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AUSTIN ' I J N foosft [NICARAGUA 5 DOMI | CAN REPUBLIC H Xj J- ' ECUADOR THE 1942 Copyrighted by TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC. JACK BBOOKSHIRE GEORGE LEONARD Co-Editors FRA.NKIE WELBOR.N, Production Manager BI RT DYKE, Business Manager BRUNO LORE, Artist CHRISTIANSON-LEBERMAN, Portraits WALLACE ENGRAVING COMPANY, Engravers GULF PUBLISHING COMPANY, Printers O TEXAS . . . As a stale and as a Lniversity, we, the Editors, present this forty- ninth volume of the Cactus. And as another year has passed, the present grows dim and fades into the past. We have seen things large and small, momentous and insignificant, and we have endeavored to capture them in a manner pleasing to you. We sincerely hope that in these pages, through these words and pictures of campus life, we have given you an insight to the very spirit and personality of the L niversity. May these efforts be a lasting memorial to you of this fond year. I CONTENTS The contents follow the seasons . . . Fall on the Forty Acres finds football spirit, registration, rush week, elections, fall concerts, and publications beginning. Winter brings basketball, fraternity and sorority formals. dormant dormitories. In the Spring we get out-of-doors for sports . . . baseball, track, tennis, golf . . . in-doors for the Round-Up . . . study for honoraries . . . run for campus offices. Warm Summer . . . swimming, intramurals. club activities, Goodfellows, and Med School. TO DEAN THOMAS ULVAN TAYLOR WHO GAVE THE MAJOR PART OF HIS LIFE UNSELFISHLY TO THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, FROM ITS INFANCY TO ITS MATURITY, THIS BOOK IS RESPECTFULLY DEDICATED. - . x- g -4 ! _Vh r- ' - ' ' ' h ;.V ( ( -H__lw m v " ' i -- . - - : . . . 4L_Z 1 - I T 7- 1 - SSSSS COKE STEVENSON Governor of The State of Texas PAf,t 9 HOMER PRICE RAINEY President of The University of Texas PACE 10 J. ALTD BURDINE Vice-President of The University of Texas II THE BOARD OF REGENTS i LESLIE WAGGENER Chairman K. H. AYNESWORTH Vice-Chairman FRED C. BRANSON H. J. LUTCHER STARK MRS. I. D. FAIRCHILD H. H. WEINERT E. J. BLACKERT ORVILLE BULLINGTON DAN J. HARRISON U. T. OFFICIALS E. J. MATHEWS Registrar ( HARLES SPARENBERG Auditor C D. SIMMONS Comptroller E. R. CORNWELL Bursar Above: The Registrar ' s Office. Left: Paying fees at the Bursar ' s Office. P 13 E A I S H. T. PARLIN Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences E. WILLIAM DOTY Dean of the College of Fine Arts J. ANDERSON FITZGERALD Dean of the School of Business Administration PACE 14 CHARLES T. McCORMICK Dean of the School of Law B. F. PITTENGER Dean of the School of Education B W. R. OOI.HK If lii;m ni the College of Engineering WILLIAM FRANCIS GIDLEY Dean of the College of Pharmacy HENRY W. HARPER Dean Emeritus of the Graduate School PAGE 15 DOROTHY GEBAUER Dean of Women V. I. MOORE Dean of Student Life CARL J. ECKHARDT Superintendent of Utilities JOHN A. McCURDY Secretary of Ex-Students ' Association Above: Arno Nowotny, Director of Student Employment Bureau. Left: Students fill out N.Y.A. applications in the Dean of Men ' s Office. PACE 16 T. H. SHELBY Dean of the Extension Diiifiun DONALD CONEY Librarian DR. JOE GILBERT Srr: Health ARTHUR L. BRANDON Director oj Public Relations Above: Freshmen must receit-t a medical examination. Right: The loan desk of the Main Library- 17 L. THEO BELLMONT Director of Physical Training for Men BERRY WHITAKER Director of Men ' s Intramurals A. C. WRIGHT Manager of University Press ANNA HISS Director of Physical Training for Women A Above: An intramural touch-football game. Left: An important part of the Press composing room. PACE 18 GLADYS WH1TLEY HENDERSON Director of Texas I ' nion J K Director of l ' nit rsit Commons .Main Lounft of Texas L ' nion Chuck Wagon Above: The I ' nirersity Commons l: Office of the Texas Lnion PCI 1 ' KA ' s enjoy new game room . . . Into the Belt house go big- wigs . . . ATO ' s come out for air . . . Baseball brings pledges . . . AEPi ' s discuss plans . . . Convocation brings well-de- served rest . . . Paddle the ball before the pledges . . . Music soothes the savage . . . Sam- mies soak up sunshine . . . Ah! Food! . . . Kappa Sigs have a cig . . . Sig Ep crowd. w Alpha Chi Omega ' s patio . . . Waltman talks Pi Phi ... Tri- Delts rush from new house ... Is that beer? . . . She can ' t face it ... Delta Zeta ' s delight. L PACE 22 AOPi ' s rushing . . . Pledge night brings heartthrobs . . . Wharton collects preferences . . . Finnegan and Busby boost the Thetas. Main Building looking up from Memorial Fountain . . . S. R. D. girls unpack . . . Boys ' dorms fill up too. They arrive by train . . . And the bus . . . Pearson hi? fee . . . Co-eds ctionized . . . Regis- tration is nearly over . . . Vaccination . . . Frede aid- orientation . . . Long- horns " first tough break Mauldin breaks arm. Roberts rounds L. S. U. end . . . Another one of those end sweeps . . . Seven fire trucks - where ' s the fire? . . . Cowboys backed up by Gilmer . . . Rooting in the rain. fe k ' ' ' ' , ' : If . ' I Chaste Diana of the Dorms . . . Football . . . Corpse of Delta Theta Phi . . . More dirty poli- tic-. Rice goes down the river, 40 to 0! . . . Cowboys show hustle . . . Pep rally . . . Bronze hat to the winner . . . Hill Hall Juliets . . . After the brawl is over . . Texan Ed. Howard . . Knowles knows how. I Sun sets on Garrison Hall as shadows lengthen . . . Col. Hurt, Gerald Mann, Coach Bible at rally . . . Touchdown against S.M.L . ... A Mustang pile-up. Chamberlain roasts Glee Club wieners . . . Back from Baylor . . . President and Mrs. Rainey and President Neff of Baylor ... Pi Phi racketeers . . . Longhorn Room . . . ' nuff said about Baylor. PACE 30 nodrow ilson . . . Lake Austin . . . Cow- boys . . . Pete Lay- den . . . T men alumni . . . Blackout party at Kappa Sig ... Vis- itors ' Day . . . Campu- Guild wt.rk-. Pit 31 Campus from the east . . . Edson Feray treads a measure . . . " Wild Man " Williams and camera . . . Brats- gnats! . . . Sunday night at the ice-box. PACE 32 Y-- Olde Law School . . . Damsels down to dirt, recognize Kone, Sluder, and Sutherland . . . Coach Littlefield and son . . . Saving ti : NOVEMBER 17, 1941 | U CENTS YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION $4. SO The November 17, 1941 cover of Life magazine . . . Sanders and Kutner romp on Thanksgiving Day . . . Every- body ' s full of Mrs. Leonard ' s turkey . . . Oh, that lucky haircut . . . Grain and reporters. PACE 34 Wrecking the jinx with candles . . . Even girls play football . . . Engineers pour steel . . . Milk, maid? Thetas coining from church? . . . Grab fast boys . . . Seaman beams on Oregon ' s Coach . . . Davis and Thacker relax ... So do others. Oregon pep rally . . . Band marche . . . Naval R.O.T.C. makes first pub- lic performant f . . . 1 ' lay- ifter the game . . . Coaches Oliver and Bible . . . Old Glory . . . u know the r-core. I. Hill Hall home of the Long- horns . . . Seeing game pic- tures . . . Band boys . . . An- other score. I Harbor of Rio dt Jantiro. Brazil, it callfd the world ' s most beautiful harbttr. X JAMES C. DOLLEY THE ATHLETIC EDUNEIL Chairman . . . JAMES C. DOLLEY FACULTY MEMBERS A. E. Cooper C. R. Cranberry James C. Dolley EX-STUDENT MEMBER W. H. Richardson STUDENT MEMBER Frederick A. Nieman ATHLETIC DIRECTOR Dana X. Bible BUSINESS MANAGER, INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS Edwin W. Olle Left to right: BIBLE, OI.I.E. MEM AX. DOI.LEY, CRANBERRY. COOPER. RICHARDSON rar: TOTT. Layden. KtUer. Grain. Daniel. Spark . Stoat. Hafrrairk. Blalork. Spitzrr. Ooo. J roar.- Saadrra. Scott. Garrrlt. H. Harkiat. R. I_ Harkint. Cohenour. Flanagan. Mauldin, Junjmiche! , Freeman Peveto. raw: Hurt. Park. McKay. Mayne. Roberts. Held. Minor. Sach r, Walking Fiwher. ' e. faovt row.- Co] I m.. Coanly. Parker. Harri.. Moon. Croacbcr. Houpt. Dil ch. Rorb . Dumkr. H.joijiv. Plallrr. Fiftk r.- Smith, fmuattd. La, RoWrl.. Cwrcrt, Han. Davidton. Adair. l.rqu . Small. Niioo. il. SIM ro: Billing. Pool. Goodman. Hoffm.r,. Crain. Dcnau. Ball. Pou. Roddy. Fonaer. McCUmroch. Singer. T ASSOCIATION President I ice- President Secretary Sergeant-at-Arms OFFICERS CARLTON R. TERRY HENRY HARKINS R. L. HARKINS ROY DALE John Garland Adair Joe Martin Ball Thurman Barrett V. D. BaM-y Rolert Burke Billings William C. Blalock Donald Cohenour Harold Collins Zuehl Conoly Frank Covert Cullen ( .rain Jack Crain l.-.]ie Ooui-her Chal Daniel William Davidson Richard . Gilbert M. Denman Wilson P. Deutsch Noble Doss William Dumke Jackie Field Harold Fi-her Preston S. Flanagan Ernest Fortner Jack Freeman Julian Garrrtt Audrey ( ' .ill Gene Goodman MEMBERS P. F. Grave . Jr. Harn- Hafernick Jerome Hajovsky Henry Harkins R. L. " Harkin- Henr ' Harris Joe P. Hart Crady E. Hatton Walter Heap Miltnn Hoffman W. D. Houpt Douglas Jacques AX oodrow Johnson Harold Jungmichel Malcolm Kutner Thoma H. Law Pete Layden Harold I ery Fritz Lobpries Harris MrCIamroch K.. Dale McKay ernon Martin Kenneth Matthews Stanley Mauldin Lewis Mayne Max Minor Udell Moore Ben Nixon Ralph Park Joe Parker Derwood Peveto Lingo Platter Garland Poole Billy Pou Charles F. Roberts Walton S. Roberts Alfred R. Rochs Tommie Roddy Jack Sachse Lester Sander Orban Sanders Joe Schwarting Wai lace Scott David Small J. W. Smith Joe F. Sparks Leonard Spilzer Jack Stone Mike Sweeney Frank B. Singer Carlton Terry Lolie Thompson Mac I mstattd George Watkins Ben Wflfl Jack West Robert C. Wilson CAM.TOX R. TERRY DANA X. BIBLE PETE LAYDEN LETTERMEN Donald (Bo) Cohenour Malcolm Kutner Harold Collins William Zuehl Conoly Jack Grain Chal Daniel Noble Doss Jackie Field Harold Fischer Preston Flanagan Jack L. Freeman Julian Garrett Audrey Gill Henry Harkins R. L. Harkins Henry F. Harris Walter Heap Woodrow Johnson Harold Jungmichel Pete Layden Frederick Lobpries Roy Dale McKay Vernon Martin Kenneth A. Matthews Stanley Mauldin Lewis Mayne Max Minor Joe Parker Durwood Peveto Walton Roberts Jack Sachse Orban (Spec) Sanders Joseph Schwarting Wallace Scott Michael Sweeney George H. Watkins Jack Milton W T est H. C. (BULLY) GILSTRAP U. T. ' s GREATEST THE 1941 SEASON was undoubtedly the most exciting in the history of Texas football, and will live forever in the minds of Longhorn fans. Coach Dana X. Bible, culminating the fifth year of his Bible plan, turned out the " wonder-team " of the nation. Rated before the season started as the Number One team in the country, the Longhorns stampeded the Colorado Buffaloes in the season ' s opener. Then, rolling over L.S.U. and Oklahoma, the Steers entered their conference schedule. Arkansas. Rice, and S.M.I " , all fell before the mighty Texas juggernaut. Then, in the last few seconds of play, a spirited Baylor squad tied the resigned Texas eleven. The following week, the Texas squad was still off- stride, and T.C.U. defeated the Longhorns in the last minute of the game. Texas proved her worth, however, by breaking the Kyle Field jinx, and decisively whipping A. and M.. the Southwest Conference Champions. The next week is one that will never be forgotten. Turning down an Orange Bowl bid and with their pride wounded by the Rose Bowl choice, Texas played host to the University of Oregon, the team edged out 12 to 7 by Oregon State, the Rose Bowl host, the week before. To show that they were still the greatest team in the country, they trounced the Pacific Coast aggregation in the " Little Rose Bowl Game " by the largest score ever made by a Longhorn team in the history of the Conference. Thus ended a season with its ups and downs of thrills and disappointments. Starting their schedule with a maze of power, pushed down by a mid-season slump, the Longhorns rose again to top-heights, as they closed their 1941 season the Number One team in the country Williamson Rating). fr mt nm: COLLINS. MINOR. FIELD. MARSEI - ! FISCHER. PARKER. J. HARRIS. BINC. S rw4 nm: BIBLE. FLAN ' . ' -- - : RS. LATDEN. GRAIN. MARTIN. DANIEL. mK(MY. KITNER. R. L. HARKINS. CILSTRAP. Tlur4 ravr KELLEY um n . GILL. PEVF.TO. COHEMHJR. CARRETT. MAIU ' IV VEST. SCOTT. HF.4P. Jt NCMICHEL. Tank r m: H. HARRIS. MIFFLETOV VAYNE. 1 ATklNS. HIFFMAV PROCTER. CRAWLEY, SCHVARTINC, LOBPRIES. PARK. CHERRY Fifth T : ROBERTS. BASEY, McK Y. HARKINS. MATTHEWS. CONOLY. JORDAN. JOHNSON. SHELTON (m m t " j. c ckj. P II Sanders plunges seven yards or a touchdown in the second quarter of the Colorado game. Texas 34 ... Colorado 6 Under " a gray Colorado sky with reports of a blizzard on its way, 15,000 spectators saw Coach Dana X. Bible ' s Longhorns sweep over the Buffaloes of the University of Colorado, 34-6, in the season ' s opener on September 27. The Texas attack featured a great e xhibition of blocking by Longhorn linemen, led by Cohenour, Kutner, Garrett, and Jungmichel. In the backfield it was Layden and Sanders, with Grain, R. L. Harkins, and Roberts adding their part. The hard-charging Steer line gave early evidence of what was to be expected by later opponents, as linemen frequently broke through the Colorado forward wall to stop the Buffalo backs for losses. In making 20 first downs to the Buffaloes ' 10, Texas showed power both in the air and on the ground. The Steer eleven racked up 354 yards rushing and passing to 185 for Colorado a fair warning in itself to the future opponents of the mighty Longhorns. Layden gets loose for a long run against the Sooners. tics 44 Texas 34 . , LS.U. Rain. mud. and Tigers made little difference to a stampeding herd of Texas Longhorns. October 4. as the high-flying Steers slammed their way to a convincing 34-to-O victory over a rough Louisiana State team in Memorial Stadium. The chief difference vas that of a fast-charging Longhorn line o t-r an inexperienced Tiger forward wall. In the backfield it was too much Pete Layden. with the versatile fullback on the first play of the second half taking it on the hip for 64 yards and a score. Kutner. Cohenour. Jungmichel. and Scott were stand-outs in the line for the victorious Longhorn eleven. ' IVxas made 11 first downs, to Louisiana ' s 3; made 268 yard nishini! while L.S.I ' , ended up 19 yards in the red. Texas completed 5 passes out of the 7 attempted and intercepted 3 of Louisiana ' s. ' DANIEL H. HARKINS SCOTT HKAP MAIIMIN PACE 45 Pete Layden takes out a Sooner to start Jack Grain on long run. Texas 40 ... Oklahoma 7 The Sooners thought they could turn the Texas tide on October 11, but the Longhorns handed them their worst defeat, 40 to 7, since the teams started meeting at the State Fair in Dallas. Everyone on the squad had a chance to star during the game. Malcolm Kutner caught two passes and scored on both of them. Pete Layden and Noble Doss plunged through the Sooner line time after time to the delight of the stands, and Jack Grain twisted through the Sooner team to romp across the goal line twice. Harkins did some good work during the second half, twice passing for touchdowns. Cohenour, Jungmichel, and Daniel made it a great day for the Texas line, and the second and third teams shone, too. In defeating the mighty Oklahomans. Texas racked up 11 first downs to the Sooners ' 8, and made 330 yards rushing to 105 for the 0. U. boys. Texas also completed 8 out of 18 passes for 143 yards. Oklahoma had its stars in Matthews and Jacobs, but it was the Longhorns ' ball game all the way. Beautiful blocking sends Doss for a gain against Arkansas. PACE 46 i r i 1 Elfl Texas 48 . , Arkansas 14 LIFE magazine, figuring Texas had the best football team in the nation, sent their sports editor and photographer to Austin. October 18. to cover the Texas- Arkansas game. Texas satisfied them with a 48-to-14 victor) over the Razorbacks. Ocldl) enough. Arkansas made 14 first downs to Texas ' 12. but in net yards gained rushing. Texas made 401 to minus 19 for Arkan-a-. The net yards gained rushing and passing tallied 458 for Texas and 122 for the Razorback-. Although it was a decisive victory, Texas played very ragged ball, and it was tlu- e moments that allowed Arkansas to score their two touchdowns. Kvery man saw action, except Layden, who was out with an injured ankle. Walton Roberts ' third-string team proved to Trxa- fans that they would be a team to watch during the next two seasons. R. L. HARKINS DOSS GRAIN McKAY KUTNER PACE 47 TEVAS _ Grain starts on his 87-yard run through the entire Rice team. Texas 4D . . . Rice D The Rice Institute Owls, like several other Conference teams, were supposed to give the Texas Longhorns their real test. Many thought this was the team in the Southwest Conference for the Steers to watch. All such ideas proved false, however, when the Owls came to Austin October 25, and like previous Longhorn opponents, were soundly defeated, 40 to 0. Jack Grain sparked a beautiful touchdown drive and then ran 87 yards to set-up another touchdown. Pounding Pete Layden made many long slashing drives during the first quarter. The Longhorns made 18 first downs to 8 by Rice, and net yards gained rushing and passing totaled 315 for Texas and 129 for Rice. In this game the Longhorns proved their passing ability. They attempted 24 passes and completed 16. Rice, tried 12 but could make only 3 connections. The Rice team never could get rolling, and the Texas gridiron machine time and again stifled the Owl offense, took over the ball, and the three Longhorn squads alternated in plowing down the field to victory. Noble Doss does some very fine work against S.M.L. PACE 48 Texas 34 ... S.M.U. D For eight years previous to 1941. the Mustangs of Southern Methodist University had beaten the Texas Longhorns, but on Novem- ber 1. in Dallas. Texas turned the tables and swamped the Ponies. 34 to 0. All three of Coach Dana X. Bible ' s teams had the opportunity t.. show their stuff " that afternoon, but the outstanding player of the day was Cowboy Jack Grain. The Longhorn passing against S.M.U. was flawless. Ten out of 17 passes thrown were completed. Texas also had a decided edge on first downs 15 to 9. The net yards gained rushing totaled 228 for Texas and 38 for the Mustang. After the game, in which his S.M.U. team could never get rolling against the Longhorn powerhouse, the Mustang coach, Matty Hell, had only praise for the great Texas eleven. Coach Bell aptly summed up the Texas football teams that had soundly trounced his stubborn Ponir-. r ' .xplained the S.M.U. mentor, " Texas has one of the greatest ball clubs I have ever seen. " SANDERS MARTIN JL ' NOMICHEL COHENOUR GILL PACI 49 Texas meets opposition and plenty of it in the Baylor game. Pete Layden makes a long run in the T.C.U. game. Texas 7 ... Baylor 7 Strength and determination gave an inspired Baylor eleven what sportswriters throughout the country termed a " moral victory, " over the Texas Longhorns. As an inspired Texas team had ruined a Rose Bowl-bound A. M. team the year before, so Baylor dashed Texas ' bowl hopes against the rocks with their 7 to 7 tie at Waco on November 8. The Steer eleven was outfought the entire game, although the statistics showed as close a tie game as will ever be recorded. Lacking the scoring punch displayed in their earlier games, and minus the services of injured Pete Layden, Malcolm Kutner and Julian Garrett, the Steers held off the scrapping Baylor Bears until the last thirty seconds of play. Then, with the Longhorns holding a slim 7-to-O lead, the Bruins marched steadily downfield to score and tie the game. Although the tie was a mar on the schedule of the Longhorns, it built up student spirit higher than it has been in many years. From that time on, the entire University of Texas student body was sin- cerely in back of their team. They had backed the team during its winning streak and they stayed behind the squad during this slump. Perhaps it was this student spirit that enabled the Longhorns to pull through and finish their season in a blaze of glory. PACI 50 WEST Texas7...T.C.U. 14 For the second straight week, the Texas Longhorns failed to get under way. and in the last ten seconds of play, the Steers were downed l. the T.C.U. Horned Frogs. 14 to 7. in Memorial Stadium. This stirring upset at the hands of the fighting Frogs, was Texas ' first defeat Mure November 2. 1940. Although the Texas student body was behind the Longhorns throughout the game. Texas could not seem to capitalize on the many breaks. T.C.I, led Texas 7 to 5 in first downs, and made 214 yards rushing to the Longhorns ' 146. The Longhorns were fighting hard, but, as in the Baylor game the week before, the Steer squad showed a decided lack of teamwork and coordination. To give reasons for Texas ' defeat would be almost impossible. To l ' c a fans throughout the entire nation, the upset was inexplainable. However, one thing is plain the Frogs played smart and aggressive ball in a hard-fought game to upset the mighty Texas grid machine. FREEMAN MINOR COLLINS FIELD MATTHEWS PACE 51 A field goal and Texas leads 3 to 0. Malcolm Kutner and Chal Daniel spent some time on the bench at the A. and M. game. Jack Grain plows under a few Aggies as he starts on a long run. Who Said Jinx? Texas 23 ...ARM D The Kyle Field jinx lies buried lieneatli the trampled soil of A. and M. ' s football stadium, ground into the dust by thirty-three stampeding Longhorns on ThanksL ' hiiii. ' Day. For the second straight season Texas went into the President Rainey says a few words at the Rally before the A. and M. game. A. and M. game against an undefeated Rose Bowl-bound team, and for the second time they ended the Aggies ' winning streak, this time 23 toO. A. and M. had already won the Conference Cham- pionship but the perform- ances of the two teams clearly showed Texas to be the mighty giant of the Conference. It was the first time in 18 years that Texas had defeated A. and M. on Kyle Field and to do it up right the Longhorns didn ' t let the Aggies get past the Texas 28-yard line. Texas made 11 first downs, A. and M. made 10: Texas gained 323 yards and A. and M. 5 yards. Spec Sanders makes a long and thrilling run for the crowd. s TEXAS Jack Grain plunges through JOT a touchdown against Oregon. Texas 71 ... Oregon 7 In the final game of the 1941 football season the Longhorns trampled the University of Oregon 71 to 7 in the " Little Rose Bowl Game " at Memorial Stadium. This raised the total points scored by the Longhorns to 338, the Steer eleven taking honors as the highest scoring team in the nation. In this game Coach Dana X. Bible turned loose all three of his teams to make their bid for glory, and that they did. In 60 minutes of crowded thrills, proud Texas fans saw their team score 10 touchdowns to Oregon ' s 1, kick 7 conversions to Oregon ' s 1, an score 2 safeties. The Longhorns made 16 first downs while Oregon was fighting for 12. But in net yards gained rushing and passing the Longhhorns led Oregon 518 to 154. With sixteen seniors playing their last game for the Orange and White, both Rose Bowl officials and the Oregon team found that pre-season dopesters were right in dubbing the mighty Texas Longhorns the top team of the nation. The happy crowd shrieked and yelled as the seniors left Memorial Stadium for the last time. They had seen their team rated as the best in the nation, they had stuck by the squad when it was in a mid-season slump, and now they had just witnessed their team rise to top heights again, scoring the most decisive victory ever gained by a team in the history of the Southwest Conference. PACE 54 ' M ' M YNK SACHSE KOBKKTS PEVETO 1 HARRIS JOH.NSON PACE 55 Pete Layden Selected by Edward Dooley (Lib erty). Malcolm nutner Selected by Grantland Rice (Col tier ' s) and Associated Press. ' Selected by Bill Stern (Life). Chal Daniel Selected by Interna- tional News Service. C.ONOI.Y SW ' tENEY WATKINS LOBPRIES PACE 58 JUNGMICHEL, CAPT. LAYDEN, AND GARRETT. DOSS, COACH BIBLE, GRAIN, LAYDEN, AND MARTIN. . FRESHMAN SEASON YEARLINGS 20 Allen Academy YEARLINGS Rice Slime? 9 YEARLINGS 16 A. and M. Fish 7 UNDER THE LEADERSHIP of Raymond Jones, Glen Morries, and John Petrovich, the determined squad of Yearlings turned in a mighty successful and encouraging season. In the season ' s opener they plowed over the Allen Academy squad, but later bogged down against a fighting team of Slimes. However, the same spirit t hat served the 1940 Varsity, brought dividends to the underdog 1941 Yearlings, as they closed their schedule with a sensa- tional victory over the A. and M. Fish. Fr u iv : DICK SMITH. BILLY ANDREWS ' .;. SttJ n: LAWLER. PATTERSON ' . SPEAR. JONES. MORRIES. FRAMBROl ' CH. PETROVICH. BCMCARDNER. HITF. WORBINCTO.Y TUri nm: WEAVER. MARTIN. SHARP. BATCHELOR. JOHN. WARY JEFFRIES. RAMEV. BERRY. LITTLEFIELD Fomrtk ; ROBERTS WAC.XER. SIMS. RAVEN. COX. STACK. COLTHARP. SMITH. HART. Hllk rom: C.1RRETT. SHAW. KENNEDY. HOCAN I I I K. MrCARTER. LAYBEN. SARTOR. RAMSDELL. Pcr 59 CHDSS COUNTRY SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS MEETS (Low score wins) TEXAS 28 North Texas State Teachers College 27 TEXAS 26 North Texas State Teachers College 28 SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET TEXAS 26.. .A. M. 29 Lettermen: John Polhernus, Harry Hafernick. Mac Umstattd. Charles Stradnel. W. C. Riddle. HARRY LEE HAFERNICK Front row: CAI.DWF.LL. POLHEMUS. H. HAFERNICK, UMSTATTD, FLACK, STRADNEL, RIDDLE. Second rou : LITTLEFIEI.D (coach), THOMPSON, CARCILE, C. HAFERNICK (freshman leltermen), KIRK, STURDIVANT (freshman), MOOR (manager). PACE 60 -rv2 - Ptlrs of cofff bfaxt art ili r sight to South Amrii- GRADUATES ANTHIS, FAY WRIGHT, Austin Food and Nutrition, Home Economics Club BALLARD, HELEN EUREKA, Haskell Institutional Management CHING, WAH CHAN, Honolulu, T. H. Transportation and Industry DANIELS, MORRIS JUDSON, Austin Economics, M.I.C.A., Wesley Foundation FRANTZ, HELEN BOSWELL, Houston American History FRANTZ, JOE B., Houston American History, SAX GREGG, MARY LILLIAN, Austin Spanish, HAWKINS, JOHN WILLIAM, JR., Austin Banking and Finance HYER, BILLIE RALPH, Wichita Falls Government, 4 M, H2A, Assembly, Present Day Club, Rifle Club, Campus League of Women Voters, Wichita Falls Club, House Councilors, Sponsor JACKSON, RANDALL CALVIN, Baird Law and Business Administration, Roberts Hall Association, President; Tri Dorm Council, The Daily Texan, Silver Spur, Big Brother-Big Sister Club LIGHTFOOT, RUBEN PATTON, JR., Fort Worth Chemical Engineering, A.I.M.E., A.I.Ch.E., American Chemical Society, Wesley Foundation LOWRY, JANE, Hallsville English LUEDEMANN, GERTRUDE, Brenham English, TA McLENDON, JAMES HAYS, Mendenhall, Miss. American History, A O, Latin- American Association, Tutor in History, Texarkana Club Sponsor; C.A.A. Ground Instructor tf. A MILLER, MARSHALL ROBERT, JR., Austin Accounting, 81% BA , H2, KK , Longhorn Band MOORE, JOHN WILLIAMSON, Brenham Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 62, TBII, $AT, A.I.Ch.E., Sons of Alec, American Chemical Society, Tutor in Chemistry MORGAN, JACK, New York, N. Y. Physical and Health Education. P.E.M., Hillel Foundation MUGGLEY, JAKE MARTIN, Harlingen Public Accounting, M.I.C.A., Newman Club, Rio Grande Valley Club, U.T. Rod and Gun Club NAUMANN, MARY LOUISE, Smithville Home Economics, AOII, President ; Home Economics Club, Home Demonstration Club, Twin Club, Cap and Gown, Teacher Education and Child Development Association, Big Brother-Big Sister Club, Co-Ed Assembly, Y.W.C.A., Bluebonnet Belle Nominee NEWTON, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Muskogee, Okla. English, F B, Inter-American Association, Wesley Foundation Council, Wesley Players ROBERTS, ED DAVIS, Houston Education, 4 BK, M.I.C.A. VELASCO, RAOUL TERRES, Mexico City, D. F. Money, Banking, Rusk WARRICK, THOMAS R., Pittsburg, Tex. International Trade, Institute Latin-American Studies PACE 62 SENIORS ADAMS, EARL KENNETH. Georgetown Law. IX , Villiaauon-Bell COUIT Club ADAMS. VIVIAN THERESA, Benavides Elementary Education. A.C.E.. Bluetocking . W.I.C.A. AGEE, ROBERT GILES, Diboll I ' .T. Pharmaceutical Association AHLGRIMM. JAMES ALLEN. Austin Federal., and Municipal Service. 6Z. I ' nion Dance Coauuttee. I ' nion Hobby Committee ALBRECHT. Rl BY MAE. La Grange English aad Edoeatioa. Cap aad Con. A.C.E.. V.I.C.A.. Wesley Foundation. Fresaaaaa Fellowship Oak ALLEN. JAMES STEWART, Austin Eaclttb. +KX. Rusk ALTC.ELT. MARY FREDERICKA. Beaumont Baaiac.l Administration, BBA. Ntwmaii Club. Sol]ca t Texaa dab AMMERMAN. JOANN. Victoria OK-mutrr. W.I.CA. AN ' ROBERT FRED, Galveston ltlii AoamUiatraliaB. Tejai Cluk, +HI. Student Auittint. Freihman Fello Air CI " k. Calrerto. Clvb. FretJuaan Basketball ANDECK, ANDREW. Austin Economict. +A6. Kipon r; Varsity Trnmi. MnkKr. EqoeclriaBs. Polo Team, Permanent Council of Student Activity. President; Marine OWe Training Club. Preiident ANDERS, CORINNE MARIE. Cuero Speech and Education, Newman Club, Forensic , University WomenS Debate Squad ANGERSTEIN. LISA WILMA, Taylor Elementary Education. Cap and Gown, A.C.E., W.I.C.A. ARLEDGE, MARY VIRGINIA, Roscoe Business Adminirtration. OX BBA, Cap and Cora, Reagan, Upperclass Club, Sopbomore Clb. Orientation Committee ARNOLD, LEWIS HAYDEN. Kaufman Law. N+. M.I.C.A. ARNOLD. MARY VIRGINIA. Houston Home Economics, IIB+, Treasurer; ON. II A6. Mortar Board. Vice-President : Home Economics Club, Pierian. Cap and Gown, Houston Club. Freshman Fellowship, Pzatii. Y.W.C.A. ASHCRAFT. E. J.. JR- Harlingen Zoology. Rio Craade Valley Club ASHCROFT. BENJAMIN F_ Sulphur Springs Ad minitt ration. K ATWELL. ANN ELIZABETH. San Antonio Cbenmtry. V.I.C.A.. Orientation Committee, UppercUaa Club. Girl Scout Leaden Aaaoeiatioai AUDE. ROGER C, Salida, Colo. Mechanical Engineering. A.S.M.E. RY. KENNETH JESSE, Barstow Tran portation AYCOCK, JOHN CLEVELAND, Austin La. IX BAILES. JEAN ADELE. Houston Soriolocy, Cap and Cora. T.I.C.A., Hillel Foundation. Ho Speaker. Committee. Cactus Staff, Bluebonnel Belle Club, Union Fo BAKER. ETHEL HARRIETT. Rio Grande City Edmcation. BBA. Clee Club. Hidalgo County Club BAKER. JOHN LESLEY. Breckenridge Sociology. Curtain Club. Ve t Teia. Club SENIORS BALDRIDGE, FREEMAN, Dallas Journalism, ZAX BARCUS, JACQUE (MRS. GARLAND), Austin Secretarial Science, Cap anil Gown BARNETT, GLADYS MAGEE, Fort Worth Home Economics, Home Economics Club BARNHILL, MYRA D., Austin History, BK, IIA6. AAA, Cap and Gown BARNHILL, WILLIE D., Austin English, II A6, Cap and Gown BARR, FAY, Bowie Business Administration BARRELL, BETSY WARE, Houston Art Education, Cap and Gown, Y.W.C.A., Freshman Fellowship Club BARRIER, OLIVIA, Dallas Home Economics, AAII, PanheMenic, Home Economics Club BARTELS, KARL FRIEDRICH, Taft Mechanical Engineering. TBII, IIT2, H1, A.S.M.E., M.I.C. X. BARTON, FRANCES, Littlefi-ld Home Economics, ON, Home Economics Club BAUM, HENRIETTA, Ardmore, Okla. Nutrition, A f E, Home Economics Club, Present Day Club, Cap and Gown, Campus League of Women Voters BAXTER, RALPH BACCUS, Fort Worth Bacteriology BEARD, DICK W., JR., Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering, TBR, ME, A.I.M.E., Roberts Hall Association, Tri Dorm Association BECKER, ADOLPH CARL, JR., Galveston Journalism, SAX, The Daily Texan, Cactus Staff, Ranger Staff, Newman Club, Galveston Club, President; Press Club, M.I.C. A. BEGEMAN, ROBERT LOUIS, Austin Geology. MA. Triarthrus BEHNER, VERNON L., Harlingen Accounting, 2IE BENNETT, GRADY ELWOOD, Edinburg Business Administration, M.I.C. A. BENNETT, PAUL, Dublin History, Radio Workshop, Wesley Foundation, Intrarnurals, Rubicon BENTSEN, LLOYD MILLARD, JR., Mission Law, ZN, President; Cowboys, Alcaldes BERKMAN, INGRID JOYCE, Austin Business Administration, Ai.i, Treasurer; BBA, Treasurer; Business Ad mi it i-t ration Council, Swing and Turn BERRY, NORMA RUTH, Greenville English, ITB t, Bluestockings BESHELL, JEAN KATHERINE, Olden Journalism, AOII, Treasurer: 82 , Secretary; 30 Club, Secretary; The Daily Texan. Cactus Staff, Press Club, Cap and Gown, Y.W.C.A., Blucbonnet Belle Nominee BIESELE, CORA THEA, Seguin Journalism, 9 l , 30 Club, Vice-President ; Forensica, Vice-President ; Cap and Gown, The Daily Texan, Seguin Club BIGGERS, BILL, Austin Chemical Engineering, A.I.Ch.E., M.I.C.A. PAKE 64 SENIORS HI 1. 1 -. Il EL EDWARD. Ci il Enlineerinr. XE. BaptUl Student I nion. President: Shanfri-La BIM.MVM. ANNE ELI7.ABKTH. Rio Hondo Chembtr?. HIT. Cap and Co.n. Rio Grande Vallry Club. Wetley Foundation, Y.W.C.A. BISHOP. EI.EVNOR. Abilene Oo.ernm.-nt. AM. +BK. IAII. IIIA. AAA. omen . Debate Squad. Sidney L ni r. Cap and Gown. Intrr- American A oriation. Bow and Arrow. Frrhman Fellowship Club. Co-Pri.l-nl: Abilene Club. Wel Tema. Club. Y Sophomore and I ' ppercla . Council . Student A itant in Government Bl MR. DOLORES. Clarkillr- Home Economic.. Cap aud Cowa. I Club BI.XNN. JOE H Dallas Chrmi.try. Pre-Mrd. han ( ri-U. DrMolat BLOOM, LOUIS MARTIN. Ferris Jonrnalnm, AEtl von BLITHER. MARY JTLIA. Austin Em(lih. VAA Sorial Chairman: Panbellrnic. N.I .T.T.. Ownooch. Cap and Gown, Au-tin Club. Sophomore Club. Frohmaa Fellowship Club. Blurbonnet Belle Nominee BLUM. HENRY F.. JR.. Temple Bmai.c Prather Hall A fi.lion. Temple Club. Williamon-Bell Countjr Clak BOLT. TOM DIXON. Au-tin Cbemiral Enjin rrinj. A.I.Ch.E. BOOKOUT. LUTHER AZLE. JR.. Santa Rosa Applied Art. L ' .T.A.C.. M.I.C.A.. S.B.I. Chairman. Hariri F. But. Art Scholarship. 1910 BOONE, OLIVER KIEL. U k hita Falls Law. V ritT Debate, Atbcnjenm. Rogue, Cowboy . Inter -Soviet v Debate. Orientati Committee BOOTH. NORMA ADRIENNE. Red Rock Elementary Education. A.C.E.. W.I.C.A.. Cap and Gown BORDEN. GUY, San Antonio Chemical Enginrrrinj, +FA. A.I.Ch.E.. San Antonio Club BOURLAND, CUSTAV BRADLEY. Fort Worth Busio Administration, M.I.C.A., N.I.S.A.. Attant Executive Secretary; L.C.D. Attociation. President ; Inter-Club Aociation. Pre i lent : Austin Maonic Home Ex- Students. Roond-Up. Orientation Committee BOWDEN. FAIRY NETHOLYN. Au tin Enjli.h. A+. Rracan. Cap and Gown, Caeltu Staf BOWKN. i H RLE BENTSON, Booker Accounting BOWERMASTER. WALTER. San Antonio Manacemeat BRACEY. HELEN LOUSE. Bellville Phyucal Education, AAII. P.E.M.. Cap and Gown. Southweitern Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee BRADFIELD. BARBARA PEARL. Au-tin P cholo(y, We 1ev Foundation. Au tin Club. Frehman CIa Vice-Preident. Curtain Club. Y.m ' I ' ----, U - - r Committee. Orimtat.on. Bi Brolhrr-BiK Siter Club, Sophomore Club Council. L ' .T. RepreA-rntattve at College Football Qtteen Coronation BREEDING. CRYSTAL IMWY Red Rock Soc iolr. AKA. II Cap mm4 Go.n. P.E.M.. Student Aui.tant. Fre hn Club. Bit Brother lub Fellow.hip BRODERS . I KG RET I PEGGY JANE. LaMarque Home Ecooomict. AAII. Senior Cla Pretident. Cap and Gown. President: Mortar Board. Upperrlaaa Adior. Orientation Conacil. Big Brotber-Bij: Club. Wnley Foon.lation. Bm Intramural Manafer. 1940; Glee Club. Co-Ed AmmHy. HOIK- Economic. Club, Bow and Arrow, Who ' i ho in American Collece. and In,,. BR(X)KS. RUTH DAINTE. Brownwood Bnine. AdminUtration. BBA BROORSHIRE. JA(.K. Beaumont Uw. EA, +BK. IIIA. +Hi. Friar.. (.,..)... .. Alcaldes. Co- Editor Southeast Tela. Club, Cactui, BROWN. BII.LIK I E. ' rowell Admiuutration. AAi. BBA. Cap and Cow ; . . - SENIORS BROWN, GRACE CHRIS, Mason Nutrition, AAA, ON, Secretary; Cap and Gown Council, Home Economics Club BROWN, JACK PEARSON, Balboa, C. Z. Electrical Engineering, Longhorn Band, M.I.C.A. BROWN, JAMES D., JR., Woodville Electrical Engineering BROWN, JUANITA, Crowell Journalism BROWN, ROSALIE, Hillsboro Art, U.T.A.C., Cap and Gown, Campus League of Women Voters, Upperclass Advisor, Orientation Council BRUBECK, MARAJEAN, Natalia Nutrition, AAII, Cap and Gown, Glee Club, Home Economics Club, Freshman Fellowship Club, Sophomore Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee BRUNSON, WALLACE EDWARD, Baytown Geology, AX, President BRYAN, BOB STEVE, Stamford Economics, BK, HE, Y.M.C.A. BRYAN, MAUDE ELIZABETH, Fort Worth Drama, Curtain Club BRYANT, JOE CARMEN, Dallas Law BRYSON, JOHN BENNETT, Bastrop Pre-Mcd, KI, B. Hall Association BUCKLEY, WILSON BERRIMAN, Weatherford Law BUELL, RALPH LEWIN, JR., Rusk Chemical Engineering, AX, A.I.Ch.E. BUNN, LLOYD THOMAS, San Antonio Chemical Engineering, A.I.Ch.E., M.I.C.A. BUNTING, ROBERT LEE, JR., Huntsville Law BURGESS, THOMAS G., Detroit, Mich. Government, ATT, Austin Camera Club BURKE, ELMO JAMES, JR., Houston Law BURKE, GEORGE ROSWELL, JR., Bay City Chemistry and Zoology, Glee Club, University Chorus, University A Cappella Choir, M.I.C.A. BURKS, JACK, Odessa Petroleum Engineering, A.I.M.E. BURR, EUNICE BROOKS, Austin Physical Education, Freshman Fellowship Club, P.E.M., Big Brother- Big Sister Club, Orchesia BURROWS, EDGAR ALLAN, San Antonio Pharmacy, 4 HS, Senior Class Vice-President, Glee Club, Light Opera, U.T. Pharmaceutical Association, Association of American Bacteriologists, Assistant Instructor and Assistant Technician in Department of Bacteriology BUSBY, MYRLE, San Antonio Interior Decoration, ON, Vice-President; Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club BUSH, REBEKAH JANE, San Antonio English, XQ, HA6, A.C.E., Ashbel, Vice-President; Bluestockings, Secretary; San Antonio Club, Orientation Committee, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Cap and Gown BUTLER, (JACK) CLARENCE JACKSON, Mission Economics, Hidalgo County Club, President PACE 66 SENIORS BUTTS, CHARLES DANA. Wichita Falls Government. ZAE. Alcaldes. Pre-Uw Society, Tri Dorm Council CAESAR, JACK B., JR., Temple Accounting, Newman Club CAIN, HELEN LA VERNE, Cleburne Bariar Administration CALDERON. HECTOR MIGUEL. Mexico City, D. F. Civil Engineering. TBII. XE. +BI. HA . A.S.C.E.. A.S.T.M.. Club At Mexico, Cosmopolitan Club CALDUELL. M RIAN ANDERSON. Dallas ZoolofT. AT, +BK. III!. Cap and Gown. Upperclass Advisors. Campus League of Women Voten CALDWELL, MRS. NETTYE CLEVELAND McGEE, Austin Hone Economic , Cap and Gown. Home Economics Club, Freshman Fellowship Club i I.MN . DICK CON ROY, Fort Worth Law. KA CALLIHAM. MAUNA LOA, Conway Engli.b, Bluestockings. Cap and Cown, W.I.C.A.. Panhandle Club, Vice-Plesidenl CAMERON. RUSSELL J., Linden Chemical Engineering. A.I.Ch.E.. Campus Cnild. Wesley Foundation CAMPBELL, DAVID CALVIN. Fort Worth Business Administration, BOH, Alcaldes, Silver Spur CAMPBELL, DOROTHY ATWOOD, San Antonio Bosine Administration. A+, BBA. Cap and Gown, Brats. Light Opera, Upperclas Adrison. Turtle Club, Intramarals, Uppercla Club, Student A i tant CANGELOSI, ROBERT JOHN, JR.. Galveston Geology, rOt- ' .V. Newman Club. Southwestern Geology Society. B. Hall Association. Galreston Club, French Club. Rustlers. Light Opera, Freshman Fellowship Club, Sophomore Club, Upperclais Club. M.I.C.A. CAPLEN, JAiNE ELIZABETH. Austin Business Administration, AAA, BBA, Parliamentarian; Cap and Cown, Panhellenic Scholarship CARLISLE, ODE THOMAS, JR.. Livingston Chemical Engineerine, TBII. QXE. 4 AT. HS, Editor. Journal of Architecture. Engineering, and Industry; Chem Club, A.I.Ch.E. CARLSON, HELEN CLARA, Georgetown History, Cap and Cown, Leadership in Extra-Curricular Activities CARMICHAEL. JACK CHARLES, Austin Civil Engineering, A.S.C.E. CARPENTER. FRANCES LUCILE. Austin Dress Design. Curtain Club. W.I.C.A.. Austin Club, Blnebonnet Belle N VK CENTER. LESLIE E.. Austin Joumalism. Daily Teun. Texas Ranger, Associate Editor; Cactui Staff, Orientation Committee. Freshman Fellowship Council. Sophomore Council, t ' pperclasa Cabinet. M.I.C.A.. Freshman Class President. Press Club, Rustlers, Austin Club, Freshman Handbook, Wesley Foundation Council, Co-Author. 1942 " Time Staggers On " CARR. EDITH LUCILLE. Fort Worth Economic . Home Economics Club, Fort Worth Club, Cap and Cown CARR. WILLIAM PLACK. Austin Petroleum Engineering. HE. A.I.M.E. CARTER, CLARENCE MAURICE. Define Fkarmarf CARTER. EDITH LORAINE. Psychology. ZTA, PHA. Racket Club. Cap and Cown. Treasurer CASTLEBURY. STEPHEN A.. JR.. Vernon Eaclish. A TO. rOQ . Panhandle Club. Classical Club Vl IHN .. |NK LOYLE, Sweetwater Accoonting Pace 67 SENIORS CAVETT, MARY LOUISE, Austin Home Economics, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club CERSONSKY, LEONARD (SWEDE), Williston, N. D. Accounting, TA J, H oust. ' managers ' Association, V-7 Naval Reserve CHANDLER, HENRY GRADY, JR., Austin Business Administration, ATA, Ranger Staff, Y.M.C.A. CHANDLER, ROBERT LEWIS, Dallas Law, Young Democrats, Legal Aid Clinic CHAPMAN, JOHN MASON, Leander Accounting CHAPMAN, SARAH, Pecos Elementary Education, PHA, A.C.E., W.I.C.A. CHARPIOT, DOROTHY HAZEL, Bellville Sociology, AAII, Cap and Gown CHATMAS, PENELOPE, Hearne Drama, A4, Canterbury Club, Vice -President ; Orientation Committee, Upperclas Advisors, Curtain Club, Cactus Staff, Cap and Gown, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee CHAVANNES, ETIENNE ANDRE, JR., Austin Retailing and Transportation, A4 12, M.I.C.A., Hustlers, Longhorn Band, Round-Up, Athenaeum, Union Games and Recreation Committee, Chairman I CHENAULT, WILLIAM HALL JR., Austin Mechanical Engineering, TBII, IITS, A.S.M.E. CHERVENKA, JOHNNY LEE, Rogers Czech, University Czech Club, President; Shelton Co-O|i. M.I.C.A. CHONISKI, MARGUERITE MAY, Hope, Ark. Physical Education, P.E.M. CHRISTENBERRY, MARY KATHLEEN, Dallas Advertising and Insurance, AAA, BBA, Vice-President: Junior Class Secretary, Bow and Arrow, Orient at ion Committee, Cap and Gown, Faculty -Student Relations Committee, Freshman Fellowship Club, Y.W.C.A., Dallas Club, Cactus Staff CHRISTNER, JIMMIE DRUE, Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering, A.I.M.E. CLARK, A. P., JR., Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering, JIE, A.I.M.E., Secretary; Ramshorn Association. Secretary ; Engineering Loan Fund Board of Directors, Fort Worth Club, Varsity Track, Reynolds-Penland Award Winner (Intratnurals) CLARK, J. FRANKLIN, Beaumont Architectural Engineering, A.S.A., M.I.C.A., Oak Grove Co-Op CLARK, MARTIN HOOPER, Beaumont English, Light Opera, President ; Experimental Theater, Radio House Chorus, Oak Grove Co-Op CLARK, MED A ALEENE, Austin Elementary Education, A.C.E., Cap and Gown CLARK, MYRTLE JEANNE, Houston Law, A4 , AAA, KBIT, Sidney Lanier, Panhellenic, Law School Honor Council, Bow and Arrow, U.T.S.A. Council CLAYPOOL, RALPH J., Wichita Falls Civil Engineering, A.S.C.E. CLAYTON, CARL CLEVELAND, JR.. Texarkana Chemical Engineering, A.I.Ch.E., Ramshorn Association, Texarkana Club CLINE, FELICE MOZELLE, Austin Psychology, AXfi, ATI, Cap and Gown, Psychology Club COFFMAN, DAVID HILL, JR., Dallas Transportation, AZIT, Longhorn Band COHEN, IRA LEIGH, San Angelo International Trade, Hillel Foundation, Kolx-rts Hall Association, West Texas Club PA.;E 68 SENIORS COLEMAN. ROBERT THOMAS. GaKeston r.aiani Adauai.tratio. Kl. Calmto. Cl.b COLEMAN. WILLIAM PATRICK. Teion PWK Areoutia . BA+. M.I.C.A. COLLETTI. PALL FRANK, Port Arthur L ' .T. P.armar-utj -aJ A o rutMM. Eotiaf ( dl. LEV. HUB. JR.. Yemen Mccauical t fimtrrimt. ATA. TBH. HE. HTI. +HI. Vrnoa Clfc . A.S.M.E.. A.I.M.M.E.. COLLINS. JOHN Dl TV. JR_ Groveton COLSON. MAYME, Arlington HOOK E OMWr. Home ErimoMJr. Clab ALICIA. Dilley iMrmtioB. BBA. Cap uxl C.. CfcrtirtM Votk COLWELL. LESLIE CHARLES, Austin Zoolofv. IX. La bocm Bud OOMPTON. PATRJQA HAVWARD. Austin Hirfocy, Cap mmd COMB CONAWAY. RUTH ALICE, Hiilsboro i. BBA CONNER. WILLIAM CURTIS. Arlington Law, Texas Law Review. ?tud-nl Cdhor : MrKi - COULTER. EDITH LEE, Austin HitforT. AAII. Rr+fan. Lmltm- mrnrMn Clb Award A ocutioe. Fnxkmu FellovAip Clofc. COURTNEY. NELL. Lake Charles. La. Zoolocy. XQ COWAN. RICHARD DONALD. Fort Worth Accoutuc- AZH. Trcuvrer; AcMnklT. Lo ho Tri DOCK AuorUlioo. Fan Wank Club COX. EDWIN LOCHRIDGE. Dallas Arfmi.iar.lio.. +A6. AK+. A C. D.1U. Clw H.II COX. -I K HEPPERD. Austin SrrrcurUl u4 CoMBenial Trck.nj. BBA. SerMary CRAIG. JAMES HARVEY. Austin Ptodlio. HuxnMM. +A6. riE. Pro. Clk. tMit rltir of F Coril. Editor: CRAIG, JOHN AUSTIN. Austin ATA. Fr im.. Fellonhip Cl.k. Cl. KMV I 1. 1. EN M.. Amarillo B ctiiral E tim ttMt. HKX. Vice-PmUtM: TBO. A.I.F-E-. Tieawo lUaacrr of Journal of Arehitcrtre. tMgimrtnmf. mmt Indwtr?. Vanity Te MJ.C-A- - u. T CRAWFORD. VIRGINIA K_.THLEEN. San Antonio EalMh. Cu ud Cm. V.I.C.A.. Kirt- Hall Hoo r Covavil. FraidcM; Fl Fcllonhip Clk. MmAamma BrlU CRAZE. MERRILL ALBERT. Austin La aad CvrcnaKBt, A8 . I ' .T. Bar A oci.lioe. EitcttT Serrrtar?: ' iutcaxa Qm . rn Umt: MtUoria Lair Sorirtw. lal-r.aif Coucil. Tri Dorm AMoriatiom. B. Hall AaaociatMB, Su Aalook. Club. Uahwnitr Cktrnktr of -------- RrM Voter. Lracw. Ycmaf Deaaorrath Bif BrotWr-Btf SMUT CREIGHTON. ( H KIE VUI.LUM. Austin CREN H U. THOMVS C. Mercedes r. Triankn. M.I.C.A. CROZIER. MARY ELLA. Waelder HoaM Eco.oatir.. OX, Traawrr: Cap aad Com. dafc V.IX.A.. !i I! V I II II !i CRUMB, STEPHEN FRANKLIN, Greenville Electrical Engineering, TBII, HKN, 4 H2, A.I.E.E., Chairman; Associate Editor of Journal of Architecture, Engineering, and Industry ; Student Assistant CUDE, WILLIS AUGUSTUS, Avery Chemical Engineering, A.I.Ch.E., Ramshorn Association, West Texas Club CUETO, MANUEL, JR., Brownsville Transportation and Traffic Management CYPHER, SARAH LOU, Kingsville English, A A A, Newman Club, Cap and Gown DAHL, PENUEL JOSEPH, Clifton Accounting, Scandinavian Club DAKIN, DOROTHY, Dallas Plan II, Xfi, Sidney Lanier, Bluestockings, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Club, Freshman Fellowship Club, Upperclass Advisors, Orientation Committee DALLMEYER, ELVERA, Brenham History, AAII, Glee Club, Poona Club, Present Day Club, Cap and Gown, Y.W.C.A. DANIEL, JOHN NEWTON, El Paso Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E., Pan-American Club, Swing and Turn DANIELS, MARY CAROLINE, Del Rio Business Administration, BBA, Cap and Gown DANIELS, ROBERT DONALD, Balboa, C. Z. Federal, State, Municipal Administration DANKLEFS, ELSA LUCILLE, Elgin Spanish, AII, IIA0, Bluestockings, Cap and Gown, Freshman Fellowship Club DARNELL, MARTHA ELIZABETH, Austin Home Economics, Cap and Gown, W.I.C.A., Home Economics Club, Vice-President; Freshman Fellowship Club DAY, CLYDE WICKLIFFE, Floyd Chemical Engineering, A.I.Ch.E. DECOUX, E. JACQUE, Bay City Law DELGADO-VEGA, VICENTE, Ciudad Madero, Tamps., Mex. Architecture, A.S.A., Sphinx, M.I.C.A., Architecture Student Council DE MOVILLE, JAMES EDWARD, Dallas Marketing DENMAN, GILBERT MORGAN, JR., San Antonio Law, ZX, BK, A4 , f H, Texas Law Review, Comment Editor; Chancellors, T Association, Tennis Manager DENMAN, JAMES BURTON, JR., Brownwood Petroleum Engineering, A.I.M.E., Power Show DENNARD, J. FRANK NORRIS, Henderson Law, Ae , The Senate, Athenaeum, P.E.C., B. Hall Association, Rusk-Gregg Counties Club, Young Democrats, M.I.C.A., Inter-City Council DEVORE, STEWART WILLIAM, Austin Law, 4 K , Vice-President Senior Law Class, Young Democrats, President DEZO, GEORGE STEVE, Alvin Pharmacy, U.T. Pharmaceutical Association, M.I.C.A. DICKIE, FLOY BETH, Woodson Commercial Teaching, AHA, President ; BBA, Judiciary Council, Panhellenic, Co-Ed Assembly, Freshman Fellowship Council, Intramural Manager, Wesley Foundation, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee DICKIE, SARAH JANE, Denton Zoology, Pre-Med, Canter Club, Cap and Gown DICKSON, DOROTHY MACGREGOR Gladewater Geology, Newman Club, Southwestern Geological Society, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee PACK 70 SENIORS DICKSON. FREDERICK DWIGHT, Cleburne Retailing. A1II. Aquatic Club DILLON, HOWARD CLAY, Dallas Electric ! F. .-.r.-- A.I.E.E.. L ' nirenity Symphony Orrheatra, Dal la. Club, Intramnrali DODCEN. WILLIAM THOMAS. JR., Au tin Jourmalum. The Daily Texan DODSON. WILL BETH. Del Rio Drama. Crti Club. Cap tmd Cowa. Wot Texaa Club, W.I.C.A.. Orientation Committee DONALDSON. DARRELL CHESTER. Dallas Cararir.1 Encueeriic. A.I.Ch.E., American Chemical Society. Robert Hall Tri Dorm AHocutioo. M.I.C.A. DONOVAN. RICHARD, JR Fort Sam Houston Secretarial. AKE, Friara. htofratcnitr Couril. PmiAtat; Vanily Carminl. CaaqMH Coammiity CkeM. Bound I p. Duck Dy OMuaittee. Oirutmu Projr.m tx, I ' mio Daacc Coaautttt. CK.irnun; Wao ' t Who in American aad L ' niTrniti, Intramural Firld Committee, Red Croat Committee DOSS. NOBLE, Temple Physical Edoc.lioo. AKE. Varaitr Football. T Awociatia DUNN. O. LEWIS, San Antonio Tramvoctaljoa, Su Antooio Club DUNN, ROBERT WALKER, Austin Hirtocy. niA. But DUNN, ROY SYLVAN, Nixon Corernnjent. M.I.C.A., Lonjkorn Band, Young Democrat! DURHAM. CLARENCE O.. JR.. Victoria Geology, SFE, Triananu, M.I.C.A. DURHAM. TRAMS RUSSELL. Comanche DYER, CHRISTINE ELAINE. Austin - . - EAST, MARGARET SUE. London. K . Plan n, AZA. Reagan. Cap and Gown. Glee Cl ' ub, President J EASTLAND. SEABORN. JR Kerrville Administration, ATtJ, Cowiov ClaUB EBY, FLORENCE LEVERNE. Tyler Pre-Ved, W.I.CA. ECHLIN, ROBERT F El Paso In.or.nce and Real Eatate Practice, AIH. DeMolay CUk ECHOLS. ] MILDRED. Bar-tow Phyucal Edncitio.. W.I.C.A.. P.EJL, Cap and Con l ' . kKKT. MILDRED ENELYN. Mason AOn. BlMMockiaca. Canter Club, Wealer Playera. Wesley Fouoation. Y.W.C.A.. Orientation Committee EDMON-ON. BILLIE CAROLYN. Galwston Bacteriology. +BK. A.VA, TAA. Galeton Club EGOZCUE. EDWARD J.. Cristobal, C Z Pharmacy. A O. I .T. Pharmacentical AaaoeiatMM ELIZONDO, CE K M M EL. San Antonio Pharmacy, Latin- American Club, Pn.iaLQI; L ' .T. Pharmaceutical Axociation ELLIOTT, BETTY. Breckenridge Caltoral rntiminminl Committee, Tarleton Club, Secretary; Bl ELLIS. JOHN T_ Weslaco Zoology. SENIORS ELROD, ALEX WARREN, Dallas Chemical Engineering, A.l.Ch.E. ELROD, HAMLIN KENNEDY, San Angelo Marketing, SN, West Texas Club, Intramural Manager ENGLE, ELOISE, Austin English, ZTA, Reagan, Cap a nil Gown, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee ERWIN, ELDON EUGENE, Fort Worth Business Management and Personnel, SIE, N.T.A.C. Club, M.I.C.A. EVANS, DALE, Windna Business Administration, Wesley Foundation, M.I.C.A. EZELL, SUE, Cleburne Elementary Education, ZTA, A.C.E., Pierian, Cap and Gown, League of Women Voters, Panhellenic FAILING, WILLIAM EARL, Indianola, Miss. Geology, 0S FARNER, JUNE WHITING, Austin Drama, ZTA, Cap and Gown, Campus League of Women Voters, Curtain Club FARR, WORNALL, Carrizo .Springs International Trade: Latin-America, Winter Garden Club FASELER, E. J., JR., Poteet Petroleum Engineering, HE, A.I.M.E.. Treasurer; Associate Editor Journal of Architecture, Engineering, and Industry; Ramshorn, Freshman Football, M.I.C.A. FAUSSET, GUY F., JR., Houston Journalism, Daily Texan, Press Club, Houston Club. B. Hall Association, Editor B-Hal!cr FEAGAN, RICHARD W., Hamlin Petroleum Engineering, HE, A.I.M.E. FELPS, NEWTON O ' BRIEN, Port Arthur Mechanical Engineering FERRELL, EDWARD, Longview Accounting, Athenasum, Young Democrats FILKINS, MARY LOUISE, Dallas Journalism, V... Cap and Gown, Sidney Lanier FINCK, MARION HENRY, Alvin Pharmacy, U.T. Pharmaceutical Association, M.I.C.A. FINNEGAN, BETTY, Houston English, KA6, NUTT, Pierian, Houston Club FISCHER, NEWTON DUCHAN, San Antonio Pre-Med and Pharmacy, PX, U.T. Pharmaceutical Association FITTS, HERMAN, Mineral Wells Law, A64 , The Senate, Athenaeum, President ; Assembly. Parker-Pal o Pinto Club, Proidi-nt ; Young Democrats, Vice-President ; Inter- Society Debate, Oratorical Association FLANAGIN, JANE CARROLL, Dallas Health and Physical Education, P.E.M., Cap and Gown, W.I.C.A., Swing and Turn, Baptist Student Union FORD, JAMES D., Fort Worth Petroleum Engineering, HE, A.I.M.E., M.I.C.A., Fort Worth Club FORD, JON C., Dayton Journalism, A f , AX, Daily Texan, Longhorn Band, Press Club, Freshman Fellowship Club FORT, HOMER THOMAS, Hot Springs, Ark. Government, IISA, Wesley Foundation, President; University A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, Radio Workshop FOSTER, LELA CLAIRE, Houston Home Economics, 4 M, Secretary; Present Day Club, Houston Club, Home Economics Club, Y.W.C.A., Freshman Fellowship Club PACE 72 SENIORS Hi- IKK. RXN1MH I ' M NELSON. JR.. XuMin Matic Eoaratioa. KK+. I uaaknra Baad. I tmrr.iiy Snapkoay Orrkotra, I - err.. DcMoI.. FOSTER. VERA MMXN. Fort Sam Houston Part M.tlxouii, .. AZ. Br.t-. Rife Clk. Cap aad Co.. FOX. DOROTHY LOUISE. Brownsville Spaaiak. Car wd Coa FRANKLIN. VMLLIAM. Topeka. Kans. Federal. State. Muicjptl Adminitrtio. Vrit TenaU FRANKLIN. ROSE MARY. Christine HUlorr. f+B. Formica. Ptrtidrat: Op ad Co.n. Imrt-Aorrirm AiMrUlioa. Co-Ed Coril. ! . LOCK of Vow Volcn. Fmh u Frlloxkip Clmfc. Clh. I ' uoB Fnu ud Sr lun Conii!l c. Blaeboaort Brllr N FRIEDMAN. JEROME MILTON. Port Arthur FRIT .. JOHN H. Copperas Cove Public Kl KNTKS. JACOB M.. Uaco Prr-Ml. U(ht Oprcm. Varo CI.k Fl LLERTON. RAYMON DAWKI.N. JR.. Kinpsxille GALBRAITH. WALTER DENTON. JR_ Dallas U CombiulMXl, M.I.C.A.. StudrQI Rrligio GARBRECHT. MARJORIE. El Paso Litii-Awrieu Sd ' m. AX!. 1 . IAD. later- Anwriraa Aatorutioa. Cap St -pbr Clb. Woatn ' i Molar Carp GARDNER. LALRA. Waco Zoolocr. +51, AAA. Puibrllrnir. Virc-Pmidnt : Prrl Da Club GARZA. GUSTAVO. Brown iHe Pkarmacr. L T. Ph rm otit l AMcUtioa GASSAWAY. RUBY GERALDINE. Edacatioa. m.l.C.A.. Blon-lockinfi.. A.C.E. GEHRING. ALICE MADELINE. El Paso Edvcalioo, ZTA. L ' ppeivlau Advicon. Y. .C.A.. El Pm e CIl d Coa. GENSBERG. ROS1 - Aro-nniinf. BBA. Cap awl Coa. Clufc GIBSON. MIRIAM MXRIE. Henderson Hoax- Eroaoaur . V.I.C.A.. Cap od Co.n. Hoar Eroaoaiki CUk GIDLEY. WILLA MAE. Austin HOOK- Eroaoaur . AZA. Pmiarat: AAA. Mortar Board. Cap aad Co a. Co-Ed Aa mM;. Soraaaiorr Claat Prenatal. HODK Ecoaofain Clak. Frokaua Ftllonhip Clak. Onrataliaa Coaaril. Blacboaarl Brllr Noauace . RUTH. San Antonio aad Edaratioa. Cap ad Caara. Staacy Liaicr. Hillrl Foaaaatkal GLELSER. MARGARET. San Antonio Aalkropoloft. .I.C.A.. SlaoVal Attutaal GOAD. TOM LLOYD. Mineral WelU Oarral Baiiacn Acroaatiac. AIII. Caruia Clak. lotramunlt. Freakaau Frllamkip Oak. Parker-Palo Piato Oak GOLMXN. KTHEL. Dallas Drama, A+E. Caruia Clak. Dallat Clak. HUM Clak. Pmionl: Cap aad Con GONZ.XLEZ. JORGE REYNA. Terron. Coah_ Mex. alr. Spkiai. A.S.A.. r-Prr ideat: Oak de tlnico. B. Hall Attar i. Frlloataip Clak. Sapk.aiOft Clak. lawr-Aawriraa GOODLETT. MARGARET ELIZABETH. Henderson k. Clamral Oak. Pao 73 SENIORS GOODSON, VIRGINIA PURL, San Antonio Secretarial and Commercial Teaching, DBA, Freshman Fellowship Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee GORDON, WINIFRED, Coleman History and Government, IT2A, Cap and Gown GRAY, JOHN HERBERT, Wichita Falls Law, 2AII, Wichita Falls Club GREBE, HELEN MARGARET, Austin Home Economics, Home Economics Club, President; Cap and Gown, W.I.C.A., Co-Ed Assembly, Swing and Turn, Presbyterian Student League GREEN, EVERETT WAYNE, Dallas Public Accounting, Alii . Prather Hall Association GREGSON, JAMES RANDOLPH, Jonesboro, Ark. Petroleum Engineering, A.I.M.E., Intramurals GRISHAM, DORTHA FAY, Hamilton Home Economics, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club GRUBBS, MARGRETTE ZULEIKA, Dallas Speech, AZ, Vice-President; JIA6, Spooks, President; Dallas Club, Wesley Foundation, Radio Workshop, Orchesis, Y.W.C.A., " Greek Round -Up " Program Producer, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee GRUNDY, THADDEUS, Galveston Law, ATA, President; IISA, " I HZ, A J2, Swimming, Texas Aquatic Club, Calveston Club, Student Assistant, Student Vestry, All Saints ' Episcopal Church i GUENZEL, RUDOLPH, Harlingen Mechanical Engineering, Tejas Club, PA, President; A.S.M.E., President; F.F.C., Ramshorn, President; Student Assistant, M.I.C.A., Valley Club GUERRA, ABELARDO, JR., Monterrey, N. L., Mex. International Trade GUILER, MONA DENNIS, Houston Geology, M, Vice-President; Rifle Club, Leader; U.T.S.A. Council, Co-Ed Assembly, Present Day Club, Cap and Gown, Southwestern Geological Society GUIN, MARGARET, Beeville English, Light Opera, Cap and Gown GUSTAFSON, HARRY EMANUEL, Avoca History GUTIERREZ, MARIA ELSA, Robstown Home Economics, Latin-American Club, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, W.I.C.A. GUTIERREZ-VELA, LAURO, Hebbronville Chemical Engineering, A.I.Ch.E., Latin- American Club, M.I.C.A., Prather Hall Association, University Flying Club, Intramurals HABENICHT, HAROLD GUIDO, Fredericksburg Public Accounting, Tejas Club, ASH, HACKETT, CHARLES WILSON, JR., Austin History, K, President; 4 BK, EAII, f HS, Cactus Staff, Pre-Law Society, Vice-President; Austin Club, Goodfellows, Glee Club, Orientation Committee HADEN, JOHN, Ladonia Transportation, B. Hall Association, Tri Dorm Council, M.I.C.A., University Aeronautical Society HAGELMAN, CHARLES WILLIAM, JR., Houston English HAISH, MARTHA LOUISE, Odessa Government, AAIT, President ; Secretary, Students ' Association ; Co-Ed Assembly, Upperclass Advisors, Orchesis, Union Board of Directors, Social Calendar Committee, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities HALBOUTY, JAMES J., Beaumont Geology, BK, H2, A.I.M.E. HALL, MARIE NELSON, Austin English, Inter-American Association HALL, WENDELL EDWIN, Port Arthur Business Administration, 4 FA, Southeast Texas Club PACE 74 SENIORS HALL, WILLIAM GARY, Austin HAMILTON. ROBERT EARL, Dublin Electrical Eagjaccrias, A.I.E.E. HAMMOND, BILLIE LOU. Wichita FalU Spaniah. A+. Cap and Con, Front Day CUb H IPTON. JACKIE CECILE, Clyde Eramartra. r+B. Home Econoauc. d. Op and Cown. TeM To Clab HANCOCK, WILLIAM ROLAND. Coolidge Pkarmacr HANSEN. IRMA CECILIA. Houston Ja nuli.ta. +M. 61 . 30 Clmk. Daily Teman, HARDY. BILL BENSON. Dallas Hirtory. AO . +BK. HI. Prc-Uw Societr. AlcalAn. Fcllonlup CIb. Rdio Workshop HARGETT. MARION. Texarkana lfliill AdMiaixntioa. BBA, fnttml Day Clmb. HARRIS. HAROLD JOSEPH. Alice Ckcworr. PiyckelocT. Pre-Mcd. TA+. Aa.ti. CUKT Clak. Hilld ScrilK. AiMcUte EJilor Vmnitr Debate Squad. Club. Bod. Litit Opcta, HARRIS. TRLETT WILSON. Dallas HUtorj. +HI, Glee Club. Preudent HARRISON. FRANCES WYNNE. Austin Eacliak. KA6. NX ' TT, PierUn, Tee Clb. U.T.S.A. Council. Austin Clab. FmhmaB Fellonki dob HARRISON. WILLIAM THOMAS. Electra Plan II, Pre-Med. K1, KK+. A+. Lonjhom Band, Utramuali. Elytra Club. Orieautioo Coainuttec HARROD, HAZEL LOUISE, Otto Plan n. +BK. AAA HASKINS, EDO LEE, Dallas Public Acconntinc, HATCH, ARLTON NEI-SON. Mountain Home Mechanical Eatin ring. A.S.M.E., laMirnte of Aeronautiral Scievc. M.I.C.A. HATHERLY. HELEN JANICE. Austin r..aiin. AZi. Cap aad Con. Hoax Ecomoauct Clab. Fi Kt Belle FellonUp Qub. HAWKINS. BILLIE JO, Breckenridge HAWKIN-. J MES CLEVELAND. Dallas r. Boiinf Club, C.T. Pkarmacratieal AMociation H XK1N-. M RY FERN. Victoria Eali.a. AOn. HA9. Cap aad Con. Blaotockuafa. Y.W.C.A.. Clab, Swim and Tn Orientation Caaiiniil HAZARD. SARAH ANNETTE. R.N., Dallas BeaidcM Kane UttlcSeld Dormilory HE.ARD. JOHN FRANCIS, Refugio Law. +A+. Texaa Law HECHT. EDN A DOROTHY. .Asptrmont Saimk. Cap and Con. Radio Workatep. WcM T Clab BELLA ND. I.l CILE TRABUE, San Antonio Ham Ermaiici. AOH. Secretary; Cap aad Gown, Home Pretbrterian Etaa.nuri Club. Oreheaia. HELLER. FLORENCE. Dallas Plan II. " V Orientation Council and C ' ftf. Women Voter.. Secretary; Union. Oaldoor Aaaoriitiaai of Co-Operative Homes far Von SENIORS HELMS, MARJORIE ROWELL, Austin Plan II, HE , Turtle Club, Cap and Gown, Y.W.C.A., Freshman Fellowship Club HEMPHILL, J. D., Waco Law HEMPHILL, NANCY LOU, Kerens Physical Education, Cap and Gown, Valhalla, Swing and Turn, W.I.C.A.. Women ' s Co- Operative Association HENDRIX, JEAN COWGILL, Galveston Biology, Sidney Lanier, Calveston Club, Wesley Foundation HENNIGER, VERLYNN EL GRACE, La Grange Government, Cap and Gown, Freshman Fellowship Club, Southeast Texas Club, Y. .(..A. HENRY, WALKER JULIAN, Austin Law, SN4 , University Bar Association HEREFORD, GDIS G. (BILL), Conroe Legal Business Administration, Conroe Club, President; Intramurals, Inter-Cily Council, Campus Dance Orchestra Leader HEWETT, CHLORYS ELGIE, Highlands Spanish, W.I.C.A., Le Cercle Francais, Cap and Gown HICKERSON, LEONA MARIE, Baytown Mathematics, Tee Club, Cap and Gown, Present Day Club, Wesley Players HICKS, CHARLES EDWIN, Waco Zoology HIGGS, JOHN FIELDING, Stephenville Business and Law Combination, ATA HILDEBRAND, MARTHA FRANKLIN, San Antonio History, KKI 1AII, Hockaday Club, San Antonio Club, Cap and Gown HILL, MARJORIE DAWN, San Angelo Elementary Education, A.C.E., W.I.C.A., Cap and Gown, West Texas Club HINDS, BARBARA ANN, Nacogdoches Law, A AIT, KBIT, President ; Secretary School of Law, University Bar Association, Secretary-Treasurer; Co -Ed Assembly, Wesley Foundation, Quizmaster HINES, NANCY JUNE, Fort Worth Sociology. AT, Cap and Gown, Campus League of Women Voters HOEHN, ALBERT DONNELLY, Muenster Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E., Newman Club, M.I.C.A., Sons of Alec HOLMES, SAM F., JR., Troup Journalism, LAX. Press Club, Southwestern Club HOLT, JAMES BRYAN, Dallas Chemical Engineering, TBII, AT, S2XE, A.I.Ch.E. HOLT, WILLIAM JOSEPH, JR., Dallas Electrical Engineering, AT12, A.I.E.E., Freshman Track, President Freshman Engineers, Secretary Engineers Assembly, Amateur Radio Club, De Molay HOMEYER, ELSIE LOUISE, Fort Worth Business Administration HOPKINS, JANE, Weatherford English, A , Parker- Palo Pinto Club HORAK, DOROTHY KATHERINE, West History, Cap and Gown, W.I.C.A., University Czech Club, Campus League of Women Voters, Progressive Czech Club, House Councillor HOTING, WILLIAM EDWARD, JR., Brenham Marketing, AZII. M.I.C.A. HOWARD, LAURA LOUISE, San Antonio English, W.J.C.A., Cap and Gown, Women ' s Co- Opera live Association PACE 76 SENIORS HOWERTOY N OMI. Run- Commercial TeackiUf. BF1. AAi. BBA. Cap and Cou. Student AoUtaat. D.A.R. Scholarship HUGHES. MARY ANN. Dallas AAII. HI MBI.E. OLI E WINNIFRED, San Antonio HI M. -K.NK I ' KN KK. Na.opdoehes Hitor . ZTA. Reacau. tip .nd Go... Ippcrclu. Oik HIPER. HENRY. Wirhita FalU Federal. Municipal, and Service. BW1I HI T HING . MR . LM H 1 IN. Beaumont P-.cholucv I1B+. C.p .d Cow.. Honxr Ooacnir. Clih. V.W.C.A.. Sombeut i:ik. Sopbomoif Cl.b, Ju.ioc Club HITTER. MARIE XI. K E. Au-tin taIUh A-X ' J. A C ppclU Choit. Glee Club. Cap . i Co... Bif Bcothcr-Bic Si.t r Clb. IRBY, ELMO SLEDD. Fort Worth L JACKSON. LOIS ELLEN. Houston lUfc. ZTA. (Up d Cawm. Fmbou. F -l]o.,hip CIb. BluIo rkin e .. Belle JACKSON. ROBERT CLAY PRIM. El Paso Mechanical Engineering. ITKA. TBU. HTI. +HI. A.S.M.E.. Institute of Aeronautic. I Sciences. Editor Engineering Journal JACKSON, ROBERT LEE. JR.. Fort Worth Civil Engineering. A.S.C.E., Roberts Hall Association. Fort Worth Club Economic. Club. JARVIS, ROSEMARY. Hubbard Home Economics. Hubbard Club, Cap aid Con, Ho Upoerclaaa Advisors JENKINS. JOSEPH EDWIN. Austin Civil Enfineerinc. A.S.C.E. JINES. SIDNEY MERL. Pemlon Real Estate and Insurance. A1H. Panhandle Club JOHNSON. BILLY FRANK. Del Yalle PharmacT. PX, Assemblt. I ' .T. Pharmacratical Association Jsd JOHNX.N. DOROTHY. Carrizo Springs .rt Edxratioa. I.T.A.C.. Cap and Gown, m inter Gardes Club. President: Junior Class Council. Y.W.C.V. Ipperclnss Cooeil. l ' ppercln s Advisors, Glee Qub. Toucke. Orientation Council and JOHNXlY H KELL LEE. El Pa AJicrti,iu. A Q. M.I.C.X. N. JEAN ELIZABETH. Kerens ZTA. Cap and Con. Campu. Club Lx-acue of Wo Voters. JOHNSON. LtL MARGARET. Navasota Music Education. ,Vi V Fiefia.. Glee Club. Mauafer: Orane Jacket,. Orientation Council. Ipperclass Adrisor.. A Cappella Choir. Radio House Choru.. Unirersitjr Sinfrr-. F-m-f- ' . T.W.C.A.. South Central Texas Club JOHNMIN. MARIE ELIZABETH. Mexico City, D. F. En(lub. W.I.C.A.. Poona Club JOHNSON. WALTER RAY. L%alde Bankinf and Finance. A1II, M.I.C.A.. Wesley Foundation JoN r . M.l E M DALEINE. Dallas Efli.b. HB . Bluestockin... Dalla. Club JONES, FLOYD RAYMOND. Palestine Electrical Encueeriut. A.I.E.E. IMNK-. MARY RHYDONIA. Richmond HB+. Bo- and Arrow. Hockada? Club. Cap and Com. T.W.C.A. -- SENIORS JOSEPH, NORRAINE MIRIAM, Austin Home Economics, Newman Club, Cap and Gown, International Association, W.I.C.A., Home Economics Club, Austin Club JUNELL, WILLIAM EDWARD, Wichita Falls Law, Tejas Club, 4 A f JUSTICE, WILLIAM WAYNE, Athens Law, Freshman Tennis, Young Democrats KAMMERER, ELLA MAE, Panhandle Secretarial, BBA, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation KEBELMAN, LENORE, Weatherford Business Administration, BBA, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisors, Parker-Palo Pinto Club KEITH, JOHN WILBUR, Austin Civil Engineering, A.S.C.E., M.I.C.A. KELLEY, FRANK ANDREWS, Houston English, KKF, Newman Club, Bit and Spur KELLY, B. FRANK, Austwell Geology, M.I.C.A., L.C.D. Association KENNARD, MARTHA, Sherman Chemistry, ZTA, BK, IEII, AAA, Mortar Board, Ashbel, Secretary; Orange Jackets, President; Co-Ed Assembly, President; Orientation Council, III Freshman Award and Junior Award, Brown Mathematics Prize, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Y.W.C.A., Round-Up 1 KERR, BAINE PERKINS, Houston Law, A6, BK, A , H2, Texas Law Review, Case-Note Editor; Chancellors, Magister; Quizmaster, McKie Scholarship, Junior Intramural Manager KERR, JEANNE ELISABETH, San Antonio Advertising, 9X4 , Press Club, Cap and Gown, Student Assistant KESSEL, MILTON, Slaton Accounting, TA4 KESTENBAUM, BEATRICE, Cameron Home Economics KESTENBAUM, DANA I., Cameron Business Administration KIBLINGER, QUINCY N., JR., Abbott Pre-Med, M.I.C.A., L.C.D. Association KIESCHNIK, ELTON CARL, Winchester Economics, PA, Progressive Czechs, Varsity Baseball, Intramurals KIESLING, MAXINE PATRICIA, Houston Bacteriology, Cap and Gown KIKER, SHIRLEY MARIE, Colorado City Spanish, Inter-American Association, W.I.C.A., Upperclass Advisors KILIAN, ALMA MARTHA, Austin History KINCAID, ELAINE, Austin Plan II, TOON, Daily Texan, Radio Script Writing, Press Club, Cap and Gown, Blue- bonnet Belle Nominee KINCAID, NORRIS RUTLEDGE, San Antonio Civil Engineering, A.S.C.E. KINNEY, STERLING E., Miami, Tex. Law, N i , Vice-President Senior Law Class KIRCHHEIMER, JOSEPH, Houston Law KIRKPATRICK, VAN EVERS, Austin Music, KK , Longhorn Band, University Symphony Orchestra 78 SENIORS MMKNMACHER, EDWARD ARTHUR. Sulphur Springs Petroleum Engineering. A.I.M.E.. Longhorn Band. IntramuraU. Fellowship Club KLEESIMKS. HKNKV SATTOLI, JR., Port Arthur Mechanical Engineering. A.S.M.E.. I.A.S. k I.LE. IRENE MARIE, Austin Journali.m. HIA. W.I.C.A.. Daily Tcian. Intramural kNol I K. MILDRED ELAINE. Indu-m Commercial Teaching, AXQ. Cap and Gown, Southeast Trias Club KOLOS, VIOLA. Yoakum History. UniTersity Cieeh Crb. Secretary; Klip Klub. W.I.C.A. kli EGE. CARTER GLASS. Yorktown Pharmacy, U.T. Pharmaceutical Auociation KRlECHBAt M. JAMES RITNER, El Paso Buiinr-t Adminutralioo. A+ ' J KRISE, GEORGE MARTIN. JR., San Antonio Zoolofy kl t AN-kl. EDWARD, Phoenix. Xriz. Pharmacr. I ' .T. Pharmaceutical Aociation KUEHNE, B. AINSWORTH, Austin Pre-Med, AEA. Wesley Foundation. Radio Workshop KUNZ, JOHN EL, Temple Mechanical Engineering. Assembly, A.S.M.E.. Newman Club. Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Enfineerinc Assembly, Czech Club, Atheturum. Power Show Committee KUTNER, MALCOLM JAMES, Dallas Business Administration, ATA. Cowboys. T Association, Varsity Football. Varsity Basketball. Varsity Track. 1941 All America Football Team LACY, C. WOOLSEY, Galveston Transportation, Light Opera, Business Manager; Oak Grove, Galveiton Club. Southeast Texas Club LAHEY, MARY BERNADINE, Fort Worth Secretarial, BBA, Newman Club LAMBERT. CYRUS H., El Paso Pharmacy, AX, U.T. Pharmaceutical Association 1 NCASTER. GORDON G., Jal, N. Mex. Petroleum Engineering. A.I.M.M.E. LANDERS. J. FRED, Wingate Biuinru Adminiitration LARCADE, JOHN EDMOND, Cuero Public Actountiuc, BA+, HI. Newman Club LARSON. 1KXNNE E., Dallas Sccrelriil and Commercial Tearhin(. BBA, Student Auitlant LAW. THOMAS HART, Austin Law. ATA. +BK. OSP. H1A, President; +RS. Preiident; Judiriarr Council. Friar.. Ab- bot; Cowboy.. T Auoeiation. Varsity Track. Cn.. Country. Vanity Debate Squad, Cap- tain; Auembly. Cultural Entertainment Committee. Chairman; Y.M.C.A., President I IN-kI. HEI.KN NN KDITH, Chicago. 111. Pharmacy. Mortar and Pe tle, Newman Club. Cap and Gown. Swin( and Turn, Home Economic! Club. Cbemittry Club, U.T. Pharmaceutical Aatociation, Campiu Leafue of Women Voters LEE. El ' GEM A SHEPPARD. M. Gregor Spanub-En(lih. H ' omen ' s Co-Opertie AsMciation. Prr.iiient: W.I.C.A.. Clee Club. Co-Ed Assembly. Cap and Gown, Bow and Arrow, Swinf and Turn LEISERINC. FRED ALBERT, Austin BU.DC Adminiftration. Lonfhorn Band LEMM ) . MM UK E AARON. Ozona Zoolofy. IAM. Cowboys, West Teias Club, President Pact 79 I: IIIH:; LEVY, ADRIAN FELIX, Galveston Law, Texas Law Review LEVY, HELEN, Seguin English, AIE, Panhellenic, Bluestockings, Forensica, HHlel Foundation, Freshman Fellowship Club, Cap and Gown, Seguin Club LEWIS, HOWARD H., Houston Transportation LIPSON, LEONARD BERGER, Houston Physics LITTLE, FISHER HARPER, Uvalde Marketing. ALII, Tri Dorm Association LIZARRAGA, SERVANDO LEMUS, El Paso Public Accounting, Club de Mexico, Latin-American Club, M.I.C.A.. Intramural LOCKETT, HUDSON COLEMAN, JR., Dallas Banking and Finance, Prather Hall Association, Dallas Club LOCKWOOD, DOROTHY MAE, Laredo Commercial Teaching, HA6, BBA, W.I.C.A., Cap and Gown LOFLAND, WILLIAM ISAAC, Rockwall Law, E LOFTIN, CLARENCE L., Graham Law, Rusk, Young Democrats, L.C.D. Association, West Texas Club LONG, JANET, Austin English, KKP, I BK, Mortar Board, Ashbel, Cap and Gown, Bit and Spur, Treasurer Junior Class, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee LOVE, HOLLIS CULVER, Houston Civil Engineering, A.S.C.E. LOVE, R. MAURICE, Bagwell Public Accounting LOWREY, ANITA LILLIAN, Gatesville Home Economics, XS2, Cap and Gown, Freshman Fellowship Club, Home Economics Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee LUTHER, MILLARD HENRY, Austin Economics, P re -Law Society, Alcaldes, De Molay, Wichita Falls Club McATEE, RUTH EDNA, Waco Physical Education, XS2, U.T.S.A., President; Orchesis, Co-Ed Assembly, Student ASM-UMI. P.E.M. Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee McCABE, ELOISE, Sterling City English, Students Association, Bluestockings, Inter- Cooperative Council , Association of Cooperative Houses for Women, Campus League of Women Voters, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee McCANNE, LARUE Alvord Home Economics, Klip Klub, Home Economics Club, W.I.C.A., Cap and (H MI McCLELLAN, JAMES EDWARD, Austin Marketing and Advertising, M.I.C.A., IntramuraU McCLUER, JANET, San Antonio English. AOn, Treasurer; Cap and Gown, Y.W.C.A. McCORMICK, JOE C., Wichita Falls Federal, State and Municipal Service McCRARY, HELEN GEORGE, Roby Home Economics, W.I.C.A., Home Economics Club McCUISTION, ROBERT MILTON, Nacogdoches Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E., Institute of Aeronautical Sciences McCURDY, ANN, Cuero Nutrition, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown PACE 80 SENIORS M. I I HKIN. JOSEPHINE ETHEL. Austin Ucruio d Pnklic S aainc. P+B. PHA. Forenwca. Cap and Go.n. Panbx-llenic. Co-Op Frllomhip CluK A.C.F... Curtain Club, Youoj Democrat.. Aiutii Club. BlBebonnct Belle Niof MCDOWELL, CLIFTON AILOR. JR.. shreveport, La. Prtiole EacintcriM. X . A.I.M.E. M.GEHEE, FRANCES. Genoa Speech. Aill. Car and Co... SollK-at Tna. CUb. Y m .C. . M.(.d (.Il.L. M RY CAROLINE. Fort Worth T. XT. Sectrunr; Cap a.d Co.. Fort Worth Cluk McCt U N. FLOYD. JR_ San Antonio M.JIMSEY. MARGARET. Waskom . Lo. Morru CUb. Pt - Cl.b. 3 ' M. KINLEY. Rt SSELL C. Amarill.. Lnvborn Bud. Anarillo CI I . Pigkandlr Clob M. MH HXEL. THOMAS COLLINS. Cason iorrriof. A.S.M.E . M, N U (.HTON. ROY RAYMOND. JR., Corpus ChriMi Public Acroualiof. Ne cma Club. l.lnn-ut.U McPHERSON. AREDA REBECCA, Hillsboro Kl.iline. BBA. Home Economic. Club. .I.C.A.. Hill Cout Club McRAE, A. D Fort Worth r. IFE. Fact onh Club. Student McWHORTER, FRANK RIPY. Houston U, AO . The Senate MACKEY, CHARLES FRANKLIN. Dallas Chenucal E iBeerinf. A.I.Ch.E.. ImrjmunU MAHON. ELDON BROOKS. Loraine Law. AX. A+Q, ho - s ho A oag Stiuieif in American College, and I ' niverutie MAIN. RICHARD FRANK. Rusk looraaUim. l X. M.I.C.A.. Lo Morru Club. Lxxifborn Boii ( Clb MAI.ONEY. BETTY JO. Houston Elementary Ednration. XL 1 . Binolocku . A.C E.. I ' pperrlua Aotwora. Rea, MANN. WALTER LEON. Longview M RABLE. PALL DAVIS. JR Clark illt- JonmaUun. IAX. Bod and Gun Clb MARKHXM. LAURA JEANNE, Cape Girardiu, Mo. Enlnh. 1C. Hollix Club MARKLEY. WARD WILLIAM. Jasper ConunerrUI Tenrhinc. Soolbea.! Texaa Club. I ' nion Outdoor Recreation M KKH.II IN. MINITA. Laredo Public Aeeovntint. BBA. Hnw Council. Cap and Co.n MXRTIN. KROLL JAMES. Austin P.ical Ednc.tion. P.E.M. Club. S.imnunt Team. SU( and Turn Club MARTIN. DAN LEE. JIL, Cle-eland Methuial Enineerinf. A-S.M.E-. M.I.C.A.. Fredinun|. Club. Ve t T FonodatMl MARTIN. KI.INE. Aliquippa. Penn. P.. lx lo. Cap and Con. Clee Oik Seitet n SENIORS MARTIN, JOHN EDWIN, Houston Plan II, Longhorn Band, Cactus Staff, Roberts Hall Association, M.I.C.A., Freshman Fellowship Club, Sophomore Club, Houston Club MARTIN, LEONARD PRESTON, San Antonio Personnel and Traffic Management, 2 IK, Roberts Hall Association MARTIN, MAE YATES, Brownsville Journalism, Press Club, Glee Club MARTIN, VIRGINIA HUDSON, Austin History, ASA, Vice-Presidcnt; BK, IIA9, AAA, Reagan, Campus League of Women Voter, Freshman Fellowship Club, Cap and Gown, Secretary; Panhellenic MASON, MARJORIE ELIZABETH, Brookston Journalism, Press Club, Paris Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee MATHIS, MAY, Austin Business Administration, XQ, BBA, Campus League of Women Voters, Canterbury Club, San Antonio Club, Freshman Fellowship Club, Cap and Gown, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee MAYFIELD, KATHERINE ETHEL, Houston English, AF, PHA, Bluestockings, Cap and Gown, Panhellenic, Orchesis, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee MAYNARD, SUSIE EDNA, Tyler Economics, Women ' s Co-Operative Association MEADOWS, WADE HAMPTON, JR., Abilene Pharmacy. U.T. Pharmaceutical Association, West Texas Club, Abilene Club, M.I.C.A. MEDINA, ANTONIO JOSE, Laredo Civil Engineering, A.S.C.E., Latin-American Club, Intramurals MENN, HUBERT L., Yorktown Accounting, BA , Seguin Club MERRILL, MARVIN LOFTON, Texarkana Architectural Engineering MEZZETTI, BERNICE PAULINE, San Antonio Government, JI2A, AAA, Newman Club, Inter-American Association, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisors, Chairman; President Newman Hall, Co-Ed Assembly, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee MIDDAGH, WILLIAM FOWLER, Odessa Business Administration, C.A.A., Curtain Club MILLER, AGNES LEE, Cuero Home Economics, Newman Club, Cap and Gown, DeWitt Lavaca County Club, Home Economics Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee MILLER, BUCK CLYDE, Fort Worth Law MILLER, GEORGE BARTLEY, JR., Kerrville Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E. MILLER, VIRGINIA INEZ, Brownsville Pharmacy, Newman Club, Mortar and Pestle, Latin-American Club, U. T. Pharmaceutical Association MISCHKE, RICHARD MARSHALL, San Antonio Advertising, A4 0, University Camera Club MOLLOY, MIMI, Timpson History, ZTA, Upperclass Advisors, Cap and Gown, Sophomore Club, Campus League of Women Voters, Shelby County Club, Y.W.C.A. MONTGOMERY, JAMES HOWARD, San Angelo Court Reporting, Roberts Hall Association, West Texas Club, Tri Dorm Council MOORE, EDWIN WALLACE, San Antonio Geology, KA MOORE, HELEN LOUISE, Elgin Home Economics, Home Economics Club MORGAN, CHARLES WINTERS, Roanoke, Va. Business Administration, TOON PACK 82 SENIORS MORLEY, RICHARD I_ Quincr, 111. Law MOSS, DOROTHY ETHEL, Llano Nutritiou. XO. Horn. EeoBoaaie. Club. Tooche. Cap .nd Co.n. Y.W.C.A., Bluebouel Belle MOYER. KLARE CORTAS, JR., San Antonio MUELLER, ERVIE. Austin tiTilr Administration. AAA. BBA. Ilorur Board Scholanhip Cap. Orientation Committee ML ENNINK. KYLE HOWARD, Hondo BOCUM Adauoistntion MILLER, OPAL BEATRICE, Pampa Physical Education. P.E.JI. Club, Op and Gown. Panhandle Club. Orcbesi. MURPHY. JOE VIRGIL Me Allen CorenuntBt. HIA. Radio IJouc MURRAY, ALONZO ARCHIE, Tioga MLSIL. ANNETTE, Stamford Pl.B II. Ciecb Clk NALMANN, HENRY JACK, Smithlle Law. nZA NEELY, ADELLE, Tyler BacteriolocT. XQ. Cap and Gown, Rrg n, Bit and Spur NEGRETE GUTIERREZ. RAFAEL, Torreon, Coah., Mex. Ciiil EacUeeriic. TBH, Z. A.S.C.E.. Club At Meiico NELSON " , JACK CECIL, Fort Worth Accounting. ATA, Treararer; HX. Vice-Pridtnt ; A+O. Silver Spur, Treasurer; Fort Worth Club. President; Freshman Fellowship Club. Alcaldes, Sophomore Club, Freshman Tennis. Intramurals. Hooaemaoagen Association, Inter-City Council NEWMAN, JAMES BLACKSTONE, Au-tin Civil Eneineerinj, KK+, A+O. Longhorn Band, President; A.S.C.E. NIPPER. GEORGE SAVAGE, San Antonio Electrical Engineering. TBII. HEX. A.I.E.E., Secretary; M.I.C.A.. B. Hall Association NIXON. LOUISE ENDERLE, Fredericksburg Drama, Curtain Club. Glee Club NIXON J.TOR LEWIS, Fredericksburg Ciril EaiMcruc. A.S.C.E.. CUB and Rod Clb NIXON. WALTER FL, Corpus Chri-ti Journalism. 1AX. Preidet : Daily TeUB. Texas Ranker, Baud of Directors. M.I.C.A.. Prther Hall AssociatioB. Cultural Entertainment Committee Press Club. Union ; Vallej Club. NORNHAUSSER. MARGIE MAY, San Antonio CbemistrT. preseBt Da; Club, T.I.C.A.. Clut, Cap and Gown, Wesley Foundation. Cactus Staf NOWLIN. R. U HilL oro CbcBucal Ea(UeeriB(. TBII. QXE, DAT ol NY. WILBUR (BILL), AKin Ceoloty. M.I.C.A. NI UN. B. ROGER, New Braunfels Journalism. ZAX. Press Club. Daily Teia OBENHM -. RICHARD A-, Qifton Petroleum Efi.eerin. FA. A.I.M.E.. Silrer Spur. Assembly. Round fp. B. Hall Association. V ice-President ; Tri Dorm Council. Loot bo.. Bud. latramurals O ' CONNOR, ROBERT BURNS. San Antonio Ln si: MINIS O ' DANIEL, MIKE, Fort Worth Accounting, Fort Worth Club ODEEN, MARGARET CHRISTINE, Nacogdoches English, Glee Club OFFER, WILMA, Victoria Government, Cap and Gown, Campus League of Women Voters, Latin -American Institute OGLESBY, ETHEL ANN, El Dorado English, ZTA, Bluestockings, Spooks, Stephens Club OLSEN, VIRGINIA (PATSY), Dallas Secretarial, BBA, President ; Mortar Board, Treasurer ; Cap and Gown, Uppe re I ass Advisors, President Carol hers Dormitory, Orientation Committee, Bluehonnet Belle Nominee ORR, KIRBY DELOSS, III, Terrell Government, 1 1 1 OUALLINE, JUDD H., Conroe Geology, AXA, AM Club, Triarthus, Cross and Crescent, Southwestern Geological Society, Conroe Club, Varsity Track, Intramural,- OWENS, ROBERT ALLEN, Hillsboro Journalism, AX, Vice- President ; Daily Texan, Texas Ranger, Press Club, Campus Guild, Inter-Co-Op Council, Hill County Club, President; Union Dance Committee PABST, RICHARD EDWARD, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E. t PAGE, FRANCES ELEANOR, Austin Pure Mathematics, Piano, t BK, SAI PAGE, MARSHALL LOUIS, Austin Spanish PAPICH, RAUEL NORMAN, Beaumont Physical Education, Swimming Team, Captain; Water Polo Team, Captain; P.E.M. Club, President; Texas Aquatic Club, President PARK, ELIZABETH MILLARD, Caracas, Venezuela Spanish, KA6, Secretary; Mortar Board, President; Tee Club, Ashbel, Inter-American Club, Y.W.C.A., Co-Ed Assembly, Cap and Gown PARK, EVALYN ELIZABETH. Jacksonville Spanish, ZTA, Campus League of Women Voters, Cap and Gown PARKER, JEROME H., JR., Fort Worth Accounting, All!. Newman Club, Glee Club, Prather Hall Association, Freshman Tennis, Fort Worth Club PARKER, THOMAS JACKSON, Orange Electrical Engineering, Longhorn Band, A.I.E.E. PASS, FRED ROBERT, Temple Journalism, SAX, Daily Texan, Press Club PEACOCK, JOE VAL, Fort Worth Law, I E, Texas Law Review PEARESON, HALLIE KELLEY, Richmond English, RB , Pierian. Cap and Gown, U.T.S.A. Council, Bow and Arrow Club, Co-Ed Assembly, Y.W.C.A. PEDRETTI, JUAN P., Asuncion, Paraquay Civil Engineering, Vice -Consul of Paraquay, Inter- American Association, A.S.C.E. PENN, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Austin Bacteriology, 1IB 1 . BK. IIA8, Vice-Prcsident ; Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, Cap and Gown, ir e-President; Ashbel, Orientation Council, Secretary; Turtle Club PEPPLE, ALLEN PATTERSON, Lima, Ohio Marketing, Curtain Club, Radio House, M.I.C.A. PERCY, CHARLES STUART, Burnet Geology PERKINS, JUDITH, El Paso Pure Mathematics, AXS2, A AT, President ; Poona Club, Bow and Arrow Club. Co-Ed Assembly PACE 81 SENIORS PERMIN. MILTON THOM . IK.. Stockdale Mechanical EacUKrix. TBR. HTI. +H1. A.S.M.E.. M I.C.A.. Ranhorn PERM IN-. Kl M M E. Haskell Eaglbh. AZA. IIV. AAA. Reagan. B I unlocking . Cap and Co.n. Campu League of town Voter.. Frr,hren Fellohip Club PESEK. EDWIN J.. Hallettsville Public Accounting- emaa Club. M.I.C.A.. Catch Club. Intramural.. I ' nion Daacc Coaiaiittre PETRtSEK. BENJAMIN JOHN, allis Otology. Triarth... I ' nitrniti Cb Clb. Pmidrnl ; M.I.C.A.. aM Omb. Ccnlurr Cla . PHILLIPS. HARRY T NI.EY. Bellville tv 1PE. +HI. Triarlho. PHILLIPS. LILLIAN ELISABETH i BETTY E), Houston Knjli.h. AXC. Prnidrnt: I] AH. idor Lanirr. Trraurrr; Cap and Gown. Co-Ed Auemblt Blu Pl kKTI. DRE X GREER. Flore ville Ckrmatrj PILAND. MRS. MARGERY JOHNSON. Austin n ti fa. Blu -to -kin{ . Brat . Op and Gown. L ' pperclu Club PLATTER. HERBERT LINGO. JR.. Austin U. IAE. +BK. A+. IAH. +HI. J.diciarr C ' -unril. T Aociation. Cowbor,. tocialioa POLLOCK, RAY LLSK. Dallas Managrmrnt, A IT. lotiamoraU POWELL. ANN L. Austin BuiiDr Adminiitrali n. A A. BBA POWELL. MILDRED PORTIA. Beaumont Ealib. Clcr Club. Cap and Gon. S..uih--l T --i Club PRESLEY. JACK, Palestine Accounting, BA fr PRICE. STERLING JOSEPH, Price English. Loagbura Band. Vir-it Baseball PLGSLEY. FRANK BURRUSS. Corpus Chri-4i Mechanical Engineering. TBR. Viee-Prei.ient : HTI. Friar.. A.J.M.E.. President Engineering Student ' A ociation PL ' LLIN. RLTON WADE. Whit-tt Journal im. I AX. +H1. TOCN. Pfridol; PrrM Club. [),il Trial. B.T.I . PLRCELL, MARTHA LEL. Austin Phical Education. HAH. P.I M. Club. Bow and Arrov. Sin and Turn. Cap and Con. I S.mphoo. Orrbntra. Chorut. .I.C.A.. lUfqoct Club RAII -BM K. DARLENE MARIE. Au-tin ' rtar and Pr tle K IK1. DEI.I MEADE. Italy SpuUb. W.I.C.A. RAMSEY. BILLY RAY. Au tin RAMSEY. DtA N CLYDE, JR., Dallas Zoolo,, K NMi l. M UEI.INE NE. Fort Worth StroocrapkT. XS. BBA. Cap aid Con. L ' pprrclan Clui. Sophomorr Club. Oricnlatioa Comatittee, Fort Vactk Clab RASH. ROBERT ROBERTS. Terrell nt. HKA. IIK. Alcaldr.. B. Hall AuocUlio RATLIFF. DOROTHY FAE. Fort Worth HOOK ExoMBir . XQ. Cap and Con. Fort Vonb Cluk. L ' pprrclaM Adraon, Blorbonnrt Brllr SENIORS RAYMER, WARREN JOSEPH, Kenedy Zoology RAYMOND, CONSUELO T., Laredo Spanish, History, Cap and Gown, Mexican Literary Society, Secretary; Bluebonnet Belle Nominee REDDEN, CLARECE, Corsicana Journalism, Press Club, Cap and Gown, Campus League of Women Voters, International Relations Club, Tee Club REED, MRS. ALLA RAE BELT, Rockdale Home Economics, ON, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club REED, JOE S., JR., Beaumont Business Administration, Alcaldes, M.I.C.A., Southeast Texas Club, Oak Grove REEDER, GLEN DON, Crowell Pharmacy, President Senior Pharmacy Class, U.T. Pharmaceutical Association, Roberts Hall Association, President; Tri Dorm Council RENZ, HENRY STAGG, Dallas Life Insurance, A4 Q RESSMANN, CHRISTINE, San Antonio Elementary Education, A.C.E., Cap and Gown REYNOLDS, HENRY DAVENPORT, New Caney Public Accounting, BA , President RHODES, JANE, Breckenridge English, XQ, Panhellenic, Reagan, Cap and Gown, Reporter; Stephens Club, President RICE, BEN HERBERT, III, Marlin Law, 4 BK, $A , HZ, Chancellors, Texas Law Review RICHARDS, RAYMOND WOOD, Dalhart Law, Chancellors, Texas Law Review, Quizmaster RICKEY, MARGARET GAYLORD, Houston Secretarial and Commercial Teaching, BBA, Cap and Gown, W.I.C.A., Presbyterian Student League RING, MARYLOU, Dallas History, B luestockings, Cap and Gown, Dallas Club, Freshman Fellowship Club ROBERTS, CHERRY MARY, Beaumont Art, U.T.A.C., President; Southeast Texas Club ROBERTS, HERBERT NEAL, Dallas Chemistry, American Society of Chemists, N.T.A.C., M.I.C.A., Prather Hall Association ROBERTS, SARA LOUISE, Edinburg Sociology, Hidalgo County Club ROBERTS, WALTON COUCH, El Paso Chemical Engineering, TBII, BXE, A.I.Ch.E. ROBINOWITZ, MIRIAM LOUISE, Rosenberg Home Economics, A4 E, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Present Day Club, Vice- President Junior Class, Extra-Curricular Club ROCHS, ALFRED ROBERT, San Antonio Physical Education, T Association, P.E.M. Club, Baseball Manager, San Antonio Club, B. Hall Association ROCK, FRANCES INEZ, Woodville Home Economics, r4 B, ON, PHA, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Southeast Texas Club RODDY, TOMMIE EVERETT, JR., Fort Worth Accounting, T Association, Golf Team RODOLF, PATRICIA, Tulsa, Okla. Business Administration, -X ' . ' , BBA ROOS, EMANUEL FARLEY, Eagle Lake Chemical Engineering, ATA, OXE, A.I.Ch.E., Y.M.C.A. PACE 86 SENIORS ROSENBUSCH, FRITZ M.. Baltimore. Md. Mechanical Engineering. TBH, HTI, A.S.M.E.. Institute of Aeronautical Science!. Research I, IAM Scholarship ROWAN, JEANNE LORENA. Wharton Secretarial. ITB+. BBA. Bow aid Arrow RUCKER, GLENN DERRELD. Troup Chemical Engineering. TBII. USE. +AT, HE. A.I.Ch.E. RIETZ, RUTH ELIZABETH, Waco Drama. Curlain Club RLSSELL, ELEANOR ANTOINETTE, Austin Sociology RLSSELL. FRANCES ELLEN, Longvicw EnflUh, W.I.C.A.. Wesley Foundation, Cap and Gown KLL. JOHN HENRY. Roswell, N. Mex. Chemical Engineering. OXE, A.I.Ch.E. KI TI.VMl. MARTHA ELIZABETH. Austin Home Economic!. AAI1. Sidney Lanier, Home Econoroicj Club, Classical Club. Wesley Foaadalioa. Y.W.C.A. SALTER, FORREST, Kerrville Joumalum, FA. IAX, Daily Teun SANDERS, BERNIE R., Harlingen Marketinc, IN. Valley Club SAUER, EMILITA MCTORIA, Washington, D. C. Englitb, 4 M, Bluestockings, Panhellenic, Art Commit te-e and Cultural Committee of Texas Union, Lijht Opera, Rifle Club, Gregg House Players. Present Day Club, Campus Leafoe of Women Voters, Cap and Gown, Inter- American Association, Pan-American Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee SAUERMILCH, E. R., Yorktown SCARBOROUGH, CATHERINE, El Paso Spanish, MA. 2AII, Cap and Gown SCARBOROUGH, QUENTON DUANE, Oakwood Public Accounting, Honor Roll SCHEFFLER, CLEO JOSEPH, Yorktown Petroleum Engineering. A.P.I., A.I.M.E., B. Hall Auoeiation, Tri Dorm Association. Glee Club SCHIEBEL. MARY JEAN. Dallas Home Economio. M. Praident; FA. Cap and Gown. Co-Ed Aembly. Home Economic. Club, University A Cappella Choir. InlramnraU SCHNEIDER. ADELA, Weimar Pharmacy. PJ. Permanent Secretary Senior Pharmacy Clao. Mortar and Pestle, L ' .T. Pharmaceutical Association, Student Assistant SCHOENER. MERCEDES MARGARET, Mexico City, D. F. Pharmacy. Newman Club, Mortar and Petle. I ' .T. Pharmaceutical Asaociation, Club de Mexico, Inter-American Aaociation SCH(IKN M.KI. El. VINE. Brenham Commercial Teaching. BBA, Present Day Club, Wesley Foundation, Cap and Gown, W.I.C.A., Blneboonet Belle .Nominee SCHULZ. LAWRENCE ERNEST. Austin Ciiil Enfinecring. TA. A.S.C.E. SCOTT, FRANCES ELIZABETH, San Antonio Nursing Education. Cap and Gown, San Antonio Club. W.I.C.A. SCOTT, KATHLEEN ELAINE. Comanrhv Elementary Education. A AIT, Cap and Gown. Tarleton Club, A.C.E. SCOTT. ROSEMARY. Houston Spanish. At, Reagan, President: Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Assembly, Y.W.C.A., Cactus Staff. Union Hobby Committee. Chairman SCRIMGEO! R. BARBARA. History. A . Pierian. Cap and Gown. Glee Club, Swing Ckonts. A Cappella Chair, Campus League of Women Voten. GaUeston Club. Blnebonnet Belle Pact 87 SENIORS SEAGER, SCOTT E., Somerville, Mass. Economics SEAGO, MARY FRANCES, Brownsville Drama, AAA, Curtain Club, Tee Club, Cap and Gown. