks to provide a place where Jewish students ran meet soi-ially: to encourage in the Jewish student body a heightened appreciation of Jewish culture: to cooperate in the inter-faith program of the University as well as to work independently for a better understanding among all other religious and racial groups: and to stimulate a love of democratic principles for intelligent participation in American life. PHILIP KLEIN !.,. INTEH-VAHSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS President MARY ELLA WHITE V ice-President GLEN ZUMWALT Secretary-Treasurer . . . " JUNE JENKINS Missions Secretary . . . JEANETTE McBRiDE Advisor . FREDERICK EBY MEMBERS Bill Andrews Elaine Austin Angie Mae Bear Stanley Block Delores Bretzke David Christensen Geral Cocreham Marie Cox Ola Ann Dierlam Frederick Eby Alpha Elam Thomas W. Eichelberger Mildred Ekdahl Anabel Ellis Wilfred Friesen J. L. Griffin, Jr. Molly Mae James June Jenkins Howard Long Mattilyn Pete Lovelace Shirley Loveless Jeanette McBride Tom McCul lough Roderick McLennan Hugh McMurrain Johnny Malm Winona Moorhead Pauline O ' Neal Donald Powell Imogene Smyers X illiam S. Strange John Taylor Flora Jean are Dorothy Jane K att Mary Ella White Coyle X illiams Cecil W. Wilson Glen Zumwalt THE INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP is an interdenominational campus student organization which offers a balanced program of activities with a Christian emphasis. Included in the program are socials, discussions, weekly Bible study, daily prayer services, services of inspiration, week-end retreats, and other interesting activities. Front row: McBRIDE, JAMES. LOVELESS, WHITE. ZUMWALT, O ' NEAL. Second row: McMURRAIN, WILSON, MALM, JENKINS, ELAM, BRETZKE, ELLIS. Third row: McLENNAN, WILLIAMS, BLOCK, LOVELACE, DIERLAM, COX. PACE 486 LUTHERAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Frmu no,: NElHArs. SIAIN. BOHN. LETTERMAVN. EIMANN. D. PFLL ' CER. WENDT. SrcMul TO,: STROM. CREENYOOD, RANCNOT. KL ' HN. McBRIDE. CING, E. PFUJCER, MOORE. Tkui rr: WINDECKER. WILSON. FUCHS. ALBERS. OLANDER. NELSON. OBERMILLER. JASTER. f nk mt: BREHMER. COVINCTON. ANDERSON. T1CE. STORK. KRUSMARK. OLSON. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretnrv Treasurer ROL XD WlNDECKER MARIE JEAXETTE McBRiDE GENEX IEVE ELSON WALTER J. STORK Lois Dell Albers U illiam Glenn Anderson George W. Baur Elsie Josephine Bechter Irma Gertrude Bohn Franklin R. Brehmer John Lester Covington Lillian Eimann ivian Marie Fuchj Evelyn Ging Katherine Greenwood Eleanor J. Hafner Earlene K. Ja- Bobbie Jean Johnson MEMBERS Judith Miriam Kasten Lee Mueller Krusmark Frank Kuhn Anna Afarie Lettermann Marie Jeanette McBride Ida Katherine Machemehl Hermione Mitchell Selma Elizabeth Mitchell Marcel le Joleen Moore Marilyn Louise Nauert Genevieve Nelson Doris Louise Neuhaus Mildred Obermiller Johanna Olander Leo H. Olson Eugene Oncken Doris Marie Pfluger Elizabeth Marie Pfluger Evelyn Pfluger Norman Ralph Beatrice L. Rangnow Walter J. Stork Doris Strom Mary Margot Swain Carl G. Tice Ruth Weber Joyce J. Wendt Ida Mae Wilson Roland Windecker THE LUTHERAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION, founded on this campus in 1937, is to unite the Lutheran students for both social and service purposes. ROLAND miNDECKEK NEWMAN CLUB JAMES McGiNLEY Dolores Aber LeRoy E. Andersen Thomas Antle Louise Aydam Bertha Aydam Val C. Baeten Joseph Birge Delores Black June Black Anne Lou Blanchet Peggy Ruthe Boynton Alice Claire Brady Matie Brangan Elizabeth Ann Bratton Mayellen Bresie Helen Brice L. Joseph Broussard Marion Bucklin Margaret Budnick Nell Bumpus Rosemary Burke William Burkett Jerome Buxkemper Madeline Bynum Joe Caldwell Mrs. J. E. Callahan William Cole Flora Lee Coppel Ida Cosgrove Bob Costello Jo Ann Courtney Armando Cuellar Jo Anne Cummings Frances Currin Henry Dalehite John Dante Marjorie Darilek Ruth Dawson Earl P. Deathe, Jr. Cesar DtLaGarza Joe DeLeon, Jr. Lynn Derry Aurelio Diaz Ignacio Diaz Ruby Dougherty Patricia Draeger Mary Louise Dugan Joseph Durso Alice Dwyer Earnest Easterling Lottie Eberle Anne Egan Evelyn Emmel Beverly Emmett OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Reporter Treasurer Chaplain . JAMES McGiNLEY JANET LILLEY PATRICIA NOLLETTE MARY MARGARET GROCAN Louis GALAMBOS FATHER THOMAS F. TIERNEY Harrold Farrington Henri Fernandez Frank Fischer Virginia Lee Flood Rafael Flores Geraldine Fontein Gertrude Freytag Paul Fuller Mary Furlow Louis Galambos Felipe Garcia Frank Gerling Frank Glove Patsy Gof f Kathleen Grimes Mary Margaret Grogan Rosaura Guerrero Geraldine Guokos Cecilio Gutierrez Dennis Halepeska Dick Halden Joseph A. Hannan Dorothy Hatch Tillie Emilye Hejl Leta Hercules Betty Heraty lola Herrerias Margaret Heye Leonard Hoefgen Dora Hoeflich Herbert Holdridge Norma Holley Shirley Houston Joan Hume Hugo Jaeckle Anna Janicek MEMBERS Ina Louise Jensen Luis Martinez Jean Ryan Robert Johnston Joseph Charles Martino Vincent Savino Marjorie Joseph James Meade Denis Scully Mildred Kelleher Louis Medlin George Seagert Elizabeth Kennedy Mary Metzke Christine Seufer Mary Frances Kennedy Eldertt Mikulenka Arthur Seyauer Anthony Robert Kenny William Milberger Lillian Shimek Natalie Kmiek Owen Murphy James Siblow Agnes Kolos June Murray Ralph Sigala Edward Kutak Alice Murtha Richard Singer William Lane John Murtha James Smetana Martha Lang Ettie Musil Howard Smith Tom Lawrenson Beverly Anne Nash Winifred Smith Charlotte Lee Patricia Nollette Joseph Smolkovich Louise Lentsch Mary Odem Frederick Smyth Beverly Leopold Jane O ' Brien Martin Staehely Janet Lilley Patricia O ' Neill Lynn Stewart Jim Lilley Ann Orndorff Delores Struhall Francis Linville Grace Orndorff Edward Stuart Ruth Lochte Verna Mae Orts Jeanne M. Sutherland Lorraine Lubash Mary Anne Pankey Charles Swenson Rosemary McCaskey Felix Patout Pat Tennant Elizabeth McClusky T. A. Paulissen William Thomas Dorothy McClusky James Peck Peggy Tucker Mary Francis McDonald Mario Pena Betty Jo Ulcar Mary P. McGann Anita Pesek Henry Valdespino James McGinley Theresa Pesl Barbara Von Zuben Don MrGuire Charles Petsch Marie Wade Francis McLean Kathryn Pinget Mary Belle Watson Dorothy McMullen Audrey Poulos Virginia Weinheimer Ellen Magliolo Delia Ramirez Victor Werley Virginia Magliolo Charles Reinhart Lacey Whitten Dick Mahoney Mary Reiter Jimmie Wilbornson Marianne Maida Mary Richter Helen Willrodt Wilburn Mann Ellen Robinson Clover Zander Bernard G. Marroquin Wallien Rucker Ursula Zimmerman THE NEWMAN CLUB, which was established on this campus in 1910, is a member of the National Federation. It has a threefold program of promoting religious, intellectual, and social activities among Catholic students in American colleges and universities. Front row: Callahan, Currin, Thomas, Crogan, Galambos, Janet Lilley, McGinley, Nollette, Father Tierney, G. Orndorff, A. Orndorff, McCaskey, Jim Lilley. Second row: Smolkovich, Sigala, Boynton, Baeten, Ryan, Goff, A. Murtha, Coppel, Flood, Bratton, Zander, Maida, Poulas, Hejl, Pesl, Cummings, Hannan. Third row: Anderson, DeLeon, Sutherland, Ulcar, Joseph Durso, Marroquin, McLean, Heye, McMullen, Hatch, Willrodt, Martino, Brangan, Lang, Emmett, Cole. Fourth row: Emmel, Wade, Lentsch, Draeger, Heraty, Dwyer, Lubaah, Brice, Lochte, Stewart, D. Black, Bumpus, O ' Neill, Bucklin, Holdridge. Fifth row: Kutac, Blanche!, Fontein, Courtney, Freytag, Pesek, Darilik, W. Smith, Musil, Burke, Metzke, Fuller, Valdespino, Egan, Lee, Weinheimer, Burkett. Sixth row: Grimes, Orts, Easterling, Halepeska, Kolos, Fernandez, Antle, Farrington, Broussard, Patout, Jaeckle, J. Black, Derry, Eberle, Reinhart. Seventh row: Murphy, Fischer, Kennedy, Stuart, Nash, Furlow, L. Aydam, B. Aydam, Odem, Sayauer, Dougherty, Shimek, McGann, Whitten, Kenny. Eighth row: Paulissen, Rucker, Lawrenson, McGuire, E. McClusky, Caldwell, Milberger, Holley, Deathe, D. McClusky, J. Murtha, Seagert. Ninth rota: Ciove, Pena, Flores, Singer. PACE 48B PRESBYTERIAN STUDENT LEAGUE OFFICERS President GERALD SWEZEA V ice-President MARGARET McCuRDY Secretary PATRICIA GILLETTE Treasurer EARL M. CLARY Representative to Joint Board . . MARY EVELYN ANDERSON MEMBERS Jack Albert Charles A I corn Mary Olney Alexander Wanda Alton Jean A me 17 Mar? Evelyn Anderson Betty M. Andrews Mary LoU Applewhite Jack Atkinson Nanry Ball aid ! trail Antoinette Bederman Mary Etta Beffa Patricia Bergman Margaret Ann Bissell Carolyn Elizabeth Blair Walter Blaney William Blaney Claudia Blucher Wynona Bowler Nancy Boyd Walter Braly Frederick Bramlette ir Ann Brannam Robert S. Brown Armor Bryan Kathleen Burke Robert Caldwell Juan Carlo Cant a B ' tTi- Ann Carpenter Gloria Ann Carter Chanlea Carwile Owen Chandler Jimmy Chrrnosky Adelma Cherno ky Barbara Ann Clark Earl M. Clary Paulinr Clary Peggy Cobb France Col ley Claude W. Cox Mildred Cox William Stewart Cox John Craven Ann Creasy Elizabeth Crofoot Marvin C. Culbertson Henry Deals Jim Deaver Johanna DeLancey Zela Mae Dietrich Evelyn Dirks Ella Virginia Dodda Ruth Ann Douglas Jane Dowel 1 William W. Doyel Mary Jo Dnderstadt Ben Carolyn Dunaway James Knox Duncan Robert Dnrway Dorothy Dyes Robert Ebert Fa ye EC hols Max Ecke Frances Joyce Edman Emmett Ehlen Sarah Jeannette Ellis Arthur John Enzler David Evans Betty Ewing Beverly Bell Faber Mary Helen Fanbioa Beverly Ferguson Serenaearlin FUber Elizabeth Fogartie Jimmie Fogartie Donald Fox Bruce Franklin Una Jeanne Franklin C. B. Fraaer David Freeland Sam Fryant Ralph Fulton Patricia Gillette Laura Lee Green Shirley Handler Florence Harding Lucile Harmel LoU Harmon Elmerath Harris Virginia Hart Ethan V. Hassiager Barbara Henry Haddon Hertel Marcheta Hixson Martha Hodson Doris Hollingsworth Gaile Huckabee Ema Beth Hudson Nancy Lou Huff Mary Virginia Jackson Maril n Johnson Florence Jones Maiy Louise Jonea Richard C. Jones Sue Celeste Jones Rob Kamon Margaret Kelly Edward Kevil Mary Elaine Key Joe Klecka Miro Klecka Ph-lip Kuhlman Betty Jo Lamb Dorothy Layne Jimmy Leech Johnnie Lone Howard Long Dorothy McCnrdy Margaret MrCurdy Neal McDonald Ruth McFarland Ruth Matejka Betty Mathis Arnold Matthae! Margaret Maxwell Joel Edwin May Dort Miller Ine Miller Walter G. Moll man Gloria Mosely Vicki Mott Roy Munroe Gertrude Murray Margaret My rick Charles Netkirk Dortha Meier Neikirk Cliff John Newland Betty Nicol Mary Elizabeth Oden Cap Hill Oliver James Hardie Owen Helen Owens Frith Owens Joe Palachak David Parsons Betty Jo Patton Polly Payne Barbara Peri man Margaret P. Perkins Ruth Prtrusek Claire Plow den Bobby Posey Marilyn Ralston Ray Renner Dottie Richardson Edward Dale Robertson Joanne Robertson Mary Elizabeth Robinson William Robinson Billye Jean Ro e Shirley Ruckman Sugie Rugeley Claire Haggles Lucy Haggle Janet Sadler RnMell Sahm James Lee Salyer Tommv Sehaurer Gene Lewis Seheirman W. R. Joyce Kathleen Seipel John Severin Martha Sharp Helene Sherman Billy Bob Shiflett Mary Dell Shinn Douglas Skinner Hank Smith James Allen Smith Pearl Smith Lawrence Stall man Ruth Esther Stalmach Jack Steel Rachel Louise Steipel Martha Steward Emily Bell Stiles William Sullivan R. Eldo Svadlenak Gerald Sweaea Jane Marie Tacquard Shirley Taylor Martha Taylor Pattie Thomas Sammie Claire Titdate Mildred Trout Laura E. Trull James Ross Underwood Dale Von Rosenberg Donald A. Wehmeyer Jack Wetsel James A. W barton Sue Wilderson Robert M. Wilson Lura Nell Ujrthlin Walter Wollam Mary C. Wood Mary Frances Wood Marie Evins Wood John Davis Woods Kenneth Woods Betty L. Wright Sylvia Ann Wright THE PRESBYTERIAN STUDENT LEAGUE welcomes any and all students to it. It carries out a program of worship, education, fellowship, and service. GERALD SWEZEA P .1- HOMER GOEHRS WESLEY FOUNDATION COUNCIL President HOMER GOEHRS V ice-President NEIL PALMER Secretary MARY PEARL HALL Finance Chairman . BEN WELCH Personnel Chairman ........ MARGUERITE HAYNIE Worship EVELYN CHAUDOIN Community Service . . SUE MOORE Recreation . ANN CRADDOCK Publicity KATHERINE BAKER Drama ETHEL CHAPPELL STAFF C. W. HALL, Director and Professor of Bible and Religious Education REV. PAUL BEATS, JR., Associate Director and Director of Student Activities REV. ROBERT E. LEDBETTER, Instructor in Bible THE WESLEY FOUNDATION AND BIBLE CHAIR constitute the organized fellowship of Methodist students and their friends on the University campus. Proceeding on the basis that education yields its best fruits when associated with religion, it offers a Sunday and week-day program of worship, study, recreation, fellowship, and service especially adapted to the needs and interests of college students. A student discussion class on Sunday morning at the Wesley Foundation. The Wesley Foundation and Bible " Chair Building, the center of Methodist student activities on ' the campus. PACE 490 N.H.O.T.C. COMMANDER JOHN X. FERGUSOX CAPTAIN HENRY YOUNG McCOWX FIRST COMPANY, FIRST PLATOON Front: Milton H. Nipper. Second row: Sam C. Fryant, Hubert E. Bechtol. Platoon Commander : Leslie C. Slape. Front row: Robert E. Wainscott, Ronald G. Pearson. Russell O. Brock, Richard H. Everetr. William B. Brown, David L. Park, L. Levon Eaves. Second row: J. Garvin Embry, W. G. King, Jay M. Turner, William J. Legg, Charles Mitcheil, James L. David, Charles D. Reedstrom. Third row: Marion E. Braddock, Richard L. Daily, William P. McCarthy, William B. owland, Donal P. Hackett, David P. Hoover, Charles D. Han Fourth row: Robert M. Craig, Joseph L. James, Zane D. Randall, Benjamin T. Welch, William D. Moore, Dale J. Thompson. Arthur P. Arndt. N.H. SECOND COMPANY, FIRST PLATOON Paul L- Carro . r m: Williaaa Searcv. Fred C. J. Mayo. Araol Joh o . Mario L. Pea. Joh H. Reatan. Melti M. Snilh, FrurU L. Cooper. Jobi M Panes. Cmmmmtin: K.rt fru roar: Ourlr. E. Jo Anhr C. Wild. r r: Ctn. I_ Sckrinnu. Cucj K. Wot. Warn. M. Caiae . Wayle A. Wood. Willie Rk-kttt.. Bo?d RTM l i . Job. W. Hardin. KillUni R. Kif patrirk. o.- R. E. tlayfeU. Ckarir. B. Smart. Harry C. Smith. Jack Lo. Donald L. Wolf. Hal R. Jenu. Calvin C. Perry. Floyd E. Lane . Ffmrtk rav.- R. B. We tkae per. Zack J. Moore. Bobby L. Hatch. Elmo R. Ftlfe. Donald Name . Harold C. Braderirk. Cbetter M. Roirell. Robert W. DoMe . v SECOND COMPANY, SECOND PLATOON Ctmmmmjrr : Joe Crant. fnml nm: Roben J. Lrourd. Thomu M. Ka,a. Forrr.1 R. AdaM. loe H. Mcllroy. Manke C. Robert.. CUreBce LaMener. Lro M. Coprlaad. OKU W. Hildi. Hery K. Alle. S c U nm: Immc B. L a. To C MrCrr. Elli. R. Laak. Lord R. Hilbara. Robert A. Beuett. Rirkard J. O ' Brie . WillUai J. mVifrl. B. B. Snm. Lanrewr W. WilMi. 7wW rMr: Mavice V Eerr. Ce(e W. Brafer. Jack L. Monlaad. Edwi. D. Uwe. J. L. Slayer. Richard T. TWdano.. JackM. B. Howard. Willian C. Sikea. F urA ' : Leo H. OlaM. Aidrrw J. Vluaua. Merlia C. Whale . Jaaw. R. MI.I.CT. David A. Craawer. Alfred A. Alle . JaaK H. MrDonell. Almo. B. Trrl. ++ N " V " .-y .V- -v :v- f J V " ' ' m, Front: Jack C. Neale. Second row; Nicholas J. Salibo, Wil- ford S. Brashears. THIRD COMPANY, FIRST PLATOON Platoon Commander: Robert S. Andrews. Front row: Lawrence C. Mahoney, John B. Elder, Alexander A. Cunningham, Phillip Monleith, Odell Kincade, James D. Owens, Linn H. Kieffer, Delbert G. Sahli, Robert L. Lucas. Second row: Bill V. Frey. Wayne W. Untereiner, Leroy C. Ceist, Kenneth G. Haynes, James W. Adams, Richard L. Thomas. Carl W. Defihaugh. Third row: William L. Donnellan. Richard G. Capers, Evert E. St. John, Albert D. Sellstrom, David L. Gasca, Warren R. Mehl, Lee F. Kyle. Fourth row: Maurice G. Buchalter, Paul W. Henry, Donald R. Coleman, W. Raymond Mann, Owen F. Murphy, Herbert J. Longley, Brian W. Hugon, Donald D. Tolliver. THIRD COMPANY, SECOND PLATOON Platoon Commander: Michael J. Alleyn. Front row. Walter G. Mollman, Bill W. Reeves, Jay N. Dewing, Chester O. Lind, Edward J. Partridge. Fred P. Brien, Donald L. Powell. Frank R. Tandy. Second row: Max D. Ligon, R. Bryce Meagher, Edward A. Mason. Calvin D. Shottess, James C. Straus, Frederic G. Comstock, George E. Wood, James R. Frazee. Third row: George H. Hopson, Joseph C. Ryan. Timothy H. Dunn, E. S. Barratt, Benjamin F. Crier. Edwin George Cerutti. Robert M. Damirgian, Bernard Horncr, A. T. Sockhockar. Fourth row: Grover C. Miller. D. A. Grant. S. R. Bradfield, John L. Bacon, Foster H. O ' Neal, N. R. Barfield, J. Vincent Farley, Mark Atlas Endacott. I n, ' 4 PACE 494 N.H.D.T.C front: Frank J. Errin. Second: Jame C. Wilxm. Third: Raymond S. HanMn FOURTH COMPANY, FIRST PLATOON Platoon Commander: William Harrington. Front rcnc: Dwifh! L. Arnall, Michael D. Altnllix-h, William F. Neale. Joseph Smolkovicb. Joneph P. Bu-rh. Bernon V. Ballengee, Simcock. Second rou : Neil E. Crow, Jame L. Chil.U. Mark A. Taylo Nathaniel R. William.. Robert G. Bosanko. J. C. Seat. Third rote: Ronald N " . Ottemon, Charles B. Stone. James M. Sponagle. Thomas L. We tmoreland. Paul P. Waller. John C. Bern!.. Fourth rou : Davi.l F. Weeks. Arthur L. Baer.rh. Edward C. Spaldinf. Robert P. Sullivan. John H. Taylor. Richard P. Siegfried. William R. FOURTH COMPANY, SECOND PLATOON Plmtooo Commander: Ralph C. Petty. from! row: John C. Newland. Jack W. Weaver. Willard C. Bean. Lee L. Turner. Robert E. Vauchan. Bennie O. Bonn.l. Alfono M. Vanaeoro. Charle W. Col. Second rote: Wilbur F. ROM. Robert E Penninfton. Billie C. Erin. Ibert B. Roble.. Eugene F. Todd. Jimmie W. Sowell. Billf L. Patuewanf. John C. Taylor. Third row: Nathan C. Beard. Ceorie H. Sejrert. Horace B. Hill. William C. Power.. Franri. T. Pickeni. Gather E. Parri. Harold A. Smith. fourth ro : William C. Adam.. Julian C. Allen. Carl B. Scharu. S. Phankuch. Harland B. Cnt.hall. Walter Wollam. Edward L. Morfan. Eldon J. Niel.on. N.H.D.T.C. . FIFTH COMPANY, FIRST PLATOON Front: Edward A. Kutac. Second: Robert B. Bower. Platoon Commander: Wilber F. Taylor. Front row: Carl E. Raith. Samuel D. Callison, D. Mac Burgher, Anthony R. Kenny, Charles R. Mooney, George A. Norton, Cranfill Carl ton, Marvin L. Downey, John C. Rainwater. Second row: Marshall L. Morton, Billy R. McMahon, Joseph V. Rogers, David M. Kemp, John B. Miller, James F. Ocker, Ray A. Fowler, William H. Michie, Sandy L. Shields. Third row: Warren J. Harry, Charles R. Jaynes, Wayne Ward, Alvie L. McKee, Stanley Moore, Robert R. Williams, Galen B. Miller, Jennings B. Jones. Fourth row: Dan J. Mimms, Clem R. McSpadden, Herman C. Haack, Jim B. Taylor, Floyd Pringle, John L. Givens, Robert E. Montgomery, Jack E. Deal. FIFTH COMPANY, SECOND PLATOON Platoon Commander: Jack Wiley. Front row: William H. Slabe, Charles W. Marquis, James H. McClung. James L. Priddy, Kenneth W. Rivers. Cordon S. Novak. George F. Friauf, Mclvin B. Cad. Chester L. Walton. Second row: Patrick H. Luper. F. N. Higgins, Tom W. Ethridge, James T. Johnson. Robert E. Keating, Charles E. Johnson, Bruce E. Franklin, Ralph K. Fulton. Third rou,: Carlos C. Rabb, Harry J. Gardner, Herbert D. Joffe, Donal H. ( man, Richard C. Williams, Clifford J. Harris. N.R.O.T.C SIXTH COMPANY, FIRST PLATOON Fna: Jark Jordan. Edcar K. Hill. Plm to Ctrmman Af ' Kobert U. Hartman. front rot: Fred P. Pe. John J. Robertson. lark R. Hildcr. Clyde L. Ru,]l. Eugene A. Hilt. Larry B. Wolf. Robert Yale.. SrrwU ror: Wesley C. Stripling. Arnol Johnton. John J. Lor;. Charlet E. S..-non. Leonard E. Dunn. Jame L. Brrwbaker. Tkird torn: Glenn P. Short. Lewu E. Goodman. Lee S. Jarkton. Joe W. Downs. Clark J. Ha{. Loran F. Bauer. ram- Jame. H Smith. Ruuell E. Candler. C. Wrnell Brook . Frank C. Ciore. VillUm C. Smith. James A. Rofen. Nathan E. Coode. SIXTH COMPANY, SECOND PLATOON Robert Crti.. Front r m: Jame. R. Peek. Vermon R. Buller. Ronald E. Skillia . .ley L. JooMen. Hufh A. MrMorrain. illiam V. Clement.. Joan D. Herderinf. Don M. Lo. SeeU m: Sam Tone). Thoma A. Coiaer. Leva Hammer. Walter C. Miller. Geotfe R. Jarkton. E. E. Daufhrtre. J-Meph A. Hannan. TkifJ rttt: Elmer L. Taylor. Arthnr C ClnKf. Rirhard P. Deito.. Winneld S. Cleuon. Frank Sinfletary. Henry C. Ellenherf. Jame C. Fleck. f nrt rom: Baynle E. J M . Laarel L. Dukin. Ro.d K. Beaton. Ducan E. Boeckman. Richard O. Bailie.. Hnlra E. Clifton. M. H. Brombeix. REGIMENTAL BAND Front row: C. IVES. DONALD O. NELSON, NEIL MEREDITH PALMER. Second row: B. M. McCLAIN, LUTHER ANDERSON AVITTS, THOMAS L. BELKNAP, JASPER C. THOMAS, WILLIAM HUBERT VINSON, AUBREY E. BUCHALTER. Third row: K. R. JENSON, ROBERT L. HARDESTY, DANA P. McBRIDE, KARL H. OTTO, JOSEPH L. JOHNSTON, RAYMOND D. GEARING. fourth row: JAMES P. O ' DONNELL, EUGENE M. ROGERS, J. R. UNDERWOOD, GLENN F. STAUFFER, DONALD V. MARTIN, RALPH EDWIN SMITH. CDLDH GUARD JOHN C. BOND, JAMES R. CROW, TIMOTHY H. DUNN, RANSOM J. JACKSON. PACE 498 OCTOBER GRADUATION CLASS, 1945 TV : C. E. Manic. L. W, Berabe. R. H. MtDaniel. R. I. Simon. J. H. Warden. D. F. Schiller. L. F. Bellinger. E. C. Chapman, R. Bntler. E. A. Pollilt. r m: R. B. Pern. J. R. Greening. C. M. Killian. R. MeGrrw. R. V. Rol.ton. B. C. Burkheimer. D. L. Vandergon. D. P. Jiicks. M. H. Slandley. J. F. Matejeeck. R. D. Snndby. Tkird ron: K. L. Bro.n. F. W. Cerlinf. S. D. Rofceruon. B. J. Hillcn. H. J. EngebreUoo. E. C. Cohen. E. Althoff. C. N. Horecn. P. A. Gates. J. N. Carter. A. D. Kennard. R. L. Arbackle. Fault r ,: S. M. Bell. J. R- Boeek. M. L. Walirip. C. F. SeTerin. R. E. Valton. R. L. Joknioo. C. P. Kecani. V. J. Pollen. E. D. Philley. D. M. H.II. J. J. Hippard. R. E. Goldman. F P. R T- -,: C. M. Wood. Jr.. W. D. Phillip.. W. W. Rotenui. R. C. Ljom. R. A. Kennedy. W. H. DrU. K. M. Holland. R. R. RoberUon. W. W. Buehler. M. F. BealU. J. P. Bioterfeldt. Jr.. W. Taylor. II. i. E- Kennell. 0X FEBRUARY GRADUATION CLASS, 1946 t; K. R. Dimbuh. D. B. Foy. Jr.. C. R. Crawford. J. F. Cr I rev: F. Enrin. J. Wiley. M. J. Alleyn. H. R. Hayre. B. L. Box. J. Jordan. M. V Palmer. Jkad .: J. C. NeaJe. D. E. Schwarakopf. W. C. Starry. W. F. Harru. B. B. Shilett. R. C. Petty f nk .- P. Cairo . M. H. Nipper. W. R. Midlock. W. Taylor. R. H. Hanman. D. R. Kin. C. L. Sweiea. H. D. Brotzman. J. R. Cnll-nder. L. C. Slape. R. S. Andre. E. Barrinfton. Jr.. L. E. Anoencm. A. N. Zipp. R. Cauti . J. C. Wiltoo. r i r- - i j NAVY SWING BAND Sitting: John L. Bacon, Tom V. Hodges, William E. Barrington, J. C. Robinson, Lewis E. Goodman. Standing: Thomas L. Belknap, Karl H. Otto, Thomas F. Hahn, David Brannen, Robert Hardesty, James P. O ' Donnell. N.R.D.T.G. GLEE CLUB Front row: James R. Peck, William B. Brown, M. H. Brornberg, Donald O. Nelson, Robert L. Lucas, Walter C. Mollman, James L. Brewbaker, Frank R. Tandy. Second row: Homer D. Brotzman, George H. Hopson, Robert B. Bower, C. Ives, Billy B. Shiflett, Elvin T. Eberhart, Howard R. Hayre, Gerald Leonard Swezea, James G. Wilson, Bill V. Frey. PACE 500 From chow line to check line. Angles on dipping Navy graduation ring in water from the Seven Seas. Step lightly, but carry a big Navy man. Put that ring . . . More Angles. And so to the ball. Propaganda. Laissiz-faire. vi Ships grog becomes toast when drunk in honor of the Admiral. Squirrel rifle. Navy graduation is dipped in Okefenokee swamp water. Texas Navy steps out for Nimitz. Salts serve sweets. The war is over Parade Rest! ra JAMES V. ALLRED Governor of the State of Texas 1935-1939 ON MAY 28, 1923, the Santa Rita well, the first in the University ' s Big Lake Oil Field, blew in. Immediately the University ' s 431,360 acres of land in West Texas ballooned in value. By 1941 there was $30,000,000 in the school ' s permanent fund, and The University of Texas had grown from a medium-sized state college into one of the wealthiest schools in the nation. Credit for this spectacular discovery goes to R. P. Ricker and Dr. John A. Udden, who had submitted to the Board of Regents a favorable report on the mineral- bearing potentialities of the lands; H, H. Tucker, who determined the site of the well, and F. T. Pickrell, who managed the enterprise and the dis- covery. Since that historic date the University has gone through an un- paralleled era of growth and expansion. In 1940 the Santa Rita ' s derrick was moved onto the campus at Austin as a symbol of the University ' s humble be- ginnings and its glorious future. I CAMPUS TODAY Thr fnirrrsit)- of Tr.ius with its mam TH-U buUdingi rn-rtrti in th - ' 30s noit looks jorH-aril to u period of further urn! ri -n greater expansion not onl in its physical plant hut in research and educational facilities. A 3F ' " -, -- - ! ? { iji ' f + - z oH i)i ' ecLia T ASSOCIATION Top row: Burruss, Felfe, Fox, Andrews, Plyler. Bechtol, Nunnally, Buxkemper, Ellsworth, Wetz. Second row: Nipper, Blount, Halfpenny, Schwa rtzkopf, Gil lory, Jackson, Layne, Green, Graham, Call an. Third row: Ward, McCauley, W. Cox, Hawthorne, Blanton, Pierce, Shurr, Heap, Garcia, Grancr. Fourth row: Harris, Wooten, Horneyer, Pcarcc, Allen, Avjnger, O ' Reagan, Wi lemon, Cunningham, McCall. Fifth row: Robertson, Baumgardncr, Joyce, Demmer, Colliiis, Moody, Canady, Whisenant, Bell, Raborn. H. K. Allen Leroy Andersen Billy Andrews Jack Avinger Joseph William Baumgardner Willard Bean Hubert Bechtol Harold Bell Maxie Bell Jack Blanton Ralph E. (Peppy) Blount Fred Brechtel Sterling Browning John Burruss Jerome J. Buxkemper Sam Waring Callan James Canady Earl Collins Roy Cox William J. Cox Alexander Cunningham Joe Demmer William Donnellan John Doschak Ralph Ellsworth Elmo Felfe Bobby Whisenant Donald Fox Xico Garcia Byron Morris Gillory George Andrew Graham Stanley Graner David W. Green Jack Halfpenny Thomas Harrell Richard O. Harris Jesse Hawthorne Edwin E. Heap Robert Horneyer Christopher Hubbard Ernest Wilemon Ransom J. Jackson, Jr. James Joyce Harold Jungmichel Robert Layne George McCall Jerry J. McCauley Joe Mitchell James Moody Milton Nipper Guy Alfred Nunnelly Jack O ' Reagan J. M. Pearce Don F. Pierce Don Wooten Jimmy Plyler George Raborn Raymond Ragone John J. Robertson Dale Schwartzkopf Sam Sengelmann Bob Shepherd Charles Andy Shurr Arthur Sweet Charles Tatom James Mac Umstattd Joe Ward Harlan Wetz I 1945 FOOTBALL l x. BIBLE JIMMY PLYLER f An inexperienced Texas team, destined to be one of the best at the I nivrr-ily since 1923, started shakily down their championship path, picking: up steam as they went along. At the half-way mark they boasted a perfect record of five victories and no defeats with an impressive point total of 138 to their opponents ' aggregate of 21. The Longhorns gathered up the pi eces after a heartbreaking 7-6 upset by the Rice Owls, picked up twelve ex-servicemen on November 1, including three who filled starting backfield positions, and set out again cautiously winding their way against ferocious Confer- ence opposition. So close was the finish of the Southwest Conference race that a possible four-way tie loomed until the last week, when the Longhorns measured the Aggies for the sixth straight year and took the undisputed champion- ship for the third time in four years. The Steers accepted the automatic Cotton Bowl bid and chose for their opponent in the New Year ' s Day Classic, the University of Missouri Tigers, Big Six con- ference champions. When the dust had settled after that wild offensive brawl Texas had edged the Orange and Black in the highest-scoring bowl game of all-time. Both teams, operating on the theory that the best defense is a good offense, played wide-open ball, before 45.000 frenzied fans. With the Southwest Conference and Cotton Bowl championships tucked away, it ' s a natural tendency to suspect Texas had an easy time roaring through eleven games with only one defeat. But they had to fight every step of the way, coming from behind time after time with flashes of power to down inspired foes. They broke a 7-7 tie with a last quarter touchdown to beat Bergstrom field in the season ' s opener. They pounded Southwestern unmercifully next in their most lopsided game of the season. Texas Tech went down 33-0 in spite of Walt Schlinkman ' s outstanding per- formance. It took a touchdown in the last five minutes to beat Oklahoma ' s Sooner 12-7. Texas slaughtered the Arkansas Hogs 34-7 in their Conference debut, establishing themselves as the team to beat for the champion- ship. They were barely on their pedestal before being rudely knocked off by a lowly Rice eleven which had lost four of five previous games. And the wolves began to howl. With Bobby Layr.e. Ralph Ellsworth, Joe Billy Baumgardner. H. K. Allen. Ed Heap and eight other ex-servicemen with varying degrees of experience joining the team November 1. the Steers set out to recapture their lost prestige. Peppy Blount ' s last quarter catch of a Layne pass gave Texas a 12-7 victory over S. M. I " , in Dallas. Texas came from behind twice to down Baylor ' s Bears 21-14 and the following week whipped T.C.U.. defending champions. 204) with one of the best performances of the season. - Thanksgiving approached Rice had been established as co- favorites with only one Conference loss, but T. C. L " . and Baylor took care of their threat with narrow 14-13 and 17-14 victories. S. M. U. losing 0-3 to the Aggies and 7-12 to Texas was roaring down the home stretch with lopsided victories over the weaker clubs, hoping against hope Texas would lose a game so they could catch up. They finished nd place, followed by T. C. U.. Rice and A. M. in a three-way tie for third place, when the Longhoms settled the issue by taking the Aggies 20-10 on Kyle Field. Then Layne led the Longhorns to their thrilling 40-27 victory over Missouri in the Cotton Bowl, limaxing one of the best seasons for the Steers in 23 years. Frtml r m: Cwin. Beard. Ciliary. Andrrw.. Loorrv. R-oix-. Bux-h. Sro. row: S.rrt. Rin. Shiw. Jirkon. Plylrr. Mr. C llu. lj ir. rUlfprujr- Tkird to : Biblr. VnUwnprr. Bamntitdur. Brrhtol. Hutu, Blouot. Talon. ) Kr.i.n MrCaulry. Heap. FrU ram: Mrdlu. V mtJ. Alia Frlfr. Tr.rv. MJrhilr. Sf hw.rUiopf. U.IK-||V. V.I. Kidd. f. r ram: Hamll. Cm . Gr.lum. Milrhcll. MCUM. ElU.onk. Bmhlel. rVtcn. BukrmfMT. Cil.trmp. rt; V George Graham breaks loose for a nice run in the Bengstrom Field game. Arthur Sweet tries an end rim against Tech ' s Red Raiders. Desmond Kidd (86) comes over to help. It took a little pushing and shoving but Sweet managed to get the ball across for a touchdown against Southwestern, TEXAS 13 BERGSTROM FIELD 7 An inexperienced Longhorn eleven encountered rugged opposition in the season ' s opener in Memorial Stadium as the heavy Bergstrom Field Troop Carriers held the speedy Biblemen to a 7-7 tie until the closing minutes of the fourth quarter. Then Arthur Sweet, freshman fullback, climaxed a 48-yard Texas drive with an off-tackle play good for four yards and the winning touchdown. Playing in 94 degree weather before a record-breaking opening day crowd of 16.000. D. X. Bible ' s ninth team made anything but an auspicious debut. Freddie Brechtel and Monroe Harrelson starred in the Texas backfield. TEXAS 46 SOUTHWESTERN The Thundering Herd ripped through Southwestern " Pirates with a dazzling parade of touchdowns, scoring in every quarter and rolling up 553 yards, while holding the Bucs scoreless, to only 3 first downs and a net gain of 37 yards. The damp, chilly weather was no hindrance to the red-hot Steers. Art Sweet Maxie Bell. T. C. U. transfer Ran- som Jackson. A 1 1- American Hub Bechtol. George Graham and freshman Jimmie Lowrey made the Texas touchdowns. TEXAS 33 TEXAS TECH The Longhorns took to the air against Tech to rout the tiring Raiders in a second half scoring splurge for their third straight victory in Memorial Stadium. Lanky Charlie Tatom scored twice on long pass plays. Art Sweet kept his scoring pace by scampering for two more six-pointers. In the line. Captain Jim Plyler and Dick Harris were outstand- ing. Walt Schlinkman. Tech ' s great back, was a hero even in defeat, covering 159 yards in 14 carries. TEXAS 12 OKLAHOMA 7 A surprised Texas team had to come from behind in the last five minutes to defeat the pass-minded Oklahoma Sooner? in their fortieth annual classic. Playing in Dallas Cotton Bowl before a record-breaking crowd of 45.000. the Steers made it six straight over the Oklahoma boys, and wound up their non-conference schedule with a perfect record. Little Byron Gillory. rugged Hub Bechtol. Dick Harris and Jack Halfpenny were outstanding for t he Longhorns. George Graham scores the uinninf louchJotm in the O.L ' . game through a large hole opened by feti Oiid McCaiiley tmj company. Jack Halfpenny (25) runs interference for Byron Gillory in the Rice game. Gillory saw plenty of action in the Rice game. Here he is carrying the ball again but this time Halfpenny is resting on the ground. Gillory again this time tossing a lateral to H. K. Allen (not shown) as Ciliary was about to be tackled in the second quarter of the S.M.U. game. TEXAS 34 ARKANSAS 7 Mighty Texas slaughtered the Arkansas Razorbacks at Little Rock in their Conference debut firmly establishing themselves as the team to beat in the Southwest Conference race. Byron Gillory, 140-pound Marshall scatback. passed and ran the Longhorns to victory, accounting directly or indirectly for four of their five touchdowns. The alert Steers intercepted four Porker passes and drove for touchdowns. Except for a few minutes in the first quarter when Arkansas scored, the hapless Hogs were never in the ball game and simply couldn ' t cope with Texas ' aerial powerhouse. Dale Schwartzkopf. George Graham, and Big Harlan Wetz starred for the Steers. TEXAS 6 RICE 7 And then the bubble burst. Weak, impotent Rice, defeated 13-7 by Southwestern, a team the Longhorns had 46-0, played an inspired ball game to upset the unbeaten Biblemen. The humiliating defeat, first Conference loss in Memorial Stadium since T. C. U. ' s infamous upset in 1941, was a bitter pill for the downtrodden Steers. Ironically it was Bob Nemir, goat of the S. M. U.-Rice game the week before, who kicked the winning point. Mi iii!; three conversions in losing to the Mustangs 18-21, Nemir cooly made this kick good after the Owl touchdown in the last minutes of the first half. But Tom Harrell. who had kicked four straight for Texas against Arkansas a week before, saw his hasty conversion go wide. And that was the ball game. TEXAS 12 S. M. U. 7 Staring defeat in the face for the second straight week, the Longhorns bounded back with two fourth quarter touchdowns to defeat the Mustangs in Dallas by the same score as in their early season game there against Oklahoma. Tin- rejuvenated Steers, strengthened by twelve ex-servicemen, including Bobby Layne, Ralph Ellsworth and Joe Billy Baumgardner, were out to avenge their heartbreaking defeat by Rice. Texas fans groaned when the conversion, after a Layne to Schwartzkopf touchdown pass, was blocked. The Scoreboard read S. M. U. 7 Texas 6 with 12 minutes to play. This time Texas had whatever it takes to keep fighting under adverse conditions. Even after a Longhorn drive was stopped on the one-yard line and S. M. U. took over with 3 minutes to play. Texas didn ' t give up. Peppy BlounU in the outstanding single play of the contest, literally stole Layne ' s long pass from the hands of defending Doak Walker, for the winni ng touchdown. H. K. Allen goes around left end for a six-yard gain against S.M.U. Bechtol catches a pass and steps across to score against Baylor. Schwartzkopf is right behind him. Bechtol runs interference for Joe Billy Baumgardner in the Baylor game. Ellsworth ends up in a heap of T. C. U. players but still managed a nice gain TEXAS 21 BAYLOR 14 The Longhoms again showed the stuff champions are made of in pounding from behind twice to overpower Baylor ' s burly Bears to stay in the Conference race. Again it was blond Bobby Layne ' s passing that won the game for Texas, but this time he shared the spotlight with a nigged Longhorn line that battled the " Good old Baylor Line ' " to a standstill and held the Bears ' touted T-formation to a net gain of only 12 yards rushing. Bechtol gathered in Layne ' s pass for the first Texas touchdown in the second quarter. Bobby ' s passes also set the stage for fullback George Graham to lunge over for two more touchdowns in the third period. David Green. Sam Callan and Ed Heap at guards; Dick Harris at center: Jimmy Plyler and Marian Wetz at tackles: and Bechtol. Schwartzkopf and Blount at ends, did most of the work in the inspired line performance. TEXAS 20 T. C. U. With the pressure on down the stretch drive for the Southwest Conference Championship, bruising, brutal Texas sent the Frogs limping back to Fort Worth nursing the wounds of a shellacking far more thorough than the score would indicate. The savage Longhorn line again claimed its share of the glory by smothering T.C.U. backs for a minus five yards rushing. The defeat sent the title-defending Frogs out of the dizzy race. Whip-armed Bobby Layne completed only two passes, to Dale Schwartzkopf and H. K. Allen, but both went for touchdowns. On two kicks Layne averaged 59.5 yards. Plyler ' s punts, four for a 46-yard average, gave the Steers a tremendous advantage in that department. Then a week later, with the same Longhoms who fought so bitterly against them huddled around the locker room radio cheering them on. the accommodating Frogs upset an onrushing Rice eleven. 14-13. eliminating the Owls from a possible chance at a tie for the championship. And now the stage was set for the big game. If Texas lost to A. M. at College Station the Southwest Conference race would be in a jumbled four-way tie. If they won they would be champs with an invitation to the Cotton Bowl. So the cry rang out over the campus. " Beat the Sharecroppers and Pick Cotton on New Year Dale Schwarzkopf scores the frst touchdmm against T.C.I . % Bobby Layne makes a gain on an end run against A. M. Harrell is just behind him LETTERMEN: H. K. Allen, Joe Billy Baumgardner, Hubert Bechtol, Maxie Bell, Ralph Blount, Fred Brechtel, Jerome Buxkemper, Sam Callan, Ralph Ellsworth, Elmo Felfe, Byron Gillory, George Graham, David Green, Jack Halfpenny, Thomas Harrell, Dick Harris, Ed Heap, Ransom Jackson, Robert Layne, Jerry McCauley, Joe Mitchell, Guy Nunnelly, Jim Plyler, Raymond Ragone, Dale Schwartzkopf, Arthur Sweet, Charles Tatom, Jack Wallace, Harlan Wetz. RESERVES: Leroy Andersen, Gerald Beard, Emory Bellard, Desmond Kidd, James Lowrey, Robert Musslewhite, Jake Posey, John O ' Reagan, John Ring, Angus Shaw, Paul Tracy. Baumgardner surveys the wreckage as Graham scores after Charlie Tatom had recovered a Texas punt on A. M. ' s two-yard line. The ball had touched an Aggie. From here on it was all Texas. ' J r$ - TEXAS 20 TEXAS A. M. 10 The Longhorns surged from behind with one of their familiar fourth quarter rallies to whip the fighting Aggies for the sixth straight year and win the Southwest Conference Championship before 42.000 fans packed into A. M. ' s Kyle Field. It was a happy Thanksgiving Day for Coach D. X. Bible. It was Texas ' ninth victory in ten games and the best season since 1923. It was his seventh victory over A. M. during his nine-year career at the University. And it was his third championship and Cotton Bowl bid in four years. Speedy Ralph Ellsworth, just rounding into condition after joining the Steers in November, raced 81 yards for a first period touchdown, but the Aggies tied the score before the half and went ahead 10-7 on a field goal in the last minute of the third quarter. To take up the slack in just 15 minutes against an inspired Aggie defense seemed a tough assignment. But Lady Luck, who had favored the Aggies all afternoon, now smiled on the Steers. Ransom Jackson ' s 59-yard punt early in the fourth quarter bounced crazily against the leg of Preston Smith, Aggie safetyman. and in a flash lanky Charlie Tatom had pounced on it to give Texas a first down on the 2-yard line. George Graham plowed through the bewildered for what proved to be the winning touchdown. Texas sewed the game up after an interception by Dick Harris set the stage for a Layne to Blount touchdown pass. Billy Andrews, one of four seniors playing their last conference game for Texas, faked a drop kick and passed to Layne for the extra point to end the scoring. David Green played a slashing defensive game at his guard post. Captain Jimmy Plyler. Harlan Wetz and Dick Harris were other outstanding linemen. Jack Halfpenny and Art Sweet starred on the defense. The Aggies fought furiously at College Station but their best wasn ' t good enough. The title-bound Longhorns weren ' t to be denied. The determined Steers were out to score on the tiring Aggies in that last period. Tatom ' s recovery, labelled by some as the biggest break of the season, just hastened the inevitable. All Aggieland echoed that Turkey Day with the victory cries of the happy champions as they headed back to Au tin and a beautifully-glowing orange tower to prepare for their New Years Day battle with Missouri, Big Six champion, in Dallas ' Cotton Bowl. Ransom Jackson, one of the outstanding players of the game, is shown being tumbled by an Aggie. Bechtol receives a pass from Layne and runs to Missouri ' s 17-yard line in the Cotton Bowl game. On the next play Texas scored ! fe gf I v,: :.. " : All- V . : n att b IB i -, A bit of defensive play as Baumgardner and Layne break up a Missouri pass. Missouri player runs into trouble in the form of Wetz and several other Longhorns. Captain Plyler (78) is surrounded by fallen fo TEXAS 40 MISSOURI 27 Blond Bobby Layne led the Longhorns victoriously through one of the wildest offensive brawls ever played in the Southwest, against a surprising Missouri powerhouse in the tenth annual Cotton Bowl Cla- Points flew faster than talk in the highest scoring game in Cotton Bowl hi-tory. Forty-five thousand fans watched the Steers and Tigers better the previous bowl high point total of 50 set in the Oklahoma-Texas Aggie game of 1941, and pass by one point the highest bowl score of all-time turned in by Frankie Sinkwich and Georgia as they beat T.C.U. 40-26 in the ' 42 Orange Bowl. Some of the greatest names in the game have played in the football classic of the Southwest but none have performed more ably than did " our Bobby. who passed twice to Joe Bill Baumgardner. shot across for four touchdowns himself, and kicked four extra points in accounting for all of the Longhorn markers. He completed 11 of 12 passes for 158 yards. His favorite target was All- American Hub Bechtol. who took nine passes for 138 yards. Mi-souri, a typical Midwest power club, tore through a Texas defense vhi.