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THE LIBRARY THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS PRESENTED BY Frankie Welborn un JOURNALISM LIBRARY i m - C ' tU 1944 CACTUS ly Jet Student Putiication , Jnc. DAVID R. WILLIAMS. Editor-in tae, MARY M. SHERMAN. Associate Editor FRANKIE WELBORN. Production Manager MR. AND MRS. J. P. GROVE. PlM rfftj J , EDMOND PIERRE MONTMLNT. CO..T Jrlmri TALL.4CE-DYKE ENGRAVING COMPANT, CLLF PIBLISHINC COMPANY. Primtm THE 1944 CACTUS IS DEDICATED TO TWO MEN WHO FOR YEARS HAVE BEEN BOTH FRIEND AND ADVISOR TO UNIVERSITY STUDENTS DEAN H. T. PARLIN AND DR. C. E. AYRES. DEDICATION M C. E. AYRES Professor of Economics 1 R E W O R D THE 1944 CACTUS has only one purpose to catch and hold for you this year at The University of Texas. It has been a different and at times a very difficult year difficult as only a great conflict which has plunged the whole world into turmoil could make a year difficult. The University has seen many changes in a very short space of time. The tempo of its schedule has been speeded up so that it operates nearly twenty-four hours a day and twelve months of the year, the semesters and classes have been changed and even the students are different as over a third of the enrollment was sent here by the Xavy: but through all the changes the Texas spirit has remained strong and unchanged. Xo set theme was chosen for the 1944 CACTUS but through its pages we have tried to show how The University of Texas, although training its students to be of the best possible use to their country in war, is still fulfilling its chief purpose of educating them to be good citizens in peace. 549S19 I IV Memory nl our many Ex-Students who have given their all to assure fur the future a peaceful wurld, a finer American way ui life and an even greater university. i ft ft ft ft ft ft ft del. ISNAF, BA ' 40 Killed in plane crash N RILEY BARNSLEY. JR., A C, AAF. ' 42 Killed in plane crash irr. I;RANT BARNES, Entign, USNAF, Killed in action JAMKS CLAl ' DE BEDDINGF1ELD. JR., Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Killed in plane crash HARRY HINTING BEELER, JR.. Captain, AAF, B.A. ' 41 Kill. -I in action MARVIN HENRY BE1SEKER. JR.. First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Killed in action over Europe crash off California coast Killed in plane crash SAMUEL NEWTON BOURLAND. A C, t SN. ' 12 1 IKKIKI) I.. (BUCKY) BOYD, Lieutenant, USA, ' 40 COURTNEY TALLEY BKOW NE. Fir,l Lieutenant, AAF, Killed in action over Europe HAL BROWNE. JR.. First Lieutenant, AAF. " 38 Killed in plane crash RYANT, JR., A C, AAF, ' 42 Knlll -i N PALI- (BOBI BtTLER. Lieu CEORCE WILLIAM CACI.E, Lieutenant, nl (), USNAF, BA " 42 Pacific. DFC. Air Medal enant, AAF, BBA ' 39 Killed in action at Midway. Destroyer Escort USX, BA ' 40. LLE maul, AAF. ' 36 t, AAF, BS ' 38 F, ' 42 T H E S E G A V E T H E I fl KOIIKKT LOUIS CLASS, Killed in plane crash CHARLES MACON GREEN, First Lieutr ROBERT HE.NRY CRIBBO.N. Lieutenant, AAF. ' 39 Killed in plane crash :ia,s, USA, Died of illness CHESTER HARVEY. Lieutenant, AAF, ' 39 FRED I). HKMIKKSOY A.ns c i. ISNAF, ' 42 Killed in plane crash WALTER BRUCE HENRY, Lieutenant (jg), USN, BBA ' 41 Killed in action in North Atlantic FRED HUDSON. Corporal, US.A Killed in action Killed in action in East In Killed in action in New Guinea ;., Lieutenant, AAF, JOHN JERRY McGRAW. fir Killed in plane crash GEORGE THOMAS MAKER, First Lieutenant, AAF, LLB Killed in action in Southwest Pacific. Silver Star EUGENE W. MATLOCK, Lieutenant Commander, USN, MD ' 22 Killed in plane crash nt, USMC. ' 30 t, AAF, BS ' 41 MARSHALL ROBERT MILLER. JR., Staff Ser, L I V E S LYNN LESTER MOTLEY. Captain, AAF. BA ' 40 Killed in plane crash HERBERT FOREST MULLINEAUX, Aviation Machinist Mate Third Class, USN, Killed in plane crash (, AAF, ' 41 Kill Killed in action over Europe KELLY CLYDE ORMAND. USMM. ' 42 Killed U collUio. of two umkm AUBREY E. ORR. tint Lintemaa, AAF. ' 41 MAURICE W. PARKER. FedkjucW Sereu. USA. JAMES EDWARD PARKS. C.pui., AAF. ' 38 Killed in automobile accident SAMUEL SEAY PATTILLO. LirmtemM. AAF. BA ' 40 Killed in action in Java. DSC. Silver Star ESRIC KABB PATTON. Lieuraant, AAF. ' 40 KUIed in plane cnah JOHN HOWARD PAYNE. LirUaaml Co oar . AAF. " 36 Killed in action over Italy. DFC. Silver Star. Air Medal. Airport at Cairo. Egypt, the world ' s largest. U named for him. J. O. SUE. JR.. Ueazejaamt, AAF, ' 42 KUIed in plane cnah EDWARD LEWIS SUMMERS, fxttgn, USNAF, ' 38 KUIed in plane crash WALTER C. SWARNER. JR.. Lirmvemma, AAF. ' 3 Killed in action in North African area LOUIS HOMER TALLY. Liemlat U, AAF. ' 41 Killed in plane cnah JAMES EDWARD PAYTON. A C. AAF. ' 40 Killed in plane crash KENNETH BOYD TANNER. Cauuer. RCAF, BA " 40 KUIed in action JOHN KLITTS PEARSON, e.if. USNAF, ' 40 Killed in action in Sooth Pacific FRANK WIER TAYLOR. Uea u.f, AAF, BA ' 42 KUIed in plane cnah GEORGE HARVEY PEVLAND. JR., LtrmumaU (jfl, USN. LLB, BA ' 38 Killed in action as commander of submarine in Pacific area GEORGE SPIKES THOMAS. ' 35 Killed in action. Air Medal CHARLES IRVIN PERRIN. Capuim, AAF. ' 40 Killed in plane crash in North Africa TED JAMES THOMAS. Urrtrma.!, AAF. BA " 41 Killed in action over Germany SIDNEY PIERCE. P.rfirman Tkitd CUa, USN. " 40 Killed in action at Pearl Harbor JOHN miLUAM THOMASOV Co oael, USMC. " 13 Died of illness W1LBURNE ENMS PIERCY. Iieet 0 l. USNAF, ' 41 Killed in action in Pacific ALVIN YOUNG TILLMAN. JR.. Tira LirmtrmfU, AAF Killed in plane crash a HARVEY CLAUDE POLLAY. Eign. USN. BJ " 41 Killed in plane crash WILLIAM LLOYD TINGLE, Lienteavamt. AAF. ' 37 Killed in action JACK WINDHAM POUNDS. UrutmmO, AAF. ' 38 Killed in plane crash. Pounds Reid named fat him. ANTHONY TRACY. Limrmmu, AAF. ' 40 Killed in action over Europe GEORGE CLIFTON POWELL. Jew, , , AAF. ' 41 Killed in action in North Africa. Air Medal VICTOR PAT TUMUNSON, USN, ' 39 KUIed in action CHARLES BOWER PUTMAN. AAF, ' 41 Killed in automobile accident WILLIAM PAUL UMSTED. Fira Liemum-U, AAF, ' Killed in plane cnah 1 JIM DRAKE RAMSEY. PritMr, USA. BBA - 28 Died of illness JACK McCEE VLNSON. Fira Uenlexu. USMC. ' 38 Killed in action in Southwest Pacific RAY BROOKS REINHARDT. LirmMMI, AAF. ' 42 in plane crash JOHN HOLLAND WALLACE. Lu-xeaaar. AAF. ' J4 Killed in action in Pacific JOHN WALTER REISS. Lieml a t, AAF. BA - 41 Killed in action over Europe THEODORE AUSTIN m EIL. LirUmM, A.AF. ' KUIed in action orer Sardinia CHARLES WESLEY RICHARDSON. Liraen-u. AAF. " 41 Killed im plane crash -fOH BLASDEL WESTMORELAND, eatejunx, A.AF, Killed in plan e crash - MARTIN ROGERS., " 38 KUIed in action JAMES IRVEN HITE. LirmlrnmH. AAF. ' 40 KUIed in plane cnah JASPER ARCHIBALD ROSS. JR.. CtfUi,, USA. LLB. BA ' 40 Killed in action in North Africa MAJOR L WHITE. iJ.f. USN. " 40 Killed in action of Engliah coast FREDERICK ROWSEY. I alraw. AAF. " 38 Killed in action in Southwest Pacific GEORGE WELDON WIGGINS. Lirmtntmt, AAF, BBA Killed in plane crash DUDLEY T. RUGELEY. LirmUmfmt Of . USN. " 38 Killed in plane cnah THOMAS HOWARD WILLIAMS. JR., Lie lrme t Of), Killed in action HARRELL HAMILTON RULE. Lirvrriuuu, AAF. - 40 Killed in plane crash THOMAS WEAVER WILLIAMS. LirmJrmtmt. AAF. BJ Killed in plane cnah .. JOHN HENRY SHEPHERD. A KUIed in plane ens. JACK DAY SIKES. Ueuouu. AAF. KUIed in plue crash DAVID LOUIS SILVERMAN. Killed U action in South.e.1 Pacific ft ft ft ft -ft ft ft ft M I S S I IV G I M A C T I IV I.Ol ' IS EDOUARD ADEI.S. Captain, AAF. ' 29 Missing in action over Allanlic. ' 43 JOHN SCOTT (JACK) ADKINS, Ensign. USN, BA ' 43 Mining in action in Mediterranean Area, February, ' 44 MERLIN OI.MSTED ANDREWS. JR.. Lieutenant (jg), USNAF. BBA ' 39 ' Mining in action in South Pacific. March, ' 44 WORTH AM STARR ASHCROFT, First Lieutenant, AAF, " 39 Missing in action in South Pacific, November. ' 42. DFC. RUSSELL DAVID AUSTIN, Flight Officer, AAF, BBA ' 39 Missing in action. February. ' 44 LEON BORIS AVNET, Lieutenant, USMC, BS ' 41 Missing in action WAYNE BAKER. USN, ' 41 Mining in action. April. ' 43 JAMES WILLIAM BALDWIN. Captain, AAF, ' 40 Missing in action in India, March. " 43. DFC, Air Medal WALTER SAM BERKOWITZ. Lieutenant, AAF. ' 39 Missing in action, October, ' 43 CHARLES E. BERRY, Ensign, USNAF. ' 33 ERNEST ANDREW BOSL. JR., Ensign, USN, LLB Missing in action after sinking of Liscombe Bi WARD L. BOYDSTUN, Lieutenant, AAF Missing in action over Europe JACOB RALSTON BROWN. Lieutenant, AAF, ' 40 Missing in action over Germany, April, ' 44 ROBERT L. BURNETT. Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 in action, October, " 43 GLENN ELMER CAMP, JR., Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Missing in action over Germany FRANK MONROE COLBURN, Lieutenant, AAF. ' 40 Mining in action, June, ' 43. DFC WILLIAM A. COX, Flight Officer, AAF, ' 43 Missing in action, April, ' 44 LLOYD GEORGE CRABTREE. Lieutenant, AAF, ' Missing in action over Germany, January, ' 44 JACK HAYS CULP, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Missing in action over Germany. May, ' 44 JACK WILLIAM DANIEL, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Missing in action over Germany, July, ' 43 DUDLEY BLAND JONES. Lieutenant. AAF, ' 42 Mising in action over Europe, January, ' 44 OLIVER EUGENE JOPLING. Flight O ficer, AAF, Eur e, Ap I II n action, February, ' 43. Air Medal MELVIN BANY DUNHAM, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 39 Missing in action over Germany, March, ' 44. Air Medal HERSCHEL DANIEL EVANS, Lieutenant, USA, ' 43 Missing in action ' 43 DAVID SAMUEL FELSENTHAL, ' 37 Missing in action JOHN T. FELTS. JR., Lieutenant, USMC, ' 42 CLARENCE J. FISHER. First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Missing in action in Southwest Pacific November, ' 43 GEORGE W. FOSTER, AAF, ' 41 WILLIAM MOONEY GAMBRELL. JR.. Lieutenant. AAF, ' 42 Missing in action over Germany, April, ' 44 ROBEUT C. GENTRY, Staff Sergeant, AAF, ' 41 Missing in action, April, ' 44 SETH SHILOH GLASSCOCK, JR., RCAF, ' 41 Missyig in action over Europe, January, ' 43 GEORGE EDWIN GOODMAN, JR., Ensign, USN, ' 41 Missing in action in Solomons, October, ' 43 JIM BOX GOODNER, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Missing in action over Germany, April. Ml JAMES W. (RED) GOODWIN, Captain, AAF. ' 40 Missing in action over Germany, April, ' 44 CAREY EDWIN (TED) GOODWYN, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 LEE VAN DYKE COSSETT. Staff Sergeant, AAF. ' 34 Missing in action over Germany, May, ' 43. Air Medal MARVIN ED CRICE, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Missing in action in Mediterranean, April, ' 44 NATHANIEL GREEN GUIBERSON. JR.. Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Missing in action in South Pacific, June, ' 43. Air Medal. Oak Leaf Clusters (2) LEE C. HAICLER, First Lieutt J. REGINALD HARLAN. Lieut, Missing in action in India PAUL ALBERT HARRIS. Lieutenant. AAF, ' 41 Missing in action over Europe. June. ' 43. Air Medal JOHN CALVIN HEATH. Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Missing in action in South Pacific, December. ' 43 JAMES HOUSTON HENDERSON. Lieutenant, AAF, BJ ' 41 Missing in action in India, ' 43 WALTER BRUCE HENRY, Lieutenant, AAF, BBA ' 41 Missing in action in South Pacific, August, ' 43 FRANK WOODROW HE RZIK. First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 39 Missing in action, April. ' 44 WILLIAM EDWARD HERZOG, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 39 Missing in action in South Pacific, April, ' 44. Air Medal. ARTHUR GAYLE HILLEY, Lieutenant, USA, BS ' 39 Missing in action JACK BRUCE HOWARD, Ensign, USN, BA ' 40 Missing in action when USS Strong was sunk. July, ' 43 CLAY McWHIRTER ISBELL, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Missing in action over turope, December, 42. Air Medal CHARLES A. JOHNS, Corporal, AAF, ' 41 Missing in action in India, November. ' 43 OTTO JUHL, JR., USMC. ' 35 Missing in action in South Pacific HYLE CURLEE JUSTICE, Sergeant, AAF. ' 41 Missing in action over Italy, January, ' 44 NEEL E. KEARBY, Colonel, AAF, BBA ' 37 Missing in action in South Pacific, March, ' 44. M.-, . DFC. Air Medal. THOMAS DANIEL KENNEDY, Technical Sergeant, USA, Mi H lu| in action, March, ' 44 JOHN JOE (BUDDY) KEOUGH. Lieutenant, USNAF, ' 36 li--ini: iii action in Pacific, April, ' 44 ROBERT IRVINE KINSELLA, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 40 Missing in action in South Pacific, November. ' 42 CARLOS KLING, USMM, MA ' 28 Missing after his ship was sunk CARROLL P. LEARNED, Lieutenant (jg). USN, ' 41 Missing in action in South Pacific ROBERT E. LEE, Lieutenant, AAF. ' 41 Missing in action in North Africa, ' 43 J. C. LLEWELLYN, Lieutenant, USA, LLB ' 42 Missing in action. May, ' 44 RALPH JAMES McBRIDE, JR.. Major, AAF, ' 39 Missing in action after Ploesti raid, August, ' 43. Purple Heart, DFC WILLIAM HENSLEY McCOWN. Lieutenant, AAF, MA ' 40 Missing in action over Germany, November, ' 43 RAYMOND L. McKEE. Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Minim i " tton orei Italy CHARLES McNUTT, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 37 Missing in action off Java coast, February, ' 42 EDWARD LOWE MARTIN, Srrerant, AAF, BS ' 41 Missing in action over France, March. ' 44 JAMES W. MOOR. Lieutenant, AAF, ' 39 Missing in action over Europe, December, ' 43 ROY J. MOORE, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Missing in action May, ' 43. DFC JOHN GARY (RED) MORGAN, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 34 Missing in action over Europe. March, ' 44. Medal of Honor RALPH WALDO NIEBUHR, Ensign, USN, BJ ' 39 Missing in action after sinking of USS Liscomb Bay, November, ' 43 RODERICK WARREN OTT, Lieutenant, AAF. ' 40 Missing in action over China, March, ' 44 WILLIAM DONALD PARRISH. First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Missing in action in North Africa. ' 43 VINCENT MURRAY RAUBER, Ensign. USN, ' 43 (ROTC June. ' 43) Missing in action in Pacific. March. ' 41 NORMAN EDWARD KENIMLI., III. Aviation Radioman Firsi Clou, USN. ' Ill Mi i,i K ill action JOSEPH A. ROBERTSON. Lieutenant, AAF, ' 38 Missing in action in Southwest Pacific, April, ' 44 RUBEN MARION ROBERTSON. JR.. Lieutenant, AAF. ' 12 FRANK L. ROBINSON, ' 42 Missing in action in North Africa FREDERICK BROWNELL ROBINSON, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 Mi-sing in action over Holland, December. ' 43 WILLIAM ROBERT (BOBBY) RODDY, Lieutenant, AAF, ' 39 Missing in action in Caribbean, February, ' 44 MAURO RODRIQUEZ, First Lieutenant, AAF, ' 42 JACK V,. ROGERS. Captain, AAF. ' 39 Mi-sing in action over E.ropr. ' 43. DFC, Air Medal, Oak Leaf Clust.-r WILTON T. RUCKER, Captain, AAF, ' 38 RICHARD I). SAI.TER. M,ii,,r, AAF, ' 42 Missing in action over Paramiishiri. September. ' 43. DFC. Silver Star. Oak JOHN W. SHEPHERD, JR., Lieutenant, AAF, ' 41 Miuln| in action over New Britain. January, ' 44 TOMMY JOE TAYLOR. Lirulenant, AAF, ' 41 Mi-sing in action in China. November, ' 43 Missing ' in act over Sicily. January, ' 43. DFC, Oak Leaf Cluster ROY VAUGHAN, Lieutenant, AAF. ' 41 Mis-ing in action, November. ' 43 JOHN DIEDRICH VOSS, Captain, AAF, ' 36 Missing in action in South Clusters (3) i.OHF.F EDWARD AUGH. Lieutenant (jg), USN, ' 41 cine. December Air Medal, Oak Leaf ' 43 DON P. WEBSTER, Captain, AAF, BBA ' 39 Missing in action. DFC, Air Medal NEWELL A. WELLS, AAF, ' 40 SAMMY A. WEST, First Lieutenant, AAF Missing in action over Romania, April. ' 44 GEORGE DEAN WOOLRICH. Srrgamt, RCAF, ' 40 Missing in action, August. ' 42 THOMAS CARLTON WORTHAM, Lieutenant, AAF, BBA ' 40 Missing in action over Europe, January, ' 43 i ' Ht i-UK, Kl E uNivHRs OF TEXAS (gov ernor ( olte Jlei ' enJon J4omer jj- rlce Kainep , the s To m ee, of pl annin 6 e , have been o(e xpandmgoppo rt ' on 5U ch for of university ' s pro- - , ype commil t , e, of Une d oard JOHN ][. ItlCKKTT. JR., Dallas W. S. SCHREINER, Kerrv MH . I. I). 1MHCIIII.I). I.ufki J. A. BURDINE Vice-President; Professor of Government: in charge of the program of the atal Flight Preparatory School; Deferment officer for faculty and students on the campus. PRESIDENTS OFFICE STAFF u, right: VIRGIN! TABB. ELEANOR HOLLAND, and THELMA LOCKWOOD. Secretary to the President. LEO C HAYNES Associate Professor of Accounting and Secretary of the Board of Regents. 54 E. J. MATHEWS, Registr EARL R. CORNWELL, Bursar CHARLES H. SPARENBERG, Auditor C. D. SIMMONS, Comptrolle A TYPICAL DAY IN THE REGISTRAR ' S OFFICE f ?t J of studen DOROTHY LOUISE GEBAUER, Dean of Women KATHLEEN BLAND. Assistant Dean of Women ARNO NOWOTNY, Dean of Student Li HERSCHEL R. GIPSON Assistant to the Dean of Student Life DEAN OF WOMEN ' S OFFICE WILLIAM FRANCIS GIDLEY, Ph.C., B.S. Professor of Pharmacy Dean of the College of Pharmacy H. T. PARLIN, Ph. D. Professor of English Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences ALBERT P. BROGAN, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy Dean of the Graduate School WILLIS RAYMOND WOOLRICH, B.S. Professor of Mechanical Engineering Dean of the College of Engineering Director, Bureau of Engineering Research 2), .. WILLIAM DUTY. Ph.D.. B.Mus. Professor of Music Dean o the College of Fine Arts B. F. PITTENGER. Ph.D. Professor of Educational Administrat Dean of the School of Education CHARLES T. McCORMICK. B.A.. LLB. Professor of Late Dean of the School of Law JAMES ANDERSON FITZGERALD. Ph.D. Professor of Banking and Insurance Dean of the School of Business Administration ffWmc ff) Iffl I V CECIL VIVIAN POLLARD, M.A. (right), Assistant Professor of Ger- manic Languages. He has devised a new method of teaching German which is widely used and is especially helpful to graduate students. JOHN HUTCHINSON FREDERICK, Ph.D., Professor of Transportation and Industry. An authority on post-war transportation schedules and air transportation, he has published a number of books on this subject. He is the first University of Texas professor to be president of the Austin Chamber of Commerce. MILDRED GERTRUDE SPICER, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Home Economics. She teaches Nutrition and Home Economics Education, and although she has been here only since 1942, she has already made a definite place for herself on the campus. COL. GEORGE E. HURT, L.R.A.M., A.B.A. (left). Director of Univer- sity Bands since 1937. Instructor, C.A.A. pilot training, and active in many student activities. HERSCHEL THURMAN MANUEL, Ph.D., Professor of Educational Psychology. He gives the psychological examinations to freshman students and is in charge of the Army-Navy Testing for this region. He is making a study of the teaching of languages for the American Council on Education. DAVID BALLIN KLEIN, Ph.D. (left), Professor of Psychology. He has just completed a book on Mental Hygiene. He is interested in student organizations and has been active in the work of the Hillel Foundation. JAMES GREENLEAF IMSTATTD. Ph.D.. Professor of Secondary Education ana Chairman of the Department of Curriculum and Instruc- tion. He has been in charge of the National Program for the Improve- ment of Secondary Education in the State since 1938. He is active on student committees. DEWITT CARTER REDDICK. Ph.D.. BJ.. Professor of Journalism. Author of a widely used high school journalism textbook, and Director of I.L.P.C.. he is one of the most popular professors on the campus and takes part in many student activities. GEORGE WARD STOCKING. Ph.D. (left). Professor of Economics. He has been a member of the National Arbitration Boards. He is a distinguished professor of economics and an excellent teacher, and be is intensely interested in hi students. WALTER PRESCOTT WEBB. Ph.D.. Research Professor of Texas and American History. He lectured at Oxford in 1942-43. He is author of the much-dis -u sf d Dirided We Stand and is an ex-student of the University. HUGO LEIPZIGER (right), Architect, Instructor in Architecture. He is an exceptionally interesting teacher and is an authority on city and regional planning. He has been a member of the faculty of the University since 1940. MARIE BETZNER MORROW, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Botany ami Bacteriology. She is conducting a research on molds and allergies. Besides sponsoring the Present Day Club, she is active in many student affairs. She has been on the staff since 1927. MARJORIE ANNETTA NEWTON, B.S., Instructor in Physical Training for Women. She teaches tennis, golf and swimming. She came to the University in 1943 and is from Atlanta, Georgia. HARRY JOSHUA LEON, Ph.D. (left), Professor and Chairman of the Department of Classical Languages. An excellent teacher and an eminent scholar, he has been on the University staff since 1923. ERICH WALTER ZIMMERMAN, Ph.D., Professor of Resources, School of Business Administration. He is a distinguished professor of Business Administration and an outstanding authority on world resources and industry. MILTON JOHN THOMPSON. Sc.D.. M.S.E. Ueftl. Professor and Chairman of the Department of Aeronautical Engineering; Coordinator. Curtiss-Wright Engineering Cadette Program. He is called the -flying because of his frequent flights to Dallas to teach a class there. KATHERINE ERNESTI NE WHEATLEY, Ph.D., Associate Professor Romance Languages. She is outstanding in the field of Linguistics and has been on the faculty since 1917 except for several years away for graduate and foreign study. REX DEYERN HOPPER, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology. He is active in student, church, and civic affairs and is a popular lecturer. He if on the staff of the Summer School of the University of Mexico. MARY ERNESTINE GOLDMANN. M.S. (left I. Assistant Professor of Home Economics. She is in charge of the Home Economics Practice Houses. She is an ex-student of the University and joined the teaching staff in 1941. COLLIER READ CRANBERRY. M.S.. Professor of Electrical Engineer- ing: Coordinator. Engineering Science, and Management War Training. He i a very hu man these days as the University tries to do its part in the war effort. OLIVER DOUGLAS WEEKS, Ph.D. (right), Professor of ' Government. Dr. Weeks has been of great help this year as faculty advisor to the Students ' Assembly. WILLIAM RUST NEVILLE, JR., Ph.G.. Associate Professor of Pharmacy. He has been on the University staff since 1924 and has been active in the development of the medicinal plant garden. He is an ex- student of the University. FREDERIC DUNCALF, Ph.D., Professor of Medieval History. ,t excellent lecturer and outstanding teacher. He is interested in Plan II and teaches a special course for students under this Plan. ERNEST RANDOLPH HARDIN, M.A. (left). Assistant Professor of Speech. His hobby is art and he is a very talented painter and designer. He has traveled extensively and has taught at the University since 1932. ROGER COOK OSBORN, M.A., Instructor in Applied Mathematics and Astronomy. An ex-student of the University and a new addition to the teaching staff, he has been on the faculty since 1942. O. B. WILLIAMS. Ph.D. (right), Professor of Bacteriology. In addition to his research work in the held of bacteriology. Dr. Williams finds time to serve on numerous University committees and as a faculty representa- tive on the Board of Student Publications. HENRY NASH SMITH, Ph.D., Professor of English; Professor of American History. Dr. Smith came to the University from Southern Methodist University in 1941. CIS MACEV HODGES. B.B.A.. L.L.B., Professor of Lau. Serves as Legal Advisor to the Registrar, especially in cases concerning non- residence. He is an ex-student of the University and has taught here since 1940. 11 1- HAMILTON BARTLETT, Ph.D., M.S. (leftl. Assistant Professor unical Engineering. He is mechanical test engineer for the Bureau of Engineering Research. J. GILBERT MCALLISTER. Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chairman of Department of Anthropology: Director of Research in Anthropology. One of the most stimulating personalities on the campus, he has a pro- found influence on student thinking. His broad interests include the advocation of a new liberal education. u S, rvices UNIVERSITY EXTENSION LIBRARY, Little Campus, sends packages of books upon request to study clubs and groups throughout the state. UNIVERSITY HEALTH SERVICE has the job of keeping University students in the best of health. THE PUBLIC RELATIONS DEPARTMENT of the Uni- versity not only keeps the world informed on the Uni- versity but also has a clip- ping bureau service. ACADEMIC FREEDOM { ' niversity students meet outside of classes to discuss problems of vital intt-rt ' tt iiith their professors. Here they learn the meaning of " Ye shall knon- the truth and the truth shall make you free. " President Vice-President Secretary LARRY JONES BILL BOOTH JEAN BEGEMAN The war kept the Assembly busy this year by taking the vice-president elected in the spring, Max Minor; by making the two-year-old student constitution obsolete as it could not conform to the trisemester plan; and by the drafting of its members necessitating a number of appointments by the president, Larry Jones. Bill Booth was appointed to the position of vice-president. Sam Minter was named chairman of the committee for the revision of the con- stitution. Georgette Covo, John C. Davis, and Bill Wilson were appointed to fill vacancies on the Assembly. Larry Jones received his degree and his commission as an Ensign in the Navy in March and was succeeded in the president ' s office by Bill Booth. Gerald Wright was appointed vice-president. STUDENTS ' ASSEMBLY ARTS AND SCIENCES Mary Gene Catlett Pat Bradbury Ben Haden John P. Thompson FINE ARTS Betty Osborn PHARMACY Maytee D. Robinson BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Bill Barnhouse ENGINEERING O. Glenn Pate Gerald Wright Thomas O. Arnold LAW Sam S. Minter EDUCATION BillieSueLawhon GRADUATE SCHOOL Melbourne (Joe) O ' Banion Second row: CATLETT, ROBINSON, O ' BANION, OSBORN, THOMI ' SOV l( lli: . Third row: LAWHON, ARNOLD, MINTER, BAKNHOUSE, WRIGHT, BRADBURY. Ult u right. CIM.I. UIMrK . HILL. STAPLETON. BOLIN. GREENFIELD. HARRIS. THE JUDICIARY COUNCIL handles contested elections and arp laws enacted by the Students- Auembly. Thi year 1 , main meeti Haden case, in which Haden. a sophomore, was seeking to beconv sociation, a post left vicant when Mai Minor did clared ineligible in a second meeting of tile CooDcil upholding the Con- prmidet that the rire-pretident nut be at lea t a junior. John Lake Hill ' of the Judiciary Council and memWrf. cere Dorothy Cillii. Annette enfield. Virginia Stapleton. Phil Bolin. Horace Chilton Harris, and Sam Winter.. THE STt DENT Bl REAL OF INVESTIGATION. hich -atche. for infringement of election ruU-. a not so buy this year i- -tudrni, .ere not allowed lo spend any money on their campaigns. Toe only case brought before it ... a charge against Phil Bolin for allowing friends to give an election party for him. The rate was decided in favor of Bolin. Serioo, infringemeot of the mle are brought to by the S.B.I Members of the S.B.I, included Betty Seen, chaii Eugene VillU. Billy Yhitearre. Edna Colson. and JOB M Ufl la rifkl: MARSE. WILLIS. CAVENDEK, SCOTT, COLSON. WHITEACRE. ' nion Ltft to right: HI.1;STKCI 1. CARROLL, CIPS Ping-Pong experts, long-hair record fiends, movie-goers, jitterbugs, magazine and newspaper readers can all relax in their favorite fashion at the TEXAS UNION, student-governed and supported campus center and focal point of University social activities. Last year the life of the Union was thought to be threatened as the Legislature passed a bill for a voluntary Union fee while students were asking for a compulsory fee. The students recognized the services and advantages of such a center, however, as forty-six percent paid in the winter and forty-eight in the spring. The life blood of the organization is the program committee which works under the sponsorship of the Union Board of Directors. The Board is made up of both faculty and student members and endeavors to fulfill its obliga- tion by giving the students " what they want when they want it. " Faculty and ex-student representatives on the board are Herschell P. Gipson, Dorothy Gebauer, John A. McCurdy, and Fred Adams. Larry Jones is chairman and other student members include A. K. Bergstrom, Nora Ann Carroll, Jean Begeman, Carolyn Carleton. Dorothy Ann Olson is director of the Union. THE DANCE COMMITTEE, headed by Ben Haden, has brought both sweet and swing music with such bands as Jack Teagarden, Fletcher Henderson, Ray Herbeck, Bennie Carter, and the San Marcos Navitones. The Longhorn Room, campus night club in the Union lounge, had its grand opening this fall in typical fashion with Cowboys acting as ushers. Members of the Dance Committee include Pat McClarney, Lucille Head, Charles V. Dunham, Kathleen Bland, Gene Stinnett, Frank Sherwood, Bob Peck. DUNHAM, BLA cCI.ARNKY, MADKN. SIIKKWOOD. IIKAD. STINNKTT. i- It i ffl THE FILM COMMITTEE with Ann Loyd as chairman brought back some old favorites for the students. " The Ghostbreakers. " " Professor. Beware. " " Topper Takes a Trip " are examples of the monthly diversion from this year ' s mass production of war films. Members of the committee are Dolena Bellinger. Bernice Barrett. Alice Andreas. 1ARRETT. LOYD, BOLLINCER, ANDREA? BERCSTROM. JACKSdV M.KM ' .HT. BARNES. OSBORN. THE MUSIC COMMITTEE directed by Betty Osborn selected both classical and popular records for the Union. The Union has two systems of records those kept for use in the music rooms, these are classical in nature: and those kept open to the stu- dent body in the Union lounge record ma- chines. Georgia Barnes. Kathryn Jackson. Joe Mcknight. A. K. Bergstrom. and Bill Elv have served on this committee. Lrtl to rifht: NEBENZAHL. GREENFIELD. DAHLBERC. ROSENW ASSER. WALKER. THE ACTIVITY FILES COMMITTEE has the job of keeping a daily record from Texan clippings of all meetings and activities of campus organizations. Annette Greenfield is chairman and other members are Doris Walker. Mildred Nehenzahl. Carol Bauman. Hazel Harbison. Doris Rosenwasser. Bett Lou Dahlbers. t L ntertainment (Committee ft to right: GRAHAM, THRASH, 1). TA YI.OK. NIPPER, WALTERS, F. TAYLOR, BRADBURY, and JEANETTE McDONALD. .jinment Committee, and Lynn Shelo 1, journalistic, and lecture Helds. cha of the They deal in big names Doris Jean Taylor, chairman of the Cultural En Forum Speakers Committee, are old hands at handling celebrities in the mu THE CULTURAL ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE brought such stars as Richard Crooks, William Primrose, Jeanette McDonald, the San Antonio Symphony. " Don Pasquale, " the Houston Symphony, and Apollo Boys Choir. The Committee operates partly on an allotment from the student blanket tax fund. Serving on the Committee this year were Charles Graham, Frances Taylor, Charlotte Walters, Cleo Nipper, Bob Thrash, Pat Bradbury, and Johnny Davis. THE FORUM SPEAKERS COMMITTEE is supported by an allot nent from the Union fee paid by students. The Committee sponsored a poll on the campus with over seven hundred requests and preferences being stated by the students. Ely Culbertson, Sinclair Lewis, Lewis Browne, Carl Sandburg, Joe Fisher, Mrs. Esther Van Wagner Tufty, and Shridharani spoke this year. Members of this Committee were Georgette Covo, Jim Marsh, Sara Dalkowitz, Ravenna Mathews, and Wayne Price. orum SON. SHEI.OB Lrjt to right: BROWN. SCOTT, BECEMAN, JONES. BOOTH. MURPHEY, WILLIAMS. CtRTIS. The President ' s Cabinet is composed of the heads of the various student government committees and acts as an advisory committee to the student president. Lam Jones. Members are Betty Scott, Bob Murphey, Bill Booth, Jean Begeman. Jo Eloise Williams and Gene Curtis. This year the i lass presidents are directing war work, and as always, doing their respective parts in Swing-Out. Helen Swanson, president oi the June class was in charge of Swing-Out as Marion Thomas, president during the fall and winter semesters was graduated in March. Swing-Out is the traditional ceremony in May in which the seniors hand the bluebonnet chain to the juniors. Charlotte Walters was president of the junior class which distinguished itself by sponsoring the signing up for canteen classes on the campus. Edna Colson. president oi the sophomores, has directed the contacting of girls in the blood bank drive. Margaret Mckean as freshman president represented her class officially at social events such as the University Ladies Club tea. Left to right: LOGAN. WILKF.. War l THE CAMPUS WAR COUNCIL with Anne Burkhart as chairman sponsored the book drive on the campus to obtain books for service men, the waste paper drive, and cooperated with the Red Cross in the Blood Donor drive. The Council sponsors war activities and coordinates the activities of other groups on the campus. Members of the Council are Marjorie Logan, Helene Wilke, Sara Dell David, Mike Carpenter, Nancy Karsteter, Frank Thomson, Jean Kirkpatrick. Mary Hamill, Jerry Murtaugh, Holda Chapa, and Elizabeth Grossman. r i A L V 1 il i i K u i ft 1 1 1 i 1 ft N 1 M 1 I 1 i y U- u M gr SOURCES OF INCOME The University of Texas is a land-otcning school and derives most of its income from the oil discovered on this land in 1923. The land is leased at a public auction and the income from the sale is placed in the University ' s permanent fund. The interest derived front investment of the permanent fund is placed in the available fund. = GRBDUflTES and SEIHORS GRADUATES BRADLEY, HOWARD BISHOP, Dallas Petroleum Engineering, HE, AIME, Departmental BREWER, WILLIAM J., Austin BRINKERHOFF, MARY HARRINGTON, Waco Journalism, KhT, 62 . Daily T, CARNAHAN, DAVID PAUL, Austin Physics, B.S. in Physics D ' HEMECOURT, GEORGE A., JR., Mercedes ESTES, DOROTHY WARDELL, New Orleans Latin American Studies, BK, ZAJI, II2A, Inter-America. EWING, LORRAINE WINTERS, Texas City Law, BK, KBH, AAA, B.A. 42, Law Review Candidate FREEMAN, MARY FRANCES, Beaumont English, Press Club, Texan Staff FUGE, WILLIAM ROBERT, JR., Austin Transportation, KS, Propeller Club GROSSMAN, MITCHELL MATTHEWS VAN NUISELEY, Austin HARDEMAN, HUNTER D., Shreveport, La. History, B.A. HOUSE, NANCY LEONA, Kingsville Economics, ZTA, YWCA, Present Day Club, Canterbury Club KLECKA, MIRO EZIDOR, Ennis Tumbling Club KOEPKE, LUTHER POOL, Austin LIGHTFOOT, REUBEN PATTON, JR., Austin Chemical Engineering, X, AIME, AICE, ACS MORGAN, MARTHA JOANNA, Dal Drama, Curtain Club president MARTIN, JERRY W., Austin McQUIGG, MARILYN, Richmond Zoology, Bluestockings PACHON-ROJAS, LUIS, Bogota, Colombia, S.A. Sanitary Engineering, M.S., Fellow, U. S. Public Health Service O ' BANION, MELBOURNE, San Antonio Psychology, X4 , Student Assembly NORWOOD, LILA RHEA, Greenville English, M.A,, Bluestockings WATSON, EUGENE PAYNE, Natchitoches, La. English, DKE, Newman Club THOMPSON, GENEVIEVE, Abilene English, Bluestockings TAPP, PAUL FRANKLIN, Fort Worth Chemical Engineering, HE, AIME, American Chemical Societ SENIORS ADAIR, BONNIE LEE, Newport, Ark. Bacteriology ADAMS, EMILY EVELYN, Bryan Art. AZ ADAMS, HAZEL EVELYN, San Antonio English nd Sociology. Sao Antonio Club, Cap and Co ADKISSON, BETTY NELL, Centerville Home Economics. AF ADKISSON, ELIZABETH GERTRUDE, Beaumont Spanish. Women Volers, Inter- American Association, fnirereity Opei AFFLERBACH, WALTERLEE MARIE, Yoakum Sociology. AKA, WICA, Newman Club. Women Votere, Women ' s Co-Operalive Association ALLESSANDRO, JOSEPHINE ANN, Houston Drama, Curtain Club ALEXANDER, RICHARD LEE, Alvin MICA, Texas Branch American Pharmaceutical Association ALISKY, MARVIN MICHAEL HOWARD, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, and Physics, A Q. AIEE. Daily Texan. Common Sense. Rusk. Club. Curtain Club. ALLEN. DOROTHY MARIE, Galveston English. Newman Club. WICA, Calveston Club. Inter-American Association, Cap ALLEN. ERNEST WHITE, Mercedes Mechanical Engineering. TBH. IIT1, ASME. Christian Science ANDERSON, DORIS MARIE, Austin Public Accounting, BBA ANDERSON, JAMES, JR., Houston Law, sen. CAP ANDREWS, JEAN, Kingsville Home Economics. Smith Hughes Plan. ZTA, Tee Club. Spooks, YWCA. Cactu I, Cap and Gown ANGEL, BERTHA LOUISE, Allen Commercial Teaching. BBA, YMCA. Women Voters. Cap and Gown ARANT, JAMES BARNETT, El Paso Chemical Engineering. KT, AlChE ARON, MERILLE, Goose Creek Personnel Management, HE, BBA. WICA, Hillel Independen AUSTIN, MARY ELIZABETH, Dallas French, Newman Club A VARY, J. D.. Meadow Economics BAIRD, CLAYTON DEWARD, Houston BALLERSTEDT, MARION JOYCE, Manor Music Education. I niversitv Musicians, Glee Club, Up and Gown, Radio H Bluebonnet Belle. FOO BALLEW, THELMA JANE, Honey Grove Home Economics, Vocational, Home Economics Club BANISTER, SYBIL CLAIRE, Austin Drama. Playwriting, f4 B. Brats, Curtain Club, Cap and Gown. BANKS. LUIS MARIA, Asuncion, Paraguay Geology PACE 35 SENIORS BARFIELD, ELON ELIZABETH, New Boston Accounting, BBA BARKER, FRANCES SCHARLEEN, Amarillo Drama, Curtain Club BARKER JIMMIE LEE, Crystal City Commercial Teaching, BBA, Cap and Gown, Reagan, Wintergarden Club, Studen Christian Association, Freshman Fellowship, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee BARNES, LULA ROSE, Kilgore Home Economics, Smith Hughes Plan BARTELS, ERNITA ELIZABETH, Taft BARTH, ADELINE ANNE, Seguin Business Administration, BBA, Wesley Foundation, Seguin Club, Glee Club, Upper class Advisor BARTHOLOW, JEAN ANITA, Dallas , Women Voters, Cactus BARTON, ELIZABETH JIM, Buda History, AAA BARTON, WILNORA, Bertram English, Bluestockings, WICA BASSLER, ELIZABETH HAASE, Temple Latin, AAA, AOII, BK, Bluestockings, Cap and Gown, Cla Club, Bluclionnet Belle Nominee BATES, E. JEAN, Houston French, KA6, YWCA LeCercle Francais, Cap and Gown, Wo BATES, JANE S., Houston Physical Education, Canter Club, Turtle Club BATES, JULIA TALMADGE, Austin Business Administration, BBA BAXLEY, WARREN WILLIAM, Big Spring English, SAX, West Texas Club, Curtain Club, Daily Tex Voters, Cactus BEAMAN, WARREN MILTON, II, Austin BECKHAM, MAYE ADELE, Enid, Okla. Physical Education, PEM, Bowling Club BEGEMAN, JEAN LUCILE, Austin bly, Women Voters, Student Association So, lii) BEGLEY, MARY LOUISE, Amarillo BEKEN, MARY HELEN, Yorktown English BEL, BETTY JANE, Corpus Christ! Home Economics, Corpus Christ! Club BELL, ELEANOR, Paris English, XS BELL, HAROLD V., Dallas Psychology BERKMAN, LUCY FAULK, Austin Home Economics, Home Economics Club BERRY, DOROTHY NELL, Lame Business Administration, AAA, EPS, BBA SENIORS BERRY, MARGARET LOUISE, Wichita Falls inistration. Plan I, KA0, BBA, Cap and Gown, Bow and Arrow BETHEA. MARGARET, DOROTHY, Temple Home Economic., Brat., Home Economic. Club, Cap and Gown. To BING, ELISE ODELL, Oakwood Home Economics, YWCA, WICA, Home Ec BLAKE, MARGARET CUMMINS, Winfield, Kans Nutrition BOLLING, RUTH ELIZABETH, Pharr English, BSU. Valley Club. Cap and Gown BONNER, ELIZABETH ANNE, Fort Worth Spanish. AAA, SAII, LeCerde Fr Inter-American Association, Wo BOONE, MARTIN HAYDEN, Crane Pre-Medical, X . AEA, HS. SBI BOSSE, WALTER FREDERICK, Port Neches Electrical Engineering, AIEE, MICA. Hogg Debate Society. Southeast Texas Club BOSWELL, LEON TOLLIVER, JR., San Benito International Trade. Latin America. IX. University Opera. Longhorn DeMol. BOWEN, BETTIE LOU, Fort Worth English. YWCA, Present Day Club, Fort Worth Club. can Association. Cap and Gown BOYCE, MARGARET CANNON, Amarillo Home Economics. Smith Hughes Plan. KAH, ON, HAH. YWC.4 Club, Mortar Board. FOO, Co-Ed Assembly BOYD, CRAIG HAMILTON, Wharton Pre-Medical. ATA. HS. H Q. Longhorn Band Club. Pierian, Sopho BOYLE, CAROLYN JOAN, San Antonio English. KhT, Co-Ed Assembly. Orange Jacket. Poona Sports President, Assembly BRADFORD, UDEL OPAL, Rocksprings Government. PHA. WICA. Women Voters. Inter-Americi Camera and Model. Club, Junior Orchesis. Cap and Gown, BRADY, DORIS JEAN, San Benito Business Administration. Management. BBA. Glee Club, Rio Grande Vail Stephens Club. Tee Club. University Opera BRAILSFORD. BETTY K., Houston Elementary Education, NLTT, ACE. YWCA. Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Awembly, Element Majors Club. Houston Club BRALY, JEAN, Waco BRENNAN, ANNA LOUISE, L ' Anse, Mich. Home Economics, Smith Hughe., WICA, Home Economic, Club. Cap and Co. BREWER. ELIZABETH ANN. Austin Bacteriology, TAA, BSU. YWCA, Forensica, I. M. Lewi. Biological Society, Nurse ' , BRIMNSTOOL. FERINEZ, Carlsbad, N. Mex. Law and Economics. UIC BRITTON, CHANDOS HURSTELL, JR.,,Mc BROADDUS. EMOGENE. Houston s si- 0 . -- CT BROCKELMANN, DOROTHY V.. Pasadena, Calif. Applied Art. A+, Brat, Magna Cum Laude Honor Society BROWDER, JACK FORRESTER, Groesbeck Business Administration, Kl, Silver Spur, YMCA. T Associ; Propeller Club, SENIORS BROWN, AVA LEE, Austin Art Education, WICA BROWN, MARTHA ANN, Austin Transportation, T B, BBA, Sophomore Club BRUNSON, DONALD LYONS, Baytov Transportation, AX, Propeller Club BRUSH, MARGARET, Austin Sociology, KKF, YWCA. Hollins Club. Women Vol BRUTON, BETTYE ANN, Dallas BUCKHORN, GLADYS ELIZABETH, Texas City BUFORD, CHESTER BRYAN, JR., Austin Chemical Engineering, A B, HS, S2XE, Camera Club, NROTC BURKHART, ELIZABETH ANNE, Archer City Camera Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Sw BURNS, MARY HELEN, Cuero English. KKF, MAS, AAA, BK, Bluesto Club, Co-Eil Assembly, Women Voters, Biol Orange Jackets, Mortar Board BUTLER, LORA MARY, San Antonio English, Xfl, Cap and Gown, Women Voters, Stephens Club, San Anto CALDWELL, DON STARR, JR., Mexia Economics, KS, NROTC, YMCA, Silver Spur, Classical Clu CALDWELL, THOMAS JONES, JR., Houston Mechanical Engineering, K, IITZ, ASME CAMPBELL, ALTA BELLE, Austin Advertising, BBA, Cap and Gown, Sidney Lanier CAMPBELL, LORAINE, Austin Business Administration, BBA, WICA, YWCA, BSU, C CAMPBELL, MARJORIE RUTH, Re ing Springs CAMPBELL, ROBERT MONROE, JR., Beau Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Southeast Texas Club Voters, Cap and Gown, CARDWELL, THELMA ESTELLE, Austin General Accounting, BBA CARLETON, CAROLYN JANE, Houston Art Education, r B, PHA, Bow and Arrow, W ome CARLETON, WILLIAM FRANKLIN, Austir Electrical Engineering, AIEE CARR, MARY LOUISE, Victoria bonnet Belle No CARRINGTON, FRANCES, Dallas Economics, KKP, YWCA, Hockaday, Worn. Pierian, Cap and Gown, Le Cercle Frnncais, CARROLL, NORA ANN, Beaumont CASS, MARY NELL, Mount Pleasant Sociology, A , X, YWCA, Present Day, Cap and Gown, We CAUSEY, DOROTHY JEAN, Austin Chemistry, AAA, IEJI, BK, WICA, Freshman and ] PACE 38 SENIORS CHANDLER, BILLIE JANE, Corpus Christi English. A . Present Day. Reagan, Women Voters, Corpu, Christi Club CHANDLER, CAROLYN, Austin Secretarial, BBA, WICA. BSU CHATMAS, DOROTHY, Hearne English. A . AAA, AKA, YWCA, Mortar Board, Bluestockings, Sidney Canterbury Club, Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Assembly, Cactus, Press Club, Blu CHEATAM, JANE FILES, Waxahachie Government, IIB+, IIZA, HE, AKA, BK, FOO. YWCA, Wome Board CHERVENKA, CALVIN COOLIDGE, Rogers Aeronautical Engineering. IIT2, lAeS, Czech Club CHEW, JU-NAM, El Paso CLARK, GEORGE MARVIN, JR., Pittsburg Mechanical Engineering, TBII, t Hl. IITI, ASME, Wesley Foundation CLEMENS, HELEN LOUISE, Houston History, HB . YWCA. Panhellenic. Women Voter?, Poona CLIFFORD, NACE MATTHEW, Wichita Fa Management, UK. MICA COCHRAN, DORIS MARIE, Sanderson Physical Education, PEM. WICA. YWCA. Present Day COLEMAN, JOE R., Goodwell, Okla. COLQUITT, BILLIE JO, Waskom Bacteriology, WICA, Inter-Co-Op Council, Secret. Students Cooperation CONE, MARY FRANCES, Dallas Home Economics, A . Women Voters, Cactu CONLISK, CAROLYN KATE, Brownwood English, AAII, YWCA, Reagan, Cap and Gown, Glee Club CONWAY, MARY ALICE, Mission Sociology, Advisor Littlefield, Sidney Lanier. Cap and Gown COOK, MARY NEES, Beaumont COON, MARY VIRGINIA, Homestead ers. Light Opera. Southeast COTTINGHAM, KATHERINE MEEK, Houston ,t.ry Education, IIB , FOO. YWCA. Cap and Gown. Co-Ed Asse mbly, Cact, Major ' s Club , . , . Belle Nominee, Elementary Educati COTTLE, NELL MAURICE, Moran Secretarial Science, AAA, BBA, WICA. Upperclass A.Ki-.r COVO, GEORGETTE ELAINE, San Antonio COVO, JACQUELINE MARIE, San Antonio Geology, Glee Cl Bluebonnet Bel 8, BK, AAA, YWCA, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Cap and Gown, Ashbel, Cactus, Co-Ed Assembly. Sweetheart of Architectural School. Nominee, Sweetheart Nominee COWLEY, LOIS ELAINE, Alamo Public Accounting, BBA. Rainbow Club. Rio Grande Valley CRADDOCK, SUE, Austin Business Administration CRADIT, BETTY ROSE, Amarillo SENIORS CRANSTON, PATSY LOU, Fort Worth Journalism. AXQ, Touche, Radio House, Press Club CRAVEN, NANCY BUSH, Greenville English CRAWFORD, STANLEY EVERETT, Dallas Pre-Medical, AEA, Tejas Club, Business Manager Glee Ciub CRITZ, MARY ELLA, Teague Physical Education, WICA, PEM CROSS, MALCOLM EWELL, Fort Worth Chemical Engineering, NROTC CROWE, SALLY CHARLOTTE, Corpus Christi English. AAII, t ' BK. 1AII. Cap and Gown. Curtain Club, B Bluestockings, Corpus Christi Club. DAR CUERVO-ARAOZ, GABRIEL, Bogota, Colombia Petroleum Engineering, TBH, AIME, National Geographic Society, Intcr-American As CULLUM, KIKI, Fort Worth Accounting. AXQ. Touche CUMBIE, LELAND FRANKLIN, Fort Worth History, NROTC CUMMINGS, AARON, Alto Petroleum Engineering, AIME CURBY, BILLIE TOM, Austin Psychology, ZTA. Cap and Gown, Won CURBY, MARTHA SUE, Dalla CUTHBERTSON, MARGARET, Austin HUMII. " Administration, BBA DALE, THOMAS FENTON, Iowa Park Zoology DALKOWITZ, SARA LOUISE, Pearsall Government, f BK. AAA. 1I1A. All ' . WICA. Mo.tar Board. Cap anil Gown, Forensica. Hillel Foundation. Women Voters, Co-Ed Assembly, Debate, Blucbonnet Belle Nominee DALLMEYER, DOROTHY MARIE, Brenham Secretarial Training. AAII, BBA. HE, YWCA, Cap and Co Day Club, Glee Clu DANIEL, BETTY ELAINE, Dalla Elementary Education, ACE, PEM. Cap a Brats, Spooks DANIEL, NELL, Port Neches Business Administration, BBA, WICA, YWCA, Cap and Gown, Southe DAVIDSON, JOHN BERRY, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, AIEE, IRE DAVIDSON, MARILLA THOMPSON, New London DAVIS, ALMA LOUISE, Dallas Banking and Finance, AAA, YWCA, Touche DAVIS, FRANCES ELAINE, Austin Zoology, A , TAA, YWCA, Bluebonnet Belle No DAVIS, JOHN CRITTENDEN, San Antonio DAVIS, MARY ERNESTINE, Brownwood Journalism, 91 , Daily Texan, Bluestockings SENIORS DAVIS. NEIL, Thorndale Electrical Engineering +tt, AIEE. VMCA. MICA. BSU, Longhorn Band. Ramshorn DAMS, THOMAS OLIVER, Center Petroleum Engineering. KA, AIME DEAHL, MARY JANE. Austin Busine Adn.icistr.tioD. A+. BBA. YWCA, Cap and Gown. CanteAn Palo Pinto Parker County Club DEAN. ANNE, Longview Pirn,. Cap and Gown. Rusk, Glee Club. University Singers. University Musician DELGADO-VEGA, ENRIQUE, C. Madero, Tamps, Mex. Bacteriology. Club De Mexico. Intramural Athletics DEMENT. JEANNE. Meridian, Miss. Business Administration. Plan I. AX2. BBA. YTTCA. Poona. Cap and Go n. DENNY, BEN WTTCHER, Childress Pre- Medical. AEA DERRICK, A. L, JR, Comyn Petroleum Engineering. ROTC. AIME. Co.bovs. Vice-President of Junior NROTC Cla . DESHONG, MRGINIA RUTH, Paris English. TICA , SALLIE LEE, Ravmomfrille Home Economics. Curtain Club. Clee Club. Home DEY. VIRGINIA DOROTHY, Savannah, Ga. Accounting. YWCA. Cap and Gown, Vesley Foundation DLXON, GERALD JUDSON. Winters Chemical Engineering. AlChE DIXON, HAROLD WINSTON, Wintere Cbemical Engineering. AlChE DOAK. KATHRYN MAE, Claude Commercial Teaching. BBA DODD, LUCY JANE. English. RB . TSO, Southeast T DOUGLASS. EMILY JANE, Houstor Physical and Health Education. AAA. I ' TSA. - DUNLAP. JULIA ADELLA, Cleburne Orchestra. Radio House. Curtain Club DUNLAP, VERA LUCILLE, Austin Home Economics. Light Opera. Home Economic. Club DURHAM. FRANCES EVELYN. Piano Pedagogy. AAII. University Musicians. University Singer DYE. CHARLES CONRAD. Seattle, Wash. Petroleum Engineering. AXA. Silver Spun DYER. JAMES DILLARD, JR., Lamesa DYER. TENNIE M.. Piano. University Musiriir ECKEY. WINIFRED JEANETTE. Newton Music Education. University Musicians. Monitor Club, University Chorus. Opera Company EDENS. ELIZABETH ANN. Fort Worth Home Economics, AAH. IIA8. ON " . Cap and Con, Fort Worth Club, Co-Ed SENIORS EDWARD, MARY FRANCES, Austin Zoology, ZTA, Reagan, Panhcllenic, Brats ENDERLE, DONALD LESTER, Fredericksburg Zoology, Longhorn Band ENGEL, GENEVIEVE, Asherton FAIRBAIRN, BEULAH MARGARET, Corpus Chri: FARIS, MARGARET HELEN, Austin Home Economics, A , Panhellenic, Ownooch, Poona FARMER, HELEN, West Columbia Latin American Economics, ZTA, YWCA, Womer FARNUM, LAURA MARIE, Dallas Institutional Management, WICA, Cap and Gown FARRIS, DOROTHY VERNELLE, Austin FEATHERSTON, CHARLES HENRY, Wichita Falls FENNER, MARJORIE NELL, Edna FENSKE, CARL WERNER, San Antonio Civil Engineering, A SCE FERTITTA, MARIETTA AGNES, Beaumont Spanish, 2AII, Cap and Gown, Newman Club, Inter-Ameri FINDLEY, WILLIAM EDWARD, JR., Dallas Petroleum Engineering, KA, A1ME FINLEY, DEAN, Austin FITZGERALD, HELEN CAROLYN, Austin Home Economics, KA9, YWCA, Home Economics Club, Cac FLAVIN, ARTHUR WILLIAM, Houston Transportation, A2II, MICA, Inter-American Association, Propeller FLEISCHHAUER, EMMA AUGUSTA, Riesel Commercial Education, FA, BBA, WICA FLOYD, MARY NELL, Benavides FOCHT, JOHN ARNOLD, JR., Austin FORD, BOONIE, Dayton Zoology, YWCA, WICA FRANCIS, LILLIAN CRAIG, Luling Psychology, IIB . BK, Sill, YWCA. DAR, mmn V FRANKLIN, MARY LEE, Dallas Music Education, Glee Club, University Singers FRAZIER, VIOLET KAY, Corpus Christi History, WICA, Corpus Christi Club FREDERICK, CHARLES ROBERT, Houstc Mechanical Engineering, ASME SENIORS FREUND, CARL rL, West Journalism. MICA, Daily Teian FRIEDEL, BETTL Graham Drama. Curtain Club, Radio Hoe FRIEDELL, " PEGGY " MAUDE. Austin English, HB+, Brats. Bluestockings. Cap and Gown. Forensica. NROTC Quee. FRIEDMAN, LORY, Fort Worth English. Cap .nd Corn. Fort Worth Club, and Model Club. Cumin Club. Stephens Club FRIEDRICHS, BETTIE JO, Austin Business Administration. Advertising, BBA. WICA. YWCA. Curtain Club, Brat,, Ca Gown. Rainbow Club. Bluestocking . Bluebonnet Belle Nominee FRITZ, HARRY WILBUR, JR Cumberland, Mi oe. Bluestockings. Women Ye FUTORAXSKY. IRIS GENE, Tyler Drama. J.AT. Curtain Club. Radio Hillel. Cap and Gown GAMBLE. VIRGINIA BELLE, Lubbock Piano. University Musicians, University Symphony, Wesley GAMBRELL, JOSIE FRANCIS, Lockhart GANTT. JEAN MAROAH. San Antonio FJnentarr Education. KBT. HAO. Panlx-lleni.-. GARCIA. ALICIA. McAIIen Pharmacy, KE. Toucbe. Latin American Club. APhA GARRETT, DE VERE ANN, Dallas Latin-American Trade. BBA. YWCA, WICA. Dallas Club, Inter-American Association GARYEY. ELAINE HENRIETTA, Austin Piano, fnrrenil? Musici.B!.. L ' nixeri-ily Singers GERHARDT, LOUIS S., Austin Hillel Fo GIBSON, LUCY ELLEN. Sherman Journalism and English. 6I+, YWCA. Mortar Bo.rd. Orange Jackets. Bluestockings. Athbel. Women Voters, Pre. Club. Daily Texan. Bluebonaet Belle Nominee, Who ' Who in Colleges, 30 Club GIBBS. BETTY FRANCES, Austin Business Administration. Plan II, WICA. YWCA. Segoin Club, Wesley Foundation. Cap and Com. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee GILLIS, DOROTHY, Del Rio English. ZT . Y CA. Ashbel, O.To -Ed A embly, Wo GILLMORE, CURRY WILLIAM. Dallas Economics. Common Sense. Board of Directors of I Diversity GOES. CLARENCE C, Austin Electrical Engineering. AIEE. Loognorn Bud GOLDSMITH. WERNER. Mount Ytrnon, N. Y Mechanical Engineering. +HI. HT1. ASME. MICA. Hil GOODRICH. LOUISE MAYON. Pharmacy. KE. APhA, Panhandle Club, M GOSSAGE. MARY CLAIRE, San Juan Pre-Medical. DAR. Rainbov Club. Valley Club GOULD, JOHN DAVID, JR Gonzales Geology. YMCA. Masonic Lodge. GOWEN. VIRGINIA RA. B, Shreveport, La. Zoology. AT. UTSA. YWCA, Turtle Club, L ' pperciaa. Advisor. Co-Ed Victory Corps, SENIORS GRAHAM, CHARLES RUFUS, San Angelo Leader. West Texas Club, Silver ' Spur, Hogg Debate. Football Naval " riOTc ' j GRAHAM, JULIA ANITA, Austin English, ZTA, Cap and Gown, Panhellenic, Classical Club GREEN, MARGARET ANN, Hillsboro GREENFIELD, ANNETTE LOUISE, Housto )men Voters, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Sidney Lanier GREENWOOD, BILLY SHERROD, Wichita Falls GRIMES, MARY DEAN, Cleveland Sociology, ZTA, Stephens Club GROSSE, WILL ALEX, Bartlett Mechanical Engineering GRUMKE, NEYSA MARCEILE, Wimberley Sculpture GULLEY, FRANCES VIRGINIA, San Antonio Home Economics, Home Economics Club, WICA, Inter Co-Op Council, BSU GURLEY, ORA MARY, Happy Elementary Education, ZTA, Women Voters, Association of - handle Club HAGY, GEORGE W., San Antonio Zoology, KA HAIR, CHARLES LA MARR, Electn Electrical Engineering HALBOUTY, ROSALIE HELEN, Beaumont Drama Education, HAG, WICA, Cap and Gown, Curtain Club HALL, LEWIS WRAY, T ulsa, Okla. Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Tejas Club HALL, SEIDEL SEALE, JR., Austin Civil Engineering. ASCE, MICA, YMCA, Ramshorn Association HAMANN, BERNADINE VIOLA, Taylor Home Economics, WICA, Cap and Gown, Home Economic- Club HAMILTON, HOPE, Wichita Falls HAMNER, MARJORIE LOUISE, San Angelo Home Economics. AIM, ON. YWCA, Home Economics Wesley Foundation HANDLEY, ANNA EVA, Mexico City, D.F. HANNA, E. JEAN, Baytown Government, UTSA, Touche, Common Sense. Women Vt HANSEN, BILLIE MIGNON, Victoria HARDIN, HARRIET, Brownsville Home Economics, Smith Hughes, Home Econon HARDT, ROSEMARY MARSH, Austin English, BK, Cap and Gown. Bluestockings HARLAN, MILDRED FLORENE, Beaumo Home Economics, BSU SENIORS HARMON, NITA KARL OTT, Dallas Law, WICA. V ' CA. DAR. Prevent Day Club. W. HARPER, JOHN J., San Angelo Economics. Glee Club. West Teias Clob. Radio House. NROTC Drill Plat HARPIN, ETHEL MARIE, Harlingen Botany and Bacteriology, YWCA, Rainbow Club. Cap and Com M. Lewis Biological Societ HARRAL. IVA ALINE. Fort Stockton Home Economic . Clothing F B. Panhellenic. Home Economic. Club HARRELL, HELEN RUTH, Sanderson Business Administration HARRIS, CLARA LOUISE, Austin French. KKT. AAA. YWCA. LISA. Ashbel. Racket Club, fllai Cl Gown, Austin Club HARRIS, RICHARD WALKER. San Angelo HARRISON, JOHN B., Dallas Petroleum Engineering. Tejas, HE. AIME. Cowboys HART. ALYIN VAN PELT, Austin Liberal Art . Plan II, Canterbury Club HATHORN, SHIRLEY, Wichita Falls Physical Education, PEM, Tee Club HAWKINS, JERRY ALFRED. Austin Electrical Engineering, HKN, +HL. A1EE HEARD, CARRIE JEANETTE, Orange Journalism, Daily Teian, Bluetlocking HEARE. HELEN GRACE, Port Arthur Zoology HEARN, HAZEL, Bryan ninislration. AAA. AAA. BBA, Ashbel. Up HEDRICK, ELINOR MAY, Midland Spanish, AT, SAH, Vomen Voter, KEEP, DOROTHY JANE, Austin En t li,h. KAG. YCA. Bow and Arro. Debate Squad, Upperclaet HEIMAN, JOHN LEWIS, Garwood Business Administration. Transportation. MICA. YMCA. Ex-Serricemen - peller Club, Piwbylerian League, Basketball. Intraniunl. HEINEKE, OLEIS MARION, Brenham Business Administration. Transportation. AZ. BBA. LSA. Rainbow Club HEMPE. ARTHUR R-, Chicago, ITL Chemical Engineering, 9 HEMPEL, JACQUELINE SYLMA. Gakeston Physical Education, WICA. PEM. TSO. Orcheiu HEMPHILL, FRANCES LOUISE, Dallas English. KKI ' . Cap and Coon. Dallas Club HENDERSON. LOISE DOUGLAS, Houston History, KAO, FOO. Racket Club, ' Freshman Fellowship. Cap and Gown. Houston Club HENRY. SARA VIRGINIA. Mercedes Education, Cap and Gown. Present Day HERALD, ELIZABETH ANNE, Austin Geology. AJtO. Bluestockings. Cap and Gown, Smilodon. Sidney Lanier SENIORS HERNDON, BETTY JANE, Dallas Sociology, Campus League of Women Voters HERRINGTON, MARY MARGARET, Corpus Christ! ' Business Administration, BBA, Present Day, Upperclass Advisor HICKMAN, JOHN PINKNEY, San Antonio Chemical Engineering, Tennis Team Captain HICKS, HELEN RUTH, Wa HIGASHI, LOUI E M., Salinas, Calif. HILKER, DOROTHY CORNELIA, San Antonio Sociology, AAA, YWCA, Bit and Spur, Women Voters, C sto.-kinfi . Cap and Gown HILL, JOHN LUKE, JR., Kilgore Debate and Battle of Flowers, Law Club, W HILL, LAURA LAVERNE, Kilgore Government, Xtt, H1A, Reagan, Forensica, Cum Laude HILL, LILLIAN LELA, Hallettsville Physical Education, WICA, PEM, UTSA, Bowling Club HILL, MARY ANN, Little Rock, Ark. Home Economics. XS2, YWCA, Cap and Gown, H HILL, VIRGINIA, Port Neches HIRSCH, NOLAN, San Antoni Geology, ZFE, AIME HODDE, RUTH VIRGINIA, Brenham Home Economics, AZ, ON, Bluestockings. Home Economics Clu HODGE, HENRY POPE, JR., Wichita Falls Business Administration, Plan I, B9II, ASP, Cowboys, HODGES, MARVIN, JR., Goldthwaite Mechanical Engineering, ASME HOFFMANN, EDWARD JOHN, San Antonio HOLLAND, DOROTHY LEE, Wichita Falls Physical Education, IU8. WICA, PEM, UTSA, YWCA, Cap and Gown, We HOLLAND, JACQUELYNN, Athens Sociology, KKP, YWCA, Cap and Gown, Nurst HOLLAND, MARY LOREEN, Houston Geology, AF, YWCA, AIME, Smiledon, Orchesis, Touche HOLLAND, MILDRED LYNDA, Mabank nal Management. AZ, PHA, YWCA, Ho HOLLE, KATHRYN MARILYN, Troup Home Economics, A . YWCA, Cactus, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, HOLLINGSWORTH, FRANCES MARCILE, Teague Chemistry, TAA, HIT, WICA HOLT, JEAN ESTELLE, Lubbock Chemistry HORNAK, ANNA FRANCES, College Station English, APA, Czech Club SENIORS (task. Campus War Council, Inter- HOUSE, OPAL, Jasper Costume Designing. WICA, Camera Club. Cap and Cora. Women HOWARD, A. R., JR, San Antonio Journalism. +KZ. A+Q. LAX, YMCA, Daily Teian. fraternity Council. Upperclass Council BOWSER, DOROTHY, Wichita Falls French. AXQ. Clascal Club. Women Voters. B HUEY. F. B., Denton Business Administration. Plan II. 8H HUGHES, MARY LOUISE, Woodville Elen.ent.ry Education. ZTA. ACE. Pzatlyi. Ashbel. Southeast Tews Club. Ride Club, Pan. hellenic. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee HUGHES, MONA FREDERICK, Spur Journalism. M HURLEY, BARBARA LEIGH, Houston Oology. r+B. Co-Ed Assembly. Cap and Gown, Orchesis, Smilodon. HULLLM. REBA HELEN. Austin English, WICA. Bluestockings HYMAN, SHIRLEY REBECCA, Lufkin Sociology. AKA. Lf Cercle Franeais, Cap and Covn ISAACS, ANNABETH, Fort Worth Journalism. JvKT. Bluestockings. Cap and Gown. Worth Club. Pierian. Poona JACKSON. ANNE RUTH, Rockport Elementary Education, and English. HAG. ACE. WICA. YWCA. Cap and Coon JACOBS, BETTY CLAIRE. Hou English Edwation. A E. Present Day Club. JAMES, DOROTHY, G Journalism. WICA. Daily Tei JAMES. MARY JOSEPHINE TURNER, Dallas JAMES. ROBERT M.. Austin Mechanical Engineering, A+Q. ASME. University Fencing JARAMILLO. MIGUEL. Medellin, Columbia Petroleum Engineering. Inler-Ameriran Association. Vm JENKINS. ELDERA DEE, Devers Physical Education. PEM. IVCF, WIC4. JENNINGS, JANE BATJER, Abilene English. KKP. FOO. Ashbel. Bluestockings. West Texas Club. Cap and Cora JOHNSON. ANN LOUSE GENORA, Manor Home Economics. Home Demonstration and Teacher Education. Home Economics Cli JOHNS )N. FRANCES ELEANOR, Denison JOHNSON. JOHN EDWARD, Mineral Plan II. FFC. Common Sense, Athenae JOHNSON, JOHN RLFFIN. JR., Houston JOHNSON, MAXINE ROEBUCK, Hou Business Administration. A-1I1. BBA. Cap and Gown. Present Day Club. Carother ' , Council JOHNSON. RAYMOND LEONARD, El Campo Chemical Engineering. TBH. QXE. AT. HE, AIChE, ACS SENIORS JONAS, SYLVIA, Austir JONES, EDWARD JEFFERSON, Houston Chemical Engineering, Tejas, MICA, AIChE JONES, THEODORE LAWRENCE, Dallas Business Administration, Tcjas, BF2, HS, .NROTC, tion. Friars, Cowboys, Rogues JURESCO, IRVING, Los Angeles, Calif. English, " ' i Hi:, TLOK KARSTETER, OLA MAY WAGNER, Bellevue Sociology, AKA, WICA KAUF, ROBERT, Austin Chemistry, BK, HS, AEA, Assistant, Department KAUFMAN, WARREN FREDERICK, Round Rock Aeronautical Engineering, Af 0, MICA, YMCA, Institute of Aero KEITH, IRENE ELIZABETH, Houston KEITH, LETITIA ROSALYN, Wichita Falls KEITH, MARTHA JANE, Beaumont KELLER, LEONA MARGARET, Bryan Home Economics, Smith Hughes Plan, Home Economics Club KELLOGG, SARA KATHERINE, Houston KELLEY, ALEC ERVIN, Pharr Chemistry, AT KELLY, HELEN JUANITA, Austin Physical Education, WICA, PEM, IntramuraU KELLY, MARY GENE, Austii KELSO, SAMMYE MARGUERITE, Gatesville Sociology, M, YWCA, Cap and Gown, Cactus, Curtain Club, We Pn-.bytrrian Student League KENDALL, RUTH HARLAN, Houston Home Economics, Smith Hughes, M, HAG, ON, AAA, Turtle Cli Economics Club, Women Voters, Presbyterian Student League KENNON, ISHAM GEORGE, JR., Cleburne Mechanical Engineering, Tejas, IITZ, TBIT, H, ASME. Longho KIHARA, HAYATO, Camp Savage, Minn. KINSOLVING, CAREY LEIGH, Corsicana KIRKLEY, ISABEL BARNES, Camden, N. J. English KIRKLEY, JOHN BEAUCHAMP, Joplin, Mo. Chemistry and Pre-Medkal, K KLEIN, TEDDY ALEX, Tomball Transpo Cultura KLINGELHOEFER, MARY LOUISE, Fredericksburg Home Economics, Interior Decoration, Cap and Gown, YWCA, Up Lutheran Student Association SENIORS KNIGHT, BETTE JANE, Houston Spanish, Latin-American Institute KOLAR, MILDRED ELIZABETH, Nixon Accounting, BBA, Newman Club. Cap and Gown, Freshi KOY, DOUGLAS JULIUS, Sealy Economic., H1. +BK. APO. TLOK. Wesley Foundation, Inter-Co Op Council. Student Cooperative Buying Association Board of Directors KREISLE, LEO.NARDT FERDLNAND, Austin Architectural Engineering. HI, TZ , XE. TBII. ASCE. YMCA, Ramshoru, Sphinx Club. Association of Student Architects, Associate Editor of " Journal of Architecture, Engineering and Industry. " Instructor KUEHN, LOUIS FREDERICK, Galveston Zoology, +H1. AEA. MICA, Tipton Cooperative LACY, LUdLE COOPER, Waco History. KKT, YWCA, FOO. Hockaday Club, Cap and Gown. Stephen! Club, Nurse ' s Aide LAIRD, LOIS SHIRLENE, Kilgore Sociology, JQ, Stephens Club LAMB, ELEANOR HOWE, Austin Drama. Radio House. Curtain Club LANDMAN, PAULINE CECILLE, Fort Worth Elementary Education. IAT. YWCA, AWVS. Fort Worth Club, Association of Childhood Education LANG, VIVE ELIZABETH, Miami, Fla. Sociology, AKX YWCA. Forum Speaker. ' Committee. Turtle Club. Daily TeMn. Ranger. Cartus LARSEN, MCTORL FRANCES, Galveston Music. Piano and Music Education. Upperclass Advisor, Newman Club. University Musicians. University Singers, University Symphony Orchestra, Clee Club. Light Opera LARSON, HELEN L., Dallas rretarial. BBA. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee LAWLER, WILLIAM TRIGG, Greenville Chemical Engineering, AlChE. BSU LEARY, ALICE GORDON, Laredo English, IIA9. WICA. YWCA. Mortar Board, Pxatlyj, LEE, DAN HENRY, Texarkana History. K2 LEEPER, MARILYN, Fort Worth Foreign Language and Relations, AAH, Company ,AA. IAH. Curtain Club. Radio House, Light Opera LEGETT, MARTIN PAULSEN, Corpus Christi Chemistry. MICA, YMCA. Corpus Christi Club LEWIS, LEZETTE LODELL, Midlothian Home Economics. Teacher Education and Home Demonstration. Home Economics Club, Home Economics Guidance Council. Co-Operative Association LINNARD, DOROTHY ANN, Pharr Commercial Education, BBA LOCKE, MARY ANN, Gladewater Commercial Teaching, BBA. WICA. Cap and Gown LOCKHART, HELEN JANE, San Antonio Business Administration, AAII. BBA, YWCA. Bow and Arrow. P.nbellenic, Blue- LOGAN, LUCIA ROBSON, La Grange Sociology. AKD. ICA. Present Day Club. F Pierian. Cap and Gown. Inter- American Associa LONG, JACQUELAINE, Austin Zoology LOTT, MARY HARRIET, Navasota Chemistry, AXQ. FOGN, YWCA. DAR, Touche, Canterbury Club. Orientation Com- mittee SENIORS LOVELESS, JIMMY ERLE, Stamford LOVELESS, LOYAL EDWIN, JR., Stamford Chemistry, H, Tejas, NROTC, Silver Spur, LaVerne Noye. LOYD, ELEANOR ANN, Dallas Journalism, A , YWCA, Cap and Gown, Women V LUEDEMANN, JEWELL KATHLEEN, Schulenburg Government, AAH, YWCA, Cap and Gown, Cactus, Present Day Club, Inter-America. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee LYONS, EFFIE CAMILLE, San Antonio Elementary Education, ACE, BSU McBEE, SUE URSULA BRANDT, Austin Journa lism, 92 . WICA, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Daily Tex Pierian, Bluebonnet Belle .Nominee, Who ' s Who in American Colleges McBRIDE, WILLIAM EDWARD, Boling Mechanical Engineering McCALLAM, DORIS MAY, San Antonio Home Economics. Home Economics Club, louche. Present Day, Brats McCULLOUGH, SALLY TRUEHEART, Galveston English. KKF, YWCA, Cap and Gown, Hockaday Club MCELROY, CAROL RUTH, Austin Bacteriology, 4 BK, AAA McEWEN, JOANNE, Dallas Psychology, KKT, YWCA, Women Voters, Dallas Club McGEE, JEAN, George West Home Economics, Smith Hughes Plan, Home Eco McINNIS, MARY ANN, Brownwood English McLAURIN, BANKS, JR., Austin President McMILLIAN, EARL THOMAS, Houston Business Administration, ATS), Cowboys, Boxing Club, Footbal: McNEEL, HAROLD JORDAN, Austin Aeronautical Engineering, MICA, lAeS, ASME, Ra orn, Tumbling Club McREYNOLDS, BILLY, Seymour English, NROTC, A Cappella Choir, Radio Workshop MACORRA, JOSE-CARLOS, DE LA, Mexico D.F., Me MAGEE, MARY LOUISE, Donna Art, Cap and Gown MAGINOT, ROBERT WENDELL, San Angelo Zoology, MICA, Texas Academy of Science, American Society of Bacteriologists, We lYv,. Chi MAGLIOLO, JOE, JR., Galveston Chemical Engineering, Ramshorn, Freshman and Sopho Team, Football Lelterman MAGUIRE, JACK RUSSELL, Denison Journalism, IAX, Editor of Daily Texan, Editor of Laz MAHLER, IDA LOUISE, Gonzales ship Club, Tennis MALMSTROM, LEONA LUCILLE, Austin SENIORS MANSFIELD. RUTH, San Angelo E lish. KKT MAREK. MARJORIE, Brenham Drama Education. Curtain Club. Canterbury Club MARSH, J.AMES GALBRAITH, Milwaukee, Wis. Business Administration. Management. AIP, +HII, APO. MICA. YMCA. S.I.E Election Judge. Hogg Debate. Oratorical Association, I MARSHAL. JANE LYNETTE, Baytown Hoase Economics, Home Economics Club. YWCA. Cap .d Con MARSHALL, MARY AMELIA, Franklin English. YWCA. WICA. Cap and COM, Women Vo MARTIN. GARLAND NED. Edinburg Chemistry. QXE, AIChE. MICA. NROTC. Ri e Club MARL LLO. FRANK CLAYVILLE, Houston ,1. Glee Club, Light Opera Club. MICA. Campus Guild MASON. CORNELIA ALLEN, Dayton BBA. WICA. YWCA. Women Voters, Southwest T MASSINGILL, GEORGE SHAFFER, Comanche MATTHEWS. MARIE CELESTE. pani-h. IAI1. Cap and Com. Inter-American MATTHEWS, WTLLJAM FALVEY, Ain MONDAY. H. B.. Lovelady MOORE, ALICE, Longview Journalism. YWCA. DAR. Cap and Con. 1 Club, Rusk-Gregg Counties Club. Bluebonnet MEECE. ROGER MONROE, Livingston Bacteriology MEREDITH, KATHRYN ANN. Austin Journalism. WICA, Pres. Club METZGER. ELMER W JR., Dallas Pharmacy. American Pharmaceutical Association, Dal la Club MEYER. FRANCES ELIZABETH, Kilgore MILES. SUE. Midland Itnrinrm Administration. ZTA. BBA. FOO. Reagan. MILLER, ALVIE DELTA TURNER, Thorndale Latin-American Trade. BBA MILLER, FRANCES LOUISE, San Antonio Commercial Teaching. BBA. UTSA. YWCA. Mortar Board. Cap and Gown. W, Voters. Orchesis. Upperclas Club MILLER. ROBERT LAMBIE, Austin Physics. 4 BE. I+E. +HZ, YMCA. Classical Club. Physics Grader MILLS, LUCIA VIRGINIA, Port Arthur Latin American Trade. BBA. Stephens Club. W MILLS, MARY ELIZABETH. Port Arthur Home Economics. Smith Hughes Plan. A+, Home MILLS. MARY LOU, Austi Home Economics. A+. YWCA. Pit SENIORS MOORE, CLOE RUTH, Pharr MOORE, MARY CLAIRE, Austin Applied Art MOORE., VIRGINIA REE, Yoakum Chemistry, WICA, YWCA, Curtain Club, Orchesis MOORHEAD, SARAH LENORA, Austin Business Administration, Secretarial, BBA MORITZ, MELVIN JAMES, Port Arthur Pre-Medical MORRIS, ESTELLA GARNETT, Spearman Home Economics, ON, WICA, Home Economics Club MUCKLEROY, EARL1NE, Houston MULLINS, ALMA JUANITA, Austi Psychology, AET, HAG, Cap and Gown, Dail MURCHISON, MARY ELIZABETH, Palestir History, IIB , AKA, Upperclass Advisor MURPHY, PATRICIA MILDRED, Dallas Day Club, Boek da? Club, Da lT Club ' Dany " NACOL, MARY REGINA, Port Arthur NEELY, FLORENCE, Amarillo Businei Co- Ed NEWKIRK, HELEN JANE, Houstor Sociology, AAA, NUTT, YWCA, Cap and Co ' NICHOLS, JEAN WILLARD, Fort Worth Spanish, AAII, Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Present Day Club, Inter NIPPER, CLEO ARTHUR, Lefors NIPPER, MARY KATHRYN, Brackettville Tur ' tlTciub " " " ' NORWOOD, MILDRED JOI, Wichita Fa NUNNALLY, ROY STEWART, Austin Chemical Engineering, A f S2, AIChE, Assistant in Departn Applied Math. O ' HARA, FRANCES LILLIAN, Diboll OKA, HAROLD HIROSHI, Spokane, Wash. Mechanical Engineering, ASME OLANDER, JOHANNA, Hutto Nutrition and Institutional Management, WICA. Cap and Gown, I Students Association. Co-Ed A inihK. Horn,- Economics Club OLCOTT, ELINOR JUNE, Houston Home Economics, Interior Decoration, IIB f . ON, Home Eco Hollins Club, Women Voters, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee OLDS, A. Y., Crowell ORINOVSKY, IDA, Gonzales PACE 52 SEMDHS OTA, ALICE MASA, Austin Chemistry. H.U, WICA, Cap and Con. Wesley Foundation OTTO, GERTRUDE HEBERTA, Taylor Home Economics. Smith Hughes Plan. WICA. Cap and Com. Home Aembly. Glee Club. Lutheran Student, Aviation OWEN, ALFRED BODDEN. JR.. Houston Mechanical Engineering. Tejai MICA. ASME OWENS. MARY MARGARET, Arlington Speech. AZ. Cap and Go.n. Co-Ed Assembly. Rainbow Club ' OWENS. VIRGINIA MARY, Austin ition. AAE PARKER. BENJAMIN JABE. Carthage Sneering. ASME. Intramural PARKS. ETTA GRACE, Somerville An Education PARRISH. PETER PRINCE. Downers Grove, DL Electrical Engineering, KI. A1EE. rUmshora PATE. OSCAR GLENN. Hemphill Chemical Engineering, TBII. +A+, +HI. QXE. APO, Al Coboy . Engineering Aemblyman NROTC. MIC . PATTERSON. BLANCHE ELIZABETH. Fort Worth Spanish. ATA. HZI PATTERSON. JAMES EDWARD. Austin Truuportmtion PATTON. PETER CAUSE. Dallas Rtniei Administration. Transportation. ASH, NROTC. Propeller Club PAYNE. GRAYDON WESLEY, Fort Worth Pharmacy PEALE. WILLIAM F.. JFL, Austin Electrical Engineering. AIEE PEARCE. MIRIAM HALL. Abilene PELPHREY. ROSE MARIE, Gladewater i Volrrs. Tee Club. Freshman lowdup. Rk-Cregg Club. PELS. JO ANNE. Temple Piano Pedagogy and Mu ic Education. M. Mortar Board. Cap and Con. Ne ma Club. ' . ' usicians PENTON. CATHERINE BINGHAM. Austir Elementary Education. ACE. Preseat Dav PERKINS. CHARLOTTE, Cameron Nutrition. Home Economics Club PERKINS. DOROTHY LILLIAN. Cameron English. HB+, Bluestocking, PERKINS. MARGARETTE " PEGGY, " El Paso Home Economics. Costume Designing and Textiles. AXQ, YWCA. Cactus. Cap and Con. Sidney Lanier, Co-Ed Assembly. Poona, West TeiasjClurn-BtneBonnM Belle PETRASEK. ICTORIA MARIE, College Nu, ri ,ion. C ech CUb PEYTON. RUTH ELIZABETH. Bartlesville intention. AZ. BBA. Canterbury PHELPS. ARTHUR VAN RENSSELAER. Albuquerque. N. M. Electrical Engineering, TBH. HKN. KME, HZ. AIEE SENIORS PHILLIPS, FRANCES, San Benito Spanish, BK, ZAII, Inter-American Association. Mexican Day, Rio Grande Valley Club PIEPER, WALTER J., JR., San Antonio Management, A2IT, NROTC, Navy Club, San Antonio Club PILE, JEAN ROZANNE, Harlingen Elementary Education, XQ, ACE, Cap and Cown POINDEXTER, ALLAN MOORE, Austin Aeronautical Engineering, Tejas, TBII, H2, IITZ, APO, Institute of Aeronautical Scie POMEROY, ELTWEED GEORGE, Sacramento, Calif. Engineering, XE, ASCE, MICA POOL, BARRY MILLER, Austin Chemical Engineering, AIChE, Ramshorn, T Association, Varsity Baseba PORTER, MARY JANE, Austin History, A , Glee Club, Co-Ed Quartette, Ownooch POTTS, SARA JANE, Fort Worth English, PHA, Cactus, Daily Texan. Cap and Cown, Ne Club, Judiciary Council, Fort th Club POWELL, ELIZABETH JEAN, Sweetwater French, Canterbury POWELL, WILLIAM JOE, Ranger Pre-Medical, AEA, Camera Club PRATLEY, MARY DOROTHY, Galveston PREJEAN, JOSEPH HAYWOOD, Port Neches Public Accounting, ASH, Newman Club PRENDERGRAST, NANCY, Marshall Sociology, HE , YWCA, Women Voters, Tee Club, Bit and Spu PRICE, ANNA BELLE, Fort Worth Sociology, AAA, YWCA, Women Voters, Hollins Club PRICE, CHARLES DAN, Austin Chemical Engineering, AIChE QUADE, DYLORIS ANNA MAE, Houston Government, AXQ, HA6, Forensica, Sidney Lanier, UTSA, Bowl QUIST, MARY CATHERINE, Austin Sociology, CAP, Texas Women Flyers, WASPS RABB, BETTY JO, Atlanta Music Education, AAA, University Musicians, Li| RABORN, RUTH, Wichita Falls RACK, LILLIAN ELIZABETH, Santa Rosa Nutrition, ON, WICA, YWCA, Cap and Gown. Rio Gran Economics Club, Wesley Foundation RAGON, DIXIE LEE, Marshal Latin, Classical Club, Cap and Cown RAMOS, HECTOR MANUEL, ParraL Chihuahua, Mexic Civil Engineering, TBH, XE, Club de Mexico, Latin American Club RAMSEY, MEL RUTH, Detroit Law RANDALL, LUCILLE LESLIE, Philadelphi Mathematics, ZTA, Cap and Gown, Reagan, Turtle, Brat SENIORS RANEY. ETHEL CLAIRE, Lubbock Journalism. AXQ, YWCA. Cap and Con. Caeros. Press Club, Daily Teian. Women Voters, 1 Texas Club RANZAU. GERALDINE GL. DYS, Boerne Spanish. WICA. Inter- American Association. Classic. 1 Club. Lutheran Student Association RASH, EMILY ANN, Terrell Spanish, KKT RATLIFF, VIRGINIA MAXINE, Amarillo Administration, Plan I. ZTA. BBA, Cap and Con. Panhandle Club RAL. DOROTHY JEAN. San Antonio Italia I Administration, Transportation, BBA RAY. MARGY DELL. Corpus Christi Home Economics. YWCA. Cap and Con. Home CM Club, Corpus Christ! REAL. EDNA ETTIE. Kerrville Hone Economics, YWCA. Home Economic. Club, Orchesis, Lpperclas, Advisor REEVES. GLADYS IRENE. Austin Barimrn Administration, Transportation. WICA. BBA REEVES. JOHN DUDLEY. JR., Houston REYNOLDS. DOROTHY ANITA. Beaumont Business Adminittration. AiH REYNOLDS. MARY FRANCES. Greenville Mathematics. M. YWCA, BSl ' , Cap and Gown, Women Vote RIBE, FRED LINDEN. San Antonio Electrical Enpneerinj, +Hi, TBH, AIEE RILEY. FRANKIE AZALEE, Port Neches Ihtrimm Administration. Secretarial, WICA, BBA RINGLAND. HELEN CAROLINE. Alamo History. ZTA. Cap and Covn, Rio Grande Valley Club ROBERTSON, MURIEL ANN. Fort Worth Elementary Education, A . HAS. Cap and Con. Bluestockings. Toncbe RODEN. ANN WHYNAMA, Glen Rose Teaching, BBA. Cap and Con. Tee Club ROGERS. CARL E.. Duluth, Minn. BMIBTM Administration, I+E. Ex-Ser ROGERS, PHIL H.. Austin Electrical Engineering. KK+. AIEE. Band Preside ROLLWAGE. WILLIAM ALFRED. Dallas Cbemical Engineering, A+O. AIChE ROMAN. ALICE SUE. Bryan Elementary Education. AAH. ACE. YWCA. Models Club ROOSTH, HYMAN P.. Tyler Zoology. AEA, 6K, TA ROSENKRANZ. JOSEPH. Vienna. Aurtria . Hill el, MICA BMJSS, NANCY DELIA. DeLeon English, HA0, Cap and Con. Bluestockings. Upperclaes Advisor ROYALL. BLANCHE MAY ALLBRITTON. H Nutrition. WICA. Cap and Con. Home Economics Club SENIORS RUFFIN, CLYDE C., Pittsburg Journalism, H2, 2AX, MICA Press Club, RUGELEY, MARTHA LENORE, Bay City English, KA0, YWCA, FOO, Cap and Gown, Women RUSSELL, BETTY ALENE, San Antonio Chemistry, IZII, Freshman Fellowship, Student Assistan SACHSE, ELIZABETH DECKER, Electra Physical Education, T B, PEM, UTSA, Racket Club SAMESHIMA, KO STANLEY, Austin SANDEL, JOE LANGSTON, Galveston Architectural Engineering, ASA, Longhorn DcMolay Club, Ramshorn, Sphinx SANDERFORD, EMILY ELOISE, Austin English, AAA, YWCA, Cap and Gown, Cactus, Woi Belle Nominee SAUNDERS, CHARLES A., Houston SCHARFF, DOROTHY ELAINE, Brenham Home Economics, AAII, Present Day Club, Home Economics Cli SCHILLER, HATTIE BETH, Elgin Elementary Education. WICA, ACE, Cap and Gown, Wo SCHLETZE, RUTH ESTHER, Encinal ation, Bluebonnet Belle Nomi SCHMID, BETTY CLAIRE, Fort Worth Spanish, Latin American Studies, KKF, BK, ZAH, USA, FOO, Ashbel, stockings, Cactus, Golf Champion. Tee Club SCHOEN, JOSEPH, Weslaco Accounting, KK . Tennis Squad, Longhorn Band SCHOLL, MILTON RICHARD, JR., Houston Geology, SrE. MICA, NROTC SCHUMM, RUTH FRANCES, Dallas Government and Journalism, BK, USA, AKA, AAA, 62 , WIC.A Cap and Gown Foundation, Bluestockings. Women Voters SCHUTZE, CARL AHRENDT, JR., Austin Business Administration, A JJ, KK , H, NROTC, MICA, YMCA, Fri Cabinet Longhorn Band, Student SCHWALL, VIRGINIA DARLING, Winnetka, 111. Home Economics, A , ON, Cap and Gown, Bluestockings, Home Economics Club, We Voters, Reagan SCOTT, DELTA PAULINE, Fort Worth SEBASTIAN, FRANKLIN PIERCE, Dallas Mechanical Engineering. ASME SEIDEL, EDMUND OTTO, New Braunfels Civil Engineering, XE, ASCE, Ramshorn, Aquatic Club, T Ass SEIPEL, JUNE ELIZABETH, San Antonio Physical Education, PEM, Turtle Club SEMDRS SHANE. AUDREY RUTH, Austin Secretarial, WICA. BBA SHEETS. LOUISE BURLEIGH, Yoakum SHERMAN. MARY MARCELLINE, San Antonio Enjlish. XC. YWCA. Daily Tan. Asrociale Editor Cactus. Curtain Club. CUi -al Club. Nerau Clnb, Blvcbourt BelU Nominee, San Antonio Clni SHJPMAN. EDWARD DANIEL, San Antonio Civil Engineering. ASCE . SHRINER. JOHN FRANKLIN, Corpus Christi Pre-Mediral. AKE. Gorpu. Christi Clmb SHUDDE. WELDON GLENN. Houston tmamtm A Uirtrtion, ATC. Silrer Spnr SINCLAIR. LOUISE LAMBERT. Home Economic . AAO. Women Voter., Cnrtain Club, Home Economi SKINNER. WILLIAM ROSS, Port Arthur YMCA. Southeau Telas Club SLICKER, . LICE LOUISE, Cis Spanish. A . BK. A. A. Voter . Tulle Club. Cercle Club. Cilvnton Club SMALL. SYBIL ELIZABETH. Austin Bvuo AdminiMrttion, Plu I. HB+. T CA. AostU Club SMITH. BABY LOUISE, Austin SMITH. GRAHAM. Children . AIP. AlChE, Ruuhon SMITH, HAROLD WOODROW, Fort Worth . Elrctrir.l Enpn -rins. TBH. HKX AIEE. MICA SMITH. HOLMAN SAYLORS. San Angelo Bx-teriolosr. MICA. Wt Tcus Club SMITH. JEWEL LETITIA. Austin Tmuporutioo. AAA, BBA, TICA SMITH. LUCY GERALDINE. Blooming Grove Eloraury Educ.tion. AAH, ACE. Cap aad Con. Pnw.1 D.y. Blw o=nrl Bell SMITH. MARY BENJAMIN. Palestine Prt-Mfdic.!, TAA SNYDER. BETTY JEAN. College Etlbh. Bloc,tockiBs.. Wl r; Foundation. SOLTES, ELTON DAMD, Dallas . USE. +AT. MICA. AlChE. Ram horn. Dallas Club SOUTHERN. GARY. A SQUIRES. ANNE ELIZABETH. Mercedes Drama Education. Curtain Club, PmeM Dar kit SENIORS STANLEY, ANNA MARIE, Dallas Geology, AXfi, Newman Club. Smilodon, Tui STEPHENS, WILLIAM WYMAN, Sierra Bla Public Accounting, NROTC, MICA, Propeller Club, Nav STERLING, INEZ ISABEL, San Antonio English, KKF, YWCA, Women Voters, Reagan, Brats, Corpus Christi Clu STERRY, HENRY E., New Gulf Mechanical Engineering, Tejas STEWART, AVANELLE LENORE, Galveston Business Administration STEWART, MARTHA, Pari: STOLTZ, LEOLA ALMA, La Grange EnglUh, Bluestockings, Upperclass Advisor STORK, DORIS LUCILE, Aus Chemistry, AAA, TAA STRAWBRIDGE, BILLIE LUCILE, Austin Transportation, AOIT, BBA STRIPLING, MARTHA ANNE, San Augustine I!, II, Non , STUMBERG, MARIE HELENE, Austin English, A , Reagan, Cactus, Cap and Gown, Le Cercle Fr SUMPTER, HELEN VIRGINIA, Forth Worth Advertising, BBA, WICA, Present Day, Cap and Gown SWANSON, HELEN LUCILE, Dalla SWENSON, PATRICIA CAIN, An Physical Education, PEM TALBERT, TOM SCOTT, Waco Physics, K, ASP TALBERT, WILLIAM C., JR., Waco Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Longhorn Band TALLEY, DOROTHY WYNN, Beaumont English, AAA, Spooks TANKERSLEY, FRANCES IRENE, Austin Pharmacy, KE, American Pharmaceutical Association TARLPEY, RENNIE MAE, Edinburg Spanish, BK, RAG, Le Cercle Francais, Wesley Pla Chorus and University TAYLOR, DORIS JEAN, Austin Music-Violin, XO, M E, Cultural Enterti TAYLOR, JUANITA ELIZABETH, Haynesville, La. French, IU6, WICA SENIORS TAYLOR, LYDIA ELLEN, Greggton Tmupocution, BBA, AAA. Blurbonntt Belle Nominee TAYLOR, RONALD WA1TMAN, Electra Petroleum Engineering, AIME, MICA THOMAS, MARION ELIZABETH. Dallas Government. SO. +BK. HA. LIE. Mortar Board. Cp and Con, Co Ed Assembl Senior Claw President THOMPSON. ELEANOR REBECCA, San Bonita Nutrition, ON, Present Diy, Valley Club THOMPSON, GRACE, Dallas Accounting. AAA, BBA THOMPSON. JACK DAVID, Vernon Finnce. NROTC. Glee Club THOMPSON. LENORA ANN. San Antonio Drama. T+B, BTI. Forensic.. Blueslockings, Cap and Con. Rainbow Club. Curtain Club, Assembly THOMPSON, WILLIAM ARTHUR, Bay City Mechanical Engineering. JITX. TEH. +HL. ASME THORNE. MARGARET MARQUAND, San Antonio Art Edncation. KKT, YWCA. San Antonio Clnb TOMFORDE, BETTY JO, Houston Art Education. AT, Orchesis. Orange Jackets. Cirl of UK Month, Wo Cap and Covn. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee TOPPINS. JOHN EDWIN, San Antonio Transportition. APO, NROTC. MICA, YMCA, Presbyterian Le Voters, Co-Ed Assembly. San Antonio Club TORREY, CARMEN LUGARDA. Mexico City, DJ. Spanish. ZAH. Inter-American Association, Mexican Literary Society, Bluebonnet TRACY. PAUL AUBREY, San Journalism, Daily Tetan, Silver Spun. Football, Rusk, TREACCAR. CHARLOTTE JANE, Galveston Bacteriology. Neman Clnb. Cap and Covn. Galvwton Clnb TURLINGTON. ANNA ELIZABETH. Tan Bnrinrn Administration. BBA. Cap and Con TURNER. IRIS LANORE, Port Arthur Music Education. UniTewity MusiciMs, University Symphony, Singers. Glee Club, University AIR. DOUGLAS ROBERT, Houston Transportation. KK+. MICA. Longhorn Band. Campus Guild, Intran VANDERWORTH. OSCAR DAVIS. Old Glory Civil Engineering. ASCE. MICA, Ranhon VAN VELZER. DAVID ALLAN. Houston Physic, VARNER. WALTER LEE. JR, Weatherford Transportation, AXA. BBA, Parker-Palo Pinto County Club VIAVANT. WILLIAM JOSEPH, San Antonio SENIORS VOELCKER, HELEN JANE, Wichita Falls VOGELPOHL, MILDRED JANELLE, Bellvil Sociology, WICA, Lutheran Student Association, Klip Kl VOGTEL, JEANNE NESS, Fort Worth VON BLUCHER, GLORIA ROSE, Corpus Christi Cap and Gown, Home Econon WALBERG, MARJORIE HELEN, Austin WALKER, MARTHA JANE, Houston English, AAH, Present Day, Reagan, Stephens Clu WALLACE, MALCOLM EVERETT, Dallas Directors of University Co-op, Student Association Pro-idriit-KIc WALTHALL, WILSON JONES, JR., San Antonio Psychology, BK, MICA- WARMACK, WILLENE MARTHA, San Antonio Sociology, Women Voters, Daily Texan, Inter- American Associi WARREN, THOMAS WAYNE, Austin Chemical Engineering, TBH, H2, AT, OXE, MICA, AIChE WAYNE, MARTHA VIRGINIA, Washington, D.C. Sociology, WICA, YWCA, Cap and Goivn WEATHERFORD, WILLIAM DEWEY, JR., Orange Chemical Engineering, J H, OXE, MICA, ACE, AIChE WELCH, MARTHA ANN, San Antonio Interior Decoration, ZTA, YWCA, Women Voters, ] WELSH, MYRON EUGENE, Galvesto Chemical Engineering, AIChE WELLS, ANN ELIZABETH, Columbus English, BK, SAH, WICA, YWCA, Cip and ( Ashbel, Upperclass Advisor WESTMORELAND, ANN JANE, Marsha Personnel Management, ZTA, SIE, BBA WHEELER, MARY GAY, Flatonia English, Curtain Club, WICA, Present Day, Cap and Gown WHITE, BETTYE JO, Brandon Physical Education, AAII, PEM, Bowling Club WHITE, CLAUDIA ALLEEN, San Angelo English, Daily Texan, Women Voters, West Texas Club WHITE, SHIRLEY CARL, JR., Port Arthu Mechanical Engineering, NROTC, Band WILCOX, SUSAN ELIZABETH, Wichita Fa SENIORS WILD, CLAUDE CHARLES, Austin Business Administration, ATQ. Student Assembly, Debate Squad. Co.boy . Coif WILDE, BYDER WELLINGTON, Dallas Chemical Engineering AIChE WILDENTHAL, JOHN, JR., Cotulla B.d.rr. Administration. NROTC WILKERSON. MARTHA, Port Neches Bacteriology, AAA, +BK WILKERSON. NANCY JO., Comancne n. ZTA, YWCA. Cap and Con, Tome WILLIAMS. DAVID RAWORTH. Austin Economic . +K+. H. YMCA, Urt Editor. Student Bo.rd, Lc Crrrle WILLIAMS. HARRY FRANKLIN. San Antonio Geology. A1ME. Tuu Aquatic Clob WILLIAMS. HELEN MARIE, Wolfe City Sociology, AZ. Y CA, fomn Voten. Intranuuil To WILLIAMS. HENRY JAMES. Dallas ChrauMry. ASChE, Curtain Club. Naval Clnb, Tri-dorm WILLIAMS. JO ELOISE. Wichita Falk A . VWCA. Student Cabinet. Home Economirc Cuidanre aa. Toncne, Spook . Sidney Lanier, Cap and Covn. Pannellenic WILLIAMS. ROY UOOTEN, JIL, Houston Petroleum Eneineerin , ZN. AIME. Co.boy WILIJAMSON, WILLI. M ROY. Santa Anna WILSON. BETTY KATHERINE, Houston WILSON. JIM WILL, Cross Plains Minaiemen!. AID. XROTC. MICA. N.v Club WILSON. OSCAR BRYON. Lockhart Pkyic. W ILM IN. ROBERT MLNSEY. Austin Electrical Enpneerint. APO. AIEE. MICA. Cawta Clnb. WILSON. WILLIAM HENRY. Nc Economics. MICA WINGATE. BEVERLY MOODY. B WINSALER. WELDON OTTO. Malhis Ckancal Encineering, Tejas WINTERS. JOHN SAM. Amarillo Government. +K+. NROTC. Judiciary Council. Clascal Clk, Council WOLF. MARY E ELYN. Yorktown SENIORS WOLFE, BETTY GLADYS, Houston History, KKF, FOO, YWCA. Women Voters, Cap and Gown WOMACK, MARGARET EVA, Texarkana WOMACK, MARTHA JANE, San Angelo WOOD, EMILY CLAIRE, Houston WOOD, THOMAS KELBERT, Rirhland Springs Civil Engineering and Naval Science. TBH, XE, H2:. NROTC Senior Class Pr. Co-Op Council WOODCOCK, HELEN LOUISE, Austin Secretarial, BFS, BBA, Brats WORKMAN, A. GENE, Dallas Petroleum Engineering WORLEY, VETA THELMA, Mercedes WRIGHT, EMMA LOU, Farmersville Transportation, AAA, BBA. YWCA, Bluebonnet Beile Nomii tor of Wakonda, WRIGHT, RAE GADDIS, Clebur Journalism, AFA WROE, LOUDELL, Groesbeck Speech, AAH, YWCA, Cap and Gown, WYATT, JAMES L., Dallas Spanish, SAII, Common Sense, Intel YAGER, WALTER C., Waxahachie Aeronautical Engineering, HT2, ASME, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Ramshorn YGLESIAS, MARGUERITE LOUISE, Alhambra, Calif. YUST, ANNA ELIZABETH, Bai ea ' ' s ' t " Texas cTub, " Bluebonnel Belle Nomi, , Sidney Lanipr. Suith- ZEIGLER, MARGARET MAURICE, Gates Commercial Teaching ZIMMERMANN, WILLIAM FLORIAN, Austii ZIMMERN, ALFRED, JR., Dalla Chemical Engineering. AIChE ZUNIGA, OSCAR J., Laredo Mechanical Engineering, MICA, ASME, Latin-. ZUNIGA, WILLIE, Laredo ZWERNEMAN, DORIS ELAINE, Houston General, AAA, YWCA, Women Voters, Pzatly LIBRARIES The University ' s many and well-stocked libraries are lending their aid in the cultural development of the students during irar as ire as in peace. ft JUNIORS Abraras, Martha Joan, Corpus Christi Adair, Martha Joyce, Malvern, Ark. Alford, Mary Elizabeth, Henderson Algee, Mary Maude, Tiptonville, Te Allen, Lillian Frances, Austin Araerson, Billy Gayle, Hillsboro . Anderson, Kimball, Austin Anderson, Tess, Corpus Christi Andreas, Alice Lois, Catarina Appleby, Geraldine, San Antonio Armstrong, Mary Helen, Midland Arnold, Clyde Johnson, Jr., Edinburg Arnold, Marilyn Eloise, Beaumont Askew, Janice Robena, Houston Bagley, John Leon, Henderson Balagia, Evelyn Ann, Austin Baldwin, Elizabeth, Denton Barnes, Georgia Jereleen, Electra Barren, Marydean Walden, Corpus Christi Barton, Donald, Ranger Beard, Ouida Marie, Breckenridge Belcia, Fleecie Ann, San Antonio Bennett, Hazel Marylyn, Fort Worth Berosek, Dorothy, Pocatello, Idaho Bertucci, Frank Emanuel, Gulfport, Miss. Billings, George Glenn, Smiley Billingsley, Ruth, Paris Black, Earlayne Earnestine, Dallas Blackshare, Julia Kirk, Little Rock, Ark. Blair, Roberta Ellene, Gatesville Blake, Lucy Ellen, Winfield, Kan. Bland, Kathy, Austin lanton, Robert B., Port Arthur Blazek, Cecelia Laura, Wheelock Booth, William M., Shreveport, La. Boutwell, Ruth, Terrell Bowden, Jean Elizabeth, Fort Worth Bowden, Kathryn Virginia, Fort Worth Bowen, Marjorie A., Hope, Ark. Boyd, Alfred Kent, Garland Iranson, Ola Faye, Austin Brauer, Alice Eilzabeth, Monroe, La. Brigham, Ida Belle, Pearland Brittingham, Catherine Jean, Mexico D. F., Me; Brothers, Joe Frank, McAllen Brouthertin, Mary Lynn, Olney Brown, Jo Beryl, Texarkana Brown, John Edward, Oakland, Calif. JUNIORS Brown. Stanley M.. Brownsville Brown, Virginia Frances, Texarkana Buchanan, Anne Arnold, Dallas Buck, Haldor Robert, Seguin Buckhaults, W. Wallace, Perryton Bundy, Farland, Tyler Bunkley. Ann Elizabeth, Stamford Burnett, Phyllis Marion, Amarillo Bussell, Eunice Aileen, Bay City Butler. Charles T., Jr., Beaumont Butts, Janette. Thorndale Cadenhead, Patrick, Gilmer Camp, Dorothy Nell, Thorndale Campbell, Clifford Gene, Nacogdoches Campbell Dorothea Ann, Itasca Cantu. Hector. McAllen CantwelL Georgia, Branson. Mo. Caples, Velma, Parsons, Kans. Caraballo, Leopoldo Santander. Mexico City, D.F. Carter, John Boyd, Jr. Houston Carter. Melva Juanita, Austin Caughlin. Margaret Claire, Temple Chapa. Holda. San Manuel Cheshire. Lee Jean, Beaumont Cloud, Dorothy. Lampasas Cocek, Ruth Rose. West Cochran, Drusilla, Fort Worth Coker. Helen Alma, Amarillo toleman. Margaret Elaine, Mineola Collier, William Henderson. Fort Worth Collins, Mary Floyd, Humble Condon, John Thomas, Salinas, Calif. Connor, Robert Charles, Fort Worth Copass. Benjamin A.. Iraan Cory, Edith Jean, Sonora Cox, Alice Frances. Dallas Crofts, George B.. Ontario, Calif. Crosby, Lillian Kathleen, Eldorado Dalby, Virginia Adelene. Dalby Springs Daugherty, Joe R., Houston Davenport. Nelson Edwin, Jr., San Angelo Davis. Eleanor Ruth. Beaumont Davis. Jerry Clarke, Waco Davis. Lois Ruth ( Ducky I . Davis. Rosemary Beth. Austin DeBusk, Mary Frances, Abilene Denham. W. Kay. Goliad DeWitt. Beverly Ruth. Chicago, 111. JUNIORS Dillehay, Doris Elaine, Vernon Doak, Margaret Virginia, Houston Dockery, Maude Alice, Austin Domaschk, Elinor Ruth, Port Arthur Dorrance, Peggy, Houston Dorroh, Bonnie Jean, Leander Drane, Mary Brannon, Shermi Drescher, Jean, Texarkana Drury, Harley Frederick, Decatur Dudley, Gem Ella, Ozona Dunbar, Thera Evelyn, Denison Duncan, Betty Jo, San Angelo Dunton, Edgar Frank, Corsicana Dyer, Peggy Wynne, San Antonio Eakle, Betty Brooke, Fort Worth Eastland, Mary Frances, Hillsboro Ebert, Margaret Gertrude, Maple Heights, Ohi Ehlers, Dolores, Yoakum Ehlers, Victor Marcus, Jr., Austin Eldridge, Dorothy Gene, San Antonio Elizondo, Gilbert, San Antonio Elkins, Gene Carl, Stephenville Elliott, Robert Burton, Amarillo Emerson, Harriett Anne, Powel Eppright, Ethel Elizabeth, Manor Erwin, Elizabeth Grace, San Benito Estes, William Blount, Corsicana Estill, Mary Ellen, Austin Etheridge, Walter Paul, Alpine Evans, Betty Jo, Austin Evans, John Edward, Jr., Robstown Ewing, Ada Louise, San Antonio Ewing, John Kirby, Donna Ewing, Norma Nell, Floresville Farmer, Garland R., Jr., Henderson Fauntleroy, Owen William, Breckenridge Fergeson, John Hillard, Bro wnwood Files, May Eleanor, Itasca Finegan, John Rooney, Jr., Fort Worth Flannery, Billie Jean, Longview Flinn, Harriett Carolyn, Driscoll Floyd, Joan Lee, Beaumont Fogartie, James Eugene, Longview Foust, Charles William, San Benito Fowler, Patricia Ann, Denton Frank, Stanley Colson, Ridgewood, N. J. Freeman, Macon Wilson, Jr., Coleman Freund, Warren Stone, Austin PACE 66 JUNIORS Frezia, Charles Arnold, Dallas Fristoe, Louise Hardin, McAllen Fullerton, Byron, Kingsville Gaines, Robert Byron, Jr., Dallas Gallagher, " Mimi " Mary Elizabeth, Fort Sam Houstor Garrett, John Battaile, Jr., Austin George, Margaret Ann, Tyler Gest, Margaret Elizabeth, Rockdale Gibbons, Candy Carolyn, Houston Giddens, Betty Jane, Leander Gilbert, Betty Ann. Lubbock Gilbert, Kenneth Lee, St Gise, Betty Jayne, Yoakum Gladney. Ann, Dallas Glazer, Mildred Eleanor, Worcester. Mass. Gleason, Margaret Elizabeth, Luling Goldberg. Natalie. McAllister, Okla. Golden. Bernice Cecile, Houston Graham, Elizabeth Ann, Olney Graner, Helen Carolyn, Dallas Graves. Peggy Jean, Vernon Gray. James Augustus. Caldwell Green, Quentin Lafayette. H Grubb. Paula Jane, Canton Gunter. Mary Margaret, Port Arthur Gwin. Ann. Houston Hahn. Frances, Bumet Hajek, James D., Schulenburg Hall. Elizabeth Ann. Mexico. D. F. Hall. Virginia Annie. Atlanta Hallford, Ben Ray, Austin Hamilton, William English, San Saba Hamm. Mary Le, Red Oak Hampton, James Warren, Austin Hancock, Marjorie, Port Arthur Handlar, Shirley Wolz. Marshall Hansard, Mary Evelyn. Robstown Hansard, Man- Gene. Fort Worth Hansen, Jackie, Avoca Hardee, Jack Y., Chandler Harper. Billie Esther. Austin Harrell. Dick Davis. Munday Harrison. Barbara Willardine, Corpus Christ Harrison, Lucille, Bedias Harvey. Polly, Stuttgart. Ark. Hastings. Edmund Stuart, Gulfport. Mi Hausman, Cleo Patricia, Austin Hawes, Peggy. Abilene JUNIORS Helms, Ed Bumpass, Austin Hengy, John Marion, Jr., Dallas Hermann, Rosemary, Yoakum Hildebrand, O. W., Jr., Mart Hogg, Helen Ruth, Little Rock, Ark. Hood, Frank Moore, San Angelo Hoover, Peggy Nell, Hamilton Horcher, Margaret Rees, Lake Charles, La. Howard, Gay Cole, Austin Hudson, Dorothy, Tyler Hudson, Thomas Brockett, Anson Huebner, Ernest Alfred, San Antonic Huff, Andrew F., Corsicana Isenee, Carol, Corpus Christi Ivey, Marquita Colleen, Corpus Christi Jamar, Iris Ancita, Fort Worth Janosky, Elaine Marceline, Bellville Janssen, Evonne Uberda, McAllen Jarmon, Robert Leslie, Elgin Jenkins, William Andrews, Amarillo Jerabek, Clara, West Jimerson, M. Shirley, Fort Worth John, Sylvia Ann, Austin Johnson, Dorothy Jayne, Fort Worth Johnson, Jane Genevieve, Tulsa, Okla. Johnson, Jerry Jo, Waco Johnston, L ' Rees, Austin Jones, Edna Lee, Austin Jones, James Garrison, Austin Judson, Millard William, San Antonio Kadowaki, Tatsuo James, Rivers, Ari: Kahn, Lorraine, Savannah, Ga. Kauffmann, Nancy Etta, Kenedy Kaufman, Philip William, Racine, Wis. Keith, Nancy Joyce, Fort Worth Keller, Irene, Fort Worth Kemp, Elizabeth Jane, Dallas Kemp, William James, Haskell Kempe, Geraldine Lorraine, Port Arthur Kent, Betty Jane, Fort Benning, Ga. Keuper, Doris Joyce, Schulenburg Killmer, Marylee, Pecos Kirkland, Shirley Ann, Houston Kirsner, Sally, Scott Field, 111. Kopycinski, Florence, Brenham Kreider, Alma A., Temple Kritser, Mary Masterson, Amarillo Kuehn, Annie Bell. Burton JUNIORS Lacy, Judy Devereaux, Hondo Lancaster, Cynthia Ann, College Slat Lane, Deborah Anne, Laredo Lanham, Helen Ruth, San Saba Larkin, Lenice J., San Antonio La Rue, Mary Jane, Houston Lattimore. Joe Newsom, Houston Lemmons, Robert Daniel, Orona Leon, Isabel Miriam, Austin Lewis, Charles Willard, Dallas Liggett, Irving C, Corpus Christi Lindsey. Betty Ruth, San Antonio Lodle, Verlyn Elaine, Calveston Logan, Marjorie Ann, La Grange Lokey, Althea Anne, Bryon Long, Dorothy Ruth. Denton Long. Margaret Nelle, Amarillo Love, John William. Sudan Lovell, Katherine Pine, Pittsfield, I1L Lowdon, Kathryn Logan, Fort Worth Lowery, William Dudley, San Antonio Lumpkin. Betty Marie, Dallas Lnpton. Gloria, Fort Worth Lyall, Ruth Elirabeth, Eagle Pass McAdams. John Whitneld. Jr., Corsicana McCall, Margaret Frances, Waco McCarthy, Robert James, Burlingame, Calif. McClendon, Mary Louise, Carrizo Springs Mcdnre, Corine, Amarillo McDaniel. Florence Irene, Austin McFalls, Betty Jo, Port Arthur M Farland. Barbara Jean. Temple McFarland. Martha Anne, Hillsboro M Farland. Nance Marie, Dallas Mcllheran, Bettie. Tyler McKay. Jackie, McKinley. Robert Lee. Pearsall McLaurine. Maribelle Myrtle. McMinn. Man, Lou. Tyler M.Neill. Mildred U Maedgen. Man- Ellis. Lubbock Maida. Marianne Barbara, Beaumont Makins, William Joseph. Port Arthur Mallen. Hector G., Crystal City JUNIORS Malooly, Rosaleen Marie, El Paso Marrs, Mary Florence, Rockdale Martin, Anna Lee, Italy Martin, James Thelbert , Jr., Wichita Falls Mask, Bill Glenn, Perrin Mathews, Ravenna, Austin Mathis, Marian Louise, Corpus Christi Maxwell, Julia Verne, Rockdale tfayer, Anna Elizabeth, Galveston Mayes, Charlotte, Llano Merritt, Sammie Jean, La Porte Metcalf, Margaret Slaughter, Corsicai Mickle, William Robert, Longview Middleton, Doris Lee, Galena Park Miles, Chilton E., Jr., Goose Creek Miller, Jeanne Cardell, San Benito Miller, Patricia Ruth, McAlester, Okla. Milliken, Charles C, Weatherford Milliken, Mary Jeanne, Fort Worth Millis, Clyde Wayne, Houston Moir, Marrie Carolyn, Taxco, Gro., Mexico Monaghan, Dan, Amarillo Montgomery, Constance Babette, Berwyn, 111. Moore, Erin Colleen, Austin Moore, Joy Margaret, Fort Worth Moore, Mary Edith, Port Arthur Moore, Patricia, Pasadena, Calif. Morrow, Frances Marie, Waco Morse, Lillian Louise, San Antonio Moskowitz, Gertrude Frances, Baytown Moss, Joe Albaugh, Austin Moss, Katharine, Shreveport, La. Muller, Betty Lou, Cisco Mueller, Merle C., San Antonio Murray, Mary Lu, Lamesa Murrell, Joyce, Palestine Nalle, Ernest, Jr., Houston Needham, Dorothy Fay, Tyler Needham, James William, Orange Newcomer, Betty Ann, Higgins Nitteberg, Delia, Fort Worth Notley, Anne, Teague Nowlin, Joyce, Camp Verde Ocker, Frances Annette, Corpus Christi JUNIORS O ' Connor, Volney Gutherie, Gonzales Odom, John A., Jr., Austin Odom, Mrs. John A., Jr., Austin Oglesby, Virginia Doris, Goldthwaite Ott. Katherine Ruth. Dallas Overton, Marjory Elizabeth " Peggy , " Cleveland Pace, Barbara, Baytown Parham, Bettie Pat, Austin Parker, Margaret Helen, Houston Parten. Edith, Richmond Pate, Mary. Sulphur Springs Patillo, Rowland Dale, Arkadelphia, Ark. Pearce, Wilbur Francis, Belize, British Honduras, C A. Pearson, Mary Frances, Waco Peterson, Joan Ingalls, Dallas Penman, Fay. Dallas Phillips, Joe Clegg. San Augustine Piper, Claudia Angeline. Rockwall Pipsaire, Mary Katherine, Longview Plemons, Mildred, Overton Pope. James Floyd, Fort Worth Porter, Lou Harless, Dallas Porter, Louis Henry, Austin Post. Man Eleanor. Austin Powell. Adeline, Gatesville Powell. Jacquelyn Lelia, Edinburg Powell, Patricia, Overton Powell. Ruby Kathryn. Leander Praeger, Alberta Faye. Corpus Christi Pratley. Helen Virginia, Galveston Pressly, Kathryn Whitlock, Taxco, Gro.. Me . Primer. Benjamin M., Austin Raborn. Ann, Orange Ralston. Jo B.. Austin Ramey, Rosebeth. Wharton Randel. Ann M.. Fort Worth Ransom. Billy-Bob, Corsicana Rape, Otha Dee. Mineola Rattan. Walter Cooper, Abilene Rawlins. Virginia Ann. Weatherford Rayford, Jesse David, Henderson Real. Jeannette Elaine. Kerrville Reeves, John HarraL Paris Reid. Rosanne M.. Monroe. La. r C if JUNIORS Ridout, Faith, Rolla, Mo. Ring, Rosalie Frances, Houst Rightor, Jean Elizabeth, Mission Ritchie, Jack, Dallas Roberts, Robert F., Austin Roman, William Buchanan, Jr., Bryan Roquemore, Marilyn, Fort Worth Rose, Ruth Evelyn, Fort Worth Rowe, Marilyn Gibson, Monroe, La. St. John, Leah Mae, Beaumont Sames, Elizabeth Dublin, Laredo Sanders, David Clarence, Weinert Sanders, Eula Mae, Corpus Christi Sanford, Bobby Jo, Dallas Sasuga, John, Los Angeles, Calif. Sauer, Jackie Anne, San Anton Saye, Jack Elmer, Marshall Schaedel, Minnie Lee, Bay City Schiwitz, Gladys Bertha, Kyle Schleider, Elizabeth, Brenham Schmidt, Carrielyn Marie, Austin Schmidt, Sybil, Mason Schneider, Richard Campbell, San Benito Schofield, Mrs. Leonor (Castro de), Lima, Peru Schwartz, Florence Ruth, Houston Scott, Betty Jeanne, Dallas Scott, Carolyn Ann, Houston Scott, Georgann Helen, Cleburne Scull, Elizabeth, Sherman Seay, Samuel David, Kenedy Sedwick, Margie, Albany Seipel, Patsy Ann, Fort Worth Severin, Robert Henry, San Antonio Sewell, John H., Jr., Fort Worth Shands, Mary Jule, Lufkin Sharpe, lone Marie, Paris Shaw, Jean Miriam, Fort Worth Shelton, George Edward, San Antonio Shulkey, Nancy Lou, Fort Worth Simonton, Bettie Rose, Corpus Christi Singletary, Coyle Edward, Rusk Singleton, Leo C., Beaumont Skiles, Marjorie Ruth, Dallas Skinner, Bettie Sue, Corsicana Slay, Jack Edward, Amarillo JUNIORS Smallwood, Willene, San Angelo Smith, Betty Jean, Harlingen Smith, Nancy Ann, Wichita Falls Smyth, Betsy, Uvalde Spence. Gerhard Harry, Kingsville Stanford, Charlotte Lois, Phoenix, Ariz. StanselL Florine. Austin Stapleton, Virginia Anne, Dallas Starnes. Lucile Hilton, Birmingham, Ala. Stevenson, Florence Eugenia, Arlingtoi Stewart, Lloyd May, Cleburne Stewart, Mary Eleanor, Dallas Stewart, Rita Louise, Fort Worth Stillman. Morris, San Antonio Stindt, LaVerne Augusta, Brady Streckfuss, Harold Roy, Dallas Strong, Mary Ivie " Mickey, " Houston Struss. Rosanna, Columbus Stuart, Ella Frances, Strawn Sutherland, Yvonne Adell, Houston Tackett, Thomas Nelson, III. Greenville Tacquard, Margaret Eleanor, Austin Tani, Paul S.. Cheyenne, Wyo. Tarver. Alice Louise, Shreveport, La. Tate, Dorothy Cleo, Dallas Teer, Mary Marguerette, Beaumont Temple, Joan Elizabeth, Dallas Thaxton, Virginia Owen, Fort Worth Thomas. Anne, El Paso Thomas. Marguerite. Mt. Pleasant Thomas, Olney Davis, Jr., San Antonio Thomas. Sellers J., Jr., Houston Thompson, Jerry Stillwell, Dallas Tinling, Bruce Edward, Burlingame Todd, Robert Grant. Santa Rosa, Calif Trotti. Bill, Liberty Troxell, Helen Janice, Houston Trail, Gladys, Palacios Tucker, Lloyd Delbert, Bell, Tumpeer, Doris-Jane. Tumpeer, Vera Maxine. Chicago, I1L I ' chiyama, Mikio. Rivers, Ariz. Underwood, Marie Lucy, Tulsa, Okla. Upchurch. Betty Jane, Italy Van der Veer. William Russell. Austin JUNIORS Wagner, Elsie Clydine, Marshall Walker, Gloria Mae, Port Arthur Wallace, Betty, Fort Worth Walsh, Dorothy Lenore, Round Rock Ward, Benjamin Quinn, Crystal City Ward, Jewell Gordon, Austin Ward, Mrs. Lalla Rookh, Gatesville Warner, Anne Meriwether, Huntsville Watkins, John Francis, Pasadena, Calif. Weber, Suzanne Louise, Miami, Fla. Welhausen, Mary Katherine, Yoakum West, Charlene Margaret, Keller Westbrook, Margaret, Kerens Westkaemper, John Conrad, San Antonio Wharton, Kathleen, McAllen Wheelock, Betty, Corsicana Whidden, Lois Isabel, San Angelo White, Dorothy Kay, Dallas White, Mildred, San Angelo White, Ralph Irby, San Antoni White, Ruth Jeanne, Taft Widman, Rose Mary, Arlington Wilcox, Elizabeth Ann, Dallas Wildenthal, Eloise, Cotulla Wilk, Marjorie L., Houston Wilke, Gertrude Helene, Austin Willbern, Arthur Dennis, Jr., Runge Willeford, Mary Louise, Corpus Christi Williams, Nettie Anne, Itasca Wilson, Florene, Dallas Wilson, Marifrances, Brazoria Wilson, Mary Caroleen, Kilgore Wilson, Metta Ann, Austin Wills, Mary Yvonne, Dallas Windrow, Ann, Dallas Wingate, Martha Anne, Amarillo Winston, Mary Craten, Weatherford Wittmeyer, Elmer Evan, San Bernardino, Calif. Wolf, Marjorie Jo, Austin Wolfean, Freda Kathern, Anahuac Wolcott, Mary Louise, Ysleta Wood, Juanita Fay, San Antonio Wood, Ruth Carleton, Houston Yager, Nettie Woodson, Caldwell Yeager, Hal Wasce, Jr., Wichita Falls LABORATORY RESEARCH One of the principal channels into tchich the University ' s tear efforts have been directed is laboratory research. The engineering and scientific laboratories of the University are continuing their peace-time research but are taking into account the needs of tear time economy. The Bureau of Industrial Chemistry is at work on cotton fabrics, ceramics, and natural gas. ft ft ft SDPHOMOHES Abovitz, Sybil, Wharton Abramson, Idelene Shirley, Galveston Adams, Winifred Edith, Nederland Aderhold, Samuel Thomas, Edinburg Alexander, Susie, Alvin Allen, Mary Katherine, Dallas Allen, Maybelle, San Antonio Allis, Marian Frances, Port Arthur Anderson, Damon Nash, Dallas Anderson, Norma, Ratcliff Anthis, Barbara Jane, Houston Asknew, Helen Jane, Kansas City, Mo. Ayres, Eleanor, Austin Bace, Johnnie Lou, Houston Baer, Ruby Lee, Houston ailey, Frances Ethel, San Antonio Bailey, George F., New York, N. Y. Baine, Beverly Almarie, Waco Baker, Viviennc Claire, Breckenridge Bankhead, Thomas Aynes, Longview Banks, Mary Jo, San Antonio Banner, Peggy Ruth, Fort Worth Barber, Margaret Louise, Uvalde Barnes, Jack L., Pharr Barrios, Carlos J., Rivas, Nicaragua Bartlett, Helen Dale, Haskell Baskin, Margaret Elizabeth, Seymour Beall, Betty Baldwin, Dallas Beatty, Robert Edward, Jr., San Antonio Beddow, Ann Sims, Birmingham, Ala. Beidler, Gita Eleanor, Brackettville Bell, Joyce Wynnell, Wink Berman, Betty Elaine, McAllen Bernard, Francis Patrick, Gridley, Calif. Beyer, Robert O., Mineral Wells Blakeway, Clayton E., San Angelo Blanchard, Betty May, Shreveport, La. Bland, Frank William, Jr., Millbrae, Calif. Blandin, Jacqueline Hazelle, Wichita Falls Blanton, Lou Ellen, Port Arthur Bode, Fred Winston, Kerrville Bond, Wallace Gordon, San Antonio Booth, Joyce, San Antonio Box, Opal Rachel, Carrizo Springs Boyd, William H., Jr., San Antonio Bradbury, Patricia Ann, San Angelo Bradfield, William Henry, Jr., Garland Bradley, Betty Virginia, Houston Brau, Marjorie Ann, Sealy Bredthauer, Willie Mae, Temple Brice, Jack Harold, Coleman Bridges, Marion King, Luling Bright, Anna Lou, Houston Briscoe, Frank, Richmond Brookshear, Billie Virgene, Burkburnett SOPHOMORES Broussal. Larry R San Francisco, Calif. Brown, Barbara A New Orleans, La. Brown, Don C, Longmeadow, Mass. Brown, Elbert H., Raymond, I1L Bryan, Mary Louise, Dallas Bryan, Redick C, Salinas, Calif. Bryans, H. W., Wichita Falls Bryson. Mary Evelyn, Bastrop Buchanan, Lydia Dulce. Dallas Bunting, Betty Lee, Henrietta Burchard. Frances Jane, Gonzales Burke, Kathleen, Bay City Burns, Barbara Ellen, Burnet Busby, Horace, Jr., Fort Worth Bush, Margaret Elizabeth, Little Rock, Ark. Buttery. Vivian Pearl, Llano Calhoun. Bette Templeton, San Antonio Campbell, Flora Keith, Austin Capron, Bette, FJ Paso Carney. Daniel Ellis, Cotton, Calif. Carpenter, Jeanette Ruth. Deer Park Carr, Mary Margaret. Floresville Carr, Sue Frances, Floresville Casparis, Frances Jean, Austin Cavender, Jon Morse, Wilmington, Dela. Chaleff. Hilda Anna. McAllen Chandler, Joyce, Hamilton Chapman, Alice McDonald. Tazewell, Va. Childs, Carolyn, Staten Island, N. Y. Churchill. Elizabeth Ann, Waco Clark. Harper L., Lake Charles, La. Clark. Roy Lee. Temple Qegg, Joyce Gray. Trinity Clift, Wallace Bruce, Jr., Robert Lee Cline, Madeleine Humphreys, San Antonio Cocreham, Geral Dean, Trinity Coldwell, Mary Willie, Cisco Coller. Robert Wayne, Bowling Green, Ohio Collins, Jo Ann, Lovelady Colson. Edna, San Angelo Cone, James Newton. Porterville, Calif. Conley. Carolyn C. Perryton Conn. Mary Elizabeth. " Thorndale Connor. Clifford Jack. McAllen Connor, M. F., Jr.. Beaumont Conrad, Margaret Montgomery, Houston Cooper, Splawn Lowe, Jr., Houston Couch. Joe Robert. Pittsburg CowserL Mary Katherine, J Cox, Sarramae, Coleman Crain,S Cramer, Marian, Pharr Culwell. Frances Louise, Henrietta Cunningham. Helen Evalee, San Anton Curlin, James Ernest, Nocona SOPHOMORES Curtis, Kenneth R., Ba y City Dancer, Shirley Suzanne, Dewey, Okla. Daniel, Charles M., Dallas Dare, Virginia Beth, Austin Daughtrey, Marilyn Frances, San Beni Decherd, Bettie Lee, Flatonia Delgado-Vega, Eduardo, Cuidad Madero, Tamps.. Mex. Del ' Homme, Eleanor F., Houston Devlin, Jo Ann, Detroit, Mich. Dewberry, Mary Elizabeth, Dallas Diller, Martha Virginia, Albany Dillinger, Dorothy, Port Arthur Donalson, Jean Elizabeth, Weslaco Douglas, Jim, Jr., Austin Dryden, Marjory, Comfort Duke, Mary Ruth, Ballinger Dunkle, Jane Brite, Marfa Dunkle, Nancy Anne, Marfa Dunlavey, Betty, McAllen Dutton, Kingsley, Springville, Calif. Eagle, Jane R., Lufkin Eckels, Mary Rose, Poth Eeds, Raymond Eldon, Beeville Eisenhauer, Lydia Ann, Converse Eiserloh, Harold Lee, San Antonio Elder, Lindsey Thomas, Jr., Garden Valley Ellington, Ben Lang, Linden Elliott, Beryle Jeanne, San Angelo Elliott, Charles, Fort Worth Elliott, Josephine Sellers, Mansfield, Conn. Elliott, Judith Elaine, New Orleans, La. Elliott, Mackey Vaughn, Hemphill Elliott, Patricia Ann, Springfield, Ohio Ellis, Charles Francis, Eastland Ellzey, Hettie Jane, Cuero Englehorn, Donald George, Windom, Minn. Epperson, Mary Jane, Rocksprings Eppright, Richard H., Charlotte Ewing, Jeanne Sybil, La Porte Farrier, Sammie Nancy, Omaha Fast, Nat, San Jose, Calif. Faubian,NormaNell,Leander Fenner, Leta La Noe, Edna Ferris, William Leslie, Rockport Fine, Eleanor Jean, Cleburne Fitzgerald, Lue Minette, Eagle Lake Flewharty, Frances Charlene, Dallas Foreman, Maxine, Vernon Forson, Betty Joe, Taylor Foulds, Martha Jo, Burnet Foulke, Charles Milton, San Bernardino, Calif. Fox, Betty Jeanne, Austin Fox, Sally, Austin Frakes, Arthur, Port Arthur Freidin, Thelma Marie, Laredo mat SOPHOMORES Friend, Margaret Jane, Waskom Fulcher, Henry C, Austin Garcia, Maria Salome, Mr Allen Garston, Shirley. Fort Worth Gaskill, Helen Eldora, Dallas Getsin, Thelma. Memphis, Tenn. Gibbs, Carolyn Eskridge. San Antonio Gibson, Gloria, Kerrville Gibson, Paul, Taft, Calif. Glass, Cecil Robertson. Martin Glover, Duane, Deport Going, Lenora Elizabeth, Port Arthur Golden, Ira Jeffrey, Jr., Veroon Golden, Jerry, Me Alester, Okla. Golding,Idalee,Speer Gonzalez, Humberto, Caracas, Venezuela Gonzenbach, L. G., Taylor Gosen, John William. Webster Groves, Mo. Gowin. Dixie Bob, Fort Worth Grasshoff, Emma Gene, Schulenburg Gray, Walter Lee, Jr.. Oklahoma City. Okla. Greenwell. Amelia Gray. Dallas Greenwood, Margery A-, Cheyenne. Wyo. Greer, James Neal, Crystal City Greer. Man, Carolyn, Galveston Griffin, James Robert. Temple Grisom. Lorene Billie. Dallas Grogan. John Kenneth, Houston Gross, Ernest Martin, San Antonio Grove, Augusta Dale, New London Guenard, Leota Marie, Houston Gunby. Sarah Ellen. Austin Gunn. Richard E.. San Mateo. Calif. Guyer. Abbye Ruth, Brownwood Hackman. Betty Lee. Kansas City. Mo. Hagan. Bertye Sue, San Antonio Haigh. Mary Lucille, Edinburg Haley. Henry Ellis, Corsicana HaU, Marylou, San Angelo Hambright, Jewel Louise, Bagwells Hamill. Man. Corsirana Hamilton. Mary Susan, Cuero Hammons, Patricia Ann, Donna Handley, Virginia Louise. Houston Harding. Raymond Alan. New Castle. Ind. Hargis. Margaret Carol. Houston Harrison. Glenn. ChUdress Maxell. Earl Hudson. Austin Hata. Frank Tadashi, Rivers, Ariz. Hawkins, Marv Louise. Fort Worth Hayes. James F.. Houston Hayley.Zelma.Lufkin Hays. Neville Aline. Houston Hendler. Albert, Temple Hengy. Lillian Joyce, Dallas SOPHOMORES Henley, Margie Helen, Dallas Hill, Betty Lu, Harlingen Hill, Nancy Louise, Marshall Hinrichs, Charles William, Port Arthur Holland, Willian Ernestine, Beaumont Holley, Norma Mildred, La Lima, Honduras Honeycutt, Mattie Lou, Fort Worth Hood, Gloria Ernestine, San Antonio Hopkins, George M., Jr., Denton Hornburg, Ruth Virginia, Corsicana Horton, Robert Milton, Del Rio Houston, Virginia Florence, St. Petersburg, Fla. Huckabee, Frances Gaile, Fort Worth Hudson, Mary Jo, Austin Hudspeth, Joy, Temple Hughes, Maxine, Midland Hughes, Thelma Maurene, Dallas Humphrey, Allen Elbert, Dallas Hunt, H. Lynn, Wichita Falls Huntington, Dorothy, Rosenberg Hurley, Patricia, Houston Irvine, Vollie Jeane, Houston Jacobus, Henry Sterne, Jr., Dallas Jamison, Patsy, Coleman Jay, Marguerite Lenora, Crystal City Jenkins, Douglas, Dallas Jenkins, Joe Mack, Waxahachie Jett, June, Dallas Jines, Doris Lee, Perryton Johnson, Beulah Ann, San Angelo Johnson, Ernest Melton, Fort Worth Johnson, Margrethe Dagmar, McAllen Johnson, Mary Frances, Temple Jones, Charles Everette, Anton Jones, Patsy Knapp, Houston Jones, Pauline, El Dorado Keeble, Jeanne, Waco Keen, Thomas Harper, Fort Worth Keith, Margaret Ellen, Houston Kelton, Elmer Stephen, Crane Kennon, Juanita Marie, Cleburne Kent, Geraldine, Houston Keys, Lila Virginia, Corpus Christi Kinnear, Mary Alice, Beaumont Kintner, Dwight L., Fort Worth Kleypas, Laura Lee, Temple Klotz, Harold Abraham, Tyler Knight, Betty Ann, Amarillo Koch, Lena Belle, Lufkin Kraft, James Edward, Tulsa, Okla. Krohn, Patsy Jane, Palestine Kroll, Helmuth Conrad, La Grange Kuempel, Eva Kathryn, Manor Lain, Margaret, Cleburne Landrum, Betty, Round Rock Pics 80 SOPHOMORES Lane, Mary Jane, Waco Langstaff. Ina Clair, Paducah, Ky. Laves, Benard. Austin Leahy, James P., Portland, Ore. Lee, James Patrick, Wiergate Lee, Thomas J., San Antonio Lenney, Claire Louise, St. Louis, Mo. Lentt, Sarah M_ Marshall Lenzo, John James, Austin Lester, Grace Marcile, Austin Levinson, Naomi, Kilgore Levy, Marjorie May, El Paso Lew alien. Betty Jean, Hillsboro Lewis, Frankie Jo, Fort Worth Lieberman. David Martin, San Antonio Lindsley. Katherine Freeman, Dallas Lissner. Helen Renee. Corpus Christi Listen, Henrietta, Harlingen Littlefield. Wanda Sue. Austin Lloyd. Kenneth Eugene, Borger Lockmiller, Billye Joyce, San Benito Logsdon, Constance, Corsicana Loos, Dorothy, Dallas Lovett, Thomas Parker, Seguin Loy. Mary Jane, Houston Lundy, Beth, Austin McAlmon, Patricia Jane, El Paso McClusky, Elizabeth Jane. Dallas McCormick. Mary Etta, Austin McDaniel, Polly Ann, Cisco McDonnell, Dixie Marie. Palestine McDow. Evangeline. El Paso McElroy. Robert Don, Breckenridge McElwain. Irene Louise, Houston McGregor, Stuart Malcolm, Jr., Dallas McGuire, Dorothy Estey. Ne gulf McKay. Janice, Brownsville McLeod. Doris Jo. Kerrville Mackey. Priscilla Dawes, Austin Maer. Margaret, Fort Worth Magee. Martha E.. Harlingen Majors, Jonita Wandeen, Burkburnett Mann. Earlene Dorothy, Pleasanton Manzer. Helen Doris, Garland Marney, Marilea. Carrizo Springs Marsh. Joan. Amarillo Marshall Melba Floriene. Austin Martin, Grace Anne. Houston Martin. Margaret Ann. Austin Masqnelette, Philip Abbott. Houston Massey. Sammie. Killeen Matheny. Nadine, Luling Mathis. Betty Marie. Corpus Christi Matlock. Rosalie Stevenson Matthews. Hugh, Jr., Austin Matula. Dolores Celeste, Runge Mehner. Maureen. Luling Mellenthin. Jack Alton. Kelseyville, Calif. Merritt. Donna Grace, Buffalo, N. Y. Merritt. Miriam, Robstown SOPHOMORES Michelson, Laurile, Gonzales Miller, Edward John, Jefferson City, Mo. Miller, Elna Louise, Austin Miller, Joyce Elaine, Woodsboro 5; Minter, Doris, Corpus Christi Mitchell, Leo Steward, Deer Park Moeller, Nellie Ruth, Austin Monaghan, Robert Grady, Jr., Mart Monfort, James Chester, La Mesa, Calif Montgomery, William Hayes, Dallas Moore, Betty Ann, Shreveport, La. Moore, Charles Victor, Denton Moore, Robert Edwin, Houston Morris, Alice Beth, Maypearl Morton, Martha Ann, Sweetwater Moss, June, San Antonio Mountz, Robert F., Pharr Muckleroy, Janet, Austin Murray, Frances Ramsey, Austin Muse, George Barstow, San Pedro, Calif. Musgrave, Patsy Sue, San Saba Meyers, Mary Ann, Richmond Myers, Sue Allan, Temple Nabours, George Ann, Temple Nebenzahl, Mildred, Mercedes Neel, Betty Carolyn, Dallas Nelson, Betty Jo, Austin Neuhaus, Dorothy Estelle, Hallettsville Ng, Maie Lee, San Antonio Nolen, Calvin Cleve " Jitter, " Austin Nungesser, Ralph Edward, Dallas O ' Connell, Doris Ann, Austin O ' Connor, Marigene, Hillsboro Odle, James Louis, Gordonville Ogburn, Lillian Marie, Brazoria Oliver, W. Allen, Temple Olson, Robert M., Hiko, Hawaii Owings, Audrey Eleanor, Fort Worth Page, Larry N., Harrison, Ark. Painter, Claire Louise, Houston Palmer, Isobel Elaine, LaGrange Parham, Ben 0., Vernon Paterson, Katherine Georgianna, Dallas Pearlman, Pearlie, Palestine Peters, Paul Fred, McAllen Pickens, Martha Ann, Tyler Pierce, Marjorie Elizabeth, Dallas Piza, Edgar E., San Jose, Costa Rica Polley, Mary Minta, San Benito Polley, Olive Helen, San Benito Polunsky, Sylvan Irwin, San Angelo Power, Barbara Helen, Montclair, N. J. Price, Aubrey Wayne, Eden Price, Frances Lillian, Calvert Price, Katie Maxine, Twitty Purifoy, Russell A., Jr., Corsicana Rabke, Meta Geraldine, Tivoli Railey, James Malcolm, Austin Ramirez, Mary Jane, Beeville Rankin, Robert Scouller, San Jose, Calif. SOPHOMORES Ratliff. Anna Garrett, Princeton. Ky. Ratliff. Emily Jean, Cedar Lane Real, Frances Amelia, Kerrville Reid.CalaSue,Leesville,La. Reuthinger, Belt}- Jean, Laredo Revi .Truett,Jr., Dallas Rich. Jane Reese, Galveston Riddle, Patty, Abilene Robertson, George Scott, Jr., Wasco. Calif. Robertson, Wanda Janice, Grand Saline Robinson, James Oscar. Alvarado Robinson. Maytee. Richmond Robinson, Patricia. Galveston Rogers, Christine, San Antonio Rogers, Katherine Louise. Sherman Rogers. Mary Edna. Buda Rosenlund, Helen Irene, Fort Worth Royce. L. Sue. Caddo Mills Rubin. Annette. Hallettsville Rucker, Betty Lou, Cleborne Rugeley. Norton Alexander. Wharton Rumbel. Martha Faye. Mission Russ. Janie. Houston Russell. Margie Nell. Grow Rutherford. Dorthea, Luling Sam. Henrietta. Houston Sanov. Seymour Joseph. Gladewater Sartorius. Ann. Vicksburg. Mis,?. Schilhab, Vernell Aline, Sohulenburg Schmedes. Aniu Marie. Austin Schneider. Gene Walter, San Benito Scott. Ruth, Houston Sealy, Eugenia Taylor. Galveston Snarpe.MelbaDel.Nuon Sheldon, Julia Anne, San Antonio Shilling. Tommye Jo. Austin Shirley. Margaret Claire. Crowell Skains. era Mae. Perry Slatten, Richard William. Houston Smith. Gwendolyn. Caldwell Smith. Robert Spicer. Austin Sorsby. Barbara. Brookshire Spadaro. Gloria Helen. Ellenville. N. Y. Spencer, Dorothy. Boerne Spiker, John W.. Redwood City, Calif. Spiller. Lida Louise. Houston Stahl. Marion Leonard, Gonzales Stallman. Lawrence Lee, Garwood Stanley. Margaret Ellen -Peggy. Dallas Stephens. Nancy Jane. Sierra Blanca StewarU Mary Claire, Pharr Stigler. Del. San Juan Stoltzfi Marybelle.Tuleta - f h, Gilbert J ames. } L fe Stonitsch. Gilbert James. Jriiel HT.