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee SEAMANS, ONA LEE LIERMAN, Houston Speech and Education, Wesley Foundation, Wesley Players, Houston Club, Cap and Gown, Y.W.C.A. SEIBERT. KENNETH DALE, Houston Federal, State Government, 4rA, President : Varsity Debate Squad, Cowboys, Intramural Committee SETTLES, THEODORE HOMER, Mercedes Civil Engineering, A.S.C.E., Student Assistant SHANKLAND, NANCY MILDRE D, Flossmoor, 111. English, Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Upperclass Advisors SHARPLESS, ROBERT HITCHCOCK, Port Arthur Mechanical Engineering, 4 rA. A.S.M.E., Alcaldes, Swimming Team, Silver Spur, Prr-iilt-nt ; Southeast Texas Club, President SHELBY, MARTHA JANICE, Austin History, I BK, IIAG, AAA, Cap and Gown, Campus League of Women Voters, Fn ' -hm.ui Fellowship Club SHELTON, EDGAR GREER, JR., Austin Government, X , FIX A, President ; Pre-Law Society, President ; Intersoriety Debate and Speech Champion, Varsity Debate Squad, Athenaeum, Vice-President ; Orientation Committee SHEPPARD, HERBERT BARTON, Mexico City, D. F. Banking and Finance SHERMAN, SHIRLEY ANN, Austin Secretarial, BBA SHIELDS, CHARLES OLIVER, Dallas Law. Dallas Club SHUDDE, HELEN LOUISE, Washington, D. C. Plan II, Sociology, ZTA, AKA. Orange Jackets, Upperclass Club, Chairman; Y.W.C.A., Sophomore Club Council, Reagan. Freshman Fel lowship Club, Wesley Foundation, Orientation Committee, Assembly. Cactus Staff, Texas Ranger, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee SILVERMAN. HELENE ESTELLE, Lul.hock English, BK, HAG, IAII. AAA, Sidney Lanier SIMMANG, DORIS ELAINE, San Antonio Psychology, Bit and Spur SIMMONS, HELEN CLAIRE, Wichita Falls Spanish, A$, Pierian, Cactus Staff, Latin- American Club, Touche, Inter- American Association, Union Activity Files SIMMONS, HOWARD MARVIN, Austin Journalism and Advertising, SAX, International Relations Association, Wesley Foundation, Swing and Turn, Press Club SIMPSON, FRANCES GERTRUDE, Nacogdoches Spanish, ZTA, BK, ZAE, AAA, Pierian, Union Activity Files, Glee Club, Y.W.C.A. SIVIL, MARIE ELIZABETH, Galena Park History, BK, HAG, AAA, W.I.C.A., Cap and Gown, Education 03 SIVLEY, ROY ELMER, JR., San Antonio Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E., B, Hall Association SLUDER, MARIANNA, Paris Journalism, A ATI, 30 Club, President ; Co- Ed Assembly, Cap and Gown, Klip Klub, Co- Ed Council, Paris Club, Press Club, Daily Texan, Society Editor SMALLEY, ARTHUR LOUIS, JR., Houston Chemical Engineering, Z I E. A 1 Q, A.I.Ch.E., Chemistry Club, Rustlers. Houston Club, Basketball Manager, B. Hall Association SMITH, BARBARA LOUISE, Dallas Sociology, LK, Cap and Gown SMITH, CARROL CLARK, Austin Accounting anil Management, Judiciary Council, Wesley Foundation SENIORS SMITH, EDMOND LE GROS, San Antonio Chemical Engineering. A.I.Ch.E., Sin Antonio Club SMITH, EULYSE McCOWN, Memphis, Tenn. Law, University Bar A otiation, Aihrncum SMITH, GEORGE BLUCHER, Edinburg Public Accounting IHH. M!i . MARY ELLEN WHELCHEL, Austin Pharmacy, PX. U.T. Pharmaceutical Association, Cap and Gown, Mortar and Pestle - IITH, OPAL ELIZABETH, Austin Home Economics. Home Economics Club SMITH, RICHARD RUSSELL, III, Austin Economic.. L nghorn Band. Dallaa Club. UKHUWAT-I-SHAROF, University Chorus. L ' nivrr.ity Symphony Orchestra. Rustlers. M.I.C.A. -NKED, JESSIE LOUISE, Austin Secretarial. P B. Pre.idrnl: BBA. Panhcllenir. President; Co-Ed Aembly, Cap and Cowij, Sidney Lanier SNODGRASS, FRANK LEE, Coleman Gorerament. +AO. 4 BK, I1IA, +H2. Alcalde.. Student Assistant SORY, DOROTHY, Houston Home Economics, KA0. Houston Club. Cactiu Staff, Home Economics Club SPEARS, JOHN MILLER, Tulsa, Okla. Business Administration, AKK, 4H, Assembly, Interfraternity Council, Board of Directors, Texas Student Publications SPENCE, GUS RALPH, Austin Banking and Finance, X t f H21, President; Assembly. Board of Directors, Texas Student Publications; Business Administration Council, Cowboys, Alcaldes, Vice-President ; Friars. Interfiaiernity Council, Pre-Law Society, Coodfellows, Who ' s Who in American College and Universities. SPILLAR, MARGARET JEAN, Austin Spanish, AAH. ZAII. AAA. We.ley Foundation, Wesley Players. Sidney Lanier. President; Co-Ed Asaembly, Cap and Gown Council, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee. Y.W.C.A. SPILLERS, GROVER CLEVELAND, JR., Tulsa, Okla. Law, ATA SPONBERG, RAYMOND L., Austin Mechanical Engineering, TBIT, ITT, A.S.M.E.. M.I.C.A.. Ramshorn. Institute of Aeronautical Sciences SPORE, HARRY B., Austin Mechanical Engineering, TBII, IITZ, A.S.M.E., Ramshorn, Freshman Fellow.hip Club .SPRINGFIELD, NORA GRAY, Alice Law, KBII. Teiai Law Review, Editorial Board; Cap and Gown - I AFFORD, SADIE GRAY, San Antonio Home Economics, A$, Cap and Gown. Home Economics Club. Y.W.C.A.. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee STANFORD, CLAUD LEON, Canton STANGER, ZULEIKA, Brazoria Zoology. A+. TAA. Sidney Lanier. Co-Ed Auembly STANLEY, NAOMI C., Port Arthur English STASSINOS, ETHEL, Austin Secretarial. BBA STEPHENS, JAMES MILLER, JR., Austin French STEWART, ROBERT, Port Arthur Banking and Finance, KI STIMSON. ARTHUR EARL, Houston Marketing. B. Hall Ataociatiou Pact 89 SENIORS STINSON, MARY AGNES, Conroe History, AAA, Upperclass Advisors, Cap and Gown Council STOCKTON, ROBERT BLAKE, Leander Accounting, We ley Foundation, Freshman Fellowship Club STONE, MARY LOUISE, Brenham English, KKF, Pierian STOTLER, ROGER GRANT, Alamo Secretarial and Accounting, Hidalgo County Club STOVER, PEGGY, Tulsa, Okla. Elementary Education, KKJ " , Vice-President; IIA6, Ashbel, President: Freshman Fellowship, A.C.E., Cactus Staff STRAWBRIDGE, E. JEANE, Austin Secretarial, AOIT, BBA, Valley Club. Turtle Club, Panhellenic, U T.S.A. Council STRELSKY, ROBERT EARL, Texas City Management, ATA, Calveston Club, Y.M.C.A., Silver Spur, Handball Club STRICKLAND, PAULINE ELISABETH, San Antonio English, IIB STROM, OLIVER WELDON, Austin Bacteriology STRUSS, ROBERTA, Columbus Elementary Education, XU, Glee Club, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor, Rcigan, A.C.E., Co-Ed Quartet, Co-Ed Assembly, Orange Jackets STUTSMAN, LORRAINE ALICE, San Antonio Government, XB, Judiciary Council, Canter Club, U. T.S.A. , Glee Club, Stephens Club, Cap and Gown, Bluestockings, Y.W.C.A., Bluebonnet Belle Nominee SULLIVAN, MARGARET, Corsicana English, 4 BK, IIA6, AAA, Mortar Board, Bluestockings, Co-Ed Assembly, Upperclass Advisors, Chairman; Orientation Committee SUTHERLAND, JOHN WESLEY, JR., Alice Petroleum Engineering, A.I.M.M.E. SUTHERLAND, MARY ELIZABETH, Austin Journalism, A f , 624 , Orange Jackets, Vice-president Students ' Association, Assembly, Book Exchange, Chairman ; Daily Texan. Round-Up, Freshman Fellowship, Co-Sponsor ; Y.W.C.A. Council, Wesley Foundation, Orientation Committee TAYLOR, CHARLES HOWELL, San Angelo Spanish, Varsity Swimming Team, Texas Aquatic Club, Swing and Turn, West Texas Club TAYLOR, ELIZABETH FAIRCHILD, College Station Accounting, BBA, W.I.C.A., Wesley Foundation TAYLOR, JERRY ELAINE, Arlington Home Economics, W.I.C.A., Wesley Foundation, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club TAYLOR, MARY LOUISE, Eden Commercial Education, BBA, Cap and Gown, Seguin Club TAYLOR, MOZELLE HENRIETTA, Eden Commercial Teaching and Secretarial, W.I.C.A., Cap and Gown, Seguin Club TERNUS, JOHN WILLIAM, Houston Journalism, Newman Club, Naval R.O.T.C., Naval Club, Vice-President; Press Club TERRY, CARLTON R., Talpa Mechanical Engineering, Tejas Club, A.S.M.E., I.A.S., T Association, President; Friars, Board of Directors, University Cooperative Society; Varsity Track Team. Intercollegiate All America Track Team 1941 TETENBAUM, HERBERT, Brooklyn, N. Y. Bacteriology, Hill el Foundation, Intramurals THEOBALT, RUPERT EDWARD, JR., Port Arthur Real Estate Insurance, Southeast Texas Club THOMAS, INA MAE, Tulia Secretarial, BBA, Cap and Gown, Freshman Fellowship Club PACE 90 SENIORS THOMI ' MiN. CRAYTON SEVILLE, Paris Chemical Engineering. A.I.Ch.E.. P.M. Club THOMPSON. DORIS LUCILLE, Bonham English. Cap and Gown. W.I.C.A . THOMPSON. KD I D., Beaumont Businex Administration. Southeast Tr Club. M.I.C.A.. Wesle; Found. I i THOMI ' XIN. HERSCHEL WILLIAM, Gallatin BOMBTM Admini.tration THOMPSON, JIMMY EUGENE, Clarendon Government THORNBERRY. HARRY FRED, Wichita Falls Law. Tennis Team. Wichita F.ll. Club THORPE. MARGARET, Austin Elements. Education. A.C.E.. Cap and Con. Freshman Fellowship Club THWEATT. MARY MRGINIA. Wichita Falls P.ycholog.. XC. PHA. Stephens Club. Wichita Falli Club, Blnebonnet Belle Nominee TOMKIES. MARGARET EVELYN, Dallas B.rtrriology. XQ. +BK. Mortar Board. Stcrrt.ry; Cap and Gown. Athbel. Blnebonorl BVIIe Nomiore TOXEY,_ELEANOR PARMLY. San Antonio Enjlish, AZA, Cap And Gowo, Rrtgan. Presbyterian Student League TSCHUDIX. MYRA KATHERINE, Houston Bacteriology, KKT, 4 BK. TAA. Mortar Board. Athbel, Panbellenic, Mexican LiteraiT Society, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee TW1SS, FRANCES JEANETTE, El Paso Inttitution Administration, XC. El Paso Club, Y.W.C.A., Home Economics Club UHL, THOMAS JOHN, JR., Dallas Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E.. A+C, Newman Club, Rnstlers VACEK, JOHN ROMAN. East Bernard Pharmacy, Newman Clnb, U.T. Pharmaceutical Association VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR ANN. Victoria English. XC. President: +BK. II AO. Secretary: I All. AAA. Glee Clnb. Bluestockings, Mortar Board. Orange Jackets. A.C.E., Co-Ed Assembly, Cap and Gown. Ashbel. Y.W.C.A., Orientation Committee H TOR. WALTER KENNETH. Abilene Mechanical Es ineerinf . AI+. TBH, HTI. +HI, A.S.M.E., I.A.S.. Ramsbom. Longhorn Band, Wek Smith Dance Band. Lnirer.ily Symphony Orchestra, Christian Science Organization OWELS, HARRY LEE, Shreveport, La. Accounting. M.I.C.A.. Fencing M.K. JOE DECKER, Sherman Chemical Engineering. TBH, +AT. QXE. A.I.Ch.E.. President; Campus Guild. M.I.C.A., Co-Op Board of Directors, Engineering Assembly, Inler-CooperatiTe Conncil, Vice-President U I KF.K. RROLL PRESTON, JR., Houston Geology. Al WALKER. MARY FRANCES, Texarkana, Ark. Secretarial. BBA. W.I.C.A.. Teiarkana Clnb WALTERS. MARY HELEN. Jasper Conuaercial Teaching. BBA % IT(t . 1 RTIN ROBERT. Austin Chemical Engineering. A.I.Ch.E.. M.I.C.A.. Light Opera, t Methodist Cfcoir. Intramural. WARNER. FLORENCE LILLIAN, Houston How Economic,. XQ. Y.W.C.A. Cooncil. Freshman Fellowship Club. Sophomore Clnb. Upperclass Club. Cap and Gown, U.T.S.A.. Canter Clnb, Blneboaaet Belle Nominee WATSON. , I Clarksville Joumalitm. AX. Preaa Clnb. Rod and Gun Clnb. M I.C.A. Pct 91 SENIORS WEBEL, LEWIS, El Paso Mechanical Engineering, TBT1, ITTS, A.S.M.E., Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Kamshorn, El Paso Club, Dick Smith Dance Band WEILER, JAMES FREDERICK, Austin Law, X , 4 i WEILER, JOSEPH FRANKLIN, Austin Law, X , 4 A4 , Texas Law Review WELSH, JOHN L, Austin Law WEST, CLARENCE R, Dallas Chemical Engineering, A.I.Ch.E., American Chemical Society, L.C.D. Association, Intramurals WEST, MARGARET, Mission Home Economics, W.I.C.A., Inter-Co-Operative Society, Hidalgo County Club, Home Economics Club, Valley Club, Cap and Gown WEST, MARY LORAINE, Fairmont, W. Va. English, A4 . Cap and Gown, Orientation Committee, Y.W.C.A. WEST, SAMUEL LGYD, Amarillo Public Accounting, Panhandle Club, Orientation Committee WHEAL DON, JOSEPH YAUGER, Austin Accounting, r WHEAT, GRADY CECILLE, Paris Physical Education, Speech and Drama, A2CA, Secretary; Curtain Club, Paris Club, Cap and Gown, Assembly, Orchesis, Freshman Fellowship Club, P.E.M. Club, Campus League of Women Voters, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee WHEELER, FRANCES EVELYN, Tilden Nutrition, T B, Forensica, Home Economics Club WHEELER, MARJORIE ELEANOR, Gainesville Business Administration, A ' l , BBA, Cactus Staff WHITE, CLIFFORD BYRON, Rosita, Coah., Mex. Sociology, Freshman Fellowship Club, M.I.C.A., Freshman Basketball WHITE, FRANCIS ALLAN, Texas City Zoology WHITTINGTON, JOHN H., Dallas Law, Hildehrand Law Society, Dallas Club WHITWORTH, NEVADA WEAVER, Waco English WIGGEN, GERTRUDE ELAINE, Baytown Geology, Cap and Gown, Canterbury Club, Co-Ed Assembly, Upperclass Advisors, Grace Hall ; Latin- American Association WILEY, RICHARD ALLEN, Austin Geology WILHELM, RUTH HELEN, Fort Worth Chemistry, TAA, 12 II, Cap and Gown, Panhellenic Scholarship, Upperclass Club, Y.W.C.A. WILLARD, GRADON F., Corsicana ' Chemical Engineering, S2XE, KK . A.I.Ch.E., M.I.C.A., Longhorn Band WILLIAMS, MADELINE, Tomball Business Administration, BBA WILLIAMS, MARTHA MAYDE, Amarillo Sociology, KAG, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, Panhandle Club WILLIAMSON, JOHN HENRY, Henrietta Pharmacy, U.T. Pharmaceutical Association, M.I.C.A. WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM RAYMOND, Fort Worth Accounting PACB 92 SENIORS WILLMON, GLORIA LOUISE. Weatherford Physical Education. P.E.M. Club. Cap ud Gown. W.I.C.A.. Touche. Wealey Foundation. Swing ud Turn, Prer-PaJo Pinto Club WILSON. CLYDE LAFAYETTE. Jackson, Miss. Public Accotinc. BA+ WILSON, HOMER C, Baytown Geology. AKE. ZFE. Trianku WILSON. NELL, Tyler Elementary Education. Aill. A.C.E.. Bow and Arrow. Dtp ud Gown. Tyler Club WINDROW. ROBERT DAVID. Hondo Management. S+. ZIE. H1. Spar. Secretary; B. Hall. Reaident Muafer; Student AaaiMuI. Orientation Committee WINN. EDWARD BURTON, Dallas Law. +KI. Preaident: H1. SccrrUrr: Y.M.C.A.. Fmhmu Fello.hip Cob. D.lli CUk. iDirmmnuU. Uppnclu Club. Spoatoi; Cluacal Club. Procoul Luier. Prc-L w Society. WINTERS. LEON LORRAINE, Texas City L Combi Dillon. +BK. AAA. CM ud Com. Tee Clu. Sidney Inter-AaKricu A oriation. Fnrtbnua Fellonkip Clmb WISEMAN, VIRGINIA FAY, Flatonia Eafluh WOLFE, RENEE R Houston Enfliih. AE+. Oruge ImtkeU. Mocur Board. Sidney Lanier. Facnllr-Sludenl elation Coauuttec. Blurtt kinj.. Vice.Pre.iden! Sophomore ClaM. Junior CU Coucil. Senior Clu Council. French Club. Puhellenic. Clee Club. Co-Ed Trio. OrW-.t.tio. Comniillee. Wko ' . Wfco in American Collefel ud fnitenitio WOOD, BERTR.XM OLIVER. San Angelo Petroleum Enpneerinj. AKA. A.I.M.E.. Wert TeM. Club. Sin ud Turn. Pre byteriu Student Lemfne WOOD, DOROTHY MARIE, Dallas Sociology, IK, Cap aaJ Co.n WOOD, THOMAS BENNETT. Temple Buiine . AdminUtration. M.I.C.A.. V.M.C.A.. DeMolay. Tilliamwn-Bell County On WOODLEY, BETTY. Sabinal Elementary Education. A.C.E.. Cap and Con WOODYARD, JAMES SAMUEL, Heame Pharmacy WOOTEN. HELEN GORDON. Columbus Retailinc. XQ. Reaju. Clee Club. Cnp and Gown WORLEV NNI Kl .KM . Austin Botany. Bacteriolofy. A+. Oran ge JackeU. Toucbe. Leader; C.T.S.A.. Co-Ed AMembly. Cap Con Council. Pierian, ' eley Foundation Council. V.W.C.A. Cabinet WREN. JOE L, Weatherford WRIGHT. MARY JUNE. Fort Worth KA6. Pxalu, Cnp ud Gown, Fort Worth Club. Cactn. Stnf WRIGHT. RANDOLPH EARLE, Harlingen Petroleum Enfioeertnc. A.I.M.E.. Rio Crude Valley Club. Intramural Y RBER, ROBERT VARDELL, Corsicana Federal. State. Municipal Serrice, I+E. Nary V-T YELDERMAN. GEORGE R Fort Worth Mechanical Eafineerinf. IITI. A.S.M.E.. Chairman; Enlineerins Student Council. Demorrau. YORK. THOMAS ADAMS. Dallas Zoology. M.I.C.A.. N.T.A.C. Club. Radio Club. Pratner Hall Aociation YERGER, ROBERT Zoolocy Donna YOLTON. JESSE MARIE, Houston EiecntiTe Munc.mrnt. AXC. BBA. dp ud Cowu. HouMoai Club. BluebEUet Belle YORK. WILLIAM F., Austin U-. I+K. IN . R.I.C.. Pretident: Inler-City Council. Inter-Club Council. To Tyler Club. PrenideM ZIMMER, HARRY IRVING, JR.. El Paso Electrical Eu(iueeTinc. AX. Ne.uun Club. A.I.E.E.. Loncborn Band 7IN|i, . IK NDER, Laredo Pao 3 Democrat . IN MEMDHIAM r a cut hi a WILLIAM TILLDRY ANDREWS ERNEST MAURICE SIEGEL THOMAS ULVAN TAYLOR GUIDO ALRERT FEROCE CHARLES DEVLIN MOFFATT GIFFORD CLEVELAND PARKER PCE 94 Indiuu of lite L tut -A n s tell ihtif teaft-t in ktt placet ox th tot for J U I D R S LAWS Bourke, Geraldine H. Weatherford Hamlett, Samuel Barksdale Kingsville Ingram, Thomas Patrick Houston Nuessle, Joseph Maurice San Antonio Prothro, John Elwyn Big Sandy Baker, Joe H., Jr. Troup Bland, Roy Hoxie, Jr. Taylor Bourke, Gayle Weatherford Braxton, James Allen Williams Amarillo Byfield, George Daniel Corpus Christi Johnson, William E. Los Angeles, California Leonard, George Walton, Jr. Navasota Navar, Miguel Angel El Paso Sharp, Thomas Harris Austin JUNIORS Abat, Mary Lee Longview Adams, J. L. Amarillo Aiken, Bruce Tansill Brownsville Allen, Robert Porter Dallas Allison, James Eblen, Jr. Tulsa, Okla. Alton, Charles Freedaman Houston PACE 96 Anthony, Lonnie Leslie, Jr. Odessa Arant, James B. El Paso Armstrong, Loyd Franklin Mineral Wells Arneson, Anita San Antonio Atkins, Joyce Elaine Beeville Avirette, Elaine Meridian Bagley, Monreva Barbara Lometa Barnes, Jack Rich Rising Star Barnes, Jake Q. Santa Anna Beesley, Laura Jess Rockdale Berry, Joe H. Rogers Biggins, Dan Richard Fort Worth Birge, Eloise Austin Black, Kenneth Parker Houston Blankfield, Ethel San Antonio Boehme, Elsie Marie San Angelo Bosque, Virginia Bryan Bosworth, Lanis L. San Antonio Bowers, Robert Evans Breckenridge Bowles, Mary Margaret (Peggy) Big Wells J U I H S Bradfield, Tom Walling .-: Brewer, Mae Corine Temple BrininstooL, Ferinez Carlsbad, X. Mex. Brinkerfaoff, Mary Waco Briscoe, Dolph, Jr. tvalde Brooks, Jack Bascom Beaumont Browning, J uanita Sue Center Point Bulloch. Newman Fort Worth Bushy, Claude Robert Dilley Bush. Peggy Harlingen Buster, Jo Margaret Junction Buttery, Harold Llano Butts. Alice Carolyn Dallas Cain, Don Ezell Dallas C aid well. Jeanne Irving Calboun. Mrs. O. M. ( Elizabeth ) Austin Campbell, Helen Kennit Campbell, Janes Stanley. Jr. We Jim lord Campbell. Ruby .-: Cardenas, Cnadalupe Lared Carlson, Joan Barbara Palestine Cannichael, Mickie Tyler Cannignani, Amedeo Earnest Galveston Carreras, Juan L San Juan, Puerto Rico Carter, Leola Ruth Fort Worth Case, Velma Carrizo Springs Chappell. Mary Eleanor Mabank Chatham, Ernest Walter, Jr. Mineral Wells Chenault. Sadie Austin Click, Mary Anne Austin Cochran, Alice Charleene Dallas Cockrell, Frances Josephine Dallas Cohen, Irvin Myron Houston Collier, Henry W. Fort Worth Connally, Ernest Allen Croesbeck Cooley, Miriam La Verne Dallas Corbett. Margaret Ellen Raymondville Cornwell, Frances Jane Waxahachie Corrick, Ann Marjorie Detroit, Mich. Counnier, Betty Lou PortNeches J U N I D R S Cox, Alvis Ray Garden City Cox, Freddie Mae Junction Craven, Clyde Coates San Antonio Croom, Nancy Gene Lufkin Crosby, Vivian Collinsville Cudlipp, Mary Elizabeth Lufkin Cullers, Jerry Aqua Dulce Cuthbertson, Dorothy Austin Davidson, Grace Maurine Brownwood Davis, David D. Rocksprings Davis, Desmond K. Wichita Falls Davis, Eloise Marfa Davis, Mary Gail Dallas Davis, Mildred Louise Mansfield Dawley, Betsy Dallas Deal, Doris E. San Antonio Dellinger, Mary Edwina Dallas Dilley, Dorothy Ann Kansas City, Mo. Dirks, R. W. Tuleta Dixon, Gerald Judson Winters PACE 9fc Dixon, Harold Winston Winters Douglass, Helen Elizabeth Lexington Dowdy, Mary Louise San Antonio DuBose, Joyce Sinton Dwyer, William Francis Dallas Dyal, Johnie Donna Eagle, Dorothy Elizabeth Lufkin East, Virginia Houston Eberhardt, Ruth Cuero Eidson, Jack Leigh Houston Elliott, Benge Austin Elliott, Bobbie Eddy Evans, Waunita S. Hagerman, N. Mex. Farr, Virginia Lee Houston Fawcett, Leslie Clarence San Antonio Ferguson, Ray Vernon Files, Janice Itasca Files, Joyce Itasca Fly, Geraldine Victoria Flynn, Michael E. Burlington JUNIORS Foote, George Wilson, Jr. Port Arthur Fortson, James Edwin Corsicana Foulk. Mart Kllen Mission Francis, Patricia Elaine Fort Worth Franklin, Charlie Ann Christine Frede, Ralph Edward Austin Gaines, Jodelle Wichita Falls Gallaway. Jeanne San Antonio Gait. John Leland Santa Rosa Garcia, Martha Xochitl Austin Garrett, Evelyn Ruth Beaumont Garrett. Gavin Lampasas Ga-kill. Harriett Luella Dalla Catling, Lynn Somerville Goldbeck. Robert Eugene San Antonio Gott, Preston Frazier Athens Go win, Laura Fay Fort Worth Grant, Drane F LaPryor (.raves, Mary Anne Kilgore Green, Mary Brth OfeUb, Green, Mary Ruth Timpson Grell, Clinton Lewis Hondo Gresham, Dorothy E. Austin Gwaltoey, R. 1C Jacksboro Haga, Larry Masao Hilo, T. H. Hairrell, Beverly Ruth Hearne Hajek, Mildred Leona Hallettsville Hall, Margaret Jean Center Hall, Seidel Scale, Jr. Austin Hallmark, Billie Lou Wichita Falls Hanna. Lois Baytown Harmon, Dennis B. Tyler Harnest, Betty Perm San Antonio Han-ell. Hazel Bill Holland Hawkins, Alice Lucile Fort Worth Hawkins, Shelby Wendell Texarkana Heard, Ralph Uvalde Hedrick, Mary Abilene Heiser, Martha Alice Dallas Henke, Eleanor Keirville J U IV I R 5 Henry, Sara Virginia Mercedes Herblin, Josephine Waco Herndon, Charles Lee San Antonio Higgins, Virginia DuVal Victoria Hoffman, Milton Charles Detroit, Mich. Holcomb, Frank Edwin Jacksonville Hollan, Bob Sinton Holmes, Robert Leslie Dallas Hover, Frank William Sealy Hudeck, Raymond William Fort Worth Jackson, Frances Lou McKinney Jarvis, Dorothy Marie Pampa Jimenez, Prospero R., Jr. Brownsville Johnson, Betty Louise Great Neck, N. Y. Johnson, Helen Virginia Chicago, 111. Jones, Adelaide Fort Worth Jones, R. D. Clarksville Joyce, Marie Austin Kalina, Virginia Rock Island, 111. Kay, Clyde E. Fort Worth Keese, Nila G. Somerville Keith, Mary Jo Fort Worth PACE 100 Kelley, Cecil W., Jr. Amarillo Kennedy, Dorris Inez Kenney, Mary Ann San Angelo Kern, Jack Charles, Jr. Dallas Kirk, Stanley Cain Breckenridge Kleymeyer, Doris Elizabeth Evansville, Ind. Klinger, Paul E. J. San Antonio Knott, Bernard Earl Seguin Kocurek, Elenora Angeline Dime Box Koepcke, Marie Dallas Krausse, Henry G., Jr. Brownsville Krempin, Otis Rowena Kubecka, Leroy John Buckholts Kushner, Ted Harris Tulsa, Okla. Larsen, Victoria Frances Galveston Lee, Ruth Dolores Edna Lehker, Erwin F. San Antonio Lewis, Donald De Witt Houston Lewis, Robert Edward Houston Limmer, Andrew Madison, Jr. Austin Locke, Deoleice Gladewater Long, Fauna Ruth Mount Vernon JUNIORS Loos, Betty Jane Smithville Lopez-Lira, Taide Benavides Lopez-Lira, Virginia Benavides Luce, Joan Graford Lumpkin, Forrest Edward, Jr. lVrn-11 I. man, Ben, Jr. Littletield McCluer, Jeanne Forrest San Antonio McCormick, Hettie Elizabeth Austin McGurk, Mary Anne Fort Worth M Kinney, Robert T. Mount Calm tNirl, James Samuel Dallas Macorra, Joseph Charles Mexico, D. F. Magliolo, Albert Matthew Galveston Maier, Marjorie Hillsboro Main, Floyd Harold Rusk Makins, James Edward Port Arthur Malach, Abraham Hollywood, Calif. Maraman, William Joseph El Paso Marek, Venus Placedo Junction Maricle, Mary Jane Schulenburg Mason, Hodge Elijah Aii-tin Maurer, Carl Linnaeus San Antonio Meinrath, Dorothy Louise Beeville Menter, Sanford Middletown, N. Y. Merka, Therese Pauline Kerrville Merrem, La Delle Yoakum Merrick, Jack Richard Abilene Miller, Mary Beth Fabens Milliken, Edith Feme Fort Worth Monaghan, Johnnie Edgar, Jr. Fort Worth Monzingo, Arthur Jackson Henderson Moore, Cora Catherine San Antonio Moore, Robert Wayne Dallas Moran, Mary Sophia El Paso Moseley, Millicent Keeble Fort Worth Mote, Dorothy Sue McGregor Navar, Juan Manuel El Paso Neblett, Mary Frances Havana, Cuba Newcomer, Charlotte Higgins Newnam, Dorothy Beaumont Nicholson, John Hirston San Antonio Noble, Billy Graves Midland Nolla, Jose Miguel Arecibo, Puerto Rico Nugent, Mary Ann Seymour PACE 101 JUNIORS Obar, Gloria Austin Oest, William Charles Fort Worth Otto, Colberta Marjory Troup Palmer, Rose Alice Fort Worth Pappas, Tom Harris Dallas Parks, Mary Love Somerville Parrott, Venetia Dallas Pate, Pauline Hemphill Pearce, Frank Lewis Center Perdue, Dorothy Waxahachie Perez, R. Carlos C. Juarez, Mex. Petmecky, Ben Joe, Jr. Lytle Pharr, Harold Greenville Phillips, Kathryn Annette Paducah Pitts, Julian L. Conroe Portwood, Peggy Payne San Antonio Powell, Eugene Vernon, Jr. Fort Worth Price, Mrs. Hazel Whitmarsh Price Priour, Harlan Dale Kerrville Reid, Helen W. Junction Remsen, Sally Halter Comfort Remy, Amsie Jeanne San Antonio PACE 102 Rhome, Rom Austin Rich, Edwin Eugene Fort Worth Richards, Marjory Lee Three Rivers Richardson, Geraldine Terrell Rittiman, Melross Charles Galveston Robinson, Jane Alva Palestine Roos, Margaret Louise Fredericksburg Rowan, Alice Margarette San Antonio Rupert, Dorothy Beaumont Ryan, James M. San Antonio Rydell, Lucy Dallas Saladino, Mary Rosalyn Mercedes Sauer, Leola Josephine Eldorado Scott, Philip Douglas Fort Worth Sharp, Robert Glenmore Edinburg Sheid, James Wallace El Paso Shelton, Robert Lewis, Jr. Dallas Shepherd, John Wiley, Jr. San Antonio Shepherd, Marjorie Beaumont Shield, Donald Lee Coleman Shoss, Isadore Hyman Houston Singleton, Eugenia Jefferson J U IV I H S Sisk, Nell Elizabeth (Betty) Iowa Park Sitter, Dorothy Marion Mi Lean Si il. Mil.lred Bobby Galena Park Smith. Krnt- t Graiiy. Jr. Wills Point Smith, John Calvin Ham I in Smith, Marguerite Browning Brown wood Smith, Nova Mae IfcADen mith. Ruby Austin SoRelle, Laura Ella Houston Spies, Betty Ladonia Spiller, Hazel Junction Spradlin, Joe D. Phillips Squires, Anne Elizabeth Mercedes Stahlhut. Virginia Arlene U M hita. Kan-. Steele, Billy Jack M - ia Stevenson, Robert James Fort Worth Stewart, Jo Ann Aliilene Stilt, Larry Burgie Amarillo Stone, Charles Wallace San Marcos Slone, Mary Virginia Jasper Slorselh, Bob Amarillo Stover, W. L., Jr. Amarillo Stripling, Sarah Elizabeth San Augustine Si 1 1 mi I. Milton Lee Waco Sturdivant, Robie Nell Beeville Sula, Lillian Frances West Surles, Burnell Tyler Swain, Alvan Ben El Paso Talbert, William C., Jr. Waco Taranl, Victor Rockwall Tale, Ben, Jr. San Antonio Taylor, Herman, Jr. Fort Worth Thelford, Frances Adair Dallas Thomas, Gloria Jacquelyn Dallas Thompson, Grace Dallas Thompson, James D. Port Arthur Thompson, Joan Clarendon Thompson, Leonora Ann San Antonio Thurmond, James Carroll San Antonio Tibbs, Anselm M., Jr. Valley Mills Tilley, Bonnie Jean Dallas Trimble, Rulh Jeanne San Angelo Turner, Betty Jo San Saba Uhl, Arthur G. San Antonio Pci 103 J U IV I R S Vancura, Betty Mae Corpus Christi Vaughan, Sam G. San Antonio Veatch, Mary Virginia Ganvood Vickery, Edward D. Fort Worth von Blucher, Gloria Rose Corpus Christi Von Bose, Robert Joseph Poteet Walenta, Dorothy Jean Rosenberg . Walker, Robert J. Longview Wallace, E. Frank Arlington Walles, Homer LaVelle Port Neches Waters, Marienne Houston Watkins, Charles Arthur Borger Watkins, George Hall San Saba Watkins, Harold E. Amarillo Watkins, Lela Rae Austin Watson, Mauriete Naples Watson, Thomas Center West, Joseph Veth El Paso Whiteacre, Billie Sherman Whitesell, Ramona Elsie Newton, Kans. Whitfield, Victoria Marie Dallas Whitis, Wanda Jean San Antonio Wiesner, Jerome James Rowena ft. PACE 104 Wilkinson, Susybelle Shreveport, La. Williams, Alice Stewart Dallas Williams, Mable Virginia Springfield, Mo. Wilson, Eleanor Anne Fort Worth Wilson, Glen P., Jr. Houston Windecker, Leo James Karnes City Wise, Helen Virginia Greenville Wisenbaker, Ralph Mineola Womack, Bill Moody Brady Wood, Marjorie Collier Nixon Wood, Mary Dell Hearne Wood, Mary Louise Big Spring Woodard, Bonita June Austin Workman, Earl, Jr. Kilgore Wotipka, Barney Flatonia Wright, Charles Hansel Henderson Wyche, Virginia Temple Zamora, Myrtle Isabel Baytown Zang, Louis C. Dallas u, HiS. is of 0 mUra moil krmmtifml dutrckft im tkt .Vr. rrM. i , SOPHOMORES Abrego, Betty, Houston Adams, Edith Lorriane, Eastland Albert, Richard Orvil, Alice Allen, Dorothy Marie, Galveston Alsup, Iris Elizabeth, Houston Altgelt, Minetta, New Braunfels Alvarez, Luis Hector, Juarez, Chih., Mex. Appling, Adreain Nell, Luling Austin, Mary Elizabeth, Port Arthur Bailey, Sylvester Rush, San Antonio Baird, Josephine, Amarillo Baker, Beverly, Junction Baker, Billie Lorae, Dallas Barbour, Virginia Ruth, Austin Barker, Jimmie Lee, Crystal City Barrier, Catherine, Dallas Barrow, Edward Ewing, Houston Bass, Richard William, Denton Beachy, William N., San Antonio Begley, Mary Louise, Shamrock Beilin, Gertrude Gale, Mirando City Belt, Vera Katherine, Corsicana Bennett, Elinor, Dallas Bickford, Parri Sue, Corpus Christi Bingham, Katherine, Rio Hondo Blain, Eddie Zeph, Lawton, Okla. Elaine, Mose, Dallas Blankenship, Bayne, Gatesville Blessing, Marjorie, Dallas Boone, Marjorie Anne, Corpus Christi Boulet, Thomas E., Mexico City, D. F. Boyd, Betty Jean, Dallas Boyd, Mary Chessie, Sealy Braly, Jean, Waco Broaddus, Emogene, Houston Browder, Jack Forrester, Groesbeck Brunson, Emma Jean, Barnsdall Bullard, Helen Wall, San Antonio Bunch, June Marie, Houston Bunkley, Jack Newton, Stamford Burkhart, Elizabeth Anne, Archer City Burney, Natalie Wilma, Sherman Butler, Joyce M., Crockett Byrd, Kenneth Kee, Archer City Campbell, Alta Belle, La Grange Caraballo, Leopoldo, Mexico City, D. F. Cariker, Joe Bill, Childress Carruthers, Mary Jeannette, Odessa Carswell, Joan, Corsicana Casten, Emily Annette, Buffalo, N. Y. Caughran, D. C., Jr., Chisholm Celli, Dovie Maydell, Galveston Chambers, Mary Louise, Dallas Chandler, Carolyn, Austin Chappell, Geraldine, Palestine Charlton, Gordon T., Jr., San Antonio Chatmas, Dorothy, Hearne Clark, Byron, Dallas Clark, Gilbert Burleson, Corpus Christi Clouse, Sarah Elizabeth, Dallas Cohn, JoLeigh, Bishop Cole, Jack Lewis, Denton Colmey, James Weir, Webster Grove, Mo. Compton, Haynon, New London Cone, Frances, Dallas SOPHOMORES Conlisk, Carolyn Kate, Brownwood Connor, Cornelia, Wichita Falls Cook, Elwood Elias, Dallas Cortes, Alfonso I., Parral, Chih, Mex. Cottle, Nell Maurice, Moran Crockett, Eleanor Reeves, Austin Culp. William E Gainesville Cummings, Aaron. Alto Curfman, Hugh Wendell, Arkansas City, Kans. Dalious, Lucille, Dallas Davis, Cecile, Tuba, Okla. Davis. Howard Eugene, Austin Davis, Jack R-. Rocksprings Davis, Mary Ernestine, Brownwood Davis, Neil, Thomdale Dean, Anne, Longview DelgadoA ' ega, Enrique, Madero, Tamps, Mex. Dickson, Thomas I., Cladewater Dinwiddie, Ballard Alvin, Marshall Dixon, Grace Hanna, Weslaco Donzis, Jerome Milton. San Antonio Drake, Mary Ann. Houston Duffy, Patricia, Taylor Dunagan. Bea. Roswell, N. Mex. Dye, Conrad Charles, Council Bluffs, Iowa Dyer. Marian Elizabeth, Baird Eason, John Harold Gilmer, San Antonio Eaton. Blanche Lillian. San Antonio Ellis, George S., Marshall Engel, Genevieve Olga. Asherton Fenner, Edwin Henry, Edna Fenner, Marjorie Nell. Edna Ferguson, Harvey Norman, Newgulf Firmin. Mary Evelyn, Leander Fischer, Stanley Keith, Wheaton. IU. Fisher, Charlene Marcia. Liberty Foster. Gwendolyn, Houston Fox, Hewitt Bates, New Orleans, La. Freeman, R. Juanita. Fort Worth Furr, Juanita, Borger Fussell. Doris Dean, Angleton Gantt. Mary Lou. Everman Gantt, Melba Jo, Groveton Garcia, Alberto Enrique, Laredo Garcia. Alfredo T., Alice Garcia, Alicia, McAllen Garner, Clayton Stone. Cameron Garrett, De Vere Ann. Dallas Garrett, Rufus Sanders, Fort Worth Garrison, Herbert June, Texarkana Gentry, Jacqueline. Arkadelphia, Ark. Gibson, Lucy Ellen, Sherman Glasser, Syria Leah, Bristow, Okla. Glover, George Edward. Jr.. Austwell Goldberg. Shirley Frances, Mercedes Goldman, Charles Kay. Lampasas Goodner, Jim. MrKinney Gordon, Marvinette. Harlingen Graham. Luetta. Beaumont Gray, Peggy, Wichita Falls Green, Arthur Clair, Harlingen Greer. John Bachman. Waco Griffin, Charles Eldredge, Fort Worth Griffin, Dorothy, Houston Grothaus, Ann, Tyler SOPHOMORES Gunn, Thomas Herbert, Bowie Gurley, Ora Mary, Happy Haase, Elizabeth, Temple Hamann, Bernadine Viola, Taylor Hamilton, Arthur Girard, Jr., Memphis, Tenn. Hanson, Helen Josephine, Tyler Harrell, Dorothy Jane, Cameron Harvill, Katherine, El Paso Hatch, Lillian Marie, Corpus Christi Hays, Johnnie M., Cameron Hearne, John Hutchinson, Shreveport Heiman, John Lewis, Garwood Hendrix, William Clarence, Jr., Austin Herald, Elizabeth Anne, Austin Hicks, Helen Ruth, Waco Higginbotham, Warren Hamilton, Houston Hightower, Frances Ann, Austin Hilker, Dorothy, San Antonio Hill, Virginia, Port Neches Holland, Mildred, Mabank Hood, Doris Donelle, Sulphur Springs Ho rn, Wayne, Dallas Hornak, Anna Frances, College Station Howser, Dorothy, Alexandria, La. Hoyt, Odis Archer, Hearne Hyman, Shirley Rebecca, Lufkin Isenberg, Betty Sherlie, Corpus Christi Jacobi, Berniece, Dallas James, Dorothy, Groveton Jarma, Pauline Antonia, Temple Jeffrey, James C., Silsbee Joekel, Sam L., Austin Johnson, Andrew Percy, Carrizo Springs Johnson, Dorothy Louise, Dallas Karren, Josephine Evelyn, San Antonio Keeton, Kenneth Hugh, Stamford Keith, Irene Elizabeth, Houston Keith, Letitia, Wichita Falls Kennan, Irl Lee, Van Kennedy, Yvonne, Waco Kennon, I. G., Cleburne Kinsolving, Carey Leigh, Corsicana Knight, Bette Jane, Houston Knowlton, Frances Emelyn, San Antonio Koch, Betty Sue, Dallas Koelher, Maureen, Shiner Kolar, Mildred Elizabeth, Nixon Kotzebue, Augustine Frances, West Columbia Lacy, Judy Devereaux, Hondo Lake, Joe, Austin Lamb, Betty Jane, Huntington, W. Va. Lanier, Hudnall Sidney, Jasper Larson, Helen, Dallas Leary, Alice Gordon, Laredo Leff, Annette, Houston Lensky, Paul, Houston Leonard, Joseph Francis, Kerrville Lerner, Julian Arthur, Galveston Littlepage, Joyce Jones, San Benito Logan, Lucia Robson, La Grange Lott, Mary Harriet, Navasota PACE 108 SOPHOMORES Loyd, Eleanor Ann. Dallas Luedemann. Jewell, Schulenburg Mi Bride. William Edward. Boling MI onnt-II, John Edwin, Pampa McCullough, Kathleen, Fort Mills McDonald, Henry C_ Jr., Dallas McKay, William Harold, Fort W r orth Mack, Sam, Marshall Magliolo, Joe, Jr.. Galveston Marshall, Durward, Kerniit Mason, Elizabeth, Markham Mathias, Elizabeth Ruth, Dallas Medina, Enrique, Laredo Meek, Marian, Austin Miller, Louis C-, McKinney Milk L. Allene, Floresville Miner. Jacqueline Hazlett, River Forest, III. Minor, John Mai, Tahoka Mitchell, Fred Marlin, Lamesa Montgomery, Joyce, Houston Moore, Frances Louise, Dale Morris, John Franklin, Longview Moss, Catherine Louise, Waco Murphy, Patricia Mae, Austin Nash, Joe Ware, Jr., Kaufman Neuman, Rosie. Tuiedo Niion, Rowena. Pearsall Noack, Thelma Florence, Rockdale Noonan, Mary Ann, Hondo Norwood. Mildred, Wichita Fall? Nowlin. William Carl, Marshall O ' Leary, Bonnie Ana, Dallas Olson. Albert Eugene, Jr.. Houston Owen. Bobby. Houston Owsley, Bill, Austin Parish. James C_ Taft Parks, Etta Grace, Somerville Pauline, Norman George, San Antonio Payne, Robert D.. Carthage Pennington, Robert Earl. Woodville Perkins, Margaretta. El Paso Perry. Jack Pomp, San Antonio Persky, Esther Rose, Wichita Falls Phillips, Peggy Frances, Mexia Potts, Sara Jane, Fort Worth Powell, Howard Leslie, Dallas Pressly, Rachel. Cuernavaca. Mor., Mex. Price, Luna Fay, Price Priour. Patricia Jeanne. Corpus Christi Pyeatt, Nancy, Dallas Quinn, Martha. Navasota Rack, Lillian Elizabeth. Santa Rosa Raney. Ethel Claire. Amherst Rayzar. Emily Beth. San Antonio Real, Edna Ettie, Kerrville Reed, Harry Lowe. Houston Reid, Frances Marian, Pilger, Neb. Reid. Jerry. Gilmer Renz, " jack R Dallas Repper, Gail, Fort Worth Rhea, Dorothy Jane, Wood. Wis. 109 SOPHOMORES Rhea, Hal Haynes, Bristol, Tenn. Robertson, Ruth Carla, Kerrville Roden, Ann Whynama, Glen Rose Russell, Betty Alene, San Antonio Rylander, Henry Grady, Pearsall Sammons, Sally, Edcouch Sauber, Bettie, Brownsville Schiller, Hattie Beth, Elgin Schlather, Gertrude M., San Antonio Schletze, Ruth Esther, Encinal Semmes, Elizabeth Elaine, Dallas Senter, Louis Blakely, Little Rock, Ark. Seymour, Annie Lou, Dallas Shakeroff, Edith, Batesville, Miss. Shilling, Douglas, Burnet Sinclair, Louise Lambert, Galveston Slicker, Alice, Cisco Smith, Aubrey Harris, Goldthwaite Smith, Geraldine, Blooming Grove Smith, Ned M., Dallas Smith, Weaks Gardner, Paducah, Ky. Smith, William Newton, Tulsa, Okla. Sparks, Jim, Tom Bean Speary, William A., Runge Spofford, Elizabeth Ann, Orange Squire, Ruth, Oakland, Calif. Stolz, Leola Alma, La Grange Stroud, Joan, Oakwood Taber, Jean, Austin Tankersley, Frances, Austin Taylor, Doris Jean, Austin Taylor, Hubbard Eugene, Pittsburg Taylor, Juanita Elizabeth, Haynesville, La. Thompson, Charles Herbert, Bonham Thompson, Eleanor Rebecca, San Benito Thrasher, Catherine, Houston Thrasher, Marvine, Dallas Trotti, Billie Bert, Corpus Christi Varga, Yolanda Elizabeth, Franklin Park, N. J. Vaughan, Tommy D., Bertram Vischer, William, Park Ridge, 111. Walker, Mary Sue, Panhandle Walker, Virginia Bettye, Boling Walters, Anita Eileen, San Antonio Walton, Martha Ann, San Antonio Warner, Hiram Alford, Jr., Dallas Watson, Billy, Dallas Werner, Eugene, Galveston Wheeler, Mary Gay, Flatonia Whitaker, Nelson Bradley, Austin White, Arthur Christopher, McKinney White, Jim B., Jr., Shreveport, La. White, Jo A., Ennis Wicker, Mary Beth, Mineral Wells Wiener, Esther, Robstown Wilson, Betty Katherine, Houston Winters, Robert G., Hanover, Penn. Worley, Vela Thelma, Mercedes Wright, Emma Lou, Farmersville Wright, Myrlee Doris, Laredo Wright, Wesley F., Dallas Zuniga, Willie, Laredo PACE 110 f. ' t) 4, . ; ( ,f % s . r ' . Famed tiorro Cattle t o ct migkty fortrtu, ttill ot tr Hat ana Harbor. FRESHMEN Abbott, Dan Emanuel, Vernon Abeel, James Neilson, Waco Abraham, Frank Thomas, Tyler Achilles, Bess Emily, Austin Adams, Alice Alpha, Houston Adams, Charles DeWitt, Benavides Adams, John Gandy, Austin Ader, Joe, Port Arthur Alexander, Doris, Rosenberg Alger, Dorothy, Houston Allen, Ralph, Jr., DeBerry Allen, Stephen Gatchell, Jr., Galveston Almond, John Bartlett, Corsicana Andrews, Billy, Dallas Askew, Janice, Houston Austin, Mary Elizabeth, Dallas Autrey, Mary Jane, Houston Ayer, Bill Walker, Jr., Lake Charles, La. Backster, G. Cleve, Lafayette, N. J. Baggett, Robert S., Archer City Baker, James R., Port Arthur Baker, Marjorie Ann, Port Arthur Baldwin, L. E., Jr., Phillips Banister, Sybil Claire, Rock Springs Banning, Frank, Mt. Pleasant Barber, N. Lynn , Houston Barker, Malcolm Dale, Crysta] City Bartholomew, Ralph MacLeod, Ketchikan, Alaska Bartlett, Robert E., Wheaton, 111. Barton, Wilnora, Bertram Batchelor, James Browder, Piano Beacroft, Lila Mae, Freeport Beale, Tissie Agnes, Dallas Beckwith, Chester V., Fort Worth Belcia, Fleecie Ann, San Antonio Bell, Donna Lou, Hubbard Bennett, Rosemary, Cameron Bigbee, Helen, Fort Stockton Blanchette, Henrietta, Dallas Bloom, Margaret Ann, Ferris Bolin, Daniel Phillips, Wichita Falls Boston, Paul, Shamrock Boswell, Tol, Jr., San Benito Boyd, William H., Jr., Indianapolis, Ind. Boynton, Gaines Ross, Austin Brady, Byrd Harry, Jr., Bay City Bratton, Mark, Corpus Christi Brewster, Frances Edna, Aransas Pass Brill, Susan Jane, Houston Britton, Marian, Colorado City Brown, Philip D. S., Mountain Grove, Mo. Buce, Rodgers, Farmersville Buchanan, Anna Arnold, Dallas Burke, Charles Otis, Austin - Burke, Joyce Anne, Austin Cahill, Grace, McNeil Cain, Julius C., Quitman Cameron, Rondo, Linden Campbell, Jane E llen, Houston Carleton, Carolyn Jane, Houston Carmichael, Ruthe Elizabeth, Dallas Carpenter, Ben H., Dallas Carr, Sue Frances, Floresville Carrigan, Margaret Jane, Cleburne Carroll, Nora Ann, Beaumont PiCt 112 FHE5HMEIV Carter. Melva Juanila. Austin Cass, Audrey Joan, Austin Charpiot, Robert B.. Bellville ( ha taine. Ana, Pittsburgh, Penn. Childers, Dorothy Ray, Jasper Chiles, Margaret ( Peggy ) , Austin Clark. James Bennett. Shamrock Clark. Marshall Franklin, Dallas Clark. Melvyn Lynn, Corsicana Clayton, Luella, San Antonio Clendenin. Jack Beale, Sulphur Springs Cochran. Doris Marie, Sanderson Cody. Hughes. Houston Cohn. Adelaide, Dallas Colquitt, Billie Jo, Waskom Coltharp, Duane. Austin Cone, Lloyd William, Austin Connolly. Michael. Calveston Conway. Mary Alice. Mission Coreth, Franz Ernest. New Braunfels Corley, Jim. Terrell Coryell. Gloria. Wichita Falls Cox. V ' era Evelyn. Dallas Crockett. Moton Haywrood. Jr.. Austin Cruce, B. H., Granburv Culberson. Fisher W.. Gatesville Cummings, Arthur Barnett. Mont Belvieu Cushman. Joy Nell. Houston Daniel. Robert Elwyn, Jefferson Daniel . Mary Frances. Austin Davenport, Hallis Lorraine, Runge Davis. Billy Dean. Knox City Davis, Louis C-, Houston Davis, Tolene Evelyn, Pampa Deane, Juliet Gertrude, Dallas Deenng. Evelyn Leora, Houston Denman. Doris Ray, Gonzales Dentler. Warren I Meyersville Deshotels, Evelyn, Newgulf Dickerson, Mary Lee, Mattoon, 111. Dines. Robert Bruce. Kress Dion, Wallace Eugene, New York City. N. V. Dixon, Gene, Austin Docker . Peggy, Austin Drake, John Wilkes, Port Arthur Dryman. Barbara Daphne, Ingleside DuBose, Pearl Witter. Austin Dudley. Helen Marie. Pampa Dunaway, Gloria Jeanne. Austin Dunn, Jane Horton, Fort Stockton Dunton. Edgar Frank, Corsicana DuRoss. Kathryn, Houston IK.T. Ruth. Baird Dyess. Lola Lee. Austin Dyess, Neva Zoe, Austin Eagle. George Bolton. Jr.. Fort Worth Eastham. Mary Elizabeth, Dallas Ebert. William A., San Antonio Edelstein. Betty Jean. Mr Allen Edmondson, Betty Grace. Menard Emerson. Harriett Anne. Powell Estill. Mary Ellen, Schulenburg Ktit-r. Eugt-ne. Childress Evans. Patricia Mary, Dallas Evans. Phyllis Ann. Beverly Hills. Calif. Pcx 11) FRESHMEN Fagadau, Mona June, Wichita Falls Fain, Clem Frank, Livingston Farley, Barbara, Austin Feagan, Elmer Clyde, Jr., Hamlin Ferguson, George A., Port Arthur Ferrell, Ray, Longview Fields, Dorothy Louise, Beaumont Fish, James R., Matador Fisher, Nell Virjean, Dallas Fitzgerald, Helen Carolyn, Austin Floyd, Leslie Fay, El Dorado, Ark. Floyd, Mary Nell, Benavides Ford, Marilyn Jeanne, Smithville Forman, Jack Herbert, Galveston Foster, Werdna, Bartlesville, Okla. Francis, Patricia, Austin Frank, Stanley Colson, Ridgewood, N. J. Frazar, Virginia Fair, Eagle Lake Freeman, Lindsay, Austin Frier, Anne Adams, Mexico City, D. F. Fullerton, Paul Ray, Port Arthur Catling, Mary, Somerville Gauntt, Robert Lee, Athens Geller, Reba Ann, Houston George, Marcus B., New Braunfels Giese, Sybil Ruth, La Grange Glazer, Mildred E., Worcester, Mass. Gleason, Margaret Elizabeth, Luling Goble, Helen Ruth, Waco Goebel, Dixie, Houston Goforth, Doris Elaine, Austin Goldberg, Regina, Austin Golden, Bernice C., Houston Goldhirsh, Frances Zatta, Galveston Gondolf, Jack Francis, Austin Gonzalez, Fernando N., Torreon, Coah. Mex. Goodrich, Mayon, Shamrock Graham, Charles R., San Angelo Gray, David, Abilene Greathouse, Dorthadele, Fort Worth Greenwood, Babe, Bowie Greig, Ben Wayne, Jr., Austin Grice, William Kenneth, Dallas Groesbeck, Gloria, Laredo Grumke, Neysa Marceile, Wimberley Guenther, Margaret Elise, Sugar Land Guerrero, Celia, Rio Grande City Guthrie, Jimmy Edwin, Paris Hall. Carl E., Center Hall, Elizabeth Ann, Mexico City, D. F. Hall, E. Wayne, Austin Hall, Marian Bain, Buckholts Hallford, Ben Ray, Austin Hampton, Raymond, Vernon Harper, Betty Jane, Fort Worth Harper, Billye Esther, Austin Harper, Ischar Marion, Mason Harper, Nina Luise, Eagle Pass Harris, Bill, Albany Harris, Dolores Ray, Abilene Harris, Horace C., Jr., Crane Harrison, Nancy Ruth, Stamford Harveson, Lloyd Cullen, Houston Harwood, Roane, Harlingen Hastings, E. Stuart, Gulfport, Miss. PACE 114 FRESHMEN Haw n, John David, Corpus Christi Hayes, Patricia, Houston Hearn. Hazel, Bryan Hirronymus. Harriette Loraine, San Antonio Hill, Jane, Midland Hill. Sammie Lou. Brownwood Hodges. Mary Evelyn, Houston Hoffmann, Edward John. San Antonio Hogg. Helen Ruth. Austin Holchak. Edwin Dewey. Kenedf Holland. Bette Jane, Bremond Hollingsworth, John Franklin. Houston Holt. Jane, San Antonio Homeyer. Suzanne, Robstown Hoover, Peggy, Hamilton Hopkins, Edward R., Wausau, Wi-. Horton, Jack, Brownshoro, Howard, Alva R.. Jr.. San Antonio Howard, Woods A_ Devine Hubbard, Susanne Wallace, Corpus Christi Hudler, Edsel Gramel, Burnet Hudson, Kiltie Rae, Port Arthur Huffington. Joanne, Evansville. Lid. Hughes, Mary L_ Roaring Springs Hulter, Bob Walter, Peoria, 11L Jackson, Jack Arland, Richland Springs Janosky, Elaine Marceline, Bellville Jessup. Marcheta La Verne, Houston John, Sylvia Ann, Austin John, William James, Dallas Johnson, Charlye Beth, Austin Johnson, Jerry Jo, Waco Johnson, John Edward, Mineral Wells Johnson, Norms Jean, Houston Johnson, Shirley Ross, Duluth, Minn. Jones, Clara Jean, Houston Jones, Edna Lee, Austin Jones, James Garrison, Austin Jones, Raymond Edward, Austin Jones, Ruth Elizabeth, Lufkin Kauffmann. Nancy Etta, Kenedy Kelly, Helen Juanita, Alton Kemp, James William, Haskell Kidd. Thomas Wayland, Cameron Kilian, Helen Frances, Austin Klein, Teddy Alex, Tomball Kleymeyer, Ralph J., Jr., Evansville, Ind. Knight, Mary Elizabeth, Austin Kocurek, Jodie Frank, Dime Box Kocurek, Josephine M Dime Box Koemel, Delia Mae, West Kone, Justine McKay, San Antonio Kurio, Ben William, Walbnrg LaGrave, Paul A Fort Worth Langhammer, Betty Jo, San Antonio Lanham, Helen Ruth, San Saba Larkin, Lucille, San Antonio LaRue, Mary Jane, Houston Lasater. Jimmy, Ballinger Laskowski, Gilbert, Del Rio Legett, Martin Paulsen, Corpus Christi Legg. Reagan, Kaufman Lehman. Joe, Tahoka Leslie. Thomas Robert. Milford Leveronne, Norbert Drummond, Portsmouth, N. H. Vu Hi FRESHMEN Lewis, Jo Ellen, Beaumont Lipoff, Charlotte Faye, Port Arthur Little, Louise, Austin Lively, Mary Kathryn, Irving Lockett, Virginia Hayden, Fort Snelling, Minn. Logan, Marjorie Ann, La Grange Long, Ben, Vernon Long, Margaret Nelle, Athens Longnecker, Donald Russell, Ligonier, Ind. Longquist, Virginia, Cayuga Loveless, Jimmy Earle, Stamford Lovell, Katharine Pine, Pittsfield, 111. Lucchese, Samuel James, San Antonio McClendon, Mary Louise, Carrizo Springs McClung, Walter Brown, Cuero McClusky, Margaret, Dallas McCutcheon, Dessie Doreen, Balmorhea McGill, Mary Jane, Fort Custer, Mich. McPherson, Dorothy Jean, Waco McSweeney, Nora Belle, Galena Park Maddox, John Richard, Borger Magee, Margaret Ann, Waco Malone, James Michael, Dallas Maroney, Jack D., Dallas Marshall, Mary Jo, Alvin Mayer, Anna Elizabeth, Galveston Mayfield, Mary Allen, Hughes Springs Mehrten, Bill, Dallas Melton, Elmore Kenneth, Jr., San Antonio Meredith, Jack, Albany Miksovsky, Esther, Sealy Miller, Elizabeth Suzanne, Erie, Penn. Miner, Richard S., Rockford, 111. Mohle, Jesse Louis, Lockhart Monday, H. B., Jr., Lovelady Moore, Virginia Ree, Yoakum Moore, William Holt, Aransas Pass Morton, Robert Doyle, Kress Murray, James Edward, Rockford. 111. Nash, Henry H., Kaufman Neal, Clyde Wofford, Runge Neil, Bill, Fort Worth Nipper, Cleo Arthur, Lefors Norman, Betty, Fort Worth Olds, A. Y., Crowell Orinovsky, Ida, Gonzales Patterson, James E., Austin Pena, Joaquin A., Piedras Negras, Coah., Mc . Percy, John Owen, Longview Petsch, Peggy, Fredericksburg Phillips, Joe Clegg, San Augustine Pickens, Jeannette, Canadian Porter, Loraine, Houston Powell, Kathryn, Leander Pratt, John Franklin, Jr., Wills Point Pressly, Kathryn, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mex. Prestidge, Geneva, Mt. Calm Pugh, Robert Lynn, Corsicana Quade, Dyloris Anne Mae, Houston Randolph, Bobbie, Afton FRESHMEN Raymond, Eleanor Winifred. Raymondville Raymond, Jean Frances, Cristobal, C. Z. Read, Charles Vincent, League City Reeder, William Thomas, Fort Worth Reeves, John Dudley, Houston Reid, Helen, Orange Renfro, Ela Ray, Austin Ribe, Fred Linden, San Antonio Rice, loel Key, Aransas Pass Rice, William Elmore, Houston Richards, Margaret, Austin Riley, Frankie Azalee, Port Neches Ring, Rosalie Frances, Houston Ring. Ruth, Dallas Rogers, Joanna. Somerville Rosanky, Evohn Marie, Bastrop Rowe, Marilyn Gibson, San Antonio Rubinett, Norman Herbert, Dallas Ruble, James Kenneth, Bertram Rudman, Sonoma Kathryn, Breckenridge Sanchez, Josenna Hortencia, Del Rio Sanders, David Clarence, Weinert Scherotter, Norma Louise, El Paso Schwartz, Florence Ruth, Houston Scott, Betty, Evansville, Ind. Scott, E. Ray, Jr., Little Rock, Ark. Scott, Georgann, Clebume Scrivner.Marilyn, Paris Seaberry, Virgil Theodore, Jr., East la ml Scale, Hilbert Kyle, San Antonio Seigler, James Anson, Archer City Sellers, Henry Grady, Sulphur Springs Seymour. Peggy Jo, Eagle Pass Shadowens, Jack C., DeBerry Shannon, Ed F., George West Sharp. William W.. Sinton Sharpe, Mary Louise, La Porte Shaw, Bernice, Dallas Shearer, John Sidney, Mason Shelton, Jack Stanley, Dallas Shilling, Lola Gayle, Burnet Sikora, David, San Antonio Simmons, Carol Jean, Austin Simon, Ben M., Center Sisco, Marie, Houston Small, Betty Margaret, Austin Smith. David Kenneth, Marlin Smith, David W., Jr., Dallas Smith, Joe Hughston, Nevada Smith, Martha, Smiley Smyer, George Hardeman, Christine Solomon, Clara, San Antonio Soltes, Elton David, Dallas Sousa, Ismael Jose, Panama, R. P. Southern, Gary, Fort Worth Spain. James Anderson, Jr., Dallas Spencer, Mabecra, Austin Sponberg, Eddie, Au.-tin Stallones, Troy Malone, Tomball Standefer, Harriet Jane, Clifton PAU 117 FRESHMEN Stanford, John W., Dallas Stapleton, Virginia, Dallas Stewart, Lloyd May, Cleburne Stidham, Ila Jean, Cameron Stillman, Morris, San Antonio Stindt, La Verne, Brady Stinson, Bobby, Cedar Hill Stoller, Jack Carl, Dallas Strawbridge, Billie Lucile, Austin Stumpf, Noeline, Austin Sullivan, Reva Katherine, Richland Springs Sweeney, Margaret, Breckenridge Swett, Margaret, Glen Ellyn, 111. Tarver, Alice Louise, Shreveport, La. Tarver, Martha Ann, Austin Tate, Dorothy Cleo, Dallas Taylor, Ben Dulaney, Dallas Taylor, Doris Elizabeth, Austin Taylor, Emery Lee, Austin Tayman, Virginia Lee, Stamford Thiel, Claire, Casey, 111. Thomas, Billy Dean, Wichita Falls Tidmore, George Watson, Malakoff Timmons, David, Austin Toppins, John, San Antonio Trlica, Ray Harry, Granger Troxell, Helen Janice. Houston Trull, Gladys, Palacios Tullos, Lenita Fay, Livingston Turner, Wanda Lee, La Salle Tyrell, Tom, Waco Ulbricht, Herbert Henry, Jr., Lockhart Upchurch, Betty Jane, Italy Upchurch, Garland Rudolph, Abernathy Urice, Joe, Taft Van der Veer, William Russell, Austin Vejans, Robert, Jacksonville Verge, Angus Murray Houghton, St. Catherines, Ont., Canada Voigt, William Luther, Fort Worth Walberg, Marjorie Helen, Austin Walker, Mildred M., Jacksonville Walters, Annie Laurie, Jasper Warner, Frank, Dallas Watson, Irvining Monroe, Naples Wendenburg, Clarence Frederick, Texon Werner, Joe L., Houston West, Terry Clarke, Hartford, Conn. Westbrook, Patsy Ruth, Port Aransas Wier, John Rex, Jr., Karnes City Wilde, Byder Wellington, Dallas Willbern, Arthur Dennis, Jr., Runge Williams, Doris Tiffany, San Antonio Williams, Henry James, Dallas Williamson, Betty Nan, Rochelle Williamson, Bettye, San Antonio Wilson, Barbara, Tyler Wilson, Emmett Newton, Dallas Wilson, Marifrances, Brazoria Wolf, Marjorie Jo, Austin Wolfean, Annie Mae, Anahuac Wolfean, Freda Katherine, Anahuac Yeager, Helen Maxene, Brownwood Young, Charles R., Dallas Yust, Ann, Batson I : i H : - mrt oftta held e Fieil Dfyt im Ike Latin America conmlritt i Emrofe. STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION m Front row: PHELAN. HITCHCOCK. Second row: SPEARS, WHEAT. THOMAS, NIEMAN. HAISH. DOUGLAS, SNEED. Third row: WILD. ROBERTSON. STEWART. L ' MSTATTD. BLALOCK. FITTS, COLLET. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary FREDERICK A. NIEMAN MARY ELIZABETH SUTHERLAND MARTHA LOLISE HAISH STUDENTS ' ASSEMBLY Arts and Sciences Jeanne Margaret Douglas Helen Louise Shudde Robert Carter Sneed Marion Elizabeth Thomas James McNutt Umstattd Claude Charles Wild, Jr. Business Administration John Miller Spears Billy Tom Stewart Education Grady Cecille Wheat Engineering Hubbard Colley, Jr. Lake Robertson, Jr. John Edward Kunz Fine Arts Arthur Lee Kramer Graduate Joseph Candler Hitchcock Frank Phelan, Jr. Law Harold Carlisle Blalock Herman Andrew Fitts Pharmacy Billy Frank Johnson THE STUDENTS ' ASSEMBLY, which is the legislative body for the Students ' Association, is composed of representatives of the several schools in the University: it is presided over by a presi- dent, Frederick A. Nieman. Officers are elected in the spring; members are chosen in the fall. FREDERICK A. NIEMAN PACE 120 JUDICIARY COUNCIL Lttl lo rifhl: PLATTER. HfMLONC. KESSLER. RHOME. STVTSM V V. M ( H. T BER. Chairman ROM RHOME Secretary MARTHAXX KESSLER MEMBERS James Harvey Craig Margaret Humlong Jack V right McAninch Herbert Lingo Platter. Jr. Lorraine Alice Stutsrnan Emma Jean Taber Cases involving the mi-titution and by-laws of the Students ' Association are brought before the JUDIQAR Ol l II hi(h ha exclusive and final jurisdiction over su h matters. The memlx-rs thrre boys and three pir] are elected in the fall and serve with the Chairman, whose election takes plare in the spring. Rom Rhome is Chairman, succeeding Harris McClamrorh who withdrew from school. ROM RHOME Pcc 121 UNION BOARD Standing: MOORE, BARTON. Sealed: CEBAUER, HAISH. ADAMS, WIDEN. NIEMAN. HENDERSON. NIXON. McCURDY. COI.I.1ER. Chairman Vice-Chairman FREDERICK A. NIEMAN MARTHA LOUISE HAISH Faculty Members Victor I. Moore Dorothy Louise Gebauer Student Members Henry Ward Collier William Arthur Harton Walter E. Nixon Ex-Student Members John A. McCurdy Frederick W. Adams Union Director .... Assistant GLADYS WHITLEY HENDERSON ALMA GUSTAVA WIDEN Student Members of the UNION BOARD, which governs and directs the operations of the Texas Union, are named by the President of the Students ' Association who serves as its Chairman. In ad- dition, two faculty members and two members of the Ex-Students ' Association serve on the Board. This year the Longhorn Room, a new type of night club, was introduced to the campus by the Union. Other activities and services include ping-pong, magazines, club rooms, a travel bureau, and many All-University functions. GLADYS WHITLEY HENDERSON PACE 122 CULTURAL ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Lr t lo rift,!: II ANN V JONES. LAWRENCE, MXON. ST.ACY. KRAMER. WARREN. Chairman . HARDING LUTHER LAWRENCE FACULTY MEMBERS Aii visor Corresponding Secretary . ARCHIE N. JONES FAYE ELIZABETH WARREN STUDENT MEMBERS Cashier .... Publicity Directors . Assembly Appointee . JOE CURRIE HANNA j WALTER E. NIXON ' ANNE MORGAN STACY ARTHUR LEE KRAMER THK CII.T1 l; l. KYI KKT IN IKVr COMMITTEE consists of a chairman, appointed by the president of the Student- ' --uciatinn: a permanent farulty advisor, named by President Homer P. Rainey: and four student members, three of whom are named by the Chairman and one by the Student- ' -mbly. Each year an appropriation is made from the student blanket tax in order that the committee may bring to the campus entertainment groups producing plays, musicals, and dances. The Houston Symphony Orchestra, the St. Olaf Choir, and Agnes De Mille were presented during the past school HARDING l.fTIIEH LAURENCE PACE 123 flfjr m Hff folk tixri. CURTAIN CLUB OFFICERS President MELVIN EUGENE PAPE V ice-President ARTHUR LEE KRAMER Secretary I. E. CLARK Faculty Advisor JAMES H. PARKE MKI.VIN KI T (;I:NT. FAPK Melvin Eugene Pape Arthur Lee Kramer Edward Lee Durst Margaret Anna Adams Adreain Nell Appling Joe Martin Ball William Nicholas Beachy Jack Bostick Maude Elizabeth Bryan Cecile Mae Burg Lillian Wood Burnside Monroe Cauble Penelope Chatmas Jane Clagett Margie Colleen Clancy I. E. Clark Hattie A. Jack Davis Mary Kathleen Davis Will Beth Dodson Edward Lee Durst BOARD OF GOVERNORS Ruth Elizabeth Ruetz Joe Ann Whitmire MEMBERS June Whiting Farner Marge Elaine Fortner James Edgar Fox Ethel Golman Ella Bess Haygood JaNelle Marie Johnson Milton Mason Johnson Miriam Anne King Arthur Lee Kramer William Alfred Matthews Doris May William Fowler Middagh Maude Magdalen Millsaps Eugene Gordon Minter Martha Joanna Morgan William Rhea Morgan Louise Enderle Nixon Gloria Obar Harriet Ann Samon .lames H. Parke Eugene Gordon Minter Ada Margaret Palmer Melvin Eugene Pape Lyman Alonzo Ripperton Ruth Elizabeth Ruetz Gloria Anne Saflir Harriet Ann Samon Mabel Agnes Samon Charles Albert Schmidt Mary Frances Seago Sarah Lucile Shephard Alfred Edgar Shepperd Anne Elizabeth Squires Sue Allyn Stripling Lenora Ann Thompson Fredda Fae Turner Joe Ann Whitmire Frederick Selber Wuntch From its founding in 1909 until 1917, the CURTAIN CLUB was open only to men. In 1917 girls were admitted and first appeared in " Four Modern One-Act Plays. " THE CURTAIN CLUB has produced four plays this year: " Thunder Rock " by Robert Ardrey; " Ladies in Retirement " by Edward Percy and Reginald Denman: " Le Bourgeois Gentil- homme " by Moliere (translated by Katherine Wheatley, Associate Professor of Romance Lan- guages) ; and a new play by Dr. E. P. Conkle. Front row: RUETZ, CLARK. KRAMER, H. SAMON. Second row: PARKE, MINTER, PAPE. WHITMIRE, DURST. PACE 1!6 LIGHT OPERA COMPANY ! ro: LACY. MAYES. CLARK. .- MOORE. HANSEN. IXM -Hv KMGHT. OFFICERS President President Secretary Treasurer Ku " , -- V .-.: Alumni Adrisor r . . . v Dire Dramatic Director MARTIN HOOPER CLARK PHILLIP DorciAS SCOTT MARY JANE MARICLE THELMA BERMCE MAYES CHARLES WOOLSEY LACY MALCOLM GREGORY VICTOB I. MOORE PETER SIJER HANSEN JAMES MALL John Stoddard Ferguson Fred Akin linetta Ottilie Altgelt Syhil Claire Banister Marion Janet Bechtel Maurice White Bralley. Jr. Eleanor Robert wn Brown France-. Knoble Brown Dorothy Atwood Campbell Elizabeth Pelham Canales Irma Wilda Carpenter Pete Joaquin Castillo Patricia Reid Chamberlain Martin Hooper Clark Helen Hunt Crowell Robert Perry Dougta Rosemary Erter John Stoddard Ferguson Patricia Franci - Jacob Manuel Fuentes Frank Johnson Gardner Donald Erwin Gillespie Mary Wjrlcy Grisbun BOARD MEMBERS AT LARGE Robert Perry Douglas Bert Jarvas Knight, Jr. MEMBERS Margaret Guin Bettie Jo Hodge Ri-mary Hooper Helen Virginia Johnson Doris Ella K -- Bert Jarvas Knight, Jr. Charles Woolsey Lacy Betty Belle Launder Hervey Lewis Lazenby. Jr. Richard Earl Lewis Marjorie Ann Logan Dorothy Enid MacPherson Mary Jane Maricle Shirley Anne Mason Thelma Bemice Mayes Sanford Menter Betty Jean Merriman Alice Munguia Jan William Owen William Bartley Payne Robert Earl Pennington William Edward Perry, Jr. Leta Jo Perry Darlene Marie Railsback Lucille Gwendolyn Robert- Emma Lorraine Roberts Nancy Rogers Robert Farrington Sanderson Donald Dean Sawyer Philip Douglas Scott Eleanor Virginia Simpson Leah Slasser Dorothy Kate Smith Emma Elizabeth Sleeker Beatrice Noble Stenberg Robie Nell Sturdivant David Alexander Timmons Olivia Le Sueur Vaughn Martin Robert Walton Mildred Webb Mable Virginia Williams James Charles Wilson Reinhardl Zielke THE IMNKKHT) LIGHT OPERA COMPANY ' S musical activities this year have included " Chocolate Soldier " in December and " Night of Stars " in April. This organization was started in 1932. The director is Peter Sijer Hansen and the dramatic director is James Mall. MARTIN HOOPFR CLARK Picx 117 GIRLS ' GLEE ELUB President V ice-President . Business Manager . Historians . Secretary Director Sponsor Accompanist OFFICERS ROBERTA STRUSS TEXAS JOY CARTER LULA MARGARET JOHNSON GEORGETTE ELAINE AND JACQUELINE MARIE Covo MARY ELIZABETH McKEAN CHARLOTTE DUBOIS DOROTHY GEBAUER KATHERYN ANNETTE PHILLIPS ROBKKTA STRUSS TEXAS JOY CARTER THE GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB opened its fall season with " Music of America, " a concert given in connection with the Men ' s Glee Club, on November 24, and closed the work of the year with a spring concert. Under the direction of Charlotte DuBois the Club made much progress. Other activities during the year included the annual trips to Schreiner Institute and A. M. College. BARBARA CRKKNMAN JOYCE ELAINE ATKINS KI.I ADETII MATHER AUSTIN PACE 128 GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB MEMBERS Leta Jo Adams Emily Jane Arma " -t Joyce Elaine Atkins Elizabeth Mather Austin Helen Joyce Barnhart Juana Marie Broussard Mary Margaret Buchanon Tommye Dee Burdett Elizabeth Anne Burkhart Ruby May Carnrv Texas Joy Carter Georgette Elaine Covo Jacqueline Marie Covo Mary Margaret Champion Helen Hunt Crowell Elizal eth Jeannette Currie Elvera Louise Dallmeyer Dori- Xnne Dean Barbara Dew- Margaret Sue East Lynn Ferpuson Janice Files Joyce Files Dorothy Jeanne Gaines Jacqueline Gardner 1.) im Galling Barabara Greennian Mary Wyley Grisham Ruth Evelyn Grossman Mary Louise Harrison Mary Hedrick Frances Barnett Hibbitts Virginia Du Val Higgins Doris Jean Howard Mary Jean Hughes Mary Alice Hutler Barbara Ellen Isett I.ula Margaret Johnson Betty Jean Jones Nila Grace Keese Letitia Rosalyn Keith Eugenia Sheppard Lee Sarah Evelyn Lee Lucia Robson Logan Marjorie Ann Logan Joan Luce Dorothy Enid MacPherson Man. ' Jane Maricle Mary Elizabeth McKean Ester La Delle Merum Margaret Sue Miller Constance Mercedes Muehl ' oerger Helen Violet Officer Barbara Lee Parks Mary Love Parks Leta Jo Perry Mary Jane Porter Mildred Portia Powell Lillian Elizabeth Rack Suzanne Reiker Jane Alva Robinson Mary Rosalyn Saladino Emily Winifred Scott Barbara Scrimgeour Marcella Veronica Seith Mary Louise Sharpe Edith Elizabeth Smith Marianna Smith Martha Anne Stripling Sarah Elizabeth Stripling Roberta Struss Robie Nell Sturdivant Lorraine Alice Stutsman Helen Lucile Swanson Alice Louise Tarver Martha Ann Tarver Dorothy Vlahovic Jeanne Ness Vogtel Helen Gordon Woolen front rote: CARTER. POKTKK J(lNK . -TKI-V JOHN-oV M STIY TKI S. RIF.KER. CHAMPION. |. Kl XV Second ro : JOYCE FILES. DF.AS. KEITH. HITTER. SCRIM). Mil K. ISETT. 8. 1H. U Mv - VNMIN. DALLMEYER. MERUM. KEF.SE. Thud raw: JAMCE FILES. ,.. ( ,i (l. i. RDNER. mOOTEN. IHKK!s))N. L. IOHN. M. l.(; . I.I ) IE. MA.PHERSON. E. SMITH. BfRDETT. ROBINSON. RACK. Four, , ro: FERGUSON. C. RNEY. SEITH. BROL ' SSARD. PHILLIPS. M. P RKS. BL ' RKHART. B. PARKS. CURRIE. SHARPE. J. COVO. E. LEE. A. TARVER. 1 MEN ' S GLEE CLUB OFFICERS President . TRLETT WILSON HARRIS Business Manager GEORGE Ross ANDERSON Historian CRADY NIBLO Librarian JOHN EDWIN McCoNNELL Manager of Suing Chorus RALPH LEE STIRMAN Director BERNARD FITZGERALD Accompanist EDWIN DEWEY HOLCHAK Faculty Sponsor ARCHIE N. JONES TRL ' ETT WILSON HARRIS GEORGE ROSS ANDERSON THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS MEN ' S GLEE CLUB was organized in 1802 by the late Senator Morris Shepherd and Dr. E. P. Schoch, with Dr. Schoch as director. Dr. D. A. Penick, in 1900, reorganized the club and directed it until 1907. Every year the club presents campus concert.- and takes trips, performing in other cities. Various groups from the club take part in campus shows, radio programs, and Austin performances. Each year closes with the annual banquet at which awards are given for outstanding service. Front row. C. EVANS, STIRMAN, WIER. NIBI.O. BOCARI). Back row: MARTIN. WHEELUS, J. EVANS. BERNARD FITZGERALD PACE 130 MEN ' S GLEE ELUB MEMBERS William A. Allen Frank Wade Arlington George Ross Anderson Malcolm Dale Barker William Jefferson Barton Robert Everett Bartlett 1 Eldon Bissett TolBoswell.Jr. Rirhard Elvin Bogard Robert Solon Briskin George Rosewell Burke Emil Ira Carroll Pete Joaquin Castillo Jake Barnes Clegg Leroy Curtis Davis Joseph Burton Dibrell George Keiser Evans James Oscar Evans Homer Thomas Fort Jack Garrett Raymond Briseno Garza John Lemuel Guest Truett Wilson Harris William Blanks Hilgers Edwin Dewey Holchak Alfred Kahn VI illiam Faulkner Keefer Richard Arch Kennedy Teddy Alex Klein Lewis Woods Kone Fred Joe Laurentz George Washington Irwin Edwin Maurice Libbin Henry Carl Lohmann Robert Lumpkin John Edwin McConnell James Watson Martin Sanford Mentor Rodney William Meyer Fred Nalle Grady Niblo Edmund Lee Nunnally Campbell White Pennington Stanley Peterson William Thomas Reeder Robert Elliot Rollin Joe Jeff Sandel Thomas Theodore Sandel Cleophas Joseph Scheffler Richard Dean Smith William Newton Smith Troy Malone Stallones Jack Ray Stiff James Harrison Stiff Ralph Lee Stirman Joe Klee Tauerman John Ignatius elsh Cleveland C. Wheelus. Jr. John Rex Wier.Jr. MM : LArRENTZ. IRIN. STIRMAN. U.KCT.. R. SMITH. HARRIS. MAN ALLY. MKVTOR. BARKER. CARBOLL. HILCEBS. S TU rv: ARRINl.TllY UBBIN. HllU.HAK. BRIsKIV MARTIN. HEELIS. BOCAKI . KENNEDY. IER. Hu-ll I . TUrJ fr: J. EVANS. C. EVAN . BARTLETT. I SANHEI-. . SMITH. J. R. STIFF. T. SANDEL. C.ARRETT. 1.11)111 Fo rit , : REEDER. FORT. ALI.f V. M. ciiNNELL. NAI.I.E. NIBLO. BIRKE. SCHEFFLER. ROLLIN. PACI 131 i.n Mill mix ii OFFICERS President Councillor Councillor JAMES BLACKSTONE NEWMAN LYNN FOSTER ANDERSON RICHARD STANLEY JUNG JAMKS BLACKSTONE NEWMAN Councillor WALLACE SJOBERG JOHNSON Councillor KENNETH MARTIN NUHN Freshman Advisor FLORIAN AUGUSTIAN KOLODIZIE Drum Major IRWIN CURTIS POPHAM Manager GRAHAM HOLMES ROBERTSON MEMBERS Gilbert Ernest Adami Clarence Cecil Adamietz Charles DeWitt Adams Fred Altman Walter Scott Amsler Lynn Foster Anderson Carrol Rudolph Anthony Lonnie Leslie Anthony, Jr. Dick Heard Appling Joe Henry Baker, Jr. H. L. Baskin, Jr. M. L. Baskin Ardis Dean Beard Basil Bernard Bell Herbert Kay Bennett Doyle Belts William Hobart Boyd, Jr. John C. Brooks Jack Pearson Brown Joe Murchison Brown Herman Lawrence Bryan Raymond Kasper Bucher Robert Perrin Butler Julius Clifford Cain William Connell Cawthon Van Bain Chapman Bruce Ned Cheatham Robert Leon Chuoke Melvyn Lynn Clark Fred Webster Clarke Jake Barnes Clegg Bernard John Cocek Harry Edward Cohen James Madison Gotten Moton Haywood Crockett, Jr. Dewey Clemmie Crowder, Jr. Lewis Scott Curtis Billy Dean Davis Neill Davis Edgar Frank Dunton Clem Frank Fain George Oliver Ferguson Donald Charles Fleming Curt Emil Forkel Randolph Nelson Foster, Jr. Cecil Charles Frederick William Robert Fuge, Jr. John Leland Gait Paul Giraudin, Jr. Stanley Robert Grupp Joseph Cloyd Hammitt William Thomas Harrison Tilden Tee Head, Jr. Leland Kenneth Henslee William Blanks Hilgers Barton Thomas Hogarth Carter Hale Horton Odis Archer Hoyt William Wayne Huff, Jr. Jack Hendricks Hunter Front row: W. JOHNSON, NUHN. NEWMAN. Second row: HURT, POPHAM. ANDERSON, JUNG. I.IIMiHOHN BA D Robert Franklin Hunter Charles Davis Johnson Marvin Eugene Johnson Wallace Sjoberg Johnson Richard Stanley Jung Edward R. Kennedy Van Ever Kirkpatrick Teddy Alex Klein Ralph Theodore KJeymeyer. Jr. Louis Julius Koe ter. Jr. Florian Augu tin Kolodzie VI illiam James Krayer Terry Fort Krey Julius Richard Knr- het-k James Arthur Lasater Edwin Pierre Lea William Edwin Lee Charles Kendal Leeper -George William Lei-erinp Charges Edwin Lewis Edwin Maurice Libbin Howard L. Lombard Jerry Travis Long Auley Bartow Luke Walter Brown MrClunp James Gerald McCollom Murff McCullen Russell Crawford McKinley Floyd Harold Main Marshall Robert Miller. Jr. Jesse Louis Mohle H.B. Monday. Jr. Frank William Murray Joe Henry Music. Jr. James Edgar Musick Richard Freeman Neal Marshall Edwin Neill James Blackstone Newman Kenneth Martin Nuhn Peyton Edwards Park Thomas Jackson Parker Fred Miller Penick. Jr. William Edward Perkins Jack Pomp Perry Robert James Phillips William Homer Pickens Irwin Curtis Popham Clay Louis Price. Jr. Robert Lynn Pugh John Lewis Purdum RoyEarlReddelUr. Bruce Spurgeon Reed Hal Haynes Rhea Graham Holmes Robertson Frank Louis Robinson Phil H. Rogers William Shirley Sanders James Newton Sansom Joseph Schoen Carl Ahrendt Schutze. Jr. Leonard Howard Seaholm Donald Judson Shrecengost Joe Simmons Ray Grogan Sivley Walter Eugene Sjoberg Aubrey Harris Smith Troy Malone Stallones Tom Steagal). Jr. Dan Douglas Strawn Marion Jack Suggs William Cicero Talbert, Jr. Charles William Tankersley Donald Rhone Taylor Arthur Robert Teasdale, Jr. George Edwin Tharp Joe Roy I rice Douglas Robert Vair Billy Harold Walker Charles Edward Walker Howell Lee Walker Daniel Lee Ward James Thomas Weldon Felix Eustace Welmaker James Arthur West James Quentin White John Marshall Wilkinson Arthur Dennis w. ilbern. Jr. August Ferdinand Wittenborn James Edward Woolbright Barrett Houston Wyont. Jr. Charles Weldon York Tax 13J CLINTON Altl.O MVrllKWS UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA OFFICERS President CLINTON ARLO MATHEWS Secretary MARJORIE RLTH LOVE Conductor HOMER ULRICH Assistant Conductor ALBERT T. LUPF.R First Violin Doris Jean Taylor Nancy Patricia Seaberry Natalie Wilma Burney Mary Isabel Winton Herbert J. Beadle, Sr. Margaret Eugenia Mathews Thomas Stenis Wanda Jo Thompson William Edward Borowiak Julia Adella Dunlap Dennis Buford Harmon Nancy Emerson Second Violin Laura Catherine Creps Kathryn Lucille Bieter Katherine Anderson Betty Louise Kallgren Isabel Miriam Leon Mary Benjamin Smith Johnnie William Sanders, Jr. Frances Lilliam Arlitt Edith Elizabeth Smith Nancy Carter Iris Lanore Turner Bill Gilfillan Merritt Jean Dem is Davis Fred Maddox MEMBERS Viola Louis Frank Monts David Charles Spicer Cello Marjorie Ruth Love Louis Gardner Lane Wanda Rowena Smith Nelson Bradley Whitaker Bass Merton Ona Grimes James Russell Love Nancy Lou Webb Flute Charlotte June Stevenson Meredith Lovell Oboe Oscar Lee Rigsby Edwin Maurice Libben Kenneth Baxter Ragsdale Howard Clay Dillon Clarinet Verna Young Covington Mary Emilie Heinatz Ernest Lester Morrison Russoon Randolph Nelson Foster. Jr. Margaret Jean Shipp Horn Clinton Arlo Mathews Richard Myron Beard Lewis Woods Kone John ( ' .. Sandidge Trumpet Van Evers Kirkpatrick Robert Theodore Stenlierg Raymond Leonard Johnson Trombone Wesley Hope Til ley Bruce Spurgeon Reed Durward Bellmont Howard Charles Monroe Hetiblc Tuha George Carson Rike Tympani Mary Louise Begley Under the direction of Homer Ulrich the UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA made its debut in the fall with a concert on November 20 in Hogg Auditorium. The organization was founded four years ago in connection with the College of Fine Arts to give orchestral experience to music students and to give them an opportunity to learn symphonic literature. TACI 134 VARSITY DEBATE SOUAD fma r wr: RACSDALE. ALBERTS. FULMORE. WITZ. SHEI.TON, BOONE. BROWN. DENTLER. ROl ' SSE. SrrouJ r nc. KD MS. IMVIS. C4KRETT. BEAIRD. RHOME. EST. IEK. ttKICHT. TkirJ ro : ILD. McLAl ' RIN. SCCRLOCK. HARDY. MrKEI.LAR. HODGE. SUCCS. HILL. HEBDON. MEMBERS James Nick Adams Harold Alberts Charles Thomas Braird Oli er Kiel Boone David Hunter Brown Richard Caleb Davis Warren Leon Dentler Sterling Robertson Fulmore Rufus Sanders Garrett John Allen Grambling Bill Benson Hardy Jack Caldwell Hebdon John Luke Hill, Jr. Henry Pope Hodge. Jr. Charles Thomas Hvass Thomas Hart Law Edwin Irwin McKellar Banks McLaurin, Jr. Leslie Clay Proctor Paul Calhoun Ragsdale Rom Rhome Robert Leroy Lorance Scurlock Edgar Greer Shelton. Jr. Kenneth Dale Seibert Robert Carter Sneed Marion Jack Suggs William Beverly West, III John Re Wier, Jr. Claude Charles Wild. Jr. David Aaron Witz Jim Claude Wright THE MEV 1; 1TY DEBATE .SQL " AD, coached by Thomas A. Rour-se. started the year with an international debate, the first of a ..f -r-xt-n inter-collegiate affairs |n nx red by the University Oratorical Association. Representatives of the University of Kansas and Wichita University were met by teams of the Varsity Debate Squad in Deni- son. Temple and Dallas. The subject for debate was the Texas Interscholastic League debate question for this year: Resolred : That the Federal Government should adopt the policy of equalizing educational opportunities throughout the nation by means of equal grants to the several states for public elementary and secondary education. Eight hundred high school and college debaters took sides on the question at the fifth annual University Debate Institute at which Thomas A. Rousse presided. Debates were held between teams from The University of Texas, University of Kansas. University of Wichita. Southern lethoiji-t L nivrr-ity. Baylor t nivei ity and Texas Technological College. iirl ' Varsity Debate Squad was organized this year. Thomas V Rnu " - U the director. Ptcx 135 Tkt be mt ml o of Ckiir. mt of otkfr L tiM-.4mfrica CMM- trit-t. rt frmmfj by PAUL J. THOMPSON WATROUS H. IRONS W. PACE KEETON JEANNE DOUGLAS JOHN MILLER SPEARS JACK BRUCE HOWARD GEORGE LEONARD JACKBROOKSH1RE PAGE 138 W. L. HARPER TEXAS STUDENT PUBLIEATIDNS Texas Student Publications, Inc., supervises, acts upon matters of policy, and approves the budgets of The Daily Texan, campus newspaper; The Cactus, student yearbook; and The Texas Ranger, humor magazine of collegiate life. The ten members of the Board this year were Paul J. Thompson, chairman of the Department of Journalism; W. Page Keeton, professor of law; Watrous H. Irons, associ- ate professor of business administration; Jack Bruce How- ard, editor of The Daily Texan; Jack Brookshire and George Leonard, co-editors of The Cactus; W. L. Harper, editor of The Texas Ranger; Jeanne Margaret Douglas and John Miller Spears, Students ' Assembly representatives; and Frederick A. Nieman, student president. FREDERICK A. NIEMAN Serving under the director of Texas Student Publications, Richard Burl Dyke, is a staff which carries on the duties incident to the business of is- suing the publications. Louis Baethe is acting business manager; Elyse Ste- phens, secretary. Gloria Obar. assist- ant secretary : Virginia Garrison. cashier. -i-tants in accounting are Harry iehols and Benny McGlothlin. who also serves as staff photographer for the three publications. Frankie Mae elliorn is Cactus production mana- ger and Ruby Smith, who became switchboard operator in February. -ci es as receptionist for the Cactus studio. Advertising staff for the Texan is headed by Francis Hurt, manager; as- sUted by illiam T. Dodgen. classified ad manager; Raymon Fullerton, ad- vertising salesman : Jack Brooks, ad copy writer. Joseph Belden is night supervisor of the Texan and Tom Da- i-on and Robert S. Martin proof- readers. E. 0. Bethke became circu- lation manager upon the resignation of Robert Walter in January. Advertising salesmen for the year- book were F.ugene Rich and Laura Fay Go in: for the Ranger. Clifton Lackey. Charles Butts, and John Bry- -DII. A -istant switchboard operators are Bettie Lee Lester. Dessie Zoch. Les- lie Carpenter. LaVerne Hale. Jose- phine Hoover resigned as switchboard operator in December. Nell Andrews i manager of the reference depart- ment. Bowman T. Littleton served as Cartiis studio photographer. L " Firit tote: STEVENS. BAETHE. OBAR. BURT. Second rote: DODGEN, SMITH, BETHKE, WELBORN. Third row: DAVISON. McCLOTHLIN. GARRISON. FULLERTON. fourth rote: WALTER. HOOVER. BELDEN, CARPENTER. Filth rox: ZOCH. LESTER, BROOKS. LITTLETON. BURT DYKE 1 ' u.i 139 JACK BROOKSHIRE THE CACTUS Working with the largest staff in the history of the book, the 1942 Cactus has attempted to follow the highest standards throughout its five hundred and sixty-one pages. Progressing chronologically through the seasons, the 1942 edition represents our best efforts to compile the events of an out- standing scholastic year. We have spent many happy hours in working toward our goal a book that will brighten your hours now and shake the dull robe of time from your brain in the future. It goes without saying that we are deep- ly and wholeheartedly indebted to our staff: always industrious, alert, and de- pendable. Special thanks go to those who carried the responsibilities, the section ed- itors. They are Mary Jeanne McCrummen. William A. MacNaughton. Marjorie Shep- herd, Charles Hackett, Dolph Briscoe, Helen Claire Simmons. Richard Stanley Jung, Peggy Stover, Lily Anita Arneson, Fairy Netholyn Bow-den, and Leslie Car- penter. PACE 140 STAFF ASSISTANTS THK Co-Editors . Administratiun Editor . C.lult Editor .... Honorary Editor Sororit Editor . r ' ratfrniD Editor Athlfticf Editor . Fine Arts Editor Publications Editor . Dormitory Editor Student Government Editor Index Editor STAFF J CK BROOKSHIRE I GEORGE LEONARD M KV JEVNNK M.CRUMMEX . HELEN CLAIRE SIMMONS . MARJORIE SHEPHERD . PEGGY STOVER . RICHARD STANLEY Jt t. . Wl I. I.I lA.MACNAlGHTON . FAIRY NETHOLYN BOWDEX . LESLIE CARPENTER . LILY ANITA ARXESOX CHARLES HACKETT . DOLPH BRISCOE, JR. Prescott Allen Pearle Connor Baldwin A. C Becker la ry Hardin Bowers Robert Bowers Jean Braly Gloria Bramlette Jack Brooks Margaret Brownrigg Billie Jane Chandler Penelope ChaUnas Jack Chewning Eleanor Conly Muriel Cole Catherine (Nottingham Georgette Covo Jacqueline Covo Gladys Downey H. Jay DuBose Mildred Eekert William Ellison Anne Marie Engel Jerry Frey Bobby Krilt- Mary belle Grace Harriett Harrison Patricia Hayes Helen Ruth Hi. k- Marilyn Holle Billy Briny Margaret Hunt Marjorie Hunter Martha Lx ui- Kerr Carey Kinsolving Eva Rinzbach Hal Lattimore Edwin Libbin Jewell Luedemann Mary Jane McGill Lady Perry McGinnis Mary Louise Mahler Jane Manuel John E. Martin Marilyn Meador Mary Lou Mills Ellen Moffatt Florence Neely Norma Niemeyer Robert Pate John Jackson Perry Polly Porter Mary Jane Price Ruth Robertson Eloise Sanderford Rosemary Scott Barbara Scrimgeour Mary Sherman Helen Shudde James Sparks Zuleika Stanger Virginia Stapleton Nancy Stewart Marilyn Stumberg Jean Sullivan Betty Taylor Frances White David Williams Sarah Jo Williams Earl Workman Emma Lou W right firti ro: BO DEN. SHEPHERD. M.cNAL ' CHTON. STOVER. JUNC. SIMMONS. CARPENTER. BRISCOE. Srr W ro; ARNESON, HACKETT. McCRUMMEN. D. ILLUMS. CHEWNINC. S. WILLIAMS. FREY. DO NEY. Tlurd ro: COTTINCHAM. McCILLIS. M. BOWERS. HARRISON. MOFFATT. BECKER. BRALY. SPAKKS. fovllL ram: MEADOR. PRICE. R. BOWERS. BRAMLETTE. BROOKS. C. COVO. SHERMAN. ELLISON. Fiftk me: MAHLER. LATTIMORE. SHUDDE. STEWART. BROWNRIGC. PATE. BALDWIN. STL ' MBERC. Siak tax: MARTIN. MANTEL. HOLLE. ALLEN. McClNNIS. HUNTER. GRACE. NEELY. KINZBACH. JACK BRUCE HOWARD I BEN Z. KAPLAN THE DAILY TEXAN The Daily Texan this year was handed one of its biggest story assignments in history: to cover fully and accurately the war and its effects on the University. From that first headline, " Peaceful Campus Awakens Slowly to Reali zation of War, " through stories that related each step of a great university ' s conversion into a training camp for turning out educated men to serve Uncle Sam in field and fac- tory and office, the Texan tried to meet its obligations. Military and industrial op- portunities were watched closely; perti- nent courses were played up; war forums were encouraged ; a late night wire was added to step up foreign coverage. The paper was also more directly af- fected as large numbers of the staff went into the services. Associate Editor Ben Kap- lan left to do air corps public relations work two weeks after Pearl Harbor, and at least twenty-five others departed before the end of the year. The Texan continued its routine cover- age, too, of " peaceful " campus activities and published its usual Freshman Edition for newcomers to the campus and a 40- page edition at Hound-Up. PACE 142 NIGHT EDITORS THE STAFF Editor-in-Chief Jack Bruce Howard Associate Editors Ben Z. Kaplan James Eldon Pitt Editorial Assistants Ben Z. Kaplan Robert A. Owens James Eldon Pitt Elizabeth Austin Wharton Sports Editors L. W. Brooks William Rogers Whitmore A. C. Becker Associate Sports Editor Texas E. Schramm Society Editor Marianna Sluder Associate Society Editor Cora Thea Biesele Amusements Editor Jeanne Margaret Douglas Associate Amusements Editors. Jack Scott Adkins Edward B. Griffin Telegraph Editors Richard Lusk Burcham Benjamin Roger Nuhn Radio Editors Jean Katherine Beshell William Rogers Whitmore Associate Radio Editor Hugh Duncan Shaw Picture Editor Elgin Williams Student Opinion Editor Sam Ferris Holmes E. chunge Editor Dorothy Elaine Martin feature Editor Forrest Allison Sailer Associate feature Editor. Stanton William Fitzner Leslie E. Carpenter Ralph Edward Frede Edward B. Griffin Sam Ferris Holmes Walter E. Nixon Robert A. Owens James Eldon Pitt Elizabeth Austin Wharton Elgin Williams VOLUNTEER STAFF Editing Lois Felder Brister Billy Graves Noble Arden Kennard Havis Elizabeth Jeanne Staley Thelma Frieden Mary M. Sherman Sport Clint Pace Paul Davis Marable, Jr. Gavin Watson, Jr. Billy Graves Noble Robert Alexander Long, Jr. Society Ann M. Corrick Virginia Womack Norma Gene Barnwell Lila Dean Finley Amusements Mary Elizabeth Sutherland Jo Leigh Cohn Laura Fay Gowin Jon Ford Robert Maurice Alterman Eleanor Anne Wilson Irma C. Hansen Telegraph Robert Alexander Long, Jr. Lois Felder Brister Mary Harrington Brinkerhoff Ann M. Corrick James Greer Firit ran,.- PITT. OWENS. WHAKTON, WILLIAMS. NIXON. SLUDER. HOLMES. CARPENTER. Second com: FREDE. DOUGLAS. BROOKS, WHITMORE. BECKER. BURCHAM. CORRICK. PACE. Third row: BRINKERHOFF. SALTER, NUHN. SCHRAMM. ADKI.NS. GRIFFIN. NOBLE, BIESELE. Fuurih rou: SUTHERLAND. MARABLE. HAVIS. LONG, BESHELL, WATSON, BARNWELL, WOMACK. fine row.- CARPENTER, ANDERSON, BRYSON, HICHTOWER, PACE, WIN.N, BOOKOUT. Second row: STALEY, HOLMES, ADKINS. PITT, WILLIAMS, OWENS, DOUGLAS. Third row: ALTERMAN, WHARTON, GRIFFIN, ZINN, NIXON, SMITH, NOBLE. Fourth row: STACY, ALLEN, SIMMS, CARROLL, LONG, KERR, MARCUS, McCARTER. TEXAS HANGERS Rather hidden in a small room in the basement of the Journal- ism Building, The Texas Ranger, the University ' s humor magazine of collegiate life, has spent another year climbing from the depths into national superiority. Guided by Editor W. L. (Whiskey) Harper and Associate Editor Leslie E. Carpenter, the publication every month contained an ever- improving store of cartoons, stories, poetry, jokes, and pictures. ' " Flybait, " Harper ' s grotesque Phi Beta Kappa cartoon character, spent another year in the Ranger and has become probably the best known pen-and-ink character that the campus has ever had. Stories this year were written by Carpenter, Jeanne Douglas. Jack Adkins, Robert M. Alterman, Paul M. Marcus, Edward B. Griffin, Elgin Williams, Robert A. Owens, Jeanne Staley, Marjorie McCarter, Elizabeth Wharton, Walter Nixon, Billy G. Noble, Sam Holmes, Robert Conway, Arden Havis, Anne Stacy, Sterling John- son, Prescott Allen, James E. Pitt, Ruby Smith. James Kerr, Robert A. Long and Jack Gwyn. Clint Pace and Jeanne Hightower wrote the gossip. Drawing car- toons were Harper, Karl Anderson, Johnny Bryson, Charles Stewart, Joe Caver, Windy Winn. and Luthur Bookout. Darrel Ring took the candid-camera shots. PACE 144 W. L. HARPEK THE ALCALDE JOHN A. MtCDBDY The medium of contact with the campus and ex-students is the monthly magazine. The Alcalde, official publication of the Ex-Stu- dents ' Association of The University of Texas. This magazine, which is issued nine months of the school year, ranks well among the one hundred and fifty alumni magazines published in the United States. In April. 1913. The Alcalde made its first appearance on the campus, having as its editor that first year. Fritz G. Lanham. now and for many years a representative from Texas in Congress. E. J. Mathews. Registrar of the University, was its business manager. For twenty-nine years, from 1913 to the present. The Alcalde has continued to serve as the principal medium of contact between a growing University and that interested and loyal group of Texas Exes which comprise the mem- bership of the organization. Definitely a news organ. The Alcalde is designed to keep ex-students well informed about activities on the Univer- sity campus. It also devotes much space to news items and achievements of individual ex-students. This year, especially. - F r- are interested in knowing what the University is doing in time of war. which information The Alcalde at- tempts to bring to them in its pages each month. An informed ex-student body, sympathetically awake to the needs of the University, is the goal which The Alcalde has set for itself. The staff of the magazine consists of John A. McCurdy. executive secretary of the Association, managing editor; and Frances Louise Mueller, assistant editor. William B. Ruggles of Dallas, who for seventeen years has been the ed- itorial writer for The Alcalde, recently resigned his work and reported for active duty as a major in the public rela- tions office at Camp Barkeley. Texas. P tt Its |V ' y 2 7V I v- y - . . . - " Peaceful Campus Awakens Slowly to Realization of War :-. - y. .L fcl Th. First CU 9 THE DAILY TEXAN Do, , i llit SoufJi CH . TEXAS. TUKO r. DECSfc? f. -. " ooey Degrees Sought as Army Calls My Seeks Japanese Envelop Wake, Guam Draft Speed-Up ' A vn f Utii vn . Seen as Nation Goes to War l rt Offidol Read and weep . . . Shorty slides . . . Sweetheart Obar and Governor Stevenson . . . Varsity Carni- val legs and all, hmm! More carnival you ' ll get hooked ... Pi Phis and footballers mix it. Christmas caroling in the cold . . . The Daily Texan has a l hri-tmas party . . . Football players play . . . Pitt plays Indian . . . Silver Spurs attend caroling with President Rainey and Gus Collier. i . . .; NUTTS . . . Lawyers . . . All-Univer- sity Convocation on U.T. at War . . . Brats . . . Females . . . Harris Mc- Clamroch looks over the books. PACE 150 Fancy Fencers . . . Slator has the " pining look " in his glance at Happy Green . . . The boys of the -7 get sworn in ... Texas scores . . . Blalock and Holmes and balloons . . . Judge Keeton watches the game. Campus Guild, the n a t i o n ' s largest Co-Op . . . Commons at noon . . . Peyton, Bald- win, Shepherd at KA open house. The Engineers get two new buildings . . . Get a date, we ' re having a blackout . . . It ' s black too. PACI 153 Delta Taus and Mrs. Dazy . . . Two points for U.T. . . . More V-7 ' s take the oath . . . Miss Harrison entertains crowd in- cluding Maberry, Wells, and Ring. Hope that gun doesn ' t explode the smile on Maude Friedell ' s face. PACE 151 Profs and Engineers at their dance . . . Resting between dances . . . Registration for second semester . . . Co-Eds learn first aid, we hope. ttat 155 Tri-Delts leave for class . . . Mrs. Dazey and the boys . . . Ernest Fincher looks in the sun . . . Sylvan Dunn and Scott Amsler look surprised . . . Coach Gray and starting line-up . . . Rose Mary Franklin warms up ... Polly Smith back from New York. PACE 156 I Scrap iron for defense . . . " Mad-Man " Wil- liams . . . Typical pose . . . Vincent Ferrell and girl ... Pi Phis tell secrets sh!sh!sh! . . . Spring has sprung. iimimiuiinn A second semester registrant . . . Somebody went to the dance . . . Bill Barton dances . . . Babes . . . The Drag as you see . . . Studying and finals aren ' t here yet . . . Smile! Ammtm. Lettermen FRANK BRAHANEY MALCOLM KUTNER LESLIE CROUCHER LA VOICE SCUDDAY OTIS RITCHEY JOHN HARGIS LES SANDER CURTIS POPHAM JACK FITZGERALD BRIEN DILLON HAROLD NOVY (Mgr.) Coach Gray with that ole ' pep talk to his starting line-up PACE 160 1942 BASKETBALL SEASON Trouble came in large portions for the Longhorns during the 1942 basketball season, but the spirited young men who played the cage sport kept battling right down to the last whistle. Texas ended the season in fourth place after winning five games and losing seven. However, one of the victories was definitely a triumph as the Longhorn cagers pulled a stunt no other team except the Texas squad of 1940 has ever been able to do when they upset the Arkansas Razorbacks 58 to 37 in Fayetteville. The Longhom victory cost the Razorbacks a full claim to the title causing them to tie with Rice. I V as might have been a real contender for the title had not three men been lost to the armed forces at mid-term, letterman Les Croucher, and Lavoice Scudday and Otis Rich Ritchey, junior college transfers. Coach Gray was forced at mid-season to find a new starting combination. However, thrills were plentiful and though many times the plays were ragged the games were excit- ing and individual stars sparkled. Probably the most outstanding Longhorns of the season were Les (Pie) Sanders, John Hargis, Frank Brahaney, Les Croucher, and Malcolm Kutner. fnmi , ,: BRAHANEY. HARC1S, SANDER. KUTNER. POPHAM. rev: NOVY. FITZGERALD, CRAY. DILLON. KELLEY (Tniaer). Pit 161 CROUCHER Baylor and Texas mix it up PACE 162 Texas wins from A. M. RICE I EX AS 38, RICE 62 Though the Rice Owls got off to a fast start and kept the lead all through the season ' s first Conference game. Les Croucher led the Longhoms in a fine rally toward the end of the first half and brought the ' core up to 26-22. In the second half the Owls ran away and took the game 62 to 38. All-America Bill Kinney. Hire " ? scoring star, got away from Les Sander and played recklessly as ever, while the Owls ' fast teamwork easily settled the game. TKX - ;i. RICE 61 When the Owls came to Austin on February 28 they simply repeated their performance in Houston, changing the score only slightly. 