-h had yielded only 421 yards against six Southwest Conference opponents for a total of 408 yards rushing almost a quarter of a mile against a team which had given up only 49 points against ten opponents and held the last three to a total gain of 75 yards rushing. Captain Jimmy Plyler. abed with flu until game time, saw action only briefly and defensive bulwark Jack Halfpenny went out early with a leg injury. With these key men out, their poor defense kept the Steers in hot water all afternoon, as the big Missouri forwards, led by Jim Kekeris, opened King-size holes for -atbacks to pour through. But maybe the Longhorns figured their best defense was a good offense, for in that department they really sparkled. Texas scored every time it got its hands on the ball, except for two punts and a fumble. Longhorn blocking and timing in running plays was superb, while through the air they completed 13 of 14 passes for a phenomenal average. Scoring in every quarter, always a jump ahead of the Big Six champions, the Longhorns made offensive plays click in spectacular fashion as in Layne ' s 40-yard pass gathered in by Bechtol who went on for 17 more, and Ellsworth ' s pass from 40 yards out which Bobby caught, reversing his field to go over, and the beautiful Layne to Baumgardner touchdown passes, for 20 and 48 yards. Ralph Elkworth. leading Steer ground gainer, hard-charging David Green, and Onter Dick Harris were standouts. It was a fitting climax to Texas ' best season in 23 years. Southwest Conference and Cotton Bowl champions, ranked among the nation ' s ten best, the ' 45 Longhorns will go down in history as one of the University ' - best. Bobby Layne, star of the Cotton Boul game, completed eleien passes out of the twtlte he attempted. BechtoL, AU-American end, takes a pass from Layne on Missouri ' s one-yard line in the fourth quarter. Ttco plays later Texas scored. Ellsworth (17) turns in the air to follow the balL Pitt ili BECHTOL CALLAN SCHWARTZKOFF COACH CHERRY COACH GILSTRAP 194G BASKETBALL The Longhorns welcomed Coach Jack Gray back from the Navy with a fairly suc- ful 1 46 season. Texas ended up in third place in the Conference with seven wins and five defeats. Four of the five defeats came from the top two Conference teams Baylor am) Arkansas. The little Longhorns missed the services of John Hargis who did not return to school in time to play this season but they were still a mighty big thorn in the side of every team they played. Their hustling and fast breaks made them one of the most exciting teams in the Southwest. In pre-Conference games Texas won nine out of eleven. The losses were to Oklahoma A. M. and Rice in the annual Oklahoma Citv Tournament. JACK GRAY. ED PRICE LETTERMEN: Ralph (Peppy) Blount, Guy Buccola, Max Cohen, Roy Cox, Albert Madsen, Ronald Pearson, Vilbry White, Don Woolen, and Harold Gilbert, manager. RESERVES: Hubert Bechtol, Stanley Graner, William G. Hovel, James McCullick, Joe H. Ward, Ernest Wilemon, and Marvin Cohen, Charles Barnes, Howard Fitzgerald, Norwich Adams, assistant managers. Front row: MAI -fY III l . PEAR- | . WOOTEN. WILKMON. BECHTOL. WHITE. BUM I S,comJ row: MEDINA, tr.iocr: (;KAY. AKI). MrCL I.I.1CK. M. COIH V UM.K M.HW KT7kOI ' K. PRICE. GILBERT. P.C.I SZ1 AL MADSEN PRE-CONFERENCE SEASON Texas opened the 1946 season against the San Antonio Y.M.C.A. The Longhorns proved too much for the San Antonians and by the end of the game were scoring at will defeating them 58-23. In their next game the Longhorns dropped the highly-regarded Kelly Field Fliers 40-33. In the Oklahoma City Tournament the Longhorns met their first defeat of the season when the National Champions, the Oklahoma Aggies, defeated them 69-34. In the consolation bracket Texas lost to Rice 55-52. In the last game of the Tournament Texas beat T.C.U. 48-46 to take seventh place. Don Woolen tries for a tip-in and two points in the S. M. U. game. DON WOOTEN PRE-CONFERENCE SEASON Texas won its. six other pre-season games. The Southwestern l ' ni ersit Pirates of Georgetown came in for two defeats one 42-28: the other 54-47. In two very hot encounters with Bergstrom Field of Austin the Longhorns again emerged the victors, 53-45 and 54-39. Texas ran up against tough competition in the Southwestern State Teachers College players but came out ahead 34-27 and 54-31. BOY COX ON LD PEARSON Peppy Bluiini takes the ball on a rebound in T.C.V. game. Mad sen and Pearson are mminw tin In ncctcf ARKANSAS Texas 47 Arkansas 55 Texas dropped a close one to the Arkansas Razorbacks, the Conference favorites in Fayetteville, 55-47. Texas tied the score twice in the early minutes of the game but the Razorbacks took the lead and held for the rest of the game. Al Madsen and Roy Cox were high point men for Texas. Madsen collected 14 points and Cox 13. Texas 63 Arkansas 90 The following night point-conscious Arkansas outclassed the scrapping Longhorns 90-63. In the second half Texas ' little Don Woolen sank a series of long shots from mid-court but the Longhorns were too far behind to close the gap. Woolen scored 12 points. Roy Cox was high scorer for Texas wilh 19 points. A. M. Texas 46 A. M. 42 The surprising Sleers gol back inlo the batlle for the Conference championship by going out in front of the Aggies after the first minute and staying there all the way. Al Madsen, Texas ' candidate for All-Southwesl Conference, plunked 25 poinls through the hoop. Woolen scored 13 points. Ball hawking by Peppy Blount lost him ihree molars and cosl Dawson of A. M. five slilches in his head. Texas 44 A. M. 50 Grabbing an early lead and holding on to it through the entire game, ihe Aggies were able lo upsel the Longhorns 50-44. It was the Sleers ' firsl defeal by ihe Aggies in four years. Don Woolen paced ihe Longhorns wilh 13 points. Dawson ' s 21 points for A. M. aided greatly in Texas ' defeat. ERNEST WILEMON VILBRY WHITE Al Madsen has three Baylor men worried as he tries for a crip shot. T.C.U. Texas 57 T.C.U. 42 The Lonphorns outjumped, outplayed, and outhustled the tall Froggirs in Gregory Gym to win their second Conference victory. Al Madsen and Roy Cox collaborated to score 35 of Texas ' 57 points. Ronald Pearson, a T.C.U. letterman last year, was outstanding under the basket, taking the major portion of the rebounds. Woolen ' s guarding of Leroy Pasco, I . ' .1 . ' s star player, was also outstanding. Texas 48 T.C.U. 46 Red-headed Roy Cox limped into the game at Fort Worth and helped the Longhorns to make it three victories over the Frops. Cox ' s last minute field goal sewed up the game for Texas. S.M.L. Texas 70 SM.V. 69 Texas refused to concede defeat after trailing 14 points at the half and went on to make one of the most amazing second half comebacks of the season. Pacing the attack for the the Milwaukee flash. Al Madsen. with 26 points. Cox came off the bench still uffVring from a hip injury and dropped three important field goals to give Texas the edge needed for victory. Texas 41SM.V. 35 The highly successful 1946 basketball season came to a close in Gregory Gym with the Longhorns taking undisputed possession of third place by handing S.M.I . it- twelfth straight defeat. Cox. Madsen. and Woolen paced the Longhorns to their final victory of the season. 0.1 Y BICCOLA PEPPY BLOl NT Pearson receires a rebound in an exciting game u ' ith T.( .1 . BAYLOR Texas 36 Baylor 51 In Waco, Texas was thrown out of the Conference race by the Bears as Baylor ' s second half spurt proved too much for the Steers. When Al Madsen was removed early in the second half Texas hopes seemed to go with him. Cox, Buccola, and Pearson also fouled out. Texas 42 Bay lor 43 In one of the closest games played in Cregory Gym, the Bears edged the Longhorns 43-42. Texas had trouble pleasing the referee and was caught by his whistle too much of the time. These fouls had much to do with the defeat as Woolen fouled Johnson of the Bears in the closing minute of play and Johnson ' s free shots were both good. RICE Texas 71 Rice 46 Texas ' dynamic Roy Cox poured 28 points through the hoop to give the Longhorns an overwhelming victory over the Rice Owls. With six minutes to go Gray sent his start- ing line-up back into the game and they made 19 points before the whistle sounded. Texas 50 Rice 48 The small but sharp-shooting Longhorns took a firm grip on third place by edging the Owls 50-40. The lead changed hands 15 times. Peppy Blount made the last two goals for the Longhorns to turn defeat into victory. Cox and Madsen were high scorers for the Longhorns with 13 and 12 points respectively. The center jump at the start of the second half in the Baylor game. MAX COHEN Cohen gets two points on a tip-in against A. M. I 1945 BASEBALL Texas won its twenty-fourth Southwestern Conference Baseball Championship, losing only one game, to T.C.U. In non-confer- ence games. Texas won two out of seven games. COACH BLUR CHERRY mmi BILLY ANDREWS LETTERMEN: Leroy Andersen. John Avinger. Harold Bell. William J. Cox. Jam -- Erwin. Victor Follen, Robert Homeyer. Christopher Hubhard. Samuel Lay. Jack Lindsey. Thomas Milik. Eli David Phillt-y. Ernest Wilemon, Don Woolen, and William Blocker, manager. RESERVE: Howard Fitzgerald, William C Holt, assistant managers. Dale March 24 April 1 6 10 14 IT -7 28 28 May 3 6 9 10 18 19 23 25 26 SEASON ' S RESULTS Score Opponent Pitcher 205 SOUTHWESTERN Philley 5-1 - N MARCOS AAF Culp 13-0 A. M. Culp 45 10-3 SAN MARCOS AAF T.CU. Philley Erwin 3-7 RANDOLPH FIELD Culp 6-2 S.M.U. Erwin 10-3 T.CU. 2-3 T.CU. 9-11 SAN MARCOS AAF Erwin 4-11 WACO AAF Lay 7-4 S.M.I. Lay 5-4 S.M.U. Philley 4-3 A. M. Phille y 15-2 A. M. Lay 3-5 CAMP WALDRON Erwin 17-3 RICE Philley 8-7 RICE Wilemon ro,.- LAY. H ' iKNM LK. VILEMOV BELL nm: CHERRY. AMlERSEN. FOLI.EN. PHILLEY. HI BB KD. COACH BILLY MSCH. Tkud ro..- BLOCK ER. EBI . AVINT.EB. OOTIA. LINDSET. MILIK. srr THOMAS MII.IK JOHN AVINGER WILEMON JAMES EKVIN A Rice Owl hits a high foul. PACC 529 SAMUEL H. CULP LEROY ANDERSEN A Rice Owl hits one to the pitcher. Milik is the Texas catcher. JACK LIM1SEY SAMUEL LAV BUI Cox beats out the throw to first. Pux 531 KLI DAVID PHILLEY BILLY ANDREWS A Longhorn bunts to bring in a run. . PACE 532 1945 TRACK The Longhorns won their third straight Southwest Conference Track Cham- pionship, and their fifth in six years, to bring the 1945 season to a successful close. Texas had dominated the field all season but had not been expected to pile up 791 2 points to the second-place A. M. ' s IT 1 j points. The Longhorns won seven first places, and tied for another, and won seven second places as well as a number of third and fourth spots. Texas started the track season off well by winning the Border Olympics in Laredo on March 9. Franklin Crow set a new Border record of 25.5 in the 220-yard low hurdles. He also won the 120-yard high hurdles. Bob Umstattd, track captain, was high point man with 13 points. He won the 880-yard race, the mile, and was second in the 440-yard dash. The 880-yard relay team of Andy Shurr, Ed Klein. Earl Collins, and Charles Tatom won their event. The Longhorns also won the Southwest Exposition Track Meet in Fort Worth on March 17. Andy Shurr won the 100-yard dash and the 220-yard dash. Bob Umstattd took the mile and George Raborn won the shot put. ROBERT C. OISTATTP LETTER-MEN: Earl Lee Collins, Franklin J. Crow. Alexander A. Cunningham, Donald Deere, Donald C. Fox, Xico Perez Garcia, Conda P. Kegans, Milton H. Nipper, Coy Porter. George Raborn, Louis D. Raineri. John J. Robertson, Charles Andy Shurr, Homer W. Smith, Charles William Tatom, Robert G. Umstattd, Francis L. Whaley. and Sam S. Sengelmann, manager. RESERVES: Frank H. Beneke, Michael A. Callas, Thomas W. Eirhelberger, James G. Joyce, Clarence Joseph Olson, Dale Schwartzkopf, James A. Keller, assistant manager. Fnmt rr: SHl ' RR. SCHYARTZKOPF. KECANS. DEERE. CROW. fJISTATTD. GARCIA. RAINERI. PORTER. Sro 4 to : DOC tl UV :n wn; LOU . K ARIEL. RABORN. FOX. ROBERTSON. COLLINS. MMFS APPELCATE. E1C Tkir r r: SENCELM OV -MITH. H U.EV. TATOM. OLSON. CfNMV.mM. ml.. JOYCE, KELLER. COACH CLYDE UTTLEFIELD. ALEXANDER A. CUNNINGHAM PEREX GARCIA. THOMAS EICHELBERGER FRANKLIN CHOW DUAL MEETS April 16, 1945, at Austin ............................ Texas 82, A. M. 40 Texas won 11 first places with Shurr, Umstattd, and Kegan winning two each. Shurr was high point man with lH i points. May 5, 1945, at Austin ................................. Texas 96, Rice 26 The Longhorns won 12 firsts and tied for another. The Texas mile relay team composed of Collins, Garcia, Umstattd, and Shurr, pulled a surprise to win that event. " LITTLE CONFERENCE MEET " April 28, 1945, at Houston .................... Texas 80, A. M. 47, Rice 46 George Walmsley of Rice was high point man with 10 4 points. Umstattd was second with 10 points. Texas won six first places and tied for another. CONDA P. KEGANS COY PORTER CHARLES TATOM MICHAEL CALLAS ROBERT UMSTATTD ED KLEIN EARL COLLINS DRAKE RELAYS April 28, 1945, at Des Moines, Iowa Andy Shurr, the Longhorn ' s only representative at the Drake Relays, won second place in the 100-yard dash. He was nosed out by Charles Beaudry of Marquette who won in 9.9. N.C.A.A. MEET June 9, 1945, at Milwaukee, Wis. Andy Shurr pulled a muscle in a practice run but still managed to win the 220-yard dash in 22.4. He was slowed down also by the chilly weather. Shurr is the third Longhorn to win a first place in the national meet. Jud Atchison won the broad jump in 1939 and Jerry Thompson won the two mile in 1943. GEORGE RABOKN ANDY SHUKK DONALD DEERE DONALD FOX 440 YARD RUN 880 YARD RUN 1 MILE RUN 2 MILE RUN ' iOYARD RELAY 8 YARD RELAY EVENT 1945 TEXAS RELAYS WINNER TIME 120-Yard High Armstrong, Hurdles Oklahoma A. M 15 flat 100-Yard Dash . . . .Shurr, TEXAS 9.9 3,000 Meter Run. .Fielder, Drake 8:56.9 400-Yard Football Relay TEXAS 43 flat (Deere, Schwartzkopf, Crow, Tatom) Distance Medley Relay TEXAS 10:40.2 (Garcia, Cunningham, Raineri, Umstattd) 440-Yard Relay. .. .TEXAS 42.4 (Shurr, Beneke, Deere, Tatom) Sprint Medley Relay TEXAS 3:34.7 (Garcia, Tatom, Shurr, Umstattd) Two Mile Relay. ..Texas A. M 8:13.4 880-Yard Relay. .. .TEXAS 1:28.8 (Deere, Collins, Tatom, Shurr) Mile Relay Oklahoma 3:28.9 Pole Vault Winters and Moore, Corpus Christi, Navy, tie 13 ft. 6 in. Shot Put Stokes, Norman, Navy. .46 ft. y 2 in. Discus Throw Donaldson, Rice ....146 ft. 5 ' 2 in. High Jump Haese, Fort Sam Houston. 6 ft. 4 in. Broad Jump Haese, Fort Sam Houston 23 ft. 9 l % in. Javelin Throw Guerrerro, University of Mexico 184 ft. 2y, in. ! I Bob Umstattd finishes the sprint medley relay for Texas as his brother, track-star Mac Umstattd (in uniform), times him. Shurr re- ceives a trophy from Queen Sammie Farrier as Desmond Kidd looks on. The Longhorns ' champion football 440-yard relay team: Donald Deere, Dale Schwartzkopf, Franklin Crow, and Charlie Tatom. Tatom finishes the 440-yard relay for Texas. 1945 SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET EVENT WINNER TIME 440- Yard Dash . . . .Holbrook, A. M 49.1 100- Yard Dash Walmsley, Rice 9.8 One Mile Run Umstattd, TEXAS 4:25.2 220-Yard Dash . . . .Collins, TEXAS 21.5 880- Yard Run Holbrook, A. M 2:01.9 440-Yard Relay . . .TEXAS 42.4 (Shurr, Collins, Deere, Tatom) Two Mile Run .... Nipper, TEXAS 10 :06.8 Mile Relay Rice 3:25.9 120- Yard High Hurdles . . .Crow, TEXAS 15.1 220-Yard Low Hurdles . . . .Crow, TEXAS 24.5 High Jump Haws, A. M.. Kegans, TEXAS, Folsom, S.M.U., tie... 6 ft. Vi in. Broad Jump Robertson, TEXAS ..23 ft. 1% in. Shot Put Tassos, A. M 47 ft. 2 in. Pole Vault Williams, A. M 10 ft. 6 in. Discus Throw Donaldson, Rice 157 ft. 5 in. Javelin Throw Richie, Arkansas 163 ft. 8 in. More Texas Relays: Robertson over the bar in the high jump. Shurr finishes the 440-yard relay for Texas. Coach Littleficld is honored. Coach Littlef ield, three judges, and Coach Bible. 1945 CROSS COUNTRY Once again the Longhorns took over the Southwest Conference Cross Country Championship winning the first six places. Texas made a low score of 15 points, followed by A. M. with 45 points and Rice with 79. Don Fox, who led the Longhorns all season, came in first completing the two and a half mile course at College Station in 12:38.6. The next five places were taken by Longhorns in the following order: Milton Nipper, James Joyce, Bob Whisenant, William Donnellan, and Alexander Cunningham. A. M. Aggies came in seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth. Rice finished thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth. Texas placed sixteenth and seventeenth. Front raw: OTIS VADEN, JOYCE, FOX, NIPPKR, WHISENANT. Second row: MEDINA, trainer; CUNNINGHAM, MAC UMSTATTD, DONNELLAN, ROLISON, manager; COACH LITTLEFIELD. PACE 538 1945 GOLF JOE RUBY After a poor showing in early season matches the Longhorns won the Southwest Conference Cham- pionship at the Lakewood Country Club in Dallas by 46 strokes. Joe Ruby of Texas won the singles cham- pionship. Ruby Carl Tice, Allen Humphrey, and Nat Johnson made up the winning team. Sterling Browning received a major T award and the Massingill Trophy. Texas entered the nationals at Ohio State but had to withdraw the team when Johnson was called into the service the day be- fore the Tournament was to begin. Earlier in the Con- ference season Texas lost two matches to Rice and tied a match with A. M. T AWARDS: Joe Ruby and Sterling Browning. QUALIFYING LETTERMEN: Carl Tice, Allen Humphrey, Nat Johnson, and Dick Wehner. STERLING BROWNING ; FVU ron: WEHNER. JOHNSON. HUMPHREY. ran: JOHN F. WATKINS. BROWNING. TICE. COACH HARVEY PENICK. PACI S3 1945 TENNIS The Longhorns won the Southwest Conference Championship in tennis doubles but for the first time in three years lost the singles. Kenneth Craw- ford of Southern Methodist defeated William Sayres of Texas. Texas had really whitewashed the Conference teams during the season winning all but two matches out of thirty-seven played before the Conference meet in Dallas on May 11-12. Franklin McCarter, former A. M. netter, and Jackie Blanton defeated Crawford and Hugh Stennis of S.M.U. to win the doubles championship for Texas. LETTERMEN: Jack S. Blanton, Rodrigo R. DeLlano, Grady Gordon, Walter C. Hamilton, Carroll F. McCarter, William C. Sayres, Jack Gorman, manager; and Donald Goldbeck (Special Merit). RESERVES : Alfonso Cortes, assistant manager. COACH D. A. PENICK Front row. GORDON, SAYRES. HAMILTON, DELLANO. Second row: CORTES. BLANTON, McCARTER, PENICK. PACE 540 JACK S. BLANTON SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE SEASON April 6 TEXAS 6 Baylor April 14 TEXAS 6 Rice April 26 TEXAS 6 A. M. April 28 TEXAS 6 Rice May 2 TEXAS 5 T.C.U. 1 May 5 TEXAS 6 S.M.U. 1 SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET May 11-12, Dallas HMiLES: Crawford, S.M.U., defeated Say res, Texas: 7-5. 1-6, 3-6, 7-5, 6-2. DOUBLES: McCarter and Blanton, Texas, defeated Crawford and Stennis. S.M.U. : 6-4, 3-6, 4-6, 6-2, 6-1. WALTER C. HAMILTON WILLIAM C. SAYRES Picz 541 1945 SWIMMING To the Longhorn swimmers 1945 was a bitter year, for they lost their first Conference Championship race in over thirteen years to A. M. by a score of 84. to 80. Lack of the experience of their regular coach, Tex Robertson, seemed to be the difference in a season of disappointments and tough breaks. Bob Bellinger, a naval trainee, made a very able attempt to fill in for Robertson. Bellinger also earned a T Award for himself by winning the 100-yard breast- stroke in the meet. Bob McLellan won the 100-yard backstroke and received a T Award for his outstanding performance. " Front rout: RALPH CROSSWILER, ALEXANDER. RUBALOFF. JACK MELLENTH1N. Second row: BOLLINCER, BEAN, UPHAM, PIERCE, CARPENTER, McLELLAN, MITCHELL. Third row: SEILING, SCHOELLER, HILL, LINN. Pi 512 1945 SWIMMING DUAL MEETS On March 15, 1945, the Aggies came to Austin and defeated the Longhorns 48 to 45. Nine days later the spirited Longhorns paid the Aggies a visit to College Station and thoroughly trounced A. M. 73 to 56. LETTERMEN: Robert J. McLellan and Lawrence F. (Bob I Bellinger. RESERVES: Willard Bean. Stewart Carpenter, Robert Hill. Don F. Pierce, Stuart Rubaloff, James Clyde Straus. Chester R. Upham. George Alexander, Wilbur Schoeller, and B. C. Burkheimer, manager. BOB BOLLINCER. STEWART CARPENTER WILBUR SCHOELLER ALEXANDER. Md.EU.AN. SCHOELLER 14) TEX ROBERTSON 1946 SWIMMING Completely overwhelming all competition offered, the 1946 Longhorn swimming team celebrated the return of Coach Tex Robertson from the service by handing him his thirteenth Southwest Conference Championship in that many years of coaching. The whole season was a victorious one for the Longhorns as they swept aside all opposition to come through undefeated. William Parks (Bill) Johnson, a veteran of the 1942 and 1943 Championship squads, served as team captain and was one of the outstanding swimmers of the season. Johnson returned to the campus this spring after serving two years with the Marine Corps. Other outstanding swimmer stars this year were Joe Demmer who is also a returnee and Dick Westkaemper, one of the Conference ' s best in the back stroke. Best among the divers were Bill Wilkins and Jack Swaim. Front row: JOHN FABER, JACK SWAIM, JOE DEMMER, BILL JOHNSON, WILLARD BEAN, BILL SCHRIBER, BOB YOUNG. Second row: W. J. STORK, WALLACE PRYOR, BILL WILKINS, MIKE HUSHLA, DICK WESTKAEMPER, CHEETO HENDRIX, DAVID GRANT, GEORGE BIRDWELL. Third row: TEX ROBERTSON, DAVID ROBERTS, PERRIN WHITE, BILL GEORGE, JIM GLASBERG. PACE 544 1946 SWIMMING DUAL MEETS TEXAS 49 A. M. 44 TEXAS 43 DALLAS ATHLETIC CLUB 38 TEXAS 49% A. M. 43% SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET TEXAS 86% A. M. 64% S.M.U. 25 Joe Demmer was high point man for the Conference meet with 16 points and Bill Johnson was second with 11 points. Texas took seven out of ten. Dick Westkaemper was outstanding in the 300-yard medley relay which the Longhoras won without any trouble. Demmer took the 200-yard and the 100-yard free style races away from A. M. ' s Riley and S.M.U. ' s highly-regarded Moore. Johnson won the 50-yard free style while Smith of Texas took the 100-yard back stroke. West- kaemper followed Smith in the back stroke race and Hill of Texas won the 100-yard breast stroke. Bill Wilkins and Jack Swaim had no trouble taking over the diving honors. BILL JOHNSON JACK StTAIM. BILL TIUONS IOt DEMMEK , .- , ff Softball Champions (Summer, 1945) SECOND COMPANY, PRATHER Front row: R. I. Simons, R. Butler, S. C. Fryant, R. W. Rolston, J. E. Kennell. Second row: S. M. Bell, T. O. Harrell, C. P. Kegan, G. M. Friau, J. F. Ocker, H. V. Overbeek. Softball Runners-Up (Summer, 1945) BRACKENRIDGE HALL Front row: Vilbry White, C. T. Rhodes, David Green, James Barnes, Dean Trubee. Second row: Perry Biles, Howard Fitz- gerald, Horace Fowler, Bob Mussle- white, Bill Woellert. Water Polo Champions (Fall, 1945) WATSON HOUSE Front row: James Quoyesen, Harry Black, Jerry Raisch, George S. Smith. Second row: Pat Dwyer, Billy Bob Wil- liams, Bob Cockrell, Wallace Pryor. PACE 548 Water Polo Runners-Up (Fall, 1945) SECOND COMPANY L.C.D. Front row: Bill Smith, E. V. Hassinger, Art Dickerson. Second row: Joe Ward. William R. Esler, Dick Jones, Flip Kreycik. Swimming Champions (Fall, 1945) PHI GAMMA DELTA Left to right: Ben F. Crier, Harold Hendrix, Barrett Garrison, Ghent Graves. Swimming Runners-Up (Fall, 1945) SIGMA PHI EPSILON Left to right: J. R. Keck. G. F. Friauf, W. A. McCorkle. i , . -.: . Touch Football Champions (Fall, 1945) DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Front TOW: Howard Federer, Louis Holder, Bob Miller, John Fleming, Jack Blanton, H. E. Ellis. Second TOW: George McCall, James Kemper, H. D. McElroy, Dick Reiner, G. H. Lane. Touch Football Runners-Up (Fall, 1945) SECOND COMPANY, L.C.D. Front TOW: Jack Anderson, J. P. Frey- cik, C. B. Eriokson, Earl L. Deets. Second TOW: Jack Avinger, H. F. Dick- erson, P. H. Kreider, H. D. Stead- man, L. F. Stringer. Not in picture: W. H. Gile, H. S. Hazelwood, R. L. Avery, Charles Langner, C. T. Anderson, N. I. Beck, John Asmus. Tennis Doubles Runners-Up (Fall, 1945) PI KAPPA ALPHA Wilbur Ross and Bob Vaden Tennis Doubles Champions (Fall, 1945) B.S.U. Louis Burton and Tom Heard PACE 550 olleyball Champions (Spring. 19451 THIRD COMPANY, PRATHER Front rote: C N. Hovden. S. M. Bell, C. EL Smith. Second row: W. H. Schrader. H. W. Davis. Guy Burcola. J. E. Kennell. Track Champions (Spring, 1945) DELTA TAU DELTA Front row: M. J. Werkenthin, R. T. Jobes, J. E. Evans. Second rote: T. A. Outlaw, F. P. Johnston, Bob Reed, J. B. Morrison. Third row: Roy Munroe. Bob Manoque, D. C. Hearne, C S. Banks. Softball (Spring, 1945) CHAMPION undetermined when out- break of Polio at the University brought Intramurals to an early close. Softball Champions (M.l.C.A. Division) HUTCH HOUSE Front row: M. Uchiyama, G. Toyoda, S. Uchiyama, H. Tanaka, J. R. Sims, C. W. Scott, Jr. Second row: F. Hata, R. Lee, L. Pugh, W. C. Williamson, H. P. Grisham, M. Powers. Softball Champions (Fraternity Division) PI KAPPA ALPHA Front row: B. Gardener, manager. Second row: C. Hickok, D. Owens, C. Russell, P. Stevenson, J. Wilhelm, J. Crowley. Third row: W. T. Ballard, A. Humphrey, T. Peachey, B. Storal, G. Novak. Softball Champions (V-12 Division) FIRST COMPANY, L.C.D. Front row. L. Casteix, C. Erikson, R. Keenan, R. O ' Brien, J. Flint, L. Hilburn, M. Whalen. Second row: N. Dudney, J. Ingram, E. Hartman, C. D. Harsin, L. E. Brown. G. W. Bruffey, L. Copeland. PACE 552 Softball Champions (Club Division) WESLEY FOUNDATION Front row: L. Jaques, R. Brei- ham, H. Goehrs, E. Felfe, J. Barrett. Second row: C. Maxwell, E. Brown, R. Dobbs, W. Skomps, K. Hudson. D. Partridge. Tennis Singles TENNIS SINGLES (Summer, 1945) Champion: Richard Cato, Blomquist Swedes. Runner-up: Emil Klatt, Phi Gamma Delta. Tennis Singles (Spring, 1945) Champion: Gus Marques, Latin-American Club. Runner-up: Harry Samuels, Sixth Company, Pralher. II NllBM I. MNGLES CHAMPION (fell. 1943) Joe Ccrhirdt. Latin-Americio Club HANDBALL SINGLES Kl NMK I V (Fall. 1945) Ed W.lih.ll. Alpha Tan Ome(a PAGE 553 BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS: P.E.M. Front row: J. M. Pearce, Hobbs Williams, W. B. Dean, M. J. Rau. Second row: . J. Benlley. Max Bumgardner. Jess Hawthorne, Billy Cox. BASKETBALL RUNNERS-UP: DELTA TAU DELTA Front row: G. L. Smith. John Evans. Henry Allen, M. J. Werkenthin. Second row: J. H. Fry, J. J. Robertson. Vilbry White, Robert Kealhoefer, T. A. Outlaw. WRESTLERS a Fran i hak I. L. WILLING Heavyweight JACK E. BRADY 175 Ib. WILLIAM A. WROE 155 Ib. R. L. McCELVEY 145 Ib. JOHN RILEY 135 Ib. 11. PRICE LITTLEJOHN 127 Ib. BOXERS LEWIS HOLDER Heavyweight TOMMY LANDRY 175 Ib. PATRICK W. BRADY 165 11). CHARLES VYCHOPEN RAMON D. GONZALES 155 Ib. 145 Ib. ROBERT COHN 135 Ib. LLOYD E. PRATT 127 Ib. MORRIS McCALL 120 Ib. Front row. . I INTRAMURAL MANAGER MrDould. SSD: Selau R.,lnicl A+E: Bertha Nehrahl. IAT: An Carmirhael. ZTA: An Campbell ZTA: P CoM . F+B. DorMky 11. A4rr .: M.r. Jo Vorj... KA6: M.r. Jo Loofx r. AXQ: Aid- ButUr. Litllrfirld: Norm Zar.lf. litl. t y i Cr... BSl " : Gloria Trial! AZ : LrlU Hou-m .. HB : .ni. Bu lr. ir inrd.. Ct-mrlt Aur .llio . if: EloJ -lh Tiwon. AAR: ) -rrr Millrr. APA: Pecgr Nruhao,. AAA; Roalir Matlock: Vk Imp.: Mrlka Coi. Hall: Man Bail. Crarr Hall: Man Jo mtma . AOH : SalU Gunb.. A+. Martha Dillrr. U.fc Cra(. Shirla O Gara, Marjork- V-.IOB. ir Crirkrl.; Eliulx-lh McClu.k.. WOMEN ' S IlVTHAMUflALS Vnart: it OM. Hafart. Kk Hatrk. N.omi Hrar. Dorotk; Kl naiH-r Lp: A m CaMlta DcLTa Doratk; Dari.. EarU M Do aU. HUT Loc McCl HOCKEV (1944-451 a... Fraam Pierre. Fen Horioe. Ida (Berk;) Ma -hemehl. Sue LjllieSeld. Na..v Mailer. Helen Graner. Cotal Jn Vollad. EUie Tharp. Skelb. Frinell. Jerry Miller. EJilh Japkel. ElUabelh Trammell. Rae Vriclii. SOFTBALL (White Bracket) Standing: Winner: BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Bobbie Nell Case, Ann Grot- haus, Elizabeth Wilson, Annette Bissett, Lucile Porter, Daisy Rachal, Bobbye Gray, Iris Mae Campbell, Joyce Campbell. Sitting: Runner-up: GAMMA PHI BETA Eleanor Gish, Johanna De Lancy, Elise Adams, Jean Fine, Dorothy Drawe, Helen Chenowth, Mary Louise Alex- ander, Mary Foster, Wanda Taylor, Dorothy Douglas, Alice, Wharton, Peggy Cobb. SOFTBALL (Orange Bracket) Standing: Winner: WICA EVENS Pete Taylor, Rosalie Matlock, Martha Diller, Mary Lee Menn, Agnes Kolos, Patricia Wilson, Lovis Hardt, Minifred Taylor, Xerma Rasor, Helen Dvoracek, Gem Dudley, Dorothy Tetley. Kneeling: Runner-up: ANDREWS DORMITORY Barbara Baker, Dorothy Card- well, Bobbie Day, Fern Horine, Joy Loefler, Gail Huckabee, Jean Dirks, Ruth Dyer, Vir- ginia Stolte, Marian Randall, Beth Looney, Catherine Haynes. SWIMMING (Orange Bracket) Winner: DELTA GAMMA Cynthia Lancaster, Martha Boyd, Gloria Fitzpatrick, Sara Youngflesh, Audrey Hendrick- son, Ernestine Gowen. SWIMMING (White Bracket) Front row: Winner: ALPHA PHI Mary Margaret Gunter, Sally Gunby, Joy Goff, Doris Mc- Leod. Second TOW: Patricia Williamson, Geraldine Kempe, Elizabeth Rathjen, Lois Whitesell, Mary Ann Kolle. El PACE 556 BASKETBALL (White Bracken Kneeling: Winner: ZETA TAU ALPHA Ann CarmichaeL Mildred Kelleher, Jean Shaw, Marie Merrill, Julia Tult. Morpia Howard. Martha M,Murr . AM Campbell Ann O Connell. Susan Hamilton, Chloe Con- SUM. Sitting: Runner-up: KAPPA KAPPA 0 MM Carolyn Wilson. Mary Lucy Pope, Ruth Ann Douglas . Ann Myers. Elizabeth Burgher. Eleanor Powell. Lois Kirk- ! ary Lou Myers, Mary Lou Williamson. 5KETBALL Orange Bracket) Sitting: Winner: Ulc r r - Gem Dudley. Mattie Bull. Daisy Rachal. Ora Mae Lc tak. Helen Dvoracek, Jean Talley. Mar- jorie Darilek. Dorothy Tetley. Runner-up: WESLEY Yirpinialee Stevenson, Lucile Fender. Corine Heard. Eliza- beth Stone. Rosemary Jones. Dorothy Potter. Carolyn Yolk- man. Ph lli- Mohle. Katherine VOLLEYBALL i Orange Bracket Knrtlinf: Winner: BAPTIST -TIHKM I M ' June Ann Cannon. Carol Yolk- nann. In- Mae Campbell. Ann Grothaus, Bobbie Case, Judith McCatchy. Fay Moorehead. Dizaheth Wilson. Bobbye Gray. Wanda Budge. WICA Runner-up: DEY11 I-H IV S Margaret M- ormi k. Doris Lee, Dai ? Rachal. Patricia Wilson. Mary Agnes Demere. Rosalie Matlork. Mar?- Frances Terrell. Naomi HefEar. Helen Waller. Charlene Hicko . Ida Beckv i MachemehL ( iLLEYBALL W hite Bracket I : Winner: IXTLA Ella Saenz. Teresa Tirnn?. Sae Boyett. Lilia Saenz. Herroe- linda Prado. Doralisa Saenz, Celia Ramirez. Mary Noto, Norma Zarate. tanding: Runner-up: UP ANGELH- IMPS Gertrude Freytag. Lula Lee Turner. Judy l ron. Jane Robin Baker. Mary Ann Laerhlin. . . , .:-. . -- ' rv n DKCK TENNIS SINGLES -Runner.L ' ii: Suun Hamilton. ZTA. U inner: KoJ McNamee, ADP. DECK TENNIS DOUBLES Runners-Up: Susan Hamilton. Keith Campbell., ZTA. Winners: Nita Ruth Baker, Rose MeNamee. ADP. TABLE TENNIS DOUBLES Kinners (sitting) : Virginia Lee Stevenson. Lueilie Fender, WESLEY. Runners-Vp: Sylvia Lensky. Ci-ttnulu Moskowitz, HIO. TENNIS SINGLES- Runnrr-Vp: Elir Van HaM-li-n, ACO. Vinnrr: Su-.-in Hamilton, ZTA. BADMINTON SINGLES (1944.45) Winner: Betty Ann Gilbert. CO. Runnrr- Vp: Edith Ryilell, WICA EVENS. TABLE TENNIS SINGLES- -Runner-Up: Jeanne Smith, KKG. II inner: Vir- ginia Lee Stevenson, WESLEY. TENNIS DOUBLES Runners-Vp: Dorothy Davis. Shelby Frizzed. AGD. U ' mnert: Lucille Fender, Frances Pierce, WICA ODDS. POSTURE (1944-45) First Place Winners: Alysc Boyd, DG; Mary Lynn Williams. ADP; Susan Henry, GPB; Sandy Rowc, KAT. 1 GOLF firmer: Dorothy Potter, Wesley Runner-up: Peggy Brinton. ZTA SHUFFLEBOARD DOUBLES (1944-45) Winners: Ruth Powell, Faith Ridout Runners-up: Jeannette Blocker, Elizabeth Brown FENCING (1944-45) H inner: Leota Guenard, GPB Runner-up: Dorothy Faulkner, DDD BOWLING (1944-45) tt inners: WESLEY Felicia Goebel, Hazel Little, Anabel Hughes. Carolyn Hoi- ford, Dorothy Potter. ARCHERY Winner: Jean Jung, Bowman ettes; 2nd. Virginia Barren. DZ: 3rd. Helen Rucker, S.R.D. BADMINTON DOUBLES Winners (standing): Edith Ry- dell, Lurile Fender, Wira ' rickets Runners-up ' sitting): Carolyn Row, Margaret Phillips, DG ; . TURTLE CLUB Front row: Patricia Williamson, Martha Keith, Mary Ann Kolle, Dorothy Faulkner, Faith Ridout, Frances Nichols, Linda Henninger, Jane Meredith. Second row: Florence Tillson, Marjorie Treva- than, Dorothy Needham, sponsor; Frances Totten, Marion McKellar, Peggy Payne, Nell Gambrell. Third row: Jeanne Coulter, Ann Myers, Jane Thompson, June Wilson, Jane Dowell. Fourth row: Elizabeth McClusky, leader; Betty Dunman, Ruth Rydell, Frances Kirksey, Patricia Brennan. Not in Picture: Dorothy McClusky, Jane O ' Brien. TEE CLUB Front row: Rose McNamee, Jo Alice Wynn, Billie Sue Rothwell, Dorothy Kelley, Gloria Bowers. Second row: Peggy Brinton, Nita Ruth Baker, Betty Winborn, Helen Dvoracek, Sally Gunby, Mary Alice Brown, Sammie Greenwood. Third row: Carla Harris, Sara Zimmerman, Elma Jean Noble, Sue McCan. Fourh row: Marjorie Newton, sponsor; Anna G. Ratliff, leader; Mary Lou Sweeney, Janet Strauss. BOW AND ARROW Sitting: Virginia Maxwell, Helen Rucker, Mary- Lain. Kneeling: Irene Crawford, Dorothy Tetley, Bar- bara Wheeler, Bertha Nebenzahl, Olive Policy, Louise Painter. Standing: Virginia Barron, leader; Mary Neal McDonald, Hope Davis, Marguerite Haynie, Billie Tate. RACKET CLUB Front row: Ann Gullick, Delia Parker, Sylvia Lensky, Patricia Batchler, June Ann Canno n, Helen Lowrie, Ann Grothaus. Second row: Barbara Warner, Mitten Howell, Robbie Scruggs, Susan Hamilton, leader; Betsy Cottingham, Lucile Fender, Charles Ann; Wall- ing, Bobbye Gray, Pearl Smith. Third row: Shiela O ' Gara, sponsor; Martha Jones, Daisy Rachal, Laura Taylor, Ann Allen. PACE 560 POONA CLUB Front row: ABB Crittenden, Grace Orndorff. leader: Edith RydelL Second rote: Betty Gjlmey, Gerry Saviors. Thalia Saseeen, Meda Beth McDaniel. Alice Holbrook. Third rote: Alice Fusion, Carol Jan Yolland. Carolyn Row, Carol Griffith. Kathryn Hunter, Margaret Phillips. Fourth row: Katberioe Paterson. Jerry Miller, Doris Lee, Shirley Bennetts, sponsor: Ernestine Orts, Julia Tart, Carol Loworn. CANTER CLUB Front rote: Ben Dana way. Emily Anne Ellison, Ann Reich. Nadine Sinaiko. Talma Timmerman. Marilou Rutledge. Mary Ann Dudley, Betty Jo McFalls. Martha Kelly, Betbene Young, sponsor. Second rotr: Virginia Stevenson, Martha McMur- ray. Gayle Armstrong. Louise Meitzen, Marian Kane. Patricia Mnrchison, Lucille Ash. Mounted: Winnie Lea Williams, leader; Jimmy Burr, instructor. :-icturtd: Virginia Holmgreen. Betty Knicker- bocker, Mary Lib Vick. Suzanne Penn. STRIKE AND SPARE Front row: Frances Jean Roensch, leader: Margie Sears. Mary Ann Santleben, Bonnie Lowry. Beth Lundy. Second row: Windy Webb. Westelle Maxwell. Alma Moses, Hazel Little, Felicia Goebel. Billie Graul, Jackie Teague, Betty Lou Courtney, Gloria Swicegood, sponsor. TOUCHE CLUB Left to right: Anne. Pittman. sponsor: Ursula Zimmermann. Mary Agnor. Barbara McMahon, Marian Stennian. Peggy Shamburger, Gertrude Murray, Margo Stoll. Marian Cramer, leader: Carolyn Cbeesman. Alliere Pigott, Betty Brad- ley, Mary Martin, Marie Doncette, Roberta Rice, Barbara Walker. 5 1 U.T.S.A. COUNCIL Front row: DOROTHY FAULKNER, FRANCES KIRKSEY, SUSAN HAMILTON, BETTY LOU COURTNEY. Second row: FRANCES JEAN ROENSCH. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH HITTSON, MARY McDONALD, WINNIE LEA WILLIAMS. ELIZABETH McCLUSKY. MARIAN CRAMER, ANNA G. RATLIFF, GRACE ORNDORFF, SHIELA O ' GARA. ORCHESIS Front row: JEAN McCRIGHT, EMILY McNEELY, PATTY LUMMUS, leader; JANICE NELSON, ELIZABETH FRUIT. Second row: GLORIA FITZGERALD, BERNICE CLARK, RUTH SCHROEDER, SARA JO LEVY, GLORIA ROSOFF, sponsor. Third row: BETTYE BEECROFT, BARBARA DUNNAM, BEVERLY BECK. PACE 562 - . SUTTON HALL fl GREETING TO ALL GOOD TEXflNS FROM li iecllcal d5ranck OF THE UNIVERSITY AT GflLVESTON Your Medical Branch is perking up and hitting its stride for the biggest peace-time job in its history. In spite of shortages of equipment, personnel, and funds, it is doing a bigger job than ever before. Thanks to the generous interest and help of Texans everywhere, the Medical Branch is beginning to approach what the people of the State want in a genuine part of a uni- versity of the first-class. During the last war year, the Medical Branch was working overtime. It has continued to do so since. Even though the accelerated teaching program has been discontinued, additional hard, but joyous, work has been incurred in post-graduate training courses. These have brought physicians from all over Texas and from recent military service, to brush up on " what ' s new " in taking care of the sick. Outstanding special conferences have been held in pediatrics, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, physical medicine, surgery, and neuropsychiatry. The pediatrics program has been particu- larly impressive. It is being supported by the William Buchanan Foundation of Texarkana, and is contributing greatly to the increased health and wel- fare of the children of the State. We are anxious at the Medical Branch to have as many visitors as pos- sible from all over the State. We believe we have something worthwhile to show. We are proud of our students. We have a fine group of medical stu- dents from all over the State, and from many different parts of the country. We have a splendid and large group of nurse cadets. We are rounding out special groups of technicians. Our laboratories are humming with research. Our hospitals are over-crowded but efficient. Come down and have a look, and you will be proud of us too! CHAUNCEY D. LEAKE Vice-President PACE 562 B Xr ALPHA DMEGA ALPHA HONORARY MEDICAL FRATERNITY OFFICERS Counselor President Vice- President Secretary-Treasurer DR. G. W. N. EGGERS DR. RAYMOND GREGORY DR. JAMES GREENWOOD, JR. DR. WILLIAM C. LKVIN CLASS OF 1946 William A. Belts Lloyd K. Darwin George E. Glover, Jr. Herbert H. Janszen Mary Lucille Magee Edward H. Martin Ivan G. Mayfield Dale R. Rhoades William S. Sanders Altus B. Sansom Edward B. Singleton James H. Benton Paul Brindley Willard R. Cooke George M. Dechard James Downs G. W. N. Eggers Jack R. Ewalt Edgar S. Ezell Chester North Frazier Raymond Gregory George R. Herrmann Chauncey D. Leake George Lee FACULTY MEMBERS William C. Levin Robert M. Moore William B. Potter Boyd Reading E. B. Rowe Arthur Ruskin Edward H. Schwab William B. Sharp Albert 0. Singleton Samuel R. Snodgrass Charles T. Stone Robert B. White Erie E. Wilkinson PACE 564 SENIORS ABBOTT. JACK P.. M.D.. Lubbock x BADER, JOE, B.A., MJX, Edinborg BENTLEY, BASCOM W., M.D., Palatine MB BETTS. WILLIAM A-, B.A M.A., M.D.. Austin 8K+. AHA BIBBY, DOUGLAS E M.D., Colorado City MH BOULDEN, CECIL F., B.A-, M.D., Austin AKK, O.troo. AEA BRAGG, WILLIAM J., B.A MJ) Memphis tax BUDD, WILBUR MB M.D., Austin CAPLAN. MISCHA, B.A., M.D Houston +AE CARMIGNAM, AMEDEO E, B.A., M.D Galveston nw CHILDERS. HERSCHEL N.. B.B.A., M.D., San Antonit AKK CHILDERS, JOHN H., B.A.. M.D., Austin 9K+ CLARK, CHARLES S., M.D., Crowcll AKK, AEA COUCH. RAY EL, B M.D Grandtiew MX ADA COX, JAMES F., B.S., M.D Abilene +PI DARWIN. LLOYD 1C, M.D Dallas XIX. ADA ELMENDORF. HUGO F., B ., M.D., San Antonio +PI ELSTON. FREDERICK A., M.D M Lubbock FENDER. ERNEST U M.D.. Austin 9K+ FLY, ORCENETH A., B ., M.D., Hondo MB FORMAN, SOL, B.S.. M.D Galveston +AE P id 561 s I: IIIHS GAITZ, CHARLES M., B.A., M.D., Houston AE GEARY, FRANCIS B., B.A., M.D., Dallas BH GIBSON, LOUIS E., B.S., M.D., Houston GIBBS, REAGAN H., B.S., M.D., Fort Worth AEA, J PZ GLOVER, GEORGE E., B.A., M.D., Austwell 4 BK, X, AQA, AEA GOLDSTEIN, STANLEY E., B.S., M.D., Beaumont AE GRANT, SILAS W., B.A., M.D, San Antonio 6K GREEN, MARY RUTH, B.A., M.D., Timpson AEI, 6AA HARDY, TOM C., B.A., M.D., Houston X, Osteon HENDRIX, WILLIAM C., JR., B.A., M.D., Ennis N2N HOLMES, ROY W., M.D., Shamrock AKK, AEA, SAE JANTZEN, HERBERT H., B.S., M.D., Orange Grove PS, AOA JIMINEZ, PROSPERO, JR., B.A., M.D., Brownsville 0K JOHNSON, ALVIS, JR., B.A., M.D., Sonora JONES, CHARLES N., B.A., M.D., Dallas X, Osteon KOLLE, FRED W., B.A., M.D., Houston KREMPIN, HERMAN 0., M.D., Rowena OK LANKFORD, LEVIUS L., B.A., M.D., Cisco I, AEA, LAY, COY L., M.D., Austin AKK, X , AEA, Osteon LENSKY, PAUL, M.D., Austin AEA LIVESAY, WILLIAM R., B.A., M.D., Houston AKK MAGLIOLO, AMEDEO A., M.D., Galveston NIN PACE 566 SENIORS 1 RTIN, EDWARD H., M.D., Anson XIX. AQA MARTIN, JOHN E., B.A., M.D., Houston +BII. AKA MAYFIELD, IVAN G., B.S., M.D., Wichita Falls PA. I A, A. -A MENDELL, JACK L., M.D., Galveston MEWSHAW, MARY HELEN, M.D., Waco AEA. AEI MOERS, ROBERT O., M.D., Houston l-t ' K. AKK. O.ICOD MONAGHAN, JOHNNIE E., B.A., M.D., Fort Worth MULLINS, J. FRED, B.A., M.D., Brownwood X, O-l,.., n MCDONALD, HENRY c, JR., B.A., M.D., Dallas AKK. AEA. A4 Q. .,.., NEEDHAM, PERRY Q., B.S., M.D., Fort Worth XXX O ' LEARY, JOHN C, B.A., M.D., San Antonio 9K+ ONEY, JACK S., B.S., M.D., Commerce HO OSHMAN, JOSEPH, B.A., M.D., Galveston 4 AE OVERTON, ROBERT C., JR., B.A., M.D., Cleveland Mill. AXA, AKA. O.lrnn RAINEY, J. R., JR., B.S., M.D., Dallas RHOADES, DALE R., B.A., M.D., Odessa MX. AX, AOA RITTIMAN, MELROSE C., B.A., M.D., San Antonio ROOSTH, WILEY, M.D., Tyler +AE. AKA ROSENBLAD, LAWRENCE E., Ph.D., M.D., Houston SANDERS, WILLIAM, B.A., M.D., Houston XIX. AQA SANSOM, ALTL ' S B., B.S., M.D., Lubbock +X. AfJA. O.lron SCHOCH, EUGENE P., JR., B.A., M.D., Austin AKK. BK. AEA P 567 SENIORS SEGER, FORREST M., B.S., M.D., Beeville Bn, AX, Osteou SEGER, EVA YZNAGA, M.D., Brownsville AEI, 6K SCHWENKER, HARRY F., B.A., M.D., Brady X. Osteon SINGLETON, EDWARD B., B.A., M.D., Galveston P2, AQA, Osteon SMALL, DAVID E., B.A., M.D., Houston X, AX, Ostcon SMITH, MARY LOUISE, B.A., M.D., Houston AEI SPENCER, BOB A., B.S., M.D., Seattle N2N, AX SPENCER, W. BRUCE, B.A., M.D., Rails f X, AEA STAHL, DAVID J., M.D., San Antonio STENBERG, ROBERT T., M.D., Austin AKK, AEA, BK SUKMAN, ROBERT, B.A., M.D., Port Arthur AE, A THORNTON, MELVIN L., M.D., Littlefield X, AEA TOOMIM, LEONARD A., M.D., Beaumont TREADWELL, MOSE A., B.A., M.D., Houston x UPSHAW, LEON R., B.A., M.D., San Antonio WALKER, JOE A., B.A., M.D., Huntington WALKER, DOROTHY C., B.A., M.D., Houston AEI WALKER, WILLIAM J., B.S., M.D., Clarendon WATZLAVICK, AUGUST J. A., Ph.G., M.D., Schulenburg X, PX W1LLEFORD, GEORGE, JR., B.S., M.D., Corpus Christi P, Osteon WOOD, ALONZO C., JR., B.S., M.D., Galveston 9K+ WRIGHT, NORMAN E., B.A., M.D., Alpine PICE 568 GRADUATE NURSES ARNOLD, BARBARA KATHLEEN. Kingsport CARTER, MARGARET LOUISE, Houston EDAHL. BERN1CE CORDEN. JEAN INEZ. Beaumont HALE. DORIS. Beaumont HOFFMAN, ANNA ELIZABETH, Brownwood JONES. AVIS LOUISE. Lawton, Old . KASHIWAGO, ISEKO JUNE. Amache. Colo. KAWANO, KJMIKO, Demon. Ark. McCARSON. ADELIA LEE, Boling MCCARTY, ANNIE SUE, Mar-hail MAXWELL, BONNIE COUCH, Kermlle NEWMAN. FRANCIS SMITH, Tyler OVERTON, GLORIA MAE, Port Arthur PACIFIC, MARY LOU, Houston PECHAL. MABEL LILLIAN, Belton REINHART. MARGARET ISOLA, Iowa City, Io RUDNICK, BETTY, Houston SLATAPER. LOUISE. Houston IITH, BETTY JEAN, Duranu Okla. TWIBELL. BOBBIE. Sheridan WELLS, MARGARET, Corsicana r.