- Sutherland. Everett William. Jr.. Kansas City. Kan. Sutton. W. Earl. Jr.. Houston Swausch. Cathryn Elizabeth. Austin Sweeney. Mary Lou. San Benito Tate. Bessie J.. Arlington SOPHOMORES Taylor, Robert B., Pittsburg Teague, Mariel Jacqueline, Moody Thomason, Mary Mabel, Huntsville Thornton, Mary Ann, San Antoni Thrash, John Curtis, Galena Park Tiner, Ruth, San Antonio Tinnerillo, Louis J. E., Jr., Dallas Tobler, Henry Strange, San Antonio Tremper, Henry James, Parlier, Calif. Trimble, Anne Elizabeth, Austin Trost, Marion Jeannette, Port Arthur Tynan, Katherine Elizabeth, San Antonio Ubinas, Jose Luis, Isabela, Puerto Rico Uchiyama, Shigeru, Rivers, Ariz. Uher, Vinette Alma, Galveston Umstattd, Robert Greenleaf, Austin Utts, Martha Beth, Burkburnett Valdes, Guadalupe E., Weslaco Valdez, Joan, Torreon, Mex. Vannoy, Marjorie, McAllen Varnell, Mary Evelyn, Greenville Vogt, Donald Duane, Austin Votteler, Robert Parry, Dallas Wade, Marilyn Jean, Yoakum Waldvogel, Marilyn Joyce, Columlms Wallace, Dorothy Lois, Beaumont Wallace, Robert Pope, Corpus Christi Wendt, Joyce Josephine, Cuero Westbrook, Yetta Jean, Austin Whaley, Frank, Martinez, Calif. Wheeler, Barbara Frances, Fort Worth Wheeler, John Emery, Baird Whitaker, Rosemary La Rue, Austin Wigzell, Charlotte Elizabeth, Dallas Williams, Coyle Wills, Fort Worth Williamson, William Carey, Jr., Houston Willis, Curtis Eugene, Jr., Dallas Wilson, Floy Cathron, Bryan Wilson, Lucy, Sebring, Fla. Winslow, Lawson Tracy, Jr., Oroville, Calif. Wirtz, Virginia, Houston Wischkaemper, Josephine Ellen, Yorktown Wolf, Edith Mary, San Antonio Wolfe, Sybil Ruth, Stephenville Wood, Harriet Bardin, Gainesville, Fla. Wood, Jeanne, Phillips Wood, Robert C., Corpus Christi Woods, Reuben Victor, Austin Woodward, David Grider, Wichita Falls Worrell, Alice Virginia, Austin Yager, Mary Frances, Wellborn Yarbrough, Frances Lucile, Navasota Yarbrough, Patsy Loraine, Oklahoma City, Okla Yarrington, Marian, Waco Yeager, Mary Lucille, Thorndale Yoakum, Margaret Isabel, Ann Arbor, Mich. Young, Joy, Austin Youngblood, David Hull, San Antonio Zeve, Edel, Nacogdoches PACE 84 FDDD The University is making extensive res earch on vitamins and methods of food preservation. Important hare been the studies of food dehydration and quick freeze. The picture above shotrs the quick freezing of stratcberries. ft ft ft ft ft FRESHMEN Abbott, Roger, Quanah Adams, Tommy Temple, Devine Akridge, Dorothy Jo, Anna Alexander, Genelle, Penelope Alexander, Mary Louise, Ennis Allen, Lewis, Jr., Hallettsville Allen, Ruby Rae, San Antonio Alpard, Charlotte, Wharton Anderson, Mary Evelyn, College Station Andrews, Betty Mildred, Corpus Christi Applewhite, Mary Lois, Beeville Archer, Elizabeth Grace, Tacoma, Wash. Archer, Jacqueline Marie, West Aronoff, Norma Bernice, Dallas Aronoff, Toby Joy, Dallas Ater, Sara Lillian, Galveston Atkins, Billy Ray, Texarkana Aves, Mary Susan, La Porte Bachle, Nelda Marie, Nordheim Badami, Rose Marie, Dallas Bady, Jack, Bryan Baillio, Betty Ann, Liberty Bain, Robert, San Antonio Baker, William F., Beaumont Balliew, James Edwin, Dallas Barber, Frances Ann, Jacksonville Barfield, Richard S., Sour Lake Barker, Betty Louise, Port Neches Barnes, Mary Jo, Beaumont Barnett, Betty Jeanne, Austin Barnhart, John N., Beeville Barrett, Bernice, Houston Barron, Virginia Louise, Austin Bartlett, Nellie De Laney, Austin Bateman, Joe W., Fort Worth Batis, Harry Patterson, Austin Baxter, Ann Elizabeth, Austin Beacham, Carolyn Lee, Houston Bearden, Donald Lee, Tyler Beasley, Martha, Beeville Beatty, Mary Ann, Houston Beaty, Douglas C., Carthage Beaty, Frederick Lee, New Braunfels Beecroft, Bettye Claire, San Marcos Beene, Mary Louise, Port Arthur Belitsky, Lela, Longview Bellman, Samuel Irving, El Paso Bennett, Jane Marie, Normangee Bennett, Janis Ann, Pittsburg, Kan. Bentsen, Calvin R., McAllen Berger, Otillie Marie, Elk Berler, James Melvin, Austin Berlin, J. B., Port Arthur Berryhill, Betty, Petrolia Biard, Hal Kirk, Jr., Dallas Biggs, Elizabeth (Betsey) L., Winchester, Mass. Billington, Carolyn June, Fort Worth Birkner, Betty Eleanor, Sinton Bishop, Eugene Harville, Clarksville Blair, Cynthia, Dallas FRESHMEX Blakeney, Johnnie H.. Dallas Bland, Bobbie Jean, Dallas Bland, Linwood Lee, Houston Blewett. Eris Elaine, Canyon Blewett, Theresa Nell, Canyon Blotz, Catherine Arline, Rocky Ford, Colo. Blount . Robert Ward, Hillsboro Boals, Nathan O., Austin Bohan, Harriet Davis, Dallas Bohls, Julia Marie, PBugerville Bollinger. Mary Agnes, Alice Bormann, Edwin (Ed I Murrie. McAllen Boudreau, Marie Lola, Port Arthur Bowers, Gloria. Beaumont Boyd, Beatrice Alyse, Dinamita, Mex. Bradford. Marvin T.. Jr., Brenham Brady. James Robert, Fort Worth Braley, Barbara Ann, Pasadena, Calif. Branscum. Marcheta, Alice Brennan. Patricia Anne, Laredo Brewer, Herbert Lee, Galveston Brewster. Evelyn. Austin Brewster. Margie Vernon, Leesville, La. Brittain.JimTom,Litt]efield Brown, Barbara Marie, Galveston Brown, Bob R., Luling Brown, Dee Geneva, Lebanon, Ore. Brown. John William, Seguin Brown. Patsy Ann. Dayton Brown, Worth Ballard. Austin Bruse. Marie Elizabeth (Betty), Liberty Bruchsaler. Helen Felice, Dallas Bryant. Deborah C. El Dorado, Ark. Bryant, Nonna, Austin Buchanan, Ann Patten, Mineola Buckles, Robert Gene. Abilene Buffington, Betty Sue. Dallas Busby. Jean Evelyn. Dallas Butler. Inez Marjorie, Texas City Caldwell. William Ralph, Searcy. Ark. Callan, Gloria. San Angelo Camp, Nancy Jewell. San Antonio Campbell, Iris Mae. Austin Campbell, Joanne, Richmond Campbell, Linzy Leon, Borger Campbell Mickey Ruth. Dallas Campbell, Robert Lowell, Crowell Card, Rena June, Edna Carleton. Robert Lee, Austin Carpenter, Marvin (Bill) , Luther Carranza. Harry L., San Jose, Costa Rica Carrington. Walter Robert. Austin Carroll. Emma Eugenia. Texarkana Carter. Jane. Dallas Case. Bobbie Nell. Thorndale Chapman. Shirley Mae, Houston . Chappell. Ethel. Dallas Chaudoin. Evelyn, Harlingen Cheatham. Mary Elizabeth. Cuero Cheesman. Carolyn, Houston FRESHMEN Chernik, Lou Ann, Columbus Clark, Barbara, Ridgewood, N. J. Clayton, Jimmie Helen, Mt. Pleasant Cobb, Bernice Marie, Coleman Cockerham, La Verne, Sinton Coffee, Doris Anne, Amarillo Coffman, Mary Lee, Galveston Coin, Shirley, Sinton Coker, Frances Isabel!, Naples Cole, Joyce Marie, McAllen Cole, Sylvia Sue, Jasper Collier, Ralph Kirkwood, Houston Combs, Jane, Whitesboro Conrad, (Francys) lolanda, Dallas Conrad, Nathlyn lone, Dallas Cooper, Harold Paul, Dallas Coopersmith, Renee Lillian, Galveston Cordry, Kathleen Alice, Bartlesville, Okla. Cottingham, Charles Daniel, Houston Coughran, Dorothy Verne, Boerne Covey, Margaret Elaine, Dallas Cox, William (Billy) Jesse, Dallas Crissey, Jane Ellen, Austin Crockett, Leonard Frank, Ballinger Crone, Helen Ruth, Fort Stockton Crosby, Jack Rust, Del Rio Crownover, Bobby, Houston Crumbie, Earl Stanley, Dallas Currin, Frances Marion, Dallas Dagg, Dorothy Rose, Yoakum Dailey, Joyzelle, Austin Dambach, Kurt Richard, St. Louis, Mo. Davidson, Margie Marie, Crowell Davis, Bernice, Corpus Christ! Davis, Dorothy Dale, Cotulla Davis, Grace Hunt, Washington, D. C. Davis, Mabel Cayloma, Conroe Davis, William Smith, Corpus Christi Day, Bobbye Glen, Petersburg Day, Fred Winfield, Jr., Temple Dean, Frances Jane, Katy Deaton, Ann, San Benito Deaver, Jim E., Memphis DeLafosse, Georgan, Albany De la Garza, Cesar Octavio, Corpus Christi De Lagrave, Carmel T. F., Mexico City, Mex. DeLancey, Johanna, Houston Denton, Jane Frances, Houston Devine, Helen Stone, El Paso Dewberry, James Arch, Jr., Dallas Dick, Laura Ann, Columbus Dickerson, Arthur Francis, Seguin Dickinson, Bobbie Dawn, Longview Dielmann, Betty Ruth, San Antonio Dietze, Doris Carolyn, Karnes City Dillashaw, Harold Lee, Jr., San Antonio Donovan, Mary Patricia, El Campo Doty, Edward Gordon, Jr., Pecos Douglas, Ruth Ann, Sherman Drummond, Robert Crawford, Stamford FRESHMEN Duderstadt. Mary Jo, Yorktown Duffie. Charles Kenneth, Tyler Dugan. Paul Morgan, San Antonio Dugone. Marie Elaine, Phillips Duke, Ralph, Carthage Duncan. Mary Jeanne. New Orleans, La. Dyer. Virginia Lucille, Corpus Christ! Ebeling. Bettye Jane. Dallas Edwards, Joe Ward Stinky } . Houston Eiserloh, Norman A San Antonio Elder, John Blanton. Dallas Elkins, Ann, Houston Elliott, Jo Ann, Brecken ridge Elliott, Kenyon, Austin Ellison, Emily Anne. Austin Ely. William Stephen?. Hearne English. Marie Joyce. Moran Erickson. Charles Barnett. Sunray Erwin, Francee Louise, La Porte Etheridge, Frances, San Antonio Ewan. Bill Donald, Holhrook, Ariz. Fails, Joyce. Taylor Farnum. Morgan Irving, Dallas Fair. Billie Jane. Austin Fatheree. Minnie, Cameron Faykus. Max Henry. Carwood Feagin. Dorothy Ceraldine, Colmesoeil Feagins. Virginia. St. Louis. Mo. Feinstein, Gloria Rose. Waco Ferguson, Robert Elmo. Jr.. San Anton Fertitia, Josephine, Houston Field. Bertha Jean, Alice Fincher. Herbert Harris, Alvin Fink. Carl Frederick. Jr., Houston Fisher. Charles William, Liberty File. Kathleen Elizabeth. San Antonio Fitzpatrick. McCall, Corpus Christi Flautt. Ria June. Calveston Flynt. Lanham Nance. Ballinger Flynt. Otelia. Midland Forehand. Mary Sue. Carlsbad. X. Me . Forrest, Ernestine, Dallas Forrest. Jeanne. Austin Foshee. Don. Cladewater Foust. Bobby Rhea, Littlefield Francis. Beverly. New Braunfels Frank. Man Alice. Pensacola. Fla. Franklin. James Richard. Port Arthur Fraser. David Ben, Corpus Christi Freeman. Bob A Comanche ' reeman. Bonnie J o. Coleman French, . lice Jeanne. San Antonio Friend. Katherine. Waskom GaJatian. Mildred Jean. Bea Garcia. Gloria, San Diego Garcia. Olga Minerva. Ben Bolt Gardner. James H.. Austin Gaudynski. Mary Jane. Milwaukee. W Geeslin. R. Campbell. Brady Gentry. Barbara Ann. Dallas FRESHMEN Gibson, Florence Lucille, San Antonio Gibson, Hoyt Sidney, Gonzales Gibson, Shirley lone, Port Arthur Gilder, Marjorie, Cristobal, C. Z. Gillette, Patricia Inez, Austin Gilligan, Elaine Ruth, Houston Glass, Mary Ann, Beaumont Glass, Melba Elise, Eagle Pass Glasser, Bernice Esther, Bristow, Okla. Gloria, Le Roy, Del Rio Goldfine, Edna Mae, Orange Goldman, Amy, Shreveport, La. Goldman, Gloria Patricia, Houston Goldstein, Margery Jane, Clayton, Mo. Gordon, Marcia Myrle, Dallas Cork, Mary Lou, Grand Rapids, Mich Gould, Vila Darlyne, Mitchell, Neb. Graham, Betty Kathryn, Cleburne Graham, Jo Ruth, Jasper Graham, Walter Nichols, Dallas Graves, Arnell Elizabeth, Buckholts Gray, Melba Ditz, Logansport, La. Greathouse, Virginia, Dallas Green, Charles Edwin, Fort Worth Greenfield, Hannah, Houston Greer, Helen Louise, Elkhart Gregg, Thelma Bee, Houston Greisen, Shirley Mae, Dallas Griffin, John L., Jr., West Columbia Grogan, Mary Margaret, Henrietta Gruss, Dorothy Louise, Houston Gurley, Mary Maxine, Houston Hall, Clint. L., Phillips Hallum, Ruth LaVern, Brady Hansen, Norma Waldine, Galveston Hanson, Gaylord Carl, San Antonio Harding, William Burnett, Houston Hardt, Birdie Ruth, Somerville Harris, August Watkins, Austin Harris, Daphne, Morton Harris, Shirley Jean, University City, Mo. Harris, W. Irving, Jr., Houston Hartung, Helen Ruth, Brooklyn, N. Y. Harvey, George Douglas, Harlingen Harwood, Cordelia Brown, Harlingen Harz, Arnette, Boerne Hassinger, Ethan Vivian, Seguin Haynie, Alma Lorene, Galveston Head, Lucile Lloyd, Schulenburg Hegar, Naomi Ruth, Temple Hemphill, Patricia Frances, Austin Henderson, Frances Marie, Fort Worth Henderson, Gerald Le Moyne, Conway, Ark. Henry, Mary Erkle, Austin Hermes, Malcolm R., Hallettsville Hess, Betty Van Dyke, San Antonio Hicks, Wanda Yvonne, Waco Hicks, William Charles, Pittsburg Hill, Betty Ann, Houston Hill, Bettye Virginia, Waynoka, Okla. FRESHMEN Hillman, Julia Elizabeth, Cherokee Hines, Betty Jean, Houston Hinton, Ruth, Gonzales Hirth, Mary Rae. Kerrville Hodges, William B., De Kalb Hoeltzel, Nancy Eubank. San Antonio Holbrook, Alice Louise, Bastrop Holiman, Doris Loraine, San Angelo Holt. Martha Annette, Dallas Holton, Jolyne, Port Arthur Hood, James Warren, Austin Hopper, Orville G., Breckenridge Horn, Gwen, Wink Home, Margaret Beverly, College Station Horrell, Lois Bonita, Chicago, IIL Horton, Patsy Jean, Dallas House, James Carl, Sanderson Houston. Marian Jeanne. Austin Houston, Shirley M.. St. Petersburg. Fla. Howard. Man Ruth, Seagoville Hoyt, Ruby Laverne. Katy Huber, Betty Charlene. Port Arthur Huffman, Charles Howard, Houston Hunter, Mamie Belle. Dallas Kurd, Thelmarie, Houston Hurst. Marian Eddie, Royse City Hyman. Carolyn Frances, Lufkin Ilarde. Mary Catherine. Elmira, N. Y. Iseman, Rose Ann, Cleveland, Ohio Isenhower, Lillian Ruth. Li-in Jackson. Mary Jane, San Antonio Jackson, Man Virginia. Rockport Jacobson, Ruthann. New Orleans. La. Japhet, Ann, Houston Jared, Daniel Wade. Houston Jay. Joe Bob, Abilene Jefferson, Cyrus Merren. Tampa. Fla. Jenkins. Edgar W.. Healdsburg. Calif. Jessen, Constance. Houston John, Joanne Claire, Galveston Johns. Nancy. Shreveport. La. Johnson. Clyde William. Hondo Johnson. Emma Nell. Dallas Johnson, James William, Beaumont Johnson, Shirley Anne, Rockport Johnston, Suzanne, Buenes Aires, Arg. Jones. John Walter. Weslaco Jones, Man- Ruth. Austin Jones, Robert William. Jr.. San Antonio Joseph, Jacqueline, Bumet Josephs. Miriam, Corpus Christi Joyce, Murray Clarence, lago kalmore. Marsha Ruth, Presid Kantrovich. Mina Lorraine, Karchmer, Norma Fay, Longv Kartin. Sarah, Galveston Kayser. Raymond Francis. Shreve Kelley. Norma Jeanne. Lockhart Kelly. Carolyn Maye. Austin Kelly. Joe Lee. Lamesa FRESHMEN Kennedy, Robert Allen, Huntington Beach, Calif. Kent, Jim Tom, Richardson Kern, Ruth, Laredo Kerr, Helen Latham, Evanston, 111. Kiley, Betty Virginia, Houston Killough, John A., Ballinger King, Thomas Jefferson, Jr., Elgin King, Vera Jean, Lyford Kinsel, John, Alice Kirk, Harry Don, Grand Saline Kirksey, Frances, San Antonio Klein, Adele Lucille, Schulenburg Kleinman, Anna, Dallas Kleinman, Theresa, Houston Kmiec, Natalie, Houston Koen, Jack W., Hamilton Kostas, Ann, Houston Krames, Clay Victor, Beaumont Kreisler, Blanche, Galveston Kuwahara, George, Parlier, Calif. Lancaster, Ruth, Lampasas Landes, Robert Paul, Houston Landin, Naomi, Sugarland Lanford, Ruth, Blanket Langdon, Marcheta, Houston La Rue, Betty Bryson, Athens Leahy, Rosemary Ruth, Austin Lee, Jack White, Mason Lemly, Carolyn Suzette, Dallas Lentsch, Louise, Austin Lester, Max Milton, Jr., Waco Levinson, Marjorie, San Antonio Lewallen, William Wayne, Austin Lewis, Lorna Jean, Austin Lewis, Rita Mae, Vernon Lewis, Rowland, Greenville Lilley, Janet Marie, Fort Worth Limmer, Evalyn Anne, Austin Linville, Frances Louise, Dallas Lively, Julia, Dallas Livingston, Mary Margaret, Liberty Loeffler, Aubrey Linville, Sonora Loeffler, Joy La Rue, Baytown Long, Betty, Sulphur Springs Looman, Helen Mari e, Borger Losh, Janet, McAllen Loy, Irene Louise, Houston Loyd, Welta Faye, Gilmer Lyle, Patsy Ann, Colorado Springs, Colo. Lyon, Mary Margaret, Petrolia McCabe, Mary Catherine, Marfa McCall, Dan Scott, Jr., Bremond McCarroll, Katherine Louise, San Angelo McCarty, Nita, Pampa McClure, Mary, Austin McCormick, Margaret Joyce, Florence McCormick, Sally N., Austin McDaniel, Rodney G., Borger McDonald, Peachie Waunell, Tyler McFall, Paul Wayne, San Antonio FRESHMEN MeFarland, Elbert Leroy, Coleman McGehearty, MariljTi C., Fort Worth McGraw, M. Jean, Austin McHan. Mar - Harriette, El Paso Mclntire, Marilyn, Birmingham, Mich. M ' -Iver. Ray. Austin McKean. Margaret Janelle, Austin McMillan. Mary Katherine, Overton MrNatt, James Kenneth, Greenville McNaughton, Rita Eleanor, Port Arthur Machemehl, Ida Katherine. Bellville Madej. Rose, Chicago, 111. Madej. Stella, Chicago, 111. Magee, Bertha Faye. Robstown Magliolo, Ellen Barbara, Galveston Magliolo. Virginia Catherine, Galveston Makins. Robert, Port Arthur Manry, Jack, Jr., Trinity Manteris, era Fae, Baytown Marini. Melba, Houston Maris. Patricia Nell, Franklin Marshall, Louise Charlotte, San Antonio Martin. Alice Joyce. Brookshire Massey. Mary Pat. Dallas Matthews, C. Mason, Jr., Houston Mauck. Eleanor Jean, Laredo Mays. Marietta. Vivian, La. Meador, Elizabeth Ann, McGregor Megarity, Ferris J.. Waco Miller, Geraldine Marie. Port Arthur Miller. Ray Warren, Gladewater Mills. Harry Earl. Kansas City. Mo. Mills. Patricia. Pearsall Mitchell. Marcia, Fort Worth Mleczho, Eugene Leon, Los Angeles, Calif. Moncrief. David A.. Houston Monkhouse. Katie Bea, Lockhart Montague. William Sanford. Bay City Montgomery. James Irl. Wichita Falls Moody. James Hamilton, Jr., Longview Moore. Geneva Lois. Mexia Moore. Jeanne, Hobbs. N. Mex. Moore. Margaret Allene, Carlsbad, N. Mex. Moreland. Betty Jane, Austin Morgan, Harris. Greenville Morgan. Marcy. Austin Morgan. William Ferguson. Jr.. Houston Morris. Mark Miller. Harlingen Morrison, Louise Cromwell, Dallas Moses. Alma Teresa, Leesville, La. .. . Bille June. Fort Worth Mosier. Ruth. Overton Murchison. Patsy Ruth. Menard Murphy. Betty. Fort Worth 4 Murray. Marjorie ElizabethTDic Murray. Olivia. Carlsbad. N. Mex. Myluis. Corine. Yoakum Nash. Beverly Anne. Austin Neal. Jacquelin. Houston Neal. Nora Nell. Sulphur Springs PACE 93 FRESHMEN Neece, Neal, Dallas Needham, William Felix, Jr., Wharto Nees, Martha, Beaumont Nelson, Janice Louise, Newgulf Nelson, Louise, Taft Nessly, Betty Jean, San Antonio New, Phyllis Ruth, Oklahoma City, Okl Newcomb, Duane Carrol, Devine Ney, Thomas Jerome, Hondo Nichols, John D., Dallas Nisbet, Marjory Reba, Sonora Nolde, Ann Loraine, Fort Sam Houston Nolen, Hester Sue, Austin Nollette, Patricia Anne, Dallas Norman, Frances Antonette, Comfort Null, Dan Dutton, Port Arthur Oliver, Paula Laurena, Corning, Ark. Osborne, Hoyle Millard, San Antonio Ostrander, Mary Catherine, San Antonio Owen, William R., Dallas Owens, Herman, Jr., Austin Parish, Verner C., Jr., Houston Parker, Florence Isabelle, Raleigh, N. C. Parker, Gene Owen, Austin Parsons, David Vibert, Jr., Houston Parsons, Felix N., Gainesville Partlow, Geraldine, Liberty Patterson, Don Raymond, Dallas Patterson, Iris Janet, Austin Paull, Betty Jo, Three Rivers Pearce, Ian Sydney, Belize, British Honduras Pederson, Frances Arvilla, Galveston Pelay, Athena, Portland. Ore. Pellett, Helen Marie, Brady Penman, Jack Lanier, Beaumont Perkins, Linda Davis, Cameron Perlman, Elaine, Houston Perry, Cecile Alys, Tulsa, Okla. Persia, Dorothy Lee, San Antonio Perussina, Mary Ann, Galveston Phelps, Donald Osborn, Albuquerque, N. M. Pickens, Rose Marie, Monroe, La. Pierce, Norma Lee, Menard Pipsaire, Geraldine, Longview Pirtle, Elizabeth Anne, Houston Pittman, Everette Edward, Jr., Austin Pittman, Ocie. J., Groesbeck Pleas, David Randolph, Long Beach, Calif. Plyler, Jimmy Frank, Corsicana Pochmann, Henry August, Temple Poe, Beatrice, Beaumont Pointer, Patsy, Bellville Polanskv, Genelle, Smithville Pollard, Tom G., Tyler Polsky, Libbie Sandra, Muscatine, low Pomeroy, Joan, Dallas Ponischil, John Kit, Galveston Porcher, Hollis Ray, Corpus Christi Porter, Jack W., Jr., Caldwell Porter, Martha Jane, Bryan FHESHMES Porter. Nell Ruth, Dallas Poyner, Robert Flake, Jr., Houston Prange, Marilyn Jean. Houston Prestridge, Art hie Davis, Eagle Pass Fribble. Fred A., Jr., Dallas Prikryl, Pauline, Penelope Proll, August J-, Jr.. San Antonio Purl, Dorthalea, San Antonio Rack. Lucile Alberta, Santa Rosa Rader, John Franklin.HI. Houston Rader, Joyce Kathryn. San Antonio Ragan. Nancy T.. Randolph Field Ramsey, Charles T., Galveston Randal, Betty Jean. Galveston Rasmussen. Robert Lee, Pierce Ratcliffe, Mary Pelham. Paris Ratcliff. Jeanne Carolyn, Princeton, Ky. Rauschenberg. Milton Ernest, Port Arthur Ray. Mary Frances, Dallas Raymond, Mary. Laredo Reed. Earnest Eugene, Gilmer Rees, George Donald, Jr.. Corpus Christi Rehfeldt. Christel R.. Trenton, N. J. Rhodes, Tommie Lou, Austin Riley, Martha. Wink Rinderknecht. Pearl Marie. Taylor Ritter. Gerald Glynn, Cleveland Rivet. Homer Gene, Beaumont Robbins. Joan. Greenville Robertson. Betty Frances, Austin Robertson, Virginia Marie, Colorado City Robertson. William. Jr., Houston Robinson. Byrle Waneta. Galveston Robinson, Enid Ruth, Houston Robinson. Mary Elizabeth, Austin Roling, Mary Sue. Wichita Falls Roney. Nancy Jane. Dallas Roper. Victor Wallace, Diball Rose. Mona Deen. Hereford Ross, Mathilde Laurans. New Orleans, La. Rothwell. Billie Sue. Mineola Rubio, Gladys E., Cristobal. C Z. Rumbo. Noble Leon, Tahoka Runge. Alice Ruth. Mason Rush. Kenneth M.. Fort Worth Russell. Jack White, Coleman Russell, Jean, Bonham Russell. Pat Senter. Galveston Russell. Renee. Baird Russell. Rubinelle. Burkburnett Ryan. Georgia Pat. Kenedy Rydell. Ruth May. Dallas Rystad. Eldon, Refugio Sanders, Florence Betty. Sawyer. Shirley Marie. Sawyer. Virginia. Smithville Scheske. Margaret Jean, Gonzales Schilling. Chiquita. Houston Schmerman. Essie. Wink Schmidt. James Carroll, Claude FRESHMEN Schwartzberg, Jennie Bernice, Houston Scott, Clarence L., San Antonio Scott, Lahoma Irene, Bayside Scott, Victor Allan, Schulenburg Scale, Betty Sue, Jasper Seeker, Martin Dayss, Dallas Seibt, Harriet Ruth, Austin Seipel, Joyce Katherine, San Antonio Sharp, Carle F., Jr., San Antonio Sherman, James Terry, Austin Shields, James Brock, Mart Shillingburg, Laurance Edward, Lamesa Shropshire, Joza Jean, Houston Shropshire, William Sanders, Jacksboro Shuler, Kenneth Dunn, Gonzales Silberberg, Irwin Harold, Clarksville Silver, E. Madelyn, Muskogee, Okla. Silver, Marian Leah, University City, Mo. Simmons, Sally, Austin Sindorf, John G., Midland Skinner, Wallace Edward, Wichita Falls Smith, Barbara Lindsey, Fort Clark Smith, Bennie Lee, Teague Smith, Charlie Houston, Lockhart Smith, Clara Jean, Nevada Smith, Douglas H., Sanderson Smith, Eileen Dorothy, Welsh, La. Smith, Ethel Patricia, Jasper Smith, Jerry Jane, Dallas Smith, Margaret Helen, Dallas Smith, Marie Anne, Shreveport, La. Smith, Phoebe Belle, Karnes City Smith, Sue Cheek, Memphis, Tenn. Smolka, Martha Jane, Garland Smythe, Louise, San Antonio Snowden, Janice, Harlingen Sobotik, Jesse Frank, El Campo Solka, Ruth Jeanette, Refugio Soverel, Anita B. (Mrs.), DeRidder, La. Sowders, Wanda Joyce, League City Speck, Martha Naomi, Corpus Christi Speed, Le Roy Clark, Austin Speir, Harold J., Shreveport, La. Speir, La Verne, Austin Spolyar, Leonard Matt, Houston Stallman, Roy Robert, Garwood Stampp, Shirley Lee, Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. Stanfield, Robert Sidney, Lamesa Stanford, Jordan Franklin. Austin Sleeker, Margaret Anne, Fort Worth Stefka, Lorene, Rockport Stein, Edward Frank, Fredericksburg Steincamp, Harry Edward, Electra Stephenson, Jean Elizabeth, Fort Stockton Stern, Joan, Kansas City, Mo. Stewart, Phyllis, Galveston Stewart, William Hart, Austin Stoltzfus, Joy Katherine, Tuleta Storie, William Theodore, Jr., Pasadena Storm, Wilma, Dallas FRESHMEN Strauss, Janet, Corpus Christi Stroud. Bel. Waco Stubblefield, Roger William. Brownsville Sturdivant. Richard. Austin Sut ton. Eldon. Bryan Sweeney. Naomi, Phillips Sweeney, Sue Loretta. San Antonio Swinnea. Ollie Mae, Weslaco . TAbert. William Laurel, Corpus Christi Tankersley, Billye Jean, Austin Taylor, Dan. Forney Taylor. Frances Roberta, Austin Taylor. Martha B., Fort Worth Taylor. Wilber F., San Francisco. Calif. Teague, Cordice Isaac, Moody Teer. James Edward. M eiia Terrien, Sara Jane, Tulsa, Okla. Thatcher. Ellis Carter, Independence, Mo. Theodold, Lee, Tyler Thomas. Ruth LaNelle. Taft Thomas, S. J. Janet. Austin Thompson, Sarah Elizabeth, Dallas Thompson, Betty Jean, Bay City Thompson. Richard W.. Wichita Falls Tipps, Man Sue. Wichita Falls Tisdale. Sammye Claire, Port Lavaca Todes,JayL..Wharton Tom, Betty Coe. San Antonio Tom, Rosemary, Dallas Treybig. Walter, Jr.. Wharton Trimble. Betty Dell, Corsicana Trimble, Ted Terrill, Austin Trout. Nonna Joy. Meiia Troutz, Clifford F_, Jr., San Antonio Tudor, Doris, Sweetwater Turbeville. Louis, Dallas Lhler, Carolyn Margaret. Houston Umbarger, H. B., Borger L rice. Wynona, Taft Van Buren. Douglas Dean. San Antonio Van Corp. Johelen, Ossining. N. V. Van Haselen. Elsie. Dallas Van Studdiford, Shirley, Kelly Field Vaughan. John Robert. Waskum Vaughan. Man, Frances, Pearsall Vaughan. Nora Mae, Beaumont Vejans, Elaine. Jacksonville Very. Gloria Christine, Richardson Vinson. John William, Houston von Carlowitz, Theresa Ann, Bradford, Penn. von Rosenberg. Hermann Eugene. Austin Wagner. Pickard Earl. Baird Walker. Alene. Lampasas Walker. Joan Sandefer. Gre Walling. Jo Beth. Austin Walton. Martha. Temple Wampler. Barbara Jean, Gladewater Warmack, George Milton, San Antonio Watson. Arthur Pope. Jr.. Austin Watson. Gloria. Austin FRESHMEN Waugh, Nancy Lee, Bastrop Webb, Martha Elizabeth, Amarillo Weber, Mary Francille, Dallas Weis, Raymond F., Higgins Welborn, Clarence Taylor, Austin Welder, Martha, Beeville Wells, Duane, Washington, D. C. Wells, Robert Archie, Winona West, Louis Laverne, Clarksville West, Norman L., Hamilton Westmoreland, Emma Jeane, Marshall Wetz, Harlan Henrv, New Braunfels Wheat, Frances, Sonora White, Anita, Mullin White, Charles D., Port Neches White, Daniel Kelsay, Weatherford, Okla. White, Lela Jo, Wills Point White, Sophie Anne, Texarkana White, Warren Travis, Dallas Whitesides, Marshall Marlin, Troup Whiton, Albert Edward, Beaumont Wiegand, Grace Mabel, Gatesville Wieland, Evelyn Roberta, Pflugerville Wigginton, Carolyn, Brady- Wilder, Ray Hiram, Jr., San Saba Wilhite, Betty, Dallas Wilkenfield, Joyce Adele, Texas City Wilkes, Bettye, Dallas Wilkins, Leroy Oscar, Kerrville Wilkinson, Lelia Beth, Corsicana Williams, Oscar Brown, Jr., Austin Williams, Ruth, College Station Willis, Charles Grant, Abilene Willrodt, Helen Louise, Columbus Wilson, Leon, Madisonville Wilson, James Gale, Los Angeles, Calif. Wilson, Jennings Dee, Mathis Winborn, Betty Jean, Houston Windham, Gladys Elizabeth, San Angelo Winkley, Betty, Austin Winn, Wilkins Bowdre, Fort Worth Wirthlin, Lura Nell, San Antonio Wise, Jean Louise, Maysfield Wood, Marie Evins, Gainesville Wood, Myra Jean, Cooper Wooldridge, Margaret, Gainesville Word, Edith Lucille, Alice Worley, Frances Marian, Austin Wray, Arthur H., Fort Worth Wright, Elizabeth Ann, Columbus Yantis, Benton Worth, Austin Yarbrough, Herbert Amos, Jr., San Antonio Yolland, Coral Jan, Ingleside Youngblood, Margaret Jane, Vernon Zacharis, Harriet Tress, Jacksonville, Fla. Zimmerman, Sara Frances, Cleburne Zowada, Dorothy Jean, Austin 98 SUTTOX HALL XGIXEERIXC BUILDING mum IN MEMDRIAM U-acuttu LULA MARY BEWLEY CLYDE CHEW GLASCOCK GLENN WARREN GOLDSMITH HENRY WINSTON HARPER VICTOR IVAN MOORE IRVING JURESCO PATRICIA NELL MARIS MARY ANN THOMASON U f, AT WAR ADMIRAL C. W. NIMITZ. COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF UNITED STATES PACIFIC FLEET AND PACIFIC OCEAN AREAS. AND " EX-STtDENT IN SPIRIT. ' " Q j " T IS FITTING that a state which once had a Navy of its own and has a color- ful naval tradition should cultivate the arts of seafaring. I am hopeful that a good number of those in training at The University of Texas will see action with the Pacific Fleet, and I have even- confidence they will give a good account of themselves in helping to bring Japan to her knees. " C. W. NIMITZ COMMANDER IN CHIEF United Sum Pacific Fleet Pacific O eu Arris University of Texas T I HESE MEN, standing here so rigidly at attention, make up Texas ' Naval College Training, program, one of the largest in the country. These eleven hundred men form an integral part of the student body and have helped the University keep its program on even keel. The men in the R.O.T.C., selected from the regular student body, and those in the V-12 unit have Davy in Review. . shown spirit and interest in the University, which is proud to be exclusively a Naval " The Naval Flight Preparatory School, although almost as large, has a rapid turnover, but their rows of campaign ribbons make the war more real to us on the campus. CAPTAIN J. J. LONDON, USN (ret.) THIS THIRD WAR-TIME EDITION OF THE CACTUS, finds the Naval ROTC classes of 1944 and 1945 at this University, commissioned in the Navy. Each term trainees from the V-12 Unit, established July, 1943, are complet- ing their allotted college semesters, and are being sent to Reserve Midshipmen Schools for commissioning as officers. Thus by means of the Naval ROTC and the V-12 Units, The University of Texas is maintaining its place in the first rank of Educational Institutions, in supplying officers for our Navy. J. J. LONDON CAPTAIN, USN (Ret.) LT. CMDR. M. C. BRITTA LT. C. C. CLIFFT Pict 103 LT. J. L. BR1NKHAUS LT. H. H. THRELKELD LT. (jg) M. C. CLAYTON Front .- F Mouli. CBM W. D. Murtha. CSp(A) ; Agne, Pastusha, SK 3 c; Ruth A. Smith. SK 3 c; Bessie Anna Smeiser, Y 1 c; Nell White, Y 3 c; Mary E. Riddle, Y 2 c: A. C. Burnham, CSp(A) ; A. R. Bell. CSK. . CS D (A) Second i-ou.: G. A. Scott, PhM 2 c; J. W. O ' Hearn, PhM 2 c; F. C. Zitnik, SK 1 c; L. E. Clasen, CSp(A); R. V. Spraker, Cbp(A) Bac rJw- R hi j ed Ro J e r sch CS SK A 2 c G ' j C Ques 9 enbe i rry C phM 3 c; J. A. House, Y 1 c; C. H. Read, PhM 2 c; J. C. Landrum, PhM 1 c; J. R. Woodward, PhM 3 c; F. P. McCormack SK 2 c; ' c. ' c. ' Murphy, PhM 3 c. rood. Battalion Commander b dnawier; law Oelaad UcCaUii. J. O. Battalion OBMaicaliont a. i Spply OCccr; Oma Mom. Cole, H. R. D. T. C. Senior Class, October 1943 Fnmt ror: Rickud NY STAFF Fonnter Browr, William T. REST COMPANY STAFF , COMPANY I PLATOON I PLATOON LEADER: John Wilde Front row: Elwooi! Elias Cook, Chester Kcnneth Weiland Merritt. Frank Asbu Second row: Otto Cindler, Third row: Richard Eugene ] COMPANY I PLATOON II PLATOON LEADER: William Andrew Eklund (left). Front row: Shirley Carl White, Henry Burt Rule, Jr., Benl Ralph Edward Fuge, Frank Emmuel Bertucci. Second row: Billy M.-11.-MI..1.I-. illiam Ku. .ll Van der V Sanders, Robert Bernard Blanton, Peter Cause Patton Third row Carl Laurent Lichte, Nelson Edwin Davenport, Fourth row: Robert James Stevenson, Jr.. Earl Al Robert Gemmill Wintens, Oscar Glenn Pate. COMPANY II PLATOON Jame. Ed.rd Patterson. Eocene R.lledje Tanner, Stephen Catcbell Allen. Jr.. Michel Fran. Smith. Tlu, TTjotni ..Jj Doole. Alex Roaeoe Thorn .. Jr.. William Je McKee. Albert [tat Kogrt. Perto- Edrd iUrren. Jack Rnwell Baxkee, EdnJ Staan fatrih r ' ienfro Cole NorrU. Frank WillUaM Bello . William J.rne Ommell. Harold Edward Selke. William Harold Boatriihl. Morris Cale. William Mama McCarty. Villiam Heno Wilson. Virgil Lee Hvnphrer- . H. D. T. C. PLATOON LEADER: Teldoa Skwide (Ml). Treat rv: VillUB Wtou Slepbriu. Albert Crn{!r Dmlzell. John Edud Sec aW ro: Cliflon E. Mitchell. Frederick D. Hesley. Jr.. Bruce Stuley Krl Edd Rippel. IV. R. D. T. C. COLOR GUARD RAYMOND SWEZEY EDMUNDS, WILLIAM MIMMS SUTTON, AVID COULD, WILLIAM WAYNE McCINNIS. DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS DRUM AM) BlIil.K COHI ' S COMMANDER: Dot Front row: Leon Tolliver Boswcll, Jr., Phillip Mason Frenchie Huff. Andrew Johnson (Drum Major). Second row: Julius Clifford Cain, Teddy Alcxand Third ro; S Owen William Fauntleroy, Jr., Richard George Ryan, Arthur Dennis Willbern, Jr., Kirk John Canler, Franklin Jat Crow, James Dillard Dyer, Jr. (Mustering Petty Officer). nder Klein, William Bio Deward Baird, Jim Will Wilson, Charles Henry Featherston, Thomas Leo Vaughan, Andrew Estes, Richard Ross LeRouax, Edbert Julian Schutze, Thomas Parker Lovetl, Daniel Marston $v The NROTC Glee Club at work . . . Known as " mess " . . . Eyes right! . . . Remember the good old days at Eisenbeiser ' s? . . . Andrews vs. Tejas: Andrews on the loose . . . Ben Carroll after the game . . . Our Navy ' s only ship. THE NAVY isn ' t all work . . . The Senior Ring Dance and the Grand March . . . The Seniors get thei r rings and their kisses . . . Present to receive both were Larry Jones and Marion Thomas and Charles Graham and Anna Buchanan . . . Also ' there were Ralph Ellsworth and Jackie McKay, Frank Stephens and Gene Stinnett; Jack Brady and La Verne Ryan. MORE SCENES from the Senior Ring Dance . . . Warren Freund and Mary Pate and Trebie Pern and Jerry Mur- taugh . . . Also Julius Cain and date . . . S.R.D. entertained the NROTC and among those present were Ernest Groos and his date. Jim Wilson and Frances Ann Coleman . . . Loyal Edwin Loveless and the Porter girls . . . Also at the Ring Dance were Weldon Shudde and Metta Ann Wilson. Florence Neeley and Sam Winters . . . Ralph Ellsworth and Samuel Seay visit the Chi Omegas. i Las minute preparations for the big night . . . T. K. Wood leads the Senior Class in the The traditi ona yes Seniors are sworn into the U. S. Navy as Ensigns . . . And it is goodbye to the Sen iors from the Ji THE BIG DAY and the March for Com- missions . . . Rear Admiral C. P. Mason vas the speaker . . . Admiral Mason hands a commission to Lt. Frank Bellows. USMC ... A commission in the Navy for Ensign Renfro Cole Norris, L SN ... And one for Ensign Bill Barn- house . . . Capt. John J. London presents Ensign and Mrs. W. M. Sutton to Admiral Mason. LT. M. C. BRITTAIN, USN, presents orders to new Ensigns Joe W. McKnight, Michael Pearson, and Peter Patton . . . The new Ensigns are led to the slaughter by the under- graduates ... A new problem in navigation a rather wet one ... An officer at last! Ensigns Gordon Charlton and Malcolm Cross try on those new uniforms . . . The room of a former ROTCer. " AT LAST " for Ensign Don Caldwell . . . " Good luck, son " Ensign A. D. Wellbern and parents . . . Presenting Ensign and Mrs. Larry Jones and En- sign and Mrs. George Miller . . . First Salute- Ensigns Xorman Flados. Richard Underwood and John Toppins. NAVY V-12 COMPANY III PLATOON I PLATOON LEADER Front row: Olney Dav William Rolston, Frank Jack Ownbey, Willia Second row: Harry Davis Johnston, Albert Lorton Bernard Goodman, Robert Franklin Campbell, Paul Loyal Mantl Billie Dean Monson, Wallace Kenneda Swam, COMPANY III PLATOON II , . 1 I J Oliver Davis, James Everett Delehanty, George M Second row: Harold Roy Streckfuss, William Edward McBride, Kenni Edward Adams Ulrey, Leonard Allen Widen, Kimball Anderson Third row: John Edward Brown, Robert Thomas Stahmer, Jack Cliff Pruett, David Lippitt, Lloyd Delbert Tucker. k, Hugh Emory Garde NAVY V-12 COMPANY IV PLATOON I PLATOON LEADER: Ralph Anguftiu Belknap. Jr. f left I. High King Mcjnnkin. Jr.. Edwin Freaer Leak, Jack Leroy Bet. Robert Morria Pedenon. John Evan Edwa ell Liggett. Eltweed George Pomeroy. Valerian George Penkof. Walter Claibome Yager. Henry Jame, Tremper. Leland Virgil Hoffman. Crandell Linen. Elneed Ceorre Pomeroy, Valeria. Ceoree Penkof. S,r wd row.- Lano. Tracy Wi M lo. Jr.. He.rr Edward S.errr. John B. Third ror: Edward Dauelao . Jr.. Bnjanu. Ba Ewing. Keith Do la. Tall. E1IU Carter Thatcher. William ird . Jack Edwin Curtis. Panl Buford Lucas. Irving Scilacci. Wesley Franci, Wr COMPANY IV PLATOON II i. Adrian C. Van Dyk. Jay Villiam Allen. Hal W. Yeager, Jr.. Howard A. Swaneon. Jack Grundy Jordan. Frank Moore Hood. y. Alfred Gwynn Severin. Charles Kendal Leeper. Cliff Welton Scott. Jr.. Kenneth Rowland Jone . Robert Henry Fain. Thonua gene Oulton Earl Mile . Jr.. Grover Cleveland Kenyan. Jr. Frank Albert Klebe. Jame. Manotlo. Robert Henry Severin. Jr.. Donald Sigle Freedman. Gerald Leonard Swenea. R. M. Parks. n Henderson Collier NAVY V-12 COMPANY V PLATOON I V Vf ' N M m l m I I.. 1 P7 g 33 E3 William Kenneth Bonillas. William Halli-y Ramsdell. William Ernest Oube. Raymond dclbert Colbern. Second row: Vernon Gerald Wri e ht. Joseph McCill, Jr., Earl Edwin Klingensmith, Roger Frederick Krueger, Thomas Nelson Tackett, III. Charles Kenneth Foster, Marvin Bates Eickenroht. Donald Sussan, Marlin B.-rle Ewing. Third row: Francis LaVern Whaley, Joseph Magliolo, Jr., Jeff Nessen Schmidt, Walter James Cross dener, Ernest Alfred Huebner. Graydon Snider, Jack Lanier Penman. Jack Law COMPANY V PLATOON II Robert lT; " v , v " , ' . ' ,kl, -i . Ko! , Vt lli ' i.l-l ' , ' l " v " . Jr.. " tan! " Kipp, ' Jr. ' rVa ' rr.Mi ' l) " l. ' CulJ ' i ' l ' . ' Third row: Glenn Garland Stiff. Paul Frederick Woolrich, Jack Lee, Malcolm Dcloy Abel. ihu. Nrwton Evans, Jr., John Nathaniel V-12 COMPANY VI PLATOON II Franri Harrii (Irfl I. Tom Emil Zan . Norrna. Cre fnliM.l Frank Bryan trom. Jame. Joseph Scanloo, Eaenoti Earl Moor. Ju n Anhur Til- mklim Voorbn. Floyd Dilr SI.Kr. Oorge .!, jr.. Villuw D.rid Wil, Kobcn BUke Tcim. Edwin MutoMk Sio,, Kk rd Tilliu. SUtlrn. i Sbor, Robert Edward Talto., fmmrm William Terrell. Framk Ankor Wucbell. Jr.. Miller Speer TVne. Howard COMPANY VI PLATOON III Pelrr Vrtroniile. Brace Gilt U ram: WillUm B.rha u Be Kelly Tower. Dould Enfei I rmr: Valler Rol ert .vrr. I ' ,- I I - nin Patrick Dillaioaty. John Dith. Jr. Thor Hell roik. Qiford durlec Seidel. Irrinf TillUau. Fred Meyer Wright Robert Earle Saree.t. Sylet Carey. Kt 1 V-1Z COMPANY VII PLATOON I imy Ogg Smith. John E, Robert Edward Beatty, II, Bruce Hay Packard. Third row: Harold Robert Schuman, James Rufus F Johnson, Keith Clark White. COMPANY VIII PLATOON I lliam Dennis Thames, Jr., Richard n, Herbert Harold Horil, Ernest Melt Deppe, Ben Witcher Denny. PLATOON l.KADI K: l)i,k Phillip Mosis (righ Wilbur Hart, Burness Veal Kelley, Jr., Robert Beverly NAVY V-12 COMPANY VIII PLATOON II Russel Coleman, Edwin Louis Wyde, Joseph Jack Horn. Richard PLATOON LEADER: William Glenn Mask (It t). Front r m: William Aubrey Hardwick, Jr., William Jacob Loeser, Joe Coode, John Mark Graham, Jr., Howard Merlin Reily. Second rou: Charles Theron Matthews, John William Cosen, William Henry Neil, Charles Woody Reeves, Charles Edwin Green, Drew O ' Neal Bacon, Harvey Lee Third " o " . an Robert r " Har E ; ro ve n ' McKellar. Edward Marion Jones, Jr.. William Herech:! Haynes, William Roy Kendall, Leroy John HerriDgton, Jr., Richard Harding Ferguson, Irving Marshall Pittman, Jr.. Wilbur Lee Moore. Carson Harper Hoge. COMPANY IX PLATOON I PLATOON LEADER: Willia t. Nathaniel Durgin Fast, Coy Melvin Porter. Second ro : Lawrence Wiber Milnes, Louis Don Raineri, David Wendover Pile! Third ,OK: Robert Scouller Rankin, Bert Herrold Lincoln, Thomas George Hofn V-12 COMPANY X PLATOON I George Paul Miles Maci ' el, Jr " COMPANY X PLATOON II V-12 COMPANY XI PLATOON I DER: Frank William Aim Downey, John Jay Adam., John 8171111 COMPANY XI n Roy Boiler. William Earl Boll. Wayne Clair Dryfrdale, Rowland Glenn Dale . James Edward Ciesrinski. Bertram Leander Anderson. Elmer ROT Ragiue. Robert Cockrroft. Jr., Ch.rle, Henry Green. Robert Boyle . Arthur George Jewell. PLATOON II Kiser Blackard. Harold Srco d Ton: George Robert Pool. Jr.. Ja Cerling. Frederick Adolph Demele Tlurd rmr: Larry Raymond Broussal. Charles ReJnhart. Jr.. Raymond Thomas Bet Sheinberg Socol. John R. T. Bumstead, Lewis Merriman Buttery. . John Edward Dillman. Charles Reid Bell. Canavan. Robert Hedenberg Beggs. Jam Newton Cone. Herbert Merrel Cook. Franci WillUa i. Edwin George Elliston. Richard Carl Bjork. Edwin Murrie Bormann, Leon PICE 125 V-12 COMPANY XI PLATOON III .- Joseph John Crowley. John Henry Mcl.augh Beverly Inks, Jr., Thomas Henry Davis, Richa d row: James Forbes Leddy, Norman Syl Robert Edward Brame, Charles Robert Locarnini, Donald James Clark, Robert Ellsworth Sutlon, William Ha Paul Leahy, Jerry Jordan Pain V-12 COMPANY XII PLATOON II PLATOON LEADER: John Tarlton Morrow. Jr. lrft). front row: Jack Calvin Dunn. Jack Edward Wagner. Harry Dartiord. Royec Curtis Cnpp, Justin A. Kerer. Vern Con Winchell. Bernard Paul Heidrick. Raymond Earl Le Plante. John Robert Dovle. Jr. Second rr: John William Hulse. Howard Moore. Aubrey Linville LoenVrr. Damon Nash .Anderson. Enos Latimer Simon . J. Robert Brimhall. Francis Edward Owe... Jr. Third row: Jewell Pickford Madole. Jr.. Anthony Patrick Williamson, Dell Roy King. William Martin Mlagenovich. Arnold Edwin Lee Garletl. William Keith McLellan. Lloyd Wesley Lusk. Richard Berg. . Cordon Wesley COMPANY XIII PLATOON Bradford. Jr.. Glenn Jennings Biiler. John Michael Courtney Third ram: Robert Graham Allen. Homer Scott Anderson. Harold Robert Baker. Ehin Arganbright. John Robert Asmus. Maurice Allen Claman. Wei row: Vincent Clarence Bash, Gordon Donald Causey. John Edwin Albers. Willi, Stewart Carpenter. Thayne Eberhart. Raymond Lewi. Curci. m John Eads. Byron Edward Cooper. Robe, Lewi, Collins, Jane. Rell V-12 COMPANY XV PLATOON viler Joseph Brown, Jr., George L. Bright. Bill E. A.hford, W. Boone, Bertram Louis Bose, Bjford Dale Cockrell, Sam C PLATOON LEADER: A. Phil Gelpi (le tt. Front row: James Marshall Fortenberry, Joseph M Second row: LeCrande Stinton Hansen. Thomas Lei Third row: Russell H. Green, Jr., Billy Eugene Hagler, Cla Donahoe, Ethan Vivian Hassinger. Louie John Carihaldi. John Curium E.-II-S. Klli- V. . Hami Fowler, Donal.l J [ih Ilmi,,),!,.,,,. J.,,i,,- hMiiMiii.l E.-kvrt, ' Francis Mills Ecke NAVY V-12 COMPANY XVI PLATOON I r.- Lloyd Lelie Hall. Crater Richard MrCouell. Peter Anton Kreider. Albert Edwin P lk. Robert Eugene Herndon. Luke Royal Droe Kj aiaer. Larry Jack Hine. Theodore Elton Lackcf. J ronvr Brnjamin Hilhom. Charles Honx- Priddr. Jolui Carroll Panooi. ,r: Urry Ntil Page. George Richard. Jooe . Edn Miller. Euene Huihie McWhiner. Clark looe. Pnwell. COMPANY XVI PLATOON II PHTOOX LEADER: Wallace Gale Stadter (Uft). f ' tmt rr.- Roben Mu-y Yil.ce. Waller Taylor. Joe M.rri. Rector. George William Rampl. Karl Vicenl. Jr.. Jack Ed.ard Raber. Stvmt r: Forrest Nolan Welmaker. Ljttlcto. Scon. Shirley ETO TowMend. Meluih Gray RoMell. Jr.. Brucr Stevr. Terrill. Jkad ro.: Arthur Neil Zir.p. Ke.Deth Gordon Wood,. Wilhr Earl Sutto.. Donald Robert Zimmer. JUMS Rrrd Stoor, Herbert Eofeae Vudcn-oort. Fowk rr: Wilber Fredrick Taylor. Albert Gerald Rainey. Doauld Eoceae Stooer, Roben Williu Wanner. A el En e.t Sucbo. V-12 (ANDREWS) ii am Samuel Caley, Robert Dale Atwood, Francis Patrick Bernard, rlan Marion Burns, William James McMordie. Richard William Ver tn Lowe Cooper, Jr., Robert Twohy Mclnerny, Sellers J. Thomas, Jr., .I " :, ' 1 , INTO THE NAVY . . . Inhale, sailor . . . Just hold still a min- ute ... You say size 8, okay, here ' s a 10 ... At ease in Gregory Gym. a temporary shelter. And what do we do in the Navy WE MARCH, WE MARCH, WE MARCH! AT EASE was the command . . . Victor Riley works hard at this sleeping duty- Williams swabs the deck at K. Dorm . . . Arvel Lee Holmes whiles away a moment on the Main Building steps . . . D. Dorm builds a snow man ... T. 0. Davis and Bill Findley looking for someone to hit with snow- balls . . . The same two and Lucy Jane Dodd pose for their picture . . . More snow-bailers and it looks like trouble for someone. THE FOOTBALL BANQUET and in uniform are Navy footballers Marcel Gres and Phil Bolin with Capt. Lon- don and some pretty girls ... A mass assault on the stadium by the Navy . . . The rally before the A. M. game . . . Captains Joe Magliolo and Ralph Park are present . . . And football holds sway. A. M. goes Navy and the Navy goes for Texas . . . More rally . . . Harold Futrell. Stanley Frank. Betti Jo Friedel. Bill Find- ley, and Thomas Davis . . . James Peoples and Mar- jorie Mayer. I I ' , F Ah! Me . . . poor sailor, surrounded by women . . . Coy Porter and Johnny La Verne Ellis, cheer leaders . . . The Chief is a good guy . . . The Navy isn ' t all work a party at the Alpha Phi house . . . " Don ' t mind if I do " at the Sigma Chi Christmas party. THE NAVY DANCKS . . . Three sailors and their dates . . . James Gribble. Dorothy Dallmeyer. Charlotte Walters. George Dolph . . . Chief Vogler and the bo s . . . The battle winners . . . Charlie Frezia and Band. te 1 ft m i NAVY V-5 f I.T. CMDR. M. J. GROVE, Officer-in-Charge. NAVAL PERSONNEL FRONT ROW: Lt. A. Boyd Mewborn Lt. Raymond B. Wolf Lt. Ivan Nelson Grove, Comdr. Hugh A. McLean Lt. William D. Toler Lt. Norton L. Wisdom SECOND ROW: Lt. Francis I. Holbrook Lt. (jg) A. H. Edwards Lt. (jg) Ralph O ' Connell Lt. (jg) George S. Ha L, (jg) Da jg) Leslie S. kley jg) Daniel C. THIRD ROW Lt. (jg) Fred Lt. ( in I Wayne Varnum Jack H. Menning Ens. Gordon G. Rogers Lt. (jg) Arthur J. Cay CIVILIAN INSTRUCTORS FRONT ROW: Thomas Gorton Hob Gray Anthony Donato Robert B. Fox George L. Field SECOND ROW: Raymond H. Fletcher C. C. Maxey Sydney M. Callaway W. J. Arnold Henry P. Webb David A. Bletner J. Frank Harlan N. L. McNeil THIRD ROW: L. E. Peevy Arnold J. Stafford Lewis P. SimDBon Charles D. Dorough Raymond A. Smith Emil S. Richter Alton O. Frenzel I lauu IJ-llant [- reparatory There is probably no more effective piece of naval ordnance than a naval aviator. But a man must creep before he can walk And a naval aviator must study before he can fly. Study and fly and study some more 827,000 worth per man. t the Flight Preparatory School trainees receive their first concentrated schedule of ground school. A grou school complement of twenty-nine civilian instructors and six naval officers is required for this schedule. (From a Texan story by Lt. (jg) Wayne Farnum) The trainees study navigation, recognition of aircraft and ships, gunnery, meteorology, among a other subjects. The trainees at the University were housed in Breckenridge, Prather, and Roberts Hall and v served mess in the Commons. A typical prep school day begins with the making of bunks, followed by exercises. After breakfast comes class room routine and then there is practice in the swimming pool. These sailors are taught to swim and to abandon ship. And three times a day comes that important march to mess. FLIGHT PREP Of course the most important work of the day for any sailor is eating and a great deal of this work is finished off each day at the University Commons by the Flight Prep trainees. A few of the trainees are in the CAA-WTS program and receive flight instruction at the Ragsdale Flying Service and Browning Flying Service. A student and his instructor are shown in the process of walking out to their Navy N3N at the Ragsdale Flying Service. The flight work for the day is mapped out and they take off. The student didn ' t lose his passenger. After checking on his progress the instructor got out and let the student take the plane off solo. Here he returns happy over a good landing. the end of a busy day and Retreat. (To the right) Front row: G. W. Hoi ivor I: B. M. Griffin (seven major engagements): J. W. . . Snowden DFC ( Midway); L. R. Grubic, Air Medal i Ki-ka : W. C. Denning. Air Medal (rescuing plane crew). Rack row: L. H. Boutte. Aid Medal ( Rickenbacker rescue) ; G. W. Chapman, three Presidential Citations (seven major engagement- 1 P M King. Presidential Citation (Guadal- canal Midwav etc.); E. E. Buck, Air Medal (Attu). To the left are survivors of the sinking of the Hornet who held an impromptu reunion with Ad- miral C. P. Mason, commander of the Hornet, at the ROTC com- missioning. Left to right: D. R. Miller. C.P.M.; C. R. Hummel, AV. M.M. 1 C; C G. McKinney, AV. M.A.; J. L. Ferber, A.M.M. 3 C; Adm. Mason; M. H. Fa- gan, AV. M. 2 C; L. C. Moody, AV. M. 2 C; W. J. Wynne, AV. M. 1 C. We Saluted MAJOR DAVID S. THAYER, AAF, ' 41 Major Thayer was an outstand- ing football player for the Long- horns until 1941 when he joined the Air Corps. He is still over- seas and is a pilot in what was once called " the most traveled bombardment squadron in Eng- land. " He is now stationed in Italy and holds the DFC, Air Medal and Oak Leaf Cluster. MAJOR JOE M. KILGORE, AFF, ' 41 Major Kilgore, who had quite a hand in student politics while in school, did a tour of duty as pilot of the B-24 " Squaw " in the Middle East and North Africa. After returning to the United States he acted as technical advisor for Air Force play " Winged Victory, " and is now stationed in Fort Worth. He has received the Silver Star, DFC, Air Medal and Oak Leaf Cluster. LIEUTENANT COLONEL FRANK L. DUNN, AAF, ' 38 After serving fourteen months in North Africa and Italy as a P-38 pilot Lieutenant Colonel Dunn returned to the United States in November. He was awarded the DFC for a daring photographic mission over an Italian port dur- ing which he flew at times less than 100 feet above the port. He also holds the Air Medal and three Oak Leaf Clusters. CAPTAIN FRED LEE RAMSDELL, AAF, BJ ' 40 Captain Ramsdell was track cap- tain and a track star while in the University. He is a pilot and squadron leader in England and was recently awarded the DFC. His citation called particular at- tention to Fred ' s " inspiring lead- ership. " He recently shot down his first plane. He also holds the Air Medal and three Oak Leaf Clusters. ENSIGN EDWARD GEORGE WENDORF, USNAF, ' 42 Ensign Wendorf made the headlines a few months ago when he was called " Texas Toughest Fighter " by General MacArthur. He earned his title by downing three Jap planes in a running battle after he had been seriously wounded and his plane badly damaged. He reached his carrier and put his plane down safely. He is now complete- ly recovered from his injuries and is back in active duty. He holds the DFC and the Purple Heart. FIRST LIEUTENANT ROBERT HINES BAKER, AAF, BA ' 41 Lieutenant Baker has been an outstand- ing P-38 pilot in New Guinea for some time. He has been awarded the DFC with Oak Leaf Cluster and the Air Medal and Oak Leaf Cluster. " FoR CONSPICUOUS GALLANTRY AND INTREPIDITY ABOVE AND BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY ... " The action in which COLONEL NEEL E. KEARBY distinguished himself took place on October 11. 1943. near Wewak, New Guinea. " Colonel Kearby volunteered to lead a flight of four P-47 Thunderbolt fighters to reconnoiter the strongly defended enemy base at Wewak. Having observed enemy installations and reinforcements at four airfields, and secured important tactical information he saw an enemy fighter below him. made a diving attack and shot it down in flames. The small formation then sighted approximately twelve enemy bombers accompanied by thirty-six fighters. Although his mission had been completed, his fuel was running low. and the numerical odds were twelve to one, he gave the signal to attack. Diving into the midst of the enemy airplanes, he shot down three in quick succession. Observing one of his comrades with two enemy fighters in pursuit, he destroyed both enemy aircraft. The enemy broke off in large numbers to make a multiple attack on his airplane, but despite his peril he made one more pass before seeking cloud protection. Coming into the clear, he called his flight together and led them to a friendly base. Colonel Kearby brought down six enemy air- craft in this action, undertaken with superb daring after his mission was completed. COLONEL NEEL E. KEARBY. AAF. BBA ' ST. Mi..,. ,. actm. Ma Jap pU t lo his or-dit ud hold the Co rnioul Me 1W DFC. Silr Sai, .r MU!. -Second Lieutenant JOHN C. MORGAN (then Flight Oflicer), Army Forces, United States Army. For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty while participating in a bombing mission over enemy occupied continental Europe, 28th July, 1943. Prior to reaching the German coast on the way to the target the B-17 airplane in which Flight Officer Morgan was serving as co-pilot was attacked by a large force of enemy fighters, during which the oxygen system to UK tail, waist, and radio gun positions was knocked out. A frontal attack placed a cannon shell thru the windshield, totally shattering it. and the pilot ' s skull was split open by a .303 caliber shell, leaving him in a crazed condition. The pilot fell over the steering wheel, tightly clamping his arms around it- Flight Officer Morgan at once grasped the controls from his side and by sheer strength pulled the airplane back into formation despite the frantic struggles of the semi-conscious pilot. The interphone had been destroyed rendering it impossible to call for help : at this time the top turret gunner fell to the floor and down through the hatch with his arm shot off at the shoulder and a gaping wound in his side: the waist, tail and radio gunners had lost consciousness from lack of oxygen and hearing no fire from their guns, the co-pilot believed they had bailed out. The wounded pilot still offered desperate resistance in his crazed attempts to fly the airplane: there remained the prospect of flying to and over the target and back to a friendly base wholly unassisted. In the face of this desperate situation Flight Officer Morgan made his decision to continue the flight and protect any members of the crew who might still be in the ship and for two hours he flew in formation with one hand at the controls and the other holding off the struggling pilot before the navigator entered the steering compartment and relieved the situation. The miraculous and heroic performance of Flight Officer Morgan on this occasion resulted in the successful completion of a vital bombing mission and. the safe return of his airplane and crew. " I Mil AM K HI (A MJ. WHO MULL SKE THE- nu Till. MKDAI. OK Ilio . FIGHTING EXES The CACTUS regrets that this list could not be complete and fully realizes that there are numerous errors as to rank and, perhaps, branch of service, and many omissions. However, it is hoped that the purpose of publishing this list to honor all our exes in the service will in some measure be realized. The list was compiled mainly from the service public relations offices releases, newspaper clippings, and letters. Pvt. Dan Emanuel Abbott, AAF, ' 43 Pvt. Robert W. Abercrombie, AAF, ' 43 Capt. George Bolten Allen, USA, ' 37 Lt. Hubert Earl Allen, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Col. Hal Burrage Armstrong, Jr., AAF, MA ' 36 Sgt. Charlie Nichols Bailey, AAF, BBA ' 40 Capt. Cordon Arthur Bailey, AAF, ' 40 P2 c Frank D. Abernathy, USN, ' 32 Pvt. Jack Moni, Allen. AAF. ' 43 Pvt. Loyd Franklin Armstrong, USA, BBA ' 43 A S Robert V. Bailey. Jr.. USN, ' 40 Lt. Albert D. Aberson, AAF, ' 41 Lt. (jg) Levert James Able, Jr., USN, LLB ' 42 it. Fred S. Abney, AAF, ' 42 En,. James Kenneth Abney, USN, LLB ' 39 Lt. John Camp Abney, Jr., USMC, ' 37 Maj. Thomas Young Abney, AAF, ' 38 Pvt. Frank Thomas Abraham, USA, ' 43 Capt. Samuel Hanna Acheson, USA, BA ' 21 Ph 2 c Milton Thomas Acker, USN, BS ' 39 A S Arthur K. Acklcy, U9N, ' 43 Pvt. Molly Acreman, USA, BBA ' 43 Av S Robert L. Acrey, AAF, ' 43 Capt. John Kdivaid All.-n. USMAF, ' 38 Pfc. Jonathan Harvey Allen, USA, ' 42 Ens. Joseph Holiert Allen. USN, BBA ' 40 A C Marvel Donald Allen, USN, ' 43 Mary Charlotte Allen, Red Cross, BA ' 38 A C Nelson Allen, AAF, ' 41 Ens. Ralph Allen, USN. BS ' 39 Lt. Robert Donald Allen, AAF, ' 38 Pvt. Robert Lamar Allen. AAF, ' 43 Ens. Robert Porter Allen. USN, BBA ' 43 T Sgt. Roy H. Allen, USA, ' 39 Ens. Stephen Gatchell Allen, Jr.. USN. ' 44 Lt. David Carl Arnett, AAF, ' 41 Sgt. Lloyd Kenneth Arnett, USA, ' 41 Lt. Louie Cullen Arnett, AAF, BBA ' 24 James Douglas Arnim, LLB ' 38 Pfc. Lawrence Edward Arnim, USA, ' 25 Ens. Clyde Johnson Arnold, Jr., USN, ' 44 Pvt. Dorsey Arnold, USA, ' 42 Cpl. Eldridge D. Arnold, Jr., USA, ' 38 Lt. Fain Arnold, USMC, ' 42 Lt. Hugh Fuller Arnold. USA. ' 37 Lt. Jasper Henry Arnold, Jr., AAF, BA ' 35 Sgt. J. C. Arnold, AAF, ' 39 Lt. (jg) Scott Field Bailey, USCC. ' 39 Lt. Walter Ilartwig Bailey, Jr., AAF, ' 40 Pvt. William Alfred Bailey, USA, ' 43 Lt. Col. Joe Alexander Bain, USA, MD ' 29 Maj. Roy Moats Bain. AAF, BA ' 40 Lt. (jg) Robert Roy Baines, USN, MBA ' 39 Kns. Clayton Deward Baird. USN, ' 42 Pfc. David Jackson Baird. AAF, BBA ' 40 Lt. Bonner Z. Baker, USA, ' 30 Lt. Bowman Carroll Baker. USA. BBA ' 38 Lt. Burke Baker, Jr., USA, BA ' 35 Ll. Charles Alonzo Baker, USA. LLB ' 39 Lt. Henry Cecil Baker, USN, ' 40 Pvt Hincs Holt Baker, USA, ' 43 En,. Carland J. Adair, USN, BS ' 42 Ens. Lallance A. Adair, USN, ' 38 Pvt. Charles Rufus Adams, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Cyrus P. O. Adams, AAF, ' 42 Willis Wilder Allin, ' 28 Lt. Vincent Robert Arnold. AAF, ' 41 A S Wayne E. Arnold, USN, ' 43 Ens. William Buck Arnold, USN, ' 42 Lt. John Heflin Baker. AAF, ' 43 Lt. John We.l.-v Hak.-r. I ' SMC, ' 42 Cpl. Nathaniel Thomas Baker, USA, ' 42 Sgt. Norman Lindwood Baker, USA. ' 40 Lt. Frederick Joseph Adams, USA, ' 26 Ens. Henry Thomas Adams, USN, BBA ' 38 Lt. Jesse Lee Adams, Jr., USMC, BS ' 43 Capt. Neville F. Allison. USA, ' 33 Thomas Eugene Allison, ' 37 Lt. Renne Allred, III, AAF. ' 42 William Currie Almand, USN, ' 42 Pvt. Paul George Ash, USA, ' 43 Pilot Officer William F. Ash, RCAF, ' 39 (prisoner) Lt Travis F.ugen,- Baker. USN, LLB ' 31 Wayne Baker, USN, ' 41 (missing) Lt. John Candy Adams, AAF, ' 43 A S Lynn Adams, Jr., USN, ' 43 Lt. Mark Elmo Adams, USN, BS ' 36 Pvt. Paul Woodman Adams, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Robert Warren Adams, USA, ' 22 Ens. Sidney Moss Adams, Jr., USN, LLB ' 41 A S Tommy Adams, USCC, ' 43 Lt. Tod Robinson Adams, USA, LLB ' 35 Pvt. Alfonso Alfonso, USA, ' 38 Lt. James Ellington Alsobrook, AAF, ' 40 (prisoner) Lt. Olle Lonnie Alston. USA, BBA ' 40 Mds. Ace Hill Alsup, Jr.. USN, BA ' 43 Pvt. Fisher Alsup, USA, ' 38 Daniel Dane Altgelt, ' 34 Ens. Fred Altman, USN, ' 42 Lt. (jg) Bcniamii, K. -h.-i. , li. USN, BBA ' 42 Lt. Lawson A. Ashcroft, AAF, LLB ' 41 Lt. Wortham Starr Ashcroft. AAF, ' 39 (missing) Lt. John Marvin Ashley, USA, BBA ' 43 Pvt. Clyde Robert Ashworth, USMC, ' 40 Pvt. Fred Ashy, USA, ' 43 David Askew, USN. ' 22 Lt. Doyle McClure Baldridge. USN. B. Arch Lt. Robert Lee Baldridge. Jr.. USA, BJ ' 32 Lt. (jg) Franklin Thomas Baldwin, Jr., USN. ' 39 Capt. James William Baldwin, AAF, ' 40 John Bro ' wning Baldwin, USA, ' 43 Pvt. William Adams, II, USA, BBA ' 43 Lt. William Henderson Adams, AAF, ' 40 Y 1 c Stanley A. Addington, USN, BA ' 31 Lt. Herman Alvarez, Jr., AAF, ' 40 Capt. Robert Burns Amacker, Jr., AAF, BBA ' 40 Lt. Clarence W. Atchison, AAF, ' 40 Lt. John A. Atchison, USA, LLB ' 32 Lt. Pcndleton Caines Baldwin, AAF, LLB ' 39 Lt. (jg) Robert Burdette Baldwin, USN, (Missing) A C William H. Ames, AAF, ' 35 Wilbur Atchison, ' 42 Ens. Kobcrt John Baldwin, USN, ' 41 A S John C. Aden, USN, ' 44 Pvt. Joe King Ader, USA, ' 42 Pvt. Thomas Wayne Ammerman, Jr., USA, ' 42 Lt. Ralph Truitt Amoss, AAF. ' 40 Gus Athanas, AAF, ' 41 Capt. John Melvorne Atkinson, AAF, ' 39 Capt. Robert Cary Atmar, USA, ' 23 Lt. Robert Leonard Balfanz, AAF, ' 39 A C George Forrest Ball, AAF, ' 42 Ens. Joe Martin Ball, USN, BS ' 42 (missing) Lt. Ralph Kirby Adkins, AAF, MA ' 34 (killed) Lt. Aksel R. Anderson, USA, ' 41 Stella Farrar Atwood, WAC, ' 38 Ens. Mack Rountree Ball, Jr.. USN, BBA ' 38 Ens. Myrl P. Ball, USN, BS ' 33 Lt. Hollis L. Adkison, AAF, ' 40 Lt. (jg) Robert L. Adkisson, USN, BBA ' 36 W 0 Ben Adler, USA, ' 38 Lt. Elaine Marvin Anderson, USA, BS ' 42 Capt. Boyce Clayton Anderson, AAF, ' 39 Pvt. Charles William Austin, USA, ' 43 Capt. Earl B. Austin, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Vairrn Wilson Ballard, ' 34 Capt. H. Clyde Balsley. AAF, ' 11 (deceased) Joseph Hansley Bander, AAF, ' 43 Maj. Paul Bandy. USA. LLB ' 40 Lt. (jg) Jean Baptiste Adoue, III. USN, BA ' 32 German Cecil Adrian, USN, ' 40 Col. Arthur Columbus Agan, Jr., AAF, BBA ' 39 Sk3 c Floyd Harold Anderson, USN, ' 43 Ens. E. Lynn Foster Anderson, USN, MA ' 42 Ens. George F. Anderson, Jr., USN, BBA ' 42 Lt. Guy Townsend Anderson, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Lee Frank Austin, AAF, ' 40 Richard Henry Austin, Jr., ' 42 Flight Officer Russell David Austin, AAF, ' 39 (missing) Lt. Charles Tullins Banister, USN, LLB ' 28 Lt. Alexander Jackson Bankhead, USN, BA ' 37 Lt. (jg) Frederick Ward Bankhead, USN, LI B ' 40 Lt. Col. Forrest Jack Agee, USA, ' 37 Lt. John Franklin Agee, AAF, ' 40 T Sgt. Robert (Bob) Giles Agee, USA, ' 42 Sgt. Norman Agnew, AAF, ' 39 Thomas Jacob Agnor, ' 43 Alfred M. Agress, ' 38 Lt. Jame, Kail An.l.-r AAF, ' 37 Ens. James Flov.l Amler,,.,,. USN. BJ ' 39 Pvt. James Phillip Anderson, USA. BBA ' 33 Cpl. Joe M. Anderson, USA, ' 39 Lt. John Ramsey Anderson, USA, LLB ' 27 Lt. John Virgil Anderson, AAF, ' 37 Lt. Karl Adolphus Anderson, AAF, ' 41 Milton Robert Autry, AAF, ' 35 Lt. Richard Gray Avent, AAF, ' 42 J. D. Avary, USA, ' 43 Maj. Charles Needham Avery, Jr., USA, ' 35 Robert R. Avirett, AAF, ' 40 Cpl. Jake Avis, Jr., USMC, ' 41 Lt. Leon Boris Avnet, USMC, ' 41 (missing) Pvt Carl William Banks, USA, ' 43 James Daniel Banks, USN. ' 30 Pvt. John Edwin Banks. AAF, BBA ' 43 Lt. Richard James Banks, AAF, BBA ' 40 Lt. William H. Banks. USA, ' 40 Pvt. James Owen Bannahan, USA, ' 42 Capt. Mortimer Harry Bannister, AAF, Pvt. Henry H. Ahrens, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Cpl. John D. Aikin, USA, ' 42 Lt. Paul D. Aikins, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Anthony .Boyce Akers, Jr., USN, BA ' 36 Sgt. Niles H. Akeson, USA. ' 26 Ens. Jack Akins, USN, ' 41 Luther Thomas Anderson. Jr., ' 38 A C Paul Donald Anderson, AAF, ' 43 Pvt. Payton Victor Anderson, USA, ' 43 Lt. Col. Albert V. Andreas, AAF. ' 31 Lt. Theodore Andress, USN, LLB ' 31 Arthur Bascom Await. USA, BS ' 28 Maj. John A. Awtry, USA, ' 21 Lt. Milton Seymour Axelrad. AAF, LLB ' 40 Pvt. Bert B. Aycock, USA, ' 35 A S John Cleveland Aycock, USN, ' 42 L. M. Elliott Bannowsky. WAVES, ' 30 Sgt. John Cray Banta, AAF, ' 41 Pvt. S. S. Barbania, USA, ' 36 Lloyd Henry Barbee, ' 41 Capt. Perry Oscar Barber. USA. ' 37 Lt. Richard Read Barber. AAF, ' 42 (killed) Lt. Victor M. Albert, AAF, ' 39 Ens. Harold Alberts, USN, LLB ' 42 Lt. Franklin D. Albright, AAF, ' 43 (retired) ' 01 Forrest Lee Andrews, ' 27 Henry G. Andrews, Jr., AAF. ' 42 1st Lt. Alton C. Ayers, AAF. ' 39 Lt. Col. Horace D. Aynesworth, AAF, ' 36 Sp. 1 C Wallace Turner Barber, USN, ' 37 Woodrow Charles Barber. AAF, ' 36 Ens. Anderson B. Alexander, USN, ' 39 Capt. Charles Franklin Alexander, USA, ' 37 - C J,,,eph Kin,,, ' i ' id ' i. " is. I ' SN, ' 40 Lt. (jg) Marlin Olmsted Andrews, Jr., A C James Azar, AAF, ' 41 Capt. Shibley Azar, AAF, ' 38 Capt. John An,!,-,-,,,, H.nrlay, 1 T SA, BBA ' 38 Lt. John Mac Barcus, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Col. Jewell Clyde Alexander, USA, MMD ' 18 Lt. Lyle M. Alexander, AAF, ' 41 Ens. Neil Kenton Alexander. USN, BBA ' 40 Skl c Paul K. Alexander, USN, ' 40 .Sgt. Ted R. Alexander, USA, BBA ' 40 Ed Angly. War Correspondent, BA ' 19 Lt. Maurice Angly, USN. ' 24 Pvt. Ernest T. Ankele, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Cpl. Samuel C. Anthony, USA. MA ' 38 Lt. George Wm. Apple. Jr.. AAF, ' 43 Pvt. Joe George Applegate, USA, ' 43 B Lt. Alfred Charles Baas. USN, ' 34 Ens. Walter Edgar Babel. Jr., USN. ' 42 Herbert Allen Babione, USN, ' 40 Capt. Grover Cleveland Bachman, USA, LLB ' 41 C.S. Morris Burke Bareficld. USN, BS ' 41 En,. Goneviere Barge. WAVES, ' 41 Lt. Vernon Ward Barge, Jr., USA, ' 43 Lt. Bob Barker, Jr.. AAF, MD ' 33 Lt. Bruce Weldon Barker, AAF, ' 42 Pvt. David Edward Barker, USA, ' 43 Lt. Howard Gray Barker. USA, LLB ' 38 AAF, ' 42 Pvt. Milton Morrison Arbrtler. USCG, ' 38 Pvt. Edward Joseph Baceak, AAF, ' 43 Lt. John Lawrence Bacon. AAF, ' 42 Lt. Joseph Clinton Barker, AAF, ' 41 Maj. Owen Dudl.-v Barker. AAF. LLB ' 20 Lt. Robert C. Barker, AV, B ' 33 Lt. Alvin Scott Allen, Jr., AAF, ' 38 Chester Buell Allen, USA, ' 32 Lt. Floyd Daley Allen, USA, ' 41 Lt. Ripley B. Archer, AAF, ' 41 Lt. (jg) Herbert Otto Arend, USN, BBA ' 37 Walter McDowell Bader, AAF, BBA ' 32 Ens. Carl Albert Bage, USN, ' 39 Lt. Ralph N. Baggctt, USN. ' 39 (prisoner) Lt. Stephen B. Taliaferro Barker, USN, Lt. (jg) Philip Dickenson Barnard. USN, ' 35 Lt. Dale Vernon Barnes, AAF, ' 39 (prisoner) .Ens. Frank Madison Allen, USN, ' 42 BA ' 36 (prisoner) James Munroe Barnes. AAF, ' 39 ft FIGHTING EXES ft ft ft Lt. (jg) Thomas Steward Barnes, USN, MD ' 39 Lt. William Roy Barnes. Jr., AAF, ' 43 Pvt. Worlev Newton Barnes. USA. ' 42 John Lacy Barnett. MD ' 23 Lt. Mildred Eugenia Barnett. USNC. BS ' 40 Lt. William Oliver Barnett. AAF. ' 41 0 C Robert Owen Barney. USA, BJ ' 41 Maj. Harry Bascomb Barnhart. Jr.. AAF, ' 32 Ens William Telford Barnhouse, USN, BBA ' 44 A C Dan Riley Barnsley. Jr.. AAF. ' 42 (killed) A C Jack Dudley Barnston. AAF. LLB ' 43 Lt. Charles Colburn Barnum, AAF, ' 40 Pvt. Maurice William Baron, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Clifford L. Barr. AAF. ' 43 Pvt. James Wellington Barr. USA. ' 42 1st Lt. Robert Aubrey Barr. USA, ' 35 Lt Fructuoso Cuillermo Barreda. AAF. ' 41 Pvt. Gordon M. Barrett. AAF, ' 43 Capt. Maurice E. Barrett. AAF. MD ' 31 Capt. William Alton Barrett, USA, MED ' 39 L " h Th.d " r USA.LLB ' 40 John Milton Barron, USA. ' 37 Pvt Edward Ewing Barrow. AAF. ' 43 Lt. (jg) George Terrell Barrow, USN, LLB ' 32 Lt. James Gordon Barry. AAF. MA ' 36 Lt. Wilbur C. Barth. AAF. ' 41 Ralph MacLeod Bartholomew, AAF. ' 42 Lt. (jg) Theodore Ohmslead Bartholow, USN, BS ' 41 Lt. Horace Earl Bartlelt. AAF. ' 43 Lt (jg) Jerald Howard Bartley, USN. BS ' 37 Lt. Vernon Tant Bartley, USA. ' 34 Lt. Henry Will Barton. USA. BA ' 34 Lt. (jg) Jim Tom Barlon. USN. MBA ' 34 A C Merrill Chastain Barton. AAF. ' 40 Lt. Theodore Barton, AAF. ' 37 (killed) William Jefferson Barton. USA. ' 43 Roman Jerome Barlosh. Jr.. ' 34 Lt. John William Bartram, AAF. ' 42 Lt. (jg) Raymond Arthur B.rtr.m. USN, LLB ' 37 Ens. Robert Dudley Basket!. USN. ' 41 Mds. James Dollar Baskin. USN. ' I- ' Capt. Robert Edward Baskin. USA, BJ ' 38 Lt. (jg) Roy Howard Baskin. Jr.. I N. MD ' 43 Pvt. Egbert H. Bass. USA. ' 42 Fae Bass, WAVES, BS ' 40 Frank Randolph Bass. AAF, ' 43 Pvt. Harris Hutcheson Bass. AAF. ' 43 Ens. Harper Herndon Bass. USN, ' 35 Cpl. Horace D. Bass, AAF. ' 29 I.I. K iy McLaurine Bass. Jr., USA, ' 41 Richard William Bass, USN. ' I- ' Col. Ralph Harris Bassett. USA. ' 23 Ll. (jg) Robert Eugene Basye. USN, PhD ' 33 Ens. Charles Garth Bates. USN. ' 40 Ens. David Quenlin Bates. USN. BBA ' 42 John Harold Bales. USA. LLB ' 41 SK Jack Perry Balis, USN, ' 24 K,,-. H-.,rv Hunlington Batjer, Jr.. USN. BBA ' 41 S Sgt. Jack Hubert Balson, Jr.. AAF. ' 34 Ens. Robert Haynes Bailie, USN, BA ' 38 Lt. (jg) Everett L. Bauer, USN. BBA ' 39 Pfc. James Ernest Bauerle, USA, BS ' 43 Col. James Harvez Baugh. AAF, LLB ' 11 1st Lt. Julius Henry Baughn. AAF. ' 38 Cpl. Vernon Wayne Bauguss. AAF. ' 34 S Sgt. Edward Adolph Bauhof. USA. ' 36 EM. William Ross Bauhof, USN, ' 42 Sgt. Edard Louis Baum, AAF, BBA ' 38 Lt. Maurice Arnem Baumgarten, USN. BS ' 35 Billy Joe Baiter, USN. ' 41 Ens. Jesse Baiter. USN, BA ' 36 Ens. Murphy Hollis Baiter. USN, ' 43 Lt. Patrick Lee Baxter, AAF. ' 42 Lt. Johnnie Elzie Bay. AAF. ' 42 Lt. Louis Bayer. USA, LLB ' 39 Cpl. Walter George Bayer, USA. ' 42 A S James Leavell Bayless, AAF. ' 43 Capt. Grant Sheridan Baze, USMC, BBA ' 38 Capt. E. C. Beach, Jr.. AAF. ' 38 Pvt. William Nicholas Beachy. USA, ' 42 Lt. Herbert J. Beadle, Jr., USA, ' 43 Herbert J. Beadle, Sr.. USN, BS ' 42 Lt. Charles Thomas Beaird, USMC, ' 41 Capt. James Franklin Beall. Jr.. AAF, MD ' 34 S Sgl. John Malcolm Beall, USA. ' 42 Luther L. Bean, USA, ' 41 Lt. Carl C. Beard. Jr., AAF. ' 43 A C Eugene O ' Connor Beard. AAF. ' 42 Ens. Louis Henry Beard. USN. LLB ' 43 Charles Howard Beard.ley. Jr.. USMC. ' 42 : Walter Collins Beardsley, AAF, BA ' 41 En.. John Gordon Bea.ley, Jr., USN, ' 37 Thomas Stone Beasley, ' 38 Capt. William Archie Beasley. Jr., USA, ' 40 PO 1 C William Howard Beasley, Jr., USN, ' 33 Lt. (jg) Sam P. Beaty. USN, BBA ' 33 William Morris Beaven. AAF, ' 38 Pvt. James Don Beaver, USA. ' 39 Ll. Robert Melvin Beaver. USN. MED ' 41 Lt. (jg) Edwin Corlett Bebb. USN. BA ' 37 Lt. August Henry Beck, Jr., AAF, ' 41 John Dee Beck, ' 42 Lt. Walter Hartwell Beck, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Pvt. A. C. Becker, USA. BJ ' 42 Ll. Charles Lee Becker. AAF, ' 39 Lt. Henry L. Beckham. USA, BJ ' 34 Hugh Warren Beckcom. USA. ' 43 Lt. James Claude Beddingfield. AAF. ' 41 (killed) T Sgt. John Pershing Bedford. USA. BBA ' 41 Lt. Bachman Greer Bedichek, USN. LLB ' 41 ' 41 (killed) Lt. Jack Been, AAF, ' 41 Ens Ben Beth Beene. USN. ' 41 Ens! Roy F. Beery. Jr., USN. ' 39 Lt. Wade Hampton. Beesley, Sr., AAF, ' 40 Capt. Leigh Chalmers Beeson. USA. ' 40 A C William Henry Beeson. AAF, ' 40 Lt. Col. M. L. Begeman. USA. Faculty-Ei Lt. Robert L. Begeman. AAF, BS ' 42 Lt Robert Kendal Begg., AAF. ' 38 Vernon Leo Behner. USA. BBA ' 42 Capt. Thomas Samuel Behr. AAF. ' 41 Lt Erick Paul Behrend, USA, ' 39 Capt. Charles A. B. Behrens. USA, MD ' 38 Allen Penn Beinke. Civilian Intructor AAF, ME ' 34 Ll. Marvin Henry Beiseker, Jr.. AAF, ' 42 (killed) Lt. (jg) Robert Shiels Belcher. USN, ' 40 Lt. (jg) Joe Belden, Jr., BJ ' 39 A C Albert Henry Bell. Jr.. USN, BBA ' 37 Lt. Aubrey B. Bell, USA. BS ' 38 Lt. Bernard Bell, USA, BBA ' 41 Lt. (jg) Claude Dewitt Bell, Jr., USN, LLB ' 42 Pvt. Charles Ru,ell Belt. Jr., USA. ' 35 Ens. Edith Arundel Bell, WAVES, BBA ' 41 Lt. Floyd Bell, USCG, ' 40 Lt. Frank Frederick Bell, III. USMC. ' 42 Lt. Francis Kelly Bell. USN, LLB ' 36 Ens. Franklin Marsh Bell, III. BBA ' 43 Frederick Wheeler Bell, ' 29 Genelle Bell. Instructor AAF. MA ' 36 Harold Bell. ' 42 Pvt. Harold Dewey Bell, USA. ' 43 Jerry Arch Bell. USA. ' 43 Lt. John Lynn Bell. AAF. ' 41 S 2 C Walter Bell. USN. ' 41 Capl. Ted Lutcher Bellmont, USA. ' 42 Ll. Frank William Bellows. USMC. ' 44 Ens. Warren S. Bellows. USN. BS ' 39 A S Raul Ricardo Beltran. USN. ' 40 Arturo X. Benavides. USA, ' 43 A s Robert Henry Benbow, USN, ' 42 Gerhard J. Bender. USMM. ' 35 Lt. Richard K. B. Bender. USA, ' 40 Cpl. Harry Yandell Benedict. USA. ' 43 M2 C Alvin Lovell Bennett. USN, BA ' 27 Lt. Calvin Bennett. AAF, ' 40 Pvt. George Earl Bennett. AAF. ' 43 Maj. John Mirza Bennett, Jr., BA ' 31 Lt. (jg) Oscar Voyd Bennett, Jr., U.SN, BBA ' 35 Paul Albert Bennett. USCG, BA ' 42 A S Walter Henry Bennett, USN, ' 43 Glider Pilot William Thomas Bennett, AAF, ' 34 M.j. Louis Flato Benson, USA, MA ' 29 Lt. Ralph Munger Benson. AAF, ' 40 Lt. Walter Scott Benson, Jr.. AAF. ' 41 Lt. Elvie Weldon Bentley, USA, ' 29 Lt. Donald LeRoy Bentsen. AAF, ' 42 Lt. Lloyd Millard Bentsen. Jr., AAF, LLB ' 42 ' Lt. Col. J. W. Beretta, USA. ' 21 Sgt. David Paul Bergin, AAF. MA ' 40 Lt. Charles Davison Bergman. AAF. ' 38 Capt. Philip A. Bergman. USA, MD ' 34 Ens. Arthur K. Bergstrom, USN, ' 44 Ingrid Berkman. WAVES, BBA ' 42 Pvt. Bernard Herman Berkowitz, USA, ' 43 Capt. George Benard Berkowitz. AAF, ' 39 Ll. Walter Sam Berkowitz. AAF, ' 39 A C Alvin Brent Berler. USN, ' 41 Edwin Frederick Berliner, AAF, LLB ' 41 Pvt. Jack M. Berlowitz, USA, ' 43 Ll. (jg) Cerson Berman. USN. BS ' 42 Harold Leslie Berridge. USA, ' 39 Ens. Charles Ernest Berry. USN, ' 33 Ll. Edwin Clayton Berry. AAF, ' 41 Maj. Erskine G. Berry, Jr., AAF, ' 40 Lt. Everett Ogden Berry. AAF, ' 40 Lt. Henry A. Berry, USN, MBA ' 34 Col. Kearie L. Berry, USA, ' 25 (prisoner) Pvt. T. E. Berry. USMC. ' 43 Maj. Arthur Berwald, USA, LLB ' 36 (killed) Lt. Earl Bescher, Jr.. USA, BS ' 42 Lt. John William Bethea, USA, ' 42 Sgt. Earl Olen Bethke. AAF. ' 42 Lt. (jg) Fred Allan Beverly. USN, BS ' 41 Pvt. Jarvis Bradford Beverly, USA, BA ' 43 Sgt. Lance Addison Beversdorff. USA. ' 33 Capt. Edwin E. Bewley, Jr., USA, BA ' 39 William F. Beyhan, AAF, ' 42 A S Clifford James Bible, USN, ' 28 En.. Nathan Alexander Bickley, USN, LLB Lt. Jack A. Bigger., AAF, ' 39 CPO Willie J. Biggs. USN. ' 21 Pvt. Harral Aiken Bigham. USA, ' 43 Cpl. Robert Burke Billings, AAF, BBA ' 41 A C Thomas Jefferson Billings. AAF. ' 43 Lt. Olen Clifton Billingsley, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Robert Edward Billingsley, ' 28 A C James Howe Binford. USN, ' 38 Lt. John Edward Binnon. USA. ' 41 Lt. Ralph Elwyn Binnion, USN. ' 34 Capt. Byron Zack Binns, AAF. ' 33 Lt. (jg) Benjamin Latham Bird. USN. LLB Lt. Harold Lee Bird. USMC. BBA ' 41 Lt. (jg) Leslie Jordan Bird, USN. BBA ' 38 Pvt. Richard Deeb Bird. USA. ' 43 Lt. Jackie Francis Birdsoo, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Searcy Birdsong, Jr., AAF. ' 40 Lt. James Preston Birdwell. AAF. BBA ' 37 Lt (jg) William Sherman Birdwell, USN, BBA ' 29 Lt. James Robert Bisbee. AAF, BBA ' 41 Lt. Edmund Martin Bishop, Jr., USA. ' 42 Pvt. Glen Willbern Bishop. AAF, ' 43 Lt. Jack Garland Bishop. AAF. ' 38 Lt. John Webster Bishop. AAF, ' 42 Pvt. Prenti, Vaughn Bishop. USA. ' 33 Maj. Samuel Worth Bishop, AAF. ' 39 Lt. William Homer Bishop. AAF, ' 38 (killed) Lt. Gerald Thornton Bissett. USA, LLB ' 40 Ll. James Knoi Bivins. AAF. ' 43 Pvt. Willie Benton Biiler, USA, ' 39 A C Aubrey Creshill Black. Jr.. USN, ' 43 Lt. Charles Lund Black. Jr.. AAF. MA ' 38 A C Frank Leslie Black. AAF. ' 43 Lt. James Robert Black. Jr.. USA. LLB ' 40 Ll. Norris Edwin Black. USN. BS ' 41 Lt. (jg) Raymond Eugene Black. USN. Lt. Robert E. Black, AAF, ' 39 A C Edward Stuart Blackburn, Jr.. ' 41 Maj. Ward Truett Blacklock. USA, BA ' 39 Maj. Leo Guy Blackstock. USA, LLB ' 33 Ben Thomas Blackwell. USN, MD ' 34 Harry Blackwell, USN. ' 33 Joseph Duncan Blades. USN. ' 42 A C Richard Raymond Blagg. AAF. ' 43 Albert J. Blaha, USA. BS ' 38 Lt. Ben Rogers Blair, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Cmdr. John Edward Blair, Jr., USN, BS Capt. John Philip Blair. USA. LLB ' 37 Ll. (jg) Leon Borden Blair. USN. ' 41 Lt. William Paul Blair, USA. LLB ' 40 Lt. Thomas Walter Blake, Jr.. AAF. LLB ' 34 Lt. David Henry Blakely, AAF. ' 42 Capt. Emmett Franklin Blakemore. AAF. ' 40 (killed) Lt. Joseph Travis Blakeslee. USA. ' 41 Col. Myron Geer Blalock. USA, LLB ' 16 Myron Geer Blalock, Jr.. USA, ' 41 Pic. William Charles Blalock, USA. BA ' 42 Ens. James Crady Blanchette. Jr.. USN. BBA ' 43 David Clarence Bland. Jr.. USA. LLB ' 40 Lt. John W. Bland, AAF. ' 41 Sgt Ralph Lloyd Bland. USA. BBA ' 30 Lt. Ray P. Bland, USA. LLB ' 30 S Sgt. Roy Hoiie Bland. Jr.. AAF. ' 42 Maj. Frank Alderson Blankenbeckler, Jr.. USA, BBA ' 42 Robert Powell Blanken.hip. USMC, ' 42 J. Matthews Blanton. USN. ' 25 Ll. James Wilkins Bl.nlon. USA. BBA ' 38 Lt. William Neal Blanton. Jr., USA. LLB ' 40 Cpl. William Watt Blanton, USA, ' 34 Lt. Jesse Williams Bledsoe. AAF. ' 38 Lt. Robert Bruce Bledsoe. USN. LLB ' 30 Lt. Thomas D. Bledsoe. Jr.. USA, ' 42 Lt. Willis Harrison Bledsoe. AAF, ' 42 Lt. Frederick A. Blencowe. AAF. ' 42 Joe Sylvester Bleymaier. AAF. ' 38 Maj. Harry Anthony Blitch. AAF. ' 40 Ens. David Allen Block, USN, ' 33 . Capt. James L. E. Block. AAF. ' 36 Lt. Joseph Martel Block, AAF, BBA ' 32 A S Richard Edward Block, USN. BA ' 43 Lt. Col. Tom Brown Blocker. USA. ' 16 Maj. Truman Craves Blocker, Jr.. USA. MD ' 33 Lt. Dave Blonstein, AAF. ' 27 Lt. Billy Lloyd Bloodworth, AAF. MA ' 41 Lt. Cmdr. Fred Akard Bloom. USN, MD ' 29 Ens. Louis Bloom. USN. BJ ' 42 Lt. William Abraham Bloom. Jr., AAF, ' 39 (killed) Lt. Richard Rodier Bloomer. AAF. ' 42 Pvt. Thomas James Bloomer. III. USA. ' 43 Lt. Col. Robert Henry BlounI, Jr., AAF. MD ' 35 Capt. Stephen William Blount. III. AAF, ' 39 S 1 c Wayman Boney Blount, USN, ' 40 (killed) Lt. Caylord A. Blue. Jr., USN, ' 41 Lawrence Harold Blum, USMC, BA ' 43 Manuel Blum. USN. ' 43 Lt. Thomas Mai Blume. AAF, 43 Col. James Reese Blundell, USA. MD ' 25 Ens. Solon Anderson Blundell, USN. BS ' 43 Capt. Paul Boren Blunt, USA. ' 40 A S Louis George Blythe. AAF, ' 43 Tvl. Nathan O. Boal., AAF, ' 44 Pvt. Donald Jones Boatman. AAF. ' 43 A S William Harold Boalright. USN. ' 43 Ens. Willis Lavender Boaz. USN, BA ' 43 Lt. Oscar Price Bobbin. AAF. ' 37 Ens. Robert Lee Bobbin. Jr.. USN. BA ' 43 Cpl. Frank Glenn Bock. USA. ' 42 Capt. James Louis Edward Bock. AAF. ' 36 Lt. Louis Bock.tein. USA. BBA ' 38 Lt. Hasetl Macon Boddy. USMC. MBA ' 32 Lt. James Cordon Bodenhamer, AAF. BA ' 38 Capt. Roland August Bodenheim, USA, ' 33 S 2 c James Irvin Bodine, USN, BBA ' 37 (killed) Lt. (jg) Murray Everett Body, USN. BA ' 32 Pvt. Louis Bo.lzin. USA. ' 43 Charles Edward Boesch. USA, ' 43 Lt. Paul C. Boethel. USA. MA ' 32 Pfc. Emil Boettcher. AAF, ' 41 John Bogard, AAF. BJ ' 42 Joseph Ralph Bogard. AAF, ' 42 Lt. Walter Freelen Bogard. AAF, ' 36 Ens. Robert Henry Bogarte. Jr., USN, BBA ' 41 Sgt. Everett Dayton Bohls, USA, BBA ' 41 Louis Albert Bonn. ' 42 Pfc. Fritz William Bollman, Jr., USA. ' 41 Lt. Charles E. Bolser. AAF. ' 37 Cpl. Onufry Joseph Bomba, USA, BS ' 39 Lt. James Robert Bond. USMC. ' 42 Lt. Wilton Royce Bond. USA. BBA ' 41 Morgan Alcede Bondy, USN, ' 44 Ens. Zora David Bonner. USN, BS ' 41 A S William Neely Bonner. Jr.. AAF. ' 43 Capt. Ray Whithers Bonta, AAF, BJ ' 34 Lt. John Bookhout, USMC. ' 36 Lt. Hal Hill Bookout. AAF. ' 42 Lt. Luther Azle Bookout. Jr.. USMC. BFA ' 42 S Sgt. David Reese Boone, USA, ' 30 George Wade Boone, Jr.. BA ' 39 Oliver Kiel Boone. BA ' 42 Patrick Henry Boone. Jr., ' 42 Lt. (jg) Zach Booth. USN, ' 32 Lt. Thomas Nelson Boothe. AAF, ' 43 Capt. Jack John Boozer. AAF, ' 39 Cpl. Benton Wheeler Bordages. USA, ' 31 En.. Guy Borden, USN, BS ' 42 Lt. David Lane Boren. AAF. ' 37 Lt. Jack Bernard Boren. AAF, ' 42 Lt. Jan W. Boren. AAF. ' 42 (missing) Lt. Charles LeRoy Borgeson. Jr.. AAF, ' 42 William Edward Borowiak. USCG. ' 43 Maj. Lloyd Milburn Borrelt. AAF. BA ' 41 Ph. M 2 c Fred Reinbold Borth. USN. BS ' 39 til Carter Boston, USA, BS ' 37 Ben Autrey Boswell. USCC. ' 42 PO 2 c Clarence Wilbon Boswell, USCC, ' 42 Ens. George Marion Boswell, Jr., USN, ' 41 Ens. Leon Tolliver Boswell. Jr., USN, ' 44 Pvt. William Joseph Boswell, AAF. ' 43 Ens. Lanis L. Bosworth. USN. BBA ' 43 QM 3 c Harry Alfred Bouchard. Jr., USN ' 42 Pvt. Robert Louis Bouchard. USA. ' 43 A C Zandel Boucher. AAF, ' 39 (killed) Lt. (jg) John Eraste Boudreaui, USN, ' 41 A S Newell Boughton. Jr.. USN. ' 43 S 2 c James Carroll Bouldin. USN. ' 43 Pvt. Thomas Eugene Boulet, Jr.. AAF. ' 43 Lt. Robert Slatham Boulter. USMC. LLB ' 42 1st Ll. Marion Eugene Bounds. USA. ' 42 Lt. Murphy Bounds. USA. ' 35 Ens. John Edmund Bourdeau. USN, ' 44 William Leo Bourdeau, USMM. BS ' 43 Av. O.M. 3 c Bill Draper Bourland. USN, Pvt. Gustav Bradley Bourland. USA, BB Bourland, USN, " 42 41 A C Samuel (killed) Robert Sidney Bourn. John Lee Bow. USA. Lt. Andy James Bowden. USA. BA ' 40 Wilson DeVere Bowden. AAF, ' 41 Cpl. Johnie William Bowe, Jr., USA, LL Lt. Charles Bentson Bowen. AAF, BBA ' 42 Charles Garner Bowen. USCG. BA ' 42 A C Kenneth M. Bowen. AAF. ' 40 Ens. Richard Mayo Bowen. USN. ' 41 Robert Ely Bowen. Jr.. ' 35 Capt. Robert Isaac Bowen, Jr., USA, BBA " 30 Lt. Royden Burwell Bowen. USA. ' 35 Vincent Eugene Bowen. USA. ' 43 Lt. William Jackson Bowen. AAF. ' 42 Lt. Hal Gregory Bowers. AAF. ' 41 Sgt. Maxey Hardin Bowers. AAF. ' 42 A C Robert Evans Bowers. AAF, ' 42 Sgt. Maj. Joe Arthur Bowles, AAF. ' 40 Ll. Richard Douglas Bowling. AAF. ' 35 Sgt. Estil Arthur Bowman. USA. " 42 Lt. John Henry Bowman. AAF, ' 42 Lt. (jg) Mary Rives Bowman. WAVES. BA ' 22 CONTINUED ON PACE 474- ft! - V J riant f n a a neern a The University campus was made more conscious of the war this year by the appearance of approximately one-hun- dred Curtiss- Wright Engineering Cadettes, who were brought to the University for a ten-month training program. Housed in the Campus Guild and taking their courses in the University ' s engineering building, these girls were put through an intensive program of engineering mathematics, aircraft drawing, theory of flight, aircraft detail design, mechanics of aircraft structures and production, and other subjects of engineering. They also underwent rigid physical training, learning conditioning exercises, body mechanics, and swimming. Requirements for acceptance into the Curtiss-Wright cadette training program were that the girls be between the ages of 18 and 25, and have one and one-half years of college work to their credit. They received their room, board, and tuition free, plus $10 per week. They had a forty-hour week program, including thirty hours of regular class work, two hours of physical training, and eight hours of supervised study. Upon successfully passing the ten-month training period, they stepped into essential war jobs at Curtiss-Wright airplane production plants as full-fledged engineers. While at the University, they were under the direction of Kathryn Cook, Curtiss-Wright personnel director and educational supervisor of the cadettes. M. J. Thompson, aeronautical engineering professor, was director of the cadette school. fli fl Jl. L,urtiii- [AJriqM C-n ineeriru Jo lone Lipe Joan MrConnell Roberta Martineaua Margaret Maske Minnie Ann Meyer Marilyn Miller Audrey Mills Lenora Mitchell Lillian Morgan Beverly Norton Charlotte Padgett Dorothy Post Caroline Postell Sara Jean Redak Anita Riggs Mary Robinson Beulah Rostetter Betty Jo Ryan Dorothy Sacra Mary Jane Schonholtz Lauraine Sheridan Mona Shuttleworth Lola Strautz JuneTalbot Mary K. Tims Betty Tippit Kathryn Tippit Emma Wallace Neidra Waltz Elizabeth Watkins Margaret Whan Kathleen White Joanne Williams Wanna Williamson Marjolene Wilson Elizabeth Witthaus Fairy Jane Frazier Beatrice Fuller Nevaire Gambrell Ann Giddings Betty Gideon Roma Gould Mildred Groves HolliK Haney Virginia Ha Lillian Hatch Virginia Holt Katherine Hover Elizabeth Hughes LetaMaeJoh Carrie Lou Kinder Betty Lou Krienhagf Margaret Lee Juanita Lewis Marybelle Lingerf Elizabeth Jane Adam Mary Elinor Allen Anchon Mary Baker Frances Baldwin Dixie Beaman Edna Bennett Margaret Be Francer. Bertuleit Reka Lois Black Caryl Blade Shirley Bonnaventur Mary Dee Brafford Josephine Byerley Catherine Cassidy Gladys Castille Juanita Cathey Murrell Cato Lois Caughey Shirley Chase Edith Clarke Mary Coffman Gloria Corvey Gretchen Anton Coy Margaret Craig Jean Curry- June Daigle Evelyn Daley Barrie Dean Louise Deligans Elizabeth Demmer Dorothy Dennis Rose Mary Edmonds Mary Louise Edmondson Patsy Estes Doris Flanders Virginia Folz Johnson, Will Srcond roic: Folz. E.lmondson, Third roit: Cathey, Padge Fourth row: Adam,. Curry. Pos Tilth rou; Dennis. C.mbrell, Ca Hughes, Krienhagen. Tippil, Demmer, Fla :,I.T-. R. -l.-it.-r. Lipe. Blade. Ma-ke. Bennett, Deligan. n, White. Hatch. Hover. Bonnaventur e. Lee. Haney. Watkins. Lingerfelt. Riggs, Corvey. obinson, Whan. Estes. Black, McConnell, Talbot. Daigle. Postell. Cassidy. Meyer. Kinder. tille. Clarke, Holt. Waltz. Dean. Beaman. Edmonds. Caughey. Byerley, Sheridan. Redak, Fraizer, Groves. Mills. Martineaua. Williams. Ryan. Le. ' is. Strautz. Morgan. Miller. Coy, Could. , . . . . Sink roir: Wilson, Craig, Baker. Baldwin, Bertuleit. Wallace, Harris, Braliord, Cojman. Ti VI itthau-. Mitchell, Ciddings ncho ur Ae J Nurse ' s Aide, termed by the Red Cross as one of its most important volunteer services, is served in Austin by over one hundred University women. Before these girls became nurse ' s aides, they passed a physical examination, took thirty hours of a lecture course, and forty-five hours of practical training. After these preliminary steps, the trainees were capped, given their pins and certificates. The Red Cross then asked each nurse ' s aide to give one hundred and fifty hours a year to her job in exchange for her training. Up until the middle of this year, the activities of the group were confined to civilian purposes, but the army hospitals, short-staffed and in need of competent helpers, called on the Red Cross to lend a helping hand. This call was heard in Austin. Every day ten nurse ' s aides, many of whom are University students, ride out to Camp Swift in a Red Cross ambulance to spend nine hours helping to relieve the nurse shortage and improve morale at the camp. During final examinations, when University students were concentrating on studying, the nurse ' s aides of the University took a recess to study. A physician said he heard Brackenridge hospital was suffering because of the University finals . . . University nurse ' s aides usually work in three-hour shifts at all of the local hospitals on seven days a week. The hospitals served are Brackenridge, St. David ' s, and Seton. After receiving her cap and completing her initial training, a nurse ' s aide is eligible to work in any hospital. Therefore, many students who leave the University with the nurse ' s aide training can step into their local hospitals and aid the war effort by helping relieve the sick and trying to keep the healthy well. Nurse ' s Aide, a service without glory, is one way these University women show some tangible patriotism. m m VN HANSARD, RUTH ANNKTTE NKKL. J ACQUEI.Y.NN HOLLAND. Srcotid Back to ate: AVES. HYDER. ANTHIS. LANDER. WALDEN. KELLER. WILSON. VAN HORN. TRAINER. ACKERNU . HI IISOV KIM:. CRAVES. BONNER. ALLEN. FARMER. KINSOLVING. SWIFT. GIBSON. BRAl ' NER. A.I -SricleL Gloria Ackerman Mary Elizabeth Alford Maybelle Allen Barbara Jane Anthis Priscilla Gertrude Aves Elizabeth Anne Bonner Grace Brauner Helen Kathryn Buckley Lydia Ann Eisenhauer Helen Elizabeth Farmer Joanne French Bettv Jo Gibson Peggy Jean Graves Lucy Gray Clara Louise Harris Nancy Louise Hill Florence Scott Hudson Patricia Martha Hyder Colleen Ingram Althea Leonore Keller Adelaide Carlisle King Carey Leigh Kinsolving Betsey Rae Lander Dorothy Marian Lieberman Mildred Nebenzahl Charlotte Elizabeth Russell Margaret Claire Shirley Cathryn Elizabeth Swausch Joan Swift Ella Elizabeth TWnsend Sibyl Mae Trainer Dorothy Jane Van Horn Bettye Lois Walden Bettv Katherine Wilson Cadet H LORRAINE SOKKNSKN Eva Jo Ainsworth Dorothy Brahm Geraldine Clardy Helen Allen Audrey Bathe Evalena Blowey Billie Brookshire Pilar Camancho Charlene Coop Beulah Dowdy Dortha Nell Ennis Dovie Raye Gilmore Juanita Gondran Imogene Hamer Bernice Hiebner SENIOR CADETS Velma Handley Jenoise Hunt Jane Hoehn Muriel Luedtke PRE-CADETS Dorothy Holloway RosieWdiTKrobat Mildred Liesman Elsie Littau Annie Rosie Marek Lucy Mendoza Elizabeth Morris Betty Jane Munhison Eileen Nelson Myrtle Ada Parker Joyce Pinter Eleanor Mills LillieSiebel Le Ella White Thelma Rape Faylene Roman Alice Schultr Mary Elizabeth Shepherd Dorothy Simank Eleanor Smith Lorraine Sorensen Nathalene Southard Katherine Stein Gaty Stump Anne Florine Swank Virginia Wales Katherim- Louise Wolf Playing a vital role in the University ' s war effort this year have been the United States Student Cadet Nurses. Fifty-seven young women, ranging in age from 17 to 35, and representing every section of the United States, have received training at the University on a govern- ment program. The cadet nurse ' s course lasts three years, but at the end of two and one-half years a girl can go into the armed forces, or she may prefer to stay in the school for three years. Each girl enrolls for a total of thirty-six hours while at the University. She must take such subjects as chemistry, physiology, microbiology, six hours of nutrition, sociology, psychology, and pharmacology. Besides her school work, she must serve on the floors at Brackenridge Hospital and take nursing arts instruction there. In other words, she takes a full course like University students do, plus one-half days work at the hospital. The student nurses are housed in the Brackenridge Nursing Home while cadets. Good personality and excellent health are requisites to being accepted as a cadet nurse. Each girl must have been in the upper quarter of her high school graduating class. Director of Nursing at Brackenridge Hospital for the cadet nurses is Miss Iva Gary, R.N., B.A., M.A., a graduate of the University. Front Third row: SWANK, GILMORE. HOLLOWAY, SHEPHERD. JO HNSON, WOLF, STUMP. SOUTHARD. PARKER. Fourth row: KROBAT, MENDOZA, COMANCHO. BARNHOUSE, HAMER. BROOKSHIRE. RAPE. LEISMAN, BLOWEY. MAREK. Fifth row: ROMAN, MURCHISON. SORENSEN, SIMANK, WALES, COOP, SCHULTE, LITTAU, PINTER, ENNIS. Anne Burkhart and Sara Dalko vitz aid the Clothes Drive. A campus Ed and Anne Burkhart and Martha Logan gather books for service men. Famous fighters visit the campus to aid in a War Bond Drive. entertains the sailors. Left to right: The WAC recruiters, the WAVE recruiters and Betty Stayton and Annabelle Murray of the SPARS. HfW. FROM EALH STUDENT .lor Malik, returne serviceman, am Graydon Ausmus drama instructor really conceiUratii on those scripts . . THE CHI OMEGA QUARTET sings soras swing at the Third War Bond Drive . . . And Treble Perry contributes her bit to help the cause . . . Returning hero, Major Joe Kilgore, was an honor guest for the Bond Day . . . Billie Bert Trotti warbles as Jay DuBose accompanies her for the entertainment of listeners on the Drag . . . Aurora Sterling plays the piano in front of the Co-Op ... A sea of sailors, attending the War Bond Rally . . . WAGS participate in the Bond Drive, too. X: | CANTEEN AIDES Jo Ann McEwen and Julia Fisher serve coffee to fliers at thq Municipal Airport . . . Alpha] Phi Nurses Aides care for J child as part of their train! ing . . . Lt. L. F. Blair take! some blood from Willian Holl land for the blood bank . . .1 Dolly Maude Harris, seniofl hostess in charge of the Offi-j ccr- Club, and a Universitjl junior hostess, Jean McDon-j aid . . . A.P.O.s take our ' fingerprints, as their part in , aiding the war effort . . .{ Students willingly signed up for contributions to the blood] bank ... A bevy of Univer- sity junior hostesses . . . Dr. Caroline Crouell caps another Nurses Aide. THE KAPPAS give an open house for the navy . . . Carolyn Flinn and Marjorie Logan sign up hostesses for an open house for the navy at the L ' nion . . . Y-12 Bob McCarthy blocks out some piano rhythms for a crowd of Sunday afternoon Union open house guests and hostesses . . . And the Alpha Delta Pi ' s impress Y-12s. too ... That ever-popular punch howl. A THETA makes lavish preparations for the THETA VICTOR CARNIVAL ... And " one of the " Covo twins emcees . . . Ralph Ellsworth falls from his charging steed as John Hill and Mac Wallace! BMOCs, gallop to a photo finish . . . Ruth Lindsley and Nan], who orig- inally conceived thel idea for the carnival . . . And they raffle off prizes ... A sailor u crumbs to thosdj Theta lips at the kissJ ing 1 .ooth . . . MucW patience went into the art work and signs..! BETTY OSBORN sells tickets for Dalies Frantz concert . . . Olive Lockhart beams as she and other beauties model for the men at McCloskey General Hospital . . . Co-eds of the CABARET REVIEW do the can-can for more of the wounded men . . . And they were taken in an army truck to Bergstrom Field, to entertain the Air Corps . . . Phyllis Phillips and chorus demonstrate how the Drama Department brought enjoyment to servicemen. ' til m Wi- . EXTRA CURRICULAR AC- TIVITIES account for much of the University life. The Ownooches gather for a dinner at Old Seville ... the NLTTS play leap frog ... the Brats march along together . . . The Foos ride the sea-horses in the fountain . . . The Thetas carry on at their Victory Carnival . . . The Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil meets with Dean Parlin . . . And the students see a movie, one of the many activities in the Union. The frate year as always. The SAEs gather around to admire their winning poster for the Texas-A M foot- ball frame. The Betas took time out from their yard cleaning to pose for the birdie. The ATOs were caught in an action shot during an intra- lootball game, and the Delta Tau Deltas took advantage of a time out to chat with the girls on the sidelines. A jitterbug exhibition seems to have entertained quite a few onlookers at the Kappa Sig formal. " Bright Eyes " at the Phi Psi house just loved eating dinner on the floor. Cheer leaders Jack Moore, Cleve Nolan, Charlie Gra- ham, and Grace Lester really gave out with a yell. Speakers Bully Gil- strap and Coach Bible at the foot- ball banquet let Texas know just why the team was so good. Students engage in a game of bridge . . . Barber Shop quintette, moustaches and all ... Pi Phis and Betas frat at an open house . . One of this year ' s guest speakers at the Union, Ely Culbertson . . . Faculty and students celebrate the birthday of the Union . . . Asso- ciate Editor. " Mary Sherman, and Lt. John Wendt ' cutting their wedding cake ... The SAE ' s entertain the kiddies at their annual Christmas party and the Latin-Americans enjoy some good music at their Christmas get-together. Nillhl Suzan descends on the beautiful toner ,,i the I nirenitl Suzanne Thorn.-!-,,,, i,-ll- i:,,,,,,i,. Teuell th.-it -he think, il is ,,l,o,it bedtime. un.l limy J,, Tornfoide , ep- , of th,- ,hm,,.r to say " t md-night. " Mimi M,-i,..lith Bias-,., midht suEfst a little l.iiniin( of thi- midnight oil, but the big red hrart i leading more ,,i ...... , - ' ..... ' - ' ' ' I. a,,,l ,,1, -an. ,!,,,,,.. Tl,,. Al|,l,,, K|,- ' il,,,, I ' " - Bthe, on 11,,- s,,.,,s 10 ,h,,l ,, hil.- 1,,-for,. bed. ., H. ! H. ,, ,. Thelm,, ,, ' l-i,i. .! Kli .iibrtb (,. ,s-. man di-asr,-,- j,,-, hat ex,,r,-ssi,m ,houl ..... -, d LIMELIGHT - EiSSi si? ? I ir U E BIRhHAHT. Sweetheart of The University of Texas A f Anne Burkhart 9 1 i Jo Elliott ' II 1 Hilda Castro-Perea V 1 Annette Greenfield June Emerson Louise Smythe Anna Tutt Flo Alexander - U- k ft " Bonnie Erter JD Ann ulsnii Kittle Sue Jinkins Jacqueline Lin emary Hemminqson ' ueen i m LarmVai (0 1 7 fta ourt ueen m QUEEN PEGGY OVERTON ' arsitf Qu n-i Court included: BETTY BURGHER. BERMCE COBB. BETTY JO COPELAND. MARGARET COL ' CHLIN, MARY EVELYN CRAWFORD.. MIRIAM DAVID. ROSE ANN ISEMAN. JACKIE LISSAUER. ALOMA MONK, ALICE MUNCIIA. MARJORIE PIERCE, YVETTA SAMPSON. BESSIE SMITH. FRANCES TAYLOR, BILLIE BERT TROTTI. HELEN TROXELL. .nd ALICE WORRELL. _ HI.I.KN GIBSON OUTSTANDING It! SARA DALKOWITZ MAC WALLACE OUTSTANDING SI DENTS NORA ANN CAKRC II ft J. R. CALAHAN V " " " J DORIS TAYLOR i t- 5 GOODFELLOWS FRED EALA.ND MARGARET CANNON BOVCE JIM KISHI PETE SUBLETT HELDON SHUDDE ED SEIDEL BILL BOOTH HELENE WILKE RUTH LEWIS JOHN DAVIS CURRY CILLMORE GOODFELLOWS H. P. HODGE BEN SHANKER PEGGY PERKINS AURORA STERLING MURPHY BAXTER BETTY OBSORN MARVIN WISE JAY DuBOSE A. K. BERCSTROM BENNY MARROQUIN CHARLOTTE WALTERS GOODFELLOWS JACKIE McKAY BILLIE BERT TROTTI PALL TRACY JOE MACLIOLO JERRY WRIGHT JOE MALIK JACK BROTDER LEWIS HALL BOB CONNOR BILL BROWDER MI.MI MEREDITH GLENN PATE BEN HAMEY GENEVA PRESTIDCE BERNADINE HAMMAN MARTHA MORGAN BLeLnnet BelL llominees Mae Marie Buckner Mary Louise Hughes Frances arhoroup:h Joyce Whiting Betty Elaine Daniel Lucile Wedler Udel Opal Bradford Patricia Sue McClarney Gloria Bowers Mary Evelyn Hansard Janis Mell Barbara Lindsey Smith Helen Chapman Joyce Bell Bernice Cobb Polly Ann McDaniel Edna Lydia Ramire ' " fue n omineeA Pauline Prikryl Mary Alice Anthony Anne Templeton Marjorie Elizabeth Ove Rebecca Anthony Mary Helen Burns Dorothy Jane Keep Martha Riley Anne Bnrrus Helen Dale Bartlett Vollie Jean Irrine Gladys Tooke Jewel Luedemar Martha Jane Tubb Florence Kent Marjorie Marek Sallv Henrr n omineeA Constance Muehlberger Marjorie Martin Sara Lee Armstrong Rosemary Johnson Jane Matthews Margaret York Mary Carolyn Greer Bertha Louise Angel Martha Frances Hay Harriett Robinson (teluebonnet Odette t lorn ineeA ,rine Mylius Shirley Gibson Hannah Faye Berkowitz Janet Muckelroy Marion Thomas Carolyn Beacham Marjorie Pierce Frances Elaine Davis Bethel Gwendolyn Praytor Olive Lockhart uel onnet (Befle ilomineeA Georgette Covo Alene Simpkins Jacqueline Covo Joy Stoltzfus Muriel Robertson Dorothy Chatmus Mary Evelyn Crawford Carolyn Conley Sara Louise Dalkowitz Rose Ann Iseman Sally Crowe Dorothy Berosek Harriette E ' Lane Donzis Marion Tanner Dorothy Flowers Ethel Patricia Smith Virginia Owen Thaxton n Marjorie Strohmcyer Willene Smalhvocxl Melba Glass Mildred Kieschnick Katherine Friend Sarah Kartin Edith Parten Helen Graner Metta Ann ilson Nita Karl Ott Harmon Lydia Taylor Ann Loyd Anne Lokey Dorothy Jean Keele Helen Kelly Dorothy Talley Leah Mae St. John Kathryn Ann Jackson Mary Sue Rolling Mary Louise Hughes Faith Ridout n omineeS Martha Ann Pickens JuanitaFayeWood Irene Louise Loy Gita Beidler Margaret Ann George Alice Beth Morris Annette Greenfield Dorothy Louise Fields Royce June Fjnerson Dorothy Lee Drawe Nilda Castro Dorothy Lindquist w omi Ina Claire Langstaff Helen Janice Troxwel Jo Ann Nelson Iris Mae Campbell Kittie Sue Jinkins Betty Scott Rosemary Hemmingson Anna Tutt Joanne Macow Margaret Claire Caughlin Bessie Johns Smith Doris Tudor Flo Alexander Patricia Miller Aurora Sterling Margaret Weerts onni-t llomineeA Marion Bridges Vera Turn peer Edna Real Jacqueline Nelson Barbara Gentry Almedia Nesbit hirley Johnson Nora Ann Carrol Jimmie Lee Wofford Betty Lou Dahlberg Helene Wilkie Bonnie Erter Barbara Shotts Grace Lester Gladys Reeves Carolyn Row n, Rose Marie Badami Jackie McKay Margaret Bush Anna Arnold Buchanan Marybelle Stoltzfus Catherine Mae McDaniel Mary Gene Catlett Betty Burgher Mary Elizabeth Hain Gladys Rubio Charlotte Walters Carolyn Mae Reader Eileen Dugger Elizabeth Graham Jeanne Ruth Laura McLellan REGISTRATION ... the confusion that gets school underway. After waiting for hours in a long line, you see that you have the right prerequisites, see that the classes are not all full, pay your fee. get your blanket tax. and vou ' re all set. RUSH WEEK is a hectic time for all of those con- cerned. " Does my hair look all right? " a ZETA asks . . . " How do you do. I ' m Nancy Prendagast and this is Mar- tha Tubbs. Would you like to play bridge with Flo Hud- son and Lillian Francis? " . . . The Chi Omegas entertain their rushees with a song and ater beam at their new pledges . . . Pledge night put big smiles on the Theta faces, too ... But all this time, the Independents just ' sit back with a bottle of beer and take it easy. The shortage of men on the campus this year didn ' t upset feminine activities too much. Joy Camp, Jimmy Wofford, and Mary Louise Willi- ford passed away some of the time studying, while others indulged in bridge and knitting. and Sue Miles and Margaret Helen Parker brushed up on their game of ping-pong. Sev- eral of the AXOs got together for a bit of buffet supper, but Shir- ley Harris, Thelma Bender, Rose Marion Levine, and Jackie Nel- son preferred their get- togethers at a later hour, as did this group of Chi Omegas. Lucile Head and Ann Wright caught up on their let- ter writing, and the Zetas had a long bull- session over their mid- night snack. Charlotte Russell corralled a frightened man, but Virginia Ann Rawlins has her man just where she wants him, as she jbroves by the ring on ,.ihe third finger, left The Oueen of Aqua Carnival was a hard de- cision to make with so many beautiful con- testants, but Trebie Perry was finally selected and received a congratulatory kiss from Cap- tain London. Coach Burnham instructed the girls in just what to do, and the entire group was at first narrowed down to eight, Clara Haenel, Bonnie Erter, Nancy Ann Smith, Trebie Perry, Lulu Rose Barnes, Doris sey, Rosemary Hemingson, and Gene St Ralph Ellsworth was voted the most hand- some athlete and had the pleasure of present- ing Trebie with a kiss. AQUA CARNIVAL ' S sensational stunts held the crowd in suspense. Walter Deppe, tied hand and foot, swam the length of the pool underwater. The men ' s swimming team and Turtle Club made a big splash and settled into a perfect star. Jack Tolar ' s high dives won for him the Star of the Show Trophy. Is that gob trying to stretch the net with his toes, or could that snap-shot be upside-down? Wally Novakovich burned up as he sped through the air, and then he played a milder game of " horse and jockey " with Jack Livingston. VARSITY CARNIVAL was a tremendous success this year, as the fraternities, sororities, and clubs put their wits and efforts together to produce shows and skits. For only a nickel you could ring the ankle of Miriam Joseph, a Delta Phi Epsilon, or see the AGO songsters, Toni Badami, Johnnie Ellis, Betty Dunlavey, and Betty Jane Ebeling. Extremes in fashion were presented to the public eye in Mariam David ' s peek-a-boo skirt and " Smilin 1 Sam ' s " polka dot shorts. Trebie Perry in a grass skirt thrilled the audience with songs of the South Sea Islands. Men in uniform made up a lot of the crowd who saw Varsity Carnival . . . the nautical show of AD Pi ... a hula dance by Theta ' s own Nancy Ann Bth ... the Zeta ' s ship-wreck show ... the Indian melodrama ... and Tri Delt ' s South Sea Island Magic. The smiling faces of Ted Strauss, Eklund, and Jack Hebdon are evidence of a large total sum and a lot Rin, when the profit from Varsity Carnival was finally counted. SNOW ca sunny Au in and unny Aus ent wild in its hite play-suit. Snow-ball fights gained over classes for all of three days. At the Kappa house snow balls flew every which way, even at the camera, and the victorious girls smiled over the wall to see what victim had been plastered. The navy boys at the Delta Tail Delta house put down a flag to claim this new territory. Ugh! What slush, this Phi Psi thought. The Phi Mu ' s surveyed the horizon looking for a high silk hat. Now is that sportsman- like, you five Phi Gams, ganging up on one poor girl? But they did give her a magnificent palace in compensation. Looks like one pretty little South Sea .islander got lost. Aren ' t you afraid you ' ll get your feet wet, little lady? Jo Elliott put her artistic skills to work to fashion this lovely Kappa snow l ady and this oh, so appreciative Esquire man. This Ed certainly has his girl where he wants her. Jackie Covo throws a snow ball at the camera . . . Betty Claire Schmid snow balls her roommate . . . Roy Vineyard sweeps the Phi Psi steps . . . Elene Meyer and Annette Greenfield enjoy the snow. - THE UNIVERSITY ROUND-UP. The Sweetheart of the University is announced to the nominees ... and the winner congratulated . . . Presenting Anne Burkhart, Sweetheart of the University . . . The Round-Up Ball . . . The Phi Kappa Psi ' s entertain the Sweethearts. Captain J. J. London and University Sweetheart Anne Burkhart at the Texas Relays. The Cowboys entertain the Sweethearts. The Texas Relays in action. ms Barbara Leedeker with her favorite horse . . . Tejas members and dates enjoy a Saturday picnic . . . Alpha Phi ' s have a picnic at Zilker . . . Helene Wilke enjoys a bit of sailing . . . Jimmy Moore practices up on his golf . . . But most students just relax at Bartons . . . CITY PLANNING After the tear many a city trill have to be rebuilt and the United States trill aid in planning these cities. The Department of Archi- tecture at the University is even notr studying the best methods to be used not only in rebuilding European cities but in improving our otrn after the tear. ft HOE HUTS ft ft ft ft ft 4 41 FINE ARTS IN ACTION: Land of make-believe with Hansel and Gretel. Donald Goodall, the Boardman Robinson exhibit, and fans. " Mustn ' t fight girls " Damask Cheek. Ernst Hoffman, conductor of the Houston Sym- phony Orchestra, and autograph seekers. Staley and Eidson adding the finishing touches in pic- torial composition. ARTISTS ACCOM PLI SH ED AND AMATEUR Jeanette McDonald all smiles at receiving a bouquet Easels and atmosphere the Art School Mary Winton pinch hits for Mr. Ulrich as con- ductor of the Radio House orchestra and chorus. At the Dalies Frantz War Bond con- cert. Piatiagorsky in a serious mood. Carl Sandberg and audience. " ... On the air " a Radio House broadcast. The Cabaret Revue " was well received at McCloskey General Hospital. THE CURTAIN CLUB has been active on The University of Texas campus each year since its organization in 1909. This year, The Curtain Club staged four major productions: " The Damask Cheek, " by John Van Druten; " The Cherry Orchard, " by Anton Chekhov; " Noah, " by Andre Obey, and an original play. Last year The Curtain Club started a Serv- ice Men ' s Entertainment Fund through con- tributions from former Curtain Club mem- bers and persons interested in sponsoring shows for the army camps. Only special or extra shows, produced expressly to tour army camps, are financed from this fund. Last Year ' s production, " The 43er ' s Revue, " played to approximately 10,000 soldiers and led the way for this year ' s show for the soldiers, " The Cabaret Revue. " An enthusiastic Curtain Club crew wrote and produced " The Cabaret Revue, " which during a month ' s tour, reached 11,000 service men at Bergstrom Field, San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center, North Camp Hood, Camp Howze, Camp Swift, and McCloskey General Hospital in Temple. crgstrom Fielil. OFFICERS President . Vice-President Director . Secretary . Faculty Adviso r MARTHA JOANNA MORGAN JOSEPHINE ALESSANDRO LAWRENCE CARRA JEAN LAWSON EUGENE GORDON MINTER BOARD OF GOVERNORS Lenora Ann Thompson John Roberts Hanbv Cecile Mae Burg Patricia Sue McClarnev MEMBERS Josephine Alessandro Sybil Claire BanUter France? Scharleen Barker Alice Whitten Belew Cecile Mae Burg Dorothea Anna Casburg Butenne Gold Davis Rosemarv Beth Davis Sallie Lee DeWitt Josephine Sellors Elliott Patricia Ann Elliott Eleanor Jean Fine BettiJoFridel Iris Gene Futoranskv Rosalie Helen Halboutv John Roberts Hanby Margaret Rebecca Hargis Beaulah Ann Johnson Milton Mason Johnson Erwin Kathleen Kameran Man lee Fleming Killmer Jean Elaine Lawson Velma Pauline Leon Ruth Eleanor Lewis Olive White Lockhart Patricia Sue McClamev Patricia Dean McTee Marjorie Marek Charlotte Hazel Maves Virginia Ree Moore ' Martha Joanna Morgan Bettv Jean Reuthinger Anne Elizabeth Squires Lenora Ann Thompson Dorothv Kav White Mvrlee Doris White Doris Virginia Wilde MARTHA JOANNA MORCA? OFFICERS President Band Manager, Drum Major Director . William James Albertson Gerald Max Allen James Hartfield Armstrong Joe Harper Arnim David Aston Richard Shirley Barfield William Wharton Barton Harry Patterson Batis James Lewis Bigby Edward Lee Blansitt, Jr. Robert Ward Blount Craig Hamilton Boyd Marcheta Frances Brauscum Margie Vernon Brewster Howard Martin Brock Joe Frank Brothers PHIL H. ROGERS (Tom LLOYD ROBINSON, JR. {NEIL DAVIS MOTON HAYWOOD CROCKETT, JR. GEORGE E. HURT MEMBERS Patsy Ann Brown Lydia Dulce Buchanan Jean Evelyn Busby Eunice Aileen Bussell Ann Cade Stephen Dickinson Carter Reid Caskey Joseph Kelly Chapman Marvin Ernest Chernosky Melvyn Lynn Clark Roy Lee Clark Shirley Coin Mary Alice Conway Splawn Lowe Cooper, Jr. Moton Haywood Crockett, Jr Clemmie Dewey Crowder, Jr. James Ernest Curlin Crawford James Daniel Neil Davis Jack Calvin Dunn Mickey Vaughn Elliott Charles Francis Ellis Jasper Gary Evans, Jr. Max Henry Faykins Leta La Noe Fenner Ralph Ray Gammill Kenneth Lee Gilbert Cecil Robertson Glass Clarence C. Goen, Jr. Ira Jeffrey Golden, Jr. John Mark Graham, Jr. Stanley Robert Grupp I ' HII, II. IM:| K- CONCERT BAND i Front n Second CROCKETT. LUCKEY, BUSSELL, MOSES, WILSON, BUSD ROWE, BREWSTEf HURT, CADE, COIN, NELSON, POLLEY, GRAHAM, MONDAY. ;: DAVIS, PELLETT, BRANSCUM, URICE, BROWN, LOCKMILLER, CONWAY, MENN, MILLER, M. STUBBS, FENNER, MARY WILEY. NEEDHAM, BATIS, ROBINSON, SCHOEN, J. WATSON, STALLMAN, HOPPER, MELLENTHIN, BOYD, VALDEZ, CROWDER, VON ROSENBERG, SMITH. .- ELLIS, BARFIELD, ASTON, CARTER, ELLIOTT, SHROPSHIRE, KLOTZ, OSBORNE, GLASS, GAMMILL, WHEELER, T. STUBBS. WETECROVE, PHENIX, DANIEL, COOPER. oLon.cj.korn Band MEMBERS Ear l Gillette Hammond Charles Robinson Heare Mary Emilie Heinatz Robert Eugene Herndon Willace Denman Hill Barton Thomas Hogarth Rex Hopper. Jr. Robert Allen Kennedy Billy Allen Kenny Harold Abraham Klotz Jack Workman Koen John Irvine Landon Billie Joyce Lockmiller Raymond David Luckey. Jr. Elbert Leroy McFarland Sevmour Sunto Manrv. Jr. John W. T. Medairy Jack Alton Mellenthin Julius Louis Mendel Mary Lee Menn Doris Lee Middleton Jeanne Cardell Miller Wayne Meredith Miller Patricia Mil Is Robert Grady Monaghan. Jr. David Armstrong Moncrief H. B. Monday. Jr. Alma Teresa Moses William Felix Needham, Jr. Janice Louise Nelson Hoyle Millard Osborne Charles Bvron Osteen Frank Orrin Packard Clarence Beverly Parker Helen Marie Pellett John Russell Phenix David Randolph Pleas Olive Helen Policy Robert Louis Reed Truett Edwin Re vis. Jr. Kenneth Murray Rice Tom Lloyd Robinson. Jr. Phil H. Rogers Marilyn Gibson Rowe Joseph Schoen Robert Lee Shore Adrain Dale Sebastion William Sanders Shropshire Bertie Sue Skinner Robert Elmer Smith Lawrence Lee Stallman Roy Robert Stallman Mary Ann Stubbs Thomas Benjamin Stubbs Wynona Ann Urice Guadalupe Escobar Valdez Hermann Paul von Rosenberg Dalton LaVern Watson James Thornton Watson Herman Joseph Wetegrove John Emery Wheeler. Jr. Sophie Ann White James Arthur Wilkinson Lucy Wilson Ljtee OFFICERS Co-Presidents . Vice-President . Business Manager . Librarian . Historian . Reporter . Director . Sponsor Accompanist (GEORGETTE ELAINE Covo (JACQUELINE MARIE Covo VIRGINIA BETH DARE MARJORIE ANN LOGAN TOMMYE DEE BURDETT DORIS JEAN BRADY ETHEL ELIZABETH EPPRIGHT CHARLOTTE DUBOIS DOROTHY GEBAUER VICTORIA FRANCES LARSEN THE GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB presented its annual Fall and Spring concerts in collaboration with the Men ' s Glee Club. Other GLEE CLUB activities include the Firing Day program in which the Co-ed Quartette was featured; the University Christmas Carol Program; and entertainment at hospitals and army camps. This year the Glee Club sang at the Austin U.S.O., Camp Swift U.S.O., Camp Swift hospital, and other nearby army centers. Mary Maude Algee Mary Evelyn Anderson Frances Lillian Arlitt Marion Joyce Ballerstedt Hazel Marilyn Bennett Jane Marie Bennett Julia Kirk Blackshare Doris Jean Brady Mary Evelyn Bryson Anna Arnold Buchanan Tommye Dee Burdett Mary Margaret Champion Georgette Elaine Covo Jacqueline Marie Covo Dorothy Marie Dallmeyer Virginia Beth Dare Lyndal Marie Davis Marguerite Jewell Davis Laura Ann Dick Elinor Ruth Domaschk Jean Elizabeth Donalson Charlotte du Bois Ethel Elizabeth Eppright Ella Shelby Frizell Mar jorie Hancock Shirley Wotz Handler Betty Lu Hill Bettye Virginia Hill Alice Louise Hoi brook Wanda Jean Holmes Ruth Virginia Homburg Margaret Beverly Home Marguerite Lenora Jay Mary Frances Johnson Nancy Etta Kaufmann Mary Curtis Kennedy Vera Jean King Lucia Robson Logan Marjorie Ann Logan Katherine Pine Lovell MEMBERS Dorothy Enid MacPherson Eula Louise McCain Man, Louise McClendon Margaret Joyce McConnick Maribel Myrtle McLaurine Mary Ellis Maedgen Verlyn Jeanette Miller Patricia Mills Dorothy Moore Betty Jo Nelson Gertrude Herterta Otto Katherine Georgianna Paterson Athena Pelay Alta Bernice Perry Carolyn Imogene Pfluger Man.- Jane Porter Yolanda Neomi Ramirez Myrtle Anna Richter Betty Rose Robinson Gwendolyn Elizabeth Rogers Carolyn Bryant Row Betty Jean Sanders Nell Brevard Sanders Minnie Lee Schaedel Gladys Bertha Schiwitz Marjorie Ruth Sidles Margaret Anne Staley Mary Lenore Stefke Ann Frances Stehling Gene Stinnett Rosana Elizabeth Struss Alice Louise Tarver Winifred Jane Tarver Mary Marguererte Teer Betty Dell Trimble Iris Lanore Turner Dorothy Irene Viehweg Ruth Heanne White Susan Elizabeth Wilcox GEORGETTE ELAINE AND JACQUELINE MARIE COVO MARJORIE ANN LOGAN OFFICERS President . Business Manager Librarian . Historian . Accompanists . Director . OWEN WILLIAM FAUNTLEROY, JR. STANLEY EVERETT CRAWFORD JON MORSE CAVANDER FREDERICK ARTHUR WINCHELL (WILLIAM STEPHENS ELY JACK BEALE CLENDENIN BERNARD FITZGERALD MEMBERS OWEN WILLIAM FAUNTLEROY. JR. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB activities for the year in- clude the annual Fall and Spring Concerts given in collaboration with the Girls ' Glee Club, the University Christmas Carol Service, and music for the Newman Club Christmas program. The MEN ' S GLEE CLUB also entertained at the Longhorn Room. Tenors Robert Spicer Smith Andrew Frenchie Huff Calvin Roger Abbott Wesley Merle Alexander Robert Horrall Armstrong Charles Thompson Butler Gerhard Harry Spence Del Stigler Harold Walden Verutti Gerald Adams Vroom Frederick Arthur Winchell Daniel Wade Jared Luther Key Thomas Eugene Knighton Irving Grandell Liggett E. L. Morrow Joe Russell Coleman David Vibert Parsons, Jr. Stanley Everett Crawford Basses Robert Bayard Patterson Arthur Francis Dickerson Marvin Howard Al ' isky Rex Henry Richardson Henry Dietz Richard Carl Bjork Lawrence Richard Rose Williford Graham Ellsworth Newell Boughton, Jr. Clarence Littleton Scott Andrew Hahn Joe Frank Brothers George Clark Seydler, Jr. Howard Robert Hayre Worth Ballard Brown William Lawrence Simons Charles Howard Huffman Philip Cavanaugh Vernon Klyne Smith William Albert Lingo Jon Morse Cavander Donald Buell St. Clair William Sanford Montague William Stephens Ely Raymond Stegall Clarence Beverly Parker Owen William Fauntleroy, Jr. Frank Patton Troseth David Rauh Barton Hogarth Louis Richard Turbeville Joe Ellis Robinson William Stough Hoover, Jr. Robert Parry Votteler Front row: ALEXANDER. LINGO. BUTLER, CAVANAUCH. FITZGERALD, VOTTELER, HOGARTH, LIGGETT, KNIGHTON. Second row: ROBINSON, MONTAGUE, DICKERSON, PARKER, SMITH, SCOTT, ELY, FAUNTLEROY. CAVENDER, ALISKY. Third row: CRAWFORD, WINCHELL, COLEMAN, SEYDLER, ROSE, HUFF, TROSETH. PATTERSON. HOOVER, SIMONS, TURBEVILLE. Front ton: LOGAN, MOELLER. Second rot: VAX DER VEER, BROWN. MURRAY. BEHCSTB Ulniversity J pe ra A. K. BERCSTROM OFFICERS Preside Vice-Pr Secreta Treasui Directo Sponso Elean A. K. BERCSTROM WILLIAM RUSSELL VAN DER VEER MARJORIE ANN LOGAN- DORIS JEAN BRADY ARTHLR KRELTZ H. R. GIPSON BOARD MEMBERS-AT-LARGE Brown Holland Nellie Ruth Moeller Frances Ramsey Murra _ o longer limited to light opera. THE UNIVERSITY OPERA COMPANY, under the direction of Arthur Kreutz. presented two operas this year the first, the fairy opera. " Hansel and Gretel " by Humperdinck. and the second, the comic opera. " Bastienne and Bastien " by Mozart. MARY ISABEL Wesley Merle Alexander Marvin Alisky Esma Beth Anderson Grady Baskin Evelyn Jean Baumgartner Lela Belitsky Norma Iris Beeson Jane Marie Bennett Janis Ann Bennett Katheryn Lucile Bieter Edward Blansitt, Jr. Marcheta Branscum Jo Beryl Brown Dulce Buchanan Jean Evelyn Busby Helen Chapman Mary Lee Coffman Miriam Gordon Connelly Virginia Dare Doris Anne Dean Virginia Deter Elinor Domaschk Nancy Anne Dunkle Frances Evelyn Durham Tennie Dyer Virginia Dyer Jeanette Eckey Martha Ann Elkins Harriett Anne Emerson LaNoe Fenner Elaine Garvey Edna Joyce Cribble Marguerite Grissom Ruth Evelyn Grossman President .... V ice-President . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... Parliamentarian Sponsor .... Program Chairmc Service Chairman Social Chairman Publicity Chairm, Scholarship Chaii Marjorie Grover Shirley Handler Alvin van Pelt Hart Sam Harwell Mary Ellen Hayes Mary Emily Heinatz Bettye Hill Nancy Louise Hill Wanda Holmes Kathryn Ann Jackson Shirley Anne Johnson Lillian Rees Johnston Lena Belle Koch Niki Koutsigos Annie Belle Kuehn Victoria Larsen Isabel Leon Norma Jean Lewis Evalyn Annette Limmer Virginia Long Marjorie Love OFFICERS MARY ISABEL WINTON KATHRYN ANN JACKSON , NANCY Lou WEBB FRANCES OHEIM JUANITA WOOD ROBERT BAYARD PATTERSON HOMER ULRICH STANDING COMMITTEES MEMBERS John Harrison Lovell Eula Louise McCain Wilbur McCullar Rosaleen Malooly Doris Lee Middleton Alice Munguia Beverly Anne Nash Betty Jo Nelson Louise Nelson Maggie Jo Noble Mildred Novit Edna Elizabeth Nunn Frances Louise Oheim Betty Osborn Athena Pelay Jo Anne Pels Carolyn Pfluger Libbie Sandra Polsky Betty Jo Rabb Ruth Evelyn Rose Alice Savage Jo ANNE PELS NIKI KOITSII.(I VIRGINIA LOVE DETER IRIS TURNER DULCE BUCHANAN Anita Marie Schmedes Dorothy Schroeder Lynn Shelor Aurora Sterling Doris Jean Taylor Minniefred Lovrllen Taylor Betty Coe Tom Iris Turner Katherine Elizabeth Tynan Dorothy Jane Van Horn Elaine Vejans Gloria Christine Very Eva Moizelle Ward Nancy Lou Webb Sophie Anne White Peter Wiley Lucy Wilson Mary Isabel Winton Juanita Fay Wood One of the newest and most vital organizations on the University campus is the UNIVERSITY MUSICIANS, started two years ago by a group of sixty music students who felt the need of an organization through which they could contribute their talent and enthusiasm. Now almost every performer, coach, and teacher is listed in the Club ' s Musicians Index which is run on a professional basis. UNIVERSITY MUSICIANS ' activities include ushering at Recital Hall programs; making appeals to the faculty from students; and awarding a music Scholarship each semester. inaerS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Reporter Director OFFICERS BETTY OSBORN VIRGINIA BETH DARE MARION JOYCE BALLERSTADT ELAINE HENRIETTA GARVCY ARCHIE N. JONES MEMBERS Eleanor Margaret Albrecht Patricia Fischer Athena Paley Jacquelin Louise Anselin Frances Lillian Arlitt Elizabeth Vance Fogarite Marv Marsden Foster Sue Roberson Phillips Lucille Alberta Rack Dixie Nell Atkinson Man- Lee Franklin Rose Beth Ramey Marion Joyce Ballerstedt Evelvn Jean Baumgartner Mildred Jean Galatian Ernestine Gowan Nancy Doris Robertson Gwendolyn Elizabeth Rogers Norma Iris Beeson Marguerite Agnes Grissom Nancy Jane Roney Lela Belit-kv Ruth Evelvn Grossman Ruth Evelyn Rose Janis Ann Bennett Mary Ellen Hale Martha Jean Ross Bettv Jean Brame Marjon- Hancock Alice Blouin Savage Dee Geneva Brown Shirley Wolz Handler Margaret Schnette Jo Beni Brown PeggvHawes Dorothy M. Schroeder Rose Elizabeth Butte Man Ellen Haves Gladvs Bertha Schwitz Man- Gene Catlett Bettve Virginia Hill Emilv Winifred Scott Helen Keith Chapman Wanda Jean Holmes Alice Lynn Shelor Man Lee Coffman Virginia Gail Howard Anita Buhler Soverel Miriam Gordon Connellv Mary Ellen Inin Aurora Virginia Sterling Man- Nees Cook Shirlev Anne Johnson Jeane Ann Stroman Helen Evaleen Cunningham Lillian Rees Johnston Frances Jean Taylor Virginia Beth Dare Bettv Lee Hackman Frances. Roberta Taylor Marilvn Frances Daughtrev Doris Kellev Marv Margaret Teer Saradell David Martha Ann Kirkbride Gladvs Elizabeth Thompson Vivian Bernice Davis Lena Belle Koch Katherine Elizabeth Tynan Doris Anne Dean Annie Belle Kuehn Elaine Vejans Elizabeth Louise Derigo Cvnthia Ann Lancaster Gloria Christine Very Elinor Ruth Domaschk Isabel Miriam Leon Dorothy Irene Viehweg Nancv Anne Dunkle Alice Virginia Long Fannie Mae Ward Frances Evelvn Durham Lucille Luckett Bette Jeanne Wermine Tennie Marie Over Eula Louise McCain Margaret Eva Womack Virginia Lucille Dyer Alice Aurora Munguia Juanita Fav Wood Winifred Jeanette ' Eckev Beverly Anne Nash Elsie Lois Zabel Martha Ann Elkins Betty Jean Osborn Edel Florette Zeve THE UNIVERSITY SINGERS was founded in 1939 under the direction of E. W. Doty, Dean of the College of Fine Arts, and was first named the University Chorus. In 1940, the (horns was turned over to its present director. Archie N. Jones. Since that time THE UNIVERSITY SINGERS have sung oratorios, cantatas, and various programs for Round-Up, concerts, and army camps. This year THE UNIVERSITY SINGERS sang at Camp Swift and San Marcos Cadet Clubs. They gave a Spring Co ncert and appeared on a program in Gregory Gymnasium on February 2. BETTY OSBORN (J Edwin George Cohen Earl Musgrove Eggers John Blanton Elder John Kirby Ewing Jack Herbert Forman Walter Lee Gray, Jr. MEMBERS Mitchell Matthews Grossman Richard Colton Lyon Walter Blake Miller John Marion Naff Shirley Lorenzo Purdum Robert Franklin Roberts Sam Henry Smith Louis Richard Turbeville Pickard Earl Wagner Marion Jay Wise David Hull Youngblood Roy House Zuef eldt THE MEN ' S VARSITY DEBATE SQUAD, under the leadership of their coach, Edd Miller, began the 1943-44 season with the Annual Southwest Debate Tournament held in Austin. Teams from Southwestern University, Baylor, University of Kansas, Texas Christian University, and Texas debated the question, Resolved: That the United States should join in reconstituting the League of Nations. Texas was winner in the best individual speaking places. A trip to the Missouri Valley Debate Tournament, held this year at Lawrence, Kansas, resulted in a negative second place victory and the affirmative team tying for first place. Texas came out in second place in the entire tournament. The squad also entered several individual debates both on the campus and at San Marcus and South- western and other neighboring schools. WISE, EWING, NAFF, MILLER. a: COHEN, ELDER, LYON, CRAY. I " This broadcast originated at Radio House on the campus of The L ' nitersity of Texas ' r aa 10 " THE VOICE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS. " STAFF Acting Director of Radio Production ELITHE HAMILTON BEAL Chief Engineer . . Music Director HOMER ULRICH Assistant Technician . Script Writer MARYE DURRUM BENJAMIN Assistant Technician . Production Assistant RUTH ELEANOR LEWIS Production Assistant MARTHA GIBSON VAUGHN Secretary VERA LEE HEARN Music Assistant ELEA.NOR PAGE Secretarial Assistant KATHERINE ROGERS . JACKMACUIRE . NOYES WlLLET . JACK ARNOLD FLITHE HAMILTON BEAL Graydon Ausmus Archie N. Jones FACULTY ASSOCIATES Martin J. Nebb E. P. Conkle J. H. Lumpkin A. L. Chapman Five years ago the Board of Regents created a new institution within the University and called it RADIO HOUSE. By spring of 1MO RADIO HOUSE was busy on its first real job streamlining the " 3RV f or some 300,000 school children throughout the state with its " Texas School of the Air " programs. Since then this small but powerful voice has been successful in persuading commercial stations to have educational broadcasts. Seven to ten shows each week are produced by the Staff and Workshop members, about a dozen of whom are Latin-Americans, There is an advisory Administrative Com- mittee of which Dean E. W. Doty is chairman: Mrs. Beal is in charge of Radio; Dean B. F. Pittenger, Education: Dean T. H. Shelby. Extension: Dr. C. W. Hackett, Latin- American: John A. McCurdy. Ex-Students: E. R. Hardin, Speech: H. E. Degler, En- gineering, and Homer Ulrich. Music. Also supplementing the workshop is the RADIO HOL E chorus and orchestra which furnishes musical background and interludes. In 1942, the series " University Music Time " won national acclaim when it was listed in Movie-Radio Guide as Mondays best listening, in the field of Classical Music. Several months ago, for the first time in Texas radio history, every radio chain in the state carried a thirty minute broadcast for this " blind " mike. Other RADIO HOUSE broadcasts included the Longhorn Band concert series, folklorist J. Frank Dobie ' s " Straight Texas. " " Guardians of Freedom " for our Latin-American neighbors, and over one hundred war broadcasts. RADIO HOUSE has gone far in living up to its aims ' To extend the boundaries of the campus to the borders of the state and beyond. " k Pb HONORARY MUSIC FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Founded, Metropolitan College of Music, Nove mber 13, 1903 Mu Theta Epsilon Chapter Established May, 1940 Seventy-nine Active Chapters OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding, Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Historian Parliamentarian Chorister . DORIS JEAN TAYLOR NANCY Lou WEBB BETTY JEAN OSBORN MARY NEES COOK Jo ANN PELS MARY ISABEL WINTON VERNA YOUNG COVINGTON MARGUERITE AGNES GRISSOM ESMA BETH ANDERSON Helen Haupt FACULTY MEMBERS Louise Lackland MEMBERS Esma Beth Anderson Mary Nees Cook Verna Young Covington Virginia Love Peden Marguerite Agnes Grissom Kathryn Ann Jackson Lillian Reese Johnston Marjorie Ruth Lovit Edna Elizabeth Oheim Betty Jean Osborn Jo Ann Pels Aurora Virginia Sterling Doris Jean Taylor Nancy Lou Webb Mary Isabel Wintou A W -AlpL, Sinf, HONORARY MUSIC FRATERNITY FOR MEN Founded, New England Conservatory, Boston, Mass., October 6, 1898 Alpha Iota Chapter Reinstated July 11, 1942 Seventy-eight Active Chapters OFFICERS President V ice-President Seer eta ry- Treasu rer Historian Province Governor PATRICK BLTLER WILLIAM STOLGH HOOVER, JR. ROBERT NEWELL BARBOUR ROBERT BAYARD PATTERSON ARCHIE N. JOXES FACULTY MEMBERS Putnam Calder Aldrich Howard Leake Boatwright. Jr. Patrick Butler Robert Bernard Fitzgerald Dalies Frantz Archie N. Jones Arthur Kreutz Evan Florian Lindberg William Bartly Payne Clavton Herbert Wilson MEMBERS Wesley Marie Alexander Robert Newell Barbour Gustave Leonard Bentrup Stephen Arthur Castlebury Arthur Francis Dickerson William Stephens Ely- Walter Coleman English. Jr. Ralph Campbell Geeslin William Stough Hoover. Jr. Lional Elliot Kroll Wilbur Hall McCullar Robert Bayard Patterson Clarence Littleton Scott John Stewart Sielski Harry Eldon Sutton Donald Robert Zimmer ENTERTAINMENT ON THE FORTY AERES AUGUST 12-13 University Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, and University Singers 20-21 " Papa Is All, " presented by Department of Drama Summer Theatre SEPTEMBER 30 University Symphony Orchestra OCTOBER 13-16 Curtain Club play, " The Damask Cheek " 17 University Symphonic Wind Ensemble 24 University Singers NOVEMBER 4 " Don Pasquale, " opera 5 Esther Van Wagoner Tufty, speaker 10 Sinclair Lewis-Lewis Browne debate 11 University Symphony Orchestra with Bernard Fitzgerald, soloist 14.21 FINE ARTS FESTIVAL 15-20 " Cry Havoc, " Drama Laboratory Theatre with Austin Little Theatre 20 Kurt Baum, tenor 25-Dec. 3 Curtain Club Cabaret Revue DECEMBER 8-11 University Opera Company production, " Hansel and Gretel " 14 Fall Concert, University Glee Clubs 16 Christmas program of Music and Dance 17 All-City Cantata 24-29 " Is Life Worth Living, " Department of Drama with Austin Little Theatre 25 Richard Crooks, tenor and William Primrose, violist 26 University Symphony Orchestra with William Primrose, violist and Arthur Kreutz, vio linist 28 Budapest String Quartette FEBRUARY 1 Joseph Dunninger, mental analyst 6- 8 Dalies Frantz, War Bond Concerts, sponsored by Mu Phi Epsilon 9-12 Curtain Club play, " The Cherry Orchard " 13 University Singers and Symphonic Winds recital 14-21 Curtain Club and Drama Department present " Sister Beatrice " 14 Houston Symphony Orchestra MARCH 9 Egon Petri, pianist 13 Apollo Boys Choir 14 Ely Culbertson, lecturer 15 Movie Night 17 Helen Traubel, soprano 20 Rudolph Serkin, pianist 30 University Symphony Orchestra APRIL 5 Curtain Club play, " Noah " 19 Mu Phi Epsilon Recital 24-29 University Opera Company production, " Bas- tienne and Bastien " by Mozart JANUARY 7-30 Art Exhibit, Drawings by Beardman Robinson 10 Gregor Piatiagorsky, cellist 19 First Union Movie Night 20 Carl Sandburg, lecturer MAY 7 University Symphony Orchestra with the Uni- versity Singers 16 University Glee Clubs 24-27 An original Curtain Club play UNIVERSITY PRESS The University of Texas 9 program to take education to the people of the slate will be aided through a University Press. A greater University Press means not only a greater physical plant but also a rigorous publishing institution ichich trill enhance Texas ' national reputation. The Board of Regents and University officials have already begun the establishment and development of a University Press which will rank with those long estab- lished at the nation ' s first class Universities. ft ft ft ft ft Top row: PATE, MACUIRE, THOMPSON. OSIIOHN. Student f ublications LARRY JONES Board FACULTY MEMBERS PAUL J. THOMPSON, Professor of Journalism 0. B. WILLIAMS, Professor of Bacteriology ROBERT W. STAYTON, Professor of Law STUDENT MEMBERS LARRY JONES, President of the Board BETTY OSBORN, Vice-President 0. GLENN PATE, Secretary WELDON BREWER, Fall Texan Representative JACK MAGUIRE, Spring Texan Representative DAVE WILLIAMS, Cactus Representative SPRING APPOINTMENTS BILL BOOTH (replacing Larry Jones) MICKEY CATLETT (replacing 0. Glenn Pate) Studen STAFF Director Business Manager . . . Advertising Manager . Office Manager. . . . Secretary Circulation Manager . . Bookkeeper .... Classified Adiertising . . Advertising Assistants . Office Assistant . . . Cactus Studio Manager . Studio Assistant . . . Switchboard Operator . Reference Department . Louis F. J. BAETHE FRANKIE MAE WELBORN ALAN NICHOLAS BESS JANE DU.NCAN MAHY ETHEL McCuiGHT ROBERT CARLETON MALCOLM WALLACE SALLY Fox JOYCE BELL, Vivi LANG BETTIE LEE LESTEH HAZEL CROWE LA VERNE LARSON ELEXA SOUTHER NELL ANDREWS LOUIS F. J. BAETHE Top row: McCRICHT. TELBORN. MCHOL S. DUNCAN. CROWE. ScamJ ram: LESTER. BELL. WALLACE. FOX. CARLETO.N. 1944 Cactu6 Editor-in-Chief . Associate Editor . DAVE WILLIAMS MARY SHERMAN SECTION EDITORS Clubs . GEORGETTE Covo Women ' s War Work ANN LOYD Feature BETTY CLAIRE SCHMID Navy . . . . PHIL KAUFMAN Sub-Divisions . MARY JANE McGiLL Sororities . CAROLYN FITZGERALD Fraternities . FRED EALAND Honoraries BETTY KNIGHT Athletics PAUL TRACY Administration JEAN ANDREWS Faculty MARY JEAN LIVINGOOD Dorms and Co-Ops . LYNN HOLLE Fine Arts . SUZANNE THOMASON Women ' s Sports PEGGY PERKINS Student Government and Publications . SARA JANE POTTS Index . . . .... BILL FERGUSON 1944 Cactui STAFF ASSISTANTS Ann Barnes John N. Barnhart Jean Bartholow Betty V. Bradley Charles Butler Betty Capron Frances Carrington Martha Ann Elkins Arthur John Enzler Melvin Epstein McCall Fitzpatrick Allen Freitag Leroy McKeen Fulbright Xevaire Gambrell Betty Ann Gilbert Curry Gillmore Annette Greenfield Billye Harper A. VTatkins Harris Robert M. Horton Ruth Ann Jacobsen Marguerite Kelso Carey Kinsolving Vive Lang Janet Lilley Katherine Lovell Nadine Matheny Earline Milstead Mildred Nebenzahl Evaline Rife Marilyn G. Rowe Eloise Sanderford Lynn Shelor Ann Staler Billye Straubridge Frank A. Thomson Mary Sue Tipps Louis Turbeville Wilmont Vickrey Helen Mae White Martha Wingate Frances Worley Herbert Yarbrough Tf ro.