61 to 41. Just as in the first game Texas made it a real ball game during the first half and trailed only 24 to 21 at the half. The second half was all Rice. BAYLOR TK AS 58. BAYLOR 38 Three Longhoms, Croncher. Scudday, and Ritchey, bid goodbye to Texas by beating the un- defeated Baylor Bears, 58 to 38. before joining the Air Corps. The Longhorns took an easy lead at but by the second period when Hargis really got going it was a run-away. Except for Dwight Parks, whose sixteen points gave him the Conference scoring lead, the Bears did not hit very well, and made only one brief rally in the second half. They could not hold down Les Sander or Crourber, who came back at the end and fired long shots from the middle of the court. TEXAS 34, BAYLOR 55 At Waco on February 14 the story was different as Baylor ' s rowdy Bears poured it on the Longhorns with an all too-convincing victory, 55 to 34. Les Sander, the only really big man on the Texas team, fouled out with sixteen minutes left to play. ARKANSAS S 34. ARK SAS 42 Texas dropped a close one to the Arkansas Razorbacks. the league-leading foes, in Fayette- ville. 42 to 34. The Longhorns stayed two or three points behind all during the second half. In the first half Malcolm Kutner scored 7 points in 7 minutes. Kutner was high point man for Texas with 11 points. TEXAS 58, ARK A N AS 37 The next night Texas pulled the biggest up-set of the season by trouncing the Razorbacks. 58 to 37, and knocking them from the lead into a tie with Rice for the Conference Championship. The Longhorns led all during the game and had complete control of the backboard. Kutner was again high point man for Texas with 14 point ' . P cc 1 3 KITNER T.C.U. defeats the scrapping Long- horns Rice outscraps Texas for the victory T. C. U. TEXAS 31, T. C. U. 33 T. C. U. came out from the Southwest Conference cellar to keep Texas from returning from its northern trip undefeated. The Frogs outmaneuvered the Steers and kept a slight lead most of ill-- time. The game was rough; the officials called thirty-five fouls and took three Longhorns out in the final minutes. Texas managed to break up T. C. U. ' s last minute stalling, and John Hargis tipped one in to put Texas ahead, 30-29, but then Brahaney fouled out, and Texas could do nothing with the ball in the last three minutes. TEXAS 46, T. C. U. 57 The fast Frogs won again even though the yelling Texas crowd had vowed revenge. After the see-saw first half which ended 22-all, T. C. U. racked up the points with lots of brief rallies which lasted just long enough for Max Humphries to make his goals when the Longhorns thought they were pulling up. Frank Brahaney tried hard to keep Texas in the game, but was given too much trouble to handle alone. S.M.U. TEXAS 32, S. M. U. 31 The Longhorns were really happy when they won, 32 to 31, after trailing behind S. M. U. in the first period. A thousand Pony fans yelled for a break, but Texas held S. M. U. for the last three minutes after Lavoice Scudday gave the Longhorns their one point lead. Frank Brahaney made all of his thr-c trie, at field goals in the second half drive, and the whole team out-fought the Ponies. TEXAS 60, S. M. U. 43 Texas again defeated the unhappy Mustangs when S. M. U. came to Austin, this time 60 to 43. The game was marked throughout with a great deal of fighting and scrambling over the ball. John Hargis, Longhorn forward, was high point man with 19 points. A. M, IKXAS 46, A. M. 32 The Steers took turns at taking the lead as Texas beat A. M. in the first home game of the season. During the second half the crowd began watching the referees call fouls until Leland Huff- man started hitting his one-hand shot in an Aggie rally that came within seven points of Texas. John Hargis. the tall sophomore, was high point man for Texas with his first conference scoring. TEXAS 42, A. M. 46 The twenty-two points made by Aggie Captain Henderson helped A. M. defeat the Long- horns, 46 to 42, in the final game of the season. The Longhorns made a fine fight but the inspired Cadets simply wouldn ' t be beaten. tux 165 DILLON ie 1 to right: CROUCHER, RITCHEY, CRAY, BRAHANEY, SANDER, HARCIS. PACE 16 Texas Freshmen lose to Rice Slimes FRESHMAN SEASON Coach Ed Price ' s Yearling team started off the season by winning their first four games but loss of star players hit the freshmen, too, and they completed the season with four losses. Outstanding players were Charlie Munson, Larry Lott, Hutch Base, and John Langdon. Scores Texas 46 orth Texas Aggies 21 Texas 53 Rice 44 Texas 55 A. M. 33 Texas 49 Lon Morri 1 Texas 48 Tyler Junior College 51 Texas 38 Robert E. Lee Junior College 39 Texas 35 Rice 50 Texas 34.. ..A. M. 38 ED PRICE PACI 167 LATTIMORE MURPHRKE HORTON ZWIENER FENCING ENDEL JACKSON Front row: MURPHREE, LATTIMORE (coach), HORTON. ZWIENER. Second row: HAMILTON. CANNON, HOLT, MOORE, CONNOLLY. The University of Texas fencing team closed the 1941 season with the South- west Conference finals at Baylor. The five-man foil team was forced out of first place by Baylor in a series of bouts that could have gone either way. Alvin Adleman, three-weapon star of Baylor, managed to squeeze over Douglas Zwiener in the No. 1 position five touches to four when the bouts were tied up two and two to give Baylor first place and Texas second. Texas had little trouble with the rest of the Conference teams, winning 23 bouts in all. Captain Ed Haskins won the most individual bouts for Texas by defeating eight opponents. Two-year lettermen Idus Murphree and Douglas Zwiener each had four victories to their credit. J. L. Jackson, sophomore, also had four wins. Paul Horton, who held down the No. 5 position, won three bouts. In the individual competition Captain Adleman of Baylor not only successfully defended his epee title, but took first place in foil and saber to force the Texas men out early in the matches. However, Captain Haskins fought his way to the quarter finals in epee and saber and to the semi-finals in foil. Jackson reached the semi-finals before he was eliminated from the saber competition. Coach Hal Lattimore took a combined group of freshmen and varsity men to the Southwestern Amateur Fencing League individual finals at Fort Worth and to the team finals at Galveston. Coach Lattimore fought his way to the Southwestern Ama- teur Saber Championship. The team again had the misfortune to run into the Baylor team and was elimi- nated after reaching the semi-finals. As a result of the competition at Baylor letters were awarded to Captain Haskins, Idus Murphree, Douglas Zwiener, J. L. Jackson, and Paul Horton. Pi 168 t lf- INTEHFRATERIVITY COUNCIL OFFICERS President RICHARD DONOVAN. JR. V ice-President CLIFFORD BRIEN DILLON Secrelarv-Treasurer . .... JULIAN COXSTANTINE LAROCHE MEMBERS ALPHA EPSILON Pi . ALPH T i OMEGA BETA THETA Pi CHI PHI . . . DELTA CHI DELTA KAPPA EPSILON DELTA SIGMA PHI . DELTA TAL DELTA . Ku ' p ALPHA . Ku-i ' A SH.MA . I. MBDA CHI ALPHA PHI DELTA THETA . PHI GAMMA DELTA . PHI KAPPA Psi PHI KAPPA SIGMA . PHI SIGMA DELTA . Pi KAPPA ALPHA . SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA ALPHA Mi . SIGMA CHI . SIGMA Ni . SIGMA PHI EPSILON TAL DELTA PHI . THETA Xi . Jack Miller James William Porter A. J. Mann Gus Ralph Spence Ora Manford Davis John Miller Spears Patrick Henry Boone Maurice Adam Clifton Lowther Moss. Ill Hubert Lyle Simpson Ben Pittman Denman Julian Constantine LaRoclie William Buck Arnold Clifford Brien Dillon Robert Stewart Joe Hirsch James McNutt Umstattd James McQueen Moroney Bernard Irving Budow Gilbert Morgan Denman. Jr. Charles Raleigh Porter, Jr. Elton Marvin Hyder Edwin Milton Jacobs Oliver Callaway, Jr. RICHARD DONOVAN. JR. Top rem: SIMPSON. DAVIS. MORONEY. SPENCE. HYDER. SPEARS. CALLAWAY. Seam torn: BOONE. I. PORTER. ADAM. MANN. B. DENMAN. MOSS. C. DENMAN. JACOBS. Tkirt ra .- C. PORTER. MILLER. UMSTATTD. HIRSCH. DILLON. UROCHE. STEWART. ARNOLD. tux 171 LOUIS MARTIN BLOOM Bloom, Miller, Stoller, inn. Levin, Reichstein, Ford, Night. Stillman. Waldman. Kalb, Lasky. Truman, Sheftall, Crasilneck, Briskin. Harris, Winetroub, Goldstein, Klaber. Golf, Forman, Bodzin, Creenberg. ALPHA EPSILDN PI OFFICERS Master Prater . Lt. Master Scribe . Exchequer . Louis MARTIN BLOOM DAVID FARE STANLEY EDWARD GOLDSTEIN JACK MILLER PiCE 172 212 Elmwood Place MEMBERS Graduate Theodore Edward Harris. Dallas Seniors Louis Martin Bloom. Ferris David Farb. Texas City Stanley Edward Goldstein. Beaumont Max Levin. Galveston Sophomores Milton Greenberg. Bay City ' Joseph Kalb. Galveston Jack Miller. Galveston Kalman Wolff Treiman. San Antonio First Year Loirs Harvey Night, Beaumont Carl Jack Waldman. Beaumont Juniors ' Harold Bernard Crasilneck, San Antonio Jack Golf. Houston Harold Lasky. Houston ' Marvin Simon Leshin, Robstown Freshmen Louis Bodzin. Colorado City Robert Solon Briskin. Cleveland Heights, Ohio ' Jack Herbert Forman. Galveston ' Marvin Klaber, Brooklyn. N 7 . Y. ' Manual Reichstein. Galveston ' Dell Sheftall. Houston ' Morris Stillman. San Antonio ' Jack Carl Stoller, Dallas ' Aaron Wolf Winetroub, Austin ' Julius Zinn. Galveston in . JOHN GATES SEAMAN EastUnd, Caven, Tunnell. Fly, Frey, Harrison. Wild, Smith, Ratliff, Brown, Hannay. Kolstad. ICc Williams, Holland, Hoeflick, Clements, Baldwin, Masterson. Blades, Shudde, Porter, Couch, Mac- Donald, Henderson. Glenney, Roster, Oldham, Worthing, Patton, Tracey, Jacobe. Lattimore, Bachman, Herbert, Penman, Goeth, Armstrong, Bronstad. Hudgins, Craven, Barrow, Simons, Noonan, Morris, Fleming. Simmons, Beaird, Simpson, Holt, Allen, Reid, Hawn. ALPHA TAU DMEGA OFFICERS Worthy Master JOHN GATES SEAMAN Worthy Chaplain LAKE ROBERTSON, JR. Worthy Scribe SEABORN EASTLAND, JR. Worthy Keeper of the Exchequer BAXTER FINCH HOLLAND FACULTY RICHARD BENJAMIN EIDE E. G. FLETCHER WALTER T. ROLFE H. MALCOLM MACDONALD GEORGE W. STOCKING JAMES M. TOLBERT Associate Professor of Journalism Assistant Professor of English Professor of Architecture Instructor in Government Professor of Economics Tutor in English PACE 174 . -V 607 West Twenty-fourth Graduate Lake Robertson, Jr., Kerrville Seniors Charles Thomas Beaird, Shreveport, La. Weldon Archibald Berry, Austin Morris Theodore Bronstad, Jr.. Denison Thurman Spencer Clements, Wharton Joseph O. Terrell Couch, San Antonio Robert West Decker, Fort Worth William Stoner Fly. Victoria Jerry Burke Frey, Dallas Raymond Cloud Harrison, Wharton William Joseph Holt, Dallas Benjamin Nixon, San Antonio MEMBERS Seniors Edward H. Patton, Jr., Kerrville John Gates Seaman, Houston Second Year Laws Baxter Finch Holland, Brownsville Stewart Morris. Houston Martin O ' Conner Noonan. Hondo Firs t Year Laws Walter Thomas Caven. Marshall Seaborn Eastland, Jr.. Kerrville Hal Mcknight Lattimore. Fort Worth Joseph Ryan Simpson, Houston Juniors Joseph Duncan Blades. Beaumont William Alley Brown, Austin Clyde Coates Craven, San Antonio Edwin David Edwards, Wichita Falls Joe Adolph Coeth, Austin Allen Burroughs Hannay, Houston Donald Veitch Henderson, Houston Herbert Charles Holchak, Kerrville Juniors Howard William Jacobe, Jr.. Houston Forrest Robert Oldhara. Jr., Beaumont James William Porter. Houston William Durrah Ratliff, Jr., Fort Worth William Clarence Smith, Yorktown William Arthur Tracey, Jr., Fort Worth Johnny Tilton Weir, Fort Worth Louie Fabian Worthing, Wharton Sophomores Thomas Murphy Allen, San Antonio Tobin Armstrong, Armstrong William S. Bachman, Fort Worth Edward Ewing Barrow, Houston Bert Joseph Hoeflich, Houston Lee Charles Hudgins, Sherman Thomas Wesley Mitchell, Wichita, Kans, Peter Andrew Kolstad, Palestine Charles Roster, Jr.. Corpus Christi Arthur Walter Shannon, Wharton Weldon Glenn Shudde, Houston Bill Kerr Tunnell, Tyler Carey Keene West, Breckenridge Claude Charles Wild, Jr., Austin James Charles Wilson, Wichita, Kans. Freshmen John Browning Baldwin, Marshall Dudley Tarlton Dougherty, Beeville Benjamin Paige Eastland, Corpus Christi Benton Scott Fleming, Houston Daniel Joseph Glenney, III, Houston John David Hawn, Corpus Christi Alexander Ewing Masterson, Corpus Christi Jack Lanier Penman, Beaumont ' William Bryant Saner, Kerrville Roy Simmons, Austin John Charles Simons, Fort Worth - A. J. MANN A. Mann, Learnard, Anderson, Windrow, Muehlberger, W. Harwood, Bary. Sander, Edmunds, Chart ton McDonald, Claude McDonald, Howeth, R. Harwood, Humphrey. Gober, Hall, Horton, Allen, Shumate, Mims, Campbell. Sprinkle, Chi I ton, Stephens, Bander, Lupher, Priddy, Could. Tubb, McFarland, Hoi man, Davis, Hodge, McKay, Corcoran. Bernhard, Hamm, Huper, Garner, Welch, Johnston. E. Mann, Corby, Russell, Austin, Stewart, Nash. McCutcheon, Bobbitt, Mortimer, Klopp, Happel, Rustin. BE TA THETA PI OFFICERS President A.J.MANN V ice-President PAUL HORTON Secretary LESTER WILLIAM SANDER Treasurer DAVID CALVIN CAMPBELL Recorder VIRGIL LEE HUMPHREY FACULTY HENRY W. HARPER Dean Emeritus of the Graduate School HARRY H. POWER Chairman of Petroleum Engineering Department BRYANT SMITH Professor of Law PACE 176 i- f . In. T 1801 Lavaca MEMBERS Graduate Jack Bruce Howard, San Antonio Seniors David Calvin Campbell, Fort Worth Joseph Harry Corby. Calvert Henry Conrad Huper, Wichita Falls William Clifford McDugald. Austin Howard Russell McFariand, Dallas Constantine Mims. Jr., Laredo Robert Hudson Rustin, Austin Lester William Sander, Madison, Wis. Lawrence Skelley, Austin Howell Francis Stewart, Richardson Second Year Lairs Claude D. McDonald, Jr.. Dallas A. J. Mann, Laredo First Year Laws James Anderson, Jr., Houston Raymond Austin Corcoran, Austin Paul Bradfield Morton. Dallas Juniors Earl Bowen Austin, Jr.. Dallas Robert Lee Bobbin, Jr., San Antonio Jim Alford Constantin. Tyler Forrest Cober, Coleman John Allen Could, Wichita Falls Winston Harwood, Harlingen Henry Pope Hodge, Wichita Falls Virgil Lee Humphrey, Wichita Falls ' Edward Cnllee Mann, Laredo Glenn George Mortimer, San Antonio Clarence William Muehlberger, Wichita Falls Ashley Home Priddy, Wichita Falls Arthur Sprinkle, Austin Robert Perry Russell. Coleman Sophomores Erroll Warren Allen, Oklahoma City. Okla. Charles Dwight Chiles, Austin Horace Thomas Chilton, Austin ' Raymond Swezey Edmunds, Dallas Raymond Dalton Franks. Dublin John Hamilton Garner, Dallas John Henderson Hall, Fort Worth Henry Howard Happel. Houston Ricbey Higgins Holman. Austin Glenn Howeth, Wichita Falls George Franklin Johnston. Wichita, Kans. Charles Riner Leamard, Cheyenne, Wyo. Bill Lee Lupher. Austin Lewis Dale Stephens, Wichita Falls John Henry Tubb, Sweetwater Philip Donald Windrow, Laredo Freshmen Joseph Hansley Bander, Longview Edward Douglas Bernhard, Coronado. Calif. Edward Coe Davis, Harlingen William Dow Hamm, Jr., Houston Roane Harwood, Harlingen Walter Thomas Klopp, Omaha, Neb. Currie McCutcheon, Jr., Dallas Charlton Bailey McDonald, Dallas John Douglas McFariand. Dallas Paul Moorhead McKay. Wheeling, W. Va. Robert Lawrence Nash, Bronx ville. N. Y. Gaston Anderson Shumate, III, Dallas Richard Enlow Welch, Jr., Chicago, I1L 177 CHI PHI OFFICERS Alpha . Beta . Gamma Delta . RUAL ASKEW, JR. PHOCION SAMUEL PARK, JR. FRED DAVID GRIFFIN HENRY G. ANDREWS, JR. RUAL ASKEW, JR. FACULTY C. J. DEL.ANCEY Tutor in Geology M. B. PORTER Professor of Pure Mathematics C. E. ROWE Professor of Drawing Damiani, C. Spence, Lancey, Askew, Lay, Popham, Greig. Lassberg, Herring, Keenan, Gomez, Prewitt, Narum, Sue. McGowan, Sinclair, Richey, R. White, McClellan, Dunnam. Chinn, Hvass, Curtis, Blackburn, Griffin, Nevill, Matlock. Simons, Alexander, Briscoe, F. Robinson, Wilke, Hunting! on, Brown, McDowell. Peckham, May, Shelton, Bowden, Mabry, Windrow, Kies. Fleming. Casey, Wright, Park, L. Robin- son, Danneltey, Kinsel. Lefevre, Buhmann, Peters, Keck, Goar, Smith, J. White. Gill, Crow, Dillard, Anderson, Metzen- thin, Book out, Powell, Andrews. PACE 178 , 4B tOB . dt IP J - J f . ?) 1704 Vest Aienue MEMBERS Graduates Kual Askew. Jr.. San Antonio f ' harles J. DeLancey, Houston Seniors Robert Auburn Casey. Taylor Frank Humphrey Dannelley, Robstown Thomas Eugene Dunnam, Jr., Houston Carlo? Albert Gomez, Houston Fred David Griffin. Austin Edwin Kurt Lassberg, Austin Clifton Ailor McDowell. Jr., Shreveport, La. Bill McGowan, Brownfield Clarence Elnar May, Jr., Ranger Phocion Samuel Park, Jr., Houston Amos IVtrrs. Jr.. Taylor Edgar Greer Shelton. Jr.. Austin Gu- Ralph Spence, Austin Julius Hoff Spence. Austin James Frederick Weiler, Austin Franklin Weiler. Austin James Elmer White. Jr., Del Rio Robert David Windrow. Hondo Second Year Law John Francis Heard, Austin First Year Laws Charles Thomas Hvass. Lubbock Henry Charles Wilke, Jr., Sweetwater Juniors William Little Alexander, Dallas Henry G. Andrews, Jr., Stamford Hal Hill Bookout. Corsicana William Kelfar Bowden, Austin Dolph Briscoe, Jr., Uvalde Peter Calderwood Buhmann. Austin Michel Stuart Damiani, Galveston Foy Burwell Fleming, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Walter Richmond Heap, Taylor Douglas Robinson Keenan, Jr., Galveston John Edward Metzenthin. Austin Irwin Curtis Popham, Austin Willis Maynor Powell, Austin Robert Lyttleton Simons, Austin Joe Mac Wai-ton. Austin Jim Claude Wright, Weatherford Sophomores Karl Adolphus Anderson. Austin Bill R. Blackburn. Victoria Cleve Morin Brown, Jr.. Houston William Ginton Crow, Houston Lewis Scott Curtis, Austin Walter Branham Dillard. New Braunfels George Huntington, Jr., Rosenberg Ray Man-in Keck, Cotulla Clifford Thomas Kies. Austin Bearer Ashley Kinse l, San Antonio Coy Lafayette Lay, Austin William Jay McClellen, Houston Harvey DeWitt Nevill, San Antonio Falcor Watson Perry, I.ufkin Robert Lee Richey, Austin Lawrence Thomas Robinson, Houston Thomas Albert Sinclair. Houston J. O. Sue, Jr., Houston Sophomores Julius Earl Wiley, Dallas Robert Stanley Wright, Austin Freshmen John Harrison Chinn. Uvalde Everett Logan Goar. Houston Ben Wayne Greig, Jr.. Austin Garret Rufus Herring, Jr., Goose Creek Loui Beauman Lefevre, Houston Garner Allen Mabry. Jr., Houston Eugene Corbett Matlock. Houston Charles Devlin Moffatt. Fort Worth William Gould Narum, Houston Walter Rufus Peckham, Houston Louis Bond Prewitt, Taylor Frederick Brownell Robinson, Austin Charles Tyson Smith, Houston Russell Floyd White, Del Rio PACS 179 " A " " B " " C " " D " " E " DELTA CHI OFFICERS OLIVER ROBINSON JELKS, JR. JOHN ROY CREIGHTON, JR. LANE BUTLER COOKE RALPH LEWI.N BUEI.L, JR. GRADY NIBLO FRED STOVALL FACULTY OLIVER ROBINSON JELKS, JR. RICHARD BURT DYKE Director, Texas Student Publications, Inc. GEORGE V. GENTRY Professor of Philosophy IRA P. HILDEBRAISD Professor of Law JAMES H. PARKE Professor of Drama O. Jelks, Walsh, Buell, Doole. Jackson, Rag I and, Lambert, Cooke. W. Hr mis. HI, Beck, Lippman, E. Jelks. D. Brunson, Johnson, Zimmer, Ridout. Ashley, Davis, Anderegg, Grissom. Mill i), Creighton, Carter. PACE 180 2400 Rio Grande MEMBERS Seniors Erwin Archie Anderegg. Fredericksburg Wallace Edward Brunson. Baytown Ralph Lewin Buell. Jr.. Austin Ora Manford Davis. Austin ' Cyrus Hill Lambert. El Paso Oliver Robinson Jelks. Jr.. Austin Harry In ins Zimmer. Jr.. El Paso First Year Law Sam Shelton Ragland, Texarkana tumors John Marvin Ashley. Dallas August Henry Beck. Jr.. San Antonio Donald Lyons Brunson. Baytown Robert Daniel Carter, Grand Rapids, Mich. Lane Butler Cooke. Dallas John Roy Creighton. Jr.. Mineral Wells Edward Townsend Glass, Washington, D. C. Pinkney Grissom. Jr., Dallas Charles Joseph Jackson, Alexandria, La. Edward Baker Jelks. Austin Alan Fehrman Lippman. Valparaiso, Ind. Juniors Grady Niblo, Dallas Richard Freeman Neal. Cameron. W. Va. Robert Gladstone Ridout. Jr.. Dallas Thomas Edwin Taulbee. Fort Worth Douglas Ernest Walsh. Jr.. Dallas Sophomore John Rumsey Doole, Austin Freshman Samuel Douglas Johnson. Jr., Austin tux 181 ROBERT EUGENE WATSON Berry, Alsup, Watson, Lay den. Doss, Spears. Blanton, Betlmont, DennUon, Grain, Donovan, Ferrick. Covert, Johnson, Buckley, Benham, Procter, J. Whitworth. Ellison, Reiner, Bowen, Connor, C. Rhodes, Cihnore. Gary. Maverick, Ramsdell, Doherty, T. Rhodes, Nalle. Charlton, Kreisle, Bell, Aldred, Mc- Elroy, Dyers, Ward. Woolley, Runge. H. Whitworth, Higgins Garret t, Lucchese, Me Knight. Conner, Brallev, Wilson, McBSrney, Smith, Morse, TitUworth. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON OFFICER Housemanagcr . . . . ' . . . . ROBERT EUGENE WATSON FACULTY DANA X. BIBLE Head Football Coach JOHN WILLIAM CALHOUN Professor of Applied Mathematics and Astronomy THOMAS PERRIN HARRISON Professor of English PACE 182 ill o Grange MEMBERS Graduate Fred Pittman Ellison. Denton Senior Jack Anthony Aldred. Austin Richard Judd Bell. Denton John Frank Benham. Mineola William Alexander Daniel. Houston Frank Willis Denison. Bastrop Richard Donovan. Jr.. San Antonio Noble Webster Doss. Temple Arthur Delma Dyess. Jr.. Houston Pete John Layden. Dallas Robert Emmett Morse. Houston Coke Home Rhodes. Fort Stockton Tom Burton Rhodes. Fort Stockton Carl Rudolph Runge. Jr.. Houston John Miller Spears. Tulsa. Okla. Robert Eugene S atson. Houston Harry Philip W hitworth. Smithville Homer Charles Wilson. Bavtown First Year Laws Frank Harrington Grain, Victoria ' Walter Sayers Higgins. Jr.. Victoria Orrin Wendell Johnson, Harlingen Leslie Clay Procter. Austin James Slaughter Whitworth. Houston Juniors Ace Hill Alsup. Temple Ted Lutcher Bel Inn nit. Austin Ira Yates Blanton, Austin J illiam Jackson Bowen, Waco Elliot Ross Buckley. San Antonio James Reagan Connor, Abilene Frank Mortimer Covert. Austin Otis Bain Gary. San Marcos Joe Carroll Gilmore, Houston " Robert Thompson Hoover, El Paso Matthew Ferdinand Kreisle. Austin Howard D. McElroy, Dallas Maury Maverick, Jr.. San Antonio Damon Philip Smith. Llano Sophomores Thomas Eugene Berry. Brownwood l ilf red Lansing Doherty. Houston Rufu. Sanders Garrett. Jr.. Fort Worth Samuel Pendleton McBirney. Tulsa. Okla. ' Frank Gillespie McKnight. El Paso James Lem Tittsworth. Bonham Bennett Lawrence Wool lev. Jr.. Dallas Freshmen ' Maurice White Bralley. Jr.. Austin " Gordon Taliaferro Charlton. San Antonio ' George Manion Conner. Jr., Fort Worth ' Martin Joseph Ferrick. Jr.. Austin ' Samuel James Lucchese. San Antonio ' Ernest .Nalle. Jr.. Houston W illiam Halley Ramsdell. San Antonio ' Richard Whittle Reiner, San Antonio ' John Pierce Ward. Cleburne ; . i . . DELTA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer PATRICK HENRY BOONE RALPH EMERSON JANES, JR. JOSEPH DRYDEN LOIDOLD FRED DOWNS FACULTY WILLIAM BRAMLETTE ARTHUR DEAN Instructor in Geology- Professor of Geology PATRICK HENRY BOONE Boone, Jefferson, E. Smith, Lohmann. Swearingen, Futch, Gar denier, Parish. Downs, Fish, Udden, Baird. Morgan, Scudday, Klop, Stumpf. Jones, G. Smith, Lyman, Loidold. Victor, Feagan, Smerke, Walker, Ford. PACE 184 %w 1910 Rio Grande MEMBERS Seniors Jon Charles Ford. Dayton Ralph Emerson Jane . Jr.. Austin Joseph Dryden Loidold. Port Arthur Charles W ayne Parish. Big Lake Frances Patrick Smerke. Austin Clifford Wilson Swearingen. Corpus Christi ' Walter Kenneth Victor. Abilene " Carroll Preston Walker. Jr.. Houston Juniors Patrick Henry Boone. Littlefield Fred Downs. Dallas Richard Wynne Feagan. Hamlin Edward Downing Futch, III, Corpus Christi Wayman Britton Jefferson. Dallas Henry Carl Lohmann. Port Arthur Ben Franklin Lyman. Jr.. Littlefield Robert Harvey Morgan. Pecan Gap Juniors Roy Sheppard Scudday. Sweetwater ' Eugene Clayton Smith. Henderson Clarence Henry Stumpf. Jr.. Austin John Robert Udden. Corpus Christi Sophomore ' Graham Smith. Childress Freshmen ' Clayton Deward Baird. Houston James Rufus Fish. Matador ' Hugh Emory Gardenier. Beaumont Don Kolp. Houston ; . . : _ THADUEUS GRUNDY McNaughton, Kutner, Knowles, Law, Chandler, Grundy, Jung, Hart, King. Nash, Painter, Knight, Babel. Mueller, Peevy, Chewning, A. Britain, Nash. D. Burford, Bass, West, Reid, Craddock, Dunham, Hobbs, Fit ley, J. Banks. Giffin, Abercrombie, Miller, Herrington, Strelsky. Abernathy, Parker, Wilson, Andrews. Gurley, Kittrell, B. Britain, Nelson, Hulsey. Sewell, Park, McCurdy, Colley. Garnett, Baskin, Johnston, Adam, Vaughan, Bailey, Ryan, G. Laughlin, Boatman. Higgs, Sneed, Wadleigh, Winn, Roos, Evans, Ellison, Rowe, Browning. L. Smith, R. Smith. Clark, Layden, Lauer, Fox, McLaurin, Winfield, Doncgan. Penick, Watts. Richards, Tarry, Craig, B. Burford, Sammons, McFarland, S. Banks. DELTA TAU DELTA OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... H. T. PARLIN KENT KENNAN THADDELS GRUNDV JAMES SPRUILL VALGHAX JOHN BARKLEY CHEWNING CLINTON STANLEY BANKS, JR. JACK CECIL NELSON FACULTY Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Instructor in Music PACE 186 + M A 2801 San Jacinto BM. MEMBERS Graduate Homer Clifford Mueller, Austin Seniors Walter Edgar Babel, Jr., Austin Alexander Harwood Britain, Wichita Falls Ben Burford. Dallas Henry Grady Chandler, Jr., Austin Hubbard Colley. Jr.. Vernon John Austin Craig. Pittsburgh. Penn. Thaddeus Crundy. Galveston Charles Robert Gurley. Happy Robert Hobbs. Fort Worth William Clyde Johnston, San Angelo Joseph Peck Hart, San Antonio Seniors Richard Stanley Jung, Seguin Thomas Turner Knight, Hillsboro Malcolm James Kutner. Dallas Carl Emil Lauer. Port Arthur Thomas Hart Law, Austin James Martin Layden. Forney Elliot Lee McCurdy, Lockhart Marshall Burns Miller, San Antonio Jack Cecil Nelson, Fort Worth William D. Parker. Dallas Emanuel Farley Roos. Eagle Lake John C. SewelL Austin Robert Earl Strelsky. Texas City Spruill James Vaughan, Hillsboro Fred Lawder Wadleigh, Joplin, Mo. Second Year Lax Clinton Stanley Banks, Jr.. San Antonio First Year Lams Archie Dean Burford, Dallas Walter Dunham, Jr.. San Antonio John Fielding Higgs, Stephenville William Beverly West, Fort Worth Juniors Maurice Adam, Dallas John Edwin Banks, San Antonio Ben Moseley Britain. Wichita Falls Walter Acker Browning, Dallas Robert Charles Craddock, Winnsboro ' Charles Henry Donegan, Jr., Seguin Everett R. Filley, Jr., Houston Calvin Earle Giffin, San Antonio Grady Hatton. Beaumont Richard Covell Knowles. Dallas Philip Edward Laughlin, Houston William A. McNaughton, Galveston Robert Morrison Penick. Austin Dial Pike Peevy. Burkbumett Martin Decatur Rowe. Jr.. Wichita Falls Weldon John Wilson, Wichita Falls Sophomores Robert Wood Abercrombie. Houston Jewell Abernathy, Jr.. McKinney William Edward Andrews, Dallas James Dollar Baskin. Austin Richard William Bass. Jr.. Demon Donald J. Boatman, Peoria, III. John Barkley Chewning, Austin Roy Thomas Clark. Lockhart William Lee Ellison, Austin Arthur Newton Evans. Columbus Hewitt Bates Fox, New Orleans. La. William Clinton Hayden Garnett, lr iro City, D. F. William Oran Hulsey. Fort Worth Neal P. King. Marfa William Kittrell. Ill, DalUs John Allen McFarland. Dallas Joe Ware Nash, Jr.. Kaufman Lewis Smith, Hillsboro Robert Carter Sneed, Austin George M. Wolford. McKinney Freshmen Hugh Bailey, Jr., Houston Robert Louis Bouchard. Dallas Richard Davis Hardin. Austin Marion Ray Harrington, Dallas Gaithor Lanier Jones, Houston Gary Burton Laughlin, Houston ' Banks McLaurin. Jr.. Austin Henry Heath Nash, Kaufman Theo Painter. Jr., Austin Peyton E. Parks, Dallas Herbert Reid. Lockhart Fleet wood Richards, Jr., Lockhart Richard Ryan, Seguin Robert Rowse Sammons, Edcouch Richard Thomas Smith, Fort Worth George Dudley Tarry, Tyler Ballard Nolan Watts. Jr., Gainesville Richard Hobson Winfield, Houston Robert Williams Winn. Austin : - KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS IV FRANK PHELAN, JR. WORLEY NEWTON BAKNES JACK BROOKSHIRE ALAN T. MCCLEERY FRANK PHELAN, JR. FACULTY R. A. GALBRAITH Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering R. A. LAW Professor of English CLYDE LITTLEFIELD Track Coach COVEY T. OLIVER Associate Professor of Law D. A. PENICK Professor of Classical Languages Watson, Phelan, Davis, J. Slator, Brookshire, Ivers. Davison, Calkin, Marsh. Kealholfer, Lumpkin, Lucas. Sherman, Harris, Constantine, Thurmon, Hutchings, Peyton. J. Hearne, Thompson, Thacker, Suttles, Ferguson, Blalock. C. Hearne, Gray, Keller, D. Slator, Scurlock, Fullz. Barnes, Fain, Davis, Ward, Chamberlain. Russell. Cloud, Beck, Bowers, Gilmer, Miller, Wheless. McCIeery, Steward, Meredith, Rowe, Brace, Bevan. - V - j Henger, Steele, Quillian, Moss, Ring, Maberry. PACE 188 22 7 Red River MEMBERS Graduates Tom Scale Davison, Nacogdoches George Hearne. Shreve[iort, La. Frank Phelan, Jr., Memphis Seniors William Orrin Bowers. Beaumont Dick Conroy Calkins, Fort Worth Robert Edward Harris, Dallas William Mr(iinnis Henger, Dallas Richard Martin Lucas. Berclair Harold Marsh. Jr.. Tyler Charles Howard Sherman, Houston Edward Lillo Suttles, Houston Second Year Laics Worley Newton Barnes, Terrell William Clarke Blalock, Fort Worth James Moss Slator, III, Houston First Year Laws Walter Hart well Beck, Jr., Fort Worth John Harold Bevan, Fort Worth Jack Brookshire, Beaumont Wallace Kimbrough Davis, Beaumont John Thompson Gilmer, Graham Jesse Martin Harris, Austin Pat Talmage Peyton, Beaumont Jack Dudley Watson, Dallas Juniors Homer Lindsey Bruce, Houston Fred Ellis Chamberlain, Clarendon Wayne Franklin Ivers, Beaumont Starr Kealhofer, Jr., Austin ' Forrest Edward Lumpkin, Jr., Terrell Alan Theodore McCleery, Fort Worth Roy Dunlap Quillian, Pleasanton Sandiford Ring, Houston William Evans Rowe, Austin James M. Ryan, Jr., San Antonio William Meade Wheless, Houston Sophomores Guy Maurice Cloud, Jr., Austin Arthur Constantine, Jr., Mexico City, D. F. Thomas Oliver Davis, Jr., Center John Stoddard Ferguson, Austin Lee William Gray, Caldwell John Hutchinson Hearne, Shreveport, La. William Lewis Hutchings, Houston Joe Ford Maberry. Gilmer Carlton Meredith, Dallas Robert John Miller, Jr.. Houston Clifton Lowther Moss, III, Dallas Robert Leroy Scurlock. Fort Worth John Bruce Steward, Wichita Falls Clarence Edward Thurmon, Dallas Freshmen Clem Frank Fain, Livingston James Edward Fultz, Memphis Roy Lee Keller, Beaumont Jeff Chaison Russell, Beaumont Dick Scott Slator, Houston John Edward Steele, Fort Worth David Compton Tallichet, Jr., Dallas William McKinley Thacker, Wichita Falls Harold Lee Thompson, Wichita Falls I. :lark Ward, Jr., Wichita Falls PACE 189 KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS Grand Master Grant! Procurator Grand Scribe Grand Treasurer HUBERT LYLE SIMPSON JOHN WESLEY DORSEY JOHN THOMAS STEEN FRANK CRAIG ERWIN, JR. HUBERT LYLE SIMPSON FACULTY ROBERT ALAMETH Cox . . . . Instructor in Economics ERNEST RANDOLPH HARDIN . . Instructor in Speech IRA POLK HILDEBRAND . . . Professor of Law DONALD JOSEPH Professor of Romance Languages D. J. FRIEDELI Associate Professor of Naval Science and Tactics VICTOR I. MOORE Dean of Student Life HARRY H. RANSOM .... Assistant Professor of English Simpson, Adams, Daniel, Flanagan, Reardon, Crusemann, Rhome, McCarter. Ku-lil, Crutcher, Roberts, Me Reynolds, Hicks, Brooks, Steen, Helland. Baker, Erwin, Crowley. Cunningham, C. Parker, McCarthy, Flack, Dies. W. Moore, Duffield, Roberts, Powell, Rea, Ashcroft, Lipscomb, Coleman. G. Moore, Swann, Grant, Woodul, Upchurch, J. Baker, Dorsey, Clark. Tooley, Jones, Duson, Browder, Ekland, Wilson, Mack, McLarty. Smith, C. Hooks, Sellers, Bass, H. Baker, Driver, Caldwell, Harrison. Maddox, Kultgen, P. Hooks. Huff, Cocke, Finlayson, Randolph. PACE 190 203 West A in ft tenth MEMBERS Seniors Benjamin Franklin Ashcroft, Sulphur Springs Peter Cautier Brook , Wharton Amrie Denson Clark, Jr.. Tyler Robert Thomas Coleman, Jr., Galveston Chal Neuton Daniel. Longview John Wesley Dorsey. Houston Carl Edgar Dnffield, Jr.. Tyler Curley Pharr Duson. J r.. El Campo n Simms Flanagan. Longview Charles Brady Grant. Tulsa, Okla. John Axford Hicks, Sulphur Springs Charles Guy Hooks, Jr., Houston Alfred Thomas Lucas, Beverly Hills, Calif. Jack Polk Maddox. Houston Jack Powell Jr., Tyler William Randolph, Schertz Patrick Herbert Reardon. Monroe. La. Elam Franklin Swann, Tyler Claude Elmer Upchurch, Tyler Second Year Laws Rex Gavin Baker, Jr.. Houston Fred Ross Crusemann, Fort Worth Hilmar Guenther Moore, Richmond First Year Ltacs Frank Craig Erwin. Jr.. Waxahachie Francis Martin McCarthy, Jr., Corpus Christi Hubert Lyle Simpson, Houston Parker Frank Wilson, Dallas Walter Frank Wooded, Jr., Houston Juniors Tom Armstrong Adams, Brenham James William Crutcher, Mineral Wells Howard Birch Dies, Leander Joe Fenley Flack, Galveston Dan Jefferson Harrison. Houston James Hans Helland, San Antonio Pat Earl Hooks, HJ, Atasca Grady Sylvester McCarter, Jr., Galveston Ewing Sinks McLarty, Jr., Galveston John Wilburn M( Reynolds. Austin Gifford Cleveland Parker, Tulsa, Okla. Delbert Lee Powell, Tyler Frank Thomas Rea, Longview Rom Rhorae. Austin Joseph James Roberts, Tyler William Lee Rudd. Waskom Goodhue Wilson Smith, Waco John Thomas Steen, San Antonio Thomas Davis Stribling, Waco Joe Harlan Tooley. El Paso John Blaine Williams, Houston Sophomores Jack Forrester Browder, Groesbeck ' Robert Francis Brown, Austin John Thomas Crowley, Houston David Wynn Cunningham, Jr.. Houston Walter Driver, El Paso William Andrew Ecklund, Houston Charles Robert Finlayson, Tyler Lloyd Jefferson Gregory. Houston James Stathan Huff. El Paso Jay York Jones, Austin David Burks Kultgen, Waco Branch Coleman Lipscomb, Lockhart Jack Montie Mack. Tyler Paul Leonard Pearson, Wichita Falls Virgil Bernard Pettigrew, Wichita Falls Walton Simpson Roberts, Tyler Arthur Clyde Sellers, Del Rio Jimmie Hannaford Smith, San Antonio Freshmen John Heflin Baker. Houston Hines Holt Baker, Jr., Houston Harris Hutcheson Bass, Austin James Knox Bivins, Longview Thomas Jones Caldwell, Houston George Arthur Clarke, Houston William Howell Cocke, Houston Robert Charles Connor, Fort Worth Charles Bell Dewees, Fort Worth John Peyton Dewey, Dallas Francis Gilmer Harmon, Dallas Mark Leonard Lemmon, Dallas Robert Lee Parker, Tulsa, Okla. Richard William Rogers, Fort Worth Robert Ashland Shepherd, Jr., Houston Pci 191 GEORGE EDSON FERAY Feray, Darby, Campbell, McCollam, K. Wood, Ware. Morelos, Oualline, Roelkey, Lichte, Everett, Davis. Logue, Bundy, Priour, Whitman, Kean, Denman. Perkins, Ivey, B. Wood, Overton, Tucker, Rust. Beadle, Fleming, Cotterell, Wolford, Mullins, Barber. J. Hamilton, Rieck, Lytle, A. Hamilton, Traxler, Brooks. Arnold, Mason, Shytles, Horton, Martin, Johnson. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA OFFICERS High Alpha GEORGE EDSON FERAY High Beta LLO YD GATES RUST, JR. High Gamma MORRIS AUSTIN BROOKS High Tau BEN PITTMAN DENMAN FACULTY R. C. ANDERSON Instructor in Chemistry CURTIS J. ALDERSON Instructor in Physical Education S. N. EKDAHL Instructor in Physical Education J. ANDERSON FITZGERALD Dean of the School of Business Administration P. J. GARBER Assistant Professor of Business Administration SCOTT GAINES Attorney for University Lands PACE 192 5 5 F ? + , West Tu-entY- first MEMBERS Graduate Clyde Cecil Logue. Jr., San Antonio Seniors Morri Autin Brooks, Brownwood Ben Pittman Denman. Brownwood Douglas Roper Johnson, Smithville Judd Hamner Oualline. Conroe Harry Mauri, e Shytles. Jr., Waco Bertram Oliver Wood, San Angelo x nj Year Laics Richard Read Barber. Dallas Lloyd Gate Ru-t. Jr.. Wharton First Year Lotus Charles Ruv--ll Davis. Clayton Jame Addison Darby. Montgomery Francis Durr Roelkey. Houston Ralph W. W " ilson. San Angelo Juniors Kenneth Bert Arnold, Houston Herbert J. Beadle. Jr.. Austin James Starley Campbell. Jr., Weatherford William James Cotterell, Houston Marshall Lee Everett, Lampasas George Edson Feray. Beaumont Walton C. Fleming, Jr.. Houston James Hughie Horton. Tyler Andrew Benjamin Lytle, Jr., Dallas Clifford Ellis McCollam, Dallas Richard Stewart Mason, Newton Highlands, Mass. William Stanley Mullins. Port Neches ' Tillman Porcher Perkins, Longview James Patterson Rieck. Roosevelt Ralph Newton Trailer, Jr., Port Neches James Jefferson Tucker. Jr.. Austin Ralph Garrison Whitman. Pasadena, Texas Kenneth Cecil Wood, La Ward Sophomores Arthur Girard Hamilton. Jr.. San Antonio James Edward Kean. Dallas Carl Laurent Lichte, Cleburne James Watson Martin, Kerrville Zaragoza Jorge Morelos, Mexico City, D. F. Robert Carter Overton, Jr., Cleveland AllxTt Marion WolforH. MrKinney Freshmen James Owen Banahan, Houston Stanton Scofield Bundy, Jr., Roosevelt John Max Hamilton, Ml. Pleasant James Ray Ivey. Austin David Dale McMaster, Slippery Rock, Penn. Harlan Dale Priour, Ingram PACK in ANDREW ZILKER THOMPSON Prendergast, Thompson, R. Hunter, Munnell, LaRoche. Wynne. Dennie, Williams. Howard, Wells, Bow- man, Hulsey. J. Hunter, Gar wood, Bishop, Bugbee, Monning. Jordan. Seay. F. Gannon, Joe Russell, G. Hemming- son, C. Gannon, Worsham. Cox. Blanken- beckler. Park, Smith. J. Hemmingson, Campbell, Bell, Maxson, Morrill. Storey, Andeck. Houseman, Baker, Snod- grass, John Russell, Leftwich. PHI DELTA THETA OFFICERS President Warden Secretary Housemanager ANDREW ZILKER THOMPSON FRANK LEE SNODCRASS JULIAN CONSTANTINE LAROCHE THOMAS LUCIAN MORRILL EUGENE C. BARKER . ROY BEDICHEK . D. B. CASTEEL . KENNETH C. DAVIS . FRANK L.JEWETT . CHARLES T. McCoRMiCK E. T. MILLER ROBERT W. STAYTON A.W.WALKER . FACULTY Professor of American History Director of Bureau of Public School Extracurricular Activity Professor of Zoology Professor of Law Instructor in Bible Dean of the School of Law Professor of Economics Professor of Law Professor of Law PACE 194 411 West Twenty-third MEMBERS Seniors Andrew Andeck. Des Moines. Iowa Frank Alderson Blankenbeckler. Austin F.dwin Lochridge Cox. Dallas Geoige Theodore Hemmingson. Dallas Riter Carrol Hulsey. Forney Ray Peyton Hunter. Dallas Frank Lee Snodgrass. Coleman Andrew Zilker Thompson. San Antonio ear Lam. Benjamin Prater Monning. Amarillo Thomas Lucian Morrill. Beeville First Year Lairs Clair Hildreth Cannon. Dallas George Prendergast. Jr.. Marshall Buck Jim Wynne. Jr.. Wills Point Juniors Robert Henry Baker. Houston Webster Bishop. HI. Dallas Frederick Gilbough Gannon. Dallas Henry Grady Jordan. Austin Julian Constantine LaRoche. Dallas Hugh Emmett Munne.ll. Dallas Roger Naylor. Houston David Riggs Park. Houston Houston Wallace Pratt, Frijole John William Russell. Jr.. Fort Worth John McReynolds Seay, Dallas Horace Bestor Williams. Waco Sophomores Jerry Arch Bell. Austin Robert Fariss Campbell. Houston James Lemuel Hemmingson. Dallas Donelson Marion Houseman. Dallas William Duncan Howard. Waco Snowden Marshall Leftwich. Dallas Charles Porter Storey. Dallas Jean Mills Worsham. Houston Freshmen ' Robert Hardy Bowman. Austin Thomas Kirkpatrick Broad. Dallas ' James McKean Bugbee, Jr., Houston ' Robert Franklin Dennie. Jr.. Dallas Calvin Baxter Garwood, Jr.. Brownsville John Graeme Hunter. Dallas ' Richard Dan Maxson. Austin ' Joe Holt Russell. Houston ' Alfred Smith. Jr.. Austin ' William Wells. Terrell PACE 195 WILLIAM BUCK ARNOLD PHI GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS President WILLIAM BUCK ARNOLD Recording Secretary KENNETH DALE SEIBERT Treasurer ROBERT MICHAEL MARTIN, JR. Corresponding Secretary WILLIAM KALAR CLARK Historian JAMES GRADY BLANCHETTE FACULTY H. C. GILSTRAP Assistant Football Coach THEODORE HORNBERCER Professor of English JETHRO A. MEEK Tutor in English GERALD M. STAFFORD Instructor in Geology BERRY WHITAKER Director of Men ' s Intramurals Lott, Self, Thompson, Walsh, Seibert, Martin. Kinney, Cullum, Heiser, Sharpless, Jinkins, Weatherford. Schneider, Moore, P. Miller, T. Arnold, Ney, Dwyer. McCaul, Watson, E. Bishop. Schocll- kopf, Rice. Swanson. Creer, Johnson, Thomas, Woodward, Bridges, Schleyer. J. Bishop, Bradfield, Price. Borden, Buaas, Smith. Powell, W. T. Campbell, Tyrell, S. Miller, Hall, Cehring. Greig, Wolfe, McAllister, Clark, Blanch- ette, Tewell, Murray. W. R. Campbell, Sponsel, McHard, Kennedy, Sailer, Hamilton, W. Arnold. PACE 196 300 West Tuenty-sei-enth MEMBERS Graduate Robert Harris Heiser, Dallas Seniors Guy Borden, San Antonio William Kalar Clark. San Antonio Wendell Edwin Hall, Port Arthur Paul Bcntalet Miller. Jr., Houston Homer John Moore. Jr.. Houston Joseph Yancey Powell, Jr., Houston FurnM Allison Sailer, Kerrville Hugo William Schoellkopf, Jr., Dallas Kenneth Dale Seibert, Houston Robert Hitchcock Sharpless, Port Arthur William Wallace Swanson, Washington. D. C. Second Year Laws Edmond Martin Bishop, Jr., Houston Killough King Smith. Jr., Fort Worth First Year Laus William Buck Arnold, Houston Robert Michael Martin. Jr.. Brownwood Gerald Edward Self, Midland Henry Stude Walsh, Houston Juniors John Webster Bishop, Houston James Grady Blanchette, Dallas Thomas Walling Bradfield, Austin Wallace Russell Campbell, Houston Landon Haynes Cullum, Jr., Wichita Falls Paul Bennett Greig, Jr., St. Paul, Minn. Gerald Nicholson McAllister, San Antonio Winburn Dale Martin, Oklahoma City, Okla. Robert Vincent Murray, Austin Thomas Emil Price, Cincinnati, Ohio Robert Ewing Raney, Dallas Robert Charlton Thompson, Dallas Robert Searcy Watson. Houston Sophomores Robert Rawlins Bridges, Fort Worth ' William Todd Campbell, Houston William Grave Dwyer, Houston Herman Fred Gehring, Houston John Bachman Greer, Waco William Norman Hamilton, Dallas Julius Luther Jinkins. Jr.. Galveston William Parks Johnson, Jr., Wimberly William George Kinney, Austin Terry Fort Krey, St. Paul. Minn. Hubert Leslie. Wichita Falls James Addington McCaul, Fort Worth Otis Schleyer, New Braunfels Charles Raymond Schneider, Dallas ' Howard Earlington Tewell, Jr., Edinburg Paul Woodward, Wichita Falls Thane Tyler Sponsel, Duluth, Minn. Sam Hardin Weatherford. Fort Worth Freshmen Thomas Oren Arnold, Houston Daniel Phillips Bolin, Wichita Falls ' Howard Buass, Austin Charles Garrett, San Antonio John Franklin Kennedy, Dallas Augustus Lawrence Lott, Dallas Samuel Everett McHard, Jr., Houston Sunny Miller, Austin John Colby Ney, St. Louis, Mo. William Elmore Rice, Houston Milton Gayle Thomas, Jr., Dallas Thomas Halbert Tyrell, Waco Robert Cobb Williams, Dallas Lake McGalliard Wolfe, San Antonio Pici 197 _ LELAND THOMPSON. JR. Oberg, Weston, Thompson, Shimeall, Keyes, Brooks. Rush, Jewell, Schramm, Dillon, Jenkins, Sheppard. Browder, Wooten, Carrett, Hay ward. Cox, Pace. Giisham, Petei on, Inks, Carvey, Ken- dall, Johnson. Hoi man. Baxter, Barker, R. Bryant , Griffin, Turner. Officer, Remick, Malone, Ramon, W. Bryant, Miller. Jones, G. Flowers, L. Flowers, Nichol- son, Jacob, Vineyard. Bryan, Eades, Guleke, Teasdale, Gam- brell, Ealand. PACE 198 PHI KAPPA PSI OFFICERS President LELAND THOMPSON, JR. Vice-President CLINT PACE Recording-Secretary HOLT MALONE Corresponding Secretary ARTHUR CLYDE NICHOLSON Treasurer JAMES TALLEY Cox FACULTY W. H. BRENTLINGER Assistant Professor of Psychology H. V. CRAIG Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics E. E. HALE Professor of Economics ]. L. HENDERSON Professor of Secondary Education Gus HODGES Assistant Professor of Law C. P. PATTERSON Professor of Government O. D. WEEKS Professor of Government 1710 Colorado MEMBERS - liars William Randolph Bryant, Sherman Leo John Peterson. Amarillo James Taller Cox, Temple Richard Caleb Davis, Austin Leslie Doak Flowers, Jr., t valde ' Jack Blane Giberson, Austin Charles Henry Griffin. Austin George Hiram Jewell, Jr.. Fort Worth William Russell Johnston, Fort Worth Holt Malone. Dallas Arthur Clyde Nicholson, Dallas Paul Clyde Oberg, Houston Clint Pace, Vernon Felipe Victor Ramon. Mirando Gty Alfred Edgar Shepperd. Cladewater Leland Thompson, Dallas Fred John Weston, Houston Graduates Albert Edward Hayward. Jr. Amarillo David Brear Remick. Austin Marshall Foch Wells. Wellington Second Year Laics John Crouder Carrey. Austin George DeWitt Jacob, Jr_ Houston First Year Law Scranton Boulware Jones, Fort Worth Juniors Leon Wakefield Brooks, Dallas Arch Vernon Bryan, Amarillo Randolph Bryant, Jr., Sherman Bill Niles Browder, Amarillo Clifford Brien Dillon, Amarillo Jack Garrett, Dallas Leon Magil Grisham, Fort Worth James Seewald Guleke, Amarillo Tom Bugbee Holman. Jr.. Amarillo Jim Moss Inks, Austin Joe Barry Kendall, Houston John Humphrey Keyes, Jr., Tulsa, Okla. Herbert George Officer, Tulsa, Okla. James A very Rush, Jr., Amarillo Texas Edward Schramm, Jr., San Gabriel, Calif. Kermit Wayne ShimealL, Houston Edd Royal Turner, Jr.. Houston Roy Leonard Vineyard, Amarillo Sophomores " George Watts Flowers. Uvalde William Mooney Gambrell. Austin Sterling Huff Johnson, Amarillo William Kerr Teasdale, Me Allen David Raworth Williams. Austin Freshmen David Edward Barker. Austin Murphy Hollis Baxter, Dallas Fred Ahreos Ealand. Dallas Ralph Fulton. Wellington Charles Tarleton Jenkins, Amarillo Richard Louis Miller. Houston John William Petrovich. Alhambra, Calif. 199 PHI KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS Alpha Seta . Sigma Upsilon Tau . EDWARD BURTON WINN WILLIAM ROLFE PENLAND CARL HEREFORD WILLIAM CON NELL CAWTHON FLOYD WILLIAM HOLDER, JR. FACULTY EDWARD BURTON WINN CHAKLF.S FLINN ARROW OOD ARTHUR L. BRANDON L. L. CLICK .... ROBERT CRAWFORD COTNER I)H. JOHN A. CROCKETT . C. C. GLASCOCK. . . . C. R. CRANBERRY CHARLES W. HACKETT . DR. HAKKY L. KLOTZ W. E. METZENTHIN ARNO NOWOTNY HERBERT WHITWELL UNDERWOOD Professor of Education Director of Public Relations Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Instructor in History Associate Physician Professor of Roman ce Languages Professor of Electrical Engineering Professor of Latin- American History Associate Physician Professor of Germanic Languages Assistant Dean of Men Professor of Naval Science and Tactics Patterson, Holder, Cal dwell, Hackett, Stewart, Winn, Cayton. Wyont, Harrison, Klein, Zimmermann, Leslie, Hereford, Eidson. Klaerner, Cawthon, Jackson, Rankin, Wackcr, Frymire. Kimbrough. Carl, R. Bowers, Rogers, Oliver, Lawley, Penland, Graham, Lutnian. Sims, McMillan, Bryeon, Paul Anderson, Owen, Sanderson, Abeel , M. Bowers. Hubby, Lemon, Hines, Cotner, Pay ton Anderson, Allen, Coleman, Parrish. ! PACE 200 711 West 22% MEMBERS Seniors John Bennett Bryson. Bastrop Charles Wilson Hai kelt. Jr.. Austin William Thomas Harrison. Bonham Curtis Maurice Klaerner, San Antonio Daniel Saul Lumian. Austin Rufus Walker Oliver. Groesbeck William Rolfe Penland. Dallas Charles Earl Sanderson. Austin Truman Hubert Sims, Jr., San Angelo Robert Stewart, Port Arthur Graduates James Stewart Allen. Austin Thomas E. Cotner. Dallas Albert Gorman Hubby. Jr., Waco First Year Laics A. W. Patterson. Dallas Edward Burton Winn. Dallas Juniors Paul Donald Anderson, Midland Maiey Hardin Bowers, Breckenridge ' Robert Evans Bowers, Breckenridge " John Henry Bowman, Goldthwaite John Gillis Carl, Waco Van Craddock Cayton, Groesbeck Jack Leigh Eidson, Houston Kermit Frymire, New Orleans, La- Carl Hereford, Dallas Floyd William Holder, Jr., Breckenridge William Lawley, Groesbeck Charles Duncan McMillan, Athens John August Wacker, Jr., Bartlett Sophomores Don Starr Caldwell, Mexia William Connell Cawthon. Paris William Robert Fuge, Jr., Austin Ernest Walter Jackson, Jr., Austin William Duke Kimbrough. Midland Tom Marshall Lemon. Austin Peter Prince Parrish, Downers Grore, III Henry Hudson Rogers, Austin Barrett Houston Wyont, Jr., Austin Freshmen James Neilson AbeeL, Waco Payton Victor Anderson, Midland James Lafayette Col em an. Cameron John Wayne Graham. Houston Cletas Ray Hines, Midland Teddy Alex Klein, Tomball Thomas Robert Leslie, Jr., Milford Jack Edward Owen, Marlin John Wallace Rankin. Fort Worth David Kenneth Smith, Marlin William Florian Zimmermann, Austin ; . i ; : PHI SIGMA DELTA Master Prater . Vice-Master Frater Secretary .... Treasurer . OFFICERS JAMES MORRIS KALLISON THEODORE NUSSBAUM MARKS BEN HANDELMAN Louis CHARLES LECHENGER JAMES MORRIS KALLISON Tallal, Spitzer, A. Marks, Lipper. Goldman. M. Levy, M. Marks, Susholtz, Mayers, Weiss. Handelman, Ripps, Nast, Calewsky, Plcttman. Joseph, Kallison, Gar finkle, Freundlich, Witz. Mogelson, L. Levy, Dover, Vexler, Friedman. Golding, T. Marks, Hirsch, H. Levy, Blum. Lechenger, Weingarten, Block, Hoffman, Weil, Klar. PACE 202 2626 Speedway MEMBERS Seniors Albert Friedman, Houston Sylvan Henry Golding, Spur Ben Handelman. Marlin James Morris Kallison. San Antonio Harry Robert Levy. Dallas Alvin Jerome Marks, Corsicana Myron Bergson Marks, Marshall Theodore Xu.ssbaum Marks, Dallas Maurice Daniel Nast, Corpus Christi Leonard Sheldon Spitzer. Oak Park, 111. David Aaron Witz. Denison Juniors Lawrence Harold Blum, Beaumont Felix B. Goldman, Jr., Dallas Joe Wiseman Hirsch, Marshall Edmund Myer Hoffman, Oklahoma City, Okla. Louis Charles Lechenger, Houston Lester Arnold Levy, Dallas Joseph Ellis Mogelson, Amarillo Joseph Joseph Tallal, Dallas Bernhard Weil, Corpus Christi Sophomores Richard Edward Block, Dallas Frank Lipper Dover, Beaumont Jay Bernard Joseph, Dallas Herman Klar, Dallas Bill Alvin Ripps, San Antonio Adolph Otis Susholtz, Houston Bernard Louis Weingarten, Houston Freshmen Thomas Freundlich, Jr., Houston Ed win Morris Galewsky, Beaumont Irving Leon Garfinkle, San Antonio ' Milton Philip Levy, Jr., Dallas ' William George Lipper, Dallas Joel Mikel Mayers, Coleman ' Stanley Robert Plettman, Port Arthur ' Marvin Vexler, San Antonio ' Joseph Tully Weiss, Dallas Pici 203 JOHN CLARKE ROBERTS Perry, R. Jackson, Umstattd, Wol f , Franklin, Lyons. C. Camp, Burton, Hammack, R. C. Jackson, Hargis, Stacy. R. McNutt, Lucius, Strickland, David- son, Norman, Whiteman. Wiens, Mobley, R. Camp, Boren, Moore, Scruggs. Freeman, Rash, Roberts, Durham, Al- mand, Nelson. Hershey, Mullen, Price, Marshal 1 , Binney, Tucker. W. Adams, Davis. Felder, J. McNutt, Kremer, Clegg. McAlmon, Kelly, Weller, Feuille, Low- rey, McCaldin. Grady, Gump, Humphrey, C. Adams, Long, Stout, Hi 1 burn. PACE 204 PI KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary JOHN CLARKE ROBERTS JAMES PATRICK WOLF WYATT THOMAS NORMAN FACULTY L. THEO. BELLMONT Director of Physical Training JOT Men Gus K. EIFLER Instructor in Geology L. W. PAYNE, JR Professor of English C. M. MONTGOMERY Professor of Romance Languages O -f f-wn wi 1712 Rio Grande MEMBERS Graduate Lloyd Alvine Nelson, Jr., El Paso Seniors Collins Maxey Burton, Su Louis, Mo. Zack Lamar Felder, Dallas Robert Vernon Hammack, Paris Donovan Hershey, El Paso Marvin Benson Hilburn. Jr., Lubbock Richard Eugene Jackson, El Paso Robert Clay Prim Jackson, El Paso Pat D. Lowry. El Paso Ray Everett McNutt, El Paso Robert Roberts Rash. Austin John Clarke Roberts, San Antonio James Harry Scruggs, Jr., Roscoe Joe L. Tucker, Jr., Alto Second Year Laws Richard Harlan Feuille. El Paso James Patrick Wolf, San Antonio First Year Laws Schuyler Marshall, El Paso Wyatt Thomas Norman, Rusk Juniors William Adams, Alice Jack Bernard Boren. Dimmitt Glenn Elmer Camp, Jr., El Paso Rodney Jason Camp, San Antonio Robert Carey Davidson, Austin Peter Brice Durham, Austin James Freeman, Union, Miss. Harry Anthony Gump, Dallas Lawrence Nicholas Kremer, Houston Frank Joseph Lyons, El Paso Peter Wyatt McAlmon, El Paso James Franklin Moore, Dallas James Parker, Greenville James McNutt Umslattd, Austin Sophomores ' William Currie Almand. Laredo ' Charles Binney, Arlington ' Washington Irvin Davis. Jr., Center Sol Franklin, Jr., El Paso John Francis Grady, El Paso John Arlington Harpis. Nacogdoohes ' Briltain Humphrey, Dallas Arthur Benjamin Kelly, Dallas Gilbert Charles Ledvard. Dallas Sam James Wallis Long, Mexico City, D. F. John Joseph Lucius, Austin Sophomores ' James Oeland McCaldin, San Antonio ' Wilford Reagan Mobley, San Antonio ' John Jackson Perry, Jr., Sweetwater Robert Lee Reddin, Austin ' Lamar Strickland, Griffin, Ga. Burton Watson, Buda Freshmen ' Cyrus Orr Adams, Alice ' Jake Barnes Clegg, Trinity Joe Malcolm McNutt, El Paso ' Robert Raymond Mullen, Alice ' Charles Wesley Price, Jr., Alice ' Clifford Eli Stacy, Alice Joe Henry Stout, Sherman William Thornhill, Nacogdoches Daniel Lee Ward, Ingleside Paul Whiteman, Jr., Hollywood, Calif. Walter Jack Wiens, Dallas IKE SIMPSON KAMPMANN, JR. Adkins, B. Frost, Brownlee, C. Frost, Tucker, Hammer. Moroncy, Thompson, Benedict, Platter, Schmid, Parker. Thomas, Rogers, L. Griffith, DuBose, Small, Winter. Hebdon, Harman, Hunt, Clark, Buck, Fulmore. Tittle, Dale, Rivers, Wilson, Abraham, Ernest. Jennings, Charlton, Pace, Hardwickc, Wallace, Holmes. Bell, Cook, Miller, Kritser, Bellows, Hopkins. Clayton. Winkler, Lyle, Glenn, Hill, Flewellen. Hudson, Monteith, Kuykendall, Orsinger, Nail, Crawford. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON OFFICERS Eminent Archon IKE SIMPSON KAMPMANN, JR. Eminent Deputy Archon RICHARD CURTIS HUDSON Eminent Recorder ALBERT JAMES HOPKINS Eminent Treasurer HERBERT LINGO PLATTER, JR. FACULTY C. AUBREY SMITH . JAMES BLANTON WHAREY Professor of Accounting Professor of English ft ft C V PACE 206 509 West Twenty-sixth MEMBERS Seniors Frank Frederick Bell, III. Dallas Robert Bartow Cousins, Austin William Sereme Crawford, Dallas Richard Edwin Ernst. Houston Jack Fant. El Paso Cyrus Burlt on Frost. Jr.. East land Robert Benjamin Glenn, Amarillo Lloyd Allen Hammer. Jr.. Houston Richard Curtis Hudson, Houston John Stuart Hunt, Dallas npson Kampmann, Jr_ San Antonio Tom Moylan Kritser. Amarillo Roger L nn Kuykendall. Lubbock James McQueen Moroney, Jr., Dallas Daniel Parker Pace, Houston Herbert Lingo Platter. Jr.. Austin Terrell Jackson Small. Austin 1aury Gano Tucker. Dallas Frederick William Winkler, Jr.. Houston Francis Jordan Winter. Houston Graduates William Hopue Cousins, Austin Billy Cyrus Frost, Eastland Second Year Laws John Samuel Wallace. Austin John Ross Wilson, Dallas First Year Laws Henry Levi Adkins, Jr_ Amarillo ' Charles Dana Butts. Wichita Fall- John Allen Grambling. El Paso Julius Leonidas Lybrand. Greenville Rayburn Marion Nail, Sherman ' Armstrong de Rouhlac Prescott. Houston ' Oscar Scott Rogers. Henderson Juniors Frank Williams Bellows, Houston John Houghton Brownlee, Jr.. Austin Warren Alfred Dale, Jr., Houston Sterling Robertson Fulmore, Jr.. Austin Edward Greer Hardwicke, Fort Worth Albert James Hopkins, Temple James Roger Jennings, Peoria, DL George Eugene Judson. San Antonio ' Hugh Thomas Lyle, Shamrock Charles Gunther Orsinger, San Antonio ' William Howard Rivers, Elgin Walter Amsdale Schmid, Jr., Fort Worth Charles Leon Stephens, Fort Worth ' Ernest Randolph Thompson, Sherman Sophomores Franklin Marsh BelL Tyler ' Harry Yandell Benedict, Austin H. Jay DuBose. Belton Wilbur Carl Flewellen, Belton Charles Coleman Griffith. Austin Robert Adlia Harman. Jr.. San Antonio John Luke Hill. Kilgore Roy Willis Holmes, Shamrock ' Charles Homberger. Austin Vrnon Livingston Miller, Houston ' Earie North Parker. Fort Worth Jack Caldwell Hebdon, San Antonio Rosroe Thomas, San Antonio Robert Raymond Wortham, Fort Worth Freshmen ' Frank Thomas Abraham, Tyler ' Raymond Elliot Buck, Fort Worth ' William Conde Charlton, Dallas ' Orlin Hoyd Clark, Houston ' John Bunyan Clayton, Greenville ' Carroll Clarke Cook, Austin ' Richard James Cough 1 in, Minot, N. D. ' Llewellyn Brooks Griffith, Austin ' Edgar Wilson Monteith, Houston ' Joseph Roman Pelich, Fort Worth ' Robert Charles Tittle, Wichita Falls _ T ROBERT MAURICE ALTERMAN Altertnan, Heller, Crystal, Strauss, Mesinger, D. Novy, Sidney Mellinger. Herring, Gertz, Budow, Potash, Reich, Kaliff, Donzis. H. Novy, Schaen field. Levy, Cordon, Ravel, Albert, Goldfarb. Jacobs, M. Lemmons, Samuel Mellinger, Gilbert, Goidl. Miller, Blaugrund. Sylvan Mellinger, Travis, R. Lemmons, Shanker, Roddy, Wood, Ravicz. Massman. Oppenheimer, Wolf, Fichten- baum, Lynch, Simon, Hart. SIGMA ALPHA Ml] OFFICERS Prior .... Vice-Prior . Recorder Exchequer . AARON SCHAFFER . ROBERT MAURICE ALTERMAN MAURICE AARON LEMMONS BERNARD IRVING BUDOW ARTHUR MANUEL MILLER FACULTY Professor of Romance Languages I PACI 208 Y J f l 1919 Robbins Place MEMBERS Seniors Roliert Maurice Alterman. San Antonio Meyer Chaiken. Kansas City. Mo. William David Goldfarb. El Paso Stanley Er ing Gordon. El Paso Maurice Aaron Lemmons. Ozona Harold Gilbert Levy. El Paso E.iuard Lafaye Massman. Beaumont Sidney Mel linger. Big Spring S Ivan Mellinger. Merkel Arthur Manuel Miller. Fort Worth Robert Simon Ravicz. San Antonio William Nathan Roddv. Waco Juniors Richard Melvin Albert. Dallas Bernard Irving Budow. San Antonio Melvin Harvard Crystal. Caldwell Morton G. Fichtenbaum. Austin Irving Sir Goidl. Dallas Heller Morton. Wichita. Kans. illiam Bernard Potash. El Paso Gene Philip Ravel. Austin Harry A. Wood. Jr.. Waco Sophomores Morton Leonard Blaugrund. El Paso Jerome Milton Donzis. San Antonio Melvin Harold Gertz. Tyler Harold Stanley Gilbert. Houston Earl Leonard Herring. Amarillo Mendel Selig Kaliff. San Antonio Bert Gerald Lynch. Louisville. Ky. ' Samuel Marvin Mellinger, Big Spring Herbert Mesinger. Galveston Dave Howard Novy. Austin Harold Cyril Novy. Austin ' Bernard Wolf Shaenfield. San Antonio Philip Wolf. Tyler freshmen ' Henry- Simon Hart, Fort Worth ' Elliott Arnold Jacobs, Beaumont ' Robert Daniel Lemmons, Ozona ' James Amstater Oppenheimer. El Paso ' Maurice L. Reich. Sweetwater ' Benjamin Shanker, Wewoka, Okla. ' Moise Harold Simon, Bay City ' Melvin Stekoll. Austin ' Theodore Henry Strauss. Stamford ' Richard Sandow Travis. Tulsa, Okla. -! . ' - LESLIE A. THOMPSON, III McComb, Beeler, Murta, Den man, Thompson, Church. Miin. Ebner, Leonard, Luckett, Hollo- way, Coke. Cannon, Keenan, Towner, McDowell, Jones, Coley. Fox, Graham, Allison, McNamee, Mas- ters, Eckert. Greiner, Slothower, Merkt, Salnikov, Karlen, Abbott. West, Sandstedt, McTier, Allen, Gay, Veinor. Goodman, Gillette, Me Knight, Garner, Brodhead, McCarty. Simmons, Titus, Goldsmith, Nolen, Carroll, E. Colvin. J. Colvin. Graves, Randall, Wood, Byars, Woolr] ridge, Legg. SIGMA CHI OFFICERS Consul Pro Consul Annotator Quaestor Magister LESLIE A. THOMPSON, III JAMES LESTER RANDALL JOHN BYRON ECKERT ROBERT CARNAL CHURCH EDWARD O ' MEARA GARDNER FACULTY B. B. CARSTARPHEN Instructor in English A. E. COOPER Professor of Applied Mathematics A. P. FINCH Professor of Civil Engineering JACK GRAY Basketball Coach HUGH McMATH Assistant Professor of Architecture J. W. MOORE Professor of Law PACE 210 14 Weft Tnent -ffif nth MEMBERS GraJmates Ernest Edward Merkt. Wichita Falls Pat Murta, Tulsa, Okla. Robert Erie Payne. Midland Seniors William Presrott Allen. Jr.. Laredo Robert Carnal Church, Houston Henry Eugene Cline, Wichita Falls Gilbert Morgan Den man, Jr., San Antonio Edward O ' Meara Gardner, Carrizo Springs William Edward Greiner. Dallas Alfred E. Luckett, San Angelo Kay Marsene Nolen. Hemphill Robert ' an Osdell West, Jr.. Tulsa, Okla. Second Year Lam ' -.oldsmith. Midland Pleasant Fowler Graves, Jr., Houston Wallace Newton Masters, Wichita Falls First Year Laus John Byron Eckert. Mason Frank Wells McTier. El Paso John Leonard Sandstedt. College Station Leslie A, Thompson. Tulsa. Okla. Juniors John Terrell Allison. Kingsville Richard Maxwell Beeler, Topeka, Kan-. James Ralph Byars, Bay City Thomas Harold Coley, Jr.. Houston Oscar Tom Ebner, Houston Gene Carl Goodman, Dallas James Bedford Holloway, Houston William Townsend Keenan. Houston John Rogers McCarty. Wichita Falls Lester James Randall, Mart Perry Marshall Simmons, Baytown ' Russel LaRue ' ernor, Jr., Beaumont Sophomores Howard Brodhead. Ill, Gainesville Robert Camp Coke, Dallas Jay Wallace Colvin, Houston ' Norman Wurzbach Eckhardt. Austin Billy Mundell Gay, Wichita Falls Fred Bowyer Gillette, Dallas Earl Everett Jones, Houston Earl May-field Leonard, Gainesville David Andrew Reeves, Caldwell Joe Neil Russell, Royse City John Edward Slothower, Colorado Springs, Colo. Jack Austin Titus, Dallas John Harding Towner, San Antonio Freshmen Dan Emanuel Abbott, Vernon Ernil Ira Carroll, Trinity Ellis Bernard Colvin, Houston Willoughby Brooke Fox, New Orleans, La. John Payne Gannon, Houston John Philip Graham, Austin Dale Alfred Karlen, Hammond, Ind. Reagan Houston Legg, Kaufman Austin Berkley McComb, Conroe Louis Sanborn McDowell. Austin Joe Webb McKnight, San Angelo Gerry Goodyear McNamee, Hammond, Ind. Ronald R. Mitchell, Denver, Colo. William Ivan Salnikov. Tulsa, Okla. Edward Ainslie Wood, Dallas Donald Price Wooldridge, Gainesville FA:I LLOYD MILLAR!) BKNTSKN, JR. Newman, Douglas. Church. Rice, L. Bentsen, Frankstone. Tayloe, McDonald, Puls, Rhodes, Field, Williamson. Adams, Goodwin, Sleineger, Street, Mast, Foulds. Purduin, Gay, Hoi stein. El rod, Moore, Lea. Tatum, Branon, Chase, Reid, I). Bent- sen, Corrigan. Scott, Sheffield, Uhl, Mitchell, Norman, Vaughan. Majors, Spilman, Burke, Boyd, Sanders, Goodwin. Thompson, Porter, Judge, Clark, Higgins, Cole, Eason. SIGMA NU OFFICERS Eminent Commander Lieutenant Commander Recorder Treasurer LLOYD MH.LARD BENTSEN, JR. ADLAI TRAVIS MAST. JK. ARTHUR GUSTAVE UHI., JH. HAYUEN Louis McDoNAi.o FACULTY MALCOLM COLBY HENRY G. DAMON GEORGE FANCHER EUGENE PAUL SCHOCH VERNON TRUETT SCHUHAROT Professor of Physics Assistant Professor of Geology Professor of Petroleum Engineering Professor of Chemistry Associate Professor of Botany (in I Bacteriology PACE 212 214 Archnay MEMBERS Graduate - :i Houston Field. Mission Sexton Lloyd Millard Bentsen. Jr.. Mission William Carlton Church, Jr.. San Antonio Hamlin Kennedy Elrod. San Angelo Duncan Kilgore Foulds. Ontario. Canada Hayden Louis McDonald. San Antonio Robert Wiley Mitchell. Roswell. . Mex. James Edward Newman. Wichita Falls Bernie Roy Sanders, Harlingen Travis Moran Scott Haymondville J " -eph Gray Street San Antonio Juniors Bennett Branon. Corpus Christ! Ralph Raymond Chase. San Angelo George Foote Clark. Jr.. Nacogdoches Thomas Clinton Douglass. Jr., Corpus Christi Ed ward Raymond Frankstone, San Antonio Eugene Marvin Goodwin. Mission Hugh Bernard Higgins, San Antonio Edwin Pierce Lea, Houston Adlai Travis Mast Jr.. Nacogdoches Joseph Lee Reid. Jr.. Goose Creek Nixon Manning Rhodes. Corpus Christi ilson Armistead Tayloe. San Antonio Arthur Gustave Uhl, Jr.. San Antonio Sophomores John Lord Burke. Dallas George Hume Cofer, Austin John Harold Gilmer Eason. San Antonio Jackie Field. Mission Tom Holstein. Jr.. Le Ward Curtis Herbert Judge, Austin Charles Raleigh Porter. Jr.. Corpus Christi Robert Dean Rice. Tyler Charles Upton Sheffield. Austin Thomas Doak Vaughan. Bertram Freshmen Robert Martin Adams, Austin " Donald Lee Roy Bentsen, Mission William Hobart Boyd, Jr.. Indianapolis. Ind. Robert Napier Corrigan. San Antonio ' Jerry Falvey Gay. Memphis, Tenn. Sam Lee Majors. Jr., Colorado City Carl Leslie Moore. Jr.. Austin ' William Bernard Norman. Pocatello, Idaho ' William Leroy Puls. Seguin ' Shirley Lorenzo Purdum. Houston Wade Netzer Spilman. Mission ' Charles Frederick Steineger, Dallas ' John Corley Tatum. Corsicana ' James Earl Thompson. Tyler ' Richard Hughs Williamson, Austin 213 SIGMA PHI i:i ' !ill.ll Sigma . Vice-Sigma Tau Comptroller OFFICERS JOHN FOREST GREEN, JR. WILLIAM ISAAC LOFLAND JAMES DAVID BROWN JULIUS EMMET ZIEGELMEYER JOHN FOREST GREEN, JR. Staats, Standifer, Petet, Gaines, Green, Moore. Wiren, Ziegelmeyer, Hyder, Kimple, Felts, Hurlburt. Spain, Vickera, DeCeorge, Cook, Swen- 8on, Shumake. Rollins, Miles, Kleymeyer, Miller, Stone, Brown. Smith, Metcalf, Matthews, Frambach, Chambers, Powell. Osmond, Smolley, Lofland, Kirk, Me- Craw, Gossett. Clark. McCarty. Craig, Roger, Peacock, Dillard, Sandel. PACE 214 2610 Rio Grande MEMBERS James David Brown. Paris Jack Andrew Frambach, Houston William Zeta Gossett, Dallas Harvey Zeth Hurlbut, Ola. Ark. William Isaac Lofland, Rockwall Robert Louis Miles. Atlanta Joe Va! Peacock, Fort Worth Charles Floman Petet, Austin Arthur Louis Smalley, Jr., Houston Second Year Law Elton Marvin Hyder. Austin First Year Laws John Jerry McGraw, Fort Worth Julius Emmet Ziegelmeyer, Dallas Juniors Thomas Lansing Clark, Sunburst, Mont. Jack Louis Craig, Fort Worth John Forest Green, Jr., Hamlin Louie Trost Kimple, Dallas Pat McCarty, Abilene William Edward Matthews, Palestine Hugh Edward Metcalf, Houston Carl Edward Rogers, Duluth, Minn. Rhoten Alex Smith, Fort Worth Charles Hubert Standifer, Austin Sophomores ' Charles Landon Chambers, Austin Mirhael John DeGeorge, Houston Carl Emmet Dillard, Dilley ' James Martin Felts, Austin Jack Eugene Gaines, Sinton Don William Kirk, Jr., Kansas City, Mo. Robert Lambie Miller, Austin John Chambers Osmond, Upper Darby, Penn. Rufus Ernest Powell, Navasota George Charles Shumake, Wichita Falls Connie William Swenson, Austin Robert Brice Vickers, New Braunfels Jean Folke Wiren, New Paltz. N. V. Edwin William Staats, New Braunfels Freshmen Louis Allen Cockerham, Sinton James Edwin Guthrie, Paris Ralph Theodore Kleymeyer, Evansville, 111. Donald Russel Longnecker, Cleveland, Ohio Stewart Moore, Dallas Thomas Theodore Sandel, Austin James Anderson Spain, Dallas PACZ 21$ ALFRED SCHULMAN Schulman, Snyder, Weiner, Mincher, Zindler, Singer. Cersonsky, Wiener, M. Stool, Garonzik, Sam, Jacobs. Coldfield, Class, Kalish, Freedman, Cohen, W. Roosth. H. Greenberg, Gold, S. Greenberg, Rottenberg, Caplovilz, S. Roosth. Ladin, Levit, Sandgarten, Palmer, Kress. J. Stool, Eicoff, Kolodny, Kessel, Juran. Blum, Levin, Rubenstein, Lerner, Hoff- man. TAU DELTA PHI OFFICERS Consul ALFRED SCHULMAN Gustos SOL LEVIN Scribe ,...-.... MAX GOLDFIELD Quaestor BEN RUTTENBERG Quaestor MILTON KESSEL PA 216 706 West Ticfnty-sixth MEMBERS Leonard Swede Cersonsky. Willistown. X. D. Harry Lee Cold. Georgetown Harold Joseph Harris, Allis Edwin Milton Jacobs, Dallas Milton KessrL. Slaton Stanley Donald Robinson, San Antonio Alfred Sohulman. Bryan Chester Melvin Snyder, Austin Second Year Lines Sol Roosth, Tyler Frank Bernard Singer , Dalla First Year Laic Harold Bear Hoffman. Austin Juniors Alvin Eisoff. Lewiston. Mont. Herbert Garonzik. Harrisburg. Penn. Walter Glass. Austin Max Goldfield. Goose Creek Stanley Charles Kolodny, Brooklyn. X. Y. Sidney Ladin. Houston Sol Levin. Dallas Ben Ruttenberg. San Antonio Marcus Wiener. Robstown Sophomores Manuel Blum. Houston ' Milton Jerome Friedman. Houston lrwin Maury Goot, Houston Hersrbel Greenberp. Detroit, Mich. Dan Benjamin Juran. Houston Paul Jack Kalish, San Antonio Marvin Mayer Kress, Austin Julian Arthur Lerner, Galveston Milton Harris Levit, Houston Manuel Ir inp Palmer, LaG range Wiley Roosth. Tyler Julius Samuel Sandgarten, Elgin Sophomores Joseph Morris Stool, Del Rio Max Stool, Del Rio Charles Gabriel Weiner, Fort Worth Warren Mamko Zindler, Houston Freshmen Colernan Caplovitz. Houston Louie Cohen, Abilene Meyer Ansel Mincben, Houston Man-in David Rubenstein, Dallas Joe Sam. Houston _. T E J A S OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Business Manager W. PACE KEETON . HOWARD WILLIAM TOWNSEND JACKSON CEIVEKS HINDS CHARLES CULBERSON SANSOM, JR. ROY SHERRILL SHEFFIELD THOMAS MORROW REAVLEY FACULTY Assistant Dean of the School of Law Instructor in Speech I JACKSON CEIVERS HINDS J unell, Amundsen. Pay ton, Hat ten. Hinds. Scarborough, Cuenzel, Markward, Yza- guirre. Turner. Sheffield. Mahon. NichoU. McCarthy, Jones. Keeton, Sansom, Parham, Bowman, Loveleu. Miller, Currie, Habenicht, Reavley, Cofer. Shelton, Burtram, Everett, Cobbs. Wil- son. PACK 218 !% ?- T. . " 307 Wesl Twent -sixlh MEMBERS Seniors Robert FrrJ niund-n. Galmlon t-lil Arthur Bowman. Dallas Thorna Richard Casberg, Edinberg Crawford Joseph Cofer. Brownsville Rudolph Cuenzel, Harlingen Harold Cuido Habenicht. Fredericksburg William Edward Junell. Wichita Falls O. B. Parham, Jr.. Austin Homer Leon Pax ton. Austin Charles Culberson Sansom, Jr., Palestine Henry Herbert Scarborough, Jr., Palestine Joe Crisler Terrill, Jr., Au tin Carlton Ruel Terr)-, Talpa SOBMTI Johnny Frank Turner, Joshua Archer Killough Wilson, Jr.. Austin Second Year Lams John William Bartram. Mobeetie James Samuel Marion. Eastland First Year Lam Roger Murphy Gideon, Coleman Jackson Ceivers Hinds, Houston James Francis McCarthy. Dallas Thomas Morrow Reavley. Nacogdoches J union Stephen William Cobb, Dallas Stuart Dickson Currie, Austin ' William Charles Duesterhoeft. Au-tin William Edward Everett, Fort Worth Ralph Laurin Nichols, Austin Roy Sberrill Sheffield. Dalla., Robert Lewis Shelton, Jr.. Dallas l.auro Antonio Yzaguirre, McAllen Sophomores Robert Paine Bush, Dallas Roy Hatten. Eastland Theodore Lawrence Jones, Dallas ' Kenneth Hugh Keeton, Stamford Loyal Edwin Loveless, Jr., Stamford John Oliver Markward, Fort Worth Jack Ormand Miller, Dallas f ' A.I 21 _ FAKKKL KENNETH WAKEK Jacobs, Ahlgrimni. Cat la way, Glasi Drake, Platt. Failing, Dunran, Sheffield, Pike, F. Johnson, Cobb. Baker, Turner, Long, Bradley, Lee, Bratton. CMlton, Moore, Billingsley, E. Simms, M. Johnson, Ware. Babcock, Daniel, Thompson, Duncan, L. Simms, Luck. Vischer, Barr, Jones, Lumpkin, Cree. THETA XI OFFICERS President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Hiiuseniiinnger hirst Steward Second Steward Leo G. Blackstock John Malcolm Forsman Gordon B. Mainland FACULTY FAKREL KENNETH BAKER ROBERT A. LONG, JR. JOHN KIRK DUNCAN NEAL YARD REYNOLDS SHEFFIELD REUBEN BARR GEORGE BENSON CREE Associate Professor of Business Law Instructor in English Instructor in Zoology M r . ' I ?f i!P 5 5 ftc.i 220 2802 Rio Grande MEMBERS Graduate John Williamson Moore. Brenham Seniors James Ahlgrimm. Austin Farrel Kenneth Baker, Garland Olen Clifton Billinpsley. Jefferson W illiam Earl Failing. Indianola. Mi. Robert A. Long. Jr., Dallas Roper De Coverly Moore, Dallas J. Arthur Platt. Houston Earl Edward Simms, Austin - Paul Wheeler, Austin Juniors Reuben Henry Barr. Austin Joe Randolph Bradley. Jr.. Tuka, Okla. Oliver Callaway, Jr., Alice George Benson Cree, Jr., Pampa Harry Ralph Jacobs, Jr.. Grand Saline Royce Munford Jones, Austin Leonel Simms, Austin Neal Yard Reynolds Sheffield, Alvin Robert Lincoln Turner. Nacogdoches William Vis, her. Park Ridge. DL Henry Louis Ware. Houston t i Sophomores Ralph Waldo Cobb, Jr.. Beaumont Ewert Duncan. Pampa John Kirk Duncan. Pampa Franklin Beaumont Johnson. Austin Milton Mason Johnson. Cleburne Robert Francis Thompson, Au-tin Freshmen ' Franklin Harold Babcock, Houston Mark Pritchard Brat ton. Corpus Christ i Freshmen Lee Brown Chihon. Marlin Robert Elwyn Daniel. Jefferson John Wilkes Drake, Port Arthur Charles Reis Glass, Houston Frederick Harrell. Austin Sam Levinson Joekel, Jr., Austin Richard R. Lee, Coleman Byron Bedford Luck. Dallas Emmittee Dewees Mason, Austin Edward Craig Miller, Rocksprings William Henry Moss, Hearne William Lee Pike, New York, N. Y. Richard Benjamin Rainey. Houston : . .. ; PACE 222 UuM-.tmtnc x folk lively mmnc l vt lad C c r on tkf fopmlmr PANHELLENIC OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Sororities Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delu Pi Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Omega Pi Alpha Phi Alpha Xi Delta Chi Omega Delta D elta Delta Delta Gamma Delta Phi Ep ilon Delta Zeta Gamma Phi Beta i Alpha Theta Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Mu Pi BHa Phi ia Delta Tau Zeta Tau Alpha MEMBERS Senior Representatives Dorothy Jeanne Goines Olivia Barrier Renee Rachel Wolfe Susan Frowine Patricia Ann Stoll U inniefred Margaret Anderson Virginia Hudson Martin Katherine Jane Rhodes Mary Julia von Blucher Katherine Ethel Mat-field Helen Levy Joan Smith Josephine Ethel McCutcheon irpinia Myrle Ford Myra Katherine Tschudin Gloria Ann Saal Constance Almeta Gossett Shirlie Tallal Sue Ezell CONSTANCE ALMETA GOSSETT SHIRLIE TALLAL DOROTHY JEANNE GOIM - OLIVIA BARRIER Junior Representatives Adrienne Madora Ballew Helen Jane Lockhart Janice Esther Rosner Betty June Elliott Elizabeth Jeane Strawbridge Mary Alice Fletcher Margaret Eloise Wendlandt Katherine Brownson Han ill Bettyejane Smith Nila Jeanne Hightower Sophie Mae Massman Helen Carolyn Arsenault Virginia Ruth Barber Emily Lewis Busby Margie Ann MrEnnis Patricia Francis Barbara Brady Rosalie Brown Fredda Fae Turner CtN-T%NCE ALMFTA Ct ' " l IT T f tan: TSCHrDIN. STOLL. COSSETT. OLFE. EZELL. RHODES. Sn 4 rate: TALLAL. MARTIN. COINES. FRO INK. HIKMIV VON BI.IT.HER. TUit w e: SMITH. LEVY. McCUTCHEOV. M YFIF.ia . FORD. BARRIF-R. SAIEH. rs LILLIAN ELIZABETH PHILLIPS Blundell. Lisenby, Srott, Berg, Cass, Stapleton. Wilson. Nitsrhke, J. Perkins. McBride, Yolton. Cline, Phillips. Betty Harper, Goines, Beddoe, Mil ler. Bunch, Boone. Alsup. Lott, Proctor, Waters, Ring, Hieserman, Vlahovic, Jay. Bill ye Harper, Beacroft, Mr Lend on, Spooner, J. Davis, Greer, Carter, M. Davis, Carpenter, Pelphrey, Raney, Pit t man, Howell, Gaines. War man. Wood, Williams, Askew, Gar- brecht. Quadc, Timm. M. Perkins, Jordon, Ballew, Gulp, Rupert. McKean, Knolle. ALPHA CHI OMEGA OFFICERS President .... V ice-President Secretary .... Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . LILLIAN ELIZABETH PHILLIPS MARGARET SUE MILLER FELICE CLINK MILDRED KNOLLE BILLYE NELL PROCTOR PALE 226 100 feat Ttrent -sixlh MEMBERS ' " .arter, San Angelo Felice Mozelle Cline. Austin Betty Bird Gulp, Gainesville Mariorie Garbrechu El Paso Ella Bess Hay pood. Cameron Evelyn Virginia Jay, Fort Worth Mildred Knolle. Industry Mary Louisa Lisenhy. Speer Mary Elizabeth McLendon. Freeport Nauty Bird Pelfrey. Gladewater Judith Perkins. El Paso Lillian Elizabeth Phillips. Houston Marie Yolton, Houston Juniors Adrienne Madora Ballew, Houston Helen Alyne Beddoe, Dallas Bennie Jacque Carpenter. San Angelo Marijane Nancy Davis, Freshillo, Zacatecas, Mexico Dorothy Jeanne Goines, Austin Jean Ames Greer. Austin ' Martha Alice Heiser. Dallas Mary Elizabeth MrKean. Mexico City, D. F. Margaret Sue Miller, Columbus Mary Alice Nitschke. Austin Billye Nell Proctor. Dallas Patricia Evelyn Spooner, Rosita. Coahuila, Mexico Dorothy Vlahovic. Lincoln. 111. Marienne Ophelia Waters. Houston Eleanor Anne Wilson, Fort Worth Sophomores Klizabeth Alsup, Houston Muriel Ruth Berg. El Paso Mary Rita Blundell. Dallas Marjorie Anne Boone. Corpus Christ i June Marie Bunch, Houston Juanice Davis. Gonzales ' Katheryn Jodelle Gaines. X irhita Falls Marie Howell. El Paso Virginia Neal Jordan, Austin Mary Harriet Lott. Na asota Nancy Grace Mast, Houston ' Kathleen Adair McCullough, Austin Margaretta Perkins, El Paso Martha Quinn. Navasota Ethel Claire Raney. Amherst Phyllis I.ynnelle Timm. Austin Martha Johnson Williams, Decatur, III. Suzanne Wood, Sulphur Springs Freshmen Janice Robena Askew, Houston Lila Mae Beacroft. Freeport Audrey Joan Cass, Austin Betty Jane Harper, Fort Worth Billye Esther Harper, Austin Marjorie Emma Hieserman. Iowa Park Joanne Huffington. Evansville, Ind. Deborah Irene McBride. Austin Doris Ellen Pittman. Abilene Dyloris Anne Mae Quade, Houston Rosalie Frances Ring, Houston Elladean Rupert, Austin Betty Jeanne Scott, Evansville, Ind. Virginia Anne Stapleton, Dallas Mattie Etta Stockley, Liberty Hill Zona Ruth Warman. Wichita Falls ft i ..- ALPHA DELTA PI President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MARGARET JANE HOFER LUCILLE WILLIAMS JET WINTERS OFFICERS MARTHA LOUISE HAISH PEGGY BRODERSON ALICE SUE ROMAN MARY ANN HUGHES FACULTY MARTHA LOUISE HAISH Technical Assistant, Research in Chemistry Instructor in Romance Languages Professor of Home Economics M. Stripling, Broiierson. Harris, John- son, Lewis, Newcomer, Col ley, Hedrick. Hayes, Meador, Muehlberger, Widen, Doss, E. Coulter, Park, Cotner. Grogan, Sluder, McCrummen, Ilaish. Crockett, Yust, Bishop. Mings. D. Arterbury, Boyd, Braly, Duffer, Kot- zebue, Owens, Winston, Scott, Ander- son. Irwin, Knox, Ellsworth, Rutland, Weaver, Osborne, Jacobs, Sellers, lies. Smith, Crowell, Stripling, Queen, Bru- beck, Humphreys, Cooper, Donigan, Charptot. Brace y, Nacke, Walters, Roebuck, Con- lisk. Dallmeyer, Lockhart, Hicks, Puckett. Wright, Kilpatrirk. Hughes, Cook, Ma- lone, Cor m ley, Eclens, King, S. Arter- berry. Ramsdel I , Barrier. L. Coulter, Luede- mann, Mikcska, Moore, Htnds, Spillar, McConneli. Townaend, Roman, Terry, Wilson, Skeen, Kennedy, White, Moseley, Peterson. PACE 228 1803 Vest Avenue MEMBERS Seniors Isabelle Anderson, Asherton Olivia Barrier. Dallas Eleanor Bishop. Abilene Helen Louise Bracer, Bellrille EJ Broderson. La Marque Marajean Brubeck, Natalia Dorothy Hazel Charpiot. Bellville Edith Lee Coulter. Austin Helen Hunt Crowell, Claremont. Calif. Elvera Loui? 1 Dallmeyer. Brenham na Frances Donigan. Whitewright Ruth Edna Ellsworth, Austin Martha I ..ui - Haish, Odessa Barbara Ann Hinds. Nacogdoches Mary Ann Hughes. Dallas Marjorie Holland Humphreys. Austin Marilyn Edythe Irwin. Columbus ivienne Johnson. Kilgore Louise King. Canadian Gladys Ethel McConnell, D Paso Mary Franres MoGehee, Genoa Grace Leslie Mikeska, Taylor Maxine Roebuck, Houston Martha Elizabeth Rutland, Austin Elaine Kathleen Scott, Comanche Marianna Sluder, Paris Margaret Jean Spillar, Austin Nell Wilson. Tyler Juniors Sarah Katherine Arterberry. Whitewright Marian Benson Colley. Lockhart Sammie Marie Cook, Fort Worth Carolyn Christine Cooper, Fort Worth Lucy Page Coulter. Austin Evelyn Ruth Cotner, Broniville. N. Y. Myra Lea Duffer, Brownwood Linda Lee Geren, Fort Worth Elaine Marie Harris, Kerrville Mary Hedrick, Abilene Blanchard lies, Oakdale. La. Carol Jacobs, Lamesa Yvonne Emelia Kennedy. Waco Mary Jeanne McCrummen. Austin Marilyn Annette Meador. Austin Millicent Keeble Moseley, Fort Worth Charlotte Roberts Newcomer, Higgins Barbara Parks, Fort Worth Maxine Queen. Weatherford Joy RamsdelL, San Antonio Alice Sue Roman. Bryan Helen Bess Sellers, Austin Lucy Geraldine Smith, Blooming Grove Sarah Elizabeth Stripling, San Augustine Faye Ruby Stein, Fredericksburg Lois Watts Terry, Wharton Ella Elizabeth Townsend, Austin Myrlee Doris Wright, Laredo Sophomores Jean Braly, Waco Carolyn Kate Conlisk, Brownwood Eleanor Reeves Crockett, Austin Grace Doss, Colorado City Grace Maria Gormley, Dallas Jan Gregg, Luling Bernice Kathryn Grogan. Fort Worth Helen Ruth Hicks, Waco Billie Jean Kilpatrick, Thornton Augustine Frances Kotzebue. West Columbia Jewell Luedemann, Schulenburg Helen Jane Lockhart, San Antonio Constance Mercedes Mnefalberger, Wichita Falls Valeria Paul Nacke, San Antonio Marilyn Puckett, Dallas ' Ruth Eugenia Skeen, Denver, Colo. Martha Anne Stripling, San Augustine Edna Augusta Widen, Austin Susie Marie Winston, Bay City Margaret Wiclochil. Dallas Loodel Wroe, Groesbeck Freshmen Dorothy Jeanne Arterbury, Houston Marjorie Boyd, Austin Elizabeth Ann Edens, Fort Worth Mary Louise Harvick, Ozona Dorothy Lou Hayes, Austin i -ian Virginia Knox, Austin Jo Ellen Lewis, Beaumont Patricia Maurice Malone, Austin Sarah Margaret Meador. Austin Ecrah Lou Mings, Gilmer Princess Doll Moore, Cal dwell Jane Wagner Osborne, Dallas Virginia Mary Owens, Austin Joan Ingalls Peterson, Dallas Martha Ann Tarver, Austin Charlotte Terrell Walters, Fort Worth Margaret Isabel le Weaver, Houston Virginia May Wilson. Dallas Betty Jo White, Brandon ' Anna Elizabeth Yust. Batson .-- MARIE HANNA HOLLAND Donosky, Premack, David, Holland, Sellers, Greenfield. Victor, Frank, Rauch, Myers, Green- man, Steinberg. Simpkins, Pollock, J. Levis, Rosner, Cone, Shaw. Ashner, Wolfe, Adams, Heyman, Mil- tenthal, Cohen. Kariel, Parkans, Levin, Joseph, Kauf- man, Meyer. Edelstein, Jarett, Weinblatt, Ostrow. Mayer, Cahn. Levin thai, Daichrs, Zuzak, Nussbaum, Kroll, Rieger, Block. Friend, J. Levy, E. Levis, Handel man, Grossman, Given, Goldberg. ALPHA EPSILDN PHI OFFICERS Dean Sub-Dean Scribe Treasurer MARIE HANNA HOLLAND FRANCES CELESTE WEINBLATT ROSSLYN REGINA BLOCK JEWEL KROLL PACE 230 2007 MEMBERS Seniors Mildred Louise Given. El Paso Marie Hanna Holland, San Antonio Evel)-n Levis, Houston Ruth Leah Ostrow, Austin Ruth Victor, Houston Frances Celeste Weinblatt, Temple Renee Rachel Wolfe, Houston Juniors - n Regina Block, Galveston Phyllis Alexrod Melinger. Austin Mamye Claire Myers. Palestine nn Susan Raurh. Shreveport. La. Janice Esther Rosner, Shreveport, La. Sophomores Josephine Lois Ashner, Dallas Lois Natalie Frank. Austin Marilyn Weiler Friend, Lincoln, Neb. Barbara Greenman. New Y ' ork, N. Y. Ruth Evelyn Grossman, McAlester, Okla. Eva Ruby Handelman. Marlin Jeanne Louise Jarett. Houston Rose Dorothy Joseph, Austin Mary Frances Kaufman, Dallas Jewel Kroll, Marlin Maurene Hattie Levy, Marlin Emmy Lou MittenthaL, Shreveport, La, Marilyn Avery Rieger, Houston Alline Faye Simpkins. Tulsa, Okla. Freshmen Ideal Adams, Carlsbad, New Mex. Carrolyn Aline Cahn. Shreveport, La. Celeste Cohen. Denver, Colo. Jean Carolyn Cone, New York, N. Y. ' Roslyn Helene Daiches, Corsicana Betty Jane David, Dallas MarcU Donosky. Dallas Betty Jean EdeUtein, Pueblo. Colo. Retina Helene Goldberg, Austin Annette Louise Greenfield, Houston Celia Joy Herman, Tulsa, Okla. Ma urine Kariel. Marshall Millicent Levin, St. Paul, Minn. Freshmen Doris Lee Levin thai. Tyler Eleanor Natalie Levis. Houston Justine Levy, Houston Suzanne Mayer, Austin Elene Meyer, Y oakum Adelyn Jean Nussbaum, San Antonio Zella Shirley Parkans, Aberdeen. S. D. Helen Patricia Pollock, Fort Smith. Ark. Sybil Ann Premack. Aberdeen, S. D. Adolyn Lou Sellers. Dallas Bernice Shaw, Dallas Elinor Louise Steinberg, Wichita, Kans. Doris Jane Zuzak. Shreveport, La. i . ' BETTY JUNE ELLIOTT Swanson, Watson ; Draper, Nickel, Wright. Schletze, Frowine, Shannon, Pounds, Rundell. Davis, Jackson, Willoughby, McCrorey. Callahan. Thrasher, Carson, Greenwood, Wilk, Mason. Sanders, Schley, Bowles, Holasek. Elliott, Snoddy, Wood, Pool. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . OLIVE BETTS ALBERTA DODSON FRANCES SEYBOLT BETTY JUNE ELLIOTT BETTY JANE CALLAHAN HELEN LUCILE SWANSON RACHEL ANN SNODDY FACULTY Instructor in Home Economics Instructor in Home Economics Assistant Director of Intramurals for Women PACK 232 26O7 I ' nitersily Avenue MEMBERS Seniors " -an Frowine. Bowling Green. Ohio Nona Frances Rundell. Austin Lavinia Adair Schley. George We t - ih Adele Shidler. San Benito Margie Jane Smart. Fort Worth Iri- Mae Wallace. Asherton Mary Dell Wood. Hearne Juniors Mary Margaret Bowie . Big Wells Betty Jane Callahan. Austin Marjo Vane Davis. Cotulla Betty June Elliott. Moran Doris Mae Holasek. West Jean McCrorey. Wichita Falls Doris Marie Nickel. Sioux Falls, S. D. Ophelia Shaw Poole. Cotulla Billie Leonora Pounds. Sulphur Springs Rachel Ann Snoddy. Graham Man Jo Watson. Bowie Sophomores Merna Marine! Carson. Hamilton Lelia Merle Draper. Austin ' Margaret Lura Jackson. Austin Elizabeth Marie Mason. Markham Ruth Esther Schletze. Encinal Helen Lucile Swanson. Dallas Marvine Zetta Mae Thrasher. Dallas Freshmen Mary Kathryn DuRoss. Houston Marion Greenwood, Bowie ' Beverly Jean Sanders. Taft Evelyn Mae Shannon. Austin Marjorie Louise Wilk. Houston ' Bessie Mae Willoughby. Robstown ' Martha Ellen Wright, Winnsboro ALPHA OMICHON PI President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS MARY LOUISE NAUMANN MARY ELIZABETH BERTCH ELIZABETH JEANE STRAWBKIDCE JANET ELAINE McCi.UER Beshell, Blessing, Sloll. Brumby. Ewers, Bertch, Eckert, Strawbritlgf . Crowell, Hawkins, Cosset t. Powers, McCluer, Shelton, Gregory. .in ma n n , ll:i,i-. ' . Hell and. PACE 234 1 M4KY I.OUSK AVM NN MEMBERS Graduates Man Louise Naumann. Smithville Mary Elizabeth Powers. Hyattsville. Md. Seniors Jean Katherine Beshell, Olden Mildred Evelyn Eckert. Mason Kathleen Gregory, Austin Mary Fern Hawkins, Victoria Lucile Trabue Helland, San Antonio Janet Elaine McCluer, Austin Patricia Ann Stoll. Dallas Elizabeth Jeane Strawbridge, Austin Sophomores Mary Elizabeth Bertch. San Antonio Marjorie Mae Blessing. Dallas Mary Louise Carr. Vanderbilt Betty Joe Crowell. McAllen Norma Lou Ewers. Mission ' Elizabeth Marie Haase. Temple " Laura Elizabeth Shelton, Dallas Freshmen Lila Brumby. Jr., Houston Princess Patricia O ' Connell, Houston PACE 235 ALPHA PHI ZULEIKA ELIZABETH STANGER Kessler, Bowilen, Faris, Blessing, Sim- mons, Herb! in, Stanger, C. Warner, Mitchell. Nipper, Kin ley, Worley, Currie, Shipp, Cribble, A. Smith, Herrington, Shef- field. C. Smith, K. E. Davis, Mills, M. Smith, Sutherland. J. White, F. White, Loyd, Hallmark. R. Davis, Windrow, Harkrider, Coch- ran, RawU, Wheeler, II . Warner, Greg- ory, Williams. Srrimgeour, Curtis, Corhin, Stafford, II. Chandler, Sutton, D. White, Coghill, Stumberg. Baker, Holle, Slicker, Lacy, S. Crad- dock, Gardner, Wilde, Nolen, Nugent. Perry, Mariolc, Jones, D. Chatmas, Scotl, Anderson, Murray, West. Deahl, Buckley, Ewing, Cardere, Mc- Callain, Atkins, Andreas, Hardwicke. Wood, P. Chatmas, B. Smith, J. Crad- dock. Meek, B. Chandler, Townttcnd, Hopkins. Bui lard, Hammond, Carney, Koch, Moritz, Pace, Moffatt, Byron. Kcllogp, C. Davis, Fletcher, Seymour, Campbell, Bcgcman, Chase, Bruton. OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer MAKY ERNESTINE GOLDMAN GOLD IE HORTON PORTER ZULEIKA ELIZABETH STANGEK MARTHANN KESSLER JANE ELIZABETH HARKKIDER FRANCES ANNE WHITE FACULTY Assistant Professor of Home Economics Assistant Professor of Pure Mathematics t 51 f 2005 University Avenue MEMBERS Graduates Kay Curtis, San Antonio Man Mvle Mite ln-ll. ii-lin : nrs innicfr.-d Marfiart-I AndiTxm. CaKr-tun Fairy Netholyn Bowden. Ail-tin Dorodtj twood Campl ell. San Antonio IVnt-Iope Chatmas. Hearne Myrtle Jeanne Clark. Houston Florence Janet I)a i . u-tin Billie Lull llaiiiiniiinl. Vi. hila Falls Jane Hupkin-. V.-atherford B.