-i M SENIOR NURSES Front row: Lynch, Curtis, Hill, Merrell, Low, Jamail, Ader, Lippert, S. Burns. Second row: Nunn, Storms, All- man, Bohls, Wilkinson, Breit- krentz, Knapp. Third row: Snogetinsky, Meador, Sansom, Loika, Wright, Brett, Schaper, Mcllroy, L. Smith. Fourth row: Speckels, Horie, Cross, Anderson, Boettger, Kolaja, Sherman, Hand, J. Graves. JUNIOR NURSES MARCH Front row: Pechal, Taylor, Lind- sey, Bourland, Suddeth, Schneider. Second row: Lam, Dunlap, Graves, Palmer, Shimatsu. Third row: Poythress, Homey, Martin, Finke, Klough, Lyster. JUNIOR NURSES JULY Front row: Eisenhauer, Obe- nauer, Chamberlain, Morris. Second row: Lewis, Cerneny, Allen, Maisch, Drake. Third row: Hester, Russell, Mac- Donald, Jones, Gunter, Schmidt. JUNIOR NURSES NOVEMBER Front row: Rucker, Grasshoff, King, Fisher, Watson, Marro- quin, Baca, Lamance, Simmons. Second row: Lipscomb, Foster, Redfern, B. J. Murphy, Yar- brough, Conley, Moran, Svatek. Third row: A. Foster, Mangum, Buchanan, E. Murphy, Mitch- ell, D. Hill, Goode. Fourth row: Messer, Games, Frantz, Seaholm, Burr, Gist, Hatchett, Gindorf. A ' f. ' ' FRESHMEN NURSES MARCH Front row: Ross, Spill, Sheldon, KackL Second row: Dousman, Sharp. Streeb, Harrison, Hall. FRESHMEN NURSES JULY Front row: Bodgin. Crockett, Gardner. P. Smith. Worth, Fuller, Carle, D. Smith. Fulton. Meaner. Second rote: Pieper, Robertson. Turnage. Morris, Rowe. Reeves, Ludwip. Oohoa, Ridgley, Ma- bry, Abrendt. Third row: Moore, Bonner. Aaron, Robinson. Medley. War- field, Starr. McDorman. Smith. Smiley. Hildebrand, Ehlers. FRESHMEN NURSES OCTOBER Front row: Tumage. Ridgeway. Spencer, L. L. Callaway, L. V. Gallaway, Choate, Smial. Second row: Braulirk, Gold, Bergeron, Bourg, Cudd, Halt- mar, Dittert. Third row: Bonner. Smith, Thoma. ' . Hargrove. Heatherly. Norman. Elders. MARY RUTH GREEN Madeline Beckenbach Arr Nell Boelsche Frances Davis Margaret M. Davis Doris Depenbrock Rebecca T. Duty Claire Gossage Mary Ruth Green Juanita Hart ALPHA EPSILDN IDTA OFFICERS President MARY RUTH GREEN Vice-President .......... GRETCHEN HERRMANN Recording Secretary HELEN HEARE Corresponding Secretary MARY BEN SMITH MEMBERS Mary Jean Haefer Helen Heare Gretchen Herrmann Grace K. Jameson Ida Kuritz Mary Helen Mewshaw Margaret Moore Mary Jean Murphy Dorothea Neubauer Helen Pratt Mary Louise Saunders Eva Yznaga Seger Ruth Shelton Mary Ben Smith Mary Louise Smith Rachel Spiller Eva Taylor Dorothy Walker Alma Young Top row: SMITH, DAVIS, MEWSHAW, GOSSAGE, E. SECER. Second row: D. WALKER, TAYLOR, HEARE, HART, HEAFL ' R. Third row: DEPENBROCK, BOELSCHE. YOUNG, SPILLER, PRATT. PACE 572 CHARLES E. CAITZ PHI DELTA EPSILDN OFFICERS President CHARLES E. GAITZ Vice-President WILEY ROOSTH Secretary Louis H. GREEN Treasurer RICHARD E. BLOCK Parliamentarian . ... MlSCHA CAPLAN Richard E. Block Mischa Caplan Coleman D. Caplovitz Sol Dittman Sydney M. Finegold Sol Forman S. M. Fromm Charles M. Gaitz Burton Goldman Stanley E. Goldstein Louis H. Green MEMBERS Paul A. L. Haber Jarold J. Harris Walt Kempler Richard B. Kleiman Jack B. Mazow Henry E. Mendel 1 A. A. Mintz Joseph Oshman Hyman W. Paley Jerome Fleet H. I. Rabinowitz Hyman P. Roosth Wiley Roosth Bernard Rosen Irvin Rutman Seymour J. Sanov Alvin Schrager Samuel Sepkowitz Mayo Stark Myer Stumer Robert Sukman Sheldon Zinn Top tax: GOLDSTEIN, ROSEN. KEMPLER. GREEN. FORMAN. PALEY. SUKMAN. MAZOW. Srcond row: SANOV. OSHMAN. BLOCK. MINTZ. DITTMAN. COI.DNUN. HARRIS. RABINOWITZ. Tkird r m: W. ROOSTH. KI.KIMAN. MENDELL. CAPLOVITZ. H. ROOSTH. STARK. STUMER. CAPLAN. ! ' ... it.1 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA OFFICERS President WILLIAM R. LIVESAY Vice-President ROY W. HOLMES Secretary WALTER MOORE Treasurer HERSCHEL CHILDERS WILLIAM R. LIVESAY Top row: W. HOWARD, SCHOCH, LAY, J. PAINTER, MEADOR. MAcDONALD, WILSON, ADAMS, GERMAN, REIMER. Second row: ULMER, LANGSTON, HARVEY, CHILDERS, HOLMES, MOERS. McDON ' ALD, STENBERG, IVERS, CLOUD. Third row: JOHNSON, MORRISON, PRICE, BOWERS, LEMMON, HAHLAND, CRUSE, BOULDEN, CLARK, NEWMAN. fourth row: NORRIS, PORTER, ROLLE, RAETZSCH, HARRINGTON, NEEL, W. CLARK, T. PAINTER, JESTER. MOORE. PACE 574 MEMBERS Robert Milton Adams JoeBader Cecil F. Boulden Ralph Emerson Bowers Herschel N. Chili:- Charles Stuart Clark William Kemp Clark Tom Maynard Cloud Ray Cruse Herbert F " . r rolander James L. German Charles W. Goldfinch John Morgan Harland Marion Ray Harrington Charles Monroe Harvey Roy Holmes Woods A. Howard James Boynton Ivers Waybum S. Jeter Jerry Johnson William B. Langston. Jr. Coy L. Lay Mark L. Lemmon William R. Livesay Donald MacDonald Henry Clare McDonald. Jr. George Davis Meador Robert O. Moers Edward Calvin Moore Walter S. Moore James Burke Morrison William Henry Neil Andrew H. Neilly. Jr. Phillips P. Newman Thomas A. Norris Joseph T. Painter Theo. S. Painter. Jr. Lues Henry Porter Pinckney Clift Price Andrew Raetzsch George W. Reimer Charles Rolle, Jr. Eugene Schoch Robert T.Stenberg Robert J. Ulmer William Abner Wilson, III PHI BETA PI OFFICERS President ORCENETH A. FLY Vice-President . JACK S. ONEY Secretary ZOLLIE T. NORMAN Treasurer C. SPENCER MEREDITH Housemanager .......... A. R. NERING Steward ERNEST J. NELSON ORCENETH A. FLY Top row: Ferguson, Carpenter, Crawford, Hill, Booth, Nelson, Smith, Meredith, Logsdon. Second row: F. Seber, Stevens, Samsel, Freitag, Cox, Conkling, Johnson, Ball, Hampton. Third row: Torno, Mitchell, Turner, Gil key, Rollo, Nering, Upshaw, Grothaus, Key, Budd. Fourth row: Geary, Palasota, Jinkins, Jones, E. Smith, Surman. Overton, Baskin, Bent ley, Carroll. Fifth row: Harrell, McReynolds, Lankford, Bibby, Bachman, Norman, Parker, Oney, Johnson, Martin. PACI 576 MEMBERS Robert Y Arnold George Bachman William P. Ball Thomas Grady Baskin Bascom Bentley Douglas E. Bibby James Booth Wilbur Q. Budd Stewart Carpenter Ira Emil Carroll William Conkling Jack R. Cox Stanley E. Crawford Richard H. Ferguson Orceneth A. Fly. Jr. Alan Baker Freitag Francis Bernard Geary Charles C. Gilkt- Ed B. Grothaus Raymond M. Hampton Dick Davis Harrell J.E.Hill J. L. Jinkins, Jr. Al i Johnson. Jr. Bruce C. Johnson Carson Jones Luther S. Key Livius L. Lankford F. M. Logsdon John E. Martin Hubert McCabe Ben A. McReynolds C. Spencer Meredith John B. Mitchell Ernest J. Nelson A. R. Nering ZollieT. Norman Jack S. Oney Robert C. Overton Pete C. Palasota Thomas G. Parker William C. Rollo Ted B. Samsel. Jr. Forrest M. Seger W. Ivan Shepperd Eugene L. Smith Jack L. Smith George M. Stevens Arnold C. Surman Talmadge A. Turner Curtis J. Torno Leon R. Upshaw : . .1 - - PHI CHI OFFICERS Presiding Senior Presiding Junior Secretary Treasurer Judge Advocate . Sergeant-at-Arms A. B. SANSOM GLENN M. GORDON TRUETT C. BOLES NORMAN A. MONK HENRY P. HARE NEWTON F. MCDONALD A. B. SANSOM Top row: Treadwell, L. Clark. Thornton, Clover, Cibion, Abhott, Monaghan, Schwcnker, Small, Elston. Second row: C. Cordon, Dudney, Prewett, Keenan, Baen, Price, Blackburn, J. Johnson, Leigh. Clarke. Third row: D. Terry, Maddox, Parker, Clements, McDonald, D. Smith, Neely, Dolch, Johnston, Mayfield. Fourth row: Tucker, Price, McSwain, Walker. Brure, Kringel, C. Boyd, Glass, Coleman, Monk. Fifth row: Minatra, Hare, Ciddings, Jones, Hardy. Collins, Spencer, Mullins, Harle, Watzlavick, J. Terry. Sixth row: Steed, Bales, Hahn, Ghormley, Kutschbach, Dunn, Gilbert, Sharp, Perry, Fowler, Mullins. PACE 578 Cki m MEMBERS Jack P. Abbott Dan Roe Baen Edward A. Blackburn Truett C. Bole- Craig H. Boyd U illiam J. Bruce Leon W. Clark Thomas Paschal Clarke. Ill Randolph Clements Winton Lee Coleman Jim P. Collins Dewitt W. Cox. Jr. Stanle K. . Dolch. Jr. Newton E. Dudney F. L. Dunn Fred A. Elston Marshall Fowler Louis E. Gibson Robert E. Ghormley Thomas H. Giddins Stanley L. Gilbert Cecil R.GIa- George E. Glover Glenn Moore Gordon Andrew L. Hahn Tom Hardy Henry P. Hare James Harle Joel Johnson Charles N. Jones Harold B. Johnston Richard L. Keenan Howard E. Kringel M. A. Kutsohbach Henry T. Leigh Newton F. McDonald H. T. McSwain Steve G. Maddox Ivan G. Mayfield Randolph D. Minatra Johnnie Monaghan Norman A. Monk Donald H. Mullins J. Fred Mullin Winston B. Neel Angers C. Pappas James P. Parker John F. Perry. Jr. John E. Prewett Richard V. Price Thomas Gordon Price Altus B. Sansom Harry F. Schwenker Joe E. Sharp David Edgar Small Dan R. Smith X . Bruce Spencer Joe Dean Steed D. W. Terry Joe C. Terry Melvin L. Thornton M. A. Treadwell. Jr. I ewis Tucker Charles Walker August J. A. Watzlavick PHI IMIII SIGMA OFFICERS President NORMAN E. WRIGHT NORMAN E. WRIGHT Top row: HIGCINS, ELMENDORF, WARD, FAIN, LEEVES, JANSZEN. Second row: COX, WILLEFORD, CAYCE, BARNETT, POWELL, WHITE. Third row: MORRISON, SINGLETON, RUNGE, JOHNSON, KOLLE. RAINEY, STIRMAN. Fourth row: GIBBS, WHITSELL, STIGLER, SIMS, PAUL, MONTGOMERY, GOMILLION. PiCE 580 Bill Barnett Charles Boyd John Cayoe James F. Cox Jack Dunn Hugo Elmendorf Robert Fain Reagan Cibbs MEMBERS Herbert Janszen Clark Johnson Fred W. Kille James S. Leeves Robert McKinley D. Otis Montgomery Cameron Morrison Jesse Paul William Powell Frank Higginr- J. R. Rainey Tom Runge Paul Sims Del Stigler Jerry A. Stinnan Harry Ward John White W. R. WhiUell George Willeford N.rman E. Wright m THETA KAPPA PSI OFFICERS President JOHN H. CHILDERS V ice-President JOE A. WALKER Secretary JOHN E. JOHNSON Housemanager CECIL KNOX JOHN H. CHILDERS Top row: GRANT, BUFORD, GRAHAM, WOOD, O ' LEARY, SCOTT, E. READ, BELL, LONG, KREMPIN. Second row. DARNELL, KURILECZ, W. WALKER, BOYD, PHELPS, VERRETT, HAYES, J. WALKER, METCALF, MOORE. Third row. SCHOENVOGEL, JOHNSON, FENDER, GOSSETT, SILMAN, PRIMER, BALL, MAYO, UHL, COX. Fourth row: BLACKSTOCK, ANDREWS, JIMENEZ, RIDDLE, SCHAUER, BETTS, VLAHAKOS, ROSENBLAD, KNOX, MARROQUIN, ROSS. PACE 582 Pete Andrews James A. Ball Jack Warren William A. Belts, Jr. M. W. Blackstock Elvin M. Boyd Lee Owen Buford John H. Childers John Cox B. C Darnell Ernest L. Fender James D. Gossett Charles Richard Graham Silas W. Grant Sigman W. Hayes Frank H- MEMBERS Prospero Jimenez. Jr. John E. Johnson Herman Otis Krempin Cecil Knox Michael Kurilecz Peter I. Long James Luke Luis Marroquin T. D. Mayo George W. Metcalf Robert W. Moore Donald M. McMahon Jerold E. Phelps Benjamin M. Primer Clark P. Read Edwin P. Read Charles Harman Riddle L. E. Rosenblad O. H. Ross Charles W. Schauer O. F. Schoenvogel. Jr. Norman E. Scott James B. Si I man David Marion Stein Lawrence W. I hi Richard R. Verrett Antonio B. Vlahakos Joe A. Walker W. J. Walker Worth W. Walton George Wash Alonzo C. Wood, Jr. :- M SIGMA M OFFICERS President . . . . . . . . . . . WILLIAM J. BRAGG V ice-President P. QLENTIN NEEDHAM Secretary PAUL CHRISTLEY Treasurer - JAMES G. GABBARD Sergeant-at-arms JAMES HOOKER WILLIAM J. BRAGG Top row: MAGLIOLO, GABBARD, BOOTH, VANDEN BOSSCHE, DORSEY, HOOKER, CHRISTLEY, MYERS. Second row: DOUGLAS, MULLEN, MURTHA, KLEUSER, BOYD, GREEN, MAGOFFEN, PRUESSNER. Third row: BROWN, PRATT, HENDRIX, STIERNBERG, SPENCER, SANDERS, CARMICNANI, RHOADE. Fourth row: RITTIMAN, KUEHN, NEEDHAM, MARTIN, MULCAHY, DARWIN, STOCKDALE, COUCH. PACE 584 Jack R. Booth Dickson K. Boyd William J. Bragg John Brown A. K. Carmignani Paul A. Christley Ray E. Couch Edward S. Dor?ey Lloyd K. Darwin William DeGinder William Douglas Jame G. Gabbard MEMBERS John E. Green. Jr. William C. Hendrix James F. Hooker Lawrence P. Kleuser Louis F. Kuehn . . Magliolo Robert L. Magoffin Edward H. Martin Jack M. McKay Myron M. Mulcahy Brooks Mullen Carroll E. Murtha Willis Mverf Perry Q. Xeedham R. E. Pease Howard C. Pratt Harold Pruessner Dale R. Rhoades Melross C. Rittiman William S. Sanders A.M. Shelton. Jr. Bob A. Spencer Rider Stockdale. Jr. Douglas Stiernberg JamesTunstill J. L. Vanden Bossche iismix OFFICERS J. FRED MUI.LINS President . V ice-President Secretary -Treasurer ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA Joe Bader Cecil Boulden Tom Cloud Woods Howard Bill Langston Coy Lay- Henry McDonald Robert Moers Walter Moore Burke Morrison Jce Painter Theo Painter Clift Price Sandy Reimer Billic Wilson J. FRED MUI.I.INS CHARLES JONES HAKKY F. SCHWKNKKR. JR. MEMBFHS PHI BETA PI Perry Ball George Bachman Emil Carroll Bill Conklin Stanley Crawford Dick Ferguson Ray Hampton Jack Jinkins Robert Overton Tom Parker Forrest Seger George Stevens Arthur Turner PHI CHI Ed Blackburn Truett Boles Randy Clements Ned Dudney Cecil Glass Tom Hardy James Harle Charles Jones Henry Leigh Newton McDonald Fr-d Mullins A. B. Sansom Harry Schwenker David Small Joe Steed Joe Tern Melvin Thornton I.e ' " is Turker PHI niio SK;MA Robert Fain Jimmy Lee - Otis Montgomery J. R. Rainey Paul Sims Del Stigler Jerry Stirman Harry Ward John White W. R. Whitsell George Willeford PICE 586 n FACULTY FREDERICK C. ELLIOTT, D.D.S., F.A.C.D., Dean PHILIP JAMKS MOUJESKI. B.S., D.D.S. Motif i anil Facial Restorations DAN WOOLDKIDGK DAGGETT, B.A., D.D.S. Mouth and Facial Restorations KUSSKLL KANE SMITH. M.S., D.D.S. I ' reventive Dentistry FLOYD A VERY PEYTON, A.B., M.S., D.Sc. Physics HARTWELL WHISENNAND, D.D.S. Surgery RODNEY LEROY SPENCER, D.D.S. Mouth and Facial Restorations CECIL ALBERT BAER, B.S., D.D.S. Surgery JACK LINDSEY HORTON, D.D.S. Preventive Medicine PACE 588 FACULTY BEN POWELL STEER. DJ .S. DAVID ANCLE HACERMAN. D.D.S. OSCAR EARNEST KAMKANZ. D.D.S.. F.A.CD. KENNETH OOD MAYO. D.D.S. Pmtntttr PUL VEAL LEDBETTER. B.Sc.. M.D. F.A.CP. MUM FRITZ SCHLENK. Ph.D. ELLEN KYLE ELLENS1EK. B.S.. D.D.S. Motlh mJ Fmcifl Jteuoruuu Ted Robert Allely, D.D.S. Joseph Phillip Arnold. D.D.S., F.A.CD. Mouth .i Facial Raloratioatt Cecil Albert Baer. B.S.. D.D.S. SwBerr William BertDCT, M.D F.A.CS. Elna Thur Birath. B.B.A. PractKr RcUtioM Gale Edgar Blackaller, ad Facial RcMoratioav Robert Kendric BUir, B.A.. M.I).. F.A.CS. A John Allen Carpenter. DJXS. a 4 FccUl R William Doyne Collinps. Ph.D. Dan Wooldridpe Da rtt. Mtk mad F rul Herman Edmund Dustin. B.S.. M.D.. F. .CS. Frederick Chesley Elliott. Ph.G D.D.S.. F.A.CD. Month and Facial Restoration aad Practice RclatMaw aad Mmjiaiial George Albert Emerson. Ph.D. Paul Leon Ewing. PhJ). OFFICERS OF INSTRUCTION David Angle Hagennan, D.D . Prr-;ive Austin Eiland Hill. B.A_ M.D.. M.P.H. frrrtmlivt Mrdi -ia Robert Henry Hooper. D.D.S. Vo.lh aad Farul Rnlontioa. Jack LJndsey Horton. D.D.S. Prereatin Mrdiciac Leonard Ian Kercheral. D.D F.A.CS. Moutb tad Facial Roloralioe. John David Larkin. A.A fnrlice Relation an.j ( haun. e D. Leake, Ph.D. Paul Val Ledbetter. B.So.. M.D.. F. .A. P. Ktdiriaw Kenneth Wood Mayo. D.D. . Philip James Modjeski. B.S D.D. . Vosth aad FarUI Rrlotjlioa James Dauphtn OTarrell, D.D_S.. F.C.U). Pnrtirc RrlatioaM aa Eric Ogden. B c., Ph.D. IftHMaV Floyd Avery Peyton. A.B M , Pkr a Oicmr Earnest Ranfranz, D.D F.A.CD. Stella Risser, D.D . HMMw Philip Fowler Rosenstein. UMM Charles B. Sanders. A.B.. M.D.. F.A.CP. W. J. Schoverling. D.D .. Medici Fritz Schlenk. Ph.D. Russell Kane Smith. D.D.S.. M.- DentMtry Ben Powell Speer. D.D.S. Month awl Facial Rntantioav Rodney Leroy Spencer, Moath u ) Facial Rtocatioa Ardell Nichols Taylor. Ph.D. Edward Taylor. D.D.S. Prrrealive Medicine Nolan David Timmons. B.S.. Month amd Facial Rmoratioax Clarence Fairlan Waldon. B.S.. Ellen Kyle Wellensiek. B. .. Mooth and Facial RrMoratiiw. Hartwell Whisennand. DMICRDN KAPPA UPSILDN DENTAL HONOR SOCIETY MU MU CHAPTER OFFICERS President DR. ROBERT II. HOOPER V ice-President DR. JAMES 1). O ' FARRELI. Secretary-Treasurer DR. JAMES M. ORR Dr. E. B. Arnold Dr. J. P. Arnold CHARTER MEMBERS Dr. F. C. Elliott Dr. R. H. Hooper Dr. K. W. Mayo Dr. W. T. Newton Dr. W. H. Scherer Dr. Cecil E. Nottingham, Jr. Dr. Leon G. Suehs Dr. Werner M. Pfluger Dr. Billy J.Chumlea Dr. Abner M. Peacock Dr. John J. Wilson Dr. James E. Wood Dr. Gale Blackallcr Dr. Percy C. Butcher, Jr. Dr. E. W. Darikel Dr. E. R. Drozd Dr. George S. Gayle Dr. J. B. Halet Dr. Murray M. Hall Dr. Oliver P. McCall ALUMNI Dr. Victor T.Oliver Dr. Edgar O ' Quinn Dr. J. B. Peabody Dr. W. L. Stovall Dr. E. H. Boelsche Dr. D. I. Trotti Dr. B. C. Burgess Dr. R. G. Carlton Dr. W. H. Speer Dr. A. 0. Burnett, Jr. Dr. Randolph Brantley Dr. Edward J. Cooksey Dr. J. H. Weaver Dr. S. E. Mills MEMBERS Dr. C. M. Taylor Dr. W. E. Lipscomb Dr. Lee Brown, Jr. Dr. D. C. Ruthven Dr. R. A. Boelsche Dr. Ellen Wellensiek Dr. William W. Ward Dr. John Wheeler Dr. Walter Rehrauer Dr. J. A. Carpenter Dr. W. E. Sutton Dr. F.W. Miller Dr. J. W. Outlaw Dr. G. M. Platt Dr. Thomas Coor Dr. SammieMallett Dr. James M. Orr Dr. John H. Swanson Dr. R. C. Cooley Dr. E. P. Newton Dr. Mack Parker Dr. W. J. Schoverling Dr. James B. Wilson Dr. Irvin A. Worhol Dr. W. C. Caldwell. Jr. Dr. John R. Hammond Dr. Howard W. Jacobe, Jr. Dr. Charles H. McClendon Dr. Dexter A. Jung. Jr. HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Monte R. Garrison Colonel E. Epes Dr. Ted R. Allely Dr. Paul Gilliam Dr. 0. H. Jones Dr. J. D. Larkin Dr. P. F. Rosenstein FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. E. L. Williams Dr. Dave Blonstein Dr. Allen Carpenter Dr. J. S. Cunningham Dr. R. E. Fonville Dr. R. J. Robinson Dr. D. A. Hagerman Dr. F. A. Hawk Dr. L. I. Kercheval Dr. J. D. O ' Farrell Dr. 0. E. Ranfranz PC 590 Just a bit wider. Miller, please. The Psi Omega entertain with a large fish dinner. Joe College Speer and Molar Mojo converse over the demerit .situation. Eight beavers seek the spotlight, lies, just step aside, for Zips only. The Reception desk twins. Buaas chugs another. Byrd has a short stay in the Rice Ball- room. Pledge, where is the hoe polish? Stonehead parties. Kohl and his pearls. Holekamp and Pappas entertain. Birds on a rail. Sitting time. Dentistry ' as an avocation. GRADUATES DORSEY ARNOLD, D.D.S., Texarkana WILLARD C. BAKER, D.D.S., San Antonio JACK BLANKFIELD, B.S., D.D.S., Pasadena CARL L. BOYLES, D.D.S., Houston J. H. BUAAS, D.D.S., Austin D. LAMAR BYRD, D.D.S., Houston 12, Editor, Dental Section of The Cactus JOE M. CADWELL, JR., D.D.S., Flatonia +0 RAMIRO R. CARDENAS, D.D.S., San Antonio n JACK H. CASTLE, B.A., D.D.S., Houston CECIL C. CHANDLER, D.D.S., Kingsville 0 DONALD L. GARBADE, D.D.S., Flatonia CO CARROLL CRAWFORD GILLESPIE, JR., D.D.S., Austin WILLIAM L. GLENN, JR., D.D.S., Galveston HENRY S. HICHENS, D.D.S., Houston n RAYMOND H. HOLEKAMP, D.D.S., Comfort DAVID E. HUNSAKER, D.D.S., Houston S MACKIN L. JONES, D.D.S., Galveston fi JOHN WESLEY LANE, B.A., D.D.S., Houston EUGENE LAURAINE, D.D.S., Gonzales tCE 592 GRADUATES MURF McCULLEN, D.D.S., Port Arthur z+ JOHN A. MILLER, B.A., D.D.S.. Houston 2 + THOMAS J. MONTGOMERY, B.S., D.D.S., Houston CLAUDE L. NABERS, D.D.S., Childress s+o JACK H. OLIVER, B.A., D.D.S., Buffalo 2+0 CHARLES B. PRICE, D.D.S.. Georgetown +Q CHARLES A. RICHARDSON, D.D.S., Cleveland C JACK M. RICHARDSON, D.D.S., Beaumont EDWIN B. SANGER, D.D.S., Abilene JEROME B. SCHLADER, D.D.S., Edinburg THOMAS B. SCHLAPKOHL, D.D.S.. Houston + _ JOHN W. SCOTT, D.D.S., Temple E. L. SNYDER, B.S., D.D.S., Harlingen +U OLIVER W. STROM, B.A., D.D.S., Austin + ROBERT L. THOMPSON, D.D.S., Uvalde SAMUEL Z. TOPEK, D.D.S., Houston BERNARD I. WISE, B.A., D.D.S., Houston EDITH O. WOLTERS, B.S.. Ph.G., D.D.S., Shiner RICHARD M. WOODS, D.D.S., Goose Creek +0 f } T JUNIORS " tfy WILLIAM E RIC ARTHUR, Saltillo JAMES Q. BARNES, Santa Anna WALLACE R. BA E, Garland CHARLES BRAUCHLE, Houston TOM F. CALDWELL, JR., Austin FRED R. CHASTAIN, Aransas Pass JAMES W. CLARK, Beaumont Associate Editor, Dental Section of The Cactus LARRY A. DORNBURG, Weesatche PEDRO GARCIA, Houston EDWARD G. GILES, Martinville, Va. JACK GOLF, Houston JAMES W. GREY, Balboa, Panama EDWARD J. HANNIE, Lafayette, La. JACK R. HERBST, Houston WILLIAM B. HOCKADAY, Brownsville ROBERT T. MABERRY, Gilmer CHARLES S. MANN, Lufkin GEORGE A. MANN, Lufkin FRANK C. MARULLO, Houston WOODROW W. MIKESKA, Caldwell ARGERO E. PAPPAS, Houston HENRY R. POTTS, Corrigan WILLIAM J. POWERS, Houston RICHARD W. SLATTEN, Houston DEAN SMITH, Baytown BERNARD SOLOMON, Houston NORMAN VICKERS, Ontario, Canada ROBERT H. WEATHERLY, JR., Conroe F. B. WEIBUSCH, Brenham PACE 594 SOPHOMORES KATHRYN B. AKIN, Houston JOHN BERCHELMANN, San Antonio MARION BROOKS, Houston ROBERT CHANDLER, Weslaco LAMARR CRUNK, Nixon WILLIAM DAVIS, Galveston R. G. FOWLER, Fort Worth CLYDE FULLER, Baytown FAIRFAX HAMILTON. Houston DUNCAN HOWARD. Waco JACK LEVINE, Houston ELWOOD MOONEY, Houston AUBREY MURPHY. Marshall JASON REDFERN. Henderson JAMES L. ROUT, Texas City CLARA SANCER, Abilene NICK SCHIFANI. Houston SARAH SCHIMMEL, Houston HOLMAN SMITH, San Angelo JOSEPH SMITH, Port Lavara LEO WINDECKER. Moulton ROBERT WOOD, Galveston FRESHMEN Y GORDON HARTLEY, Houston JOSEPH C. BEISSNER, San Antonio RALPH M. BENSON, Tyler HENRY E. BUTTRY, Crockett A. Q. CATO, Houston CHARLES L. COATES, Houston JAMES S. CUNNINGHAM, Houston CHARLES M. DAVIS, JR., Woodville REGINALD ILES, Beaumont JACK A. LYONS, Georgetown WILBER R. McFERRIN, Calhoun City, Miss. WILLIE MAE McGINNES, Alvin LYNNE JEAN RANDALL, Houston FRANCISCO SANCHEZ, Puerto Rico WILLIAM SCHWARTZ, JR., Port Arthur WILLIAM A. SCOTT, Temple REEVES L. SMITH, San Antonio RUTH C. TYLER, Houston PACE 596 Scott, Smith, and Davis rake leaves. Schwartz poses. Lane and Miller pause on the School sidewalk. Berchehnann, runk. and Chandler keep busy in the Sophomore labora- tory. Byrd takes a gander. George Mann swings out. Price put in the spotlight. Crunk and date at Texas versus A. and M. game. Scott. Brief pause for picture at a large Flatonia style chicken Barbecue. Dangerous Dan poses. Stonehead parties again. Oliver enters the back door of the White House to see whether or not the dean has a commis- sion for him. Number three is Sal. Schlapkohl and Miss O. Tom views the new building from surgery. Psi Omega formal. Nabors takes the board to Murphy. PSI DMEGA OFFICERS Grand Master M. ELLSWORTH BROOKS Junior Grand Master EDWARD G. GILES Secretary ROBERT A. WOOD Treasurer WILLIAM B. HOCK AD AY Editor CHARLES RICHARDSON Chaplain ELWOOD MOONEY M. ELLSWORTH BKOOKS A x Top row: BAKER, BERCHF.I.MANN. BROOKS, BYRD, CADWELL, CALDWELL. CARDENAS, CASTLE. C. CHANDLER. Second row: R. CHANDLER, CHASTAIN, DORNBURC, FULLER, GARBADE. GILES. GILLESPIE, HICHENS, HOCKADAY. Third row: JONES. MABERRY. MIKESKA, MOONEY, PRICE, RICHARDSON. SCHLAPKOHL. SHIFANI, SNYDER, THOMPSON. Fourth row: VICKERS, WEATHEKLY, WINDECKER, WOOD, WOODS, CATO, CRUNK, ILES, LYONS, SMITH. PACE 598 MEMBERS Willard C. Baker John A. Berchelmann M. Ell-worth Brooks T. W. Brown I). Lamar Byrd Joe M. Cadwell Tom F. Caldwell Ramiro R. Cardenas Jack H. Castle A. Q. Cato Cecil C. Chandler Robert M. Chandler Fred R. Chastain S. Lamarr Crunk Larry A. Dornburg Clyde L. Fuller Donald L. Carbade Edward G. Giles Carroll C. Gillespie. Jr. M. G. Gray Fred A. Hackbarth Henry S. Hichens William B. Hockaday Herman R. lies Mackin L. Jones Jack A. Lyons Robert T. Maberry Wood row W. Mikeska Elwood Mooney J. Donald Peacock Charles B. Price Charles A. Richardson Tommy B. Schlopkohl Nick R. Schifani Joseph Smith E. L. Snyder Robert L. Thompson Norman Vickers Robert H. WeatherK. Jr. Leo J. Windecker Robert A. Wood XI PSI PHI OFFICERS President JOHN W. LANE V ice-President DEAN SMITH Secretary JOHN SCOTT Treasurer F. B. WEIBUSCH Editor . DICK SLATTEN JOHN W. I.ANE Top row: Arnold. Arthur, Barnes. Hartley, Baze, Beissncr. Benson. Boy lea, Brauchle, Buaas. Second row; Clark, Coates, Cunningham, Davis, Fowler, Glenn, Grey, Hannie. Herh-st, Holekamp. Third row: Howard, Hunsaker, Lane, Lauraine, C. Mann, G. Mann, Marnllo, McCullrn, McFerrin, Miller. Fourth rou ' : Montgomery. Murphy, Nabcrs, Oliver. Paupas, Potts, Powers, Redfr rn, Kirhanlson, Sanger. Fifth row: Srhuartz, J. Scott, W. Scott, Slallen, D. SrnMh. H. Smith. R. Smith, Strom, Weibusch. MEMBERS Arnold Eric Arthur James Barnes Net! Barrett Gordon Bartley Wallace Baze er Ralph Benson Carl Boyle- Charles Bradley ( :. V Brauchle Howard Buaas James Clark Charles Coates Jame- Cunningham Charles Davi- R. G. Fowler William Glenn James Grey Edward Hannie Jack Hcrl-t Raymond Holekamp Duncan Howard Dave Hunsaker J. W. Lane Eugene Lauraine Murph McCullen X ilbur McFarrin Charles McKinnon Charles Mann George Mann Frank Marullo Don Masters John Miller T. J. Montgomery Aubrey Murphy Claude Nabers Jack Oliver A. E. Pappas Henry Potts Bill Powers J. C. Redfern Jack Richardson Edwin Sanger Bill Schwartz John Scott William Scott Richard Slatten Dean Smith Holman Smith Reeves Smith Oliver Strom F. B. Weibusch Quinton Williams Coffee at Whitbys ' . Redfern, Benson, Murphy, and Schwartz. Hannie, Reeves Smith, Scott just sit. Hichens barbers as a sideline. Benson and Clark. A turkey dinner in Flatonia, U.S.A. Jones dresses in Topeks ' gear. Dr. Sherer demonstrates reductions of Mandible and Maxilla. PACE 602 D N ;KK I s D N By SAM " ZicciE " TOPEK " Ivias early one bright morning I unit a quarter after nine, 1 stepped into Prosthetics Found I was -i th in line. l rl.i-- mates stood at attention -traight as they could stand. While ' hivering under the threat of Danp-roii- Denture Dan. " Pull that compound out the tray! Use that Hanau tore h ! But you dasn ' t get it too darn hot. The patient you might scorch. " The ' tip. r of the College " With a whip gripped in his hand, Frightened even a senior student Thi- Dangerous Dan, the Denture Man. I started on my denture With a bitter future in sight, For Dangerous Dan had me under A two hundred demerit fright. I took the upper impression. Mark, to wit! I finished the floating lower Xhirh to thi- day doesn ' t fit. Dapper Dan came stalking through The day of its insertion. Making out a yellow slip Which 10 him is just diversion. So to this day in clinic With remake slip in hand, 1 tand and watch my idol work Dangerous Dan. the Denture Man. But it makes no difference to us guys in line With requisition-- yellow: For in 37 hearts there is all the love, for Dangerous Dan, a darn swell fellow. DANGEROUS DAN PAUL F. MELTON Manager AIR-COnDITIOnCD CAFG PRIVflTG DinmG ROOITIS COFFGG SHOP Austin Headquarters of the University, Faculty, fllumni and Student Body PACK 604 Compliments of Your Friendly 5 10-CENT STORE HflGG ' S 5 S 10-Cent Store fl C KNIPPfl We appreciate the patronage of the University students. Congratulations to the graduates and good wishes for the under- graduates. Collegiate Shop 2324 Guadolupe Street . . . " On the Drag ' G C SEIDERS SELF SERVE GROCERY AND MflRKET 100% Quality, Courtesy, and Satisfaction 1001 CONGRESS flVE. 3101 GUflDflLUPE ST 412 WEST 6TH ST Gift SMALL jnd LARGE -. FINE CHINA OLD SI LVER Antique Jewelry ORNAMENTS BABY GIFTS CANDY MISS FANNY ANDREWS Oi.J 8-7901 1104 COLORADO fl CORDIflL INVITftTION TO STUDENTS flND UNIVERSrrT FOLK " There ' s Nothing Accidental About Quality " OUTSTflNDING FOR ORIGINAL FOOD SPECIALISTS No. 1 336 So. Congress, Austin No. 2 20th and Guadalupe. Austin No. 3 Main five. Ashley, San flntonio : FOR NEW TIRES - - SEE YOUR MtamtoijppfCBaiBfflY Seiberling Distributor BLUE PENNANT TIRE COMPANY Authorized HflWKINSON TIRE TREAD SERVICE Austin 419 Colorado Phone 2-6211 ENOJNEERINO 3 " JE PWMtpn 6WJPPL.IE3 jf!tSlf?n DRAFTING C FRIDEN AUTOMATIC CALCULATORS ALLEN WALES ADDING MACHINES 108 East Tenth Street SAVG Your money in the Mutual where the current rate is 2% and you have insurance up to $5,000 I MUTUAL SAVINGS INSTITUTION Resources Over $4,300,000.00 905 Congress " The South ' s Finest " mi L fl m CRFETERIR 801 CONGRESS UJRTSOn FLOUJGR SHOP - 2604 Guadalupe Phone 2-9294 Rfinsoirrs DRUG STORE We Appreciate Your Business SCflRBROUGH BUILDING Phone 5361 DicKinson OPTICAL company Prescription and Manufacturing Opticians Prescriptions filled, reasonable prices; broken lenses duplicated. Latest styles in frames. Quick Service. " SERVING THE EYE PHYSICIflN flND HIS PflTIENTS " 115 West Seventh H. m. Getting FURNITURE COMPANY Home of Nationally Advertised Merchandise LAVACA AT 13TH AUSTIN, TEXAS PACE 606 Eight Convenient DRUG STORES IN AUSTIN fl Fountain Grill in Every Store Two University Locations 2324 GUADALUPE 309 EAST 19TH Serving Austin with Clean, Economical, Dependable Transportation Austin Transit, Inc. FRANK H. HEMBY Pres. and Gen ' l. Mgr. ( lotnlna nelt a nelpA uou ma KC tlli proper most of uour abilities aiwaus 06 a student and 06 a araduate on tne tne world. n ai in me wot SCHHEFER BROUJO " Men ' s Style Center of the Southwest " } . - Jn mencan t lational exaA OVER FIFTY-SIX YEARS OF SERVICE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURflNCE CORPORATION PACE 608 Robt. Mueller Leo O. Mueller Robt. mueller Brother flUSTIN TRUNK FflCTORY Quality Luggage Since The University was Established AUSTIN, TEXAS CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR TEXAS HISTORICAL EDITION OF THE " CACTUS " FROM j. c. pcnnGY co. 513-15 Congress Exclusive " HOME COOKING " On the Drag for 28 Years UJUKASCH BRO S. CAFG - AIR COOLED - 2002 Guadalupe Phone 6305 ; . . THG CAPITAL nATionAL BARK IN AUSTIN -V WALTER BREMOND, JR., President JNO. fl. GRACY, Vice-President E. P. CRAVENS, Vice-President WflLTER BOHN, Vice-President W. C. KENEDY, Ass ' t. Vice-President AUG. DeZAVALA, Special Representative LEO KUHN, Cashier JOE S. DUNLAP, Assistant Cashier F. M. DuBOSE, Assistant Cashier WILLIAM KUHN, Assistant Cashier JOHN S. BURNS, Assistant Cashier WILFORD NORMAN, Assistant Cashier U. S. GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY MEMBER F.D.I.C. Specialists in the Examination of the Eyes and the Fitting of Glasses Seventh 6 Congress " Where the Students get their Glasses SEVENTH AND CONGRESS flUSTIN, TEXAS LADIES AND MISSES APPAREL moRRis SHOP DriskUl Hotel Bldg. Austin flUSTin LflUHDRY AND DRY C AN NG COMPANY AUSTIN. TEXAS Always be modern with Gas and let it do the four big jobs in your home: namely, Cooking, Waier Heating, House Heating, and Refrigeration TEXAS PUBLIC SERVICE CO. 422 CONGRESS AVE. AUSTIN. TEXAS Pic til tl5eicl n 125 East Seventh flustin, Texas 800 and 816 Congress flustin ' fl GIFT FROM STELFOX MflKES THE DflY LflST FOREVER! " flUSTIN, TEXflS Compliments of COOK FUnCRAL KOIT1G 1100 Colorado St. flustin, Texas PACE 612 THE STYLE SHOP OF flUSTIN Leon ' s Slipper Shop 618 Congress J. R. RGGD mUSIC CO. flUSTIN ' S LEflDING MUSIC HOUSE Your Friends SINCE 1901 HOME OF THE STEINWflY PIflNO ' INSTRUMENT OF THE IMMORTALS ' Compliments B U R T O n S INC. LflUNDRY and CLEANERS " different " 19th at Rio Grande flUSTIN, TEXflS Austin Goodyear Company R. B. SPIRES Complete Service Goodyear Tires and Batteries General Electric flppliances Congress at First Phone 2-1155-8-7010 " SHOES IN VOGUE ARE flT THE VOGUE " Uoaue SUPPGR SHOP 724 Congress SHOES HOSE BflGS UJOODY ' S STUDIO For Fine Portraits THE ORIGINATOR OF PflRTY PICTURES Phone 2-3800 On the Drag COMPLETE NEGflTIVE FILE SINCE 1937 ADD CHARM TO YOU ROOM HOME .... with lovely China and Glassware from Austin ' s Favorite Store . any 505 Congress Phone 2-4154 mODE O ' DflY Dresses - Hosiery - Lingerie 826 CONGRESS UNIVERSITY DRUG STORE INCORPORATED 2300 Guaclalupe flustin, Texas Continuous, Satisfactory, Dependable Service :: THG AUSTin nATionAL BARK of AUSTIN, TEXAS FIFTY-SIX YEARS OF FRIENDLY SERVICE Chartered May 9, 1890 MEMBER FEDERflL DEPOSIT INSURflNCE CORPORATION U. S. GOVERNMENT DEPOSlTflRY PACE 614 .... CB we come to the close of our fiftieth year of continuous service to the University and family .... as we remember the thousands upon thousands of fine students who have been in our establishment .... as we look forward to the next fifty years .... it is with great pride that we express our appreciation .... we have grown with Texas .... we have grown with the greatest University in the land .... and we have de- veloped through the co-operative efforts of the greatest faculty and student body in existence. BOOKS - STATIONERY - SCHOOL SUPPLIES UniVERSITY CO-OP " Operated and Controlled by Faculty and Students " 2246 GUADftLUPE STREET AUSTIN, TEXAS I I5 New and Used BOOKS For fill Correspondence Courses Rae Ann Shop Clothes for the Co-ed NEXT TO THE VflRSITY THEflTER Compliments Hilsberg ' s Cafe " Famous for Steaks " ftcross from Law School PACE 616 Send our mfliL ORDERS FOR ? .JupplieS W i WE PAY POSTAGE AND SHIP SAME DAY ORDER IS RECEIVED TEXAS BOOK STORE Across from University 2244 GUflDALUPE ST. Whenever You ' re Hungry or Thirsty, Stop at Triple XXX Sandwich Shop 2801 Guadalupe AUSTIN, TEXAS We Appreciate Your Patronage a healthy nation In countless ways good health is closely tied to chemistry. A goodly proportion of the more than 500 Dow chemicals are produced for the specific purpose of keeping our nation healthy. When your doctor writes a prescription calling for certain Pharmaceuticals, the chances are that one or more Dow products were used as basic materials in their manufacture. The same is true when you buy a standard proprietary remedy over the counter in your neighborhood drug store. Among the long list of pharmaceutical chemicals Dow produces for these purposes are Chloroform, Epsom Salt, Acetyl Salicylic Acid, Iodine, Phenol. Monochloracetic Acid, Acetphenetidin and Potassium Bromide. Recently, with the aid of Methocel, a Dow product, a remark- relies heavily on chemistry able new method for the treatment of burns has been developed; and the first commercial produc- tion of dl-Tryptophane, one of the essential amino acids, has just been announced by Dow. But good health also depends on wholesome food, pure water, and sanitation. Dow insecticides, fungi- cides and fumigants prot ect food from the attacks of pests. Chlorine and Activated Carbon, produced by Dow, keep water pure, odorless, sweet. Dow Ferric Chloride for sewage disposal is essential for effective municipal sanitation. In countless ways Dow chemicals are serving you to prevent illness, alleviate suffering and promote the good health of the Nation. THE 1)0111 CHEmiCHL COmPHHY TEXAS DIVISION FREEPORT, TEXAS Pci 617 The CORnGR Ho. I 24th and Guadalupe flustin Ulnlver it u Collegiate Lounge Your Down-Town Headquarters 614 CONGRESS AUSTIN ' S MOST COMPLETE AGENCY for REAL ESTATE SERVICE Complete Insurance Protection Prompt and Economical Loans Efficient Property Management HARRISOn-UJILSOn-PGflRSOn 131 West Seventh Phone 2-6201 Phone 3702 fldds to Your Comfort Pleasure Convenience and Satisfaction Portraits by Stewart Studio 2346 Guadalupe Phone 8-7067 R s n u n PACE 618 Schlumberger Well Surveying Corporation " Originators of Electrical Well Logging " Compliments of CABfllUSS FURNITURE COMPANY New and Used Furniture STOVES flND RANGES FLOOR COVERINGS 204-206 East Sixth Street Phone 2-1109 Austin, Texas Compliments of Austin flrmy and Ravy Store 201 West Sixth YESTERDAY . .TODAY . . TOMORROW Leaders in L otieae J a6n for Co-eds and University Men 1893 1946 CONGRESS AVENUE AT SIXTH AUSTIN Ptcitl COURTEOUS, PROMPT ICE DELIVERY SERVICE FUR STORflGE PUBLIC COLD STORflGE Southwestern Ice Cold Storage Co. Plant No. 1 3rd to 4th on Guadalupe Plant No. 2 301 Colorado Plant No. 3 2817 Guadalupe flUSTIN, TEXflS Phones 23168 6473 5000 a r ecord It is an exciting story to trace the history of the Student Publica- tions at The University of Texas. Records show that at one time individual students published different publications which included editorial responsibility and financial problems. In 1919 President Robert E. Vinson appointed a committee to study the matter of Student Publications and their findings resulted in the present organization which was incorporated on July 6, 1921. Throughout the years The Texas Student Publications, Inc. have endeavored to serve the University and students on a high plane and indica- tions show that the future is indeed bright. THE TEXAN " The First College Daily in the South " has been a con- sistent winner of the highest award possible among college newspapers its outstanding coverage of impor- tant news during the past and present years speaks well for the many students who spend many hours serving in a journalistic capacity many former editors and staff members today hold important positions in the business world this year ' s staff is headed by Horace Busby of Ft. Worth, Texas. THE CACTUS ft yearbook that is valued down the years is the Uni- versity of Texas " Cactus " a pictorial record of a school year that covers every important event and every pos- sible student to make it an fill-American annual the 1946 Cactus will be the largest yearbook in the history of the University and will have many features that were dis- continued during the war years an outstanding job has been done on the 1946 Cactus by Miss Margaret Conrad of Houston, Texas, who holds the position of editor. - THE RANGER - Because of the severe shortages of materials during the war it has been impossible to publish the Ranger Maga- zine however, plans have been completed to again start the magazine, beginning with the September, 1946, issue this new magazine will feature many new ideas that will not only cover the humorous aspects of campus life but will give an opportunity for other literary writers to display their arts an editor is to be elected by the student body on flpril 25, 1946. THE TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC. PACE 620 . OUTSTANDING STORES TO SERVE Austin P.ctKl AUSTIN ' S " HUB OF HAPPENINGS " When Unexpected Guests Arrive It ' s always a thrill to entertain visiting friends and relations. During a busy school term or final exams, when your hours for entertaining are limited, a quick telephone call to Hotel flustin will solve your problems . . . reserving for your guests a convenient meeting spot in the heart of the capital city. Together, you and your friends will enjoy extra hours of pleasure, modern comforts, efficient service, and a variety of entertainment here at the " Hub of Happenings. " Cross Roads of Famous Personalities As in every town, there ' s always a social center " where good friends get together " . . . in flustin it ' s the Hotel Stephen F. Austin. Host to many of our nation ' s greatest states- men, war veterans, and civic leaders, Hotel Austin is a favorite mong the city ' s prominent visitors. ROSS I. SHELDON - MANAGER HOTEL All CTIIJ STEPHEN F. VmM I I 1 1 888 AUSTIN TEXAS , BFFILIBTED nBTIOnOL HOTELS Here ' s Where Your Travel Pleasures Begin! Even before you reach the wide open roads or board the streamliner, it ' s satisfying to know that your destination offers you modern hotel accommodations . . . pleasing thousands of travelers yearly. Comfortable guest rooms, friendly service, and a " Welcome " greeting await you in these National Cities. Galvettona Famed Resort Hotels Hotel Jean LaFitte OTHEito. HOTELS Serving Eleven Slates and Our Nation ' s Capital ALABAMA HOTEL ADMIRAL SEMMES Mobile HOTEL THOMAS JEFFERSON Birmingham DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA HOTEL WASHINGTON Washington ILLINOIS HOTEL FAUST Rockford INDIANA HOTEL CLAYPOOL Indianapolis LOUISIANA JUNG HOTEL New Orleans HOTEL DESOTO New Orleans MISSISSIPPI HOTEL LAMAR Meridian NEBRASKA HOTEL PAXTON Omaha NCW MEXICO HOTEL CLOVIS Clovis OKLAHOMA HOTEL ALDRIDGE Wewoka SOUTH CAROLINA HOTEL WADE HAMPTON Columbia TEXAS HOTEL STEPHEN F. AUSTIN Austin HOTEL EDSON Beaumont HOTEL BROWNWOOD Brownwood HOTEL CORTEZ El Paso HOTEL TEXAS Fort Worth CORONADO COURTS Galveston JACK TAR COURT HOTEL Galveston MIRAMAR COURT Galveston HOTEL CAVALIER Galveston HOTEL PLAZA Laredo HOTEL LUBBOCK Lubbock HOTEL FALLS Marlin HOTEL CACTUS San Angela HOTEL MENGER San Antonio ANGELES COURTS San Antonio VIRGINIA HOTEL MOUNTAIN LAKE Mountain Lake PACE 622 Compliments of op 24TH AT GUflDALUPE AUSTIN Best UJishes to the Graduates of 1946 Frank Bros otcrtf fttryou ' SAN ANTONIO W. L. MOODY CO. (Unincorporated) BANKERS Established 1866 Galveston, Texas GARBADG ' S PHARfllACY American National Insurance Blag. DIflL 9541 GALVESTON. TEXAS SINCE 1895 That ' s 51 Years GALVESTON UJOLFF fflfiRX SAN ANTONIO . . . Quality! . . . Service! . . . Courtesy! ' ' ' Striving ever to bring to critical San Antonians the newest . . . the smartest . . . the most important modern mer- chandise of the day ... at prices in keeping with the trend of the times! " One of America ' s Really Fine Stores. " Specializing in Men ' s, Women ' s and Chil- dren ' s Apparel and Accesso- ries. Occupying six floors of the 35-story Gulf Building. HOUSTON C m e R o n Drilling Control and Completion Equipment for High Pressure Oil and Gas Wells Cameron Iron TUorks, Inc. HOUSTON, TEXAS Furniture Silver Porcelain 1410 LflVflCfl You ' ll Find the Clothes College Girls Desire at Jranklinf L37I8 CONGRESS AVE.CJ Also Complete Children ' s Department Congratulations Siimhilil Beverages Manufacturer " HmES " Root Beer Pop-Kola Sun-Tex " B-l " " The Best Costs No More " CflLCflSIGU LUMBER CO. Austin ' s Shopping Center for Home Equipment and Building Materials 311 West 2nd Street PACE 624 FRSHIOn PRRK ... a name that stands for distin- guished quality and fine appearance in the field of men ' s clothing. DALLAS and AUSTIN There ' s Better Driving with FLYING HORSEPOWER THE NEW Mobilgas Fill up your tank today with this new superfuel and know the pleasure of sure, smooth power on hills and straight- away in the open coun- try . . . enjoy amazing pickup and getaway in traffic. Your engine will sing a sweeter song and you ' ll get new driving thrill when you use " Flying Horse- power " the new and best Mobilgas ever made. AND THE NEW Mobiloil It Cleans fls It Lubricates Keep your engine MOBILOIL CLEflN with new, detergent Mobiloil Here ' s really super- lubrication. Varnish - forming and sludge-forming particles to be found in any motor are held in suspension and do not settle on bearings, cylinder walls and pistons. Consequent- ly, the moving parts of your engine are kept cleaner, and your engine is able to deliTer its full power, smoothly and more efficiently Change to the new, detergent IfcMW today. MAGNOLIA SEE YOUR FRIENDLY MAGNOLIA DEALER 1 23 The POWER to Achieve An education puts into the hands of young men and women some useful tools. The skill and ambition with which these tools are used determine largely, the