- FITZGERALD, KAUFMAN. LOYD, SCHMID. CVO. Srroiui to : PEBKINS, KMCHT, McCILL, POTTS, TR- CT, THOMASOV Tkitd rax: MATHEMTT. IJLLY, HOLLE. ROVE, BARTHOLOW, LIVIXCOOD. ANDREWS. Fall Spring EDITOR-IN-CHIEF WELDON BREWER JACK MAGUIRE ASSOCIATE EDITOR Fall JAMES (BUDDY) YODER Spring MARIFRANCES WILSON Assistant to the Editor . . A. R. HOWARD EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Ravenna Mathews Marjorie Walberg Betty Ray Lyon NIGHT EDITORS Carl Freund Jack Maguire Dean Finley James Yoder A. R. Howard Ellen Gibson LeGene Lott Volney O ' Connor Fauna Hill Helene Wilke Amusement Editors Ernestine Davis Ducky Davis Amusement Assistants Sara Jane Potts Clyde Ruffin Flo Alexander Thelma Freidin Pat M urphy Frances Smith Jim Harmon Margaret Westbrook Harry Harber Warren Baxley Marvin Aliskey Rosemary Thyfault Sylvia Jonas Jess Walker Iris Turner Frankie Morrow Sally Fox JAMES (BUDDY) YODEF Uexan Church Editors Pat Fowler John Love Columnists Mary Brinkerhoff Eli Robinson Exchange Editors Bill Bradneld Faye Loyd Pan-American Editors Rafael Nunez Arnulfo Martinez Radio Editor Earlayne Black Society Editors Helene Wilke Marion Bridges Society Assistants Betty Ray Lyon MarifranWWil on Ravenna Malhews Cissy Stewart Joyce Bell Marilla Davidson Sports Editors Paul Tracy George Raborn Sports Assistants Jack Gallagher Bill Johnson Pat Taylor War Editor Carl Freund Student Opinion Edit Volnoy O ' Connor Telegraph Editors Jeannette Heard Jean McDonald Telegraph Assistants Betty Giddens Virginia Reiney Mary Gene Kelly ? WELDON BRE ER Top row: BRINKERHOFF, WILKE, TRACY, BRIDGES, RABOILV GIBSON, HOWARD. Second ra : O ' CONNOR. F1NLEY, MARTINEZ. L. DAVIS. FREfXD, LOTT. WALBERC. Third rr: FOWLER. DAVIDSON, LOVE. BRADFIELD, M. DAVIS, MATHEWS. RLFFIN. fourth r t: BELL, KELLY. BLOCK. POTTS, STEWART, HEARD. GIDDENS, ALISKY. JOHN A. M i:riiI)V THE ALCALDE, alumni magazine of The University of Texas, is issued nine times each year by the Ex-Students ' Association. The word " Alcalde " is of Spanish origin and means mayor or head man of the town. Its adoption by the first editorial board as a suitable name for a magazine seems to have derived from the fact that Governor 0. M. Roberts, one of the fathers of the University and also one of its first professors of law, was known as " the Old Alcalde. " He was a recognized mouthpiece for the University in those early years, and, since its appearance in April, 1913, the Alcalde has attempted to serve as a medium of communications between the University and its ex- students. This purpose was well expressed in that same issue of April. 1913, and is reprinted here. " THE ALCALDE is published primarily for the alumni and ex-students of The University of Texas. It has more than a single purpose. It desires to entertain them; it desires to instruct them; it desires to preserve for them and their successors the history and tradition of the institution. The past with its fund of reminiscence, the present with its problems and possibilities are the fields it would cultivate. It is limitless, then, in its scope as the interests and needs of the institution. " In the war year of 1943-44 the ALCALDE has found its way into every part of the world. Exes on every front have written in to express their appreciation of this " news letter from home. " Until the war is over the ALCALDE will continue to emphasize the movements and accomplishments of the 11,000 Texas exes in the armed services. I II II ; ATHUTICS .. I 1943 FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS All told it was a very successful year for the 1943 Longhorns. They won the Southwest Conference Cham- pionship for the second consecutive year, the first team in conference history to do so, and they tied with Randolph Field for the Cotton Bowl Championship. It was a surprising year too with such things as outstanding players leaving before the season was over Joe Parker, Max Munn, and Bobby Coy Lee; and new stars being added. J. R. Calahan who made the " Little All America " team while playing for Texas Tech last year came to the University in the fall to attend the Navy Flight Preparatory School. The Navy gave him permission to play and he was added to the team in October. Then there was the matter of the revenge over T.C.U. for spoiling the seasons of ' 42 and ' 41, and the victory over A. M. for the second time on Kyle Field. And not the least surprising event was the sending in of the water boy, Billy Andrews, to kick the point after touchdowns in the T.C.U. and A. M. games. LETTER-MEN Franklin Butler, Phil Bolin, J. R. Calahan. Jimmy Canady. Joe Coleman, Ralph Ellsworth, Marcel Ores. Clyde Harville. Jim Kishi, Bobby Coy Lee. George McCall. Bill McGinnis, Joe Magliolo, Billv Main. Keifer Marshall, John Maurer, Ralph Park, Joe Parker, Jimmv Plvler Charlie Phillips, Andy Robinson, Bill Simons, Harlan Wdi, and Billy Andrews, manager. RESERVE LETTERMEN Franklin Crow, Tommy Davis, W. J. Davis, Roger Evans, Ray Mayfield, Ken Merritt. Max Munn. Jerry Owens, Arnold Pederson. Raul Perez, Bob Rados, Edbert Schntze, Paul Tracy, and Milner Thome. Coach Bible with captains Joe MagUolo, Ralph Park, and Joe Parker. ... TEXAS 13 OKLAHOMA 7 Twenty-two thousand spectators surged into the Cotton Bowl at Dallas to see the Longhorns defeat O.U. for the fourth consecutive year. The Long- horns quickly chalked up a 6-0 lead on a 37-yard touchdown run by Ralph Park in the first five minutes. The Sooners had things their way for a while though and took over the lead 7-6 with less than a minute to play in the first half. Bobby Coy Lee tossed a long pass to Ralph Ellsworth on the first play after the kickoff and the play was good for 64 yards and a touchdown. Parker, Gres, and Plyler were iron men in the line and Ellsworth, Parker, and Lee looked good in the backfield. BULLY GILSTRAP Assistant Coach BLAIR CHERRY Assistant Coach Park gets away to score the first touch- down against 0. U. Rados cuts back Phillips runs inter ference against At TEXAS 34 ARKANSAS Clicking with fine precision and gaining with incredible ease, the Long- horns opened their conference season with a victory over Arkansas in Memorial Stadium. J. R. Calahan, Navy V-5, and Texas Tech star, made his debut for the Orange and White in this game. Ralph Park and Bob Rados were the outstanding players. Rados made three touchdowns. TEXAS 58 RICE D Sophomore Ralph Ellsworth, one of the fastest and most deceptive backs to play for the Longhorns, personally accounted for 286 yards as the speedy Steers handed the Rice Owls their worst defeat since 1915. Ells- worth plaved only twenty-five minutes but scored two touchdowns, and gained 200 yards in 15 carries. He also completed five out of five passes for a gain of 86 yards. Another great performer was J. R. Calahan who al-d -cored two touchdowns. Other stars were Joe Magliolo, Jimmy Canady, and Raul Perez. Callahan sidesteps Rice tacklers and goes on to score. Win J ourtn Ljame f ame rom TEXAS 27 A. M. 13 In a wild game crammed with spectacular plays and vicious tackling and blocking the Longhorns stormed past A. M. ' s gallant youngsters to make it four in a row over A. M. for Texas and to give Texas her second consecutive Southwest Conference Championship and her second consecutive Cotton Bowl bid. As expected the Aggies kept the air filled with passes completing 13 out of 36. The Longhorns stayed on the ground most of the time and rolled up 358 yards for 14 first downs. Ralph Park, Joe Mag- liola, J. R. Calahan, and Ralph Ellsworth were the offensive stars for Texas. Billy Andrews made a con- version to add to the score against A. M. (Cotton TEXAS 7 RANDOLPH FIELD 7 With All-American Glenn Dobbs turning in a spectacular passing, kicking, and running performance, Ran- dolph Field ' s Ramblers fought the favored Longhorns to a 7-7 tie in the cold and rain at the Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas. The Steers chalked up their single touchdown early in the second quarter when Ralph Ellsworth faded back from the Randolph Field 34-yard line and lofted a beautiful pass to George McCall on the goal line. J. R. Calahan converted to tie the score. It was a hard-hitting, rugged game in which three Steers went out with injuries. Joe Magliolo, Bill Simons, and Jimmy Canady were all removed from the game. Four Longhorns, Keifer Marshall, Ralph Park, Ralph Ellsworth, and J. R. Calahan played the entire sixty minutes. Joe Parker and George McCall played through all but two or three minutes. Outstanding for the Ramblers who were by far the outstanding team were Dobbs, Martin Ruby, Norbert Harpring, Delbert Davis, Leiland Killian, Mike Yaremko, and Walter Parker. 1944 BASKETBALL Texas opened the conference basketball season in a blaze of glory. The blaze lasted through the five opening games and then was put out by the under-dog Frogs from T.C.U. Texas went downhill fast after losing many of her star players at mid-season. The next six games were marked up in the losing column but the season was ended with a sound whipping being administered to the very down-trodden Aggies. Texas set a new conference scoring record in the first game with the Aggies by running up 77 points. Then S.M.U. came along a few weeks later and scored 81 points against the Aggies. In the final game of the season Texas tied the record with 81 points against the same Aggies. Lcttermen ROY W. COX, JOE CROWLEY, KENNETH DIEBEL, ROBERT FANNIN, JEFF KEMP, AL MARTIN, DUGGAN MARTIN, SLATER MARTIN, NORMAN L. SHEAR, DOUGLAS STEWART, ROBERT H. SUMMERS, JOE HENRY WARD, JR. . MARTIN, DIEBEL V. C. OVERALL (a SUMMERS, COX. ach), WARD, STEWART, I. MARTIN, II. C. G1I.STRAP (coach). Slater Martin stars in the opening Baylor game. TEXAS 55 BAYLOR 37 TEXAS 54 BAYLOR 29 The Longhorns looked impressive in the season ' s opener with an almost effortless win over the inexperienced Bears. Roy Cox and Slater Martin shared high point honors. The befuddled Bears took another beating as a hustling Texas team jumped to an early lead and coasted to victory. Al Martin, substituting for Slater Slartin who left for the Navy, took high point honors. TEXAS 77 A. M. 41 1 IAAS 64 T.C.U. 44 Little Slater Martin starred with his excellent ball-handling and sharp-shooting as he led the Longhorns to a lop-sided victory- over the lowly Apples. The 77 points gave Texas the conference high- The high-scoring Longhorns romped on to their fourth straight conference victory at the expense of the floundering Frogs. Jeff Kemp and Joe Crowley racked up 39 points between them as Bob Summers starred with his ball-handling. BOB SIMMERS TEXAS 61 S.M.U. 48 The undefeated Steers poured it on the Ponies in Dallas to keep the conference lead. Through this tilt Bully ' s boys had averaged 62 points a game. Jeff Kemp and Roy Cox were the Steers ' flashiest performers. TEXAS 34 RICE 56 The powerful Rice Owls knocked Texas into third place with their flashy playing in Houston. Roy Cox managed to look good with his ball-stealing and one-hand shooting as he scored most of Texas ' points. TEXAS 37 T.C.U. 44 It was too good to last for long, but Texas ' Waterloo came sooner than expected. An upset-minded bunch of Frogs got the Steers in their beat-up gym in Fort Worth and ran circles around them. Texas couldn ' t get started. TEXAS 46 S.M.U. 49 An underrated Mustang crew outplayed Texas in Gregory Gym to earn a surprising upset. The breaks were all bad for the Steers as they missed shot after shot. This third straight defeat killed any championship hopes Texas may have had for ' 44. A try for basket in the A. M. game. u Action in the Baylor game. TEXAS 48 ARKANSAS 59 The Longhorns stayed out in front of the favored Razorbacks in their first clash at Fayetteville until seven minutes before the final pun when the Hog? spurted to the victory. TEXAS 46 ARKANSAS 54 Again the Texas boys weakened in the stretch after battling the Hog on even terms until the last few minutes. The game was tied up several times, but the Steers folded and Arkansas coasted on. TEXAS 43 RICE 62 The Steers lost their sixth consecutive game in Gregory Gym after battling the Owls through the first half on even terms. The score at halftime was 25-24. but the flock flew away in the opening minutes of the second half to win easily. Bob Summers starred for the Steers. TEXAS 81 A. M. 36 The victory-hungry Longhoms pounced on poor, downtrodden A. M. to tie the conference record set only a week before by S.M.U.. and dish out the Aggies ' twelfth consecutive beating. And so a wonderful game closed a dismal season. DOUGLAS STEWART KENNETH DIEBEL JOE CROmXEY 1943 BASEBALL Texas and A. M. leisurely walloped Rice Institute, only other team in the Southwest Conference baseball race, and then battled each other to a standstill to emerge as Co-Champions for 1943. The only steady thing in the pennant fight was the regularity with which the Longhorns and the Aggies downed " outsider " Rice. In the Texas-A. M. series one team would win handily one day and get beat decisively the next. Texas came through in the last game to win 8-2 and tie for the championship after losing two in a row to A. M., 8-11 and 0-12. Jim Collins and Luke Kent handled pitching duties while Clint Grell, Rex Travis, Bob Camp- bell and Grady Hatton starred in the batting and fielding departments. Blair Cherry, assisted by Uncle Billy Disch, coached the Longhorns. Kyle Milliard Luke Kent Barry Pool Rex Travis Cliff Vaughn Ed Zunkei Ray Borneman Bob Campbell Jim Collins Clint Grell John Hargis Grady Hattc Tom Berry, Manager SDNER, HATTON RESERVE LETTERMEN Billy Andrews Ed Gardner Calvin Collier Ambroze Medina Bill Scurlock Jim Scurlock Robert Dalzel CONFERENCE BATTING AVERAGES arne Grell Hargis . . Campbell Milliard 4 Gardner .. .2 PITCHING AVERAGES Aame Collins Kent .. CONFERENCE SCORES TEXAS 4 A. M. 2 12 11 2 TEXAS 10 6 19 w I pet. 3 1.000 3 2 .666 RICE 2 1 2 6 CAMPBELL. BILLIARD. BORNEMAN. ANDREWS ' rvj HP JOF. FLACK, Caplai, 1943 TRACK ( .onf-e EVENT 440-Yard Relay One-Mile Relay 120-Yard High Hurdles 100- Yard Dash 220- Yard Low Hurdles. 220- Yard Dash 440-Yard Dash 880- Yard Run One-Mile Run Two-Mile Run High Jump . . ' . Broad Jump Pole Vault Shot Put Discus Throw Javelin Throw onf-erence WINNER TIM .TEXAS, Minor, Tharp, Lindsey, Ellsworth 42.6 .A. M., Martin, Battin, Vajdos, Frye. . .3.21.5 .Cummins, Rice 14.1 .Minor, TEXAS 9.9 . Cummins, Rice 23.8 .Minor, TEXAS 21.6 .Frye, A. M 49.7 .Vajdos, A. M . Porter, Rice .Thompson, TEXAS .Watkins, A. M. (n .Christopher, Ri rd) ....1.56.2 ....4.22.8 9.55.6 ....6 ft., 7 ....24 ft., ....12 ft. , .44 ft., .Henderson, A. M 127 ft., 5% .Henderson, A. M 202 ft., 10 in. .Burruss, TEXAS . Blackburn, Rice n, Rice 44 ft., 4% in. n, A. M 127 ft., 51 2 in. EVENT 440- Yard Relay . Half-Mile Relay One-Mile Relay . Two-Mile Relay . Distance Medley JexaA l elauA WINNER TIME EVENT WINNER .TEXAS: Minor, Tharp, Sprint Medley Texas A. M. : Battin, Lindsey, Ellsworth 42.4 Frye, Scott, Vajdos .Howard Payne: Algood, 100- Yard Dash Bridges, Howard Payne.. Massey, Barcena, Brid ges.. 1.28.4 120- Yard High Hurdles. Tate, Oklahoma A. M.. .Oklahoma A. M.: Fuquay, F. Johnson, J. Johnson, 3000-Meter Rui Shot Put i Thompson, TEXAS Blackburn, Rice Tate , .Texas A. M.: Garrett, , 3.23.6 Discus Throw Wolfe, W.A.F.S Frye, Maddo ' x, Vajdos .TEXAS: Ellsworth, North- 7.58.7 Javelin Throw High Jump . . Batts, Randolph Field Donovan, Drake cult, Polhemus, Broad Jump . . Tate, Oklahoma A. M.. Thompson ... 10.34.3 Pole Vault . . ....Moore. Drake ... TIME .. 3.32 . . 9.9 . . 14.3 .. 9.01.6 ..48ft., iy 2 in. . . 143 ft., 9 in. ..197 ft., 4 1 , in. ..6 ft., 71 2 in. ..24 ft., 9l 2 in. ..13 ft. SACHSE. MF.T F.NTJII.Y I IIOMI ' SON. MINoK. FI. CK. .MOIFS. CHF. TH M. POI.JIFMIS. cond row: I KM)].l:l( C, BURRUSS, LINDSEY. I. HAFERNICK, MORGENSTERN (manager). JERRY IB Texas tracksters of 1943 missed the Border Olympics championship by three points, won decisively in triangular meets with L.S.U. and Rice, and A. M. and San Marcos, piled up the most points in the Texas Relays, made a good showing at the Drake Relays, captured the ' ' Little Con- ference " meet with A. i M. and Rice, but took a heart-breaking defeat in the South- west Conference meet, " the one that counted. " Texas ' luck was all bad in the Conference melee as falls, loss of key men. and the " breaks " gave the Aggies a mar- gin of victory. Little Jerry Thompson, undefeated in his favorite two-mile run. went on to win the National Intercollegiate title. L ROBERT SHEPHERD LETTERMEN John Burniss Wiley Cheatham Ralph Ellsworth Joe Flack Frank Guess Douglas Jaques Bert Lindsev John Metzenthin Norman Morganstern. M Max Minor Monroe Northcutt John Polhemus Gill Sheldon Robert Shepherd David Smith Jerry Thompson Stan " Tharp anager RESERVE LETTERMEN Ed Carriker Clarence Hafernick James Clark Johnnie Hafernick Robert Davis H.J3. Pendleton. Jr. JacfcSachse BERT LINDSEY GILL SHELDON AND RALPH ELLSWORTH 1944 CHDSS CDUNTHY CHAMPIONS Little Jerry Thompson again led the Longhorns to the Southwest Conference Championship by striding to a victory over the pack in the comparatively slow time of 14.29. A. M. furnished the only competition by placing one man among the first five. Bob Umstattd, brother of last year ' s Cross Country Captain Mac Umstattd, finished second. Bob Carey and Lou Raineri took fourth and fifth. Second row: COACH CLYDE LITTLEFIELD. BOB RASMUSSEN, KEI) SCHMIDT, BILL THOMPSON. NORMAN MORGANSTERN, Manager. 1943 TENNIS CHAMPIONS It was Texas all the way in the Southwest Conference tennis matches as John Hickman defeated teammate Walter Driver to take the singles title after the two had earlier taken the doubles crown. Hickman and Driver went on to win the National Intercollegiate Doubles Championship at Northwestern in June. D. A. Penick is coach. J Mermen oLettermen FRANK ARRINGTON ED BRASWELL WALTER DRIVER JOHN HICKMAN THOMAS MITCHELL CLEM SAUNDERS ALPHONSO CORTEZ. Manager GORDON BEST DON GOLDBECK HAROLD JOHNSON TOM RUNGE WALTER RUSSELL WADE SPILMAN FRANK WHALEY PHILIP ZLATNIK 1943 GOLF CHAMPIONS HARVEY PENICK, Co Texas won the 1943 Southwest Conference Golf Championship with ease as sure-swinging Longhorns dominated the play in Houston. Sophomore Bill Roden captured the links crown from teammate Billy Russell by two strokes. Roden barely missed national honors as his blazing golf game car- ried him through to the runner-up slot in the National Intercollegiate Golf LETTERMEN Bill Roden Bill Russell QUALIFIED AWARDS Claude Wild, Jr. James G. Moore Tyrell Garth Herbert Neyland, Jr. HERBERT NEYLANt BILL RUSSELL CLAUDE WILD JAMI.S c;. MOCIKI: TYRRELL GARTH 1944 SWIMMING For the first time in the thirteen years that swimming has been a Southwest Conference sport Texas failed to win the undisputed Championship and tied with A. M. College. Swimming in the Aggies home tank at Col- lege Station the Steers finished up in a sur- prising 82-to-82 deadlock with the Farmers. Capt. Ed Seidel was by far the outstanding swimmer in the meet. The team was coached this year by Chief Art Burnham, physical training instructor for the Navy V-12 program at the University. Coach Tex Robertson is on leave and is in the Navy. Back rox; BURN M, HELMS, SEIDEL. PEARCE, BOLLINGER. CROSSEN. KM, WHITE. BUCKLES, GREEN, MELLENTHIN, PACKARD, COOK. fll 1 p - PI TENNIS SINGLES Jeff Kemp HANDBALL SINGLES Joe Cerhar,lt HANDBALL DOUBLES Co. Harqwt, Jo. Gak TOUCH FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS: ANDREWS DORM. 2ND CO. Front TOK: Bob DafaelL, Kari Rippel, C J. Arnold, Edirin Gale, Wyman Stephens. Second rou:: O. M. Cole, Harold Boatright, Joe " Smith, Jack Livingston. Sam D. Seay. Third rote: Moise Simon. W. B. Lauder. Mike Pieper, Steve Perkins, Harold Selke. SOFTBALL CHAMPIONS. " 43: SMITH HOUSE Front rou: John Heiman, Bill Ed Porter. Eric Smith. O. D. Yanderworth. Harold PowelL Second rou: Edwin Fatten. Kenneth Gilbert. Bob Reed. Warren Grain. Weldon Winsauer. BOXING ROY ZIEFELDT WILLIAM J. CONNELL VAKREN DALE CULWELL BASKETBALL INTRAMURAL and FITE NITE CHAMPIONS: K DORM, 6th CO. Left to right: John Spiker, W. G. Anderson, Carl Virgil, Earl Moore, J. T. Wells, Louis Tin- BASKETBALL CLASS B CHAMPIONS: KAPPA SIGMA Left to right: W. B. Ferguson, Russell Barhour, Fred Winchell, George Francklow, James Mc- Cain, Bob Parker. RISTUNG 1MB WOMEN ' S SPORTS U.T.5.A. COUNCIL President .... Vice-President Secretary .... Members at Large Faculty Sponsors . Bow and Arrow Club Leader GEORGETTE ELAINE Covo EMILY JANE Dot CLASS BETTIE Lot ISE SHARP IDA LOUISE MAHLER MARIANA CATHERINE HART COLLEEN ELVERA Bt ESCHER ANNA Hiss SHEILA O ' GARA KATHERINE BLAND Bowling Club Leader Canter Club Leader Orchesis Club Leader Poona Club Leader Racket Club Leader Tee Club Leader . Touche Club Leader LILLIAN LELA HILL ANNE DEERY EDNA ETTIE REAL KATHERINE MEEK COTTINCHAM HELEN SWANSON ANNE TEMPLETON ALICIA GARCIA MARTHA FRANCES HAY U.T.S.A. COUNCIL Bact r: Hay. Hill. Real. Bland. Trmplelon. Smnoii. DnTT. Cat- lingham. Belhf . BOW AND ARROTl c LI B Top r nr: Laura McLellan. Ceoifetlc Covo. Gloria Gibson. Mar; Jant- Erkrli, Doris Campbell. Kalfaln-D ,Vor it, fUtmre: Dorothy Keep. Matey Morgan. Mary Pate. Louise Painter. Bettie Currie. Eleanor Tacquard. Margaret Mckain. S Josephine Elliott. U3S..J. BOWLING CLUB Top row: Lela Hill, Betty Muller, Emogene Broaddus, Frances Roensch, Lee Ann Hall, Adine Womble, Mary Evelyn Crawford, Jackie league, Pat Krohn, Sybil Giese, Betty Jo White. Bottom row: Miss MacMichael, sponsor, Lorene Grissom, Rose Marie Badami, Joyce Chandler, Anna Tutt, Shirley Kirkland, Dorothy Holland, Maye Adele Kirtly. CANTER CLUB On fence: Miss Young, sponsor, Betty Wheelock, Ann Vilbig, Virginia Locket. Front row: Betty Jo McFalls, Ann Warner, Gary Southern, Janice Askew, Jane Dunkle, Lucille Ash. On horse: Mary Jane Crotchett. Not in picture: Jane Cone, Sally Gunby, Susan Finn, Elizabeth Hurl- but, Yvonne Sutherland, Ann Bunkly. DRCHESIS CLUB First row: Norma Besson, Billie Jean Flannery, Gladys Pharr, Rose- mary Whitaker, Florence Kopycinski, Maybelle Stoltzfuss, Margaret McCurdy, Earlayne Black, Christel Rebfeldt. Second row: Helen Richardson, Margie Sedwick, Virginia Rae Moore, Edna Real, Margaret Cochran, Fae Johnson, Margie Teer, Betty Beecroft, Margaret Wirtz, Margaret Grover, Helen Rainey. Not in picture : Pat McClarney, Carmel De La Grave, Bel Stroud, Pat Elliot, Frances Real. POONA CLUB Back row: Betty Ann Gilbert, Betty Eakle, Miss Breneman, sponsor, Peggy Perkins, Jeanne Dement, Almedia Nesbit. Third row: Virginia Shudde, Pearlie Pearlman, Lucy Blake, Dorothy Cloud. Second row: Eleanor Domaschk, Katherine Kellog, Charlotte Wigzell. Sitting: Helen Hicks, Bettye Wilkes, Ann Barnes, Peggy Janosky, Katherine Buckly. Not in picture: Bessie Smith, Mary Wheelis. CLL RACKET CLUB Front TOW. Shirley Hathorne, Elizabeth Decker Sasche, Martha Taylor, Ann O ' Connor, Theresa Van Carlowitz, Helen Davis, " Peggy Ebv. Second row: Luoile Fender, Elsie Van Haselen, Dorothy Royal, Ann Grothaus, Rachel Ford, Ida Mahler, Doris Middleton. Third row: Bettie Susan Hamilton, Shelby Frizell, Betty Scott, Mary ' Jo Sansing, Helen Swanson, Ruth Lindsley, Catherine Duls, Bonnie Duncan, Ravenna Mathews, Betty Schumacher, Ruby Matejka, Miss O ' Gara, sponsor. TEE CLUB Front row. Lucile Cooke, Jean Brady, Dorothy Ann Potter, Rose Marie Pelphrey. Marjorie Greenwood. Second row: Peggy Yoakum, Jeanne Graham, Virginia Faegans, Laura Macon. Gladys Windham. Lazinka Allen, Sue Webber. Third row. Eugenia Dunn, Anne Templeton, Doris Holiman, Ann Ratliff. Margaret Maer, Miss Newton, sponsor. TDIICHE CLUB Left to right: Miss Kelly, sponsor, Kiki Cullum, Betty Bradley, Leotta Guenard. Maybelle Allen, Patsy Cranston, Mary Harriet Lott, Lila Keyes. A of in picture: Dorothy Bethea, Betty Blanchard, Helen Cunningham, Martha Gregory. Mary Hansard, Naomi Miller, Maribelle Mc- Laurene, Fay Periman. TURTLE CLUB First row: Frances Kirksey, Hanna Preston, Lue Fitzgerald, Betty- Ann Anderson. Second row. Barbara McFarland, Mary Massey, Colleen Buescher, Martha Hay. Billie Sue Lawhon, Connie Esgen. Third row. Alice Worrell, Miss Needham, sponsor, Audrey Kenedy, Ruth Rydell, Ann Stanley, Pat Brennan, Betty McClusky. Not in picture: Joan Peterson, Jane Douglass, Mary Brownrigg, Vir- ginia Gowan. WOMEN ' S INT RAM URALS Faculty Sponsors ANNA Hiss ELIZABETH ALTREY fiocfc row: Peggy Hunter. AFA; Betty Gibbs, Wesley; Louise Lentsch, PM; Susan Hamilton, ZTA ; Rosemary Kirby; Doris Midleton. SRD: Betty Galbraith. WICA ; Shirley Hathorne, WIC Oil,!-: Margaret Long ! Pearlie Pearlman, HIO; Elizabeth Decker Sasche, F i B; Leota Cuenard, ! " !!: M.-lani,. L.-VV. AK ' I ' : M.-tt Second row: Miss Autrey, Miss Hiss, Miss O ' Gara, Miss Breneman, Miss Gregg, Intramural staff. First row: Marian Cramer, Littlefield; Eleanor Del ' Homme, Z; Marilea Marney, XB; Pat Krohn, AXQ; Lesley, KAO; Martha Everitt, ABII. hitaker, BH ; lewman; Betty Betty Reuthingrr, Jo White. AiR; !, KKT. GOLF FINALISTS Esposite, WICA, Runner-up Claire Schmid. KKF, Winne GOLF CONSOLATION FINALISTS Betty Lou Dahlberg. KKF, Winner Virginia Feagans, AF, Runner-up POSTURE FINALISTS right: Marilyn Rowe, KA9; Margie Sedwick, ZTA; urora Sterling, ZTA il t jpl I ' r Fl Nf IV, UNALI-T- DOUBLES FINALISTS TABLE TENNIS DOUBLES FINALISTS Left to right: Hortense Creenman. Annette Greenfield. AEP, Virginia Lee Stevenson, Sylvia Cartright. IMP, Runners-up VOLLEYBALL WHITE BRACKET FINALISTS Standing: Winners. AGO Lett to right, back rou : Jean Williams. Marilyn Mclntyre, Shelby Frizell Third roir: Helen San-..n. P.pp Hunter. Marjorie Wilke, Beverly Sanders. Gertrude Ruhl. Lee Ann Hall, Mary Evelyn Craoford Seated and hireling: Runners-up. GPB Second rox: Elizabeth Decker Sachse. Leota Guenard. Jacqueline jtolyn Lhler. Dorothy Loos, Mary Jane LOT. Jean Fine Fir it row: Shirley Gibson, Mary K. Covsert, Carolyn Carleton. Margaret HargU VOLLEYBALL ORANGE BRACKET WINNERS. WICA EVENS Left to right, standing: Jo.ej.hine W ischkaemper. Eldera Dee Jenkin. Elizabeth Churchill, Melba Cox, Marcile Hollinps- worth. Lela Hill Knrelinf: Betty Jane Taylor. Mary Lee Menn, Dorothy Holland. Bernadine Hamann. Dorothy Tetley Adele Beckman, Mary Jo Sansing. Mary Margaret Carr. Helen Dvoracek TENNIS MNCI ( UN | Left to right: Peggy f. . JUX Shelby Friiell, AFA, Wii I BOWLING FINALISTS Top row. A , (Runncr.-up) Sally Cunby. Margaret West- brook, Marilyn Holle. Charlotte Wigzell. Bottom row, T B. (Winner,) Lenora Ann Thomson. Shirley Gibson, Lee Jean Cheshire. Johanna Di-I.anrey. ' irginia Gowen, Joyce Chandler, Frances Eaton. Sally McCormick, Ann S I I 1IM. IIK M,K HKACKKT. i: . KA9 cv Ann Smith. Irownrigg. i)v j 1 ;, T AM AS ' 2 I - I T ORGANIZATIONS a inn in TRAINING FDR WAR The University has participated first in the Engineering Training Program., then in the Engineering, Science, and Management Defense Training Program (both Pre-Pearl Harbor), and now the Engineering, Science, and Management War Training Program. There are twenty-five centers where courses in this program are conducted, all supervised by University of Texas instructors. ft ft ft ft SCIILBTIC HOflORORIES cJLarnbaa, HONORARY ORGANIZATION FOR FRESHMEN WOMEN Founded, University of Illinois, May 31, 1924 Texas Chapter Established December 13, 1935 Thirty-seven Active Chapters OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . BETTY BALDWIN BEALL LENA BELLE KOCH CAROL JANE BAUMAN ROSEMARY LARUE WHITAKER AUGUSTA DALE GROVE BETSY JANE ALLEN Betsy Jane Allen Helen Dale Bartlett Carol Jane Bauman Betty Baldwin Beall Betty Eleanor Birkner Marion King Bridges Marilyn Alys Broom Patsy Ann Brown Mary Lynn Brouthertin Katherine Jane Cain Mary Gene Catlett Elizabeth Ann Churchill Doris Mary Cox Marian Lenore Cramer Margaret Frances Dale Marilyn Frances Daughtrey Lydia Ann Eisenhauer May Eleanor Files Helen Eldora Gaskill Thelma Getsin Lu-Nita Giesecke Lucy Gray Augusta Dale Grove FACULTY MEMBER Dorothy Louise Gebauer MEMBERS Annette Harris Mary Evelyn Harris Cleo Patricia Hausman Margery Ann Hayes Mary Erkly Henry Dorothy Louise Huntington Martha Dunnington James Margrethe Dagmar Johnson Joyce Jones Lena Belle Koch Betsy Ray Lander Betty Landrum Mary Hart Law Louise Lentsch Frankie Josephine Lewis Janet Marie Lilley Jacqueline Lipscomb Wanda Sue Littlefield Patricia Sue McCIarney Maude Eugenia McDonald Mary Elizabeth Mclnnis Margaret Janelle McKean Emily McKellar Elaine Marek MelbaFIorine Marshall Virginia Meyers Mary Elizabeth Miller Martha Ann Morton Glenda Erin Oglesby Cornelia Olson Maytee Dora Robinson Gwendolyn Smith Margaret Ellen Stanley Velma Christine Stewart Jeane Ann Stroman Betty Jane Taylor Mariel Jaqueline Teague Dorothy June Tutt Marilyn Joyce Waldvogel Doris Lula Walker Mary Adelaide Wheless Rosemary Larue Whitaker Bettye Jo Wilkes Mildred Carlyn Wilson Julia Imogene Wyatt HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING FRATERNITY Founded, University of Illinois, February 12, 1919 Theta Chapter Established May 31. 1924 Twenty-two Active Chapters OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Treasurer Permanent Vice-President J. B. Allred Walter C. Burer BILLIE MIXSON WHITEACRE FRED MARLI.N MITCHELL CL.ARE.NCE WILLIAM Mi EHLBERGER JOHN ARCH WHITE V MEMBERS A. C. Upleger J. A. Phillips T. W. Leland FACULTY MEMBERS Franklin Lanier Cox Leo C. Haynes John Elton Hodges Chester Fredric Lay George Hiiiis Newlove Carroll Day Simmons C. Aubrey Smith Eiiis Ma?! Sov. s!! Charles H. Sparenburg Fladger Freeman Tanner John Arch White MEMBERS Fred Marlin Mitchell Clarence William Muehlberger William E. Perkins Stanley Robert Plettman David Clarence Rode Charles Frederick Steineger Adolph 0. Susholtz Billie Mixson Whiteacre VLJetci Ljamma -Jt NATIONAL HONORARY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FRATERNITY Founded, University of Wisconsin, February 26, 1913 Texas Chapter, Alpha, June 3, 1922 CERS Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer . EVERETT GRANT SMITH DOROTHY AYRES FLORENCE MAE STULLKEN HONORARY MEMBERS Dorothy Ayres James Clay Dolley James Anderson Fitzgerald Alice Mae Barrow Holmes Chester Fredric Lay Edward Karl McGinnis Maebess Matthews George Hillis Newlove William Ahlers Nielander Edwin Werner Olle Carroll Day Simmons C. Aubrey Smith Everett Grant Smith Charles Herman Sparenberg Florence Mae Stullken Stella Traweek John Arch White Ambrose P. Winston Dorothy Nell Berry Anne Sutton Bloor Jo Margaret Buster Oletta Myrle Chastain Margaret Ellen Corbett Dorothy Nell Lewis Cross Mary Edwina Dellinger Marshall Lee Everett Ralph Ernest Guenther Margaret Quinn Hogg Carl Holzschuher, Jr. William Morgan Hunter MEMBERS Theodore Lawrence Jones Josephine Evelyn Karren David Burks Kultgen Jeff Milam McKinney Janeth Fordham Magruder James Watson Martin Woe Ware Nash, Jr. James Amstater Oppenheimer Kathryn Annette Phillips Wesley Harvey Phillips Harold Brainard Pressley Robert Gladstone Ridout, Jr. Robert William Schaffer William Harmon Simmons Virginia May Spears John Westover Stephenson Larry Burgie Stitt Thomas Davis Stribling Emma Julia Strobel Marjorie Trevillyan Betty Mae Van Cura Billie Nixson Whiteacre. Jr. Richard A. Wier John Wildenthal, Jr. Helen Louise Woodcock HONORARY ENGLISH ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN Founded, The University of Texas. October 1, 1941 OFFICERS President . . . . Vice- President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Seer Treasurer . . . . Reporter . . . . MARY HELEN BURNS DOROTHY CHATMAS ETHEL LAURA Kt YKE.VDAJ.L SALLY CHARLOTTE CROWE ANN ELIZABETH WELLS PATRICIA MILDRED MURPHY HONORARY MEMBER Dorothv Louise Gebauer Annie Sowell Irvine FACULTY MEMBERS Philip Graham James Blanton Wharey MEMBERS Elizabeth Gertrude Adkisson Wilnora Barton Betty Jo Bell Earlayne Earnestine Black Mary Nadine Blackman Ernita Elizabeth Bartels Mary Helen Burns Janette Butts Sister M. Emmanuel Cahill Sister M. Generosa Callahan Frances Carrington Dorothy Chatmas Barbara Clark Julianan Cowden Sally Charlotte Crowe Elizabeth Jeanette Currie Virginia Adelene Dalby Angilee Davis Helen Davis Man- Ernestine Davis Patricia Anne Donoghue Billie Mae Fahrenkamp Dorothy Louise Fields Dorothy Margaret Forbis Lillian Craig Francis Itta Louise Freed Maude Brandt Friedell Iris Gene Futoransky Lucy Ellen Gibson Man- Margaret Gunter Hope Hamilton Anna Eva Handley Rosemary Marsh Hardt Clara Louise Harris Marie Dawkins Harrison Hazel Louise Harrod Katherine Harvill Arden Kennard Havis Edith Olive Haynie Carrie Jeanette Heard Dorothy Jane Heep Mary Hendricks Elizabeth Anne Herald Dorothy Cornelia Hilker Ruth Virginia Hodde Margaret Rees Horcher Annabeth Isaac? Marquita Colleen Ivey Jane Batyer Jennings Sylvia Price Jonas Alma L. Reid Jones Erin Kathleen Kameron Maurine Kariel Hilda Jane Keliher Justine McKay Kone Gladys Evelyn Kuhn Ethel Laura Kuykendall Alice Gordon Lean Jean Lewis Lida Ruth Long Carol Ruth McElroy Martha Anne McFarland Nance Marie McFarland Janetta Mclntyre Dorothy Enid MacPherson Jane Machia Gladys Louise Maddocks Nancy Carlton Meredith Catherine Owen Monning Alice Moore Lucille Moore Patricia Mildred Murphy June Crozier Nelson Lila Rhea Norwood Alice Lorraine Odeen Hinore Jean Ott Katherine Ruth Ott Dorothy Lillian Perkins Mary Kathryn Pipsaire Ann Campbell Raborn Lucille Leslie Randall Jane Lemons Rogers Nancy Delia Ro?s Emily Eloise Sanderford Bern- Claire Schmid Ruth Frances Schumm Virginia Darling Schwall Patsy Ann Seipel Bettie Louise Sharp Marion Davis Smiley Ellen Mae Smith Betty Bell Smythe Betty Jean Snyder Gary Southern Betty Frances Suggett Dorothy Cleo Tate Sara Virginia Taylor Genevieve Thompson Lenora Ann Thompson Rosemary Thyfault Mary Elizabeth Vertrees Ann Yilbig Ann Elizabeth Wells Marjorie Helen Walberg Man Evelyn Wolf Helen Louise Woodcock on HONORARY CIVIL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded, University of Illinois, May, 1922 Nineteen Active Chapters Texas Chapter Established May, 1934 OFFICERS BENJAMIN BAUGH EWING HECTOR MANUEL RAMOS JAMES GILMER DICKSON ALFRED EUGENE SCHMIDT LEONARDT FERDINAND KREISLE FACULTY MEMBERS E. C. H. Bantel Leland Barclay Phil Moss Ferguson Stanl iley P. Finch John Arnold Focht, Sr. Banks McLaurin, Sr Jesse Neils Thompson MEMBERS Bill Alexander Frank Williams Bellows Odis Homer Clark, Jr. James Gilmer Dickson Marvin Bates Eickenroht William Jules Emrich Benjamin Baugh Ewing John Arnold Focht, Jr. James McConville Gribble Leonardt Ferdinand Kreisle Joseph Fulton McKee, Jr. Banks McLaurin, Jr. Eltweed George Pomeroy William Dean Ramey Hector Manuel Ramos Alfred Eugene Schmidt Edmund Otto Seidel Thomas Kelbert Wood HONORARY FRATERNITY FOR ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Founded. University of Illinois. October, 1904 Thirty-five Active Chapters Psi Chapter Established April, 1928 OFFICERS President GILBERT BERRY McCARTER Vice-President MAX WILLIAM SCHI. ' LZ Corresponding Secretary .... HLBBARD EUGENE TAYLOR Recording Secretary RTHLR VAN RENSSELAER PHELPS Treasurer HAROLD WOODROW SMITH Faculty Advisor ...... EDWIN WOODWORTH HAMLIN FACULTY MEMBERS Cullen Malone Grain Edwin Woodworth Hamlin Ralph Arthur Galbraith Archie Waugh Straiten Collier Read Cranberry Robert W. Warner Willis Raymond Woolrich f I I MEMBERS Jerry Alfred Hawkins Max William Schulz Gilbert Berry McCarter Harold Woodrow Smith Arthur Van Rensselaer Phelps Hubbard Eugene Taylor Fred Linden Ribe Ferdinand Voelker, III Theodore John Schultz Julian Rivarde Wright William Alfred Youngblood HONORARY CHEMICAL FRATERNITY Founded, University of Illinois, 1931 Epsilon Chapter Established October 7, 1941 OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Alumni Secretary Council Member Faculty Advisor W. A. Cunningham JOHN OTIS BLOMEKE Mmo EZIDOR KLECKA JU-NAM CHEW BILLY SHERROD GREENWOOD RAYMOND LEONARD JOHNSON CHESTER BRYAN BUFORD, JR. JOHN GRISWOLD FACULTY MEMBERS John Griswold E. P. Schocli GRADUATE MEMBERS Richard Judd Bell Carl Moss Furgason John Leland Gait Melvin Harold Gertz Howard Henry Hurmence James Samuel McNiel Edward Anne Murray Robert Van Osdell West, Jr. Soon Yuck Wong John Otis Blomeke Sterling Price Blumberg John Dayton Brown Chester Bryan Buford, Jr. Charles Raymond Burklin Richard Lee Carter William Alvin Burns Edward Coe Davis William Lee Ellison Edward John Hoffmar Robert V. Kerley MEMBERS Ju-nam Chew Billy Sherrod Greenwood Richard Huff Hughes Raymond Leonard Johnson Miro Ezidor Klecka David Cleveland Lee, Jr. Herman Levin V X FALL INITIATES William Joseph Maraman Garland Ned Martin Krouse Sewall McMahon Bill Randall Randall William Kenneth Roquemore Charles William Settles David Edmond Lewis Robert Lee Martin Oscar Glenn Pate Patricio Sada Matthew Taylor Walling, Jr. Willie Zuniga Elton David Soltes John Ewald Walkey Thomas Wayne Warren William Dewey Weatherford, Weldon Otto Winsauer Jmicron u ' micron HONORARY ORGANIZATION FOR HOME E uM) l|( UJORS Founded. Michigan State College. April. 1912 Upsilon Chapter Established March 28. 1W4 OFFICERS President . . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Editor . Social Chairmen GLADYS GRANT JERRY JINE BERGER LILLIAN ELIZABETH RACK BESSIE Mi N K ELINOR JINE OLCOTT (ELEANOR REBECCA THOMPSON MARY Jo JAMFS FACULTY MEMBERS Pauline Frei Dorothy Russell Goetzke Mary Steussy Gray Bess Heflin Althea Lenore Keller Lucy Rathbone Josephine Helen Staab Mildred Gertrude Spicer Elizabeth Tarpley Jennie X ilmot MEMBERS Jerry June Barnes Berger Margaret Cannon Boyce Margaret Elizabeth Cochr, Elizabeth Ann Edens Rossie lona Edgemon Hester Ann Finley Gladvs Grant Man S. Gray Marjorie Louise Hamner Ruth Virginia Hodde Mary Josephine Turner Jaine? Ruth Harlan Kendall Emily Ann Kennard Sarah Margaret Meador Estella Garnett Morris Bessie Munves Elinor June Olcott Lillian Elizabeth Rack Patti Jean Robinson Virginia Darling Scrnvall Eleanor Rebecca Thompson SCHOLASTIC AND HONORARY FRATERNITY FOR MEN AND WOMEN Founded, William and Mary College, 1776 Alpha of Texas Established 1905 One Hundred and Twenty-two Active Chapters OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary F. M. BULLARD BERTHA CASEY LUCILE WILLI HONORARY MEMBERS seph C. Hutcheson, Jr. MAY Jack Leigh Eidson Joan Lewis James Harold Hejtmancik . " -- (Cora Catherine M Forrest Murphy Nelson AUGUST 1943 CLASS Erma Benbrook Katherine Brownson Harvill 943 CLASS Sally Charlotte Crowe FEBRUARY 1944 CLASS Ethel Laura Kuvkendall Elizabeth H. Bassler Jane Files Cheatham Eugenia Ballinger Dunn JUNE 1944 CLASS Lillian Craig Francis Annette Louise Greenfield Rosemary Marsh Hardt Robert Kauf Frances Phillips John Marion Naff, Jr. Betty Claire Schmid Rennie Mae Tarpley AUGUST 1944 CLASS Dorothy Jean Causey Marjorie Joanne Macow Marjorie Ann Logan Wilson Jones Walthall, Jr. OCTOBER 1944 CLASS Doris Lucille Stork Mary Helen Burns Georgette Elaine Covo Jacqueline Marie Covo Sara Louise Dalkowitz JUNIORS Grace Ballin Klein Jameson Fritz Manfred Rosenbusch Jean Lewis Ruth Frances Schumm Carol Ruth McElroy Alice Louise Slicker William Clinton Owsley, Jr. Gary Southern Marion Elizabeth Thomas Ann Elizabeth Wells Martha Wilkerson Margaret Dorothy Yoeman J ni O a lama HONORARY SCHOLASTIC FRATERNITY FOR FRESHMEN MEN Founded, University of Illinois. March 22, 1923 Texas Chapter Established February 17. 1931 Thirty-six Active Chapters OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary . Reporter . BANKS McLAURix. JR. WILLIAM MARCUS MCCARTHY EDBERT JULIAN SCHUTZE JAMES CALBRAITH MARSH MEMBERS Jack Steele Anderson Carl Smith Fitzgerald Charlr- Webster Lester Norman M ax Arlitt, Jr. Macon Wilson Freeman. Jr. Herman Levin Thomas Davies Barrow Allen Baker Freiug Bernard Joseph Lichenstein Mathis Wilhoite Blackstock John Ledel Gammel David Martin Lieberman Philip Michael Blair Raul Garcia David Zangwill Lippmann John Otis Blomeke Luther Weaver Garrett. Jr. Vinson Martin Lockwood Harold Frank Boldtng Armand Phillip Gelpi jimmy Erie Loveless Craig Hamilton Boyd Donovan Verloe Geppert Richard Colton Lyon William Witt Bradshaw Luther Wayne Ghormley William Marcus McCarthy Donald Cevlon Brown George Butler Gibbs Robert Le McKinlev Chester Brvan Buford. Jr. John Ellis Gill Banks McUurin. Jr. William Alvin Burnes James Augustus Gray James Galbraith Marsh Fernando Augusto Caballero-Marsal Robert Phillip Green Julius Louis Mendel Patrick Charles Cadenhead Ernest Martin Groos, Jr. Fred Marlin Mitchell Robert Lee Campbell Ernest Henry Groppe, Jr. Joe Bob Mobley Harold Canavan Henry Ellis Haley James Irl Montgomery Jack Ewing Cauley Francis Gilmer Harmon Charles Victor Moore Jon Morse Cavender Frank Tadashi Hata Donald Hugh Mullins Marvin Ernest Chernosky Jerry Alfred Hawkins Roy McLeod Monroe Robert Lewis Collins Jack Caldwell Hebdon Dean Pate Nichols Hwood Cook Joseph Addison Hewitt A. Y. Olds Raymond Lewis Curci Oliverio N. Hinojosa William Reagan Owen Stuart Dickson Currie Henry Sterne Jacobus. Jr. William Clinton Owsley. Jr. Neil Davis Frank Duane Jenkins Oscar Glenn Pate David Larry- Dees Madden Douglas Jenkins. Jr. Dewey William Peace Jim Douglas. Jr. Howard Ellsworth Jessen Dudley Payson Penick Harmon Alan Downey Theodore Lawrence Jones Allan Moore Poindexter Lindsey Thomas Elder. Jr. Robert Kauf Louis Henry Porter Charles Francis Ellis Isham George Kennon. Jr. Walter Cooper Rattan Ivan Colgate Elmer Peyton Edward Kin-en Don Sheridan Rawlings, Jr. Arthur John Enzler MiroEzidorKlecks Rodney Boyd Reames Buford Elijah Farris Daniel Mar-ton Krausse Robert Louis Reed Urban Hart Faubion Leonardt Ferdinand Kreisle John Reynolds Warren Locker Felton. Jr. Adnan Mehmet Kucukcetin Tellmond Herder Richter. Jr. Richard Harding Ferguson James Patrick Lee Paul Herbert Rigby Fabian Jarrett Robinson Charles Nelson Roddy Clyde Ruffin Donald Buell St. Clair Henry Herbert Scarborough, Jr. Max William Schulr, Jr. Edbert Julian Schutee Will Davis Selman Frank Bates Sheppard Robert Lee Shore Michel Frans Smith William Spence Smith Rider Eli Stockdale Loren Frank Stringer Melvin Tfru, e Sullivan. Jr. William Tarnower Jame William Terrell Alei Roscoe Thomas. Jr. William Arthur Thompson JohnCornelin-Tnrnhara Shigeru Uchiyama Robert Greenleaf Umstattd Hermann Eugene Von Rosenberg Edwin Walthall Thomas Wayne Warren William Dewey Weatherford, Jr. James Arthur Wilkinson David Raworth Williams Robert Gemmill Winters Marvin Jay Wise Thomas Kelbert Wood David Grider Woodward Greenwood Woolen. Jr. Lee Works on HONORARY PETROLEUM ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded, The University of Texas, November 26, 1935 OFFICERS President . . V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor . CARLTON MEREDITH, JR. HOWARD BISHOP BRADLEY JOHN B. HARRISON A. M. DERRICK, JR. GEORGE H. FANCHER HONORARY MEMBERS George B. Corless E. DeGolyer Daniel C. Jackling John R. Suman Charles A. Warner Paul Weaver FACULTY MEMBERS Glen Lee Corrigan George H. Fancher Frederick Byron Plummer Harry H. Power Robert Louis Whiting MEMBERS Fraser Hall Allen Oguz Ahmet Avdan Howard Bishop Bradley Gabriel Cuervo-Araoz Richard McGregor Darling A. M. Derrick, Jr. John B. Harrison Carlton Meredith, Jr. Marcus Laverne Millican Robert Lee Parker HONORARY EDUCATIONAL FRATERNITY FOR , Founded, University of Missouri, 1910 Psi Chapter of Texas Established 1927 Thir. : ter OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President . . Treasurer Corresponding Secretai Recording Secretary . Faculty- Advisor . MARY HELEN BILLJE MAE FAH ALICE GORDON LEAKY KEN. ME MAE TARPLEY RITH HARLA.V KENDALL CLARA MAY PARKER Annie Webb Blanton Dorothy Louise Gebauer Man, Bell Granger Ruth Elizabeth Leslie Cora Merriman Martin Mildred Pickle Mayhall Marie Betzner Mot- Clara May Parker lorn Florence Elizabeth Spencer MEMBERS Emita Elizabeth Bartels Jerry June Barnes Berger Marjorie Louise Bowyer Man, Helen Burns Dorothy Callicut Dori Marie Cochran Betty Jane Dickens Elizabeth Ann Edens Billie Mae Fahrenkamp Grace Hazel Floyd Laura Elizabeth Galbraith Mildred Christine Gatlin Rosalie Helen Halbouty Hazel Louise Harrod Dorothy Lee Holland June Hyer Anne Ruth Jackson Ruth Harlan Kendall Alice Gordon Leary Dorothy Jean McPherson Adelyn Jean Xussbaun Elinore Jean Ott Dyloris Anna Mae Quade Muriel Ann Robertson Nancy D. Ross Margaret Rosene Rouse Alice Louise Slicker Josephine Helen Stueber Rennie Mae Tarpley Juanita Elizabeth Taylor HONORARY GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION Founded, The University of Texas, 1920 Alpha Chapter Established, 1920 Thirty-two Active Chapters OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer . Sponsor Ed-vard Everett Hale Beauford Jester Rudolph L. Biesele John Alton Burdine Howard Andrew Calkins James Herschel Coffee NORMAN ANDREW KLING VIOLET ALKEMEYER EARLE SARA LOUISE DALKOWITZ DONALD STUART STRONG HONORARY MEMBERS Herman Jones Robert W. Stayton Ernest Th V FACULTY MEMBERS Violet Alkemeyer Earle Stuart A. MacCorkle C. P. Patterson DeWitt C. Reddick Joseph Rice Saylor William Louis Strauss Donald Stuart Strong Oliver Douglas Weeks Pablo Maximiliano Ynsfran Jacques Barkers Carolyn Joan Boyle Nora Ann Carroll Jane Files Cheatham Drusilla Cochran Sara Louise Dalkowitz Dorothy Wardell Estes Genevieve Charlsie Fergeson MEMBERS Dorothy Gregg Fox Mitchell Matthews Grossman Edna Jean Hanna Laura Laverne Hill Mary Emilie Huntaz Grace Klein Jameson Norman Andrew Kling Irene Elizabeth Keith Ethel Laura Kuykendall Marjorie Ann Logan Betty Claire Schmid Ruth Frances Schumm Jack Hampton Swearingen Marion Elizabeth Thomas Arthur Clifford Thornton HONORARY MECH MCAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded. University of Illinois. March 16. 1915 Texas Kappa Chapter Established April 18, 1931 OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor . ISHAM GEORGE KENNON. JR. ERNEST WHITE ALLEN CHARLES KENDAL LEEPER WILLIAM ARTHUR THOMPSON A. MOORE POINDEXTER LEONARD R. BENSON FACULTY MEMBERS Leonard R. Benson Carl John Eckhardt, Jr. Carl William Besserer, Jr. Harry Llewellyn Kent, Jr. Harry W. Brown Alfred Day Payne Howard Earl Brown Fritz Manfred Rosenbusch William Junius Carter Byron Elliott Short Howard Edward Degler Milton John Thompson Venton L. Doughtie Willis Raymond Woolrich Ernest White Allen Thomas Jones Caldwell. Jr. Isham George Kennon, Jr. Charles Kendal Leeper MEMBERS til Ham Wayne McGinnis Rodney William Meyer Allan Moore Poindexter Alex Roscoe Thomas. Jr. William Arthur Thompson FALL INITIATES William Melmoth Booth Stanley Edward Kuenstler George Marvin Clark. Jr. Curt Emil Forkel Willi Ashley Home Priddy Ko Stanley Sameshima James Staton Joe Donald Bowen Ralph Augustus Belknap, Jr. Robert Monroe Campbell. Jr. Calvin Coolidge Chervenka Marlin Berle Ewing Werner Goldsmith SPRING INITIATES Irving Crandell Liggett Jack Elmer Save Lonnie Roy Rice John Alvin Weber R. 0. Williams. Jr. Walter Claiborne Yager a oDelta, HONORARY JOURNALISM FRATERNITY Founded, DePauw University, 1903 Texas Chapter Established 1916 Thirty-three Active Chapters OFFICERS President .... Vice-Presidents . Secretary-Treasurers . JACK RUSSELL MAGUIRE f CLYDE C. RUFFIN I BUDDY YODER !PAUL AUBREY TRACY MARION WELDON BREWER Harry E. Moore Gilbert McAllister Arno Nowotny K M M IT MEMBERS Granville Price DeWitt C. Reddick Dick Smith Paul J. Thompson MEMBERS Warren William Baxley Marion Weldon Brewer Macon Wilson Freeman, Jr. Carl Rudolph Freund Alva Roscoe Howard, Jr. John William Love. Jr. Jack Russell Maguire Volney Guthrie O ' Connor George Washington Raborn, Jr. Clyde C. Ruffin Paul Aubrey Tracy Buddy Yoder HONORARY SPANISH FRATERNITY Founded, University of California. November 14, 1919 Zeu Chapter Established March 1, 1925 Thirty-eight Activ Oiapters OFFICKRS President Vice-President Seer eta r . Reporter BILLIE MAE FAHRENK.AMP ETHEL LAURA KITYKENDALL DOROTHY WARDELL ESTES FRANCES PHILLIPS Connie Garza Brockette Fred Mason Bui lard Lilia Man- Casis Carlos Eduardo Castaneda Luis L. Duplan Martin Elmer Erickson Clyde Chew Glascock Charles Wilson Hackett Randolph Arnold Haynes HONORARY MEMBERS Rex Devern Hopper Margaret Kennt- Chester F. Lay Ramon Martinez Lopez Herschell Thurman Manuel Clifford Marvin Montgomery Cecil Reginald Carl Reindorp Ismael Rodriguez-Bou George Isidore Sanchez Dorothy Schons Elmer Richard Sim? Matthew Irving Smith Jefferson Rea Spell Robert Clarence Stephenson Nina Lee Weisinger Lillian Wester Lucile de Never Williams Ambrose P. Winston Pablo Maximiliano Vnsfran Elizabeth Gertrude Adkisson Beatriz Antillon-Frutos Nettie Lee Benson Elizabeth Anne Bonner Mary Harrison Brinkerhoff Betty Rose Cradit Sally Charlotte Crowe Eugenia Bal linger Dunn Marietta Agnes Fertitta Lillian Craig Francis Josie Francis Gambrell Anna Eva Handlev MEMBERS Elinor May Hedrick Sara Beth Hughes Maurine Kariel Marjorie Ann Logan Arnulfo Simeon Martinez Marie Celest Matthews Thelma Bernice Mayes Mary Mason Neal Manuel Moreno Pacheco Betty Booth Pearson Roberto Garza Sanchez Bettv Claire Schmid Leonor Castro de Schofield Mary Lou Scott Alice Louise Slicker Winifred A. Sluyter Gary Southern La Verne Augusta Stindt Rennie Mae Tarpley Carmen Lugarda Torrey Paul Hugh Walters Margaret Estella Welch Ann Elizabeth Wells James Larkin Wvatt HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT FRATERNITY Founded, University of Illinois, 1927 Texas Chapter Established, 1928 General Manager Assis UOSE CALVILLO ) ROBERT BOWDEN CHARLES POUTER NACE CLIFFORD Personnel Managers ARON ) MILDRED KOLAR F. B. WIEBUSCH JANE WESTMORELA ( I I.T MEMBERS Hubert Jones H. A. Dulan Chester F. Lay E. G. Smith Hal laday King Mildred Elizabeth Kolar James Galbraith Marsh Charles R. Porter Victor Armando Ramos Betty Schumacher Marion Elizabeth Thomas Jane Westmoreland Dorothy Nell Winkler Albert M. Wolford Myrtle Marie Woodbeck Wayne Adams Robert H. Bowden Marjorie Campbell Jane Files Cheatham Dorothy Marie Dallmeyer Carlos de la Graza Lee William Gray James C. Jeffrey, Jr. Raymond L. Johnson Richard 0. Jonas Ray M. Keck, Jr. Beta. HONORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded, Lehigh University. 1885 Alpha of Texas Established 1916 Sixty-seven Active Chapters OFFICERS President . . . . lice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . Cataloguer . . . . CARL Moss FURGASON CHARLES KENDAL LEEPER LEONARDT FERDINAND KREISLE RODNEY WILLIAM MEYER KROUSE SEWALL MC.MAHON MAX WILLIAM SCHULZ FACULTY ADVISORS W. A. Cunningham Carl J. Eckhardt E. C. H. Bantel Leland Barclay Leonard R. Benson S. L. Brown C. M. Cleveland A. E. Cooper Worth F. Cottingham Ralph A. Galbraith Bvron E. Shor FACULTY MEMBERS Cullen M. Grain W. A. Cunningham Carl J. Eckhardt Phil M. Ferguson John Arnold Focht Ralph A. Galbraith Roscoe Guernsey. Jr. E. W. Hamlin Kenneth A. Kobe Leonardt F. Kreisle Jack Lenhart J. D. McFarland Banks McLaurin, Sr. W. H. McNeill Harry H. Power Fritz M. Ronsenbusch C. E. Rowe Eugene P. Schoch Byron E. Short . R. W. Warner W. R. Wool rich MEMBERS Ernest White Allen John Otis Blomeke William Melmoth Booth John Dayton Brown William Alvin Burns Ju-nam Chew George Marvin Clark. Jr. Clemmie Dewey Crowder. Jr. Gabriel Cuervo-Araoz Edward Coe Davis John Arnold Focht, Jr. Carl Moss Furgason Billy Sherrod Greenwood Raymond Leonard Johnson Isham George Kennon Miro Ezidor Klecka Leonardt Ferdinand Kreisle Stanley Edward Kuenstler Charles Kendal Leeper Herman Levin Gilbert Berry McCarter William Wayne McGinnis Banks McLaurin, Jr. KrouseSewall McMahon Robert Lee Martin Rodney William Meyer Oscar Glenn Pate Arthur Van Rensselaer Phelps Allan Moore Poindexter Hector Manuel Ramos Fred Linden Ribe Patricio Sada Ko Stanley Sameshima Max William Schulz Harold Woodrow Smith Hubbard Eugene Taylor William Arthur Thompson Ferdinand Voelker. Ill Matthew Taylor Wai ling Thomas Wayne Warren John Alvin Weber R. 0. Williams. Jr. Weldon Otto Winsauer Thomas Kelbert K ood Julian Rivarde Wright Willie Zuniga HONORARY PRE-MEDICAL FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Founded, The University of Texas, November 12, 1937 OFFICERS President DORIS LUCILLE STORK V ice-President CATHRYN ELIZABETH SWAUSCH Secretary HELEN CLAIRE NOLEN Treasurer FRANCES ELAINE DAVIS Keeper of The Bones MARY Lu MURRAY Reporter NORA ANN CARROLL HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Caroline Crowell Dr. Elizabeth Gentry Dr. Katherine McCormick Dr. Hilda Rosene Dr. Margaret Schoch Eppright MEMBERS ' Elizabeth Ann Brewer Nora Ann Carroll Frances Elaine Davis Mabel Cayloma Davis Johanna DeLancey Rachel Glynn Ford Werdna Lamons Foster Shirley Wolz Handler Helen Grace Heare Frances Marcile Hollingsworth Ruby Ayako Inouye Margrethe Dagmar Johnson Mina Lorraine Kantrovich Lois Adele Kynette Betty Jean Lewallen Mary Lu Murray Helen Claire Nolen Mary Jo O ' Dell Iris Sellers Ima Ruth Shelton Doris Lucille Stork Cathryn Elizabeth Swausch i Uneta HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISM FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Founded, University of Washington, 1909 Texas Xi Chapter Established in 1919 Thirty-nine Active Chapters President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . OFFICERS LILA DEAN FINLEY MARY ERNESTINE DAVIS Ri TH FRANCES SCHUMM LUCY ELLEN GIBSON Mar guerite Harrison Hi iK RY MEMBERS Edna St. Vincent Mills ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Molly Connor Cook Ruth Cross Daisv Thorne Gilbert Margaret Johansen Ruth Lewis Martha Stipe FACULTY MEMBERS Lorena Drummond Bess Jane Duncan Bernice Moore Frankie Mae Welborn Afton T. Wvnn MEMBERS Jean Lucile Begeman Kathleen Bland Marion King Bridges Lois Ruth Davis Mary Ernestine Davis Lila Dean Finley Patricia Ann Fowler Thelma Marie Freidin Lucy Ellen Gibson Martha Jane Gregory Dorothy Louise Huntington Betty Ray Lyon Ravenna Yakefield Mathews Ruth Frances Schumm Marjorie Helen Walberg Anita Walker Gertrude Helene Wilke Marif ranees Wilson P SS C piilon aLJelt Honorary Pre-Medical Fraternity Alpha Chapter, Established January 10, 1929 OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Historian . Reporter . STANLEY EVERETT CRAWFORD WILLIAM HENRY NEIL JAMES W. NEEDHAM HYMAN P. ROOSTH CRAIG HAMILTON BOYD JOHN DUDLEY REEVES, JR. HONORARY MEMBERS O. P. Breland L. F. Hatch J. T. Patterson W. J. Carter H. R. Henze V. T. Schuhardt D. B. Casteel T. S. Painter O.B.Williams FACULTY MEMBERS Gordon Worley C. R. Johnson A. N. Taylo MEMBERS Dan Roe Baen Richard Harding Ferguson Louis Henry Porter Charles Wesley Barrier Mathis Wilhoite Blacksto ck Raul Garcia William Klettus Hoffman, Jr. William Joe Powell Walter Cooper Rattan Craig Hamilton Boyd Haldor Robert Buck Madden Douglas Jenkins, Jr. Charles Richard Jernigan John Dudley Reeves, Jr. Hyman P. Roosth Wendell Wallace Buckhaults Robert Kauf John Holt Sewell Stanley Everett Crawford Ben Witcher Denny John Waterman Langley Charles Gale Markward Del Stigler Lee Works Lindsey Thomas Elder James William Needham Greenwood S. Woolen, Jr. Frank Raymond Ervin William Henry Neil SPRING INITIATES Albert Frank Hendler Jack Line Smith Oscar Doss Thompson, Jr. James Edward Kraft Rider Eli Stockdale William Dennis Thames Ben Otis Parham William Tarnower Jack Andrew Walker Front row: JOHNSON, ROOSTH, BOYD. CRAWFORD, REEVES, NEEDHAM, NEIL. Second row: POWELL, MARKWARD, BUCKHAULTS, BLACKSTOCK, FERGUSON, DENNY. Third row: LANGLEY, WORKS, JENKINS, RATTAN, GARCIA, ELDER, JERNIGAN. Fr a ..- PREJEAN. DYER. PIEPER. NIPPER. RODE. Sr d , : FLAVIN. PATTON. HOTINC. SMITH. CAMPBELL. WILSON. UVINCSTON. TUrJ TO.: DICKSON, CR.AY. FERRIS. EVANS. COPASS. F rtk rr- BARNHOISE. PRICE, DOOLE, JACKSON. MEMBERS William T. Barnhouse Roy Robert Campbell Benjamin Andrew Frederick Dwight Dickson John Rumsey Doole James Dillard Dyer. Jr. Isham Harrison Evans illiam Leslie Ferris Arthur William Flaviri James Augustus Gray Ernest Martin Groos. Jr. Charles Hebble Brenner Kave Holloman CLEO . RTHLR NIPPER August Louis Holing Wells Farrington Jackson Jack Clark Livingston William Falvey Matthews Cleo Arthur Nipper Peter Cause Patton Walter Jacob Pieper Joseph Haywood Prejean Aubrey Wayne Price David Clarence Rode Joe Hughston Smith Jim Will Wilson -jir HOME ECONOMICS BUILDING I1VTER-AMERICM RELATIONS The Lniversity ' s place in Pan-American affairs is highlighted by the Institute of Latin- American Studies, tchere students, through directed studies hare developed their interest and ability in dealing uith problems, histories, and cultures of the countries of Pan- America. ft ft ft ' resident, . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer Reporter . Historian . Louise Landis Armstrong Mary Helen Burns Frances Carrington Dorothy Chatmas Jane Files Cheatham Georgette Elaine Covo Jacqueline Marie Covo Sara Louise Dalkowitz Margaret Cannon Boyce Nora Ann Carroll OFFICERS LUCY ELLEN GIBSON ANNETTE LOUISE GREKNFIKI.I TRANCES LOUISE MILLER GARY .SOUTHERN HUTH FRANCES SCHUMM Jo ANNE PELS FACULTY SPONSORS MarnuictEck MEMBERS Lucy Ellen Gibson Annette Louise Greenfield Ethel Laura Kuykendall Alice Gordon Leary Ida Louise Mahler Sue Brandt McBee SPRING INITIATES Eugenia Dunk Grace Klein Thelma Lockwood Frances Louise Miller Jo Anne Pels Ruth Frances Schumm Gary Southern Betty Frances Suggett Marion Elizabeth Thomas Marjorie Joanne Macow Patricia Mildred Murphy THE PURPOSE OF MORTAR BOARD is to promote loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among University women, to maintain a high standard of scholarship and to recognize and encourage leadership and to stimulate and devetop a finer type of col- lege woman. To be eligible, a girl must have excelled in service, scholarship, and leadership on the campus. MORTAR BOARD has helped with the orientation of new students, with the election of student officials, with wartime rationing, bond and community chest drives, and otherwise has assisted when called upon by the University. It sponsors the Benedict Memorial Fund and each year awards a scholarship cup to the sophomore girl having the highest scholarship record. SCIIIAIM. ] ' 1. . Mil I Ili. (.II1-OV CHI IM II I II. SOITHI.KN. I Fnmt ..- ROBIXSON, BLAND. STAPLETON. BUCHANAN. HAY. MATHEWS, BECEMAN. SrcamJ r . McCLARNEY. FLINN. LACY, MACOW, DINN, ILLEFORD. OSBORN. WHITAKER, BIRD. LOGAN. WALTERS. NORM OFFICERS President } ice-Presiden t Secretary-Treasurer Reporter Historian Faculty Sponsor ANNA ARNOLD BLCHANAN VIRGINIA ANNE STAPLETON MARTHA FRANCES HAY KATHLEEN BLAND RAVENNA WAKEFIELD MATHEWS DOROTHY GEBAUER Honorary Member HOMER P. RAINEY MEMBERS Betty Baldwin Beall Jean Lucile Begeman Louise Stratton Bird Kathleen Bland Anna Arnold Buchanan Eugenia Ballinger Dunn Harriet Carolyn Flinn Martha France? Hay Lena Belle Koch Judy Devereaux Lacy Marjorie Ann Logan Marjorie Joanne Macow Revenna Wakeneld Mathew Patricia Sue McClarney Betty Norman Betty Jeanne Osbom Martee Dora Robinson Virginia Anne Stapleton Charlotte Terrell Walter? Rosemary LaRue XSliitaker Man Louise Willeford MEMBERS are chosen for their scholarship, leadership, and general all- around ability. The purpose is service on the campus. HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION Founded, LaFayette College, December 16, 1925 Alpha Rho Chapter Founded May 25, 1935 Ninety-five Active Chapters OFFICERS President . First Vice-President Second V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Alumni Secretary . Historian . Reporter . JOHN ARNOLD FOCHT, JR. JON MORSE CAVENDER ROY STEWART NUNNALLY, JR EDBERT JULIAN SCHUTZE CHARLES R. GRAHAM JOHN WILDENTHAL, JR. ROY McLEOD MUNROE BENJAMIN M. PRIMER, JR. SENIOR FACULTY ADVISOR Hal P. Bybee FACULTY ADVISORS Glen Lee Corrigan Comdr. Deupree Julien Friedell Arno Now Gordon Worley, Ji Herbert Gaskir ING ADVISORS H. W. Newman ALUMNI ADVISOR William Clark John W. Calhoun Marvin Howard Aliskv Julio Ernesto niado William T. Baruhouse William Roger Belden Mathis Wilhoite Blackstock William Hector Blaney Edward Power Brandes Chester Bryan Buford, Jr. Jon Morse Cavemler Sidney Pleasant Chandler Wallace Bruce ( ' .lift Robert Wayne Coller John Franklin Cooke Splawn Lowe Cooper, Jr. Victor Eugene Crews Franklin Jay Crow John Rnmsey Doole Ted Lawrence Dunn John Harold Gilmer Eason Raymond Eldon Eeds Victor Marcus Ehlers E. J. Mathews HONORARY MEMBERS John A. McCurdy H. T. Parlin MEMBERS W ' illard Manning Elston Urban Hart Faubion Owen William Fauntleroy Frank Tuck Focht John Arnold Focht, Jr. William Beverly Gardner Francis William Gerling George Butler Gibbs lohn Ellis Gill Ira Jeffery Golden, Jr. Charles R. Graham John Mark Graham, Jr. Henry P. Hare, Jr. Albert Frank Hendler Frank Henry Horak Alva Roscoe Howard Andrew Frenchie Huff Henry Sterne Jacobus, Jr. Robert M. James Warren Fredrick Kaufman Thomas Harper Keen Grover Cleveland Kenyan Stanley Todd Lowery ' Robert James McCarthy James Galbraith Marsh ' Hugh Tannehill Matthews, Jr. Clifton Elwain Mitchell James Harris Morgan Coley Grant Morris Roy McLeod Munroe Robert Marion Newman Renfro Cole Norris Roy Stewart Nunnally, Jr. Oscar Glenn Pate James Moon Peoples, Jr. Thomas Mussey Pinkerton William James Pitstick Allan Moore Poindexter Andrew Jackson Power, Jr. Benjamin M. Primer, Jr. William L. McGill David Hornsby Rainey Robert Lee Rasmussen Paul Herbert Rigby William Alfred Roilwage Lawrence Richard Rose Edbert Julian Schutze William Spence Smith Robert Spicer Smith Del Stigler William Laurel Talbert John Edwin Topping Thomas Leo Vaughan Hermann Eugene Von Rosenberg John Howard Warden John Alvin Weber John Conrad Westkaemper John Wildenthal, Jr. Oscar Brown Williams Robert Munsey Wilson Alfonso Genaro Wong-Valle HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION FOR MEN Fonnded. The University of Texas, 1922 OFFICERS Foreman Strait-boss Horse Wrangler Camp Cook , JOHN LIKE HILL THEODORE HENRY STRAUSS JACK CALDWELL HEBDON JOHN CRITTENDEN DAVIS MEMBERS Charles Stanley Amidon John Luke Hill Daniel Phillips Bolin Henry Pope Hodge. Jr. Walter Bremond Truett Gibson Hull Stanton Schofield Bundy Theodore Lawrence Jones Victor Eugene Crews James Shiro Kishi John Crittenden Davis George Reynolds Lemmon A. M. Derrick. Jr. William Marcus McCarthy Richard William Dirks Banks McLaurin, Jr. Fred Ahrens Ealand Joe Malik. Jr. Marvin Bates Eickenroht Joe Bob Mobley Ralph Irving Ellsworth John Morris Edwin Lee Garlett David Eugene Nash Melvin Harold Gertz Robert Lee Parker Henry Scott Gwyn Oscar Glenn Pate Benjamin Haden Don Franklin Pierce Horace Chilton Harris. Jr. Douglas Powell Pierce John B. Harrison Sylvan Erwin Polunsky Jack Caldwell Hebdon Ralph Meredith Roberts Billy Warren Rudd Benjamin Shanker Edwin Mantooth Simons Frank Homer Stephens. Jr. Theodore Henry Strauss Howard Arthur Swanson Robert Blake Tenison Robert Lee Thrash. Jr. Harry Albert Trueblood Malcolm Everett Wallace Paul Wilkerson Roy Woolen William? Albert Marion Wolford Thad Leroy Woodard. Jr. Paul Frederick Wool rich Greenwood S. S ooten. Jr. Herbert Amos Yarbrough. Jr. David Hull Youngblood f Founded, The University of Texas, 1938 GRAND COUNCIL FOOEY! Supreme Foo Manchoo SUZANNE THOMASON Vice-Foo Manchoo MARGARET CANNON BOYCE Secretary METTA AN N WILSON Treasurer CONSTANCE BALL TERRELL F ooey Mistress BETTY CLAIRE SCHMID Social Chairman . . FLORENCE SCOTT HUDSON Marion Joyce Ballerstedt Peggy Ruth Banner Margaret Cannon Boyce Jane Files Cheatham Katherine Meek Cottingham Margaret Coughlin Beryle Jeane Elliott Josephine Sellers Elliott Sammie Nancy Farrier Oliva Gal lager Nancy Ann Graves Loise Douglas Henderson Gay Cole Howard Florence Scott Hudson FOGEYS Alice Carroll Hunter Martha Morgan Jane Batjer Jennings Betty Jeanne Osborn Georgia Lee Jones Evaline Rife Adelaide Carlisle King Martha Lenore Rugeley Betty Ann Knight Betty Claire Schmid Lucille Cooper Lacy Nancy Ann Smith Grace Marcile Lester Dorothy Sue Standefer Elva Jean McCright Doris Taylor Mary Catherine McClure Constance Ball Terrell Jean McGee Suzanne Thomason Marie Merrill Anna Kathelyn Tutt Dorothy Sue Miles Ruth Elizabeth Williams Mary Elizabeth Miller Metta Ann Wilson Betty Gladys Wolfe TO CONFER THE HONOR OF MEMBERSHIP UPON THE EIGHT MOST ELIGIBLE MEN HOSEN FROM EACH SENIOR ( ! Founded. The University of Tesas, 1911 MEMBERS William Wharton Barton John Luke Hill Theodore Lawrence Jones Clifford P. Price Carl Ahrendt Schutze If lu ( p Alton au HONORARY SERVICE AND SOCIAL ORGANIZATION High Worthy NU Secretary OFFICERS MARTHA IMOGENE THOMPSON KlTTIEStlE JlNKINS FACULTY MEMBER nna Hiss Sadi Betty Kathryn Bra Ann Vitula Burrus Peggy Louise Frances Ann Harrell Marianna Catherine Hart Madelyn Homer Gloria Ann Lester Helen Jane Newkirk Nancy Park Virginia Ruth Pivoto Geneva Prestidge Aurora Virginia Sterling Martha Imogene Thompson SPRING INITIATES Mary Jo Clark Mary Gene Catlett Ann Wardlaw Culver Ann Japhet Kathleen Jersig Kittie Sue Jinkins Bettie Clem Mcllheran Sara Annell Melton Mary Ann Myers Dorothy Jean Rushing Lucile Mary Welder Betty Frances Wheelock President . Kathleen Jean Armor Bonnie Alice Bourne Mar j one Louise Bowyer Mary Jane Brown Margaret Helen Fari? Dorothy Estelle Faulkner Karen Margaretta Fox Dorothy Gillis Lucy Gray Martha Jane Gregory Blanch Carolyn Hammon Rosemary Harwell f OFFICERS ice-President Secretary . . . . FACULTY Anna Hiss MEMBERS Mary Masterson Kritzer Gloria De Poyster Lupton Patricia Jane McAlmon Mimi Meredith Catherine Owen Monning Satchie Cooper Naiden Margaret Helen Parker Trebie Jean Perry Mary Jane Porter Loren Doris Ramsey Jeanne Ruth Shirlev Scott DOROTHY GILLIS MIMI MEREDITH BILLJE BERT TROTTI BESSIE JOHNS SMITH Bessie Johns Smith Lucille Hilton Starnes Yvonne Adell Sutherland Bil lie Bert Trotti Martha Jane Tubb Mary Margaret Turner Addie Elizabeth Van de Mark Mary Adelaide Wheless Betty Jean Wilhite Carolyn Wilson Nettie Yeager Marguerite Louise glesias HONORARY SKRXH.K M XXI I ( Mil. MZATION Founded, University of Texas, February, 1940 HI IK i i;- President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Historian JANIE LEE ESLICK BETTY JEANNE OSBORN BETTY Lou DAHLBERC LUCY ELLEN GIBSON MARY LUELLA CLAYTON Patricia Ann Barnes Louise Stratton Bird Claudia Caldwell Blucher Anna Arnold Buchanan Trula Dale Buchanan Elizabeth Ann Burkhardt Rose Elizabeth Butte Rachel Gertrude Cannon Maryanne Cardwell Mary Luella Clayton Bettv Lou Dahlberg MEMBERS Janie Lee Eslick Lucy Ellen Gibson Mary Hammill Rosemary Betty Hemmingson Nancy Eubank Hoeltzel Mary Louise Hughes (II) Beverly Cameron Johnson Mary Aubrey Keating Alice Gordon Leary Polly Ann McDaniel Florence Neely- ' fc Peggy Ladelle Neuhaus Betty Norman Mary Katherine Ory Betty Jeanne Osborn Margaret Helen Parker Mary Jane Price Nan Puckhaber Helen Ruth Reid Betty Jane Rogers Carol Jean Simmons Alice Elizabeth Taggart Oli ver Founded. The University of Texas. November 15, 1938 President . I ice-President Secretary . OFFICERS JACK FORRESTER BRGWDER WELDON GLENN SHLDDE JOHN SAM WINTERS HONORARY MEMBER Captain John Jackson London Stephen Gatchell Allen. Jr. Payton Victor Anderson Bill Barnhouse Jack Edgar Brady Jack Forrester Browder Jack Newton Bunkley Edmon Franklin Butler Don Starr Caldwell. Jr. Robert Lee Campbell Gordon Taliaferro Charlton. Jr. Villiam Henderson Collier Robert Charles Connor John Newton Cowan Henry Jackson Du Bose Conrad Charles Dye " William Andrew Eklund Macon Wilson Freeman. Jr. Leroy McKeen Fulbrisht MEMBERS Charles Rufus Graham Albert Lawrence Guidera James Frederick Hayes Frederick DeLong Hesley. Jr. William Klettus Hoffman, Jr. Duncan Carnes Howard Teddy Alex Klein Mark Leonard Lemmon James Earle Loveless Loyal Edwin Loveless. Jr. Alfred Sebring Lowrey Gilbert Berry McCarter John Aubrey McMillan James Samuel McNeil! Kenneth Weiland Merritt Clarence William Muehlberser James Wes A. Y. Olds Gerald Tulh Owens William R. Owens Roy Dunlop Quillian Jack Franklin Reed Johnny Finley Ring Edbert Julian Schutze Weldon Glenn Shudde Charles Carson Sublett Kenneth Adleta Swanson Hubbard Eugene Taylor Sellers J. Thomas. Jr. John Philp Thompson. Jr. Frank Asbury Thomson. Ill Milner Speer Thorne Paul Aubrey Tracy James Culberton White Phil Wilson John Sam Winters Vernon Gerald Wright 2-t ' lti _J mcron ' micron Founded, The University of Texas, September 15, 1943 OFFICERS President . Treasurer Secretary . Reporter . Sergeant-at-Arms . Jack Edgar Brady " The Mule Stanton Schofield Bundy " The Pi Roy Robert Campbell, Jr., " The Mouse " Mary Gene Catlett " The Cat " Gordon Taliaferro Charlton, Jr., " The Weasel " Victor Eugene Crews " The Owl " Betty Lou Dahlberg " The Panther " Robert Crangle Dalzell " The Jackal " Ralph Irving Ellsworth " The Rabbit " Ernest Martin Groos, Jr., " The Goose " John Luke Hill, Jr., " The Snake " Kathleen Jersig " The Cow " Kittie Sue Jinkins " The Teddy Bear " Laura Muir McLellan " The Lamb " Jacqueline McKay " The Squirrel " Marjorie Anne McMurrey " The Fox " FRANK ASBURY THOMSON, III JACK EDGAR BRADY KENNETH WEILAND MERRITT JOHN LUKE HILL, JR. CHARLES CARSON SUBLETT Kenneth Weiland Merritt " The Water Puppy ' Jo Ann Nelson " The Mugwump " Margaret Helen Parker " The Chipmunk " Suzanne Penn " The Penguin " Ralph Meredith Roberts " The Orangatang " Susan Clay Sanderford " The Panda " Samuel David Seay " The Bear " Barbara Ann Shotts " The Bat " William Duke Shuford " The Raccoon " Bessie Johns Smith " The Deer " Frank Homer Stevens " The Hyena " Charles Carson Sublett " The Gorilla " Kenneth Adleta Swanson " The Giraffe " Frank Asbury Thomson, III, " The Rat " Alma Lou Washburn " The Bunny " Metta Ann Wilson " The Quail " INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH The I niversity seeks to aid industry in the state through its Bureau of Business Research, Bureau of Industrial Chemistry, and its Bureau of Economic Geology. The functions of the Bureau of Busijiess Research are to gather and make analyses of data per- taining to conditions, factors, and forces affecting business. The Bureau of Industrial Chemistry aids in the development of Texas ' ran materials by examining samples and estimating their usability. The Bureau of Economic Geology is making a thorough geologic analysis of the state in order to help develop its resources CO-OPS and DOW OFFICERS WALTER nii:i i:nicK President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer .... Social Chairman EXECUTIVE William Henry Bradfield, Jr. Wendell Wallace Buckhaults Robert Wayne Coller James Exter Deaver Joe Ward Edwards, Jr. Carl Rudolph Freund John Ellis Gill Charles Rufus Graham Joseph Thomas Hunt William Madeson Johnson, Jr. Edward Jefferson Jones James Shiro Kishi Stanley Todd Lowry Joe Malik. Jr. WALTER FREDERICK BOSSE JOHN LEWIS HEIMAN MARVIN JAY WISE MALCOLM EVERETT WALLACE COUNCIL James Galhraith Marsh Jerome Lyons Murtaugh Clifford Burton Nutter Volney Guthrie O ' Connor Tomas Glover Pollard Aubrey Wayne Price Shirley Lorenzo Purdum Paul Herbert Rigby Paul Frederic Schmidt Lawrence Lee Stallman Paul Tani Richard Charles Towne Julian Rivarde Wright : BOSSE, HEIMAN, WALLACE, WISE. ow: BRADFIELD. SCHMIDT, EDWARDS, MALIK, MARSH, POLLARD, JONES, : STALLMAN. BUCKHAULTS, WRIGHT. PURDUM, DEAVER, PRICE. u From! rotr: LEAKY. HAMANN, GARNER. FREIDIN. Seco J mm: GEORGE. HORAK. ' Tkai tarn: GIBBS. CALBRAITH. DALKOWITZ. JAME ADINE VIOLA ( OLM II. President .... : ' Secretan .... Treasurer .... Reporter .... Social Chairmen Defense Chairman Membership Chairman . Intramural Chairman Members-ai-Large BERNADINE VIOLA HAMANN ALICE GORDON LEARY AICLSTA DALE GROVE HELEN CAROLYN GRANER THELMA MARIE_FREIDIN (MARGARET ANN GEORGE | BETTY FRANCES GIBBS GRACE BALLIN KLEIN JAMESON S R LOUSE DALKOWITZ L t RA ELIZABETH GALBR.XITH (MARJORIE MARIAN DARILEK RtTH MARGARET l l omen J (Cooperative President V ice-President Secretary Reporter OFFICERS FAITH LEADBEATER RIDOUT OLGA CHARLOTTE BECHTER GERTRUDE H. OTTO MARY LEE HAMM SHANGRI-LA COOPERATIVE HOUSE Coordinator . GERTRUDE H. OTTO HALSTEAD COOPERATIVE HOUSE Coordinator BILLIE Jo COQUITT MEMBERS Olga Charlotte Margaret Bechter Alice Beth Morris Jane Marie Bennett . Lillian Bethine Nelson Faye Rosanky Carnes Gertrude H. Otto Frances Elizabeth Carr Evelyn Erline Peterson Bonnie Jean Dorroh Carolyn Imogene Pfluger Mary Jo Fuller Frances LaVern Pierce Betty Jane Giddens Naomi Francis Sweeney Marian Violet Kennedy Johelen Van Gorp Marilyn Catherine McGehearty Gloria Christine Very MEMBERS Margaret Jane Bell Billie Jo Coquitt Norma Nell Faubion Mardell Fredrich Johnnie Katherine Friend Augusta Dale Grove Mary Lee Hamm Mary Juanita Hill Lezette Lodell Lewis Jane Machia Myra Alice Miller Nona Deen Rose Ruth Frances Schum Melba Del Sharpe Myra Jean Wood Nancy Ann Wood RIDOUT. Right side, bottom to top: NABOURS, WORLEY, BELL, ANDERSON, KUHN, MOORE, KENNEDY, SCOTT, CRONE, COLE, CARR. Middle group. le group. First row: KLINGENMANN, DVORACEK, LAI BUSSELL, HORAK. HAFNKR, KOWK. VOCEI.POHL. ULLEY, AKRIDCE, MATLOCK, TUDOR, JOHNSON, ThirJ row: WIEI.AM), V V Front row: FAUBION, COLQUITT, WO Second rmc: HILL. MACHIA, BELL. LEWIS, ROSE, SHARPE, M. WOOD. Third rox: FRIEND, GROVE. SCHl ' MM. HAMM. MILLER. THEADORNE COOPERATIVE HOUSE Coordinator . MILDRED CHRISTINE GATLIX Dorothy Jo Akridge Norma Nell E ving Helen Eldora Gaski 11 Mildred Christine Gatlin Frances Virginia Gulley Ruth Helen Hatch Jerrv Jo Johnson MEMBERS Julia Lucille Lively Rosalie Stevenson Matlock Estella Garnett Morris Ida Orinovskv Marjorie Elizabeth Pierce Faith Leadbeater Ridout Doris Tudor WAKONDA COOPERATIVE HOUSE Coordinator ETA THELMA WORLEY Tess Anderson Joyce Wynnell Bell Mary Margaret Carr Joyce Marie Cole Helen Ruth Crone Nancy Joyce Keith Audrev Elaine Kennedy MEMBERS Gladys Evelyn Kuhn Jean Elnora Moore George Ann Nabours Lahoma Irene Scott Jean Elizabeth Stephenson Yeta Thelma Worley VALHALLA COOPERATIVE HOUSE Coordinator . BERXADIXE VIOLA HAMAXX Walterlee Marie Afflerback Eunice Aileen Bussell Helen Ann Dvoracek Eleanor Jeanette Hafner Bernadine Viola Hamann MEMBERS Naomi Ruth Hegar Ruth Margaret Horak Dorothy Anne Kingemann Mary Florence Laird Marjorie Ruth Marquardt Mary Lee Menu Alice Masako Ota Marilyn Margaret Rowe Mildred Janelle Vogelpohl Evelyn Roberta Wieland President MARCUS LAVKK.NE MILLICAN MKMBKKS M KCIS l.vVKKM: Mil, 1. 1C N Raeburn Howell Arnold Lloyd Allen David. Jr. Paul Morgan Dugan George Willis Gibson, Jr. W. Irving Harris, Jr. Claude Edward Hearn Ben Miles Jeffery Irving Juresco Thomas Harper Keen Dwight Lamar Kintner Roy Ko Douglas Koy Robert Lee McKinley Selden Bolivar Marth Charles Ernest Martin. Jr. Marcus Laverne Millican Mack Miller Morris David Takenori Miyauchi Ian Sydney Pearce Wilbur Francis Pearce William W 7 esley Reynolds Walter McFall Taylor. Jr. Billy Bob Tinkle Ray Franklin Weston Harry Gene Wiederspahn From row: KEEN. GIBSON. JURESCO. McKIM.EY, MIU.ICAN. Second row: DUCAN, TAYLOR, KO. DAVID, TINKLE, ARNOLD, WIEDERSPAHN, MARTH, WESTON, MIYAUCHI. Third row: REYNOLDS, MARTIN, I. PEARCE, HEARN, HARRIS, W. PEARCE, KINTNER, MORRIS, JEKFERY, KOY. fnmt tax: FLAVIN. FRAKES. HANSON, PATTILLO, BARBOt ' R. Srcoad ror: INN. Rl ' SH. MATHIS. RUASCHENBERC. Third wax: ABBOTT, O ' CONAOR. PETROVICH. Fomrtk ram: SLNCLETARY. BRADFIELD. O ' NEAL, BUCHSBAUM. GAYLORD CARL HANSON STAFF Resident Director ROWLAND DALE PATTILLO President GAYLORD CARL HANSON lice-President KALMAX OLFF TREIMAN Secretary ARTHUR WELTOX FR KES. JR. Treasurer ROWUXD DALE PATTILLO Calvin Roger Abbott Robert Newell Barbour William Henry Bradfield. Jr. Jerome Zale Buchsbaum Arthur William Flavin Arthur Welton Frakes. Jr. Gaylord Carl Hanson Lee Roy Mathis. Jr. olney Guthrie O ' Connor Jack O ' Neal Rowland Dale Pattillo George John Petrovich Milton Ernest Ruaschenberg Kenneth M. Rush Coyle Edward Singletary Wilkins Bondre Winn Lj race STAFF Director .... .tssistant to the Director . MARTHA GAVIN MRS. V. M. HATCHER UPPERCLASS ADVISOHS Chairman BILLIE MAE FAHRENKAMP Ida Belle Brigham Maxine Dale Hooker Marian McCurdy Dorthea Ruth Mingus B1I.I.IK MAK KA1IKKNK tl- tie Sue Skinner. Nancy Brower, Alice Chapman, llullv ri.1,1. Dorothy Ja Third row: Olive Policy, Priscilla Aves, Ann Lynch. Lillian Lois Burl, Leota Kury. Dorothy Coons, Ann Hohlt. Gcraldine Saylors, Barbara McMahon. Mary Susan Aves, Back rou! ' M ' .IIV l..,u . J. ' . " i ' i IN. ' in, i ' ,,i . ll.- ' l. ' -n K.-M ' . i ' h. . ' .- ' , ' , V,,n ( :.n l.iu it ' . Nji,, i,( :.,, u . ' ( :i , ' i ' i ' i ' i " ! ; ' il.-oii, lilnv , " ( ' :!. .ire Bcecroft, Louise Saundcrs. Tannyc Hill , Velma Caplee, Elizabeth Jones, Margaret Newby, Jane Rogers, Ina Clair Langstaff. Lucille Hagan. Fru ro: SCHAEDEL, BARTLETT, MARTIN, HOUSTON. Srcoad rote: LA.NDRUM, ROGERS. HAUSMAN, CORY, BLATZ, LOKEY. Third rax: MORKEL. PORTER. CORLETTE, HOWARD. SPEARS. ANNA LEE MARTIN Director Chairman . Sccre!an -Treasurer HOUSE COUNCIL Mss. D. M. CORLETTE ANN LEE MARTIN HELEN DALE BARTL Catherine Arline Blotz Edilh Jean Cory Cleo Patricia Hausman Jayne Catherine Howard Jimrnie Lee Landrum Frankie Josephine Leuis Althea Ann Lokey Margaret Morrel Polly Anna Porter Marv Edna Rocers Julia Margaret Spears LPPERCLASS ADVISORS Chairman 1 ' ros.rarn Committee Chairman FR, NKIE Jo LEWIS MINNIE LEE SCHAEDEL Emogene Broaddus Lu-Nita Ruth Giesecke Marjorie Louise Hamner Lucille Harrison Helen Ruth Lanhar Althea Ann Lokev IDA i.oi isi: M uiu: Jlitttef-M STAFF Social Director Assistant Social Director , Assistant Social Director Assistant Social Director ADVISORS Chairman Secretary-Treasurer Chairman of the Student Relations Committee Chairman of the Social Committee . Mary Susan Hamilton Martha Frances Hay Lena Belle Koch Ida Louise Mahler Miriam Merritt Frances Louise Miller Maie Lee Ng Etta Grace Parks Patricia Ann Bradbury Patricia Ann Branson Colleen Elvera Buescher Elizabeth Anne Burkhart Mary Alice Conway Marian Lenore Cramer Lenora Elizabeth Going Mary Hamill HELEN MARGARET FLINN MARJORIE ALLEN MARGUERITE WALLING IDA LOUISE MAHLER IDA LOUISE MAHLER MARY HAMILL MARTHA FRANCES HAY MARY ALICE CONWAY Edith Parten Edna Ettie Real Frances Amelia Real Wanda Janice Robertson Marybelle Stoltzfus Dorothy Cleo Tate Marjorie Anne Vannoy Fannie Mae Ward Brennan, Mary Cheatham, Florence Horn, Fran AronorT. Anna Klcinman, Toby Arnoff. S, ' r,mJ , : Mi.u,,-tt.- C.orchin.-. Shirley Johnson, An Jan Yollaml, Caroline Lemley, Edith Parten, Fl n, Dorothy Dee Davis, M Jane Youngblood Third Colleen Bllesoher. Mary Alice Conway, Doris Holliman, Josa Jean Shropshire. Mary Louise Beene. Mary Rac Hirth, Jean Duncan. Alice Boyd. Frances Eat Ellen Masliolo. Dorothy I.. , IVr-ia. Naiu Camp. G.-oiuan,..-. l,-m- alkrr. Kulh I.aiica-tcr. SyKia Can, Her. Lucille Rack. Mary Massey, Bern Barrett, Ann Deaton. Barbara Gentry. Olivia Murray. Fifth row: Marjorie Levinson, Adele Yarrin, Amy Goldman, Beth Thomason. Martha Riley. Owen Horn. Rita Lewis. Harriet Bohan. Louise Smyth,-. Pat Maris. NH Dorothy Wellbrett, Row Marie Badamf, Uia " Lensky. BLfMEL. FERTITTA. V.i ] I s-i K!! } V THEACCAK. LARSON. BARTON i l Director Housemother Social Directc President Co-Treasurers Reporter Secretar ewman STAFF SISTER BORROMEO . . . . MRS. M. G. KILEY MRS. NORMAN SCHIELKE HOUSE COUNCIL DOROTHY MARIE ALLEN {WILNORA BARTON | BETTY JOE FORSON CHARLOTTE JANE TREACCAR HELEN LOUSE WILLRODT UPPERCLAS? ADVISORS Chairman MARGARET ELIZABETH GLEASON Dorothy Marie Allen Marietta Agnes Fertitta Elizabeth Jane McClusky Johanna Blumel Bettv Joe Forson DOROTHY MARIE ALLEN Kit STAFF Director . . . . Social Director . Assistant Social Director Assistant Social Director Assistant Social Director UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Clu Merilee Aron Mary Nell Cass Billie Jane Chandler May Eleanor Files Lucy Ellen Gibson Peggy Jean Graves Mary Evelyn Hansard Frances Ann Harrell Hazel Hearn SELMA STREIT MRS. A. P. DOHONEY MRS. WILLIAM MILES MARY JANE DAVIS MARGIE MUSE MARJORIE ANN LOGAN Mary Margaret Herrington Ruth Virginia Hodde Nancy Etta Kauffmann Doris Ann McAtee Verlyn Jeanette Miller Betty Ann Newcomer Martha Stewart Helen Virginia Sumpter Ann Elizabeth Wells Front row: WELLS, LOGAN, HEARN. Second row: ARON, SUMPTER, MILLER, CHANDLER, KAUFFMAN, FILES, STEWART. Third row: GIBSON, HERRINGTON, HARRELL, CASS, NEWCOMER, McATEE. Trout rax: D. MINCL ' S. BRIGHAM. HOOKER. FAHRENKAMP. Second TO : BLL ' MEL, ALLEN. FORSON, McCLl ' SKY. FERTITTA. Third row: LANTHAM. LEWIS. HAMNER. H ARRISON. LOKEY. GIESCKE, BROADDL ' S. Fourth rmc: HELLS. HERRINCTON. LOGAN. McATEE. HANSARD. FILES. Tilth rote: KOCH. HAMILTON. MILLER. STOLTZFl ' S. VANNOV. CONWAY. BRADBL KY. MERRITT. President EDNA ETTIE REAL GRACE HALL Billie Mae Fahrenkamp Ida Belle Brigham LITTLEFIELD Marian McCurdy Patricia Ann Bradbury Masine Dale Hooker Patricia Ann Branson Dorthea Ruth Mingus Colleen Elvera Buescher Elizabeth Anne Burkhart - ' TTISH RITE Mary Alice Conway Merilee Aron Marian Lenore Cramer Man- Nell Ca- Lenora Elizabeth Going Billie Jane Chandler Man Hamill May Eleanor Files Man Susan Hamilton Lucy Ellen Gibson Martha Frances Hay Peggy Jean Grave Lena Belle Koch Man Evelyn Hansard Ida Louise Mahler Frances Ann Harrell Miriam Merritt Hazel H eam Frances Louise Miller Marv Margaret Herrington Maie Lee Ng Ruth Virginia Hodde Etta Grace Parks Nancy Etta Kauffmann Edith Parten Marjorie Ann Logan Edna Ettie Real Doris Ann MrAtee Frances Amelia Real Verlyn Jeanette Miller Wanda Janice Robertson Betty Ann Newcomer Man-belle Stoltzfus Martha Stewart Dorothy Cleo Tale Helen irginia Sampler Marjorie Anne Vannoy Ann Elizabeth Wells Fannie Mae Ward EDNA ETTIE REAL NEWMAN HALL Dorothey Marie Allen Johanna Blumel Marietta Agnes Fertitta Betty Joe Forson Margaret Elizabeth Gleason Elizabeth Jane McClusky KIRBY HALL Enogene Broaddus Lu-Nita Ruth Giesecke Marjorie Louise Hamner Lucille Harrison Helen Ruth Lanham Frankie Jo Lewis Althea Ann Lokey Minnie Lee Schaedel TEXAS GOES TD THE TDWiVS One of the chief functions of the University is that of a thought center to serve the state. The Hogg Foundation for Mental Hygiene reaches out to do this on three levels. Principally, outstanding lecturers are provided. Leaders and organizational help are avail- able for in-service training institutes for mental hygiene. Some communities are assisted by a permanent facility such as mental hygiene clinics, school guidance programs, and professional train- ing curricula. ft ft ft ft ft ft OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer . Reporter .... Faculty Sponsor BETTY KATHRYN BRAILSFORD LUCY GERALDINE SMITH MARIE LOUISE JOYCE KATHERINE MEEK COTTINGHAM CORA MERRIMAN MARTIN MKMBKKS Ernita Elizabeth Bartels Linda May Beaman Alberta Ruth Boutwell Marjorie Louise Bowyer Betty Kathryn Brailsford Katherine Meek Cottingham Betty Elaine Daniel Betty Sue Denman Grace Margaret DeTar Dorothy Vernelle Farris Mary Charlotte Field 1 F Frances Zetta Goldhirsh Ora Mary Gurley Peggy Nell Hoover Mary Louise Hughes Marie Louise Joyce Martha Jane Keith Pauline Cerille Landman Bayla Lippmann Harriet Velma Louis Kathryn Logan Lowdon Effie Camille Lyons Anna Lee MeAnelly Mary Louise McClendon Marjory Elizabeth Overton Katherine Bingham Penton Jean Rozanne Pile Virginia Ruth Pivoto Mary Dorothy Pratley Loren Doris Ramsey Muriel Ann Robertson Margaret Rosene Rouse Hattie Elisbeth Schiller MaryJuleShands Lucy Geraldine Smith Florence Stoeltje Martha Anne Stripling Ella Elizabeth Townsend Dorothy Lenore Walsh Mary Lou Williamson Marguerite Louise Yglesias THE ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION was organized on the campus in 1931. Its purposes are to secure information regarding the education of young children; to promote the progressive type of education in nursery school, kindergarten, and primary grades; and to raise the standard of the professional training for teachers in this field. Second row: FARRIS, TOWNSEND, KEITH. DANIEL, SCHILLER, D E TAR, PHATLEY, YCLESIAS. Third row: PILE, LANDMAN, FOREMAN, BEAMAN, LYONS, ROBERTSON, PENTON, PIVOTO, STRIPLING. Fourth TOUI: SHANDS. GOLDHIRSH, BOUTWELL, BARTELS, WALSH. President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Facultv Advisor Milton Abdo James Bamett Aran! George James Biree John Otis Blomeke William Kenneth Bonillas Howard Brodhead. Ill John Dayton Brown Chester Bryan Buford. Jr. William Alvin Bums Julius Clifford Cain Frank Edward Campion Jon Morse Cavander Ju-nam Chew Raymond Adelbert Colbern Adolph Moise Cuellar John Richard Dale Edward Coe Davis Jose-Carlos De la Macorra Richard William Dirks Gerald Judson Diion Harold Winston DUon Wildon Adrian Fowler Charles Arnold Frezia Carl M.,-i Furgason John Leland Gait Louis Garbrecht. Jr. Luther Weaver Garret. Jr. Billy Sherrod Greenwood Henry Ellis Haley Robert Nicholas Hall. Jr. Arthur Robert Hempe, Jr. John Pinkney Hickman Edward John Hoffman Frank Edwin Holcomb OFFICERS BARRY MILLER POOL RAYMOND LEONARD JOHNSON. JF ROY GRAYSON POST OSCAR GLEXX PATE W. A. CLNNINGHAM FACULTY Everett Leroi Adams Robert Henry Bowden Edwin Jack Claassen William Aaron Cunningham Melvin Harold Gertz John Griswold Miro Ezidor Klecka Kenneth Albert Kobe Krouse Sewall McMahor William Meese Newton Bill Randall Robert William Rasmuss Eugene Paul Sohoch Paul Bennett Stewart John Ewald Walkey MEMBERS Daniel Wade Jared Raymond Leonard Johnson Edirard Jefferson Jones George Keith Robert Vincent Kerley Miro Ezidor Kleeka Bernard Aloysius Kmiecik Malcomb Joseph Lauterst--in William Trigg Lawler Richard Ros, LeRouai Herman Levin Martin Stuart Lisso Ernest Cuinne Long James Samuel MeNiel Evaristo Madero. Jr. Joseph Magliolo. Jr. William Joseph Maraman Garland Ned Martin Robert Lee Martin Jack Oliver Miller John Philip Miller Spencer Rankin Milliken Leo Steward Mitchell Billy Steward Morganslern Colev Grant Morris Quenton Edward Nelson Melvin Alfred Noble Dan Dutton Null Roy Stewart Nunnally, Jr. Oscar Glenn Pate Robin Malcolm Pate Damon Alan Peterson Norman Merle Pitts Barry Miller Pool Jack Post RRY MILLER POOL Roy Crayson Post Charles Dan Price Antonio Prieto. Jr. Bill R. Randall Van W. Ratcliff Tellmond Herder Richter. Jr. William Kenneth Roquemore Patricio Sada Edbert Julian Schulle Charles William Settles William Sanders Shropshire William Ross Skinner Willene Smallwood Elton David Soltes Paul Harriett Stewart Harold Monroe Roy Streekfuss Alvah Ben Swain Thomas Nelson Tackett. Ill Fauito Isidro Trevino ' Richard Lee Underwood James Oliver Upchurch Homer Clark Waits Keith Douglas Wall Wayne Warren William Dewey Weatherford. Jr Byder Wellington Wilde Wellington ' i Arthur Wilk .Jr. Weldon Otto Winsai Elmer Evan Wittme William Floria Eduardo Xavier Zuniga Willie Zuniga THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS was founded in 1908. The student chapter at The University of Texas was established in September, 1941. i)i.n ismv SMI ni T. r. O. O. OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor HAROLD WOODROW SMITH HUBBARD EUGENE TAYLOR WALTER FREDERICK BOSSE FERDINAND VOELKER, III R. A. GALBRAITH MEMBERS Marvin Howard Alisky Clarence C. Goen, Jr. William Fulton Peale Robert Glenn Blair Ben Ray Hallford Arthur Van Rensselaer Phelps Freddie Lee Bleck Edwin W. Hamlin Fred Linden Ribe Frederick Emerson Brooks Arthur Herbert Hausman Phil H. Rogers Walter Frederick Bosse Jerry Alfred Hawkins Leo Corley Singleton Sidney Samuel Borschow Edgar Weymouth Jenkins Harold Woodrow Smith William Franklin Carleton Frank Duane Jenkins James Carson Smith Maurice Gilbert Chernin Tatsuo James Kadowaki Archie W. Straiton Cullen Malone Crain Grover Cleveland Kenyan, Jr. Hubbard Eugene Taylor Wilbur Leo Culbertson Wellington Wesley Koepsel Ferdinand Voelker, III John Berry Davidson Neil Anthony Lapham Albert M. Wilkendorf Bill Bradfield Fannin Robert James McCarthy Robert Munsey Wilson Bob Meredith Fannin James Albert McKiel Julian Rivarde Wright John Leonard Garrett Peter Prince Parrish William Alfred Youngblood THE NATIONAL AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS was bring the student closer to the work and to the men in his profe electrical engineering. nded in 1884. The main function of the local student chapter is to n. Membership is open to all students working toward a degree in Second Third 3ELKER, H. SMITH, BOSSE, WILKENDORF, KADOWAKI, HAMLIN. aw: C. SMITH, CARLETON, CULBERTSON. CHERNIN, WRIGHT, KOEPSEL, BORSCHOW, BLECK, SINGLETON, STRAITON. : HAUSMAN, GOEN, RIBE, CARRETT, WILSON, McCARTHY, YOUNGBLOOD, BOB FANNIN, BILL FANNIN, PEALE, HAWKINS, D. JENKINS, CRAIN. BROOKS. r: SNYDER, FINDLEY. BRADLEY. PILS. GARNER. FRANK, PFLICKER. S,coJ , : WORKMAN, AVDAN. POWER. OTT. HOLLAND. PLLMMER. J ARAMILLO. Third rom: BROWN, CARTER, PEDRETTI. CLEHVO. PARKER. HARRIS, CAMMINATl. Fort to,: HIRSCH. DAVIS. CLMMINCS, WILLIAMS. CORRICA.N, WHITING, T. L. JONES. Fifth to,: COMPTON, CALLAWAY, GREEN. YEACER, WETECROVE, DERRICK. PHILLIPS, BERRY. OFFICERS WILLIAM LEROY PULS President . I ice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsc Glenn Lee Corrigan Steve DeBord. Jr. Fraser Hall Allen Oguz Ahmet Avdan Oran Hubbard Berry. Jr. Howard Bishop Bradley Frederick Henry Callaway Luis Camminati-Cortez John Boyd Carter. Jr. John Herbert Compton Gabriel Cuervo-A. Aaron Cummings Richard McGregor Darling Thomas Oliver Davis Waitus Kav Denham A.M. Derrick. Jr. WILLIAM LEROY PL LS CONRAD CHARLES DYE HOWARD BISHOP BRADLEY JOHN HAMILTON GARNER HARRY HARRISON POWER FACULTY MEMBERS George Homer Fancher Frederick Byron Plummer MEMBERS Conrad Charles Dve William Edward Findley. Jr Stanley Colson Frank John Hamilton Garner Thurman Burl Geddie Horace Chilton Harris. Jr. John B. Harrison Nolan Hirsch Mary Loreen Holland Miguel Jaramillo Robert Niell Jones Theodore Lawrence Jones Jean Lewis Carlton Meredith Marcus Laverne Millican Harry Harrison Power Robert Louis Whiting Jean Marie Ott Robert Lee Parker Juan Pablo Pedretti Eduardo Cabieses Pflucker Charles Edward Phillips William Leroy Puls Shirley William Scurlock Charley Deane Snyder Ronald ' Waitman Taylor Richard Wells Thompson, Ji Herman Joseph Wetegrove Joyce June Whiting Roy Woolen Williams Aha Gene Workman Hal Wasce Yeager. Jr. The American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers was founded in 1871 and is the oldest of the four national engineering societies. CHARLES ROBERT FREDERICK OFFICERS Chairman Vice-Chairman Secretary Treasurer Honorary Chairma CHARLES ROBERT FREDERICK WILLIAM WVYMC MC XMS ERNEST WHITE ALLEN WILLIAM ARTHUR THOMPSON HOWARD E. BROWN MEMBERS jonn r awtn miners Ernest White Allen wiinam ,imer Vjiuson, jr. Werner Goldsmith Fritz M. Rosenbusch Luis Hamilton Bartlett Lewis Wray Hall Ko Stanley Sameshima William Wharton Barton Marvin Hodges, Jr. Charles Clark Schneider Ralph Augustus Belknap, Jr. Robert M. James Franklin Pierce Sebastian, Jr. Glen Jennings Bixler Oliver Johnson Walter Romer Shoaff, Jr. William Melmoth Booth Isham George Kennon, Jr. Harold Justin Speir Austin Lee Boulding H. L. Kent Henry Edward Sterry Vernon Martyn Brown Robert Kenneth Kidd Robert Kenneda Swartz David Bucher Frank Albert Klebe William Cicero Talbert, Jr. Thomas Jones Caldwell, Jr. Stanley Edward Kuenstler Alex Roscoe Thomas, Jr. Boh Camphell William Kuyper William Arthur Thompson George Marvin Clark, Jr. Jacob Maxim Lebeaux Charles N. Townsend Warren Currier Charles Kendal Leeper Clyde Gates Weaver W illiam Richard Deeths Carl Laurent Lichte John Alvin Weber H. E. Degler William Wayne McGinnis John Conrad Westkaemper Venton L. Doughtie Harold Jordan McNeel Frank Arthur Winchell, Jr. Fred Downs Karl Albert Martino George Henry Woodard, Jr. Walter Paul Etheridge Rodney William Meyer Thad Leroy Woodard, Jr. Charles William Fisher Harold Hiroshi Oka Paul Frederick Woolrich Curt E. Forkel Bob Owen Tom Emil Zanze Charles Robert Frederick Benjamin Jabe Parker Oscar J. Zuniga James Floyd Pope THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS seeks In meetings each member has a chance to express his views or hear views expressed by outside speakers. UIKMII x.ii. si;i! sii N. O EY coin-Mini. DOI CIITIK. KENT. I-OI-E. TM.HER fr SrcoW ror: BALLARD. THOMPSON. F. SANDERS. POINTER, SHIVE, GARCIA. TkirJ ro : BENJAMIN. FICHS. HICKABEE. ABRAMSON. MARIS. FofrtJ, ram: MASK. LINDSEY. VILLIAMSON. BECK. ROSENKRANZ. CLOVER. MALLEN. Fiftk ror: METZGER. VAUCHAN, I. McDOW. SHELTON. merican armaceu tlcal T UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS STUDENT BRANCH MARY ELLEN m HITE President } ice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor . Carl Clarence Albers William RUM Neville. Jr. OFFICERS FACULTY MARY ELLEN WHITE LOUSE MA YON GOODRICH MARY EVELYN HANSARD JAMES RALPH BYARS WILLIAM FRANCES GIDLEY Louis William Schleuse John Richard Stockton Idelene SWlev Abramson MEMBERS Man Louise Hughes Joseph Rosenkranz Elloise Mvolene Ballard Si Osier Clarence Lindsev Florence Sanders John Lewis Beck Evangeline Man McDow Johnnie William Sanders Emily Benjamin Ishmel Mayo McDow George Edward Shelton James Ralph Bvars Hector Zotieo Mallen Glvnice Madell Shive Joseph MerreH ' Crowlev Patricia Nell Maris Ernest Grady Smith. Jr. Gilbert Elizondo William Glenn Mask Lorene Soape Virginia Blanche Fuchs Alicia Garcia W.T.Mav.Jr. Elmer William Metzger Frances Irene Tankerslev Edith Marie Thompson " Raoul Avechiga Garza Gladvs Skinner Phillips Guadalupe Escobar Valdez Duane E. Glover Danilo Salvador Pineda Thomas Leo Vaughan Louise Mavon Goodrich Patsv Estell Pointer Donald Duane Vogt Man Evelvu Hansard Fred Alva Pribble Marv Ellen White Frances Gaile Huckabee Mavtee Dora Robinson William ROT Williamson THE PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION is the only organization in the College of Pharmacy which welcomes the membership of all students who expect to be a part of the profession of Pharmacy. This organization has as its unanimous interests and object the advancement of professional pharmacy. V OFFICERS President . . . . V ice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . . . . Reporter . . . . Faculty Sponsor . GARY SOUTHERN BETTY FRANCES SUGGETT SUZANNE THOMASON MARY HELEN BURNS ANN ELIZABETH WELLS RAVENNA WAKEFIELD MATHEWS LUCILE DE NEVERS WILLIAMS MEMBERS Betty Baldwin Beall Clara Louise Harris Beverly Anne Nash Earlayne Earnestine Black Hazel Hearn Edith Parten Kathleen Bland Marjorie Louise Bowyer Betty Lu Hill Mary Louise Hughes Jane Reece Rich LaVerne Ann Rvan Mary Helen Burns Jane Batjer Jennings Susan Clay Sanderford Ann Vitula Burrus Joyce Jones Bettv Claire Schmid Georgette Elaine Covo Barbara Mary Keenan Shirley Scott Jacqueline Marie Covo Florence Chalfonte Kent Gary Southern Saradell David Patty Bess Downs Alice Gordon Leary Jean Lewis Betty Frances Suggett Alice Elizabeth Taggart Eugenia Ballinger Dunn Harriet Carolyn Flinn Dorothy Jean McPherson Ravenna Wakefield Mathews Marguerite Thomas Suzanne Thomason Lucy Ellen Gibson Mary Elizabeth Miller Ann Elizabeth Wells Dorothy Gillis Katherine Owen Monning Rosemary LaRue Whitaker Lucy Gray Mary Beth Winkler Members of ASHBEL LITERARY SOCIETY strive to increase their knowledge by the study of literature. Ashbel also sponsors lectures and reviews of prominent people. Motto: Epulvere ad astra (Dust to stars). row: BURNS, SOUTHERN, SUGGETT, WELLS. row: MONNINC, RYAN, LEARY, JONES, HEARN, HII Back r, Second row: WHITE, WHITAKER, BEALL, GIBSON, GILLIS, HUGHES, KEENAN. 1URRUS. Fourth row: THOMAS, DAVID, BLACK, FLINN, SCOTT, BLAND, NASH, McPHERSON. J. COVO, BOWYER, SCHMID, G. COVO, HARRIS. Third rex; Derare Caldvrll. Joe O ' Dell, EdvU Hoot, Helen Runey, Wilbur Bybev. Jimmie lee Ludrum, Fay? Lord. Jerrr Correhiin. Lou mhidden. Emery. GroTft Dmye Iris MM Cimpbell. Fourth ro: M.rfir Terr. M.rj.rM H.rriftlr McH.n. drle Hicks. Lor.ine Cpbell, Dirk B.rfield. Ethfl Epprickt. Grn - Willn. Bill L.Ur. Bill KIT Crawford. Brtty Jo DUK-U, Bill Bradfcrld, P.trirU K lA rr.- Bob Portw. Alice Moore, CUndU Piper, Virp.U Galley. Coyle WillUms. Irrin H.rrU. Hoyt Gibson. C. P. Lu w. Baptist Student nion STUDENT UNION COUNCIL OFFICERS President CHARLES KENDAL LEEPER Enlistment } ice-President .... LILLIAN REESE JOHNSTON Social ] ice-President ESMA ELIZABETH ANDERSON Devotional I ice-President DOROTHY LEE QUALLS Secretary DOROTHY LUCILLE HEARD (WILLIAM CARLOS RAINES Faculty Sponsors Betsy Jane Allen Ruth Elizabeth Boiling Joe Russel Coleman Betty Jo Evans Mildred Florene Harlan James Monroe Lanmon Norma Jean Lewis BLAKE SMITH COUNCIL MEMBERS Hugh Tannehill Matthews Volney Guthrie O ' Connor Lucille Porter Will Davis Selman Velma Christine Stewart SingYee The first BAPTIST STIDENT UNION in Texas was organized at the University in 1919. Activities planned or sponsored during the year include a monthly social function, extension work, supervision of Sunday School, B.S.U. play- ers, morning watch, outh Fellowship. All Youth Banquet, Singspiration, and L.O.A.W. Banquet. CHARLES KENDAL LEEPER BERTHA LOUISE ANGEL D.iri, Marie Amleisoi Bi-rlha Louise Angel Rebecca Eli .al eth AT (;.-ruI,line Appleby Kuben skew Evelyn Ann Balagia Elon Elizabeth Barfield Jimmie Lee Barker Hetty Jo Bartlett Julia Bates Dorothy Nell Berry Beta. Beta. OFFICERS President ......... First Vice-President and Social Chairman Second V ice-President and Program Chairmar Secretary ......... Treasurer ......... Reporter ......... Historian ......... Faculty Sponsor ....... MEMBERS Jean Braly Ida Belle Brigham Martha Ann Brown Gladys Elizabeth Buchhorn Betty Louise Burer Dorothea Ann Campbell Laurah Loraine Campbell Marjorie Ruth Campbell Mary Louise Carr Melva Juanita Carter Carolyn Chandler Gloria Verre Coryell Nell Maurice Cottle Lois Elaine Cowley Margaret Ann Cuthbertson Dorothy Marie Dallmeyer Nell Mae Daniel Mary Jane Deahl Jeanne Dement Kathrvn Mae Doak Virginia Kathrvn Seidel Ehler Ann Elizabeth Ellis Cenevieve Olga Engel Beulah Margaret Fairbairn Marjorie Nell Fenner Emma Augusta Fleischhauer Emma Jena Fletcher Nelia Fox Bettie Jo Fricdrichs DeVere Ann Garrett Margaret Elizabeth Gleason Bernice Cecile Golden BETA BETA ALPHA, founded women students and the faculty Peggy Jean Craves Elizabeth Ann Hall Mary Gene Hansard Helen Ruth Barrel! Grady Corcnc Harrison Hazel Hearn Oleis Marion Heineke Mary Margaret Herrington France. Eleanor lo ' hnson Maxine Roebuck Johnson Sarah Katherine Kellogg Helen Ruth Lanham Helen Leore Larson Nancy Cartleilge l.eui, Dorothy Ann Linnard Helen Jane Lockhart Katherine Pine Lovell Leona Lucille Malmstrom Cornelia Allen Mason Ann Elizabeth Mayer Delta Turner Miller Sarah 1.,-nora Moorhead Betty Lou Muller Mary Regina Nacol Ruth Louise Peyton Evelyn Edith Pilgram Margaret Jo Pope Georgia Cecelia Poulos Ruby Kathryn Powell n 1938, seeks to pro sf the School of Bus BERTHA LOUISE ANGEL FRANCES LOUISE MILLER GENEVIEVE OLGA ENGEL HELEN LEONE LARSON NELL MAURICE COTTLE MERILLEE ARON RUTH RABORN FLORENCE MAE STULLKEN ith Raborn irothy Anita Reynolds i Elizabeth Rightor ora Frances Steele " anTlc LenorrStera ' r " 80 " Hie Lucile Strawbridge ilia Ellen Taylor e Thompson a Traweek Anna Elizabeth Turlington Betty Jane Upchurch Kathryn Welhausen Mildred Alice White Marjorie Wolf Martha Jane Womack Helen Louise Woodcock ,m Elizabeth Vu ' -t " a feeling of unity between the Administration. front rou: M. LEASURE, RIDOUT. BIGGS. FRIEDELL. McCILL. COLSON. HAMILL. O ' BRIEN. R. I.KASl RE. Second rou : BETHEA. FREDRICK, BAKER. BRANSON. McFARLAND. WARD. DANIEL, WHITE. GAILLARD. Third rove: CUNNINGHAM. BENNETT. LEWIS. MrDONALD. HUDSON, A. WOODCOCK. Fourth rou: ALLEN. SANFORD, HORNE, KNOX. JIMERSON, RANDALL, K1RSNER. V AN STUDDIFORD. BROWN. KIMBROUCH, SWEENEY. BLACK. OSTR. MARSHALL. Back rou: MOORE, H. WOODCOCK, N. DUNKLE, J. DUNKLE. MILLER, HOUSTON. CUNBY. McCALLAM. IJk Colonel . . . . Lieutenant Colonel Adjutant General . Assistant Adjutant Gene Chief of Finance . Provost Marshal . Faculty Sponsors . al . e OFFICERS MARY JANE McGiLL ELIZABETH ALLEN MACDONALD MARY HAMILL ELIZABETH LIVERMORE BIGGS EDNA COLSON MAUDE BRANDT FRIEDELL COMMANDER AND MRS. D. J. FRIEDELL MEMBERS VARY JVNE McCILL Mary Lou Cork Sarah Ellen Gunby Mary Kami II Arden Kennard Havis Patricia Frances Hemphil Margaret Beverly Home Marian Jeanne Houston Mary Jo Hudson " I.r. lord Ma l.,.ll,- Allen Ali. .- l.,.i- Andreas Barbara Anne Baker Sybil Claire Bani-t.-r Betty Joanne Barnett Lillian Lunette Baxter Jean Lucile Begeman Hazel Marvlyn Bennett Dorothy Bethea Elizabeth Livermore Biggs Cynthia Blair Patricia Branson Margaret Dorothy Brockelma Marilyn Al - Br. ' ..,m Mary Elizabeth Brace Roberta Linncll Bruce Margaret Elaine Coleman Edna Colson Mary Jean Crenshaw Helen Evalee Cunningham Betty Elaine Daniel Mary Jane Deahl Helen Stone Devine Alyce Fave Done] .Nancy Anne Dunkle Jane Brite Dunkle Marguerite Louise Eidson Patricia Ann Elliott Maidel Fredrich Maude Brandt Friedell THE ARMY AND ANCHOR BRATS was organized in 1940 to promote a feeling of unity among the daughters of service officers. A service as well as a social organization, the Brats are ever ready to work on war projects. Shirley Jimersoi Mary Aubrey Keating Betty Jane Kent Nancv Jo Kimbrough Vivi..n Virginia Knox Deborah Anne Lane Annabel Latson Mary Elizabeth Leasure Ruth Grace Leasure Jo Ellen Lewi, Barbara Jean Lindsay Patsy Ann Lyle Deborah Irene McBride Doris Mav McCallam Maude Eugenia McDonald Barbara Jean McFarland Mary Jane McGill Elizabeth Allen MacDonald Patricia MacKenzie Louise Charlotte Marshall Jean Marie Mason Mary Patri. -; Patricia Ruth Miller ' Patricia Moore Jane Clark Meredith Satchie Cooper Naiden Ann Lorraine Nolde Betty O ' Brien Mary Catherine Ostrander Mary Eleanor P,,-i Nancy Turner Ragan Lucille Leslie Randall Faith Leadbeater Ridout Bobby Josephine Sanford Edith Ellen Schlieker Barbara Lindsay Smith Sue Loretta Sweeney Martha Jane Tillery Shirley Van Sluddiford Fannie Mae Ward l Uomen UoterA OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . JANE FILES CHEATHAM KATHLEEN BLAND DOROTHY LOUISE FIELDS CAROLYN BRYANT Row FRANCES CARRINGTON SPONSORS Anna Hiss BOARD OF DIRECTORS Program Chairman . . . . , Social Chairman Members-at-large .... Phone Committee Chairman . Legislative and Constitutional Che Forum Chairman Membership Chairman Radio Chairman Historian Publicity Chairman . MARGARET ELEANOR TACQUJ SUZANNE THOMASON LOUISE STRATTON BIRD MARGARET Jo POPE INEZ ISABEL STERLING MARILYNNE HOWSLEY SARA LOUISE DALKOWITZ DOROTHY JUNE TUTT VIRGINIA ANNE STAPLETON JEWEL GORDON WARD HELEN MAE WHITE Through the assistance of the Austin League of Women Voters, the CAMPUS LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS was founded on March 7, 1941. Its purpose is to create interest among women in government by means of participation. a: FIELDS, BLAND, CHEATHAM, CARRI.NGTON. KOW. w. THOMASON, BIRD, HOWSLEY, DALKOWITZ.TUTT, STAPLETON. : WHITE, POPE, HISS, WEEKS, FOWLER, BEDDOE, STERLING, TACQU. front roic; HART, POWELL. WHITE. Second rou: ROSS. LUTHER. MAREK. RAYBORNE. REYNOLDS. BEATTY, RIDOUT. Third rout: OSBORNE. HOl ' SE. ATER. BUCHEK. HOLLE. FERGUSON, ADKISSON. INEKE. SINGLETON. President . V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Adiisur . OFFICERS MEMBERS MARY JEAN WHITE HARPER LEVY CLARK ELIZABETH JEA.N POWELL ALVIN VAN PELT HART REV. J. JOSEPH MEAKIN HARTE Elizabeth Gertrude Adkisson Benton Scott Fleming George Barstow Muse Sara Lillian Ater Mary Lou Gork James William Needham Nellie De Laney Bartlett Barbara Willardine Harrison Hovle Millard Osborne Marv Ann Beattv Alvin Van Pelt Hart Robert Bryant Patterson Harriet Davis Bohan Oleis Marion Heineke Peggv Post Anna Arnold Buchanan Kathrvn Marilyn Holle Elizabeth Jean Powell Lvdia Dulce Buchanan Nancv Leana House Nancv Turner Ragan Lucille Yvonne Buchek Helen Hughes Faith Leadbeater Ridout Velma Lee Capl es Benjamin Taliaferro Jordon, Jr. Martha Jean Ross David Paul Michael Carnahan Stephen Dickenson Carter Dorothv Chatmas James Edward Kraft Frances Kirksey Ulman Eugene Long Norton Alexander Rugeley Leo Corley Singleton Jack Line Smith Elizabeth Ann Churchill Mary Leann Luther Robert Spicer Smith Harper Lew Clark Earl Stanlev Crumble Ann Spencer Lynch Jack Russel Maguire LeRov Clark Speed Lovd Mae Stewart Saradell David Marjorie Marek Ruth Tiner Mary Jane Deahl Dorothea Ruth Mingus William Basil Todd Vanessa Lida Dolen Frances Maria Mingus Stephen Van Cleave John Evan Edwards Richard Carson Moore Jane Redfield Weaver Warren Locker Felton, Jr. Mack Miller Morris Mary Jean White Patricia M. Ferguson John Tarlton Morrow, Jr. Wade Hampton Williamson Patrick M. Ferguson Marjorie Elizabeth Murray THE EPISCOPAL STUDENT organization at The University of Texas was called " Sun- day Club " from 1910 until 1935 when it became one of the first chapters of the National Association of CANTERBURY CLUBS. r ' ' " , I ITl President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter . . . Faculty Advisor . Dorothy Chatmas Jane Files Cheatha Sara Louise Dalko a C -J ana oo n -J CAP AND GOWN COUNCIL OFFICERS MARION ELIZABETH THOMAS ALICE GORDON LEAHY ANNETTE LOUISE GREENFIELD MARY HELEN BURNS JACQUELINE MARIE Covo KATHLEEN BLAND COUNCIL MEMBERS Lucy Ellen Gibson Irene Elizabeth Keith Helen Jane Newkirk Ruth Frances Schumm Helen Lucile Swanson 1 MllllN I.I I Uirni Tllc M S CAP AND GOWN initiates all senior women who wish t, regular class elections. The president selects six outstandi the council. CAP AND GOWN acts as a service organization for all University women, st for democracy and dignity, as well as sociability among all co-eds. The org by giving selves to social affairs of the c Swing-Out, and maintains a lo ng to it. Officers of the ibers of the class at the iior women to complete nding ati ssists underclassmen by giving them traditions and by aiding them in adjusting them- pus. Cap and Gown also supervises class elections, fund available to any University girl. SFIKLl). THOMAS, COVO. LEARY. Front rou: CARZA, SADA, PACHECO. FRANK. ROJI, H. RAMOS. Second rou: VELA. M. GARCIA, DE LA MACORRA. EDUARDO DELGADO-V EGA, O. MARTINEZ, G. GARCIA, DANON-4 Third rou: A. GARCIA. T. MARTINEZ, CHAPA, HOLLEY. LAFLENTE. Fourth rov: MATTHEWS. MEDINA-NERI. ENRIQUE DELCADO-VECA, MACKAY, C. RAMOS. CU de OFFICERS President . J ice-I ' resident Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Sports Manager ' exico PATRICIO SADA NATHAN FRANK FKH NDO NARAXO GONZALEZ HECTOR MANUEL RAMOS CARLOS PALACIOS ROJI JOSE EDUARDO GARZA MEMBERS Holda Enriqueta Chapa Alberto Danon-A. Jose-Carlos De la Macorra Eduardo Delgado-Vega Enrique Delgado-Vega Nathan Frank Alicia Garcia Gloria Garcia Maria Salome Garcia Jose Eduardo Garza Fernando Narano Gonzalez -Norma Mildred Hollev Jorge Delgado Lafuente John Martin Mackay Oscar Nicolas Martinez Tiberio Sergio Martinez Marie Celeste Matthews Hector Manuel Medina-Neri Manuel Moreno Pacheco Carlos Mario Ramos Hector Manuel Ramos Carlos Palacios Roji Patricio Sada Victoria Vela CLUB DE MEXICO was founded September. 1939. bv a group of students from Mexico. OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary Reporter . HARRIET CAROLYN FLINN MARIAN LOUISE MATHIS EDITH OLIVE HAYNIE CHARLES NELSON RODDY MEMBERS HAKKIET CAROLYN FLINN Martha Joan Abrams Betty Jane Bel William Smith Davis Adell Ann DeBack Benne Frances Dismukes Trula Florence Durham Beulah Margaret Fairbairn Harriet Carolyn Flinn Jane Gilliland Joe Drake Gilliland Elizabeth Grossman Barbara Willardine Harrison Edith Olive Haynie Carol Theodora Isensee Mariquita Colleen Ivey Lila Virginia Keys Martin Paulsen Legett Irving Crandell Liggett Mary Kathleen McGloin Betty Marie Mathis Marian Louise Mathis Mignette Caroline Moody Frances Annette Ocker Alberta Faye Praeger Charles Nelson Roddy Margie Lee Roster LaVerne Ann Ryan Martha Lee Seeger Martha Naomi Speck Inez Isabel Sterling Janet Grace Strauss William Laurel Talbert Marie Florence Wade Mary Louise Willeford Robert Cunningham Wooc THE CORPUS CHRISTI CLUB was founded to bring together students from Corpus Christi and the surrounding area. Two social functions are held each year a Christmas party and a spring picnic. Front row: FLINN, M. MATHIS, HAYNIE, BLANK. Second i OUT HVKKIMlN. V U E. KEYS. EAIKIUIKN. JAM ' . OIU.II. M . IIITI. IVEY. D..BACK. B. MATHIS. Third rna.-: JOF Oil [II M SI ' I ( K KlioXVV KOSTKIi. HEI.. II.I.EEOKI). SMITH. HY V MrCLOIN. Back rois WHTE ill K OOll. I ' l! ECEK. HR 1S. ISENSEE. OCKER, STERLING, LECETT. Front raw: J. D. SKRIVANEK, D. D. SKRIVANEK. Second four: PR1KRYL. KfZELL. F. HORAK. M. DARILEK. MALIK. DVOR ACEK. R. HORAK. J. F. HAJEK. Third ran-: SOBOTIK. BEROSEK, FOJTIK, CHERVENKA, KOLOS. BLAZEK. PETRtSEK, BALETKA. Back rou: KLBALA, COCEK, STEFKA, MRS. J. M. SKRIVANEK, J. M. SKRIVANEK, MICEK. HAFERNIK, DL ' CKETT. StLA, J. D. HAJEK. L zeck Lm OFFICERS President . V ice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Reporter-Historian Sergeant-at-Arms Sponsors . Mascots Annie Genelle Alexander William Johnny Baletka Dorothy Jean Berosek Cecelia Laura Blazek Lucille Yvonne Buchek Calvin Coolidge Chenenka Ruth Rose Cocek August Anton Darilek. Jr. Marjorie Marion Darilek Abie nn Duckett Helen Ann Dvoracek Joe Ward Edward?. Jr. Lydia Elizabeth Fojtik Evelvn Ann Hafernik JOE MALIK, JR. RUTH MARGARET HORAK MARJORIE MARION DARILEK HELEN ANN DVORACEK FRANK HENRY HORAK EDLARD MICEK MR. AND MRS. J. M. SKRIVANEK DIANNE DELORES SKRIVANEK JOHN DAVID SKRIVANEK MEMBERS James Delvin Hajek Johnnie Francis Hajek Gardenia Holubec Ylasta Holubec Ruth Margaret Horak Frank Henry Horak Anna Frances Hornak Royrerene Marie Hruzek Clara Mae Jerabek Mior Ezidor Klecka Josephine Kocurek Agnes Josephine K lo Lillian Caroline Ku,,,-, kv Albert Louis Kubala Adelene Kulhanek Ethel Millie Kuzell Joe Malik. Jr. Marjorie Marek Ruby Read Matejka Victoria Marie Petrasek Irene Janette Petrusek Pauline Prikryl Yera Mae Skains John Warren Skrabanek Jessie Frank Sobotik MaryLoreneSflka Margaret Leona Sula Irene Marie Svajda Johnnv Everett Zal ik THE UNIVERSITY CZECH CLUB promotes the study of the Czech language, literature. nuiM,. art, and culture in general. Founded in 1909. it also stimulates interest in all University affairs and encourages the participation of the club members in social, athletic, and cultural activities of the University. JOE MALIK. JR. FRANCES CARRINGTON CU OFFICERS President . V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer . Social Chairman Telephone Chairman FRANCES CARRINGTON SARADELL DAVID FRANCES LOUISE HEMPHILL ROSEMARY THYFAULT NANCE MARIE MCFARLAND JOANNE McEwEN MEMBERS Roger Edwin Abernathy Robert Byron Gaines Dorothy Louise Petty- Mary Lynn Aldredge De Vere Ann Garrett Joan Pomeroy Bill Joe Alexander Barbara Ann Gentry Nell Ruth Porter Hal Kirk Baird, Jr. Mary Ann Gladney Nan Puckhaber Patricia Ann Barnes Herbert Hunter Griffith Mary Frances Ray Harry Wesley Bass, Jr. Ellen Mae Harris Eva! ine Rife Earlayne Earnestine Black Frances Louise Hemphill Jack Ritchie Bobbie Jean Bland Martha Annette Holt Raymond Willard Roberts Cecil Miller Boatwright, Jr. Thelma Maurene Hughes Nancy Jane Roney Cecil William Boswell Katherine Elise Keller Martha Ann Sanders William Henry Bradfield, Jr. Carolyn Suzette Lemly Mary Louise Saunders Helen Kathryn Buckley Ruth Bower Lindsley William Gordon Scott Jean Evelyn Busby Joanne McEwen ' Sammy Zalman Seltzer Dan Moody Cain Nance Marie McFarland Alexander Palmer Smith Frances Carrington Norma Louise McKinnev Bettv Belle Smyth Jane Carter Maribelle Mvrtle McLaurine R TVi John Brandon Cowden, Jr. Elmer William Metzger Rosemary Thyfauk Frances Marion Currin Mimi Mitchell Rosemary Tom Betty Elaine Daniel Saradell David Patricia Mildred Murphy- Patricia Anne Nollette Jack Calvin Vaughn Gloria Christine Very David Larry Dees William Reagan Owen Elizabeth Ann Wilcox David Hazlett Dellinger Katherine Georgianna Paterson Julius Earl Wiley, Jr. Mary Jean Dodd Don Raymond Patterson Curtis Eugene Willis, Jr. Albert Lobdell Exline James Wallace Peak Julia ImogeneWyatt Morgan Irving Farnum Jones Clark Penwell Mahala Jane Young William Aylett Fitzhugh Joan Ingalls Peterson Roy House Zuefeldt THE DALLAS CLUB, founded students from Dallas County. 1940, seeks to promote friendship University TATK. IIALKOWITZ. GREENFIELD. QUADE. HEINATZ. DECHERD, TAYLOR. TOW.NSEND. CHALEFF. READER, M. ROBINSON, LIPPER. IALDVOCEL, GROSSMAN, E. ROBINSON. ROSENTHAL. STINDT, V.ELHALSE.N. KLEIN. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter . Faculty Sponsor SARA LOUISE DALKOWITZ DOROTHY CLEO TATE ANNETTE LOLISE GREENFIELD DYLORIS ANNA MAE QLADE MARILLA THOMPSON DAVIDSON HOWARD WILLIAM TOW.NSEND HONORARY MEMBERS SARA LOUISE DALKOWITZ Dorothy Louise Gebauer Mrs. Howard William To Mrs. Homer Price Rainey Ruth Maxine Yillarreal MEMBERS Coleen Frances Grossman Enid Ruth Robinson Elva Jo Cabaniss Hilda Anna Chaleff Sara Louise Dalkowitz Marilla Thompson Davidson Bettie Lee Decherd Lenore Charlotte Field Iris Gene Futoransky Annette Louise Greenfield Marv Emilie Heinatz Sally Kirsner Adele Lucille Klein Betty Margaret Lee Louise Lentsch Felice Baron Lipper Dyloris Anna Mae Quade Carolyn Mae Reader Maytee Dora Robinson Sylvia Elaine Rosenthal La Verne Augusta Stindt Dorothy- Cleo Tate Frances Tavlor Marilyn Joyce Waldvogel Marv Katherine Welhauser, Margaret Eva Womack FORE.NSICA, founded in 1940, promotes speech activities for womer holds contests for its members in every phase of public speaking, ant public speaking contest open to all freshman women. the campu insors an ar] SAKA LOUISE DAI.KOVM ' I J rlltet foundation President . Vice-President . Secretary -Treasurer Advisor Faculty Sponsors Harold Bernard Herman Amelia Martin Cristol Sara Louise Dalkowitz Beverly Ruth DeWitt Melvin Arnold Epstein Louis Goldfaden Leo Solomon Goodman OFFICERS SARA LOUISE DALKOWITZ BETTY CLAIRE JACOBS IDA ORINOVSKV RABBI NEWTON J. FRIEDMAN ( HARRY JOSHUA LEON DAVID BALLIN KLEIN COUNCIL MEMBERS Albert Frank Hendler Betty Claire Jacobs Grace Ballin Klein Jameson Isabel Miriam Leon Bayla Lippmann Mildred Nebenzahl Jacqueline Dvora Nelson James Amstater Oppenheimer Ida Orinovskv Isobel Elaine Palmer Hyman P. Roosth Clifford Charles Seidel Kalman Wolff Treiman Jack Sayre Weinblatt Marvin Jay Wise B ' NAI B ' RITH HILLEL FOUNDATION is a national religious, cultural, and social organization for Jewish students. All Jewish students at The University of Texas are automatically members, but other students are always welcome to participate in its activities. It is sponsored by the B ' nai B ' rith, which is an international fraternal and philanthropic organization that maintains Hillel Foundations on 124 college campuses. Front row: PALMER. NEBENZAHL, JACOBS, DALKOWITZ, ORINOVSKV, JAMESON. Second row: GOLDFADEN, LEON, NELSON, D E WITT, LIPPMANN, CRISTOL, GOODMAN, SEIDEL. Front r m.- BERCSTROM, WISE. BOSSE. Second rtnr: GRAHAM, HADEN. MAKSH. Back rou: WHITE, FEATHERSTON, KISfc oaa inq a leti OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Arthur Karling Bergstrom Walter Frederick Bosse William Henry Bradfield. Jr. Robert Edward Lee Bradley Jack Bernard Gorman John Blanton Elder Charles Henry Featherston Charles Rufus Graham Benjamin Haden Walter Clyde Hamilton Horace Chilton Harris, Jr. MARVIN JAY WISE ARTHUR KARLING BERCSTROM WALTER FREDERICK BOSSE DWIGHT LAMAR KINTNER MARVIN JAY WISE MEMBERS John Luke Hill Dwight Lamar Kintner James Shiro Kishi William Dudley Lowery Carl Frederick Mann. Jr. James Galbraith Marsh Karl Albert Martino Tomas Glover Pollard Shirley Lorenzo Purdum Paul Shunji Tani Marvin Jay Wise The purpose of the JAMES STEPHEN HOGG DEBATING SOCIETY is to encourage the increased participation of its members in all forms of forensic activity, to stimulate discussion of topics of present interest, and to acquaint its members with the rules of parliamentary procedure, to the end that they will be better equipped to meet the problems of post-college life. I ETTIE REAL Mary Maude Algee Genevieve Bradley Minnette Corchi Betty Jean Anton Billie Ruth Bratton Freddie Mae Co Lela Mae Baker Margaret Keith Breneman Hope Davis Thelma Ballew Marydeen Walden Bart Mary Ann Beatty Jerry Barnes Berger Lucy Faulk Berkman Margaret Dorothy Both. Elie (Idell Bing Ardice Alleene Bock Irma Gertrude Bohn Joyce Courtney Booth Anna Louise Brennan Emogene Broaddua Eun ice Aileen Bussell ome cu OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Club Sponsor . Treasurer Advisor EDNA ETTIE REAL BERNADINE VIOLA HAMANN MARGARET CANNON BOYCE EDITH PARTEN MILDRED GERTRUDE SPICER MARY ERNESTINE GOLDMAN FACULTY MEMBERS re Keller Lucy Rathbone MEMBERS Frances Virginia Cu ce Laird Leslie Ha t Hardin I Pressly Day Georgan DeLafosse Doris Elaine Dillehay Anne Cade Bonnie Jean Dorroh Mary Caldwell Helen Draper Virginia I.ucill,. Callan Marjory Maude Dryden Anna Marie Caswell Vera Lucille Dunlap Margaret Elizabeth Cochran Mary Frances Eastland Geral Dean Cocreham Rossie lona Edgemon Jane Grant Combs Jo Ann Emery Iva Aline Harral Lucille Harrison Martha Frances Hay Lenore Marie Hendrix Mary Ann Hill Dcs u Hair Kite. Irene McDanicl Marjorie Ann McFarland Jean Markita McGee Dorothy O ' Quinn EdMh ' partcn ' Dc.ri- N,,-h Peavy Lavon Phillips Geraldine Pipsaire Katie Maxine Price " Ella Martha Priess Virginia Ann Rawlins Edna Kttic Real Margaret Jan. 11.- McK.-an Elizabeth Allen MacDunal Mary Ellis Maedgen Reynoldi Emma llohmann Mildred Frances Ho Kathrvn Marilyn 11,, Margalet Beverly II, Virginia Cilthcrini. Masli ' JaneLvn,-,,,, la,.hall F.lizali.