-tte Janet Morit . Austin Patti Dupgan Noli-n. Austin Mary Jane Pace, Grandview RoM-mary Sn.ti. Houston Barbara Scrimgeour, Galveston Helen Claire Simmons, Wichita Falls Seniors Betsy Koss Smith. Marfa Marianna Smith, Marfa Sadie Gray Stafford, San Antonio Aileika Klizalieth Stanger, Brazoria Mary Klizalieth Sutherland, Austin Helen Stanley Warner, Austin Mary Loraine West, Fairmont, W. Va. Marjorie Eleanor Wheeler, Gainesville Annis Eugenia Worley, Austin Second Year Late Judith Arledge Craddo-k. Austin Juniors Ifiyr Klaint- Atkins. Beeville Nancy Rawls Baker, Austin Alice Charleene Cochran, Dallas Juniors Virginia Ruth Corhin. idiita Falls Sue Craddock, Austin Mary Alice Fletcher, Austin Billie Lou Hallmark, Wichita Falls Jane Elizabeth Harkrider. Austin " Josephine Goodall Herblin. Waco Marthann Kessler. Tulsa, Okla. Mary Jane Maricle. Schulenburg Doris May McCallam, San Antonio Mary Ann Nugent, Seymour Jean McGregor Rawls, Fort Sam Houston Alice Mae Smith, Legion " Cynthia Nightingale Smith, San Antonio Anne Sutton, Austin ' Elizabeth Ellen Townsend, San Antonio Gloria Jane Warner, Austin Frances Anne White, Meridian Joyce White, Robstown Dorothy Ann Blessing. Dallas Bettye Ann Bruton. Dallas ' Helen Wall Bullard, San Antonio Betty Ray Carney, Corpus Christi Billie Jane Chandler, Corpus Christi Henry Ann Chandler. Austin Dorothy Chatmas. Hearne " Hazel Marie Coghill, Hou-tun Cecile Little Davi-. Tulsa, Okla. Frames Elaine Davis. Au-tin Man Jane Deahl, Weatherford Margaret Helen Fari-. Austin Lila Dean Finlej. Au-tin Jacqueline Gardner. Austin ' Elizalx-th Fonda Cribble, Austin Margaret Man Hardwii-ke. Mexico, D. F. Klni-i- Herringdiii. (.nrpii- liri-ti Betl SM K... h, Dallas Sophomores Judy Devereaux Lac-y. Hondo Eleanor Ann Loyd. Dallas Jane Lynette Marshall, Baytown Marian Meek, Austin Man 1.011 Mills Austin Mary Kathryn Nipper, Brackets ill - Annie Lou Seymour, Dallas Jean White Sheffield, Margaret Jean Shipp, Idaho Falls, Ida. Alice Louise Slicker, Cisco Dolce Dee Smith, Houston Marie Helene Stumberg, Austin Freshmen lii-i- nilrea-. ( utarina ' Jean l.ucile Begeman, Austin ' Mary Ann Buckley, Taft Patsy Ituth Byron, Houston Freshmen Ina Jane Chase, Houston Elizabeth Jeanette Currie, Austin Rosemary Beth Davis, Austin ' Hula Betty Ewing, Austin Henriette Pauline Gardere, Aruba, N.W.I. Martha Jane Gregory, Houston Katherine Marilyn Holle, Jackson, Mi. Clara Jean Jones, Houston Sara Katherine Kellogg, Houston Ellen Mary Moffatt, Austin Mary Patricia Murray, San Antonio Leta Jo Perry, Nocona Dorothy Kay White, Dallas Doris Virginia Wilde, Dallas Jo Eloise Williams, Wichita Falls Ann Windrow, Dallas Mary Bernardine Wood, Beeville 237 ALPHA XI DELTA President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer MARY ELIZABETH WYNNE OFFICERS FACULTY FLOY BETH DICKIE VIRGINIA HUDSON MARTIN GRADY CECILLE WHEAT RUBY SUE PERSONS INGRID JOYCE BERKMAN Chemistry Librarian FLOY BETH DICKIE East, Moller, Whipple, Emerson. Harrison. Klingelhoefer, Martin, Cidley, Jacobsen. Berkman, Dickie. Wheat, Persons. Wend- landt. Engel. Toney, Hatherly, Bush. Powell. PAIE 238 1903 Rio Grande MEMBERS Seniors nsrid Joyce Berkman. Austin Floy Beth Dickie. Woodson Marsaret Sue East London. K . Anne Marie Engel. Houston Willa Mae Gidlev. Austin Seniors Helen Janice Hatherly. Austin Virginia Hudson Martin. Austin Ruby Sue Persons. Haskell Ann Lavinia Powell. Austin " Eleanor Parmly Toxey. San Antonio Gradv Cecil le X heat. Paris Juniors Elna Blanche Harrison. Austin Jane Adele Moller. Houston ' Frances Scott. Utopia Frances N. Whipple. Mt. Pleasant. Iowa Margaret Eloise Wendlandt. Austin Sophomore Mary Louise Klingelhoefer. Fredericksburg Freshmen " Jeanne Lenoir Bush. Austin ' Harriet Anne Emerson. Powell Marv Louise Jacobsen. Austin CHI IIMEliA ELEANOR ANN VAN ZANDT President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer KATHLEEN BLAND OFFICERS ELEANOR ANN VAN ZANDT BETTY DF VERE HODGIN MARY LOUISE FILKINS MARY VIRGINIA ARLEDGE FACULTY Assistant Dean of Women Wilson, Sanders, Brady, Woldert. T:tylor. Ramsey, Gray, Pondrom, J. McBride. NeMrtt, Dunn, Filkins, Sheldon. Stilts- man, War MIT, Kirr .hach, Konf, Manford. A. McBride, Reed, Schwartzenburg, Kinsolving, Spofford, Struss, Cover, E. Davis, Brooks. Tomkies, Wright, Cammer, Gotten, Mer- cer, McCullough, Jack, Glover, Bland. Jameson, Randolph, Dyess, Malhis, Dockery, Bedford, Ferriss, Hull, Arma- cost. Coss, Curley, Boucher, Thomas, M. Tarver, llarvill, l.awhon. Ratliff. Bush. Homryer. Tvnes. Arledge, N- Clark. Hawkins, V. Matthews, A. Tarry, Holland, H. Davis. P. Clark, Clower, Officer, I.angston, Dennis, Van Zandt, Ransom. M. Tarry, Williams, Hart. Henderson, Stewart, Lockett, Ailing. Winston, Hodgin, Campbell, Melick, Daiken, Keith. Mayer, Hahn, Warren, Woolen, Jones, A. Tarver, Roltinson, Jarvis, Parsons, Rhodes. Howard, Horton, Moss, Thweatt, Mark- ham, Schoeps, Sherman, Renfro, Maloney, White. PICE 240 26 3 Wichita MEMBERS 1 Seniors Mary irjimia Arledge. Roscoe _ nia Mae Ashley. Dallas li Jane Bush. San Anlnnin Man orinne Campl ell. Laredo Dorothy Julia Dakin. Dallas Elizabeth Nell Dyes?. Albany Betty Jo Ehlers. Carizzo Sp Mary Louise Filkins. Dallas Nancy Kon - ater Betty Df ere Hodgin, Chihuahua. Me . Virginia Jo Holland, Alpine Clemens Jameson. Dallas Julietta Jani ? . Troup Ex a May Kinzbai-h. Houston Ruth Edna McAtee. VI aco Betty Jo Maloney. Houston May lathi-. Austin Dorothy Ethel Moss, Llano Bessie Neblett. Stephenvillr Adelle Neely. Troup Seniors Helen Violet Officer. Tulsa. Okla. Madeline Anne Ransom. Fort Worth Dorothy Fae Ratliff. Fort Worth Mary Ann Renfro, Wichita Falls Katherine Jane Rhodes, Breckenridge Roberta S truss. Columbus Lorraine Alice Slut-man. San Antonio Mary Katherine Tarry. Wichita Falls Mary Virginia Thweatt, Wichita Falls Margaret Evelyn Tomkies, Dallas Eleanor Ann Van Zandt. Victoria Florence Lillian Warner. Houston Joe Ann Whitmire, Canado Helen Gordon Woolen. Columbus Juniors ' Clementine Abney, Lampasas Emily Jane AnnacosL Austin ' Madye Jo Bailey, Rock Springs Juniors Elizabeth Elaine Boucher. - liilcin- Lora Mary Butler, San Antonio Nell Barbara Clark, Houston Mary Virginia Gotten. Weatherford ' Christine Hamilton Curley. Wharton Hattie A. Jack Davis. Beaumont Marjory Nell Douglas. Austin Ceraldine Fly. Victoria Olivia Lee Glover, San Antonio Coleen Marie Grant, Austin Peggy Gray. Wichita Falls Tilda Jayne Grover, Austin Ann Shirley Hart. Austin Alice Lucile Hawkins, Fort Worth ' Doris Jean Howard, Dallas Mary Olive Hull. San Antonio Nell Buchanan Jack. Dallas Frances Gale Jones, Austin Elizabeth Anne Langston. Dalla- ' Lillian Claire Manford, Austin Juniors Laura Jeanne Markham, Cape Girardeau. Mo. Dorothy Elizabeth Matthew-. Austin Mary Virginia Matthews. San Antonio Margaret Lucile Mayer. Austin Harriett Modrall. Au-tin ' Shirley Anne Parsons. Lubbork - Ramsey, Eldorado leanne Reed. Austin ' Jane Alva Robinson, Palestine ' Pauline Ixmise Sanders, Fort Worth lar Kran. es Shoeps, Corsicana Lillian Ann . " v hwartzenburg. Austin Mary Elizabeth Sheldon, San Antonio Marguerite Browning Smith, Brownwood Mary Katherine Tarry. Wichita Falls Martha Arline Tarver, Shreveport, La. ' Gloria Jacquelyn Thomas, Dallas Gene White. Del Rio Connie Wilson. Austin ' Judith Winston. Mineral Well- Sarah I e Woldert. Tyler :-nay Wright. Fort Worth Sophomores ' Marjorie Ailing. San Antonio Alice Lucile Bailey. Iraan Ruth Bedford. Midland ' Corinne Brittingham Brooks, Matahambre. ul a ' Andrea Gammer. Houston Peggy Louise Clark, Houston ' Cara Jeanne Glower, Tyler ' Norma Gene Dennis, Robstown Eleanor Love Greet, El Paso Katherine Brownson Harvill. El Pa-o ' Tamea Henderson, San Angelo ' Laura Laveme Hill, Kilgore Glenn Errol Morton. Houston ' Letitia Rosalyn Keith, U ichita Falls ' Carey Leigh Kinsolving. Corsicana Billie Sue Lawhon. Tyler Annetta Grace McBride. Dallas ' Janice Marie M Bride, Dallas Man EllaM-Gullough. Hi.o Jacquelyn Delvene Mercer. Chicago. 111. ' Gloria Delano Randolph. Austin ' Mary Marcelline Sherman. Fort Collins. Colo. Sophomores Elizabeth Ann Spofford, Orange ' Annette Stewart, Corpus Christ i Doris Jean Taylor, Austin Marion Elizabeth Thomas, Dallas Patricia Anne Tynes. Houston ' Nancy Wittlesey Williams. Houston Freshmen ' Kathleen Bland. Austin ' Francis Elizabeth Brady. Austin ' Eleanor Louise Davis, Fort Worth ' Maude Alice Dockery, Austin ' Eugenia Ballinger Dunn, Guatemala City, Guatemala ' Marjorie Nolen Ferriss. Pensacola. Fla. Adele Doran Goss, Houston ' Annette Mary Hahn. Columbus ' Suzanne Homeyer. Robstown Jutine McKay Kone, San Antonio ' Virginia Hayden Lockett, Ft. Snelling, Minn. ' Annelle Meliclc, San Antonio Clarence Pondrum. Beaumont ' Alice I ouise Tarver, Shreveport, La. ' Dorothy Jacqueline Warren, Chevy Chase. MA Pict 241 DELTA DELTA DELTA President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MARGARET BATJER RUTH ELIZABETH LESLIE OFFICERS BETTY SLAUGHTER MARY MARGARET BLAIR CATHERINE LEE STOCKAKD CAROL PATRICIA MACKEY FACULTY Assistant Professor of Home Economics Instructor in Home Economics BETTY SLAUGHTER Turner, Seago. Slaughter, Blakeney, Buckingham, Eversberg, E. Adams, Hor- ner, Zwerneman. S i 3 S. K. Brill, Chrislenberry, Davis, Cristy, Settegast. Stockard, Aubrey, Baldwin, Wheat. B. Wood, T. Harris. Hudson, Berry, Bogan, Johnson, Kelley, Connor, von Blucher. Rather. Camphell, M. Adams, Standifer. H. Donnell, Clayton. P. Smith, Muse, B. Smith. Yglesias, Sanderford, Fleming, Littleton. Guenther, Carter, Srhuhmacher, Knick- erbocker, Goudge. Blair, A. Spencer, Shumate, Lowdon, Rolfe, Martin, Wilkirson, Stinson, M. Spencer. Mackey, Hilker, Hardy, Brooks. B. Bil- lings, McGurk, Woodson, O ' Hair, Trotti. Fuller, Nummy, Kennedy, Winkler, J. Wood. Harrison, S. J. Brill, Parrott, Ponton. Kuykendall. Davenport, Thrtfnnl, Hay, Hunsucker, Bohner, Croom, Wrtxcl. Standefer, Btischardt, Booth, HuUtani, Cypher, Bonner, Doak, Mclntosh. Meade. N. Donnell. Peebles, Newkirl. Douglass, Shepherd, F. Harris, Powers. PACK 242 503 I es Ttcentv-stivnth MEMBERS Graduates Clarice Georgette Hollman. Sao Paulo. Brazil Maria Orilia Matala. Dallas Jean Ann Templin. La Marque Seniors ne Billing-. Dallas Mary Julia von BIu hrr. Austin Jeanne Booth, Temple Man Kathleen Christenberry. Dallas Patricia Linsley Cristy, Galveston Sarah Lou Cypher, Kingsville Francis Barton Harris. Calvert Frances Lillian Hunsucker, Dallas Lula Margaret Johnson. Navasota Margaret Jean London. Fort Worth Carol Patricia Mackey, Temple Nanry Abemathy Peebles, Dallas Mary Frances Seago. Brownsville Seniors Betty Slaughter. Austin Pauline Smith, El Paso Alice Estel Spencer, Cisco Margaret Alleen Standifer. Austin Juniors Evelyn Mattie Adams. Austin Margaret Anna Adams, Corpus Christi Pearle Connor Baldwin. Beaumont Mary Margaret Blair, Austin Lucille Foster Bogan. Shreveport, La. Betty Suzanne Bohner. San Ben i to Mary Belle Brooks. McAllen Suzanne Buckingham. Houston Mary Eleanor Buschardu Houston Ann Amelia Carter, Austin Mary Electa Crissey, Austin Nancy Gene Croom, Lufkin Juniors Nell Donnell. San Antonio Connie Shirley Eversberg. Houston Clara Barton Harris, Calvert Mary Louise Harrison. Temple Jane Frances Kelley, Clebume Mary Anne McGurk, Fort Worth Elizabeth E. Mclntosh. Waco Jean Meade. Bonham Kathryn Dorris Mower . Refugio Ann Louise Muse. Dallas Yenetia Elizabeth Parrott. Dallas Rae Evelyn Powers, Bryan Katheryn Nelle Rather. Austin Ann Sberbume Rolfe, Fort Sill, Okla. Nancy Jane Shumate. Dallas Bettyejane Smith. Bonham Frances Adair Thetford, Dallas Betty Jo Turner, San Saba Corine Elizabeth Wetzel. Freeport Juniors Mary Jeanette Wilkirson. Grandview Elizabeth Bernice Wood, Dallas Jeanne Shirley Wood, Corpus Christi dson. Caldwdl Marguerite Louise Yglesias. Brownsville Sophomores Carolyn McKay Berry. Austin Parri Sue Bickford. Corpus Christi Dorothy Virginia Blakeney. San Antonio Elizabeth Ann Bonner. Fort Worth Sheba Kathleen Brill. Austin Doris Ann Burnett. Brenham ' Cornelia Connor. Wichita Falls Alma Louise Davis. Dallas Helen Glover Donnell. Mexia Emily Jane Douglass. Houston Ruth Barbara Fleming. Corpus Christi Lady Myra Fuller, Austin Sophomores Martha Green, Austin Mary Margaret Hardy. Austin Sosanne Wallace Hubbard. Corpus Christi Beverly Jeanne Knickerbocker, San Antonio Ethel Laura Kuykendall. San Saba Nancy Lee Martin. Dallas Nancy Jane Booth Moore. Longview Helen Jane Newkirk. Houston Bonnie Bess Nummy. San Antonio Anne Chariene O ' Hair. Fayetteville, N. . ' irginia Elizabeth Ponton. Fort Worth Emily Eloise Sanderford. Austin Billie Bert Trotti. Corpus Christi Emma Lou Wright, Farmersville Doris Elaine Zwerneman. Houston Freshmen Mary Jane Autrey. Houston Yvonne Beckman. Dallas Freshmen Betty Sue Billings. Dallas Susan Jane Brill. Houston Jane Ellen Campbell, Houston Mary Luella Clayton. San Antonio Hallts Lorraine Davenport. Runge Margaret Virginia Doak. Houston Mary Elizabeth Dwyer, San Antonio Barbara Ellison Goudge. Galveston Margaret Elise Guenther. Sugar Land Martha Frances Hay. Houston Madelrn May Homer, San Antonio Kittie Rae Hudson. Port Arthur Mary Jane Schuhmacher, Houston Rosbarrie Settegast. Houston Marguerite Cecilia Shepherd. Houston Carol Jean Simmons. Austin Mabecca Spencer, Austin Harriet Jane Standefer, Clifton Mary Beth inkier, College Station MICKIE MARIE CARMICHAEL Hamblin, Carmichael, K. Mayfield, Douglas, Shaw, Feagin. Graham, Hines, Caldwell, White, Dew, Dunagan. Rice, McGinnis, Davant, Payne, Solo- man, Sohmer. E. Beit man, Tomforde, Dilley, Keith, Dougherty, Porter. Oberg, Coryell, High tower, Richardson, Myers, Pope. Lockhart, B. Byers, Dixon, M. Byers, Wallis, Tun. Motheral, Greenwood, Farrel, M. May- field, Davis, M. Beit man. Stripling, Holland, Hughes, Kleymeyer, Troxell, Kerr. PACE 244 DELTA GAMMA OFFICERS President MICKIE MARIE CARMICHAEL Vice-President MARY LEE BYERS Recording Secretary BETTY BOYD Corresponding Secretary NANCY JUNE HINES Treasurer AUURA DELIGHT SHAW FACULTY LEAH GREGG Assistant Professor of Physical Training for If omen. ANNA Hiss Professor and Director of Physical Training for Women CORA MARTIN Professor of Elementary Education JANE MOSHER Instructor in Physical Training for Women JOSEPHINE STAAB .... Assistant Professor of Home Economics 611 rest Twenty- fifth MEMBERS Graduate Betty Boyd, Terrell Seniors Marian Anderson Caldwell. Dallas Mary Anne Davant. Bay City Jeanne Margaret Douglas. Austin Nancy June Mines, Hobbs. N. Mex. (Catherine Ethel May-field. Houston Ruth Jane Porter. Waco Sue Allyn Stripling. NfM-ona J union Eda Lilla Beitman. Fort Worth Mary Let Byer . Houston Mickie Marie Carmichael. Tyler Juniors Eloise Davis. Marfa ' Barbara Dew. Kansas City. Mo. ' Becky Adna Dougherty. Austin Jean Emerson Graham, San Antonio Frantie Lee Greenwood, Del Rio Kathaleene Nancy Hamblin. Falfurrias Doris Elizabeth Kleymeyer. Evansville, Ind. Lady Perry McGinnis, Dallas Margaret Virginia Myers. Henrietta Ruth Lynn Nicholson. Longview Florence Mae Oberg. Houston ' Margaret Dean Payne, Pittsburgh, Penn. Nancy Beth Pyeatt, Dallas Lois Terrell Selby, Dallas Aubra Delight Shaw, Mercedes ' Margaret Jane Sohmer, Mankato, Minn. ' Marian Crafton Tutt, Taft Sophomores Mary Jane Beitman. Fort Worth Dorothy Ann Dilley, Kansas City. Mo. ' Grace Hanna Dixon. Weslaco ' Bernice Dunagan. Roswell, N. Mex. Nila Jeanne Hightower. Houston Mary Loreen Holland. Houston ' Virginia Hughes. Dallas ' Irene Elizabeth Keith, Houston ' Martha Louise Kerr. Austin Alva Lucille Lockhart. Mr Allen Betty Jo Tomforde, Houston Ann ilbig. Dallas ' Dorothy Lee Wallis, Wmco Frances Earle White, I.ufkin Freshmen ' Elizabeth Anne Byers. Houston Gloria Verre Coryell, Wichita Falls ' Ruth K. Farrell, Waco ' Brace Beth Feagin. Houston ' Mary Allen Mayfield. Hughes Springs ' Zylpha Jym Motheral. Austin Margaret Jo Pope, Dallas ' Marthalou Rice, Tyler Edythe Jo Richardson, Beeville ' Clara Cornelia Solomon, San Antonio Helen Janice Troxell. Houston DELTA PHI EPSILDN Regina . Vice-Regina . Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS VIRGINIA KALINA HELEN LEVINEON BETTY CLAIRE JACOBS ESTHER COMMER VIRGINIA KALINA PACE 246 Massman, Edelstein, Isenberg, Landau, Kalina, Perilman. Levin, Wiener, Ginsberg, Commer, H. Levy, Geller. Coldhirsh, E. Levy, Freed, Baum, Caplan. Maltz, Golman, Leff, Herman, Macow. Robinowitz, Rosenthal, Westerman, Scherotter, Ackerman. Fleishman, Levinson, Beilin, Goldberg, Jacobs. 1811 Colorado MEMBERS Seniors Henrietta Baum. Ardmore. Okla. Ethel Golman. Dallas Miriam Louise Robinowitz. Rosenberg Juniors Helen Levy. Sestiin Esther Naomi Commer. Hamilton France? Fleishman. St. Loui . MM. Sophomores Rosalie Ackerman. Dallas Gertrude Beilin. Mirando Estelle Marie Cap Ian. Corpus Christi Itta Louise Freed. Crystal City Shirley Frances Goldberg. Mercedes ' Betty Shirley Isenberg. Corpus Christi Sophomores Betty Claire Jacobs. Houston Virginia Kalina. Rock Island. 111. Annette Sarah Leff. Houston Helen Lillie Levinson. Menard lie Ruth Levy. Galveston Sophie Mae Massman. Beaumont Betty Jane Sklar. Shreveport. La. Man Either Wiener. Robstown Freshmen " Phyllis Maxine Berman. Colorado City ' Betty Jean Edelstein. McAllen Reba Ann Geller. Houston Helen Elaine Ginsburg. Fort Worth ' Frances Zetta Goldhirsh. Galveston ' Thelma Ruth Landau. El Paso ' Shirley Louise Levin. Tulsa. Okla. Vi ian Bernice Maltz. Houston ' Marjorie Joanne Macow. Austin ' Frances Louise Perilman. Houston ' Sylvia Elaine Rosenthal. Fort Worth ' Norma Louise Scherotter. El Paso ' Norma Lee Westerman. McAllen . JOAN SMITH Marchbanks, Ferris, Presley, Ferguson. Lee, V. Crubbs, Foster, Turner. Frills, Bills, M. Crubbs, Arsenault. S.nith. Davis, Martin, Kluever. Davies, Wood, Robinson, Wilde. Walenta, Holland, Grace, Lankart, Burke. DELTA ZETA OFFICERS President JOAN SMITH V ice-President MARGRETTE ZULEIKA GRUBBS Secretary DOROTHY JEAN WALENTA Treasurer . . HELEN CAROLYN ARSENAULT PACE 248 2606 IT hit is MEMBERS Senior J -- ie Lynn Ferguson. Navasota Vera Vivian Foster. Fort Sam Houston Margrette Zuleika Grubbs. Dallas Virginia Ernestine Grubbs. Dallas Sarah Evelyn Lee. Austin Sophomores Mary Jane Burke. Austin Teresa Ann Ferris. Austin Mildred Holland. Mabank Dorothy Martha Presley, Dallas Joan Smith. Dallas Juniors Helen Carolyn Arsenault. Orange Thelma Kathryn Bills. Austin Mary Elsie Davies. San Antonio ' Mildred Louise Davis. Mansfield .Virginia La Dean Lankart. Waco Martha Lou Martin. Lamesa Dorothy Jean Walenta. Rosenberg Anita Sana Wood. Dallas Freshmen Bobby Fritts. Austin Marybelle Grace, Houston Norma Jean Kluever. Houston Rebecca Marchbanks. Cleburne Wanda Lee Turner, La Salle Dorothy Ailleen Robinson, Medina Hermine Frieda Wilde. Austin PACE 249 JESSIE LOUISE SNEED M. Cuthbertson, Woodard, Jessiip, Burr, Sneed, Smith. Langhammer, R. Franklin, Miner, Sulli- van, Merrill, Johnston. Chambers, Hampton, Harbour, Pate, Stewart, Birge. MoCutcheon, Wheeler, Duncan, Hurley, M. Williams, K. Patterson. Baetz, C. Franklin, B. Williams, Dun- lap, Perdue, Woody. Thompson, Carleton, I). Patterson, D. Cuthbertson, Parkhill, M. Davis. Swett, Harral, Rock, Wenmohs. Graham, Milter. GAMMA PHI BETA OFFICERS President .... Vice-President . Recording Secretary . Corresponding, Secretary Treasurer LORENA BAKER ANNE HILL FACULTY JESSIE LOUISE SNEED DOROTHY MARIE PATTERSON ROSE MARY FRANKLIN CHARLIE ANN FRANKLIN FRANCES INEZ ROCK Loan Librarian Reference Librarian PACE 250 2622 Wichita MEMBERS Seniqn Eunice Brooks Burr. Austin Rose Man Franklin. Austin Jackie Cecile Hampton. Clyde Jii-rphinr Ethel McCutcheon. Austin Mar Brill Miller. Fabens Lee Alice Parkhill. Llano manda Pate. Sulphur Springs Kenotta Margaret Patterson. Austin Frances Inez Hock. Woodville Jessie Louise Sneed. Austin France- F.selyn Wheeler, Tilden Juniors Juanita Marjorie Birge, Smithville Jane Claggett, Wichita Falls Dorothy Cuthbertson, Austin Mary Kathleen Davis, Austin Charlie Ann Franklin. Austin Marie Graham. Cleburne Beverly Gay Haynes. San Antonio Mary Louise Johnston, Weslaco Lois Merritt, Galveston Dorothy Marie Patterson. Austin Juniors " Dorothy Perdue. Waxahachie Lenora Ann Thompson. San Antonio ' Elaine Weber. Stockdale Mary Elizabeth Williams. Fabens Bonita June Woodard. Austin Sophomores Virginia Ruth Barbour, Austin Mary Louise Chambers. Sweet water Margaret Cuthbertson. Austin Julia Dunlap. Clelmrne ' Barbara Leigh Hurle . Hmi-ton Jacqueline Hazlett Miner. Hiver Forest. 111. ' Genevieve Smith. Center Jean Sullivan. Dalla- Freshmen ' Dorothy Baetz, San Antonio ' Carolyn Jane Carleton. Houston ' Gra ' delle Duncan, Killeen Iva Aline Harral, Fort Stockton ' Marcheta La Verne Jessup. Houston ' Betty Jo Langhammer, San Antonio ' Mary Eleanor Stewart. Dallas ' Margaret Louise Swett, Glen Ellyn. 111. ' Juanita Frances Wenmohs. Marble Falls ' Caroline Riecks Woody. Great eck. N. Y. PACE 251 JANE COPELAND Hunt, J. Covo, Alexander, Brannen, Finnegan, Palmer, K. Hall. O ' Brien, C. Dais, Terrell, Dunkum, Dillon, Beilharz, Will. B. J. Jones, Overton, Busby, McCul- lough. Sanford, Wright, Henderson. O ' Ncil, Copeland, Mathews, Fisher, B. Exall, McMurtry, Neely, Sory. B. Johnson, Rugeley, Hopkins, Hunter, Staley, Robertson, S. Hall, Keith. Niemeyer, D. Exall, Meek, Voelcker, Fitzgerald, J. Duls, Frazar, Davis. Brownrigg, N. Stewart, Klett, Lewis, Arneson, Bryant, Ford, Furrh. Park, Rowe, Price. H. Harrison, Tyler, M. Williams, Hughes, Hill. Lasater. Fore, Chiles, C. Covo, S. Wil- liams, Harvick, Gallaway, Taylor. Bates, Conley, Hurlhut, M. F. Johnson, Bartholow, A. Stewart, Rieker, A. Jones. KAPPA ALPHA THETA OFFICERS President . . JANE COPELAND V ice-President JANE WORTHINCTON DULS Secretary ELIZABETH MILLARD PARK Treasurer LEELAH BETH O ' NEIL FACULTY MARY KIRKPATRICK Education Librarian MARY TOM OSBORNE Librarian, Rare Book Collection HILDA FLORENCE ROSENE .... Assistant Professor of Zoology Lois SAGER Secretary to the Public Relations Department TACE 252 2627 Wichita MEMBERS t Graduates iin Claire Brannen, Amarillo Margaret Jean Scales. Marshall Seniors Jam- Copeland, Frederick, Okla. Jane Worthington Duls, Dallas Betty Katherine Finnegan, Houston Virginia Myrle Ford. Austin Katherine Norris Hall, Dallas Frances Wynne Harrison, Austin Peggy Littlejuhn Hilliard, Marshall I " nne du Laux Lehman, Corpus Christi Hellen Lee McCullough, Wichita Falls Lula Belle McMurrey, Tyler Elizabeth Mil lard Park, Oacus. Venezuela First Year Laws Leelah Beth O ' Neil, Wellington Dorothy Sory. Houston Kuth Loraine Suehs, Austin Elizaheth Jean Staley. Topeka, Kans. Helen Catherine Terrell, Fort Worth li ' -emary Tyler, Austin Selma Louise Voelcker, Wichita Falls Martha Mayde Williams, Amarillo Mary June Wripht. Fort Worth Elizaheth Patton Will, Corpus Christi Juniors Mary Margaret Alexander, Beaumont Lily Anita Arneson, San Antonio Frances Margaret Beilharz, Dallas ' Virginia Frances Bryant, Houston Nancy Thomas Davis, Houston Betsy Dawley, Dallas Mary Dillinger, Dallas Nancy Jane Dillon, San Antonio Nettie Barrel! Doscher, Sweetwater Doris Jean Dunkum, Marlin Betty May Exall, Dallas Mary Ellen Fore, Houston Martha Francis, Houston Jeanne Gallaway, San Antonio Harriett Harrison, Dallas Miriam Patricia Heaney, Corpus Christi Cynthia Hill, Laredo Patricia Elizabeth Hopkins, Sherman ' Caroline Rose Hunt, Dallas Marjorie Ann Hunter, Beaumont Lanelle Hurlbut, Lubbock Juniors Betty Louise Johnson, Great Neck, N. Y. Betty Jean Jones, Lubbock Mary Frances Johnson, Vernon ' Adelaide Jones, Fort Worth ' Eunice Klett, Lubbock ' Joan Lewis, Dallas Tommie J. Long, Dallas Rebecca McCall, Dallas ' Dorothy June McMurtry, Clarendon Mary Chilton Morrel, El Paso Norma Elise Niemeyer, La Porte ' Martha Jane Palmer, Tulsa, Okla. Doris Prideaux, Archer City ' Suzanne Buford Rieker, Fort Worth ' Betty Jane Taylor, Amarillo Mary Margaret Wier, Houston ' Sara Jo Williams. Gilmer ' Jean Armour. Sweetwater ' Jean Bartholow, Dallas ' Jean Bat.--. Hoii-ton ' Patricia Emmilyn Bell. Au-tin ' Patricia Braun. Bonn- Emily Lewi- Hu-liy. ustin Georgette Elaine Covo, San Antonio Jacqueline Marie Covo, San Antonio Sophomores ' Jean Lee Fisher, Randolph Field ' Mary Elizabeth Furrh, Elysian Fields Loise Douglas Henderson, Houston Mary- Jane Hughes, Jacksonville, Fla. ' Joanna Keith, Houston Eleanor Lasater, Fort Clark ' Florence Neely, Amarillo M;iry Jane Price. HmHtOfl ' Martha Lenore Rugeley, Bay City Ruth Carla Robertson, Kerrville ' Alice Partee Stewart. Dallas Freshmen ' Margaret Ann Brownrigg, Beaumont ' Margaret Mooring Chiles, Austin ' Eleanor Conley, Laredo ' Catherine Gardiner Duls, Dallas ' Caroline Fitzgerald, Austin ' Virginia Fair Frazar, Eagle Lake ' Sarah Elizabeth Hall, Dallas ' Virginia Laura Meek, Houston ' Ravenna Wakefield Mathews, Austin ' Peggy Sue O ' Brien, Amarillo ' Patricia Ruth Pettey, Los Angeles, Calif. ' Marilyn Gibson Rowe, San Antonio Mary Sanford, Austin ' Nancy Jean Stewart, Houston PACE 253 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA OFFICERS President MARGIE CLAIRE BALDWIN Vice-President PEGGY STOVER Secretary JOSEPHINE KERBEY Treasurer . . MARGARET MAROUAND THORNE MAY BROOKSHIER . ELIZABETH LONG MARGARET PECK LUCY RATHBONE KATHERINE SEARCY . MARGIE CLA IRE BALDWIN FACULTY Resident Business Director, Andrews and Carothers Dormitories Accompanist for If omen ' s Gym Social Director, Women ' s Dormitories Professor of Home Economics General Assistant in the Library Beall. Tschudin, Kerbey, Highams, Sea- berry, Carter, Munger. B. Stayton, Woodfin, H. Mcador. Deaton, Stover, Logan, Hildebrand. Park. Key, Wbatley, Daniels, Kilpatrick, Andrews, Grain. Sinclair, Luckett, M. Kelly, Oak, Grel- ling, F. Kelley, Hunt. Brinkerhoff. Bratten, M Meador, Range, Chastaine, Curtain, DuBose. Stacy, Polk, Launder, Smith, Barber, Langdon, Me En n is. Clarke, Erwin, Craves, Greene, Reich- enstein, Moss, Carrington. Isaacs, Mclntyre, Robbins, Lyles, Mor- gan, Stone, Milling. Groos, Hankerson, Burns, Kimb rough, Chilton. Gantt, L. Tbomas. Unchurch. Parks, Calhoun, Boyle, Schu- macher, Jennings, Brush. PACE 254 2001 University Ait. MEMBERS Graduates Marjorie Anilla Allen. Dallas ' Mary Ireland Gra . Austin Patriria Ann Kininmonth. Graham Mary Elizabeth Moor. Miami. Fla. Hal lie Suyton. Austin Orissa Stevenson. Houston ors Margie Claire Baldwin, Houston Virginia May Bratten. Dayton. Ohio Mary Jane Campbell. Tulsa. Okla. Mary Belle (Hilton. Fort Worth atharine Barry Grain. Washington. D. C. Barney Belle Cross. Crowley, La. Martha Franklin Hildebrand. San Antonio Seniors Margaret Hunt, Dallas Frank Andrew? Kelley. Houston Margaret Eleanor Kelly. Waco Josephine C. Kerbey, Washington. D. C. Katherine Ross Langdon. Hutrhins Eloise Logan. Lancaster Janet Long. Austin Nancy Carlton Meredith. Dallas Anna Blanche Munger. Houston Marion Bobbins, Houston Jeanne Runge. Galveston Mary Louise Stone, Brenham Peggy Stoi-er, Tulsa, Okla. Viola Thomas, Cameron Myra Katherine Tschudin, Houston Juniors Frances Varner Beall. Fort Worth Pauline Thornton Boswell. Evanston. 111. Mar - Harrington Brinkerhoff. Waco Marjorie Alice Carter. Dallas Flora Mclver Clarke. Houston Lula Jane Curtain. Houston Dorothy Lee Deaton. Dallas Geraldine Gillespie. Houston Mar; ' John Grelling. Tyler Elise Harrison Groos. San Antonio Lyle Rose Hankerson. Tyler Lois Evelyn Highams. Houston Elma Cottrell Landrum. Houston Betty Belle Launder. Kansas City. Mo Mary Jane Lyles, San Antonio Juniors Margie Ann MrEnnis. Houston ' Janette M Intyre. Alpine Hazel Ada Meador. San Antonio Mildred Meek Meador. Houston Suzanne O Leary. Houston Frances Ann Parks. Dallas Jeanne Suzanne Peck. Houston Jeanne Marie Polk. Fort Worth Marjorie Dee Sinclair. Houston Anne Morgan Stacy. Kemille Betty Beverly Stayton. Austin B.-tty Jane Thompson. Fort Worth Josephine I pchurch. Tyler Mary Ann Whatle . Dallas Mary Lucille Wicker. Austin Florence Sonia Woodfin. Houston Ruthie I 3M- Young, Fort Worth Sophomores Jean A very Barber. San Antonio Ruth Althea Belt. Houston Sarah Burwell Bertron. Houston Carolyn Joan Boyle, San Antonio Mary Virginia Briggs, San Antonio Margaret Brush. Austin Mary Helen Burns, Cuero Elizabeth Calhoun. Tyler Frances Carrington. Dallas Susan Jane Cherry, San Antonio Alice Lou Daniels, Tulsa, Okla. Jean Maroah Gantt. San Antonio Anne I rsula Harwell. El Paso Mary Montgomery Heffley, San Angelo Catherine Houston. Austin Annabeth Isaacs, Fort Worth Jane Batjer Jennings, Abilene Audrey Catherine Johnson. Houston Bonilee Key. Lampasas Peggy Gene Kimbrough. Wichita Falls Lucille Luckett, San Angelo Gayly Milling, Waco Sophomores Francesca Morgan, Fort Worth Jane Pierce. Oklahoma City, Okla. Jane Reichenstein. Dallas Pattie Gooch Smith, Palestine Margaret Marquand Thome, San Antonio Freshmen Mariellyn Andrews. Lockhart Ann Allen Chastaine. Alexandria, La. Pearl W ' itter DuBose, Austin Sara Margaret Erwin, Galveston Nona Lou Greene, Fort Worth Muriel Jean Kilpatrick. San Antonio Mimi Meredith. Houston Margaretta Moss, Dallas Mary Louise Oak, Tulsa, Okla. Nancy Park. Houston Betty Schumacher. Houston Nancy Patricia Seaberry, Eastland Lucy Hale Thomas, Fort Worth PHI MU OFFICERS President MARY JEAN SCHIEBEL V ice-President MONA DENNIS GUILER Secretary LELA CLAIRE FOSTER Treasurer GLORIA ANN SAAL FACULTY MARY JEAN SCHIEBEL LOUISE LANDES ARMSTRONG Instructor in Home Economics McAnally, Applewhite, Kendall, Wil- Hams, Dcane, Vaejer, Brelsfotil, Elliott, Foster, Tac- quid. Schiebcl, Merren, Moerke, Sauer, Luce. Hyer, Whitesell, Wood, Adams. Lorino. Richey, Cuilcr, McDaniel, Eyoub. McDonald, Francis. Ml, tin. Davidson. PACE 256 2100 Rio Grande MEMBERS Graduates Billie Ralph Hyer. Wichita Falls Mar) Louise McDonald. Lubbock Seniors Lela Claire Foster. Houston Mona Dennis Guiler. Houston Irma Cecilia Hansen. Austin Helen Elizabeth Hinkly. Austin Annie J McAnally. Dalla- Letitia Caroline Moerke. Austin Seniors Emilita Victoria Sauer. Doss Mary Jean Schiebel. Dallas Charline Grace Yaeger. San Antonio Juniors Peggy Jo Elliott. Dallas Classy Merle Lorino. Houston ' Joan Luce. Graford ' Esther LaDelle Merren. Voakum Gloria Ann Saal. Dallas Ramona Elise Whitesell. San Antonio Sophomores Eddie Zeph Blain. Lawton. Okla. Regina Marjorie Brelsford. Austin Marilynn Iris Davidson. Galveston Leila Lisette Eyouh. Austin Patricia Elaine Francis. Fort Worth Ruth Harlan Kendall. Houston Emily Claire Wood. Houston Freshmen ' Alice Alpha Adams. Houston ' Greta Joyce Applewhite. Tahoka ' Juliet Gertrude Deane. Dallas ' Ruth Eleanor McCord. Dallas Mary Margaret McDaniel, Laredo Mary Darnel Richey. Austin ' Margaret Eleanor Tacquard. Austin ' HALLIE KELLEY PEARESON B. Hill, M. Jones, Berry, Camp, Gor- man, K. R. Jackson, Finch, Humlong. Tillery, R. Hill, Marshall, Weddington, Cheat ham, Warner, Arnold, Abernathy. Penn, Peareson, McElhannon, Holt, Dor- chester, Audrey Jones, Tubb, Templeton. Shepherd, Cottingham, S. Wilkinson, Willis, S. Paschal, Rowan, Click, V. Jones. Moore, Flynn, Helms, B. Hermill, Payne, Carroll, Smith, Chizum. Early, Burnside, Cresham, Erhanl, Brady, Prendergast, Ford t ran, Ohlin. Alice Jones, Reid, Clemens, Hart, Mc- Candless, Wilson, Walker, Waltman, Miller. Rife, Stieler, Prowell, E. Amidon, K. Winton, Scale, Penland, Kinnard, Cald- well. Carlisle. Small, Paine, Hilty. V. Wil- kinson, Junell, Tips, Roberdeau, Nor- wood. Montague, Mailander, Monteith, Spears, Graham, Roche, Brooks, Gripper, Ward. Cochran, Fry, Clark, Bramlette, Tid- well, McCarter, C. Amidon, Blanchette, Cockrell. PI BETA PHI OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer HALLIE KELLEY PEARESON CAROLYN ELISABETH MONTEITH MARGARET ELIZABETH PENN MARY RHYDONIA JONES MARY VIRGINIA ARNOLD FACULTY DOROTHY FOWKES LUCKER Tutor in English PACK 258 2300 San Antonio MEMBERS Graduate Virginia Scott Holt Seniors Katharenr Abernathy. Dallas Man. Virginia Arnold, Houston Ann Barrier, Fort Worth Barbara Giles Bassett, El Paso Norma Ruth Berr . Greenville Sue Carleton Brooks. Houston Lillian Wood Burnside, Wichita Falls Margaret Neil Carlisle, Waxahachie Elizabeth Ann Chizum. Fort Worth I ' attie Rose Early. Waco Jeanne Elizabeth Gannon, Dallas Suzanne Clinton Gorman, Waco ( instance Almeta Gossett, Austin Marjorie Rowell Helms, Austin Ruth Lynette Hill, Smithville Alma Chastain Hutchings. Beaumont Jeanne Elma John, Galveston Mire Madeline Jones, Dallas Mar)- Rhydonia Jones. Richmond Kathryn Womack Lacy, Longview Seniors Louise Fredrika Mailander, Waco Marilynne Alice Montague, Houston Carolyn Elisabeth Monteith, Houston Mary Martha Nored, Fort Worth Lucie Goree Ohlin, Kilgore Mary Marjorie Payne, Houston Hallie Kelley Peareson, Richmond Margaret Elizabeth Penn, Austin Patricia Ayne Roche, San Antonio Jeanne Lorena Rowan, Wharton Elizabeth Shirley Scott, McKinney Florence Anne Seale, Bryan Claire Monday Smith, Longview Ruth Ann Walker, Beaumont Mary Alice Weddington, Bryan Virginia Nell Wilkinson, Washington, D. C. Florence Montgomery Wilson, Nacogdoches Katherine Edmund Winton, Waco Juniors Charlene Jeanette Amidon, Harlin gen Elizabeth Milward Amidon, Harlingen Barbara Brady, Corpus Christi Juniors Gloria Bramlette, San Antonio Mary Bell Caldwell, San Antonio Mary Anne Click, Austin Frances Josephine Cockrell, Dallas Betty Dorchester, Shreveport, La. Mary Pearl Erhard, Bastrop Mary Mallory Finch, Austin Josephine Bell Fordtran, Stockdale Gloria Gill, Terrell Dorothy Elaine Gresham, Austin Betty Hill, Austin Margaret Humlong, Dallas Kitty Ruth Jackson, Wichita Falls Jane Jordan Jester, Corsicana Barbara Virginia Jones, Bryan Martha Louise Marshall, Dallas Jean McCandless, San Angelo Jane Taliaferro McElhannon, Sherman Ladie Jane Paschal, San Antonio Betty Jane Richardson, Fort Worth ' Ruth Ann Rife, Dallas Patricia Lee Roberdeau, Austin Ruth Pope Samuel, Austin Juniors Marjorie Shepherd, Beaumont Helen Jean Stubbs, Dallas Martha Virginia Tidwell, Waco Ann Townes, Houston Mary Pauline Waltman, Hearne Barbara Hodges Warner. Mercedes Elizabeth Craig Vc-tf-r rlt, Corpus Christi Sarah Adeline Yaggy, San Angelo Sophomores Betty Avery Bassett. El Paso Jane Files Cheatham, Waxahachie ' Cornelia Clark, Beaumont Katherine Meek Cottingham, Houston ' Julianna Vista Dunn, Corpus Christi ' Patsy Ruth Dunn, Corpus Christi Muriel Mae Flynn, Dallas ' Luetta Graham, Beaumont Sophomores Annis Kay Hilly, Houston Audrey Louise Jones, Houston Patria Junell, Wichita Falls Marjorie Ann McCarter, Vernon Marjorie Dale Mitchell, Fort Worth ' Elinor June Olcott, Houston Helen Frances Paine, Boston, Mass. ' Stella Mae Paschal, San Antonio ' Nancy Lala Prendergast, Marshall Sybil Elizabeth Small, Austin ' Anne Phillips Templeton, San Angelo Marilyn Vyne Tillery, Beaumont Suzybelle Wilkinson, Shreveport, La. Freshmen ' Helen Elizabeth Blanchette, Dallas ' Dorothy Nell Camp, Thorndale ' Marilyn Imola Carroll, Houston Freshmen ' Helen Louise Clemens, Houston ' Margaret Elizabeth Cochran, Buda ' Martha Ann Connally. Tyler ' Phyllis Ann Evans, Beverly Hills, Calif. ' Mary Hallet Fry, Marshall ' June Esme Gripper, Galveston ' Barbara Ray Hammill, Bay Citv ' Marianna Catherine Hart, San Antonio ' Emily Ann Kinnard, Gonzales ' Gene Marsaland McGhee, Chicago, III. ' Mildred Joi Norwood, Wichita Falls ' Sara Edmond Penland, Dallas ' Mary Ann Prowell, Richmond ' Helen Ruth Reid, Orange ' Lillian Frances Spears, Cisco ' Helen Ruth Stieler, Comfort ' Martha Jane Tubb, Sweetwater ' Jewel Gordan Ward, Austin ' Mary Isabel Winton, Waco PACE 259 IRIS HELENE BENNETT Burg, Rosenthal, Stilt!. Golden. Landman, I. Bennett, Cordon, Lack. Browne, Epstein, Goldstein, Tallal. Fagadau, Mandell, Siege! . Schwartz, Gilbert, Mell. SIGMA DEITA TAU OFFICERS President IRIS HELENE BENNETT V ice-President GERALDINE ROSENTHAL Corresponding Secretary MARILYN SIEGEL Recording Secretary SHIRLIE TALLAL Treasurer . . . SIDNEY HEROLD STIFFT PACE 260 26 8 SpeeJu-ay MEMBERS Seniors ShirlieTallal. Dallas Juniors Iris Helene Bennett Houston Ceraldine Rosenthal. Houston Sophomores Rosalyn Browne. San Antonio Cecile Mae Burg. San Antonio Ruth Elaine Golden. Corsicana ' Gloria Goldstein. Fort Smith. Ark. Rosalie Adele Gordon. Wharton Pauline Cecille Landman. Fort Worth ' Ida Rose Mandell. El Paso Marilyn Siegel. Davenport. Iowa Sidnev Herold Stifft. Little Rock. Ark. Freshmen Elaine Janet Epstein. Chicago. 111. Ethel Henrietta Bennett San Antonio Mona June Fagadau. Wichita Falls Cecile Pauline Gilbert. Fort Worth Zella Malonia Lack. Houston ' Charlotte Faye Lipoff. Port Arthur Janis Rosalyn Mell. San Antonio " Fanchon Lois Schwartz. Waco ZETA TAU ALPHA President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . OFFICERS MARY ANNE STEDMAN MARGARET MARY GURLEY MARIAN FRANCES SCHNEIDER MARTHA KENNARD MARY ANNE STEDMAN Womble, Roberts. Chancy, Barnes, Wol- ford, Burrus, Ezell, S. Scott, Blalock. Barwise, Higgins, Alexander, Southern, Gates, Tillot8on, Park, Barnhart, Briggs. Sharp, Monroe, Hester, Talley, Fannin, Moss, Austin, Engle, Battenfield. LaNeve, F. Hall, Gilliam. Berry, Farley, Kennard, Gillis, Herod. Stedman, Hobbes, Jackson, Prowse, Tarlton, Hinman, Carter, M. Bowyer. Davis, Strasburger, Copeland, Wiley, Downey, Stoer, V. Bowyer, Schneider. Simpson, Dewey, McGowen, Norman, Hunt, Howsley, Miles, Mohr. Ramsey, Johnson, Gurley, Oglesby, Grisham, Horney, B. Smith, Frizzell. Coble, Turner, Sterling, M. Smith, Heath, Cambrell, Graham, Tully. Beakley, Ayers. Tatum, Pearson, Farner, Martin, Tucker, Moore. E. Scott, Sheehan, Shudde, R. Smith, lll.),,i. Hardy, B. Hall, Russell. PACE 262 3 ueces MEMBERS Seniors Dorothy France Alexander. Jacksonville 1! -tty Jo Barnes. Trinity Irby Lee BUIook. Marshall Edith Loraine (barter. Houston Ruth Ann Chaney. Little Rock, Ark. Jeannette Lee Week Decker. Rosenburg Eloi e Engle. Aa-tin zell. Clebume June Whiting Famer. Arkadelphia. Ark. B.-tte Hall. Sherman Jessie Jean Hardy. Corpus Christi Helen Grace Heath, Shreveport. La. Genevieve Louise Hinman, New Braunfels Gene Spencer Hunt, Nacogdoches Seniors Lois Ellen Jackson. Houston Jean Elizabeth Johnson. Kerens Martha Kennard, Sherman Dorothy Jane Mohr. Houston Nancy Isabel Moore. Aransas Pass Ethel Ann Oglesby. San Angelo Evalyn Elizabeth Park, Jacksonville Marian Frances Schneider. Dallas Helen Louise Shudde. Washington, D. C. Frances Gertrude Simpson, Nacogdoches Mary Anne Stedman. Beaumont Susan Marshall Stoer. Shreveport. La. Anne Woodruff Talley, Kerens Jane Guilford Tully. Cuero Juniors Elizabeth Gene Austin, Abilene Dorothy Jean Barwise, Austin irginia Wills Bowyer, Dallas Jean Demise Davis, Fort Worth Florence Louise Fannin, San Angelo Virginia Ann Frizzell, McAllen Harriet Kimbro Gates, Houston Mary Wyley Grisham, Abilene Margaret Mary Gurley, Dallas Frances Mildred Hall, Sherman Lucille Hester, Houston Virginia DuVal Higgins, Victoria Rosemary Pearson. Houston ' Marilyn Ramsey, Beaumont Juniors Diana Rebecca Roberts, Corsicana Shirley Scott, Houston Mildred Sheehan. Hou-tnn Rosemary Coleman Smith. McAllen ' Terese Tarlton. Fort Worth Hilda Waltz Tillotson. San Antonio Fredda Fae Turner, Midland Sophomores Lucy Janice Ayres. Aransas Pass Joyce Carolyn Battenneld. Dallas Kuth Berry. Houston Anne Sutton Bloor. Austin ' Margaret Dewey. Bryan ' George Ann Farley, San Antonio Pattie Marie Gambrell. Austin Dorothy Gillis, Del Rio Dorothy Virginia Gilliam. Austin Sophomores Julie Anita Graham, Austin " Emma Clydie Homey. Robstown Mary Gill McGowan. San Antonio Katherine Estelle Prowse. Corpus Christi Eleanor Terrence Russell. San Antonio Emily Winifred Scott. Houston Betty Jane Slaughter. Au-tin Jeanne Strasberger, Dallas ' Frances Lee Wolford. McKinney Freshmen Helen Joyce Barnhart. Aransas Pass ' Ruth Taft Beakley, San Antonio ' Marjorie Louise Bowyer. Dallas ' Nadeen Briggs. Fort Worth ' Ann Vitula Burrus. Beaumont Helen Rudenna Copeland, Fort Worth ' Montez Adelle Downey. Midland Freshmen Helen Ruth Coble. Waco Betty Eileen Herod, Houston Lady Hobbs, Alice ' Marilynne Howsley, Albany LaZinka Fair Martin, Corpus Christi Dorothy Sue Miles, Midland Carolyn Joyce Monroe, Austin ' Katharine Moss, Shreveport La. ' Betty Norman, Fort Worth Bettie Louise Sharp, Dallas ' Betsy Anne Smith. Dallas ' Gary Southern, Fort Worth ' Aurora Virginia Sterling, Anahuac ' Alice Tatum. Corsicana Bette Ladd Tucker. Corpus Christi ' Marion Errol Hay Wiley. Beaumont ' Adine Elizabeth Womble, Caldwell 2 3 Bullfighting it an ancient an-l popular span among the neigh- ban to the South. ANDREWS DDRMITDHY Front row: EHLERS, WALTON, BARRIER, BRONSTAD. Second raw: REESE, HERRMANN, COHN, NUNN, RATLIFF, SINKIN, FLINN. STAFF Resident Social Director . Resident Business Director . Assistant to Resident Social Director HELEN MARGARET FLINN ELIZABETH MAY BROOKSHIER GERTRUDE CATHERINE REESE HOUSE COUNCIL President EDNA ELIZABETH NUNN Olivia Barrier Betty Sue Bronstad JoLeigh Cohn Betty Jo Ehlers Gretchen Sophia Herrmann Dorothy Fae Ratliff Mary Elizabeth Sheldon Rosalie Sinkin Martha Ann Walton Mary Louise Wood EDNA ELIZABETH NUNN PACE 266 KIRBY HALL STAFF Director MRS. B. M. CoRLETTE Business Manager ESTHER CHRISTENSE.N President Marjorie Ann Baker Elinor Frances Bennett Oletta Myrle Chastain Jerry Cullers HOUSE COUNCIL . VIRGINIA KATHLEEN CRAWFORD Paula Jane Grubb Myrl Henderson Polly Anna Porter Yera Catherine Williams Chairman . Secretary . UPPERCLASS ADVISORS . NANCY MILDRED SHANKLAND DORIS EVELYN BISSETT Chairman . Co-Chairman PROGRAM COMMITTEE BETTY PENN HARNEST RLTH HACOOD VIRGINIA KATHLEEN CRAWFORD fro,l rtnt: HENDERSON. HARNEST. CRAWFORD. SHANKLAND. BENNETT. S,co 4 rex: CORLETTE. CHASTAIN. HACOOD. CRUBB. CL ' LLERS. Tkiri rote: BISSETT. PORTER. WILLIAMS. : . : - NEWMAN HALL .i m 4 Front row: BLUMEL. GRAY, MEZZETTI, HEJTMANCIK, CORMLEY. Second row: FRANEY, SCHNEIDER, JANSING, WALENTA, LAHEY, DICKIE. STAFF Director House Mother Assistant House Mother SISTER BORROMEO ELIZABETH JANSING ADELA SCHNEIDER HOUSE COUNCIL President Johanna Blumel Sarah Jane Dickie Catherine Jane Franey Grace Maria Gormley BERNICE PAULINE MEZZETTI Daphrene Kathryn Gray Grace Alicia Hejtmancik Mary Bernadine Lahey Elinore Catherine McCluskey Dorothy Jean Walenta BERMCE PAULINE MEZZETTI PACE 268 CAROTHERS DORMITORY STAFF Resident Social Director . lant Social Director . . LEILA LEONA HOLCOMB GENE CARR HOUSE COUNCIL President . VIRGINIA MARIE OLSEN Rebecca Ruth Abney Freddye Mae Ashendorf Helen Elizabeth Carson Rosemary Jani- Lenore Kel elman Eleanor Ann Loyd Ethel Claire Raney Marian Frances Roberts Maxine Roebuck Margaret Marquand Thome VIRGINIA MARIE OLSEN Fnut ROBERTS. O! -IV KEBELMAN. THORNE. ABNEY. : HOLCOMB. ASHENDORF. CARSON. LOYD. JARVIS. ROEBl Ck. RANFY. ; . . . GRACE HALL STAFF Director .... Assistant to the Director MARTHA GAVIN MRS. V. M. HATCHER HOUSE COUNCIL President . Dorothy At wood Campbell Mary Ellen Foulk Grace Leslie Mikeska Student Hostess Intramural Representative Reporter . GERTRUDE ELAINE WIGGIN Mary Chilton Morrel Alice Mae Smith Faye Ruby Stein JUNE DELIGHT WELLS . BETTY JEAN McNABB . MARGARET JANE CARRIGAN GERTRUDE ELAINE WIGGEN PACE 270 LITTLEFIELD DORMITORY STAFF Social Director MARGARET PECK Assistant LAURA FRENCH Assistant . . MARGARET FRI EHOLZ H l SE COUNCIL President Mary Beth Bertch Parri Sue Bickford Carolyn Sue Boyle Helen Glover Donnell Emily Jane Douglass Julia Adella Catling Judy Devereaux Lacy Marjorie Anna Lansdon Ida Louise Mahler Dorothy Agnes Maierhoffer . MARY ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Frances Louise Miller Mary Kathryn Nipper Elinore Jean Ott Mary Love Parks Mary Jane Pinkston Billie Leonora Pounds Edna Ettie Real Ruth Frances Schumm Margaret Jean Shipp Helen Lucille Swanson MARY EUZABETH WILLIAMS Marion Elizabeth Thomas 01 r SCOTTISH RITE DDHMITDHY J front row: ROMAN, MALLOY, LEWIS, REISER, L ' PCHURCH, CALLAWAY. Second row: BOOTH, C. COVO, J. COVO, TARVER, MALONEY. Third row: STRASBURGER, RAWLS, EVANS, JOHNSON. STAFF Director MRS. A. P. DOHONEY Assistant Director MRS. WILLIAM MILES Assistant Director MARY JANE DAVIS Assistant Director MA RGIE MUSE Business Director SELMA STREIT UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Chairman . MONA BOSWORTH LEWIS Jeanne Booth Georgette Elaine Covo Jacqueline Marie Covo Hazel Faye Evans Jeanne Gallaway - Martha Alice Heiser Dorothy Johnson Betty Jo Maloney Miriam Blair Molloy Jean McGregor Rawls Alice Sue Roman Jeanne Strasburger Martha Arline Tarver Josephine Upchurch MONA BOSWORTH LEWIS PACE 272 UPPEHCLASS ADVISORS President. . . M KGARET BRICE St LLI AN Jessie Andrews Olivia Barrier Betty Sue Hn n-t;ni lirt-ti -hen Sophia Herrmann Rett -Jo Ehlers Edna Elizabeth Nunn Mary Elizalieth Sheldon Rosalie Sinkin Mar Lou;-. : Carothers a Ruth Aliney FrediKe Mar shendorf Helen Elizaheth Carson .try Jam Helen I.ermre Kebelman Virginia Marie Olser. Marian France Roberta et Marquand Thome man Hall Johanna Blumel f.if- Catherine Jane Franey Maria Gormley Daphrene Kathryn Gray Bernii e I ' anline Mezzelti LittlefielJ Man Elizabeth Bertch Parri Sue Birkford Carolyn Sue Boyle Helen Glover Donnell Emily Jane Dougla Julia Adella Dunlap Lynn Galling Judy Devereaux Lacy Marjorie Anna Langdon Ida Louise Mahler Dorothy Apnes Maierhofer Frances Louise Miller Mary Kathryn Nipper Elinore Jean Ott Mary Love Parks Mary Jane Pinkston Billie Leonora Pounds Edna Ettie Real Ruth Frances Schumm Margaret Jean Shipp Helen Lucile Swanson Marion Elizabeth Thomas Man Elizabeth Williams Grace Hall Dorothy Atwood Campbell Man Ellen Foulk Grace Leslie Mikeska Mary Chilton Morrell Alice Mae Smith Faye Ruby Stein Gertrude Elaine Wigpen KirbyHall Doris Evelyn Bissett Louise Kane Shirley Kiker Marilyn Puckett Nancy Mildred Shankland Margaret Brice Sullivan Mary Louise Taylor Dorothy Genex ieve Walschak Su-ie Marie Winston Scottish Rite Jeanne Booth Georgette Elaine Covo Jacqueline Marie Covo Hazel Faye Evans Jeanne Gallaway Martha Alice Heiser Dorothy Johnson Mona Bosworth Lewis Betty Jo Maloney Miriam Blair Molloy Jean McGregor Rawls Alice Sue Roman Jeanne Strasburger Martha Arline Tan ' er Josephine Upchurch MARGARET BRICE Sl ' LLIVAN tr t tarn: KOBI ' KI- ' . IHAY. J. COVO. ;. ((IVil. M I.LIVXV ol hN Ihttl t(il IK I ' l (.KETT. KIKER. MEZZETTI. . nmt M. L. MOI.I.OV. HUMAN. KEHUVUV MI ' PEK. THORNK. MA1.ONEY. JIIII M)N HEI EK. WICCEN. SIHNKLAM). WILLIAMS. Tkird r nc: Ii NHI MORRELL. DOfCLASS. BERTCH. MILLER. - N-uN. DINHP. HI.M ORl. M Ht MM. IIM K . T1.ING. M HLER. Fo,rtk ,a : OTT. -HIPP. C4MPBELL. LACY. THOVUv P KK-. I. N.|MI , M MERHOFER. BOYLE. PACI 273 ROBERTS HALL STAFF Resident Director ADELAIDE MCLELLAN DAZEY Office Manager JACK WRIGHT McANiNCH Proctors PETER SALVADORE SOLITO PAUL ATHANASSE KAIRIS MARSHALL LEE EVERETT GLEN DON REEDER Office Staff JAMES HOWARD MONTGOMERY ROY HATTEN ROGER GRANT STOTLER HOUSE COUNCIL President GLEN DON REEDER Vice-President JACK WRIGHT McANiNCH Secretary-Treasurer ERNEST MILLIARD FINCHER Intramural Manager WILLIAM DEWEY LAWRENCE, JR. Reporter FRANCIS MARION SHOKES Sergeant-at-Arms MERRILL MAYNARD MEUSHAW CI.K.N DON REEDER PACE 274 PHATHEH HALL STAFF Resident Director Resident Manager Proctors Office Staff ADELUDE MCCLELLAN DAZEY HVNDALL CALVIN JACKSON THOMAS ADAMS YORK JOHN OLIVER MARKWARD LEON REUBEN UPSHAW ERWIN RANDOLPH DALE JOHN WILLIAM BARTRAM BILLY GRAVES NOBLE RANDALL CALVIN JACKSON KEITH MTRRAY MANROE HOUSE COUNCIL President ' resident . ' ary-Treasurer Intramural Manager . Assistant Intramural Manager . KEITH MURRAY MANROE BILLY GRAVES NOBLE JOHN WILLIAM BARTRAM OLIVER WILLIAM FANNIN JOSEPH FRANCIS LEONARD PACI Z75 Y.M.C.A. DDHMITDHY Front row: ADER. MASON, STINSON, RADTKE, SHELTON. HARRINGTON, TIBBS. Second row: DICKIE, JAMES. BILLINGS, STROUD, PETRUSEK, MILLER, HUNT, PRETZ, NEWMAN. Third row: BRYANT, WESTERLACE, YOUNG, BROWN, GORDON, CARGILL, SMITH. STAFF Resident Director . Office Staff . . President . . EARNEST CLERENCE PRKTZ . MAY REDFERN ROBERT BURKE BILLINGS ROBERT BURKE BILLINGS PACE 276 BHECRENRIDGE HALL STAFF Resident Director . Resident Manager Proctors . Office Staff . ADELAIDE MCCLELLAN DAZEY ROBERT DAVID WINDROW HENRY WARD (Gcs) COLLIER J. FRANK XORRIS DENNARD CLEOPHAS JOSEPH SCHEFFLER JAMES GERALD WOODS CHARLES FREEDAMAN ALTON JOHN HADEN THEODORE LAWRENCE JONES HENRY WARD (CCS COLLIER HOUSE COUNCIL President Vice-President Secretary -Treasurer . Sergeant-at-Arms . Intramural Manager . . HENRY WARD Gts) COLLIER . RICHARD ADOLPH OBENHAUS . FRANK BEE POTTER, JR. . RAY GROCAN SIVLEY JAKES WEIR COLMEY : . 01 ti I HI II II 11 " ! 1 " Ill PACE 278 . , ' . JK PALE 278 " , Performers at Aqua-carnival . . . Babe Papich dives . . . Carlton Terry, Friar, with Jean Taber, Aqua Queen . . . Nominees for Aqua Queen. i . i Dl The girls dress for " Time Staggers On " . . . More T.S.O. . . . Rhesa Penn, swimmer and singer, is introduced by Tex Robertson . . . Comedy diver hope he finds the water. PACE 280 The Nineteenth Street fire . . . Capitol of Texas . . . Longhurn- play basketball . . . Mrs. Griff and boys at the game . . . Texas subs. Modern D ' Artagnans . . . Phi Kappa Sigma has picnic . . . Spring training rolls around . . . Jitterbugs jitter and glitter. " " ?r Jimmy Lunceford plays and we dance . . . Kutner with that grin and a gal . . . Dean Fitz- gerald of School of Business Administration. Jimmy Pitt at Cowboy Minstrel . . . Sgt. Shorty Nowotny lectures on military strategy . . . Women (only) attend the Junior Prom . . . Texan carriers up early so you can read at breakfast ... Baseball and spring go hand in hand . . . Students learn to fly Slap the Japs! Track man. I PA ;E 281 War training over the fence . . . Spring football practice, picnics, boatrides surely -pring is really here . . . Kappa Sigs, Intramural champs, play T.C.U. Fite Nile. : - .- Wayne King comes to town we danced, stood in line trying to reach check room, watched Mr. K., and saw Prexy Nieman . . . Sweetheart Abernathy and admirer . . . Umstattd, Cowboy, sets pace . . . Paul Tracy visits San Antonio for week-end. Phi Kappa Sig crazy party . . . Sigma Nus polish up pool . . . Jimmy Kerr sits . . . Bicycles take over this is war! . . . But most of us are still gay witnesseth ! The last man left after the draft . . . Dancers . . . Golfers . . . Knitting for the Red Cross . . . Smiling Missy . . . Wanda Turner lovelorn? . . . Freshman Philip Wickes. The new music build- ing . . . T. Dorsey in for a little jive . . . Sonoma Rudman crowned new M.I.C.A. Sweetheart . . . Red- wood Bryson in that den of sin, the Ranger Office . . . Cactus Photographer Tom Burgess . . . Leslie Carpenter and Sonoma Rudman . . . Bryson shoots craps . . . O.U. comes down for some baseball and loses. LJw . Kay finds out . . . And meets the crowd . . . Visiting Sweethearts on parade . . . Bill Barton and Patsy Olsen at the Ball . . . Sylvan Dunn glides and slides with Dorothy Horak. PACE 290 Captain Underwood, President Rainey, and the Sweetheart review her guard of honor, the N.R.O.T.C. ... A Texas broad jump . . . They also ran ... Bobby Hammack plays for Round-Up Ball . . . Bill Cook enjoys intermission with Polly Smith. Coach Bible converses at the Relays . . . The judges stand . . . Um- stattd races . . . And a Longhorn wins ... A pole-vault record is broken . . . Discus thrower . . . Other Relay attractions. P cs 292 arf ant ( ihf im portent fxpoitt of mott Cfnlral mud mtmny South 4mftican coun- tries. I I m BIBB FALK _- kj W. J. (UNCLE BILLY) DISCH PETE LAYDEN LETTERMEN Robert Smith Jack Stone Pete Layden Grady Hatton Jerome Hajovsky Horace Glenn Leslie Croucher Alton Bostick John Koschak Udell Moore Melvin Deutsch Wilson Deutsch Alfred Rochs (Manager) PACE 294 ._ 1941 CHAMPIONS SOUTHWEST SCORES OPPONENTS ALL-CONFERENCE TEAM 5 9 7 16 9 7 2 5 3 2 10 14 18 9 12 Baylor Rice A. iv M. -.M.I . T. C. U. 2 4 6 6 3 2 3 7 2 3 3 9 5 2 POM I ION NAME First Base Kaiser . Second Base Stone . Third Base Hatton Short Stop Witt . . . Utility Smith . TEAM Rice TEXAS TEXAS Baylor TEXAS Left Field Scoggin A. M. Center Field Lay den (Capt.) . . .TEXAS Right Field Jeffrey A. M. itility Hagerman S. M. U. Catchers Barrow Rice Bostick TEXAS Pitchers Moore TEXAS M. Deutsch TEXAS Bumpers A. M. Golden Baylor STONE HATTON Three Up Three Down BOSTICK PACE 295 M. DEUTSCH SMITH GLENN W. DEUTSCH The University of Texas baseball team, under the coaching of Bibb Falk, able suc- cessor to Uncle Billy Disch, showed plenty of promise right from the beginning of the 1941 season. Rain often played mischief with the schedule and made an exciting race for the Conference Championship by postponing any meeting with the powerful Aggies until the very end of the season. Texas managed to keep at the head of the Conference, but A. M. trailed by only one game before the trip to College Station. A Longhorn safe at third. Carlton Terry, T Association president, presents award to Outstanding Athlete Pete Layden. Shortstop Grady Hatton scores against A. M. johnny Koschak guarding first base. FACE 296 HAJo- - CHOI CHER KOSCHAK Th- __ squeezed by Texas in the first of the two games at Kyle Field. This made a first-place tie with ten wins and two losses each, and necessitated a third game with the Longhorns. The Assies won the second game. too. forcing the calling of the postponed Texas-T. C. 1. and A. M.-Baylor games. Texas vowed revenge and tied the Conference again by winning an exciting game from A. M. at Clark Field. Texas defeated T. C. t .. and then, after Baylor defeated A. M.. won the Conference Cham- pionship for the twenty-second time. Fnmi .: HATTOX. VOORF. HUOVSKV. BOSTIf K. SMITH. STONE. Srtim r: FALK. . I f.l TSCH. KOSCHtK. . DEt ' TSCH. COACH OISCH. CRUICHER. GLENN LAYDEN ROCHS. ; . F.I) PRICE FBESHMAN BASEBALL PACE 298 Front Row: WARE, RANDERSON, TRAVIS, WELLS, REEVES, HECTOR, RIDCEMAY. Second Row: JOHNSON. TANKERSLEY, PRESTLEY. HAMILTON, JONES, HAREM. TAYLOR. Third row: PRICE, POOL, ARNOLD, COLLINS, JONES, COFFEY, O ' REACAN, KENT, YANKEE, HIRST, Manager. m 5f tU W mrm fatmm o Ftrm ctiutfmtly pmuet. FRED LEE RAMSDELL MORRIS (RED) BAREFIELD LETTERMEN J. Garland Adair Morris (Red) Barefield R. L. Carmichael Frank Covert Richard C. Davis Harry Hafernick Lonnie Hill Jack Hughes Fred Lee Ramsdell Jack Scale William Seay R. W. Slovacek David Small J. W. Smith Joe F. Sparks Carlton Terry Mac Umstattd Milton Davis, Manager CLYDE LITTLEFIELD PACE 300 _. Hafernick wins the Conference mile run. KANSAS RELAYS April 20, 1941 K KN I WINNER 44n-Yard Relay TEXAS 880-Yard Relay TEXAS 100-Yard Relay Terry, TEXAS DRAKE RELAYS April 26, 1941 EVENT WINNER 100-Yard Dash Ramsdell. TEXAS Sprint Medley TEXAS 440-Yard Relay TEXAS 880-Yard Relay TEXAS HILL Tape-Breaker Ramsdell takes the Conference 220-yard dash. PACI 301 Jack Hughes slinging the discus CARMICHAEL HAFEKN1CK SEAY THE CHAMPIONS SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET Austin, Texas May 10, 1941 EVENT WINNER TIME 440-Yard Dash Hall, Rice 47.8 100-Yard Dash Terry, TEXAS 9.6 One-Mite Run ... .Hafernick, TEXAS 4:22.7 220-Yard Dash Ramsdell, TEXAS 21.3 120-Yard High Hurdles Bucek, A. M 14.6 880-Yard Run . . . . Umstattd, TEXAS 1:33.5 440-Yard Relay TEXAS 41.4 Two-Mile Run Spencer, Arkansas 10 :06.6 220-Yard Low Hurdles Bucek, A. M 23.5 One-Mile Relay Rice 3:22.2 Shot Put Deal, Rice 50 ft. High Jump Coffman, Rice 6 ft., 71 2 in. Pole Vault Small, TEXAS 13 ft. Broad Jump Carmichael, TEXAS . .23 ft., 4l 2 in. Discus Hughes, TEXAS .... 160 ft., 8 in. Javelin . . Adair, TEXAS .... 197 ft.. 8 in. Final Score: TEXAS, 64; Rice, 40y 2 ; A. M., 31; S. M. U., 17; Arkansas, 11; Baylor, 7; T. C. U., 5y 2 . COVKKT SLOVACEK PACE 302 TEXAS RELAYS April 5, 1941 EVKM WINNER TIME Tuo-Mile Relay TEXAS 6:45 44O-Yard Relay TEXXS 42.0 100-Yard Dash Terry. TEXAS 9.5 880-Yard Relay TEXAS 1:27.3 Discus Hughes. TEXAS 165 ft, 9y 2 in. Sprint Medley TEXAS 3:24 (World Record) One-Mile Relay TEXAS 3:18.5 Javelin Mikeska. N. Texas 203 ft..5 in. Broad Jump Brown, L. S. U 25 ft., 7 in. Di fiance Medley Okla. A. M 10:27 High Jump Walters, Baylor, and Boydston, Okla. A. i M.. .6ft, 7% in. Shot Put Deal, Rice 49 ft.. 71 4 in. 120-Yard High Hurdles Owens, Howard Payne 14.0 Pole Vault ( Four-way tie) 12 ft., 6 in. Beran, Kansas Ley, Rice Berry, S. M. U. Harris, E. Texas I ' mslattd leading the stretch I. W. SMITH ADA1R man PJ i i Front raw: SLOVACEK, SMITH, RIDDLE. Second row: UMSTATTD, SPARKS, SEAY, RAMSDELL, BAREFIELD, TERRY, HILL, PARKER. Third row: KELLEY (trainer), COVERT, SEALE, ADAIR. LITTLEFIELD, DAVIDSON, HAFERNICK, SMALL, DAVIS. PACE 304 ' , ' V, ' %- r - ??} ' ' " - " Oxcarts stilt serve their purpose SJ l ' " ( e mounlainouj regions of the Americas. D. A. PENICK MAURICE FINCHER BALL, RISKIND, PENICK, AND GOODMAN (manager) PACE 306 . CONFERENCE MATCHES IKVAS OPPONKM 4 Baylor 2 4 S. M. U. 2 2 Rice 4 7 A. M. OLT-OF-CONFERENCE MATCHES TEXAS 1 4 5 6 7 5 5 2 Tulane University Louisiana State San Marcos Teachers Oklahoma University- Texas Tech East Texas Teachers North Texas Teachers Miami University Christner makes a difficult return DATJER LABORDE PACI 307 BLALOCK CHRISTNER RISKIND WILSON SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET Semi-final doubles: Christner and Fincher defeated by Rogers and Morris of Rice, 6-1, 7-5, 6-2. Ris- kind and Batjer defeated by Rogers and Morris, 6-4, 6-3, 6-2. Final singles: Christner defeated by Higginbotham of S. M. U., 0-6. 6-2, 6-0, 6-1. Rogers, Rice, defeated Christner, 6-1, 2-6. 6-2. Christner returns an easy one and Batjer smashes one over PACE 308 Lfltcrmcn: Maurice Fincher. bar- ren Christiu-r. (Garland Poole, Henry Batjer. Leo LaBorde, Bill Blalock. Reuben Kir-kiml. Robert Gene Wilson. Cullen Grain. Milton HofTman. Billy Pou. Joe Ball. Gene Good- man, manager. LaBorde strrei. Poole makes a quick return. Front rote: BLALOCK. POOLE. BATJER. FINCHER. CHRISTNER. LABORDE. Second row: PE-MCK. BALL. HOFFMAN. KI M I . CRMN. POt . lll.MIV I.OOUMAV HARVEY PENICK LEONARD SPITZER 1941 GDLF CHAMPIONS MEETS TEXAS OPPONENT 5 S. M. U. 1 6 Texas Tech 3 A. M. 3 5 Rice 1 Lettermen: Leonard Spitzer (Confer- ence Champion), Ernest Fortner, Tommy Roddy, James Bivins, Jack Helm, Ed Brady. Front row: RODDY, PENICK, SPITZER. Back row: FORTNER, HELM, BIVINS, BRADY. PACE 310 if. an art long one ' ' Indians of Toernatm arene vt erna.inu SWEETHEART OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS ll ' ll65 nlarlori Q uinn . p C milu t u6 u 1 1 I 166 oUorotk u Wanda oLee IJi urner K J rattie rack b r JJ (B f onne i65 Ljtorla _yron Uu M ane I acu dlradfield i65 rreten {j race OL 6en ll li6A teetty (Jo Uomforde SWEETHEART V ; ss Jean Tafe U M I E E S Us.s Mary fi i J A - - B rv Belle inn Penelope GU Alllne Fave SimpV.ns V- Jeanne ClaJr TUea BieseU Q e SeU nvotfP , EiiA Loraine Carter ' ' ' nor {, - nn -t( It ' jaint ,,nc i 1 Tkf OHM, irrr of burden, is m fmmiltar tight M (Ar And i. ALPHA EPSILDN DELTA Honorary Pre-Medical Fraternity Founded, University of Alabama, April 28, 1926 Texas Alpha Chapter Established January 10, 1929 Thirty-four Active Chapters OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Scalpel Reporter FOREST MURPHY NELSON Faculty Advisor C. R. JOHNSON BOB HOLLAN WILLIAM TAYLOR NEWSOM GEORGE ALBERT CULVER CHARLES ARTEMAS BAKER ALBERT MATTHEW MAGLIOLO William Spencer Carter D. B. Casteel H. W. Harper H. R. Henze C. R. Johnson C. R. Johnson HONORARY MEMBERS T. S. Painter J. T. Patterson FACULTY MEMBERS Gordon Worley E. P. Schoch V. T. Schuhardt 0. B. Williams A. N. Taylor MEMBE RS Gilbert Ernest Adami Charles Artemas Baker Harold Donop Buttery Vernon Claude Caver George Albert Culver Edward Downing Futch Milton Goldstein Lawrence Wayne Hart James Harold Hejtmancik Bob Hollan illiam Wayne Lunn Charles Eldon McKenzie Albert Matthew Magliolo Jack Leon Mendel 1 Robert Vincent Murray Forest Murphy Nelson William Taylor Newsom George Nicolaou Robert Erie Payne Rhesa Lee Penn. Jr. Rufus Alfred Stevenson, Jr. Ardell Nichols Taylor Edwin Torrance, Jr. FALL INITIATES James Booth Cecil Foard Boulden John Simmons Caldwell, Jr. Jack Barkley Chewning Charles Stuart Clark William Mooney Gambrell Richard Orvil Albert Mose Hubbard Elaine, Jr. Stephen William Cobb Charles Ballard Dryden George Edward Glover Roy Willis Holmes Kenneth Hugh Keeton Edward Kessler Matthew Ferdinand Kreisle Vernon Nesbitt Kring Benjamin Ainsworth Kuehne Paul Lensky Henry Clare McDonald, Jr. Richard Harry Moorman, Jr. SPRING INITIATES Jack Leigh Eidson William Thomas Harrison William Clarence Hendrix, Jr. Norman Henry Jacob Herman Otis Krempin Coy Lafayette Lay Forrest Edward Lumpkin, Jr. John Edwin Martin Robert Carter Overton, Jr. William Clinton Owsley Eugene Paul Schoch, Jr. Herbert Lewis Shepard Robert Theodore Stenberg Griff Terry Ross William Gramann Smith Vann Shaw Taylor Albert Lou Suen Tsai PACE 348 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Honorary Organi tion for Freshman Women Founded, University of Illinois, May 31, 1924 Texas Chapter Established December 13, 1935 Thirty-seven Active Chapters OFFICERS President . I ice-President Secretary . Treasurer Reporter . Faculty Sponsor MARION ELIZABETH THOMAS GRETCHEN SOPHIA HERRMANN DOROTHY CHATMAS NANCY LEE MARTIN JoLEic.H COHN DOROTHY LOUSE GEBAI ER Man Louise Begley Ruth Althea Belt Dorothy Nell Berry Mary Helen Burns Dorothy Chatmas JoLeigh Cohn Martha Louise Cental Nell Maurice Cottle Georgette Elaine Covo Jacqueline Marie Covo MEMBERS Sara Louise Dalkowitz Marjorie Nell Fenner Marvel Jean Snow Halden Katherine Brownson Harvill Gretchen Sophia Herrmann Josephine Evelyn Karren Ruth Ha r Ian Kendall Judy Devereaux Lacy Jean Lewis Carol Ruth McElroy Nancy Lee Martin Mary Kathryn Nipper Lenore Marienne Rebstein Gail Repper Ruth Frances Schumm Alice Louise Slicker Hertha Szigeti Marion Elizabeth Thomas Martha Wilkerson Katherine Backus Constance Brown Bartlett Mary Olive Beddoe Rosemary Bennett Kathleen Bland Anna Arnold Buchanan Nora Ann Carroll Dorothy Jean Causey Margaret Elizabeth Cochran Eugenia Ballinger Dunn Mary Ellen Estill Dorothy Louise Fields Hester Ann Fin ley erdna Lamons Foster SPRING INITIATES Ella Shelby Frizzell Mary Margaret Gunter Hazel Hearn Gloria Beatrice Heineman Mary Louise Jacobsen Elaine Marceline Janosky Maurine Kariel Vivian Virginia Knox Charlotte Faye Lipoff Marjorie Ann Logan Marjorie Joanne Macow Ravenna Wakefield Mathews Anna Elizabeth Mayer Mary Margaret Perry Mary Katherine Pipsaire Joanna Rogers Mary Lou Scott Bernice Shaw- Virginia Lee Shudde Jewel Letitia Smith Virginia Anne Stapleton Doris Lucille Stork Margaret Eleanor Tacquard Dorothy Cleo Tate Lydia Ellen Taylor Ann Temple Gladys Trull Marjorie Helen Talberg Mary Beth Winkler . r BLUESTOCKINGS Honorary English Organization for Women Founded, The University of Texas, October 1, 1941 OFFICERS President KATHALEENE NANCY HAMBLIN Vice-President ANN CLAIRE BRANNEN Secretary REBEKAH JANE BUSH Treasurer EVA MAURINE MORTON Reporter MAE Jo WINN Sponsor DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH HONORARY MEMBER Dorothy Louise Gebauer Annie Sowell Irvine FACULTY ADVISORS W. W. Pratt Philip Graham Vivian Theresa Adams Lily Anita Arneson Norma Ruth Berry Ann Claire Brannen Rebekah Jane Bush Mauna Loa Calliham Dorothy Atwood Campbell Dorothy Julia Dakin Elsa Lucille Danklefs Ruby Geraldine Gassaway Margaret Elizabeth Goodlett Kathaleene Nancy Hamblin Faye Elizabeth Holladay MEMBERS Virginia Jo Holland Lois Ellen Jackson Julietta Jarvis Alice Madaleine Jones Helen Levy Lorena Rose Lowenstein Betty Jo Maloney Katherine Ethel Mayfield Eloise McCabe Helen Lee McCullough Eva Maurine Morton Ethel Ann Oglesby Floy Elizabeth Ottinger Ruby Sue Persons Lillian Elizabeth Phillips Katherine Jane Rhodes Marylou Ring Emilita Victoria Sauer Roberta Struss Lorraine Alice Stutsman Eleanor Ann Van Zandt Selma Louise Voelcker Imogen Minier Weaver Elizabeth Austin Wharton Mae Jo Winn Renee Rachel Wolfe Mary Lee Abat Iris Helene Bennett Frances Ellen Benson Jean Katherine Beshell Juanita Marjorie Birge Mary Margaret Bowles Gloria Bramlette Mildred Estelle Brennan Mary Harrington Brinkerhoff Elizabeth King Brunson Charmian Louise Byers Helen Elizabeth Carson Nell Barbara Clark Mary Anne Click Frances Josephine Cockrell Frances Jane Cornwell Jeanne Cresap Cowan Mary Electa Crissey Nettie Ba rrell Doscher Grace Doss Mary Louise Dowdy Myra Lea Duffer Doris Jean Dunkum Ruth Ada Eberhardt SPRING INITIATES Virginia Lee Farr Evelyn Ruth Garrett Zuella Gibbons Margaret Mary Gurley Lyle Rose Hankerson Marjorie Elizabeth Harris Arden Kennard Havis Mary Hendrick Reba Helen Hullum Alice Hunter Bettie Belle Hunter Marjorie Ann Hunter Barbara Ellen Isett Kittie Ruth Jackson Mary Ellen Jameson Frances Gale Jones Margaret Kilman Miriam Anne King Marie Koepcke Elizabeth Anne Langston Joan Lewis Mary Jane Lyles Jean McCandless Dorothy Estaleen Mclntyre Martha Louise Marshall Mary Virginia Matthews Patricia Susan Miller Edith Feme Milliken Millicent Keeble Moseley Dorothy Sue Mote Dorothy Belle Newnam Josephine Dreis Newton Jean McGregor Rawls Betty May Ross Annie Laurie Sears Nancy Jane Shumate Bettyejane Smith Nova Mae Smith Betty Jo Spies Catherine Lee Stockard Margaret Stoddard Terese Tarlton Josephine Upchurch Vesta Ewing Veatch Mary Pauline Waltmon Elaine Weber Betty Bayne White Virginia Ann Womack PACE 350 IOTA SIGMA PI Honorary Chemical Fraternity Founded, University of California, 1900 Tellurium Chapter Established, 1931 Twenty-two Active Chapters OFFICERS Catalyst MARGARET JANE HOFER Equivalent BETTY BOYD Reducer RUTH ADELE KOENIC Mordant CATHARINE DONNELL Sponsor and Historian MARIE B. MORROW Marie B. Morrow Jet Winters FACULTY ADVISORS Ruth Leslie H. L. Lochte Hilda Florence Rosene Leta Henderson Weber MEMBERS Ruth Ellen Barker Anne Elizabeth Bingham Betty Boyd Marian Anderson Caldwell Catharine Donnell Margaret Anne Eppright Beverly Marie Cuirard Frances Hemphill Margaret Jane Hofer Miriam Lee Hollander Margaret Weaver Holt Katherine Kasch Martha Kennard Ruth Adele Koenig Dorothea Elsie Newbauer Fannie Laura Powell Edith Lola Roberts Viola Thomas Heartha Nielsen Whitlow Ruth Helen Wilhelm Alethea Marie W r oods : 151 KAPPA KAPPA PSI Honorary Band Fraternity Founded, Oklahoma A. M. College, November 25, 1919 Alpha Tau Chapter Established November 25, 1940 OFFICERS President VAN EVERS KIRKPATRICK Vice-President WILLIAM THOMAS HARRISON Secretary FRANK WILLIAM MURRAY Treasurer JOHN LELAND GALT Petition Editor WALTER SCOTT AMSLER Sergeant-at-Arms IRWIN CURTIS POPHAM FACULTY MEMBERS George E. Hurt Lynn Foster Anderson Lonnie Leslie Anthony, Jr. Walter Scott Amsler Basil Bernard Bell William Connell Cawthon Bernard John Cocek Lewis Scott Curtis Randolph Nelson Foster, Jr. John Leland Gait Stanley Robert Grupp William Thomas Harrison Wallace Sjoberg Johnson Richard Stanley Jung Van Evers Kirkpatrick Florian Augustin Kolodzie William James Krayer Edwin Pierce Lea E. P. Schoch MEMBERS George William Leisering Ernest Earl Ludwig Jerry Travis Long Marshall Robert Miller, Jr. Frank William Murray Richard Freeman Neal James Blackstone Newman Irwin Curtis Popham Clay Louis Price. Jr. Bruce Spurgeon Reed Joseph Schoen Carl Ahrendt Schutze, Jr. Douglas Robert Vair Billy Harold Walker Charles Edward Walker Gradon Fuller Willard Barrett Houston Wyont, Jr. PACE 352 DMEGA CHI EP SILO Honorary Chemical Fraternity Founded, University of Illinois, 1931 Epsilon Chapter Established October 8, 1941 OFFICERS President I ice-President . Secretary Treasurer Council Member JAMES FRANKLIN ADAMS Ct RTIS MACRICE KLAERNER GLENN DERRELD RITCKER RADFORD LITE NOWLIX HOWARD FREDERICK RASE FACULTY MEMBERS John Griswold E. P. Schoch K . A. Kobe J. S. Swearingen James Franklin Adams Richard Judd Bell Ernest Bruce Blount Ode Thomas Carlisle. Jr. Walter Carl Findley Carl M Furgason Elbridge Madison Jones MEMBERS Curtis Maurice Klaerner Ernest Earl Ludwig Ralph Edward McConnell James William Morris Radford Lite Nowlin Rufus Walker Oliver Howard Frederick Rase Emanuel Farlev Roos Glenn Derreld Rucker John Henry Russell Charles Francis VanBerg Joe Decker Walk Robert Van Osdell West Jr. Gradon Fuller Wil lard Fowler Redford Yett William Dabney Asher Solon Anderson Blundell Fisher Lloyd Forrest Melvin Harold Gertz FALL INITIATES David Ward Goldsmith James Bryan Holt Alfred Kobs Wilbert Joe Kovar James Samuel McNiel Walton Couch Roberts Donald Judson Shrecengost Herman Taylor. Jr. Soon Yuck Wong : 3S3 I DMICHON NU Honorary Home Economics Fraternity Founded, Michigan State College, April, 1912 Upsilon Chapter Established, March 28, 1924 Thirty-two Chapters OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Editor SARA FILES MYRLE BUSBY GRACE CHRISTINE BROWN MARY ELLA CROZIER BEATRICE NOBLE STENBERG Cleo Mae Arnett Mary Virginia Arnold Frances Amelia Barton Grace Christine Brown Myrle Busby Mary Ella Crozier Sara Files Dorothy Russell Goetzke MEMBERS Mary Steussy Gray Mildred Rivers Hewatt Ruth Adele Koenig Alia Rae Reed Frances Inez Rock Beatrice Noble Stenberg Margaret Helen Osoba Elizabeth Patton Will Janice Files Joyce Files Miriam Marie Gibson Mary Frances Johnson Nila Grace Keese Beatrice Walschak Kestenbaum SPRING INITIATES Lady Perry McGinnis Carol Patricia Mackey Dorothy Elizabeth Matthews Dorothy Marie Patterson Willie Mae Stork Signe Marie Swanson Mary Jean Willard PACE 354 PHI BETA KAPPA Scholastic and Honorary Fraternity for Men and Women Founded, William and Mary College. 1776 Alpha of Texas Established 1905 One Hundred and Twenty-two Active Chapters OFFICERS President . I ice-President . Secretan ' -Treasurer . R. A. LAW NINA WEISINCER FLORENCE STTLLKEN HONORARY MEMBERS Judge Joseph C. Hutcheson. Jr. Thomas White Currie Raymond G. Boster Ann Ella Douglas Paul Adrian Ha her Harriet Ann Hegar Elsie Elliott Holmes Herman Edward King Marv Charline McGehee CLASS OF 1941 Marine Murray Gueldner Stanley Eugene Neely Charles Sigler Owen Alonzo Douglas Rice Ben Herbert Rice. Ill William Woodrow Robertson Jeannette Markle Russell Arch Chilton Scurlock Keith Garten Teeter Jean Ann Templin William Richard Vehle John Howard Wells Lowell Lyndon Wilkes. Jr. William Don Battle MyraD. Barnhill John A. Brookshire. Ill Eva M. Porter Dyke Bil lie Carolyn Edmonson Frank Erwin Martin Grossman Ettlinger Walter Glass George Ellis Granville CLASS OF 1942 Charles Wilson Hackett. Jr. James Jubron Halhouty Hazel Louise Harrod Capres Stripling Hatchett. Jr. Martha Kennard Robert Michael Martin, Jr. Patti Duggan Nolen Katherine Kerrigan O ' Neill Martha Janice Shelby Helene Estelle Silverman Frances Gertrude Si mpson Marie Elizabeth Sivil Lex Burke Smith Frank Lee Snodgrass Margaret Jean Spillar Margaret Brice Sullivan Margaret Evelyn Tomkies Jack Raymond Walton Eleanor Bishop Waldine Ann Brogren Bob Steve Bryan Robert Earl Burns Marion Anderson Ca (dwell Earl Malcolm Deterly, Jr. Cyrus Burleson Frost, Jr. SPRING INITIATES CLASS OF 1942 Milton Goldstein Bill Benson Hardy Robert Hobbs George Hiram Jewell, Jr. Janet Long Billie Lee Miller Frances Eleanor Page Margaret Elizabeth Penn Robert Aloysius Strain Charles Grover Trenckmann Myra Katherine Tschudin Eleanor Ann Van Zandt James Lee X ilson Leona Lorraine X inters PHI ETA SIGMA Honorary Scholastic Fraternity for Freshman Men Founded, University of Illinois, March 22, 1923 Texas Chapter Established February 17, 1931 Thirty-six Active Chapters OFFICERS President DOLPH BRISCOE, JR. Vice-President ROM RHOME Secretary EDWARD BURTON WINN Reporter CLIFFORD BRIEN DILLON Historian . . JOE DEAN STEED MEMBERS Maurice Adam James Franklin Adams Richard Orvil Albert Dowell Vann Allen Robert Maurice Alterman Reginald Harris Ammons Robert Fred Amundsen George Ross Anderson Frank W. Arrington William Dabney Asher Harry J. Baker Clinton Stanley Banks, Jr. Karl Friederich Bartels Richard Gates Bean Walter Collins Beardsley Ivan Earl Bellnap Genson Bernam Thomas Eugene Berry Eldon Bissett William Clarke Blalock James Grady Blanchette, Jr. John Otis Blomeke James Booth Charles Rex Boyd Marion Weldon Brewer Dolph Briscoe, Jr. John A. Brookshire, III Kenneth Elson Brown John Alan Bruyere William Henry Bruyere Bob Steve Bryan Chester Bryan Buford, Jr. Robert Earl Burns William Alvin Burns Robert Paine Bush Harold Donop Buttery James Larimer Carl Robert Auburn Casey John G. Champion John Mason Chapman Charles Stuart Clark Stephen William Cobb Lewis Benjamin Cohen Hub Colley James Reagan Connor David Clemon Cook Elwood Elias Cook Stone D. Cooley Glen Wilson Courtney William Henry Grain, Jr. Stephen Franklin Crumb Stuart Dickson Currie Neil Davis Wallace Kimbrough Davis Gilbert Morgan Denman, Jr. Clifford Brien Dillon Pieter DeKoster Charles J. DeLancey Basil Victor Dolinsky LeRoy Eck Jack Leigh Eidson Carl Dyer Elder Frank Craig Erwin, Jr. Obie Leonard Etheridge Martin Grossman Ettlinger Marshall Lee Everett William Edward Everett Joseph Shelby Ewing John Thomas Files Jack Berry Fisher Joe Finley Flack Curt Emil Forkel Byron Woodward Franklin Cyrus Burleson Frost, Jr. Carl Moss Furgason Edward Downing Futch, III John Ledel Gammel Charles Lester Gary, Jr. Fred Bowyer Gillette Oscar Coughran Gilliland Robert McMurtry Gilliland Walter Glass George Edward Glover Joe Adolph Goeth Milton Goldstein Lloyd Eugene Gourly, Jr. Alvin Harold Gratzel Pleasant Fowler Graves, Jr. John William Grier, Jr. Fred David Griffin Thaddeus Grundy Harold Guido Habenicht Charles Wilson Hackett, Jr. James Jubron Halbouty Edward Greer Hardwicke Bill Benson Hardy Oliver Latham Harle Roy Hatten Jerry Alfred Hawkins Jack Caldwell Hebdon Daniel Theodore Hegar Henry Herz Lewis Edgar Hill Jackson Ceivers Hinds Bob Hollan Roy Will is Holmes Rudy J. Horsak, Jr. Donelson Marion Houseman Walter Burke Howard Jack Thomas Hughes William Morgan Hunter Robert Clay Prim Jackson Arthur August Janszen William Clyde Johnston Theodore Lawrence Jones Curtis Herbert Judge William Faulkner Keefer Kenneth Hugh Keeton Jim Henry Kellis Isham George Kennon, Jr. Curtis Maurice Klaerner Fred Miro Ezidor Klecka Wilbert Joe Kovar Conrad James Krafft Leonardt Ferdinand Kreisle Adnan Mehmet Kucukcetin David Burks Kultgen Theodore Harris Kushner George Labban, Jr. Graham Gordon Landrum Thomas Hart Law James Gerard Lee Herman Levin Robert Edward Lewis Jimmy Erie Loveless Alfred E. Luckett Ernest Earl Ludwig Alvin Reed Lyle Gerald Nicholas McAllister John Edwin McConnell Charles Eldon McKenzie James Warren McKie James Samuel McNiel Walter Marion Manly, III John Oliver Markward Edward Lafaye Massman Harry Poynter Mathis, Jr. Jennings Maysel John Edward Metzenthin Marshall Robert Miller, Jr. Robert Lambie Miller Fred Marlin Mitchell Myron Eugene Morris William Garrett Morris Joe Henry Moss Robert Vincent Murray Joe Ware Nash, Jr. Jack Cecil Nelson William Taylor Newsom Grady Niblo Billy Graves Noble John William Nutley, Jr. Leslie Lee O ' Conner William Clinton Owsby Oscar Glenn Pate Norman George Pauling Milton Thomas Person, Jr. Wesley Harvey Phillips Herbert Lingo Platter, Jr. Carlton Wade Pullin Harry Lowe Reed Rom Rhome Walton Simpson Roberts Lake Robertson, Jr. Lawrence Thomas Robinson Hammond Maurice Rolph William Morris Roney George Rosner Clyde C. Ruffin Robert Runyon, Jr. Edwin Samfield Charles Culberson Sansom, Jr. Henry Herbert Scarborough, Jr. Robert Whittaker Schmied Roland Walter Schmitt Eugene Paul Schoch, Jr. Thomas Tyler Schroeter Alfred Schulman Max William Schulz Ted Schulz Carl Ahrendt Schutze, Jr. Frederick Joseph Scott John Gates Seaman Herbert Lewis Shepard Frank Bates Sheppard Killough King Smith, Jr. William Newton Smith Frank Lee Snodgrass Sam Soloman John Miller Spears Joe Dean Steed Robert Theodore Stenberg Milton Harold Stern Robert Aloysius Strain Arbon Weimer Stratton Sam Shelton Sutherland, Jr. Clifford Wilson Swearingen Kenneth George Tarlton William Tarnower Herman Taylor, Jr. John Morton Taylor Alex Roscoe Thomas W. H.Tonn,Jr. Charles Grover Trenckmann Jack Dennis Trimpi Robert Lee Upchurch Callaway Sanford Vance Robert Brice Vickers Alfred Jacob Vogel John Royall Harris Vorhies James Lawrence Walker Thomas Wayne Warren Robert Van Osdell West, Jr. Eugene Payne Whitlow Nelson Bradley Whitaker Claude Charles Wild, Jr. David Raworth Williams Robert David Windrow Edward Burton Winn Robert Gemmill Winters William Terry Witter Soon Yuck Wong Thomas Kelbert Wood Fowler Redford Yett PACE 356 PHI LAMBDA EPSILDN HONORARY CHEMISTRY FRATERNITY Founded. The University of Illinois, 1899 Pi Chapter Established, 1920 Thirty-five Active Chapters OFFICERS President . V ice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer . Social Chairman Alumni Secretary- Sponsor GEORGE MARIO WATSON ERNEST EARL LUDWIG BENJAMIN PETER DAILEY ARCHIE STANLEY KASPERIK CARL Moss FURGASON EUGENE P. WHITLOW LEWIS F. HATCH James Franklin Adams R. C. Anderson Richard Judd Bell Ode Thomas Carlisle. Jr. Winfred Cornelius Craig Willie Woodard Crouch Benjamin Peter Dailey Martin (in - man Ettlinger John Thomas Files Fi-her Lloyd Forrest Carl Moss Furgason Cecil X inston Gayler Melvin Harold Gertz Olher Latham Harle Lewis F. Hatch James Felter Hogg Henry Alvin Holcomb MEMBERS James Bryan Holt Roland Bell Holt Walter Burke Howard Richard Huff Hughes Arthur Furman Isbell John Edward Kasch Archie Stanley Kasperik Vernon Alfred Klein Cecil Martin Knowles Joe Fred Lemons Ernest Earl Ludwig Roy Thomas McCutchan Ray McMahan James Samuel McNiel Gustavo Edmundo Monies Tom Edwin Moore John Williamson Moore Billy Morris Elmer Thomas Xeill Lloyd Alvino Nelson, Jr. William 0. Ney. Jr. Radford Lite Nowlin Clarence Edmund Rannefeld Howard Frederick Rase Glenn Derreld Rucker Max Samfield Lewis Charles Sellers Donald Scott Thomas Roy Charles Thompson. Jr. Joe Decker Walk George Mario Watson G. W. Watt John Larken Weeks Bob West John Gordon Willard t . PI SIGMA ALPHA Honorary Government Fraternity Founded, The University of Texas, 1920 Thirty-two Active Chapters OFFICERS President . V ice-President . Secretary-Treasurer EDGAR GREEK SHELTON, JR. LYNN FOSTER ANDERSON ELEANOR BISHOP Rudolph Leopold Biesele John Alton Burdine Howard Andrew Calkins Sarah Clara Dodson Delavan Pierson Evans George Lowell Field FACULTY MEMBERS William Lawrence McGill Stuart Alexander MaeCorkle H. Malcolm Macdonald John Lloyd Mecham Robert H. Montgomery Arno Nowotny C. P. Patterson Emmette Shelburn Redford Thomas Andrew Rousse Charles August Timm Oliver Douglas Weeks Roscoe Cullis Adkins Lynn Foster Anderson Walter Collins Beardsley Eleanor Bishop John A. Brookshire, III Robert Earl Burns John Crouder Carvey David Elemon Cook James Harvey Cornett Max Cummings William Beale Dean Robert Walker Dunn Frank Craig Erwin Ralph Downing Fitzgerald MEMBERS Guy Fox Walter Glass Thaddeus Grundy Harold Baer Hoffman Jack Bruce Howard George Hiram Jewell, Jr. Orrin Wendell Johnson Scranton Boulware Jones Barbeth Staffel Kahle Irene Marie Knolle Thomas Hart Law George Walton Leonard, Jr. Edward Eustace Lewis Nathaniel Harris McClamroch Joe Virgil Murphy Henry Jack Naumann Sunshine Neely Leslie Clay Procter Thomas Morrow Reavley Alonzo Douglas Rice Alfred Schulman John Gates Seaman Edgar Greer Shelton, Jr. Frank Lee Snodgrass Don Strong Charles Smith Taylor, Jr. Wilbert Helde Timmons William Beverly West, III York Young Willbern Homer Thomas Fort Winifred Alice Gordon FALL INITIATES Billie Ralph Hyer Syljuanna McDaniel Bernice Pauline Mezzetti Kirby De Loss Orr Marianna Smith PACE 35 SIGMA DELTA PI Honorary Spanish Fraternity Founded, University of California, November 14, 1919 Zeta Chapter Established March 1, 1925 Thirty-eight Active Chapters OFFICERS President y ice-President Secretary- Treasurer Sponsor . Luis E. GAMEZ VERNON M. FRENCH HELENE ESTELLE SILVERMAN FRED PITTMAN ELLISON CONNIE GARZA BROCKETTE Connie Garza Brockette Lilia Mary Casis Carlos Eduardo Castaneda George Charles Marius Engerrand Martin Elmer Erickson Clyde Chew Glascock Charles K ilson Hackett Randolph Arnold Haynes FACULTY MEMBERS Rex Devern Hopper Margaret Kenney Kress Chester F. Lay- Clifford Marvin Montgomery Cecil Reginald Carl Reindorp George Isidore Sanchez Dorothy Schons E lmer Richard Sims Matthew Irving Smith Jefferson Rea Spell Robert Clarence Stephenson Lillian Wester Nina Lee Weisinger Lucile de Nevers Williams Ambrose Pare Winston Theodore Apstein Edward Andre Bell Eleanor Bishop Mary Harrington Brinkerhoff Laurie Timmons Callicutt Mary Josephine Cannizzo Felice Mozelle Cline .hri-tina Cloe Christie Kl-a Lucille Danklefs Fred Pittman Ellison Alicia Maria Esparza Dorothy Wardell Estes MEMBERS Vernon M. French Luis E. Gamez Marjorie Garbrecht Milton Goldstein Mary Lillian Gregg Charles Wilson Hackett. Jr. Juan Villasana Haggard Patricia Sue Hengy Martha Franklin Hildebrand Clarice Georgette Hollman Kiltie Ruth Jackson Leonore Ann Kellersberger Mary Elizabeth McKean Mary Myles Mitchell Lyman Alonzo Ripperton Catherine Scarborough Helene Estelle Silverman Frances Gertrude Simpson Margaret Jean Spillar Carlos Manuel Valdes Eleanor Ann Van Zandt Alfredo Guardia Vazquez Arthur Wallace Woolsey PALI 3S9 TAU DELTA ALPHA Honorary Pre-Medical Fraternity for Women Founded, The University of Texas, November 12, 1937 MOTTO: " Glaube im Leben " OFFICERS President ERNA ROSALIE HERZOG V ice-President RUTH LYNN NICHOLSON Secretary MYRA KATHERINE TSCHUDIN Treasurer HERTHA SZIGETI Keeper of the Bones GRETCHEN SOPHIA HERRMANN Sponsor DR. CAROLINE CROWELL Dr. Caroline Crowell HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Elizabeth Gentry Dr. Katharine McCormick MEMBERS Billie Carolyn Edmonson Gretchen Sophia Herrmann Erna Rosalie Herzog Miriam Lee Hollander Ida Sophie Kuritz Lois Adele Kynette Willya Davye Lucas Ruth Lynn Nicholson Evelyn Rae Powers Zuleika Elizabeth Stanger Hertha Szigeti Myra Katherine Tschudin Ruth Helen Whilhelm Thusnelda Louise Zuch THETA SIGMA PHI Honorary Journalism Fraternity for Women Founded, University of Washington, 1909 Texas Xi Chapter Established in 1919 Thirty-nine Active Chapters OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Keeper of Archives . Reporter CATHERINE ELIZABETH MILLER FLORA GORDON SHOSS ELIZABETH AUSTIN WHARTON NORMA GENE BARNWELL MARY ELIZABETH SUTHERLAND IRMA CECILIA HANSEN HONORARY MEMBERS Marguerite Harrison Edna St. Vincent Millay Molly Connor Cook Ruth Cross ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Daisy Thorne Gilbert Margaret Johansen Ruth Lewis Martha Stipe orma Gene Barnwell Cora Thea Biesele Jean Katherine Beshell Gloria Bramlette FACULTY MEMBERS Lorena Drummond Frankie Mae Wei born Gladys Whitley Henderson Afton T. Wynn MEMBERS Mary Harrington Brinkerhoff Jeanne Elisabeth Kerr Ann Marjorie Corrick Jeanne Margaret Douglas Irma Cecilia Hansen Fauna Ruth Long Dorothy Elaine Martin Margaret Lucile Mayer Joyce White Catherine Elizabeth Miller Flora Gordon Shoss Mary Elizabeth Sutherland Elizabeth Austin Wharton SPRING INITIATES Barbara Brady Martha Elizabeth Elliott Sue Brandt Mary Louise Filkins Esther Louise Mueller Pux 3 1 3D CLUB Organization for Women Journalists Founded, The University of Texas, November 26, 1940 OFFICERS (President) Editor MARIANNA SLUDER (Vice-President) Associate Editor CORA THEA BIESELE (Secretary) Editorial Writer JEAN KATHERINE BESHELL (Treasurer) Business Manager MARGARET LUCILE MAYER (Social Chairman) Society Editor GERRYE ELAINE PAYNE (Publicity Chairman) Advertising Manager . . KATHALEENE NANCY HAMBLIN (Faculty Sponsor) Censor AFTON WYNN MEMBERS Cora Thea Biesele Jean Katherine Beshell Ann Marjorie Corrick Kathaleene Nancy Hamblin Irma Cecilia Hansen Margaret Kilman Margaret Lucile Mayer Gerrye Elaine Payne Marianna Sluder Polly Smith Anne Morgan Stacy Mary Elizabeth Sutherland Jane Guilford Tully Virginia Ann Womack PLEDGES Leonarda Marie Allen Lucy Ellen Gibson Sue Ursula Brandt Dorothy Elaine Martin Lila Dean Finley Mae Margaret Mcjimsey PACE 362 BETA ALPHA PSI Honorary and Professional Accounting Fraternity Founded, University of Illinois, February 12, 1919 Theta Chapter Established May 31, 1924 Twenty-two Active Chapters OFFICERS President HENRY DAVENPORT REYNOLDS x V ' ice-President CLYDE LAFAYETTE WILSON, JR Treasurer JOSEPH YAUGER WHEALDON Permanent Vice-President . JOHN ARCH WHITE HONORARY MEMBERS J. B. Allred Walter C. Burer A. C. Upleger T. W. Leland J. A. Phillips Leo Guy Blackstock Halsey N. Broom Robert H. Gregory Leo C. Haynes L. L. Jones George W. Lafferty FACULTY MEMBERS James S. Lanham Chester F. Lay G. H. Newlove C. D. Simmons C. Aubrey Smith Ellis M.Sowell Charles Sparenberg Fladger F. Tannery Vern H. Vincent John Arch White Charles T. Zlatkovich Frank Madison Allen Reginald Harris Ammons Hubert Ross Breuninger Paul Neyron Cheatham William Patrick Coleman Paul James Graber Henry Burton Harkins MEMBERS Henry Key James Samuel Lanham John Edmond Larcade David Johnston Luck Robert Aaron Maher Edwin Irwin McKellar, Jr. Hubert Leopold Menn Marshall Robert Miller, Jr. Boyd Keith O ' Brien Charles Sigler Owen Jack Presley Henry Davenport Reynolds Joseph Yauger Whealdon Clyde Lafayette Wilson, Jr. Charles Theodore Zlatkovich Loyd Franklin Armstrong Yernon Leo Behner James Larimer Carl James Conner SPRING INITIATES F. Lanier Cox Joe Fenley Flack John Henry Fritz Jimmy Irving Gaskell Eugene Lamar Kopecky Roger Maurice Love Harry Elmo Nichols William Harmon Simmons Jesse Marshall Wilson r. H BETA GAMMA SIGMA National Honorary Business Administration Fraternity Founded, University of Wisconsin, February 26, 1913 Alpha of Texas Established June 3, 1922 OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary -Treasury . E. G. SMITH DOROTHY AYRES FLORENCE STULLKEN J. Anderson Fitzgerald Dorothy Ayres Hermene Baur James C. Dolley Alice M. B. Holmes Chester F. Lay E. Karl McGinnis FACULTY MEMBERS Maebess Matthews G. H. Newlove W. A. Nielander Edwin W. Olle C. D. Simmons C. Aubrey Smith Everett G. Smith Ellis M. Sowell Charles Sparenberg Florence Stullken Stella Traweek Vern H. Vincent John Arch White Ambrose P. Winston GRADUATE STUDENTS Hubert Ross Breuninger Wade James Hartrick Orlando Pendleton Thomas Carroll Oscar Wilson Helen Anne Berman Ralph Ilbert DeLoach Maurice Robert Fincher Leo Micheal Hackney Mary McLain Harrison SENIOR STUDENTS Weyman W ' ilson Horadan Clarence Theodore Isensee Lester Herbert Klaeveman Harold Hall Landry Marshall Robert Miller, Jr. Vivian Augusta Schumann Herbert Randolph Smith Raymond Frank Wallace Emogene White PACI 364 DELTA SIGMA PI Professional Business Administration Fraternity Founded, New York University, November 7, 1907 Beta Kappa Chapter Established December 13, 1930 Fifty-five Active Chapters OFFICERS Headmaster Chancellor Treasurer . Scribe . EDO LEE HASKI.NS BILLY TOM STEWART HAROLD GLIDO HABEMCHT WILLIAM HENRY RASCHKE FACULTY MEMBERS William P. Boyd F. Lanier Cox James C. Dolley J. H. Frederick Leo C. Haynes Watrous H. Irons Everett G. Smith Fladger F. Tannery J. H. Frederick FACULTY ADVISORS Everett G. Smith Reginald Harris Ammons John Malcolm Beall James Grady Blanchette. Jr. Richard Donald Cowan Frederick Dwight Dickson. Jr. Robert Firmen Echlin Lester Loyd Edmonds. Jr. Wornall Farr Tom Lloyd Goad Edward Arthur Godwin Alvin Harold Gratzel Everett Wayne Green Harold Guido Hahenicht MEMBERS Edd Lee Haskins $ illiam Edward Hoting, Jr. Harold Ray Hudson S illiam James Hudson Robert Franklin Hunter Sidney Merl Jines Walter Ray Johnson Frederick William Knight Leroy John Kubecka Andrew Madison Limmer. Jr. Fisher Harper Little Alfred Eaton Lounsbury James Carroll Marrow Henry Standford McPherson Jerome Henry Parker Arch Ernst Perkins. Jr. Edwin Joe Pesek Ray Lusk Pollock William Henry Raschke Hugo William Schoellkopf. Jr. S illiam Dorman Smith Billy Tom Stewart Charles Wallace Stone Arthur Christopher White Joseph Charles Whitfield SIGMA IDTA EPSILDN Honorary Managerial Fraternity Founded, University of Illinois, 1927 Texas Chapter Established 1928 OFFICERS General Manager CONSTANTINE MIMS, JR. Personnel Manager ELDON EUGENE ERWIN Comptroller and Finance Manager . . , HERMAN HENRY WIEBUSH, JR. FACULTY MEMBERS Chester F. Lay Everett Grant Smith MEMBERS Vernon Leo Behner Harry James Craig Ben Pittman Denman Eldon Eugene Erwin Marshall Lee Everett Henry Burton Harkins Preston Leonard Martin Constantine Mims, Jr. Robert Roberts Rash Herman Henry Wiebush, Jr. Robert David Windrow PACE 366 PI LAMBDA THETA Honorary Educational Fraternity for ff omen Founded, University of Missouri, 1910 Psi Chapter of Texas Established 1927 Thirty-five Active Chapters OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... Keeper of Records . Reporter .... Social Chairman Sponsor .... MARY McL.MN HARRISON- MARGARET ELIZABETH PENX ELEANOR ANN VAN ZANDT WALDINE ANN BROGREN MARGARET BRICE SLLLIVAN HELENE ESTELLE SILVERMAN PATTI DUGGAN NOLEN REBEKAH JANE BLSH CLARA M. PARKER Corrie W. Allen Annie Webb Blanton Lurline Brady Connie G. Brockett FACULTY MEMBERS Cora Martin Mildred P. Mayhall Gertrude Xavier Mooney Marie B. Morrow Clara M. Parker lone P. Spears Florence Spencer Ethel Umstattd Mary Virginia Arnold Mildred Baker Myra D. Barnhill Willie Dee Barnhi 11 Ruth Isabella Bass Mina Boj; - Thelma Anderson Bollman (.ryMal Dawn Breeding l aldine Ann Brogren Rebekah Jane Bush Mary Carter Edna Vivian Cronquist Elsa Danklefs Rosemary Foudray Dunkelberg MEMBERS Waunita Sun leaf Evans Janette Hicks Files Sara Files Ida Gandler Margrette Zuleika Grubbs Mary McLain Harrison Man- Fern Hawkins Margaret Jane Hofer Marie Hanna Holland Ruth Elizabeth Leslie Dorothy Mae Lockwood Virginia Martin Billie Lee Miller Patti Duggan Nolen Leigh Peck Margaret Elizabeth Penn Ruby Sue Persons Bettye Phillips Ella Viola Quante Elizabeth Crymes Reindorp Dorothy Mae Richards Martha Janice Shelby Helene Estelle Silverman Peggy Stover Margaret Brice Sullivan Eleanor Ann Van Zandt Jean De Forest Vinson PACI 367 CHI EPSILDN Honorary Civil Engineering Fraternity Founded, University of Illinois, May, 1922 Texas Chapter Established May, 1934 OFFICERS President GEORGE DREXELL CARR V ice-President JOE CRISLER TERRILL Secretary HENRY THOMAS AUBEL Treasurer JOHN WELDON SIMPSON Associate Editor ROBERT PATTISON FELGAR E. C. H. Bantel Phil M. Ferguson FACULTY MEMBERS S. P. Finch John Arnold Focht Banks McLaurin CHAPTER HONORARY Q. B. Graves MEMBERS Henry Thomas Aubel Samuel Edward Bills George Drexell Carr Robert Pattison Felgar Edwin Matthew Grimes William Wayne Huff, Jr. Rafael Negrete-Gutierrez John Weldon Simpson Joe Crisler Terrill FALL INITIATES Dowell Vann Allen Herbert J. Beadle, Sr. Hector Miguel Calderon Lewis Wilson Christoffel George Follin Davenport Joseph Richard Guerrant Robert Allen May PACE 368 ETA KAPPA HfU Honorary Fraternity for Electrical Engineers Founded, University of Illinois, Octob er, 190i Psi Chapter Established April, 1928 Thirty-five Active Chapters OFFICERS President MELVIX FERD HAINEY V ice-President CULLEX MALOXE CRAIX Corresponding Secretary RICHARD CLEMEXT FERXAXDEZ Recording Secretary HUBERT JEFFERSOX POLLJCK Treasurer THEODORE LYTTOX ALLEX, JR. Bridge Correspondent DOXAL DA VIES HEXDERSOX Faculty Advisor E. W. HAMLIN FACULTY MEMBERS R. A. Galbraith E. W. Hamlin C. R. Cranberry R. W. Warner W. R. Wool rich Theodore Lytton Allen, Jr. Gerson Herman Harvey Blend Cullen Malone Crain Franklin Stephen Crumb illiam Charles Duesterhoeft LeRov Eck MEMBERS Melvin Ferd Hainey Donal Davies Henderson illiam Clyde Johnston Edwin Rogers Mickle George Savage Nipper Hubert Jefferson Pol lick Joe Dewey Spradlin Richard Clement Fernandez Arthur Robert Teasdale. Jr. PI EPSILDN Honorary Petroleum Engineering Fraternity Founded, The University of Texas, November 26, 1935 OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Cataloger JOHN WALLER PRITCHETT, JR. WILLIAM CLIFFORD McDuGALD JAMES DUDLEY FORD DICK W. BEARD, JR. ERNEST EDWARD MERKT Harry H. Power Glenn Lee Corrigan FACULTY MEMBERS George H. Fancher Frederick B. Plummer George B. Corless E. DeGolyer HONORARY MEMBERS Daniel C. Jackling John R. Suman Charles A. Warner MEMBERS James Alexander Oguz Ahmet Avdan Dick W. Beard. Jr. William Plack Carr Arville Paul Clark Hub Colley, Jr. E. J. Faseler, Jr. Richard Wynne Feagan James Dudley Ford Edward Lafaye Massman William Clifford McDugald Ernest Edward Merkt John Waller Pritchett, Jr. Lake Robertson, Jr. Thomas Eugene Young SPRING INITIATES Robert Russell Fischer William Russell Johnston PACE 370 PI TAU SIGMA Honorary Mechanical Engineering Fraternity Fo unded, University of Illinois, March 16, 1915 Texas Kappa Chapter Established April 18, 1931 OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... Faculty Advisor JOSEPH PATTERSON WIER TERRELL JACKSON SMALL RAYMOND LINDELL SPOXBERG HUB COLLEY, JR. KARL FRIEDERICH BARTELS VENTOX LEVY DOUGHTIE Rinaldo A. Bacon Myron Louis Begeman Leonard R. Benson Carl William Besserer, Jr. FACULTY MEMBERS Harry W. Brown Howard Earl Brown Howard Edward Degler Venton Levy Doughtie Carl John Eckhardt, Jr. Harry Llewellyn Kent. Jr. Byron E. Short Willis Raymond Woolrich Chapin Winston Yates Billy Howard Amstead Karl Friederich Bartels Woodford Sidney Chenault Hub Colley, Jr. Fred David Griffin Jo Wilmeth Hardgrave Robert John Henry MEMBERS Robert Clay Prim Jackson Henry Clay Johnson Frank Burruss Pugsley Billy Perkins Robertson Marshall Moses Robinson Fritz Manfred Rosenbusch Terrell Jackson Small Raymond Lindell Sponberg Harry Black Spore Walter Kenneth Victor Howell Lee Walker Joseph Patterson Wier George Robert Yelderman William Hall Chenault. Jr. Yern David Curry, Jr. Wilborn Grimes FALL INITIATES Edward Dionysius Oliver, Jr. Milton Thomas Person, Jr. Walter Pilgram, Jr. Edwin Samfield Lewis Webel Pci 371 TAU BETA PI Honorary Engineering Fraternity Founded, Lehigh University, 1885 Alpha of Texas Established, 1916 Sixty-seven Active Chapters OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... Cataloguer CARL Moss FURGASON FRANK BURRUSS PUGSLEY GEORGE DREXELL CARR ERNEST EARL LUDWIG ROBERT CLAY PRIM JACKSON ODE THOMAS CARLISLE W. A. Cunningham FACULTY ADVISORS Carl J. Eckhardt E. H. Schulz Byron E. Short E. C. H. Bantel Leland Barclay Leonard R. Benson S. L. Brown C. M. Cleveland A. E. Cooper W. F. Cottingham W. A. Cunningham Carl J. Eckhardt FACULTY MEMBERS Phil M. Ferguson John Arnold Focht Roscoe Guernsey, Jr. E. W. Hamlin K. A. Kobe Jack Lenhart J. D. McFarland Banks McLaurin W. H. McNeill Harry H. Power C. E. Rowe Eugene P. Schoch E. H. Schulz Byron E. Short J. S. Swearingen R. W. Warner W. R. Woolrich James Franklin Adams Henry Thomas Aubel Karl Friederich Bartels Richard Judd Bell Ernest Bruce Blount Ode Thomas Carlisle George Drexell Carr Cullen Malone Grain Duffer Brooks Crawford Stephen Franklin Crumb Robert Pattison Felgar, Jr. MEMBERS John Thomas Files Carl Moss Furgason Fred David Griffin James B. Holt Robert Clay Prim Jackson Philip Harry Lipstate, Jr. Ernest Earl Ludwig John Williamson Moore James William Morris Elmer Thomas Neill Lloyd Alvino Nelson, Jr. Radford Lite Nowlin John Waller Pritchett, Jr. Frank Burruss Pugsley Lake Robertson, Jr. Miguel Fermin Rodriguiz Fritz Manfred Rosenbusch John Weldon Simpson Arthur Robert Teasdale, Jr. Walter Kenneth Victor Joe Decker Walk Howell Lee Walker Herbert J. Beadle Dick Beard, Jr. Gerson Berman Hector Miguel Calderon William Hall Chenault, Jr. Woodfred Henry Chenault Hub Colley, Jr. Vern David Curry, Jr. Fisher Lloyd Forrest FALL INITIATES Melvin Harold Gertz Edwin Matthew Grimes Henry Clay Johnson James Samuel McNiel Rafael Negrete-Gutierrez George Savage Nipper Milton Thomas Person, Jr. Hubert Jefferson Pollick Howard Frederick Rase Walton Crouch Roberts, Jr. Glenn Derreld Rucker Terrell Jackson Small Raymond Lindell Sponberg Harry Black Spore Joe Crisler Terrill, Jr. Lewis Webel Robert Van Osdell West, Jr. PACE 372 CHA1VCELLDHS Honorary Society of the School of Lau; Founded, The University of Texas, 1912 OFFICERS Grand Chancellor HAROLD MARSH, JR. Vice-Grand Chancellor GILBERT MORGAN DENMAN. JR. Clerk ALONZO DOUGLAS RICE Keeper of Peregriaiu BAINE PERKINS KERR FACULTY MEMBERS Edward Weldon Bailey G. M. Hodges $ illiam Orr Huie W. Page Keeton Covey T. Oliver Benno Charles Schmidt A. W. talker. Jr. Joseph A. Wickes MEMBERS William Robert Bandy Gilbert Morgan Denman. Jr. Baine Perkins Kerr Harold Marsh, Jr. Starling Thomas Morris George Thomas Reynolds Tom Burton Rhodes Alonzo Douglas Rice Ben Herbert Rice, III Raymond Wood Richards Alfred Schulman SPRING INITIATES James Curtiss Brown Chalmers Mac Hudspeth Melvin Harvard Crystal Walter James Kronzer James Talbot Rain Lowell Leroy LaSalle Clifford Jesse Roberts Pci 371 PHI DELTA PHI Honorary Legal Fraternity Founded, University of Michigan, November 22, 1869 Roberts Inn Established February 28, 1909 Fifty-eight Active Inns OFFICERS Magister . Exchequer Clerk . . Historian Faculty Advisor BAINE PERKINS KERR JOHN GATES SEAMAN ROBERT WEST DECKER GILBERT MORGAN DENMAN, JR. A. W. WALKER, JR. Edward Weldon Bailey James Daffan Caldwell Ira P. Hildebrand G. M. Hodges FACULTY MEMBERS William Orr Huie W. Page Keeton Charles T. McCormick Covey T. Oliver Benno Charles Schmidt Bryant Smith A. W. Walker, Jr. David Bartlett Louis Henry Beard Charles Rex Boyd Robert Earl Burns Amrie Denson Clark, Jr. Crawford Joseph Cofer Robert West Decker Gilbert Morgan Denman, Jr. Arthur Delma Dyess, Jr. John Francis Heard MEMBERS Bunyan Lee Hutchinson William Edward Junell Baine Perkins Kerr Charles Coe Loveless Torn Randolph McLeroy Harold Marsh, Jr. Wallace Newton Masters William Randolph Niblack Herbert Lingo Platter, Jr. James Talbot Rain Tom Burton Rhodes Alonzo Douglas Rice Ben Herbert Rice. Ill Clifford Jesse Roberts John Gates Seaman Killough King Smith, Jr. Robert Lee Smith Andrew Zilker Thompson Joseph Frankli n Weiler Harold Carlisle Blalock John A. Brookshire, III William Carlton Church, Jr. Jesse Martin Harris Walter Sayers Higgins, Jr. SPRING INITIATES Jackson Ceivers Hinds Chalmers Mac Hudspeth Elton Marvin Hyder Orrin Wendell Johnson Ike Simpson Kampmann, Jr. Harlon Eldridge Martin Pat Talmage Peyton Leslie Clay Procter Thomas Morrow Reavley Oscar Scott Rogers James Frederick Weiler .. TEXAS LAW REVIEW EDITORIAL BOARD Editor-in-Chief Comment Editor Case ' ote Editor Assistant Comment Editor Assistant Case ote Editor Assistant Case ote Editor Book Re lieu Editor HAROLD MARSH, JR. GILBERT MORGAN DENMAN, JR. BAINE PERKINS KERR ALONZO DOUGLAS RICE BEN HERBERT RICE. Ill TOM BURTON RHODES ARTHIR DELMA DYESS. JR. William Robert Bandy Crawford Joseph Cofer William Curtis Conner Harry Benard Friedman Barbara Ann Hinds Joe Val Peacock George Thomas Reynolds Raymond Wood Richards Nora Cray Springfield FACULTY ADVISOR Willard H. Pedrick BAR EDITOR Ben H. Powell MANAGING SECRETARY Robert W. Stavton Fred Yancy Boyer Amrie Denson Clark, Jr. Robert West Decker CANDIDATES SELECTED IN SEPTEMBER. 