achieve- ments of the individual. Electric power also is a tool. It multiplies the muscle power of a worker, giving him the ability to do with ease in an hour what would require hundreds of hours by hand. It enables him to produce more and to earn more. The brain power of free, educated people, plus the electric power which has been provided so abundantly by America ' s electric power companies, is one reason why we enjoy by far the highest living standard in the world. TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY GREYHOUND Gu u ed Many Schedules for Greater Convenience 5- Scenic enjoyment in Super-Coach comfort Thrifty Fares ... on short or long Trips GREYHOUND LINES PACE 626 TEXAS is on the march INDUSTRI- ALLY . . . driving forward under full power to provide more jobs and continuing opportunities for its people. During years, Texas demonstrated its industrial capacity and capability when its industries fulfilled $6,418,810,000 worth of war con- tracts involving the production of planes and parts, explosives, synthetic rubber, steel, magnesium, gasoline, oil, and a long list of other materials and supplies requir- ing skilled labor. During the war years, Texas ' industrial production rose from $450,000,000 an- nually to two and one-half times that amount on war contracts alone. This has resulted in expansion of plant facilities and labor force, and peace-time plans which call for even greater industrial production than during the war. As rapidly as building materials and machinery be- come available, Texas cities and towns are witnessing the building of new and the expansion of exisdng fac- tories and shops. Texas has everything needed by and for industry ... an abundance and diversity of raw materials and natural resources for convert- ing into manufactured products, mild cli- mate, excellent transportation facilities, highly intelligent and easily trained native labor . . . and abundant cheap electric power. Furthermore, Texas is the gateway to the Latin Americas, whether by land, by sea or by air. By the processes of reconversion and by wise and careful planning, Texans are determined to make the most of their state ' s vast resources. Texas Power Light Company, a pio- neer Texas institution, joins all of Texas in inviting the immediate attention of American indus- trialists to the opportunities offered by the Lone Star State. As abundant, dependable and low-cost electric power from TP L transmission lines was a vital factor in producing for the war, so is it now in producing for peace. This Company ' s industrial-minded manpower, as well as its vast power facilities, are at the disposal of those seeking to develop new or to expand existing in- dustrial opportunities in Texas. TEXAS POWER LIGHT COMPANY JOHN W. CARPENTER, President and General Manager . . . Oftimes a lady makes known her pre- ference . . . when she does . . . She Says " bring Pangburn ' s. " The delicious eating goodness and whole- some quality . . . has made PANGBURN ' S the buy word for can- dy. Its the quality . . . the unusual fineness of fancy candy dressed up in beautiful gift boxes that sets Pangburn ' s ahead of other candies. the South ' s most popular . . . of . . the Candy She prefers! Make Friends with Pangburn ' s ... its a happy occasion for both the one who presents the gift and the loved one who receives this Candy gift of wholesomeness. Pangburn ' s . . . makes friends always! PANCBURN COMPANY, INC. FORT WORTH 1, TEXAS PACE 628 Graduates of 194G . . . L-onaratutation6 1 Joske ' s and the Youth of Southwest Texas have long been " good companions. " For Joske ' s is more than just a store, it ' s a personality . . . always hospitable. always ready to serve you through large stocks, newest fashions and values that let you keep to your budget Young folks like the warm friendliness of this store and you see them here often, buying with the confidence they place in a real friend. Because of this deep friendship between Youth and a Store. Joske ' s has grown steadily greater. It ' s now considered one of the most beautiful stores in America . . . Like a whole city of shops under one roof always waiting to please you, your family. your friends. Joske ' s of Texas Son Antonio. Texas THE LARGEST STORE IN THE LARGEST STATE Institution of Fashion SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Two States Drilling Company Dallas, Texas ALLO1 GLDGR For Better Cars 1823 MflIN flVE. SflN flNTONIO ; . i . HUGH The Rock Bit that Revolutionized an Industry The history of the creation and development of Hughes Rock Bits is an outstanding chapter in the Oil v ' s book of progress. From the time the first Hughes Bit was run in 1909, the advancement of rotary drilling methods has depended upon specially designed rock hits manufactured by Hughes. Thirty-five years leadership " in the field " have made Hughes Tools the Standard of the Industry. HOUSTON, TEXAS PACE 630 Silent, u J, ipon a peak in oLJarien Not stout Cortez nor all his men gazed upon a more marvelous world, a world offering more of opportunity, of adventure for the daring mind and spirit, than that which opens before the class of 1946. May you enter that world with the courage of your years; with the reso- lution of which carried the young men of your - : generation perhaps you, yourself through the manifold strains of war; with the learning r that is both truth and light. The Humble Company congratulates you, extends to you its best wishes, welcomes you into a world which needs you. UMBLE OIL REFINING COMPANY IS A COMMUNITY AND WHAT MAKES IT .B.T TAKES homes and schools and churches to make a community and, hack of them, farms and factories and other opportunities for employ- ment. But most of all a community is people people who live in the homes, support the churches and schools, cultivate the soil and man the factories. In one sense all members of a community are partners in the task of maintaining a high level of com- munity prosperity. When farmers prosper and factories grow, there is more work for more people, with more money to spend for every-day needs and luxuries, for home im- provements and professional serv- ices, for bond issues and for charities. This is the picture of a community and its progress that seU the pattern for the service program of The Sec- ond National Bank of Houston. It explains why a metropolitan bank maintains an Agricultural De- partment to promote the welfare of Texas farmers. It explains why we operate a departmentalized hank, with strong departments planned to serve all the financial needs of all the community, and with resources adequate to any need. It explains why the applicant for a modest personal loan receives the same courteous treatment as the exec- utive who seeks capital for a new- plant or a major expansion program. The Second National Bank is part of the community it serves, attuned to its spirit and alert to its needs, with faith in its future and a determi- nation to contribute in every feasible way to its economic development. OF MEMIEK OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSUKANCE COP. IOUSTON L " ' I -.-; LOCATED IN THC CENTER OF HOUSTON 631 7 to LjraduateA of- 46 |T IS our sincere wish to become a part of your future. You ' ll like our friendliness and courtesy. Come in and let ' s get acquainted. The National [Sank of lyomnierce WARM OF HOUSTON GULF BUILDING, 712 MAIN Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation " The Bank of Courtesy " FRIENDLY BANKING TRUST GUIDANCE To a GREATER University L am p lint en J of t JCSSG H. jones IRTGRGSTS HOUSTON. TEXflS PACE 632 SULPHUR SERVES TEXBS Yes, sulphur serves Texas . . . serves the entire world for that matter. On the farm and in the factory sulphur is put to thousands of uses. From the chemist ' s test tubes come new products that add to the joy and comfort of living. While on the farm sulphur makes barren soil again productive and holds in check insects that destroy the nation ' s crops. There is probably no other natural resource in Texas which offers so much to the progress and prosperity of agriculture and industry both to this nation and to the entire world. TEXHS GULF SULPHUR COmPHHY, IRC. Producers of crude sulphur PicxfcU Know-how, from 33 years experience, plus facilities with which to execute it, is industry ' s assurance of the ultimate t r. a fi r . Vt COnGRflTULflTIOnS wishing you the best of luck CLASS OF ' 46 UIWGRSITY OF TGXAS SCHOOL OF DGDTISTRY THG SOUTH ' S (HOST COmPLGTG LABORATORY SGRVICG " Creative Restorations " COURTT1GY H. GRAYSOF1 DENTAL LABORATORY 605-612 Southern Standard Bldg. Houston, Texas C-1327 C-1328 COIlGRATULATIOnS AF1D BGST UJISHGS To the Class of 1946 of THG UniVGRSITY OF TGXJflS SCHOOL OF DGFITISTRY -K- We wish to thank you for your past patronage and to remind you that we are dealers for all major lines of dental equipment including: RITTER NEBER S. S. WHITE AMERICAN CABINET CO. WILMOT CflSTLE CO. GENERAL ELECTRIC CO. PELTON CRflNE CO. -K Our office planning department is always ready to assist you in plan- ning your office and to aid you with any problems which may arise. -X COLLEGE REPRESENTATIVE MR. ED WARD B. LflNE THG ft. P. CflRY CO. " Practice Building Supplies Since 1884 " THREE MODERN TEXAS STORES TO SERVE YOU 1211 CflROLINE ST. 809-11 LflMflR ST. MEDICflL flRTS BLDG. HOUSTON, TEXflS FORT WORTH, TEXAS DflLLflS, TEXAS TEL. CflPITOL 7347 TEL. 2-2158 TEL. RIVERSIDE 4456 PACE 636 Our Best UJishes for the Success and Happiness of fill Students of the Dental Branch of The University of Texas LOUIS G. SCHI1GIDGR COLLEGE REPRESENTATIVE PERDLETOn RRTO, Inc. DENTISTS ' AND PHYSICIANS ' SUPPLIES LABORATORY AND HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT 220 Medical Arts Bldg. Phone Capitol 7255 HOUSTON 1. TEXAS ! . r ' JOHN WILLIAMS DENTIST Your proudest moment perhaps, will be the day you hang up your " shingle " . . . announcing to the community which you are about to serve that you possess all of the qualifications to practice dentistry according to the requirements set forth by your school and by law. The measure of success you will enjoy will depend upon many things . . . per- sonality . . . ability . . . integrity . . . and last but not least, your spirit of progressiveness which will be reflected by the environment of your office. And it is here that Weber will prove of inestimatable value and help to you not only through its many " Prac- tice Building " services which are furnished gratis to you as a user of Weber Equipment but as a source of new and better appliances which are designed to make your work more efficient, more enjoyable, more profitable. Ask your Weber Dealer how you can qualify for this complete course in " Dental Counselling and Office Management " or write us direct. CANTON 5, OHIO PACE 638 OFFICE PLANNING TW owtiM ftf nvifag, tostfr- fwy raraBBM, vnkiMny rro ngeo oKu iWt i Hrf Ml tW pitimts wfco cone It you, will bt eniet, less costly, t you take oovojitove of the tree office pwn- io| service every S. S. White OMlet w be (M to oHor yo. Serving you has been a pleasure, a pleasure we hope will continue throughout your eareer. To this end S. S. White representatives and authorized dealers everywhere stand ready to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact these men or write us direct. If you are not already acquainted with our equipment financing plans, request your copy of " Practice in Modern Surroundings. " THE S. S. WHITE DENTAL MFG. CO. 211 S. Twelfth Street, PHILADELPHIA 5, PA. Compliments of GDIUARD m IIJORHOL DCI1TAL LABORATORY HOUSTON, TEXflS VITALLIUM AUSTENAL TEETH CALLE ACRYLIC Compliments Sholl Dental Laboratory Co. HOUSTON Branches: BEflUMONT - CORPUS CHRISTI - TYLER SMARTEST for Co-eds . . . Junior Apparel Junior Sportswear SHOP COLLEGIATE, fifth floor THIUAITGS DCDTAL LABORATORY 218 Medical flrts Bldg. HOUSTON, TEXflS BEST WISHES FOR CONTINUED SUCCESS B. B. Moore Laboratories 743 Kress Building HOUSTON 2, TEXflS REPUTATION The successful dentist always uses the best materials available. He avoids handicaps! You will find that he uses gold DEEGOLD. It is uniform, highly dependable and cer- tain to serve with credit. Thos. J. DGG CO. PRECIOUS METALS 1900 W. Kinzie St. Chicago 22 LEGAL DIHECTDHY Law OFFICES POWELL, WIRTZ, RAUHUT S GIDEON BROWN BUILDING flUSTIN. TEXAS Ben H. Powell ). A. Rouhut fl. J. Wirtz W. S. Gideon Ben H. Powell. Jr. George Leonard Zbatla CflRRINGTON, GOWflN, HflBBERTON, JOHNSON, WALKER flttomeys at Law MERCANTILE BANK BUILDING Paul Carrington Crazier Gowan George W. Schmucker Benjamin G. Habberton Wiley Johnson Henri L Bromberg. Jr. Iverson Walker William Latham Leeds foe C. Stephens. Jr. flrthur J. Riggs Lawrence W. Anderson fain S. Witcher Carlisle Blalock Percy D. Williams. Jr. THOMPSON, KNIGHT, HARRIS, WRIGHT AND WEISBERG Attorneys and Counselors Republic Bank Building DALLAS, TEXAS William Thompson William R. Harris George S. Wright fllex F. Weisberg Wm. C- Thompson Thomas fl. Knight [. Hart Willis Marshall Thomas fldair Rembert Pinkney Grissom Dwight L. Simmons J. Paul Jackson Sol Goodell Harold F. Thompson Samuel Winsted William H. Neary James E. Henderson Wm. fl. Rembert. Jr. John W. Rutland. Jr. W. fl. Masterson Rhodes S. Baker, Jr. Dan Rogers William R Harris. Jr BREWER, MATTHEWS, NOWLJN AND MACFARLANE flttomeys at Law ALAMO NATIONAL BUILDING SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Leo Brewer Wilbur L Matthews W. F. Nowlin Harper Macfarlane Clinton G. Brown. Jr. [ohn F. Sutton. Jr. I MI INDEX A NAMES PACES A. C. . 461 NAMES PAGES Allen, Florence Rosamond 62 Allen, Frederick C 434 Allen, Gloria Patricia 28,193,364 Allen, Helen 230, 389, 448 Allen, Henry K 493,504,512,554 Allen, James K 21, 150, 185, 434, 446, 452,474 Allen, Jane . . 207 A Capella Choir 1 70 A. I. C. H. E ..417 A. I. E. E. 418 A. I. M. M. . . 419 A. S. C. . 420 A. S. M. E 421 Abadie, Victor H 492 Abbott, Calvin Roger 28, 372 Abbott, Dorothea V. 223 Allen, Julian G 495 Allen, Lewis, Jr. 62, 248 Allen Max 382 Abdo, Milton 417 Allen, Nell 235,473 Abels, Gerald . 243 Abies, James 1 434 Allen, Ruby Rae 28 Abney, Frederick Sherwood 476 Abney, George Hamilton 261, 424 Abraham, Robert A 257, 434, 473 Abramson, Harold 287 Abramson, Shirley Idelene 219 Abrason, Harold 459 Allen, Thomas H 434 Allen, Wanda .. 62,455,472 Allen, William W. . 434 Allensworth, D. N 434 Alley n, Michael J. 494 Abovitz, Sybil 233 Allison, Lee 371 Acker, George 178, 193, 395 Acker, Helen Louise 90, 443 Ackerman, Edward 277, 394 Ackerman, Gloria Lee 233 Ackerman, Harold Scriptner 24 Allison, Sammie J 90 Allman, Ray Madison 62, 492 Allphin, Shirley Joe 90, 221 Alpard, Charlotte 28, 443 Alpert, Carolyn Judith ..78,219,443,463 fllpha Chi Omega 200 Alpha Delta Pi 202 Acton, Ellen Richardine 366 Adams, Andrew M 434 Adams, Benjamin C 90, 434 Alpha Epsilon Phi 204 Adams, Bernard 459 Adams, Bob . . 414 Alpha Gamma Delta 206 Adams, Bonnye Lynette 235 Adams, Charles D. Jr 434 Alpha Lambda Delta . . . 379 Alpha Omicron Pi 208 Alpha Phi 210 Adams, Forrest Ray 246, 493 Adams, Fred, Jr. 21, 380, 381 Adams, Gwendolyn 28, 411 Adams, James Wesley 62, 263, 394, 397, 494 Adams, Nell Kathryn 28 Adams, Norwich Otho, Jr. ..191,273,121 Adams, Marjorie 467 Adams, Martha Etta 90, 443 Adams, Mary Dean 90, 482 Adams, Roy A 434 Alpha Phi Omega 380 Alpha Tau Ome a 244 Alphin, lames A 257, 434 Alston, Emma Lou 28, 135,443 Alsworth, Charles C ' . .434 Altfillisch, Michael D 62, 420, 495 Altgelt, Minetta 26 Althaus, Arlene B 78 Alton, Wanda 489 Alvei, Mary Virginia 128, 141, 149, 225 413,428,430 Alvey, Charles Robert 255 Amado, Julio 147, 450 Ambrose, Zane J 434 American Pharmaceutical Association 422 Amery, Jean 489 Adams, William G 49$ Adams, Winifred E. 28 171 479 Addison, Mary R 364 Adkins, Gale Roy 26,180,380,434 Adkins, Paula M. 90 Adkisson, Hershel C. 434 Administration 9-16 Amsden, Margaret Louise ... 78,215 Amsler, Kathryn Virginia 78, 225, 448 Anderegg, Alfred Ferdinand 90 Aechbacher, Garland 291 Acrec, Calvin 430 Agnew, Kathryn Jean 28,210,421 Agnor, Mary Ware 90, 230 AgreJius, Betty Elaine 207 512, 527, 530 Anderson, Alfred W 434, 441 Anderson, Billie Jo 133 Anderson, Carlos C 434 Anderson, Catherine Adalcne 90 Anderson, Conde N 250, 467 Anderson, Charles T 400, 421 Anderson, Deena 138, 479 Anderson, Donald M 434 Anderson, Dorothy Jean 62,175 Anderson, Emory Eugene 422 Anderson, Ernest A. . 434 Anderson, Esma Elizabeth (Beth) 28, 136, 174, 175, 179, 183, 388,482 Anderson, Jack S. .394,406 Anderson, James Crawford, IV 253, 474 Anderson, Kitridge 28, 378, 414 Anderson, Joe E 177,442 Anderson, John C., Jr 424,434 Anderson, Joy 73 Anderson, Mary Evelyn 17J, 223 366, 369, 489 nderson, Robbin Colyer 258 Anderson, William G 278, 279 285, 404, 418, 487 Andrews, Betty M 28,425,489 Andrews, Billy (W. E.) 149,385 433,486, 504, 5.12 Andrews Dormitory 3 2 Ahlgrcn, Leonard 418 Aikcrs, Avis E 62 Akins, J. N 372 Albert, Helen 78, 479 Albers, C. Clarence 422 Albers, John E 421, 489 Albcrs, Lois Dell 487 Albright, Sue 206 Albright, Welda Louise 90, 455 Alcorn, Charles William .. 257,448,489 Alderson, Curtis Jackson 218, 4 7 Aldrich, Albert King 248, 4 9 Alexander, Abbye Rae 173, 219, 368, 369 Alexander, Edith Sue 90,447 Alexander, George 543 Alexander, Helen Cunningham 28 Alexander, Helene Evalee 223 Alexander, James Richard . . 28, 277, 434, 474, 48 1 Alexander, Marie 201, 433 Alexander, Mary Helen 78 Alexander, Marv Louise . 62, 223, 407 Alexander, Mary Olney 62, 203, 443, 44V 463,489 Alexander, Nancy L 215,417,466 Alexander, Robert Eugene .. 90,253,434 Alexander, Shuford Morgan 90 Alexander, Stanford Jerome 271 Alexander, Steve 90, 255, 344 Alexander, Susie A 62 Alfonso, PJinio 4fO Alford, Joe F 417 Alisky, Marvin .26,178,193,380,434,463 Almazan, Guillermo 429 Andrews, J. J 433 f 434 Andrews, Janet Evelyn 90 Andrews, Mary Jane 182,203 Andrews, Mary Jo 209, 447 Andrews, Nell 189 Andrews, Robert Sidney . . 177, 411, 494 Andrus, Alice Virginia 90 Anez, Carlos 450 Annis, Leon Darrel 434 Anson, Betty Jean 230 Anthony, Bernice Josephine .. . 28,425 Anthony, Ernest DeWitt, Jr.... 78,380 Anthony, Mary Alice 78 Anthony, Nancy Allene . . 227, 392, 433 Anthony, Patricia 229 Allen, Alfred D 434 Allen, Ann Lee 78,223,364 Allen, Betty 207 Allen, Carol Melvina 90, 447 Allen, Corrie 398 Allen, Eva lean . . . .78. 441 Antonelli. John H. 78 171 NAMES PAGES Antweil, Shirley 233 Appelgate, James 275, 533 Apple, Dorothy 223,432,465 Apple, George W., Jr. Applewhite, Mary Lois . . Applewhite, Tommie Ann Applin, Esther Richards . Arbetter, Rolla Mac Archenhold, Harriet Ann Archer, Branch T Archie, Neal Ervin ..378 207, 449, 489 28, 447 228 233,457 233 474 78, 380, 424 Arendale, Madeline Kathrine 78 Arevalo, Leopoldo 424, 449, 450 Argeson, Said Mehmed 28 Arledge, Marjorie Ann Armintor, Dovic M. . Armstrong, Anna belle Armstrong, Carolyn Armstrong, Dale Armstrong, Gayle Armstrong, James H. . . . Armstrong, Louise Landis Armstrong, Miller Armstrong, Rose Marie . . Armstrong, Sara Lee .... Armstrong, Sara Jane Armstrong, Tommy Jean 28, 444 . . . . 62, 170, 179 182, 362, 443, 467 . . . .199, 379, 483 210 457 .. . 225, 386 ... 184,434 228 170,417,483 62 .. . 210,464 405 78 Arnall, Dwight Lee 62,193,285,394,495 Arndt, Arthur P 484,492 Arnett, Lloyd K 434 Arnett, Virginia 175 Arnold, Jack 434 rnold, Jeanne Marie 28, 171 Arnold, Kenneth Burt 259, 424 Arnold, Paul T 434 Aronoff, Norma Bernice , 219 Aronoff, Toby Joy 62,439 Aronowitz, Marvin 403 Arrendell, Cammid O. 90,371,434,459 Arringtor.. Thomas Rogers 78, 394 Arrington, William C 390, 406 Arrowood, C. F 266 Arroyas Guillermo 414 Arroyo, Felipe Garcia 449 Art Students ' Association 171 Arthan, Jack P . . 434 Arwine, Joe Arnold 78,434,454 Aschenbeck, Betty Ruth 209 Ash, Barbara T 223 Ash, Lucille E 235, 443 Ashbel literary Society 423 Ashby, Ruth Jane 134,225,401,448 Ashley, Connell D 90, 185 Ashworth, M. Beverly 90 Askew, Robert Edward . 177, 261 Association of Student Architects 424 Aston, David . 28, 411, 452, 453, 459, 482 Aston, Wynell 425 Astorga, Armando 394 Atchison, Carolyn 217 Atchley, Billy Virginia 90,363,472 Athletics 503-562 Atkins, William R 434 Atkinson, Charles Pat 434 Atkinson, Edward S., Jr 434 Atkinson, Jackson B 489 Atkinson, Joseph 434 Atlas, Marcia Ann 78 Atteberry, Rodney W 434 Attia, Isaac A 90 twood, Gavle 434 Aufricht, William R 434 Aune, Georgia Dagmar 78,229,366 Austin, Catherine 131,207,438 Austin, Elaine 363, 482, 486 Austin, Grace 207 Austin, James Bryan 267,471 Autrey, Walter C., Jr. ... 177,184, 378, 394, 433, 452 Avent, Richard G 476 Avery, Sherwood Terry 245, 434 Avery, William Oliver, Jr 78, 422, 434,453 Aves, Priscilla 364, 369, 422, 483 Avigael, Lester Wolfe 242,243 Avinger, John Magrill . 28, 504, 527, 528 Avis, Jake, Jr 434 Avitts, Luther 498 Avriett, Don Marie 78, 215 Aycock, Cecil 257 Aydam, Bertha Louise . . . 78, 367, 488 Aydam, Louise Caffall 90,183,367,488 Ayres, Dorothy 214, 382 Ayres, Eleanor 203, 447 B Babb, Nancy 28 Bach, Walter J., Jr 90 Bachle, Mildred Loraine 179, 183 Bachle, Nelda Marie 28, 221 , 363, 369, 425 Backenstoe, Dorothy Phyllis . . 62, 364, 442, 445, 483 Bacon, Drew O ' Neal 434 Bacon, John L 494,500 Bading, Robert J 434 Bady, Jack H 394 Baersch, Arthur L 495 NAMES Baeten, Val Claire 27, 367, 369 Baethe, Louis F. J 26 Bagelman, Shirley Bagley, Betsey Ann 90 Bailey, Barbara Bailes, Jerry Car! Bailes, Perry Gene Bailey, George F. 241, 284 Bailey, Gordon A Bailey, Howard Bailey, Jo Bailey, Olen Kelly Baillio, Betty Ann Baim, Dolores Claire Bain, Betty Baits, Jo Beth Baker, A. P Baker, Barbara 369, Baker, Catherine Ann Baker, D. A. Baker, David Steele Baker, Elizabeth Ann .230,401, Baker, Jane Robin Baker, Kathryn 203 Baker, Lorena Baker, Nita Ruth Baker, William Eugene Balagia, Jeanette Helen Baldridge, Bryan Baldwin, Joseph B Baletka, Johnny 2 Ball, Belva Claire Ball, David, Jr Ball, Edgar L Ball , Margaret Ball, Mary Graham 90 ; Ball, Thomas Armoir Ballard, Billie Evelyn Ballard, Eloise Ballard, Nancy Ballard, Richard Patton Ballard, William Thomas... 29, 273 Ballengee, Bernon V Balliew, Edwin Baltes, Barbara , Balzer, Edith K Bandy, Laurence Roy Banes, Ken Lee Bangard, Leopold David, Jr. . Banks, Barbara Ruth Banks, William Bankston, Johnny Banner, Jack Gage Banner, Rawley Smith 78, Bante!, E C. H Baptist Student Union barber, Archie Barber, Billy B Barber, Dickie Lee Barber, Lincoln, Jr Barber, Narma Jean Barbour, Bob Barclay, Leland .... Barcus, Jacque Barfield, N. R Barfield, Richard S. 29, 177, 184 Barker, Betty Louise Barker, Eugene C Barker, Vance Barker, Vonciel 90 Barker, William R Barkley, Fred A Barlow, Carolyn Jeanette Barlow, Ralph E. Barnard, Allen G., Jr. 434 Barnes, Charles E., Jr 411 Barnes, Frankie Jean . . Barnes, Georgia .... 26,215,403 Barnes, Kenneth Barnes, Molly 133, 227 Barnes, Patricia Anne Earner, : aul Oliver . . Barnes, Robert N. Barnett, Helen Melton 190 210, 379, 426 Barnett. j. L Barnett, Nelda Loraine Barnett, Robert Caldwell Barnettc, Rose Ellen Barnette Sandra Barnhart, Helen Barnhart, Horace C., Jr Barnhart, John Newhall 254,255 Barnhill, Dan W Barratt, E. S Barrera, Hector Barrett, Elizabeth Ann Barrett, John Herbert Barrett, Meryl Barrington, William Earl 453 Barrileaux, Gladys Barrios, Carlos J Barron, James Douglas . . . Barron, Marydean Waldcn PAGES 425,488 387, 434 219 414, 422 191, 483 271 .427 28i, 292 434 454 363 SO 62, 432 . .78, 20! 90 . 62, 217 371 362, 457 448, 461 372 62 , 448, 461 78,715 , 440, 443 222 .203, 417 434, 476 . 29, 42! .... 248 26, 193 , 189,431 78 434,459 .185, 452 428 , 364,483 27! 90 410 489 279 239, 272, , 417,455 417, 49! 284, 28! ... 476 .424,466 .... 2!7 90 62, 418 . 78,416 .... 434 .177, 434 291 , 2!3, 441 384,406 .... 482 .... 434 . . .476 . 90, 207 434 ... 62 . .414 384, 406 .... 382 494 , 411, 421 ... 62 .... 260 434 , 366, 442 ... 434 244 . 90, 210 434 62, 371, , 479, 480 62, 177, . !21, 45! . 90, 439 . 430, 486 26! , 386,448 29, 1!2, , 230,401 . 29,418 434, 454 146. 369, , 461, 464 2!7, 448 91 78 78 179, 182 .170, 201 434 , 292. 38! 62 ... 494 .... 429 . 445 . 26, 434 ... 448 29,412. 49!, !00 467 418 , 372,419 . 29, 221 PACE 642 Barroo. Virginia Louise 2. 221. 4)0. 447 Barron. V. R. 4 4 Barrow. Fraaces Louise ::: Barrow, Thomas D. 40 Bartlett, Deo j. 144, 44 , 444 artlett. Hdm Dale 2 . )1. ). 412, 421, 444 Bartlett. Luis Ham.lton Barton. Merrill C. Bartoah. William F. Bartram. John Willia Bartram, Muine Bashcin. Carol B. 2 1 434 N, 4)1,4)4 2. 471 It 90, 441 ( 21-124 isr W 127-1)2 Baikm. Margaret Elizabeth 21 . 4 0. 4 1 Baskin. Pat McKiaaey . 17 . 177. ;i ' . n But, Barbara 2)0 Ban. Egbert Harroll 4 14 Ban. Patrick Ann : Ban, Shirley 112.11? Battion. V. Rut he 2. 4)9, 4 7 Batchler Patricia Ann o Battaile. Tom Dunk 7(, 4 ) Battles. Richard O. 4 7 Bam, Mir Baty. Maiioe 447 Bauchmin. James B. 2. 217. )94 Baugh, Clarence E. 424 Baum. Lila Lee 2 . 21 Bauman. Barbara Jean 71. 4)1 Bnaagardner. Joseph William 104. 112 Baumgartner. Dare ____ )1 Baur. George V. ..... 171. 4)4, 442. 4(7 Baiter. Betty Jo :: .4 -. Baiter. Loran F. 497 Baiter. Mary Beth 466 Batter. Marie Ruth Lake 37 . 407 Baiter. William W. -|.44 B v. Pa: 41I.4U lames Lejvcll 217, 2 2 Beal. Elithe Hamilton ItO Beill. Betty Baldwin 2 . 141. 2M, )l. 412, 41). 4 0. 4) . 41 BeiU. Eleanor Jane 71. II) Baimla, Bernard. Jr. 414 leamsn. James Manley 27 Beaman. Robert E. 271.41 Bean. Luther L. Eaitland 4)). 4)4 Bean. Willard C. Beir. A S oe, Mae Beard. Ardii O. Beard. Gerald Beard. Beard. Nathan B. Beard. Shirley J. Beir-ien, Elvii Louis Bearden. jimet Bearden, Jack E. Bearden. Robert L. Beatty. Mary Ann Beaty. Beverly Joyce Beaty. Eleanor Lucille Beaty. Frederick Le Beaochamp. Norma Jean Beauduy. Albert H. Beavin, Ker,ir.a!d Arthur Beaver. Carroll Beazley, Patty Gatewood Bebell. Vim F. Bechter. EUie " echtol. Hubert Beck. Beverly Ju Beck. Jane Beck. Nelson I Beckelhrmer. V, Becker. John G. Beckerman. Eileen Beddmgneld. Martha Nell Dedermii. Antionelte Bedichek. Roy Eeecroft. Bettye Claire Beecroft. Catherine Beeman. Mary Elizabeth Beene. Mary Louise Beerwiakle. Loriae L. Beerwinkle. Lucille M Beesley. Strattocs W. Beeson. Bitty M. Bella Mary Etta Begeman, Bob Benr, Katheriae Behr. Lucy Behrens. Paul D. Bridlemaa. Juaaa Fay Belden. joe Belew. Oarid Belifky. leli Belknir.. I L. Bell. Harold D. Bell. Gus Bell. James A. Bell. Joseph Harlan Bell. Joyce Bell. Laura Lee Bell. Minor, e Bell. M.rr Louise Bell. Mane Bell. Sandra Jo Bell. Siiney I Bell. William Sterling Bellar. Mary E. 4 1. (04. 14). 144 1)1.412.41 414 n: 44) 4 1 0. 20) 4:o. 414 4I 4)4 0. 21) 210 n : 2 . )4 X), 414. 422 4)4 0. 24( 4 2 . 2)1 4)4 170. )7t. 47 111. 2 l. )ll. 4 2. 104, 112. ' 21 2 . 2)1.411 n 421 2 . 221 Tl, 20), ) 4 41 2 0 207 207. ) 4. 41 29. ). 407. 414 201 4)4 ' I. 4)9.4(9 (I 2 ' . 42CI n u 217 62. 1 2. 21 . )I).40I. 41) 414. 4 1. 100 4 ' 4. 104. 127 0. )7I O, 4)4.441 0. 171. 21 IX. 1 2. 401 1 1. 21). 421. 4)2 0, 4). 4 3 104. 112 . 107 414 2 . )7I 4)4.4 7 Bellard. Emory Bellman. Sam Bellmoat. L. Theo Bellows. George Ferrii Below. Polly Rotemary Bel rung. Laurie 4 l 172 21- -s 19) nis. John C. (Jack) 4)1.49) Betty diet. Harry Ymdell 2 ' i Beoeke. Frank H. 421. 1)3 Benjamin, Marye Durrum 110 Bean. John HI Bennett. Fred H.. Jr 271 Beaaett. Hazel Marylyn . .-2). )9), )79. 429 Pen net 1. Jane Marie 29. 171. 179, 1(4, H( Bennett , . 2)1 Bennett, Marcus E. ..27) Bennett , Robert A 49) Ben n ' t i . Bennett. William C. " . ' . 4)4 Benson. Aubrey Lee 90 Benson, L. B. . 40 Benson. Mary Ana 421,4)9 Benson. Royal 442 Benson. Walter S Jr 4)4 Bender ' . K. I. . 4)4 Bentoa. Floyd B. 4 7 Beatoa. V. M. 4)4 Bentrup. G. L ....................... ) Beatsen. Donald Leroy 2( . 2)2, Hi Beran. Edwin E. . . . 424 berger. Emily Jo ....... 4)) Bergeron. Frederick 4)4 Bergoloftky. Jacob ...... 41 Bergman. Patricia Webb 29, 41 Bergman. William Myer. ........... 2 Bering, Jo Ana 2)1, )( Berkman. Dorrace Marie ........ 2 . 447 Berler. Jimes 2 ? Berlowitz. Sara Ann ... 0. 21 Berman. Robert Juliu. .......... 2(7 Bernson. frank William . Bernrtein, Marvin ) Berosek, Dorothy 410 Berrioi. Gilda Altagracn 422 Berry, Carolyn ......... 2, 2)1, 44), 441 Berry. Francei Lee 2 . 221.421 Berry. Harry McKay ............... 2) Berry, Ruth 221. (, ) , 4(0. 412 Berry. Warren Edward 1. 4) Berryhill. Betty M. 2 . 22). 444. 410 Bertuch. Ana Helen 91 Berwald. Helene ..... 71. 199, 201 Berzett. Warren W. 474 Brl, Mfkt Pti )ll Belt Brl Alfkt 421 Bflt Gtmmu Stfau . )(2 Btl, Thru Pi .24 . 247 Bethea. .lolly ........ ' Bethel. Donald ....... + Bethell. William Decatur 40 Be t ; on. Vera Mae )0, 2)1, 401 Bern. Olive 10, Carroll 7(. 227 Bevendge, John Herbert 30.400.421 Beveridorf . Buster L. H ....... IT . 1(4 dewier. Shelby O. . . l Bible. Daaa X. HI, 101 Bickeritatf. Clyde L. 4)4 Biechlin. Robert Ruttell 2 " Biel. Betty Ann 44) Bid. George Pretaley 44 Bigelow. Liaa Jaae ...... )0, 171 Bigger. .Morton 141,2)1, 211, 214, 2 2, HI Biggerstaff, Roy C., Jr. . 1 Biggi. Betiey L. .192 Biggt. Jamei E. )71 rSigg ' . Edard 217 Bigg . Jamei Keaaer, Jr. . . 91 Bilbrey. Uorii )), 442 billard, Emory 417 Bilhartz, Herbert 11). 1(4 Billing). Emma Jeanne 211 Jean 410, 422 S. ......... )7) . 2 Billington, Lull biaramaa, John Bingham, Wanda binnion. Martin E ....... 4)4,442 ointtock. Phyllii ....... 201 Bird. Beverley .21). 401 Bird. Louite Stratton . } ) Birdwell. Efie Naomi 71 Birdwell. George R. 279, 47), 144 Birdwell, Jerry Smith 1.)71 Birdwell. Roiibeta )0.1)1, 1 0. 227, 44( Birge. Joveph M. 171, 411 Jixamp. Roy 4)4,414 Bi Kop. Chrntine l Biihop. Durelle 2)0,4)) Bitkop. Jamea C. 7( Bishop. June Thelmi 447 Bishop. Luther Doyle 4)4 Bishop, Samuel V. 4)4 Busell. Margaret A. 22. 7. 11). 1)1. 210. 42 . 4 4. 41 Bitting. Bettirlou l Bivinv Varlee M. 4)4 Black. Hulon W. 2 4 Black. Clara Jeaa 42. )) Black. Delores 411 Black. Jane 4|| race Black, Pegcr . Ill, H . 441 Black. Richard Lee 91 Blackburn, Mary Gene 71. 4 1 Blackledge, Patrick A 177, )(4 hlackman, Betty Jo 91,447 olackwdl. Coleen 91 Blades, Betty 2lf Blagg, Joe W 4)4 Blagg. Richard it. 4)4 Blaine, Lyllian 441 blair. Barbara 22S Blair, Carolyn Elizabeth ). 1, 2O7. 421.4 1. 41 Blake, James Harris III 1 1 Blakeway. Clayton E., HI, 4)4. 47 Blake.y. Lucinda Elizabeth ..21) Blakely. Newell H. 471 Blalock, Kelton. Allen l Blalock. Jo Ann .1(1,441 Blalock, Sue Alice 71, 424 Blalock, Thelma A. 4 Blancharu, Betty J|l Blanchard, George Grover. Jr ) Blanchet, Anae Lou 4 7,411 Blaad. Bobbie Jean .),)() Bland, Bonnie Jem 22), ) , 41) Bland, Kithleer. ) Blandin. Jacqueline H. 30. 201. 401. 41 j Blandin. Lecristha 71,201.3 4,410 Blaaey. Waller )71. 4. 417, 4( Blaaey, William Hector. Jr 30. 211. 21 . ) 0, 417. 4(9 Blanks, William Davidson 2(7 Blanton, Annie Webb 24 llanton. Jack S O. 14 . 2)0. 292, 311. 441, 104, 140, 141 Blanton. Lou 4 7 Bliugrund. Yen Ann 201, 4)1 Blaustone. Marcheta 207 Blaylock, Billy Aaron 219 Blevins, Carl )7). 417 Blevins, Robert (Bobby) Winston 2 0. 2 1, 44 Blewett, Theresa Nell 444. 419 Blivea, Dayton A 91.434 Block. Stanley 41 Blocker. Jeannette Joyce 30, 201, 411.472 Blocker. William 127 Blockson, Betty Jo t) Bloor. Anae Sutt.n )!).) ) Bloor, Bertram H 241 Blount, Bruce . . 40 Blouat. Lois 221 Blount, Doris Marie )0, 41 Blount, Ralph E. (Peppy). Jr 91,141, 2 1. )71, 4)9, 4 2, 479, 104. 112, 121 blovia, Albert Sidney 91 Slucher, Claudia V. 19, 1)2, 211, 410. 4)0, 447. 4 7. 419 Bl tho tl AVaau )4)-)41 lUmthomtut Stilt Nomiftri 1 30-144 mmtl Brllti . 101-127 Blum, O. W 1)4,47 Blume, James D. . 4:1 Blumel, Johanna 414 Bluth, Ray F 421 Boase, May Jean 4)9 Boatright, Francn 221,41) Bodansky, Samona ... 2)) ttoddie. Alda 20), ) ), )9 Bodzin, Louis .... 24) Boecker, August J. 91,4)4 Boeckman, Duncan E. 497 Boger, Olhe 4 7 Boggs. B. H. )7) Boggs. Joye 191. ) 4 Bogle. LaDon 211. 4)( Bonan, Harriet Davis )0. ) ) Bohn, Conrad R. ). 177. 1(4, 210, ) 4, )I, 411 bohn. Irma Gertrude . )0, 417 Bohuslav. Alleck 4)4 Bolaad, Haydoa Lee 4 4 Holding. Mary Jane 41 Boley, Robert 177 Bollmger, Dolena Fay .22) Bollinger, Lawrence F. (Bob) ... 142 Bolton, Beverly 2)1, 42), 4 9 Boltoa, George Greet .4)4 Bolton, Kathleen Sybil . )0, 217 Bomar, Louis, A. . 9| Bonan, Kathryn E. 221,210.449 Bond. Barbara J. )0. 444, 412 Boad, John 491 Bond, Wallace G. 424 Boadesen, Edith 91,) ) Bonds, William Alin 2 1,4)4 Bonham. William Ni Bonner, Betty Sue Bonner. Elizabeth Anne Bonner, Martha Bonner, Stayton Bonner. William N. Bonnet. Edna Bonnet. Bennie O Booe. Myrtle D. I Bookout, Fred C. Boone. Charle. Booae. Martha Ana 91 ). 211,421 )9 41 .410 ......... 47 )74 )0. 410, 422 ), 409, 4)4 414 71 Booth. Beverly 4 - Booth, Grace . 44) 1643 Booth. Ranald Earl 71,170,171. 179, ! Boothe. Grace 1 7(. 22) Boothe. William Henry 2ft. 4)4 Borel. Marjorie Joyce 71 Boren. Claire Piyne M Boren, John Jy |. 27) Bosanko, Robert 271.491 Bose, Bertram Louis 30.210 Bosunger. Charles Daniel 211.21 ' Boston. Charles Donald 177, 1 7 Bostwick. Culver S 40 . 42 Boiwell. Bea Autrey 4)4 Boswell, William J 4M Boucher, Betty 21), 447 Boultinghouse. James Earl 91 Bourke. Aedele Mae 34). II). 4)1 Bourne, Betty Jo JO Bowen, i avid L 492 Bowen, linellc Ill, )( , 4 ) Bowen, Nancy May 71, 217. 311. 4( Bowin, Steven Michael l Bowen. Virginia S Mt Bower. Robert Bruce it. 49 . 100 Bowers. Gloria Ana (), 41). 4 7 Bowers, Manorie 221,4 7 Bowers, Marvin Let 44 . 412.41) Bowers. William Edwin 279 Bowler, Wynona Lee . 91.211,4)9,41 Bowles. Laura Julian 219 Bowles. Wally Frank 424 Bowling, Nancy Marie 79 Bowman. James D 4)4 Bowman. Joan Phyllii )0, 411 Bowman. Merwia T 91,4)1 Bowman. Robert 2C1 Bowman. Waylaad B. 91 Boi, Carlisle 2 l Boyd. Alyce 217 Boyd. Marion G M, 110. 447 Boyd. Martha 91, 217 Boyd. Nancy C 91.201.41 Boyd, Virginia Anae 210.440.411 Boyd. W. P 4 9 Boyett, Eleanor Sue ' Boykin. Dorothy Ruth 217 Boynton. Peggy Ruthe ) 7, 4 7. 4(1 Boyatoa, S. R 414 Boysen. Doris Elizabeth M Boysen. J. L )9 Bozka. Ann )9 Bozzell, Carol Jeanne 21), )(9, 4 1 BrffkrmriJgc HM )70. )71 Bradbury. Rosemarie 131.201.430 Braddock. Marion E 492 Braden. David R 4)4. 414 Bradneld. S. R 494 Bradford. Carey Joe 4)1 Bradford, Gail )t) Bradford. Gertrude )) Bradley. Betty V 4 0 Bradley. Joe H. 4)4 Bradley. Robert L )94 Bradshaw. William W )94 Brady. Alice Claire 7( Brady. Jack Edgar 4 4 Brandhorst. Bob )71 Brag}, Eleanor Braley, Barbara ) firamlette, Frederick 4)4 Brimmer. Herbert L 4)4 Branda. Eldon Stephen 41 Brandi. Floyd Canad 7(, 4)4 Bnnnim, Marjorie " " Brannan, Rooert L )7( Brinnen. David Burr ) Bransford, Barbara 201 Branyoo. Robert C 4U Brasbert, Wilford S. 4 4 trtl,. 7ir 42 Bntton. Barbara Bratton, Billic Ruth 209 Bratton, Elizabeth Ann )l. 170 Brau. Mariorie Aon.... )l Briuer. Phyllis Rose 21) Braua, Gretchen (Gay) F 79.2)1 H . 4 7 Brautigam, Billic ) Brautigam, telon Maurine 79 Bray. Mary Fern 4S5, )(9, Brazil, Billye Louise }| Brechtel, Fred Charles 214.211,104.112 Bredthauer. Willie Ma 21) Breeding. Fairy 21) Brehmer, Franklin IL 4(7 Brennan. Betty 79. 21). 4 ) Brennan, Clyde Mike 91. )71,4I7 Brennan. Gloria Jean 211 Brennan. Patricia Anne )l, )). 407 Brentlinger. Willard H 24 Bresie. Mivellen 79. 191. )t . 411 Bretz. Barbara Joan )l. I)). 221. 4 9 Bretzke. D. M. )74 Bretzke. Delores 4M Brewbaker. James L 1 1). 417. 100 Brewer. Earl Johnson. Jr 21) Brewer. George E. )91. 47 Brewer. Herbert L 2(4,2(1 Brewer, Robert Payae 2 1 Brewiter, Beverly Anae 79, 213,4(1 Brcwster. Carolyn 22). 44) Brewiter. Frances Edna 31.110 Brice. Helen 4)). 4(1 Brut. Holli. R. 91,2 7.4)4 NAMES PACES Bridges, Bill 193 Brien, Fred Price JM.-w Briggs, Josephine 235, 460 Bright, Carl Alfred 248, 409 Bright, James M 394,424,434 Brightwell, Charles Dudey ..91,253,424 Brim, Leon S 271,424 Bringolf, Dorothy 91 Brinton, Peggy Lee 31,235,401 Brisco, C. Chester 63 Brister, Robert M 91 Bristol, Marion Jean 441 Bntt, Charles William 434 Brittain, Bunch King 79,253 Britton, Thomas Marvin 438,476 Brixey, Mildred Louise 31 Broad, Thomas K 260,434 Brock, Carolyn 230,401,430,433,445 Brock, Charles 434 Brock, Earl Stacy 422 Brock, G. Carolyn 79,182 Brock, Robert F 269 Brock, Russell 492 Brock, Warner Fain 151,385,387,474 Broderick, Harold C 493 Brogan, Albert P 14 Brogden, Elten Leslie 273 Brollier, Ben Anthony 275,434 Bromberg, M. H. 497,500 Bromley. Marshall B 79, 434 Brons, Margie 91 Bronson, Beverly 203 Brooke, Clyde A 402 Brockreson, Mary Sue 91,210 Brooks, Conoly Ouzts, Jr 31 Brooks, C. Vernell 497 Brooks, Eleanor Elaine 24 Brooks, Eunice Mildred 31,43 Brooks, F. E 406 Brooks, John Caperton, Jr 253,424 Brooks, John H. Ill 255 Brooks, L. W., Jr 434 Brooks, Marie 467 Brooks, Mildred 416 Brooks, Myrtis Bernadine 31 Brooks, Warren B 26, 390, 417 Brookshire, May 226 Broom, Halsey 382 Broom, Marilyn Alys 406, 466 Broom, P. M 434 Brotzman, Homer Deane 31, 500 Broussard, Lufiade Joseph ..91,376,488 Brouthertin, Mary Lynn 414 Brown, Arthur Donald 474 Brown, Barbara Marie 63,215,416,442 Brown, Betty Mae 31,416 Brown, Bobby Ray 291 Brown, Cleve M 298 Brown, Clifton Holmes 91 Brown, David H 185,434,474 Brown, Don 460 Brown, Dorothy Jo 225,480 Brown, Earnest H 185,476 Brown, Elizabeth Ann 79 Brown, Elizabeth Dandridge 201 Brown, Elizabeth Ina 63 Brown, Ellis Merrimon 462 Brown, George Ann 215,389,441 Brown, Glaydell Frank .... 91,434,459 Brown, Glenn Roland 79, 459 Brown, James M 434 Brown, Keith L 275 Brown, Margaret Ann 227, 386 Brown, M. Rebecca 217,424,466 Brown, Martha Claire 91 Brown, Mary Alice 217 Brown, Mary Frances 192 Brown, Maurice Lee 31 , 397, 402, 419, 434 Brown, Millicent . 91,136,363,454 Brown, Ollie Dickson, Jr 91 Brown, Patricia Bernice 31,171,229 Brown, Patsy Ann . 31,201,363,369,464 Brown, Ralston 434 Brown, Regina Klausner 63 Brown, Renee Handler 422 Brown, Robert Ray 79 Brown , Robert S 489 Brown, S. L 406 Brown, Virginia Frances 31,368, 369, 432, 472 Brown, William B. Brown, William E Browne, Aubyn Taylor . . . Browne, Sue Ann Browning, Charles Sterling Browning, Mary Elizabeth Brownlee, John Houghton Brownrigg, Katharine . .63, 250, 504, 173, 275, ..79, 225, 47 Ml 227 219 474 467 Broyles, Nannette Bruce, Barbara Ann Bruce, Betty 63, 364, 203, . 91 44) 44 Bruce, Herbert S 345, 414 Bruce, Ruth Irene Bruchsaler, Helen Felice . .188, 205, . a 430, 442 NAMES Bruner, Sue O Bruyere, John A Bryan, Alice Andreas Bryan, Annora Adelle Bryan, Kelly W Bryan, Lou Ellen 79 Bryans, Hinton Whitfield.. Bryant, Deborah Bryant, Frank Bryant, Nelda Fae Bryant, Norma Minette . . . Bryant, Sam C Bryant, William Randolph Bryson, John Bryant Bryson, Mary Evelyn Buass, Rosemary Marguerite Buccola, Guy A... 283, 292 Buchalter, Aubrey Buchalter, Maurice Buchanan, Ann Patten .... Buchanan, Dexter H Buchanan, Doris Lavinia... Buchanan, Harold Buchanan, Lydia D Buchanan, Mary Lea 31,210 Buchek, Lucile Buck. Juanita Buck, Mary Elizabeth Buck, S Bryan Bucklin, Marion Faith .... Buckles, Robert Gene Buckley, Elizabeth Buckner, Joanne 63 Buckner, Mae Marie Budge, Betty Jean Budnick, Margaret line-In i HI:. H. Terry Buell, David Sume Buescher, Colleen Buford, Mary Lou Bugbee, Jim Bulba, Bella Bullard, Doyle Ray Bullard, James T Bullington, Orville Bullion, Richard Bumgardner, Max Bumpus, Nell Bundy, Farland C. Bundy, Stanton Scofield . . . Bunkerhorf, Bob Bunn, Jeree Bunting, Mattie Bunting, Mattie Byrd Bunting, William Frank . . . Burba, Buford C Burchard, Frances Jane . . Burchfield, Thomas P Burdette, Alfred William Burdett, Tommy Dee Burdine, J. Alton Burditt, Allen N Burgess, Rhoda Mildred Burgess, Roger Ray Burgher, Ballard McDougal Burgher, Elizabeth (Betty) Burk, Betty Jane ... 91 Burke, George Roswell, Jr. Burke, John Howaril Burke, Lillian R. Burke, Mary Elizabeth Burke, Mary Kathleen 32, 368, 369, 383 Burke, Rosemary Burke, Sam Bryan Burke, Sydnev Rurkett, Elizabeth Anne 413 Burkelt, Ola Rudell Burkett, William J Burkheimer, B. C Burks, Jack Burleson, Billye Jeanette .. Burleson, Robert L Burmeister, Lois Burnam, Clemance Warren Burneson, Pat Burnett, Phyllis Marion . . . Burnett, Thomas Jefferson . Burney, William M Burns, John Burns, Kathry n Carroll . . . Burns, Virginia Burr, Mary Helen Burrow, Edgar Anderson . Burruss, John Warren Bussey, Mary Virginia Burtis, Grace 22, 32, 433, 460, 464 Brucit, Bety Jane 63,191,205,379, 383, 443, 460, 464 BrueggerhorT, Charles 429 Bruffey, George William 178,493 Brumage, Alice 175 Brumbalnw, Betty Jo 482 Brun, Allen Walter 253,404,418 Burtle, Mary Louise Burton, Helen R Burton, Louis M Burton, Robert Hurl ii, Jeanne Busby, Jean Evelyn ....32 Busby, Horace Wooten, Jr. Busby, James Neal Buscemi. Carl S Busch, Joe Bush, Margaret PACES 375 421 210, 461 79, 489 418, 438 , 227, 392, 458 .... 259, 480 217 434 91 201, 425 492 .31, 434, 474 .192, 193,434 63, 175 235 ,404, 521, )2S 277, 498 277, 494 31, 213, 36), 369, 393, 464 476 213 434 184, 388 , 432, 469, 480 317, 463, 483 407 209, 449, 483 279 367, 454, 488 . .63, 291, 479 215,432 , 191, 235,438 134, 215,405 79,479 488 . .32, 409, 499 378,434 203 91 261 444, 440, 456 434 434 11 434 554 91,488 63,473 259 434 230,473 207 63, 447 471 434 32, 230 434,452 91, 177 136 393 91 79 434 238, 260, 261 32, 227,433 , 203, 366, 448 26, 179, 178, 182 170, 178 79 235 170, 175, 182, , 393, 415, 489 . 91,433, 488 473 383, 444 131, 175, 203, , 430, 441, 460 63, 472 467, 488, 492 543 390,417 91 434,473 179 32, 414 363 32 ..32,402,434 250 434 . .92, 210, 392 92 386 79,422 .283, 404, 504 203 132, 174, 175, 203, 447, 460 92, 426 32 .411, 421,482 NAMES PAGES Bush, Robert 289, 476 Bussa, Martha Helen 235 Bussey, Mary Virginia 92,138 Butcher, James T 434 Butler, Aide 92,366,440,412 Butler, Charles Thompson, Jr. 32,265, 402, 467 Butler, Doris Adele 79 Butler, Inez Marjorie 32.363 Butler, James Patterson 422 Butler, Janet Sue 32 Butler, Joyce 175 Butler, Vernon R 497 Butler, Wood W 434,471 Buttery, Doris Vivian 79,203,425 Buttery, Dorothy Alice 79 Buttery, Vivian Pearl 32 Butts, Charles Dana 275 Butts, Ruby Janette 32,447 Butz, John Bernard 32 Buxkemper, Jerome 488,504,512 Bybce, Hal P 380 Bybee, Martha Ellen 227 Byer, Faye Phyllis 92,205,457 Byars, Douglas 283 jyars, George 173 Byars, Jo Ann 473 Byfield, George D 434,474 Byfield. June Elizabeth 63,139,430,465 Bynum, Madeline Anne 79, 210, 366, 488 Byrd, Gene 467 Byrd, D. Harold 411 Byrd, William E 434 Byron, John F 434 NAMES Cardwell, Mildred Marie 92 Carle, E. J Carleton, Bette Jean Carlson, Elaine . . . 79 Caballera-Marsil, Fernando Augusto Cabaniss, John D 378, 394, Cabrera, Carlos Cactus, The 190, Cade, Ann Cade, Nancy 9 ( Cadena, Viola Maria 79, Cady, Mary 369 Caldwell, Albert J Caldwell, Bettyc Jeanne ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . Caldwell, Joe Frank... 