-th Hanora Mathev Mary Allen Mayfield Gertrude Ann Miller Margaret Cannon Boyce Martha conn Laura Darn ll Ksp Moor Jackie Anne Sauer Virginia Lee Sawyer Dorothy Elaine Scharff Virginia Darling Schwal !).,ri- May Sefcik Del Melba Sharpe Virginia Lee Shudde Louise Lambert Si. BennTe Lee Smith Virginia Lee Smith Sara Lee Stevens Sylvia Ann Stevens Joy Kalherine Stoltz Marybelle Stoltzfu, Marciierita Thomas Eleanor Rebecca Thompso Marjorie Anne Vannoy Anne Carroll Watson A.line Elizabeth Womble fourth Fifth Sixth :HWAI.L. MORSE. HILL. SHL ' DDE. (JREEN. SMITH. JOHNSON. eronau 3n titule of tical Sc OFFICERS Chairman Vice-Chairman Secretary- Treasurer Sponsors . ALLAN MOORE POINDEXTER WARREN FREDERICK KAUFMAN RICHARD WALKER HARRIS HAROLD JORDAN MC EEL (MILLARD VERNON BARTON JMiLTON JOHN THOMPSON MEMBERS Fraser Hall Allen Elaine Marek William Arthur Barton Frederick Henry Francis Hugh Tannehill Matthews, Jr. Reka Lois Black Burnett St. Clair Fuess Merle Charles Mueller Edwin Murrie Bormann Charles Henry Green John Russell Phenix John Cowan Bowman Richard Walker Harris Allan Moore Poindexter Herbert August Brauner Hugo Julius Holmlund Charles Reinhart, Jr. Marilyn Alys Broom Allan Paul Jacoby Ko Stanley Sameshima Barney Alder Chaudoin Arthur George Jewell Harold Justin Speir Calvin Coolidge Chervenka Leta Mae Johnson John Conrad Westkaemper Jack Edwin Curtis Warren Frederick Kaufman Irving Williams Gene Victor Dietz Harold Jordan McNeel Glen Partin Wilson, Jr. Rose Mary Edmonds John T. MacGuire Jesse Edmond Wulfe INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL SCIENCES, Student Branch, was founded at The University of Texas in October, 1941. The purpose of the organization is the advancement and dissemination of knowledge of the theory and practice of the aeronautical sciences, and the opportunity to become acquainted with the personnel and activities of the Institute, as well as to promote a professional con- sciousness and fellowship. CHANDOIN. WESTKAEMPER, PO: Janet Lilley, Mickey Morris, Marietta Fertitta, Dorothy McNaughton, LaVerne Stindt, Judy Lacy, Carol) n Jane Matthews, Yolando Cassis. Carmen Torrey. OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer MARY MASON NEAL ALFONSO GENARO WONG-VALLE DOROTHY LOUISE FIELDS BEATRIZ ANTILLON-FRUTOS THE INTER-AMERICAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION draws its membership both from students of Latin-American citizenship and from the Anglo-American stu- dents who are interested in promoting a better understanding between the peoples of the Americas. Through the me dium of lectures, discussions, con- ferences, and various social functions the Association has sought to promote a mutual interchange of the cultures of the Americas on the campus of the University. vnerican Cti OFFICERS President . Vice-PTesident Secretary . Treasurer . Parliamentarian Reporter . Sergeant-at-Arms Faculty Sponsor ARMLFO SIMEON MARTINEZ HECTOR MANUEL RAMOS HOLDA ENRIQUETA CHAPA EUCEXIO GARZA-L. JULIO ERNESTO AMADO MARCIA SCHATTENSTEIN MONTES FERNANDO NARANO GONZALEZ JESSE JAMES VILLARREAL FACULTY HONORARY MEMBERS H. T. Manuel Ramon Martinez Lopez MEMBERS Sergio Antonio Acosta Edna Lvdia Ramirez Roberto Waldemar Adorno Alfonso Jesus Garza Gloria Olivia Ramirez Julio Ernesto Amado Eugenio Garza-L. Ileana Ramirez Beatriz Antillon-Frutos Jose Eduardo Garza Mario Efren Ramirez Sertorio Arruda, Jr. LeRoy Jose Gloria Yolanda Noemi Ramirez Jose Lozano Calvillo Fernando Narano Gonzales Carlos Mario Ramos Mario Lozano Calvillo Oliverio Hinojosa Hector Manuel Ramos Hector Cantu Jorge Delgado Lafuente Mary de Jesus Raymond Yolanda Cassis Victor Mario Leal Rodrigo Rodriguez Mario Gamez Castellon Hector S. Lopez PatricioSada Holda Enriqueta Chapa John Martin Mackay Abel Sanchez Gabriel Cuervo-A. Evaristo Madero, Jr. Marv Smith Eduardo Delgado-Yepa Enrique Delgado-Vega Victor Marquez-D. Arnulfo Simeon Martinez Martha Anita Soto Jose Manserrate Toro Eileen Elizabeth Dugger Maria Olivia Martinez Fausto Isidro Trevina Daniel Octavio Farias Oscar Nicolas Martinez Guadalupe Escobar Valdez Nathan Frank Tiberio Sergio Martinez Corrine Gloria Vela Alicia Garcia Georges Paul Montero Victoria Vela Daniel U. Garcia, Jr. Gustavo Edmundo Montes Jesse James Villarreal Gloria Garcia Marcia Schattenstein Montes Alfonso Genaro Wong-Valle Maria Salome Garcia Alice Aurora Mungia Manuel Antonio Wong-Valle Olga Minerva Garcia Raul Garcia Humberto Francisco Naranjo Ovidio Perera Joe F. Ximenes LATIN-AMERICAN CLUB was organized in 1926 under the sponsorship of Carlos E. Castaneda and Charles W. Hackett, and is the oldest Latin-American organization on the campus. The general objectives of this organization have been the fostering of better inter- American relations. The Latin-American Club has sponsored a series of educational lectu . dances, and social gatherings with the purpose of developing an atmosphere of friendship and al programs, art exhibits, films, understanding among University students. Frnnl r,.u : KK NK. iARZ . ;. GARCIA. RAMIREZ. H. RAMnS. CHAPA. A. M RTINEZ. SOTO. M. Second row: EDUARDO DELGADOA ' EGA, CANTU, TARO. SMITH. A. GARCIA. V. VELA. M. S. G R T. MARTINEZ. Third rou: K. RODRIGUEZ. M. CALVILLO, CASTELLON. MONTERO, J. E. GARZA, CUERVO. VILLA! NIETO. M. RAMIREZ. PICE 351 GER. M. MARTINEZ. I. RAMIREZ. C. RAMIREZ, GARCIA, TREV1NO. ENRIQUE DELCADO-VECA, President . V ice-President Secretary-Treasurer OFFICERS DOROTHY LOUISE FIELDS DRUSILLA COCHRAN ELIZABETH ANNE BONNER Faculty Sponsors . {Jf CILE DE NEVERS WILLIAMS DONALD JOSEPH MEMBERS IKlKin IIV I.oriSK I li:i,l S Betsy Jane Allen Emmerence Jean Bates Kathleen Bland Elizabeth Anne Bonner Barbara Birgitte Bray- Luis Camminati-Cortez Flora Keith Campbell Frances Carrington Nora Ann Carroll Jane Files Cheatham Brasilia Cochran Elizabeth Jeannette Currie Eva Garcia Currie Dorothy Wardell Estes Garland Roscoe Farmer, Jr. Dorothy Louise Fields Julia Emerson Fisher Elizabeth Anne Herald Betty Jane Herndon Shirley Rebecca Hyman KittieSueJinkins Doris Jean Katz Ruth Marian Lee Marilyn Leeper Carol Ruth McElroy Joanne McEwen Ravenna Wakefield Mathews Virginia Meyers Chloe Ruth Moore Margie Lois Nevelow Carol Okrent Michael Charles Pearson Minnie Lee Schaedel Marguerite Cecilia Shepherd Al ice Lpuise Slicker Martha Stewart Marie Helen Stumberg William Tarnower Rennie Mae Tarpley William Joseph Viavant David Raworth Williams Sarah Virginia Wirtz LE CERCLE FRANCAIS, founded in 1938, has as its purpose the stimulation of inl in conversational French, French literature and songs. The requirements for membe are a general " B " average and either an " A " in French 12 or a " B " in an adve French course. ship Jl LRNL.MK AM Ui exican 0 era OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Sponsor JULIO ERNESTO AMADO MANUEL ANTONIO WONG-VALLE CARMEN LUGARDA TORREY MARY MASON XEAL LILLIAN S ' ESTER MEMBERS Sergio Antonio Acosta John McKay Roberto Waldemar Adorno Luis Manuel Cuevas Gustayo Enrique Marquez Angel Alfredo Alfaro Julio Ernesto Amado Alberto Danon-A. Jose-Carlos de la Macorra Pedro Jesus Marquez Oscar Nicolas Martinez Beatriz Antillon-Frutos Eduardo Delgado-Vega Tiberio Sergio Martinez Sertorio Arnida Enrique Delgado-Vega Carolyn Jane Matthews Luis Maria Banks Eileen Elizabeth Dugger Pedro " Minez Carlos Jose Torres Barrios Dorothy Wardell Estes Mary Angeline Monroe Domingo Ruben Benavides Helen Elizabeth Farmer Jamie Joaquin Montealegre Rosemary Bennett Dorothv Louise Fields George Paul Montero Sertorio Brazileiro Mary Marsden Foster Alicia Aurora Munguia Yolanda Buckley Alicia Garcia Mary Mason Neal Fernando Augusto Caballero-Marsal Gloria Garcia Alfredo Nieto, Jr. Jose Lozano Calvillo Jose Eduardo Garza Man Katherine Pipsaire Mario Lozano Calvillo Francisco Jose Camino-Parrilla Eugenio Garza-L. Carolyn Alice Gibbons Juvenal Emigdio Rodriguez. Rodrigo Rodriguez Luis Camminatti-Cortes Manuel Adolfo Gondra Simon J.San Mario Gamez Castellon Fernando Narano Gonzalez Carlos Eduardo Sanabria Nilda Judith Castro-Perea Manuel Teobaldo Guillan, Jr. La Verne Schmidt Holda Enriqueta Chapa Mary Margaret Gunter Martha Anita Soto Helen Keith Chapman Hope Hamilton Jose Monserrate Toro Solomon Cielak-Katz Robert Niell Jones Carmen Lugarda Torrev Alfonso Isaias Cortes Jorge Delgado Lafuente Mary Williams Arsenio Jose Cubillan Augustin Lara Alfonso Genaro Wong-Valle Gabriel Cuervo-A. Eustaquio M. Lascurain Manuel Antonio Wong-Valle LA SOCIEDAD LITERARIA MEXICANA (The Mexican Literary Society) was founded tion to foster the friendship of the Latin-American students at the University. this campus primarily as a social organiza- Fronr rou-: CHAPMAN. A. WONG-VALLE. FIELDS. AMADO. M. WONC-VALLE, WESTER. Second rou- : MONTEALEGRE, CASTELLON, DUGGER. RODRIGUEZ, SOTO, NIETO. ADOR? Third rou: CAMMINATTI, MONTERO, LARA, BRAZILEIRO. ULL1AMS. BENNETT. Nolle Stapleton, Maciel, J. Leahy, M. Wong-Valle, S. Acosta, Sal. egio, Pir. a. Phyfe Maida, Banks, E. Acosta, Burke. Ro.lriqu.z. Kuja-l)avila, J. Fertitta. W. McCarthy. Third row: Belden, Halley, Madero, E. Rameriz, G. Garcia, F. Gonzalez, Lafuenta, Soto, Berger, Roden, Dover, H T-Valle, Gloria, Courtney. orson, Sada, C. Vela, A. J. Garza, Medina-Neri, Connolly, Droll, R. Leahy, Wannrr Cordry, Crist, Tctley. Rogers, Marquez, Cuevas. Fifth row: Hatch, M. F. Kennedy, Gunn, S. Smith, Corin, Adorno, R. Garcia, A. Garza, Trevino, E. C Behar, Baeten. Korm-inski, M. Fertitta. Sixth row: Williamson, Incognita, Caughlin, Melik, M. Ramirez, Amado, Prieto, McKay, Burns, Bland, McClusky, Owens. ewman cNaughton, ;c, Long, O. Martinez, M. Stanley, eahy, Wagner, Stewart, Clarke, A. Stanley, Hermes, Rados, , Chapa, Reinhart, Pesek, Raineri, Kolos, Cerling, Nash, K..-n President . BARNA RD G. MARROQUIN :IA SUE McCLARNEY RIE LOUISE STROHMI :IA ANNE NOLLETTE EXEC! semary Virginia Johnson mes Paul Leahy BERS Jorge Delgado Lafuente OFFICERS Historian .... ;YER Chaplain .... JTIVE COMMITTEE Vice-PTesident PATRIC Corresponding Secretary . . MARJO Recording Secretary . . . PATRIC R la MEM Elia Acosta Daniel David Droll Sergio Antonio Acosta Paul Morgan Dugan Richard Harold Wehner, Jr. Edn Lydia Ramirez Waterlee Marie Afflerbac Alfred Alfaro Dorothy Allen h ConenaTean E Janet Marie I.illey Francis Louise Linville Mario Efren Ramirez Robert Horrall Armstror, g William Haney Gaines, Jr. William Marcus McCarthy Aubrey Henry Roden BP Luis Maria Banks Carlos Jose Barrios William Wharton Barton Inez Beale Luis Behar Lucy Jane Behr William Roger Belden Domingo Benavides Alicia Garza Eugenio Garza Gloria Carza Jose Eduardo Garza Francis William Gerling Margaret Elizabeth Gleason LeRoy Jose Gloria Hugh McCranie Robert Don McElroy Annie Marie McFarland William Wayne McCinnis Juan McKay Rita Eleanor McNaughton Anthony Maeiel, Jr. Evaristo Madero, Jr. Alfredo Rojas-Davila Patricio Sada Rene Salegio Angel Ernest Sanchez Julia Anne Sheldon Elizabeth Sherman Clare Wilkerson Smith Sue Cheek Smith Anne Staehely Margaret ' Ellen ' stanley Virginia Anne Stapleton Anne Francis Stehling Kathryn Lucille Bieter Frank Bland Morgan Alcede Bondy Jo Ann Bonneau . John Edmond Bourdeau Mary Cecilia Bourdeau Anna Louise Brennan Yolanda Buckley Thomas Joseph Burns Fernando Narano Gonzalez Morin S. Gorin Mary Margaret Grogan Richard Eckel Gunn Mary Elizabeth Hain Norma Halley Arnette Marie Harz Dolores Haynes Phyllis Jeanne Hennessey Joe Malik, Jr. Gustavo Enrique Marquez Bernard G. Marroquin Oscar Nicolas Martinez Tibero Sergio Martinez Elizabeth Hanora Mathew s Gilbert James Stonitsch Kathleen Connelly Clara Jerabek Dixi.. H.iy,. Oliver Francis Edward Owens, Jr Katherine Elizabeth Tynan Jack Edward Wagner 1 . Marjorie Ann Walker A Eugene Walston M Richard Harold Wehner, Jr. Anthony Patrick Williamson Edith Mary Wolf John Michael Courtney Medora Woodson Crist Thomas Mervyn Kaney Mary Frances. Kennedy Anita Pesek Gerado Phyfer Patricia Anne Donoghue Eileen Dover NEWMAN CLUB, in 1910. Alma Augusta Kreider an organization for Cathol ic students, was esta Wished on the campus CHARLOTTE JANE TREACCAR MARGARET ELIZABETH GLEASON FATHER THOMAS F. TIERNEY BERNARD C. MARROQUIN OFFICERS President .... V ice-President Secretary .... Treasurer .... Reporter Co-Editors of Newsletter . Faculty Sponsors . JUNE ELIZABETH SEIPEL VICTOR ERVIN COUNTZ LAURA ELIZABETH GALBRAITH DORIS MARIE COCHRAN DOROTHY LEE HOLLAND (LILLIAN LELA HILL (BiLLiE SUE LAWHON (AILEEN CARPENTER (C. J. ALDERSON MEMBERS Maye Adele Beckham Helen Carolyn Graner Constance Babette Montgomery Dorothy Nell Camp Shirley Hathorn Anna Garrett Ratliff Doris Marie Cochran Jacqueline Sylvia Hempel Karl Edward Rippel Victor Ervin Countz Lillian Lela Hill Elizabeth Jane Decker Sachse Man Evelyn Crawford Dorothy Lee Holland Mary Jo Sansing Mary Ella Critz Ruth Margaret Horak June Elizabeth Seipel Lillian Kathleen Crosby Eldera Dee Jenkins Marilyn Irene Shanklin Margaret Aileen Eby Helen Juanita Kelly Barbara Nathalie Smith Norman D. Flados May Adele Kirtley Virginialee Stevenson Byron Franklin Fullerton BillieSueLawhon Patricia H. Cain Swenson Laura Elizabeth Galbraith Meda Beth McDaniel Charles Robert Young THE PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS ' CLUB, founded in 1928 to organize the students in this field, has both a social and professional purpose. Problems are discussed that arise in several fields, and the club strives for closer cooperation between students and faculty. Mil! ! M . COCHR. ' RPENTER. HATHORN. 1 ' : % . Front row: CATLETT. KUYKENDALL, BIRD, HOWSLEY, CARRINGTON. Second tow: NORMAN, CAMPBELL, SAMES, BENBOW, TUTT, MOSS, GRESHAM, MORGAN, BECEMAN. Third row: ZIMMERMAN, L. LOGAN, MAER, DOUGLAS, KELLER, WHELESS, McKELLAR, COCHRAN, FISHER, GREGORY. Fourth row: ELLIS, TATE, SANDERFORD. BURKHART, McKEAN, DULS, BARTHOLOW, SCHUMACHER, SPEERS, McCABE, HORTON. eran fy President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . Faculty Sponsc OFFICERS LOUISE STRATTON BIRD ETHEL LAURA KUYKENDALL MARILYNNE HOWSLEY j DOROTHY OLSON L. L. CLICK I. Ill IS!-: STK I ' l ' IN MEMBERS Jean Anita Bartholow Anne Gresham Naomi Jane Miller Jean Lucile Begeman Mary Susan Hamilton Mary Lou Mills Pauline Elizabeth Benbow Dorothy Jane Heep Sarah Ruth Morgan Louise Stratton Bird Patsy Jean Horton Katharine Moss Anna Arnold Buchanan Marilynne Howsley Florence Neely Anne Elizabeth Burkhart Kathryn Ann Jackson Betty Norman Flora Keith Campbell Katharine Elise Keller Ann Richey Rachel Gertrude Cannon Ethel Laura Kuykendall Elizabeth Dublin Sames Frances Carrington Jean Elaine Lawson Emily Eloise Sanderford Mary Gene Catlett Lucia Robson Logan Betty Schumacher Margaret Elizabeth Cochrar i Marjorie Ann Logan Lillian Frances Speers Ruth Ann Douglas Mary Catherine McCabe Dorothy Cleo Tate Catherine Gardiner Duls Margaret Janelle McKean Martha Jane Tillery Ann Elizabeth Ellis Emily McKellar Anna Kathelyn Tutt Julia Emerson Fisher Hillery Margaret Maer Mary Adelaide Wheless Martha Jane Gregory Ida Louise Mahler Sara Frances Zimmerman Frances Elizabeth Matton PIERIAN LITERARY SOCIETY was organized at The University of Texas in 1911 to bring together girls interested in furthering their knowledge of cultural arts. Members of the faculty and other authorities in the field of literature are asked to discuss various literary works at the meetings which take place twice a month. Requirements for membership are a general " C " average and a " B " average in English. PACE 356 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Faculty Sponsor CHARLOTTE TERRELL WALTERS y OFFICERS CHARLOTTE TERRELL WALTERS EVELYN LEORA DEERING NITA KARL OTT HARMON MARY NELL CASS ADA LOUISE EWING MARIE BETZNER MORROW MEMBERS Marilee Aron Ethyle Mae Austin Eve ' ly-n Marie Austin Louise Stratton Bird Bettie Lou Bowen Margaret Brush Anna Arnold Buchanan Francis Jane Burchard Maryanne Cardwell Mary Nell Cass Billie Jane Chandler Joyce Gray Clegg Doris Marie Cochran Sally Charlotte Crowe Betty Lou Dahlberg Dorothy Marie Dallmeyer Betty Lee Decherd Evelyn Leora Deering Ada Louise Ewing Clarice Franklin Itta Louise Freed Helen Elaine Cinsburg Annette Louise Greenfield Nita Karl Ott Harmon Mary Margaret Herrington Marjorie Claire Isenberg Lois Jackson Betty Claire Jacobs Ethel Laura Kuykendall Marjorie May Levy Lucia Robson Logan Marjorie Ann Logan Jewell Kathleen Luedemann Nadine Matheny Elise Moskowitz Constance Mercedes Muehlberger Patricia Mildred Murphy- Ruth Neil Jean Willard Nichols Francis Phillips Wanda Janice Robertson Carolyn Bryant Row Delta Pauline Scott Helen Virginia Sumpter Martha Jane Walker Charlotte Terrell Walters Mary Gay Wheeler PRESENT DAY CLUB striv problems and to stimulate an the Red Cross roll bandages a; 5 to promote the study and discussion of present day merest in worldwide affairs. This year ' s plans are to help id to donate blood plasma. Front rote: HARMON, CASS. WALTERS, BRUSH, MATHENY. Second rote: CHANDLER, CARDWELL, WHEELER, DECHERD, GREENFIELD, LEVY, L. LOGAN. Third rote: M. LOGAN, SCOTT, BOWEN, MOSKOWITZ, JACOBS, CINSBURG, CLEGC, PHILLIPS. Fourth rote: NICHOLS, DALLMEYER, WALKER, LUEDEMANN, CROWE, MUEHLBERGER, COCHRAN, JNCTON, ISENBERG, SUMPTE PiC.357 g v " I .f-v. r ainboiv OFFICERS President y ice- President Secretary Treasurer Program Chairman . Social Chairman Organization Chairman MARTHA ELIZABETH MAGEE NELLIE DELANEY BARTLETT GLADYS EDNA RUBIO VIRGINIA OWEN THAXTON JERRY LUCRETIA GOLDEN DOROTHY DILLINGER IRIS ANEITA JAMAR MEMBERS i; in n .] . MII-: TII M ;i:i: Winifred Editha Adams Nita Lorraine Greenwood Katherine Georgianna Paterson Mary Lois Applewhite Eloise Lynne Harrison Helen Marie Pellet Virginia Louise Barron Oleis Marion Heineke Ruth Louise Peyton Nellie DeLaney Bartlett Patricia Francis Hemphill Dorothy Martha Presley Ruth Elizabeth Boiling Ruth Virginia Hodde Nancy Doris Robertson Shirley Mae Chapman Iris Aneita Jamar Helen Frances Robinson Evelyn Chaudoin Marsha Ruth Kalmore Gladys Edna Rubio Lois Elaine Cowley Henrietta Liston Lillian Caldwell Scott Eleanor Florence Del ' Honm le Mary Frances Macauley Doris Dean Simms Dorothy Dillinger Martha Elizabeth Magee Norma Dean Smith Martha Ann Elkins Joy Margaret Moore Lida Louise Spiller Beulah Margaret Fairbairn Anna Maude Morse Bessie J. Tate Dorothy Louise Fields Elsie Moskowitz Virginia Owen Thaxton Lenora Elizabeth Going Corine Mylius Betty Jean Thompson Mary Claire Gossage Mary Margaret Owens Marilyn Joyce Waldvogel Marybelle Grace Claire Louise Painter Nancy Lou Webb Helen Marie Williams THE RAINBOW CLUB offers an opportunity for former and present Rainbow Girls attending the University to become more closely acquainted as they work together as a service organization. i ELEANOR ANN LOYI aan OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ELEANOR ANN LOYD BETTIE LOUISE SHARP SARAH VIRGINIA WIRTZ MARY LOUISE WILLEFORD W. Miriam Dozier Clara May Parker FACULTY MEMBERS Annie So well Irvine Mildred Pickle Mayhall Margaret Peck MEMBERS Alice Lois Andreas Lila Dean Finley Sara Annell Melton Mary Helen Armstrong Josie Francis Gambrell Dorothy Sue Miles Jimmie Lee Barker Lucile Lloyd Head Frances Ramsey Murray Gloria Ann Barnes Helen Ruth Hicks Ann Raborn Campbell Margaret Elizabeth Baskin Willian Ernestine Holland Lucille Leslie Randall Elizabeth Livermore Biggs Gloria Ernestine Hood Dorothy Anita Reynolds Jean Braly Peggy Nell Hoover Virginia Darling Schwall Maryanne Cardwell Alice Carroll Hunter Bettie Louise Sharp Emma Eugenia Carroll Elaine Marcelaine Janosky Katie Frances Simmons Billie Jane Chandler KittieSueJinkins Inez Isabel Sterling Carolyn Gladys Childs Sarah Katherine Kellogg Gene Stinnett Joyce Gray Clegg Emelia Yvonne Kennedy- Marie Helena Stumberg Cara Jeanne Glower Mary Elizabeth Knight Mary Mabel Thomason Bettie Lou Coates Justine McKay Kone Dorothy June Tutt Carolyn Kate Conlisk Jo Ellen Lewis Martha Jane Walker Sue Craddock Mary Elaine Lowrey Margaret Westbrook Mary Evelyn Crawford Eleanor Ann Loyd Helen June Wilkinson Sally Charlotte Crowe Maude Eugenia McDonald Mary Louise Willeford Mary Frances Edward Jacqueline McKay- Sarah Virginia Wirtz REAGAN LITERARY SOCIETY was founded in 1902 at the suggestion of Helen Marr Kirby, first Dean of Women at the University, and was named for John H. Reagan, Chairman of the State Railroad Commission and District Judge. Membership is based on a " B " average in English and a " C " average in general courses. CRAWFORD, THOMASON. BARNES. REYNOLDS, LEWIS, STERLING, CARROLL. ARMSTRONG, MELTON. . HOOVER. ANDREAS. CROWE. IE AD. TLTT, WESTBROOK. JCC. BIGGS, SCHWALL, MURRAY. K dLit era OFFICERS President MARVIN HOWARD ALISKY Vice-President Louis RICHARD TURBEVILLE Secretary PICKARD EARL WAGNER Treasurer MITCHELL MATTHEWS GROSSMAN Sergeant-at-Arms ROY HOUSE ZUEFELDT Historian PHILIP ALAN FREED Reporter RAYMOND ALAN HARDING Social Chairman SEYMOUR JOSEPH SANOV Parliamentarian JAMES KENNETH KERBY Faculty Advisor N. EDO MILLER FACULTY MEMBERS Homer P. Rainey H. T. Parlin Jesse Villarreal MEMBERS Marvin Howard Alisky Morgan Alcede Bondy Ralph Kirkwood Collier Charles Kenneth Duffie Philip Alan Freed Henry Coleman Fulcher Mitchell Matthews Grossman Raymond Alan Harding Robert Milton Horton Alva Roscoe Howard, Jr. Henry Sterne Jacobus, Jr. James Kenneth Kerby Hugh Franklin King Alfred Sebring Lowrey Robert Don McElroy Willis Daniel Moore Seymour Joseph Sanov William Laurel Talbert Paul Aubrey Tracey Louis Richard Turbeville Pickard Earl Wagner Albert Washington West, Warren Travis White Robert Lewis Wirtz Herbert Yarbrough Roy House Zuefeldt RUSK LITERARY SOCIETY, the oldest student organization on the University of Texas, is a forensic student organization which participate oratorical and debating activities. OFFICERS HERBERT AMOS YAKBROIGH. President . Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Reporter Social Chairman . HERBERT AMOS YARBROUGH, JR. GLORIA ERNESTINE HOOD ALFRED SEBRING LOWREY TOMMIE LOU ZlEGLER MARVIN HOWARD ALISKY ROYAL WHEELER KING, JR. MEMBERS Hazel Evelynn Adams Bascom Gerald Heath Dorothy Lee Persia Marvin Howard Aliskv George Lindsey Hendrix Peggv Yvonnee Ponder Maybelle Allen Phvllis Jeanne Hennessey August John Proll, Jr. Jane Ellen Aterman Nancy Eubank Hoeltzel Joyce Kathryn Rader Lucille Yvonne Buchek William Wylie Holden, Jr. Betty Jean Rogers Nancy Jewell Camp Gloria Ernestine Hood Christine Rogers Helen Evalee Cunningham Dorothy Jean Huedepohl Julia Anne Sheldon Margaret Coughlin Beverly Mae Jordan Martha Ann Taylor Georgette Elaine Covo Royal Wheeler King. Jr. Mary Ann Thornton Jacqueline Marie Covo Jolly Kirsner Lewis Ervin Tucker Harriette Lane Donzis Jayne M. Lester Joe Henry Ward, Jr. Harold Lee Eiserloh Alfred Sebring Lowrey Mary Lou Williamson Norman Alex Eiserloh Robert Franklin Mathews William Le Ray Wilson Frances Pearl Etheridge Sara Annell Melton I.ura Nell Wirthlin Kathleen Elizabeth File Jo Ann Nelson Robert Lewis Wirtz Jeanne Alice French Betty Jean Nessly Edith Mary Wolf Florence Lucille Gibson Hoyle Millard Osborne Herbert Amos Yarbrough, Jr. Gaylord Carl Hanson Tommie Lou Ziegler SAN ANTONIO CLUB was founded to bring together students from San Antonio and the surrounding area. Traditionally the club has a picnic and elects a San Antonio Rose. 3ER, THORNTON. Second rate: ETHERIDCE, RADER. FRENCH. WILLIAMSON, HOELTZEL. HENNESSEY. KIRSNER. WOLF. TUCKER. Third ro: WARD, FITE. J. COVO. MELTON. HUEDEPOHL. Bl ' CHEK. C. ROGERS. C. COVO. ALLEN. SHELDON, HANSON. Fourth rou: H. EISERLOH, PROLL, HOLDEN, PERSIA. HEATH, COt ' CHLIN. MATHEWS, N. EISERLOH. Front row: GREENFIELD, STAPLETON, ARMSTRONG, SHUDDE, EDENS, KNOX, Second row: LEE, McFARLAND, SCOTT, COCHRAN, GUNTER, PIPSAIRE, HERA Third row: GIBSON, BROOM, PORTER, QUADE, CONWAY. WILSON. Fourth row: MEADOR, DILLEHAY, SWEENEY, YUST. u dLanler dLit J eraru OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Historian . Sergeant-at-Arms VIRGINIA LEE SHUDDE DOROTHY CHATMAS MARIEL JACQUELINE TEAGUE SARA LEE ARMSTRONG BETTY MARGARET LEE ELIZABETH ANN EDENS MEMBERS Sara Lee Armstrong Annette Louise Greenfield Adelyn Jean Nussbaum Carol Jane Bauman Lorene Billie Grisom Virginia Mary Owens Dorothy Virginia Brockelmanr i Mary Margaret Gunter Mary Katherine Pipsaire Marilyn Alys Broom Elizabeth Anne Herald Lou Harless Porter Alta Bell Campbell Marjorie Emma Hieserman Dyloris Anna Mae Quade Dorothy Chatmas Maurine Kariel Doris Fay Rosenwasser Drusilla Cochran Vivian Virginia Knox Mary Lou Scott Leatrice Frances Cohen Lena Belle Koch Virginia Lee Shudde Mary Alice Conway Betty Margaret Lee Alice Louise Slicker Helen Evalee Cunningham Olive White Lockhart Margaret Ellen Stanley Elizabeth Jeannette Currie Martha McFarland Virginia Ann Stapleton Doris Elaine Dillehay Mary Jane McGill Mary Lou Sweeney Elizabeth Ann Edens Marjorie Joanne Macow Mariel Jacqueline Teague May Eleanor Files Jean Marie Mason Charlotte Terrell Walters Thelma Getsin Sarah Margaret Meador Barbara Wilson Gloria Gibson Elene Meyer Jo Eloise Williams Lenora Elizabeth Going Mary Kathryn Nipper Anna Elizabeth Yust VIRGINIA LEE SHUDDE SIDNEY LANIER LITERARY SOCIETY, a local organization founded in 1900, strives to promote a helpful and pleasant association among girls. The requirements for member- ship are a " B " average and particularly outstanding work in English. ANN CARROLL President, Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Elizabeth G. Adkisson Jaquelyn Anselin Marilyn Arnold Peggy Avant William Baker Betty Louise Barker Mary Jo Barnes Mary Louise Beene Doss Hickman Berry Wayne Boger Patricia Boger Phillip Bordages Walter Frederick Basse Gloria Ann Bowers Eleanor Brooks Mary Brownrigg Sidney Burke Ann Virula Burrus Felix Burrus Charles Thompson Butler. Jr Nora Ann Carroll Lee Jean Cheshire Bruce Dupree Clemmons OFFICERS NORA ANN CARROLL MARY REGINA XACOL ANN VITULA BURRUS CHARLES THOMPSON BUTLER. JR. MEMBERS Mary Nees Cook CarlCottle John N. Cowan Leanora Crutchcr Lucy Jane Dodd Elinor Domaschk Frank Dover Catherine Ann Dunn Joan Floyd James R Franklin Mar Francis Freeman Leroy McKean Fulbright Edwin Morris Gale Ralph Cammill Shirley Gibson Mary Ann Glass Mary Elizabeth Gordon Harvey Lee Guthrey Mar jorie Hancock Eloise Marie Harlan Harriot Holland Willian Holland Alice Carrol Hunter Jerry Johnson Edward Keig Martha Jane Keith Catherine King Clay Victor Krames Neil Anthony Lapham Jo Ellen Lewis Mary Repina Nacol James Needham Martha Nees Jack Neff Virginia Pipkin Virginia Ruth Pivoto Sybil Pondnim Doris Ramsey Leo Singleton Ross Skinner Carson Sublett Dorothy TaUey Edwin Terry Dorothy Lois Wallace Beverly Wingate Martha Wilson Thomas Wilson SOUTHEAST TEXAS CLUB was founded in 1937 from a combination of the Beaumont Club and the Port Arthur Club. The club sponsors a scholarship covering the registration fees to a graduate of the Lamar Junior College of Beaumont. Two dances are given, one of which is an Easter Dance at Beaumont. Front row: 1 I.IK. III. AK K V. I ' . SMITH. M, M-:i:i.. DKPWE. rUnf row.- WHITE, CRKKN. u Ki:s : , m:i uv i.i: NIIKR, HARDEM U ; TKilM. M.I.ACK. M ervicemen 6 OFFICERS Commander Vice-Commander Adjutant Vice-Adjutant Sergeant-at-Arms MKMHKKS William Walter Akers Leonard James Alexander James Hartfield Armstrong Clayton Eldon Blakeway Robert E. Burns Kirk Morton Cargill Robert Venneman Crosson Jerry Clarke Davis Stanley Massie Depwe George Francis Allou D ' Hemecourt, Jr. Isham Harrison Evans Byron Franklin Fullerton Billy Gordon Gaylord Carl Hanson Jack Yarborough Hardee Hunter Dumas Hardeman John Lewis Heiman Brenner Kaye Holloman Waldo Emerson Jackson, Jr. John Ruffin Johnson, Jr. PAT NAUL SMITH CLAYTON ELDON BLAKEWAY STANLEY MASSIE DEPWE JOE MALIK, JR. HAROLD JORDAN McNEEL Irving Juresco Leon George Lungstrom Albert Franklin Lupo Harpld Jordan McNeel Joe Malik, Jr. John Emory Marsh, Jr. Cleo Arthur Nipper John A. Odom, Jr. William Stuart Peace Tillman Porcher Perkins Lyman A. Ripperton Carl Edward Rogers Billy Warren Rudd George Edwin Smith, Jr. Pat Naul Smith Malcolm Everett Wallace Robert Crum Weir Marshall Marlin Whitesides Julius Earl Wiley, Jr. ] ' ] N M [. MI I II ON PEARL HARBOR DAY, 1943, the Ex-Servicemen ' s Association attempt to unite all the veterans of the armed services who ha University. It functions as a service group and a social organization. PACE 364 founded in an eturned to the MCDONALD DDSERVATDRY The McDonald Observator operated by the University in conjunc- tion icith the University of Chicago, is continuing its astronomical research during the icar. ft ft ft ANNE STAPLETON Xr Wia L-m Ji ' rneaa OFFICERS President, .... Vice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . VIRGINIA ANNE STAPLETON ROSE MARIE PELPHREY BETTY MACDONALD DYLORIS QUADE ELIZABETH ANNE HERALD Elladean Rupert Chambers, Aust Kiki Cullum, Fort Worth Jeanne Dement, Meridian, Miss. Kli ;ilirtli Anne Herald. Austin Dorothy Howser. Wichita Falls Helen Hughes, San Benito Mary Harriet Lott, Navasota Janice Robena Askew, Houston Doris Campbell, Crowell Martha Camilla Chambers, Austin Sybil Ruth Giese, LaGrange Betty Jayne Gise, Yoakum Marjorie Grant, Dallas Paula Jane Grubb, Canton Billye Esther Harper, Austin Marjorie Hieserman, Iowa Park Deborah Irene McBride, Austin Mary Jane McCill, Austin Naomi Jane Miller, Dallas Patricia Ruth Miller. McAllister, Okla. MEMBERS Seniors Betty MacDonald, Austin Rosemary Moore, Austin Rose Marie Pelphrey, Gladewater Margaretta Perkins, El Paso Ethel Claire Raney, Loraine Virginia Anne Stapleton, Dallas Martha Jane Womack, San Angelo Juniors Earline Milstead, Austin Doris Peavy, Garland Georgia Cecila Poulos, Texarkana Dyloris Anne Mae Quade, Houston Rosalie Frances Ring, Houston Frances Lorrain Schaefer, Conroe Betty Scott, Grand Prairie Katherine Spencer, Sulphur Springs Anna Marie Stanley, Dallas Frances Mac Turner. San Antonio Ida Cecily Wesson. Navasota Mary Louise Wolcott, Ysleta Marjorie Jo Wolf, Austin Front Second LANNOM, CRANSTON, WELHAUSEN, WOLF, MOODY, KENT, LEE, DUNLAVEY, McTEE, BROOM, HUNTE PACE 366 Front ro : NOLLETTE, R. MOORE. CIESE, McINTIRE. POWER. ELLIS. EBELING. LOY. Second ,o -. CALLAN, CISE. MIZE. CtLPIN. VAN HASELE.N. HOLIMAN, NESBIT, COOKE. COOXS. Thud ro : CRUBB, BADAMI. McCARROLL, CURRI.N, ROYCE. KNOTTS, BRYANT. SCHILLING. RYAN. Fourth rot: CREISEN. MASON, OWEN, WOLCOTT. SPENCER. P. MILLER. DEVLIN. TURNER. OSTR Jacqueline Hazelle Blandin. Wichita Falls Patricia Bradbury. San Angelo Anna Lou Bright, Houston Marilyn Alys Broom. Austin Mary Louise Bryan. Dallas Edna Colson. Victoria Ellenita Margaret Cooke. Houston Patsy Cranston. Fort Worth Jo Ann Devlin. Houston Betty Jane Dunlavey. McAllen Johnny LaVeme Ellis, Dallas Lorene Billie Grisom. Dallas Lois Louise Harman, Dallas Freshmen Sophomores Elizabeth Annelle Hayes, Dallas Katherine Hunter, Austin Patsy Knapp Jones, Houston Geraldine Kent, Houston Lila Virginia Keys, Corpus Christi ' Fairy Belle Kramer. Wichita Falls Patsy Jane Krohn, Palestine Marjorie Ann Lannom, Seguin Betty Margaret Lee. Dallas Jamie Sue McEntire, Sterling City Patricia Dean McTee. Austin Jean Marie Mason. San Antonio Mary Virginia Mize. Nacogdoches Jacqueline Marie Moody, Dallas Rose Marie Badami. Dallas ' Betty Jeanne Barnett. Austin ' Patsy Ann Brown. Dayton ' Gloria 3 Elizabeth Cal ' lan. San Angelo ' Dorothy Arlene Coons. New Orleans, La. ' Betty Lou Courtney. Austin ' Frances Marion Currin. Dallas ' Mary Jo Duderstadt. Yorktown ' Betty Jane Ebeling. Dallas ' Marion Ehlers. Austin George Ann Gilpin. Thorndale Marcia Mvrle Gordon. Dallas ' Vila Darlyne Gould. Mitchell, Nebr. ' Shirley Mae Greisen, Dallas ' Wanda Yvonne Hicks. Waco ' Doris Loraine Holiman, San Angelo " Lois Ann Knotts. Huntsville ' Irene Louise Loy, Houston ' Katherine Louise McCarroll. San Angelo ' Patricia Ann Nollette, Dallas ' Mary Katherine Ostrander, San Antonio ' Margaret Ryan. Houston Chiquita Schilling, Houston Sue Loretta Sweeney. San Antonio ' Janel Ulbricht. Austin ' Gladys Elizabeth Windham. San Angelo FACULTY JEAN HOLT ELTELKA LYNN LLERENA FRIEND . Instructor in Chemistry . Tutor in Sociology . Research Assistant in Te Betty Ann Moore. Shreveport, La. Alm ' edia Nesbit. Dallas Betty O ' Brien, Houston Marian Pnarr. Austin Barbara Helen Power. Montclair, N. J. Lillie Sue Royce, Caddo Mills Margaret Ellen Stanley. Dallas Mary Josephine Stedman, Cameron Jacqueline Mariel league, Moody Marilyn Jean Wade, Yoakum Mary Katherine Welhausen, Yoakum Joan Whitis. Austin Alice Virginia Worrell, Austin PI OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... Rush Captain . JEAN BRALY JOAN INGALLS PETERSON ANNA HUST PHYLLIS AMRINE SALLY CROWE CONNIE MUEHLBERGER MEMBERS Senior Jean Braly, Waco Carolyn Conlisk, Brownwood Sally Crowe, Corpus Christi Dorothy Dallmeyer, Brenham Jean ElitobethDonalson, Weslaco Frances Evelyn Durham, Comanche Elizabeth Ann Edens, Fort Worth Helen Rutii Hicks, Waco Martha Jahe Keith, Beaumont Yvonne Emelia Kennedy, Waco Marilyn Leeper, Fort Worth Phyllis Jean Amrine, Houston Billie Pauline Atchley, Olney Margaret Elaine Coleman, Min Drusilla Cochran, Fort Worth Jackie Hanson, Avoca Jewell Kathleen Luedemann, Schulenberg Helen Jane Lockhart, San Antonio Kathryn Elizabeth McDaniel, Abilene Constance hichlbrrgrr. Wichita Falls Jean Willanl Nichols. Fort Worth Lucy Geraldine Smith, Blooming Grove Martha Stripling, San Augustine Myrlee Doris Wright, Laredo Loudelle Wroe, Groesbeck Anna Elizabeth Yust, Batson Junior Ethel Louise Kaffie, Natchitoches, La. Vivian Virginia Knox, Austin Jo Ellen Lewis, Beaumont Althea Ann Lokey, Bryan : BUTTERY, LOKEY, G. SMITH, DONALSON, COCHRAN, LEWIS, COLEMAN, WROE, KEITH, WIRTZ. MOORE, STRIPLING, L. G. SMITH, CHILDS, LOCKHART, LUEDEMANN, CONLISK, BAINE, KENNEDY. : CLEGG, KNOX, MEHNER, HUGHES, PACE, WHITE, WILSON, MEADEOR, BRANSON, McDANIEL, DURHAM, DALLMEYER. Front to : ORTON, J. SMITH, ROENSCH. COLLINS, COLEMAN. BUTLER, PRITCHETT, LATSON. Second ro: ATCHLEY. BRUCE. BLOTZ, ROTHWELL. SHROPSHIRE. MARTIN, GRAHAM. WARD. HUDSON. CLARK. WILCOX. SCHLEIDER. Third ,o : WILLS, COBB, BURLESON, H. SMITH. LESTER. M. POLLEY, MITCHELL. KAFFIE. McFARLAND. GIBSON, REYNOLDS. Fourth roK.- SWEENEY. LEMLY. PURL. FORREST. WILEY, RALSTON, WINBORN, PORTER. DILLEHAY. OLIVER, WOLLBRETT. GLENN. O. POLLEY. Juniors Sophomores Martha Anne McFarland, Hillsboro Anna Lee Martin. Italy Sarah Margaret Meador. Austin Princess Doll Moore, Caldwell Betty Ann Newcomer. Higgins Virginia Mary Owens. Austin Barbara Antoinette Pace, Baytown Joan Ingalls Peterson. Dallas Lou Hareless Porter. Dallas Jane Thomas Pritchett. Austin Josephine Huron Ralston. Austin Dorothy Anita Reynolds, Beaumont Elizabeth Schleider, Brenham Margery Sears, Abilene Margaret Sears, Abilene Dorothy Elaine Scharff. Brenham Virginia Lee Shudde. Houston Martha Jane Walker. Houston Charlotte Terrell Walters, Fort Worth Betty Jo White. Brandon Mar ' y Yvonne Wills. Dallas Barbara Wilson, Tyler Eleanor Ayres. Austin Beverly Almarine Baine. Waco Patricia Ann Branson, Tuscon, Ariz. Vivian Pearl Buttery, Llano Joyce Gray Clegg. trinity Carolyn Gladys Childs. New York, N. Y. Jo Ann Collins, Lovelady Doris Elizabeth Dillehay, Vernon Gloria Gibson, Keirville Man Jo Hudson, Austin Thelma Maurene Hughes, Dallas Mary Hart Law. Austin Maureen Marie Mehner. Luling Olive Helen Polley. San Benito Man Minta Polley, San Benito Frances Jean Roensch. Bellville Martha Faye Rumbel. Mission Mary Lou Sweeney, San Benito Gwendolyn Smith. " Caldwell Elizabeth Ann Wilcox, Dallas Frances Elaine Wiley, Austin Sarah Virginia Wirtz, Houston Freshmen ' Catherine Arline Blotz, Rockyford, Col. Man Elizabeth Bruce. Liberty ' Helen Virginia Burleson, Sherman ' Dorothv Jean Butler. Austin ' Barbara Clark. Ridgewood. N. J. Bernice Marie Cobb. Coleman Buddy Coburn. Houston Frances Ann Coleman. Mineola Elizabeth Louise Derigo. Wharton Ernestine Forrest, Dallas Margaret Nell Glenn. Waco Betty Kathryn Graham, Clebume Annabelle Latson, Fort Worth Carolyn Suzette Lemly. Dallas ' Jayne M. Lester, San Antonio Marcia Virginia Mitchell. Fort Worth ' Paula Laurena Oliver, Corning. Ark. ' Peggy Orton, Brownwood ' Dorothalea Purl. San Antonio Man Frances Ray. Dallas ' Billie Sue Rothwell, Mineola Joza Jean Shropshire, Houston Helen Sharon Smith. Austin Jerry Jane Smith, Dallas AdabelleStroud.Waco Eva Mozelle Ward. Wichita Falls Betty Jean Winbom. Houston Dorothy Lucille Wollbrett, Houston MARGARET JANE HOFER LUCILLE WILLIAMS . JET WINTERS . . . FACULTY Technical Assistant, Research in Chemistry Instructor in Romance Languages Professor of Home Economics Af I P -Sftpha ( p6ilc .p$( on Dean . Sub-Dean Treasurer Scribe Mollye Ann -Davis, Fort Worth Annette Louise Greenfield, Houston Ruth Evelyn Grossman, McAlister, Okla. Eva Handelman, Marlin OFFICERS ALLENE FAYE SIMPKINS RUTH EVELYN GROSSMAN MAURINE KARIEL CAROL OKRENT MEMBERS Seniors Juniors Martha Joan Abrams, Corpus Christi Ideal Adams, Carlsbad, N. M. Minalea Alexander, Dallas Jane Ellen Alterman, San Antonio Natalie Goldberg, McAlister, Okla. Maurine Kariel, Marshall Doris Jean Katz, San Antonio Golda Jean Gellman, Austin Emmy Lou Mittenthal, Shreveport, La. Allene Faye Simpkins, Tulsa, Okla. Jeanne Lang, San Antonio Millicent Levin, St. Paul, Minn. Elene Meyer, Yoakum Adelyn Jean Nussbaum, San Antonio Adolyn Lou Sellers, Dallas Vera Maxine Tumpeer, Chicago, 111. I B. KAHN, ROTHSCHILD, M. M. l.KVY, SAHTOHI1 S. CK1STOI.. IIOIIKMIKKI .., ,, : 1 1 ' l TI ' .M ' K M.. I .!) ( II . I -:i ,. TliMI-KKR, MEYER. : H. DAVIS. ROSENWASSER. SAM. BAIMAN, ROBINSON. GOLDBERG. K. MINA ALEXANDER. MARIE ALEXANDER. PERRY. READER. COHEN, STERN. : BRLCHSALER, RUDDY. BENNETT. BETACOLE. FRANK. c: PICKENS. UPPER. M. F. LEVY, OWENS, TUMPEER, COLDINC, ABRAMS, C. GROSSMAN, BERKOWITZ, GOLDMAN. Carol Jane Bauman, New Orleans, La. Amelia Martin Cristol, Dallas Helene Davis. Overton Idalee Golding, Spur Coleen Frances Grossman, McAlister, Okla. Ruth Hohenberg. Dallas Sophomores Betty Linz Kahn. Dallas Emelie Marian Kahn, Rayne, La. Marjorie May Levy, El Paso Melanie Levy, Houston Fay Upper, Dallas Marjorie Claire Mayer. Dallas Carol Okrent, Cincinnati, Ohio Babette Rothsdhild, Houston Henrietta Sam, Houston Ann Sartorius, Vicksburg. Miss. Doris Tumpeer, Chicago, 111. Marilyn Joyce Waldvogel. Columbus Freshmen ' Marie Alexander. Dallas ' Jani Ann Rennet. Pittsburg. Kans. ' Hannah Faye Berkowitz. Kansas City. Mo. Claire Betagole, Cincinnati, Ohio Helen Bnichsaler, Dallas Leatrice Frances Cohen, Hot Springs, Ark. Alice Mary Frank, Pensacola, Fla. Gloria Patricia Goldman. Houston Norma Fay Karchmer, Longview Marjorie Fay Levy, Dallas Ray Gene Owens, Corpus Christi Cecile Alys Perry, Tulsa, Okla. Rose Marie Pickens, Monroe, La. Carolyn Mae Reader, Houston Enid Ruth Robinson, Houston ' Doris Fay Rosenwasser, Stamford Renee Delores Ruddy. Dallas Joan Rose Stern. Kansas City. Mo. Dahvie Livingston Travis. Tulsa, Okla. RUTH ESTHER SCHLETZE President First Vice-President . Second Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS . RUTH ESTHER SCHLETZE . BEVERLY JEAN SANDARS . HELEN LUCILE SWANSON . ANN FRANCES HORNAK MARY JANE LARUE MARY CATHERINE SNODDY MEMBERS Seniors Marjorie Louise Hamner, San Angelo Blanche Elizabeth Patterson, Fort Worth Ann Frances Hornak, College Station Margaret Laura Jackson, Austin Ruth Esther Schletze, Encinal Helen Lucile Swanson, Dallas Juniors Mary Kathryn DuRoss, Houston Joy Margaret Moore, Fort Worth Ada Jo House, Houston Mary Kathleen Nowierski, Yorktown Mary Jane LaRue, Houston Beverly Jean Sandars, Taft Mary Louise McClendon, Carrizo Springs Virginia Owen Thaxton, Fort Worth Marjorie Corinne McClure, Amarillo Marjorie Louise Wilk, Houston Rae Gaddis Wright, Cleburne Second row: WRIGHT, WILK, WEKENTHIN, MxcDONALD, HUNTER, THKOItAI.T, MOOKK, I r KOSS, I.INDLEY, PATTERSON. Third row: CRAWFORD, HALL, HAMNER, McCLURE, THOMPSON, HAENAL, FRIZZELL, McCURDY, L A RUE, McCLENDON, NOWIERSKI. Front rmc: YOLLAND. 1HAXTOML RUBIO, nELD. Second rote: MACKEY. AUSTIN, GILDER. BEECROFT. JAPHET. Third ram: HOUSE. McINTlRE. WILLIAMS, DAVIDSON, RUSSELL, JACKSON. LINSCOMB, KENNEY, GIBSON. Grace Austin. Chihuahua. Mexico Marcheta Louise Blaustone. Austin Mary Evelyn Crawford. Crystal City Ella Shelby Frizzell. Austin Jo-Pick Fulbright. Beaumont Daphne Denise Gibson. Austin ' Mary Lois Applewhite. Beeville " Betty Claire Beecroft. San Marcos ' Margie Marie Davidson. Crowell ' Dorothy Dale Davis. Cotulla ' Bertha Jean Field. Alice ' Martha Anne Gilder. Cristobal. C. Z. Sophomores Marie Haenel. Austin Lee Ann Hall. Carriso Springs Peggy Jean Hunter. San Antonio Maude Eugenia McDonald-Austin Dorothy Brown McCurdy. Cuero Joan Mackey. Austin Freshmen ' Betty Jean Hines. Houston ' Edith Louise Japhet.Houston ' Joan Patricia Kenney. Balboa. C. Z. " Billie Jean Lindley. Cleveland ' Mary Lee Linscomb. Orange Gertrude Ruhl. Dallas ' Margaret Claire Shirley, Crowell Mary Catherine Snoddy. Graham Man, K. Theobalt. Austin Gladys Elizabeth Thompson. Austin Louise Magdalene Werkenthin, Austin " Maryilyn Mclntire. Birmingham. Mich. Gladys ' Edna Rubio, Cristobal, C. Z. ' Elizabeth Louise Russell, Houston Betty Coe Tom. San Antonio " Coral Jan Yolland. Ingleside FACULTY OLIVE BETTS . ALBERTA DODSON Instructor in Home Economics Instructor in Home Economics Q ' micron OFFICERS President . . MARY LOUISE CARR V ice-President . ELIZABETH HAASE BASSLER Secretary . . BILLIE LUCII.E STRAWBRIDGE Treasurer . . MARTHA GRACE EVERRITT I MAKV I.OUSK CAKK MEMBERS Seniors Elizabeth Haase Bassler, Temple Mary Louise Carr, Victoria Billie Lucile Strawbridge, Austin Juniors Mary Maude Algee, Tiptonville, Tenn. Connie Belle Lanning, Jacksboro Gay Marie Cullom, Carthage Betty Lou Muller, Cisco " Alberta Faye Praeger, Corpus Christi BRIDGE, ALCEE. EBB. LANMNC. P. ROBINSON. TAYLOR. WHEAT, NELSON, H. ROBINSON, BRATTON, PRAEGER. SPECK. ELIZABETH TARPLEY JEAXE STRAWBRIDGE FACULTY Associate Professor of Home Economics Secretary, CA.A. Pilot Training MEMBERS Sophomores Lois Ellen Clement. Houston Sara Carolyn Crouch. McGregor Martha Grace Everritt. Tomball Harriett Louise Robinson. Gatesville ' Patricia Lea Robinson. Gal vest on Barbara Maye Sorsby. Brookshire Ruth Tiner. San Antonio Xorma Marv X ebb. Houston Fresh mer. Billie Ruth Bratton. Freer Ruth LaVern Hallum. Brady Marjorie Mae Keifer. Austin Carolyn Mae Kelly. Austin Theda Jane Nelson. Austin Martha Naomi Speck. Corpus Chris " Martha Beryl Taylor. Fort Worth Frances S heat. Sonora Melva Carolyn Wigginton. Brady OFFICERS President . . . . V ice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer DOROTHY CHATMAS KATHRYN MARILYN HOLLE ALICE Lois ANDREAS ELEANOR ANN LOYD SARA KATHERINE KELLOGG MEMBERS Seniors DOROTHY CHATMAS Dorothy Virginia Brockelmann, Brow Bettye Ann Bruton, Dallas Billie Jane Chandler, Corpus Christi Dorothy Chatmas, Hearne Mary Frances Cone, Dallas Sue Craddock, Austin Frances Elaine Davis, Austin Mary Jane Deahl, Austin Margaret Helen Faris, Austin Lila Dean Finley, Austin hioise Herrington, Corpus Christi Kathrvn Marilyn Holle, Troup Eleanor Ann Loyd, Dallas Lucia Virginia Mills, Port Arthur Mary Elizabeth Mills, Port Arthur Mary Lou Mills, Austin Mary Kathryn Nipper, Bracketville Mary Jane Porter, Austin Muriel Ann Robertson, Fort Worth Virginia Darling Schwall. Winnetka, 111. Alice Louise Slicker, Cisco Marie Helen.- Stiiniberg. Austin Mary Jean White. Meridian Susan Elizabeth il.ox. Wichita Falls Jo Eloise Williams, Wichita Falls Front row: CHANDLER, ANDREAS, LOYD, CHATMAS, HOLLE, KELLOGG. Second row: KOCH, M. L. MILLS, ERTER, ARMSTRONG, PORTER, STUMBERC, HARRIS, SIMMONS. Third row: WILDE, HOOVER, SLICKER, CONE, GREGORY, M. E. MILLS, NIPPER, SHURR. Fourth row: FARIS, WIGZELL, BROCKELMANN, LACY, CUNBY, DEAHL, L. V. MILLS, BASKIN, McCUIRE, STAEHELY, SCHWALL, CHASE. Fifth row: WINDROW, FINLEY, BECEMAN, DAVIS. M. J. WHITE, HEINSOHN, BRUTON, WILCOX, HERRINCTON, WILLIAMS. Front rmc: BEATTY. MAHONE, RILEY, C. CRADDOCK, WESTBROOK, FREEMAN. Second rote: WADE, ATKEISO.N, KEMPE, GILLIS. DOMASCHK, GOING, SUTHERLAND. Third rcnc: STONE, GL ' ADYNSKI. TILLERY, STREET, BIGGS, SIMONTON, RABOR.N, CONNOLLY " , HORCHER. Fourth rov: WORLEY, ISENBERG, P. STEWART, McCABE, LODLE, MARSHALL, THOMASON, KOPECKY. HORTON. WILHITE, R. L. STEWART. Alice Lois Andreas, Catarina Jean Lucile Begeman. Hope, Ark. Ina Jane Chase. Austin Elizabeth Jeannette Currie. Austin Rosemary Beth Davis. Austin Elinor Ruth Domaschk. Port Arthur Martha Jane Gregory. Houston Peggy Nell Hoover. Hamilton Sara Lee Armstrong. Austin Dixie Nell Atkeison. Munday Margaret Elizabeth Baskin. Sevmour Claire Craddock. Austin Ethel Elizabeth Eppright. Manor Bonnie Mae Erter, Houston Juniors Margaret Rees Horcher. Lake Charles, La. Sara Katherine Kellogg, Houston Geraldine Lorraine Kempe, Port Arthur Jean Elaine Lawson, Austin Verlyn Elaine Lodle, Galveston Judy Devereaux Lacy, Hondo Ann Campbell Raborn. Orange Katie Frances Simmons, Wichita Falls Sophomores Lenora Going, Port Arthur Sarah Ellen Gunby, Southern Pines, N. C Mary Evelyn Harris. Houston Fay Heinsohn. Austin Marjorie Claire Isenberg. Me Allen Lena Belle Koch. Lufkin Freshmen Mary Ann Beatty. Houston Elizabeth Livermore Biggs. Winchester. Cynthia Ann Blair, Dallas Virginia Anne Boyd. Austin Barbara Joan Connolly. Galveston Dorothy Fletcher, ustin Bonnie " Jo Freeman. Coleman " Mary Jane Gaudynski. Milwaukee, Wis. Martha Garner Gillis. Hunt Patsy Jean Horton, Dallas Lillian Caroline Kopecky. Dallas Mary Catherine McCabe. Marfa Louise Charlotte Marshall, San Antonio FACULTY A!ARY ERNESTINE GOLDMAN . Assistant Professor of Home Economics GOLDIE HORTON PORTER . .Assistant Professor of Pure Mathematics M RY JANE MARICLE STONEMAN . Instructor of Music Anna Louise Mahone. Me Allen Aloma Dolores Monk. Austin Martha Edna Riley. Wink Ohma Smith. Houston Phyllis Jean Stewart, Galveston - Alma Louise Street. Austin Martha Elizabeth Stone. Mexico, D. F. Lilian Lucile Sutton. Austin Martha Jane Tillery. Mexico, D. F. Marie Florence Wade. Corpus Christi Betty Jean Wilhite. Dallas Frances Marian Worley. Austin ' Bettie Rose Simonton, Corpus Christi ' Rita Louise Stewart, Fort Worth Yvonne Adell Sutherland, Houston ' Margaret Westbrook, Kerens Dorothy Kay White, Dallas Doris Virginia Wilde. Dallas Ann Windrow, Dallas Dorothy Estey McGuire. New Gulf Mary Louise Shurr, Austin Anne Staehely, Austin Marjorie Gene Swartz, New Gulf Man Mabel Thomason, Huntsville Charlotte Elizabeth Wigzell, Dallas Qd CUa Lucille Bailey, Fort Stockton Eleanor Bell. Paris Betty Jane Blackwell, Stamford Lora Mary Butler, San Antonio Peggy Louise Clark, Houston Cara Jeanne Glower, Dallas Virginia Gotten, Weatherford Charlotte Blakely Goss, Houston Hope Hamilton, Wichita Falls Anne Shirley Hart, Austin Katherine Harvill, El Paso Laura Laverne Hill, Kilgore Mary Ann Hill, Little Rock, Ark. Ruby Laura Hooper, Conroe Doris Howard, Dallas Mary Elizabeth Alford, Henderson Ouida Maria Beard, Breckenridge Ruth Jones Billingsley, Paris Kathleen Bland, Austin Margaret Elizabeth Bush, Little Re OFFICERS MARION ELIZABETH THOMAS EUGENIA BALLINCER DUNN EDITH PARTEN KATHLEEN BLAND MEMBERS Seniors Virginia Frances Hunter, Paris Letitia Keith, Wichita Falls Carey Leigh Kinsolving, Corsicana Lois Shirlene Laird, Kilgore Billie Sue Lawhon, Tyler Mary Ella McCullough, Hico Jean Rozanne Pile, Harlingen Mary Ann Renfro, Wichita Falls Barbara Jean Rich, Liberty Mary Marcelline Sherman, Fort Collins, Colo. Elizabeth Frances Siddons, Hillsboro Betty Frances Suggett, Fort Worth Marion Elizah.-th Thomas, Dallas Judith Winston, Mineral Wells Juniors Joy Merry Harris Camp, Laredo Eleanor Louise Davis, Fort Worth Maude Alice Dockery, Austin Eugenia Ballinger Dunn, Bogota, Colombia ck, Ark. Mary Elizabeth Gallagher, Fort Sam Houston Third row Fourth TO, Fifth row, Sixth row. SHERMAN, BLAND, E. DUNN, THOMAS, PARTEN, SUCGETT, KINSOLVINC. : ALFORD, THOMPSON, BUSH, HILL, P. CLARK, M. CLARK, McKAY, WILLEFORD. McATEE, STINNETT, PILE, SIDDONS, LAUER, MUCKLEROY, POND, TARVER, McCULLOUCH. : STRUSS, JINKINS, V. HUNTER, McKINNON, BILLINGSLEY, TOMPKINS, M. WILLIAMS, J. RICH, CAMP, PONDROM. HOOPER, McPHERSON, BLACKWELL, LANE, WOFFORD, SHELDON, DAVIS, LOCKETT, LEA, MURRAY. Stcoad ro.- MORELAND. CORDTS. RANDALL, MELTON. McFARHND. BOt ' RKE. MOORE. K. [IINN. RANDOM, FRENCH, LAWRENCE. Jlurd rox: ULFE. FoW LEK. COFFMAN. HEMPHILL, PAINE. PERSIA, HUBER. PIRTLE. BUCHANAN. JOHNSON. ELLISON, LONG. Fourth rmr: WOOD, JOHNSTON. HOLT, SMITH, MATHIS, MORGAN, GILBERT, MORRISON, WHITE. HAWKINS, RATCLIFFE, BEARD. SANDERS. Betty Ann Gilbert. Lubbock Elizabeth Ann Graham. Olnev Ann Hall. Mexico City Loi Jackson.Eldorado Justine Kone. San Antonio Virginia Hayden Lockett. Lamp Claiborne. La. Dorothy Ruth Long. Denton Jacqueline McKay. Madisonville Margaret Lee Mckinnon. Austin Dorothy Jean McPherson. Waco Marian Louise Mathis. Corpus Christi Sarah Annelle Melton. Troup Jean Ann Paine. Lampasas Sophomores Edith Parten, Richmond Peggy Joe Pond. Wichita Falls Sybil Clarence Pondrum, Beaumont Billy-Bob Ransom. Austin Virginia Ann Rawlins. Weatherford Jane Reese Rich, Galveston Virginia Schiller, Columbus Alice Louise Tarver, Shreveport, La. Frances Taylor. Stephenville Mary Elizabeth Tompkins, Galveston Mary Louise Willeford. Corpus Christi Jimmie Lee Wofford. Vernon Ruth Carleton Wood, Houston Freshmen Marian Frances llis. Port Arthur Jo Ann Bonneau. McAllen Willie Mae Bredthauer. Temple Mary Jo Clark. Houston Anne Deery. Belton Patricia Ann Fowler. Denton Mary Louise Hawkins. Fort Worth Gloria Ernestine Hood. San Antonio Mary Ann Hunter. Little Rock. Ark. Kittie Sue Jinkins. Galveston Hazel Adele Laird. Kilgore Mary- Jane Lane. Waco Pauline Louise Lauer. Port Arthur Betty Jane Lea. Austin Fraiikie Jo Lewis. Lawton, Okla. KATHLEEN BLAND DORIS BUCHANAN ELEANOR BROWN HOLLAND . HELEN RAY KEITH ETHEL MC.CALEB RAIGORODSKY . MARY BETHENE YOUNG .... Doris Ann McAtee, Waco Annie Marie McFarland, Marfa Marilea Mamey, Carrizo Springs Janet Aurelia Muckelroy. Austin Jane Ann Moore, Kilgore Frances Ramsey Murray. Austin Shirley Irene Roach. Houston Julia Anne Sheldon. San Antonio Gene Stinnett. Gatesville Rosanna Elizabeth Struss. Columbus Mary Paige Thompson. Fort Worth Alma Lou Washbum. Houston Ada Jane Williams. Galveston Lena Margaret Williams. Houston Sybil Ruth Wolfe, Stephenville FACULTY, Assistant Dean of Women Instructor in Home Economics Assistant to the Secretary of the P, Loan Librarian . . Tutor in English Instructor in Drama Instructor in Physical Training ' Ann Patten Buchanan. Mineola ' Adele Bourke, Weatherford ' Mary Lee Coffman, Austin ' Mary Frances Cordts, Quitman ' Mary Kathleen Dunn, Houston ' Emily Ann Ellison, Austin ' Alice Jeanne French, San Antonio ' Patricia Frances Hemphill-Austin ' Martha Annette Holt, Dallas ' Betty Charlene Huber. Port Arthur ' Jane Huber. Port Arthur ' Shirley Anne Johnson, Rockport Suzanne Bud Johnston, Buenos Aires ' Mary Jane Lawrence. San Antonio ' Betty Jane Moreland. Austin ' Marcy Morgan. Austin Louise Cromwell Morrison. Dallas Mary Katherine Perkins, Dallas Dorothy Lee Persia. San Antonio Klizabeth Anne Pirtle, Houston Paula Raigorodsky, Kerrville Marilyn Ralston. Dallas Betty jean Randall. Galveston Mary Pelham Ratcliffe, Paris Betty Jean Sanders, Fort Worth Sue Cheek Smith. Memphis. Tenn. Betty Dell Trimble, Corsicana Juanita May Turner, Dallas Joan Sandefer Walker, New York, N. Y. Lela White, Wills Point Sophie Ann White. Texarkana Margaret Jane Youngblood, Vernon HELEN JANE NEWKIKK President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Marshall . Elizabeth Anne Bonner, Fort Worth Louise Davis, Dallas Emily Jane Douglass, Houston Patty Bess Downs, Fort Worth Dorothy Cornelia Hilker, San Antonio Jane Frances Kelly, Galveston Ethel Laura knykcmiull. San Saba Catherine Mac Me Daniel, Cisco Patricia Mildred Murphy, Dallas Mary Nancy Nail, Sherman Helen Jane Newkirk, Houston Marian Olivia Nordan, San Antonio Dorothy Bell Ball, Port Arthur Georgia Jereleen Barnes, Electra Betty Sue Billings, Dallas Mary Louella Clayton, San Antonio OFFICERS . HELEN JANE NEWKIRK . EMILY JANE DOUGLASS DOROTHY CORNELIA HILKER . MARGUERITE CECILIA SHEPHERD . ANN ELIZABETH ELLIS MEMBERS Seniors Ann Belle Price, Fort Worth Betty Jo Rabb, Atlanta Emily Eloise Sanderford, Austin Rosbarrie Settegast, Houston Alice Lynn Sl.,-l,,r. Dickinson Dorothy Wynn Talley, Beaumont Billie Bert Trotti, Beaumont Betty Katherim- Wilson, Houston Nettie Woodson Yaeger, Caldwell Marguerite Louis.- Yglesias. Alhambra, Calif. Doris Elaine Zwerneman, Houston Juniors Margaret Virginia Doak, Houston Margaret Aileen Eby, Houston Ann Elizabeth Ellis, Brownwood Mary Gene Hansard, Fort Worth Front row: TROTTI, C. McUAMKL, Dot ' CLASS, NEWKIRK, CATLETT, SIMMONS, ELLIS, WINKl.KK. Second row: HABB, KUYKENDALL, YCI.ESIAS, HOLMES, DOAK, NORDAN, E. SMITH, PETERS, J. DAVIS. Third row: ZWERNEMAN, THOMAS, L. DAVIS, PRICE, J. JONES, SANDERFORD, DAVID, HERNE, TALLEY, CODY, Fourth row: WHITE, NEUHAUS, KELLY, HORNER, COX, HILKER, YARBROUGH, HAY, NIXON, CLAYTON. Filth row: BONNER, McCLOIN , TENNILLE, PERRY, SETTEGAST, MURPHY, BILLINGS, SHEPHERD. i.i I,III:K. 11 - Front rote: NALL. KEENAN, DANSBOE, DOWNS, LOWDEN, SAMES, MATHIS. JACKSON. PATE. McALMON. P. MrDAMEL. Srcond rou:: FAULKNER. NEEL, M AER, BLANCHARD. HANSARD. McKAY, BALL. CRENSHAW, PIPKIN. TACCART, WOMPLER. Third rmc: JAPHET, BARNES. HUDSPETH. ANTHONY, BUCKNER, RUTH. M. COX, ETHERIDCE, CLASS, MILLS, STARNES. PHILLIPS. Fourth rav: LEAHY. NESSLY. TOM. DOW. CONNOR. LOVETT, FRIEDRICH. STAMPP. SMYTHE, DODD. Martha France? Hay. Houston Hazel Hearne. Brvan Madelyn May Homer, San Antonio Kathryn Ann Jackson. Austin Katherine Logan Lowdon, Fort Worth ' Hillery Margaret Maer, Fort Worth Rowena Nixon. Pearsall ' Mary Lollar Pate. Sulphur Springs Eugenia Martha Peters, Sabinal Marguerite Cecilia Shepherd 1 , Houston Carol Jean Simmons, Austin Elizabeth F. Smith, El Paso Mary Oriana Tennille, Winston Salem, X. C. Helen Mae White, San Antonio Man- Beth Winkler, College Station ' Betty May Blanchard. Shreveport. La. Claudia Caldwell Blucher, Austin ' Mae Marie Buckner. Pharr Mary Gene Catlett. Austin Gladys Anne Cody. Houston Emily Jane Connor, Longview Rhoda Ann Cox. Dallas Mary Jean Crenshaw. San Antonio Patty Ruth Dansboe. Dallas Sara ' dell David. Dallas Margaret Jane Davis. Houston ' Mary Jean Dodd, Dallas Mary Alice Anthony. Austin ' Barbara Marie Brown. Galveston ' Martha Ann Cox. Mexia ' Jane Ellen Crispy. Austin ' Dorothy Estelle Faulkner. Austin ' Mary Ann Glass. Beaumont ' Joy Garmon Hudspeth. Temple ' Mary Jane Jackson. San Antonio ' Ann Japhet. Houston ' Rosemary Ruth Leahy. Austin Sophomores ' Margaret Dow, Galveston ' Peggy Freidrich, San Antonio Mary ' Margaret Holmes, Gatesville Joyce Jones, Anderson ' Barbara Mary Keenan, Wichita Falls ' Marie Selman Lovett, Lake Village, Ark. ' Patricia Jane McAlmon, El Paso ' Polly Ann McDaniel, Cisco Mary Kathleen McGloin, Corpus Christ! ' Lois Janice McKay. Brownsville ' Betty Marie Mathi ' s, Corpus Christi ' Betty Carolyn Neel, Dallas Freshmen ' Ann Marie Lockwood, Waco ' Patricia Mills. Pe arsall ' Betty Jean Xessly. San Antonio ' Patricia Ann Selkirk, Big Spring Louise Baylor Smythe. San Antonio ' Shirley Lee Stampp. Hastings-on-Hudson. X. Y. ' Wilma Storm. Dallas ' Alice Elizabeth Taggart. Houston ' Rosemary Tom. Dallas ' Barbara Wompler, Freeport FACULTY RLTH ELIZABETH LESLIE . . Assistant Professor of Home Economic ' Peggy Lodelle Xeuhaus. Houston Trebi ' e Jean Perry, Houston ' Virginia Pipkin, Beaumont ' Jeanne Ruth. Wichita Falls ' Elizabeth Dublin Sames, Laredo ' Lucile Hilton Starnes, Birmingham, Ala. Patsy Mignon Thomas, Brownwood Man Frances Yager, Wellborn Frances Lucile Yarborough, Xavasota , IKI:M: KI.I ABETH KEITH OFFICERS President . . . IRENE ELIZABETH KEITH Vice-President . . EVELYN LEORA DEERING Recording Secretary . BETTY Jo TOMFORDE Corresponding Secretary OLIVE WHITE LOCKHART Treasurer . . MARGARET Jo POPE MEMBERS Seniors Virginia Raab Gowen, Shreveport, La. Elinor May Hcdrick, Midland Mary iWn Holland. Houston Betty Jane Ingham, Ozona Irene Elizabeth Keith, Houston Martha Louise Kerr, Austin Junior Betty Nell Adkisson, Centerville Janet Gordon Ambler, Denver, Colo. - rdice Alleene Bock, Lockhart Catherine Jean Brittingham, Mexico, D. F. Dorothy Rosalyn Cloud, Lampasas Gloria Verre Coryell, Austin Evelyn Leora Deering, Houston Betty Jane Dickens, Greenville Grace Beth Feagin, Houston Billie Jean Flannery, Longview Lois May Lynch, Midland Zylpha Jym Motheral, Austin Ina Claire Neil, Tyler Ruth Raborn, Wichita Falls Betty Jo Tomforde, Houston Ann Vilbig, Dallas Mary Shirley Jimerson. Fort Worth Betty Jean Lewallen, Hillsboro Olive White Lockhart, Houston Margaret Frances McCall, Austin Mary Allen Mayfield. Hughes Springs Margaret Jo Pope, Dallas Lelia Jacqu.-Iyn Powell. Edinburg Helen Janice Troxell, Houston Mary Bernadine Wood, Beeville front row: POPE. DEERING, KEITH, HEDRICK. TO 1H HI E. ROW. Second row: BYERS. CORYEl.L, HOLLAND, BOLTON, TROXELL, DICKENS, V. COWEN, AMBLER. Third row: LYNCH, BOCK, WOOD, VILBIC, FEAGIN, INGHAM, MAYKIEI.D, RABORN, MOTHERAL, KERH, TUTT. ram: CLOUD, HEAD, JIMERSON. CIV-oY BLCHEK. J rom: GIBBS. POWELL, CHANDLER. tUM.XN?. MuKENZIE. KIRKLANb. - LTER. BOYD. LATIN. row: ADKISSOY FRANCIS. fRICE. KNICKERBOCKER. FLANAGAN. CHAMBERS. ROBBINS. McCORMICK. FLYNT, LINDQLIST. h rox: RADER. DtUiFOSSE, BRANSCl ' M. BOWMAN, WHITE. E. COVEN, CARROLL, BRAME. BARRETT. O ' CONNOR. Sophomores Freshmen Albertine AJdrich. Edinburg Kathleen Sybil Bohon. Houston Mary Katherine Byer?. Houston Marjorie Ann Chambers. Lufkin Alyce Joyce Chandler. Hamilton Betty George Eads. Belton Peggy Fay Estes. Monahans Carolyn Eskridge Gibbs. San Antonio ' Ernestine Gowen. Shreveport, La. Shirley Ann Kirkland, Houston Betty Sue Knickerbocker, Odessa Marian McCurdv. Cambridge. Mass. Patricia MacKenzie, Laredo Joyce Kathryn Rader, San Antonio Sarah Dorothea Reynolds, Alice Carolyn Bryant Row, San Antonio Doris Lucille Sailer, Greenville Dorothy June Tutt, Taft Ruth Jeanne White. Taft Martha Anne Wingate. Amarillo Bernice Jean Barrett, Houston Edna Mae Bennett, San Antonio Beatrice Alyse Boyd, Dinamita, Mex. Betty Jean Brame. Greenville Marcheta Frances Branscum. Alice Lucille Y ' vonne Buchek, San Antonio Emma Eugenia Carroll, Texarkana Georgan DeLafosse, Albany Frances Dorothy Eaton. College Station Virginia Lucille Feagans, Del Rio Ann Lucille Flanagan, Tyler Otelia Flvnt, Midland Beverly Gertrude Francis, New Braunfels Florence Lucille Gibson, San Antonio Lucile Lloyd Head, Schulenburg ' Frances Kirksey, San Antonio Dorothy Louise Lindquist. Dallas Sally Norene McCormick, Austin Marigene O ' Connor, Hillsboro JoanRobbins Greemille Martha Jean Ross, Gainesville Wyona Jane Urice, Taft Elizabeth Ann Wright, Columbus AMHA MAXIE CASWELL FRANCES HANCE CRAWFORD LEAH GRECC 4ssociate Proie. FACULTY Tutor i i Home Economics Instructor in Physical Training for Vomen Physical Training for Women ANNA His Professor and Director of Physical Training for Women CORA M. MARTIN .... Professor of Elementary Education BETTY BOYD MORGAN . . . Technical Assistant, Biochemical Institute SH IELA MAY O GARA . . . Instructor in Physical Training for Women HELEN SANDS . . . . . Assistant Professor of Home Economics JOSEPH I. NESTAAB . . . . Assistant Professor of Home Economics OFFICERS Regina .... FRANCES ZETTA GOLDHIRSH Vice-Retina . . . MAYTEE DORA ROBINSON Recording Secretary . CLARICE FRANKLIN Corresponding Secretary ELAINE IRVIE NELSON Treasurer ELISE MOSKOWITZ MEMBERS Seniors Itta Louise Freed, Crystal City Betty Claire Jacobs, Houston Ruth Eleanor Lewis, Oklahoma City, Okla. Marjorie Joanne Macow, Austin Juniors Jeanette Ackerman, Dallas Phyllis Maxine Herman, Colorado City Betty Jean Edelstein, McAllen Clarice Franklin, Laredo Helen Elaine Ginsberg, Fort Worth Frances Zetta Goldhirsh, Galveston Maytee Dora Robinson, Richmond Sylvia Elaine Rosenthal, Fort Worth ;: COLDHIRSCH, H. LEVINSON, M. ROBINSON, NELSON, FRANKLIN, LOUIS, NOVIT. CHICOTSKY, LEWIS, P. HERMAN, LIPPMAN, ROTHENBERG, BAUM, JACOBS, ABRAMSON. Second Third r : LISSAL ' ER. GOLDMAN, GOLDFINE. ZEVE. M. LEVINSON. o: SALKA. WILKENFELD. POLSKY, JOSEPHS. MORTIN. VARRIN. N. LEVINSON, CORCHIN. ir: RL ' TCHIK. RACHOFSKY. B. HERMAN. HARRIS. BELITSKY. VEJANS. Sophomores Shirley Idelene Abramson, Galveston Lila Lee Baum. Fort Worth Betty Elaine Berman, Me Allen Hilda Chaleff. McAllen Lillian Chicotsky, Fort Worth Lenore Charlotte Field, Chicago, 111. Naomi Levinson. Kilgore Bayla Lippman, Galveston Harriet Velma Louis, Fort Worth Elise Moskowitz, Port Arthur Elaine Irvie Nelson, Lufkin Mildred Pauline Novit. Dublin Helen Frances Robinson, San Angelo Annette Ruth Rothenberg, Conroe Edel Floretta Zeve. Nacogdoches Lela Belitsky, Longview Minnette Corchin, Dallas Edna Mae Goldfine, Orange ' Amy Beatrice Goldman, Shreveport, La. Pauline Gurwitz, Bastrop Shirley Jean Harris, University City. Mo. Miriam Josephs, Corpus Christi Marjorie Levinson, San Antonio Jacqueline Doris Lissauer, Dallas Freshmen Yvette Mortin. New York. X. Y. Libbie Sandra Polsky, Muscatine, Iowa Marilyn Felice Rachofsky, Dallas Doris Lee Rutchik, Dallas Ruth Salka, Refugio Eileen Dorothy Smith, Welsh, La. Elaine Yejans. Jacksonville Joyre Wilkenfeld. Texas City Adele Yarrin, Dallas FACULTY HELEN L. LEVINSON Speech Department a -.eta (V 1 lt ; KET President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Dorothy Louise Fields, Austin Werdna Lamons Foster, Tulsa, Okla. Thelma Bernice Mayes, Austin Mary Margaret Owens, Arlington Marybelle Grace, Houston Oleis Marion Heineke, Brenham Ruth Virginia Hodde, Brenham Selwyn Sage Huddleston, Austin Margaret Lain, Cleburne Betty Ray Lyon, Austin OFFICERS MARY MARGARET OWENS MARYBELI.E GRACE RUTH LOUISE PEYTON MARGARET LAIN MEMBERS Seniors _Ruth Louise Peyton, Bartlesville, Okla. Dorothy Martha Presley, Dallas rillianCuMw.-ll Scott, Austin Juniors ,1 Ione Sharp, Paris Doris Dean Simms, Alva, Okla. Winifred Smith, Austin Helen Marie Williams, Wolf City Nadine Wilson, Cameron ow: HODDE, FERTITTA, LAIN, FIELDS, MACKEY, HUDDLESTON, SCOTT. v: MACAtJLAY, TAYLOR, M. I1AKKON. KOItlNSON, BARTLF.TT, FOSTER. Fro t ,r: WILLIAMS, BEACHAM, LONG. McANELLY. CASTRO-PEREA. TATE. Second ,0,: THOMPSON. V. BARRON, KOPYCINSK1. CORDRY. LYON. CH APM Man-dean Waldon Barren. Austin Nilda Judith Castro-Perea, Lima, Peru ' Shirley May Chapman. Houston Miriam Bithiah David. Orange Eleanor Florence Del ' Homme. Hou-ton Sophomores Nannette Elnora Dillard, Austin Josephine Rita Fertitta, Houston ' Florence Monica Kopycinsky. Brenhar Virginia Ann McAnelly. San Antonio Mary Frances Macaulay, Odessa Priscclla Dawes Mackey. Austin Marian Louise Tanner. Gainesville Bessie J. Tate. Arlington Betty Jean Thompson. Bay City Freshmen Nelda Marie Ba hie. Nordheim Virginia Louise Barron. Austin Nellie DeLaney Bartlett, Austin Carolyn Lee Beacham, Houston ' Kathleen Alice Cordry. Bartlesville. Okla. Evalyn Ruth Dillard. Au-tin Betty Geneva Long, Sulphur Springs ' Vera Faye Manteri . Baytown ' Betty Jo Paull, Three Rivers ' Mary Elizabeth Robinson. Austin ' Marjory Schmidt, Austin ' Frances Roberta Taylor. AuMin ' Anita Wilde. Austin FACULTY ALICE ARCHER . . . Intercollegiate Athletics Ticket Manager AILEEN CARPENTER . . Associate Professor of Physical and Health Educati J nl OFFICERS BARBARA HURLEY CAROLYN JANE CARLETON CAROLINE RIECKS WOODY JULIA ADELLA DUNLAP MEMBERS BARBARA HURLEY Martha Ann Brown, Austin Julia Adella Dunlap, Cleburne Iva Aline Harral, Fort Stockton Martha Ann Henry, Austin Barbara Hurley, Houston Beverly Jo Baker, Junction Sybil Claire Banister, Austin Carolyn Jane Carleton, Houston Lee Jean Cheshire, Beaumont . Patricia Sue McClarney, Austin Seniors Velma Pauline Leon, Rotan Elizabeth Decker Sachse, Electra Lenora Ann Thompson, San Antonio Jackie Miner Wilson, Oak Park, 111. Juniors Barbara Jean McFarland, Muskogee, Okla. Joyce Eleanor Murrell, Palestine Betty Jean Smith, Harlingen Bettye Williamson, San Antonio Caroline Riecks Woody, Great Neck, N. Y. Second rou,.- RUSS, HARGIS, WILLIAMSON, BOLLINCER. DRAWE. McFARLAND. SACHSE, Third row: MOELLER, BANISTER, HENDRICKS, WILSON, BACE, LEON, MARTHA HENRY. Fourth row: LOOS, COWSERT, CONWAY, LOY, WALKER, CUE.NARD, SPILLER. " ' " - Fr mt ro : LIMMER, CUNNINGHAM. TAYLOR, TRAYNOR. FERGUSON. Scow n.- STECKER, ANDERSON, MARY HENRY, SMITH, KATHLEEN DAVIS. TUrd row: PATTERSON, SAMMYE CLAIRE TEASDALE, D E LANCEY, McCLARNEY, CHESHIRE, FOSTER, STOCKDALE. KEITH, UHLER. Freshmen Mary Evelyn Anderson. College Station Hazel Marylyn Bennett, Fort Worth Ethel Ruby Chappell. Dallas Ouida Darley. Austin Mabel Davis. Conroe Johanna De Lancey. Houston Mary Mardsen Foster. San Antonio Shirley Jane Gibson. Port Arthur Mary Erkle Henry. Austin Evelyn Annette Ummer. Austin Iris Janet Patterson. Austin Margaret Ann Sleeker. Fort S orth Nancy Ann Traynor. Austin ' Evelyn Alice Walker. Sanghorn. Pa. irginia olfe. Austin Sophomores Johnnie Lou Bace. Houston Dolena Fay Bellinger. Austin Margaret Eleanor Conway. San Antonio Mary Katherine Cowsert, Junction Helen Evalee Cunningham. Hondo Dorothy Lee Drawe. Weslaco Elizabeth Ferguson. Evanston. 111. Eleanor Jean Fine. Cleburne Leota Marie Guenard. Houston Margaret Rebecca Hargis. Houston Man Elaine Hendricks. Austin Margaret Ellen Keith. Houston Mary Frances Kenedy. Dallas Dorothy Vera Loos. Dallas Mary Elaine Lowrey. Austin Mary Jane Loy. Houston Earlene Dorothy Mann. Pleasanton Nellie Ruth Moeller. Austin Janie Kimball Russ. Houston Lida Louise Spiller. Houston Ridera Deane Stockdale. Austin Wanda Lee Tavlor. Austin Doris Lula Vi alker. Austin FACULTY LORENA BAKER Loan Librarian MARY STELSSY GR Y .... Manager of Chuck Wagon AN.ME CAMPBELL HILL .... Reference Librarian li.oliKNCK NEELY t Uneta President . . . V ice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secreti Treasurer . OFFICERS FLORENCE NEELY MARGARET CANNON Be JACQUELINE Covo :ry . . ELEANOR CONLY . CATHERINE DULS Anita Jean Bartholow, Dallas Emmerence Jean Bates, Houston Margaret Louise Berry, Wichita Falls Margaret Cannon Boyce, Amarillo Mary Nees Cook, Beaumont Georgette Elaine Covo, San Antonio Jacqueline Marie Covo, San Antonio Janie Lee Eslick, Amarillo Helen Carolyn Kit p-rald, Austin Mary Elizabeth Furrh, Elysian Fields Kathleen Jean Armor, Sweetwater Nancy Jeanne Blankenship, Abilene Lois Alicia Blount, Nacogdoches Bonnie Alice Bourne, Dallas Margaret Mooring Chiles, Austin Eleanor Conly, Laredo Catherine Gardiner Duls, Dallas Ada Louise Ewing, San Antonio MEMBERS Seniors Junior Sara Elizabeth Hall, Dallas Dorothy Jane Heep, Buda Loise Douglas Henderson, Houston Eleanor Lasater, Mineral Wells Chloe Ruth Moore, Pharr Florence Neely, Amarillo Mary Jane Price, Houston Martha Lenore Rugeley, Bay City Margaret Anne Staley, Topeka, Kans. Mary Ann Gladney, Dallas BettyLuHill,Harlingen Gay Cole Howard, Longview Hilda Jane Keliher, Dallas Martha Clayton Kilpatrirk, Monroe, La. Jean Kirkpatrick, Mercedes Nancy Carr LaRue, Shreveport, La. Gloria Ann Lester, Houston WILSON, CHILES, FITZGERALD, RAMIREZ, KNIGHT. ARMOR, BANNER. CRAY. HEEP, KENT. MOORE, ESLICK, HOWARD, BOURNE.. COOK, BARTHOLOW, THORNTON, STALEY. Front rou: BOWERS, KERR. CHEESMAX. DYER, ZIMMERMAN. HOELTZEL. Second roar: MILLIKEX. HUDSON. COUCHLIN. WARD. MANNING. KITE. BRALEY. Thi,d rou: BLOUNT. HURLBUT, RIDCWAY. CLEMENTS, McKEAN. PUCKHABER, LINDSLEY. BROWNRICC. Foa,th ro: M. MOORE. HILL. MORGAN, STANDEFER. CLADNEY. CULVER. HUEDEPOHL, BROWN. Fifth row: HAMPTON. RUSHING, MARTHA WILSON, NEES, BARTER. Ruth Bower Lindsley. Dallas Mary Ellis Maedgen ' , Lubbock Ravenna Mathews, Austin Catherine Owen Monning, Amarillo Jo Meree Ridgway, San Antonio Marilyn Gibson Rowe. Monroe, La. Marilou Ruggles, Dallas Nancy Jean Stewart, Houston Rosemary Thornton, Dallas Jane Ann Williams, College Station Metta Ann Wilson, Austin Mahala Jane Young, Dallas Elizabeth Marie Baldwin, Denton Peggy Ruth Banner, Fort Worth Anne LaVerne Berry, Fort Worth Mar - Louise Brownrigg. Beaumont ' Betty Dickson Clements. Wharton ' Margaret Coughlin, San Antonio ' Anne Wardlaw Culver, Fort Worth Sophomores Betty Jane Gray, Houston Frances Ann Harrell, Fort Worth Florence Chalfonte Kent, Fort Worth Betty Ann Knight. Amarillo Ina Clara Langstaff, Paducah, Ky. Betty Anne Montgomery-, Austin Emily Margaret Moore, Houston Margaret Lucille Peterson, Houston Nan Puckhaber, Dallas Man Jane Ramirez, Beeville ' Dorothy Jean Rushing, San Augustin Barbara Ann Shotts, Fort Worth Nancy Ann Smith, Wichita Falls Freshmen ' Gloria Ann Bowers, Beaumont ' Barbara Ann Braley, Houston Mary Jane Brown, Fort Worth ' Margaret Carolyn Cheesman, Houston ' Virginia Lucille Dyer, Corpus Christi ' Kathleen Elizabeth File, San Antonio Hazel Hampton. Wichita Falls Kathleen Mae Harter. Tulsa, Okla. ' Nancy Eubank Hoeltzel, San Antonio ' Caroline Hudson. Brownsville ' Dorothy Jean Huedepohl. Victoria Bernice Elizabeth Hurlbut, Lubbock ' Helen Latham Kerr, Corpus Christi ' Margaret Janelle McKean. Austin ' Harriet Bain Milliken. Houston ' Sara Ruth Morgan, Wichita Falls ' Martha Virginia Nees. Beaumont ' Nancy Jane Robison, Lubbock ' Dorothy Sue Standefer, Lubbock ' Winifred Jane Tarver. Memphis, Tenn. ' Addie Elizabeth Van de Mark, Houston ' Martha Jean Wilson, Beaumont ' Edith Lucille Word, Alice ' Sara Frances Zimmerman, Cleburne MARY S. KIRKPATRICK MARY TOM OSBORNE HILDA FRANCES ROSENJ FACULTY . Education Librarian . . . Librarian, Rare Book Collection . . . . Associate Professor of Physiology CAROLYN JOAN BOYLE OFFICERS CAROLYN JOAN BOYLE MARY HELEN BURNS BETTY CLAIRE SCHMID NANCY GRAVES FRANCES CARRINGTON President Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer .... MEMBERS Graduates Mary Brinkerhoff, Waco Janette Mclntyre, Alpine Nancy Meredith. Dallas Seniors Lucile Cooper Lacy, Waco Sally Trueheart MeCullough, Galveston Joanne McEwen, Dallas Ruth Mansfield, San Angelo Mimi Meredith, Houston Emily Ann Rash, Terrell Betty Claire Schmid, Fort Worth Pattie Gooch Smith, Palestine Inez Isabel Sterling, San Antonio Margaret Marquand Thome, San Antonio Betty Gladys Wolfe, Houston Carolyn Joan Boyle, San Antonic Margaret Brush, Austin Mary Helen Burns, Cuero Frances Carrington, Dallas Jean Gantt, San Antonio Clara Louise Harris, Austin Frances Louise Hemphill, Dallas Jacquelynn Holland, Athens Annabeth Isaacs, Fort Worth Jane Batjer Jennings, Abilene Audrey Johnson, Houston Peggy Kimbrough, Wichita Falls Mary Lynn Aldredge, Dallas Eleanor Anne Banks, San Antonio Louise Stratton Bird, San Antonio Betty Lou Dahlberg, San Antonio Patricia Anne Donoghue, Fort Worth Juniors lulia Emerson Fisher. Austin Nancy Ann Graves, Fort Worth Peggy Jean Graves, Vernon Helen Louise Grimes, Tulsa, Okla. Front row: WILSON, MONROE, COUCER, SCHMID, N. CRAVES, BURNS, BOYLE, MOSS. CARRINCTON. B. ROGERS. CRESHAM. Second row: POWELL, THORNE, HEMPHILL, MANSFIELD, HOLLAND, P. SMITH, DAHLBERC, BIRD, DONOGHUE, LUCKETT. Third TOW: LUPTON. J. LOCKHART, FISHER, MITCHELL, ALDREDCE, SCHUMACHER, McINTYRE, HARWELL, PARK, HAMMON, RYAN, MEREDITH, ROBERTSON. Fourth row: E. BANKS, WOLFE, HARRIS, THOMAS, JENNINGS, ELLIOTT, CATHERINE HOUSTON, BRINKERHOFF, FLINN, McEWEN, RICKEY, MORGAN, BRUSH, LACY,;, SMYTH, RASH. Front rote: BURGHER. DOUGLASS. NELSON. P. GRAVES. CAMPBELL. McCLL ' RE. McCARTY, WOOLSEY. Second rou-: BROWN, L. WELDER. WILLIAMSON. JERSIG. DENTON. McLELLAN. HALL. JOHNSON. N. Il NKLE. CARTER. DRY. Third row: C. ROGERS. OVERTON. B. SMITH. BEASLEY. RAINEY, KEYS. WOOLDRIDCE. KRITSER. JONES. J. DUNKLE, DALE. Fourth rou-: M. WELDER. F. LOCKHART. M. BANKS. MYERS. HALE. THORNTON, WOLF. YOUNG. GRIMES. LiRUE. Joyce Janice Hale. Wichita Falls Blanche Carolyn Hammon, Wichita Falls Rosemary Harwell, Houston Georgie Lee Jones. Marfa Frances Harris Lockhart, Galveston Josephine Gresham Lockhart, Galveston Lucille Luckett, San Angelo Mary Jo Banks, San Antonio " Nancy Anne Dunkle. Marfa Jane Brite Dunkle. Marfa Josephine S -llor Elliott. Mansfield, Conn. Lily Olivia Gouger. Robstown Anne Gresham. Houston Mary-Lou Hall. San Angelo Kathleen Jersig. San Antonio Beverly Cameron Johnson, Houston Juniors Gloria DePoyster Lupton, Fort Worth Mimi Mitchell. Dallas Carolyn Monroe, Houston Margaretta Moss, Dallas Nancy Park, Houston Ann Richey, Lampasas Sophomores Mary Masterson Kritser, Amarillo Laura Muir McLellan, Houston Martha Morgan, Fort Worth Mary Ann Myers, Richmond Mary Alice Nelson, Abilene Mary Katherine Ory, Comanche Nancy Overton, Dallas Audrey Eleanor Owings. Fort Worth Eleanor Inez Powell. San Antonio Betty Jean Rogers, San Antonio Betty Schumacher. Houston Betsy Belle Smyth, Uvalde Lucy Hale Thomas, Fort Worth Carolyn Wilson, Houston Virginia Young, Houston Helen Collins Rainey, Au?tin Wanda Janice Robertson, Grand Saline Christine Rogers, San Antonio LaVerne Ann Ryan, Corpus Christ! Mary Ann Thornton, San Antonio Lucille Mary Welder, Victoria Man- Lou Williamson, San Antonio ' Edith Mary Wolf, San Antonio Freshmen Martha Frances Beasley, Beeville Margaret Anne Brown. Alpine Elizabeth Burgher. Dallas ' Joanne Howard Campbell. Richmond Jane Carter. Dallas Margaret Frances Dale. Houston Jane Frances Denton. Houston Ruth Ann Douglass. Sherman MAY BROOKSHIER ELIZABETH LO.NG MARGARET PECK LUCY RATHBONE KATHERINE SEARCY JOAN SWIFT Lera Margaret Keys, Corpus Christi Betty Bryson LaRue, Athens Luanne McCarty. Wichita Falls Mary Catherine McClure. Austin Barbara Nathalia Smith, Ft. Wayne. Ind. Martha Welder, Beeville Margaret O ' Hara Wooldridge, Gainesville Margie Nell Woolsev. Austin FACULTY Business Director of Andrews and Carothe Pianist, Physical Training for Women Assistant to Dean of Women Professor of Home Economics General Assistant in the Library Instructor in Home Economics Dannie Louise Beaumont, Hearne Mary Jane Crotchett, Tulsa, Okla. Leila Lisette Eyoub, Austin Mona Frederick Hughes, Spur Sammye Marguerite Kelso, Gatesvil Ruth Harlan Kendall, Houston li OFFICERS MARGARET ELEANOR TACQUARD f LEILA LISETTE EYOUB n_ LUCIA BRADLEY GRANT Sv3 EMILY CLAIRE WOOD KATHRYN LOUISE Fox MEMBERS Seniors Marie Mitchell Olesen, Tulsa, Okla. Mary Frances Reynolds, Gatesville Mary Darnel Richey, Austin Margaret Lucille Weerts, Tulsa, Okla. Emily Claire Wood, Houston Ethel Jo Wagner, Moulton Juniors Roberta Ellene Blair, Gatesville Mary Ellen Estill, Houston Jane Genevieve Johnson, Tulsa, Okla. Dora Margarette Klenk, Dallas Mary Elizabeth Leasure, El Paso Marie Sisco, Houston Margaret Eleanor Tacquard, Austin Betty Mae Tibbs, Valley Mills Gladys Trull, Palacios Marie Lucy Underwood, Tulsa, Okla. v: FOX, PRICE, WOOD, M. TACQUARD, BEAUMONT. EYOUB, GRANT, TRULL. m: HONEYCUTT, HUGHES, CKOTCHKIT, OLESEN, WEERTS, PIPER, JOHNSON, J. TACQUARD, SISCO, UNDERWOOD. Fr,mi , a : ELKINS. CROVER, TERRIEN, TERRELL, NEVILLE, EST1LL. SrcnnJ TO.: LEASURE, REYNOLDS, LENTSCH, TIBBS, OLIVER. PARKER. GREGG. ANTHONY. Third roir: ALEXANDER. WESTBROOK, KELSO, UHER, HOWARD. GILLETTE, WIRTHLIN, FORREST, BLAIR. Sophomores Patrieia Anthony, Austin Martha Ann Elkins, Houston Billie Jeanne Forrest. Austin Patricia Inez Gillette, Austin Thelma Bee Gregg, Houston Marjorie Grover, Houston Jayne Catherine Howard, Hot: Marv Ellen Irwin. Houston ESTHER RICHARDS APPLIN LOUISE LANDIS ARMSTRONG Susie Alberta Alexander, Pearland Kathryn Louise Fox, Galveston Lucia Bradley Grant, North East, Md. Mattie Lou Honeycutt, Fort Worth Marian Paul, Tulsa, Okla. Claudia Angeline Piper, Forney Frances Lillian Price, Calvert Jane Tacquard, Austin Vinette Alma Uher, Galveston Freshmen Louise Lentsch, Austin Margaret Ann Neville, Austin Dixie Baye Oliver, Houston Florence Isabelle Parker, Austin Maurine Pedigo, Woodville Mary Frances Terrell, Austin Sara Jane Terrien, Austin Janet Claire Westbrook, Troy, N. Y. L Nell Wirthlin, San Antonio FACULTY Assistant Professor of Geology Instructor in Home Economics Pi Bet a OFFICERS President . . . KATHERINE COTTINCI V ice-President . . JOAN MILLER Recording Secretary . LILLIAN FRANCIS Corresponding Secretary LILLIAN SPEARS Treasurer . . . JANE CHEATHAM MEMBERS Gloria Bramlette, San Antonio Graduates Maud Lynette Norton, Longv Seniors K I III HIM COT ' I INCH M Helen Louise Anderson, Wichita Falls Nora Ann Carroll, Beaumont Jane Files Cheatham, Waxahachie Helen Louise Clemens, Houston Katherine Meek Cottingham, Houston Lucy Jane Dodd, Beaumont Lillian Craig Francis, Luling Maude Brandt Friedell, Austin Katherine King, Beaumont Joan Webb Mill, ...Mineral Wells Mary Elizabeth Murchison, Palestine Maud Lynette Norton, Longview Mildred Joi Norwood, Wichita Falls Elinor June Olcott, Houston Nancy Prendergast, Marshall Charlotte Eli .abKh linsx-11, Austin Mary Glenn Snyder, Roswell, N. Mex. Joan Elizabeth Temple, Dallas Anne Templeton, San Angelo Martha Jan,- Tubb, Sw.-etwater Phyllis Edith Wrst. Wirhita Falls Mary Isabel Winton, Waco W Baimim tf Front row: Cheatham, J. Miller, Francis, Osborn, Speers. Second row: Cray, .Buchard, Williamson, Anderson, Hemmingson, McKellai Third row: Wheless, Mrlnnis, Florene Wilson, Temple, Reid, M. Norwood, Prowcll, Waul, T. Clemi-m. P,:ar .m, Sny.l.-i. Ki ' iinard, Penland, Te West, Hart, V. Calhoun, Prcnder Front rou: Henry. Pearson, Keating. Arnold, Nash. Graham. Second row: Harwood. Studdiford, R. Norwood, Dates. Marilyn Vierson. McFarland. Penn, McElhannon, Cannon, B. Calhoun Third row: Matton, Sanders. Sanderford, Callan, Murray, P. Gait. J. Russell, Hopkins. Benbow, McMurray. DeBark. C. Smith. Barnes, Hennessey. Fourth rou,: Rose Elizabeth Butte, M. L. Smith, Nelson. Bruce. Matthews. John, S. Winton, Rife, Tynan. " Kiley, Keller. Darst, McGee. Aiwon, Roster Junic Carolyn Cooper Braswell, Waco Virginia Calhoun, San Antonio Dorothy Nell Camp, Thorndale Toya Clemens, San Antonio Margaret Elizabeth Cochran, Buda Gloria Gait, San Antonio Jeanne Elizabeth Graham, Beaumoi Mabelle Hardie, El Paso Helen Kathryn Buckley, Dallas Julie Williams Arnold, Houston Elizabeth Benbow, Bryan Roberta Linnell Bruce. Camp Pickett, Va. Frances Jane Burchard, Gonzales Bette Templeton Calhoun, San Antonio Judith Jackson Darst, Richmond Adell Ann DeBack, Corpus Christ! Patricia Ann Elliott, Portland, Oregon Billie Jean Ferguson, Houston Dorothy Flowers. Dallas Lucy Gray, Houston Rosemary Betty Hemmingson, Dallas Mollie Hart, San Antonio Florence Scott Hudson, Dallas Sallie Ann Judd, Dallas : Katherine Elise Keller, Dallas Emily Ann Kennard. Gonzales Nance Marie McFarland, Dallas Trances Elizabeth Matton. Louisville. Ky. Carolyn Marie Murray, Cypress Mills Sophomores Margaret Henry, Yazoo City. Mi. Martha Dunnington James, Austin Mary Aubrey Keating, San Antonio Adelaide Carlisle King, Houston Elizabeth James Lander, Waxahachie Ruth Marion Lee, Wichita Falls Sara Elizabeth McElhannon, Sherman Jean Markita McGee, Fort Worth Mary Elizabeth Mclnnis. Evanston, 111. Emily McKellar. Forney Mary Elizabeth Miller. Austin Ruby Leah Norwood, Wichita Falls Kay Gates, Waco .vlarv L.mise Peareson. Richmcnd Betty Jean Osborn, San Antonio Alary r ranees Pearson, Waco Sara Penland, Dallas Mary Ann Prowell, Richmond Helen Ruth Reid, Orange Susan Clay Sandeford, Belton ; Marie Louise Smith, Houston Lillian Frances Speers, Cisco Betty Jane Staniforth, Wichita Falls Constance Ball Terrell, San Antonio Suzanne Thomason, Fort Worth Mary Margaret Turner, Waco I -w I . - v rt j n vard. Austin Ruth Williamson, Abilene Freshmen Betty Jean Anson, Harlingen Patricia Anne Barnes. Dallas ' Virginia Lucile Callan. Victoria Peggy Leigh Cannon. Memphis, Tenn. " Virginia Dare Davis, Miami, Fla. Allierose Patsy Gait, San Antonio Cordelia Brown Harwood, Harlingen Phyllis Jeanne Hennessey, San Antonio Irene Louise Hopkins, Victoria Joanne Claire John, Galveston Betty Virginia Kiley, Houston Marjorie Anne McMurrey, Tyler Beverly Anne Nash, Austin Jo Ann Nelson, San Antonio Suzanne Penn, Waxahachie Margie Lee Roster, Corpus Christ! Jean Russell. Bonham Martha Ann Sanders, Dallas Claire Wilkerson Smith, Houston Shirley Van Studdiford, San Antonio Susan Vanderpool Winton, Waco LCOLM BONE DU.NBAR FACULTY Romance Languages Evaline Rife, Dallas ' Carolyn Jane Matthews, Ranger Ruth Woolen Scott, Houston Eugenia Taylor Sealy, Galveston Bessie Johns Smith, Austin Katherine Elizabeth Tynan, San Ant Mary Adelaide Wheless, Houston Rosemary La Rue Whitaker, Austin Bettve Jo Wilkes, Dallas JAMS ROSALY: Si President V ice-President Corresponding Secreta Recording Secretary . Treasurer ' au OFFICERS JANIS ROSALYN MELL PAULINE CECILLE LANDMAN ry . ELIZABETH GROSSMAN BARBARA ANN LIEDEKER FANCHON SCHWARTZ MEMBERS Ser Josephine Bernstein, Wharton Elaine Ray Dorfman, Brownsville Iris Gene Futoransky, Tyler Pauline Cecille Landman, Fort Worth Juniors Ruth Grad, Carnegie, Okla. Janis Rosalyn Mell, San Antonio ' Muriel Jane Isenson, Chicago, 111. Stella Rebecca Raizen, Duncan, Okla. Fae Johnson, St. Paul, Minn. Fanchon Schwartz, Waco Second row: RAIZEN, GROSSMAN, DOANKSY, KIRSNKR. BERNSTEIN, FUTORANSKY, LIEBERMAN. Third row: L. ZIDELL, SAMPSON, ACKERMAN, GRAD, D. LEVINE, SHUBB, JOHNSON, ABOVITZ. Fourth row: HOOKS, ARBETTER, M. ZIDELL, PLATT, LEIFMAN, DONZIS, FOREMAN. Front r m-: CETSIN, SHUCHART. FEINSTEIN. COIN. SCHARFF. GOLDSTEIN. Second roi : JACKMAN. JACOBSON, SILVER. ISENSOV BRAL ' ER, R. LEVLNE. Sophomores Sybil Abovitz, Wharton Gloria Lee Ackerman, Dallas Rolla Mae Arbetter, San Antonio Mona Bodansky. Galveston 5 Phyllis Brauer. Jersey City, N. J. Harriette E ' Lane Donzis, San Antonio Maxine Foreman, Vernon " Thelma Getsin, Memphis, Tenn. Elizabeth Grossman, Corpus Christi Doris Ruth Hooks. Houston Sally Kirsner. Scottfield Doris Mae Levine, Lubbock " Rose Marion Levine. Wichita Falls Freshmen " Shirley Coin. Sinton " Gloria Feinstein. Waco " Marjorie Goldstein, St. Louis, Mo. " Margie Jean Jackman, St. Louis, Mo. " Ruthann Jacobson. New Orleans. La. " Harriette Mae Shuchart, St. Louis, Mo. " Marian Leah Silver, St. Louis, Mo. Arleen Louise Leifman. St. Paul, Minn. Dorothy Marion Lieberman. Robstown Barbara Ann Liedeker, Corpus Christi Mildred Nebenzahl, Mercedes Geraldine Platt, Los Angeles, Calif. Yvetta Sampson, Houston Lois Jane Scharff, Waco Jeanne Shubb, Sioux City, Iowa Leatrice Joyce Zidell, Taylor Madelon Zidell, Temple BETTY NOIINUN 2-eta OFFICERS President . . BETTY NORMAN V ice-President . MARILYNNE HOWSLEY Secretary . . MARJORIE LOUISE BOVVYEI Treasurer . . BETTY TUCK MEMBERS Graduate Nancy Louise House, Kingsville Seniors Mary Louise Hughes, Woodville Dorothy Sue Miles. Midland Francis Lillian O ' Hara, Diboll Betty Jane ()ldham.Scarsdal -,N.Y. Lucille Leslie Randall. Philadelphia, Pa. Virginia Maxine Ratcliff, Amarillo Daisy Dean Reed, Amarillo Emily Winifred Scott, Houston Jane Redfi.-ld Weaver. Donna Martha Ann Welch, Austin Mary Helen West, Canton Ann Jane Westmoreland, Marshall Nancy J. Wilkerson, Comanche Jean Andrews, Kingsville Mary Helen Armstrong, Midland Trula Dale Buchanan, Buda Betty Rose Cradit, Amarillo Billy Tom Curby, Austin Angilee Davis, San Antonio Grace Margaret DeTar, Victoria Mary Frances Edwards, Austin Josie Francis Gamhrell, Lockhart Dorothy Gillis, Del Rio Julie Anita Graham, Austin Mary Dean Grimes, Cleveland Ora Mary Gurley, Happy Lazinka Martin Allen, Corpus Christ! " Lucille Elvira Ash, Bastrop Marjorie Bowyer, Dallas Ann Vitulu Burrus, Beam " Dolores Henry Collins. Richmond ! row: METCALF, CARDWELL, EAGLE, ELLIOTT, HUGHES, WEST, GAMBRIEL, E. SCOTT, M. L. SCOTT, TATUM. ih row: ALLEN, DENMAN, BURRUS, NUNN. RAMSEY, BEALL, BUCHANAN, CAMPBELL, CURBY, S. SCOTT, HAMILL, WESTMORELAND, HAMILTON, SHARP, COPEI.AND, KELLER, WILKEKSON, ARMSTRONG. Third rou: LIPSCOMB, LOCSDON. PRICE, JENKINS, O ' COXXELL, SEDWICK. BAXTER, CADE. FARRIER. Fourth rou-: WHITE, XORTHIXGTOX, BROWN, McCRICHT, EASTLAND, SCULL, BARNES, SHAW, THOMAS, Betty Sue Denman, Lufkin Mary Frances Eastland, Hillsboro Helen Elizabeth Farmer, West Columbia May Eleanor Files, Itasca Irene Childers Keller, Fort Worth Nelwyn Kirby. Shreveport, La. Mary Kay Lattimore, Fort Worth Betty Marie Lumpkin, Dallas Margaret Slaughter Metcalf, Corsicana Katherine Moss, Shreveport, La. Betty Norman, Fort Worth Gloria Barnes, Trinity Betty Baldwin Beall. Dallas Patsy Gatewood Beazley, Dallas Vera Mae Bettison, Galveston Flora Keith Campbell, Austin Rachel Gertrude Cannon. San Antonio Bette Aydlette Capron, El Paso Maryanne Cardwell, Luling Frances Jean Casparis, Austin Madeline Humphreys Cline, San Antoni Juniors Nan Fox, El Paso Caroline Amanda Fullilove, Shreveport, La. Betty Lee Hackman, Kansas City, Mo. May Hemphill, San Angelo ' Harriott Holland, Beaumont Marilynne Howsley, Albany J. Ann Imboden, San Antonio Geraldine Jenkins, Greenville Huberta Reade Nunn, Houston Marjorie Elizabeth Overton, Cleveland Margaret Helen Parker, Houston ' Lavon Phillips, Gladewater Virginia Ruth Pivito, Beaumont Loren Doris Ramsey, Beaumont Elizabeth Byrd Scull. Sherman Margie Anne Sedwick, Albany Mar -JuIeShands, Lufkin Bettie Louise Sharp, Dallas Jean Miriam Shaw, Fort Worth Gary Southern, Austin Sophomores Madlon Copeland, Gatesville Beverly Mae Jordan, San Antonio Jane Russell Eagle, Lufkin Beryle Jeanne Elliott, San Angelo Sammie Nancy Farrier, Omaha Gwendolyn Cecile Grisham, Abilene Mary Hamill, Corsicana Mary Susan Hamilton. Cuero ' Willian Ernestine Holland, Beaumont Alice Caroll Hunter, Beaumont Aurora Virginia Sterling, Anahuac Jeane Ann Stroman, El Paso Alice Tatum, Corsicana Anne Thomas, El Paso Betty Tuck, Sherman Jorene Werner, Trinity Betty Frances Wheelock, Corsicana Virginia Lee Lipscomb, Terrell " Helen Constance Logsdon, Corsicana Marie Merrill, Greenville Dorothy Mae Sawyer, Port Arthur Mary Lou Scott, Austin Shirley Scott. Sherman Anna Kathelyn Tutt. Dallas Helen June Wilkinson, Tuscola Tommie Lou Ziegler, San Anto: Freshmen " Lillian Lunette Baxter, Texarkana ' Barbara Brown, New Orleans, La. ' Ann Cade, Bryan Nancy Jewell Camp, San Antonio ' Helen Alma Coker, Amarillo ' Laura Ann Dick, Columbus ' Ellanor Catherine Foster, Bryan ' Barbara Ann Gentry, Dallas " ' Mary Elizabeth Hai ' n, Freeport " Nancy Johns, Shreveport, La. " Mary Frances Kennedy, Dallas " Barbara Jean Lindsay, Corpus Christ! " Elva Jean McCright Dallas " Marjorie Ann McFarland, Fort Worth ' Virginia Lou Northington, Egypt ' Ann O ' Connell, Austin ' Joan Pomeroy, Dallas ' Martha Jane Porter, Bryan ' Barbara Ann Price, Tyler ' Dorothy Ruth Price, Alice " Mary Archer Simons, Austin ' Ethel Patricia Smith, Jasper " Emma Jean Westmoreland, Marshall ' Marilyn White, Mexia " Ruth Elizabeth Williams, College Station ELIZABETH ANN EDENS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Sorority ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA DELTA Pi ALPHA EPSILON PHI ALPHA GAMMA DELT ALPH OMICRON Pi ALPHA PHI CHI OMEGA DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA GAMMA DELTA PHI EPSILON DELTA ZETA GAMMA PHI BETA KAPPA ALPHA THETA KAPPA KAPPA GAMM PmMu Pi BETA PHI SIGMA DELTA TAU ZETA TAU ALPHA enic OFFICERS ELIZABETH ANN EDENS MARGARET FARIS FRANCES MURRAY LAURA KUYKENDALL Senior Representative Junior Representative Pat Bradbury Elizabeth Ann Edens Annette Greenfield Helen Swanson Carolyn Crouch Margaret Paris Frances Murray Laura Kuykendall Janet Ambler Helen Ginsburg Eleanor DelHomme Eva Alline Harral Eleanor Conly Frances Carrington Kitty Fox Louise Clemens Rebecca Raizen Mary Frances Edward Alice Worrell Pat Branson Jean Katz Margie Wilk Betty Muller Lena Belle Koch Gloria Hood Kathleen McGloin Mary Byers Maytee Robinson Bernice Mays Martie Brown Margaret Peterson Betty Lou Dahlberp Claudia Piper Florence Hudson Maxim- Foreman Hubma Nunn Top row: CONLY, EDWARD, FARIS, GREENFIELD, BRADBURY, RAIZEN. Second row: CLEMENS, CARRINGTON, DELHOMME, MURRAY, SWANSON, AMBLER. Third row: HARRAL, KUYKENDALL, C1NSBURC, EDKNS, FOX, CROUCH. POST-WAR STIIDEMS The I niversity of Texas, busy note training students to take their place in active service or in defense tcork. is also preparing these same studetits for their place in the peace to come. mmmm I OFFICERS Master Housemanagei Lt. Master Scribe Exchequer HAROLD BERMAN SYLVAN STOOL Louis BODZIN MARVIN ARONOWITZ MOKKIS STILLMAN MEMBERS Senior Kalman Treiman, San Antonio Junior Marvin Aronowitz, Edna Harold Berman, Colorado City Louis Bodzin, Colorado City Albert Kogutt, Bay City Morris Stillman, San Antonio Sylvan Stool, Abilene Aaron Winetroub, Austin Leonard Zobel, Corpus Christi SYLVAN STOOL Jack Mazow. Houston Third rote: AVICAEL, STOOL, HOR ITZ, KROLL, ZINDLER. HAROLD HERMAN Lester Avigael. Houston Irving Clark. Galveston Samuel Fisher. West Columbia Philip Freed. Laredo Louis Bernard Honvitz. Fort Worth ' Lionel Kroll. Houston Freshmen ' Bernard Leff. Houston Ira Perelman. Mount Yemen. N. . Seymour Sanov. Gladewater Bernard Streusand. Houston David Westerman. McAllen Kenneth Zindler. Houston Sophomores " Raymond Henkin. San Antonio Ben Katz. San Antonio Herman Josephs. Corpus Christi William Paul Offricht. Houston FACULTY NATHAN GINSBKRG Instructor in Physics ' rneaa OFFICERS Worthy Masters Worthy Chaplain Worthy Scribe . W orthy Keeper of the Exchequer Worthy Keeper of the Annals . (WELDON GLENN SHUDDE I EARL THOMAS McMn.LiAx EDWIN WALTHALL FRANK NEWMAN BOWERS DOUGAS POWELL PIERCE PHIL WILSON MEMBERS Seniors Benton Scott Fleming, Reno, Nev. Earl Thomas McMillian. Houston Weldon Glenn Shudde, Houston Juniors Frank Newman Bowers, Corpus Christi Dougas Powell Pierce. Beaumont John Franklin Hollingsworth, Houston Edwin Paul Wilkinson. Temple John Timothy Wood, San Angelo e: WILSON, PIERCE, McMILLIAN. BARROW, WALTHALL. i : GARTH, OWENS, BOURNE, EISEMAN.N, HOLLINCSWORTt r: SCOTT, YANCY. CARR, NEECE. HILL. BUNCH. cm-.- CEESLLV, GALLIE, McMILLAN, YOL ' NGBLOOD, PARISH. Freshm Gene Buchannan Bradlev. Eunice. La. Robert Edward Lee Bradley. Newport Beach. Calif. Robert Kern Bunch. Houston ' Robert Henry Carr. Corpus Christi Thoma? Muir Gallie. Houston Ralph Campbell Geeslin. Brady George Franklin Haney. Corpus Christi 0wsley Hill. Corpus Christi Clyde Duncan Kiser. Temple Xeal Neece. Jr.. Dallas John Aubrey McMillan. San Angelo Gerald Tully Owens. Dallas erner C. Parish. Jr.. Houston Hollis Ray Porcher. Corpus Christi Dan Taylor. Forney Willard G. Wiegel. Dallas Don Hobson Yancv. Lufkin Sophomores Thomas Davies Barrow. Houston George Craig Mclntire. Austin Henry Allen Bourne. III. Houston Jack Lanier Penman. Corpus Chris John Edwin Eiseman. Houston Edwin Walthall. San Antonio ' William Stephens Ely. Hearne Phil Wilson. Houston David Hull Youngblood. San Antonio FACULTY E. G. FLETCHER . WALTER T. ROLFE . GEORGE W. STOCKING Assistant Professor of English Professor in Architecture Professor of Economics WELDON GLENN SHfl Beta President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . James Anderson, Houston Horace Thomas Chilton, Austin Raymond Swezey Edmunds, Dal John Hamilton Garner, Dallas Edward Coe Davis, Harlingen OFFICERS (HENRY POPE HODGE. JR. I EDWARD COE DAVIS JOHN HAMILTON GARNER WILLIAM ARTHUR LITCHFIELD EDWARD COE DAVIS MEMBERS Graduates James Samuel McNiel. Dallas Senior Virgil Lee Humphrey, Wichita Falls Glenn George Mortimer, Jr.. San Antonio William Clarence Muehlberger, Wichita Falls HENRY POI ' K IIODCK. Jit. Albert Lawrence Guidera, San Antonio A. Y. Olds, Crowell Henry Howard Happell, Houston Lewis Dale Stephens, Wichita Falls Henry Pope Hodge, Jr., Wichita Falls it-- ' Second row: RUSSELL. O ' BRIE union Erroll Warren Allen. Oklahoma City. Okla. Joe Beverly. Crowell Walter Coleman English. Beaumont William Robert Hodge. Wichita Falls ' James Edward Kraft. Tuba. Okla. William Arthur Litchfield. Wichita Falls John Milton Morris. Harlingen John Tarlton Morrow. Jr.. Houston Ashley Home Priddy. Wichita Falls Jess Albert Sanders. Dallas Michel Frans Smith. Washington. D. C. Sophomores Charles Alfred Black. Wichita. Kans. John Bower Cowden. Dallas Clifton Roe Davidson. Wichita Falls Thomas Roger Humphrey, Wichita Falls John Douglas McFarland. Dallas Thomas Stanley Miller. Oklahoma City. Okla Wilbur Raymond Reid, Fort Worth Robert Glass Schleier, Houston Clark Glenn Thompson, Houston EDWARD COE DAVIS Freshmen Arvin Ryan Diliard. Wichita Falls Thomas Montgomery Dye. Dallas ' David Donald Ford. Austin Vincent Meyer. Brown wood ' James Irl Montgomery. Wichita Falls ' John Warren Mullinix. Wichita Falls Charles Home Priddy. W ichita Falls Robert Moore Puckett. Wichita Falls William Joseph O ' Brien. Jr.. Shreveport. La. ' Stanley Reynolds. Wichita Falls Jack Russell. Coleman ' Robert Tetlev. Dallas FACULTY HARRY H. POWERS . Chairman of Department of Petroleum Engineering BRYANT SMITH . . Professor of Law Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta OFFICERS STEPHEN GATCHELL ALLEN- HORACE C. HARRIS, JR. JOE R. DAUGHERTY RICHARD W. SLATTEN CLAIR EARP EVANS BYRON DARRYL DAMIANI BILL SUTTON MEMBERS Graduate Melbourne O ' Banion, Houston Stephen G. Allen, Galveston Robert A. Casey, Taylor Douglas Keenan, Jr., Galveston Seniors Wil liam McGowan, Brownsville Robert Lee Richey, Austin Roland A. Treon, San Benito Earl Wiley, Dalla Juniors Martin H. Boone, Crane Robert Beverly Crouch, Austin Joe R. Daugherty, Austin HORACE C. HARRIS, JR. Buddy Treon, San Benito Clair E. Evans, Wichita Falls Horace C. Harris, Jr., Crane Bill Street, Graham 1EY, MORROW. Front ro : HARRIS. SLATTEN. O ' BAMOX. ALLEN. FLY. CASEY. RICKEY. Second TOK: REED, BOONE, McGOWAN. KEEXAX, TREOX. HESLEY. Third rox: MORROW, RESER. ALEXANDER. DAL ' GHERTY. Fourth TOW: CROUCH, THOMPSON, WILLIAMS, PATTERSON. SLTTON, STREET, HUDLEF Fifth rox: MILLER. DAMIAXI. WILSHL ' SEN, BLOOR. MILBl ' RX. STEPHEN GATCHELL ALLEN Sophomores Archie A. Alexander. Jr.. Galveston Frank Briscoe, Foster Walter F. Deppe. St. Louis. Mo. E. Dewitt Fly. Odessa George Hendrix. San Antonio Frederick D. Hesley. New York. N. Y. Orr Louden, Washington. D. C. Jack Reed. Austin Richard S. Reser, San Antonio Richard H. Slatten, Houston Leroy Clark Speed. Austin Bill Sutton, Houston Freshmen Bert H. Bloor. Austin Byron Darryl Damiani. Galveston Bob Dingle. Houston Raymond Heine. Columbus Robert L. Hudler. Victoria William Wallace Milburn, Dallas Gus Miller. Jr., Columbus V. L. DOUGH TIE M. B. PORTER . C. E. ROWE . 0. B. WILLIAMS Walter Morrow. Galveston Robert Murray. Galveston Orrin C. Patterson, Jr., Galveston Jordan F. Stanford. Austin Richard Wells Thompson, W ' ichita Falls Oscar Brown Williams. Austin Henry E. Wilshusen. Galveston FACULTY Professor of Mechanical Engineering Professor of Pure Mathematics Professor of Drawing Professor of Bacteriology Housemanagers on OFFICERS ROBERT BARRY SYMONDS ' )CARLE FARRELL SHAKI . JH. MEMBERS Graduate Richard Judd Bell, Denton Senii Gordon Taliaferro Charlton, Jr., San Antonio James Reagan Conner, Abilene Damon Philip Smith, Jr., Llano Joseph Lacey Wood, Jr.. Big Spring Robert Gimmell Winters, Abilene ROBERT BARRY SYMONDS Front row: CUNNINGHAM, KEMPER, CROSBY, OWENS, MOORES, CHARLTON, BROWN, SYMONDS. Second row: WINTERS, CAMPBELL, PORTER, SHRINER, LtROUAX, ROMAN, RAMSDELL, GROOS, STEPHENS, ELLSWORTH, LOCKE. Clifford Campbell. Nacogdoches Jack Ownbey. San Francisco. Calif. Knox Pruett. Kilgore William Halley Ram-dell. San Anton Junior Charles Lawrence Scarborough. Abilene John Franklin Shriner, Corpus Christ! Thomas Smith Taylor, San Antonio Rex Eastham Thomas, Woodsboro Sophomores Charles Stanley Amidon. Harlingen Richard Lee Brown. Fort Worth Claude Herbert Buckley. San Antonio Roy Robert Campbell, jr.. San Antonic Ralph Irving Ellsworth. San Antonio Ernest Martin Gro s. Jr.. San Antonio Kyle Milliard. Killeen Richard Ross LeRouax. Houston Louis Henry- Porter. Austin William Buchanan Roman. Jr.. Byron Frank Homer Stephens. Jr.. San Antonio Gerald Vroom. San Jose. Calif. Paul Frederick Woolrich. Austin William Larry- Wright. Bastrop Freshmen Walter Bremond. III. Austin Jack Ru -t Crosby. Del Rio John Franklin Cunningham. Jr.. San Antoni Howard Clark Federer. Au-tin James Yardeman Kemper. San Antonio Bobby Layne. Dallas Bobby Coy Lee. Austin John Ravmond Locke. Sherman George Sidney McCall. Austin Edward Harrison Moores, Tulsa. Okla. George Webb Owens. Tulsa. Okla. Donald Pierson. Abilene Carle Farrell Sharp. Jr.. Dallas Robert Barry Symonds. San Antonio DANA X. BIBLE J. W. CALHOU.N T. P. HARRISON POWELL STEWART FACULTY Head Football Coach Professor of Applied Mathematics and Astronomy Professor of English Assistant Professor of English : Absent on Leave. Military Ser PACT 413 H Presidents V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Arthur Newton Evans, Columbus Marion Roy Harrington, Dallas William Oran Hulsey, Fort Worth Banks McLaurin, Jr., Austin William Edward Andrews, Dalla Craig Hamilton Boyd, Wharton Julius Clifford Cain, Quitman William Lee Ellison, Austin OFFICERS (BALLARD NOLAN WATTS, JR. | BANKS MCLAURIN, JR. VICTOR EUGENE CREWS EDBERT JULIAN SCHUTZE JOHN HOWARD WARDEN, JR. MEMBERS Seniors William Henry Neil, Fort Worth Theo Shirkel Painter, Austin Rirhard Thomas Smith, Fort Worth Iw John Edward Evans, Jr., Robstown John Allen MrFarland, Dallas Herbert Victor Reid, Jr., Lockhart Ballard Nolan Watts, Gainesville BANKS McLAURIN, JR. Front row: J. EVANS. SHERWOOD, WRAY, ROMINE, ADAMS, SHAW, JEWELL, NELSON, CHANDLER. Second row: BOALS, MUNROE, REISER, SCHWARZ, KRAUSSE, RICHARDSON, DOUGLAS, STEWART, CARLISLE, JOHN. Third row: SCOTT, McFARLAND, PAINTER, WATTS. McLAURIN, ELLISON, BOYD, HULSEY. Fourth row: CAIN, CILLIAM, CREWS, SCHUTZE, A. EVANS, DELLINGER, NEIL, WARDEN. PACE :AIN, CILLIAM, CREWS, SCHUTZE. A. EVANS, DELLINCER, NEIL, Sophomor BALLARD NOLAN WATTS, JR. John Jay Adams, Los Angeles, Calif. James Russell Arganbright. Jet, Okla. Victor Eugene Crews. Indianapolis, Ind. David Haglett Dellinger. Dallas Arch Franklin Gilliam. San Antonio Joe Ma, k Jenkins. Hillsboro Daniel Marston Krausse, Houston Roy McLeod Munroe, Austin Edbert Julian Schutze. Austin Thomas Bruce Scott, East Bernard David Alan Summers, San Antonio John Howard Warden, Jr., Tulsa, Okla. Freshmen Nathan Orr Boals. Austin Robert James Carlisle. Jr.. Popalote Fred Clark Chandler. Austin Richard John Charlton. Los Angeles. Calif. Jim Douglas, Jr.. Austin Robert Conrad Jewell. Tulsa. Okla. Richard M. Reiser. Harlingen Robert P. Richardson, Beeville Charles Conrad Nelson, Austin Tom Romine. Fort Worth Richard Jack Schwarz, San Antonio David Edward Shaw. Hollywood, Calif. Frank Henry Sherwood, Fort Worth William Hart Stewart. Austin Charles Elbert Wardman. Ventura. Calif. Bert Weatherby. Fort Worth Arthur Hall Wray, Fort Worth FACULTY H. T. PARLIN . . . Professor of English; Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences LT. i j.g.) Lous SCHIER Officer, aiy V-12 Unit GEORGE F. DALTOX . Special Instructor in Applied Mathematics and Astronomy OFFICERS . . . . . JOHN CRITTENDEN DAVIS JAMES CULBERTSON WHITE .... WILLIAM MELMOTH BOOTH MEMBERS Graduate Krouse Sewall MoMahon, Houston John Crittenden Davis, San Antonio Thomas Oliver Davis, Center William Edward Findley, Dallas George Washington Hagy, San Antor Clayton Deward Baird, Houston William Melmoth Booth, Shrevepi Seniors Junior Tom McGee, Corpus ( :iu isti Carlton Meredith, Dallas Roy Quillian, Pleasanton Mirhael Ryan, Jr., San Antoni Kenneth Johnson, Houston James Culbertson White, Wichita Fa Fnmt r.- CLEMMONS. TERRY. PIERCE. THACKER. SrcamJ wax: BARNHART. ELSTON. SOUTH. MARTIN. REED. McGEE. BAGWELL. COLLIER. HOOD. TkirJ ror: PACKARD, COX, EW ING. NORWOOD. BlRRl S. PETTIT, KAYSER. Fevti rote; HATHORN. FINDLEY. CROW. HIPPARD. MILLER. Sophomores Bruce Dupree Clemmons, Beaumont Dan Pierce. Wichita Falls Franklin J ay Crow, Corpus Christi ' Jesse David Ray ford. Henderson John Kirby Ewing, Donna Harry Albert Tmeblood. Children Willard fanning Hston. Shreveport, La. Ebbie Lewis Williams. Houston Freshmen Paul Stanley Bagwell Wichita Falls John Newhall BarnharL. Beeville Felix Louis Burrus. Beaumont Henry Grady Collier. Wichita Falb Earl Robert Cos, Houston Jerome Hawthorne. Wichita Falls James Joseph Hippard. Houston Gerald Robert Hood. Refugio Charles Howard Huffman. Houston Raymond Francis Kays-r. Shreveport. La. James Thelbert Martin. Wichita Falls Charles Edwin Miller. Wichita Falls James William Norwood. Wichita Falls Frank Orrin Packard, Santa Fe. N. M. Kenneth Allen PettiL Wichita Falls Hunter Edmund Pickens. Dallas Earnest Engine Reed, Gilmer Dirk Scott Slator. Houston Dudley Pritohett South. Houston Edwin Johnson Terry, Beaumont Robert Woolen Thacker. Wichita Falls FACULTY RALPH ARTHVH GALBRAITH .... Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering ROBERT A. LAW Professor of English CLYDE LITTLEFIELD Track Coach COVEY THOMAS OLIVER Associate Professor of Law ALLEN PENICK Professor of Classical Languages OFFICERS r , ,, . (ROBERT CHARLES CONNOR Grand Masters . JR OBERT LEE PARKER Grand Procurator MARK LEONARD LEMMON Grand Master of Ceremonies . WILLIAM ANDREW EKLUND Grand Treasurer WILLIAM NICHOLAS FINNEGA.M Grand Scribe . PERRY BROCKSCHMIDT MENKING MEMBERS Graduate William Frederick Hamner, Shreveport, La. T Seniors Ralph Augustus Belknap. Dallas Jack Forrester Browder, Croesbeck Thomas Jones Caldwell, Houston Donovan Campbell, Tyler Jack Beale Clendenin, Sulphur Springs Robert Charles Connor, Fort Worth Crad Koch Duson, El Campo William Andrew Eklund, Tulsa, Okla. Isbam Harrison Evans, Shuqualak, Mis Dan Henry Lee, Texarkana Robert Lee Parker, Tulsa, Okla Joe Parker, Wichita Fa James Oliver Upchurch, Tyler Front row: CALDWELL, MENKING. CONNOR. EKLUND, FINNECAN, J. F. BROWDER. Second row: FLACK. UPCHURCH. R. PARKER, CULWELL. Third r,m: SOWELL, HAMNER, J. PARKER. J. H. BROWDER. MARTINO, ARCHBALD. CLENDENNIN, FERGUSON. F,m,lh ,,,u: WINCHELL, MURRAY, ROTHROCK, NALLE, JAMIESON. COX. SMITH. PEARSON " . WYNNE. NTNN. TAYLOR, r: BRADFORD, WATSON. McCAIN, OWEN, BARTLETT. SIMPSON. : HUNT, JOYNER. BRASWELL, ROBERTS. FINLAYSON. KENNEDY, BARBOrR. Juniors Todd Archbald. Buffalo. N. V. Joseph Hardy Browder. Groesbeck Warren Dale Culwell. Dallas William Brownlee Ferguson. Houston William Nicholas Finnegan. Houston Walter Clyde Hamilton. Wichita Falls Bruce Stanley Jamieson. Dallas Mark Leonard Lemmon. Dallas Ben Whitesille McKie, Corsicana Karl Albert Martino, Dallas Perry Brockschmidt Menking. Houston Carl Otis Murray. Crockett Earnest Nalle. Jr.. Houston John Horace Smith, Dallas Fred Arthur Winchell. Waco ROBERT LEE PARKER Sophomores Roy William Cox. Jr.. Houston Frank Houghton Flack. Jr.. Galveston Benjamin Haden. Houston Richard Maurice Sowell. Houston John Nun Wheelock. Corsicana Russell Clyde Barbour. Tyler Robert Edward Bartlett. Houston ' Marvin Thurman Bradford. Brenha Robert Samuel Braswell. Waco James Finlayson. Tyler Nelson Bunker Hunt. Dallas Thomas Willard. Tyler Forrest Lynn Kennedy. Groesbeck James Thomas McCain. Tyler ROBERTA. Cox . . . DEI PREE JULIEN FRIEDELL ERNEST R. HARDIN IRA P. HILDEBRAXD . . DONALD JOSEPH . STUART A. McCoRKLE H. H. RANSOM . Freshmen Robert Read Nunn, Houston William Reagan Owen. Dallas James Arthur Pearson. Houston Edward Streicher Rath rock. Houston Clem Henry Roberts. Tyler Calvin Littrel Simpson. Houston Walter Thomas Taylor, Houston Arthur Watson, Austin Thomas Burton Wynne, Houston FACULTY Instructor in Economics Associate Professor of Naval Science and Tactics Instructor in Speech Dean of Law School Professor of Romance Languages Assistant Professor of Government Assistant Professor of English ' warn I lambda CA OFFICERS ( " ALBERT MARION WOLFORD High Alpha . . . RICHARD WILLIAM DIRKS [BILLIE MIXSON WHITEACRE Hi fi i fli ' ta .. . . EUGENE VICTOR DIETZ High Gamma . . ERNIE POLLIT High Tau . . . WALTER LEE VARNER, JR. MEMBERS Graduate Billie Mixson Whiteacre, Sherman Seniors Richard William Dirks, Tuleta Conrad Charles Dye, Seattle, Wash. Carl Laurent Lichte, Cleburne Albert Marion Wolford, MrKinney AMIKKI MUildN 0l.lnlih KI1!I!I.K. DF.ITZ, UL ' .NN. CONCOl K. WOOD, NASH, LOEFFLER, A. SMITH, SUMAN. Ltfl to riftt: SWANNER, ELK1NS, MOODY, ROBERTSON, CARRAXZA. 1.1 Juniors Slanton Schofield Bundy. Roosevelt Raymond Joseph Congour, San Antonio Gene Carl Elkin?. Stephenville Daniel Wade Jared. Houston nville Gribble, Sherman D. Massey. Killeen David Eugene Nash. Weatherford Tillman Porcher Perkins. Longview Aubrey Harris Smith. Goldthwaite Walter Lee 7 amer, Jr., Weatherford Sophomores Harry Carranza, San Jose, Calif. Gene Victor Dietz. Lake Charles, La. Allen Baker Freitag. Houston Allen Green. Corpus Christi Richard Eckel Gunn. San Mateo, Calif. George Edward Harris Tuleta Robert Milton Horton. Del Rio Richard Henry Langenheim. Tulsa, Okla. Aubrey Linville Loeffler. Sonora Norman Merle Pitts, Matador Edgar Emilio Piza, San Jose, Costa Rica George Scott Robertson, Bakersfield, Calif. Charles William Suman, Bakersfield. Calif. Jack Donald Swaner, Coalinga. Calif. Freshmen Allan Green, Corpus Christi PauI Bernard Heidrick. Escondido, Calif. James Hamilton Moody. Longview Donald Burdett Smith. ' Austin Sydney Ross Smith, Livingston William Theodore Storie, Pasadena Robert Cunningham Wood, Corpus Christi ROBBLN C. ANDERSON . CURTIS J. ALDERSON SIGURD N. EKDAHL . . JAMES A. FITZCERALD . LAWRENCE K. YOVRTEE . SCOTT GAINES . FACULTY Assistant Professor of Chemistry Assistant Professor of Education Instructor in Physical Education Dean, School of Business Administration Instructor in Chemistry Attorney for University Lands RICHARD WILLIAM DIRKS Presidents Treasurer Reporter OFFICERS (KENNETH WEILAND MERRITT (CHARLES CARSON SUBLETT DUNCAN CARNES HOWARD JACK CALVIN VAUGHN MEMBERS Juniors James Barry Nail, Wichita Falls Sellers J. Thomas, Jr., Houston Greenwood Silvester Woolen, Jr., Austin (.11 Mil I.S C UiSON SI 111. KIT From rou: MILLER, LEMMON. Second row: BASS, KING, DEATON, DEWBERRY, POTTS. Third row: NAIL, SUBLETT, VAUGHN, MERRITT, HOWARD, Fourth row: WOOTEN, THOMAS, CARTER. LLEB, DEATON, KEIC. DEWBERRY. POTTS, BASS, LEMMON. Sophomores Robert Sargent Baker, Tulsa, Okla. George Reynolds Lemmon, Dallas KENNETH WEILAND MERRITT James Robert Carter. Dallas Roger Hobart Evans. Dallas Owen Homeister. Oxford. Ohio Duncan Carnes Howard. Moody Jerry Johnson. Beaumont Edward Adams Keig. Beaumont Kenneth Weiland Merritt, Dallas Edward John Miller. Jefferson Gty. Mo. Charles Carson Sublett, Beaumont John Greene Taylor, Dallas Jack Calvin Vaughn, Dallas Freshmen Harry Wesley Bass. Jr.. Dallas Fred Ross Deaton. Jr.. Dallas Berry Gilbert Boyd. Dallas ' Joseph Hewitt. Altadena. Calif. John Arthur Burns. Cuero ' William Henry Mannefeld. Dallas James Arch Dewberry. Jr.. Dallas Raymond Monteville Potts. Dallas Bruce Thomas. Dallas -.MPBELL BARKER ROY BEDICHEK .... DANA BRECKENRIDGE CASTEEL KENNETH GULP DAVIS . FRA N K LEO N ARD J EWETT CHARLES TILFORD McCoRMiCK EDMUND THORNTON MILLER ROBERT WELDON STATION . FACULTY Professor of American History Director of Bureau of Public School Service Actuitf Professor of Zoology Professor of Law Instructor in Bible Dean of School of Law Professor of Economics Professor of Law I ni OFFICERS . JOHN PHILIP THOMPSON . AUGUST JOHN PROLL, JR. . TOM ARNOLD . AUGUST JOHN PROLL, JR. . JACK NEFF President . . Housemanager . Secretary . . Treasurer . . Historian . . Corresponding Secretary DAVID WOODWARD MEMBERS Senior James Everett Delehanty, San Francisco, Calif. Juniors Tom Oren Arnold, Houston Daniel Phillips Bolin, Wichita Falls Jack Earle Neff, Jr., Port Arthur Kelly McGuffin West, Oklahoma City, Okla. JOHN PHILIP THOMPSON Front row: NEFF, A. WEST, THOMPSON, CLOUD. Second row: BOLIN, ARNOLD, K. WEST. Third row: RUDD, WOODWARD, JAMES SHAW. Thomas Maynard Cloud, Temple Ernest Sylvester Fletcher, Temple John Helms King. Texarkana James Donald Malone, Fort Worth Richard Mollison, Raymondville MEMBERS Sophomores Jerry Knox Robison. Texarkana Billy VTarren Rudd, UJ, Fort Worth John Philip Thompson, Dallas Albert Washington West, m, San Antonio David Grider Woodward, Wichita Falls AUGUST JOHN PHOLL, JR. Fresh mer James Latham Abies. Brownwood Lloyd Robert French. Brownwood Bascom Gerald Heath. San Antonio Reginald Heber Helvenston. Austin William Wylie Holden. Jr.. San Antonio Lucian Thomas Jones. Jr.. San Antonio Royal Wheeler King. Jr.. San Antonio Alfred Sebring Lowrey. San Antonio Carl Frederick Mann, Austin Stanley Reid McCampbcll, Oklahoma City, Okla. August John ProlL, Jr San Antonio Robert Lewis Wirtz. San Antonio Herbert Amos Yarbrough, San Antonio FACULTY FREDERIC DINCALF . . HOWARD C. GILSTRAP . ROSCOE Gt ERNSEY. JR. . THEODORE HOS.VBERGER GERALD M. STAFFORD . JOHN R. WATT . BERRY WHITAKER . Professor of Medieval History Head Basketball Coach Instructor in Ciril Engineering Professor of English Instructor in Geology Instructor in Economics Director of Men ' s Intramurals Presidents . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . OFFICERS ( " BILL NILES BROWDER . -j JOHN SAM WINTERS [FRED AHERNS EALAND . MURPHY HOLLIS BAXTER . TRUETT HULL ROBERT PARRY VOTTELER MEMBERS Graduate George Hiram Jewell, Fort Worth Seniors Murphy Hollis Baxter, Dallas Brien Dillon. Amarillo Bill Niles Browder, Amarillo Roy Leonard Vineyard, Amarillo Arch Vernon Bryan, Amarillo David Raworth Williams, Austin John Sam Winters, Amarillo Juniors ' Raymond Hampton, Vernon Fred Ahrens Ealand, Dallas LEDBETTER, CRAY. HAMPTOX, GOODRICH, PEAK. ITILKIRSON. :: GITHRIE. XEWHOUSE. LEEBRICK. CARR, V. WHITE. Fl ' LCHER, WATKINS, FILBRIGHT, BERRY. LESTER, TURBEVILLE. Sophor JOHN SAM WINTERS Jack Edgar Brady. Gladewater Harlie Marion Burns. Austin Charles Thompson Butler. Jr.. Beaumont Truett Gibson Hull, Amarillo Joe Bob Mobley, Amarillo Robert Parry otteler. Dallas Lee Works, Brownsville Freshmen 1 ' ' Doss Hickman Berry. Beaumont Millard Fillmore Carr. Dallas ' Leroy McKeen Fulbright. Beaumont ' Henry Coleman Fulcher. Wichita Falls Harvey Lee Guthrey. Beaumont ' Hugh Robert Goodrich. Houston ' Leland Gray. Amarillo ' George Samuel Harwell, Dallas ' Kenneth Angus Larson, an Francisco, Calif. Paul Veal Ledbetter. Houston Robert John Leebrick, Long Beach, Calif. Mai Lester. Waco Willis Daniel Moore. Fort Worth George Braxton Newhouse, Long Beach, Calif. James Wallace Peak. Dallas Richard Lewis SterkeU Long Beach, Calif. Louis Richard Turbeville. Dallas Donald Orin Watkins. Amarillo Keith Clark White. Long Beach. Calif. Warren Travis White. Dallas Oscar Lee Wilkirson, Grandview HVLOX W. BLACK . . . WILLARD H. BREMLINCER . HOMER VINCENT CRAIG . EDWARD EVERETT HALE . ALBERT EDWARD HAYWARD . JOSEPH LIXDSEY HENDERSON Gi s MACEY HODCES . . CALEB PERRY PATTERSON . FACULTY Director of the L ' niifraty Development Board Assistant Professor of Psychology Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics and Astronomy Professor of Economics Instructor in Bacteriology Professor of Secondary Education Professor of Lax, Legal Adriser to the Registrar Professor of- Government Dl- I hi Si lama f OFFICERS THEODORE ALEX KLEIN ROBERT BONNER TAYLOR JOE ROBERT COUCH WILLIAM ROBERT FUGE, JR. GILBERT BERRY MCCARTER PAYTON VICTOR ANDERSON || MEMBERS Graduate William Robert Fuge, Jr., Austin Seniors Donald Starr Caldwell, Mexia Gilbert Berry Mr Carter, Canyon Alva Roscoe Howard, San Antonio Peter Prince Parrish, Downers Grove, II Urban Hart Faubion, Austin Tom Scott Talbert, Waco John Beauchamp Kirkley, Joplin, Mo. Hubbard Eugem- Taylor, Pittsburgh, Pa Theodore Alex Klein, Tomball William Florian Ximmermann, Austin TIIKOOOKE ALEX KLEIN v: KLEIN, ZIMMERMANN, KIRKLEY OKI: GOWIN, PARRISH, H. TAYLOR frou rmr: DOUGLAS. SKELTON. BOECKMAN. BOUNCER. Secoxd ram: CUNNINGHAM. BLAIR. BRICE. CANNON. BE. Tkird rat: FELKER, FAUB1ON, SERAFY, Ft LLER. YORK. Junior Payton Victor Anderson, Midland James L. Coleman. Jr.. Cameron Clyde Benton Douglas. Jr.. Clarendon Ralph Edward Fuge. Austin Dixie Robert Gowin. Fort Worth Ben Edwin Key. Jr..Taft Cleave Nolen. Austin ULLIAM ROBERT FTGE. JR. Sophomores Robert Edwin Beatty, Jr., San Antonio Jack Harold Brice. Coleman Joe Robert Couch, Pittsburgh. Pa. Benjamin Patrick Dillahunty. kilgore William Main. Alamo, CaKf. Nicky Serafy. Brownsville Robert Bonner Taylor, Pittsburgh. Pa. Freshmen Billy Ford Auvenshine. Corpus Christ! Phillip Michael Blair. Austin Duncan Eugene Boeckman. Dallas Ray Martin Bolinger. Houston James Belling Cannon. Mexia Clarence Edward Christie. Houston Don Ray Cunningham. Dallas ' Marshall Leonard Felker, Avinger Thomas Lester Fuller. Austin William Henry McCelland, Gilmore Tommy Albert Phillips. Mexia Jack Patterson Philquist. Austin Paul Ryan Skelton. Mckinney Eldon Nicholson Wolcott. Center Point Raymond Frederic Weis, Higgins Charles Thompson York. HoU,s. N. Mev CHARLES FLINN ARROWOOD LLOYD LORINC CLICK DR. JOHN A. CROCKETT . CLYDE CHEW GLASCOCK . CHARLES WILSON HACKETT DR. HARRY LESLIE kLOTz READ CRANBERRY ARNoNoWOTNY FACULTY . Professor of Education . Assistant Dean of College of Arts and Sciences Associate Physician Professor of Romance I Professor of Latin American i Associate Physicia Professor of Engineering . Dean of Student Life PACX429 rUART HASTINGS I ni J a ' fpu OFFICERS Presidents . . . . Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer . . . . Chaplain .... Inter fraternity Council UAMES BARNETT ARANT I EDMUND STUART HASTINGS GEORGE EDWARD FRANKLIN RICHARD MYLES DAWSON ROBERT GRAHAM ALLEN GEORGE EDWARD FRANKLIN NEIL STEWART FUSSELL FRANK EMANUEL BERTUCCI Seniors James Barnett Arant, El Paso George Edward Franklin, Liar Howard Ray Lowe, Dallas MEMBERS Frank Emanuel Bertucci, Gulfport, Miss. Frederick Henry Francis, Fort Worth Edmund Stuart Hastings, Gulfport, Miss. Roy Stewart Nunnally, Austin Front row: FRANKLIN, HASTINGS, FRANCIS, ARA.- Second row: BERTUCCI, LOWE, McCONN. %fcT Frau .- DAWSON, DENNEN. SCOTT, MAYNE. ALLEN. WILSEY. Seca J n : LEWIS. NTXXALLY. EVERETT. CODBOLD. ELLIOTT. CRIFFLN, FUSSELL. JAMES BARNETT ARAM Sophomores Robert Graham Allen. El Segundo, Calif. Harper Levy Clark. Lake Charles, La. Richard Myles Dawson. Compton, Calif. James Michael Dennen. Bakersfield, Calif. Neil Stewart Fussell. Austin Alexander Marshall Gardner, Jr., South Pasadena. Calif. David Lynch Gasca, Los Angeles, Calif. Robert Phillip Green, Visalia, Calif. John Calvin Ma Tie. Albuquerque. N. M. Richard Lewis McConn, El Paso Roy Stewart Nunnally, Austin Robert Bayard Patterson, Austin William Sargent Scott, Big Creek, Calif. Freshmen ' David Neal Elliott, Austin ' Richard Dubois Everett. Austin ' James Guerry Godbold. Austin ' Robert Charles Griffin. Austin ' Rowland Clyde Lewis. Greenville ' Walter James Mclnnis. Needles, Calif. ' Raul Brown Perez, Coronado. Calif. ' Robert McKinley Powell, Berkeley, Calif. ' Harold Wilsey, Los Angeles, Calif. JOHN L. ABERNETHV Luis H. BARTLETT FREDERICK B. PLIMMER FACULTY Assistant Professor of Chemistry Mechanical Test Engineer, Bureau of Engineering Research Geologist, Bureau of Economic Geology President V ice-President . Secretary Rush Captain House Manager . Pledge Captain . OFFICERS W. W. WHARTON, JR. STANLEY MORTIMER WOODWARD ROBERT GREENLEAF UMSTATTD ALLEN ELBERT HUMPHREY FRANK WILLIAM RIESENKCKF.R WYATT T. NORMAN Seniors James William Harmon, Welch, W. Va. James Deland McCaldin, San Antonio Aubrey Wayne Price, Eden W. W. Wharton, Jr., Mineral Wells Stanley Mortimer Woodward, Arlington Juniors Alex Hector Carameros, El Paso Bill Hamilton, Llano Allen Elbert Humphrey, Dallas Wyatt T. Norman, Rusk Frank Charles Prade, Jr., El Paso George Thomas Shires, Dallas Milner Speer Thome, Lubbock I.I-Y 10KTI 1I li ool. Mil FITZHUCH, SHIP WOODWARD, WHARTON. UMS Y, THORNE, McCALDIN. McFA roir: HALL. BROCDON. RIESENECKER. d nm: MABRY, JAMESON, MAYO, BECKHAM. Sophomores Elton Leslie Brogdon. Arlington William Aylett Fitzhugh. Dallas Richard Stanley Hall. Dallas Jerry Donald Jameson. Dallas Dave Gerald Karlen. Cedar Hill Paul Wayne McFall. San Antonio Clarence Lelwyn Mabry. Alice Paul Randolph Mayo. Dallas Frank William Riesenecker. San Antonio Daniel Robinson. Dallas Robert Greenleaf Umstattd. Austin Howard Wai den Yerutti. Hollister, Calif. Fresh, Malcolm Lavene Beckham. Dallas Jack Francis Hagar. Dallas FACULTY LEO THEODORE BELLMOXT KNEY ElFLER, JR. . M. MONTGOMERY . L. W. PAYNE Director of Physical Training for Me Assistant Professor of Geology Professor of Romance Languages Professor of English on OFFICERS Eminent Archons . HACK CALDWELL HEBDON {HENRY SCOTT GWYN Eminent Dep. Archon JAMES WESLEY NIXON Eminent Recorder . HAL HARRISON RAMSEY, III Eminent Treasurer JACK CALDWELL HEBDON MEMBERS Graduates John Houghton Brownlee, Austin Frank William Bellows, Houston Jay DuBose, Belton Jack Caldwell Hebdon, San Antoni Seniors " Harry John Parker, H, San Antonio Frank Lafayette Paschal, San Antonio Alex Roscoe Thomas, Jr., San Antonio Ernest Randolph Thompson, Sherman JACK CAI.IHV i:u. HEBDON Front row: O ' E Second row: Bellows, Hill, Hebdon, Tenison, Thomson, Yeager. Fourth row: Vernon Miller, Gwyn, Gresham, Alfred Negely, Swanson, Ramsey, Roberts Fifth row: Cayle, William Shufird. Nixon, Masquelette, Judson, Schmidt. PACE 434 MEMBERS Juniors HENRY SCOTT CWYX Charley Wesley Barrier. Fort Worth Newell Ellsworth Boughton, College Station John Boyd Carter, Jr.. Houston Henry Scott Gwyn. Houston Rupert Gresham. San Antonio John Luke Hill. KJlgore Gage Holland. San Antonio Millard William Judson. San Antonio George Kampman. San Antonio Philip Masquelette, Houston Edgar Wilson Montieth. Houston William Lawrence Moore. Wichita Falls James Wesley Nixon, San Antonio Ralph Meredith Roberts, Plainview Kenneth Adleta Swanson, Dallas Frank Thompson. Temple Hal Yeager, Jr., Wichiu Falls Robert Lee Campbell. Sherman George Minton Dougherty. Houston Dan Martin Fergus, Temple Gibson Gayle. Waco Joseph Jack Horn. Wellington Roy Anderson Butler. Lawton, Okla. Curtis BrowTilee. Austin Charles Daniel Cottingham. Houston Fred Winheld Day. Temple William Edwards Douglass, Houston Samuel McCall Fitzpatrick. Austin LT. M. C. BWTTAIX EVERETT G. SMITH JAMES B. WHAREY Sophomores Peter McCall Keating, San Antonio Edwin Mantooth Simons, Tyler Jack Gordon Swanson, Dallas Robert Blake Tenison. Houston William Basil Todd. Fort Worth Freshmen Thomas Lamar Fontaine, Houston William Bradford Gardner, Falfurrias Robert Keifer Marshall. Temple Berwick Crain O ' Brien. Jr., Houston John Franklin Rader. IIL Houston Hal Harrison Ramsey, HI, Corpus Christi FACULTY Instructor in .VatwV Science Professor of Marketing Professor of English Si, u JAMES AMSTATER OPPENHEIMER OFFICERS Prior . . . JAMES AMSTATER OPPENHEIMEF Vice-Prior . EDWIN LEE GARLETT Recorder . . CLIFFORD CHARLES SEIDEI. Exchequer . SYLVAN IRWIN POLUNSKY MEMBERS Graduate Melvin Harold Gertz, Kilgore First- Year- Law Ted Henry Strauss, Stamford Seniors Morton Fichtenbaum, Austin Harold Novy, Austin James Amstater Oppenheimer, El Paso 1LZMARK. WLLFE. IN. COODFRIEND. JACOBV. EDVIN LEE GARLETT Juniors Leo Soloman Goodman. San Antonio Allan Paul Jacoby. Kansas City. Mo. Jesse Edmond Wulfe. San Antonio Sophomores Edwin Lee Garlett. Denver. Colo. AI Holzmark. Kansas City. Mo. Benard Laves. Austin Sylvan Irwin Polunsky. San Angelo Clifford Charles Seidel. Syracuse Ben Shanker. Seminole. Okla. Freshmen ' Melvin Arnold Epstein. Bay City ' Bernard Joseph Lichenstein. Dallas Melvin Lewis Goodfriend. Austin Max Jacob Rosenstein. Fort Worth Harold Abraham Klotz. Tyler Indn Harold Silberberg. Clarksville FACILTY AARON SCHAFFER Professor of Romance Languages OFFICERS ( " EDWARD ANSLIE WOOD Consuls . . . -{JOE WEBB MCKNIGHT (VERNON GERALD WRIGHT Pro-Consul . . MARVIN BATES EICKENROHT Annotator . . VERNON GERALD WRIGHT Quaestor . . . PHILIP WILLIAM KAUFMAN Magister . . . DONALD THOMAS GRANTHAM MEMBERS Graduate Robert Van Osdell West, Jr., Tulsa, Okla. Seniors James Ralph Byars, Bay City Vernon Gerald Wright, Port Neches Joe Webb MeKnight, San Angelo EDWARD ANSLIE WOOD Ira Emil Carroll, Trinity Marvin Bates Eickenroht, Jr., Kilgore John Payne Gannon, Houston O. W. Hildebrand, Mart Philip William Kaufman, Racine, Wi Juniors William Robert Mirkle, Longview Jerome Edgar Robertson, Miles William Ivan Solnikov, Tulsa, Okla. Gilbert J.StonitschJoliet, 111. Front torn: GARTLEY, ROBERTSON, KLNSEL. Back re : CRIBBLE. CRAY, GATES. CURRIER, QCAY. Sophomores Charles Willis EckharL El Paso Luther Edward Cribble, Jr.. Wellington James Hanson Evans. Dallas Irvin William Harrison. South Bend Donald Thomas Grantham. Houston James Hanson Evans. Dallas Donald Cain Gray. Indianapolis. Ind. Jack Cliano Snodgrass. Temple Walter Lee Gray. Jr.. Edward Anslie Wood. Dallas Oklahoma City. Okla. VERXOX GERALD BRIGHT Freshmen Newton Dodson. Austin Warren Currier. El Centre. Calif. Philip Alan Gates. Phoenix. Ariz. David Clarke Gartlev. Glendale. Calif. John Winston Kinsel. Alice Harvey Henry Lane, Dallas Jack Tucker Phinizy. Lamesa Samuel David Quay. Waco FACULTY D. F. CARSTARPHEN A. E. COOPER . A. P. FINCH . HIGH MC.MATH . J. W. MOORE . Instructor of English Professor of Applied Mathematics Professor of Civil Engineering Assistant Professor of Architecture Professor of Late u OFFICERS Eminent Commander CHARLES UPTON SHEFFIELD Lieutenant Commander JOHN W ' ARREN BURRUSS Recorder . . . CHANDOS HURSTELL BRITTON, JR. Treasurer . . . WILLIAM KLETTUS HOFFMAN, JR. MEMBERS Seniors Leon Tolliver Boswell, San Benito Charles Raleigh Porter, Jr., Corpus Christ! ( :hnndos Hurstell Britton, Jr., McAllen William Leroy Puls, Seguin George Hume Gofer, Austin Julian Melton Samuel, Tyler John Harold Gilmer Eason, San Antonio Charles Upton Sheffield, Austin Roy Woolen Williams, Houston First- Year-Law Edwin Pierce Lea, Houslon Juniors Nelson Edwin Davenport, Jr., Richland Springs James Gentry Moore, Amarillo William Ernest Dube, McAllen Richard Oshorne Staines, Tulsa, Okla. Stanley Colson Frank. Ridgewood, N. J. Charles Frederick Stcineger, Jr., Dallas John Colquitte Grammer, Coleman J. Adolph Ziser, Denver, Colo. : EASON, WILLIAMS, ALDERDICK, BURRUSS. C. SHEFFIELD, WELMAKER, COFER. Back row: BOSWELL, BRITTAN. SENCLEMANN. CRAMMER, INKS, HOFFMAN, TUCKER, HARRINGTON, FRANK. STEINER. Fru ro..- McKIMMINS. C. SHEFFIELD. FREZ1A, FAR Sawuf rom: DUBE, WALLA, McCLLLOLCH. TUtd row: BARNHART, BROUN. FREEMAN, TAYLOR. Frt row.- ZISER. BROTHERS. BENTSEN. V1CKREY. Billy Bryan Alderdice. Austin Richard Thomsen Berg. Richfield, Utah Gordon Lee Best. Corpus Christi Donald Ceylon Brown. Longmeadow. Mass. John Warren Burruss. Oklahoma City. Okla. .Macon Wilson Freeman, Jr., Coleman Charles Arnold Frezia. Dallas Robert Hugh Gormley. Ventura, Calif. Thomas Wyatt Harrington. Piano Sophomores William Klettus Hoffman, Jr., San Diego Floyd B. Inks. Austin ' Coy Melvin Porter. Norwalk. Calif. Charles Herbert Row. Jr.. San Antonio Paul Joseph Stretars. Gary. Ind. Lewis Ervin Tucker. San Antonio Franklin Henry Warner. Washington, D. C John Francis Watkins. Pasadena, Calif. ' Harold Duane Wellman. Kilgore JOHN WARREN BVRRITSS Freshmen Horace Chilton Barnhart. Jr.. Austin Jack Spencer Moore. Austin Edward Byron Beam. McAllen Oliver LeGrand Norman. Austin Calvin Richard Bentsen. McAllen Charles Ray Pardo, Lockhart Joe Frank Brothers. McAllen George S. Coit. St. Petersburg. Fla. Clifford Jack Connor. McAllen Thaddeus Clyde Farmer. Oklahoma City. Okla. Willard Louis Felson. Los Angeles, Calif. William Joseph Fraser. Bakersneld. Calif. Richard Lefwich Kyle. San Antonio George Howard McCullough. Austin Mark McKimmins. II. Austin FACULTY MALCOLM YOUNG COLBY .... HENRY GORDON DAMON .... RICHARD MCGREGOR DARLING . GEORGE HOMER FANCHER .... ARCHIE N. JONES EUGENE PAUL SCHOCH .... YERNON TRUETT SCHUHARDT . LT. HARRY HARRISON THRELKELD Robert Lavon Reese. Corpus Christi Sam S. Senglemann, Jr Houston George Weldon Sheffield. Austin George Woods Taylor. Austin Wilmont Vickrey, Indianapolis, Ind. August William Walla. Houston Forrest Nolan Welmaker, Austin Daniel Kelsay White. W eatherford, Okla. Professor of Physics Associate Professor of Geology Tutor in Applied Math and Astronom Professor of Petroleum Engineering Professor of Music Professor of Chemistry Professor of Botany and Bacteriology Assistant Professor of A ' atW Science lo WILLIAM EDWARD MATTHEWS OFFICERS (WILLIAM EDWARD MATTHEWS {ROBERT MILLER WILLIAM TINDELL ABLES ROBERT LAMBIE MILLER GEORGE FREDERICK BAILEY BEN OTIS PARHAM MEMBERS Graduate Ruben Edward Kappler, McAllen Seniors John Frank Cooke, Denison William Edward Matthews, Palesti John Louis Craig, Fort Worth Robert Lambie Miller, Austin Carl Edward Rogers, Duluth, Minn. Juniors Donald Russell Longenecker, Ligonier, Ind. " William Bruce Ramsey, Mart c: SCOTT, ADERHOLD, PARHAM, " BARON, " BAILEY, MATTHEWS, R. MILLER, RAILEY. ou : HOLLOWAY, ABLES, KAPPLES, RAMSEY, MARWILL, GOLDEN, W. MILLER, COOKE. SCON rox: STE1NCAMP, .NELSON, WEBSTER, RAMEY, PITTMAN. TkirJ ,mc: COSSETT, ADAMS, KIRK. BALLIE , H ARDEMAN. Sophomores William Tindell Abies. Bremond Samuel Thomas Aderhold, Edinburg George Frederick Bailey. New York. N. Y. Ira Jeffrey Golden. Jr.. Yernon Stuart Malcolm McGregor, Dallas WILLIAM TINDELL ABLES Gene Gilbert Mar ill. Dallas Ben Otis Parham. Yernon James Malcolm Railey. Austin Richard Thomas Scott, Houston ' George Edwin Smith, Jr.. Amarillo Freshmen Wayne Laniere Adams. Houston William Forrester Baker. Beaumont James Edwin Balliew, Dallas James William Beavers. Gladewater Linwood Lee Bland, Houston Herbert Lee Brewer. Galveston Robert Thornton Cook, Redwood City, Byron Edward Cooper, Fort Worth WilliamThomas Doughtie, Bay City John Kenneth Grogan. Houston Benjamin Guy Gossett, Dallas Edward Lent Hardeman, Junction John William Banner. Bay City William Horace Holloway, Hondo James Thomas Kent, Richardson Harry Don Kirk, Grand Saline Walter Blake Miller, Cuero John Singleton Mosby, Dallas Bobby Gene Moore. Fort Worth Wesley Theodore Nelson. Fort Worth William Robert Peck, Fort Worth Everette Edward Pittman, Jr.. Austin Edgar Lewis Ramey, Gladewater Marvin Clyde Sherrod, Harlingen Harry Edward Steincamp. Electra Grady Linder Webster, Austin Graham DeVoe Williford, Fairchild Presidents Vice- President Secretary Treasurer Xi OFFICERS 1 ROBERT GARLAND BR OWN CHARLES HILL JAMES GARRISON JONES ARTHUR HEMPE F. B. HUEY ELGIN BARNETT ROBERTSON, JR. WARREN JOSEPH RAYMER MEMBERS Graduate Warren Joseph Raymer, Kenedy Senior CHARLES HILL Robert Brown, Carthage Arthur Robert Hempe, Jr., Chicago, 111. Charles Hill, Pharr F. B. Huey, Jr., Denton Milton Mason Johnson, Cleburne Edward Daniel Shipman, San Anton Jack David Thompson, Vernon Norman Ray, Waller e .