1941 Seniors John Francis Heard Bunyan Lee Hutohjnson Adrian Felix Lew. Jr. Maria Cecilia Matala William Randolph Niblack Joseph Franklin Weiler Second Year Laws David Bartlett I-nui Henry Beard Harold Carlisle Blalock Thomas Max Blume Charles Cole Boyd Charles Rex Boyd James Curtis Brown Robert Earl Burns Man-in Warlick Carr Brosie Jeff Crane Melvin Harvard Crystal Erwin Randolph Dale Hermine Dalkowitz Elton Marvin Hvder Walter James Kronzer Lowell Leroy LaSalle Alexander Louis Charles Coe Loveless, Jr. Joe Ambrose Martin Wallace Newton Masters Tom Randolph McLeroy Vemon Martin Pfluger James Talbot Rain Clifford Jesse Roberts Killough King Smith, Jr. Robert Lee Smith Bernard Stolbun Marion Kenneth Woodward THE TEX LAW REVIEW, a legal periodical published by the students of The University of Texas School of Law, was incorporated under the laws of Texas in 1922 for the purpose of providing a forum for the discussion of current legal topics of interest, and for the ad- vocation of methods to improve the administration of justice. Until 1941. four regular issues were published during each school year: in the current school year this number has been increased to six. The Review contains articles and book reviews written by professors, from our own and other law faculties, judges, and leading mem- bers of the bar. In addition, the student staff contributes comments and notes on recent cases and statutes, written under the supervision of the editorial offi The candidates are selected in September of each year on the basis of their grades during the first and second years of law school. In April, those candidates who have made contributions to the Review sufficient in quality and quantity are elected to the succeeding editorial board: those who have done outstanding work are made the officers of the board. 375 ALCALDES Honorary Service Organization for Upperclassmen Founded, The University of Texas, February 2, 1941 OFFICERS President . . . . First Vice-President Second V ice-President Secretary -Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms JOHN A. BROOKSHIRE, III ARTHUR LEE KRAMER ROGER MURPHY GIDEON JACK BASCOM BROOKS JOE SIMPSON REED MEMBERS Charles Freedaman Alton William Arthur Barton Lloyd Millard Bentsen, Jr. John Webster Bishop Dolph Briscoe, Jr. Jack Bascom Brooks John A. Brookshire, III Charles Dana Butts David Calvin Campbell Robert Fariss Campbell. Jr. Richard Stanley Jung Ray Marvin Keck William George Kinney Arthur Lee Kramer Coy Lafayette Lay Sam James Wallis Long Nathaniel Harris McClamroch Jack Cecil Nelson Billy Graves Noble A. W. Patterson William Todd Campbell Horace Victor Cope land Herbert Grayson Forgason Roger Murphy Gideon Bill Benson Hardy Jack Marshale Hestilow Marvin Benson Hilburn Jackson Ceivers Hinds Jack Bruce Howard Theodore Lawrence Jones Pat Talmage Peyton Leslie Clay Procter Joe Simpson Reed Carl Rudolph Runge. Jr. Robert Hitchcock Sharpless Edgar Greer Shelton, Jr. Frank Lee Snodgrass Gus Ralph Spence John Henry Tubb Douglas Richard Zwiener SPRING INITIATES Tom Armstrong Adams Ace Hill Alsup Hines Holt Baker, Jr. Rennie Baker Jerry Arch Bell Charles Edward Brownfield Frank Mortimer Covert H. Jay DuBose Robert DeWitt Foster Fred David Griffin John Hill Joe Hirsch Milton Mason Johnson Millard Henry Luther Otto William Mittag Darwin Guy Pegues Robert Roberts Rash Jef Chaison Russell, Jr. Robert Hudson Rustin Alfred Edgar Shepperd Claude Charles Wild, Jr. PACE 376 ALPHA PHI DMEGA Honorary Scouting Service Fraternity Founded, LaFayette College. December 16, 1925 Alpha Rho Chapter Established May 25, 1935 Ninety-five Chapters OFFICERS President ........ RALPH EDWARD FREDE First Vice-President ...... CARL AHRENDT SCHLTZE. JR. Second V ice-President ..... CHESTER BRYAN BUFORD, JR. Secretary ........ RICHARD STEWART MASON Treasurer ........ JOSEPH HENRY LOEWENSTEIN Alumni Secretary ...... CLAUDE ROBERT BUSBY Historian ........ BERT JARVAS KNIGHT, JR. Reporter ......... WALTER MARION MANLY. Ill SENIOR FACULTY ADVISOR F. J. Adams H. P. Bybee FACULTY ADVISORS F. Lanier Cor C. R. Cranberry Amo Nowotny SCOUTING ADVISORS H. W. Newman Herbert Gaskin J. W. Calhoun John A. McCnrd} .ALUMNI ADVISOR Charles T.Clark HONORARY MEMBERS William Lawrence McGill E.J.Mathews V. I. Moore H. T. Parlin William Edward Syers Richard C Watt MEMBERS Robert Martin Adams Jack Scott Adkins Richard Orvil Albert Dick Emory Anderson William Arthur Barton Will Jam Roger Belden Charles Edward Belson Paul Edwin Boggs Dolph Briscoe. Jr. Henry Richard Bock Chester Bryan Buford, Jr. Claude Robert Busby Joe Sterling Caver Vernon Claude Caer Etienne Andre Chavannes William Sneed Clark William Harold Cowan Luther Joyce Cranford Lewis Scott Curti- George Louis Dacy Frank Lipper Dover Robert Edward Eckels Edward J. Epozcue Jack Leigh Eidson John Arnold Focbt, Jr. Ralph Edward Frede Wilborn Grimes LeRoy Grona Kenneth Clayton Hanson Oriz Dale Hewglry Frank Edwin Holcomb Charles Davis Johnson Clyde F.lkin Kay Ray Marvin Keck George Morgan Keith Bert Jarvas Knipht. Jr. James Warren Knox Livius Lee Lankford Charles Alton Lawler Men in Robert Lippman Joseph Henry Loewenstein Walter Marion Manly, III Richard Stewart Mason Henry Clare McDonald, Jr. Edwin Irwin McKellar, Jr. Robert Marshall Mischke Coley Grant Morris James Blackstone Newman John Hirston Nicholson Ren fro C. Norris Lewis Glynn Owens Manuel Irving Palmer Man-en Wesley Petty. Jr. Charles Robert Perrone, Jr. Pinckney Clift Price V Mon Joseph Rabensburg. Jr. Henry Stagg Renz Eugene Haze Sanders Carl Ahrendt Schutze, Jr. Robert Lewis Shelton. Jr. Douglas Dickerson Skinner Thomas Sidney Sliph James Kenneth Smith Owen Robert Smith Charles Grover Trenckmann Thomas John I ' M. Jr. Russell LaRue Vernov, Jr. Charles Wesley Walker John Alvin Weber Paul Yates : J7T COWBOYS Honorary Service Organization for Men Founded, The University of Texas, 1922 OFFICERS Foreman Straw Boss Horse- Wrangler Camp Cook JOHN GATES SEAMAN WALTER THOMAS CAVEN ROBERT MAURICE ALTERMAN JACK MARSHALE HESTILOW FACULTY MEMBER Arno Nowotny MEMBERS Robert Maurice Alterman William Arthur Barton Ted Lutcher Bellmont Lloyd Millard Bentsen, Jr. Dolph Briscoe, Jr. Walter Thomas Caven William Carlton Church, Jr. Ben Pittman Denman Clifford Brien Dillon Wilfred Lansing Doherty Seaborn Eastland, Jr. Raymond Cloud Harrison Jack Marshale Hestilow Jackson Ceivers Hinds Jack Bruce Howard Ike Simpson Kampmann, Jr. Malcolm James Kutner Julian Constantine LaRoche Carl Emil Lauer Thomas Hart Law Maurice Aaron Lemmons Richard Martin Lucas Howard Russell McFarland William Clifford McDugald James Edward Newman Kay Marsene Nolen Herbert Lingo Platter Jimmie Jack Porter Thomas Emil Price John Clarke Roberts John Gates Seaman John McReynolds Seay Kenneth Dale Seibert Hubert Lyle Simpson Gus Ralph Spence James McNutt Umstattd Jack Wallace Watson James Grady Blanchette Oliver Kiel Boone Frank Thomas Brahaney, Jr. John A. Brookshire, III James Reagan Connor Walter Driver Walton Clem Fleming, Jr. Roger Murphy Gideon Joe Carrol Gilmore SPRING INITIATES Joe Hirsch Richard Curtis Hudson George Hiram Jewell, Jr. Theodore Lawrence Jones Curtis H. Judge Frank Joseph Lyons Jim McQueen Moroney Harold Novy Pat Talmage Peyton Irwin Curtis Popham Charles Raleigh Porter William Durrah Ratliff, Jr. Walton Simpson Roberts Leste " r William Sander Robert Carter Sneed Charles Porter Storey Joseph Floyd Schwarting Robert Searcy Watson Claude Charles Wild, Jr. PACE 378 FALFA [IMIi;iHI OMEGA (F. O. O. to You) GRAND COUNCIL FOOEY! MARGARET NEIL CARLISLE LOUISE SELMAN VOELCKER BETTY JEAN JONES GERALDINE GILLESPIE LILLIAN WOOD BURNSIDE EMMA JEAN TABER GLORIA OBAR FOGEYS Katharene Abernathy Patricia Emmilyn Bell Mary Margaret Buchanan Lillian Wood Burnside Margaret Neil Carlisle Susan Jane Cherry (Catherine Meek Cottingham Jeannette eeks Decker Virginia Myrle Ford Martha Francis Geraldine Gillespie Dorothy Virginia Gilliam Suzanne Clinton Gorman Margaret Mary Gurley Margaret Humlong Jane Batter Jennings Betty Jean Jones Joanna Keith Eloise Logan Louise Fredrika Mailander Norma Elise Niemeyer Gloria Obar Jeanne Strasburger Emma Jean Taber Marilyn Vyne Tillery Bonnie Jean Titley Louise Selma Voelcker Mary Lucille Wicker 379 FRIARS To confer the honor of membership upon the eight most eligible men chosen from each senior class Founded, The University of Texas, 1911 Major William Tillory Andrews Louis F. J. Baelhe William Arthur Barton Dolph Briscoe, Jr. John A. Brookshire, III William A. Cunningham Ben Pittman Denman Richard Burt Dyke Jackson Ceivers Hinds Jack Bruce Howard Thomas Hart Law William Lawrence McGill Arno Nowotny Frank Burruss Pugsley Edwin Werner Olle James H. Parke John Gates Seaman A. Wilson Walker. Jr. PACE 380 1 GAMMA OMICHON OMEGA -Nil Founded, The University of Texas, October 31, 1941 OFFICERS High Worthy Ghastly Goon Ghostly Goon Zombie Keeper Ghost Writer Old Money Bag CARLTON WADE PULLIN ALLAN COLLETTE HELLEN LEE McCuLLOUGH JEAN ANN TEMPLIN ROSEMARY TYLER C. W. Coffey. Jr. HONORARY MEMBERS James Stalling Josephine Barber GOONS Allan Collette Marguerite Elaine Kincaid Hellen Lee McCullough Charles Winters Morgan Sam Moskowitz Carlton Wade Pullin Major Charles Quinn Jean Ann Templin Jimmy Lasiter Tinkle Rosemary Tyler Carolyn Zelda Zinn Natalie Zinn Iris Elizabeth Alsup Robert John Cangelosi. Jr. ZOMBIES Stephen Arthur Castlebury, Jr. Stanley Colson Frank Donald Russell Longenecker Mary Harriet Lott Mary Jane Maricle r. . . BfU UPSILON TAU TAU Honorary Organization for Women Founded, The University of Texas, 1917 High Worthy NUTT MARY ANNE STEDMAN FACULTY MEMBER Anna Hiss Ruth Taft Beakley Mary Julia von Blucher Suzanne Buckingham Ruth Ann Chancy Mary Belle Chilton Elizabeth Ann Chizum Becky Adna Doughtery Hattie A. Jack Davis Connie Shirley Eversberg MEMBERS Betty Katherine Finnegan Virginia Ann Frizzell Constance Almeta Gossett Mary John Grelling Frances Wynne Harrison Lois Evelyn Highams Virginia Jo Holland Jane Jordon Jester Mary Frances Johnson Frances Gale Jones Margaret Eleanor Kelley Nancy Abernathy Peebles Mary Anne Stedman Leola Virginia Trotter Patricia Anne Tynes Josephine Upchurch Barbara Hodges Warner Elizabeth Patton Will SPRING Rosemary Atkinson Betty Kathryn Brailsford Ann Vitula Burrus Doris Jean Dunkum Luetta Graham Catherine Houston Lazinka Fair Martin Dorothy June McMurtry Jean Meade INITIATES Jacquelyn Delvene Mercer Helen Jane Newkirk Patricia Lee Roberdeau Ann Sherburne Rolfe Aurora Virginia Sterling Betty Jane Taylor Martha Imogene Thompson Betty Wilder Eleanor Willis f T u ii u c ii Winniefred Margaret Anderson Joyce Carolyn Battenfield Emily Lewis Busby Jane Copeland Connie Shirley Eversberg Margaret Helen Paris I. lira Maxine Forman Virginia My He Ford Margaret Mary Gurley Frances Pearl Harris Dorothea Louise Hasskarl Ruth Lynette Hill Martha Louise Marshall Mary Myles Mitchell Anna Blanche Munger Ruth Pope Samuel Shirley Scott Marjorie Dee Sinclair Mary Pauline Waltmon Gloria Jane K arner Mary Julia von Blucher Florence Sonia oodfin Marguerite Louise Yglesias Kathleen Jean Armor Marjorie Louise Bowyer Mary Belle Brooks Virginia Francis Bryant Janie Lou Buford Cornelia Connor Gladys Bernice Downey Dorothy Gillis Martha Jane Gregory Patria Junell Joan Lewis Mi mi Meredith Marilyn Ramsey Jean l " hite Sheffield Ann Townes Martha Jane Tubb Nettie Woodson P.OI PZATLX Founded, The University of Texas, 1940 OFFICERS President MARY FRANCES JOHNSON V ice-President JOSEPHINE C. KERBEY Treasurer SHIRLEY SCOTT Secretary NORMA ELISE NIEMEYER Katharene Abernathy Mary Virginia Arnold Virginia Wills Bowyer Jane Worthington Duls Mary Frances Johnson Josephine C. Kerbey Jean McCandless MEMBERS Margie Ann McEnnis Dorothy Jane Mohr Anna Blanche Munger Norma Elise Niemeyer Frances Ann Parks Katheryn Nelle Rather Marion Robbins Patricia Lee Roberdeau Mary Anne Stedman Dorothy Sory Shirley Scott Virginia Leola Trotter Mary June Wright Rosemary Atkinson Carolyn McKay Berry FALL PLEDGES Ruth Emily Laird Marion Frances Schneider Happy Green Lois Ruth Berry Marjorie Alice Carter Muriel Mae Flynn Betty Eileen Herod Mary Louise Hughes Audrey Catherine Johnson SPRING PLEDGES Bonilee Key Martha Louise Marshall Nancy Lee Martin Florence Neely Mary Jane Price Helen Ransom Emily Beth Rayzor Ruth Ann Rife Doris Elizabeth Taylor Sarah Josephine Williams Doris Elaine Zwerneman SILVER SPUR Honorary Service Organization Founded, The I ' nirtrsitv of Texas, ovember IS, 1938 OFFICERS President I ice-President Secretary- Treasurer CLALDE ELMER UPCHI RCH ROBERT HITCHCOCK SHARPLESS ROBERT DAVID WINDROW JACK CECIL NELSON Wallace EM ing Adams Henry G. Andrew William Clarke Blalock David Calvin Campbell Ralph Chalfant Henry Ward Collier William Ellis Cook H ayne Burke Davis John Wesley Dor- Jackie Field Charles Robert Finlayson Eugene Mar in Goodwin Charles Henry Griffin Randall Calvin Jackson Howard William Jacobe William Parks Johnson X illiam Clyde Johnston John Humphrey Keyes. Jr. MEMBERS Glance Armstrong Kilgore K illiam George Kinney Harding Luther Lawrence Hayden Louis McDonald John Edward Metzenthin Kyle Edward Muennink Jack Cecil Nelson Richard Obenhaus William Lee Rudd Robert Hitchcock Sharpless John Thomas Steen Robert Earl Strel -k John Henry Tubb Claude Elmer Upchurch Thomas Doak Vaughan Frederick John Weston James Slaughter Whitworth Robert David indrow 5PDDKS Founded, The University of Texas, November, 1941 GHOST CABINET Chief Haunt MARGRETTE ZULEIKA GRUBBS Vice-Haunt HAZEL MARIE COGHILL Journalistic Haunt VIRGINIA RUTH CORBIN Banker Haunt . MARIJANE NANCY DAVIS Helen Carolyn Arsenault Sheba Kathleen Brill Hazel Marie Coghill Virginia Ruth Corbin Marijane Nancy Davis Elizabeth Nell Dyess Jessie Lynn Ferguson Bobby Fritts Dorothy Jeanne Goines Margrette Zuleika Grubbs MEMBERS Nila Jeanne Hightower Virginia La Dean Lankart Sarah Evelyn Lee Rebecca Marchbanks Ethel Ann Oglesby Ruth Frances Schumm Betty Jane Slaughter Joan Smith Wanda Lee Turner Dorothy Jean Walenta Gloria Jane Warner Evelyn Ruth Cotner Vera Evelyn Cox Grace Do ss Marion Klein Peggy Martin Marian Meek SPOOKLETS Helen Frances Paine Lorraine Alice Stutsman Marion Elizabeth Thomas Martha Virginia Tidwell Fredda Fae Turner Edna Augusta Widen PACE 386 ,f ' SUMM ft . , ' " Sf rJi ' -v) I y ' ' In the summer everyone goes to Barton s . . . Thelma Bills, leader of Red Cross Motor Corps . . . Tennis in this hot weather? . . . Some of the Delta Zetas get optimistic and tucly about marriage. Illl More swimmers . . . Phi Kappa Sigrnas have a picnic with blankets and truck . . the women come out. Geology Building . . . don ' t we have anyone but wom- en in Summer School?... Who ' s complaining? " .. . . 4 . . . and there are those who graduate . . . some swim, some go back to nature, and some go back to mother. Cattlf rouMf u on important in.du.itry on tfit pampas. 2T$ II SWIMMING ELEVENTH CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP Victory was sweet to the Longhorn swimmers when th ey won the Conference Championship for the eleventh straight time, 83-70. The Aggies again thought they had a better team and were counting on repeating their victory of a month before, the first time Texas had ever been beaten by a Southwest Conference team. The loss was bitter, but it also gave the incentive to work hard, so the Conference meet, the meet that counts, would be different. The Aggies ' hopes centered around one man, Bob Taylor, but Texas ' was a team victory. The loss of several men to the Army and Navy meant the meet could not be won with first places, so Coach Tex Robert- son turned to strategy and figured the way to win the most place points in each event. Bill Johnson was high point man for Texas, and Ed Seidel. Wade Smith, and Babe Papich won individual first places giving them major T awards. OTHER MEETS Texas first dual meet of the season was with A. M., and Adamson ' s boys, who were already in condition, handed Texas its first defeat, 55-38. Several days later 0. U., the Big Six runner-up, came to Austin and Texas took every first place to win 60-24. That week-end. February 28. the team went to Dallas where the D.A.C. won, 50-35, but the next week they came to Austin and lost, 46-30, as Texas took more places. SMITH Front row: AHR, BEELER. RANDALL, BUSH, PAPICH, SHARPLESS. Second rou : ALRKD. PENN. SMITH. JOHNSON, TARLTON. BRELSFORD. Third rou : TEX ROBERTSON (Coach). BOROWIAK, DAVE WILLIAMS, HOLMC.RAIN, SEIDEL, HARRY WILLIAMS. PACE 392 RAIT.L PAPICH I.Fo J k ALRED [ I K BEKI.ER HILL no|{M | k HOI.MGRAIN TMen ED SEIDEL Lettermen GREER HARDWIDKE BEN HOLMGRAIN HILL JOHNSON RHESA PENN XADE SMITH LOUIS RANDALL BOB SHARPLESS KKNNKTH TARLTON Lrfl U rig kt: Bl ' SII. SIURPI.F- . P PICH. -IHKI ' I 1-- DEMMER BEELER Pct 393 w BOXING ADER HOCKADAY HAKNKS COTTON Seeking to gain recognition of boxing as a Conference sport, the Longhorn Boxing Club this year went on intercollegiate standing. For this reason, the Longhorns held dual meets with sev- eral Louisiana teams which fight in accordance with the college rules. The season was opened against Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, where bloody fighting and butting of heads gave the Tiger team a close victory over the tough Longhorn aggregation. One of the Steer victories was a technical knockout scored by ring-wise George Porter. The second meet was with Southwestern Lou- isiana Institute, rated as one of the most powerful teams in the nation this year. With a revised line- up and several fighters recruited from the physical training boxing tournament, the Longhorns dropped this match 7-1. Porter gained the Steer victory and extended his technical knockout streak. A return match with Louisiana State was held in Gregory Gym on March 16, and the Long- horn boxers, forfeiting their heavy-weight fight, tied the Tigers 4-4. Hubert Dean and George Porter both won their bouts by technical knockouts. Lettermen for the season were Norb Leve- ronne, Bill Barnes, Joe Ader, Du Vail Cotton, Richard Hockaday, George Porter, Hubert Dean, Bill Allen, and Dan Kilgore. Hockaday was captain. DEAN PORTER , i Tkf Amfric t Ac ei;mully mt well ny tivi Senior Managers Left to right: Bennie Baker. C. E. May. Jack Keyes. Junior Managers Left to right: Bernard ein- garten, Marvin Kress. George Huntington, Adolp h Susholtz, Bill Kit- trell. Bohhy Reddin. h ul Throu Tt-nm: |)KI.T Ku ' i ' v KCSMMN right: am li Birney. Jim Connor, I-cm Tilt- irlli. I ' lliri |-ar. Jfx- (iilmore. Tahlr Trnnis Doubles: Ivnu-KM ' i Martin S rel.nik. Bol Goldbe -k Hnnilltnll Dnuhlrs: DKI.TV T l I KI.T Robrrt Prniik. Rol -rt Strf Uk Knshflltall Tram: K l ' l ' SK.M riffit: Walton Kol-rt . Ja -k Broiler. Jim Huff, Boli nlrman. Rex Bak.-r foul Tfirnu- Champion: ' II.KKKSON Hui -.1 Jark Kmmntt Hnnilfni 1 Singles Champion: Al.l ' HX T l () in. John Seaman r x JT Table Tennis Champion: TAU DELTA PHI Herschel Greenberg A good and rough water polo game Basketball " B " Champions: PHI DELTA THETA Left to right: Webster Bishop, Dan Maxson, Billy Russell, Charles Storey, John Mac Seay, Joe Russell Fencing Singles Stuart Moore Softball Champions: GAMMA DELTA Front row: Robert Trinklein, Clarence Doering, Billy Osoba, Calvin Harris, Furman Grimm, Ernest Schroeder Second row: Lawrence Schulz, Joe Osoba, Elton Kieschnick, Bobby Obenhaus PACE 398 Kappa Sigma meets Wilkerson House in the basketball semi-final- Volleyball Champion: PHI DELTA THETA Front rote: Dan Maion, Joe Russell. John Mac Seay, Webster Bishop Second rote: Riter Hulsey, Robert Campbell, Charles Storey, Rennie Baker Badminton Finalists Herbert Holchak, Alpha Tau Omega: winner Gene Goodman; runner-up Coif Doubles Champion: PHI DELTA THETA Julian La Roche, Joe Russell BOXING Delt Billy AnJreu-s and Billy Hamilton. Phi Gum, in their File itt- match. HILLY HAMILTON, 120 Ibs. FRANK ABRAHAM, 127 Ibs. DON BRADSHAW, 135 Ibs. FRF.I) GANNON, 145 Ibs. KF.NT DIEHL, 155 Ibs. CLATR CANNON, 165 Ibs. MAX BAUMCARDNER, 175 Ibs. NICK LANZA, heavyweight PICK 400 WRESTLERS Bim HAMILTON. ll 0 BILL DWYER. 1.35 II . NIHONV I.E1 . 145 1 JOHN i. KNKK. 155 II . RAY M.NLTT. 165 II . JIM BI ;BEE, ITS 11 . i I KKNi E WEST. The {runt and groan of the 145-pound dots Tennis Doubles: WEST TEXAS CLUB Marshall Gordon, Tom Cotner Captains Strelsky, Delt, and Osoba, Gamma Delta, in football finals Swimming Champions: PHI DELTA THETA Front row: Jim Bugbee, Joe Russell, Calvin Garwood Second row: John Seay, Frank Dennie, Bob Bowman, Graham Hunter, Bill Howard Touch Football Champions: DELTA TAU DELTA Front row: Herb Reid, Don Boatman, John McFarland, Rike Peevy, Bus- ter Layden, Walter Browning, Bob Strelsky Second row: Bi lly Dunham, Cal Giffen, Bill Parker, Fleetwood Richards, Stanley Banks, Grady Hatton U.T.S.V i orXCIL fnmt nm: PATRICIA ROBERDEAl. HI TH McATEE. El GEM A WORLEV. ANITA ARNESON. HELEN AGCEXER. SrcamJ ram: BECKY DOICHERTY. RL ' TH NICHOLSON. SARAH DICKIE. PECCY HILLIARl). Tki 4 ram: JEAN RAILS. KELLEY PEARESOV JOYCE WHITE. ram-: EDITH CARTER. ANNE TONES. ANNA HISS. SHIELA O ' CARA. RIFLE (.LIB Top rn: Mr. Krrcf. PrffJ Boolo. Om. Culrrll. Billir H rt. Z.Iph. VollK-r.l. IV.ri, Krror. Brnk- Belli Hlrr. lUrviK We thrrl . ICalk- rif. Uifk. Amu Hnt. tflttm ram: Lrtilia Morrkr. t Fo - Uinor Browlt. Mou Coilrr. , Sfun. BUMMU Vkimrll. . M.r. Lo. Mill.. IVTRAMIKA1 I M.KK- frou rv.- Gt.j. CO: ct.oi- KK ' . Bo.:. I in. ADP; Arlitl. li : P.llrrM.0. CPB. w.- HmrriM. AXD: Cain. Pr. : Dari.. AP: Cirtrr. ZTA : r : Duwll. HE. Tkirj rom: T.I In. PBP: Cro.Jrr. Lil- llr rld: Fruk. AEP; Srkonju. rt: Fruco Sr.boli: Vilbij. DC: PrrkiM. ACO: Kolw. M, ( . : KexUII. PM; Oomglm ODD; Focr. KfT. I . . . U. T. S. A. POONA CLUB niir Frier, Gloria Hill, Margaret Farish. Mary Brinkerhoff, Elvira Dalmeyer, Ann Tow lies. Marjorie McEnnis, Betty Gibson, Charliue Yeager, Marjorie Sinelaire, Viola Thomas, Florence Wilson, Deborah Mo- Bride, Peggy Perkins, Katherine Cotting- liain. Jane McElhannon, Lois Highams. .lohnny Boyle. Helen Hicks. Marie Johnson. TEE CLUB Si-atfd. left In right: Jane Hill, Patsy Cristy, (Cynthia Smith. Betty Park, So- noma Kudinan. Miss Watson. Mar Pauline Waltmon. Standing, left to right: Eugenia Dunn. Frances Harrison, Anne Templeton. Laura Darnell. Mary Frances Seago, Clarece Redden, Annette Me Bride. Mary Carolyn Maurer. Betty Crowder. BOW AND ARROW Si-ali ' d : Georgette Covo. Patricia Franci.-. Margaret Beilhaiz. Kelley Peareson, Lei Purcell, Margaret Lowdon, Florence Fannin. Standing: Mary Frances Johnson. Pat Spooner. Judith Perkins. Margaret Stod- ilard. Mary Jones, Kathleen Christen- herrv. Cora Jeanne (.lower. CANTER CLUB Kneeling: Mary Helen Burr, Betty Ba.-sett. Ann illiig. Standing: Virginia Lockett, Lorraine Stuts- maii, Molly Vehle. Rusty Graves, Bctt Amadou. On llarst-: Catherine ( " rain. ! ' ,.! 1(11 CLUBS KM KKT I.I B Kdith Carter, Norma Nicmeyer, Belle harp. Ann Grothause. Shiela O ' Gara, Helen Swanson. Kay Dulse. Belly Scott, it-iir Raymond, Shelby Frizzell, Suzanne Gorman, Virginia Jour-. Virginia Kalina. Ida Mahler, U ilia Stewart. Becky Daupher- t . l.ois Henderson. Marparetla M . Josephine Baird. Betty Schumacher. II KTI K i LIB front r,m : Alice Slicker. Peppy Hilliard. l-. elle Alexander. Jane Doupla -. Bark roic: Jean Sheffield. Roberta Lea, Margaret Jalonick. Ruth McCord. Dor- nlh Mper. Jacqueline Gilchrist. Dor- othy Campljell. Mollie Hart. Martha Hay. Ann Rolfe. Pepgy VShite. Frances Nehlett. Betty Slaughter. I ' H CHE Burk-. Rose Kennedy. Nam il- liam. Mary- Jane Price. Tilda Jane Grover, Man. Lorine Holland. Gloria Ludwip. (loria illnniii. Peppy Kimbrough. Louise Helen Simmons. Shirley Dixon. Jean Kaw-. Kdith Smith. Mickie Carmichael. Judy Harri-. Johanna Blumel. Jean Cox, Alicia Garcia. Frances White. Mary Fry. Unite. ORCHESIS Chafer, Helen Waggoner. Anita Arne- M n. Beatrice Mueller. Martha Chilton. Ann Sebrinp. Ruth Mi Atee. Fxlna Real. Bonnie Lee Key. Barclay Bopel. Marparet Coch- ran. Eunice Burr, Karlie Harmon. Rottena Smith, l.ucile Helland. SHELBY FRIZZELL, Tennis Champion ALICE DANIELS, Golf Champion SHELBY FRIZZELL and CHARLINE YAEGER BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Front row: (Alpha Delta Pi, winner) Betty Jo White, Jerry Smith, Isabel Anderson, Sunny Isles, Marylyn Meador, Grace Gormley, Helen Bracy, Marjorie Humphries, Maxine Roebuck. Second row: (Littlefield, runner-up) Wanda Taylor, Betty- Jane Upchurch, Ann Frier, Mary Alice Conway, Marcile Hollingsworth, Betty Jane Pinkston, Betty Crowder, Elizabeth Hall. PACE 406 TK.NM I " I HI r Nurma Niemeyer. Jane Copeland, Kappa Alpha Thela: Edith Carter, Billie Louise Sharp. Zeta Tau Alpha, winners. BADMIYION DOUBLES Anne Townes, Jane McEIhannon. Pi Beta Phi. winner-: Anne Frier, Betty Crowder, Littleneld. XIMM INC. IK M. Alpha Phi .- Sli.-ker. Woma Smith, iy Campbell. France White, Jean GOLF FINALISTS Btt Park. Alice Daniels (Champion t, France Harrison. BADMINTON -INi.I.K- Anne Townes, winner: Lei Purcell ANNE TOWNES, Pi BETA PHI Badminton Champion POSTURE WINNERS Marilyn Rowe, Dorothy llmuk. Norma Niemever Edith Carter and Billie Louise Sharp, Tennis Doubles Champions POSTURE CONTEST FINALISTS Left to right: Marilyn Rowe, Pat Spooner, Barbara Brady, Norma Niemeyer, Martha Gregory, Mary Frances Johnson, Helen Swanson. Wanda Turner, Dorothy Horak, Muffe tt Guenther, Peggy Gray. Jhr Flomtir.; Garden t of Xochj- mileo fxt added color t calorlml Mexico. BEN ZION KAPLAN PEARLE CONNOR BALDWIN G D D WILLIAM HENRY RASCHKE THEO EMMERY KULHANEK LUETTA GRAHAM HAROLD CARLISLE BLALOCK WALLACE KIMBROUGH DAVIS ROY SYLVAN DUNN MARJORIE ANN HUNTER PACE 410 PECCY STOVER CHARLES FREEDAMAN ALTON FELLOWS PACI 411 GOD MARGARET ELIZABF.TH PF.NN WILLIAM ALEXANDER MACNAUCHTON LILY ANITA ARNESON DOUGLAS ROGER JOHNSON LYNN FOSTER ANDERSON 1 It VNK I ' HKI.AN, .111. SANDIFORD RING PAT TALMAGE PEYTON VIRGINIA K. GRUBBS JAMES MCNUTT UMSTATTD PACE 412 WM.I.IVM VINCKYP KKKKKI.I. JOHN (KED) COLLINS FELLOWS G D D HENRY WARD (GUS) COLLIER FELLOWS MAKII.YN RAMSEY WALTER THOMAS CAVEN WALTER E. NIXON KK 11 H l.dMI I KMIWLES HUDSON COLEMAN LOCKETT JEF CHA1SON RUSSELL. JR. HENRY BURTON HARKINS CHAL NEUTON DANIEL DOI.PII BKISCOE. JK S KA K1I.KS OUTSTANDING JOSEPHINE KTHKI. McCUTCHEON STUDENTS J VI K K l Will UW Cl KKK HI U K UHtLll SCHU.VUN JACKSON CEIVERS HINDS . l - - ' -4 .:- . V OUT STAND IMG PAI.E 18 ROBKKTA STRL ' SS BEN PITTMAN DF.XMAX MARGARET (PECCY) BRODERSON STUDENTS MARTHA KENNAKD 419 ANNA BLANCHE MONGER KITER CAROL HULSEY OUTSTANDING PACK 420 GILBERT MORGAN DENMAN. JR. CUS RALPH SPENCE LAKE ROBERTSON. JR. STUDENTS RICHARD DONOVAN. JR. PACI 421 RUDOLPH CUENZEL CLAUDE ELMER UPCHURCH DUTSTANJDI1VG PACE 422 BARBARA ANN HINDS TOM BURTON RHODES HAROLD MARSH. JR. STUDENTS FRANK EDWIN HOLCOMB I ' .-.c 423 PROFESSORIAL I GEORGE W. STUMBERG Professor of Law CLYDE LITTLEFIELD Track Coach C. P. PATTERSON Professor of Government CONNIE G. BROCKETTE Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction SAMUEL L. JOEKEL Instructor in Bible, Presbyterian Bible Chair m V ' 2 POSES CORAL H. TULL1S Instructor in History EUGENE P. SCHOCH Professor of Chemical Engineering; Director Bureau of Industrial Chemistry CHAKI K . HACKETT Professor of Latin-American History; Chair- man. Kxerutirr ( ' .unimitti ' f. Institute of Latin-American Studies JAMES C. DOLLEY Professor of Banking and Investments; Chairman of the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee ROBERT E. GREENWOOD Instructor in Applied Mathematics and Astronomy PROFESSORIAL GEORGE H. NEWLOVE Professor of Accounting J. FRANK DOBIE Professor of English JAMES W. MOORE yisiting Professor of Law .! i C t I f L. L. CLICK Professor of English; Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences j. GILBERT MCALLISTER Associate Professor of Anthropology; Direc- tor of Research in Anthropology PDSES GUS M. HODGES Professor of Lau- .. W. TALBERT Instructor in English . . I ' KM K Professor of Classical Languages; Tennis i ' -h R. H. MONTGOMERY Professor in Economics B. B. CARSTARPHEN Instructor in English PROFESSORIAL H. J. ETTLINGER Professor of Pure Mathematics JOHN H. FREDERICK Professor of Transportation and Industry B. F. LATHROP Instructor in History MILTON R. GUTSCH Professor of English History WATROUS H. IRONS Associate Professor of Banking and Finance POSES J. R. SPELL Associate Professor of Romance Languages IRA P. HILDEBKAM) Professor of Laic . HK I CRANBERRY Professor of Electrical Engineering; Co- urilinutiir, Engineering. Science, and Man- agement Defense Training ARTHUR DEEN Professor of Geology MORGAN S. CARSON Instructor in Romance Languages PHDFESSORIAL p D. L. MILLER Associate Professor of Philosophy R. A. LAW Professor of English CARLOS E. CASTANEDA Associate Professor of History; Latin- American Librarian 0. S. POWERS Instructor in Classical Languages A. W. WALKER, JR Professor of Law POSES FLORKM K -II I.I.KEN Assistant Professor of Business Administration . I ' AGEKEETON Professor of Law; Assistant Dean, School of Law H. H. POWER Professor of Petroleum Engineering D. L. CLARK Associate Professor of English GORDON McNUTT Instructor in Geology PROFESSORIAL POSES BLAIR CHERRY Assistant Football Coach H. J. WALTER COUTU Associate Professor of Sociology RUDOLPH L. BIESELE Professor of History PACE 432 i Fishing, boats art beached along the theltrred spots of the long coast lines. A. I. Ch. E. Front row: SWEARINCEN, GRISWOLD. SETTLES, POE, LICHTFOOT, NICHOLS, C. WEST, ROBERTS, CORBY, WALK, ELROD, NAVAR, RANDALL, FtRGASON, DONALDSON, GUTIERREZ, W. CUNNINGHAM. Second row: SCHOCH, PENNINCTON, MONTEMAYOR, McMINN, WILLARD, PATUREAU, TAYLOR, STOCKTON, ARNETT, WALTON, GOLDSMITH, HUTH, MILLER, DRAFFEN, KLEIN, ZUNIGA, DAVIS, J. ADAMS. Third row: RUSSELL, SMALLEY, MONTES, ROSE, ROOS, BOLT, PARHAM, PAYTO.N, DONZIS, STONE, BURNS, EVERS, TONN, McNIEL, KASCH, CAMERON, ARANT, MORRIS, DOERING. Fourth row: MADDOX, MACKEY, RODEN, WEEKS, BUNN, BIGGERS, KUNKEL, HOLCOMB, CARLISLE, LUDWIG, GERTZ, THOMPSON, CLAYTON, CUDE, McCONNELL, KOBS, PARISH, J. WEST. MOORE. STROWBRIDGE, DAY. Fifth row: SMITH, BORDEN, HURLBURT. OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Counsellor JOE DECKER WALK CARL Moss FURGASON JAMES WILLIAM MORRIS WILLIAM A. CUNNINGHAM FACULTY MEMBERS ' illiam A. Cunningham John Griswold Kenneth Albert Kobe Eugene Paul Schoch Judson Stearling Swearingen James Franklin Adams John Candy Adams John William Allan George Ross Anderson James Barnett Arant David Herbert Arnett William Dabney Asher Richard William Bass, Jr. Richard Judd Bell Willie Stullken Biggers Ernest Bruce Blount Tom Dixon Bolt Guy Borden Thomas Henry Brandes James Doniger Brown, Jr. Ralph Lewin Buell, Jr. Lloyd Thomas Bunn William A. Burns Russell Johnson Cameron Ode Thomas Carlisle Van Craddock Cayton Meyer Chaikin Carl Cleveland Clayton J. Harry Corby Willis Augustus Cude Stanley Forrest Davis, Jr. Clyde Wickliffe Day Clarence Milton Doering Darrell Chester Donaldson Donald D. Donlop Jerome Milton Donzis MEMBERS Kenneth Earl Draeger John Franklin Draffen Alex Warren Elrod Courtney James Evers Joseph Shelby Ewing John Thomas Files Carl Moss Furgason Melvin Harold Gertz David Ward Goldsmith John Wayne Graham Lauro Gutierrez Fred Ingersoll Harmon Frank Edwin Holcomb Walter Burke Howard Harvey Zeh Hurlburt Dwight Eugene Huth Raymond Lee Johnson, Jr. Elbridge Madison Jones John Edward Kasch Archie Stanley Kasperik Claude Vernon King, Jr. Vernon Alfred Klein Alfred Kobs Wilbert Joe Kovar Edgar Victor Kunkel Ruben Patton Lightfoot Ernest Earl Ludwig Ralph Edward McConnell Roy Thomas McCutchan Talmage Dewitt McMinn, Jr. James Samuel McNiel Joe Ford Maberry Charles Franklin Mackey Jack Polk Maddox William Douglas Miller Robert Wiley Mitchell Gustavo Edmundo Monies Jose Chavez Montemayor - Guy Zimmerman Moore John Williamson Moore James William Morris Juan Manuel Navar Elmer Thomas Neill Loran Kenneth Nichols Melvin Alfred Nobles O. B. Parham, Jr. Charles Wayne Parish James Newton Parsons, Jr. Arthur Mitchell Patureau Homer Leon Payton Robert Earl Pennington Robert Milton Poe Barry Miller Pool Bill Randall Sandiford Ring Walton Couch Roberts Theodore George Roden Emanuel Farley Roos H. F. Rose Glenn Derreld Rucker John Henry Russell Max Samfield Lewis Charles Sellers Charles William Settles Arthur Louis Smalley Edmond LeGros Smith James Anderson Spain, Jr. James Elbert Stockton, Jr. Jack Porter Stone Frederick John Strowhridge Sam Shelton Sutherland, Jr. Joseph Lee Swearingen Herman Taylor, Jr. Crayton Beville Thompson Roy Sam Thomson W. H. Tonn, Jr. Charles Francis Van Berg Joe Decker Walk Richard Gordon Walton Martin Robert Walton John Larken Weeks Clarence Rayford West Joseph Veth West Robert Amick Wheeler Eugene Payne Whitlow Byder Wellington Wilde Gradon Fuller Willanl Boyd Ryan Willett Talbot Adams Williams Jesse Samuel Wilson Soon Yuck Wong William Florian Zimmerman Alexander Zuniga THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS was founded in 1908. The student chapter at The University of Texas was established in 1941. This organization is of increasing importance, as the enrollment in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University is now the fourth largest in the United States. JOE DECKER WALK PICE 434 1. 1. L. ll. Front roit: JONES. SIECEL. HERMAN. POLLICK. CRIMB. HENDERSON, HAINEY. FERNANDEZ. DANIEL. Second rou: (iAI.BRAITH. ANDERECC. PABST, DILLON. SPRADLIN, SMEKKE. CHAIN. IIOEHN. Third rou: WARNER. HOLT. JOHNSTON. SLOAN. NIPPER. FI.NCHER. CAUGHEY, THORN. KIRKSEY, TEASDAI.E. OFFICERS Chairman Vice-Chairman . Secretary Treasurer Faculty Counselor STEPHEN FRANKLIN CRIME MELVIX FERD HAINEY GEORGE SAVAGE NIPPER CULLEN MALONE GRAIN RALPH ARTHUR GALBRAITH FACULTY MEMBERS Robert Wilberforce Warner Collier Read Cranberry Ralph Arthur Calbraith Ernest Maurice Siegel Burns Newman Gafford Edwin Woodworth Hamlin Elmer Harry Schulz John Watt Alexander, Jr. Throdnre I.ytton Allen. Jr. Erwin rchie Anderegp Lonnie Leslie Anthony. Jr. irr-ori Berman Harvey Blend Jame Starley Campbell, Jr. Huph Caught-) iullen Malone Grain ti-| hen Franklin Crumb John Newton Daniel Edward Daskam John David Leigh Da i- Howard Clay Dillon MEMBERS Charles McCammon Donoho, Jr. Ted Eugene Dunn Rirhard Clement Fernandez Ernest Milliard Fincher Melvin Ferd Hainey Donal Davies Henderson Albert Donnelly Hoehn William Joseph Holt William Clyde Johnston Floyd Raymond Jones Terrell Widmer Kirksey Maurice Rangel LaMonagne Robert Milton Mediation Clarence Hunter McShan John Edward Metzenthin Edwin Rogers Mickle George Savage Nipper Richard Edward Pabst Thomas Jackson Parker Hubert Jefferson Pollick John Carroll Radcliffe Miguel Fermin Rodriguez Roy Elmer Sivley, Jr. Charles Edward Sloan Francis Patrick Smerke Joe Dewey Spradlin John William Tarpley Arthur Robert Teasdale, Jr. Robert Peyton Thorn Harry Irving Zimmer, Jr. THE IKIiM INVIITI.TK OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS was founded in 1884. The main function of the local chapter is to bring the student closer to the work and to the men in his profession. Mi-mbrr-hip is open to all students working toward a degree in electrical engineering. STEPHEN KK4NKI.IN (.Rl ' MB PACI 43S A. I. M. E. Front row: McDUGALD, BLACK, CASILLAS, KISTENMACHER, CHENOWETH, CLARK, DOLINSKY, ARDAN. Second row: McDOWELL. CORRICAN, FORD, WRIGHT, FASELER, WOOD, DURHAM, McFARLAND, POWER. Third row: MOORE, SCHEFFLER, CHRISTNER. DENMAN, MARTINEZ, ALDRED. JOHNSTON, RUSSEK. Fourth row: ULUG, OBENHAUS, YOUNG, BURKS, KELLEY, ALLEN. BEARD, GREGSON. OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor WILLIAM CLIFFORD McDuGALD JAMES DUDLEY FORD ARVILLE PAUL CLARK, JR. E. J. FASELER, JR. HARRY H. POWER FACULTY MEMBERS Glen Lee Corrigan George Homer Fancher Frederick Byron Plummer Harry H. Power John Wade Adams Jack Anthony Aldred James Alexander, III Fraser Hall Allen Oguz Ahmet Ardan Dick W. Beard, Jr. Kenneth Parker Black Jack Burks Richard Casillas Oscar Long Chenoweth Jimmie Drue Christner Arville Paul Clark, Jr. James Burton Denman Basil Victor Dolinsky Bennie Fred Duncan Clarence Orson Durham, Jr. E. J. Faseler, Jr. MEMBERS Richard Wynne Feagan Robert Russell Fischer James Dudley Ford James Randolph Gregson James Jubron Halbouty Fred Davies Henderson, Jr. Bob Hulsey William Russell Johnston Cecil Warden Kelley, Jr. Edward Arthur Kistenmacher Gordon Gus Lancaster Howard Russell McFarland Clifton Ailor McDowell, Jr. William Clifford McDugald Feliz Trinidad Martinez Edward Lafaye Massman Jasper Adolf Moore James Whitcomb Nicholas Richard Adolf Obenhaus Forrest Robert Oldham, Jr. Gifford Cleveland Parker James William Porter John Waller Pritchett, Jr. William Randolph Martin Decatur Rowe Ignaz Warren Russek Cleophas Joseph Scheffler Travis Moran Scott James Blair Steele John Wesley Sutherland. Jr. Paul F. Tapp Kye Trout, Jr. Turgut Ulug Bertram Oliver Wood Randolph Earle Wright THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERS, founded in 1871, was established at The University of Texas in 1930. It is one of the four great national engineering societies. WILLIAM CLIFFORD McDUCALD PACE 436 V. J . L. ij . fM .- FERGCSON. SHARP. HALL. RICHARDSON. CARR. SIMPSON. NECRETE. SETTLES. CALDERON. ALLEN. Srce J if : FOCHT. PEDRETTI. CLAYPOOL, PEELER. KINCAID. KEITH. WELLS. MILLS, CHRISTOFFEL. MASON. SCHINDLER. TUri TMf. CRAVES. POOL. HEJL. SHORT. FOCHT. JR.. BARNES. TWINING. CONNOR. ENCBROCK. NIXON. BYERS. GUERNSEY. McLAURIN. WlA raw: MEDINA. JAMES. CRIMES. CARMICHAEL. FELCAR. AUBEL. DAVENPORT. LOVE. KUTZER. WEISE. HENCER. TERRILL. LACEY. OFFICERS President . } ' ice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Sponsor GEORGE DREXELL CARR JOE CRISLER TERRILL, JR. DOWELL VANN ALLEN ROBERT PATTISON FELGAR JOHN ARNOLD FOCHT E. C. H. Bantel Leland Barclay Phil M. Ferguson FACULTY MEMBERS S. P. Finch John Arnold Focht Quentin Branson Craves Roscoe Guernsey. Jr. Banks McLaurin Jesse Neils Thompson Oowell ann Allen Henry Thomas Aubel Jack Rich Bar Herbert J. Beadle. Sr. . ;st Henry Beck. Jr. Samuel Edward Bilk Thomas Eugene Boulet Robert Edgar lv !!. t r Miguel Calderon Jack Charles Carmichael George Drexell f rr Lewi U il on " hristoffel Ralph J. Claypool Seymour Vaughan Connor Yernon Oscar Darr George Ferrell Daugherty George Follin Davenport James Gilmer Dick-on Glenn Harold Engbrork Josh Ewing Grady Faubian. Jr. Robert Pattison Felgar Morton G. Fi htenbaum MEMBERS John Arnold Focht, Jr. Raymond Albert Fraim Edwin Matthew Grimes Seidel Seale Hall, Jr. Jimmie Ernest Hejl William Mepinnis Henger Ralph Emerson James, Jr. Emzy Theodore Jones. Jr. William Owen Jones. Jr. John Wilbur Keith Herbert Willy Ke ? -] r Norris Rutledge Kincaid Ralph Wesley Kutzer Robert Glyn La Charles Alton Lawler Hollis Culver Love Andrew Benjamin Lytle. Jr. Hodge Elijah Mason Charles Stevenson Mat lock Robert Allen May Antonio Jose Medina Quincy irtor Miller. Jr. Charles Harrison Mills Rafael Negrete-G ictor Lewis Nixon Juan Pablo Pedretti Lawrence Franklin Peeler Charles Crawford Pool Hector Manuel Ramos John Leslie Rawls Frank William Richardson Arnold Lee Schindler Howard Glenn Scott Theodore Homer Settles L. R. Sharp. Jr. Harry Hammond Short John Weldon Simpson Hollis Barclay Spiller Louis James Stranahan Joe Crisler Terrill, Jr. John Theodore Twining William Joseph Warren. Jr. William Weise Jordan Calboun Wells Vernon Rav Wilkinson THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS, Student Chapter, was established at The Lniver-.ity of Texas in 1921. CEORCE DREXELL CARR PI , m A. S. M. E. Front row: MARTIN, MULLER, YELDERMAN, GUENZEL, McMICHAEL, KEY, HATCH, KEPPLER, SHARPLESS. Second row: AMSTEAD, DAVIS, ROSE.NBUSCH, MAUERER, SCOTT, W. H. CHENAULT, MILLER, COLLEY, BRYDSON. Third row: BARTLETT, PERSON, KAPPLER, BARTELS, HERNDON, UDDEN, HOFFMANN, H. T. JOHNSON, H. C. JOHNSON, WOOI.DRIDCE. OFFICERS Chairman Vice-Chairman Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor RUDOLPH GUENZEL ROBERT JOHN HENRY JOSEPH PATTERSON WIER HAROLD THURSTON JOHNSON RINALDO A. BACON MEMBERS Billy Howard Amstead Floyd Harold Anderson Jack Walter Arlitt Roger Clay Aude Rueben Henry Barr Karl Friederich Bartels Luis Hamilton Bartlett Carl William Besserer, Jr. Eugene Lavert Bishop William Henry Brydson Robert Emmett Burns Thomas Richard Casberg William Hall Chenault, Jr. Woodford Sidney Chenault Hubbard Colley, Jr. Russell Cope Alvis Ray Cox Vern David Curry Norman O. Davis Joseph Brannon Dooley, Jr. Phillip Eng Richard August Flume, Jr. Charles Robert Frederick Herbert B. Funk Louis Chamberlain Gilliam, Jr. Forrest Gober Harry Samuel Goldberg, Jr. Harrison Drew Gorham Russell Wilson Gregory Fred David Griffin Fred Grissom Rudolph Guenzel Jo Wilmeth Hardgrave Arlton Nelson Hatch Robert John Henry Charles Lee Herndon Edward John Hoffmann Robert Clay Prim Jackson Harold Thurston Johnson Henry Clay Johnson Rubin Edward Kappler John Edward Keppler Cleo Hubert Key Henry Sattoli Kleespies, Jr. John Edward Kunz Louis Charles Lechenger Clyde Cecil Logue, Jr. William Anthony Lytle Frank W. McBee, Jr. Thomas Collins McMichael Dan Lee Martin Carl Linnaeus Mauerer George Bartley Miller, Jr. Louis Frank Monts Lawrence Claude Muller Paul Clyde Oberg Charles Edward Osborne Benjamin Harrison Pabst Phocion Samuel Park, Jr. John Hewitte Perry Milton Thomas Person, Jr. Robert Gates Peter James Stephen Pharr Walter Pilgram, Jr. Frank Burruss Pugsley Vincent Murray Rauber Fred Lindern Ribe Billy Perkins Robertson Lake Robertson, Jr. Marshall Moses Robinson Fritz Manfred Rosenbusch Edwin Samfield Philip Douglas Scott Robert Hitchcock Sharpless Terrell Jackson Small Raymond Lindell Sponberg Harry Black Spore Joseph Lee Swearingen Carlton Ruel Terry James Carroll Thurmond Robert Lincoln Turner, Jr. John Robert Udden Thomas John Uhl, Jr. Walter Kenneth Victor Alfred Jacob Vogel Howell Lee Walker Lewis Webel Joseph Patterson Wier Aubrey Charles Wilson Glen Parten Wilson. Jr. W. R. Wooldridge George Robert Yelderman THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS was founded nationally in 1880. The club takes part in intramural activities as well as presenting speakers who discuss technical subjects and picture shows that deal with mechanical engineering. RUDOLPH CUENZEL PACE 438 I i ASHBEL LITEBABY SOCIETY fro. ro: FINCH. TSCHUDIN. CURLEY. PENN. MATTHE S. GATES. StcmJ mr: WALTMON, McCANDLESS. VAN ZANDT. ARNESON. UPCHURCH. BEILHARZ. Ttuid ram: KENNARD. GIBSON. JE-NNINCS. MARTIN. HUMLONC. PARK. FomrH ,o : ROBERTS. SOUTHERN. MclNTOSH. SHUMATE, BUSH. LONG. McCULLOUCH. OFFICERS President .... ice-President . Recording Secretary- Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... Reporter .... Sponsor .... MARGARET MARY GLRLEY REBEKAH JANE BLSH FR.ANCES MARGARET BEILHARZ HELLEX LEE McCuLLOtcn MARY MALLORY FINCH NCY LEE MARTIN MRS. H. Y. BENEDICT Lily Anita Ameson France Margaret Beilharz Ruth Althea Belt Lucille FoMer Bopan Rebekah Jane Bush Georgette Elain e Ca o Jacqueline Marie Covo Mary Mallon Fim-h Harriet Kinilxi Gates Ellen Gibson Geraldine Gill ' - Dorothy Gilli Margaret Mary Gurley MEMBERS Alice Lucile Hawkins Gretchen Sophia Herrmann Margaret Humlong Jane Jennings Frances Gale Jone Martha Kennard Jean Lewis Janet Long Elizabeth E. Mclntosh Martha Louise Marshall Nancy Lee Martin Dorothy Elizabeth Matthews Jean McCandless Hellen Lee McCullough Elizabeth Millard Park Margaret Elizabeth Penn Diana Roberts Nancy Jane Shumate Gary Southern Peggy Stover Margaret Evelyn Tomkie Myra Katherine Tschudin Josephine Upchurch Eleanor Ann Van Zandt Mary Julia von Blucher Mary Pauline Waltmon THE ASHBEL LITERARY " t IKT was the first literary and dramatic organization for girls on the campus of the University. The primary purpose of the club is to cultivate an appreciation of literature through study and lectures. MARGARET MARY GURLEY Pux 4J9 ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Front row: GALLAWAY, FRANKLIN, BOOTH, NELSON, NEWMAN, WARNER, HILL Second row: BRADY, McCUTCHEON, ALBRECHT, GULLEY, HOLLAND, LEVIS, DIETEL, DOWYER, CLARK. Third row. GROVER, WOODLEY, GASSAWAY, RESSMAN, CHAPMAN, STRUSS, MALONEY, THORPE, NIBLACK. Fourth row: ANCERSTEIN, HAMILL, LETTERMAN, JONES, CULLERS, BILLS, BROWNING, SEXTON, McELHANNON. Fifth row: MERRIT, LOPEZ-LIRA, EZELL, RICE, RATLIFF, JACKSON, ADAMS, SEITH, CURLEY, STEDMAN. OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor GENE LEE NELSON TILDA JAYNE GROVER RUBY GERALDINE GASSAWAY CORA M. MARTIN FACULTY MEMBERS Cora M. Martin Margaret Lurline Brady- Vivian Theresa Adams Ruby Mae Albrecht Lisa Wilma Angerstein Dorothy Jean Barwise Iris Helene Bennett Thelma Katheryne Bills Norma Adrienne Booth Virginia Wills Bowyer Margaret Lurline Brady Juanita Sue Browning Mary Bell Caldwell Sarah Chapman Meda Aleene Clark Katherine Meek Cottingham Jerry Cullers Alice Irene Davis Erma Lee Dietal Marjorie Nell Douglas Ethel Burnett Edmonds Sue Ezell Charlie Ann Franklin Lillian Terrell French Jeanne Gallaway Ruby Geraldine Gassaway Charlotte Blakely Goss MEMBERS Tilda Jayne Grover Mittie Emily Gulley Margaret Mary Gurley Viola Josephine Hamill Dorothea Louise Hasskarl Marjorie Dawn Hill Ruth Lynette Hill Marie Hanna Holland Anne Ruth Jackson Alice Irene Jones Pauline Cecille Landman Ruth Dolores Lee Rosalie Caroline Letterman Joyce Evelyn Levis Virginia Lopez-Lira Margaret Jean Lowdon Josephine Ethel McCutcheon Jane Taliaferro McElhannon Betty Jo Maloney Bill Gilfillan Merrit Margaret Christine Moreland Gene Lee Nelson Dorothy Belle Newman Ellen Howze Niblack Lucie Goree Ohlin Suzanne O ' Leary Dorothy Louise Richardson Poole Ina Anne Ratliff Christine Ressman Flo Atkins Rice Alice Sue Roman Geraldine Rosenthal Kathleen Elaine Scott Marcella Veronica Seith Gloria Sexton Leola Shaver Mildred Katherine Sivil Pauline Smith Mary Anne Stedman Dorothy Marie Steusoff Sidney Herold Stifft Peggy Stover Peggy Strieber Martha Anne Stripling Roberta Struss Margaret Mary Thorpe Ruth Victor Barbara Hodges Warner Jane Louise Watkins Nell Wilson Betty Woodley THE ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION was organized on the campus in 1931. Its purposes are to secure information regarding the education of young children: to promote the progressive type of education in nursery school, kindergarten, and primary grades; and to raise the standard of the professional training for teachers in this field. GE.NE LEE NELSON P(.E 440 ATHENAEUM LITERARY SDEIETY ffont rtm: SHELTON. SMITH. BROWN. OLD. FITTS. HORN. BETHKE. ENDEL. BAKER. S ' tond ram: PARISH. BOONE. STINSON. DENNARD. LECC. KELTO.N. BRYANT. WARNER. CROUCH. JOHN " TkirJ rom: m EBB. NAVAR, Kl NZ. WESTERLAGE. POOLE. ELAND. ELLZEY. BRITE. BL ' RKE. AZIOS. OFFICERS President HERMAN ANDREW FITTS I ice-President EDCAR GREER SHELTON. JR. Secretary EARL OLEN BETHKE Treasurer JACKSON STLLLKEN WEBB Harold Alberts Arnulfo Daniel Azios Joe Henry Baker, Jr. Earl Olen Bethke Robert Burke Billing Oliver Kiel Boone Robert Sidney Bourn Fred anry Bo - r Ralph Watkin- Brite Aubry Ernest Brown David Hunter Brown James Chester Bryant Joe Carmen Bryant Elmo James Burke John Franklin Cooke Austin Lee Crou h William Beale Dean J. Frank Norris Dennard Warren Leon Dentler Madison Parker Ellzey Max Endel Herman Andrew Fitt- MEMBERS Joe Berryman Fleming William Stoner Fly Billy Tate Foster Clyde McCollough Fuqua Alfred Clement Goodson Andrew Jackson Haney Bill Benson Hardy Henry Pope Hodge Harold Baer Hoffman James Wayne Horn Charles Thomas A John Edward Johnson George Moore Kelton Stanley Cain Kirk John Edward Kunz Reagan Houston Legg Archie Srott McDonald Edwin Irwin MrKeller. Jr. Mildred May Robert Miller Miguel Angel Navar William NichnU Levy Herman Old James C. Parish. Jr. Theodore Garland Poole William Thomas Reeder Rom Rhome Octavio Rodolfo Riddle John Max Rosenneld Edgar Greer Shelton. Jr. Eulyse McCown Smith William Steck Robert Horace Stinson Charles Herbert Thompson Jack David Thompson Hiram Alford Warner. Jr. Jackson Stullken Webb Curtis Edward Weland Lloyd Walter Westerlage Milton Alston Whitworth David Aaron Witt Jim Claude Wright John Gustave Wuenwhe ATHEN Y. M. the oldest literary society on the campus, was organized in 1883. During the past year the society won the spring and fall Inter-Society Extemporaneous Speech Contest. The Tom Connally Banquet if held every December: the May Ftte and the R. B. Creager Speech Contest are held each spring. HERMAN ANDREW FITTS ft BETA BETA ALPHA Trout row: CHASTAIN, WALKER, CRISTENBERRY, KEBELMAN, OLSEN, BERKMAN, RICHEY. CAPLEN. STASS1NOS, KAMMERER. NITSCHKE. Second row: MARROQUIN. YOLTON. WILLIAMS, CONNER, CALDWELL, BROOKS, GOODSON, THOMAS. DENNIS. WHEELER. PACE. MORRIS. MILLER. Third row: KNOLLE, ELLIOTT. J. THOMPSON. DANIELS, CENSBERC, STRAWBRIDCE. TERRY, REID. BISSEX. WHITE, THETFORD, BROWN, SHERMAN. LOCKWOOD. COLUNCA. Fourth row: MUELLER. E. TAYLOR. BARTH, CHILES, CHENAULT, M. TAYLOR. M. L. TAYLOR, LANDER, BUSTER, POWELL, STULI.KEN, GEORGE. DULS, MERKA. ROWAN. RODOLF. President . First V ice-President Second Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . OFFICERS . VIRGINIA MARIE OLSEN . MARGARET GAYLORD RICHEY . MARY KATHLEEN CHRISTENBERRY . SUE SHEPPERD Cox INGRID JOYCE BERKMAN FACULTY SPONSORS Florence Stullken Stella Traweek Mary Fredericka Altgelt Mary Virginia Arledge Dorothy Ayres Ethel Harriett Baker Adeline Anne Earth Josephine Bass Ingrid Joyce Berkman Mary Scott Bissex Mary Margaret Blair Ruth Dainie Brooks Luna Esther Brown Jo Margaret Buster Jeanne Arnold Caldwell Dorothy Atwood Campbell Jane Elizabeth Caplen Oletta Myrle Chastain Sadie Chenault Charlotte Jewell Chiles Mary Kathleen Christenberry Alicia Colunga Esther Maoni Conner Ruth Alice Conaway Sue Shepperd Cox Mary Caroline Daniels Anita Jeanette Day- Mary Edwina Dellinger Katharine Elizabeth Dennis Jane Worthington Duls MEMBERS Betty June Elliott Rose Gensberg Willie Mae George Dorothy Jeanne Goines Mary Virginia Goodson Clara Barton Harris Marjorie Elizabeth Harris Mary Eileen Hickok Ima Gena Jennings Nina Andriana John Ella Mae Kammerer Helen Lenore Kebelman Mildred Elaine Knolle Jane Conn Lander Dorothy Mae Lockwood Areda Rebecca McPherson Minita Marroquin Dorothy Louise Meinrath Therese Pauline Merka Margaret Sue Miller Roydell Morris Ervie Lucille Mueller Mary Alice Nitschke Virginia Marie Olsen Dorothy Jean Orand Mary Jane Pace Ann Powell Olivia Rabel Madeline Anne Ransom Helen Wenona Reid Margaret Gaylord Richey Diana Rebecca Roberts Patricia Rodolf Maxine Roebuck Jeanne Lorena Rowan Dorothy Lou Rupert Elaine Hortense Schoenvngrl Shirley Ann Sherman Ethel Stassinos Elizabeth Jeane Strawbridge Lillian Frances Sula Juanita Elizabeth Taylor Mary Louise Taylor Moxelle Henrietta Taylor Lois Watts Terry Frances Adair Thetford Ina Mae Thomas Grace Thompson Joan Thompson Hilda W r altz Tillotson Betty Mae Van Cura Mary Frances Walker Margaret Eloise Wendlendt Marjorie E leanor Wheeler Frances Anne White Madeline Williams Jesse Marie Yolton BETA BETA ALPHA was founded to promote a feeling of unity between the women students and the faculty of the School of Business Administration. VIRGINIA MARIE OLSEN PACE 442 BIT AND SPUR Frail r,,. HMEL. PALMER. CL ' RLEY. MILKER. ICART, VOELCKER. NEELY. SIMMANG. SHIOLER. JONES. HENDERSON. r r: WARREN. PRENDERGAST. LACY. COCHRAN. LONG. MANFORD. MILLIARD, STIELER. O CONNELL. RICHEY. OFFICERS Leader PATRICIA SVTIGART Assistant Leader JAXET Lx)XC Secretary SARAH ADELE SHIDLER Treasurer SELMA LOUISE VOELCKER Sponsor GLADYS WHITLEY HENDERSON FACULTY MEMBERS Frances Louise Mueller Winifred Small MEMBERS Franco Elizabeth Brady ( Christine Hamilton Curley Lady Myra Fuller Dorothy Cornelia Milker Peggy Littlejohn Milliard Barbara Virginia Jones Judy Devereaux Lacy Janet Long Jane Beaird Manuel Princess Patricia O ' Connell Martha Jane Palmer Nancy Prendergast Mary Darnel Richey Sarah Adele Shidler Doris Elaine Simmang Betty Jane Slaughter Helen Ruth Stieler Patricia Swigart Selma Louise Voelcker Dorothy Jacqueline Warren ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Nancy Valera Cochran Lillian Claire Manford Adelle Neely HI 1 M -I ' l R. organized in 1929, is the oldest riding club on the campus. Its purpose is to further interest in horses, perfect form and horsemanship, and to sponsor annual demonstrations. The club has received recognition throughout Texas by it- annual horse show and is now on the circuit of major horse show in tli - State. PATRICK SmiCART . THE BRATS Front row: O ' LEARY, McCULLOUGH, KEYS, McCILL, MURRAY, RAWLS, FOSTER, WILKINSON, EDWARDS, ANTHONY, H. COCHRAN. Second row: CAMPBELL, BARBER, MILLING, MAY, FRIEDELL, BLAIN, DAVIDSON, M. CHASTAINE, FISHER, MOORE, LOCKETT, GAILLARD. Third row: GILCHRIST, ANDREAS, N. COCHRAN, McBRIDE, TIPS, McCALLAM, KEYSER, DEAHL, ROWE, ROLFE, A. CHASTAINE, GRAIN. Colonel Lieutenant Colonel . Adjutant General Assistant Adjutant General Chief of Finance . Sponsors .... OFFICERS JEAN MCGREGOR RAWLS DOROTHY ATWOOD CAMPBELL CATHERINE BARRY GRAIN ANN SHERBURNE ROLFE PATRICIA JEAN WHITFIELD CAPT. AND MRS. HUBERT WHITWELL UNDERWOOD Carliflo Madelyn Ames Alice Lois Andreas Mary Louise Anthony Jean Avery Barber Eddie Zeph Blain Marjorie Anne Boone Helen Wall Bullard Dorothy Atwood Campbell Ann Chastaine Mary Patricia Chastaine Hazel Mary Cochran Nancy Valera Cochran Catherine Barry Grain Marilynn Davidson Mary Jane Deahl Jeanne Margaret Douglas MEMBERS Ann Louise Edwards Jeanne Lee Fisher Vera Vivian Foster Margaret Friedell Jacqueline Zoe Gilchrist Gladys Grant Louise Gaillard Beverley Gay Haynes Margaret Humlong Dorothy Keys Mary Elizabeth Keyser Virginia Hayden Lockett Deborah Irene McBride Doris May McCallam Kathleen Adair McCullough Mary Jane McGill Margaret Ann Magee Nora Jane May Gayly Milling Cora Catherine Moore Mary Patricia Murray Bonnie Ann O ' Leary Helen Frances Paine Jean McGregor Rawls Ann Sherburne Rolfe Marilyn Gibson Rowe Cynthia Nightingale Smith Doris Jean Taylor Eugenia May Tips Patricia Jean Whitfield Susybelle Wilkinson THE ARMY AND ANCHOR BRATS was organized October 18, 1940, to promote a feeling of unity among the daughters of service officers. The Regiment has added a new division at Stephen College in Missouri. The annual fall supper with Captain and Mrs. Hubert Whitwell Underwood, sponsors; initiation services on Brat Day, Friday, November 21; coke parties with the Naval R.O.T.C..; and collecting magazines for the army camps have crowded the Regiment ' s calendar. JEAN McCRECOR RAWLS PACE 444 I CAP AND GOWN front rate: SCHLEV. CARTER. BRODERSON, MARTIN, WORLEY. Second r nc: RHODES. WHARTO.N. SPILLAR. PE.NN, BROW N. CAP AND GOWN COUNCIL OFFICERS President I ice-President . Secretary- Treasurer Faculty A dvisor . MARGARET JANE BRODERSON MARGARET ELIZABETH PEXN VIRGINIA HUDSON MARTIN EDITH LORAINE CARTER KATHLEEN LOMAX BLAND MEMBERS Margaret Jane Broderson Grace Christine Brown Edith Loraine Carter Janet Long irginia Hudson Martin Margaret Elizabeth Penn Jane Katherine Rhodes Lavinia Adair Schley Margaret Jean Spillar Mary Agnes Stinson Elizabeth Austin Wharton Renee Rachel Wolf Annis Eugenia X orley i l ' Ml i,d N initiates all senior women who wish to belong to it. Officers of the organization serve as senior class officers and are chosen by members of the class at the regular class elections. The president selei-t eiyht outstanding senior women to complete the council. Cap and Gown acts as a service organization for all University women, standing for democracy and dignity, as well as sociability, among all co-eds. The organization assist underclassmen by giving them traditions and by aiding them in adjusting themselves to social affairs of the campus. Cap and Gown also supervises all class election-, -porisors a frrshman party, plans and presides during senior week. i-p- ially for Swing-Out, sponsors a senior supper, contributes to the Co- Operative Houses, and maintains a loan fund available to any University girl. MARGARET JANE BRODEHSON PACE 445 CLUB de MEXICO Front r,m: NEGRKTE. SCHOENER. CARABALLO. J. GONZALEZ. Second row: F. CONZALES, ALVAREZ. MORELOS. TORRES, CARZA. OFFICERS President LEOPOLDO SANTANDER CARABALLO, JR. Vice-President Luis HECTOR ALVAREZ Secretary . MERCEDES MARGARET SCHOENER Treasurer JORGE REYNA GONZALES Sponsor . CHRISTINA CLOE CHRISTIE Luis Hector Alvarez Beatriz Antillon Manuel Oscar Arana Raul Jose Arana Salvador Armas Robert Luis Arroyo Nicolas Lelvovitch Blago Corinne Brittingham Brooks Donald Barkley Burns Hector Miguel Calderon Leopoldo Santander Caraballo Richard Casillas Hector Jesus Cardenas Pedro Celhay Arthur Constantine, Jr. Alfonso Isaias Cortez Eugenia Ballinger Dunn Bill ir Carolyn Edmonson MEMBERS Raoul Garza Fernando Navarro Gonzalez Jorge Reyna Gonzales James Willard Grey Ernest Vincent Grohmann, Jr. Felipe Gutierrez-Zorilla Elizabeth Ann Hall Clarice Georgette Hollman Jack Thomas Hughes Prospero Romulo Jimenez, Jr. Marie Elizabeth Johnson Egon Louis Jurkovich Mary Elizabeth McKean Ruth Virginia McKim Joseph Charles Macorra Marrie Carolyn Moir Enrique Arturo Mora Jorge Morelos-Zaragoza Edward Denis Mullane Kurt Agustin Mumm Juan Francisco Munoz Gutierrez Rafael Negrete Silverio Minervino Ortiz Roberto Nedino Pedraza Juan Pablo Pedretti Joaquin Antonio Pena Patricio Sada Mercedes Margaret Schoener Herbert Barton Sheppard Patricia Evelyn Spooner Rafael Flores Torres Carlos Uriegas-Torres Leona Lorraine Winters Salvador Francisco Zambrano THE CLUB DE MEXICO was founded on this campus on December 9, 1939. The club is social and has as its purpose the promotion of acquaintanceship among the students from Mexico. Included in the year ' s calendar are supper dances, picnics, and dinners. LEOPOLDO SANTANDER CARABALLO, JR. PACE 446 CD-ED ASSEMBLY from! rr: FIUNKLIV FILES. GURLEY. KENNARD. MUNCER. OLSEN. HIGH AMS. : SLLDER. SI LL1VAN. RAILS. BOYLE. STOCKARD. SMITH. JOHNSON. CD-ED COUNCIL OFFICERS President MARTHA KENNARD President CATHERINE LEE STOCKARD Secretary Lois EVELYN HIGHAMS Treasurer MARGARET MARY GLRLEY Reporter MARIANNA SLIDER Faculty Sponsor DOROTHY LOUISE GEBALER MEMBERS Carolyn Joan Boyle Sara Files Rose Mary Franklin Constance A 1 met a Cosset t Margaret Mary Gurley Lois Evelyn Highams Mary Frances Johnson Martha kennard Hazel Ada Meador Anna Blanche M linger irginia Marie Olsen Jean McGregor Rawls Marianna Sluder Marianna Smith Catherine Lee Stockard Margaret Brice Sullivan Mary Elizabeth Sutherland i )-EI EMBLY was founded in 1929 as the unifying organization for all clubs on the campus. Problems of mutual interest are regulated through this administrative body. It attempts to encourage interest and provide a knowledge of all the activities which are open to women students. Through this assembly, all extra-curricular activities for women are regulated in :ame with the point M RTHA KE R! P.ct 447 FDHENSICA Front row: JACOBI, SUTHERLAND, FRANKLIN, H. LEVY. DUNKELBERG, McCUTCHEON. Second row: LEVIS, GREENFIELD, DALKOWITZ, E. LEVY, JENNINGS, D. CUTHBERTSON. Third row: M. K. DAVIS, WHEELER, PATTERSON, RICHARDS, THOMPSON, M. CUTHBERTSON, WOODARD. OFFICERS President ROSE MARY FRANKLIN V ice-President CORA THEA BIESELE Secretary MARY KATHLEEN DAVIS Treasurer ROSEMARY FOUDRAY DUNKELBERG Faculty Advisor THOMAS A. ROUSSE HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Homer Price Rainey Dorothy Louise Gebauer Mrs. Howard William Townsend Cora Thea Biesele Dorothy Mae Cuthbertson Margaret Ann Cuthbertson Sara Louise Dalkowitz Marijane Nancy Davis Mary Kathleen Davis Rosemary Foudray Dunkelberg Rose Mary Franklin Maude Brandt Friedell Dorothy Jeanne Goines Eugene Marie Graham MEMBERS Annette Louise Greenfield Annis Kay Hilty Barbara Ellen Isett Kittie Ruth Jackson Berniece Emily Jacobi Ima Gene Jennings Helen Lillie Levinson Joyce Evelyn Levis Estelle Ruth Levy Helen Levy Alva Lucille Lockhart Marjorie Ann McCarter Josephine Ethel McCutcheon Amanda Louise Pate Dorothy Marie Patterson Dorothy Mae Richards Barbara Sutherland Lenora Ann Thompson Mary Alice Weddington Frances Evelyn Wheeler Bonita June Woodard ROSE MARY FRANKLIN FORENSICA was organized on the campus in October, 1940. It was founded to further speech activities among girls on the campus. It is the first organization of this type at the University. III! FORT WORTH C I.I II ru ran: COOPER. WRIGHT, MOSELEY. SO BLOCK. POTTS. HAWKINS. OEST. SrcoU nm: BEITMAN. MOORE. SOUTHERN. BRICCS. WEATHERBY. WALTERS. VOCTEL. CERES. TUrd nm: STEELE. EAGLE. MOSS. NEWMAN. SCOTT. McKAY. BECCINS. OFFICERS President Vict-Fresident . Secretary- Treasurer Publicity Faculty Sponsor . ROBERT LEROY SCLRLOCK MlLLICEXT MOSELEY CHESTER BECK WITH CHARLOTTE TERRELL WALTERS SARA JANE POTTS THOMAS A. ROLSSE Chester Bcckwith Eda Lilla Beitman Mary Jane Beitman Dan Richard Biggin Nadeen Brigg nan Payne Bullorb Robert Charles Connor Samraie Marie Cook Austin Lee Crouch Mildred L mi- - Davis George Bolton Eagle Elizabeth Ann Edens Eldon Eugene Ertrin Rufu Sanders GarretU Jr. MEMBERS Linda Lee Ceren Charle Eldridge Griffin Alice Lucile Hawkins William Oran Hulsey Billy Couts Hutrhenson Mary Jo Keith J. Pat Kidd William Harold M. Kay Marian Melvin Mitchell Marjorie Dale Mitchell Millicent Moseley Joe Henry Moss William Henry Neil Betty Norman William Charles Oest Andrew Jackson Power, Jr. William Thomas Reeder Pauline Louise Sanders Philip Douglas Scott Robert Leroy Scurlock Gary Southern James Robert Stevenson Herman Taylor. Jr. Lucy Hale Thomas Jeanne Ness Voptel Charlotte Terrell Walters Marvine Weatherby Courtenay Wright THE FORT WORTH CLL ' B wa$ founded on this campus to promote friendship among all Fort Worth students. This club is a purely social organization. ROBERT LEROY SCfRLOCK GAMMA DELTA Front row: SCHIEBEL, KIESCHNICK, EYOUB, CUENZEL, GRIMM, K. O. Second row: HOMEYER. AVERA, DOERINC, SCHROEDER. KMPPA, HIELSCHER, E. WUKASCH. Third row: LUEDEMANN, M. OSOBA, OBENHAUS, SCHULZ, M. MANZ, W. OSOBA. Fourth row: KUNKEL, J. WUKASCH, KAPPLER, J. OSOBA, KIESCHMK, HILLEBRAND. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer . Corresponding Secretary- Advisor . RUDOLPH GUENZEL RICHARD ADOLF OBENHAUS JOE EUGENE WUKASCH PAULINE JOSEPHINE AVERA REV. K. G. MANZ Pauline Josephine Avera John Borth Clarence Milton Doering Leila Lisette Eyoub Elsie Gertrude Glauninger Furman Alexander Grimm Rudolph Guenzel Calvin Henry Harris Lillian Marie Hielscher Raymond R. Hillebrand MEMBERS Esther Homeyer Rubin Edward Kappler Mildred Evelyn Kieschnick Elton Carl Kieschnik Evelyn Knippa Edgar Victor Kunkel Gertrude Luedemann Mildred Louise Manz Richard Adolf Obenhans Joseph Schiller Osoba Margaret Helen Osoba William Garland Osoba Mary Jean Schiebel Emil Ernest Schroeder Lawrence Ernest Schulz Robert Louis Trinklein Jesse William Weise Earl Otto Wukasch Joe Eugene Wukasch GAMMA DELTA is an organization made up of Lutheran students and ex-students of the University. The national founding was in 1934 and one year later Kappa Chapter was established here. Meetings are held monthly and the year ' s activities include monthly social activities and outings as well as a strong intramural program. RUDOLPH CUENZEL PACE 450 _ HOME ECONOMICS CLUB roir; M. DARNELL. L. DARNELL. RUTLAND. 1U MI-K xr: GREBE. MAIERHOFER. TABER. McCOY. BARRIER. OSOBA. RANDOLPH. HELEN MARGARET GREBE MARTHA ELIZABETH DARNELL HAZEL McCov LUCY PACE COULTER MITZE ANN RANDOLPH EMMA JEAN TABER NILA GRACE KEESE OFFICERS President First I ire -President Second see-President Secretary Treasurer .nl Treasurer Historian ... Parliamentarian OLIVIA BARRIER Senior Representative MARTHA ELIZABETH RUTLAND Junior Representatire BLANCHARD ILES Suphiimore Representatire DOROTHY ACNES MAIERHOFER Intramural Manager LAURA FRANCES DARNELL i- Leader MARGARET HELEN OSOBA Pin Chairman LA Rre McCANNK Club Sponsor . . RrrH ELIZABETH LESLIE Foods Advisor LofisE LANDES ARMSTRONG Prof ram Advisor DORIS LAVINIA BITHANAN Treasurer Advisor . ADELAIDE ANM. ASCHMANN Loiii-.- rmstrong dflaiile Annr A- hmann li e Beit- Doris Lavinia Buchanan AllH-rta FACULTY ' MEMBERS Mary Edna Gearing Mar) Ernestine Goldmann Bis Heflin Ruth Elizalwth Leslie Lucy Rathbone JoM-|ihine Helen Staab Jennie S. Wilmot Jet rine Winters Marion Bond Zimmerlv THE HOME r. i (i ||i ( I I I? i- one of the oldest and largest women ' s professional clubs on tipu-. It a- urganized for all women in the Home Economic- Department. The club has given many activities during the year. Among them were an Open House Tea. a Chuck Wagon Supper, a rhri-tma- I ' arU. a Style Show, and finally a banquet at the close of school. The cluli honored Schiaparelli at a Coffee in the Home Economics Building. The club has taken part in intramural- for the past two years, and provides a $300 scholarship to an outstanding student. HELEN MARGARET GREBE Pi LATIN-AMERICAN CLUB From row: GUERRERO, GAMEZ. E. GUTIERREZ. ELIZONDO. M. MONTEMAYOR, ANZAI.DUA, D. TOBIN. Second row: ADELA GARCIA, CUELLAR. SANCHEZ, ALICIA GARCIA, ALFREDO GARCIA, SCHATTENSTEEN, OLIVARES. Third row: FUENTES. M. NAVAR, C. GUTIERREZ, JONES, J. MONTEMAVOR, YZACU1RRE. OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Reporter . Faculty Sponsor . CESAR MANUEL ELIZONDO MARIA ELSA GUTIERREZ MARY FARAKLAS MONTEMAYOR AVELINO OLIVARES MANUEL NICOLAS FUENTES Luis E. GAMEZ CESAK MAM HI. EI.IZO.NDO PACE 452 Alfred Cisneros Anzaldua Aminta E. Cuellar Cesar Manuel Elizondo Alicia Aurora Flores Emma Flores Manuel Nicolas Fuentes Adela Garcia Alfredo Tomas Garcia, Jr. Alicia Garcia Celia Maria Guerrero MEMBERS Cecilio Gutierrez Maria Elsa Gutierrez Roberto Niell Jones Robert Kenneth Kidd Felix Trinidad Martinez Jose Chavez Montemayor Mary Faraklas Montemayor Gustavo Edmundo Monies Juan Manuel Navar Miguel Angel Navar Avelino Olivares Eugene Guerrero Sanchez, Jr. Marcia Martha Schattensteen Antonio W. Tobin Diana Tobin Obdulia Vazquez Estella Vela Mario Yzaguirre Myrtle Isabel Zamora THE LATIN-AMERICAN CLUB was organized as a Club of Mexicans in 1926 with Salvador Cardena as the President under the sponsorship of Charles W. Hackett and Carlos E. Castaneda. In 1929, the name of the organization was changed to Club Latino-Americano. A purely social group, it is active in intramurals as well as parties and dances. LEAGUE DF WOMEN VOTERS ro .- HAMBL1N. TOMFORDE. ABERNATHY, SPOFFORD. ro: HELLER. HISS, WEEK.-. FOWLER. STACY. OFFICERS President I ice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Reporter KATHARENE ABERNATHY K THALEENE ANCY HAMBLIN FLORENCE HELLER ELIZABETH A. x SPOFFORD DETTY Jo TOMFORDE ANNE MORGAN STACY Anna Hi SPONSORS O. D. Weeks Marion Fowler THE CAMPUS l.KXU K OF WOMEN VOTERS was founded on March 7. 1941. through the assistance of the Austin League of Women Voters with the purpose of creating interest among women in government by means of participation. Bi annually it serves as the co-sponsor of the stump speaking in order that students may see and hear the candidates and to discourage students from running for office without serious intent. Every Monday there is a discussion group, conducted !i% Manr Elizabeth Sutherland, on the more important problems of campus government. KATHARENE ABERNATHY P.ct U3 LDNGHDBN BOXING CLUB Front row: LEVERONNE. BARNES. FERGUSON. SIMPSON, HOCKADAY. Second row: ADER, NAVAR, SUKMAN, MAIN. GLENN. Third row: COLLETTI. KILGORE, DEAN. METZENTHIN. OFFICERS Captain Sponsor . RICHARD STERLING HOCKADAY W. E. METZENTHIN MEMBERS Joe King Ader Robert Earl Arnold William Roy Barnes Frank Cano Barron John G. Champion Paul Frank Colletti Hubert Nathan Dean Donald Dentsen Philip Eng John Cleveland Epperson Harvey Norman Ferguson Calvin Earle Giffin Thomas Oliver Glenn Fred Brannon Green Richard Sterling Hockaday Daniel Edmond Kilgore Norbert Drummond Leveronne Richard Frank Main Miguel Angel Navar George Erskine Porter Byron Field Sherrill Joseph Ryan Simpson Robert Sukman Howard Earlington Tewell Ray Ware Wallis, Jr. Jim Windover THE LONGHORN BOXING CLUB was founded to promote interest in boxing and the acquaint- anceship and fellowship among college boxers. Eligibility must be passed on by boxing lettermcn, intramural champs, and winners of tournaments. RICHARD STERLING HOCKADAY PACE 454 MORTAR AND PESTLE from ,,,u: BENJAMIN. M. GARCIA. OAKES. RAILSBACK, WHITE. BLUMEL. SHERMAN, GOODRICH. Second rou: TANKERSLEY, A. GARCIA, BATLA, MILLER. SCHOENER. WOLTERS. SCHNEIDER. LOWE. VOCT. SMITH. FREEMAN. OFFICERS 1 ' resident JEANNE RLTH VOGT Vice-President MARY ELLEN WELCH EL SMITH 5 rftur MERCEDES MARGARET SCHOENER Treasurer EDITH OTTILLIE WOLTERS Faculty Advisor FLORRIE GUINN LOWE MEMBERS Ka Mae Alexander Jeanette Irene Batla r-.mily Benjamin Johanna Blumel Myrtle Dean Freeman ir inia Blanche Furhs Alicia Garcia Martha Xochitl Garcia Mayon Goodrich l ' ..-n lam- Hick- Mary Louise Hughes iiiin-line France Kotzcluic Helen Ann Edith Lawinski Virginia Inez Miller Opal Dell Oakes Darlene Marie Railshack Adela Annie Schneider Mercedes Margaret Schoener Dana Marie Sherman Mary Ellen Welchel Smith Frances Irene Tanker-Icy Jeanne Ruth Vogt Mary Ellen White Edith Ottillie Wolters MORTAR M) I ' KSTLE, a local club for women pharmacist-, wa- founded September, 1941. After it ha- been on the campus one year it may affiliate with a national organization. The club holds meetings twice monthly and gives several parties during the year. JEANNE RUTH VOCT PACC SS MDRTAH BDAHD Front row: MILLIARD, OLSEN, HOLLAND, PARK, ARNOLD, SNEED, WOLFE. Second row: NOLEN, TEMPLIN, BRODERSON, GRAND, LONG, KENNARD, NUNN. OFFICERS President ELIZABETH MILLARD PARK V ice-President MARY VIRGINIA ARNOLD Secretary MARGARET EVELYN TOMKIES Treasurer VIRGINIA MARIE OLSEN FACULTY SPONSORS Connie Garza Brockette Gladys Whitley Henderson Gertrude Xavier Mooney MEMBERS Mary Virginia Arnold Margaret Jane Broderson Willa Mae Gidley Peggy Littlejohn Milliard Marie Hanna Holland Martha Kennard Janet Long Patti Duggan Nolen Edna Elizabeth Nunn Virginia Marie Olsen Dorothy Jean Grand Elizabeth Millard Park Margaret Elizabeth Penn Jessie Louise Sneed Margaret Brice Sullivan Jean Ann Templin Margaret Evelyn Tomkies Myra Katherine Tschudin Eleanor Ann Van Zandt Renee Rachel Wolfe MORTAR BOARD was established on the University campus in 1923, just five years after the date of its national founding in 1918 as an honorary organization for senior women. Mortar Board takes an important part in the campus activities of the year. It aids in the orientation of new students, in the study of election, in drives for the Community Chest and Red Cross, and in doing other similar services for the University. It is also the sponsor of the Benedict Memorial Fund. ELIZABETH MILLARD PARK PACE 456 NE WMAN CLUB to right: WALENTA. FATHER HOLDEN, Kl NZ, MATHIAS, CALI, SEITH. OFFICERS President JOHN EDWARD KI..NZ Vice-President ELIZABETH RUTH MATHIAS Secretary DOROTHY JEAN WALENTA Treasurer CESARE GALI Chaplain REV. VINCENT F. HOLDE.N MEMBERS Clarence Cecil Adamietz Henry Herman Ahrens Dorothy Marie Allen Julio Ernesto Amado Matilde Elena Amado May Isabel Amado Mary Fredericka Altgelt Manurl Oscar A ran Mary Elizabeth Austin Edna Barina Georgia Barina Harri Hutrhron Bass Agn- Starke Beale John Frank Bid Kathrvn Lucille Birter Katherine Behr Thomat Max Blume Mary Rita Blundell Dolorr Marie Bohn Doris Bokes Angelo Charles Bona Phillip Bordage Frances Elizabeth Brady Peggy Lou Brice Charles Stanley Brigs Robert Francis Brown Bette Mae Browne Margaret Flonora Budnick Jack Benjamin Caesar Roosevelt Campbell If- f tnr Jesus Cardenas Joan Barbara Carlson Amedeo Earnest Carmtgnani Cordon Domingo Casey Pete Joaquin Cattillo Mary Patricia Cbastaine Joaquin Gonzalez Cigarroa Bernard John Cocek Hazel Mary Cocbran Nancy Valera Cochran Louise Teresa Connelly Robert Connor Richard Jame Coughlin Francis Edward Craft Charles John Defren Alex Joseph DeVillier Clair Dickson Dorothy MacGregor Dickson Thomas Inches Dickson Arthur Paul Donofrio Mary Elizabeth Douglas Allen Beltram Dozier Mary Ann Drake William Dwyer Conrad Charles Dye August Henry Eberle Audrey Loretta Egan Anne Marie Engel Patricia Mary Evans Teresa Ann Ferris Earl John Finear Brtly Katherine Finnegan William Joseph Flaherty Richard August Flume Lydia Elizabeth Fojtik Frank Edwin Eraser Carl Jacob Furhs Manuel Nicolas Fut-ntrs Burnett St. Clair Fuess Cesare Gali Henrielte Pauline Garde re Margaret Elizabeth Gleason Daniel Joseph Glennry Bernice Crcilr n Grace Marie Gormley Aubert Joseph Goodwin John Franc it. Grady Max Kenneth Graham Arthur Clair Green Anaktattio Alberto Guerra, Jr. Cclia Maria Gurrr-r Albert Lawrence Guidera Mary Margaret Cuntrr Lenora Antoinette Guseman Virginia Hahm-l Alna Blanche Harrison Lillian Marie Hatch Edward Joseph Hatzfeld Grace Alicia Hrjtmancik SammieLou Hill Bob Hoi Ian Virginia Hughes Tboroas Patrick Ingram Julia Katberine Jennings Prosper Romulo Jimrnrz Mary Louise Johnston Jean Jones Claude L. Kennard Edward R. Kennedy Clarence Ertel Klein Marion Klein Elenora A. Kocurek Josephine Milady Kocurek Mildred Elizabeth Kolar Henry Gustave Krausse, Jr. Adeline Mary Kulhanek Theo Emmery Kulhanek John Edward Kunz John Kilmond Larcade Phillip James La Sail e Gilbert Ignaius Laskowski Thomas Frederick Layden George Nassirf Lewis Margaret Nelle Long Virginia Maxine Longquist Billy Jack Low Frank Joseph Lyons Margaret Mary McClusky Elinor Catherine McClusky Margie Ann McEnnis Richard Farnum McEntee Roy Raymond McNaughton Jofteph Charles Macorra Albert Matthew Maglinlo Amedeo Anthony Magliolo Joseph Magliolo, Jr. Thomas Harrington Maher fliirothy Iarir Marek Otto Anthony Marinick Elizabeth Ruth Mathias Frank Mehrten [ -!- irginia Mrtzkr Bernice Pauline Mezzctti Neville Sidney Moise William Reid Monks Gustave Edmundo Monies Robert Taymond Mullen James Edward Murray Valeria Paul Nacke Juan Manuel Na ar Migual Angel Navar Mary Kathleen Nowierski Princess Patricia O ' Connell Emil Arthur Offer James Joseph O ' Reilly Leona Ruth Pazderny Juan Pablo Pedretti Charles Robert Perrone, Jr. Edwin Joe Pesek Leon Louis Peter Russell Arthur Pettengill Armando Ramos Pat Reese Frank William Richardson Pedro Richer Charles Francis Roberts Katherine O Neal Roberts Donald Morri Ho William Bryant Saner Robert Albert Scardino John Scheulke Mary Ann Schumann George Clifford Scully. Jr. Marcel la Veronica Seilh Elizabeth Elaine Semmes David Reynold Shanahan Lois Mildred Sheehan Jack Stanley Shelton Leonel John Simmn, Jr. Marjorie Dee Sinclair Ernest William Slaninper William O ' Brien Smyth Ismail Jose Sousa John William Stanford, Jr. Anna Marie Stanley Virginia Anne Stapleton John Daniel Stepan John Lee Stepan Peggy Strieber John William Ternus Ann Trier l.f i- Robert Troiano Marion Jeannette Tro t Thomax John I hi. Jr. Dan Urbanek, Jr. Yolanda Elizabeth Varga ROM- Elizabeth Vela Ann Vilbig Elisa Castaneda Villarreal Dorothy Vlahovic Dorothy Jean Walenta Daniel Lee Ward James Kenneth tt it v James Patrick Wolf Margaret Dorothy Yeoman Anna Elizabeth Yust William Florian Zimmermann Delia Aurora Yznaga Charles Theodore Zlatkovjch NEWMAN CLUB, an organization for Catholic students, was established on the campus in 1910. JoH EDWARD KUNZ P CE 457 DAK GHDVE COOPERATIVE DORMITORY i I Front row: MAHONEY. HENSARLING, J. F. CLARK, FITZGERALD, DAVIS, ETTER, FERGUSO, CARMICHAEL, STEED, ROGERS, BREWER. Second row: LACY, FOSTER, HESTILOW, CULBERSON, PEGUES, KRING, MOORMAN, FORGASON, FLANAGIN, MAYER, POWELL, POLLOCK, WEISE. Third row. CHAPPELL, BRALY, E. JONES, MARLETT, REEDER, G. JONES. WEHMANN, LEEVES, PLUMMER, STAGEY, J. MORRIS, DANFORD, MURPH. Fourth row: KENNEDY, McMANEMIN, HUNTER, PUGSLEY, WALKER, REED, W. JOHNSON, LAMB, LYNN, DENSON, LEWIS. ROBERTSON, STANFORD, MITTAG. Fifth row: LEIGH, WYNEKEN, PERRY, VERRETT, McKAY, WATSON, COPELAND, R. JOHNSON, ANTHONY, McCONNELL, PIERCE, KENNON, GOTT. OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Councilman Councilman Councilman Business Manager House Mother . JACK MARSHALE HESTILOW RALPH HOWARD McCoNNELL FRANK BURRUSS PUGSLEY BILLY PERKINS ROBERTSON JOE DEAN STEED STARLING THOMAS MORRIS FLOY YOUNG Lonnie Leslie Anthony, Jr. Henry Lee Braly Marion Weldon Brewer Alan Eugene Carmichael Jeter Dee Chappell John Franklin Clark Martin Hooper Clark Horace Victor Copeland Fisher Wells Culberson Masil Bryan Danford Earle Dwane Davis Milton Wayne Denson Harold Eugene Etter Bill O ' Dowd Ferguson Ralph Downing Fitzgerald James Monroe Flanagin, Jr. Herbert Grayson Forgason, Jr. Robert Dewitt Foster Richard Coleman Gardner Preston Frazier Gott William A. Hensarling Jack Marshale Hestilow Robert Franklin Hunter MEMBERS Robert Lee Johnson, Jr. Walter Ray Johnson Edward Jefferson Jones Glyn Creg Jones William Monroe Kennedy Isham George Kennon, Jr. Vernon Nesbitt Kring Charles Woolsey Lacy Oran Hale Lamb James Stewart Leeves John Marshall Leigh Richard Earl Lewis Robert Lynn Ralph Edward McConnell Edwin Noble McKay Billy Lee McManemin Robert Lee Mahoney Everett Michael Marlett, Jr. Edmund William Mayer Otto William Mittag Richard Harry Moorman, Jr. Jack Stewart Morris Starling Thomas Morris Elgin Clarence Moughon Adrian Franklin Murph Melbourne O ' Banion Darwin Guy Pegues William Edward Perry, Jr. Edgar Eugene Pierce A. Q. Plummer Ray Lusk Pollock Harold Dean Powell Frank Burruss Pugsley Joe Simpson Reed William Thomas Reeder Ralph Edward Roberts Billy Perkins Robertson Verne Ray Rogers Charles Aiken Stacey Claude Leon Stanford Joe Dean Steed Wallace Anthony Verrett Howell Lee Walker Irving Monroe Watson, Jr. George Weldon Wehmann Clarence Herman Weise Henry Otto Wyneken OAK GROVE is a self-governed organization of which two thirds of the members are employed, earning all or a part of their school expenses. JACK MARSHALS HESTILOW PACE 458 CHANGE JACKETS Frtmt .