92 434 Caldwell, John Caldwell, M. Keith... Caldwell, Robert H 281,476, Calhoun, Bette Templeton. .230, 416, Calhoun, Gerald Calhoun, John William Calhoun, Louie Ruth 420, 44J, Calhoun, Wayman L.. . Callahan, J. E Callan, Barbara Frances S3, 227,423, 504, 479, 230, 533, Callan, Sam Waring Callan, Virginia Lucile Callas, Michael Callaway, Henry F Callaway, Frederick H.. Callison, Samuel D Calvert, Jack Joseph ....... 244,245, Cammack, Elmore ........... 32,381, Camp, A lma Elaine ............... Camp, Nancy ...235,430,456,461, Camp, Richard F ................... Campbell, Alice ................ 221, Campbell, Ann Clark ____ 235,432, Campbell, Betty Jo ........... Campbell, Charlotte Campbell, Flora Keith 32, 383, 432, 177 . 92, 183, 184 179, 183, 184, 388, 430 32, 140, 150, 188, 192, 387 434 406 275,495 171, 449 Campbell, Frances Joyce Campbell, George F Campbell, George Lee 177, Campbell, Helen Campbell, Iris Mae 13 , 4f7, 47g, Campbell, Joanne Howard 130, 416, Campbell, John Donovan 217, Campbell , Loraine Campbell, Louise 193, Campbell, Margaret 213, 366, Campbell, Marjorie Campbell, Robert Cunningham 246, Campbell, Robert F Campus Activities 169 Campus League of Women Voters... Canady, James Maurice ... 2 3,404, Canales, Carlos Candler, Russell E 454, Canfield, Frances 79, 448, Cannon, June Ann Cannon, Mary Catherine Canterbury Club Cantey, Craig C Cantrell, Rex C Cantu, Hector Cantu, Juan Carlos ( ' jp and Gown Capers, George G Capirielian, Jacob E. Capps, Edward E Capshaw, Thomas D Capy, Philip Lucian Caraballo, Leopoldo S 421, Caraballo, Xavier 3, 424, Cardwell, Dorothy Louise Cardwell, Mary Anne 32,235, 460, 393 434 .429 191 .235 443 422 423 63 92 488 .217 434 489 456 .285 250 466 390 .488 191, 459 512 401 534 402 .397 496 385 434 92 463 434 442 458 63 79 235, 458 .229 424 245 189 482 227, 448 434 482 201 433 403 378 260 -360 427 504 .429 497 483 457 . 92 483 441 . 32 .429 .489 .428 .494 .434 .418 418 .450 429 429 79 401, 461 92 Carlson, Howard Allyn 32,253 Carlson, Margaret Virginia.... Carlton, Crannll Allen 63 Carmichael, Ann Elizabeth Carmichael, Sally Carnathan, Ann Elizabeth . Carotbers Dormitory Carpenter, Bettie Ann Carpenter, Billy Eugene... Carpenter, Gerald D Carpenter, Stewart Carr, Doris Clydene Carr, Sue Frances 32,391 Carr, William Duffey Carraway, Jo Ann 213 Caraway, Suzanne Carrington, Frances Carrier, Margot Carrington, Walter Robert.... Carroll, Betty Carroll, Charles Carroll, Emma Eugenia 217,383 Carroll, Janet 230 Carroll, Jean Carroll, Joe E Carroll, Lela Carroll, Mary Joe Carroll, Nancy Carroll, JPilliam E Carruthers, Elaine .... Carsey, Jeanne Carsey, Mary Jane .... Carson, Oran Delbert Carstarphen, D. E Carter, Amon Gary, Jr 33 Carter, Aubrey L., Jr Carter, Davis Carter, Gloria Ann .63, 170, 171 Carter, James T Carter, Jane Cole Carter, John Boyd, Jr. Carter, Melford Sidney Carter, Rapp O.. . . Cartwright, Martha May Carver, Sarah Eloise Carwile, Charlca M Case, John Casey, Maurice Edward, Jr Casey, Medora Josephine 79, 364 Casey, Richard K Cash, Mariane Cason, Mary Helen Case, Joe Cassis, Assaf Cancel, D. B Castell, Jacqueline Castille, E. S Castle, Joyce Ann Castro, Maria Marguerita Castruita, Pauline Cater, Lael Cates, Roy Catlett, Mary Gene 215,363 Catlett, Suzanne ..134,193,215, 413,427 Cato, Richard Owen Catron, Paul L Causey, Gordan D Caven, Walter T Cavett, Peggy 42J Cavness, Charles L. Cavness, Htrrold A Cayton, Marilyn Cerrone, Oma Cerutti, Edwin G Cepeda, Delnn Chadwick, John L Chagnard, Jackie Chaleff, Hilda Anna 33,188, 219, 383, 408, 412, 415 Chalmers, Richard E. Chamberlain, Charles Devere, J Chamberlain, Nancy Ruth Chamberlain, Peter Chambers, Charlotte Anne Chambers Doris Chambers, Ellen Adele Chamness, Gordon Bryant Champie, Ellmore Alfred Champion, Alma Juanita Champi on, Frank Baker Champion, John G Chance, Daniel A Chance, Frances Audeen ... .92 Chancey, Donald Gordon . Chandler, Alice Joyce .... Chandler, Dorothy Helen Chandler, Fred Clark, Jr. Chandler, George Wilson.. Chandler, Gwendolyn .... Chandler, Paul Wynn, Jr.. Chandler, Percylee G Chandoin, Evelyn Chancy, George, Jr Chancy, Naoma Chapman, C. Joe Chapman, Edgar C . 79, 445 . . .79 PACES , 210, 363 434 32 184, 439 , 394,418 229 ,482,496 . 235, 423 173, 207 , 135, 215 363 . 79, 489 92 434 543 ...92, 221 , 430, 447 92 461,463 389 396 227 ..33,434 . .92, 210 79 , 461, 472 |, 445, 448 460 283 398 476 210 250, 467 , 227,443 . .203, 448 :, 203, 448 ...92,422 278 ., 257,443 434 ... .189 , 210, 489 , 406, 420 , 439, 440 ,, 275, 385 . . 79, 434 . .434, 467 ...92, 213 63 ...92,489 424 273 , 432, 442 434 92 33 434 376 260 230 492 92 79 . .63, 398 .129, 201 ..92,434 , 393, 398 379, 389, , 430, 460 .409,467 493 418 471 , 430, 466 .434,475 434 .201,407 407 494 . .92, 429 434 .... 207 lid, l- . , 440, 460 .434 r 275 92 414 63 225, 392 33 92 . .79, 438 33 257 .402, 434 467 , 229, 482 . .79, 433, 434, 454 . . 64, 217 392, 443, 479, 482 ' , 185, 253 253, 403 207, 366, 422, 489 .434, 462 92 369 380 . 79, 482 ..64, 434 ...283 FACE 644 Elk. rkipaii. Heke Keith Ckappdl. Etkd Rabr Ckarl-ee. W. Ckaraeaiier. Darcia Elaiae :: .4 i TV. 441 K.4H 44. 17 .411 . 414 2. 442. 44i - PruciUa Mrnii " . 141. 1 2. 74. 4 f . 414. 4M. 471 CHire Mac 44. - , Baracy 4:1 Ere).. . ' . 414 4:4 Charez. A.rel. 4M Enlra Fraace 2. M4 Mar. M). 414 Barbara Alice 2. l. 4. 221. 4 1.4) . 44 Cbecuaaa. Margaret Carolr. 1)7.221. 441.417 rkliai.l. Addaaa Skirler 7 . 1)1. 4:4. 4t Ckrraetfcr. Aide. Dorotkr 2 1 kr. Jam . E. 2. IT . 4 J . Jr ditto. Candl : Chew. Edgar H. B.. Jr. :. 4t J.-Nam . ) . 44M. 417 kr. Lillian dacacaky. Seen 1 " . :i. 4 . 4 Ca Erutoe )4 CkiUen. Bettr 2. 4 7 ChUdi. Jame. L. 42 . 4 1 Ckika. A. Lereee H. )). 4 7 daltae. Cad S.. Jr 4-4 241 Ceckraa. Keadall P. Cockraa. Rekcrt Corrdl Cerkkera. Jack Cocke. Billie Jea. 7 . Ml. M Cocke. Brroe Ckcacr Cocke. Howdl. Jr Cacrekam. Gcral Deaa )). Mt. 4)4.447 Cat. Elu Cad. Fraacit Jo Cotcr. Patricia 1)1. I . 221 Cewee. Dorii Aaae 44. I . M Makd Carkaaa Co-ey. J -4 j o Co maa. S. Coke.. Bettr Cake.. Edw.a G. M. l ) .171 ' 444 24 . 4 2. 44 4. ' 217. 4M M. 421. . 4. 2f 4- . 2 0. 4 i 2 ). M . . 4):. 441 244 . M). 447 .2 1 2 7. 4 4 . ) 4. 411 Morgae Lor Carder. Marr liafcdk 21 Corder. Wikaa Wood 21 Cordta. Marr Fraacct 13 . 213 Career. Dajaa dair 44 Coo .01. tree 4M Cerko. George B. 3 7 Cerkr. Jack 241 Coreu.. Jack M ' Carman. Mr M. M .414 Cormaar. Caere Lacilk :. ' Ceradiai, Catkeriae 44. 1 2. M . 54. )2. )2. 441 Cornell... Manila 7 Careen. Jaaan H. 4)4 Carawdl. Eari ..II Corrdl. Gerald L. 471 Corrigaa. Pat 227.44 Cone . Alfoea Carr. J. M 2 7 4M 7 . 44) 4 7 CM Co. Pa. Ckote. Jack Bee Ckraxeaeta. Darid 414 Chinaaaa. Ricaard H 4 4 CknMiae. Fnu Vodak,. Cknarae. Peggr Ml. 41 . 422 dertttaa, Andrew dnarf. Edgar Allea Bran. i. 42 takin Leo. FaaKa :- Odak-Kxi. i.laa.a 42 dark. Barbara An. 141.4 dark. Brraicc Lorcec 217. 41 . 44) dark. Ckado Edward 44. 4)4 dark. Ckarki T. dark. Caariaii HI. 434. 47) dark. Dand Lot Clark. rtoaei LO.IK 4 ' dark. Gcaa O. -: dark. Marr Jo dark. Norau Friocioe - dark. Rarford Williaea 3. }71.422 dark. Ror Lee 1). 17). 174. 177. 21 dark. Ti E. 2.4M darr. Ead Mania 44. 17 . IT . 1.4 darr. Paaiiae Elirabrta 7 . 41 daet. Mar. 44 ; Clntrt 21-1 4 der. Bettr J 44 daybreak. Alice :-. Uarpool. Oori. Betk : dartae. Bertka Catmrra 1). 221. 2. 4) 414. 472 4 ' 4 444. 474 . - )). 2 1 7. 2M.44 " 4- -- ' 4.4 - I H 44.4)1 Tin I. an Margaret 44 Ckrdaad. Florence L. diCerd. Bear Rerfc diwerd. R 414 dift. Jreaeme Elwood 4)4.44 dift. Marr L.aa 2. 417 din. Roben Cliftoa. Halea E. 4- Cliftoa. LeecroT 4-4 difraa. 1 rent Darid dick. L. L. dear, Marr down. Cera ' dower. Pat Alto. 2. 41 1 dcrrx, A. Vaa Coke.. Marr.. 277. 121 Cakca. May 21. )24 Cofca. Dilirri Lorraiae Coke. 1-eac Cike. Coma, Skirler Mac - Colbert. Geae 4:4 Colbr. Malcolm Yoaa( . ;t: Cok. Bob 1 3 Cok. Byraa C. Cok. Canoe. 447 Cok. Fare Cok. Gloria Aaita 44 Cok. Joyce Marie )).::?. 441 Cok. Raken J. 414 Oak. Ratk 41- Cek. 4t Cakeaaa. Damald D. 4.4 Cakeaaa. Fraacc. Aaa 1)2. l . 2 ). 4tl Joke S. - - Jac Norau. Gregg )). 24). . . .. W. B. If Calky. Fraacr. 4I Caller. Cbark. 44? Collie. Kathleen Ma. M . M . 447 Collie, Vary Jo 2. 1)1, 211. 43 . 447 Collier. Pad W. 7 . 4)4 Collier. Ralph K )74. 41 . 42 Coll,... Ddeur W. 44.424 Coll.... Dalorea Heary - ' Cattiea. Earl : " . 1)3. 1)1 Coll.... Fred Alice Colluu. Clear 441 Coll.... H. Tartar 27). 4)4 Coll.... Robert L. ) 4. 4 4 Celliaa. Sarah Eaulr . M4. M Coll,... Walter F ' Colaacr. Benr Gdaega. Raeuro " -. Aaa M.ller . 2. 2 7. 447 Comb., lll.wra AM 44 Comb.. Jaee 44.447 Comuock, Frederic George )). 4). 4 4 Ceaawar. Eidrn Lee " e Cooe. Marr Ckadwick 2IJ.4o. 442 Ceac. Ror. R . Jr Coadrar. Margaret E- )). )f). ). 411.411 Coaler. Marriaaa Coaa. WJlia. Ale. Caaallr Jjaa 1 . 4, 14J. 21 . 2 , 4 f . 442. 441 Con. Caralra L-, Ellea dcaacau. Benr Dickaia Patricia Sevan 2. 424 Fatncia Harrdl 4 1.4)4. 44 V. 4)4 M. 4M Margaret M. 1)1. 1U. 1. 227. 441. 4 4 2. 27. 4M Caowar. Vlarrarrt Eleaoor Coawar. R ' t ' f Cook. Alice Locile - ' " - 44 42 . 4)1 Cook. Cook. Cook. Cook. Ceeke. Caak. Cariam Marcaret Caat. HaraU V.. Jr Caa. Jaaan Cofcfc. Bcrtuce C4 . B.1U Bak Cak4. d(a Mac 4. 23( : 4V . 412.444 2 M) Elk. Peck Elwood E. Jame. H. traartk Horace Mdne S. ,,,,. Lee B. 1 . M. EUeaita Margaret 01. ..a B. . Ja R . A. E . Aaaebetta M. 22 Cacknc. Barbara ]. 4. u . 22 ' - : C. 414 Cooper. Odohiec N Cooler. Fraeci t. relic Coaper, Gerdoe Varae Ce-efi Mitckdl . 4M. 472 - - 4 -.4 2. 4)4 4 4 4. 421 . 2 1 : 7 . ) 4 271. 404 227. 4 2 1. M) ' V4 M. 4) 17J.J7 44. 411 4i. 4 ) .- . 44).44 Cott.ngka.. Wonk F 4 4 Conk. Manka 7 . 1)2. 17 . 1 2 Cotr. Aaae in Ceeck. Gleaaa Lea 44.17. ' CeegklU. Fraex 4M Caagklia. Joa. E. 221. Ma. ) 2. 44) Coelter. Jeaa 221.M) Coelter, Marioe A 4M Coanacr. Benr Lea 2 . I . 2 1. 41). 4) . 4)2. 4 4 Coartaey. Ckarki M . Ml Ceenaer- Ida 447.4 1 Gaenacy. J Aaa M7. 4 1 Caeneer. Wallace R 44 Cor.artoe. Joke Lealer 4 7, 2 Coriagtoa. Virginia S tun 44 Cenactaa. Wddoa iff Bill 1 3 Seek ).)71 . Roareurr 171. 22). )7 Ca fen. Tar Cox. Ckaries W 4i Cox. daede 414,41 Co.. Ella Rath ). 44 Co.. F. Laa r Ml Co.. Fraecei 2 1. 4) Cox, Graham G. ;: Cox. Fide. Maree 7 . 1)1. I Cox. Jake Roger 244. :41 Co.. Margaret 1 . M Cox. Mane 4t Co.. Martka Ann Cox. Marr Hdea Cox. Mdba 412. 417.471 Cox. Mildred Lou ). M), 4 Cox. Rohm Alaeertk Cox. Ror 1 4,217.121.12) Cox. Skirler Hathrr. ). 441 Cox. Vaada Jea. 44.414 Cox. Willia. J 4. 417. 1 4 Cox. William Stewart 4I Cork. George Bcraard . ' Cezard, Dar.d J. 4-4 Cr.JJ.rl. Aaiu Brrde . . 1)7. 17 . 1 2. 227. M . 441 Craoeeck. dalre 21 . 4M Rh Aaa - Craft. Gloria Jea. 21 . ) Craig. Gordoa Pad M Craig. Hoearr Viaceat Craig. Maryaaaa ). M) Craig, Patricoa 44. 21). 44 Craig. Roben Mankall 217.4 2 Craig. W. dark 424 Craia. Jaedl 221. M . 44) Craen. Maria. Leeore M. 141. M . 412,414.427.4) CraaaH. Britt Eatoa 241 Cranall. To. 2 Crawkr. Jaaats Dick 4. 24). )7. 44) 7 . 17 , 17. Crawford. Bee F. .. 424. 4)4 Crawford. Eaaice Dam 7 . 141 Crawford. Fraacca Haace 214 Crawford. George W 44. 4 M CrawforJ. Ireee 41 Crawford. Jaee W 414 Crawford. Paal B. ) o, 404 Crawford. Rar 4 2 Crawler. Jaaan Walter ...27) Creager. Harold Lee 21 Creaarr. Billie Crearr. Aae 4. 447. 41 Cre.gktoa. Jeka Ray. Jr. J4.4M CreaaVaw. Jack H. 7 Crea,. Cari C Wf Cripara. Jack M Criaeai.. Fraakford 4 4 Cme. Ned Jaa 44. 442 Crimal. Jni|li Merer 277. 4)4 Crnea. Oaxar Do. ' . 424. 41) Cntteadoa. Aaa Merwre 21 ' . 51). 441 Oieaaakerarr. Dak Jackaia . W. 27 Crockett. Hdca Marie Crockett. Joke A. lit Crockett. I raaard Freak 44. 4 ' 4 Crockett Mno.. Jr. 174.1 4.411.4)4 Cckett. To. Aedenoe. J, Crofoot. Eluabetk Craft, Ckarin Beeneai. Crater , Miriam Aaoe . Creeawdl. Fraek Rkea Crooe. Hdee R.,k Crookc. Peggr Jaee Croo.. Clcnitmi W.. Jr. Crater. Marr AM OMI C mtrj Craa. Jaev. E. Craoni. Roben V. Croock. Robert e.eH r M Ciwack, Sara Carolra mat ). 4)4. 41 1M. 171.227 177.27 22 ). 221. 44 2 . 271 ). )44 IM . 4)4. 41 4M . ). 24 . 2 2 Crow. Fraaklia Crow. Ja, Crow. Ntd Edward 211 fM. D) 4 )4. )7f. 4 1 Hard ,,, Crowdl. Dr. Carol, or .. 4,7 Crowdl. Lome E. 4)4 Crowkr, Barkara Jea. 221. ). 441 " . J-a . J 2(1.4 4 Crowkr. Roben A. 411 Crowaorer. Zaoe Owwaoa. Patricia o4.lW.22l! 44 Croxtaa. Ni M .., OWKT. Harrr T .4 Crace. R||...J Virgil ) 7. 4 2. M. 4 2 Craaayier. Billr Edward . . . 21 Crak. Ma. M 4M CWlipo. Albert Eraeat Cellar. Adolak M. | M Cadlar. Aauado 404 Care. Sa.d " .. ' .. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " ,. IP CWkenoa. Bear Aeee 34.217 GaUiniua. Fifker Well. 22. I. 2 . 2t CeAcnaaa. Maori. C. M. 177. 41 Oil . Roy Aaa 2 17 Cdp. Aaaette M. , Calp. Herbert Virgil 4)1 Ereeoiee Eddie . 41. 1)1 371.44) Geaera a. ae V3.M7.4t H 4M Alexander Artkar . tl. 2 ). 4 4.1 4. 1)1. I ' . Beajaaue A mo. 241 Daa Blake 4 . 3U. 434 J Pad .424 Jo Ann 1)1. 217, 424. 444 Joe Brace ).47 Willia. A. 317. ) , 404. 417 Carci. Rarmoad Lewi. 34.1 4.404 Cad, Jeaa .44 Carrer. Doaa T. ). 247. 41 Came. Era Garcia 44 Carrie. Kenneth Cliftoa Carri.. Fra.ce Marioe M. 347. 1t. 4 ' -. Carry. Italia 41.411 C.rJ.,. Cta | 7Z Cani,. Betk M Omi.. Loo,, Scon 177. 24 . 3 1, 41 1. 434 Canw. Martka Alice M. 4)1 Carri.. Robert ..4 4,4 7 Cartrigkt. Mabd Jeaa M Catrdl. Mart. Thc-a.. Jr. CetaUI. HariaW B. 4 i Crf 4) , D. A. Dace., Daigle. D.iler. DaiU. Dak, Dak. D ...432 - rr 4- Elaiee Maxiae )4 441 . Harold W.... oj Rickard I_ ' . ' . ' . ' Trt . Ttr -1 2.1 3 H kie , Margam Fraaces 227, , 441. 441 3M.472 442. 411 lIU . Radl (.2 ).M) Dakkitc. Hearr GibW. Jr 21) Ddtoa. H. J. Jerrr. Jr. J 3. 404. 421.4 3 241 2 2 3 2 1 2 7.4 3 211. 344. 471 1 4.4)4.471 M. 22), 4 1 4 ' 4 Deary. Billie Marie III If I. Joe Fraeklia laj.fl ll. Diaee naahlll. Margam Daaid. Cartit A. Daaid. Jorce Marrdl Danid. Raken C. Daaadi. Berrrl r Jeaaac 41,221.44 Daaid.. Holt P.. Jr. .1.2 1 Daaid.. Lorn. 412 Daaidtaa. Ead R. I.4M Daete. Joke 4|| D ' Areizo. Catkeriae McBridc 444 Darikk, Mariaric Mariaa II. 21. M. 12 . 137. 111. 1 3.347.4 1. 4 1. 412. 4 J 1.471. 4 t Darnell. Marr Margam . 17 . 17 . 4)2 Dam. Jadtta Jackoaa 23 . 441 Daaghtec, Even E. 4 7 2 3. M4 Pec MS NAMKS PACKS Daughtrey, Marilyn Frances 34, 170 Daughtrey, Melba Ruth 93 Daughtry, James H 434 Davenport, Dale Gray 34, 371, 409 Davenport, Jane Frances 6$, 221 Davenport, Margaret Meares Davenport, Richard Alan.... Davenport, Thomas E. David, Saradell. .:.... Davidson, Nora Jane . Davidson, Susie Earline . Davies, James Chowning Davila, Emilio Davis, Adrian A Davis, Betty Davis, Bruce Davis, Charles A 27! . 474 140, 187, 211, 383, 412,428,430, 492 80 80 47! 429, 434 476 130, 211,471 371 394 Davis, Charles Edward 2J9 Davis, Carolyn 80, 483 Davis, J. D. 41J Davis, Donald Alexander 177,279 Davis, Dorothy Dale 207,464 Davis, Dorothy Jeanne 213,471 Davis, Eleanor 467 Davis, Francene 20J Davis, Frances 6J, 414 Davis, Franklin, Jr 434 Davis, Gerald Eugene 422,434 Davis, Grace Hunt 80,173 Davis, Hope 366, 369 Davis, Howard E.. Davis, Jane 215,418 Davis, John Shelton 34,399,434,446 Davis, Keith 382 Davis, Kenneth C 260 Davis, L. C 434 Davis, Laura 366 Davis, Mabel Cayloma 34, 223 364, 369, 407 Davis, Mary C 443 Davis, Mary Jane 366 Davis, Mary Lou 223,483 Davis, Mary Ruth 65,210,461 Davis, Wallace H 80,472 Davis, Walter D., Jr 454 Davis, William John 434 Davison, Hortense 366,442 Dawley, Robert Arthur 289 Dawson, Kenneth Ray 434 Dawson, Raymond F 384 Dawson . Ruth 488 Dawson, Wilfred Thomas 291 Day, Edith E 375,422 Day, Effie Jean.... 34,427,428,440,460 Day, Fred W., Jr 275 Day, Herman O ' Neal, Jr. 455 Day, Jim 279,424 Day, Joe F 434,476 Daye, George Thomas 34, 482 Deal, Jack E 268,269,496 Dealy, Virginia A 80 Dean, Frances Jane 34,482 Dean, Tom 417 Dean, William B 475,554 De Armond, Barbara Ann 35 Deathe, Earl Porter, Jr 35,452,488 Deathe, Helen 366 Deaton, Chanchi 447 Deaton, Frances Ann 65, 227, 386, 423, 480 Deaton, Fred Ross 193,261 Deaton, John Wood 253 Deals, Henry 489 Deaver, James E 80,380,452,489 DeBorde, Phyllis. . . .130, 175, 201, 365, 433 DeBusk, Clarence K 183,467 Decatur, Bettye 365, 369 Dedman, K. H 185 Deere, Donald 533, 535 Defibaugh, Carl W 494 Degenhardt, Wilma Walter ..35,421,484 DeGolyer, E 397 DeGraf f , George J 343 Dehay, Thomas 35 Deines, Adam L 418 Dcitos, Richard P 497 De La Cruz, Reyhaldo 429 Delafosse, Georgan 65, 217 Delagrave, Yvette 366 De La Garza, Andres 429 De La Graza, Cesar Octavio 65,429,488 DeLancey, Johanna 223, 407, 489 Delaney, Miles A 424, 434, 483 Delavan, Robert Coleman 446 De Leon, Heriberto 429 DC Leon, Joe, Jr 488 Delgado-Vcga, Diego W 424,429 Delgado-Vega, Eduardo 35,420,429 De Llano, Rodrigo 65,285, 394, 417, 540 Dellinger, Jack Baker Dellis, Woodward Orleanor Del Papa, Lawrence.. Del Paso, Ernesto Delta Delia Delta Delta Gamma Delta Phi Epsilon., Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Kappa Epsilon. Delta Sigma fi . ...80, 253, 433 26, 182,432, 443, 479, 482 442 65,429 214 216 218 218 250 .409 NAMES PACES Demere, Mary Agnes 80 Dcmmer, Edward Joe 473, 504, 544 DcMontrond, Dorothy Lou. . .225, 445 , 473 Denham, Patricia L 422 Denius, Franklin Wileford 255,434 benman, Robert Blake 177,482 Dcnnenbaum, Joyce 205 Dennison, Anna Perry Wood 466 Dcnson, Jack M 492 Dental ' School, Houston 587, 603 Depriesl, Wysanda Louise 221 Derr, Paul 420 Derry, Lynn 488 De Schofield, Leonor Castro 396 DeStefano, Don 424 Deulsch, George Carlton . . 259 Devine, William H 434 DeViney, Glen E 279 De Vries, Herbert 457 Dewing, Jay N 494 DcWitt, John R 476 Dewitt, Sarah 193 Diaz, Aurelio 429, 488 Diaz, Ignacio 429, 488 Dick, Laura Ann 65,175.235.432 Dickens, Terry 267,371 Dickerson, Arthur F 35,178,395 Dickerson, J. Shelton 80 Dickerson, Sam James 291 Dickson, Peggy 471 Diehl, Harvey 184 ..402 Dierlam, Ola Ann 35, 132, 175 374, 478, 486 257 .140, 229, 489 . 35, 179, 184 65, 372, 395 65, 207 . 80, 178, 394 65, 190, 424 ...387 Dies, Robert McAdams . . . Dietrich, Zela Mae Dietz, Clifton E Dietz, Henry Brooklyn. . . . Dietze, Doris Carolyn .... Dillahunty, Fred Frank... Dillard, Roy Earl Dillon, Cliford Brien Dillon, Margaret Josephine 61 Dilworth, Robert J 434 Dinwiddie, Ballard Alvin 61,434 Dippel, John C 3J.4I8 Dirks, Evelyn Elaine 61, 489 Dirks, James Leland 80, 434 Dixon, Charles 267, 472 Doak, Kathryn 3g2 Doane, Jane P. 134, 433, 434, 466 Dobbins, Charles J 27f Dobbins, W. H., Jr " " 434 Dobles, Robert Walter 61, 418, 493 Dobson, Virginia 414 Dobson, William j 414 Doby, James G 434 Dodd, Mary Jean 211, 423 Dodds, Ella Virginia 61, 191, 489 iJodge, Billy A 492 Dodge, James Willington 263 Dodson, Alberta 206 Dodson, Harriette 366 Dodson, Thomas 483 Dohoney, Mrs. A. P 368 Dolgener, Erich A 434 Dolin, Celia Lee 429 Dollar, Frances 1 80, 42J Dolley, James C 13,382,409 Donaldson, Fletcher 484 Donalson, Jean Elizabeth 31, 203 Doner, Abe 243 , 442 Doney, Patricia 230 Donham, Dorothy 80, 364 Donnegan, Betty 363 Donnell, Mary Elsie 61, 374, 461 Donnellan, Will iam L 494, J04, J31 Donnelly, Richard 2 7 Donosky, Irving 287 Dolle, Elizabeth Nell .... 80, 191 , 223, 432 Doores, Jean Ann 213 Dormitories 361 , 372 Dornon, Marion Hope 80 Dorrance, Kathleen 230, 448 Dorsett, William N 476 Dorsey, Alice Faye 61, 173 Doschak, John 504 Dosser, Kathleen 80 Doty, E. William H Doucette, Marie Louise 3T, 217 Doudney, Clara Lee 6J Dougherty, Fred 37] Dougherty, Jack M 434 Dougherty, Ruby Jo 183,367,488 Doughtie, Venton L 248, 42! Doughty, Glenn R 476 Douglas, Bennie Ruth 61 Douglas, Betty Jo 6f Douglas, Dorothy 444 Douglas, James Rex 409, 434 Douglas, Jim, Jr 3T, 213, 384 394, 406, 420 Douglas, Jimmie Hugh 80, 177 Douglas, John 371 Douglas, William 371, 483 Douglass, Ruth Ann. 35, 142, 1JO, 227, 368, 369, 398, 412, 427, 430, 432, 418, 489 Delta Tait Delta 252 Delta Zeta ........ " Demarest, Tom . .220 . .441 Douglass, Phyllis Dover, Carrie Joy Dow, Edwin Blair Dowell, Jane Downey, Harmon Downey, Marvin L DuBose, Margaret Lois... DuBois, Robert F., Jr.. Duckett, Willie M.... 466 457 33, 417 ...213, 461, 489 406 496 . . .227, 423, 469 255 431, 457 NAMKS Dudcrstadt, Mary Jo Dudley, Authur Ray Dudley, Betty Neel PACES 35, 201, 363, 369, 464, 489 80, 434, 454 3!,4!4 6! NAMES Eaves, Robert S PACES 434 201 Ebcrharc, Elvin Thaync Lberle, Lottie Margaret .... 177,411, 482, 492, 500 30, 367, 488 Dudley, Mary Elizabeth . .. Duff, Lula Beth 80, 379 80 Eber., Mary Gertrude Ebert, Robert Stickley Echenroth, Jean Echols, E. J. J 93 459, 462, 489 469 Duffner, C. E. Ougan, Mary Louise Dujger, Eileen Elizabeth , . Dugone, Marie Elaine Duke, Charles C Duke, James E Dulan, H. A. 438, 488 . . . . 3!, 429, 430, 450, 451 31,414 422 211 403 80 489 372, 489 209 Eckels, Mary Rose Eckels, Robert E Eckert Bob Dumas, William B 434 Eckert, Carolyn 94, 210, 363, 479 DuMenil, Sylvia Esther Dunagan, Billy A Dunaway, Ben Carolyn Dunbar, Donald George . . . 3! 177, 267 80, 489 . . . . 177, 253 230 Eckhardt, C. J 406 .. ..26, 41! 287 F.delman, Raymond Buck... Edgar, Mary Louise Edgerton, Robbie . .94, 271, 473 36 421 262 363. 444 65 Duncan, Jean Duncan, James Knox 489 275 448 Edmiston, Mary Jane Edmunds, Lester Boyd, Jr. . . Edmondson, Mary Margaret Edson, Betty Anne Edson, Sally Martha Edwards, Bartlett 80 36 66, 482 66, 213 80, 379 434 Dunham, Barbara 201 22 Downing, Helen Irene 80, 425 265 Downing, Willard Otis 35, 291 Downs, Haskell Edward . ... 25} 434 Edwards, Bonney Jean .... Edwards, Britton T., Jr.... Edwards, Clara Lou 80, 223, 467 434 94 94 Downs, Joe W ... . 497 189 Doyel, William Watson 65, 177 Edwards, Joe Ward, Jr. . 36 372,402,489 367 488 .... 207 Edwards, Norma Virginia . . Edwardj, Toni Egan, Anne Egan, James Edward Egdorf, Anne Louise ... .80, Eggcrs, Edith Adele 40 , 1 hli ' i v Emmctt Ehlers, Marian ... Eichelberger, Mary Joyce Eichelberger, Thomas White EJchenberg, Ava 41!, 449 42! 488 .404, 434, 47! 215,443. 480 . .36, 225, 381 423, 430,442 489 185 Drake, Gloria Drandell, Milton Drane, Louisa Catherine . 80, Drawe, Dorothy Lee Dremington, Jack Keck 207, 467, 483 287 364, 432, 483 223 265 434 Driskiil, Felix H Drummond, Irene M Drummond. Lorena Dryden, Marjory Maude 3T, Dubas, Prudence Dube, Robert Alfred Dublin, James R DuBois, Charlotte Dubose, Donald Hampton . . Dubose, George P Dubose, Jenebel 409 65, 438 408 416, 447, 471 193 . . 273, 409 80, 434, 454 174, 200 80 65, 394, 418 6! 235, 432 . . . . 201, 464 80, 447 36, 421 486, 533 66 175 Eifler Gus K , Jr. 272 Eikel, Oliver, Jr. . . .; 80 Eimann, Lillian S 36, Eiring, Frances Eisen, Florence Betty Eisen, Irving Mayer Eisenlohr, Bernice Marie . . Ekd- r.l. Mildred Ekdahl, Sigurd Neal Elam, Alpha Elam, Mary Frances Elder, John Blanton Elkins, Eris La Nelle Elkins, Martha Ann 19,66, 179, 182, 190, Elledge, P.aymond, Jr 425, 484, 487 . .66, 469 .36, 425, 467 271,467 . .94, 223, 363 486 2S 486 201,433 36, 173, 494 66 138, 170, 175, 229, 388, 413 257, 434 497 Dunkin. Laurel L Dunkle, Jane Brite 227, Dunlavey, Betty Jane Dunn, George Harvey Dunn, Leonard E Dunn, Robert W Dunn, Timothy H Dunnam, Ted Ounnington, Martha Dunway, Ben Carolyn DuPerier, Betty Jo 497 35, 141, 186 393, 430. 465 .35, 101, 425 65, 259 497 462 494, 498 434 .... 230 17! 80, 467 415 227, 389,433 267 33, 135, 191, 213, 363, 433 201, 439, 479 434 Ellert, Ruben Ellington Mary Nell 94, 434 80 Dupree, Betty Ann . . . . 80, Dupuis, Abel Joe 47! 66 430 Elliott, Jo Ann Durden, Nedra ... Durflinger, Wilbur W Elliott. William F Ellis, Alfred E Ellis, Anabel Louise 17!, Ellis, George E Ellis, John M Ellis, Norma Kate Ellis, Sanh Jeinnette Ellis, W. C 279 250 379, 425, 486 434, 467 434 203 .94, 209, 489 434 66, 213 417 Durham, Trula Florence Durr, Eldon M Durso, Joseph . . Durway, Joseph Robert Duvall, Robert R Dvoracek, Helen Ann , . 36, 36, 221, 425 474 65, 378,488 36, 372 4Ii, 449, 489 18! 374, 398, 457 191 488 Ellsworth, Ralph Irving .... Ellwood, Elsie Marshall Ellzey H. Jane 343, 385 504, 512 36, 235 36, 447 426, 438, 483 438 .36,402,442 434 439 459 Dwyer, Patrick Earl 36, 190, 289 438, 452,453 Dyer, Ada Ruth 36 Elms, Betty Jane 94, 364, Paso Club Elwell, Harry H., Jr Ely, Forrest C Elzner, Margo Embleton, Robert V 225 Dyer, Dorothy Dyer, Marian Elizabeth Dyer, Ruth Dyer S Eldon 229,482 36, 457 457 394 66, 483 Embry, James Gavin Embry, John A Emmett. Beverly Jean .... Emmel, Evelyn Emerson, Harriett Anne . . 36,492 257,47! 94, 488 488 26, 183 no 489 Dyess, Lola Lee 414 235, 432 E 66 Emerson, Terry Emery, Florence Emery, Maurice Neil Endacott, Mark Atlas Engebretson, Harold J 136, 213 223, 364, 483 253, 493 494 406 17! Eagan, Ann Eakin, Winfred P. Eakle, Betty Brooke Earle, Violet.... 454 434 393 444 Easley, Dalton R Eason, John Harold G Eason, Marjorie Ruth Easter, John Easterling, Earnest Eastland, Benjamin Paige... Eastwood, Herbert K Eaves, Kenneth Eaves, L. Levon . . . 434 26 36 .. ..177, 434 488 80 36, 253 434 ...492 Englander, Donald L 492 English, Helen 230, 467 English, Marie Joyce 36,369,421 English, Walter Coleman 246 Enriquez, Carlos 429 Enzler, Arthur John 394,489 Epperson, John Cleveland, Jr 36,269 Epperson. William H 418 Eppes, Paul G... .. 94.178.482 PACE 646 NAMCS r- i. Eppright, Dr. Margaret Schoch 407 Epstein. Carols 10. 394. 4)7. 429 tpstem. Ida M. SO. 443 Ferguson. Vernon ........ Ferguson. Victoria Ferguson. William Brownie.. 240. rernandez. Henri Joseph Fernandez, J. C. Fernandez. William Ferrre. Ejwm H. terrill. T. M. Ferns, Jean Anne Ferris, Nina Ruth PAIL Forster, Waldo, Jr for Worth Clmk Foster, Catherine Joanne Foster. Earl L. Foster. Fred E PACE , 4. 4)4 441 II 177 II Jr. )7. 112, 21 . 292. 404 94. 411 )72 4)4,4)1, 47 94 4)4 94, 20), 4 7 . 41 210 4)) 277 trickson. Charles Bar net t 7. 190.417 94. 4)4 414 447 E rick ton. Dor it Ana ...... Ern. Bcrnice Editk , Erter. Bonnie Mac Ervm. Frank J. Erwin. Billic G. K .rw,n. James Eschbergcr, Lamar Eskew. Doren R. Esponda. Juan, Jr. stes, Keith Estill. Mary Ellen Etheredge. Morrn L. Etb ridgc. Frances Lthndgc Tom V. Eubank. Mary Margaret Evans, Austin Edward Evans. David Torney, Jr. F.vjns. Elton B. Evans, James Hanson 271, Evant. John Beaumont John Edward. Ir. t a nt. Margerv Vaughn F vani. Mart Jayne Fvans, Mary Virginia Evans, Mason Evan . Melba Florine Evans, Shelly J. I van . William Dallas, Jr. Fverett. Pegcy J. Everett. Richard H. Ewing. fiVttv Fwinc. Caro ' ee Ewing. 1. Skeeter Fwiag. lames Seaton E winy, Jeanne Sybil Ewing. John Kirby 4O4, F-Vn irrmtm ' i A f -$tmJtmti ' Auociitiom F Faber. B.verlv Bell Faber. John Faegin, Frances Fagan. Patricia Fails, Joyce Fain, Patricia Fairchild. Jack Elmer ftlft. Omlctom Omfft Falk. Emily Rose Falk. Mary Duncan FancHer. George H. Farb. Sonia Farley, Gwendolyn Gene Farles, J. Vincent rarley. Margaret Anne .... Farmtr. Elisabeth Mosby Farmer. Helen Louise Farr. Dwight Edward Farrell. Elnoea Ann Farrell. JJin William Farrier. Sammie Farnngton, Stanley Farrington. William Harrold, Farrow. M. Elmond Farza. Ross. Jr. Faseler. C ' ementine Faubs " i, Bradford Faubson. Grady Faubion. Mary Helen Faubion. W. O.. Jr. Faulk. Larry Nell Faulkinbury. Faye K. Faulkner. Dorothy 1)4. Faulkner. Patsv K. Faulkner. W. R.. Jr. fettmrr leder. Bruce Federer Howard C . feild, Nincy Jane Feu, Florence Felfe. Elmo Roy Fdgar. R. P. Fclsenthal. Bettye Felt. Elizabeth relts. Charles L. lender. Lucille Fenlaw. Harold Roget [enlow. Ada Frances Fenn. Francie Fcnner. Edwin Flenry Tenner, Leta La Noe Fennet , Mariorie Fenske, Loss Ferieson. John Hilliard Ferguson. Beverly II. IX. Ferguson. Billie .lean Fcrguaon, James E Ferguson. Job. N. Ferguson. Malcolm Douglas Ferguson. Martha Louise Ferguson. Mary teuton. Pat M. Ferguson, .-hil MOM Ferguson, Sura Frances 10 10. 414 7, 210 491 12-. 12 4)4 4)4 10. 429 4)1 211. 447. 4 1 49 -. 211. )9 )7 . )7. 2)). 419 414 279. 292. 4 0 10. 2)) )7. 21) 21) 1 4, 441 )7. 412 419 10 4)4 240. 290. 291 tt. 2)1. 4)1 492 419 221 441 211 20). )9I. 412. 4)0. 441. 4 4 4)4. 4 0. 47 4)4. 4)7 1 2)1. 4 7,419 47). 144 210 4)1 )7, 221 94 )l 112 227 212. )97, 419 tt. 219, 4 9 . 13 )7. 4)4. 494 94 )7. 2M.4H 94 201, 4)2, 4 4 409 140, )l tt, )71. 441 Jr. )7. 411 411 94 41) 4)4 420 419 4)4 94, 4)4 , 229, 472 211. )92.4)0 94. 210, ) 4)4 29). )(0 4)4 210.4)4 94. 41) 10. 19) M. 411. 414, 49). 104, 112 4 4 201 191. 211.414 47 417 11.4)4 . 421 II) , 4)4 )7. 1 2. 1 9 414 )7. 40). 471 221. 4 7, 419 2)0.44) 4 4 491 17.409 410. 422 471 4)4 114. 40 )7 414 Foster. Lynn Elgin Foster, Mary Jane Foster, Nancie Valentine 9. II, 221,441 94,221 4)2 Fouts. Dorothy Nell tt, 221 Fowler, Bstty Rote 44), 41) Sit Fetzer. Carl H. 4)4 Feuille, Anne Aloise Fewcll, Gwendolyn Marie 94, f iLhtenbaum, Ann Fiegel, Carol bmilc Fiegel. Julian M. Fiegel. Martha Jean Field. Bertha Jean )7, 2)1, 4)1 ) ). 4)). 44) 1 94. 20,47) 277, 4)4 229, ) , 417 17, 207 Fowler, Riy A 49 Fox. Barbara Lee 94.229.442.444,41) Fox. Betty Jeanne 1 70 174 2J 11.421.419. 1)1. ))), 1)1 Foi. Donald Clement 104. Fox. Katherine Louise Field. Hugh Townsend Fox Milton Ernest Fox, Mylei Naylord Fox. Zelia Fox Sally B. )i, |9, Foy, Dudley Bryan, Jr. Frambach, Beverly Anita II. Francis. Beryl Kathryn Francis. Donald Ray Trancis. Martha Anne . Francis. Ruth Eleanor II. Frank, Mary Alice ||, Frank, Nathan Frankr, Charlotte )l. 170, 171, )97, 402 94, 271. )94 40), 421 401, 412, 4)0 )l. 2 0 199. 20). 441 )l. 210,4 1 94 Field, lenorc Charlotte Field. Warwick Frances Fielder. Melvin Edward Fields. Dorothy Louise )9. Fields, Georgia Fields. tVilliam D. Fietsam. Henry Joe Finch. E a Jean ) 9. Finch. S. P. Fincher. Herbert Harris Fincke. Mclvm F. Tim A ' li Fine. Eleanor Jean Fink, Clois Adon Finkelstein. Jack Finlayson. Dao W. Finle-. Ge- r Parkcy Finnell. Julia Fischer. Cecelia Fischer, Frank Fisher, Barbara Feme Fisher, J- hn Roeen )7, 219, 440 2 1 . 291 9t.4)0. 449 tt, 19) 4)4 422 II. 142.21). 401. 42), 447 271. 314 291 47) 1 9, IK 22) 422 24). 4)4. 4U 4)4 II 190. 221,441 201 411 229.444 170. 177. )9I 227, )9 24) 221.422. 4M 94. IX. 419 II 94, 4)4 221 4)4 217, )91 211. 4 9 94. 191 121. J27 414,412 II. 2(1 22). 4t1 94. 4)9. 47) 112 217 )ll, .112 4)4 tt, 41 .497 2 9. 4M. 492 94, 422 94. 209 244 )7 )tt 2 ) 94. 22). 411 94. 21). 47) 411 4)1 199. 22) 94,4 7 94, 177 )7, 2)0 4)4 474 2 7 414 442 4)4 170, 17) 114. 40 . 420 tt. 229, 419 )l). 191.414 94, 44) 424 127 4 7 II. ) 7, 411 2)0 441 101, 120 94 424 217 4)9 4)9 199, 21). 41 1 440 r. tt 4)4 )7. 20) 429 tf tt 217. 42). 4 9 201.440.4 0 )l, 429 Frankel. Richard Alden Franklin, Bruce E. Franklin. Frank Roger Franklin. James Richard Franklin. Jeanne Franklin. Margaret Anne Franklin, Robert Ray Franklin, Selma Franklin Una Jeanne Frantz, Warren Albert Fraser, C. B 271, )7I, 4)4 2)1,419.49 94 )l, 421,4 7 tt 21) 219 ... l. 419 94, 4)4 419 Fisher, N ' orman Fisher. Rosamond C. II. Fisher. Serenacarlin Fisherman. Shirlee Fisk, Glenn Harlev. |r. File, Kathleen Elizabeth File. Olin C. FitzgeraM. Bernard Fitzgerald. Doris Fitzgerald, Howard Herbert Fitzeerald, lames Fitzgerald. James Anderson lit te.ald. Lue Minelie Fitzhugh. Carol Dee Fitzpatrick. Gloria Hack. Frank Houghton Flack. Joe F. Flannery. J. F. Flautt. Ria June Fleck. James C. Fleischli, Robert E. Flenniken, Betty Jo Fletcher, nettc Ann Fletcher, t G. Fletcher. Nina Virginia Flinn. Helen M. Floeter, David Flood, Virginia Lee Florence. Gussie Jean r lors. Rafael Flores, Rudy Florey. Virginia Joy Flournoy. Mary Belle Flowers, Clarence Henry Flowers, Dorothy Floyd. Morris L. Hunt, Erva Fluitt. Lyle Easley Flury. Alvin Flynn. Harold J. Flyni. Robert Lane Focht. Fay Focht. John Arnold -. Elizabeth Vance Fogartie. James Eugene 2 . Foglesonc. Coteltc Rosalind Folk. William C. Follen. Victor Fontana. Benita Fontein. Geraldine Fonville. Clarita Fonvill- Peter Forbes. Virginia Elaine Ford. Earl Ford. Floyd Ely ForJ Homit Ford. Niel Foreman. Mtxine forrmttfi Forgason. Herbert Grayson. J Former. Tom L. Forrest. Ernestine Fortca-Lara. Tomas Fortson. Charles Frazee. James R Frazier. Cornelia Elizabeth 171, 179. 112. 227. Frazier, lu;tin W 2)7. 292 494 " I. 14), 170, 4)0. 44), 412 Frazier, Leon F. Frazier, Raymond Jackson Frazier, Violet Kathryn Frede. Barbara Frances ... Fredley, Joan Frederick. John H Freed. Marcelyn Freed. Marilyn Fay Freed. Philip Alan Freeland. David Freeman. Charles Franklin Freeman. James Earle Freeman, lee Jackson Freeman. Louise Patsy Freeman. Margaret James Freeman. Rowena Harriette Freeman. Virah 471 II ' ! tt 211. )tt, )I9 40). 409 tt. 219,421 94.442 24) 170. 171, 419 )7. 422, 412 211 II 199. 2)) 221 tt Free-nan, Zeb Freidell. D. J Freidin. Thelma Fremin. Gladvs Juanita French. Russell Leton Freudiier. Doris Nelle Frey, Bill V. Freytag, Gertrude Virginia Friair. Jean Ann Friauf. George Frank. Jr. Bricks, iack Fridell. De ' ioree lulian )ll 19) 94, 221, )tt 2 1 9, 104 II 494. 100 94, )74. 411 11,44) tt. 21). 49 472 21 Fridge. Robert Ellis ... Fridge, Roy Barto Friend. Katherine Friend. Margaret Friedlander. Minna Frank Friedson. Joan Bernice II, Friesen. Wilfred Fritz. William F FrizzeM. Donald 2t) 2) . II. )74 424. 4tt 94. 20 . X) 112. 201.4 ) 4lf 474 414 Frizzed, Harriet Fromme. Mildred Genelle 414, Frost. Billy C Frost, Thomas C., Jr. Fruit. Emily Elizabeth )l. Truth, Frances Margaret ... Fry, Clarence Ferd, Jr. 414 tt. 19). )(). 44). 471, 414 47 94, 279. )94 221.42). 441 94 21), 4)4 94. 21), 114 217 Fry. Phoebe Ann ... 2 1. 292. 419 414 Fuchi. V ,ian Marie 417 Fugate. John H. 4)4, 47 1 ulbright. Tom 4)4 Fulcher. Joe R. G. 2.1,410 Fuller. J. Carlton 21) Fuller. William Paul Fnllerton, Mary Naomi Fullilove. Elaine Irby 44. 411 .. II fsj Fullwood. William James II Fulton. MacDonald 414 Fulton Ralph Kenneth Funk. Fsnnie 171. 419. 49 94 Mm- Funkhouser. Gene Furgason. Carl M. Furlow. M.ry Jane Furrh. James Brooke .... 2)1.4 1.4 1 40 )l. 21), 1 7,411 2 . 217 Fusion. Alice Esteile 71, 171, 421, 4 4. 412 Futch, Ida Calhoun 20), 424. 42 , 4)0, 4 Gabbert. Billie Jo tt. 19) Gad. Melsin B 2 9.49 Oaddy P. Maurine 461 Gaffey. Eleanor 2)0,42 Gafford, leroy 94,4)4 Caiaes, jcott 211 Gatnes, Warren M 194.49) Galambos, Louis 411 Galaway, Jean Louise 2)), I9 Galepesaj. Dennis 4M Gallic. Tbomas Muir 241 Gallagher. Jack 191, 192 Gallagher. Shirley Magdalync , 4 Gallaway, Betty Jean 229.) ) Gallie, ' alston C 404 Gallman, Barbara Annette . )l, 114, 207 Galloway, Bonnie Frank tt, 417 Gait, Allierose Patricia 230 Gtlvtito Clmt 442 Gambine, James J 170,11) Gamble, James D 47 Gambol, Helen Ruth fl Gambrell, John W 2)0, )94, 4 7 Gambrell, Nell Gregj 11,2)1 Cimmi Drltm 4(4 jimmt Phi Brit 122 Gammon, Edward )7 Candy, Betty Louise 94,44) Gano, Lucy Lightioot 221 Garcia, Felipe 411 Garcia, Gloria tt, 429, 410, 41 1 Garcia, Heraclio Vicente , 422, 429, 410 Garcia, Jose R 419 Garcia, Maria Salome 31,429 Garcia, Perez ))), ))4 Garcia, Viola Nayda 11,1)2,429 Garcia, Xico 429, 104 Gardner, Eugene 2 7 Gardner, Harry J 49 Gardner. Mary Frances 2)1, 447, 4 0, 4 1 Gardner. William ..27) Garner, Harry E. Garner, Rose Mary Garner. Spurgeon Garrard, Sam H Garrett, Charles Edward Garrctt, Luther Weaver . . Garrison, Howard It Garrison, James Barrett Garrison, Leta Ann Garston, Shirley Garth, Letta Lou Garvin, Mariorie G Garza. Jose E Gasca, David L Gaskill, Helen Eldors Gaskin, Herbert Gates, Elizabeth Gates, I ' Kil A., 4)4, 4 7 a 4J4 4)4 20,4)4 ...) , )90. 4)4 2 2) 211 ) 227 424 .424, 429, 4 1 494 , It )IO JI9,4I 279 Gaston, Anna Katherine 144. 179, II), 2)1 Gallon, Judy 14), 17), 192, 401, 4)0, 41) Gaston, William D. II. 2)). 421 Gatlin, Lcroy . Gatlin. R. C Gauldin, Marion Dean Gaus. Hvnry William Gearing, Raymond Gebauer, Dorothy Gee, Jane Neita Geist, Lcroy C. Gelfond. Helen Ethel Gentry. Barbara Ann 7, 492 . . 7J (7, 210, 40), 4)) n 2 4, 2) 49t 11,21. )79. l), )I9, )9I,44), 471 94 494 7 )l. 2)1, )92 42). 4)0, 4)) 407 111 Gentry, Elizabeth Gentry, George V. Genecov. Maurine 7, 201. 47) George. Ballard W 11,21) George, Jo Williams 210 George, Marcus B _ (I George. Margaret Ann Iff George. Nell Marie )l, 421 George, Walter E.. Jr 414 George. Willitm Henry 2), 144 Gepp-rt. Donovan V )94, 40 . 411 Gerdes. Bob Meyer 47 Gerhardt. Joe 4)4.410 Gerhardt. Joseph 47 Gerhardt. M. W 4M Gerick. Judith H. 7, )79. 407. 4)9. 4 1 Gelach. Ellen Franca 94,414 Gerlach. Mary Joyce )l, 17) Gerling. Frank 4M German. Robert Kenneth 177, 212, )94. 411 Gen Evelyn 10, 20) , 440, 4 0 Geue. Ellen Mae 47. 19). )tt. )9. 447. 411 Gholson, Jerry ISO Gibbins. Bobie Jean II Gibbons. Betty 427 Gibbons. Candy 410 Gibbons. Harry D 4t Gibbons. Luisa DeRonu 140.21) Gibbs. Clement Charles 211 [647 NAMES Gibbs, George Butler... Gibbs, Jean Dunsmuir.. Gibbs, Patricia Helen . . Gibson, Denise Gibson, Florence Lucille ... .38, 394 398 Gibson, Gloria Anne 38 203 Gibson, Mary Nell 193 Gibson, R. Thomas Gidden, Word Lee Gideon, Samuel E Gidley, William Francis Gierhart, Clell Giessel, Henry Gilbert, H. C Gilbert. Harold S 277 Gilbert, L. E Gilbert, Lanvil L Gilcrease, Bonnie Mae Gildart, Frances Ann Gile, William H Giles, C. T. Gill, Allyn Gill, Nora Gill, Peter D Gillean, Jane 95 Gillean, Johnnie Maye Gilley, Allen L Gillespie, B. E Gillespie, Mary Jo Gross Gillette, Patricia Inez PACKS 380, 390, 406,417 . .94, 364 . 95, 364 207 217, 383, 416, 463 , 81, 201. 433, 464 225,423 95 . ...434 . . . . 24 IS .177, 267 4!9 424, 521 371,434 441, 476 434 . 95, 482 81 . 38, 421 NAMES PACES Gonzalez, Ramon David 422,429,114 Gonzenmach, L. G 39,279 Good, Ralph L. Jr 95,279,422,473 Goode, Eleanor 455 Goode, Nathan Earl, Jr 67,497 Goodell, Tilly Rose 81,362,369 GoomftUtmn Goodgame, Barbara Irene 145, 149 39, 213 362, 369, 471 95 Gilliam, Arch Franklin Gilliam, Margaret E Gillian. Johnnie M Gilliland, Oscar C Gilliland, Zack M Gillis, Jane Gillory, Bryon Morris . . . . Gilman, Jonas Gilmore, Flelen C. Rainey 134, ..67 Gilpin, Imogene C Gilpin, Shirley M 39, Gilstrap, Howard C Ging, Evelyn Gladys Ginsberg, Nathan Ginzel, Franklin L Giove, Frank Gipson, Herschel Gipson, J. W Girls ' Glee Club Givens, James D Givens, James Leonard Glamazons Glasberg, James Harold Glaser, Arthur C Glass, Barbara Glass, Edward B Glass, James Gerber Glass, King I Glass, Mary Ann (I) 39, Glass, Mary Ann (II) . . . 81, 21 5, Glassell, Emily Ann Glasser, Bunny E 67, 434 . . . . 414 230, 40! 250 215, 447 .... 422 . . . 434 372 393, 396 16, 67, 229, 489 253 225, 363 81 . 26, 434 81 .... 17! !04, 112 .... 434 227, 393, 396, 412 424, 466 383, 429 262 67, 487 . 242 431, 434 488, 497 21 . ... 170 174, 17! ... 434 283, 496 . . . . 443 271, 544 497 217, 473 468 . . . 271 . . . . 390 171, 430 458, 467 235,445 414, 443 Goodman, Lauia Goodman, Lewis E 497, 500 Goodwin, Geraldine 9! Goolsby, Durward Mason 476 Goot, Marine 219 Gordon, Elliott, Forbes 81,467 Gordon. Grace 221,448,469 Gordon, Grady 140 Gordon, James A 434 Gordon, Jean Thrall 432 Gordon, John R 434 Gordon, Lee 26 Godron, Missy 479 Gordon, Sue Ann 444 Gonn, Saul 434 Goss, Martha Ann 9!, 210 Gosiert, Carolyn 81, 17! Gould, Ben D 246,480 Gouldin, Marian 469 Gouldy, Doris Roline 39, 42!, 482 Gowej, Ernestine 217 Grace Hall 364 Gracey, Doris 366 Gracy, Rutli 227, 458 Graduates 26, 27 Grady, Clyde C 434 Graebf, Dorothy Lee 81 Grager, Jay C 467 Graham, Annelle 95, 442 Graham, Betty 203 Graham, George Andrew. . .469, 504, 512 Graham, Jo-Ruth 67 Graham, Patricia Carolyn 81,230,445,467 Graham, Reba Claire 39, 192 Graham, Thomas Hindman III 250 Graham, Walter Nichols 67,424 Grambling, Patricia Frances 67,227, 438, 469 Gramling, Allie Merle 26 Grammer, Claudine 366 Grammer, David A 67, 493 Cranberry, Harry Lee 95,419 Cranberry, Read 266 Granbury, Frances M 20,81,143,364 Graner, Stanley ... 39, 255, 385, 504, !21 Grann, Mary Louise 81,363,369,433 Granoff, Mendell 242, 243 Grant, David A 494,544 Grant, Joe 493 Grant, Lucia Bradley 229 Grantham, Donald T 39,279 Grantham, Jack 39, 459 Grantham, Vivian Gene 9J Grasty, R. B 292,434 Graul, Billie Brooks 67,447 Graves, Alice 213, 472 Graves, E. Ghent 263 Graves, Gene M. Glaze, Kathleen Adele 81, Glazener, Virginia Ruth .... 81, Gleason, Dorothy Smith .. 221, Gleason, Mary Barbara Gleason, Winfield S Glenn, Margaret Nell Glenn, Matthew A Glickman, B. M Glocker, Theodore W Glover, David Glover, Florence Mae Glover, Richard Gl uck , Howard Gluck, Irvin Glueck, Marion Godfrey, Rosalie Godwin, Durward Richard Goebel, Felicia Doris Goehrs, Homer Richard.. 22,39, Goen, June 81, Goeth, Arthur G. Conrad, Jr. . . Goff, Joy 39, Goff, Patsy 448, Going, Lenora Elizabeth Goldberg, Doris Gold, Claire Estelle Goldbaum, George C Goldbeck, Donald Goldberg, Doris Mae Goldberg, Evelyn Goldberg, Janet Helene ..95,219, Goldberg, Natalie Ruth Golden, Laurence Wayne. 39,462 20) Goldfaden, Louis Goldfein, William.. Goldfine, Edna Mae Golding, Idalee Goldman, Anita Goldman, Gloria Goldman, Mary Ernestine Goldstucker, Howard Golf Gomez -Baranda, Jose Gonzalez, Andres C Gonzalez de Gueits, Francisca . Gonzalez, Leonel Gonzalez, Manuel Gonzalez, Mauricio-Rene 209, 425 Graves, James B 366,433 Graves, .Will Nunn, Jr 364,443 Gray, Betty Jane 81 Gray, Bobbye . . 497 Gray, Jack W 278 39,203 Gray, Lucy 230 Gray, Mary Steussy 277, 434 Gray, Miriam . . . . 406 Gray, Ouida .95,434 Gray, Walter L 67,278,279 67 Grayson, Mary Adele 39,292 Greathouse, David McLeod 81 277, 434 Greaves, Claire . . . . 243 Green, Bettye Jo 396 Green, David W 366,370 Green, Doris -. 81 .91,4!! Green, Earl 67 Green, Hubert William, Jr 289, 4!2 Green, Jim 23!, 280 Green, Joyce Earlene 91,371 Green, Laura Lee 81. 210, 4!8 Green, Travis C 473,488 Greenberg, Arlene 393 Greenberg, David . . . . 219 Greenspan, Arthur 39, 381 9!, 457 Greenwood, Betty Lou )f, 400 Greenwood, Katharine Gebhardt ... .540 95 Greenwood, Margery 23 3 Greer, Genevieve 444, 448 Greer, Ginger . 39, 469 Greer, James Neal 67 Greer, James W 39 476,485 Greer, Lucy Marjorie 434 Greer, Margaret L 219,416 Gregg, Leah 460,464 Gregg, Mary Elizabeth 17!, 20! Gregg, Robie Lynn 20! Gregg, Thelma B 140 213 Gregory, Randolph T 277 Gregory, W. A 539 Greig, Ben Wayne. . .67, 238, 292 429 Grenader, Charlotte 474 Grevsky, Shirley ..67,439,440 26 Grice, Charles R 429 Grice, Florence 429 Grice, Marvin E 371,429 Grier, Benjamin Franklin .434 459 9) 225 457 , 476, 521 , 392,423 222 457 .410, 422 399, 476 .136, 227 441,483 . .67, 433 67 .504, 512 , 23!, 479 267 ..81, 255 18! 9! , 467, 489 434 20! 422 , 434, 467 217 39, 42!, 487 217 ..81, 227 .423, 426 39 , 193,434 81 67 216 . 39, 42! 139 173, 229 424 434 404, 248 233, 416 4!6, 48! 402 441 378 263, 494 NAMES P. .CCS Grieve, Russell Parks, Jr 283,434 Griffin, Carolyn 95 Griffin, J. L., Jr 486 Griffin, James Robert 67,290,291 Griflin, Jessie Allene 81 Griffin, Lankford O., Jr. 424 Griffin, Lorene Adell 183, 184, 221 Griffin, Mary Alice 213 Griffin, Vernon Ray 434 Griffith, Joe H 67 Griffith, Joy Dabney 67 Griffith, Llewellan Brooks 275, 343 Griggs, Charles Beraud 255 Griggs, Gloria 223 Griggs, Silas, Jr 95, 441 Grigsby, Francis Gerald, Jr 95 Grimes, Kathleen 488 Grimes, Robert 380 Grimm, Raymond 434 Grisi ' om Speakers 444 Grisham, Carolyn 95, 227, 389 Grisom, Lorene Billie . .39, 201, 433, 445 Grissom. Charlotte Love 230, 441 Grissom, Marguerite 388 Griswold, John 390 Gritta, Robert Alfred 95 Grizzard, James P 283 Groesinger, Ruth Antoinette . . 