- ALEXANDER, THOMPSON, HOPKINS, JONES, MILLER, HUEY. r.- FOSHEE, ROBERTSON, RAINEY, WHITE, SCOTT, RAYMER, GRIFFIN. frail ram: VINCEXT, BISHOP, BENNICHT, GRAHAM. ALLEN. NICHOLS. -a i rar HEMPE, HUGHES. ELMER. LYONS. JAY. XARAXJO. TUrJ rr.- KEITZ, SALLEE, BECKER. SHIPMAN, PRESTRIDGE, HOTS. Juniors JAMES GARRISON JONES ' Max James Allen. San Antonio W. J. Davis. San Antonio Charles Hefner. San Antonio James Garrison Jones. Austin Clavin Joseph Lyons, Port Arthur Thomas Lee Watson, Dallas Ralph Irbv White. San Antonio Charles Weldon York, Panhandle Sophomores George Gambrell Alexander. Kenedy Wilbert George Bennight. Houston " Ivan Colgate Elmer. Orange James Robert Griffin. Temple George Milton Hopkins, Jr.. Denton Richard John Hughes. Jr.. Dallas Ernest Leonard, Jr., Austin Herbert Linnstaedter, Brenham Julio Neal Naranjo, Laredo David Hornsby Rainey. Austin William Allen Scott, temple Karl Vincent. Jr.. Wickett Fresh, Theodore William Becker. Jr.. Victoria Eugene Harville Bishop. Clarksville John Herbert Crook. Martindale Donald Albert Foshee, Gladewater Walter Nichols Graham, Dallas Roger Hulls. McCamey Joe Bob Jay. Abilene " Roddy Keith Zeitz, Waco GORDON B. MAIXLJI John Tom McCoy, Pampa Ray Warren Miller. Gladewater John D. Nichols, Dallas Archie Davis Prestidge, Eagle Pass Philip E. Ridley. Dallas Elgin Bamett Robertson, Jr., Dallas Bill Ned Sallee. Waco Roy Wilson Taylor, San Angelo FACULTY Instructor of Zoology Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering 9 Master Prater Vice-Master Prater Treasurer Secretary Frank Lipper Dover, Beaumont Leo Phillip Goudchaux, Beaumont FRANK LIPPER DOVER OFFICERS FRANK LIPPER DOVER BILLY STEWART MORGANSTERN MARION LEONARD STAHL BERNARD Louis WEINGARTEN MEMBERS Seniors Bill Lipper, Dallas Marvin Vexler, San Antonio Bernard Louis Weingarten, Houston Juniors Billy Stewart Morganstern, Warren, Ohio Stanley Robert Plettman, Port Arthur Edwin Morriss Gale, Beaumont Sophomores Richard Allen Frankel, Austin David Martin Lieberman, San Antonio Albert Frank Hendler, Temple Marion Leonard Stahl, Gonzales Henry Sterne Jacobus, Jr., Dallas Jerome Alan Tarnopol, Houston Jack Sayre Weinblatt, Temple Freshmen Israel Altman, Mexia Sylvan Wolfson, Corpus Christi Front row: DOVER. Third row: HENDLER, WEINGARTEN. Second row: STAHL, MORCANSTERN. Fourth row: GALE, PLETTM V Back row: JACOBUS, TARNOPOL, COUDCHAUX, ALTMAN, LIEBERMAN, WEINBLATT, 1 OFFICERS Presidents .... V ice-President . . . Secretary and Treasurer (MARVIN KRESS (Louis COHEN- JOSEPH MANN LEHMAN HILFORD JOSEPH CHESMCK Coleman Caplovitr. Houston Richard Kleiman, Waco Jarrell David Rubinett, Dallas Louis Cohen, Abilene Melvin Oshman, Houston Leonard Stephen Burke. Houston Murray Herbert Hoffer. Beaumont Sammv Millimad MEMBERS Seniors Marvin Kress, Austin Joseph Mann Lehman. Tahoka Hyman P. Roosth, Tyler Juniors Hilford Joseph Chesnick. Victoria Sophomores Fabian Jarrett Robinson, Dallas Jay Littman Todes, Wharton Freshmen Bernard Snyder. Austin Morris Errin Polishuk, DaUas Simon Wiederman, Houston MARVIN KRESS LEHMAN. COHEN, KRESS, OSHMAN, POLISHUK, ROOSTH, RUBINETT, BURKE. WIEDERMAN. HOFFER. : m ni:i:r.::uT sc President . Vice-President . Secretary . Business Manager . OFFICERS HENRY HERBERT SCARBOROUGH, JR. STANLEY E. CRAWFORD JOHN B. HARRISON JACK N. BUNKLEY MEMBERS Graduates Andrew Percy Johnson, Carrizo Springs Henry Herbert Scarborough, Jr., Palestine Lewis Wray Hall, Tulsa, Okla. Isham George Kennon, Jr., Clelm me John B. Harrison, Dallas Loyal Edwin Loveless, Jr., Stamford Theodore Lawrence Jones, Dallas Alfred Bodden Owen, Houston George Morgan Keith, Port Neches Allan Moore Poindexter, Austin Henry Edward Sterry, Newgulf Juniors Edward Jefferson Jones, Houston Jimmy Erie Loveless, Stamford Charles Gale Markward, Fort Worth Howard Arthur Swanson, Dallas Malcolm Everett Wallace, Dallas Weldon Otto Winsauer, Mathis Jack Newton Bunkley, Stamford loe RusselColeman.G ..... Iwell, Okla Stanley Everett Crawford. Dallas George Warren Dolph, Dallas Ernest Homer Duesterhoeft, Austin Richard Harding Ferguson, Dallas Thad Leroy Woodard, Jr., Dallas Sophomores Carl Smith Fitzgerald, Kingsville James William Needham, Orange William Man us Mc( iarthv, Dallas Bill Ed Porter, Austin Robert Lee Thrash, Jr., Dallas FACULTY WERDNER PACE KEETON HOWARD WILLIAM TOWNSEND HENRY HERBERT SCARBOROUGH, JR. Professor oj Law Instructor in Speech Tutor in Chemistry HARRISON, BUNKLEY. CRAWFORD, SCARBOROUGH. w: FERGUSON, PORTER, STERRY, NEEDHAM, KEITH, E. JONES, FITZGERALD, THRASH. w: T. JONES, DOLPH, L. LOVELESS, SWANSON, JOHNSON, MARKWARD, WINSAUER, MCCARTHY. ow: 1. LOVELESS, WOODARD. OWEN, HALL, DUESTERHOEFT, COLEMAN, CLARK, WALLACE. Iff I -. , J J , - II I ' II " ! Administration Building and one of the research laboratories of the M. D. Anderson Hospital for Cancer Research in Houston. MEDICINE and HEALTH The University is aiding the war effort through its medical research and is helping assure a bette r and healthier future. Much research irorA- is done at the Medical School in Galveston as well as in the Biological Research Department of the University, particularly in the Biochemical Institute. Recently the University took over operation of the M. D. Anderson Hospital for Cancer Research in Houston. IHEDICHL SCHOOL -StdminUtration CHAUNCEY D. LEAKE Vice-President and Dean JOHN C. NOLEN Business Officer D. BAILEY CALVIN Associate Dean EDGAR NEEL CAPPLEMAN Assistant Business Officer WILLIAM 0. BOHMAN Superintendent John Sealy Hospital ESTHER MASSIN Assistant Registrar MARJORIE BARTHOLF Director of the John Sealy College of Nursing George F. Adams Charles Robert Allen Ludwik Anigstein Madero Norman Bader J. Peyton Barnes Marjorie Bartholf Virgil Clifford Baxter Kenneth Beach James Hamilton Benton E. W. Bertner Raymond Frank Blount William Oscar Bohman Paul Brindley D. Bailey Calvin Menelaus Caravageli E. A. Chandler John A. Clapp William Doyne Collings Robert Earl Cone Willard Richardson Cooke Charles Q. Davis George Michael Dechard, Jr. William D. Decker Carl Ulrich Dernehl Glenn A. Drager George William Nordholtz Eggers Fred C.Elliott George A. Emerson Jack R. Ewalt Paul Leon Ewing Edgar Shumate Ezell A. M. Faris Enrique J. Bravo Fernandez P. M. Frank Chester North Frazier Edward H. Frieden Albrecht Eugen Fuld Francis Allen Garbade Herman L. Gardner John Z. Gaston Giesey Jean Campbell Mims Wendell Daniel Gingrich Marvin Lee Graves Raymond Leslie Gregory Goldie S. Ham Jewell G. Hamrick Arild E. Hansen Titus Holliday Harris Byron Murray Hendrix Emilia Austin Hoeflich George Herrmann Charles A. Hooks Forrest Gish Houston Frank J. Iliams Julius Luther Jinkins Mildred John Herman W. Johnson Jesse Breland Johnson Robert A. Johnston Harry Kaplan O. B. Kiel Emil Henry Klatt Hugo Alexander Klint Mayn ard D. Knight Jule Kitchell Lamar Charles E. Lankford Chauncey D. Leake George Lee Edward James Lefeber William C. Levin Leslie Leon Lumsden Charles Francis Mares William L. Marr Seth Mabry Morris Wesley Frank McKinley, Jr. George Street McReynolds, Jr. Carl August Nau Nelly Nittel Eric Ogden Andrew Alexander Ormsby John L. Otto I. Parish Donald M. Paton Bernard Perlman Jesse A. Place Charles M. Pomerat Eugene Lyman Porter Edgar J.Poth William Bently Potter Herbert Poyner Edward Randall Edward Randall, Jr. Boyd Reading Earl Bradford Ritchie Henry Reid Robinson Jehu Mathews Robison Robert Hazel Rowland Elizabeth Dorothea Runge Arthur Ruskin J. P. Salerno Charles B. Sanders Mary Elizabeth Sauer Norman Donald Schofield Edward Henry Schwab J. Allen Scott Wilbur Arthur Selle William Bernard Sharp Fred William Shelton John G. Sinclair Albert Olin Singleton Harvey C. Slocum Clara L. Smith Fred B. Smith Samuel Robert Snodgrass Orrie W. Stehouwer Charles Turner Stone Russell William Strandtmanr Dr. Robert L. Sutherland Henry Hayes Sweets, Jr. Clarence Sherbourne Sykes Charles H. Taft Ardell Nichols Taylor Judson L. Taylor John Melvin Thiel Edward Randall Thompson Thomas Vanzant, Jr. D. V. Wachsman John A. Wall William Stuart Wallace John Dale Weaver Stephen Weisz Adair W. White Virginia Duff White Erie Ewing Wilkinson Joe B. Winston Robert Irby Wise Elva M. Wright Owen W. Beard Virginia Blocker Edward Detjen Raymond Echols Jack Ellis Emmett Essin Alice Gamble Garth Jarvis Lewis Kidder Harvey McCellan Paul Rockwell William Saunders Delbert Schmidt Richard Schwahn a HONORARY MEDICAL FRATERNITY Counselor . President . Vice-President . Secret ary-Treasurer . OFFICERS PAUL BRIXDLEY. M.D. WILLIAM BERNARD SHARP. M.I). TRUMAN BLOCKER. M.D. WILLIAM B. POTTER. M.D. JUNIOR CLASS Joe Richard Donaldson 1942) Jerome Newton 19i: j .) SENIOR CLASS 1943 ) William Allen Cantrell William David Dawson Hugh Henderson Hanson Paul Willging Barker William Robert Dickens Louis Daily. Jr. Gordon Livingston Black Clair Moody Bettis Joseph C. Neel. Jr. Fred John Wolma. Jr. Willard R. Cooke Charles T. Stone Paul Brindley Samuel R. Snodsrass George M. Dechard. Jr. Albert O. Singleton George Herrmann FACULTY MEMBERS G. W. N. Eggers Jack R. Ewalt William B. Potter William B. Sharp Earl E. Wilkerson Raymond L. Gregory Boyd Reading Marvin L. Graves Edward Randall. Jr. Edward H. Schwab Maynard D. Knight William C. Levin James H. Benton Edgar Ezell ln Military Service. SENIORS ADAMO, DOMINIC C., B.A., M.D., Houston 0K ADKINS, CHARLES F., B.A., M.D., Austin ANDERSON, CARTER, JR., B.B.A., M.D., Paris ANTHONY, JAMES McCULLOUGH, B.A., M.D., Austin ARNOLD, WILLIAM T., B.A., M.D., Hemphill OK BARTLETT, M. H., B.A., M.D., Galveston BASKIN, JOHN LANE, B.A., M.D., Cameron BATTLE, WILLIAM DON, B.A., M.D., Dallas rA, BK, AKK BEARD, BRUCE H., B.A., M.D., Lubbock BERNARD, LYNN ALLEN, B.A., M.D., Houston BEYER, ALVIN, JR., B.A., M.D., Houston BRANDT, DONALD H., B.A., M.D., Dalla AE BRESLFORD, GATES, B.A., M.D., Dallas 2AE, AKK, Ostcon BURDEAUX, B1LLIE D., JR., B.A., M.D., Huntsville BUTLER, ALAN W., B.A., M.D., Marfa 6K CALLAHAN, E. L E ROY, M.D., Sintor NZN CAMERON, BRUCE M., B.A., M.D., El Paso Bn CANALES, GREGORIO M., B.S., M.D., Hebbronville COFFMAN, GRAHAM McDONALD, B.A., M.D., Galveston BK, PS, Osteon COOPER, BETTY M., B.A., M.D., San Angelo COX, CHARLES H., B.A., M.D., Temple N2N SEMDRS CROCKETT, SARA MARGARET, B.A., M.D., San Antonio AEI DAILY, HERSCHEL, B.A., MJX, Richmond DANIELL, CHARLES B.. B.A., M.D.. Brownfield OK DONALDSON, JOE RICHARD, B.S., M.D., Lubbock +1, AOA DURHAM, MYLIE E., JR, 0K+ MJX, Houston ELLIS, JOHN W., B.A., M.D., Sherman ELLISON, ALFRED, JR.. B.A.. M.D., Austin ESTRADA. RAMIRO P., B.S.. M.D.. San Antonio FLANARY. LEMUEL M.. B.A.. M.D.. Houston GAUNTT, WILLIAM C, B.A.. M.S.. MJX, Rochestei GEORGE, LELAND E.. B.A.. M.D.. Lubbock GIR- RD. LOUIS J., B.A.. M.D., Houston AkK OMl - . B.S.. M.D.. Yallev Mills GORDON. W. H.. JR.. B.A.. M.D.. Honey Gr +BH GRAHAM. JAME5 M.. B.A.. M.D.. Sweetwater GRANYILLE. GEORGE. B.A., M.D.. Brady +BK, eK+ GREEN. ADAM D., BJL, MJ).; Weatherford -;: I HAFER. WILLIAM F. F.. B.A.. M.D., Clifton HANTS. LISBl RN CLARENCE. JR.. B.A.. M.D.. Wink RZM HEILIGMAN. EMMETT M.. B.A.. M.D Overton AE HIGHTOWER, NICHOLAS CARR. B.A.. M.D.. Texarkana HRISSIKOPOULOS. JOHN W.. B.A.. M.D.. Corpus Chr NIN ha US SENIORS HUNTER, THOMAS R., JR., B.A., M.D., Lampasas OK HYDE, ROBERT F., B.A., M.D., Austi Hill. Osteon JACKSON, JOHN L., Ill, B.A., M.D., Wichita Falls BII, ZAE JETT, MAX1NE, B.A., M.D., Boerne BK, AEI KEY, JULIAN, B.A., M.D., Bryan KOPECKY, JOSEPH W., B.A., M.D., San Antonr X, Osteon LEVINE, HARRY, B.A., Ph.D., M.D., Galveston LEWIS, DON R., B.A., M.D., Paris IAE, AKK McKINNEY, JAMES, B.S., M.D., Dallas BH, Ostcon MARTIN, ASA LEON, B.A., M.D., Houston 6K MATHIS, ROBERT LEE, B.S., M.D., San Antonio NIN MAY, HENRY KING, B.A., M.D., San Antonic MILLS, MORRISS, JR., B.A., M.D., Beaumont MOORE, D. LEWIS, B.A., M.D., McAlle ATA, AKK MORRIS, ROY H., JR., B.A., M.D., Brownwood AKK NASH, TOM M., B.A., M.D., Dallas AKK NEELY, ROBERT A., B.A., M.D., Bellville NEMIR, PAUL, JR., B.A., M.D., Navasota J FA, AKK, Osteon NOWIERSKI, LEON W., JR., B.A., M.D., Yorktown PS, 0,teon PRESTRIDGE, BARNEY B., B.A., M.D., Galvesto PUGH, DAVID F., B.A., M.D., Sherman P, Osteon SENIORS PIRN ELL, GUY W., B.A M.D., Angleton ROAN. JOHN LOUIS. B.S.. M.D., Commerce MN ROSS, NEALIE E.. B.A.. M.D.. Fort Worth ROWE, CAROLINE WEBSTER, B.A., M.D., Austin AEI ROWE, EDWARD B_ B.X M.D.. Dallas +Bn SALMERON. PEDRO. B.A.. M.D.. Houston SCULL. THOMAS J., BJL, M.D., San Antonio Z+E, 6K SELMON. TONY B.. B.A., M.D., Stamforf I SHOULTZ. VARDEMAN H.. B.A.. MJ) Crapeland SMITH. LEX BURKE. B.A.. MJX, league +BK, P1 SNUTH. WILLIAM C. B.A.. M.D., Anna 6K+ SPENCER. JAMES ROBINSON, M.D., Temple STAMPFLI. FRANK .. B.A NLD., Monahans 4-X - -.-.. STIERNBERG. ROYALL CAMPBELL, MJJ, Huntsrilk +BH STRINGER. CHARLES F.. B.S.. M.D., Dallas MB SYLER. ROBERT W.. B.A.. M.D., Galveston EH SWAFFORD. JACK W.. B.A.. M.D.. Sherman TABB. KENNETH STEWART. B.A.. M.A.. M.D., Wa AKK WALTON. JACK. B.A.. M.D.. Midland BK. 4-PI WEBB. JACK I_. B.A.. M.D Fannersville 6K+ WHITE. R. B.. B.A.. M.D.. Ennis XIX WHITE. ROLAND LIVESAY. B.A.. M.D., Houston eK+ WHITTINGTON. JAMES H. C.. B.A., M.D., Eastland IAZ. AKK WILLIAMS. PHILIP T.. B.A.. M.D., Port Arthur XIX WOOD. LLOYD G.. M.D., Wheeler +K GRADUATE NURSES Barnes, Annabelle, B.A., G.N., Bryan Bohls, Faye Sophia, G.N., Austin Bowman, Dorothy, B.S., G.N., Austin Bratton, Harriett Jane, G.N., Houston Brundage, Dorothy, G.N., East Bernard Caldwell, Vera Faye, G. N., Greenville Carter, Dorothy, G.N., Corpus Christi Carter, Viola Rae, G.N., Houston Chernik, Jo Lene, G.N., Columbus Collins, Sarah Amelia, G.N., Abilene Cox, Bess, G.N., Fort Worth Detjen, Dorothy Jane Thompson, G.N., McAllen Fishman, Helen Wilma, G.N., Austin Franke, Ellen Beatrice, G.N., Uvalde Freeland, Jeanne, G.N., Galveston Goericke, Frances, G.N., Bishop Guggolz, Athalia, G.N., Teague Hall, Alma Faye, G.N., Marshall Harris, Juanita, G.N., Gilmer Henke, Dorothy, G.N., Fredericksburg Hester, Evelyn Ilene, G.N., Cleburne Billiard, May Allison, G.N., Conroe Hodde, Alma Eva, G.N., Brenham Ince, Melanie, G.N., Gonzales Kennerly, Marian, G.N., Teague King, Pattie, G.N., Divot Kocurik, Margaret Rose, G.N., Wallis Lacy, Bessie Jane, G.N., Houston Luker, Dorothy Irene, G.N., Murchison GRADUATE NURSES Luton, Mary Tom, G.N., Grand Prairk McClaugherty, Ailene, G.N., Moore McClelland, Mary, G.N., Brownwood McLeod, Burnya Mae McHan, B.S., G.N., Wichita Falls Monahan, Shirley, G.N., Pachuca, Hgo., Mexico Monger, Miriam Elizabeth, G.N., San Benito Nauschutz, Ida Mae, G.N., San Antonio Neal, Doris Evelyn. G.N., South Houston Nichols, Dorothy Jane, G.N., Maxwell Pavy, Coy Marie, B.A., G.N., Opalousas, La. Pearson, Clifford, G.N., Norman, Okla. Peterson, Helen Dye, G.N., Joinerville Reagan. Man Elizabeth Hawthorne, G.N., Elkhart Rosby, Norma, G.N., Galveston Samohyl. Correne, GJJ Boling Schneider, Gladys Marie, G.N., Giddings Schneider, Ruby Alma, G.N., Fredericksburg Shiveley, Gladys Coleman, G.N, Henderson Smart, Mackie Elaine. G.N.. Lees nlle, La. Sterling, Jimmie B G.N., Port Neches Stripling. Emma Ruth. G.N., Big Spring Terry. Wanda June. G.N., Bryan Thomas. Peggy. G.N.. Big Spring Voigt. Man. B.A.. G.N., Galveston Webb. Rena Unger, G.N.. Galveston Whitaker, Laura Lea, G.N., Houston Williams, Anita. G.N.. Houston Wilson, Rosa Bell, G.N., Houston Wynne, Ollie Mae, G.N.. Batson 1 .11 iiiii. ' i PBI row: REEVES, KRAEMEF DUNCAN, MALDANDO. PRECLIHICALS Front row: LYNCH, HORIE, NUNN, PEARCE, MORRISON, CURTIS, ADER, M. JAMAIL, MERRELL, LOW, A. JAMAIL. Second row: ALLMAN, DAVIS, KNAPP, ROBERTSON, COWNING, FITZMAURICE, TRAVIS, McILROY, KENNEY. IIINKEL. PEACOCK. Third row: RASCOE, HEATON, MEADOR, MADDEN, WILKINSON, ANDERSON, BRETT, RICHARDSON, SHERMAN, M. COLE, BREITKREUTZ. Fourth row: SANSOM, FAIN, LOIKA, L. SMITH, SPECKELS, MERKEL, SCHAPER, BOHLS, LIPPERT. Filth row: KENLEY, SHERRY, WADLEY. CRAVES, COSBY, SWOGETINSKY, HAND, HARVEY, TREES. Not in picture: BOETTGER, BROOKMAN, R. COLE, CROOM, CROSS, D E GINDER, FERGUSON, HILL, KOLAJA, PREDERGAST. B. SMITH, STORMS, THOMAS, A JgMfflt n JUNIORS II Front rou: RICHARDSON, LIBBE, M. COX, RICHARD, M. ELLIS. Second row. OLSEN, STOKES. McCAIX. K. THOMPSON. COLDWELL. Third row: PRESSWOOD. D. ELLIS, SPREEN, PICKETT. FRESHMEIV Front rou: CORDON, McCARSON, McCARTY. REINHART, OVERTON, SHIPMAN, WELLS. Second row: WORTH, PECHAL, COUCH. BREWER, B. J. SMITH, M. CARTER, KASHIWAGA Third row: KAWANO, F. SMITH, TWIBELL, H. L. JONES. PACIFIC, E. A. JONES. flat in picture: BAIER, EDAHL, HALE, KANENAGA. McKNIGHT, RUD.NICK, TAYLOR. OFFICKRS Arch on . Vice-Archon Tn ' iixiiriT KoHKKT IIVDK ii .1 I M SMITH HKNCO KI.I.IOTT . C. Stiiiih. Tliinl KIU-: .-t -r. Cnrtlrn, Nlliln, Tullrv. l,kuu,, . 1,11,,.. l,, K .,l..,i. i:,an. ll,ntl, . I nun. IIH..1 Fourth r,.i. ; llrnr.l. Mi.icin. Hi. ,1.1. -n,i,-. Hi. .in.,-. H.,,. lt..,i.-i. ll:i. liin.iii. I.. I:,.,,I B .-. l,-i..,liih. J, fl lA row: Kurhnr, Uvcrton, Thom Bkin, Stlrrnhrri, Kr (n. Cirroll, Jinkini. Balri, Gin Pld ta Pi Carter Anderson. Jr. P. Bachraan John Lane Raskin Thomas Grad Baskin Benjamin Clary Bates Bruc H. Beard Bascon W. Bently IVualas F. Bibby Ka G. Boster. Jr. XV. .Budd Billie IX Burdeaux. Jr. Bruce M. Cameron Ira Kmil Carrell oman Jack KSN GH Benge F.lliott EwHH Orceneth A. Fl . Jr. John B. Carrett. Jr. Francis Bernard 0- -ar . Jr. Leland F. C-eorse MFMBFKS Holn-rt Gilliland Y. H.Gordon. Jr. Raymond M. Hampton J. Gordon Holt John L. Jackson. Ill Julius Luther Jinkins, Jr. Alvis Johnson. Jr. Jesse B. Johnson. Jr. Julian Kf Luther S. Kc Benjamin A. Kuehne I Jvius Lee Unkfonl HowardF. LeBus F. M. London William V. Lunn James Mckinney B. .McKe nolds John E. Martin Charles S. Meredith. Ill Frnest J. Nelson A I K. Nerins Grady Niblo Zollie T.Norman Jack Onev Robert C. Overtoil. Jr. Rhesa L. Penn. Jr. Guy W. Purnell John W. Reagan William C. Rollo F.dward P. Rowe Forrest Secer Wilfred I. Shepperd Frank T. Smith. Jr. William G. Smith William F. Spiller George M. Stevens Royal Campbell StiernWrg Charles F. Stringer Arthur Thurman Talley. Jr. Henr W. Thomas, Jr. Leon R. I pshaw Francis Allan White Cki OFFICERS Presiding Senior Presiding Junior Secretary . Treasurer Judge Advocate Guide JAMES GRAHAM CHARLES W. DAESCHNER. JR. GEORGE E. GLOVER. JR. JACK COBBLE RILEY DICK K. CASON, III TOM CHARLES HARDY JAMES CRAHAK m 9 9 s dth 4i 4:4 4 : Kopecky, Scaggs, Hahn, Gibs , McCullah, Samson, Bondurant, Clover, Spencer. TVj. ' rd roio: Steed, Ford, Fowler, Daeschner, Hardy, Jacob, Stampfli, Dolch, Amerson, Bain. Fourth row: Hart, Watzlavick, Wiesner, Mitchell, Donaldson, Davis, Speegle, Wilkerson, Perry, Bednar, Hooker. Sixth row: Hare, Adkins, Morman, Leigh, Sclmon, Obcnchain, Hater, Cason, Riley, Clarke, Mullins. i Ou MEMBERS Jack P. Abbott George David Ford Charles N. Jones Jack Cobble Riley Charles F. Adkins Marshall Fowler Joseph W. Kopeckv A. B. Sansom Richard Orvil Albert Louis E. Gibson Melvin A. Kutschbach James H. Scruggs. Jr. Billv Emerson John Frank Gilmore John M. Leigh Harry F. Sch ve:iker. Jr. George P. Bain George E. Glover. Jr. Albert M. McCulloh. Jr. Tony B. Selmon Charles V. Bednar Ray W. Goens Henry King May- Ray H. Skaggs William J. Block. Jr. Edwin Goodall Ivan G. Mayfield David Small Drewrv C. Bondurant. Glenn M. Gordon Donald D. Mitchell Jackson Hall Speegle Dick K. Cason. Ill James Graham Johnnie E. Monaghan. Jr. . Bruce Spencer Leon Wilson Clark William F.L. Hafer R. Harry Moorman. Jr. Frank V. StampBi Thomas Paschal Clarke. Ill Andrew L. Hahn J. Fred Mullins Joe Dean Steed Charles W. Daeschner. Jr. Tom Charles Hardy Cornelius H. Xau Joe Terry Glen E. Davis Henry Phillip Hare. Jr. Robert A. Neely Melvin L. Thornton Stanley Dolch. Jr. Wavne L. Hart Thomas H. Obenchain. Jr. Mose A. Treadwell. Jr. Joe Richard Donaldson LyleT. Hooker John F. Perry August J. A. Watzlavick Frank L. Dunn Norman H. Jacob. Jr. Thomas Gordon Price Jerome J. iesner Fredrick A. Elston John M. Wilkinson AI.I.EN HEKNAKl: President Vice-President Secretary Historian . ... Manager Manager OFFICERS 7 LYNN ALLEN BERNARD EDWARD SINGLETON DAVID F. PUGH GEORGE A. CI LVER HAROLD D. BUTTERY M. K. PATTESON S. ,, r.,u : l:il[-. Swaffur.l. KnlU-, Stirman. Lane, illrln,,!. I ' ;,ul. liil-.H. Slnu, Elmordorf, Kellper. TAird roii-: Pugh. Cayce. Singleton. Stevenson, Johnson, L. B. Smith, Culver, Perry, Roilen, Edgar. Rain Fourth rou: CiM.,.. ,, KllU.,n. C..IIman., Buttery. Hejnii.n, -ik. It.-in.n,!. Slin-,.,,. Jan-i.-n. Ace Hill Alsup. Jr. Lynn Allen Bernard Harold D. Buttery John S. Caldwell. Jr. John H. Cayce Graham M. Coffman James F. Cox. Jr. George A. Culver Joe C. A. EckhardL Jr. George erlon Edgar John W. Ellis Alfred Ellison. Jr. Hugo F. Elmendorf, Jr. Reagan H. Gibbs Jesse D. Gomillion MEMBERS James H. Hejtmancik Frank B. Higgins Herbert Jans zen B. F. Johnson Charles S. Keuper John Dudley King Fred W. Kolle Garland H. Lang Duncan Otis Montgomery F. M. Nelson Leon W. Nowierski. Jr. Joe J. Parker M. K. Patteson Jesse W. Paul. Jr. David F. Pugh J. R. Rainey. Jr. J. S. Roden Tom Runge Paul M. Sims Edward Singleton Lex Burke Smith R. A. Stevenson James Cotton Stinson Jerry A. Stinnan Jack W. Stafford Jack Walton W. R. Whitsell. Jr. George Willeford Norman E. Wright PALM. NKMIU. li;. President V ice-President Secretary Joe Bader James Everett Ball William Don Battle Nicholas J.Bellegie Jarvis B. Beverly Alvin Beyer, Jr. Cecil F. Bouldon Gates Brelsford Herschel N. Childers Charles S. Clark Ray Cruse Edward D. Futch Louis J. Girard John Frank Hairston JohnM. Harlandjr. OFFICERS MEMBERS M. R. Harrington Charles M. Harvey- Roy W. Holmes William Duncan Howard Woods A. Howard Don R. Lewis W. R. Livesay Henry C. McDonald. Jr. Robert 0. Moers D. Lewis Moore Edward Moore Walter S. Moore Roy H. Morris, Jr. Tom M. Nash PAUL XEMIR, JR. WILLIAM DON BATTLE D. LEWIS MOORE PaulNemir.Jr. Pierce Phillips Newman Thomas Alonzo Norris. II T. S. Painter, Jr. Pinckney Clift Price Stanley Francis Rogers Nealie ' E. Ross Euaene P. Schoch Youel C. Smith, Jr. J. H. Spence James Robinson Spencer Robert Stenberg Kenneth Stewart Tabb James R. Whitehurst James H. C. Whittington Second row: Schoch. Bouldcn. Bader. C. Moore, Cruse, Whittington, Spence, Price, Lay, L. Moore, Nea Fourth row: Harvey, Livesay, Nemir, Smith, Futch, Woods, Howard, Walter Moore, Girand, Rogers, Holi PACE 468 I , la lama u OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary M. H. Bardett Dickson Knight Boyd William J. Bragg, Jr. E.LeRoyCallahan Thomas H. Capers Amedeo E. Carmignani Paul A. Christley William H. Cloyd Ben M. Colletti Ray E. Couch Charles H. Cos Edward S. Darsey Lloyd K. Darwin W. L. DeGinder Lemuel M. Flanary MEMBERS Roy B. Greer Lisburn C. Hanes. Jr. William CHendris Nicholas Carr Hightower John W. Hrissikopoulos George O. Hutcheson Lawrence Kleuser Louis Kuehn James S. Leeres Jack M. McKay Albert M. Magiiolo Amedeo A. Magiiolo Robert Magoffin Edward H. Martin Robert Lee Mathis LiSBLRN C. HANES. JR. JOHN Louis ROAN BEX M. COLLETTI Brooks Wm. Mullen C. E. Murtha Perry Quenti Dale R. Rhoades Melross C. Rittiman John Louis Roan Finis E.Robbins, Jr. William S. Sanders Lois Edward Shortes Vardeman H. Shoultt Bob A. Spencer R. W. Syler L. J. Vanden Bossche James CVoulgaris Roland B. White Philip T. Williams LISBLRN C. HANES I .. K ' - .- ' . ' ..I - ' . Shoulo. McK.y, H.tchicon, Roan, Cloyd. Rbouk . ttti. Sudcn. Hodrix, Huury. Roy Creer, Amtd M liolo. Cox, MartU. SyUr, Butlen, Coopers, Williuu. Hrioikoposlos, Duwia, Boyd, V WILLIAM C. CAUNTT Uneta Pryton . Vice-Pryton Recorder Historian Manager Dominick C. Adamo Pete Andrews James M. Anthony William T. Arnold Charles A. Baker John Earth William A. Belts, Jr. John Frank Bida John H. Bohmfalk Elvin M. Boyd James M. Buie Alan W. Butler Claude Vernon Caver, John H. Childers Charles W. Coussons John Kenneth Cox Charles B. Daniell Bedford K. Duff Robert L. Duff Mylie E. Durham, Jr. Kenneth M. Earle OFFICERS MEMBERS Ernest L. Fender William C. Gauntt George Granville Adam D. Green Thomas R. Hunter, Jr. Prospero Jimenez, Jr. Alva Rex Kirkley Cecil B. Knox, Jr. Herman O. Krempin Joseph H. Lawson Charles E. McKenzie W. B. Mantooth, Jr. Luis Marroquin Asa Leon Martin Jay W.Martin, Jr. Morriss Mills, Jr. George T. Nicolaou Stafford L. Norman John C. O ' Leary Lee Lloyd Pickett Herbert L. Polinard Barney B. Prestridge WILLIAM C. GAUNTT WILLIAM C. SMITH GRIFF T. Ross LEE LLOYD PICKETT GEORGE T. NICOLAOU Arthur W. Radcliffe Jose Alfonso Rivas Lawrence E. Rosenblad Griff T. Ross Oliver Harold Ross 0. F. Schoenvogel, Jr. LeRoy C. Schleicher, Jr. Thomas J. Scull Harold G. Sleeper William C. Smith P. D. Terrell Lawrence W. Uhl Antonio Vlahakos Joe A. Walker William J. Walker Edward F. Wallace Jack L. Webb Roland Livesay White C. R. Peter Williams Alonzo C. Wood, Jr. Lloyd George Wood Top row. SCHOENVOCEL, JIMENEZ, BAKER, MARROQUIN, BIDA, TERRELL, HUNTER, O ' LEARY, COX, ANDREWS. Second row: WHITE, GAUNTT, EARTH, CAVER, RIVAS, SCULL. MILLS, McKENZIE, MANTOOTH, BOHMFALK, DURHAM. Third row: GREEN, ROSENBLAD, A. MARTIN, BUTLER, PRESTIDGE, SLEEPER, G. ROSS, R. DUFF, BETTS, ADAMO, SMITH. Fourth row: DANIEL, WEBB, GRANVILLE, UHL, ARNOLD, BOYD, KNOX, L. WOOD, VLAHAKOS, NICOLAOU, CHILDERS. PACE 470 OFFICERS President V ice-President Treasurer Secretary on EMMETT M. HEILIGMAJJ DONALD H. BRANDT SIDNEY T. LEVENSON Z. M. JOSEPHS MEMBERS Richard E. Block Emmett M. Heiligman Jerry Newton Donald H. Brandt Z. M. Josephs Joseph Oshman Mischa Caplan Walt Kempler Wiley Roosth Coleman D. Caplovitz Richard B. Kleiman Bernard Rosen Sol Dittman Harold J. Lasky Israel H. Schuleman Sol Forman Sydney T. Levenson Samuel Sepkowitz Charles M. Gaitz Jack B. Mazow Mayo Stark Stanley E. Goldstein E. Henry Mendell Myer Stumer Louis H. Green J. L. Mendell Robert Sukman Robert Mitz EMMETT M. HEILIGMAN " Top r wr.- OSHMAN. STARK, KLEIMAN. ROSEN. KEMPLER. BLOCK. CAPLOVITZ. Secomd ron; H. LASKY. MAZOW, J. NEWTON, GREEN. SUKMAN. STUMER, FORMAS. Third rom: ROOSTH, GAITZ. CAPLAN, SEPKOWITZ. LEVENSON. BRANT. OFFICERS SARA MAKCRET CROCKET! President .... Vice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary- Treasurer A1KMHKHS Virginia Duckett Belt Elizabeth Holliday Bratteng Benjy Frances Brooks Dorothy Annette Cato Ninfa Cavazos Betty M. Cooper Sara Margret Crockett Pattie May Dodson Mary Ruth Green Maxine Jett SARA MARGRET CROCKETT EUGENIA TATE PATTIE MAY DODSON NINFA CAVAZOS BLANCHE OSBORNE TERRELL Ida Sophie Kuritz Estelle M. Rogers Caroline Webster Rowe Mary Louise Smith Elizabeth Talley Eugenia Tate Eva J. Taylor Blanche Osborne Terrell Rebecca Trevino Eva Yznaga Top row: YZNACA, TATE, ROGERS, TERRELL, DODSON. Second TOK: ROWE, JETT, CATO, GREEN. Third row: KURITZ, BELT, COOPER, BRATTENG. President . Secretary-Treasurer ALPHA. KAPPA KAPPA Louis Girard Paul Nemir Robert Moers Gates Brelsford James Whitehurst J. H. Spence Cecil Bouldin Coy Lay Henry McDonald PHI BETA PI Robert Hyde James McKinney Jessie B. Johnson John Reagan L 5 teon MEMBERS Howard LeBus Rhesa Penn Thurman Talley Robert Overton William Purnell PHI RHO SIGMA Lynn Bernard John H. Parry Harold Buttery Murphy Nelson David Pugh Leon W. Nowierski Garland Lang J. Dudley King Graham Coffman DAVID PLGH J. DUDLEY KING Jake Roden George Wilh ford J. R. Rainey Edward Singleton PHI CHI Frank Stampfli Joe Kopecky John Leigh James Scruggs Harry Schwenker Louis Gibson Fred Mullins William Block David Small Tom Hardy DAVID PUGH a 3 Top row: Reagan, Singleton, Perry, Schwenker, Lay, Mullins, Talley, LeBiis, Nelson. Second row: Kopecky, McDonald, Small, Roden, Willeford, Gibson, Bouldin, Lang, Block, Rainey. Fourth rou: Hardy, Nemir, Penn, Cirard, McKinney, Scruggs, Moers, Pumell, Whitehurst. Spence PACE 473 ft FIGHTING EXES ft ft CONTINUED FROM PACE 146 Ralph Fremont Bowman, Jr.. USA, ' 43 Maj. Hubard Taylor Bowyer, USA, ' 21 Sgt. James Robert Box, USA, ' 35 Lt Charles Cole Boyd, AAF, BA ' 41 Ens. Charles Rex Boyd. USN, LLB ' 43 Lt Clifford Lane Boyd, USA, ' 40 (killed) Maj. James Rush Boyd. AAF, ' 31 A C Ralph Hopkins Boyd, AAF, ' 33 1 ' vt. Robert Nelson Boyd, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Trenton Dean Boyd, AAF, BBA ' 41 C|,l. William C. Boyd, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Capt. William Paxton Boyd, USA. MA ' 26 Joe Frank Bovdstun, USA, MA ' 40 Lt. Robert Glenn Boydstun, USMC, ' 38 Lt. Ward L. Boydstun. AAF, BS ' 41 (missing) Capt. Jack Wesley Boycr, USA. BBA ' 39 Capt. Mack F. Boyer, USA, MD ' 39 WnVurn ' sracewell, ' ' 42 Lt. (jg) Antoinette Clara Bracher, WAVES, BS ' 31 Lt. William Edgar Bradbury, USA, ' 40 Lt. Haldeen J. W. Braddy. AAF, MA ' 29 Hubert Baxter Braden, USA, ' 43 Ens. Mary Elizabeth Bradfield, WAVES, MA A C Thomas Walling Bradfield, USN, BBA ' 43 Alvin Priestly Bradford, MA ' 41 Lt. Robert James Bradford, AAF. ' 41 Lt. Calvin M. Bradley, AAF, ' 38 Lt. Col. Cyril Palmer Bradley, AAF, LLB ' 19 H.A.l C John David Bradley, USN, ' 38 Lt. Thomas E. Bradley, AAF, ' 33 Pvt. William Doyle Bradley, USA, ' 43 Ens. William Thomas Bradshaw. USN, BS ' 43 Pvt. Edward F. Brady, USA, BBA ' 42 Lt. Ernest Lacy Brady, USMC, ' 42 A S Eugene Brady, USN, ' 31 James Donald Brady, Canadian Army, ' 40 Lt. Cmdr. Jesse John Brady, USN, MD ' 22 Lt. Ralph T. Brady, AAF, ' 38 Kcrling Joseph Bragdon, ' 33 Lt. Frank Thomas Brahaney, USMC. BA ' 43 Maj. Thomas Considine Braly, USA, ' 35 Lt William G. Britt, AAF, ' 34 Lt. Thomas Marvin Britton, Jr., AAF, ' 41 T 5 Albert Howard Broad, Jr., AAF, ' 40 Lt. Albert Sidney Broadfoot. Jr., AAF, ' 43 VS Howard Martin Brock, USN, ' 43 Lt. (jg) Ralph Brock, USN, LLB ' 38 Pvt. Tom El Brock, USA, ' 28 Lt. Marlin Lee Brockette, USA, ' 38 Lt. (jg) Hans Erich Brockmoller, USN, LLB Pvt. William Steve Broday, AAF, ' 39 A C Francis Albert Brogan, AAF, ' 43 Capt. Henri Louie Bromberg, Jr., AAF, BA ' 32 Pvt. Harold Bronfin, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Roy Bernard Bronson, Jr., AAF, BBA ' 41 (prisoner) Lt. Benjamin P. Brooke. AAF, ' 38 Clyde Andrew Brooke , Jr., AAF, ' 43 O C Bernard Mose Brooks, AAF, ' 23 Pvt. Conoly Ouzts Brooks, AAF, ' 43 Pvt. Ernest Don Brooks, AAF, ' 43 Lt Jack Bascom Brooks, USMC, BJ ' 43 Pvt. John C. Brooks, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Leon Wakeficld Brooks. USA, ' 42 Lt. Peter Gautier Brooks, USA, BBA ' 42 Lt. Ralph Comer Brooks, AAF, BA ' 41 Sgt. William Floyd Brooks, AAF, ' 41 Capt William Henry Brooks, AAF, ' 41 (killed) Ens. John Alexander Brookshire, III, USN, Ens. Perry Morris Broom, USN, D.Ed. ' 42 Lt. Ross A. Brophy, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Andrew Newton Broussard, AAF, ' 40 Ens. Jack Forrester Browder. USN, ' 44 Lt. (jg) Arnold Lee Brown, USN, BA ' 40 Lt. Arnold M. Brown, AAF, ' 40 S Sgt. Bryce Cardigan Brown, USA, BA ' 42 Capt. Carl Brown, USA, BA ' 39 Pvt. Chester D. Brown. USMC, ' 43 Lt. Cleve Morin Brown, Jr., AAF, BS ' 41 (missing) Lt. Clinton Giddings Brown, Jr., USA, LLB ' 35 Maj. Clovis Auteene Brown. USA, LLB ' 39 Maj. Clyde Homer Brown, USA, ' 32 Adolph Custav Brude, ' 41 Lt. Dudley Kenwood Brummett, AAF, LLB Pvt. George L. Brundritt, Jr., AAF, ' 41 A S Robert Linn Bruns, USN, ' 43 Lt. Wallace E. Brunson, AAF, ' 42 Maj. George Harris Brush. USA, ' 11 Henry Jackson Bruton, USA, BBA ' 43 A C Tom Bruyere, AAF, ' 39 Ens. William Henry Bruyere, USN, BS ' 43 Arch Vernon Bryan. Jr., USN. BA ' 43 Lt. Burke Griflis Bryan. USMC. BA ' 30 A C Claude Eugene Bryan, USN, ' 41 Lt. George William Bryan, USMC, ' 39 E. M. 3 c Herman Lawrence Bryan. USN, ' 42 Ens. Pat Bryan, Jr.. USN, BBA ' 40 Lt. Robert Drew Bryan. AAF. ' 38 Ens. Robert Steve Bryan, USN, BA ' 42 Sgt. Vernon Lee Bryan. USA, ' 39 Pvt. James Chester Bryant. AAF, ' 43 M Sgt. John Henry Bryant. AAF, ' 42 A C Marcellus Douglas Bryant, Jr., AAF, ' 42 (killed) Lt. Wayne V. Bryant, AAF, ' 40 Lt. William Randolph Bryant, AAF, BBA ' 39 1st Lt. William H. Brydson, AAF. BS ' 42 Lt. James Cordon Bryson. Jr., USN, MD ' 39 Pfc John Bennett Bryson, AAF, BA ' 42 Lt. Donald Charles Bubar, AAF, LLB ' 36 T Sgt. Bennett Fuller Buchanan, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Frank B. Buchanan, Jr., USA, ' 33 Lt. George Riddler Buchanan. AAF, BS ' 39 Lt. John Stauss Buchanan, AAF, BA ' 38 Lt. John Terrell Buchanan. ISA. LLB ' 32 Capt. Pat Buchanan, USN, ' 07 Ens. Robert Knowlcs Buchanan, Jr., USN, ' 40 Capt. Ambrose John Buck, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Charles Henry Buck, USA, ' 41 John Quin Buck. ' 38 Lt. Raymond Elliot Buck. Jr.. AAF, ' 42 F O Shelby Othello .Buck, AAF, ' 40 (killed) Ens. Wilson Berriman Buckley, USN, LLB ' 42 Lt. Irwin Rutledge Buckner, USMC, BBA ' 42 Pvt. Herman M. Bnckspan. USA, ' 30 S Sgt. Bernell Butler Budd, USA, ' 26 Lt. William S. Busbee, AAF, BBA ' 41 Lt. Stanford Allen Busby, AAF, BS ' 40 Pvt. Roger Melvil Busfield, Jr., USMC, ' 43 W. O. Maurice Dale Bush, AAF, ' 38 Lt. Robert Paine Bush, AAF, ' 42 Lt. William Leslie Bush, AAF, MD ' 31 James Buske. USN, ' 35 Philip Kearney Buskirk, USN, ' 42 Dan Rockwell Bussey, AAF, BS ' 38 Lt. (jg) Frank Rather Bussey, Jr., USN, MD ' 42 Lt. James Thaddcus Butcher, AAF, ' 43 Lt. James William Butcher, AAF, ' 40 Charles Ferguson .Butler, ' 42 A C Clarence Jackson Butler, AAF, BA ' 42 Lt. Edward Clenwood Butler, AAF, ' 41 (killed) Lt. Felix Edwin Butler, USA, LLB ' 40 S 2 c Joe T. Butler, USN Cpl. Raymond Lester Butler, USA, ' 40 Lt. Robert Warren Butler, AAF, ' 43 Lt. (jg) Roger Crit Butler, USN, ' 34 Lt. (jg) Samuel .Butler, Jr., USN, BS ' 39 Lt. Wiley Murry Butler, USA, LLB ' 32 A C James McAnulty Buttery, USN, ' 39 Pfc. William Patterson Buttery, USA, BS ' 39 S Sgt. Charles Dana Butts, USA, ' 42 Lt. James Elaine Butts, AAF, BS ' 40 Pvt. John Bernard Butz. AAF. ' 43 Ens. Martin Buxby, USN, BBA ' 35 Ens. Edmund Pierson Byars, USN, ' 42 Pfc. Eldon Carter Byars, USA, BS ' 41 Lt. Robert Edgar Byers, USA, ' 42 Lt. William Bowling Byers, AAF, BJ ' 41 A C George Daniel Byfield, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Patrick Henry Byrd, USMC, ' 42 Ens. William Vandiver Byrd, USN, BBA ' 36 Pvt. Thuston Robert Byrd, AAF, ' 43 Ens. Joe Patrick Bvrne. USN. BS ' 42 Pvt. John Frank Byrom, AAF. ' 43 Capt. Ray Harmon Byrom, AAF, BBA ' 40 C Edward Jackson Cade, USCC, ' 35 Pvt. Carlos C. Cadcno, USA, LLB ' 40 John Wilson Cadenhead. Jr., AAF, ' 43 Jack Benjamin Caesar, USN. BBA ' 42 John Edwin .Bramlette. AAF, MA ' 41 Capt. George Robert Branch, USA. MD ' 40 Lt. Col. Clarence Eugene Brand, USA, MA Lt. E. Y. Brown, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Ens. Earl Appleton Brown, Jr., USN, LLM BS ' 42 Lt. Thomas Taylor Buffington, USA. ' 28 Ens. Chester Bryan Buford, Jr.. USN, ' 44 Lt. Hubert Coy Cage, AAF, BBA ' 40 Lt. c ' l ' ydTTacob Cagle, AAF, ' 42 (killed) ' 41 Capt. Allen Pershing Brandes. AAF, BBA ' 40 Capt. Frank Ross Brown, AAF. BBA ' 40 Pfc. George Pierce Brown, USA, LLB ' 40 Aero. M 3 c BilU ,l,,k !! 1. USN, ' 43 William Henry Bullard, ' 34 Lt. Col. Ben B. Cain. Jr.. AAF, ' 17 Capt. Byron Wilson Cain, USA, BBA ' 39 Capt. Jack Cordon Brain ISA. PhC ' 33 A C Bennett Branon, AAF, ' 43 Capt. Charles W. Braselton, Jr., AAF, MD ' 39 Thomas Finney Brashear, ' 38 Capt. Harold C. Brasher, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Marquis Pritchard Bratton, AAF, ' 43 1st Lt. John H. Braubach, USA, BBA ' 39 Alfred Lester Braun, USN, ' 42 LLB ' 38 Lt Gerald Alton Brown, AAF, MA ' 38 Lt. Harold Neese Brown, AAF, ' 42 Cpl. Harry Douglas Brown, USA, ' 39 Maj. Horace Frederick Brown, USA, LLB ' 39 A C Hubert Carl Brown, AAF, ' 43 Ens. Hulon Brasier Brown. USN, BBA ' 43 Pvt. Jack Bearce Brown, USA, ' 41 Lt. Jacob Ralston Brown, AAF, ' 40 (missing) BBA ' 37 J. Waddy Bullion, USN, LLB ' 40 Newman Payne Bulloch. USN, BA ' 43 Lt. James Woodrow Bulls, USA, BS ' 41 Pvt. Max Andrew Bumgardner. USA, ' 43 A C Claud Elmer Bunkley, USN, ' 42 Lt. Lloyd Thomas Bunn, AAF, BS ' 42 Lt. Robert Lee Bunting, Jr., USN, ' 42 Robert Monroe Buntyn, USA, ' 40 Clacv Mahin Cain. I ' SCC, BBA ' 35 Ens. Don Ezell Cain, USN, BBA ' 43 Lt. Col. James Clarence Cain, USA, MD ' 38 Capt. Joseph Patrick Cain, USMC, ' 41 Ens. Julius Clifford Cain, USN, ' 42 Lt. Thomas G. Cain, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Walter Frank Cain, AAF, ' 41 Ens. Don Starr Caldwell, Jr., USN, ' 42 Lt. James Dalian Caldwell. USN. LLB ' 39 James ' Allen William Braxlon, AAF, ' 42 Pvt. Clayton Loftis Bray, USA, ' 38 Pvt. Emmett Lester Brazier, Jr., AAF ' 43 A C Edgar P. Breaker, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Henry Blain Breaker, AAF, ' 41 Lt. (jg) Fred Randolph Breaux, USN, BBA A S James Harry Brown, USN, ' 43 Lt. James Homer Brown, AAF, ' 40 (killed) Lt. James Robert Brown, USA. BBA ' 38 Capt. Jane E. Brown, WAC, BS ' 42 Lt. (jg) James Howell Brown, USN. LLB ' 31 A S John William Brown, USN, ' 43 Lt. John William Brown, II, USN, BA ' 40 William Paul Burch. USMC, ' 40 Lt. Richard Lusk Burcham, AAF, ' 42 Walter James Burdette, PhD ' 38 Archie Dean Burford, ' 42 Lt. Benton Burford, AAF, ' 42 Lt. William Blackshear Burge, AAF, ' 43 Roger Andrew Burgc.s, MA ' 27 (killed) Warren Charles Caldwell, Jr., USN, ' 42 Otha Morgan Calhoun, ' 42 Cpl. Dick Conroy Calkins, USA, LLB ' 42 Sgt. Tomme Clark Call, AAF, BA ' 38 Lt. Diaz Callahan. Jr., AAF, ' 42 Lt. Tom Robert Callahan, AAF, ' 42 A C Arthur Colman Brecicenridge, Jr., AAF, Lt. Carl Victor Bredt, AAF, MED ' 37 Lt. William David Breedlove, USA, BBA ' 39 Harry Gregg Brelsford, USA, ' 43 Lt. Harold Jack Brelsford, USA, ' 42 Pvt. William Michael Breneman, USA, ' 43 Lt. Harold Brenholtz, AAF, ' 26 Leonard Brown, Jr., ' 39 Marion Martin Brown, Jr., AAF, BA ' 40 Ens. Marvin Nathaniel Brown, USN, BBA ' 38 Lt. Nathan Justin Brown, AAF, ' 39 Capt. Nugent Ezekiel Brown, AAF, ' 20 Lt. Oscar Foster Brown, USA, ' 06 Patricia Marilyn Brown, WASP, ' 42 Pvt. Marvin Dickson Burgin, USA, ' 39 Pvt. Edmund Thomas Burke, USMC, ' 43 Lt. Elmo James Burke, Jr.. USMC, LLB ' 42 Lt. James Dan Burke. USMC, BS ' 38 Lt. Macyl Aubrey Burke, USA, ' 29 Ens. Ray Albert Burke, USN, ' 42 Pvt. Robert Lloyd Burke, USA, ' 43 Sgt. John Francis Callan, Jr.. USA, ' 40 Sgt. Joseph Patrick Callan, USA, ' 40 Lt. Charles Stirling Callander, USN, ' 31 Lt. (jg) Ronald C. Callander, USN, ' 36 A C Oliver Callaway, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Capt. Roy Lavert Callaway, AAF, BBA ' 37 William Hamilton Callaway, USN, MS ' 41 Willie Belle Brennan, WAC, BS ' 26 Lt. Fred Daniel Brent, AAF, BS ' 42 Lt. Charles William Brewer AAF ' 42 Ens. Marian Weldon Brewer USN ' 43 Pvt. Harris Joe Brewstcr, USA, LLB ' 35 A S Robert Joe Brown, USN, ' 44 S Sgt. Raymond David Brown, USA, BBA ' 38 Pvt. Roy Miller Brown, USA, ' 43 Ens. Samuel Lafayette Brown, USN, BJ ' 38 Pvt. William Alley Brown, USA. BBA ' 43 Maurice Edgar Burkhart, AAF, ' 41 Robert Galbraith Burkhart, Jr., USN, LLB ' 43 Capt. George William Burkitt. Ill, USA, ' 33 A S Ernest S. Burks. USN, ' 29 Jack Burks, USN, BS ' 42 R 3 c Don Gray Calvert, USN, ' 41 Lt. Col. Hulon Elwin Calvert, AAF, MD ' 26 Lt. Emmett Fagg Cambron, AAF, MED ' 33 Lt. Clarence Wade Cameron, AAF, ' 43 Capt. D.-nid Me, Hay Cameron. USA, MD ' 35 Lt. John Daniel Brian, USN, BS ' 33 Lt. Russell Lewis Brickell, AAF, BJ ' 37 S Sgt. Glen Walter Bridge, USMC, ' 41 Lt. Leonard Hal Bridges, Jr., AAF, BJ ' 40 Pvt. William Carpenter Bridges, AAF, ' 43 Capt. Cullen W. Briggs, USA, ' 26 Lonnie Ray Briggs, AAF, MBA ' 39 Pvt. William Frank Brown. AAF, ' 43 A S William Morris Brown, USN, LLB ' 36 Lt. Col. William Russell Brown, USA, LLB Lt. William Thomas Brown, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Courtney Talley Browne, AAF, ' 38 (killed) S.iraii Biirni.-i ' ter, UKS. BA ' 43 Paul Wayne Burnam, USA, MBA ' 39 John Gresham Burnett, ' 41 Lt. Mathew Devore Burnett, Jr., USA, BA ' 38 Ens. Richard Eugene Burnett, USN, ' 42 Lt. Robert L. Burnett, AAF, ' 42 (missing) Lt. Sam Random Burnett, USN, ' 36 A C Robert Charles Cameron, USN, ' 42 Lt. Robert Pruitt Cameron, Jr., AAF, LLB 41 (killed) A C Rondo Emmett Cameron, USN, ' 42 James Buren Cammack. USA. ' 29 Bill Norris Camp, Flight Instructor, ' 38 Lt. Glenn Elmer Camp, AAF, ' 42 (missing) Lt. (jg) Royal Henry Brin, Jr., USN, LLB Claunch Goldthwaite Brindley, MD ' 33 A C Billy O. Brink, AAF, BA ' 41 Milford Hall Brinkerhoff, AAF, ' 40 W. O. James Thomas Brinkley, AAF, ' 37 Albert Ward Brisbin, USA, ' 32 O C Dolph Briscoe, Jr., USA, BA ' 43 Pvt. Roliett .Solon BrNkin. AAF, ' 43 Lt. Alex Harwood Britain, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Ralph W. Brite, USA, LLB ' 42 Maj. Jimmic Weaver Britt, AAF, ' 39 Pvt. Kelly M. Britt, Jr USA, ' 40 Ens. Spurgeon K. Britt, USN, ' 40 ' 43 Iben Browning, AAF, ' 40 Ens. Walter Acker Browning, USN, ' 42 A C Jess Brownlee, AAF, ' 42 A C William Tandy Brownlee, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Elton Joe Brownshadel, AAF, ' 38 Lt. George Dilley Broyles, Jr., USN, MD ' 40 Lt. Roy Latham Broyles, AAF, BBA ' 40 Lt. (jg) Bertram Camp Bruce, Jr., USN, BBA ' 37 Lt. (jg) Elmer Ivan Bruce, USN, ' 39 Graham .Bruce, USA, ' 37 Sgt. Norvel Chapman Burney, USA. ' 31 A C Franklin Theodore Burns, USN, ' 42 Pvt. Fred Vernon Burns, USA, ' 41 Ens. Hugh Burns, USN, ' 41 Lt. John Simeon Burns, USN, BBA ' 38 Matthew John Burns, USN, ' 37 Robert Earl Burns, USA, LLB ' 43 Ens. William Alvin Burns, USN, ' 44 Pvt. Caddell Burroughs AAF. ' 43 Edgar Allan Burrows. USN, BS ' 42 Lt. Allie Bowman Burton. Jr., AAF, ' 43 Lt. (jg) C. A. Burton. Jr., USN. ' 29 Pvt. Rodney Jason Camp. USA, ' 43 Lt. Col. Arch Graham Campbell, Jr., AAF, BBA ' 38 Lt. Arthur Fred Campbell, USA, ' 40 A C Berkeley Campbell, AAF, ' 41 A S Bess Campbell, USN, BS ' 39 T Sgt. Bura F. Campbell. AAF, LLB ' 40 Lt. Craig DeWitt Campbell, USA, BBA ' 39 (prisoner) Lt. Dale Pat Campbell. AAF. ' 41 Forrest Gilbert Campbell. USN, ' 36 A C George Alexander Campbell. Jr., AAF, ' 39 Maj. J. Will Campbell. AAF, ' 27 James Starley Campbell, Jr.. BS ' 42 Capt. John Crouder Carvey, USA. ' 42 Lt. John William Cary, AAF, BBA ' 36 Lt. Chester Harold Chiodo. AAF, BS ' 41 Lt. John Ross Chitwood. Jr., USA, ' 40 Lt. Lewi, Benjamin Cohen, AAF, " 42 Capt. Melvin David Cohen, USA, BS ' 26 Lt. John Pearce Campbell. USA, BBA ' 41 Kenton Richard Casey, ' 42 William Roy Chitwood. Jr., AAF, ' 40 Melvin Seymore Cohn. USA, ' 43 John Roosevelt Campbell, USA. BBA ' 43 Lt. Lewis Stanley Casey. AAF, ' 40 Lt. Leonard Earl Choate. AAF, LLB ' 37 Ens. Donald E. (Bo) Cohenour, USN. ' 42 Ens. Lester Hampton Campbell. USN, BJ ' 39 Capt. Robert Ernest Casey, USA, MD ' 38 Lt. William Rufus Choate, L ' SN, BA ' 41 Ens Jack Lawson Coke, USN, BA ' 39 Lt. Robert Patrick Campbell, USA, ' 34 Ens. Wallace Russell Campbell, Jr., USN, Pvt. Thomas Manley Casey, USA, ' 43 Lt. Watt Matthew Casey, USA, ' 40 Lt. William Jon Choniski. AAF, BS ' 40 Pvt. Jack Ben Chote, AAF, ' 43 Ens] ROM Johnson Coke, Jr.. USN. LLB ' 41 Ens. Richard Casillas. USN. BS ' 42 Lt. Henry Chovanec. AAF. BA ' 38 (killed) Ph M 1 c Charles James Coker. USN. ' 41 Capt. Walter D. Campbell, AAF. MD ' 20 Lt. Joe Frederick Cason. USMC, BA ' 35 Capt. William Palmer Chrisman, Jr., USA, L. ' Marvin Burlewn Colbert, USA, LLB ' 28 (killed) Charles Ignacio Castany, USA, ' 43 MD ' 37 William Henry Colbert, USA, ' 32 Lt. Warren Franklin Campbell. AAF. ' 43 Lt. James Thomas Casten. USA, ' 36 Pvt. John Pershing Christenson. AAF, BA ' 41 Lt. Frank Monroe Colburn, AAF, ' 40 Lt. William Bruce Campbell, USA, ' 42 Sgt. Pete Joaquin Castillo. USA, ' 41 1st Lt. James William Christian. AAF. ' 40 (missing) (prisoner) Ens. Wanda Robnett Castle. WAVES, ' 15 A C Allen Morris Christiansen, AAF, ' 42 A C Edward John Coel, AAF, ' 43 Lt. William Edward Campbell, USA, ' 36 William Richard Castle, ' 21 Ens. Herbert Drue Christner, USN. BS ' 41 Pvt Byron Crosier Cole, USA, ' 43 A C George Canavati, USN. ' 38 Ens. Nickola. Canavati, USN, AF ' 42 Pvt. Jimmy Harrison Castledine. USMC, ' 43 Lt. Conrad Castles, USA, BBA ' 39 Lewis Wilson Christoffel. USA. BS ' 42 Simpson Cevers Christopher, ' 40 Lt ' Cullen Ellsworth Cole, USA, ' 39 W L, James Wetson Cole. Jr.. USA. BS ' 41 Alvin Albino Candela. AAF. BS ' 41 Dick Phillips Castles. ' 37 Lt. Clayton Elvis Christy, AAF, ' 39 Ens Oma Morris Cole, USN, ' 42 Ens. Edward Leslie Cannan. USN, BA ' 43 James B. Castles. ' 28 Capt. Earl Hobbs Chumney. AAF, ' 29 Ned ' Ansel Cole. USA. ' 39 Pvt. Garland Hamilton Cannon, Jr., USMC, Lt. Wayne Loyle Catching. AAF. BBA ' 42 Maj. William Thomas Chumney. USA, BBA Cpl. Richard George Grey Cole, USA. BBA ' 42 Capt. James Lea Cate. AAF, MA ' 25 ' 21 ' 38 Pvt. Odiorne Rector Cannon, USA, LLB ' 40 Lt. Oscar Eli Cannon, Jr., USA, BA ' 30 Ens. Madeline Frances Canova. WAVES, BA Charles Craig Cates, ' 41 Robert Lindsey Caton. USN, LLB ' 19 Loebert Graham Catter, ' 28 Ens. Wilbur Howe Chunn, USN, BS ' 40 Alfred Henry Chura, AAF, ' 43 Lt. William Carlton Church, Jr., AAF, LLB A C Robert Omer Cole, AAF, ' 43 Lt William McKinlev Coel, USA, BS ' 43 A C William Thomas Coel, AAF, ' 42 ' 27 Lt. (jg) Hugh Caughey, USN. BS ' 42 ' 42 (deceased) Sgt. Dean J. Capp, USA. ' 41 Troy F. Cauley. USA, ' 26 Robert B. Chutchen. AAF. ' 41 1 1 Georee Kendrick Coleman, AAF. ' 41 Jacob Edward Caprielian, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Paul Hamilton Cauthan, Jr.. AAF. LLB Pvt. Charles Robert Clardy, USMC. ' 43 Lt ' Jesse Lantam Coleman. AAF. MD ' 41 Ens. Annon Melton Card, USN, BBA ' 41 ' 39 Ens. Lee Len Clardy. USN. BBA ' 42 Mdsn. Joe Russell Coleman. USN. ' 43 AS I.,,is May Cardwell. USN. ' 34 Maj. Roy Blair Caviness, AAF, ' 38 Amrie Denson Clark. Jr., USA. LLB ' 42 Ens. Arville Paul Clark. Jr., USN, BS ' 42 Robert Thomas Coleman. Jr., USA. BBA, 42 Ens. Sherman Tipton Colem.n. " j 38 Lt. (jg William Henrv Cardwell, USN, BA John Hill Cayce USA, ' 43 1st Lt. Charles Murrin Clark, USA, ' 27 Ens. Tom Franklin Co etna , Leonard Cersonsky. USN. BBA ' 42 S Sgt. Charles Taliaferro Clark, USA, MBA Lt. William Patrick Coleman. USA, BBA ' 42 Lt. Ottis Oliver Carey, AAF, ' 40 Pvt. George Chadick. USMC, ' 42 ' 40 Cpl. William Mordecai Coley. Jr., AAF, 38 Pvt. J. G. Cargile, Jr.. AAF, ' 42 Cpl. Rupert Hurst Charwick, Jr.. USA, ' 32 1st Lt. Clement Bryan Clark. AAF, ' 40 Lt. William Sunday Colgin. AAF, ' 35 Lt. John William Cargile, AAF, BBA ' 40 Kirk M.,rton Cargill. ' 42 F O John Chaffin, AAF, ' 40 Pvt. Billy Bob Chafin, USA, ' 43 Cpl. David Delano Clark. AAF, ' 43 A C Eddie Wavne Clark. USN. ' 43 Lt. James Holloway Colgin, USA. ' 37 Cap,. Merchant William Colgin. USA, BS ' 39 Lt. William David Cargill. AAF, ' 40 Pvt. George Wilson Cariker. USA, ' 35 Ens. Joe- W. (Bill) Cariker, USN. ' 43 Y. Arthur Dorian Carithers, USN, BJ ' 41 Lt. (jg) Emory Temple Carl. USN, LLB ' 36 Ens. James Larimer Carl. USN. BBA ' 43 Ralph Ch ' alfant. ' 42 Pvt. Fred E. Chamberlain, Jr.. USA, ' 42 Lt. George Chamberlain, USA, ' 38 Pvt. Peter M. L. Chamberlain. AAF. ' 43 Lt. Charles Frederick Chamber,, Jr., USN, LLB ' 41 Gilbert Burleson Clark, USA, ' 43 Pvt. Glynn A. Clark. USA, ' 42 Lt. James F. Clark, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Lt. Jerry Hollis Clark. USA. ' 42 Cpl. Joe Stull Clark, Jr., USA, ' 41 Ens. John Franklin Clark, Jr., USN. BS ' 42 Edward Beall Collett, USN. ' 34 Pfc. Paul Frank Colletti, USA. BS ' 42 Lt. (jg) Hubbard Colley. Jr., USN, BS ' 42 Capt. William Anthony Colley, AAF, ' 36 Cpl. Brace Collier, USA. ' 35 Lt. Calvin Jefferson Collier. Jr., AAF. ' 43 Lt. William Nohlr Carl. USN. LLB ' 28 Sgt. Charles Landon Chambers. AAF, ' 41 Capt. John Thomas Clark, Jr., AAF, ' 36 L, Edwin Alton Collier, USA, LLB ' 39 Maj. Guernsey Island Carlisle. AAF, ' 38 Pvt. Donald Franks Chambers. CSMC, ' 43 Lanham Todd Clark. BA ' 42 En ' s Henrv Ward Collier. USN. BBA ' 43 Pvt. Jennings ' Drake Carlisle. USMC, ' 41 Lt. John Rembert Chambers, Jr., AAF, ' 41 A C Martin Hooper Clark. USN, BA ' 42 Newton Collier. AAF. ' 41 Maurice Goldsby Carlisle, ' 38 Lt. Rollin Elton Chambers, AAF, ' 38 1st Lt. Max Clark. USA, LLB ' 39 A S Alma Idell Carlson. USN, BS ' 37 Sgt. Henry Byron Champion, AAF, BBA ' 38 Melvyn Lynn Clark, ' 42 " stanley M Collier USMC, ' 42 Pfc. Everett James Carlson, USMC, ' 42 T Sgt. John G. Champion. AAF, ' 42 Orlin Hoyd Clark, USA, ' 43 Pvt. ' Thomas Cillespie Collier. USMC, ' 40 A S Virgil Mnuritz Carlson, USN, ' 43 (prisoner) W. K. Clark. USN. BBA ' 42 1st Lt. Edward Vivian Collins, USA, BBA Sidney Langford Carlton. USA. ' 26 Ph. M. Alan Eugene Carmichafl. USN. BS MM 2 c Joseph Worth Champion, USN. ' 41 Calvin Luther Chance, ' 28 1st Lt. William Henry Clark, USA, ' 30 Lt. Edward Treadwell Clarke. USA. MD ' 39 Hal Houston Collins, ' 37 ' 43 Lt. (jg) Henry Grady Chandler, Jr., USN, Lt. Fred Webster Clarke, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Pvt James Parmile Collins. USA, ' 43 Lt. Jack Charles Carmichael. AAF. BS ' 42 Col. Richard Carmichael. AAF. ' 32 BBA " 42 Ens. Lewis Legette Chandler. USN. ' 11 Lt. (jg) George Matthews Clarke, USN, BBA ' 33 1st Sgt. James William Collins, USA, MA ' 41 Joe Collins. AAF. ' 43 Joe Allan Carmichael, USA. ' 43 Robert Lewis Chandler, AAF, LLB ' 42 Capt. James Stewart Clarke, USA, LLB ' 97 Lt. Jack Allison Collin,. USA, ' 37 Ens. Robert Loraine Carmichael. USN, ' 41 Lt. Col. Sidney Pleasant Chandler, USA, Capt. Richard Green Clarke. Jr., USA. LLB John Duty Collins. BBA ' 42 Sgt. William George Carnathan. USA, ' 42 LLB ' 21 ' 38 L . (jg) Whitfield James Collins, USN, LLB Garland Lamar Carnes, Jr., ' 41 Lt. Van Edgar Chandler. AAF. ' 43 Lt. Rollin Flovd Clarke. USA. ' 40 ' 40 Lt. Jame- Jones Carnes. Jr.. I ' SA. ' 35 Pvt. William Homer Chandler, USA, ' 43 Lt. William Stephens Clarke. AAF. LLB ' 36 Maj Spencer Allen Collum, Jr.. USA. BA ' 25 A S Marion An.irew Ciirne. USN " 42 Lt. (jg) Clyde Erwin Chaney, USN, ' 38 Lt. (jg) Herbert Kelso Clarkson. USN. ' 39 James Weir Colmey. USA, ' 43 William Edward Carnes, USN, ' 40 Lt. (jg) Jesse Gerald Chaney, USN. MA ' 30 Wiley Culick Clarkson. Jr., USA, ' 38 Ens. Jack Nicholls ' Colquilt, USN. BBA ' 40 Burrel Dickerson Carnev, Jr., ' 38 Lt. Caylos Wendel Chapman, AAF, BA ' 41 Ens. Ralph Juneau Claypool, USN. BS ' 42 Lerov Alfred Carpenter, ' 37 Sgt. Charles Moreland Chapman, AAF, BBA A C John Bunyan Clayton, AAF, ' 42 Ca ' pt Melbourne Lee ' Coltharp. AAF, BBA ' 35 Ens. ' Leslie E. Carpenter. USN. BJ ' 43 ' 36 Stanley Lewi, Clavton, Jr.. USA. ' 37 Pvt R. Carroll Colvert. USA. ' 42 Sidney Rav Carpenter. AAF. ' 43 Cpi. Chevus Montgomery Chapman. USA, ' 37 Pvt. Jake Barnes Clegg, USA. ' 43 Lt. Ellis Bernard Colvin, AAF. ' 42 Lt. William Smith Carpenter. AAF, ' 41 Ens. Donald D. Chapman. USN, LLB ' 42 1st Lt. James Henry Clements, AAF, ' 41 James Henrv Colvin, ' 36 Lt. Joe Carr, AAF. ' 40 Capt. James William Chapman, AAF, BBA ' 34 Capt. Joel Frank Clements. AAF, ' 41 Capt. Jay Wallace Colvin, AAF, ' 42 SK 2 c Larry Winton Carr. USN, ' 39 Joe Norwin Chapman, ' 29 Capt. Judson Irvine Clements, USA, LLB ' 39 A C James Brooks Coman. AAF, ' 39 Capt. Orvilte Carr. USA. ' 40 Lt. Joseph Charles Chapman, AAF, ' 41 Thurman Spencer Clements. BA ' 42 Ens. Melvin Martin Combs. USN. LLB ' 35 Lt. Sam Brown Carr, USA, ' 40 Leon Earl Chapman, ' 30 Capt. Verne Allen Clements. USA, ' 39 Lt Col Everett Boaz Comer, USA, ' 30 Lt. Marvin Warlick Carr, USA, ' 42 William Dean Chapman, ' 41 Pvt. Jack M. Clemer. AAF. ' 42 Lt ' Thurman Wesley Comer, AAF, ' 42 Vincent Waggoner Carr, USA, ' 42 Bryon Buford Chappelle, Jr.. AAF. ' 37 A C Theodore Pope Clemmons. AAF, ' 43 Lt. Col. Edward Aitken Compton. ' 25 Pvt. James Jennings Carraway, USA, ' 29 Lt. Robert Henry Carrawav USA BJ ' 40 Lt. Ralph Clarence Charbeneau. USMC, ' 41 Lt. Frank Richard Charles, AAF, ' 41 Frederick Dean Clift. USA. ' 40 A S Wallace Bruce Clift, USN. ' 44 Pfc. Bovd Commarfder. Jr.. AAF. ' 42 Powell Butler Compere. USA. BA ' 42 Lt. Ross Carrell. AAF, BBA ' 40 (killed) Caulie Wilson Carrigan. ' 37 Ens. Gordon Taliaferro Charlton. USN. ' 44 Lt. Marvin Charlton. Jr., AAF, ' 40 A S Borden Waldo Clifton, USN. ' 43 Lt. Thomas Lee Clifton. USN. ' 41 Woody Buford Compton. ' 38 Ens. Charlie Neal Conatser. USN. BBA ' 38 Pvt. Olivero Pena Carrillo. USA, ' 43 William Condc Charlton, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Albert Henry Clopton, USA, ' 34 Ens Thaxon Monroe Con.wav. USN. BBA ' 35 Ll. Eugene Caddis Carrington. USA. ' 40 A C Frederick Mueller Carrington, AAF, ' 38 A C Robert Babtiste Charpiot, AAF, ' 43 A C Dale Osborne Chase. USN. ' 43 Gerald Michaux Clopton. BS ' 39 Maj. Julian Campbell Clopton. USA. ' 35 1st Lt. Elbert Smith Cone. USA. ' 41 Pvt. Fred Lee Cone. Jr., USA. ' 41 (killed) Lt Milton Lee Chase, AAF, ' 38 Lt. Col. George Cloud, USMC, ' 26 En. Helen Holmes Cone. USN. BA ' 39 Capt. William Lytle Carrington, USA, ' 38 A C Perry Lee Chastain, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Guy Maurice Cloud, AAF, ' 42 Llovd William Cone. AAF, ' 43 Ens. Benjamin Franklin Carrol, Jr.. USN, Lt. Donald P. Cheatham, USA, ' 36 Ens. Margaret Josephine Cheatham, WAVES, Lt. William Howard Cloward. USMC. ' 42 Sgt. William H. Cloyd, AAF, ' 38 Raymond Joseph Congour. U-SN. " 42 Lt. Sidney Edwin Conley, AAF, ' 38 Lt. Frank N. Carroll AAF ' 40 BA ' 41 Lt. John Madison Cluck. AAF, BS ' 43 Lt Alvie Patrick Conn, USA, ' 40 Lt. Col. Harry Michael Ca ' rroll, USA, ' 17 Lt. (jg) Horace Hudson Carroll. USN, ' 35 Lt. Wiley Lewis Cheatham. USMC, BA ' 43 Lt. Maurice Cheek, Jr., USN. LLB ' 26 Alfred Milton Clyde. ' 36 Capt. Berry Benson Cobb, USA, ' 31 Maj. Ben Clarkson Connally, AAF, LLB ' 33 Dick Connally, AAF. ' 37 Ens. James Sneed Carroll, USN, BBA ' 36 Ens. Estel Lee Cheeseman, USN, BS ' 41 . 1st Lt. Howell E. Cobb, AAF, ' 27 Lt Ernest Allen Connally, AAF, ' 42 Pfc. Malcolm Weldon Carroll, AAF, BBA ' 43 Lt. Allen H. Carruth AAF ' 38 Pvt. Charles William Chemniti. USA, ' 42 Capt. Nathan Bullock Chenault, USA. ' 35 Lt. Joseph Clemmon Cobb. USA, ' 41 Ens. Ralph Waldo Cobb, USN. ' 42 Lt. (jg) John Bowden Connally, USN, LLB Charles Callendar Carsner. ' 40 Monroe George Cheney, Jr.. ' 42 Lt. Robert Heslep Cobb, USA. LLB ' 39 John William Connelly, ' 42 Coleman Jennings Carson, USA. ' 43 Lt. Max Chenoweth, AAF. BBA ' 38 Pvt. Bernard John Cocek. AAF, BBA ' 43 William James Connell. USN, ' 43 A C Lawrence Brady Carson. AAF, LLB ' 38 Lt. Matthew Vaughan Carson Jr USN Ens. Oscar L. Chenoweth. USN, BS ' 42 S 1 c Charles Henry Chernosky, USN, BA 1st Lt. B. F. Cochran, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Col. Joel Layton Cochran. USA, MD ' 24 Richard Roth Conner, ' 32 Robert Arthur Conner. ' 33 LLB ' 34 38 Lt. Irad McCrady Cochran. USN. ' 38 Ens. William Curtis Conner. USN. LLB " 42 Lt. Walter Lee Carss. Jr.. AAF. ' 40 Lt. Louis Mrlchoir Cartall. USN. MD ' 43 Ardrey R. Cherry, AAF, ' 43 Jack Wilburn Cherry, USA, ' 39 Robert Warren Cherry, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Scott Riley Cochran. AAF. ' 34 T Sgt. Paul C. Cocke. AAF, BBA ' 36 Lt. William Alexander Cocke, Jr., AAF, ' 28 Capt. Cooper Connor, AAF, MD ' 36 A C James Reagan Connor, AAF, ' 43 Pfc. Robert Brevard Connor. AAF. ' 43 Lt. Amon Gary Carter, Jr.. L A. ' 41 Ens. Wendell Henry Cherry, USN, ' 43 (killed) Pfc. Seymour Vaughan Connor, USA. ' 42 (prisoner) Lt. Johnny Lee Chervenka. USA, ' 42 A C William Howell Cocke, AAF, ' 42 Capt. William Harris Connor. AAF, MD ' 30 Clarence Maurice Carter, BS ' 42 Lt. Daniel Simpson Chessher, AAF, ' 41 Pvt. Thomas Franklin Cockerell. USA. ' 43 Thomas Marion Conover. ' 37 Maj. Clifton Crawford Carter, USA. ' 11 Pfc. John Barkley Chewning, USA, ' 43 Lt. Louis Allen Cockerham. USMC, ' 42 Robert Lucas Conrad. PhD ' 34 Lt. Dan Jess Carter, AAF, ' 42 Jesse Greene Chilcoat. Jr.. ' 41 John Aubrey Cockrell, Jr.. ' 28 Pvt. Arthur Constantine, Jr., USA, ' 42 Davis Blake Carter, ' 43 S 2 c Jack Durrett Childers. USCG. ' 42 Cpl. William Foster Cockrell, USA, ' 28 Lt. Jim Alfred Constantin, AAF, BBA ' 43 Capt. James Weldon Carter, USA, ' 30 Man-in Alonzo Childers, Jr., MD ' 33 Logan Vand Cockrum, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Jules Constantin. Jr.. AAF, ' 40 (killed) Lt. Joseph D. Carter, AAF, ' 43 A C Tom J. Childers. AAF, ' 37 Melville Lockett Cody, ' 37 Jack Clements Conwav. USN. ' 38 Kenneth Leslie Carter, ' 41 Lt. Vernon Earl Childers, AAF, ' 38 Thomas Hughes Cody, ' 42 Pvt. Andrew Barney Cook, USA, ' 43 Capt. Louian Clarkson Carter. USA. MD ' 30 Hiram Keefe Childress, ' 37 Ens. Crawford Joseph Cofer. USN. LLB ' 42 An-y Bernhardt Cook, ' 24 Ens. Orris Earl Carter. Jr.. USN. BS ' 40 Horace Roscoe Childress, AAF, ' 43 Capt. John Daly Cofer, USA, LLB ' 21 Pvt. Carroll Clarke Cook, USA, ' 43 Robert Daniel Carter, USN. BBA ' 43 Lt. John William Childress. AAF, ' 40 Lt. Clovis Wade Coffey, Jr.. AAF, ' 41 Lt. Charles Everett Cook, AAF, ' 40 Capt. Roger Mills Carter, AAF, ' 41 Milton T ru- Childre... USN, ' 36 Ens. Joe Martin Coffield, USN, BS ' 42 Conrad Jack Cook, AAF. ' 43 Woodrow Wilson Carter, USN. BBA ' 36 Lt. Virgil ' Childress, USN, LLB ' 28 Raymond Thornton Coffin. Jr.. BBA ' 41 Maj Daniel Mashburn Cook, USA, ' 17 Lt. James L Cartwright, AAF, ' 41 Capt. William Liberty Child,, Jr., AAF, BS A C David Hill Coffman. Jr., AAF. ' 42 Lt. Darwin T. Cook, AAF, ' 41 Ens. Robert Stephens Cartwright. USN. ' 40 ' 39 (killed) Pvt. David Clemon Cook, USA, ' 42 Weldon Emerson Cartwright. ' 33 Ens. Frank Clement Carubbi. USN, BS ' 40 Lt. Charles Dwight Chiles. AAF. ' 42 Lt. Andrew Long Chilton, AAF, BA ' 40 Abe Hanby Cohen, ' 40 Chester Cohen, USA. ' 24 Pvt. George Rambo Cook, USA, ' 43 Lt. Cmdr. George Wells Cook, Jr., USN, A S Bessie Ruth Carver, USN, ' 39 Ens. Horace Thomas Chilton. USN. BBA ' 41 Cpl. Cerson Cohen. USA, ' 40 (deceased) BBA ' 28 Mary Belle Carver. USN, ' 38 William Ernest Chilton, USN. BBA ' 38 Harry Edward Cohen, ' 42 S Sgt James Coleman Cook. AAF. ' 41 Lt. Raymond Duke Carver. AAF, ' 36 (killed) Walter Frank Carver, USA, ' 41 A C Hugh George Chilton, Jr., USA, BBA ' 43 Cpl. Ira Leigh Cohen. USA. BBA ' 42 Pfc. Irvin Myron Cohen. USA, BA ' 43 Lt. (jg) John Edward Cook. USN, LLB ' 37 Kenneth Cook, USN, ' 44 A S Murray Phillip Cook, USN, ' 42 Paul Chesterfield Cook, ' 42 Capt. Raymond Augustus Cook, USA, LLB ' 38 Lt. William Lawrence Cook, USN, LLB ' 34 Lt. (jg) Jack Walton Crain, USN, BS ' 42 Pvt. Warren Hud.-p.-th Crain, USA, ' 43 Cpl. William Henry Grain! USA, ' 40 A C William Rathbone Crain, AAF, ' 42 William Dean Cunningham, ' 32 Ens. Tom B. Cuny, Jr., USN, ' 41 Byron Curb, ' 26 1st Lt. William E. Cureton, AAF, LLB ' 35 Pfc. Howard Eugene Davis. USA. ' 42 Col. Howard Herndon Davis. USA, ' 16 Lt. (jg) Hugh Brunson Davis, USN, BA ' 35 Lt. Jack Ray Davis, AAF, ' 43 Elwood Elias Cook, ' 44 Lt. Brosie Jeff Crane. USMC, ' 42 Pvt. Hugh Wendell Curfman, AAF, ' 43 Ens. James Floyd Davis, Jr., USN, BBA ' 36 Henry Clay Cook, USA, BS ' 41 Earl Parker Crane, USN, ' 23 Lt. Carroll Amberson Curl, USA, ' 40 Lt. James Leonard Davis. AAF, ' 38 William l...i, C.rnk, ' 42 Capt. Niven Kindall Cranfill, AAF, ' 41 Sgt. George Walter Curry, AAF, ' 37 Sgt. Joe Edward Davis, USA, BS ' 38 A C Charles Christopher Cooke, Jr., AAF, Lt. Henry Harlan Crank. USN, MD ' 36 Tom Watt Curlin, ' 40 Lt. John Alex Davis, USMC. ' 42 ' 42 H A 1 c Harold Bernard Crasilneck, USN, Lt. Gregory Emmanuel Curry. USA. ' 35 C C M John B. Davis, USN, ' 25 John Rogen Cooke, AAF, ' 43 Lt. (jg) Herbert Williams Curry, USN, BBA Lt. John H. Davis, AAF, BS ' 41 Lt. Col. Lane Butler Coo ' kc. USA, MD ' 13 Clyde Clinton Craven, BBA ' 33 ' 30 . . Lt. Joseph M. Davis, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Lt. Willard R. Cooke, AAF, ' 43 Lt. (jg) Edmund Powell Cravens, Jr., USN, Lt. Peter Michael Curry, AAF, LLB ' 41 Cpl. Keith Davis, AAF. MBA ' 41 A S William T. Cooke, USN, ' 42 BA ' 40 (killed) SK Thomas Bacon Curry, USN, ' 41 Pvt. Lee Judson Davis, USA, BBA ' 39 Floyd Estes Cooley, MA ' 36 Edward Nick Crawford, ' 34 Lt. Byron William Curtis, AAF, ' 39 Lt. (jg) Leo Morris Davis. USN, ' 38 Capt. Carlos W.-ldon Coon, USA, ' 27 Pvt. Frank Gene Crawford. USA, ' 35 Don Warren Curtis, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Lloyd Earl Davis, AAF, ' 41 Pvt. Floyd Ashley Cooper, Jr., USA, ' 43 Capt. Herman Payton Crawford, USA, BS ' 32 Sgt. EM C. Curtis, USA, ' 25 A C Louis Colbert Davis, USN, ' 43 1st Lt. John Prentice Coop.-r. USA, BBA ' 39 Lt. Tom Hamilton Crawford, Jr., USN, BBA Lt. Gwyne Sutherland Curtis, AAF, ' 37 Lt. Marvin Lee Davis, AAF, ' 42 Melbourne John Cooper, MD ' 27 ' 38 I.. l,,lin Curtis, AAF, ' 43 A C McWillie Davis, AAF, ' 39 Robert Peyton Cooper, MA ' 39 F C Thomas Victor Crawley, Jr., USN, ' 41 Lt. Le wis Scott Curtis, AAF, ' 43 O C Nonis Garland Davis, USA, BJ ' 37 Robert Wilbarger Cooper, ' 34 William Robert Crawley, ' 41 Lt. Milton Bi.lmp Curti-. USMC, BS ' 39 T Sgt. Oliver Busby Davis, USA, BBA ' 42 Maj. Joseph B. Coopwood, USA, ' 26 (killed) Ens. Benjamin Andrew Copass, III, USN, ' 44 Capt. James Jefferson Crayton, AAF, ' 41 T Sgt. Rentfro Banton Crcagcr, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Wickliffe Reid Curtis, MD ' 28 William Jasper Cutbirth, Jr., USN, BBA ' 41 Lt. Olney Davis, USA S 2 c Owen Charles Davis, USN, ' 43 Pfc. Edward B. Cope, AAF, ' 41 Lt. George Benson Cree, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Ens. John Cecil Cutler, USN, ' 41 Richard Norman Davis, MA ' 40 Richard Kenneth Cope, AAF, ' 43 Lt. J. Robert Creech, USA, ' 31 William Austin. Cutler, Jr., AAF, ' 43 I.I. liitrhii- G. Davis, USA Ens. Russell Cope, USN, BS ' 42 Ens. Charles William Crcighton, USN, BJ ' 42 Capt. Robert Hamilton Cuyler, AAF, PhD ' 31 Ens. Robert Baxter Davis, USN, BS ' 43 Ens. Jeff Copeland, Jr., USN, BBA ' 39 William Joseph Copeland. USMC, ' 43 Capt. David Laurel Crenshaw, AAF, ' 42 C P O William Anthony Crenshaw, USCG, (killed) Ens. Carl Lee Czigan, USN, BBA ' 36 Pvt. Robert Benjamin Davis, USA. ' 43 Sgt. Robert E. Davis, USA, BS ' 43 (killed) Lt. Edward Raymond Coppock, Jr., USA, BA BS ' 42 Pvt. Theodore Albert Cressner, USA, ' 39 D Lt. Roy B. Davis, Jr., AAF, BBA ' 39 Roy Lee Davis, Jr., ' 41 Ens. Robert Henderson Coquat, USN, ' 42 (prisoner) Capt. Sam Walkup Davis, USA, LLB ' 18 Duncan Corbett, ' 36 William Lucas Creswell, ' 40 1st Lt. Henry Lothaire Dabney, USA, BS ' 35 Lt. Sam Walkup Davis, Jr., USMC, ' 43 Lt. Howard Bolen Corbett, USMC, ' 41 Lt. (jg) David Stanley Crockett, USN, BBA 1st Lt. George L. Dacy, USMC, ' 41 Pvt. Thomas Charlton Davis, Jr., AAF. ' 42 Lt. Austin Corbin, Jr., USA, ' 42 ' 39 Lt. Milton A. Dahl, AAF, ' 43 Ens. Thomas Oliver Davis, USN, ' 44 1st Lt. Joseph Raymond Corbin, AAF, BA ' 41 Lt. Edward Mercer Crockett, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Jack Richey Daigle, AAF, ' 39 Sgt. Tom Lucian Davis, USA, LLB ' 41 J. ' Harry Corby. USN, ' 42 Jack Lyndon Crockett, USN, ' 40 Maj. William James Daley, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Ens. Wallace Davis, USN, ' 42 Lt. Raymond Austin ' Corcoran, USMC, BA Robert Houston Crockett, BBA ' 39 Lt. Cmdr. Sampson Godfrey Dalkowitz, USN Lt. Wayne Burke Davis, USMC, ' 42 ' 43 Lt. Thomas Croft, AAF, ' 42 ' 16 Pfc. William C. Davis, AAF, ' 43 Lt. James Hardy Cordell, AAF, ' 37 1st Lt. Abe Joseph Corman, AAF, LLB ' 33 Richard Corner, Jr., ' 29 A S Earl Crone, USN, ' 44 Walter L. Cronkite, War Correspondent, ' 35 Lt. Frederick Lewis Crook, Jr., AAF, BA ' 37 Capt. Edwin Dalrymple, AAF, ' 41 S 2 c Houghton Dalrymple, USN, ' 43 1st Lt. Marcus L. Dalton, AAF, ' 41 Pvt. William Hemphill Davis, USMC, ' 38 S Sgt. Winston Hardie Davis, AAF, ' 37 Lt. Tom Seale Davison, AAF, BJ ' 41 A C Donald M. Cornett, AAF, ' 42 S Sgt. Leighton Marion Cornett, USA, LLB Pfc. John H. Crook. USMC, ' 43 John Henry Crooker, Jr., USN, LLB ' 37 Pvt. Scott Love Daly. USA, LLB ' 36 Lt. Jules Verne Damiani, AAF, ' 41 Capt. George Allen Davisson, Jr., USA, ' 38 Ens. Joseph Thomas Dawe, USN, BBA ' 37 ' 41 John Addison Groom, USMC LLB ' 38 Lt. Michel S. Damiani, USMAC, ' 42 Ens. Marjoric Dawe, WAVES, BA ' 40 Pfc. A. Edward Cornwell, USMC, BBA ' 43 Ens. Charles Holmes Crosby, USN, BS ' 41 T Sgt. Thomas Neal Dancer, USA, LLB ' 41 Pvt. Ross Clinton Dawkins, AAF, MEd ' 41 Cpl. Earl Robert Cornwell, AAF, ' 34 Lt. (jg) Elwyn Barnes Crosby, USN, BS ' 40 Oscar C. Dancy, Jr., USN, ' 28 A C Theodore Roosevelt Dawson, USN, Pvt. John Gamewell Cornwell AAF ' 43 1st Lt. Richard Gillette Crosby, AAF, ' 40 Capt. William Paul Danforth, USA, ' 35 BBA ' 41 Pvt. Fernando Hernandez Coronado, USA, ' 43 Pvt. Gerald Lester Correll, AAF, ' 38 John Norman Crosnoe, ' 33 Lt. (jg) Arthur Dalton Cross, USN, LLB ' 32 Lt. Chal N. Daniel, AAF, ' 42 (killed) Ens. Charles D. Daniel, USN, BS ' 39 Lt. (jg) Clyde Wickliffe Day. USN, BS ' 42 Maj. Lemuel E. Day, USA, ' 24 (Killed) Lt. Henry Cornelius Cortes, Jr., USN, BA Lt. Harvey Henry Cross, USA, BJ ' 35 Lt. Jack William Daniel, AAF, ' 41 (missing) Lt. (jg) Lorenzo D. Day, USN, BS ' 35 ' 40 Capt. J. B. Cross, AAF, BA ' 29 Ens. John N.-wton Dani.-l, USN. BS ' 42 Lt. William Bawden Deaderick, USA, Capt. Arthur Milton Cory, USA, ' 40 Lt. Jack Lee Cross, AAF, ' 41 A C Robert Elwyn Daniel, AAF, ' 42 LLB ' 41 Lt. Johnnie Annibale Coselli, AAF, LLB ' 41 Lt. Jim Morgan Cross, AAF, ' 42 Lt. William Alexander Daniel. AAF, BS ' 42 Lt. Charls James Deahl, III, USA, ' 42 Pvt. John Jefferson Cosner, Jr., USA, ' 43 Capt. Julian Buckingham Cross, AAF, ' 29 Ens. William Asbury Daniel, Jr., USNAF, Capt. Joe M. Dealey, AAF, BA ' 41 A C Christian M. Cotham, AAF, ' 35 Ens. Malcolm Ewell Cross, USN, ' 44 BA ' 38 (killed) Lt. Walter Allen Dealev, USMC, BBA ' 37 Lt. Robert Crawford Cotner, USN, ' 31 Pvt. Robert Edwin Cross, USA, ' 43 A S Milburn L. Daniels. USN, ' 30 Lt. Huber N. Dean, AAF, ' 42 Ens. Thomas E. Cotner, USN, MA ' 39 Pvt. Maverick Crossette, USA, ' 43 S Sgt. Pat Daniels, USA, ' 38 Lt. John Robert Dean, USN, BBA ' 31 Lt. (jg) Albert Dale Cotton, USN, ' 41 Lt. Thomas Adam Crosson, AAF, ' 40 A C Kenneth E. Danklefs, USN, ' 42 Cpl. William Beale Dean, AAF, BBA ' 43 Lt. Thurman W. Cottom, AAF, ' 36 Fred Crouch, USMC, ' 43 Lt. Frank Humphrey Dannelley, USA, ' 42 I ' M. .1. W. D.-Armen. AAF, ' 38 Lt. Joseph O. Terrell Couch, AAF, LLB ' 42 Pvt. James Craig Crouch, AAF, ' 40 Pvt. Thomas Alva Dannelley, USA, BBA ' 41 Lt. Lucian Leon Deaton, Jr., USA, ' 36 Capt. Charles Wayne Countz, AAF, ' 39 (killed) Cpl. John Russell Crouch, AAF, BS ' 41 Lt. Leslie Croucher, AAF, ' 42 Lt. (jg) Carl Olin Danquard. US N, BS ' 40 Pfc. Donald Ellis Darby, USA, BBA ' 43 Capt. John Montgomery Deaver, USMC, LLB ' 24 Pvt. Fred Thompson Coupcr, Jr., AAF, LLB Howard Morrison Crow, AAF, ' 41 Lt. James Addison Darby, AAF, ' 42 Jerry Weir Debenport, ' 34 ' 32 Capt. Jack Allen Crow, AAF, BA ' 36 Pvt. Jerome K. Darden, Jr., USMC, ' 43 Maj. Pat Martin DeBerry, AAF, ' 39 Lt. Robert Barlow Cousins, III, AAF, LLB ' 42 Lt. Thomas Howell Crowder, Jr., USA, BBA Lt. William Edward Darden, USN, BBA ' 40 A C Thomas D. DeBerry, AAF, ' 41 1st Lt. William Hogue Cousins, AAF, ' 42 ' 41 Lt. George Dareos, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Laurence Eugene DeBogory, USA, ' 37 1st Lt. Clarence Covert, Jr., AAF, ' 37 Elmer Sofield Crowder, ' 41 Emil Darilek, Jr., USA, ' 38 Henry Benjamin Dechard, Jr., BA ' 36 (prisoner) Lt. Benjamin Eakins Crowell, AAF, ' 41 Capt. Charles M. Darnell, AAF. MD ' 30 Arthur Dee Decker, ' 40 Ens. Frank Mortimer Covert, USN ' 42 Ens. Charles Michael Crowell, USN, BA ' 41 Lt. Joe Farris Darnell, Jr., AAF, ' 37 Capt. Grace Rita Decker, USA. ' 29 Lt. George Covert, USA, ' 41 Pvt. James B. Crowell, USA, BA ' 39 (killed) Ens. Vernon Oscar Darr, USN, BS ' 42 Sgt. Robert Vincent Decker, AAF, BBA ' 43 Ens. Jerry Covington, USN, BS ' 43 Capt. Richard Shelmire Crowell, AAF, ' 41 A C James Newton Darwin, AAF. ' 40 Cpl. Robert West Decker, AAF. ' 42 Lt. Sidney Charles Covington, USA, BS ' 37 Capt. Alvin Ethelbert Cowan, USA, ' 40 Lt. John Thomas Crowley, AAF, ' 42 Russell Lowell Crozier, USN, LLB ' 35 1st Lt. John Lavert Dashiell, AAF, BA ' 41 Capt. Paul Evan Daugherty, AAF, LLB ' 28 Lt. Edmond Jacque DeCroux, USA, LLB ' 42 Ens. Edward Richard Dedcke, USN, BBA ' 38 Ens. John Newton Cowan, JSN, ' 44 George Washington Crumley, ' 42 Temple Jackson Daugherty, ' 41 Lt. (jg) John Thomas Deely, USN, BS ' 33 Lt. Richard Donald Cowan, USA, BBA ' 43 Henry Moore Crumbley, ' 42 A C Claude L. Dauster, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Bruce Thornton Deeter, USA, BA ' 40 William Harold Cowan, ' 42 Ernest Paul Crumc, USN, BJ ' 36 1st Lt. Emory Davenport. USMC. MD ' 42 Pfc. Harvey Edmond DeFord, USA. BBA ' 43 Hardy Cullen Cowen, ' 35 1st Lt. Bradford Blueford Crunk USA ' 41 Lt. George Follin Davenport, USA. BS ' 42 Pvt. Charles John Defren, USA, ' 42 Cpl. Dero D ' Mumber Cowley, USA, ' 31 A S Jack Barry Cowley, USN, ' 37 A S Sam Cruse. USN ' 39 1st Lt. William Garland Cruse, AAF, ' 36 Maj. Howard Hutton Davenport. AAF, BS ' 32 John Maurice Davenport, AAF, ' 42 Bernard Joseph DcCeorge, ' 42 Mdn. Carlos de la Garza, USN, ' 43 Lt. Joseph Allen Cowley, AAF, ' 39 (prisoner) Lt. Fred Ross Cruseman, USA, ' 42 Ens. James William Crutcher, USN, ' 42 Pvt. Louis Byrom Davenport, AAF, ' 39 Lt. Thomas E. Davenport, AAF, BA ' 41 Lt. Raymond Oswald Delahoussaye, USA, ' 42 Lt. John Grandison Delamater, USA, ' 40 Lt. Albert Wufston ' coi, AAF, ' 39 (killed) Lt. Stanley Milford David, USA, LLB ' 41 (Deceased) Ens. Alvis Ray Cox. USN, BS ' 43 Lt. Billy Lee Cox, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Charles Barrell Cox, AAF, ' 42 (prisoner) Ens. Melvin Howard Crystal, USN, LLB ' 43 A C Milvern Leslie Cude, USN, ' 43 A C Willis Augustus Cude, Jr., AAF ' 42 Lt. Floyd Frances Davidson, USA, PhD ' 41 Pvt. Lew Walter Davidson, AAF, ' 38 (deceased) Charles Delancy, Jr., USN, MA ' 42 Ens. Joe Curtis Delaney, USN, BS ' 37 Sgt. DeWitt Walker Cox, Jr., USA BS ' 41 Lt. Edley Wilburn Cox, Jr., USN, BJ ' 41 Ens. Edwin Lochridgc Cox, USN, BBA ' 42 Sgt. Eugene Custave Cuenod, AAF, ' 42 David Houston Culberson, Jr., ' 40 John Harvey Culbertson, AAF, ' 43 S 1 c Marilla Davidson, SPARS, ' 39 Col. Orion Lee Davidson, Jr., USA, ' 17 Ens. Rollo Eugene Davidson. USN. BBA ' 40 Capt ' . JohnTa es Delany, USA, MD ' 32 Lt. (jg) George Washington DeLavan, USN, Ens. Franklin Lanier Cox, USN, BBA ' 35 Lt. Gilbert E. Cox, AAF, LLB ' 40 Lt. George Carson Cox, USA, ' 39 Lt. (jg) George E. Cullen. USN. BBA ' 42 Lt. Landon Cullum, AAF, BS ' 43 Pfc. Herbert Virgil Culp, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Capt. William Keith Davidson, AAF, ' 41 (missing) Mildred Davidson (Mrs. W. K.), WASP, BJ Stuart Dclgado, Jr., BBA ' 34 Lt. (jg) Ralph Ilbert DeLoach, USN, Lt. Graham G. Cox, AAF, ' 42 Ens. James Franklin Culp, USN. BBA ' 39 ' 40 Lt. Jack Martin Cox. USN, ' 40 Ens. William Emerson Culp, USN, ' 42 Lt. W. R. Davidson, AAF, ' 42 (killed) Ens. Joseph Backus Demic, USN, BA ' 40 Lt. Jackson Barcus Cox, II, AAF, BA ' 33 Everett Le Grande Culver, BA ' 39 Charlie Claude Davie, MBA ' 28 Pvt. Edward Joe Demmer, USA. ' 13 Ens. James Tallcy Cox, USN, BBA ' 43 Joe Lloyd Cox, USA, ' 42 Lt. Col. Frank Pugh Culver, Jr., USA, LLB Lt. Robert Sneed Davie, USA, ' 42 Pvt. Lewis James Davies. USA. ' 43 Capt. Elmer Charles DeMontel. USA, ' 10 Maj. Laurence W. DeMuth, USA Joseph Henry Cox, USA, ' 43 James Clark Culwell, MA ' 41 1st Lt. Adrian Averil Davis. AAF. ' 41 Lt. Frank W. Denison, Jr., USA, ' 42 Lt. (jg) Milo Lawson Cox, USN ' 38 Ens. Jerry Hyde Culwell, USN, BA ' 41 Lt. Allen Lambert Davis, USA. MED ' 3S F.n,. Ben Pittman Denman, USN, ' 42 Capt. Morgan H. Cox, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Lt. Thomas Luther Cox, AAF, ' 40 Ens. Leland Franklin Cumbie, USN, ' 44 1st Lt. Russell Walters Cumley, USA, PhD Lt. (jg) Allen Vernimmon Davis, USN, LLB Ens. James Burton Denman, USN, ' 42 Lt. Leroy Gilbert Denman, Jr., USA, LLB ' 39 F 0 William Almon Cox, AAF, ' 43 (missing) 1st Lt. William Fred Cox, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Lt. Arthur Barnett Cummings, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Lt. Andrew Todd Davis, Jr., USA, BA ' 32 Ens. Ben H.-nn.-nar DaM,. USN, LLB ' 37 Lt. J. Frank Norris DennarJ, USA. LLB ' 42 Lt. (jg) George Dennis, Jr., USN, BJ ' 36 (killed) Cmdr. Hatch Whitfield Cummings, USN, ' 24 Capt. Bond Davis, USA, ' 38 Sgt. Orville Erma Dennis. USA, BBA ' 39 Ens. Paul Henry Coy, USN, BS ' 41 Lt. (jg) Joseph Brian Coyne, USN, ' 37 Lt. Hollic Max Cummin " . AAF, PhD ' 42 Lt. Walter Bond Cummings, AAF, ' 42 1st Lt. Bradley Davis, AAF, BA ' 32 Pvt. Charles Robert Davis, II, USA. ' 43 Ens. Sy Dennis, Jr., USN, LLB ' 40 Lt. William Clifford Dennis, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Lloyd George Crabtree, AAF, ' 40 James Eugene Cummins, USA, ' 43 A S Charles Turner Davis, Jr., USN, ' 43 (Killed) (missing) Arthur Cunningham. ARC, BS ' 36 Lt. David Dennis Davis, AAF, ' 42 Jack Dennison, ' 42 1st Lt. Wallis Landes Craddock, USA, MA Lt. Dan Blake Cunningham, AAF, ' 42 David William Davis, ' 35 Lt. Herbert B. Denny, AAF, ' 42 Grover Bennett Cunningham, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Dorothy Elizabeth Davis, WAC, BA ' 35 Lt. (jg) Arthur Leon Dent. USN, BBA ' 38 Lt. Col. Earl Barrel 1 Craig, USA, LLB ' 29 Ens. Jack Ponton Cunningham. USN, BA ' 42 Edward Gillmore Davis, Flight Instructor, ' 40 Maj. Jefferson James Dent, AAF, ' 40 PM 3 c Richard Harrison Craig, USN, LLB Lt. Joseph Kenneth Cunningham, USA, BBA Edwin Davis, Jr., AAF, BS ' 40 Lt. Arthur Lee Denton, Jr., AAF, ' 41 43 ' 26 Lt. (jg) Edwin Irvin Davis. USN, BBA ' 41 Capt. Ashley Newton Denton, AAF, ' 38 Pfc. William D. Craig. USA, ' 33 Robert Lee Cunningham, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Eugene Wood Davis, USA. BA ' 40 A S Conley Royce Denton, USN, ' 33 Lt (jg) William Jenkins Craig, USN, BBA Pfc. Russell David Cunningham, USA, ' 43 Sgt. Thomas Harold Cunningham, USA, MJ Lt. Frank Howard Davis, AAF, BA ' 39 Lt. Garner Lloyd Davis, AAF, ' 41 Lt. (jg) James Gray Denton, USN, ' 41 Lt. Archie Stiles Dcpew, Jr., AAF, ' 40 Pfc. Edward Bruner Crain. USA, BBA ' 41 George Avent Davis, ' 41 (Prisoner) Lt. Forrest B. Crain, AAF, ' 41 Capt. Thomas Rogers Cunningham, AAF, ' 38 A S Glenn B. Davis, USN, ' 43 Lt. (jg) Robert Dee Deputy, USN, BBA ' 42 Sgt. Frank Harrington Crain, Jr., USA, ' 42 Lt. Warren Peek Cunningham, Jr., USN, Herbert Davis, ' 37 Jack Armstrong Derby, BBA ' 40 S Sgt. Henry Maurice Crain, AAF, BJ ' 21 (prisoner) LLB ' 37 Pfc. William B. Cunningham, USA, BJ ' 41 Herman Leo Davis, MD ' 30 Hilton Kunze Davis, USA, BS ' 41 A C Warner Paul Derr, AAF. ' 41 Ens. A. M. Derrick, Jr., USN. ' 44 North Africa celebrated March 2. 1944, by breaking bread over an Aggie s head. Left to right: Lieutenant Colonel Stephen W. Henrv, AAF. ' 34; First Lieutenant Ben Z. Kaplan. AAF, BJ ' 41: Lieutenant Caesar J. Calli. AAF. ' 42; Private Eddie Cope, AAF, ' 41; and the Aggie, Captain James E. Vance. First Lieutenant Albert Earl Kinder, Jr., AAF, BA ' 38, has returned from active duty in the South Pacific. He holds the DFC, Air Medal, Oak Leaf Clu First Lieutenant Travis C. Briggs, AAF, ' 36, is navigator on a B-17 in Italy. He has received the Air Medal and five Oak Leaf Clusters. Panama. Captain Joe H. Shelton, USMC, ' 37, is a dive bomber pilot who has seen plenty of action. On his first tour of duty in the South Pacific he bombed every Jap airfield in the North Solomon area. (Pictures of AAF personnel are Official AAI Photos; picture of Capt. Shelton is Official VSMC Photo.) Capt. Leland Eugene Derrick. AAF, MA ' 30 A C Joe M. Desley, AAF. BA ' 41 I.t. .lark Michael Dollghcrtv. AAF. ' 41 Lt. John Chrysostom Dougherty, III. USA, Lt. Wilson Lcland Dyer, AAF, ' 41 En.. Arthur Delma Dyess, USN, LLB ' 42 Cpl. Evan Frank English, USMC. ' 38 (Killed) Wilson P. Deutsch. USA. BS ' 42 William Edgeworth Dougherty. BS ' 36 E Pvt. WMMam ' KmWy ' Y- ' ngli,h, ' AA ' L Lt. (jg) Charles Klingman Dev.ll, Jr., USN. Lt. Frances Emile Doughty. USMC. ' 42 Lt. Martin C. Enquist, Jr., AAF BJ ' 30 Lt. James Moses Doughty. AAF. LLB ' 38 Capt. Eric Eades, USA, LLB ' 37 Lt. (jg) Joseph Entzminger. USN, LLB ' 36 Lt. John N. Dever, AAF. BA ' 37 Lt. Col. Walter Carroll Doughty. AAF. ' 23 Ens. Robert Howard Eades, USN, BFA ' 41 James Layton Eppler, BS ' 43 Alex Joseph Devillier, ' 42 Bruce Douglas, ' 42 George Bolton Eagle, ' 42 Lt. Ernest Clingmon Eaker. USA, ' 37 Lt. Ned Oliver Epps, AAF, ' 37 Edgar Boughton Erard, ' 36 Ens. Hugh Arlan DeVoss. CSN. BBA ' 42 Kns. Louis Steven DeVries, USN, ' 39 Henrv Leonard Douglas. ' 38 C S Howard Clay Douglas. USN, ' 41 Cpl. Charles Thoma. Karl,-. USA. BS ' 41 Capt. John Marvin Ericson. AAF. LLB ' 31 Joe Knoblauch Dew. ' 40 Lt. LaRheu Jackson Douglas. USA, BJ ' 39 Lt. Allen Early, Jr., USA, MA ' 42 Lt. Austin Nelson Erwin, AAF, ' 36 Pvt. Dwight Deering DcWard. USA, ' 40 Leon S. Douglas. USA. ' 38 Herman Earlywine, ' 38 Lt. Eldon Eugene Erwin. AAF, ' 42 Col. William Curtis DeWare, USA, BA ' 17 Ottie Paul Douglas. MEd ' 38 William Harvey Earncy, ' 42 A C Frank C. Erwin, USN, ' 42 S Sgt. Brownrigg Hefferron Dewey, Jr., USA, Capt, R. C. Douglas, USA, PhD ' 38 John Harold Gilmer Eason, Jr., USA, ' 43 Robert Edison Erwin, AAF, ' 39 LLB ' 41 Ens. Thomas Clinton Douglas, Jr., USN, Sgt. James Hardin Easterwood, AAF, ' 40 Capt. William Franklin Erwin. Jr., AAF. ' 40 Pvt. Charles Bobbins DeWitt. USA, ' 42 BS ' 43 Capt. Clarence Stacey Eastham, USA, Lt. William Lindscy Erwin. USA. BJ ' 36 Capt. David Henry Dewhurst, Jr., AAF. Lt Thomas Earl Douglass. USN, BS ' 41 LLB ' 29 Lt. A. C. Eschberger, AAF BA ' 40 En ' s. Frank Lipper Dover. CSN. BBA 44 Pvt. Benjamin Paige Eastland, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Lamar Eschberger. AAF, ' 40 Gill Hudson DeWitt, ' 34 Glenn Alexander Dow AAF, ' 43 Lt. Orvillc Newell Eastland. AAF. ' 42 A C Walter Hardin Escue. AAE. ' 42 Pvt. John Robert DeWitt, AAF, ' 42 Maj. Wendell Sumrall Dow. USA. MD ' 26 Ens. Seaborn Eastland. USN, BBA ' 43 S Sgt. Doren Robert Eskew, AAF. ' 41 Ens. Charles G. Dibrell, Jr.. USN, LLB ' 36 Pvt Julian Bryan Downev. USA, ' 43 Lt. John Parker Eaton. AAF. BA ' 39 Lt. Alfredo Julian Espinosa, AAF, BS ' 41 James Wendell Dibrell, USN, BA ' 38 1 st Lt. Edward Roessler Downie, AAF, ' 39 August Henry Ebcrle, ' 42 Mila Elizabeth Estep. ' 42 Marvin Lillard Dibrell. AAF, ' 42 William E. Ebert. Jr., USMC. ' 43 Lt. Leroy Estcrak, USMC, BS ' 43 Lt. Samuel Brown Dickens. AAF, ' 37 Lt (jg) j ' oe Kewlev Downing. USN. LLB ' 40 Lt. Robert Eirman Erhlin. AAF, BBA ' 42 Lt. Amos Charncr Ester, AAF, ' 42 Capt. John Edwin Dickenson. AAF, BBA ' 40 Lt. James Albert Dickie, USA, ' 42 Capt. John C. Dickson, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Lewis Dickson, USA, ' 31 Lt. Erich Collings Downs. AAF. ' 41 Maj. Charles Thomas Dozier. USA. ' 38 Lt. Elton B. Dozier. AAF. ' 39 Lt. Sidney Schaper Draeger, USA, MA ' 35 Lt. Pat Owen Eckels. AAF, ' 39 I.t. Richard Wagner Eckels. AAF, ' 43 Lt. Robert E. Eckels. AAF, ' 42 Cpl. William Ascher Eckert, USA, ' 41 Capt. Jack M. Estes, AAF. BA ' 26 I ' M. J,-an Frank K-l,--. USMC. ' 43 Capt. Robert Orr Estes, USA, BS ' 35 Phifer Ora Estlack, BA ' 35 Lt. Thomas Inches Dickson, USMC, BA ' 43 Pvt. William Joseph Dickson, USA. ' 43 Clarence William Diebel, BS ' 40 Lt. Brice Coulter Diedrick. AAF. ' 42 Dixie Lee Diefenderfer, C.N. ' 34 Ph.M. Frederick Herman Diercks, USN, ' 42 Edward Junius Drake, AAF, ' 43 Lt. James T. Drake. USA, ' 39 (Killed) Lt. John Wilkes Drake. AAF, ' 43 A C Miller Draughon. AAF. ' 41 (Killed) W. 0. Miles Benton Drawhorn. AAF, ' 39 Wallace Earl Dreyer, USA. ' 43 John Link Eckhardt, ' 41 Maj. Richard Howard Eckhardt, USA, MD ' 31 Hoyt Lawrence Eckol., ' 42 S Sgt. Hugh Eckols. USA. BA ' 41 Lt. Byron George Economidy, USA, LLB ' 32 Pvt. Charles Joseph Estrada. USA, ' 43 Bernard Joseph Esunas, AAF, ' 36 Ens. Howard Clark Etheridge. USCG, BA ' 34 Lawrence Edward Etheridge, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Pvt. Obie Leonard Etheridge, USA ' 42 I.t. (jg) Paul E. Eubank, USN, BA ' 42 Lt. William Dietel, Jr., AAF, ' 40 Lt. Charles Amos Drew. USA. ' 39 Lt. Richard E. Eddleman. USA, ' 42 (Killed) (Missing) Lt. Clifton Bryon Drinkard, USA, MA ' 39 En.,. Edward Clyde Edcns, Jr., USN, Alfred Druce Evans, AAF, ' 38 Lt. Philipp George Dieter, Jr., AAF, BS ' 41 Capt. Charles B. Dildy, USA, ' 31 Albert William Dillard, Jr., AAF, ' 43 William Earl Driskill, USA. ' 40 Jay Howard Driver, A AF, ' 28 1st Lt. Charles F. Drury. USA. BBA ' 38 MBA ' 37 Pvt. Hugh Banister Eden,. Jr., USMC, ' 43 Lt. (jg) Charles Hudson Edge, USN, Lt. Charles Samuel Evans, AAF, ' 40 Pvt. David H. Evans, USA, ' 42 Cpl. George Washington Evans, Jr., USMC, Emmett Carl Dillard, AAF. ' 43 Pvt. DeWitt Clinton Drury. Jr.. AAF, ' 43 BBA ' 29 ' 42 Roy Earl Dillard, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Lon Ransom Drushel, AAF, ' 42 Pvt. Manuel James Edling. AAF, ' 40 Sgt. George Wilbur Evans, AAF. BA ' 35 S Sgt. Tructt Olson Dillard, AAF, ' 37 Donovan D ' Spain, Flight Instructor, ' 39 Lt. Lester Loyd Edmonds, Jr., AAF. ' 42 1 I Her.chel Daniel Evans, USA, ' 40 Walter Branham Dillard, III. ' 42 (Killed) I.t. David Wright Edmunds, AAF. BA ' 40 (Missing) A C Clifford Brien Dillin. USN. BBA ' 43 Capt Jeise James Duckett USMC. LLB ' 38 Ens. Raymond Swe .ey Edmunds, Jr., USN, lum A. Evans. Jr., ' 36 Capt. Collett Dilworth, USA, ' 29 Dean Priest Dimmitt, BS ' 38 Howard Rush Dudgeon. USA. MD ' 35 Arthur Ray Dudley, AAF. ' 43 BA ' 44 Benjamin Franklin Edwards. Jr.. AAF, ' 43 Capt. John Billy Evans, AAF. BS ' 40 Sgt. John Stafford Evans, USA, ' 40 Capt, Jack Ewing Dingle. AAF, ' 39 Lt. Carter Greer Dudley. USA. BA ' 40 James Slayden Edwards, ' 34 Capt. Leland Sparks Evans, AAF, MD ' 33 Ens. L. L. Dinkins, USN, MA ' 39 Lt. Wallace Leonard Dinn, AAF (Killed) Lt. (jg) Cecil Everett Dudley, Jr., USN, ' 41 Jim M Dudley USA ' 43 Rebecca Edwards, WASP Ens. Thomas Francis Edwards, USN. BBA ' 40 Sgt. M. Dale Evans. AAF, BBA ' 42 Lt. Michael Louis Evans, AAF, ' 41 John Putman Dinsmore, USA, LLB ' 08 Lt. Col. Frederick M. Duer. USA. LLB ' 07 Ens. Woodrow Harvey Edwards, USN, Lt Morgan Etheredge Evans, USA, MA ' 40 Ballard Alvin Dinwiddie, III, ' 42 A C Henry Lee Duer. AAF, ' 42 LLB ' 40 Stewart Beckley Evans, USA, BBA ' 41 Wallace Eugene Dion. AAF. ' 43 John Marion Dirks, USA, ' 43 Sgt. William John Disch. Jr., AAF, ' 33 Lt. (jg) Robert Morris Disque, USN, ' 40 Lt. Ben Cochran Duffie. AAF, ' 40 Cmdr. Le Roy Bates Duggan. USN. MD ' 28 Capt Charles Wayne Duke, Jr.. AAF, LLB ' 31 Lt. John Thomas Egan. Jr., AAF, 41 Sgt. Edward Joseph Egozcue, USA. BS ' 42 Capt. Emmett Amerg Ehlers, USA, ' 39 Lt. (jg) Kraft Warner Eidman, USN, SK 3 c Travis Clay Evans, USN, BBA ' 40 S Sgt. T. Z. Evans, USA, ' 40 Lt Vernon Taylor Evans, Jr., AAF, BS ' 38 Sgt. Wilbur Eldred Evans, AAF, BA ' 35 Marguerite Kate Dittman, SPAR, BA ' 37 Pfc. Clifford D. Duke. USMC, ' 42 LLB ' 35 Capt. William Hiram Evans, AAF, LLB ' 29 Ens. Arthur Carl Dittmar, USN, BA ' 40 John Howard Dittmar, ' 35 Ens. Christian James Dixie, USN, LLB ' 36 Pvt. John Wilburn Dixon. USA, ' 43 Charles Holt Dobbs, USA, ' 18 S Sgt. Richard Lee Dobie, Jr., USA, Lt. Col. Jack Edward Duke. Jr., AAF, ' 17 Mack Simpson Duke. USN. ' 40 Brig. Gen. Walter Alexander Dumas, USA, ' 17 Lt. William Richard Dumke. AAF, ' 42 Ens. Vida Hall Dunbar. WAVES, MA ' 41 Pfc. Jack Leigh Eidson, USA, BA ' 43 Sgt. Joe Harvey Eidson, USA, LLB ' 41 Lt. Gus Kearney Eifier. AAF, MA ' 30 Lt. Cmdr. Robe ' rt Eikel. Jr.. USN. LLB ' 31 William Filers, Jr., M. Ed. ' 41 Lt. Joe Davidson Eisenbcrg, USA, BBA ' 41 En.. William Edward Everett, USN, ' 43 Wendell Emerson Evers, ' 42 James Gene Ewbank, BS ' 40 Lt. Billy Jack Ewing, USMC, ' 42 Fred Dee Ewing, BJ ' 40 Thomas Jefferson Ewing. Jr., ' 38 LLB ' 40 Bonnie Fred Duncan, USA, BS ' 42 Ens. William Andrew Eklund, USN, ' 44 Capt. Lonnie Bryan Ezell, AAF, EdD ' 37 Robert Egan Dobkins, BS ' 41 Lt. David Robert Dochen, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Hal Bowie Duncan. Jr.. USA, ' 30 Pvt. John Kirk Duncan. USA. ' 43 Kns! Carl I)v, r Elder. CSN, BA ' 43 Lt James Allen Elder, AAF, ' 37 F Frederick Welborne Dodd, ' 40 Ens. Howard Dodd, Jr.. USN. BBA ' 38 Maj. Edward A. Dodson, AAF, MA ' 38 John Roberts Duncan, USA. ' 41 Capt. Joseph Dawson Duncan, USA, ' 31 William Seth Duncan, AAF, ' 41 William Handle EUlridge. AAF. ' 43 Ens. Gilbert Elizondo, USN, ' 44 Lt A. B. Elkins. Jr.. AAF. ' 39 Lt. Arthur Leopold Faber. USN. ' 10 Ens. Noal Earl Fagan, USN, BS ' 41 Ens. Sweeney Jamison Doehring. USN, Lt. William Clark Duncum. AAF. ' 40 Capt. Campbell llili ' Elkin ' s. AAF, LLB ' 37 George Fagerquist, AAF, ' 43 LLB ' 38 Lt Melvin Bany Dunham, AAF, ' 39 Milton Harold Fahrenthold, ' 41 Oscar T. Doell, AAF, ' 41 Pvt. Charles R. Doherty. USA. ' 42 Pvt. Wilfred Lansing Doherty, USMC. ' 42 ' (Missing) Walter Dunham, USA. BA ' 42 Lt. Waldo Christel Henry Dunk, USN, Lt! Raymond Philips El ' ledge. ' AAF, ' 41 Pfc. Emmett Daniell Ellett. USMC, ' 40 M Sgt. Cuss Louis Elley. USA, MBA ' 40 Lt. Harold Barber Fain, USA, BA ' 37 Lt. Robert Sneed Fain, AAF, ' 40 Capt. Cameron Douglas Fairchild, AAF, ' 24 Lt. (jg) Alfred Peyton Dohoncy, USN, LLB ' 39 Capt. Willard Eugene Dollahon, AAF, MBA ' 35 W. 0. Ralph Alan Dunkelberg, AAF, LLB ' 42 Capt. Jack Ellingson, USA, 38 A S Ben Lang Ellington. USN, ' 43 Claude Elliott, PhD ' 34 Pu " August Falk, AAF, ' ' 21 Sgt. Rov Fred Fallis, Jr., AAF, ' 42 H. Koix-rt ( ' lair Kallon. CSMC, ' 41 Ens. Jack Covell Dolph. USN, BJ ' 41 Lt. (jg) Max Theodore Dolson, USN, Ens. Caswell Lanier Dunlap, USN, BBA ' 39 WT 2 c James Howard Dunlap, USN, ' 41 Lt. Col. Frank Lowry Dunn, AAF. ' 38 Sgt. David G. Elliott, USA, ' 41 Pvt. Donald Ancil Elliott, USA. ' 43 Lt. Jack David Elliott, AAF, ' 43 Sue ' Falvey, WAC, ' 23 Don Preston Fambrough, AAF. ' 43 BBA ' 36 SK 2 c Wilfred Weston Domaschk, USN, Lt. Jack Dunn, AAF, ' 43 Jack Henry Dunn, USA, ' 43 Capt. Lloyd Elmer Elliott. USA, LLB ' 21 Pvt. Lloyd Kenyon Elliott. USA, ' 43 siTs c ' williarn Lloyd ' Fanning, USN, BBA ' 41 Capt. Archie G. Donahue, USMC, ' 40 A C James D. Dunn, AAF, ' 42 James Luther Dunn, Jr., ' 37 1st Lt. Loran (Tex) Lajoie Elliott, USA, LLB ' 40 Lt. Knox McFall Fant, AAF, BBA ' 39 Lt. David Howard Donaldson, USMC, ' 42 Lt. Thomas Hampson Donaldson, AAF, ' 40 A C David Sutherland Donaldson, AAF, ' 43 Lt. McKay Donkin. USN 37 A C Albert L. Donnell. AAF, ' 43 Ens. Earl Roe Donnell, Jr., USN, BS ' 39 (Killed) Sgt. Elmer Franklin Donnell, USA. ' 40 Lt. Laurel Newton Dunn, AAF, LLB ' 35 Pfc. Robert Walker Dunn. USA. BA ' 42 Sgt. Ray Sylvan Dunn, AAF, ' 42 Ens. Sessum Alton Dunn. USN, BBA ' 41 A C Wiley Mitchell Dunn, AAF, ' 41 (Killed) Ens. Thomas Eugene Dunnam, USN, ' 42 Lt. Howard Lee Dunning, USA, ' 40 Paul M. Elliott. Jr., ' 40 Cpl. Ross Liles Elliott. AAF, LLB ' 40 Pvt. William Clyde Elliott, USMC, ' 43 Lt. William Marion Elliott. AAF, ' 42 Cpl. Charles Mills Ellis. USA. ' 34 (Killed) A S George Saba Ellis, USN. BA ' 44 Capt. James G. Ellis. AAF, ' 39 Lt. Thomas Ballard Ellison, USN, BBA ' 38 Lt. David Farb. USA, ' 42 I.t. (jg) Ann!,- Karek. WAVES, MA ' 32 Lt. Alfred Joseph Farias, AAF, ' 42 Pfr. Frank Perry Faris, AAF. ' 33 Sgt. William Hill Faris. AAF, ' 31 Pvt. Robert Farley. USMC, ' 43 James Burton Farmer. Jr.. ' 32 Guy Renfro Donnell, MA ' 40 A C George Arthur Donnelly. AAF, BS ' 40 Cpl. Joe Henry Donnelly, USA, ' 36 Lt. Charles Porter Donoho, USA, BA ' 38 Capt. William Michael Donohue, Jr., USA, Edgar Frank Dunton, AAF. ' 43 Lt. Erwin Isaac DuPre, USA, BBA ' 35 Ens. Moultrie Lee Durban, USN, BBA ' 39 Lt. Brice Pete Durham, AAF, ' 42 A C Clarence Orson Durham, Jr., AAF, A S Alvis S. Ellisor, USN Madison Parker Ellzey. USA, ' 42 Ivan Colgate Elmer. USN, ' 43 Lt. John Archer Elmore. AAF, ' 38 Lt. John Rugely Elmore, Jr.. AAF, ' 39 I.t. illi.nnV Y ' ai.|uhar, USA . ' 42 Ens. William Hunter Farrar, USN. BA ' 41 Lt. Hansford Lee Farris, Jr.. AAF, ' 42 Lt. (jg) E. J. Faseler, Jr., USN, BS ' 42 Creekmore West Fath, USA, ' 38 MD ' 35 BS ' 42 A S Jesse J. Elshick. USMM. ' 38 (Killed) A C Carlos Bradford Faubion, AAF, ' 38 Lt. Samuel Donosky, USA. ' 34 Jake Webber Durham, ' 35 Lt. Harry Howard Elwell, AAF, ' 40 1st Lt. Richard Donovan, Jr., AAF, BBA ' 42 William Donovan, USA Ens. John Rumsey Doole, USN, BBA ' 44 Joe Brannon Dooley, AAF, BS ' 42 (Killed) Marion Franklin Dooley, BS ' 40 1st Lt. Melvin B. Durham, AAF, ' 39 (Missing) Capt. Sam Durham, USA, BS ' 30 1st Lt. Travis Russell Durham. USA, BS ' 42 Pvt. Walter Durham. USA. BA ' 42 P O Norman O. Elwell, RCAF. ' 39 (Killed) Cpl. Walter Raleigh Ely, Jr., USMC, LLB ' 35 Lt. Col. Elisha Davant Embree, AAF, MD ' 26 Kns. David Rhode. Emhrv. USN, ' 43 Lt. Cndy Fiublom Jr., AAF, ' 42 Walter David Faubion, Jr., ' 41 Tine Stirman Faulk, USA. ' 42 Capt. Andrew Davis Faulkner, AAF, BBA ' 23 Ens. Wilcox Stimson Doolittle, USN, BA ' 37 A C William Paul Durnal, USN, BJ ' 39 Lt. (jg) Cover Connor Emerson. USN, ' 34 Ens. Owen William Fauntleroy, Jr., USN, ' 44 Harry Gordon Doran, ' 38 Capt. Leon H. Durst, USA, ' 13 Lt. Louis Richard Emerson, AAF, ' 41 A C Guy Fontaine Fausset, AAF, BJ ' 42 Lt. Col. James Christian Dorbandt, USA, Lt. James Albert Dusenbury, AAF, ' 40 Rex Johnson Emerson, ' 35 Lt. Dudley Ervin Faver, AAF, ' 40 LLB ' 31 Pvt. Ernest David Dorchester, AAF, ' 43 Robert Edward Dorough, ' 41 Lt. Curley Pharr Duson. Jr., USA, BBA ' 42 Weldon Eugene Duty. AAF, ' 43 Pvt. Stewart Easton Duval, USA, ' 41 Roy Lee Emken, BBA ' 39 S Sgt. Dan Everett Emmons, ' 29 Lt. Percy Hewett Emmott, AAF, ' 40 Lt. (jg) Richard W : ynne Feagin. USN, ' 42 Cmdr. Thaddeus Alvin Fears. USN, ' 16 Charles Henry Featherston, USN. ' 43 Lt. Clarence Edward Dorsey, AAF. ' 39 Pfc. Roy Peebles Dwyer, AAF, ' 39 Lt. Donald Wayne Emslie, USA, BBA ' 41 William Glenn Featherston, ' 37 Lt. John Wesley Dorsey, USA, BS ' 42 William Francis Dwyer, USA, ' 43 (Killed) S Sgt. Jack Feder. AAF, LLB ' 42 Lt. Laurence Jerome Dorsey, AAF, BS ' 39 Lt. Durwood H. Dyrhe, AAF, MA ' 43 Lt. Max Endel, AAF, ' 42 Pvt. Jacob W. Feigenbaum. USA, LLB ' 33 Ens. Noble Webster Doss, USN, BS ' 42 Lt. (jg) W. E. Dyche, Jr., USN Lt. Albert Van Endress, AAF. BS ' 31 A S Zack Lamar Felder, USCG, ' 40 Pvt. Andrew Jackson Dossett, USN, ' 43 Lt. Col. Frederick Mohl Dyer, USA. LLB ' 07 Lt. Glenn Harold Engbrock, AAF, BS ' 43 Lt. Max Levin,- Feldman. USA, ' 42 Lt. Roy Conoly Dossey, AAF, BS ' 41 Lt. Irby Lloyd Dyer. AAF, ' 40 Lt. Gus Augu-t F.nseling. AAF. ' 41 Robert Pattison Felgar, USN, BS ' 42 Pvt. Edward Gordon Dotv. USA, ' 44 Ens. James Dillard Dyer, Jr., USN, BBA ' 44 Louis Benno Engelke, USA, BJ ' 41 Lt. Tom Herne Felker, AAF, ' 43 A S George Minton Dougherty, USN, ' 43 Capt. William A. Dyer, BA ' 30 Ens. Francis Madison Engle, USN, BA ' 41 David Samuel Felsenthal. ' 37 (Missing) June Mario Felt., AAF. ' 43 Lt. John T. Felt . Jr.. USMC. ' 42 (Missing) Frederick Cummins Felty. USA, ' 33 Sft. Joe Graham Fender, USA, LLB ' 37 . F: - - : i Edwin Hear? Fenner. " 42 U. James H Fenner, Jr.. AAF, ' 40 Prt. Bill O. Ferguson, USMC. ' 43 U. Charlie Vernon Ferguson. USA, ' 38 T Sgt. Elver Ferguson. AAF. BBA ' 39 EM. George Oliver Ferguson, Jr.. USX. Tolbert Prt. Wil Lt. Edward Ferrell. AAF. ' 42 A C Oran Lother Ferrell. Jr.. AAF. ' 43 William Vincent Ferrell. USX. - 42 A C Martin Joseph Ferrick, Jr.. USX. ' 42 (Killed) U. Alexander A. Ferris, AAF, ' 38 Cpl. Theodore C. Ferris. AAF. ' 38 Pfc. Dan H. Fertsch. USA. BA ' 41 Richard Harla. Feuille. USA. " 42 C. Ficbtenbaum, AAF. ' 43 U Clemen Arthur Fiedler. AAF, ' 40 Sp. 3 c Charles Fields. USX. " 41 Field. USX, -41 Prt. Jackie H. Field. USMC, ' 43 .-ton FielJ. USX. LLB ' 40 Lt. Talbot Field. Jr.. USX. ' 35 Prt. Robert (Hear Field . USA. ' 42 SIX -37 Lt. Harry Fifer. Jr.. USMC. LLB ' 41 Rollin Slosein Fillmore. BA ' 40 Albert Bluford Racher. Jr.. AAF. ' 43 Sgt. Marion Henry Finck, USA. BS ' 42 Lt. Hugh Cordon Findlay. USX. ' 42 Lt. M. Butler Findliy. AAF. ' 43 Richard Janet Findlay. ' 41 . n B. Fine. USA, MD ' 37 Pvt. Paul RnkeUtein. USA. BBA ' 40 Prt. Ralph James Rnklea. Jr.. USA. ' 43 Finks. USA. ' IT Charles Robot Rnlayson. AAF. ' 43 CPO Elmer Walter Finley. USX. BS " 40 U. Robert Franklin Finley. AAF. ' 42 McCollom Finley. AAF, BS ' 41 John Leslie Fioucane. BA ' 41 Eas. Egbert Daniel Rscher. USX, MA ' 33 Prt. H. J Fischer. USMC, ' 42 PhM 2 c Jack Charles Fischer. USX. ' 40 Lt. John Joseph Fischer. USMC, " 42 Duehan Fischer. USA. BS ' 42 EM. Robert Russell Fischer. USX, BS " 42 Fischer. AAF. ' 43 Prt. Stewart Clarence Fischer. USA, ' 43 Lt. Clarence J. Rsher. AAF. ' 42 (Missing) Lt. Dunbar Allen Fisher. USX. BS ' 33 Harvard Leslie Rsher. BS ' 40 EM. James Herschel Rsher. USX. ' 36 Lt. James V. Fisher. AAF, ' 43 Pfc. Leo Sherman Fish -r. USA. ' 41 EM. Richard Walter Fisher. USX. LLB ' 41 Lt. Samuel Rhoads Fisher. USX. LLB ' 29 -her, USA, ' 26 (Prisoner) Lt. William Pilcher Rich. AAF, BA ' 40 Leonard Albert File. ' 40 Ll. Herman Andrew Fills. AAF, LLB ' 42 Lt. Ralph Downing Rtzgerald. USMC. ' 42 William Oliver Rtzgerald. AAF. " 37 Lt. Lester Xevton Fitzhngh, USA. ' 38 Lt. William Xe.le Firzhugh, AAF. BBA " 38 William Firmer. USA. BJ " 43 Lt. Joe Lee Fitzsimmoos. AAF. " 37 Ens. Joe Fenley Flack. USX. BBA ' 43 SN. - 44 Pfc. Terrence Paul Flahive. USA. LLB ' 41 Ll ] , Sgt. Wallace Hsll FUtt. USA. ' 35 Ens. Tommie Ray Fleeman, USX. - 41 Joseph Peter Fleet. ' 41 Ens. Benton Scott Fleming. USX. ' 44 Prt. Donald Charles Fleming. I S Ll. Edward Stephen Fleming. USN. " 28 Cpl. Joe Berryman Fleming, AAF, ' 42 Prt. Kennard Palmore Fleming. AAF. ' 40 Ens. Walton Clem Fleming. USX. BBA ' 43 Lt. Clovis Freeman Fletcher. AAF. ' 40 Lt. Henry Turney Fletcher, Jr.. USA. BA ' 37 Po. James William Fletcher, Jr., USMC. ' 43 Waldo Brown Fletcher. ' 3S rl Flewellen. AAF, ' 43 Ens. William Flock. USX. LLB ' 38 Lt. David Floeter. AAF. - 41 Ignacio Deciderio Floret, Jr., BS ' 39 Ens. Thomas Roy Flournoy. USX. ' 40 Lt. James McAfee Floyd, USN. ' 26 Lt. Morris Lee Floyd. AAF. ' 41 (Prisoner) Lt. Glenn Earl Fltiker, AAF. MA ' 40 Jr., ' 42 - Ens. William Stoner Fly, USX, LLB ' 42 Lt. Michael Edward Flynn, USMC, ' 43 Otis Patten Flynt. MD ' 27 U. James Dubose Folbre. USA, BBA ' 33 Lt. Sydney Glen Fondaw, USA. ' 38 U. Joe Reeder Foot. AAF. ' 11 Lt. (jgl Alfred A. Foote. USX. ' 40 (missing) Cpl. George Wilson Foote. AAF, BBA " 43 Joe Reeder Foote. " 41 Lt. Charles Alexander Forbes. USX. -28 Lt, (jg) James Walter Forbis. PhM One Lester Forbis. USX. ' 12 Lt. Paul Forehheiroer, AAF. ' 37 A S Charles Wade Ford. USX. ' 33 M Sgt. Eugene Ford. AAF. BBA - 3S Capt. Hamilton Faith Ford. AAF, MD " 31 EM. Harry Harrison Ford. USX. " 38 (Killed) Ens. James Dudley Ford. USX. BS ' 42 Lt. (jg) John Clavin Ford. USX. LLB ' 4 Lt. John Wesley Ford. USA, LLB ' 38 Prt. Jon Charles Ford. AAF. BJ ' 42 Robert Emmctt Ford. BJ ' 38 Capt. William Everett Ford. USMC. " 33 CY H. Keith Foreman. USX. BA ' 34 Lt. Herbert Crayson Forgason, Jr.. AAF. Lt. Charles Matthew Forney. AAF. ' 40 Pfc. Rsher Lloyd Forrest. AAF. ' 42 Maj. Roy Winfred Forrest. AAF, ' 35 Lt. John Malcolm Foreman. Jr.. AAF. MA ' 34 Homer Thomas Fort. USA. BJ ' 41 Lt. Tomlinson Pershing Fort. USA. BS ' 42 A C James Edwin Fortson. USN. BA ' 43 Prt. Irvin Fortune, USA. ' Raymond Lee Fortune, AAF. ' 43 Lt. (jg) Clinton James Foshee. USX. " 36 S Sgt. Andrew Martin Fossler, USA. LLB ' 37 Sgt. Lawrence William Fossler. USA. ' 37 Lt. Billy T. Foster. AAF. ' 41 Lt. Charles H. Foster, AAF. ' 43 George Womack Foster. AAF. ' 41 ( Lt. (jg) Jack Coi Foster. USX. BJ Cpl. Jesse Greene Foster. AAF. ' 36 Lt. Joe Drahn Foster, AAF, MED ' 36 USA. ' 38 rson Foster. ' 28 A S Lloyd Vance Faster. USX. BBA ' 41 Cpl. Randolph Xelson Foster. Jr.. USA. Ver. V. Foster. WAVES. BA ' 42 A C Wilburn Thomas Foster. AAF ' 36 Cpl. Frank C. Fonrmy. AAF. LLB " 40 Cpl. Waller Foust. AAF. ' 25 Lt. James Ward Fouls. USX. LLB ' 41 (Killed) Ens. John Martin Fonts. USX. MA ' 39 Lt. Leslie Earnest Fowler, USA. BA ' 41 Philip Fowler. BBA ' 38 Lt. Robert Allen Fowler. AAF. ' 40 A C Walter Melville Fowler. AAF, ' 41 Prt. Hewitt Foi, USA, ' 43 Lt. Jack Francis Foi. USA. MD ' 42 Prt. James Edgar Foi, AAF. " 43 Lt. Louis Nelson Foi, AAF. ' 30 Lt. Wilson Harold Foi. USX. LLB ' 31 Lt. Lewi, Lyles Foihall. AAF, ' 40 Edward Lysaght Francis. USA. LLB ' 41 Lt. Loran Tom Francis. AAF. " 40 Lt. William Howard Francis, Jr.. USA. LLB ' 38 Lt. David Antonio Frank. Jr., USX. BA ' 36 EM. Edwin Henry Frank. Jr.. USX. BBA " 41 Prt. Leonard Abraham Frank. AAF. BBA ' 36 Patrick James Frank, -27 Samuel Boone Frank, ' 27 Capt. Simon Moritz Frank. USA. LLB ' 36 A C Byron Woodward Franklin. USX. " 41 PO 2 c Robert Bryan Franklin. USX. 42 Ph.M. 3 c Rose Mary Franklin. WAVES. BA ' 42 Pfc. Sol Franklin. Jr.. AAF. ' 43 Lt. Walter Alan Franklin. Jr., USMC. - 41 (Killed) A C Walter DeWitt Franklin. AAF. ' 42 Maj. Joe X wton Frazar. USA. BA ' 40 Lt, Charles Clifford Frazee, Jr., USA. ' 41 Alan R. Frazer, USA Lt. Ed J. Frazer. AAF. ' 41 James Stephen Frazier. USA. ' 30 Lt. Edward Bernard Fred, AAF. BA - 39 Gilford Fred. USA, ' EM. Ralph Edward Frede, USX. BJ ' 43 A C Robert O. Frederick, AAF, BJ ' 39 Benjamin Solomon Freed. ' 41 John Richard Freel.nd. USN. BA ' 43 Freels. USX. A C Albert Virgil Freeman, Jr.. AAF. ' 41 Charles Spencer Freeman. ' 39 AAF. -37 F, BS " 42 James Clifford Freeman. USA. BS ' 43 Lt. Julian Edwin Freeman. USA. LLB ' 41 Lt. Ray Kirk Freeman. AAF, ' 38 EM. Macon Wilson Freeman, Jr.. USX. ' 44 Sgt. Jack Elmo French, AAF. " 40 SK 1 c Sim. Darton French, USX. BBA ' 35 Vernon Myers French, ' 42 Carl Rudolph Freund. USA. BJ ' 44 Ens. Jerry Burke Frey. USX, BA " 42 John Ernest Friberg. ' 36 Lt. John Noble Friedel, AAF, ' 40 Ens- Harold Coodstein Friedlander. USX. MS -35 Ens. Silas Friedlander. Jr.. USX. BBA ' 41 Albert Friedman. USX. BBA ' 42 U. Harry Bernard Friedman. USA. LLB ' 42 Lt, (jg) Clabome Lareese Friou, USN. BBA ' 40 Pvt. John Henry Fritz, AAF. BBA ' 42 Lt. Lester Waite Fritz. Jr., USA. ' 38 Lt. William Francis Fritz. USA. MA ' 38 Lt. Cyrus Burleson Frost, Jr., USA. BBA - 42 Lt, Jack Frost. II. AAF. BS ' 41 Sgt. Louis Reshin Frumer, USA, LLB ' 39 Cpl. Edward Irad Fry. AAF. ' 43 Morris Fry, ' ft Mark Victor Fuchs. USA, ' 33 Carl Andrew Fuess. Jr., BA ' 40 Ens. Ralph Edward Fuge. USX. ' 44 Joe Manebell Fmgitt. 41 Lt. (jg) Carl Fuhrman, USX. BBA ' 33 A C Lawson William Fulbright. USX. 42 Jack Morris Fulkerson, ' 42 Maj. Crady Carlyle Fuller, USA, BS ' 20 Lt. Grant A. Fuller. AAF. ' 43 Col. Hurley Edward Fuller. USA. ' ! Capt. Roy Lallier Fuller, AAF, BS ' 39 Lt. Paul Ray Fullerton, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Raymon Dawkin Fullenon. Jr.. USA. BBA ' 42 Ens, Sterling Robertson Fulmore. Jr.. USX. BA ' 43 Lt Dyer Fulton. AAF. ' 41 (Killed) Lt. BJ J. Fulwiler, AAF. LLB ' 31 Lt. Herbert B. Funk. AAF. " 42 A C Clyde McCollough Fauna. AAF. ' 42 Ens. Claude Raymond Fuquay. I SX. BBA ' 41 S 2 c Freda Furman, WAVES. ' 38 Capt. Madison Aaron Furrh. USA. ' 31 Ens. Jesse Aubrey Fussell. USX. BS ' 37 Cpl. Dean Curtis Fussell, AAF. ' 42 Lt. Hubert Coy Gage. AAF, BBA Lt. Mortimer G er. Jr., AAF, ' 40 (Killed) USA. BBA ' 40 Lt. Doyle Harris Gaither. USA, ' 41 Lt. Harold Lloyd Gaitber. USA, BA ' 41 Lt. Morris Galatzaa. USA, BA ' 34 Ens- Edwin Morris Gale. USX. ' 44 1st Lt. Rial Gallagher. Jr.. AAF. BA ' 41 Lt. Caesar Joseph C.Hi, AAF, ' 42 Jay Robert Callia. ' 41 Lt. Xorris Wearer Galloway, AAF, ' 43 A S Sybil Gallup. USX, ' 41 A C John Leland Gait. AAF. BS ' 43 Lt. Hal Bradford Gamble. AAF. ' 41 James Walter Camblin. BS ' 40 Lt. William Mooney Cambrell. Jr.. AAF, - 42 (Missing) Lt. Col. Jay Franchel Camel. AAF. MD ' 31 Lt Earl William Cammage. AAF. ' 30 Capt. Troupe Earnest Cammage, Jr.. USA. LLB ' 39 David Cordon Gannaway. AAF. ' 43 A C James L. Gannaway. Jr.. AAF, ' 39 Ens. Clair H. Cannon. USX. - 43 Pfc. Frederif ' Gilbough Cannon. USA. BBA ' 43 Jack Allen Cant. BA ' 42 Alberto Enrique Garcia. ' 42 S Sgt. Dionisio Ramirez Garcia. USA. BS ' 40 Lt. Edward Alfonso Garcia. AAF. ' 41 Gus Charles Garcia. USA. LLB ' 37 A S Joe Isabel Garcia. Jr.. USX. BA - 41 John Albert Garcia. BA ' 38 Cpl. Manuel Xicanor Garcia. USA. ' 42 U. Maria E. Garcia. AAF. ' 35 A C Edward O ' Meara Gardner. AAF. BA ' 42 1st Lt. Frank Johnson Gardner. USA. PhD ' 42 Lt. Fred T. Gardner, AAF. " 42 Lt. Irvin Bassist Gardner. AAF. ' 32 Meredith Knoi Gardner. USA. MA ' 35 Lt. Richard Coleman Gardner, AAF. ' 42 A C Robert Alfred Gardner. AAF. ' 43 Lt. Robert Allen Gardner. USX. MD ' 38 Ens. Stephen Partridge Gardner. Jr.. USX. BS ' 40 Wade Willie Gardner. ' 41 Lt. William B. Gardner. AAF, ' 42 Lt. William Henry Gardner. AAF. ' 28 Cpl. Winston Franklin Gardner. USA. BJ - 37 Irving Leon Carfinkle, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Elmer Lee Garison. AAF, ' 39 Allen Leslie Gamer. ' 38 Pvt. Clavton Stone Career. USMC. ' 42 Custis Robert Gamer. Jr., AAF. BBA ' 40 Ens. John Hamilton Garner, USX. ' 44 . George Robert Jack Lenard Fr Lt. William Ames Carnett. AAF. ' 35 Lt. Patrick W. Carney. AAF, ' 39 Capt. Jarrell Caronrik. AAF. LLB ' 33 Holloway Cowling Canard. ' 40 Charles " Edward Carrett. ' 43 Maj. Edward Martin Carrett. AAF, ' 38 A S John Battaile Carren. USX. ' 43 Capt. John C. Garrett. USMC. MD Marvin Lowrey Carrett. USA. ' 33 En,. Pearson Beverly Garrett, USX. " 42 Rufus Sanders Carrett. Jr.. ' 42 Capt. Victor E. Garrett. USA. - 16 Lt. William Byron Garrett. USA. BBA ' 36 A S Arthur D. Garrison, USX. ' 43 Capt. Eskelle V. Garrison. AAF, ' 32 Herbert June Garrison. ' 42 EM. John Fleming Garrison. USX. BS " 42 Col. Lloyd Russell Garrison. AAF. MA ' 15 Lt. Pitser Hardeman Garrison, USA. LLB ' 35 1st Lt. Robert Carson. AAF. ' 39 A C Tyrrell Garth. AAF. ' 43 George " Weldon Cartman. Jr., USCG, BBA -41 Col. Calvin Baiter Garwood. USA, LLB ' 20 Lt. Wilmer Garwood. USX. ' 19 Pfc. Charles Lester Gary, Jr.. USA. ' 42 Lt. (jg) Enos Edward Gary, USX. BBA - 35 Lt. Gordon Duval Carv. USMC. ' 42 P.M. 2 c Baldemar Lino Carza. USN, ' 38 Lt. Louis Ramirez Carza, USA, ' 42 (Killed) Refugio Carza, ' 42 S Sgt. Reynaldo Cuerra Carza. AAF. LLB ' 39 A S Jimmy Irving Gaskell. USX. BBA ' 43 Lt. Col. Robert Cabaniss Caskill. USA. MD " 29 Fred Anthony Gas . ' 41 Ens. Boyce Albert Gatcwood. USN. ' 41 C.S. George Cathings. USX. - 38 Lt. Wesley G. Gatlin. AAF. ' 40 1st Lt. Elias Jim Catoura. USA. LLB ' 36 Nicholas Catoura, AAF. " 37 Capt. James Andrew Cault, AAF, BBA ' 4O Lt. X. L Cault. Jr.. USA. " 42 Capt. Ralph William Cause, USA. BA " 26 Robert Lee Gaunt, ' 42 A C Thompson Lawrance Caul, AAF, ' 42 (Killed) 1st Lt. William Mundell Cay, USMC. ' 42 (Killed) A C John Weldon Cayle. AAF. ' 41 (Killed) Cpl. Buford Cyril Ceddie. USA, ' 42 Prt. Henry Lawrence Ceddie. AAF. ' 41 Pfc. James Wallace Gee, USMC ' 40 Lt. Conrad Ceeslin. USX. BBA ' 37 Lt. William R. Geise. AAF. " 40 Lt. Saul Morris Gellman. USA, BBA ' 30 Paul Joseph Cennosa, USMM. ' 30 S Sgt. Robert C. Gentry. AAF. ' 41 (Missing) Lt. Warren Blackburn Gentry. AAF, ' 40 William Dow Gentry. BBA ' 37 Lt. Frank Aldridge George. USA, LLB ' 30 Marcus Benjamin George. AAF. ' 43 Capt. Cordon George, USA. ' 39 Philip Morgan George. AAF. ' 43 Lt. Walter Eugene George. AAF. ' 42 Sgt. A. B. Geppert. Jr.. AAF. ' 38 Ens, Levert Langston Geren. USX. LLB ' Si Joseph Cerhardt. USA, ' 43 Lt. Raymond Gerhard!, AAF, LLB ' 28 John Lee Cerik. ' 42 Lt. (jg) Harry Leland German, USX. ' 35 John Paul GermM, BS ' 40 Harrold Cemsbacher. BJ ' 35 A S Paul Giamis. USX. ' 42 Ens. Allan Manning Gibson, USX. ' 36 Alvin Pierce Gibson. USA, ' 40 Lt. Norris Gibson. AAF. BS ' 40 (Deceased) Prt. Reuben Churchill Gibson, AAF. ' 43 Capt. Robert Cope Gibson, AAF, ' 39 (Killed) Lt. Robert William Gibson. AAF, " 41 Ens. T. J. Gibson, USN. BA ' 39 Lt. William Herf Gibson. AAF. BBA ' 36 Lt. Ward Lee Cidden. AAF, ' 42 Pfc. R. F. Ciddens. AAF, ' 43 Edward Xunnelee Gideon. ' 36 Lt. Jesse Donald Gideon, AAF. ' 31 Ens. Roger Murphy Gideon. USX. BA " 43 Ens. Andrew Jackson Gidley. Jr.. USX, BA ' 42 Carl Custav Giesecke. MD ' 31 Ens. Eugene Mai Giesen. USX. BBA ' 41 Lt- Calvin E. Ciftm, II. AAF. ' 42 (Killed) Lt. James W. Ciftn. AAF. ' 41 Lt. Ben Morris Gilbert. USA. LLB ' 35 Maj. Joe Thome Gilbert, AAF. BA ' 26 Capt. James Robert Gilcrease. AAF. ' 40 (Killed) P.O. Alfred Giles, RCAF. " 41 Maj. Gen. Barney McKinney Giles. AAF. ' 16 Brig. Gen. Benjamin Frankiin Giles. AAF, ' ! A C Vade William Giles. AAF. ' 41 Lt. Audrey Lee Gill. AAF. - 42 Charles William Gill. ' 34 John Ellis Gill. ' 41 Cpl. Truman Flournoy Gill. USMC. ' 42 Lt. Donald Edwin Gillespie. USMC. ' 42 Capt. Robert Elton Gillespie. USA, ' 40 Robert Lower. Gillette. ' 35 Lt. Allen L. Gilley, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Capt. C. Hughe Cilliam. USA. MD ' 39 Lt. Hilburn Doyle Gilliam. USA, BA ' 40 Ens. Louis Chamberlain Cilliam. USX. BS -43 James Clifton Cilliland. ' 33 Lt. William Elton Cilliland, USA. ' 41 Capt. Laurence Daffan Cilmer. USA. LLB ' 31 Prt. John Thomas Cilmer. USA. ' 42 Lt Charles James Gilmore. AAF. ' 39 Lt. Joe Carroll Gilmore, USA, ' 42 Johnnie Lawrence Gilmore. ' 42 A S Raymond Bnford Cilmorc. USN. ' 42 Maj. S. Brace Gimble. Jr.. AAF, ' 32 (Killed) Davis Cindler. USA. ' 43 E. Otto Cindler. USX. ' 44 Lt. P aul Ciraudin. Jr.. AAF. ' 42 Lt. (jg) Ed Carl Girven. USX. MA ' 41 Elmar LaF.yette Gist. ' 41 Lt. Edward A. Givens. Jr.. AAF. ' 41 Capt. Thomas Nathaniel Givens. USA. ' 32 Lt. Albert Tatum Gladney, USA. ' 36 Lt Vernon Lyle Clascock, USMC, ' 41 (Killed) Margaret M. Glasscoek. WAC. BA ' 29 Seth Shiloh Classcock. Jr.. RCAF, ' 41 Ens. Cecil Charles Glass, USN, ' 42 Lt. Robert Class, AAF, ' 40 (Killed) Lt. Searcy Collins Class. Jr., AAF. ' 42 Jack Walton Gl.user. USMC. ' 41 Ens. Wesley Ogden Glaze, USX. ' 42 Jack Harry Glarer. ' 42 John Divis Cleekler. MD ' 24 A S William James Cleckler, USX. BA ' 42 Lt. Cmdr. John King Glen. USX, MD ' 25 Horace Lee Glenn, ' 41 Ens. Robert Benjamin Glenn, USX. BBA. 42 C-Sp. Thomas Oliver Clenn, USX. BBA ' 43 Ens. Thomas Rodney Glenn. Jr.. USMC, ' 41 A C Daniel Joseph Clenney. USX. ' 42 Cpl. Herman Glosserman. USA. LLB ' 3D Lt. Arthur J. Glover, AAF. LLB ' 37 Pfc. George Edward Glover. USA, BA " 43 Lt. Warren C. Glover, AAF. ' 42 Lawrence Cluck, USMC, ' 43 Ens. Tom Llovd Goad, USN, BBA ' 42 Harold Gober, USA, ' 38 Howell Thomas Coar, ' 37 Ens. Edward Arthur Godwin. USN. BBA ' 43 Capt Edward Ghent Craves, USN, BA ' 20 George Thomas Craves. USN, ' 35 Ens. Henry LeVergnc Craves. USN, BA ' 41 A C James Otis Graves, AAF, ' 38 Capt. James Villemain Graves, AAF. LLB ' 25 Cpl. Kenneth R. Gruesen. USMC, ' 41 Lt. (jg) Thaddeui Criimlv. USN. LLB ' 42 Capt. Arthur M. Grusendorf. USA Joseph Alonso Gude, BS ' 39 Lt. Frank James Guelich. USA. ' 38 Capt. Lester Hamilton. AAF, ' 33 Lt. Norris William Hamilton, AAF, ' 42 Olan Harvey Hamilton, PhD ' 37 Lt. William H. (Bill) Hamilton, USA, ' 42 Ens. Lloyd Alfred Coehring, USN, Maj. Cari r Frank Coeth, USA, MD ' 36 Pvt. Joe Adolph Coeth, USA, BBA ' 43 Lt. Leo Carroll Cravis, AAF, BS ' 42 Pvt. Gibson Hendrix Cray, USA, ' 43 Lt. Jack Stuart Cray. USN, BBA ' 35 Lt. Lewis A. Gray, AAF, ' 41 Pvt. Carlos Cuerguin. USA. ' 42 Pvt. Joe Charles Guerra. USA, BBA ' 39 A sTropcdd CiTeVra, USN, ' 43 Pvt. Charles C. Hammer, USMC, ' 42 Pvt. Emra Gunter Hammer, USA, ' 40 (killed) Lloyd Allen Hammer, BS ' 43 BA ' 37 Lt. Dorothy Goff. USA, BA ' 36 Ceorge Turttle Goforth, ' 43 Ens. James Lawson Coggans. USN. LLB ' 38 Pvt. Arno Clifford Gold, USA. ' 43 Sgt. Harry L. Gold, AAF, ' 42 William Nathan Cray. BBA ' 33 Y 1 c Doyal Morris Grayson, USN, ' 40 Lt. McLeod A. Greathouse, USN, LLB ' 23 Gerald William Greathouse, USA, LLB ' 32 Pvt. Ralph B. Greear, USA, BBA ' 34 Col. William Hopkins Creear, USA, ' 24 Pvt. Frank Irvin Guess. USA, ' 43 Lt. Roy H. Guess, AAF, MA ' 40 1st Lt. Frank Cherry Guffin. AAF, BS ' 31 Lt. Nathaniel Greene Guiberson, Jr., AAF, ' 41 (missing) En-. Hillard F. Hammonds, USN. BBA ' 41 A S Robert Smith Hammer. USN, BBA ' 34 Cpl. Alfred Carl Hampe. USA. ' 30 Flight Officer J. A. Hancher, AAF, ' 38 Lt. (jg) Charles Kinney Hancock, USN. PhD ' 39 Irving Loeb Goldberg, USN. BA ' 26 Pfc. Walter Goldberg, USA, ' 41 Lt. William Benjamin Goldberg. USA, ' 37 Capt. Ceorge Robert Golden. USA. ' 30 Pvt. Ira Lambuth Golden. USA. ' 30 Sylvan Harold Golden. USA, BBA ' 38 A C Charles Kay Goldman, AAF, ' 42 Y 2 c Charles Oliver Lane Goldsmith, USN, BBA ' 43 Lt. Charles Macon Green, AAF, BA ' 40 (Killed) A C Charles Wheeler Green, AAF, ' 43 Capt. George Maverick Green. USA, LLB ' 21 T Sgt. Gerald Green, USA, ' 37 John E. Green, ' 35 Lt. John Plath Green, USA. LLB ' 38 Capt. Jesse Marcellu. Ciillrtt. AAF, ' 34 Lt. Harold Wayne Cully, AAF, ' 40 Ens. Mary Jean Cunarson, WAVES, BA ' 41 Daniel Walker Cunn, MI) ' 32 Lt. Thomas Herbert Gunn, AAF, ' 42 Maj. Matthew John Gunner. USA, ' 09 A C Ramsdel Blanton Gunter, AAF. ' 40 Pvt. Charles Robert Curie, . AAF, ' 43 Joe Woodson Hancock, ' 33 Sgt. John William Hancock. USA. ' 40 Lt. William C. Hancock, USN, MA ' 39 Pvt. William Roland Hancock, USA. ' 42 Ens. Victor Lee Hand. USN, BS ' 40 Ens. Jean Hanes, WAVES, BS ' 34 Lt. Andrew Jackson Haney. USA. LLB ' 42 A S John D. Henry, AAF, MS ' 40 Pvt. Jake Goldstein, USA, ' 36 Lt. Oliver Joseph Goldsmith, AAF, ' 41 (Killed) Pfc. Stanley Edward Goldstein, USA, BS ' 42 Col. William Major Goldston, USA, ' 14 Lt. Lynn Curtis Green, AAF, ' 41 Maj. Roy Green, USA, ' 15 Col. Thomas Coleman Green. USA. ' 28 Lt. Travis Cochran Green, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Walter Jim Green, USA, ' 42 ' 40 Lt. Forrest Eugene Guthrie, USN, ' 38 Pfc. Roger William Cuthri,-. Jr.. USA, ' 41 Ens. Rufus Kent Cuthrie. USN, ' 43 1st Lt. Thomas II. Cuthrie. AAF. BA ' 32 Lt. William Garland Haney, USA, ' 34 W O James Alfonso Hankerson, Jr., USA, ' 40 Sgt. Billie Hanks, AAF, BA ' 37 Lt. (jg) Thoma. Joseph llanlan, ' 41 I ' M. Leo Erving Coltzman, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Carlos Albert Gomez, AAF, ' 42 Jack Francis Condalf, USA, ' 43 Lt. Col. James Oliver Cooch, USA, ' 35 John Milton Gooch, ' 40 Parker Ainsworlh Coodall, ' 37 Sigmund Scamore Creenberg, ' 38 Lt. Donald Morgan Greene. USA, BBA ' 28 A S Norman Eugene Greene. USN, ' 44 Lt. David Greenfield, AAF, BBA ' 39 Ens. Joe Robert Crecnhill. USN, BA ' 36 Lt. Ralph Cillespie Greenlee. USA. BA ' 33 Ens. Raymond K,.,i,i.. t h ( ' .ua ' ltncy, USN, ' 42 A S Jack Kessler Cwyn, USN, ' 42 A S James Cwyn, Jr., USN, ' 33 H ' 40 Lt. William Thomas Hanna. AAF. ' 40 Lt. Manton Hannah, Jr., AAF, ' 37 Lt. Emmett Carl Hannes. AAF, ' 35 Georee Edward Hannon, ' 43 Ens. Jack Fremont Hansen. USN. ' 39 (Killed) Lt. Sol Coodell. USA. LLB ' 29 Lt. Nathaniel Goodfriend, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Ceorge Courtney Coodin. AAF, ' 43 Lt. Charles Holmes Gooding. AAF, ' 42 Ens. Eugene Carl Goodman. USN, ' 42 Ens. George Edwin Goodman, Jr., USN, ' 41 (Missing) Cpl. Harry Goodman, AAF, ' 41 Lt. John McCoy Goodman, USA. BBA ' 40 Cpl. Raymond Julian Goodman, USA, LLB ' 40 (Killed) A C Hulen Mills Greenwood, AAF, BA ' 37 Richard E. Greenwood, ' 42 En,. Earl Manuel Creer, Jr., USN, ' 37 Lt. Kldridge Vance Creer, AAF, ' 35 Lt. John Bachman Greer, Sr. USN ' 21 A C John Bachman Greer, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Herbert Sam Greer, AAF, ' 38 Pfc. James Greer. AAF, ' 42 Lt. Maurine Neva Greeson, WAC, BS ' 40 Alton E. Creeven, USA, ' 42 Lt. (jg) Davi, Weinert Gregg, USN, BBA ' 39 Lt. Victor H. Haag. AAF, BS ' 40 Udo Haarmann, Jr., USA, ' 41 Lt. Felix Levere Haas, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Raymond Otto Haas, AAF, ' 41 Ens. Harold G. Habcnicht, USN. BBA ' 42 Capt. Kenneth A. Hackley. AAF, BBA ' 24 Ens. Leo Hackney, USN, BBA ' 41 Lt. William A. Hadden, Jr., AAF, BA ' 41 Lt. John Haden, USMC, BBA ' 42 Lt. (jg) Robert Haden, USN, BBA ' 41 Bettie Lou Hadlcy, WAC, ' 36 Pvt. James Robert (Jim) Hadlock. AAF, ' 37 I ' M. Marx in Charles Hanz, USA, ' 40 Ens. Henry H. Happel, ' 42 Jack Y. Hardee, AAF, ' 43 Maj. D. Barnard Hardeman, USA. BA ' 33 Lt. Barnhart Pete Harder, AAF, BS ' 41 Robert H. Hardie, USN. BA ' 43 Ens. Thornton Hardie. Jr., USN, ' 38 William B. Hardie, USA, LLB ' 40 Ens. Horace Vernon Hardin. USN, BBA ' 38 Cpl. Richard D. Hardin, USMC. ' 42 William Homer Hardin, AAF, ' 42 Lt. John E. Harding, AAF, ' 29 Lt. Patches Harding, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Kenneth Goodnight, AAF, ' 42 Lt. John S. Goodrich, AAF. ' 43 Ens. Robert Raymond Goodrich. USN, BJ ' 39 Ens. Thomas Eldon Goodrich, USN. BS ' 42 Bernard Goodstein, BBA ' 38 A S Eugene Marven Goodwin, USN, BBA ' 43 Lt. Jake Joseph Goodwin, USN, ' 36 Capt. James William Goodwin, AAF, ' 40 (Missing) Alvin Ray Gregory. BS ' 38 Capt. James N. Gregory, AAF, BA ' 21 Capt. Joseph Nalle Gregory, AAF, ' 21 Pvt. Lloyd Jefferson Gregory, Jr., USA, ' 43 Lt. Paul Dyke Gregory, USMC, BS ' 40 Lt. Sydney Young Gregory, USMC, ' 42 James Randolph Grcgson, BS ' 42 Maj. Ben Wayne Greig. USA, ' 19 Capt. Walter Greig. USA, ' 30 Ens. Harry Lee Hafernick, USN, BS ' 42 Pvt. Charles W. T. Hagelman. Jr.. AAF, BA ' 42 Lt. (jg) Robert Chris Hagen, USN. BBA ' 41 Lt. Hoyt Erskine Hager, Jr., AAF, ' 34 Clyde Franklin Haggard, BBA ' 42 Ens. George Earl Haggard. USN. BA ' 39 A C Ward M. Haggard, AAF, ' 41 Ens. Richard Wilburn Hardt, USN. ' 42 A C Robert Clarence Hardt, AAF, ' 38 Lt. Roderick R. Harding, AAF, ' 34 Sterling M. Hardt, ' 42 Ens. Edward Greer Hardwicke, USN. BA ' 42 Lt. Robert Etter Hardwicke, Jr., BA ' 38 Lt. Bill Benson Hardy. USA. BA ' 42 Lt. (jg) John Crumpton Hardy, Jr., USN, Lt. Philip Clarence Goodwin, USA, ' 38 Capt. Walter Allen Goodwin, USA, BA ' 38 Lt. Carey Edwin Goodwyn, AAF, ' 41 (Missing) Ens. Helen Edwina Goodwyn, USN, BA ' 40 Lt. Carl Byron Goolsby, USA, MD ' 42 Durward Mason Coolsby, ' 41 Irwin M. Coot, AAF. ' 43 Lt. James Edward Cordon. USA. ' 35 Cpl. Richard Franklin Cordon. AAF, ' 43 Pvt. Stanley Erving Gordon, USA, BBA ' 42 Lt. Thomas George Cordon, Jr., USA, ' 37 I ' M. illiam Boyd Gordon. USA, ' 43 William Hendon Gordon, Jr., BA ' 42 Lt. James A. Cosh, USA, ' 26 Earl Warren Goss, ' 40 James David Cossett, USA, ' 43 S Sgt. Lee Van Dyke Cossett, AAF, ' 34 (Missing) Capt. Robert Francis Cossett. AAF. MD ' 34 Sgt. Keith Elwood Cott. AAF, ' 39 Ens. John Dave Gould, USN ' 42 Pvt. John Parker Coyen, Jr.. AAF, ' 43 Lt. James D. Grace. AAF, BS ' 39 Ens. Joe Ellsworth Gracey, USN. BBA ' 42 A C Ernie Darlis Crady, AAF, ' 43 Edwin Gulledge Grafton, Jr., BA ' 36 Lt. Everett J. Cragard. USA Ilmicla- Mayo Cragg, BA ' 39 Ann Graham, WAVES, BBA ' 39 Ens. Charles Rufus Graham. USN, ' 44 Ens. Edwin Graham. Jr., USN, BBA ' 36 Lt. Max Kenneth Graham, AAF. ' 42 Ens. Oliver Loving Graham. USN. BBA ' 36 Lt. Ralph James Graham, USA. LLB ' 41 Pvt. Robert Clifford Graham. USA. BBA ' 41 Capt. Sam F. Graham, USMC, ' 39 Walter Graham, AAF, ' 41 Zack Taylor Graham, USA, ' 42 Ens. John Allen Crambling. USN, BA ' 42 Ens. Clinton Lewis Grell. USN. BBA ' 43 Gilbert Carl Cremmel. USA, ' 43 Lt. Arthur Sylvester Crenier, USA, LLB ' 39 Cpl. Oskar Karl Crenwelge, USA, ' 36 Lt. Felix Morris Cresham. AAF, BA ' 39 Pfc. James Chambliss Gresham, USA, BJ ' 38 Pvt. James Willar.l Grey, USA, ' 43 Lt. Robert Henry Cribbon, AAF, ' 39 (killed) Lt. Charles Richard Grice, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Henry Albert Grice. AAF, ' 43 Lt. Marvin Edward Grice, AAF, ' 42 Ens. William Kenneth Grice. USN, ' 44 Lt. Connor C. Griffin, AAF, ' 39 Cpl. Eddie Griffin, AAF, ' 41 Henry Porter Griffin, Jr.. BBA ' 36 Pvt. Joel Malison Griffin. USA. ' 42 Lt. Col. Meade Felix Griffin, USA, LLB ' 17 Ens. Otis Truman Griffin. USN. ' 35 Sgt. Queran Mansfield Griffin. Jr., USA ' 29 Cpl. Sam J. Griffin. USA ' 40 Travis Willard Griffin, ' 37 Joe Blocker Griffith, BA ' 40 Llewellyn Griffith, AAF, ' 42 Wiltshire Griffith, AAF, ' 43 Capt. Charles Randall Criggs, USA. LLB ' 41 M;n H oTcr, P m r eT ' 41 USA - ' Pvt. Robert Hayne Crimes, AAF, ' 43 Furman Alexander Grimm, USA, ' 42 Lt. Lawrence Franklin Grimm, USA, ' 41 Ellwood Griscom, III, AAF, BA ' 41 Charles Gill Crise, ' 41 Cpl. Doris Crisham, WAC, ' 41 Lt. Nathan Everette Grisham. USA, ' 36 Cpl. Reba Crisham, WAC, ' 41 Fred Crissom, ' 42 Maj. Josh Halbert Croce, USA, LLB ' 25 Capt. He nry Smythe Groesbeck, USA, LLB A C Clifford Lee Hagy. AAF. BBA ' 38 Lt. Donald J. Hahn, USA, ' 43 Capt. Peter Hentv Hahn. USMC, BBA ' 41 Lt. Lee Costley Haigler. AAF. Ml! (mi,,i,,j!) Capt. Sam H. Haigler, USA, ' 33 A C James Randolph Haile, AAF, ' 37 Ens. Elton Glen Hailey, USN, ' 41 Melvin Fred Hainey, USA, BS ' t:( Charles L. Hair, ' 43 Lt. Marvin Ellis Hairgrove. USMC. BS ' 42 Lt. Jerome Joe Hajovsky, AAF, ' 42 Paul B. Halamicek, ' 43 William W. Halbert, BS ' 42 A C Lloyd Easton Halbrook, USN, ' 43 Mdn. George C. Hale, USN, ' 43 John Trimble Hale. Jr., AAF, ' 43 Col. Robert A. Hale, USA, MD ' 15 Lt. Emmett Leeland Haley, USA, ' 39 Lt. Seborn M. Haley, USN, ' 37 A C Carl E. Hall. Jr.. AAF, ' 43 Lt. (jg) Clifford Ragland Hall. USN. MI) ' 42 Pvt. Clint Lee Hall, USMC, ' 43 Pvt. Emory Wayne Hall. AAF, ' 42 Cuisham Hall, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Hugh Hall, AAF. ' 41 Hugh Rather Hall, BBA ' 35 Mdn. James A. (Jimmie) Hall, USN, ' 43 Lt. Jay C. Hall, USA, ' 34 Lt. Marvin Dunlap Hall, USA, BS ' 41 Cpl. Robert Edwin Hall, USA, ' 41 Lt. (jg) Robert Lee Hall, USN, BS ' 41 Maj. Wendell C. Hall, USA, BA ' 26 William Ely Hall, Jr., AAF, BA ' 36 Capt. Ernest Leroy Hallman, AAF, LLB ' 39 Lt. Dean Edward Hallmark, AAF, ' 40 (prisoner) Jerome Walter Halpern, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Harold A. Halsey, USA, ' 42 Mark (Hop) Halsey, ' 37 William Doyle Hardy, ' 41 Lt. Richard Finlcy Hare. AAF, BS ' 41 Lt. Milton Joseph Harelik, AAF, ' 38 Y 3 c Sam Bernard Harelik, USN, ' 35 Lt. David Burton Hargis, Jr., USA, ' 41 Lt. John A. Hargis, USMC, ' 43 William Huard Hargis. Jr., MD ' 36 Lt. Carey J. Hargrove. AAF, BA ' 39 Capt. Louis Howard Haring, Jr., USA. BS Capt. George Herbert Harker, USA. BS ' 26 Pvt. Lawrence S. Harkeson, USMC. ' 43 James B. Harkey, ' 42 Lt. (jg) Henry Burton Harkins, USN, BBA Pvt. Hugh Cordon Harkins, AAF. ' 43 Pvt. William Henry Harkins, USA. ' 42 Lt. Robert E. Harkrider, Jr.. USA, BS ' 36 Capt. Rupert Rogers Harkrider, Jr., USA, LLB ' 32 Lt. J. Reginald Harlan. AAF. ' 42 (missing) Cpl. Roy B. Harlen, USA, BA ' 40 Capt. Robert Walker Harless. USA. BBA ' 38 Lt. James M. Harley, AAF, ' 40 John Morel Harley, ' 37 Sgt. L. C. Harlow, Jr.. AAF, BBA ' 41 Robert Adlin Harman, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Frank Marion Harmes, ' 37 Pvt. Autrv Blanton Harmon. USMC. ' 42 Capt. Francis Cilmer Harm,,,,. USA. I.I.I) ' 13 William Lee Harp, ' 41 Capt. James Clayton Harper, USA. ' 38 Ens. John Jacob Harper, USN, BA ' 43 Kenneth B. Harper, War Correspondent, BJ ' 33 Lt. Walter Allen Harper, USN, BS ' 34 S Sgt. William L. (Whiskey) Harper, AAF, 1st Lt. Edward Jay Harpole, AAF, BBA ' 37 Ens. Wayne W. Harpster. USN. BBA ' 40 Capt. Richard Cablin Cranberry USA MD ' 23 John Tileston Granger, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Alfred Alexand.