-. GURLEY. MATTHEWS. VHATLEY. BEILHARZ. STACY. ARNESOV SffffJ nm: MARTIN. ALTMON. McCANDLESS. RAWLS. CARSON. HAMBUN. TABER. TUrJ rat: BOYLE. STOCKARD, THOMAS. LACY. NICHOLSON. KESSLER. ELLIOTT. OFFICERS President MARY ANN WHATLEY Vice-president DOROTHY ELIZABETH MATTHEWS Secretary -Treasurer MARGARET FRANCES BEILHARZ Historian HELEN ELIZABETH CARSOX Reporter KATHALEENE NANCY HAMBLIN Faculty Sponsor DOROTHY LOUISE GEBALER MEMBERS Lily Anita Arneson Frances Margaret Beilharz Carolyn Joan Boyle Helen Elizabeth Carson Betty June Elliott Margaret Mary Curley Kathaleene Nancy Hamblin Marthann Kessler Judy Drvereaux Lacy- Jean McCandksB Nancy Lee Martin Dorothy Elizabeth Matthews Ruth Lynn Nicholson Jean McGregor Rawls Anne Morgan Stacy Catherine Lee Stockard Emma Jean Taber Marion Elizabeth Thomas Mary Pauline Waltmon Mary- Ann Whatley ORANGE JACKETS, a service organization, stands ready to help in any University of Texas activity. It is composed of girls chosen for their scholarship, leadership, and general all-around ability. MARY ANN HATLEY P. E. M. Front row: SAUNDERS, PFITSCH, HEMPHILL, PAPICH, WILLMON, SEEKING, HARRISON. Second row: RODCERS, HUNTER, PURCELL, FLANAGIN, BRATTON, ECHOLS, MULLER. Third row: BASS, AHR, ROCHS, ADAIR, COLDBECK, BRENEMAN, DOWDY, ALDERSON. OFFICERS President RAUEL NORMAN PAPICH V ice-President BEATRICE CAIN CRENSHAW Secretary . LEO AHR Treasurer REGNA FULTON BRENEMAN FACULTY MEMBERS Curtis Jackson Alderson Ruth Isabella Bass Henry Gilchrist Shands David Kingsley Brace Gertrude Xavier Mooney John Garland Adair Leo Ahr Estil Arthur Bowman Helen Louise Bracey Capitola Robertson Bratton Regna Fulton Breneman Juanell Eugenia Brooks Jane Elizabeth Brown Minnie Frances Burger Claracita Charlotte Burks Eunice Brooks Burr Doris Virginia Cain Patricia Henrietta Cain Edward Anthony Gardner Emily Annette Casten Jack Walton Grain Beatrice Cain Crenshaw Betty Jane Crowder Hubert Nathan Dean Becky Adna Dougherty Emily Jane Douglass Mary Louise Dowdy William Richard Dumke MEMBERS lona Mildred Echols Eileen Elizabeth Eitt Jane Carroll Flanagin Ella Shelby Frizzell Mary Elizabeth Furrh Turner Ford Gassaway Robert Eugene Goldbeck Harry Lee Hafernick Elna Blanche Harrison Nancy Lou Hemphill Lillian Lela Hill Ruth Margaret Horak Walter Dennis Houpt Martha Regina Hunter Ethel Louise James Pete John Layden Ruth Edna McAtee Meda Beth McDaniel Robert Jack McLean Marguerite May Opal Beatrice Muller Margaret Virginia Myers Rauel Norman Papich J. M. Pearce Virginia Adele Pfitsch Mary Jane Pinkston Fannie Belle Pledger Mae Katherine Priess Martha Lei Purcell Alfred Robert Rochs Mary Annette Rodgers Ann Sherburne Rolfe Clem Edward Saunders Lillian Caldwell Scott Ann Stein Sebring June Elizabeth Seipel John Thomson Shane Robert Lewis Shelton, Jr. Fred Nat Silverman Ruby Jeaneatte Simmons Alice Mae Smith Burnell Surles Diana Tobin Gradv Cecille Wheat Gloria Louise Willmon Charline Grace Yaeger THE P. E. M. CLUB is an organization composed of Physical Education majors whose purpose is to foster social contacts and develop a professional attitude toward Physical Education. Men and women majoring in Physical Education automatically become members when they enter the Department of Physical Education. Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month. RAUEL NORMAN PAPICH PAGE 460 PANHANDLE CLUB front rou: NEELY. BRYAN. CALLIHAM. PHELAN, STORSETH, JOHNSON, GOODRICH, THOMPSON. W1NN. Second row: C. YORK, TIMMONS. McKINLEY, CROW, BEGLEY, W. YORK, JACK THOMPSON, MADDOX. BALDWIN. DUDLEY. Third row: JENKINS. CHAMBERLAIN. HERRING. STOVER. ADAMS. GILBERT. HENSON. WEST. JINES. OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . ROBERT PAUL STORSETH MAUNA LOA CALLIHAM JOAN THOMPSON- ANN CLAIRE BRA.NNEN Jesse Lee Adams Edgar Jack Alexander Josephine Baird Luther Eugene Baldwin, Jr. Mary Louise Begley Ann Claire Brannen James Allen Braxton Bill Nile- Browder Arch Vernon Bryan John Bryan Bryson Mauna Loa Calliham Fred Ellis Chamberlain Donald Elmer Crow Helen Marie Dudley Robert Seldon Ely Mayon Goodrirh James Seewald Culeke MEMBERS Charles Robert Gurley Ora Mary Gurley Albert Gordon Henson Earl Leonard Herring Tom Bugbee Holman. Jr. Charles Tarleton Jenkins Sidney Merl Jines Sterling Huff Johnson Dorothy Louise Latham Bettye Laurelle Locke Russell Crawford McKinley Dorothy June McMurtry John Richard Maddox Hugh V. Miller. Jr. Frank Overall Murray- Florence Neely Peggy Sue O ' Brien Frank Phelan, Jr. James A very Rush, Jr. Eva Mae Schaeffer Robert Paul Storseth William Leon Stover, Jr. Betty Jane Taylor Jack David Thompson Joan Thompson Bascom Lee Timmons Roy Leonard Vineyard Mary Sue Walker Bettie Louise Ward Samuel Loyd Wf-t Martha Mayde Williams Mae Jo Winn Charles W eldon York Winfred Mills York THE I ' AMI MM.F. i I.I B was founded on the campus as a social organization for students from the Texas Panhandle. Its club calendar consists of open houses, picnics, a barbecue, and a formal Christmas dance in Amarillo. BOBERT PALL STORSETH PACI 461 PIERIAN LITERARY SOCIETY ' .; nnnifamMa J Front row: HARRISON, SHEPHERD, PARKS, HICHAMS, SIMPSON, ISAACS. Second row: SIMMONS, STONE, DONNELL, HOUSTON, CARLISLE, CHILTON. TROTTER. Third row: DAVIS, TURNER, CALDWELL, SANDERFORD, FINNECAN. ARNOLD. PEARESON. Fourth row: HINMAN, DULS, SCOTT, BOYLE, NIEMEYER, BRAMLETTE, EZELL. OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor Lois EVELYN HIGHAMS SUE EZELL FLORENCE JANET DAVIS MARY BELL CALDWELL L. W. PAYNE, JR. Mary Virginia Arnold Mary Margaret Blair Carolyn Joan Boyle Gloria Bramlette Mary Bell Caldwell Margaret Neil Carlisle Mary Belle Chilton Patricia Linsley Cristy Florence Janet Davis Helen Glover Donnell Nettie Barrel! Doscher Catherine Gardiner Duls Sue Ezell Betty Katherine Finnegan MEMBERS Virginia Myrle Ford Jacqueline Gardner Elizabeth Fonda Cribble Jane Elizabeth Harkrider Frances Wynne Harrison Virginia DuVal Higgins Lois Evelyn Highams Genevieve Louise Hinman Catherine Houston Annabeth Isaacs Lula Margaret Johnson Norma Elise Niemeyer Frances Ann Parks Hallie Kelley Peareson Marilyn Ramsey Emily Eloise Sanderford Shirley Scott Barbara Scrimgeour Marjorie Shepherd Helen Claire Simmons Frances Gertrude Simpson Catherine Lee Stockard Mary Louise Stone Helen Catherine Terrell Leola Virginia Trotter Betty Jo Turner Mary Ann Whatley THE PIERIAN LITERARY SOCIETY was organized to bring together girls interested in the study of modern literature. Requirements for membership are a general " C " average and a " B " average in English. LOIS EVELYN HICHAMS PACK 462 PHE-LAW SOCIETY Front ro-: THOMAS, FULMORE, LEA. FRANZETTI, ALTON. Mu NAl CHTON, KECK. MEEK. Srroiul tmc: MACIMIN4LI). JONES. DAVIS. BRISCOE. CALDWELL. RHOME. HACKETT. SHEPHERD. LUTHER. Thud roir: ABRAHAM. CAIN, BOSTON. SPARKS. ADAMS. HARDY, BAKER. CAMPBELL. WRIGHT. OFFICERS President ........ ice-President ....... Secretary ........ Treasurer ........ 1 ' iirliiimi-ntnrian ....... STERLING ROBERTSON FULMORE Sergeant-at-arnu ...... EDWIN PIERCE LEA ,,,-ultv Sponsors J5 " ACE KEETON ( H. MALCOLM MACDONALD CHARLES FREEDAMAN ALTON BILL BENSON HARDY MINES HOLT BAKER MILLARD HENRY LITHER Homer F ' rire Rainey H. T. Parlin ictor I. Moore FACULTY MEMBERS ork oung Willbern H. Malcolm Macdonald Charles Tilford McCormick W. Page Keeton Ira Polk Hildebrand Frank Thomas Abraham Tom Arm-trong Adams -harli-- Freedainan Alton lfn-i) (.i-nrro- Anzaldua Bruce Brock Baker Mine- Holt Baker jVrry rch Bell Kolx-rt Burke Billing- Paul Talmage Boston Robert Evan- Rower- Holph Bri- at-. Jr. harl- Dana Butt- I ' ' .:i F zell Cain Thomas Jones Caldwell Arthur Barnett Jack Brook-hire Ben Zion Kaplan MEMBERS Robert Fariss Campbell Patrieia Reid Chaml erlain S illiam Clinton Crow Warren Alfred Dale Howard Eugene Davi- John Peyton Dewey. Jr. Helen Marie Dudley Herbert Grayson Forgason, Jr. rthur Angelo Franzetti Sterling Robertson Fulmore, Jr. Charles Vilson Hackett. Jr. Bill Benson Hardy Theodore Lawrence Jones Ray Marvin Keck William Monroe Kennedy HONORARY MEMBERS Edgar Greer Shelton Boyd Sinclair Edwin Pierce Lea Branch Coleman Lipscomb Millard Henry Luther Hugh Thomas Lyle Harry Poynter luthi-. Jr. Morton Lee McGee William Alexander MacNaughton Marian Meek Rom Rhome Donald Lee Shield Robert Ashland Shepherd, Jr. James Thomas Sparks Marion Elizabeth Thomas Jim Claude Wright Gus Ralph Spence Elizabeth Austin Wharton THE PRE-LAW SOCIKTV founded November 10, 1939, has played an active part on the campus. . . ,,..|,,,ii-.,r- .if Stump Speaking, it is the originator of the idea of political forums which were introduced on the campus la-t spring. The social activities of the year were four mock trials, two banquet-, a smoker, and a political dance. CHAKI.ES HUKI U ALTON cc 463- PRESENT DAY CLUB Front row: JACOBS, SAUER, FAGADAU, SALADINO, BAUM. SPIES, ARNESON. Second row: GARDNER, MORROW, WALL, HYER. BRELSFORD, RUPERT, HARGETT, LEVINSON. Third row: NORNHAUSSER, WHITWORTH, ROEBUCK, FARR, SCHOENVOCEL, DALLMEYER. ROBINOWITZ. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Reporter Sponsor . MARY ROSALYN SALADINO ELVERA LOUISE DALLMEYER BETTY Jo SPIES DOROTHY Lou RUPERT MARION HARGETT VIRGINIA LEE FARR MARIE BETZNER MORROW Lily Anita Arneson Elizabeth Gene Austin Henrietta Baum Dorothy Ann Blessing Rosslyn Regina Block Regina Brelsford Elvera Louise Dallmeyer Marilynn I. Davidson Meryle Dillenger Ruth Edna Ellsworth Anne Marie Engel Mona June Fagadau Virginia Lee Farr Frances Brenda Fleishman Lela Claire Foster Laura Pearl Gardner Evelyn Ruth Garrett MEMBERS Mona Dennis Guiler Martha Louise Haish Billie Lou Hammond Marion Hargett Leona Marie Hickerson Marie Hanna Holland Billie Ralph Hyer Betty Claire Jacobs Ivy Lee Jones Virginia Kalina Helen Lillie Levinson Doris May McCallam Mary Jeanne MrCrummen Mary Louise McDonald Lady Perry McGinnis Letitia Caroline Moerke Constance Mercedes Muehlberger Margie May Nornhausser Florence Mae Oberg Miriam Louise Rohinowitz Maxine Roebuck Dorothy Lou Rupert Mary Rosalyn Saladino Emilita Victoria Sauer Elaine Hortense Schoenvogel Betsy Rosse Smith Betty Jo Spies Jeanne Strasburger Margaret Elizabeth Wall Marvine Weatherby Frances Anne White Victoria Marie Whitfield Ruby Whitworth THE PRESENT DAY CLUB, an organization for co-eds interested in current events, is instru- mental hi the defense work on this campus as well as in aiding the Red Cross. MARY ROSALYN SALADINO PACE 464 REAGA N LITERARY SDEIETY Front rou: HARRISON. NOLEN, CRADDOCK, SCOTT. BARKER, H. CHANDLER. ANDERSON. Srcond row: FLETCHER. C. DAVIS. LOYD. BOWDE.N, SHIPP, BRALY. Third row: PERSONS. CARSON. LANCSTON. F. DAVIS, COCHRAN. WIDEN, E. COULTER. HICKS. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sergeanl-at-arms Reporter Sponsor ROSEMARY SCOTT BETTY Jo MALONEY MARY ANN HUGHES MARION FRANCES SCHNEIDER HELEN GORDON WOOTEN MARGARET ELOISE WENDLANDT GLADYS WHITLEY HENDERSON FACULTY MEMBERS Miriam Dozier Annie Sowell Irvine Margaret Peck Mildred P. Mayhall Clara M. Parker Winniefmi Margaret Anderson Jimmie Lee Barker Dorothy Ann Bleinc Fain Nethnlyn Bowden Jean Braly Helen Elizabeth ' iarson Billie Jane Chandler Henry Ann Chandler lii-e Charleene Cochran Carolyn Ka! - unlisk Edith Coulter I. in ' ) ! ' ;![; I i. niter Sue Craddoi k - Little Davis MEMBERS Frances Elaine Davis Lila Dean Finley Mary Alice Fletcher Olivia Lee Glover Margaret Mary Hardwicke Etna Blanche Harrison Annie Lee Hatneld Helen Ruth Hicks Mary Ann Hughes Gene Spencer Hunt Julietta Jarvis Billie Jean Kilpatrick Elizabeth Anne Langston Eleanor Ann Loyd Betty Jo Maloney Virginia Hudson Martin Adelle Neely Helen Claire Nolen Ruby Sue Persons Marion Frances Schneider Rosemary Scott Marparet Jean Shipp Helen Louise Shudde Alice Mae Smith Terese Tarlton Eleanor Parmley Toxey Margaret Eloise Wendlandt Edna Augusta Widen Helen Gordon Woolen REAGAN LITER R -O( IKTY was founded in 1902 at the suggestion of Helen Marr Kirby. first Dean of Women at the University, and was named for John H. Reagan, chairman of the State Railroad Commission as well as District Judge, Postmaster General of the Confederacy, and L nited N.iti--. ' p natnr. Mrrting are held on the lirst am) third Thursday of each month to discuss -ubjfcts of timely intcn-t. M -mlierhip i- based on a " B " English average and a " C " average in rema ining courses. ROSEMARY SCOTT a I-,-. RHD ETA DELTA Mr " Front row: JOHNSON. HARVILL. KENNEDY, WEBB, LEWIS, GREENWOOD, FOREHAND. Second row: BECLEY, ROWE. BYERS. LITTLE, TWILLIGEAK. GARRETT, CRISTY, CHAPMAN. KUYKENDALL. Third row: LACK, HASSKARL. COCHRAN, LEONARD. RIPPERTON, BOAZ, CARLETON, GRACE, MRS. TRENTHAM, THWEATT, MR. TKFMHAM. OFFICERS Chief Cardinal . Sinful Scarlet . Vivid Vermilion . Merry Maroon . Cheerful Cherry . Faculty Advisor . JACKSON STUI.LKEN WEBB PATRICIA LINSLEY CRISTY ELIZABETH ROSE KENNEDY KATHERINE BROWNSON HARVII.I. DOROTHEA LOUISE HASSKARL EUGENE TRENTHAM Joyce Elaine Atkins Mary Louise Begley Willis Lavender Boaz Charles Sam Butt Elizabeth Anne Byers Carolyn Jane Carleton Sarah Chapman Margaret Elizabeth Cochran Patricia Linsley Cristy Florence Janet Davis Frances Elaine Davis Marjo Vane Davis Mary Belle Deen Margaret Virginia Doak Josephine Bell Fordtran Florence Eleanor Forehand Evelyn Ruth Garrett Maiybelle Grace MEMBERS Marion Greenwood Sarah Elizabeth Hall Katherine Brownson Harvill Dorothea Louise Hasskarl Virginia Jo Holland James Statham Huff Julietta Jarvis Doris Elaine Johnson Ivy Lee Jones Irene Elizabeth Keith Elizabeth Rose Kennedy Ethel Laura Kuykendall Zella Malonia Lack Cam Haralson Leonard Royce Clay Lewis Walden Paskel Little Robert Alexander Long Frank Joseph Lyons Katherine Ethel Mayfield Betty Jane McKenzie James Franklin Moore William Charles Oest Donald Elmer Outlaw Lewis Glynn Owens Philip Frazier Parry Sara Jane Potts Mary Ann Prowell Henry Williard Ouinius Lyman Alonzo Ripperton Marilyn Gibson Rowe Virginia Marie Skeen Mary Emily Smith Mary Virginia Thweatt Elizabeth Ellen Townsend Lum Elijah Twilligear, Jr. Rosemary Tyler Jackson Stullken Webb RHO ETA DELTA was organized in 1940. Its membership is made up campus. It is purely a social club with Sunday night suppers twice monthly. of redheads on the JACKSON STULLKEN WEBB PAGE 466 1 SAN ANTONIO CLUB Frmml rmc: GRIFFITHS, BISH. J. COVO. CLARK. C. COVO, HOR-NER. RAYZOR. SfCouJ ram: UEADOR. BRAMLETTE. HOLZM HI Hf K. McCALDIN. SMITH. ROCHE. Tkiii ram: BEAKLEY. SHERMAN. LITTLETON. VOBLEY. SEALE. McDOWELL, fo rtl, ro : Me ALLISTER. BORDEN. TOPPING. EDWARDS. RO E. CANCELOSI. OFFICERS President President Secretary Treasurer Reporter WILLIAM KALAR CLARK HAZEL ADA MEADOR MARTHA FRANKLIN HILDEBRAND GEORGETTE ELAINE Covo MARJORIE ALLIXC Marjorie Ailing Lily Anita Arneson John Arnold Clifton Stanley Bank-. Jr. Ruth Taft Bea ' kley Louis Polk Bishop Guy Borden Walter Raymond Bowerma.-ter Gloria Bramlette Rebekah Jane Bush James Ralph R ar- Robert John Cangelosi. Jr. Bell Caldwell William Kalar Clark Mary Luella Clayton Georgette Elaine Covo Jacqueline Marie GOTO Nell Donnell Margaret Elizabeth Dorre Mary Elizabeth Dwyer John Edwards George Ann Farley MEMBERS J ean Maroah Gantt Charles Edward Garrett Olivia Lee Glover Ruth Fletrher Griffiths Elise Harrison Groos Marianna Catherine Hart Martha Franklin Hildebrand (.harle Homberger Madelyn May Homer Carl Holzschuher George Eugene Judson, Jr. Robert Kenneth Kidd Muriel Jean Kilpatrick BeA ' erly Jeanne Knickerbocker Justine Mr Kay Kone Jane LouUe Littleton Mary Jane Lyles Gerald Nicholas MrAlliMer James Oeland MrCaldin l.otii- San born McDowell Mary Gill McCowen Floyd MrGown, Jr. Mary Virginia Matthews Hazel Ada Meador Marshall Burns Miller Wilford Reagan Mobley Glenn George Mortimer Bonny Be - Nummy Barney McLendon O ' Hea Ladie Jane Paschal Stella Mae Paschal John Julian Pfeiffer Emily Beth Rayzor Amsie Jeanne Remy Patricia Ayne Roche Marilyn Gibson Rowe Eleanor Terrence Russell Hilbert Kyle Seale Robert Henry Severin. Jr. Mary- Elizabeth Sheldon Mary Marcelline Sherman Edmond Le Gros Smith Clara Cornelia Soloman Eugenia May Tic- John Edwin Topping Thr purpose of the SAN ANTONIO :|,L " B i to offer the students from San Antonio the oppor- tunity of becoming better acquainted. There is a social ea h - -m -tf-r. u-ually in the form of a picnic or dance, as well as holiday parties in San Antonio. The club also participates in such drives as the Community Chest. II I MM K LAR CLARK Pax 4 7 SIDNEY LAMER LITERARY SOCIETY Front row: COINES, SLICKER. HOWELL, RUTLAND, CHATMAS. Second row: MOSELEY, ATKINS, STANGER, PHILLIPS, SPILLAR. Third row: LACY, RAWLS, SILBERSTEIN, MILLER, SPOONER, PERKINS, SMITH. OFFICERS President MARIANNA SMITH Vice- President RENEE RACHEL WOLFE Secretary MARGARETTA PERKINS Treasurer HELENE ESTELLE SILVERMAN Reporter ALTA BELLE CAMPBELL Faculty Sponsor IONE PETTEY SPEARS Faculty Sponsor FLORENCE ELIZABETH SPENCER Rosalie Ackerman Joyce Elaine Atkins Frances Ellen Benson Eleanor Bishop Helen Wall Bullard Alta Belle Campbell Dorothy Chatmas Peggy Louise Clark Nell Maurice Cottle Eleanor Reeves Crockett Dorothy Julia Dakin Myra Lea Duffer Ruth Glasberg Dorothy Jeanne Goines Billie Lou Hallmark Gretchen Sophia Herrmann Marie Hanna Holland MEMBERS Iris Marie Howell Marion Philice Kleas Judy Devereaux Lacy Mary Jeanne McCrummen Margaret Lucile Mayer Jacquelyn Delvene Mercer Patricia Susan Miller Millicent Keeble Moseley Charlotte Roberts Newcomer Mary Kathryn Nipper Patti Duggan Nolen Dorothy Jean Orand Renotta Margaret Patterson Margaretta Perkins Lillian Elisabeth Phillips Helen Genevieve Ramsey Jean McGregor Rawls Martha Elizabeth Rutland Jean White Sheffield Mary Elizabeth Sheldon Frances Minnette Silberstein Helene Estelle Silverman Alice Louise Slicker Marianne Smith Jessie Louise Sneed Margaret Jean Spillar Elizabeth Ann Spofford Patricia Evelyn Spooner Zuleika Elizabeth Stanger Lois Watts Terry Marion Elizabeth Thomas Susie Marie Winston Renee Rachel Wolfe SIDNEY LANIER LITERARY SOCIETY is a local organization founded in honor of the Southern poet to promote helpful and pleasant association among girls. The requirements for membership are a " B " average and particularly outstanding work in English. MARIANNA SMITH PACE 468 SOUTHEAST TEXAS ELUB n ; POWELL. LEWIS. CARROLL. PONDROM. LACY. REED. KELLER. THEOHALT. DAVIS. SHEPHERD. STONE. wr: ALTCELT. STANLEY. Ll ' CAS. BALDWIN. LANCDOM. RfSSELL. BROOKS. TILLERY. ;RAH AM. Hl ' NTER. RAMSEY. WALKER. TkirJ nm-: BLALOCK. CARRETT. DILLJNCER. Rl ' PERT. KNIGHT, WALLES. Ml ' LLINS. CLARK. Bl ' RRl S. BROINRIGC. SLEDGE. r nk r x: GREEN. THOMPSON. BITLER. BRO NE. HALL. LAW. REEVES. PEVETO. SMITH BEARD. OFFICERS President JOE SIMPSON REED President PAT TALMACE PEYTON Secretary EVELYN Rt TH GARRETT Treasurer WENDELL EDWIN HALL Scrgrant-at-arms DERWOOD LEARD PEVETO MEMBERS Mary Frederick Altgelt Pearle Connor Baldwin Louis Hrnr Beard Harold Carlisle Blalork Phillip B rdape- Jark Bascom Brooks Jack Brook hire Jewell Browne Margaret Ann Brownrigg Ann Yitula Burnis Mae Butler s Ann Carroll Cornelia Clark Hattie A. Jack I Meryle Dillinger Jean Mar y Floyd Mary Frances Freeman F.tlwin Morri GalewsJcy Evelyn Ruth Garrett Robert VChite Gam Ed in Arthur Godwin Luetta Graham Arthur Gerrish Green Wendell Edwin Hall Marjorie Ann Hunter Roy Lee Keller Bert Jarvis Knight Charles Woolsey Lacy Marjorie Anna Langdon Jo Ellen Lewis Billy Jack Law Lorna Lillian Lucas James Edward Makin- Lawrence Claude Muller William Stanley Mullin Dorothy Belle Newman Annie Maurine Pederson Derwood Leard Pereto Pat Talmage Peyton Syliil Claren e Pondrom Mildred Portia Powell Marilyn Ramsey Joe Simpson Reed Frank Blair Re- Helen Ruth Reid Dorothy Lou Rupert Jef Chaison Russell. Jr. Louise Marie Sagstetter Myron Paul Schreiber Robert Hitchcock Sharpies Marjorie Shepherd Marvin Glenn Sheppard Sam Manford Sledge James W illiam Smith Richard Sidney Smith Elizabeth Ann SpofTord Naomi Celeste Stanley- Mary irginia Stone Joseph Garth Swanson Rupert Edward Theohalt James Dempsey Thompson Marilyn yne Tillery Billie Bert Trotti Ruth Ann Walker Homer La Velle Walle- Thomas Edgar W hite Joseph Charles Whitneld Annie Mae Wolfean Freda Kathem Wolfean THE SOUTHEAST TEXAS CLUB was founded in 1937 from a combination of the Beaumont Club and the Port Arthur Club. The club is sponsoring a scholarship covering the registration fees to a graduate of the Lamar Junior College of Beaumont Two dances are given, one of which ts an Easter Dance at Beaumont. JOE SIMPSON REED r S P H I N X Front row: JACKSON, WISDOM, PFLUGER, GONZALEZ, SCHUTTS, CRUME, DELCADO-VEGA, STIKMAN. Second row: HARRIS, WILLIAMS, SHORT, NEER, PROBST, WILDE, WALKER, GARRISON, RICE. OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary-Treasurer Sergeant-al-arms . JACK ARTHUR SCHUTTS CASPER SAMUEL NEER MIMS JEMISON JACKSON, JR. CLIFFORD KII.BORN WILLIAMS MEMBERS Phillip Kearney Buskirk Herbert Grume, Jr. Vicenta Delgado-Vega Josh Ewing John Fleming Garrison Jorge Reyna Gonzalez Mims Jemison Jackson, Jr. Casper Samuel Neer Edwin John Pfluger Victor G. Probst Orville Owen Rice Jack Arthur Schutts William Edward Short Ralph Lee Stirman James Earl Walker Walter Ernest Wilde Clifford Kilborn Williams Billy Jack Wisdom SPHINX, an organization for architecture students, was founded on this campus October 30, 1930. JACK ARTHUR SCHUTTS PACE 470 1 STEPHENS ALUMNAE CLUB Front rou: JACOBS. REMSEN, FOULK, KEITH, BASHARA, HOLLAND, DORCHESTER, P. SMITH. Srcond TO : HUMPHREYS. TITLEY, A. JONES. MEADOR, TARVER, MILLER. HORNEY. WOLFORD. Tkird rov: FLYNN. DILLON. TARLTON. THWEATT, CARBRECHT. RHODES. JARVIS. STUTSMAN, HARVICK. fourth rou: WILLIAMS, SELLERS, MEEK. TILLERY, PHILLIPS, SNODDY. TAYLOR. V. JONES, PALMER. President . I icr-President Secretary . Treasurer OFFICERS KATHERINE JANE RHODES ELIZABETH MINER LORRAINE STUTSMAN BONNIE JEAN TITLEY lementine Abney Marjorie Ailing Madye Jo Bailey .M ' lii- I nil Ba-hara Margaret Jane Broderson Lora Mary Butler KvfKn Kntli I otner Nanry Gene Groom hri-tine Hamilton Curley Nancy Jane Dillon Dorothy Dodds Elizabeth Miner DorcfaotCT Muriel Mae Flynn Mary Fallen Foulk jean Maroah Gantt Marjorie Garlirecht Mary Louise Harvirk irpinia Jo Holland Emma Clydie Homey Marjorie Holland Hum|ihrr - Garol Jacobs MEMBERS Julietta Jarvis Adelaide Jones Barbara Virginia Jones Irene Elizabeth Keith Nadyne Knight Maurine Hattie Levy Lucille Luckett Mildred Meek Meador Marian Meek Mary Beth Miller I.inia Virginia Mills Dorothy Jane Mohr Marilynne Alice Montague Francesca Morgan Florence Mae Oberg Ethel Ann Oglesby Martha Jane Palmer Kathryn Annette Phillip lii e Marie Reischman Sarah Hatter Remsen Helen Marie Repschleger Katherine Jane Rhodes Helen Bess Sellers Dorothy Marion Sitter Bettyejane Smith Pattie Gooch Smith Rachel Ann Snoddy Lorraine Stutsman Nina Dann Talley Terese Tarlton Martha Ann Tarver Betty Jane Taylor Viola Thomas Mary Virginia Thweatt Marilyn Vyne Tillery Bonnie Jean Titley Billie Bert Trotti Marian Crofton Tutt Marjorie Dale White Suzybelle Wilkinson Sarah Josephine Williams Florence Montgomery Wilson Frances Lee Wolford STEPHENS ALUMNAE CLUB, a new organization on the campus, was founded October 2, 1940, although it has had a national standing since 1834. Many more like organizations existing in -enior colleges and cities in the United States are coordinated by a National Alumnae Council. The club calendar consists of civic projects, picnics, and dinners. KATHERINE JANE RHODES 171 UNIVERSITY CZECH CLUB Front row: J. CHERVENKA, MICEK, E. BARINA, HERINC, HEJTMANCIK, SlILA. STEINOCHER, MUSIL. HAJEK, PETRUSEK, SKRIVANEK. Second row: R. HORAK. G. BARINA, HOLASEK, JARMA, NEUMAN, J. M. KOCUREK, HEJTMANEK, WALENTA, E. KOCUREK, C. KLECKA, OSOBA. Third row: HOLY. PIVONKA, D. HORAK, I. CIBULKA, B. CIBULKA, T. KULHANEK, SKRABANEK, KRENEK, MIKESKA, C. CHERVE.NKA. Fourth row. VLAHOVIC, PAZDERNY, A. KULHANEK, KOLOS, MAREK, VYCHOPEN, SLANINCER, RUTTA, HERZ, J. F. KOCUREK, TRLICA, M. KLECKA. OFFICERS President Parliamentarian . Secretary-Treasurer JOHNNY LEE CHERVENKA BENJAMIN JOHN PETRUSEK VIOLA KOLOS FACULTY MEMBERS Eduard Micek John Marion Skrivanek Jerry Douglas Barak Edna Barina Georgia Barina Willie Charles Batey Cecilia Laura Blazek William Edward Borowiak Mrs. Roland Carlson Elsie Bernadine Chalupnik Calvin Coolidge Chervenka Johnny Lee Chervenka Carmen Barbara Cibulka lam Cibulka Mrs. Hallie L. Cooper Lydia Elizabeth Fojtik Lillie Mae Habarta Mildred Leona Hajek Grace Alicia Hejtmancik Frank Henry Hejtmane Ann Frances Hering Henry Herz Doris Mae Holasek Martha Frances Holy Arnost Arnold Horak Dorothy Katherine Horak Ruth Margaret Horak MEMBERS Anna Frances Hornak Rudy J. Horsak, Jr. Marie Louise Jane Pauline Antonia Jarma Fred Jurecka H. J. Kamas Charles William Klecka Miro Ezidor Klecka Elenora Kocurek Jodie Frank Kocurek Josephine Milady Kocurek Viola Kolos Vict or Louis Krejci Evelyn Krenek Adelene Mary Kulhanek Theo Emmery Kulhanek Bessie Venus Marek Jean Maretka Gladys Emilie Mikeska Esther Libby Miksovsky Lucille Augustine Morris Annette Musil Rosie Neuman Margaret Helen Osoba Leona Ruth Pazderny Leon Louis Peter Benjamin John Petrusek Irine Margaret Petter Vlasta Alice Pivonka Frank Theodore Polasek Fred Louis Ripple James Milton Rutta Evelyn Pearl Schovajsa Doris May Sefcik John Warren Skrabanek Julius Arnold Skrivanek Ernest William Slaninger Mary Katherine Steinocher Charles Joe Strnadel Helen Sula E. J. Svrcek Raymond Harry Trlica John Roman Vacek Betty Mae Van Cura Joe Arnold Vitek Dorothy Vlahovic Charlie Louis Vychopen Dorothy Jean Walenta Jerome James Wiesner Daniel Zett THE UNIVERSITY CZECH CLUB was founded on the campus October 29, 1909, as a purely social organization. Its activities have consisted of open houses, formal dances, and informal picnics. JOHNNY LEE CHERVENKA PACE 472 U. of T. PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION Front row: GARCIA. LAMBERT. TANKERSLEY. Second row: KAY, PETTY, LYNDE, HART. OFFICERS President CYRUS HILL LAMBERT Vice-President LAWRENCE WAYNE HART Secretary FRANCES IRENE TANKERSLEY Treasurer ALICIA GARCIA 1 ' itrliamentarian CLYDE ELKINS KAY Sergeant-at-arms MARVEN WESLEY PETTY, JR. Intramural Manager PAUL KENZIE LYNDE FACULTY MEMBERS William Francis Gidley Louis William Schleuse illiam Rust Neville. Jr Carl Clarence Albers John Richard Stockton THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS PHARM M Kl TICAL ASSOCIATION was founded on this campus in January, 1929. The association holds informal dances, picnics, and banquets. CYRUS HII.I. LAMBERT PACE 473 W. I. C A. Front rom: CHASTAIN, OTT, OEHLKR, WALKER, HORAK. Second row: WHARTON 1 , BOOTH, SWANSON, HALTOM, COHN, GIBSON. OFFICERS LAURA ALMA OKHLER PACE 474 President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Publicity Manager Faculty Sponsor . LAURA ALMA OEHLER SIGNE MARIE SWANSON SUE URSULA BRANDT DOROTHY KATHERINE HORAK ELIZABETH AUSTIN WHARTON DOROTHY LOUISE GEBAUER COUNCIL MEMBERS Betty Holmes Booth Oletta Myrle Chastain JoLeigh Cohn Lucy Ellen Gibson Silva Dee Haltom Jean Marie Ott Elizabeth Louise Walker WOMEN ' S INDEPENDENT CAMPUS ASSOCIATION, the first organization for independent women on this campus, was organized in the spring of 1941. The membership this year included 450 students. Included on its calendar are a backward dance, a football dance, and a spring formal as well as informal mixers and receptions. WEST TEXAS CLUB fraa , nc: BOEHME. CARTER. HECHT. M. LEVMONS. Dl ' DLEY. RAMSEY. DODSOV Second rmc: REICH. STRAUSS. R. LEMMONS. ROBERTSON, NLNNALLY, PERKINS, BANDEEN. MEADOWS. OFFICERS President I ice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sergeant-at-arms Sponsor MAURICE AARON LEMMONS MARGARET FAY SMITH HELEN GENEVIEVE RAMSEY TEXAS JOY CARTER EDMUND LEE Ni NNALLY EDWARD MANTON REYNOLDS, JR. JOHN A. McCuRDY Kathleen Jean Armor Elizatieth Gene Austin ! ' ..-- Baggett Charles Alexander Bandeen Muriel Ruth Berg F.Uif Marie Boehme Helen Campbell Bennie Jarque Carpenter Texa- Jn (barter Rettie Lou Coates Ira Leigh Cohen, Lillian Kathleen Crosby MaeEllieDati- Marparet Dewey Will Beth Dodson Montez Adelle Downey Jim Dudley James UVl t r Elliott Florence Louise Fannin MEMBERS Howard A. Gibson William Elmer Gibson. Jr. Dorothy Gillis Charles Rufus Graham Mary Wyley Grisham Man- Ellen Hamilton Jo Wilmelh Hardgrave Mary Louise Harvirk Katherine Brown-on Harvill Har ey L. Hays. Jr. Edna Dorothy Hecht Mary Hedrick Maurice Aaron Lemmons Rol ert Danial Lemmon- Bftty Janr M Kenzie Wa lf Hampton Meadow . Jr. Dorothy Sue Mil Charles Devlin Moffat Edmund I e Nunnally James Amstater Oppenheimer Margaretta Perkin Nolen Louis Potter Helen Genevieve Ram y Maurice L. Reich Helen Winona Reid Edward Manton Reynolds, Jr. William Ben Robertson Margaret Fay Smith Jo Ann Stewart Theodore Henry Strauss Anne Templeton Ruth Jeanne Trimble Martha Jane Tubb Margaret Elizabeth Wall Robert Edward Walter Billy Jo West Thomas Weaver Williams Ralph W. Wilson THE XEST TEXAS CLUB is composed of students from towns in West Texas. It i a purely social organization. Its actnitirs of the year include a float at Round-Up, a booth at the Var-ity Carnival, participation in the all-University Rodeo, picnics and a formal. MAl ' RICE AAKON l.f V PA 475 CAPT. HENRY WHITWELL UNDERWOOD NAVAL R.D.T.C While the Naval R.O.T.C. is relatively new to The University of Texas, Texans are not new to the Navy. In the past few years three Commanders-in-Chief of the U. S. Fleet have been Texans. At present six Texans are flag Officers. Texas leads all other states in Naval enlistments. Because Texans have already contributed to the Navy out of all proportion to their population, and because of the large predominance of male students not engaged in other military training at The University of Texas, the Navy Department established the N. R.O.T.C. Unit at the University in September, 1940. The Unit adds approximately 100 men to its membership each year and in 1944 will reach its maximum enrollment of around 350. Less than half the applicants pass the physical and mental requirements for enrollment. John Paul Jones observed that " It is by no means enough that an officer in the Navy should be a capable mariner ... He should be as well a gentleman of liberal education, refined manners, punctilious courtesy, and the nicest sense of personal honor. " The Naval R.O.T.C. trains its cadets not only to be navigators and gunnery officers, but men of character and leadership as well. A graduate of the Naval R.O.T.C. may be commissioned not only in the Naval Reserve, but as Ensign in the regular Navy or in the Supply Corps of the regular Navy, as Ensign in Naval Aviation Training, as a permanent officer in the Marine Corps, or during the course may be appointed to the Naval Academy through competitive examination. FIRST PLATOON, FIRST COMPANY First rank: DON PRICE, R. G. PETER, J. E. LOVELESS, J. B. BATCHELOR, D. C. SANDERS, F. L. DOVER, S. D. COOLEY, A. M. DERRICK, JR., J. F. PARKER, C. L. BOKGKSON, W. A. BURNS. Second rank: E. E. COOK, W. M. RAPP, C. A. STACEY, K. H. LYONS, J. E. TOPPINS, R. L. UNDERWOOD, C. B. BUFORD, J. H. GARNER. Third rank: A. R. THOMAS, J. O. McCALDIN, D. KOLP, E. D. BERNHARD, J. W. KNOX, L. E. HOLBHOOK, O. SCHLEYER. Fourth rank: C. B. SMITH. J. A. WH1TLEY, B. R. HATLEY, M. E. CROSS, B. M. BRITAIN, T. H. FELKER, H. W. JOHNSTON, H. B. RULE. PACE 476 1 NAVAL fl.O.T.C. The four- ear course consists of three lecture hours per week plus three lab hours per week, including infantry drill, a general lecture, and practical work in seaman- ship or navigation. In the basic course of the first two years the student studies naval history, ordnance and gunnery, seamanship, communications and navigation: and learns how to bore sight a gun. how to receive Morse code, who said " Don ' t give up the ship. " and what a line of position is. In the advanced course of the last two years tlit- -tmlt-nt i exempt from Arm service, receives subsistence pay. and studies naval engineering and administration, electricity, navy regulations, naval aviation, and tactics. All members of the basic course who volunteer to join the Y-l class of the Naval Reserve will be assigned to inactive duty at The University of Texas and will thereby become exempt from the draft. An important agent in the building of tradition, solidarity, and spirit is the Naval Club. Its program includes an annual Naval Ball, picnics, smokers, and in it.- meet ins:- motion pictures about the fleet, etc.. are shown. The club officers are: [irr-ident. Clifton Mitchell: vice-president. Jack Tipton: secretary. Jimmy Allison: .rer. Tom Bradshaw: Hop Committee chairman. Don Price. Other important activities are the Rifle Team, coached by Lieut. Martin, with Tom Bradshaw as captain: the ' Spun Yarn. " the Unit magazine edited by Bill Rapp: the Intramural Team, managed by H. F. Williams: the Naval Academy Prep Class, taught by Lieut. Knowles. and the Wardroom, where the Cadets are urged to read the naval publications of the library and swap yarns. The highest award of the year, the Unit Cup. awarded to the member who contributes most to the Unit, was presented to Rom Rhome. The runners-up. who received letters of commendation, were Robert Stevenson. Clifton Mitchell, and Don Price. The Board of Regents have allocated $25.000 for a Naval R.O.T.C. building. LIEtT. COMDR. V. I. FRIEDELL SECOND PLATOON. FIRST COMPANY tua : M. l_ MrCEE. W. T. BRUH V K. BERGSTROM. B. WILSON. I.. . FILBRICHT. O. GI.NDLER. A. M. TIBBS. L. E. LOVELESS. A. O. SI HERMAN. F. C. TOR- MOL1 V i. V MrM.LI-TER. SroW raUt: .. I.4NIIRI M. U. E. (,MN. T. E. M LH 4NEK. R. P. RUSSELL. . K. GRICE. E. DETTERLY. W. . TK |N. Tkir rmmk: J. D. COULD. D. E. CILLF.SPIE. B. K. TINNELL. A. L. Gl II ERA. t. . STfRDIVANT. T. L. JONES. E. C. PRETZ. .- R. E. BIRNETT. F. PARRISH. I_ C. CIUJAM. J. W. Mr KNIGHT. W. L f IK E. . A. VOINCBLOOD. J. R. DOOLE. Pci 477 NAVAL R.D.T.C I.IKI 1. COMDK. ItnllF.KT F. MARTIN Battalion NAVAL R.O.T.C. STAFF Front row: LIEUT. COMDK. K. J. STEVEN- SON, JR. Second row: LIEUT. A. M. WOLFORD, LIEUT. ' (JG) R. D. ANDERSON. Third row: LIEUT. (JC) C. F. HEVE, ENS|i; J. E. ALLISON, BATTALION C.P. O. J. R. TIPTON. FIRST PLATOON, SECOND COMPANY Fir,l rank: J. W. COWAN, P. B. HORTON. C. E. NORED, E. J. PETMECKY, C. D. BAIKD, J. D. BASKIN, B. F. CARROLL, F. W. BELLOWS, R. A. SMITH, H. P. WILLIAMS, ROM RHOME. Second rank: C. A. SCHUTZE, T. M. LEMON, J. L. KENT, J. N. MALONE, J. T. WEISS. S. G. ALLEN, M. R. SCHOLL, C. L. LICHTE. Third rank: M. O. ROE, V. M. RAUBER, K. M. CARGILL, A. B. HANNAY, S. A. SHARP, G. R. WILI.IFORD, C. L. MOORE. Fourth rank: W. T. BARNHOUSE, W. M. SUTTON, W. KITTRELL, J. E. BOURDEAU, O. M. COLE, M. L. STROUD, F. E ERASER. PACE 478 NAVAL H.D.T.C VAL R.O.T.C. COLOR GUARD .-,. rifki: K. B. TATE. C. K. Ml TCHELL. w. w. M. GINNIS. H. T. CHIL ICIN. SECOND PLATOON. SECOND COMPANY Fir.1 .- ' B |J - r |j- 1) N - M KTIN. S. EASTLAND. C. W. SETTLES. W. W. SCt ' KLOCK. R. E. FUCE. C. R. GRAHAM. J. R. MILLIKI.N. M. J. KERRICK. JR.. II. I. WILLIAMS. tmtl K. S. KltMI Ml- ( I sjuMIKN-. ( K. I ' l.HKONK. I). L. BISSETT. G. T. C HARI.TON. F. J. SCAMO. C. F. STEIM-. ' .I K. Thud rank: T. K. (MM). J. . HUM s. K li. IKttlN. C. J. ARNOLD, f,. EI.IZOMH). J. C. CAIN. W. M. BIDDISOV t.,u,,h ,,,nk: N. M. v ini|. f. K H. UKER. J. I.. HEMMIV.MiN. J. (.. Ml NTER. K. P. BENNETT. M. P. COOK. K. W. SIMMONS. H. C. STODDARD. 179 NAVAL H.D.T.C CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS Front row: E. E. CARL. B. CAHV Second row: F. MOULIS, L. M. PARKER. A. J. TAYLOR. NAVAL R. 0. T. C. DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS front rmi: R. C. NOKKIS. II. E. SELKE. B. L. TIMMONS, E. S. HASTINGS. M. I. PALMER. B. W. DENNY. (). i;. PATE. S. C. Second row. 1. F. BKOWDER, W. J. NICKELS, H. S. JEFFERSON. F. KOEMNCER. C. BIEDERSTADT, N. D. FLADOS. Third row: D. S. CALDWELL, B. S. FLEMING, W. H. CLOWARD, A. D. WILI.BERN, R. E. SCHNEIDER, W. R. VAN DER VEER. Fourth row: E. B. JOHNSON. C. B. CRAVES. PACE 480 _. MEXICAN LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS President I i -f-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor . LEONORE ANN KELLERSBERGER MARY ELOISE BULL CONSLELO T. RAYMOND ELISA CASTANEDA VILLARREAL LILLIAN WESTER Martin Elmer Erickson FACULTY MEMBERS Margaret Kenney Kress MEMBERS Julio Ernesto Amado Matilde Elena Amado May Isabel Amado Beatriz Antillon Theodore Apstein Rodriguez Boa Mary Eloise Bull Hector Miguel Calderon Joaquin Basilio Diaz Edwin Maurice Libbin Taide Lopez-Lira Virginia Lopez-Lira Miguel Angel Navar Jose Miguel Nolla James C. Parish. Jr. Consuelo T. Raymond Pablo Roca Beatrice Noble Stenberg Frances Hall England Luis Feder ernon M. French Alicia Garcia Luis E. Gamez Manuel Adolfo Gondra Robert Niell Jone- Leonore Ann Kellersberger Guadalupe Uriegas Alfredo Guardia Vasquez Obdulia Vasquez Mary Ann Lambe Velasco Raoul Terres Velasco Elisa Castaneda Villarreal Frances Pauline Volentine Delia Aurora Yznaga THr. MEXICAN I.I FKU IJ SOCIETY ' was founded on this campus primarily as a social organization to foster the friendship of the Mexican students at the University. Picz 431 1 Statue and architecture tell of Spanish influence in the early days of the Americas. MEYER BODANSKY ica. tion To MEYER BODANSKY, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., M.D. Director of John Sealy Laboratories 1930-1941 FACULTY JOHN W. SPIES, B.A., M.S., M.D. Dean, School of Medicine, Professor of Public Health and Preventive Medicine JARRETT E. WILLIAMS, B.S., M.D. Associate Dean, School of Medicine, Supt. of John Sealy Hospital PAUL BRINDLEY, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.P. Professor of Pathology W. R. COOKE, B.A., M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics DONALD DUNCAN, B.A., M.D., Ph.D. Professor of Anatomy RAYMOND GREGORY, M.D. Professor of Pharmacology T. H. HARRIS, B.A., M.D., F.A.C.P. Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry BYRON M. HENDRIX, B.S., Ph.D. Professor of Biological Chemistry GEORGE HERRMANN, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., M.D. F.A.C.P., Professor of Medicine JESSE B. JOHNSON, M.D. Associate Professor of Radiology SETH M. MORRIS, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Ophthalmology E. L. PORTER, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Physiology EDWARD RANDALL, JR., B.A., M.D. Professor of Therapeutics W. BOYD READING, M.D., F.A.C.P. Professor of Pediatrics H. REID ROBINSON, Ph.G., M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology J. M. ROBISON. M.D. Professor of Otology and Laryngology W. B. SHARP. B.A., M.S.. Ph.D., M.D. Professor of Bacteriology J. G. SINCLAIR, B.S., M.S., Ph D. Professor of Embryology and Histology A. O. SINGLETON, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Surgery W. F. SPILLER, M.D. Professor of Dermatology and Syphilology C. T. STONE, B.A., M.D., F.A.C.P. Professor of Medicine C. S. SYKES, B.S., M.D. Professor of Ophthalmology MRS. ANYCE WALLACE, R.N. Acting Director of College of Nursing Top row: SPIES. WILLIAMS. COOKE. DUNCAN, GREGORY, HENDRIX. Second row: HERRMANN, JOHNSON, PORTER, ROBINSON, SHARP, SINCLAIR. Bottom row: SIftCLETON, RANDALL, STONE, SPIU.EH, WALLACE, BRINDLEY. PACE 484 ALPHA DMEGA ALPHA Honorary Medical Fraternity OFFICERS Counselor . President . I ice-President . Secretary- Trea su rer A. O. SINGLETON. M.D. JARRETT E. WILLIAMS. M.I). F. J. L. BLASINGAME, M.D. VIRGINIA BLOCKER. M.D. Roy Howard Baskins. Jr. James Hamilton Benton George Berry Edgar Ezell Louis Carl Floyd Alfred Searcv Frobese CLASS OF 1942 Joe Golenternek Leonard Johnson Jack McGregor Lynn Joe McNeil I Forrest Onnan Hugh Reveley Randolph Schaffer Jack Upshaw James Neal Walker James Kenneth Wiggins Thomas Wilten Joe Donaldson William F. McLean CLASS OF 1943 Abraham Polachek Margaret Webb Bette Youns T.G.BIocker. Jr.. Paul Brindley. M.D. WillardR.Cooke,M.D. Dolph Curh. M.I). George M. Decherd. Jr.. M.D. John J. Delaney. M.D. Delmar Card. M.I). FACLLTV MEMBERS Raymond Gregory. M.D. Marvin Lee Graves. M.D. Letter Karotkin. M.D. Mary Maxfield. M.D. Robert M. Moore. M.I). Seth Morris. M.D. Edward Randal I. M.D. Boyd Reading. M.D. Edward H. Schwab. M.I). A. O. Singleton, M.D. S. R. Snodgrass. M.D. C. T. Stone. M.D. Jarrett E. Williams. M.D. SENIORS BAKER, SIDNEY F., B.A., M.A., M.D., Tyler Osleon, 4 X BASKIN, ROY HOWARD, JR., B.A., M.D., Cameron BII, BK, AEA, ABA, HS BEACH, G. PAUL, B.A., M.D., San Antonio AKK, XX BELL, JAMES A., B.S., M.D., El Paso BELLNOSKI, WILLIAM O., B.A., M.D., Willis NZN BENTON, JAMES H., B.A., M.D., San Angelo Mill, AfiA BERRY, GEORGE W., B.A., M.D., Lamesa BII, AEA, ABA BOICE, EDWARD HENRY, B.A., M.D., Houston x BROWNE, CHARLES F, B.A., M.D., Lubbock BUSSEY, FRANK R., B.A., M.D., Galveston x CARRINGTON, DEWITT CAMERON, JR., B.A., M.D., Marquez P2, AEA CARRUTHERS, FRANK SPENCER, M.D., Commerce CHALMERS, PRESLEY H., B.A., M.D., Houston CLAWATER, EARL WILLIAM, JR., B.A., M.D., Tyler Osteon, P2, KA COLTHARP, RALPH W., B.A., M.D.. Turnersville 6K CONNOR, MARVIN M., M.D., Cumby 4 BR COVENTRY, WILLIAM VADEN, B.A., M.D., Dimmit X CRADDOCK, WALLIS L., B.A., M.A., M.D., Austin CRAIN, ALAN R., M.D., Washington, D. C. X, KA CREEL, JANE NASH, B.A., M.D., Dallas AEI DAVENPORT, EMORY, B.A., M.D., Fort Worth ENTZMINGER, LINDELL BAKER, B.A., M.D., Dayton AKK EZELL, EDGAR, M.D., Beaumont 6K FISH. JOHN HENRY, B.A., M.D., Paducah PACF. 486 - V ! J - AlWT SENIORS FISHER. W. C., Ill, B.A., M.D., Galveslon (l.lron. + ! ' . +IM FOX, JACK FRANCIS. B.A.. M.D., Childres Mrua. AKK. 1AK FROBESE. ALFRED S.. B.A., M.D., Austin 0,t. AKK. ATA. +BK. AKA. ACA. +H1 (.1 SS. WALTER Oura. +BH JR. B.S.. MJX, Port Arthur GOLENTERNEK. JOE. B.S.. M.S., M.D., Tylrr AK. AUA COOLSBY, CARL B., B.A., M.D., Crockett HALL, CLIFFORD RAGLAND. B.A.. M.D.. Fort Worth AKK HARGROVE, CAREY J.. B.A.. M.D., Houston +BH. IX HEYE. RANDALL G.. B.A., M.D., Galveston +P1. IIKA HOLLOMON. J. J-. JR.. B.A.. M.D.. Wylie 8K+. +BK. AEA. AXE. +H1 INNIS. E. RENSHAW, B.A.. M.D., Decatur +X JOHNSON, LEONARD BENSON, B.A., M.D Houston AKK. ACA KEITH. FRANK R.. B.A.. M.D., Port Arthur CMron. BII. +I ' A LA LONDE. ALBERT A., B.A.. M.D Austin +x LANGE. CHARLES B.A.. M.D.. Galveston OK LANCASTER, YORK, B.A.. M.D., Houston X LALGHLIN. J. MILTON. B.A.. M.D., West Columbia 0B LEGETT, GEORGIA FELTER. B.A M.D Austin AEI. +BK. TAA. I1II. AAA LINEN ;OOD, GERALD S.. B.A.. M.D.. Bay City 6K+ LYNN, JACK MCGREGOR. B.A.. M.D., AKK. AQA McBRIDE, JAMES O ' NEILL, B.A., M.D Fort Worth McCORMICK, CHARLES, B.A M.D., Au-tin +x MiMILLIN. RUSH. B.A.. M.D.. Portland - HI. +BH |. NEILL, JOE P +X. A ' JA M.D Amarillo r, . - SENIORS McSWEEN, M. JAY, B.A., M.D., Austin PI. S E MACHLES, FANNIE, B.A., M.D., Galveston AEI, TiA MANHOFF, CHARLES, B.A., M.D., San Antonio AKK MARSH. GEORGE BONNER, JR.. B.A., M.D., Austin PS. AKA MARSHALL, HOWARD J. H., B.A., M.D., El Paso N ' SJj MATLAGE, W. T., JR., B.A., M.D., Sugarland AKK MELCHER, TRUMAN 0., B.A., M.D., Houston MIDDLEBROOK, FRANCIS M., B.A., M.D., Whitney OK MORROW, WALTER GRADY, JR., B.A., M.D., Brady Ostcon. t BTI MULLOY, MARY, B.A., M.D., Stephenville AEI NASH, CHARLES HENRY, JR., B.A., M.D., Amarillo 8K ORMAN, FORREST CLARENCE, B.A., M.D., Houston 9K+, ADA OXFORD, MARVIN BRADFIELD, B.A., M.D., Floresville CMeon, AKK PALM, REBA DELPHINE, B.A., M.D., Austin AEI PARKER, CHARLES A., B.A., M.D., Galveston PEYTON, ALTON B., B.A., M.D., Santa Anna XIX PHILLIPS, FRANCES, M.D., Galveston AEI PRIETO, PHILLIP M., B.A., M.D., El Paso RABINOWITZ, GEORGE E., B.S., M.D., San Antonio AE REAVES, DOROTHY PONICE, B.A., M.D., Lubbock AEI RESSMAN, ARTHUR C., B.A., M.D. " , San Antonio AKK, AEA SENIORS RFAELEY, HUGH PRICE, B.A., M.D., San Antonio XIX. HK. ABA RICHARDSON. 0. .1.. H. V. M.D.. Allison XIX RUMBLE. CHARLES I.. B.A., M.D., Galveston AKK s DERS. .1 A( K MRGIL. B.A.. M.I).. Bit: Spring +BII SANFORD, E. B., M.D., Port Arthur OKI- SCHAFFER, RANDOLPH U B.A., M.D., Rosenberg AK. .v.. ' A SHEITERI). R. R.. B.A., M.D., Lil,erty Hill t-BII SITTA. RAYMOND, B.A., M.I)., Rosenberg SLATAPER, EUGENE LEE, JR., B.A., M.D., Houston 6K+ SNYDER, HAL, B.A., M.D., Fort Worth XXX SNYDER, NED, JR., B.A., M.D., Brownwood AKK. PA SPENCER, FRED DAVIS, JR., B.A.. M.D, Temple IP.,..,n. +X sPKNCER, NAT R., B.A., M.D., Bethesda. Md. frX, Trnnpj- ' .re Ararlcmy of Science, Wm. Beaumont Medical So -i l THOMAS, FRED P., B.S., M.D., Greenville UPSHAW, JACK, B.A., M.D., San Antonio +BI1. AKA. A ' .. ' WALKER, JACK L., B.A., M.D., Mart WALLACE, JOHN L., JR., B.A., M.I).. Fort Worth Onlron. t X WALLIS, MAC, B.A., M.D., Houston AKK WERTHKIMKR, HASKELL L., B.A., M.D., Houston +AK WIGGINS, JAMES KENNETH, B.A., M.I).. M.mclay XIX. ABA II.HITE. HILTON RAY, B.A., M.I).. Hillsboro OK WITT, MARY ELIX.ABETH. B.A.. M.I)., ' IVxarkana AKI. TAA Pv GRADUATE NURSES AGNEW, KATHERINE JANE, G. N. Abilene AUSTIN, LORRAINE, G. N. Lake Charles, La. BELL, ARDITH, G. N. Iowa Park BOYD, JENNIE, G.N. Woodville BRANDES, VERLA, G.N. East Bernard BRENAN, LOUISE, G.N. BROWNE, SADIE, G.N. Santa Fe, N. Mex. CASKEY, LOUISE, G.N. San Antonio CLARK, GRACE, G.N. San Angel o COOPER, DORIS, G.N. Henderson COX, AGNES, G.N. COX, GLENNEL, G.N. Elkhart DIAL, VANITA, G.N. Bryan EILAND, LA VERNE, G.N. Munday EIMANN, ROSALEE, G.N. Brenham EVANS, LOUISE, G.N. Plainview FRAZIER, MARVIN, G.N. Carrizo Springs FRENCH, ELEANOR, G.N. Port Arthur FULLER, JEWEL, G.N. Texarkana GUESS, GRACE, G.N. Houston HANCOCK, BESSIE, G.N. Wapanucka, Okla. PAGE 490 GRADUATE NURSES HARDY, JOHN NIK. . Y HOFFMAN, LOUISE, ..Y HUNT. RUTH, G.Y L.bkorl JARRETT, MARGARET, G.N. Til KNOCHE, FLORINE, G.N. clubart KRLEGER, MODENA, G.N. LASCHE, OPEL, C.N Corpus Cfarili LEG AN, PATTY, C.Y LOONEY, KATHLEEN, G.N. DMMI MAULDIN. ELLEN, C.N. MEADOWS, CHRISTINE, G.N. MEYER, GWENDOLYN. G.N. Sao Anlooio MINTON, REVA, G.N. lortu MONK, ALPHA, C.N. MUSGROVE, MARJORIE, C.N. PonNeche. PALL, CLAIRE, G.N. Fiinklia. U. PERDUE. MARGARET, G.N. T.ko PERKINS, ELLA MAE, C.N. Hillntoi. H. PORTER, JEANNE, (.N Dik.ll R.ABSTEIN, S I.M . C.N. Tri-nlu . X. J . ROCQUE, ELEANOR, G.N. Pux tl GRADUATE NURSES ROSE, NADINE, G.N. Purrrll. Okla. ROSE, PAULINE, G.N. Plircrll. Okla. ROSSY, LUCILLE, G.N. Corpus ChrMi SANDERS, FRANCES, G.N. Angle ton SAWYER, MAR.IORIE, G.N. Pawriuska, Okla. SCHAEEFER, ROSA, G.N. Marian SCHWETHELM, ESSIE, G.N. San Antonio SCIFRES, GWENDOLYN, G.N. Rflfs Bluff, Ark. SPEARS, ROSE MARY, G.N. Houston SPECK, MARY ELLEN, G.N. Houston STURGES, ESTHER, G.N. Center Point STURM, MABEL, G.N. Arcadia TAKANO, NELLIE, G.N. Hawaii, T. H. TEW, GERTRUDE, G.N. Alta I.oma TOLAR, LUELLA, G.N. Ennts WALZ, LUELLA, G.N. San Antonio WESTBROOK, MARY, G.N. Bal linger WHISENHUNT, NELLIE, G.N. El Paso WITTE, VIOLET, G.N. Faycltevilio WRIGHT, MARY VIRGINIA, G.N. PACE 492 SEALY NURSES Juniors Irene An do Rosemary A Helen Brown Evelyn Ruzzo Elaine ( annmi Laura Carpenter Jessie Chisholm Jane Cleveland ics Cole Julia Cox Lillie B. Darnell Johnnie Dye Helen Fisher CUee Floyd Gloria Garcia Helen C-rasso Betty Jean Grayheal Kathrvn Green Shirley Gudmanson Lillian Marvin Elizabeth Humble irtiiriia Jarratt Elizabeth Kirby Olg, ' Iclland Wan.-ta Meadnw- Fay V lire Mermayer Emily Rocque kathryn Schilling Marparet Sloniker Dora Templeton Dorothy c isser Dorothy Wilcoxen Katherine Williams Evelyn Williamon lone Woodall Madge niinp f ' rrclinicals Jean Anderson Myne Bailey- Anna Belle Barm-- Yelma M. Bea-le Flora Blackburn F ' aye Sojihia Bohls Dorothy Bowman Harriett Jane Bratton ihv Dimples Brundape iola Rae Carter Jo Lene C.hernik Mildred Cok Gladys Coleman Roberta Collard Sarah Amelia Collins Bess Cox Helen Dye Wilma Helen Fishman Ellen Beatrice Franke Athelia Giippolz Juanita Harris Nellie Hauser Mary Elizabeth Hawthorn Dorothy Henke Evelyn Elene Hester May Allison Hilliard Alma Eve Hodde Elizabeth Hoffman Melanie Ince Marian kennerly Margaret Rose Kocurik lane Lacy ( !onnie Irene Lindley Lynna Lee Lockhart Dorothy Irene Luker Man T. Luton Ailene M-(ilauphert Man McClelland Marjorie Ann McGrath Buriiya Mae McHam Berta Etelle McKenzie Elizabeth Monp -r Ida Mae Nauschutz Doris Evelyn Neal Dorothy Jane Nichols Betty Lee Paschall oy Marie Pavy Josephine Barbara Peters Correne Marietta Samohyl Ruby Alma Schneider Mackie Elaine Smart Jimmie B. Sterling Patricia Ann Swinny W anda Terry- Dorothy Jane Thompson Rena L nper Laura Lee Whitaker Anita Williams Juanita Williams Mildred W r ilson Ollie Mae Wvnne I ' reclinicals ( FEBRUARY Cusst Dorothy Sue Bownds Vera Faye ( " aldwell Dorothy Carter Betty Joe Crowell Jeanne Freeland Frances Goericke Faye Hall Ida Mae Hudson Martha Jackson Patty King Jean Laverty Ann Love Marshall Shirley Monahan Louise Northrup Clifford Pearson Norma Eileen Rnsb Ethel Rose Gladys Marie Schneider Emma Ruth Stripling Pepgy Thomas Mary Dorothea Voigt Belle Wilson A ' ' SL Dr. Wynne. Oiley King, Fox. Snyder, Matlage, Virginia an d Bitsy get their Vitamin D . . . Arnett. Foye, Clarkson and Dorsey practice their aseptu technique . . . Dr. Levine on the sax; Innis reaching out for support . . . Nurses Bell and Tolar . . . Dr. Lawless dissects . . . Dr. Eggers operates on orthopedics morning . . . A.K.K. ' s at work in the " game room. ' ' POK 494 Buhha Cooley followed by Cartou. Ressman. and Rumble . . . Dr. Jenkins a. a male Lamour. Dr. Ainsworth comes " informal " . . . Marsh takes a history from a " pedi " patient . . . Halamicek waits for a bite . . . Lorraine AuMin goes for a ride . . . Kappa Psis and dates at a barbecue . . . " Dr. Applehead " lectures on osteology . . . Oxford catching. Cela a batting as the A.K.K.V win their fifth straight baseball championship . . . Hasskarl and Gilmore " -un-grinning " . . . Dr. Decherd and the sophomores . . . Intermission at the barn dance. Morrow boats a nice one . . . hy medicos flunk out in the summer quarter . . . " Wush " MoMillin and Hanna with the stogie . . . Pappy and Junior . . . Frobese " mugs " ; Bernard thinks (?) ... Phi Chi Don- aldson uses the telephone . . . T. Youens sleeps through a psycho lecture . . . Johnson studies path, slides . . . Sadie being amused . . . Coffman, Dickens. Pirkey, and Ponton at the " Greeks " . . . Edge and Kowdy . . . Dr. Spies speaks his piece. ALPHA EPSILON IOTA OFFICERS President GEORGIA FEI.TER LECETT lice-President FRANCINE JENSEN Corresponding Secretary CORINNE MONK Recording Secrdarv MMUORIE pERRELl. Treasurer KOSK COI.KVUN GEORGIA FELTER 1.ECETT Kuth Bain Nell White Barr Rose Coleman Jane ash Creel Sara Crockett Marjorie Ferrell Harriet Hegar Georgeanna Herrmann MEMBERS Francine Jensrn Maxine Jett Georgia Felter Legett Fannie Machles Corinne Monk Mary Mulloy Delphine Palm Jeanne Palmer Frances Phillips Ponice Reaves Margaret Webb Caroline K eltr r Mary Witt Bette Young ro,: BARK. VEBSTER. RF.%VF.S. HEC R. FERRELL. EBB. Ml LI.OY. ,: PALM. 1 ll Si. I. KEEL. HERRMANN. CROCKETT. MONK. J N |N B t ,m ro: PHILUPS. m ITT. LECETT. MACHLES. BAIN. (OLKMAN. JETT. ; . - ;- 1 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA OFFICERS ALFRED KKOBESE President Vice-President Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Historian Marshal Warden .... Chaplain ALFRED FROBESE BRADFIELD OXFORD PAUL BEACH WALTER HASSKARL HOLMAN TAYLOR CAREY KING Ross WHITTENBURG NED SNYDER RICHARD DE YOUNG James Barnard Don Battle Alvin Beyer Paul Beach Nick Bellegie George Bernard Berry Brazleton Gates Brelsford Denton Cooley Richard DeYoung George Dodd Lindell Entzminger Rohert Feamster Jack Fox Alfred Frohese Louis Girard Frank Hairston Clifford Hall MEMBERS Walter Hasskarl Dudley Jackson Leonard Johnson Carey King Lambert James Don Lewis Jack Lynn Charles Manhoff W. T. Matlage Robert O. Moers Lewis Moore Harvey Morris Tom Nash Paul Nemir Harold Northington Bradfield Oxford Arvel Ponton Arthur Ressman Nealie Ross Charles Rumble Marshall Searcy Y.C. Smith, Jr. Ned Snyder Horace Spence J. R. Spencer Stewart Tabb Holman Taylor Herman Wall Mac Wallis Ross Whittenburg James Whittington Harry Womack Joe Woodward Thomas Youens illis Youens v -f f " ' ' " w Top rote: Rumble, Entzminger, Oxford. Searcy, Bernard, Moers, ll.-i--k.-n I. Cooley, Smilh. Spcnce, Snydrr. Second row: Nemir. DC Young, Brazleton, Frobese, Matlage, Dodd, Taylor, W. Youens, Ponton, Ressman, Lynn. Third row: Woodward, Beach, Tabb, Wall, Hall, Johnson, Lewis, Battle, Beyer, Wallis, Barnard. Bottom rote: Brelsford, Ross, Womark, Worthington, Whittington, Moore, Manhoff, Jackson, Girard, Nash, Whittenburg. HTU SIGMA NU OFFICERS President . ire-President Secretary Historian . Treasurer . Custodian EMORY DAVENPORT HIGH REVELEY RODNEY ROGERS JOHN M. ELLIS BILL STEPHENS J. C. NEEI. EMORY DAVENPORT Martin H. Bartlett William (). Bellnoski (iordon Black l.rrny I allalian Charles Cox. Ir. Emory l)aren|K rl Joe Dominc] Don Duphan lack Ellis M. Kllis I . M. Flannary I.I. Kloyd John Halamirek MEMBERS L. C. Hanes Nick Hightower J. W. Hrissikopoulos Luther Hull George Hutrheson Stanley Ja n-- Howard Marshall Rol ert Mathis l.( . --rl George Petta Ben Peyton Hugh Reveley (). J. Richardson John Roan Rodney Rogers C,. M. Rnsso J.M. Shields Vardeman Shoultz Hal Snyder Bill Stephens Robert Syler Al Thaddeus Hardy Thompson Robert B. White Kenneth Wiggins Phil T. Williams Fred Wolma Top rote; Nrrl. Jark Klli-. Mar-hull. Davrnpnrt. Jaynr . Hutrh- on. Mull. Tha ' i ' lm-. tt ieein-. S r n ' rf " ! ; InyH. Ku.-o. Duphan. Hi ' hr.l-..n. Strphrn . Brllno-ki. Blark, Unlma. Bartlett. Thtf-t row : John KM in. Rn -r-, Koan. Hriik ' i|. .iilo , Flannary. Dominry, % hilr, Snylrr. Bottom rou : Mathi, Shirld . Rrvrlry, Pry ion, Hanr . Should. William-. Thompnon. PACC 499 RANDOLPH SCIIAFFKR ' PHI DELTA EPSILDN OFFICERS President . ice-President . Secretary RANDOLPH SCHAKKKK HASKEI.I. WEKTHKIMKK H KK-1 kxl ' LAN Treasurer GEORGE RABINOWIT MEMBERS Martell Benjamin Donald Brandt Milton Cohen Herman Eisen Joe Golenternek Enimett Heiligrnanii Harry Kaplan Moise Levy Ted Myers Jerry Newton George Rabinowitz Larry Keichel Eli Robinowitz Leonard Rosengarten Lionel Rothenberg Randolph Schaffer Haskell ertheimer Dan Vi undennan TB r m ff Top raw: LEVY, WUNDERMAN, BRANDT, SCHAFFER, 6OLENTER.NEK, ROBINOWIT7.. Second row: NEWTON, EISEN. ROTHENBERC, RABINOWITZ, REICHEI.. HEII.K; I NN Bottom row: COHEN. MYERS. ROSENCARTEN, WF.RTHEIMER, KAPLAN. P(.t VK) PHI HHD SIGMA OFFICERS President . ice- President Secretary . Steward Housemanaaer Historian . Rush Captain J V RANDALL H. HEYE WALTER S. PARKS E. IVAN BRUCE. JR. ROY H. KIRK PATRICK MARVIN SHERRILL JOHN WELTY . JAY HrSVEEN Lawrence Barnett Charles Bintliff Lynn Bernard J. Y. Bradfield E. Ivan Bruce. Jr. Cameron Carrington Earl Clawaler Graham Coffmann Billy Bob Di.-ken. Joe Eckhardt John W. Ellis Alfred Ellison Kmmrtt Kin Bill Fisher Edward Carber Jim Cleckler Jack Goolsby MKMHI - Milton Hejtnialcik Randall H. Here Gaza Janes Herbert Janszen Bennett Joinrr Joe K. Johnscn Charles Keuper Roy H. Kirk pitrick Dudley King James M. Lay Bill Lorimer George Marsh Jay McSween Leon Nowiershi Walter S. Parks Beverley Payne John Perry Dick Petitfils Will Pirkey Jack Pruitt David Pugh Ernest Robinson Jake Roden Marvin Sheirill Lex Burke Smith Jack Swafford T. U. Taylor. II Jack Walton John Welty John Whitten Billy Wilson I " - ' C f Top rar: V.i.h. CO|| T. Mr -n. Sbrrrill. Cofmux. Bnicf. Clrrklcr. loiorr. ltili Smilh. PrlitClt. , .: C.ri-t. m.ll . Kirkp.trirk. Ellii. Ju-.. Ke r. UT. Filter. Pi. PtT. Kb- r c: Erklurdi. Evte. Well;. Praitt. RJxrr. Pick. Dickm. Cltcr. Bt.dfi ld. : Larimer. BUllif. HrjIXK-ik. BinKtt. hill -. S..fotd. ilwa. Bctmud. P.ttv Hfc. J : ft ft Top ra : Jenkins, Campbell, Stringer, Sanders, Hyde, Boster, Neighbors, Phillips, J. Baskin, George, Bell. Second row: C. Hargrove, Barnhart, Purnell, Berry, Shindler, R. Baskin, Eden, Connor, Craddock, Creer, Stiernberg. Third row: Kauffman, Keith, Wilson, Beard, Johnson, Shurley, Upshaw, Anderson, Morrow, E. Hargrove, Dawsnn. fourth row: Cameron, James Walker, Reagan, Duflot, McMillin, Watkins, Jack Walker, Carruthers, Miller, Moorman. Fifth row: Gordon, Smyth, Bates, McLean, McKinney, Burdeaux, Smith, Jackson, R. Jones, Shepperd. Bottom tow: Rowe, Sprague, Keene, Glass, O ' Neal, Cilliam, Davis, Edge, Brown, Benton. MEMBERS Carter Anderson Joe Barnhart John Lane Baskin Roy Baskin Clary Bates Bruce Beard Jim Bell Jim Benton George Berry Ray Boster Dorliska Brown Billie Burdeaux Bruce Cameron Ralph Campbell Spencer Carruthers Marvin Connor Wallis Craddock Roy Davis Davids Dawson Leo Duflot George Eden John Edge Leland George Hilburn Gilliam Walter Glass Bill Gordon Sam Greer Carey Hargrove Eugene Hargrove Bob Hyde J. L. Jackson, III Edward Jenkins Jesse B. Johnson Edmund Jones R. V. Jones Adolph Kauffman E. L. Keene Frank Keith William McLean Jimmie McKinney Rush McMillin George Miller Warren Moorman Grady Morrow- Allan Neighbors Kermit O ' Neal Jack Phillips Guy W. Purnell John Reagan Ed Rowe Virgil Sanders R. R. Shepperd Tom Shindler Jay Shurley Frank Smith Olin Smyth Charlie Sprague Cam Stiernberg Charlie Stringer Thurman Talley Jack Upshaw Jack Walker James ! . Walker Dale Watkins Charlie Wilson PACE 502 PHI BETA PI OFFICEKS Archon Irchon Secretary Treasurer . . ' . Chaplain W orth Counselor .... Honored Guardian . GRADY MORROW FRANK KEITH R. R. SHEPPERD . . . R.V.JONES EDWARD JENKINS MARVIX CONNOR WALLIS CRADDOCK CRUIY MORROW Craddock leers at the Phi Beta ' s Barn Dance . . . Spike Davis and A. ). A. Pe2 Vebh at the Phi Beta Bowery party . . . Cilliam. Bell and others " sweat " the punch bowl at the Phi Beta Hawaiian party . . . Sanders. Nell Barr and the Shepperds at the Bowery party. I -. Top row: Arnold Brown, Garrett, Stampfli, Coventry, Jack Brown, May, McBride, Smith, Spencer, Stubblefield, Goodall. Second row: Mills, Betts, Mims, Cartall. Bain, Celaya. Neely, Wallace, Speegle, Allensworth, Lalonde. Third row: Boice, McCormick, Moyar, Hafer, Kopecky, Baker, Sitta, Atkinson, Nations, Leigh, McKay. Fourth row: Fish, Colby. Crain, Clarkson. Selmon, W. Roberts, Cantrell, Bussey, Harris, McNeill. Bottom row: Lancaster, Browne, Adkins, Brttis, Innis, Buie, Donaldson, Graham, Gardiner, T. Roberts. MEMBERS Charles Adkins John Allensworth George Atkinson George Bain Sidney Baker Moody Bettis Floyd Betts Ned Boice Arnold Brown Jack Ross Brown Charles Browne Neil Buie Frank Bussey William Cantrell Louis Cartall Albert Celaya William Clarkson Malcolm Colby Vaden Coventry Alan Crain Joe Donaldson John Henry Fish Henry Gardiner Edwin Garrett Edwin Goodall James Graham Bill Hafer Charles Harris Renshaw Innis Walter Jarvis 0. T. Kirksey Joe Kopecky Albert LaLonde York Lancaster Richard Leigh Cecil Mahaffey Henry May William Mills J. L. Mims, Jr. John Moyar James McBride Charles McCormick Vernon McKay Joe McNeill Arthur Nations Robert Neely Tom Ray Roberts W. D. Roberts Tony Selmon Elliott Sharp Raymond Sitta Rex A. Smith Jack Speegle Fred Spencer Frank Stampfli Robert Stubblefield John L. Thomas Wilson Wagner John Lee Wallace. Jr. PACE 504 PHI CHI OFFICERS I ' ri-sidinp Senior JOHN LEE WAI I. UK. JR. ' residing Junior ALBERT C EL Judfe AdfiH-atr TOM RAY ROBERTS Secretan EDWIN GARRETT Sentinel Fl.OYD BETTS Guide WILLIAM CANTREI.I. C.haptrr Editor HENRY GARDINER JOHN LEE m ' Ai.i.Art:. JK. Johnm Wallace tends the bar . . . Group in the Phi Chi living room before their dance . . . Dancers at the formal enjoy some vocalizing . . . Open Hou e Banquet. i i . - - 7op T-OU;; Wilhite, Green, Buie f Harris, Ezell, Childs, Stewart, Duff, Castle, Middlehrook, Anthony, Crawford, Second row : Livengood, Whilson, P rest ridge, Or man, Laughlin, Arnett, Granville, Alns worth, Rivas, Thornton. V;tt on. I.i-itt-j-lt ' , Smith. Third row: Wood, Long, Gott, Evans, Shepard, San ford, Melcher, Coltharp, Fill more, Skrivanek, Pokorny, Lancaster, Man tooth. Fourth row: Tenery, Grant, Gauntt, Daniell, Barker, J. Rape, Clarkson, Hollomon, Holloway, Lange, Butlt ' r, Wales, Chalmers. Fifth rnw: Smotherman, Nash, Arnold, W. White, Durham, R. White, Foye, Webb, Hanson, Hatchett, Martin. Adam-. Thomas. Bottom row: Fairchild, Brandt, Hunter, Jackson, Pennington, Fuqua, Calma, M. Rape, East, Merrill, Slat;i|icr, Lo n-y, Mills.. MEMBERS Dominick Adamo Bruce Ainsworth James Anthony Kenneth Arnett Thomas Arnold Paul Barker Otto Brandt James Buie Alan Butler Victor Calma Charles Castle Ira Clarkson Presley Chalmers Wesley Childs Ralph Coltharp Charles Coussons Ralph Crawford Charles Uaniell Frederich Dorsey Bedford Duff Mylie Durham Norman East Junius Evans Edgar Ezell Monroe Fairchild Rollin Fillmore Thomas Foye Cruse Fuqua W. C. Gauntt W. C. Gott Silas Grant David Green George Granville Hugh Hanson Homer Harris Capres Hatchett Kenneth Holloway J. J. Hollomon, Jr. Tom Hunter M. C. Jackson Lifford Lancaster Charles Lange Milton Laughlin Homer Leifeste Gerald Livengood Alhert Long Oliver Wendell Lowrey W. B. Mantooth Leon Martin Truman Melcher Sam Merrill Francis Middlehrook Morriss Mills Charles Nash Forrest Orman Thomas J. Pennington Alex D. Pokorny Barney Prestridge Joseph Rape Marvin Rape Alfonso Rivas E. B. Sanford Groom Shepard Erwin Skrivanek Eugene Slataper X illiam Smith Erwin Ray Smotherman James Alan Stewart John Tenery Fred Thomas t illiam Thornton Philip Wales Ralph Watson Jack Webb Roland White Weldon White Robert Whitson Hilton Wilhite Loyd X ood PACK 506 THETA KAPPA PSI OFFICERS ' retail . Vice-Pnlan . Rfcorder Bursar . Editor . Chaplain Councillor . T fin pit ' .- ( Herald . . . Si-ntint-l . MILTON LALGHI.IN MONROE FAIRCHIUI HOMER LEIFESTE LIFFORD LANCASTER FRED THOMAS PHILIP WALES KKNNKTH AHNETT THOMAS FOVE HIGH HANSON OTTO BRANDT MILTON LAI (.Ml IN Theta kappa Psi " basement " at their dance . . . Theta Kappa Psi brothers and dates talk during intermission . . . Defends himself against a kingfish at Heald . . . George Hamilton plays and Lange poses at tlie Kappa Psi dance. 1 507 BRADFIELD OXFORD Phi Beta Pi Frank Keith Walter Glass Rush McMillin Grady Morrow Eugene Hargrove Charlie Wilson Thurman Talley John Edge Allan Neighbors Tom Shindler Bob Hyde Jesse B. Johnson OSTEON OFFICERS President . Secretary-Treasurer BRADKIEI.D OXFORD WILLIAM MILLS Phi Chi Sidney Baker Wilson Wagner Walter Jarvis John Lee Wallace, Jr. Fred Spencer Louis Cartall Arnold Brown Richard Leigh Neil Buie Malcolm Colby William Mills Joe Kopecky William Clarkson Frank Stampfli MEMBERS Alpha Kappa Kappa Bradfield Oxford Alfred Frobese Jack Fox Harold Northington Walter Hasskarl Holman Taylor Berry Brazleton Ross Whittenburg Carey King Denton Cooley Paul Nemir Louis Girard Phi Rho Sigma Earl Clawater John Welty Rill Fisher T. U. Taylor, II Roy Kirkpatrick Lynn Bernard Bill Lorimer Will Pirkey Leon Nowierski Dudley King John Perry Graham Coffmann Top row: Hasskarl, Nemir, Shindler, Keith, King. Kirkpatrick, f.orimer, Fox, Wallace, Wagner. Second row: Northington, Mills, Edge, Buie, Colby, Neighbors, T. Taylor, Oxford, Jarvis, Third row: Coffmann, Spencer, Johnson, Perry, H. Taylor, Nowierski, Cooley, Clawater, McMillin. Bottom row: Hyde, Hargrove, Brazleton, Welty, Girard, Whittenburg, King, Frobese, Class. PACE 508 m i i i 46 YEARS OF CONTINUED SERVICE TO THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS Books - Stationery School Supplies UNIVERSITY CD-DP " Operated and Controlled by Faculty and Students " 2246 GUfiDALUPE STREET AUSTIN, TEXAS Leaders in ft otlem Lon6 for co-eds - for men CONGRESS flVENUE flT SIXTH AUSTIN r. i : n COMPLIMENTS OF 616 CONGRESS Austin ' s Leading Store for Men PUE 512 EIGHT CONVENIENT DRUG STORES IN flUSTIN One Located at 2324 Guadalupe Street (Across the Street from Texas Union) CLOTHING FURNISHINGS HATS SHOES THG AUSTin nATioriAL BARK of AUSTIN, TEXAS More than FIFTY YEARS OF FRIENDLY SERVICE Chartered May 9, 1890 Resources $20,000,000.00 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURflNCE CORPORATION U. S. GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY PACE 514 The Nation ' s need for speed demands trained men to build better equipment faster . . . trained men to use that equip- ment. L Our country looks to men such as you to help bring Democracy through a try- ing period and prepare the way for peace and happiness in the years to come. TIT OlSTIU. TEXAS Pact SIS WITH EVERY GOOD WISH FOR THE SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS OF ALL STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS The American national Bank Austin, Texas Organized 1890 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION PACI 516 Best Wishes HIRSH DRUG STORGS ON CAMPUS SINCE 1925 WHY NOT START SAVING In the Mutual now that your university work is finished? Our current rate on Savings is 37o and your account is insured up to $5,000 MUTUAL DEPOSIT LOAN CO. Resources over $2,500,000.00 905 CONGRESS AUSTIN, TEXflS Exclusive " HOME COOKING " On the Drag for 24 Years UJUKflSCH BROS. CflFG - AIR COOLED - 2002 Guadalupe Phone 6305 517 THG CAPITAL n ATIOI1AL BARK IN AUSTIN WALTER BREMOND, JR., President JNO. A. GRACY, Vice President WALTER BOHN, Vice President ED ONSTOT, Vice President LEO KUHN, Cashier JOE S. DUNLAP, Ass ' t Cashier W. C. KENNEDY, Ass ' t Cashier R. CARTER HOWELL, Ass ' t Cashier U. S. GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY MEMBER F.D.I.C. PACE 518 " There ' s Nothing Accidental About Quality " OUTSTANDING FOR ORIGINAL FOOD SPECIALTIES No. 1 336 So. Congress, Austin No. 2 20th and Guadalupe, Austin No. 3 Main Ave. Ashley, San Antonio Send Us Your MAIL ORDERS POT Books Supplies WE PAY POSTAGE AND SHIP SAME DAY ORDER IS RECEIVED TEXAS BOOK STORE Across from University 2244 GUflDflLUPE ST. Over 90,000 People were entertained at the Last Year P.ct 519 VICTORY Today... and cy -SO KI ! I tomorrow! Keep the Army of Dollars marching NOW against the enemy by buying War Savings Bonds and Stamps the surest way that everyone can help to win the war! You needn ' t be rich to do your part. War Bonds cost as little as $18.75, and War Stamps as little as lOc. find your money does double duty ... it helps win the war today and buys personal security for you in the years that lie ahead. m a Keep on BUYING II. S. WAR BONDS and STAMPS PACE 520 RmmBRS TO SPID SOLD BY BETTER STORES Compliments of John LAshe FORT WORTH, TEXAS ' One of the South ' s Finest Shops for Men " HARRY LEWIS ' Triple XXX Famous Foods at tL CIRCLE WACO PACX 521 TO A GREATER UNIVERSITY Compliments of JESSE H. JONES INTERESTS HOUSTON, TEXAS PACE 522 " MORE POWER TO YOU PARTNERS! " Our electric power on the ground helps to put your fighting power into the air. It ' s your job to keep ' em flying up there, and it ' s our job to keep things humming down here. More power to you, partners, we ' re in this battle together for the duration! TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY Pci 523 Compliments of ITIerritt, Schaefer Brown CLOTHIERS Old Friends with New Ideas AT NEW LOCATION 611 CONGRESS " Style Center for the College Miss " 504 CONGRESS ftVE. AUSTIN, TEXflS METfl ' S MILLINERY SflLON in the Marie Antoinette 504 Congress Avenue Connellys Florists Austin, Texas Compliments of flfllCRICfln SGRVICG CO. Austin ' s Largest Manufacturer of Crystal Pure Ice 300,000 Pounds Daily Capacity 107 W. 2nd OLIVER WOLFE, Mgr. PACT 525 MEMBER FEDERflL DEPOSIT INSURflNCE CORPORflTION PACE 526 Paintings Fine China Silver Gifts Ye Qualitye Shoppe The flrt Shop of flustin P 5 . mjjm FflNNY M flNDREWS flUSTIN, TEXftS LUMBER MILLWORK and Other Building Supplies Our Specialty I B ESTABLISHED 1847 PAINT flND ENflMEL Brydson Lumber Co. Organized 1890 415 W. 19th TELEPHONES 5331-5332 P. W. McFadden Claude E. Hill UNIVERSITY DRUG STORE P. W. McFADDEN CO. Continuous, Satisfactory, Dependable Service SINCE 1885 P ct SIT BOOKS, SUPPLIES AND STATIONERY Send us your order for your correspondence needs HCmPHILL ' S BOOK STORG Opposite Law Building AUSTIN, TEXAS Compliments of BURTOnS INC. LAUNDRY and CLEANERS " different " 19th at Rio Grande AUSTIN, TEXAS A. C. KNIPPA G. C. SEIDERS 1001 CONGRESS AVE. SELF SERVE GROCERY AND MARKET 100% Quality, Courtesy, and Satisfaction 3101 GUADALUPE ST. 412 WEST 6TH ST. Phone 3702 Adds to Your Comfort Pleasure Convenience and Satisfaction PACE 528 Graduates of 194? . . . L-onaratuialionJ. Joske ' s and the Youth of Southwest Texas have long been " good companions. " For Joske ' s is more than just a store, it ' s a personality . . . always hospitable, always ready to serve you through large stocks, newest fashions and values that let you keep to your budget. Young folks like the warm friendliness of this store and you see them here often, buying with the confidence they place in a real friend. Because of this deep friendship between Youth and a Store, Joske ' s has grown steadily greater. It ' s now considered one of the most beautiful stores in flmerica . . . like a whole city of shops under one roof always waiting to please you, your family, your friends. JOSKE ' S San Antonio, Texas Institution of Fashion SAN flNTONIO. TEXftS I ' 529 the HUMBLE This is not the end of education but the beginning, find if the road ahead looks difficult, travel it with the courage and confidence that is your flmerican heri- tage. Our best wishes go with you. HUJTIBLE OIL REFininG COmPRRY fl Texas Institution PACE 530 E. S. SWflNN WM. SCHULLE Compliments SUJflnn-SCHULLG FLMIITURG CO. Home Furnishers and Office Outfitters AUSTIN, TEXAS THG SLAUGHTCR STORGS LOMIS SLAUGHTER Wholesale Retail FOODS Always be fflodern with Gas and let it do the Four Big Jobs in Your Home: namely, Cooking, IDater Heating, House Heating and Refrigeration ' TEXAS PUBLIC SERVICE CO. 422 CONGRESS flVE. AUSTIN, TEXflS PACI 531 QUALITY MATERIALS FAIR PRICES INTELLIGENT SERVICE Over Half a Century of Home Building in Austin CALCfiSIGU LUmBGR CO. NORGE REFRIGERflTORS R. C. A. VICTOR AND ZENITH RADIOS NEW AND USED FURNITURE Stoves and Ranges Floor Coverings 204-206 EAST SIXTH STREET Phone 21109 Austin, Texas flUSTin LflUtlDRY AND DRY CLEANING COMPANY DIAL 3566 -We doJamili WaAtuttg -DIAL 3566 1514 LAVACA STREET Call for BRYfmrs HULK AT YOUR GROCER ' S or Phone 4329 FOR HOME DELIVERY J. C. BRYflllT co. Compliments of HfiGG ' S Your Friendly 5 and lOc Store PACE 532 fir ' s A CINCW you CANT BEAT " ) JUSTIN STYLE Thank you for your patronage this year . . . and in the future, remember, this is your home away from home. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS HEADQUARTERS IN FORT WORTH Home of the Famous VENETIAN ROOM BLAC KXT WCXTH HOTEL Of D6TMCTIOM On the Campus or on the Range wear gen- uine Justin Cowboy Boots for style leader- ship. The swanky boot at left is one of Justin ' s most popular stock styles. Made in Brown or Black with inlays of Red. White and Green on the tops a design widely copied but never duplicated. Your Justin Dealer has this and many other styles priced from S10 to $35. For complete catalog write The Justin Boys, Box 548, Fort Worth, Texas. Justin % I BOOTS -SHOES MU. O f Lf 1U JUSTIN BOYS-f on W Jlocol Worth Bill Goodwin ap- pearing on NBC Pepsodem Show. WASHER BROS. J I lODflY, your Public Service Com- pany has a heavy responsibility because its services are vit al in modern methods of in- dustry, in speeding up production and in saving time and effort in the home for more important wartime duties. Employees and management pledge ful- fillment of this task to the limit of their resources. SanAntonio PUBLIC @ SERVICE PiCE 534 UJOLFF mflRX Quality! . . . Service! . . . Courtesy! Striving ever to bring to critical San Antonians the newest . . . the smart- est . . . the most important modern merchandise of the day ... at prices in keeping with the trend of the times! I 1 GREYHOUND] Somethin B _ STOP OLD has been subtracted! ....BUT WE ' VE a PREFERRED GREVHOUflD ANYWAY It was really a painless operation we performed on old " jalop " when we sent her tires off to war, because we can still travel better and less expensively, and save war material, too. How? By Grey- hound Super-Coach, of course! Grey- hound carries many more passengers per gallon of gas, per pound of rubber or metal than a private car. GREYHOUND Pice US Specialists in the Examination of the Eyes and the Fitting of Glasses , _ . Swenth " Where the Students get their Glasses " SEVENTH AND CONGRESS AUSTIN, TEXflS L III. Gaskill and Co. General flgent Correspondence invited from graduates in- terested in agency connections in Texas and Oklahoma. 623 KIRBY BUILDING DALLAS, TEXAS Rae Ann Shop Clothes for the Co-ed NEXT TO THE VARSITY THEATER UJ ATS OR Flower Shop 2604 Guadalupe Phone 2-9294 A U S T I N See our permanent display of beautiful shoes across from Union. Rnnsom ' s DRUG STORG We Appreciate Your Business FREE DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 5361 PACE 53 Everilt Buelow MAIN AT LAMAR " Where Houston Has Shopped with Confidence for a Quarter-Century " Compliments of Friend PETROLEUM BUILDING HOUSTON, TEXflS " One of America ' s Really Fine Stores. " Specializing in Men ' s, Women ' s and Chil- dren ' s Apparel and Accesso- ries. Occupying six floors of the 35-story Gulf Building. HOUSTON Hit ftct 537 J. R. RGGD mUSIC CO. ' Tour Friends " SINCE 1901 Home of the Steinwoy Stelfox ' s DIAMONDS SILVER WATCHES Austin, Texas " Protective " FRESH FRUITS flND FR ESH VEGETABLES Guard America ' s Health-Line Identified for Your Protection Listen for the Whistle . . . Keith ' s Fruit Express KGKO, 570 Kcs . . . Mon.-Wed.-Fri 8:15 A.M. BEN E. KEITH COMPANY Dallas Fort Worth Longview Abilene Lubbock Wichita Falls PACE 538 GREETINGS flND BEST WISHES TO UNIVERSITY STUDENTS FROM j. c. penneY co. 513-15 Congress W. L. STflRK Manager AIR CONDITIONED CAFE COFFEE SHOP PRIVATE DINING ROOMS Austin Headquarters of the University, Faculty, Alumni and Student Body PACI 539 FDR YOUR PROTECTION STORE YOUR FURS at KELLY SMITH Why not leave your FURS in the expert care of KELLY SMITH ' S EXCLU- SIVE FUR SHOP. Our BONDED DRY-COLD flIR STORAGE VflULTS are located on our own prem- ises, where they are as near to you as your tele- phone, and can be re- moved from storage at a moment ' s notice. STORE NOW! PAY NEXT FALL W7 28 Years Serving Austin " " " J1ELLY SMITH 209 West 6th St. Phone 2-3131 Robt. Mueller Leo O. Mueller Robt. Ulueller Brother AUSTIN TRUNK FACTORY Quality Luggage Since 1893 AUSTIN, TEXAS PACE 540 GALVESTON, TEXAS W. L. MOODY, JR., President GALVESTON MODEL LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS 2502 Church Phone 5522 Galveston, Texas Compliments of Galveston Theaters Incorporated Galveston, Texas Compliments of REX LAUNDRY Phone 5771 Compliments of CENTRAL DRUG STORE PHONE 7419 GALVESTON, TEXAS Jack Sparks ' COLLEGE INN " The Students ' Own " UJITUJGR STUDIOS OFFICIflL CflCTUS PHOTOGRAPHERS Complete Photographic Service PHONES 5793 AND 5794 GALVESTON, TEXAS GARBADE ' S PHARMACY flnico Building PHONE MM GALVESTON, TEXAS McBRIDE ' S SPECIALTY STORE 2028 Avenue E DIAL 9441. GALVESTON. TEXAS W. L MOODY COMPANY Bankers UNINCORPORATED Established 1866 GalTeston. Texas Use mODGL milk AND VERI-FINE ICE CREAM They Are Better 2327 Avenue G Telephone 7767 PA i ;;: GUGENHEIM-GOLDSMITH CO. WHOLESflLE FRUIT flND PRODUCE AUSTIN, TEXflS The Style Shop of Austin LEON ' S SLIPPER SHOP Campus Display Across from Union 618 Congress BUICK COVERT AUTOMOBILE COMPANY 420 San flntonio flUSTIN, TEXAS BALAGIfi PRODUCG AND HIGAT HIRRRGT Milk Fed Chickens Corn Fed Beef Barbecue Every Day PHONE 3511 505 EflST 5TH MILAM Cafeteria R. G. MOSELY, Mgr. 8TH AT CONGRESS YORK Ice fflachinery Corp. AIR CONDITIONING REFRIGERATION " Offices and representatives in Houston (Southwest- ern Hdqtrs.) Dallas, San Antonio, and many other points. " YORK Headquarters for Mechanical Cooling Since 1885 WE flRE GRflTEFUL FOR THE PRIVILEGE GIVEN US OF MflKING THE SEVERHL INSTflLLflTIONS IN THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXflS PACE 542 1EGAL DIRECTORY: Ben H. Powell fl. J. Wirtz J. fl. Rauhut W. S. Gideon C. B. Jeffrey Ben H. Powell, Jr. POUJGLL, RAUHUT $ GIDGOH SUCCESSORS TO LflW OFFICES POWELL, WIRTZ, RflUHUT GIDEON LITTLEFIELD BUILDING flUSTIN, TEXflS O.A Rosser J. Coke Henry C. Coke, Jr. Thos. G. Murnane John N. Jackson Rosser J. Coke, Jr. Arthur Hamilton Richard Henderson COKG COKG ATTORNEYS flT LflW First National Bank Building Dallas, Texas Ralph W. Malone, ' 14 William Lipscomb, ' 16 Curtis White, ' 23 George E. Seay, ' 32 John Plunket, ' 37 Harry Shu ford LiPscomB, IUHTTG SGAY flTTORNEYS flND COUNSELORS Southland Life Building Dallas, Texas THOmPSOn, KniGHT, HARRIS, UJRIGHT 6c UJGISBGRG William Thompson William R. Harris George S. Wright fllex F. Weisberg Wm. C. Thompson Thomas fl. Knight I. Hart Willis ATTORNEYS flND COUNSELORS REPUBLIC BflNK BUILDING DALLflS, TEXflS Marshall Thomas fldair Rembert Pinkney Grissom Dwight L. Simmons I. Paul Jackson Theodore F. Morton Sol Goodell Harold F. Thompson William H. Neary James E. Henderson Wm. fl. Rembert, Jr. John W. Rutland, Jr. Rhodes S. Baker, Jr. William R. Harris, Jr. FACI 544 1EGAL DIRECTORY: t Wortli LGG KIRKUJOOD ATTORNEY-AT-LAW TRINITY LIFE BUILDING FORT WORTH, TEXAS Compliments THOmPSOn BRRUJISG ATTORNEYS AT LAW FORT WORTH TEXAS R. I Boyle J. D Wheeler R. N. Gresham Richard T. Davis BOYLG, UJHGGLGR GRGSHAfll ATTORNEYS AT LAW SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Howard Templeton S. J. Brooks Clinton G. Brown Wilbur L. Matthews Clinton G. Brown, Jr. (DECEflSED) Walter P. Napier W. F. Nowlin Harper Macfarlane John Sutton BROOKS, MPIGR, BROUJn S mATTHGUJS ATTORNEYS AT LAW ALAMO NATIONAL BUILDING SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS TO EACH AND EVERY ' 42 GRADUATE OUR CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES Gulf Buildinq Houston VOann of ( our n MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION PACX S4S en PC tn X H H v W = CO CO CD W X 0) W PQ 5 ffi W o S 03 cn - PL.Q CD CD W D E- " W PC 9 H CO cc w I O c o PACE 546 INDEX Abat. Mary Lee 9 . 3SO Abbott. Da. Eatuael 112.211 Abeel. Jame. Neilaoa 112. 201 Akercroeabir. Robert ood 187 Aberaatby.Je.ell.Jr 187 Abernatky. Katkareae (Kay) . ..2S9. 312. IT . 384. 453 Abaey. Cleaaeatiae 241.471 Abaey. Rebecca 2 9.273 Abraham. Fr.ak Thorn . ....112. 2 7. 4 3 Abrego. Betty 10 Achille . Be . Emily 112 Ackcrman. Roaalie 247. 4 8 Adado. J.lio EneMo 457 Adair. John Garland 41. 303. 4 0 Adam. Maurice 171. 187. 35 Adaau. Gilbert Erae t 132. 133. 348 Adamietz. Clarence Cecil ..132. 133. 4K Aaama. Alice Alpha 112. 2S7 Adam.. Charle. De in 112. 132. 133 Adam . Cyru. Orr 305 Adam . Earl Kenneth 3 Adam.. Edith Lorraine 106 Adaa... E.el.n Mattie 243 Ada... Frederick Jarpk 377 Adaaa . Frederick 122 Adam.. Ural Z31 I- 96 , Fr.nklin ....353. 35 . 357. 372. 434 I Nick 13S Aaauaa, Jeaie Lee 4 1 Adam.. Joka Gaadt 112. 434 Adam.. John Wade 43 Adama.LctaJo 12S. 12 Adam.. Margaret Aaae 12 . 243 Adam.. Robert Martin 213. 377 Adam.. Tom Arm.trocg 1 1, 37 . 4 3 Adam.. Vi.ian There . 63. 350, 44 Adam.. Wallace E-ing 385 Adam.. William 205 Joe King 112. 454 -:.. Heary Lr-ri. Jr 2 7 Adkin.. Ja rk Scott 143. 144. 377 Adkia., Roatoe CuJlie 35 Admuiulnti; 9- 1 Robert Cile. 3 Aklgrinua. JUKI Allen 3. 221 Akr. Leo 392.393.4 0 Ahrcn,. Henr. Herman 457 . Bruce Tan.ill 9 Fred 127 Albert. Richard klelria 28 Albert. Richard Orril ..! . 348. 35 . 377 Albert.. Harold 135. 441 Albr-cht. Rahy Mae 63.440 AlcmHt. Tkt 145 Alcaldt, 37 Aldeno.. Carti. Jaekaoa 192.4 0 Aldred. Jack Anthony 183.43 AUiaader. Don. 11J AleuaaVrT. Dorotky France 2 3 AUuader. Edgar Jack 4 1 nder. l a Mae 4SS! 370.43 nder. John .tl.. Jr 43S Alexander, Mary Margaret 253 rider. iliiam Little 17 Alger. Dorothy 112 Allan. Joka William 434 Allen. Cora 3 7 Allen. Dorothy Marie 106.457 Allen. Do.eli Van. 35 . 3 8. 437 Allen. Erroll Warren Allen. Fruk MadUoa 3 3 Allen. FraaerHall 43 Allen. Jame Stewart 3. 201 tllrn. Leonard. Marie 3 2 Allea. Marjorie Arrilla 255 Allen. Pmcon 141. 144 Allen. Ralpk. Jr 112 Allen. Robert Porter Allea. Stephen Catekell. Jr 112 Allen. Theodore Lytloa. Jr 3 9.435 Alle.. Thorna. Murphy 175 Allen. William A 130. 131 Allen. William Preacotl. Jr 211 Ailing. Marjorie 241.4 7.471 Allim. Jame Eblen. Jr 9 Al I oa. Joka Terrell 211 Allred. J. B 3 1 Almond. Joka Bartlett 112 Alf Cki Omct 22 , 227 4 aaa Delta fi 228.22 Alplui Epulo Drll 348 Alp . Efalo flu 230.231 Alfl Epulo Pi 172.173 Alpl Camaaa Of It 232. 233 Air I mmhf Drll 34 AlpJ Omicron fi 234,235 Alfkffki 23 . 2J7 Alfl fki Ome . 377 Alft T m Omti 174.175 Alpk l, 238.23 Aired. Jack 3 2. 3 3 Alwrp. Ace Hill 183.37 AIM . In. Elizabeth 18 . 227. 381 Allerman, Robert Maurice 143.144. 20 . 35 . 378 Altgelt. Mary Frederick. 3. 442. 457. 4 9 Altgelt. Miactta Ottilie 10 . 127 Allman. Fred 132.133 Alton. Ckarle. Freedama. 4 . 277. 376. 4 3 Al ' arex. Loi Hector 1O . 44 Amado. Julio Err,to 481 Amado. Matilde Elena 457, 481 Amado. May Uabel 457.481 Amrncf of Ckrmicfi 434 .j irafe of Eltftrieml 435 Inttitmte of Jtiaiaf aad Heullmrpftl Eiuutr, 43 Amtricm Society of Ciril E [iAten . .437 Amrrita Society of Jfecaaoical Emgutttrf 438 Ame. Carliflo Madelyn 444 Amidoo. tharlene Jeanette 259 Amidon. Elizabeth Milward 291 Hmmaimaii Junnn 3 Ammoo.. Reginald Harri. ..35 . 3 3. 3 5 Am ler. W alter Scott 132. 133. 352 Am.tead. Billy Ho..rd 371.438 AavuoWa. Robert Fred 63. 219. 35 Aadeek. Andrew 63. 1 5 Aadcregg. Erwia Archie 181,435 Aader.. Corinne Marie 63 Aadenoa. Dick Emoiy 377 Anderson. Flo.d Harold 438 Aadenoa. Ceore Roa. 130, 131, 35 . 434 Andenon. laabelle 22 Andenon. Jame . Jr 177 Andenon. Katkerine 134 Andern. Lynn Fo.ter 132.133. 352. 358 Andenon. Paul Donald 201 Andenoa. Pa lon Victor 201 Anderton. R. C. 192.357 Andean. innifred Marfaret . .225. 237. 383. 4 5 Andrea.. Alice LoU 237. 444 Andrew. Billy 112 Aidrrx, Dormitory 2 Andre... Henry C.. Jr 179. 385 Andre... Mariellyn 255 Andrew . Nell 139 Andrew., William Edward 187 Andre... William Til lory 94.380 Ancentein. Liuilma 63.440 Anthk. Fay rich! 62 Anthony . Carrol Rudolph 132. 133 Antkony. Louie Letlie. Jr. .9 . 132. 133. 352. 435. 458 Anthony. Mary Louiae 444 Antillon. Beatril 44 . 481 Anxaldoa. Alfred Cianeroa 452.4 3 Applewkite, Greta Joyce 257 Applinf. Adreain Nell 106. 126 Applinf . Dick Heard 132. 133 Ap.tein. Theodore 359, 481 Arana. Manuel O car 44 . 457 Ana . Rani Joae 44 Arant. Jame. Baroett 9 . 434 Arledge. Mary Virginia 63, 241. 442 Arlitt. France Lillian 134 Ariitt. Jack Walter 438 Armaco.1. Emily Jane 128. 129. 241 Armat. SaUador 446 Armor. Kathleen Jean 253, 383. 475 Amutroac! Loyd Franklin ... ' .. ' ..96. 363 Arautroac. Tobin 175 Araeaoa. Lily Anita ...96. 253. 350. 439. 459. 4 4, 4 7 Amen, dec Mae 354 Araett. Darid Herbert 434 Arnold. Jofca 4 7 Arnold. Kenneth Bert 1 3 Arnold. Lewi. Haydea 63 Arnold. Mary Virginia 63. 259. 367. 3 4. 454. 454. 4 2 Arnold. Robert Earl 454 Arnold. Tboma. Oren 197 Arnold. William Buck 171.1 7 Arrinjton. Frank Wade 130. 131. 35 Arrowood. Charle Flinn 200 Arroyo, Robert Lai. 44 Anenaull. Helen Carolyn 225. 248. 24 . 38 Arterherry. Sara Kathryn 22 Arterbary, Dorothy Jeaaae 22 Aackmaaa. Adelaide Aaae 451 Aikbtl Larrarj Society 43 Aahcraf I. E. J.. Jr 63 Aaberoft. Benjaaua Fraaklia 3. 1 1 Aakeadorf. Freddye Mae 2 9.273 Aaker. William Dakney . ...353. 35 . 434 A.bley. John Marrin 181 .fekley, Virfinia Mae 241 Aafcaer. Joaephiae Loi. 231 Aakew. Janice Robeaa 112. 227 Aakew. Rani. Jr 179 .-Ixoctafeo for CkiUkool EduiMio, 44 Atkntnm LUtrtrj Society 441 AtMrtic Coawo . Tkt 40 Atkiaa. Joyce Elaine . . .9 . 12 . 129. 237. ... ; Atkiaaoa. Ro mary 382. 384 Atwell. Ann Elizabeth 63 Aubel. Henry Thoma. 3 8. 372. 437 Aude. Roger Clay 63.4.18 Aaalin. Earl Bo.en. Jr 177 Au.tin. Elizabeth Gene 2 3. 464. 475 A u.tin. Elizabeth Mather 128. 129 Au.tin. Mary Elizabeth (1) 106. 457 Aaatin. Mary Elizabeth (2) 112 Autrey. Mary Jane 112. 243 Anry. Keaaetk Jeaae 63 Adan. OCBZ Ahmet 370. 43 A.era. Pauline Joaepkine 450 Arirelt. Elaine 9 Aycork. John Cleveland 63 Ayer. Bill Walker. Jr 112 Ayae..r,rth. K. H 12 Ayre.. Dorothy 3 4.442 Ayrea. Lacy Janice 2 3 Azio.. Amulfo Daniel 441 B Babcock. Franklin H 221 Babel. Walter Edgar. Jr 187 Bachmaa. William S ITS Back.ter. C. Clere 112 Backus. Katherine 349 Bacon. Rinaldo A 371.438 Baethe. Looi. F. J 139.380 Baetz. Dorothy 251 Boftett. Poaey 475 Bafcett, Robert S 112 Bagley. Monreva Barbara 96 Bailea. Jena Adele 63 Bailey. Alice Loeile 241 Bailey. Edward Weldoa 373.374 Bailey. Hugh. Jr 187 Bailey. Mad ye Jo 241. 471 Bailey. SylTeater Raafc 106 Baird. Clayton De.ard 185 Baird. Joaephine 106.461 Baker. Beierly 106 Baker. Bill ie Lone 106 Baker. Bruce Brock 463 Baker. Charle. Artenus 348 Baker. Ethel Harriett 63. 442 Baker, Farrel Kenneth 221 Baker. Harry J 3S6 Baker. Mine. Holt. Jr 191. 376, 4 3 Baker. Jame R 112 Baker. Joe Henry. Jr. . .96. 132. 133. 441 Baker. John Heflia 191 Baker. Jofca Wealey 63 Baker. LorenA 250 Baker. Mildred 3 7 Baker. Nancy Rawla 237 Baker. Rennie 37 Baker. Rex CaTin. Jr 191 Baker. Robert Henry 195 Baldridf e. Freeman 64 Baldwin. John Browning 175 Baldwin, Lather Eugene. Jr 112. 4 1 Baldwin. Marrie Claire 255 Baldwia. Pearle Connor 141. 243. 469 Ball. Joe Martin . .41. 124. 306. 308. 309 Ballard. Helea Eureka 62 Ballew, Adrienne Madora 225. 227 Banaham, Jame. Owen 193 Bandeen. Charle. Alexander 475 Bander. Joseph Kamley 177 Bandy. William Robert 373. 37S Banuter. Sybil Claire 112.127 Bank.. Clinton Stanley. Jr. .187. 35 . 4 7 Bank.. John Edwin 187 Banning. Frank 112 Bantel.E. C. H 368.372.437 Barak. Jerry Dongla. 472 Barber. Jean A very 255. 444 Barber. Joaephiae 381 Barker. Richard Read 193 Barbour. Virginia Rntk 106. 225. 251 Barclay. Leland 372.437 Bareua. Jacqae (Mn. Garland ) 64 Bareneld. Morria (Red) 300 Bariaa, Edna 457. 472 Bariaa. Georgia 457. 472 Barker. Darid Edward 199 Barker. Eugene C 194 Barker. Jimmie Lee 106.465 Barker. Malcolm Dale 112.130.131 Barker. N. Lynn 112 Barker. Rnth Ellen 351 Barne . Betty Jo 2 3 Bame . Jack Rich 96.437 Barne.. JakeO 9 Bane . William Roy 454 Bame . Worley Newton 189 Baraett. Glady. Magee 64 Barnkart. Helen Joyce 128. 129. 2 3 Bankill. Myra D 64. 355. 367 Barnhill. Willie D 64. 367 Barn.ell. Nonaa Gene 143.361 Barr. Fay 64 Barr. Rneben Henry 220.221.438 Barrel), Belay Wan 64 Barren, Tharman 41 Barrier. Ann 25 Barrier. Catherine 10 Barrier. Oli.ia 64. 225. 22 . 26 . 273. 451 Barion. Frank Cano 454 Barrow. Edward Ewing 10 . ITS Bartel.. Karl Friederich 64. 35 . 371. 372. 438 Barth. Adeline Aaae 442 Bartholomew. Ralph MacLeod 112 Bartbolo.. Jean 253 Bartlett. Coaataace Browa 34 Banlett. Da. i J 374. 375 Bartlett. Lai. Hamilton 438 Bartlett. Robert Eterett ...112. 130. 131 Barton, France. Amelia 64.354 Barton. William Arthur ...122.376,377. 378. 380 Barton. William Jeoenon 130.131 Barton. Wilnora 112 Bartram. John William 275 Barwiae. Dorothy Jeu 2 3.44 a6a 2 4-2 8 B Kb ll. Frnkmmx 298 Baaey, V.D 41 Ba.bara. Sadie L ' aice 471 Batktlkoll 160-167 Basketball, FreiAaiaa 167 Baikia. H. L.. Jr 132.133 Baakin. Jame Dollar 187 Baakin. M. L 132.133 Baaa. Harri, Hutcbeton 191. 457 Baaa, Joaephiae 442 Baaa. Richard William. Jr. ..106, 187. 434 Baa, Ruth Isabella 367,4 0 Ba.sett. Barbara Cilea 25 Batten. Betty Avery 25 Batchelor. Jame. Bro.der 112 Bate . Jean 253 Baley. Willie Charle. 