379, 479 Grogan, Mary Margaret 39, 140, 175, 193, 280, 367, 369, 478, 480, 488 Grolcmund, John L 406 Groppe, Ernest Henry, Jr.. . 40, 289, 390, 394, 406, 417 Groppe, O. Keyton 394 Gross, Doris 205, 44J Gross, Peggy Jeanne 91, 140, 219, 440 Gross, Richard Harrison 257 Grossman, George Alexander 257 Grosswiler, Ralph J42 Grothaus, Ann Louise Carolyn . . .40, 417 Grove, Augusta (Jimmie) . . .40, 112, 192, 251, 374,408, 412 Grover, Daniel A., Jr 434 Grovcr, Marjoric 229 Grumbles, Rebecca Ann 67, 479 Guarino, Peters Jerome 67, 285 Gucnard, Leota Marie 223 Guernsey, Roscoe, Jr 262, 384, 406 Guerra, Evangelina 415, 429, 450 Guerrero, Rosaura 67, 429, 488 Guffey, Emmet t Merlin 422 Gufiin, James 434 Gutford, Roy 43- Guidry, Virginia Havens 26 Guild, William Walter 434 Guinn, Donald 271, 473 Guirola, Arthur 424, 429 Gullahorn, Wallace S 189, 434 Gullick, Ann Jeanette 91, 433 Gump, Harry Allen 272,273,292 Gunby, Sarah Ellen. .40, 210, 426, 456, 457 Gunn, Doris Jean 40, 136, 203, 363, 425, 460 Gunn, Dorothy Marie 81, 467 Gunn, Frances Ann 213 Gunn, Jack 441 Gunstream, Jesse B., Jr. 434 Gunter, Mary Margaret 210, 456, 474 Gunther, Ruihabel Frances 463 Guokas, Geraldine Margaret. .95, 439, 488 Gurley, Frances Velda 95, 175 Gutierrez, Cecilio Homer 67,378,434,488 Guy, Mary Alice 422 Guyer, Abbye Ruth 67 Gwln, Jackson Raymond 245 Gwyn, Henry S., Jr 275,385 Gwyn, Robert Joseph 95 .N A ' .1 1:3 Hamilto Mary Susan .40 4 ' . ' , H Hale, Mary Ellen. . 40, 170, 175, 179 Hale, Orpha Laverne Hale, Richard Alexander Haley, Melvin E Halff, Howard A 40,185,417 Halfpenny, John (Jack) 145, 504 Halfs, Wilma .. Hall, Corinne Hall, David Michael Hall, Eloise 81,170,210,432 Hall, Gene Hall, Gloria Jean 81 Hall, Horace C Hall, Hulon C Hall, John R Hall, Marjorie E Hall, Mary Lou Hall, Mary Pearl 269 416,445 ..81, 144, 22!, 413, 427 Hall, Maxine L Hall, R. S Hall, Sal Hallam, Orval K Hallen, Charles E Hallum, Ruth Lavern . 188, 209, 416 Halper, Lyra Ann Halitead House Hamer, Marcclle Hamill, Mary Hamilton, Clarence H. . . Hamilton, Dixie G Hamilton, G. Graham ... Hamilton, Lucille Dimple Hamilton, Roy E , 182 . 26 .217 .406 , 4!2 433, , 112 .447 .230 .283 ,486 . 9! , 223 279 47! 429 201 ,483 379, ,440 . 9! .417 .479 , 492 434 ,430 .205 .37! 226 ,483 , 434 , 394 .263 . 81 . 67 Hamilton, Wacile Love Hamilton, Walter Hamilton, William English Hamlett, Samuel B Hamlin, E. W Hamm, Mary Lee Hamm, Richard B Hamman, Patricia 95,140 Hammer, Leon Hampton, Jess Hampton, William Robert Hancock, John Butler 9! .175, 407 81, 210 68 .371 Handler, Shirley . Haney, Rosalyn . . Hankolf, Audrey . Hanley, Edna .... Hanna, Barbara . . Hanna, Richard Hannan, Joseph A riannigan, Edward Joseph Hanover, Corinne Hansard, Mary Evelyn Hansen, Graciela Gusta.... Hansen, Norma Waldine Hansen, Peter Hansen, Raymond Sherman Hanson, Laverne Marie ... Harbraugh, Allan Harbin, Dale W Hardee, Jack Yarborough Hardeman, Dale B Hardeman, Sanford 82 Hardesly. Robert Hardin, Ernest Randolph Hardin, John Brown, Jr Hardin, John W Hardin, Ruth 225 Harding, Allan Harding, Florence 95 Hardt, Ruth Caroline Hardwick, Theda Joy 40 Hardwicke, William Arlington Hardy, Ruth Hardy, Sterling Hardy, Virginia Alder Hare, Margery 230 Hare, Robert Warner . 68, 266 Hargett, Bettye 143 Hargis, John Hargrove, Joseph Leonard Harkins, Wilson William. Jr. Harle, Wilma Anna Haack, Herman Charles.... Haas, Shirley Hackett. Charles W Hackett, Donald P. Hackney. R. C Haden, Benjamin Haenel, Marie Hafen, Clark J Hafernick, Frank Haffpauir, Margie Hafner, Eleanor Jeanette 67, 374 Hafner, Sally Hagan, Lucille Hagan. S. W., Jr Hage, M. K., Jr Hagood, John S., Jr Hahn, Dorothy Rae Hahn, Thomas F Haigh, Mary Lucille . . . Hailey, Calvin Windford Hair, Leah Jean Hajek, Anton P Hajek. Jamls D Hala, Libby Vlasta.... Halden, Dick Hale Edward Everett... Hale, Betty Jo 235,405 Hale, Elton B Hale, James R Harleston, Robert Haig, Jr... Harman, Lois 201 Harman, Patty Harmel, Lucile Jonell . . 95, 443 Harmon, Dorothy Lee Harmon, Ernest W., Jr Har-non, Fred I Harms, Adrienne A Harp, Dell Harper, Ben Harrell, Ann Eugenia Harrell, Isabel G Harrell, Thomas Harrington, Thomas Wyatt 149 Harris, Annette Pearl .. .40, 393, Harris, Ann 82, 140 Harris, Betty Jeannette Harris, Carla Ruth 235, 392, 430 Harris, Carolyn 23! Harris Charles R Harris, Chester Lee . . . Harris, Clifford J Harris, Daphne Harris, Elmeruth Harris, Harold Harris, Horace Chilton. Harris, Irving H Harr is, Jack W 9! Harris, Jacquelyn Eve Harris, James Clyde Harris.... PACES 235, 405, 4!7, 4!8 9! 541, 540 272, 273 434 406 449, 454 434 221, 440 497 434 264, 26! 467, 250 414, 489 221, 433 20! 213 366, 40! . 95, 371 488, 497 . 68, 273 ... 205 ... 410 81 , 207, 439 .... 395 40,495 95, 364 , 394, 406 .... 475 41)9, 476 82,434 , 424, 434 498. !00 256 .. . . 26! ..493 , 447, 448 258, 292 ,223, 489 . .68, 425 , 374, 42! 9! 42! 434 199, 229, 379, 444 , 432, 469 , 267, 433 ,443, 472 ... 434 . .82, 251 . . . 422 223,467 273, 496 440, 219 266,449 .... 492 434 . .67, 2!7 417 497 431. 457 . 82, 467 , 391,487 478 .407, 414 434 434 434 , 363,482 iOO 40, 42! 2!9 . 363. 379 431 434 . 95, 431 488 264 , 432,461 381 438, 400 68 . 4.13, 489 441. 447 . 447, 489 9! 434 434 68 . 82, 133 283 ... 40 434 !04, !12 , 283, 38! 412, 440, 485 , 230, 479 , 221,366 , 432,447 , 386, 416 434 95,422 496 40 . .82, 489 .... 414 .... 38! 277,434 , 183, 371 9! .434,452 - Harm, Joaa Scott Harrt . Joy Maurice Harm. Marianne Ham.. Mary Evelyn Harm. Niaa Aaa Harm. Raymond Yawag Harris Ricaard Overtea Harm. Slurlet Jeaa Ham.. William E. Ham.. Tilliam Maance Harnaaa. Barbara Harnsoa. Betty Jeaa Harnsoa. Ekiar Lya. Harrisoa. Eala Geac Harrisoa. James Harruaa. Joan Frednck Harrisaa. J. William Harrisoa. Manaa Harrisoa. Margacriic Roland H. Harruaa. Thoma. Pema Harnsoa. Willum Harry. Warrea Jr. Flam.. Charles D. Hart. Billy R. Hart. Carolya Lofland Hart. Helen Han. Mary Sae Hart. Harte. Jeetak Hartfseld. Peggy Hartigan. E. Berlia Hanky. Janice Hart-aa. Glen Neltaa Hartaaaa. Jame. W. Hanmaa. Robert H Ham. Heka Emily laanan . Heka Rath Har.ey. Evdy. Jaycc Harvey, Howard ry. James W.lsoa . - 434,47 12. 3 1 l. Heiaa He,l. 1 0. 422. 414 Hekherg, 104. 112 :i . 421 . 4 414 4 44 21 4 : Jo Aaa Price ! Kcnaetk W. 12.414 Tillk Emilye 41.1 7.413.4 1 , Jesse E. u S 1. Ill Howard icmary 23 . 4 1.41 Anhar Robert. Jr 2 1 Naacy . 2M.ll Partr cis France. 41.211. durle. L HederM. Gay Irma Veree J. Adria. J-ta Ld.ry Robert Garrett " ' ' " i " " " , ' . 211. 417 2 " ' ' C.. Harwell. Ann. Harwell. Rosemary .- Harwood. CardelU mrttc Mane Haskia.. Jamah R. rlasmagcr. Ethan V. Hasting. Patricaa Hata. " Fraak T. Hatch awbhv L. Hatck. Derothy Ma Hatch. James Hatch. Lewi. H. atch. Rath H. 4 . M7. M 4 - ' . ' .4. 44 . 411 431.4 3 f Heetirurk. Ela.a, HeaWrick.. Cecil May Hea drick.. Georce O. HeaWricktoai. Awdrey Headrii. Aagastiae F Headrii. Carl Fraak Headni. C. O. Headrii. Harold Bey Heakd. David T. . 4.14 Henniger. Linda 213.443 . 4 4. 4-2 I . 171. IT . 311.411.41 Erkk Margaret Paal Wesley 241.4 4 Robert D. Sanaa Elixaheih I) . 22). 427, 4 William M. 4 4 tteasartiag. . Mildred Jove !, 471 Heaschen. Charles I. , 4.14 Jay 4.- Dora 411 Rasemary 41.42 1.41 Herald. Bertha Aaaa Henry. Betty 147, 4)). 411 Here ale.. Leta 1 7.4(1 Herdenng. John D. 213.4 7 G. 42 . 434. 47 lln.ilu., Bereriy Jea. Harawl. Ul Herreria.. lola Emau Herridce. Ira Jaa Herri.. A.nie V. Hern.(. Earl Heka Hawke.. H. W. Hawkins. Robert Emmet. Lee Hawth . Je 417. w4. f 14 Hoyce Hayes. El.iabetk Haye.: Jady 1.2. 221. 441. 414 Hayes. Mary Elk. . 17 . 3(1 Rita Caralyaae . 2.1 Hayae.. Reaaetk G. 414, 4 4 Hayaes. Laara Rathrya Hayaes. Margaret Aaa . u r I aarll rtayaes, iy " i Hayae.. Peggy 4. 171.2. . 41 Haye.. R... Haraei. Sidaey Hayae.. W.llum H. Hay-e. Margaerite Havre, Howard R. ' ' " 11... Elizabeth 1 , 221. 4 1. 441 Uy,; Jaa. H " - " .Uk Aliae 1 2. LI. 44-. 423 Hay.. Te. Haywaad. Albert Edward Hazel. Jack - id Lacilk Lloyd 217. 414. 43 . 4 1 M! T.ldea T. Mary Martha 41.211.441 dwia E -4.112 Janeafc N .434 Heard. Tarn C I " . 411.412 Hear.. Jok. Edward - Lee . 414 1 !. 3 1 , ) . 447 Jr. 24 iff .. 3 7. 411 4-4 ...)74 41. I , 277. 4)4 Herbert Gerald Paal Haadoa 41 Carl T. 4 4.411.411 Daa.ld Emeu Hetkcoat. Charles L.. Jr. - Hewlett. Daisy Daw. :: Hey. Carl S.. Jr. tl. 434 Heye. Margaret 411 Heymaa. Laa 201 Hrazeh. Rovcerene Marie 42.4 7.411 Hickerma. Carlo.. Jr. 414 Hsckfaag. Karl Alfred 41. 17 . 177, 17 11). IM, 3 1,411 riickok. Charles Alien Hsckaua. James A. tl. 411 Hicks. William Charles 41 : . 411 Mary Aaa 41.221 F. N 4 Higgin,. Mary Margaret 23 . 441 Might. Ewiag Baker 12. 414 Billy E M Dorotkv Barr 41 E. Cecik 12. 223 Jame. L 414 Jovce Mezdk 41. 3 Hilbara. Lays! R. 4 Ffilder. Jack R. 4- Hildiag. Oscar W. 4 .i Hilgers. William 170.171.3 1 Hill. Betty Aaa l. 22) Hill, Betty LJ 41. 133. Ml. 174. 171. ::t. 44 . 412. 421. 41 Hill. Bettye Virginia . . 17 . 171. 112 ..--. Hear.. Vera Lee Haath. B. Gerald Heath. Davena Hrtaia. Lorraine Gertrade Hack. Jack ' . Hedeea. Robert A. rttv May Hcea. Mary Laa Hen,., feas Hefl... Hagk W. Hcfliag. Barbara Jeaa Hegar. Saom, Rath Heidi. Araaid Heiligeathal. Alice Heiaau. Mary f.-mH t fa. I . 4M 12. M " . 4H (l I 4.1. 1 . 44 J7I II). IM. 47f 41. II 210 Hill. Oai( Ckiho. Hill. D Lee Hill. Da. C.. Jr. Hill. Dan. C. Hill. Edgar Kimball Hill. Eely. Hill. Horace B. Hill. Ja H.ll. Jok. D. Hill, l-cai. Jr. Hill. Mary Scwtt . Hill. Robert Madde. H,IM FowW . Killer. Jene I Jwlia Elirabetk H.ooerer. Gerald V, Robert G. Hearietta H..kd. Charlea. 3 4.413 i:.4.4 l. 4 7 1. 171 4 412 4 4 411. 44 12.447 : -. u 411 420 1 0 414.42 414 4M 420 t lli|ll. Millard L. I . 41. II . 1(7. 4 0. 40 . 421.414. 412 Fttracir. Gastia M. 42: Hiriri. Mary 1 1. 44 Hi... Aaaa 21 . It . 1 2. 443 Hitchcock. Rosemary Beatrice 1 . 22 Hut. Eugene A. 4 7 Hittsae. ,r,,n,a tlirabeth 1. 1)2. 21C Hiaoa. William Odell 217. 414 Hi. so.. Marcheu (2.1(4,41 Habbs. Jame. P 4M Oliver E. 44 . Norm. La Jeaaae .2 Haby. P. C. 44 rfar Wo C a 44f Hockaday. Donald Fall n in .... 2 1.421 Hodges. Cec,l l).4)4 Hadges. Gas Macey 2 4 Hodgct. Jae 4 7 Hadges. Tarn 414. 4 2. 5 Hodsaa. Martha 9t. 227. 44(. 4 Ftaefs. Wilma Kay 215,44 Hodscher. Dori. 4.4 Hoeaiaghaas. Friedrich A 414 Hoerster. Mortoa 47 Haff. Dorotky U Hoff. Joyce Maiiae ... l Hoffaua. Edward J K Hoffmaa. Martha Jeanette M Hoffman. Robert E. M. 2 1 Hoffman. Ram 472 Hagaa. Donald I oimarr (2.4 7 Hogan HI. George Erwin (2 Hot in. Thomas Fraaci.. Jr. 41. 2 3. 371. 3 4. 4 3 Hagg DrcWrag Sararf 44 Hog.;. Bi ' ly Fearer tl Hogwood. Edward )71 Hoheaberg. Rath ) Hoklt. D. Aaa 1.4) Holberg. Millard Harrisoa . 2.1 Halbraok. Alice Louise l. 1)1. 17 . 171. 171 Holchak. Bill I ) Halonmb. Fraak H. .. 414 Holcomb. Heavy A Holder. Lewi. C. 434. 114 Holdridge. Herbert D 177.411 Holford, Carolyn 1. 471 Holiman. Jaae )) Hollaad. Eleanor Brown Holland. Hal H. 4 4 Holland. Jaaaita Jeaa M. . William Ernestine 41. 23 . 41 . 4 1 William Rineaart Holle. Henry J7I Hoik. Henry Bernard 21 Hatky. Norma Mildred 41.411 Heiliacnrorth, Doris 12. 41 . 422. 444. 41 Halliacsworth. Nancy 211.421 HoUingsworth. Robert Edward 12. 4 7 Helliagswonh. Raby (2 HaUiagiwortk, Thomas Holkaaan. Brenner Save - - Holloway. Fraak . 17). 4)4 Holloway, William Mann 17(. 214, 211, 2 2. 3 1 41.221 211 311 Holmaa. Margaret Eelle tlalaafi. Mary Margaret Holmes, Norma Holmtrera. Virpaia 230, 441 Holaomback. Jeaaene 213. 3 Holt Arthur L. 4 4 Holt Holt Holt Holt A. M. Iriae J. Jeaa Joaa Marshall .. Manka William r, Dori. Irene Holabec. Norma Halymaa. Fraak Holimark. Albert Homr Ervaaauri C(a Mark Fred itt. Mat tic Loo Haaaranri Ckarle. F. Hawker. Patricia Aaa 414 , 41 2 l 2IJ 127 ,. 4M 4)1.443 414 I , 27 . 277 447 M. 414 22 177-4U 177 414 41. 2 3 . 44) Van Dora Doris Rath C. 141. It . 21). 41 4)4 (2.227 Hoover. Dand P. 4 2 Hoekia.. Albert James Z7f Hopkia.. George Miltoa. Jr. 1. 2 1. 411.47 Hopkia.. Margaret .. 2 1. 412 Hopper. John Marti. :. Ftaptoa. George Hearv 41.4 4. l0 Harlea. Jereleea - Hon.. Flareace Kara. Flareace 41. (). 411. 444 Haraak. Lilian D. . 111. 201. 431 Lavelle. Jr. , 434 Harae. John B. ..7. 4M Home. Margaret Beverly 1. 2 7 Horaer, Bernard 4M Robert L. . .41. 4M. 4 4. 421. 1 4.127 Horreil. Lais Boaita 41,421 Hortoa. Margie Mae 4 Hortoa. Mary Jaae 217.447 Hortoa. Patsy Jeaa 41. 111, 141. in. 21 . 1 . 41 1. 43 . 4)1. 41 . Hortoa. Robert Miltaa 42. 211. 21 Hortoa. Vaaita Ferrdl . Hoskia.. H. Lowell 12. 177. 37 . 31 . 411 Hosfcia.. Robert Fred 173.4)4 rlotckkin. Nancy it. Hatt. Jacaadine 1 1.227.421 Hoegk. Anhar Lee tt. 4)4 Jry Pat 17 Jeaa a . 441 Leila Howard 23 . 42) Haa.foa C 44. Geraldiae t, 44. HaCaXe Otiltoa 24. Kathmar 42 Larita Neil Sam. Jr 424 Shirky M 42. 131.411 William Greene 24 Hovel. William G 121 Hovestadt. William 4)4 Howard, A. Philo, Jr. . . . 4)4 Howard. Charles Ham.. Jr. 42, 21 . 217 Howard. Dak 12. M . 447 Hjward. Donald 373.4)1 Haward. Heka . 1 4 Howard. Jackson B 42.4 3 Howard. James W 4M2 Howard. John Darvia 12.4)4 Howard. Mary Roth Howard, Morgia Shorpshire 114. 211, 42 . 411. 441 Howard. Robert L 4M Howard. Robert Trigg 21) Howard. Travis Gleaa t . 4)4 Howard. Virginia Gak 229 Howard. W. B M Ih.aa. Caradia Aldea 2 f Howdl. Georgia M 12. 4- Howdl, Jeaa Sae 2)1. }( . 4 7 Howell. Mitten 2)f Hoa-dl. Richard S. Jr. . , )7I Howdl. Roy Faaaia 42. 17 . 17 . 44 Hoyk. Warrea 412 Hoiyman. Fraak G.. Jr. (2. 4)4 Hoyt. Gordoa Wesley : Haarte. Ray Frances . 42 Habbard. Charles Cooper Habbard. Caristaaher B.. 3 4.411.414. 1 4 llataai t. Robert Leo Hubby. Anne Carolyn tt. Ill Hubcr. Elinor Nadiae It Huckabee. Frances Gaile . 42. . 41 . 422, 430. 44). 41 Haiti.). George P. ) Hadddstoa. Charles 2 1 Hadsoa. Caroline Hadsoa. Fmau Beth . 2 3. 1 1. 4. HudMB. Fred 311.4 ) Hadsoa. Harry 44 Hadsoa. Herman E. 4)4.411 Hadsoa. Jaha L ....: 44 Hadmsa. Mary B 4)1 Hadspetk. Ckalmer. .... 4-4 Haedepohl. Joanne Beth M Haeppdsheaser. Oyde R. 424 Haff. Naacy Laa ... 211. 4 0. 410. 41 Haff. Taylor E. ' - H.ffhiaes. C. C. 2 7 lla fallll 1 1 Rath 1. 144). IT . 17 . 21 . in, 4)0. 444 Hughe.. G. Miltaa .2. 24.. 41 Haghes. Mary 41 Hajam. Sara Elizabeth 211. ) Haghe.. Thdma Maarene 42,2 ) Haghes. Virginia Aaahd a . 171 Haghei. Ross nTlaa. Jr. 271 Hugo.. Brian W 4 4 Hame. Joaa 4t Lo.sie Aatoiaette ' . Allen Elbert 42. 14 . 1 0, 27). 2 2. 4 2. 4 4. 11 Wallace Keat Jaocn William J. R.. Jr. Wilfred E. Betty Lynn ... Esrntly Paschal Glyaaa Gene ..... Joseph Thoma. , E ' izabeth , Ermtnic Qaire .NAMES PACES NAMES Jewell, Arthur George PACES 43 260 Hutchison. John Franklin 26! Hutto, Van C 82,24! Hvass, Charles T. 19,42,185,248,474 Hyatt, John Clifton 476 Hyde, Dorothy Ann . 42,139,193,22!, 408, 437 Hyer, Lewis K ' 69,409 Hylton, Lydia Fountain 42 Hyman, Carolyn Frances 42,399 Hyman, Lillian Ruth 96, 36 I Innerarity, Lloyd E. 82, 434 217 Jinkins, Kittie Sue 396 366 Joffe, Herbert D 496 96 John, Joanne John, William W Johnkc, Betty Jo Johns, Hattie Maude . 96, Johns, Mary Victor Johns, Nancy . 19, 4.1, 143, 401 Johns, Ursula . 4 ,233,405 Johns, Vickie 442 434 448 184, 366, 4S! 22) 147, 186, 235, , 413, 430, 464 , 416, 423, 426 423 69 Inter-Aemrican Association 449 Interfraternity Council 292 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellotfsbip . .486 Intramurals, Men ' s 548-554 Intranturals, Women ' s 555-559 Isensee, Carol Theodora 393, 414 Ishiguro, M. R. Bob 376 Johnson, Anit?. Johnson, Annie Lee Crump Johnson, Arnol Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Bennett Jay .... Johnson, Bobbie Jean .... Johnson, Cecilia Johnson, Charles E Johnson, Clifford Johnson, Curtis 482 444, 476 493, 497 230 96, 267 487 213 69,493, 496 434 434 481 Ishizuka, Yuriko 410, 422 Irlarde, Mary Catherine 69 Irons, W. H 409 Irwin, E. L 434 Irwin, Kenneth 42, 409, 476 Johnson, Dorothy Claire Johnson, Dorothy Louise Johnson, Earl Johnson, Edwin Fred Johnson, Frances Elizabeth Johnson, Helen Pollard 82 96, 366 422 . 43,403, 434 82 482 Isom, George W 434 Ivy, Robert L 434 J Jacaman, Emilio N. 82,394,397,371,417 Jacks, Bevcr ' y Jo 209 Jacks, Euwin Paul 422, 434 Jacks, Terry L 434, 47 Jackson, Betty 445 Jackson, Bruce B. 408, 263, 418 Jackson, Frank Joseph 273 Jackson, George R. 497 229 394 250 496 441 82, 213 434 ... 69,471 39.1 442, 454 362, 425, 489 . 43, 173, 431, 443 469 Johnson ack G. Johnson. Jack Reeves . . Johnson, James T. lohnson, Kathryn L. Johnson, Kathryn Simtns Johnson, Keith E. Johnscn, Lavera J. Johnson, Margrethe Dagmar Johnson, Marianne Johnson, Marilyn Johnson, Mary Frances 19 Johnson, Mary I ep Johnson, Mary Lou jackson, Gloria Lee 21$, 467 Jackson, Jane 230 JacVson, Joseph 459, 238 Jackson, Lee S. 497 Jackson, Lydia LovinR , . 213 Jackson, Marian Ruth ... 96, 207 Jackson, Mary Virginia .42,363,425,489 Jackson, Merline D. ... 425,136,369 Jackson, Ransom J., Jr. . .27f, 498, 504, 512 Jackson, Reuben B 434 22! 69 Johnson, Nat Johnson, Orrin W. John ' on, Owen Kenneth Johnson, Peggy Doris Johnson, Preston E lohnson, Richard E. Johnson, Rosemary 1 " " ), ' 69, . " !, Johnson, Robert Dean Johnson, Robert Lee 194, Johnson, Roy Johnson, Simeon A lohnson, Virginia Johnson, William M. lohnson, William Parks Johnston, Beveriv . . . . 139 . . 434, 47! 434 . .. 69 . . . 434, 47! 434 141, 173, 367, ' 24, 428, 443 219 238, ? " i. " ' 17 " , 39! 43, 434 ' 43 69, 192, 452 . . 215,443 . . 2!9, 37? 27!,49 3 f . .. 421,488 . . . . 434 282. 39! 143, 230, 480 69 434, 444, 4!4 82 4.1 . . . .96, 434 43, 447 401, 443, 44! 422 .. .170 83, 229. 489 177. 184, 2!9 40.1, 434 2-1 496 96, 467 434 2M Jackson, Waldo E. . 434 Jackson, William Joe 273, 409, 476 Jacobs, Lena Jenelle 209, 410 Jacobs, Milton Sherl ... 69, 378, 394 Jaeckle, Hugo Michael, Jr.. .42, 381, 434, 4tk Jaeggli, Ivt Sue 82,207 Jaen, Eloy Eduardi 429 Jahnke, Betty Jo 42,203 Jaicks, David Piie ir 246, 404 James, Dolores 223, 438 James, Joseph L. 273, 454, 492 James, Martha Dunnington 393 Johnston, To ' eih I.amar Johnston, Lillian R. . . . Johnston, Robert A. . Jones, A. G. Jones, Arch-e N Jones, Bennie Jo Jones, Bettv M. Jones, Bill R. . ... 193, Jones, Camille . . . Jones, Clark E. Jones, Q.lin Neville Jones, Colleen M. Jones, Edith 82, 227, 289, Jones, Edward J Jones, Elizabeth ... Jones, Florence Jones, Fiank Lafayette Jones, Hubert Jones, James SanvV Jr. Jones, Jennings B Jones, Jeanne Jones, John Albert Jones, Joyce . James, Molly Rae 486 James, William H 424 Jameson, William S 434,438,476 Jameson, Jerry 439 Jane e, Joseph A. . . ... 434, 476 Janicek, Anna L. . 82,19 ,431,444,488 Janosky, Elaine , 382,403 Jama, Arthur Milton 69, 378, 380, 414, 431, 43- Jans?en, Milton 434,452 Japhet, Ann 142,211,389 Japhet, Edith Louise . 42, 187, 207, 430 Jaqurss, Corry Lane 403 Jarmon, Douglas 482 Jarmon, Jake B 434, 476 Jarosek, Elynor Rose 379 Jarvis, Floy 398 Jaster, Earlene K 82, 487 Jax, Jf:rry Robert 96 Jaynes, Charles R. 496 Jefferson, Cyrus Merren 42, 459 Jeffery, Ben M 193,376 Jeffery, Edith Irene 96 Jeffrey, Elizabeth Ann .... 42 Jones, Lawrence W. . f . . . Jones, Lola 434 16 Jones, Martha Lou Jones, Mary Elizabeth Jones, Mary Jim Jones, Marv Louise Jones, Mildred Francis Jones, Rayble E Jones, Richard C. Jones, Rosemary Jane . . Jones, Roy Hugh Jones, Sue Celeste Jones, Theodore Lawrence Tones, Tudor C., Jr Joostcn, Wesley L Jordan, Ben T Jordan, Tack f . Jordan, Susie Elaine Josenh, Harold Jerome Joseph, Marjorie L. ... 43, Josey, Mary Cecile lovce, Ann . . . . 83, 422 201 43 96,444 . . 489 96, 217, 36 ... .497 418, 481, 489 ... 43, 416 69 96. 366, 489 387 47 497 69, 417 394, 497 69, 210, 458 69, 378, 414 444, 449, 488 ... 391,447 . . 465 Jener, C. Ray 434 Jenkins Elzie H. 434 Jenkins, Frank Duane 42, 394, 406, 418, 434 Jenkins, June 486 Jenkins, Jimmi Jean 43, 480 Jenkins, Robert Calvin 273 Jennings, Ann 463 Jennings, Dorothy Jeanne . 213, 366, 472 Jennings, Frank L. Jr 96,267,394 Jensen, Ina Louise 367, 488 Jensen, Mary Lee 82, 407 Jensen, Kenneth Roy 43,279 Jensen, Hal R. 69,406,418,493,49? " ester, Barbara Buchanan 230, 432 Jett, Ada Frances . 175,201,425,440,460 lett. Tune . . . .443. 473 139, 217 463, 96 NAMES Joyce, James Joyce, Joe Joyner, Mary Jane . . . Judge, Curtis Herbert Jung, Jean Elizabeth Jungman, Y. Frank Jungmichel, Harold Justiss, Myra Elizabeth K K.ilm. Emelie Marian K.ihn Helen Carol . . K.ilm. Lorraine K.ilm. Miriam Hope Kalin, Lois Kallison, Jane . Kalmore, Marsha Ruth Kamon, Rob B. Kameon, Herbert R. . Kane, Mirian Louise . Kaplan, Peggy Jean . Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Ebsiton Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Pit Kappa Sigma Karcher, Monroe L Karchmer, Norma Fay 43, 430 Karpusko, Mark Karren, Alice Miriam Kartus, Flora Kasperil, A. S Kastcn, Judith Miriam Kasten, Margarethe Katz, Ben Kauffman, Leonard R Kauffman, kufus Leonard Kaufman, Raymond Jay Kaufsky, Cynthia Kawas, Jenette B Xealhoefcr, Robert Keating, Robert E Keck, Jack B. Keel, Weldon Eugene Keeland, Marjorie . . . Keeling, William Browning ... Keenan, Barbara Mary Keenan, Ray Henry Keenan, Richard Keener, Martha Jane 83 Keeney, Luther E Keese, La Verne Kefkowskv, Lois Kegans, Conda P Kegler, William Vern Keith, George Ray Keith, Martha Ray. Keith, Me a Alici Keith, Perrv Roy . Keliher, Hilda lane Kelleher, Mildred Frances . 69, 366, 39, 413, 426, 458 Kellen, Mvra E Keller, Jack Keller, James Keller, Marion Reed . ... Keller, Patricia Teanette Keller, William Murl . . Kellerman, Robert E. .. Kelley, Dorothv Poran . Kelley, Henry P. Kelley, Martha Ann . . . Kellev, Paul H Ke ' ling, Herman A. Kellogg. Niran E Ke ' ly, Carolvn Maye Kelly, Char ' es R Kelly, Dorothv Kelly, Eli abeth Ann Kelly, Finis Miller Kelly, John Kelly, Joseph Lee r elly, Margaret A. Keltner, Tovce C ' aire Remington, Joe Kemn, David M Kemp, John H. .... Kemp, Ror-e-r B. Kempc, Geraldine Lorra PACES 104, 131, !33 283, 434 96, 201, 366, 44! ... 283, 381, 476 96 83, 4i9 504 . 4),4 43 ..59, 225 83, 259, ... 97, 83, 83, Kempe, IU Rae . Kemper, Doris Kemner, James Vardeman Kendall, Alonzo William .. Kendall, Lawrence L Kendall, Virginia Thompson Kendall. William R Kendrick, Clove O Kendrick, Sam Wayne. Jr. Kennedv, Alsin Kennedv Ann Kennedy, A. Rankin Kennedv, Elb-beth Kennedv, F.milv Anne Ke-neHv, Tack Hunter Kennedv. Marv Frances 235. Kennedy, Noah O Kennedy, Robert Kennedy. Wanda Merle Kennessey. Phyliss Kenney, Delphon Charles Kenney, Joan 192, 199, 175, 241, Kay . 43, 20! .191, 20! 393 , 205, 438 440 205 69, 219 380, 489 434, 277 , 443, 481 , 233, 361 254 ... 224 .... 410 .... 226 .... 411 .... 2!6 .... 434 20!, 42!, , 440, 48! 421 96 83 ... 390 .... 487 217, 379 434 ... 434 97 271 481 .... 422 .... 554 . . . 496 421, 481 .... 422 97 43 .... 393 434 4DI , 217, 461 475 . 97, 447 17! 533, 534 291 246, 480 21!, 447 44!, 4 ' 9 . 97, 434 ... 396 190. 23!, 463, 4S8 83 394, 446 533 225,442 69,438 ... 245 . . . 394 230 394, 442 .... 229 . . 380 424, 434 291 209 434 389, 44! 97 . . . . 253 434 43, 417 466, 489 97, 441 . . . 414 . . . . 496 4.14 409 43, 210. 416, 467 235,425 . . . .425 250, 38! ... 434 424, 414 NAMES PACES Kenney, W. C 434 Kennington, Joe 472 Kcnnington, Wa.son 472 Kennon, Kathleen 97,210,392 Kenny, Anthony Robert 488, 496 Kent, Florence 225,441 Kenyon, Dora 43,213 Kerby, James Kenneth 83,459,462 Kerby, Theda Ruth 97,191 Kerr, Helen 210,439 Kerr, Homer Lee 434 Kerr, Jane 223 Keupei, Doris Joyce 43,17!,4!6 Kevil, George Edward 489 Key, John Roberts 83 Key, Marjorie Sedwick 235 Key, Mary Elaine 69,489 Keyts, Margaret 461 Keyes, Nelson Hammond 83, 170, 26!, 394, 395 Keys, Lera Margaret 44,227 Kidd, Desmond 512 Kidd. Marjorie 69 Kieffer, Linn H 69, 454,494 Kieschnick, Mildred 484 Kiesling, Jamie Colleen 83 Kiker, George S 381,434 Kilcy, Betty Virginia 230,416,448 Kilgore, Jack 434 Kilgore, Joe M 47! Killcbrew, James R 434 Killed in Action 1!3.168 Killian. C. Max 44,241,266,267 Killingsworth, Mary Louise . 69, 407 Kilpatrick, Carol M 363,430,47! Kilpatrick, Evelyn Virginia 69, 482 Kilpatrick, Wendell C 177 Kimberlin, Sam Owen 261 Kimmey, Jimmye Elizabeth 182 Kimbrel, Glenna 97,439,417 Kinard, Beverly 135,201,448 Kincade, Odell 494 Kincheloe, Mary Jean 23! Kindred, Leah Jean 444 King, Adelaide Carlisle .. 146,186,230, 386, 398,430 448 430 422 422 97, 213 83, 364, 448. 48.1 King, Bitty King, Billye Jean King, Henry Fred .... King. Jairu- E. King, Mary Florence King, Muriel King, Ruth Ann King, W. B. Kingsbery, John R Kingsberry, Mariah Kingston, Virginia F. . . . Kinne, Geraldine . . .. Kinney, Jacqueline Kinney, William George Kinsolving, Carev Kipo, Ca rl C. . Kirhy Hall Kirby, Helen Marie Kirchheimer, Theodore R. Kirckland, Shirlev Ann . Kirkpatrick. Ernest E. . . 41! 492 434 199, 213 27 43.1 201 . . 263, 292,404 39 394 36! ... 44, 139, 407 434, 476 217 11 Kirkpatrick, Lois Farnsworth 22, 227, 405, 432, 458, 46.1 Kirkpatrick, Mary Louise 45! Kirkpatrick, Marv S 224 Kirkpatrick, William R. ,...49.1 Kirksey, Frances 44, 217, 366, 369, 412, 413, 460 Kirksey, Mary Peace Kirsner, Harriett M. Kissel, Bobbe Kisten, Nancy Ruth Kistenmacher, George Glen Kitchens, Marjorie Kitley, Alice Faye 69 83, 233, 426, 441 363 133, 235, 389, 44! .83, 438 223 44, 401, 430, 443, 447, 478 Kittrell, Betty . .. 230,386,443,473 Klapproth, Barbara Lee 187,223,430 Klatt, Bobbie Msrie 69,215 Klatt, Emil Henrv. Jr 2 3 Klaus, Babette 97 175, 233, 366, 424, 466 Klebe, Frank . Kleburg. Alice Klecka, Dorothy Ann Klecka, Joe Klecka, Mirone .... Kleflisch. Al vina Klein, Betty Klein, Ed Klein, Fvelyn Klein, Howard Henry Klein, Philip AS. Klein. Teddv Alex .. 434 Kleinman. Shirley . . . 414 Klenk, Dora Margarette 371 Klett, William C. . . 44! Kline, Gerry 97 Klotz, Sally Ann 201.431.4R8 Kluge, Mapeurire 69 Klunkert. Z-f Nell . . 97 Kmiec, Nata ' ie 447,461,48 ' Knalie. Hermann 97 Knapp, Betty Bob . . 176, 177 Knapp, Dorothy Ann . 97 Knight, David 230 Knight, Farl Richard 291 Knipoa, Lois Genelle 207, 408, 461 Knobler, Betty 421 227 44, 431 489 390, 406 374 467 133, 13! 69, 8.1 83. 266, 267. 292. 394, 419, 491 69,48! .182 97, 219, 366, 440 229 406 4!4 455 201, 466 209, 280 367, 42!, 4SS 434 69, 171 83 429 83, 434 69 97, 219, 366. 440 PACE 650 XaMCS PaCXS Kooi, Julia 14-4.4 " Knoi. Margaret Ann 97. 4 3 NaMBs races Lane. William 411 Laney. Sam 97. 371 1 aney, Sarah Frances 24. 221 Laniord. John S. .97 Lanford. Ruih 4)7 Lang. Martha G. 44, 167. 411 Lang. Patricia Ann S3, 466 Lange. Arline 97,4)7 NAMES PACE Lenhart. Jack 406 Leniky, Sylvia ,4(, 363 Lentsch. Louite 229, 440, 4 7, 4SS Lent . Sarah McGee 41,207.361.369.460 Manes racEs Lockmiller, Billye Joyce 4), 42) Locy. John Judd 279 497 Loeffler, Joy 443 Kobe K A ) 0. 40 Loftis, Harry 473 Loftin, Iva Lynn 213 Rock, Lena Belle 44, I7, 210. ill. 412. 4M Koch. Jamei Francit Aluvnu . 44. 411 Koch. John Clinton ::. 2 3, IK Kocurek. Jodie F. 4M Koebi,. Alfred Hermann -V Koehn, John R. 417 Keen. C irolinc Kucmr. Eunice Mildred 13. 4)7 Leon, Jose R. De 422 Leonard. Robert, Jr. 213, 341. 493 Leopold. Bc rly 41 S Lepick, Fred C 434 Lerma, A. C. 434 If Roy, Robert C. 4M Logan, John A.. Jr. ),)71,4J9 Lokey, Ann 17 1 ombardo. Thomas Anthony264. 261. 467 Lone . Johnnie 97, 433, 419 langford. Gerald 39) 1 angford. lean 369 Lesikar. Raymond V. 476 lesikar, Reuben B. 434 Leslie. Jhn Douglas 434 Leslie, L Jeune 97, 201. 223. 363. 443. 479 Levlie, Ruth . 214 Leslie. Thomas 266, 267 Lester, Jane .203 Letter, Mildred Camille 229 Lethco, William C. 411 Lettermann, Anna Marie S3 366 417 Langner. Chirle. A. 400.421.411 Lamer. Daity Jo 13 Lanier. Gu. 267.4)9 Lankford. Jean 207, 440 Lannom. Mariorie Ann 44.201 Long. Dewey Long, Durwood Collins 4( 434 Kolb Dorit Charlotte Long. Elizabeth :: Long, Ernest 390.417 Long, Howard F 310, 371, 4S6. 419 Long. Jack 491 Kolb John E ' 7 KolU Mary Ann Kolo . Agne. 171,431.471,411 Rone, Gertrude Henry 9. 21 3. 4 1, 4 1 [inn Carl 4 7 Long. Joyce Louise S3, 213, 463 Long, Mary Jo 70,210 Long. Patsy Jean 213 Long. Ralph Bernard 213 Long, Thomas B 434 Lantrip Charles Wesley 97 2)9 Kopeckv Lillian Carolyn 210,447 Lapidut Dovie 13. 20). 443 Kopeck . Mar. T,lli, 227, 4 Korkmas. Frederick J. 414.473 Kornblatt. France Pearl Larkin, Lcnice Josephine 393 Lawn. Floyd I. Levy, Robert 370, 371 Levine Ike A 97 Lomgbor BW 176 Lcvine, Rose Marion 233 l.cvinson. Ex ' on 13, 219 Levinson. Marjorie . 219, 42f Levinson. Naomi . 41, 192. 219, 313, 401. 412. 440. 4 0, 41 Levy, Audrey Ruth S3 Levy, Goldi 243 levy, Marie Louise 20J Longino, Betty Berle 97, 366 Kosala. Violette 69, 141 . 171. 13. 2. 369,413,4 1.412 Kosfeld. Milton Martin 44,421.411 Kotterman. Clctu Adair 44, 219. 421. 411 Koun, ,!,... Niki 114. 3l Koupa. Lorraine La Verne .97, 17), 431 Kowalik, Ernest E. 414 Kraft David 113. 114 Larsen. Robert Arnold 97. 170. 179, 113. 114, 4J9 Longino, Ted E. 4M Longley Herbert J. 494 Lanon, Helen 312 Larson. Ken A. 421 Lascurain, Eimaquio 429 Laskowski. Lucille Gladyi 97 Looney Marv Jo 200. 460 K rammer Anihonr 4t Levy, Mariorie Faye ... 4J , 20J , 431, 443 Levy. Meiandie 45,201,313,414,41! Lott, Frances Jane . . . 227. 379. 319, 430 Lott William 417, 413 Kramer William H 97 L loiter. Betty Sue 44 Krause Danile M 40 Rrauive, Jane Baldwin 221 Kreider. Everette Francis 9, 177, 310 Krciiel leonard 1. 114.40 Love, Clyde Evans 47J, 27 Latimer. Gerald Marsh 70. 594, 472 Lathan-, Burke Lee 97. 3 6, 433 l.ttim-Amrrir Sntttbftrtt 4J1 Love, Robert Bruce 171, 273, 412 Love Russell 412 Krenek, F-ne.: 4 " Krev.-ik. Joseph P. 44. 34. 4U, 4l Krodel, William J. 414.434.4)2 Kroh Robert F. 434 Lovelace, Mattilyn Pete 13,410,412.4 6 Lovelen, Mary Jane 210 Loveless, Shirley R 97, 37), 4i2, 4 Lovett. Gordon T. 13 Lovless, Janet G. 91,364.426,411,413 Laurer. Pauline Louise 44,213.4 7 Lewis, Betty Ann 70 Lewis, Charles V 414 Krohn Jack B 213 Lavretta, John Lawrence 476 Law Mary Hart 203 3S3 Krtaeger Carol Anne 144, 230, 44) Lewis. Frederick F 19, 271, 434, 462 Low, Don M 497 Law Mouzon ISO, 472 Low, lot Henry 4), 310 Lowden, Ann 9t, 21), 441 Krupa Joe Ir 4M Law Robert A 2 4 Lewis. Joseph Dan 422 Kruimark. Lee Mueller 44.421,4(1,417 Kubala Evelyn Mae . 97 Lawler. Laura M. .. 70, 416, 417, 466 Lawrence, Cliff ord Laf ton 70, 424 Lowe, Barbara 4) , 42) Lowe, William James 70, 44 Lewis. Marion McLean 290. 291 Lewis, Mary Ann 13. 227. 316 Lewis, McKmley Clayton 70. 434 Kucera Edgar Jackion 2 I own, Wilma Harriet 91. 3 3 Lowrey. Alfred Sebring 263.404,4 3 Lowrey. James 434, )12 Lowrey. Mary Elaine 41,193,223.4 1 Lowrie. Helen L 91, 374 Kucukcetin. Adnan M 34 Kudla, Bettv Jane 3 Lawrence. Martha 230, 44 Lawrence. William Dewey 273.473 Kudla. Mitchell Normna . . 9. 2U, 4)4 Kuhlman Dorothy ' Lawson, Dorothy . 17? Lawson. Mary Bess 210 Lawthcr Jo Ann 227, 405. 433 KuKlman. Howard Philip 1), 241, J72. 419, 419 Kuhimann, Mary Ellen 210, 364 Kuhn. Frank 170,417 Kuhn Herbert Rov 261 171, 434 Lewis, Yvonne Ethrve |J Lowry, Benny Wayne 13,442 Lowry, Stanley Todd 310, 446, 4)2, 37 Lay, Irene Louise 201,40) Loyd, Runelle 91.223.439.443.412.4)) Loyd, Welta Faye . 70. 192. 199, 22), 401 Lozano, Dora Alice 41 J Lieberman. Lillian Estelle 97, 233. 363 Lieberman, Shirley 233, 467 Lieberman. Zelig Herbert . 240.271,292. 371, 394 Lay Samuel (27, HI Lay Thomas 97, 4(9 Kulakofsky. Anna Jaync 203,444 Kullin Arthur C 434 Laync Allen M 434 Knnkel. Mildred Cormc 97, 37) Kurakutu. Hideo 97 kuiac. Edward A. 4)4.411.496 Kuykendall. Charlei Fdjar 7 Kuykeodall. Jane Alleyne 379 Kuykendall. Virginia Thompson ..... M Kyle, Lee F. 494 Ligon, Max Dudley 260 4M 494 Lozano, Teresa 429,4)0 Lubash. Lorraine Lois 141,429.447.449, 4SI, 411 Lucas, Robert Livingston 70,4)4.411. 414, 494. lull Lucio. Zelma Constance 422 Lucke. Joe F. 434 Luckenbach, Phyllis Olivia 13.201.3 4. 4 4, 413 Luckey. Raymond David 177. 41 1 Layne, Dorothy Ruth 13, 210, 3 2. 3 9, 419 Layne. Robert (Bobby) 141. )04. S12 Leach. Lillian 44. 142. 199. 217, 210. 4 1 Leach Ralph 193 Lile , Marcellus L 13, 30, 434 Lilley, James E 213, 371, 441, 4SS Lilley, Janet Marie 41,137,1(0.367,369, 313, 412. 413, 41J. 427, 430. 441, 4M Kr t, Miry 230. 432. 4)1. 4 7, 4 9 Kylei. William H. 434 L Laakto. Franci. Cahin 97,177,4)2 Lcary Robert C. 492 Leaiure. Martha Amanda 229 Leature, Mary Elizabeth 229,313 Leasure, Ruth 229 LeBaron, Warren .411,492 Ledbetter. Barbara Ann 44, 230 Ledbetter, Martha Anne 97,112 Lind, Leslie William 422 Lindberg. Evan F 114.39) Lindsay. Beth Ruth 97, 223, 393, 396, 479 Lulow, Maree Ann 13. 3 4 Lummus. Pattie Bess 141. 21 ), 3 1, 3 9, 42), 4)0, 4)) Lumpkin, Robert Loyd . 290,291,292 Lundelius. Oscar Emil, Jr. 70,394.411 Lundy. Mar; Beth 4), 201 Lunsford, Betty Jane ; Luper. Patrick H 49 Lupher, Jack A 424,434 Lupton. Shirley )92 Lusk. Jorene Hart 70. XI. 36 LmtbfTt StmJntt Aftoci4tiOH . . . 417 Lack. Jean Ledbetter. Nan 179 Lee Additon 414 Lee. Betty Margaret ... 44.201.403,440 Lee, Betty Sue 70 Lindsey, Joye Wanda 4). 422 Lindsey. L. T. 434 Lee. Carolyn 431 Lee, Charlotte Rose 13.130,201,2)7, 433.4 4, 411 Lee, Dan Henry 434 Lindsey. Maude Mary 97 lacy Jack 4J Lindsey, Osier Clarence 422 Lindsley. Dan 414 Links, Madolie Mariorie 229,422 Linnard. Howard Warren 4). 376. 417 Linscomb, Mary Lee 170. 173. 197 1. miner. James H 434 Linville, Francis J. 4), 411 LinTille, Harold R. 434 I ippman. Bayla 219, 41 Lipotnan, Ethyl 219 Lippmann, Sybil 219 Lipscomb, John Clayton 2)7, 441 Lipscomb, Virginia Lee .. 13). 173. 23) Lipstate. Eugene 277 Lissauer, Jacqueline Doris 19.70.144. 413. 42). 440. 41) I.iston. Henrietta 41, 3 1, 369, 391, 447 1 in hi ield . William 24 . 292. 47 . 410 Little. Hazel 70 Lagerquist Walter G Jr 69, 476 Lun Mary Rebecca 97, 221 . 366. 412 Laird. Hazel Adele 213, 4O4 Laird Mary 430 Lee. Doris Jeannette 4), 417 Lee. Jack W. 434.4)9 Lee. Marvin Norman 421,411 Lee. Miry Jo 70,221.4)) Lee. Ray E., Jr 24 . 394, 413 Lee. Robert 24 . 424 Lee, Thomai 261 Lee. Virginia Florence 164, 379. 443, 4 4,413 Lee, William L. 371.434 Leebrick. Robert John 26). 400. 404, 421 Leech. James H. 97, 177, 419 Leff, Bernie Leo 242, 243 Lefkowsky. Lois 4), 170, 210. 4 7 LeFlore. Louis Edward _2IO Legett. Rosalis 170, 112 Legg. William J. 492 Luttrell. Joanne 227 Lutz. Ruth 2)) Lybrand. Cleo ' Lydick. Anne 227 Lynn, Estelka Schmidt 412 Lynn. Tech 200 Lyon. Betty Rav 221,401 Lyon. Robert .. 21) Me McAnally. Dwight 417 Me Anally. Robert W 394 McAninch. Jack W 47 McAtee. Doris Anne 21) McBride. Dana ! McBride. David Patrick 70. 413 McBride. Marie Jeannette 41.171,374. 4)0. 41 . 417 McBride. Mariorie Alice ...201 McBurnett. Peggv Joyce 41 McCabe. Mary Catherine 210 McCain. James Henry 70. )7, 4)9 McCaleb. Charles G.. Jr. 414 McCaleb. Neely Thomas. Jr 4 . 414 McCalib Daniel H Ian Shirlcv 451 Lake Jane 97, 171 Lamb Bettv Jo H. 479. 41 Lamb Elli R 49} L.W Chi Alfbi 2)1. 2)9 Lambeth. William Harmon 177, 424 Lammers. Con way Roe 241 Lancaster. Billy Jr 434 Lancaster, Cynthia Ann 44, 17). 114, 217.432 Lancaster. Howard 291 Lance. Allene Rae 13. 36 . 447 Land Betty ' " Little. ' James E. . 434 Little. Winfred Earl . 97 Littlefield. Clyde 2)4, U LtlltrfirU Dormil ' .ri 3 littleiohn. Erik Price 27.)) ' Littman, Melvin Leonard . 241 Lander. Betsey Rar 44,391.447 Lander. Elizabeth James 230. 44) Lander. Jack 2)7 Landon. Lydia Louise 11 [andrurr. Betty 44 Landry. Tommy 1)4 landiman. Richard V 414 Landtman. Shirley Flint 97 lane. Edwin I). 493 Lane. Gardner 39) lane. George H 2)0.4)4 Laoe lames B. 493 I ejcgett , Maureen Joyce 229 Leforrcta, Carlo 429 Lehmann. Nancy Lcc .97 leifeite, Dorothy Lee 13 Leigon. Walter A. 11.434 Leker. Pura Platti 27. 143. 41 J, 429. 449. 4JO Lelen. Clarence J. 434 Latmea. William Laurence 13.424.4 9 Lemley. Clark E. 394 Lemon, Tbrrian C. 271 Livingston. Mary Margaret . 203. 441 Livingston, Paislev . . 70 Lloyd. E. Russell. Jr. 434 locate. Ruth 3(7,411 Locke. Lee 70, 319 Lockhart, Barbara 1)0,410 Lockhart. Kathleen 203 McCalib. Joseph TC 434 McCalib. Paul T. 191.414 r. . m NAMES McCall, Eleanor Grace . McCall, George McCall, Joann McCall, Margaret Frances . . McCall, Morris Drew.... 98 McCallay, James N McCan, Sue McCard, H. G McCarley, Jack Warren McCarler, Carroll McCarter, Nell Marie ..70, McCarthy, Betty McCarthy, William Marcus. McCaskey, Rose Mary McCaul, James Addington McCauley, Ann McCauley, Jerry J McCelvey, Elizabeth Ann . McCelvey, R. L McClain, B. M McClain, Charles S McClain, Sue Aline McClarchy, Judith Barbara McClellan, Alton F., Jr... McClellan, Robert L. .. McClintock, Nancy McClung, James H McClung, Nelson McClure, Mary Catherine . . McClusky, Elizabeth Jane.. McClusky, Dorothy ...83, McConnell, George McConn, Richard L McCord, Horace B McCord, Paul Charles McCorkle, Woody . McCormick, Charles T. McCormick, Katherine .... McCormick, Lorna McCormick, Margaret Joyce McCown, Frances Louvenia McCown, Henry Young McCoy. Billy Mack McCracken, Frank A. McCracken, Joseph H. McCrary, James Leslie McCright, Elva Jean . 121, 38!, 477 . .70 PACES 432 .434, !04 , 399, 472 . .46, 171 , 376, 114 4)4 .2)0, 44) 434 98 140 143, 21!, 4!4 46! 393,433, 481, 492 , 429, 488 . . . . 263 .207, 467 .!04, J12 , 432, 44! .227 .46, 4)3 142, III . 46, 193, 432, 433 McCright, Mary McCrory, Sammie Jean 84, 207 McCulley, William S McCullick, James McCullough, Tom McCurdy, Dorothy McCurdy, John A McCurdy, Margaret . . 70, 170, McCutchen, John W. McCutcheon, Shirley Anne . McDade, Ross McDaniel, Polly Ann 46,21!, McDaniel, Rodney C McDavid, Edward McDermott, Roy Eugene .... McDonald, Billy .. McDonald, Earl McDonald, James Douglas McDonald, Malcolm McDonald, Mary Mae McDonald, Neal Ray McDonald, Peachie 498 477 . .46, 447 . .8), 480 8) !42 , 211,4!) 496 4!9 , 386, 432 367, )69, , 417, 488 191, 4)), 488 414 269, 4)8 .)73, 424 291 28) ..14, 260 . . .407 , 22i,44! , 171, 447 98 ... .491 219 .... 477 . . . 27! .... 27 231, 386, 440, 469 189 )6i,44) 4)4 121 486 207, 489 . 16, 21 171, 41), 430, 489 373, 434 . 98, 37! 98, 2!! 401, 432, 471 421 448 .... 42-! 184 . . 291 193 98 Waunelle . . 369,414 McDonald, Reagan W McDonald, William Joseph . . McDonald, Mary Frances 98, McDowell, Cynthia 17! McDowell, James K McDowell, L. Sanborn . McElhannon, Sarah McElhenney, Hilda 84 McElhenney, Thomas McElroy, Grace McElroy, Howard D McEwen, Barbara McEwen, Joanne McFaddin, Roine 98,191,230 McFarland, Jean Elizabeth McFarland, J. B McFarland, Leroy McFarland, Marjorie Ann . . 70 McFarland, Patsy McFarland, Ruth Elizabeth .210 Nancy .142, 374 98 70 .230 McFarla McFarlin, Jean McFarling, Thomas Irwin McGann, Mary Patricia McGarrah, J. Eugene . McGee, David Lloyd . McGee, Jean M McGee, Louis J McGee, Marilyn McGee, Shirley ' McGee, Tom C McGehearty, Jerome F McGhee, Frances Marie McGill, Joe, Jr McGillicuddy, Daniel Wisdom . McGilvray, Jean Grain McGinley, James Robert 46 244 22 1 , 440 , 177, 489 46, )68, , 44), 473 434 24! 367, 481. 488 , 179, 227 493 279 432 , 22i,40l 263 206 477 .23!, 469 396 , 432, 467 230 406 173 , 171, 23! 433 464, 489 .. ..230 424, 466 , 376, 4!2 , 210, 488 2!! 70 , 386, 441 ..98, 371 467 467 .... .493 434 70 434 2!7, 434 84 418, 488 NAMES McGinnis, Edward McGlothin, Benny Mack 46, McGraw, Jean McGraw, Rudolph William McGrew, Richard Milton McGuire, Delbert McGuire, Don McGuire, Dorothy Ester 46 McGuire, Eugene I McGuire, Virginia McGullick, James Henry McHan, Mary Harriette McHargue, James P., Jr Mcllroy, Joe H Mclnnis, Mary Elizabeth Me Inure, Richard Jones Mclntosh, George B., Jr Mclver, Ray 46 McKamey, Robert McKay, Jack Ayndon McKay, Mary Anne 98 McKean, Margaret 221,391 McKee, Alvie L McKee, C. W McKee, John E McKellar, Emily McKelvey, Elizabeth McKenzie, Mary Jane McKinley, Marthabel McKinney, Cameron McKinney, Mary Gayle McKinney, Norma Louise McKinstrey, Harriette .. 191 McKnight, Marguerite Flanders McKusick, Richard McLean, Bessie Ann McLean, Mary McLean, Salem Francis McLain, Mary Emma McLain, Robert M McLaughlin, Laurence King McLaurin, Banks, Sr. McLennon, Roderick McLeod, Doris Jr 46, 133, 171 McLernon, Elizabeth McMahan, Maisie . . 70, 36! McMahan, Barbara Diane . . 70, 2)0, 393 227,461 2!! McMahon, Billy R. . McMahon, Krouse Sewall McMahon, Peggy Joyce McManus, Ann Fairchild . . . . McManus, Clifford Braswell McMaster, James M McMath, Hugh McMillan, Lave: n Ruth McMillan, Mary Katherine . 70, McMillen, F. V McMillen, Hermione Katheri McMullen, Dorothy Marie McMullen, Eugene Joseph . . McMurdo, Mary Jane McMurrain, Hugh Allen McMurray, Anne 230, McMurray, Robert F McMurray, Lily Lou McMurray, Martha McMurlry, Dorothy Roy . . McNairy, Raymond, Jr. McNamee, Regina Jacquelyn McNamee, Rose McNecly, Emily McNeil, James Samuel, Jr. McNeil, Frances Anne . McNeil, Nina 84, McNeill, W. H McNutt, Mary J McQuiggs, Marilyn McRae, Bill Rae McRaney, Betro S McShaffry, John Lawrence . McSpadden, Clem R. McSpadden, Dorothy Leah . McTee, Pat McVey, Clinton E McWherter, Robert C. . McWhirter, Eugene Hughic PACES 382 189, 403 70 98 260 193 488 , 210, 447 434 42! 273 . .46, 438 4)4 49) 230 24! 434 , 209,414 434 263 , 191, 213 , 40!, 447 496 373 414 , 398, 4!8 392 , 463, 469 98 4!9 . .84, 207 70 364, 48) 227 28! 84 447 4)4, 488 .201, 472 21! 46 ,)84, 406 486 199, 210 210, 46) 369, 482 17), 221, 42!, 440 496 )90, 406 98, 439 98 219, 418 . 98, 434 .... 278 70, 364 144, 203, 473 434 ... 70 447, 488 .240, 289 46, 391 486, 497 44!, 4! 8 492 . 46, )98 . . . . 2)i 84 98 .... 46 203 203, 40! , 393, 434 401, 467 447, 467 .... 406 4)8 . . . . 414 .... 4)4 434 48, 434 .... 496 . 84, 42! 173, 201 434, 47! . . . 434 . 46, 418 M M. . C. A 412, 4!3 Mabrito, Marilyn 210, 40!, 469 Mabry, S. L 434 Mabry, Virginia Lee 98,473 Macauley, Mary Frances 221,424,466 MacCorkle, Stuart Alexander 2!6 MacDonald, James Douglas 2!0 MacDonald, Ruth 98 MacGuffie, Donald H. . . . . 98 Machemehl, Ida K 70,140,371,487 Machia, Jane ! 414 Maclnerney, Elmer Francis 84, 434 MacKenzie, Patricia 217 MacMurry, Martha 463 MacNish, Marin 84 Macow, Joanne 430 MacPherson, Dorothy Enid 393 Maddox, Barbara 84,363,443,479 Maddox, Robert W 434 Madra, Shirley Ann 201 , 483 Madsen, Albert 121, 122 Magee, Bertha 134,210,410,422 Magee, Martha Elizabeth 46, 421, 4!6 Magee, Peggy Lou 91 NAMES PACES Magliolo, Ellen Barbara .70, 363, 442, 447. 