-r Grant. Ill, AAF, ' 41 Pvt. Andrew Davis Grant, AAF, ' 41 Ens. Durwood Daniel Grant USN BS ' 41 William Minor Lee Grogan. ' 41 Lt. Walter William Gromatzky, AAF, ' 42 Ens. Clarkson Croos, USN. BBA ' 28 Lt. (jg) Francis Delmar Croos, USN, B Arch. ' 34 Pvt. Arthur Gross. USMC. ' 43 Ens. Edward Philmore Haltom, USN, ' 41 Capt. Winficld Scott Haltom. USA, ' 23 Lt. William Perry Hamblen. Jr., USN, ' 29 Lt. Frank McCall Hamby, USA, ' 29 Capt. Lewi, M. Hamby, USA. B. Arch. ' 29 Lt. Frederick S. Harrell. USA, Ml) " 20 Lt. Hunter H. Harrell. AAF, ' 37 Ens. J. B. Harrell, USCG. BS ' 41 Lt. Mason Douglas Harrell. AAF. ' 38 Lt. Comdr. Eugene P. Harris. USN, MD ' 36 Lt. Lawrence Harry Grant, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Marvin Albert Grant, AAF, BBA ' 41 James Oakland Gross. BBA ' 43 Ens. Alfred Cox Crosse, USN, BBA ' 39 Maj. General Charles T. Harris, USA, ' 03 CeorgTMilton ' cr ' as ' ty, " BA " ' Raymond Brundrett Grasty, ' 38 Ens. Claude Breckenridge Craves, USN, BBA ' 41 Ens. Lee Rankin Grote. USN. BA ' 37 Lt. John Wesley Ground. AAF, ' 38 Lt. Gerald F. Grove, USA, BBA ' 39 Lt. James Robert Grubbs, AAF, ' 40 Nathan Gruber. BBA ' 41 Lt. (jg) John Augustus Hamilton. US.N, LLB -34 Ens. John Max Hamilton, USN, ' 42 Johnnie Marvin Hamilton, ' 42 Lt. Col. Geor-. ll.uti-. Jr.. USA. ' 25 Lt. (jg) Glenn Harris, Jr., USN. BBA ' 41 Pvt. Henry F. Harris, USA. ' 43 S. Hugh Braddock Harris. USN. ' 40 (killed) Pvt. Jack (Sir, n 1 Hani-. USMC. ' 41 let Lt. Jack Humphreys Harris. AAF. ' 41 Aero 3 c William P. Hailewood, USN. B] ' 42 S Sgt. Cloyce Edward Lee Hervey, AAF. Lewis Crawford Hogan. ' 40 Lt. William B. Hogan, .AAF, ' 42 En,. JeJTMartin Hanis, USN. BA ' 42 Lt. Joe Bryne Harris. AAF, BA ' 36 . Lt. Hayden Wilson Head. AAF, LLB ' 37 Lt. Thomas Filmore Head, AAF. LLB ' 31 Cpl. Henry Hen, USA, ' 42 Lt. Ernest Albert Herzing. .AAF, ' 39 Lt. Willard H. Hohanson. AAF Lt. Ansel m Charles Hohn. USN. MD ' 29 Pvt. John Scott Harris, USA, " 43 Lt. Thomas Franklin Head. AAF, BS ' 40 1st Lt. William Edward Herzog. AAF, ' 39 Ens. Paul Holland. USN. BBA ' 40 Tilden T. Head, Jr.. ' 42 (missing) Ann Russ Holaday. WASP, " 38 Lt. ( jg) Manson M. Harris, USN. LLB ' 40 Cap:. Walton O ' Hara Head. AAF, LLB " 32 Garth Beverly Hester. " 41 Ph.M. Robert Charles Holbert. USN. BS " 42 Eats. Martin Harris. USN. LLB " 12 Ens Murrav Lee Harris, USN, LLB " 42 A C Leland Clegg Headrick. AAF, ' 40 Edwin E Heap. Jr.. AAF. ' 43 1st Lt. James Pitman Hesterly, AAF. " 38 Ens. Jack Marshal Hestilow, USN. " 42 Pvt. Elizabeth Holbrook. USMC. ' 36 Lt. Raymond Braden Holbrook. USMC. BA Lt. " Paul Albert Harris. USN, " 41 (missing) Walter Richard Heap. USCC. " 42 Lt. Bluford Bradford Hestir, AAF, BJ ' 40 " 33 Lt Robert B. Harris A AF " 42 Pvt. Ollie J. Heard. USA, BBA " 36 Clarke Norman Hewitt. " 41 Prt. Edwin Dewey Holchak. USA, " 42 Lt. latrrt Edward Harris, AAF. " 42 Ll. Col. Louis Charles Heare. USA. MD ' 20 Ens. Warren Stanlev Hewitt. USN. " 37 Charles Wayne Holcomb, BS ' 37 Lt. (jg) Robert L. Harris. USN. BBA ' 38 Claude Hearn, Jr.. AAF. " 41 Capt. Lan Lemuel Hewlett. USA. BA " 37 Lt. Frank Herman Holcomb. AAF. " 42 Lt. Robert Smith Harris. USA. ' 43 Lt. James Leon Hearn, AAF. " 40 (killed) Ens. Charles Frank Heve, USN, BBA ' 43 Paul Eldon Holcomb. MA ' 33 CT -1 Benton Harris. ' 41 A S William Glvn Hearn. USN. BBA " 37 Estill Samuel Heyser, jr.. " 36 Lt. David Wallace Holder, AAF. " 39 Lt. Theodore Edward Harris, USA, BA ' 39 Lt. Willie Victor Hearne. AAF. ' 40 1st Lt. Robert James Hibbetts. .AAF. MBA Flovd William Holder, USA. BBA " 43 Lt. (jg) Gladys Henderson. WAVES, MJ ' 28 " 34 Jim ' Earl Holder. USA. " 41 Mat Wal ' leTc. rUrri ' s, Jr.. AAF, BS ' 31 William A. Harris, BS ' 30 Lt. John Calvin Heath. AAF, " 42 (missing) Clarence Eldon Heaton. Red Cross, " 39 A S William HarveT Hibbetts. USN. " 29 Joseph James Hibner, Jr.. .AAF. " 43 Pvt. Otto R Hollan. USA. BA ' 43 Pvt. Alfred Cafe Holland. USA. " 42 Wjudsoai W. Harris, MD 3 William Howard Heck. MD ' 23 1st Lt. Juel Jack Hickerson, AAF. " 37 Lt. Arthur Irvin Holland, USA. BBA ' 34 Curtis Clav Hector, ' 37 (killed) Pvt. Baiter Finch Holland. USA. LLB " 43 Cap7. ArehtbalTV. Harrison. USA. ' 29 Capt. Edward F. Harrison. AAF, ' 39 Neil Hector. " 42 Sgt William H Hedden, AAF. BBA " 35 U. Joseph Henry Hickman, AAF, BBA " 41 Reaves Hickman, " 36 Ens. Hal Hicks Holland. USN, ' 41 Lt. John C Holland. USA. BA " 41 1st Lt. Ike H. Harrison, AAF, MBA ' 35 Capt. Homer Vernon Hedges, USA. MD " 33 Lt. Herbert Nelson Hickok, AAF, " 41 Ll. (jg) Leonard Maurice Holland, USN. John C. Harrison. " 39 Lt. James William Hedrick. USMC. BBA " 42 Charles Edwin Hicks. ' 42 BBA " 41 1st Lt. Ravmond C. Harrison. USA. " 42 Lt. Charles Robert Hefner, AAF, " 42 Sp (Al 1 c Franklin Elijah Hicks. USN, " 42 Elizabeth Hollander. USA. BS " 36 A C Joseph Dudley Harrison, AAF. ' 36 Max D. Harrison. BBA " 39 Joseph Adolph Hegar, ' 38 1st Lt. Crover C. Heiman. Jr.. AAF. " 41 r,rd f. Hicks. AAF, " 40 Prt. Sve Hicks. USA, " 28 Lt. Robert O. Holleran, Jr.. AAF, ' 34 Lt. Col. Hardy Warren Hollers. USA. LLB Morris Glenn Harrison. MA ' 39 Walter Steinle Heierman. ' 35 Lt. William Francis Hick . AAF, ' 42 Moult on B. Harrison, ' 33 Lt. Leo Paul Claude Heine. AAF, " 41 Harrv Dresden Hieronymus, USN. " 43 Prt. Harold Rivers Hollev. USMC, ' 42 Capt. William A. Harrison. USA. BBA " 42 Ens. Norman Powell Heine, USN, ' 40 Lt. Sherman Robert Hirdon. AAF, " 38 Lt. (jfl James Walter Hollid.y. USN, BBA Cpl. Barney Baird Hart. AAF. " 42 Ernest Ravmond Han. USN. " 17 Capt. George F. Hart. USA. " 27 Lt. (jg) Jack Love Hart. USN, BA ' 40 S Sgt. Chester Charles Heitmann. Jr.. AAF. BBA ' 40 Lt. Rutherford Grant Helf. AAF, ' 40 James Hans Helland. USA. " 42 Hugh Bernard Higgins. " 42 Ens. Ralph Walter Higgins. USN. " 40 Lt. John Fielding Higgs. AAF, BBA ' 42 Prt. Charles Counce Hightower. Jr., USA, J.mes Hamilton Hollimon. ' 32 A S O. M. Hollingshead. USN, ' 33 A C Carl Hollingsworth. Jr., AAF. ' 43 Ll. Jack Seale Hart. USA. " 39 James P. Hart. USN, BA ' 25 Capl. Joe Peck Hart, USMC, " 42 Lt. M. Mendell Heller. USN. MS " 30 Ens. Morion Heller, USN. " 42 Frances John Heliums, WAC, BFA " 43 BA ' 40 Cant. Jesse Brothers Hightower. AAF, " 40 Lt. Col. Louis Victor Hightower. Jr., USA, Jimmv Hollingsworth, ' 43 Lt. (jpl William Robert Hollingsworth, USN. BS " 40 Ens. Joseph Edwin Hollis. USN. BS -40 Lt " Robe 3 B H ' AAF 39 P " ' onro 5 ? m p ' ' V A Prt. Marvin Benson Hilburn, Jr., AAF, " 41 Ll Edwin Earl Hollon, AAF, ' 42 r Har;. USV MED " 40 F flMm T tT ' " I ' SN " a Prt. Milton Edward Hild. USA, " 43 Lt. Barron Taylor Hollowav. AAF, " 37 -m Armstrong ' Hart, USA, ' 40 Lt. James Lemuel Hemmingson USMC ' 42 Ens. S. P. Hildebrand. USN, BA ' 33 Lt. Comdr. Ja ' me Grey Hollowav. Jr., USN. Ll. Perrv Hartgraves, USA. LLB ' 30 Lt. Ben R. Hartley. AAF. ' 43 Sidney Hartman. Jr.. AAF. " 41 ,m Hartman. Jr.. MD ' 34 Lt. Charles William Hempel, AAF. ' 41 Lt. Darrell Lee Hemphill. AAF. LLB ' 42 Lt. (jg) J. D. Hemphill. USN. LLB ' 42 Lt. Ross Hngon Hemphill, USA, LLB ' 42 Lt. William Blanks Hilgers. AAF. " 42 Ll. Alfred Minor Hill. AAF. ' 40 Cpl. Clifton Erbi. Hill, AAF, ' 41 Sgt. Davis C. Hill. AAF. BBA " 41 Capt. Don Kelly Hill, AAF, " 39 Lt. James Porter Hollow.v. USA. UBA " 41 Lt. Milton Hollow.v. USA. " 35 Richey Holman, AAF, " 42 Wade Ogden Holman, ' 41 Mdn. Elmer George Hartman ' , USN, ' 43 I " IftMuM III " H r " ' V l R ' s Lt. (jg) Ernest Clifton Hill. USN, BS " 40 William Haves Holman, ' 40 (deceased) I Perry Hartmann. USA, " 42 Lt. Russell Kimbroogh Harty. USA. " 33 Llotd C. Harveson. AAF. 42 Pfc. Charles M. Harvev. USA. " 43 AAF. " 39 A S Francis Tennille Henderson. USN. " 32 Ens. Fred Davie. Henderson, Jr.. USNAF. ' 42 (killed) George Thompson Henderson Jr AAF " 42 Lt. Ewing Robinson Hill, AAF. BS " 40 S Sgt. Harold Hill. Jr.. AAF, ' 40 Pfc. James Allen Hill. Jr., USA, BA " 40 Ife Hill. USA. " 37 Lt. Col. Joe Meredith Hill. USA. LLB " 16 Sgt. John Robert Hill. Jr., AAF, 35 AS James Burnett Holmans, USN, " 43 Harrv Holmes, Jr.. " 38 Lt. Oscar Wendell Holmes. USA. ' 42 Coin. Robert Charles Holmes. USCC. " 40 Pfc. Robert L. Holmes. Jr., USA. " 41 Ens. Sam Ferris Holmes, Jr., USN, BJ " 42 A C George William Henderson. AAF. " 41 Lt. Homer Eugene Henderson. USN. SSB " 23 u .. Lt. James Houston Henderson. AAF, BJ ' 41 Lewis Edgar Hill. USA, " 43 Lt. Glen Benton Holmgrain, AAF. ' 42 Prt. Eldon P. H.nev. AAF. 43 Hubert S. Harvey. " 33 Lt. Jack R. Harvev, USN, " 38 Lt. m-illiam Wilson Harvev. USA. BA " 41 Capt. Clvde Randolph Harvill, USA, " 29 - - John Clark Henderson, AAF. LLB ' 34 Pvt. John Duncan Henderson. USA. BS " 37 Julius Adrian Henderson. Jr.. AAF, " 43 Lt. Margaret Monroe Henderson, USMC. Ralph Albert Hill, USA, BBA " 34 Lt. Ralph Graham Hill. AAF, ' 38 Richard Haddock Hill. USA. ' 43 Pfc. Robert Eugene Hill, USA, ' 39 Robert Warren Hill, AAF, " 43 Ens. Fred Holman Holmsley. USN. BBA " 41 Lt. Thomas Holstein. Jr., AAF. " 42 S 2 c Arthur Melvin Holt. USN, " 43 Ll. Col. Birge Holt. USA. " 20 Prt. Charles Rov Holt, Jr.. USA, " 43 Richard Robert Marvin. ' 41 BBA " 42 Samuel Bernard Hill. US ,. " 32 Paul Thomas Holt. ' 31 Charles Marvin, USNAF. " 41 Lt. Richard Henderson. USA. LLB " 37 Prt. Wayland B. Hill. AAF, ' 43 Pvt. Pat Mayo Holt. USA. BJ ' 40 Ph 3 c Ike Ernest Harwell. USN. ' }:, Lt. William M. Henderson. AAF, ' 40 Ll. (jg) William McDowell Mill USN Roland Bell Holt. MA " 42 Harwell, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Edward Ravmond Hendricks. AAF, " 40 BBA " 41 Cpl Ravburn Robert Holton AAF " 42 Lt. Loftin Harwood. I - Ll. George D. Hendricks, USA, MA Lt. Col. William Madden Hill, AAF. " 22 Lt. Julian Cline Hood. USMC. ' 42 Thomas Jackson Harwell. ' 39 Perry Brown Hendricks. ' 38 Lt. Arthur Cayle Hillev, AAF, BS " 39 Ll. Lucian Tfanrman Hood. Jr.. .AAF. ' 38 Thomas Franklin Harwood, ' 41 Lt. Carl Frank Hendrii. AAF, ' 42 Pvt. Charles Morrison Hooks. AAF, " 43 Harwood. Jr.. AAF. ' 43 Lt. Marvin Milton H.schke, AAF. BBA ' 39 Capt. Francis William Hendrii. AAF. BBA ' 39 John Cordon Hilley. USA. BA " 41 Ll. Lewis Moore Hillev, AAF. " 41 Pvt. Elbert Ollie Hooper, USA, LLB " 21 John Tobe Hooper, AAF. ' 42 Otto Paul Haschke. ' 40 Capt. Philip Loren Hendrii. AAF. BBA 40 Ens. Harold Helwig Hillman. USN. " 40 A S Edwin Lee Hoot. USN. " 44 Ll. J-:.e Hashop, AAF, " 35 Pfc. William Clarence Hendrii, Jr.. USA. Ens. James L. Hemmingson. USN. " 41 Prt. Lundy Flanov Hooten. USA, BS " 36 Wilbur Haskell. AAF. " 41 BA " 43 Lt. (if! William Estes HinehliSe. USN, " 41 Lt. Col. William Brooks Hooten, AAF, BBA Prt. William Orson Haskell, USCC, ' 39 Ens. William M. Henger USNAF BS ' 42 Lt. Dan Hall Hinds, AAF, LLB " 41 " 28 Edd Lee Haskins, ' 42 T Sgt. Leonard R. Hassell, USA, MBA ' 41 Alan Phillip Henig, USA. " 42 Lt. Jack Henneberger, USA. ' 38 Ens. Jackson Ceivers Hinds, USN, BBA " 42 James H. Hinds, USA. " 17 Lt. Seymour Gene Hootkins, USA, BBA " 31 Prt. Weslev Harold Hoover. USA, " 43 Wallace Hassell, BS ' 38 Lt. Wavne Henneberger, AAF, MS ' 41 Lt. Kenneth C. Hinds. AAF, " 31 William LeRoy Hoover, ' 42 Ens. Edmund Stuart, Hastings, USN, " 44 Lt. Peter John Hennessey. AAF. BBA ' 41 Cletas Ray Hines. USA. " 42 Lt. O. Charles Honig, USA, BBA ' 40 Capl. Walter C. Hastings, ' 39 Lt. James Barn Hatch. AAF, " 42 Charles Hatch. AAF. ' 43 Ll. Edward Crover Henrichson, USA. LLB " 37 Albert Carl Henry. Jr., USA, BS ' 36 Charles Robert Henrv. USN. BS ' 43 H. Guy Mines. ' 42 Ens. Allen Hinkle. Jr.. USN. BBA " 41 William Lee Hinkle. AAF. " 42 Y 2 c John H. Hope. USN. " 40 Lt. Albert James Hopkins, AAF, " 43 Lt. Clarence Menefee Hopkins. USA. " 41 U. Col. Haskell D. Hatfield. USA, MD ' 34 n R. Hstlev. USN. " 44 Lt. Walter D. USMC. BA ' 37 (killed) A C Frank Anne Hatten. AAF, " 41 Ens. Fred Crady Henry, USN, BBA ' 41 H. Taylor Henry, Correspondent, ' 28 Prt. Hervey Beraant Henry, Jr.. USA, ' 42 Lawrence Henrv. " 41 Lt. John Carroll Hinslev, USA. LLB " 34 Lt. Pat Hinson. AAF, " 38 Capt. William Barton Hinton, AAF. BS " 39 Ll. Eugene Edward Hirseh. AAF. BA " 32 Lt. John William Hopkins. Jr.. USA. " 35 Prt. King Hopkins. Jr., USA. BA " 43 Pvt. Meredith Milliard Hopkins. USA. " 29 Lt. Henrv Ben Hopson, AAF. " 37 Ens. Rov Hatten. USN. " 42 Grady E. Hatton. USA. ' 43 S Sgt. Edward Joseph Hatzfeld, AAF. ' 42 Ens. Rene Paul Henrv, LLB ' 40 Lt. Robert Thompson Henry. Jr., USA, ' 38 .... - . : Capt. Nathan Joe Hirseh. AAF. " 41 Comdr. James Albert Hirschfield. USCC. LLB " 35 Lt. Merrill M. Hopson. AAF, ' 39 (killed) Jimmy Phillips Horanv, ' 40 Lt. Charles Lawrence Horn. USA. " 41 Ens. Bob Egon Haubold. USN. BS " 41 Lt. James mill Haun, USMC, ' 43 Lt. Col. Stephen Wetherell Henrv. AAF. " 35 Lt. (jg) Waller Bruce Henry, USN. BBA " 41 Lt. Henrv Hise. USN. " 41 Lt. Joseph Candler Hitchcock, AAF. BBA " 41 Lt. Carl Alfred Hobbs, USA. ' 33 Lt. Paul Herbert Horn, USA. " 41 Prt. Charles Homberger. USMC, " 42 S Sgt. Homer Texas Homberger. AAF. " 41 Thomas Robert Harms. PhD " 41 (killed) Ens. R. W. Hobson. USN, " 39 Lt. Jack George Homberger. AAF, LLB ' 41 - -. log Haves. Jr.. USA, ' 42 Walton Vaile Henry, AAF. " 29 Lt. Emanuel Moses Hoehman. USA. LLB " 38 Lt. Harrv D. Home. AAF, " 33 Lt. Samuel A. Hawes. AAF, " 41 Ens. Alton B. Hawkins. USN, " 39 1st Lt. William A. Hensarltng, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Lt. Richard Sterling Hockaday. USMC, BA ' 42 Sgt. Purlman H. Home. AAF, " 31 (killed) Ll. Samuel Brockman Home. USN. LLB " 39 Ph 2 c James C. Hawkins, BS " 42 Havkirjs. USN. BBA ' 39 Sgl. John William Havkins. USA. BBA " 41 Pvt. Quincev B. Hawkins. USA. ' 37 Bradley B. H.wlev, USA. 43 -V LLB " 38 U. Charles Fred Hawr, Leland Kenneth Henslee. ' 42 Prt. Miles Harwell Henslee. USA. ' 31 Lt. Clifford Philip Henslev. AAF, ' 41 A C Davis S. Henslev. AAF, ' 43 Lt. Joe L. Henslev, USA. ' 41 (retired) AC Albert Cordon Henson, AAF, ' 42 Pic. Erwin Charles Berber. AAF, ' 42 Lt. Sam Kneisley Hocker. USN. 23 Prt. Louis X Hodde, USA, BA ' 41 S 1 c Dan Wesley Hodge. USN. ' 42 Ens. Edward Dwight Hodge. USN. BBA " 37 Ens. Henrv Pope Hodge, Jr., USN. BBA " 44 Homer James Hodge, ' 39 William Joseph Hodge, AAF. " 42 Lt. William Thomas Home. AAF, " 42 Alfred Bradford Homer, ' 40 Francis Charles Homer, Jr.. " 42 Lt. Joseph Edward Moresby. USA. " 38 A C Rudv J. Horsak. Jr.. AAF, ' 42 Lt. Col, Hal Court Horlon. Sr.. USA, LLB ' 10 Verne Hawn, USN, ' 40 Lt. John D. Hawn, AAF, ' 43 Pfc. Joseph William Herbert. USA, BA " 42 Lt. Robert Cook Herbert. AAF. BBA ' 41 Cecil Ray Hodges, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Claudius B. Hodges, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Hal C. Horton, Jr., ' 40 Ens. Harold Burke Horton, USN, MBA " 38 William Hewitt Hawn. BS ' 42 (killed) Lt. Hugh Murrell Hodges, AAF. " 42 Capt. Ira H. Horton. AAF, PhD " 39 1st Lt Jewe J. Hawthorne. AAF ' 41 " Capt. E. Manuel H.wtof. USA, ' 28 George Herder. III. ' 38 LeRoy Herder, AAF, BA ' 32 Carl F. Hereford, ' 40 Maj. Tom Wilev Hodges, USA. ' 33 A C Herbert Dudley Hodgkins, AAF, ' 43 Ens. Albert Donnelly Hoehn. USN, BS ' 42 Ens. Paul Bradfield Horton, USN, BA ' 43 Cpl. Conde R. Hoskins, Jr., USA, ' 42 Donald Blannt Hoskins, USA. ' 38 T Sgt. Howard Glen Hay, USA. BS ' 42 Ens. John Alvin Hay, USN. BBA ' 43 James Virgil Hayes, BS ' 33 Lt. Cecil Henry Havnes. USA, BA ' 36 1st Lt. CollU P. H.ynes, Jr., AAF, ' 40 A C Harvey L. Hays, Jr., AAF. BBA ' 43 A C James Harrv Herlocker, Jr., USN, " 43 Oetaviano Hernandez, ' 32 Lt. Jack Herndon. USA. BS ' 42 Ens. Jack Herod, USN. " 41 Maj. John Carlos Herrera, USA, BS ' 30 Ens. Charles Ferguson Herring, USN, LLB S Sgt. Frederick Alexander Hoeninghaus Jr AAF, ' 39 Sgt. Cordon dun Hoffer. AAF, ' 41 S Sgt. Harold Hoffman. USA, " 42 Lt. Leo Jaye Hoffman. USA, BA ' 41 Sgt. Leonard Elbert Hoffman. USA. ' 42 Arthur Lee Hough, AAF, " 43 Lt. Sam Allen Hough, Jr., USA, LLB ' 31 1st Lt. Walter Dennis Houpt, USMC, BS ' 42 Lt. (jg) John Dickson House. USN, BBA " 41 Welton Lewis House. BBA ' 38 Donelson Marion Houseman. ' 42 Lt. Mack Lawrence Hay.. Jr., USA, BA " 42 Lt. Reginald Lee Have. AAF. " 41 Tom H.vs. AAF, ' 43 ' 38 Prt. Earl Leonard Herring, USA, ' 42 Ph.M. 3 c Garret! Rufus Herring, Jr., USN. Sgt. Maurice Jacob Hoffman. USA, LLB ' 39 Ll. Norman Frank Hoffman, AAF, " 40 Lt. Robert William Hoffman. AAF. " 40 Lt. Benjamin Franklin Houston, USN, ' 37 Col. Bryan Houston, USA. 21 Lt. Joe Tom Houston, Jr. AAF ' 39 Lt. Albert Edw.rd Hayward, USA, ' 43 Lt. (jg) James Douglas Hailewood, USN. " 34 ' 42 Ens. Lou ise L. Herring. USN. MA " 37 Lt. (jg) Roger Hoffman, USN, BS ' 39 Lt. Walter Bernard Honriehter, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Col. Oscar Parke Houston. USA. ' 13 Lt. Ralph H. Houston. USA, BA ' 40 Lt. John Woodrow Hailewood, AAF, LLB ' 40 Lt. Donovan Hershey, AAF. " 42 Otto Jurgen Hofmann, BA " 40 Capt. Reagan Houston, III, USA, LLB ' 49 l.l. Reagan T. Houston, AAF, ' 27 Laura Grace Hunter, WAVES, BA ' 29 Lt. Benedict J. Janak, USA, BS ' 39 Maj. Ralph F. Jones. AAF, ' III William Joseph II,.v,-, Jr., USA, ' 42 (killed) Robert Leonard Hunter. BBA ' 38 Lt Joseph Janeke. AAF, ' 42 S Sgt. W. B. January, AAF, BBA ' 37 Ens. Theodore Lawrence Jones, USN. BBA ' 44 Ben Keith Howard, USA, ' 43 Charles Harris Howard, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Pfc. Durward Bellmont Howard, Jr., USA, ' 42 Edwin Ernest Howard, BA ' 37 Basil William HumiiiRton, USN, ' 41 George Huntington, USA. ' 43 Henry Conrad Hupcr. BBA ' 42 Lt. Harry Howard Hurst. AAF, ' 38 Ens. Douglas Clay Jnques, USN. ' 43 Linden Maurice Jaquet, Jr., USN, ' 42 Lt. Althens Baker Jarmon, AAF, ' 38 (killed) Lt. Jake Bryant Jarmon, Jr., AAF, ' 40 Lt. William Leighton Jones, AAF, LLB ' 38 (killed) Capt. William Penn Jones, Jr., USA, ' 38 Lt. Oliver Eugene Jopling, AAF, ' 41 Charles Jordan, HAF, ' 41 Lt. Gene Howard, AAF, BBA ' 42 Lt. Gilbert Poston Howard, AAF, BA ' 30 Lt Herbert Byron Howard, AAF, ' 40 ' 39 Lt. Eugene Sam Hurt, USA, LLB ' 39 Uvin L. Hurth, AAF, LLB ' 38 Lt. Col. Thomas H. Jarrell. AAF, ' 11 Lt. Eli Grote Jordan, AAF, BBA ' 41 Ens. Jack Bruce Howard, USN, BA ' 40 (missing) Lt. Jack Walker Howard, AAF, ' 41 Lt. William Hurwitz, USA, LLB ' 38 Capt. Earl Rcbman Hury. USA. BS ' 24 Lt. Hobart Huson, Jr., USA, ' 35 A C Hugh Stover Jefferson, USN, ' 42 James Cleburn Jeffrey, USA, ' 43 Set. James W. Jordan, AAF, BBA ' 34 Maj. Robbie C. Jordan, USA, ' 33 Capt. William Garner Jordan, USMC, ' 38 Capt. Justin Robert Howard, USA, LLB ' 40 Capt. Marcellus Jones Howard, USMC, ' 27 Lt. Robert Lacy Howard, AAF, ' 41 T. R. Howard, ' 43 Pvt. Thomas Scott Howard. USA, ' 43 Walter Lee Howard, Jr., ' 41 F O Robert Eugene Howe. AAF, ' 36 Col. Ben Randolph Howell. I ' SA, LLB ' 25 Lt. John Randolph Howell, Jr., USA. BA ' 28 Lt. Robert Franklin Howell, USA, ' 37 A C William B. Howell, AAF, ' 43 Capt. Ernest Edward Howerton, USA, ' 25 Lt. (jg) Palmer Hutcheson, Jr., USN, LLB Lt. (jg) Thad Thomson Hutcheson, USN, LLB ' 40 Pvt. Bunyan Lee Hutchinson, USA, LLB ' 42 Lt. (jg) Everett Hutchinson, USN, LLB ' 40 F O Frank Ray Hutchison, AAF, ' 38 Lt. Samuel Hewes llut.-hinson, USA, ' 22 Capt. Emmett O ' Dell Hutto, AAF, ' 42 A C Mac Wade Hutto, AAF. ' 42 Edward Baker Jelks, ' 42 Lt. Oliver Robinson Jelks, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Lt. Charles T. Jenkins. AAF, ' 43 Lt. George Richard Jennings, USA, ' 42 Pfc. James Roger Jennings, USA, BBA ' 43 Lt. Max Henry Jennings, USA, ' 41 Lt. Thomas Ross Jennings, USA. BA ' 39 Lt. Alfred J. Jensen, AAF, MD Howard Francis Jensen, USA. ' 43 Ens. Lloyd Davain Jerrells, USN, BS ' 42 Ens. George Hiram Jewell, Jr., USN, BA ' 42 Floyd Harold Joseph, AAF, ' 43 Ens. Jack Josey, USN, ' 41 Maj. M. L. Joyce. USA, MBA ' 30 Otto Juhl, Jr., USMC, ' 35 (mis-ing) Charles Donald Julien, USA, ' 43 Pvt. William Edward Junell, USA. LLII ' 12 Lt. Francis Peter Jung, USA, ' 40 Ens. Richard Stanley Jung, USN, BBA ' 42 Sgt. Charles Herbert Jungmichel. USA, ' 41 Edward D. Junkin, USA, ' 40 Dan Juran, USN, ' 43 Hubert Jurecka, ' 36 Ens. Edmund Paul llubbard. Jr., USN, ' 42 J. B. Hubbard, Jr., BS ' 41 Lt. (jg) John (Jack) R. Hubbard, USN, ' 39 Pvt. Raymond E. Hubbard, AAF, ' 42 Ens. James Roscoe Mutton. USN, ' 42 Lt. Charles Thomas Hvass, AAF, ' 43 Lt. (jg) John Clifton Hyatt. USN, BA ' 41 Sgt. Sidney Merl Jines, USA, BBA ' 42 Lt. (jg) Wiley Jinkins, Jr., USN, MD ' 40 Sam Joekel, USA, ' 42 T Sgt. Hyle Curlce Justice, AAF, ' 41 (missing) Lt. Chester G. Juvenal, AAF, ' 41 ' Walter C. Hubbard, USA, ' 43 Pvt. Jack T. Huber, AAF, BA ' 40 Ralph Earls Huber, B. Arch. ' 36 Ens. Elton Marvin Hyd.-r. USN, LLB ' 43 Lt. Robert Lee Hyder, USN, ' 32 Lt. Alberta E. Johnson, USA, ' 41 K Ens. Raymond W. Hudcck, USN, ' 42 Lee Charles Hudgins, ' 42 A S Robert L. Hudler, USN, ' 44 Bobby Hudson, USA, ' 41 Ens. Commodore Perry Hudson, USN, BBA ' 41 Lt. (jg) Edward H. Hudson, USN, ' 41 Cpl. Fred Hudson, USA, ' 43 (killed) Lt. George Potts Hudson, USA. ' 37 -Sgt. Harold R. Hudson, USA, BBA ' 42 Lt. Horace S. Hudson, AAF, ' 43 Ens. Jack W. Hudson, USN, BS ' 40 Ens. 0. B. Hudson, USN, ' 41 Lt. Richard Curtis Hudson, USMC, ' 42 Ens. William James Hudson, USN, MBA ' 42 Ens. Chalmers Mac (Hank) Hudspeth, USN, ' 42 Pvt. Ralph Owen Huebner, USA, ' 41 It. Eldon P. Huey, AAF, ' 43 Ens. Elmer Huff, USN, ' 42 S 2 c James Kenneth Huff, USN, ' 43 A C James S. Huff, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Leslie Bert Huff, AAF, ' 41 Ens. Lewis E. Huff, USN. BBA ' 41 McCharles Huff, USA, ' 43 Mark Emley Huff, ' 38 Lt. William Edgar Huff, USA, ' 37 T Sgt. Robert H. Hynds. USA, ' 41 Lt. Henry Ion Idema, AAF, ' 41 (killed) Pvt. Frank Neville Ikard, USA, LLB ' 37 Lt. George William Imhoff, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Lt. Jim Moss Inks, AAF, ' 42 Capt. Vincent Ippolito, USA, BS ' 27 Ens. Elmo Sledd Irby, USN, LLB ' 42 Lt. James Keddell Irby. USA, BS ' 39 Sgt. Thomas Fletcher Ireland, AAF, ' 37 Maj. Mortimer R. Irion. USA, ' 25 William Buel Irvin, EdD ' 39 Lt. Joseph Stanley Irvine, USA, BA ' 32 Lt. Obert Karl Irvine, AAF, BS ' 31 Lt. Elmer M. Irving, AAF, ' 36 Theodore Kendall Irwin, BA ' 38 Lt. Clay McWhirter Isbell, AAF, ' 41 (missing) Lt. Grover J. Isbell, AAF, BS ' 41 Lt. Jack Donovan Isbell, AAF, ' 38 Capt. Clarence T. Iscnsee, USA Pfc. George W. Isom, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Warren Bernard Itz, AAF, ' 41 A C Wayne Ivers, Jr., AAF, ' 42 ' Lt. Walter Craton Ivcs, AAF, ' 42 Cpl Cli.ulr, T. J..I, n. USA. ' 34 Sgt. Charles Johnson, USA, BBA ' 40 Lt. Craig C. Johnson, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Douglas Roger Johnson, Jr., USN, BBA Lt. Drexel Johnson, AAF, BS ' 41 Ens. Elbert Byron Johnson. USN, ' 44 Lt. Edwin Fred Johnson, AAF, ' 42 Capt. Everett F. Johnson, AAF, ' 24 (killed) Pfc. Franklin Beaumont Johnson. AAF, ' 42 Lt. George Raleigh Johnson, USN, ' 38 Lt. Harold Kenneth Johnson, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Harry Walker Johnson, AAF, ' 41 1st I.I. Huskvll Lee Johnson, USA, BBA ' 42 Lt. Herbert Johnson, AAF, LLB ' 38 Lt. (jg) Hubert Dee Johnson, USN. LLB ' 37 H. P. Johnson, USN, ' 43 A S Jesse Roy Johnson, USN, ' 41 Lt. Jim Pearce Johnson, AAF. LLB ' 40 Cpl. Joel Hartman Johnson, USA, BA ' 42 Lt. John Johnson. Jr., AAF, ' 38 Capt. Joseph Kelly Johnson, USA, MA ' 30 Capt. Kenneth B. Johnson, AAF, BS ' 38 Pvt. Lemuel Houston Johnson, III, USA, ' 43 Pilot Leonard Dale Johnson, HAF. ' 11 Ens. Leonard Tobin Johnson, USN. BA ' 42 1st Lt. Orrin Wendell Johnson, USMC, BA (killed) Pvt. Louis George Kahle, USA. BS ' 33 Lt. Glenn Emit! Kahler, USA. MD ' 34 Alfred Kahn, USA, ' 43 Lt. Gustav Mason Kahn, USN, MD ' 32 Joseph ' Kalb, USA, ' 43 Maj. Sidney Richard Kaliski, USA, ' 15 Lt. Leon P. Kallina, AAF, BS ' 40 (killed) Sgt. Yale Kalmans, USA, LLB ' 38 Lt. (jg) Walter William Kalteyer, Jr., USN, Herbert Richard Kameon, AAF, ' 43 Mdn. Max Kaminsky, USN, ' 43 Ike Simpson Kampmann, LLB ' 42 Capt. Karl Fred Kamrath, USA, B. Arch. ' 34 Ens. Robert Kreplin Kamrath, USN, BBA 1st Lt. Ben Zion Kaplan, AAF. BJ ' 41 Capt. Bernard Harry Kaplan, USA, ' 35 Mils. Herman Kaplan. USN. ' 30 Sherman Morris Kaplan, ' 33 Lt. Sylvan Julian Kaplan, AAF, ' 41 Marty Greg Karow, USN, ' 36 Lt. James Michael Kastner, USMC. ' 43 Pvt. Arthur Katz, Jr.. USMC, ' 43 David Alfred Kalz, BBA ' 42 .David King Huffman, USA, ' 42 Lt. William O. Huggins, Jr., USA, LLB ' 37 Maj. A. B. Hughes, Jr., AAF, ' 36 Capt. Bill Dee Hughes, AAF, ' 41 it. Billy Carter Hughes, AAF, ' 37 Lt. Col. Byron Z. Hughes, USA, MA ' 37 .Lt. Duncan Spcnce Hughes. AAF, ' 35 (killed) Lt. Comdr. Fred Morris Hughes, USN, BA Ens. Harry M. Hughes, USN, MA ' 38 Capt. Jack Eugene Hughes, USA, ' 40 .Jack Thomas Hughes, USN, BA ' 41 Lester Harold Hughes, ' 39 Mary Ann Hughes, WAC, BJ ' 42 Cpl. Melville Marcus Hughes, ' 42 Lt. Septimus Rice Hughes. AAF, ' 38 Lt. Comdr. Thomas Franklin Hughes. USMM, ' 30 M Sgt. Thomas M. Hughes, USA, ' 38 Capt. William A. Hughes, Jr., USA, ' 40 William Clarence Hughes, Jr., ' 38 Capt. William D. Hughes, AAF, ' 38 Capt. William Scott Hughes, USA, LLB ' 31 Cecil Carlton (Tex) Hughson, USN, ' 37 Pvt. Douglas Lee Huie, USA, ' 43 Y 2 c William Orr Huie. USN, LLB ' 35 Lt. Thurman B. Hull, USA, ' 41 Lt. Tommie Phillip Hull, AAF, LLB ' 41 William Deryl Hull, BBA ' 27 Pvt. Alan Austin Hulsey, USMC, ' 43 Capt. Raymond Robert Hulsey, USA, BBA Ens. Riter C. Hulsey, USN, BBA ' 42 J Lt. Julius A. Jaccard, USN, BS ' 22 Capt. William Harry Jack, USA, LLB ' 22 Lt. Terry Lee Jacks, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Charles Joseph Jackson, AAF, ' 42 Ernest Walter Jackson, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Capt. Glenn Jackson. AAF, ' 40 Lt. Jack Arland Jackson, AAF, ' 42 Capt. James Barton Jackson. USA, BA ' 37 Ens. Joseph Earl Jackson, USN, LLB ' 43 Lt. Lynn E. Jackson, USA, ' 38 Lt. (jg) Ned F. Jackson, USN, BBA ' 40 Lt. Randall Calvin Jackson, AAF, BBA ' 41 Ens. Richard Eugene Jackson, USN, ' 41 Robert Hal Jackson, USN, ' 42 A C Robert Reid Jackson, AAF, BBA ' 41 Lt. Robert W. Jackson, AAF, ' 40 (prisoner) Lt. Samuel Hollister Jackson, AAF, ' 38 Lt. (Jg) Ned Franklin Jackson, USN, BBA ' 40 Lt. (jg) Sidney Douglas Jackson, USN, MBA ' 35 Mdn. Warren Jackson, USN, ' 43 Lt. (jg) Roy Edward Jacobie, USN, ' 40 Lt. Billy Joe Jacobs, AAF, ' 42 A C Charles Edwin Jacobs, USN, ' 41 S Sgt. Earl Winter Jacobs, USA, ' 41 Lt. Edwin Jacobs. AAF, ' 42 1st Lt. Joe Jacobs, AAF, ' 35 1st Lt. Julius C. Jacobs, USA, LLB ' 30 Harry Ralph Jacobs, USN, ' 42 Sgt. Percy B. Johnson, AAF, BBA ' 38 Lt. Pete 0. Johnson, USMC, ' 43 Pvt. Robert (Candy) Johnson. USMC, ' 43 Lt. Robert Calvin Johnson. USN. LLB ' 38 Lt. Robert Lee Johnson, Jr., AAF, BA ' 42 Lt. Robert M. Johnson, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Ens. Roland Forrest Johnson, USN, LLB ' 39 Lt. Selwyn Douglas Johnson, AAF, ' 39 (killed) Pvt. Sterling Huff Johnson, USA, BBA ' 43 Capt. Thomas Bennett Johnson, AAF, ' 41 Pfc. Wallace Sjoberg Johnson, AAF, ' 43 Walter Ray Johnson. USA, BBA ' 42 A C William Otis Johnson, AAF, ' 42 Lt William Parks Johnson, USMC, ' 42 Lt. Albert Sidney Johnston, Jr., AAF, MA ' 37 Alfred Thrall Johnston, AAF, BA ' 41 Mdn. Harrv Davis Johnston, USN, ' 44 Lt. Jlarrv W. Johnston, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Albert Pershing Jones, USA, ' 38 (deceased) Cpl. Alfred B. Jones, AAF, ' 41 Berry Gilchrist Jones, USA, BA ' 25 Lt. Carl William Jones. AAF, BA ' 41 Pvt. Chris Jones. Jr., USA, ' 43 Clifford Edwin Jones, USA, BBA ' 41 Pvt. David W. Jones, AAF, ' 39 Lt. Col. Dudley Basil Jones, AAF, ' 18 Lt. Dudley Bland Jones, AAF, ' 42 (missing) Lt. Earl L. Jones, AAF, ' 38 A S Edward M. Jones, USN, ' 44 Lt. Gaither Lanicr Jones, AAF, ' 42 (killed) I ' h.M. CIvde M. Kav, USN, BS ' 43 Lt. Abraham Kazen, Jr., AAF, ' 40 1st Lt. Charles Kazen, USA, ' 34 Sgt. Wayne L. Kay, AAF, ' 28 Ens. Chester B. Keagy, USN, ' 36 1st Lt. George O. Keahcy, AAF, ' 35 Lt. Starr Kcalhofer, Jr., AAF, ' 41 COL. NEEL E. KEARBY, AAF, BBA ' 37 MEDAL OF HONOR (MISSING) Lt. Clinton Charles Kearny, AAF, BA ' 39 Lt. Frank Mah, , Keathli-v. USN, ' 38 Hay Martin Keck. Jr., USA, ' 43 Edgar S. Keefe, MA ' 33 Theodore E. Keefer, Jr., AAF, BBA ' 42 Ens. William Faulkner Keefer, USN, BBA ' 43 Ens. John Robert Keeling, USN, BBA ' 43 Col. Curtis A. Keen, AAF, ' 17 1st Lt. George Richard Keen, Jr., USA, LLB Ml Marvin Spruce Keen, AAF, MED ' 41 Ens. William Townsend Kecnan, USN, BBA ' 43 Sgt. Luther Eugene Keeney, USA, ' 43 Lt. (jg) Robert Ernest Keeton, USN, LLB Lt; Peter Thompson Keillor, AAF, ' 41 Lt. (jg) Frank Ralph Keith, Jr., USN, BA Lt. John Wilbur Keith, USMC. BS ' 42 Lt. Joseph A. Keith, AAF, ' 30 Lt. Oscar William ' Keithly, USA, BBA ' 34 Col. William H. Humlong, AAF, ' 17 Pvt. James Brittain Humphrev, USA, ' 42 .John Haywood Humphrey, USA, ' 41 Capt. R. P. Humphreys, AAF, BS ' 41 Ens. Virgil Lee Humphrey, USN, BBA ' 44 .A C Olin G. Humphries, USN, ' 44 Pvt. Jary Jack Hunnicutt, USA, ' 41 J-t. Col. Walter Scott Hunnicutt, USA, LLB Maj. Embree H. Hunt, AAF, ' 22 1st Lt. George Wesley Hunt, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Ens. Philip Mason Hunt, Jr., USN, ' 44 Lt. John Stuart Hunt, USMC, BA ' 43 Pvt. Kenneth Kirkman Hunt, USA, ' 30 Xent Noal Hunt, USA, MD ' 29 Pvt. Howard Mountjoy Hunter, Jr., USA, ' 42 it. Joe Maddin Hunter, AAF, ' 39 (killed) Pvt. Marvin Lee Jacobs, USA, ' 43 Cpl. Eugene C. Jacobscn, USA, BBA ' 39 (killed) Lt. Harry Eli Jacobson, AAF, MD ' 33 Sam Jaeggli, Jr., AAF, ' 42 (killed) Pvt. Leo Jaffe, USA, LLB ' 31 Morris Israel Jaffe, BA ' 32 S Sgt. Herschel Jaffee, AAF, BA ' 32 Pvt. Joseph Dohr Jamail. USMC, ' 43 Ens. Joe James, USN, BJ ' 40 1st Lt. John A. James, USA, LLB ' 40 P.O. 1 c John Daniel James, USN, ' 29 Ens. Joseph William James, USN, ' 38 Lt. Robert Donovan James, AAF, ' 38 Capt. William C. James, USA, ' 30 Lt. Emil L. Jan, AAF, ' 39 O C Jack Bell JumUon, USA, BA ' 34 Cpl. Guilford Lavender Jones, USA, BA ' 41 Pvt. Harold Handle Jones, AAF, ' 43 Lt. (jg) Harold Shields Jones, USN, BBA ' 34 Ens. Harry Lamar Jones, USN, BBA ' 41 A C Howard Pershing Jones, USN, ' 38 Ivy Lee Jones, WAVES, BA ' 42 Lt. Jack Edward Jones, AAF, BA ' 38 Capt. J. Fielding Jones, USA, LLB ' 37 1st Lt. Jarvis Parnell Jones, AAF, ' 35 Lt. John Til ford Jones, USA, ' 40 Lawrence Wayne Jones, AAF, ' 43 Luther Edward Jones, Jr., USA, LLB ' 37 Lt. Lynn Jones, AAF. ' 11 Lt. Col. Malcom A. Jones, USA, MD ' 22 Maj. Murray B. Jones, USA, I.I.I! ' 10 Lt. Morris Owen Jones, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Lawrence L. Keller, Jr., AAF, ' 37 (killed) Pvt. Phillips Brooks Keller, AAF, BBA ' 43 Capt. Raymond Keller. Jr., USA, ' 34 Capt. Grady Odos Kelley, AAF, ' 40 Joseph Marshall Kelley, USA, ' 43 1st Lt. Roy D. Kelley, AAF Pvt. Raymond Adolph Kelling, USA, ' 43 Pvt. Jim Henry Kellis, AAF, BBA ' 42 Lt. Andrew Burzos Kelly, AAF, ' 38 Pvt. Arthur Benjamin Kelly, USA, ' 43 Capt. Charlee Edgar Kelly, WAC, BA ' 26 1st Lt. Ewell Lynn Kelly, USA, ' 29 Lt. Guy Terrell Kelly, USA, ' 41 Lt. James A. Kelly, USN, BA ' 23 Lt. (jg) Keith Franklin Kelly, USN, BBA ' 37 1st Lt. Robert KNwoith Kellv. USMC. ' 38 Sgt. Van Court Kelly, Jr., AAF, ' 32 Col. Edgar Harland Keltner, USA, ' 17 Lt. James Brcnard Kellner, AAF, ' 40 (killed) Lt. James Thomas Keltner, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Robert Beegle Kemp, AAF, ' 39 Maj. William Jackson Kemp, USA, ' 33 Pvt. Rhinehardt Orion Kempe, USA, ' 41 Pfc. Charles Horace Kempcr, Jr., USA, ' 40 Ens William Kenda, USN. ' 33 Lt. Joe Barry Kendall, AAF, ' 42 1st Lt. Sidne ' y Sherman Kendall, USA, ' 41 Capt. Thormw Alfred Kendall, USA, ' 42 Lt. (jg) William Theodore Kendall, USN, Pvt. Andrew G. Kandrick, USA, BBA ' 29 Pvt. N.-il B. Kendrick, AAF, BS ' 37 Ens. Brents Edward Kenley, USN, BS ' 34 Lt. Charles Weldon Kennedy, Jr., USA, BA ' 30 Pilot Ernest Robert Kennedy, RCAF, ' 37 Capt. John Chester Kennedy. USA, MS ' 43 Edward R. Kennedy, USA, ' 43 John Wilson Kennedy, AAF, ' 43 T Sgt. Thomas Daniel Kennedy, USA, ' 41 (missing) Maj Van Kennedy. USA, ' 31 Capt. Clarence Elliott Kennemer, USA, ' 32 Walter Ernest Kennymore, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Pvt. Clement Read Kennon, USA, ' 38 A C L. A. Kent, AAF, BA ' 40 Lt. John Joe Keough, USN, ' 36 (missing) Ens. Jack Charles Kern, Jr., USN, BS ' 43 Ens. Robert Horace Kern, Jr., USN, LLB ' 37 Capt. Baine Perkins Kerr, USMC, BA ' 42 Lt. John Abness Kerr, USA, LLB ' 35 Lt. Robert Augustus Kerr, AAF, ' 38 Stephen Wallace Kershncr, USA, BS ' 39 Dana Isaac Kestenbaum, BBA ' 42 Capt. Everard T. Ketchum. AAF, MD ' 29 Richard E. Keunstler, AAF, ' 39 Lt. Allen Scott Key, AAF, ' 32 Lt. David Rutherford Key, USA, ' 40 Capt. Harold Key, USA, BA ' 38 Pvt. James Everett Key, USA, ' 43 Lt. Marion Terry Key, AAF, LLB ' 41 1st Lt. Scott Walter Key, AAF, ' 36 Col. Edward Appleton Keyes, USA, ' 01 Lt. Lawrence H. Keys, AAF, ' 34 1st Lt. Fields Keyser, USA, BS ' 37 Lt. Robert (Bobbie) G. Keyser, AAF, ' 42 Ruby Willis Kidd, WAC, BA ' 38 Lt. Thomas Wayland Kidd, USMC, ' 42 Adolph Custav Kiefer, USN, ' 39 Pvt. William C. Kielman, USA, ' 41 Sgt. Ralph A. Kies, AAF, BA ' 39 Lt. Clarence A. Kiesler, AAF, ' 41 Lt. George Craydon Kiker, AAF, BBA ' 39 Ens. Joseph Kilchenstein, Jr., USN, ' 35 Lt. Charles Wynne Kilgore, AAF, BS ' 41 Glance Kilgore, USMM, BA ' 43 Maj. Joe Madison Kilgore, AAF, ' 41 Ens. Robert Dixie Kilgore, USN, LLB ' 41 Lt. Will H. Kilgore, USN, BS ' 40 Lt (jg) Radcliffe Killam. USN, BA ' 32 1st Lt. Cone High Kill.,,, USMC, BBA ' 40 Capt. Winfred Price Killingsworth, USA, ' 30 Robert Sleeper Killough, ' 35 1st Lt. Chester B. Kilpatrick, Jr., AAF, ' 40 Lt. Robert Lee Kilpatrick, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Col. Richard ' Huntington Kimball, USA. BA ' 03 (deceased) Lt. James Hiram Kimmel, AAF, LLB ' 41 1st Lt. Richard Farris Kimmel, AAF, ' 41 A S Vernon Leo Kinabrew, AAF, ' 43 Ens. Beatrice Kincaid, WAVES, BA ' 35 Edgar Kincaid, USA, BA ' 43 1st Lt. Albert Earl Kinder, Jr., AAF, BA ' 38 Capt. Ben Ewing King, USA, ' 30 (prisoner) Pfc. Billy King, USA, ' 43 Pvt. Bert King, Jr., USA, LLB ' 43 Ens. Claude Vernon King, Jr., USN, BS ' 43 Lt. Dudley Ernest King, AAF, ' 38 Lt. Gail Quillian King, Jr., USA, BBA ' 36 Maj. Henry King, USA, ' 17 Lt. Kenneth Ray King, USA, BBA ' 41 1st Lt. Mayo R. King, AAF, BBA ' 37 Neal Parks King, USA, ' 43 1st Lt. Rufus Gahen King, USA, ' 29 Samuel Leslie King, AAF, ' 42 Mdn. Sue Chamberlain King, USN, MA ' 36 Lt. Erdie Ray Kingsbury, AAF, ' 39 Don Lee Kinnard, ' 42 Lt. Robert E. Kingston, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Lt. Cirard William Kinney, USA, ' 33 Ens. Harry Cooper Kinney, Jr., USN, ' 41 Lt. Lowell Eugene Kinney, AAF, ' 41 (killed) Lt. Sterling E. Kinney, USA, LLB ' 42 Lt. William G. Kinney, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Beaver A. Kinsel, AAF, ' 42 Lt. George D. Kinsel, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Robert Irvine Kinsella, USA, ' 40 Ens. Charles William Kinslow, USN, BBA ' 43 Pvt. Perry Ross Kipper, VSA, ' 43 1st Lt. Jesse Granville Kitty. Jr., AAF, ' 33 Cpl. Walter T. Kirby, AAF, ' 42 Cpl. Birch Benton Kirk, USA, LLB ' 31 S Sgt. Dixon Pershing Kirk, USA, ' 38 Lt. Leonard Woodard Kirk, AAF, ' 41 (killed) Maj. Robert Dyrel Kirk, USA, LLB ' 28 Lt. Thomas Myron Kirk, AAF, ' 39 MD ' 09 Graham Gillis Kyle, ' 39 En-. Rayl.urn W. Lawrence, USN. ' 41 Lt. Sam Walter Kirkpatrick. USMC, ' 40 Sgt. Van Evers Kirkpatrick. USA. BM ' 42 Maj George Turner Kirk-ev. AAE. ' 2.1 Lt. Joe Penn Kitchens, USA, ' 40 A S Lester J. Kitchens, USN, ' 36 Pfc. Bill Walter Kitley, AAF, ' 43 1st Lt. DeVcrne Kittles, AAF, BS ' 39 A C William Kittrell, III. AAF, ' 43 Lee Estes Kizer, USA, BS ' 42 Marvin Klaber, AAF, ' 43 L Ens. Robert William Laakso. USN, BS ' 41 Lt. Lewis Labenske, USA, ' 38 1 i. J,,mc Clifton Lackey, AAF, ' 41 Charles Woolsey Lacy, AAF, BBA ' 42 Lt. George Russell Lacy. AAF, MA ' 36 Lt. Fohert Glyn Lacy, USMC, BS ' 42 (Deceased) Ll. Graham H. Ladd. AAF, ' 35 (Missing) CpT! John Dowel! Laws. USA, ' 41 1st. Lt. Wallace Dunk Lawson, AAF, BS ' 39 Capt. William Lawrence Lawson, AAF, ' 38 v Ens. William Cranston Lawton. USN, MA ' 35 Pvt. Archie Wilson Lay, AAF, BA ' 37 Mdn. Coy Lafayette Lay, USN, ' 42 Ens. James Martin Layden. USN, BBA ' 42 A S John Joseph Layden, USN, ' 42 Capt. Peter John Layden. AAF, ' 42 Lt. Murray J. Klater, USA, ' 42 Pfc. Charles Klecka,, USA, BBA ' 43 Lt. Arthur Anthonv Klein. USN, LLB ' 32 . Capt. Lester Louis Klein. USA. LLB ' 41 Cpl Donald Eugene Kliewer. USA. BJ ' 41 Ens. Thomas Joseph Kline. USN. BBA ' 40 Elizabeth LaFcnte. WAC, ' 38 Lt. (jg) George William Lafferty, USN, ' 41 Lt. Haney Monlomerv I.aflVity, USN, PhD ' -M, Lt. Alfred H. LaCrone. USN, BS ' 38 T Sgt. Al M. Lazarus, AAF, ' 37 Edwin P. Lea. USCG, BA ' 43 l.t. Col. Joe Edward Lea, USA, ' 31 Lt. George Leach, AAF, MF.I) ' 39 Lt. Jim Phares Leach, AAF. ' 37 Carlos Prado Kling. USMM, PhD ' 32 (Missing) Fred Vernon Klingeman, USCG. LLB ' 39 Ens. Willie Kloppe. USN. BS ' 39 S 2 c Nelson Klose, USN, MA ' 37 l.i Wilbur Theodore Kupe, USA. ' 32 A C Alfred Thomas Knie, Jr.. AAF. ' 43 Lt. Earl R. Knight. AAF, ' 43 Lt. (jg) Frank Knight. USN. BBA ' 32 Ens. Frederick William Knight, USN, BBA ' 43 Capt. James Knight. AAF, PhD ' 31 Oliver Doyle Knight, ' 42 Ens. Thomas Turner Knight. USN. LLB ' 43 Ens. William 11. Knight. USN. BS ' 37 Lt. Edgar Adolf Knippa, USA, ' 39 A C Bernard Earl Knott. AAF, ' 42 Lt. William L. Knowlan, AAF, ' 36 Ens. Richard C. Knowles, USN, ' 42 Lt. James Warren Knox. AAF, ' 42 (Missing) SK 1 c Paul Knox, USN, ' 40 Pvi. William Robert Knox, USA, " 43 Capt. Frederick Johnson Koberg, USA, BA ' 38 Ens. Harold Chris Kockos, USN, ' 42 Cpl. Rudolph Kocurck, AAF, BBA ' 34 Lt. James Freadling Koenig, USA, MA ' 38 Tapt. Perier A. Koenig. AAF, ' 34 Mclvin Otto Koerth, ' 40 Herbert George Kohler, AAF, ' 42 Sgt. Virgil Kolb, USA, ' 36 Lt. Joseph John Kolodzey, AAF, ' 41 Viola Kolos, WAC, BA ' 42 A C Harry Sharp Lain. 1 .-Y 1 . Pvt. Ira Laird. USA, BS ' 39 Lt. William 0. Laird. Jr., AAF, ' 41 Lt. Joe Lake, AAF. ' 42 Albert Aeneas LaLonde, BA ' 38 Lt. Edward Herbert LaMair, USN, BBA ' 28 Lt. Ralph Harrison Lamar, AAF. ' 42 A C Bob Bowden Lamb. AAF, ' 40 A C Oran Hale Lamb, USN. ' 42 S Sgt. Griffith Lambdin, AAF, LLB ' 41 PM 2 c Cyrus Hill Lambert, USN, BS ' 42 James Arthur Lambert, USA, ' 39 Lt. William R. Lambert. AAF, ' 40 Albert N. Lambrecht, ' 41 Pfc. Clyde LaMotte, USA, ' 40 1st Lt. Gordon Gn- Lancaster. USMC, BS ' 42 Howard Erwin Lancaster, MD ' 22 Capt. R. D. Lancaster, AAF, ' 41 1st Lt. James Alfred Landers. AAF. ' 40 S Sgt. John Fred Landers, USA, ' 42 A C Floyd Robert Landrum, AAF, ' 42 Ens. Graham Landrum, USN, ' 43 Maj. Lynn Wiley Landrum, USA. I.I.I! ' 17 A C Wayne Hutto Landrum, USN, ' 43 Ens. Harold H. Landry, USN, BBA ' 41 Thomas Wade Landry, AAF, ' 43 Richard Landsman, AAF, ' 43 Maj. Barton George Lane, USA, ' 34 Pfc. Louis Gardner Lane, AAF, BM ' 43 Maj. William Lane, Jr., AAF, BA ' 35 Lt. (jg) James Joseph Lanev, USN. LLB ' 36 Edwin Howard Lanford, ' 41 Lt. William Ernest Lanford. Jr., AAF, ' 42 James Vestal (Jimmy) Leak, Jr.. USA. ' I.I Lt. (jg) Carroll Precott Learned, USN, ' 41 (Missing) Lt. Charles John Leavitt, AAF, ' 41 William Leslie Leavy, USA, ' 43 1st l.t. I.ovd J. LeBlanc, AAF, ' 41 Ens. Louis Charles Lechenger, Jr., USN. BS ' 43 Cpl. Fn-d Schuman LeClercq. AAF, ' 36 1st Lt. Llewellyn H. Ledbetter, AAF, BA ' 3 Ens. Gilbert Charles Ledviud, USN, ' 42 Pvt. Bobby Coy Lee, AAF, ' 44 S Sgt. Jame- Gerard Lee, USMC, ' 42 Av.M. 3 c John Ruskin Lee, USN, ' 43 Capt. Lewis Claude Lee, USA, BBA ' 35 Capt. Hamilton Ivy (Ham) Lee, AAF, BA ' 11 (Deceased) A C Richard R. Lee, AAF. ' 42 Lt. Robert Emmitt Lee, AAF. ' 41 (Missing) Ll. Sarah Evelyn Lee, WAC. ' 42 l.t. Robert Milton Leech, AAF, ' 42 Mai. E.Uaid P. Lccper. AM. BA ' 24 Lt. James R. Leeton, AAF, LLB ' 41 FC 3 C Loui Beauman Lefevre, USN, ' 42 Lt. Daniel Leftwich, Jr., AAF. ' 42 Snowden M. Leftwitch, Jr.. USA. ' 42 Capt. Carey Legett, Jr.. AAF. MI) ' 11 Mdn. Reagan Houston Legg, USN, ' 43 Flight OHieei Edward K. Leggnt, AAF, ' 41 I ' hM. Alan I.lovd I.eggett. USN, MA Pvt. Elbert Riley Leggett. USA, ' 42 Pfc. Erwin Fred Lehkcr, AAF, ' 43 Robert Andrews Kooken. Jr.. ' 30 Y Donald Walter K kv. USN, ' 43 Eugene Lamar Kopecky. BBA ' 42 A C Sam Kopecky. AAF, ' 41 (Killed) Lt. William Joseph Lang. Jr.. AAF, ' 40 (Prisoner) Av S Jim Calhoun Langdon. USN, LLB ' 40 Pfc. Edison Monroe Lange, AAF, ' 41 En-. Mauiice A. Lehmann. USN. LLB ' 41 M Sat. William H. Leiper, USA, ' 40 Lt. Fred Albert I.ei-ering. USA. BBA ' 42 S Sgt George W. Leisering, AAF, ' 42 Lt. (jg) Victor August Kormeier, USN, BBA ' 37 Herschel Kornblatl, ' 40 Capt. Frederick Herman Korth, AAF. BA ' 32 Lt. John Karl Koschak. Jr., AAF, ' 41 Amecl Zola Kouri, AAF, BBA ' 31 Lt. Philip Salem Kouri, USA, ' 33 Ph.M. Clyde E. Koy. USN, BS ' 43 CPO. Ernest Anyz Koy, USN, ' 34 Ens. Carter Glass Kraege, USN, BS ' 42 Pvt. Sidney Herschel Krakower, USA, ' 43 Pvt. Arthur Lee Kramaer, AAF, BFA ' 43 Pvt. Clarence Kvnold Krampitz. USMC, ' 43 Ens. James Arthur Krause, USN, BBA ' 41 Henry Gustave Krausse, Jr., USA, BA ' 43 BS ' 39 Capt. David Kemp Langford, AAF, BS ' 39 Gil Wood Langhorne, ' 36 Capt. Ralph George Langley, USA, LLB ' 37 Maj. Charles Langner. AAF, BA ' 24 Lt. Cmdr. William Greene L.-ingston, USN, ' 34 Maj. James Samuel Lanham, AAF, PhD ' 42 J. Armand Lanicr, AAF, BA ' 41 Sidney Alexander Lanier, ' 41 Melvin Elliot Lapman, BS ' 40 Lt. Frank Barcus LaPrelle, USMC, ' 40 A C Stanley Laracy, AAF, ' 42 Ens. John Edmond Larcade, USN, BBA ' 42 Fred Daniel Larkin, ' 41 William V. L.-mcns, ' 31 Lt. Eugene R. Lemmon. AAF. ' 41 A C Maurice A. Lemmons. AAF. ' 42 Ens. Thoma- M. Lemon. USN. BA ' 43 T Sgt. Edward M. Lemons, AAF, ' 39 Helmut A. Lenert, BS ' 38 Donald Joseph Lcnertz, USA, ' 39 PhM3 c Malon Burton Lentz, USN, ' 43 Capt. lla.old 1. Leon, AAE. ' 41 Lt. James Kinney Leon, AAF. ' 41 (Killed) Camillus H. Leonard, Jr., AAF, ' 42 A C Ernest Leonard, AAF, ' 39 (Killed) l.t. Joe Means Leonard, Jr., USA, ' 41 Joseph Francis Leonard. J,.. USA, ' 42 Pvt. Oliver Gustave Leppin, AAF, ' 41 (killed) Matthew Ferdinand Kreisle, Jr., USN, BA ' 44 F. 0. Frank Jerome Krejei, Jr., AAF, ' 40 (killed) Capl. Vincent Frank Krejci, AAF. LLB ' 41 A C Lawrence Nichlos Kremer, AAF, ' 41 Ens. Marvin Mayer Kress, USN. BBA ' 43 Lt. James Ritncr Kriechbaum, USA, ' 42 l.t. William Paul Kriegel, USA, ' 41 Pfc. Vernon Ncsbitt Kiing, USMC, ' 42 Raymond Alfred Krippendorf, ' 41 George Martin Krise, USN, ' 42 Tom Moyland Kritser, ' 42 Pvt. Conrad Kroll, AAF. ' 42 Charles L. Krugcr, Flight Instructor, BA ' 37 Albert Anton Kubala, ' 42 Ens. Bennie Lloyd Larrabee. USN, BJ ' 43 1st Lt. George Christian Larsen, AAF, ' 42 Jack Kirby Larsen. BA ' 40 A C Eugene Larson. AAF, ' 42 1st Lt. Leonard Carl Larson, AAF. BS ' 40 Ll. Louis Everett Larson, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Oscar Eugene Larson, AAF, ' 43 T Sgt. Lowell LeRoy LaSalle, AAF, BA ' 41 Lt. (jg) James Allan Lasater, USN, BS ' 41 A C James Arthur Lasater, AAF, ' 43 Capt. Alexander Lassberg, AAF, ' 38 Lt. Edwin Kurt Lassberg, USA, ' 42 Lt. Joe Earl Lassiter, USA. ' 41 Lt. Jack Taylor Lastor, AAF, ' 42 Lt.-Lynn Robinson Latham, USA, LLB ' 38 Lt. William Edwin Latham, USA, ' 40 Pvt. Frederick A. Leser, USA, ' 43 Cpl. Cleve O. Leshikar, USA, BA ' 39 Sgt. Marvin Simon Leshin, USA, ' 42 iV. Hubert Lesley, J.!. AAF. ' 42 Albert Duke Leslie, USA, ' 37 Pvt. I.eroy Munster Leslie, USA, ' 43 I.I. Thomas Robert Leslie, AAF, ' 42 Mai. WYndel P. Lester, AAF, BS ' 40 (Killed) Ll. Ben L. Leutwyler, Jr., AAF, ' 40 Lt. (jg) John Aubrey Levee, USN, BA ' 41 Ens. William Hunter Leverett, USN, ' 40 A C Aubrey Thomas Leveridge, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Charles Abraham Levi, Jr., ' 33 Lt. Godchcaux L. Levi, USA, BBA ' 31 Ens. Lcroy John Kubecka, I SN. BBA ' 43 Maj. Henry Peyton Kucera, USA, LLB ' 23 Pvt. Edward Noxe Kuczvnski, USA, BS ' 42 Charles Albert Kuehn, USA, ' 43 T S Kenneth Emil Kuehn, USA, BA ' 41 S 3 c Hugo Franz Kuehne, Jr., USN, ' 43 Lt. Alfred R. Kuhleman, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Claude Havwood Latson. USA, ' 25 Hal McKnight Lattimore, USN, ' 42 Lt. Luther Clayton Lau, Jr., AAF, BJ ' 42 A S Luther Walter Laubach. USN, ' 43 A S James Alva Laudan, USN, BBA ' 39 Capt. Jack Irwin Laudermilk, USA, ' 41 Capt. Alfred James Laughlin, AAF, BA ' 30 Ens. Edwai,: Levin.-. USN. BS ' 38 Lt. Sidney Louis Levinson, USA, BJ ' 38 Milton Harris Levit, USN. ' 42 Lt. Albert Howard Levy. USA, ' 34 Pvt. Harry Robert Levy, Jr., USA, ' 42 Pvt. Lester A. Levy, USA, ' 43 Louis Joseph Levy, BA ' 33 MA ' 33 Lt. William Henry Kuhlman, AAF, ' 38 (Killed) Herbert Roy Kuhn, AAF, ' 43 Lt. John Gordon Kuhn. USMC, ' 41 A S John (Jack) Henry Kultgen, USN, ' 43 Pvt. Theodore E. Kulhanek, USA, ' 42 Jefferson Earle Kuntz, ' 24 Lt. John Edward Kunz, AAF, BS ' 42 Pfc. Ben W. Kurio, USA, ' 43 Lt. Norris A. Kurio, AAF, ' 43 Charles (Tex) Kurlan, ' 32 Ernest L. Kurth, ' 31 Lt. (jg) Malcolm James Kutner, USN, BBA ' 42 Lt. A. Caldwell Kuykendall, AAF, ' 25 Lt. Roger Lynn Kuykendall, USA, ' 42 (Killed) John Milton Laughlin, USA, BA ' 38 Capt. Jones Connally Laughlin, AAF, ' 34 1st. Lt. Phillip Edward Laughlin. USMC, ' 42 Lt. William Gary Laughlin, USMC, ' 42 Capt. Herbert Samuel Lauterstein, USA, ' 39 Capt. George A. Laven, Jr., AAF, ' 38 James Franklin Laverty, AAF, ' 43 Cpl. Ira Loeb Lavin, USA, ' 41 Lt. (jg) Thomas Hart Law, USN, LLB ' 42 Ens. Anna Jane Lawder, USN, BA ' 35 Col. Zim E. Lawhon, USA, ' 11 (Deceased) Col. Douglas Ninian Lawley, USA, ' 13 O C William Lawley, AAF, ' 42 Benjamin Arthur Lawrence, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Billy C. Lawrence, ' 39 (Prisoner) Claude Lawrence. Jr., AAF, ' 43 A S Roy I.inwood Levy, USN, ' 43 A C David E. Lewallen, AAF, ' 38 Lt. Benjamin K. Lewis, AAF, BBA ' 40 Cpl. Cecil I. Lewis, USA, BBA ' 37 A C Charles Edwin Lewis, USN, ' 42 A C Edward D. Lewis, ' 43 Pvt. George L. Lewis, AAF, LLB ' 38 Lt. Glenn Rowe Lewis. USN, LLB ' 25 James L. Lewis, AAF, ' 43 John L. Lewis, ' 36 Lt. Leo L. Lewis, USA, BA ' 35 Ralph A. Lewis, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Lt. Randolph H. Lewis, AAF, ' 41 Ens. Robert E. Lewis, USN, BA ' 43 Lt. Robert L. Lewis, Jr., USA. MD ' 37 Cpl Robert Leonard Lewis, USA, ' 40 Pvt. Vester J. Lewis, Jr.. USA, ' 43 Sgt. Walter Scott Lewis, AAF. " 42 Pvt Warner S. Lewis, AAF. " 41 Benton Foeshee Love. AAF, ' 43 Hollis Culver Love, USA, BS ' 42 M Sgt. Robert William McClung, USA, BBA ' 34 Charle, Burton McKenzie. USA, ' 37 Jim Tom McKenzie, AAF, ' 43 Lt. (jgl Willis Jack Lewis, USN. BA ' 37 James Russell Love, ' 42 Lt. Clifford Ellis McCollam, USMC, ' 43 Walter Holt McKenzie, USN. ' 29 Edwin Maurice Libbin, USCC, ' 42 John William Love, USN, ' 44 Lt. C. J. McCollum, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Tolmer Spencer McKinley, AAF. ' 41 Lt. Lawrence F. Liberty, AAF, ' 40 Cpl. Leonard Dyer Love. USMC, ' 41 Charles Holmes McCollum, Jr.. ' 29 Arthur Dana McKinney. ' 41 Ens. Carl L. Lichte. USN. " 42 Martin Tony Love, USA, ' 41 John Joe McColpin, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Claude Creer McKinney, Jr.. AAF. " 39 Lt. Leon M. Liddell, USA. LLB ' 37 Ens. Charles Coe Lovelew. USN, ' 42 Pvt. Arthur Sidney McComb. USA. ' 36 S Sgt. Hugh McKinney, USA, ' 41 A C Carl Everett Lidell, USN, ' 43 En.. Jimmy Erie Loveless. USN. ' 44 L. C. McCommas. Jr.. AAF. BBA " 28 Lt. John McKinney. AAF, ' 41 (Killed) Ens. Lewi. Varney Lieb, USN. ' 40 Ens. Loyal Edwin Loveless. Jr., USN. ' 44 A C Horace B. McCord. AAF. ' 43 Lt. Frank Cillespie McKnight, USA. BBA ' 42 S Sgt David H Lieberman. AAF, ' 40 Garland ' Froggie Lovvorn, ' 39 (Deceased) Lt. (jg) Alvin Futch McCormick. USN, Ens. Joe Webb McKnight, USN, ' 44 Lt. Charles V. Liebscher, USA. ' 38 Lt. Dan Copeland Lowe, AAF, ' 38 LLB ' 42 Capt. Thoma, Lanier McKnight. AAF. Pvt. John Ewell Lightfoot, USA, BA ' 37 Lt. Edwin Palmer Lowe, AAF. MA ' 41 Sgl. Everett C. McCormick. USA, 39 BBA " 39 Ph M3 c Arno Buie Ligon, USN, ' 40 En.. Howard Ray Lowe, USN, ' 44 Joe Clifford McCormick. USA, BBA ' 42 F.O. Erne.t L. McLane, AAF. ' 42 Charles Holman Lilienstern. USA, LLB ' 37 Harmon Luther Lowman, ' 42 Ll. Ray McCormick, AAF. ' 43 Lt. Charle, Alexander McLarty, AAF, ' 41 Maj. James Warren Lillard. AAF. ' 40 1st Lt. Charle, J. E. Lowndes, Jr., AAF, ' 30 Lt. Marvin M. McCown. AAF. BBA ' 40 Lt. Ewing Sink. McLarty. AAF. ' 42 Ll. Zack Ford Lillard. USN. ' 39 Jay Perry Lowrey, ' 39 (Killed) Kenneth Vincent McLaughlin. USA, ' 39 Ens. Walter F. Lilly, USN, " 42 Capt. John Alexander Lowthre, USA. Lt. William Hensley McCown, AAF. MA " 40 George Humphrey McLean, ' 43 Will See Lilly, ' 34 LLB ' 38 (Missing) Lt. Louis Cutler McLean, AAF. LLB ' 37 Lt. Wvlie E. Lilly, AAF, ' 39 Maj. John Frederick (Jack) Lnbben USA, Av S Frank McCracken, AAF Malcolm Dallas McLean. BA ' 36 Andrew Madison- Limmer, USA, BBA ' 43 MD ' 24 John McCrary, USN, ' 37 A C Robert Jack McLean, AAF, ' 42 Maj. Charle. Fred Lincoln, Jr., AAF, ' 38 1st Ll. Alfred Thoma. Luca,. AAF. " 42 Lt. Jame, Henry McCrocklin. USMC, BA ' 43 Ll. Boyd B. McLeod, USA. ' 41 En.. Oscar Curtis Lindemann. USN, ' 43 John Parker Lucas. USN, " 42 Ens. Robert Milton McCui.tion. USN. BS ' 42 Pvt. David Albert McM.hon, USA, ' 43 Lt Edgar M Lindgren. AAF Pvt. Richard Martin Lucas, USA, BBA ' 42 Sgl. Roy L. McCuUton, AAF. ' 42 Robert D. McMahon. AAF. BS ' 40 Capt. Herbert Edward Lindhe, AAF, ' 40 W. F. Luca., ' 39 Cpl. John Danels McCully, USA, ' 38 Truman McMahon. AAF, ' 40 J. C. Lindlev, USA, LLB ' 40 Byron Bedford Luck, AAF, ' 42 Ll. J. D. McCuIlough, USMC, ' 41 Ens. William G. McMahon. USN. BS ' 41 Edward Axel Lindlof, BS ' 41 l.t Lt. Allen Ellsworth Ludden, USA, Lt. James William McCuIlough. USMC, Ll. Ian Duskin McMaster, Jr.. AAF. ' 41 Bert W Lin.l-iiv 1 A, MA ' 41 MA ' 41 BBA ' 39 Hugh Lvon McMath, AAF. MS ' 34 Joseph Lindsay, ' 41 Morris Edward Ludtke. USN, ' 34 Mdn. Elliott Lee McCurdy, USN. BA ' 43 Lt. Jame. Erne.t McMichael, USA, BS ' 39 Ens. Malcolm Storey Lindsay, USN. LLB ' 37 John Frederick Ludwig, ' 41 1st Lt. Jame, DeLoache McCutchan. III. Lt. Kyle Edward McMichael. AAF. ' 42 Lt. Winston S. Lindsay AAF, ' 41 (Killed) C.Sp.(A) Otto Henry Ludwig, Jr., USN, " 36 AAF, ' 38 Lt. Claude C. McMillan, AAF, ' 41 Lt. William Bryan Lindsay. AAF, ' 43 Arthur Edwin Luecke, ' 32 Lt. Clayton E. McCutcheon, USMC, ' 35 DeHart Earl McMillan. Jr., AAF, ' 43 Ens. Arthur S. Linn, USN. BBA ' 34 Maj. George Milton Luhn. AAF, LLB ' 24 Currie McCutcheon, Jr.. USA, ' 43 Lt. Jame, M. McMillan, USA. ' 40 Lt. Howard Henry Linn, USA, BBA ' 38 A C Joseph Clarence Luhning. Jr.. AAF. ' 42 Brig. Gen. Arthur Bea McDaniel, AAF, Sam Shellon McMillan, ' 37 Lt. Thomas Alva Linn, AAF. BBA ' 42 Lt. Burl Leon Lukenbill. AAF. BBA ' 41 LLB ' 17 (Deceased) Thomas Ellwood McMillan. Jr.. AAF, ' 43 Pvt. Howard Warren Linnard. USA, ' 43 Cpl. Floyd Garner Luker, AAF. ' 34 En.. Cordon Duggan McDaniel, USN, LLB Lt. (jg) William Blair McMillan, USN. Lt Harry A. Linnev, USA, BS ' 37 En.. Daniel Saul Lumian. USN. LLB ' 42 ' 38 (Killed) LLB ' 36 Ens. Mervin Robert Lippman, USN, BA " 43 SK3 C J. Edgar Lumpkin. USN, ' 41 Capl. Lewi, Tillman McDaniel. USA. BA ' 32 Ens. Earl T. McMillian. USN. ' 43 Lt. Thomas C. Lipsc ' omb, AAF, ' 41 Stuart Bowman Lumpkin., AAF, LLB ' 40 Lt. Doyle McDonald, AAF, LLB ' 40 Lt. Phillip L. Lipstate, AAF, BS " 41 Lt. Phillip David Lis.ner. AAF, ' 41 Lt. Wallace Lynn Lundgren. AAF, ' 42 Pfc. Claude Marshall Lundell, USA, ' 41 (Prisoner) Lt. Felix Lynn McDonald, USA, LLB ' 36 A S Woodrow Franklin McMillan. USN. ' 37 Ll. James Oliver McMullin, Jr.. AAF. ' 42 (Killed) William Wayne Lunn BA ' 43 Capt. Francis Coodall McDonald, USA. En,. Edna Merle McMurry. WAVES, BJ ' 37 Shirley Elizabeth Lissner. WAC, ' 37 S2 c (Y) Samuel Ainsworth Lunsford. LLB ' 38 Capt. Guy Hubert McMurry. AAF, ' 39 Lt. Jack D. Listen. AAF. ' 38 Pvt. Homer A. Littell, USA. ' 43 USN ' 43 Pfc. Carrol Brooke Lusk, AAF, ' 34 Lt. Crover C. McDonald. Jr.. AAF. BBA " 38 Hayden Louis McDonald. BS ' 42 Lt. Gyle McMurrv. USA. BS ' 41 Lt. Edward Richard McNabb, USA. ' 40 Lt Charles Levi Liltl. USA, ' 40 Ph.M.2 c Donnel Harner Lutgens, USN, " 42 1st Lt Morn, Tippett McDonald, AAF, Ll. Alexander J. AAF. ' 41 T Sgt. Fisher Harpfr Little. USA, BBA ' 42 Jesse Perkins Lulon, Jr.. ' 42 BBA " 41 Maj. Carl John McNamara. USA. BBA ' 22 Lt (jg) Jack Lurin Little. USN, BS ' 41 A C William Bethel Luton. USN. ' 43 Lt. Ned McDonald, USN, BS ' 39 Lt. Don Demon Mc.Nay, USMC. ' 42 S2 c John Ros Little. U.-N. ' 41 Juliu, Leonida, Lybrand, USA, ' 42 Newton Ferdinand McDonald, Jr.. USA, ' 42 Lt. William Daniel McNeel, USA. LLB ' 37 Ll Joseph B. Little, USA, MBA ' 37 Don Morris Lyda, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Rochard F. McDonald. AAF, ' 40 Capl. Scott E. McNeill, AAF, ' 18 Richard Leroy Little. USA, ' 43 Maj. Victor L. Lyday. USA. BA ' 32 S2 c Warren S. McDonald. USN. " 33 En.. George McNeir. USN, BBA ' 42 Lt. Sterling Edward Little, USMC, ' 36 En.. Alvin Reed Lyle, USN, ' 42 Ishmel Mavo McDow, USA. " 42 Lt. Charle, McNutt, AAF, ' 37 (Missing) Maj Wendell E Little USA BA ' 32 John Emmitt Lyle, ' 29 Lt. Clifton A. McDowell. Jr.. AAF. BS ' 42 Lt. Cordon Russell McNutt. AAF. MA ' 38 Ens. William Ku-.-Il Littl-. USN. " 11 S Sgt. Lawrence Lorraine Lyle,. USA, ' 38 Clyde McDowell, USA, BBA " 34 Lt. (jg) Benjamin Carroll McPherson, Capt. Lacv W. I.ittlejohn. USA, ' 39 Pvt. Ben Franklin Lvman. Jr., USA, BBA ' 43 Lt. Loni. Sanborn McDowell, AAF. ' 43 USN, ' 39 Lt. Maurice L Litton. USA, BA ' 39 Lt. Bert Gerald Lynch. AAF. ' 41 Lt. Roy Eugene McDowell. AAF, ' 40 Henrv Stanford McPherson. ' 41 Jame, Audavee Lively. AAF. " 41 Lt. Charles S. Livingston, AAF. BA ' 24 Capt. Raymond Augustus Lynch, USA, LLB ' 39 1st Lt. Daniel R. McDuff, AAF, ' 36 John Raymond McDuff, ' 42 Lt. Robert Lee McQuaide, USA, ' 43 Ll. Frederick W. McQueen. Jr.. AAF, ' 43 Capt. Edward N. Livingston, AAF, ' 29 1,1 Lt. Robert E. Lynch, Jr., AAF, ' 25 Lt. Charle. Callaway McDugald. USN. Kenneth Odie McRee. USN. BS ' 41 Ens Jack Clark Livingston, USN, " 44 Sgt. Vernon Eugene Lvnch. AAF, MA ' 39 LLB ' 37 Maj. Waller E McRee, AAF. BA ' 34 A S Leon James Livingston. USN. " 41 Lt. William Raymond (Bill) Lynch. Ens. William Clifford McDugald, USN. Ens. Billy McReynolds, USN, ' 44 Lt. Walter David Lloyd, AAF. ' 42 USA, ' 41 BS " 42 Capt. Jack Olin McReynolds. AAF, ' 40 Lt. Jack Tom Lochridge. AAF, ' 37 Lt. Paul Kenzie Lvnde. USMC. ' 42 Pvt Arthur Earl McElrov. USMC, ' 43 Clarence Hunter McShan. USN, BS ' 42 Martha (Catherine Lochridge, WAC, ' 40 Ollis Elmer Lock, ' 32 Robert Riesner Lockart. ' 38 Fritz Lanham Lyne, ' 43 Lt. Luther Davenport Lynn. AAF, BA ' 30 Ens. Frank Joseph Lyon,. USN, BBA ' 43 En. ' . Howard D. McElroy, ' Jr.. USN. BBA ' 43 T Sgt. Howard Kell McElroy. AAF, ' 42 Col Ivan M McElroy, AAF. ' 33 Lt. Jame, Hilton McSpadden, USA. BS ' 42 Lt. Joe K. McSpadden, Jr.. AAF. ' 42 Lt. (jg) Tom McSpadden, USN. BA ' 40 1st Lt. Sumner Ethelbert Locke, AAF, ' 41 Kenneth Hugh Lyon.. ' 42 Lt. ' (g) J. Carroll McElhany. USN. MS ' 35 Sgt. .Elmer Clinton McVey. USMC, ' 35 (PrUowrr) Paul Wagner Lyons. AAF, ' 25 En. John McElrov USN BBA ' 40 Lt. Wilji. AM McVey, AAF. BBA ' 41 1st Lt. Samuel Braswell Locker, USA, Lt. Andrew Benjamin Lytle, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Thomas Cranville McElroy, USA, ' 43 Lt. Andrew Alexander McWhorter, AAF, BA ' 36 Pvt Jonathan Chase McEvov AAF, LLB ' 36 LLB ' 33 Ens. Hudson C. Lockett. Jr.. USN. BBA " 42 M En. " . Samuel Civens McFadde ' n. ' USN, ' 40 Malcolm Blum MacDonald, AAF. BA ' 42 Louis Cleveland Lockett. ' 42 (Killed) (Killed) Capt. Bob Lockhart. AAF, ' 38 Ll. Claud Mc.Aden, AAF, ' 40 Gerald Eugene McFarland, BBA ' 37 Marvin Rex Mace, USA. ' 43 1st Ll. Paul Alvin Lockhart. AAF. ' 23 Charles Thomas Lockwood, BBA ' 41 Lt. Cecil Henry McAdoo. AAF, ' 42 A S Roy Raymond McAfee, USN. ' 41 H.rrell McFarland, USA En.. Howard Ruwell McFarland. USN. Jo ph Charles Macek, ' 34 Maj. Robert Harper Kirby Macfarland, AAF, Lt. William Harris Lodge, AAF, " 39 A. E. Larue Hardin McAllister. WAVES, BS ' 42 LLB ' 24 1st Lt. Charles Walter Loe, Jr., AAF, ' 38 MA ' 36 Lt. Jame. Watson McFarland. AAF, " 41 Lt. Victor Samuel Machotka. AAF. ' 40 Col. Joseph William Loef. USA, ' 42 Capt. Jack Wright McAninch. ' AAF. ' ' 42 Lt. John Woolford McFarland. USA, BA ' 38 Lt. W. T. Mack. AAF, ' 36 A C John Henry Mache. USN. ' 43 Lt. William Isaac Lofland, USA. 12 Ens. Clarence Laverne Loftin. USN. LLB ' 42 LLB ' 35 Ll. Frank W. McBee, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Lt. (jg) Creath Morris McCee. USN, Maj. Dennis W. Macken. USA, ' 2S Joseph Patrick Macker, BBA ' 33 Capt. James Charles Logan, AAF, " 34 Pvt. Samuel Pendleton McBirnev, USA. " 43 BBA ' 35 Maj. Frederick James Mackie, Jr.. USA, Lt. Ravmond Sheid Logan. AAF, " 41 Capt. Cornelius Evans McBrayer. AAF, Pfc. C. V. McGee, USMC. " 42 BS ' 28 Sgt. Bill Archibald Logan. USA, ' 41 BA " 40 Mdn. Lee McGee, USMC. ' 42 Cpl. Mark Mackie., USA, ' 36 A S Elsie Loggans. WAVES, " 35 James David McBrayer, USMC, ' 35 (Prisoner) En,. William S. McGee, US.N, ' 40 " Pvt. William MacNaughton, USA, BBA ' 43 l.t Lt. Clvde Cecil Logue. AAF. BA ' 41 Maj. Ralph James McBride, Jr., AAF, ' 39 Ll. Col. Micajah C. McGehee. Jr., USA, ' 28 Ens. Charle, Ray Macon, USN, ' 41 Ph.M.2 c Joseph Wesley Lohec. USN. " 41 ' (Missing) William L. McGill, Red Cross, MJ ' 23 Lt. Dennis Macune, Jr.. ' 41 En. Joe Loidold. USN ' ' . LLB " 42 CPO John A. Lomax. USN, BA ' 42 Pvt. Edward P. McCabe, Jr., AAF, " 43 John Andrew McGinlev. ' 42 Lt. John T. McCinnii, USN. LLB ' 30 Jane C. M.cWilliam., WAC, BBA ' 38 Lt. Mom, M. Macv. AAF. ' 41 Lyle Kaye London, ' 41 Lt. Keith R. McCinnis. AAF, ' 42 Pvt. John Richard Maddox, USA. ' 42 Capt. Archie Truett Long, AAF, ' 38 Ll. James A. McCaler, AAF, ' 41 En,. William Wayne McGinn!,. USN. " 44 Lt. Robert Herbert Maddox. AAF, BBA ' 37 Cy Lon R . USA, BJ ' 40 Sl C Robert Alexander Long, USCC. ' 42 1st Lt. Robert Hanover Long, AAF. LLB ' 42 T Sgt. Stuart Morrison Long, USMC. BJ ' 43 Capt. James Donovan McCall. USA, BA " 33 A S John Will McCall, Jr.. USN. ' 42 Lt. Oliver Pack McCall. USA, ' 31 A C Felix Francis McGivney. Jr., AAF, BA ' 40 1st Lt. Bob McClamery, AAF, BJ ' 39 Lt. Carrol C. McCUison. Jr.. AAF, ' 35 Robert Wallace Maddox, ' 41 1st Lt. Arthur C. Madeley, Jr., AAF, BS ' 40 A S J. P. Madole, USN, ' 44 En.. ROM Franklin Madole, USN, LLB ' 34 S Sgl. Thomas Bendun Long, AAF. ' 38 i " ' K r W i M ' r " 1 ' ifn ' i En,. Irvy Lee McGlauon, USN, BA ' 41 Sgt. Henry Stanley Maerki, AAF. ' 39 (Killed) Lt. Benny Mack McGlothlin, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Joe Naith Magee, Jr., AAF, ' 38 Andrew Pavne Longaker, ' 31 Santos Trdla Longoria, ' 42 Pvt. Chester E. Lonsford. AAF. ' 41 William Pancoit MeCampbell, AAF, ' 43 Ens. Robert H. McCanne, USN. " 41 Sgt. Bill McGowan. AAF. LLB ' 42 Ens. Jack McGowan. USN. BS ' 37 Lt. John Jerry McCraw. AAF. ' 42 (Killed) M Sgt. Phil Ray Magee, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Thomas Glvnne Magee, USA. BS ' 34 Lt. John Temple MaginnU. USN, LLB ' 30 Lt. Col. Cecil Jame. Looke, Jr., AAF. BA . ' 35 Ens. Neil Munro McCarter, ' 31 Lt. Eugene Lawrence McCarthy, USMC. ' 43 Lt William H. McCown. AAF, MA ' 40 1st Lt. Eugene Ireland McCuire, AAF. ' 40 Maj. Andrew John Magliolo, Jr.. USA, MD ' 38 Lt. Charles Fred Looke. AAF, ' 40 Lt. Dudlev Thomas Looke. AAF, ' 40 C Y Burlev L. Lookingbill, USN, " 25 Lt. James Francis McCarthy. USA. BA " 43 1st Lt. Ralph L. McCartv. USA, BA ' 38 Ens. William Dudley McCartv, USN, Samuel E. McHard. USMC. ' 42 1st Lt. Edward Holland Mcllheran, AAF, ' 36 Lt. Ellis Winton Mclnnis, Jr., USA, ' 40 Mdn. Joseph Magliolo. USN. " 41 Capt. Adolph P. Magliolo, AAF. ' 36 Lt. Howard Albert Mahaffey. AAF, BBA ' 39 Lt. Perry Douglas Loomer, Jr., AAF, ' 41 BBA ' 41 Pfc. Ralph Wilson Mclnni,, AAF, BBA ' 40 Lt. George Thomas Maher, AAF. LLB ' 41 James Key Looney. AAF, ' 42 A C C. S. McCasland, AAF Capt. Leo S. Mclntire, AAF, ' 40 (Killed) M Sgt. Ned Ike Looney. USA, BJ ' 41 Marion R. McClanahan, AAF. ' 43 Lt. Clayton Archie Mclver, USA, ' 38 Capt. Robert Aaron Maher, AAF, ' 42 William Warren Loper, ' 42 Preston G. McClanahan. AAF, ' 43 Jame, Dalrymple Mclver, Jr., USA, ' 42 En,. Thomas H. Maher, USN, LLB ' 42 Alonso Euclid Lopez, USA. BS ' 43 A C Alan McCleerv. AAF. " 42 Edwin Noble McKav, AAF, ' 42 Lt. William L. Maher, AAF, BA ' 40 Lt. Everett Brvan Lord, USN. LLB " 41 Alice Hope McClellan. WAC, ' 40 Lt. Jame, A. McKav. USA. LLB ' 41 Kenneth Mahler. USA. ' 41 Capl. James Andrew Lore, AAF, LLB ' 38 Lt. Jame, Edward McClellan, Jr.. AAF. Lt. John Jame, McKav, USA. LLB " 35 Pvt. Arthur Charles Mahlman. USA. BBA " 43 A C Clifton W. Lorenz. AAF. " 40 BBA ' 42 Lt. Daniel C. McKee. AAF, ' 42 Lt. Eldon Brooks Mabon, AAF, ' 42 Ll. James Winston Lorimer. USA. " 35 Lt. Wallace Riley McClendon, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Horace Lawrence McKee, AAF, ' 42 1st Lt. Jame, Samuel Mahon, USA, BBA ' 43 A C August Lawrence Lott, Jr., USN. ' 43 George Winston McCleskey, USN, LLB ' 39 Lt. Raymond L. McKe. AAF, " 42 IMi-singl Capt. John T. Mahone. AAF. ' 33 Ens. David Hix Lott. USN, " 39 Pvt. Zack Henson McClintock. USA, ' 43 Roy Dale McKay, USN. " 42 Ens. William C. M.hone, USN, MA ' 41 Capt. Alexander Louis. AAF. BJ ' 33 Pvt. Joe Tom Louis, USA, ' 43 Capt. Alton McClung. AAF, BA ' 40 Lt. Paul Jolfre McClung, AAF, ' 41 Lt. (jg) Edwin Irwin McKellar, Jr., USN, BBA ' 42 Pvt. Floyd Harold Main, AAF, ' 43 Cpl. Richard Frank Main, AAF, BJ ' 42 Cpl. D. B. Mainord, USA, ' 39 Lt. Truett Jay Majors, AAF, ' 40 (Killed) Pvt. John H. K. Masters,,,,, USA, ' 43 Ens. Marshall L. Maslerson, USN, BS ' 41 Lt. (jg) Hanv ( k Meyers. USN, ' 33 Walter Meyers. USA, LLB ' 40 ' 38 James Edward M.kins, USA, ' 42 BM 3 c Porter Masterson, USN, ' 36 Brig. Gen. Jerry B. Matejka, USA, BS ' 16 William George Michaels. Jr., ' 39 A C Jack Milton Michaelson, AAF, ' 41 Lt. O. Malvin Montgomery, USN. MA ' 37 Ens. Norman E. Montgomery, USN, BBA ' 43 Lt. Norman Cornelius Malechek, AAF, Lt. Marion L. Matherly. AAF, MD ' 40 Lucile Mick, Red Cross, BA ' 36 Lt. (jg) O. M. Montgomery. USN, MA ' 37 Ens. Frank Custav Malik. USN. BS ' 38 A C Forrest H. Mathews. AAF, ' 43 Ens. William Calvin Mathews, USN, ' 42 Ens. William Fowler Middaugh, USN. ' 42 1st Lt. Wayne H. Middleton. AAF, ' 38 Ens W. C. Montgomery. USN, BBA ' 41 Sgt. Wayne Ford Montgomery, USA, ' 38 Ens. Rudolf J. Malik, USN, BS ' 41 1st Lt. Harry P. Mathis, AAF, ' 42 Cpl. Richard Midkiff, AAF, ' 37 Lt. Lynn Milan, USA, ' 38 Lt. George Arnold Montz. AAF, ' 40 Lt. Col. Kirk R. Mallory, USA Mdn. Carolyn Jane Malone, USN. ' 38 Lt. Waller Mathis. V . I1HA ' 41 Lt. James F. Miles. AAF. Ill) ' 41 (Killed) Lt. Ben F. Moody. AAF. ' 40 S2 c Harold S. Malone. USN. BBA ' 31 Lt. Royce V. Matkin, AAF, ' 43 Ens. Robert Louis Miles, USN, ' 41 Lt. Denman Moody. AAF, LLB ' 33 Lt. Holt Malone, USMC, BBA ' 42 Eugene Corbett Matlock, ' 42 1st Lt. Jack S. Millard, AAF Lt. William Dan Moody. USN . ' 38 (Killed) USMC, ' 42 Lt. James W. M r. ' . ' W (Missing) Ens. Addison Moore. USN, BA ' 38 Lt. William Manicom, AAF, ' 42 Thomas Bent.,,, Mailo.k. MD ' 31 Ens. Brunson Ball Miller. USN, ' 42 (Killed) Alfred Roy Moore, USA, ' 38 Lt. Fred W. Moore, USN, ' 20 Pvt. Anthony Maniscalco, USA, LLB ' 31 S Sgt. Bob Wright Matthews, USA, ' 39 T 5 Chalmer M. Miller, USA, ' 43 Ens. George Tiffany Moore. Jr., USN, Walker D. Manley, USA, ' 41 Lt. Charles D. Matthews, USA, ' 43 Lt. (jg) Charles R. Miller, USN, BS ' 41 BS ' 35 Pvt. Walter Manly, USA, ' 43 Fimnitt lee Matthews BJ ' 36 Edmund II,, His Mill,,. ISA, ' 43 ' 42 1st Lt. A. J. Mann, USA, ' 42 Lt. Ernest A. Mallhews, USA, ' 30 (Killed) Edward Dunlap Miller, USA, ' 40 Maj. Harold E. Moore, AAF, BBA ' 39 1st Lt. Charles P. Mann, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Lt. Frank Matthews (Killed) Ernest E. Miller, MD ' 32 Lt. Henry S. Moore, AAF. ' 25 Lt. William Aden Mann, USN, ' 37 T Sgt. Fleming C. Matthews, AAF Pfc. Floyd C. Miller, Jr.. USA, BA ' 43 Homer John Moore, Jr.. ' 42 Rear Admr. William Leak Mann, Jr., USN, SK 3 c Harold William Matthews, USN, Francis B. Miller, USA, BA ' 26 Ike H. Moore, USN, ' 36 ' 07 MBA ' 33 Ens. George Guy Miller, USN, ' 44 Lt. James E. Moore, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Lt. (jg) Herbert Carroll Manning. USN, ' 39 Henry Thomas Matthews, ' 38 Lt. Harold August Miller, Jr., AAF, BS ' 41 Pvt. James Franklin Moore, II, AAF. Lt. Keith Murray Manroe, AAF, BBA ' 42 Pvt Hugh T. Matthews, AAF, ' 44 Ens. Harold Ned Miller, USN, LLB ' 40 BA ' 43 1st Lt. Atlee George Manthos, AAF, BA ' 38 S Sgt James ' Matthews, USA, ' ' 38 J. C. Miller, AAF, ' 43 James Gentry Moore, USN, ' 43 Martin H. K. Manz, ' 26 Joe Luther Matthews, ' 30 Capt. Jeff Edwin Miller, AAF, BA ' 41 Col. James Coree Moore, AAF, MD ' 32 A 2 c Ted Manzano, USN, ' 43 Lt. Kenneth Austin Matthews, USMC, ' 43 Lt. John Bellis Miller, AAF, BBA ' 39 James Herbert Moore, USN, LLB ' 39 1st Lt. Byron A. Mapes, Jr., AAF, ' 40 Pfc. W. F. Matthrus IS ' 42 (Prisoner) Lt. John Bridges Miller, AAF, ' 42 Ens. Jason Prior Moore, USN, ' 35 Pvt. Allen C. Marable, USA, ' 42 Lt. Paul B. Marable, USCC, BJ ' 42 A C William Alfred Matthews, AAF, ' 43 Ens. William Taylor Matthews, AAF, ' 42 AeroM. 3 c Louis C. Miller, USN, ' 42 Lt. Marshall Burns Miller, AAF. BBA ' 42 Lt. (jg) John Paul Moore, US N. BS ' 31 Ens. Oland Thomas Moore, Jr., 1 SV Lt. John Jack March, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Alfred M. Mattinil In. TSA, BBA ' 33 Sgt. Marshall Robert Miller, Jr., AAF, LLB ' 39 Sgt. Alvin W. Marchak, AAF, BA ' 38 Lt. (jg) Tom Oliver Maud. USN, BBA ' 41 BBA ' 41 (Killed) Lt. Col. Prentice Laurie Moore, USA, A C Frank J. Marchak, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Stanley Hubert Mauldin, AAF, ' 43 Ens. Maude Miller, WAVES, BA ' 40 MD ' 18 Joe English Marchbanks, ' 41 1st Ll. Albert Maverick, III, AAF. LLB ' 40 Pvt. Nelson A. Miller, AAF, ' 43 Pvt. Richard Harcourt Moore, USA, ' 43 Maurice Marcus, USA, BJ ' 40 Lt. Maury Maverick. Jr., USMC, BA ' 42 Pfc. Olan L. Miller, USA, ' 42 A C Robert Wayne Moore, AAF, ' 43 Mdn. Paul M. Marcus, USN, BA ' 43 Mds. Richard Dan Maxson, USN, ' 42 1st Lt. Paul Bertolet Miller, Jr.. AAF, ' 42 Lt. (jg) Roger de Coverly Moore, USN. Lt. Julian Mardock, AAF, ' 42 Joe Sidney Markley, ' 40 James Albert Maxwell, Jr., AAF, BA ' 30 Lt Thomas M Maxwell AAF ' 39 Lt. Presley Kenney Miller, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Quincy Victor Miller, Jr., AAF, ' 42 LLB ' 42 Lt. Roy J. Moore, AAF, ' 41 Ens. Ward William Markley, USN, BBA ' 42 Lt. Alvin Jerome Marks, AAF, BBA ' 42 Bernard H. Marks, BS ' 41 Lt. Walter Lee Maxwell, AAF, ' 41 Lt. (jg) Benjamin Milf.nd May, USN, ' 42 Ens. Clarence E. May, USN, ' 42 Capt. Richard G. Miller, AAF, BBA ' 41 Robert Bernard Miller, Jr., BA ' 38 Lt. (jg) Robert Lamar Miller, USN, S. D. Moore. USN, BBA ' 37 Maj. Simon Hartt Moore, Jr., USA, -MD ' 07 (Deceased) Capt. Mortie M. Marks, AAF, BBA ' 37 Capt. Ernest May, USA, LLB ' 20 LLB ' 30 Lt. Thomas O. Moore, AAF, ' 43 Lt. (jg) Myron B. Marks, USN, BBA ' 41 Wilson J. Marks, AAF, ' 41 Pfc. John Oliver Markward, AAF, ' 42 Capt. Martin F. Markward, Jr., USA, LLB ' 38 Pvt. Jack Drennon Maroney, USMC, ' 42 Cpl. George Unity Mar|i,ardt. ' 42 Lt. (jg) W. G. Marquardt, Radar, BS ' 41 Lt. Robert Lincoln Marquis, Jr., AAF, ' 34 S Sgt. J. Carroll Marrow, AAF, BBA ' 42 Edward J. Marsden, AAF, ' 43 Pfc. Francis Barns May, USA, BBA ' 42 Murphy Manly May, ' 37 Ens. Robert Allen May, USN, BS ' 43 Lt. Jame, L. Mayer, AAF, BS ' 38 Lt. (jg) E. F. Mays, USN, BBA ' 41 1st Lt. George Buford Mays, USA, ' 38 Lt. Col. Lee P. Mayes, USA, BS ' 31 Capt. C. B. Maynard, USA, LLB ' 28 Lt. Earle B. Mayfield, USN, ' 27 Ens. Robert Thornton Miller, Jr.. USN, ' 42 Lt. Roy Lee Miller, AAF, ' 41 A C S. D. Miller, AAF, ' 43 Sidney Webb Miller, ' 34 A C Thomas Hulbert Miller, Jr.. AAF, ' 42 Lt. Vaughan Miller, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Vernon Livingston Miller, USA, ' 42 Viggo Miller, BS ' 41 Lt. William Randolph Miller, AAF, Tom Burns Moore, USA, ' 41 Ens. Johnny Bob Moorhead, USN, MA ' 39 Lt. (jg) Robert Wilson Moorman, USN, BS ' 38 T Sgt. Travis Moorman, USA, ' 35 Lt. Antonio Cadena Morales, Jr., USA, LLB ' 37 1st Lt. Charles King Moran, AAF, ' 42 Ens. Harold Julian Morehouse, USN, BS ' 38 Lt. Lester L. Moreland, AAF, ' 41 Harold Marsh. Jr., USA, LLB ' 42 Ens. Ona Marshall, USN, BA ' 35 Lt, James Allen Marshall, USA, ' 42 Capt. Jack Ila.sti,, ' ,;, Mavheld. AAF, ' 33 Cpl. John Alex Mayfield, USA, ' 39 Lt. John Simon Mayfield, USN, BA ' 30 BBA ' 41 William Raymond Miller, ' 33 Lt. William Rinehart Miller. AAF, ' 41 Lt. William T. Miller, USMC, BBA ' 39 Lt. Mack M. More-land, AAF, BA ' 40 Wilburn Oliver Mon-lanel. AAF, ' 43 Ens. Virgil C. Morelle, USN, ' 41 Robert Clarence Marshall, ' 38 Lt. Schuuler Bailey Marshall. USA, ' 41 Lt. Chester Marston, AAF, ' 38 Lt. (jg) Albert B. Martin, MED ' 41 Capt. Billy Hightower Martin, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Bryan Lamar Martin, USMC Capt. Claud A. Martin, USA, MD . ' 31 S Sgt. Clyde Watt Martin, USA, ' 42 Crawford Collins Martin, ' 38 Ens. William I. Mayfield, USN, BS ' 35 CSp. Wallace Lee Mayfield, USN, ' 40 Capt. Temple Bland Mayhall, AAF, BA ' 32 Lewis E. Mayne, AAF, ' 43 A S Robert T. Mayo, USN, ' 42 Ens. Fulbright F. Mays, USN, BBA ' 41 Pvt. Tom Jefferson Mays, USA, LLB ' 38 Lt. Gerald R. Mazur, USA, BBA ' 42 Pvt. Frank Spencer Meador, USA, ' 32 Arthur K. Mills, USA, ' 38 J. O. Mills, BA ' 41 Ens. Jack Ward Mills. USN, BBA ' 43 Joseph Irvin Mills, USN, BS ' 41 Sgt. Constantino Mims, Jr., USA, BBA ' 42 Capt. James Leroy Minor, USA, ' 41 (Killed) Cadet John Max Minor, USA (West Point) Armando Moreno, ' 42 Lt. Hector Moreno. USA, BS ' 41 Sgt. Raul Moreno, USA, ' 42 Ardita Berrv Morgan. WAVES ' 41 Charles Alexander Morgan, RAF, ' 25 Lt. Ernest Morgan, USA, LLB ' 38 Pvt. Everett E. Morgan, AAF, ' 42 Lt. James R. Morgan, AAF, ' 42 LT. JOHN C. MORGAN. AAF, ' 34 Ens. Dan Lee Martin. Jr., USN, ' 42 S Sgt. Edward L. Martin, USA, BS ' 41 (Missing) Ens. Garland Ned Martin, USN, ' 44 Lt. Homer A. Martin, AAF, ' 40 Ens. Henry E. Mea.lor, USN, BA ' ' 35 1st Lt. Thomas R. Meador, AAF, BBA ' 41 Lt. Claude William Meadows, Jr., USN. ' 30 Lt. Daniel Benjamin Meadows, AAF, ' 40 Ens. Jack Edward Meadows, USN, BS ' 41 Lt. Stephen Samuel Minot, USA, ' 39 Ens. Davis Minshew, USN, BA ' 39 Capt. David Ramseur Minter, USA, BA ' 32 Pvt. Robert Lee Minter, Jr., AAF, BA ' 40 Lt. Richard Marshall Mischke, USA, Medal of Honor. (Missing) Sgt. Lindsey Cuthbert Morgan, AAF, ' 42 Robert Harvey Morgan. USN, BA ' 43 Capt. Walter Brooks Morgan, AAF, LLB ' 39 Ens. James 1, I,),,,., Moroney, Jr., USN, Ens. Howard Nathan Martin, USN, MA ' 41 Ll. James Howard Meadows, AAF, BBA ' 40 BBA ' 42 BBA ' 43 Lt. James A. Martin, USA, BBA ' 40 Lt. Wade Meadows, Jr., AAF, BS ' 42 Alfred J. Mitchell, AAF, ' 19 Pvt. Glen Wallace Morries, USA, ' 43 PTI. James Curtis Martin, AAF, ' 42 Lt. (jg) Jack Waddington Mears, USN, 1st Lt. Charles Randolph Mitchell, USA, ' 41 Lt. Alt Morris, Jr., USA, MA ' 38 James Timmons Martin, AAF, BS ' 39 MA ' 40 Christie Mitchell, USN, BJ ' 35 Maj. Clarence Morris, AAF (Faculty) Ens. James Wa,s,,n Martin. USN, BBA ' 43 Ens. Jasper McCullough, USN, ' 37 Joe Ambrose Martin, BBA ' 39 John C. Martin, USA, ' 40 Capt. John Waller Martin, AAF, ' 27 Lt. Joseph A. Martin, AAF, ' 41 Enrique Medina, ' 42 Lt. George W. Medley, AAF, ' 40 (Killed) Capt. Lex Mandred Medlin, AAF, ' 40 Lt. (jg) Shad Tandy M.-dlin, USN 1st Lt. Clinton Toland Meeks, AAF, ' 40 (Prisoner) Lt. John Henry Mitchell. USA, BA ' 41 Capt. Roland Burnell Mitchell, AAF, PhD ' 39 Capt. Sterling Ross Mitchell, AAF, BS ' 25 Maj. T. D. Mitchell, USA, ' 16 T 5 Thomas M. MUchell. USA. ' 36 Lt. David Hargctt Morris, AAF. ' to ' Ens. David Jefferson Morris. USN. LLB ' 39 Lt. Drayton Earl Morris, AAF, ' 41 Ph. M. 3 c Earl Busby Morris. USN. ' 42 Ens. George Cooper Morris. USN, BS ' 39 S 2 c Hanford Morris, USN, ' 40 Lt. Lee J. Martin, USA, BS ' 41 Lt. Col. Leslie E. Martin, USA, ' 30 Lt. Jethro Albeeht Meek, Jr., USA, MA ' 34 Lt. Richard Harold Meek, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Col. Thomas Orvin Mitchell, USA, LLB ' 24 John Franklin Morris, AAF, ' 41 Kns. Kvle H. Morris, USN, ' 41 Mark A. Martin, BBA ' 35 (Killed) Cmdr. J. M. Mitchner, USN, MD ' 17 Richard Stanley Morris, ' 31 Sgt. Milton Gano Martin, USA, BA ' 40 Lt. Col. Ray Hamilton Martin, AAF, ' 35 A C Charles F. Meffley, AAF, ' 42 1st Lt. Milton Joseph Mehl, USA, LLB ' 35 John Theodore Mitrou, USN, ' 42 Lt. Henry C. Mittermayer, AAF, BS ' 39 Pfc. Roy Harvey Morris. USA, ' 39 Ens. Starling Thomas Morris, ' 42 Capt. Raymond J. Martin, USA, LLB ' 40 Pvt. Robert M. Martin, Jr., USA, ' 42 Lt. Robert W. Martin, AAF, ' 42 Ens. Roy Y. Martin, USN, LLB ' 39 Sgt. Alfred Mclinger, AAF MJ ' 33 Sgt. Sylvan Mellinger, AAF, ' 42 Lt. James T. Melot, USN, BS ' 41 Ens. Theodore Melot. USN, BS ' 40 Lt. Collier Charles Mize. Jr., AAF, ' 33 Robert Sewell Mizell, USA, ' 43 Drooks Truehart Mobley, ' 30 A C O ' Neal Childs Moblev, AAF, ' 41 William Garret! Morris, USA, LLB ' 42 Isl Lt. Will 0- Morris, AAF, BS ' 33 1st Lt. E. B. Morrison, USA, BS ' 36 William Arthur Morrison, Jr.. ' 32 Cpl. Sidney L. Martin, AAF, ' 42 Ens. Max A. Mendlovitz, USN, LLB ' 36 Capt. William Kenneth Modrall, AAF, ' 41 Lt. (jg) Walter Joseph Morrison, USN. Pvt. Vernon Lewis Martin, USA, ' 42 Clarence Bartlett Melton, USA, ' 42 Robert James Moffitt, BS ' 41 LLB ' 37 Ens. Walter Maddox Martin, Jr., USN, Pvt. Elmore Kenneth Melton, USA, ' 42 Capt. Frank C. Moffett, Jr., USA, ' 31 Ens. Frank Morrow, USN, BJ ' 36 BBA ' 40 Sidney Samuel M.-u.lel, BBA ' 42 Cpl. Jesse Louis Mohle. AAF. ' 42 1st Lt. Walter Crady Morrow, Jr., USA, Lt. William Allen Martin, AAF, ' 41 Pvt. Hubert L. Menn, Jr., USA, ' 42 Ens. Eleanor Sophia Mohr. USN, BS ' 31 MD ' 42 (Killed) Richard Max Menn, Jr., USA, ' 43 Lt. Charles Dennis Mohrle, AAF, ' 41 Robert Emmett Morse, USN, ' 43 Ens. William F. Martin, USN, ' 41 Lt. (jg) Jack Harwood Menning, USN, Maj. John Marvin Mohrmann, USA, ' 35 Ens. Glenn Gee.rge Mortimer, USN, BBA ' 43 Windol M. Martin, AAF, ' 39 MBA ' 40 Ph. M. 3 c Bernard Henry Mollberg, USN, Waymond Lee Morton, USN, ' 43 Arnoldo Martinez, ' 42 Lt. Tom William Mercer, USA, ' 40 ' 42 Capt. Emil R. Moser, AAF, BA ' 34 Ph. M. 2 c David Leal Martinez, USN, Lt. David Sutton Meredith, Jr., USA, ' 27 T 5 Carrell Dan Molloy, USA, ' 42 Lt. Clifton L. Moss, III. AAF, BS ' 42 BS ' 41 Ens. George Kimbail Meriwether, USN, ' 41 Ens. Cecil Koss Monaphan USN, ' 40 Maj. Joe S. Moss, Jr., USA, BBA ' 20 Ens. Leonard W. Martyr. USN. BBA ' 40 Ens. Marvin Lofton Merrill, USN, BS ' 42 Robert Lee Monaghan, AAF, ' 43 William Moss, USN. ' 42 A S Bill Glen Mask, USN, ' 41 Pvt. Richmond S. Merrill, AAF, ' 42 Frank Vince Mondirk, MD ' 34 Capt. Lynn Lester Motley, AAF, BA ' 40 Lt. A. Manor Mason, USA, ' 38 Capt. William James Merrill, USA, LLB ' 39 Lt. William Reid Monks, USA, ' 42 (Killed)- Bruce Bonner Mason, ' 42 Lt. Norbert E. Mestayer, AAF, BS ' 41 Ens. Albert Monroe, USN, BA William Paul Mounce, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Lt. Emmitte Dewecs Mason, AAF, ' 42 (Deceased) Lt. (jg) Donald M. Monroe, USN, BS ' 41 Henry Walter Moursund, ' 25 S Sgt. Henry H. " Maton " ' 41 Capt. George Ernest Metzenthin, USMC, Ens. Lloyd Maurice Monroe, USN. BA ' 36 Lt. Malcolm James Monroe. Jr., USA, ' 38 Lt ' . Thoma? Edison Moici ' . ' AAF, ' ' 38 A S Paul B. Mason, USN. ' 43 A C Morris Bowman Monroe. AAF, ' 42 Maurice Glynn Movnahan, AAF, BBA ' 41 Lt. Herbert W. Massengale, AAF, ' 40 Lt. John Edward Metzenthin, USA, BS ' 43 Miller Montag, USA, BBA ' 41 Lt. Paul Harris Muckleroy, AAF. ' 41 S 1 c Clyde T. Massey, USN, ' 43 Elmer William Metzger, ' 43 Pvt. Rodnev Montagu,.. USA. ' 37 Ens. Clarence W. Muchlberger, USN. Sgt. Henry Luther Massey, USA, ' 38 S Sgt. Albert J. Meyer, AAF, ' 42 (Prisoner) Virginia Montague, WAVES, BBA ' 29 BBA ' 44 Paul Thomas Massey, ' 34 Lt. Charles B. Meyer, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Ben J. Montgomery, AAF, BBA ' 40 Arno Paul Mueller. BS ' 42 Ens. Wallace N. Masters, USN ' 42 1st Lt. Edwin Clinton Meyer, AAF, BBA ' 39 T Sgt. Charles Henry Montgomery, USA, ' 31 1st Lt. George A. Mueller, AAF, BA ' 24 A C Alexander E. Masterson, AAF. ' 42 Cpl. John H. Meyers, USA, LLB ' 39 Pvt. Curtis Harold Montgomery, USA, ' 30 W O Harold Mueller, USA. ' 38 PVT. EDWARD F. BRADY. AAF, BBA ' 42 Lt. Joe T. Robertson AAF, ' 42 Lt. Ernest Lee Sanford AAF. BBA ' 39 Lt. James R. Morgan AAF. -42 Lt. Billy O. Brink Lt. Tom Davison AAF, BJ ' 41 S Sgt. Richard R. Smith AAF, BA ' 42 Lt. R. Elton Chambers AAF, ' 38 Lt. William M.Gambrell, Jr. AAF, ' 42 (Missing) Lt. Johnnie Willis Peacock USMAC, ' 42 Ensign Walter F. Lilly USNAF, ' 42 Lt. John Joseph Fischer USMAC. ' 42 Ens. Robert Kenneth Swans USNAF, ' 42 Ens. William Russell Little USNAF, ' 41 Ens. Frank Theodore Bums USNAF, ' 42 Ens. Jack V. Baker USNAF, ' 42 Ens. Martin H. Clark USNAF, BA ' 42 Ens. Louis Steven de Vries USNAF, ' 39 Ens. Lloyd Devain Jerrells USNAF, BS ' 42 Ens. Edmund Pierson Byars, Jr USNAF, ' 42 Ens. Cecil Charles Glass USNAF, ' 42 Lt. Homer C. Mueller. USA, BA ' 40 Lt. Tom McClure Nelms, AAF, BBA ' 41 Mdn. Harold (Buster) C. Novy, USN, A S Virgil Max Paine, USN, ' 43 1st Lt James O. Mueller, AAF, ' 36 Lt. Arthur Cecil Nelson, USA, ' 42 BBA ' 43 Capt. John Paul Painter, USA, LLB ' 39 Capt. Rudolph G. Mueller, USA, MS ' 39 Clarence Richard Nelson, AAF, ' 43 Lt Rufus H Nowcll, Jr., AAF, " 40 Clifford Elliott Painlon, MI) ' 36 Kyle E. Muennink, BBA ' 42 Forrest M. Nelson, USN, BA ' 43 Pfc. Boyd D. Nowlin, USMC, BBA " 42 Stanley Edward Paitson, USA, BA ' 43 Ens. Jacob M. Muggley, Jr., USN, BBA ' 41 Custave Allen Nelson, USA, ' 43 Ens. Radford L. Nowlin. USN, BS ' 42 Ens. George Clark Palmer, USN, BBA ' 43 Pvt. Mack Kos, Mulkcv, USA, ' 40 Lt. (jg) Jack Cecil Nelson, USN, BBA ' 42 Lt. Joseph M. Nuessle, ' 42 S 2 c Manuel Irving Palmer, USN, ' 43 Lt William John Mnllane. USA, ' 39 Joe Tom Nelson, ' 41 Dean Nugent, ' 38 Orville T. Bud Palmer, ' 31 Lt. George Francis Muller, AAF, ' 42 Lester Cecil Nelson, ' 42 Lt. Kenneth Martin Nuhn, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Woodrow B. Palmer, AAF, ' 40 A C Lawrence C. Muller, AAF, ' 42 Otis E. Nelson, ' 42 F 2 c Ralph Edward Nungesser, USN, ' 43 Ens. William (Bill) Palmos, USN, LLB ' 39 Lt. (ig) Olin Mullei. USN. B1U ' 37 Ll. Otto B. Mnllinax. USN, LLB ' 37 Pvt. Robert Nels Nelson, USA, ' 43 Fireman William H. Nelson, Jr., USN, ' 42 Sgt. Jack Nunley, AAF, ' 42 Ens. Bert Moore Nunnallee, USN, BA ' 41 Lt. Carl Warner Pal m.piist. AAF, ' 41 Capt. Paul L. Pankhurst. USMC, ' 41 Sgt. W. Turney Mullinax, AAF, ' 36 Ens. Sol Neman, USN, BS ' 40 1st Lt. Hue E. Nunnallee, AAF, LLB ' 41 John Simeon Panncll, ' 39 AMM 3 c Herbert F. Mullineaux, USN, ' 40 Maj. Jack A. Nendell, AAF, BS ' 39 A C John William Nutley, USN, ' 42 A C Rudolph Duddley Panncll, AAF, ' 41 (Killed) Al Robert Nering, USA, ' 43 Ens. Arnold R. Papacek, USN, BBA ' 40 1st Lt. Alfred T. Mullins, USA, BA ' 41 Lt. Alden S. Nesbit, AAF, ' 40 o Mclvin Eugene Pape, BBA ' 42 Lt Carrol L. Mullins, AAF, ' 43 Pvt. Jonas F. Mullins, USA, BA ' 42 Lt. Col. Carl Eugene Nesbitt, USA, ' 30 1st Lt. Edwin Allen Nesbit, USA, LLB ' 37 Melbourne (Joe) O ' Banion, USN, BA ' 43 Tom Harris Pappas, AAF, ' 43 Lt. (jg) O. B. Parham, Sr., USN, BS ' 42 Lt. William Stanley Mullins, USA, ' 42 Lt. James Thomas Nesbitt, USA, LLB, ' 37 Lt. Gus F. Obenhaus, USA, BS ' 38 Lt. Elmer H. Parish, USN, BBA ' 33 Lt. Col. Harry Griffin Mumford. AAF, ' 39 Lt. (jg) Morgan Nesbitt, USN, BBA ' 41 Lt. (jg) Richard A. Obenhans. USN, ' 42 Capt. James H. Parke, USA, MA ' 28 Leroy Charles Mumme, BBA ' 35 A C William J. Nesbitt, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Boyd Keith O ' Brien, AAF, BBA ' 42 August D. Parker, ' 38 Lt. Herbert Allen Munday, AAF, ' 42 Lt. James Louis Netts, USA, ' 41 ' Pvt. Michael J. O ' Brien, USA, ' 42 Ben Perry Parker, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Hugh Emmctt Munncll, USMC, ' 42 Lt. (jg) Charles E. Neu, USN, ' 41 (Killed) Maj. Daniel Marion O Conncll, USA, ' 18 Lt. Billy D. Parker, USMC, BBA ' 42 Pvt. Robert Jefferson Munro, USA, ' 38 Capt. William H. Ncubauer, AAF, BS ' 40 John O Connell, BS ' 39 Capt. Charles J. Parker, AAF, ' 42 John Munson, USA, ' 31 Lt. Harold Arthur Neuhaus, USN, LLB ' 37 A C Charles Edgar O ' Connor, AAF, ' 42 Lt Col. Dan Parker, USA, ' 29 Lt. Joe Henry Munster, Jr., USN, LLB ' 36 Lt. Joseph Rice Neuhaus, USA, ' 41 Nicholas J. O ' Connell, Flight Instructor, A C George Lee Parker, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Walter Murchison, USA, ' 28 Pvt Julius Real Nennh.itTei, USA, LLB ' 42 BS ' 38 Glen L. Parker, USA, PhD ' 39 Lt. William M. Murchison, AAF, ' 41 Pvt. Adrian F. Murph, AAF, BBA ' 43 Lt. Paul Chesley Murphey, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Guy L. Nevill, ' 38 Lt. Harvey DeWitt Nevill, Jr., USMC, ' 42 Lt. Leo New, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Pvt. Joseph H. O ' Connor, AAF, ' 41 A C Robert B. O ' Connor, AAF, LLB ' 43 1st Lt. Thomas Marion O Connor, USA, ' 41 A.S. Homer C. Parker, USN, BS ' 38 Lt. James Forrest Parker. USMC, ' 42 A C James William Parker, AAF, ' 43 1st Lt. Thomas O. Murphey, AAF, ' 33 Pvt. Marrion A. Newberry, USA, ' 42 Lt. Walter B. O Connor, AAF, ' 38 Lt. John W. Parker, AAF, ' 38 Ens. Idus L. Murphee, USN, ' 41 Alvin Lee Newbury, BA ' 37 Mike Daniel. USA, ' 42 T Sgt. Maurice W. Parker, USA, ' 29 Robert Funk Murphy, Junior Pilot American Lt. John Hunter Newell, AAF, BS ' 40 Pat O Daniel, USA, ' 41 (Killed) Airways, ' 40 (Killed) Pvt. Roy Leon O Daniel, USA, BS ' 41 Lt. Ralph Eugene Parker, AAF, ' 41 Lt. William H. Murphy, AAF, ' 41 (Killed) William S. Newkirk, USA, ' 40 Lt. David Odem, USMC, ' 41 Lt. Ralph H. Parker, USA, PhD ' 35 1st Lt. Edward George Murr, USA, BA ' 39 Lt. Bill N. Newman, USA, ' 39 Ens. Rex Odom, USN, BBA ' 43 Lt. Henry Franklin Murray, AAF, ' 40 Charles M. Newman, Jr., ' 35 Capt. Bill O Donnell, AAF, ' 42 En ' s Ttini- Jav Parker, USN. MA ' 39 Ens. Lillian Annabel Murray, SPARS, Maj. Frank M. Newman, AAF, ' 37 A C Pat O Donnell, AAF, ' 42 Lt William L. " Parker, AAF, BS ' 40 MJ ' 40 Lt. (jg x James B. Newman, USN ' 42 Ens. Herbert George Officer, USN, ' 42 Pvt. Gilbert A. Parks, AAF, BS ' 39 Lt. Lynne Murray, USA, ' 40 Lt. James V. Newman, AAF, ' 39 Capt. Urial Bevis Ogden, USA, ' 36 Lt. Col. James C. Parks, USA, BA ' 15 Lt. Marjorie Murray, WAC, BS ' 40 Capt. Paul Wesley Newman, AAF, MBA ' 31 Ens. William Wesley Ogden, USN, BA ' 37 Capt. James Edward Parks, AAF, ' 38 A C R. John Murray, AAF, ' 38 Ens. Roland Newman, USN, ' 41 1st Lt. Carl Douglas Ogle, USA, ' 38 (Killed) Lt. Raymond L. Murray, USN, LLB ' 20 Sgt. Tom B. Newman, USA, LLB ' 42 A S Robert L. Oglesby, USN, BBA ' 30 Uns. Forrest Hale Parmer, USN, ' 43 Ens. Robert Vance Muse, Jr., USN, ' 38 Lt. William A. Newman, USA, ' 40 (Killed) Waller James Parr. ' 35 Lt. Joseph Stephen Musil, AAF, ' 38 William Jerome Newman, ' 35 RT 1 c James M. Ojerholm, USN, BBA ' 36 Pvt. Denton Howard Mycr, USA, ' 42 Lt. Phillip H. Newsom, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Joe Pat O Keefe, USA, BA ' 40 A C Peter Prince Parri.h. AAF, BS ' 44 Lt. Floyd W. Myers, Jr., AAF, ' 43 William Taylor Newsom, ' 42 Lt. John J. O Keefe, AAF, LLB ' 39 Lt. William Donald Parrish. AAF, ' 41 Pvt. Frank Martin Myers, USA, ' 43 Lt. Arthur Newton, USA, BA ' 37 Col. Archie Jordan Old, AAF, ' 27 (Missing) Harrv Myers, ' 30 (Killed) Lt. Earl B. Newton, AAF, ' 42 Bird Old, Jr., ' 31 Lt. (jg) Homer Lee Parsons, Jr., USN, ' 34 S Sgt. James L. Myers, AAF, ' 36 Ens. Eldon Charles Neuton. US BBA ' 42 Ens. Levie Old, USN, LLB ' 37 Lt. Comdr. William Floy Parsons, USN, ' 28 Lt. Park L. Myers, AAF, BS ' 40 1st Lt. Frank M. Newton, AAF ' 39 Forrest Robert Oldharn. USMC, ' 42 Capt. Alfred W. Partain, AAF, ' 27 Lt. Seymour Myers, USA, BBA ' 41 (Prisoner) Lt. David A. Olds, AAF, ' 36 Benjamin L. Parten, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Windell O. Myers, AAF, ' 40 John Wharton Newton, Jr., ' 37 Pvt. Carlos Oliveira, USA, ' 42 Lt. Ross C. Partlow, USN, BS ' 36 Samuel Mac, in Newton, ' 25 Fred Nash Oliver, Jr., USA, ' 35 1st Lt. Earl. William Paschal, AAF, ' 38 N A C Thomas Jerome Ney, AAF, ' 43 Ens. Ira Harvey Oliver, USN, MS ' 39 T 5 Fred Robert Pass, USA, BJ ' 42 Charles D. Nicholas, USN, ' 41 Robert Sidney Oliver, USA, ' 43 Samuel Pass, USCG, BBA ' 38 Lt. (jg) Clair Alson Nabors, USN, BS ' 35 William E. Nicholas, BA ' ' 38 Lt. Thomas M. Oliver, USA, MD ' 34 Lt. Samuel Morris Passman, AAF, ' 35 Pvt. Henry Emil Nacgcli, USA, ' 37 Ens. Charles B. Nichols, USN, LLB ' 41 Ens. Walter Wood Oliver, Jr., USN, BS ' 42 Lt. Daymen Passmore, USA, BA ' 37 A C Preston L. Nairn, AAF, ' 43 (Killed) Lt. Arthur F. Olmsted, AAF, ' 37 John Woodrow Pate, ' 36 Charles Howard Naiser, AAF, ' 38 S 2 c Douglas Y. Nichols, USN, ' 43 Pvt. Leroy Nelson Olmsted, USA, ' 36 Ens. Oscar Glenn Pate, USN, ' 44 Lt. Rayburn M. Nail, USA, ' 42 Drew Christopher Nichols. AAF, BA ' 34 Lt. Sheldon A. Olmsted, AAF, ' 36 Maj. Connor Wright Patman, USA, ' 41 Lt. Thomas C. Nail, USA, ' 36 Pvt. Emmett Burns Nichols, USA BA ' 35 Lt. Cothburn A. O ' Neal, USN, PhD ' 40 Robert L. Pate, USA. ' 43 Lt. George S. Nalle, Jr., AAF, BA ' 41 Lt. Harry Elmo Nichols, AAF, ' 43 Capt. Francis C. Neal, AAF, BS ' 38 Mai. R. H. Patrick, Jr., USMC, ' 41 Ens. Joseph Nalle, USN, BS ' 37 Maj. James R. Nichols, USA Pvt. Jerome Maurice O Neal, AAF, ' 43 William Henry Patrick, ' 4 1 Y. 3 c James Joseph Nallin, USN, LLB ' 40 Sgt. Lewis B. Nichols, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Ens. Willmer O Neal, USN, ' 41 Capt. A. W. Patterson. AAF, ' 42 Pvt. Samuel Naman, AAF Lewis N. W. Nichols, BFA ' 41 A S Wilton E. O ' Neal, USN, ' 39 Albert H. Patterson, USN, ' 32 Pvt. Theodore J. Naman, AAF, ' 38 Lt. Loran Kenneth Nichols, AAF, ' 42 S Sgt. Fred B. O Neall, USA, ' 38 Alvin E. Patterson, USN, ' 38 Beverly Nance, MA ' 37 Lt. (jg) Robert Ayers Nichols, USN, Capt. John R. O ' Neil, AAF, BS ' 40 Capl. Charles O. Patterson, USA, BA ' 36 Cpl. Everett Grady Nance, USA, BS ' 36 BBA ' 40 Pvt. James A. O ' Neill, USA, ' 43 Sgt. Ernest F. Patterson, USA, ' 37 Herschel E. Nance, ' 41 Robert Bruce Nichols " 39 Ens. James Oppenheimer, USN, ' 43 A S J. D. Patterson, USN, ' 33 Ens. James K. Nance, USN, LLB ' 41 Theron Hale Nichols ' 41 Maj. Trueman E. O ' Quinn, USA, LLB ' 32 Helen Josephine Patterson, WAVES, BA ' 49 Joseph Milton Nance, USN, PhD ' 41 Maj. Alfred O. Nicholson, USA, ' 29 Lt. John (Jack) A. O ' Reagan, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Hugh M. Patterson, USA, LLB ' 37 Lt. Lee Maxwell Nance, USA, ' 38 1st Lt. Arthur C. Nicholson USA BA ' 4 1 James Joseph O ' Reilly, ' 35 Lt. Jack B. Patterson, AAF, ' 41 Edward Washington Napier, AAF, LLB ' 37 Kenneth Neal Nicholson, ' 36 Lt. Franklin D. Orgain, AAF, ' 39 Flight Officer Jim Patterson, AAF, ' 38 T Sgt. John Myatt Napier, Jr., USA, Lt. William B. Nicholson, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Ens. Freeman L. Orman, USN, BS ' 41 A S John Guest Patterson. USN, ' 31 BBA ' 35 Capt. William D. Nicholson, AAF, MD ' 39 Kelly Clyde Ormand, USMM, ' 42 (Killed) Ens. John Thomas Patterson, Jr., BBA ' 37 Pvt. Henry Health Nash, USA, ' 43 Lt. Weldon D. Nickels, AAF, LLB ' 36 1st Lt. Aubrey E. Orr, AAF, ' 41 (Killed) 1st Lt. Marcel Patterson, USA, BA ' 39 Capt. Henry Temple Nash, AAF, ' 36 Ens. William John Nickels, USN, ' 43 S Sgt. Kenneth L. Orr, USA, ' 35 Pvt. Pat Rav Patterson. USA, ' 40 Ens. Joe Ware Nash, Jr., USN. BBA ' 43 Ens. Ralph Waldo Niebuhr, USN, BJ ' 39 1st Lt. Charles G. Orsinger, USA, BA ' 43 Richard W. Patterson, USA, ' 43 Pvt. Sam Elbert Nash, Jr., AAF, ' 31 (Missing) Ens. Sidney W. Orton, USN, BBA ' 36 Robert Carroll Patterson, ' 39 Lt. William Perkins Nash, Jr., AAF, ' 39 Lt. C. J. Niederauer, AAF. ' 37 John C. Osmond, USA, ' 43 Robert John Patterson, AAF, ' 43 Benjamin Julius Nasits, ' 38 Lt. Frederick A. Nieman, AAF, BBA ' 42 Lt. (jg) Joseph S. Osoba. USN. BA ' 41 I.I. Robert T. Patterson. USMC, BBA ' 36 Benjamin Nathan, BS ' 33 Lt. (jg) E. Victor Nicmevcr. USN, BA ' 41 Ph. M. 3 c William G. Osoba, USN, ' 42 Lt. Truett Herbert Patterson, ' 40 Cpl. Richard G. Nathan, USA, BBA ' 41 Herschei Marvin Nipper, ' 43 Lt. Robert R. Ott, USA, ' 40 Ll. Donald D. Patteson, AAF, BJ ' 40 Henry Jack Neumann AAF BA ' 41 Anson Cecil Nix, ' 31 Lt. Roderick W. Ott, AAF, ' 40 (Missing) 1st Lt. Leslie G. Pattillo, AAF, ' 40 Miquel Angel Navar, ' 42 Benjamin Nixon, USN, BA ' 42 A C Laurin Preston Otting, AAF, ' 43 Lt. James Louis Pattillo, AAF, ' 41 A C Avon E. Neal, AAF Maj. Pat Ireland Nixon, Jr., USA BA ' 35 Ellis Oualline, Jr., Flight Instructor, Lt. Samuel S. Pattillo, AAF, BA ' 39 Pvt. Clyde W. Neal, USA, ' 43 Lt. Robert Nixon, USA, ' 40 BBA ' 37 (Killed) Lt. Joe West Neal, USA, MA ' 41 Robert R. Nixon, AAF, ' 35 A C Judd Oualline, AAF, BA ' 42 Ens. Adrian Ivan Patton, USN, ' 37 Lt. Tom Young Neal, AAF, BA ' 43 Thomas Andteu- Ni , n. USMC ' 40 Lt. Royce E. Oualline, AAF, ' 43 Ll. Esric Rabb Patton, AAF, ' 40 (Killed) Lt. Lloyd G. Neblett, USA, ' 40 T Sgt. Walter E. Nixon, USA, ' 42 Lt. Donald Outlaw, USMC, BA ' 40 Lt. Jack Patton, USA. ' 35 Capt Robert A. Neblett, USA MD ' 30 Capt. Z. Vance Nixon, USA, LLB ' 12 Lt. Elmer Outlaw, USMC, ' 42 Mdn. Laura Marshall Palton, WAVES, ' 49 Maj. Jack A. Nedell, AAF, ' 38 Pvt. Matt A. Noble, USMC, ' 43 Lt. Comdr. Leonard B. Outlaw, MD ' 27 A.S. Normand K. Patton, Jr., USN, ' 42 Gilbert Edward Neece, BA ' 39 Lt. William G. Noble, AAF, ' 42 Lt. John K . Overby, USMC, LLB ' 42 Ens. Peter G. Patton, USN, ' 44 Lt. John P. Neece, AAF, ' 40 Lt. George Otis Nokes, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Capt. Thomas R. Overstreet, AAF, ' 38 A.S. Edwin M. Paul, USN, ' 36 Capt. Sumner H. Needham, Jr., AAF, A S Cleave Nolen, USN ' 43 Pfc. Robert W. Overton, USA, ' 38 Jesse William Paul, USA, ' 43 BA ' 27 Capt. Harry W. Nolen, AAF, ' 15 Lt. Ada Maude Owen, WAC, MA ' 40 Pvt. Norman George Pauling, USA, ' 43 Lt. Alan Fobes Neel, AAF, ' 41 1st Lt. Kay M. Nolen, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Janie Maurine Owen, WAC, MA ' 40 Eugene Stratton Paxton, ' 37 Cpl, C. M. Neel, AAF, ' 38 Lt. Ralph Jack Noonan, AAF, ' 40 Lt. George W. Owens, AAF, ' 39 (Killed) Ens. A. D. Payne, USN, BS ' 41 Frederic Thomas Neel, ' 39 Lt. Werner Nordlinger, USA, BA ' 39 Ens. Lewis Glynn Owens, USN, BBA ' 42 Ens. Billie Rex Payne, USN, MA ' 41 Capt. Jonathan G. Neel, AAF, BBA ' 38 Pvt. Wyatt Thomas Norman, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Lt. Robert Allen Owens, USMC. BJ ' 42 Capt. Bledsoe Payne, AAF, LLB ' 22 Lt. Harvey Jackson Neeld, AAF, ' 40 Bill Wilks Norrid, ' 42 A S Wm. Clinton Owsley, Jr., USN, BA ' 44 Lt. Col. John Howard Payne, AAF, ' 35 Lt. Koscoe C. Neely, USN, BS ' 35 A C Felix Ross Norris, AAF, ' 41 (Killed) Lt. (jg) Stanley Eugene Neely, USN, LLB ' 41 Lt. J. Frank Norris, Jr., USN, ' 35 Lt. (jg) Jim Caddy Norris, USN, LLB ' 34 P Pvt. Leon Mather Payne, AAF, LLB ' 39 Leonidas Warren Payne, III, USA, MD ' 29 1st Lt. Robert Daniel Payne, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Albert S. B. ' .Negley, USA, LLB ' 38 Lt. Lex T. Neill. USA, MD ' 35 Marshall E. Neill, AAF, ' 43 William E. II. N ' orris, ' 42 Ens. Charles Cupples North, USN, BBA ' 40 Lt. William Fisher Northcutt, AAF, ' 43 Lt. John W. Pace, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Sgt. M. Alvin Pace, USA, ' 39 A S A. E. Pack, USN, ' 44 Lt. Word H. Payne, Jr., AAF, ' 40 James E. Payton, AAF, ' 40 (Killed) Lt. (jg) E. Victor Neimeyer, USN, BA ' 41 Lt. Joseph Edwaid Noser, USN, BS ' 32 S 1 c Alexander E. Pace. USN, ' 43 Ens. George Matthews Page, USN, A C George A. Peabody, USN, ' 42 Joe V. Peacock, USA, LLB ' 42 Cpl. Harold M. Neis, USA, ' 28 Lt. Edmond M. Notzon, Jr., AAF, BA ' 41 Lt. Johnnie W. Peacock, USMC, ' 42 Lt. Joseph B. Neiser, USN, BJ ' 40 Robert John Nelms, ' 22 Lt. Johnnie Leroy Novak. USN, BBA ' 39 Lt. Thomas Louis Novosad, USA, ' 41 Pvt. Marshall L. Page, USA, BA ' 42 Carl F. Pagel, ' 41 Capt. I. M. Pearce, Jr., USA, ' 40 A C J. M. Pearce, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Jim Bob Pearce, USA, ' 40 T Sgt. Robert D. Pearce. USA, BBA ' 39 l,t Lt. E. H. Pearl. USA. MS ' 34 A C Irving Pearl, AAF. ' 41 Lt. Edwin Jay Pearlman. AAF, ' 41 Lt. Beatrice Pearson. USA (.Nurie). ' 42 George W. Pearson. USA, ' 38 Lt. Glen T. Pearson. USA, ' 42 Pvt. Jim Pearson, AAF, ' 43 En.. John K. Pearson, US.N. ' 40 (Killed) In- Mirhael C. Pearson, USN. ' U PO 3 c Milton L. Pearson. USN, ' 41 Ens. William Earl Pe.vy, Jr.. US.N. BBA ' 41 A C Louis E. Pecenka. USN, ' 43 Frank Pechacek. AAF, ' 43 Alexander J. Pechinis, ' 39 Benjamin N. Peck. ' 21 Pfc. Charles B. Peck, USA Rol,.-rt K. Peck, AAF, ' 43 Lt. William T. Peckinpaugh, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Maj. George E. B. Peddv. USA, LLB ' 20 Lt. David D. Peden. AAF, BBA ' 33 Lt. Robert Ray Peebles, USMC, ' 42 Ens Edward WiUon ' Peek, USN, ' 38 Kearby Peer). ' 33 John Clifton Peevy, Jr., ' 42 A C Howard Kelley Phillips, AAF, ' 39 Lt. James Charles Phillips, USA. ' 40 Cpl. Paul Slator Phillips. USA, BA ' 40 Robert J. Phillips. AAF. ' 41 Pvt. Thomas Marion Phillip,. USA, LLB ' 39 Lt. Gordon S. PhilquUt, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Col. Carl Lawrence Phinney, USA, LLB ' 28 Lt. Col. Edward Temple Phinney. USA, ' 30 Ens. Jack Phinney. USN. ' 44 Lt. Col. Robert Larin Phinney. USA, ' 29 Lt. Joseph Kenneth Phipps. AAF, ' 42 Thorn., Spencer Picken., BA ' 36 Ben Ellis Picket!, ' 40 1st Lt. Charles Patrick Picket!. AAF, ' 38 En,. Edward Bradford Picket!, USN, LLB ' 36 Moody Hugh Piekett, PEd ' 35 Nolan David Picket!, ' 38 Capt. Perry Denny Piekett, AAF, ' 38 David Vernon Pickle. ' 17 Lt. (jg) James Jarrell Pickle, USN, BA ' 38 Lt. Murphy Pickle, Jr., AAF, ' 40 Lt. Richard B. Pidcoke, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Archibald Franklin Pieper. USMC. LLB ' 39 Pvt. Edgar Eugene Pierce. AAF. ' 42 lit Lt. James Lovick Pierce. USMC. ' 40 Lt. Cmdr. Leo Edward Potler, USN. ' 25 Lt. Nolen Louis Potter, AAF, ' 42 En,. William Sear, Poll,. USN, BJ ' 34 Pfc. Anthony Truman Pouncey, USA, MA ' 42 Lt. Albert M. Pound, Jr.. AAF, ' 33 Lt. Jack Windham Pound,, AAF. ' 38 (Killed) Capt. Jame. Arthur Pound,. Ill, BJ ' 38 L!. Col. Benjamin Harrison Powell, Jr., USA, LLB ' 39 Cpl. Eddie Beaehem Powell, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Pfc. Eugene Vernon Powell, Jr., USA, ' 42 Ll. George Cliflon Powell. AAF. ' 41 (Killed) Lt. Mark Yale, Powell, AAF, ' 38 Ll. Richard Hepwonh Powell. USN. Lt Cmdr. William Llewellyn Powell, USN, BS ' 32 William Maurice Powell. ' 30 1 1 Lt. Willis Mavnor Powell. AAF. ' 42 Cpl. Tniman Power. USA. ' 37 Lt. (jg) 0,car Scofield Power,. USN, ' 38 Lt. William Ne.l Power.. Jr., USA, ' 42 Lt. Con Foly Poynor. AAF, ' 40 Val Edward, Pr.hl. ' 41 Sidney I..dor Pr,,hner. USA. ' 43 Tommy Talmadge Quick. Jr.. ' 39 Lt. Arthur Lee Quickall, Jr.. AAF, ' 39 B. E. Quinn, USA. ' 41 Charles Quinn, ' 34 Mary Catherine Quist, WASP. BA ' 44 R A S Arthur Warren Radcliffe. USN. ' 44 Lt. (jg) John Carroll Radcliffe, USN. BS ' 42 Lt. Frank Rader. USA. ' 41 Robert Meyer Radley. USA, ' 43 Lt. Donald Eugene Radtke. AAF, ' 42 Lt. Gerald Gordon Radlke. AAF. ' 43 Lt. Cooper Kirby Rag.n, USN. LLB ' 28 Paul Calhoun Ragsdale. BA ' 37 Lt. Rufu, Louis Ragdale. USCC. LLB ' 36 Ens. Styron Ragsdale. USCG, ' 35 Ll. Truman Larkin Ragsdale. AAF. ' 41 WO William Earle Ragsdale. USN. ' 42 James Talbol Rain. USMC, LLB ' 43 1st Lt. Robert Eley Rain. Jr.. USMC., ' Willi, Rainey. USN. ' 42 Lt. Col. Leroy Alex Rainey, AAF, ' 32 S Sgl. Weldon Elmo Rain,. AAF, ' 36 Capl. Wilson Ralston. AAF, ' 40 Sgt. Ben B. Peques, USA, ' 36 Lt. Enoch Pendleton, AAF, BBA ' 38 A S Thomas E. Pen.llcton. USN, BBA ' 40 Fred Miller Penick, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Jack Lee Penick. BS " 42 A C Robrrt M. Penick. AAF. ' 43 Maj. Chauncey E. Penix, USA. BBA ' 24 Lt. (jg) George H. Penland. USN, LLB ' 39 (Killed) Mdn. William R. Penlan.l, USN, BS ' 43 FVnn, ' 41 Rhesa Lee Penn, USA, BA ' 43 Lt. Thomas Floyd Pierce. AAF, ' 38 James Arthur Piercv. Jr.. USN. ' 42 Lt. (jg) Wilburne Ennis Piercv, USN. ' 41 (Missing) Benjamin Andrew Pierson. Jr.. USA. ' 40 Li. Cmdr. Roger, Pierson, USN, MD ' 28 Eugene Cuslave Pietuch, ' 38 Ll. Sidney Guyler Pietzach, USA. ' 36 George Edgar Pike. USN. LLB ' 38 William Lee Pike, USA, ' 42 Lt. Donald Jensen Pils. AAF. ' 39 Harold Jean Pinchin, USA. ' 41 Lt Frank Pratt. AAF, ' 41 1st Lt. Hou,ton Wallace Pratt. AAF. ' 41 En,. Jack Edward Pratt, USN, BS ' 43 John Franklin Pratt, Jr.. ' 42 l.t Lt. Louie Anhur Pratt. AAF. ' 42 Ens Oliver Lauren, Pratt, USN, BS ' 38 Ens. George Prendergrast. Jr., USN, ' 42 Ens. Dryden Lawton Prentice, USN, BJ ' 41 Armstrong de Rouhlac Prescott. AAF, ' 42 Douglas Noel Presley. ' 41 Lt. Jack Presley. USA. BBA ' 42 Lt. John Howard Preley, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Oswaldo Villarreal Ramirez, USA, Capt. Fred Lee Ramsdell. Jr., AAF, BJ ' 40 Pfc. Billv Ray Ranuey. USA, BBA ' 42 Pvt. Jim Drake Ramsey, USA, ' 28 (Deceased) Lt. Thoma, Edward Ramsey, USA, ' 39 Lt. Col. Tom Isaac Ramsey, AAF, BS ' 39 Lt. Nathan Hoover Ranck, AAF, ' 37 John Joseph Randall. BA ' 41 Ens. Lester Jame, Randall. Jr.. USN, ' 38 Loui, Palmer Randall, AAF. ' 43 Pvt. Edward L. Pcnniman. USA, ' 43 A S M. L. Prnnington, USN, ' 35 En-. Robert Louis Pennock, USN. " 40 Lt. Rov A. Pennycuick. USA, BJ ' 39 Desmond Ray Pereira, AAF, ' 43 Romeo Perez. BS ' 40 Pvt. Clifton S. Perkins. Jr., USA, ' 43 Lt. (jg) Den.r K. P.-rki,,., USN, LLB ' 33 Capt. Jack F. Perkins. USA. BBA " 36 VS John McPherson Pinckney. USN, ' 29 Arthur Thomas Pingree, USN, BBA ' 31 J. S. Pipe. USN. AF Lt. Hermon Clyde Pipkin, Jr., AAF. LLB ' 38 A.S. Gene Pine, USN, ' 41 Allwvn Weldon Pirtle. ' 21 Pvt. Lorin Samuel Pitcher. USA. ' 43 Lt. Charles Lafayette Pitman. AAF. ' 42 Wayne Douglas Pre.ton. AAF, ' 43 Clyde Lee Prestwood, USA, BS ' 41 En.. Ernesl Clarence Prett. USN, BA ' 43 Loui, Bond Prewitl. AAF. ' 42 Lt. Edwin Booth Price. USN. MEd ' 39 Lt. Cmdr. Forre.t Marion Price, Jr.. USN. Homer LaM.rr Price. AAF. ' 40 John Cuthbert Price, USCG. BS ' 42 En.. Elbert Lee Randel. USN. ' 40 Lt. Joe Mullins Randerson, AAF, ' 42 Cap!. Lulher Winn Randerson. AAF. BS ' 40 Ll. (jg) Gibson Roger, Handle. USN. ' 35 En,. Lester James Handle. Jr.. USN, ' 38 Lt. Col. Nowlin Randolph. AAF. LLB ' 26 William Randolph. USA. BS ' 42 William Thomas Randolph, USA. ' 32 Ens. Louis Carrel! Raney, Jr., USN. Preston R. Perrenot. USA. ' 23 Capt. Charl,-s Irvin Perrin. AAF. ' 40 (Killed) Sgt. James Eldon Pitt. USA. BJ ' 42 Knox Pittard. Jr.. USA. MD ' 37 Oran Douglas Price, ' 42 Capt. Richard O,ler Price, USA. ' 30 Lt. John Wallace Rankin, AAF. ' 42 Capt. Harry Hunt! Ransom. AAF. ' 37 Capt. Nat Smith Perrine. Jr., USA, ' 41 Dan Noble Perrv, BBA ' 30 Henrv K. P.m. USN. ' 39 Pvt. Jack P. Perrv. USA. ' 42 Pvt. John H. Perry. USA, " 43 Pvt. John Jackson Perry, Jr., USA, ' 42 Lt. Raiford L. Perry. AAF, BBA " 41 Ens. William C. P,-rrv. USN. LLB ' 41 Pfc. William T. L. Perry. USMC, ' 37 Lt. Edwin Joe Pe.ek. AAF. BBA ' 42 ,1 (,!.- P.I, r. 1 SV -1-2 Pvt. William R. Peterman. USMC, ' 43 Lt. Amos Peters. Jr.. AAF, LLB ' 42 Dr. Roland Otto Peters, MD ' 30 Lt. Dudley Wilkes Peterson. USA, LLB " 39 Lt. E. W. F. Peterson. AAF. ' 12 Lt. Earl Hancock Pr-t.-ron. AAF. BBA ' 39 Cpl. Edward Duncan Peterson, USA, ' 40 Edward Stanlev Peterson. AAF, ' 43 Capt. Harry Graham Peterson, AAF, BS ' 40 A C Mai Emite Pinitola, USN, ' 41 Lt. (jg) William Henry Plageman. USN. ' 38 Ens. Herbert Lingo Planer. Jr., USN, LLB ' 42 Li. Vance William Plauche, USMC. ' 43 Ll. Joseph Brewer Plaia, USMC, MS ' 41 Henry Horace Plume, ' 41 A. Q. Plummer. AAF. ' 43 Ens. John Woodard PorT, USN. MA ' 40 A C William R. Pogue. AAF. ' 43 Ll. Alvin John Pokorny, AAF. ' 41 Frank Theodore Polasek, ' 42 Grace J. Polk. WAC. BS ' 39 A C Thomas Harding Polk. USN, ' 41 Ll. (jg) Charles Hardin Pollard. Jr., USN, BS -40 David Onan Pollard, AAF. ' 43 En,. Harvev Claude Pollav. USN. BJ ' 41 (Killed) Lt. Hubert Jefferson Pollick. USN. BS ' 42 Lt. Sterling J. Price. AAF. BA ' 43 Lt. Thoma, Albert Price. Jr.. USA, BA ' 39 Lt. Thoma, Emile Price, AAF, BBA ' 43 Lt. William Alec Price, AAF. ' 42 A S W ' illie Donald Price, USN. ' 43 Melvin Adolph Preibiseh. USN. BS ' 39 ROT Rife Priest. BA ' 24 Pvt. Robert William Prikryl. USA. ' 41 Lt. Ralph Stanley Prince. USA. ' 33 Ens. Brantley Ron Pringle. USN. LLB ' 42 Cpl. Charles ' Quitman Pringle, USA, BS ' 42 Lt Col. Benjamin M. Primer, USA, MD ' 24 Harlan Dale Priour. AAF. ' 43 Lt. John Edward Pritchett, USA. LLB ' 31 Lt. John Waller Pritchett, Jr.. USMC. BS ' 32 A C Joseph Lucian Pritchett. AAF. ' 42 Lt Will Carr Pritchett. USMC. ' 43 Lt. Col. William Palmer Privette. USA. ' 39 A C Stephen Thomas Rascoe. AAF. ' 43 En,. Robert Robert, Rash. USN. ' 42 Lt. Mac Rov Rasor, USMC. BJ ' 41 Maj. Wofford Robert Rathbone, USA, ' 12 Ll Van W. Ratcliff. AAF, ' 43 Ens. Edward Branch Rather. USN. BBA ' 41 Ens. Edgar Evans Ralliff. USN, BBA ' 40 Harry Culver Ratliff. Red C, ' 24 En,. William Durrah Ratliff. Jr.. USN, BBA ' 43 Lt. Charles Brook, Ran, USA. ' 39 Sgt. Hugo John Rauber. USA, ' 38 Ens. Vincent Murray Rauber, USN, ' 43 (Missing) Pvt. Claire Theodore Heckmann Rauch. USMC. ' 43 Calvin Ray Raup. Jr.. USA. ' 41 En.. Cene Philip Ravel, USN, BBA ' 43 Pvt. TravU R. Raven, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Charles Blake Rawls. USA. BS ' 35 1st Lt. Joseph Kenneth Peterson. USA, ' 39 Lt. Lester Carl Peterson, USA, ' 31 Lt. Perry H. Peterson. AAF, ' 37 Robert Otto Peterson. MA ' 38 Lt. Charles F. Pelet. USMC. BA " 42 Maj. John D. Peticolas. USA. MD ' 36 A C Ben Petmeckv. AAF, ' 41 CM 3 c John Larrv Petmecky, USN. ' 34 John W. Petrovich. AAF. ' 43 En.. BT, J. P.-irn.ek. USN. BA ' 42 Lt. Col. Alfred P. C. Petsch, USA, ' 11 Lt. Clemens C. Petsch. USA. MD ' 36 Lt. Joe Slator Petsch, USA, ' 40 MEd ' 41 Ens. Rav L. Pollock. USN. BBA ' 42 Ll. Ocia Walter Pond, AAF, ' 40 Pvt. Glen Lawrence Pool. USA, ' 42 John William Pool. BA ' 39 Lt. Maurice Duke Pool. USN. ' 42 Sanford Marion Pool. Jr.. MBA ' 32 W O W. E. Pool. USA, ' 41 Lt. William C. Pool. AAF. BA ' 42 Marvin James Poole. BA ' 39 Ll. Theodore Garland Poole, AAF, BA ' 42 A C Bismake Pope. Jr., AAF, ' 42 Cpl. Doug.l Cameron Pope. USA. BBA ' 41 A C Victor G. Probst. AAF, ' 43 Lt. Leslie Clay Procler, USMC, ' 43 Lt. Claude W. Proctor, AAF. ' 41 Lt. John Elwyn Prothro. AAF, ' 42 Lt. (jg) George Allen Prowse, USN, LLB " 39 Lt. (jg) Leland Albunius Prowse. USN, LLB ' 39 Pvt. Wallace Eugene Prowse, USA, ' 43 Lt. (jg) Harry Douglas Pruett, Jr., USN, LLB ' 35 Lt. Charles Pniilt. USA, ' 37 Ll. French Slrange Pruitt. USA, ' 41 Ellis Bernard Ray, ' 40 Robert Sidney Ray. ' 42 Lt Samuel Clvde Ray. Jr., USA, BA ' 39 Ph.M. 3 c Travi, Earl ' Ray. USN, ' 40 Ll. William Floyd Ray. AAF. ' 42 Pvt. Loui, Constant Rayon, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Cap!. Jack Park, Rayzor, AAF. ' 17 Pvt. Chesler Lee Razor, USMC. ' 41 Ens. Frank Thoma, Rea, USN, BBA ' 43 l.t Lt. James Leonard Rea. Jr.. AAF. ' 39 1st Lt. Marguerite Rea. USANC. ' 38 Lt. Leighton Maddux Read. AAF. BA ' 39 Lt. Glenn D. Reading, AAF, ' 40 1-t Lt. M.Uin IVnit. 1 . -IJ Maj. Richard W. Pcttwav, USA, BBA ' 24 Lt. John K. Pettv. USA. BA ' 27 Marv.n W.-lev Pettv, Jr.. ' 42 Lt. Paul Vernon Pe ' tn. USN. ' 11 Cpl. Paul G. Peurifov, USA. ' 26 Derwood L. Peveto, AAF, ' 42 Ens. Pat T. Pevlon. Jr.. USN. BA ' 43 Lt. John Julian Pfeiffer. AAF, ' 42 Clarence W. Pfeil. AAF. ' 40 Lt. Edgar Allen Pfeil, USA. LLB ' 38 Ens. James Stewart Pope. USN, ' 41 Lt. John Blakely Pope. III. AAF, ' 41 1st Lt. John Brandon Pope. USA, LLB ' 37 Y 2 c John Henry Pope. USN. ' 41 Lt. Irwin Curtis Popham. AAF. ' 43 Calvin Ethridge Porcher, AAF, ' 43 Andrew Cuthbert Porter, ' 37 Lt. Charles Earnest Porter. AAF. ' 42 Capt. Charles H. Porter, AAF, ' 36 Ens. Charles Raleigh Porter, Jr., USN, BBA ' 43 Lt. Clay Tompkins Puckett. USMC, ' 40 Lt. (sg) Nelson Puett, Jr., USN, BBA ' 41 A S James Harrison Puff, USN, ' 35 Lt. Harold Homer Pugh, AAF, ' 42 Robert Lynn Pugh. ' 42 En. W. Arthur Pugh. USN, ' 41 Ens. Frank Burruss Pugsley. USN. BS ' 42 Lt. Harvev Lee Pulliam. USA. ' 37 Lt. Jack Yarbrough Pulliam. USA, ' 35 Carlton Pullin. AAF. BJ ' 41 Adrian Carl Pump, USA, BBA ' 41 Ll. Donald Coleman Reames. USMC. " 43 Ens. P.lrick Herbert Reardon, USN. BS ' 43 Capt Crover Oran Real, AAF, BJ ' 39 Ens. Thomas Morrow Reavlev, USN. LLB ' 42 Lt. Ru-h Hamil Record, AAF, LLB ' 40 PO Robert Pendleton Rector. USN, BBA ' 34 Pvt. Robert L. Reddin. AAF. ' 43 Cpl. Cecil Dollahite Redford. USA. LLB ' 30 Ll. (jg) Clarence Samuel Redford. USN. LLB ' 37 d Eugene Pharr, USN, ' 42 Frank Phelan, USA, BBA ' 41 Em. Arthur Van R. Phelps, USN, BS ' 44 Pvt. Pri-ston R. Phenix, USA, ' 26 me D. Philips, AAF, ' 39 Noel Hugh Philley, ' 40 En,. Anthony A. Wilson Phillips, UsN, LLB ' 40 Boy.l Tom Phillips, ' 36 Claurice Milton Phillips, BA ' 27 En,. Frank Phillips, USN, ' 39 Ens. Glenn E. Phillips. USN, ' 41 Maj. Horton Brooks Porter, Jr., USA, BA ' 32 Jimmie Jack Porter, AAF, ' 43 John Duncan Porter. Jr.. AAF, " 43 Lt. John Edward Porter, AAF, ' 42 Pvt. John Paul Porter, USA, ' 43 A S Louis Henery Porter, USN. ' 44 Lt. (jg) Weldon Leech Porter, USN, BS ' 40 Evelyn Post, WAC. ' 36 Lt. Melvin Leonard Potash, USA, LLB ' 40 Alonzo Marcus Poteet, ' 43 Lt. Byron Loy Potter, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Russell Albritton Purifoy, USN, ' 43 Robert Hugo Purl, ' 37 Charles Giles Purnell. BA ' 41 Capt. Fred Vernon Purnell, AAF. 40 Lt. Harold Verschogle Purnell, USA. Charles Bower Putman. AAF. ' 42 (Killed) Grace R. Putnam. WASP, ' 41 Lt. Lon Junus Putnam. AAF, LLB ' 41 Theodore J. Putney, USA. ' 35 Maj. Clifron Pyle, Jr., AAF, BS ' 33 C.S. Guy Clark Pryor, USN. ' 37 Lt. Cradv M. Reed, AAF, ' 43 Ens. Harry Lows Reed, US.N, BA ' 43 A S Jack Edward Reed, USN, ' 39 En,. Joe Simpson Reed, Jr., USN, BBA ' 42 John Charles Reed, USMC. ' 42 Lt. John Robb Reed, Jr., USN. BBA ' 24 Lt. Col. Loui, Barry Reed. USA, ' 21 Pvt. Ray Daniel Reed, USA. ' 41 Sgt. Sumner Cole Reed, USA, ' 41 Capt. Talmadge DeWitt Reed, USA, ' 40 Lt. Glen Don Reeder, USA, BS ' 42 Lt. L. Roy Reese, AAF, ' 41 Cordon Phillips, MD ' 33 Lt. Harry C. Phillips, AAF, ' 38 Ens. Harrv S. Phillips, USN, BS ' 42 LLB ' 31 En,. Claude Lee Potter. Jr., USN. BA ' 41 Q Lt. John Henry Quebe. AAF. ' 41 Lt. Bruce Franci, Reeve,, AAF, ' 40 David Andrew Reeve., ' 42 Opt. Edwin Joseph Reeve,, AAF, LLB ' 41 Herbert H. Phillips, ' 43 Frank Bee Potter, Jr., BA ' 39 Pvt. Frank Blair Reeves, USA, ' 43 Raymond A. Hike, ' 41 Lt. Martin Duff Roe, AAF. ' 37 Pvt. James Harvey Ryland, USA. ' 36 Cap ' t. Hiram Verner Reeves, Jr., AAF, I ' M. -kl,% A. Riley, USA, ' 41 Lt. Murray Oliver Roe. USMC. BBA ' 43 A S Wilson Douglas Ryland, USN. ' 39 Ll Homer F Riley. USA. ' 38 Francis Durr Roelkey, USA, ' 42 Capt Wilfred F Rylander, USN. ' 41 Lt Joseph L Reeves, Jr., AAF, ' 40 Lt! James Maurice Riley, AAF. ' 41 A C Charles Travis Rogers, AAF, ' 39 Lt. Fred E. Rylee, AAF, ' 38 Pvt. William Steele Reeves, Jr., USA, John B. Riley, BBA ' 40 Ens. Curtis Allen Rogers. USN, ' 40 Lloyd James Ryman, BS ' 38 Capt. Joseph Weldon Riley, USA, LLB ' 36 F.ed Neilson Rogers, ' 38 Woodward Clemont Regan, BBA ' 33 Ens. William Barnes Riley, USN, MS ' 41 Cap!. Frederick Funslon Rogers, USA, S Frederick Reglin, Jr., BS ' 38 A C Calvin Wall Regnier, AAF, ' 37 Vincent William Rehmet, Jr.. USA, LLB ' 39 1st Lt. Hugh D. Reich, AAF, ' 40 Frank James Rilling, ' 32 Lt. Barton Tiffany Riuehart. AAF. ' 41 Cpl. Alfred R. Rios, USA. BS ' 42 Ens. Karl E. Rippel, USN, ' 44 MD ' 40 A C George Oscar Henry Rogers, AAF, ' 43 Ll. (jg) Gordon Rogers, USN Ens. Guy Rogers, Jr., USN, ' 42 Lt. Byron Lazarus Sachs, AAF, ' 28 Lt Jack Sachse, USMC, " 43 L ! Garland Adolphus Sadler, USA, LLB ' 33 Pvt. Maurice L. Reich. AAF. ' 43 Bill Alvin Rips, AAF, ' 43 F 0 Harvey Clopton Rogers, RCAF, ' 37 William II, nn Sadler. Jr., AAF, ' 43 Ens ' Edward lee Keichert USN, B.Arch ' 41 Pvt. Joe Frank Riscden, USA, ' 43 Lt. Henry Hudson Rogers, AAF, ' 42 Ens. Albert Joe Saegert, USN. LLB ' 43 Cap ' t. Charles Aurthor Reid. USMC, ' 38 James W Reid, ' 27 Reuben S. Riskind. ' 41 1st Sgt. Burt L. Risley. AAF, ' 39 Capt Jack Weldon Rogers, AAF, ' 39 (Missing) I i August H. Saegert. AAF. MD ' 38 Cpl Nathan Safir. USA, BJ ' 37 . Joseph Reid, Jr., USN, BA ' 24 Lt Joe Albert Risscr, USA, ' 36 Capt. Martin Eugene Rogers, AAF, ' 38 A S Jack Safley, USN, ' 43 Allen Turner Ritch, MD ' 24 (Killed) Y 3 c Victor H Sagabiel, USN. LLB ' 41 Lt William Elmer ' Reid, AAF, ' 41 Otis Ritchey, ' 42 Lt. Neilson Rogers. USA Cap, William J. S.gstetter, AAF. BJ ' 38 It ' William Loomer Reid, USA, ' 42 Ph M 3 c Wilbur Ravniond Kei.l. USN, ' 43 Lt. Robert Eugene Ritchie, USMC, ' 41 Lt. Victor Houston Ritter, AAF, ' 41 Brig. Gen. Pleas Blair Rogers, USA. ' 16 Robert E. Rogers, AAF. ' 43 Ve.non Emit John Sahm, AAF. ' 43 Capt. Joel W. Sailors, Jr.. AAF. ' 40 Lt Frank Kent Reilly. USMC Juan M. Rivera, ' 41 Robert Guy Rogers, ' 40 Ens. Lon Clayton Sailors, Jr., USN. BBA ' 40 Lt. Richard Whittle Reiner. AAF, ' 43 Capt. George Brewster Reinhardt, USMC, ' 35 Lt. Ray Brooks Reinhardt, AAF, ' 42 S Sgt. Wayne Winters Rives, AAF, ' 40 PO 1 c Allen Conner Roach, USN, ' 38 Ens. James Edward Roach, USN, BBA ' 39 1st Lt. Thomas James Rogers, AAF, ' 40 Pvt. James David Rollin, AAF. BBA ' 40 Lt. Joe Church Rolls, USMC, BS ' 36 Capt. Julian T. Salivar, USA, ' 30 (Prisoner) Maj. Richard D. Salter, AAF. ' 42 (Missing) Forrest Allison Salter, BJ ' 42 (Killed) Jess Perry Roach, BA ' 41 Capt. Rober! Francis Romero, AAF, BS ' 39 Cpl. John Louis Salzer, USA 1st Lt Waldo Reininger, USA, BJ ' 35 Leo B. Roach, ' 30 Lt. Charles Nicholas Romine, AAF, ' 37 Cpl Joe A. Salzer, USA, ' 40 Lt John W. Reiss. AAF, BA ' 41 (Killed) Ora Elwood Roads, MA ' 38 Lt William Morris Roney, AAF, ' 42 Capt. Harry E. Sames. USA. LLB ' 19 Pvt. Patrick Francis Reiss, USA. ' 42 1st Lt. Johnnie McKinlcy Ready, AAF, Lt. Albert Albin Rooker, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Trov A. Sampley, AAF, ' 43 Ens. Russell Stevenson Rembert, USN, PhD ' 39 Clarence Theodore Roos. USA. ' 35 Capt Robert C. Sampson, Jr.. AAF. ' 40 Harold Darwin Robbins, AAF, ' 43 Sgt. Cornelius Cyprian Roos, USA. BBA ' 36 Lt. Thomas G. Sams, AAF. ' 43 Lt. William Adair Rembert, Jr., USA, John Ira Robbins, ' 40 William Burton Roosa. AAF, ' 43 LLB ' 34 Lt. Col. Nevwoo.l Hntrhings Roberdeau, Harold Roosth. BA ' 38 R.M. 1 c Norman Edward Rendall, III, USN, AAF, BA ' 39 Pvt Sol Roosth, AAF, ' 42 Pvt! Joe Jeff Sandel, USMC. ' 12 ' 40 (Missing) Lt. Clark Frederic Roberds, AAF, ' 39 Pvt. James Edwin Root, USA, ' 43 Sgt Mitchell Luther Sandel, USA, ' 42 Leandro Rendon, USA, BA ' 41 Pvt. David Alexander Roberson, USA, Lt. George Mann Roper, Jr., USA, ' 40 Pvt. Nathan Sandel, AAF, ' 43 Thomas Alan Reneau, BS ' 32 BA ' 43 Cpl. Other Berton Roquemore, Jr.. USA, Lt. Thomas C. Sandel, AAF, ' 41 Lt. (jg) Heath Renfro, USN, BS ' 37 Capt. Alan Clifford Roberts, AAF, ' 37 LLB ' 39 A C Thomas Theodore Sandel. USN. ' 43 Lt! Louis Randolph Renfrew, AAF, LLB ' 37 Leland Means Rennolds, USA, ' 22 Lt. (jg) Allen Lane Roberts, USN, MA ' 41 Pvt Ben Hardy Roberts, USA, ' 37 W 0 Cecil Horace Rosemond. USA, LLB ' 40 Lt. (jg) Clifford Allison Rose, USN, ' 31 I t H-i-ciim Lynn Sanders, AAF, ' 41 Ens David Cla " ' no " S 1,,-. USN, ' 44 Lt. (jg) Robert Bryon Rentfro, Jr., USN, 1st Lt. Benjamin Holman Roberts, AAF, ' 33 Maj. Henry John Rose, AAF, ' 40 Lt. ' Felix Hill Sanders, Jr.. USN. BS ' 31 Lt. Charles Roberts, AAF, ' 42 Ens. Forrest Caesar Rosellini, USN, BA ' 43 Muold Barefoot Sanders, USN, ' 43 Lt. (jg) Russell Rentfro, USN. LLB ' 33 Ens. Clifford Jesse Roberts, USN, LLB ' 43 Harvey Rosenberg, USA, ' 43 L,. John Blrwltt Sanders, Jr., AAF. ' 41 Lt. Henry Stagg Renz, USA, ' 42 Lt. Ed Davis Roberts, AAF, ' 42 Pfc. Herman Rosenfield, USA. LLB ' 36 Lt Les Sanders. AAF. BBA ' 42 1st Lt. Adolf Francis Ressel, USA, ' 28 Walter Earl Ressel, USA, BA ' 28 Lt. Edwin Rupert Roberts, AAF, LLB ' 40 Ens. Elliott Bradford Roberts, Jr., USN, Pvt. John Max Rosenfield. III. USA, ' 43 Paul Rosenfield, USA, BJ ' 40 A S Lester Sander,, USN, ' 42 Lt. (j g) Orban Eugene Sanders. USN, ' 42 Ens John Wilson Rettig, Jr., USN. BBA ' 41 LLB ' 41 Capt. Jasper Archibald Ross, USA, LLB ' 40 Lt. Roy Dean Sanders. AAF. ' 42 C.Sp. Benjamin Robert Reynolds, USN, Ens. Frank LaRue Roberts. USN. MBA ' 40 (Killed) A S Tha.l Haile Sand,,-. USN. ' 28 Lt. Herbert Ray Roberts, USN, ' 35 Ens. Joe Elmore Ross, USN. BS ' 40 S B , William C. Sanders, USA. ' 36 Lt. Dewitt Clinton Reynolds. Jr., AAF, ' 41 Ira Clifford Roberts, ' 41 Raleigh Roy Ross, USA, MD ' 35 Ens ' Charles Earl Sanderson, USN. BBA ' 42 Edward Dickens Reynolds, ' 39 Lt. James Arthur Roberts, Jr., USN, ' 34 Lt. (jg) Melvin Medford Rotsch, USN, Lt Thomas A. Sanderson, AAF, ' 28 Lt. George Thomas Reynolds, USA, LLB, ' 42 Lt. (jg) John Clarke Roberts, Jr., USN, BA ' 39 BS ' 28 Lt. John Quinn Rounsaville, AAF, BS ' 39 Jnliu- Samuel Sandgarten, USA, ' 43 Cpl. John C. Sandridge, USA, ' 42 Lt. (jg) Henry Davenport Reynolds, USN, Capt. Joseph Eugene Roberts, Jr., AAF, Maj. Thomas Andrew Rousse. AAF, MA ' 34 Lt (jg) Lloyd Bommer Sands. USN ' . BBA ' 37 Ens. Austin Allen Routon, USN, BA ' 41 Samuel Joseph Sands. USN, PhC ' 35 John McGill Reynolds, ' 33 J oseph James Roberts, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Ens. Harry Marke Rovenger, USN, BA ' 41 Pvt John Leonard Sandstedt, AAF. BA ' 42 S 2 c Loretta Reynold ' s, WAVES, BS ' 39 Capt. Morris Roland Roberts, AAF. BBA ' 40 Lt. Justin Michael Rowan, AAF, ' 42 Pv! ' WaHer A Sandy, USMC, ' 42 Lt. Richard Clinton Reynolds, USA, ' 41 Lt. Oran Wilford Roberts, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Lt. Maynard A. Rowan, USA, ' 34 Lt Ernest Lee Sanford, AAF, BBA ' 39 Capt. Lawrence H. Rhea. USA, LLB ' 21 1st Lt. Robill Willis Roberts, AAF. ' 41 Lt. Martin Decatur Rowe, USA, ' 42 Lt! George Clifton Sanford. Jr., USMC, ' 42 Capt Oscar E Rhode USA, MD ' 35 Roger Lawrence Roberts, USMM, ' 43 Lt. J. Z. Rowe, AAF, ' 43 Lt. (jg) Philip Sanger, USN. ' 35 Capt. William ' Stevenson, USA. MD ' 33 Lt. Samuel Earp Roberts, USA, LLB ' 34 Lt. Richard S. Rowe. AAF. BS ' 31 Capt. Billy Moss Sansing. AAF, BJ ' 41 Lt. (jg) Coke H. Rhodes, USN, LLB ' 42 Pvt. Walton Simpson Roberts. USA, ' 43 Pvt. William Thomas Rowe, USA, ' 38 Maj Byron Manning Sansom, Jr., AAF, ' 36 Ens. Thomas Burton Rhodes. USN, LLB ' 42 Pvt. Watkins B. Roberts, USA. ' 25 Lt. Charles Frederick Rowsey, AAF, ' 39 Lt. Charles Culberson Sansom, USA, ' 42 Lt. (jg) William Jackson Rhodes, USN, BS ' 40 Sgt. Allen Reid Robertson, USA, ' 40 Ens. Caroll Leon Robertson, USN, MA ' 34 (Killed) Lt. James Hensley Rowsey, AAF, ' 38 Capt. Elmer Flournoy Sansom, AAF, BA ' 37 (Killed) Lt. Rom Rhome, USMC, BA ' 43 Lt. Charles Andrew Robertson, USA. ' 37 1st Lt. Leroy Eugene Roye, USA, ' 40 Robert Louis Sant, AAF, ' 43 1 1 Howard O Rhyner, AAF, ' 36 S 1 c Donald Bruce Robertson, USN, ' 43 Pvt. Marvin Rubenstein, USA, ' 43 Lt. Charlotte J. Sarratt, WAC. ' 32 En.. Alonzo Douglas Rice. USN. LLB ' 41 Ens. Ben Herbert Rice. Ill, USN. LLB ' 42 Ll. Horace Allen Rice. USA. BS ' 39 Lt. Forrest Ellis Robertson, AAF, BBA ' 40 Sgt. Frank Lindsay Robertson, RAF. ' 39 Maj. French Martel Ro bertson, AAF, ' 24 Lt. Roy R. Rubottom, Jr., USN. ' 40 Cpl. James Howard Rucker. USMC, BBA ' 41 1st Lt. William Wallace Rucker, Jr., AAF, L, Joseph Otto Sartor, Jr., USMC, BS ' 43 1st Lt. James Louis Sarver, Jr., USA, ' 38 Pv! Paul W. Sarver, AAF, ' 43 Maj. James William Rice. USA. ' 20 Ens. George Leonard Robertson, USN, ' 42 Ens ' . Joe M. Sa-man, I SN Pvt. Joel Kay Rice. USA. ' 43 BBA ' 43 Capt Wilton T. Rucker, AAF, ' 38 A C Robb Roy Sallerfield. AAF, ' 42 A C Robert Dean Rice. AAF, ' 42 James Edwin Robertson. BS ' 40 Pvt. William Lee Rudd, Jr., USA, BBA ' 43 Lt. Henry A. Sauer, USA, ' 32 Maj. A. Berry Rich. USA, ' 33 Lt. Joe T. Robertson, AAF, BBA ' 41 Lt. Cmdr. C. A. Rudisill. USN. MD ' 25 Ewald Robert Sauermilch, AAF, BS ' 43 Carl Edward Richard, ' 42 Lt. Joseph A. Robertson, AAF, ' 38 Pvt. Lemuel V. Ruffin, USA. ' 42 Sgt. Don Jake Saunders, AAF, ' 39 H.A. 2 c B. C. Richards, USN. ' 42 (Missing) Lt. (jg) Dudley T. Rugeley, USN, ' 38 Lt. (jg) James Byron Saunders. USN. ' 32 Lt. Cyrus F. Richards, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Ens. Normada Lee Robertson, USN, ' 41 (Killed) Thomas Joe Saunders, ' 34 1st Lt. George Lowell Rich, AAF, ' 40 Richard Lloyd Robertson, ' 38 1st Lt. William H. Rugeley. AAF, BBA ' 37 Velma M. Saunders, WASP. ' 33 1st Lt. Floyd Holt Richards. AAF, LLB ' 40 Ruben Marion Robertson, ' 42 Maj. William B. Ruggles, USA, ' 10 Pvt. Watt L. Saunders, Jr., USA, ' 40 Maj. James Thomas Richards, USA, ' 35 Cpl. Albert James Robinson, USA, ' 41 Lt. Vito A. Ruiz, USA, ' 40 Richard Baxter Saxe, USA, ' 43 Pfc. John H. Richards. USA, ' 39 (Prisoner) Lt. Howell H. Rule, AAF, ' 40 (Killed) Lt. Donald D. Sawyer, AAF, ' 43 1st Lt. Raymond W. Richards, USA, Billie Lavilla Robinson, ' 40 Lt. Bennie W. Rundell, AAF. BS ' 35 Sgt Weslev E. Sawyer, AAF, BA ' 41 LLB ' 42 Lt. Charles B. Robinson, AAF, ' 41 Pvt. Merlon Rundell, USA, ' 42 Eddie Eugene Saxon, BS ' 40 William George Richards, ' 42 Lt. Edwin Orum Robinson, USN, BA ' 20 Capt. Carl Runge, Sr.. USA, LLB ' 19 Lt Mack Savon. I SN. ' 27 B.Arch ' 41 Eugene Bremond Robinson, Jr., ' 23 Frank Louis Robinson. USA, ' 42 (Missing) Lt. (jg) Carl R. Runge, Jr., USN. BBA ' 42 Pvt. Jesse George Runnels, AAF, ' 40 Sam Saxon, USN. ' 2 ' (Killed) Frank William Richardson, USN. BS ' 42 (Mi-inR) 1st Lt. Joe Leslie Robinson, USMC, BS ' 39 Pvt. Jame- Avc ' n Ru-h. ISA. ' 43 Lt. Reginald Rushing. AAF. MBA ' 32 Sgt. Freddie Russ, USA, BBA ' 40 PU. Sam Reagan Saver-. Jr.. 1 - . LLB ' 36 lack Welcome Sayles. USN, ' 30 Lt. William Lofton Scaff, AAF, ' 41 Walter E. Scales, USA, ' 32 ' 43 Zoraster Robert Robinson, ' 37 Ens. Edward Joseph lin-,11. USN, BBA ' 40 Thomas Joseph Scanio. MD ' 36 Cecil Percy Scarbrough. AAF, ' 41 Lt. Melvin W. Richardson. AAF, ' 38 Lt. (jg) Charles Henry Robuck, Jr., USN, Lt. James H. Rn-.-ll, 1 SA. LLB ' 38 1st Lt. Jesse W. Scarbrough, BS ' 41 A C Weincrt Richardson, USN, ' 43 BA ' 32 A C Jef Chaison Russell, Jr., USN, ' 43 Pfc. Charles Lawrence " Larry " Scarbrough. Ens. Will Mann Richardson, USN, LLB ' 35 James Harris Richburg, BBA ' 41 Lt. William Jennings Rochelle, USA, ' 39 A C Joe Holt Russell, USN, ' 43 USMC, ' 43 Lt. Fra " nk S. Richey! AAF, ' 38 " A C Robert L. Richey, USN, ' 42 Capt. Vincent Jerome Roddy, AAF, ' 39 Lt. Robert Pern Rn-.ll. AAF, ' 42 Ens. Robert Schaffer. USN. ' 43 Pvt. Robert David Scharf, USA, ' 43 Ens. George James Richter. USN, BBA ' 35 Lt. LeRoy C. Richter, AAF. ' 40 Lt. William Robert Roddy, AAF, ' 39 (Missing) A C Wallace Russell, USN, ' 42 Weldon B. Scheel. USA, BJ ' 32 A S Walter H. Richter, USN, BJ ' 39 Ens. Raymond Ricketts. USN. BS ' 35 LLB ' 41 Lt. Loyd D. Ruth, USN, ' 38 Kn-. Cvnt hia Sheffield, WAVES. BA ' 41 Lt. Edward Pat Schcu. USMC, ' 42 S. Ned Ethridge Riddle, USN, ' 43 S Sgt. Carl F. Rode, AAF, BBA ' 41 A C Roy Calvert Rutherford, USN, ' 42 Richard Henry Schiebel, AAF, ' 43 W. C. Riddle, ' 42 Pvt. R. Lee Henry Rode, USA, ' 43 William Francis Rutherford. ' 41 William John Schiebel, ' 41 M SjM George Kent Rider. USA. ' 33 Graham Lee Rodgers, BA ' 35 DaUon Rntlcdge, USA, ' 33 Lt. Richard Thomas Schill. AAF, ' 39 Lt. Paul Evans Rider, USA, ' 42 Lt. (jg) James Andrew Rodgers, USN, BBA ' 37 Lt. Robert McDonald Rutledge. USA, S Sgt. Edward 0. Schiller, USA, BS ' 41 BBA ' 43 John Ormand Rodgers. MA ' 40 LLB ' 41 Maj. W. J. Rutledge, Jr., USA, ' 12 Lt. Henry P. Schlacks, AAF. ' 11 Lt. James Patterson Rieck. AAF, ' 42 Lt. Pershing Woodrow Rodgers, AAF, ' 41 Lt. William K. Rutledge. AAF, LLB ' 41 Maj. Marvin C. Schlecte. USA. MD ' 4O Capt. Louis J. Riefler. AAF, ' 41 Reginald Alvin Rodgers, BJ ' 43 James M. Rutta. USA, ' 42 Sgt. Robert Schleuse, AAF. ' 37 S Sgt. Paul Winfield Riefler. USA. ' 37 S Sgt. Robert Lackey Rodgers, USA, Ens. Benjamin Rnttcnhcrg. USN. BBA ' 43 Ens. Otis Schleyer, USN, ' 44 A C Calvin C. Riggs, AAF. ' 40 Lt. (jg) Thomas Louie Rodgers, USCG, En " ! Richard Geo ' rge ' Kyn, USN, ' 44 Lt C . n SamueV C. SchTitzkus, AAF. BA ' 4O Lt. Emmet Dean Riggs. RAF, ' 40 BBA ' 36 1st Lt. William Robe.t Ryan, USA, ' 38 Lt. Twifoid F..Schloeman, AAF, ' 43 A S Carl Rigney, USN. ' 43 Capt. Amog F. Riha, AAF, ' 40 1st Lt. Jose Mauro Rodriquez, AAF, ' 42 (Missing) Lt. (jg) Frank Marion Ryburn, Jr., USN, LLB ' 36 Cpl. John Hudson S.hln.l,,. USA, ' 4O I.I. Curtis Schmedes, USA, BS ' 41 Lt. Robert FLMaddox AAF. BBA ' 37 Lt. R. Blagg Brownwood AAF, ' 43 LuF.L. Black, Jr. AAF, ' 43 Lt. A. C Breckenridge LL Robert W.Haskell LL M. L. Davis Lt. Donald D. Sawyer Lt. John Heflin Baker Lt Archibald B. Wilinson, Jr. AAF, BA ' U Lt. Warren P. Whitson AAF, BBA Lt. Cecil M.Trent, Jr. AAF, ' ! Lt. Rutherford G. Helf AAF. ' 40 Pvt. Jack M. Clemer AAF. ' 42 Pvt. Everett E. Morgan, Jr. AAF. -4 Pvt. Truett O. Dillard AAF, ' 37 Pfc. Sol Franklin AAF. ' 43 Lt. Dan B. Cur AAF. ' 43 Lt. Charles L. Chambers AAF. -41 Lt. Leo F. Austin AAF. Lt. William B. Hilgers Pvt. Alfred C. Schmidt, USA Maj. Benno Charles Schmidt, USA, LLB ' 36 Pfc. Charles Albert Schmidt. USA. ' 43 ' 40 Pvt. Frank Carroll Sergeant, USA, LLB ' 38 Ens. Jack Seriff. USN. BBA ' 41 Lt. Alexander Dempsey Serur, AAF, ' 40 1st Lt. Jerome E. Server, USA, ' 42 Lt. Byron Alwyn Chittendon Shuppe, AAF, B BA ' 40 Capt. George Y. Siddons, AAF, MA ' 38 Lt. Damon P. Smith. Jr., USMC. ' 43 Capl. Daniel E. Smith, USA, ' 32 Pvt. Earl W. Smith, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Edward Smith, AAF. BBA ' 40 Lt. F. H. Schmidt, USA, ' 42 Ens. Herman Schmidt, USN, ' 43 Lt. Norman Siegle, AAF, ' 35 Lt. Erwin W. Smith, Jr., AAF, ' 37 Charles Raymond Schneidi-r, AAF, ' 43 Charles William Settle, BS ' 43 Pvt. David Sikora, USA, ' 43 Lt. Everett H. Smith. AAF, LLB ' 41 Lt. E. H. Schneider, Jr., AAF, BBA ' 40 Lt. (jg) Ben Gardner Sewell, USN, LLB ' 36 Pvt. Winn Silas, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Ewell Lee Smith, USA, ' 43 Lt. Robert E. Schneider, AAF, ' 41 James Ilou.,,,1 S, ,]], AAF, ' 43 Alex Silverman. AAF, LLB ' 36 Lt. Comdr. Fred ' B. Smith. USN, MD ' 26 Cpl. William R. Schneider, USA, ' 42 Lt. (jg) Lawson Welton Sewell, USN, LLB Lt. David L. Silverman, AAF. BBA ' 40 (killed) Fred Thomas Smith, Jr., ' 41 Garland F. Smith, AAF, LLB ' 37 Ens. Hugo William S-ho,-llk|.f. USN, BBA Lt. E. W. Shacklett, Jr., USA, MD ' 41 Isaac Silverstein, USA, ' 42 H.A. 2 c George ' Thomas Smith, Jr., USN, ' 42 1st Lt. Ralph J. Shadid, AAF, ' 36 1st Lt. Andrew V. Simmons, AAF, ' 40 ' 38 Pfc. Eugene Paul Schoch. Jr.. USA, BA ' 43 Charles C. Shadle, RAF, ' 41 (killed) (prisoner) A C Gerald W. Smith, USN, ' 41 Ens. Milton R. Scholl, Jr., USN. ' 44 Cpl. Marion Edward Shafer, AAF, ' 42 Ens. Fred Simmons, Jr., USH, BS ' 37 Hardy M. Smith, AAF, ' 42 A C Mortimer M. Scholl, Jr., AAF, ' 35 S Sgt. Walter Stanley Shaller, AAF, BBA Maj. Hal F. Simmons, AAF, ' 39 Lt. Harvey Daniel Smith, AAF, ' 40 Pvt. Joseph L. Schott, USA, ' 42 Howard Marvin Simmons, BJ ' 42 Lt. Harriet Smith, WAC, ' 41 Sgt. John Butler Schow, USA, BBA ' 40 A C William Simon Shand, RCAF, ' 41 A C Joe W. Simmons, AAF, ' 39 Harris H. Smith, USA, ' 43 Pvt. Texas Schramm, Jr., USA, 42 S Sgt. Myron P. Schreiber, AAF, ' 42 (killed) Lawton E. Shank, USN, ' 34 (prisoner) Ens. Herbert Balfour Smith. USN, ' 42 S 2 c Emil E. Schroeder, USN, ' 42 Lt. Sidney David Shanken, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Leonel J. Simms, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Lt. (jg) Herbert Randolph Smith, USN, Lt. Fredlein J. Schroeder, AAF, BBA ' 37 Pvt. Ed. F. Shannon, USA, ' 43 Pvt. Walter E. Simms, Jr., AAF, BBA ' 38 BBA ' 41 1st Lt. Siegfried T. Schroeder, USA, BA ' 31 Capt. Emmet Shannon, AAF, ' 41 Lt. William Paul Simms, USA, ' 42 Lt. Herman W. Smith, Jr., AAF, MA ' 40 Lt. Herbert A. Schubert, USA, MD ' 39 Capt. Jake Shapira, USA, ' 35 Capt. Elmer R. Sims, USA, BS ' 38 Ens. Homer David Smith, USN, ' 43 L. George Schubert, AAF, LLB ' 41 Pvt. Harry Shapiro, USA, ' 42 Sue Falvey Sims, WAC, LLB ' 23 Sgt. Horton Wayne Smith, AAF, BBA ' 34 Capt. F. J. Schuck, AAF, ' 38 Irving Jonathon Shapiro, USA, LLB ' 40 Ben M. Simon, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Comdr. Howard Owen Smith, USN, MD John Norman Schuelke, USMC, ' 42 Lt. Charles Lamar Sharp, AAF, ' 30 Ens. Moise H. Simon, USN, ' 44 ' 22 Lt. Alfred Schulman, AAF, LLB ' 42 Lt. Thomas Harris Sharp, AAF, ' 42 Pvt. Robert L. Simons, USA, BBA ' 43 Howard Perkins Smith, BBA ' 34 Milton Schultz, ' 41 William Wheeler Sharp. ' 42 S Sgt. Walter M. Simons, USA, BBA ' 39 Lt. Hubert W. Smith. USN, BBA ' 31 Frederick Schultz, USA, ' 43 Lt. Robert Hitchcock Sharpless, AAF, BS Byron L. Simpson, AAF, ' 42 1st Lt. Jack Barkley Smith, AAF, ' 39 Lt Robert Edward Schultz, AAF, ' 40 ' 42 Lt. Col. Cordon W. Simpson, USA, LLB ' 19 Pvt. Jack Dean Smith, USA, ' 43 Roy H. Schultz, USN, BBA ' 39 Lt. Alf. P. Shatto, AAF, ' 38 Joseph Walker Simpson, Jr., ' 38 Lt. James B. Smith, AAF, LLB ' 40 Lt. Erwin Louis Schulz. AAF, ' 42 (killed) Lt. Charles Erin Shaver. USA, LLB ' 37 Louis J. Simpson, AAF, ' 43 James Hulbert Smith, ' 37 1st Lt. Lawrence E. Schulz. AAF, BS ' 42 Capt. Silas L. Schulze, AAF, BBA ' 41 John Signor Shaver, MD ' 36 Lt. Robert Terrell Shaver, USA, ' 40 Lt. Raymond Homer Simpson, AAF, BS ' 43 Robert K. Simpson. AAF, MD ' 16 Capt. James Murray Smith, AAF, BS ' 40 Ens. James T. Smith, USN, LLB ' 37 Ens. C. A. Schutze, Jr., USN, BBA ' 43 Lt. Arnold C. Shaw, USA, BJ ' 38 Lt. William Simpson, IV, AAF, ' 42 Lt. James William Smith, USA, ' 42 1st Lt. Lawrence E. Schutz, USA, BS ' 42 Strauch Charles Shaw, AAF, ' 41 1st Lt. William Boyd Sinclair, AAF, BA ' 41 Lt. Jay Warren .Smith, USMC, ' 34 1st Lt. Bernard Schwab, USA, BS ' 40 Ens. Lowell Daniel Shawver, USN, ' 42 A C John Arnold Singer, AAF, BA ' 40 Jean Milton Smith, USN, ' 41 S Sgt. Emmett Schwab, USA, ' 38 Lt. (jg) John Stewart Schwab, USN, BBA ' 41 Stanley A. Schwertner, ' 37 Loyd Webster Shi-ckles. MD ' 32 Joe Warren Sheeny, ' 29 Lt. John Charles Sheehy, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Beverly Stephen Sheffield, USN BS ' 35 Lt. Daniel M. S. Singleton, AAF, ' 35 Ens. John V. Singleton, USN, BA ' 42 Lt. Roy A. Singleton, AAF, PhD ' 42 A C William L. Sisson, AAF, ' 41 Ens. Joe J. Smith, USN, BBA ' 44 Lt. Col. John Andrew Smith, USA, ' 16 Lt. John David Smith, USN, BBA ' 40 A C Joseph Stanley Smith, AAF, BBA ' 41 Lt. (jg) Hirsch N. Schwartz, USN, LLB ' 33 1st Lt. Harry F. Schwethelm, USMC, ' 40 Lt. (jg) Cynthia White Sheffield, USN, BA ' 41 Lt. Robert S. Sitton, AAF, ' 40 Ray C. Sivley, AAF, ' 43 (killed) Lt. Kendrick E. Smith, USA, BA ' 38 George Schwoebel. Jr., AAF, ' 43 Rocco J. Scinto, USA, ' 43 Frank Douglas Sheffield, USA. ' 41 Ens. Jim Cook Sheffield. USN ' 38 Walter E. Sjoberg, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Lawrence Skelley, AAF, ' 43 Sgt. Lon A. Smith, Jr., USA, ' 41 Ens. Lon Little Smith, USN, BBA ' 43 1st Lt. Archie Lee Scoggin, AAF, ' 40 Lendon Stewart Sheffield ' 41 Pvt. James Edward Skelly, USMC, ' 43 Mark Ray Smith, ' 42 (killed) A S Alfred M. Scott, Jr., USN, BBA ' 39 Lt. (jg) Charles H. Scott, USN, BBA ' 40 Ens. Neal Yard Reynolds Sheffield, USN, ' 39 Dell Sheftall, USA. ' 43 James Wallace Sheid, ' 42 Lt. Max Beck Skelton, AAF, BA ' 40 Ens. Edgar Stewart Skidmore, BBA ' 38 1st Lt. Joseph Henry Skiles, AAF, ' 34 Marvin J. Smith, ' 36 Ens. Michel F. Smith, USN, ' 44 Morris Rudolph J. Smith, MED ' 39 1st Lt. Emory Scott. AAF, ' 40 Capt. Hirold Sidney Shelan AAF BJ ' 40 Lt. Arnold L. Skinner, USN, BBA ' 30 S Sgt. Mose A. Smith, Jr., USA, BA ' 41 Frederick J. Scott. ' 38 Cpl. Mabel J. Shelby. WAC. BJ ' 34 Lt. Eugene Skinner, USA, BS ' 41 Col. Myles W. Smith, USA Capt. Jack Percy Scott, USA, MD ' 35 Cpl. Martha J. Shelby, WAC, BA ' 42 Flight Officer John F. Skinner, AAF, ' 38 Lt. Ned M. Smith, AAF, ' 42 Lt. John Lynn Scott, USMC, ' 41 Robert Connell Shellman, AAF, ' 43 Pvt. John P. Skinner, USA, ' 43 Nellins Crowder Smith, MD ' 36 Lt. (jg) Lawrence Evans Scott. USN, ' 41 A C Murrel H. Scott, AAF, ' 42 Sgt. Clyde Ervin Shelton, USA, BBA ' 31 Ens. Earl Lee Shelton, USN, ' 42 Capt. Jack Skipper, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Carl F. Skoog, USA, BS ' 40 Lt. (jg) Olen Welborn Smith, Jr., USN, ' 36 1st Lt. Oran F. Smith, AAF, ' 39 Ens. Robert P. Scott, Jr., USN, BBA ' 42 Lt. (jg) Edgar Greer Shelton, Jr., USN, Lt. Damon T. Slator, AAF, ' 41 Philip Smith, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Stanley J. Scott, USN, MBA ' 41 BA ' 42 A S F. D. Slater, USN, ' 44 Pvt. Ray Smith, Jr., USA, ' 39 1st Lt. Travis Scott, AAF, BS ' 42 Lt. George Edward Slaugenhop. AAF, ' 37 Lt. Rex B. Smith, AAF, ' 42 Lt. W. C. Scott, AAF, ' 40 Ens. Wally Scott, USN, BS ' 43 Horace Hodgen Snl ' lton! ' JrV, ' ' 42 Capt. Joe Henry Shelton, USMC, ' 37 Lt. Ellison King Slaughter, USA, ' 40 Ens. George 0. Slaughter, USN, MBA ' 40 S Sgt. Richard R. Smith, III, AAF, BA ' 42 Pvt. Richard Sidney Smith, AAF, BJ ' 43 Lt. Willard Ray Scruggs, Jr., USA, ' 41 Wiliam L. Scruggs, AAF, ' 43 A C Bernie L. Scudday, AAF, ' 41 Pfc. John F.lli.