472 Batjer. Henry 307, 30 Batjer, Margaret 242 Balla. Jeaaette Irene 455 Battenneld. Joyce Carolyn 2 3.383 Battle. William Don 355 Baum. Henrietta 64, 247, 4 4 Baur, Hermene 3 4 Baxter. Murphy Hollia 1 Baiter, Ralph Baccu. 4 Beachy. William .Nichola. 10 . 12 Beacroft. Lila Mae 112, 227 Beadle, Herbert J.. Jr 193 Beadle. Herbert J.. Sr. 134. 368, 372. 437 Beaird. Charle. Thoma. 135 Beakley, Ruth Taft 263,382.467 Beale, Agnes Starke (Tiaaie) . . .112. 457 Beall. France. Varner 255 Beall, John Malcolm 3 5 Bean, Richard Gate 35 Beaid. Ardi. Dean 132. 133 Beard. Dick W.. Jr 64, 370. 372. 43 Beard. Loui. Henry 374, 375. 46 Beard, Richard Myron 134 Beard.ley, Walter Collina 356, 358 Bechtel, Marion Janet 127 Beck. Angiut Henry, Jr 181.437 Becker, Adolph Carl, Jr 64.141,143 Beckman, Yvonne 243 Beckwith. Cheater Veraullion ...112,44 Beddoe, Helen Alyne 227 Beddoe, Mary Olrre 34 Bedford, .Nell Rath 241 Beeler, Richard Mai.ell (Dick) 211. 3 2. Beealey, Laura Jeaa Begeman, Jean Lucile 237 Begeman. Myron Loui. 371 Begemaa. Robert Loui. 64 Begley, Mary LouUe ..10 . 134. 349. 461. 4 6 Behaer, Veraon Leo 64. 3 3. 366 Behr, Katherine 457 Beilhan, France. Margaret 253, 439. 459 Beilia, Gertrude Gale 106, 247 Beitman, Eda Lilla 245,449 Beitman, Mary Jane 245, 449 Belcia, Fleecie Ana 112 Belden, Joaepb 13 Belden. William Roger 377 Bell. Bernard 132.133,352 Bell. Donna Lou 112 Bell. Edward Andre 35 Bell. Frank Frederick. Ill ..297 Bell, Franklin Marafc 2 7 Bell. Jerry Arck 1 5.376.463 Bell, Patricia Emmilyn 253,379 Bell, Richard Judd ...183. 353. 357. 372. 434 Bell moat, L. Then 18.204 Bell moat. Ted Lurcher 183.378 Bellow.. Frank William. 207 Belon, Charle Edward 377 Belt. Rnth Althea 255.349,43 Belt. Vera Kalberine 106 Benedict. Mr.. H. V 43 Benedict. Harry Yaadell tfl Benham. John Frank U3 Benjamin. Emil y 455 Beaaett. El inor France 106, 2 7 Bennett, Ethel Henrietta 2 1 Beaaelt. Crady EJwood 64 Beaaett, Herbert Kay 132,133 Bennett. Iri. Helene 2 1, 350. 448 Bennett. Paul 64 Bennett, Roaemary 112,34 Beaaoa, France Ellen 350.4 8 Pit 547 NAMES PACES Benson, Leonard R 371, 372 Bentsen, Lloyd Millard, Jr 64, 213, 376. 378 Berg, Muriel Ruth 227, 475 Berkman, Ingrid Joyce 64, 239, 442 Berman, Gerson 356, 369, 372, 435 Herman, Helen Anne 364 Berman, Phylis Maxine 247 Bernhard, Edward Douglas 177 Berry, Carolyn McKay 243, 384 Berry, Dorothy Nell 349 Berry, Joe H 96 Berry, Lois Ruth 263, 384 Berry, Norma Ruth 64, 259, 350 Berry, Thomas Eugene 183, 356 Berry. Weldon Archibald 175 Bertch. Mary Elizabeth (Beth) 235, 271, 273 Bertram, John William 219 Bertron, Sarah Burwell 255 Bertsen, Donald Lee Roy 213 Beshell, Jean Katherine 64, 143, 235, 350, 361, 362 Besserer, Carl William, Jr 371, 438 Beta Alpha Psi 363 Beta Beta Alpha 442 Beta Gamma Sigma 364 Beta Theta Pi 176, 177 Bethke, Earl Olen 139, 441 Belts, Doyle 132, 133 Belts, Olive 232, 451 Bevan, John Harold 189 Bible, Dana X 40, 42, 182 Bickford, Parri Sue ...106, 243, 271, 273 Bida, John Frank 457 Biesele, Cora Thea 64, 143, 361, 362, 448 Biesele, Rudolph L 358, 432 Bieter, Kathryn Lucille 134, 457 Bigbee, Helen 112 Diggers, Willie Stulken (Bill) ...64, 434 Biggins, Dan Richard 96, 449 Billings, Arveline 243 Billings, Betty Sue 243 Billings, Robert Burke ..41, 276, 441, 463 Billingsley, Olen Clifton 221 Bills, Samuel Edward 65, 368 Bills, Thelma Kathryne 249, 440 Bingham, Anne Elizabeth 65, 351 Binghatn, Katherine 106 Binney, Charles, II 205 Birge. Juanita Marjorie 251, 350 Birge, Lily Eloise 96 Bishop, Edmond Martin, Jr 197 Bishop, Eleanor 65, 229, 355, 358, 359, 468 Bishop, Eugene Lavert 438 Bishop, John Webster 197, 376 Bishop, Louis Polk 467 Bishop, Webster, III 195 Bissott, Doris Evelyn 267. 273 Bissett, Eldon 130, 131, 356 Bissex, Mary Scott 442 Bit and Spur 443 Bivins, James Knox 191, 310 Black, Kenneth Parker 96, 436 Blackburn, Bill R 179 Blacker!. E. J 12 Blackstock, Leo G 220, 363 Blades, Joseph Duncan 175 Blago, Nicolas Lelvovitch 446 Blain, Eddie Zeph 106, 444 Blaine, Mose Hubbard, Jr 106, 348 Blair. Dolores 65 Blair, Mary Margaret 243, 442, 462 Blakeney, Dorothy Virginia 243 Blalock, Harold Carlisle 120, 374, 375, 469 Blalock, Irby Lee 263 Blalock, William Clarke ...41, 189, 308, 309, 356, 385 Blanchette, Helen Elizabeth 259 Blanchette, Henrietta 112 Blanchette, James Grady, Jr. ...197, 356, 365, 378 Bland. Kathleen 241, 349 Bland, Kathleen Lomax 240, 445 Bland. Roy Hoxie, Jr 96 Blankbeckler, Frank Alderson 195 Blankenship, Bayne 106 Blankfield, Ethel 96 Blann, Joe H 65 Blanton, Annie Webb 367 Blanton, Ira Yates 183 Blaugrund, Morton Leonard 209 Blazek, Cecilia Laura 472 Blend, Harvey 369, 435 Blessing, Dorothy Ann 237, 464, 465 Blessing, Marjorie Mae 106, 235 Block, Richard Edward 203 Block, Rosslyn Regina 231, 464 Bloom, Louis Martin 65, 173 Bloom, Margaret Ann 112 Bloor, Anne Sutton 263 III, unit. Ernest Bruce 353, 372, 434 von Blucher, Mary Julia ...65, 225, 243, 382, 383, 439 Bluestockings, The 350 Blum, Henry F., Jr 65 Blum, Lawrence Harold 203 Blum, Manuel 217 Blume, Thomas Max 375, 457 Blumel, Johanna 268, 273. 455 Blundel 1 , Mary Rita 227, 457 Blundell, Solon Anderson 353 Boa, Rodriguez 481 Board of Regents 12 Boatman, Donald J 187 NAMES PAGES Boaz, Willis Lavender 466 Bobbin, Robert Lee, Jr 177 Bodzin, Louis 173 Boehme, Elsie Marie 96, 475 Bogan, Lucille Foster 243, 439 Bogard, Richard Elvin 130, 131 Boggess, Mina 367 Boggs, Paul Edwin 377 Bohn, Dolores Marie 457 Bohner, Betty Suzanne 243 Bokes, Doris 457 Bolin, Daniel Phillips 112, 197 It, ,1 1 in. in. Thelma Anderson 367 Bolt, Tom Dixon 65, 434 Bona, Angelo Charles 457 Bonner, Elizabeth Ann 243 Bookout, Hal Hill 179 Bookout, Luther Azle, Jr 65, 144 Boone. Marjorie Anne 106, 227, 444 Boone, Oliver Kiel 65, 135, 378, 441 Boone, Patrick Henry 171, 185 Booth, Betty Holmes 474 Booth, James 348, 356 Booth, Jeanne 243, 272. 273 Booth, Norma Adrienne 65, 440 Bordages, Phillip 457, 469 Borden, Guy 65, 197, 434, 467 Boren, Jack Bernard 205 Borowiak, William Edward 134, 392, 393. 472 Borromeo, Sister 268 Borth, John 450 Bosque, Virginia 96 Boster, Raymond G 355 Bostick, Alton 294, 295 Bostick, Jack 126 Boston, Paul Talmage 112, 463 Boswell, Pauline Thornton 255 Boswell. Tol. Jr 112, 130, 131 Bosworth, Lanis, Jr 96 Bouchard, Robert Louis 187 Boucher, Elizabeth Elaine 241 Boulden, Cecil Foard 348 Boulet, Thomas E 106 Bourke, Gayle 96 Bourke, Geraldine H 96 Bourland, Gustav Bradley 65 Bourn, Robert Sidney 441 Bowden, Fairy Netholyn 65, 141, 237, 465 Bowden. William Kelfar 179 Bowen, Charles Benton 65 Bowen, William Jackson 183 Bowermaster, Walter Raymond ...65, 467 Bowers, Maxey Hardin 141, 201 Bowers, Robert Evans 96, 201, 463 Bowers, William Orrin 189 Bowles, Mary Margaret Peggy 96, 233, 350 Bowman, Estil Arthur 219, 460 Bowman, John Henry 201 Bowman, Robert Hardy 195 Bowyer, Marjorie Louise 263, 283 Bowyer, Virginia Wills 263, 384, 440 Boyd, Betty 245, 351 Boyd, Betty Jean 106 Boyd, Charles Cole 375 Boyd. Charles Rex 356, 374 Boyd, Marjorie 229 Boyd, Mary Chessie 106 Boyd, William Hobart, Jr 112, 132, 133, 213 Boyd, William P 365 Boyer, Fred Yancy 375. 441 Boyle, Carolyn Joan ..255, 271, 273. 447, 459, 462 Boynton, Gaines Ross 112 Brace, David Kingsley 460 Bracey, Helen Louise 65, 229, 460 Brackenridge Hall 277 Bradfield, Barbara Pearl 65 Bradfield, Thomas Walling 97, 197 Bradley, Joe Randolph, Jr 221 Brady, Barbara 225, 259, 361 Brady, Byrd Harry, Jr 112 Brady, Ed 310 Brady, Frances Elizabeth 241, 443, 457 Brady, Margaret Lurline 367, 440 Brahaney, Frank Thomas, Jr 160, 164, 378 Brailsford, Betty Kathryn 382 Bralley, Maurice White, Jr 127, 183 Braly, Henry Lee 458 Braly, Jean 106, 141, 229, 465 Bramlette, Gloria 141, 259, 350, 361, 462. 469 Bramlette. William 184 Brandes, Thomas Henry 434 Brandon, Arthur L 17, 200 Brandt, Sue Ursula 361, 362. 474 Brannen. Ann Claire 253, 350. 461 Branon, Bennett 213 Branson, Fred C 12 Brats, The 444 Bratton, Capitola Robertson 460 Bratton, Mark P 112, 221 Bratton, Virginia May 255 Braun, Patricia 253 Braxton, James Allen 96, 461 Breeding, Crystal Dawn 65, 367 Brelsford, Harold 392 Brelsford, Regina Marjorie 257, 464 Breneman, Regna Fulton 460 Brennen. Mildred Estelle 350 Brentlinger, W. H 198 Breuninger, Hubert Ross 363, 364 Brewer, Mae Corine 97 Brewer, Marion Weldon 356, 458 Brewster, Frances Edna 112 NAMES PACES Brice, Peggy Lou 457 Bridges, Robert Rawlins 197 Briggs, Charles Stanley 457 Briggs, Mary Virginia 255 Briggs, Nadeen 263, 449 Brill, Sheba Kathleen 243, 386 Brill, Susan Jane 112, 243 Brininstool, Ferinez 97 Brinkerhoff, Mary Harrington 97, 143, 255. 350. 359, 361 Briscoe, Dolph, Jr 97, 141, 179, 356, 377, 378, 380, 463 Briskin, Robert Solon 130, 131, 173 Brister, Lois Felder 143 Britain, Alexander Harwood 187 Britain, Ben Moseley 187 Britton, Marian 112 Broaddus, Emogene 106 Brockette, Connie Garza 359, 367, 424, 456 Broderson, Margaret Jane (Peggy) . . .65, 229, 445, 456, 471 Brodhead, Howard, III 211 Brogren, Waldine Ann 355, 367 Bronstad, Betty Sue 266, 273 Bronstad, Morris Theodore, Jr 175 Brooks, Corinne Brittingham ...241, 446 Brooks, Jack Bascom 97, 139, 141, 376, 469 Brooks, John C 132, 133 Brooks, Juanell Eugene 460 Brooks, Leon Wakefield 143. 199 Brooks, Mary Belle 243, 383 Brooks, Morris Austin 193 Brooks, Peter Gautier 191 Brooks, Ruth Dainie 65, 442 Brooks, Sue Carleton 259 Brookshier, Elizabeth May 254, 266 Brookshire, John A., Ill (Jack) 65, 138, 141, 189, 355, 356, 374, 378, 380, 463, 469 Broom, Halsey N 363 Broussard, Juana Marie 128, 129 Browder, Bill Niles 199, 461 Browder, Jack Forrester 106, 191 Brown, Aubry Ernest 441 Brown, HUM, Louise 65 Brown, CteveMorin, Jr 179 Brown, David Hunter 135, 441 Brown, Frances Knoble 127 Brown, Grace Christine 66, 354, 445 Brown, Harry W 371 Brown, Howard Earl 371 Brown, Jack Pearson 66, 132, 133 Brown, James Curtis 373, 375 Brown, James David 215 Brown, James Doniger, Jr 66, 434 Brown, Jane Elizabeth 460 Brown, Joe Murchison 132, 133 Brown, Juanita 66 Brown, Kenneth Elson 356 Brown, Luna Esther 442 Brown, Philip D.S 112 Brown, Robert Francis 191, 457 Brown, Rosalie 66, 225 Brown, S. L 372 Brown, William Alley 175 Browne, Bette Mae 457 Browne, Ernest Jewell 469 Browne, Rosalyn 261 Brownfield, Charles Edward 376 Browning, Juanita Sue 97, 440 Browning, Walter Acker 187 Brownlee, John Hougton, Jr 207 Brownrigg, Margaret Ann ...141, 253, 469 Brubeck, Marajean Natalia 66, 229 Bruce, Home Lindsey 189 Brumby, Lila, Jr 235 Brunson, Donald Lyons 181 Brunson, Elizabeth King 350 Brunson, Emma Jean 106 Brunson, Wallace Edward 66, 181 Brush, Jeanne Lenoir 239 Brush, Margaret 255 Bruton, Bettye Ann 237 Bruyere, John Alan 356 Bruyere, William Henry 356 Bryan, Arch Vernon 199, 461 Bryan, Bob Steve 66, 355, 356 Bryan, Herman Lawrence 132, 133 Bryan, Maude Elizabeth 66, 126 Bryant, James Chester 441 Bryant, Joe Carmen 66, 441 Bryant, Randolph, Jr 199 Bryant, Virginia Francis 253, 383 Bryant, William Randolph 199 Brydson, William Henry 438 Bryson, John Bennett 66, 201 Bryson, John Bryan 139, 461 Buass, Howard 197 Buce, Rodgers 112 Buch, Henry Richard 377 Buchanan, Anna Arnold 112, 349 Buchanan, Doris Lavinia 451 Buchanan, Mary Margaret ..128, 129, 379 Bucher. Raymond Kasper 132, 133 Buck, Raymond Elliot 207 Buckingham, Suzanne 243, 382 Buckley, Elliott Ross 183 Buckley, Mary Ann 237 Buckley, Wilson Berriman 66 Budnick, Margaret Flonora 457 Budow, Bernard Irving 171, 209 Buell, Ralph Lewin, Jr 66, 181, 434 Buford, Chester Bryan 356, 377 Buford, Janie Lou 383 Bugbee, James McKean, Jr 195 NAMES PACES Buhmann, Peter Calderwood 179 Bull, Mary Eloise 481 Bullard, Helen Wall ..106, 237, 444, 468 Bullington, Orville 12 Bulloch, Newman Payne 97, 449 Bunch, June Marie 106, 227 Bundy, Stanton Scofield, Jr 193 Bunkley, Jack Newton 106 Bunn, Lloyd Thomas 66, 434 Bunting, Robert Lee, Jr 66 Burcham, Richard Lusk 143 Burdine, J. Alton II 358 Burden. Tommye Dee 128, 129 Burer, Walter C 363 Burford, Archie Dean 187 Burford, Ben 187 Burg, Cecile Mae 126, 261 Burger, Minnie Frances 460 Burgess, Thomas G 66 Burk, Mary Jane 249 Burke, Charles Otis 112 Burke, Elmo James, Jr 66, 441 Burke, George Rosewell, Jr. 66, 130, 131 Burke, John Lord 213 Burke, Joyce Anne 112 Burkharl, Elizabeth Anne ..106, 128, 129 Burks, Claracita Charlotte 460 Burks, Jack 66, 436 Burnett, Doris Ann 243 Burney, Natalie Wilma 106, 134 Burns, Donald Barklcy 446 Burns, Mary Helen 255 Burns, Robert Earl 355, 356. 358, 374, 375 Burns, Robert Emmett 438 Burns, William Alvin 356, 434 Burnside. Lillian Wood 126, 259, 379 Burr, Eunice Brooks 66, 251, 460 Burrows, Edgar Allan 66 Burrus, Ann Vitula 263, 382, 469 Burt, Francis 139 Burton, Collins Maxey 205 Busby, Claude Robert 97, 377 Busby, Emily Lewis 225, 253, 383 Busby, Myrle 66, 354 Bush, Peggy 97 Bush, Rebckah Jane 66, 241, 350, 367, 439, 467 Bush, Robert Paine 219, 356 Bushardt, Mary Eleanor 243 Buskirk, Phillip Kearnay 470 Buster, Jo Margaret 97, 442 Butler, Clarence Jackson (Jack) 66 Butler, Joyce Mae 106, 469 Butler, Lora Mary 241, 471 Butler, Robert Perrin 132, 133 Butt, Charles Sam 139, 466 Buttery, Harold Donop 97, 348, 356 Butts, Alice Carolyn 97 Butts, Charles Dana ...67, 207, 376, 463 Byars, James Ralph 211, 467 Bybee, H. P 377 Byers, Charmian Louise 350 Byers, Elizabeth Anne 245, 466 Byers, Mary Lee 245 Byers, Robert Edgar 437 Byfield, George Daniel 96 Byrd, Kenneth Kee 106 Byron, Patsy Ruth 237 Cactus, The 140, 141 Caesar, Jack B.. Jr 67 Cahill, Grace 112 Cahn, Carrolyn Aline 231 Cain. Don Ezell 97, 463 Cain, Doris Virginia 460 Cain, Helen La Verne 67 Cain, Julius Clifford 112, 132, 133 Cain, Patricia Henrietta 460 Calderon, Hector Miguel ...67. 368, 372, 437, 446, 481 Caldwell, Don Starr 201 Caldwell, James Dalian 374 Caldwell, Jeanne Arnold 97, 442 Caldwell, John Simmons, Jr 348 Caldwell, Marian Anderson 67, 245, 351, 355 Caldwell, Mary Bell ..259, 440, 462, 467 Caldwell, Nettye Cleveland McGee ...67 Caldwell, Thomas Jones 191, 463 Calhoun, John William 182, 377 Calhoun, Mrs. O. M. (Elizabeth) ... 97, 255 Calkins, Dick Conroy 67, 189 Calkins, Howard A 358 Callahan, Betty Jane 233 Callaway, Oliver, Jr 171, 221 Callicutt, Laurie Timmons 359 Calliham, Mauna Loa 67, 350, 461 Cameron, Rondo 112 Cameron, Russell Johnson 67, 434 Cammer, Andrea 241 Camp, Dorothy Nell 259 Camp, Glenn Elmer 205 Camp, Rodney Jason 205 Campbell, Alta Belle 106, 468 Campbell, David Calvin 67, 177, 376, 385 Campbell, Dorothy Atwood 67, 127, 237, 270, 273, 350, 442, 444 Campbell, Helen 97, 475 Campbell, James Starley, Jr. 97, 193, 435 Campbell, Jane Ellen 112, 243 Campbel 1 , Mary Corinne 241 Campbell, Mary Jane 255 Campbell, Robert Fariss ...195, 376, 463 PACE 548 Campbell. R. ..i. ill 457 Campbell. Raby 97 Caavbel I. Wallace Raaoell 197 Campbell. William Todd 197.376 Caaale.. EliaaWth Pclkam 127 Caacelaai. betl John. It. . .67. Ml. 4 7 Caaaiaa.. Mary Jaaephiae 159 Camamaf Caai 445 Caa-laa. Ertelle Mint 247 Caplca. Jaae Elizabeth 7. 442 Caplovita. Colemaa 217 Caraballo. Leopold Saataader ..106. 44 Cardeaa.. Cuaoalupe 97 Cardeaa.. Hector Jc.u. 44 . 457 Cardner. Ed.ard Antaoay 4 0 Canker. Joe Bill 10 OH. Jame. Larimer 35 . 1 1 Carl. Job. Cilli. Ml Carietoa. Carol;! Jaae ....112. 251. 4 t Carlialc. Margaret eil 2S . 17 . 4 2 Carli.le. Ode Thoma.. Jr 67. 151. 357. 372. 414 Cariaoa. Helen Clan 67 Cariaoa. Joan Barbara 97. 457 Carlaa . Mr,. Roland Carmichatl. Alaa Eagcae 458 Carmiehael. Jack Charlet 67.437 Carmicaael. Mickie Mane 97. 245 Carmichael. R. I_ MO. 3 2 Carmicaael. Rulhe Elizabeth 112 Carmigaaai. Amedeo Eaneat 97. 457 Carae y . Hetty Ray 237 Caraey. Raby May 12 . 129 Carackm Dormulorr 2 9 Carpenter. Ben H 112 Carpenter. Bcnnie Jaeqae 227. 47S Carpeater. Fraace. Lucille 67 Carpeater. Irma Wil da 127 Carpeater. Lealie E. 7. 139. 141. 141. 144 Carr. Edith Lacille 47 Can. Gene 2 9 Carr, George Dreiel 1 8. 1 " 2. 417 Cart. Martin Warlick 375 Carr. Mary Loaiae 215 Carr. Sue France 112 Carr. milliam Plack 67.370 Carrera.. Juan I 97 Carrigaa. Margaret Jaae 112.270 Carriagton. France. 255 Carroll. Emil Ira 110.111.211 Carroll. Marilyn Imola 259 Carroll. Nora Ann 112.149.4 9 Carratbera. Mary Jeanaette 10 Canaaj. Helea Elizabeth 2 9,271. 150. 459. 4 5 Canaa. Mera M.rinrl 213 Caraoa. Morgan 429 Cantarphea. B. B 210.427 Can. r 1 1 . joaa 19 Carter. Ana Amelia 241 Carter. Clarence Maurice 7 Caner. Edith Loraioe 7. 2 3. 445 drier. Leola Ruth 97 Carter. Marjorie Aliee 255. 384 Carter. Mary 1 7 Carter. Melva Jaaaita Ill Carter. Nancy 134 Carter. Robert Daniel Igl Carter. Teua Joy 12. 129. 227. 475 Carter. Vil I Um Speacer 148 Carrey. Joha Croader 199.158 Caaberg. Thomat Richard 219,438 Caae. Velm. n Caaey. Corona Domiago 457 Ca ry. Robert Auburn 179.356 Caaill aa. Richard 43 44 CM.. Lilia Mary . ' .359 Caaa. Audrey joaa 111.217 CaMaaeda, Carlo, E. 159 430 Caateel. D. B 194.348 Caalea. Emily Aaaette 10 . 460 Caatillo. Pete Joaquin 127. 130, 131. 457 Caatlebary. Stephen Arthur. Jr. . . 7, 181 Catchinf. W ayae Loyle 67 Caable. Moaroe . . . ' . 12 Caagkey.Hagk 43S Caaghraa. D. C. Jr 10 Caaaey. Dorothy Jean 349 Caven, Walter Thoma. ITS. 371 Caw. Joe Sterling 144.377 Caver. Vcraoa Claude 348. 377 Cavetl. Mary LOUI.C 68 Carin. Martha 270 Cawtboa, W i! Ham Couell 132. 111. 201. 152 Cayton. Van Craddock 241. 434 Celhay . Pedro 44 Celli. Dovie Maydell 10 Cenoaaky. Leonard (Swede) .... 8. 217 Cbaikea. Mayer 209.434 Chalfaat. Ralph IBS Chalnpnik.El.ieB.rn.dien 472 raamhrrlain. Fred Elli. 189. 4 1 Chamberlain. Patricia Reid 127, 4 1 Chamber.. Ckarlea Laadoa 215 Chamber.. Mary Loaiae 10 . 251 Champion. Joha C 356. 454 Champion. Mary Margaret 12, 129 Caace f 373 Chandler. Billie 141.217.4 5 Chaadlcr. Carolyn 10 Chaadler. Hcary Aan 217. 4 5 Caaaxller. Heary Grady. Jr 68. 187 Chandler. Robert Lewi. 68 athAaa 2 1.182 . SS Chapman. Sarah 68. 440. 4 6 Chapman, Van Bain 112.111 Chappell.Ceraldioe 10 Chappell. Jeter Dee 458 Chappell. Mary Eleanor 97 Charltoa. Cordon Taliaferro. Jr 10 . 181 Charilon. William Conde 207 Charpiot. Dorothy Haael 68.229 Charpiot. Robert B Ill Chac. Ina Janr 217 Chaae. Ralph Raymond 211 Cka.tain. Olctla Myrlc 2 7.442.474 Cha.laine. Ann Allen 111.255.444 Cha.taine. Mary Patricia 444. 457 Chatham. Eraeat Walter. Jr 97 Outmaa. Dorothy 10 . 349. 4 8 Chatmaa. Penelope 68. 12 . 141. 217 Chavaaae.. Etienne Aadre. Jr. . . .68. 177 Caeatham. Brace Ned 112.111 Chatham. Jaae File. 259 Cheatham. Paul Neyron 1 1 Cheaaalt. Sadie 97. 442 William Hall. Jr 68. 371. 172. 431 Cheaaull. W oodford Sidney 171 Cheaoweth. OM-ar Loag 43 Cherry. Blair 412 Cherry. Saa aa Jane 255. 179 Chencnka. Calvin Coolidge 47: Cherveaka. Johnay Lee 68.472 Cbewaiag. Jack 141.348 Che.niag. John Barkley 187 CluErulo 1 8 CAi Omega 240, 241 CkiPki 178. 179 Ckilden. Dorothy Ray Ill Chile.. Charlea Dwigbt 177 Chile . Charlotte Jewell 442 Chile.. Margaret Mooring (Peggy) ...111. 251 Chilton. Horace Tbomat 177 Chilton. Lee Brown 221 ton. Mary Belle 255. 382. 4 2 Chiaf . Wah Chan 2 Chiaa. Joha Harruoa 179 Chiaua. Elizabeth Aaa 259.382 Choauki. Martuerite May 68 Cari.lenberry. Mary Kathleen . .. 8. 243. 442 Cbri.tea.ea. Eather 2 7 Chriatie. Chrutiaa Cloe 159. 44 ChrUtaer. Jtmmie Drae 68.43 ChrUtner. Varren 307. 309 Chrialof el . Lewia Vilioa 3 8. 417 Chuoke. Robert Leon 112.113 Charch. Robert Carnal 211 Church. William Carlton. Jr 211. 374. 378 Cibnlka. Carmen Barbara 472 Cibulka, Ima 472 Ci(arroa. Joaquin. Conralez 457 Clagett. Jaae 126.251 Clancy. Martic Colleen 12 Clard. William Saeed 377 Clark. Amrie Denwa. Jr. ..191. 374. 175 Clark. Arrille Paul. Jr 68. 170. 43 Clark. Byron 10 Clark. Charle Staart 348 Clark. Cornelia 259.4 9 Clark. D. I_ 431 Clark. George Foote. Jr 213 Clark, Gilbert Barleaoa 10 Clark. I. E 12 Clark. Jamea Bennett Ill Clark. John Franklin 68. 458 Clark. Marshall Fraaklin Ill Clark. Martin Hooper 68.127.458 Clark. Meda Allene 68.440 Clark. Melvyn Lynn 111. 132. 113 Clark. Myrtle Jeaaae 68. 237 Clark. Nell Barbara 241. 350 Clark. Orlia Hoyd 2O7 Clark. Pey Loaiae 241.4 8 Clark. Roy Thoaua 187 Clark. Thomai Laaaiaf 215 Clark, Tilliam Kalar 197.4 7 Clarke. Flora Mclver 2SS Clarke. Fred Webater 132.133 Clarke. George Arthur 191 Claypool. Ralph J 68. 437 Clayton. Carl Clerelaad 68. 434 Clayton. John Bunyaa 207 Clayton. Mary Loell. m. 243. 4.7 Cleu. Jake Bame. 110. 111. 132. 113. 205 Clemeaa. Helea LoaUe 259 Clement.. Tburman Spencer 175 Cleadenin. Jack Beale 113 Cleveland. C. M 372 Click. I_l_ 200.42 Click. Mary Aaae 97. 259. 350 Cliae. Felice Moaelle 68. 227. 159 Cload. Guy Maurice. Jr 189 Cloaae. Sarah Eliaabeth 106 Cloer. Cara Jeanne 241 C a V Mexico 44 Coalea. Bettie Loa 475 Cobb. Ralph m.ldo. Jr 221 Cobb. Stephen Villiam 219.148 Cocek. Bernard John ..132. 113. 352. 457 Cochran. Alice Charleene ...97. 237. 4 5 Cochraa. Dori. Marie 113 Cochraa. Haael Mary 444 Cochraa. Maraaret Eliaabetk 259. 349. 46 Cochran. Nancy Valera 457 Cocke. William Hocll 191 Cockerham. Loan Allea Cockrell. France. JoM-pbine . . 215 .97. 259. 350 Cody. Huche. Ill Co-W Aurmklr 447 Cofer. Crawford Jonrph ...219. 174. 175 Cofer. George Hume 211 Cortmaa. David Hill. Jr Cochill. Han-l Marie 217.18 Cobea.Cele.te 231 Cohen. Harry Ed. ard 132.131 Cohen. Ira Lei(h M. 475 Cobea. Irvia Myroa 97 C ohea. Loaie 217 Cobeaoar. Doaald (Bo) 41.42.49 Coba. Adelaide 113 Cohn. JoLeifh ...10 . 141. 2 6. 149. 474 Coke. Robert Camp 211 Colby. Malcolm 212 Cole. Jack Lewia 106 Cole. Muriel 141 Colemaa. Jame. Lafayette 201 Colemaa. Robert Thoma.. Jr 69 Colemaa. William Patrick 69.163 Coley. Thoma. Harold. Jr 211 Collette. Allan 381 Colletti. P.ul Frank 69. 454 Colley. C. W.. Jr 381 Colley. Hubbard. Jr. .. 171. 172. 418 Colley. Marian Beruoa 229 Collier. Henry Ward (Caa) 97. 122. 277. 38S Colliat. Joha Duty. Jr 69 Colliaa. William Harold (Spot) 41. 42. 51 Colmey. Jamea Weir 106.277 Colquitt. Billie Jo Ill Coltoo. Mayme 69 Coltharp. Duane Ill Colunga. Alicia 69. 442 Colvia. EIIU Bernard 211 Calvin. Jay Wallace 211 Col well. Leal ie Charlea 69 Commer. E ler Naomi 247 Complon. Haynon 106 Comptoa. Patricia Hayvard 9 Coaaway. Ruth Alice 69. 442 Coae. France 10 Coae. Jean Carolyn 231 Coae. Lloyd William Ill Coney, Doaald 17 Conlisk. Carolyn Kate 107. 229. 4 5 Conly. Eleanor 141. 253 Coaaally. Eraeat Allea 97 Coanally. Martha Aaa 259 Connelly, Louise Tereu 457 Coaaer. Either Naomi 442 Conner. George Manioa, Jr 181 Conner. William Cartia 69, 175 Connolly. Michael Ill Connor. Cornelia 107.241.181 Connor. Jamea Reagan 181. 363. 178 Connor. Robert Charlea 449, 457 Connor. Seymour Vaoghan 437 Conoly. Zuehl 41. 42, 58 CoDMantin, Jim Alford 177 Corutantiae. Arthur. Jr 189, 446 Contat. Martha Lonue 349 Con.ay. Mary Alice 113 Coatray. Robert 144 Cook. Carroll Clarke 207 Cook. David Elmon 358 Cook. El.ood Eliaa 107 Cook. Molly Connor 3 1 Cook. Sammie Marie 229, 449 Cook. William Ellu 385 Cooke. Joha Franklin 441 Cooke. Lane Burler 181 Cooley. Miriam La Verne 97 Cooper. A. E. 40,210,372 Cooper. Carolyn Chriiae 229 Cooper. Hal lie I_ 472 Cope, Raaaell 438 Copelaad. Helea Radeeaa 2 1 Copelaad. Horace Victor 17 . 458 Copelaad. Jane 251.183 Corbetl. Margaret Ellen 97 Corbin. Virginia Ruth 237, 38 Corby. Joaeph Harry 177.414 Corcoran. Raymoad Au.tin 177 Corelh. Fraar. Erne.1 Ill Corleaa, George B 370 Corlette, Mr.. B. M 2 7 Corley. Jim m Coraett. Jame. Harrey 358 Corn.ell, E. R. 13 Corn.el I. Francea Jane 97, 350 Corrick, Ann Marjorie 97, 141. Ml. 3 2 Corrigaa. Clea Lee 170. 436 Corrigaa. Robert Napier 211 Cortex. Alloaao laaiaa 107. 446 Coryell. Gloria Verre 111.245 Cotaer. Evelyn Rath 229. 386, 471 Cotaer. Robert Crawford 200 Cotaer. Taoaaaa E. 201 Cotlea, Jame. Madoa 132.113 Coltea. Mary Virginia 241 Catanctl. William Jame. 191 Cottiagham. Katheriae Meek ...141. 259. 179. 440 Coniagbam. W. F 372 Cottle. Nell Maurice 107. 149. 4 8 Coach. Joaeph O. Terrell 175 Coaghlia. Richard Jame. 207. 457 Coulter. Edith Lee 69. 229. 4 5 vwi raco Coulter. Lucy Page 229.451.5 5 Coarmier. Betty Loa 97 Coartaey, Nell 69 Caamiaa. Robert Barlow 2 7 Coaain.. William Hogue 2 7 Coalu. H. J.Walter 432 Coven. Fraak Mortimer ... .41. 181. 300. 302. 176 Coviaglon, Vema Yoaag 134 Covo. Georgette Elaine ....128. 129. 141. 251. 272. 271. 149. 439. 4 7 Covo. Jacqueline Marie ....128. 129. 141. 251. 272. 271. 149. 439. 4 7 Cowan. Jeanne Creaap 350 Cowan. Richard Doaald 9. 3 5 Cowan. William Harold 177 Coartoyt, Tae 378 Coi. Alvi. Ray 98, 431 Coi. Edwia Lochridge 69. 195 Coi. F. Lanier 3 3. 165. 177 Coi. Freddie Mae 98 Coi. Jamea Tal ley 198.199 Coi. Robert Alamelb 190 Coi. Sue Sbepperd 69.442 Coi. Vera Evelyn 113.38 Craddock. Judith Arledge 237 Craddock. Robert Charlea 187 Craddock. Sue 237,4 5 Craft. Fraacit Edward 457 Craig. H. V 198 Craig. Jack Loai. 215 Craig, Jame. Harvey 69.121,16 Craig. John Au.lin 69. 187 Craig. Winfred Coraeliut 157 Crain. Catherine Barry 255. 444 Crain. Cullen Maloae ...41. 69. 308. 309. 369. 172. 415 Crain. Frank Harrington 183 Craia. Jack Walton ..41, 42. 47. 57. 4 Crain. Stephen Franklin 372 Crane. Broie Jet 375 Cranford. Luther Joyce 177 Cra.fvrd. William Severne 2 7 Cratilneck, Harold Bernard 173 Craven. Clyde Coatea 98.175 Crawford. Duffer Brookt 372 Crawford. Virginia Kathleen 69, 267 Craae. Merrill Albert 69 Cree. George Beaton. Jr 220. 221 Creighton. Charlea William 9 Creighton. John Roy, Jr 181 Crenahaw, Beatrice Cain 4 0 Creaahaw, Thomat C 69 Crept, Laura Catherine 134 Criatey, Mary Eleclra 241, 35 Cri.ty, Patricia Untley 243, 462. 46 Crockett. Eleanor Reeve. ..107. 229, 468 Crockett. John A 2 0 Crockett, Moton Haywood, Jr Ill, 112, 113 Cronqnitt. Edna Vivian 1 7 Croom. Nancy Gene 98, 241. 471 Crosby. Lillian Kathleen 475 Croaby. Vivian 98 Croat Coaalry o Croat. Barney Belle 2S5 Croat. Rath 3 1 Crouch. Austin Lee 449 Crouch. Willie Woodward 357 Crourher. Lealie 41, 1 0, 162. 166, 294, 297 Crow, Doaald Elmer 4 1 Crow. William Clinton 179.4 3 Crowder, Belly Jane 4 Crowder. Clemmie, Jr. ...112.111 Crowell. Betty Joe 215 Crowell. Caroline 3 0 Crowell. Helen Huat ..127. 128. 129. 229 Cro. ley. John Thomai 191 Crazier. Mary Ella 69.354 Cruee. B. H 113 Crumb. Stephen Franklin ...70. 3 9. 435 Crume. Herbert. Jr 47 Cruaemann. Fred ROM 191 Crutcher. Jamea William 191 Cry.tal. Melvin Harvard ...209. 171. 175 Cade. Willii Auguatnt 70.434 Cudlipp. Mary Elizabeth 98 Caellar, Amiata E 452 Caelo. Maaael. Jr 7 Culbertoa. Fiahcr Well. 111.451 Cullen. Jerry 98.267.440 Cull urn. Laadon Hayaet. Jr 197 Culp. Betty Bird 227 Culp. William E 107 Car fan a ertaiameax Committee ... 123 Culver. George Albert 348 Camming . Aaron 107 Camming.. Arthur Barnett 111.4 3 Camming.. Mai 358 Cuaniagham. David Wyaa. Jr 191 Cunningham, illiam A. ..372. 380. 434 Carf man. Hugh Wendell 107 Curley. Chri.tine Hamilton 241. 441. 471 Carrie. Elizabeth Jeannelte 128. 129. 237 Carrie. Staart Diekaoa 219 Carrie, Thoma. White 355 Carry. Vera David. Jr 171. 172. 438 Cartaia Club. Tkt 126 Curtia. Lula Jane 255 Cartu. Lewia Scott ' ...IK. 113. 179. 3S2. 377 Cartia. Sara Kay 237 Cu.hman. Joy Nell Ill Pace 519 NAMES FACES Cuthbcrtson. Dorothy Mae ...98, 251, 448 Culhbertson, Margaret Ann 251, 448 Cypher, Sarah Lou 70, 243 D Dacy, George Louis 377 Dahl, Penuel Joseph 70 Daiches, Roslyn Helene 231 Dailey. Benjamin Peter 357 Daily Texan, The 142, 143 Dakin. Dorothy Julia ..70, 241, 350, 468 Dale, Erwin Randolph 275, 375 Dale, Warren Alfred, Jr 207, 463 Dalious, Lucille 107 Dalkowitz, Hermine 375 Dalkowitz, Sara Louise 349, 448 Dallmeyer, Elvera Louise 70, 128. 129, 229, 464 Damiani, Michel Stuart 179 Damon, Henry G 212 Danford. Masil Bryan 458 Daniel, Chal Neuton ..41, 42, 45, 57, 191 Daniel, John Newton 70, 435 Daniel, Robert Elwyn 113, 221 Daniel, William Alexander 183 Daniels, Alice Lou 255 Daniels, Mary Caroline 70, 442 Daniels, Mary Frances 113 Daniels, Morris Judson 62 Daniels, Robert Donald 70 Danklefs, Elsa Lucille ..70, 350, 359, 367 Dannelley, Frank Humphrey 179 Darby, James Addison 193 Darnell, Laura Frances 451 Darnell, Martha Elizabeth 70, 451 MIIK Vernon Oscar 437 Daskum, Edward 435 Davant , Mary Anne 245 Davenport, George Follin 368, 437 Davenport, Hallis Lorraine 113, 243 David, Betty Jane 231 Davidson, Grace Maurine 98 Davidson, Marilynn Iris 257, 444, 464 Davidson, Robert Garey 205 Davidson, William R 41 Davies, A I ma Louise 243 Davies, Mary Elsie 249 Davis, Alice Irene 440 Davis, Billy Dean 113, 132, 133 Davis, Cecile Little 107, 237, 465 Davis, Charles Russell 193 Davis, David D 98 Davis, Desmond K 98 Davis, Earle Duane 458 Davis, Edward Coe 177 Davis, Eleanor Louise 241 Davis, Eloise 98, 245 Davis, Florence Janet 237, 462, 466 Davis, Frances Elaine 237, 465, 466 Davis, Hattie A. Jack . . 126, 241, 382, 469 Davis, Howard Eugene 107, 463 Davis, Jack R 107 Davis, Jean Demis 134, 263 Davis, John David Leigh 435 Davis, Juanice 227 Davis, Kenneth C. ... Davis, Leroy Curtis . . Davis, Louis C Davis, Mae Ellie Davis, Marijane Nancy Davis, Marjo Vane Davis, Mary Ernestine Davis, Mary Gail Davis, Mary Jane Davis, Mary Kathleen Davis, Mildred Louise Davis, Nancy Thomas . Davis, Neil Davis, Norman O. Davis, Ora Manford . Davis, Richard Caleb 194 130, 131 113 475 227, 386, 448 233, 466 107 98 272 126, 251, 448 98, 249, 449 253 107, 132. 133, 356 438 171, 181 41, 135, 199, 300, 303 237 434 189 113 .189, 356 205 Davis, Rosemary Beth .... Davis, Stanley Forrest, Jr. Davis, Thomas Oliver, Jr. Davis, Tolene Evelyn .... Davis, Wallace Kimbrough Davis, Washington Irvin, Jr. Davis, Wayne Burke 385 Davison, Tom Scale 139, 189 Dawley, Betsy 98, 253 Day, Anita Jeanette 442 Day. Clyde Wickliffe 70, 434 Dazey, Adelaide McClellan 274, 275, 277 Deahl, Mary Jane 237. 441 Deal, Doris E. Dean, Doris Anne Dean, Hubert Nathan Dean, William Beale ... Deane, Juliet Gertrude . Deaton, Dorothy Lee Decker, Jeannette Weeks Decker, Robert West . . . Decoux, E. Jacque 98 ..107, 128, 129 454, 460 358, 441 113, 257 255 263, 379 ..175, 374, 375 70 Deen, Arthur 184, 429 Deen, Mary Belle 466 Deering, Evelyn Leora 113 Defren, Charles John 457 DeGeorge, Michael John 215 Degler, Howard Edward 371 DeColyer, E 370 DeKoster, Pieter 356 Delancey, Charles J 179, 356 Delgado- Vega, Enrique 107 Delgado- Vega, Vicente 70, 470 NAMES PACES Dellinger, Mary Edwina ... .98, 253, 442 Deloach, Ralph Ilbert 364 Delta Chi 180. 181 Delta Delta Delta 242, 243 Delta Gamma 244, 245 Delta Kappa Epsilon 182, 183 Delta Phi Epsilon 246, 247 Delta Sigma Phi 184, 185 Delta Sigma Pi 365 Delta Tau Delta 186, 187 Delta Zeta 248, 249 Demoville, James Edward 70 Denison, Frank Willis 183 Denman, Ben Pittman 171, 193, 366, 378 Denman, Doris Ray 113 Denman, Gilbert Morgan, Jr 41, 70. 171. 211, 356, 373, 374, 375 Denman, James Burton, Jr 70, 436 Dennard, J. Frank Norris 70, 277, 441 Dennie, Robert Franklin, Jr 195 Dennis, Katharine Elizabeth 442 Den nis, Norma Gene 241 Denson, Milton Wayne 458 Dentler, Warren Leon 113, 135, 441 Dentsen, Donald 454 Deshotels, Evelyn 113 Deterly, Earl Malcolm, Jr 355 Deutsch, Melvin 294, 296 Deutsch, Wilson T 41, 294, 296 DeVillier, Alex Joseph 457 Devore, Stewart William 70 Dew, Barbara 128, 129, 245 Dewees, Charles Bell 191 Dewey, John Peyton 191, 463 Dewey, Margaret 263, 475 Dezo, George Steve 70 Diaz, Joaquin Basilio 481 Dibrell, Joseph Burton 130, 131 Diekerson, Mary Lee 113 Dickie, Floy Beth 70, 239 Dickie, Sarah Jane 70, 268, 273 Dickson, Clair 457 Dickson, Dorothy MacGregor ....70, 457 Dickson, Frederick Dwight, Jr. . . .71, 365 Dickson, James Cilmer 437 Dickson, Thomas Inches 107, 457 Dies, Howard Birch 191 Dietel, Erma Lee 440 Dillard, Carl Emmet 215 DM lard, Walter Branham 179 Dilley, Dorothy Ann 98, 245 Dillinger, Meryle 464, 469 Dillon, Clifford Brien ....160. 165, 171, 199, 356, 378 Dillon, Howard Clay 71, 134, 435 Dillon, Nancy Jane 253, 471 Dines, Robert Bruce 113 Dinwiddie, Ballard Alvin 107 Dion, Wallace Eugene 113 Dirks, R. W 98 Disch, William (Uncle Billy) 294 Dixon, Gene 113 Dixon, Gerald Judson 98 Dixon, Grace Hanna 107. 245 Dixon, Harold Winston 98 Doak, Margaret Virginia 243, 466 Dobie, J. Frank 426 Dockery, Maude Alice 241 Dockery, Peggy 113 Dodds, Dorothy 471 Dodgen, William Thomas, Jr. . . .71, 139 Dodson, Alberta 232, 451 Dodson, Sarah Clara 358 Dodson, Will Beth 71, 126, 475 Doering, Clarence Milton 434, 450 Doherty, Wilfred Lansing 183, 378 Dohoney, Mrs. A. P 272 Dolinsky, Basil Victor 356. 436 Dolley, James C 40, 364, 365, 425 Donaldson, Darrell Chester 71, 434 Donegan, Charles Henry, Jr 187 Donigan, Norma Frances 229 Donlop, Donald D 434 Donnell, Catharine 351 Donnell, Helen Clover 243, 271, 273, 462 Donnell, Nell 243, 467 Donofrio, Arthur Paul 457 Donoho, Charles McCammon, Jr 435 Donosky, Marcia 231 Donovan, Richard, Jr 71, 171, 183 Donzis, Jerome Milton 107, 209, 434 Doole, John Fumsey 181 Dooley, Joseph Brannon, Jr 438 Dorchester, Elizabeth Miner (Betty) .259, 471 Dorsey. John Wesley 191, 385 Doscher, Nettie Barrell 253, 350, 462 Doss, Grace 229, 350, 386 Doss, Noble Webster ..41, 42, 47, 71, 183 Doty. E. William 14 Dougherty, Becky Adna ....245, 382, 460 Dougherty, Dudley Tarlton 175 Doughtie, Venton Levy 371 Douglas, Ann Ella 355 Douglas, Jeanne Margaret 120, 138. 143, 144, 245, 361, 444 Douglas, Marjory Nell 241, 440 Douglas, Mary Elizabeth 457 Douglass, Emily Jane ..243, 271, 273, 460 Douglass, Helen Elizabeth 98 Douglass, Robert Perry 127 Douglass, Thomas Clinton, Jr 213 Dover, Frank Lipper 203. 377 Dovre, Margaret Elizabeth 467 Dowdy, Mary Louise 98, 350, 460 Downey, Gladys Bernice 141, 383 NAMES PACES Downey, Montez VI, 1 1. 263, 475 Downs, Fred 185 Dozier, Allen Beltram 457 Dozier, W. Miriam 465 Draeger, Kenneth Earl 434 Draffen. John Franklin 434 Drake, John Wilkes 113, 221 Drake, Mary Ann 107, 457 Draper, Lelia Merle 233 Driver, Walter 191, 378 Drummond, Lorena 361 Dryden, Charles Ballard 348 Dryman, Barbara Daphne 113 DuBois, Charlotte 128, 129 DuBose, H. Jay 141, 207, 376 DuBose, Joyce 98 DuBose, Pearl Witter 113, 255 Dudley, Helen Marie 113. 463 Dudley, Jim 475 Duesterhoeft, William Charles. . .219. 369 Duffer, Myra Lea 229, 350, 468 Duffield, Carl Edgar, Jr 191 Duffy, Patricia 107 Duls, Catherine Gardiner 253, 462 Duls, Jane Worthington 253, 384, 442 Dumke, William Richard 41, 460 Dunagan, Bernice (Bea) 107, 245 Dunnway, Gloria Jeanne 113 Duncan, Bennie Fred 436 Duncan, Ewert 221 Duncan, Cra ' delle 251 Duncan, John Kirk 221 Dunham, Walter, Jr 187 Dunkelberg, Rosemary Foudray ..367, 448 Dunkum, Doris Jean 253, 350, 382 Dunlap, Julia Adella 134, 251, 273 Dunn, Eugenia Ballinger ...241, 349, 446 Dunn, Jane Horton 113 Dunn, Julian na Vista 259 Dunn. O. Lewis 71 Dunn, Patsy Ruth 259 Dunn, Robert Walker 71, 358 Dunn, Roy Sylvan 71 Dunn, Ted Eugene 435 Dunnam, Thomas Eugene, Jr 179 Dunton, Edgar Frank 113, 132, 133 Durham, Clarence Orson, Jr 71, 436 Durham, Peter Prince 205 Durham. Travis Russell 71 DuRoss, Mary Kathryn 113, 233 Durst, Edward Lee 126 Duson, Curley Pharr, Jr 191 Dwyer, Mary Elizabeth 243, 467 Dwyer, William Francis 98, 457 Dwyer, William Grave 197 Dyal, Johnie 98 Dye, Conrad Charles 107, 457 Dyer, Christine Elaine 71 Dyer, Marian Elizabeth 107 Dyess, Arthur Delma, Jr. ...183, 374, 375 Dyess, Elizabeth Nell 241, 386 Dyess, Lola Lee 113 Dyess, Neva Zoe 113 Dyke, Eva Mae Porter 355 Dyke, Richard Burt 139, 180, 380 Eagle, Dorothy Elizabeth .. 98 Eagle, George Bolton, Jr. . . 113, 449 Ealand, Fred Ahrens 199 Early, Pattie Rose 259 Eason, John Harold Gilmer 107, 213 East, Margaret Sue 71, 128, 129, 239 East, Virginia 98 Eastham, Mary Elizabeth 113 Eastland, Benjamin Paige .. 175 Eastland, Seaborn, Jr ..71, 175, 378 Eaton, Blanche Lillian 107 Eberhardt, Ruth Ada 98, 350 Eberle, August Henry 457 Ebert, William A 113 Ebner, Oscar Tom 211 Eby, Florence Leverne .... 71 Echlin, Robert Firmen 71, 365 Echols, lona Mildred 71, 460 Eck, Leroy 356, 369 Eckels, Robert Edward 377 Eckert, John Byron 211 Eckert, Mildred .71, 141, 235 Eckhardt, Carl J 16, 372 Eckhardt, Carl John, Jr. ... 371 Eckhardt, Norman Wurzbach 211 Ecklund, William Andrew . 191 Edelstein, Betty Jean 113, 231, 247 Edens, Elizabeth Ann 229 449 Edmonds, Ethel Burnett . . . 440 Edmonds, Lester Loyd, Jr. . 365 Edmondson, Betty Grace . . . 113 Edmonson, Billie Carolyn . 71, 355, 360, 446 Edmunds, Raymond Swezey 177 Edwards, Ann Louise 444 Edwards, Edwin David 175 Edwards, John 467 Egan, Audrey Loretta 457 Egozcue, Edward J 71, 377 Ehlers, Betty Jo 241, 266, 273 Eide, Richard Benjamin ... ...174 Eidson, Jack Leigh 98, 201, 348, 356, 377 Eikler, Cus K 204 Eitt, Eileen Elizabeth 460 Ekdahl, S. N 192 Elder, Carl Dyer 356 Elizondo, Cesar Manuel 71, 452 Elliott, Benge 98 Elliott, Betty 71 NAMES PACES Elliott, Betty June 225, 233, 442, 459 Elliott. Bobbie 98 Elliott, James Webster 475 Elliott, Martha Elizabeth 361 Elliott, Peggy Jo 257 Ellis, George S 107 Ellis, John T 71 Ellison, Fred Pittman 183, 359 Ellison, William Lee 141, 187 Ellsworth, Ruth Edna 229, 464 Elrod, Alex Warren 72, 434 Elrod, Hamlin Kennedy 72, 434 Ely, Robert Seldon 461 Emerson, Harriet Anne 113, 239 Emerson, Nancy 134 Endel, Max 168, 441 Eng, Phillip 438, 454 Engbrock, Glenn Harold 437 Engel, Anne Marie 141, 239, 464 Engcl , Genevieve Olga 107 Engerrand, George C. M 359 England, Frances Hall 481 Engle, Eloise 72. 263 Epperson, John Cleveland 454 Eppright, Margaret Anne 351 Epstein, Elaine Janet 261 Erhard, Mary Pearl 259 Erickson, Martin Elmer 359, 481 Ernst, Richard Edwin 207 Erter, Rosemary 127 Erwin, Eldon Eugene 72, 366, 449 Erwin, Frank Craig, Jr. 191, 355, 356, 358 Erwin, Sara Margaret 255 Esparza, Alicia Maria 359 Estes, Dorothy Wardcll 359 Estill, Mary Ellen 113, 349 Eta Kappa A ' u 369 Etter. Harold Eugene 113, 458 Ettlingcr, H. J 428 Ettlinger, Martin Grossman 355, 356, 357 Evans, Arthur Newton 187 Evans, Dale 72 Evans, Delavan Pierson 358 Evans, George Keiser 130, 131 Evans, Hazel Faye 272, 273 Evans, James Oscar 130, 131 Evans, Patricia Mary 113, 457 Evans, Phyllis Ann 113, 259 Evans, Waunita Sunleaf 98, 367 Everett, Marshall Lee.. 193. 274, 356, 366 Everett, William Edward, Jr 219, 356 Evers, Courtney James 434 Eversberg, Connie Shirley... 243, 382, 383 Ewers, Norma Lou 235 Ewing, Bula Betty 237 Ewing, Joseph Shelby 434 Ewing. Josh 437, 470 Exall, Betty May 253 Eyoub, Leila Lisette 257, 450 Ezell, Sue 72, 225, 263, 440, 462 Faculty Fagadau, Mona June Failing, William Earl Fain. Clem Frank 114, Fairchild, Mrs. I. D Falfa Omicron Omega Falk, Bibb Fancher, George H Fannin, Florence Louise . . . Fannin, Oliver William Fant, Jack Far, Virginia Lee Farb, David Faris, Margaret Helen Farley, Barbara Farley, George Ann Farner, June Whiting Farr, Wornall Farrell, Ruth K Faseler, E. J., Jr Faubian, Grady, Jr Fausset, Guy F., Jr Fawcett, Leslie Clarence .. Feagan, Elmer Clyde, Jr. .. Feagan, Richard Wynne 72, Feagin, Grace Beth Feder, Luis Felder, Zack Lamar Felgar, Robert Pattison, Jr. Felps, Newton O ' Brien .... Felts, James Martin Fencing Fenner, Fdwin Henry Fenner, Marjorie Nell Feray, George Edson Ferguson, Bill O ' Dowd .... Ferguson, George A Ferguson, George Oliver ... Ferguson, Harvey Norman . . Ferguson, Jessie Lynn. .128, Ferguson, John Stoddard . . . Ferguson, Phil M Ferguson, Ray Fernandez, Richard Clement Ferrell, Edward Ferrell, George Ferrell, Ray Ferrick, Martin Joseph, Jr. Ferris, Teresa Ann Ferriss, Marjorie Nolen .... Fichtenbaum, Morton G. Field, George Lowel 1 Field. Jackie 41. 42, Field, Sam ..72 ..72, 185, 368, 51. ..424-432 261, 464 ..72, 221 133, 189 12 379 294 370, 436 .263, 475 2 75 207 350, 464 173 .237, 383 Ill .263, 467 , 126, 263 ..72, 365 245 370, 437 437 72 98 114 370, 436 245 481 205 372, 437 72 215 168 107 .107, 349 193 458 114 .132, 133 .107, 454 249, 386 .127, 189 , 372, 437 98 .369, 435 72 437 114 183 .249, 457 241 .209, 437 358 213, 385 213 PACE 550 1 Rlea. John TYma Rlea. Jayee FieUa. DaMky Lamime 114. 34 Rl. Jamenr Hick 3 7 .. . 12 . 19. 354 .35 . 3S7. 372. 434 .... US. 12 . 354 354. 3 7. 447 Filkim.. My Lu 72. 241. Ml Rlley. Eerett R.. Jr 1 7 Rack. A. P 21 Fimrm. Mary Mallory 25 . 43 Rmeh.SumleyP 3m . 437 Fimrkcr. Ene Milliard 274. 415 Fimrmrr. M. Rack. Mariam Hemry 72 Fimdlry. Waller Carl 3S3 Fimnr. Earl Joha 457 Fiml.rton. Ckarlr. Robrrt 1 1. 3 5 nmUT.Hr.tAu 34 Lil. Dean 143. 237. 3 ;. 4 5 Fimmecam. Betty k.tbrtime . . . 72. 2S3. 312. 457. 4 2 Rrmun. M.r. E.rNa 107 Fc cr. H.rol i 41. 42. 54 Flacker. Newtea Dwrham 71 Rhrr. Robert Rm-cll 370. 43 Fiarker. Sumley Kenk 1 7 RU. j.m . 114. us FMbn.Cfc.rlr M.rcU 1 7 Fiaher. Jack Berry 35 Flaker. Jr.. Lee 2S3. 444 r fcrr. Vrll Virjeam 114 Rm. Hrrma. Amdrr 72. 129. 441 Ffcaierala. Bermard 13 . Ill Rtmjrr.ld. Hrlm Caralya 114. S3 Rucrrald. J. Amdenam 14. 1 2. 3 4 Fitmferald. lack 1 0. It Rrmjerala. Ralph Dawmimc 351. 4SS Filmmer. Slmmtam William 143 Flmrk, Jae Femlry 1 1. 3 3 Flaherty. WillUm J h 457 r " i 41. 42. 4 . 1 1 Flamacim. Momroc. Jr IS limr fiinll 72 Hi mini TUT - ' ITS Flammmj. Damald Charlea 132. 133 rill -]--- " 17 Flrminf. Joe Bergman 441 Flrmumc. W.ltom Clrm. Jr 1 3. 37 Flrttnrr. E- C 174 Fletcher. M.r. Alice 225. 237. 4 5 nr.tilrm.Wilb.rC.rl 27 FUn.. Hrlrn M.rr.rrt 2 Flana. Alicu Amrara 452 Flare.. Emm. 452 Flawera, Cearme Waru 1 Flayd. Jemm Mary Royd. Le.lie Far Fiord. Marr Nell Fl.r. Richard A Flr-Ceraldimr FN. William St FlTmm. Michael E. Marie! Ma Fornt. Johm Arnold. Jr. . Focbl. John Arnold. St... Fojtik. L.dU ElUaberh . 377. 437 3 8. 372. 437 457. 47Z 42-5 5 Faate.CearceWilMB.Jr 99 Fard. Jame. Dmdley 72. 37 . 43 Farm. Jam Ckmrie 72. 143. 1 5 Fard. Marilym Jramme 114 Fard. VirtinU Myrlr 225. 253. 37 . 3 3. 4 2 Fardtram. Jo rpinc Brll 259.46 Fare. Mary El lem 253 Forrhamd. Florence Eleamor 46 Faimim. Herbert CrJ an. Jr. ...... 37 . 45 . 4 3 Forkel. Cnn Emit 132. 133. 35 Farmam. Jaek Herbert 114. 173 Forma.. Lara Maiime 3 3 arre . Fmher Uayd 353. 357. 372 John Malcolm 22 act. HamerTkoma ....72. 13 . 131. 358 an rare Cla ...41. 3W artmer. Marge Elaime 12 artmer.Xamcy 241 acr. Billy Talc 441 .Cwemdalym 1 7 aaner. Lrla CUirr 72. 257. 4 4 r. Randolph KeJaam. Jr. ....72.132. 133. 134. 352 . Eahert Dewin 37 . 45 r.Vrriam 73.244.444 114.344 Foala.. Dmncan Kilforr 213 Famlk, Mary Ellrm . 27 . 273. 471 Fowler. Mr,. Mario. 453 73 am,Cay 35 , H-. itt Bate. M7. 1 7 12 i m.llomjhhy Brooke 211 raim. Raymoad Albert 437 rmmmark. Jack Aadrrw 215 ramcia. Martha 253.37 PatricU , 114. 127. 225. 257 Fraaey. Catkerime Jame 2k . 273 Frank. Lai. Natalie 231 Framk. Stamley Calaaa 114. 3 1 Fraaklia, Byram Waadward 39 Framklim. Charlie Amm . 2S1. 440 Fnmklim. C; Tilliami 73 Framklim. ROM Mar. ...73. 251. 447. 44 Fr.aklia. Sol. Jr 2 5 Framkt. Rarimomd D lMm 177 FramkMomr. Rarm omd 213 Framu. Hrlrm Bmmvll 2 2 Framuni. Artkmr AmceU 4 3 Frmmer. Framk Uwim 457 Frmmv. VirfUi. Fair 114. 2S3 Frrot. Ralmk Uw.rd . 143. 377 Frederick, Cecil Ckaiira 132. 133 Fremnick.CkarlnR.lMn 43 Frederick. Jmfcm H 3 5. 42 Frrrd. Itu Lornix 247 Frrcmwm.Jark 41. 42. 51 Frrrum. J.rnm 2 Frremam. Ummaay 114 Frrrmu. Mary Framcca 4 FrrrM. M.rtlc Drm 455 Frrrmum. R. Jmamita 1C7 Frrmcm. Lamm 271 Frrmck. LillUm Trrrrll 440 Frrmrh. Vrrmom M 35 . 4 1 JVrmimvem 112-1 It Fremmaiick. Jr. 23 Frrr. Jrrrr Bmrkr 141, ITS Trim 380 Frirorll.Dr.prrrJ.IU 190 Frirdrll. M.rt.rrt 444 Frirocll. M.oor Brmdt 44 Frirdra. Tbelmu 143 Friedjmam. AlWrt 2 3 Frirdmum. H.rrr Brnurd 375 Frirdm... Jrror Miltom 73. 217 Frid. llarilT. WriUr 231 Frier. Ammr AoaSM 114. 457 Fritu, Bofcbr Ul. J4m. 3 Fritz. Jomm Hemry 73. 3 3 Frterl.Vinimi.Amm 2 3. 3 2 Frinrll. Ell. Sbrlbr 34 . 4 0 Frmtt. Billr Crnu 27 Frmmt. Cm. Bmrlomm. Jr.... 2 7. 355. 35 Frarimr. 225. 233 Frmrmolu. Mutarrt 271 Fry. Mar. Hal let 25 Frymurr. Krrmit 2 1 Fmcbt. C.H Jacob iS7 Fmcm.. ViqimU Blamckc 455 Fmrmcs. Jacofe Mammel 73. 127 Fmrmtr.. Mammel Nicolu 452. 457 Fmemt Bmrmetl St. Clair 457 Fmce. Yilliami Rmfeen. Jr.... 132, 133. 201 Fmielle. Riclue 205 F.llrr. Ladr MTT. 243, 443 Fmllrrtom. Faml R.T 114 Fmllertom. R.Tom Dki.. Jr. ..73. 13 FmlmMR. Steriimc RaherUM. Jr 135. 2 7. 4 3 F.ltom. Ralpb 199 Fmltz. Jaime. Edward 189 Fmk. Herbert B 43 Fmrnma. Qrme McCmllomck 441 Fncmmvm. Carl MOM 353. 35 . 357. 372. 434 Fmrr. Jmuita iu 107 Fmni, Marr Elirahnk 253. 4 0 Fmrnadl. Dori. Demm 107 F.ICB, Edtrard Domimc. Ill ....185. 34 435 .12 . 12 .215 Cmime . Katmerrm Jodellr . 227 Cmimea.Scon 1 2 Calmrahm. Ralmm Artmmr . . . . 1 8. 3 4. 435 Calmraitk. Walter Demtom. Jr. 75 Cmmnmky. EmMnHmami 203. 4 Cali.Caare 457 C.lli.r. Jemmme... . 253. 272. 273. 440 Call. Johm Ulamd . 132. 133. 352 Cumbrrl 1. Pattie Marie 2 3 Camd rell. WillUa Moomrr I . 34 CcmKX. Lmi. Ear mirl 35 . 452. 4 1 CmmmM Drlu 450 i Omicn Omrf Km 3 1 2S, 251 Cmmdler.lda 3 7 Cumom. Qair Hildmk 1 5 . Frederick Cilkmmsk 1 5 25 211 .255. 4 7. 471 107 H7 .1 2 Gamoom. Jokn Farme Cmmn. Jemm Maraak . G.att. M.rr Lorn ... Camtt. Mrlba Jo ... Carber. P. J. Carkreckt. Marimrie ....73. 217. 35 . 471 Cmrcia. Amrl. 452 Cmrrta. AlWrte Emrimme 107 Garcia. Alfred Tornw.. Jr 107. 452 CarcU. Alicia ....107. 452. 455. 473. 4 1 Garcia. Martkm XmcUtl . 455 Cardrmirr. Hmrk Eaory 1(5 Cmrdere. Hrmrirttr Famlime 237. 457 Cardmer. Ednrd O ' laemra 211 Cwdmer. Frmmk Jmaom 127 Cmrdmer. Jacmmelne....l2 . 12 . 237. 4 2 Cmromet. Lmmra Femrl 73. 4 4 Cardmer. Richard Calemwm 45 Carftmklr. Irrimg Leom 2 3 Cmner. Clajtom Slwae 1 7 Carmer. Jomm H.miilto. 177 Cmrmett. Williami Oimtom Haydem ....1 7 217 racn Carren. Ourlr Edward ........ 1 7. 4 7 Carrrtt. Dr Vrrr Ann ................ 1 7 Cwrrtt. ErrU Ratk ....... . 350. 4 4. 4 t. 4 Carrrtt. Carim ...................... Carren. Jack .............. 13 . 131. 1 Carren. Jmliam ................ 41. 42. 44 Carren. Rmfm Samden. Jr ...... 1 7. 135. 1 3. 44 Carmom. Herbert Jmme .............. 1 7 CarruM. Jokm Flrmumf ............. 470 VirgimU ............. ...... 13 Carwood. Calrim Baiter ............. 1 5 C.rr.OtuB.ia ..................... 1 3 Can.. CmMa.o ...................... 73 R.oml ........................ 44 Can.. RarmMimd Brimno ........ 13 . 131 Cukcll. Ji-r Irrimf ............... 3 3 Guaill. Harriett Lmella ............. 99 Camkim.Her.erl ..................... 377 CaauiraT. Rmkr Ceraldime -.73. 350. 4 0 CaMaway. Tamer Ford .............. 4 0,. H.rrirt Kimbro .......... 2 3. 43 C.tlint. JulU Adrll. Dunl.plrnm ____ 271 Catlimg. Lrmm .......... . 12 . 12 . 273 G.tlimr. Marr ....................... 114 Gautt. Robert Lee .................. 114 C.m. Robert m-nitr ................ 4 9 C.T. Billy Mmmdell .... ............. 211 Cay. Jerrr Falver ................... 213 Cayler. Cecil Vimtfom ............... 357 Cearimc. Mary Edma ................. 451 Cekamer. Darotky Lomi e....l . 128. 129. 34 . 350. 447. 44 . 459, 474 Crkrimc. Alice Madelime ............. 73 Grhriof. Hrraum Frrd ............... 197 Grllrr.Reb.Amm .............. 114. 247 C.m.ktrt. Raae .................. 73, 442 Cemlry. Elixabetk ................... 3 0 Crmrv.Gror.rV .................... 180 Crmtry. Jacmmelime .................. 107 Ceorce. M.rcm B ................... 114 Cearte. Willie Mac .................. 442 Gerem, Limda Lee ... ............ 22 . 44 Cera. Melnm Harold ...... 2 . 353. 357. 372. 434 CmVhmma. Zmella ..................... 350 Cibenom. Jack Blame ................ 19 CUMom. Honrd A. .................. 475 CiWom. Lcr Ellrm ....1 7. 3 2. 439. 474 CiWom. Miriami Marie ............ 73. 354 CilMom. Williami El-rr. Jr ........... 475 Cideom. Rac er Mmrpky ..... 21 . 37 . 37 Cidlcr. ill Mae .......... 73. 239. 45 Cidley. Tilliami Framci. ............. 1 Cieae. Sybil Rmlk ................... 114 CiCm. Calrim Earie ............. 1 7. 454 Gilbert. Cecile Pamlime .............. 2 1 Gilbert, DaUy Tmorme ............... 3 1 Gilbert. Harold Stamley ............. 20 Gilbert. Dr. Joe ..................... 17 Cilrmrul. Jacqmelime Zoe ............ 444 Gill. Amdrey ................. 41. 42. 49 Gill. Gloria ........................ 25 Cillrcpir. Demald Erwim ............. 127 Cillexpie. Ceialdime ........ 255. 379. 43 Gillette. Fred Bovyer ............... 211 CillUmi. Dorotkr Virrj.U ....... 2 3. 379 rilliimi, I ami, fmimarrlii. Ir ...... 438 Cilln. Dorotbr ...... 2 3. 383. 43 . 475 Cilrmrr. Johm TVoampaam ............. 1 9 Cilmxre. Joe Carroll ............ 1 3.378 Gildrap. H. C. (Bally) ......... 42. 1 Cii .rt. Helem Elaime .............. 247 Cir.mdim.Paal.Jr .............. 132. 133 CirU- C. ' ee C m ............... 128. 12 Gitra. Mildred Lonice ............... 231 Clamacim. Jame Carroll ... ClaKork.CC. Cla. CKarln Rri. Cla, Edward To Cla, m.lter ............. CUaer. Syma Lemm ....... Cl.nnim.rr. Elne Certrade Clamrr. Mildred E. . ' ..73. 4 8 . 221 181 355. 358 .107 .45 .114 Clemaam. Margaret ElBmheth ....114. 457 Glrlter. M.rgarrt 73 Gleam. Horace 2 4, 2 Clean. Robert BemUmun 2 7 Clem.. Tbomta. Olrrer 454 Clrniiry.DamirlJokrpb.lll 175. 457 Clam. Grortc Edward. Jr 107. 348 Clover. Olrria Lee 241. 4 5. 4 7 Goad. Tom Lloyd 73.3 5 Coar. Eirrett Loran 179 Caber. Forrex 177. 438 Cable. Hrlm Rath 114. 2 3 Godwin. Edwud Arthur 3 5. 4 9 Coekel.Dioe 114 Cortk. Joe Adalph ITS Coruke. Darothy RwMell 354 Cafortk. Dan. Elaime 114 Caidl. Irrimg Sir 209 Goine.. Dorotny Jranne ...225. 227. 38 . 442. 44 Gold. Harry Lee 217 Goldmeck. Robert Eaceme . 4k Coldberx. Harry Samwel. Jr 438 Coldhen. Refim. Heleme 114. 231 Caiman . Shirley France. 247 Golden. Brrnice Cecile 114. 457 Caldem. Rmth Elaime 2 1 Goldfarb. William Darid 2 4 Caldmeld.Mai 217 CaUmmrah. France. Zalta 114. 247 Caldimc. Sylnm Hemry 2 3 Caldmum. Ckarlea Kay ColJmum. FelU B.. Jr. Coldmumm. Mary I Gold ilk. C. A. CaUamutm. D.rid Vard Coldrteim. Gloria Gold.trin. Milton : - 23 . 451 211 353. 434 2 1 .348. 355. 35 CaJdMeim. Stamley Ednrd 173 Coll 310 Coif. Jack in Golmum. Ethel 73. 12 . 247 Cnmrt. Carlo. Albert IT Gomdolf. Jack Framci. 114 Coadra. Mammel Adolf o 4 1 Comxalez. Fermamda Nararro 114. 44 Coazalcz. Jorge Reyma 73. 470 Coodlen. Margaret Eluattrtb 73. 350 Coodmum. Ceme Cari ....41. 211. 30 . 3 Coodmrr . J i- 1 7 Coodricb. M.yom 114. 455. 4 1 Goodtom. Alfred Clraemt 441 Caadmam. Mary Virp.U 442 Cn.iim. VirtUU Fmrl 74 Coodwim. Emcrme Marrim 213. 385 Coodwim. Rabat Joaepk 4S7 Cast. Inrim Mamry 217 Gordon. M.rvinettr 107 Cardom. Roaalie AdeU 2 1 Cardom. Stanley Ervim. 20 Cofdom. Winifred 74. 35 Cormami. Hanuom Drew 438 Gorman, Soxamme Climtom 25 . 37 CormUey. Grace Maria 22 . 2 8. 273. 457 COM. Adele Doram 241 Coaa. Cmariane Bl.kely 440 ComKtt. Cawatamce AlmMa..225. 382. 447 Cortt. WillUmZrla 215 Can. Preatam Frmner , 45 Comd(e. Barkara Elluom 243 Gould. John 177 Cowim. Lamra Fay 99. 13 Cramer. Paml Jaawi 3 3 CrmctHftt 27 Grace. Marrbrlle 141. 24 . CrmoWalei 62 Crady. Jokm Framci. 205. 457 Crmhmmk Ckariea Rnfm. 114, 475 Crakamk Jeam Emw-nami 24S Crakami. Jomm Pmilim HI Crahami. Johm W.yme 2 1. 350. 434 Crakami. Jmlie Anita 2 3 Graham. Lmrtta 1 7. 25 . 382, 44 Graham, Marie 251 Graham. Mai Krnnrth 457 Gramhlimf. Joan Allrm 135. 2 7 Grambrrrr. Collier Read 40. 200. 369. 377. 429, 435 Cramt. Chariec Brady 191 Grant. Colre. Marie 241 Gramt, Drame Fome. Cramt. Cladyi 444 Cramrille. Ceorze Ellu 355 Cr.uel. AKin H.rold 3 5 Grave , Mary Amme 9 Cr.Tr. M.ry Irrland 255 Grate . Plemaamt Fowler. Jr 41. 211 Qmemtom Bramaom 3 8, 437 Cray. Daphreme Kathrym 2 8. 273 Cray. David 114 Cray. Jack 1 0 Cray. Johm Herbert 74 Cray. Lee WillUm 189 Cray. Mary StemMy SS4 Gry.Pe 7 W7. 241 Cre.tmome. Oanmmoele 114 Grebe. Helra M.r.arrt 74. 451 Green, Anhmr Clur 107. 457 Crrem. Arthmr Grrruh 469 Creem. Errrrtt Wayme 74. 3 5 deem. Fred Brammam 454 Creem. Happy 3 4 Crern. Muth. 243 Creem. Mary Beth Creem. Mary Rmth Creembert. Henchel 217 Creenbrrc. Milton 173 Greene. Nona Loa 255 Grrrnmrld. Annette Loaue 231. 44 Greemmum. Barbara 128, 12 . 231 Grrrn.ood. Babe 114 245 233. 4 Greenwood. Robert E. 425 Creer.J.met 143 Greer. Jeam Ame. 227 Creer. Johm Bachmum 107. 1 7 Crrrt, Eleamor Lore 241 Crecc. J.n 22 Grew.Lrah 244 Crete. Mary LillUm 2, 35 Crecary, Kathleem 235 Gregory. Lloyd Jefrnom 1 1 Grrcory. Martha Jame 237. 3 3 Crecary. Robert Hemry 3 3 Creary. Ramaell Wilaam 43 Crecx-a. Jamv Ramdolpk 74. 43 Crete. Bern Vayme. Jr 114, 17 Crrii. Paml Bammett. Jr 1 7 Creimer. Williaai Edward 211 Crell. Clinton Lr Ctrl I inc. Mary Johm 255. 3 2 Creahamk Dorothy Elaime 99. 25 Grey. Javjea Wil lard 44 Cribble. ElUahrtk Food. 237. 4 2 Crice, WillUm Kemmetk 114 CriCm. Charle. Eldridce 1 7. 44 : 551 NAMES PACES Griffin. Charles Henry 199, 385 Griffin, Dorothy 107 Griffin, Edward B 143, 144 Griffin, Fred David 179, 371, 372, 376, 438 Griffith, Charles Coleman 207 Griffith. Llewellyn Brooks 207 Griffiths. Ruth Fletcher 467 Crimes, Edwin Matthew 368, 372, 437 Grimes, Merton Ona 134 Grimes, Wilborn 371. 377 Grimm, Furman Alexander 450 Gripper, June Esme 259 Crisham, Dortha Fay 74 Crisham. Leon Magil 199 Cri.ham, Mary Wyley 127, 128, 129, 263, 475 Grissom, Fred 438 Grissom, Pinkney, Jr 181 Criswold, John 353, 434 Croesbeck. Gloria 114 Grogan, Bernice Kathryn 229 Grohmann, Ernest Vincent, Jr 446 Crona, Leroy 377 Croos. Elise Harrison 255, 467 Grossman, Ruth Evelyn 128, 129, 231 Crothaus. Ann 107 Crover, Tilda Jayne 241, 440 Criibb, Paula Jane 267 Crubbs, Margrette Zuleika 74. 249, 367, 386 Grubbs, Virginia Ernestine 249 Grumke, Neysa Marceile 114 Crundy, Thaddeus 74, 187, 358 Crupp, Stanley Robert 132, 133, 352 Gueldner, Maxine Murray 355 Cuenther. Margaret Elise 114, 243 Guenzel, Rudolph It. 219, 438, 450 Guernsey, Roscoe, Jr 372, 437 Guerra, Abelardo, Jr 74 Guerra, Anastasio Alberto, Jr 457 Guerrant, Joseph Richard 368 Guerrero. Celia Maria 114, 452, 457 Guest, John Lemuel 130. 131 Guidera, Albert Lawrence 457 Cuiler, Mona Dennis 74, 257, 464 Guillard, Louise 444 Guin, Margaret 74, 127 Cuirard, Beverly Marie 351 Guleke, James Seewald 199, 461 Gulley, Mittie Emily 440 Gump, Harry Anthony 205 Gunn, Thomas Herbert 108 Gunter, Mary Margaret 349, 457 Gurley, Charles Robert 187, 461 Gurley, Margaret Mary 263, 350, 379. 383, 439, 440, 447, 459 Gurley, Ora Mary 108, 461 Guseman, Lenora Antoinette 457 Gustafson, Harry Emanuel 74 Cuthrie, James Edwin 114, 215 Gutierrez, Cecilio 452 Gutierrez, Maria Elsa 74, 452 Gutierrez- Vela, Lauro 74, 434 Gutierrez-Zorilla, Felipe 446 Gutsch. Milton R 428 Cwallney, R. K 99 Gwyn, Jack 144 H Haase, Elizabeth Marie 235 Haase, Helen Josephine 108 Habarta, Lillie Mae 472 Habenicht, Harold Guido 74, 219, 365 Haber, Paul Adrian 355 Hackett, Charles Wilson, Jr. 74. 141. 201, 355. 359. 463 Hackett, Charles Wilson, Sr. 200, 359, 425 Hackney, Leo Michael 364 Haden, John 74, 277 Hafernick, Harry Lee 41, 60, 300, 301, 302, 460 Haga. Larry Masoa 99 Hagelman, Charles William, Jr 74 Haggard. Juan Villasana 359 Hagood, Ruth 267 Hahn, Annette Mary 241 Hahnel, Virginia 457 Hainey, Melvin Ferd 369, 435 Hairrel, Beverly Ruth 99 Hajek, Mildred Leona 99, 472 Hajovsky, Jerome 41, 294, 297 Halbouty, James Jubron 74, 355, 436 Halden, Marvel Jean Snow 349 Hale. E. E 193 Hale, Laverne 139 Hall, Bette 263 Hall, Carl E 114 Hall, E. Wayne 114 Hall, Elizabeth Ann 114, 446 Hall, Frances Mildred 263 Hall, John Henderson 177 Hall, Katherine Morris 253 Hall, Margaret Jean 99 Hall, Marian Bain 114 Hall, Marie Nelson 74 Hall, Sarah Elizabeth 253, 466 Hall, Seidel Seale, Jr 99, 437 Hall. Wendell Edwin 74. 197, 469 Hall, William Cary 75 Hallford, Ben Ray 114 Hallmark, Billie Lou 99, 237, 468 Haltom, Silva De 474 Hamblin, Kathaleene Nancy 245, 350, 362, 459 Hamill. Viola Josephine 440 NAMES PACES Hamilton, Arthur Girard, Jr 193 Hamilton. John Max 193 Hamilton. Mary Ellen 475 Hamilton, Robert Earl 75 Hamilton, William Norman 197 Hamlett. Samuel Barksdale 96 Hamlin. Edwin Woodworth 369. 372, 435 Iliimm. William Dow, Jr 177 Hammack, Robert Vernon 205 Hammer, Lloyd Allen, Jr 207 Hammill, Barbara Ray 259 Hammitt. Joseph Cloyd 132. 133 Hammond. Billie Lou 75. 237, 464 Hampton, Jackie Cecile 75, 251 Hampton, Raymond 114 Hancock, William Roland 75 Handelman, Ben 203 Handelman. Eva Ruby 231 Haney, Andrew Jackson 441 Hankerson. Lyle Rose 255, 350 Hanna, Joe Currie 123 Hanna, Lois 99 Hannay, Allen Burroughs 175 Hansen, Irma Cecilia 75, 143, 257, 361. 362 Hanson, Kenneth Clayton 377 Happel , Henry Howard 177 Hardgrave. Jo Wilmeth 371, 438. 475 Hardin. Ernest Randolph 190 Hardin, Richard Davis 187 Hardwickc, Edward Greer 207, 392 Hardwicke, Margaret Mary 237, 465 Hardy, Bill Benson 75, 135. 355, 376, 441, 463 Hardy, Jessie Jean 263 Hardy, Mary Margaret 243 Hargett. Marion 75, 464 Hargis, John Arlington 160, 164, 205 Harkins, Henry Burton 41, 42, 45, 363, 366 1 1. ii kin-. R. L 41, 42. 47 Harkrider, Jane Elizabeth 237, 462 Harle, OI iver Latham 357 Harman, Robert Adlia, Jr 207 Harmon, Dennis Burford 99, 134 Harmon, Francis Gilmer 191 Harmon, Fred Ingersol I 434 Harnest, Betty Penn 99, 267 Harper, Betty Jane 114, 227 Harper, Bit lye Esther 114, 227 Harper. Henry W 15, 176. 348 Harper, Ischar Marion 114 Harper, Nina Louise 114 Harper, W. L 138, 144 Harral, Iva Aline 251 Harrell, Dorothy Jane 108 Harrel I . Freddie 221 Harrell, Hazel Bill 99 Harrington, Marion Ray 187 Harris, Bill 114 Harris, Calvin Henry 450 Harris, Clara Barton 243, 442 Harris, Dolores Ray 114 Harris, Elaine Marie 229 Harris, Frances Pearl 383 Harris, Francis Barton 243 Harris, Harold Joseph 75, 217 Harris, Henry 41, 42, 55 Harris. Horace C. J 114 Harris, Jesse Martin 189, 374 Harris, Marjorie Elizabeth 350, 442 Harris, Robert Edward 189 Harris, Theodore Edward 173 Harris, Truett Wilson 75, 130, 313 Harrison, Dan J 12 Harrison, Dan Jefferson 191 Harrison, Elna Blanche 239, 457, 460, 465 Harrison, Frances Wayne 75, 253, 382, 462 Harrison. Harriett 141, 253 Harrison, Marguerite 361 Harrison, Mary Louise 128, 129, 243 Harrison. Mary McLain 367 Harrison. Nancy Ruth 114 Harrison. Raymond Cloud 175, 378 Harrison, Thomas Perrin 182 Harrison, William Thomas ..75, 132, 133. 201. 348. 352 Harrod, Hazel Louise 75, 355 Hart, Ann Shirley 241 Hart, Henry Simon 209 Hart, Joseph Peck 41, 187 Hart, Lawrence Wayne 348, 473 Hart, Marianna Catherine 259, 467 Hartrick, Wade James 364 Harveson. Lloyd Cullen 114 Harvick, Mary Louise 229, 471, 475 Harvill, Katherine Brownson ...108. 225. 349, 466, 475 Harwell, Anne Ursula 255 Harwood, Roane 114, 177 Harwood, Winston 177 Haskins. Edd Lee 75. 168. 365 Hasskarl, Dorothea Louise. . .383. 440, 466 Hastings, E. Stuart 114 Hatch, Arlton Nelson 75, 438 Hatch, Lewis F 357 Hatch. Lillian Marie 108 457 Hatcher. Mrs. V. M 270 Hatchett. Capres Stripling. Jr 355 Hatfield, Annie Lee 465 Hatherly. Helen Janice 75. 239 Hatten, Roy 219, 274 Hatton, Crady 41, 187, 294, 295 Hatzfield, Edward Joseph 457 Havis, Arden Kennard 143, 144, 350 Hawkins, Alice Lucile ..99. 241. 439, 449 Hawkins. Billie Jo 75 Hawkins, James Cleveland 75 NAMES PACES Hawkins, John William 62 Hawkins, Mary Fern 75, 235, 367 Hawkins, Shelby Wendell 99 Hawn. John David 115, 175 Hay, Martha Frances 243 Hayes, Dorothy Lou 229 Hayes, Patricia 115 Haygood. Ella Bess 126, 227 Haynes, Beverly Cay 251, 444 Haynes, Leo C 363, 365 Haynes, Randolph Arnold 359 Hays. Harvey L.. Jr 475 Hays. Johnnie M 108 Hayward, Albert Edward, Jr 199 Hazard, Sarah Annette 75 Head. Tilden Tee, Jr 132, 133 Heaney. Miriam Patricia 253 Heap. Walter Richmond ..41. 42, 45, 179 Heard, John Francis ...75, 179, 374, 375 Heard, Ralph 99 Hearn, Hazel 115, 349 Hearne, George 189 Hearne, John Hutchinson 108, 189 Heath, Helen Grace 263 Hebble, Charles Monroe 134 Hcbdon, Jack Caldwell 135, 207 Hecht, Edna Dorothy 75, 475 Hedrick, Mary 99, 128, 129, 229 Heffley, Mary Montgomery 255 Heflin, Bess 451 Hegar, Harriet Ann 355 Heiman, John Lewis 108 Heinatz, Mary Emilie 134 Heineman, Gloria Beatrice 349 Heiser. Martha Alice ..99, 227, 272, 273 Heiser, Robert Harris 197 Heiserman, Marjorie Emma 227 Hejl, Jimmie Ernest 437 Hejtmancik, Frank Henry 472 Hejtmancik, Grace Alicia ..268, 457, 472 Hejtmancik, James Harold 348 Helland, James Hans 191 Helland. Lucile Trabue 75, 235 Heller. Florence 75 Helm, Jack 310 Helms, Marjorie Rowell 76, 259 Hemmingson, George Theodore 195 Hemmingson, James Lemuel 195 Hemphill, Frances 351 Hemphill. J. D 76 Hemphill, Nancy Lou 76, 460 Henderson, Donal Davies 369, 435 Henderson, Donald Veitch 175 Henderson, Fred Davies, Jr 436 Henderson, Gladys Whitley.. 19, 122, 361, 443. 456, 465 Henderson, J. L 198 Henderson, Loise Douglas 253 Henderson, Myrl 267 Henderson, Tamea 241 Hendrick, Mary 350, 475 Hendrix, Jean Cowgill 76 Hendrix, William Clarence, Jr. -.108, 348 Henger. William McCinnis 189, 437 Hengy, Patricia Sue 359 Henke, Eleanor 99 Henniger, Verlynn El Grace -. . . 76 Henry, Robert John 371, 438 Henry, Sara Virginia 100 Henry, Walker Julian 76 Hensarling, William A 458 Henslee, Leland Kenneth 132, 133 Henze, H. R 340, Herald, Elizabeth Anne 108 Herblin. Josephine Goodall 100, 237 Hereford, Carl 201 Hereford. Odis B. (Bill) 76 Hering, Ann Frances 472 Herndon. Charles Lee 100. 438 Herod, Betty Eileen 263, 384 Herring, Earl Leonard 209 Herring, Garret Rufus. Jr 179 Herrington, Eloise 237 Herrmann. Gretchen Sophia 266. 273. 349. 360. 439, 468 Hershey. Donovan 205 Herz, Henry 473 Herzog. Erna Rosalie 360 Hester. Lucille 263 Hestilow, Jack Marshall 376. 378. 458 Hewatt. Mildred Rivers 354 Hewett, Chlorys Elgie 76 Hewgley. Oriz Dale 377 Heyman, Cel ia Joy 231 Hibbitts. Frances Barnett 128, 129 Hickerson, Leona Marie 76, 464 Hickok. Mary Eileen ' . .442 Hicks. Betty Jane 455 Hicks. Charles Edwin 76 Hicks, Helen Ruth 108, 141, 229, 465 Hirks, John Oxford 191 Hielscher, Lillian Marie 450 Hieronymus. Harriette Loraine 115 Hieeinbotham, Warren Hamilton 108 Higgins, Hugh Bernard 213 Higgins, Virginia DuVal 100, 128, 129, 263, 462 Higgins. Walter Sayers, Jr 183, 374 Higgs, John Fielding 76, 187 Highams. Lois Evelyn.. 255. 382, 447, 462 Hightower, Frances Ann 108 Hightower. Nila Jeanne 144, 225, 245, 386 Hilburn, Marvin Benson 205, 376 Hildcbrand, Ira P 180, 190. 374, 429 Hildebrand, Martha Franklin 76, 255. 359. 467 NAMES PACES Hilgers, William Blanks 130, 131. 132, 133 Hilker, Dorothy Cornelia 108, 443 Hill, Anne 250 Hill, Betty 259 Hill. Cynthia 253 Hill. Jane 115 Hill, John 376 Hill, John Luke, Jr 135, 207 Hill. Laura LaVerne 241 Hill. Lillian Lela 460 Hill. Lonnie 300. 301 Hill, Marjorie Dawn 76, 440 Hill. Ruth Lym-tte 259, 383, 440 Hill, Sammie Lou 115, 457 Hill, Virginia 108 Hillebrand, Raymond 450 Milliard, Peggy Littlejohn ..253, 443. 456 Hilty. Annis Kay 259. 448 Hinds, Barbara Ann 76, 229, 375 Hinds, Jackson Ceivers 219, 374, 376, 378. 380 Hines, Cletas Ray 201 Hines, Nancy June 76, 245 Hinkley. Helen Elizabeth 257 Hinman, Genevieve Louise 263, 462 Hirsch. Joe Wiseman ..171. 203. 376, 378 Hiss, Anna 18, 244, 382, 453 Hitchcock, Joseph Chandler 120 Hobbs, Lady 263 Hobbs, Robert 187, 355 Hockatlay, Richard Sterling 454 Hodge, Bettie Jo 127 Hodge. Henry Pope, Jr 135. 177, 441 Hodges, Gus M 198, 373, 374, 427 Hodges, Mary Evelyn 115 Hodgin, Betty DeVere 241 Hoeflich. Bert Joseph 175 Hoehn. Albert Donnelly 76, 435 Hofer, Margaret Jane 228, 351, 367 Hoffman. Edmunil Myer 203 Hoffman, Edward John 115 Hoffman, Harold Bear 217, 358, 441 Hoffman, Milton Charles 41, 100, 308, 309 Hogarth, Barton Thomas 132, 133 Hogg. Helen Ruth 115 Hogg. James Felter 357 Holasek, Doris Mae 233, 472 Holrhak, Edwin Dewey 115, 130. 131 Holchak. Herbert Charles 175 Holcomb, Frank Edwin 100. 377, 434 Holcomb, Henry Alvin 357 Holcomb, Lelia Leona 269 Holden, Rev. Vincent F 457 Holder, Floyd William, Jr 201 Holladay, Faye Elizabeth 350 Hollan, Bob 100, 348, 457 Holland. Baxter Finch 175 Holland, Bette Jane 115 Holland. Marie Hanna 231, 367, 440, 456, 464, 468 Holland. Mary Loreen 245 Holland, Mildred 108, 249 Holland, Virginia Jo 241, 350, 382, 466, 471 Hollander, Miriam Lee 351, 360 Holle, Katherine Marilyn 141, 237 Hollingsworth, John Franklin 115 Hollmon, Clarice Georgette 243, 359, 446 Holloway. James Bedford 211 Hoi man, Richey Higgins 177 Holman, Tom Bugbee, Jr 461 Holmes, Alice M. B 364 Holmes. Elsie Elliot 355 Holmes, Robert Leslie 100 Holmes, Roy Willis 207, 348 Holmes, Sam Ferris, Jr 76, 143, 144 Holmgrain. Ben 393 Holstein, Tom, Jr 213 Holt. James Bryan 76, 353, 357, 372 Holt, Jane 115 Holt. Margaret Weaver 351 Holt. Roland Bell 357 Holt, Virginia Scott 259 Holt. William Joseph 76, 175, 435 Holy, Martha Frances 472 Holzschuher. Carl 467 Home Economics Club 451 Homeyer, Elsie Louise 76 Homeyer, Esther 450 Homeyer, Suzanne 115, 241 Hood. Doris Donelle 108 Hooks, Charles Guy. Jr 191 Hooks. Pat Earl, HI 191 Hooper, Rosemary 127 Hoover, Josephine 139 Hoover, Peggy 115 Hoover, Robert Thompson 183 Hopkins, Albert James 207 Hopkins. Edward R 115 Hopkins. Jane 76. 237 Hopkins. Patricia Elizabeth 253 Hopper, Rex Devern 359 Horadan, Weyman Wilson 364 Horak, Arnost Arnold 472 Horak, Dorothy Katherine ...76, 472. 474 Horak. Ruth Margaret 460. 472 Horn. James Wayne 108, 441 Horirak, Anna 108, 472 Hornberger, Charles 207, 467 Hornberger, Theodore 196 Homer, Madelyn May 243, 467 Homey, Emma Clydie 263, 471 Horsak, Rudy. Jr 472 Horton. Carter Hale 132, 133 Horton, Glenn Errol 241 Horton, Jack 115 PACE 552 . lasses H.(h e 1 3 Horto.. Paul Bradneld l . 177 Holing, m ,11... Edward. Jr 7 . 3 5 Waller Dennis 1. II. n.. man frit 1 " -- 15 Huslu. Catherine 255. 312. 4 1 Hover. Frank WillUm 1 Howard. Alva R. US He... rd. Don. Jr.. 128. . Ml Howard. Dwwud Bellmoot 134 Howard. Jack Brocc ..13. 141. 143. 177. 37 . 378. 3 0 Howard. Laura Louie 7 Howard, taller Borkc 3S7. 434 Howard. VillUmDuca. MS Howard, mood. A " 5 Howell. Iris Marie 227. 4 8 Howenos,. Naomi 77 Ho.rtk.CU.. 177 Hwwser. Dorothy How.Ur.Muilr.M- Ml Hoyt. 6 . Archer 1W. 132. 133 M4un.8uUMW.JJMI 115. 243 Ml Hndeeh. Ra.mondmillUm -100 H.ntin. I TT Oil- ' - ITS Hndler. Edorl IIS H.4au. Geage Eu . Jr 4 7 Hob .. Harold Ray 3St Jackson. Kittie Roth ..2S. 359. 35 . 448 Jaekso.. LoU Ellen 77. 2 3. 350 Jacksu. Margaret L.ra Jackson! M... Jemi-on. Jr " " Jack.. Raodall Cal.i. . . . . 2. 275. 385 Huau. Kinie BK 115.243 Hndson. Richard Cnrti. 207.378 Hndson. 365 Hndspelh. Chalmers Mac 373. 374 H.f. James Sutkam 191. 4 6 H.f. WillUm Wayne. Jr 132. 133. 368 HnBngtoo. Joanne US Hngbe.. 300.301 Hot-he.. Jack Thomas 44 Hngbe.. Mary Jane 128. 129. 253 Hogbes. Mar. Louse (1) US Hockes. Mary Louse 2) 384. 455 Hngbc.. Richard H.f 357 Hhes. Virgi.U 245. 457 Hue. WillUm Orr 373. 374 Hull. Mary Olive Ml H.llum. Rcba Helm 350 H.lsev Bob 43 H.Isey! Riter Carrol 1 5 H.lse.. WillUm Ora. (Billy) 141. H.lter. Robert alter (Bob) H.mhle. (llni- innifred .. Humlong. Margaret 121. 2S9. 37 . Rnsspkrey . Briiiain H.-phre.. Virgil Lee Hnmpkrc... Manorie Holland Hussx-ker. France. Li Ilia. Hut. Carolix Roae Hut. Cei Spencer ........ 77. H..I. John Stoan H..I. Margaret Homer. Alice Hunter. Beltie Belle Hunter. Hcndrick. Hum. r. John Graeme Hooter. Marjorie A.. 141. 253. Huter. Martha Regi.a Huter. Ray Peyton Huter.RokertFra.kli. ....... Hutington. George. Jr Huer.Hc.rr H.rlbut. Harrer Zetk H.rlbot. LancHr Horle.. B.rt..ra Leigh Hon. Col. George E. Hotrben.oo. Billy Cout. Hnchesu. Jodfe Joseph C.. Jr Botching,. Alaa Cha,tai. Hutching . WillUm Lewi. H.tckiMo.. Bony.. Lee Hwtk. Dikt Eacex- Hotter. Marie Alice ........ 77. Hvaaa. Charles Thoma. ..... 135. Hder. Elton Marvin ..171. 215. lie Ralph ....!. 257. Hymu. Shirley Rebecca US :: 439. 444 MS 177 .22 . 471 M3 253 2 3. 465 M7 ..141. 255 350 350 ..132. 133 195 350. 4 9 4 0 1 5 .132. 133. 3 5. 458 179 ..::. 177 .215. 434 253 251 352 3SS 77. 259 18 374. 375 434 128. 12 179. 441 374. 375 358. 4 4 10S Me.. Blanchard 21 . 451 Ingram. Thoma. Patrick 96, 457 Ink.. Jim Moaa 1 9 f.cerrrstferjiuy Covtftl 171 lots Sifm H 351 Irby . El ox. Sledd 77 bus. Walrus H 13S. 3 5. 428 Irvine. Auie Sowell 350. 4 S Irsri.. Ceoice Wnshinctu 130. 131 Irwin. Marilr. Edythe 22 Issues. A.nabeth 255. 4 2 IaWII.AnurF.raB . 3S7 bnaee. Clamre Theodore 3 4 Isett. Barbara Ellen.. ..128. 12 . 35 . 448 I .-- a. ..e Franklin 18 I.e.. J. me. Ray 1 3 Jack. Nell Burbanan 241. 328 Jackliog. Duiel C 37 Jackson. Aue 440 Jackson. Chute Joseph 181 Jackson. Eneot Waller. Jr Ml Jsrkoo. France. Loo 100 Jackso..J.I. 1 8 Jacksu. Jack Arlud 115 Jsckson. Robert Lee. Jr " Jacob. Ceote DeWitt. Jr MJ Jacob. Nocman Henry 34t Jacobc. Howord WillUm. Jr 175. 385 Jacobi. Bernece Easily 10 . 448 Jacobs. Betty Claire 4 4 Jacob.. Carol 22 . 4j Jacobs. Edwi. Milton 171. 21. Jacobs. Elliott Arnold M Jacobs. Harry Ralpk. Jr 221 Jaeohsen. Mary Looie 23 . 34 Incurs. DugU. 41 James. Dorothy M Jame,. Ethel Louse 4 0 J.mcso.. Clemen. 241 Jamesu. Mnry Ellen 35 Jane. Marie Lowse 472 Jane,. Ralph Emerson. Jr 185. 437 Juosky. Elaine Marceline 1 IS. 349 Janing. Elizabeth Janzen. Anna M J. rri i. Jeanne Looise 231 Jamvs. Pauline Antonio 108. 472 Jarns. Dorothy Marie 100 Jarvi.. J.I ietta.... 241. 350. 465. 466. 471 Juris. Rosemary S69. 273 J.v. E.elyn Virginia 227 Jeferson. Wayrn.. Brittu 185 Jef rev. James C 108 Jelks. Edward Baker 181 Jelks. Oliver Robinson. Jr 1 1 Jenkins. Charle. Tarletu 1 9 Joseph Edwin 77 Jennings. Ima Gena 442. 448 Jenning . James Roger. 207 Jennings. Jane Bat jer 255. 379. 439 Jeuings. J.IU Katberine 457 Jessw. Man-beta LaVeme 115. 251 Jester. Jordan 259. 383 Jewell. George Hiram. Jr 199. 355. 358. 378 Jewell. Frank L. 194 Jimenez. Protpero Romulo. Jr 100. 446. 457 Sidney Merl 77. 365. 461 Julius Lotber.Jr 197 Joekel. Sam Le.inson.Jr 221 Joekel. Samnel L 4X4 Margaret 361 John. Jeanne El ma 2S John. Nina AndrUna 442 John. Sylvia Ann 115 Job.. WillUm James 1 15 Johstsu. Andrew Percy 10 Jousu. Audrey Catherine 255. 384 Johnson. Betty Louise 100.253 Johnson. Billy Frank 77.120 Johnson. C. R 348 Job..... Charle. Dsvi. 132.133 Johnson. Charlye Beth 115 Jousu. Don. Elaine 46 Johnson. Dorothy 77.272.273 Johnson. Dorothy Louse 108 Jotuwu. Doogla. Roger 193 Johnson. Franklin Beaumont 221 Harold Thur.too 438 Jouson. Haskell Lee 77 Jousu. Helen Virginia 100.127 Johnson. Henry Clay 371. 372. 438 Johnson. JaNeile Marie 12 Johnson. Jean Elizabeth 77. M3 Johnson. Jerry Jo 115 Johnson. John Edward 115.441 Johnson. Lola Margaret ....77.128.129. 243. 462 Jousu. Marie Elizabeth 77.446 Johnson. Marvin Eogene 132.133 Johnson. Mary France. 253. 354, 382 384. 447 Johnson. Milto. Mason .... 12 . 221. 37 Jousu. Norma Jean 115 ...1 3.358.374 Johnson. Raymond Leonard. Jr. ..134. 434 Johnson. Robert Lee. Jr 458 Johnson. Samuel Doogla.. Jr 181 Johnso.. Shirley Ross 115 Jouau. Sterling H.f 144.199.461 Johnson. V ' ivienne 229 Johnson. Wallace Sjoberg ..132. 133. 4 1 Johnson. Walter Ray 77. 3 5. 458 Jousu. WillUm E. Johnsu. William Parks. Jr 1 7. 385 Jousu. Woodrow 41.42.55 Joustu. George Franklin 177 Johnston. Mary LOOM 251. 457 Johnston. WillUm Clyde 187. 3 9. 385. 435 Juutu. WillUm Russell. Jr 19 . 370. 436 rs. Adelaide 253.471 ones. Alice Irene 440 PS. Alice Madeleine 77.259.350 urs. Archie N 123. 130. 131 f . Aodrey Louise 25} rs. Barbara Virginia ....259. 443. 471 Jone.. Bern Jean 128. 129. 253. 37 . 457 Jones. Clara Jean 115.237 Jone.. Earl Everett 211 Jones. Edna Lee 115 Jue . Edwvd Jef eno. 458 Jooe. El.ndte M.diK-, 353.434 Jon .. Euy Theodore. Jr 437 Joua. Floyd Raymond 77. 435 Jone.. France. Gale ...241. 350. 3 2. 43 Jue . Gaitboc Lanier 187 458 4 4. 4 6 115 1 1 3 3 Jonea. Mary Rhyduia 77. 25 JOB . R. D. ( Duiel) 10 Jone.. Raymond Edward 115 Jone.. Roben Niell 481 Jone.. Roberto Niell 452 . Royce Monford 221 . R.Ik Elizabeth US . Scranton Bool ware 199. 358 . Theodore Lawrence ..219. 277. 37 . 378. 4 3 Jura. William Owe.. Jr 437 Jordan. Henry Crady 1 5. 227 Joorph. Donald 1 0 Joaepk. Jay Bernard M3 Joaepk. Norraine Miriam 78 Joyce. Marie 100 Judge. Corti Herbert 213.378 JmMcimrr Cunol 121 J.dao.. Ceortr Enrene 207 Jonell. Patria 25 . 383 Junell. WillUm Edward ....78. 21 . 374 Juc. Richard Stanley 132. 133. 141. 187. 352. 37 Junurhel. Harold 41. 42. 49 njuor. 96-104 Juran. Dan Benjamin 217 Jurecka. Fred 472 Jorkovich. E(U LooU 446 Jottice. Villiam Wayne 78 Kahle. Barbeth St.fel .. Kahn. Alfred Rairit. Paul Alha.ataf Kalb.Jc.eph KaliS. Mendel Selir Kalina, Virginia Kalith. Paul Jack kallcren. Betty Louse .. Kalluu. Morris .. Kama.. H. J Kammerer. Ella Mae Kampna... Ike Sirafiin Kane. Lottite Kaplan. Be. Zion A ;-. ;. t ;-. K rr Alpk Tkei JCujM CUM Cnaa Kappler. Robin Edward Kariel.Msurioe Karlen. Dale Alfred .... Karren. Josephine Evelyn Kasch. John Edward Kasch. K.therine Kasperik. Archie Sta.ley . Kauffmaon. Nancy Etta .. Kaufman. Mary Fruce . . Kay. Clyde Elkins Kealhofrr. Starr. Jr Keu. James Edward Kebelman. Helen Lenore . . Keck. Ray Marvi. 179 Keefer. WillUm Faolkner Keenan. Doogla Robinso. Keenan. WillUm Towwsend Keese. Nila Grace 100 Keeton. Kenneth Hugh Keeton. W. Page 138. Keith. George Morgan . . . Keith. Irene Elizabeth 108 Keith. Joanna ........... Keith. John milbor ...... Keith. Letitia Rosaly. 108 Keith. Mary Jo ........... Keller. Roy Lee .......... Kellervberger. Leonore An. Kelley. Cecil Warde.. Jr. Keller. Frank Andre . . Kelley. Jane Frances Kellogg. Sara KatberiiK Kelly. Arthur Benjamin 3S8 130. 131 274 173 209 100. 247. 464 ...217 ...134 ...203 ...472 442 ..207. 374. 378 273 ..142. 143. 463 188. 189 252. 253 254. 255 352 1 0. 191 438. 450 231. 349 211 108. 349 357. 434 351 357, 434 US 231 100. 473 1 9 193 78. 26 . 273. 442 37 . 377. 463 130. 131 Jr 179 211 , 128. 129. 354 .108. 219. 348 218. 373. 374. 431. 4 3 377 245. 466. 471 253. 379 78. 437 128. 12 . 241 100. 449 189. 469 359. 481 100. 43 78. 255 243 237 Kelly. B. Frank v-ll. U.l. l . 78 Kelly. Helen Jna.ita ................ 115 Kelly. Margaret Eleanor ........ 255. 382 Kelton. George Moore ............... 441 Kemp. James WillUm .............. 115 Kendall. Joe Barry .................. 199 Kendall. Ruth Ha ' rlan .......... 2S7. 349 Kenoan. Irl Lee ..................... 108 Kennan. Kent ....................... 18 Kennard. l_ ................. 457 Kennard. Martha ...... 78. 2 3. 351 . 355. 439. 447. 45 Kennedy. Dorri, .................... 1OO Kennedy. Edward R ........ 132. 133. 457 Kennedy. Elizabeth Roar ............ 46 Keurdy.Jok.Fra.kli. ............ 197 Kennedy. Richard Arch ........ 130. 131 Kennedy. WillUm Monroe ...... 458.463 Kennedy. V. oane EmclU ....... 108. 229 Kenney. Mary Ann 10 Iskam George. Jr 108.458 Kent. Harry Llewellyn. Jr. 371 Keppler. John Edward 438 Kerbey. Josephine 255.3 4 Kern. Jack Charles. Jr MM Kerr. Baine Perkins . . .78. 373. 374. 375 Kerr. Jame 144 Kerr. Jeanne Elisabeth 78. 3 1 Kerr. Martha Louse 141. MS Kessel. Milton 78.217 Kessler. Edward 34 Kessler. Herbert Willy 437 Kessler. Manhan. 121. 237. 459,. Beatrice Walschak .78. 354 Keslenba.m. Dana 1 7 Key.Bo.ilee 255.3 4 Key. Cleo Hubert 438 Key. Heory 3 3 Keyes. John Humphrey. Jr 199. 3SS K.... Doris Ella 127 Key.. Dorothy 444 Keyser. Mary Elizabeth 444 Kiblinger. Qoincy V. Jr 7 Kidd. J. Pat 44 Kidd. Robert Kenneth 452. 4 7 Kidd. Thorn.. Way land 115 Kies. Clifford Thomas 17 Kieschnick. Mildred Evelyn 45 Kieschnik. Elton Carl 78.450 Kiesling. Ma inc Patricia 7 Kiker. Shirley Marie 78.273 Kilgore. Daniel Edmond 4S4 Kilgore. Glance Armatruf 3 5 KilUn. Alma Martha 78 Kilian. Helen France. 115 Kit man. Margaret 350.3 2 Kilpatrick. Billie Jean 229.465 Kilpatrick. Moriel Jean 255.467 Kimbroogh. Pegg. Gene 255 Kimhroogh. William Duke Ml Kimple. Louie Trost 215 Kincaid. Margnerite Elaine 78.381 Kincajd. Norri. Rutledge 78. 437 King. Claude Vernon. Jr 434 King. Herman Edward 355 King. Louise 229 King. Miriam Anne 126.350 King. Neal P 187 Kininmonth. Patricia Ann 255 Kinnard. Emily Ann 259 Kinney. Sterl ing E 78 Kinaey. WillUm George ...197. 3 6. 385 Kinsel. Beaver Ashley 179 Kinsolving. Carey Leigh ...108. 141. 241 Kinzbach. Eva May 141.241 Kub r Hmll M7 Kircbbeimer. Joseph 78 Kirk. Don William. Jr 215 Kirk. St.nle. Cain Kirkpatrick. TnMMnms .. Kirkpatrick, Van Ever 100, 441 195 78. 132. 133. 134. 352 435 Kirksey. Terrell midner Kittenmacher. Edward Anhnr 7 . 43 Kittrell. WillUm. Ill 187 Klaber. Marvin 173 Klaerner. C.rtis Maurice Ml. 353 Klaereman. Lester Herbert 3 4 Klar. Herman 203 Kle. Marion Philice 468 Klecka. Charle. William 472 Klecka. Miro Eridor 472 Kleespies. Henry Sattoli. Jr 79. 438 Klein. Clarence Ertel 457 Klein. Mario. 386. 457 Klein. Teddy Alex ...115. 130. 131. 132. 133. 201 Klein. Verno. Alfred 357.434 Kiel!. Eonice 253 Kleymeyer. Doris El izabelh .... 100. 245 Kleymeyer. Ralph Theodore. Jr US. 132. 133. 215 Klingelhoefer. Mary Louse 23 Klinger. Paul E. J 100 Klopp. Walter Thomas 177 Klotz. Harry L. M K I never. Norma Jean M Knickerbocker. Bererly Jeanne 4 7 Knight. Ben Jarvas. Jr 127. 377. 4 9 Knight. Bette Jane 108 Knight. Frederick ilium 365 Knight. Mary Elizabeth 115 Knight. Nadyne 471 Knight. Thomas Turner 187 K.ippa. Evelyn 450 Knolle. Irene Marie 7 . 35 Knolle. Mildred Elaine 7 . 227. 442 Knott. Bernard Earl 100 Knowles. Cecil Martin 357 Knowles, Richard Corel! 1 7 Know-lion. France Emely. 10 Knot. Jame Warren 377 Knot. Vivian Virginia 22 . 349 Kobe. Kenneth Albert 353. 372. 434 Kobs. Alfred 353. 434 Koch. Betty Sue 108.237 Kocurek. Elcnora Angeline .1 0. 457. 472 Kocurek. Jodie Frank 115.472 Kocorek. Josephine Milady 115. 457. 472 Koemel. Delia Mae US Koenig. Ruth Adele 351.354 Koepcke. Marie 100.350 Koesler. Luis Julio.. Jr 132. 133 Koethcr. Maorecn 108 Kolar. Mildred Elizabeth 108. 457 Kolodny. Sla.le. Charles 217 Paci 553 NAMES PACES Kolodzie, Florian Augustin 132, 133, 352 Kolos, Viola 79, 472 Kolp, Don 185 Kolstad, Peter Andrew 175 Kone, Justine McKay 115, 241, 467 Kone, Lewis Woods 130, 131, 134 Kopecky, Eugene Lamar 363 Koschak, John 294, 296 Kotzebue, Augustine Frances . . .108, 229, 455 Kovar, Wilbert Joe 353, 434 Kraege, Carter Glass 79 Kramer, Arthur Lee ..120, 123, 126, 376 Krausse, Henry Gustave, Jr 100, 457 Krayer, William James ....132, 133, 352 Kreisle, Matthew Ferdinand 183, 348 Krejci, Victor Louis 472 Kremer, Lawrence Nicholas 205 Krempin, Herman Otis 100, 348 Krenek, Evelyn 472 Kress, Margaret Kenney 359, 481 Kress, Marvin 217 Kresse, Nila Grace 451 Krey, Terry Fort 132, 133, 197 Kriechbaum, James Ritner 79 Kring, Vernon Nesbitt 348, 358 Krise, George Martin 79 Kritser, Tom Moylan 207 Kroll, Jewell 231 Kronzer, Walter James 373, 375 Kroschewsky, Julius Richard ... 132, 133 Kubecka, Leroy John 100, 365 Kuczynski, Edward 79 Kuehne, Benjamin Ainsworth ....79, 348 Kulhanek, Adelene Mary 457, 472 Kultgen, David Burks 191 Kunkel . Edgar Victor 434, 450 Kunz, John Edward 79, 120, 438, 441, 457 Kurio, Ben William 115 Kuritz, Ida Sophie 360 Kushner, Ted Harris 100 Kutner, Malcolm James ..11, 42, 56, 79, 160, 161, 163, 187, 378 Kutzer, Ralph Wesley 437 Kuykendall, Ethel Laura 243, 466 Kuykendall, Roger Lynn 207 Kynette, Lois Adcle 360 LaBorde, Leo 307, 309 Lack, Zella Malonia 261, 466 Lackey, Clifton 139 Lacy, Charles Woolsey 79, 127, 458, 469 Lacy, Judy Devereaux 108, 237, 271, 349, 443, 459 Lacy, Kathryn Womack 259 Lacy, Robert Glyn 437 Ladin, Sidney 217 Lafferty, George W 363 LaCrave, Paul A 115 Lahey, Mary Bernadine 79, 268 Laird, Ruth Emily 384 Lake, Joe 108 Lamb, Betty Jane 108 Lamb, Oran Hale 458 Lambda Chi Alpha 192, 193 Lambert, Cyrus Hill 79, 181, 473 LaMonagne, Maurice Rangel 435 Lancaster, Gordon Gus 79, 436 Landau, Thelma Ruth 247 Lander, Jane Conn 442 Landera, J. Fred 79 Landman, Pauline Cecille 261, 440 Landrum, Elma Cottrell 255 Landry, Harold Hall 364 Lane, Louis Gardener 134 Langdon, Katherine Ross 255 Langdon, Marjorie Anna ...271, 273, 469 Langhammer, Bettyjo 115, 251 Langston, Elizabeth Anne ..241, 350, 465 Lanharo, Helen Ruth 115 Lanham, James S 363 Lanier, Hudnall Sidney 108 Lankford, Livius Lee 377 Lankhart, Virginia La Dean 249, 386 Larcade, John Edmond 79, 363, 457 Larkin, Lucille 115 LaRoche, Julian Constantine ...171, 195, 378 Larsen, Victoria Frances 100 Larson, Helen 108 Larson, Jeanne E 79 LaRue, Mary Jane 115 LaSal le, Lowel 1 Leroy 373, 375 LaSalle, Phillip James 457 Lasater, James Arthur (Jimmy) 115, 132, 133 Laskowski, Gilbert Ignaius 115, 457 Lasky, Harold 173 Lassater, Eleanor 253 Lassberg, Edwin Kurt 179 Latham, Dorothy Louise 461 Lathrop, B. F 428 Latin- American Club 452 Lattimore, Hal McKnight ..141, 168, 175 Lauer, Carl Emil 187, 378 Laughlin, Gary Burton 187 Laughlin, Philip Edward 187 Launder, Betty Belle 127, 255 Law, Billy Jack 469 Law, Robert Adger 188, 355, 430 Law. Thomas Hart ..41, 79, 135, 187, 358, 378, 380 Lawhon, Billie Sue 241 Lawinaki, Helen Ann Edith 79, 455 Lawler, Charles Alton 377, 437 NAMES PACES Lawley, William 201 Lawrence, Harding Luther 123, 385 Lawrence, William Dewey, Jr 274 Lay, Chester F 359, 363, 364, 366 Lay, Coy Lafayette 179, 348, 376 Layden, James Martin 187 Layden, Pete John ..41, 42, 56, 183, 294, 460 Layden, Thomas Frederick 457 Lazenby, Hervey Lewis, Jr 127 Lea. Edwin Pierce 132, 133, 213, 352, 463 League of Women Voters 45J Learnard, Charles Riner 177 Leary, Alice Gordon 108 Lechenger, Louis Charles 203, 438 Ledyard, Gilbert Charles 205 Lee, Eugenia Sheppard 79, 128, 129 Lee, Richard R 221 Lee, Ruth Dolores 100, 440 Lee, Sarah Evelyn 128, 129, 249, 386 Lee, William Edwin 132, 133 Leeper, Charles Kendal 132, 133 Leeves, James Stewart 458 Lefevre, Loui Beauman 179 Led, Annette Sarah 108, 247 Leftwich, Snowden Marshall 195 Legett, Martin Paulsen 115 Legg, Reagan Houston 115, 211 Lehkcr, Erwin F 100 Lehman, Joe 115 Lehman, Joe Anne de Laux 253 Leigh, John Marshall 458 Leisering, Fred Albert 79 Leisering, George William ..132, 133, 352 Leland, T. W 363 Lemmon, Mark Leonard 191 Lemmons, Maurice Aaron ...79, 209, 378, 475 Lemmons, Robert Daniel 209, 475 Lemon, Tom Marshall 201 Lemons, Joe Fred 357 Lenhart, Jack 372 Lensky, Paul 108, 348 Leon, Isabel Miriam 134 Leonard, Cam Haralson 466 Leonard, Earl Mayfield 211 Leonard, George Walton, Jr 96, 138 140, 141, 358 Leonard, Joseph Francis 108, 275 Lerner, Julian Arthur 108, 217 Leshin, Marvin Simon 173 Leslie, Hubert 197 Leslie, Ruth Elizabeth 242, 351, 367, 451 Leslie, Thomas Robert, Jr 115, 201 Lester, Bettie Lee 139 Letterman, Rosalie Caroline 440 Leveronne, Norbert Drummond ..115, 454 Levin, Shirley Louise 247 Levin, Max 173 Levin, Millicent 231 Levin, Sol 217 Levinson, Helen Lillie 247, 448, 464 Levinthal, Doris Lee 231 Levis, Eleanor Natalie 231 Levis. Joyce Evelyn 231, 440, 448 Levit, Milton Harris 217 Levy, Adrian Felix, Jr 80, 375 Levy, Estelle Ruth 247, 448 Levy, Harold Gilbert ...41, 160, 166, 209 Levy, Harry Robert 203 Levy, Helen 80, 225, 247, 350, 448 Levy, Justine 231 Levy, Lester Arnold 203 Levy, Maurene Hattie 231, 471 Levy, Milton Philip, Jr 203 Lewis. Charles Edwin 132, 133 Lewis, Donald De Witt 100 Lewis, Edward Eustace 358 Lewis, George Nassief 457 Lewis, Jean 349, 439 Lewis, Jo Ellen 116, 229, 469 Lewis, Joan 253, 350, 383 Lewis, Howard H 80 Lewis, Mona Bosworth 272, 273 Lewis, Richard Earl 127, 458 Lewis, Robert Edward 100 Lewis, Royce Clay 466 Lewis, Ruth 361 Lewiston, Alvin Eisotf 217 Libbin, Edwin Maurice 130, 131, 132, 133, 134, 141, 481 Lichte, Carl Laurent 193 Lightfoot, Ruben Patton, Jr 62, 434 Limmer, Andrew Madison, Jr. ...100, 365 Lipoff, Charlotte Faye 116, 261, 349 Lipper, William George 203 Lippman, Alan Fehrman 181 Lippman, Marvin Robert 377 Lipscomb, Branch Coleman 191, 463 Lipson, Leonard Berger 80 Lipstate, Philip Harry, Jr 372 Lira, Virginia Lopez 440 Lisenby, Mary Louise 227 Little, Fisher Harper 80, 365 Little, Louise 116 Littlefield, Clyde 60, 188, 300, 424 Little field Dormitory 271 Littlepage, Joyce Jones 108 Littleton, Bowman T 139 Littleton, Jane Louise 467 Lively, Mary Kathryn 116 Lizarraga, Servando Lemus 80 Lobpries, Fritz 41, 42, 58 Lochte, H. L 351 Locke, Bettye Laurelle 461 Locke, Deoleice 100 Lockett, Hudson Coleman, Jr 80 NAMES PACES Lockett, Virginia Hayden ...116, 241, 444 Lorkhart, Alva Lucille 245, 448 Lockhart, Helen Jane 225, 229 Lockwood, Dorothy Mae 80, 367, 442 Lofland, William Isaac 80, 215 Loftin, Clarence L 80 Logan, Eloise 255, 379 Logan. Lucia Robson 108, 128, 129 Logan, Marjorie Ann 116, 127, 128, 129, 349 Logue, Clyde Cecil, Jr 193, 438 Lohmann, Henry Carl 130, 131, 185 Loidold, Joseph Dryden 185 Lombard, Howard L 132, 133 Long; Ben 116 Long, Elizabeth 254 Long. Fauna Ruth 100, 361 Long, Janet 80, 255. 355, 439, 443. 445, 456 Long, Jerry Travis 132, 133, 352 Long, Margaret Nel le 1 16, 457 Long, Robert Alexander 143, 144, 221, 466 Long, Sam James Wallis 205, 376 Long, Tommie J 253 Longhorn Band 132, 133 Longhorn Boxing Club 454 Longnecker, Donald Russell 116, 215, 381 Longqutst, Virginia Maxine 116, 457 Loos, Betty Jane 101 Lopez-Lira, Taide 101, 481 Lopez-Lira, Virginia 101, 481 Lorino, Classy Merle 257 Lott, Augustus Lawrence 197 Lott, Mary Harriet 108, 227, 381 Louis, Alexander 375 Lounsbury, Alfred Eaton 365 Love, Hollis Culver 80, 437 Love, James Russel I 134 Love, Marjorie Ruth 134 Love, Roger Maurice 80, 363 Loveless, Charles Coe, Jr 374, 375 Loveless, Jimmy Erie 116 Loveless, Loyal Edwin, Jr 219 Lovell, Katherine Pine 116 Lovell, Meredith 134 Low, Billy Jack 457 Lowdon, Margaret Jean 243, 440 Lowe, Florrie Guinn 455 Lowenstein, Joseph Henry 377 Lowenstein, Lorena Rose 350 Lowrey, Anita Lillian 80 Lowry, Jane 62 Lowry, Pat D 205 Loyd, Eleanor Ann ...109, 237, 269, 465 Lucas, Alfred Thomas 191 Lucas, Lorna Lillian 469 Lucas, Richard Martin 189, 378 Lucas, Willya Davye 360 Lucchese, Samuel James 116, 183 Luce, Joan 101, 128, 129, 257 Lucius, John Joseph 205 Luck, Byron Bedford 221 Luck, David Johnston 363 Lucker, Dorothy Fowkes 258 Luckett, Alfred E 211 Luckett, Lucille 255, 471 Ludwig, Ernest Earl 352, 353, 357, 372, 434 Luedemann, Gertrude 62, 450 Luedemann, Jewell 109, 141, 229 Luke, Auley Bartow 132, 133 Lule. Hugh Thomas 207, 463 Lumian, Daniel Saul 201 Lumpkin, Forrest Edward, Jr. ...101,189, 348 Lumpkin, Robert 130, 131 Luper, Albert T 134 Lupher, Bill Lee 177 Luther, Mil lard Henry 80, 376, 463 Lybrand, Julius Leonidas 207 Lyles, Mary Jane 255, 350, 467 Lyman, Ben Franklin, Jr 101, 185 Lynch, Bert Gerald 209 Lynde, Paul Kenzie 473 Lynn, Robert 458 Lyons, Frank Joseph . .205, 378, 457, 466 Lytle, Andrew Benjamin, Jr 193, 437 Lytle, William Anthony 438 Me McAllister, Gerald Nicholson ...197, 467 McAllister, J. Gilbert 426 McAlmon, Peter Wyatt 205 McAnally, Annie Jo 257 McAninch, Jack Wright 121, 274 McAtee, Ruth Edna 80,241,460 McBee, Frank W., Jr 438 McBirney, Samuel Pendleton 183 McBride, Annetta Grace 241 McBride, Deborah Irene 227, 444 McBride, Janice Marie 241 McBride, William Edward 109 McCabe, Eloise 80, 350 McCaldin. James Oeland 205, 467 McCnll, Rebecca 253 McCallam, Doris May 237, 444, 464 McCandless, Jean 259, 350, 384, 439, 459 McCanne, Larue 80, 451 McCarter, Grady Sylvester, Jr 191 McCarter, Marjorie Ann 144, 259, 448 McCarthy, Francis Martin, Jr 191 McCarthy, James Francis 219 McCarty, John Rogers 211 McCarty, Pat 215 NAMES PACES McCaul , James Addington 197 McClamroch, N. Harris 41, 358, 376 McCleery, Alan Theodore 189 McClellan, James Edward 80 McClellen, William Jay 179 McClendon, Mary Elizabeth 227 McClendon, Mary Louise 116 McCluer, Janet Elaine 80, 235 McCluer, Jeanne Forrest 101 McClung, Walter Brown ...116, 132, 133 McClusky, Elinor Catherine 268, 457 McClusky, Margaret Mary 116, 457 McCollam, Clifford Ellis 193 McCollom, James Gerald 132, 133 McComb, Austin Berkley 211 McConnell, Gladys Ethel 229 McConnell, John Edwin 109, 130, 131 McConnell, Ralph Edward 353, 434, 458 McCord, Ruth Eleanor 257 McCormick, Charles T 14, 194, 374 McCormick, Hettie Elizabeth 101 McCormick, Joe C 80 McCormick, Katharine 360 McCoy, Hazel 451 McCrary, Helen George 80 McCrorey, Jean 233 McCrummen, Mary Jeanne 141, 229, 464, 468 McCuiston, Robert Milton 80, 435 McCullen, Murff 132, 133 McCullough, Hellen Lee 253, 350, 381. 