488 Magliolo, Virginia Catherine .70, 363, 369, 442, 447, 4!6, 488 Magnuson, Eugene 481 Maguire, Gail Elizabeth 98 Maguire, Jack 180 Mahan, Sheffy 47! Mahoney, Dick 488 Mahoney, James R Mahoney, Lawrence C 269, 494 Margraves, Margaret Ann 221 Maida, Marianna Barbara ... .47, 367, 42!, 488 Mainland, Gordon Majors, Jonita Wandeen 47,393 Majors, Polly ..133,221,399,430,440, 4!!, 419 Makins, Robert 2!!, 467 Malec, Lillian Margaret 379,431 Malik, Joe, Jr 19, 188, .18!, 387, 43 1 , 4)4, 4!2 Malik, Pauline P 130,431 Mallette, Weldon 477 Malley, Marcy J 417 Malley, Nancy 398 Mallory, Bob 42 Malm, John A 84,424,482,486 Maloney, Pat 193 Malvin, David Wesley 47,421,481 Maneely, Betty 480 Mangrum, Coquita Maudella 98,443 Mangrum, William C 434 Manley, Faye Dell 21! Mann, Billy Mack 84,434 Mann, Carl F 263,404 Mann, Nell Bernice 47,448 Mann, W. Raymond 494 Mann, Wilburn 488 Manning Camille 231,401,433 Manning Herbert C 4)4,47! Manning, Marjorie Barton Manning, Patricia Leslie 98,422 Manning, Thomas M 49) Mansen, Kenan - 266 Marable, Dorothy Ann Marasovich, Mildred Mae Maruer, Rickey M. Marek, Elaine 406, 46 ; Marrk, Theodore J 98,431 Margraves, Margaret Ann .. 70,383,4!! Marken, Glenn Charles 70,178,48! Marker, Andrew R., Jr. 434 Marker, Merri Lynn . 47, 219, 447, 473 Marks, Betty Jane . 47, 132, 171, 199, 23!, 432, 467 Markham, Thomas Richard 47.403 Marks, L uis 434 Marks, Nancy E Marquez, Gustavo E 27,402 Marquez, Victor 417,425 Marquis, Charles W 414,495 Marr, James H Marriott, Mary Elizabeth .. 84,441,447 Marroquin, Bernard 434, 483 Marschak, Carole 84, 219, 4!6 Marsh, Mary Louise 23i,432 Marsh, Luther Alvin 70, 492 Marshall, Clarence F 434 Marshall, Donald 372, -JS2 Marshall, Florence Suana 84, 217 Marshall. Helen 206, 391 Marshall, Joe Emmett Marshall, Melba Florienne . . 47, 143, 482 Marshall, Tony 203 Marth, Seldon Bolivar 393 Martin, Cora M. Martin, David D. . Martin, Dixie Lee . . . Martin, Donald Martin, Dorothy Ruth Martin, Edgar P. . . . Martin, Ernest D. Martin, Foncie .... Martin, Frank H. . . Martin, George Martin. Jack Porter . . Martin, Jane Martin, Jo Helen Martin, Marcy Martin, 216, )98 4)4 98, )7! 498 47 279 433, 434 364 84 473 273, 471 70 .... 229, 4!7 2!0 Marjorie 369 Martin, Robert T Martin, Tessica M Van Ray 210 47, 192, 408, 432 70, 479 Martin. W. R 373 Martinez. Celia 422,438 Martinez, Luis Palatox 27, 411, 449, 4!0, 488 Martinez, Tiberio 4!0 Martinelli. Edis 442 Martino, Joseph 178, 488 Marwil. Shirley 219 Maschek, Marie 21i,467 Mason, Edward A 394,494 Mason, Hodge E 434 Mason, Jo Ann 98 Mason, Raymond 420 Mason, Shirley 182 Massad, Edmond 414,422 Massey, Helen Louise 71 Massey, Johnnie 84 Massey, Joseph Andrew 47, 421 Massey, Norma Dell 84, 37!, 479 Massey, Roy Warren 98 Massingill, Nancy 230,392 Masters, J. A Masur, Frank Matejek, Catherine . . Matejka, Gladys Ruth Matheny, Nadine Mathers, Dudley .... Mathews, Downs . . . Mathcws, E. J.. Mathcws, Roberts Mathews, William Mathcwson, Mary F R PACES 434 434 367, 369, 431 . 71, 133, 498 .47, 190,460 434 193 1) 27), 46) . 4)4 Mathis Math ' " Betty Marie Harry David Mathii, Harry P., Jr. 47, 21!, 489 24! 19, 434 248 Mathis, Thomas Matlas, Frances Matlock, Hudson 434 Matlock, Rosalie 16, 4!7, 478 Matsumoto, Earlynn 84 Matteson, Billy R 14 Matteson, Jean . . 203, 448 Matthaei, Arnold Hcglinger 84,421,489 Matthews, Alice Bernice 84, 433 Matthews, Carolyn Jane 393 Matthews, Charles T 421 Matthewr, Frankie 16.193,483 Matthews, Jane 230,398,41! Matthews, Maebess 382 Matthews, Marie 171,199,21! Matthiasson, Sigurdur Kristinn 71 Matula, Jim C 434 Mauck, Eleanor Jean 47 Maultsby, Imogene 84 Maurer, N. E. 434 Maurman, Margaret 44i.46l Maxcy. Car! P. 177, 291 Maxell, Charles 4SI Maxwell, Lillian 193 Maxwell, Margaret 4S9 Maxwell, Virginia . . . 98, Maxwell, Westelle ... Mav, Benjamin M. . . . May, Bettye Sue May, J. Edwin (Red) 84, Maybcrrv, Jo NeM Viayer, Elizabeth Ann Mayer, Sue Mayes, Frances ... Mayfield, Peggy Irene ... Mayfield. R. E. . Mayfield, Vcrnon Clifford Mayhew, Gloria Dale Mayo, C. J Mayo, Marianne Maze, Jerry M Mazer, Lawrence Mead, Ceorge C Mead Howard Mead Margaret Meaj. Tilden Meade, James Edward .... Meador, Wallace Meagher, Robert Bryce . 47, Mealey., Willie R Measures, Bobbie iedit jt S( hool, Galfeston Medtin, Louis Medlock, William Raymond Meeks, Henry C Megarity, Ferris John Mehl, Warren Roy Mehner, Dorothy Jean Mehner, Maureen Marie . . . Mehner, Wayne Meier, Dorotha MeisL ' r, Herbert Meitzen, Louise Melamed, Jack Myron Melancon, Rosemary Pearl Melch, Herbert R., Jr. . . Mellenthin, Jack Mellon, E. K. ... Melton, Clarence Bartlett Melton, Morris Men ' s Cite Clu ' t Mendel, Julius Louis I7i, 182. 22!, 366, 432 84 471 71 147. 248, 2! . 38!, 433, 489 229 ... 213. 461 2 II 93 84 49.1 2!1 84, 142 491 201, 41) 98 277 . . 210 E Art ' iur . . 47, Menzies, Billie Ann ....... Mercado, Martin ...... Merchant, Arthur H. Merchant, Harry Wallace .. Meredith, Cecil Ja e Meredith, Wanda Ruth . . Meriwether, H. S ....... Mermel, Irving ..... . Merrill, Ralph L ........... Merrill, Roy L .......... Merrill, Frank . Merritt, Miriam (Mi mi) 369, Merritt, Warren Mertz, j. L Mesloh. Arthur C Mettler, Benjamin Metzger, Virginia 98, 363, Metzke, Mary Elizabeth Meyer, Albert J Meyer, Herbert W. H. ... Meyers, Ann Meyers, Charles 98, 177, 183, Mezek, Nicholas Micek, Edward Michael, J. T 210 184 462, 48S 271 2!3, 467, 49t 98 2lH .. 163-I86 47, 421. 418 ... 181,414 47, 171 40!, 481, 494 84, 203, 364 47, 203 42 17! .... 242, 243 2)!, 479 243 84, 463 98, 283 142 39! . . . . 291. 414 248 286, 287, 393, .194, 411 84, 207 . 84, 170. 178 394 291 483 71 . ... 372. 414 . . 189, 414 406 4)4,419 48) 47, 19), .166, )8), 408, 42) .171 420 4)4 277 419, 4)0, 466 71, 4!7, 488 4.14 4)4. 479 )86 184, 291. .19! 182 4)1 .. 418 PACE 652,k. Albert Michalka, Jame. Michelaoa, Da..d M chtlsoa. L.uraloe M.clue. WJI... H. Micaol.k. Mickey. Face M.cklcr. Bebe M.dcap. James l M.ddletoo. Dor., Lee M.ddletoa. J. C. MiasUnoa. R i MUgrlry. [rank Shetvard M.d.ett. Mctrcll R Mier. Edwir. O. Miesch. D..,d C Miketka. E. Eugene M.k.lenka. Eldertt ). Milberger. William III M.lburnn Barbara Miles. ETalee Mile.. Mr. Mil.a. T M.l.knn. Comer M.I!... EJn. Si V.aceat Millard. Jo Ac M.llener. Rarbar. Adams Miller. Alfred C. Miller. Claud E. Miller. Herbert. Jr. Miller. Don. lou.-e M.ller. Du.cite M.ller. E. T. Miller. Ev. M e .Kr.nk Robert Miller Gale Miller; Gerald.. Miller. Cro.-cr C. Miller. Inei Milkr. Jean Marie Millex. Jefferaaa M.ller. lerry Mane 4-. Joaa . M.IUr. Join R M.ller. Ka:hleea El, .beta 411 (4 (. 271 42 411 IN 23 (. 271 4 " . 11.1.41 434 424 41 M. 241 1 4 414.4ft (4.441.4 1 n 71.221.414 Ml 127. (2t. 13 173.2 1.42 71 414 473 ' .4 4 (. 1(1. 217 201 2 0 ( 210 4 2 7 4.1.4 4 :- 4ll.4( .441 414 13 . 43 . 417. 447.4(4 4 434 (4.3 1 Marcia Jo Milkr. Margaret Miller. Marian 14.205.4 7 47. 1 0.250.450.441. 41 (. 4(0 Miller. Mary Elizabeth 230.3(4.4 1.423 43 Mary Lo. 4(. 41 Naomi Jaae 4(. 455 M.lle-. Paul B. Jr. 434.477 Miller. Rose M. SWrwm Paul Virginia Lester 71. 217 Walter G. 4- M.ller. Wayne Elizabeth 41 Miller. William Riaehart 402. 454 Millikea. Speacer R Mills. Jultaa - - Mills. Patricia 171.211,4 1.421.44 M.lli. Ver. -: Mills. William C. 4.4 Millsap. Eleae R. Millsaa. Rose La Verne (4 Richard 24( 2 7 m 4 4 211.434 (. 44 . 277 1(1 71.444 2 1 1.47 454 71 2 1.4 2 1(2 477 104. 117 -.422 - - 71. 14 . 2 3. 414, 43 . 441.44 (4.441 Miachea. Dorothy Aaa Miaaes. Staader Francis Edward Gloria Alice leaaae Miatoa. Mary Jo Miayard. A. E. Mires, Joyce Kathleen MitchdI. Charles M.tchd!. Fred MitchdI. Herauoae MitchdI. Joe H. MitchdI. Joe Richard MitchdI. John C_. Jr. Mitchell. Mtrc.a V, M.tchdl. Manoo M. Mitchell. Seiu Eliiabeth Marhlr. Phyllis Irene MoelUr. Mirflrr. Nellie Rut MWfac. iahlti E. (4.171.4(4. 4 7 Ross Ps J Arthar Marie C. Alfred Mokry. Agaes Mokry. Hstlie 2 " . 344.443 42 177. I7( (4.442 4(. 373 411 1(1 411 411 James Gnaa M. 4 7 Aubrey Arthur 41.411.414 Hilton Heary 71 Richard l(. 41. 141. 21 . 2 1. 2 2. 1(1 Walter G. 4(1. 41 . 4 4. 10 242. 434 C, 421 71.47 Mary Martha 221. 4I( Monroe. Mary Aaa 4J Monroe. Vaudeen Steede 22 . 3 3. 4 3 Edgar 147. 25 . 274.271.2 2. 477 nth. Phillip 4 4 Mouteauyor. Guadalupe 422. 42 i E. 3 B,l!.e Jean 41 Carolyn 227. 44( Clifford Manna Edwiaa 213.4 1 James Andrew. Jr. 41. 371 434 James Irl 4(. 14 . 2 (. 24 . 2 2. 3 4. 4 0. 4 4. 4 4. 42 1 . 4(0 Tal.ferro 2 ' James W. 41(, 477 Mersam Anita 71,21 . 343. 41 . 447 Mildred U 421.43 , 4 0, 4 Robert E. 4 Montgomery. Station 2 1 Montgomery. William H. 4(. 2( Mooday. Charles Warner :- Moody. Dan. Ji. : ' Maady. lames rlatultoa 7I.2J . 104 Moody. M.gnette Caroline 41. 21 . 44 Mooney, Charies R. 4 Thomas Heary (. 177 Moore. A. D.. Jr. 2(0.447 Moore. Alberta Fialey (4. 37 Moore. Bernice 4 ( Moore. Betty Ann 4(. 2i Moore. Cherry Ann 4(. 221. 3(3. 473 Moore. Catherine Carol 71.2 1 Moore. Chloe 3 Moore. Clarence E. Moore. Claude 4(2 Moore. Claadiac A 71. 450. 41 . 472 Moore. Dorothy E. 71. 2 II. 342. 34 . 4 7 Moore. Elizabeth J. 414 Moore. Easily Ann 4(. 21 . 433 Moore. Erin Colleen E.a Beth 71 Erdyn 211 George S 434.474 Moore. George W.. Jr. 454 Moore Gordon Dickey 17 . 374 G.y Jr. 14) e. Heirs, KiagxharT (4. 2 3. 343. 443 I.a Fanlkner 42: Jack Spencer 71 Jot Barton 21 John W. 2 0 Katheriae Aaae 71,171.2 1.414 Moore. S. Leslie (4 Moore. Marcdle Jolotn 41. 191. 447. 4(7 Muct. Marieta 4-; Moore. Mariorie .. 71.217 Moore. Mary Frances V Mary Loaise Nanon 5 ( Ray 44( Moore. Richard N. 1 3.434 Robert Wayne 4(. 454, 4(4 Roy Farrar : " Moore. S.sithie Dean ( Moore. Shirley 21 ' .401. 441 M.elc. 4 Sae 374. 413.47( Thelma 71. 43 . 44 ' -. 44 ' W. Ro 4 ' -4 Moore. W.llace 211 Wilbur L. 400.421 William D. 4 2 William Holt 71.2 2 William Lawrence 271. 2 2. 3(1. 434. 4(0 Zack J. 4 5 . F..C 417 . James Paul. Jr. Winoaa Rut. 4(2.4(4 M.srm... Jesse Adams 41.422 Moraa. Tommie (4 Morehead. Marilyn Faye (4.4(2 Morelin. Bern.ce Arlene 422 MoreUad. Jack L. 4 1 Morrl.nj. William Earl ( Don William 20. 4(. 44 . 412. 43,4U L. 4 1 den 424 Josephine M. 44I.4K.4 Morgan. Jaliaa Marcy 213 Mary Ann (4. 1 . 21 . 5 2. 441 Mary Jo ::i.4!7. 4( William Glen. (, 2 1 Shirley 3 3. 3 4 Morlaag. Belt. : 1 . 3 2. 433. 441 Morley. Jack 27. Morris. Cassaadra Sians 4(. 213.447 Morris. Franc.. A.. Jr. (4 Morris. Glenn 414 Morr... John 27 Morris. Mack M. 37(. 3 4.414 Morns. M.chad B 4:4 Morris. M.mi Terrd 221.432.447 Morr... Starhng T. Tray. Jr. " 4 . 213, 433. 4 1 Morrison. Ray Leslie 4M Morrison. Tommy E. (4.213 Marrow. Elbert M 44. Morrow. Mane B in. 414 MorMr toal 411 Mortlock. Mary Los. 4t Mortar., lack ...414 Morton. Marshall . 4M Morton. Mormon Lee 71 Morse. Anna Maud 41,442 Morse. Bleecker L.n.,ni . . 2 1. 442 Morse. G 71.4(1 Motby. Bettye Ray 91 Alma Teresa 14 . Claris 441. 4|s Mots. Jean LaTcrac 4 Moss. Sylria tl Motchman. Verner J M Moil. Bettye 3 . Mott. Flora Victoria 71 Monthon. Adele McK.nney 422 Mount.. June Elcen . 1 4 Mowrsand. Earl 2 7 Mowry, Edith Branaen 99 Mowry, Harley Warren, in 71 MneUbrad. W. W 4Z4 Mueller. Belmont Frank 4 1 Mueller, Edgar Lee 4J4 Mwdler. E ie JM Jeanne 2 3. l t. 41( Mullet. Merle C. 4o Mull.i. Opal Dean (4. 144. 4t Mnllini. N iine 47J Mnmtord. Darid Meday 23. 3 4 Mund.neer. Daaeil Moore 2(( Mnngtua. Alice 42 . 430. 410 Mnnicha, Carlos 42 Mnawi. Oscar 42 Monroe. Roy McLeod 4 , 112. 21 . 212. 2 2. 3(0. 1(4. 3(1. 3(7. 1 4. 420. 4( Mn UK Etui - Mmrchison. Mary Jane 2 3 Msirdock. Henry W 4)4 Mnrphy. Bertie Wilson 4 . 22(. 3( Murphy. Betty Jean 4 . 141. 5 (. 3 Mau-phy, Charles A.. Jr. 4M. 474 Mnrphs. E. F... Jr. 21 . 3. 4 2. 477. 47 Mnrphy. John Malcolm 170. I7( Mnrphy. Owen F 71. 414. 4((. 4 4 Msu-phy. Peggy 2 3.3 1 Mnrphy. Rondel L.. Jr. 4)4 Murrah. Eugene 447 Mmrray. Bernice Lydia (4. 1 1 Murray. Clark Franklin 27 Mmmy. E. A. Murray. Frances R 412 Murray. Gladys Lucille (4 nrray. Helen Adele 2 1.1 4 nrray, Jaae Tamr 4 y. Jane 231 . 41(. 447, 4(( nrray. Mariorie 221. 411. 42 . 44 nrray, Martha Gertrude (4, 3t(, 3 , 4( nrray. Mary Ellen . 213. 34 . 4(3. ay. Mary Lucille 99 Murray. Robe.T R 27t Murray, Robert T 4 2 Murrell. James Arthur. Jr 4 4 Murrell. James Sides. Jr 2 Murrell. Pola Jean Mnrtha, Alice Marie 4 . 142. 3 7. 433. 4(( Mnrtha. John . 4(( Muse. Margie 3 ( Mnse. Rebecca Ji.n (4.3 3 Muni. Ettie .431,4(( Mossett. Ella Louise . 71. IT . 21. 3 Mnsslewhite. Robert C 2(3,112 Myers. Beverly Jsme . 4(5 Myrick. Kenneth D 434 Myrick. Margaret Rosalie 71. 4( Myers. Mary Ann 4 . 227. 3( . 43 . 447. 4M Myen. Mary Lo, 227.3 3.431 Myers. May Bell Myers. Roy D 434 Myers. Sue Allan 4 . 2 1 n V. H. O. T. C.... 4 1-5 2 .V T. A. C. Al m i 4U Nabonrs. Betty Maude (f Nabow, Dollie 23) N.c.i. Margaret 42f Nagle. Herbert K. (I Nail. Bill 412 Nail, Marr Anna f Nail. Peggy 71 Nail. William Alden 4 Nail. Rogers 217 Nance. Mary lee 344.444 Nannen. Donald 4(1.4 3 Nanney. Mrs. And ! ( Nanney. Betty Jean 22 Narciso. John C.. 71.434 Narwm. Thomas G 24( Nash. BtTerly Anne 71. 3 2, 423. 4U Nash. Jot B. 422 Nash. Margaret 211.427 Nathan. Florence Nations. Manton A. 4M Nauert. Marilyn Lonise 4(7 Nau.too. Ne.l 433 Naytor. M. W. 424 Nelson. Nels Nels Neal. Andrew Cartis . 41 Neal. C. W ,,, Neal. Jac.udy. Leth. 4 . 4 7 Neal. J- W ., Neale. Jack C. 4 . 2(3. 3 4. 4 4 Neale. John Daltoa 424 Neale. William Forrester 2 1.1(1.4 1 Nease. Wallace Cleigh 4 Neatberlin. L. C Nebcnzahl. Bertha |73 4J7 Nebenzahl. Mildred (Mickey) 4 . 141. l 2. 1 2, 233, 4( Needham. Cora Elizabeth 4 Xeeley. Inez 447 Nedy, Robert E. 414 Nees. Martha Virginia 4 . 221. 447 Neilendor . Carolyn Mary 9t Neikirk. Charles 4(0 Neikirk. Dortha Meier 41 Neilandcr. William 3(2 Ne.ll. George Hardia .. ' . ' . ' Neill. Jamei. Jr 422 Neiman. Edith Louse 7|,44) Neimeyer. Frank. HI 145 NJll.. Allen S 4.u Nelson. Betty Jo . 4 . 14 . 17 . 174. 17 . 1(3. 430. 4(2 Ndson. Doaald O.. 71. 177. 4(1. 4(. to Ndsoa, Elmer 4(1 Nelson. Geaeriest )74.41 .4(7 Ndson, Gordon Brace 414 Ndson. Jacqueline 412.413.4(1 Ndson. Janice Louise 4 Nelson. Jeanae A 21 . 443 Ndsoa. Joan Beth 71,344 Loms D 421.4(1 Losnse ... 4 . |7 , nj_ |ga t )|| Marrorie Ann Ndson. Norman A. 421 Ndson. Peggy v ..tft Ndson, Phillip 347 Nelson. Ranald Hugh ti Ndson. Theda Jaae 72. 2 Ndson. Theodore 2(1 Nelson. Virginia Lee . 4 . I7J, IT . 1(2. 1(4,221.433 HaamT, Stuart Salem 177 Nesbitt. Morgan ] [47, Neslooey. Fmmi A. K 4 Nessly, Betty Jean . ... 211,4 1 Nethertoa, Horace William 2 5 Nettles, Howard C ...434 Neuerburg. Mary La an Neuhaus. Doris Loaise 72,421.4(7 Neuhaus, Peggy Laddie 10.211.401 Nerille, Margaret Aaa I . 22 New. Phyllis ..72,4 1 Newcomb. Carrol Dnane f . 1(4 Newcoaser, Betty Aaa ! , 2 5, 5 (. ! . 414. 41 Newdl, Brtty Jaae 4)2 Newell, Elizabeth Jeaa 10, 2 7, 44 Newhouse. George B 2 1.411 Newland. Cliff John 4t Newland. Helen . 3 4 Newlaad. Jaae 4(3 Newland. John C. 491 Newlove. George Hill.i 3(1. 3(2 Nra-aua- C n 411 Newman. Frances S. 3(( rmm,m Hill 1 7 Unas;!, H. W. Newsom. Jaae Anne (I.4 Newton, Cal Iff Newton. Frank M 477 Newton. Naacy I , 234) Newton , Thomas .. 72 Newton. W. M 3 0.40 Edward . 434 Neyland. Martha Gene (f. 217 Ng. Ma.e Lee ft. 34 . 4 1. 4(3 Nichols. Deaa P 5 0.40 Nichols. Phyllis Aaa (f. 441 Nichols. Frances . 21 . 343 Nichols. Harry E. Ml Nicklow. Patricia Aaa 2 1 1 . 3(, 4t Nicks, Helen Dare f Nicol. Betty Edith 72. 41 . 4( Nicolas, Touitic ..(.4f Nidson, Eldoa J 4f Nieman. Edith 447 N lemsn . Jeanae 44J Nieman. Frederick A 434, 4 2. 477 Nierman. Jeanne Losnse (f . 34). 442 Night. Frdyn Nipper. Oeo Arthur 271 Nipper. Milton Harold 10. 4 2. 1 4. (33 NoMe. Elma Jeaa 217 Noble. Mary Ann (I NoMe. Tommie Jeaa f . 223 NoMe. William G 1 2.4)4 Nod. Lois Margaret (f Nokes. George O., Jr. . 72. 1(1. 434. 41 . 4(2 Nolan. M.y Mf Nolen. Louise 99 Nolen. Wilford (Bill) A 171.414 Nolette. Patricia . . 72. 347. 4)3. 4(( Nolley. Joe Walter 99 Nored. C. E, 4)4 Normar. Frances 72.171 Norman. Harold Gene 99 Normaa. Violet Dolor,. 72 Normaa. Wyatt T., Jr 4 4 Norrii. Howard Lee 2f 7. 4 9 Par- Ml NAMES PACES Norrid, Norma Joyce 85 Norrii, trances Virginia 463 Norris, Howard Lee 217, 409 Norris, Win M 441 North, Lois Hunt 379 Northeast Texas Club 455 Norton, George A 496 Norwood, Rachel Marie 99 Noto, Mary 431,459, 481 Novak, Gordon S 496 Novit, Mildred P. .. 179, 183, 184, 219, 388 Nowland. William B 492 Nowlin, Ruth Elizabeth ... 99, 229, 361 Nowotny, Arno . 1 3, 266, 380, 38!, 387 Nuessle, Joseph M 434,474 Nugent, James E 50,371,421,434 Nummy. James Leslie 99 Nunn, Martha Cloyce .72, 141, 230, 389, 424, 448 Nunn, Reuben Robert H 279,438 Nunnelly. Guy Alfred .417, 467, !04, !12 Nurses Aide 456 Nil Vpsilon Tan Tail 389 NuultilU, Edwin 50,414 Nye, A. I.., Jr 99 Nye, Dorothy Louise SO, 463 NAMES Outstanding Students Overas, Arthur Joseph S3 Overbaugh, Carol Elizabeth. .99, Owen, Barbara 137,225, Owen, Doris 175, Owen, James Hardie 99. Owen, Robert Eugene Owenby, Mary F Owens, Dcrwood Owens, Dick Davy Owens, Harry Jo o Oak Grove Dormitory Oakleaf, Samuel L. Oates, Stella Jean O ' Bannion, Margaret Lee .... Obata, William Gore Obermiller, Mildred Oberwetter, Manro T O ' Brien, Betty SO O ' Brien, Jane Ellen ..85, 190, O ' Brien. Richard J Ocker, James F O ' Connell, William F O ' Connor, Marigene O ' Connor, Volney O ' Dell, Mary Jo Odell, Roger Oden, Ann 72 Oden, Doris Oden, Lois Elaine Oden, Mary Elizabeth SO, . SO 215 363, Oden, Rosemary Odem, Eda Joan Odem, Mary Elizabeth O ' Donnell, James Philip 72, 177, Officer, Thomas Bugbee . . . Ogburn, Lillian Marie Ogden, Howard B., Jr Oglesby, Glenda Erin O ' Hearn, Gloria Keith Oheim, Richard Ohls, Paul Okrent, Carol 50, 134, 412, Olander, Johanna Ole, Edwin Warner O ' Leary, Wallace C. Jr. . . Oglesby, Glenda Oliver, Cap Hill, Jr. 72, Oliver, Hugh Malcolm. . . . Olle, Edwin Olmsted, Alma Rae Olsen, Charles Melvin .50, Olson, Leo H O ' Madigan, Marjorie ...99, Omega Ch i Epsilon Omicron Nu O ' Neal, Foster H O ' Neal, Pauline Oncken, Eugene Frank O ' Neill, Beverly Ann .... O ' Neill, Kathryn Mary O ' Neill, Patricia Oppenheimer, Betty Irene . 50, Orange Jackets O ' Reagan, Jack 434, Organizations Orloff , Florence Orminary, James Orndorff, Ann Orndorff, Grace Marie SO, 144, 430, Ornes, Evangeline M Orientation Council Orinovsky, Ida Orr, John H Orr, Merritt Orts, Ernestine ... 50,142,213, Orts, Verna Mae . 72, 379, Osbornc, Hoyle Millard 11,417, Osborne, Mary Tom Osborne, Nathan O., Jr. Osburn, Orilla May . . Oslin, Helen Josephine Ossa, Victor M Ossanna, Fred, Jr Osteen, Charles Byron . . Otey, Beverly Jean Ottenhouse, Mary Otterson, Ronald Otto, Karl H Otto. Robert Lee Outlaw, Thurber Allison, Jr. 227, 373 .434, 475 . .99, 213 99 . 27, 393 .484, 487 447 , 201, 403 215, 367, 433, 488 493 496 477 217 482 , 407, 482 481, 492 , 432,480 .201,443 ..99, 208 403,425. 4S6, 489 235 72 . 50,488 183, 439, 498, 500 . .85, 371 SO . .99, 263 ..JO, 374 .230, 445 433 484 , 205, 396 , 430, 464 487 387 .244, 245 414 , 414, 489 . .99, 285 382 180 , 422, 533 .487, 493 , 392,467 390 391 494 .425, 486 . 99, 487 24 SO .367,488 205, 303, 438 413 504, 512 .361, 502 219 434 488 17S, 367, 458, 488 85 22 . . . .414 492 .265, 459 425,433 443, 488 452, 463 224 434 85 72 424 .460, 475 259 366, 433 16 .275, 495 .498, SOO 420 .253, 554 Owens, Helen Jo Owens, Helen Joy... Owens, James D Owens, Marilyn Joyce Owings, Lucy Penrose . OH nooch PACES .150-152 421, 481 210, 364, 481, 483 401, 445 365, 369 177, 489 422 72 273 . .85, 422 253 72 .85,489 494 85 227, 441 392 NAMES Pearce, Fr 434,457,104 210 85,182 P. E. M. Club 457 Pace, Virgil 257 Padhill, O. J 424 Page, Charles Austin, Sr 411 Page, Eleanor 180 Page, Fred P 497 Paine, Doris R 98,219,366 Painter, Claire Louise 414 Painter, T. S 11,12 Palachak, Joe 372,489 Palacio, J. V. F 372 Paley, Rosalie Eunice 72,439 Palmer, Isobel Elaine 51,485 Palmer, Neil Meredith 5 1 , 498 Palmer, Sidney J 179,183 Palmer, W. B 434 Palmros, R. C 434 ?andres, Dave, Jr 271 Pangtay, Concepcion 424, 429, 466 Pangtay, Olalla 429,466 Panhellenic 199 Pankey, Mary Anne 85,367,431,488 Pape, Joyce Kathryn 99, 443 Paris, Helen 223,369 Park, Barbara L 51,171,454 Park, David L 492 Park, Patricia Edith 227,389 Parker, Clara M 398 Parker, Delia 230 Parker, Eugene E 434 Parker, Evelyn Mathilda 99 Parker, George L 434 Parker, Gloria 215 Parker, Howard R 99 Parker, Howard Winn 263,434 Parker, Patricia 213,469 Parker, Trent 376 Parkhill, Harris 467 Parks, Barbara M 72,448 Parks, Robert Howard 99 Parlin, H. T 14,252 Parma, Alice Joyce 72,367,431 -Parma, Grace Veronica 99,141 Parman, Sara 51 Parmley, Bernice H 72, 443 Parr, J. M 434 Parr, Martha Sue 72 Parris, O. E 495 Parry, Phil 424 Parson, David V 72,170,178,372,489 Parson, Felix N 72 Parson, Robert A. Jr 85,434,438 Partigan, Gladys Bertha 99 Partridge, Edward J 494 Paschal, James Steele 245 Pate, Blix Mary 213 Pate, Mary L. 131,171,215,458 Pate, Patsy 215 Paterson, Katherine Georgianna ..51, 147, 174, 175, 182, 427, 430, 458, 481 Patman, Connor W 475 Patout, Felix Henry 72,488 Patrick, Mary Ellen 85,207 Patrick, Patricia Jean 85,207 Patterson, C. P 264 Patterson, Charles Ray 283 Patterson, Don Raymond 51.177,400,411 Patterson, Helen Lucille 227 Patterson, Iris Janet 223 Patterson, J. B 434 Patterson, Leon 99 Patterson, Wanda Petersen 72 Patteson, Lewis A 434 Pattillo, Ruby E 99,375 Patton, Betty Jo 85,424,466,489 Patton, Eleanor Hood 227,433 Patton, John M 493 PauP-n, Gunther 472 Paulissen, T. A 488 Paull, Betty Jo 223,410,422 Pauls, Jeannette E 99 Pausewang, Billy L 495 Pavlak, Walter Thomas 409,481 Payne, Doris 448 Payne, Jane 9 Payne, Leonidas Warren 24 Payne, Mary Frances 85 Payne, Pauline .... 51,170,179,363,489 Payne, Peggy Elizabeth 230,473 Payne, Suzanne 72, 203 Payton, Stella Mae 72 Paxton, Barbara Lamar 72 Paxton, Virginia Fontaine 72 Peabody, George A 292,434 Pearce, Henry Wynne Pearce, J. M Pearcson, Mary Louise Pearson, Frederick J Pearson, James ........ 399,434,462 Pearson, O. A Pearson, Ronald G ...... 275,492,521 Peavy, Doris Nash ............... 11 Peavy, William A Peavy, William Dietrich Peebles, Henrietta Peebles, Jo Pcchacek, Sherry Peck, Alson E Peck, James Aryine Peck. James R ............. 488,497 Peck, John .................... 99 Peck, Margaret ................ 226, Peek, Florence Elizabeth Peel, Hosea Bryan Pegram, Joyce Marilyn .......... 225 Pelham, William ................ 72, Pellar, Ruth Ann Pelley, Dorothy Doran Pelphrcy, Wanda Minette Pena, Hector .................... 99 Pena, Mario L ................... 488 Pena, Joaquin Pena, Willie H .................. 434 Pena, Yrineo H Peneda, Danilo 378 257 ,154 230 434 ,477 434 ,523 ,201 255 261 448 ,482 ,201 4J4 85 500 ,424 ,412 99 255 ,469 NAMES Phillips, Annette Elizabeth. 230 Phillips, Ghdy S Phillips, Jo Ann. Phillips, Joe Clegg . Phillips, Lavon Phillips, Lila Estelle Phillips, Margaret L. (Peggy) Phillips, Mary Earle . Phillips, Robert James 413 Phillips, Sarah Hannah D. Phi ........ Penick, Daniel Allen ............ 254, Penick, Dudley P.. . 51, 178, 394, 406, Penick, Edgar Cohen, Jr ......... 27, Penick, Harvey Penland, Sarah Pcnn, Betty Penn, Suzanne Penn, William Read Pennington, Robert E Pepper, Henria Paula 425 Pepptr, Morton Lee Percy, Calvin G Perdue, William E Perea, Nilda Castro Perera, Ovidio Perez-Alala, Joe Luis 417, Perez-Majul, Fernando 422, Perez, Juan Francisco Perez, Paul B Periman, Barbara Ann .. .72, 192, 408, Periman, Robert Rav Perkins, Bobby Perkins, Clifford Perkins, Clifton Sanford 72,149, 265, 292, Perkins, Dorothy 72,182,213 Perkins, John Richard Perkins, Joyce M 85, Perkins, Margaret P 85,363, Perkins, Richard Perkins, S. P., Jr Perkins, Tillman Porcher 259, Perlstcin, Doris Shirley 85, Perlstein, Srlma Permenter, Calton Ernest Perrenot, Ray . Perrin, Dorothy Ann Perry, Allen H Perry, Alta Bernice 72, 142, 175, 363, Perry, Carroll Perry, Cecile Alys 72,205, Perry, Edwina Pesek, Anita 431, Pesek. Edwin J 409,434, Pesl, Theresa 367, 431, Peters, Donald B Peters, Eugenia Peterson, Damon A Peterson, Margaret ..51,137,186,225, Petit, Leila Esther Petmecky, Ben Joe Petros, Bobbe Maria Petror, Maybelle Georgia Petrusek, Irene Petrusek, Ruth Rosalie.. Petsch, Charles ... Petsch, Glenn Pettigrew, Charlie Pettus, Margaret ....... Petty, Betty Lou Petty, Bill Petty, Ralph G Petty, Travis Hubert ... Petway, Mary Louise . . . Pflugar, Doris Marie.... Pfluger, Evelyn S Pfluger, Elizabeth Marie . Pfrommer, James Pharr, Gladys Marian ... Phelps, LM Meredith Phelps, V. Rae 51, Phi Beta Kappa Phi Delta Theta 260, Phi Eta Sigma Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappf 7au Phi Mu Phi Mu Alpha Syn onia Phi Sigma Phi Sigma Delta. . .85, 431, 85, . .203, 100, 452, 410, 374, 201, 270, Philley, Eli David, Jr. . .250, 404, 527, , 263 . .99 .445 .201 , 376 , 493 .429 , 459 .434 .376 540 417 . 434 539 230 .425 44! , 263 49! , 459 .271 493 . 85 .396 .420 429 4!0 .429 .269 489 99 .371 434 239, 409 ,469 .72 17! 489 424 434 422 471 219 255 .16 .85 403 429 434 447 217 488 477 488 434 21! 406 448 443 434 .99 99 431 489 488 24! 433 221 480 419 49! 100 100 487 487 487 432 100 491 393 261 394 262 261 266 268 228 395 414 271 532 Phillips, Sue Phillips, William Pi Beta Phi Pi Delta Pi Epsilon Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Lambda Thcta Pi Sigma Alpha Pi Tan Sigma 1 ' ickens, Francis C. Pickens, James J. . Pickcns, Martha Ann 130 Pickering, Margaret Mary... 85, 364, 461 Pickering, Philip Bruce... . Picket, Paul E Pickett, Margaret Ann Pictor, Norman W. Richard Pierce, Don Franklin S 1 , 215, Pierce, Miles Pierce, Nickie Mae Pierce, Norma Lee Pierce, Pat Pierce, Virginia Inez . . Piercy, James Arthur . Pierian Literary Society Pierson, Andrew Luke. . Pilgram Evelyn Pinckney, Kenneth R... Pineda, Danilo Salavador Pinget, Kathryn Pinkenson, Ray Pinson. Patsy Pinto, James Thomas... , 133 .170 73, 184, Pipsaire. Geraldine 73, Pipkin, William Kirk.. Pippin, Patsy Pirtle, George William, Pittard, Charles W. . . . Pittenger, B. F Pittman, Ann Plath, Dean Wiede . . . Platt, Geraldine Platt, Joanne Platz, John E Plettman, Stanley Filler, Eula Nell Plourd, Medrick C Plowden, Claire Plumb, Evelyn Elise... Plummcr, A. Q Plummer, Charlotte Plummer, Frederick By Plummer, Margaret Ann Plyler, Jimmy Frank . . 369 .130 rim 22 413, 51, , 7 3, 4 u 151, Poff, Claudia i Pogson, Robert Pointer, Patsy Estell Poindexter, A. M Poindexter, Carl Wayne... Pokorny, Gilbert C Polansky, Loree Marie Pollan, Lcnore Pollard, Betty Lou Pollard, Mary Jane Pollard, Thomas Glover Policy, Mary Minta... Polle , Olive Helen Pollitt, Ernest Alfred Pollock, Joan Polsky, Libbie Ponsfield, Mannie Ponsford, Emanuel E Pool, Jack Ross Pool, Mary Sue Pope, Mary Lucy 227 Pope, Robbie Virginia Pope, Walter S Popejoy, Frances Allen Popejoy, John Richard Porter, Annie Ree Porter, Coy Porter, Gladys Carolyn Porter, Goldie Horton Porter, Helen Frances Porter, John D Porter, Lucille Porter, Martha Jane . 236, 405 Porter, Milton Brocket! Porter, Produence porterfield, Jack Posey, Bobby Posey, Jake Walton 100 Posnick, Betty Jane Post, Jack Potter, Bonnie Laura Potter, Richard S Potthoft, Beverly Jeanne ...100 Potts, William Gamo PACES , 426, 445 422 .215, 423 .51, 171 .235,469 . .72, 170 19, 199, , 424, 466 .443, 479 . .72, 434 , 444, 473 215 406 230 396 397 272 398 399 400 49S 100 , 215, 392 133, 210, , 464, 483 100 73 100 376, 415, 449, 450 385, 480, 504, 542 454 .100, 479 429, 479 179, 482 . ... 85 422, 434 458 73 382 51 , 449, 450 488 ... 100 .100, 366 259, 394, 462 ,391, 447 . S 1 , 406 , 175, 203 .100, 473 434, 479 IS 200 .263,463 253 85 .434, 472 382 85 .418, 481 489 100 .73, 434 . ...467 258, 397 210, . ' 79, , - 47, 464 2S7, 404, 504, 512 , 210, 363 . ..434 . ...422 400 100 421, 431 367, 431 21 141, 455 100 ... .446 . ...203 .51, 203 259 .. ..205 424, 466 . . . 250 417, 4. ' 8 . . . 475 403 401,430 . .73, 363 16 51 73 . .73, 456 533, 534 85 . . . 213 ..73,459 434 140, 447 423, 432 248 235 472 . 489 371. 512 100, 439 J89, 400 100, 479 . . . . 434 459,484 . . 261 PACE 654 Pou. Juaniti Kennun II. I 3 . ll, 412 foot. William 414 I ' uulos, Audrey Elizabeth 11.201.411. 472 Pounds. V. Abe 210, 47) Powell. Daniel V. 424 Powell. I on ld L. 4SI.4I6.414 Powell. Eleanor Inez 11.227 Powell. Josephine t l. abeth 11, 20) Powell. Patricia 217 Powell. Ru.h 414 Powell. Will,. M . Jr. Powers. William C. Powers. William Neal. Jr. Power. Harry H. Poyner. Herbert Flake. Poyner, Dorothy Pozez. Je. rly I. Prager. Morton David 241 491 .4.4-1 24 . 97. 40 I. 1. ' . ! ' Prassel. Thelma Fieanjr Prater. Robert j. Prather. Stanley M. Pratt. Lloyd E. Frr-l. Satirll Prentice. Noble W. Premiss. Maine Eleinjr ftribyterttm Dorm ' frrikylrriim MmJrml Preston. Jack W. Prestott. Mickey frrunl r Cluh Pressly, Jcin Prrsson. Alleene Preston. Laurie Elizabeth Prias. Guillernso Prite. Aubrey Wayne Prite. Clay L. Prite, Dorothy Ruth Price. ' Ed Price. Herman I). .19, 3 240, 214, 2 7, .- ' 2. 411 71 414 ' M 100. 21). )I4 419 474 -), -01. ) 4. 41 . 441. -r I 419 4)4 2::, 441 460 .190,424 4| ....... 73 449, 450 19, 12, 271. 40J, 40 " , 471 !I4 . " 2I 477 ;.-u.n- Prite. John Bryan 12, -7. IIJ. .1-1. 291. Pri.c. John C. Prite. Kat.e Maiine Price. Lester George Prite. O Wylene Pnddy. Charles Home Priddy, James L. Priddy. Mary Jo Print.. Sara Pringle, Hoyd Pritchett. Joe L. Pni-.hett, Walter Probst. Victor C. Proctor. Frank Albert 241. Proctor. Mary Lou Provencio. Antonio Prowell. Mary Ann Pryor. Richard Pryor. Wallace I ' rszant. I an nit Pryzaat. Louise I ' rwant. Rosie r.H.nlwm, Puckett. Gordon Puckett. Nelwyn Ann P cketl. Robert Moore P gh. Joseph A. P.llen. William Thomas Pulley. SSirley Rose II, Puls. Richard John 12, Piunel. Phyllis F.laine 1 ' ur.ell. Joe Thomas Pursley. G. Joyce 12.192. Pyeatt. Phillip Harrison Pyk. Robert Pyndus. Mihon H. Quigley. Beaufort M. Quinn, D.nal H Quinones. Humbcrto Quintaailla. Carlos Qutst, Mary Catherine R Rabb. Carlos C. Rabke. Mary Lee Raborn. Ge-rge Ws.hington. 4)4 Rathal. Daisy Rachal. Mignon Rackofsky Esrelyn Dors RachofAy. Marilyn F ' ,,r Rack, l.ucile A. 4)4 12 4)4 =2, 107. 410 2 ' . 421 49 17) ' 67. )l) 49 402.4)4 417 424. 4 1 HI. 4)4. 419 It, 170. 171 170 2)0 4M 417. 144 100.4)9 100, 4)9 100.4)9 H7-I94 210 246.410 4)4 71,4)4 210. ). 479 )71 , 4)4. 441 H 100.424 2)1.401.42 . 427, 4 1, 4 9 7). 217 241 419. 477 401 12, 421, 4)4 49 429 429 119 Rtdwick. Fred L Ragland. Sam S. Ragon, Louis Rafone. Ramond Rafsdale. Paul Rahm. Mary ngela Raicorodsk-. Paula F.len Railsbeck. Loi Lowenc Raine. Jon Walton Rainen. I.OUM 49 207, 417 Jr. 12. 192. 104, I)). 1)1 )74, 417 211 100, 219 199,219,41 . 411 7). 61 110-111 4)4 211. 472 211 417. 104.412 474 II 21). 4)2.4 1 422 100 111 Rainey, Lenorc Rainwater. John Cumbee Raisch. Jerry J. Raith. Carl E. Ralcy. ( hjrlcv K. Ralcy, Colecn Ralph. Norman Ralston, Marilyn Rambie, Guy S. Ramey. Alvin D. Ramey. Ben Neal Ramey, William Dcjn Ramire , Anti nio Ramirer, (ielu Ramirez. De ' ia Ramirez. Edna Lydia Ramirez, Gloria Olivia . . . Ramire . Mean Ramland, Lucille Ramos. Carlos Mario Rampt, George William, Jr. Ramsower. Alize Kotzebue Randall. Arnc William Randall. Bill R. Randall. 7ane David Randle. Katy Lee Randies. Christine Randolph. Betty Jean Randolph, John Dennie Randolph. William lohnson Range). Maria Catalina Rangow, Beatrice L. Rankin, Olite Rankii, Sallie Curtis Rannev, Bryl Elaine Ransom. Clira L. Ransot.. Harry Hunt Ranville. Ruth Irene Rape. Otha Raper. Mary I em Ratcliff. Anna Garrett Ratchf Van W. Ralcliffe. Ruth Ann Rathbone. Lutv Rjtl.ff. Ed E. Ratliff Emily Jean Facts 427 273, 49 434 422 II 417 213, 3(3, 1(9, 4)1.419 .492 4)4 III, )ll, . ' 17,474 1.4. 40( 429 II), 4111 inn, 429, 411 429, 447 . 410, 422. 429 429 12,429 12, 4 1.414 . :oo, ) . . . . 2 1 )90 ' 2,492 .161. )69 421 100 27 12 100. 1 2.410 73,447.417 :_j, 467 100. 2)0 44) 100. 211 21 109, 410, 422. 4)9 414 II, 379 FACES 7), J 7 412-490 171 . . 140 414 12.401,4)0.417 417, 414 I), 211 22 . 391,447 . . . . 40) 12 Ratliff. Jeanne Carolyn 7). 14), 421, 471 Rau. Ml 114 Ray. Bettv Ruth 100 Rav, Charies W. 4)4 Ray. Evelyn Lois ... 100 Ray. Glidvs L. 100 Rayneld. Erin Russcl II Rayner. Neais ..... 4)4 Raynor, Jes e A. 100 Rayzor. Jacqueline II Rea. James L. 4)4 Rea. Joy . .... . ) ) Read. Mrv Elizabeth Read. Winficld Real. Emilie Real. Frances Amelia 100, 171. 210, ) 177 3 4, 3 9 12. 3 9. )9I. )9I. 412,447 472. 49) ....... 4 1 44) 100 211,4)3 100. 171. 114 4)4 II 221 4)4 201 11.442 II, 170, 291 4)4 II. 371 211 is 12. 177, 213. 314. ). 404, 40 , 411, 420 Reedstrom. Charles D. .40). 411.492 Reel, Warre- Alono. Reagan, lohn H. Rettin Litfrart Socie ' y Reasoner, Helen Reave . Irma Jean Record. He ' en Red. Patsv Gay HeiMet. Jo- W. Redd : c ' -. Marianne p r ditt. F.laine Re ' ern. Elizabeth Redne ' . Betty Lou ReHwinc, Ra Redwipe. Win ' ton Reed. Gradv M. ReeH. I cm Laverne Peed, lav Richard ReeH . Roberr Lo Terrell |r Ree e. Anna I ee Rce c. lohn Thompson Reese, Marion Rectc. Nan net te Reeve.. Bill W. Reeves. Doloret Reeves, Dorothy Janice R rtve i, Gcirice Henry. Jr. Rccvci, James Reeves. Patiy Jean Rrrrmtt, BotrJ of Register. Grady Neil Reichardt, Henry Carl Reick, Ann Reid. Elizabeth Reid, losenh Bettrill. Jr. Reid. Shirley Frances Reilly. lacque!ine Reillv Kathrvn Rcimers. Linda Reine-njn. Beth Conner Re-nhard. Ernest . Reinhart. AnaH Jun Reinhart. Charles. Jr. 12. 170. 310,421. 411 Retnke. Ar ' hur V 4)4 Reinmutr, Otcar McNaughton 7), 212. 414 Rei ' er. Mar . 411 Reitz. Rei Leonard 217 12,271,404. 411 100 217 217. ) , 4)1 201,4)1 211.494 201 7) 12 419 12 II 491 219. 492 100.4)4 201 100. 210 100. 191. 27) 221,4 7 221.42 221 II). 221 II 4K II Reiter, Ma-y Catherine Rfligiout GroHft ........ Renfroe, Elton .... ... Renick. D. A ....... Renncr, Glenn D. Renner. Raymond Elver 20. 112.372,311. 399, 477, 479, 419 Repsdorph, Nadine Joy ... 100,130,22) Reynolds, Boyd ................ 41 Reymond, Frances Juanita ......... If Reynolds. John ......... 394 Reynolds, Lillian Glass ...... 11,20) Reynolds, Stanley ......... 246,410 Ribbink. Thomas Edgar ..... 12 Rice. Beth Joanne 16. 140, 191, 21), 3 4, 3 9, 4)0. 479, 41) Rice, Liston McLeod ............. 2 0 Rice, Roberta Pittman . . . . I . 4)3. 411 Rice, Rudolph G ................. 477 Rich. Jane Reese 12.213,412,421,427 Richards, Barbara Stolte 7), 2)0, ) ) Richards, Claire .. ....... 100,4)9 Richards, William George 4)4. 477 Richardson, Dorothy . I . 211, 4)), 447, Richardson, Elaine .. Richardson. Nathan All Richardson, Rupert Richter. Mary F Richter, Mvrtle Anna Ricketts Willie Ricks. Nadine ..... Ridout. Faith L. ..... Rieck. Ann Rigby. Toby Wilman Riggle. Robert . RISKS. Patsy Ann Rigney, Lavilla Cathron Riley, Barton I) 419 441 100 267 J7 I). 170, 174, 171 4 1 .. 221 I), 371, 313, 413 ....... 411 ........... 7J }7 M K, 209, 4 7 424, 434 Riley, Flora Bye 1), 1)7. 227, 41 , 440. 449, 4 0 Riltv. John ................... 114 Riley. Martha Edna ........... 210,3 9 Riley, Tex Ann ........ 100,223 Rinderknecht, Pearl Marie I). 421 Ring. John F ......... 404,424,461.112 Ring, Ruth ............... 11 Ringer. Merrill Gartley ....... 21) Rios. Antonio G. 197.402 Rippel, Nancy .................. 374 Rippel, Olg ......... 12 Ripperton. Lyman ............ 17) Ripple. William C ........ . ' . 4)4 Riser. Betty Jean I . 1)6, 207 Risinger, Ouida 73.191,471 Ritchie. Jack 20, 111. 4)), 44 , 412. 474 Ritchie. James B ................ 24 Ritchie, John Preito.l ............ 27) Ritter, Frederico .............. 424,410 Rivers. Franklin J .............. 373,4)4 Rivers, Joe ............. 424 Rivers, Kenneth Wayne .. 73,412. 49 Rivers, Wayland Coats ............ 2 3 Rhoades, Lois ............... 471 Rhotenberry, James R ....... 11,414 Roach, Shirley Irene .......... I). 21) Robbins, Joan ............ 73, 217. 41 Robert. Marie .......... 221,4)2.4 7 Roberts, Charles ...... 370, 434, 413 Roberts, David. Jr ............ 21), 144 Roberts, Dorothy . 447, 417 Roberts. Frank W ........... 414 Roberts, I an ........ 7), 211,447 Roberts, lohn Clarke ..... .. 474 Roberts. Joseph J. 217. 4)4, 47) Roberts. Katy Lou ........... 100,441 Roberts, Marv Frances ..... 229 Roberts, Mathew CartwrigSt. Ill . 211. 49) Roberts, Mathilde ...... 7). 211.417 Roberts. O. M.. Ill . 414 Roberts. Shirley Margaret 7). 1)0. 112. ) 4, 44), 411 Roberts. William T ..... 271 Robertson. Edward Dale 100. )72. 419 Robertson, George Scott . 240, 211. 219 Robertson. Joanne 16,1)1,211,161.461. 419 Robertson, John B ........... 170,211 Robertson. John James 21). 141. 311. 494. 104. 133, 114 Robertson. Kei B ............. 4)4 Robertson. Tei ...... J42, 144 Robertson. Virginia Marie .......... 73 Robertson, Wanda Inez ........... 14 Robertson. William A ......... 434,419 Robertson. Wynne M .............. 414 Robinson, Bettye Jo ............... 211 Robinson. Charles. Jr. . . ......... 73 Robinson. Edwin C ...... 7). 4 7 Kobinson. Elizabeth 141.221,401 Robinson. Ellen Lee 4 9, 411 Robinson, Elsie lo . 203 Robinson Enid Ruth 19, 7). 142, 201 . )!. )99. 4)0. 440, 4 0, 4 4 Robin on. F red cm i a Robinson. Harold I Robinson. Helen Francei Robinson, Jamei Malcolm Robinson. Jerry Knox Robin ion. Joe .. Robmw.n. I aura 73 199 199. 219 100, 2.0 2 3. 472 2 9 2 0 Robinson. Miry Secley 101.193.271 Robinson. Mary jbcth 11. 14. 221. 419 NOII- FAUCI Robinson. Reginald L 71 Robinson, Robert Carl t Robinson, Tom L 477 Robinson. William Lee 219,419 Robles, Ihert B 491 Robson, Evelyn 1(4 Robuck, Mary Jacquelynne 101 Roche. Warren 211 Rochester, Virgil J 4)4 Rockett, Maurice G., Jr 414 Roddy. Helen Jeannette 1), 210, 4 4, 41) Rodehaver, Patsy 210 Rodenberg. Betty Jean ... 73, 3 3, 407 Roderick, Nancy Dunklc 227 Rodgers, Jack P 402 Rodgers, Mike 4)4 .iodriquez, Cecilio 429 Rodriquez. Yolanda Catalina I . 422 Roe, Wilma Lucille 1) Roehl. Joseph E 279,474 Roehr, Paul J 4)4 Rcemer, Verne!! F 7) Roench, Frances Jean 203,401,441 Rogers. Betty Jane 73 Rogers, Charles Burnett, Jr 101 Rogers, Charles William 434,471 Rogers, Christine 227 Rogers, Emil M., Jr. 4)4 Rogers, Eugene 491 Rogers, Frances 41 Rogers. Gwendolyn E. 13, 170, 171, 179, 112 Rogers. Herbert B . Jr 434 Rogers, James A 497 Rogers. Jane Hunt 1)4.213.31 Rogers, Joe R )7 Rogers, John 213 Rogers, Joseph V 49 Rogers, Julia I . 41 . 43), 44), 413 Rogers. (Catherine Louise . 193, 229, 313 Rogers, Martha Anne 101,171 Rogers, Mary Edna 13.421,444 Rogers, Oscar Scott 271.471 Rogers, Riley Wayne 101 Rogers, William H 4)4 Rosjas-Davila, Alfredo 410 Rolfe, Walter T., Jr 244, 4)4 Roling, Mary Sue 13, 1)1, XI. )9, 391, 412,430,447,411. 410 Rolison, Charles 431 Rolnick. Selma 219.421.460 Rolph. Philip Norman 101 Kolston, Robert W 291 Roman, Faylene 411 Roman, Richard Walter 13,394.421 Romeike, Hermann 396 Romick. Andra Jean 101 Romick, Beverly Elaine 101 Romick. Mollyann 101 Romine, Thomas Beeson, Jr. I . 21), 441 Rooke, Robert E.. Jr. I . 4)4 Rooker, Albert Albin I . 4)4 Root, B?ttie Lew 1), 21), 411, 421. 449, 4 1 Roquemore, Annelle 17), 4)0, 414 Rose, Billie Jean 101, 221, )M, 419 Rose, Elizabeth 391 Rose, Oliver )7I Rosen. Lucy P K, 4)1 Rosenberg, Dale Von 177. 419 Rosenberg. Leonard Bernard . . . 242, 292 Rosenberg, Morton 217 Rosenberg. Ruth 4)1 Rosenbush, Loraine Eleanor 1), 19), 20). )I),44I Rosene. Hildc Frances .... 224,407,414 Rosene, Willard 424 Rosenthal, Richard Ebert 271 Rosenwas ' tr. Doris 201 Rosenwasser, Edward 277 Rosenzweig, Gloria 101,191 Ross, Alton S )94 Ross, Betsy 441 Ross, Caroline Fern I Ross, Diana 221. 441 . 441. 411 Ross. Martha Jean 217,4)2.41) Ross, Oliver 441 Ross, Wilbur Floyd 273. 491 Rosson, Martha Pritchard 73 Roster, Margery Lee 230 Roston. J. Paul 397, 402 Roten, Marvinel 4)9,44) Roth, Selen Rat 101,444 Roth. Shirley Anne 101,219 Rothe. Barbara 471 Rothenberg, Annette Ruth 219 Rothschild, Babette I), 201, 414 Rothwell, Billie Sue 11,203,401 Rountree, Patsy Jo It, 231 Roussak, Frances Jean 430 Rousse. T. A 434 Roy. Carolyn Bryant I). 171, 117, 217. 413, 416. 427, 4)0, 4 0. 4(3 Rowe. Beverly Ann 211,441 Rowe, C. E 241,40 Rowe. Jack 114 Rowe. Marilyn 174 Rowell. Chester M 414.49) Rowen, Cynthia 1 1 Rowen. John 171 Roy, Janet 411 Rubaloff. Stuart 211,141 Rubin, Marilyn Sonia 101 Rubinen. Jarrell David 217. 40 . 421 Rubinette, Phyllis Estelle 101,21 Pi . NAMES Rubio, Gladys E Ruble, Mary Emma 73 Ruby, Joe Rucker, Betty Lou Rucker, Mary Helen Ruckei , Peggy Ann Rucker, Wallicn Ruckman, Shirley Dickson. 101 Rudin, John Fritz Ruffin, L. V Rugel, Mary Jane Rugeley, Norton Alexander.... Rugeley , Sarih Ruggles, Clare 192, 221, Ruggles, Marilou Lucy 22!, Rugh, D. Louise Rumble, Martha Faye Rumse, Ruth Ann 101, Runge, John Runneberg, Rowcna Ruth ...86, Runyan, Walter Richard Rupe, Paula 191, 230, 386, Rushing, Dorothy 144,221, Rusk Literary Society Russ, Bryan F Russ, Janie Kimbal l 13,192, Russ, Isola Russell, Charles Clyde Russell, Clyde Lee 273, Russell, Elayne Russell, Jack H Russell, Jef Chaison, Jr Russell, Joy Lee Russell, Margaret Ellen Russell, Pauline E 74 Russell, Ruby Nell Rutledge, Keith R Ryals, Andrew B Ryan, Georgia Pat Ryan, Jean Ellen 367 Ryan, Jo Beth Ryan, Joseph C. . . . Ryan, Thomas F Rydell, Edith . . 54, 362, 369, 401 Rydell, Ruth May.. 20, 14, 17!, PAGES . 73, 17! , 363, 479 J39 13 . .74, 42! . .86, 463 488 , 223, 489 263 434 .182, 469 . 74, 283 .480, 489 , 408, 489 , 383,489 101 . 13, 203 , 364,483 279 , 207, 443 13 , 433, 44! , 389, 44! 462 434, 419 223, 408 374 86 , 394, 497 74 .101, 434 .2!!, 467 101 13 , 426, 483 .... 480 .434,467 434 74 , 433, 488 101 .414, 494 434 , 447, 478 221, 363, 433, 4S6 Sadler, Janet 101, 21! Saenz, Doraliia 429 Saenz, Ella 422 Sahli, Delbert C Sahm, Russell Sahm, Vernon E. J Sailer, Suzanne 23!, 433 Sain, Billy Wynne Sain, Janell Sakillar, Victor Salas, C. A Salazar, Hilda Yolanda 101,429 Salerno, Jean Ann Salibo, Nicholas J Salinas, Cecilia Salinas, Olivia Salley, Frances La Verne Salnikov, William 1 241,278,279 Salyer, James Lee Sam, Henrietta 14 Sames, Martha Margaret 230, Samfield, Max 390, Sample, Cornelia Gregg ... 101 , 207, Sample, Ernest L 434 Sampson, Mae 74, Samuelson, James L 101,178,424, San Antonio Club Sanchez, Abel Sandahl, Charles L 86 Sanberg, Harry A Sanderford, Thetis 230,40! Sanders, Florence Betty 54,410 Sanders, Kathryn Sanders, Laurie Sanders, Martha Ann 133,230 Sanders, Merline Ferol 54, Sanders, Roy Sandlin, Bob M. Jr 101, Sandlin, Kenneth Charles Saner, W. Bryant Sanford, Ruth 54,361, Sankeys, Tong Sansom, Charles Culberson 14 Santamaria, Mario 429 Santangelo, Flora Mae 54 Santleben, Mary Ann. .74, 171 , 199, 201 , 280,401,425 Santos, Maria 137 Santos, Santiago 422,429 Sarsgard, William Roger ...74,253,441 Sartorius, Ann 54,193,201,383 Sartwelle, Olivia Dean 210 Sasseen, Thalia 416,477 Saums, Rosemary 86,213,473 Saunders, Harrison Lowery 217 Saunders, Wayne W 446 Savage, Frances 388 Savage, Martha Ann 201 Saville, Mary Jane 217 Savino, Vincent 417, 488 Sawtelle, Charlotte Elizabeth ...54,213, 447, 463 Sawyer, Donald Dean 14 Sawyer, Virginia Lee 74 Sayble, Diana 101,440,481 , 489 ,410 ,410 ,494 .419 .434 ,469 , 389 .22! .285 .372 , 4!0 .422 .494 .450 .450 .209 ,420 .489 , 20! , 389 417 366, 447 ,477 439 434 .463 .429 , 394 .420 ,443 ,422 .101 . .74 , 44! ,425 .424 , 371 . .74 .402 , 369 .431 NAMES PACES Saylors, Gerry E 74,389,458 Sayrei, William !40, !41 Scarborough, Julia True 101 Scasta, Albert R 431 Schaffer, Aaron 276,396 Schaller, Donald Frederick .213, 406, 41 1 Scharff, Lois 233 Scharrz, Carl B 49! Schaurer, Tommy 489 Scheble, Nita Fay !4, 4!4 Scheble, Norma Jean 74, 414 Scheel, Darvin Henry 101,373 Sr.her, Alice 219 Scheffel, Immanuel F 434 Scheiren, Gene Lewis ' . 