-rt Sh, .lion. USMC, ' ' 43 A C Raymond Dell Shelton, AAF, BBA ' 41 (killed) Lt. John Arthur Slaughter, AAF, BS ' 40 1st Lt. Manuel O. Slaughter, USA, BA ' 41 Lt. Pcndleton J. Slaughter, USA, ' 40 Lt. (jg) Robert B. Smith, USN, BBA ' 42 Lt. Robert Wilson Smith, AAF, BS ' 40 (killed) Ens. Roy S. Scudday, USN, BA ' 43 Ens. Robert Lewis Shelton, USN, BS ' 43 Robert Harris Slaughter, USA, ' 43 S Sgt. Roger Carlton Smith, AAF, ' 42 Ens. Arch Scurlock, USN. BS ' 41 Capt. Dexter W. Scurlock, USA, LLB ' 17 Ens. Thomas Oscar Shelton, Jr., ' USN, LLB Lt. William T. Slaughter, USA, ' 37 A C Albert T. Slavik, AAF, BA ' 41 Stephen James Smith, USA, ' 43 Cpl. Travis E. Smith, USA, ' 27 Robert L. Scurlock, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Marvin Scurlock, Jr., AAF, ' 41 Mdn. Virgil Theodore Seaberry, Jr., USN, Lt. (jg) William Joseph Shelton, USN, ' 38 1st Lt. Hilton Daniel Shepherd, AAF, BBA Ens. Edward William Slavik, USA, BA ' 39 Lt. Sam M. Sledge, AAF, ' 43 Thomas Edward Sledge, ' 41 Truett Bailey Smith, ' 43 Lt. Wade M. Smith, AAF, ' 43 Pfc. Weaks Gardner Smith USA ' 43 ' 43 Alex Seaborn, USA, ' 43 Ens. Scott Elijah Seager, USN, BA ' 42 John Henry Shepherd. USN, ' 41 (killed) 1st Lt. John Wiley Shepherd, Jr., AAF, ' 42 (missing) Capt. Ben R. Sleeper, USA, ' 19 Sgt. Warren D. Sligar, AAF, BS ' 42 Thomas S. Slight, Jr., USA, BBA ' 42 Ens. Willard Mac Smith, USN, BS ' 33 William Bernard Smith, Flight Instructor. Lt. Leonard Howard Seaholm, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Albert Harfy Seale, Jr., AAF, BS ' 41 Pvt. Hilbert Kyle Seale, USA, ' 43 Lt. Jack Wilson Seale. AAF, ' 41 John Arthur Seale, ' 40 Lt. Wilbur G. Seale, AAF, MA ' 42 Lt. Jesse Q. Sealey, AAF, MA ' 28 1st Lt. Thomas Richard Sealy, AAF, LLB ' 31 Ens. John Gates Seaman, USN, LLB ' 42 Tyson Morey Searcy, ' 33 Richard Palmer Shepherd, USN, ' 41 Robert Ashland Shepherd, USA, ' 43 Pvt. Frank Bates Sheppard, USA, ' 43 Herbert Sheppard, USA, BBA ' 42 Joe Griffin Sheppard, USN, BS ' 40 Lt. Bailey Douglas Shepperd, USA, ' 28 Lt. Ney Sheridan, Jr., AAF, LLB, ' 40 Lt. Ocea D. Sherman. AAF, ' 40 Pfc. Thomas David Sherman ,AAF, ' 43 Lt. Byron Field Sherrill AAF ' 41 Charles E. Sloan, USN, BS ' 42 Pvt. Stanley Sloane, USA, ' 42 Lt. Eugene Woodrow Slovacek, USA, ' 42 Lt. Marvin Joe Slovacek, USA, BBA ' 39 Lt. William Roman Slovak, AAF, ' 41 1st Lt. Carrol Slubicki, USA, BA ' 40 Lt. Col. Chester Lee Sluder, AAF, ' 35 Capt. David F. Smallhorst, USA, BS ' 36 Jack Warren Small, BS ' 41 Lt. Col. James Hudson Smart, AAF, LLB Ens. William Clarence Smith, USN, BBA Sgt. William D. Smith, USMC. ' 42 Lt. William Davis Smith, AAF, BS ' 39 Maj. William H. Smith, AAF, LLB ' 38 Lt. William Louis Smith, USMC BS ' 42 Lt. William Robert Smith, USN, LLB ' 24 Capt. James Edward Smyth, AAF, ' 38 Ens. Olin T. Smyth, USN, BA ' 41 Capt. Robert Francis Snakard, AAF, LLB 1st Lt. Hamilton Foils Searight, USA, ' 15 Col. Pat Searight, USA, ' 15 (prisoner) Pvt. Alton Dorman Sears, USA, ' 42 Hugh McVill Sherrill, AAF, ' 43 Pvt. Frank Gilbert Shertzer, USMC. ' 43 ' 37 PO 3 c Wesley Cayle Smart, USN, ' 43 Capt. Joe B. Smartt, USA, BBA ' 36 ' 34 Lt. James W. Snead, AAF, ' 42 Joseph Tyree Sneed, ' 42 Pvt. Redford D. Sears, USMC, ' 43 Thomas Emerson Sears, AAF, BBA ' 39 1st Lt. Berman F. ' shields. AAF, ' 39 Jay Ervin Shilg, USA, ' 43 Ens. Joe Cillespie Smart, USN, ' 37 (killed) Gordon Leanard Smedley, ' 40 Lt. Robert Carter Sneed, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Robert Bruce Snell, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Col. Oliver Charlton Seastrunk, USA, Cpl. Douglas Shilling, AAF, ' 42 Lt. (jg) Thomas V. Smelker, Jr., USN, BBA Lt. Lawrence William Snelson, Jr., USMC, MD ' 34 A S Laurance Edward Shillingburg USN ' 41 Lt. George Edward Seay, AAF, LLB ' 32 Pvt. James F. Smelser, USA, ' 42 1st Lt. Richard Allen Snider. AAF, ' 33 Ens. John McRevnold, Seay. USN, BA ' 43 Pvt. John Hayne Shinele USA BS ' 43 James William Smerker, ' 43 Ens. Robert Newton Snider, USN, ' 42 Ens. Samuel David Seay, USN, ' 44 Cpl. Art Shipley, AAF ' ' 29 ' Lt. Albert Glenn Smith, AAF, ' 40 Lt. (jg) Frank Lee Snodgrass, USN, BA ' 42 1st Lt. William Hinckley Seay, USA, BBA Jack Daniel Shipman, ' 39 Alex Gilbert Smith, BA ' 39 Clifford Pearl Snowden, WAVE, BJ ' 39 ' 41 1st Lt. W. Byron Shipp, USA, BA ' 32 Lt. Alton Lee Smith, AAF, ' 40 En. Chester Melvin Snyder, USN, BBA ' 42 Capt. Henry James Sebastian. USA, BBA ' 40 Ens. Harold Lee Shirey, USN, ' 41 Lt. (jg) Andrew H. Smith, Jr., USN, ' 30 Hal Snyder, BA ' 40 Cpl. Horace Secrcst, USA, ' 36 - Lt. Comdr. Carl Wilson Shirley, USN, MD Ens. Angle Frank Smith, Jr., USN, LLB ' 40 Ned Snvder, Jr., BA ' 38 Capt. Robert Hall Scdwick, USA, ' 36 Lt. (jg) Arthur James Smith, USN, BS ' 41 Ens. Webster Snyder, USN, BBA ' 33 Lillian Marie Seeliger, WAVES, MA ' 42 Lt. Carlyle Cus Schumann, USA, ' 40 Lt. Everett Lee Shirley, AAF, ' 40 A C Robert K. Shirley, AAF, ' 43 A C Aubrey Harris Smith, USN, ' 42 Barney McCoy Smith, Jr., ' 41 Lt. Frederick Victor Sohle, AAF, ' 39 Mcral Joseph Solari, ' 28 A C Ralph Hermann Seibt, AAF, ' 39 Lt. William James Shirley, Jr., USA, ' 38 Lt. (jg) Berl Spencer Smith, USN, LLB ' 41 A C Glen R. Soloman, AAF, BBA ' 388 Lt. Alfred Knighton Seidel. AAF, BBA ' 38 Pvt. Michel 1 Lee Shivers, USA, ' 43 Lt. Britton E. Smith, AAF, ' 37 Sam Soloman, USMC, ' 42 Lt. P. Wellcr Seiders, AAF, ' 41 (killed) Capt. Robert Allan Shivers; USA, LLB ' 33 Lt. Burck H. Smith, USN, ' 33 Maj. Robert Leon Sonfield, AAF, ' 15 Richard Dale Seiders, USA, ' 43 Pvt. Francis Marion Shokes, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Brig. Gen. C. R. Smith, AAF, ' 25 Capt. Sherard Atterbury Sorenson, AAF, William Seidl, ' 42 Lt. Charles LeRoy Short, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Cecil B. Smith, USMC, ' 42 BS ' 40 Pvt. Bernard Marvin Seigle. AAF, ' 39 Pvt. William E. Short, USA, ' 43 Charles Cecil Smith, ' 37 Lt. Benjamin John Sorrell, AAF, ' 42 Ira Winthrop Seley, Jr., ' 35 Lt. Henry Paul Shotland, AAF, ' 42 Capt. Charles E. Smith, AAF, ' 41 S Sgt. Benjamin Herrera Soto, Jr., AAF ' 38 Gerald Edward Self, BA ' 41 Lt. Charles H. Shrader, AAF, ' 39 Cpl. Charels Richard Smith, USA, ' 42 Lt. Louis Feno Southerland, Jr., USN, ' 27 Maj. Milton Merle Self. AAF, ' 40 A C John William Shropshire, AAF, ' 43 (killed) William Inzer Southerland, USN, ' 26 Ens. Harold Edward Selke, USN, ' 44 Pvt. Leonard C. Shropshire, USA, MA ' 31 Charles Tyson Smith, AAF, ' 42 Lt. George Baker Southernwood, USA, ' 36 Lt. Oscar Otto Selke, Jr., AAF, BA ' 38 Lt. Wallace Wells Shropshire, Jr., AAF,- ' 39 A C Charles Wallace Smith, Jr., AAF, BA Sam Beatl Southwell, USN ' 42 Lt. Jacob W. Sell, Jr., AAF, ' 37 Harry Kelly Shryoc, USA, ' 43 ' 42 1st Lt. George Edward Soutter, USA, ' 42 Pvt. John Edward Sellstrom, USA, BBA ' 35 Ens. Weldon G lenn Shudde, USN, BBA ' 44 Sgt. Clifford D. Smith, AAF Lt. Jim Wiley Sowell, AAF, ' 38 Ens. Carl Conway Senter, USN, BBA ' 43 Louis Blakely Senler, ' 42 Ens. William Carroll Shuford, USN, BBA ' 43 Lt. Wallis M. Smith, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Cole F. Smith, AAF, ' 41 Lt. August Oran Spain, USN, BA ' 29 I.I. Bobbv Jack Spann, AAF, ' 42 James Wilson Spann, USA, ' 41 Pvt. Roy L. Sleen. USMC. ' 43 Pfc. William L. Stover, Jr.. AAF, ' 42 T Lt. W. H. Steenstra, USN. BA ' 36 Pvt. Will T. Stramer. USA. ' 32 1 (JgT George ' Russell Sparenberg, USN, A S Arthur C. Steere, USN, ' 32 1st Lt. Louis James Stranahan, USMC, BS Capt. Jack S. Tabb. USA, LLB ' 40 MA ' 32 Frederick Robert Steffen, USA, ' 40 43 S Sgt. Marion Mills Tabor, Jr., AAF, ' 39 A C Luther Henry Sp.rkman, AAF, ' 42 (killed) Ens. George Walling Sparks, USN. LLB ' 39 Hugh Bernic Sparks, Merchant Marine, ' 39 A C Doyle Emerson Stegall, AAF. ' 42 Ens. Charles Frederick Steineger, Jr., USN, BBA ' 44 Joe E. Steiner, USN, LLB ' 27 Pvt. Arbon Wejmer Stratton, USA, LLB ' 43 Ens. Josephine Strauch, WAVES, BBA ' 35 Ens. David H. Straus, Jr., USN. BBA ' 37 (killed) Arthur Thurman Talley. Jr.. AAF, BA ' 39 A C David Compton T.llichet, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Lt. Jules Henri Tallichet, AAF, LLB ' 41 Lt. Louis Homer Tally, AAF, ' 41 (killed) Hugh Hubert Sparks, ' 42 Lt. (jg) John Henry Steinle, Jr., USN, BBA A C William Duane Strawbridge, USN, ' V Capt. Hugh B. Tandy, USA, MD ' 20 Lt. (jg) Jack Sparks. USN. LLB ' 38 John Wesley Sparks, ' 38 Pvt. Robert Wallace Sparks. Jr., USA, BBA 31 Pvt. Ralph Stekin, USA, ' 43 Capt. Robert Edward Lee Stell, AAF, BA Lt. James T. Strawn. AAF, ' 37 Olinn D. Street. Jr., BA ' 34 Lt. Joseph Cray Street, AAF, BA ' 42 Lt. Maurice Tange, AAF, ' 40 Cpl. Randle Tankersley, USA, BS ' 41 Sgt. Boyd Kenneth Tanner, RCAF, BA ' 40 A C George Wesley Spearman, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Comdr. Maurice P. Spearman. USN. ' 29 Lt (jg) Charles A. Spears. USN, BBA ' 36 Ens. George Spears, Jr., USN, BBA ' 37 Lt. Jean Spears, AAF, ' 39 Ens. John Miller Spears, USN, BBA ' 42 l.t Lt. ' Carlos Dale Speck, AAF, MD ' 40 Sgt. Harold Klingman Speck, USA, BBA ' 43 Lt. Byron Lelan Speckels, AAF, ' 42 A C Paul Alley Speer, USN, ' 43 Robert Lee Speer, Jr.. ' 41 Lt. Thomas Edward Speer, AAF, ' 43 Clifton Earl Speir, USA, ' 42 L,.li, Hartwell Spellings, Jr., ' 20 Mick Charlie Spellman. Jr.. AAF. BBA ' 35 Ens. Gus Ralph Spence, USN, .BBA ' 42 39 Ens. Herbert Stellacher. Jr., USN, BA ' 35 Pvt. John Lee Stepan. USMC. ' 42 Ens John Erie Stephen, USN. LLB ' 41 Maj. Weldon Wilkerson Stephen, AAF, MD ' 33 Lt. John Foster Stephens, USA, ' 39 Lt. Philip Kerr Stephens, AAF, ' 36 A C Richard Gerard Stephens, USN. ' 43 Ens. Wvman Stephens, USN, BBA ' 44 Lt. Clay Calfee Stephenson, AAF, ' 41 1st Lt. James Albert Stephenson, USA, BBA ' 31 Pvt. John Dudley Stephenson, Jr., USA. BA ' 43 Richard Ludwick Anton Sterba. AAF. ' 43 Col. Paul Henry Streit, USA, MD ' 16 Pvt. Wilmer Lamar Strickland, USA, ' 43 Ens. John Wesley Strickler, USN, BBA ' 37 A S Charles Franklin Stringer, USN, ' BS ' 41 Clarence Elmo Stringer. AAF. ' 43 Hubert Lee Stringer, USA, ' 28 1st Lt. Robert Dillon Stringer, AAF. ' 38 Lt. John Lewis Stripling, USA, BA ' 40 Wesley Capers Stripling, ' 21 Charles J. Strnadel, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Ernest Martin Strom, AAF, ' 42 Oliver Weldon Strom, USA, ' 43 James Reed Strong, ' 42 Lt. Mary H. Strong. WAC. ' 41 Archie Oscar Strotber, BA ' 36 Av.M. 3 c Hosea Buck Strother, Jr., USN, ' 38 A S James Arthur Tanner, USN, ' 43 Lt. Karl Tanner, USA. ' 33 Lt. Col. Fladger Freeman Tannery, USA. PhD ' 41 Marcus L. Tansey, AAF, " 41 1st Lt. Albert B. Tarbutton, USA, LLB ' 36 Robert Stephen Tarlton. BS ' 40 A S Jerome Alan Tarnopol. USN, ' 43 W O Dick Tarpley, USA. BJ ' 40 Li. George Dudley Tarry. Jr., AAF, " 43 Ens. Ben Raburn Tate, USN, ' 42 Lt. Gerald Tate, USA. ' 33 Janice Ruth Tate, WASP, BBA ' 41 Ens. Louis Tate, Jr., USN, BS ' 41 Lt. Albert Q. Taylor, AAF, ' 40 Ens. Allen Lee Taylor, USN. BBA ' 41 Capt. Robert William Spence, AAF, BBA T Sgt. Thomas Jackson Spence, AAF, ' 35 Pvt. Bill Temple Spencer. USA, ' 43 1st Lt. Fred D. Spencer, Jr., AAF, MD " 43 Capt. Arthur Frank Spero, AAF. BS ' 40 Lt. Philip H. Sterling. Jr.. AAF, BBA ' 39 A C Willard Dawson Sterling, AAD, ' 42 Lt. Eugene Stern, USMC. BBA ' 33 Julian Howard Stern, ' 35 Milton Harold Stern, ' 42 Morton N. Stern, AAF. ' 43 Ens. George Stoud. USN, ' 41 A C Milton Stroud, USN, BJ ' 43 Sgt. Ogden Herbert Stroud, " AAF, M. Ed. ' 39 1st Lt. Roy Wallace Stroud. AAF. MA ' 41 Lt. Frederick John Strowbridge, USMC, Pfc. Bille Perry Taylor, Jr., USA, ' 42 Lt. C. L. Taylor, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Lt. Charle. Howell Taylor. USA. ' 42 Cpl. Charles Weldon Taylor, AAF, ' 41 F O Clarence P. Taylor, AAF. ' 41 Lt. Conway Attfield Taylor. AAF, ' 42 Russell Henry Spikes. USN. BBA ' 35 Lt. (jg) Hollis Barclav Spiller, USN. BS ' 42 Lt. Grover Cleveland Spillers. USA, LLB ' 42 Lt. (jg) James Cilmore Steussy, USN, ' 41 Lt. Frank Wilson Stevens, AAF, ' 41 George Munson Steven . BA ' 43 Ens. Virgil Homer Stevens, Jr., USN, BA Ens. Elmer Alvin Struss, USN, BBA ' 43 Capt. Harold K. Stuart, USN, BBA ' 41 Mary Kelsey Stuart, WAVES, BA " 36 Pvt. Paul S. Stubblefield, USMC. ' 43 1st Lt. Dayton Reed Taylor, AAF, BBA ' 41 Lt. Donald Harrison Taylor, AAF, BBA ' 39 A C Dee W. Tavlor, AAF. ' 43 Donald Rhone Taylor, USA. ' 43 Lt. (jg) Edward Gray Taylor. USN LLB ' 41 C|.l. Wade Fitzer Spilman, USA, ' 43 Jack Milton Spiner, ' 38 Lt. Leonard Spitzer. AAF, BA ' 42 Edward Titus Sponberg, USA, ' 43 Ens. Ravrnond Lindell Sponberg. USN. BS 42 Lt. Thane Tvler Sponsel. AAF, ' 42 Capt. Leslie Spoonts, Jr., AAF, ' 39 Lt. Earl Stanley Spore, USA, ' 34 Ernest Warner Spradlev, Jr., ' 40 l.t. Jo.- Dewev Spradlin, USA, BS ' 4 Maj. Mortimer Ernest Sprague, USA, BBA Lt. Ben Marshall Stevenson, AAF. ' 42 Ens. Craig Howard Stevenson, USN, BA ' 39 Lt. Col. Frederick Johnston Stevenson, AAF, ' 29 Lt. John William Stevenson, AAF. ' 41 Ens. OIlie Roy Stevenson, USN, BBA ' 39 Lt. William Reilly Stevenson, USA, ' 41 A C John Bruce Steward, USN, ' 42 Ens. Billy Tom Stewart, USN, BBA ' 43 Pfc. Charles A. Stewart, USA, ' 42 Lt. Edward Blount Stewart, USA, ' 42 1st Lt. Graham Preston Stewart, Jr., AAF, William Elbert Stubblefield. AAF, ' 33 Pvt. Byron Turnham Stubbs, USA, ' 26 Cpl. Lyndon Lamar Stuckey, USA, ' 40 Lt. Henry E. Stumberg, AAF William Ramelle Stump, AAF, ' 43 Ens. Clarence Henry Stumpf, US.N, BA ' 43 Lorraine Alice Stutsman, WAC, BS ' 42 Lt. Clayborne Rodney Styles, USA, " 41 Lt. Col. Coulter Robert Sublet!, USA, BBA ' 33 Vernon Thomas Sublett, ' 39 Pvt. Jack Howard Sucke, AAF, BBA ' 35 Lt. Robert W. Sucke, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Edward Hamilton Taylor. Jr., AAF, ' 41 Lt. Emery Lee Tavlor. AAF, ' 43 Lt. Fletcher Floyd Taylor, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Frank W. Taylor, AAF. BA ' 42 (killed) Harrv Averell Taylor. Jr USA ' 43 Lt. Col. Henry Lee Taylor, USA, LLB ' 19 Ens. Jack Creer Taylor, USN, MBA ' 36 Cant. James Taylor, AAF, PhD ' 36 Lt. James Lee Taylor, AAF, ' 43 Capt. John Fisher, Taylor. AAF, ' 37 Sgt. Josiah Preston Taylor, USA. BBA ' 40 Capt. Kerns Bowman Taylor, USA, ' 41 Marjorie Beatrice Taylor, WAVES, ' 42 Pvt. William Forrest Sprague, USA, PhD ' 34 William Jack Sprigg, USA, ' 43 A C Jack L. Stewart, AAF, ' 43 Mac Sudderth, BBA ' 39 Ens. Adolph Donald Suderman, Jr., USN, Mary Lee Taylor. USA, ' 33 Lt. Col. Q. C. Taylor, USA, LLB ' 16 1st Lt. Jack Wilson Stewart, AAF, ' 40 ' 42 Raymond Autie Tavlor, B ' 19 Jerrold Baker Spring. USA, ' 43 Lt. Robert Lester Springer, USA, BA ' 36 Lt. William Harold Springstun, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Arthur P. Sprinkle, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Ens. Charles Aiken Stacev. USN, BJ ' 43 John Elbert Stack, ' 38 Walter Staehelv, Jr., BS ' 42 Maj. David Tarleton Stafford, USA, LLB ' 22 Capt. Jack Stagner, RAF. ' 35 (killed) Lt. Francis Aupu,! Suhl. AAF, ' 33 Henri Edward Stahl, ' 42 1st Lt. Harrv Carlvle Stakes, USA, ' 37 Sgt Charles W. Stalev, Jr., RAF, ' 41 (killed) Lt. Jack Carr Stalev. USN, LLB ' 41 (prisoner) Sgt. John Dale Stewart, USA, ' 40 John Horace Stewart, MD ' 37 John Sylvestor Stewart, Jr., USA. ' 20 Lt. Peter P. Stewart, USA. BA ' 42 Ens. Robert Stewart, USN. BBA ' 42 Lt. Thomas Fritz Stewart, USA, ' 31 Capt. Walter Power Stewart, AAF, PhD ' 39 Capt. William Curtis Stewart, AAF, BJ ' 40 Lt. William Prather Stewart. USA. ' 41 Lt. (jg) John Brutus Stigall, USN, LLB ' 33 Lt. Harold Stiles, AAF. ' 41 Capt. Oscar Wilcox Still, AAF, ' 35 Lt. (jg) John Cameron Stilley, USN, BS ' 21 Maj. Thomas Herbert Stilwell, USA, BBA Lt. J. O. Sue. Jr.. AAF, ' 42 (killed) Lt. Sidney Vernon Suhler. AAF, ' 43 Lamar C.rlick Suligson, ' 18 Ens. Bruce Millen Sullivan, USN, ' 42 James Sullivan, USA, " 38 Lt. James Erwin Sullivan, AAF, ' 42 A C John Henry Sullivan, Jr., AAF, BBA Joseph Lewis Sullivan. USA, MA ' 40 Capt. Alan Summers, USA, ' 16 Lt. Alfred Holt Summers, USMC, ' 42 Ens. Edward Lewis Summers, US.M, ' 38 (killed) Lt. Fabian Marvin Summers, AAF, " 43 Lt. Frank Randolph Summers, USA, ' 41 Sgt. Robert H. Taylor, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Robert Leighton Taylor, AAF, ' 43 1st Lt. Robert Taylor, AAF, ' 39 Pfc. Roy McClasson Tavlor, USMC ' 41 1st Lt. Summerfield Taylor, USMC, ' 41 Lt. Thomas A. Taylor, AAF. ' 33 Lt. Tommy Joe Taylor, AAF, ' 41 (missing) Lt. Volney W. Taylor, Jr., USN, LLB ' 37 Lt. (jg) W. W. Taylor. US.N, ' 39 Walter McFall Taylor US ' 43 ' C William Andrew Taylor, ' USA, ' 42 William Arlington Taylor, MD ' 34 A C William Harold Taylor, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Sgt. W,l iam Leon Taylor. USA. ' 43 l. Charles Warren Tayman, USA, ' 42 En ' s. James Irv.-n Stalev. Jr.. USN. LLB ' 38 1st Lt. Arthur Earl Stimson, USA, BBA ' 42 Lt. (jg) James William Summers, US.N, LLB ' 37 Pvt. William Kerr Teasdale, USA, B ' 43 Charles Calvin Tedford, Jr., BS " 40 Pic. Adgie Edgar Stallings. AAF, ' ' 36 A C John Abernathv Stallings, AAF. ' 43 Lt. Thomas William Stallworth. AAF. MS Karl Y-tbrook Stalnaker, ' 38 Capt. Paul S. Stalnaker, USA, ' 04 Capt. Jacob Lee Stambaugh, USA, MA ' 24 Pvt. Burney Weeks Stinson, USA, ' 43 A C Robert Horace Stinson, USN, ' 43 Jerry Bui loch Stirman, USA, ' 43 Ens. Ralph Stirman, USN, BA ' 43 Lt. (jg) Larry Burgie Stilt. USN. BBA ' 43 SK 1 c John Fred Stizell, USN, BBA ' 40 Ens. Richar d Earl St. John, USN. ' 37 Paul Howard Summers, ' 43 Pvt. Eugene Dale Sumpter. USA, ' 43 Carrol Washington Sunday. AAF, ' 43 Rodney Carroll Rodney, BA ' 36 Lt. Donald Carroll Surles, USA, ' 39 Arnold Charles Surman, USA, " 43 Mdn. Adolph Otis Susholu, USN, BB ' 43 Sgt. Rogers Henrv Teel, US LLB ' 40 James Joseph Teeling, AAF, BBA ' 31 Keith Garten Teeler, BA ' 41 Lt. (jg) Melvin Lee Tegge, USN. ' 41 Lt. Joseph Bernard Teichman. US BS ' 39 L,. Edward Hugh Tenison, USA, ' 41 Lt. Roy Irving Tennant, USA, LLB ' 32 1st Lt. George Christian Stamets, USMC, ' 39 Sgt. Richard Mvles Standifer, USA, BA ' 38 Lt. Claud Leon Stanford, USA, ' 42 Ens. Fred Cox Stanford, Jr., USN, BBA ' 38 Lt. Onia Burton Stanley. AAF. BA ' 35 Ph.M. 3 c Howard Stansell, USN, BS ' 43 Lt. Edwin Morris Stanton. AAF. ' 41 Gwen George Stockard, ' 42 Lt. William N. Stocking. AAF, ' 40 (killed) Ens. James Elbert Stockon. USN, BS ' 43 Ens. Hugh Grant Stoddard, USN, ' 43 S Sgt. Ross White Stoddard, Jr., AAF, ' 40 Ens. Bennett Lee Stokelv, USN, BBA ' 43 Gerald Jacob Suson, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Walter Alvin Sussdorf, AAF, ' 42 Lt. (jg) Robert Ronald Suttle, USN, BBA ' 32 Lt. Joe Dempsey Sutton, USA, ' 41 Ens. William Mimms Sutton, USN, ' 44 Capt. Jerome Svajda, USA, BS ' 40 Sgt. Sidney Gail Borden Tennant. USA, Leighton Pitts Tenny. AAF, ' 38 (prisoner) Sam Wilson Tenny, AAF, MD ' 36 0 C William Furrh Tenny. USA, MA ' 34 Ens. John William Ternus. Jr.. USN. BJ ' 43 Ens. Coet. M. Terrel, USCC, B ' 39 Capt. George E. Staples, USA, ' 41 Jon Beatv Stapleton, USA, ' 29 Ens. Edward Lakon Stokes. USN. BB ' 43 A S William Thomas Stokes, Jr.. USN. ' 39 Capt. Leonard Svajda, USA, BA ' 40 Capt. Benjamin Fountain Swank, Jr.. USA, Lt. Col Arthur Poe Terrell, AAF, LLB ' 36 1st Lt. Charles James Terrell F MD ' 3- Mai. Vilford Lee Stapp, AAF, ' 41 Maj. John Wavne Stark US ' 41 Lt. Fabian Leonard Stolaroff, AAF, LLB ' 40 Pvt. Bernard Stolbun, USA, LLB ' 43 40 Ens. Elan. Franklin Swann, Jr., USN, BA Maj. Cen. Henry J. Terrell, USA. ' ' 10 Jennings Bryan Terrell, Jr., ' 38 Lt. William Henrv Stark, USMC. ' 42 Bedford Demon Stone, ' 32 ' 42 Lt. (jg) John Lawrence Terrell, USN, B Lt. J. J. Starlcv. F Lt. Billy Leath Stone, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Leonard Archie Swanson, AAF, BS ' 41 ' 30 Pvt. James Hudson Starlev, USA, LLB ' 38 T. J. Starlev. USN. ' 41 S Sgt. John Randolph Starr, AAF, ' 38 Lt. Anton Hans Stasswender. USA, ' 38 Lt. Charles Weldon Stone, USMC, BBA ' 43 Douglas Thomas Stone, AAF, ' 43 Pvt. Gerald Bertram Stone, USMC, ' 43 Lt. Jack Porter Stone, USMC, BS ' 42 Av. M. Richard Swanson, USN, ' 43 Ens. Robert Kenneth Swanson, USN. ' 42 En,. Signe Marie Swanson, WAVES, BS ' 43 1st Lt. Walter Conrad Swanson, AAF, ' 41 Roy Alfred Terrell, ' 41 Ens. Timothy Harry Terrell, USN B ' 39 Lt. (jg) Joe Crisler Terrill, Jr., US.N, BS Lt. James Frank Stathakos, USA, ' 40 Lt. (jg) Roy March Stone, USN, MA ' 36 Ens. Edgar McCay Swarner, USN, ' 42 Lt. (jg) Carlton Ruel Terrv. USN, BS ' 42 Ens. Ralph Douglas Stauffer. Jr., USN, ' 43 Lt. John Lamar Stavinoha, AAF, ' 41 S 1 c Ted Stone, USN, ' 43 Lt. Walter Eugene Stone, AAF, BS ' 42 Cap t. Walter C. Swarner, Jr., AAF, ' 39 (killed) A C Jerome Terry. AAF, BA ' 41 Pvt. John Edward Terry, USMC, ' 41 Bettv Stavton, SPARS, ' 42 1st Lt. Wilson Stuart Stone, AAF,, PhD ' 35 Lt. Clifford Wilson Swearingen, USA, LLB F O William F. Stavton. AAF Lt. Michael Stoner, AAF, ' 38 ' 42 Keith Teeter, US BIH " l ' Lt. Tom Steagall, Jr., USMC. BA ' 42 Lt. Royal Stoner, AAF, BBA ' 39 Maj. William A. Swearingen, AAF, ' 28 Lt. George R. Tesk ' ev, AAF, ' 42 Lt. (jg) Zollie Coffer Steaklev, USN, LLB ' 32 Lt. Charles Porter Storey, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Col. Robert Gerald Storey, Sr., AAF, Lt. Col. Albert Earle Sweeney, USA. ' 40 Lt. James Michael Sweeney, AAF, BS " 42 Pfc. William McKinley Thacker. Jr., USA. Lt. Marie Irwin Steck. AAF. ' 42 ' 14 Lt. (jg) John Milton Sweeney, USN, ' 39 Cox. Philip Tharp, Jr., USCC. ' 40 Lt. William D. Steck. AAF, ' 41 Lt. (jg) Robert Gerald Storey. Jr.. USN, Lt. Robert Collins Sweeney, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Robert Nesbit Tharp, USA, BA ' 35 Capt. Edward Adolphe Steedman, AAF, BA ' 41 Carl Eric Swenson, ' 39 Maj. David S. Thayer, AAF, ' 41 Lt. William Jerome Steeger, AAF, LLB ' 37 Clifton Emile Storm, ' 42 Pvt. John Howard Swenson ' , AAF, ' 42 Lt ' Franklin Ja ' m Th r ' V4lV Lt. Arthur Eugene Steel, AAF, ' 41 Ens. O. St. John, USN (killed) Mangus Codfrev Swenson, BA ' 23 Lt. Rupert E. TheobaH. ' jr. ' , A F BB ' 42 Howbert Alexander Steele, USA, ' 43 Daniel Agnew Storm, USA, BJ ' 32 Willie Custaf Swenson, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Ph. M. 3 c Harry Thiers, USN B ' 41 Ens. James Blair Steele, USN. ' 42 Lt. John W. Storm, USA, ' 31 Lt. Joseph Maxwell Swift, USA. ' 38 Lt. J. C. Thigpin. USA, ' 40 John Edward Steele, AAF, ' 43 Pvt. Joseph Duffield Storm. USA, BA ' 36 Ens. Elwin Odell Swint, USN, BBA ' 39 Robert S. Thoman, AAF, ' 40 Pvt. John Moore Steele, USA, LLB ' 37 John William Stormont, PhD ' 41 1st Lt. Richard Glasgow Swope. AAF. ' 40 Ens. Alexander Roscoe Thomas, Jr., USN. Lt. (jg) W. B. Steele. Jr.. USN. BBA ' 41 Lt. James McCall Storrs, USA, ' 42 Ens. Robert S. Swope, USN, ' 41 Lt. Henrv Gates Steen, AAF. ' 12 Ens. John Thomas Steen, USN. BBA ' 43 Sgt. Roger Grant Stotler. AAF. BBA ' 42 A C Joe Henry Stout, USMM, ' 42 Capt. Edwin Meredith Svkes, AAF, MD ' 41 Lt. Ira Davis Sykes, USN, ' 39 Lt. Charles Thomas, AAF, ' ' 40 ' Capt. Edward Donnell Thomas, AAF. ' 42 Ceorge Spikes Thomas,, AAF, ' 35 (killed) Capt. Hinds Victor Thomas, AAF. BJ ' 39 Lt. Hal W. Townsend. AAF. BBA ' 37 Lt. Anthony R. Tracy. AAF. MO (killed) (missing) Capt. William Wilson (Billie) Ward, USA. 38 A C Jack Overton Thomas, AAF, ' 38 Ens. James F. Tracy, USN, BA Ml Lt. Clair Raymond Vaughn, AAF, BA ' 38 A S Don Ware. USN. ' 43 Pvt. Jerry Thomas, USA, M3 Sgt. Mac A. Tracy, AAF, ' 39 Lt. (jg) James Miller Vaughn, USN, BS ' 37 Lt. Henry Louis Ware, M2 (missing) Lt. John Neal Thomas, AAF, ' 40 Pvt. Paul A. Tracy, USMC, ' 44 Lt. Cordon Edward Vaught. USA, BBA ' 40 A C Jack Blocker Ware. fSN. 11 Ens. Louis Nathaniel Thomas. USN, BBA Lt. William A. Tracy, AAF, M2 Lt. (jg) Gerald Edward Veltmann, USN. A S Stephen Harrison Ware, Jr., USN. ' 43 ' Ml Lt. Ferrel F. Trapp, AAF, Ml LLB M3 Lt. Tol Ben Ware, USA, Ml Lt. Milton G. Thomas, AAF, ' 42 Roberl Lea Trask, USCG, ' 34 Lt. (jg) Joseph Rodney Veltmann, USN, Ens. Worth Dixon Ware, USN, ' 34 Lt. (jg) O. Pendleton Thomas, USN, BBA S Sgt. Porter M. Travis, USA, BBA ' 32 BBA ' 32 Sgt. Franklin Warnell, USA, MO Ramon R. Travis. AAF, BBA ' 36 Pfc. Floyd H. Verheyden, AAF, BS ' 39 Ens. Edward E. Warren, USN, ' 36 Pvt. Phil Knox Thomas. USA. Ml Richard S. Travis, AAF, M3 Capt. William Noicc Verner, USA, ' 35 Capt. Henry L. Warren. AAF, MA ' 34 Capt. Sellers J. Thomas, USA, BA ' 18 A C Glen Wilburn Traweek, AAF, M3 Lt. Conrad Vernon, Jr., AAF, M2 Lt. James A. Warren, Jr., USA, ' 34 Pvl. Sidney Johnson Thomas, AAF, MA ' 33 Lt. (jg) William H. Traweek, USN, LLB Randall Mitchell Vernon, USMC, ' ' 36 John Collier Warren, BA ' 38 F O Ted James Thomas, AAF, BA ' 41 ' 38 Lt. Robert Storey Via, USN, ' 38 John William Warren, USA, ' 21 (killed) H H. Treaccar, Jr., USA, Ml Lt. Kyle Vick, AAF, Ml Lewis C. Warren, AAF, M3 I t ft en, lei Grant Thomas, AAF, M3 Capt. Mattie E. Treadwell, WAC, MA ' 35 William Dale Vick, USN, BS M2 Lt. Meredith A. Warren, AAF. ' 39 T 5 Will R. Thomas, AAF, ' 39 Pvt. Charles G. Trenckmann, AAF, BA M2 Lt. (jg) John Edward Vickers, Jr., USN, Capt. William C. Warren, USA, BA ' 30 A C Wilton Earl Thomas, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Cecil Merle Trent, Jr., AAF, M2 LLB ' 37 William G. Warren, BA ' 32 Col John William Thomason, USMC, ' 13 PhM. 3 c Carlos F. Trevino, USN, ' 40 Ll. Fred Edmund Vidaurri. USA, M2 Capl. Thomas R. Warrick, AAF, M2 ' (dead) Capt. Walter F . Trim, USA, ' 37 Lt Ernest Merle Vieux, USA, LLB Ml I t " AI " Abraham A. Warshavsky, USA, ' 39 Maj. William Ewing Thomason, USA, ' 39 Pvt. David B. Trimble, USA, ' 43 Ens. David Martell Vigncss, USN, BA ' 43 It (jg) Murray M. Warshavsky, USN, BBA Lt. Albert Theodore Thompson, Jr., USA, Pvt. Homer Trimble, USA, ' 32 Lt. Mary Louis,- Villan-t, USMC, BA ' 40 Ml Ens. James Bennet Trimble, USN, LLB ' 39 Lea Frederick Villegas, USA, ' 39 Lt. Roy M. Washburn. USA, LLB ' 38 Ens. Andrew Zilker Thompson, USN, LLB M2 Lt. James T. Trimble, AAF, Ml Cpl. Robert l.,,ui. Trimble, USA, LLB ' 39 Ens. Vern Hargrave Vincent, USN, MBA MO Howard Wilton Vineyard, USA. M3 PO 1 c Walter O. Washington, USN, BJ ' 37 Cpl. Wilbur M. Washington. USA, BS M2 Charles Herbert Thompson, M2 Robert Louis T,i,ikl,-in. USA, ' 42 PhM. 3 c John Wesly Virden, USN, ' 40 Samuel I. Washerman. USN. BS Ml (iiadv Marian Thompson, AAF, ' 43 Lt Harry Erwin Thompson, USMC, ' 43 Lt. Bob Evers Tripp, USA, BBA ' 39 A C Lewis R. Troiano, AAF, ' 43 A C William Luther Voight, AAF, M3 1st Lt. Charles Edward Volz. AAF, BBA Ml Lt. Bob Fleming Wasson, AAF, ' 40 Lawrence James Wathen, Jr.. MA ' 38 Ll ' Harold Lee Thompson, AAF, ' 43 1st Lt. Ralph M. Trolinger, USA, ' 24 Charles Wilburn Von Rosenberg, AAF, MA 1st Lt. Thomas Neal Wathen. Jr., USA, Ml Pvt Homer Truett Thompson. USA, Ml Lt. Charles Walker Trout, USMC, M2 ' 35 Pvt. A. J. Watkins, USMC. M2 Ens ' . Jack David Thompson. USN, BBA M4 A C James L. Trueheart, USN, ' 43 Lt. William Lloyd Vorhies, AAF, ' 41 S Sgt. Charles A. Watkins. AAF, ' 42 Lt. ' jack Dempsey Thompson, Jr., AAF, ' 42 A S Oren B. Trulock, AAF, ' 42 Pvt. James Milton Voss, USA, LLB ' 39 Ens. Elmer E. Watkins, USN, BBA ' 38 Lt. James Dempsey Thompson, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Lt James Philip Thompson, USA, ' 36 Ll ' James Ross Thompson, Jr., AAF, ' 39 Lt. Herbert E. Trulove, AAF, BBA ' 37 Cpl. John Henry Tubb, USA, ' 43 A C James P. Tucker, AAF, M3 Capl. John Diedrich Voss, AAF, ' 36 S 2 c Frances Jeanette Vowels, USN, ' 42 A C Charles L. Vychopen, AAF, M3 Ens. Doyle D. Watkins, USN, M2 Ll. Ceorge H. Watkins, USMC. M2 A C John Lester Watkins, USN. M2 Col. Jimmy Eugene Thompson, USA, BA Ml Lt. Joe L. Tucker, Jr., USA, BS M2 Pvt. Fed Stephen Watkins. AAF, BA ' 38 Pvt. John Anderson Thompson, USA, ' 39 A C Thomas B. Tucker, AAF, MO Lt. Ray Mun Watkins, AAF. ' 37 Lt. (jg) John Randolph Thompson, USN. LLB ' 38 Victor Pat Tumlinson, USN, ' 39 (killed) Ens. Bill Kcrr Tunnell. USN, BA ' 43 W 1st Lt. Walter Charles Watkins, USA, BA ' 39 A S Johnnie W. Thompson, USN, ' 33 Leone S. Thompson, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Leslie Atchison Thompson, III, USN, ' 42 A S Lucilc Thompson. USN, ' 28 Ens. John Dermond Tuohy. USN, BS ' 39 Ens. Leon C. Turnage, USN, BBA ' 42 1st Lt. Charles H. Turk, AAF, ' 40 Edd Royal Turner, Jr., BA M3 Pvt. John Wacker, USA, M3 Lt. Bruce William Wa -11. USA, BBA Ml Lt. Earl Raymond Waddcll, AAF, ' 39 Lt. Lloyd Stanley Waddington, Jr., AAF, Pvt. William S Watkins. USA, BBA ' 31 1st Lt. Alto V. Watson. AAF. LLB ' 36 A S Billy Watson, USN. ' 42 Lt. (jg) Charles Allan Watson, USN, BA A S Richard Wells Thompson, USN, ' 43 Lt. Rufus Gladstone Thompson, Jr., AAF, Lt. Ceorge P. Turner, AAF, ' 33 A C Gordon Lewis Turner, AAF, M3 Ens. Harold L. Turner, USN, BBA M3 Ll. Faires Pelton Wade, USA, LLB ' 40 Mdn. Floyd Alvis Wade. USN, M2 Ens. Clarence J. Watson. USN, MA ' 37 Ens. Elizabeth Watson, WAVES, BBA ' 33 Ll. Thomas E. Thompson, AAF, BBA ' 40 Capt. Travis Loftin Thompson, Jr., AAF, Harry C. Turner, AAF, ' 43 1st Lt. James Crady Turner, AAF, Ml Ens John J. Turner, USN, BS M2 Henry Menasco Wade, Jr., USN, LLB ' 38 Lt. James Kuykendall Wade, USA, ' 40 Joe Campbell Wade, ' 36 Capt. Elmer L. Watson, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Ewing Stuart Watson, AAF, ' 38 Lt. Gavin Watson, AAF, ' 42 Pvt. William Buchanan Thompson, USA, Ens. Lee C. Turner, USN, BBS ' 37 S 1 c Mart B. Turner, USN, ' 40 Ens. Russell Frank Wade. Jr., USN, BA M3 Lt. Barron Evans Wadley, USA. BBA ' 32 Sgt. Hubert L. Watson, AAF, LLB ' 38 1 t Jack Dudl.-v Watson, AAF. BA ' 43 A S ' Louis Keesee Thomson, USN, ' 35 Lt. (jg) William Homer Thornberry, USN, Lt. Frank M. Turney, AAF, ' 39 Sgt. Horace Lee Turns, Jr., USA, ' 42 Lt. Lum E. Twilligear, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Jack William Wacchter, ' 42 Lt. Nelson Waggoner, USN, BBA ' 33 William Waggener, USA, ' 38 Sgt. Jack Wallace Watson, USA, ' 42 Capt. James C. Watson, AAF, LLB Ml Lt. James Edward Watson, AAF, BBA ' 38 Ens. Howard Wesley Thornton, USN, BS M2 ARM 3 c Lee Ray Tydlaska, USN, ' 42 Lt. Douglas L. Tyler, AAF, ' 40 Capt. Ephiram Lionel Wagner, AAF, BA ' 37 Capt. Furlo Swift Wagner, AAF, ' 35 1st Sgt. John L. W : atson, USA, Ml Irving M. Watson, Jr., AAF, ' 43 " ' US ' MC, W BBA ' V Capt. Robert R. Thornton, AAF, ' 40 William Cox Thornton, USA, LLB ' 40 Capt Lawrence Elbert Thrasher, USA, ' 30 Lt. Harvey Alexander Tyler, USA, ' 40 Pvt. Richard M. Tyler, USA, BBA ' 43 Roger Barton Tyler, ' 37 Lt. Howard Ellis Tyson, USA, ' 31 Pfc. John Wagner, USA, ' 42 Capt. John William Wagner, AAF, BJ ' 40 A C Pickard Earl Wagner, USA, ' 43 Pvt. William Grant Wagner, AAF, ' 42 Lt. (jg) Robert Eugene Watson. USN, M2 Ll. Wilfred H. Watson, USA, BA Ml Maj Terrene,- V Watt, USA, ' 24 Lt. Earle F. Watterworth, AAF, ' 43 Pvt Ernest Eugene Thurman, AAF, M3 Howard Thurmond, USN, ' 35 Lt James Cordwell Thweatt, USA, ' 36 u Robert MontRumerv Wagoner. ' 42 Richard Newton Wailc, USN, BA ' 36 Lt. Thomas Benjamin Waite, Jr., USA, LLB 1st Lt Joe D. Watzlavick. AAF, BS Ml Lt. (jg) Goree Edward Waugh, USN, Ml (missing) Thomas J. Tibbetts, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Ansclm M. Tibbs, Jr., AAF, M2 Lt. Herbert Henry Ulbricht, AAF, ' 42 Lt. James McNutt Umstattd AAF M3 ' 37 1st Lt. Robert Emil Walber, AAF, ' 37 Pvt. Roy W. Waynick, USA, ' 43 Capt. James Hugh Wear, USA, Ml Ens. Billiard T. Tidmore, Jr., USN, Ml BM 2 c Lewis C. Tidwell. Jr.. USN, ' 31 Herbert C. Tigner.. USA, LLB ' 31 Ens. Mildred Tiller, WAVES, LLB Lt Charles L. Tillery, USA, BBA Ml Lt. William Paul Umsted, AAF, ' 40 Ens. Guy Herring Underwood, USN, ' 35 Capt. Harris Faulkner Underwood, AAF, ' 39 Ens. John Tolliver Underwood, USN, LLB Lt. Harry Gilmer Walcott, AAF, BS ' 38 Ens. Call Jack Waldman, USN, BA M3 Capt. Nathan Abraham Waldman, AAF, BJ ' 35 Lt. Agesilous Wilson Walker, USN, LLB ' 23 Lt. Comdr. John B. Wear, Jr., USN , ' 30 Pvt. Jack P. Weatherall, USMC, M3 I. DC Wayne Weathcrford, USN, BS M3 Lt. Thomas B. Weatherly, USA, LLB ' 39 Capt. Ned Steele Weathers. USA. ' 31 Reed F. Tilley, RAF, ' 39 Wesley Hope Tilley, Jr., BA ' 43 1st Lt. Alvin Y. Tillman, Jr., USA, Ml Lt. Olaf Orion Underwood, AAF, ' 40 Ens. Richard Lee Underwood, USN, M4 Pfc. Richard L. Underwood, AAF, ' 42 A C Billy Harold Walker. AAF, M2 1st Lt. Charles Alborn (Chuck) Walker, AAF, Ml F.ns. Bruce S. Weaver, USN, BS ' 40 Lt. Hayden E. Weaver, AAF, Ml Helen Sue Weaver, SPARS, M. Ed. ' 38 (killed) PO 3 c Bascom L. Timmons, USN, ' 43 Pvt. David A. Timmons, USA, M3 M Sgt. Roy Jim Underwood, AAF, MO Lt. (jg) Thomas Charles Unis, USN, LLB Charles Edward Walker, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Fort Vernon Walker. Jr., AAF, MO Lt. Comdr. Francis Edward Walker, USN, Maly Enos Weaver, MD ' 31 F.ns. Oscar D. Weaver, USN, M3 L! (jg) Walter Gerald Weaver, Jr., US.V Lt. Jerome B. Timmons, AAF, ' 37 Oliver H. Timmons, Jr., USMC, ' 36 Lt. Harry Lewis Trieee, Jr., USMC Ens. Wilbcrt H. Timmons, USN, ' 42 Hugh Tims, AAF, ' 43 I.t. William L. Tingle, AAF, ' 37 Lt (jg) Jack W. Tinnin, USN, BS ' 34 Cpl. Sam F. Tinnin, AAF, BBA ' 38 Lt. Claude Elmer Upchurch, AAF, BA Ml A C Garland Rudolph Upchurch, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Haden Jefferson Upchurch, AAF, MO Ens. Robert Lee Upchurch, USN, BBA ' 43 Carlyle Woodrow Urban, AAF, LLB Ml Ens. Elsie Urbantke, USN, MA ' 24 A S George Richard Urquhart, USN, MA BA ' 34 Maj. Gilmer Eugene Walker, AAF, ' 38 1st Lt. Jack Carter Walker, USA, Ml Lt. Jack Norman Walker, AAF, ' 40 James Bright Noah Walker, MD ' 30 Maj. John Hale Walker. Jr., USA, BA ' 34 Philip Rush Walker, ' 10 Ens. Pinckney Calvin Walker. USN, BBA LLB ' 39 Capt. Clarence R. Webb, AAF, MO 1VO ll.-urv P. Webb, Jr., USN, BBA ' 35 Lt. Jacvkson S. Webb, USA, M2 QM 2 c James A. Webb, USN, M3 A C James L. Webb, Jr.. AAF, M3 Lt. Sam N. Webb. AAF, MA ' 42 1st Lt. William M. Webb. USA, Ml A C Maurice L. Tinsley. USN, M2 Col. Charles R. Tips, USA, BA ' 12 Pfc. David B. Tipton, III, USA, ' 43 Pfc. William Christopher Ururin, Jr.. AAF, ' 39 Lt. Richard Davis O ' Keefe (Dick) Walker, C SP. Earle T. Weber, USN, ' 28 Col. John Kelley Weber, USA, LLB ' 22 Lt. Otto J. Weber, Jr., AAF, BA Ml Lt. George W. Tipton, USA, MD ' 38 Jack Ray Tipton, AAF, ' 43 Robert Patrick Walker. Ml Lt. R. S. Weber, WAC, ' 30 Don P. Webster, AAF, BBA ' 39 (missing) Cpl. James L. Tittsworth, AAF, ' 42 V Lt. Romee Sidney Walker, Jr., AAF, ' 38 W 0 Jimmie B. Webster. AAF, MO Lt. Robert C. Toal, USA, ' 40 Lt. David Pullon Wallace, Jr., AAF, BA ' 38 I.t. John I!. Webster, USA, LLB Ml Lt. Ora E. Toades, USA, BA ' 36 S Sgt. John Roman Vacek, USA, BS ' 42 Sgt. Dow B. Wallace, USA, ' 36 Lt. Robert A. Webster, AAF, M2 Ll. Harold ' E. Tobey, Jr., USA, BBA ' 39 Sgt. James A. Tobin, USA, Ml Martin Thomas Todaro, USA, M3 Sgt. Sylvester Sam Vacek, USA, BBA ' 39 Sgt. James Phillip Valentine, USA, ' 38 Callaway Sanford Vance, USA. LLB ' 42 Ens. Emmett Bledsoc Wallace, USN, MA MO Lt. John Holland Wallace, AAF, ' 34 (killed) Ens. Florence Olga Weed, ft VKS, MA ' 38 Lt. Fayette L. Weedin, AAF, ' 38 A S H. Kirby Weedin, USN, ' 35 Capt. Raymond R. Todd, USA, ' 33 Cullen Boren Vance, AAF, ' 33 SK 1 c Durwood Kirby Vance, USN, LLB Lt. John Samuel Wallace, USA, ' 42 Lt. William (Bill) Farrier Wallace, Jr., Cpl. James E. Weeks, USA, LLB ' 40 Pvt. O. Price W ; eeks, USA, ' 34 Ll. Herman W. Toepperwein, USN, ' 33 ' 40 USA, Ml Pvt! L. Wesley Weems. USA. M3 T Sgt. Frank X. Tolbert, USMC, ' 366 Ens. Roy C. Vance, Jr., USN, LLB ' 38 ' 38 B. Alexander Weil, AAF. M3 1st Lt. Jamc e s S Frank " (Jm) Tolleso ' n, AAF, ' 40 Ens. John James Vandale, USN, ' 35 C P 0 Ray War, ' ft ' aili-. .1,.. USN, ' 38 1. ' , " ' (i ' a ' i ' M, ' i.,- r ' l " rvey ' weil ' , ' uSN, ' BBA ' 39 ' 33 Ens. Marshall M. Tomme, USN, ' 42 ' 44 Lt. Louis Turner Van Eman, USA, ' 38 Capt. John OR,!,-,, ftalter-. USMC, Ml (killed) Pvt. Josef Weinberger. USA, M3 Lt. Col. John Marshall Toomcy, AAF, ' 38 F O John George Van Natta. AAF, Ml Ens. John Philip Wand ' el. USN, BA Ml Capt. lleimaii ft. inert, ' uSA. MD ' 31 Ens ' Tonfldw ' nTpin USN ' 44 Jerome Duncan Vannoy, AAF, Charles Wilson Ward, ' 40 Lt. Jacob Weinheimer, AAF, MO Ens. F. C. Tormollan, USN, BS M3 Capt. Wilson Woodrow Van Winkle, USA. Comdr. Erne.t Ward, USN, ' 14 Capt. John Tilton Wei ' ' . ' AAF, ' ' 42 PhM. 1 c Rafael Flores Torres, USN, BA ' 37 A C Fred Thomas Ward, AAF, ' 35 Lt. (jg) Woodrow W. Weir, USN, ' 37 Ml Thomas Jefferson Vanzant, MD ' 33 Jesse E. Ward, AAF. M3 Pvt. Roy Keith WeisiuR.-r. USA. BBA ' 39 Lt. John W. Tottenham, Jr., USN, MD ' 31 Ens. Carl Varncy, USN, BA ' 40 Ens. John Carlton Ward, III, USN, BS ' 43 Lt. August F. L. Weiss, AAF, BS Ml Pvt. John H. Towner, AAF, Ml Sgt. Ashley Pelham Vaughan, III, USA, M2 1st Lt. Ray Randell Ward, AAF, M2 I.t. l(.,y F. ftei... J,.. USA. Ml Lt. (jg) Ed Townsend, USN, Ml Milam Jerry Vaughn, BS ' 37 William Elzie Ward, USA, LLB ' 39 0 C Hubert F. Weitzel, Jr., AAF, ' 42 LT. FREDERICK W. McQUEEN, AAF, ' 43. LT. EARL R. KNIGHT, AAF, ' 43; Left to right: LT. JACKIE F. BIRDSON, AAF, ' 42; LT CLAUDIUS B. HODGES, JR., AAF, ' 43; LT. WILLIAM A TRACEY, AAF, ' 42; LT. ROYCE V. MATKIN, AAF, ' 43 LT. CARL G. BEARD, JR., AAF, ' 43. mt row: LT. JOHN D. HAWN, AAF, ' 43; LT. BENEDICT G . KUBALA, AAF, ' 43; LT. ROBERT E. ECKELS, AAF, ' 42 LT. GEORGE DAREOS, AAF, ' 40. ck row: LT. TOM R. LESLIE, JR., AAF, ' 42; LT. ROBER ' K. YOUNG, AAF, ' 43; LT. FREDDIE D. WINTER, AAF ' 43; LT. THOMAS E. SPEER, AAF, ' 41. Cap.. Dani.-l ;. Welch. AAF. ' 37 Lt. Edward L. Welch, AAF, ' 43 Cpl. Jack Law, ,.,-,. Welch. USA, ' 43 Capt. William Douglass Whilson, AAF, ' 41 A C Warren Pickard Whitson, Jr., AAF, BBA ' 40 Lt. Gerald N. Wilson. USA, ' 42 Ens. Homer C. Wilson, Jr., USN, ' 41 Lt. Jack Edwin Wilson. AAF, ' 38 Lt. Robert Worley, AAF. ' 42 Charles Joseph Worrell, ' 41 Albert Worsham, BA ' 33 (!, ' ,,!. !( ' ., V,.lrh. BJ ' 32 Pvt. S. Wclhams, USA, ' 38 Lt. (jg) Cordon R. Wellborn, USN, LLB Capt. John Dovle ft hilt. AAF. ' 34 Lt. (jg) Robert Holt Whitten, USN, BJ ' 40 William Ray Whitten, AAF, ' 42 John Harold hitliniitoii. USN, ' 42 Cpl. Jackson W. Wil.nn. USA, BA ' 37 Capt. James A. Wilson, USA, MI) ' 39 Lt. James Carrol Wilson, USMC, BBA ' 40 S Sgt. James Charles Wilson, AAF, ' 42 Lt Thomas Carllon Worlham, AAF, BBA 40 (missing) Ens. Louie F. Worthing, USN, BBA ' 43 1st Ll. Walter L. Roy Wellborne, AAF, ' 38 James Woodrow ttil.on. BS ' 39 Col. Frank W. Wo en -r ' aft. USA, LLB ' 14 Lt. Charles E. Weller, AAF, ' 38 Pvt. Algie A. Wells, USA, LLB ' 41 Capt. Robert flt.,1. 1 I. ft hillinston, AAF, ' 40 Ens. John D. Wilson, USN, BBA ' 40 John E. Wilson. AAF, BBA ' 43 BA ' 41 Ll. Charles II. Wrisht, AAF, ' 43 Lt. Harris Peyton Well . I ' SA, BA ' 40 Milton Alston Whitwoiih. AAK. ' 42 Ens. John Ross Wilson. USN. ' 42 Capt. Clark Wright, USA, LLB ' 15 Sgt. Marshall F. Wells, USA. BJ ' 39 Newell A. Wells, AAF, ' 40 (missing) 1st Lt. Peter Boyd Wells, USA, BA ' 36 Lt Tom Henderson Wells, USN, ' 35 Ens. Samuel E. ft i.-lj. 1 SN. BJ ' 40 Maj. Sidney H. Wiedermann, USA, Lt. (jg) Merlin E. Wiemers, USN, BBA ' 40 Lt. John R. Wier, AAF, ' 42 A C Richard A. Wier. USN. BBA ' 43 Lt. Maurice M. Wils,,n. AAF, ' 39 Cpl. Robert Wilson, USA. ' 42 Lt. Robert C. Wilson. Jr., AAF Lt. (jg) Robert Eugene Wilson, USN, BS ' 42 Capt Howard S. Wright, USA, ' 35 Ll. Jack Lafayeuc Wright. USA. BA ' 37 Ll. Jim Claude Wrishl. AAF, ' 42 Capt Joel E. Wright, Jr.. AAF, BA ' 34 John Cox Wright, BS ' 40 0 C Robert Wendler, USA, ' 33 0 C Clarence F. Wadenburg, USMC, ' 42 (killed) Lt. Donald Wiginton, USA, BBA ' 39 Robert I. Wilson. USA, ' 19 Lt. (jg) Sheldon B. Wilson. USN, BBA ' 36 C P O Joseph McCormick ft righl. USN, ' 38 Marion Pendall W righl, 1 SCG, ' 31 Lt ' . (jgr ' eauregard A. Wendt, ' USN, MBA A C Charles L. Wensley, AAF, ' 42 Billy Edison Wilcox, USN, BBA ' 40 Ens. Claud,. Wild. USN. BBA ' 43 Cpl. Albert R. Wilde. USA, ' 40 Lt. Thomas Whitnc, Wilson. USA, BBA ' 40 Lt. Victor H. Wilson, AAF, ' 40 Ll Neil H Wrighl. US , BBA ' 38 (prisoner) Ens. Preslcv K. Werlein. USN, LLB ' 40 A C Eugene H. Werner, AAF, ' 42 Brook- West, AAF, BA ' 39 A C Carey K. West, Jr., AAF, ' 42 A C Henry Morrill Wilder. USN, ' 41 Lt. Col. Rodney R. Wilder, AAF, ' 36 A C Charles Alton Wiley, AAF, ' 43 Pvt. Dale E. Wiley, USMC, ' 43 (killed) Ens. William H. Wilson. USN. ' 44 Lt. William Walter Wilson, Jr., AAF, BS ' 40 Capl. William Carler Wrighl, AAF, ' 41 A C William Larry Wrighl, USN, ' 43 Sidney Ray Wrighlsman, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Ens. ' jack Milton West. USN, BBA ' 43 A C James A. West. USN, ' 41 Pvt. Maurice Eugene West, USA, ' 39 A C Gerald A. Wiley, AAF, ' 43 Pvt. Richard Wiley. USA, BS ' 42 Lt. Eugene S. Wilhclm, USMC, MA ' 41 A C -Leslie S. Winch, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Col. Kelso Winchester. USA, ' 17 Ll. (jg) Raymond Wunsch. USN. BBA ' 41 Ll. Edward M. Wurzel, USN, ' 37 Cpl. Lloyd Walker Westerlage, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Louis S. Wilkerson. USA. BA ' 36 Ens. Samuel F. Wine, AAF, BBA ' 40 Pvl. Jim Dudley Wynn, USA, ' 27 1st Lt. William E. Westfall, AAF, ' 40 Elizabeth Westmoreland, WAC, BS ' 43 Lt. John B. Westmoreland, AAF, ' 40 (killed) Pvt. J. B. Wilkins, Jr., USA, ' 41 Lt. Archibald B. Wilkinson, AAF, BA ' 42 Capt. Clark N. Wilkinson, A F, BBA ' 42 S Sgt. Syl Winfrey, Jr., AAF, ' 37 (killed) A C William B. Wingfield. AAF, ' 41 Lt. Harlan H. Winn, Jr., USMC, ' 40 Pvl. Barren Wyonl, USA, ' 43 Maj. George Elmer Wyse, AAF, ' 39 Lt. Charley E. Wysong, AAF, ' 35 Ens. Herman J. Wetegrove, USN, ' 44 Pfc. John P. Wever, Jr., USA. ' 42 Lt. Elwood Weylandt, AAF, Ph ' Ed. ' 41 Lt. Edmund Weynand, AAF, ' 43 Ens. Arthur D. Willbern, Jr., USN, ' 44 Lt. Allen Ross Williams. Jr;, AAF. BS ' 40 Col. C. R. Williams, USA, MD ' 26 Capt. Charles C. Williams. AAF, ' 41 Lt. Charles L. Williams, USA. LLB ' 32 Lt. W. Gardner Winters. Jr.. USMC, ' 41 Ens. Robert G. Winters. USN, BA ' 44 Lt. Joe R. Wiseman, USA, ' 32 Lt. Jack K. Wisener, AAF, ' 41 Lt. William T. Wi.,cn,-r. AAF. BS ' 41 Y Capt Thomas Short Yager, AAF, ' 38 Pvt. Marcus L. Yancey, Jr., USMC, ' 43 Ens Hugh C. Yantis. USN, BS ' 38 Mdn. Robe rl Yarber, USN, BBA ' 43 Lt. Thomas Herman Wheat. AAF, BBA ' 39 Lt. William Calvin Wheat. AAF, ' 41 Pvt. C. W. Wheeler, AAF. ' 41 Capt. Charles Alexander Wheeler, Jr., USA, BS ' 35 1st Lt. Clifton Damon Wheeler, AAF, ' 40 Horace Buford Wheeler, ' 21 Lt. Howard Pleas Wheeler. AAF, MD ' 32 Lt. Jesse Paul Wheeler, AAF, BA ' 41 Pvt. John E. Wheeler, USA, ' 44 ' 42 Lt. Dave W. Williams, AAF, ' 36 Cpl. Delbert Duncan Williams, AAF, LLB Ens. Delbert Dwain Williams, USN, ' 40 Lt. Don D. Williams, AAF, ' 40 Lt., Edward S. Williams, USA, ' 36 Lt. Fletcher M. Williams, USN, ' 35 Lt. George D. Williams. AAF, ' 39 Sgt. Harry Clark Williams, USA, ' 37 Capt. B. T. Withers, CSV MD ' 40 Lt. (jg) Guy Witherspoon, Jr., USN, BJ ' 38 Lt. John Edgar Witt, AAF, BA ' 41 A S Verlin W. Witt, USN, ' 42 Pvt. Lonnie H. Witte, USA, BBA ' 36 A C August F. Wittenborn. AAF, ' 42 Ens. William T. Witter, USN, ' 42 Lt. August Leo Woeltz, AAF, ' 41 Lt. Harry C. Wolcott. AAF, ' 38 W 0 Burton H. Wolf, USA, BBA ' 36 LLB ' 23 Ens. Owen Carl Yarborough, USN, BS ' 36 Maj. Ralph Websler Yarborough, USA, LLB ' 27 Ll. (jg) James Edmund Yarbrough, USN, MBA ' 43 Lonnie Jordon Yarbrough, USA, ' 43 Capl. Jess 0. Yaryan, AAF, ' 40 Evelyn Yales, WAVES, BJ ' 39 Pvl. ' Paul C. Yales, Jr., AAF, ' 41 ' 30 Robert Amick Wheeler, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Sam Wheeler, AAF, MD ' 32 1st Lt. Chester Lee Wheless, AAF, BS ' 31 Hobbs Williams. AAF, ' 43 Lt. Horace B. Williams, AAF, ' 41 Lt. James Clyde Williams, USN. BBA ' 29 James D. Williams, USN, BBA ' 43 Ens. James Patrick Wolf. USN. BBA ' 42 John Elmo Wolf, USN, BS ' 43 Lt. (jg) Oswald ;,-rhardl Wolf. USN. BS ' 26 (killed) Ens. William Eloyd Yales, USN. BS ' 11 Ens. Robert Eugene Yerger, USN, ' 42 Ens. John T Yeiser, USN, ' 40 Maj. James I.eGeiic Yclvinglon, AAF, ' 40 Lt Hewitt Hail Wheless, USA, ' 36 Col. Hewitt Terrell Wheless, AAF, ' 37 Lt. William Mead, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Roy M. Willis, AAF, ' 43 Pvt. Nelson Bradley Whitaker, USA, ' 43 mln-u B.-ii Whin-. USN, LLB ' 41 Ens. Benjamin Franklin White, USN, BJ ' 38 A C Charles Andrew White, AAF, ' 43 Lt. David Laurence White, USN, ' 30 Capt. Donald Bates White, AAF, BBA ' 38 Eliot Joseph White, BS ' 40 Lt. Hugh Stockton White, USA, ' 40 Pvt. James Quinton White, USA, ' 43 Lt. James Irven (Jay) White, AAF, ' 40 (killed) A S John Conrad White, USN, ' 43 Lt. John Hansford White, AAF, ' 39 Capt. John Milton White, AAF, MD ' 40 Lt. Joseph (Jo) Andrew White, AAF, ' 43 A C Joseph W. White, Jr., AAF, ' 37 John William White, BA ' 34 Pvt. Louie C. White, Jr., USA, ' 43 Lt. Louis O. White, AAF, ' 39 Ens. Major J White, USN, ' 39 (killed) Col. Ma rtin Gentry White, USA, LLB ' 27 Maj. Paul Luke White, USA, MD ' 29 Sgt. Reed Donavan White, USA, ' 41 Robert Emmett White, ' 38 1st Lt. Robert John White, AAF, ' 33 Robert Leon White, Jr., USN, ' 43 Lt. Shirley Carl White, USMC, ' 44 Pfc. Thomas A. White, USA, ' 36 William Smith White, ' 26 Maj. Wyndham Kemp White. USA, LLB ' 35 Sgt. James Elbert Whiteaker, USA, ' 40 Lt. Robert Brook. Whilehead. AAF, ' 41 Frank C. Whitelock, ' 29 Paul Whiteman, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Cpl. William Duncan Whitcside, USA, ' 32 Ens. Joseph Charle, Whilfield, USN, ' 43 S Sgt. Joe Whitley, USA, BJ ' 40 Thomas Allen Whitley, USMC, ' 42 Sgt. William Rogers (Bill) Whitmore, AAF, BJ ' 42 Lt. Stancie Randolph Whitner, AAF, ' 40 Pvt. John B. William.. USMC, BS ' 43 Ens. Joseph E. Williams, USA, ' 40 Capt. Lee G. Williams, USA, LLB ' 33 Lt. Marcus A. Williams, AAF, ' 32 Capt. Max W. Williams, AAF Lt. Murray E. Williams, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Porter L. Williams, AAF, ' 41 A C Robert C. Williams, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Sammy E. Williams, AAF, ' 42 Lt. (jg) Sterling B. Williams, USN, LLB ' 36 Stmrt L. Williams, Red Cross, ' 25 Lt. (jg) Thomas Howard Williams, Jr., USN, BA ' 40 (killed) Lt. Thomas Weaver Williams, AAF, BJ ' 42 (killed) Lt. (jg) Wayne K. Williams, USN, ' 25 Lt. William A. Williams, AAF, ' 38 Lt. William M. Williams, Jr., AAF, LLB Capt. William Thomas Williams, Jr., USA, LLB ' 30 Lt. Jay A. Williamson, AAF, ' 39 Lt. Richard E. Williamson, AAF, ' 40 Lt. Richard H. Williamson, AAF, ' 42 A S Tom Perry Williamson, USN, ' 42 Lt. William R. Williamson, AAF, BBA ' 42 A C Carled Tas Williford. USN, ' 42 Lt. Richard Williford, USA Capt. Doyle Willis, USA, BS ' 34 John C. Willis, Jr., AAF, ' 43 Roy M. Willis, AAF, ' 42 Cpl. Marion E. Willson, USA, ' 28 Amos Leslie Willson, Jr., USA, ' 43 Marion E. Willson, USA, ' 38 Pilot Officer Robert Early Willson, RAF ' 39 (killed) Lt. Robert W. Willson, USMC, BA ' 34 Lt. Archer K. Wilson, Jr., USA, ' 42 Lt. Bruce Wilson, USA, BS ' 38 Lt. (jg) Charles F. Wilson, USN, BS ' 32 Lt. (jg) Charles H. Wilson. USN, MD ' 42 Ens. Clyde L. Wilson, USN, BBA ' 42 Ens. Emmet C. Wilson, USN, BBA ' 39 A C Edward Clifton Wilson, AAF, ' 42 Lt. Eugene J. Wilson, USN, ' 31 Lt. Theodore Carl Oskar Wolf. AAF, ' 42 Lt. Hugh Wolfe, AAF, BS ' 39 Sgt. Morris Wesley Woifean, AAF, ' 38 Lt. Albert C. Wolfmueller, AAF. ' 36 John Paul Wollam. AAF, ' t3 Sgt. Edward C. Wolsch, USA, ' 41 Sgt. A. M. Womack, Jr., AAF, BBA ' 24 Y 3 c Billy Moody Womack, USN, ' 39 Lt. Decker Smith Womack, AAF, ' 38 Lt. Harry H. Womack, AAF. ' 40 (killed) Capt. Tom Campbell Wommack. USA, ' 40 A C Alexander Wayne Wood, AAF, BA ' 41 Ens. Bertram Oliver Wood, USN, BS ' 42 Capt. Don Buie Wood, AAF, ' 39 (killed) Lt. Earl Badey Wood, AAF, ' 39 (killed) Cpl. Elbert O. Wood, USMC, ' 42 Capt. Frank P. Wood, AAF, BA ' 39 Lt. Gloria Yantis Wood, USMC, BS ' 33 Lt. James Thomas Wood, AAF, ' 39 S Sgt. Norval Garland Wood, AAF, ' 39 S Sgt. Ralph R. Wood, USA, LLB ' 24 Pvt. Thomas Fagin Wood, AAF, ' 43 Ens. Thomas Kelbert Wood, USN, BS ' 44 Capt. Thomas Owen Wood, AAF, ' 40 Capt. Tommy B. Wood, USA, ' 42 Capt. Benjamin T. Woodall, USMC, ' 26 Viola Augustus Woodall. WAVE, BS ' 38 Capt. Charles Kn-sdl Voo lhurn, USA, ' 39 Ens. Gene Mack Woodfin, USN, LLB ' 40 Ens. Walter F. Woodul, Jr., USN, BBA ' 41 Marion Kenneth Woodward, USA, LLB ' 43 N. P. Woodward. Jr., USN. LLB ' 38 Walter M. Woodward, ' 38 Sgt. Wilford R. Woodward, AAF, ' 33 James Russell Woodworth, AAF, ' 43 Clarence Eliot Wooldridge, Jr., USA, ' 43 Sgt. George Dean Woolrich, RCAF, ' 40 (missing) Ens. W. R. Woolrich, Jr., USN, BS ' 40 Sgt. Don Woolen, USA, ' 41 Lt. Col. James H. Woolen, Jr., USA, MD ' 38 Ens. Charles Freeman Word, USN. BS ' 37 Capt. Paul Worden, USA, LLB ' 40 Cpl. Earl C. Workman, USA, ' 42 I.I. Jame, Rol.erl Ynder, Jr.. USMC, BJ ' 43 Mdn. 1). A. York. USN, ' 42 Darrell Daniel York, MED ' 42 Edwin K. York, Jr., AAF, ' 43 A C Jack H. York, AAF, ' 43 A C John Garlh York, AAF, ' 40 Ivan Dale Yost, ' 42 Lt. Virgil Morris Yost, AAF, ' 24 Ll. Ernest Lewis Youens, AAF, ' 41 Pvt. Bruce Calvin Young, USA, ' 43 F O Charles S. Young, AAF, ' 38 Ens. Claude Young, Jr., USN, BBA ' 41 Lt. Emmetle C. Young, USA, ' 28 Maj. Fred Eurie Young, USA, LLB ' 22 Pvt. Fred Harris Young, AAF, ' 41 Harold Higgins Young, USA. ' 43 Lt. Homer Harrv Young. USA, ' 1(1 Lt. (jg) John Andrew Young, USN, ' 40 Sgl. John Marvin Young, AAF (missing) A S Rayford Orwin Young, USN, ' 36 Ll. Roberl K. Young, AAF, ' 42 Thomas Eugene Young, USN, BS ' 42 Lt. Lindsey S. Youngblood, AAF, ' 42 Km. William Alfred Youngblood, USN, ' 44 z Lt Charles Otto Zagst, AAF, BS ' 41 Pvt. Waller R. Zanes, Jr., USA. LLB ' 40 Capl. LeRov Charles Zapaloe, USA, ' 33 George Henry Zeiss, MBA ' 39 Auslin Edgar Zellers, BBA ' 42 Lt. Julius E. Ziegelmeyer, Jr., AAF, ' 42 Juliui Zhm, ' u.SA. ' 42 Ll. (jg) Charles Neiman Zivlev, USN, MBA ' 32 Lt. (jg) Charles T. Zlatkovich, USN En.. Al ' lvn " zal Ik-offer, USN, ' 43 Capt. Charles Barry Zuber, USA, ' 41 A S Oscar J. Zuniga, USN, ' 42 Ens. Douglas Richar Zwiener. USN. BB ' 12 l.onnv Franklin Zwiener, USMC, ' 43 m 48 YEARS OF CONTINUED SERVICE TO THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS Books - Stationery School Supplies UNIVERSITY CD-DP " Operated and Controlled by Faculty and Students " 2246 GUADALUPE STREET AUSTIN, TEXAS TO THE VALIANT il len of Uexas WHO ARE DISTINGUISHING THEMSELVES IN OUR FIGHT FOR FREEDOM WE DEDICATE THIS PAGE BUY MORE WAR BONDS to speed their safe return 709 CONGRESS YESTERDAY . . . TODAY . . . TOMORROW Leaders in for Co-eds and University Men 1893-1944 CONGRESS flVENUE flT SIXTH flUSTIN THG nusTm nflTionAL BATIK of AUSTIN, TEXAS More than FIFTY YEARS OF FRIENDLY SERVICE Chartered May 9. 1890 BUY WAR BONDS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION U. S. GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY n minim iiiiiiiiiiniiiii inn inn mini inn ng 1 1 COMPLIMENTS OF 616 CONGRESS Austin ' s Leading Store for Men WITH EVERY GOOD WISH FOR THE SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS OF ALL STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS The American national Bank Austin, Texas Organized 1890 MEMBER FEDERflL DEPOSIT INSUHflNCE COHPORflTION THG CAPITAL nATIOnAL BARK IN AUSTIN WflLTER BREMOND, JR., President JNO. fl. GRflCY, Vice President E. P. CRflVENS, Vice President LEO KUHN, Cashier JOE S. DUNLflP, flss ' t Cashier W. C. KENNEDY, flss ' t Cashier U. S. GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY MEMBER F.D.I.C. " I ' m from Texas! " " In the air, on the sea and on the land . . . Tm from Texas ' is the boast of thousands upon thou- sands of boys now in the Armed Forces. " Yes, sir! Texas boys are flyin ' , sailin ' , rollin ' on to Tokio and Berlin ...dishin ' it out in a great big Texas way as they go along. " Here in Texas, we are all doin ' our best to keep ' em flyin ' , sailin ' , rollin ' ! We, of T. P. L., are pourin ' the power to jobs other Texans are doin ' . . . war production jobs . . . military jobs . . . jobs that make it possible to ' pass the ammunition ' to the boys on the firin line. " We work at our particular job . . . keepin ' electric power at work ... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (just like our Texas boys are fightin ' !). " P. W. McFadden Claude E. Hil UNIVERSITY DRUG STORE P. W. McFADDEN CO. Continuous, Satisfactory, Dependable Service SINCE 1885 Compliments of Merrill, Schaefer and Brown CLOTHIERS Old Friends with New Ideas 611 Congress A SALUTE TD TEXAS! TRIBUTE, INDEED, TO THE THOUSANDS OF TEXAS STUDENTS AND ALUMNI WHOSE DEVOTION TO DEMOCRACY TO- DAY WILL SPEED THE DAY WHEN PEACE INSURES OUR INHERENT FREEDOM! It Is the Creed of Interstate That All Employees Be Good Citizens . . . Sharing in the Civic and Moral Responsibilities of the Community! For 35 Years This Has Been the Policy of Interstate . . . Truly the Amusement Pioneers of the South- west! Their More Than 2,000 Employees, at Home, and in the Armed Services . . . Are Proud of the Role They Are Playing in Bringiqg You a Bit of Happiness and of Being an Important Part of the Community They Serve! AIR-CONDITIONED CAFE COFFEE SHOP PRIVATE DINING ROOMS Austin Headquarters of the University, Faculty, Alumni and Student Body lift Jilll III in OUR debt to Edison grows greater every year. Today, with the Nation engaged in a terrific war, his inventions are playing an important part m the fight to preserve the American Way. Edison established the first steam-driven eletric power plant, the beginning of the great electric power and light industry which has become one of the most powerful weapons in the war effort. Today, America has the POWER foi Victory more electric power than all the Axis nations combined thanks to the genius of Edison and the workers in the electric power and light industry. Compliments of CABAniss FURNITURE COMPANY New and Used Furniture STOVES flND RANGES FLOOR COVERINGS 204-206 East Sixth Street Phone 2- 11 09 Austin, Texas QUALITY MATERIALS FAIR PRICES INTELLIGENT SERVICE Over Half a Century of Home Building in Austin CALCASIGU LUHIBGR CO. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 5 1ST ANNIVERSARY EDITION OF THE " CACTUS " j. c. penney co. 513-15 Congress Exclusive " HOME COOKING " On the Drag for 26 Years UJUKASCH BROS. CfiFG AIR COOLED 2002 Guadalupe Phone 6305 Compliments of Your Friendly 5 IOC STORE HflGG ' S 5 and lOc Store king ' s record shop 2118 guadalupe austin, texas Austin y H. m. Getting FURNITURE COMPANY Specializing in Reproductions 413 Congress AUSTIN, TEXAS ESTABLISHED 1847 " There ' s Nothing Accidental About Quality " OUTSTflNDING FOR ORIGINflL FOOD SPECIALTIES No. 1 336 So. Congress, Austin No. 2 20th and Guadalupe, Austin No. 3 Main five. Ashley, San Antonio Compliments AUSTIN. TEXAS Compliments of American Service Co. LOCAL AND LONG-DISTANCE MOVING STORAGE c E n T R n L FORWARDING INC. Died 8-6451 401 Colorado The SLAUGHTER Stores SLAUGHTER LOCKER PLANT Austin, Texas fl. C. KNIPPfl a c. SE::I? SELF SERVE GROCERY AND MARKET 100% Quality, Courtesy, and Satisfaction 1001 CONGRESS flVE. 3101 GUADflLUPE ST. 412 WEST 6TH ST. Phone 3702 Adds to Your Comfort Pleasure Convenience and Satisfaction ' tt 722 Congress Austin, Texas " A GIFT FROM STELFOX - MAKES THE DAY LAST FOREVER! " AUSTIN, TEXAS You ' ll Find the Clothes College Girls Desire at Jranklinf 13 716 CONGRESS Also Complete Children ' s Deportment FOR STYLE ECONOMY AND COURTEOUS SERVICE THE SMART SHOP FOR WOMEN 714 Congress Robt. Mueller Leo O. Mueller Robt. mueller Brother AUSTIN TRUNK FACTORY Quality Luggage Since The University was established AUSTIN, TEXAS so tne ure As the thrills and excitement of a football game die away when the game is finished . . . so it is with war. This terrible struggle our nation is now undergoing will one day come to a victorious close, and with it the world will return to normal ... a better, more freedom-loving place to live in than ever before. Your education will be America ' s mainstay. You will find your place in the future through your knowledge. I em in in e barcl rr 614 Congress " STYLE CENTER FOR COLLEGE MISS " 504 Congress Austin, Texas Compliments of flleta ' s millinery SALON In the Marie Antoinette 504 CONGRESS Eight Convenient l Jt DRUG STORES IN AUSTIN A Fountain Grill in Every Store Two University Locations 2324 GUADALUPE 309 EflST 19TH I. Miller Beautiful Shoes the way you like them Paintings Fine China Silver Gifts Ye Qualitye Shoppe The Art Shop of flustin FflNNY M. ANDREWS flUSTIN, TEXflS Whenever You ' re Hungry or Thirsty, Stop at Triple XXX Sandwich Shop 2801 Guadalupe flUSTIN, TEXflS We Appreciate Your Patronage To Be In the Know . . . Stay Tuned to KNOW K M O W 1490 On Your Dial Your Blue and Mutual Station Will You Be Successful in Life? There is only one sure way of insuring success. Start saving your money when you get your first job. Then start saving in the Mutual where the current rate is 21 2% and your account is insured up to $5000. Why not try it? Mutual Deposit Loan Resources over $2,900.000.00 905 Congress J. R. RGGD mUSIC CO. flUSTIN ' S LEflDING MUSIC HOUSE Your Friends SINCE 1901 HUME OF THE STONWflY PIflNO " INSTRUMENT OF THE IMMORTALS " Dicmnson OPTICAL COfllPAnY Cooperating with the war effort and still giving you excellent service. Prescriptions filled, reasonable prices; broken lenses duplicated. Latest styles in frames. Quick service I V:NG THE EYE PHYSICIRN AND HIS pfliiENTS " fldd Charm to Your Room-Home . . . with lovely China and Glassware from Austin ' s Favorite Store H, H. VOSS 511 Congress Phone 2-4154 Rflnsonrs DRUG STORG We Appreciate Your SCflRBROUGH BUILDING Phone 5361 flUSTin LflUHDRY AND DRY CLEANING COMPANY DIAL 3566 We do Jamify Washing DIAL 3566 1514 LAVACA STREET THE STYLE SHOP OF AUSTIN Leon ' s Slipper Shop Campus Display Across from Union 618 Congress Compliments BURTOnS INC. LAUNDRY and CLEANERS " different " 19th at Rio Grande AUSTIN, TEXAS .Send MAIL ORDERS FOR A Suppl ' u WE PAY POSTAGE AND SHIP SAME DAY ORDER IS RECEIVED TEXAS BOOK STORE Across from University 2244 GUflDflLUPE ST. Austin ' s Favorite With STUDENTS Texas ' center of educational, social, and legislative ac- tivity. " Hub of Happenings. " Austin ' s most modern new 350 room hotel. A perfect ex- ample of today ' s comforts in modern hotel appointments. Air-conditioned guest rooms, public spaces, and coffee shop. A preferred stopping place for students, their fami- lies, and friends when in Austin. HOTEL USTI STEPHEN F. fmU J I Pj AUSTIN TEXAS Thank you for your patronage this year . . . and in the future, remember, this is your home away from home. UNIVERSITY OF TEXflS HEflDQUflRTERS IN FORT WORTH Properly flir Conditioned BLAC FORT WORTH ' S HOTEL OF DISTINCTION JOE T. O ' KEEFE, President . ORANGES flND GRAPEFRUIT Largest Distributor of Fresh Fruits and Fresh Vegetables in the Southwest BEN E. KEITH COMPANY DflLLflS FORT WORTH LONGVIEW LUBBOCK ABILENE WICHITA FALLS Best Wishes HIRSH DRUG STORG ON CflMPUS SINCE 1925 " The South ' s Finest " iLflm CflFETERIfl 801 CONGRESS UJATSOn Flower Shop 2604 Guadalupe Phone 2-9294 Institution of Fashion SAN flNTONIO, TEXAS Graduates of 1944 . . . (onaratutatlond ! loske ' s and the Youth of Southwest Texas have long been " good companions. " For Joske ' s is more than just a store, it ' s a personality . . . always hospitable, always ready to serve you through large stocks, newest fashions and values that let you keep to your budget. Young folks like the warm friendliness of this store and you see them here often, buying with the confidence they place in a real friend. Because of this deep friendship between Youth and a Store, Joske ' s has grown steadily greater. It ' s now considered one of the most beautiful stores in America . . . like a whole city of shops under one roof always waiting to please you, your family, your friends. JDSKE ' S of Texas San Antonio, Texas THE LARGEST STORE IN THE LARGEST STATE TUOLFF mflRX SAN flNTONIO . . . Quality! . . . Service! . . . Courtesy! Striving ever to bring to critical San Antonians the newest . . . the smart- est ... the most important modern merchandise of the day ... at prices in keeping with the trend of the times! Compliments of Austin Coca Cola Bottling Co. H. fl. BUTCHER Compliments of WILLIAM F. FINCK, LL. D., Member and Secretary, Board of Education, Rosenberg Independent School District, Rosenberg, Texas Compliments of James Bute Co. HOUSTON, TEXAS York Corporation flIR CONDITIONING REFRIGERATION " Offices and representatives in Houston (Southwest- ern Hdqtrs.) Dallas, Fort Worth, San flntonio, and many other points. " YORK Headquarters for Mechanical Cooling Since 1885 WE flRE GRflTEFUL FOR THE PRIVILEGE GIVEN US OF MflKING THE SEVERAL INSTflLLflTIONS IN THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXHS Congratulations and Best Wishes To those of you now embarking upon your life ' s work, we offer best wishes for success and con- gratulations upon the completion of your college course in your chosen professions. Texas Gulf Sulphur Company, Inc. Producers of crude sulphur COMPLIMENTS OF FRIENDS Petroleum Building HOUSTON, TEXflS v? Greyhound serves more of America than any other transportation system more military and naval bases, more training camps, more great cities and cross- road vilkges, more places of scenic or historic interest. GREVHOiino tines BUY WAR BONDS It ' s my job to serve your essential wartime needs today to hasten your motoring pleasures of tomorrow The largest store in the largest city in the largest state Houston, Texas " One of America ' s Really Fine Stores. " Specioli.ingir; s ond Chil- dren ' s Apparel and Ac ries. Occupying six floors of the 35-story Gulf Building. HOUS TO EACH AND EVERY ' 44 GRADUATE OUR CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES MEMBER FEDERflL DEPOSIT INSURflNCE CORPORflTION The Nation ' s need for speed demands trained men to build better equipment faster . , . trained men to use that equip- ment. CL Our country looks to men such as you to help bring Democracy through a try- ing period and prepare the way for peace and happiness in the years to come. Compliments of a Friend " Shoes in Vogue are at the Vogue " VOGUH SLIPPGR SHOP EIGHTH AND CONGRESS GREETINGS . . . To University of Texas Students COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND ' Always be fflodern with Gas and let it do the Four Big Jobs in Your Home: namely, Cooking, UJater Heating, House Heating and Refrigeration. " TEXAS PUBLIC SERVICE CD. 422 CONGRESS flVE. AUSTIN, TEXAS -A U tin LflW OFFICES POWELL, WIRTZ, RAUHUT GIDEON BROWN BUILDING flUSTIN, TEXflS Ben H. Powell Ben H. Powell, Jr. A. J. Wirtz Herman Jones J. A. Rauhut George Leonard W. S. Gideon ZbalL THOmPSOn, KniGHT, HARRIS, UJRIGHT UJGISBGRG flTTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS REPUBLIC BANK BUILDING DflLLflS, TEXflS William Thompson Marshall Thomas Harold F. Thompson William R Harris Adair Rembert William H. Neary George S. Wright Pinkney Grissom James E. Henderson fllex F. Weisberg Dwight L. Simmons Wm. fl. Rembert, Jr. Wm. C. Thompson J. Paul Jackson John W. Rutland, Jr. Thomas fl. Knight Theodore F. Morton Rhodes S. Baker, Jr. J. Hart Willis Sol Goodell William R. Harris, Jr. , n i i i M Houston tvlarAkall Myron G. Blalock Richard Blalock BLALOCK, Marshall BLALOCK, LOHfllfl ATTORNEYS Jack Blalock Clarence Lohman n BLALOCK Houston an fntonio Brewer, Leo Brewer Wilbur L. Matthews W. F. Nowlin Harper Macfarlane Clinton G. Brown, Jr. John F. Sutton, Jr. Matthews, Nowlin ATTORNEYS AT LAW Og Alamo National Building e SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Bro Hov Sidi Macfarlane ien 6 Brooks - - 1904-1908 pleton, Brooks, Napier Ogden - - 1911-1919 pleton, Brooks, Napier Brown - 1919-1937 3ks, Napier, Brown Matthews - - 1937-1943 rard Templeton --------- 1864-1936 ley J. Brooks - 1866-1943 Oil Center Tool Company Manufacturers of High Pressure Drilling and Completion Equipment for Oil and Gas Wells. MAIN OFFICE flND PLflNT: Airline Drive - Houston CAMERON Drilling Control and Completion Equipment for High Pressure Oil and Gas Wells Cameron Iron Works, Inc. HOUSTON, TEXflS To a GRERTER University liments of jesse H. HOUSTON, TEXflS Specialists in the Examination of the Eyes and the Fitting of Glasses SevSith " Where the Students get their Glasses " SEVENTH AND CONGRESS AUSTIN, TEXAS Compliments of STGUJflRT PHOTO " Periona ity Portraits " 2326 Guadalupe Rae Ann Shop Clothes for the Co-ed NEXT TO THE VARSITY THEATER BOOKS, SUPPLIES AND STATIONERY Send us your order for your correspondence needs HCmPHILL ' S BOOK STORG Opposite Law Building AUSTIN, TEXAS MEDICAL SECTIDIV ADVERTISING Compliments of J. R. ITIflJORS CO MEDICAL BOOKS Medical flrts Bldg. DflLLflS, TEXflS 1301 Tulane five. NEW ORLEflNS, LA. Compliments of GflLVESTON Model Laundry Dial 5522 Opposite Federal Bldg. Compliments of (Circuit ircuit snc. MflRTINI STATE TREMONT QUEEN KEY GflLVESTON, TEXflS GflRBflDE ' S PHflRMACY flmerican National Insurance Bldg. DIflL 9541 GflLVESTON, TEXflS THE flMERICflN PRINTING COMPANY Lithographers, Engravers, Printers, Bookbinders, Statione Office Supplies, Furniture and Filing Equipment 2018 Market St. GflLVESTON, TEXflS IMLGRGGn DRUG STORG Drugs with a Reputation 2205 MflRKET ST. GflLVESTON, TEXflS Complete Fountain and Luncheonette Service Dial 6348 Best Wishes from jonnson company Evansville, Ind., U. S. fl. ESTflBLISHED KRHH LEVY Furniture, Radios Floor Coverings Complete Line of Draperies Norge Refrigerators TREASURE GIFT SHOP Gifts for flny Occasion Dial 7421 GflLVESTON TEXflS You ' ll Enjoy Shopping in A FRIENDLY STORE That ' s Why Galveston Folks Tell You They SHOP flT eiBflllDS The Big Department Store mODEL W IT ' S BETTER VERI FINE ICE CREflM Dial 7767 2327 flvenue G Over a Billion Dollars j, in Force HmeRicnn noTionai insunnnce companv GALVESTON, TEXAS . . .W.L. MOODY. JR.. PRESIDENT Friends .... of long standing REX LAUI1DRY AND DRY CLEANERS GALVESTON ALWAYS CHOOSE an affiliated NATIONAL HOTEL ALABAMA HOTEL ADMIRAL SEMMES HOTEL THOMAS JEFFERSON DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA HOTEL WASHINGTON ILLINOIS HOTEL FAUST Rockford INDIANA HOTEL CLAYPOOL LOUISIANA JUNG HOTEL HOTEL DESOTO New Orleans New Orleans MISSISSIPPI HOTEL LAMAR Meridian NEBRASKA HOTEL PAXTON NEW MEXICO HOTEL CLOVIS OKLAHOMA HOTEL ALDRIDGE Wewoka SOUTH CAROLINA HOTEL WADE HAMPTON Columbia TEXAS HOTEL ALICE HOTEL STEPHEN F. AUSTIN HOTEL EDSON HOTEL BROWNWOOD HOTEL SOUTHERN HOTEL CORTEZ HOTEL TEXAS HOTEL BUCCANEER HOTEL GALVEZ HOTEL JEAN LAFITTE CORONADO COURTS JACK TAR COURTS MIRAMAR COURT HOTEL CAVALIER HOTEL PLAZA HOTEL LUBBOCK HOTEL FALLS HOTEL CACTUS ANGELES COURTS Now used exclusively by U. S. Alice Austin Beaumont Brownwood Brownwood El Paso Fort Worth Galveston Galveston Galveston Galveston Galveston Galveston Galveston Lubbock Marlin San Angela San Antonio Coast Guards. VIRGINIA HOTEL MOUNTAIN LAKE Mountain Lake NATIONAL UOTtLS Compliments of STAR DAIRY GALVESTON LITHOGRflPHERS ENGRAVERS PRINTERS Steel and Wood Office Furniture, Blank Book Manufacturers, Loose Leaf Devices CLflRKE COURTS GflLVESTON Commercial Statione HOUSTON DALLAS Compliments of LEVIN ' S CATERING TO MILITARY PERSONNEL ONLY LEVY FUNERAL HOME Since 1868 FUNERAL DIRECTORS Air-Conditioned Wurlitzer Pipe Organ Broadway at 22nd St. Dial 4621 The Student ' s Favorite HOLLYWOOD BflRBER SHOP 421 21st St. Dial 2-4252 Gene Merinelli, Mgr. KNflPP ' S FLOWER SHOP FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Dial 8581 4105 Ave. O QUEEN BflRBER SHOP THE STUDENT ' S CHOICE BRflDSHflW ' S FLORIST AND NURSERYMAN 2623 Broadway Dial 2-751 1 COLLGGG inn J-ood J4ou.Se The Student ' s Own Dial 2-2013 1001 Mechani Compliments of Texas Gulf Construction Co., Inc. W. fl. KELSO GflLVESTON 1851 1944 Dependable Grocers for 93 years Peter Gengler Co., Inc. Retail Grocers and Importers . TflBLE DELICACIES, CONFECTIONERY, FRUITS, flND VEGETABLES 2001-2007 Market Si. Dial 7434 W1TWER STUDIO Official Cactus Photographers COMMERCIAL HOME PORTRAITS Make Our Studio Your Downtown Headquarters C. F. Witwer, Proprietor GALVESTON 21121 2 Avenue E Jl N LOOKING through this yearbook, one seldom realizes the countless hours, even days, of work and planning done by the editors to produce an outstanding annual. The editors ' supervision includes everything from the first idea of a theme to the countless details of art work, layouts, photographs, copy, engravings and printing. Thus our greatest interest has been to work in the spirit of cooperation and relieve the editors wherever possible of some of their work and worry. Our organization of experienced craftsmen, using the most modem equipment, has coordinated its efforts with those of the editors to give you a yearbook which we hope will be both attractive and entertaining. THE GULF PUBLISHinG COITlPflnY 3301 Buffalo Drive HOUSTON, TEXflS L.H D I X Abbott, Calvin Roger 86. 2266, 319 Alpha Lambda Delta 278 Alpha Omicron Pi 374,375 Aves, Priscilla Gertrude ... Avingcr! John " Magrili 151 404, 405 Bartlett, Nellie DeLaney 86,339. 358. 386. 387 Bartlett, Robert Edward 418,419 Abdo, Milton 329 ' ll ' iiL I ' ln Omega ' . ' ... ' . ' ... ' . ' .304 Barton, Donald 64 Abel, Malcolm Deloy 120 Alpha Tau Omega 406,407 Aydel ' otte! John Henry !!!!::!!!i3o Barton, Elizabeth Jim 36 Abell, John B 119 Alterman, Jane Ellen 361,370 Ayres, Dorothy 280 Abernathy, Roger Edwin 344 Altman, Israel 446 Ayres. Eleanor 76, 369 Barton William Arthur 349 Abernethy, John L 430,431 Amado, Julio Ernesto ..304, 351, 353. 354 Barton, William Wharton 222,223, Abes, Priscilla 320 Amaya, Leland Hubert 118 307, 332, 354 Abies, James Latham 424,425 Ambler, Janet Gordon 382,402 B Barton, Wilnora 36, 2H1 , . ' ill. ' t Abies, William Tindel 442,443 Bace, Johnnie Lou .76, 388, 389 Baseball 25K, 259 Abovitz, Sybil 76,398,399 C.hrmiral Engineers 329 Bachle, Nelda Marie ....86, 322, 386, 387 Abrams, Edward Finch 126 American Pharmaceutical Association. 333 Bacon, Drew O ' Niel Ba-li. Virircnt Clarence ' .127 Abrams, Martha Joan 64,342,370 American Society of Badami, Rose Marie ....86, 204. 272, 322 Abramson, Idelene Shirley 76,333, Mechanical Engineers 332 366, 367 Haskin. Mai ai, t Kl i .abeth 76,359, 384, 385 Amerson, Billy Gayle 64 Bady, Jack 86 Ackerman, Gloria 151,398,399 Ackerman, Jeanette 384,385 Ames, Robert Webb 127 Amidon, Charles Stanley ...305,412,413 Bacn, Dan Roe Bacr, Ruby Lee 298 76 Bass, Harry Wesley. Jr. .. .344, 422! 433 Basset! James ili.ur 119 Ackley, Arthur Kenwood 125 Amrine, Phyllis Jean 368 Baeten, Valencia Claire .... 354 Acosta, Elia 354 Acosta, Sergio Antonio 351,353.354 Activity Files Committee 28,29 Adair, Bonnie Lee 35 Adair, Martha Joyce 64 Adams, Alden Ranard 125 Adams, Elizabeth Jane 148,149 Adams, Emily Evelyn 35 Anchors, Billie 148,149 Anderson, Bertram Leander 125 Anderson, Betty Ann 273 Anderson, Damon Nash 76,127 Anderson, Doris Marie 35, 336 Anderson, Esma Elizabeth ..228,232,335 Anderson, Helen Louise 396,397 Anderson, Homer Scott 127 Anderson, Jack Steele 127,287 Baethe, Louis Bagley, John Leon Bagwell. Paul Stanley Bailcs, Joyce Bailey, Frances Ethel Bailey, George Frederick .. Bailey, Lucille Baillio, Betty Ann 64 417 322 76 ..76, 442, 443 378.379 86 Bassler! Elizabeth Haase. . . .36, 286, 374 Bateman, Joe W 86 Bates, Emmerencc Jean 36.352. 390, 391 Bates, Jane S 36 Bates, Julia Talmadge 36 Bathe, Audrey 152 Batis, Harry Patterson 86,222.22:1 Adams, Evertte Laroi 329 Anderson, James, Jr 35,408 Baine, Beverly Almarie ......76, 369 Bcttcntedt. Marion Joyce 306 Adams! Hazel ' Evelyn " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .35, ' 361 Anderson, Kimball 64,118 Anderson, Lucille 193 Baird. Clayton 35, Baird, Hal Kirk, Jr 110, 416,417 344 Baum, Lila Lee 384,385 Bauman, Carol Jane 28,29,278, Adams, Ideal 370 Anderson, Mary Evelyn ....86.224.225, Baker, Barbara Anne 337 362, 370 Adams, John Jay 125,415 Adams, Robert Milton 128 322, 388, .389 Baker, Beverly Jo Baker, Ernest Beasley 388, 389 128 Baumeartner, Evelyn Jean 228,229 Baxley, Warren William 36,240, Adams, Tommy Temple 86 Anderson! P. ' i ' v ton Victor .. .311, 428, 429 Baker, Harold Robert 127 241, 292 Adams, Wayne Laniere 294, 442, 443 Anderson, Robbin C 420,421 Baker, Lela Mae 348 Baxter, Ann Elizabeth 86 Adams, Winifred Edith 76, 358 Anderson, Tess 64,317 Baker, Lorena 388, 389 Baxter, Lillian Lunette 337,401 Addison, Mary Ruth 320 Aderhold, Samuel Thomas ..76,442,443 Adkisson, Betty Nell 35,382 Adkisson, Elizabeth Gertrude ...35,281 Andreas, Alice Lois 28,29,64, 200, 337, 359, 376, 377 Andrews, Betty Mildred 86 Andrews, James Foster 128 Baker, Mary Baker, Robert Sargent Baker, Vivienne Claire ... Baker, William Forrester .. 148, 149 422,423 76 .86, 363, 442, Baxter, Murphy Hollis 426 Beacham, Carolyn Lee 86,197,322, 386, 387 Beal, Elithe Hamilton 231 293, 339, 363 Administration 9, 32 Adorno, Roberto Waldemar ....351,353 Andrews, Jean 35,238,400 Andrews, Robert Sy dney 128 Andrews Wilbur Alton 121 Balagia, Evelyn Ann Baldwin, E. E. 443 64,336 105 Beale, Inez 354 Beall, Betty Baldwin 76,278,303, Afflerbach, Walterlee Marie. .35, 317, 354 A. 1. E. E 330 A. 1. M. E 331 Ainsworth, Eva Jo 152 Akers, William Walter 364 Akridge, Dorothy Jo 86,317 Albers, Carl Clarence 333 Andrews, William Edward 258,414 Angel, Bertha Louise 35,196,336 Anselin, Jacquelyn Louise 229,363 Anson, Betty Jean 348,396,397 Anthis, Barbara Jane 76,151 Anthony, Mary Alice 195,380,381 Anthony, Patricia 394,395 Baldwin, Elizabeth Marie . Baldwin, Frances Baletka, William Johnny . Ball, Dorothy Bell Ball, Delmore Thurlow ... Ball, Norman D Ballard, Elloise Myolcne . ..64. 390, 391 148,149 343 380, 381 125 128 333 Beaman, Linda May (Dixie) ..148, ' 149, 328 Beaman, Warren Milton, 11 36 Beard, Ouida Marie 64,376,377 Bearden, Donald Lee 86 Beaslcy, Martha Frances 86,322, Albers, John Edwin 127,332 Albers, Rollin McCoy 127 Anthony, Rebecca Elizabeth ....195,336 Antillon-Fruto . It.-ati i .2 l ). ' i, 350, 351, 353 Ballerstedt, Marion Joyce 35, 224. 225, 229 392, 393 Beaty, Douglas C 86 Albertson, William James. . .127, 222, 223 Albrecht, Eleanor Margaret 229 Alchley, Billie Pauline 368 Alderdice, Billy Bryan 441 Alderson, Curtis J 420,421 Appleby, Geral ' dine . ' 64,336 Appleton, William Frederick 128 Applewhite, Mary Lois ..86,358,372,373 Applin, Esther Richards 394,395 Aqua Carnival 182 Ballew, Thelma Jane Balliew, James Edwin .... Banister, Sybil Claire Bankhead. Thomas Aynes 35,348 ..86. 442. 443 .35,220,221, 337, 388, 389 Heattv! Edward Il ' v ' r ' o ' n !!!!!!!!!!!!! !441 Beatty, Mary Ann 86,339,348, 376, 377 Be atty, Robert Edward, Jr 76,122, Aldord, Mary Elizabeth 151 Arant, James Barnett ...35,329,430,431 .....392, 393 429 Aldredge, Mary Lynn 150,392,393 Aldrich, Albertine 383 Aldrich, Putnam Calder 233 Alessandro, Josephine Ann ..35,220,221 Arbetter, Rolla Mae 398,399 Archibald, Todd 126,418,419 Archer, Elizabeth Grace 86,320 Archer, Jacqueline Marie 86 Banks! Luis Maria Banks, Mary Jo Banner, Peggy Ruth ....76 Bantel, E. C. H ..35, 353, 354 ..76, 392, 393 . 306, 390, 391 282,295 Beaumont. Dannie Louise 394,395 Beazley, Patsy Catewood 401 Bcchter. Olga Charlotte 316 Beck, John Lewis 333 Alexander, Annie Genelle 86,343 Alexander, Archie A 410,411 Alexander, Bill 282 Alexander, Bill Joe 344 Alexander, Flo 174,202,240,241 Alexander, George Cambrel 1 445 Alexander, Leonard James 364 Alexander, Marie 322,370 Alexander, Mary Louise 86,275 Alexander, Mina Lea 370 Alexander, Richard Lee 35 Alexander, Susie Alberta ....76,394,395 Alexander, Wesley Merle. . .226, 228, 233 Alfaro, Angel Alfredo 353,354 Alford, Mary Elizabeth 64,378,379 Arganb ' right, James Russell ....127,415 Arlitt. Frances Lillian 224,225,229 Arlitt, Norman Max, Jr 287 Armor, Kathleen Jean 309,390,391 Armstrong, James Hartfield .222, 223, 364 Armstrong, Louise Landis ..302,394,395 Armstrong, Mary Helen 64,359,400 Armstrong, Robert Horrall .125,226,354 Armstrong, Sara Lee ...196,362,376,377 Arnim, Joe Harper 222,223 Arnold, Clyde Johnson, Jr 64,109 Arnold, Jack 231 Arnold, Julia Williams ....354,396,397 Arnold, Marilyn Eloise 64,363 Baptist Student Union ... Barber, Frances Ann Barbou ' r, Robert Newell .. Barbour. Russell Clyde ... Barclay, Leland Barfield. Elon Elizabeth . Barfield, Richard Shirley . Barker, Betty Louise Barker, Frances Scharleen Barker. Jimmie Lee Barkers. Mrs. Jacques .... Barnett, Betty Jeanne ... 335 86 76 233, 319 418, 419 282,295 36, 336 . .86, 222, 223 86, 363 36,220, 221 ..36,336,359 290 86, 337 366, 367 Beck, Paulmer Charles, Jr 127 Becker, Theodore William, Jr 445 Beckham, Malcolm Laverne ....432,433 Beckham, Mayc Adele 36,275,355 Beddow, Ann Sims 76 Beecroft, Bettye Claire ....86.272.320. 372, 373 Beene, Mary Louise 86,322 Beeson, Norma Iris 196.228.229 Begeman, Jean Lucile ...26,28,36,297, 303, 337, 356, 376, 377 Begley, Mary Louise 36 Beggs, Robert Hcdenberg 125 Behar, Luis 354 Algee, Mary Maude. 64, 224, 225, 348, 374 Alisky, Marvin Michael Howard ....35. 226, 228, 240, 241, 304, 330, 360, 361 Allen, Betsy Jane 278,335,352 Allen, Dorothy Marie ...35,323,325,354 Arnold! Thorn 1 .? OrerT. . .26, ' 1 1 V, 424, ' 425 Aron, Merilee 35,324,325,336,357 Aronoff. Norm Bernice 86,322 Aronoff, Toby Joy 86,322 Barnhart. Horace Chilton, Barnhart, John Newhall . Barnhouse, Emma Jo .... Barnhouse, William T. .. Jr 441 86, 417 152 ...26.107,299 Behr, Lucy Jane 354 Beidler, Cita Eleanor 76,201 Bekcn, Mary Helen 36 Belcia, Fleecic Ann 64 Belden, William Roger 304,354 Allen, Ernest White ....35,291,295,332 Allen, Erroll Warren 409 Allen, Fraser Hall 288, 331, 349 Allen, George William 126 Allen, Gerald Max 222,223. Allen, Jay William 119 Allen, Lazinka Martin 273,400 Aronson, Stanley A ' .125 Arrington, William Cordell 128 Arrow-wood, Charles Flinn 429 Arruda, Sertorio, Jr 351,353 Ash, Lucille Elvira 272,400 Ashbel Literary Society 334 Ashford, Bill E 128 Barnes. Georgia Jereleen Barnes, Gloria Ann Barnes, Jack L Barnes, Lula Rose Barnes, Mary Jo ....28. 29, 64. 380. 381 359, 401 76 36 86, 363 .272, 310, 344, Belew, Alice Whitten 220,221 Belitsky, Lela 86. 228. 229. 384. 385 Belknap, Ralph Augustus. Jr. ..119,332. Bel, Betty Jane 36,342 Bell, Betty Jo 281 Bell, Bryan Marsh 122 Allen! Lillian Frances !!!!!!!!!!! " . !e4 Askew, Janice Robena 64,272,336, arnes, atncia 396, 397 Bell, Charles Reid 125 Allen. Marjorie 322 Allen, Mary Elinor 148,149 366, 367 Asknew, Helen Jane 76 Barranza, Harry L 87 28, 29, 86, Bell, Eleanor 36,378,379 Bell, Harold V 36 Allen, Mary Katherine 76 Asmus, John Robert 127 , 322, 383 Bell, Joyce Wynnell 76,194, Allen, Max James 354.444 Allen, Maybelle ...76,151,273,337,361 Allen, Robert Graham 127,430,431 Association for Childhood Eiluratiun .328 Aston, David 222, 223 Ater, Sara Lillian 86,339 Barrier, Charles Wesley . Barrios, Carlos Jose Torre ..298, 434,435 s ....76,353, 354 240, 241, 317 Bell, Margaret Jane 316 Bell, Richard Judd 284,412,413 Allen, Robert Henry 127 Athletics 245-276 , j4 ? 348, Bellman, Samuel Irving 86 Allen, Ruby Rae 86 Atkeison, Dixie Nell 229,376,377 ttarron, Marydean 386, 387 Bellows, Frank Williams 109,282, Allen. Sadie Gwin 308 Allen, Stephen Gatchell, Jr. ...108,109, Atkins, Billy Ray 86 Atwood, Robert Dale 130 Barren. Virginia Louise . 86, 358, 386, 387 434, 435 Benavides, Domingo Ruben ....353,354 311, 410, 411 Aulwurm, Arthur Cordt, Jr 128 Barrow, Thomas Davies .. ..126, 287, 406 Benbow, Pauline Elizabeth 356, Bartels, Ernita Elizabeth . 36, 281 396, 397 Alleyn, Michael J 128 Allis, Marian Frances 76,378.379 Austin, Ethyle Mae 357 Austin, Evelyn Marie 357 Earth, Adeline Anne .... 289, 328 36 Benbrook, Erma 286 Benjamin, Emily 333 Alpard ' , Charlotte 86 Alpha Chi Omega 366,367 Alpha Delta Pi 298 Alpha Epsilon Pi 404.405 Alpha Epsilon Phi 370,371 Alpha Gamma Delta 372, 373 Austin! Mary Elizabeth ' ..35 Auvershine, Hilly Ford 429 Avant, Peggy 363 Avary, J. D 35 Avdan, Oguz Ahmet 288,331 Aves. Mary Susan 86, 320 Bartlett, Helen Dale .... Bartholow, Jean Anita .. Bartlett. Betty Jo Bartlett, Luis Hamilton . ..76, 195, 278, 321 ..36. 356. 390. 391 336 ..332, 430, 431 Benjamin, Marye Durram 231 Bennett, Edna Mae 148,149,383 Bennett, Hazel Marylyn 64,224. 225, 337. S38, 3H ' i Bennett, Jane Marie 86.224,225. 228, 316 Bennett, Janis Ann 86,228,229. 322. 370 Bennett. Rosemary 353 Benson. Leonard R 291.295 Benson, Margaret 148.149 out. Lois Alicia 390,391 owey. Eralena 152 ucher, Claudia Caldwell .310,380.381 uebonnet Belle Nominees ....193.204 uebonnet Belles 168.179 Bramlelte. Gloria 396,397 Brandes. Edward Power 304 Branscum. Marcheta Frances ...87.222. 369.402 Branson, Ola Faye 64 Brush, Margaret . . .38, 204, 357, 392, 393 Bruton, Berrye Ann 38, 376, 377 Bryan. Arch Vernon 426 Bryan. Mary Loui 77,366.367 Bryan, Redick C.. Jr 77.125 Bentrup. Gustave Leonard 233 Bentsen. Calvin Richard 86.441 Berg. Richard Thomsen 127.441 umberg, Sterling Price 284 umel. Johanna 323.325 uth, Raymond Franci 126 369. 402 Braswell. Carolyn Cooper 396.397 Braswell, Robert Samuel 418,419 Bryant, Norma 87, 366, 367 Bryson. Mary Erelyn 77,224.225 Buchanan. Ann Patten . .87, 322. 378. 379 Berger. Otillic Marie 86,345 Boals. Nathan Orr 87.415 Bratton. Billie Ruth 348,375 225. 275. 303. 310. 339. 356. 357 227.347 Boatwright, Howard Leake, Jr 233 Brauer, Alice Elizabeth 64 Buchanan, Lydia Dulce ....77,222,223, Berler, James Melvin 86 Berlin, J. B 86 Bock, Ardice Alleene 348,382 Bodansky, Mona 398,399 Brauner, Herbert August 125.349 Bray. Barbara Birgitle 352 Buchek, Lucille Yvonne 322,339 343, 361. 383 Berman, Harold 404.405 Berman. Phyllis Marine 384,385 Bernard. Francis Patrick 76.130 Bodzin, Louis 404,405 Boeckman, Duncan Eugene 429 Boger, Patricia 363 Breaux. Dalton K 120 Bredthauer, Willie Mae ....76,378,379 Breihan. Robert Ernest 126 Buchsbaum. Jerome Zale 319 Buck, Haldor Robert 65, 298 Buckhaults, Wendell Wallace ..65.122. Berosek. Dorothy 64,198,343 Berry, Anne La Verne 390.391 Berry. Dorothv Nell 36,280.336 Berry. Doss Hickman 363,427 Berry, Margaret Louise 37,390.391 Berry. Or.n Hubb.rd, Jr 120.331 Berrvhill. Belly 86 Bertucci, Frank Emanuel 64,108. 430. 431 Bertuleit. Frances 148.149 Besserer. Carl William. Jr 291 i ma 272 Bohan, Harriet Davis 87. 332. 339 Bohls, Julia Marie 87 Bohn. Irma Gertrude 348 Holding. Harold Frank 287 Bolin, Daniel Phillip, ....27.118,251. 305, 424, 425 Boll. William Earl 12S Boiling. Ruth Elizabeth ....37.335,358 Bollinger, Dolena Fay ..28,29,388,389 Bollinger, Mary Agnes 87 Bolinger. Ray Martin 429 Bolton, Kathleen Sybil 383 Bremond, Walter, III 305,412,413 Breneman, Margaret Keith 348 Brennan, Anna Louise 37,348,354 Brennan, Miss 272 Brennan, Patricia Anne . . . .87, 273, 322 Brentlinger, Willard H 427 Brewer, Elizabeth Ann 37.296,345 Brewer, Herbert Lee 87.442,443 Brewer. Marion Weldon ..236,240.241, 292 Brewer, William J 34 Brewster. Margie Vernon . . . .87, 222. 223 Buckhorn. Gladys Elizabeth ....38.336 Buckles, Robert Gene 87 Buckley, Claude Herbert 412.413 Buckley, Helen Kathryn 151,344. 396, 397 Buckley. Yol.nda 353,354 Bnckner, Mae Marie 194,380,381 Buescher. Colleen Elrera ....271.273, 322,325 Buffington. Betty Sue 87 Buford, Chester Bryan, Jr. ..38, 108.284, Best. Jack Leroy 119 Beta Beta Alpha 336 Beta Gamma Sigma 280 Beta Theta Pi 408,409 Betagole. Claire 370 Bethea. Margaret Dorothy 37.273. 337.348 Bethell. William Decatur 125 Betraun. Raymond Thomas 125 Belli, ,n. Vera Mae 196,401,402 Betz. Hugh Alexander 127 Bondy, Morgan Alcede 354,360 Bonillas, William Kenneth ....120.329 Bonnaventure. Shirley 148, 149 Bonneau, Jo Ann 354.378,379 Bonner. Elizabeth Anne ....37.151,293. 352, 380, 381 Boone, Charles W 128 Boone, Martin Hay den 37,410,411 Booth. Joyce 76,320.348 Booth, Bill 26,64,236,291.295, Bridges. Marion King ..76,203.240,241, 278, 297 Bridges, Richard Stanley 127 Brigham. Ida Belle 64,320.325,336 Bright, Anna Lou 76,366.367 Bright, George L 128 Brimhall. J. Robert 127 Brininstool, Ferinez 37 BrinkerhorT, Mary Harrington ..34.240, 241, 293, 392, 393 Bumstead, John R. T 125 Bunch, Robert Kern 407 Bundy, Farland 65 Bundy, Stanton Schofield, Jr. ..108,305. 312. 420. 421 Bunkley. Ann Elizabeth 65.272 Bunkley, Jack Newton 311,448 Bunting, Belly Lee 77 Burchard. Frances Jane 77, 357. Burchard Max Norman 128 BererlV Joe 409 B -wl.-v. I.ula Mary 99 Beyer. Robert 76 Biard. Hal Kirk 86 Bible, Dana Xenophon . . . .245. 412, 413 Hi.-.l.. Kuilolph Leopold 290 Bieter. Kathervn Lucile 228.354 Bigbv. James Lewi, 222.223 Biggs. Elizabeth Lirermore (Betsey) ... .86, 322, 337, 359. 376. 377 Billings. Betty Sue 380,381 Billings. George Glenn 64 Billine-I.-v, Ruth Jones ....64.378.379 Billington, Carolyn June 86 Bing, Elise Odell 37.348 Bird. Louise Stratton 303.310.338, 356, 357, 392. 393 Birkner, Belly Eleanor ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 86, 278 Bishop, Eugene Harville 86, 445 Bixler, Glenn Jennings 127.332 Bjork, Richard Carl 125, 226 Black, Charles Alfred 109,409 Black, Earl.yne Earnestine ....64,240. 241, 272, 281, 334, 344 Black, Hulon W 427 Black, Reba Lois 148,149,349 Blackard. James Kiser 125 Blackman, Marv Nadine 281 Blackshare. Julia Kirk 64.224.225 Blackstock, Mathis Wilhoite 287, 298.304 Blackwell, Betty Jane 378,379 Blade, Caryl 148, 149 Blair, Cynthia Ann 86.322,337, 376, 377 Blair, Philip Michael 287.429 Blair. Robert Glenn 330 Blake, Lucy Ellen 64,272 Bormann, Edwin Murrie . . . .87. 125, 349 Borneman, Ray 258 Borromeo. Sister 323 Bose. Bertram Louis 128 Bosse. Waller F. . .37. 314. 330. 347. 363 Boswell, Cecil William 344 Bos well. Leon Tolliver, Jr. .37. 110, 441 Boudreau, Marie Lola 87 Boughton. Ellsworth Newell. Jr. ...226, Boulding. Austin Lee 12s! 332 Bourdeau. John Edmund 109,354 Bordeau. Mary Lucille 354 Bourne, Bonnie Alice 309.390.391 Bourne, Henry Allen. Ill 126.406 Boutwell, Ruth 64.328 BOK and Arrow Club 271 Bowden. Jean Elizabeth 64 Bowden, K.lhryn Virginia 64, 348 Bowden. Robert Henry 294.329 Bowen. Bettie Lou 37,357 Bowen, Marjorie A 64 Bowers, Gloria Ann 87, 194, 363, Bowers, Frank Newman los! 406 Sou ling dab 272 Bowman, John Cowan 349 Bowyer, Marjorie Louise 289,309, 328, 334. 400 Boyce, Margaret Cannon 37.285. 302. 306. 348. 390, 391 Boyd, Alfred Kent 64 Boyd, Beatrice Alyse 87 322 383 Boyd, Berry Gilbert 422 423 Boyd. Craig Hamilton 37,122.222, 223, 287. 298, 414 Boyd, Virginia Anne 376 377 Boyd. William H.. Jr .76 Brittain, M. C 105,434,435 Brittingham, Catherine Jean ... .64, 382 Britton. Chandos Hurstell. Jr 37, 108, 441 Broaddus, Emogene 37,272.321. 325. 348 Brock, Howard Martin 222,223 Brockelman, Dorothy Virginia ..37.362. 376. 377 Brockelman. Margaret Dorothy 337 Brockette. Connie Garza 293 Brodhead. Howard. Ill 329 Brogan. A. P 16 Brogdon. Elton Leslie 432.433 Brooks. Eleanor 363 Brookshear, Billie Virgene 76 Brookshier, May 392,393 Brook-hire. Billie 152 Broom, Marilyn Alys 278.337.349. 362, 366. 367 Brothers, Joe Frank 64,222,223, 226. 441 Broussal, Larry R 77.125 Brouthertin. Mary Lynn 64.278 Browder. Bill Nile, 426 Browder. Jack Forrester ....37.107.311, 418, 419 Browder, Joseph Hardy, Jr 122. 418. 419 Brower. Nancy 320 Brown. Ava Lee 38 Brown, Barbara 77,401 Brown. Barbara Marie 87, 380, 381 Brown! Charles ' Alonzo ' " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . .....121 Brown, Dee Geneva 87,229 Brown, Donald Ceylon ..77,108.287.441 Brown. Elbert Haynes Raymond ..77, 125 Surer, Betty Louise .... ' .336 Burer, C 279 Burg. Cecile Mae 220.221 Burgess, Charles H 128 Burgher, Betty 204,392,393 Burke. Adele 378.379 Burke, Kathleen 77 Burke. Leonard Stephen 447 Burke. Sydney Maek 354,363 Burkhart. Elizabeth Anne ..38,165.166. 167. 193. 310, 322, 325, 356 Burklin. Charles Raymond 284 Burleson. Helen Virginia 369 Burnett. Phyllis Marion 65 Burnett. Richard Eugene 108 Burns, Barbara Ellen 77 Burns, H.rl.n Marion 130.427 Burns, John Arthur 422 423 Burns. Mary Helen 38.195.281, 286. 289. 302. 334. 340. 392, 393 Burns, Robert E 364 Burn,, Thomas Joseph 127.354 Burns. William Alrin ....107.284,287, 295, 329 Burru.. Ann Vitula 195,308.334, Burrus. Felix Loni, 363. W BurLif Eir:..:::::::::::::::S Busby, Horace. Jr 77 Busby. Jean Evelyn 87,222.223. 228, 344 Bush. Margaret Elizabeth 77 Bussell. Eunice Aileen 65,222,223. Buster, Jo Margaret ' .280 Butler, Charles Thompson, Jr. ..65.226. 363, 427 Blakenev. Johnnie H 87 Blakewav. Clayton Eldon 76,364 Blanchard. Betty May ..75,273,380,381 Bland, Bobbie Jean 87,322,344 Bland. Frank William. Jr. ..76.125.354 Bland, Kathleen .... 14, 15. 28. 29. 340. 378. 379 Bland, Kathy 64,271,297,303, 334, 338, 352. 378. 379 Bland. Linwood Lee 87.442,443 Blandin, Jacqueline Hazelle ...76,193, 336,337 Bl.ney, William Hector 304 Blankenship, Nancy Jane 390,391 Blansilt, Edward Lee, Jr. ..222.223,228 Blanton. Annie Webb 289 Blanton, Lou Ellen 76 Blanton, Robert Bernard 64, 108 Blaustone, Marcheta Louise ....372,373 Blazek, Cecelia Laura 64,343 Bleck, Freddie Lee 330 Blewett, Theresa Nell 87 Blomeke, John Otis ..284,287.295.329 Bloor, Anne Sutton 280 Bloor, Bert H 410,411 Blotz, Catherine Arline ....87.321.369 Blount, Robert Ward 87.222.223 Boyles, Robert 125 Boynton, Searles Roland 128 Box, Opal Rachel 76 Brabham, Roy Franklin 122 Bradbury, Palrici. Ann ..26.30,76.322, BradBeld. William H.., 6 314. 319. 344. 347 Bradford. Man-in Thurman. Jr. . .87. 127. Bradford, Udel Opal 37 194 Bradley, Betty Virginia 76,273 Bradley, Gene Buchannan 407 Bradley, Genevieve 348 Bradley, Howard Bishop ....34,288,331 Bradley, Robert Edward Lee . .347, 407 Bradshaw, William Witt 287 Brady, Calvin Jerome 128 Brady, Doris Jean . .37, 224. 225, 227, 273 Brady, Jack Edgar ....108.311,312.427 Brady, James Robert 87 Brafford, Mary Dee 148, 149 Brailsford, Betty Kathryn ..37,308.328 Braley, Barbara Ann . . .87. 200, 390, 391 Braly, Jean 37.336,359,368 Brame, Betty Jean 229.383 Brame, Robert Edward 126 Brown, Harry W 291 Brown, Howard E. 332 Brown, Hyder Joseph. Jr 128 Brown. Jo Beryl 64.228.229 Brown, John Dayton 284.295.329 Brown, John Edward 64,118 Brown. Margaret Anne ....354.392.393 Brown, Martha Ann ..38,336,388,389. Brown, Mary Jane 309. 390, 391 Brown, Patsy Ann 87, 222. 223, 278, 322. 366. 3667 Brown. Richard Lee 412. 413 Brown. Robert 444 Brown, S. L 295 Brown, Stanley M 65 Brown, Vernon Martyn 332 Brown, Virginia France, 65 Brown, Worth Ballard 87, 226 Brownlee, Curtis 434, 435 Brownlee, John Houghton 434, 435 Brownrigg, Mary 273, 363. 390, 391 Bruce, Mary Elizabeth 337,369 Bruce, Roberta Linnell ....337,396.397 Bruchsaler. Helen Felice ...87.322,370 Brunson, Donald Lyons 38 Bnise, Marie Elizabeth -87 Butler, Dorothy Jean ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 369 Butler. Edmond Franklin 122.311 Butler. Inez Marjorie 87,322 Butler, Lora Mary 38,378,379 Butler, Patrick 233 Butler, Hoy Anderson 434.435 Butte, Rose Elizabeth . . . .193. 229. 310 Bun " !! Vivian PeVrl ' T " . . " . " .Y. ' .V.WYsW Butts. Janette 65. 281 Buzbee, Jack Russell 109 Byars. James Ralph 333.438,439 Bybee, Halbert Pleasant 304 Byerley, Josephine 148,149 Byers, Mary K.lherine 383.402 C Cabal lero-Marsal, Fernando Augusto 287, 353 Cabaniss. Elv. Jo .345 Cactus Staff 238 Cade. Ann 222.223,348,401 Cadenhead, Patrick Charles 65,287 Cadet .Vue, 152 Cahill, Sister M. Emmanuel 281 Cain, Dan Moody 344 Cain, Julius Clifford 110,329,414 Cain, Katherine Jane 278 Cassidy. Catherine 148,149 Cassis, Yolanda 351 Click. Lloyd Loring 356,429 Clifford. James Lee 122 Cooper, Splawn Lowe. Jr. ..77.130,222, 223, 304 Calahan, J. R 188,246 Caldwell, Donald Starr ....38,110,311, CaMrrl. D. B 298 Clifft. C. C 105 Cooprrsmith, Renee Lillian ' . 88 428 Castellon. Mario Camez 351.353 Clift. Wallace Bruce 304 Copass, Benjamin Andrew, III 65, Caldwell, Thomas Jones ....38.119,291, Castille, Gladys 148,149 Cline. Madeline Humphreys ....77,401 109, 299 332, 418, 419 Castlebury. Stephen Arthur 233 Cloud, Dorothy Rosalyn ....65,272,382 Cope, John Harrison 122 Caldwell, William Ralph 87 Castro-Perea, Nilda Judith ....169,201, Cloud. Robert Clinton 128 Copeland, Madlon 401 Caley, William Samuel 130 353, 386, 387 Cloud. Thomas Maynard 424,425 Colquitt, Billie Jo 316 Calhoun, Bette Templeton ..77,396.397 Caswell, Anna Marie 348.383 Clower, Cara Jeanne 378,379 Corbett. Margaret Ellen 280 Calhoun. John William ....304.412,413 Cathey. Juanita 148.149 Club lie Mexico 341 Corchin, Minnette . . . .322, 348. 384. 385 Calhoun, Virginia 396,397 Catletl. Mary Gene 26.204,229, Clubs 327,364 Cor.lts. Mary Frances 378,379 Calkins. Howard Andrew 290 236, 278, 308, 312, 356, 380, 381 Coates. Bettic Lou 359 Cordrv. Kathleen Alice .88, 354, 386, 387 Callahan, Sister M. Cenerosa 281 Cato. Murrell 148,149 Cobb. Bernice Marie 87.194,369 Corless, George B 288 Callan, Gloria Elizabeth ..87,366.367 Caughlin. Gloria Elizabeth 354 Coburn. Buddy 369 Corlette, Mrs. B. M 321 Callan, Virginia Lucile ....348.396,397 Causey, Dorothy Jean 38,286 Cocek, Ruth Rose 65,343 Corman, Jack Bernard 347 Callaway, Frederick Henry 331 Causey, Gordon Donald 127 Cochran. Doris Marie 39.275.289. Callicut, Dorothy 289 Cauley, Jack Ewing 287 335, 357 Corpus Christi Club 342 Calswell, Mary 348 Calvillo, Jose Lozano 351,353 Callghey. Lois 148.149 Cochran. Drusilla 65. 272, 290. 352. Corrigan, Glenn Lee 288,304,331 Cortes, Alfonso Isaias 353 Calvillo! Mario Lozano 351,353 Cavanaugh. Philip 226 Cochran, Margaret Elizabeth ..285.348, Cortes-Camminatti. Luis 353 Camino-Parrilla, Francisco Jose ....353 Cavender, Jon Morse . . . .27, 77, 226. 287. 356. 396, 397 Corvey, Gloria 148,149 Camminali-Cortez, Lui, 351,352 304, 329 Cory, Edith Jean 65,321 Camp Dorothy Nell ....65,355,396,397 Cavness. William 226 Corkriman. I.aVrrnc 88 Coryell, Gloria Verre 382 Camp, Joy Merry Harris 378,379 Cawthon, Jack Allen 120 Cockroft, John Bryant, Jr 125 Gotten. Virginia 378,379 Camp. Nancy Jewell ...87,322,361,401 Campbell, Alta Bell 38,362 Chalcff. Hilda 77,345,384.385 Chambers, Elladean Rupert ....366.367 Cody, Gladys Anne 380,381 Cottingham. Charles Daniel ..88. 13 MXi Cottinglmm. Katherine Meek ...89.271, Campbell, Bob 332 Chambers, Marjorie Ann 383 306, 328, 386, 387 Campbell, Charles Gilbert 120 Chambers. Martha Camilla 366,367 ( ' offer James Herschel 290 Cottingham. Worth F 295 Campbell, Clifford Gene ....65,412,413 Campbell, Doris 271,366,367 Champion, Mary Margaret 224,225 Chandler, Alyce Joyce ..77,272,276.383 Coffman, Mary Lee ....88,148,149,229. 378, 379 Cottle. Carl 363 Cottle, Nell Maurice 39,336 Campbell. Dorothea Ann 65,336 Campbell, Flora Keith ..77,352,356. 111! Campbell. Iris Mac 87,202 Campbell. Joanne Howard ..87,392,393 Campbell, John Donovan 418,419 Chandler, Carolyn 39,336 Chandler. Billic Jane ..37,324.325.357. 359, 376, 377 Chandler, Fred Clark 415 Chandler. Sidney Pleasant 304 Cohen, Edwin George 230 Cohen, Leatrice Frances 362,370 Cohen. Louis 447 Coin. Shirley 88.222,223,398,399 Couch, Joe Robert 77,428,429 Couehlin, Margaret 305,390,391 Coughran, Dorothy Verne 88 Courtney. John Michael 127 Courtney, Betty Lou 366,367 Campbell, Linzy Leon 87 Campbell. Laurah Loraine 38,336 Chapa, Holda Enriqueta ...65.341.351. 353 354 Coil, George S 441 Coker, Helen Alma 65,401 Courtney. John Michael 354 Covey. Margaret Elaine 88 Campbell, Marjoric Ruth ...38.294.336 Campbell, Mickey Ruth 87 Chapman. A. L 231 Chapman. Alice McDonald 77.320 Coker, Frances Isabel! 88 Colbern, Raymond Adelbert ....120,329 Covington. Verna Young 232 Covo, Georgette Elaine 30,39.238, Campbell, Robert Franklin 118 Campbell, Robert Lee ....125,287,311, 434, 435 Campbell, Robert Lowell 87 Caim.l.rll. Knluit Monroe, Jr 38 Campbell! Hoy Robert. Jr 108.299, Chapman. Helen Keith . .194, 228. 229.353 Chapman. Joseph Kelly 222,223 Chapman. Shirley May . .87, 358, 386. 387 Chappell. Ethel Ruby ..87.322.388,389 Charlton. Gordon Taliaferro. Jr. ..311. 312, 412. 413 Colby. ' Malcolm Young 441 Coldwell. Mary Willie 77 Cole, Joyce Marie 88,317 Cole, Oma Morris 107 Cole, Sylvia Sue 88 271,286, 302. 334, 361, 390, 391 Covo. Jacqueline Marie ...39.180. 198, 224, 225. 286. 302. 334, 340, 361. 390, 391 Cowan, John N 109,311,363 ,. (.,,u-bays 305 Cowden, John Bower 344.409 312, 412, 413 Charlton. Richard John 107 415 Cowden, Julianan 281 Campion, Frank Edward 329 Campus League of Women Voters ..338 Chase, Ina Jane 150,366,377 Chase. Shirley 148,149 Collins, JoAnn 368 Coleman, Frances Ann 181,369 Cowley, Lois Elaine 39,336,358 Cowsert, Mary Katherine ....77,388,389 Canady, James 247 Chastain. Oletta Myrle 280 Cox, Albert Lorton 118 Canavan, Harold B 125,287 Chatmas, Dorothy 39. 198. 281. 302. 335, 448 Cox. Alice Frances 65 Candler, D. B 105 339. 340. 362, 376, 377 Coleman, James L., Jr 429 Cox. Charles Ward 125 Canler, Kirk John 110 Chaudoin, Evelyn 87,358 Coleman, Margaret Elaine ..65.337,368 Cox, Doris Mary 278 Cannon, James Bessling 429 Cannon. Peggy Leigh 396,397 Cannon, Rachel Gertrude ..310,356,401 Cheatham. Jane Files 27.39.286. 290. 294. 302. 306. 338. 340, 352, 396, 397 Cheatham. Mary 87,322 Coleman, Norman Gregg 121 Coller, Robert Wayne 77,304.314 Collier, Henry Crady 417 Cox, Earl Robert 417 Cox. Franklin Lanier 279 Cbx, Freddie Mae 348 Canter Club 272 Canterbury Club 339 Cheesman, Margaret Carolyn 87, 390, 391 Collier, Ralph Kirkwood 88,360 Collier, William Henderson 65. Cox, Martha Ann 380.381 Cox, Melba 275 Cantu, Hector 65.351 Chernik. Lou Ann 88 119, 311 Cox, Rhoda Ann 380,381 Cantwell, Georgia 65 Chernin. Maurice Gilbert 118,330 Collins, Dolores Henry 400 Cox, Robert A 418,419 Cap and Gown 340 rhernoskv, Marvin Ernest ..222. 2-J 2! 7 Collins, Jo Ann 77 Cox, Roy William, Jr 254,418.419 Caples, Velma Lee 65.320.33 ' ! Cherry. Blair 248 Collins, Mary Floyd 65 Cox, Sarramae 77 Capron, Bette Aydlette 77,401 Chervenka. Calvin Coolidge . .39, 343. 349 Collins, Mary Kathleen 354 Cox, William Jesse 88 Caraballo, Leopoldo Santander 65 Cheshire. Lee Jean ....65,200,276,363 Collins, Robert Lewi, 127,287 Coy, Cretchen Anton 148.149 C.ii.l. lima June 87 Chew, Ju-nam 37,284,295,329 Collins. Worrall David 128 Craddock. Sue 39.359.376.377 Cardwell, Maryanne ..310,357,359,401 Chicotsky, Lillian 384 385 Colquitt, Billir J 39 Cradit, Betty Rose 3 ' !, 2 ' Ki. 100 Cardwell. Thelma Estelle 38 Chi Epsilon 282 Colso.i, Edna 27. 77. 337. 366, 367 Craig, Homer Vincent 427 Carey. Robert Sylvester 121 Clift. Wallace Bruce. Jr 77 Comancho, Pilar 152 Craig, John Louis 442,443 Cargill, Kirk Morton 364 Childs, Carolyn Gladys 77,359 369 Combs, Jane Grant 88,348 Craig. Margaret 1 IK. 1 W Carleton, Carolyn Jane ..28,38,388,389 Chiles. Margaret Mooring 390 391 Commor, Martha Ann 348 Crain, Cullen Malone 283 Carleton, Robert 87,237 Chilton. Horace Thomas .408 Compton, John Hetbert 331 Carlisle. Robert James, Jr 415 f hi Omega 378 379 Cone. ' " j ' am ' r " ' Nrw ' t.T . .......... .77, 125 Cramer, Marian Lenora 77. X ' L ' . 325 Crane, Carol Don 128 Carlson, Howard Allyn 126 Christie, Clarence Edward 429 Cone, Jane 272 Cranston, Patsy Lou 40, 273. . ' {M. . ' Ui7 Carmichael, Roscoe W 128 Christman, Robert Adam 354 Cone, Mary Frances ....39,348,376,377 Craven, Nancy Bush 40 Carnahan, David Paul Michael ..34,339 Churchill, Elizabeth Ann 77,275, Congour, Raymond Joseph 420,421 Crcnshaw, Mary Jean 337.380.381 Carnes, Faye Rosanky 316 278, 339 Conkle. E. P 231 Crews, Victor Eugene 108.304.305. Carney, Daniel Ellis 77,126 Ciclak-Katz. Solomon 353 Conley, Carolyn 77,198 312. 415 Carpenter, Aileen 355 Cieszinski, James Edward 125 Conlisk, Carolyn 39,359,368 Crissey, Jane Ellen 88.380.381 Carpenter, Jeanette 77 Claassen, Edwin Jack 329 Conly, Eleanor 390,391,402 Crist, Medora Woodson 354 Carpenter, Marvin Luther 87 Claman, Maurice Allen 127 Conn, Mary Elizabeth 77 Cristol, Amelia Martin 346,370 Carpenter, Stewart 127 Clapp. Edson Bruce 120 Connell, William James 109 Critz. Mary Ella 40 27.i (55 Carr, Frances Elizabeth 316 Clark, Barbara 88 281369 Connelly, Kathleen 354 Crockett, John A. 429 Carr, Mary Louise ....38,77.275,317, Clower, Cara Jeanne 359 Connelly, Miriam Gordon 228,229 Crockett, Leonard Frank 88,123 336, 374 Clark. Donald James 126 Connolly, Barbara Joan 376,377 Crockett, Moton Haywood. Jr. ..222.223 Carr, Millard Fillmore 427 Carr, Robert Henry 123,407 Clark, George Marvin, Jr 39.291, 295, 332 Connor, Clarence Charles 128 Connor, Clifford Jack 77,441 Crofts, George Brewster 65, 120 Croley, Joseph Merrell 333 Carr, Sue Frances 77 Clark, Harper Levy 77,125.339, Connor, Emily Jane 380,381 Cromer, Marian Lenore 278 Carrington, Frances . . .38, 281, 302. 338, 430 431 Connor, James Reagan 412,413 Crone, Earl Alton 108 344, 352, 356, 392, 393, 402 Clark, Irving 404 405 Connor, M. F., Jr. 77 Crone, Helen Ruth 88 317 Carrington, Walter Robert 87 Clark. Mary Jo 308,378.379 Connor, Robert Charles .65. 311. 418, 419 Crook. John Herbert 445 Carroll, Ben Frank 109 Clark. Mclvyn Lynn 222,223 Conrad, Francys lolanda 88 Crosby, Jack Rust 8H. Jlli. 413 Carroll, Emma Eugenia ....87,359,383 Clark, Odis Homer, Jr 282 Conrad, Margaret Montgomery 77 Crosby, Lillian Kathleen 65 355 Carroll. Ira Emil 438,439 Clark, Peggy Louise 308,378,279 Conrad. Nalhlyn lone 88 Cross Country 264 Carroll, Nora Ann ..28,38,203,290,296. Clark, Roy Lee 222,223 Conway, Margaret Eleanor 388,389 Cross, Dorothy Nell Lewi 280 302, 352, 363, 396, 397 Clark. William 304 Conway, Mary Alice ..39,222.223,322, Cross, Malcolm Kuril 40,108 Carter, James Robert 422,423 Clarke. Edith 148 149 325, 326 Carter, Jane 87,344.392,393 Clarke, Richard Langan 354 Cook, Edward 287 Crosson ' , Robert Vrmirrmm " . ' . ....... 364 Carter, John Boyd. Jr. ..65,331,434,435 Clasen, L. E 126 Cook, Elwood Elias 108 Crotchett, Mary Jane 27L ' . . ' ( ' ![ . ' i)5 Carter, Melva Juanita 65,336 Classes 33, 99 Cook, Herbert Mcrrel 125 Crouch, Carolyn 402 Carter, Richard Lee 284 Clayton, James Maurice 127 Cook, Mary Ness ..229,332.363.390.391 Crouch, Robert Beverly 122,375. Carter. Stephen Dickenson . .222. 223. 339 Clayton. Jimmie Helen 88 Cook, Robert Thornton 442.443 410, 411 Carter, William Junius 291.298 Clayton, M. C. 106 Cooke, Clinton Bowles 118 Crow, Franklin Jay 110,304,417 Carstarphen. D. F. 438,439 Clayton, Mary Louella ....310,380,381 Cooke, Ellenita Margaret 366,367 Crowder, Clemmie, Dewey, Jr 119, Caryell, Gloria Verre 336 Cleary. Robert Emmet 126 Cooke, John Frank ....108.304.442,443 222, 223, 295 Casburg, Dorothea Anna 220,221 Clegg. Joyce Cray 77, 359, 369 Cooke, Lucile 273 Crowe, Hazel 237 Case, Bobbie Nell 87 Clemens, Helen Louise .39, 396, 397, 402 Coombs. Stanley Edward 118 Crowe, Sally Charlotte ....40.198.281. Casey, Bertha 286 Clemens, Toya 396,397 Coon, Mary Virginia 39 286, 293, 357, 359, 368 Casey, Robert A 410.411 Clement, Lois Ellen 375 Coons, Dorothy Arlcne ....320.366,367 Crowell, Caroline 296 Casis, Lilia Mary 293 Clements. Betty Dickson 390,391 Coop, Charlene 152 Crowley, Joseph John 126,257 Caskey, Reid 222,223 Clemmons, Bruce Dupree 363,417 Cooper, A. E 295.438.439 Crownover, Bobby 88 Casparis, Frances Jean 77.401 Cass, Mary Nell 38.324.325,357 Clendcnin, Jack Beale 418,419 Cleveland, C. M 295 Cooper, Byron Edward ....127.442,443 Cooper. Harold Paul 88 Crumble, Earl Stanley 88,339 Crutcher, Leanora 363. Cubillan. Arsenio Jose 353 Cuellar. Adolph Moise 329 Davis. Jerry Clarke 65. 364 Dillehay, Doris Elaine 66.348.362 Dillehay. Doris Elizabeth 369 Durham, Frances Evelyn 41.228, 229, 368 Cuervo-A., Gabriel ... .40, 288, 295, 331, Davis, John Crittendon 40,305,416 Diller, Martha Virginia 78 Durham, Trula Florence 342 351,353 Davis, Johnny 30 Dillinger. Dorothy 78.358 DuRoss, Mary Kathryn 372 Cuevas, Luis Manuel 353,354 Davis Katsy 320 Dillman John Edward 125 Duson Crad Koch 418, 419 Culbertson, Wilbur Leo 330 Davis. Lloyd Allen, Jr 318 Dillon. ' Brien 426 Duron " , Kingsley .. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 78 Cullom, Cay Marie 374 Davis. Lois Ruth (Ducky) 65,297 Dilts. Alexander Sandy 128 Dvoracek, Helen 275,317,343 Cullum, Kiki 40,273.366,367 Davis, Louise 380.381 Dingle, Bob 410,411 Dye, Charles Conrad 41,311.331. Cultural Entertainment Committee .. 30 Davis. Lyndal Marie 224, 225 Dirks. Richard William 305.329. 420, 421 Culwell, Frances Louise 77,354 Davis. Mabel Cayloma 88,388,389 420, 421 Dye, Thomas Montgomery 409 Culwell, Warren Dale ....120,418,419 Davis Mallye nn 370 Dismukes, Benne Frances 342 Dver, James Dillard, Jr 41,110,299 Culver, Anne Wardlaw ....308,390,391 Davis. Margaret Jane 380,381 Divola, John Manford 125 Dyer, Peggy Wynne 66 Cumbie, Leland Franklin 40,108 Davis, Marguerite Jewell 224,225 Diion, Gerald Judson 41,329 Dyer. Tennie Marie 41,228,229 Cummings. Aaron 40,331 Davis. Marv Ernestine 40,281,297 Diion, Harold Winston 41,329 Dyer, Virginia Lucille 89,228,229, Cunningham, Don Ray 429 Davis, Neil 41,222,223,287 Doak, Kathryn Mae 41,336 390,391 Cunningham, Helen Evalee ....77,229, Davis, Rosemary Beth 65,220,221, Doak, Margaret Virginia 66 | 273. 337, 361, 362, 388. 389 376. 377 Dockery, Maude Alice 66, 378, 379 Cunningham. John Franklin, Jr. ...412. Davis. Thomas Henry 126 Dodd, Lucy Jane 41.363 Eads, Bettv George 385 413 Davis, Thomas Oliver ..41.118,331.416 Dodd. Mary Jean 344,380,381 Cunningham, Sam 128 Davis, Virginia Dare 396, 397 Dodson, Newton 438,439 Eagle. Jane R ! 78 Cunningham, William Aaron . .284, 295. Davis. Vivian Bernice 88,229 Dolen, Vanessa Lida 339 Eakle " Betty Brooke 66, 272 329 Cupp, Royce Curtis 127 Davis, W. J 126,444 Davis, William Smith 88,342 Dolph, George Warren 119,448 Dolley, James Clay 280 Ealand, Fred Ahrens 238,305,427 Earle, Violet Alkemeyer 290 Curby, Billy Tom 40,400 Dawson, Richard Myles ....126.430,431 Domaschk, Elinor Ruth ....66.224.225. Eason. John Harold Gilmer 304,441 Curbv. Martha Sue 40 Day, Bobbye Glen 88 228, 229, 272, 363, 376. 377 Curci, Raymond Lewis 127, " 287 Day, Fred Winfield. Jr 88,434,435 Dormitories 319-325 Eaton. Frances Dorothy . .276, 322, 383 Curlin, James Ernest 77,222,223 Curranza. Harry 420.421 Day. Rachel Pressly 348 Deahl. Mary Jane 41,336.337.339. Dona Idson, Donald Joseph 128 Donalson. Jean Elizabeth 78.224, Ebeling. Bettye Jane 89.366.367 Eberhart. Elvin Thayne 127 376. 377 225,368 Eberhardt. Henry Marvin 127 Currie, Elizabeth Jeannette ....281,352. 362, 376. 377 Currie. Eva Garcia 352 Dean. Anne 41 Dean. Barrie 148,149 Dean, Doris Anne 228,229 Donahoe, Joseph Marion 128 Donoghue, Patricia Anne 281.354, Ebert. Margaret Gertrude 66 Eby, Margaret Aileen 273,276.355, 380. 381 Currie, Stuart Dickson 287 Currier. Warren 127,332,438,439 Currin. Frances Marian .88, 344, 366, 367 Dean, Frances Jane 88 Deans 15-17 Deaton, Ann 88, 322 Donovan. Frances Elizabeth ' .354 Donovan. James Anthonv 126 Donovan. John Lyle, Jr 127 Eck, Margaret 302 Eckels, Mary Jane 271 Eckels, Mary Rose 78 Curry. J.-an 148,149 Deaton, Fred Ross. Jr 422.423 Donovan. Mary Patricia 88 Eckert. Francis Mills 128 The Curtain Club 220, 221 Curti, Jack Edwin 106,119,349 Deaver, James Exter 88, 314 DeBack. Adell Ann 342,396,397 Donzis, Harrietts E ' Lane 198.361, 398, 399 Eckert. James Edmund 128 Eckev. Winfred Jeannette ..41,228.229 CunU,.f right Cadetiei ' . " . " . " . " . ' . ' . ' . ' lis ' . ' 149 Cuthberton, Margaret Ann 40,336 DeBord. Steve, Jr 331 DeBusk. Mary Frances 65 Decherd. Berrv Lee 78.345.357 Doole, John Rumsev 109,299.304 Dorfman. Elaine Ray 398.399 Eckhardt. Carl John, Jr 291,295 Eckhart. Charles Willis 438,439 Eckols, Marv Rose Catherine 354 D Dees. David Larry 287, 344 Deery, Anne 271.378.379 Dorroh ' Bon e ' Jean " ' . ' . ' . " . ' . ' .66, 316, 348 Dorsey, Alyce Faye 337 Edelstein. Bettv Jean 384,385 Edens. Elizabeth Ann 41,285,289, Dagg, Dorothy Rose 88 Dahlberg, Betty Lou ..203,310,312,357. 392, 393, 402 Daigle, June 148,149 Dailey, Joyzelle 88 Daily Texan 240,241 Dalby, Virginia Adelene 65,281 Dale, John Richard 329 Dale, Margaret Frances . . . .278, 392, 393 Dale. Thomas Fenton 40 Deering. Evelyn Leora 357.382 Deeths, William Richard 119.332 Degler. H. B 332 Degler, Howard Edward 291 DeGolyer, E 288 DeLafosse, Georgan ... .88. 322, 348. 383 de la Garza. Carlos 294 de la Garza. Cesar Octavio 88 De La Grave. Carmel T. F 88.272 De la Macorra. Jose-Carlos ..329.341,353 DeLancey, Johanna 88. 276. 296. Dotv. Edward Gordon. Jr 17,88 Dougherty, George Minton 434.435 Doughtie. ' William Thomas ....442,443 Doughtie, Venton L 332 Doughty, V. L 410,411 Doughty, Vincent Lew 291 Douglas. Clyde Benton. Jr. ....120.429 Douglas. Jim. Jr 78,287.415 Douglas. Ruth Ann ... .88. 356. 392. 393 Douglass. Emily Jane 41.271.273. 362. 368. 402 Edgemon. Rossie lona 285,348 Ediag, Lawrence Henrv 118 Edmonds, Rose Marv 148,149,349 Edmondson, Mary Louise 148.149 Edmunds. Raymond Swezev ....110.408 Edward. Mary Frances . .42. 359, 400, 402 Edwards, Joe Ward 89, 314. 343 Edwards, John Evan 119.339 Eeds. Raymond Elden 78,304 Egger, Joe Morris 124 Daley ' , Evelyn . ..!?! " . . " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' l48, ' l49 Dalkowitz, Sara Louise 30,40,198, 286, 290, 302, 315, 338, 340, 345, 346 Dallas Club 344 Dallmeyer, Dorothy Marie ..40.224,225. 294, 336, 368 Dalton, George F 415 Dalzell, Robert Crangle ...109,258,312 Dambach, Kurt Richard 88 Damiani, Byron Darryl 410,411 Damon, Henry Cordon 441 Dance Committee 28,29 322. 388. 389 Deleh.nty. James Everett ..118.424.425 Delgado-Vega. Eduardo .78.341.351.351 Delgardo-Vega. Enrique .41.341.351.353 Del ' Homme. Eleanor Florence ..78.358. 386. 387. 402 Deligans. Louise 1. 149 Dellinger. David Hazlett 344.415 Dellinger. Marv Edwina 280 Delta Delta Delta 380.381 Delta Gamma 32. 383 Delta Kappa Epsilon 412.413 Delia Phi Epsilon 384.385 Douglass. William Edwards ....434.435 Dow, Margaret 380.381 Downey. Harmon Alan 125. 287 Downs. Fred 332 Downs. Pattv Bess 334,380.381 Doyle. John Robert. Jr 127 Dover. Eileen 354 Dover. Frank Lipper 107.363.446 Dozier. W. Miriam 359 Drane. M.rv Brannon 66 Draper. Helen 348 Drawe. Dorothy Lee 201, 388. 389 Eggers, Earl Musgrove 230 Ehler, Virginia K.thryn Siedel ....336 Ehlers. Dolores ' 66 Ehlers. Marian 366,367 Ehlers, Victor Marcus, Jr 66.304 Eickenroht. Marvin Bates, Jr. ..120.282, 305. 438, 439 Eidson, Jack Leigh 286 Eidson, Marguerite Louise 337 Eisemann. John Edwin 406 Eisenhauer. Lydi. Ann 78.151.278 Eiserloh. Harold Lee 78,361 Eiserloh, Norman Alex 89,361 Daniel, Berry Elaine 40,194,328, Delta Sigma Pi 299 Delta Tau Delta lt. 415 Dres -her. Jean 66 Droll. Daniel David 354 Ekdahl, Sigurd L 420,421 Eklund. William Andrew 108.311, 337, 344 Delta Zeta 386.387 Drummond. Lorena 297 Daniel, Charles M 78 Daniel, Crawford James 222,223 Daniel. Nell Mae 40,336 Danielson, Edward, Jr 119 Dannon-A., Alberto 341,353 Dansboe, Patty Ruth 380, 381 Dare, Virginia Beth 78. 224. 225. Dembach. Kurt Richard ......... ...121 Demele. Frederick Adolph 125 Dement. Jeanne . . .41. 272. 336. 366. 367 Demmer, Elizabeth 148.149 Denham. Waitus Kav 65,331 Denin, James Michael 430.431.126 Dru-nmond. Robert Crawford 88 Drurv. Harlev Frederick 66 Dryden. Marjory Maude 78.348 Drvsdale. Wavne Clair 125 Dube. William Ernest 120.440 Dubose. Jav 434.435 Du Bose. Henry Jackson 311 Elder. John Blanton 89. 23o! 347 Elder. Lindsey Thomas, Jr. .78, 287, 298 Eldins. Martha Ann 229 Eldridge. Dorothv Gene 66 Elizondo. Gilbert 66,108,333 Elkins, Gene Carl 66,420,421 228,229 enman. J ettv Sue 328, 400 DuBois. Charlotte 224 Elkins, Martha Ann 89,228,358, Darilek, August Anton, Jr 128 enni - ' ' BeW h " 11 ' ' r 99R Duckett. Abie Ann 343 " _j Darilek, Marjorie Marian, 193.315, 343, 354 Darley, Ouida 388.389 Darling, Richard McGregor 228, Demon. Jane Frances .192! 393 Deppe. Walter F 122.410 Depwe. Stanley Massie 364 Deripo. Elizabeth Louise .. 229 369 Duderstadt. Carl Fawcett 126 Duderstadt. Marv Jo 89. 322. 366 Dudlev. Gem Ella 66 Duesterhoft. Ernest Homer 125.448 Elliot. Beryle Jeanne 78.306 Elliot, David Neal 430,431 Elliot, Jack Raymond 120 Elliot Jo A.nn 89 168 331, 441 Darsev. Murdoch Eugene r 7 Darst, Judith Jackson 3%, 397 Dartford. Harrv 1 7 Daste, John Joseph 126 Daugherty, Joe R 65,410,411 Daughtrey, Marilvn Frances .78,229,278 Davenport, Nelson Edwin, Jr. ..67,108, Derrick. A. M.. Jr. . Deshong. Virginia Ruth 41 DeTar. Grace Margaret 328.400 Deter. Virginia 228 Devine, Helen Stone 88. 337 Delvin. Jo Ann 7R. 36S. 367 Dewberry. James Arch. Jr. ..88.422.423 D.-w!,errv Marv Elizabeth Duffie. Charles Kenneth 89,360 Dugan. Paul Morgan 89. 318. 354 Dagger. Eileen Elizabeth ..204.351.353 Dugone. Marie Elaine 89 Duke. M.rv Ruth 78 Duke. Ralph 89 Dulin, H. A 294 Duls. Catherine Gardiner . .273. 356. 390 Elliott, Josephine Sellors 78,201, 220.221.271,306,392,393 Elliot, Judith Elaine 78 Elliot. Kenneth Charles 78 Elliot! Mickey Vaughn ....78.222,223 Elliot, Patricia Ann ..78,220,221,272. 337, 396, 397 David, Miriam Bithiah 386, 387 David, Saradell 229, 334, 339, 344, DeWitt. Beverly Ruth 65.346 DeWitt. Sallie Lee 41.220.221 Dey. Howard Frederick 126 Dunbar. Mrs. Marion Malcolm Bone 378. 379 Dunbar. Thera Evelyn 66 Elliot, Robert Burton 66 Ellis, Ann Elizabeth ..336,356,380,381 Ellis. Charles Francis -.78,222,223,287 380, 381 Dev. Virginia Dorothv 41 Duncalf, Frederic 22. 424.425 Ellis. Johnny La Verne 336.337 nmdMHi, Clifton Roe 409 D ' Hemecourt. George A.. Jr 34 Duncan. Bess Jane 237. 297 Ellison. Emily Anne 89,378,379 DavxiM.n. John Berry 40,330 Davidson, Margie Marie ....88,372,373 Davidson, Marilla Thompson ..40,240, TVHemecourt. George Francis. Jr 364 Dick, Laura Ann Dickens. Betty Jane 289. 382 Duncan. Betty Jo 66 Duncan. Bonnie 273 Duncan. Jean 322 Ellison. William Lee 283,414 Elliston. Edwin George 125 Ellsworth, Ralph Irving ..108.246.260, D Al 1 241 ' 345 Dickerson, Arthur Francis R8. 128. Duncan. Marv Jeanne 89 261, 305, 312, 412, 413 Davis, Alma Louise 40 Dunham. Charles Vernon 28, 29 Ellzev. Hettie Jane 78 Davis, Angilee 281,400 Dickerson. Bobbie Diwn . .. ' . 88 Dunkle. Jane Brite 78.272.392 Elmer, Ivan Colgate 109, 287. 445 Oavis, Butonne Gold 220,221 Davis. Dorothy Dale 88, 372, 373 Dickson. Frederick Dwight 299 Dickson. James Cilmer 282 Dunkle. Nancv Anne 78.228.229. 337. 392. 393 Elston. Willard Manning 304,417 Ely. William Stephens ..28,29,89,226, Davis, Dorothy Dee 32 2 Diebel. Kenneth .. 257 Dunlap. Julia Adella 41.388 233, 406 Davis, Ducky 240,241 Davis, Edward Coe ...284,295,329,408 Davis, Eleanor Louise 378,379 Dielmann. Betty Ruth 88 Dietz, Gene Victor ....120.349.420.421 Dietz. Henrv 226 Dunlap. Vera Lucille 43.348 Dunlavey, Bettv Jane 78,366.367 Dunn. Catherine Ann 363 Emerson, Harriett Anne 66,228 Em.rson. Rovce June 171,201,354 Emerv. Jo A_nn 348 Davis, Eleanor Ruth 65 Davis. Ernestine 240,241 Dietze. Doris Carolyn 88 Dillahnntv. Beniamin Patrick ..121 429 Dunn. Eugenia Ballinger -.273.276,286, 293, 302, 303, 334, 378, 379 Emri h, William Jule 282 Enderle. Donald Lester 42 Davis, Frances Elaine 40,197,296 Dillard. Arvin Rv.n .409 Dunn. Jack Calvin ...118.127,222,223 Engel, Cenevieve Olga 42.336 Davis. Grace Hun, ' Dillard. Evalyn Ruth 386,387 Dillard. Nannette Elnora 386.387 Dunn. Marv Kathleen 378,379 Dunton. Edgar Frank 66 Englehorn. Donald George 78.124 English, Marian Joyce 89 Davis, Helen 273, 281, 370 Dillashaw, Harold Lee. Jr 88 Duplan. Luis L 293 English, Walter Coleman, Jr. . .233, 409 Ennis, Dortha Nell 152 Enzler, Arthur John 287 419 Frakes, Arthur Welton, Jr 78,319 Gaibiccht. Louis, Jr 329 Eppright, Ethel Elizabeth ..66,224,225, Eppright, Margaret Schoch 296 325. 354 293. 396, 397 Garcia, Gloria 193,341,351,353 Garcia, Maria Salome 79,341,351 Erickson, Martin Elmer 293 Fields, Dorothy Louise ....201,338,381, Frankel, Richard Allen 446 Gardener, Jack Lawrence 120 Gardner, Alexander Marshall, Jr. ..430, Erter, Bonnie 175,203,376,377 350, 353, 358, 386, 387 Franklin, Clarice 357,384,385 431 Ervin, Frank Raymond 298 Field, Lenore Charlotte 328,345, Franklin, George Edward 430,431 Erwin, Elizabeth Grace 66 384, 385 Franklin, James R 89,363 Gardner, William Beverly ..304,434,435 Erwin, Fancee Louise Adelaide 89, Files, May Eleanor ....66,278.324.325, Franklin, Mary Lee 42,229 Gardenier, Hugh Emory 118 240, 241 348. 362, 400 Garibaldi, Louie John 128 Esgen, Corinne Anne 273 Es lick. Janie Lee 310,390,391 Film Committee 28,29 Finch, A. P 438.439 Fraser. David Ben 89 Fraser, William Joseph 126,441 Garlett, Edwin Lee ...127,305,436,437 Garner, John Hamilton ....109,331.408 Ksposit,-. Laura Darnell 348 Finch, Stanley P 282 Fnitf-rnities 403, 448 Garrett, de Vere Ann 43,336,344 Kst,.rl, rooks, Robert Charles 128 Fincher, Gerbert Harris 89 Fra ' .ier. Fairy Jane 148,149 Garrett, John Battaile, Jr 67 Estes, Dorothy Wardell .34, 290, 352, 353 Findley, William Edward ..42,331,416 Frazier! Violet Kathryn 342 Garrett, John Leonard 330 Estcg, John Carlton 128 Fine Arts 217 Frazier! Violet Kay 42 Carrett, Luther Weaver, Jr 287.329 Estes, Patricia 148,149 Est,-s. Peggy Fay 383 Estes, William Blount 66,110 Fine. Eleanor Jean .78, 220, 221, 388, 389 Finegan, John Rooney, Jr 66 Fink, Carl Frederick, Jr. 89 Fr.-d.-ri ' ck, Charles Robert ..42,120,332 Frederick. John Hutchinson 18 Fredrich. Maidel 316,337 Garston, Shirley 79 Gartley, David Clarke 438,439 Carvey, Elaine Henrietta 43,228 Estill, Mary Ellen 66,394,395 Finlavson, James 418,419 Freed, Itta Louise 281,357,384.385 Garza, Alfonso Jesus 351,354 Eta Kappa Nu 283 Finley, Hester Ann 285 Carza, Alicia 354 Kth.-riilgi-, Frances Pearl 89,322, Finley, Lila Dean 42,241,240.297, 1 " ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' j 1 ' , ' I " ;. ' ' , iiq Carza-L., Eugenio 351,353,354 348, 361 359, 376, 377 j.-, ] m;ul ' , B O I, A 89 Carza, Gloria 354 Etheridge, Walter Paul 66,322 Finnegan, William Nicholas ..418,419 Freeman. ' Bonnie Jo 89,376,377 Garza, Jose Eduardo ..341,351,353,354 Evans, Arthur Newton, Jr 120,414 Fischer, Patricia 229 Garza, Raoul Avechiga 333 Evans, Betty Jo 66,335 Fisco, Marshall 124 Freeman. ' - ' ' Hs r)r man ' - r : ' ' Vl o Gasca, David Lynch 430,431 Evans, Clair E 410,411 Fish, James Rufus 122 1-reeman, Mai , ilson.Jr . . . 