439 McCullough. Kathleen Adair 109, 227, 444 McCullough, Mary Ella 241 McCurdy, Ann 80 McCurdy, Elliot Lee 187 McCurdy, John A. 16, 122, 145, 377, 475 McCutchan, Roy Thomas 357, 434 McCutcheon, Currie, Jr 177 McCutcheon, Dessie Doreen 116 McCutcheon, Josephine Ethel ...81, 225, 251, 440, 448 McDaniei, Mary Margaret 257 McDaniel, Meda Beth 460 McDaniei, Syljuanna 358 McDonald, Archie Scott 441 McDonald, Charlton Bailey 177 McDonald, Claude D. Jr 177 McDonald, Hayden Louis 213, 385 McDonald, Henry Clare, Jr 109, 348 McDonald, Mary Louise 257, 464 McDowell, Clifton Ailor, Jr. 81, 179, 436 McDowell, Louis Sanborn 211, 467 McDugald, William Clifford 177, 370, 378, 436 McElhannon, Jane Taliaferro ..259, 440 McElroy, Carol Ruth 349 McElroy, Howard D 183 McEnnis, Margie Ann 225, 255, 384, 457 McEntee, Richard Farnum 457 McFarland, Howard Russell 177, 378, 436 McFarland, J. D 372 McFarland, John Allen 187 McFarland, John Douglas 177 McGee, Morton Lee 463 McGehee, Mary Charline 355 McGehee, Mary Frances 81, 229 McGhee, Gene Marsaland 259 McGill, Mary Jane 116, 141,444 McGill, William Lawrence 377, 380 McCinnis, E. Carl 364 McCinnis, Lady Perry 141, 245, 354, 464 McClothlin, Benny 139 McGonagill, Mary Caroline 81 McGowan, Bill 179 McCowan, Mary Gill 263, 467 McGown, Floyd, Jr 81, 467 McGraw, John Jerry 215 McGurk, Mary Anne 101, 243 McHard, Samuel Everett, Jr 197 Mclntosh, Elizabeth E 243, 439 Mclntyre, Dorothy Estaleen 350 Mclntyre, Janette 255 Mcjimsey, Mae Margaret 81, 362 McKay, Edwin Noble 548 McKay, Paul Moorhead 177 McKay, Roy Dale 41, 42, 47 McKay, William Harold 109, 449 McKean, Mary Elizabeth 128, 129, 227, 359, 446 McKellar, Edwin Irwin 135, 363, 377, 441 McKenzie, Betty Jane 466, 475 McKenzie, Charles Eldon 348 McKim, Ruth Virginia 446 McKinley, Russell Crawford 81, 132, 133 McKinney, Robert T 101 McKnight, Frank Cillespie 183 M cKnight, Joe Webb 211 McLarty, Ewing Sinks, Jr 191 McLaurin, Banks 368. 372, 437 McLaurin, Banks, Jr 135, 187 McLean, Robert Jack 460 McLendon, James Hays 62 McLeroy, Tom Randolph 374, 375 McMancmin, Billy Lee 458 McMaster, David Dale 193 McMath, Hugh 210 McMichael, Thomas Collins 81, 438 McMillan. Charles Duncan 201 McMinn, Talmage Dewitt, Jr 434 McMurrey, Lula Belle 253 McMurtry, Dorothy June ..253, 382, 461 McNabb, Betty Jean 270 McNamee, Gerry Goodyear 211 McNaughton, Roy Raymond, Jr. ..81, 457 PACE 554 MrNiel., Samael ... .Ml. 353. 35T. 372. 434 McNeill. W. H 372 McNatt. Gordoa 431 MrNutt. Joe Malcolm 3K McPWnoa. Arrda Reaecra (I. MX McPaenaa. Dorothy Jeaa lit McPaenaa. Hcary Staadford 3 4 McR.e. A. D 81 McReyaolda. Joha Wilbara 1 1 MfSa.n. Cl.reaee Huater US MrS.ecney. Nora Belle 11 McTier. Fraak Well. 211 McWhoner. Fraak Ripley 81 M.berry. Joe Ford 189. 434 M.brv.C.raer Allra. Jr 17 MacCorklc. Stuan A 3S8 MaeJoaald. H. M.lcolm ...IT . 358. 4 3 M. -k. J.rk Motie 1 1 S. 109 Markey. Carol Patricia 243.354 Markry. Charlea Fraaklia 81. 4J4 MacNaagktoa. Williaai Aleiaader ..HI. 1 7. 463 Marorra. Jo e P b Charlea . ..101. 44 . 457 Macow. Marjorie Joaaae 147. 34 MarPhenoa. Daratay Eaid 127. 128. 12 Maddoi.Frcd 134 MaaVtn. Jack Polk 1 1.434 Maddoi. John Richard lit. 4 1 Magee. M.rt.ret nn 116.444 Magliolo. Albert Matthew ..101. 348. 457 Magliola. Almedeo Aathoay 457 Magliolo. J eph. Jr 109.457 Mahan.Ray 357 Maker. Robert Aaroa 3 3 Maber. Taoaua H.rriagtoa 457 Mahler. Ida Laanae 271.273 Mahler. Mary Loaiae 141 Maaoa, Eldoa Brook. 81 Maaoa. Jame. Samael 21 M.b.arT Bnrrnlrr 451 Maier. Marjone 101 MaierkWer. Dorothy Acaea .271. 273. 451 Mail.ader. Loaiae Fredrika . . . .25 . 37 Mail. Floyd Harold 101.132.133 Maim. Richard Frank 81. 454 Mainland. Cordon B 22 113 .Jaam Edward 101.4 Malach. Abraham 101 Maloae. Holt 1 Maloae. Jame. Michael 11 Maloae. Patricia Maorice 22 Malaaey, Betty Jo ... .!. 241. 272. 273. 350. 44 . 4 5 Malta. Viviaa Beraice 247 Maadel). Ida Roae 2 1 Mamford. Lilliaa Claire 241 Maaly. Walter Marioa, III 377 . A. J 171. 177 . Edward Cullee 177 raherLeoa SI ay 275 j. Jaae Bcaird 141.443 Maaa.Rev. K.C 450 Max. Mildred Looite 45 MaraUe. Paal Dari,. Jr SI. 143 Maraaua. William Jowph Ml Marcabaaka. Rcheeca 24 . 30 .Paal M 144 t Veaa. 101. 472 Marek.DorotbiM.rie 457 Maretka.Jeaa 472 Mariele. Mary Jane Ml. 127. 128. 12 . 237. 381 Marinick. Otto Aalhoay 457 Markha.. La.ra Jeoaae SI, 241 Markley. Ward William 81 Mark.. Al Tin Jerome 203 Mark.. Myron Beraaoa 203 Mark.. Theodore 203 Mark.ard. John Oliver 21 . 275 Marlett. Everett Michael. Jr 45S Maroaey. Jack D 116 M.rroquin. Mini!. 81.442 Manow. Jaa Carroll 365 Mana. Harold. Jr U . 373. 374. 375 Manhall. Darward 10 Manaall. Jaae Lyaette 237 Manaall. Manha Loaue . .25 . 350. 383. 384, 439 Manhall. Mary Jo 11 Manhall. Scantier 205 Mania. Carroll SI M.riin. Cora 244, 3,7 Mania. Dai Lee. Jr 81.438 Mania. DorMky Elaiae ....143.3 1.3 2 Mani.. Harloa EUriofce J74 M.rt in. J.rqacl iae (1 Mania. Jaatn WatM 138.131.1 3 Mania. Joe Abroae 37$ Mania. Joha Ed.,. 82.141.348 Mania, lariat. Fair 2 3. 382 Mania. Leoaard Preatoa (2. 3 Marti.. Mac Tale. n Mania. Martha Loa 24 Mania. Naacy Lee 243. 34 . 384. 43 . 48 Mania. B fcert Michael. Jr 1 7.355 M.n,n. Robert S 1J Mania. Veraoa 41.42.4 Mania. Virgiaia Hooaaa . . .82. 225. 239. 3 7. 445. 4 5 Mania. Wiahara Dale .............. 197 Maniaea. Felii Triaidad ....... 43 . 452 Maaoa. Elizabeth Marie ........ 108.233 Maa. Emmitte Dewee. ............. 221 Mil . a. Hoage Elijah ........... Ml. 437 Maaaa. Manorie Elizabeth .......... 82 Mam. Richard Stewan ........ 1 3.377 Mara. Shirley Aaae ............... 127 Maawaa. Edward . .28 . 37 . 43 Maauaa. Sophie Mae .......... 225. 247 Mart. Adlai Travi., Jr ............... 213 M..1 N.aey Grace ................. 227 Mauen. Wallace Newtoa ..211. 374. 375 Maatenaa. Aleiaader Ewiag ........ 175 Marie Cecilia .......... 243. 375 Malhew.. Cliatoa Ario ............. 134 Matkew.. E.J ................... 13.377 Malhew.. Raveaaa Wakeield . . .253. 34 Mathia.. Elizabeth Bath ........ 109.457 Mathi.. Harry Poyater. Jr ........... 4 3 M.thu. May .................... 82. 241 M.I lock. Charle. Stfiimmm ......... 437 Matlock. Eaceae Carhett ............ 179 Matthew., Dorothy El iiaheth ...241.354. 439. 45 M.ttbew.. Keaaeth ........... 41.42.51 Matthew.. Maehea. ................. 3 4 Manhew.. Mary Virpai. ..241. 350. 4 7 MalUiew.. Williaai Alfred .......... 12 Matthew., m ilium Edward ......... 215 M.uere r . Carl I ina. a. ...... ....... 438 Maaldia. Staaley ............. 41.42.45 Maverick. Maary. Jr ................. 183 Mauoa. Bichard Daa ................ 1 5 May. Cl.reace Elaar. Jr ............. 17 May. Clyde Elkia. .................. 377 May. Dona ......................... 12 May. Marracrite .................... 4 0 May. Mildred ....................... 441 May. Nora Jaae .................... 444 M.y. Robert Allea ............. 368.437 Mayer. Aaaa Eliubelh ......... 11 . 349 Mayer. Edanwd Illiaai .............. 458 Mayer. Marfaret Lucile 241. 3 1. 3 2. 468 Mayer. Sazaaae ..................... 231 Mayen. Joel Mikel ................. 203 Maye Tae!a a Beraice .............. 127 M.yaeld. Katheriae Ethel ..82. 225. 245. 350. 466 Maraeld. Mary Allea ........... llo. 245 May hall. Mildred P ............ 3 7.465 Mayaard, Sane Edaa ................ 82 Mayae.Lewi. ................ 41.42.55 Meade. Jeaa ................... 243. 382 Meador. Haael Ada ....... 255. 447. 4 7 Mn.Jar. Marilya Aaaene ....... 141. 22 Meador. Mildred Meek ......... 255.471 Meador, Sarah Maifaret ............ 22 Meadow.. Wade Hampton. Jr ..... 82. 475 Mecaaai. Joha Lloyd ............... 358 Mediaa. Antonio JOM ........... 82. 437 Medin.. Enrique .................... 109 Meek. Jethro A ...................... 19 Meek. Mariaa ......... 10 . 237. 38 . 463 Meek. Virfiaia Laara ................ 2S3 Meknea. Frank ..................... 457 Meinrata. Dorothy Lxmiae ....... 101.442 Melick. Aaaelle .................... 241 Melia(er. Phylli. Alexrod .......... 231 Mrll. Jaai. Roulya ................ 2 1 Mellincer. Saamel Mania .......... 28 Melliager. Sidaer .................. 28 Melliacer. Sylvaa .................. 28 Meltoa. ElaMe Keaaeth. Jr ......... 11 Meadell. Jack Leoa ................ 348 Meaa. Haaen Leopold ........... 82,3 3 Mr,-.CI ft Cl,k ............... 138.131 Meater, Saaford ...... Ml. 127. 130. 131 Mercer, Jacqnelya Delveae 241. 382. 4 8 Meredith. Carltoa .................. 18 Meredith, Jack ..................... 116 Meredith. Miau ................ 255.383 Meredith. Naacy Carltoa ............ 2S5 Merka. Taereae Paaliae ........ 101.442 Merkt. Eraeat Edward .......... 211. 37O Merrea. Esther LaOelle ....... 101.128. 129. 257 Merrick. Jack Richard .............. 101 Merrill. Marvia Loftoa .............. 82 Merriaua. Betty Jeaa .............. 127 Merritt. Bill Cilallaa .......... 134.440 Merrill. Loi. ........................ 251 Meaiafer. Herhen .................. 209 Metcalf. Hath Edward .............. 215 Metacathia. Joha Edward ..17 . 385. 435 MetBrathia. W. E, .................. 208 Metitc. Loi. Virginia ................ 457 aw. Merrill Mayaard .......... 274 Meyer. Eleae ....................... 231 Meyrr. Rodaey WillUm ........ 130.131 Mezartti, Beraice Paalice . . .82. 2 8. 273. 358. 457 Micek. Edaard ...................... 472 Mickle. Edwia Bo(en .......... 3 9.435 Middafh, Will iaai Fowler ....... 82 12 Mikoka. Clady. Eaulie ............. 472 Mabafca. Grace Lealie ...... 22 . 27 . 273 Mikavky. Eather Lihay ....... 11 . 472 Mile,. Dororty Sae ............. 2 3.475 Mile.. Robert Load. ................. 215 Mile.. Mr.. Williaai .......... Mill.y. Edaa St. Viaceat ............ 3 1 Miller. Afaea Lee ................... 82 Miller. ArtharMaaael .............. 20 Uaati Miller. Billie Lee 355. 3 7 Miller. Bock Clyde 82 Miller. Catheriae Eliiaheth 3 1 Miller. D. 1_ 430 Miller. E. T 194 Miller. Edward Crai 221 Miller. Elizabeth Soaaaae 11 Miller. France. Loai e 271.273 Miller. Ceorte B.nley. Jr 82.438 Miller. Hack V.. Jr 4 1 Miller.Jack 171. 173 Miller. Jack Orauad 219 Miller. Loai. 109 Miller. Marzaret Sae 128.129.227 Miller. Manhall Bora. 187, 4 7 Miller. Manhall Robert. Jr 62.352. 3 3. 364 Miller. Mary Beth 101.251.471 Miller. Patricia Saua 350.468 Mi I ler. Benl.let. Jr 197 Miller. Qaincy Victor. Jr 437 Miller. Richard Loai. 199 Miller. Robert Joha. Jr 189 Miller. Robert Lambie 215 Miller. Saaay 197 Miller. Veraoa Liviatataa 207 Miller. Virginia laex 82.455 Miller. Williaai Doaflaa 434 Millikea. Edith Ferae 350 Milliac. Cayly 255. 444 Mill.. Charle. H.rriM a 437 Mill.. L. Alleae 109 Mill.. Loci. Virtinia 471 Mill.. Mary Loa 141.237 Millup.. Maude Macdalea 12 Mime ben. Meyer Aacel 217 Mian. Conitantine. Jr 177. 3 6 Miner. Jacqueline Hazlrtt 109, 251 Miner. Richard S 116 Miafi. Ecrah Loa 22 Minor. Joha Max 41. 42. 51. 109 Minter. Eaceae Cordoa 124) Miurhke. Richard Manhall 82. 377 Mitchell. Fred Marlia 109 Mitchell. Mariaa Melvia 449 Mitchell. M.rjorie Dale 259. 449 Mitchell. Mary Myle. 237,359.383 Mitchel 1 . Robert Wiley 213. 434 Mitchell. Ronald R. 211 Mitchell. Taoau. E.ley 175 Mittag. Otto William 376. 458 Miltenthal. Emmy Loa 231 Mobley, mil ford Reafan 205. 4 7 Modr.ll. Harriett 241 Moerke. Letitia Caroline 257. 464 Mofat. Ellea Mary 141.237 Charle. Devlin 94.179.475 Mocelton. Joseph Elli. 203 Motile. Je c Loai. 116.132.133 Mohr. Dorothy Jaae 263. 384. 471 Mov. Marrie Carol ya 44 Moue. Neville Sidney 457 Mailer. Jaae Adele 23 Mollov. Miriam Blair (Miau) . . .82. 272. 273 Moaachan. Johnnie Ed{ r, Jr 101 Monday. H. B.. Jr 11 . 132. 133 Moaka. William Reid 457 Moaaiac. Benjamin Prater 195 Moaroe. Carolyn Joyce 2 3 Moatafae. Marilyaae Alice 259, 471 Moateith. Carolyn Eluabeth 25 Moateith. Edjar Wiltoa. 207 Moateauyor. Jaae Chavez 434.452 Moateauyor. Mary Falaka. 452 Monte.. Caatavo Edmaado .357. 434. 457 Moatfoaxry, CM 204. 35 MoatcoaKry, Jam Howard 82. 274 Moaljoaury. Joyce 10 Moau. Loai. Frank 134. 438 Moauafo. Arthar Jackaon 101 Mooay. Gertrude Xavier ....3 7. 456. 460 Moor. Mary Elizabeth 2SS Moorman. Richard Harry. Jr. .. .348. 458 Moore. Carl Lealie. Jr 213 Moore. Cora Catheriae 101. 444 Moore. Edwia Wallace 82 Moore. Fraaeea Loaiae 109 Moore. Cay Ziatawraua 434 Moore. Helea Loaiae 82 Moore, Hilaur Gaeataer 191 Moore. Homer John. Jr 197 Moore., Franklin 2O5. 4 6 Moore. J.iae. W 210, 42 . 434 Moore. Juper Adolf 43 Moore. Joha Williaauoa ...62, 221. 357. 372. 434 Moore. N.ncy laahel 2 3 Moore. Naacy Jaae Booth 243 Moore. Priacea. Dell 22 Moore. Robert W.yne 101 Moore. Racer De Cover ly 221 Moore. Stewart 215 Moore. Tom Edwin 357 Moore. Udell 40. 2 4. 2 5 Moore. Victor 1 16.122.1 0.377 Moore. Virginia Rce 11 Moore. Williaai Holt 11 Mora. Earique Anuro 446 Moraa. Mary Sophia 101 Morelaad. Margaret Chriatiae 440 Moreloa. Zarafoaa Jane 1 3. 44 Morcaa. Charle. Winter. 82. 381 Morgan. Fraaceaca 255. 471 Morcaa.Jack 2 Mocgu. Manha Joaaaa 12 Morgan. Rohen Harvey 18S Monaa. WilH.m Rbea 12 Moriu.BilleJ.nel 237 Morlcy. Richard L. 83 Morman. Wyatt Thorn.. 28S Moroaey. McQaeea. Jr. ..171. 207. 378 Morrell. Mary Chilloa 253. 270. 273 Morrill. Thoma. Laciaa MS Mom.. Billy 357 MorrU. Colry 377 Morns. Jack Stewan 458 Morri.. Williaai SSS. 372. 434 Morri.. John Franklin 10 Morri.. Lacille Aagutine 472 Mania. Roydell 442 Morri.. St.rliag Tboau. 373.458 Morri.. Stewart ITS Morriaoa. Eraeat Leater 134 Morrow. Marie B 351.367,464 Mone. Robert Eauaett 183 Mortar teara 1 45 Iforur aad Pralt 455 Mortimer. Ciena George 177. 4 7 Monoa. Eva Maariae IS Monon. Heller 20 Monoa. Robert Doyle 11 Moaeley. Milliceat Keeble 101. 229. 350. 449. 468 Mother.J.oe 244 Moakowitt. Sam 381 Mow. Catherine Loaiae 109 Mo... Cliftoa Lowther. Ill 171.189 MOM. Dorothy Ethel 83.241 Maa . Henry Joe 44 Moa . Katharine 2 1 Moa . Margaretta 255 MOM. William Henry 221 Mote. Dorothy See 101.350 Motberal. Zylpha Jyai 245 Moaghon. Elgin Clarence 458 Mowery. Kathryn Dorria 243 Mover. Kl. re Cono . Jr 83 Muehlberger, Con. lance Mercede. . . .128. 129. 229. 464 Muellberger. Clarence William 177 Mueller. Ervie Lacille 83.442 Mueller. France Loaiae 145.443 Mneller. Homer Clifford 1ST Mueanink. Kyle Edward 83. 385 Muggley. Jake Mania 2 Mallane. Edward Deaia 446 Mai lea. Robert Raymond 205. 457 Mailer. Lawrence Qaade 438.469 Mnller. Opal Beatrice 83.4 0 Mallia.. William Staaley 193, 469 Mnmm. Kan Augustin .44 Miuuy. Mary Patricia 237 Manger. Anna Blanche 255. 383. 384, 447 Mungui.. Alice 127 Maanell. Hogh Emmett 1 5 Maaoz, Juan Fr.nrifrco 44 Marph. Adrian Fraaklia 458 Marphree. Ida. 1 8 Murphy. Joe Virgil 83.358 Murphy. Patricia Mae 10 Morray. Alooio Archie S3 Marray. Frank Overall 4 1 Murray. Frank William 132. 133, 352 Marray. Jame. Edward 116,457 Murray. Marv Patricia 444 Marray. Robert Viaeeat 197.348 Muru. P.t 211 Ma e, Aan Loaice 243 Me, Margie 272 MBNC. Joe Henry. Jr 132. 133 Ma.ick. J.met Edg.r 132.133 Annette 83, 472 Myen, M.mye Claire 231 Myen. Margaret Virginia 245. 460 N Nacke. Valeria Paal 22 . 457 Nail. Rayfaara Mariaa 2 7 Nalle. Eraeat, Jr 183 Nalle. Fred 130. 131 Nanun. William Coald 17 Nadi. Henry Heath 116.187 NaJi. Joe Ware. Jr 109, 187 N.h. Robert Lawrence 177 Na.t. Maurice Daniel 203 Naomann. Henry Jack 83, 3S8 Naumaaa. Mary Loaiae 62. 235 Navar. Jaaa Maaoel ...101. 434. 452, 457 .N.v.r. Miguel Angel 96. 441. 452. 454. 457. 481 Naylor. Roger 1 5 Neal. Clyde Woiord 11 Neal. Richard Freeman 132. 133. 181. 352 Nehlett. Beaaie 241 Nehlett. Mary Fraaeea 101 Neely. Adelle 83.241.358.4 5 Neely. Florence 141. 253. 384. 4 1 Neely. Staaley Eaceae 355 Neer. Caaper Samael 470 egrete-Culierrex. Rafael . .83. 368. 372. 437. 44 Neil. William Heary 116.449 Neill. Elmer Taoauu 357.372.434 Neill. Manhall Edwia 132.133 Nelaoa. Foreat Marphy 348 Nelaa. Ceae Ue 440 Nelaoa. Jack Cecil 83. 187. 376. 385 Nelton. Lloyd Alviae. Jr. . .285. 357. 372 109.472 Nerill. H.rvey DeWitt 17 P.a 555 NAMES PACES Newbauer, Dorothea El sic 351 Newcomer, Charlotte Roberts ...101, 229. 468 Newkirk, Helen Jane 243, 382 Newlove, George H 363, 364, 426 Newman Club 457 Newman, H. W 377 Newman Hall 268 Newman, James Blackstone 83. 132, 133, 352, 377 Newman, James Edward 213, 378 Newnam, Dorothy Belle 101, 350, 440, 469 Newsom, William Taylor 348 Newton, Josephine Dreis 350 Newton. Margaret Elizabeth 62 Ney, John Colby 197 Ney, William O.. Jr 357 Niblnck, Ellen Howze 440 Niblack, William Randolph . . . .374, 375 Niblo, Crady 130, 131, 181 Nicholas, James Whitcomb 436 Nichols, Harry Elmo 139, 363 Nichols, Loran Kenneth 434 Nichols, Ralph I ..mi m 219 Nichols, William 441 Nicholson, Arthur Clyde 198, 199 Nicholson, John Hirston 101, 377 Nicholson, Ruth Lynn 245, 360. 459 Nickel, Doris Marie 233 NicoUou, George 348 Nielander, W. A 364 Nieman, Frederick A. ..40, 120, 122, 138 Niemeyer, Norma Elise 141, 253, 379. 384, 462 Night, Harvey 173 Nipper, Cleo Arthur 116 Nipper, George Savagae 83, 360, 372, 435 Nipper, Mary Kathryn 237, 271, 273, 34 9, 468 Nitschke, Mary Alice 227, 442 Nixon, Louise Enderle 126 Nixon, Rowena 109 Nixon, Victor Lewis 83, 437 Nixon. Walter E. . .83, 122, 123, 143, 144 Noack, Thelma Florence 109 Noble, Billy Craves 101, 143. 144, 275, 376 Nobles. Melvin Al fred 434 Nolen, Helen Claire 465 Nolen, Kay Marsene 211, 378 Nolen, Patti Duggan 237, 355. 367, 456, 468 Nolla, Jose Miguel 101. 481 Noonan, Martin O ' Conner 175 Noonan, Mary Ann 109 Nored, Mary Martha 259 Norman, Betty 116, 263, 449 Norman. William Bernard 213 Nornhausser, Margie May 83, 464 Norris, Renfro C 377 Norwood, Mildred Joi 109, 259 Novy, Dave Howard 209 Novy, Harold Cyril (Buster) ...209, 378 Nowierski, Mary Kathleen 457 Nowlin, Radford Lite ..83, 353, 357, 372 Nowlin, William Carl 109 Nowotny, Arno ...16, 200, 358, 377, 380 Nowotny, Wilbur Alvin (Bill) 83 flu Ufsilon Tau Tau 382 Nuessle, Joseph Maurice 96 Nugent, Mary Ann 101, 237 Nuhn, Benjamin Roger 83, 143 Nuhn, Kenneth Martin 132, 133 Nummy. Bonny Bess 243, 467 Nunn, Edna Elizabeth 266. 273, 456 Nunnally, Edmund Lee 130, 131, 475 Nussbaum, Adelyn Jean 231 O Oak Grove Cooperative Dormitory . . .458 Oak, Mary Louise 255 Oakes, Opal Dell 455 O ' Bannion, Melbourne 458 Obar, Gloria 102, 126, 139, 379 Obenhaus, Richard Adolf ..83, 277, 385, 436, 450 Oberg, Florence Mae 245, 471 Oberg, Paul Clyde 199, 438 O ' Brien, Boyd Keith 363 O ' Brien, Peggy Sue 253, 461 O ' Conell, Princess Patricia .235, 443, 457 O ' Conor, Robert Burns 83 O ' Daniel, Mike 84 Odeen, Margaret Christine 84 Oehler, Laura Alma 474 Oest, William Charles 102, 449, 466 Offer, Emil Arthur 457 Offer. Wilma 84 Officer, Helen Violet 128, 129, 241 Officer, Herbert George 199 Oglesby, Ethel Ann 84, 263, 350, 386, 471 O ' Hair, Anne Charleene 243 O ' Hea, Barney McLendon 467 Ohlin, Lucie Goree 259, 440 Olcott, Elinor June 259 Old, Levy Herman 441 Olds. A. Y 11 6 Oldham, Forrest Robert, Jr 175, 436 O ' Leary, Bonnie Ann 109, 444 O ' Leary, Suzanne 255, 440 Olivares, Avelino 452 Oliver, Covey T 188, 373, 374 Oliver, Edward Dionysius, Jr 371 Oliver, Rufus Walker 201. 353 Olle, Edwin W 40, 364, 380 NAMES PACES Olsen, Virginia Marie (Patsy) ...84, 269, 273, 442, 447, 456 Olson, Albert Eugene, Jr 109 Omega Chi Epsilon 353 Omicron Nu 354 O ' Neil, Beth Lcelah 253 O ' Neill, Katherine Kerrigan 355 Oppenheimer, James Amstater ..209, 475 Grand, Dorothy Jean 442, 456, 468 Orange Jackets 459 O ' Reilly, James Joseph 457 Orinovsky, Ida 116 Orr, Kirby Deloss, III 84, 358 Orsinger, Charles Gunther 207 Ortiz, Silverio Minervino 446 Osborne, Charles Edward 438 Osborne. Jane Wagner 229 Osdell. Robert Van, Jr 211 Osmond, John Chambers 215 Osoba, Joseph Schiller 450 Osoba, Margaret Helen 354, 450, 451, 472 Osoba. William Garland 450 Ostrow, Ruth Leah 231 Ott, Elinore Jean 271, 273 Ottinger, Floy Elizabeth 350 Otto, Colberta Marjory 102 Oualline, Judd H 84, 193 Outlaw. Donald Elmer 466 Overton. Robert Carter, Jr 193, 348 Owen, Charles Sigler 355, 363 Owen, Jack Edward 201 Owen, Jan William 127 Owens, Lewis Glynn 377, 466 Owens, Robert Allen 84, 143, 144 Owens, Virginia Mary 229 Ouinooch 383 Owsley, William Clinton (Bill) .109. 348 Pabst, Benjamin Harrison 438 Pabst. Richard Edward 84, 435 Pace, Clint 143, 144, 199 Pace, Daniel Parker 207 Pace, Mary Jane 237 Page, Frances Eleanor 84, 355 Page. Marshall Louis 84 Paine, Helen Frances 259, 386, 444 Painter, T. S 348 Painter, Theo.. Jr 187 Palmer, Ada Margaret 126 Palmer. Manuel Irving 217, 377 Palmer. Martha Jane 253, 443, 471 Palmer. Rose Alice 102 Panhandle Club, The 461 Panhellenic 225 Pape. Melvin Eugene 126 Papich. Rauel Norman 84. 392, 393, 460 Pappas, Tom Harris 102 Parham, O. B., Jr 219, 434 Parish, Charles Wayne 185, 434 Parish. James C.. Jr 109, 441, 481 Park, David Riggs 195 Park. Elizabeth Millard 84, 253, 439. 456 Park, Evalyn Elizabeth 84, 263 Park, Nancy 255 Park, Peyton Edwards 132, 133 Park, Phocion Samuel, Jr 179, 438 Park, Ral ph 41 Parkans, Zcl la Shirley 231 Parke. James H 126, 180. 380 Parker, Clara May 367, 465 Parker. Earle North 207 Parker. Cifford Cleveland ...94, 191, 436 Parker, James 205 Parker. Jerome Henry 84. 365 Parker, Joe J 41, 42, 54 Parker, Robert Lee 191 Parker, Thomas Jackson 84, 132, 133, 435 Parker, William D 187 Parkhill, Lee Alice 251 Parks. Barbara Lee 128, 129, 229 Paschal , Ladie Jane 259, 467 Paschal, Stella Mae 259, 467 Pass, Fred Robert 84 Pate, Amanda Louise 251, 448 Pate, Pauline 102 Pate. Robert 141 Patterson, A. W 201, 376 Patterson, C. P 198. 358, 424 Patterson, Dorothy Marie ..251, 354, 448 Patterson, J. T 348 Patterson. James E 116 Patterson, Renotta Margaret 251, 468 Patton, Edward H.. Jr 175 Patureau, Arthur Mitchell 434 Pauling, Norman George 109 Payne, Gerrye Elaine 362 Payne, L. W.. Jr 204, 462 Payne, Margaret Dean 245 Payne, Mary Marjorie 259 Payne, Robert D 109 Payne, Robert Erie 211, 348 Payne, William Bartley 127 Payton, Homer Leon 219, 434 Pazderny, Leona Ruth 457, 472 Peacock. Jo Val 84, 215, 375 Pearce, Frank Lewis 102 Pearce, J. M 460 Peareson. Hallie Kelley 84, 259, 462 Pearson, Paul Leonard 191 Pearson, Rosemary 263 Peck, Jeanne Suzanne 255 Peck, Leigh 367 Peck. Margaret 254. 271, 465 Peckham, Walter Rufus 179 NAMES FACES Pederson, Annie Maurine 469 Pedraza, Roberto Medino 446 Pedretti, Juan P 84, 437, 446, 457 Pedrick, Willard H 375 Peebles, Nancy Abernathy 243, 382 Peeler, Lawrence Franklin 437 Peevy, Dial Rike 187 Pegues, Darwin Guy 376, 458 Pelfrey. Nauty Bird 227 Pelich. Joseph Roman 207 Pena, Joaquin Antonio 116, 446 Penick, D. A 188, 306. 427 Penick, Harvey 310 Penick, Robert Morrison 187 Penland. Sara Edmond 259 Penland. William Rolfe 201 Penman, Jack Lanier 175 Penn, Margaret Elizabeth ...84. 259. 355. 367, 439, 445. 456 Penn, Rhesa Lee, Jr 348, 392. 393 Pennington. Campbell White ...130, 131 Pennington, Robert Earl 109, 434 Pepple, Allen Patterson 84 Percy, Charles Stuart 84 Percy, John Owen 116 Perdue, Dorothy 102, 251 Perez, H. Carlos 102 Perilman, Frances Louise 247 Perkins. Arch Ernest. Jr 365 Perkins. Judith 84. 227 Perkins. Margaretta 227, 468. 475 Perkins, Tillman Porcher 193 Perkins, William Edward 132, 133 Perrone. Charles Robert, Jr 377, 457 Perry, Falcor Watson 179 Perry, Jack Pomp 109, 132. 133 Perry, John Hewitt 438 Perry. John Jackson, Jr 141. 205 Perry. Leta Jo 128, 129, 237 Perry, Mary Margaret 349 Perry, William Edward, Jr 458 Persky, Esther Rose 109 Person, Milton Thomas. Jr 85, 371. 372. 438 Persons, Ruby Sue 85. 239, 350, 367. 465 Pesek. Edwin Joe 85, 365, 457 Peter, Leon Louis 457. 472 Peter, Robert Gates 438 Peters, Amos, Jr 179 Peterson. Joan Ingalls 229 Peterson, Leo John 199 Peterson, Stanley 130, 131 Petet, Charles Floman 215 Petmecky, Ben Joe, Jr 102 Petrovich. John William 199 Petrusek. Benjamin John 85, 472 Petsch, Peggy 116 Pettengill, Russell Arthur 457 Petter, Irine Margaret 472 Pettey, Patricia Ruth 253 Pettigrew, Virgil Bernard 191 Petty, Marven Wesley 377. 473 Peveto, Derwood Leard ...41, 42. 55. 469 Peyton, Pat Talmage 189. 374. 376, 378, 469 Pfeiffer. John Julian 467 Pfitsch. Virginia Adele 460 Pfluger. Edwin John 470 Pfluger. Vernon Martin 375 Pharr. Harold 102 Pharr. James Stephen 438 Phelan, Frank. Jr 120, 189. 461 Phi Beta Kappa 355 Phi Delta Phi 374 Phi Delta Theta 194, 195 Phi Gamma Delta 196. 197 Phi Kappa Psi 198, 199 Phi Kappa Sigma 200. 201 Phi Lambda Vpsilon 357 Phi Mit 256, 257 Phi Sigma Delta 202. 203 Phillips. Bettye 367 Phillips. Harry Stanley 85 Phillips, J. A 363 Phillips, JoeClegg 116 Phillips, Kathryn Annette 102, 128, 129, 471 Phillips, Lillian Elisabeth (Bettye) ..85. 227, 350, 468 Phillips. Peggy Frances 109 Phillips. Robert James 132, 133 Physical Education Majors Club 460 Pi Beta Phi 258, 259 Pi Epsilon 370 Pi Kappa Alpha 204, 205 Pi Lambda Theta 367 Pi Sigma Alpha 358 Pi Tau Sigma 371 Pic kens, Jeannette 116 Pickens, William Homer 132. 133 Pickett. Andrew Greer 85 Pierce, Edgar Eugene 458 Pierce, Jane 255 Pierian Literary Society 462 Pike, William Lee 221 Piland, Margery Johnson 85 Pilgram, Walter, Jr 371, 438 Pinkston, Mary Jane 271, 273, 460 Piprairr, Mary Katherine 349 Pitt. James Eldon 143, 144 Pittenger, B. F 15 Pittman, Doris Ellen 227 Pitts, Julian L 102 Pivonka, Vlasta Alice 472 Platt. J. Arthur 221 Platter, Herbert Lingo, Jr. ..41, 85. 121, 207, 374, 378 NAMES Pledger, Fannie Belle 460 Plettman, Stanley Robert 203 Plummer, A. Q 458 Plummer, Frederick B 370, 436 Poe, Robert Milton 434 Polasek, Frank Theodore 472 Polk, Jeanne Marie 255 Pollick, Hubert Jefferson ..369, 372, 435 Pollock, Helen Patricia 231 Pollock, Ray Lusk 84, 365, 458 Pondrum, Sybil Clarence 241, 469 Ponton, Virginia Elizabeth 243 Pool, Barry Miller 434 Pool, Charles Crawford 437 Poole, Dorothy Louise Richardson ...440 Poole, Ophelia Shaw 233 Poole, Theodore Garland ...41, 306, 307, 309, 441 Pope, Margaret Jo 245 Popham, Irwin Curtis 132, 133, 160, 166, 179, 352, 378 Porter, Charles Raleigh ....171, 213, 378 Porter, George Erskine 454 Porter, Goldie Horton 236 Porter, James William 171, 175, 436 Porter, Jimmie Jack 378 Porter, Loraine 116 Porter, M. B 1? Porter, Mary Jane 128, 129 Porter, Polly Anna 141, 267 Porter, Ruth Jane 245 Portwood, Peggy Payne 102 Potash, William Bernard 209 Potter, Frank Bee, Jr 277 Potter, Nolen Louis 475 Potts, Sara Jane 109, 449, 466 Pou, Billy 308, 309 Pounds, Billie Leonora 233, 271, 273 Powell, Ann Lavinia 85, 239, 442 Powell, Ben H 375 Powell. Delbert Lee 191 Powell, Eugene Vernon, Jr 102 Powell, Fannie Laura 351 Powell, Howard Leslie 109 Powell, Jack. Jr 191 Powell, Joseph Vancey, Jr 197 Powell, Kathryn 116 Powell, Mildred Portia 85, 128 , 129, 469 Powell, Rufus Ernest 215 Powell, Willis Maynor 179 Power, Andrew Jackson, Jr 449 . Power, Harry H 370, 372, 431, 436 Powers, Mary Elizabeth 235 Powers, O. S 430 Powers, Rae Evelyn 243, 360 Pralher Hall 275 Pratt, Houston Wallace 195 Pratt, John Franklin, Jr 116 Pratt. W. W 350 Pre-Law Society 463 Premack, Sybil Ann 231 Prendergast, George, Jr 195 Prendergast, Nancy 259, 443 Prescott, Armstrong de Rouhlac 207 Present Day Club 464 Presley, Dorothy Martha 249 Presley, Jack 85, 363 Pressly, Kathryn 116 Freely. Rachel 109 Prestidge, Geneva 116 Pretz, Earnest Clerence 276 Prewitt, Louts Bond 179 Price, Charles Wesley, Jr 205 Price, Clay Louis, Jr 132, 133, 352 Price, Ed 167, 298 Price. Hazel Whitmarsh 102 Price, Luna Fay 109 Price, Mary Jane 141, 253, 384 Price, Pinckncy Clift 377 Price, Sterling Joseph 85 Price, Thomas Emil 197, 378 Priddy, Ashley Home 177 Prideaux, Doris 253 Priess, Mae Katherine 460 Priour, Harlan Dale 102, 193 Priour, Patricia Jeanne 109 Pritchett, John Waller, Jr... 370, 372, 436 Probat, Victor G 470 Procter, Leslie Clay 135, 183, 358, 374, 376 Proctor, Billye Nell 227 Prothro, John Elwyn 96 Prowell, Mary Ann 259, 466 Prowse, Katherine Estelle 263 Purkett. Marilyn 229. 273 Pugh. Robert Lynn 116, 132, 133 Pugsley, Frank Burruss 85. 358, 371, 372, 380. 438 Pullin, Carlton Wade 85, 381 Puls, William Leroy 213 Purcell, Martha Lei 85. 460 Punium, John Lewis 132, 133 Pu i .in in. Shirley Lorenzo 213 Pyeatt, Nancy Beth 109, 245 Pzatlx 384 Quade, Dyloris Anne Mae 116, 227 Quante, Ella Viola 367 Queen, Maxine 229 Quillian, Roy Dunlap 189 Quinius. Henry Williard 466 Oiiinn. Major Charles 381 Quinn. Martha 109, 227 PACE 556 Babel. Oli.ia ....................... 442 Babr rk.Jr ....... 377 Bark. Lilli.. Eliabeth ....W . 12 . U Raddife. Job. Carroll ............. US 134 S. US 373. 374. 37S Bant. Bike. Fred Bier. Al Bin-. Bra Herbert. Ill le. P..I Calk Bail.baek. DarlcBr Marie . J.meT.lkol . Homer P 10 .Mn. Homer P 448 Raine.. Rickard Benjamin 221 Barney. Adeli. Meade 5 Ramon. Felipe Victor 199 Bamo.. trmaado 457 BaaM.. Hector Manuel 437 II. Fred 3 . 3 1 ell.Joy 229 BimiJill rilli.mlliniT 1(3 Bumey. Billy Bay 85 Bamry. Dwea. Clyde. Jr IS Baamer. Hele.Cemrnrre...MI. 4 8. 4TS BimiiT- Marilyn 2 3. 3(3. 4 2. 469 Baad.ll.Bill 414 Badall. Lerter : ll Baa4.ll. Lai. 1 3 BaBdolpk. Bobbie 11 Ba.Jrl t k nTrrii Prli.i 241 B...Hih " iTiir Inn 4S1 Baadolpa. William 1 1. 43 Baawy. Etkel Ctaire I . 87. 3 0 Rae . Robert Ewin 1 7 Baawrfrld. Clamor EdmmBd 357 . H.rry Hunt! 14 . Hele. 3M . Madeline mrne (5. 241. 442 Baackke. William He.ry 365 Bur. Howard Frederick 3S3. 3S7. 372 Bak. Boben Bfcena . .85, 205. 3 . 37 Bnrkninr. JMf, 254. 4S1 Batker. Kalkery. Nell 243. 3M Batlif. Dorotky Far 85. 241. it Bailiff. In. Aw 440 lUllif. William Dunk 378 Banter. Vincent Murray 43 Baairk. A.. S.i.. 231 Brl. Croc Philip Bawl., leu McGregor 237. 272. 273. 350. 444. 447. 45 . 4 Baymer. Warrr. Joer.b 86 Baym d. Commx-l. T 8 . 4 1 Baymd. Elramw i.if red 117 Baymoa d. Jea. France. 117 Bar " . Evil? Brtk 100. 384. 4 7 Bra. Frank Thorna. 1 1 Bead, dmrlea Vice 117 Beal. Edm. Ettie 1 . 271. 273 1 . u. P.triek Herben 191 Be.. ley. Tt inn Morrow ...21 . 358. 374 BeWleiu. Leuor, M,r e,,e 34 Bedd. Joe .. Jr 86 Beddell. Boy Earl. Jr 132. 133 117. 43 3SS. 3SS. 373. 374. S7S . . 3SS. 373. 374. 37S Bice. Flo Alain. .................... Bier. Jorl Key ..................... 117 Rice. Mankalo. .................... 24S Bier. Orrillr OMB ................. Rice. Bobert Dean .................. 213 Rice. millUm Elmorc .......... 117.1 7 Rich. Errr ............ 1S. 13 BM-h.rd.FlrrHrood.Jr .............. 1 7 Richard.. Dorolby M ......... 3 7.44 Richard.. Mararct .................. 115 Richard.. Marjory Lrr .............. 1 2 Richard.. Raymond Wood ... . 373. 37S BirkardOT. Betty Jane ............. 2S Richard.0.. Ed.lhe J ............... 24S Richard .. Fra.k William ....437.457 Rich.rd.on. Geraldine .............. W2 Rich.rd.on. W. H ................... 40 Ricbcr.Pedro ...................... 457 BirkrT.lUrcuMC.Tlw. ....... a . 442 Rickey. Mary Darnel ........... 2S7. 443 Rickey. Bokr-rt Lee ................. 17 Riddle. Rode.lfo ............ 441 Bieek. Jamr. P.tteno .............. 1 3 Riez-cr. M.rilm ATrry .............. 231 Rirkrr. Bnford . . . . 12 . 12 . 2S3 Rife. Rntb Ann ................ 29. 3 4 Bioov. CHrar Lrr ................... 134 Bike. Grorzc Cairo. ................ 134 Rilcy. Fra.kic Axalec ............... 117 Rin . Drrrl ........................ 144 Rinz.M.rylo. .................. . 35 Rinc. Roulie Fiance. .......... 117. 2S7 Rinz. Ruth ......................... 117 R,: Su.diford ............... 189.434 Rippenon. LTman Alon. ..12 . 35 . 4 Ripple. Fred Loui. .................. 472 Ripp Bill Alri. ................... 23 .......... 30 . 30 . 3 RitehryiOli. .................. 1 0.1 2 Biltiau.MrltM.Ck.He. ........... 102 Brrrn. TillUn Ho-rd ............ 207 Bobbin.. Mrioa ............... 255.384 Bokerdr... P.triri. Lee ...25 . 3X2. 34 BWrt.. Ourle, FturU ........ 41. 457 Robert.. Ckrrr Mry ............... BoWrU. Cliford Ir-r ..... 375. J74. tTS Robrrt.. Di.. Rrkerr. ....2 3. 43 . 442 Bobrrt.. Ed, ................... - Robrrt.. Edith Lot. ................ 351 Koteru Hmil ...................... 274 Robert . Herbert Ne.1 ............... M Robert.. Job. O.rkr ........... 3 5.3711 Bobert.. Jo k Ju .............. 1 1 Arm. KatkeriM O ' NrI .......... 457 Robrrt.. V.riM Fru rx ........ 2 . 273 Robrrt.. Rilpfa Edw.rd ............. 458 .May 276 Bedford. Emmette 35 .bed. Alia Bar Bell 86. 354 Bred. Alycr Jranne 241 Bred. Bcr Spurzeo. 13Z 133. 134. 352 Beed. Harry L , |O9 376. 458. 469 6. 274 ...117. 130. 131. 441. 449. 458 c. Gertrude Catherine ftt 457 . Darid Andrew 211 iBUir 4 9 117 2 9. 475 255 Bobert.. W.I toi Cowk. Jr. ...... M. 372 Robert,. W.lto. SiapMi ... .41. 42. S5. 1 1. 353. S7. 4U Bobrnxx. BilU Perki ..371.438.458 B CII.MI. CraW Hol-e. ..... 132.133 Bobertw . Ukr. Jr. ..120. ITS. 37O. 4 BoWrtM. BmtkCui. ..... 110. 141. 253 . m,iH. i Do. Ketd.Frun.lUrU. ............... 1 Beid. Heir, Bk .......... 117. 25 . 4 Beid. Heir. Wraou ........ 1 3. 442. 475 Brid.Hrrfcen ..................... l7 .J " 7 ......................... 10 Beid. Jo yk Lee. Jr .............. ..213 BeMdorp.CreilRrciMldC.rl ....... 359 Bewrr. BirWrd Wkirtle . BeiK-kB... Alice Marie .......... 471 Bern . Dnid Brer ................ 1 Bewr.. Sallr Kilter ........... H8. 471 BTBT. Aaue Jr...r ........... MO. 4 7 Br fro. El. R. .................... 117 Br.f ro. M.ry A.. .................. 241 . Hemry Stmf ............... . 377 Bhe..Dntk r Ja.e ..... Bke . Hal Ha ? M ......... 110. 131. 133 Bobrruo.. Willia Be. ............. 475 BoWrtM.. William W ............... 3SS BokiMnrio. MirUn Loie ....... M. 4 4 Bobino.. DorotiiT Aiilm .......... 24 Bobinoa. All. . .1 2. 12 . 124. 241 Biki.i... Fruk Lo i ......... 132. 1 1 rll ....... 17 1? . Mankall Mer ..... 371.43 . Stale Domtld ........... 217 Roc.. P.blo .... .................... 481 Borbe. P.trk-i. A e ........... 25 . 4 7 Bock.. Alfred Robert ....... 41. . 2 4. 2 7. 4 0 Rock. Fraeet l.e ......... 8 . 251. 354 Rode.. A. Wkvuma .............. 110 Bode . Tkeodore Ceorre ............ 434 Bodcen. M.rr Artte .............. 4 0 Bodolf. P.lrici. ................. 8 . 442 Bodricrz. Micwl Fermi. ...... 372. 435 Bod. Tom ie Everett. Jr. . . .41. . 310 RodT. WillUB Natka. .............. 20 M.iior ..... 22 . 2 . 442. 464 Rorlker. FruK-i. Dorr .............. 1 3 Bacen. Cari Edward ................ 215 Rocert. He.r. H.d . .............. 2 1 Bocrrt. Jnuu ................. 117.34 Bop-r.. Ow-.r Srott ............ 2 7.374 Roeer.. PhilH ................. 132.133 Bacen. Biekard Will Uai ............ 1 1 Bocrr.. Verw Ba .................. 45 Bolfe. Amm SkerWnr 243. 3 1. 444. 4W Bolfr. W.ltrrT. .................... 174 Bol I i.. Boben Elliot .......... 130.131 Alice Sor ____ 22 . 272. 273. 440 Ena.M-1 Fariey .. . 1 7. 3S3. 434 Boo.. Marcaret LonK ............... 1 2 217 l. SylTia ElaiM 24? Birr. Juice Ertket 225. 231 BOM. BettT M.T 350 ROM. Dould Morn. 457 BOM. Crif Terry Bouer. Ckarle.. Jr 175 BaMe. TWa. A 35 . 448. 44 Bova.. Alice M.rf.rette 102 Bo... Jraue Lara. (Be e) ..87. 2S . 442 R..e.CE. 178.372 Roe. Marily. Cibrai . . . .117. 253. 444. 5 t. 4 7 Roe. M.rti. Dee.l.r. Jr 187. 43 Ro.e. illi.Er. 1 Bow .Boben 1 7 BueMtei.. Marri. D.Ttd 217 Norm . Herbert 117 B.klr. Jumtt Krurtk 117 Rneker. Clean Drrreld 87.353.357. 372. 434 R.dd. William Lee 1 1.385 R dm... SOM.U KUtkry. 117 Roeti. Ratk ElUabrlh 87.12 Barley. Martka LeMTe 253 NOM FiMee. 233 Bu e. Cari Bwiolpk. Jr 1 3.37 Buce.Jeaue 255 Rupert. Dorotky LOB ..105. 442. 4 4. 4 9 R.pen. 227 Rb. Avrrr. Jr 199.4 1 k. Ifmai Warre. ......43 D ell. Bern Aleae II 11. Eleaaoc A.toiaelte 17 -II. Eleuor Terrene 2 3. 4 7 II. Fr.ace.EHei 87 ll.Je..etteM 355 II. Jef ChaitoD. Jr. ...18 . 37 . 4 9 II. Jor Holt. Jr 1 5 .Joe Neil Ill Bawll. Jok. He.rr (7.353.434 BMorll. Jok. Willi.i.. Jr 1 5 Bawell. Robert Perry 177 1 3 R.Min. Robert 177. 37 Rtl..d. Manka Elizabrtk 87. 22 . 451. 468 BMta.JaBe.Miho. 472 Roltenbrrt. Br. 217 Rr.n. JaaK. M.. Jr 102.189 RT.H. Rirkard 1(7 Rydell. Lorv 102 Ryl.cder. Henry Cr.dy 110 Saal. Gloria An. 225. 257 Sackae.Jack 41.42.55 Sada. Patrick) 446 Saffir. Clori. Aue 12 Sacer.Lou 252 Saftettrr. Loaie Marie 46 Saladino. Mary Boulr. 102.128. 129. 4 4 SaUikov. William K.n 211 Salter. ForrrM Allison 87. 143. 197 Sam. Jor 217 Samfcrld. EdU 371. 438 S.nrld. M.I 357.434 Sa UMM.Sally 110 SamM. Harriet An Ut S.m... Mabel frne, Ut S.oel. R.ih Pope 259.3 3 So. Amumif Clmt 4 7 Sancber. Eotrnr Coerrero. Jr. 452 Sucko. Ceoqte bidore 359 Sa kex. JoM-iu Hortewia 117 Sudel. Joe Jeff 130.131 Sudel. Tboau. Tkeodorr ..130. 131. 215 Sa.der. Letter WillUm (Pie ...41.1 0. 1 1. 1 2. 177. 378 Saoderiord. Emily Eloiae ..141. 243. 462 Sander,. Bemie Roy 87.213 Sa.der.. Beverly Jeaa 233 SaBden.DaTidCI.reKe 117 Sckindler. Arnold Lee 437 Srhl.tber. Gertrude M 11 Scklenr. Ruth Erther 110. 233 Srkley. Uvini. Adair 233. 445 Schleyer. Otia 197 Sckmid. W.ller Araadale. Jr 207 Schmidt. Charle. 373. 374 Schmidt. Charle, Albert 12 Schneider. Adela Annie . . . .87. 268. 455 Schneider. Charle. Raymond 197 Schneider. Maria. France. 2 3. 3 4. 4 5 Sekoek. Euzenc Paul. Jr 212. 34 Sckork. Enzene Pa.l. Si 348. 352. 353. 372. 425. 434 Sckorllkopf. Huzo William. Jr. 197. 3 5 Sehoeu. Jo rpb 132.133.352 Srkocmrr. Merredea Marzaret 87. 446. 455 Srkorn.ocel. Elaine HoneMe ...VI. 442. 464 Schoep.. Mary France. 241 Schou.. Dorotky 359 SrkoT.ju. ETely. Pearl 472 Teia. Edward. Jt 143. 19 Sehreiber. Myron Paul 469 Srkrordrr. Emil Emeat 45 Schuhardt. Vernou Truett 212. 34 Srholman. Alfred 358. 373 Srkulz. Elmer Harry 372.435 Srh.U. Uwrevce Eneat (7.45 Schumacher. Mar. Jane 243 Srkumachcr. Betty 255 Schumann. Mar. Ann 457 Schumann. Vi.ia. Aozmtta 3 4 Sckimm. Ruth France. 271.273. 349. 31 Scbutu. Jack Arthur 47 Schutar. Carl Ahre.dt. Jr 132. 133. 352. 377 Seb.artinz. Joorph Floyd 41, 42. 46. 378 2 1 Schwartz. Florence Bulk 117 Sehvartzenburz. Lillian Ann 241 Scott. Belly Jeanne 117. 227 Scott. E. Bay. Jr 117 Scon. Elizabeth Sherlry 259 Scon. Emily Winifred 128. 129. 2 3 Scon. France. Elizabeth 87.239 Scott. Georzann 117 Scon. Howard Clew 437 Scott. Kathleen Elaine 87. 229. 44 Sron. Lillian Caldwrll 4 0 Scon. Mary Lo. 349 Scoti.Phiiii.tK.uzla. 102.229 Scotl. Ro mary 87. 141 . 237. 465 Scon. Shirley 263. 383. 384. 462 Scon. Trari. Mora. 213.436 Scon. Wallace 41.42.45 Scorns Kite Dormitory 272 Serimzeour. Barbara 87.128.129. 141, 237. 4 2 Scri.ner. Marilyn 117 Scruzz.. Jamr. Harry. Jr 205 Sradday. Lavoicr 1 0. 164 Scudday. Boy Skeppard 1(5 Scully. Ceorze Clifford. Jr 457 Scurlock. Arch Chilton 355 Scnrlock. Boben Lrroy Lonncr 135. 185. 449 Seaberry. Nancy Patricia 134. 255 SeaWrrv. Virgil Theodore. Jr 117 Seazer. Scott E. Seazo. Mar. France. (8. 12 . 243 Sraholm. Leonard Howard 132. 133 Srale. Florence Anne 259 Sealr. Holbert Kyle 117.4 7 Seale.Jack .... " . 300, 3O4 Seaman. Jon. Gate. 175. 358. 374. 378. 380 Sander,. Johnnie William. Jr. Suden. Orka. (Spec) Bbode.. Coke Home 1(3 Rkode.. Jane Katheriw .... . 225. 241. 35 . 445. 471 213 ..1 3. 373. 374. 375 1 2. 121. 13S. 1 1. 441. 463 Boortfc. Wile. Bamnky. En . Marie ... Be. Dorotky Jo pk .... .H. E. ch. Fritz Muf red 117 231 . Hilda Fl B..t.trld. Jok. Max Bomrtkal. Cenldue 87. 371. 372. 438 252. 351 441 2 1. 44 134 .41. 42. 49 ...241. 449 Sudera. William Skirley 132.133 Sandrno.. Outlet Earl 2 1 Sandzarte.. Jaliu Samnel 217 Saavdidcr. Jok. C. 134 Sa.dlrdl. Jok. Lromard 211 Saaer. William Bryant 175.457 253 Sanom. Charle. Cnlbenon. Jr 21 S.i.m. Jame. Newton 132.133 Sanbrr. Bettie 110 Saner. Enuliu Victoria (7. 257. 350. 464 Saner. Leol. Jowphinc 102 Sancrmilrh. E. R. 87 Saudrn. Clem Edward 460 Sra!r..Jran 253 Scarbotoof h. Catherine (7. 359 Scarborouh. Henr. Herbert. Jr 21 87 Scardino. Robert Albert 457 Scharffrr. ET. Mar 461 Srkaffrr. Aaro. 2 8 Schattenteen. Marcia Manka 452 SckeCer. Clropka. Jovpk ..(7. 130. 131. 277. 436 117.247 Scbenlke. John 457 Schickel. M.r. Je.. 87.257.450 Schiller. H.ttie Beth 1)0 Searcy. Kilkerine 254 Sear.. Annie Laurie 35 Seny. John MeReymold. 195.378 Sea..illiam 300.302 Sekrinj. Ann Stein 46 Srfrik. Don. May 472 Sribrn. Kenneth Dale . .88. 135. 197. 37 Seidrl. Ed 392.3 3 Srizler.Jame.An n 117 Sriprl. June Elizabeth 4 0 Srith. Marcel la Veronica 128.12 . 440. 457 Self. Gerald Edward 1 7 Seller.. Adoly. Lo. 231 Seller,. 1 1 Seller.. Helm Bra. 229.471 Seller.. Henry Grady 117 Seller,. Lri Charle. 357.434 Srlby. Loi. Terrell 245 Semme.. Elizabeth Elaine 110.457 Srmiort 3-93 Senter. Loni. Bl.krly 110 Seneca . BomMrrie 243 Settle.. Charle. William 434 Settle.. Theodore Homer 88.437 Sereri.. Boben Henry. Jr 4 7 Se.ell. JohnC. 187 Sexto . Gloria 44 Sryboll. France. 232 Seymour. Annie Lo. 11 . 237 PezzyJo 117 Shackeroff. Edith 11 Simdowe . Jack C. 117 SkaeMeld. Bernard Wolf 2 9 Shanaha.. DaTid Bey ld 457 Skaakd.. Hr.ry Cilchri.t 46 Shane. John ThomMMi 46 Shanker. Benjamin 20 P.ct 557 NAMES PACES Shankland, Nancy Mildred . .88, 267, 273 Shannon, ArthurWalter 175 Shannon, Ed F 117 Shannon, Evelyn Mae 233 Sharp, Bettie Louise 263 Sharp. L. R., Jr 437 Sharp, Robert Glenmore 102 Sharp, Thomas Harris 96 Sharp, William W 117 Sharpe, Mary Louise 117, 128, 129 Sharpless, Robert Hitchcock 88, 197, 376, 385, 393, 438, 469 Shaver, Leola 440 Shaw, Aubra Delight 245 Shaw, Bernice 117, 231, 349 Shaw, Hugh Duncan 143 Shearer, John Sidney 117 Sheehan, Lois Mildred 263, 457 Sheffield, Jean White 237, 383, 468 Sheffield, Neal Yard Reynolds 221 Sheffield, Roy Sherrill 219 Sheftall, Dell 173 Sheid, James Wallace 102 Shelby, Martha Janice 88, 355, 367 Shelby, T. H 17 Sheldon, Mary Elizabeth 241, 266, 273, 467, 468 Shelton, Edgar Greer, Jr. . . .88, 135, 179, 358, 376, 441, 463 Shelton, Jack Stanley 117, 457 Shelton, Laura Elizabeth 235 Shel ton, Robert Lewis, J r 102, 219, 377, 460 Shepard, Herbert Lewis 348 Shephard, Sarah Lucille 126 Shepherd, John Wiley, Jr 102 Shepherd, Marguerite Cecilia 243 Shepherd, Marjorie 102, 141, 259, 462, 469 Shepherd, Robert Ashland, Jr. ..191, 463 Sheppard, Herbert Barton 88, 446 Shepperd, Alfred Edgar 126, 199, 376 Sherman, Charles Howard 189 Sherman. Dana Marie 455 Sherman, Mary Marce lline 141, 143, 241, 467 Sherman, Shirley Ann 88, 442 Sherrill. Byron Field 454 Shidler, Sarah Adele 233, 443 Shields, Charles Oliver 88 Shields, Donald Lee 102, 463 Shilling, Douglas 110 Shilling, Lola Gayle 117 Shimeall, Kermit Wayne 199 Shipp, Margaret Jean ..237, 271, 273, 465 Shokes, Francis Marion 274 Short, Byron E 371, 372 Short, Harry Hammond 437 Short, William Edward 470 Shoss, Fl ora Gordon 361 Shoss, Isadore Hyman 102 Shrecengost, Donald Judson 132, 133, 353 Shudde, Helen Louise 88, 129, 141, 263, 465 Shudde, Virginia Lee 349 Shudde, Weldon Glenn 175 Shumake, George Charles 215 Shumate, Gaston Anderson, III 177 Shumate, Nancy Jane 243, 350, 439 Shytles, Harry Maurice, Jr 193 Siden, Edna Augusta 465 Sidney Lanier Literary Society 468 Siegel , Ernest Maurice 94, 435 Siegel, Marilyn 261 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 206, 207 Sigma Alpha Mu 208, 209 Sigma Chi 210, 211 Sigma Delta Pi 359 Sigma Delta Tau 260, 261 Sigma lota Epsilon 366 Sigma N,i 212, 213 Sigma Phi Epsilon 214, 215 Sikora. David 117 Silberstein, Frances Minnette .468 Silver Spur 385 Silverman, Fred Nat 460 Silverman, Helene Estelle ..88, 355, 359, 367, 468 Simmang, Doris Elaine 88, 443 Simmons, C. D 13, 363, 364 Simmons, Carol Jean 117, 243 Simmons, Helen Claire 88, 141, 237, 462 Simmons, Howard Marvin 88 Simmons, Joe 132, 133 Simmons, Perry Marshall 211 Simmons, Roy 175 Simmons, Ruby Jeaneatte 460 Simmons, William Harmon 363 Simms, Leonel John, Jr 221, 457 Simon, Ben M 117 Simons, John Charles 175 Simons. Robert Ly ttleton 179 Simpkins, Alline Faye 231 Simpson, Frances Gertrude 88, 263, 355, 359, 462 Simpson, Hubert Lyle 171, 191, 378 Simpson, John Weldon 368, 372, 437 Simpson, Joseph Ryan 175, 454 Sims, Elmer Richard 359 Sims, Truman Hubert, Jr 201 Sinclair, Boyd 463 Sinclair, Louise Lambert 110 Sinclair. Marjorie Dee 255, 383, 457 Sinclair, Thomas Albert 179 Singer, Frank Bernard 41 , 217 Singleton, Eugenia 102 Sinkin, Rosalie 266, 273 Sisco, Marie 117 Sisk, Nell Elizabeth (Betty) 103 Sitter, Dorothy Marion 103, 471 Sivil, Marie Elizabeth 88, 355 Sivil, Mildred Katherine (Bobby) ..103. 440 Sivley, Ray Crogan 132, 133, 277 Sivley, Roy Elmer, Jr 88, 435 Sjoberg, Walter Eugene 132, 133 Skeen, Ruth Eugenia 229 Skeen, Virginia Marie 466 Skelley, Lawrence 177 Skinner, Douglas Dickerson 377 Sklar, Betty Jane 247 Skrbanek, John Warren 472 Skrivanek, John Marion 472 Skrivanek, Julius Arnold 472 Slaninger, Ernest William 457, 472 Slator, James Moss, III 189 Slaughter, Betty 243 Slaughter, Betty Jane 263, 386, 443 Sledge, Sam Manford 469 Slicker, Alice Louise ..110, 237, 349, 468 Sligh, Thomas Sindley 377 Sloan, Charles Edward 435 Slothewer, John Edward 211 Slovacek. R. W 300, 302 Sluder, Marianna 88, 143, 229, 362, 447 Small, Betty Margaret 117 Small, David 41. 300, 304 Small, Sybil Elizabeth 259 Small, Terrell Jackson 207, 371, 372, 438 Small, Winifred 443 Smalley, Arthur Louis, Jr. ..88, 215, 434 Smart, Margie Jane 233 Smerke, Francis Patrick 185, 435 Smith, Alfred, Jr 195 Smith, Alice Mae 237, 270, 273, 460, 465 Smith, Aubrey Harris 110, 132, 133 Smith, Barbara Louise 88 Smith, Betsy Anne 263 Smith, Betsy Rosse 237, 464 Smith, Bettyejane 225, 243, 350, 471 Smith, Bryant 176, 374 Smith, C. Aubrey 206, 363, 364 Smith, Carrol Clark 88 Smith, Charles Tyson 179 Smith, Claire Monday 259 Smith, Cynthia Nightingale 237, 444 Smith, Damon Philip 183 Smith, David Kenneth 117. 201 Smith, David W., Jr 117 Smith, Doc 294, 296 Smith, Dolce Dee 237 Smith, Edith Elizabeth 128, 129, 134 Smith, Edmond LeCros 89, 434, 467 Smith, Ernest Grady, Jr 103 Smith, Eugene Clayton 185 Smith, Eulyse McCown 89, 441 Smith, Everett G 364, 365, 366 Smith, Genevieve 251 Smith, George Blucher 89 Smith, Coodhue Wilson 191 Smith, Graham 185 Smith, Gramann 348 Smith, Herbert Randolph 364 Smith, J. W 41, 300, 303 Smith, James Kenneth 377 Smith, James William 469 Smith, Jewel Letitia 349 Smith, Jimmie Hannaford 191 Smith, Joan 225, 249, 386 Smith, Joe Hughston 117 Smith, John Calvin 103 Smith, Killough King, Jr. ..197, 374, 375 Smith, Lewis 187 Smith, Lex Burke 355 Smith, Lucy Geraldine 110, 229 Smith, Margaret Fay 475 Smith, Marguerite Browning 103, 241 Smith, Marianna 128, 129, 237, 358, 468 Smith, Martha 117 Smith, Mary Benjamin 134 Smith, Mary Ellen Whelchel 89, 455 Smith, Mary Emily 466 Smith, Matthew Irving 359 Smith, Ned M 110 Smith, Nova Mae 103, 350 Smith, Opal Elizabeth 87 Smith, Owen Robert 377 Smith, Pattie Gooch 255, 471 Smith, Pauline 243, 440 Smith, Rhoten Alex 215 Smith, Richard Dean 130, 131 Smith, Richard Russell 89 Smith, Richard Sidney 469 Smith, Richard Thomas 187 Smith, Robert Lee 374, 375 Smith, Rosemary Coleman 263 Smith, Ruby 103, 139, 144 Smith, Wade 392, 393 Smith, Wanda Rowena 134 Smith, Weaks Gardner 110 Smith, William Clarence 175 Smith, William Dorman 365 Smith. William Newton 110, 130, 131 Smyer, George Hardeman 117 Smyth, William O ' Brien 457 Sneed, Jessie Louise ...89, 251, 456, 468 Sneed, Robert Carter ..120, 135, 187, 378 Snoddy, Rachel Ann 233, 471 NAMES PACES Snodgrass, Frank Lee 89, 195, 355, 358. 376 Snyder, Chester Melvin 217 Sohmer, Margaret Jane 254 Solito, Peter Salvadore 274 Solomon, Clara Cornelia ..117, 245, 467 Soltes, Elton David 117 Sophomore 106-110 SoRelle, Laura Ella 103 Sory, Dorothy 89, 253, 384 Sousa, Ismael Jose 117, 457 Southeast Texas Club 469 Southern, Gary 117, 263, 439, 449 Sowell, Ellis M 363, 364 Spain, James Anderson, Jr. 117, 215, 434 Sparenberg, Charles 13, 363, 364 Sparks, James B 110, 141, 143 Sparks, James Thomas 463 Sparks, Joe F 41, 300, 303 Spears, lone Pettey 367, 468 Spears, John Miller 89, 120, 138, 171, 183 Spears, Lillian Frances 259 Speary, William A 110 Spell, J. R 359, 429 Spence, Gus Ralph 89, 171, 179, 376, 378, 463 Spence, Julius Hoff 179 Spencer, Alice Estel 243 Spencer, Florence Elizabeth 367, 468 Spencer, Mabecca 117, 243 Sphinx 470 Spicer, David Charles 134 Spies, Betty Jo 103, 350, 464 Spillar, Margaret Jean 89, 229, 355, 359, 445, 468 Spiller, Hazel 103 Spiller, Hollis Barclay 437 Spillers, Grover Cleveland 89 Spilman. Wade Netzer 213 Spitzer, Leonard Sheldon ...41, 203, 310 Spofford, Elizabeth Ann 110, 241, 468, 469 Sponberg, Eddie 117 Sponberg, Raymond Lindell 89, 371, 372, 438 Sponsel, Thane Tyler 197 Spooks 386 Spooner, Patricia Evelyn . .227, 446, 468 Spore, Harry Black 89, 371, 372, 438 Spradlin, Joe Dewey 103, 369, 435 Springfield, Nora Gray 89, 375 Sprinkle, Arthur 177 Squire, Ruth 110 Squires, Anne Elizabeth 103, 126 Staab, Josephine Helen 244, 451 Staats, Edwin William 215 Stacy, Anne Morgan 123, 144, 255, 362, 459 Stacy, Charles Aiken 458 Stacy, Clifford Eli 205 Stafford, Gerald M 196 Stafford, Sadie Gray 89, 237 Stahlhut, Virginia Arlene 103 Staley, Elizabeth Jeanne ...143, 144, 253 Stalling, James 381 Stallones, Troy Malone ...117, 130, 131, 132, 133 Standefer, Harriet Jane 117, 243 Standifer, Charles Hubert 215 Standifer, Margaret Alleen 243 Stanford, Claud Leon 89, 458 Stanford, John William, Jr 118, 457 Stanger, Zuleika Elizabeth ..89, 141, 237, 360, 468 Stanley, Anna Marie 457 Stanley, Naomi Celeste 89, 469 Stapleton, Virginia Anne ..118, 141, 227, 349, 457 Stark, H. J. Lutcher 12 Stassinos, Ethel 89, 442 Stayton, Betty Beverly 255 Stayton, Hallie 255 Stayton, Robert W 194, 375 Steagall, Tom, Jr 132, 133 Steck, William 441 Stedman, Mary Anne 263, 382, 384, 440 Steed, Joe Dean 458 Steele, Billy, Jack 103 Steele, James Blair 436 Steele, John Edward 189 Steen, John Thomas 191, 385 Stein, Faye Ruby 229, 270, 273 Steinberg, Elinor Louise 231 Steineger, Charles Frederick 213 Steinocher, Mary Katherine 472 Stekoll, Melvin 209 Stenberg, Beatrice Noble 354, 481 Stenberg, Robert Theodore 134, 348 Stenis, Thomas 134 Stepan, John Daniel 457 Stepan, John Lee 457 Stephens Alumnae Club 471 Stephens, Charles Leon 207 Stephens, Elyse 139 Stephens, James Mil ler, Jr 89 Stephens, Lewis Dale 177 Stephenson, Robert Clarence 359 Sterling, Aurora Virginia 263. 382 Steusoff, Dorothy Marie 440 Stevenson, Charlotte June 134 Stevenson, Governor Coke 9 Stevenson, Orissa 255 Stevenson, Robert James 103, 449 Stevenson, Rufus Alfred, Jr 348 Steward, John Bruce 189 NAMES PACES Stewart, Alice Partee 253 Stewart, Annette 241 Stewart, Billy Tom 120, 365 Stewart, Charles 144 Stewart, Howell Francis 177 Stewart, Jo Ann 103, 475 Stewart, Lloyd May 118 Stewart, Mary Eleanor 251 Stewart, Nancy Jean 141, 253 Stewart, Robert 89, 171, 201 Stidham, Ila Jean 118 Stieler, Helen Ruth 259, 443 Stiff, Jack Ray 130, 313 Stiff, James Harrison 130, 131 Stifft, Sidney Harold 261, 440 Stillman, Morris 118, 173 Stimson, Arthur Earl 89 Stindt, La Verne 118 Stinson, Mary Agnes 90, 445 Stinson, Robert Horace (Bobby) 118, 441 Stipe, Martha 361 Stirman, Ralph Lee 130, 131, 470 Stilt, Larry Burgie 103 Stockard, Catherine Lee 350, 447, 459, 462 Stocking, George W 174 Stockley, Mattie Etta 227 Stockton, James Elbert, Jr 434 Stockton, Robert Blake 90 Stoddard, Margaret 350 Stoer, Susan Marshall 263 Stolbun, Bernard 375 Stoll, Patricia Ann 225, 235 Stoller, Jack Carl 173 Stolz, Leola Alma 110 Stone, Charles Wallace 103, 365 Stone, Jack Porter 41, 294, 295, 434 Stone, Mary Louise 90, 255, 462 Stone, Mary Virginia 103, 469 Stool, Joseph Morris 217 Stool, Max 217 Storey, Charles Porter 195, 378 Stork, Doris Lucille 349 Stork, Willie Mae 354 Storseth, Robert Paul (Bob) 103, 461 Stotler, Roger Grant 90, 274 Stout, Joe Henry 205 Stover, Peggy 90, 141, 255, 367, 439, 440 Stover, William Leon, Jr 103, 461 Strain, Robert Aloysius 355 Stranahan, Louis James 437 Strasburger, Jeanne 263, 272, 273, 379, 464 Strauss, Theodore Henry 209, 475 Strawbridge, Billie Lucile 118 Strawbridge, Elizabeth Jeane 90, 225, 442 Strawn, Dan Douglas 132, 133 Street, Joseph Gray 213 Streit, Selma 272 Strelsky, Robert Earl 90, 187, 385 St rib ling, Thomas Davis 191 Strickland, Lamar 205 Strickland, Pauline Elizabeth 90 Strieber, Peggy 440, 457 Stripling, Martha Anne 128, 129, 229, 440 Stripling, Sarah Elizabeth 103, 128. 129, 229 Stripling, Sue Allyn 126, 245 Strnadel, Charles Joe 472 Stroller, Jack Carl 118 Strom, Oliver Weldon 90 Strong, Don 358 Stroud, Joan 1 10 Stroud, Milton Lee 103 Strowbridge, Frederick John 434 Struss, Roberta 90, 128, 129, 241, 350, 440 Stubbs, Helen Jean 259 Students ' Assembly 120 Students ' Association 120 Stullken, Florence Mae 355, 364, 431, 442 Stumberg, George 424 Stumberg, Marie Helene 237 Stumberg, Marilyn 141 Stumpf, Clarence Henry, Jr 185 Stumpf, Noeline 118 Sturdivant, Robie Nell 103, 128, 129 Stutsman, Lorraine Alice ...90, 121, 128, 129, 241, 350, 386, 471 Sue, J. O., Jr 179 Suehs, Ruth Loraine 253 Suggs, Marion Jack 132, 133, 135 Sukman, Robert 454 Sula, Helen 472 Suls, Lillian Frances 103, 442 Sullivan. Jean 141, 251 Sullivan, Margaret Brice ...90, 273, 355. 367, 447, 456 Sullivan, Reva Katherine 118 Suman, John R 370 Surlej, Burnell 103, 460 Susholtz, Adolph Otis 203 Sutherland, Barbara 448 Sutherland, John Wesley, Jr 90. 436 Sutherland, Mary Elizabeth 90, 120, 143, 237, 361, 362, 447 Sutherland, Sam Shelton, Jr 434 Suttles, Edward Lillo 189 Sutton, Anne 237 Svrcek, E. J 472 Swain, Alvan Ben 103 Swann, Elam Franklin 191 Swanson, Helen Lucile 128, 129, 233, 271, 273 Swanson, Joseph Garth 469 PICE 558 Swanaon. Sicne Marie 354.474 Swmmtmm. William Wallace. 1 7 Smrimje diford Wilm 185 Svezriuce . J-en Lee 434.431 Swearince.. JUOM. Suariuf ...353. 372. 434 Sweeney. Margaret 8 Sweeney. Mike 41.42.58 Swenaon. Coauue William IK Swett. Margaret Loniae 118. SI Swigart . Patricia Doria Lucille ... Thorn..... EJwU D Thoaapaou. Eleauaor Rebecca Thiimfinn Ernest Randolph .Craee . Harold Lee %rr.. . illiam Edward Sztfeli. Henna .3 2. 3 3 377 .34 . 360 41 Tacqaard. Margaret Eleanor . . . .257. 34 Taber. Emma Jean 110. 121. 37 . 451. 45 Talben. E. W 427 Talben. William Cicero. Jr. . ..103. 132. 133 Tallal. Joseph Joseph . ' -SOS Tallal.Shirlie 225. S61 Talley. Amne Woadruf 263 Talley. Vina Dann 471 Tallicbet. David Coaaptoa. Jr 18 Tankenley. Charles William ...132.133 Tankerslcy. Frances Irene ..110. 455. 473 Tannery. Fladger F 363.365 Tapp.Paul F 436 Taranl. Victor 103 T.rlton. Kenneth 3 2.3 3 Tarlton. Terese 263.350.465.571 Tarpley. John William 435 Tarrv. George Dudley 187 Tarry. Mary Katberine 241 T.-..- lice Louise ...118. 128. 129. 241 Tarver. Martha Ann 118,128.129. 22 . 471 Tarrer. Martha Arline 241. 272. 273 Tate. Ben. Jr 103 Tate. Dorothy Cleo 4 Tatum. Alice 2 3 Tatum. John Corley 213 rasBeufi 372 T m Drlu Alpk. 360 Im. Delta Pki 216. 217 Tanerman. Joe Klee 130.131 Taulbee. Thoma. 181 Tayloe. Wilson Armistead 213 Taylor. Ardell Niehol. 348 Taylor. Ben Dnlaney US Ta.lor. Betty Jane 141.253.382.461.471 r. Charle. Howell 40 Ta.lor. Charle. Smith 358 r. Donald Rhone 132,133 Taylor. Doria Elizabeth 118.384 Taylor. Doria Jean ....110,134.241,444 Ta.lor. Elizabeth Fairchi Id 90 Taylor. Emerv Lee 118 Taylor. Herman. Jr 108. 353. 434. 449 Taylor. Hubbard Eugene 110 Taylor. Jerry Elaine 90 Ta.lor. Juanita Elizabeth 110.442 Ta.lor. Lydia Ellen 349 Ta.lor. Mary Louise 273.442 . r. Manelle Henrietta 90. 442 Ta. lor. Vann Shaw 348 Tavman. Virginia Lee 118 Teaadale. Arthur Robert. Jr. ...132.133. 36 . 372. 435 Teaadale. William Kerr 199 Teeter. Keith C 3SS Ttift 218. 21 Temple. Ann 34 Templeton. Anne Phillips 25 . 475 Tmmit 306-309 Tern... John William 90. 457 Terrel . Helen Catherine 253. 462 Terrill, Joe Crisler. Jr 219. 368. 372. 437 Terry. Carl to. Rnel 41.90.21 . 300. 301, 438 Terry. Lota Watta 229.442.468 baun,. Herbert 90 Te.ell. Howard Earlinglon. Jr. 1 7. 454 Teiau Last Kei tear 375 reaw Xmxer. Tie 144 TVuu Slauieiil faoJinmoru 138. 13 Thacker. William MeKinley 18 Tharp. George Edwin 132. 133 Theohall, Rupert Edward. Jr 90. 46 r eaa Sigma 361 ravrsa Xi 220. 221 Thet ford. Frances Adair ....103.243.442 Tanel. Claire 1 18 JO CinaV 362 Thoma.. Alex Roacoe 207 .Billy Dean US . Donald Scott 3S7 . Gloria Jaequclya 103. 241 Thomas. Ina Mae 90 Thomaa. Lucy Hale 255. 44 Thnm... Marion Elizabeth 120. 241. 271. 273. 34 . 386. 45 . 463, 468 Tt I I i , Milton Cayle. Jr 197 Thomas. Orlando Pendleton 364 Thomaa. Viola 255.351.471 Thompson. Andre. Zi I ker 1 5.374 Thompson. Betty Jane 255 Thompson. Charle, Hubert 110.441 , Crayion Beville 91.434 1 110 207 .103. 442 189 . Herscbel William 91 .Jack David 441. 461 Thompson. James Dempscy 103.469 Thompson. Jamc Earl 213 Thompson. Jc N 437 Tho.p .. Jimmy Eugene 1 Thompson. Jok. 103.442.461 .Leland 19 Ann 103. 126. 251. 448 .UalieA 41.211 .Margaret 91 a. Martha Imogene 382 ,PaU 138 TV r Robert Charlton 197 . Robert Franci. 221 . Roy Charles. Jr 357 434 . Waadajo 134 Thorn. Robert Peyton. Jr 435 Thornbenry . Harry Fred 1 Thome. Margaret Marquand 255. 269. 273 Thornhill. William 205 Thorpe. Margaret Mary 440 Thrasher. Catherine 110 Thrasher. Marvine Zetta Mae 110. 2X3 Thnimon. Clarence Edward 189 Thurmond. Jane. Carroll 103.438 Thweatt, Mary Virginia 1. 241. 466. 471 Tibha. Anaelm M-. Jr 103 Tidmore. George Walton 118 Tidwell. llanha Vi rginia 25 . 386 Tillery. Marilyn Wynne 259, 379. 469. 471 Tillcy. Wetle Hope 134 Tillouo . Hilda Waltt 263. 442 Timaa. Charle. Amf a 358 Timm. Phylli. Lynnctte 227 rimnon.. David 118 Tinou. Wilben Helde 35)1 Tickle. Jinny Latter 381 Tip.. Eugenia May 444.467 Tilley. Bonnie Jean 103. 379. 471 Tittle. Robert Charle. 207 Titt .worth. Jane Lent 183 Tit... Jack Alin 211 Tobin. Antonio W 452 Tobin. Diana 452.460 Tolbert. Jame. M 174 Tonforde. Betty Jo 245 Tomkiet. Margaret Evelyn 91 . 241 . 355. 439. 456 TOM. W. H.. Jr 434 Toolcy. Joe Harl an 191 Toppin.. John 118. 467 Torrance. Edwin. Jr 348 Tone.. Rafael Fl ore. 446 Towner. John Harding 211 Tone.. Ann 259.383 TowMend. Elizabeth Ellen 237. 466 Tnrawend. Ella Elirabeth 229 Towauend. Howard William 218 Towntend. Mr,. Howard William ... .448 Toiey. Eleanor Para IT 91. 239. 465 Tracey. William Arthur. Jr ITS Tntk 300-304 Travi . Richard Saadow 20 Traweek. Stella 364. 442 Trailer. Ralph Newlon. Jr 1 3 Trenckmann. Charle. Crorer 355. 377 Trenlbam. Eugene 466 Trieman. Kalman Wolff 173 Trimble. Ruth Jeanne 103. 475 Trinklein. Robert Lonu 450 Trlica. Raymood Harry 118.472 Troiaao. Lewi. Robert 457 Tro.t. Marion Jeannette 457 Trotter. Leola Virginia 382. 384. 462 Trotti. Billie Bert ....110. 243, 469. 471 Tromt. Kye. Jr 436 Tro.ell. Helen Janice 118. 245 Trail. Clady, 118. 34 Tai. Albert Lou Suen 348 Taehadin. Mvra Katherine ..91. 225. 255. 355. 360. 43 . 456 Tbb. John Henry 177.376.385 Tobb. Martha Jane 259.383.475 Tucker. Bette Ladd 2 3 Tncker. Jame. Jef enon. Jr 1 3 Ticker. Joe 1_. Jr 205 Tocker. Maury Gaoo 207 Til lit. Coral H 425 TM||O . Lenita Fay 118 Tnlly. Jane Guilford 263.362 Tunnell. William Kerr 175 Tamer. Betty Jo 103.243.462 Turner. Edd Royal 1 Tenter. Fredda Fae . ..126. 225. 263. 386 Turner. Iri. Lanore 134 Tmer. Johnny Frank 21 Turner. Robert Lincoln. Jr 221. 438 Timer. Wanda Lee 118. 249. 386 Tutl. Marian Crafton 245. 471 Twillegear.Laa.Eliiaa.Jr 466 Twining. John Theodore 437 Twiaa. Fraee Jeanette 91 Tyler. Rowmary 253. 381. 466 Tyme . Patricia Anne 241. 382 Tyrell. Thomaa Halbert 118.1 7 V L ' dden. John Robert ............ 185.438 Ubl . Arthur Co.ta.e. Jr ......... 103. 213 Uhl. Thoma. John. Jr. 91. 377. 438. 457 Ulbricht. Herbert Henry. Jr .......... 118 I ' lrich. Homer ...................... 134 Ulug. Turint ....................... 436 I ' m.tatld. Mr.. J.C ................. 367 Umauttd. Jame. McNutt (Mac) . .41. 60. 120. 171. 205. 300. 303. 378 Underwood. Captain Herbert Whitwell 200. 444. 476 Underwood. Mr.. Herbert Whitwell . .444 (7auon Bovt ........................ 122 CaiK-rtifvCiecAC ao ............... 472 ( ' in erutv Lifkt Opera Coaincay ---- 127 Cniterutr Svatnaoar Orthrutt ...... 134 V. of T. fkmrmfcriUicfl .Juociolioa . .473 Upchurch. Betty Jane ............... 118 Unchurch. Claude Elmer ....... 1 1.385 Upcburch. Garland Rudolph ......... 1 lit Unchurch. Joaephine ...... 255. 272. 273. 350. 382. 439 I ' plegar. A. C ....................... 363 Uffrrclfu AdtUoti ................. 273 Upahaw. Leon Reuben ............... 275 frbaoek. Dan. Jr .................... 457 L ' rice. Joe Ray ............ 118.132.133 Uriegas. Guadalupe ................. 481 Uriecat ' torrc . Carlo ............... 446 Varek. John Roman 91. Vair. Douglas Robert 132. 133. Valdes. Carlo. Manuel Vanberg. Charles Franci. 353. Van Cura. Betty Mae 104. 442. Van der Veer, William Russell Van Zandt. Eleanor Ann ...91. 241. 355, 359. 367. 439. Varga. Yolanda Elizabeth 110. Pfrsur flefxue Squad Vasquez. Alfredo Cuardia 359. Vaughan. Sam C Vaughan. Thomas Doak 110, 213. Vaughn, Spruill James Vazquez. Obdulia 452. Vealch, Mary Virginia Veatch. Vesta Ewing Vehle. illiam Richard Vejan . Robert Vela. Estella Vela. Rose Elizabeth Velaseo, Mary Ann Lambe Vel asco. Raoul Terrea 42, Verge. Angus Murray Vernor. Russel LaRoe. Jr 211, Verrelt. Wallace Anthony Vexlcr. Marvin Vickers, Robert Brice Vickery. Edward D Victor. Ruth 231 Victor, Walter Kenneth 91. 371. 372. Vilbig. Ann 245. Villareal, Eliaa Castaneda 457. Vincent. Vern H 363, Vineyard. Roy Leonard 199, Vinson. Jean de Forest Vischer. William 110, Vitek. Joe Arnold Vlahovic, Dorothy 128. 129. 227. 457. Voelcker. Selma Louise 253. 350. 379, Vogel. Alfred Jacob Vogt. Jeanne Ruth Vogtel. Jeanne Neat 128, 12 Voigi. William Luther Volentiac. France. Pauline Von Blucher. Gloria Rose Von Base. Robert J Vowels. Harry Lee Vycbopen. Charlie Louis 472 352 359 434 472 118 350. 456 457 135 481 104 385 .187 481 .104 .350 .355 118 452 457 .481 481 118 377 .458 .203 .215 .104 440 185. 438 457 481 364 461 .367 221 .472 472 443 .438 .455 449 .118 .481 .104 .104 . 1 .472 Wacker. John August. Jr Wadleich. Fred Lawder Wacgener.Lc.lie Walberg. Marjorie Helen ....... 118. Waldman. Carl Jack Walenta. Dorothy Jean ........ 104, 268. 386. Walk. Joe Decker . .91. 353. 357. 372. Walker, A. W.. Jr ......... 194. 373. 380. Walker. Billy Harold ...... 132. 133. Walker. Carroll Preaton. Jr ...... 91. Walker. Charle. Edward ...132. 133. Walker. Charle. Wealey Walker. Elizabeth Loniae Walker. Howell Lee ....... 132. 133. 372. 438. Walker. Jamea Earl Waller. Mary France. ........... 91. Walker. Mary Sue .............. 110. Walker. Mildred M malker. Robert J Walker. Ruth Ann ............. 259. Walker. Virginia Bettye Wall. Margaret Elizabeth ....... 464, Wallace. E. Frank Wallace. Iria Maw Wallace. John Samuel Wallace. Raymond Frank malle.. Homer La Velle ........ 104. 201 187 12 349 173 249, 457 434 374. 430 352 185 352 377 474 371. 458 470 442 461 118 104 46 110 475 104 233 207 364 469 m.lli,. Dorothy Lee 245 Wall!.. Ray are. Jr 454 Walichak. Dorothy Geneviere 273 Walth. Doucla. Eraeat 181 Walth. Henry Stude 197 T aUton. Joe Mae 179 alter. Robert Edward 139. 475 Walter.. Anita Eileen 110 Walter.. Annie Laurie 118 Walter.. Charlotte Terrell 229. 449 alter.. Mar. Helen 91 maltmon. Mary Pauline.... 259. 350. 383. 439. 459 Walton. Jack Raymond 355 Walton. Martha Ann 110. 266 Walton. Martin Robert 91, 434 Walton. Richard Cordon 434 Ward. Bettie Louite 461 Ward. Daniel Lee 132. 133. 205. 457 Ward. Jeaa Clark, Jr 189 Ward. Jewel Cordan 259 Ward. John Pierce 183 Ware. Henry Lout. 221 Warman. Zona Ruth 227 Warner. Barbara Hodge. . . .259. 382. 440 Warner. Charlea A 370 Warner. Florence Lillian 91, 241 Warner. Frank 118 Warner, Gloria Jane 237. 383. 386 Warner, Helen Stanley 237 Warner. Hiram Alford. Jr 110. 441 Warner. R. W 369. 372. 435 Warren. Dorothy Jacqueline 241. 443 Warren. Faye Elizabeth 123 Warren. William Jou-ph. Jr 437 Warrick. Thoma. C 62 Water.. Marienne Ophelia 104. 227 Watkin.. Charle. Arthur 104 Watkin.. George Hall 41. 42. 58. 104 latkint. Harold E. 1O4 Watkin.. Jane Loniae 440 Watkin.. Lela Rae 104 Wataon. Billy 110 m atson. Burton 205 Wataon. Gavin. Jr 1, 143 Watson. George Mario 357 Watson. Irving Monroe. Jr 118. 458 Wataon. Jack Dudley 18 Wataon. Jack Wallace 378 Watson. Mary Jo 233 Walton. Mauriette 104 Wauon. Robert Eugene 183. 378 WatM n. Robert Searcy 1 7 Watson, Tbomat 104 Watt. C. W 357 Watts. Ballard Nolan. Jr 187 Walt.. Richard C 377 Weatberby. Marvine 44 . 464 Weatherford, Sam Hard in 197 Weaver, Imogen Minier 350 Weaver. Margaret Isabelle 229 Webb. Jackton Stullken 441. 466 Webb, Nancy Lou 134 Webel. Lewi, 92_ 371 372- 438 Weber. Elaine 251. 350 Weber, John Alvin 377 Weber, Leta Henderson 351 Weddington, Mary Alice 259. 448 Weeks. John Larken 357. 434 Week.. O. D 198. 358. 453 Wehmann, George Weldon 458 Weil. Berahard 41. 203 Weiler. Jame. Frederick 92. 179. 374 Weiler. Joseph Franklin 92, 179, 374, 375 Weinblatt, France. Celeste 231 Weiner, Charle. Gabriel 217 Weiner, Marcus " 17 Weinert.H.H 12 Weingarten. Bernard Loui. 203 W ' eir, Johnny Tilton 175 Weise. Clarence Herman 458 Weise, Jesse William 437. 450 Weisinger, Nina Lee 355. 359 Weiss. Joseph Tully 203 Weland. Curtis Edward 441 Welbora. Frankie Mae 139. 361 Welch, Richard Enlow. Jr 177 Weldon. Jame. Thomac 132. 135 Wells. John Howard 355 Wells. Jordan Calhoua 4 37 Well.. June Delight ..2TO Wella. Marshall Foch 199 Wells. William 195 Wei maker. Fel il Eustace 132. 133 Wei sh. John Ignatius 92. 130. 131 Wendenburg. Clarence Frederick 118 Wendlandt. Margaret Eloiae 225. 239. 442. 465 Wenmohi. Juanita France. 251 Werner. Eugene HO Werner. Joe L ng Weal. Billy Jo 475 Weal. Carey Keene 175 Weal, Clarence Rayford 92. 434 Weal. Jack 41. 42. 50 Weal. Jame. Arthur 132. 133 Weat. Joaeph Veth 104. 434 Weat. Margaret 92 Weat. Mary Loraine 92. 237 Weat. Robert ran O dell. Jr 353. 372 Weat. Sanuel Loyd 2 Weat. Terry Clarke 118 felt Ttxmt Clmb 475 Weat. William Beverly. Ill 135. 187, 358 Weathrook. Palay Ruth US Weater. Lillian 35 . 481 Wealerman. Norma Lee 247 : 55 NAMES PACES Westervelt, Elizabeth Craig 259 Weston. Frederick John 199. 385 Wetzel, Corine Elizabeth 243 Wharey, James Blanton 206 Wharton, Elizabeth Austin 143, 144. 350, 361. 445, 463, 474 Whatley, Mary Ann 255, 459, 462 Whealdon, Joseph Yauger 92, 363 Wheat.Grady Cecille ...92. 120, 239. 460 Wheeler, Frances Evelyn ....92, 251. 448 Wheeler, Jesse Paul 221 Wheeler, Marjorie Eleanor 92, 237 Wheeler. Mary Gay J Wheeler, Robert Amick 434 Wheelus. Cleveland C., Jr 130, 1. Wheless, William Meade 189 Whipple, Frances N 239 Whitaker, Berry 1. 1 Whitaker, Nelson Bradley HO. 134 White, Arthur Christopher 110, 365 White. Betty Bayne 350 White, Betty Jo 229 White, Clifford Byron 92 White, Dorothy Kay 237 White. Emogcne 364 White, Frances Ann 237, 442, 464 White, Frances Earle 245 White. Francis Allan 92 White, Gene 241 White, James Elmer, Jr 179 White, James Quentin 132, 133 White, Jim B., Jr 1 White, Jo A I} White, John Arch 363, 364 White, Joyce 237, 361 White, Marjorie Dale 471 White, Mary Ellen 455 White, Russell Floyd 179 White, Thomas Edgar 469 Whiteacre, Billie 1 " Whitcman, Paul, Jr 205 Whitcsell, Ramona Elsie 104, 257 Whitfield, Joseph Charles 365, 469 Whitfield, Patricia Jean 444 Whitfield, Victoria Marie 104, 44 Whitis, Wanda Jean 104 Whitlow, Eugene Payne 434 Whitlow, Heartha Nielson 351 Whitman, Ralph Garrison 193 Whitmire, Joe Ann 126, 241 Whitmore, William Rogers 143 Whittington, John H 92 Whitworth, Harry Philip 183 Whitworth, James Slaughter 183, 385 Whitworth, Milton Alston 441 Whitworth, Nevada Weaver 92 Whitworth, Ruby 464 IT. I.C. A 474 Wicker, Mary Beth HO Wicker, Mary Lucille 255, 379 Wickes, Joseph A 373 Wiclochil, Margaret 229 Widen, Edna Augusta 229, 386 Wiebush, Herman Henry, Jr 366 Wiener. Mary Esther 110, 247 Wiens. Walter Jack 205 Wier, John Rex, Jr. ...118, 130, 131, 135 Wier, Joseph Patterson 371, 438 Wier, Mary Margaret 253 Wiesner, Jerome James 104, 472 Wiggen, Gertrude Elaine ....92, 270. 273 Wild, Claude Charles, Jr. ..120, 135, 175, 376, 378 Wilde, Byder Wellington 118, 434 Wilde, Doris Virginia 237 Wilde, Hermine Frieda 249 Wilde, Walter Ernest 470 Wilder, Betty 382 Wiley, James Kenneth 457 NAMES PACES Wiley. Julius Earl 179 Wiley, Marion Errol Hay 263 Wiley, Richard Allen 92 Wilhelm, Ruth Helen 92, 351, 360 Wilk, Marjorie Louise 233 Wilke, Henry Charles, Jr 179 Wilkerson. Martha 349 Wilkes, Lowell Lyndon, Jr 355 Wilkinson, John Marshall 132, 133 Wilkinson, Susybelle 104, 444, 471 Wilkinson. Vernon Ray 437 Wilkinson, Virginia Nell 259 Wilkirson, Mary Jeanette 243 Will, Elizabeth Patton 253, 354, 382 Willard, Gradon Fuller 92, 352, 353, 434 Willard, John Cordon 357 Willaid, Mary Jean 354 V il Hi. ni. Arthur Dennis, Jr. 118, 132, 133 Willbern, York Young 358 Williams, Alice Stewart 104 Williams, Clifford Kilborn 470 Williams, David Haworth ...141, 199, 392 Williams, Doris Tiffany 118 Williams, Elgin 143, 144 Williams, Harry 392 Williams, Henry James 118 Williams, Horace Bestor 195 Williams, Jo Eloise 237 Williams, John Elaine 191 Williams, Lucille 228. 359 Williams, Mable Virginia 104 Williams, Madeline 90, 442 Williams, Martha Johnson 227 Williams, Martha Mayde 92, 253 Williams, Mary Elizabeth ..251, 271, 273 Williams, Nancy Wittlesey 241 Williams, O. B 348 Williams, Robert Cobb 197 Williams, Sarah Josephine 141, 253, 384, 471 Williams, Talbot Adams 434 Williams, Thomas Weaver 475 Williams, Vera Catherine 267 Williamson, Betty Nan 118 Williamson. Bettye 118 Williamson, John Henry 92 Williamson, Richard Hughs 213 Williamson, William Raymond 92 Willis, Eleanor 382 Willmon, Gloria Louise 93, 460 Willoughby, Bessie Mae 233 Wilmot, Jennie S 451 Wilson, Archer Killoug. Jr 219 Wilson, Aubrey Charles 438 Wilson, Barbara 118 Wilson, Betty Katherine 110 Wilson, Carroll Oscar 364 Wilson, Clyde Lafayette 93, 363 Wilson, Connie 241 Wilson, Eleanor Anne 104, 143, 227 Wilson, Emmett Newton 118 Wilson, Florence Montgomery . .259, 471 Wilson, Glen Parten, Jr 104, 438 Wilson, Homer Charles 93, 183 Wilson, James Charles 175 Wilson, Jesse Marshall 363 Wilson, Jesse Samuel 434 Wilson, John Ross 207 Wilson, Marifrances 118 Wilson. Nell 93, 229, 440 Wilton, Parker Frank 191 Wilson, Ralph W 193, 475 Wilson, Robert G 41, 306, 308 Wilson, Virginia May 229 Wilson, Weldon John 187 Windecker, Leo James 104 Windover, Jim 454 Windrow, Ann 237 NAMES PACES Windrow, Philip Donald 177 Windrow. Robert David 93. 179, 277, 366. 385 Winetroub, Aaron Wolf 173 Winfiele, Richard Hobson 187 WinLler. Frederick William, Jr 207 Winkler, Mary Beth 243, 349 Winn, Edward Burton 93, 201 Winn, Mae Jo 350, 461 Winn, Robert Williams 144, 187 Winston. Ambrose P 359, 364 Winston, Judith 241 Winston, Susie Marie 229, 273, 468 Winter, Francis Jordan 207 Winters, Jet Corine 228, 351, 451 Winters, Leona Lorraine 93, 355, 446 Winters, Robert G 110 Winton. Katherine Edmund 259 Winton, Mary Isabel 134, 259 Wiren, Jean Folke 215 Wisdom, Billy Jack 470 Wise, Helen Virginia 104 Wiseman, Virginia Fay 93 Wiscnbaker, Ralph 104 Wittenborn. August Ferdinand ...132, 133 Witz. David Aaron 135, 203, 441 Woldert, Sarah Lee 241 Wolf, James Patrick 205, 457 Wolf, Marjorie Jo 118 Wolf, Philip 209 Wolfe, Lake McCalliard 197 Wolfe, Renee Rachel ..93, 225, 231, 350, 445, 456, 468 Wolfean, Annie Mae 118, 469 Wolfean, Freda Katherine 118. 469 Wol ford, Albert Marion 193 Wolford, George M 187 Wolfrod, Frances Lee 263, 471 Wolters, Edith Ottillie 455 Womack, Bill Moody 104 Womack, Virginia Ann 143. 350, 362 Womble, Adine Elizabeth 263 Wong, Soon Yuck 353, 434 Wood, Anita Sarva 249 Wood, Bertram Oliver 93, 193, 436 Wood, Dorothy Marie 93 Wood. Edward Ainslie 211 Wood, Elizabeth Bernice 243 Wood, Emily Claire 257 Wood, Harry A., Jr 209 Wood, Jeanne Shirley 243 Wood. Kenneth Cecil 193 Wood. Marjorie Collier 104 Wood, Mary Bernardine 237 Wood, Mary Dell 104. 233 Wood, Mary Louise 104, 266, 273 Wood. Suzanne 227 Wood, Thomas Bennett 93 Woodard, Bonita June 104, 251, 448 Woodfin, Florence Sonia 255, 383 Woodley, Betty 93, 440 Woods, Althea Marie 351 Woods, James Gerald 277 Woodson, Nettie 243, 383 Woodul, Walter Frank, Jr 191 Woodward, Marion Kenneth 375 Woodward, Paul 197 Woody, Caroline Riecks 251 Woodyard, James Samuel 93 Woolbright, James Edward 132, 133 Wooldridge, Donald Price 211 Wool ley. Bennett Lawrence, Jr 183 Woolrich, W. R 15, 369, 371, 372 Woolsey, Arthur Wallace 359 Woolen, Helen Gordon 93, 128. 129. 241, 465 Workman, Earl, Jr 104, 141 Worley, Annis Eugenia 93, 237, 445 Worley, Gordon 348 NAMES PACES Worley, Veta Thelma 110 Worsham, Jean Mills 195 Wortham, Robert Raymond 207 Worthing, Louie Fabian 175 Wotipka, Barney 104 Wren, Joe L 93 Wright. A. C 18 Wright. Charles Hansel 104 Wright, Courtenay 241, 449 Wright, Emma Lou 110, 141, 243 Wright, Jim Claude ...135, 179, 441, 463 Wright, Martha Ellen 233 Wright, Mary June 93, 253, 384 Wright, Myrlee Doris 110, 229 Wright, Randolph Earle 93, 436 Wright. Robert Stanley 179 Wright, Wesley F 110 Wroe, Loudel 229 Wuensche, John Gustave 441 Wukasch, Earl Otto 450 Wukasch, Joe Eugene 450 Wuntch, Frederick Selber 126 Wyche, Virginia 104 Wyneken, Henry Otto 458 Wynn, Afton T 361, 362 Wynne, Buck Jim, Jr 195 Wyont, Barrett Houston, Jr 132, 133, 201, 352 Yaeger, Charlinc Grace 257, 460 Yaggy, Sarah Adeline 259 Yarber, Robert Vardell 93 Yates, Chapin Winston 371 Yates, Paul 377 Yeager, Helen Maxene 118 Yelderman, George Robert 371, 438 Yeoman, Margaret Dorothy 457 Yett, Fowler Redford 353 Yf. ' l ' - i;t , Milieu, -ritr I. tillis.- 1MX .HK. ' i Y.M.C.A. Dormitory 276 Yolton, Jesse Marie 93, 227, 442 York, Charles Weldon 132, 133, 461 York, Thomas Adams 93, 275 York, William F 93 York, Winfred Mills 461 Young, Charles R 118 Young, Ruthie Davis 255 Young, Thomas Eugene 370 Yust, Anna Elizabeth 118, 229, 457 Yzaguirre, Lauro Antonio 219 Yzaguirre, Mario 452 Yznaga, Delia Aurora 457, 481 Zambrano, Salvador Francisco 446 Zamora, Myrtle Isabel 104. 452 Zang, Louis C 104 Zela Tau Alpha 262, 263 Zctt, Daniel 472 Ziegelmeyer, Julius Emmet 215 Zimmer, Harry Irving, Jr 93, 181, 435 Zimmerl y, Marion Bond 451 Zimmermann, William Florian 201, 434. 457 Zindler, Warren Mamko 217 Zinn, Carolyn Zelda 381 Zinn. Julius 173 Zinn, Natalie 381 Zlatkovich, Charles Theodore ...363, 457 Zoch, Dessie 139 Zuch, Thusnelda Louise 360 Zuniga, Alexander 93, 434 Zuniga, Willie 110 Zuzak, Doris Jane 231 Zwerneman. Doris Elaine 243. 384 Zwiener, Douglas Richard 168, 376 PACE 560 MEDICAL INDEX Adamo, Domioik Adkiu . Charle. Agnew. Kathcrine Jane Allcuwonh. John .vl4. fa .; Air A.,a. Alfk, Om rc AoV. Irene Ander.on. Cart-r Andcno.. Jean Anthony. Jaatc. Aatbouy . Rowmary Araett. Kewaeth Arnold. Thoma Auvtia. Lorraine .5 4 .497 .493 .502 .4 3 .SO .4 3 .Si Bailey. Alyne W3 Bain. George 504 Bain. Ruth 7 Baker. Sidney F 4 . 5(M. 50 Barker. Pad 50 Barnard. Jame, M Bae. Anna Belle 493 Burnett. Lawrence 501 Baruhart. Joe 502 Barr. Nell White 497 BartUtt. Marti. H 499 Ba ia. Joh. Laoe 502 Baaki.. Boy Ho..rd. Jr 485. 48 . 5 2 Bate.. Cl.ry 502 Battle. DOB 49 Bench. C.Pa.l 486.498 Beard. Brace 502 Bea.Uv. Velma 493 Bell. Ardith 490 Bell. Jame A S02 Bellegic. Nick 98 Belrno ki. William O 4 6,499 Bnjamiu. Martell 500 Be.1... Jame. Hamilton.... 48S. 486. 502 Bernard. George 49 Bernard. Lynn 5 1. 508 Berry. George 48S. 48 . 52 Belli.. Moody 564 Beit,. Floyd 504 v:vi 498 Bintliff. Charlea 501 Blark. Cordon 499 Bl.rkbor.. Flora 493 Bla.iae. F. J.L. 485 Blofker. T. C.. Jr 485 Blorker. Virginia 485 Bodauaky. 484 Bohl.. Fare Sophia 493 Beire. Uward Hemrr 48 . 504 Boater. Ray 502 Bowman. Dorothy 493 ..ill. Dorothy Se 493 Botd. Jennie 49 BradSeld. J. Y 501 Brande.. Verla 49 Brandt. Dould 500 Brandt. Otto JO . Harriett Jane 493 .-; :-- m BreUford. Gate " .- : . - Brindley. Paul . Brawn, Arnold . Brown. Dorlicka Brown. Helen 493 Brown. Jack Roaa 5 4 Browne. Charle. F 40 . SM Brace. Iran 501 Bmnviace. Dorotby Dinplet 493 Bne.Ja-ea SO Bwie.Neil 504. 50 nWnem.Mllie 5 2 Banner. Frank R. 4 6. 504 Butler. Alan SO Bozxo. Evelyn 493 Cal dwel I . Vera 493 Callahan. Leroy 499 Calm.. Victor SO Coneron. Brace 5 2 Campbell. Ralph 502 Cannon. Elaine 493 Cantrell. William 5 4 Carpenter. La.ra 493 Carrington. Dewin Cameron. Jr. 4 6. 5 1 Carrnlnen. Frank Spencer 4 6. 5 2 Canall.Loni. 5 4. SO Carter. YMaRae 493 C ey.Low 49 Cnatle. CWHea 50 Ol.ya. Albert 504 Chalmer.. Prealey H 40 . SO Cheraik. Jo Lene 493 Child.. Wealer SO ChiMWIm. Jeaaae 493 Clark. Cnre 49 Clark 50 Clark. .. William 5 4. 50 Clawater. Earl William. Jr. 48 . 5 1. SO Cleveland. Jane 493 Cofmann. Graham SOI. SO Cohen. Milton 500 Colby. Malcolm 504. SOS Cole. A(nea 493 Cole. Mildred 93 Colema.. Clady. 493 Coleman. Eoae 497 Col lard. Roberta 493 Collin.. Sarah Amelia 493 Collharp. Ralph W 41 . SO . SO Connor. Marvin M 48 . 502 Cooke. Willard R 4 4. 485 Cooler. Demon 49 . SO Cooper. Dori. 49 Cr. in. I. Charle. SO Coventry. William Vaden 486. 5O4 C.I. Agne, 490 Cox. Be . 493 Cox. Charlea. Jr 499 Coi. Glennel 49 Cox. Jnlia 493 Craddock. WallU L. 48 . S02 Crain. Alan R 48 . S04 Crawford. Ralph 506 Creel. Jane .Nah 48 . 497 Crockett. Sara , 497 Crowell. Betty Joe 493 Curb.Dolph 48S D Daniel). Charle. 50 Darnell. Lillie B 493 Davenport. Emory 486. 499 Davi . Roy S02 Dawion. David 502 Deeberd. George M.. Jr 4SS Dedication 4 4 Oelaney. John J 485 Richard 49 Dial. Vanita 490 Diekeu . Billy Bob 501 Dodd. Ceorf e 49 Donuney.Joe 499 Donaldson. Joe 485. 504 Duney. Frederich 50 Dnf. Bedford SO Dnlot. Leo S02 Dnncan. Donald 4 4 Dnphan.Don 499 Durham. Mylie 506 Dye. Helen 493 Dye.Johnnie 493 Ea t. Norman SO Eckhardt. Joe 501 Eden. George SO2 Edge. John 502. 508 Eiland. La Verne 490 Eimann. Roaalee 490 Eiaen. Herman SOO Elli . Jack 499 EIIU. John M 499 D1U. John W 501 Elluoo. Alfred 501 Entainfer. Lindell Baker 48 . 498 Earin. Entmett SOI Evan . Jo.iu. SO Evan.. Louiae 49 Eaell. Ed(ar 485. 48 . 50 Colenternek. Joe 485. 487. SOO Coodall. Edwill 504, Carl B 487.501 Cordon. Bill 502 Con. m-. c s Graham. Jame. 504 Grant. SiUa 50 Cranville. George 506 Cmaao. Helen 493 Grave.. Marvin Lee 48S Grayheal. Betty Jean 493 Green. David SO Green. Kalhryu 493 Greer. Sam 502 Crecory. Raymond 4 4. 485 Gudma.o.. Shirley 493 C-eaa.Craee ang Athclia 493 Hafer. Bill 5 4 Hair.ton. Frank 493 Halamick. John 499 Hall. Cliford Raland 487 49 Hall. Faye 493 Hancock. Bewe 490 Hanea.L.C 499 Hanon. Hu(h 506 Hardy. Johnnie 491 Hargrove. Carey J 4 7. 502 Hargrove. Eugene 502. 508 Harri.. Charle 504 Harris. Homer 50 Harri . Jnanita 493 Harri . T. H 484 Harvin. Lillian 493 Ha karl. Waiter 498. 50 Hatchetl. Capre SO Hauer. Nellie 493 Hawthorn. Mary Elizabeth 493 Hegar. Harriet 497 Heiligmana. Emmett 500 Hejtmaneik. Milton SOI Hendrii. Byron M 4 4 Henke. Dorothy 493 Herrmann. George 4 4 Herrmann. Ceorgeanna 497 He ter, Evelyn Elene 493 Heye. Randall C 487. 501 Hightower, Nick 499 Hilliard. May AHUon 493 Hodde. Alma Eve 493 Hofman. Elizabeth 493 Hoffman. Louiae 49] Hollomon.J.J.. Jr 487. 50 Holloway. Kenneth SO HrittikopoQlo . J. W 499 Hndton. Ida Mae 493 Hull. Luther . 499 Humble. Elizabeth 493 Hunt. Ruth 491 Hunter, Tom SO Hntrheson. George ...499 Hyde. Bob S2. 5 8 Ince. Melanie Inni . E. Renshaw 493 487. 504 r.WeoVenl 484 Fairchild. Monroe SO Feanuter. Robert 49 Ferre! I. Marjorie 497 Fillmore. Rollin 506 Hah. John Henry 486, 504 Flatter. Helen 493 Fiaber. W. C 4 7. 501. SO Fiahman. Wilma Helen 493 Flannary. L. M 499 Floyd. Chloe 493 Floyd. Loui. Carl 4 5. 499 Fox. Jack Franci. 4 7. 49 . SM Foye. Thoma 506 Franke. Ellen Beatrice 493 Frazier. Marvi. 49 Freeland. Jeanne 493 French. Eleanor 490 Frobete. Alfred Senrcy 485. 487. 49 . SM Fuller. Jewel 490 Fwrua.Craae SO Carter. Edward 5 1 Garcia. Gloria 493 Curd. Del mar 4 5 Gardiner. Henry S04 Garrett. Edwin 504 Canntt. W. C SO George. Leland 502 Cilliam. Hilhnrn 502 Girard. Lonia 498. 508 Claa . Walter W.. Jr 4 7. S02. SO Cleckler. Jim 501 Coericke. France 493 Jaektou. Dudley Jackaon. J. L. Ill Jackaon. M. C . Jarktou. Martha Jane . Gaza .. .493 .SOI Janazen, Herbert 501 Jarratt. Virginia 493 Jarrett, Margaret 491 Jarvi., Walter 504. SM Jayne . Stanley 499 Jenkin . Edward 5O2 Jewaen. Francine 497 Jen.Maxine 497 Jnhniin. Jeaae B 484. SO2. 308 Jatnaan. Joe K SOI Johnon. Leonard BenMn ..485. 487. 49 Joiner. Bennett Sol Jonea.Edmund 502 Jone. R. V 502 MM Lacy. Beaaie Jane ................... 493 LaLonde, Albert A .............. 4 7, 504 Lambert. Jame .................... . ' .498 Lanr a.ter . Lifford .............. ' . " . ' . 50 Lancaler. York ................ 437 506 Lance. Charle. E .......... Laacbe. Opel Langhl ' in. J. MiYton " " . ' . ' . ' . " ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . . ' 487. " ' 506 Laverty. Jean ....................... 403 Lay, Jame. M ................ " " " s l ! " . Patty .................. ' . ' . ' .tH Legett. Georgia Feller .......... 487. 497 Lei(e te. Homer ................... jg Leigh. Richard ................. 504 sog Levy, Mot e ....... Lewi,. Don ............ ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' " " 49 Undley. Connie Irene ..... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ..3 Livengood. Gerald S ............ 487 SO Lockhart, Lynua Lee ........ ;., Un. Albert ....... LO-J.OIJ. ............. ;;;;;; Looney. Kathleen ........... Lowrey. Oliver Wendell ......... ' 50 Luker. Dorothy Irene ........... 493 Lulon. Mary T ........ 4 3 Lynn. Jack McGregor ...... 48s ' . ' 87. ' Me McBride. Jame O ' Neill . 447 504 McClelland. Mary . McClelland. Sue ............ ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .tin McCormick. Charle ............ 487 504 McGrath. Marjorie Ann ............ . ' .493 Mr H jm. Burnya Mae .......... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . [493 McKay, Vemon ................. ' " 5 4 McKenzie. Berta E telle ......... ] ] ] [493 McKinney. Jimmie ............... ' ' 592 McLaugberty. Ailene ............. 1!!493 McLean. Walter F. ___ McMillin. Ruth .. tV " iinC ' sB U V - 1 I t p " " " " " 3 W McNe,II.JoeP ............ 485. 4,7 5 -McSween. M. Jay ............... 4g JQI M U-f- ' - F rT " ie ................ 488.497 Mahafey. Cecil ........ Manbo . Charle .... " im ' Mantootb. W. B ......... . ' . ' ' . ' ' " ' jjj M.r h. George Bonner. Jr. . . " . ' . " . ' . ' 488. ' 501 Manhall. Ann Love ...... M.r.ha.l. Howard J.H ........ " Mm Martin, Leon . . cj-t Mathia. Robert .... Matlage. W. T.. Jr. .. " iw " Mauldin. Ellen . Maifield. Mary ........ ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .4K May, Henry ............... Meadow . Chrutine ......... " . ' . ' . ' .m Meadow . Waneta ........... " " 403 Hfdtcal School ................. 484-506 Melcher, Truman O Merrill. Sam ........ . ' . " . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . ' .. Meyer. Gwendolyn .............. " 491 Middlebrook. Franci. M Miller. George .... Mill . Morriae ..... Mill . William .. , - ' M. _ ............ jv . yw im . J. I_, Jr ...................... JQJ Minton. Reva ..... Moen, Robert O Monahan. Shirley ... " M onger. Elizabeth . Monk. Alpha . Monk. Corrine ........ Moore.Le.i. ........ Moore. Robert M ......... . " II " " IU5 Moorman. Warren ..... Mom . Seth M ............ " . " . ' .!! 484 " 485 Morrow. Walter Crady. Jr. 488 502 Moaer. Fay ........... Moyar. John ..... ' . Mtajrove. Marjorie Myer . Ted 49] Na.h. Charle. Henry. Jr. . .. 48 50 Nah. Tom ...................... ' 404 Nation.. Arthur .............. !!s04 Nauchntz. Ida Mae ........... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . !93 Nea I. Dori Evelyn .. aQl ..... ......... Neelv. Robert .................... 504 ' Kaplan. H.rrr 500 Karotkin. Le ter 485 Kaufman. Adolph 5 2 Kene.E.L. 502 Keith. Frank R 487. 5 2. SOS Kennerly. Marian 493 Kenper.Ch.rle SOI King. Carey 49 . 50 King. Patty 493 Kirhy, Mary Elizabeth 493 Kirkaey. O. T 504 Knocbe. Florine 491 Kocurek. Margaret ROM 493 Kopecky.Joe 504. SM Krneger. Modena 491 Nemir . Paul Newto.. J rry 493. ' Nichol.. Dorothy Jane Northington. Harold Nocthrup. Uwfa. n Sigma flmm,, C, dMe n ritt t Seo y .SO 49 SM .-.4.3 .490-492 493 O ' Neal. Kermit ..................... SO2 Orau.. Forreat Clarere ...48S. 4M. SO Ortemuyer. Alice ................ 493 Oxford. Marvin Bradneld ...488. 49 . SM Pacz 561 NAMES FACES Palm, Reba Delphine 488, 497 Palmer, Jeanne 497 Parker, Charles A 488 Parks, Walter 501 Paschall. Betty Lee 493 Paul, Claire 491 Pavy, Coy Marie 493 Payne, Beverly 501 Pearson, Clifford 493 Pennington, Thomas J 506 Perdue, Margaret 491 Perkins, Ella Mae 491 Peters, Josephine Barbara 493 Petitfils, Dick 501 Petta, George 499 Peyton, Alton B 488, 499 Phi Beta Pi 502, 503 Phi Chi 504, 505 Phi Delta Epsilon 500 Phi Rho Sigma 501 Phillips, Frances 488, 497 Phil lips, Jack 502 Pokorny, Alex D 506 Polachek, Abraham 485 Ponton, Arvel 498 Porter, E. L 484 Porter, Jeanne 491 Prestridge, Barney 506 Prieto, Phillip M 488 Pruitt, Jack 501 Pugh, David 501 Purnell, Guy W 502 Rabinowitz, George E 488, 500 Rabstein, Sylvia 491 Randall, Edward, Jr 484, 485 Rape, Joseph 506 Rape, Marvin 506 Reading, W. Boyd 484, 485 Reagan, John 502 Reaves, Dorothy Ponice 488, 497 Reichel, Larry 500 Ressman, Arthur C 488, 498 Reveley, Hugh Price 485, 489, 499 Richardson, O. J 489, 499 Rivas, Alfonso 506 Roan, John 499 Roberts, Tom Ray 504 Roberts, W. D 504 Robinowitz, Eli 500 Robinson, Ernest 501 Robinson, H. Reid 484 Robison, J. M 484 NAMES PACES Rocque, Eleanor 491 Rocque, Emily 493 Roden, Jake 501 Rogers, Rodney 499 Rosby, Norma Eileen 493 Rose, Ethel 493 Rose, Nadine 492 Rose, Pauline 492 Rosengarten, Leonard 500 Ross, Nealie 498 Rossy, Lucille 492 Rothenberg, Lionel 500 Rowe, Ed 502 Rumble, Charles T 489, 498 Russo, G. M 499 Samohyl, Correne Marietta 493 Sanders, Frances 492 Sanders, Jack Virgil 489, 502 Sanford, E. B 489, 506 Sawyer, Marjorie 492 Schaeffer, Rosa 492 Schaffer, Randolph L 485, 489. 500 Schilling, Kathryn 493 Schneider, Gladys Marie 493 Schneider, Ruby Alma 493 Schwab, Edward H 485 Schwethelm, Essie 492 Scifres, Gwendolyn 492 Searcy, Marshall 498 Selmon, Tony 504 Seniors 486-489 Sharp, Elliott 504 Sharp, W. B 848 Shepard, Groom 506 Shepperd, R. R 489, 502 Sherrill, Marvin 501 Shields, J. M 499 Shindler, Tom 502, 508 Shoultz, Vardeman 499 Shurley, Jay 502 Sinclair, J. G 484 Singleton, A. 484, 485 Sitta, Raymond 489, 504 Skrivanek, Erwin 506 Slataper, Eugene Lee, Jr 489, 506 Sloniker, Margaret 493 Smart, Mackie Elaine 493 Smith, Frank 502 Smith, Lex Burke 501 Smith, Rex A 504 Smith, William 506 Smith, Y. C., Jr 498 Smotherman, Erwin Ray ; 506 Smyth, Olin 502 Snodgrass, S.R 485 NAMES PACES Snyder, Hal 489, 499 Spears, Rose Mary 492 Speck. Mary Ellen 492 Speegle, Jack 504 Spence, Horace 498 Spencer, Fred Davis, Jr 489, 504, 508 Spencer, J. R 498 Spencer, Nat R 489, 504 Spies, John W 484 Spiller, W. F 484 Sprague, Charlie 502 Stampfli, Frank 504, 508 Stephens, Bill 499 Sterling, Jimmie B 493 Stewart, James Alan 506 Stiernberg, Cam 502 Stone, C. T 484. 485 Stringer, Charlie 502 Stripling, Emma Ruth 493 Stubblefield, Robert 504 Sturges, Esther 492 Sturm, Mabel 492 Swafford. Jack 501 Swinny, Patricia Ann 493 Sykes.C.S 484 Syler, Robert 499 Tabb, Stewart 498 Takano, Nellie 492 Talley, Thurman 502, 508 Taylor, Holman 498, 508 Templeton, Dora 493 Tenery, John 506 Terry, Wanda 493 Tew, Gertrude 492 Thaddeus, Al 499 Theta Kappa Psi 506, 507 Thomas, Fred P 489, 506 Thomas, John L 504 Thomas, Peggy 493 Thompson, Dorothy Jane 493 Thompson, Hardy 499 Thornton, William 506 Tolar, Luella 492 u Unger, Rena 493 Upshaw, Jack 485, 489, 502 Voigt, Mary Dorothea 493 NAMES FACES Wagner, Wilson 504, 508 Wales, Philip 506 Walker, Jack L 489, 502 Walker, James Neal 485, 502 Wall, Herman 498 Wallace, Anyce 484 Wallace, John L., Jr 489,502,508 Wallis, Mac 489, 498 Walton, Jack 501 Walz, Luella 492 Watkins, Dale 502 Watson, Ralph 506 Webb, Jack 506 Webb, Margaret 485, 497 Webster, Caroline 497 Weisser, Dorothy 493 Wertheimer, Haskell L 489, 500 Westbrook, Mary 492 Whisenhunt, Nellie 492 Whitaker, Laura Lee 493 White, Robert B 499 White, Roland 506 White, Weldon 506 Whitson, Robert 506 Whitten, John 501 Whittenburg, Ross 498, 508 Whittington, James 498 Wiggins, James Kenneth . . .485, 489, 499 Wilcoxen, Dorothy 493 Wilhite, Hilton Ray 489, 506 Williams, Anita 493 Williams, Jarrett E 484, 485 Williams, Juanita 493 Williams, Katherine 493 Williams, Phil T 499 Williamson, Evelyn 439 Wilson, Billy 501 Wilson. Charlie 502. 508 Wilson, Mildred 493 Wilson, Rosa Belle 493 Witt. Mary Elizabeth 489, 497 Witte, Violet 492 Wittcn, Thomas 485 Wolma, Fred 499 Womack, Harry 498 Wood, Loyd 506 Woodall, lone 493 Wright, Mary Virginia 492 Wunderman, Dan 500 Wynne, Ollie Mae 493 Youens, Thomas 498 Youens, Willis 498 Young, Bette 485, 497 Young, Madge 493 PACE 562 AUSTIN - ' ' ' ' i UNIT o s v o HONDURAS NICARAGUA MEXICO: F PA AGUAY DOMINICAN REPUBLIC | ..- ' .. ECUADOR

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