489,493 Schepps, Evelyn Joyce 101 Scheps, Milton Solman 271 Scherer, Jean Constante 101 Paul Clarence 86 Walter H 11 Scheurer, Tom C 210 Schilhab, Vernell Aline 14,403,42! Schlader, Sunya Maxine 101,233 Schlaudt, W. R 191,489 Schmedes, Anita Marie. . !4, 179, 183, 388 Schmidley, James, Jr 285,434,441 Schmidt, Albert Walter 263 Schmidt, Marjory Nell !4, 221 Schmidt, Mary Willeen 86 Schmidt, Richard Frederick .. 14, 403, 409 Schmidt, Sybil 471 William Q 26! Gloria Frances 101,207 Scherer, Scherer, Schmidt, Schmitt, Schnader, Walter H 273 Schneider, Adele Schneider, Charles Raymond 263 Schneider, Jeniva 86,366 Schnurr, Aaron Leslie 243 Schoch, Eugene Paul. . 176, 282, 390, 406, 411 Schoeder, Sue 74 Schocller, Wilbur Charles. ,2!0, 384, 404, 143 Schoener, Harold George 86, 429 Schofield, L. Castro de 449 Scholibo, Bettie 223,448 Schoone, Clifford Emerson 462 Schostag, Margaret Jean 101 Schovajsa, John " Schramm, Katherine 221 Schramm, Texas E., Jr 74 Schrank, A. R H Schreiner, Charles, III 74,27! Schre.ner, W. Scott Schriber, Bill 544 Schriever, Errol 467 Schroeder, Ruth Ellen Schubert, Alton C Schuelke, John N Schulle, Wallie E Schultz, V. Dean Schumacher, Betty Schumann, Marian Louise 434 2!7, 434 373,434 403 S6, 17!, 223, 368, 369, 379 221, 366, 447 272 101 243 233,444 . . .271 Sehumm, Jane Schurr, Charles Andrew.... Schwarting, William Brown Schwartz, Erwin Maynard Schwartz, Jo Ruth Schwartz, Leland Jesse Schwarrzkopf, Dale ...482,104,512,533 Schwarz, Ruby Louise ..86.170,175,22 ' Scott, Curtis Leroy ...86,434 Scott, Georgann H Scott, Harold L 74, 434 Scott, Joe Mac Scott, Neva Flo 101, 366 Scott, Patty Harris Scott, Paul Bertrand 250,473 Scott, Russell Jr 260,434 Scott, Thomas Bruce 253,404 Scottish Rite Dormitory 368 Scruggs, Bettie 73 Scruggs, Robbie 207,457,483 Scudder, George D 434 Scully, Denis Scurlock, Robert L. Lorance 2!i Scurry, Nancy Scabourn, Connie Melvin 86,380 Seagert, George H 488,49! Seagler, Sylvia Seale, Betty Sue 54,363,369 Scale, Lillian Marie 86, 207 Seale, Nella, Christine 74 Seale, Patricia 101,210,364 Sealey, Jesse 414 Searcy, Katherine 226 Searcy, William Curtis !4, 493 Sears, Margery 461 Sears, Mary Lo 101,203,440 D.. Seat, J. C. Sebastian, Adrian Sebastian, H. J Sederholm, Carolyn Sedwick, John Horace... See, Charlotte Faith.... Seeger, Betty Hunt.... Seeger, Martha Lee Seely, Katherine Segars, A. B Segner, Edmund P., Jr. Seidemann, Albert C. . . Seiders. Patricia Seiling, Thomas 49! 177, 411 381, 382 .101, 210, 366 2!! 74 . .54, 182,426 . .74, 171, 464 54, 465 381 .101, 178, 380 434 86 279 Seipel, Joyce 54,171,489 NAMES PACES Seipel, William A 101,459 Self, Jack Wilson 101 Self, Ona 466 Selke, Donald A 434 Sellingcr, Gerald 424 Sellinger, Henry Allen 243 Scllstrom, Albert D 494 Scngelmann, Samuel S., Jr. . .282, !04, 533 Senerin, John 489 Seniors 28-60 Sessions, Sue 173 Seufer, Christina Louise 86, 367, 431 , 488 Sewell, Elizabeth 54 Scwell, James C 434,459 Sewell, Virgil 479 Seyauer, Arthur 488 Seydler, George Clark, Jr 74,178 Seyfert, Gerardo 417,429 Seymour, Andrew Thomas 101, 2!7 Schneider, Adele 141 Schofield, Margaret 184 Schwartzkopf, Dale 104 Scruggs, Bettie 191 Seipel, Joyce K 440 Shackelford, Bill 434 Sham, Russell 489 Shambaugh, John Scott . .86, 216, 217, 344 Shamburger, Peggy 74, 473 Shangri-la House 374 Shannon, Dorothy Ann 101 , 230 Shannon, Kenneth W. .. 178, 400, 421 , 481 Shannon, Thomas M 275 Shapiro, Robert Marvin 287,417 Sharp, Kirby Walter 86 Sharp, Martha 489 Robby Good 74,443 Robert Lee, Jr 289 Thomas H 434,462,477 Sharpe, Martha De Noailles 86 Sharpe, Melba Del (1,374,447 Shaver, Jay C 434 Shaw, Angus Gilchrist... 2!7, 434, 112 Shaw, John Preston 101 Shaw ]ohn R 283 Shaw, Phyllis D 201,447 Showcross, Helen M 86, 207 Shaeffer, Robert 170 Shearer, Oscar P 101, J ' 71, 479 Sheeliam, John W 390 Sheffield, Charles Upton 182,283 Sheldon, Irma Helen 74,469 Sheldon, Julia Anne 213 Shelor, Alice Lynn 21! Shelton, Bencnna Jo 86 Shelton, David Harold 101 Shelton, Edgar G., Jr IS!, 434 Shepard, Cathryn 170,210 Shepard, Patricia Churchill 101, 136, 227, 448 Shepherd, Richard Palmer 74, 193, 434 Shepherd, Robert A., Jr 2!7, 477, !04 Shepherd, Cecilia 396 Sheppard, Alfred Edgir 26! Sheppard, James P 275 Helene 489 James Terry M, 253.434 233,444 2!! Sarah Ann . 213, 425, 389, 433, 4(9 Sherwood, Lee Adiel, III 246,417 Shields, Robert C 434 Shields, Sandy L 496 Shields, Virginia E 410,422 Shiflett, Billy Bob 55,177,489,500 Shilg, Marian 101 NAMES Sigma Delta Pi Sigma Delta Tau Sigma Gamma Epsilon Sigma lota Epsilon Simga Mu Sigma Phi Epsilon Sikes, William C Silberbcrg, Irwin Harold . . 241 , Sills, Peggy Silva, Jose Silor, Ruth Silver, Jeannctte Silver, Madelyn Silver, Vera Mae Silverberg, Phyllis Silver Spur Simcock, William R Simens, Frederick Arthur. . . . Simmons, Carroll Day Simmons, Elizabeth Daggett Simmons, Elizabeth K Simmons, Fred E Simmons, Margaret Jo Simmons, William " i Simms, Billy Max Simms, Earl E., Jr Simms, James J Sharp, Sharp, Sharp, Simonarson, Njall Simons, Beverly Simons, Shirley Simons, Watson Townes.. Simpson, Bobby G Simpson, Charles Edward.. Simpson, Joseph Earl Simpson, Kathryn Nancy.. 102, Sherman, Sherman, Sherman, Phyllis Sherrell, Da Sherrill, Shimek, Lillian Doris... Shinn, Miry Dell Shirkey, Sarah Margaret . Shirley, Margaret Claire Shobert, Lloyd Harding . Shobert, Ruth Lois Shockley, Harold Shoemake, Edna Mae Sholtess, Calvin D Shook, Carol Short, B. E . . .101, 488 . .101, 489 . .. 86, 182 . . .207, 416 . . .101, 434 86 492 101 454 215 . . .406 Short, Charles Leroy. . .434, 446, 452, 497 Short, Glenn P 497 Show, A. G 434 Shropshire, Joza Jean iS, 203 448 Shropshire, Ken R 434 Shtover, Marcella 102,439 Shryoc, Harry Kelly 371,441 Shtofman, Norma M 277,394 Shuford, Charles Britten 86 Shuddie, Virginia Lee 393 Shultz, Roy Kile 74,176,177 Shumake, George Charles 434 Shurr, Charles Andrew 273, 404, 504, 533, !3! Shutt, Helen Louise 102 Shwiff, Faye G 102 Shwiff, Marvin G 102 Siblow, James 488 Sidlo, James T 102,373,419 Sidney Laitier Literary Society .... 464 Sieber, Dorothy Mae 102 Siegfried, Richard Paul 219,481,49! Siegle, Martha Joyce I!, 207 Sigala, Ralph C 488 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 274 Smith, Janie Sigma Alpha Mu 276 Smith, Jean . . . Sigma Chi 278 Smith, J annettc Sigma Chi Nominees 280 Smith, Jerry ... Simpson, Mary Margaret .. .221, Sims, Billy M Sims, Joan Sinclair, Ruth Margaret Singer, Richard T Singletary, Frank Sivley. Ray Grogan S6 Sjostrand, T. Hclmer Skains, James Eugene 102 Skains, Vera Mae Skillings, Ronald E Skinner, Douglas D Skinner, Molly Virginia !!, 131, 412 Slabe, William H 268,269 Slabe, Leslie Craig 261,343 Slataper, Elberta Adelaide 74, 221 Slater, Duane D Slator, Dick Scott Slayer, J. L Sloan, Helen Louise Sloan, James R Slocomb, Richard S Slocomb, Ruth Sloman, Marvin Slovak, Anglen Labay Slover, Julius E Smart, ' John Smason, Chariis Eve Smetana, James iS9 Smilodon Smith, Alice Pearl Smith, Allen H Smith, Annette Smith, Bennie Lee Smith, Bessie Johns 136 Smith, Betty Gene Smith, Betty June I! Smith, Betty Montgomery Smith, Billic Jean Smith, C. Aubrey Smith, Cecil H Smith, Clara Jean 74, Smith, Clarence W Smith, Doris Jeanne 86 Smith, E. G Smith, Earl Wesley Smith, Edwin Smith, Eugene C Smith, Evelyn Annette 86 Smith, Everett G Smith, Fannye Mae Smith, Frances Ann Smith, G. L. Smith, Garland Houston Smith, George E. Jr Smith, George Stuart Smith, Gwendolyn Smith, Hank 4... Smith, Harold A Smith, Harold W Smith, Harris Holloway . . 11, Smith, Harry G Smith, Hazel Frances 426, Smith, Helen Smith, Homer Smith, Howard Smith, J. A Smith, Jack Gorman Smith, James Allen PACES ..... 41! ..... 232 ..... 402 ..... 403 ..... 282 ..... 284 ..... 493 276, 277, 390 ..... 203 ..... 429 ..... 466 ..... 438 ..... 42! ...... 11 ..... 205 ..... 404 ..... 49! ..... 24 , 381, 382 ....434 ..... 86 ..... 443 ..... 434 ..... 74 ...... 434 ... 246 ..... 291 ...... 434 . 170, 178 .22! . . . .4 3 . 271, 473 ..... 434 . ..376 137, 23!, 366, 448 44!, 4!7, 473 ..... 480 l ' )2, 201 ' i:2, 4S1 .114, 488 . . . 457 . 177,411 ..... 406 ,431, 441 . i!,447 .... 497 380, 489 (87, 213, , 423,430 , 481, 496 , 404, 492 ,42!, 448 .102, 177 ..... 385 ..... 493 ...... 86 55,474 ..... 255 ..... 217 ... .257 102, 431 ..... 477 . . . .438 86, 184 ,431, 488 ..... 46! ..... 364 ..... 178 2 H , 479 ...... 74 230, J .213, 461 363, 457 225, 447 . 86 .381, 382 .372, 434 , 363,425 . 479 227, 425 403, 409 ..... 479 ..... 171 I!, 414 137, 457 .274, 382 .102, 366 ...... 86 Mae 170, 2!9 288, 4.14 .... 434 ..... 20! ..... 489 ..... 49! ... 434 146. 248, 404, 479 ...... 493 ,443,463 74, 467 US ...... 488 472 . 86, 279 489 . . . . 497 ...... Kb 456 102, 227 , 203, 433 PACE 656 Smitk. Jim ::. 147. 444 Smith. Joan 447.44 Smitk. Joha Allen H.. Jr. IO2 Smith. John Lee 27). 4 2 Smith. John Newman :n,414 Smith. Joyce Lorraine 102 Smith. Jcyce Love : Smuk. Leland L. Smith. Lowell 414 Smith. Marie Ann .!)(. ) . - 44 , 440 Smith. Margaret Ann 102 Smith. Mary Emily 102 Smith. Mary France. 4U Snutk. Mary Jane 41 1 Smitk, Mary Louioe (4,171,2 1.444 Smitk. Mary Patricia Smitk. McDonald Smitk. Melv.n M. Smuk. Morgan Ganed Smiik. Natalie L. aith. Ndda Jean IT Speight. Emily Speight. Garland Spdl. Jjyc. Spence. Robert W. rr. Eugene. Jr . 4 4.4)4.444,412 1 2.20) 49) .27 477 1 2 Smith. Norma 4,.i Smith. Pat X 4 4, 4M Smitk. Pal., 17). 4 2 Smitk. Pearl (4. 17 . 1 4. 44). 4( Smitk. Porter Jachtoa 1 2.424 Smith. Powell 210 Smith. Ralph 4 t Smitk. Robert Lee lo: Smitk. Robert O. 102.4)4 Smitk. Ratk Virginia 102. 442 Smith, Sibyl Marie 211. 17 Smith. Sidney Lee 4)4. 447 Smith. Stephen J. 4:4 Smith. Sae Cheek 112.211.421.424.4 4 Smitk. Terence J. n. 4 4, 4(1. 4 2 Smitk. Tkeroa Allen ( . 414 Smith, Thoma, Granger 102.4(1.44) Smiik. Virginia Dare ' Smith, Wad Anthony. Jr. (7.211 Smith. Wanda Joyce ' - Smitk. Weldon J. 4 4 Smith. William C. ' Smith, William F., Jr. 274. 271. ) 4. 4(0 Smitk. Winifred 411 Smalkovich, Joacph Otark. 74.2(1.4(1. 4(1. 4 1 Smoot. Van 102, 4M Smycr.. linogtnt 74. 14 . 411, 42 . 4)). 44 . 4(2 Smyth. Blewett Smyth, Frederick C. Smyth. Jame. R. - - Smythe. Vernon 1 amar 1 2 S. N 414 Robert Carter 21). 2 2. )(1. 471 Saelling. Tavl .r French 4)) Snoddv. Mary Catherine -1,207,4)2 Snodgra.,. Cecil Miller M. 471 Mane 227. 4 0 -4, 2:) 471 . .4 ) Soodtra... Mildred Joy 4M, 4Jt. 477 192. 24 Dale 7. )7 410 17. I7J Beniaroin B Mary Nell Snow. William G. Snvder. D. Soape. Lorene Sobd. Lenore Sorrf o Wi A ' cklrrli tmi a(mnm 4 4 Snckkockar. A. T. 4.4 Sadler. David Wimknrn Sollart. Gene 4. 4) . 417. 447 Sollock. Jr.. John T 4 4 iliui... Mildred Elaine Soltet. Elton David 1 . 2M((. 2((. 2C. ). 4 4. 417 Tl a Eather Rath c. 4 4 Soaricker, Joanne 102 Safmamwri . 774 Sorance. Jr.. Tom 4.4 Sororifari 1 1-2)1 S ror r rV Wr.. 1 4. 1 7, IM Sortbv. Barbara Soakap. Tony 4:: Sonrit. Jimmy G. 4 " Siunrn. Kathryn 410 Soathall. Roger Lewi, Somttvttf Tr mi C a 447 Souther. Ele.a l( Sowdl. Jiaamie W. 4 1 Sowdl. Richard M. 44( Gloria Helen II Spain. Sam 24 1 Spain. Teddy Jeaa SpaMing. Charle. Bonne Edward G. 4 1 Brenner Coi 2 1. )7. 4)) 1(1.4)4.442.41 S|ainlrrg. Charle. I). )(l,)(2 Ipaiimia Eliubetk Ann 1 2,4)) Sparkm.u. Hilda Ellen 177 4M. 4 2 I- 74 17 27 7 Spark ( . Pawy Vent Span... Eroeit L. Sorar,. B.lli J. Sorar,. Dolora M. 271.471 102 its Spencer. Robert Edward 102 SpaWaa 4 1 Spicer. Mildred Spielmaa. Kenneth Elmo 4 4 Spiller. Lida Louiae n Spiller. Margie Beth 41.442.441.447 Spire., Albert Bryan. Jr. 102. 2 1 Spivey. Mary :i7. 411.4 1 Sponagk. Jame, M. 4 1 Spaoil 401 Spratl. Loyce :i Sprinkle. Artkur P. :- SpruilU Henay C. 4 4 Sparger. Steve H. 4 4 Squire.. Dorothy Jean Srevalo. Leopold, 4. ' 4 Staehelv. Anne 210.421 Staehdy. Martin Tin. 1 2. 2. 411 Stallard. Barbara :. " Stallman. Lawrence Lee 71,4)4. 4( Stalmack. Ratk Euker 71.447.4 Sunaland. Kenneth 1 2. 412. 41). 442 Siandky. Betty Ann (- Standefer. Dorothy Sae :: Standefer. Sae 157. 441 Stanford. Monette .20) Stanford, Skirley 201 Stanley. Johnnie Joe HO Staniey. Margaret Ellen 2 1 , 4 4, 441 Sianle.. Herbert Monk Stanley, Paul P. - - Stantel. Diane (7. 221, 441, 44( Stantell. Dorothy Eliiaheth 102, 4-1. -: Stapkton. Ho well H. - - Stapp. Katheriae f Stark. Winifred Ann ' Stark. W. L. :i Siarkey. Hal ' Starkey. Mary Iiubrtk Knigst " Starr. Dick 4 Starr. Tina l ' i Si art Jell. Dorotky :: Stauffer. Gleaa Floyd 177. ;(1. 1(4. )1. 411. 49 St., ton. Robert W. :tO St. Clair. Jame. B. 4:2 Sandman. Homer a, . 11. )(4, 404. 420 Sleeker. Margaret Aaa Stedman. Jane 102. 144 ludmia Mary Joaephine II, .14 . 447 Steek. Carroll Maarice . I. 4] I Stark. Eliubeth - ' Steele. John Albert ... 24( Steffey. Lena Bdk 4 l Sief fler . Allie Charlioe Sieger. Fred A 4S4 Steznrr. Robert " Stein. La Verne :i- Steiaer. Jame. Steinberg I4), 421 Steiodam. Albert L. 4:4 Steinfidd. Joan : ' Steiamaa. Miriam Reed 7. 47 Steipd. Rachel Loaite 4 Stell. Jack 4t Stdk. Carroll M. 17( Stembk. Bet.y Joyce (7.21 Sienma. Roae Marie 414 Altmnfe C a 44 Betty 1 1 France. (7.211,2(0 Stephen.. Gemey 4(2 Stephen.. Jame. Thoma. 102.47 Stephen.. Lara Jean " Stephen Mary France. " Stephen.. Nina Stephen.. Patricia Loa 1(2,1(2 Stephen, Carolyn 221 Stephen.. Donald Philip Stephen.. Georgia ... 1)2. 211. . 1 4. It Stephen.. Jack Stephen . Patricia Ann f Scrphcni. Tkdma Marian (7 Steahka. Alexander 4M 1 2. 227 Spear Jnlia Margaret Speckeh, Floeece Jane Snorr. Betty Jean GOT. Coke 10 juiiaaiiii Hugk M Jr Stevenaon Jame. C 27 Ilinaiiia Philip Marion 272.27) Sterabarger. Robert 47). 244 Sterling. Shirley Mae (7.447 Stewart. Billte Marie 1(2.447 Stewart. Charle. A 1 . 2 Stewart. Ckarle. B. 4 1 Stewart. Ckarle. Michael 102. Stewart. Edward B. to Stewart. Lynn Cecilia 447. 4(( Stewart. Martha Ellen (7. 4( Stewart. Mary Claire 11. 4(1 Stewart. Mary Jeaa 11.447 Stewart. Sylvia Chri.iene 1 2. ) ). 47 Stewart. Vdma 404. 444 Stewart. W. 1 2 Stidham. Dori, 102. M4 tamt If Snle.. Emily Bet. 1(2 Stilk. Mariorie Lee Stilley. Sac Ellen 227.4 0 Stillmaa. Albert W 27 Stillman. Morn. 14.24) Stimtoo. Weldon , .. 2 . 4)4 Stindt, la, erne A.guua 14.411 Stinnett. Gene .14, 1)(, 171, 1 2, 40(. 441 Stitt. John 241 St. Joha. Evert E ; . .494 Stocking. George W.... . 244 Stoke.. Bill F )70. 171.4(2 Stoke.. Sydney Jame. M Stoke.. Ray L. 241,4)4,477 Stockton. Joha R 4 ) Stall, Mary Margaret 1)7, 147. 14 . I . 2 9.4)4. 4)4 Slolie. Virginia L cf Sioltrfu,. Joy Katkerine 71. )44. )4 . 1 1.447 Stolufa.. Marybelle . . 14. It . 401. 447 Stovall. Bert Larton 27). 4 4 Stone. Bettye Gene 14 Stone, Ckarle. B 4W Stone. Donald Jame. 271 Stone. Gene T 4 Stone, Jane Pearl M2 Stone, Martha 17). 417 Stone. Dori. Sidney 22 Stone. Wilton $. 414 Stone. Martha Eliubeth 21 Stool. Newwm D , 2 7 Stork, Walter Jacob ... (7, 1(0. 4(7. 144 Stover, J. E. 4)4 Straiton, Archie W 2 0. 404, 411 Strandqui.t. Lawrence William . . . 244 Strandtman. Adeline Marie 17 Strange, William S 4 4 Straud. Adabdk 21) Stranman. Renata 21 Strattoa. Nor ma 101, Straughan. Geraldine 21), 44) Stran. Jame. Clyde III 4.14) Straun. Jane 71 Strata... Jane Grace 44) Strau... Marilyn . . (7. )4) Strau. Theodore Henry 14. 272. 2 2. ) !. 4)4 Strawa, Olrie C. 4M Street, Alma 447. 41 ( Strickland. Conwdl G 4)4 Strickland. D. F II Strickland. Robert L 1 2.412 Stringer. B. Lee 221. )(4. 441. 4(0 Stringer. Lorea F. )4, 404, 4I( Stripling. Wedey C 271,4 7 Strom. Dori. 2 7 Strommne, Charle. 2 1 Strotber. Effie Mae 27 Strood. Bd 17) Strood. Roy 4)4 Strahall. Delore. 20). 4(( Si uart, Charle. W 4)4 Stuart. Danid Browne 102.177.1(4,4)1 Stuart. Edward F 71. 4)4. 4(1 Stuart. Ella France. 44 Stuart. Wynn . 21 Stubblefidd. W. G., Jr.... . . 4)4 Siubblefield, Horace G.. Jr 1 2 Siubbt. Franci. N 41 Stubbs. Mary Ann 410.414.422 S a Vu i AiirmHj If S .aY. Court 2 S Wra Commilltt or Drfrmif f V mil cr lily 44 SlWraC Gotrrmmfml 17, 1 . 2) Studdard. Letter Harding - - Stoddiford. Shirley Van 171 Stukey . Henrihee 71 Stall, Ernen Richard 4ff Stullken. Florence 1(2.421 Styner. Helen Eliubeth 71.417 Sufueil. Jr.. Jame, A. 4)4 Sugar, fiance. Jeanne 1 2. 201 Sugg. Jod Davit . 24 " ) Sugg . Marion Jack )f) Sultemeier. Emma Lae 1 2 Sullivan. Frank W 4)) Sullivan, Jeaa 71,22) Sullivan. Mary Margaret . . 71. 171. 414 Sullivan, Robert P 4 1 Sallivaa. William ft. ) . 44 Suman. Charle. William 21 . 421 John R. Vtt Anne 221.44 Evdyn G (7.20 Fabian M. 4 ). 4)4 George (7.1(0.4)4 Jack Bralton (7 Jeannette Carmine . . 14, 20 Jaaaita Merle 10) Norman, Jr )7) Sammtn. Robert Hoi ma. 217.404.417 Sandby. Robert Dana 241 Snnditrom. Alan T 4J4 Sarratt, Marifrancec .. .. . 22) Saiamia. Naomi Skirley . I ). 21 . 4) S.timia. Sdma Evdyn 10). 21 . 4) Sutherland. Jeanne M. 4M Sutherland. Marguerita . 7 Sutherland. Robbie Gene 10 ' Sank. R. R. 40). 4)4 Sutton. Margaret ' -- Sattoa. Robert Ell.woeth 21 . )(4 Svadlenak. Rudolf Eldo 21 . 4t Swaim. Jack 144. 141 Swain. Mary Margaret 41 - Swaama. Jack Gordon ......... 271,4 4 S wanton. Kenneth 271,404,4)4.477 Swam, Raby ..................... :t Swartwout. Leslie Glean ...... 10). 4)4 Swaasch, Catkryn Eliubeth 14. 22). 407. 412. 4)0. 4 4 Sweatt. Grace ..................... 17 ) Sweeney. Albert E. .................. J7 Sweeney. Joan ............. (4.217.40) Sweeney, Mary Lou .14. )(). 411. 4)0. 414,444 Sweeney. Naomi France, ....... 4. 22) Sweet. Alice ...................... 10) Sweet. Artkur .................. 1 4.112 Sarv7 rr ..................... 1 1. 107 Sarr rar Nomimrri ........... I2(. 12 Sweaaon. Ckarle. .......... 4(1.4((.4 - Sweamo. Jeanne BuKh ............... 42f Swczea. Gerald Leonard . )( . XI. 4 4. 4 . I Swift, Joan ...................... 22 Sa ma( ..................... 142. 141 Swindle. Frank G ................... I0 Swinjli. Jr.. Pad B ................. 422 Swinaer. Jaaie Eliubetk ____ 71.1 1.217 Swiat. Erwia ...... I ), 170. l). 1(4. )7I Swiuer. Sue Aane ...... 71.2)1.4)2,447 Swof ford. Marvin Kearbv ........ (7, 4)4 Symme.. Nadine .................... 7 S, pert. Robert Earl, Jr. . ...I ) r. t. o. jr. at T,m Brit H 4 Ta Drltt Alkfi 4 7 r Drtlt Hi 2 4 Tackett, Helen Adek 1 1. I , 21). 42), 441 Tacquard. Eleanor 414 Tacquard. Jane Marie . 71. 1)2, 1(4. 22 . 427, 4)0. 447, 4( Talley. Jean l2 Tandy rrank Rawliaa ' (.4 4, lot Tankertiey. Billye Jeaae 7 Tanner. Tommie Mae 71.421.4(2 lapping, Vinant E.. 4)4 rirUtom CfaaV VI Tarpley. Eliubetk 2 . )1. 447 Tarrant. Jackie 2)1 1 arrant. Robert William 24f Tatom. William Ckarle. 24). 104, 112. 1)4 Tavarez. Vicente 42f Taylor. Ann Lynetie 14 Taylor. Betty Jane 4 4. 41(. 444 Taylor. Bryce A 474 Taylor, Dori. 44 Taylor. Dorothy B. )M Taylor. Edwia E 10). 4M Taylor. Eliubeth 42 Taylor. Elaarr L 4 7 Taylor. France. Roberta 14.221.44 Taylor. Gayk 4)4 Taylor, Gloria Bernice 227. 4)2. 4I( Taylor. Harry A 217 Taylor, Jack G )7 Taylor. Jim B 4 441.441 .. 4 1 ' - - Taylor. Taylor. Taylor. Joha S. 1 " Taylor. Jotephine A V Taylor, Kern. Bowman 14,477 Taylor. Laura Mi Taylor, Lola Katherine 14. 174. 447 Taylor. LydU )2 Taylor, Lynette 414 Taylor. Mark A 4 Taylor. Martha Beryl 20 . 4( Taylor, Patry . 71. )74 Taylor. Perry I ), )74 Taylor, Roae Mary H IM Taylor. Ratk Ann 71 Taylor. Rath-Lee 71. 44). 41 Taylor. Ryaa E 44 Taylor. Shirley Adek .14. 21 . )44. 44). 4(1.4 Taylor. Waller Taylor, Walter Thomat 217 Taylor. Wanda Lee 22) Taylor. Wilher F 44J Taylor. Wiaaicfred 1(1.1(4 Teagoe. Muriel Jacqueline l((. 201.) !. 4)0.444 Teddlie. Dorotky Jean 71. 142. 211. ) 2. 44 . 471 Trim C a 21 Tekdl. Vernon O. 4)4 Ted. Almoa B 4f) Templeton. Jame. Herbert 1 ). 1 4 Templeton. Rufut Lee 14. 4V4. 474 Tengg. Barbara Jeaa 10). 2 . 44 " Teanaat. J. P M Tennaat. Pat 4M TVaaii 14 . 141 Terrau.. Nicola. 42 Terrell. Connance 11.171 Terrell. Joka Wayne . )7I Terrdl. Loa 47 Terry. Jame. A. 4 4 Terry. Jean Ann 7 : ' NAMES 227, PACES 463, 469 387 729 NAMES 87, PACES 183,439 10! NAMES Valbtlla House Vallance, Robert C Vails, Brooks A. PACES 37! NAMKS Wall, Doris Fae PACES 103 Terry, Rue! Carlton 434 434 Wallace, Charles Wallace, Dorothy Marie.. 184 21! 20J T A I 492 478 .434 193 472 -189 21 Touhy, Mary Clare Towles, Robert Lee Townsend, Ed Rotan ... Townsend, Howard William Townsend, Virginia Lee ... Townsley, Elizabeth Van Blon, John H Van Haselen, Elsie Jane . . . Van Landingham, Vanita Van Shaw, Gaynor Van Studdiford, Shirley ... 201, 434 . 7!, 201 364, 369, 483 217 230 .4!4, 49! 7! Wallace, Florence 366 Tetley, Dorothy S 374, Yccley, Robert H Texan, The Daily .198, 417, .192, 17, 179, 373, 424 . .17, 434 . . . 288 .103, 21! 182, 388 39! Wallace, Jack 112 Wallace, Mary Virginia ... Wallace Ray F 193, 408 403 Wallen, Grace 207 Texas Student Publications . Texas Union Thacker, William McKinley Tharp, Elsie .188 Waller, Helen Waller, Margaret Rebecca Waller, Paul P 431 88, 442 49! 261, 17!, .103, 480 207 434 .37! .408 290 434 434 . . . . 417 . . . 103 Vance, Charles M. Vanderpool, Ray Leland . . . Vanderwerth, Billie Ruth . . v andigriff, Elaine Vannaman, Georgann V annoy, Caroline Frances . Vannoy, Marjorie Anne . J7, 103, 144, 41! 26! . ... 103 . 87, 182 7! 213, 366, 447 369, 401, 447 439 439 Waller, William H Walling, Charles Anne . . . Walling, Jo Beth 18, 142, Wallis, Marjorie 103, 189 . .58, 217, 399 209,410,414, 422, 430 Track Tracy, Paul A 191, Trainer, Sibyl Mae Trant, Gloria Jean 87, Travis, Richard Sandow . . . 192, ' 7, 138, 148, 133-137 434, !I2 171, 42! 221, 440 277, 434 382, 42! 223 Theadorne House Thett XI Wallis, William W Walsh, Dorothy 434 Thiele Henry E Thiers, Harry Thomas, George M Thomas, Jasper Thomas, John B Thomas, Pa [tie Jean . 87, Thomas, Richard Lanier. . . Thomas, Sue Ann Thomas, Virginia Faye .... Thomas, Wendel Grant . . Thomas, William Joseph 56, 103, 207, 87, 4IS. 434, 366, 267, 103, 434, 481, 414 472 .498 434 489 494 480 207 463 488 Walsh, John J Walt, William 406 481 . .7!, 441 Walter, Edythe J. 7! 482 Treadwell Wilbur 273 Walter, Theresa Caroline . Walters, Felix Walters, Frances Caroline . Walthall, Edwin Walther, Henry Robert ... Walther, Henry B. .. 104 434 23!, 469 244, 38!, 394 7! 434 243 Varnell, Mary Evelyn Varnon, Beven W. 179 .7! ..57,443 . .87, 434 .... 18! , 183, 184 , 416, 467 491 Treiman, Kal Wolff Trenckmann, Billic Bess .... Trent, Cecil M. Jr Trevathan, Marjorie Faye . . 243, 71, 201, 17, 397, 134, 403,417 . . . . 207 434 193, 362, 480 87 22!, 389 213 218, 2!9 434 8!, 443 434 366, 489 170, 179 2!3 103, 371 402, 419 229, 489 246 281 Varsity Debate Vascocu, Naomi 17J, Vaughan, Nora Mac Vaughan, Robert E. 431 Thomason, Mary Mabel .56, 210, Thomason, Priscilla ..175,230, 447, 399, 461 423, 427 103 .103 433 492 199, 44! 410 207 267 479 279 227 210 103 384 227 467 441 . !7 223 188 Trigg, Thelma Grace Trimble, Betty Dell Trimble, Russell Bernard . - Vaughn, Donna Jeanne . 71,447 217, 448 , 292, 404 422 103 Walton, Chester L. Walton, Robert Edward Wampler, Barbara Jean . . . Wansbrough, Mary Lou . . . Ward, Benjamin Quinn . . . Ward, Calvin L Ward, Cecil Charles Ward , Dorothy M 88 Ward, Ellen Ola Wird, Ethel Loraine 496 27! . .18, 211, 4!8 .71, 171, 364 248 414 104 , 171, 364, 432 104 104 Vaughn, Jack Calvin. . .260, Vaughn, Richard Wayne 261 Thompson, Anna Mary ... Thompson, Charles Thompson, Dale J Thompson, Dorothy Banks . 17, 230, 371, 143, 433, Troell, Marie Joyce Trott, Donald E Trout, Mildred 103, Troutr, Evelyn Jean Troxell, Richard Kimball . . . Trubee, N. Dean Trujillo, Oswaldo A Trull, Laura Elizabeth 87, Tubb, James Moses Brand . . .... 27 27 Vavra, Mary Jane Vawther, Betty Veal Dudley 170 87 443 . . 88 , 179. 219 243, 434 Thompson, Gladys Thompson, Henry Raeburn . Thompson, Homer Truett... Thompson, Jack L Thompson, Jane Cleland . . .5, 179, 199, Vegans, Elaine 57, Ward, Fannie Mae 18 , 366, 369, 466 76 Vela, Garcia Hector Velasco, Gonzalo Vcra, Antonio Very, Gloria .. . . 57, 170, Verano, Alice Chapman . . . .177 179 , 411, 410 429 429 , 223, 433 ..!7, 21! 103 Ward, Jess Clark, Jr. . . . Ward, Joe Henry, Jr. .18 Ward, Ottis 21! ,463, 504, 121 .370, 371, 434 Tubbs, Mary A. B. 374 Tucker, Ed. B Tucker, Margaret Ann .... Tucker, Mord S 7J, 103, 75 11 367, 488 177, 4!2 192,408 87, 434 103,463 434, 4!9 20! 243, 497 398 438, 492 213, 433 Ward, Phyllis Thompson, Jeanne Ruth . . . Ward, Wayne Ware, Ben F 18,496 434 . .88,443, 486 Thompson, Joanne Ruth Thompson, Mary Jane 6, Thompson, Mary Paige . 16, Thompson, Oscar Doss 4M, ! 460, 421, Verhalm, Paul Vkk, Mary Lib ..139, 191, Vida, Viki Helene Vilbig, Carrie Vile Rae 230 . ... 434 , 386, 448 . .88, 443 458 233 Ware, Flora Jean Ware Henry L Tuggle, Ray Tullos, Mary Jane Tunnell, James Stuart Turchin, Lucille 103, 88 433 Warner, Betty Ann ..203, 227, 405, 423, 448 397 Villafrance, Albert G . 71, 434 434 .434 . 87 263 434 4!9 434 291 493 484 179 479 467 210 227 481 .414 87 479 23! 403 471 221 4!8 426 103 467 480 193 229 468 139 431 .488 443 422 .422 40 .417 . 87 280, 489 44! 386 378 431 . !7 18! .243 Turk, Evelyn Timm Turner, Jay M. Turner, Juanita May Vine Harry III .434,477 434, 466 Warner, R. W. 406 Thompsop, Thomas N Vinson, Edna L Warren, Arthur L., Jr.... 434 102 Vogel, Imogene Marye... Vogt, Donald Duane ...75, Vogel, Margaret . 88 178 , 182, 23! , 183, 184 388 191 Warren, Margaret Mae . . . Warren, Mary Gene ...22! Warren, Mary Winthrop... Warren, Thomas H., Jr.... Warrington, James F Warzecha, Ladislaus W. ... Washburn, Jack Russell . . . Washburn, Jack Washington, Mildred Ella . Washington, Jane Watkins, John Francie .!8, Waters, Betty Waters, Marianna 104, 203 Waters, Rita Grace Watson, Betty Watson, Dorothy Ann . . . Watson, Ewing S. 104 , 386, 433, 418 !8 434 434 371 26! 44 ! 88 22!, 366 239, 283, 384, 404, 539 - ' 69 , 363, 433, 443 227,439 104, 472 .76, 443, 479 47! Thompson, W. Hugh 263, 386 . .. 102 434, 477 Thordarson, Richard T Thoresen, Helen Irene ... . Thornberry, Patricia fondle Thome, Lawrence C Thome, Virginia . 87, 87, .434, Tutt, Annabeth Kathelyn ...17, 386, Tutt, Dorothy June ... 57, 217, 4tJ, Tutt, Julia Tweedy, Joseph L., Jr. 193, 231, 433, 4!8 383,414, 460,461 433 434 103, 371 . . .473 Voigt, Marie Antoinette . . Von Blon, John H Von Kreisler, Alexander Von Rosenberg, Dale Ursini Von Zuben, Barbara Votteier, Theodor Paul Vowell, Patti Sue Vowels, Harry L Vratny, Ladislao Vychopen, Charles L. 409, W W. 1. C. A 103 :r- 103 103 . . . 180 , 380, 394 , 441, 483 26!, 414 ..88, 17! 177 Thornton, Mary Ann 418, Thurlow, Martha Tyler Club Tyler, Jean Aldred 75, 203, Tyler, Kathleen Tyman, John Hines Tynan, Katherine Elizabeth Tyrrell, Harry F., Jr. Tyson, Emily Ann 87, 203, 364, 443, 463,483 182, 22! . . . 2!u !7, 23U 434 448, 461 26! 431, ..7! 431 434, 462, !I4 478 207, 424 , 367, 488 381 Thurman, Archie J Thurman, Marijo Tibbs, Anselm M., Jr Tibbs, Betty M Tiller, Kathleen Blanche U3, 101. 178, " 434, 57, 434, . .17, 4!6, 217, 409, 4!8, .27, 434, 487, Watson, E. W 434 . .18, 42!, 482 Tillson, Florence Tilton, Marjorie Joyce . . Tippett, James L 17, Tipps, Mary Sue 21 U U T S A !60-!62 400, 421 376, 434 Wade, Marie Florence Wade, T. H Wade, William E Waggaman, Evelyn Erskine . Wagner, Meyer C., Jr Wagner, Pickard Wagner, Robert Wagner, Sig Kahn 110, Wagner, Virginia Louise . 2: Wagoner, Herman Lee Wangonseller, Wayne Warre Waine, Roy C. Wainscott, Robert E Watson, Harry Thomas 104 441 Watson, Jack, Jr Watson, John L 434 170 271 i, 58 n . 414, 462 103 434, 47! 462 414, 434 , 292, 434 , 421, 460 467 21! . 7!, 434 434 492 Uchiyama, Sigeru 57, Udden, Marshall H 394, 269, Watson, Mary Belle . !8, 421. 488 443, 4!7 Tipton, Jack R Tice, Carl Gerhardt JIB, .J7, Watson, Russell J 434 424, 468 391, 471 103, 488 103, 463 443 477, !04 133, 53! 103 489, 498 417 434 474, 476 179 182 183 . . . . 494 406, 143 369 2!3, 422 400, 481 . !7, 389 380, 414 434, 438 376, 488 414,429 .103, 424 449, 4!0 . ..87 Watson, Wing Stuart Watt, Dorothy Jane Watt, Gilbert Clem 434 486 18, 421 S8 Tidwell, Kenneth Tierney, Thomas F Tindall, Helen Tindall, Marvin Baker.. 103, Tindall, Jinnie Loree Tingling, Bruce E Timmerman, Talma Ulbricht, Janel Estelle . 175, Ulcar, Betty Jo Ullrich, Frances Faith .... Ummel, Dorothy Umstattd, James McNutt. . . . Umstattd, Robert Underwood, Billie Jo 201, ' 85. 2JO, 177, 426, 367, 207, 369, 433, 231, 371, 394, Watt, John R Watt, Thomas Watts, Ballard Nolen Watts, Dorothy June Watts. Mary Elizabeth . . . Watts, Polly Waugh, Alexander, Jr MCay, Donald Wayne Wayland, John Rex Wayne, John Weatherford, Andrew A. . Weathcrford, William D. . Weaver, Charles Weaver, Evelyn . . . .58, 187 Weaver, Helen Sue Weaver, Jack W. 262 412 . . .58, 213, 404 8S 8 439, 448 .... 4.14 . . 19, 422, 434 1(14, 4U 28.1 468, 424 406 1 04 , 221, 428, 430, 447, 469 181 49! Tisdale, Sammye Claire.. 75, Tittle, Emmy Jane Tobin, Fay Elizabeth . 24, Toblei , Henry Strange 289, Tobola, Robert Dorton 144, 3M, ,130, 1, 370, ..17, Underwood, James Ross 177, 184, Underwood, Margaret Mary Unker, Harold University Bar Association University Musicians University Opera Company University Symphony Orchestra Wayne W. Untereiner Upham, Chester Robert, Jr Uppcrclass Advisors Upshaw, Leonard McGaffey 87, Urbanek, James R 246,421, Utts, Martha Beth V Vaden, Otis Lynn !7, Vaden, William Robert 273, Valdespino, Henry 103, Yalder, Morales, Fernando .. 371, Valdez Frank M Waite, Margaret Eloise Wakefield, M. Clark, Jr... WakonJa .179, 182 434 37! Waldman, Selma Claire . . Waldman, Wesley L Waldvogel, Betty Frances . Walker, A. G 219, 460 .424, 434 .71,447 103 Tod Mrt ' Th Walker, A. W .260, 387 .193, 363 . 88,467 103, 482 , 411, 434 71, 394 248 103 213, 461 434 Todd Carl L Walker, Alene Walker, Betty .177 Todd, Russell, C 483 Walker, Betty Ann Walker, Charles Edward.. Walker, Charles Vartan . . Walker, Charles Wesley... Todd, William 27! 48! 494 21! 2!7 4!9 21! .10? 271 414 289 .103 Todes, Jay I 17, Tolliver, Donal Duane 286, ..IT, 287, 481, Weaver O D Walker, Edna Lucile Walker, Joan Sandefer Walker, Jesse L. .. Weaver, Paul Weaver, R. H. 397 .104, 371,479 421 . . . 441, 104 104, 178, 429 !, 207, 363, 414 104, 434, 213 . . !8. 414, 433 . 104. 170. 229 Tomforde, Albert Michael .. Tomlinson, H. D., Jr. ... Tommlinson, Peggy Ann : . . .44 , 412, . 7!, Weaver, Walter R Webb, Eleanor B Webb. John Edward Webb, Mary Emma 8i Webb. William George Weber. Mary Francelle Weber. lane . Walker, Mary Louise Walker, Richard Lee 379 282, 283 479 Tonkon, Max Edward Tonroy, Gwendolyn .407, Walker, Ray ... Walker, Zelda Elaine 21 1 Valdez, Guadalupe E. . 177, Valentine, James Warren... 411, Walkcy, John E. 390 Wall, Barbara . .. .447 PACE 658 Weber, Ruth Word. Geraidine Jnne Week.. Dayid F. Week.. John I Wehmeyer. Donald Arthsar Wehner. Dick .-. 4.-. V v 477. . 41 W Weigd. W Gail J. 171. 1 4. 47 4.1 Johnnyc Jean . :)2. - irc,i ia 414. 4(1. 7 . M7 Weir. Ralph Edward : Weus. Arliae S. 1 4 Wdborn. Clarence T tl. 4M W el born. Frankte lUc 10. 4M Wrick. Ben 144. . i|. 4.; Welch. Human T. 4ii Wrick. Margie II). H Wrick. Mutant Ruth Welder. Martha 227. II Wdhaosen. Mary Katherinc Wdlborn, O. C. WriU. Harry Galbrath :1 Well.. Jokn T. 404. 27 . 4M. 411 Wrilt. Skarleen 110 Wdmaker. Fdi E. II). 454. 114 Wdsh. Colin,. C. 14 Wd.h. Ronald 571.7 . )M. 171 F. E. 4.4 Henry Jaam Wdtman. LCMU. E. Wdty. Richard O. U. 421 . 412. 44 Weadt. Joyce J. 414. it. 417 Wendt. Mary Sherman Verb . Gabnri 1 2.277 2K. in Sail. 441. 2 ). ) Verier. Victor S. 27 . 4l Werner. Eugene H. 4 : Wert. Billie Jean 2 M harles L. ' Wesch. Ronald A. - - Vestry fofmJttnm West. ettie Roye .... 4:: West, Carey K. West, Carl Kenneth 74.441 Wen. Charle. L. II . Dwigkt 441.11 411. (I s .. 4 2 104 West. Robert V. O West. Roy S. 4:4 Wrsf 7 X4 On 4 ' wrence V. 414.4-4 Richard B. 4 ). 144 51. 231.41 Weatmordand. Ray 4:2 Wetsd, Lack 41. 4 4. 41 Wen. H.rlan 7 . 217. JO4. 112 Wetzd. Weynandl. Lorn, M. 4M. 1 4 Whale.. Me rlin 411.441 Whaley. f raac i Wharey. James Blautoc. Alice Catherine A. :-i.2i3.4t 2 2) . 410 4:4 IM - 2) 2 2. )ll Whele . Mary Adelaide Whitaker. ierrr White, White. Vine. White. White. Vhite. Wkitc. White. White. White, Vhite. White. White. White. Vhite. White, White. White. White. White. White. White. 412 Baylor U Mandr ... it. IM. 3 Billy R. t . 412.413 Boh H )7).4)4. 44 Charles A.. Jr. Creighton Nesl IM Elaine France. II Emma Jean 7 . 472. 412 Geraidine Ida Lee 7 . 4 7 Janata Errin 7 . 177 Jeanne 217.434.417 Jim Boh John Arch 311. 312 Joseph A 7 . 1 2 Joyce Rae Jnlia F.e Lria Jo II. 21). 421 Luther Curbs II. 21 ' Margaret (Peary) IM. 227. 5 . 4 5 Marilyn 2)1.41 Mariorie Mary Don. Mary Ella U. I7i. n. 5 1. 4)0. White. Peggy Joe White. Perrin Wynne Whinr. Ray V . Jr. White. R. White. SMI D. White. Sophie AM O. 1 4. . 44 ' ' . 144 414.41 IM. 211. 472 2I. 124. 114 ' 4 White. William L. 4M. 72 White. Winifred Dtckioo. 227. 4 1 . 4 1 Whiiehead. Georne H. 1 4.42 Whilehead. Tommy Phillip I . 171. 4:4, 4 Vh.toell. to.. Lee I . 210 Whiiedei. Manhall 40 . 40 Whitfidd. Charlotte 14 ' .. :;-. 44 ' . 4 Whitham. Warren 41 Wlutley. AUin 1 . . ' . ' . J4 Whitley. Thorn., Allen 404 Whitantyer. Ida Pearl " Whitnure. Carrie Ella H. 414 Joe Ann 21) Whitney. F. L. 414 Whiton. Albert Edward 1 . ) 4. 447 WhitnM. Leo E. l Whittrn. Frank 41 Whitten. Later R. ). M4. 424, 4 1. 411 Whittenhorf . Margaret Jean 7 Thitnntton. Richard CWhertao 217.477 Whitwonh. Edna 4 WhinmaDi. Bobby 104. Ill Whiienant. Mabk Meredith 1 4 Wible. V,r(inia Lo,. 1 4. 2 Wre j Ftllt Clmt 414 Widanky. Gerlad J. 4!4 Widen. Elinor 2 . 447 Albert Rowland. Jr 1 4 Maurice Ward II. II). IM. 3 4 Tiederhold. Clara Beverly II W,eeaad. Grace Mabd 7.. IJI.r ::. 444.447 ridand. Ereljo Roberta 7f. 74 Widand. M. Warre IM. 7t Wier. Jean Keith I TKT. Marion Eliuheth I . 22 . ' I ' Wi(iinton. Carolyn 7t, HI, 1 . 2 Wifinto., Joyce . . 2 7 Wipell. Charlotte Eliubeth I . 21 Wilbornion. Jinunie 411 Wild. Arthur Goodwin. Jr. 21 . 4S Wilde. Henry D. " ' W.lde. Walter Ernest l. 424. 4t W.ldenfdd. Joyce :i Wilder. Roberta Jean 41: Wilemon. ErneM J. .:. -.|l. 1O4. 21. J24. J27. 12 Wiley, f- Elaine 1 . 20). i. 447 Wiley. Jack 4 ( Wiley. William 1 1.2 1 W.lhdm. Dav.d Wilhela.. Jame. K. Wilkenon. Jnne ; f- Wilkeraon. Martha 414 Wilkerion. Sue Virginia IM. :il. 41 Wilkei, Bettye Jo I . 2M. 411. 427. 421. 430, 4)), 44 , 411 Patricia 4)). 447 Bill M. 4)4. 144. 141 C. W. 4JJ Ldia Beth Jame. A. 40 Rhoda Elizabeth 7 O. E J7 CHcar M. IM. 4)4 Willard. John Gordon. Jr. 4 ' 4 Willard. Margaret 41) Willet. Noyc. 110 Willett. Harry Lonif . ... : ' Willhoite. Jnlia Oliphant I . 447 W.llhoite. Merle 44- Willhoite. Warren A. 4(1 Williamt. Ada Jane :i ). 442 Williano. Alice 2 . 441. 4 1 . 474 William . Allen 424. 4 1 Willianu. Alton 454. 47 William.. Betty rj.or.lum 11.1)0.211. )t).47 W,I| IUB .. Billy Bob 4 ' 4 Bryan Fnher 2(. 27. 442 William.. Carmen Maxine IM, 412 Williamt. Carolyn V William.. Chrittine 20). M). ) . 4K. 44 I Willianu. Coyle Willi. I . IM. 372. J7I. 41:. 41 Williamt. D. R. 4 4 Williamt. Dolan Snyder - : - W.lliamt. Dorothy Marie It Williami. Edwin Paul 104.414 Will Williamson, Era Jean W.ll.i France. Fred L.. Jr. George Raiaey Willianu. Jimri Willianu. Joe C. m.ll.amt. John Barry W.lliamt. John M. William,. Lew,. Lloyd,. LMiK . W.M.aaM. Ltacale Willianu. Mary Francet W,ll,aa. Mary Lynn Natkanid R. O. B. O. W.. Jr. 4)5 434 :t . 171 454, JM 4 2 4)4.411 r i 44: 4 4 :?, it ----- 22. ) 227 - . 2 5 4 1 III. 241.414 4J4 Richard Clarence 7 . 4 R. 4 t J. 414 Rnhy Loil 7 . AT . 41 Williams. Ruth Elizabeth 1)2.251.31 . 4 1 V.IIiam.. Vaughan Browniaf 211 Williams. Virgil. Jr 7 . 441 William.. William M. 474 William.. W.nnie Lea I . 42 . 43 . 4( . 4 3 Eugene 414 ..- Gay Yvonne IM Williamson. Jeanie 171.401.4 0.411.4 ' Williamson. Mary Lou Williamson. Patricia ,. 210. 5t Williamson. Richard Peter. Ill 215.442 Williamson. Traeis 4U Williamson. William C 7 . 44 . 412. 477. 412 Willing. Joseph Leslie !, .-4. 400. 421. 114 .ili.. John Jrremr. Jr 1 4 Wild.. Mary Priscilla M. 171. 221 Willi.. Ray. M . ' . 4J4 Willrodt. Halen Loniae f . 3 7. 3. 421. 411 Willi. Bill B 414.477 Willson. Patricia Mae I , 171.471 Willson. Phyllis 215.445 Wilmot, Jennie S. 1 1 Wilson. Aubrey L. M Wilson. Betty Jean 7 . 4 7. 442 Wilson. Beverly Jane IM. 210 Wilson. Cecil V. 170,41 Wilson, rhiihi . 171 Wilson. Clayton IM, 3 4 Wilson. Cook :0.4 7 Wilson. Dorothy Ogdea II. 417 Wilson. Donglai Hastings 4 Wilson. Elisabeth IM Wilson. George Buford. Jr M Wilson. Ida Mae Margaret ... . I . 417 Wilson. Jama 2 5.4 f.fO Wilson. Jimmie Sue 201.472 Wilson. Joe Davenport 317 Wilson. Joe Obe. Jr 422 Wilson, June 423.42 Wilson. Laurence W 4 Wilson. Laureta 11.131.201,4 1 Wilson, Lenan Marie IM. 22 . 3 . 442 Wilson. Louise 4 7 Wilson. Lncy 7 . 420. 4 : aamt . Jean . I . 1)1. 171. 221. 4 7 Wilson. Ramon L ..2 1 Wilson, Ray Louise 74 Wilson. Robert D 4)4 Wilson. Robert M 3 4.41 Wilson. Rowena June 2lf Wilson. Stephen G 171.217.434 Wilson. William Aubrey 170. 454 Wilson. William D 4M Wilson. William James I . 421 Wilson. William S 424 Wilt, Jot 414 Wimberley. Billie Louise IM. 45 Winborn. Betty Jean 2 3. 417 W.nchell. Frederick A 2f(, 4M Windecker, Roland Theodore t . 417 Wiadham. Betty 44$ Windiseh, Max Emit 422 Windsor, Prentits C. V Wmsanker. Michael 5 1 Winesett. Betty Jo 175,2 7 Winetronb. Aaron Wolf 245, 2 2. 4M, 454 -infield. Myn 17 Winfield. Don Raby l.4 ' 4 ' incite. Martha Ana 217 Winkkr. Clem Robert Kf Winn. Donald 471 Winslow, Lawson T 4 X. 421 Winston. Ambrose 32 Winston, Florence 41} Winter. Cecil R. 7 . 4)4. 4 7 Winters, Je t 2 2 Winters. John D.. Jr. 4J4 Winton. Betty Kay 2)0. 4t Winton. Don E. 421 Winton, Ed. H. IM Winton. Susan 2)4). 43 Winter. Mary Jane 22. )7, 411 Wirthlin. Lura Nell 22 . 417, 41 Wischkaemper. Josephine Ellen M Wise. George Eyerard kt Witcher. John T 411 Withers. Kenneth C.. Jr 4)4 W thrripoon. Lallandc 11.213.410 tt. limmy tt. Sally Prescott ttf. Betty Lee ttmeyer. Elmer 215 7 II Wolcott. Eldon N. 2 7. 2 2. f . 411 Woldert. Aletander 7 Wodlert. William L. 27 . 7 WoUgemntk. Richard 211 Wolf. Donald L. 212. 215. 411. 441 Wolf. Larry B. 411.4 7.21) Wolf. Mariorie Jo 4X1.201.414 Wolfe, Archie " I Wolfe. Charlotte Belle . 7 Wolfe. Chester L 477 Wolfe. Dougla. C. 4 Wolfe. Sam Daata 21 . 477 Wolff. Doris Selene IM. 2)3. 3 Wolff. Dorothy Jo 201.1 3 VollT. Walter )M. 271 Wolfson. Irene 20 Wollam. Walter .2 1. 2 . 4 1. 411, 41 Wollbrett. Dorothy L. 11.441 Wolter. Joaenh Charle. ..141 Womble. Robert H. 2fl Wood. Anbyn Sue .441.11 Wood. Charlotte 142,227.441 Wood. Elbert Owen .11.424.371.17 Wood, George E 44 Wood. Jack 171 Wood, Jame. Richie 4O . 421 Wood. Jeanne 40.421.4 0 Wood. John Walter II, 177. 41 Wood. Mary C, 4 Wood. Marie E, 7. 41 Wood. Mary Frances 221.41 Wood. V. L.. Jr 414 Wood. Wayne A 4 5 Wood. William B 11.4)4 Woodall. Audrey Merle IM Woodall. Morris Dale 422 Woodard. George H.. Jr. to Woodard. Jack , 421.171 Woodcock, Helen 112 Woodruff. Robert R. 414 Waodrum. Betty 447. to. 444 Woodrum. Billie Jean M. 47 Woods. John Dayis 21. . 41 . 41 ' Woods. Kenneth G 421 . 0. 41 Woods. Marid 4)1.42 Wood.. Martha 4 1.4)2.441.227 Woods. Reuben V 454 Woodward. Curtis Lee 2 1 Woodward. Dudley K II Woodward. Maryanne 473.7 Woodward. San 11.217 Woodward. Farren G 477 Woodward. Villiam 171 Wooldridge. Margaret -.52, J 0. J27 Woolrich. Willis Raymond I1.4O . 4 . 421 Woolsey. Harry 4. Woolsey. Mary K .. 211 Woolvertoo. Frances 432. IM. 225. 42 Woolen, Don tO. 404. IM. 121. 122. 527. 121 Wooten. Jack 4)4.471 Wooten. Doris Maureen 139 Womack. Jessie Ruth 7 . 4 7. 45 . 417 Womack. Jltoiy IM Womack. Kennon D 4)4 Vmarn ' i Coo vra7..r ,ux,,t,o )74 Word. Edith 221.7 Word. Lucille 221 Word, N. Valria 4H. IM Workman. Tom Edward IM. : Worley. Frances 43 . 21 . tt. 1)7. 421. 415. 411. 421 Worley. Maryi. Loreoe M.44I Worley. Martha Grace Wormier. Marcus R.. Jr 454 Worrell. Alice Virginia . 2 1 Worrell. Charle! 217 Wortham. Jesse Lee 111.2 1 Wright. Beatrix 111.17 Wright. Betty Elroy 1 4. MS. 441 Wri|tht. Betty L. IM, 41 Wright, Bryon V 4)4 Wright. Eliubeth Ann 445.452.217. 171, ( , 41 . 4 0 Wright. Frank 4 7 Wright. Hairy Keisler 2J . IM Wright. James C. 2. 442 Wright. James Semple 211.434 Wright. Lawrence IM Wright. Lorraine -. .4 1 Wright. Marilyn Jeanne 2M.4tt.447 Wtight, Pat Wright. Sylvia Ann S7, IM. 41 Wright. Vircinia Day 7(. 3 1 Wright. William C, 47 Wroe. William Augustine ... 2 1.114 WoenscW. Frances Allyne 7 . 421. 412 Wyche. Allen George IM. 42 Wylie. Jo Ann IM Wyman. Richard S. M. 434 Wyneken. Henry Otto 141. 434. 44 Wynn. Afton T. 4 Wynne. Frank Wilmer I . 434 Wynne. Hubert W VT Wynne. Jo Alice 2M. 47) Vytt. Orrille .414 . Maria Yager. Bererly 2II.44V.44I Yager. Mary Franco 211. 41 Yamamoto. H. Roy 0, 3 7. 4 2. 4M. 41 Vtmtft Cln 411 Yaran. Jen O ...4)4 Yarber. Robert V 4M. 477 Yarborough. Frances Lucile t . 51) Yarid. Anis Alex Yarcho. Jack D 41). 4)4 Yamo. Gloria Elaine . 2I Yarrington. Marian 171,2 Yater. Shirley Ann 104 Yates. Francis Eugene ITS Yates. James D 4)4 Yates. Robert 47 Yates. Sam Martin. Jr 1 4 PAGES 76 398, 4)7 76, 364 25! 403 Jan 207 88, 223, 280, 416,479 144 Young, Carroll Ridgley 2!7 Young, Dana 394,406 Young, Don John 441 Young, James H 88,434 Young, Jane Allen 60,416 Young, Katherine 391 Young, Lisbeth 199,401 NAMES Yawn, Sidney Joan Yeager, Mary Lucille Yergcr, Melvina Yetter, Charles Yoli, Albert Yolland, Carol York, Wynell Young, Bob NAMES Young, Mahala Jane , PACES . 60, 221,425 213 . . 467 27J, 417 60 Youngblood, Joan Youngblood, Margaret . . . Youngflesh, Sara Yourtee, Lawrence Karn . . Yowell, Marjorie Yowell. Mildred . 104 213, 427 , .104, 217, 364 258 88, 363 . . 88, 363 NAMES Zalim, Albert Ned Zamwalt, Glen Zander, Clover Lucille Zang, Charles Roger Zapffe, Charles Zarate, Norma Zarrow, Jack Carl Zemanek, John Zemanek, Joseph, Jr. Ida Tau Alph, Zeve, Edel Flo Zidell, Allan . Zidell, Alvin . Zabcl, Elsie Lois ...60,179,388,430,480 PAGES NAMES PACES led 60 Zimmerman, E W 409 482 Zimmerman, Evelyn Cecile 60, 219, 42 , Lucille 76, 449, 488 472 Zimmerman, Henry 192 ger 60 458 H 76, 376, 429, 409 450 Zimmermann, Ursula Ann .76, 203, 444, rl Eugene 60,424, 431, 271 434 Zimmern, Alfred, Jr inn. Prances Bluma . 60 IM 488 , 434, 454 , 130, 440 , Jr 76, 394, 431 Zlatkovich, Charles 382 .234 Zoch, Margaret Pauline . . . . 88, 484 ette 60, 219 1 N ' 183 483 277 Z d ' D h I 76 277 Zrubeck. Charlotte 221 iret Augusta .... .104 Zucher, Jerome L 492 larles H. 414 Zumwalt. Glenn W. . 177 .411. 4S(. PACE 660 - v M ' V

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