1 . Gaskill, Helen Eldora 79,278,317 Evans, Isham Harrison .299, 364, 418. 419 Fisner, Charles William 89,332 M ' F ' 34 363 Gaskin, Herbert 304 Evans, James Hanson 438,439 Fisher, Julia Emerson .352,356,392,393 hreeman, " V a c ! s , JOA Gates, Philip Alan 438,439 Evans, Jasper Gary, Jr 222,223 Evans, John Edward, Jr 66,414 Fisher, Samuel 404,405 File, Kathleen Elizabeth 89,361, Freshman Class 86.98 Frei Pauline 285 Gatlin, Mildred Christine 289,317 Gaudynski Mary Jane 89,376,377 Evans, Roger Hobart 422,423 Everett, Marshall Lee 280 390, 391 Fitzgerald, Bernard 226 Freidin, The! ma Marie ' 78,241.240. 297, 315 Gebauer, Dorothy ... .14, 224, 225, 278, 281, 289. :I3. 315 Everett, Richard Dubois 430,431 Everritt, Martha Grace 375 Fitzgerald. Carl Smith 109,287,448 Fitzgerald, Helen Caroline ....42,238 Freitag, Allen Baker 287.420.421 French, Alice Jeanne ..89.361,378,379 Geddie. Thurman Burl 331 G.-pslin, R. Campbell 89,233,407 Ewan, William Donald 89,124 390, 391 Gellman, Golda Jean 370 Ewing. Ada Louise ....66,357,390,391 Ewing. Benjamin Baugh 119,282 Ewing, Jeanne Sybil 78 Fitzgerald, James A 17,280,420,421 Fitzgerald, Lue Minette ....78,273,320 Fitzgerald. Robert Bernard 233 French] Lloyd Robert 424.425 Freon. Hallond A. 410.411 Celpi, Armand Phillip 128,287 Gentry, Barbara Ann 89,203,322. 344, 401 Ewing. John Kirby 66.230,417 Fitzhugh, William Aylett ..344,432,433 Gentry, Elizabeth 296 Ewing, Lorraine Winters 34 Fitzpatrick, Samuel McCall ....89,434, . s i 66 ioa George, Margaret Ann 67,201,315 Ewing, Marlin Beryle 120 435 Frezia. ' Cha ' r " ' " Arnold .66, ' ll9, ' 329 ' . 411 Geppert, Donovan Verloe 287 Exes in the Service . .6, 78, 142, 147, ' 474 Exline, Albert Lobdell 344 Eyoub, Leila Lisette 394,395 Flados, Norman I) 108 Flanagan, Ann Lucille 383 Flanders, Doris 148,149 Flannery, Billie Jean 66,272,382 Friars 307 Fricke. Allen Dale 124 Friedel. Betti Jo 42.220.221 Friedell, Deupree Julien 304.337. C.-rliii).. ' Francis William ..125, 304, ' 354 Gertz, Melvin Harold ....284,305,329, 436, 437 Gest, Margaret Elizabeth 67 p, Flautt, Ria June 89 ' Getsin, Thelma ... .79, 278, 362, 398, 399 Faculty 18,23 Flavin, Arthur William ....42,299,319 KleUeMiaupr, Emma Augusta ....42,336 Friedell] Maude Brandt ....43.193.281. Chortnley, Luther Wayne .. 287 Gibbons, Candy Carolyn 67,353 Fahrenkamp, Billie Mae 325,320, Fleming, Benton Scott ....108,339,406 Friedman, Lory ... .. ' .43 Gibbons, Harry de Romana 124 289, 281 Fletcher. E. G 407 Gibbs, Betty Frances 43,315 Fails, Joyce 89 Fairbairn, Beulah Margaret ....42,336, 342, 358 Falpha Omicron Omega 306 Fletcher, Emma Jena 336 Fletcher, Dorothy 376,377 Fletcher, Ernest Sylvester 424,425 Flewharty, Frances Charlene 78 Friedrichs. Bettie Jo 43.336 Friedrirh. Peggy 380.381 Friend. Johnnie Dathprinc ..89.199.316 Cibbs, Carolyn Eskridge 79,383 Gibbs, George Butler 287,304 Gibson, Betty Jo 151 Gibson, Daphne Dcnise 372,373 Falvey, Cornelia Jean 354,322 Flinn, Harriet Carolyn ....66,150.303, Friend. Llerena 366.367 Gibson, Florence Lucille ..90,361,383 Fancher, George Homer ...288,331,441 Fannin, Bob Meredith 256,330 334, 342, 392, 393 Flinn, Helen Margaret 322 Fristoe. Louise Hardin ' . ' . 67 Gibson, Gayle 434,435 (,i!.-,,,i. G,.,,r B ,. Willis. Jr 318 Fannin, Bill Bradfield 330 Farias. Daniel Octavio 351 Flowers, Dorothy 198,396.397 Fly, E. Dewitt 410,411 Frizzcll, Ella Shelby ' ... .226. 224. 276. Gibson, Gloria ... .79, 271, 320, 362, 369 Gibson, Hoyt Sidney 90 Faris, Margaret Helen 42,309,377, 376, 402 Floyd, Grace Hazel 289 Floyd, Joan 66,193,363 Fuchs, Virginia Blanche .333 Fuess. Burnett St. Clair 349 Gibson, Lucy Ellen ...43,240,211,281, 297, 302, 310, 324. 325, 334, 340 Farmer, Garland Roscoe, Jr 66,352 Farmer, Helen Elizabeth 42,151, 353, 400 Farmer, Thaddeus Clyde 127,441 Farnum, Laura Marie 42,348 Farnum, Morgan Irving 89,344 Floyd, Mary Nell 42,348 Flynt, Lanham Nance 89 Flynt, Otelia 383 Focht, Frank Tuck 304 Focht, John Arnold, Sr 282 Focht, John Arnold, Jr 42,295,304 Fugp. ' Ralph Edward ....... ...108, 429 FUI P. William Robert. Jr. ..34.428.429 Fulbrieht. Jo-Pick 372,373 Fulbright, I.eroy McKeen ..311.363.427 Fulcher. Henry Coleman ...79.360.427 Gibson, Paul 79 Gibson, Shirley lone 197.276,348, 363, 388, 389 Gibson, William Elmer, Jr 332 Gi.l.l.-ns, Betty ....67,240,241,275,316 Gideon, Betty 148,149 Farr, Billie Jane 89,348 Fogartie, Elizabeth Vance 229 Fuller Mary Jo 316 Giddings, Ann 148,149 Farrier, Sammie Nancy 78,306,401 Farris, Buford Elijah 287 Farris, Dorothy Vernelle 42,328 Fast, Nathaniel Durgin 78,123 Fatheree, Minnie 89 Fogartie, James Eugene 66 Fojtik, Lydia Elizabeth 343 Folz, Virginia 148,149 Fontaine, Thomas Lamar 434,435 Football 245, 253 Fuller. ' Thomas Lester " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' l28. ' 429 Fullerton. Byron Franklin ..67,355,364 Fullilove. Caroline Amanda 400 Furgason. Carl Moss 284,295,329 Gidley, William Frances 16,333 Giese, Sybil Ruth 272,366,367 Giesecke, Lu-Nita 278.321,325 Gilbert, Betty Ann .67, 272. 337. 37. 37 ' ) Gilbert, Kenneth Lee 67,222.223 Faulkner, Dorothy Estelle .309,380,381 Fauntleroy, Owen William 66,110, 226, 304 Faubion, Norma Nell 78,316 Forbis, Dorothy Margaret 281 Ford, Boonie 42 Ford, David Donald 409 Ford, Rachel Glynn 273,296 Furrh. Marv Elizabeth 390,391 Fussell. Neil Stewart 430.431 Futoransky, Iris Gene .. Gildi-r. Marjorie Anne 90.273.372 Gill, John Ellis 287,304,314 Gillette, Patricia Inez 90,394,395 Gilliam, Arch Franklin 415 Faubion, Urban Hart 287,304,428 Forehand, Mary Sue 89 Gilligan. Elaine Ruth 90 Faxon, Forrest Gene 118 Foreman, Maxine . .78, 328, 399, 398, 402 G Gilliland, Jane 342 Faykus, Max Henry 89,222,223 Feagans, Virginia Lucille ...89,273,383 Feagin, Grace Beth 382 Forensica 345 Forkel, Curt E 291,332 Forman, Jack Herbert 230 Gaillard. Louise 337 Gaines. Robert Byron. Jr 67.344 Gaines. Scott 420,421 Gilliland, Joe Drake 342 Gillis, Dorothy 27,43,309.331 11)0 Gillis.. Martha Garner 376,377 Feagin, Dorothy Geraldine 89 Forson, Betty Jo 78,323,325,354 Gaines, William Hanley, Jr ' .354 F.-ath.Tston. Charles Henry .42, 110, 347 Forney, Ross Henry 120 Galatian. Mildren Jean 89,229 Gilmore ' Dovic Raye I " " . . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .152 Features 111. 117, 131, 137, 139, Forrest, Billie Jeanne 89,394,395 Galbraith, Laura Elizabplh 275.289, Cilpin, George Ann ...200,320.366,367 141, 153, 164, 205, 216 Forrest, Ernestine 89,369 315. 355 Gilstrap, Howard C 248.421.425 Federer, Howard Clark 412,413 Feeney, Joseph Leland 124 Feinstein, Gloria 89,398,399 Fortenberry, James Marshall 128 Forum Speakers 30 Foshee, Donald Albert 89,445 Galbraith. Ralph Arthur 283.295. 330, 417 Gale Edwin Morris . . . 109 363 446 Gindler, Otto 108 Ginsberg, Nathan 404,405 Ginsburg, Helen Elaine 357,384, Felker, Marshall Leonard 429 rVlsnn. Willard Louis 441 Foster, Charles Kenneth 120 Foster, Ellanor Catherine 401 Gallagher. Jack ' . ' .. ' ... . ' .210] 211 Gallagher. Mary Elizabeth 67,337, 385, 402 (;im:innetti, Angelo 118 Fclton, Warren Locker, Jr. .124,287,339 Foster, Mary Marsdcn .229,353,388,389 378, 379 Gipson. Hersrhell R 14.28,227 Fender, Lucile 273 Foster, Werdna Lamons ....296.386,387 Gallagher. Oliva 306 Girl,- Glee Club 224. 225 Fenner, LaNoe 78,223,222.228 Foulds, Martha Jo 78 Gisc, Betty Jayne 67.366,367 Fenner, Marjorie Nell 42,336 Foulke, Charles Milton 78 GaIt! e ' Allie r ' o ' s e S PaVsy .... ....396, 397 Gladney, Mary Ann ....67.344,390.391 Fenske. Carl Werner 42 Foust, Bobby Rhea 89 Gait, Gloria 396,397 Clados, Norman D 355 Fergeaon, John Hillard 66 Foulke, Charles Milton 66,124 Gait, John Leland " .. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .184,329 Glass, Cecil Robertson 79.222.223 Fergueson. Genevievc Charlsie 290 Power, Clare Burnett 128 Galusha, Charles 127 Clueock, Clyde Chew 293,429 Fergus, Dan Martin 434, 435 Fowler, Marion 338 Gamble, Virginia Belle 43 Glass, Mary Ann 90, 363, 380 381 Ferguson, Bill 238 Fowler, Patricia Ann 297,378,379 Gambrell, Josie Francis 43,271,293, Glass. Melba Elisc 90! 199 Ferguson, Billie Jean 396,397 Fowler, Pat 66,240,241 359, 400 Classer, Bernice Esther 90 Ferguson, Elisabeth 388,389 Fowler, Wildon Adrian 329 Gambrell. Nevaire 148,149 Glazer, Mildred Eleanor 67 Ferguson, Patricia M 339 Fox, Betty Jeanne 78 Gamma Phi Beta 388, 389 Cleason, Margaret Elizabeth ....67,323, Ferguson, Phil M 282,295 Fox, Dorothy Gregg 290 Cammel, John Ledel 287 325, 336. 354 Ferguson, Richard Harding ....123,287, Fox. Karen Margretta 309 Gammill, Ralph Ray 222,223,363 Glenn, Margaret Nell 369 298, 448 Fox. Kitty 394,395,402 Candler. Sylvia 322 Gloria, Le Roy 90.351.354 Ferguson, Robert Elmo : 89 Fox, Nan 400 Cannon, John Payne 438,439 Clover, Duane 79.333 Coen, Clarence C 43 Gregory, Martha 273, 297, 309. 356. Hamilton, Ellis W 128 Harwell, Rosemary 309,392,393 Coen, Clarence C., Jr 222,223 376, 377 Hamilton, Hope 44,201,281,353. Harwell, Sam 228 Coetzke, Dorothy Russell 285 Creisen, Shirley Mae 322,366,367 378, 379 Harwood. Cordelia Brown ..90.396.397 Godbold, James Guerry 430,431 res. Marcel 249 Hamilton, Mary Susan ....79,273.322. Going, Lenora Elizabeth ....79.322,325. resham. Anne 356,392,393 325, 356, 401 Hask ' ell, Earl Hudson 79 358, 362, 376, 377 resham, Rupert 434, 435 Hamilton, Walter Clyde ...347.418,419 Hassinger, Ethan Vivian 90, 128 Goldberg Natalie 67,370 ribble, Edna Joyce 228 Hamilton, William English 67 Hastings, Edmund Stuart 67,109, Golden, Bernice Cecile 67,336 ribble, Luther Edward, Jr. ... .438, 439 Hamm, Mary Lee 67,316 430,431 Golden, Ira Jeffrey, Jr 79,222,223, 304, 442. 443 ribble, James McConville ....119,282, 420, 421 Hammon. Blanch Carol vn ..309.393.393 Hammond. Earl Gillette 222, 223 Hastings. William Kennedy 126 Hata, Frank Tadashi 79, 287 Golden, Jerry 79 rice, William Kenneth 108 Hammons. Patricia Ann 79, 348 Hatch, Lewis Frederick 298 Coldfaden. Louis 346 Griffith, Herbert Hunter 344 Hamner. Marjorie Louise . .44, 285, 321, Hatch, Lillian 148.149 Golfine, Ekna Mae ... .90, 322, 384, 385 iriffin, James Robert 79,445 325. 348. 372, 373 Hatch, Ruth Helen 317,351 Coldhirsh, Frances Zetta . .328, 384, 385 Hamner, William Frederick ....418,419 Hathorn, Jerome Benjamin 129 Colding, Idalee 79,370 Jriffin ' , Robert Charles ....... .430, 431 Hampton, Hazel 390,391 Hathorn, Shirley 45, 273, 275. 355 Goldman, Amy Beatrice .90, 322, 384, 385 rifin. Robert Charles 430,431 Hampton, James Warren 67 Hatley. Brennon Robert 108 Goldman, Gloria Patricia . . .90, 322, 370 rimes, Helen Louise 348, 392. 393 Hampton, Raymond 427 Haupt, Helen 232 Goldman, Mary Ernestine 21,348, rimes, Mary Dean 44,400 Hanna, Edna Jean 44,290 Hause. Ada Jo 372, 373 376, 377 risham, Gwendolyn Cecile 401 Hanby. John Roberts 220,221 Hausman Arthur Herbert 330 Goldsmith, Glenn Warren 99 risom, Lorene Billie 79, 272, 362, Hancock. Marjorie .67. 224. 225, 229. 363 Hausman, Cleo Patricia ....67,278.321 Goldsmith, Werner 43,332 366, 367 Handelman, Eva 370 Havis rden Kennard 281,337 Goldstein, Margery Jane ... .90, 398, 399 Crissom. Marguerite 228. 229. 232 Handler, Shirley Wolz 67.224,225, Hawthorne, Jerome 417 Gall 264 Criswold, John 284,329 223. 229. 29 Hawkins. Jerry Alfred ..45,233.287.330 Condra, Manuel Adolfo 353 Grogan, John Kenneth 79.442,443 Handley, Anna Eva 44,281,293 Hawkins. Mary Louise 79.378,379 Condran, Juanita .-...152 Crogan, Mary Margaret 90,354 Handley, Virginia Louise 79 Hawes, Peggy 67.229 Conzales, Carlos Calistro 354 Groppe, Ernest Henry, Jr 287 Haney, George Franklin 407 Hay. Martha Frances ....196.271,273, Conzales, Fernando Narano 341,351, Croos, Ernest Martin, Jr ..79.108,287. Haney, Hollis 148.149 276, 303, 322, 325, 348, 380, 381 353, 354 299, 312, 412, 413 Hansard, Mary Evelyn ....150,194.324, Hayes, Elizabeth Annelle 366,367 Conzales, Humberto 79 Crosse, Will Alei 44,118 325, 333 Haves, James Frederick 79,311 Gonzanback, L. C 79 Grossman. Coleen Grances ....345.370 Hansard, Mary Gene 67, 273, 336, Haves! Margerv Ann 278 Goodchaux, Leo Phillip 446 Grossman, Elizabeth 342, 398, 399 380, 381 Have-. Mary Ellen 228,229 Coode, James Emmett 123 Grossman, Mitchell Matthews ..34,230. Hansen, Billie Mignon 44 Haves! Robert Hudsell, Jr 120 Coodfellows 189, 192 290,360 Hansen, Norma Waldine 90 Havlev Zelma 79 CoodfriemJ. Melvin Lewis 436,437 Grossman, Ruth Evelyn 228,229,370 Hansen, Jackie 67,368 Haynes, Dolores 354 Goodman, Bernard 118 Grotfikouse 273 Hansen, LeCrande Stinton 128 Haynes, Leo 13 Goodman, Leo Solomon ...346,436,437 Grove, Augusta Dale ...79,278.315,316 Hanson, Caylord Carl . .90, 319, 361. 364 Haynes, Randolph Arnold 293 Goodrich, Hugh Robert 427 Grover, Margaret 228, 272, 394. 395 Happell, Henry Howard 109.408 Haynes, William Herschel 123 Goodrich, Louise Mayon 43,333 Groves, Mildred 148,149 Harber, Harry 240,241 Haynie, Uma Lorene 90 Cordon, Billy 364 Cordon. Mary Elizabeth 363 Cordon, Marcia Mvrle 90. 366, 367 Cork, Mary Lou 90,337,339 Gnibb, Paula Jane 67.366,367 Crugan. Virginia Mary 348 Crumke, Neysa Marceile 44 Crupp, Stanley Robert 222,223 Harbison, Hazel 28,29 Harbour, Robert Winfred 120 H.rdee, Jack Yarborough 67,364 Hardeman, Edward Lent 442.443 H.ynie. Edith Olive 281,320,342 Havre. Howard Robert 126, 226 Havs, Neville Aline 79 Hayward. Albert Edward 427 Cormley, Robert Hugh 126. 441 Gruss. Dorothy Louise 90 Hardeman, Hunter Dumas 34,364 Head. Lucille 28,29,90,359.383 Cosen, John William 79.123 Guenard. Leota Marie 79.273.348, Hardie, Mabelle 396,397 Heard. Carrie Jeanette 45,281 Goss. Charlotte Blakely 378,379 388, 389 Hardin, Ernest Randolph . . .22, 418, 419 Heard, Dorothy Lucille 335 Cossage. Mary Claire 43, 358 Cuentber. Ralph Ernest 280 Hardin, Harriet 44, 348 Heard Jeanette 240.241 Csuger, Lily Olivia 392,393 Guernsey, Rosco. Jr 295.424.425 Harding, Raymond Alan 79, 360 Heare, Charles Robinson 222, 223 Gould, Roma 148.149 Cuidera. Albert Lawrence 311,408 Harding. William Burnett 90 Heare Helen Grace 45,296 Could, Vila Darlyne 90,366,367 Cowan, Ernestine 229,383 Goin. Dixie Robert ...79,429 Cuillan, Manuel Teobaldo, Jr 353 Culley. Frances Virginia ...44.317,348 Gunby, Sarah Ellen 79.272.276. Hardt, Birdie Ruth 90 Hardt. Rosemary Marsh ... .44. 281, 286 Hardwick, William Aubrey 123 Hearn, Claude Edward 318 " " H - 1 ..% Grace Hall 320 Grace, Marybel le 358, 386, 387 Crad, Ruth 398,399 337. 376, 377 Cunn, Nelwyn Virginia 348 Gunn. Richard Eckel 79.126.354. Hare. Henry P., Jr 304 Hargis. Margaret Carol 79 Hargis, Margaret Rebecca 220,221, Hearn, Vera Lee 231 Heath, Bascom Gerald ....361.424,425 Hebble. Charles 299 Graduates 34 420. 421 Hebdon Jack Caldwell 207,305, Graham. Betty Kathryn 90,369 Cunter. Mary Margaret .67. 281. 353. 362 Harlan. Eloise Marie 363 434,435 Craham, Catherine 106 Craham, Charlie 30,44,108,304, 311, 314, 347 Curley. Mary Maiine 90 Gurley. Ora Mary 44.328.400 Curwitz, Pauline 384.385 Harlan. Mildred Florence 44.335 Harman, James William 240.241 Harman, Lois Louise 366,367 Hedrick. Elinor May 45,293.382 Keep, Dorothy Jane ..45,195.271.281, 355, 390, 391 Craham, Elizabeth Ann .67, 204. 378, 379 Craham, Jeanne Elizabeth ..273,396,397 Craham, John Mark, Jr 123,222, 223, 304 Cuthrey, Harvev Lee 363.427 Cuyer. Abbv Ruth 79 Cwin. Ann 67 Cwyn, Henry Scott 305.434.435 Harmer, John William 442, 443 Harmon, Francis Gilmer 287 Harmon, Nita Karl Ott ....45,199,357 Harper, Billye Ester 67.366,367 Harper, John J 45 Heflin. Bess 285.348 Hefner. Charles 444 Hegar. Naomi Ruth 90,317 Heinatr. Mary Emilie . .222. 223. 228. 345 Craham. Julia Anita 44,400 Craham, Philip 281 Craham. Walter Nichols 90,445 Craham, Williford 226 H Hackett. Charles Wilson 293. 429 Harper, Henry Winston 99 Harpin. Ethel Marie 45 Harral. Iv. Aline ..45, 348, 388, 389, 402 Heinsohn. Fay 376.377 Heine. Raymond James 354.410,411 Heidrick, Bernard Paul ....127.420.421 Heiman John Lewis 45.314,364 Cranberry. Collier Read ....21,283.429 Craner. Helen Carolyn .67. 199, 315, 355 Hackman. Bettv Lee 79.229.400 Haden, Benjamin . .26. 28, 29, 305. 347. Harrell! Frances Ann ... .308, 324. 325, Heineke, Oleis Marion 45,336,339. 358, 386, 387 Granger. Mary Bell 289 Grant. Gladys 285 418, 419 Haenel. Marie 372.373 Harrell. Helen Ruth 45,336 Heiserman, Marjorie 366,367 Grant, Joe Frierson 128 Hafner. Eleanor Jeannette 317.348 Harrington, Marion Roy 414 Grant, Lucia Bradley 394. 395 Grant. Marjorie 366,367 Crantham, Donald Thomas ....438,439 Crasshoff, Emma Gene 79 Craves. Arnell Elizabeth 90 Hafernik. Evelyn Ann 343 Hagan. Bettve Sue 79 Haean, Lucille 320 Hagar. Jack Francis 432.433 Hagler. Billy Eugene 128 Harrington. Thomas Wyatt 441 Harris, Annette 278 Harris. August Walking 90 Harris, Clara Louise ...45,151.281.334. 392. 393 He ston, Reginald Heb ' er " . ' !. ' ! 424. ' 425 Hempe. Arthur Robert. Jr. ..45,329,444 Hempel, Jacqueline Sylvia 45,355 Hemphill, Frances Louise ..45.180.200, Craves, Claude B., Jr 107 Craves. Nancy Ann 306,392,393 Graves. Peggy Jean ....67,151,324.325. 336, 392, 393 Craves, Quintin Branson 282 Cray, Betty Jane 390,391 Cray, Donald Cain 438,439 Cray, James Augustus ..67,109,287,299 Cray, Lee William 294 Haey. George Washington 44.416 Hahn. Andrew 226 Hahn. Frances Aldine 67.348 Haigh. Marv Lucille 79 Hain. Marv Elizabeth 204.354.401 Hair. Charles La Marr 44,118 Hajek. James Delvin 67.343 Hajek. Johnnie Frances 343 Halbouty, Rosalie Helen 44.220. Harris! Ellen Mae !.!!!!!s44 Harris. George Edward 420,421 Harris, Horace Chilton, Jr. (Sunnv) .27, 305, 331, 347, 410, 411 Harris, Mary Evelyn 278.376,377 Harris. Richard Walker ....45.349.119 Harris, Shirlev Jean 90,384,385 Harris, Virginia 148.149 Hemphill, May . ' 400 Hemphill, Patricia .90.337.358,378,379 Hemmingson. Rosemary Betty ..181.222. 310, 396, 397 Henderson, Frances Marie 90 Henderson. Gerald Le Moyne 90 Henderson, Joseph Lindsey 427 Henderson, Loise Douglas 45.306. 390.391 Cray, Leland 427 Cray, Lucy . . .151. 278, 309, 334, 396, 397 Cray, Mary Steussy 285,388,389 Cray, Melba Ditz 90 Cray, Walter Lee, Jr. ..79,230,438,439 Creathouse. Virginia 90 Green, Allan 420.421 Green, Charles Edwin . .90. 123, 125, 349 Green, Margaret Ann 44 Green, Quentin Lafayette 67, 120 Green, Robert Phillip ....287,430,431 221, 289 Hale, Edward Everett 290 427 Hale, Joyce Janice 392,393 Hale. Mary Ellen 229 Halev, Henry Ellis 79.287.329 Hall, Ann 378.379 Ha 1, Clint L 90 Hal. Elizabeth Ann 67.336 Hal. Lee Ann 272.372,373 Hal, Lewis Wray 44.332.448 Hal. Marylou 79.392.393 Hall, Richard Stanley 432,433 Harris! W. Irving, Jr " ! .....90,318 Harrison, Barbara Willardine ..67,339, 342 Harrison. Eloise Lynne 358 Harrison, Glenn 79 Harrison, Crady Corene 336 Harrison. Irvin William 438.439 Harrison. John B. . .45. 288. 305, 331. 448 Harrison, Lucille 67, 321, 325. 348 Harrison. Marie Dawkins 281 Harrison. T. P 412, 413 Hendler. Albert Frank ...79,298,304, 346.446 Hendricks, Mary Elaine ....281.388.389 Hendri . George Lindsey ..361,410.411 Hendrii, Lenore Marie 348 Hengy, John Marion. Jr 68 Hengy. Lillian Joyce 79 Henkin, Raymond 404, 405 Henley, Margie Helen 80 Hennessey. Phyllis Jeanne ....354.361, 396, 397 Greene. Kenneth ' Edward ...... ....118 Hall, Robert Nicholas, Jr 329 Hal, Sara Elizabeth 390,391 Harrod. Hazel Louise 281,289 Hart, Alvin Van Pelt 45,228,339 Henrv, Margaret 396,397 Henry, Mary Erkle ....90,278,388,389 Greenfield, Annette Hal, Siedel Scale 44 Hart. Ann Shirley 271, 378, 379 Henry, Sara Virginia 45.195 Louise 27.28,29,44.170.201,286. Hal. Virginia Annie 67 Hart. August Wilbur 122 Henze, H. R 298 302, 340, 345, 357, 362, 370, 402 Halley. Norma 354 Han. Mariana Catherine 271,308 Herald, Elizabeth Anne 45,281,352, Greenfield, Hannah 90 Ha Iford. Ben Ray 67 Hart, Mollie 3%, 397 362, 366, 367 Creenwell, Amelia Gray 79 Hallum. Ruth UVern 90,375 Harte, J. Joseph Meakin 339 Hermann, Rosemary 68 Greenwood, Billy Sherrod 44.284, Hal stead Cooperative House 316 Harter, Kathleen Mae 390, 391 Hermes, Malcolm Richard 90, 354 295. 329 Hamann, Bernadine Viola 44,275. Hartung, Helen Ruth 90 Herndon, Betty Jane 46,353 Greenwood, Margery A 79,273 315, 317. 348 Harvey, George Douglas 90 Herndon, Robert Eugene ..129,222,223 Greenwood, Nita Lorraine 358 Hambright, Jewel Louise 79 Harvey, Polly 67 Herrin, Jackie 320 Greer, Helen Louise 90 Hamer, Imogene 152 Harvey, Russell Merrick 123 Herrington, Eloise 376,377 Creer. Mary Carolyn 79,196 Hamlin, Edwin Woodworth ....283,295 Harvill. Katherine Brownson ..281,286. Herrington, Leroy John, Jr 123 Creer, James Neal 79 Cregg. Leah 383 Hamill, Mary 79.310.322.325. 337, 401 378, 379 Harville, Clyde 250 Herrington, Margaret 46, 200. 324. 325, 336, 357 Hesley, Frederick DeLong, Jr 109, Holubec, Vlasta 343 Hunter, William Morgan 280 Johnson, Beulah Ann .... ..80, 220, 221 Hess, Betty Van Dyke 90 llolz.rhuher. Carl, Jr 280 Kurd! " Theimarie " ' . . . " T. " . . ' . . . ' . .9l! 337 lohnnon! C. R. ' !.. ..... ' .... ' .298 Hewitt, Joseph Addison ...287,422,423 Home Economics Club 348 Hurlbut, Elizabeth 272,390,391 Johnson, Charles William 126 Hewitt, William James 108 Homeister, Owen 422,423 Hurley, Barbara Leigh 47,388,389 Johnson, Clyse William .. 91 Iliek- ' . Helen Ruth ....46,272,359,368 Hurmcnce. Howard Henry 284 Johnson! Elbcrt Byron ... 109 Hickman, John Pinkney ....46,263,329 Hood. Frank " Moore !. ' 6s! 119 Hurst, Marian Eddie 91 Johnson. Emma Nell 91 Hick,, Wilson Vance 124 Hood. Gerald Robert 417 Hurt, George Enoch 18,222,223 Johnson, Ernest Melton ... 80, 122 Hicks, Yvonne 90, 322, 366, 367 Hood, Gloria Ernestine ....80,359.361, Hutcheson. Joseph C., Jr 286 Johnson, Fae .272, 398, 399 Hiebner, Bernice 152 378, 379, 402 Hutton, Thomas Patrick 354 Johnson, Frances Eleanor 47, 336 Hieserman, Marjorie Emma 362 Hood, James Warren 91 Hutts, Roger 445 Johnson, James William .. 91 Higashi, Louie M 46 Hil.lebrand, Ira P 418,419 Hooker, Maxine Dale 325 Hooks, Doris Ruth 398,399 Hyder, Patricia Martha 151 Hyer, June ' 289 Johnson. Jane Genevieve .. Johnson, Jerry Jo ..68, 317, ..68, 394, 395 363, 422, 423 H ildebrand, O. W., Jr 68,438,439 Hooper. Ruby Laura 378,379 Hyman, Carolyn Frances 91 Johnson, John Edward 47 Hilford, Joseph Chesnick 109 Hoover, Francis William 126 Johnson, John Ruffin. Jr. .. 47, 364 Hilker, Dorothy Cornelia 46,281, 380, 381 Hoover. Peggy Nell ....68.359,376.377 Hoover William Stough, Jr. ..226 233 I Johnson, Kenneth Johnson, Leta Mae 416 .148, 149, 349 Hill, Annie Campbell 388,389 Hoover, Peggy Nell 328 Ilarde, Mary Catherine 91 Johnson. Margrethe Dagamr .80, 278, 296 Hill, Betty Ann 90 Hopkins. George Milton, Jr 80,445 Johnson, Mary Frances .. ..80, 224, 225 Hill, Betty Lu ....80.224,225,390,391 Hopkins. Irene Louise 396,397 Infiham. ' Betty Jane 382 Johnson, Maxine Roebuck 47,336 Hill, Bettye Virginia 90,224,225. Hoppe, Spencer Kevin 119 Inks. Floyd Beverly. Jr. 126.441 Johnson, Milton Mason ... .220, 221, 444 228, 229 Hopper, Orville C 91 Johnson, Oliver 332 Hill, Charles 444 Hopper, Rex Devern, Jr 21,222, The nstitute of the Aeronautical Johnson, Raymond Leonard ....47, 284, Hill, Fauna 24(1.211 223, 293 294, 295, 329 Hill, John Luke, Jr 27,46,108,305, Horak. Frank Henry 304,343 Inter- American .SVio e,; . ASM, iatitm ..350 Johnson, Rosemary Virginia ...196, 337, 307, 312, 347, 434, 435 Horak, Ruth Margaret ....201,275,315, Intraniltrnls 266, 274 354 Hill, Laura Laverne ....46,290,378,379 Hill, Lillian Lela ..46,271,272,275,355 317, 343, 355 Horcher, Margaret Rees ....68,276,277. Irvin, Mary Ellen " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 229 Irvine, Annie Sowell 281,359- Johnson, Shirley Anne .... 229, .91, 203, 228, 322, 378, 379 Hill, Mary Ann 46,348,378,379 281 Johnson, William Madeson, Jr 314 Hill, Mary Juanita 316 Hill, Nancy Louise 80,151,228 Horil, Herbert Harold 122 Horn, Florence 322 IrT ' in! ' Mary ' 6 Ellen 394! 395 Isaacs, Annabeth 47, 281. 392. 393 Johnston, Harry Davis Johnston, Lillian Rees ... .68, 228, 229, Hill, Owsley 407 Horn, Gwen 91,322 Neman Rose Ann 91 198 ' ilH :S5 1 232,335 Hill, Tannye 320 Hill, Thomas Teague 129 Horn, Joseph Jack 123,434.435 Hornak, Anna Frances ..46.348,372,373 Isenber ' g. Marjorie Claire . ' .35?! 376! 377 Johnston. Suzanne Bud .. Jonas, Richard C ..91. 378, 379 294 Hill, Virginia 46 Hill, William Denman 222,223 Hornberger, Theodore 424,425 Hornburg, Ruth Virginia ....80.221.225 Isense Oiro ' l Thedora ......... .68, 342 Isenson, Muriel Jane 398,399 Jonas, Sylvia Price ....48, Jones. Alma L. Reid 240, 241, 281 281 Hilliard, Kyle 412,413 Home, Margaret Beverly ..91.221.225. Iver, Ben Edwin, Jr 429 Jones, Archie N 229, 231, 233, 441 Hillman, Julia Elizabeth 91 Hippard. James Joseph 417 Hines, Betty Jean 91,372,373 337, 348 Homer, Madelyn May 380,381 Horrell, Lois Bonita 91 Ivey, Marquita Colleen 68,281,342 Jones, Charles Everette .... Jones. Edna Jono. Eduard Jefferson .., 80 48, 314, Hines, Larry Jack 129 J 329, 448 Himi ' -hs. ' Charles William ' . 80 Hinton, Ruth 91 Hirth, Mary Rae 91,322 Hirsch, Nolan 46,331 Hiserman, Arnold James 127 Hiss, Anna 271,308,309,338,383 Horton! Robert Milton . .8o! 360, 42o! 421 Horwitz, Louis Bernard 404,405 Holing. August Louis 109,399 House, James Carl 91 House, Nancy Leona 34.339,400 House, Opal 47 Houston, Marian Jeanne 91,337 Jackling. Daniel C 288 Jackman, Margie Jean 398,399 Jackson, Anne Ruth 47,289 Jackson, Kathryn Ann ..28,29,200,228. 232, 256. 380. 381 Jackson, Lois 357, 378, 379 Jones, Edward Marion. | r . Jonw, Elizabeth Jones! Hubert 1 !!!!!!!. ' !!!! Jones. James Garrison 123 320 129 .306, 392, 393 290 294 68, 444 Kite, Dessa Lee Hair 348 Hixson, Elmer La Verne 124 Hodde. Ruth Viiginia ..46.281,285,324, 325, 348, 358, 386, 387 Hodge, Henry Pope, Jr. .46. 108, 305, 408 Hodge, William Robert 409 Hodges, John Elton 279 Hodges, Gus Macey 23,427 Hodges, Marvin, Jr 46,332 Hodges, William B 91 Hoeltzel. Nancy Eubank ...91,310,361, 390, 391 Hofer, Margaret Jane 369 Hoffer, Murray Herbert 447 Hoffman, Edward John 46,284,329 Houston, Shirley Mae 91,354 Houston, Virginia Florence 80 Hover, Katherine 148, 149 Howard, Alva Roscoe, Jr. 47,240. 241, 292, 304, 360, 428 Howard, Doris 378,379 Howard, Duncan Carnes ...311,422,423 Howard, Gay Cole ' .....68,306,390,391 Howard, Jayne Catherine ..321,394.395 Howard, Mary Ruth 91,348 Howard. Virginia Gail 229 Howell, Merolyn Jean 348 Howser, Dorothy 47,366,367 Howsley, Marilynne 338,356,420 Jackson! Mary Jane ....91,322.380.381 Jackson, Mary Virginia 91,322 Jackson, Waldo Emerson, Jr 364 Jackson, Wells Farrington 299 Jacobs. Betty Claire 47,346,357, 384, 385 Jacobsen, Mary Louise 348 Jacobson, Ruthann 91.398,399 Jacobus, Henry Sterne, Jr. ....80,387, 304, 460, 446 Jacoby, Allan Paul 349,436,437 Jamar, Iris Aneita 68,358 James, Dorothy 47, 320 James, Martha Dunnington .278. 396. 397 Jones, John Walter Jones, Joyce 278, Jones, Lucian Thomas, Jr. . Jones, Mary Ruth Jones, Patsy Knapp Jones, Pauline Jones, Robert Neill Jones. Robert William. Jr. Jones. Theodore Lawrence 107, 236, 280. 287, 305, Jordan! Jack Grundy Jordan, Benjamin Taliaferro Joseph, Donald 91 334, 380, 381 424,425 91 ..80, 366, 367 80 331, 353 91 ...26. 28, 48, 307, 331, 448 361,401 119 . Jr 339 418. 419 Hoffman, Leland Virgil 119 Hoffman, William Klettus, Jr 298, 311, 441 Hofmann, Thomas George 123 Hoyt, Gordon Wesley 127 Hoyt. Ruby Laverne 91,322 Hruzek. Roycerene Marie 343 Huber, Betty Charlene 91,378,379 James, Mary Josephine Turner ..47,285 James, Robert M. 46,304,332 J r " ee . D ' nS . 347 Josephs. Herman " ....... Josephs. Miriam Joyce, Marie I.oni- 404, 405 ..91. 384, 385 328 Hogarth, Barton Thomas . . .222, 223, 226 Huber, Jane 378,379 Jameson, Grace Klein .286. 290, 315, 346 Joyce, Murray Clarence ... 91 Hoge, Carson Harper 123 Huckabee, Frances Gaile 80,333 Huddleston, Selwyn Sage 386,387 Jameson, Jerry Donald 432,433 Jamieson, Bruce Stanley ..109,418,419 Judiciary Cmttal ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 396, 397 27 Hudler. Robert L. 410,411 Jamieson, Patricia 80 ..68, 434, 435 HohenbergT ' Ruth " ' . " . " .!!..!.!!!!!!!! 370 Hudson, Caroline 390, 391 Janosky, Elaine Marceline ..68.336,359 Junior Class 64 Hohlt, Ann 320 Hudson, Dorothy 68 Janosky, Margaret 272 Juresco. Irving U :, 99, 318, 364 Hohmann, Emma 348 Hudson, Florence Scott 151,360. Janssen, Evonne Uberda 68 Holbrook, Alice Louise ....91,224,225 396, 397, 402 Japhet, Ann 91.308,322,380,381 K Holcomb, Frank Erwin 329 Holden, William Wylie, Jr 361, 424, 425 Holiman, Doris Loraine ....91,273,322, 366, 367 Hudson, Mary Jo 80,337,369 Hudson. Thomas Brocket! 68 Hudspeth, Joy Garmon 80,380,381 Huebner, Ernest Alfred 68,120 Hiiedepohl. Dorothy Jean ..361,390,391 Japhet, Edith Louise 372,373 Jaramillo. Miguel 47,331,354 Jared, Daniel Wade 91,226,329, 420, 421 Jarmen, Robert Leslie 68 Kadouski. Tatsuo James .. Kaffie, Ethel Louise Kahn, Emelie Marian Kahn, Betty Linz 68, 330 368 370 370 Holland, Eleanor Brown . .227, 378, 379 Holland, Jacquelynn 46,150,392 Holland, Dorothy Lee 46,193,272, 275, 289, 355 Holland, Gage 434,435 Holland, Herbert 363,400 Holland, Harvey Lee 123 Holland, Mary Loreen 46,331 Holland, Mildred Frances 348 Holland, Mildred Lynda 46 Holland, William Ernestine ....80,359, 363, 401 Holle, Kathryn Marilyn ...46,238,276, 339, 348, 376, 377 Holley, Norma Mildred 80,341 Huey, F. B., Jr 47,444 Huff. Andrew Frenchie .68, 110, 226. 304 Huffman, Charles Howard ..91.226,417 Hughes, Elizabeth 148,149 Hughes, Helen 339.366.367 Hughes, Mary Louise ..47,194.200.310, 328. 333, 334, 400 Hughes, Maxine 80 Hughes. Mona Frederick ....47,394,395 Hughes, Richard John 445 Hughes, Richard Huff 284 Hughes, Sara Beth 293 Hughes, Thelma Maurene ..80,344,369 Hull, Lloyd Leslie 129 Hull, Truett Gibson, Jr. ..124,305,427 Hullum. Reba Helen 47 Jay, Joe Bob 91,445 Jay, Marguerite Lenora 80,224,225 Jefferson, Cyrus Merren 91 Jeffrey, Ben Miles 318 Jeffrey, James C 294 Jenkins, Douglas 80 Jenkins, Edgar Weymouth 91,330 Jenkins, Eldera Dee 47,274,355 Jenkins, Geraldine 400 Jenkins, Joe Mack 80,126,415 Jenkins, Madden Douglas, Jr. ..287,298 Jenkins, William Andrews 68,108 Jennings, Jane Batjer 47,281,306, 334, 392, 393 Jarabek, Clara Mae 68,343,354 Jerninan, Charles Richard 122,298 Kal more . ' Tl ' ar ' sha ' Ruth " . ' . ' . ' . ' Kaltyer, Charles Frederick Kameian, Erin Kathleen . Kampman Kaney, Thomas Mervyn ... Kappa Alpha Kappa Kappa Gamma ..... Kappa Sigma Kappler, Ruben Edward ... Karchmer. .Norma Fay . . Kariel, Maurine 281, Karlen, Dave Gerald Karren, Josephine Evelyn . 68 91,322 124 .220, 221, 281 434, 435 354 91, 296 416, 417 390. 391 392, 393 418,419 .. ..442,443 91, 370 293, 362, 370 432, 433 280 Hollinsworth, Frances Marcile 46, 275, 296 Hulse, John William 127 Hulsey, William Oran 414 Jersig, Kathleen 308, 312, 392, 393 lessen, Constance 91 Karsteter, Ola May Wagner Kartin, Sarah 48 91, 199 Hollingsworth, John Franklin 406 Holloman, Brenner Kaye 299 Humphrey, Allen Elbcrt ....80,432,433 Humphrey. Thomas Roger 409 lessen, Howard Ellsworth 129,287 Jester, Beauford 290 Katz! Doris jean ... ..... ' . 404, 405 .352. 370. 402 Holloman, Brenner Kaye 364 Humphrey, Virgil Lee 109,408 Kauf. Robert ..48. 287, 298 Holloway, Dorothy 152 Hunt. H. Lynn 80 Jewell, Arthur George 125,349 Kauffman, Nancy Etta ... .68. 224, 225, Holloway, William Horace ....44? 443 Holmes, Alice Mae Barrow 280 Hunt, Jenoise 152 Hunt, Joseph Thomas 314 Kaufman. Philip William . 324, 325 .63, 238, 438, Holmes, Arvel Lee 129 Holmes, Mary Margaret 380,381 Holmes, Wanda Jean 224,228,229 Huntaz, Mary Emilie 290 Jinkins, Kitty Sue ....177,202,308,348, Kayser, Raymond Francis .48, 304, 349 Holmlund, Hugo Julius 349 Hunter, Alice Carroll .306, 359, 363. 401 352, 359, 378, 379 Keating, Mary Aubrev .... 310, 337 396, Holt, Martha Annette ..91,344,378,379 Hunter, Katherine 366,367 John, Joan Claire 91,396,397 397 Holt, Jean Estelle 46 Hunter, Mamie Belle 91 John, Sylvia Ann 68 Keating. Peter McCall ... 434, 435 Holt, Jean 366 Hunter, Mary Ann 378,379 Johns, Nancy 91,401 Keck, Ray M., Jr 294 Holt. Virginia 148,149 Hunter, Peggy Jean 372,373 Johnson, Altine 152 Kccble, Jeanne 80 Holton, Jolyne 91 Hunter, Richard Brookshire 129 Johnson. Ann Louise Genora ....47,348 Keele, Dorothy 322 Holubec, Gardenia 343 Hunter, Virginia Frances 378,379 Johnson, Aubrey 392,393 Keen, Thomas Harper .... ..80, 304, 318 Keenan. Barbara Mary ....334,380,381 Keenan, Douglas, Jr 410.411 Keeton. Werner Page 448 Keifer, Marjorie Mae 375 Keig. Edward Adams 363,422.423 Keiser. Richard M 415 Keith, George Morgan 329.448 Keith. Helen Ray 378.379 Keith. Irene Elizabeth ..48.290,340,382 Kirkbride. Martha Ann 229 Kirkland, Shirley Ann 68,272.383 Kirkley. Isabel Barnes 48 Kirkley. John Beauchamp . .48, 122. 428 Kirksey. Frances 92.273,322.337. 339, 383 Kirkpatrick. Jean 390.391 Kirkpatrick. Mary S 390, 391 Kirsner. Sally 68.271.337. Langstaff. Ina Clara 81.202.320. Lanham. Helen Ruth . . .69. 321. 32s ' . 336 Lanmon. James Monroe 335 Unning, Connie Belle 374 Lannom. Marjorie Ann 366.367 Lapham. Neil Anthony 330, 363 Lara. Austin 353 Larkin. Lenice J 69 Lewis, David Edmond 284 Lewis. Franke Jo 81.278.321,325. 378. 379 Lewis. Jean 281.286.331.334 Lewis. Joan 286 Lewis, Jo Ellen 337,359,363.368 Lewis, Jnanita 148.419 Lewis. Lezette Lodell 49.316,348 Lewis. Lorna Jean 92 Keith, Letitia Rosalyn 48.378,379 345, 361. 398. 399 Lar-en. Victoria Frances 49.224. Lewis, Nancy Cartledge .....336 Keith. Margaret Ellen 80.338.389 Keith. Martha Jane ....48.328.363.368 K,-ilh. Nancy Joyce 68.317 Keliher. Hilda Jane 281.390.391 Kelle, Dorothy Jean 199 Keller Althea Leonore ....151,285,348 Kirtley. May Adele 272.355 Kirven. Peyton Edward 287 Kiser. Clyde Duncan 407 Kishi. James Shiro . . . .249. 305. 314. 347 Kissinger. Royal Drue 129 Kitley, Alice Faye 200 225. 228 Larson, Helen Leore 49,336 Larson. Kenneth Angus 127,427 LaRue, Betty Bryson 92. .392. 393 La Rue. Mary Jane 69, 372, 373 LaRue, Nancy Carr 390,391 Lew i-! RiT, m Mae " " . . ! ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . .92. 322 Lewis. Ruth Eleanor 220,221,231. 384, 385 Lewis. Rowland Clyde 92.430.431 Lichenstein. Bernard Joseph ...287.436. Keller, Irene Childers 68.401 Keller. Kalherine Elise 344.356, Klebe. Frank Albert 119,332 Klecka, Miro Ezidor ..34,284,287.295. Lasaler, Eleanor 390,391 Laseurain. Eustaquio M 353 Latin American Club 351 Lichte. Carl Laurent ..108.332.420.421 Lieberman. David Martin ..81,286.446 396. 397 Keller. Leona Margaret 48, 348 Kleiman. Richard 447 Latson. Anabel 337 Lieberman. Dorothy Marion ...151.398. Kellev. Alec Ervin 48 Klein. Adele Lucille 92.345 LattTmore. 11 Joe Newsoni " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 69 Liedker. Barbara Ann 398.399 Kelley, Burness Veal, Jr 122 Klein, David Ballin 19.346 Lattimore Mary Kay 401 Lief man. Arleen 398,399 Kelley. Norma Jeanne 91 Kelley, Doris 229 Klein. Grace 302 Klein, Teddy Alexander 48,110. Lauder, William Bernice 109 Lauer, Pauline Louise 378.379 Liggett. Irving Crandell .69. 119, 226. 342 Lightfoot. Reuben Patton, Jr 34 Kelley, Jane Frances 380,381 Kelly. Carolyn 91.348 311, 428. 429 Kleinman, Ann. 92,322 Lauterstein. Malcomb Joseph ..124.329 Laves Bernard 81,436,437 Lilley. Janet Marie 92.278,354 Limrlifhl 165. 204 Kelly, Helen Juanita ..48.199.275,355 Kleinman. Theresa 92 Law Mary Hart 278, 369 Limmer. Evelyn Annette -.92,228.388. Kelly, Joseph Lee 91 Kellv, Mary Gene 48,240.241,320 Klenk. Dora M.rg.rette 394.395 Kleypas. Laura Lee 80 Law. Robert A 417 Lawhon. Billie Sue 26.273.335, 389 Lincoln. Bert Herrold 123 Kelly. Nancy 273 Kling Norman Andrew 290 Lindberg. Evan Florian 223 Kellogg. Sara Katherine ...48.272,336. Klingelhoefer. Mary Louise 48 Lawler. William Trigg 49.329 Lindley. Billie Jean 372.373 359, 367 Klinern.mitn. Earl Edwin 120 Lawrence. Mary Jane 378, 379 Lindquist. Dorothy Louise ..201.322.383 Kel-o, Samrove Marguerite ..48.394.395 Klotz. Harold Abraham ....80,222.223. Lawson. Jean Elaine 220.221.356. Lindsay. Barbara Jean 401 Kelton. Elmer Stephen 80 436. 437 376. 377 Lindsey. Betty Ruth 69 Kemp. Edward Geoffrey 118,255 Klotz. Harry Leslie 429 Lay, Chester F 279, 280, 293, 294 Lindsey. Barbara Jean 69.337 Kemp, Elizabeth Jane 68 Kmiec. Natalie Regina 92,354 Lavne. Bobby 412.413 Lindsey. Si Osier Clarence 333 Kemp. William James 68 Kempe. .icraldine Lorraine .68.376.377 K.-mp.-r. Jame. Vardeman 412,413 Ken.lall. Ruth Harlan 48,285,289. Kmieeik. Bernard Aloysius 329 Knebel, William Curtis 124 Knickerbocker. Betty Sue 383 Knight. Betty Ann .80. 238. 306. 390. 391 Lea. Betty Jane 378.379 Lea. Edwin Pierce 441 Leahy. James Paul 81.126.354 Leahv. Rosemary Ruth . .92. 354. 380. 381 Lindslev. Katherine Freeman 81 Lindslev. Ruth Bower .273,344.390.391 Lingerfelt. Marybelle 148.419 Lingo. William Albert 118.226 394, 395 Knight. Bette Jane 49 Leak. Edwin Fieser 119 Linnard. Dorothy Ann 49. 336 Kendall, William Roy 123 Kenealv. John Patrick 124 ..288.289 Kennard. Emilv Ann 285.396,397 Knight] Mary Elizabeth 359 Knighton. Thomas Eugene 226 Koch. Lena Belle 362 Knott- lois Ann 320,337.366,367 Leal. Victor Mario 351 Leary, Alice Cordon .. 302, 310. 315. 334. 340 Leasure. Ruth Grace 337 Linnstaedter. Herbert 445 Linseomb. Mary Lee 372,373 Linville. Francis Louise 92.354 Lipe. Jo lone 148.419 Audrey Elaine 273.317 Kenned.. Yvonne Emelia 359,368 (..rrest Lvnn 418,419 Knowhon. Harold Clay 126 Knox. Vivien Virginia ....337.362.368 Leasure. Mary Elizabeth ..337.394.395 Lebeaux. Jacob Mazim 332 Le Cercle. Fracais 352 Upper. Bill 446 Lipper. Fay 370 Lipper. Felice Baron 345 Kenn .lv. Marian Violet 316 Kennedy. Mary Curtis 224,225 Kobe. Kenneth Albert 295,329 Ledbetter. Paul Veal " . " . " .. " 121, 427 Leddy. James Forbes 126 Lippitl. David 118 Lippman. Bayl. 328,346.384,385 Kenned.. Mary Frances 354.401 Kenned.. Robert Allen ....92.130.222. 223, 254 Kennon, Isham George, Jr 48.287, 291. 295. 332. 448 Kennon. Juanita Marie 80 Kenny. Billv Allen 222,223 Krohn, Patsy Jane ... .80. 272, 366. 367 Kroll. Helmuth Conrad 80 Kroll. Lionel Elliot 233.404,405 Krueger. Roger Frederick 120 Kubala. Albert Louis 343 Kuckly. Katherine 272 Kucukcetin Adnan Mehmel 287 Lee. " Betty Margaret . .345. 362. 366. 367 Lee. Bobby Coy 246. 412. 413 Lee, Dan Henry 49.418.419 Lee. David Cleveland. Jr 284 Lee. Doris 275 Lee. Jaek White 92 Lee, James Patrick 81,287 Lippmann, David Zangwill 287 Li,.-c,.mh. Jacqueline 278 Lipscomb. Virginia Lee 401 Lissauer. Jacqueline Doris ....322.348. Lissner. Helen Renee 81 Li.,o. Marvin Stuart 329 Kenni. Joan Patricia 372.373 Kuehn Annie Belle 68.228.229 Lee. John Nathaniel 120 Liston. Henrietta 81.348.358 Kent, Betty Jane 68. 337 Kent. Florence Chalfonte 195.334. Kuehn. Louis Frederick 49 Kuehne. Frances Lorraine 348 Lee. Margaret 148,149 Lee, Ruth Marion 352.396.397 Litchfield. William Arthur 409 Littlefield. Clyde 417 Kent, Ceraldine 80. 366! 367 Stanley Edward ....118.291. 295. 332 Lee. Rav 124 Lee. Richard Albert 126 LiltlrfirlJ Dormitorr 322 Littlefield, Wanda Sue 81.278 Kent, Harry Llewellyn, Jr 291,332 Lee. Thomas J 81. 124 Littau. Elsie Ruth 152 Kent. James Thomas 92,442,443 Kenvan. Graver Cleveland. Jr. ....119. 304,330 Kerby. James Kenneth 360 K. tl.-.. Robert Vincent 284.329 Kern. Ruth Laredo 92 K-rr. Helen Latham ...92.320,390,391 Kerr. Martha Louise 382 K.up.r. Doris Joyce 68 Justin A. 127 Key, Luther 226 Keyak. Victor M. S 124 Key., Lera Margaret 392. 393 Keys. Lila Virginia .80, 273. 342, 366, 367 Kuh! " ciadvs Evelvn ' 281, 317 Kulhanek. Adelene 343 Kultgen, David Burks 280 Kummer. Richard Edward 118 Kury. Leota 320 Kutscher. Jackie Elizabeth 348 Kuwahara, George 92 Kuykendall. Ethel Laura 281.286. 290. 302, 356. 357. 380. 381. 402 Kuvper. William 118.332 Kuzell. Ethel Millie 343 Kvle. Richard Lefwich 441 Kynette. Lois Adele 296 Leebrick, Robert John 427 Leeper, Charles Kendal 119.291. 295. 332. 335 Leeper. Marilyn 49.352,368 Leeper. Rov Weslev 118 Leff. Bernard 404,405 Legett. Martin Paulsen 49,342 Lehman. Joseph Mann 447 Leipziger-Pearce, Hugo 20 Leism.n. Mildred 152 Leland. T. W 279 Lemley. Caroline 322 Lemly. Carolyn Suzette ....92.344.369 Lemmon. George Reynolds ....123.305. Lively. Julia Lucille 92,317 Li. ing-ton. Jaek Clark 109.299 .Living-ton. Mar. Margaret 92,348 Llovd. Ann 238 Lloyd. Kenneth Eugene 81 Locarnini. Charles Robert 126 Loehart, Olive White 220.221 Locke, John Raymond 412,413 Locke. Marv Anne 49 Lockett. Virginia H.yden ..272.378.379 Lockhart, Frances Harris 392.393 Lockhart. Helen lane 49.336.368 Lockhart. Josephine Cresham ..392.393 Lockhart. Olive White ....197.362.382 Kidd. Robert Kenneth 332 422. 423 Lockmiller. Billie Jovce ....81,222.223 Kieschnick, Mildred 199 L Lemmon, Mark Leonard ...311.418.419 Lockwood. Ann Marie 380.381 Ki.--t.-i. David Thomas 124 Lemmons, Robert Daniel 69, 1 Lockwood, Thelma 13,302 Kietz. Roddy Keith 445 Lackey. Theodore Elton 129 Kihara, Hayato 48 Kil.v. Betty Claire 396.397 Kil.v. Mr-. M. C 323 Lacy. Judv Devereaux ..69.304.376.377 Lacv. Lucille Cooper ..49,306,392,393 Lafuente. Donald Cr.v 124 Lennev. Claire Louise 81 Lentsch. Louise ....92.278.345.394.395 Lensky. Sylvia 322 Lodle Ve ' r!vn n E:.ine " . ' " . . ' . " .69. 376. ' 377 Loeffler, Aubrey Linville 92.127. 420. 421 Kil.v. B.-ttv Virginia 92 Lafuente. Jorge Delgrade 341.351. Lentz. ' Sarah M 81 Loeffler. Joy La Rue 92 Killmer. Mar; lee Fleming 68.220. 353. 354 Lenzo . John James 81 Loeser. Wil ' li.m Jacob 123 221, 320 Lain. Margaret 80. 386, 387 Leon, Harry Joshua 20.346 Logan. Lucia Robson ..224.225.356.357 Killough. John A 92 Kilpatrick, Martha Clayton . . . .390. 391 Laird, Hazel Adele 378.379 Laird, Lois Shirlene 49. 378. 379 Leon. Isabel Miriam . . .69. 228. 229. 346 Leon Velma Pauline ..220.221.388.389 Logan. Marjorie Ann . .69. 224. 225. 227, 390. 393. 303. 324. 325. 356. 357 Kimbrough. Peggy 392,393 Laird, Mary Florence 317.348 Leonard. Err.est, Jr 109,445 Logsdon. Helen Constance 81.401 Kimbrough, Nancy Jo 337 Lamb, Eleanor Howe 49 Le Plante. Raymond Earl 127 Lokey. Althea Ann .69. 199. 321. 325. 368 Kinder. Carrie Lou 148,149 King, Adelaide Carlisle ..151.306.396, Lambda Chi Alpha 420,421 Lancaster, Cunthia Ann 69, 229 LeRouax. Richard Ross 110.329. 412, 413 Lokken. Robert Terry 124 London. Frank 122 397 Lancaster. Ruth 92, 322 Leslie. Mildred Fern 348 London. J. J. 104 King. Catherine 363 Lander Betsey Ray 278.348 Leslie. Ruth Elizabeth .289. 348, 380, 381 Long. Alice Virginia 228,229 King, Dell Roy 127 Lander. Elizabeth James 396,397 Long. Betty 92.322 King, Halladav 294 Lander. Betsy Rae 151 Lelter! Charges Webster ...... " .2B7 Long. Betty Geneva 386. 387 King. Hugh Franklin 360 Lanes, Robert Paul 92 Lester. Gloria Ann 308. 390, 391 Long. J.cqnelaine 49 King, John Helms 424 425 Landin Naomi 9 Long Dorothy Ruth . .69, 378, 379 Kin . Katherine 396,397 Landman, Pauline 49.328,398.399 Lester ' Jayne M 361.369 Long. Elizabeth 392.393 King, Royal Wheeler. Jr. ..361. 121.425 Landon, John Irvine 222,223 Lester Mai 92.427 Long. Ernest Guinne 329 King. Thomas Jefferson, Jr 92 Landon. Marcheta 92 Leudeman, Jewel 368 Long. Lida Ruth 281 King, Vera Jean 92.221.245 Landnim, Betty 80, 278 Levin, Herman 284,329 Long. Margaret Nelle 69.354 Kingemann. Dorothy Ann 317 Landrum. Jimmie Lee 321 Levin. Millicent 370.287.295 Long. Ulman Eugene 339 Kinnear, Mary Alice 80 Landry. Hubert Joseph 124 Levine, Doris Mae 398.399 Longenecker. Donald Russell ..442.443 Kinsel. John Winston 92,438,439 Lane, Deborah Anne 69.337 Levine. Rose Marion 398,399 Lonfkorn Band 222.223 Kinser, Gene Cecil 124 Lane. Harvey Henry 438,439 Levinson. Helen L 385 Looman. Helen Marie 92,354 Kinsolving, Carey Leigh ..48,151,378, Lane. Mary Jane 81,378,379 Levinson, Naomi 81.384,385 Loos. Dorothy Vera 81.388,389 379 Lanford. Ruth 92 Levinson. Marjorie . . . .92. 322, 384. 385 Kinter, Dwight Lamar 80. 318, 347 Lang. Jeanne 370 Lew, Marjorie Fay 370 Lopez. Ramon Martinez 351 Kipp. Carl Christian, Jr 120 Lang. Vive Elizabeth 49 Levy. Marjorie May 81,357,370 Lorbeer, Ernest Henry 124 Kirby Hall 321 Langdon. Donald Lloyd 123 Lew-alien, Betty Jean 81.296,382 Losh, Janet 92.322 Kirbv. Nelwvn 401 Kirk. Harrv Don 92. 442, 443 Langenheim. Richard Henry ....420,421 Langlev. John Waterman 298 Lewallen. William Wayne 92 Lewis. Charles Willard 69 Lostak. Or. 348 LoU. LeGene 240.241 Lott. Mary Harriet . . . .49, 273, 366, 367 Louden, Orr 410.411 McCullar, Wilbur 233,288 McCullough, George Howard 441 McMurrey, Marjorie Anne ..312.396.397 MrNatt. James Kenneth 93 Martin. Margaret Ann 81 Martin, Robert Lee 284,295.329 Louis, Harriet Velma 328.384,385 McCullough. Mary Ella 378,379 McMaughtcn, Rita Eleanor 93,354 M.-mineaiia. Roberta 148, 149 Love, Dorothy 193 McCullough, Sally Trueheart ..50.150. McNeil, Harold Jordon 50,332, Martinez, Arnulfo Simeon ....240,241, Love, John William, Jr 69. 109.240, 392. 393 349, 364 293, 351 241, 292 McCurdy, Dorothy Brown 372,373 McNiel. James Samuel .284,311,329,408 Martinez, Oscar Nicolas ...341,351,354. Love, Marjorie Ruth 228,232 McCurdy, John Anderson 28.304 McNeill. Mildred L 69 Martinez. Pedro Jesus 353 311. 448 McCurdy, Maria 204. 32.V 383 M.Phvn-on, Dorothy Jean ....289,334, 353, 354 Loveless, Loyal Edwin, Jr 50.108, McDaniel, Catherine Mae 380.381 378, 379 Martinez-Lopez. Ramon 293 311, 448 McDaniel, Florence Irene 69,348 McQuigg, Marilyn 34 Martino . Karl Albert 332 Lovell, John Harrison 228 McDaniel, Kathryn Elizabeth 368 McRcvnolds, Billy 50,108 Martino. Karl 347,418,419 Lovell, Katherine Pine .69.225,224,336 McDaniel, Meda Beth 355 McTee. Patricia Dean ..220,221,366,367 Marullo, Frank Clayville 51 Lovette, M ' aric Selman 38o] 381 380, 381 Marzotto. James ' .119 Lovit, Mildred Pauline 232 McDaniel, Rodney G 92 M Mask. William Glenn 70.123.333 Lowden, Katherine 271 McDonald, Ben F 109 Maske, Margaret 148,149 Lowdon, Katherine Logan ....69,328, McDonald, Jean 240,241 Mabry, Clarence Lelwyn 432,433 Mason, Cornelia Allen 336 380. 381 McDonald, Maude Eugenia ....278.337, Macaulay, Mary Frances ..358.386,387 Mason, Jean Marie ...337,362,366.367 Lowe, Howard Ray 108,430,431 359, 372, 373 MacDonald, Betty . . . .337, 348, 366, 367 Mn.quelctte. Philip 81,434,435 Lowery, William Dudley 69,347 McDonald, Peachie Waunell 92 larh, -in, -hi Ida Katherine 93 Massey, Joseph Andrew 12 Lowery, Alfred Sebring ..311,360,361, McDonnell, Dixie Marie 81 Machia, Jane 281,316 Massey. Mary Patricia ..93.227,322,337 424, 425 McDow, Evangeline Mary 81,333 MacGuire, John T 349 Massey, Sammy D 81,420,421 Lowrey, Mary Elaine 359,388,389 McDow. Ishmel Mayo 333 Maciel, Anthony, Jr 124,354 Massingill, George Shaffer 51 Lowry, Stanley Todd 304,314 McElhannon. Sara Elizabeth ..396,397 MacKay, John Martin 341,351 Matejek, Catherine Ann 354 Loy, Irene Louise ..92.201,320,366,367 McElroy, Carol Ruth ..50,281,286,352 MarK. ' ii i,-. Patricia 320,337,383 Matejka, Ruby Read 273,343 Loy, Mary Jane 81,388,389 McElroy, Robert Don 81,354,360 Mackey, Joan 372,373 Matheny, Nadine 81, 35T Loyd, Ann 28,29,199 Loyd, Eleanor Ann ....50,359,376,377 McElwain, Irene Louise 81 McEntire, Jamie Sue 366.367 Mackey, Priscilla Dawes ....81,386.387 MarMichael Betty Jane 272 Mathews, Edward Jackson 14,304 Mathews, Elizabeth Hanora ....348,354 Loyd, Faye 240,241 McEwen, Joanne . .50. 314. 352. 392. 3 ' I3 Macon Laura 273 Mathews. Robert Franklin 361 Loyd, Welta Faye 92 McFall. Paul Wayne 92,432,433 Macow, Marjorie Joanne ..202.286.302. Mathis. Betty Marie ...81,342.380.381 Lucas. Paul Buford 119 McFalis, Betty Jo 69,272 303, 362, 384, 385 Mathis, Lee Roy, Jr 319 Luckett, Lucille 229.392,393 Luckey, Raymond David, Jr. ..222,223 McFarland, Annie Marie ..254,378,379 McFarland, Barbara Jean ..69,273,337, MacPherson, Dorothy Enid .224, 225, 281 Maddocks, Gladys Louise 281 Mathis. Marian Louise ..70.342,378,379 Matlock. Rosalie Stevenson ....81,317 Luedecke, Walter Lee 129 388, 389 Madrj. Rose 93 Matthews, C. Mason. Jr. 93 Liie.lemann, Jewell Kathleen ..50,195, McFarland, Cecil Warren 123 Minh-j Stella 93 Matthews, Carolyn Jane ..353,396.397 357 McFarland. Elbert Leroy ..93,222,223 Madcro, Evaristo, Jr 329,351,354 Matthews, Charles Theron 12J Lumpkin, Betty Marie 69,401 McFarland. John Allen 414 Madole, Jewel Pickford, Jr 127 Matthews, Hugh Tannehill, Jr 81, Lumpkin, J. H 231 Lundy, Beth 81 McFarland, John Douglas 295.409 McFarland. Marjorie Ann 348.401 Maedgen, Mary Ellis 69.224.225. 348. 390, 391 304, 335, 349 Matthews. Jane 196 Lupo. Albert Franklin 364 368 356. 380, 381 Matthew., Marie Celeste ....51.292341 Lupton, Gloria DePoyster 69,309, McFarland, Nance Marie ..69,281.344, Magee, Bertha Faye 93 Matthews, Ravenna 30, 70, 240, 241, 392, 393 396, 397 Magee, Martha Elizabeth 81,358 273, 297, 303, 334, 352, 390, 391 Lusk. Lloyd Wesley 127 McFarlane. Robert Lloyd 129 Magee, Mary Louise 50 Matthews, William Edward ....442,443 Luther, Mary Leann 339 McFehearty, Marilyn C 93 Maginot K, b -it Wendell 50 Matthews. William Falvey 51.299 Lyall, Ruth Elizabeth 69 McFee, Jean Markita 50,306,348, Magliolo Ellen Barbara ....93,322.348 Matton. Frances Elizabeth .356, 396, 397 Lyle, Patsy Ann 92,337 396, 397 Magliolo, Joseph. Jr. ..50,120.245.329 Mattson, Kenneth Boyd 120 Lynch, Ann Spencer 320 McGee, Tom 416 MafirudiT Janeth Fordham 280 Matula, Dolores Celeste 81 Lynch, Lois May 382 Lynn, Ellelka 366,367 McGchearty. Marilyn Catherine ....316 McGill. Joseph, Jr 120 Maguire, ' Jack Russell . . . .51). 231. 236. 240 241 292 339 Mauck, Eleanor 93,320 Maxwell, Julia Verne 70 Lyon, Betty Ray ..240,241,297,386,387 McGill, Mary Jane ..238,337,362,366. Mahler, Ida Louise . .50 271, ' 273, 302. May, W. T., Jr 333 Lyon, ' Richard Colton 230,287 367 McGill, William Lawrence 304 322. 325, 356 Mahone, Anna Louise 376,377 Maver. Marjorie Claire ' .37C Lyons, Calvin Joseph 444 McGinnis, Edward Karl 280 Maida. ' Marianne Barbara 69,354 Mayes, Charlotte Hazel ....70.22(1.221 Lyons, Effie Camillc 50,328 McCinnis, Mary Ann 50 Main, William 123,429 Mavcs. Thelma Bcrnice ...293.386.387. McCinnis, William Wayne ....110,291. Mainland, Gordon B 445 400 Me 295, 332, 354 Majors, Jonita W : andeen 81 Mavfield. Mary Allen 382,384 McGloin, Kathleen 200.342,380, Makins, Robert Mayhall. Mildred Pickle 289,359 McAdams, John Whitfield, Jr 69 381 402 Makin-. Williaffl Joseph 69 Maync, John Calvin 129. 1.10. t3I McAllister, J. Gilbert 23 McCowin. William 410,411 Malik. Joe, Jr 305,314.343.354.364 Mayo, Paul Randolph -..432,433 McAlmon, Patricia Sue .81,309,380,381 McCraw, M. Jean 93 Mallen, Hector Zotico 67,333 Mays, Marietta 93. McAnelly, Anna Lee 328 McGregor, Stuart Malcolm ..81.442,443 M-illin Beverly 322 Mazow, Jack 404,405 McAnelly, Virginia Ann 386.387 McAtee, Doris Ann ...324,325.378,379 McGuire, Dorothy Estey . . . .81, 376, 377 Mcllan, Mary Harriette 93,320 Malmstrom. Leona Lucille 50,336 Malone, James Donald ....122.424,425 Meador, Elizabeth 93,322 Meador, Sarah Margaret . .93, 285. 362, McBee, Sue Brandt 50.302 Mcllheran, Bettie Clem 69,308 Malooly, Rosaleen 70,228 368 McBride, Deborah Irene ...337,366,367 Mclnerny, Robert Twohy 130 Minn Car! Frederick 347,424,425 Medairy, John W. T 222,223 McBride, William Kdw.-nd 118,50 Mclnnis, Mary Elizabeth ..278,396,397 Mann] Earlene Dorothy ....81.388,389 Medical Section 451,473 McCabe, Mary Catherine ..92,356,376, Mclnnis, Walter James 430,431 lann, ' fi, -1,1. William Henry 422,423 Medina-Neri, Hector Manuel ..341,354 377 McCain. Eula Louise ..224,225,228,229 Mclntire. George Craig 406 Mclntire, Marylyn 93.348,372,373 Manry, Jack, Jr 93 Manry, Seymour Sunto, Jr 222.223 V. ' -Sati ' tv. Ferri. J. " " . .....]]]].].].] 9J McCain. James Thomas 413.419 Mclntyre, Janette 281,392,393 Mansfield, Ruth 51.392.393 Mehner, Maureen Marie 81,369 McCaldin. James Oeland 107 M intlf Paul Loval 118 Mell, Janis 194,398,399 McCall. Dan Scott. Jr 92 McJunkin. Hugh King, Jr. ].]...] ]l!9 Mantrris Vera Fave 93. 386. 387 Mellenthin. Jack Alton ....81,222,223 McCall. George Sidney ....249,412,413 McKay, Jacqueline 69.204.312, Manuel, H. T 18.293.351 Melton, Sarah Annelle ..308,359.361, McCall, Margaret Frances 69,382 357 378 379 378. 379 McCsllam, Doris May 50,337,348 McKay. John 353 Maiamall. illiam Joseph 284,329 Mendel. Julius Louis 222.223.287 M, Campbell, Stanley Reid ....424,425 McKay, Juan 354 Mendoza, Lucy 152 McCann, James Joseph 126 McKay, Lois Janice 81,380.381 Mink Flaine 278 Menking, Perry Brickschmidt ..109,418, McCarrell, Katherine Louise ..92,366, McKean, Margaret Janelle ..93,271.278. Marck] Marjorie 51,195.220. 419 367 348, 356, 390, 391 221. 337, 343 Menn. Mary Lee 222,317,332,375 McCarter, Gilbert Berry ..283,295,311, McKee, Joseph Fulton, Jr 282 Marini, Melba 93 Men ' s Glee Club 226 428, 429 McKee William James 109 Marini, Melba 322 Meredith, Jane Clark 337 McCarthy, Robert James ...69,119,304, 354 McCarthy, William Marcus ....109,287, McKellar, Emily 278, ' 356. 396, ' 397 McKellar, Robert Hargrove 123 McKie. Ben Whitesille 418,419 Maris, ' Patricia Nell . . . .93, 99. 322. 333 Ma.Uard, Charles Gale 298,448 Marney, Marilea 81,378,379 Meredith, Kathryn Ann 51 Meredith, Mimi 309.392.393 Meredith. Nancy Carlton ..281,288,331, 305, 354, 448 McKiel, James Albert 330, Marjorie Ruth 317 392, 393, 416 McCarty, Luanne 392,393 McKimmins, Mark, II 441 Marquez. Gustavo Enrique ....353.354 Merrill, Marie 306,401 McCarty, Nita Rose 82, 300 McClarney, Patricia Sue ...28.29,194. McKinley, Robert Lee 69.287,318 McKinney, Jeff Milam 280 Marquez-D., Victor 351 Marroquin, Bernard 354 Merritt, Donna Grace 81 Merritt. Kenneth Weiland ....108.311, 220, 221, 272, 278. 303. 354. 388. 389 McKinney, Norma Louise 344 Marrs, Mary Florence 70 312. 422. 423 McClauldin, James 432,433 MrKinimn, Margaret Lee 378.379 Marsh, James Galbraith ....30.51.287. Merritt, Miriam 81,322,325 McClelland, William Henry 429 McKnight, Joe Webb 28,29,108, 294, 304. 314. 347 Merritt, Sammie Jean 70 McClendon, Mary Louise ..69,221.225. 438. 439 Marsh. John Emory. Jr 81,364 Metcalf. Margaret Slaughter ....70,401 328, 372, 373 McLaughlin, John Henry 126 Marsh, Joan 81 Metzger, Elmer W., Jr 51 McClure, Mary Catherine ..92,306,392, 325, 344 Mar-hall] Louise Charlotte 93,322, Mexican Literary Society 353 393 McLaurin, Banks, Jr 50.108,282, 337, 376. 377 Meyer, Elene 362,370 McClusky, Elizabeth Jane ..81,273,323, 287, 295, 305, 414 Marshall, Kiefer 247 Meyer, Frances Elizabeth 51 325, 354 McLaurin. Banks, Sr 282,295 Marshall, Mary Amelia 51 Meyer, Imo Knox 129 McConn, Richard Lewis 430,431 McConnell, George Richard 129 McLean, A. J 105 Mai- hall. Knlint Keifer 434,435 Mever, Rodn.-v William ..291,295,332 McConncil, Joan 148,149 392, 393 Marshall, Robert Leonard 120 Meyer, Vincent 409 Meyers, Mary Ann 82 McCoLiVk, Charles T 17 McLe.,,1. Doris Jo 81 Martin, Albert Harold 126 Meyers, Virginia 278,352 MrCormick. Irene 320 McMahon. Barbara 320 Martin. Alice Joyce 93 M.I.C.A 314 McCormick, Dr. Katherine 296 McMahon, Krouse Sewall 284,295, Martin, Anna Lee 70.321,368 Micek, Eduard 343 McCormick, M argaret Joyce .92, 224, 225 329 416 Martin, Charles Ernest, Jr 318 Mickelson, Laurile 82 McCormick, Mary Etta 81 McMaster, Jessie Foy 122 Martin, Cora M 289,328,383 Mickle, Robert William ....70,438,439 McCormick, Sally Norcne ..92.276.383 M.-Cov. John Tom 445 McMath. Hugh 438,439 McMillan. Earl Thomas 50,406 Martin Edwin Palmer 256 Martin, Garland Ned ...51,108,284.329 Middleton, Doris 70,222.228.273 Mikkelson, Thomas Edward 118 McCranie, Hugh 354 McMillan, John Aubrey 311.407 Martin, Grace Ann 81 Milburn. William Wallace 410.411 McCreless, Doreen 152 McMillan, Mary Katherine 93 Martin, James Thelbert 70,417 Miles, Chilton, Earl. Jr. 70.119 McCright, Elva Jean 306,401 McCright, Mary Ethel 237 McMinn, Mary Lou 69 McMordie, William James 130 Martin. James Watson 34.280 Martin. Marjorie 196 Miles, Dorothy Sue ....51.306.347,400 Miles, George Paul 124 Miller Delta Turner 51 336 Moore Jane nn 378 379 NAMES PACES Naranjo Julio Neal 445 V R O T C 107 110 Miller. Charles Edwin 129,417 Moore. Jean Elnora 93, 317. 348 Nash. Beverly Anne 228.229,334. Null, Dan Dutton 94.329 Miller, Edward John . .82. 124. 422. 423 oore. Joy Margaret ..70.358.372.373 354, 3%, 397 Nune-.. Rafael 240,241 Miller, Elna Louise 82 oore. J. W 438.439 Nash, David Eugene ..119,305.420,421 Nungesser. Ralph Edward 82 Miller, France. Louise ....51.302.322, oore, Lucille 281 Nash. Jacquelyn 93 Nunn. Edna Elizabeth 228 325, 336 oore. Margaret Allene 93 Nash. Joe Ware. Jr 280 Nunn. Huberta 401.402 Miller, George Guy 108 oore. Mary Claire 52 Nash. Nora Nell 93 Nunn. Robert Read 418.419 Miller, Gertrude Ann 348 Miller. Gus. Jr 410,411 oore. Patricia 70.337 oore. Princess Doll 368 .Vorv Personnel 104.106,138 329. 430. 431 urse ' f 4ide 151 Miller. Jack Ol ' iver 329 oore, Richard Carson 339 Varr T-5 138 141 Nussbaum, Adelyn Jean 289.362.370 Miller, James Tegarden 118 Moore, Robert Edwin 82 Neal. Mary Mason 293,350.353 Nutter, Clifford Burton 314 Miller. Jeanne Cardell 70,222,223 Moore, Rosemary 366.367 Neale. Jack Clifford 118 .V Vpsioon Tau Tau 308 Miller, Jaon Webb 396,397 Moore. Victor Ivan 99 Nebb. Martin J. (faculty) 231 Miller. John Philip 329 Miller, Joyce Elaine 82 Moore, Virginia Rae ...52,220,221.272 Moore. Wilbur Lea 123 Nebenzahl. Mildred 28, 29. 82. 151. 346. 398. 399 O Miller. Marilyn 148,149 Moore. William Lawrence 434.435 Neece, Neal, Jr 94 407 Oates, Kay 396.397 Miller, Mary Elizabeth ....278.334.396. Moore, Willis Daniel 360 427 Neece! Neal ' . . . ' . ............ " .... " . . . ' . 94 O ' B.nion, Melbourne (Joe) ... .26. 34. 397 Moore., Edward 412 413 Needham, Dorothy Fay 70 410. 411 Miller. Myra Alice 316 Moorhead. Sarah Lenora 52, 336 Needham, James William ..70.298.339. O ' Brien, Berwick Grain. Jr 434,435 Miller. Naomi Jane ...273.356,366,367 Moreland. Betty Jane 93.378,379 O ' Brien, Bettv 337.366.367 Miller. N. Ed 360 Morgan. Belly Boyd 383 Needham. Mis. ' .273 O Brien, William Joseph. Jr 4O9 Miller, Patricia Ruth 70,202.337, 366,367 Morgan, Charles 422 423 Morgan, James Harris 93,304 Needham. William Felix. Jr. ...94,222, 223 O ' Connel. Doris Ann 82.401 O ' Connor. Marigene 82,383 Miller. Ray Warren 93,445 Miller, Robert Lambie 51,442.443 Morgan, Lillian 148.149 Morgan. Martha Joanna 34 Neel. Betty Carolyn 82.380.381 Neel. Ruth nnette 150 O ' Connor, Ann 273 O ' Connor, Bolney Cutherie 71 Miller. Thomas Stanley 409 Miller, Verlyn Jeanette ..224.225,324. 325 Miller, Walter Blake 230,442,443 Morgan. Marcy 93,271.378.379 Morgan. Martha ..221.220.306,392.393 Morgan. S.r, Ruth 356.390,391 Morgan. William Ferguson Jr 93 Neely, Florence . . . .52. sio. ' sSo ' . 390. ' 391 Nees. Martha Virginia ..94,363.390.391 Neff. Jack Earle, Jr 363. 424. 425 Neil. Ina Claire O Connor, Volney Culhrie ....292.240. 241. 314. 319, 335 O ' Dell, Marv Jo 296 O Gara. Shelia 271 Miller, Wayne Meredith 222,223 Morganstern. Billy Stewart .124.329.446 Neii! Ruth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !ss7 O ' Hara, France. Lillian 52.400 Miller, Wendell Douglas 124 Moriiz. Melvin James 52 Neil. William Henrv 123 98 414 O ' Neal, Jack 319 Millican, Marcus Laverne ..288.318.331 Milliken, Charles Cornelius ....70,351 Milliken, Harriet Bain 390,391 Morrel. Margaret 32 1 Morris, Alice Beth 82,201,316 Morris. Coley Grant 304. 329 Neisingh. Eugene Stephen " . ' . ... ' . " .. . ' .119 Nelson. Betty Jo Nelson Charles Conrad 115 O ' Quinn, Dorothy 348 Ocker, Frances Annette 70,342 Odeen, Alice Lorraine 281 Milliken, Mary Jeanne 70 Milliken, Spenser Rankin 329 Millimad, Sammy 147 Morris. E.tella Carnett .52.285,317,348 Morris, Evelvn Fay 343 Morris, John Milton 305 409 Nelson. Forrest Murphy 286 Nelson. Jacqueline Dvor. 203.346 Nelson, Janice Louise 222.223 322 Oden, Mary 322 Odle. Jame. Louis 82 Odom, John A., Jr. ... y 71.364 Millis, Clyde Wayne 70 Morris. Mack Miller 93. 318, 339 Nelson. Jo Ann 176, " 202. " 312. ' 36T Odom. John A.. Jr " 71 Mills, Audrey 148,149 Morrison. Louise Cromwell ..93.378.379 Offricht, William Paul 404.405 Mills, Harry Earl 93 Morrow, E. L 226 Nelson June Croxier 3% ' 281 O ' Cara. Shiela Mav 383,273 Mill,, Lucia Virginia 51.376.377 Mills. Mary Elizabeth 51.376.377 Morrow, Frankie 70, 240, 241 Morrow, John Tarlton. Jr. .127,339.409 Nelson! Lillian Bethine " !!!!!! ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .316 Nelson, Louise 94 228 Oghurn. Lillian Marie 82 Ogle, Joseph Craft 122 Mills. Mary Lou 51.356 Morrow. Marie Betzner 289 Nelson. Mary Alice 392 393 Oglesby, Clenda Erin 278 Mills. Patricia 93.222,223. 224. 225, 322, 380, 381 Morrow, Walter 410.411 Morse, Louise 70 Nelson. Quenton Edward 329 Nelson, Theda Jane 375 Oglesby, Virginia Doris 71 Oheim, Edna Elizabeth 232 Milnes. Lawrence W : iber 123 Motto, Board 302 Oheim. Frances Louise 228 Milstead, Earline 366,367 Mortimer. Glenn George. Jr 408 Nesbit, Almedia 203. 272. 36e! 367 Oka. Harold Hiroshi 52.332 Minez, Pedro 353 Mortln. Yvette 384,385 Nesslv. Bettv Jean 94,361.380.381 Okrent. Carol 352.370 Mingus, Dorothea Ruth 325, 339 Mortin. Mart ha Ann 82.278 Neuhaus. Dorothy Estelle 82 Olander. Hohanna Christine ....52.348 Mingus. Frances Maria 320,339 Mosby, John Singleton 442,443 Neuhaus. Peggy Lodelle ...310.380,381 Oldham. Betty Jane 400 Mingus, Sunnv 320 Moses, Alma Teresa 93,222 223 Nevelow, Margie Lois 352 Olds, A. Y 52.103.287,311,408 Minter, Doris ' 82 Moses. Bille June ... .93 Olesen, Marie Mitchel 1 394. 395 Minter. Sam S 26 Mosier. Ruth 93 Nevil le! WUMam ' Hurt? Jr. ! ! ! Olcott, Elinor June 52.285.348. Mitchell, Clifton Elwain 109,304 Mosis. Dirk Phillip 122 New. Phyllis Ruth " 94 396. 397 Mitchell, Edward Jack, Jr 118 Moskowitz, Elise 357 353 384 385 New by, Margaret !!!!!!!!!!!! " s20 Oliver, Covey Thomas 417 Mitchell, Fred Marlin 279,287 Mo.ko.iu, Gertrude Frances . ' ... ' 70 Newcomb. Duane Carrol !!!!!!!!!!!! 94 Oliver. Paula Laurena 94.369 Mitchell. Lenora 148,149 Mo... Joe Albaugh 70 108 Newcomer. Bettv Ann 70. 324. 325. Oliver. W. Allen 82 Mitchell, Leo Steward 82.329 Mo... June Iris .. 82 348 Olle. Edwin Werner 280 Mitchell. M.rcia Virginia 93,369 Mitchell. Mimi 344.392.393 Mittenthal. Emmy Lou 370 Mivauchi. Dayid Takenori 318 Moss. Katherine !. ' . ' : . ' . " . ' 70. ' 401 Etttc EE a Mountz. Robert F 82 Newhouse. George Braxton ' .427 Newhouse, John Douglas 121 Newkirk, Helen Jane 52.308.340. Olsen. Andrew Perry 124 Olson. Cornelia 278 Olson. Dorothy 356 Olson. Robert M 82. 124 Mixe. Mary Virginia 366.367 Muckleroy. Earline " 52 Newlove, George Hillis 277,280 Omega CHi Epsilon 284 Mleczko, Eugene Leon 93,118 Muckleroy, Janet Aureli. ..82.197,378, e man Club .354 Omicron u 285 Mlagenovich. William Martin ..127.351 euman Hall 323 Oppenheimer. James Amstater 280. Mobley. Joe Bob 287.305.427 Muehlberger, William Clarence ....loV Newman. H. W . " !!!!!! ' 304 346. 436. 437 Moeller, Nellie Ruth ..82,227.388.389 279, 311, 408 Newman. Robert Marion 3O4 Orange Jackets 303 Moir. Marrie Carolyn 70 Muehlberger, Constance 196.357.368 Newton, Marjorie 20. 273 Orchesis Club 272 Mollison, Richard 121.424,425 Mueller. Laura 354 Newton. William Meese 329 Orinovsky. Ida 52.317,346 Monaghan, Robert Grady, Jr. . .82, 222, Mueller. Merle Charles ....70.124.349 Nev. Thomas Jerome !!!!!! " .!!! 94 Orton, Peggy 369 223 Monaghan, Dan 70 Moncrief, David Armstrong . .93. 222. 223 Monday. H. B., Jr 51.222,223 Muller. Betty 70. 272, 336. 374. 402 Mullinix. John Warren ' .409 Mulllns, Alma Juanita 52 Mullins. Donald Hugh 287 Nicholas. Alan 237 Nichols. Dean Pate 287 Nichols, Jean Willard 52,357,368 Nichols. John D 94 445 Orv. Marv Katherine 310,392.393 Osborn. Betty Jeanne ..310.26.28.29. 228. 229. 232. 236. 303. 306. 396, 397 Osborn, Roger Cook 22 Monfort., Chester 82 Munguia. Alicia Aurora ...228.229.351, Nielander. William Ahlers 280 Osborne, Hoyle Mill.rd ....94.222.223, Monk. Aloma Dolores 200,376,377 Monning, Catherine Owen ..93,271.281, 353 Munn. Luke Eugene 129 Nielson. Roland Holgate 124 Nielson, Theral R 121 339, 361 Osborne, Marv Tom 390.391 309, 334, 390. 391 Munroe. Roy McLeod 304,415 Nieto. Alfredo. Jr 353 Oshman, Melvin 447 Monroe, Carolyn 392,393 Munves. Bessie 285 Nimitz. C. W 101 Osteen, Charles Brvon 222.223 Monroe, Mary Angeline 353 , ' Epsilon 232 Nipper, Cleo Arthur .... Ostrander, Mary Catherine ..91.337.366. Monroe, Roy McLeod 287 Murchison. Betty Jane 152 Nipper. Mary Kathryn ..62.362.376.377 367 Monson, Billie Dean 118 Murchison, Mary Elizabeth . .52. 396. 397 Nisbet. Marjory Reba 94 Ola. Alice MaM 317 Montague, William Sanford ....93,226 Murchison, Patsy Ruth 93 Nittenberg. Delia 70 Ott Elinore Jean 281,289 Montealegre. Jaime Joaquin ....353,354 Murphy, Betty 93 Nixon. James Wesley 311.434.435 Ott. Jean Marie 331 Montero, George Paul 351.353 Murphy, Patricia Mildred ..52.240,241. Ng. Maie Lee 82.322.325 Oil. Katherine Ruth 71.281 Monies, Gustayo Edmundo 351 281, 302, 344, 357, 380, 381 Noble. Maggie Jo 228 Otto, Gertrude Heberta ... .53. 224. 225. Monies, Marci. 351 Murray, Carl Otis 418 419 Noble Melvin Alfred 329 316. 348 Montgomery, Betty Anne . .348. 390, 391 Montgomery, Constance Babette 70, Murray, Carolyn Marie 396,397 Murray, Edward Anne 284 Nolde! Ann Lorraine .. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .94. " 337 Nolen. C. Cleave 82. 429 Outstanding Students 184. 188 Overton, Nancy 392,393 355 Murray. Frances Ramsey ..82.227,359. Nolen, Helen Claire 296 Overton, Marjory Elizabeth 71,195. Montgomery, Clifford Marvin 293 378. 379, 402 Nolen, Hester Sue 94, 348 328.401 Montgomery, James Irl .93, 129. 287. 409 Murray, Marjorie Elizabeth 93, 339 Nolette, Patricia Ann 94, 344. 354. Owen. Alfred Bodden, Jr 53.448 Montgomery. William Hayes 82 Murray, Marv Lu 70 296 Owen, Bob 332 Montieth. Edgar Wilson 434.435 Montz, Elmo Morris, Jr 354 Murray, Olivia 93,322 Murray, Robert 410,411 Nordan. Marian Ol ivia 3Sfl! 381 Norman, Betty 303,310,356,401 Owen, William Reagan ....122.94.287. 311. 344. 418. 419 Moody. Jacqueline Marie ..320.366.367 Murrell. Joyce Eleanor 70,388,389 Owens. Francis Edward 127.354 Moody, James Hamilton, Jr 93,420, Murta, Wilfred D 122 Norman! Oliver LeGrand ' . ' ..!.!.!!! .441 Owens, George Webb 412,413 421 Martaugh, Jerome Lyons 108 Norman, Wyatt T 432 433 Owens. Gerald Tullv 311.487 Moody, Mignette Caroline 342 Muse, George Barstow 82,339 Norris, Renfro Cole 109. 3O4 Owens. Herman. Jr. ' 94 Moore, Alice 51,281 Music Committee 28,29 Northington, Virginia Lou 401 Owen.. Mary Margaret . .53. 358. 386. 387 Moore, Bernlce 297 Musgrave, Patsy Sue 82 Norton, Beverly 148.149 Owens, Ray Gene 370 Moore, Bettv Ann 82,366,367 Moore, Bobby Gene 442,443 Moore, Charles Victor 82,287 Myers, Mary Ann 308.392,393 Mylius, Corine ....93,197 Norton. Maud Lynette 396.397 Norwalk. Coy Melvin Porter 441 Norwood. Lila Rhea .... 34 281 Owens, Virginia M.rv 53,362.368 Owings. Audrey Eleanor ....82,292,293 Orn ooch 309 Moore, Chloe Ruth ....52,353,390,391 Norwood, Jame, William 417 Ownbev. Frank Jack 118.412.413 Moore, Cora Catherine 286 Moore, Dorothy 224,225 N Norwood. Mildred Joi 52.396.397 Norwood, Ruby Leah 396,397 Owsley, William Clinton. Jr. ..286.287 Moore, Emerson Earl 121 N.col. Mary R 52.336.363 Notley, Anne 70 p Moore, Emily Margaret 390,391 Nabours, George Ann 82. 317 Novakovich, Wallace 118 Moore, Erin Colleen 70 Naff. John Marion. Jr 230,286 Noyii. Mildred Pauline 228.384,385 Pace. Barbara Antoninetle 71.368 Moore, Geneva Loi. 93 N.iden. Satchie Cooper 307.337 Novy, Harold 436,437 Pacheco. Manuel Moreno 293.341 Moore, Howard Delwin 127 Nail. James Barry 422.423 Nowierski, Mary Kathleen 372.373 Pachon-Rojas, Luis 34 Moore, Jack Spenser 441 Moore, James Gentry 440 Nalle, Earnest. Jr :. .70, 418, 419 Naranjo. Humberlo Francisco 351 Nowlin. Jovce ' . 70 Nowotnv, Arno 14, 304. 429 Packard. Bruce Hav 122 Packard, Frank Orrin . . . .222. 223. 417 Padgett. Charlotte 148,149 Page, Eleanor 231 Perkins. William E Periman, Elaine 279 94 Policy. Mary Minta Policy, Olive Helen 82, 369 82, 222. Raborn, George Washington, Jr. ...292. 240. 241 Page, Larry Niel 82,129 Perry. Alia Bernice 224, 225 223. 320. .169 Raborn. Ruth .54, 336, 382 ....384, 385 Palk, Albert Edwin 129 .94, 322. 361. 378, 379 Pomeroy, Eltweed George 436, 437 ..54, 117, 282 Rack. Lucile Alberta Racket Club 54, 285 .95. 229. .122 273 Palmer, Isobel Elaine 82,346 Persons, John Carroll .... 129 Pomeroy, Joan 94, 320, 344, 401 Radey. Kenrick 126 Palmer. Jerry Jordan 126 Pampt, George William 129 Perussina. Mary Ann .... Pesek. Anita 94 354 Pond, Peggy Jo Pond, Robert Ford 378, 379 118 Rados. Robert George Rader, John Franklin. Ill . ....124, 354 .95. 434. 435 Pardo. Charles Rav 441 Peters. Paul Fred 82 Pondrum. Sybil Clarence . .363, 378, 379 Kadi:, ' House ........ ' .231 Parham. Ben Otis 82.298,442,443 Peters, Walter Jay 123 Ponischil. John Kit 94 Ragan. Nancy Turner .95. 337, 339 Parham, Betty Pat 71,197 Peterson. Damon Alan ... 329 Pool. Barry Miller ..54, 258. 329 Ragon. Dixie Lee 54 Parish, Verner C., Jr 94,407 Peterson. Evelyn Erline .. 316 Pool. George Robert, Jr. ... 125 Raguse. Elmer Roy 125 Park, Ralph 245 Peterson! Margaret L .39o! 39l! 402 Pope, James Floyd 71, 332 Rargorodsky! Paula ....37s! 379 Parks! R. M ......119 Petrovich. George John .. 319 Porcher, Hoi 1 is Ray 94. 407 Rainknv Club 258 Parker. Benjamin Jabe 53.332 Petrusek. Irene Janette .. 343 Porter. Bill Ed 448 Haineri. Louis Dominia .... ....123, 354 Parker, Clarence Beverly .. Pettit, Kenneth Allen .... 417 Porter, Charles Raleigh. Jr. ....294, 441 Raines, William Carlos ... 335 Parker, Clara May 359 Petty. Dorothy Louise 344 Porter, Coy Melvin 123 Rainey, Albert Gerald 129 Parker! Florence Isabel le ..94.394.395 Pey ' ton, RuTh Elizabeth " . ' . ' 53 Porter, Jack W., Jr. 94 Rainey. Helen 272. 392. 39.1 ,11. 303, 360 312, 401 Parker, Myrtle 152 ' Pharr. Marian 224. 225. 228. 316 .272, 366, 367 Porter. M. B 412. 413 335 410.411 Rain!-y! Virginia Rai ' .-n. Stella 240. 241 402 398, 399 Parker, Robert Lee 288,305,331, 418, 419 Phelps. Donald Osborn .. 94 Porter, Martha Jane 94, 322 Ralston, Josephine Buron . .71. 354, 368 Parlin, H. T 4,16,304,360.415 283. 295. 330 Porter, Mary Jane 54. 309. 376, ' 377 Karnc . Edgar Lewll 442! 443 Parrish, Peter Prince 53,330.428 Phenix. John Russell .... .222. 223. 349 Porter, Nell Ruth 95, 344 Ramey, Rosebcth 71. 229 Parsons, David Vibert. Jr 94,226 Phi Beti Kaopa 286 Porter, Polly Anna 321 Ramey, William Dean 282 Parsons, Felix N 94 Phi Delta Theta 422 423 Post, Dorothy 148, 149 Ramirez, Edna Lydia 194, 351, 354 Parten, Edith ... .71. 199. 322. 325, 334, Phi Eta Sigma 287 Post, Mary Eleanor 71, 337 Ramirez, Gloria Olivia .... 351, 354 348, 378, 379 Phi Gamma Delta 424, 425 I ' o-t, Peggy 339 351. 354 Partlow, Cewldinc 94 Phillips. Charles Edward . 128. 331 329 Ramirez! Mario F. (Yen " !!. ' . ' ! 351, 354 Pate, Mary Molla, . 71 . 2(1(1. 271 . 38(1. 381 Phillips. Gladys Skinner ...... ....333 Potter. ' Do ' cthy Ann ' .273 Ramirez! Yola ' nda " Niami . ' . 22:i! 22.-.! !i:.l Pate, Oscar Glen 26,53.108,236. Phillips. J. A. 279 Potts, Sara Jane 54, 238. 240. 241 Ramos. Carlos Mario 341. 351 284, 287, 295, 304, 305. 329 Phillips. Joe Clegg 71 Potts, Raymond Nomtevillc ....422. 423 Ramos, Hector Manuel .... ....54. 282. Pate, Robin Malcolm 329 Phillips. Kathryn Annette 280 Poulos, Georgia Cecile ... .336. 366. 367 295. 341. 351. 354 Paterson. Katherine Georgianna ....82. Phillips, Lavon 348.401 Powell. Adeline 71 Ramos, Victor Armando ... 294 Patterson, Blanche Elizabeth ..53.372. Phillips ' . Tommy " ATher " ... 122, 429 Powell. Elizabeth Jean .... 54, 339 Kam-,-%. llal Harrison. Ill 434, 435 373 Phillips. Wesley Harvey ... 280 Powell. I.elia Jacquelvn .. 71, 382 Ramsey, Charles T 95 Patterson, Caleb Perry 290,427 Phi Kappa Psi 426. 427 Powell. Patricia 71 Ramsey, Mel Ruth .il Patterson, Don Raymond 94, 344 Phi Kappa Sigma 428. 429 Powell. Robert McKinlev . 430, 431 Ramsey, William Bruce ... 112. 113 Patterson, Iris Janet i . .94, 388. 389 Phi Kappa Tau 430. 431 Powell, Ruby Kathryn .... 71. 336 Ramsey, Loren Doris ..309, 363, .128. till Patterson, James Edward 53 109 Phi Mu 394. 395 Powell. William Joe ..51. 122. 298 Randal. Betty Jean .95, 378. 379 Patterson, John 122 Phi Mu Alpha Sin onia ... Phinizy Jack Tucker 233 Power. Andrew Jackson. Jr. 304 Randall, Bill 281. 329 Patterson, J. T 298 Patterson, Orin, Jr 410.411 Phi Sigma Delta ' . ' . ' . ' . ' ' .446 Powers. Harrv II 288. 295. 331, 409 ' 359, 400 Patterson, Robert Bavard 226.233, Phyfer. Gerade 354 Poyner. Herbert Flake. Jr. 95. 332 Randel, Ann M. 71 430, 431 Physical Education Majors- Club ...355 Prade, Frank Charles. Jr. . 432. 433 Raney, Ethel Claire .55. 366. 367 Patterson, Robert Bryant 339 Pi Beta Phi 396,397 Praeger, Alberta Faye .... ..71. 342. 374 Rankin, Robert Scouller .. 82. 123 Pattillo, Rowland Dale ........ ..71, 319 Pickens, Hunter Edmund 417 Prange, Marilyn Jean 95 Ranson, Billy. Bob .71. 378, 379 Patton, Peter Cause 53,108,299 Pickens. Martha Ann Pickens, Rose Marie 82, 201 94. 370 Pratley, Helen Virginia ... Pratley, Mary Dorothy 71 54, 328 Ran a. ' " ' G.-rald ' i m . " ciady s " . 418, 419 ' ...55 Paulin, James ' Harris ' o ' ri " . ' . . ' .124 Pieper, Walter Jacob .... ..54.107.299 Praytor Bethel Gwendolyn 197 Rape. Otha Dee Paull. Batty Jo 94,386,387 Payne, Alfred Day ... 291 Pi Epsilon Peirian Literary Society .. 288 356 Prejean, Joseph Haywood Prendergast, Nancy 54. 299 . .54. 396. 397 Rape, Thelma Rash. Emilv Ann 152 .55. 392, 393 Payne, Graydon Wesley ' !!!!!!!!!!!! 53 Payne, William Bartly 233 Pierce, Don Pierce. Douglas Powell ... 305, 417 305, 406 Present Day Club Presley, Dorothy Martha .. 357 .358. 386. 387 Rasmu.sen, Robert William 329 329 Peace, Dewey William 287 Peace, William Stuart 364 Peak, James Wallace 344,427 Peale, William Fulton 53,330 Pierce! Marjorie Elizabeth Pierce. Norma Lee Pierson. Donald Pi Kappa Alpha 316 . .82, 197, 317 94 412, 413 432, 433 Pressley, Harlod Pressly, Kathryn Whitlock . Prestidge, Geneva Kate .. Prestidgi-. Archie Davis ... . ' . ' . ' ! 71 .197. .108. 348 95. 445 273 Ratcliffe. Ma.T ' lVlhYm ' ....95,378,379 Rathbonc, Lucv 2B5, 318. 392. 393 Kathrock, Edward Streicher ....418,419 Ratliff. Anna Garrett 83.273.355 Pearcc! Miriam Hall ............... ' . 53 Pearce. Wilbur Francis 71,318 Peareson, M ary Louise 396,397 Pi Lambda Theta Pilcher, David Wendover . Pile, Jean Rozanne ....54, Pilgrim, Evelyn Edith 289 123 328, 378, 379 336 Pribhlc. Fred Alva Price, Ann Belle Price, Aubrey Wayne ..30 .... ' . .95, 333 ..54. 380. 381 82. 299. 314. 432. 433 Ratliff, Emily Jean Ratliff, Jeanne Carolyn ... Ratliff, Virginia Maxine ... Rattan, Walter Cooper .... 83 95 .71. 287. 298 Pimentel, Frederick 124 Price, Barbara Ann 401 Rauh. David 226 IV-ir ' oii 1 um- Wri 418 ' M9 Pineda, Danile Salvador ... 333, 354 Price, Charles Dan 54. 329 Rauschenberg. Milton Ernes 1 95 Pearson! MaryVJnces . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .YlY 39b! 397 Pearson, Michael Charles 109.352 Peavy, Doris 348,366,367 Peck, Margaret 359,392,393 Peck. William Robert ...28.29.442.443 Peden, Virginia Love 232 Pinkerton. Thomas Mussey Finn, Susan Pinter, Joyce Piper. Claudia 71, Pipkin. Virginia Pipsaire, Geraldine 304 272 394. 395. 402 .363. 380, 381 322,348 Price, Clifford P Price, Dorothy Ruth Price, Frances Lillian .... Price, Katie Maxine Price. Mary Jane Prichett, Jane Thomas 307 401 ..82. 294. 295 82, 348 .310. 390. 391 368 Rawlins. Virginia Ann ... Rawlings, Don Sheridan. Jr. Ray, Jack Harris Ray, Margy Dell Ray. Mary Frances 71, 348 378. 379 123 55 .95, 344, .ii. ' i Pederson, Arnold Richard ....!!!!! !l!8 Pipsaire, Mary Katherine . .71. 281. 353. Priddy. Ashley Home ... 291. 409 Ray, Norman Ill P ' -d.-rson. Fran.-. Arvilla ! ! 94 362 Priddy, Charles Home .... 129, 209 Rayford, Jesse David 71. 117 Prd.Tson. Robert Morris 119 Piptle, Elizabeth Anne ... 94 Priess, Ella Martha 348 444 Pedigo, Maurine .394,395 Pedretti, Juan Pablo 331 Pirtle. Elizabeth Anne ... Pi Sigma Alpha .322. 378, 379 290 Priete, Antonio, Jr Prikryl, Pauline 329, 354 ..95. 195, 343 Raymond, Marv de Inn .. Reader, Carolyn Mae .95, 351, 354 204. 345, 370 Pelay, Athena 91. 221. 225. 228. 229 Pellet, Helen Marie ... .94, 222. 22.1. 358 Pelphrey, Rose Marie ..53,273.366,367 Pels, Jo Ann 53. 228, 232, 302, 354 Penick, Allen ..417 Pi Tau Sigma Pipstick, William James .. Pittengen, B. J Pittman, Everette Edward Pittman, Irving Marshall. J 291 118, 304 17 ..94, 442, 443 r 123 Primer, Benjamin M., Jr. . Proll, August John, Jr. .95. Pruett, Knox Publications Puckett. Robert Moore ... 71. 301 361. 424, 425 .118, 412. 413 235, 242 409 Reaf! " I Edna e Ettie .?. . . .55, 1 Real. Frances Amelia Real. Jeanette Elaine 359 !03. 271. 272, 322. 325. 348 .83. 272, 322 71 Penick, Dudley Payson " !!!!!!!!!!! !287 Pittman, Ocie J 94 Puckhaber. Nan 310. Reames, Rodney Boyd 287 Pitts, Norman Merle .329, 420, 421 Puls, William Leroy . .... 331 ! 441 Rector, Joe Marvin 129 Penland. Sara ..... !? ' ?. . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 3 96, ' 397 Piza, Edgar Emilio ..82, 420. 421 Purdum, Shirley Lorenzo . Purifoy, Russell A., Jr. ... .230, 314, 347 Redak, Sara Jean Reddick, DeWitt Carter .. 118. 149 19,290 Penn, Suzanne !s]2! 39t ! .197 Penton. Katherine Bingham 53,328 Penwell, Jones Clark 129,344 Peoples, James Moon, Jr 118,304 Pepsaire, Ceraldine 94 Perelman, Ira 404,405 Perera, Ovidio 351 Platoon No. 2, Company 4 Pleas ' , David Randolph .... Plemons, Mildred Plettman, Stanley Robert . Plummer, Frederick B. . . . 398, 399 94, 130, 222. 223 71 279, 446 288. 331. 430, Purl, Dorthalea Q Quaccia, Battista Quade, Dyloris Anna Mae . Quails, Dorothy Lee 95, 369 118 .54. 289. 345. 362, 366, 367 335 Reed, Daisy Dean Reed, Earnest Eugene .... Reed, Jack Franklin Reed, Robert Louis Red, Wilbur Raymond Rees, George Donald, Jr. . RMM, Robert Lavon 400 95, 417 311. 410, 411 222. 223. 287 409 95 441 Perez, Raul Brown 430,431 Periman, Fay 71,273 Perkins. Charlotte S3 Plyler, Jimmy Frank Poe, Beatrice 431 94, 249 94 94 Quay, Samuel David Quillian. Roy Dunlop Quist, Mary Catherine 438, 439 311,416 54 Reeves, Charles Woody . . . Reeves, Gladys Irene Reeves, John Dudley, Jr. .. Reeves, John Harral 123 .55, 203. 336 .55. 122. 298 71 IVrkni-. Dorothy Lillian 53,281 Poindexter, Allan Moore . 54, 287, Regents, Board of 12 .(kin-. Jane - 322 291. 295, 304, 349, 448 K Rchfeldt. Christel R 95 Pointer, Patsy Estell 94, 333 Raatz, William Arthur ... 329 Reid, Cela Sue 83 Perkins. Mary Kalhrrm,- .178. .179 Perkins, Margaretta 53,238,272, Polansky. Cenelle Polhemus. Jack C 94 107 Rabb. Betty Jo 54.228.38(1.381 Raber. Jack Edward 129 Reid, Helen Ruth ....19.1. Reid, Herbert Victor, Jr. . 310, 396. 397 414 366, 367 Polishuk, Morris Ervin ... Rabke. Meta Geraldine .... 82 Reid. Rosanne M 71 Perkins, Newton Stephens 109 Pollard. Cecil Vivian ......... 18 Raborn. Ann Campbell ... .71. 281. 359. Reily. Howard Merlin 123 Perkins, Tillman Porcher ..364.420,421 Pollard, Thomas Glover .. ..94. 314, 347 376. 377 Reindrop, Cecil Reginald Ca rl 293 Renfro. Mary Ann 378,379 Rolston, Robert William 118 Sanchez. Angel Ernest 129, 354 226. 233 Reser. Richard S 410.411 Roman, Alice Sue 55 Sanchez. George Isidore 293 Scott. Cliff Welton. Jr .119 Reuthinger. Betty Jean ....83,220,221 Revis, Truett. Jr 83,222.223 Reynolds. Barbara 322 Roman, Favlene 152 Roman, William Buchanan, Jr 72, 121, 412, 413 Sanchez. Roberto Garza 293 Sandeford. Susan Clay. .312. 334, 3%. 397 Sandel. Joe Langston 56 Scott. Delta Pauline 56,357 Scott. Emily Winifred 229.400 Scott. Georgann Helen 72,336 Reynolds, Dorothy Anita ..55,336,359. Romine. Tom 415 Sanderford, Emily Eloise ..56,281.356. Scott, Lahoma 96,193 317 369 Ronev. Nancy Jane 95, 229. 344 380,381 Scott, Lilliam Caldwell 358,386 387 Reynolds. John 122.287 Reynolds, Mary Frances ....55,394,395 Roosth. Hvman P 55, 298, 346, 447 Roper. Victor Wallace 95 Sanders. Betty Jean 200,224.225. 378, 379 Scott, Mary Lou 293,362,401 Scott. Richard Thomas 442.443 Reynolds, Rosemary 348 Roquemore. Marilyn 72 Sanders. Beverly Jean 372,373 Scott. Ruth Woolen 83, 396, 397 Reynolds. Stanley 409 Reynolds. William Wesley 318 Rhodes. Tommie Lou 95 Ribe. Fred Linen 55,283,295,330 Roquemore, William Kenneth 118. 284. 329 Rose. John Everett 124 Rose. Lawrence Richard 226.304 Sanders. David Clarence 72.108 Sanders, Eula Mae 72 Sanders. Florence Betty 95,322 Scott, Shirley 309,334.401 Scott. Thomas Bruce 415 Scott. Victor Allan 96 Scott. William Allen . 445 Rice. Kenneth Murray 222,223 Rich, Barbara Jean 378,379 Kich, Jane Reese 83, 334 Richardson, Helen 272 Richardson, Rex Henry 226 Richardson. Robert P 415 Richey, Ann 292.293.356 Rose. Mona Deen 95.316 Rose, Ruth Evelyn 72.228,229 Rosenberg. Hermann Eugene 304 Rosenbusch. Fritz Manfred ....286.291. 295. 332 Rosene. Hilda Frances 296.390.391 Rosenkranz. Joseph 55, 333 Sanderl! Johnnie " william ......... .333 Sanders. Martha Ann 344,396.397 Sanders. Neil Brevard 224.225 Sandner. John Edward 122 Sands, Helen Margaret 348.383 Sanford, Bobby Jo 72,337 Sanov. Seymour Joseph. .83, 360, 404, 405 Scott, William Gor don ' .334, Scott. William Sargent 430,431 Scottish Rite Dormitory 324 Scull, Elizabeth 72 401 Scurlock Shirley William ' .331 Rich-y, Robert Lee 410,411 Rirh,-y. Marv Darnel 394.395 Ricnter. Myrtle Anna 224,225 Richter. Tellmond Herder, Jr 120, 287, 329 Rosenlund. Helen Irene 83 Rosenstein. Max Jacob 436.437 Rosenthal. Sylvia Elaine ...345.384.385 Rosenwasser. Don, Fay 28.29.322. 362. 370 Sansing. Mary Jo 273, 275, 355 Sargent, Richard Marvin 121 Sargent. Robert Earle 121 Sartorius, Ann Vicksburg 83.370 Sasuga. John 72 Seay, Samuel David 72,109,312 Sebastian, Adrian Dale 222 223 basHan FrankHn Pierce .. .56, 1ZU. 332 Riddle, Patty 83 Ross. Martha Jean 229,322.339.383 Sauer. Jackie Anne 72,348 Ridgway. Jo Meree 390,391 Ki Ue,. Philip E. 445 Ross. Mathilde Lauran 95 Ross. Nancy Delia 55.281.289 Saunders. Charles A 56 Saunders, Mary Louise 320.344 seeg t e i r, k ' .M " h. ie L;; ' " . ' :. ' ::;. ' ; 72 272 ' 2 Ridout, Faith Leadbeater 72,200, Roster. Margie Lee 342.396.397 Savage, Alice Blouin 228,229 Sefcik, Doris May ' . ' . ' .348 Ridout. Robert Gladstone, Jr 280 Rife, Evaline . . . .193, 306, 344, 396, 397 Rigby, Paul Herbert 287,304,314 Riggs. Anita 148,149 Rightor. Jean Elizabeth 72,336 Riley, Frankie Azalee 55, 336 Kile,. Martha Edna 95,195.322, Postetter. Beulah 148.149 Rothenhere, Annette Ruth 384.385 Rothschild. Babette 370 Roth-well. Billie Sue 95.322.369 Rouse. Margaret Rosene 289.328 Row. Carolyn Bryant 203.224.225. 338. 357. 383 Row. Charles Herbert. Jr 124.441 Savanstrom. Frank Bryan 121 Sawyer, Dorothy Mae 401 Sawyer, Phillip Albert 130 Sawyer, Shirley Marie 95 Sawyer. Virginia 95,348 Save, Jack Elmer 72 Savior. Joseph Rice 290 Saylors. Ceraldine 320 Seidel! Edmund On. ... ' . ' . : .. ' .jJg Seipel. Joyce Katherine 96 Seipel. June Elizabeth 56 355 .E3, Selkirk, P.H,UA . " ...; ;JS Rowe, Marilyn Gibson 72.222.223. S. B. 1 27 SellT ' " L U 37 KiK-y. Victor 124 390. 391 Scanlon, James Joseph 121 RimiVrknt-cht. Pearl Marie 95 Ring. Johnny Finley 311 Ring. Rosalie Frances 72.366,367 Rowe. C. E 295.410.411 Rowe. Marilyn Margaret 317,348 Royal. Dorothy 273 Scarborough. Charles Lawrence . .412, 413 Scarborough, Henry Herbert, Jr. ...287. 448 SSft v;;;; - " ' 5 Ringlaml. Helen Caroline 55 Rippel. Karl Edward 109.355 Ri|.|,,-rl,.n. Lyman A 364 Royall. Blanche Mav Albritton ..55.348 Royce. Lillie Sue 83.366.367 Ruaschenberg. Milton Ernest 319 Schaedel, Minnie Lee 72,224.225. 321, 325. 352 Schaefer, Frances Lorrain 366. 367 Settegast. Rosebarrie ...... .....380. 381 Ritrhie. Jack 72,344 Rubin. Annette 83 Schaffer, Aaron 436.437 Settles. Charles William ...107 284 329 Ritter, Gerald Glynn 95 Rubinett. Jarrel David 447 Schaffer. Robert William 280 Severin. Alfred Gwynn . ' ' J19 Rivet. Homer Gene 95 Roach, Shirley Irene 378.379 Robbins, Joan 95,383 Roberts. Clem Henrv 418,419 Roberts. Katherine O ' Neal 354 Rnbio. Gladys Edna 95. 204. 358. 372. 373 Rucker. Betty Lou 83 Rudd, Billy Warren. Ill 305.364, Scharff, Dorothy Elaine ....56,348,369 Scharff. Lois Jane 398,399 Schell. William Jack 126 Scheske, Margaret Jean 95 Sewell, ' Joseph ' wilHam " . 2 ' . Robert,. Ralph Meredith 108.305. Ruddv. Renee Delores .370 Schilhab. Ve ' rnell Aline ' . 83 shands! HUT hi. ... . ' . ' ' ' " ' : ' ' sa ' ioi ROI..-M-. Robert Franklin ...72,126,230 Ruffin, Clvde C 56. 240. 241. 287. 292 Rugeley. Martha Lenore 56. 306. Schiller. Hattie Beth 56,328 Schiller, Virginia 378.379 Shane, Audrey Ruth . ' .... ' . 57 Mgn-ia Cooperative House 316 390. 391 Schilling. Chiquita 366,367 Rugeley. Norton Alexander . .83. 122. 339 Schilling, Coe Elizabeth 95 Rol,rrt,on. Elgin Barnett, Jr 445 Ruggles. Marilou 390.391 Schillingburg, Laurence Edward .... 96 Sharp. Carle Farrell, Jr. V.V.iiu 412, 413 Robertson. George Scott. Jr. ..83,126, Ruhl. Gertrude 372.373 Schiwiu, Gladys Bertha 72.224, Sharp, Bettie Louise " ' ' l " 28r 359 ' 4 11 420, 421 Robertson. Jerome Edgar 438.439 Robertson. Muriel Ann ....55.198.289. Rule. Henrv Burl. Jr 108 Rumbel, Martha Faye 83,369 225, 229 Schleider, Elizabeth Christina ...72.336, Sharpe. lone Marie .. .... ' .. 72 386! 387 328, 376, 377 Robertson. Nancy Doris 229,358 Robertson, Virginia Marie 95 Robertson, Wanda Janice ..83.322.325. RurTge? Altec C Ruth " ................. 95 Rush. Kenneth M 95.319 Rushing. Dorothy Jean 308.390.391 Rusk Literary Society 360 Schlerier, Robert Class 409 Schletze. Ruth Esther 56,372.373 Schleuse, Louis William 333 Schleyer, Otis 109 Sh " : JVn ' d MFr d a " m rd .::. ' SSScoStalr ' ' " S7 e f; ld ' ?4 r ' ' ' ' oa ::::::::::::4li 35.. 392. 393 Russ. Janie Kimball 83.388.389 Schlieker, Edith Ellen 337 Sheldon. Juh. Anne 83,354,361. Bobcnrtson, William. Jr 95 Robinson. Betty Rose 224.225 Russell. Betty Alene 56 Russell. Charlotte Elizabeth ...151,396, Schmedes. Anita Marie 83,228 Schmerman, E,,ie 95 Roliin.on. Bvrle Waneta 95 Robinson. Daniel 432,433 397 Russell. Elizabeth Louise 372.373 Schmid, Betty Claire . . .56, 238. 281, 286, 290, 293, 306, 334, 392, 393 Helton! .Tu,h " W " d . ' R.,l,in-on. Enid Ruth 95.196 322, 345, 370 Robinson. Fabian Jarrett 287,447 Robinson, Harriett 196,375 Russell. Jack White 95.409 Ru,,ell. J,-an 95.396.397 Ru .ll. Margie Nell 83 Ru .ll. Meluih Gray, Jr 129 Russell. Pat Senter ' . 95 Schmidt. Alfred Eugene 119,282 Schmidt, Carrielvn Marie 72 Schmidt. James Carroll 95 Schmidt, Jeff Nesson 120 Schmidt. La Verne 353 Sheppard, Frank Bate, Sheridan. Laur.ine Ua ' llQ Robinson. Helen Frances ..358,384,385 Robinson, James Oscar 83 Robinson. Joe Ellis 226 Robinson. Mary Elizabeth 95,148, 149. 386, 387 Robinson, Mavtee D 26,83,278, 303, 333, 345. 384, 385. 402 Rue!l. Renee 95 Russell, Rubinelle 95 Rutchik. Doris Lee 348.384,385 Ruth, Jeanne 204,309,380,381 Rutherford. Dorthea 83 Ryan, Betty Jo 148, 149 Ryan. Georgia Pat 95 Schmidt, Marjory 386.387 Schmidt, Paul Frederic 314 Schmidt. Sybil 72 Schneider, Charles Clark 332 Schneider, Gene Walter 83 Schneider, Richard Campbell 72 Schnette, Margaret 229 Sherman. Elizabeth ' . 354 B= a s3 IneTot ' d M ' Clyde J2| W Robinson. Patricia Lea 83 375 Robin,,,,,. Patti Jean 285.348 Robinson. Wallace Andy 119,249 Robinson, Tom Llovd, Jr 222,223 Robison. Jerry Knox 424.425 Roddv. Charles Nelson 287.342 Rode, David Clarence 279.299 Roden, Ann Whvnama 55.336 Rvan. La Verne Ann 197,334,342. 392, 393 Ryan. Margaret 366,367 Ryan, Michael, Jr 416 Ryan, Richard George 110 Rydell. Ruth May 95,273,322 Rystad, Eldon 95 g Schoch. Eugene Paul . .284, 295, 329, 441 Schoen, Joseph 56,222,223 Schofield, Leonor Castro de 293 Scholl, Milton Richard. Jr 56,109 Schonholtz. Mary Jane 148,149 Schons. Dorothy 293 Schroeder, Dorothy M 228, 229 Schuelke, Mrs. Norman 323 Shirley. Margaret Claire ... . ' . . .W ISl, Roden, Aubrey Henrv 354 Rodriguez, Juvenal Emigdio 353 Rodriguez, Rodrigo 351,353,354 Rodriguez-Bou, Ismael 293 Hoensch, Frances Jean 272, 369 Sacra. Dorothy 148,149 Sachse. Elizabeth Jane Decker . . .56. 273. 355. 388. 389 Sada. Patricio 284,295,329,341. Schulte " Alice " " " " . . ...... . ' . . . . ' .152 Schultz, Theodore John 120,283 Schulz. Max William 283,287,295 Schumacher, Betty 273, 294, 356, Shotts, Barbara Ann " " . ' . ' . ' .i lk Shower, Hazen Williams . 1 1 Shriner, John Franklin 57,121 342 Rogers, Betty Jane ....310,361,392,393 Rogers, Carl Edward . .55, 364, 442, 443 351, 354 Salegio. Rene 354 392, 393 Schuman. Harold Robert 122 Shrivanek. Dianne Delores jg Rogers. Christine 83, 196, 354. 361. Salka, Ruth 384,385 Schumm, Ruth Frances 56,281,286, Shrivanek. John David .... Sallee, Bill .Ned 445 290, 297, 302, 316, 340 Shrivanek, J. M . Rogers. Eva Hart ' .289 Salter, Doris Lucille 383 Schutze Carl Ahrendt, Jr. ...56, 107,307 Shriv.nek. Mrs. J. it. ' ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . Rogers, Gwendolyn Elizabeth 224. Sam. Henrietta 83,370 Schutze, Edbert Julian 110,304,311, Shropshire, Joza Jean 96,322 369 225, 229 Sames, Elizabeth Dublin ....72,196,356, 329, 415 Shropshire, William Sanders ....96,222 Rogers, Jane Lemons 281,320 380, 381 Schwall, Virginia Darling ...56,281,285, 348, 359, 376, 377 Shubb Jean ' Roger,. L. F 106 332, 349 Schwartz, Fanchon 398,399 Snubb, Jeanne 398,399 Shuchart. Harriette Mae 398 399 Rogers. Mary Edan 83, 321 Rogers. Phil H Samel. Jnliu Nleiton ......... . . . ' .441 Schwartz, Florence Ruth 72 Schwartzberg, Jennie Bernice 96 Shudde, Virginia 272,348,362,369 Shudde, Weldon Glenn 57 109 311 Rjoas-Davila, Alfredo 354 Samuels, Harry 130 Schwarz, Richard Jack 415 Shuford, William Duke Roji. Carlos Palacios 341 San, Simon J 353 Scilacci. William James 119 Shuler, Kenneth Dunn .... " .. " " % Rolfe. Walter T 407 Sanabria, Carlos Eduardo 353 Scott, Betty . . . .27, 72, 202, 273, 366, 367 Shulkey, Nancy Lou 72 Roling. Mar, Sue 95,200 San Antonio Club 361 Scott. Carolyn Ann 72 Shurr, Mary Louise 376, 377 Shuttleworth. Mona 148,149 Smith. Pat Naul 364 Steineger, Charles Frederick, Jr. ...109, Surko, John Joseph 118 Shliions Fli iilirth France- 378,379 Smith. Pattie Gooch 392,393 279, 440 Susholtz. Adolph 279 Sidney Laniar Literary Society 362 Smith, Phoebe Belle 96 Stephens, Frank Homer, Jr 108.305, Sussan, Donald 120 Sirlski, John Stewart 233 Smith, Ralph Edwin, Jr 121 312, 412, 413 Sutherland. Everett William, Jr 83 Stand Uiihti Fpsilon 434,435 Smith, Richard Thomas 123.414 Stephens, Lewis Dale 408 Sutherland, Yvonne Adell ..73,272,309, Sigma ' Alpha Mu 436.437 ,, ,,, , ,, 438, 439 Smith, Robert Elmer 222.223 Smith. Robert Spicer ...83,226,304.339 Stephens, Nancy Jane 83 Stephens, William Wyman 58.109 376, 377 Sutton, Harry Eldon 97,233 Smith, Sam Henry 230 Stephenson, Jean Elizabeth 96.317 Sutton, Lilliam Lucille 376,377 Sigma Delta Pi -293 Sigma Delta Tau 398,399 Sigma lota Epsilon -294 Smith, Sue Cheek ..96.320.354.378,379 Smith, Sydney Ross 420,421 Smith, Vernon Klyne 226 Smith. Virginia Lee 348 stelae " -,,!!: R ' ,,i ' , " rt da " ' -!.!-,- ::::::::293 Sterkel. Richard Lewis 122.427 Sterling, Aurora 202.228.229, Sutton. Robert Ellsworth 126 Suttnn. Wilbur Earl, Jr. ...83,129,410. 411 Sutton. William Mimms 110 Sigma ,Vu Smith, Wilbur Rankin 126 232, 308, 401 Svajda, Irene Marie 343 Smith William Spence 287,304 Sterling, Inez Isabel 58.150,338, Swain, Alvah Ben 329 Silberberg. Irwin Harold - Smith, Winfred 38 6,387 342, 359, 392. 393 Swaner, Jack Donald 126, 121), 121 Sillx-i-tein. Frances Mmnette Q Smolki Martha Jane 96 Stern, Joan Rose 96,370 Swank, Florine 152 Silver, E. Madelyn " io ' a " 100 Smvth ' ll.ttv Hell.- 73,281.344. Sterry, Henry Edward ..58,119,332,448 Swanson, Helen ...58,271,273,340,372, Silver, Marian Leah 96, 398, 3yy 392, 393 Stevens, Sara Lee 348 373, 402 Silver Spur 3 1 Simank, Dorothy ' " Simmooa, Ca.ol Jean : lo. :mn. .IK .__ fai-roll Dav 14,279,280 Simmons! Katie Frances ....359,376,377 Smythe, Louise 96,172,201,322 Snider, Glenn Graydon 120 Snoddy, Mary Catherine :(T2. 3,3 Snodgrass, Jack Cliano 438,439 Snou K,!wu,l Kulon 126 Stevens, Sylvia Ann 348 Stevenson, Florence Eugenia 73,336 Stevenson, Robert James, Jr 108 Stevenson, Virginia Lee 355 Stewart, Avanelle Lenora 58,336 Swanson, Howard Arthur . . 119, 305, 11H Swanson, Jack Gordon 434,435 Swanson, Kenneth Adleta .108,311,312, 434, 435 Swartz, Marjorie Gene 376.377 Simmons ' , William " Harmon 280 Simms. Doris Dean 353, 386, 387 Simons, Edwin Mantooth 121.305, Snowden, Janice ' . 96 Snyder, Bernard 447 Snyder, Betty Jean 57,281 Snv.lrr, Charley Deane 331 Stewart, Aileen " Cissy " 240,241 Stewart, Douglas 257 Stewart, Lloyd May 73.339 Stewart, Martha 53,324.325, Swartz, Robert Kenneda 118.332 Swausch, Cathnn Elizabeth .83,151,296 Snearin B en, Jack Hampton 290 Sweeney, Mary Lou ....83,320,362,369 Simons, Enos Latimer 127 Simons, Mary Archer 401 Snyde Mary Glenn 396,397 Soape, Lorene 333 Sobotik, Jesse Frank 96,343 Socol, Leon Shcinberg 125 Solka Kuth Jeannette 96 352, 354 Stewart, Mary Claire 83 Stewart, Mary Eleanor 73 Stewart, Nancy Jean 390,391 Stewart, Paul Barnett 329 Sweeney, Naomi Francis 97,316 Sweeney, Sue Loretta ...97,337,366,367 SwensonT PalricYa ' " cain . ' . ' ... ' ... .58: 355 Swezea, Gerald Leonard 119 Simpkins, Allene Faye 41g ' 4 | Q Solnikov. William Ivan 438,439 Stewart, Phyllis Jean 96, 376, 377 Swift, Joan 151,348,392,393 Simps " " : Elinor Vi ' rginia 336 Sims, Elmer Richard 29i Sinclair, Louise Lambert 57,348 Soltes. Elton David 57,284,329 Sophomore Class 76 Sorenson, Lorraine 152 Sorenson, Robert Morris 121 Sh-wart! Kita Louise " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .V:). ' :!: 377 Stewart, Velma Christine 278,335 Stewart, William Hart 96,415 Su-imming 265 Swinnea, Ollie Mae 97 Symonds, Robert Barry 412,413 Sindor , , Edward 72,319 Sororities 365-402 Stiller. Del 83, 226. 2 ' M, ;illi T Singleton! ' Leo C. ...72. 126, ' s30, 339, 363 Sisco. Marie 394,395 Sjostrand, Thor Helmer ! Sk tins Vera Mae 83,343 Sorsby, Barbara 83,375 Solo, Martha Anita 351,353,354 South, Dudley Pritchett 417 Southard, Nathalene 152 Stillman, Morris 73:404,405 Stindt, LaVerne Augusta ....73.293,345 Stinnett, Gene 28,29.221.225. Tackett, Thomas Nelson, 111.73,120,329 Tacquard, Jane 394,395 Tacquard, Margaret Eleanor 73,271 Skelton, Paul Ryan 429 Skiles, Marjorie Ruth 72, 224, 225 Skinner, Bettie Sue 72,222,223, Skinner, Wallace Edward 96 Skinner. William Ross 57,329,363 Skrabanek, John Warren 343 Slater, Floyd Dale 121 Slator, Dick Scott 417 Southeast Texas Club 363 Southern, Gary ....57,272,281,286,293. 302.334,401 Soverel, Anita Buhler 96,229 Sowders, Wanda Joyce 96 Sowell, Ellis Mast 279 Sowell, Richard Maurice 418,419 Spadaro, Gloria Helen 83 Sparenberg, Charles Herman ....14,279, Stitt, Larry Burgie 280 Stockdale, Ridera Deane 388,389 Stockdale, Rider Eli 287,298 Stocking, George Ward 19,407 Stockton, John Richard 333 Stoeltje, Florence 328 Stokes, Sydney James, Jr 126 Stoltz, Leola Alma 58 Stoltzfus, Joy Katherine 96,348 338, 394, 395 Taggart, Alice Elizabeth ..310,334,380, Talbert. Tom Scott 58,428 Talbert, William Cicero, Jr 58,332 Talbert, William Laurel .97, 304, 342, 360 Talley, Dorothy Wynn 58,199,363, 380, 381 Tani. Paul Shunji 73,314,347 S.atten, Richard WiHiam 83, m. Spears lone Pettey 289 Stoltzfus, Marybelle ...83,204,272,322, Tank. -t-lev, Billye Jean ' ..97 Slaughter, Betty 27 Slay, Jack Edward .72 Slicker. Alice Louise ..57,286,289,293, 352, 362, 376, 377 Sluyter, Winifred A 293 Small, Sybil Elizabeth 57 Smallwood, Willene 73,199,329 Smiley, Marion Davis 281 Smith, Alexander Palmer 344 Smith, Aubrey Harris 420,421 Spears: Julia Margarei " ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 321 Spears Virginia May 280 Speck, Martha Naomi 96, 342, 375 Speed, LeRoy Clark ....96,339.410,411 Speers. Lillian Frances 356.396,397 Speir, Harold Justin 96,332,349 Spell, Jefferson Rea 293 Spence, Gerhard Harry 73,226 Spencer, Dorothy 83 Spencer, Florence Elizabeth 289 Stone, James Reed ' .129 Stone, Martha Elizabeth 376,377 Stoneman, Mary Jane Maricle. . .376, 377 Stoner, Donald Eugene 129 Stonitsch, Gilbert James. 83, 354, 438, 439 Stool, Sylvan 404,405 Storie, William Theodore, Jr. ...96,420, 421 Stork, Doris Lucile 58.286.296 Storm, Wilma 96,380,381 Tankersley. Frances Irene 58,333 Tanner, Eugene Rutledge 109 Tanner, Marion 198 Tanner, Marion Louise 386,387 Tannery, Fladger Freeman 279 Tapp, Paul Franklin 34 Tarnopol, Jerome Alan 446 Tarnower, William . . . .286, 287. 298. 352 Tarpley, Elizabeth 285,348,375 Tarpley, Rennie Mae ..58,286,289,293, Smith Baby Louise 57 IS Barbara Lindsey 96,194,337 Spencer, Katherine 366,367 Spicer, Mildred Gertrude ...18,285 ,348 Straition, Archie Waugh 283,445 Strauss, Janet Grace 97,342 Tarver, Alice Louise ...73.224,225,378, Smith, Barbara Nathalie ...355,392,393 Smith, Bennie Lee 96,348 Smith, Bessie Johns 202,272.309, Spies, Tom D 286 Spiker, John Wesley 83,121 Spiller, Lida Louise ....83,358,388,389 Spolyar, Leonard Matt 96 Strauss, Theodore Henry ..305,436,437 Strauss, William Louis 290 Strautz, Lola 148,149 Strawbridge. Billie Lucile ..58,336,374 Tate " ' Bess ' ie ' Jan,- ' . " . . . ' . .H3. 358, ' , 3S6. 387 Tale, Dorothy Cleo ....73,281,322,325, Smith, Betty Jean 73,336,388,389 Smith, Billy Ogg 122 Smith, Blake 335 Smith Bryant 409 Smith, C. Aubrey 279, 280, 434, 435 Smith, Charlie Houston 96 Smith, Clara Jean 96,348 Smith Clare Wilkerson ....354,396,397 Smith, Damon Philip, Jr 412,413 Smith, Donald Burdett 420,421 Smith, Douglas H 96 Spoonts, Tommy Lloyd 123 Squires, Anne Elizabeth 57.220.221 St. Clair, Donald Buell ....122,220.287 St. John, Leah Mae 72,199 Staab, Josephine Helen 285,383 Stadter, Wallace Gale 129 Staehely, Anne 354,376,377 Stafford, Gerald M 424,425 Stahl, Marion Leonard 83,446 Stahmer, Robert Thomas 118 Staines, Richard Osborne 440 Straw bridge, Jeane 375 Strcckfuss, Harold Roy 73,118,329 Street, Alma Louise 3 6,377 Street, Bill 410,411 Stretars, Paul Joseph 441 Streusand, Bernard 404,405 Stribling, Thomas Davis 280 Strickland, George Elvin 122 Stringer, Loren Frank 287 Stripling, Martha Anne 58,328,368 Strobel, Emma Julia 280 Tatum, Alice ' .401 Tau Beta Pi 295 Tau Delta Alpha 296 Tau Delta Phi 447 Taylor, A. N 298 Taylor, Aline Mav 348 Taylor, Betty Jane 275,278 Taylor, Dan 97,487 Taylor, Doris Jean 30.58.232,306 Taylor, Frances Jean ..30,229,345,378, Smith, E. G 294 Smith, Eileen Dorothy 96,384,385 Staley, Margaret Anne 224,225, 390, 391 Strohmeyer, Marjorie Louise ....199,354 Stroman, Jeane Ann 83, 229, 278, 337, 401 Taylor, Frances Roberta ...97,229,386, Smith, Eleanor 152 Smith. Elizabeth F 336,380,381 Smith, Ellen Mae 281 Smith, Ernest Grady, Jr 333 Smith, Ethel Patricia 96,198,401 Smith, Everett Grant 280 Stallman, Lawrence Lee 83,222, 223, 314 Stallman, Roy Robert 96,222,223 Stampp, Shirley Lee 96,380,381 Standefer, Dorothy Sue 271,306, 390, 391 Strong, Donald Stuart 290 Strong, Mary Ivie 73 Stroud, Adabelle 369 Stroud, Bel 97,272 Stroud, Randall 122 Struss, Rosanna Elizabeth ..73.224,225, Taylor, George Woods 441 Taylor, Hubbard Eugene ...283,295,311 Tailor, John Greene 422,423 Taylor, Juanita Elizabeth 58,289 Taylor, Lydia Ellen 59,199,336 Taylor, Martha Ann 361 Smith, Frances 240,241 Smith, George Edwin, Jr. ..364,442,443 Stanfield, Robert Sidney 96 Stanford, Charlotte Lois 73 37(!, 379 Stuart, Ella Frances 73 Taylo Martha Beryl 97,273,375 Taylor, Minniefred Lovellen 228 Smith, Ceraldine 368 Stanford, Jordan Franklin ...96,410,411 Stubblefield, Roger William 97 Taylor, Pat 240,241 Smith, Graham 57 Stanford, Roy Stanley 122 Stubbs, Mary Ann 222,223 Smith, Gwendolyn 83,278,369 Stanifoith, Betty Jane 396,397 Stubbs, Thomas Benjamin 222,223 Taylor: Ronald Waitman ' . .59: 331 Smith, Harold Woodrow 57, 283, Stanley, Anna Marie 58,273,354, Student Assembly 26 Taylor: Roy Wilson ' .445 295, 330 366, 367 Students ' Association (Officers) 26 Taylor, Sara Virginia 281 Smith, Helen Sharon 369 Stanley, Margaret Ellen " Peggy " ... 83, Student Government 25-32 Taylor, Thomas Smith 412,413 Smith, Holman Saylors 57 278, 354, 362, 366, 367 Student Publications 237 Smith, Jack Line 126,298,339 Stansell, Florine 73 Stueber, Josephine Helen 289 Tavlor: Walter McFall, jr. ........ .318 Smith, James Carson 330 Stapl.-ton, Virginia 27,73,303, Stullken, Florence Mae 280 Taylor, Walter Thomas 418.419 Smith, Jean 322 354, 358, 362 Stumberg, Marie Helenc ....58,352,359 Taylor, Wanda Lee 388,389 Smith, Jerry Jane 96, 369 Stark, J. Robert 122 376, 377 Taylor, Wilber F 97 Smith, Jewel Letitia 57,336 Starnes, Lucile Hilton ..73,309,380,381 Stump, Gaty 152 Teague, Cordice Isaac 97 Smith, Joe Hughston 109,299 Staton, William James 291 Sturdivant, Richard 97 Teague, Jackie 272 Smith, John Horace 418,419 Stayton, Robert W 236, 290 Stuve, Leroy Robert 120 Teague, Mariel Jacqueline ..84,278.362, Smith, Lucy Ceraldine 57,328 Sleeker, Margaret Anne 96,322, Sublet!, Charles Carson (Pete) .108, 311, 366, 367 Smith, Margaret Helen 96 388, 389 312, 363. 422. 42:, Tee Club 273 Smith, Marie Anne 96 Stedman, Mary Josephine 366,367 Suggett, Betty Frances ....281,302,334, Teer, James Edward 97 Smith, Marie Louise 396,397 Steele, Ozora Frances 336 378, 379 Teer, Mary Marguerette.73, 221. 225. 229 Smith, Ma.y Benjamin 57,351 Stefka, Lorene 96, 224, 225, 343 Sula, Margaret Leona 343 Teer, Margie 272 Smith: Mkhel Frans 109,287,409 Stehlin ' g, Anne Frances 224,225,354 Suman, Charles William ...126,420,421 Temple, Joan Elizabeth ....73,396,397 Smith. Norma Deane 336,358 Smith, Ohma 376,377 Stein, Kathe.ine 152 Summe ' rs, Davi.i Alan 415 T.-iii ' lle, Mary Oriana ' ..... ' . " ' . . ' .38 " ! 381 NAMES FACES Tennis 263 Townsend. Mrs. Howard William ...345 Vela. Conine Gloria 351.354 Watson, Dalton LaVern 222,223 Terrell. Constance Ball ....306.396.397 Townsend. Shirley Evon 129 Vela. Victoria 341.351.354 Watson, Eugene Payne 34 Terrell James William 121,287 Track 260. 261 Ver Steeg. Richard William 130 Watson. Gloria 97 Terrell, Marr Frances 394.395 Tracy. Paul Aubrey ...59,238.240.241. Vertrees. Mary Elizabeth 281 Watson, Thomas Lee 444 Terrien. Sara " Jane 97.394,395 292, 311. 360 Vertromile, Peter 121 Watt. John R 424.425 Terrill. Bruce Stephen 129 Travis. Dahrie Livingston 370 Verutti, Howard Walden ..121,226,432. Walters. Clarence George. Jr 121 Terry, Edwin Johnson 363. 41 7 Traynor. Nancy Ann 388.389 433 Watts. Ballard Nolan 414 Tetley, Dorothy Southerland ...354.375 Treaccar. Charlotte Jane ...59,323,354 Very, Gloria Christine 97,228,229. Waugh. Nancy Lee 98 Thacker, Robert Woolen 417 Thames, William Dennis, Jr. ...122,298 Traweek. Stella 280.336 Treinun, Kalman Wolff ..346,404.405 316. 344 Warne. Martha Virginia 60 Weakley. Robert Harvey 120 Thatcher, Ellis Carter 97,119 Tremper. Henry James 84.119 VKratt. WH.iam " jose ' ph " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' , " 352 Weatherby. Bert 415 Thaxton. Virginia Owen ...73,198.358. Trerillyan. Marjorie 280 Vickrey. Wilmont 441 Weatherford. William Dewey. Jr. ...60. 372. 373 Trevino, Fausto Isidro ....329,351.354 Viehweg, Dorothy Irene 224.225.229 284. 287. 329 Theodorne Cooperative House 317 Treybig, Walter Ben, Jr 97,354 Vilbig. Ann 272.281.282 Wearer. Clyde Gates 118.332 Theodold. Lee 97 Trimble, Betty Dell . . .97, 224, 225. 378. Villarreal, Jesse James 351,360 Wearer. Jane Redfield 339.400 Theobalt, Marv K 372,373 379 Viltarreal. Ruth Maxim? 345 Weaver, Paul 288 Tneta Sigma Phi 297 Trimble. Anne Elizabeth 84 Vincent. Karl. Jr 129.445 Weaver. Walter Robert. Jr 121 Trimble Ted Terrill 97 Vineyard Roy Leonard 426 Fraternity Section _ Trogden Robert Irving 11 Vinson John William 97 - " ,. ' Martha Eliza eth . . - ; - ' " ' ' Jjj: Thiley, Elaine 348 Troseth, Frank Patton 226 Virgil. Carl W., Jr 121 Webb ' Norma Mary ' 375 Thomas, Alei Roscoe, Jr. .109. 287, 291, Trost. Marion Jeannette 84 Voelcker. Helen Jane 60 Webb, Walter Prescott 19.22 332, 434. 435 Trotti, Billie Bert 73, 309, 380. 381 Voelker. Ferdinand. Ill . . .283. 295. 330 Weber, John Alvin 295.304,332 Thomas. Anne 73,401 Trout. Norma Jov 97 Vogelpohl. Mildred Janelle 60,317 Weber, Mary Francille 98 Thomas, Bruce 422.423 Troutz, Clifford E.. Jr 97 Vogelsang. Peter Cornelius 121 Weber, Ralph Alfred 121 Thomas. Lucv Hale 392.393 Troxell, Helen Janice ..73,178.202,382 Vogt. Donald Duane 84, 333 Weber, Suzanne Louise 74.273 Thomas. Marguerite 73. 334-. 348 Trueblood, Harry Albert 305.417 Vogtel, Jeanne Ness 60 Webster, Grady Linder 442.443 Thomas, Marion Elizabeth -.59.197,286. Trull, Gladys 73.394,395 Voik, John 121 Weeks. Oliver Douglas 290.338 290, 294, 302, 340, 378, 379 Tubb, Martha Jane ....195,309,396.377 Von Blucher, Gloria Rose 60 Weerts, Margaret 202. 394, 395 Thomas. Patsy Mignon 380,381 Tuck, Betty 401 Von Carlowitz. Theresa Ann . . .97, 320 Wehner. Richard Harold. Jr. ...121.354 Thomas, Rex Eastman 412,413 Tucker, Lewis Ervin 361,441 Von Rosenberg. Hermann Eugene 97. 287 Weinblatt, Jack Sayre 446,346 Thomas. S. J. Janet 97 Tudor, Doris 97, 202. 317 Voorheis, William Harry 126 Weingarten, Bernard Louis 446 Weir, Robert Crum 364 Thomas. Sellers J., Jr 73.130.311. Turlington, Anna Elizabeth ....59.336 Voorhes. William Franklin 121 Weis, Ravmond F 98,429 422. 423 Tumpeer, Doris Jane 73,370 Votteler. Robert Parry 84,226,427 Weisinger, Nina Lee 293 Thomason. Beth 322 Turbeville, Louis Richard ..97,226,230. Vroom, Gerald Adams ....143,226.412 Welbom, Frankie 237, 297 Thomason. Marv Ann 99 360. 427 W Welch. Margaret Estella 293 Thomason. Marv Mabel ....84.359.376. Turner. Frances 320, 366. 367 Welch, Martha Ann 60, 400 377 Turner, Iris Lanore 59,228.240,241 Wade, Marie Florence 342.376.377 Welder, Lucile 194, 303. 392. 393 Thomason, Suzanne . . .238, 306, 334, 338. 396, 397 Turner, Juanit. May 196,378,379 Wade. Marilyn Jean 84.366.367 Welder, Martha 98.322.392,393 Welhausen, Marv Katherine 74,345, Thompson, Betty Jean . .97, 358. 386, 387 Thompson. Clark Glenn 409 Turnham, John Cornelius 287 Turtle Club 273 Wagner, Ethel Jo 394,395 Wagner. Jack Edward 127,354 366, 367 Wellman. Harold Duane 441 Thompson. Edith Marie 333 Tun. Anna Kathelvn .173,202,272,306. Wagner. Pickard Earl 97. 230, 360 Wells, Ann Elizabeth 60,281.286. Thompson, Eleanor Rebecca. 59. 285. 348 356. 401 Wagner, Robert William 129 293. 324. 325, 334 Thompson. Ernest Randolph ...290.434, Tutt, Dorothy June ... .278. 338. 359. 383 Waits, Homer Clark 329 Wells, Duane 98 435 Tynan. Gladys Elizabeth 229 Takonda Cooperative House 317 Wells, Robert Archie 98.123 Thompson. Frank 434.435 Tynan. Katherine Elizabeth 84.228, Walberg. Marjorie Helen ..60,240,241. Welmaker. Forrest Nolan 129. 441 Thomp-on. Ceneive 34,281 354, 396, 397 281,297 WeUh. Mvron Eugene 60 Thompson, Cladvs Elizabeth ..229.372. Walden. Bettve Lois 151 Wendt. Jovce Josephine 84 373 u Waldvogel, Marilyn Jovce ..84,278.345. Werkenthin. Louise Magdalene .372, 373 Thompson. Grace 59, 336 L ' binal. Jose Luis 84 358, 370 Wermine, Bette Jeanne 229 Thompson. Jack David 59.444 Uchiyama. Mikio 73 Wales. Virginia 152 Werner, Jorene 401 Thompson, Jesse Neils 282 Uchiyama. Shigeru 84.287 Walker. Alene 97.322 Wessen. Ida Cecilv 366,367 Thompson. John Philip .26, 311. 424. 425 I her. Vinette Alma 84.394,395 Walker. Anita 297 West, Albert Washington, HI . .360, 424. Thompson. Jerry Stillwell ..73,260.261 Uhler, Carolyn Margaret 97, 2OO Walker. DorU 28,29,278.388.389 425 262 Ulbright, Janel 366.367 Walker, Evelyn Alice 388,389 West. Charlene Margaret 74 Thompson, Lenora Ann . . . .59, 221, 226, Ulrey. Edward Adams 118 Walker, Gloria Mae 74 West. Kelly McCuffin 424,425 276, 281. 388. 389 llrich. Homer 231 Walker. Jack Andrew, Jr 122,298 West. Lois Laverne 98 Thompson, Martha Imogene 308 tmbarger. H. B 97 Walker. Jess 240,241 West, Mary Helen 400 Thompson. Marv Paige 378, 379 Lmstattd, Robert Greenleaf 19,84, Walker, Joan Sandefer 97, 378, 379 West. Norman L 98 Thompson, Milton John ....21,291,349 Thompson. Oscar Doss, Jr. 298 Thompson. Paul J 236 262, 287. 432. 433 Underwood. Marie Lucr ....73.394,395 Underwood. Richard Lee 109, 329 Walker, Marjorie Ann 354 Walker Martha Jane ...60,150,357.359. 369 West. Phvllis Edith 386,397 West, l.obert Van Osdell. Jr. ..284,438, Thompson, Richard Wells, Jr. ..97.331. University Czech Club 343 Walker, Richard Lee 126 Westbrook, Margaret . .74, 240. 241. 276, Thompson, Sarah Elizabeth ..97 Thompson, William Arthur 59,120. University .Musicians ...22S Walker . John Ewald " . . . . . . . . . . .284, 329 Wall, Keith Douglas 119,329 359, 376, 377 Westbrook, Janet Claire ..348,394,395 Westbrook. Yetta Jean 84 287. 291. 293. 332 Thomas, Olney Davis. Jr 73.118 The University Opera Company 227 The University Singers 229 Walla, August William 441 Wallace, Betty 74 Wester! Lillian 293,353 Thomson. Frank Asburr. Ill ...103,311. Unchurch, Bettv Jane 73,275.336 Wallace, Dorothy Lois 84.363 Westerman, Darid AM, 405 312 Thorn,. Margaret Marquand 59.392 Upchurch, James Oliver ...329,418.419 Upleger, A. C 279 Wallace, Emma 148.149 Wallace, Malcolm Everett ..60,237.305, Westkaemper. John Conrad 74,304, 332, 349 Thome. Milner Speer .121, 311. 422, 433 Upperclafs Advisors 325 314. 364. 448 Westmoreland, Ann Jane . .60, 294, 336, Thornton, Arthur Clifford 290 Irice, Wynona Jane ....97,222.223,383 Wallace, Robert Pope 84 Thornton, Mary Ann ...84,361.392.393 Thornton, Rosemary 344, 390, 391 l ' .T.S.A. Council 271 Vila, Martha Beth 84 Walling, Jo Beth 97 Walling. Marguerite 322 Westmoreland. Emma Jeane .98. 271, 401 Weston. Rav Franklin 318 Thrash, John Curtis, Jr 84, 120 Thrash. Robert Lee, Jr 30,305,448 Walling. Matthew Taylor, Jr. ..284,295 Walsh, Benjamin Franklin, Jr 122 Wetegrore, Herman Joseph 108, Threlkeld, Harry Harrison 106.441 Thvfault, Rosemarv ... Tibbs, Bettv Mae 394,395 r-n 118,130 Vair, Douglas Robert 59 Walsh, Dorothy Lenore 74.328 Walston, Eugene 354 Walters, Charlotte 30,204,303.357. Wetz, Harlan Henry ' . .98 250 Whaler, Frank 84 Whaley, Francis LaVern 120 Tillery. Martha Jane . .337, 35S, 376. 377 Valdez, Cuadalupe Escobar ....222,223, 362. 369 Whaler, Rosamond ......320 Tims. Mary K 148,149 Tiner. Ruth 84.339.375 333, 352 Valdez. Joan 84 Walters, Paul Hugh 293 W.lthall, Edwon 287.406 Whan, Margaret 148,419 Wharev, James Blanton ...281 434 435 Tinkle, Billv Bob 318 Valhalla Cooperative House 317 W.lthall, Wilson Jones. Jr 60.286 Wharton. Kathleen 74 Tinling, Bruce Edward 73,121 Tinnerillo, Louis J. E., Jr 84,121 Van. Douglas 97 Van Carlowitz. Theresa 273 Walton, Martha 97 Walton, Robert Edward 121 Wharton, W. W., Jr 432,433 Wheat, Frances 98,375 Tippit, Betty 148,149 Van Cleave, Stephan 339 Waltz, Neidra 148,419 Wheatlev, Katherine Ernestine ..... 21 Tippit, Kathryn 148,149 Van Cura. Betty Mae 280 Wampler, Barbara Jean 97 Wheeler, Barbara Frances 84, 348 Tipps. Mary Sure 97 Van de Mark, Addie Elizabeth .309, 390. War Section 101-164 Wheeler, Marv Gav 6o ' 357 Tipton, Richard Carl 121 Tisdale, Sammye Claire 97,322 Van der Veer, William Russell .73, 108. Ward, Benjamin Quinn 74 Ward, Era Moizelle 228,369 Wheeler, John Emery 84.222,223 Wheelock, Betty 74,272,308,401 Titley, Robert 409 227 Ward, Fannie Mae . . . .229, 322. 325, 337 Wheel ock, John Nim 418,419 T.L.O.K 318 Vandervoort, Herbert Eugene 129 Ward, Joe Henry, Jr 361 Wheless, Marv 272, 278, 309, ' 356, Tobler. Henry Strange 84 Vanderwonh, Oscar Davis 59 Ward, Lalla Rookh 74 396, 397 Todd. Robert Grant 73.121 Todd, William Basil 339.434.435 Todes, Jay Littman 97.447 Tom, Betty Coe 97,228,372,373 Tom, Rosemarv 97,344,380,381 Tomforde, Betty Jo 59, 382 Tompkins, Marv Elizabeth 378,379 Van Dyk, Ardian Cornelius 119 Van Corp, Johelen 97,316 Van Haselen, Elsie 97,273 Van Horn, Dorothy Jane 151.228 Vanney, Marjorie Anne 84,322,325, Van Studdiford, Shirlev.97, 337, 396, 397 Ward, Jewell Cordon ...74,338,396.397 Warden. John Howard 304.415 Wardman, Charles Elbert 415 Warmack, George Milton 97 Warmack, Willene Martha 60 Warner, Anne Meriwether 74, 272 Warner, Charles A 288 Whitaker, Berry 424,425 Whitaker, Rosemary La Rue 84, 272, 278, 303, 334, 396, 397 Whidden, Lois Isabel 74 White, Anita 98 White, Bettye Jo 60,272,369 Tooke, Gladys 195 Van Velzer, Darid Allan 59 Warner, Franklin Henry 441 White! Claudia Alleen ............. 60 Toppins! Joh n e Edwin " . ..... .59. 109, 304 Toro. Jose Manserrate 351.353 Varnell, Mary Evelyn 84 Varner, Walter Lee, Jr. 59, 420, 421 yarsity Carnival 183 Warner. Robert W. . . ' . 283.295 Warren, Thomas Warne ....60,284,287, White, Daniel Kelsay 98,441 White, Dorothy Kay 74,220,221. Torrey, Carmen " Lugarda ... .59, 293, 353 laxity Debate 230 Vaughan, John Robert 97 295, 329 War Section 123 White. Helen Mae 338, 38o ' 381 Touche Club 273 Towne, Richard Charles 122.314 Towner, Horace Kelly 121 Townsend, Charles N 332 Townsend, Ella Elizabeth 151.328 Townsend, Howard William . . . .345, 448 Vaughan. Mary Frances 97,322 Vaughan, Nora Mae 97 Vaughan, Thomas Leo 110.304,333 Vaughn, Jack Calcin 344,422,423 Vaughn, Martha Gibson 231 Vejans, El.ine 97,228,229,384,385 Washburn, Alma Lou 312,378,379 Watkins, Donald Orin 427 W.tkins, Elizabeth 148,419 Watkins, John Francis 74,126,441 Watson, Angie Carroll 348 Watson, Arthur Pope 97. 418, 419 White! John Arch ' . ' . ' . ' . ...279, 280 White. Jovce Rae 348 White, Kathleen 148,419 White, Keith Clark 122 427 White, Lei. Jo 98,378,379 White, Mary Ellen 333 While, Marilyn 401 Williams, Mary 353 Wisenbaker. Evelyn Louise 348 Wroe. Loudelle 62, 368 White, Marylee Doris 220, 221 Williams, Oscar Brown .. ..23, 98. 236, Witthaus, Elizabeth 148,419 Wyatt. Betty Brown !!!320 White, Mildred 74, 336 298, 304, 410, 411 Wittmeyer, Elmer Evan . 74, 329 62, 293 White, Ralph Irby 74, 444 Williams, R. O., Jr 295 Wofford, Jimmie Lee .203, 378, 379 Wyatt! JuTia " Infoge ' ne ' ! ! ' . ' 278, 344 White, Ruth Jeanne ....74, 224, 225, 383 Williams, Roy Wooten .61, 305, 331. 441 Wohlgemuth, Richard Warn :n 126 Wyde, Edwin Louis 123 White, Shirley Carl 108 . .98, 306, 401 Wolcott, Eldon Nicholson 429 Wynn, Aflon T 297 White, Sophie Anne .98, 222, 223, Williams! Virgil, Jr 329 Wolcott, Mary Louise ..74 . 366. 367. 348 Wynne-, Thomas Burton .. 418, 419 228, 378, 379 Williams, William Robert 118 Wolf. Carlton Adam 126 White, Warren Travis .... ..98,360,427 Williamson, Anthony Patrii k ..127,354 Wolf, Edith Mary ..84, 348, 354, Whiteaere, Billy .27, 109, 279, Williamson, Bettye 388. 389 361. 392. 393 A 280, 420, 421 Williamson, Mary Lou .328, 361, 392, 393 Wolf, Katherine 152 351 Whitesides, Marshall Marlii i ... .98, 364 Williamson, Ruth 396, 397 Wolf, Marjorie Jo ..74, 366, 367 Whiting, Joyce 193,331 339 Wolf, Mary Evelyn 61,281 Whiting, Robert Louis 288, 331 Williamson ' Wanna 148, 419 Wolfe, Betty Gladys ....62 . 306, 392, 393 Y Whitis, Joan 366, 367 William , ' ,,. William Carey, Jr 84 Wolfe, Jesse Edmond ... 436 ,437 Whitman, George Gordon . Whitmire, Jo Ann 73 378, 379 Williamson. William Roy . Willitonl, Graham Devoe . 61, 333 442, 443 Wolfe, Sybil Ruth ....84 Wolfe, Virginia . 348, 378. 379 388, 389 Yager! Nettie Woodson ' .74 , 309 ' , 38o! 381 Whiton, Albert Edward ... W.I.C.A. 98 315 Willis, Charles Grant Willis, Curtis Eugene, Jr. . 98 ...27,84,344 Wolfean, Freda Kathern . Wolford, Albert Marion .. ' l09, ' 294, ' 305. Yancy, Don " rlobson ! . . ' . Yantis. Bc-nton Worth .... ' .407 Widen, Leonard Allen 118 Willrodt, Helen Louise .. . .98, 323, 354 420, 421 98 Widman, Rose Mary 74 Wills, Mary Yvonne 74, 369 Wolfson, Sylvan 446 Yarborougn, trances Lucil e . . .84. 194, Wiederman, Simon 447 Wilshnse-n. Henry E 410. 411 Wollbrett, Dorothy Lucille ....322, 369 Wiederspahn, Harry Gene . Wiegand, Grace Mabel .... Wieland, Evelyn Roberta . 318 98, 348 98, 317, Wilson, Barbara Wilson, Betty Katherine ... .....61, ' lSl. 380, 381 Womack, Martha Jane ..62 Womble, Adine Elizabeth . Women ' s Sports , 336, 366, 367 .197, 272, 348 276 Yarbrough, Patsy Loraine 361, 424, 425 84 Wier! Richard A. 348, 407 337 280 Wilson, Carolyn Wilson, Clayton Herbert . Wilson, Florence .309, 392, 393 233 Wompler, Barbara Wonack, Margaret Eva ... Wong, Soon Yuck 380, 381 ..62. 229, 345 284 Yarrington, " Marian ....... Yeager, Hal Wasce, Jr. .. .322, 384. 385 84 ..74, 119, 331, Wigginton, Melva Carolyn Wigzell, Charlotte Elizabeth 98, 375 . . . .84, 272, 276, 376, 377 Wilson, Floy Cathron Wilson, Glen Partin W ilson, Jackie Miner !!!!!! 84 349 388. 389 Wong-Valle, Alfonso Cenai 350 Wong-Valle, Manuel Anton: , 8si,3S3, 354 io ..351, 353, Yeager, Mary Lucille ... Yee, Sing Yeoman, Margaret Dorothy 84 335 Wilborn, Frankie Mae .... Wilcox, Elizabeth Ann .. Wilcox, Susan Elizabeth . ..74, 344, 369 .60, 224, 225, 376, 377 Wilson, James Gale Wilson, Jennings Dec Wilson, Jim Will Wilson, Leon 98 98 ..61,110,299 98 Wood, Edward Anslic Wood, Emily Claire Wood, Harriet Bardin .... 354 438, 439 . .62, 394, 395 84 Yglesias, Marguerite Louisi 309 Y.M.C.A Ynsfran, Pablo Maximilian, : . . ! .62. 193. . 328, 380, 381 319 Wild, Claude Charles Wilde, Anita Wilde, Byder Wellington . Wilde, Doris Virginia ..220, Wildenthal, John, Jr. ..61, 61 386, 387 61,329 221, 376, 377 108, 280, 304 Wilson, Lucy 84,222,223,228 Wilson. Marifrann-s ... .74, 240, 241, 297 Wilson, Marjolene 148,149 Wilson, Martha 363,390,391 Wilson, Mary Caroleen 74 Wood, Jeanne Wood, Joseph Lacy, Jr. ... Wood, Juanita Fay Wood, Marie Evins Wood, Mary Bernadine .. 84 412, 413 ..74, 201, 228 98 382 Yoakum ' . Margaret Isabel . Yoder, James (Uuddv) ... Yolland, Coral Jan ....98 York. Charles Thompson . York, Charlfs Weldon 84! 273 .240, 241, 292 , 322. 372. 373 429 Wildenthal, Eloise 74 Wilson, Metta Ann ....74, 199, 306, 312, Wood, Myra Jean 98, 316 York! Margaret ! q Wilder, Ray Hiram, Jr. ... 98 390, 391 Wood, Robert Cunningham 84, 342, Young, Charl,-- K, ' l ,n " " 355 Wilderson, Paul Wiley, Charles Albert Wiley, Frances Ann 305 122 369 Wilson, Mildred Carlyn ... Wilson, Nadine Wilson, Oscar Bryon 278 386,387 Wood, Ruth Carleton .... Wood, Thomas Kelbert ... 420, 421 .62, ' l07, ' 282, Young, Joy Young, Mahala Jane Young, Mary Bethene .... .!.!!!!.!. 84 .344, 390, 391 378. 379 Wiley, Jack Ellet Wiley, Julius Earl, Jr. ... !!..344, 364, Wilson, Phil Wilson, Robert Munsey .61, .....311, 406 129, 304, 330 Woodard, George Henry, Jr 287, 295 332 Young. Ruth Jeroline .... Young. Virginia 336, 354 392. 393 410, 411 Wilson, Thomas 363 Woodard, Thad Leroy, Jr. . .305, 332. 448 Youngblood, David Hull 84, 230, Wiley, Peter Wilhite, Betty Jean . ' 98, ' 309, " 322, Wilson, William David ... Wilson, William Henry .. 121 61, 109 Woodbeck, Myrtle Marie . Woodcock, Alice Margaret 294 337 Youngblood, Margaret Jam 305, 406 i ... .98, 322, Wilk, Marjorie Louise ..74, Wilke, Gertrude Helene ... 372, 373! 402 .74, 203, 240, Wilson, William Le Roy . Wilmot, Jennie 361 285, 348 .98, 322, 369 Woodcock, Helen Louise . Woods, Kenneth Cordon .. .62. 280, 281, 336, 337 129 378, 379 ;d 109. 283, 330 Wilkendorf, Albert McGreg, Wilkenfield, Joyce Adele .. " 98 ' , 384, ' 385 W in, lu- ' l ' i. I ' i.uik Arthur, Jr. Winchell, Frederick Arthur 121, 332 ....226, 418, 419 Woods, Reuben Victor .... Woodward, David Grider .. 84 84, 287, Yourtee. Lawrence K Yust, Anna Elizabeth .... 420, 421 ..62, 336, 362 Wilkerson, Martha Wilkerson, Nancy Jo Wilkes, Bettye Jo . .98, 272, Wilkins, Leroy Oscar Wilkinson, Edwin Paul ... Wilkinson, Helen June ... 61, 286 61 278, 396, 397 98 ..406 359, 401 Winchell, Vern Curt Windham, Gladys Elizabeth Windrow, Ann 74, Winetroub, Aaron Wingate, Beverly Moody .. 127 . . . .98, 273, 366, 367 348, 376, 377 404, 405 61, 363 Woodward, Stanley Mortim Woody, Caroline Riecks ... Wooldridge, Margaret O ' Har Woolrich, Paul Frederick a ....9s! 392 393 ....120, 305, 332, 412, 413 z Zabel, Elsie Lois Zabcik, Johnny Everett .. Zacharis. Harriet Tress ... Zanze, Tom Emil 229 343 98 121. 332 Wilkinson, Lelia Beth Wilkinson, Nancy J Wilkirson, Oscar Lee Willard, Thomas 223, 287, 329 98 400 427 418,419 74 t no Wingate, Martha Anne .... Winkler, Dorothy Nell .... W inkier, Mary Beth Winkley. Betty Winn, Wilkins Bowdre .... Winsauer, Weldon Otto ... 74, 383 294 334, 380, 381 98 98, 319 .61, 284, 295, Woolrich, Willis Raymond Woolsey, Margie Nell .... Wooten, Greenwood Silveste 298, Word, Edith Lucille ....16, 283, 291, 295 392, 393 r, Jr. ..287, 305, 422, 423 ..98. 390, 391 Zeta Omicron Omicron ... Zeta Tau Alpha Zeve, Edel Florette ....84 Zidell, Leatrice Joyce ... Zidell. Madelon Zcigler, Margaret Maurice 312 400, 401 , 229, 384, 385 398, 399 398, 399 62 Willeford, Mary Louise ... .74, 197, 303, 342, 354, 378 Winslow, Lawson Tracy, Jr. 329, 448 ....84, 119 Workman, Alva Gene Works, Lee 62, 331 .287, 298, 427 Ziegler, Tommie Lou Zimmer, Donald Robert ... 361, 401 129, 233 Willet, Noyes 231 Winston, Ambrose Pare ... 280, 293 Worley, Frances Marian .. . .98, 376, 377 Zimmerman, Erich Walter 98, 356, Williams, Ada Jane Williams, Coyle Wills 84 )i.-,i,n. Mary Craten 74 Worley! Veta Thelma .... 62! 317 .immtrman, 390, 391 121 Winters, John Sam 27 ,61,311,426 Worrell, Alice Virginia ... 84, 273, Zimmerman, William Flori an ..62.329, Williams, David Raworth . .61, 236, 238, Winters, Robert Gemmill .. ....108, 287, 366, 367, 402 428 287, 352, 426 412, 413 Wray, Arthur Hall 98, 415 Zimmern, Alfred 62 Williams, Ebbie Lewis .... 417 Winton, Donald Eugene ... 121 Wright, Elizabeth Ann ... ..98, 197, 383 Zindler, Kenneth 404, 405 Williams, Harry Franklin 61, 107 Winton, Mary Isobel 228, 232 Wright, Emma Lou 62 Zipp, Arthur Niel 129 Williams, Helen Marie .61, 358, 386, 387 Winton, Susan Vanderpool ....396, 397 Wright, Fred Meyer 121 Ziser, J. Adolph 440 Williams, Henry James 61, 108 Wiithlin. Lura Nell ....98, 361, 394, 395 Wright, Jerry 26 Zobel, Leonard 404, 405 Williams! Jolnlfe !!!!!!!!! :;:!i48!4i9 Win .. Robert Lewis ..360, 361, 424, 425 Wright, Myrlee Doris 368 Zuefeldt, Roy House .230, 344, 360 oise 61,348,362, 376, 377 Margaret 378,379 e de Nevers ...286, 293, 334, 369 Wirt .. Sarah Virginia ...84.352.359,369 Wisrnkai-mper, Josephine Ellen .84,275 Wise, Jean Louise 98 Wise, Marvin Jay 230,287,314, 346, 347 Wright. Nettie Joe 322 Wright. Rae Caddis 62.372.373 Wright, Vernon Gerald ....120. 138. 139 9 4 4 m

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